EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC122282; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 227388 BP.
AC   AC122282;
DT   27-MAY-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   05-SEP-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-240B12 from chromosome 5, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-227388
RA   Harkins R., Cotton M., Kozlowicz A., Bielicki L., Haglund K., Meyer R.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-240B12";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-227388
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-MAY-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-227388
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-FEB-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-227388
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-SEP-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 8905848878e0ccfdab8a440a9a01dc53.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456120.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029591; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000042002; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000042010; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000066952; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC122282.5:1-227388; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000031583; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000031587; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000044790; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102582; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102584; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000112275; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124316; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129530; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000144050; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146841; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000169347; mus_musculus.
DR   GOA; D3YW18.
DR   GOA; D3Z0B3.
DR   GOA; D3Z1G1.
DR   GOA; E9Q4Z2.
DR   GOA; Q9D6A1.
DR   InterPro; IPR000022; Carboxyl_trans.
DR   InterPro; IPR000048; IQ_motif_EF-hand-BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR000089; Biotin_lipoyl.
DR   InterPro; IPR001609; Myosin_head_motor_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002043; Ura_DNA_glycsylse.
DR   InterPro; IPR005122; Uracil-DNA_glycosylase-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR005479; CbamoylP_synth_lsu-like_ATP-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR005481; CarbamoylP_synth_lsu_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR005482; Biotin_COase_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR010926; Myosin_tail_2.
DR   InterPro; IPR011053; Single_hybrid_motif.
DR   InterPro; IPR011054; Rudment_hybrid_motif.
DR   InterPro; IPR011761; ATP-grasp.
DR   InterPro; IPR011762; COA_CT_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR011763; COA_CT_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR011764; Biotin_carboxylation_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013537; AcCoA_COase_cen.
DR   InterPro; IPR013815; ATP_grasp_subdomain_1.
DR   InterPro; IPR013816; ATP_grasp_subdomain_2.
DR   InterPro; IPR016185; PreATP-grasp_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR018085; Ura-DNA_Glyclase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR029045; ClpP/crotonase-like_dom.
DR   MGI; MGI:109352; Ung.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914674; Myo1h.
DR   MGI; MGI:2140940; Acacb.
DR   MGI; MGI:2151057; Foxn4.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3YW18; D3YW18_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z0B3; D3Z0B3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z1G1; D3Z1G1_MOUSE.
CC   On Sep 1, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:59933386.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0240B12
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   ( from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. ( or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..227388
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-240B12"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          118997..119016
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          131123..131272
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          149325..149335
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          149473..149487
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    171198..171419
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of genomic DNA"
FT   unsure          176391..176534
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   unsure          211534..212052
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          213390..213392
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 227388 BP; 53979 A; 56792 C; 57052 G; 59565 T; 0 other;
     gaattcacca taggggagga ggaagagaaa tagaaataga aaaagagctc gagtgtacag        60
     agagaagaga aagaggagag accacaatgt ctggatcata tagggaagag cctctggggg       120
     aagggctgct caacccctgg gctggaaaca gggttggggg cagggtatgt caggaaagga       180
     cttgtgtgtg gggggaggag ggggatgctg gaagaacctg gaggcctggt ctgctttgat       240
     atacaaaata cacactccct ttgtccctgg tccagaacca aatccttcta agagaaggcc       300
     cctgaggcca tcattctccc cttccttttt aaaattttgt tttattttat gtatttaaat       360
     attttatttt gcttgcttgt gatgtctgtg ccctcgaagg ctggacaagg gcaccacagt       420
     agctggaact ggagttacag aggattgtgg gctgccatgt gggtgctcag acccaaactt       480
     gggtcctctg ggacagcaac tagtcttaac tgctgactca tctcatacat ttatttaatt       540
     atggtcttta acaaaacaaa acagggtgtc gacaggcagt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc       600
     ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggaggat ttctgaattt gaggtcagcc tggtctacag       660
     agtgagtttc aaggcagcca gggcaacaca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa aacaaaaacc       720
     actgaggcct aaccttcgcc tccagctatt ttgaatcagt atcacgaaga tcccagaatg       780
     gttcggtttg ggggtttgtt ttgctttttt tgttatttag ttttttaact tcccaggtaa       840
     ttccaatcag ttgccaaata atttcgttct agacctcgtg gacagttcgt atgccaaacc       900
     ataacctaac ctaaccagag ctgcccagac cgtgacctaa tccgtcacag ccggaagttc       960
     acgcttctcc cagggaaggc gcatcctgtc ctcgcacaag cctaacgcac gtaagacctc      1020
     cgcctaccag taaaatactc cacttcttgc tccaactctc ggaaaatctt gtctgcctcg      1080
     gctttgccga ataggacggt gtaatcacag ctcagacctt ccgcgcgaag gtgtcgccag      1140
     tccgggctct tcaggtcgcc cgaggctcct cccgtcgggg cgggctcctc ccctccccct      1200
     tggaggtcgc ggaggtctgg cctcaccagg aacttgtcca tcccgccgcc cactcacagc      1260
     tcagacgcgt cctacaaagg aaacaagagc gcattaaacc tcctaggagg tgcctggcgg      1320
     gcatcatcca ggcggggagc ctgccctgta gcttaagtct tcctagcaca agctgacccg      1380
     aaccacgctg tcctcacgcc ccaggcgccc atcggtagga atcccgggca cgcatcccca      1440
     ggcccgccct ggaatggagt acttttaaag acccgtccgt cctcttcgga attcgagagc      1500
     tttggctgca aacggctgcc caaacccaaa aggctacaca tgggaagacg caagcgcaga      1560
     gaggcatgag gctcgcccag ttacccagaa aagcagggtt gcctctgccc tgcggccccg      1620
     cggggtaggg gctggcacgg gcgagcaacc gggctccacc ggagagcccg gagcggtggg      1680
     tcaggtctct gcacagacac acgcagcccc aggaaccctc accccgcccc tcccgcctac      1740
     gcgggacttc cgggcacagc gccccctgcc ggtctccctg cgcaccgcag gatgctgcct      1800
     tcacctgatg gctcagcaag gttaggcctg tggaccagtt ctggggtcta cgagcctagt      1860
     gtgctacagc atactgtctg gggggcttga gggcagtgta tgaatctgca ctcctgacaa      1920
     agacacagca ttgtctgacc actacagtcg acatggagaa cagttatacc atcccataga      1980
     atccttcctc ccttaggttc cgacataatt tgtcagctat tccttgcttg ctcttcttca      2040
     cgattccaca taaatgtgat ggattagagg ctgtatagcc ttttgcgttt gacttatttc      2100
     tgtaagcaca ctgcttttag atataaccgt gttttaaaat ctttatttta ttttatttat      2160
     atgagtacac tattgctctc ttcagacaca ccagaagaga gcataagatt ccattacaga      2220
     tggttgtgag ccaccacgtg gttgctgaga attgaactca gggcctctgg aagagcagtc      2280
     agtgctctta accgctgagc catctctcct gcccctgccc ccgtgttttt taatcttttg      2340
     ggggggttgt ttttgtttgt ttttcttttc tttgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tggtttgttt      2400
     cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagtcccagc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct      2460
     ggcctcagac tcaggaatcc atctgcctct gtctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc      2520
     gccaccactg cccagctgtg ttttttaatc tttagcttca agtacagcca ttttatttat      2580
     atactatgta taaacataga ggacatttgt accgtttttc tccttccatt gctggtatgg      2640
     aaagacctgt gacagtcatt tcttgctcct ggtggcacag aagaaaaaaa aatcaccata      2700
     aatattcaag ctcaaacttt tctgtgaatg ctgagtttac ttcattgaga aaacgccctg      2760
     gtcctcgacc agagggaacg tgttatatct ctctaaagtg ctgcctatgg gagcacacgg      2820
     tgctctctgc tgtcacacac cagcagggca cagcaggtcc tgtcttatcc acgttgtatt      2880
     ttggagatga aaacaaaaaa ggggcaatgt gataaacaag atttctttgt acaatatgga      2940
     agttgtgagc agggtgacag gctagggagt agggggggat ggggaagagg atcttacagg      3000
     gaagaatcct aagccagcat tgaagctttc caggtaaggg acaaaataac atagcatgcg      3060
     aagattttag cgggacgctg cggaaaggca aaccgcctgg agaactgcta aattgggagt      3120
     ctagtcagtt cagattggga ggctgtagcc cagactagcc cctaacagct tgtgtagcca      3180
     agccttgtgc tcctgatcct cttgcctcca cctcccagat gctgggctca cagggtgtgt      3240
     caccactctg tgacacacgg cggcatagga gggtttttcc agggcagcgg tcggtcgagg      3300
     tttaaattac acttgcagtg gcacacgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag      3360
     gcggatttct gaatccaagg ccagccgggt ctacagagag ttccaggaca gccagggcta      3420
     tacagagaaa ctctgtcttg aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaataaaaaa aataaataaa      3480
     taaattacac ctgcaaaaga tcactcagta gaaaagagta gctgggattg ttatattaga      3540
     gggaaggata taactgaaag ctgcacaact gaatgtatgt ctgacgtgag tgtgggaggt      3600
     aaaaagtaca agggggtgta tggctcagtg gtcaagcggt tgctcaggat gcacaaaggc      3660
     cctgagttca atccccaaag gggactgaaa aggagggagg gaggtgtatc tggggaagtg      3720
     gaacatttcg gggttaaagg ccttcaatct ttacatcagt aagacttgga gaaagccccg      3780
     ctttagagct aggacaggta ggtaggtaag cagcaggctc cccctacctc ctaagcccca      3840
     cccacccggg ggcggggcct cagcccctcc cacacatgcg cgctgggcct caccgacccc      3900
     tgcccagcca gcctccccgc ccccaacggg agcccgcgca ggtggcagcg cgcctaccgt      3960
     gagcacggct gcaggagtcc cggaggtccg tgctcggcgc aggcatgatc ggccagaaga      4020
     ccctatactc tttcttctct ccgaccccca cagggaagcg gaccacgcgc agcccggagc      4080
     cggtcccagg gagcggagtg gcggccgaga tcggcggcga tgccgtggtg agacgagcgg      4140
     ggtagcgcgg gacgcggggg tacggcgggg tcccgggcag gagcgccacg cacgccgctt      4200
     gctcggacag actgggacac cttaggggtt caacacagcc gcgcgctgtc ggccgccgcc      4260
     acgccgaggc actagccaat agggatgggg cacggtcgcc gcagagccaa tcagtgtgca      4320
     gcgtgcccgc cctgctcctc gcgtggtcca atcaaaagcg gcaaggggcg ggagctgttt      4380
     tgccgcgaaa agcccacgtg gaaggtcttg ggtgaggcgc gcggggcagc accaggcagc      4440
     gcgagactgc ggtgctgcgg gtcccgggca ggagagccgc gcaccccgtt tatcagccag      4500
     actgggacac cttagaggtc caaaacaacc gcgcgcgtcc acggccgcca tgccgagaca      4560
     tctaccaatg gggacggagc tcggccgcct cagagtcaat cggtgtgcag cgtgcccacc      4620
     ctgcccttgt atagtccaat cagaagcggc aaggggcggg aggtgttttg ccgcgaaaag      4680
     cctgcgtggg agcgcagacg ggtgcagcgg gtcccctgct cggctggacc atgggcgtct      4740
     tggggcggcg gtctttgcgg ttggcgcgga gagcggggct ccggagcctg actcccaacc      4800
     ccgactctga ctcccggcag gccagccccg ccaagaaggc ccgggtggag cagaacgagc      4860
     aaggctcgcc gctcagcgcc gagcagctcg tccgcatcca gaggaacaag gccgcggcgc      4920
     tgctcaggct cgccgcccgc aacgtgcctg ccggcttcgg cgagagctgg aagcagcagc      4980
     tgtgcgggga gttcgggaag ccgtacttcg tcaaggtcgg tgggctcggg tccagccagc      5040
     ctcccccgtc ccctcccttt ccgtgccaca cttgacaacg atgccggtgt gtctgggtta      5100
     catgaagggc aggaaggtgg cgtcgtggct tcgttttacg tggaggaggg cgcatagaag      5160
     tcacaggaca acttggggaa atatctcact atcacgtggg tccggaggtt aaatcaggtt      5220
     ggcgggctgg gcgccagctg ccttcgtggc tttttgtaag ccacctggtt taccccaaag      5280
     ccaacaaacc ctggggtagt gaacaagagt gaatgaaatg acctttggtc ttttattaga      5340
     agtcaggaaa gacgatcgag gccttaggct gtaatctcaa cccttgagag ctggggggct      5400
     ggaggtgaag gccaacctca gattctgtgc tatgggaggc cctgtctttt aaaaagaaga      5460
     gggggcggag ttactgtgaa atgaaaatag tccagcccaa gaggggaaag ggtgctatgc      5520
     tggcttcaat tgttttttta aaaaaagttt gggtttaaat catgcgcgca cacacacaaa      5580
     tagacgaggt ttcaaacacc ttttataaaa taggttttca atcctaattc ttagtttctg      5640
     gtaagaatgg gcttttaaac ctccttttat cttttaaacc agctaatggg atttgttgct      5700
     gaagaaagga accaccacaa ggtctatccg cccccggagc aggtgttcac atggacccag      5760
     atgtgcgaca tccgagatgt gagtggagct ggggtctggc tagagaggaa tctaacagtg      5820
     tttcagttaa gccacgggct gtttcgtagt gagtgtgtga tggtagacat ggaaggtgcc      5880
     gggtttggtt gtgttccggg tagaaagctg tgtgtgtgtc cagctgttta gtcttttaac      5940
     caaacaaaga aaatgcatgt atacatttgc ttgtgtgctt gcttattatt attattccct      6000
     tgttatagtt agtgctagtt tatctcagtc tattgagtgt aggcaacgca ggactggaaa      6060
     agtgaggtta tttctgctca caagatgtgt tgggaaaatt gtggccccca tatactaata      6120
     atctcagcac ctgaaggttg gagcccagcc tgggccactt gagaccctga ttcaataata      6180
     cagaagtcaa aaacaagggc ggttgtattt tgcacagact agaagggatg gcctgcaggt      6240
     actagattca ggttgcctac ctagcttgtg tcacttccct gcatgaacga ccatccaacc      6300
     gagtggctca ttctgaccca cgggtgactt gagtcccttg gttagctctg tcttccttgt      6360
     catggcttct ttgtcttcct catccagtct ttctcagagc tggtaaagag ataaagagaa      6420
     tgagtaggtc tctcacaagc tgaatagtca gctttcaaca actgtcagct gggcgtgcag      6480
     atctgggcag agactgcatg acctcaggct tagagagcca catcactctg taactgttcc      6540
     tctcatctgc catggcttga gccaggacct ctgacctgtg cccttttttt tatttggaga      6600
     aagatctacg tacgtcatca agactggctt tgaacatact ctagttcggg cctaccttaa      6660
     atttctggtc tagcttggta gtggtggcgc acacctttgg tcccaccact tgagaggcga      6720
     agaggcaaat atagaggcaa atatagaggc aaatataaaa aaagatataa atatattttt      6780
     gaggacagct tggtctacag agttaagttc caggaccaga cagagaaaaa ccctctctca      6840
     aaaaagtata gggtctcaaa caaacaaaac cccaaccaac aacaaaactc ttcagtttag      6900
     tttgtttgtt tgttctggtt tttttttgtt gttgttgttt tgtttttttc cctttggcag      6960
     tgctgggagg gtcaaattca tggtcttggt tgctgtgttt cgccattgag ccacacatgg      7020
     gtagtcttgg ggttttaatg ccccaccctc accccacaag tacctggaat tgtagcctga      7080
     gcaggcagcc ctggttcatg tcacacagta caggcagagt cgttcccggg actgccccag      7140
     agcgctgaga gacacaacaa cagagagaga gagagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tgtcacccta      7200
     gtgcaactgg aggattaccc tttctttgca caccacagca cacttgtagt cagaggacag      7260
     cttaaaggag ttggatcttt cctctgccat tgggttctga ggttaaactc agggtatggg      7320
     ggagtgaagc agctttaccc actaaaccat ctcaaccctg gagtttacgt ttgtaagcaa      7380
     cacatagtgg ttgttgtaca gagtgtggtg gcattgtagt ctgtttggca catgcattac      7440
     ttccgactct tcatttttta tttttaatgt acattgctaa tttgatggcg tgtgtgtctg      7500
     tgtgagggcg ttggatccct gtaacaggag ttcacagttg tgagttccca tgtggttgct      7560
     gggaattgaa cccagctccc ccgggagagc agccaggaca cttaacctct gagccatctc      7620
     tccagctcct gtctttgttt ataataaaga tttggctttt ttttttggcc tgcatttgtc      7680
     tttgctgcac atgtatgcag tgcctgcgga ggccagaaga gggccctgtg ggtgctggga      7740
     ggcgagccca ggtcttgtgc aagagcagcc agtgctccta actaactgcc gcaccatacc      7800
     atctctgtag cctttatctt tacatactgg gagccttctg gtcctcaatc gaacttgtaa      7860
     ctatttttgg aatatgtaat tgttatcagc tgcggttact gcaggttacc actgtgtgct      7920
     gtggagcact ggaagttgct cctccagcct gctggccctg cccctccttc ccaggctctg      7980
     ctagtagctg ttctctgact gcttccattt cagttggtca ggaggcctga gtggcgccta      8040
     taggctctca cctattgtct gcctttgcca gctctcccgt gtgtcacctg ccgttactcc      8100
     agtacgtgtc taggccatgt gaactgtgga agtacagtat atggggcgct ctttaggcag      8160
     gactgtgtca tgtaccccag ccttgcccct gcctgtcacc agccctcgtc tccccttaca      8220
     ctgtaggcag gtaggtgatc tctgcttgcc gggggcatct tgaggctttt ggttctttcc      8280
     tctgtcattg ttagtggccc tggagatctc acgggttagt cagttaggaa gcagctgact      8340
     gcaggagctg tgaagcaggt gagcggctgc catgcttcgc catgcctgac cctcagtgaa      8400
     ccccacagct cacacctcgg aaagtggaac acgaagccct cattcttagt tcttagacac      8460
     ctaggtgtct ggcgaaggtt tctgttagag agcccacagg ctcagggaaa ccaggtgttc      8520
     tgtccccagt tgtccttgac ctgccaccgg agtcctagaa caggaaggag aaagcctgca      8580
     gctgaatttg agggtgctag acatagaaaa ttctagaaag gagcctgggc tacaaagtga      8640
     gttccaggac agccagagct atacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaga      8700
     aaaaaaaaag aaaattctag aaaggacagg gactgtgtcc agaggttgac ctttcaacac      8760
     ttaagaaagg tactcgtcct tgtggcttgc caggcactcc cacgcctgtg acctggcctc      8820
     attgtcttgg tgctgtggag taccggagtc tagatgcaga tctggggagg cttaggtggc      8880
     gttctttgcc cagccgtggt ttcccatgag gagagacaag tggacggcct agacaagctt      8940
     actgtgacaa cataggaagt ggtggtgtag gtataggagt gtaaccgttt gacttcatct      9000
     atgagggtgg cagcctgcac tcatgcggtc cacaggctgc agggacccta atgcataggt      9060
     aacagaaatg gttagcttgc tgccgcctct tccccactcc caccctgagt gatggcgtgg      9120
     gctaggatgg tccctccttg gtgtgtttcc tggtggctcc acttgttctg ggttttgtcg      9180
     tgtgggaagt gaagagaaac accacactgc ccggaggccg gatgtggggt gggtgagact      9240
     gtcactgggg atgctggtgt ttccccggtc ccctgctgtt ttaaatcctc agctgatcag      9300
     ctactgggct ccgatgtcta tgtgtttctt taactgaacc tggtattgtc tgatcgtatt      9360
     cacaggtgaa ggttgtcatt ctgggacagg atccctatca cggacctaat caagctcacg      9420
     ggctctgctt cagtgtccaa agaccagttc cacccccgcc caggtatacc cccccacccc      9480
     ctgcagatgg cttccggcag gctgttcctg gcatcctggc aggctatagg tggcattatt      9540
     ggtatggact gggtcaccga ggactggcac tgctttgggc ttttgtatat acacttagga      9600
     agtaggttgt gaatgcaggg ctcacttaag tcttcacgtc actgacctgg tttccactct      9660
     gcacgtaggt ggaggtctgt gccggggtga cctgacaggg ctggggtatt agtctttgcc      9720
     agtgctatgg ttgctgatcc ctcccaggct ggctttgtct ctaacctttt caagcccatc      9780
     ttggaaactc aaattttaca aactgctggg gattctggtt gactgtgctt ttcttgtctc      9840
     attttcagtt tggaaaacat ttttaaagag ctgtctacag acatcgatgg ttttgttcat      9900
     cctggccatg gggatttgtc agggtgggcc cgacaaggta accaagccag actgggctta      9960
     tctgagaaca atgctggtcc cagccccgcc ccgggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     10020
     acatgtgtgt gcatgagtac tggttttggt ggaaggaagg cagagacgat acattccctg     10080
     gagctgaagt tataggcact gtgtatccaa cgtgggtgct gaggattaaa ctccggtcct     10140
     ctgtgattat agagtgtgct caactgctca gccacctccg tcccgttgct tatttgtaaa     10200
     tcatggccac actgcagtgt gggagggggt aggctctgat gaggctttgg ggggggggcg     10260
     ggggaaaggc ctgttacacc tgttatcctt ggccgctcct gtttcagctt gcttgctcct     10320
     ggccggctgt tcttggcgtc taacagattg gttttgttgc catcaactat ttgggaccca     10380
     ttctcttttc tggttcttcg gtgtcattta ggatttgtat ttttctgaac acttagtttt     10440
     ttaatacctc aaactagaag atgccaaaag ggcagacatg aaacataaca ccctgtgtgt     10500
     gactcacggg tccctccatg ccgctcctgt tgaaacagtg tgtgtgtggc ctgagttggg     10560
     tcctgccctg ggtctgttta tgggtagtgt ggtagtctct aaaggatggt cagtttgtct     10620
     gagccatctc taaccttccc ccctgtgctc acaggtgtcc tcctcctcaa cgccgtcctc     10680
     actgtccgcg cccaccaagc caattcccat aaggagaggg gctgggagca gttcacggac     10740
     gcggtcgtgt cctggctgaa tcagaacctg agtggcctcg tcttcctcct ctggggctct     10800
     tatgctcaga agaagggcag tgtcattgac agggtatgtc ttctaactcc attaacagag     10860
     agccaggcag ccctggggtg cccgctcatg tgcacagcat agagtctacc tgtggctcat     10920
     gtgattccag aacctcggag ggcgaagtgg gaggagtgcc ccgagggcaa gcctgggcta     10980
     tggaatgaga ctggtagtca cagttgggtt tccactgaca gctgagtgac ttcagactcc     11040
     gagggaatgg gtgctcagtg tggttagcag cgagcaacag aagcgtcaac ctgctgtgca     11100
     gtgggggcac cacaaccctg gcacccctcg tttgcgagtt ttccaatgct tcatgaatga     11160
     gtcagatgtc ctgcttcaga gaaacttgga accttatagg aaagcaattc cactgactca     11220
     gatacggctt cccccaagtg cataggcagg gaacccttag ggcagagcac ttcatcttct     11280
     cctccctgtc tctgcatcac aatgggtact cactgacaga gcctgtcacc tgtcactgag     11340
     gtgaggacca gagccagccg tgtggctgaa gatgtcccaa agctgctgca cagaggccct     11400
     gccctcgctc ctgggctggc cgccagcatt tgtctgtagc gatggctgtg ggtgggtgta     11460
     gacagtaggg cagaggtggg agcatgggtg tggggaggag atgggagggg agggggagta     11520
     ctcccaggta aagaaagggc ttccaggggc caggcagtga gactgagcct ggtgtgtcac     11580
     acacatctct ggctttgagg gggagagcac tcccccagtg tgatgtgagc actgggtttt     11640
     gtgaattctg ggcatacaca caccttaggt gggcggggcg gggagttcag ggctggctgg     11700
     aggtgtggtg accgctttac actctgacct tttacagaag cgtcaccatg tcctgcagac     11760
     agctcacccc tccccgctgt cggtgcacag agggttcctg ggatgcagac atttttctaa     11820
     agccaatgaa ctgctccaga agtctggcaa gaagcccatc aactggaagg agctgtgacc     11880
     cgcccacccg cccacaggcc gcatctgtcc acagcggtgc tttcagctgc cgccgcagct     11940
     tttgctggtt aagttctaag ttccttgtgt gagtggagaa atgacacgga tagatctcta     12000
     taggaccatc atgagccaac caggacacag aaactgcagc tctggcaggc agaacctctt     12060
     gcctggcact aggtttgaac tctccaggcc cggccaggtg gctgttgaga cacacctact     12120
     tctcagacca gcggacacac cctcggtccc gtgtgctgct ctggggtggg aggaaagatc     12180
     tgcacctttg gaccagcagt ttggtgcctg ctgctgtccg ctttatcctt tagagttaga     12240
     gatttcaaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgct     12300
     tcaaaaggcc cttttgtctg gaaaggaacc cttgggtgtt ggtgagtcct gagaagtctg     12360
     gcttacaact gaatgagctt cctgatcaca aagggggcgg ggttctccct gggttcacag     12420
     tggccgctct ccaccctgcg tcttgccttt gcctttgcag gctccgaagt tgagcgaagc     12480
     aggaatggga tagatttgtt tttaagtgag ggtgggtggg tttcctggtg gcggtggagt     12540
     tgtttcctcc tctctgcaga cagcagactg ccgcgcttgg tgtgtgtggt gctggggatc     12600
     taactccaag gtgctgtttc ttaggggctg agttcacaca agttgtcttt ctgcaacact     12660
     ggagaacgtt attttttttt acaaggtagg caggtacagt aatttctttt tcatgctttt     12720
     ctgaaagaca atcttcactg agtttacaag ctggattccg tgagtccagc tggttagagc     12780
     cgtggcctgc ctgaccaggc taataaaaga tggttgacaa ttggcggtgt gccgactatt     12840
     cttcagtgtt tcacaagccc gagctcctgc tgtcaccatg gctaccactg attgcaggaa     12900
     gggcgactgt gtccttgcgc cctgcttgta gctctctgtg gttccaccca ctgcccgcca     12960
     gcagcttgct gcactgctgc caaggactgg ttggccagag taggggatct gctgggaccc     13020
     aaagggacag cttcctgacg aggaaagtca cttctttggg ggtgttgttg gcttgcccat     13080
     ccatccttgc caacgtctgc cctgtcctgt gagcttctag actcttccct gggaatatga     13140
     agttcaagtg tgactctgac ctgttggttt gctgtttagg cctgggttgc tgagttccag     13200
     catacaaaac acacagcctt tacattttta ttgaacctta agcagcacaa aagctgggca     13260
     gctgcctacc ttctgtgctg tgagaatcta ctttcctacc aataaccccg agttattact     13320
     atgtttcatc tggaatgttc ttaactccaa ttggccagcc cccagggcca tgcacacaga     13380
     acagaagaaa ctcatgtttc acaggcttgg ggggggggtg ggagaggagg agggagaagt     13440
     tgccatgggt catgccaaga gtcaagagag tgtatatggt cctgtaggca tcttcattca     13500
     ccagtgggta ttagcttggg ggccacactg aacatcacaa tagacagtaa aagaccctca     13560
     acagcgtttg tgaggaagaa agcaaagtgc accaagggac ggggtgtagc tcagtgtgcg     13620
     acgtctgcac accagcaggt gcgagttgta gagagcagct atgttaacag tagggtttga     13680
     cattgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatcagcct gcctctgagc ccagggtggc     13740
     accacacagc acgcaggctg agcctcctac agcaatcaga aaatgtataa ctggcttgcc     13800
     tgcagcctga tcttatggga gcattttctc aattgaggtt tttctcgcag gtgacccttg     13860
     atgctgtcaa gttgacgtga agtaaaaact agccagcaca cccatgcgca gacaggtggc     13920
     tcagtggttt aaaagctcct gctgatcttc caggggactc agttcccagc actcaagcca     13980
     agtggcttgg aacctctaac acttgagctc caggggagat ggcgcctgga tacctgtact     14040
     caggtgcaca cacccactca gggacttgtg gaacagaata aaaacatctt gggccaggca     14100
     gtggtggcac atgctttaat cccagagacc gacttgggag acagaggcag gctaatttct     14160
     gagttcgagg ccagcctgat ctacaatgtg aattctgcca gggctataca gaaaaaaaac     14220
     aaaaaattct tagaacacag aagggactgg tggatagatg gctcactgag ggggtgctga     14280
     ggacttgagt tggtacccga gtccacataa tggaaacagc tggtgtgttg ttttatgagt     14340
     gcacacataa aatagatggt tcatatggaa gtggctgaag agggcttggc agaagaggac     14400
     ccgggttcca tcccagcatt catagcgcat ggttcacagc tgtatgtcac accagagaat     14460
     acaacacctg gactcacctg tcttgtgtgg acataagcat ctatacacag cttagaataa     14520
     taaagtgaaa tgagttagtt gggggcaggg gactggtaaa gactgatggg caggggacca     14580
     gcaggtaggt agagggctcc tgccaggcct gacctgagtt ccagacgttg gactcacaag     14640
     gtaggaaatc tgctgagccc cacagaccgt gtgtggcata tgcacacaac tactacacca     14700
     caaaaagtgt tttaaaagtt tataagggtg tggtgatgaa tgtctttatc ccatcacttg     14760
     ggaggccggg gctgacaaat atgagtccaa ggccagcctg gtctacatac caaattccag     14820
     gacagccagg gctacatagc ccctgtttca actaaaccaa ggtgaagcca ggtgtggtta     14880
     tatacgcctt taaccccagc cctcaggagg cagacacttt gccagcctgg tctacagaga     14940
     gagttctaag ttctaggaca gtcaggatta cacaaagaag ccctgtctca tttgcaaagc     15000
     aaaaccaagc aagttcaaac tggtatggca catacctgtc actcccacaa ctttgcagcc     15060
     aaaactttaa aaagtcaatg taatggtgaa tagatgaaaa taatacttag ccgggtggtg     15120
     gcacatgcct ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct gagttcgagg     15180
     ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct     15240
     cgaaaaacta gataataata ataataataa tactttagaa accacactgg ctttgaattc     15300
     atggcagtcc ggtctcagct tcccaagtgc aggaattaca ggtgtgtgag ccaccatact     15360
     tgactgaaca gcttaaagga catatggccc aaccccagtc tgccccctaa agagacacaa     15420
     gtgaatcact aattatatac agggaaagtt ccttgaggat gtagtagtag gttttggggg     15480
     gggggggtct actctgcagt tttgtagttc agcagtgtcc aaaaatgacc aggatggctg     15540
     ggtagattga aacctttttt ttttttaaac aaatatttcc cttaggtaat tttattccca     15600
     agttgtagtt gtaacaaggt tgatttataa tagagaatat attttatttt attatttttt     15660
     ttattaaaga tttattcatt acatgtaagt acactgtagc tatcttcaga cacaccagaa     15720
     gagggcgtca gatctcgtta cagatggttg tgagccatca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa     15780
     ctctttggga gagcaatcgg gtgctcttac ccactgagcc atctcaccag ccctgattga     15840
     aagcttttat ttaggtttgt agccatctag ttgcaaaact gctggactca gaaatggtca     15900
     ggagctgcgt gtacaggagt tcttgaagct tgagggtgtt tggatggtaa tgtgaattta     15960
     attccatctg aatgtgtccc agtcgccttt gtccccaacc ccagcatgta gtaaatgagg     16020
     atgctgcctg cttgagacag attgctaaac ctcatatgcc ctgctggtgg gtgggaataa     16080
     aaggcccaag aaaaatgtcc ctaattctgg tcaagctgga ggtaaaagaa aagtttccgg     16140
     gtcaaaccaa agcaatgcat ggtctacaca gccaggtagc agagacatgt gctcccccct     16200
     cccccaccgt gtgtagatct cgctgtctct gagtaacaca ctgtggatag ctataatgac     16260
     gattctgggt tgtcaacttg accatatctg ggatgaacta caatccagaa ttggagggcc     16320
     cacctgtgat ccagatcttg aggctggaag acgcaggttt ctgacctgga tcttggcatg     16380
     gaggtcttga ggcatagtgg ccatgaaaag ctttggcctg ggcaaggtag ggcatgactt     16440
     taatcccagg agactaaggc aaagtgatct ctgagttcaa ggtcaaccaa gtcccagatt     16500
     cagtcgtagt ggtacacacc tttaatctgg gccacacctt ctgctggagg tccccataag     16560
     gacattgaac aaaggaagat ttggtcttct tcaccggctt gcacttactt gccggcacat     16620
     ctgttggaac ctacagaaga ccagctgaaa cacccagcct cgtgcgactg agcaactact     16680
     agatccttgg acttctcatt cagagctgac cgttgttggg ttagtcagag agcagactat     16740
     aagtcatcac aataaattcc ctcaatatag agaggaccca taagtcctgc gactgtagag     16800
     aaccctgact aatacagaag tctgtgaaga cttacctgaa agaaatggtc cctgtcacct     16860
     cccttgggag caaggaagtc agttatgcaa ataccatccc gggaacctca agttgtaaag     16920
     taattgtgtg aaagttcact ccctgatcat gacctgagtg agcccagcag ggccaagtca     16980
     atgcggttct gttggtgagt tcttgattct ccgaattccc tgccctctcc agtgttctcc     17040
     agggagtaac gccttggctt tccaatggag aagcaaaagc taagggtatg tatgcgatgt     17100
     ggcttttcag ctttgctgaa ccttcggtga tggacagggt aacagggaga cagttaagtt     17160
     ggccaggcag cctcggggga cctcccagct agagctgagg aagggttgga agcttccctg     17220
     gagaaatctc cgcagagccc tggtgtttta attcgggcct caggccttgt agcacctcta     17280
     gagttcactg ataagctgca gctggtaaat ccacctgcac ctcttgcccc ccccccctcc     17340
     caggaccatt tggaatgtgc gactctgaat ctcaggtttg aagagagcac tttctactca     17400
     gatccttgtg tttagtgtaa agaactcagt agccgtgcta gcacttctgc ttgtcttctg     17460
     gaaagtacat cctttgagac gacacagtag tacaaataat gaattccatg tggccttttc     17520
     agtgtttata tagtgtgtgc gcaaatgcgc gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     17580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttca ggagtggggg tgggaggagt catcgtcgtc agatgtgtct     17640
     aacgattttt cctttgggtg tgcgtgatat ctatgcacac aggtttataa ccctgagcta     17700
     ttacttacta ggtttcatcc tgactgctct tagctccatt gggccagccc ccagagccat     17760
     gtttttacgg ttcagctaac ccatgacagc tcctcctgtc ctgcacactc ttctgttcca     17820
     cggcgggttc tttcttctcc tccctcctcc ctcctccctc ctccctcctc cctccttggt     17880
     agcatcttta ttcaccggtc acagtaagct gggggcaggg tcactcaata tcttaagttc     17940
     ggactctcta gtctttggag taaccagtct ggatgggtgg gtacccaaat tagcattaga     18000
     atacaagcag cattaggcca acccactgtg cgaccctcac acagtaggca tttcacccac     18060
     agagccccca gcactctcag ggatgtgcag aggatactct gaggaacagt ctttgtacta     18120
     aagactgttg acagccacgc agcaatccat gtctgtgtct gtgacagcgt ggatttctct     18180
     tggttgtttt catttgttgt tggttttttt ttttgttttt tgtttttttt tttttgtttt     18240
     tgtttttgtt tgttttttga gacaaggtct catgaggtag ctctggctag cctggaacac     18300
     aacctgtagg ccaggtttgc ctgagacttc ggcagtccta cctctggctc ctggtgggat     18360
     cacaggtgtg tggtgctatt acctggaagg aggtaacagg ggtcatcaaa aggatcagcc     18420
     aagtgcggtg gttcatgatt gtcatccagc accccagagt tctgggttcc acaggttcta     18480
     ggacagctgg ggctgtatga gttagttagc ttaggctaca gtgagattct gtccctaata     18540
     aaacacatta gcaagaagag caggttatgg gactggagag atggttcagt ggttaagagc     18600
     gctgaccgct cttgcagagg tcctgagttc aattcccagc aaccacacgg tggctcacaa     18660
     ccacctgtca tgggatctga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact     18720
     cataactaaa attaagaatt tttttttaaa gagcaggtta caagcaaggc acactgggag     18780
     cccagtgtta gtgccttctc aatcctgtgg tgaatggcag atgagaatga gagacctcaa     18840
     ggccacgagc aaggaatggt ctcctgtcag cctgacggag ctcagtgatc tttccactct     18900
     caacaccctt cataggtcac tggggagggt accaaggtcc tgaaatgcta agtaagcaag     18960
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcttggttt tccacgacag ggttctctgt gtagccctgg     19020
     ctgtcctgga actcactccg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc     19080
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat caaagcatgg gccaccactg cccggctagc aagcactctc     19140
     ttgccagctg ccccctcaac gggagaagga atgtgtttga tgaggttatc cgaaatgcct     19200
     tcagtctctc tcgcacgcac acagctcttt ctagcaggtg ggctttccag ggaacctctc     19260
     tcaggacccg tgagttcctt taacagtcta agagcgatgc taggctactg gttgtccagt     19320
     attgggcgtg cttagccctg agacttcata caggtgtata gccagtgacg acgcagcttg     19380
     aagcagacat gagtaacagc aatgacggct tgaagttctc ttcttgctct taagtccacc     19440
     ggaaagaaac ctagtgtttg ctgattttgt ttttgccttc ctggaaaagg agctcacaag     19500
     tgaagtatcc cactcaggtt agcaggggct gcagtgggca gaccatcccc ctcactgaat     19560
     ctgtgcgcat cgctgtctcg tggcacagcc gtggtcacag aaatcggtgc tggtgtgtgg     19620
     cttctgtttc cctgccagtc ccagtcgggg ttgagacctg aagatgacct ttgtcccaca     19680
     tgctccagaa caccctgtga cagcaacatg ggccggtttc ctctgctctt ctcagctgtc     19740
     cccagccagc caatccggaa taagacagcc ttgttttttc ttttaatcta ccaagtccca     19800
     agatattaga gctattccac gaacacgggg tgtgattcca gagggtctcg taaaaacctt     19860
     gttggggaga agtgccaggc cacctttggg ggaactttcc tccctccctc actgtggact     19920
     cacgggccag agtgaccttc cccttattgc ttatgacacc ttggccctta gatggctctt     19980
     atttaagtct ctaggaattt tgaaataaag ggagcagtgg ggtggggttg aggtggcagg     20040
     actctcaggg ccccggtgca gccctcctgg gctgctggaa gatctgtttc ctcccagcct     20100
     gggtcactgc tgcctgcagc tcagtgcctt gaaggttaaa tgccctgggg gatattttta     20160
     aacagcaggg gctggttaat ctaaaagtga catttacagt cacagcggag agcagcctgc     20220
     cggggcagct tagatccggg ccccagccaa caaggagctt gaaaaatgtc aaccctggaa     20280
     acgcagtttg gaagccatgg ggaatgcaag gccaaagtgt gaacacagta agtgagccca     20340
     cccctgcccc ccgggggcca cgggcctcaa agccttccct gtgggatggt gtgtgtgtgt     20400
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggagagaggg ctcgtagtgt cagccccaga caaaagcagc     20460
     cacttgagag ttttagggga cacagagaga actgctgagc agtctgttat aaaagccagt     20520
     ctctggttcc gtgtttcagg ttgaatctgc cgctttgccc tataactgcc gtgactatta     20580
     ttttaaaata aaaaacggac ttccatgtag gtggctgacc atctctactt gcccaggaca     20640
     gggtgattcc gggggactca gaattatctt ttattgtgtc tttggttggt gtttatttac     20700
     ccaggatgtc ctggaacttg ccaagccatc taggctggcc ttgaactcac agctgccctc     20760
     ctgtcttaaa acaaaacaaa cactggctgc tccattcctc agtggaggcc caagtcatga     20820
     ctggaggtgc atgtctggga cttccttcgt ccatgatttg ctccagaagc tctggtagtg     20880
     ttgtgggtgt gcttgtgtct gtataggact tgcgcgtgca ccttttataa tgttttgggc     20940
     taattcagaa atgccggagg tgtcaaacct gattctcagg ctgtgtgggc tacgggcatg     21000
     cttgtatttt gaaatggagg tagcctctgg atcttcctcc aatagaatcc tggcactctc     21060
     ctgttctaat gtggcctctg agtcttgagt caggaatctc actttcaggg ttgggtttgt     21120
     gtgtccctag tggggtgtgg gagcagtccg aaatcacagc aacctgagaa gggcacacac     21180
     acattcagtc tttcttactc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     21240
     tgttgtggct gtggggtaca gcttggcagc taggctgtgc accttcattc taggaatcca     21300
     gggctccggt cacagagtcc aggctgctga gggattgctc tctgtatggc aggtctgagc     21360
     agggtgctca gtgagatgac cttgagattc ccagggcagc gagaagtaac aggtgctctt     21420
     tatcccatcc ctaggtcaga gcgctaagct gcagagaatt tccccgatgg ctctggccag     21480
     tcaagtggtg gatggtgaaa gtcccaccct ggttcagctt gctcctgctc ttctctgagc     21540
     cctcttaacc accccacacc tgtgtgttct ctataggagc agctactctc taggaaagac     21600
     cctttagctt gcccaagcat ggtgtcagtc cacctttttt tttttctttt tctttttctt     21660
     tctttttttt tttttttttt tggtttttcg agacagggtt ttttttttgt ttgtttgttt     21720
     gtttttgttt ttttgttttt tgttttttgt ttttccagac agggtttctc tgtgtatgta     21780
     gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctga ccttgaactc agaaatctgc     21840
     ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcatgcgc caccacaccc ggcatctttt     21900
     tttttctttc ttgaacatat ctgttttaca cttatttatt tatttgtgca ggcgtgaaac     21960
     atgttgcagg gtatttgatc acatggcgaa ccccaagatt tgtgttccct actgaaaata     22020
     cctgtcccta gttgtgtggt tcaacccata gcacacacct gtaatcaatc cctctggctg     22080
     gaatacagac ttaataatcc tttaatccca aacagtgaag gtaaagttac gtttgtagaa     22140
     ggaagtgatg gctaattgag tggcagacaa agtgacgaat cagagaaaga tttgacagaa     22200
     tgtgtcagag ataggatacg cccaactctt gagagaacag acaggaaaaa gaggctactt     22260
     aagagagaag cacaggaaag gaagagagag aaagagacag gcagttgtac agagacaacg     22320
     tgaagagaga acaagccaga cacaggtgaa gatcgaacga gccagagaat gagaaggaac     22380
     cagaagatta gaacagatta gcagtttcag tttgaggcag agcaattcag gagaagccga     22440
     gagagaggag ccagattgaa gcagtcagct tggagaggca gttaagccag gacagctgag     22500
     ttgaaccagc cagttagaga tcagaaagag ctagaaaggg tgagcttatt caataaatag     22560
     taagtctcag aggctgacaa cattctaggc tgagatgaaa ctgtacgagg tctagaagct     22620
     tccatctact acatacactt cctgcatgag gcctaggtta gcagacgaag gcagtaagca     22680
     tcagagacaa taaacaggag aaaaaagtga cttgtagaac atgtgaaggt cagagggatc     22740
     caacctggac cccgggcttg gcagcaagga cctttcttta cctgctaagc ctctttgttg     22800
     gctctcactc atgaggtgga catgatttgt gaataagatg ggtatcgaag gatggctctg     22860
     agcccctcgc tgtaaaagct tcagtactca ggattgtcag gtccggggaa ctgcgtcacc     22920
     tcacgggagg tcttccttac tctgaaggac agacggttgc agctttacct tactacaggg     22980
     taggcgcagt gatcgagcaa ggtggagccg ggctgtggac cagtctggga tccatgtggc     23040
     ctctggggag caccggagac tttgtggtag gacctctcag aatcttctca ttgtggggca     23100
     cccgagggag ggattgtcca tggtgccact tggcagagat gaggaccacc tcacaggatc     23160
     ttggggacct ctgaagagtc atgttggatg tgttcctggt ttctatgcag ggtcctggca     23220
     gacgggggtg tggtatgggc gggagctgtg ggcaggagct cagagttctg tgtacctcag     23280
     tcttccaggc ttctagttga atcaggacgg gggtgggggc caggaacgga atagaattag     23340
     attgactgta ggctgagcta atacactcag cccagctcag tcccagctcc cctatttctg     23400
     atgctgtacc ctgttttctc ctgggggaca aggaggactc ctgggcctca tcccatgtcc     23460
     ttgagcaaca gggatccaga gcacagaggt caaaggttca gtggatgctg aagtgggata     23520
     aagggtgtgt gtggggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgctcccagt cagcgctcca     23580
     tgtcctcagg aggcttcagt ggtgaacatc tctcgtacct gctctgggct tcccagtcaa     23640
     tactggattt gcgatttcaa aggaaatggt ttacactgtt acattgtgtc tcaagtctct     23700
     cagttaactg ggagttctgt agtgaagaag caggcccagg ttttttttgt tgttgttgtt     23760
     aagatttatt tattttatgt gtatgtatgt gtacactgta gctgttgtaa gccttcatgt     23820
     gttgttggga attgaattta ggacctctgc tccacaccag cccaaagatt tatttattta     23880
     ttattataaa taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacacac cagaacaggg ccatcaggtt     23940
     tcatgacgga tggttgtgag ccaccatgcg gttgctggga tttgaactca ggacctttag     24000
     aagagcagtc agtgttctta cccgctgagc catctcgcca gcccaggccc aagcccaggc     24060
     ccaggcccag gtccaggccc aggcccaggc ccaggcccag gcccaggctt taagcctaag     24120
     tctgatctcc tggagctcac tctcctgcct gcgagatcca tgtacacagg acagcagccc     24180
     acacggctgc cacctgggat gaaccacgaa agtctgacaa cctaccacag atgccctgaa     24240
     gtgggaggag aggcaggact cctgaaagtt gctccgacct actcactcgt gtcacatcgc     24300
     gcacacacgt gctcgggtgt cacatgcgtg ctcatgcaca ttcacacact cacaaaactg     24360
     tgtgaaagtc tgttttctga atgatgagcc atgggggggt tggcgctttc atcttgagtg     24420
     gcagtgtgtc atcctgacac atgatgctct tttgacccat caatgcccta ggcctctcac     24480
     gccccgcacc cccacgcccg ccatggaaag ccctgggacg atccccggtt tactcagtac     24540
     cacgcatgtt cccgtccctg ctatttctcc tagggtcctg gttcattttg gtggggaaag     24600
     tacttaagag ttacaatgta gatagttttg gctcccctgt gtgtaatagg ccagcctggg     24660
     gaaagggaga tgggcttgtg taatggccca aggactctca gtggcttgaa cttgatctta     24720
     gataatgttc tcagcatagt gtctggaaca ctgtagccca gttagcatca accagttctt     24780
     ctgccctctg ccttcctcac gtacaagaaa gccaggattt gggagcttgg tgagaactcg     24840
     ggcccgcaca gcagtgaaag agcacttgaa ccctcccctc caggcacatc cacgcgaggt     24900
     gatgggctgt gtgtagggtt cttggggtat ttgagttggt ttgttttttt gagacagtct     24960
     ggtatagcct aggctggacc caggcttgta tgtaggagag gctggctcct tatcttgctc     25020
     cctccacggc caagtactgg gattataggc atgttccacc acgcccagct gagctcctgt     25080
     ttttgtttat aaatgtttcc attaaacaat actggggagg tgtgtgtgca gaagtcagaa     25140
     gacaacctgg ggagccagtt ctctccttat tccacatggg gttccaggga cggaactcag     25200
     gccgtcagac ttggcagcat gcgtctttgt ctcctgaacc attttaccag ccccagattt     25260
     ggggttttga cacacaccct gctccctcag gccaccctgc tcccactcaa caaggtggaa     25320
     ctgggattcc agctagagtc ctcgggcttc gtccttgtac ctggaatttt cacctccctg     25380
     accttgccaa gtcctcatgg ccttcagagc ccccttgacc tacacagcct tcctgttctt     25440
     ccgagcctcc ctccctcgtt gccgccccca cagcagccag ggcagcagcc ggaagctgca     25500
     acacaaaggt gcaaacagaa tcagcaccaa agatctgccc aggaggcagc gggtactggg     25560
     ccctgacccg agtgtcggat ctagagcggc ttgtaggttt gtgtatggga agggaaagcc     25620
     cgggaacagg ctgttcttcc tcagggaggc cgccctttaa ccctagagag ctctgttccc     25680
     accaaaaccc aacgccacgc cgtcacctca gtctcacctc tggaggttac ttcactgcac     25740
     acagactaaa aggtgcaata gtcctgcccc aggagcagcc tgggggaggt ctcagcctga     25800
     tgggagagaa gccatctctc gtctatacat ttaccaggta aagcaaaggg tgaggttccc     25860
     caggggcagc cagggagagg gccttgactg tcacggtggt cacgagtgcc agcctaagca     25920
     gttggagctc catcagccac cagcctgctg tggatgctac cgccactgtc tgtgtcctgc     25980
     aggcggggaa gttagggctc atgctaactc tctgacagta gtcagagctt gaaggtcaga     26040
     tgggctctcc tggcattaat cgcgtgccgg ctgtgtgctg ggcactgtgg ttgtgccctt     26100
     ctgagtcaac atgcccagag tttcctgggg tgtgaagtca catgagtgtt aaaaaaaatt     26160
     tgataaaccg ttttttcctt tccaagacct gaatgacaac cctgagacca aatatttatg     26220
     aataagtgcc tatgctataa gctttggctc attccccaac tagcttgtaa cttatttaac     26280
     tattccaggt ctaccactct ccttccctcc catccccttc ttcattagca tttcctcttc     26340
     ggatcttgag tctctccttt tattggctca ctatttccca gaatcctccc ttcctgccac     26400
     tgtcctttct cctacttcct gcctcagctc attggccatt ggcttttttt tttttttttt     26460
     ttttttttgg ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgcgtagcc ctgtctgtcc tggagctcac     26520
     tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatcctcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg     26580
     agattaaagg tgtgtgccac tacgcccagc tggccacagg tgattatttc aaagcgtttc     26640
     tccctacacc tgtgccttct ccatctaagc tgcaccggct ttctcatctc tgatgcccca     26700
     acacctccaa cgctgcccat gcgcagtgct ccagtgccca ggggacttcg caccagccac     26760
     agctgcttat tttctgcttg ctccaggcct gtctgctggc cttctctgga gtcccatgct     26820
     ctggcatgtg gtaattctgg gacttattga ataatgtccc tgatgctgct ttttctgttg     26880
     tttgtgggtt gtttttcttt tgggtcctgg tcaagcccca ccctgaagca caaggctggc     26940
     tttgagtgag catgccgcaa tcttcctgcc taagcctccg gggtacaggg ggaacaggtt     27000
     tgagctgcca caatcagctc ctcctaacct gctgaataac tgagctccac agcctgcagc     27060
     ctctgcctat tacgtatact ctccatgtgc gtccaagctg agtgactgca ggcaagccac     27120
     gccccctccc ccgtcgccag agtgcgagtc tcgtctttaa acccgtataa gaataatgct     27180
     ttccagggag ctggagacgg ggctcagcgt gtgttgctct cagtaaagga gtttgcttct     27240
     cttgtaaagg agtttgcttt tcagcgccca catctggcac tttacagccc cctgtaactt     27300
     cagctcctgg gggatctgct gccctcttct ggactcagcg gggaaatgca ctcatgctta     27360
     aacttagaca tatacacata ataatatata tatattttta aagagaatac tctttgagtg     27420
     aggtgtgatg gtgtataccc ataatctcag accttgagag gctgaggcag gaaggccagt     27480
     gttaattcaa agccagcctg gctacattgt cagactctgt cccaaagaga agtgggcggg     27540
     ggtggggatg aagtggggga acaaaacaaa aaagtaaaga gcacatgtgg tagcccatgc     27600
     ttttaacccc agaggcagag acagtcacat tctgtgaggt caaaactatc ctggtctaca     27660
     tgtcaagttt caggctaccc agggtcacat aatgacactt tataaagaaa aaaagccttt     27720
     tctttgtttg gcagaacacc cctggctccc tgaagccctt tccaggaaag cccaaagtgt     27780
     ggggtctgtt cctgctcctt tgagttcagt cccttagaca gtatagattt agaggcaagc     27840
     caccaatatg acttcctttg gagacaagag gatttattta tttttagtta tttgtattta     27900
     tttagtttgt gtgtatgtgt gtatatatgt gtgggtgtgg tcattattgc atgcgtgtga     27960
     tcgtcaggca atgagcagtt tgtgacggcc tttctctcct tccaccgtgt gtgcccacgg     28020
     tcagagctgt ctgcctgttt ctgtttagga gaaccactaa gactgtcact gaaagtgacc     28080
     acacagggtg ggctgattct cacagtaatc ctaggaggtg ggtgcaggtg aggattgtct     28140
     cttttctagg tgagggaccc tggctcagaa tgaggtcaga atctgcccag gataacgttg     28200
     ttcttaagta tcagagcatc ccactctctg ccccaggctc tcagtgaaga cggcacggca     28260
     cgtgtgctgc atgcgacatt gggcttctgg gtactcagac aggaagcata gtggatacct     28320
     ggtccccctg catcaggctg caagtaggag tgtctttgca gaaataccat ggcctgcgat     28380
     acccttgtcc ccataggcag gggtgtggtt cagccatccc caggggcagt gtttacccta     28440
     gtggttaaag ttggctacgt gctacccttt tggcagccag ggagcccttg gccacccact     28500
     ctctattctg atactatcac ctctttttct attgtgtcca gtatggccca tcccaagaaa     28560
     atgctgcacc atgcgttctc ctctagacag gtgctcaagg gcagaggaca gggacaatct     28620
     tgtaatgtcg ctcacctaga ggccacctgc acccattggt gggaacattt tgaacagatt     28680
     ccagagaagc cggcttaggc aaggagaacg gttgcatgag tgtgaagtag gtttaagtac     28740
     ggacgtgtag caagccagga ggaggtggct ttctgtgctg gcaaacccca gattatggag     28800
     agagagccag gtgagggctg agccagcgcc aggactgtgg tggcaggtaa gtaagtgtgc     28860
     tgcagggaat tccaactcct ggtgcctcct ctgagcactg gccaagcccc tcccctgtgg     28920
     cctgatacag cacaccacag cctcctgctg aaaggtgaca ctcagaaggc cgggctccct     28980
     tagtcaccct gtgggcactt gtgagactct cctgagaatg gaactggtgg ccacgtcccc     29040
     agtgttggta agtggcccta aacattcagg agctgaaccg ggtgggagaa aaaaaaagtc     29100
     tcaagtagag atggggactg taggatgctg tccctgtccc tccaagacct tgactagaca     29160
     gagtgaatgt gttattttgg gaaggggaca agccctccac ctgctgcacc atggtgttgg     29220
     ccactggcca gtgcttgctg gagcctggca gcttcctgca ttgggcatgg taggctagat     29280
     ggctccggca ccagacagtt gttgcttggg tttgaatggc aagaagtaaa aaaataagcc     29340
     tagggggtgt ggctgagttg agcatttacc tcatgtgcac aaggtcctgg gtttgagtat     29400
     agccctgggg gaaaaaaaag aaagagaaga aacaaactaa aaagaacttt gaccagcaac     29460
     cagtttgggg gtcagctagg tcaggtcagg ggagagccac ctcccaggga acagatgctc     29520
     cctgggaggt caggcccttc tcgagtctct gctgttcgga ccactgccca gctggtctgg     29580
     gcagcaactg ttgagatctg gttttgctgt cctttctgaa aggcacacag ccagatgtgg     29640
     tatctctcag cacagcttgt ggcgccttgg gtcctataag aattatctgt atctatgtgt     29700
     tgacaaggga aggtgtgggt gttgggtcag tatctgagct gggctgagtg tttgagcttc     29760
     tctgagtcac aggtgtccaa gctatgaggt ggaagcatca ggtaaggaca ggctcgtgga     29820
     acggtgatat tctgggatgg gagggatggg gcgaagaggc tgaaggccct ccgcgggcac     29880
     aggtgtgtgg aaattgagtg tgtgcaatgc cagggcaagg agggaagtct gcatttttta     29940
     aaaaaaattt ttagagtgaa aagcaggccc agaggaagag gttggcagct ttttcaaaca     30000
     gttcccccac atgtacacac ttggtaacct ctgtcctggc gaccccggtc ctatgctata     30060
     atgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagtga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagataga     30120
     agctcattgt agtacacagc atttgggagg cagcggcagg taggtctctg tgagttcaaa     30180
     gccagcctgg tcaacactgt gagaccttgt ctctaaataa atacttattt aagtaaacag     30240
     ggagaagaca cctagggttt ccacgtgtgt aaccctggca aagcctggca ttagaatcat     30300
     tgcttcctgt caggacagaa tttacattat ggagtgcgtt gaggccagtc ccagggaaga     30360
     gctggttgct ctgttcatta gcgtctccag gtttgatcgt ggcaacttgc tccaagcccc     30420
     agtcaccagc cacctttgcg tgtgcccgtc tacttaggct cagccccctc tcctctcacc     30480
     acctgcctct ccgggttagt ctccctactg ctgtgtctga tgctggatgc tttctgagaa     30540
     aaaaaaaaaa aagtttattt aaactcaaag ttctggaggt caaagagcat ggtcctagat     30600
     tctgtttgac tctggtaaga gccttccagt ggtcataaga tggtagatgg cctcctcgtg     30660
     ggcacaaatg aggagtgaga caggaggcca gcgggatttg ggagccaggc ttactttttt     30720
     cttttctttt tttttggggg gggggcaact ctttcccaca aagacctctg tcacccggag     30780
     accagcacta gtcttttctg gagtaggctg tgtctcctca ccaatgtcgt cccagctggg     30840
     gacaagctcc cagcacatga ccctctgggg cacagcatag ccatcgtccc aggccacctg     30900
     ctgttctagg cagctgtctg ttctcccagg cagcgagcat ttcctaagca ggtcctgtga     30960
     agtttgcata acgcaaagct tgcgccatct cctgggcttc ccagccagag taggcacaag     31020
     ggcatcagat caccgaaggt ccattccagc tcagtctctg tattgctccc ctgccctgcc     31080
     ctttccccag taaccattta aataggtttt ccatgtctgt tatttattta tttttattat     31140
     atattctttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cattttgtag     31200
     accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgt ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa     31260
     aggcgtgcac caccactgcc tggctatgtc tgttatttct aacatggcac tatttcatat     31320
     gtacacatgt ggaacctgcc agtgtggcct tccctgggtc agggtctctc tctggctcct     31380
     ttcctgtaaa actatggagt ggcatcagct tgttcctctt ggttcccaag tgcacttgcc     31440
     gaaaccggac ctctaaaatg caaaagtcca gcttggttca tgccattgat tggtgctcag     31500
     tttgtgcata ggttcattca ttcattcatc catccactca ttcattcatt cagttccatt     31560
     gttaaacatt tactacatgt ttggttccat gtcaagcaca aggatacatg agtaaatggc     31620
     cctatgggcc acctcattgt aagggaagat ggagacctct tccatcctgc atctccccca     31680
     acaaccccca aagttaccat aatggcatct gtgcctgtcg tccacagtta aggcagactg     31740
     agccatgaga gaaaacggga caagaagaga ccatggctat gtagtgtgtc tgtgtgtgcc     31800
     atgggactgg tctctcagca gaagccaggg atggaaggtc cctgatccct gtcacaccct     31860
     cctgcctgag gaaccagttg aacctctgag gatgccaggg ttgcttctgc aaccttctgg     31920
     cagtgtaatc tcctggcaac gctgtctgtt ggtgaactct ctttcctgag ggcttgtgtg     31980
     aaaatgcact ttcaggatgg tggccttcct tgctgatgct tttacaggtt agcaagggca     32040
     agagaggtaa tgtccgaaat gaatggagca tgcgatggag cacactgctc acctcagcca     32100
     ggaaggaaat gagagaaaac acttgctggc ttttgacggc agggagtact catccaaaaa     32160
     tgattccgtg tgcccacgtg tgctctctct gtctttacat ctctctcttg gtctgtttct     32220
     gttatgacca ggctgcggga tgtgtcattg tgctttcatt tttaaattat ttcgtatttc     32280
     ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc     32340
     ttttctggtt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc     32400
     tgtagaccag gctggccttg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg     32460
     attaaaggcg tgcgccacca ctgcctggtc ttattatttt tcaaaacaag aagatgggta     32520
     ttttgcctgc atacctgtct gcatacatga gtgcctgatg cccacgcaga gcagacaagg     32580
     gtgttatata tggagctgcg gttatagatg gctgagagca gccgtgctga gaattgaacc     32640
     tgagtcctct agaagagcca ccacggttct taacctccaa gcgattgctc cagcacccag     32700
     ggattgtatt tgaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtac atgcacagat caccacatgt acagacacat     32760
     gccaagaaaa aacaaaaaaa ccaaattcag tccctggctc acagtttccc cactgcaaaa     32820
     atcataggca cctgggcgtt tgtttccaca aaaggtttac atttttcatt ttttttttaa     32880
     gatttattta tttatttctt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa     32940
     gagggcgcca gatctcgtta cggatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggaattgaa     33000
     ctcagtacct ttggaagagc agtcagtgct cctacctgct gagccatctc gccagcccgg     33060
     tttacatttt tagaatgaca tttgtttatt tgcgagtgtg tgcgtgtgca cccgtgtgca     33120
     cagaggtcag aggatgtctg ttctcgccct ccaccgtacc ggttttggga actgaactta     33180
     ccatatcaag cttggcagtg aatagctatt ccctgagctg tctcaacagc ccgaatttta     33240
     aaacaaatgt gatgaagtca aatatgtcaa tttctaaagt gttgtccaca ccttctgagc     33300
     cacatctaag aatccatcaa gcaaccatct taggaaaggg ttgaaagttt tcttgatttt     33360
     cttagactat agggcctttg gcctgttttg agttgattat gatgtcacat ggagcagggg     33420
     tccagcctca tctacttgat tatgacgtca tagagagcag gggtccagcc tcatctatct     33480
     gcttgtgaca aagacattgt tccagttcag caagtggggg tgattctttg tggccttgtc     33540
     ccaggcatgg cttctgtctg agtctcacgt ctgtgccctc tgtctctgct tcagtaccat     33600
     cactcactgt agcgccacag ttacatattt tctttgggga tcacacctgg ggcctgtgca     33660
     tgccacaaga acccagctac tgggctggtg gccctgtaga agactgggaa ttgtttatga     33720
     tttggaggaa aaaaaattga gacagtgttt cttttctttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     33780
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcctt     33840
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt cctttctttc tttctttctt     33900
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttgttttt ttcgagacag     33960
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg actgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctaga     34020
     actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca agttaaaggc ctgtgccacc acgcccagct     34080
     cttaatttct ttttaagatt tatttatttt atgtagctgt acaaatggtt atgagccacc     34140
     atgtggttgc tgggaattgt acttgggacc tttggaagag cagtcagtgc tcttaaccgc     34200
     tgaaccatct ctctagcccg agacagggtt tcatatagcc caagttggca tcaagaatct     34260
     cccatctatg tggccaacag tgacctggag ccttctgatt ctttctcttc agtcttccac     34320
     atgctgcagt tctagacccg tgtcaacatt cagagtcttc tgcagtcctg gggactgaac     34380
     ccagggtctt gtgtatgctg ggcagacaca gtgcctactg agcccagcct cagcccttcc     34440
     ttcttttaaa cattggtttg cctgttggaa caccttgtaa tctcacgtcg atctttgtac     34500
     cacatcaggt ggtgcggcta gctcagcaat agcaagtttt caactccttg gatacatttg     34560
     tgtgtgtgta taattgtaaa ttgaatttca gcttgctagt tgctcatgtg tagaaacccg     34620
     attgattcta gtgatttttc aatcctacaa atgaaactat agtagttctc aacttttctc     34680
     tgtctctgcc tctctctgtc tcctctggat ctttggggct gtctatgtga ggccaacccg     34740
     tctacagatg gcctgtcttt cctttcccca attcatgtag gtgtttgctc taggtagaac     34800
     tcctgtacgg gtggctcttc cagtctttct tgtcattggt tttgaggttc ccgtctgttt     34860
     ctggttccct aaatgacttt tttttttttt tttaaagtca tgaaaaggta tgggatttaa     34920
     tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga aatgactgtg     34980
     tgatttatcc tttgtgccag taatgtgacc tgtcacttga cattgagtca cccttgattt     35040
     gcttttcttt aaaaaagaaa cttgatgacc ttaaaagaaa ataaaggcca agcctcggcc     35100
     gtacccagaa ctagacccgt gccagcagtt cagggatcta actgccaagc catcatgagg     35160
     tttgcacgtg gctccaactt ttccaggaaa tcttgagaac tcttcccatt tccctaaaga     35220
     acattttgtt gaaatcacaa gggaagatgc tgtttagata cctcggggat ctgcctgagc     35280
     tgtgcgttat gaactttgta gagtttatgc ccatgatggc attggttcat ttatttcttc     35340
     tttacaaatg cttgggatag cctaaggcct cgcacaagtc aggcgaggac cctgctgctc     35400
     agctaaaacc ctggcaggaa gatttgtttt ccagatgttg agacgacatg ttcaggttat     35460
     gatttttaaa aagatttaat catttgaggt gtgtgtgcgc tcacatgtgt acaaagcatg     35520
     tatatgaagg tcagaggaca actttcctgg gtgtgttgtg ccaggaagcg tcatgaacca     35580
     ccaaagacca ccaagggact gattccaatg caatcacatt agggtctcgc agttcaagct     35640
     ccagcttggg ctccctggca accctgacac aggagaatgg gagcctcaag cccagtttca     35700
     ggcaagcggt tatagaggca agacccggca cacatctgat tggagagcca ttatggtctt     35760
     taacataatt ggctggtgct ggaagccaaa ccctaaactt cacttctgtt ttcctcctga     35820
     ttggtggttg ttaggaagtg tcttgtaacc tggaggtgca gattggttgg ggaatatcct     35880
     agaaactggt gctaggtacc agcctgttag ttaactcgag ttcaacctta ggtcaggttc     35940
     ttgaagatgg agtctgaacc ccaaagatct ggtgtgtcag gtgttggctc ttcccccgtg     36000
     tggtttttgt ttttgttttt gttttgaggc agtgtcgttc ttatttcttc cactgggtcg     36060
     cagcacccac acatttctga atgaagctcc tgtctctcct tcctcctcac tgtctgaagg     36120
     aatgctggcc ttaaagacat gagccaccac acgcagcctt tcacttggat tctagggatt     36180
     gaacacagat cagcagctta ctagcatatt tactcgctga gtcatctccc tggctgtctt     36240
     cagacgcatc agaagagggc gtcagatctc attaccggtg gttgtgagcc atcatgtggt     36300
     tgctgggaat tgagctcagg accttcggaa gagcagtcgg tgctcttacc cactgagcca     36360
     ccttgccacc ccccaccccc atccccaccc ccacccccat tttttttttt taaatttagg     36420
     atatttcctt cagacaggaa ttatctgctc atcagagggt agagctgtga gaggaagtgc     36480
     agaaggaaca ttggtgtccc ctcttctccc cccaccccag gcttgctcag ccctcagtga     36540
     tgggcggtac tccagagccc aaggttttgt tgagtgtccc ttttagttat gaccgactag     36600
     gtcaggtgta ctttacctgg atccaggatg ctccctgcag gtcgagagga cagcagagac     36660
     acggaaggag gagacagaag ccaaccacag cagcgatact tatctccctg gggagttgat     36720
     tccaggaaca tttacagata ccaaaatccc tgcctacaac gtgtgtttgc ctcatgccta     36780
     cacagagcct gtgcacactt gaatctcagg gtgatttata tatagttcct ggtatgatgc     36840
     aaatgctagg cagagagcca ttaggctgcc ttgtttacag gaaaatgata gaaaagtccg     36900
     tgtgcggtgc agatccaatt cttccaaatg ttttcagcac tacagagaaa ctgtcaatgt     36960
     agctaaagcc atttatatag catgcaagta atttacacag catacaactc attagcatag     37020
     catgtaagtc atttacataa tatgcaagcc atttacacag cacataaata atttacacag     37080
     cacatacttt acacagcatg taatttacat agcatataag taatttacaa gcattttaat     37140
     catttaccta gcacacaagc catttgtata acatacaagt catttatata atatataaat     37200
     cattacatag catgtaagta atttacatag aatataatcc actcatgttg tgaacaaatt     37260
     agcaggggct ggagagacag ctcagtggtt aagagcactg gttgctcttg cagaggaccc     37320
     aggttcagtt cccagtatct gcatggtggc tcacaaccat ccgtaaccct agaacatctg     37380
     atgctctctt ttgacctcca agggcaccag ggacacaggt gtgcatgcat acatgcaggc     37440
     aaaatactca tatacataaa ataaatccgt acaaaaatag aacaggtcga tgctgctagt     37500
     gtgttcaggt gccgcatgtt gtcacagtct gccagcatca ggacattttc atcaacccaa     37560
     aaaagagata actcacgttt tagctgtgac ccccaccccc acccccactg tccctcagta     37620
     aagattaatc gttctgtctg gtatggactg gctagtgtgg aaagcttgaa gaagtgatgt     37680
     taacccgtgg ttacgattca tgattggcat tcagttttct ggttcatcca tattgtagtg     37740
     tggctcgcac tgcactcctt ttaatgactg aataccgagt aacgttctgt tgtgtggatg     37800
     agccacactt tgtttattta tcagttaaaa gatgatactt gaggccaggc agtggtggcg     37860
     catgccttta atcccagcac ttgagaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca     37920
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac tctgtctcaa     37980
     aaaagatagt tttttttttt gttgttgttg ttgttggttt ttttttttgg aaacaaggtc     38040
     tcagtatgta tccctggctg gcctggaact ctcagggatc catctgcttc tgcctcctga     38100
     gtgttgctgg accttaaaga atacttgaat tatctccatg ttttaacaaa gtccttaatg     38160
     gtaccttctt tagttctttc ttgtgtggct tatgttaagc atgtgttggt atgtgatctt     38220
     aagacatctg agactatgtc ctttataagg aacagatatg ttgggggctg gagagatggc     38280
     tcagaggtta agagtacagg ctgttcttcc agaggaccca ggttcaattc ccagcgccca     38340
     catggcagct cacaactgtc tgcaactcca gtaccagggg ataagacaaa cacaaacata     38400
     catgcaagca aaacattgga ttaacataaa ataaaaacaa atacattaca aaaaaggaac     38460
     agatatgtct attttttttt cacctgaaac tggaattaga gctgattgtg aggtgccatg     38520
     tggaccaggt cttgtgcaag aacagcctgt gctcttagct gctgagccat ttctccagcc     38580
     ccaagagcat agagcctcca ttcctggttt gagtctggga aggccaaagt tgaaaagctt     38640
     gtgtttaatg agaatcttcg gtgcctcatc ctgtggcaga gacagatggg caagagagca     38700
     cgagacccac cctgtgacag cagacctttt cccaccgccg tggttttcct gcttgctccc     38760
     tgtagtactg tgtcattgcc gatcacacat gaactccggg agcacacatt caaaccacag     38820
     tgtatacaca tatctaggtt agcaacgtgc cctgggccac aggcacggga agcgctgaga     38880
     tcagaggaga accccatctc tgctcattgt acttcgtcca gtacaaggga ccccaatagc     38940
     cttgccccac gcgccgtgtt aggagagaag tctgttgacc gtaactataa actctctctt     39000
     cccttgacag gttgcctgaa tggtcttgct tctctttctg acttgcctgg ttttctcctg     39060
     cctgaccttt tcctggctaa aaatctgggg gaagatgaca gactcgaagc cgctcaccaa     39120
     cagtaaggtg gaagccaatc tcctttcaag cgaggagtcc ctttcagcct cagagctgtc     39180
     aggggaacag ctgcaggaac atggcgacca cagctgtctg tcctacagag gtcccagaga     39240
     cgccagtcag cagaggaact ccctgccaag ctcatgccag aggcctccga ggaacccact     39300
     gtcttccaat gacacctggc cctccccaga actccaaacc aactggacag ccgccccggg     39360
     cccagaggtt ccagatgcta atgggttgtc cttcccagcc aggcccccga gccagaggac     39420
     agtatccccc tccagagagg acaggaagca ggcacacatc aagagacagc tgatgaccag     39480
     ctttatcctg ggctccctgg atgacaactc ctctgatgag gaccctagtg ccggctcctt     39540
     ccagaactcc tcccggaaga gcagcagggc tagcctgggc actctgtccc aggaggctgc     39600
     attgaacaca agtgatcctg aatctcacgc gcctactatg aggtaacgga ccttctcttc     39660
     atactgggaa tatgatttag gagtaaggtt tgtatctctg attttgcagc gggattggct     39720
     tccttcctcg gctcctccct ctgatcttct aacgcatgtg tgttagaagc catgttgaag     39780
     gggtagccat gtagaagagc agaaggcaaa gcctgtcttc tttgcttctt gttccctcct     39840
     ttcagaatta ctgattgtgc acctgctgtg tgcaccttct gtatgcacct gctgtgtaca     39900
     cctgctgtgt gcacctgctg tttgcacctg ttgtttatac ttactgtgtg tacctgctgt     39960
     atgcacctgc tgtgtacacc tgctgagtgt tcagggttcc atgccaggaa agtggctttc     40020
     tagagctctc agccaagctg ggcacgatga tcttgtgggt gacaagttac cagttaaaaa     40080
     actccaggtg atcactggag ggagatctcc ctgcctccta atgagacagc acttccttct     40140
     ttccctcatc caacagtaaa ctaatcccca ctggtgccta gactgcagaa gctcaacttc     40200
     tgtcacctac tatcagctgt atcgtcaaaa ccaaaacctg cagtcactgc aggtgcggct     40260
     ctgtgtgtgc gtgcgcatgt gcatgggagc gtgcccatgc aacagtgcag gtgtggaggt     40320
     cagaggacaa ctctatggtc agttctgaga gtggagctca ggacattgcg ctttgctgag     40380
     ccgtgtcatt gtccttgtct tatgttgagg cggggtctct cactgagcct gctgctccct     40440
     gctgcagtac actggctgat gggtgaaccc ctgggaatcc ttgcttcccc tgcctcccca     40500
     gagctgagtc acagatgcct attgtcacat ctggctttaa ggaatccaaa cttggggtcc     40560
     ttatgccttt gtggcatgcg ctttcccatg gaatcacttt ctagcctccc tccctccctc     40620
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ctttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt     40680
     ccttccttcc tccctccccc ttccttctct ctctctctct ctctttctct ctctttctct     40740
     ctctctctct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct tccttccttc     40800
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     40860
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttttcttc cttcctgtgt aacagaaggt gcccttgatt     40920
     ctctgatctt tttacctctg catcctgaat gctgggattt caaacatagg ccatcacatc     40980
     tggccattta aaaattctat aaagttatat aaagtgtaaa caaccccaag tagctagtag     41040
     ttatcatatc agtgtgaatc taaaacctag tggtcgggct ggagagatgg ctcagtggtt     41100
     aagagcaccg actgctcttc tgaaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc     41160
     tcacaaccat ccataatgag atctgacgcc ctcttctggt gtatctgaag acagctacag     41220
     tgtacttaga tataataata ataataaata aatctttaaa aaaaacaaca acaaaaacct     41280
     agaggtcaag gaggctctaa ctgtgtgaat tgatttacca agaaggcaga cttgacaaag     41340
     ttgtaacatt gttgttgttt cctgaatctt agagtctcaa aggttgtgag gattcagatt     41400
     caacaaatta atatttccaa ggtatttagc aagaaaacaa agcactgact aaatagcctg     41460
     ttaaaaatga agggagccgg gcgtggtggt gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcggtaggc     41520
     agaggcaggc agatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca     41580
     gccagggcta cacatagaaa ccctgtctca aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaaacaa     41640
     acaaacaaac aaacaaaatg aaggggggga gagctgggtg tggtcatgag tgcctgtgat     41700
     cccagcattt gggagcctga tgctgaagga ataggagttc aaagctttcc taggctatat     41760
     agtgagttcc acgagtctct ggatagttta tacagccaaa tcctgttgta gcaggggagg     41820
     agggagggag acaggcacag agggacaggt ggtgcaagaa ggagaggaag gaagagaaca     41880
     aaagaaagag acaggtgtgg tttcgaatac ctgttttctc cccaatcacg aaggttacac     41940
     acagttaggt ttgtttaaaa ctccagctgt agagagggct tagtcactga atgtgttctg     42000
     ctctaataga agacccgagt ttggctccca gcatctcatg tcctctagct aggcatgctg     42060
     gcacccgttt aatcctttat gacagaactg tgtcaggaag gactgagcct gtggctcttt     42120
     tgccctttgt agtttctgag gcagaggcag acagatttct gtgtgttttg aggccagcct     42180
     ggtctacaga gtgagttccg agacagcctg ggctacacag taagcaagcg agggaggttc     42240
     tgtatcaaaa caacaacaac aacaataaca acaacaacaa cagcaacaac aacaacccta     42300
     ccaccaccac caccaccaga gaccaagcct gctctgtcag tcaacatttt ctccagcgcg     42360
     ggaatgagta ttaaaaagaa aaaagacgcc gggtgtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag     42420
     cactcaggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct gagttcgagg ccaacctggt ctacaaagtg     42480
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaacaa aacaaggggc     42540
     tggtgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcacc cgactgctct tccgaaggtc cagagttcaa     42600
     atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaaca agatctgacg ccctcttctg     42660
     aacagtgtcc ttacatataa taaataaata aatctttaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaacaaaac     42720
     aaaacaaaac aaacaacaac aaaaaaaaga cagacaacat tgtaacgtga ccccagtcaa     42780
     ttctgagact gaaggcaaat tttattttcc aatccacttt ttgtaccatt ttaattacat     42840
     gcaagtattt tgggcaagca gtacaataag gaactaacaa agcagcatgg aattgtatgt     42900
     gctgtgctgc catgacagtt gtttaaaagg gctcgtcata aggaccaaaa tacttgagcc     42960
     cacttcctcg tccaagccca aaaatcttgc ctgaagccta gttctttttt tccactctaa     43020
     gactaaaact cttgccttac cttacttctc tattacagcc taatgttaga ttcttgctga     43080
     aacttccttc cttattatgc cctaatgtcc gattcctgcc tgaagctcat ttccttgtcc     43140
     ttggccaatg tcagactcct gccaagtggt acagttctta cccactgagc catctcacca     43200
     gcccctactg tgaatttctt aaagattgtc ctgtccctga tatgattatg tggcccttgg     43260
     cctgagagat tccatttggg tttggtctgg gggagcctgg agatcaggcc acatcagcca     43320
     cctctagata ttttacgtaa caacagtgtg ggtcaggcat ttggccggcc agacacttgt     43380
     ggcaagctgg agcagggagg gtgtgaaact tgcccataga agacaggtgt gtgaacaagc     43440
     ctgcgtcagc agaatccagg agacctcctt tcttctcatt tttcctgttc agttgctgtc     43500
     tcagtctgtt tttttttttt tttactataa caaaatacct gaggctgagt aaatggaaag     43560
     aatagaggag gttcacttga ttctgggcag tccaagagca gagcagacct gtgacccatc     43620
     ctcacacaga atcctaatac ggcagaggcg ccccaaggga agacaagcca gagtgataac     43680
     tcaggccttt cttcctcttc ttataaagcc attaatgcca tcgcgggatg ggggatcaga     43740
     tcctcatgac ctcatccaac cttaattccc caaggcccca tctccagata tgaattcagg     43800
     ctatgaattc tccagcagga gaacttcagc cagatgtggt gtgggtggga tatacacaca     43860
     ccgtggccac tgctagctag tccccgaaaa tcttgaggta cccagcctct ggagaaagaa     43920
     atctagacga gatgtttagc tgagtgtttt aggctttttc ccatttcaaa gacagatagt     43980
     ggcggcccag gagatggtct tgatatctgt ccaggactct gaccttagga cagagctttg     44040
     gcagagatgg ctgtgcctgg ggctctgtgg tcctctgtgg tttctgatca agccctgcgg     44100
     cagcagctct gcttcacctt catgggcttc ttcctgctgg acccgccgca gcaggtggaa     44160
     gctcctgccc ttcctgcctg tcctcctttt cccaacccaa agccctcctc tttctggctc     44220
     cttgtttctt tcacactaaa ggtttctttg ttcccatcag gcctgacagt tctgcatcga     44280
     agctgtatgt tctcttcctc ttccttctcc tcctcctctt cctcctcctc ctcctcttcc     44340
     tcctgctcct ttctttttcc ctttgctttt cgagacaggg cttctctgtg tagctctgtc     44400
     agtcctggga tttgctctgc agaccatgat gctgtcctta aactcaaaag tctgcctgcc     44460
     tctgcctccc aagtgcttgg attaaaggca ggcagccacc attgtgcctg gcttgggact     44520
     tgcacttgca atggcagaca tgtgctttgg tttggctgtc tgtcaatatc ttagtattcc     44580
     tggagataca gaggaaggac tggccttttt actttgtaat gtgcccagcc atccagggct     44640
     cccttaccct gacccacctt taaagaatcc agctgctagc ttctatacta tctgctctgt     44700
     ggctctcaca actcttggtt ctgcctttta tgtctttatc tggttccttc tgtgtcgcct     44760
     ctctcctgtg ctgggtagca agtccctaag tgtagggtct gtctttcctc accaccatgt     44820
     gctggctgaa ggtaggtagg ctttgaatat tggccagatg catggatgaa accagcaatg     44880
     tgtaccctct tcagacaaaa tctgcattgg ggggggggcg tagtaaatac ttagacaaac     44940
     atggaaatca atggatgaat tgttggtgga tcaatgaata gacggataga catatgagta     45000
     ggtgggtgga tggatggtag atggatggat gaatgaacaa gtggttagat agatagatga     45060
     aacagagatg gacagatgta ggttgataga tagacagatg gatgggtgac tagatggatg     45120
     gacagataga tggatgggca gatggaagga tggataaatg aatgggtaga ggaatagata     45180
     gatgaatagg ttggtggata ttgattctct ttggcctttc cctggacttg gttggtcctt     45240
     gagggctgaa attctcacac aactcacaca gaaacagagt caacaagcac atcacagggt     45300
     gtggcaaaac agcctctgac actgcctttg ttcagggaca caccatggtg ttggctgcat     45360
     gctgtggggt cagcagagtg ggacaagaca ggttcaggat cacaacactg cagtgctatg     45420
     agacggagcg ttctttactg gtgtgagccc ccttacccgc aggcctactc atcccactgc     45480
     acaaacatcc gtgttataat gaagaggaca gctttgcctt tctagaaacc acgttccaag     45540
     tcccaaagca cactgggccc tgagagttca aagagaggac tctgcgcgtg tgtcctgtgc     45600
     aggagcagtc cttagcacac atgggcacag aaaatgctgg gatttcacag ttgtacttgt     45660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgactgt gtgtatggtg gcatgtgtgt ggttctatgt     45720
     gcagtatggg tgttttagtg tgggtggtat gtgtgttagt atgtgtgatt gtatatagta     45780
     tgtggtcatg tgtatgtatg tgctcatgtg tgtgtatgtg gtatgtgtag tacgtatatg     45840
     tggttgtgtt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcct atgtgtcaca gagtgtgtgc agagatcaga     45900
     ggccaacatt ctggagtcac ttctcctacc ttatgagtcc taaggactga actcaggttg     45960
     gctgaggctg accttgacct cctgacctcc ttgcttctgt ctcccaagag ctggggccac     46020
     aggctcctgt ttccataagc agtttacaca gcgctggaga ctgcgcctgg gcttcctgtg     46080
     tgttgggcaa acactaccag ctgaaccgga gcactacccc tgagttttct tttggtgaca     46140
     gccaattgta caatggttct gtagatcaga aggtgcagac aagagattca acccaggtca     46200
     cactgcaggg taacgacagg ccaagattgt caatccacag ttttctaccc cacagctagc     46260
     cacttgccat caggcccttg ctgacctgtc tgtttcttgt cactgaccaa gattttccct     46320
     ctgtaatacc caaaagttat atttagctgc tcgccgggtg tggtagcaca cgtctttaat     46380
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tctctgaggc catcctggtc ttacagagtg     46440
     agttccagga cagccagagc tacacagaga aaccctgtct caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     46500
     caaacaaaaa atttagctgc tcataggcca agagaaaggc ttaaaaatga ggcagggcca     46560
     cagccccatt tgagctactt caatcaaaag cacagctttt tagggaaggt gactcatgcc     46620
     tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggc aggaaggtca ggagttcgag gccagcctca     46680
     gttacatgag attctgtttg ggcagtgggg ggagctaagg gtggggtgga gggtggaggg     46740
     tggagggata gcatttgaaa tgtaaataaa gaaaatattt aataaaaaat ttcggggctg     46800
     gtgagatggc tcagtgggta agagcacccg actgctcttc cgaaggtccg gagttcaaat     46860
     cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaacaag atctgactcc ctctttggag     46920
     tgtctgagga cagctacagt gtaataaata aataaatctt taaaaaaaat ttcaaaaaaa     46980
     aaaaaagagt ggggtggaga gatggtgggg tgggggccac agccattggt gtttgcacga     47040
     ggcagaacaa gacaccaggg tgtgtagtac tccatccttc ccatctttta ttcctctttt     47100
     ttttttttag aattattttt ttaaagattt atttattatt ataagtacac agttgctgtc     47160
     ttcagatgca ccagaagagg gcgccagatc tcattacggg tggttgtaag ccgtggttgc     47220
     tgggatttga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc tcttacctgc tgagccatct     47280
     cgccagctcc catcttttat tccttagtat taaataccga tagaggaaaa tccaccaggg     47340
     tgtgatggca accaccgtag tcgagcctac taggacagct aaggcaagag gttagcccaa     47400
     acccaaggct ttgcctgggc agctgtggaa aaaccaaaaa agaatttgac cccagtgact     47460
     tctcagactt gcgtgtttct gatgaccttg gtggcgtgga ggagtacaga tggaaccact     47520
     gggatgtgct gcatctgcct gcctcttcac tttagggtag cgttgggggg ctgaggcaga     47580
     agatcatggt tgtaaagtgt cactaccagg tataccgaga gtccgggatg tcaacatacc     47640
     ataatgctga gatcaaatct ctctgtgtgc tgcaatttgc tttctcctgc caaaaagaat     47700
     tcgggcaaat tcacatcaag tttgccccag ctgctgctgc ttgatctcat ggtccggctg     47760
     tgtgaaccgc tgtccctaga accccccccc cccccccccg tgaaagttgc aggcgccttt     47820
     cacgctgtca gcaggaaagt aggctatccc ccagaacatt gagggagtgt cgggagttcg     47880
     gagataaaac ctctctggct gccaggaagc tgcagagcag ggctcttctg taggatcctg     47940
     agctgggcag ggagggctgt tttgagtatc ttcatttccc cccccccccc gtttttgatg     48000
     cggttacttt aaattgggtc ggtgggagga tggatacttt tggatactgg tgggtaactt     48060
     ccaaaaagaa aaacatttcc cttacctccc tccttctctt cttccctccc ttcctccttt     48120
     ttctcctttt ttgaggagga gaagttaaaa ccacggggga accttctaga aagtcctaac     48180
     cgagaatttt gctcacccgt tttattttcc ttcaagtgtc taacatacga tctaacacat     48240
     ctaacctcgg aacctgggca agggtcccag ttgtggaggc agggtgctta gtgcccccta     48300
     gagggagacc ccggacttgg agctcagcgc acagtgcttg accactaagc cacgccccag     48360
     cccctccccc aatggctcat ggagatgctc gtttggatga tcttcagatc ctacttaagt     48420
     acagtcctgt cccaaggatt cacgtccatc tctggtccac accttcctca tctgtgctgc     48480
     taaggagcgg tggggatgag acgggggctc ccgggcttgt ccgcgttttg ttgatgcgta     48540
     acaggggtcc tggtggcccc cgacagtaaa atcgcttgcc accaatcctg ataattcaat     48600
     ctccaggact caagtagtgg aaggcgagga ccaattccta caaatcggtt ttttttttct     48660
     tttttctttt cttaaagatt tatttattta ttatatgcaa gtacactcta gctgtcttca     48720
     gacactccag aagagggcat cagatcttgt tatggatggt tgtaagccac catttggttg     48780
     ctgggatttg aactcaagac ctttagaagg tcagtcggtg ctcttccccg ctgagccatc     48840
     tctccagccc aataaatcgg tttctttatc tccacacttg ctgaggaagg gccactaacc     48900
     gccaataaac aaacaaacaa acaagtgaat gaatgaatag taaataaata aataataaat     48960
     gtaacttaaa aagtcaagtg cttcttggag ggatgtctta agaggctctg aagcgacctc     49020
     cctcttctga acagttttca gtattttcct cggatccctc ctacgggtgt ccaaagtctg     49080
     gacggcagtg cagagggctg tggaacccac aaccgccacc tctcgggagg ggttctgggg     49140
     agggacgtga aatacatcct tgagtcctaa actcaaggtc aggggcagaa gtatggcgca     49200
     gggacagccc tggaggaggc ggggtctggg cgggactagt ccctggggtg tgacctggag     49260
     tggctgggag caggatggaa ggtttggccc atggggcgtg gcctaagcgg atgtggaggg     49320
     cgtggccagg caatcagcat gggtgggatc tgggtgcccg gtgagaggtg tggcctgggg     49380
     agggcgtggc caggcgggcc ttggtttggg tttcccagag tctggaacag ttcgggatgg     49440
     ccggggaggc tcgctgtccc gcgacccaca gctgtcacaa gctgcggcca gggcccctcc     49500
     tcgaggacgc ctcaacctcc gcctctggtg gcgagctggt gaccctgctg tgccttggga     49560
     gccgggcttg ctcgcttcct gtgattaggg ggtgcaaact gcacatcccc cgccctgttg     49620
     ggattggccc ggtaggctgg gcaacatgag ccctgccaaa tgcaaggtct gtttccctga     49680
     gctcgcagga aagtaagtaa gcccgcgatt ttaataactg cttttgcaaa cttaacgcac     49740
     ccctctccgt ccaggtcaac tgtctgcccc ttagcacctc gcctttcccc cttcttccgc     49800
     cccaagagat gcgagcttag cttggccgct gcaggaagaa tcccaccgct caaacttgcg     49860
     gcctaggtgg gcaaccagtg acgatgtttg gagagctctg cccaccacac agctgcctca     49920
     agattgttcc ctgggacgca ctactcttcc ctccatcttc atccctttgg ccttgagaaa     49980
     ataacgtttg tgggaggcaa cacttattga ggctgaagcc ttgggaaaac ccagacatcc     50040
     tgagcaggct ttgtatttga ggtcactttc tgagcgtacc ccactgtttt ccttttctct     50100
     ttcattttat tgcactttaa accactcacc aaagggatgc tgtattcgct gctgagaatt     50160
     cagcccgaat aagggagtgc ggtacacatt tataatccta gcactgctga ggcaggagga     50220
     ttgagttaag aggccagctt gggctatata ggaaaaccca cacacgtaaa gcccctcccc     50280
     ccccaaaaaa agcccaaatg aacaaactaa ggaaattata aacacgaaga ggagtaaaga     50340
     tataattcca cctggatcaa cagctgatac ttgacaaatc ttgttttcag agcagatgtt     50400
     taatttataa aattgaacca tatttattgt aacctattag tctttttaaa aaaatttatt     50460
     ttatgtattt gaatgctcta tctgcatata cacctgcatg ccagaagagg gcatcagatc     50520
     ccatttcaga tggttgtgag ctaccatgtg gttgctagga attgaactca aggtcaggtt     50580
     aggagccagt gctcttaacc gctgagtcat ctctccagcc cctttttttt tttttttcct     50640
     tcttcttttt cttttctttt tcccaaattg gctctgcaaa ttatgagttt atctgcattt     50700
     atctggcctg agggcagtgg ttcttatgct tttaaataat taaaaacaat caagagaaga     50760
     acactgttca tgtaaaaaac aaacaaacaa aactaggagg aattcaaagg ccagagtgca     50820
     taaataaagt tttattggca cacagcttca ctcgctggtt tctgggaagc ctgtggcaca     50880
     tcttgctaga agtcctcagt agtgacagag ggcagacttt ataacacctg aagtatcagc     50940
     tagctgtgac ttgccatgct tgtaggtgtc agccaatctc acatgctaca acatccaatc     51000
     tctctgcctc cagaggattg ggattaaagg tgcaccactg cactcttact tagcccaggc     51060
     tggccttgaa ctcaccattc cacccaaggg taccttcaac tcctgctgct ccttcttcct     51120
     ctgttttctg agtgctggga ttacagatat gtagtccctg tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata     51180
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatacata catatatata ttctgagtgc tgagatggat     51240
     attatacaca cacacacaca cacacatata tatatataaa atgtacatat gttgtataga     51300
     tatatagcct gctgatgaag cccccatgtc agcctagctc agggtcagtg tgctgttttc     51360
     ctaaaaagcc aaatagtaaa tactttgtga caatacagcc tttcacagct actcactgct     51420
     gtttcctgtg gcagtagcta cctgtttata tgggactggc tgtgttccat taaaggacct     51480
     tgaaatgagc cgtttgtatg atttattgtg tatcataata tagaattctt tggacccccc     51540
     ctcccccaga accacttaaa tctgtttaaa ccattcacag cagattaaga tcggcccagg     51600
     gactctgatt gttcaccctt gacctggtat cattccagaa ggcatccgga ggttgtatgg     51660
     cctgagaaat tcccaaaggt tgggctggca agccagggca gcagacaatt cctggaatct     51720
     acccagtgga aggggagaac tgacttctaa atgttgtcct ctgatttctt tccacataca     51780
     tgcagcccat ccacaaataa gttaaattaa aacattgaaa tagaaattat agaaggtcta     51840
     tttatctggt atcatagtta tatgtaagat ttgatttatt tctatgtgtg tatatgatgt     51900
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtat ctgtatttgc tgtgtgtgtg tatgcatgtg catgcatggg     51960
     tgcatgtgtg catgttatgt gcatgtgcat gcgagagtgt gtatgccatc agaggccaga     52020
     agagggtgcc agatcctctg gaaatggatt acaggtagct gtaagccacc tgatttgagt     52080
     gctggcttcc caaaaggaac agcaagctct ctttaacagc tgagccatct ctgcagctcc     52140
     tgggatccca gtattgagtt gtctgtagga aagtaaattc agtggcttcc cctggctcca     52200
     agtcttctcc ctgcatttcc attactgaca acagaaactc agcactcaca ctgccttcca     52260
     cccatcacct ggtggtcagg atggtagagg gcaagggatt tgagtgttgg agaacgccag     52320
     ggccctggac agggaggcag ctgggacatt cctatcaggg acaagtctcc ttcagtgtac     52380
     agcctgttta tccttttcca gattctttgt tcttcggtcc taggacagta cccaaggtct     52440
     gctgcaccat aggcaagtgt catattgctt agtgacacac ccacctccct agatgcttca     52500
     tgtctgcaga cttgcctgac ccaccccgag aatttgtttt gttgaaacag tctgtctatg     52560
     ctgctcaggc tggccttgaa ctcatgatct tccctcctct gcctcccagg aactgggatt     52620
     tcaggtgtgc actaccactt ccccctttgg gtcccctgaa tatttcatcc tatgagagga     52680
     ggcacggggt gttgtagggg catcttgagg tcacaggggc aaccgattct acatcagaaa     52740
     cttggggcgt ttcacagctg gagctctgct ggtgtctgtg gccatgctgt gtatttgcac     52800
     agggttgagc aacgtctctg atctcacctc catacccaca ctcatttcca gagacgaccc     52860
     tgcagtgctt cgcctttgta tcctagtcaa tctttcctac ctcagtatga aaatctgagg     52920
     tgagatagag ttgggttacc agcccagctc tgctgtttgt cagctgcggg acttgaggcc     52980
     agaggacctc tctgaacccc tgtctcatta ttccgagcag gagatggcag ccttttttat     53040
     ccggagcagt cgcatcgaga aggaccagtc tgttgtttgc ccttgaaaac attgatttcc     53100
     ttccatcccc aaacagcgct gcccaggtct tatgcccaac agctgactgg gtctggtgct     53160
     tggcagctcc gttgttgatc gcttttcaga gtcatttcca aagccaccgt ggaacatttt     53220
     ggccctcgcc ctgtccttcc tccttccgcc taaggtcagg gcttagctct gggccagagg     53280
     cacggcactt agcaaaggtt ctcccttact tggctccagt gctgggggac ggtcgtctgt     53340
     ctggagccaa tgttggttgg cctccagcat tgtcagaaaa gaatcaaaat agtccagtcc     53400
     ctggagatgg agcctgagac aaggccttcc ccacagtctt gtatgtgctc tgggtagttg     53460
     ctggcttcct ggtgaagtga ttccattacc gacctaaaac cagtgtggta ccacagatgg     53520
     ttctgggcct tgaaatggtg attttctttt ccatcaaatc gtataaatgt gtctgagagt     53580
     gggaggggtc agactttctg acacagagag gcatcagcct gtcagggaaa gtcacagaca     53640
     ggagagactg gtgttcagat gggggttttg tggagtgggc taagcaagtg gcttgttgct     53700
     gctcctcttg gaccctgacc cagctggtgt ggctgctcat tgagggtgta ccacgcgcca     53760
     caccgagccc tctatgttct gtctatggat ggtccaggcc acctcactta atcctgagca     53820
     agtgtgcagc catattgaat gtggtgcctg atattctccc cttattccag gtgagggagt     53880
     tgaatgcttc aaagggaagt ggagtggctg tggctttgga aaccagagac ctggctgagg     53940
     agaggaacga ttactactgt cttctccctg gggtcagcag gacgtggtgt gtcaagagac     54000
     aggatgttct catgagggga catttgggtt gagaacatgg ctcagacagt atttcaagtt     54060
     ggggatctga gtttggttct cccaaaccca tatcaagata aatgtcgccg ggcggtggtg     54120
     gtgcacgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gaggatttct gagtttgaag     54180
     ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagcgagggc tagacagaga aaccctgtct     54240
     ccaaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagtctgga ctaggaggtg gaggcaggag     54300
     gatgtgcgga agttaccacc agccagtgca gccaaatcgg tgagccccag gctagtgaga     54360
     gattctgtct caagggggga gggtatgtgg atggcattcc aggggatagc acccaaagct     54420
     gtcttctggc cttcatacgc atgttcacac gtgcacacac atgaacatac atgaacacac     54480
     atgaacatgt atgctctgtg agaactaaaa gggaacattc acataactag tatctcaagc     54540
     aaaccccggg acaccgacaa tgtaagggcc gggatggaga gccatgctgc ttgggtggtt     54600
     aggagggtgg taagagaatg agtaggttag tgggctagcc tcagaactgc aacaaagcat     54660
     ataatgtagt aggttagcct ctgaacttca ccgtctaaac gtcagcatat agtagagaga     54720
     aaaaaagagg taaggagatg tttgagtccc tggtgtgagt ttctggatgg agaaggtggg     54780
     gtttggggct atatctcaga gttcttcccg tgtctgtgtg aattgggttt cattcccagc     54840
     accataaaga aacaggacac cagactgaga ggacctgaca ggcccacagc ctcactgaca     54900
     gagacagacg tggctgtgta caccatgaca ccatcagata caggggatag aagaagacga     54960
     agctttgaga tatgggaaag ccaggccgtc accaaggatc aaagattaaa ccccactaac     55020
     caagcaaaaa cccttagagg ctctgacagg acaatgacac aggcttcgaa aactcagcac     55080
     agatcaaact agtgggctga accccagggc agaaaaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac     55140
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac agaacaaaac aaaacaaagc agtctccaaa aaacagtcac     55200
     caaacacaca aggtggccaa gccttccccc tcctcttctc cacttcccta gctttctcag     55260
     aaagccactt gaggatgtct tccatgaaaa ccacagggca caccagggag gaggaacaga     55320
     cagacacagc agagcatcca gcagatagat agtccagggc tcctggcagt gataaccagg     55380
     aagccaggga gagtcgggat accatcattg cacgctgctg aatatacaca gtgtctgata     55440
     tgaagctgcc aggggtgtgc tccagcaaag caaggaagta cccccaaaaa gagggagccc     55500
     cccagtcacc ccaaattagg atcctgctct gaggaaagac aaaaaagaag gacagacatc     55560
     catggttccg aggccttaag aacagccatt cagcagtgtg tgtctgtgtg tgtatcagat     55620
     gtagaacact gcagatgtga aatgccagag ccaacagcaa ttttctttca cgggagttac     55680
     aggggaaagg ggcagggacc accctccgca ctgtgttctg atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     55740
     gtgtgtgttt aatgatttgt tttgcgcatg tgtacatgtg tgtgtgtata catgtgtgtg     55800
     tgtatataca tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcata tgccgtggtg cccgtgtgga ggtcagagga     55860
     caacttttag gagttggttc tctcctccca tcacgtgggt cttggggatt gaactattga     55920
     actcaggtct tcaggctcgg caggcagcca gtgcctctac ccacttagcc atcctgcctc     55980
     tctggtcacg tgatttttcg tttgtttttc aagcttttac tgaacctcag cagtgagttg     56040
     tcacccatac tgaccttctc gagaggtttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc     56100
     ttcttcttct ctctctctct ctctctctct ccccctttct tttattttta tttattttgt     56160
     tttccaagac agggtttctc ttgtgtggcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc     56220
     aggctggcct caaactcagg agatccacct gcctctgcct caagagtcta tttattttta     56280
     ttatatgtgt atgagtgctt gcctgcacat atgtctgtgt accatgcatg tgatccatgg     56340
     aggtcagaaa gtgggtgtgt gtgtcagact ccctggaact ggagttacag ctgggagccc     56400
     catgtgggtg ctgtgaactg agtcctctgt aagagcagct agtgctctta gctggcgatt     56460
     ctctccaggg agaaagattt gatcatgcaa cagggatgag ggtcaccaca gtctagaggg     56520
     tttggtgggt ccccttcctc tctgcgtttc ccatacagac acgcacaggc acactgacca     56580
     acatggaaga ttgcctttgg ctcagaggct cccttccgtc tctatcccaa tccactcact     56640
     ctttccttca tcttagtctc tctggggtgg aggttggggg tgaggtgggg ggggggttgg     56700
     gggattagtg ggttgggggt ggggtaggcg tgatcttcag ctagacctct ctggtgctag     56760
     atcaaccttc ccacatttcc aggcccaggg tggggaggga gggtgtgttt ggatgttcag     56820
     gaaggaaagc aaagatgtca caaggacaac ttctgtactg tgctcttttt tgtgggggtg     56880
     gggttgtttt gttttgttta tgtatatgta tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acacaccaga     56940
     agagggcatc caatcccatt acagacggtt gtgagccacc atgtggtttc tgggaattga     57000
     actcaggacc tctggaagag cagccagtgc tcttaaccac tgagccatct ctccaacccc     57060
     tgtactgtgt tctttaaaac aaaagttttg taaaatatat tcatggaagc tacaggggct     57120
     aaatttgaca ggtggtagat gaagagtcag agtgtgtgga tcccccttcc tgaccacaga     57180
     acacctgccc ctgctgtaag ttcccaaatc aggaccatgt caatcaagta agggctgagt     57240
     tatctcaggg cagggacagt ggcacaggcc tcctagggta gcactgtctg gccttgagtc     57300
     ttcttgttca tccaggtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtacg tgcgtgtaca     57360
     cagggtattt cagggtatgt gagtgtatgt gaatgtgtac agggtgtatg tatgaagtat     57420
     gtgagtgagt gtgtgagcga gtgtgtgtgt gtatgatact ctctggccac tggctttgcc     57480
     cgtacagctc caggctcctg tcctggggac cccaggcttc ctccctcacg gctgctattt     57540
     ttcctttgca ggcccagcat gtctggactc catctggtga agagaggccg agaacacaag     57600
     aaactggacc tgcacagaga tttcaccgtc gcgtccccag ccgagtttgt cactcggttt     57660
     ggaggcaaca gggtcataga gaaggtagag acatgtctta taggctagtg attgaggggg     57720
     ccgggccctt ttcttcttgg aggtccagca tcaggctttt tcttcccact tcagaggtcg     57780
     aggacgcctc ctcttgggac atctgtttgg gcaatgagtg cttgcctttg ggagcttttt     57840
     acacacacac acagcatggg tgaattagcc cattcctcag aaatggagac tgagtctctg     57900
     gccttgatca agaggctcct gagtgctttg gggaatggag ccacttcctg ggtcgacggt     57960
     aggagagcag cgaagctgct gccagccact ttcagaggtt agggcttctt agaggagagg     58020
     agaccacgaa ctacagtgag caggtccctt ggttatgtct cctgtgttca tgacaagctg     58080
     tggcccagag gtgggatgca ggttgtccaa ggttaataag aggagtcgaa gggatttgaa     58140
     cgtggcttga tggttcctcc gtcttgctcc aaacactcag ggtctcctgg gaaagaacat     58200
     tgcttttttt taagatttat ttattttttt atgtgagtac actgttgctg tcttcagaca     58260
     caccagaaga gagcattgga tcccattaca gatggttttg agccaccatg tggttgctgg     58320
     gaattgaact caggaccttt gaaagagcag tcagtgagcc atctttccag tccctgtttt     58380
     ggattttttt tgttttgttt tgtttttttg ttttgaattt tgtgtatccc aggctagcct     58440
     caaaccccaa ggataaactt gcccttgtga taatcccacc tgtacctccc aagtgtgtgc     58500
     catgacggcc agtctatgca gtactagcca ctgaacccag gactcctcca cttctagact     58560
     ctgtattttg gactcattag gagactgttt tgctgcggcg gaccgggctc agtcagcccc     58620
     ccttaatctg cagaaaaaaa tttgggggtc ccggtttcag ttgggcaaag agttggtgac     58680
     aatattaaca caagggagtg tggtatctga atgtaatttg tctcaaagtg agcagcagtc     58740
     ttataagtga cttttacaca aaacagggaa atgtgtactt aaaagctaac aggaaccagc     58800
     tgggataaaa ttcaatgtta acatctggga tcaaaagcag ccccacctaa ggtcagctta     58860
     atcttagaag tcaggggtaa gggcatcgtg cccttgccgt agttcctatt ctagtctatt     58920
     gtatagtcca ccttccccat aggccattgt aaattcctgt gtatgggtgt aactcagcta     58980
     tctatagttc taagtatcta ctctggttcc tccctagacc ccaatcttcc ttcttcctag     59040
     ataatggtaa atttttgcat atgggagtag cttgccctga gatttctaac tcttatccag     59100
     taaaatactg taagaaagca tgcaagaccc tccacattat tgcagggaca aatctggggc     59160
     attctagcta tggggatgcc aaatttccag gggaccaagt ttccgtgaac ttttcacctc     59220
     tggactatat ccaggttttt ggggcctgtc acacgtgtca ctactggaat ggatgtagcg     59280
     ttttgcagcc ggctccactg tggctggtgt ttcgtcctca gaacatcaca gctcactagc     59340
     ctcaggtagc ctctgcccgg tgctctcaca ctttctgact tagtagctga tcccagcttg     59400
     ccctcagtac tggagattca tgagaaagcc tgtacctgga aatgagagtg gagagatcta     59460
     gctcccccca atggggctcc aagaatgtgt cttcccttgc cacctccagc cctctgaacc     59520
     aagccttgct ttagcaatga gaaagccacg ttaggctgta ctcattcctt cccagtggtg     59580
     gccctctcca gtgatgctca ccctgagtga ttctcctccc cagtggtgct cctccccagt     59640
     ggtgctccca gcagtgatgc ttctccccag gggtgcccct ccccagtcgt gctcccctgc     59700
     agttttgctt ccctgcagtg gtgttcccca aagacttagc agggccatgc aggagagcca     59760
     ggagccttgg tcaaggcctg aggtcacagt gtgagcttga ctgggcctga gtttccccat     59820
     ctgttaaaca gaggcagtca catcccacac ttcagaggag gccaggcctt agcagcatgg     59880
     ccagggttgt gtagcagtgg gagagaacac aggaaggaac tgctctgtga gtcagagctt     59940
     gagaccagag gcctaattac ctgtggagat tgggtattat ttatttattt taaagattta     60000
     tttatttatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa gagggtgtca     60060
     gatctcatta cggatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctccagacct     60120
     tcggaagagc agtcgggtgc tcttacccac tgagccatct caccagcccg ggtattattt     60180
     attttgagac agggtttcat tctgtagcca ggatatctgt gaccttgaag tctttcttca     60240
     gtttctagac agattctgcc tggattcttt ttctttttct ttttttcttt ttttcttttt     60300
     tttttttttt taagatttat ttattattat atgtaagtac actgtagttg tcttcagaca     60360
     caccagaaga gggagtcaga tcttgttacg gatggttatg agccaccatg tggttgctgg     60420
     gatttgaact ctggaccttc ggaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca     60480
     ccagccccct tttttttttt tttttttgag acagggtctc actgtgtagc cctggctgcc     60540
     ctggaagtct ctgtgtagac caggatggcc tcaaactcag agatctgcct gtctctgcct     60600
     cctgagtgct aacattatgc ccaactcaaa agatttatgt attctatatt atgagtgttt     60660
     gtcagcatat gtatgtatga atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat acatgtatat     60720
     atatatacat atatatatac atgtatatat atacatacat atatgcagtg tgcatgcagt     60780
     tttctcagag gacagaagag ggcgctagat cccctggaac tggagttaca gatgcttata     60840
     aaagatctgc tgtgtaggtg ctgagaactg aacaacccag gtcccctgtc agagcagcca     60900
     gaggcctacc gagccatctc tccaggcctg agagatgctg atggtctttc tttagtgctg     60960
     ggggattgtc ttagttaggg ttttactgct gtgaagagac accatgacca aagcaactct     61020
     tataaggaca acatttaatt ggggctggct gacaggtcca ttatcatcaa ggcaggagca     61080
     tggcagtgtc caggcagatg tggggcttga gaagctgtga gttccacctc ttgttccgaa     61140
     ggcagctagg agaagactga cttctagcca gctcggatga gggtattaaa gcccacgccc     61200
     aaccaaacaa aagaaaccca accaaacaaa aatgtatagt tattgctaaa ggtttgtgtg     61260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagca cattctatac agcactggat     61320
     ctgtctccat ctctgcctcc aactcgtctg ggtccccgtt ccccaaattc atgacctctt     61380
     ctgtaattat tgttacacac acaaacacaa acacacacac atacacacac acacacacac     61440
     aactgggcta ctgggtccat ttagtgttat ttctatgtgc aggctcccag agccttggga     61500
     tgttatgcag gaaggaaggt tttcttacct ctcctctcag cagccattgg caacacacac     61560
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatct atctatctat cttggaattt gctctgtaga     61620
     ccaggctggc cttgaattca cagagatcct tctgcctctg ccacccaggt gctcagtgat     61680
     gcttttaaaa ataccaaatc agagcattga caatgcagaa gaaaccgaag ggccgtttga     61740
     agtacgggtt tagagagata ggttttgagc ccctgctctg ctggctctgt gacactgagg     61800
     cgatgtctca gctttcccgg tgtctccctc aggtgctcat cgccaacaat ggcatcgctg     61860
     cggtcaagtg tatgcgctcc atccgccgct gggcctacga gatgttccgt aatgaacgtg     61920
     ccatccggtt cgtggtcatg gtgacgcccg aggatctgaa ggccaacgca ggtacctgaa     61980
     cttgaccact cggctcaact ccatgctatc catctcagcc agccctcacc tcctccaccc     62040
     tgcccagaca gatccctcct ggaccctgga gctgtaggct ctctttcact gtcttcttct     62100
     tatgtgctct tttgcatgcc ggcatgcata tcatccattt taaaatttta atcaccacac     62160
     agcgtagcag gtgtcattat ggcatcttca aggagaatta atttttgttc attctccttt     62220
     cccacttctt tctcatcccc acaacccccc tcacttccat tccccataac agtttcttta     62280
     gctgtctttc ctgcagccag gtgtgttgtt ttatttgtta atctctgtgg cttattttcc     62340
     tttggtcctg ttgaaaccaa acatactgta aagtcagcaa tttgcttttt agtgcttttg     62400
     tagaccctcc cccgctcaga gcccacgatg ctcttcctgg tgccagcaac ctcatctttg     62460
     tccgcatccc tcaggaatac aggctcagct ctgcacagac acagcctgct tgttacttgg     62520
     tcccatttaa cagataccac agtagaggca caggaatata ggttcattgc tggcatagca     62580
     gcctattgcc agcagggggc actctcctgt ggggtcctct tgtcacctca cactgacatt     62640
     ctccacatgg tttggctctg gttggctccg atttgtatac cttgccctct aagtctgggc     62700
     agacaaggtg gctgtcaggc tgtttcctag atcctcccca gtgcctgatg ctcactactt     62760
     ggcagcatca gggaggcgtg gctttttctg gctttcttcc tgtcttggga ttccactgca     62820
     gacgtttttt caggatttgg gggaattcca gtctgataca ccaaccttcg acttcgcatt     62880
     gggtttggat ctacggggca gacactgctt ggcgatgtcc ctccccgtta ccctttgctc     62940
     tttatcgtgg atggatttct ttttttgtgt gtgtttttgt ttttgttctt ttgatttttc     63000
     gaaacagggt ttctttgtgc agtcctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggttg     63060
     gcctcaaact cagaaattcg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgca     63120
     gtaggatacc cccacatata tggagcccta ggtttgaatc ctcataacac acacaaaaaa     63180
     aaacccagac gaagtggcat attactgtaa tcccagtcct tgagaggcag agttcagaag     63240
     ttcaaggtcc gtccttgacg tcatagagtt gaggctagcc tgggcttcca agagacccag     63300
     tgatcaaact aaccaccaaa caccacttta tttaacaata aaacattaag atgggcctta     63360
     agtaggacta ataataccca tccccgcctt ttccctttta tcctaaagca tagccattgc     63420
     cataaaagta aaactcttga ttttcttctg attttgtgga cgacacccat ggtcaccgca     63480
     cagtccccag ggctgccctc aacggcagga tgccttgcac cttaccagct cttgtctctc     63540
     tgcctgcttc ttcccaccct ctcctgttta actgcagagt acatcaagat ggccgatcag     63600
     tacgtccctg tcccaggagg acccaataac aacaactatg ccaatgttga gctgatcata     63660
     gacattgcca agagaatccc tgtacaggtg atggttcaca gctccccagg ggtggccacg     63720
     gggcggggtg gggatgggga tggcctgatg ggacacagca gtgtgctggg tgcaatgcag     63780
     cagcaggtgg gggttgggaa gatccttgtt cacgcctctc tgtgtttgca ggccgtgtgg     63840
     gctggctggg gccacgcttc ggaaaacccc aaacttccag agctgctgtg taaacacgag     63900
     attgctttcc taggtaacgt gtgccctccg tcggattggg atgtgcggag tcagagggtc     63960
     tttcttgtgc tagagggtgc tttcctcacg gcgcaggatc agtttgcttc cttgggaggg     64020
     gaaggggtgg gaggccctga gcgcgtgtta acctatggca acaggaacca ctgtggttat     64080
     cgaaatggag tgatgctgtg ctgagtagca cctgtgctaa gtttctgttg gtattaaggt     64140
     accagccaag ctggcccgag catcacgtgt ctgagagggc cgtatctttg ggctgctttt     64200
     tgcaggacca gagcctcctc actttttgtt aggtaaaaat gactctgtgt ctggtggcag     64260
     tggcggtggc ggtggcggcg gctctcggga ttttcacttg tggacgcatt agacaatttg     64320
     gtatgcacac agttggtcct gtcacatagg gcctgctcac tgtgccacgc gcgggctggc     64380
     tctttgagcc tttagtgtgc atccttcctg cagatgcttg gttcctccca atgtgagtct     64440
     tgcatctgct acagagctca gttttcggtt ttcgcttgga taaggtccag gtctagatgc     64500
     tggaagctga aagaaggccc tgagcgaggg agagcaggca gagagcttcc ctccatctcc     64560
     ttgctctccc gagtctggcc accataccgt gcacccggtc aatgctctgc ctgtcagtgg     64620
     ctgaccctat tccatcctcc cttcctgcta cctcaggtcc ccccagtgag gccatgtggg     64680
     ccctgggaga caagatcgcc tccaccatcg tagcgcagac actgcaaatc ccaaccttac     64740
     cctggagtgg aagcggtaag gggtgcagac cttcggggtg atgggaatgt gttctgaaaa     64800
     attcttttgt gtggaaattt tagacaaatg agaatgtgac taccttatat ggagcttcgg     64860
     gcatatactg gtggtggcag ctcatgtctg taatcccagc gatcaagagg cttgggttgc     64920
     acagtgggtc tcaggccagt ccagggctgc agtgtgagag cctggtttaa acactatcac     64980
     cacctcatac tcacacccac actcccacac acacactctg acacacacac actttaacac     65040
     ttgcactaac acacatatat ccactaatac taatatacat acactaacat acatacatgt     65100
     acatacacac tctaacacac atacacacac taacatttgc actaacacac attcactaat     65160
     atacacacta acacacacat gcacactcac tcacacacac tttaacagtt gagctggagc     65220
     tgcaagtgtt cataaccctg tctatgtttc ttaaacattg actcccattc agagtcctga     65280
     gacactggag tgtggccgct gggctgtgtt cctgctgtcc tgaggaggac acaaccctct     65340
     ttgtcccctt caggtctcac agtggagtgg acggaggaca gccggcacca gggcaaatgc     65400
     atcagtgtcc ccgaagacgt ttacgagcag ggctgtgtga aggatgtgga cgaaggcttg     65460
     caggtagtgg cagatgtgca gggtctgcgt ggtcaccatc tgatacaagc ttccctccgc     65520
     cctggggttg gacttgttct acctctaaag gggtctgtct gtccttttcc cccaggcagc     65580
     agaaaaaata ggatttcctt tgatgatcaa agcctccgaa ggcggaggcg ggaaaggtat     65640
     ccgcaaggct gagagtgcag aggacttccc gatgcttttc cgacaagtga gtgcttcctg     65700
     ccctgccttc cctgtctttg gggttgcttc cgtccattct tggctgatgg tttcgattag     65760
     caacatctcc taaagccagg tccacgtttg caggtgctgg gttttgttgg tttatttgtt     65820
     gtttgtggtg tgtgtgtgag tctgagtgtg agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcatg cgctgtagtg     65880
     agagtttgtt tccttaaaaa atacagaaat attataagaa cacactttca ttttaatccc     65940
     gggtgtgggc tgtggggttg cttcctactg tccacagcag cggactatga tttgcctcgt     66000
     gcaggggcgt ggtttcacca gctgcacatc gtttctgcga ttgtgtgata ctgggaatcc     66060
     tgggaacttt tcagagggtc tataaatgct agcccccccc caagggttgt tgtttgttga     66120
     cttttgttaa gtagtcgagt gcaaagaaaa aaacaagaag aagaaatggg gtatcttgac     66180
     agtgaagatt aaacttgctc caaggacctt gatgccccta gtcagcagga agcagtctaa     66240
     cgatgatgtg ggtcaccccc tttctgaccc ttgactttac ttagaatctc tttctctctt     66300
     ctcttgtgtt agggggttgg aagggtggag aagggtggaa gaaaaaaaat cacccacaaa     66360
     gtagccaaag ccagctacag gacaccctca attgctggtc ctccacctgt ttaagacagg     66420
     ctctcttgtc tcaatatttt tgctgctgtg cacactaggc taggtgccta tgaacatgag     66480
     agcttccatg tatcttcctg tcccaggatg ctgggattac agataagtgc actagtgttt     66540
     atagttctag ggtttgaact cagtttcccc acaccactga gccaccctcc ccctccccag     66600
     ctcttttttt tttttgggtg ggggtgctgg gatggtaccc caggtctctc accttctagg     66660
     catgctctct gccagtgagc cacacaccca ccttgtggtg tattctgaag cggatggcac     66720
     agcgctgctc acagcccaca gctcctttgc agccttcctt cagataggca ggtctgtgcc     66780
     ttggggtggc tccgaaacgg tctcctattt gcacagggta ttttggggtt ccttttaaag     66840
     tgtctagatg ctcggtttcc atgtgggtat gatatctgtg ttgcttttct ctgccaatgc     66900
     ctttgatcgg cagtgtgctc aagtctggta ctcccaggcc atagtcccat aagagatggt     66960
     gtgtatttga cttgtactga taggccgcct ttttccagcg aggtgtgcag gagacagctt     67020
     gtgagcccta ggcaagcact gtaccagtga gctacagctc agccttcagc tgtgtgtctc     67080
     cgtccacctc cctggccacg tttgagagaa ggattttatg ttgcttaaga taactgcaac     67140
     ttttttttcc ccttaagttt tatgtgtagg ggtgtccaat tagggtttta cagctgtgag     67200
     cagacaccat gacccaggct actcttacaa ggacaacatt taattttggg gctggcttac     67260
     aggtttcaga ggttccgtcc attatcatca aggtgggaac atggcagcat ccaggcaggc     67320
     atggtgctgg aggagctgag agttctacat cttcatctga aggctcttgg caaaatactg     67380
     atttccaggc agctagggtg agggtcttag gcccacttcc atggtgacac acctactcca     67440
     gtaaggccac acctcctcca acggccacac ccactctaac aaggccacac ccctccaaca     67500
     aggccactcc tattccaata gggtcatacc ttctaatagt gccactccct gggccaagta     67560
     tatacaaacc atcacaaggg ctgtttcatg tgcctgtatg tgtggcagtt tgtctgtgca     67620
     ccatgtgcct gcatggtgtc cacagaggcc agcagagggc ctggaactgg agttagaagc     67680
     gtgggtacag gttacactag tccacatagt ccaaggccag ctagagttac agtgagactc     67740
     tgacaacaag agaagcttcc tggaaaggga cttagttaag cctgtacacg ttgtatgccc     67800
     tgacaataca ctttaagaac tttctagaaa gcgtttctgt ggtcgcgctc tgggcacgtg     67860
     tgagtgctat atcccgaccg cagttcctct gctgtgctgt gcctgctgag ctgagcagaa     67920
     cctcaggaag tacgtctaga aactttgaac agctgcaggg atgggtccca tctctctcca     67980
     cccaggttcc cgcagcccag aggtggatgt gggcatgttt tgtctaaaga agtgttctat     68040
     gtactataga atgtgcggaa gaaaagtagt ttgcacccat accccacccc tctgtggatc     68100
     tgtatttgac agataaaact gcacatgttt aaggtgttta gtgtgacatc ccatcctgca     68160
     tatattccct ggggtgattc tcacggccaa gtcagtttac agacatgtca cctcacatgt     68220
     ttatgtgtgt ttgggaagag tgctgagatt tatctgagta aatttcaagt acataatatg     68280
     ttaattacct gcaccatgct gctgcactcc cagagaacta aaatcagtgg ggttctgttg     68340
     tttttatgtt tgctgtgtag ctcagcctgg ccttgaactt tccgtatagc taaggctaga     68400
     cttgtgttct ccatgtagcc caggctgacc ctaaacttag cacactcttc ctgcttcagc     68460
     ctcatgggtg ctgagatttc aggatctgag cagggtatgg acattgtatg ctatgtaact     68520
     aaggaaatgg tgccctgttt tatgtacggt gtttgacttt aaaacgatga gaaagcatac     68580
     cacgtgtctg ttggaattaa aatgaaatcg aggagggagt ggagtatggg gtagcccctg     68640
     cccatatcac gactattgtt gaacttccag aagcttccag agctggatcc tctctgatcc     68700
     gacaccaccc gtgcctcccc aacaggtgca gagtgagatt ccgggctcgc cgatctttct     68760
     aatgaagctg gcccagaacg cacggcacct ggaggtccag gtcttggcag atcagtatgg     68820
     aaacgcggtg tcactgttcg gacgggactg ttccattcag aggcggcacc agaagatcat     68880
     tgaggaggct ccggccacca tcgccgcgcc tgccgtgttt gagttcatgg aacaggtagg     68940
     tgcctttgga agagtgggct tagtcggcag acctggctac aggcatggtg gctggaaggt     69000
     ggtgatctag gcatcacaca gatgtgtctg gtcgctgagg attgccatgt ggcaggtcct     69060
     tagtgtgccc ctggaaaggg aacaggtgct gacattcatg gtgacctgag attgccgttg     69120
     gcctctgtct ctgcagtgtg ctgtcctcct ggccaagatg gtgggttatg tgagcgcggg     69180
     gactgtggag tacttataca gccaggatgg cagcttccac ttcctggagc tgaacccacg     69240
     cctgcaggtg gagcatccgt gcactgaaat gatcgcagat gtcaacctgc ctgctgcgca     69300
     gttgcaggtg aggaccttcg aagccgggcc ccaagcatgt tgtgtgagtg tgagcacatg     69360
     tgttgtgtgt gagtgtgagc acatcatgcc gtgtcagaag atgttttgta ggttctcttc     69420
     ttcccccaca tgggtcctga ggatttgaac tcaggtcatc aggcttggca gcagtcacct     69480
     atatcagttg agccatctca ctggccccaa aatcggtgtt tttggcattc agattgaatg     69540
     tccatcagta tggatttgct cagttatttc ttcctggttc aattcacact aatttctgca     69600
     gaacattctg gcatcctttt gttttactga attccaccac atgctcacgt gcaccaagtg     69660
     gaggccgtga catgcctggg ctttccttgt tgctttcatg aagcctccgt gaccatccag     69720
     ccagccttgt ggtttctctc tgtagctcca aggggctagc ctcaggctta atggcggagc     69780
     tcctcctgat atgatgctcc tagttgagtc ttcctttgtt cctgcccccc ccccccccgc     69840
     cccccaggct atccctgtgt ggcctggaac ttgtgatcct cctgcatcag ctttctaagc     69900
     actggacttc aagtgtctga taccgggatc agctgacttt ctttctctcc tctcctgttc     69960
     ccctgtgcat agcactgtct agacactata ggctcagtgt gtctgagagt gttaactgag     70020
     cctcctcttc ttcacatcca ctgttatagg ctcagtatat ctggaagtgt tgactgagcc     70080
     ttttcttcac atccctgtta ctcttcatgt ctcagggcca ggatcctagc acactaacct     70140
     gtgcgatggg ttcttcctta gatcgccatg ggcgtgcccc tgcaccgact gaaggacata     70200
     cggcttctgt acggagagtc cccctgggga gtgaccccca ttccttttga aacccccttg     70260
     agccctccca ttgcccgagg ccacgtcatt gcagccagga tcaccagcga aaacccagat     70320
     gaggcaagtg tgggtccctg tgtctacacc aactgcagac ttgtggcgaa gggtgggccc     70380
     tggtctttgg tgtgggtatg ctggcactca gaattctcag cttataccca agaaactctg     70440
     ggtggaagct attggtcata gctttgggct tcagcaagca cttcacatgg cccctcactc     70500
     ccatggcctc actgggtggt ggtcatgttc cagcctgccg gggtcaggta agccctccca     70560
     actcgccaca cggttcccat ctttggcttg tgtagccagg tttggagccc aagttctggg     70620
     gtttcttggt ttctgtgctc tttgctgtag tcctgtgttt tagggagcct gtgggaggtc     70680
     cccttgaggc ttattcttct tccttgggtc ttgaaaacaa tttagctggc ttcattgctt     70740
     ccaaaccaac ccctcattgt tctggggctc accagtctct tctggtttct gtgtgtgtgt     70800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttatgag tacactgttg ctgtcttcag acacaccaga     70860
     agagggcatt ggatcccatt acagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga     70920
     actcaggacc tctgaaagag actgctctca actgctgagc cttctctcca gaccttcctg     70980
     ttttattttt taatcaaaga ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttaa aacaaggcct ttctataata     71040
     actctggcct cagactcaca gagatatgcc caattctgcc tccagagtgc tgggattaaa     71100
     ggcatgtgct accataccta gtttatttaa aattaatata taatatatat tatatatatg     71160
     tgtgtatata tgtttatata tatatatata cacacacaca caatatacat acacacgtat     71220
     atacaaatat atgtatatat gtgtgtgtat atatatacat atatatatat atatatacac     71280
     atacatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtttagttta tgcatatgag cgttttgctt gcttgcatgt     71340
     gtgtacacca tacgtgggcc tgctactgga ggagagcaaa agagggtgtt ggacttcctg     71400
     aactggagtc acatatgttc atgagccacc gtgttggtac tgagaaccac atccaggttc     71460
     cctgcaggag tgggcagtgt tcctaaccac tgagtgtcct tcccactctt cacttacatt     71520
     tttagctatg aaaatgtcca gtctgtgagt gctgtgggga tcgaacacag gtccttctgc     71580
     ttgggaagtc agtgctattt gcgggactgg gctatctccc caaccaagtg ctcagagaac     71640
     tgacttctgt ttctcttttt cctctgtctg ggctccaggg ctttaagcca agctcgggga     71700
     cagtgcagga gctgaacttc cgcagcaaca agaacgtgtg gggttacttc agcgtggccg     71760
     ctgctggggg cttgcacgag ttcgccgatt cccagtttgg gcactgcttc tcctggggcg     71820
     agaaccgtga agaggccatt tcgtcagtat ctccggttcc cttcccgttc ctccaacccc     71880
     gcttcccagt tctagaaaca ttcagaagta cttgtgtata ggcctgaata cctgagtttg     71940
     accccagact ccacaaggca gctggaggtg catgcacacg catacacaca catacacaca     72000
     catacacaca cacatgcatg cacacataca ccaaactcct gtgacccatt tatacttgca     72060
     acagtgtgca tgcacctgca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatgca cacatgcaca     72120
     catacaccaa actcctgtga cccatttata cttgcaacag tgtgcatgca cctgaacaca     72180
     cacacatgca tgcacacata caccaaactc ctgtgaccca tttatacttg caacagtgtg     72240
     catgcacctg cacacacaca cacacacatg catgcacaca tacaccaaac tcctgtgacc     72300
     catatatact tgcatcagtg tgcatgcacc tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     72360
     cacacacaca caggtccttc cctatgcatc acttactgtt ttaagtactg aagttcaaga     72420
     acaattctct tcctctgttg gagacctgtg gtgaagagca gggagcccac caggcccctg     72480
     ggtcttgagt gtgcaagaga gctaacttca aagagaccct aaaccattca aagctgtcta     72540
     aacggtgccc agcactcggc tcaggagagg gtgggggcac ctttaacacc tcatagtttg     72600
     cacaccatct ttactccaag actcagtttc ttctggggtt cctcttcctc cctgctctct     72660
     actccacgct tgtgacatgg cctgtgatcc ctgcttagca aatcctgtca cagttaaaca     72720
     gactgagaaa ctcatattaa cccaatactc cccctgtctt tcctcttaac atctccctgc     72780
     ctctacacca gtccaggaag gtgaaacgca ctttgtgttg tagttaagca tcctgtgctg     72840
     ccaggcaacc aaaccactct tcagagcgta aagagcccaa aggcatcgag agtatttcat     72900
     ttaaaaaaat gttagactct ggtctggctg tttaactgtg aattgattta gggtgagagt     72960
     ttgacagttt tgatggtgct gtccctctgt cagcttaggc taattcattt taatcgtgtt     73020
     ccgtggcaaa ctgaggtcct ccgggaaagt ggagggagac ttgcaacaaa tgagacttaa     73080
     ttaacggaag gaagtgggtg ggcccggcat gttcccggag aggctcagac tgtggcgctg     73140
     tctgcagctg ctacagactt agagaaactc cagcttatac tgctgacaga gtctagcaga     73200
     ggaaagcact tgccggactc tgtgattggc tccctgatcc gtgctataga caaacccctc     73260
     tgtggcagtc agtcttcctc agttgcgtgg ccgagttaca tacagattta ggtcctgaga     73320
     ctgacctgtg gcttcatgtg acctccccat gacacacctg gacagagcag ccaggggaca     73380
     ggcagaagtg gcttttatga gacaggagat gggaatagac caaggggagg ccgaacaggc     73440
     gctcagtcag agaggcccca cccctttctt cgaatcatta cctatcagga tgatctaaac     73500
     tctgagacct gttgactgca acggcattat gtggagcatc cctcaagtac tgcaggtggc     73560
     aaggttatca ccccattttt cagacgaggt aactgaggcc ccggggtggt taagttactc     73620
     aagtgaggtc actcaagccg gtccatgtgc ctcccgtgcg ctcagacgca ctgaaaaaaa     73680
     caaatcccaa acttcccagg aaccgtgggt aaacgtggaa accagtcctg tgtctctcca     73740
     ggaacatggt agtggctttg aaggaactgt ccatccgggg tgacttccgg accactgtgg     73800
     agtatctcgt taaccttctg gagaccgaga gcttccagaa caacgatatc gacacggggt     73860
     ggctggacca cctcatcgct cagcgggtgc aggtaagagg ccgctttacc tctccaccct     73920
     ccctcccagg gcggggtgtg ggtgtacgca gagatccgtg cttcccgcgg gtactgagac     73980
     ctggagtctt tttctaggca gagaagccgg acatcatgct tggggtggtg tgtggggcct     74040
     tgaatgtggc agacgcgatg ttcagaacct gcatgacgga attcttgcac tccctggaaa     74100
     ggtagggcgc acagtcttct ccttgctctc ctgggatgtg gggacagcat ggaaggcagg     74160
     cagaatgagg cttttgctgt tgctgttgtt cggagatgac tctcgatcct cctgcctctg     74220
     cctcctgagt gctgggatca cacgcatgtg caccacgcta ggtggtgggc tttgagggcg     74280
     ggtcagtcgc caccgagctg ggactgctct cctgtggcct gcggttcaca ctgcctggga     74340
     gagactactg gtggatatgg ggaggcttgc ggatctggag ggcccgtggg gcagggtgaa     74400
     gctggcgagg aggcttctgc ttggatcact gttgggcagg actgtcctgc ctatgcattg     74460
     aagggtgaca gcggaattta tgtctcctgc ctattagagg ccatgagagg ccattccctg     74520
     agtgtcccag caataagaac aaattatcct ctctttagaa gtgacaaagg aaagacaaaa     74580
     tgtccccaca aaaagcatga aagacaaagc cagtagtggt cacttaacac ctatgattgg     74640
     cagcccatgt actagagggt ggcaggccac agactggaca tctttacctc gtttatttat     74700
     ttatttaaga ttatttattt atttatttac ttattatatg tgactacact gtagctgtct     74760
     tcagacactc cagaagaggg agtcagatct cattatgaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg     74820
     gttgctggga tttgaactcc ggaccttcgg aagagcagtc gggtgctctt acccactgag     74880
     ccatctctcc agccccttta cctcatttat aaatacacat acatatatta atgatttact     74940
     ctgtagacca agctggcctc gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg     75000
     gattaaaggc atgcgccacc ttgcctggct ctattcaggt catagcacaa taccacagag     75060
     caggagctta cagttctaga ggccgtgaca tccagggtca cggcatgggt ccattcagta     75120
     ggtaccagat cctctctgag atctgtgtcc cacatttgta ataagattcg actccgcctg     75180
     gtttgctgat gcccaggaag ggccaaagcc aggtgatagg cagcttgttt gatactgggg     75240
     atggagccca gggctttgta cacaggagca cctgttctgc catggagttc caccccagcc     75300
     tcctgagaac cgtggaagat gtcactgagt gagcccaagg cagtgctaga gggatctctg     75360
     ctctttcctg gactgatggc aggcacggct tttccttcag gggtcaggtc ctccctgctg     75420
     attctctgct gaacattgtg gacgttgaat tgatttacgg cggcatcaag tatgctctca     75480
     aggtaatttt gagcctgctg ggagtttgtt tcatttcttc tgtgaacctg gagtggagca     75540
     gggtctgagc agtgtgtccc tcgggacgcg ctgtgtagtc cacggtctcg aattcttaac     75600
     agtcggagta tagaggagga atcttgagtg gaacccaaag aatgctgtct tttatctgaa     75660
     atcgtttgtg tatgtgtgat gtagtacatg tgtatgttat gaagatacat gcatgagggt     75720
     aagccttggg ctggtattcc actgggatgg aagtgcggag cctgggccat agcttactgc     75780
     acatgcctcc cttttgggca aagctctact gcacatgcct ccctcctggc agagctctac     75840
     tgcgcatgcc tccctcctgg cagccctctc tgcacacacc tctgtcctgg gcagagctca     75900
     ctgctcatgc ctccctccaa tgaagcagct ctctagaaag ccatagtcca tgttcaggtg     75960
     tctctctctc tattcaggtt tttatagcaa agtgccatag agcagggtct tataaaaagc     76020
     agaaggcatt actcacagtt ccagaggctg ggacatccaa ggtcatggca tggatcaatt     76080
     caggatcttc tgagggcctg tttcctggtc tctagtgggt gccttccttt gctgtgtatc     76140
     ttcatgtggt agaggaggca aggcagctct ttggagttcc tttaaaaatt ttaaattgaa     76200
     gccaggcgtg cacgccttta atcccagcag ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgtg     76260
     agttcaaaag accagcctgg tctatagaga gaggacagct agggcaacac agaaaaactc     76320
     tgtcttgaaa aactggggaa aaattgtttt aaattgaatc tatttattca tgtgtgtatg     76380
     catatgatat gtgtgtgagt gatgtacgtg tgtgtgtctg tatgcatgca tatgtgtgcg     76440
     tgtatgggaa taccacagca tgtgcatgaa ggtcaaactt caggtgttga ttcttctccc     76500
     accacgtggg tctcagggat caaactcagc ttgtcaggtt tgaatcaagc gcctttgccc     76560
     ctgtgtcatc tcacaacccc gggatcccta ttataagact actcgtgacg cacgtacctg     76620
     aaccagcgat cccatttcct agtaagatct cgtttgaggc ttggtttcgg tattggaatg     76680
     ttggaggaac atacggttta gtggactagg tccctgatga agcctccaca agacgcccca     76740
     cccagcgtac aagctgcagt ccctgccagc cacagtgcta catgggccct gtgtctgcag     76800
     cctgaagcct ttgtccacac tcagggcagt agtagactgc tagtctgtgc atcaccatca     76860
     tggggattct gatgtgagcc tgtccccaca ggtagcccga cagtccctga ctatgtttgt     76920
     cctcatcatg aacggctgcc acatcgagat cgatgcccac cggctgaacg atggggggct     76980
     gctcctgtcc tacaatggca gcagttacac tacgtacatg aaggaagagg ttgacaggtg     77040
     cgtgagggcc gcgctgtcac atggccacat gcatgcgtgc tctccctccc acagcatgga     77100
     gcatgcgcag ctctctgtgg gcgttgaaat acaaagctgg cctctgtgta ggcctggggt     77160
     tctagataaa gcatgtgctg gttcattgtg gggcatctgg agagggtccc ctcctggctg     77220
     gaactccatg caactggcaa gaattagagg ggaagggacc ccaggcaatg cctttatggt     77280
     taccagagga tttagagcca aacaggacaa tagcaacttg gtggctccat aatttgtggg     77340
     ctaagtgagg aggtgccagc tgccctgggt ctgagctgca gggtccacat ccctggagga     77400
     tgggcgtgga acagatgcag gatccagtgg ctggtcagtg agccaccgtg agcagcgtgc     77460
     tcagctaggg atgagggcat gatgtcacca ctcctgggct tccagcctag ggcaggagat     77520
     gaggcactga acaacagcag tgggaggatg ctggatgctg caagctcaag gcatgaagca     77580
     ttgattgcat gatgggtcca gctcccattg gctgtacctt gctgaagtca cagtggtact     77640
     tggatgaccc aggcagagga ggccacccag accttcacca aagagaacaa agtgtgtgtg     77700
     tgtgtgtgcg catgcgcgtg cgcaagtgcc tgttagagct cacttctgga agctaggtca     77760
     gcaaggggta cctctttctt aatccccagt attttagagg aagataggtt agcatactta     77820
     caccgtcttg taaccatgtt ccaactacta agaatattca agatttctcc taggctctct     77880
     gcccaaaggc cggcttcccc agtttaatta aaggaaggat ttggaatcag ttaagagtta     77940
     ttgaatagtt ttgattgatt tcttgatgga ttaatttccc tgtggcaggg ctttgggggg     78000
     ggggtggatt acatcagtaa tagaaactga ttttcagcta gaagaaataa aggccctaat     78060
     gtctcacaga gggtgacgga atgcctgcct tgggaagggg agattcccca aaagtctggc     78120
     gcccttgctg ggcctcatcc atctcccaca tgcccccatc cccacccccg tagttaccgg     78180
     atcactatcg gcaataagac ttgcgtgttt gaaaaggaaa acgaccccac tgtcctgaga     78240
     tccccctcgg ctgggaagct gatgcagtat acggtggagg acggagacca cgtggaagct     78300
     gggagcagct acgcggagat ggaggtaagc agcacagagc ctgctctgga gctatgggtc     78360
     tgaaacccca ttcctcagcc aacgggtccc tcagccagtg agccttggtg cactcttcgg     78420
     catgcagggt tcagcccaat tccttgtgat attcaaaggg tactgtttaa aggagctcat     78480
     ctcctgggaa ggagcaagaa ttgcttagtg ccaagtggtg gtgtcacata cttagtccaa     78540
     gcactcaaga ggcagaggca ggaagatctc tgagttctgg gccagcctgg tctacggagt     78600
     gagctctaga acagccagga atacacagag aaatctcgtc tcaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa     78660
     caaaacaaaa aaactgctta gccatgataa cagtagtgat taaaaccaca ggccatcacg     78720
     gactgagcac tgaccatcca gtgaccactg acctaagctc attaaatata tgtgcatact     78780
     cacatatatg tgtgcatata tacatctata cgcatgtata catatatatg tgtatatata     78840
     aaaataaaat atatgtatat atatgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatatatat atatacatat     78900
     atgtgtgtgt gtatatatat ataaaactgt gctaaggacg gacccaaaga cccaaaacat     78960
     gtcagacaag tgttatagca ccccaaccct gttgtttata atgttagcaa gttcctgagg     79020
     ccagcacaca tgtgattcct gttgtatgca tgaagacatc agacccagga ggatgagctg     79080
     agggtcttgc ttgcgagtac ccagagccaa gctccaagcc tggggctggc tctccgctgt     79140
     aataagcgaa tggctgctat agagaatgcc ttcctgtgca ggccgggttt ttcacctcag     79200
     gtatgtgagg gagaggacta gccaccaatt tacagagggg acactaaggc tcatagacaa     79260
     aggcagcttt tggaattcgc agagaggata gatggggttc ttgggcacag ggacagctga     79320
     acatggagta gcctggtcct gtggatccac gcccacaatc tcatgtctta agcatcttca     79380
     gattcctggt caggcaaatg agttgcagga tagacttcag gcaggtgctt cattttccaa     79440
     agcactccct ggagccctcc ctcaaccatg ggcatgggat taaatgtctg ctttatacag     79500
     ctgggggtgg agagggcagc agagggcagt gggttgttca gcagtgggat attgtcttag     79560
     ggttttactg ctgtgagcag acaccatgac caaggcaact cttatgagga caacatttaa     79620
     ttagagctcg cttactggtt cagaggtcta ttatcatcaa ggtggaaaca gggcagcatc     79680
     caggcagtca tggtgcagga ggagctgaga gttctacatc ttcatctgaa ggctgctaga     79740
     agactgactt ccaggcagct aggatgaggg tcttatagcc acccacacac acctactcca     79800
     acaaggccac acctcctcca acacggccac acccactcca atgaagccat gcccactcta     79860
     acaaggccac acccctccaa taaggccaca cccactttaa catggcccca cctcccaaca     79920
     gtgccactcc ctgggccaag aatatagaaa ccatcacaga cttattctga gaagtaggtc     79980
     ccaaatatgt cctttgtcgt gtggacattg tatagcatat ttgcacagac ctggaagatg     80040
     tcagtcactt gaggtgttgc ggtgagctcc aagcatggga tatgagagtc tgctgccgac     80100
     agtgtctcag cgttaagtgt gtgccacact ttaccagatg ggtggtgccg caacccattc     80160
     acaccggcat cgctgcccca aacacgcgac acctcaggcg tggctatggt gtcattaggt     80220
     tatcaattgc cgggtcagca tcctttgagt cacagcatcc tttgagtcac gtggcaaggc     80280
     caccatcagt gcaatctatt acactgtgac tgactttata ctaactgcta tgagtaatag     80340
     gatttaactg tgtttctgag attgagggct tcctttgaaa ataggagggg tctgtagctg     80400
     cagctaagcg gtagtttgtc tctctggcat gcatgagact ctaggttcct ccaccagcct     80460
     cagcttcaca aatcgaaaag ggaaaagcgg tctctgtgtc tgtgaaatgg gtggcacaca     80520
     cacctgcctc cctggctggc cttgtagacg gagcccattt caggatggtg cccttgcctg     80580
     gtgcacagcg ggctgggaca aatgacaggt tccttgtctt gtacatgaat ggcgcccaga     80640
     gatttgctgt cactgtgatg caaccccagc tccacagcct ttcgatgtct ctgggtgcca     80700
     gcccggggaa ccctgacctg tcctctctgc cacacaggtg atgaagatga tcatgaccct     80760
     gaacgtgcag gagagcggcc gggtgaagta catcaagcgg ccaggggtta tactggaggc     80820
     tggctgcgtg gtggcgaggc tagaactcga tgacccttca aaagtgcacg cggtatgtgg     80880
     ctcggggtcc tagctacttt ggctggccca gcaggtccca ccatgtcatc ctgttctgag     80940
     agagcagacc attgtctctc aattcctgtc cagtccgcat cattcacaga catgctctgc     81000
     tcaggcgatg atgtaacatg gcagccatgg cacttgtttg ctccgttcgc ttcccagatt     81060
     ttaatcttgc ttggagcaaa gaccaagatc ccagcagagg cccctcctct atgatggctg     81120
     tggttttccc tctatctctt ccctcctgcc tggagcctgt tccctctggc tggaaggacc     81180
     tgcctcaggc atggcctgcg cactttcgag gtgacaggtg atatgatttc tcaccccacc     81240
     catgacccat gaaactacca tttgctttct ctcagtgctg gggataaatc ccaggtcccg     81300
     atcatggtcg gcaagcactc cagcattgag ctccacctgg cccttgggtt taacattttg     81360
     ttaactgtta cggttgttgt tgttgttgta ggtggtagtg gtgttatgat tgtgtgtgtg     81420
     tcatggttga aggataactt tggggagttg gttctctcct actatgggtt cagacttata     81480
     tataaaatat gtccatatgt atatgtaatg tgtagggata atcatgtcag gttctgtgag     81540
     cgatctgggg ccacctttga aagattattt tcttcaatta gtatgtgcta tataaaccag     81600
     attgtatctt tcatgcagct ttagattcgc aggattagag atcctatgac gggttctcat     81660
     gttccatgca ccccatttcc ctattatgaa tctaacaata tttaattgct attaatgtaa     81720
     ttattgtgat tatatgatcc atttgtcaca atgaaacctc cattgatgtg ttattaacat     81780
     aatactctac tcagatttcc atagttttta agatggtgat taaatacaca taacttagta     81840
     tcttcacccc cccctctctt tgtgtgtgta tgtattatgt gtatgatatg tgtgtgtgta     81900
     tgtgtgtgtg cccatctatg tctacatgct agggattaga acccagggct tttttgtttg     81960
     cttttttttt gtttttgttt tttgtgagac agggtttctc tgtgctggga ttaaaggcgt     82020
     gtgctaccac gcctggtttt tttttttttt tttttttttg gcttgttctt ttgagacagg     82080
     gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga atggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc     82140
     tcgaactcag aaatccacct gcctctgcct cctgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca     82200
     ccactgcctg gctagaactc agggtttcat gcgtattggt tgtcatcccc tgcgctcccc     82260
     tgttacagcc ttgccttctc cattttgaac attccaggtg ttaaacttgt gtggttgagc     82320
     aaacaccacc actgctcaga cccttctttt tataaaacca aaacccatac cctggcaacc     82380
     actccatctg catcttcccc tagggatcca tctattctgg gctcctccaa tgacaggagt     82440
     caggcatctc tagccagttt gtcactggct gacttcactt tgtgtagagc tcagcgctag     82500
     agcgtgtgca ttgcatgttc aaggcccagg cctggagagg tgactgtgat taagggcagt     82560
     tgctgctctc gtagaggacc cagattttga ttcctggctc ccatgccagg cagacacaac     82620
     cggtgcccct ggcctccaca ggcacctcac gcatgggaac ataccccgct ttcgatacac     82680
     acaactaaaa tcttcaaccc aaaataaatt taaacattta aatcacatta gtgaagccag     82740
     gcatggtggt gcaggcctgc agtcttagta ctccagactg aagcatgagg gatgtgaatt     82800
     cgaggctagc ctctgctgtg ttgtgagacc gaaaaacagc cagaacctac aaagtaaacc     82860
     aagaagaaaa tagggaaata gttattatca aaaagaaatt tagaacaaaa ccagaactaa     82920
     ttccctctaa aactggagta taagtcacct gttttgtgtc atttgcaaag gagataattt     82980
     gaaaaccctg ggtccaggct agaacttagc aatgtagggt tcccgggatg ttgttgtctc     83040
     ttgcttacgt ctcaggtttc aagtgagtag gtcggtggtt tgtcgggtca gtgctttctc     83100
     ctggtctatc tgtgacccgt catcacatct cataggcttg ctcatctgtg acccatcctc     83160
     gtgtctcacg cacaggctcc ctggtctgtc tgtcaccgtc ctcctgtctc acaggctccc     83220
     tggtctgtcc gtgatccttc ctcctgtctc acaggcccag ccgtttactg gggagctccc     83280
     tgcccagcag actctgccca tcctcgggga gaagctacac caagtgttcc acggcgtctt     83340
     ggaaaatctg accaatgtca tgagtggcta ctgcctgccc gagcccttct tcagcatgaa     83400
     ggtaagggcc tgcgggaccc aggtgtacac agggccctgt gtggggcgcc attgtcacag     83460
     aaaggcgtct taccagctga ggtgctttgg gtgactcaaa ttgacctctc tgtctccatt     83520
     tcaatctcga gtggggagag tggtcattct acctgcttgc tgcggctgtc tctaaaaaaa     83580
     acaaaagaaa agcagctgaa gagggccgag ctggctcagt gaccccagtg ctgagagcac     83640
     ccgtgtttgg tgggatgcca gcacccatgt ggggcagctc cccggagcca ataccctttt     83700
     ctggcctcgg agggcaccag tgttcatgtg cacagcccac atgcagacac agacacatgc     83760
     attaaattta aaaataataa aaataaacta taaaggaaaa tggcgccagg cctttaatcc     83820
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggtagatt tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaga     83880
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacaa agaaaccctg gctcgaaaaa gaaaatggtc     83940
     aagaaagatg tttggatttt acttggcgct aagcaagtga ccaacagcat aagcttgtca     84000
     tgtgatctta tctacccccc cttccccccc cccacaccca tgctggcttt ctagttaccc     84060
     agagagggta cagactctcc ctgagtgggg agactggggc aaccctactc taggttacct     84120
     caaaggctgc tgggcccaga tctccatgag tcacgagtgg ctactgtctg ccgggaggct     84180
     ttctccatcc ttgagtgggt ctagtcgggt gagtgtccac ggcagactgg gatgcccatg     84240
     cgaatattgg tactcattgc agacggggac gcccatgcga actgtggtgt ccgtggcagg     84300
     cagggatgct cacgtgaacg gtggtgccca cagcagacgg ggacacacac atgaacagtg     84360
     ctgctcacgc atataagagg tggctgacat ggttgtctct ctgcagctga aggactgggt     84420
     ccagaagctc atgatgacgc tccggcatcc ctccctacct ctgctggagc tacaggagat     84480
     catgaccagt gtggccggcc gcatccccgc cccggtggag aaggcagtcc gcagggtgat     84540
     ggcccagtac gccagtaaca tcacctccgt gctatgccag ttccccagcc agcaggtgcg     84600
     ttcccccggc gagccacacc tacgcccatt cctgtgtcag gcctctccta agctgggcta     84660
     gcaccgagtg tcgtgggcct gcggtttctc tttaaccttt cctgtagaac tcctgtattt     84720
     tctcccaagg gctaggcttt tgaggcgcac cccagtcccc aggtctcgca ccagccactc     84780
     aggctcacgg ggaggtctcg ggtgcaaata gagctaactc tttcccgccc agctggctca     84840
     agtcattagc tgtggaacct tgtccctggg tcaccggttt tgaagccccg tagctgtgag     84900
     cttcatgcat cttaggactg gaaaccatta gtgtatatat cccattagta tacaaactaa     84960
     tacgtttcct ggcccatata gtttatttcc tctgttgggc attccaaagt catttcccat     85020
     acacctctac tgttgccacc tcctcaccca cacacctccg ccaccagaga ggctaagtca     85080
     ggccgttcct agcggtcaac cattctaaag gcggaaactg tttgttctgt tttttgcagt     85140
     gctgggcctc aggcacgcta ggcaagcact ctaccactga gctacatccc gagctcctga     85200
     aggttggaat attgctcagc catatagagg aacgaagttc tgattcatgc tcccccacaa     85260
     atgatgagcc ttatgctaag ggcaagagct gctcatagga aatgtccgga acaggcgatc     85320
     agtgtagaaa ggaagtctat tagtggctgc caggggaggg gtggggggag gcgaggactg     85380
     gctccccact ctccagatat accacagctg gagcaggaag gcagttgtac cccaaccgga     85440
     attgatgagg ccccaccgag agagggattc gcttggaact tttctggaat ttctcaaatt     85500
     ttagttttct ttaaaaatcc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttggt gggaggtgag     85560
     atggctcagc aagtagagat gcttggcaag gaagtacagt ggcctgagtt ggacccttac     85620
     cctcagaacc catgtaaggg tagaaccgat tccaggaagt tatcctctga cctccacatg     85680
     tacagtggtg catatatcct catcctcata tatactacac acacacacac acacacacac     85740
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacgtgt gcacatatgc atgtgcacgc acacacacac     85800
     taatttaaaa aaggcatgcc aatcgcacga actctgaccc ttcccctcct acgctcacac     85860
     ggttgctgga cactccgtct tcttcttagt cctgtctgga gcgtggatcg aacatcaata     85920
     cagtttgacc acatctttgt gagattgttg tcattctggg cccctgggtc cccaggaaga     85980
     cattgaaagg gtgaccaggg ctgttacaca gaggccaggt ggcttgggtt tttgagtgca     86040
     accagtctgg gacctccctg ggagcccatg gtgggtcccc tcataatact gccccgtagc     86100
     gactggatca tgtggctggc agtagcccga cctgttttgt gttctcatcc agatagccac     86160
     catcctggac tgccatgccg ccaccctgca gcgtaaggcg gaccgagagg tcttcttcat     86220
     gaacacacag agcatcgtgc agctggtcca gaggcaagtg catcccaggc cctctggagg     86280
     cctgagtagc ctgtaggaag ccctgacttc aacccccagc tcagggcgca ggaggcagaa     86340
     agagagccca tcccccatgt ttggaaatat tatagaagag agaaaaaaat gttgagggag     86400
     gacacacagc acttttcaaa cagaagggaa atctgcagaa agtatttcgc aaatgtcttc     86460
     aagtttgact tttgaaaaca gttttgtgtg tttggaagtt tttgttttgt ggctaaaatc     86520
     tgctaaaaat cctcctcttc ctccctcctc cccttgcact attgcttgca accagggctt     86580
     cgtacatgcc acggaagtgc tctaccaccg agctacatcc cagcccttgg tttctctgag     86640
     gaagggtcag gccaccctcc aactcatagt ccttacagga agagtgctct tgcaagcatg     86700
     gaccatcatg cctgtggttc cttccccttc ttaaagtcat aacgccgaac tgagacagtc     86760
     aggtgttcag gtgaagataa ggcatggcga cagggctgct tttggttcct cagataccgc     86820
     agcgggaccc gtggctacat gaaggctgtg gtgctggacc tcctgaggaa atatctaaac     86880
     gtggagcacc attttcagca aggcaagaga tgccacccca cccccactgg tgtcaaccac     86940
     aagctctggg cggggcgagg gggaggtgcc acaagctctg ggcggggcaa tgggggagtt     87000
     gccacaagtt atgggcagag caagcaagca gggaggtgcc acatgttatg ggcagggcaa     87060
     gcagggaggt aggtgtcctg aactcactct tctgggtctc ctgtgtcccc acagcccact     87120
     atgacaagtg tgtgatcaac ctgagggagc agttcaagcc ggacatgacc caggtgctgg     87180
     actgcatctt ctcacactcc caggtggcca agaagaacca gctggtgacc atgctgatag     87240
     taagatgggg ccccaaaccc tgggtggggg cggtcagggg ctggtctccc tcctcctcct     87300
     ctctttcctt cctcttcctc ctctcccatc ctctccccac actcttcagt tctgtcatgg     87360
     aaccaaggtg cgacacatgt caggcaagtt ctctgtcacg aagccacatc cccagcctag     87420
     tccccaacta ttttctagaa aggtccagaa aataaagaca tagaccttgc acgcgttttg     87480
     gtctccaacc taactgctaa actctgtcat tgtttatggt gtggctgcac aataaaactt     87540
     tatttgttat aataggcagt gtcacaaagc acctggctct gtgccagaac tttcttggtt     87600
     gcttttaaaa atcttaatta gttttcaaga ttacatatta aattcattta ttattgatgt     87660
     tgttattact agtatcatca ttaattctga cgttagggct ccctatgtag cataggctag     87720
     tctcgaactc ctcgtcaaaa gaaaacctac ttagattccc aaggagttgg gacaatagaa     87780
     gtgtactgat agacacattc gtgctaactt ctctccaacg cagactactc catacctagt     87840
     gcagtttggt acccaggaag ctggattagt gacatccttg gcaaaggcca ctttagaagg     87900
     aaagggttag ctttggctct tgctttaagg gtacagccca gcatagcgag aggccatggc     87960
     agcaggtgcg catggcagct tgtcacgtgg catccacagt caggaagcag acacaaatga     88020
     atggcattgc tcagttctct ttcccctttg catttggtcc agggccccag cctagggaat     88080
     ggtgctgcca cactcagtgc ggggctcccc gactcagtta acctaatctg gagatgacct     88140
     cacagacagg ccctgtgctc tgtctcctag tcaattctag atcttgccaa gatggcaatc     88200
     atgattccct taggtgtcac tgatgctccc agtaggggct ttccaatgag ctgtggccct     88260
     ggaatggact tccttcctca tcttatttct caaggtcttt tatctgtcac agagcattag     88320
     caacaatgaa aatagaatac agtgccatta accgaattgt gcaagatcag ctgcttccag     88380
     gacgtgaaca ggaaaggaaa aataatattg tgagcttttg tatgtgaggg tgccaacctg     88440
     gtgttctaat gcacacatgt gcattgcaca cttgaatgca ggtgtccaaa gagccagaag     88500
     gaaggcatca gaccccctgg ggttggaatg acaggtggtt gtaagctcac tgataactta     88560
     ggaacctaac tcaggtcctc tgcaagaaca ttaaatgttc tttatggctg agccatctct     88620
     ccagcccctt actgagtacc ctttgaatgg tggccctctt agcctagctg ctggacagcc     88680
     ctgggctctg tgtgctcctt acagccacag ggctgggaca gtgagagcaa tgctgtagct     88740
     gtctgattct attgtgaggg agaaggtaac agcccattaa ataggaaagc agcaagggct     88800
     tttacgattg ggacagcaca tttgcatagg tgtgaggtga ctcagcctcc actctatacg     88860
     tggcagggtg tcttagagga cagctcgggc tgatctgggt ggtggatcac agtggctcag     88920
     cagcccccac atcctcctgt cacagatctg tctccagtgg atgtttaggg agtcccttct     88980
     ctgagctgtc cccaggcccc tcttacagcg aagacactag aggaaacaca gggaccctgt     89040
     gcacacggcc ccatctgcag cagaatagct cctcctcgct cagcagaggg gactcagacc     89100
     agggccagga gatggctcag aggacagagc acctgttgca cacgtgcgag gaccagagtt     89160
     tggatctcca aagtccacgt aaaaagccgc tggggatggt ggcccacttg tgatctcaga     89220
     actccagaga tggaggagat aagggacccc caaggccagc agcctagacc agccagatcc     89280
     gtgagttcct tagtccagat tcaggagaga ccctggctca gaaaacaaag tggggcacag     89340
     tggagaaaga cttctggggt gggctggtcc cgttcccaca cgcatgtgta tacacatgca     89400
     tgctcattca cacacacgtg ctccccagca cagcccctcg ggcgtgaggg catatgtggt     89460
     gtgcataagt cagtgaatga atgaaatgaa cctacagtaa aaagaggcaa gggctccccc     89520
     ccaacccccg ccgcccctgc cccaaagaca gggtttctct gtgtagtcca ggctggccac     89580
     tggcctctcc ttcctgagat taaaggtgtg agccaccatt gcccaggtaa aggcgttaaa     89640
     aacaaaacaa aaaaccccaa aaaactggct agatgtgttt agagagttga ggctagggct     89700
     ggagagatgg ctcagaggtt tagagcactg actgctcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt     89760
     cccatcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccac ctgtaatggg atctgatgcc ctcttctggt     89820
     gtgtctgaag aaatgtactc atacacataa ataaataatt ctttttaaaa agagagagtg     89880
     agtgagttga ggctagattc tctccctccc tcaccccttt accaaccctc ccatccctcc     89940
     ccacccaatc ctccccccat cccctgctcc aacccccctc cacacacaca cgcgcgcaca     90000
     cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc agtcaagtgc tggcccctcg     90060
     ggcagagcaa agtcaacttt ggttctgttg ctgcccctga aggatgagct gtgcggccca     90120
     gaccccaccc tgtcagacga gctgacctcc atcctctgtg agctcacgca gctgagcaga     90180
     agcgagcact gcaaggttgc cctcagagcc agacaggttg gtcggggagc acggggagca     90240
     cgggggccgg tgtctgtggc tctccctcct cccagctccc gtcatccctg tcctctctcc     90300
     tcctgttggc aggtcctgat cgcctcccac ctcccctcct acgagctgcg gcacaaccag     90360
     gtggagtcca tcttcctgtc cgccatcgac atgtacggcc accagttctg cccagaaaat     90420
     ctcaaggtga gcctcaggga cagaccgtgg gtttttctta ccctcaagga gccccccagt     90480
     tttagtgaca tccagttcag agtggctagg atggacggtc ccagggaaca tcagcaggct     90540
     ctgggagttg taggtatgga aatctgtttg cacagggcag caggattgag tctttcctgg     90600
     ccaatacagg gttaacatct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     90660
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcctc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct     90720
     ttcttccttc ctttcttcct tccttccttt ccttttttct tttttttctg gagcatagca     90780
     ggaggtggga gccctttgca gtgggagtgg gggatctggg gtgggggagt tgggatagtt     90840
     gtggggggac tagggtaggg acagggaact gggatagagg tgggggctgg cactgacttt     90900
     atctttctgg gctcctgccc gggccctagc ttatcataaa cttccaggca cccatcagtg     90960
     tttgaaactg ggaccctgcc ctgggcacag tcaccccgca ctccttcatt gttcgctctc     91020
     ccaaggctct atgggacact gcaacagtga ccgtgacttg tgcctgcgcc tcaccccacc     91080
     ccaccctcca gcttctgggg cacgcctact catgttcttt ttgctttgtg gcccctcatg     91140
     tttcccatag aaactaatac tttcagaaac gaccatattc gacgtcctgc ccactttctt     91200
     ctatcacgag aacaaggttg tctgtatggc gtccctggag gtaaggagaa actgggacac     91260
     acactccgag accctatgtt gtgcgccttg caaatgtgac cttttctctc taaggaaggg     91320
     gtttctgttc tctcacaggg gctaagttga gctcagagat gtgaggtgat tttctcaggg     91380
     ccacacagac agggacagag ccaggattca cacttcattg attttcttgc aaagtccaca     91440
     ccagtaacac tgccagggta cagctgggcc acaccccagt gctaagccag atgcaccctg     91500
     tccaaacttc ttatccatga gcattcagta tcttaaaggc ttttctgtct ggagcggagg     91560
     acacagccac ctcccttgta cagggagagg cttgcctggc agggtgtctg acaggcactc     91620
     tgtcccaata gattcctctc aggattgcag tttgcctctg ctcctgcaat gaggaactga     91680
     cgtctcctgt tcaggaactt ccttgcccca gactgagtta agtcactaac agtcttgtct     91740
     caccctggac ctccaagctc agtgtctcca ctcccctgcc ttgtcctgca tcttttagac     91800
     tctgtgggtc acccatgcca tgccagcttt gcctaggtct tcacagagac tggtttggcc     91860
     ttttgagact gtgtcagctg caggggccct cactttcgag atccagcaca caccccatca     91920
     gacgttattt tgacaagggt tatttcccag ttgtatctgt gagggtttta ttttggcttt     91980
     taaaaaggtt tttttttttt cccccctctg agacagagtt ttctctgtgt aatcctggct     92040
     gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatcca tctgcctctg     92100
     cctcccaagt aatgggatta aaggcgtgtg ccaccactgc ctggctctca ttccctcccc     92160
     ccccccccca tggcagcttc catgctataa tggcagaatc taggggcttc ctcaggaatg     92220
     aggtctgcca aagtctgaaa tgtttgctcc taggctcttg agaacccccc tttcgtgtaa     92280
     cttagagagc ctgcagctgc cctgtgcaca gagcttcgcc ctggtctctg tgaaggttca     92340
     gcgtcctccc tctgcttcct caggtttacg tgcggagagg ctacatcgcc tacgagctaa     92400
     acagcctgca gcaccgggag ctcccagatg gcacctgtgt ggtggagttc cagttcatgc     92460
     tgccctcttc ccaccccaac cggtagggac tggttttcct tgtttctttc ctctctgtct     92520
     cgtcttcggg aggatccagc aagtatgcgt ggctgctggg cagacccctt cccagccata     92580
     ggtctcctgc agtcttgcgt gctcatctgt ggaacgagga cagccaccca gtgtcatctc     92640
     ctgtcaggga cccacaagtg ctgccttgaa tgcccatcag tggacgtgaa gtgacaacct     92700
     aattagttag tcacaaggta gtgttcaaat gtgggccagt gagatggagc agagggcaag     92760
     ggcactggcc tgcaagccca aagccctgag ctcactcctt gagactcaca tgatagaagg     92820
     agaaaatgga ctcttggaag ttgtcctctg acctccacat gtgcacacac acacacacac     92880
     acacacgcac atgcacacac acgcatacac tcacgtactc acacactcac gcacacacac     92940
     ttataaaaac aaaatgttaa agtgctgagt cgtcatgtgt gggtcttggc tgcatattat     93000
     acagggctct acaacattct atcactgcag tggactgtgt tgtcccagac cactggggaa     93060
     agtaaatgag ctaagaccac accccaggac agtgcctggc acaggtgaag ctgtggtagc     93120
     agtctcgggg cggttttggt ttgcactctt acaaacagaa ttgctgtcct gtaacactag     93180
     tggggggtgg gggtggggag tgtgagaagc ctctatgtgt aaagtatctt ttattctcct     93240
     gatgtaattg ttgtctccga ggtttactgc ctctgtctgt taacctaggc tgagtgctgg     93300
     ttcttccggc ctctgtacaa tcttgtctag gcctaggatg tttaggccta ggatgttttc     93360
     agcctctgag acttacatct gaatcagctc gcccttgcta gctctttctg agctctggct     93420
     ggctgatcca ctcagctgtt ctagctcaaa ctcctctcca agctgattca gtctggcttc     93480
     tcgtggcctc tccagagttg ccctgcttgg cctcaaatta actttggcaa agatttgttc     93540
     taatcttctg gctccttctc attctctggc tcaccctgtc tccagcctgc ctctgaaaaa     93600
     ctctcccatt caaatggcct cctctctctg cactgctctt ataagtagcc tctctttcct     93660
     ctcttctttg gtgagagttg ggcatatcct gttctgtcaa atctttctct gattcgtcac     93720
     tttgtctgcc actcaattag acatcgtttc aaacacggct gctttcttct acaaacttat     93780
     tttaccttca ttgtttggga ttaaagttgt gtactaaggc tgaaccatac cacaatcaga     93840
     aacaggtttt tccagttaac agcacaatct cggggttcac agtgtgatca aataccctgc     93900
     agcatctgtg ctcttggtcc cctcagccct tccatcagct gaccagaagt ggccttcatc     93960
     tcagttttga agaaaagagt ccctggatcc cctctctccc acaggctgag cataggagcc     94020
     agggcctgaa tcatagtctc actgagagct ctgttgctgg cgcctgcggc tgctgggaac     94080
     cagaagcagg accaagggtg tggcttgtct gtgtcctctg ggagtgttct catggggacg     94140
     tctgtctgac cgcacactgc tcatagtctc tttaacccct cttatttcag aagcccagta     94200
     gagtatggaa ccttctagaa tgtagttata tctccccacc gagatccaaa ggttccctcc     94260
     ctgccactat ccctggtacc tctgtcttgg agtctctgtg ggtttctcag aggccttgct     94320
     tgtggctaga gtggaggtca tgtaacttgg gttccaagag tcagaactca tatatatgag     94380
     gcagggtccg tgttttcctg agcaggtttt cctggttctc ttgtgctttt gttttattta     94440
     ttatctttgt gcgtgaatgt atatgtgtat gtatgtgttg tatgagatgt gtgtgcatgt     94500
     gtgtgtgatg tgaatgtgtg tgagaggggt atgatgtatg tgttcatgtg tatttgcatg     94560
     tatgtgtaca tgcatgtgtg atgtgtgtgt gcgtgaggga gatatgcata tgtgtgacac     94620
     gtgtgccggc atgtgtgtat aagaaaggtg tgcaggtgtg tgtgtaagag agatgtgtgt     94680
     gcaggtgtgt gtgtaagaaa gatgaatatg caggtgggtg tatgatgtat gcataggtgt     94740
     gtgtgagaga gagacatgtg caggtatata tgtgtgtgtg agagagacat gtgtggaagt     94800
     acatgtgtga tgtgtgttac atgtatgcag gtgtgagatg agtgtgcaga tgtgtttgag     94860
     agacacatat agaatgtgtg tgtgagaggt gtgtgcaggt atatgtgtat ggtgtgtgac     94920
     gtgtgtatgc aggtatgagt gtgtaagaga gtgtaggtat gtgtgtagat gtgtgcaaga     94980
     gatgtgtgcc aggtgtgcat gtgtgagatg tgtgtgtaag tatgtgtgtg agataggtgc     95040
     aggtttgtgt gtgtgattga aagaaaggtg tgtggaggtc agaggacaag tccctggggc     95100
     ctgctctttt ctttcaccct tatgtgggtt ctgggaatgg aactcacatc atcaggcctg     95160
     tgaggcaaga gcccttccac ccttccacag cccctccctc aggactttac aggtgtttct     95220
     cttcctgttg cttttgaaag agcacgcctt atagatgaga aggaaggccc ccaggaggcg     95280
     gctccagcgc cccgtttttt gtttttatct gtttgctttt ttaacctttc ttattttttc     95340
     ttttttaaag gcctgcagtt ctttttgccc cattatgaga caggtcttgt attgattcag     95400
     cttttttaag gatggtagtc tgtgagcatg ggtgtgtgca tgtatgtatg tgtatgtgca     95460
     gtcagtacct gtggggggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaat gcagcatttt     95520
     gaaattgtcc cacaggagtt gttttctctc tgactgtttt gtctgagcag gaccgtgact     95580
     tccctaaggg acatgggggt cacgtactat ttcagggggg acctacatac atgcccaggc     95640
     cttcccagac acacccagaa atgcacttca ccattctgca gggtgattct aactccagta     95700
     aaattagaaa ggaagatcaa tcattaccat gagtttgtga ggtatctgag cttggttggc     95760
     acatgggctt cttattggct tttgcccaga taggctctaa cctgggtctg gtaaggcgga     95820
     aatagcagcg ctcaggagac aagcagcgtt taaggccagg cagaccaaca cacaagaccc     95880
     tgggttggtt ggtttgttca ttttgaagaa gaaaattccc cggctcccag gaaaggatag     95940
     aggtagaggc ttggaatcca ctataccgtt ggctacagca gcacaggccc agcaaagcca     96000
     cattcattta ggcaaagggg acctttccca agtccccata caccagccat gggccaccct     96060
     cacaacagcc ctccttccta ggaagggcgg ggtggttcca gcttctatga acattctgtt     96120
     tttacactta atggattcat ccctcccata cctgattcca gagtcctcac atgcctgttt     96180
     tggttcctgg gaacagtggc tctctaaacc cttaacagcc actgacttca tcccaagaca     96240
     ggggaaagga tgaggggatt ggaggcctgg ggcaatcctg gaccaaactt gcctcctccc     96300
     cagctgcctg aagatgggat ctccagggga aactgaggct gggagcgtac ctcttctgtg     96360
     tgtctacgtt tgcctctctg gatttccctc gggactgtgg ctggactgaa cttgtttata     96420
     tgtgtgcatc actcattcat gtgactaaac tcgcttatgc ggtcatcatt cactcattca     96480
     ctcactcact cacttcctgt gtcctgagga gtctgatgcg accccctcag cacctgccca     96540
     gcaacctcaa gtcctccctc gtagccccca tttcagaccc tacctatcta cggaagcatc     96600
     ttatcctgat ctggctttcc aaagcatccg tcccaggaag agctttgagg gccgagttgg     96660
     caacaactgc cccagtctcc ctttctcctc agcctccctc tctcctcagc ctccctctct     96720
     cctcaccctg caggatggcc gtgcccatca gtgtctccaa ccccgacctg ctgaggcaca     96780
     gcacagaact cttcatggac agtggcttct ccccactgtg ccagcggatg ggggccatgg     96840
     tggccttcag gagatttgaa gaattcacca ggtagggtgt aggggctgta tgggcttctc     96900
     cagccccagc cactcattca ttaacacttg ggcttgggga gacccagatt cgggcaccgc     96960
     agttaagaat tacagactcg ggctggagag atggcccagc ggttaagagc actgactgct     97020
     cttctggagg tcctgagttc aactcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcatga ccatctgtaa     97080
     tgggatctga tgccctcttc tggtgtgact gaagatagct acagtgtact tatataaata     97140
     aatcttaaaa aaaaaaaatt acagactcct cggggagtaa taggaaaggc tggcccatgg     97200
     gacttggcta gacaggagcc caaagttcta gcatgctgtt ctaccacagg gactggcctc     97260
     atcctttaga ggcaggggtc cctcaacttt cttctgtcct accccacagg aactttgatg     97320
     aagtcatctc ctgctttgcc aacgtgcaga cagacactct tctcttcagt aaggcgtgca     97380
     cttccctgta ctcagaggaa gacagcaagg taagcccaat ggacagtgtt ggggggcgtg     97440
     gcaggctcta gccccgccct cttgcctcag cccctgtttc tctcttgcag agcctccgag     97500
     aggaacccat ccacatcctg aatgtggcca tccagtgtgc cgaccacatg gaggacgagg     97560
     cgctggtgcc agtcttccgt gcctttgtac agtccaaggt attcccctcg tgcctctggg     97620
     gtacctcgga ggacaggctg tcttgacctt tgtgttgttg ctgtcacaaa atacctcagg     97680
     ctgggaataa agtcaaaggt tgatggggag ggcaggagag atggctcagt gggtaagggg     97740
     ctctcactgc tcttgcagag gattcaggtt caattcccag cacccatgtg gcagctggca     97800
     accatccaca acactgtggt acacagatat acataggagc atgacactca taaacataca     97860
     ataaatcaag cgcagatata gctagatggg ttttgtctta gggttttact gctgtgaaca     97920
     gacaccatga ccaaggcaac tctttttttt tttttttttt aaggcaaact aggacaccta     97980
     tcaactggca gccaagcctt ttttttttta atatatagat ttattattat atctaagtac     98040
     attgtagctg tcttcagatg caccagaaga gggcatcaga tctcattatg gatggttgtg     98100
     aaccaccacg tggctgctgg gatttgaact caggaccttc agaagagcag ttggtgctct     98160
     taactactga gccatctctc cagcccccaa ggcaactctt ataaagacaa catttaattg     98220
     ggactggctt acagggtcag aggttcagtc cattattaag gtaggaagca tggcagcatc     98280
     caggcaggca tggtgcagga ggagctgaga gttctatatc ttcatctgaa ggctgctagc     98340
     agaagactgg cttcaaggca gctaggatga gggtcttaaa gcccgaaccc acagtgacac     98400
     acctcctcca acaaggccac acctactcca gcagggcccc ttttcctaat agtgcccctc     98460
     acttggtgta gcatatgcaa accatgacag gtttttaccc tgctaattaa agttcagacc     98520
     aaaagtggac actcctggtc acccccacaa gacagtgtgg ctgtgtcctg actcagttca     98580
     atctgctctt gtgttttctg tccatagcat tggagtctga acccttacac atatgcctca     98640
     taacttccag tgcacacagc atcagtatat aacacggcca ttgaattcag actgaggata     98700
     tagctcagtg gtagcgctct tgcctggcat actatgggct ctaggttcaa atcccgttac     98760
     taccaaaaaa aaaaaaatca caaaatgtac aacttgatgc ttttcaacta tgcacactgt     98820
     cagtttgaga acatcacctg agaagcagaa ccccgagctc tctcaacctt ctccccagcc     98880
     cagcagaggc agccaccgac ctacttcccg gctctgtaga ctcgctcatc ctgaatgttg     98940
     gctgctaggg gagcctttga ctggcttcct gcagttagtg tgcttgtgga gttcatccat     99000
     gtagcagcat acgtcagcac accaggccct taccaaccaa ataatcttcc gccgtatctg     99060
     tgcttttcaa cgcagaagca catccttgtg gattacggac tccgaagaat cacattcctt     99120
     gttgcccaag aggttagtcc cagtccttag tccatcgtct tccctgttct ctgagcctca     99180
     ggccgggtac ttaataatta ttctcaaggg taagttagaa gcaattggga ccatgtttcc     99240
     agatgattcc ttgtggaagc agactgagcc atttttaacg attacaaaat tagcaggggc     99300
     agggctcgga gtctactttc actgaattgt cttttgcatg gatttctttt ggcagagaga     99360
     attccccaag ttcttcacgt tcagagcgag ggatgaggta agagcgaagg tgttgatatt     99420
     attatttctg agtatccttc atgtgccccc atgggcatgc tcagagccta aagtatgggc     99480
     cctcactttt ccctggaatc atgccgccac aaggatcctc atgtatcctt tagcgagctt     99540
     gggcacacag ggctcctgct cacttgatgt attttgcgtt tgctgctgta ctcagtaagc     99600
     tggctgcctg ctttataagt aaatctctat tggtacacag atacagccgt tggatttgct     99660
     gtcatgattt tcacagtcac tgagcctgta tggctcatca ccctaaaact tttttgctga     99720
     ctcccgttct agagcaggtg gccttatgag ctcagcgctt tgtattttga tggttctggg     99780
     tctgttttac tcgagtaaac aacatcctta tttgggggta gcggacatag ggacttgtta     99840
     tttttctctt cagttcagtt tccaaaactg ccagttgatt cctttgagaa actttcttcc     99900
     ataaagaagc caggttcaga agttgaagaa taagagacgc tgacagacag cagcctcatg     99960
     gctctggcat gtcctggggc aagcagggca tcctcaggag ttgctttcgc aatgcccatg    100020
     acctgcaaac cccttgagcc tcagagattg ctagtgacga ggtaccccaa taagggctcg    100080
     tttctgagca ccaggctcag caacatgcag cctgggtcat gcaggcatgc tgctgtcaca    100140
     gtgacaaatg gactgtcctc tctctggctg gcctacagtt tgcagaagac cggatttatc    100200
     gccacttgga gcctgccctg gccttccagc tggagctgag ccggatgcgc aactttgacc    100260
     tgaccgctgt gccctgtgcc aaccacaaga tgcatcttta cctgggagcc gctaaggtga    100320
     aggaagggtt ggaggtgacc gaccacaggt tctttatccg agccattatc cggcactcag    100380
     acctgatcac caaggtaagg tgacacaggg tggctccctg tccccaccat agtgcttgtc    100440
     cttctgctct ggccttctct tttcaaattc ccatctgggc tgcattctgg ggatcaggag    100500
     gtatcctgac tccttgcaga cacatcagct agcggtactt cagtcagatt cttattttct    100560
     gacattttct gggtagaaga gagtgctaaa gggatagaaa gatgctggct tgttcaggga    100620
     atttcttgta ttttctgatc aatgactggt aacgatcaca ttgtgaaaat tcaaatgtta    100680
     ttacaaagtc aagctgaggg tgggacggcg tgggtcagga gatgaagcac tcaccgttgt    100740
     gcaagccaga ggagttgggc ccagagccca catgaaaact actcaggtat gggttccctg    100800
     tgatcccagc agagacaggg aatccccagg acaaggaggc tcaccagagt gagcaagctt    100860
     caggtctggt gagacaccct gtgcccagaa agagtggaag gctgggggca cggcccacag    100920
     ctgcttgtaa ctccagctgc atgggatctg tcacccgggg actccatggt cactgcatgc    100980
     actcacacat acgccccccc catacacaca atttaaaaat taaaaaaata aaaggaagca    101040
     gagagcaatt catagaggat accatcaact ttaggcctta acacacaagt gctcacatgt    101100
     tccttagcac tggtgtgcac acatggacac atagcacaca catacatcat acaaatataa    101160
     taccacacat acatatgctt ttaaaaaaat cacgtgagag tgccaagcca gatgtggtgg    101220
     cgcacgtctt tattcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg cagatctccg agttcgaggc    101280
     cagcctggtc ttcagagtga gttgatgatc tttctagaac cagagtccca ggacagccag    101340
     ggctgcacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaaagag accaagagtc    101400
     cttcagtgga gggtcaggcc tactgatgat ccttctggag ctgagtccat ccctgtatgg    101460
     aatggaaggt cagggccagt gtaggcagga cactcagaca attgtggttt tacttgtggg    101520
     caatgctcta tgtgaacaaa gacccattca tgaggcatcc catttagtta cgtgcccatg    101580
     gacatactgg gtatgttggg gatgggagga gggctgattt taaaaagatc aaattggcta    101640
     ctgatgaatt taaaaactac aaaattacat gtatgtatta tgtatgtatg tatcgggggt    101700
     atatgcatgt accgagggtg agaggaacca ccatagcaca tgtgtgggtg caggaggaca    101760
     attgtggggg tctattctct cctactgtgt gggatctgga gactgaactc gggccgtcag    101820
     gcttggcagc aagccccact actcccaagc ataccctgat gccacagtgt agatgtctga    101880
     ggagcagggt gcagaacacg gctcacagcc tcaacagctt tctgcccaca gcaatgctct    101940
     gccatctcac cagacacgcc aggaagaggg ggagcatgag ctaggtacaa ggccaccggc    102000
     tgaggctagc ctccttgctc tccctttggc aggaagcctc cttcgagtac ctgcagaacg    102060
     aaggtgagcg gctgctgctg gaagccatgg acgagctgga ggtggcgttc aacaacacca    102120
     gtgtgcgcac tgactgcaac cacatcttcc tcaactttgt gcccacagtc atcatggacc    102180
     cgctcaaggt tgtaccgctg cggctttcct gggccccggg tgtgttttcc cactgttctt    102240
     catgccacat cgctctgggg tcaagtctcc cggtcctcca ggcccaagtt ctaggattgt    102300
     ctcaaccagg gtttgactgc ttcaaacaga catcatgacc aaggcaactc ttataaggac    102360
     aacatttaag tggggctggc ttacagggtc agaggttcag ttcattatca tcaaagcggg    102420
     agcatggcag catccaggca ggcatggtgc aggaggagct gagagttcta catcttcatc    102480
     tgaaggcagc tagcggaagc ctggcttcca ggcagctagg atgagggtct taaaacccac    102540
     acctactcca acaggaccac acctcctaca acaaggccac atctcctcca acaggccaca    102600
     cccactccaa caaggccaca cctcctccca cagggccaca ccctcttata gtgccattcc    102660
     cgggctgagc acatacaaac catcaccagg atgaacacat gtggttagct gagagtcagg    102720
     ggagaacaga cccgctagaa tgtccagatg tttgggctca gacaacacgt gtgtctagaa    102780
     tgtcaggcag agcttattcc ctctctaact ctaggatctg ctgttgtagg agagagccta    102840
     aggtctgagg caggggcact gtgcacaggc caatacttca ggagacagac ctttaattat    102900
     tggtgattct agaaccagag aagatgtcag tatctgtagg agtcacagga cccacatgga    102960
     tgccctggcc tgactggtcc acgcagtcca gaagaaaact gtgatggcct gggaggtaga    103020
     gagagatagg gtgactcgtc accccatcac tgaggatata gctcagcagc agagcacctg    103080
     cctggaatgc acaagcccct gtgtcccatc cccatcggtg gttagccgct aatagtttct    103140
     gtcgctgctg ggctccttgc ctcctgcacg cttcactgtg cccttgaccg tgtgtgtggg    103200
     tcaggctctg acggtgctgc gcttctttgc agatcgagga gtcggtgcgt gacatggtca    103260
     tgcgctatgg cagccgtctg tggaagctcc gagtgctgca ggccgaggtt aagatcaaca    103320
     tccgtcagac aacctcagat agtgccatcc ccatccgcct cttcatcacc aacgagtctg    103380
     gctactacct ggacatcagc ctctatagag aagtgacgga ctccagatcc ggaaatgtaa    103440
     gggcgcacca gctagggtct tgagcccaga tgttccaggc atcagtggaa gccaccttgg    103500
     atcatggcag cttccagtag atggcttcag ggcgtggtgg atgtggtagt tttctgtttg    103560
     tccatcctcc taagcagaac cattggcccc cttggcagag tccatcctgg ggccacgtcg    103620
     ccggtgggca gtggagtgtg tggccattaa ccgtgcagag ctcactgcca ctggtccgac    103680
     agagagacat gtttccccca aacaccttgc agaaacgagc cccagactat tttacatgtg    103740
     catgcgtgta tcaatacaca tgtgttcctg cctctgtgtg tatccacgca ctctttaaag    103800
     ttgaaatgat gaaactcaaa actctcgagt tgcaaaggta gtgcagaacg aaatattagc    103860
     tgaggtctac gctaacccag cttcccccaa ggacatgatg cagttgacca tagcgtgcta    103920
     cctaaactgt aaagtgacac aggtgtcctt ctgattgctc aggtacagac cgcacgtaga    103980
     ttcccatggt tcttatctgc ataccttgtg ggtgaggctc tgtctcccac aggctcagtt    104040
     cccacgcggc aaagggcgtg atctctgcac agtggatctg cctctccact gaacttttgt    104100
     tgccaggact caggttgggg tgggactcaa acctaggtcc actagaagag cagccagtgc    104160
     tcttaacctc tgagttgcct ctccagcccc ttcccgtctt ctttctttct gtccagatca    104220
     tgtttcattc ctttggcaac aagcaaggta gcctgcatgg gatgctgatc aatacaccct    104280
     atgtcaccaa ggacctgctc caggctaagc gattccaggc acagtccctc gggaccacct    104340
     atgtgtacga cttcccagag atgttcaggc aggttcgtct cacgggctca gacgtgaagc    104400
     ctttcccctc cttccatggg aatccatccc ttgtcctaag ttatgcttct gagaccggtt    104460
     ctagatgagg tcttcctagg acgaattaat tcatgctggg atgactgact tcatggtact    104520
     ttctctcccc gagacaaatt gaactttagc ttgttaagtg atgtgctata tagaagctta    104580
     ggaagcaaag ggaatcgggt gggggggggg atctcgtaat caataatgac gtgtgacaaa    104640
     ttgttcaaca ttttaatctt tgcttctggg ttgtttgtgt atttgcgtgt gtatgtgtgt    104700
     gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt gtgcgcgtgc gtgcgcgtgc aacatcaggt attttctttg    104760
     ttctccatcc tgttttttga gatagggtct ctcagttaac ctggaggttg ccaccaggtt    104820
     ttctccagtc tccatctcct cagctctatg ggattaaccc tggtccttat gcttttgagg    104880
     accccacttt actgcctgtg ccatcacctc cagcccctac ttctgatctg tttgcacgtt    104940
     tatatgttaa ctgctgcctg ccagccctac tctgaggcta ggcagaccct ggaacggagg    105000
     cgggacatgc atgcatgtgc atatatatat atgcagtgta cattttgctt taaagtaatt    105060
     agtcccttga taaccaagaa gtcacaaaaa cagtacaggg aaaaaagaat gagccatttc    105120
     cccagggaca cattctgata agtcacagtg tgcggtgaca caggaaatcg acactggtgc    105180
     aattgatact ggctttgagg aatcttagtc ctaccctgat cccagtgtct gggatccagg    105240
     tgcagtggca cctgtctgca gtctcagctg ttcagaaggc tgagacaggg gcatcactcg    105300
     atgggagtta gaggcctgcc tatataacct agtgagagtc tgtctcagaa gaaaatatta    105360
     ggtttttctg actatccatt tagaccagca gttcccaacc tggggatata gacccctgca    105420
     gggtttgaac gaccctttct cagggattga atatcaggta tcctccatat cagatattta    105480
     tattgtcatt tatcacagta gcaaaattag acttaagaag tagcaacaaa aataatgcta    105540
     tggttcgggg gaggggtcac cgcaacacga ggaactgtat taaaggctca caacattagg    105600
     aaagttgaga gccattgatt tagatcctgt agaaaggaag gggtaaggga cataaagtat    105660
     cacccatctg tgacacgccc accagaccca gcatctgact cccctggcac acatgggcac    105720
     atgagtgcag ggtttctctg ttcttcttct tgtgcatgca tgccgagttt attcacacca    105780
     tgttacatgc atccaggggc cagctgagcc cagagggtgt tggatcccct gaaactagag    105840
     tcatggatag ttgtgagctt cctaatgtgg gtcctggggc ctctggagga accataaatc    105900
     tctcttaacc attgagctat ctggtaccaa gctgagtcaa tactttgaaa aatacattct    105960
     ggctggagaa gtggctcagt gggtatcagg cttgtcacac gggagtgaca gcccgagttc    106020
     agacctccag ggcacccaca ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagcc aggcatggga gagtgcacga    106080
     gaaattctga gctcttggag gcagacacag ggggatttct gggacttgct ggcagtcagt    106140
     ctagacagta agtgagctcg gggttcagtg agtgtgtgtg gtgtgtgtat gtgtgagaga    106200
     gagagacaga gacagacaga cagacagact gtctcaataa aaggggatgg ggagtgtgat    106260
     tgaagacctg gcactctgac atgtcacctc caaccaggaa gggcagcact ttccctaccc    106320
     acgactacaa gcttttcctc tcccccaggc tctctttaaa ctgtggggct ccccagagaa    106380
     gtaccccaaa gatatcctga catacacaga gctggtgttg gactctcaag gtcagctggt    106440
     ggagatgaac cggcttcctg gttgtaacga ggtaggaggt gaacgtgagg ctgggcccgg    106500
     cagaactcag ctggggtcag cttgctttag atgtcgtctg gaagaacctg gaggcatttc    106560
     aattagcctt catctcattc ccaggtgggc atggtggcct tcaaaatgag gttcaagacc    106620
     ccggagtatc cagaaggccg ggacgccgtt gtcatcggca atgacatcac cttccaaatc    106680
     ggctctttcg gcatagggga ggacttcctg tacctgcgag cgtctgagat ggcccggaca    106740
     gagggcatcc cccaaatcta cctggcagct aacagcgggg cccgtatggg cctggctgag    106800
     gagatcaaac agatattcca agtggcttgg gtggacccag aggatcccca caaagtacgt    106860
     cagatgtggg ggtggcggtg tgatgcttac ctaggtagat catccctaac ccaaaagcct    106920
     ccttatgaga aacacttccg gatccaaagc ttaggtatca gtgtgacgtc ccaaacagaa    106980
     agtctcaccc aacttcactc gctgagtttc agtcagaacg caagtacctg aagatgctgt    107040
     acgtgaggta tctgagtaac acgggtgaat gttgtgttta gacttggtac ctcactccct    107100
     ggatatctca ttatatgcag atatgcccgc ctgaaaaaaa attcaaaatc taaactgctt    107160
     ctgaccgcat gcaggtaaga gaggcagagc ccacatagca ttgatagggt gtcaaggttc    107220
     ctgtgagacg gtgggaaagg ggctgtaagc ccactgtcag ttatgtaact cagattcact    107280
     gagacaggca cagtgccaca tgtgtgtctg agccgtgggg aggctgaggc agaaggatag    107340
     agttcacagc caggctggcc tatgtagtga gacctgtcta actcacacac atgcacacac    107400
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaagcaaca tcaagaaaca aatgctttgg    107460
     gacatagtga ttatcaggaa atggcttaaa aacacccctt taggggaatg acagcaagaa    107520
     cttgtagata tgtaggtgac atgcgatggc ttctaaatcc atgtgtaccc agaatgcaaa    107580
     gtgagtgatg tcccacacca gggccttaga tcatgtgtgt ctgcacatgt gggtgcatgt    107640
     gtgagggcac acatgtgcat atgtgagggt gcatgtgtgt ctgcacatgt gggtgcatgt    107700
     gtgagggcac atgtgtttgt gtgtgcatgt gtgagggtgt actgtataca tgtgtgtgtg    107760
     cacgtgagga tgcatgtgtg tgtctgtgca cactgtgtgt gtgcacgtga ggatgcacgt    107820
     gtgtgtctgt gcacactctg tgtgtgcaca tgggtgctaa cgtgcatgtg tatatatgta    107880
     ggtacatgtg tgaaggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgaa caggtcctcc tctgcttggg    107940
     atctgccagg gcttctaggc taggtgacaa gcaagcttcc agggctcctt cctctccacc    108000
     ccctctcctg tcactgtagg cactcagccc tgatgtgagg cagcagggtg gggtggccac    108060
     tctcacacag aacatgtcct ttagacagtg acgctgtttc cctacagtag aaaaaagcac    108120
     tttgggagtc aaaaattaat tttctatttt aaaaaaatat atatctttag ggtagtctca    108180
     gtttaaacat ctgaaatcca aaatgctctg taacctgaaa ccttttggtc actaatctca    108240
     tccctaaagt accaaatttt acccacacct gtgctcatag gatgggtccc catgaaaaca    108300
     cacagaaata tgacagtatg ttatggggtt atatataggc tctccatagg ccatttatag    108360
     gttacatata ggttatacct ttagcctcgc agttctcaac ctgtgggtca caaccactgg    108420
     aaaacacaca tttctgatgg tcttaggaac ccttgaccac aaatttattt tcgttactgc    108480
     ttcatacctg taattttgct actgagctca gttcctaaga tcagaaatat gtgttttcca    108540
     acagtcgtgg cccacaggtt gggaacagct gctgtacaca ataagtgcct accaaacatg    108600
     aatgagacga tgtctcagta ggtagaagca agtattccaa aactggacat acttacatct    108660
     gaaacacttc cagaccctca gattagggct gtccgacctg tatacactga cacacatgta    108720
     cacatgtggg caacacattt cctagacagt atgtaaccag acagagtgtg aggctgtaag    108780
     gaagagagaa gctcagagta gccccgtggt tggcgggtgg tgtgagcctg cggtgtgtag    108840
     ctgtacagct gatgctgtcc acagccgcca tggacgttgt tggcacctta gaccatctgg    108900
     tggtcgtgga gtccacggaa caggacccaa gactcactga agtgtgtttt taagggattt    108960
     agatacctgt acctgacgcc ccaagactac acccagatca gttcccagaa ctcagtgcac    109020
     tgcaagcaca tcgaagatga aggcgaatcc aggtaatctc ggggttgaca gtcaagccct    109080
     agtgtagtca cagttcacct tagctgcctg tgtgcggtgc taatatctta accaattggg    109140
     acaatctcct ggttacctcc aaatgattca gtcctccctc cctctctccc tccctctttc    109200
     tctcctcttt ctttttctca gttgagcttt ctaagtacta ggcaggtgct ataccgttaa    109260
     gctataccct cagtgatgca tcctgtattc aaaatagcag ctcatgtggg gaaaagattg    109320
     ggttttaaag gttcgcctct tccccccttc cttccattct ttccctctct cctttcctcc    109380
     ctcccttccc cttccattct cttcttctct cccttcttcc tttcctccct ccctccttct    109440
     ctccctccct ccctccacct tccctccctt ccttccttcc tccctgccct gccctatctg    109500
     tctttctgtc tctctgcctc tctttcactc tgtctttctt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt    109560
     agccctggct atcctaaaac tcatgccata aaacaggctg gcttcaaact cagagatcca    109620
     cctgcccctg cctcccaagt gctgggacta aaggtgtgtg ccatcaccac ccagtaaaaa    109680
     gttcacatct tatgaccagt tatccaaaaa gatacagtgg tccctggggg acctctctcc    109740
     acagaccaaa ggctaggcta gtttcctgtg ggatgtgggg tagggtgtgt cattatcgac    109800
     gtccgcctta atctttagga agcgtgatac ccagggccct gagccccatc ttcattttgc    109860
     ctctgactgt tttgggtccc agtgtttgac tttgctcgac accccccctc cccccaaccc    109920
     cagacctgtg ggaaacgtgc acttcctgtt tttgttttgt tgttgttttg agaggagcct    109980
     tgacgtcagc cctgtttgaa ccttgcagat acgtcatcgt ggatgtcatc gggaaggatg    110040
     ccaacctggg tgtggagaac ctgaggggct cgggcatgat tgcaggagaa gcttccctgg    110100
     cttatgagaa aacggtcacc atcagcatgg tgagcgcctt cctgctctct tccttccttt    110160
     gcttctcttc tgtgtgagcg tgcgcatgca tgcacacccg agtagaggcc agagatcaac    110220
     atcaggcatc ttctatctat cgattttcac ctgactttgg ggggagcagt gtctctctga    110280
     ttcaagaact tgccaatatg cctacagctg gccaggcagc ccccggagcc ccctgtctct    110340
     gcctcaccag cactggagtt agagcttcga actgctgcgc ctgagttttt tgtagccatt    110400
     gagaatctaa actctcatac acgtcctcag cattcagtct gctcttctca aaattgctgc    110460
     atgagaaaac aggtttcttc gccctcctcc aaggaagaga cttctgctat ttatgctcct    110520
     gagaataata cacctgatta caccgccttc ataaagacaa tccttaaatc ctctgcagac    110580
     agtgaagata taccagcata gaaacctctc cagatgtaat gcttcattca caacagaggt    110640
     gtagtgcaag agacacagga aatggtgtat cctagaggag gacaccagag agctgagaca    110700
     gccaactggg tagccctagc ttctgagtgt ggccagctgt gagagcatac ctttcctctt    110760
     ctccctcttc cgaggattct gccaatgtcc atctctgctg cttctcccac ttcttgatca    110820
     tccatgcttc ctctaacatc tctgtgatcc cagccatcat catctctttg gacggctccc    110880
     gcagggtggc ctggatttct gggatcttca caagactctg cgttgccttc atcacctctg    110940
     tgctcttctg cagagagcca gccactctcc gggccgctag ttggtttctc acgcccatga    111000
     gcacagagtt catgtgtgct ttggatgcag agagcttgct cacagctttc cttgacctga    111060
     tcttctcctt ggccagaacc acacagactt ccttttggcc cttcctttgg ctgcatcttt    111120
     ctttctttct tttttttttt tttaaagatt ttttttattt attatatgta agtacactgt    111180
     agctgtcttc agacactcca gaagaaggag tcagaccttg ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca    111240
     ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga ccttgggaag aacagtcagt gctcttaccc    111300
     gctgagccat ctttccagcc ccggctgcat ctttcacaga cggttttact gtctcttctc    111360
     gtctttggat atctcttatt tgcctgtcga caacgctcat ttcctttctg atcctcagtg    111420
     gccatccttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttagttt ttggagacag ggtttctctg    111480
     tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga attcagaaat    111540
     ctgcctgcct ctgcctctca agttctggga ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccac tgccgggctg    111600
     actgattcca ttcttttcag atacaaatca cgatgtttac tccttatgac tatgacaaaa    111660
     acacagaata atcaatttat aaagagagaa ggttaatttg gagtttcagg ggggccacga    111720
     gatctcgtgg tcttgacaac ttgagcctct tatggggaca taaggcagag catcgttgct    111780
     caaccaggta gccaggggca aaggaagctg ctagtctctc atgattctcc tggtgacagt    111840
     cctccagtcc cccagggacc ctcacagggc ccacctctta agtttctact aattctaact    111900
     gggcctctga ggagcatttc atttgcagat aatagcagaa gccaagctag agcaggtact    111960
     ggaagaaaag gagactctag ccagaggtgg tatatacctg taatccccac acctgggagg    112020
     tagaggcaga ggcaggaggc agggggatca tcttttagag agttcaacca gctgtggctg    112080
     tgcagtgaga tgcccctctg tgtgtgtgtg tctccgtagg tgacctgccg cgcccttgga    112140
     atcggggctt acctggtgag gcttggccag cgggtgatcc aggtggaaaa ctcccacatc    112200
     atcctcaccg gagccggtgc tctcaacaag gtgccgtagg caagggcagg ggagaggtgg    112260
     tgtggggacc cggttacatc tcactcagca gctgtctttg ccggtgttcc actgctgtga    112320
     agagacgcca tgaccatggc aattcttaga aaggacaaca tttaatgggg gctggcttac    112380
     aggttcagag gttcagtcct ttattgtcac ggcgggaaac atggtggcac acagccgtga    112440
     tactggagga ggtagctgag agttctgcat cgggatgggc aggaaacagg aagagacagt    112500
     tggcctggct tgagtgcctg aaactttaaa gaccacccta gagacaaact tcttccaaca    112560
     aggccacacc tccaacaagt ccacacccca gcaaggccac aacccagtga ggccatgcct    112620
     ccatcaaggc cacaccccaa cgaggccaca cctctaacaa agccactccc ccaacaagac    112680
     ttcttccaat ctggcgatta aagtggcgtc actttgcagg aaaccgagaa aagccccaca    112740
     agtaactctg catcttgtat gctttggggc gcttgtgttc tggctcacct gcagttaatt    112800
     ccccttgagc atgttttgtt acctgcagga ttttccacgt ggctctggac tctctgtgtt    112860
     taattctcac gcagagccca cggagatgct ccacgtgtgg ttcttgcagc agcacctggg    112920
     tagacccact acagacctgc tgcggaactc tttagctgtc ctgatctcag gggcgttgat    112980
     ggttcccaaa ttagactgca ttttagaatt gcctagagtt cttagagaca cagagaccac    113040
     caatgcctgg ccctccccct gaagaccctg aaggaattgg tttgagtata gcctgccagc    113100
     gttttagaat cttccaggtc atcctgacag gcagccatag cagaggactc agcaagaatg    113160
     ggtggctttg ctaaccatgc tatgtcaaag caggtcctgg gaagagaggt ctacacgtcc    113220
     aacaaccagc taggtggcgt gcagatcatg cataccaacg gggtctccca cgtcaccgtg    113280
     ccagatgact tcgagggggt ctgcaccatt ctggaatggc tgtcatttat accgaaggtg    113340
     cggtgttccc tggcaacctg aagcctgggc gcctgtgggg gtaggctcct cccactctcc    113400
     ctctcagata cccagccttg tgcgttgctt ttggggaagc tctgaagtat gttgtaagga    113460
     cgtggggatg tgggtacgct gtctgccgat cctttgaaaa aggtgatgtt ggacaaagcg    113520
     agcctcagac ctcacagaca gccttcatct gttcctggct tcctcatcag gagcagtaat    113580
     cgtggggcag cctcccaatc tttctgagcc ttcgttttcc tcatctggga agtgtgttac    113640
     catggtgatg agggggcctg atgcccaggg cctcccctgc aaggctaccc tggactatac    113700
     tgatcagtta tccctagtca ccacaggacc aaccctgatt agttatccat cgtcccatgg    113760
     gactgctcta actagtcttg actaggtagg tatttaggtc tccgtttctt caattgctct    113820
     gcctagataa tgctggtccc gagtggctcc cagactctat ctgaactcta acacacttaa    113880
     gtttcagaaa aaggtagaca gcagttacta ccgttttcta gctggagcag tggcttggaa    113940
     gccccagtga ggggcactgt tgcacagcta gcaatgtgca cagaggggaa agtactcgga    114000
     tgccaccgca gggacagact ggacggccct ggccttcttt tctaggacaa tcgcagcccg    114060
     gtccccatca ccactccttc tgaccccatc gacagggaaa ttgaattcac cccaaccaaa    114120
     gctccctacg accccaggtg gatgcttgca ggcaggcctc acccaagtaa gtccctaagt    114180
     ttgttcccgg gggggggggg aaggggaacc cccagacttg gggctcttta gtggatctac    114240
     cgtaaagggc ctctttgatg gaagtgttta tgtatttccc atctcccaac agggggtggg    114300
     tatgtgtgag gtcaaaggca ggactggaga ctggactctg ggcttttcct gggccatgga    114360
     ccagtacggc ttgcaaacag ctcagtgtct ggagccaagg gtttgagttc agtgctggcg    114420
     aggtcttccc tccctaagtg ctcagtgatg ccacctccct cctgcctctt tccctctggc    114480
     tagacttcac gagggagagt ggcttctttc acatacacat atgacatcat tgtgcacgca    114540
     catgcacgca cgttttctcc ctccacgggg aatacctttg tctcttagag gtatgctcta    114600
     ttacgaggat cgcccagatg ggaaggctga actgtcctgt catccctggc ccaggtctag    114660
     atgttcatgt gccttcagct gtgtagttgt gcagacaagg gcctctccac agcagaagga    114720
     tccccatggc ttctttgttt catagagctc tccctccagc ggtatctccc actgtgtgct    114780
     gtgtcctgtc aagtcagccc tgagtcccaa gtcagaggct gaagcaggag attccgttcc    114840
     caggcatcca acctctactg tgcccttgag tcccctgctg ccaggccttg cagttcttgt    114900
     cagaatgaca gccatttgtc cccaccatgg tccccaaccc cagctctggc tgcagtacca    114960
     atgtgaccgt gtgtctctct gggacacgag gtggcctgct tcctctcagg gatactgagc    115020
     tgtagccagt gggccagaat aaggttccaa ggttgatggt cccttcctgg aatctcacct    115080
     tgtggggaga aggcattttc taaccctgcc acctctgagg aggggcatct ggggctgtgt    115140
     atggggtgtc agcacgtctg gcattatatg agcacttgga gggagtttga atacccccag    115200
     aaatgaattc ccgtcttgat gtagcttttg taatcatggt tttattttgt gttttgtttg    115260
     ggggttgttt gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt atatgtactc tgtgtggtct taagtagaaa    115320
     agaacacagg cctattataa ggtcaaagcc atatcagtgt accccgccag gcagacctgg    115380
     gcctccccag ccctcagcca gggcctccat ccttttgccc acagctctga aggggacctg    115440
     gcagagtgga ttcttcgacc atggcagttt caaggaaatc atggcaccct gggcccagac    115500
     tgtggtgacg ggacgagcaa ggtaactcga gacaggtgga ctgcacatgt ctgcccacca    115560
     ggcatggggc ctctcaggca ctaggctggg gctgccaggg ccctctcttc ttggtccata    115620
     ggtttttctg aatgcgaaga acaaaatgga ggaatgggga aatagctaag aagtgcttgc    115680
     cacgccagca ggagggcccg agtctggatt cctggcaccc acatgagaag ccgggtgctg    115740
     catatgatat tagagctagg gttagggagt cagagcccag ccacgctgct cgccactctc    115800
     aggtggagag ctccaggtaa tgactgaccc tgtgccataa tatgagaaga gaatgaggaa    115860
     gacagctggt agtgaacttt acacacaggt acacacacat gcacgcacac atgcacatac    115920
     atgtgtgcat acttacccac acatgcctac atgccataca cataggcaca cgaacacatg    115980
     catgtgtgta cacagcatac acatgtatac acatgtacac acacatgaac acatgcacac    116040
     acacatgtgc acatacacat gcatgcacgc atgcgcgcac tcacacacac acacagtgta    116100
     tgcttataca cctcacacag actccaaaaa taaaaaagta aaaataaaaa tgcaagctga    116160
     acactgagga aagctgggag caggaggggt ggtcctcccc atccagtgcc aaacagtcat    116220
     tcctgaaaac atgcatacat gtaacctcac atggcctgag cgggttacag ttaggaatac    116280
     atacgtatat gcgaatacat atatacatgc aatagcatta aaaggagagg ccatgagttt    116340
     aaaggagagg tgagaggggc atataggagg ggtttgatgg aaggaggaaa gagaagagaa    116400
     gcattgtaat taaattagga tctcaacaat aaaggaaaga aagccagttt ggagaaacat    116460
     gtcatggaag gtgaagccac ctgtgcagtg ggagcccacc tgggccttag agcctctgcc    116520
     acctactgtg ggggctggga ccttcgcccc agatcagtcc cacaaccata gggcccccca    116580
     ggaggtgttt ccagagatga acagcccacc tcatcatgtc atacccatct ctgtgccact    116640
     ccagccacca gggcactctt cccctccagt gtggcccagg ctgggtcctc taacttacca    116700
     ttcggattcc cagcatgatg tcatcgtgac atcacagcca caaatccagg cttcaccatg    116760
     ctccacctct atagcctggt ttgtttcatg gagatgttaa tgcagtccaa aggattgctg    116820
     cagccacagg agcagtgctg tgctgggcgc ttcatgtgtg tcactgggtc tcacgggcag    116880
     tagacagcac agttataggc acaggaccgt gagatggctc aacaggtcac atgcttgtcc    116940
     cacagttcag ttcctaagat cggcacgaag gtggaagaca acagacccca aaaggcccct    117000
     tcactcattc agcacagcac atgtgtacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgttgta    117060
     aagtcatgag tcattggcct ttagttatat gcctcctatt tatttttgaa accctttcat    117120
     acaatccttg aatgaacccc tccaccatgg agccctccct aggaagagac caccaacctg    117180
     gtagggtagc acgggtaaag gacagaggtg cagccgtggc tccaggtgtt gatagcccag    117240
     gctgacaggt ggtgacatca tggtcccatc taagccaggc cctatggtac ttgataatgc    117300
     tcatcccctc cctggttttg agtaccgggg ctggaaccca gagtcccccc ttgcccccgt    117360
     gcatgtcagg caaaaagctg tatcactgag ttgtatccca acatcctttg ctgtgtgttt    117420
     caaggcagtg tcttgttgtg tggctcaggc tggttttgaa ctcttgatct tcctgccttg    117480
     gcttcctaag tagctgggtc acagatctat gccaccaatc ctggcttgct tcagcctttt    117540
     ccctgtgtga ctcagttcgg tgcccaagct gcccagggtg taactgctgg ccagatgtga    117600
     tgatttaagt cataattcag gacggggaaa tggctaggtt gcaaagcacc tgcctggcac    117660
     atgccaagtc ccaagcttca tcctagtgcc aaaaaatctg aagtgagagg aggatgctgg    117720
     gaactgtgtg tgcatggccc gaggggaaga tgtctcctgt gggttcagca ccgtcctgcc    117780
     ctgactgttc tcaccctagc ggggcaccta cagctccgca tggtccttag tgactcggtg    117840
     ctgccccttt gccttgcaac cagctcaccc cacttccagc cctcgttgcc acctgaacag    117900
     gcctggcagc agatggggta gaccccgagg ccctgagctc tgcctgcagg cagcccagtg    117960
     ctgagccctt gtgtgttcgc cttgcaggct ggggggcatc cctgtgggag tgattgctgt    118020
     ggagactcgg actgtggagg tggctgtccc cgctgaccct gccaacttgg attctgaggc    118080
     caaggtgagg ggccgggagc cgtgaccact ggggacagga gtagatcctt tcatctggtt    118140
     cagagaagcc tctgagagcc agagagcaga ggcctcaagt agagattggt ctgggggctc    118200
     tgcctttctc cctaccatat ctccacggga cacatattcc aatagtctgg gtttctttcc    118260
     aggatggtaa tggtccccat tccccctctg ctttactcct gttcctggga gctgcaatga    118320
     ggtctcaact actgtgttgt caggctgagc acgagaatag gggacccatt gaggtcctaa    118380
     ggttatggcc atgctttggg tctctaggga gccctggctt tggtacatgt cctagtaagg    118440
     gttactattg tggtaaaaca ccatgagcaa agcagcttgg ggaggaaagg gttaatttgg    118500
     cttacacctc cacatcactg ttcatcgctg aaggaagtca gggcaggaac ctggaggtca    118560
     gtgtctgacc taagtgactc tgtgcacaga tcatccagca ggcgggccag gtgtggttcc    118620
     cggactcggc ctacaagacg gcgcaggtca tcagggactt caacaaggag cgcctgcctc    118680
     tcatgatctt cgccaactgg aggggcttct ccggaggcat gaagggtaag ccggcccttt    118740
     catatgtgtc actgtggtgt ctcttgatag tcccgggagt ttcctggggt cacgtgatgg    118800
     gccatgcaga gaggtctgct ctgcgagttc ctggatgacc tgggtagtcc tgtgtggatg    118860
     aggaaggcgt atgtccatcc accttcctca gagctgagct atagttgcag tctctctaag    118920
     tcaccaagaa tgtccagaga gataaggttc ccaggtactg aggagctgag gtgggagaga    118980
     ggcatatctg ggtgacctct ctgcgtcccc agacccttcc tttgtgaatg gagaggaccg    119040
     cagcaagggt cccgtgcact ggtcccacct gtaagctgtt gtcacggtat tgtagtgtca    119100
     ccagatcggg tgtggggatg tggagcagag ggggctgcgt gtaccagata ggtgggtgag    119160
     cttgggcgtc cccatgcttg agttgacaga tgaagacaca ctcactcatg caggagaata    119220
     gcctgcccaa ggtcacatgg gccctgaggg aggggaccag acctggacca gaccagactc    119280
     tccaagcctc cctcaggagc ccagggcaga gaaggctgca ggaggctttg tgggtgcgtc    119340
     actggggccc gagtctccta agcaggcctc gctttgtaga catgtatgag cagatgctga    119400
     agtttggcgc ctacatcgtg gatggtctcc gcctgtacga gcagcccatt ctcatctaca    119460
     tccctccctg tgcggagctc cgtgggggct cctgggttgt cctggactcc accatcaacc    119520
     ccctgtgcat agagatgtat gcagacaaag agagcaggtg agcaggtgtc acctacagtg    119580
     tcttggcaga gttagttagg gctccagagg acaaacccag accaaggtaa gaagccggcc    119640
     gcggcagtgt gcactaacct gggccctgat ggtagtgggc gttgattggg aaatccctgg    119700
     ggcttgctgg ctagtccgtc taaccaaatc agtgagagac cctgcctcaa aatgtaaggt    119760
     ggacccctta cattgaccta tgatctttac aggcatgtac gcagatacac atacacaaca    119820
     cacacaaagt cataaggcgt taaaagaaat aagtaagtaa agagaaaaca aaaagagccc    119880
     agggcaggag tatctgtcct cagcccctcc ccctgtcctc tcctctgtcc agggggggtg    119940
     ttctggagcc ggagggcacg gtggagatta agttccggaa gaaagatctg gtgaaaacca    120000
     taaggaggat agacccagtg tgtaagaagc tcgtgggaca gctgggtaag tgggtcccac    120060
     actctccacc cccaggtccc acaggctcca cccccaagcc acacaggctc cacccccaag    120120
     ccccacagct ccacccccag gtcacacaga cttcaccctc agatcacaca ggctccaccc    120180
     ccaagtcaca catgtgccat gcccaggtca cataggagcc acctgcaggt cagcagaggc    120240
     gccaattcta gtgcattaag ggtaaaatga gcgtgtatca aactgtgaga ccccaaagcc    120300
     ggcccacatt tgcaatcggc ccgttccaca ggatgctgca agtggcagat gcaagtggga    120360
     agtttcggtt tgtgtgtcct cggtgagatg gcttggcaga gggacccaga catgaaaacg    120420
     aaattaattt tcagagctgt gttctgacca cagcccatct ctggggccgg ggtggaacgt    120480
     tcctttgtgg caggctgtct gcacccagag gttcgggctc tggcgcgatt gaggtgaggg    120540
     atgctcatcc tgtaatcaca taatcagcgc gctgtcccat atgcatggcg tgacacggtt    120600
     gaatcagttg gggtccacgg gggacaccag aacatggtga tgataatgtc cctttagagt    120660
     ccccagccag agagaaacac ttttatagat tttatttggt gaatgcctta ctttgcttca    120720
     ctcctctgat gtcagtcatt acggtgtgta acgtccagat gaccagggcc tctgggattt    120780
     ggctttgcac cttcgtgact ttgggtttgt gtagaattgg catttttgtc tggaaacatc    120840
     tcttataagg ttcttttcct ttttattaca tttattttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtatgt    120900
     ctgtctctgt gtctgtctct gtctctattt ctttctctgt gtttctctct gtgtgtgtct    120960
     gtctgtctgt ctctctctct gtgtctctct gtgtttctct gtgtctgttt ctctggtgtg    121020
     tgtctgtgtt tctctctctc tgtgcatgtc tgtctgtctg tctctctctg tgtatgtgtg    121080
     tgtgtatgtg tctctctgtg tttgtgtttc tctctgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tctgccacag    121140
     cacgtgtgcg gatgtcagga caacttgcaa gaatctattc gctcctccca ccatgtgggt    121200
     cccggaaatc aaactcaggt cattaggctt ggcagcaagc accctttctc tcctgagcca    121260
     tcttgctggc ccccttatta ggactctaag tgtggatttc cttgttaaac agtgctgtct    121320
     tcatccctac ccatcccctc ccctggcaga actgtggcat ggagttagca tatctccact    121380
     gtatttatta tctgtctgaa aacaagagct gatggtatgc tgaagcccgg ggcaaggctg    121440
     gggttttacc cagatgctgt ctcggggctg tgattgcatt tccaaggctg caggacaact    121500
     taatttagga gcagtgttgg catcgcagcc cggactctcg cagggcaggg cctcttgtct    121560
     gtggtttttc aaataaaaca aaaacccaag aaaatccacc ccagccccca catggctacc    121620
     cctcacagcc cctgaaaatc ctaactgctg tctgctcacc tgcagggaaa gcccagcttc    121680
     ccgacaagga ccggaaggag ctggagggcc agctgaaggc ccgggaggaa ctgctgcttc    121740
     ccatctacca ccaggtggca gtgcagttcg cagacctgca cgacaccccg ggccacatgc    121800
     tggagaaagg aatcatttct gtaagggttc cccacggccc ccaccggatg cagaggaata    121860
     cagaggagtt tgggatggat tcaattctgg gctcaggggg ctgtgtgggc ggttcagtct    121920
     gagcatgtca gtaggagccg gcaggcgctc atccccctac actggacatc cccgcttata    121980
     ggacaaggtg ggcaggaacc aggtagccat cttggggcac ggccttggcc atttccctcc    122040
     ccctccccca ctcctctgtg ggtgctcagg cggccatgtc cacaggatgt gctggaatgg    122100
     aagactgccc gcaccttctt ctactggagg ctgcgccggc tgctgctgga ggcccaggtg    122160
     aagcaggaga tactccgagc cagccccgag ctgaaccacg agcacacaca gtccatgctg    122220
     cgacgctggt tcgtggagac tgagggcgct gtcaaggtgg gcctgagcag ggagagggaa    122280
     gccccagcat gcaggcacca ggggtctggg ggctgctggc tgccgcacct gcagcagcat    122340
     ctctgcctga ggtagactgt acccattgat ccccaggcct acctgtggga cagcaaccag    122400
     gtggtggtcc agtggctgga acagcactgg tcagccaagg acggcttgcg ctccaccatc    122460
     cgtgaaaaca tcaattatct gaagcgggac tctgtcctca agaccatcca aaggtgagta    122520
     gcgtggcgtg agctgggtct aggtggggct tgtgtcatgg ctagcacatg actggtgagg    122580
     accctgcccc agacctgggg gctgaggata ctggcttcct ccctcacagt cattctgtag    122640
     cctccaagga ggtggctcac aggacacctg gaaccctgcc tggcgtataa agctgggact    122700
     caggggtatg tcactcctca gatcatacca cacaactgga gactagaaag ggctatatat    122760
     gccaccttga ggcattctgt ctccaagtca gaatcccgtg taggattgtc tgtcccctct    122820
     ctctctacct ccttccccca ctcccccctt ccctgtgtga gcacagcaag agaaactctg    122880
     ggctctggcc tactcaagag caacatggtg ccctggacaa agacacttag aggcactgaa    122940
     ctgagtgaca aaagtgaccc cgccccctgt cccctttatc tctccttccc tgtagtctgg    123000
     tccaagaaca tccagaggtc atcatggact gcgtggccta cctgagccag cacctcacgc    123060
     cagccgagcg gatacaggtg gctcagctgc tgtctaccac ggagagccca gcttcctcct    123120
     gatgagcaac tctggccatc cccaggaccc tggacggtgg gatggccatg cggcaggcct    123180
     tcgagggaca cgggcttatt ttgggaaaac tcacggagcc actccaaatg tagctgcggt    123240
     tcctgaccag cgacttctgg acagaaggcc cctgggcccc tgctaaggcg ggcccagcct    123300
     ctcctcacct ggggacttca gggtttgtcc cagtggataa ttctgccact gcctctctga    123360
     ggccaactga accaggcaca ccgagttcct tgtggttttt gcctgaggtg gggatccggt    123420
     gtctgatcac aagacacttg ttctaccacg ttggtttgca ctcagctcct tgtgtccctc    123480
     agccgagtaa atgggccaaa gagaacgcca gatgagaccc aagaaaacgt ctttttgtga    123540
     tgaggcttat tagacactta gcaagagcaa aaatgatttc cttttttgtt gttgttgttg    123600
     tttttcattt aagagaataa agtgacattt tattctccaa gtggccctag tgagtcagga    123660
     caaccatctg tcccattaga gaggttctcc agagataaag gacaaacaga caggacacct    123720
     agcattcagc atggctggag gagagttact gcctcggttc ccaggctctg taagccctct    123780
     cttcccaagt ggagcaagga ctggacctcc gtgcctcctg cagattggcc acccacaggg    123840
     tactgagtgc cctactgcct gagtgcagag aggctgtccc tcacccctcc cagaacctct    123900
     ggccaatata cttcctcacc ttgtgccttg ataccacggc aggagccaac agcgctggac    123960
     cagtgaccca gggctgtgcc tcgaacactc tggatccgct tacagagact ttcccagcac    124020
     tgccaggcac cgcagcatca ggacccgaat gagatgctcc ggccaggggt ggggtgggga    124080
     tgttggggta gtggagaacc ccactctgtc gctgcccttc ttgggggata aagggttctt    124140
     ctgggcaagg tcctcttgat gtggaggaaa gcccagaccg acactggctg ccaccctgac    124200
     cacttgggtg cgctgaagag gctgctgaaa gagctgcaaa ataaactatt ttttttgaag    124260
     gaagcttctg gccttgattt attctgtggc acagaggagc ccagcagttg gcaggtgggg    124320
     gggagggggt agacggttct cagctcccct cagaatctcc ctctgtcaaa caccgaaggg    124380
     aggcccaggc agctttcaca ccagttccca tccctttcca tcacgaggat ggcatgagct    124440
     cagagaggtc aagacacttg cccacagtca cacaggatgg aacggaaggt gtccagtctg    124500
     tttgactgtc aagcccagcc ccttccttct gtgacacaga ggtgtggtat gcctggactg    124560
     gtgatctaca cttggaattg tctgtccctg aagtcttgcc ctgcatagga accccccccc    124620
     ccattatccc taacccaact cccccccaca cacacagctt atctgttcat agggactgct    124680
     cagtcttgac tctcaaatat cagttactac ttttcttctg atccagcatc tttcccagcc    124740
     aatcagagtt ctccagcgct gcagggtaga gagaacctgt cccacagagg gaggtaccag    124800
     agagacccag gcctattggt catttttgga tgcctgaatc aagccaggcc tgaagccaga    124860
     aggagcctgt tcgggttgtt tgtatttaaa atgctctccc tagtttgaaa aagagccaca    124920
     gcccagaaaa aggatcaaga ctctccctcc tgtctgccaa cagctcctcc actaaggtgc    124980
     ggcacgtgaa cccccattca ttcagagtgt cgactaactt ggtctagtgc tgcggtcatg    125040
     tggcttcatg tgtgccatgt gtgtgccatg tatccgtcat gatgggaact atttggccat    125100
     agtcctctat tatatcaccc ctagctttta cagttgtact cacacacact tgcacaaaca    125160
     cacactcatg cacaactcca gtgcacacac ttccacaggg cacactcaca cacacaagca    125220
     tgtttgcaca cacttgagtg cacacactca tgcacgcatg cccgagtgtg acacactcac    125280
     acgcacaagt gcgtgtgcac acacatactt gcatgcacac acttgtgtgc acagacatac    125340
     acacttgcaa acgatgatcc ctgagccttg aggtgagggg aggcaggggc tgtgatacag    125400
     agctcttaga gctgagtaac ttactctccg cactctgaca agctgggagt cggtcggcca    125460
     cagcccacca ccagaagacg atgctctgat gagggtcgga agccgaactc atcctggata    125520
     taaaggtaac cggagggttg tgtgattgga tactctgtcc atttagcaaa atgatagggg    125580
     caggctctcc cctggggcct atccactccc tgtgagtcct tgacccagtt aacagttcta    125640
     ggcaggactt caaccttgag gctcacacct taaagctgat gaggaaggag tgggttgttc    125700
     cctacatagc cttcgtgcca ccattgtgcc cgggaggttg gaggggtgta tcttgccagg    125760
     ctggttgtag ctcacagagt tcaaagatgg gtaacaatga tggttagttt tcttccccag    125820
     agtccacatg gcacttcctg tcactctcag tagggaggac acctccgggt caggaccagc    125880
     ctgatttctc catgttgtgt cttcagcaat aaggtcgcag catcaagttc tgtgggcaac    125940
     caagagcaat ggcagtggcc tgcagtattt gattggggtg ggggtgtata tgggccctca    126000
     ctagccaaca aagtcaaagg gcctgatttc ccttttttaa ggctgaacgc gttccgtcat    126060
     gttcctagaa ctcagtagtt ttctcctgta ggaaggaggc tgcagttact tctgccctgg    126120
     ctgttgtgat aatcctgcag gggaggggaa cgcatgcatc tccaggtcct atttttccct    126180
     ttctgttctt ttgggtctgt atcctgaagt ggggtcaccg ctggctcctt tggtaattct    126240
     ctgtcgactc ttagaggaac ctcctgggtt ttcagtgccc agcaccgaga tgccagcatt    126300
     cctgcctcac aggcgaaata ccaagacact gatgctctgc actctgcctc acctccctcc    126360
     ctgcctgcct gacttccgca ctcctctccc acctctctca gttccagaac atgcccaagg    126420
     cagatccagc ccttcccaga ggcaggtggg ttcaccctca tctttctttc ctggttttac    126480
     accatgaccc tgaggtgagt tgggctaaac tctgggctct gctgtgcctg gatctgcctc    126540
     gctgtggcag cagagctcct ggtgactcct tgtgttcttc tcttggattc cccatttcca    126600
     tctgtactgg ctagttttgt gtcaacttga cacagctggg gttatcacag agaaaggagc    126660
     ttcagttaag gaaatgcctc catgagatcc aactctaagg cattttctca attagtaatc    126720
     aagggggaaa ggccccttgt gggtgggacc atctctgggc tggtagtctt gggttctata    126780
     agagagcagg ctgagcaagc caggggaggc aagccagtaa agaacatccc tccatggctt    126840
     ctgcatcagc tcctgctttc tgacctgctt gagttccagt cctgacttcc tttggtgatg    126900
     aaaagcaatg tggaagtgta agctgaataa accctttcct ccccaacttg cttcttggtc    126960
     atgatgtttg tgcaggaata gaaaccctga ctaagacaaa ttggtaccag cagagtgggg    127020
     tattcctgtg acaacctgac catgttttgg ggaggtctgt ggaaggactg gggagatggt    127080
     gcttctattg gttgagcctg tgccacagag cacacttgat tgataagcca cggagtaggg    127140
     ggcctggcac ttggtatctg aagttgtcta cggtgccatt tcttcaccag caaaaatgag    127200
     ggtactgaga actaagccac gacctctcca agggcttgta tgagctcatg ggggtgacat    127260
     agcctaacct ggcatgtcac tggtgataag gcaggaatct ttctgctgcc ctgtccccag    127320
     cttggcatag ccccaccaga gcctgagact ggcttgtata ggcccagccc cactccaccc    127380
     ctcctgccac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acactgagcc tctactatgg    127440
     gagtagttga cagctatctg caactcattc ccaagatcca agatgctaac tggcgagtgt    127500
     tcattctgaa gggcagtaaa tgtcagtctt gagaatttcg ttgatgtccc ccgcctgggc    127560
     tgattcagcg ggaatttggt gtcagggggc caggtttctg tgctgtggtg taccgttgcc    127620
     cctccccacg cccccccacc ccaaatccac actgagtcac acagctgctg ttcagccttt    127680
     attgacagca gacattcagc actacaccta cagagtcttg gcactacccg gacacggggt    127740
     cttcacactt aaactgcatg actttctgag ggcccggcac acagctgctg agcaaggctg    127800
     gccggctggg ctgggctgca ctgtctcagt ggggagacct gaaagatggc ccctgatgac    127860
     aagacctcac gctgccctta cagatggctg gcctgcctgc tgggtcttct gaacaacctg    127920
     gggttgtgaa ctctcaggca tggggtcaga catcaagatg gaaaagagca ggtggagggg    127980
     gcccccaccc ctctccccag tggcccacct gcctgtagaa ctctcacttg gaaaaatcag    128040
     tcacaggaca agagggtagt gtgaggacag acatagccaa gaagaggcag cgggcaccga    128100
     cagggcgcta cactggtgct acaaagagtg gtgagcgctc gagcccaagg ttcccatctt    128160
     cctgtttcat gtctctaacc tggcacagac aggtctctac tttttcctct tgtcttagca    128220
     ccacagtcct ccccaaactt gatgctatgg tacctcctct cccgtatatc cccaggagca    128280
     gatgtgagcc atgataaacc ccccaaaaaa gatctgtcct aataggaaaa tgatggggtg    128340
     ctacccagtc accaaagtgc tcgctcgctc tctgaatcac aggggtgggg gcgggggctg    128400
     cctgagcatg ctggagatgt gattcatgac tcggggtcac tagggagtta ggtttgctga    128460
     gcagtgggga gtctaacatg ggtctctttt tagggatctt agctggagtc acaataaata    128520
     taaataaatg tacacacagt ctcaatagca tggctctgga caccctagga gcaaggggca    128580
     gaagtctatg gcggaggtta atcatgtcac ttccaaggct gaccagggcc tttctccagc    128640
     tgtaggccat gctctgaggc atagtcagag gttcctctcc taggagaatg tgtgtgctca    128700
     gagtttcccc tcctgtgtct ccaggacaca ctactgtgtc ccaaggtggg ctctgccagg    128760
     agtcaggcta ttaagagccg ggtctcacca tggccatgcc tctgtctcaa gtcctgcaga    128820
     agatggggag gtagagggct tgccatcccc gccttgcttc tgttgagtgc cccaggagtg    128880
     tcctgtggca gcatgttggg gtgcaggagg aaccacaagc tgtcatttcc cccgtcagca    128940
     attggctcga gacacggtac agccaaggtg ccctttcttc caggccgaca gctcaaagca    129000
     gagcaatagg cttgttccct ggtgtaccca ggtactgcgc agagttggcc gctgatgggg    129060
     ccacaccgtc tgcggcagtg gagtaggcag catagagacc tgtcacctgc acatcaggga    129120
     aggactggtc actgttgcca gagacagggg tcaggcttgg ggctcccagg tcgcagccaa    129180
     gcggggagtc tccaaaggcc tccagcgtgt ctaggctgaa gctgtcctcc ttcatctctt    129240
     cccacaggtt accttgcaaa gacaaaagca tttgggtgag ccggcttagg gccaatcagc    129300
     cctgagttca aattccccct cttgggaaca gaagcaaaga cgatgtgagg tgttctcacg    129360
     gggcagagca gaagcagagg ctctgcccag gtcttccttc tgctgctgtg tgcccctggg    129420
     aaagccactt tagtctttga gccacaatgt aagacggaga tgatccaaac acccacatat    129480
     gagccacagt gcacagaagt gtttggttct cgctgggcag cagcctcagg atcagagcca    129540
     gggaggacag aggagcaggg ggatgggaca tgcctttcca cagctgtgac agacctgacc    129600
     gactcacctg ccatccggtt ctgttcccta gtgaggctag aacacagcag gcgcaggcgc    129660
     gctagggctc agatgggttg ggagcctttg ctgaagcaca cttgataccc tgcttggttc    129720
     ttggatgtgt ctgtattcat tgtctccccc tggactgact gaaggggccc ctgtgctgca    129780
     gtgtaacccc acctgactta gcgtgtgtaa cgttgaagca actactgact tctctttgct    129840
     ttagtgtcct tatcagcaga atgaagagga gatggcaggg ctttggcagg atgggacaag    129900
     atggtgtgta ggaagtgctt ggttggtatt cagcaggtgc tcatgaggtg ttaataggta    129960
     gggtggttgt catagtgatg atgtgcatag gcagaccact gccaccaggg ctcccatctc    130020
     tcccctccac cctgcccaac ccccacctcc tacacctcac cctgtagagc gaagtccatg    130080
     atgctggggt ccagggcgtc cacctctgtg ttcatgtcac tgttgatgtt gaggaagtcc    130140
     ccaggaaccc tacccatggc tggctgcggg agaggccctg ggctgagact gggtagggca    130200
     tgaagaggtg gggtctgtgc tggtgccggg gagtctgggg ccaggtgtgc ctggggctgg    130260
     agctggtggt gcagaggcac tgactgcagg gacagggtca tcagtggctt tggtgggagt    130320
     tgggagatgg ccaggcagct gtgggccatg gccaccgtgg tggcatgagt tagcatgggg    130380
     gctttaggct ctcctcgttt tccaggacgc cggcagcttt ccgggcggtc tgagatgagc    130440
     ttgtccaact cctctgcaga gaagtaggaa atgtgactca gaagtccctt ctgtcaccag    130500
     gtcctgagtc cctgtgccac cacccatatg aatatagcaa ctgtctgaga atctcggtct    130560
     cctcttccat gagatggtgt gatttggtct gtactgggtt gctatggaga tgtgatgcca    130620
     tcccaaacca ttaaaagacc tttaagaaac gggaggggag ctaccatgaa tccctaacag    130680
     cccttcccct ccagacagga cctcacagca cagacccatg accctatgac tttattttaa    130740
     ttcctaccag cccctgcaga gggggctgag gcagggacac aggtcccagg agacagctaa    130800
     atcattaatg attaaggaga tcaagccact ctgtgcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatg    130860
     ctaacactga aactcattgc tatgggctga atgggctccc ttctgtgaga acaaagagca    130920
     gaaatcactc tttttaaaag tatgtgcatg tgtgtacatg tgtttgtgtg tgcatgtgtt    130980
     tgtgtgtgca tgtgtatgtg tgtgcatgcg tatgtgtgtg catgtgtata tgtgtgcatg    131040
     tgtatgtgtg tgcatgtgta tatgtgtgca tgtgtatgtg tgtgcatgtg tgtgcatgta    131100
     tatgtgtgtg tatgtgtata tgtgtacatg agtgtatatg tgtgcatgtg tgtatatgag    131160
     tgcatgtgtg tttgtgtgtt tatgtgtgta tgtatgtgca tgtatatatg tgcatgtatg    131220
     catgtgcatg tatatgtgtg tgcatatatg catgtgcatg tatatgtgta tgcatgtgtg    131280
     tatgtgtgtg catatgtatg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtatatg tgtgtgcaca tgtacatatg    131340
     tgcatgtata ttatatgcat gtgtatgtgt gcatgtgcat gtgtattgtg tgcatgagtc    131400
     tgtgtgtgca tgcatgcgtg tgcaccacag agcacatgtc caggtctgaa tacgaccttg    131460
     tgacaaggtc tggtgttagc tcatgcatct ccactgccca ccttgcccaa ggagccccag    131520
     gattgctgat gcgcactgcc acaccccctt tacctggctt ctggggctca ggaccaaaca    131580
     ctgcaatgtg tgctttccca cccagcccca ggaatcactc aagttcgact gttccttact    131640
     gagccataag gcgcccagga gctagctgga ccactttaga gatgagaatc taggccagat    131700
     gacccaccca ggattccaca gcaagcttag accaaggcct gggaaccctg ggatgggtgt    131760
     cacacagttc cttctaacag tccctgctaa aacccctctc ccccttactg aatggagcat    131820
     tgttgcctcc catacccaca gggatgccac cccagggctg ctgagtgaga aaccagggac    131880
     agcagctttt tctatttctc tccattctcc cgtgctggct ggcttttaga ctggggcggg    131940
     gagccatgga aggctatgga ggtggcaggt gcgtatgcat gtgcacattc gtggtgggtc    132000
     ggggctcacc agggttggcc atgctgcggt gtatggcagc gaggtccttt cgtttccact    132060
     tgtgcatctc ctcctccatc ttgtcgatgc gagccaggtt cagggcccac aggcagccct    132120
     tgcgtgagga gccgctggac ttggtttcca ccttctcgaa gcacttgttc agggacaggt    132180
     tgtgcctcac ggagttcttc cagccgtcag gtgctgtctg cggggggtgg gggtggggaa    132240
     ggggaaatgg gtgcccggta gatgcctcag gtgacaccca cttagcgagt ctttccctgc    132300
     ctgagcacac tcacactcat gcctgtctgg gcaggacaca aggaattctg tctataaaag    132360
     ctgggaagac aagagggaag ggtggggact ggggcacaca gtagcccctg ccctggggtc    132420
     tgtagttggg ccacaattcc agggctttca gagtgtcttt tctcatctcc taatgggcag    132480
     ggtttagggg agactgatgc caaaggctat ggagctgccc agtaagtttg gtgcaaatca    132540
     cttttcttct ttccttcctt ccttctttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt    132600
     cctttaaaca tttatttatt tattttatgt atgtgagtac gctgtagctg tcttcagaca    132660
     caccagaaga gggcatcgga tcccattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg    132720
     gaattgaact caggacctct ggaagaacag tcagtgctct taaccgctga gccatctctc    132780
     ctgcctgcaa atcactttca aatgttcata attcattgcc cgataaccag ataccagtac    132840
     ccagctcacc caacccatgc gtccagcatt tctacctggg atagtgtcca ggcccgagat    132900
     cctgtgatcc ggacgcctgg ctgcttggtg gtctttgggg tttaaagttt gcaggctgac    132960
     taatggtcaa tcccactcct gccactcaca aggtctcctt aggtccttct gaactcgcca    133020
     gcaaaggctc ctgctgaagg tgggcttgac atcttgcttt ctggctcagt gctgaataac    133080
     tagcccggcc cctcccttcc tcacacccag aaatgcatga ggctctgctt cctctatccc    133140
     agcccagttc tattgcccat aaaactgcga ggctaagatg tggtgtggtg cagaggaagc    133200
     cagggagagg cggggtggct tcagcgcgcc accctggacc agagccctca ccttgaagta    133260
     ggggaagtgc tccttcatga agctgtagat ctcactcacg ggcaagctgc ctgttttgct    133320
     gttcttcaag gccatggcga tcagacagct ggggccagac gtggggatgg aaacaaggct    133380
     caggtcaggg acggacagcc tagggtcccc tcttgccatg ggttctgccc tgcttggtac    133440
     cagtccctcc atattcccag tgatagctcc ttattagcac ctttccatgc cctcctcccg    133500
     tgcctatccc cccgcccccc aatctcagct cagctacaac agtgagcaga gagatcccgt    133560
     ttgccttttg actccactcc catagccttt tattaaattt catccaagat gcttcctccc    133620
     aaagcctgag atacacactg ccatttctac gactgacttt taatctgaag aaagaccaag    133680
     ccatatagtt taaggccatg gacaaccaat atttgataca aagttgccag tccctcccaa    133740
     gagtggatcc tacctgggga caactccctt cagagtcagc tcacacttcc tgtctgtcta    133800
     agatgcccca aaggcggccc ttttgcttcc ccctgggcag ttggatctca cctgtaggag    133860
     tagatgggct tggggtagtg tttggggtgt ggctcctgag acgcatgcat tgccccgtgg    133920
     gcctgtgggt aggaaggccg agccgaaaac ggagaaccat agaggccggc aggagggcac    133980
     ttcgcagaga gaagagggcc gtgagacaat cagatgtaag ccataaaccc tagcccagtt    134040
     tcctgtgtcc ccagcaagaa tgtgtaggca aagagggcat cttgtcccca ggagcctgag    134100
     tggtatatta gggcccaaaa ggttggtaca agaggctaga gtggtggctc agcggttaag    134160
     agcactgact gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcacccaca tggttgctca    134220
     caaccatctg taatgagatc tgatgcctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag tgatagtgta    134280
     ctcacataca taaaataaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaaagt tggtacaagt gatattccag    134340
     gatatttcgt ttccaagcct acggtacctg ctgggacccc agaggcagag ggaacgggat    134400
     ttgggtagct ggggagtaca gctgtggcat ttcctggagg cccgatgatg cctggcctcc    134460
     tgcagggaac tggttcatct gctcagcctg gagagagtga gacagcatga gacagaaggt    134520
     cagggacgga cggacagaca ccctcctttt ttccccagcc acgcagtggc acttacgctg    134580
     gctctgtggt tgcctatagg gctcaagccc agcacacccc tggggaccac ggcagtctgg    134640
     ctgcggcgga gcaggggacg tggggccgca cccacatgca ggtctgctgt cccagccaag    134700
     gcacctgtag gaggaaggca cagagaagcc actctgctgg aaatggtggc cacagtggag    134760
     aaggtccgtc acacatccct ggagtatggg ggccaccgtc caccccagga ccaggcaggc    134820
     aggaagtgct tcctggaatg tggtacataa tagtgcggag cctgtaacct gtgtaacctg    134880
     gccaacctca gcgtctccat ttctaattac cccttacctg tttacaaagt tgtgatggtt    134940
     aaattggagt actacctacc gagtgcctaa taaaaatctc tattaatgtg agctgatggc    135000
     aatggtgatg atagattagt ttggttcttg tgctttatga attaaaatgt taatttagca    135060
     ttcatctcct caaaagcttc atggctcctt ggggtctcta gattaacata caagtgcttt    135120
     gtccccctct tcctcctgga agctctgcta gtcagcctgc caaagattag gccaagaata    135180
     gcagatgtac atctgcttcc tgtgctgggc ctgtgacaga catcactaat ccatcacaga    135240
     ttctcattgc accatttcta atcaaggaaa aatgacctgc cacatgctgc cttacttttc    135300
     caagtatcaa acttcaactg ctttaagatg cctcctgtat ggaccattgg caatacccca    135360
     taagaatagc tctctttact ttccctgcag ataaggaaac tgcagactgg aggggcaggc    135420
     acatcccaat gctgcataac tgtcttccag ggctctagat tagagttaga aaacttaatc    135480
     agcaggccaa acctagccca tagcccgatt tgtcaataaa gttttattgg cacacagcca    135540
     tatctattcg tttacataca gtatgtggct gatttttcac tgtaaatatc aatactgaat    135600
     agtttggatc tagactttat gaatttaaaa aatctaaaat atctttttcc agcaaaggca    135660
     ctgtaattcc agcactctgg aggctgaggc aggaggatct ggaattcaaa gccagcctgt    135720
     gatagttaag aagaccctgt ctcaaaagca aacgagccag gcagtggtgg cacacgcctt    135780
     taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctgatc    135840
     tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct gcacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaagccaa    135900
     ataaataaat gaataataaa taaataaata aataaataaa tatttcctca tccttcatgg    135960
     aagatgtaag tcagtcactg tggacattgg gacactgatg tccacctctg tcctggcctt    136020
     gtgtagcagt gacatctcag tcacatcact ttccgtcagc gctgacttca gtctactctc    136080
     tttgatgaca gctccctgtc acttacggag cacctacgaa gtccgggatt ctctcagaac    136140
     cttctagaac agagggcagt acacatgttt tctaaagggt cagacagcaa aggcttttca    136200
     gccttgccag tcacatggtc tgctgtctcc atgttcttac cgtcctcaga aaatctaaac    136260
     cccactctta gctcgtgtaa ggacgggcct cagcttgcat ttggcccaat gcgagtttgc    136320
     taacagtgtg aggtgtttga caagtcccag ggtgtcttct tccccggggc tgggtatatc    136380
     attaaggtat atggacatgc ccccagaaag aggagactcc tcccacttta caggtatgga    136440
     cagagaggcc agagagacag aaggacctcc ctgtggcagg gctggggtcg cctcctcccc    136500
     ttcaacctac ctgggtgtgg atgtgtcaca cctgaactgc ccaggtctat ccgcccattt    136560
     gccatctgct gcagtcgagg cacgtccacg gccgtgagcc aggacagcga ctgaaggtcc    136620
     ccagggaggt cgtcgtcacc cacgggaggc agaaacctgt tccaaaaacc agaatctcag    136680
     aatcaaaaag ttactgagcc atgataccac catggaaaac ctcacatcgg ggatcatctg    136740
     agggggggtc gccgtaaacc ccttcacgct gtggtgtgtg acacacgaga gacccgtatt    136800
     ctccagtccc tccgcaaata tggctccctg catgtacctg gaacactccc caaacctcca    136860
     cattgaaatt caaaacactt cttttggata aggtatatgc ttagtgtgtc cctttcatat    136920
     gtggtaaact gagacttagc acaatgagtc acttgatcaa ggtcatgtag cacaggaagt    136980
     gggggtccag gagcaggtga cacagcttgc agccagggat cttcctcatg acccaggcag    137040
     ctctgggagc ctcatcaggc ataccactga ccagcaggct aacacacaca cacacacaca    137100
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cgtcaatgca cagctttctg cagcaagaga    137160
     aaggctgtgc ccaacaagac cccaactggg gagatgacac tggtatccct gaagttccat    137220
     gtgccgtgtg gccaacagct ttgtgacagg accttgtgtc tgctgtctgg gatgcccata    137280
     ccgtatccga gtaccatctc gtctgtacca aagtctatcc actctgttgc caattggtca    137340
     ctgcttacat cccccacact tgagctcaaa ccagtgtgtg acagggtctc agagaggagc    137400
     aagggggagc ttgtacccta gaacctcagc ctctaagtcc ctcctgcacc tgtggggttt    137460
     cccatgtggc ctgccgtccc tctgcctggc atctccgagc tcccatactc tctcctccca    137520
     tctctgctct ctgtccttag agcagcagtc agcagcatca ccatgaccac cactgctcag    137580
     tcatcacagg tctgggccct ccgctcacga agccagtatc aggtgactat gagctgcctc    137640
     gcccattggt tgcctcatag gaaaacaggg cctggacatg actggtaact agctggctgg    137700
     tgtcagtggc aacagttggc caagctgctg tcccccagtg gcccattgtg ccacaaacga    137760
     ctgttgcccc tgcggcacgt ggcccccatt gttctaaatc tcaatgccat cggttctgtg    137820
     tttcctcgtg gccacccctt tggcctgctt acaactcatc catctgagtg acagtcctgg    137880
     ccctggcctg gcccatgcca tctgtcccct agcctccctg gagactatgg tgaacagggg    137940
     aggggctggc cccactctct ctcctagcgg agattaaggg tagacagagc cagcagacac    138000
     gaagaccgca gccaccaacc actcccactt accgagatgc ccttaattaa agtcagaccc    138060
     tgaggggtgt gttgtctcca ctttacatat ggagaaactg agtccctgac ggtcctatcc    138120
     tgcttcccat agagtgagac ctgccagaga gaattcttaa tggtgcttca aggtggtggg    138180
     tggtggggtg gcgttgttgc tgttctgatg gtggctccac ttccccagca tccctcagtc    138240
     caccagatac tcagcacccc cacatgctgc ctgtgttttt gctgtcccct acctgcctgg    138300
     ccttccttct ccttctcaca aggcgacagc cacactgggg tctccgtctt aaccatcgaa    138360
     tgagacagtg cacagtcacc tttagtgcaa gcggggcctg ttgtctattc ttggggtttg    138420
     ctgtcacttc gggggtctgt ggtcttcctg ccttggccat gcagaagaat gtctgtcttg    138480
     tgtgccagcc ccgcttggcc ctgccaaccc cactgtgctc ctgtgatgga gcacgggctt    138540
     gaagccctgt tccctcctcc cttttccata cagggaccgg ggactggggc atgggagggc    138600
     aagggagtat ggactctcct cactgtccag tccaggagct caccaaggca ctcctctcca    138660
     cagctgcaca gggctcacca acttgtgcat ctccccatcc agaaggcacc cccacacagc    138720
     cttgcttcct cccagtgcct catagactgt aaactctggg tccaggacat cgctacagga    138780
     aagactcagg atttcaggaa ctatcctggt ttcctgccac cggccctcag aacaacattt    138840
     aacgcccaac cttggttttc cagtctgggt gtggatgaga ataaaggtga agacacctca    138900
     gataccccag aaatggtttc tagggtggag gagaggtagt ttgagatgtc tcctgccatc    138960
     atgagaggga gagacagata gacagagcct atgacagtgt tcacagtaac tttgccctct    139020
     atgggacact tgcaaaggca gtaaaagtct ggactgatcc tggggccttg caagcctgtt    139080
     ccactcactg tctgtccttg tgttcttcag tgaggagaaa ccctggggtg accacatccc    139140
     caatgcccac atgcctgtga tcagctcttc ccaccaggac ccctcccccc actctccttt    139200
     ctgtgtcttg tctgtcactg cgactgacag gctctgtggt gaagtcctgg cttcatcctt    139260
     tctgctggat gatgtcgcgc acttctgatc ctttctaggc ctaggtttcc acatctgcat    139320
     aatggggata acagccatag aggcagagca ccccttccct cctctacacc ccacagaccc    139380
     gtctccttcc cacataatcg ctatccctca cctgactgcc cacggaacag ctgtccatca    139440
     ccgtacagac ttcctgcaga tgccactcgg gcgcctgtgt ctgatgctca ccccatgccc    139500
     aggtgactcc cacgcaccat gcactgggga ctggtgtcgc cctctggctg actgagtggt    139560
     ctggctctga ccaatgagcc atggctccta agggcttcag ggacgccatg ggtggatatc    139620
     actgccacgg ccttcaatga cctcagctgt ggcttcttgg ggccccgagc cttctgttcg    139680
     ctcatggtgt aagccttgcc attttttccc tgtgcctctc tctgttaggc acccatttct    139740
     ctgatccttg ctagtccgtc tctcattgtc tacaagcctc tgttccttga gccctgctag    139800
     tgtccccagc aggcaccacc caggtttctg aggaccccga gggtcaggag gatcaacaag    139860
     aataagacag gcgctgaacc tcctactggg tgcaagtggc cccaggagcc cctactactg    139920
     aagcaagggg ctttgtctcc tctacaggaa gagtcacaga gcccagcaca ggtctctgta    139980
     catagtaggc attcaataat cacaaatgta ccctactttc ctgatgttca accctcactc    140040
     tcttggggcc cagcatgggt agaaaactca ggtattcccc gtggctacag ctcgccttgc    140100
     tcagagaatc tgagtgggcc tggggatagc ctgagcatac aaaggggcta gcctggggag    140160
     gtaggaggga tagcctgagc aagcatgggg ctagcctgag caaataggac tagcttgggc    140220
     atgcagaggg ctagcctaag catataaggg ctagctgagc aagctgatta aagcactggt    140280
     tcaggggtcc ctggcatgac ccctaacagt gcatccttct tagaccctgg ggatttatca    140340
     ttcactggag ttatcattaa ttaaagggct cccagggctc ccctaattca gcgagccctc    140400
     caaatatcac atctctccat tcacacataa caccaggcac actgtttctt actgacctcc    140460
     acaccaccca gacccctctc aattagagaa ggtgggggtc aaacctgatt cgaaccccac    140520
     acacccagac tctcagtatc catgagtctt gtctgtgagt gtctacctct ctgtgcctta    140580
     gtttacctgg ctgtaaaatg ggcatcctca tgccgcaccc tgtctctcag gcctggtgaa    140640
     gatcagatgg cagaggagag aggcacttcc tgcaactgag ggtgctcatg ggactggttc    140700
     accctcagag gagtatggac tcagcatgaa tcggagtcca cgaacactgt ctaggcctca    140760
     ggggatccac acatacccca aacgggcaag ctgacttttc ttacatctaa gcaggtaggc    140820
     ttcttaactg accctggatg gccaaggagg agagcctgtg gtatggccac atatcctgtg    140880
     gtccttcagt ctgcatctcc caagtcccct ggccgctagg aggaggtcat ctctgaccct    140940
     cagctcacag acagtgtgcc tggggggcat gggcaggctg gctgtggggc taagctgaag    141000
     gagagaccct tgctctgcag cctctctcgt ggtcactctg cccgcttggc tgaaacaatc    141060
     caggacgtgt cggggaaggg cacagcctca tcacgaaact gttgaaaagg attgtgttgc    141120
     tggggtcccc atggtgacac agtctcagtc aagggacact ttgggaaatc tgagctggtt    141180
     ctcctggctg ggggtggaag ggaacgggga gagggttcta gactcacacc tcatcagcct    141240
     gcacacgggc tgtctcctca gctgtacgct cctagcacac tcactctggc tctttccgag    141300
     tctgctgctt agagtcacca agctggtcca gccctgcggg tcctccccat gagggccgcc    141360
     atcattctgg caatgtgtcc acaggtttct agcctcctgt tgtgtaagga taaggcctaa    141420
     caaggctgtg tgttagccgg gcagtggtgg cgcatgcctt tagtcccagc acttgagagg    141480
     cagagacagg cagatttctg agtttgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccagggc    141540
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct cagaaaaaag aagaaggctg tgtgttcaac accctgtaga    141600
     catctcttat ataccttctc atgtgggaaa gagaggcagg aaaacacctt cctcagtctc    141660
     tactgccaac ccagctccta accatgcttc ctccaggaag ccctcccaaa ccatctcagt    141720
     gtctctgaat tctgacctgc ccctaacatt gatgctgtgg ttacaacatc aacagctgga    141780
     gaatctcctg cggatttcca ggaacaccta ctcccttcta gctgctaaat gcctagatga    141840
     caagatacac tgactcagcc tgccgttcct tcacaggaca aatatttgcc caccgaggtg    141900
     gaccggactc cacggtgctg ttccgtgccg ctgctgatca ctcatgtgct gaaaagccca    141960
     gtgggtaccc agtgaggctg aacccgtgcc cgtgtggctg cggttcctgt cggaatctct    142020
     atcccacatg gtgggcagag ctggcactgc cagcatgcag gagaaggcac agcctgtttg    142080
     agctcagatc tcacccctac gtctttgtag ctgtgtcact tgggccagtc ggttctctcc    142140
     cttctctgtg cctcagtttc cccataaaga aaatggagtc gtgattctca ctgcagggca    142200
     gacatgagac tagggaggga ggactcagag acacaacatt gtgtgctcca gccacgttct    142260
     taacttcgca ctgtgccttc tgctcctccc ttggatgagc cccagaaggg gtgtgccagc    142320
     aaacactgga gggagggatg cagagccacc aagagatctt caggacaagg aggtgccccg    142380
     ccctcctggg ctgtggttgg tgagaaactg taacagttcc acaaaccgtt cttgtctcca    142440
     ggattaagcc tttgagggct gtgtttaccc agctaacatg ttctttgtga tacctctcag    142500
     agtggttcac ggggcggggg gagggggggt aaggggggag acagttaaat gctacttagc    142560
     acgcttagaa attccctgca agacagagtg ggtataccat gaaatgatgt gatttgtggg    142620
     gagaagggag tgttgttacc atctagaaca atagctgaca tgggagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    142680
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcattttgc ccggggtagc atgactgaac acctctcttc    142740
     cttgtctata cagtagctag gatgctaatc aatattctga cctcaaaaat ggaggctgcg    142800
     aagacgttag ttcccctgta agtctaccct ggaggttaca gctggtgggt ggtgcctccc    142860
     ttaagaggtt cgatgttgca cctcacacgg cgaggggcgt ttgaaccatt tcccatcact    142920
     aggcaggatc tgtctgcttg cccatctatc cagctaatgc tgaactagcc ggtctctgcc    142980
     tggcactgtg gttcactgaa ggaaaccaca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    143040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaatggg ggggatgtgg gaggagagct tctctttcca ggatctcttc    143100
     cttctttagg gcagaccctg acattttggg aagttaacga acagggcaag gactctccgt    143160
     ggaataccac gggagcaggt gtgggctgga gaacacgcca acaggccttc ccttgctcaa    143220
     ctccccctct ggagaacagg tgccgtgtct gacctcttgg aactgagctc caaaatagga    143280
     ggcaactgct cagaatttct tgttctcctg cctctcccca cacctacgcc tgtgggcaag    143340
     caaggtctct agactgtctc ctcatctgca gatggagttg aagccggggt cattgctgtc    143400
     aggaagacag gaagaccaca cttgctggaa ctgagcaagc acttagcacc tagtaccaag    143460
     caggtactta agaactactc cctgacattc tgggagagga agctaagaag aaacccagtt    143520
     aaagctgttg gagctcgagg ctgctcgctc tgggagagag ccacagatac tggtgactca    143580
     ctctggtgtc agcccctagg aagagagaga ggtgactgct ctccctgtca gggcctctgc    143640
     cactgacccc tgacagctgc cccagaactg ggcggttggc tgcaaccagc aacgccctcc    143700
     tggaacgtgg gctttgaaag ttaactaacg gctaaactag ccccaggggg gctggagcac    143760
     ccggcagctg ctctggtggc ctgtatgggg agccccagcg gtggctggac tcgtagccta    143820
     caggattcaa tcctccgagc agtccccaga gacgcaggag agccaatgag cagccgtaaa    143880
     cctctcctga gctattattc tgggagaaaa atgggagtgt tgaaagtaaa tatgaagttt    143940
     cccttccagg aacaagtgcc cttctgggct ggctgaacgc cttccccact gcaggcacaa    144000
     aacccccatg gccagcctgt tgattggttt tcagagattt catttcacag agtggatcag    144060
     agagggcaat aacttgtctg ggggtcacac agtggtgagg taatgtgtga cctttaccgg    144120
     gagggagatg cgggtgagac tagagtctct atgatctcgg ggtatgtggc aatttcaggt    144180
     ttgaggactc tgaagcattg actctggcta atccctggat tcattccctt gccagattgt    144240
     cacaggaatg ctgcagctcc cagaatggtt tgggggcagc tggtcaccac ttatcctgag    144300
     agtcaccatt tataccgcaa gaggtggcag tctgaggcaa agggccccca gcagttgcag    144360
     caaaggttaa ggccgtctgg atgctttagc tattcaacac attgtggcaa aggtatgcca    144420
     gggtccaggc acctccggat ccagtactga tagcatgggg ccttcgtcca gtccagagtc    144480
     accggctggt tagtgagcag aatacacctg ccattcccta aggatgctct ctgtctgccc    144540
     ttccctggtg ttagagccag gcagtgctgc aggcagtttc tggttggctc tggcctggac    144600
     atgtagccca gccttctggg agccttcatt gggtggcaga tgggcgggca tccggattcg    144660
     gggatcccac cccacactcg ccgcaggctc tctgtggttc tgactcccac acattccaac    144720
     atggctacgt tggaagcatc gacaacaaaa ctagttaagc agcctgttaa aactagttta    144780
     aactagttag aagtcagcca gctttgccgt gaatcccttg gcagcctaag tgtgcccgtt    144840
     tataattttc atttttattt ttttatcttg tttttggggg gcaccgaaga cagtcatata    144900
     tcacagcacg tgtgtggagg tcagaggaca tcttggggag tcacgtcccc cttcctgtct    144960
     tttacaaggg tcccagggat cgaactcggt tcaccaggct cgcatcacaa gcgcctttac    145020
     ccactgagcc atcgcactga ctacagtaaa gctaccctgg gaacatgtca ggcctgctgg    145080
     gtatctgtta attttagggt agtttctctt ctccactgta ttaaaccaat gatgcttcag    145140
     atcaccacac taccagcaag tagctgagtc agacatggct gctcagttgc catagcaacc    145200
     ccattacccc atcctggggc catttagctc cattttacag ataaagaaac tgaggtttaa    145260
     caagtgccac acagccagag aagccaggtt tacccaagct ggagatgctc atgcagcctt    145320
     cagccttcac ttatagcaag aaggaagccc agaggaccta gggttgggta aggctggcct    145380
     cagtttctac acctgagtga tgggctcagc agaggccagg aatgatgggt acggtaactg    145440
     cttttgcacc tgggtcaggt gctacacaca cagacacacg gaaacacaag ggcacacgca    145500
     ccaccaccac cccaataaga taaacccagc tgtttgaatc cttggctcct ttgtgtctag    145560
     aacagcagcc ttcttctaat tggaggctgc ctgcggcctc gggaggcacg gctggggctg    145620
     cagtgggagc ccgagccaga cagcccctgg gtaaacaggg ctgatctgag gtgacagcct    145680
     ggctttcccg gggcagcccc catcgtggcc ccactactca gccaagacat ggtgctggtt    145740
     ttagggccct gggaaccagg tcaggccact ccatctcaag gaagagaggc tagtagggga    145800
     ccctgtgacc ttccttctcc tcccccctcc ctccccgagt ctctgtgtgc tctgctctgg    145860
     gcttcagttc tcccacctgt aaagaaggtt ttgtttgggt ttggtttttg gctgaaaccc    145920
     ctaatgtctt tccacaaaga gggaagttcc ataaggctcc cccacattcc cctgaacttt    145980
     gatcctgctg caagaaccat tcttgggctt cactttgagg cttgttggcc ctttggactc    146040
     caaaagagac cctgaggtca tctaaatcac ggccccattt atttatacga ggagaaaacc    146100
     aggtccagag tgggcaaagg actagctaaa agtcacacag ctgggctaag aactcacagt    146160
     tgtgacctac aaccttgcaa catcctgagt gctttggggc acggtggggt ggggaccatt    146220
     tcctagaacc cttgctggag tcactggatg gggagcaata gctgctgggg tcaccaggct    146280
     gcccatagtc tgtgacccac gagagataca cccttagagg ggacacaaaa ctgcagagag    146340
     ctgctcactc caaagctcac acttcgtagc tcacagacaa ggcaggcgcg cccccaccag    146400
     cacggagcct gggcctcctc acctgtattc ctgtggagag cgcccccacc agcacggagc    146460
     cagggcctcc tcacctgtat tcctgtggag agcagtggtg gctgtgcccc gagcttctga    146520
     tcatttctga cattctggac caaatgccac tttctatcat ttccttaggg atgaaaaaaa    146580
     aaagttaaaa aagaaaaagt ttccatcagc actgatgtag ggcagagacc cccagtttcc    146640
     cacagttcag aagcgaccca aaagggtcac aattgcagga caatcccgag gccggggggg    146700
     ggggggggcg gggagggcag gaggttaaga actaaggacg gacagtgagt gaaattccaa    146760
     gttctttcaa attcaaggag aagaaggggg agggggagcc cctaaatgga agcgccaagc    146820
     tttggaaaac ccaggccaaa tagaaatcgg aagaactcca ttcggttcca agccgcaatc    146880
     cccaccacta ttctgctatg aacggcctgg aaatgaagag atcatcaaag cggggcttga    146940
     tggggccagg ggaaccatcc ccgcccggtc tctcgccttg gaaggagacc ccacacaggt    147000
     gctggaaaat cagttcacgc actgcaccac ccacccggcc acccacaaac gcgacattaa    147060
     ataagactcg gggaggggga cacccctaaa tcctctaagc caagcttgaa gcaggtgtgg    147120
     gaagcctcct gccctggtga agcccccgtg gttccgacgg ggcgcgcagc ccgggcagca    147180
     ccgtggtacc tggagcaggt cctgggttgg ctggctgggg gcgggtggcg ctgcggtagg    147240
     gggggactcc ctttcgctcg cccctcgctg tctgcaattt ggccaccgtc gcagctcgat    147300
     ccgtttttaa atttccctct ctggagctgt ccaactctga gcatgcgcag tagacgtgcc    147360
     gggttgttgg gggtcctttc ccctcctttt ccctaagggt cagttacagg gcagggtcaa    147420
     ggagatttca gcgggcgggc cccagcaagt cagcctcgtg cgccccgcgg ctcccggccc    147480
     tggggtgggg cggtcaccga gggagagaca ccccttttcc aactttgcaa acaggcgagc    147540
     tgaatgatgg gcaggactga gatgtagatg ctgcagggga cctgggggcg gggggggggg    147600
     gtgggcggag gagcgagagg cgcacgcaca gaaccagtcc cccaccccca cctcctaccc    147660
     ctacacacac ccagggaatg cgcccgggcc acctgtggct ccgagaaagt tgagcccgcg    147720
     ctacgccggg ggccgcgaca aggtccagga gcgcagaggg gagtgcggct gcgccctgaa    147780
     cgccgaaggc cgttggggac cgtgacccgc tctggctccc gcgttgctct gggctcctcc    147840
     ccgctctcgc cgcgggaaag gtggcgcgta gcacgggctg cccgggacag gaccccgcaa    147900
     cttcatagct cgctctgcag ctcgctccag tggtcaaagg ctgcgggggg cctctccacc    147960
     tgggatgtcc ctggccccgt gcccccatcc catccctcct cctcccgggt ctcctcggct    148020
     tcgtatgggg cccagggatc ctgatgccca ccgggcagct acatccagcc tgcccctgcc    148080
     cagccaaccc cggctgtgtc ccacgctggg tgtccctcac tgtgacccgg gaacccttaa    148140
     gttcaggcag aactcaggct tccagcgctg ggtgccgggt actcagcact ccgtgccatg    148200
     cccccaggtg gttatgacct cagtgctcgg ccagggcttc cttgtggcac ctgggcaccc    148260
     tcacttcctt ctcctctgcc agagtaatac gtaaaccggt cacctggggc ttgagttcac    148320
     ccgggagaaa cgtagattat attgatccag gctgtggttg gggaacgcct cagttttcct    148380
     cttcccgact gactatgttt aaaatctgac ttgggctagt cacaaagatg gatgaaatac    148440
     ttcacacggt ctgtgttact ttgaacgtcc ccggatgctc caggactaat tcacctgttt    148500
     ggttatccca agcgtttgtg ggtgttttaa cttccctttg aaataatcct actttccatt    148560
     aagattggat aggggtcctg ggcttgtggg gcagcgggga ggcggggagg ctctttgttg    148620
     aggggtgggg agttctgtgt tcccaaagct ggagtggtca ttaacgatga agcctgtaaa    148680
     ctgttataga aaggaaggcc gggggtcggg ggggtggggg gggagggaga gactactacc    148740
     tttgacttct ctgggttttg gctagggact ttttttttta aagagtagag attttgagtt    148800
     cattgcttga ggattagtta gtagaaataa tgatgcccag acaccactgc tagatattca    148860
     gaaacctctt tattagactg acatatccgc actgtggtgt ctctgctttc agtcacctgg    148920
     tgacactgga accttggcag cggtgctatt attctctata gagcacgtag gggccaactg    148980
     tgcaatcaag gcacctgctc tgacgacact cgacactcgt cttgagtcat gggtgaccag    149040
     cactagcctg cttcccagtt aaatgacaaa ggactcagtt cacctgttcc cacagctccc    149100
     agtgtgaaga ggggaccccc cacccccaag cctcaggcaa ggtctgattt tgcagccaca    149160
     caagattctt ctctagcaag agcccccacg gggcctaaca aaagccagtc aggggcggtt    149220
     gccttaggaa ctgggtaggt ggtttttgtt tgtcctaata gggtgtgtgt gtgtgggggg    149280
     ggttgatggt cagttctcag taggcttggg gtacctgtgg atggggagaa agcatttgtc    149340
     cctgctgtga ctgtgaggtc tacaggagct gaggacattt aatttatccc aagaagtgtg    149400
     tttagacagc attctcactg aacaaccaac aaaaccaact tgccggcaaa gtcaaagcag    149460
     gttttcttta tttgagaagt tcaattttat tacaagtcac ccacgagcag ctctccttgc    149520
     ttctcccttg ctaactgttc tgatcccttc gtcgaggagg acccagggac agtgaggacg    149580
     gacggacgat ctgatccgca gcatcaggac cgattctctc ttcccaacca ggagctgccc    149640
     gagctgctca gccccactga actgcagggc gtgtctgtga acagaatcac taagatcttt    149700
     ctttacccag aaccgcccag ggtcacagcc cctggctggg tcatgcactg cacaggatgg    149760
     gccttcgagg gtcggggtat atttttcctg gctttgtcag ctgctggaag caaaaaccgc    149820
     ttaggtgatg tgagacattt ctcaagggta acacaatagt caatttcccc ttcaacatgc    149880
     gaccgtggca gcggtttctg attctggttt cttaaggttc agggagacca cggacaactg    149940
     tgtgaatgaa attcctgaac actgaagcaa cgggctcttt ctgggggaga cgtggggggc    150000
     tcttgtctct tttgctcctt tggctgacct gtgcaccaga gcagcgcatg gagggcctgc    150060
     tgctgctacc cgcagttcct tatttctgtc tttatgaagt cctgctgtct ccacctagac    150120
     tcagctcggt ggctgtccta tatacatctc ataaaaaagg cagaggttca tttataaaga    150180
     tcaatcctgt tagggaacgg ggttcggaaa agcacgtggg acaaaccaca ggaccttctg    150240
     tttgctttct ccgtttagca tgacctcatt tgactttgtc gccattatca acttgtccga    150300
     ggattcctgt gtggtctttt tttctctttg ggatgtattt cttttgagat tttctccccc    150360
     tttggaatct aaagaacaaa atgggggagg agtgggcttt tccttttaga acttgaaaaa    150420
     aggtattaaa atcatggagt tgagtgtttc aaggactctt ttagtcagcc taaactctca    150480
     ggcttctggc aaccctggac tgtgtctgag ctagcctgag ctatgacaca gcagccgaga    150540
     gactcacagg ctggaaaagg gtcagctcag accctgcagt tcagcaccaa gtccacgcaa    150600
     ggcttggcag cagattcccc cagacagaca gagaggagac cagagtaaag gcttcggaga    150660
     atgaacttca cattgtaact tcagcgaata tagtcttggt cgtgataacg cccaaagcac    150720
     cgagcagtta ccctattcgg cttaacctta gaagggtgaa ttaaataaca ccgaaactgt    150780
     aaaagggtgt ctccattcaa aacagcctca ccttggccgt ctcttggtgg ctattactaa    150840
     atgaacgtct ccattaacgt ctgttaagtg gcagtcatta ggccctgtaa gccagcttct    150900
     gaggcacctt ccaaatctct acaggcatga tgggtttgtg tggtataatc ttagcttgaa    150960
     gcattttgag ggcgggagta acatgtcttg tcatctccag cacggcggct taggcggttt    151020
     agccctcctt tcccagcatt tcctgaaaga gcttccacca tcagcttgca ggctgaaggg    151080
     gcaggacctg atgcctctca ggcacttggt ggtgaaggct gggtttccag gtggctctgc    151140
     aggatgagcc tcccagatag aggcagcgat cgatcgatcg atcagcatgt ttgttttgag    151200
     aaggaactca accttgtcga ccaataaaat tgggttttca ctgaagtggg tgggaagccg    151260
     gaagctagct ccttcggggt gatgtcacca tagttccatg ctattgatat cctctgggtt    151320
     ctcaccctca agtctcatca ggagatgaca tttcgtcatc agttgcgggg acaactgtct    151380
     tgcttctgaa ttccgtaact ggtttcatgt agacagtgta tctacatggt gatttttttt    151440
     tttttttttg ttctcttcac catgtgggtc ttggaaatca aattcacaga gtcaggcttg    151500
     gcctcaacta tgctattacc cactgagcca tcttgccagc cctaaatgtg tgctccctct    151560
     ttgtttctgt ctctatctat gtgtctcctg gctcctcccc cccatccctc tctctggctc    151620
     aggctcagtc agtctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctccacc catcccccct    151680
     ttttccgtcc agtgatgccc caagtactct gtcccttttc tgggtcttct tgaggagacc    151740
     acagtactat acatttgcac tcatctgtga cagagagaga gagttctgag ctgaatctct    151800
     gcagattttg ctatgtcgca tctttctagt tgacagtgtc tgggcacggt gaacaggtgc    151860
     tatgtcaccc gtctcctgcc accctctctg cacaggtggc ttctgacagg caggacaacc    151920
     tcagcctctt tcttatggcc gtggctcaag cctgggcaga tgagctgttg ctgatgcaga    151980
     tacgtgtggg gtggggtagg gtcagtgggg tggggtgagg ggagtctctg ctcccagccc    152040
     ctccctgcag agggagcacc gtgtcctcat caggtgggtg tgacttatag aaatggatcc    152100
     aagaggacct tctgcaagcc actttacaac acagtcacat gaccgcatct ctcatgctag    152160
     ccacttggtc tgtgaaagta aacatttgaa catatcacag acagttgagg aaaataatat    152220
     ttgtatgcac aagccgctta aatagaaagt gggaaccaag ggagcgtctg aaaacaccct    152280
     ccactggcat tcttgttctg ctgagatctg aagtacttag accagctgtt ctgaacctga    152340
     gaagcaaaac ccctttgggg gggtcgaata tcagacatcc tgcatatcag atatttacat    152400
     tgcaattcat aacagtagaa gaattatagt tatgaaataa acttatggtt tggggaccgc    152460
     cacaacacga ggaactgtgt taaaaggctg cagcattagg aaggttgaga cccactgatg    152520
     tggatagtgt tgtaacttct gggacagtgg agacaggtat ggtttatgaa aagaaatgca    152580
     tctttttcct gccagcagtc agatcttttt taatatcaca gactaatttg gggactggtt    152640
     tgacccccca tacatggaac aacctcaaac ggagtttgaa gatctgctca aaatgctctc    152700
     tcaagcctta aagcacatct tggtctggca gtgctcccct gtaacaaaga gtcctttcaa    152760
     taccagcctg ttcccaaggt tctagactgc gctgtttgta tcttttccca tttgtttcca    152820
     aagtgaaggt aaatagtagc atgggaactg tttgcatgta gcaccaggta gcatgggaac    152880
     tgtttgcatg tagcactggt tagcatggga actctttgca tgtcgcactg ggcagcctcc    152940
     tctttattgc aaagtagcag tccccggctg tttgttttag aagtggtaat gtcccattgt    153000
     aacaaattat acttaaaaat catttagtgt gaaattgcag attaatccca cagggaccgg    153060
     gtattaacaa tcccccagcc ctttggagca tacagatggt gaatctggag tttacaatgg    153120
     gaacaatcgc tgattacatg catgggtgta acggactaaa aagacctccc catctcaggc    153180
     tggagaatat ggagggggtc ctagtgcctg acctgtttga gacactccag tcccttagaa    153240
     tgtcggcttt atctcctact ccacgggtgg attctacagc tgttctgtgt cctctgaagt    153300
     ctttccagtg aacgcacgaa aagtgttctg ttctttggtt gtgcttaacc ttaattctcc    153360
     agagtgttgt tcaaatgttt aagcacagta tctcagagaa gcctgtcatg agatcatggt    153420
     agatgagtga gctgagagct ccttatggga tcagataccc gctgttcact gtcggaaaga    153480
     gtcccttgtg tactctgtag agggaggtgg agttgttact gcctcagaaa ttaatcagtg    153540
     cctgacctga aaaaaaaaaa agattcttaa gtacaacggc ctgattttga gactgtcaac    153600
     cagctgagcc ccaactgaaa attccttggc tttcctgatg ttgtgtgatg ttcttggata    153660
     caaagccttg attgaatata tatcatctta gagtagtaac ctgccggtgg tgtgtgctgg    153720
     aaatgccaaa taaaggctgc tttaaaaatg aaagaaaaaa gccgggtgtg gtggtgcacg    153780
     cactcgggag gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttccagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg    153840
     agttccaggc cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa    153900
     aacaaaacaa aaataaaaca aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaag ataaattagg tggatgggaa    153960
     gataggtgga tggaatcagg agtagatgaa taagtgtatg tatgtatgta tatatgtatg    154020
     tatagatgga tggatggatg gatggatggg tgggtgtgtg gaaggataga tagatgggtg    154080
     gatggatgga aggatggatg tgtggataga taggtgggtg gatgagtggg tggatggata    154140
     gatagatggg tggctggctg gctggctgtg tgagtggatg ggtgaatggg taggtagtta    154200
     ggagggtaga tgtgtgagtg ggtggatgtg tggataggta ggtgggtaga tgggtagata    154260
     tgaatataga tagagataaa gattagctgg agagataaaa cctaggccat gttcatgtta    154320
     gacaagcact ctaccgctga ctacaattca acttcacttg gataattgtt tatgaggttt    154380
     tgagatcaga gtaaaaactt tatgggtaac ccaaattcat gtacaatgtc tgggagagct    154440
     caagccctcc accctgatct cccgtttgac ttaagatgta gaggcagagg gacgatctca    154500
     cagtcaggag cagacactga caaaagcaag agggctctaa aggggctgcg gatgatgtca    154560
     agtgtttgcc tagcatgctg gaaggccagg cttccatccc cgacaccgat tataacagga    154620
     tgtaacccca gctcctggga ggcagaagca aagtgatcag aaatttgagg tcatcgacta    154680
     cataggtatt tgtggccagc ctgcactacc tgaaatcttg tctcaaacac tctcccccca    154740
     aacctttcct tctggccccc tttccatgat ggtcctaagc cttgggtgtg ttgatgcaga    154800
     tgtcccattg agtgactaag ccccagttat cttcagctct gggaccagtg gcgagtctct    154860
     gcattaactg ttttgccggc tgcaggacaa agcctctcta aggctgagag aagtttgtgg    154920
     ctataaacat ggatatttag aagcagtttg atgtatccat ttagcaaaag tgtagcagct    154980
     tctattcttc aacctctggc ctccccaccc ctgggttctg aatagtactg gctttgactt    155040
     gtaggtccgt gctttccaca ttggtctgtg ctccccatgt tggcctgtgc tcctcatgtt    155100
     gatctgtatt ccccgtgtta gtctatgctt cccacgttgg tctgtgctcc tcaccttgtt    155160
     ttgtgcgccc ccccctcccg ccccatgttg gtctgtggtt agtccgtgct ccccacgttg    155220
     gtctctgctc ttcacgttgt tctgtgctct ccacattggt ttgtgctccc catgtcgatc    155280
     cgtgctcccc acattggtcc gtgctcccca cattggtcag aaggtagaga gccgcccaag    155340
     tcaggtactc acagcagagc gaacaagggc atcagcgtca gaacaggggc tcacaatacc    155400
     cagtcgagat gaccggaagc aaggaagggg aggcagtcag ctgggactcc caggccgagc    155460
     atccggcttc ctggccccac ctcaggcagt tcagtaagtt acattatatg tatggatgtt    155520
     ttgcctgtgt gtatatctgt gccctgtgtg tgtgtgtaca cgtgtgtgtt catgtgtgtg    155580
     tcccttccct gaggagagaa gaagagggca tcccctagac ctgaaattac aaatggttgt    155640
     aagctgccgt gtggtgccgg acactgaacc tgggtcatct ggaagagcat ctggtgcgtt    155700
     taactgctca gctatctctc cagcccctgc aagcatcttt atttcctctg ttggaaatgg    155760
     gctacttcct agccgttctc aaagacacag agttttaacc cttggggggg ggggcttgct    155820
     gtgttccctt ctccctgcct gtcacagggt taggggatca gcctgacaca ggacagagag    155880
     ttttagagga cagttgatgt taacatgctg gagtggggga ggcctcttca cccctagagt    155940
     ccattttcaa cggcacacga tgatttgcta atacagtatt actgtcgctt atctctgaag    156000
     ccagggattt ggggccgtgg tgagccggct cagggaaaat ggcagttcct gtcttccaga    156060
     acaattaatt acctctccag aaggggctta tggccgggtc tccaagggat gcctgtaagc    156120
     atcaggctga tgccagtatg cctgtccaac tgtcacacac acacacacac acacacacac    156180
     acacaccacc cacacacagc cacacaacat acacaaacac acacacacac acacacacac    156240
     acacacacac acacacacgg ggcacagagc tacaggcagg caaaacaccc actgcagata    156300
     tccacacagg ctggataatg tctccatcag agtagtcaac aaagcctttg cctcagaaac    156360
     caactaccct gtggtataga ttgtggcaag actcattcct tggaaagcct ttcttaaaaa    156420
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagatttt tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaca tgtgtccaca catgcacgaa    156480
     tgtgagtatg tgtgtatgcg tatttatgag ttgtgtgtgc cccaggcatg tgagtgtgtg    156540
     tgtgctcaca agtgtgagtg tatgtgtgtg tgcatgtatg ctgtagcaca tgtatggatg    156600
     tcagaggagt ccagagtctc cttcatcatg tgggtcctgg gattgaactt gggtttttag    156660
     gtttggctgc aagcaccttt acctctctct ctgctgtgcg gcccaagctg gcctggtacc    156720
     taggatcctc ctgccttggt ctcttgagcg ttctgtatat agtatgtatg taccatgtca    156780
     agtttgaggt gatacactga ggcagaggag gctcttggtc cagatcccta actgcagtct    156840
     gctcctggga gagatttcag caaattaacc aaggcaccac ctgcaggacg cttgcccaat    156900
     cttcactgct agggccatgg aaagcagaat cagcaatgat tccacagcag agggcacagg    156960
     gaaactgtca accatgagcg cgaccacgtc cctggacctt gcagcaggaa gaggacatgg    157020
     gtggagaaat ggcggaattt aaataagatt taaataaata ttcccaacac tcaggaggca    157080
     gaggcaggag aattgttata agctgcaggt cagtgtagac tacagggtga gaccctgtct    157140
     taaaatctca acaaccaaaa cggcatgcac tggcctctta gttgagcaaa acacatccca    157200
     tgctaacaag gggtgggaga tctgtggaca ctccacacta gctttgcggc tggctgtatt    157260
     ctgaaatcac tgcaaaacac ggttaattga aaaatcaaag actcgacctg catcaataca    157320
     aacccgaagg aacagaaagc aaaaccacga acagacacct acccgtgtac acagcgcaga    157380
     ctggaggaga cttgagtgtc tatggacagg cagaattaca agatgtgcca ccatgcacgc    157440
     tgtggaatat tacttagctt tgaaaagaaa ggggatccta ttatctgtgg caacgtgggg    157500
     aaccctcagg gacactatgt tcactgtagc aagccagcca caaacagaaa catacaccat    157560
     gtcactccca ctggtaggtg acaagaaacg gatcggtggc ttccaaaggc cacgggaagt    157620
     gaaaagaggg attttattct gggttaaagt gatttcaggc gtttaaactg agataactct    157680
     gctgctcttt gaatatcccg aatgtgtgtc cggttcctga agcacacact tgaagacgtt    157740
     ggaggtatga agccaggtcc aggacccccg cattcaggag actgaggcag gaagatgaca    157800
     cgttcaaagc caacctatgc tatatcatat cccactttaa gagatggcaa atttggggat    157860
     gttcccctct acaattaatt tattttaaag caagtaaatg atataacagt tgtagtgtct    157920
     gctcaccgag gaaaaggtat ctgggggtct caggctcagg ggtgattctg agacatttac    157980
     tgttgggatg aacacagagc cccacactgg ctggggtcac gccttcacac taagctccac    158040
     ccggagtcct cgggcagcct tttaactgat attactctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    158100
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtattcacac tacaggagat gatgtgtggc    158160
     catgggcagt gattgggtct gggcatttgg caactctgtc tctctaacct tgtcaggttc    158220
     ttaaatgata ttctcattat ctggaagtct tcatggtaca cacaccatct ggctgtgagc    158280
     atctgggtgc agcagggtgc cagagcctga gagccgcacc ccttctgggg tgactccggt    158340
     gctctgtgag ccagtggact tcctacttcc tgtttaataa ctacactcgt aagggcttgc    158400
     ggagcacgag tgacccgcac tttgtcgcca ggcctccctc agtgacccct accaagatcc    158460
     ctgtcccagt tggtctgtca gagaaagctg aagggacttc aggagccatc agccatcatt    158520
     cctctaattg ggtctggtgg ctggagccag gcctcgttat ttttaattgg ggaccatcgt    158580
     cctggaagga tacaacatgc agatcatgcc tgagaatttg tggcttgcaa gttcaaagtg    158640
     aaactgcagt tggagacttc caagggctca cactgatttc cagtcctctc cattgtcacc    158700
     cagggactgt caggctaaag atcgcccccg ggttgggcca gcctgtgtct gtgtccagag    158760
     acctaggcat ctagacacag tcttagccat tgttaagact tcgtgaatat cacaatccct    158820
     ggcagttgga cagattgtat caattaagta tcatttagat gtggctctgg gcacagcatc    158880
     gctgaatgaa tcaaacttcc ttgttgaatc aaaggaactt attttcactg attttcctaa    158940
     ttagcttcag aacaagtgac tcatccggca tcaccggcct tcaagatttg taccaggcag    159000
     actaagaaac ccaatttgga gaagctagag ccatttgcct acttatttgc ctagagacag    159060
     ggtggagcta tgtggtccag gctgccctca agctccgatc ccctgcccca gcctctccca    159120
     aattgcaagt gtttgccact tttctcatct ctcccactat taagaatttt tccctcacag    159180
     tcatctattg gatggaacac agggccccca atggagagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc    159240
     tgaaggggtc tgcaacccta taggtggaac aacaatatga actaaccagt accccccaga    159300
     gctcatgcct ctagctgcat atgtagcaga agatggccta gttggccatc actaggaaga    159360
     gaggcccctt ggtcttgcaa acttcatatg ccccagtaca ggggaacggc agggccaaga    159420
     agcgggagtg ggtgggtagg ggagcagggc aggggggagg gtatagggga cttttgggat    159480
     agcatttgaa atgtaaatga agtaaatacc taataaaaaa taagattaaa aaatctttcc    159540
     cagcataata atcctaataa gtaaaatatt tattgatttc aatctttact gaaactatat    159600
     attaatgtta tacaataaaa atatctaagc ctaggaagag agataataat ttttatgacc    159660
     aaatgtctaa aatttattat aatgtttgac taatttattt tagtataagc gtgtgtgtgt    159720
     tttgactgca tggatggctg tgaaccacat gcatgcagtg ctcacagagg ccagcagagg    159780
     gcgtcacatc cctcacaatt agagctacag gtggttgtga gctgggactt gaacacaggt    159840
     cctctgggag aggagtggtc tctcgtgccc ctgatttgtt gtatgcattc tcatgcaagt    159900
     gtgcaggata tgttgagtgt atcccccaca ccccttttgc cccctctcat tcacccagtt    159960
     tgttccctgg gcatttcagt atcctttcgt gtcaaacaca tacatgtgat tttacgtatc    160020
     tacctaaaat ctaggcctgc agatgggaga aaacacacac ctctgagact gacttaattc    160080
     ccagaataca attcactcca gctgcaccta aggtccgtgt tcaaaagata gctgtccttg    160140
     gataaagctg gatgcggcta aaggacttca tttggaccat gtggtacccg tcttgttagt    160200
     aagctctctg tccctccgga taagcactgg cccttcttgg acagtgtgaa gacttcggag    160260
     gaggtttggg gggggcagtg aaacatttca atacccaatt gttttttcgt tttttccttg    160320
     ctgaaaatat tcaaaattct tcctggagag ctactttcca aagcatacca tggccggatg    160380
     tcagggaggg ctgtctgaag gtgttatagg aacacaaaag ctacctctcc ggtctaaccc    160440
     accctgagcc cattggcttc tgtctccatc cccttcccca cccctttctg agcctcagga    160500
     gccattcacc caagttcttc tcctgagaga tgagggcttt tttaaaaaaa aatcatccat    160560
     cctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acgccatctt ggaaatcccc gctacgcaag cgcaagcacc    160620
     aattggttga atggatggac ttcactgaag agacgcccga atgagatctt tctgagcacc    160680
     ttgtttgtcc taagcaagga gcagtaaggc ccctaaagtt cccagcggca cttgctgact    160740
     gacaccaatc agaaaccaga ggtgaagact gccggctgct tcaggcatac agagctctcg    160800
     ctggctctcc tgaagtactc tgtatctgtg tatctgcagg aatctgtgtg tatacacacc    160860
     tcagcgtgga gccttggaac tggcccgtct ggcaaacatt ctgccaccga gctgaggccc    160920
     cacagtacaa acaaaaaagt tttaaagaag aaccacacac ctacaaagtg agtggttgtg    160980
     tcttcgcttt gggtttttgt ttttgcatgt gtgcaggagc atgcgtgtgc agagaccagg    161040
     gggtgttgtt aacattcctc agatgcctgc taccttgtgt ttcgaggctg ggtctctctt    161100
     ccctatagac tgagtggcag acaagcccgg gaaactgcct ctgtctctcc tgtactgaac    161160
     caacaagcaa gctccaccac gcccaacttc tgtaaaactg cttgcaggca gggcaagcgc    161220
     ttgccggagt cacatctcca gcctgccctt gggagtcatg ctctgtagag acccccagac    161280
     cggggttact tagttgtaaa taagaagttc ttacacctga ggttgggtgc atactggctc    161340
     acaccacaga tgggtacaaa caaggcaggg aggtgaaagg ggagggagtt ggttggaggc    161400
     cacagatgat gtcaaggacg gctttgttct ataccatctc agaatcgggg ctctttgcct    161460
     gtaacttgca aacggccaag ttacacctgt gaggagacgg tagtctctcc ggaattggct    161520
     gttgatcagg ttatcagagg tttgcagctg tagtctggct tataaaactg aaaaagtcac    161580
     agaggcacaa ttccatctag tgacttcaca gtggcctccg gtccccgact ctatttccaa    161640
     gtggttttgt tcagttctac tctctctatg aagccttcgt tccttgactg tgccagactt    161700
     ctcttgtcca tgtgacacca aaactgagac acacctggaa agagggctcg tctgcccgtg    161760
     gagaaactgg cctctatccg aggagcctgt ggacacgtct gtaatccacg tttttgatta    161820
     ctaattgatt taagagggcc cagcccactg tgggcggcag catcccttgg ctgtataaga    161880
     aaggcagctg cgggagccag caaacgggga ctcctctgtg atctgtttca gttcttgctt    161940
     ccagggtccc aactgggagg ctctttccct ggcttcagtt aatgatggac tataatctgt    162000
     aacatataag ctgaaatcaa ctcttccctc ccccaagttg ctttcagccg tggtatttac    162060
     catagcaaca gaagagcagg ctggcccagg ctggtggcac tggtggctga gagggcttgc    162120
     atgcccattg taccactaac caaggggagg aacgattttt ttcctggatg tttctaagga    162180
     aatgtataac catgtttccc attggtccat tccatcttgt ctctcaaagg agagccaagc    162240
     gctgagactg agccaagcac aactagagga aggtagaatc gtgccccaca gacatgtgtc    162300
     tggagtcctg gggggggggc gtaggaaaag ggggccatca gcaccattac cttctcgctt    162360
     cggagaagat cagggcagcc gttcagtcat gagagaaagc ctgccttgta tgtgatggat    162420
     ggtaaaggtg gacctgggag ccatgaaggt cgtctccaac acaggcaccc tcaccttaac    162480
     taactgcagc tttggtgtga gggtgtgggc agagtccccg caggtgtctg tggaacctga    162540
     gcaggtgcca gcacagctca gaggccctac cttgtcagca ggcatccgcc cagagggacc    162600
     aatcagaggt cagcggtggc gtaacgtgat ccaatgggtc cggtttccac ttcttgtaac    162660
     ctcgaagggc cctgtgtgtc ctcaggtggg cagccgcagg cgcagtccca gcctcccagt    162720
     atgaattatt caccgctcta tactttggcc atctagaatc tccacggacc ttgatgcaga    162780
     gtgtcgcgcg ttgcaggatc gccaggcact gcgctgcccg gctccagcag agtagtggtt    162840
     acaactgctc tccgccactc tctctacaaa caccatggga tccaaggtaa tggggccgga    162900
     ggatggaatc ctctcttcca ccaagtctaa gcgacagttc cttccatccc caggcttcca    162960
     aggcaagaaa ggactgggtt cgcacctgaa atttcgtact tgttgggtga aaatttttgt    163020
     ttcaggtgat caagtagatg acgactcttc atcatccaag ggatgagctg ccgtttagaa    163080
     ccaaagagcg ggaagctaga gtggtcacta gcataccgtc cagggctggg actatgggac    163140
     aagggtggtt tctgaggact ttaggagtgg ctggcgtggc agggggatgg aagtgttctc    163200
     ttacttattc ttttagtgag ccacgcaggt agctggtggt gattgtgtca gcctggatac    163260
     agtggtcact gacagtgacc cagtgttgga gaaaaccatt acgattggtg cctagacatg    163320
     tagtgtctgt aagttttttt atccagactg cctgggtcgg cattgggaag aagctaaaga    163380
     aaccaatggc agagacagcc tcaatgtagc atgctgctta tgtacttaca agggtgtttt    163440
     ttggttttgt tttgtttttt gttttctgtt cgttttctcc ccccaccccc tgctcctgaa    163500
     gaatgatctc agcatgtctg tttagagaac aggatttatt gatggattgt ctcctcctgg    163560
     ataaccaaag agggtcacag aaacactggg atacgtagtc agagctcagt aaccacacac    163620
     aggagcctcc cacaccagga actctagcca gagcctgtca tggatccatt cagctaatta    163680
     tccatttcta tagcaccaaa tactgttgcc ttggcaacca gcactcacaa caggctttgg    163740
     cctgaggccg cccaggtgtg tgtatgggga tggctttctg tgccatggct gcaaactggc    163800
     tcagggtgct gagtgcagga agtggcttca gagggtgggc atagcctgat tgcttggtag    163860
     aggggagagg ggtaggcatg tcctcaaaga aggtcatggg tcgcttttaa tgttgtggcg    163920
     gctgtgagtg tgtgtgtata agagagtgtg tatgagagta agtgtgtgtg tatatgagag    163980
     tgtgcgagag agtgtgtgtg tgcatatgag aataagtgtg aatgtgtgtg tgagagaggg    164040
     agagagtata tgtgtgtgag tgagagtgtg tatgtatgtg taagtgtgtg agaaagtgtg    164100
     tgtatgcatg tgatgaagtg tgaatatgtg tattatagag tgtgtaagtg tgaaggtgtg    164160
     tgtgagcatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgaatg tgtatgtgag agaatgtgat tatgtgtgga    164220
     gagtgtttga atgtgtgtgt gagagcatgt gtaaatgtgg gtgagtgtga agatgagcgt    164280
     gtatgtgtaa gacagagtca gtgtgtgtgt gaatgtgtgt atgtgagagt atgagtgtgt    164340
     atgagtatgt gtatgagaga gtagtatgag tgtgtgtatg gtgtgtgtat gtgtatgagt    164400
     gagtgtatgt gtgtagtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtattctgc    164460
     gtgtatgtct gtgacagggc cccttttgtt atttccctct gtgtgcacta caccagctgg    164520
     ctggtgagtg tttgttctgt ctccgccccc ctacagccct accccccaag aaattatgct    164580
     ttctccctct cctttcttga gttctggggc tcaccctcaa gcttgcacag cgaacactgt    164640
     acgcactgag ccatgtctgc agcctgagac acgtctcttg agtaagcaca cagacctggc    164700
     tcccttgctt gcactgtttt aagccaaaac tctcctcctt tgtgaattcc caggttccct    164760
     ttgcaagagt caagcttgcc actgaaacca cttgaagacc tgcagcttca ggagggagga    164820
     ggtgactgtc cccactcccc ttccctagtg cagcaatccc tgtagattcc tttaggagaa    164880
     gccacctcct cccccacccc catcactcac acccctccca taacaaggct gtaaatgagc    164940
     cttggtcacc agaaaccagg acttagggct gcagtgggaa cccaaatgag caatcctggc    165000
     ccctgcaaac gtccacatca ctcatctctc atccctaaca tcaccaccat ggtcccaaaa    165060
     cccttctgtc tggctaacct tcatagatat agcatctgtt gtctaaaact cataaaagca    165120
     ccatttttaa aagccatctt cggttggggg cggggcggta tgtatatgat atgatgtgtg    165180
     tgcgtgagcc agtcagtgcc cgtgtggtgg tcacagtaca acctctctgt tggtctagtc    165240
     ttcaactttg tttaaagcaa ggtctctcgt tcaccaccgt gtgtgttaat gagaccatgg    165300
     ctgacagaca aagcagaggg gaatgtagtg tgtagtggca tggagctacc aagagcttgt    165360
     tctacggcct gcggtgggtg gtgtttaagg gtgggtggct catttaaatc tcattttttt    165420
     aatggtaaat agtcggaact gtggatttgg taacaagttg ggaagttgtg tcatccactg    165480
     agcaggagac cgagggcttg caagcatcca cgtctggtgg gccatggtgc tcccagcaca    165540
     tggcttgctg tgactagagg atattttatg taactttaaa atatggcaaa ccaaaggcaa    165600
     cagtctaaca ttttactgaa aataattata gactcagaaa aaggtgttaa aaaaaaaaaa    165660
     agaaaagaaa aggccctata ctctggccct gctggtactt caccataatt atgccttaat    165720
     cctgagtgag gttaagacca tctgcatagt gcctgcttcg tgacacgtga ttgcatctgt    165780
     ggattcttgg gactggccta cagtgaagaa gggagatttc tatccggagt atttgggagc    165840
     tgatttagct cctttaagcc tcttgggttc ctcgtctggt aagggattct ctcgaaggca    165900
     gtgaagtcag gggcaacaag ttgggctcag gaaataacag ggtcagatga gctttacgca    165960
     tggtggtgga gacttcacct ttcattttgc aactggtttt ggtgtctaac ttaattgatc    166020
     gtacatatgt ttaacattct atgacattac atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagagt    166080
     gtgagtgtgt gtgtgagttg tgtgtgtgag ctgtgtgaat gtgtgtgtga gtgcttgctc    166140
     gtgtgcaggc cacagcaaat gtgcaggagg cagaaaacac tttctaggag ttggctcttc    166200
     tagtaccgat ctcccaggaa tctaactcag gtggttgggt tcgttagcaa gcacctctac    166260
     tccctgagct atcttagtga gccacatcct aatagtttag cattatagga ttgtacaagg    166320
     tcaacccaaa aagcaggtca ttcaagtatc gccaaccaga cataattact gtgttcgggg    166380
     gggggggggg ttcgggggac ccatcaccct tgctacaaat agctgtggat ggaaagtcag    166440
     cacatctcta aggtttagat gatgagctat ttctaaagcc catttgatct tactagaacc    166500
     caaggaagaa atggtttgta ggaaacagaa tcccgacgcc tcaagcagcg aattgggaga    166560
     ttgtttaatt agaccatttt tcattaaatt tatcatggtg agcaccgctc ctgtgtgtgt    166620
     ctgcttcata gggaagccag aggagtgttt gcagggaggg ttaggggctt tgagacaagt    166680
     tcctttgacc cactgagcca tctcgccggc ccagcattct ttacaaagaa gatattggag    166740
     cggctcgtat ctgaagcaga gaggggccca cccctcccac cctttggatc tttaagtgtc    166800
     tctcgtcgcc aaggcctgag cgcacactgc ctggtgttgt tcgaagactg atttccgtac    166860
     ctctgtctgt agctctgtcc cggtggctgg ctatggaagc agaactgtgc tagcaggctg    166920
     gtgcattttc acactgctgg tgtgaaagtc ctctaagtcg ggtatttcaa ataaacattt    166980
     tatgtggaaa gttggaaaga aagccagccc ccccaccacc accaccaccc caagcatcat    167040
     ctcaccatgg gaaccgagga cacaaaatga ctccctaatg aagcacgctt tgattagcct    167100
     ctgattaaag gggagggggt ggtggataca agatgccagt ggctcacagt cctgctagga    167160
     gagccaggtt caggcaaagg ttgttgagga gcctacctct agcctctgtg tatttgaata    167220
     cacacagaga gactgtacat ttctagggac caggaaactc ccatgaggcc ttgtaagcat    167280
     ggtgtatcgg ctgttttgct ccaggtttta aaataaaacc attaccataa tgatcatggt    167340
     caaaccaggc agtggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac ttggcaggca aaggcaggca    167400
     gatttctgag ttccaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac    167460
     acagagaaac cctgccttga aaaaaaaaat gcttgtgtcc ctagcaatta gaattattca    167520
     aatttccaac ctgatggtat tgtatttttt aacttctata atggaatact agaggctagg    167580
     taactctatt taaaaaacaa gaaaacctgt tttggttctt ggctaatgcc ttgagaaatt    167640
     caagggcagg gggcttagag agagatcact ttgctagaga ggagacaccc atccacccct    167700
     gtcccaggca aacctcttcc ccctaaactg atagaaaccc ctcaacccat tctgagggca    167760
     gctctctcag tgacccaggg agcactgggc tcctcccctc gaatgtctca ccaccaaagc    167820
     tccagtacac gacccttaaa ggacacaatg cacgcagcca ccttgctctc caagttacaa    167880
     tagagagtta aggtaaatct ttgccatagc tgctttagat accacaaatc actctatcgt    167940
     tctgctttgg ggacagggag gtggctcagt cagtaaagtg tccaagtgtg aagaccggag    168000
     ttcagattcc tagcgcccac acagaagctg ggagcaaggg tacatgtctg caaccccagg    168060
     tcatacagac atgggtggga acaggagggg ccttggggct cactggccag cctgattgtt    168120
     gagagacctt gccacaaagg agatggctga taccagaggg cttccacata gacacacgtg    168180
     aacacgcaca taaacacatt aaaaagtcct taagtggtaa cactgggggc tgtaggtaga    168240
     gtccttaaga ttcgtgatat agccgggcgt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatt ctggcactcg    168300
     ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttt gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgaggtcc    168360
     aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    168420
     aaaaaaaaga ttcgtaatat aaccagaggt caccatggac ccagacaatg tcatggtatc    168480
     cacgcatcta caagccaaaa gaaggcatta gatcccttta cgtggttgct gggaattgaa    168540
     ctcaggacct ctggaggagc agccggtggg tgctcttaac cgctgagcca tctccccagc    168600
     attttaaagc aatacaaagg acataaacca ctatcttacc acacccaagc aggaggagta    168660
     aggcaagagg atctaaagga atggtgttgt cccttttaaa gacttccttg aggcggtggg    168720
     ctggagctac tgctatgcgg ataaaagtgc ttgccgttca accatgagga cttgagatca    168780
     gatcctcaag gcccgacaaa agtgggtgtg tgagtcgcta gccctggggc tgagcgatga    168840
     caggcagagg attcctaggg cacaggggct ggcagggcac tgacttgccc agccagtcag    168900
     tgagttccag gtttgatgag aaattttgtt tctacagggg gaggaggggg ggaaagcaga    168960
     gtggcagaga aggatatgtc atgttggcct tatgggcacg tgtgctcacg tgtgctccca    169020
     cgtgttatac gtgctcaccc atacaaacag actcatacac aaagtccccc agcgctgtgg    169080
     tactcataca cgcatggctg tgtgggtgtt ggcgtgtgca tgtatatgtg tgtgctttta    169140
     tgactacatg gttggttttt gttgttgttg ttgttggtgg tggtggtggt ggtggtggtg    169200
     gtggtggtga tggtggtttt tcaagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga    169260
     actcactctg taccccaggc tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcctga    169320
     gtgctgggat taaagtcttg tgccaccact gcccggtggc tatatgtatt tttaattggt    169380
     gggtagtaca catgtttggg gactctgtgc tgctctctct gcacggtcgc tggcagatcc    169440
     ccacgtcacc atcagttata attggtgtca gaatattcca gatcctctac agcagctagt    169500
     ttgcagtctc cacttgggcg ctatctgcca ctcacccggt tacatgtgct gaacgtcttc    169560
     ttccttgctc cctccccgct tcgtgctttt ctccgacatt ggtaacctct tctaagtctc    169620
     tgacatccaa gctcagcttc cacctgtaaa agaggtcaca tgatcttgtc tctctgggtc    169680
     cggcttatct cacttaacac gatgttccgg attccatccg tgttgctgca agtgatggga    169740
     ctgcctttgg agagctcttc cctgtctctg tcttgtgtgt gtctgtgtct gtgtgtgggt    169800
     ggtggtgatg gtagtgatgg tggtgatgcg gttgtagact gagtaggata ctcagccatt    169860
     ggcctccaga ccccatatta cacatgtacc tttacataca tgtgtgtccg cacatatatt    169920
     caaaggcacc attttttaaa agatatgcag tctactaatt ttcctttcaa cccaaagagg    169980
     ttgaaagact gaggtaaaag aagggggcgg aagtggagtc cacggtgctg gtccacatgt    170040
     gccccactgc cagcttctgt tctgggagag agaagttgag gatatcagga agacactcct    170100
     gaaagccgcc cttgttcaca agtttgcatg caaactgtga ggccaatgag gacttctgtg    170160
     acctcaggga aggccaagtg tgtgtctaga aatgactgcc aacctccaca ggcttttttt    170220
     taatctttaa tttttttctt attttaaaat gatttgcagg tgcccacaga gtccagcagg    170280
     gggcgtggag tcccctagag ctggacttaa acagaatatg ggtgctgaga accctatgca    170340
     aatcctctgt gggaacaggg gctctccacc cctgagcctt cgctctaacc ccaggaagtc    170400
     cttctcactt agcatgcttt agcggaaaag caaacgagcc ttcttccacg ccttccgccc    170460
     agtacttaca cagagaatag taacaagtaa cacttgtaac tattcccccc acccaaacct    170520
     gtaactccca ggggccaatt aaggctcccg agctgctgct gttttaccag cagccgctct    170580
     aatcctcgag gtaatttgga ggcctcgttc agtttgctga tattcgtaat tacgcccatt    170640
     ggtgattaag aggcctcagc tggatagtaa aacgctaact gtctgctggt cgttagatca    170700
     aaagataatc cttcatttca gctgcggggc tgcctgccta tctgggatcc gtccttgtcc    170760
     tccttgaaca gacgtttggt ttcggtttag ttgccttagc actcagaact ggggagagca    170820
     ccgtccctgg aggcttcctg acagagacta tctgtattcg tgatggagcc caggctggcc    170880
     ttgaactcca cctcctcctt tctcagctct aggaactctc aggctccacc aagcctggct    170940
     gagatttaac ttcacaactc caaggcaagg gccacaaagt gtttgcacag ggttgtgtct    171000
     gtaatctccg ttcttttggt gcctgcaact ttaagaaccg tagagtcagg cactgggagt    171060
     cctaagggaa ccaggctaag ctggcaggaa gccttctcca cacactttgg ctacaagggc    171120
     ccagagagag cctggcgtaa gccatgggag ccaggctgag tctgcggcgg tcttacgact    171180
     cttcaatgtg acagcagctc aaacacatac cccatgcaca gaatcacata caaacacacc    171240
     acacacagac acagagtcag ggacacaact atacacacac cacatgcaac acacacaaca    171300
     cagagacgga aactcacaga catttgcaca ctctgtgtgt acacacacag agacagacac    171360
     acaccacaca cacagacaca gaaacataca ccatacgtac acacacagat agacacatgc    171420
     acatggcata tcatacaaac actagacact tgcacaaaca catgcaacac agagaaacac    171480
     acaaacacac cacacagaga tgcatacagc atttgttcac acacagagat ggacacacaa    171540
     tatgatatca cacacaaaaa cacagacaca tgcacatata tacaatatac acacagagac    171600
     agaaatatac atatgttatc acacacaaac atacagacac atgcacatac tatacacaca    171660
     gagacacaca cagcacatat agagatagaa acacacatac catatgtaac acacacagac    171720
     acatacacat gacaccacac acaaacacac agacacatgc acatacatac actatatata    171780
     cagagataca tacacattgg acatatcaca cacacacaaa cacatagaca cacgtgtaca    171840
     cacaccatat ctgcacacac agagacagac acgtacatat gacatatctc cctctcacac    171900
     acacacagac atgcatacac acacacagag tcagatacaa ggctggctgc actctgctga    171960
     aaacacacgg acgctgaaac aggaagttca caggcttttc ttgtgtcacc aattactttt    172020
     tcagtctcct ccagtcgttt aaaaggtgag agtggcttgg gcctttacga atgggcaggg    172080
     tctggatcag gcttccgggc cagttggctg accccgtcca gagcatgcct gtctcagagc    172140
     atgctgcatg cgttctgtct agaagctcac tggcctggct cggtgccaac agcttcatta    172200
     ggaattttga tttttctcag catgtgccac gttagctagc gtagcctcac ttgccactgg    172260
     ctgatcacag gctgggtttg cttattaaaa tgcttattat atttgtttag tgtgtgtgtg    172320
     cgcgcgtgcg cgtgcatgtg cgtgagcatg caggtcagag gacaactagc aagagtcact    172380
     tctctcctcc taacatgtgg gtcctgggga ttgaactcag atcgtcagac ttggcaaaga    172440
     tcatgatggt cttgatgaga ttttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttttaaa    172500
     ggctcgaaat ttattccaat ctctctgaca cgcaggcttc tggctttgga tacaatttct    172560
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctgt ctgtctctct    172620
     ctttctttct gcaaatgttt ggaatttcgg gagcaaaagg aatatgctta tagcccagtg    172680
     ggttgacatc tcttgccgtg atagcaaatt taggccaccg tcgttactaa agatggtttg    172740
     cagcctccgt acccgggagg tggcattcta cagggactgt aagaagtggc cttggagctg    172800
     tcttgcccgc taactaacct agctcagagc agggtgtctg gcctcaaccc agacatttga    172860
     gcactcgtag ggaacctgac aggcgattgt gttatggaag ctgacgtgct gaatagtctc    172920
     cttttttctc atattcttca cctgtctctt tgtgttaaag ggggagctgg caaagaggca    172980
     gaggagggag tggacgaggc gggagggggg aggcaggtgg gtgaagtgtg gggcgggtcc    173040
     catgtgtgct ccgatgtaga cggcaggcaa gaaagggctg cctggacaaa actctattgt    173100
     tcgctgtcat cttgaaatga gtgtcagagt aggcgggggt gctttgaccg ttaaccgcac    173160
     aatttagccg gcctgttgtg tcctgcgggg ccccacctcc ttggagtctc tcagattaga    173220
     aaagaaggct ccagcccctt ctaaatgggc catctctcgt cctttgtgcc cagactgccc    173280
     agtgtgaaat caacagtgac gttaaatgtt ttctaatgaa tcattactga aaggaaatgg    173340
     agggctatat gtgtaatgga ttgtagcgca ttaaaatgtt ttattttgct cacaaaaatg    173400
     ttgtccttca caagcaccga gattgtcgag attgtcgtga ttgtcgcaga aaggcctttg    173460
     tgccgggaac cgtttcaatg gattatcccg ccagtgtttc catctgagat gggaatcaaa    173520
     ggacgtcttt ggctaactaa tgtttttcaa gatggcagcc atgaaacaca tttagtattt    173580
     aaagttgggg ttgtaaagga atgtttgaac tcgggcgatt ttctcactta cgctcccccc    173640
     actttgggtt tgggaaagag aagcggctcc ccgacctctg tccattctgc aggaggacgg    173700
     cttctcagcc tcaagcctga gaccccgggg atgggggccg ggctctcagt tcattacatt    173760
     cggtctgtct tctcccagtt ccttcctttc tggctatctg atgtcttcta ggacagaccc    173820
     ttggtgcttg ggaccgaatg tggaagaaat ggacgtttct ggagcttcct gaattggtgc    173880
     agagtttcgg tgctgtccca ttgctgcttt gacagccagt gtgtacaggg tctagcctgc    173940
     ctctctctcc ccgcttcctc tttgtgtgtg tatgtctttc tctctcaact tcactaataa    174000
     tgtgagcgag gtcctggagt ggggacatca gtttcctgag gcccaggcca ccattcatgt    174060
     cacatacacc tgggttcagc actcgctgag gacgtgtgaa ttggaacttc agtctgttaa    174120
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaatccgag ctgcatccta ctgtccagaa acctcaattc gcaaacctca    174180
     aacatcttcc atcttgcttt ccaccttcag acaggaagga aatcatactt agatagtata    174240
     taaagaacaa ctctcttatc agagcattag agccattgcc agatttacaa tgggtcttgg    174300
     ttgcaaaaat ggagccggaa agccctgctc tctgaagttt tagagaggag gcagtcttgg    174360
     gactttgtgg caaattgaaa caaaaaccct ttcagaaggc cggggcaagc tgatgtgctt    174420
     gcttgccccc caggtctaac tttccagagg aaacgagcct gcccacctcc accttctcag    174480
     ctcgctggta ctgttataca cagagaatgg gaaacggcag cgtagccctc cagagaccag    174540
     gatcttaccc gcctccctct cagcattaaa actttaacag ggcagctttt agagtccttt    174600
     tatcatggga tgtcacctgt gtactggaaa gtatgtaaaa taaatgtggg ccctactggg    174660
     tggttataaa ccataggcat gtctgacgat ctgggtctag acagggtgtc ctagcacgcc    174720
     agcaagcctg tcagtgccct gtccactggc tccctccata gccacccaag atggttacaa    174780
     tttgttacag ttagtgtttt tcatatgctg tacctgatct ctctctctct tctctctgtt    174840
     tctgtctgtc tctgtctctg tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcac attttccctt    174900
     ccctcccatc tgtacttgtg tctgtctcta tctgtctctc atttcccttt ccctgtctgt    174960
     ctctgtctcc ctttctttgt ctctctgtat ctctctctct atctgtctct gtatctctct    175020
     ctctctctct ccagctctta agaaaagaaa tcaggccagc tccatagagt agaaacctcc    175080
     aaccaatgtt agataacaag aaaagcaatt tgtcaggcac ctgtcatccc agcaactcag    175140
     gagcctgagg caggaggatt gtgacttcaa ggccagcctg ggctacatag catggttgag    175200
     accaagcggt agtgaatacc aagggctggc taggaggcta gccaattggt aagctccagg    175260
     ttcaccaaga gaaactgcct caaagtattc ggtaggatcg ctgaggagac agccagcttt    175320
     taagagcact ggttgctctt gcaggggacc tgggttcagt tcccagacca tacatggtgg    175380
     ctcaccactg ccactaaatc gattggatcc cacagggtgc atgtatacac atataggcca    175440
     catttgtgca catcaaataa aaaataaatc tttggaaaat aatgaagcgg agaacaacag    175500
     agggagaccc atgcacacat gattgcttga gtctgcctgt gtgcgtacat tgtgcgtaca    175560
     tgttctggtt taggctggcc ctgtgatcag tggcaaagta tttgtgtcac ctgcaccaag    175620
     cactgagttt gagccagggc cacaaatgat gataatagct ttgtctacca tgtgtggttt    175680
     ggttggtgag agaaaggacc catctcgtcc acactcacac caaggttcag gttaccagac    175740
     taaggacatg cctcacgtct ataaaggaca ccaaagccgc ctttccatgc tttagaatat    175800
     atcacttttc tcttctgtgt ttatttttga aacggcatct cagcatgtag cctgtggctg    175860
     gctttggact catggctcct cctccattct cctcccatgt cctaaggtaa caaatcttac    175920
     catcagacac agccaagact atgttcttac acttaaaatg tccataactg gtgttggagt    175980
     caggcctcgg tggctaagag cacttgctgc tcttgcaaag gacctgagtt cagttcccag    176040
     caccagcctt tgactccagc tccaagggat gatgcgttcc tttagcctcc gaaggactct    176100
     catgcacact cgtacacagt catccgatct caactcattt ctcaaaacca aaaatggtat    176160
     gttagcgagc tctagcgaca gctcctcggg gtaaagctgg gtgaacagga cctcccgact    176220
     tgtcagacag aacttaccag tgttccaccg ctaaccctga gagttgggtt cataagaaca    176280
     cgatttacat tattatataa tgatagggtt tgcagtaaag cttcatcctt tttataagcc    176340
     gcctctgagg tcagttatca gaagatgaac tctgtgtccg agagtagatg tccttcctcc    176400
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc cctctttctc tctctcctgc    176460
     ctcctccccc cctccctcct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    176520
     ttctttcttt cttcagggtc tcgttatata gcctggactc aaactcctta atcctccagt    176580
     ctcagccttc tgaggactag gatttcttct tcttcatctt ctccctcctc ctctttcttc    176640
     ttcctctctc ttctctctct ctctcccccc cccctctctc tctctctctt ttcgagacag    176700
     ggtttctctg tgcagtcctg gctgtcctgg aactctctct gtagaccaga ctaccctcaa    176760
     actcagaggt cggcctgcct ctgcctccca cgtgctagga ttaaaggctc acactctacc    176820
     atgcccagct gtgcagtttc ccttatgttg ctgcctcagg ccagctcagc aggtggagac    176880
     acttgctgcc aagcttgatg atctgagaca gatccctgga atccacctga tgggagggga    176940
     gagctgactc ctgggactag tcccctgact tccatatgtg cgctgtagca tgtgcatctc    177000
     tccacacaaa taaatggata aatgtaatat gaatgtgaac catgcgcgtt tagcttgaca    177060
     catacaaagg cccatctgcc tccctccgtg agttctgcag aggaccatcc ttggctccct    177120
     ggagtctagg tggcccccga gctgcgtcat gcatcaatgc cttgttggat ggatggacat    177180
     tgatgagaac agtggtacct tcactctcat ggctgcaaac agcggggtgc tgatgtgatg    177240
     tgtgtttatc agtccttcta tcacaaatac ggcatgcatt ttccatccct gatgtgtgtg    177300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgacaagcac atggattctg gggtcagact    177360
     ctttctgctt taatctcagc ctatatgagc caaatgacaa gttctcttct ccatgtctgg    177420
     tttgatctgt tccccgaagt gcccgccacc cactgccgct gagtgggggt ggttttgagt    177480
     gaattcatac gtacccgtag cctgtgagac tgtatgtgat gtggcattcc acttagactg    177540
     tggtgtgaga ggcggtcaca agtctgtcac cgtgggccct gcttgtgtct tccccactgc    177600
     ccctggctgg agaagctgct actggtcggt gccctgtgtc tccaccctcg ccagcttctg    177660
     ccatatagct tcctgccaat gtggtgtgct aattcctgtc ccaacaccac ctccagcagg    177720
     tgagacttcc cctgattcca catccttgtc ctgtttggca gagctggaag tgtcttctgt    177780
     cggtgtgctg agtgcatatt taacatccat gttgtccgtt tgaccatctg ccccctttca    177840
     gactgagctc tttgattttg ttatgtttga tgtcgcttta gactcagtgt ctcctcattc    177900
     tgtaggcttt gttcactctt tacattgtgt gtggtgtgtg tgtgtggggg gggggttatg    177960
     tgaatgtgtg tgtggtgtga atgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgg tgtgtatgaa tgtgtgtggg    178020
     tgtatggttg tatgaatatg tgtgtgtagt tgtgtgaatg tgtatgtgtg gttgtgtgaa    178080
     cgtgtgtggg ggtgtgtgta tggtgtaaag tgtttgtggg ggtgtgtgga atgggatgtg    178140
     tgtgtgtgtg tggtatgtgg ttatatgaat gtgtgtgtgt ggtatatggt tgtatgaatg    178200
     tgtgtgtggt tgtgttaatg tggggggggg ttggtgtgta catagggggc agtgtgtatg    178260
     tgtgtggtat ggaatgtgag tgttgtatgc atatgtgtgt gaatgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgg    178320
     tgtgaggtgt atgtgtagtg taaggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg tgtgaataga ggtggtatat    178380
     atgtgtgtag tatgaggtgt gtagtgtgtg tgtgtaggga gaagtgtgtg tgtgtgctgt    178440
     gtggtgtgtg aggtgtgggt gtggtctgag gtgtgtgtgt atatggtgtg tgtatgtagt    178500
     gcatgcctgc tcacccatgt gtgtgtgcaa gtgccctcgc ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    178560
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt atgaagaaac cagagcttga catctggagt cttctctgta    178620
     gctctccacc ttagtttctg agacagagtc tctcactgta cctggaaatt gccatttcag    178680
     tcaggcaggc cggccagtgg ttcttgggtc tcccttaaat tctttgaata gtttattgaa    178740
     gtaaattcct catagcatga aataccctct cagtggtgtc tgttgcataa tatttcctac    178800
     ccaccccctc tctggttgca gaacacttct actactccaa aagacaatgc ctaacccact    178860
     aagaactatt ccggcagcca gtaggctgca gtgtctctgt gaacgtaact acgaaatagc    178920
     gcgtaataac ttaacaatgc cctctgccgt gtcttctgtt atatttattt gtaagtcatc    178980
     ttctaacatt aacgttatta tttatatggt gctggagcag ttgctcagtc agatgcatag    179040
     agaccttagt tcaaaacccc agcccccata gaagaccagg catggcagaa cacaaccttg    179100
     taactctggt gctggggttt gagcaacctg gcccaccagt ctcgtggata taaacttcat    179160
     ctgcaatgca ttttagcacg tatggccaag tcactgtctt tcagcaacat agctgtgatc    179220
     ccaggaccac acaaatgatc acttccttga tagaactcaa tattcacatt ttcccgatca    179280
     ttaaaaccga tcagaatcca catcggtctt atgctcttat tgttatcaag tgtccttcat    179340
     ctgttgggct ctaattgtat ctgaggctgg cgataaccac tcagatgcac tggatttaac    179400
     gcatgtccgt atactgtgtg atcgagagca caccatcact ctttgatgtg gggatgcaga    179460
     agagaagacg gcccaggcag agttcctgcc acaggaagtc ttcattagcc ggccagcggc    179520
     caccctagat gttgggatcg cagtgtagcc tgagcctttc tcagggtaag cttctaggtt    179580
     gacatacttc agttaacagg aacagttagc cagaagaact acaaaagcta atggaaaaaa    179640
     aggctagtgc ctttggaaac tttcctagac tccggatttt gacggattga gtcctttggt    179700
     tgtggtggtg ttgtaggcgg tgctggctgc atgctgatct ttaatcctga atgggatttc    179760
     catcatggag tcggttgtgc taaggcgttc gaccctgtta cacccttccc aaaacaattg    179820
     ctctacggag gctggagaga tggctcagcg gttaagtgca tctgttcttg caggagacct    179880
     tggtacagtt cccagcaccc acatggtggt gcacaaatgc ctataaactc cagtgcccag    179940
     ggattcagtg acctcgtctg acctcttgaa tacattcaga catacacaca tacacataaa    180000
     aataaataaa tagttttaat ctgcacttga aaatagtagc tttaaaaaaa aaaccaaata    180060
     gttttatgaa gcccccgtta atgtgaaatg gaaatcacct ctctgtggca ttcctgtcaa    180120
     cagggtcatg agagcctcac cacgacatga tcatgtttcc cctgctcttg ggagcctgcc    180180
     agagagcaaa ctcactgggt cacggagtga ctgttagaga agctggcagg acggtcaagg    180240
     ggccacaccg ttctgtgttc cctgggctaa tggtggagcc tctcttttct gccttcttcc    180300
     ccaggacttg gacttttctg acatgttaca ttgttgccac cttggtgagg aggaggagga    180360
     ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggagtctc tcattgtgct    180420
     tcccatgtga atttgcctct cttaacaaac aggctcactg tagaaggctt aggagtttcc    180480
     ggtgctcacg cacactaggg ccacaggacg gctccacggg tagaagtgtt taatgggtaa    180540
     gtcttacaaa cctgagttcc gtccctggaa cccacagtgg aagggagaat tgactccaaa    180600
     tgcatgtcgt ggtctctcac tcatgatgat ggtggtagtg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct    180660
     gctgctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct gagggggggg gaggggatga tttatggtta    180720
     aatgtgcatt tagtggccac tccaaccaca gagatcaatt atctcaaggg aattgaaaac    180780
     acagaactgt gttctgcctg gtgtagtatg tctggagaac aaagaactga ttaaaaccca    180840
     aagtgttggg cctggagaga cgctctgcat ttaagagcat tggctgtttt tgcagaggac    180900
     ctggtttcaa tccccagcaa ccacatagca gttcacagcc ccctgtaacc ccagctccag    180960
     gggatccaat gccctcttct gacctccgtg ggtgccaggc acatgtgtgg tccacaaaca    181020
     tgtctacaga caaatcactc ctacacataa aataacaaat aaaaatatct cataaaatcc    181080
     aaactgataa attcatggaa tcctaagcct tcaggaggct gaggcaggga gactgctaac    181140
     ttaggaccag ctctgctata gtttgagaca ctgtcttaga gagagagaga gacagagaga    181200
     gagagaggga gagggagagg gagagaaaga gagagagggg gagagaggga ggaagaggga    181260
     gagagggaga gagagggagg gagagagaga gggagggagg gagggaggga gagagagaga    181320
     gagagagaac taaccacacc tcagtgggtt aaaaatgtga gggtaaaaag agaaggctta    181380
     gggggttgtg ggtaatacga tcatgataca ttgtgtatga agtcaaagga tacatttcaa    181440
     atactcctta ggaaacccaa gtgctcaaca attgccttgg taatagggtt gatactggtt    181500
     tttggttttg gttttggttt tggttttttg gtttttcgag gcagggtttc tctgtgtagc    181560
     cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatctgcct    181620
     gcctctacct cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcatgagcca ccacgcctgg ctgatactga    181680
     tttttaagac tattgtatat atagcatggg acgaagccag tgagaaattt cttgggtcat    181740
     taatctagaa tttaagttag ggaggtaggg gaagagtttc aagactggta cgatgaatgg    181800
     caagaacctc ggaaactgac ttaacaagtc cacagtgtgg gcgcatgtac acatgcacgt    181860
     gcaaatgttt atgtgcagat atgtgtgcaa atgcccaagt ctctggcatc atctacctac    181920
     cctcccaatg agaaacccaa atcaggatca gggtcataag taagataagc ttgaaatatc    181980
     ccatgtccct gctcctccct ctccctcctc cctcctccct cctccctcct ccctcctcct    182040
     ccaatatttt attttggata tgatgagtac tttaccttca cgtgtgtctg ttcatcacat    182100
     gtgtgcctgg tggccacgga agtcagaaga ggacgacaca tcccctggag ctggtcgtga    182160
     gctaccaagt ggaggctggg acctcaacct gggtcctctg ccagagcagt gggtgctcct    182220
     aacctctgag ctatagctcc tcagcaactg gggacgcttt tgaagaccag tgagctgtgt    182280
     caaaggatcc aggatccact taggagaatc ccaggagtga aaactaggtt aagttgaacg    182340
     tcagtgagga ctcttaacat aagagaagaa gcacaccaga tatccatggc ctgtggtaac    182400
     catggagctc atggctgact ctgggttggc cccatgagga ctcaccccca ccccgaaggt    182460
     gtctgcctgc cttccctgta ctgcactgtg tggtggctgc acactcaacg ggggaagttt    182520
     ctcctcctag gaagtgttca tctggggctt gaagggttgg ctctgcggtt aagagcactt    182580
     gctgctcttc cagaggactt gagttcggtt cccagtgccc atcagctctt ctttgggttc    182640
     tgatttcaaa agaccaattg aaaaaccaat tgaccaaaag acagcaagga agggcagaga    182700
     ttgggttcct ctggctctag tgagctagtg tagggagaca tctgctggcc aattttatta    182760
     ttgtttttgt tttcttctta acttttttgc tatagaaact ttttttttaa tcatgcaaac    182820
     aggatagcac cccccacaca gccccacttg ccaccgagtt tctatgtgtg ctcccatctc    182880
     tcccccatcc cccaagctcc cccagtttta tggcctccat ctcctaagac tcgatcaggc    182940
     acacccaggc tgaaagccac acacgttaga gacgtgtctg attcacagct ctatcgagca    183000
     cagaaagttt ccatggccgc gcagatgtcc ttcccctggc agcccccacc aggcgacaat    183060
     tgttctgagt gtccgctgta gattagctct gcttgcccca gacagtcaca caaatgcagt    183120
     cgcacgggtg cacgctcttt tgtatctgga tgctttcaca atgtccggga gggtcttcca    183180
     cgctctctcg aaccctttac tccgctttta tcgccatgtt cggtcttcgg tgcagatggg    183240
     ctgcatccat tcttcggctg atgggtcttt ggactgcttc cagttccagg tcattctaaa    183300
     tgaagctgtg cgccggctga acttggtgtc ccggcctttt gtggacctgg gtttacattg    183360
     cccttgtgta aacacttagg ggtggaagca ttgatcaaag gctagagatg tggctgactt    183420
     cattagaaac tgccaagctt cctctcctac aaacagcgca catgggattc cgtggcattg    183480
     gtcttcacct gatctcctct ggtggaatca tttggggttt tgggttgcat ctcccagtgg    183540
     ccttgaacac tttatgttga gtatttattt ctctgtttcc ctttggaata acatttgttt    183600
     gggtcttttg cccatcttta aatgatttgt tttttcttat tactgagcta tggcgttcgc    183660
     tcctcccccg cactcctgtg tgtgcatcca taaaagctat agtcctcctc tgtggctcct    183720
     cccccccatt gtcttgctat ttgtaattgg gtctgggcga gatgttcctg gatgcttggg    183780
     cttttattta aggaactgaa ataaaggcca acatatattc atgaaagaac acacaacctt    183840
     tatttaaagg aaagagccag acagctcaga aagaaaatat actgtggtag agcacactct    183900
     taaccagcac gtgagagaca gaagcaggtg gaactgtatg aggctgaggc cagcctggtc    183960
     tacatattga gttctaggct agccaaggct acacagaaaa agtgattgac agcaggccac    184020
     gtaagtgggg cacttaggcc caggttattg cttaaactgc atttactgaa aggagtttga    184080
     tttttagaaa cagcataatt ctctgcttta aattgtttgc tctgtgtggt gtgtgtgtgt    184140
     gaatctgaat gaatatatgt gtgtttgcat atgtgtgtgt gtggtatgtg tgtgtgaata    184200
     ggtgtgtttg catgtttgta tatgtgtgca catgtgagtg tgtatgtgtg tgcttgcagg    184260
     cttgtgtgta tatgtgtgtg agtgtttgta tatttgtgtg tgtacatgtg tgagtgtata    184320
     tgtgtggttg cctatttgta tgtttgtgaa tgtgtgtgcg cgtgtatgtg tgtgtatgtg    184380
     tttgcatgtt tgtgtgtgaa tctgtgtgag tgtgcatgtg tttgcatgtt tgtgtgtgtg    184440
     tgtatgtgtg tgtgcttgca tgcttgtgtg tatatgtggg tgtatatatt tgtgtgtgtg    184500
     tacacatgtg agtgtatatg tgtggttgca tgtttctatg tgtgtggatg tgtgtttgtg    184560
     tgtgtgtaga ccaaagaact acttgtgggc ttggttctct tgtagtgtgt ggggcccagg    184620
     gaccaaattt agatcaccgg gcttggtgat gtgcatgggt gaggaaggcc ttcgctcacc    184680
     gttcatgttc ctccagatag tgcatcgagt ttcaatcaca tgcacgcccg actgttcatg    184740
     tgaaatgaat cagggattct ccctaaagtt ctcttgaagg acacagtttg cctcattgca    184800
     tgcacaccaa gccactgcag gaagggggtg gtgtccccct actgtcacac cagacaccgc    184860
     tggaatgtga ctgaatagaa tctaagttta atggccgtta ggaggagaga cataacccat    184920
     cgttcagagg tggagtgtgt gtgcatagca cctgcagatc agggccccag gctgccaaat    184980
     gcatcattag gagagaggtg tgtgcatagc ccaaaccaag cagagtccgg ggctgcccca    185040
     ctattcccta tgccctctgc ttttcctcga ggccgggttc ctcagtgaat ccaaatctag    185100
     ccatttcctc tgtgcctgag tttttagctg ggtctcatac ttgtgcagac tctgaactgt    185160
     agggagatgc tatcccaggg acagatactt catagctgta gtctatagta tttctttact    185220
     tctgagatgc tttgtcgata aagcttaatt cctgtctttt ctttaactct tatctctttc    185280
     caggtttcat ctgagaactc tctctacctt cctctggctg aaagattctg ttttcattta    185340
     tttttaatag agttattgat tttacactca tgcatagacc tcaatttaca gattgcatct    185400
     ctggctaaac actacacata tgtgtgtgca cataatataa gctgagggct aagctgcggg    185460
     gctgcagttc ctttaaataa tcttccattt cctctcgtgc gtgtccttgt actttacaaa    185520
     aacaaaacca agctaactta attttttttt taatttagtt ttaagttgtg tgtgaggtgc    185580
     tcttggaggc cagaagggtg gcaaagatgc tgggaactga aatcacagca ggctatacta    185640
     actgttgagt agccaccaac ccttgaaagg tcacttcagg gtggctgtat gagtctctat    185700
     ctttgttgtt cttcgtaagg ttgtctggct actggaagac cttaacaagg tctgttctgc    185760
     agtcaagaac actctccctg aagttagcat gatgtatatt ctcttaccac tagagggcgc    185820
     gggaggcccg ttgtaattac ctggagcggc tcttccttgt tctttttttt tttttttttt    185880
     ttggtttggt ttggtttggt ttggttggtt ggttggttgg ttggttggtt ggtttttggt    185940
     ttttggtttt tggttttttt tctgagacag ggtttttctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg    186000
     aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctcccg    186060
     agtgctggga ttaaaggcca ccactacaca acttccttgt tccttgttaa cctctgtatt    186120
     ttctttgttt ctggctgtac ggaggaggtg cacgagtaag attccatctg actgtgacat    186180
     gatcccttgt cgaccttgct gccttttctg acacatagtt cacactccaa acctggaacc    186240
     tgcaggggtg accacgccca gtgaacatag ccatactctg agcctgggcc ctgcagggtt    186300
     gatgctgcaa tggcttccca ctgtgtaatg ctttgggtct gaggtcggaa gcgcacgttc    186360
     ttcctccgcg agggatccac ggtgatgaga gcaccttctg gtggtactgg ctgatcttgg    186420
     ctgtcagctg gacctctggg aaaaggaaaa cagtggaggg ggcaacctct atccggctgg    186480
     tgggagggcc aatctgtggg gcgttttttg tttattttgt ttgtttttaa actgatgtgg    186540
     gagggtccag cacactgatg ccttccctgg gcaggtgagt ctgggctgtg taaggaccca    186600
     aacaagccag tgagtggcac ccctccaggg tttccacttc aactcttccc tctatgtccc    186660
     tgcccccgcc ctcccccagt gagggactgt aacttgtaag ccacatcaac cctcccctcc    186720
     cccaggttcc tttgggccag ggtcctacct cagcaatcag actgagaaac tgagccaact    186780
     ctcatctggg agttccaagg tgaatttaga ctgttaacgc tcatcggaga cagaaatgca    186840
     aggtctaggt caggacgctt taacttcagt tttttggttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    186900
     tttgagtgtg tgcatgcaca tataggtaca tgcatgcaga ccccagagaa caacctctgt    186960
     gttctttcag gagccatcca cccagagttg tccatttgca atgtttttga aacaatttct    187020
     catggcgtgt aacccacaga tcagctgtct ggccagcaag ccccaggaac ctgctgacct    187080
     ccacttccca agtgtgagac tgtgcataca ccatcatgct agcttctctg cttgagttct    187140
     ggggttcaca ctctgatctc catagttgca tgatgagcgt cttaccaact ggaatatctc    187200
     tcggttccca ggctgctctc tccaccaggt tctgcctttt agcagatctt gcccatggtt    187260
     tataacatcc ctgtttcctc atcgacctca gcagaacagg attagaattt actatggatg    187320
     agacaccaag agcctttagg aagtgtctca cacaatagat gctgggtttc tgtcagctgc    187380
     cattgctgtc tacacacaca tgcaatacac gcacacacat gcaatagata cacatgcaat    187440
     atacacacac tacacacaca gtatacacac acatatacac acatacatac ataaatacat    187500
     atcacatata tatatacacc cataaataga tacacacaga tacacacaat atacacatat    187560
     aaatatatac acacaatata tacatacaac acttatacac atatagataa atatacacac    187620
     atatatacac aatatacaca caaacacaca tatatatgca tataaatata taaacacaca    187680
     acacacacaa tacatacata tacacatata tacacataca cacataaatt catatacaca    187740
     tatacataca gaatatacac atatacacat aaattcatat acatatgtac atatataaga    187800
     tacacacata tatacacata taaatatata tacaatatac agacatatac acaatacaca    187860
     tataacacac atatccatag aagtacatat atacatacac aacacacaca tatacatata    187920
     taaaaataca tatacactca catatatgtc atgtggtatt gaatggtaga tatgatctga    187980
     taaatgtacc atcattcagt tttgttacta taaaagcatt atagactgat acatggtatg    188040
     caggcctgga ctccatggct tgttatccac acgtatttat atacatgtgt gtacacagtg    188100
     cacacacatt ggctacacac ccagataggg tgttatcata atgaatgctg tggtcagtct    188160
     tgacacaacg gtgagtattt gtgaatctaa acatacctaa gcatgggaca agcatggtaa    188220
     aaaacaccgg cagaagtatg tgcttggaat atcttggcgt cagtctcacc tcagcttatt    188280
     ctcagggttt agcgcatctc tgtttcctgg cgggcgccag atccacaatc gacggttctg    188340
     gataaatgaa ctaccaagga catttctggt aatgtgacct gctgaggact gctctgttcc    188400
     ccacagaaag aagaagtgag gcggaaacac attcgcctgc acatggaagg ggcgctcacc    188460
     gccagggaca aggttggagt gcaggacttt gtgctattgg atgcctacac cagcgagtct    188520
     gccttcctgg agaatcttcg caagcgtttc cgagagaacc tcatctatgt acagtagccg    188580
     ttacccagtt gcctttactg tctgtctgtc tgtccccctc cgtgcacagc ctggaccacc    188640
     tggcaggacc acaccactga catagtcaca aagggcctgt agggggcgca ctcagccagg    188700
     acagacatga gccacagggg agagacgata ctccctcatt ttcaaagctt gagaaaacag    188760
     gaacaaacca aggtttccgg cagcgctgct gctctgcctt cttctgaggc tgatttcctc    188820
     ctggtgtaac tgttctttgc tgagtggcag gatgacagtc agttcctccg tttagcgtcg    188880
     tcgttacagg aagaaagcag catcttccag gagccgtccc taggtggtcc agatcaggag    188940
     ctggctcaca ctggctgtct tgggtcaaga ggctgcctct cagccaatcc ccacagacag    189000
     gaacagtttt aaaaccaagt ctggaggaga tgcacagtcc cagcatcttt gagcgaaatc    189060
     tgggacaggg ggattcttta aaggaatctt ttggaacaag ggggatagat gcctgtaagg    189120
     actgtaagag atcatttcta taccgctaag tcttcaagga ccaagaaaac agctttttac    189180
     taaaagattg cttttgtcct gcctggtatg cacagaactt taggttctct agcagaaaca    189240
     aaaatattta tcttataatg agaaatatat atatatattg ttcatatatt aatatataat    189300
     tacaataata aaataacata ttattataca tactcagata taatatatat gtatatatat    189360
     gtatgtatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    189420
     atatataaaa catcgtaatt caatgtgttg aatccaagat tattagaaaa aataattctt    189480
     tgggtttttt ttttttccct ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat aaccctggct    189540
     atcctggaac tcactctata gaccaggctg gccttgaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg    189600
     cctcctaagt gctaggatta aaggcgagca ccaccactgc ctggcagaat aaatatcttt    189660
     cttttctttt cttttctttt ttaaaaaaag atttatttat ttattatttg taagtacact    189720
     gtagctgtcc tcagacactc cagaagaggg agtcagatct cgttatagat ggttgtgagc    189780
     caccacacgg ccgttaggat ctgaactcag gacctctaaa agagcagtct ggtgctctta    189840
     cccgctgaac catctcacca gcccagaaaa aaatatattt taaattatat gttctatcca    189900
     ctgactttca gaattatcac ccttaattgt aaaaacggaa acaaagtttc tagcaaagtg    189960
     taaatgacac agaataacag cttcatcagg gttagacaaa aagtccccag tttcagtgtg    190020
     gaaacttcag ggacactttt ggacatcaag gtcattgatc gcattgatta aaggaatgga    190080
     gtttggggcc cactggagtt tgaatcaaaa cactcctctc tgttccgggc ctccagctga    190140
     tttttgtcct agtgattaga gacattggta ggaacaattt gagcacgcat gatagagact    190200
     tctgcccctc tgtggggtga agcagcaaat tcggaatctg aaaacacccc gtgtattttc    190260
     aaagggaccc gcatattttg gcttggcatt aagaccttag acgctttgtt tatgattgct    190320
     ttccaagggt agcagccact gctttgtcag tgggtagatg gaagatgaac agctgaagcc    190380
     tggagaagtg ctggggtggg cttgtgtggg gttctagagc gcgggtaagc aagcttgccc    190440
     tcgcgtgcag ccagggctcg tggagagggc tgtagagcat taactggggc cctgcactcc    190500
     acctagggac attcatccat gagatagcag caggctcctc ttcctctcac cagagaaagc    190560
     acatcccctc gcccattgtg ttcagaacaa aatgtccact cctgccggct gaggccatgt    190620
     ggccagccag cgtcttctct ctgcctatcc cttttcccag ttccttacac ccgtgtcctc    190680
     tagctgcact ggctgagggc tgtcagcctt ccctctggac ccttcatcct gaagctcact    190740
     tcctgggtat gactggctct tcatccttca agcttctgtg cagatgtcca ttcctcaaag    190800
     gaaacttttg gaagcctgca aacaaactaa tgcagccttc ctgattgttg ccctctgcac    190860
     acctctgaat ggctttctaa cacagtcttg tgcctaagct gcctgtctgc tcccacccca    190920
     cccccaaccc ccaacccctg cacgcaagct tcctctcggc agagtgcaca catccgacat    190980
     ttgttggatc acatccccaa ccgggagtca gggcctgggg gtcagagtgt gggacactac    191040
     ttgtaccctc agttccttac atatgacgtt gtcccttcct tcagacatac atcgggacac    191100
     tgcttgtgtc tgtgaatccg taccaggagc tgggaatcta tactgccagc cagatggaac    191160
     tttaccaagg agtcaacttc tttgaactac caccacatgt gtaagtagct tctccagggt    191220
     caggtccaat ttccgttttt ctcattctgt attttttcct tcttctattc ttcttcatac    191280
     catccagtca ggtccaattt ccgtttttct cattctgtat tttttccttc ttctattctt    191340
     cttcatacca tccagtctgc ccacccaccc actcaaccaa ccatccatcc acccacccat    191400
     ccatctaccc atccatccat ccatccatcc acccatccat ccatccaccc atccatccat    191460
     ccacccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc acccacccat    191520
     ctacccaccc acccacccac tcaaccaacc aaccatccat ccatcttctc acctccatta    191580
     tagattggct taggttctgc actcttgcat gtcaaagcag cggataatgt tagcgggtcg    191640
     cttttgcatc tcagcctaag tggacaagag gagggctctt tgtggaacct tggaaatcca    191700
     tgtggctaga gagcaatctc ctctgggatg tggctgctgt ggcgccaccg attggtgaca    191760
     gcatgtcacc gcagctaagg acccctgagc attgcctagt ctgcacgctg cttttgctga    191820
     gcctggagct tttgctgaga ctcgtgggtc tgttctgccc tcatctatct ttctgcacac    191880
     tgtgcttttg ctgagccttg tgcttcgctc ggctgtggac ttgtggctct gttctgccct    191940
     catctgtctt ggaggcaaag ccattcttct taaagcatct atagattttt ttccctctct    192000
     catcagcact gggaattgtt ccaccactga accctgagct caccagctct caggagagcg    192060
     ttgtgtttgg atgatgagcc tgagaataaa atgcttctgg tagcttcacc tcatgcgaca    192120
     ggggaggatt tgtttcccct gcaccctagg ttttgagaaa aagagaaacc cgtattttac    192180
     catattcatg gagccatgga caagatgctg tgtctgtata catggaatag aatgtcccac    192240
     aaggatgtaa tttagcatct ggcttattct cagaagaaat gtaaatgtat ttaaaaaaat    192300
     aaatttggtg gggttgtatt gcagctcagt agcaggttgt gttttgtgtt tgagatgcat    192360
     aaagccttag gagccaatcg ctaggagcaa atcaattagg ctgtcttagt tactttatgt    192420
     tgttgtgctc agatacaaaa gcagcttagg ggagaaagga tctgtcctgg ctggcagctg    192480
     aagggcagag tccgctacag tggagagtta aggaggcagc tggtcacacc gcacccagag    192540
     ccaggaggca gagagtgctg acggttcccc gctgctctgc tctctgtctt cagtcacacg    192600
     gtccaagatc ccgggcagga aatggggcct gtggttggcc aaccttcttc tcaccttagt    192660
     ctccacaggc agccccatct cccacgagtg tgattctgga gtctgtcaag ttccaccaac    192720
     caccacatgg gtagatttga aaaacacatc cttgggggtg gtggtgagat ggctcagagg    192780
     gtaagagcac tgactgacct tctgaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg    192840
     gctaacaacc acccgaaatg agatctgatg ccttcttctt ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc    192900
     tacagtgtac ttatgtataa taataaataa atctttaaaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaaaca    192960
     catcctttgc ttttaacttg tgttactgaa gtctgtcagc taatattcat ggtaccaggt    193020
     cactcaggca atcccagagg agctctctgg ggtgccacag tctagccgtg gcttcctgaa    193080
     ggcaggggat tctatctttg cccagtaggt attagagtca gggcgagcaa gcagcagaga    193140
     gaagcagtgt gcttctgtcc gctccttccc cagctacgcc atcgctgaca atgcctatcg    193200
     catgatgtgc tcggagctga acaaccactt catcctcatt tctggagaga gcggagctgg    193260
     gaagacagag gcctccaaga agatcctcca gtacttcgcg gtgacttgtc cgatgacaga    193320
     gtcactccaa atagcccgag acaggctgct gctctccatt ccagtcctgg aggtgagtgg    193380
     cctgcaggaa gcccccccgc cccccaagga aaagcagtct cctgcccagg tatagcagga    193440
     aaactaagca tgtgactacc aaggacagga gcttcacggg cattgtcaca gcgagggata    193500
     ggacccggga ggcaggcttg gatgtaatct agcaggcttc agcaaagccc ttggacacag    193560
     agcccaagct cccagctcag gaatgtgtct gttcagagta ccaaactctt cgagctcttg    193620
     ggggtctagt gggatgaacg gcaaaaccac gtgggattag taagctgtaa agcacacttg    193680
     tacttccctg gaatcagaat catctgggtt gtcacttcta ctgtgacaat gtatcaattt    193740
     gctggctgat ccagaacaag tcactgtctc ctgtgtggct gccccatctg taggagatac    193800
     ccaggctaag gggggggggg gtgagttgca attggcgctt gggtgtgagg agaaggtggg    193860
     gtgacaggct gtcagtcaca gggcactgag ggtcacatac cttcctggat catttctaat    193920
     agatccatcc ttcagaggtt ctagagaggt ctcgtccttg cttttcctgt gcccaaatat    193980
     ggcattagga ttgtatcttc tgaacttaat gactattttt tttagaagac aatgtgtggc    194040
     ttccctccct agctcctcct actgtcctcc atgtcatttg ggggtggggg cagggactca    194100
     ccaagcgtag tgagccaaag tgaatctgtg tggcatttgt attcacaggc tttcggaaat    194160
     gccaagaccc tccgtaacga caactccagc agatttggga agtacatgga catacagttc    194220
     gacttccagg tatgctgaaa tccccatgta tgctctaggg acccccatta aggcaaccca    194280
     cagaagaagg gcattattga cccaaacagt gggaaaaaca caggtcagga taatttgtta    194340
     aattgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat ttgtgtgtgt gctcaagcat gcaagtgcat    194400
     atggctgcat tcatgagcat gtagtgtgac accctcgtgg aggtcacagg acaatttctg    194460
     gtgtctccac cttccacctt gtttgagaca tggtctcctt tcagaattgt gtgtgtcagg    194520
     ctacctggcc tatgagcaac ttgggaatct ctacttcccg tcccattgaa agagcgctgg    194580
     aactacagac acgggctgag aatcccagcc caggccctta cactgcagag cgctttgcct    194640
     ctgagccagt taccatagtt ctgcctctta atggtcgaga atgacatctg agaacgatgg    194700
     gtgtgggtgg agacatggat ggctaggaac gcacacccat tagaacccat tagaaaatga    194760
     ctattgtgtc gggcagtggt ggtgcacgct tttaatccca gcactttggg aggcagaggc    194820
     aggcagattt ctgagtttga ggacagccag gtctacagag tgagtttcag gacagccagg    194880
     gctacaaaga gaaaccctgt ctcagaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    194940
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag gaaggaagga aggaagaaag gaaggaagaa    195000
     agaaaggaaa tgaccattgc tctaacatag actcctgtat actaaagctg tgcccatgtt    195060
     atcaagagta catccaagcg ttgtggcaca ctatcccaac acataggagg ctgaggcagg    195120
     ctagccatgg atttgagcca gcctgggcta catcgagtta agggatctgc ttcaaagcct    195180
     gaggctctaa gtttgatcac tgagacccac gtggtaggag agaacccact cctgacagtt    195240
     gtcctctcac ctccacacaa gttctgtggc ctgagcatgc atcccccccc cagcccccag    195300
     atataatttt tttaaggtgg acagctttgt ctacagcaaa taggtttcct taatgtatca    195360
     tgctgactga ggaaagccag gaatgtaaca tatactatac aacggtaatt atagatacaa    195420
     tgtagttata tacactgtag cccagatggg cctggaactc actacaaagt ccaggctggc    195480
     ttcaaattct tggctattct cctgcctcag cctcctgtgc cacagaactc tgggttatgt    195540
     aacaacagct ttactacaca ggagcctatg ttagagcaat ggtcattttc taatgggctc    195600
     accatgaacc ggagcaccca aatgtgtggg gtcctaacca tccacgtctc cacccacacc    195660
     caggattgtc agctgtaatt cttgaccatc atgaggtaga actgtggtaa cttattgagg    195720
     cctttagata actatggggt tgaggggctg gggagatagc tcagtggata aagtcccttg    195780
     ttgctctgcc tgagggccgg agttcaatcc ccactaaagc cacatgttag gaggggggaa    195840
     cttcctcctg cacgtgactg gtcctctgac ttacacagcc aactgagaaa cgtgtatctt    195900
     ccccctccca acacatacac agcgatataa atgtgattaa aatatctaat tttttttaaa    195960
     aaatctgtgt ttatatatgt gagtgtgtgc cacactgtgt ctgaagacag tgacagtgta    196020
     ctcatataca taaaataaat attttttaaa aaaatcacta ctgtgattca gtagagatga    196080
     ggtccccttt ccaacgagtg atgcttttat tgactcagag tgttgttaat gaggttagaa    196140
     ggccttgacc tcacaccaca tacagaaatt aaatagtgtg ggtttggcag gatggtttgg    196200
     tatgtacaag cacttgctac acaagcccga tggccaaggt tagaccccag gaaccactac    196260
     ggagtgggga gggagaagag ggaaccaaat cctgaaggtt gttctccgaa ctccacatac    196320
     aagctttggt ccatgtgcgt gcgtccatga gcacacatat acacaacaat aaatacaaat    196380
     gctattttta aattagcagg ctggaccata gcctggaaca ttaaacagta aaacatgtag    196440
     agaaaatatg tccccgatct cagactgggc aaaaactgag cctaaggaaa aaaaaatcaa    196500
     cctttgaccc cgagagattg ctgttcattc agattgtaag gctgccgagt tggtcaccat    196560
     gtgtccctgt aattttagtg attgggagat aaggcaggaa gaacatgagt tcagggctag    196620
     cctggactac acagtaaagc tgaagttaat ctggctgacc ggggactctc ccccttctct    196680
     ccccgccccc tgcaaaagcc acctaggcta agccactgca gtgggagggg cctggcccgg    196740
     ccacctgcat cttgttctgt tttgaagggt gttcctgtag gcggccacat catcagttac    196800
     ttgatcgaaa agtcccgagt cgtctatcaa aaccacggcg agcggaactt ccacatcttc    196860
     taccagctgc tagcgggtgg tggatcggag cgcctcgcct ccctgggact cgagcgagac    196920
     ccccagctct acaagtacct ctcgcaggtt ggaaagacca gtggccggtt tcgggggtct    196980
     ctgggaggac agggccaggg gtgtctgatg ctctgcttgc attctctcct gtgaagcttg    197040
     tcacaagcaa gcaagctaac acatcctctc ttgtgactaa cagccatctc atctcaggaa    197100
     ggcagcccgg tgtctagttc cctgcagaag tgagaaccgg ttgaacaatc ttagaaacaa    197160
     agagagcacc gcgaggggta gagagcagtg gcctcttgca cacaaatccc taggttcgaa    197220
     acccagcact aggtgaggaa acagatgttg gagctcacct tcgaatattt agattcagcc    197280
     cttccagagt gggaaggtcc cggttttgag tcccagggcc acacatcctc cccttagatc    197340
     tgagacatag ccaaggctag ctaacactca gttagctgct ggggtggaca tgacaggcat    197400
     ggccgttcct ctctgcccac attaaccgat ctaaatctct ctctgccctc tgagagctca    197460
     gctgcaaacg ggaagcagtt ccggccggtc cctcgagggg gcctgggagc tagcgttgtt    197520
     gatggacctt cagcgtttag cttccaagtt ttggtttttt ccacagacag ggttcggaga    197580
     tgcctgggct gcagggggtg ggggtgggga gagagagaga cagagacaga gagacagaca    197640
     gacagacaga cagacaagca agcccttagg ggaaaagctt aaatgactta aaaagctgaa    197700
     aaggatcaaa gaatcgtgat gagctggcag ctggtcctca gaacagagaa ggacttggtt    197760
     tgttttacgt ttctttttaa ggacctggtt ttcccagcat ggccacgtgg tctctgtcat    197820
     ctctgtgtgt gatcagcagg gaaaatgaca gaaacctcac tcatttcccc aggcaacttc    197880
     tcttccctct gagcatcaca tctctgttct ggagattcac agagagacac aggcacgcac    197940
     gcacgcatgt acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acagagagag agacacacat    198000
     atatacacag acagacacag agatatcggc atacacacag aaatacagac agatagacat    198060
     acacacacac acacacacaa agagatacat atatacagag acacacaaag atacagacac    198120
     acacagagaa agagagactc agaaacacat atacacagag agagacacac acaaaagaag    198180
     taaaaaacaa caaaaaaaga gacacacaga tacagagatc cagacacaga catacagaga    198240
     gacacataca tacacacaga gacacagaga tacagataca cacagactca gagagagaca    198300
     cacagagaga gacatagaca cagagatata gtcacacaca aagagacaca gaggtacaga    198360
     cacgcagaga gacacatgca tacacacaga gacacagatg cacacacaca cctttcttat    198420
     agattttttt tttcttggac ctactgcttc aatcaaatcc atatatgcta ctaggtttgc    198480
     aaacagtttt agcaatttgc tagtgtttgt ttgttttgac tccatttccg tgatgcccca    198540
     caactgctat cccacaaagc cggggaactg ttcagatttg tattgcgctt tgcactgctc    198600
     taaaccaggt gggacagatc tcagaggggc aggtctgctg tataagctgt gcctgcagga    198660
     ggcaggaaca gatgtcatat ggggagggac agctgctcag gtcccacggg acccattcca    198720
     gaacccctca tggatgggag caacatccag ggatgtttga gtctcttata taaaatggca    198780
     aagtgtttgc atatgacctg tgtatcctcc catacgtgta agttgtcccc aggtccaaat    198840
     actatgcaaa tgctgttcca ggtggttatg tgggcggagg acatgggtca gtcagtaaag    198900
     tgcttgccac acaagcatgg gaaacctgat tttgaactcc ttgcagccat atcaaaagtg    198960
     aggaagaaga gggaggaccc tcgaggctcc ttccagcctt ccggtctaat caaatccatg    199020
     agctccatgg tcagtcagag accctgtctc aaaagtaagg tggagggtga tcaagaaaga    199080
     gactcagcgt gggcctccac tcagagactc ggaacatgtg cacacagaga acattgttta    199140
     ggagaataag aaaaaagaga agtctgcaca tgcccagccc agtgagacgc cacttacctg    199200
     aatatttttg gtcgcctgtg aggatataga actcacagac gtggaactct gttttctaac    199260
     actgtgagtt ttattctgtc tgattctttg gcggatgctg tatataatcc agaaatatct    199320
     caagacgatg aaccttcagg caaccagcaa accgggaacc cctcacatcc caaatgcaaa    199380
     acaagtttta gaatgtctat accgtttcct ctttaaattg tgacattgtt gggccagcag    199440
     cgcagactgg ggaataaagt cacttgcctc aaagcctgag gacctgaatt gtatccccgg    199500
     ctcccacacg gcaaagggag agaaccaacc cctgcagggc tgtctctggt ctccacatat    199560
     gcaccctggc atacactgcc cacacacttg tacacacatg ataaataagt gcgtgaaatt    199620
     taaaatgtga cattggtagc tctgttacct atttagaagt caacactcac acaattcatt    199680
     gagaaccctg atcccaccat tgcttactgc ctgccagtct gtaagtacac acagcctctc    199740
     cttcagtggg gcggcctcca gtctatccct acagtgagga ggacgtccct gaatatcccc    199800
     aagggcatca cagccatctt ccaaatgtaa gccccattgt ttctccacat gggtcaacat    199860
     aatccctact agacaaacac cttccaggta tttgcccaaa ctgaaaagga aaaggtgatt    199920
     ttggggaggc tggagagatg gctcagtggt taagagcact gactactctt ccagaggtcc    199980
     tgagtttaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcaaaacca tctgtaatgg gatccgatgc    200040
     cctctcatgg tggtttgtct gaagacaacg acagtgtact catatacata aaataaatag    200100
     atcttaaaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaaacag gtcctgagaa tataattcag tagctttctc    200160
     aggacaggga tttttaaaca taaattacca aataaaactg gaaaaaaaaa tgatctctgc    200220
     taggtagatt aacaccttct tgtctacagt tcagggttct gaactaagct aggaaccagt    200280
     gtctgcatct tccattgtcc ttaaaatgcc agtaactgat ccaatcgtat cacagggtca    200340
     ttgtgccaga gagtcgccca tcagtgacaa gaatgactgg gaaaccgtgt gtggtgcctt    200400
     ttctgtcatt ggtttcactg aagccgacct tgaggtaaag accctggggt tctgggtggg    200460
     tgggtgggga gccaccctgt tttcttgggg cttggttgat gtaggaccac tggactcagc    200520
     aaataaaggt ccaaaccagg gccaggggga cggtgcagtc ggcagagtga gccctagaac    200580
     ctgcatcaaa agccatgtgt aggtgctgga gagacagctc agcagctaag aacacttgtt    200640
     gctcttgcag acaactcgag tttggtaacc agcacccatg tcaggtggct gggaacccct    200700
     taagattcca gttccagggg acccactgct aaataataat aataaaagtc tttttaaaaa    200760
     aagacttatt ttatatagat gagtgttttg gctgcatcga catctgtgga tcacatgtgt    200820
     gcctgatgcc cacagaggcc gaaagagggc ggtggatccc ctggatctga agttacaggt    200880
     agttgagagg catcttgtga gtgttaggga atctgaaccc aggtcctctg ctagagagag    200940
     cagcatgggg tcagaggtta gagtcatctc tccagccacc cccccccaaa agtcaggtga    201000
     tcccagcaat gaggaagcag tggaagggga tccctgggct cactggccag ccaacctaga    201060
     gggaactaaa agtaaccaaa caaaaggtgg acttgatggc catgaggtga ccgccaaatt    201120
     gtcctcggtt ccatgcacac aaacatggac acgcacatgc atgtgaacat gcatacacat    201180
     gaatatatgt ccggtaaaag atagagcatc ctgtaacaca agtactttga gttaaataat    201240
     gaagactatt tagtataaat atgcctcaag tattttttaa aagatcgaac atagcctatt    201300
     ccaatagtaa atgagcattt tgcccttttt ctttcagctt aagtttcttc agtgttgtat    201360
     agagagaggt tatgtggtcc tcaattagac ccggtgatat agtcctccca gggtgatgtg    201420
     gtcctcccca ggcgatgtgg tcctccctgg gtgatgtggt cctccattgg accagttgaa    201480
     gtccagtctc gatttagagc cattggactt gcacattgac tctttactta cgcttcagtt    201540
     ttaaaatgaa ctgcatcatt ggtaaacatt gagtagaatc ttgtcactgt catctgtctt    201600
     gattataact ctgttcatct ttcaagaacc aaaacgtagt cttattaaat tatggtaagg    201660
     tttgagacca tgctattggc aaattaagtg gcttacctgt tgggttggtt ggttggtttt    201720
     gtttgagaca gggtggtctc attatgtaac ccaggctgtc ctggaactag tgatcccctg    201780
     cctctgccac ccaagtgctg gggttacagg catacactag ctgcaagttt gttttataaa    201840
     caatcttggc tgtcctggaa ctagctcttt agaccaggct ggcctcaaga tcagagatat    201900
     ctgcctgcct ctgcctcctg agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt gcaccactgc tgcctggtta    201960
     taaactgctt ttacaaaatg tttatgtgtt tatattttgt gctggagcct tagtgactcc    202020
     ctcccaccac cacccccatt aagataatta gcactggaaa gtgaccagga cccattacta    202080
     tcgagggggc tctgtgaact gggctgggat tcaggggagg gacatatcac tgccaattgt    202140
     caaggaggtg gtgctgaccc ctctgttgct gtcccctgcc tgcccacatc tctagaacct    202200
     ctttgggatc atcgctagtg tcctacacct gggcaatgtt tgtttcaagg gggacaaaca    202260
     aggctgtgcc agcgtcccgg acacccacga aatcaagtgg attgccaagg tgaccttcct    202320
     tcgctgatga gctcagaggg tggggtgcag agtctgaacc ccgggtgtcc accacggtgc    202380
     aaatgatcag taccacactc tttcatggtt aggagggtta gagcttcaac cagcgagcct    202440
     gctgttcttt gatttggttg gttcagtttt gtgataggac ctcattatgc attattatta    202500
     ggccttgaac ttgcaatcat cctgggtgcg gagattacgg gagtgtacca ccatagctgg    202560
     cccagggagg ccccctttgc cctaaagcac agcagtgagg gagggtgggt gaccctgaac    202620
     ccagagaggc cacaggctcc gtatagtctc cgaatgatga ccgaatgttt tcacgcagct    202680
     cctgggggtc tgcccggctg ttcttttgga agctctcact cacaggaaga ttgaagccaa    202740
     aacagaagag gtaacaacac agggcaaggg agatgtcagg cccctgccgt gactacttga    202800
     cccagccaca gcactctggt gtcctctgtg ggtaacaagc ctctaaccca gtcccagcag    202860
     gctctgagtg gctcagctct tgctggggtc ccaaccccat gtccctgcac ccatgcctcc    202920
     atctcctgtc ccaccagcct acattaaacc atcccagctc catcactatg tcttcccaca    202980
     cacacaccac tcattacctc actccacccc gtaccccctc atctctacct tatacccctc    203040
     tacccacacc tcttacccca tccttgtccc taactcctta tccctctacc cacagctcct    203100
     acccccatcc ctacccttta cccccatccc ctcacccctt acctctccat ccccacctct    203160
     tacccccatt ccccacctct taccccccat cccctcaccc cttacctctc catccccacc    203220
     tcttaccccc atcccctcac cccttacccc aactccccac cagctcagcc tcacccctgt    203280
     cgcacccttc ctcacagggt gagcatgtgc ccatgctgtt ccctctgcta ggacaccttt    203340
     ccctgtcccc cacccttcag cccccagacc ccctgaatca ggggctcttc cctgatcacc    203400
     tgcctcagcc tcatggctgt ccttatggca cccgtcactc tcagcctgca ccaggacttg    203460
     gatgtctcct tagtgctccc actctgcccc agctgagccc acaaacacca ggcctgtgtc    203520
     tgggtcctgg tctcctaact tgtgttctat gctcagtcac tgacagagac taatgtggac    203580
     actgagggcg tggctcatcc tgtctgtaat ggcgtccctt acccttcttt ccaggtgata    203640
     tgcccgttga cggtagaact ctctgtttac gccagagacg ccatggcaaa ggccgtttac    203700
     gggcggacat ttacctggct ggttaataga atcaattctt ccttagttaa caaggtgggt    203760
     caacacacgt tgggtgtcct gttctcattg aagtggtaat gtcttacgat catcatattg    203820
     tgcctgtgaa catgaaccgt aagctcctcg tgggcagggg tgatgtcttt ttgggtcttc    203880
     catgccttgc acacagtaag ctgacaggtg tgcacacctg tttggggaca ttttctaaag    203940
     tccagtatcc acagcacctg tggtaaacca gacggtgttt gtcttagtca gggtttctac    204000
     tcctgcacaa acatcatgac caagaagcaa gttggggagg aaagggttta ttcagcttac    204060
     acttccacac tgctgtttgt caccaaagga agtcaggact ggaactcaag caggtcagga    204120
     agcaggagct gatgtagagg ccatggaggg atgttcttta ctggcttgcc tcccctggct    204180
     tgctcagcct gctctcctat agaacccaag actaccagcc cagggatggt accacctaca    204240
     aggggccctc ccccttgatc actaattgag aaaatgcctt acagctggat ctcgtggagg    204300
     tatttcccca actgaagctc ctttctctgt gatatctcca gcctgtgtca agttgacaca    204360
     caaaactagc cagtgcagct ttctacagcc gtagaattat aatgtctcag gacgcgcagg    204420
     tgaccttcaa gctcctgttt agctgatgtc acctttttac gtaggaatca gataagatgc    204480
     gagtttattc aaagctagaa atcaaggcat gactccaggg cctggtgtgc agaatacaga    204540
     cttggaggga gtatctcaat ccagttggac acaagagtcc actatgtccc gttaagaata    204600
     atggtgaagg ggctggagag atagctcagt ggttaagagc actggctgct tttccagaga    204660
     acccaggttc aattcccagc acccacatgg ctgctcacag ctgtctgtaa gtccagctct    204720
     aggggatgtg acatcctcac acagacatgc aggcaaagca ccaatgcatg tgaaataaat    204780
     aaaaatgggg ggggggaagg aggaggggga gaagaagcag ccggactaga tggctcagta    204840
     gttaagaatg ctactgtcct tgtaagaaga cccaagttca gttcagcatc cacaatgggt    204900
     gtctcacaac cacctttaat tcctgttcca gaggaccccg agaacctctt ctggtttctt    204960
     tgggtaccaa acttggggga tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcata cacatgcgca    205020
     cacactcaca cacacgcaaa taaatcttta aattagtaat aacaatcata tcctcagttg    205080
     ctataaccaa gctctacaag ctgggtgact gataaaatgt agaagtttac ttagcttagg    205140
     gctctggaca ctggggactt gggagcacag agctgcatct agtggagtct ccgccagcat    205200
     cctgacaggg caggggacat ccccatagcg aggtgcgatg tgctagtgag cctctgcatc    205260
     atggtggccc tgtctaatga ccttgtcctc cgaatacaga tgacatgagt ctgaggatac    205320
     tgattctgac aggtgaactt tgaggagaca aactgagaca gggcatcact gcaaggtgcc    205380
     cacccatgcc tgtatggtca tgcctctgcc tcctctcacc tgggcaagca cttcctggca    205440
     gtttgtaggc cactttcatt gttgggtttg gagcaagcgc acaccagagg ctggagagac    205500
     atgaagatga agccatgcag tgaatcagaa ggcaaggtgt tgcttgccta gggaagccac    205560
     agacaggtcc agctgtggcc cagacttagg ccccaaaagt tactatgaag aaaaaggcag    205620
     ggaccatgtg ctttattgct cagtcccaaa gttagggaca gcaacaggga ttgcaaagat    205680
     aaaacttaac cagatcagtc cctttcccac tactctgatg gtgatgacca ggaagaaagc    205740
     atcacacagc gagagataaa gatcatggtc tgtgcagctc tggtctcttt gtaggaagtt    205800
     agcagcatca ggtccaatgg gctctgctct gaccgtcgta tctacctgat ggtgccccca    205860
     gaggccccac ttccaaatcc catagtcaaa tttagtttcc atctcttaca gcctcactgt    205920
     agggatggag tttcaacacc agagccttta ggtaagagtt tgaatggtgg ctccatggct    205980
     aaaagcacac gcggctcttg cagagcatcc atgtttagtt cgaggcactt atgtcaggca    206040
     gctcaacagc tgtctgaaac accagctcca cgggatccag taccctcttc tggtctccac    206100
     aggcacctgc aagcatcttt tagtgtacat gaagatactt tgggagagcc acagtgctag    206160
     cagctaatag catacatttt cctccactag gatttcaccc aaaagactgt gattgggttg    206220
     ttggacatct atggcttcga agtctttgac aaaaatgggt gagtttgccc tgtgtgcctg    206280
     cctgcctgca ccacctgcct gcactgcctg cctgtaccac ctgcctgccc tgcctgcacc    206340
     acctgcctgc actgcctgcc ctgcctgcac cacctgcctg cactgcctgc cctgcctgca    206400
     ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc accacctgcc tgcactgcct gcaccacctg cctgcactgc    206460
     ctgcaccacc tgcctgctct gcctgccctg cctgcaccac ctgcctgcac tgcctgcacc    206520
     acctgcctgc accacctgcc tgcctgcctg caccacctgc ctgcactgcc tgcctgcctg    206580
     cctgcctgca ccacctgcct gcactgcctg cctccaccac ctgcctgcac tgcctgcctg    206640
     cctgtactac ctgcctgcac cacctgcctg cctgcaccac ctgcctgcac tgcctgccct    206700
     gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gcactgcctg cctgcctgca ccacctgcct gcactgcctg    206760
     cctgtactac ctgcctgcac cacctgcctg cactgcctgc ctgcaccacc tgcctgccct    206820
     gcctgcctgc accacctgcc tgcactgcct gcctgcctgt actacctgcc tgcaccacct    206880
     gcctgcactg cctgccctgc ctgcaccacc tgcctgcacc acctgcctgc actgcctgca    206940
     ccacctgcac tgcctgcact gcctgcaccg cctgcctgca ctgcctgccc tgcctgcacc    207000
     acctgcctgc actgcctgcc tgcaccgcct gcctgccctg cctgcctgca ccacctgcct    207060
     gcaccgcctg cctgcactcc tgcctgcact gcctgcactg cctgcctgca ctgcctgcct    207120
     gcctgcctgc actcctgcct gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gcactgcctg cctacactgc    207180
     ctgactgcac tgcctgccta cctgcctgcc tgcactgact gtctgcttgc actgcctgcc    207240
     tgcactgcct gcctgcctgc actacctacc tgcctgcttg cattgcctgc actacctgct    207300
     tgtctgttta tctgcttgtc tcttggtgtt agagtctgca actggtttcc ctgcccctag    207360
     aactacagat ccgcagtcct caatttacac acggttccca gcaagtgctt catccatagg    207420
     ctgcatccta gccattcaca tgctgccctg accctgtttc catgggattt ttcccattta    207480
     ttagtggact gctctataga taaaatctat gtcctcgaaa agaagtgttt tggttgtgct    207540
     tggtctatct gcatgagtca tatgaccaaa accccctgta tttctagttt tgaacagttt    207600
     tgtataaatt actgcaatga gaaactacag cagctgctga tagagaggac gctgaaggcg    207660
     gagcaggccg agtatgaatc tgaaggcatt gaggtgagca ttggatgcat ctccaagtta    207720
     gagagagaga cagaaagaga gagtcagaga cagagagaca gagacagagt gagaatctga    207780
     gagggatggg tgggaggaag aagagaggga gggagggcag gggtgggtgc agggctggca    207840
     gtggatgtgc gggctttgaa cacactggta aaacacccta cctcctagct ccacctggac    207900
     ccctcctcat ttcttggatt gaggactttt agttcttccc taggaaaata cttgggatat    207960
     ctagaaagta tctatagtga ggattttaga atttgggttt tttttttaaa atacaattat    208020
     tataagacta tgttttcgtt ttaatcccag gtgtgggatg tgggctgctt cagactgtcc    208080
     acagcagctg actatgattt gcctcatgct ttagcaaggg cgtgattctg ccagtcacag    208140
     atagtttctg tgattgtgtg acactggaaa ttctgggaac ttttcagagg gtttataaat    208200
     gctagggccc caagaggagg tacagttggt ctcagtttgc taagtagtcg tgcgcaaaac    208260
     aaggactgga gagatggctc atcaattaaa agcactgact gttcttccag aggtcctgag    208320
     ttcaaatccc agcagccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg taatgggatc tgatgccctc    208380
     ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt tctgatgtat acataaaata aataaataag    208440
     tcttttacaa aagcacaaga aatcagatat tctgacagta aagatcaaac ttgtcccaag    208500
     gacctcgatg cccctaatca gcagtaagta gtctaatgat gatgtaggtc accccctttg    208560
     tgaccctgac gttgttcagg gactcttcct gtcccttttt ctgtcttatc tagtgttaga    208620
     ggttgaacag gtggggaaag ggtggaagaa agaatcaccc acaaagtagc aaagactggc    208680
     tacaagaatc atttaagaat gttgcagcca ggagtggtag cccacacctt taatcccagc    208740
     actcaggagg cagaggcagg tagatttttg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtaa    208800
     gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa    208860
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaatg tttaagtcca gcactgtgtg tgtgtgtgat ggcatgatgt    208920
     gcatgtaggt gcacatccag ggcacaaagg acacctgaag aatcagtccc cctgtcccta    208980
     catggattac agggatcaaa ctccggatat gagacttgtg ctgcagaccc ctttacctgc    209040
     tgagccatct cgccagcccc caaagtataa tttttttaaa aaagatttca ttgtgtgtgt    209100
     gtgggggggg aggggtacct tattgcaggt gcctgtaaag accagaaagg cagcaggttc    209160
     gttcccccag agccagagtt atagacagtt ataagctaca cgtgcatgct gggaactgac    209220
     cttgggtctt ctgtgagagc agtaaatgtt aactaaacac tgagtcaact ctccagcccc    209280
     tctccccaaa gtataatttt tttttaatta ggctgttttt atttaggaga ttcaagaata    209340
     gatggatgta tatagaccaa tgcatgtagc acaacacata aatagaatta aaaacacaaa    209400
     tcacataatc atttcaatgg atcataaaac cctctgacaa aatacaaaac ttcaccataa    209460
     cagaagtctt ttttaaaaaa tattttccat gtcatttcct ttttatttac attaatggtc    209520
     attttattta tttatttatc atttccaatt ttttaaatta agtattttct tcatttacat    209580
     ttcaaatgct atcccaaagt cccccatacc ctcccccaaa gtataatttt ttaaggttag    209640
     atatgaaaat aagatttgaa gaatctgggt caagccaatg tgctccatgc ccctgtgcat    209700
     gctgggagaa tccttccctc ctgtcttttc agtgggagac tgtccagtac ttcaacaaca    209760
     agatcatctg tgacttggtg gaagaaagac acagagggat catctctatt ctggtgagaa    209820
     aacagtgacc cacctcattg actaggtgcc tgtcacaggc agatgaaggc ttggggctca    209880
     aaaggcagag agggagagcc ctgtgtaact ccagcaacga gggtcgattg ccatgggttt    209940
     gaggccagcc tggactacat agtaaattct atagcctagg ctatagaaaa tggtatgtct    210000
     cactcacaat gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt aagtatgtgt caatgtgtgt ttgtgggggg    210060
     ggtatttata tgtgctagca tatgcttgtg ggggtatgtg agtgtgtgtt ggtgtgtgtt    210120
     tatatgtgta gtgtgagtat gtgtatgtga gtgtgtgtgt gagaaagtgt gagttggggg    210180
     ttgtgagtgt gtgggtgggg agtatgtgtg tcagtgtgta tttgtgtgtg gggtgtgagt    210240
     aggtgtgtgt gtttggggga gtgtcagtgt gggagatatg agtgggtagg ggtgagtgtg    210300
     ggtgggaaga tgtgtgtatg tcagtgtgtg tttgtggggg gtgagtatgt ggggggagat    210360
     gtaagtgtgt gtggggtgag tatgtgtgtg tgagtgtgtg ggtgtgtgga ggtgtgagtt    210420
     gggggttgtg agtatgtgtg gggtgagtgg ggggaggtgt gtgtgtcagt gtgtgtttgt    210480
     gtgtgtgggg tgtgagtagg tgtgtgtgtt tgggggagtg tcagtgtggg agatgtgagt    210540
     gggtgggggt gagtgtgtgt ggggaggtgt gtgtttgtgt atgggaggta tgagtgtgtg    210600
     tttttatgtg tcaatgtgtg tgtagggagg tgtgtatgtc agtgtgtact tgtgtatgtg    210660
     ggtgtgagta ggtgtgtgtg tttgggggtg tcagtgtagg agatgtgagt gggtgggggg    210720
     tgagtgtgtg aggggaggtg tgtgtttgtg ggagggaatg agtgtgtgtc agtgtgtgtt    210780
     tgtgtgtggg gtgatgaatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttgggtgagt    210840
     gtgaggatgt atatgctgaa catggtcaat tgagtagact cgttgttgag gaagttaact    210900
     cacaggatag agagacgtgt ggcccacggc tgcttctaca gctcccttcc cacgaggcct    210960
     ccacactgtt gttgttcctg atccctaatg gctggttaag agtgtttcaa taagctgccg    211020
     tggaaagtct gaaaatgtgg tcagagcggg gcatggtggg gcatgcctct tatcccagcg    211080
     ttcaggaatc atgaccttga ggccagcctg agctgcgttt caagacacta agagctgggg    211140
     aggaaataaa aatgagtcag actcggggtg acagtgcacg cctgtctctc caatgctcag    211200
     gcagctgagg caggaggatt atgagtttga ggccactcca agctacagag caagacccta    211260
     actagaggca agggagcggg gaggggaatg aatgaatgaa aagatacagg ccagagtgtg    211320
     agctggctgg cacccataac ctcagctctg agaagactta agcaggagtt tagggcaacc    211380
     tggagacaca gcaatgtccc ggctcaaaag aaaggatgag ggggatggga aaggaatcag    211440
     aaaaggacag gtcagatgca agggggttga ctctgtggca tttccaggct ctctggggaa    211500
     gacagaaggg aagggttctc ccagcatgca taggggtggc tcacacttga tggcgcaccc    211560
     tttcctccca ctggcctcat ggaagggtga aagcacttag actccgggtc agccagcaca    211620
     tgcgcggatg tgaggctcag cctgtccttt ttccatctga taggatgaag agtgtatccg    211680
     tcctggcccc gcgacggact tgagtttcct ggagaagctg gaggagaaag tgggcaagca    211740
     tgcgcacttc caaacgtgcg tactttatct gaagggctgt cctgtgggga gaacgtcgtg    211800
     ctttctttct tggacctgtg tccaagtgcg agtactttgg ggccggagag gttgctccac    211860
     gggtacctgc gcttgtgtaa gcatgaggcc ccaagttccg atcccagaac ccacccaaga    211920
     agctgggcgt ggttgccctg gtccctaacc tcagctagct gccagccgag ctccaggttc    211980
     agtgagagac cctgactaaa agaagaactc agagctgatc gagcaggaca ccagtgtctg    212040
     tcctcttcag gtctttgtgt gtccagcaca tacacgttta catattatac catacacatg    212100
     catgatacat acagcactgt gacgtcacat gtgaaaataa catcctgaga actggctcac    212160
     atcggcatgc ccttgtgact agaaatcgga ctgacgggat cagtttaggt ccagtaagga    212220
     cagccagatg cagttgacac aggcttgcca tcccagcgct tgctcggaag gctgagacag    212280
     ggaattggga gttcaaggcc agcctgggcc acaacgaaag aaagacactg tctcaaaaga    212340
     ccttaaaaca gacaaatatg tggaacctgc tgaccagggt cgaagttaaa ccatgtgtca    212400
     aaaaacaaac agaaccttct tgatggttca tggctgacca aggaattgaa catatgagat    212460
     aagcaaaagc aacaacaacc gccgggcgta aaaaaaaaaa aaagagcgac attaaaattg    212520
     tcccatatgc gtcttcccag gcgtcgatcc tgagttctca aaatggcttg atggagactc    212580
     tctaaatatt ttctcaaaat ctgattttca tatccagctt tttaaaaaat gttttaaaag    212640
     atttatttat gtatataagt acactgaagc tgacttcaga cactccatca gatcccatta    212700
     cagatggttg tgagccacca cgtggctgct gggaattgaa ctcagtacct ctggaagagc    212760
     agtcagtgct cttaaccgct gagccatctc tctaacttcc catatccaac tttaaaaggc    212820
     tatacttttg aggtctggag agatggctca gcaggtaaga acatttactg ctcacgtgga    212880
     cagacacaga agaacacgca ccagcatgca tgcataaata aactgaggtt tgcacagaga    212940
     cttgagtttg agtactggga acgtggctct gcagtcaagg gcttctatat acctgagacc    213000
     tggaattcag tccccagcac ccacccacca accaaccaac gaaacaaatc tggctttgga    213060
     gggcagtctc agctcagcct cttactgagt gggtcacact gaggcgagca atctgttctg    213120
     catttgaact tctgtagtag gttatttcca cacctatcct gtagctctgt gactgtccat    213180
     ggaaatcacc atgggcaggg ccctattaga gctgttagac aaactggatg aagttgtata    213240
     tgcaaatgaa gtgaccctgg agaaacaaac tgacccacat tgatgcgtgg gctctcactg    213300
     ggactcagtt tgtcccttag gcgaggctag ctggccaatg agctccaggg accagcctgc    213360
     ctccaactcc ctgggttctg gaaatcaaac tcgtgactca tgcttgcatt gcaaatgttt    213420
     tgccaaatga actgtttcac cgttgatagg ttatcccccc cacccccgct gttgagccaa    213480
     tttacaccag attagattat attaaaggca gatttatcag gaagctgctc tcaggtgggt    213540
     gggttcactg gccctgagaa cagaggccag ggaagttgcc atggggaaat ggggggtagg    213600
     ggagggagag agaaaggggt gcatgcatag agagagaaga agagattcta taggcattat    213660
     atagggagga gctgctgggg gaaggcaggg gccagggtat gccaggtaga gactgaagaa    213720
     tgctgggaga accaggaggc caggtcggct ttggtgtgta caatatgcac ccttgtccca    213780
     gggtctgaaa ccaaacaaac atgcctttaa aaagttacat gttcatttac ttatttgtgt    213840
     gtgagcacac ccatggatac atgtgccaca ctgtgtggag gtcagaggac aacttgggga    213900
     ggagggcagt tctctccttc cactaggtag gtcccaggga ttgaactccg gtcattaggc    213960
     ttggttgcaa gcccctttgt ctgctgagct gtctcattcg ggctgctgct gctgctgctg    214020
     cttcttcttc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcttcctcc tcctcctcct    214080
     cctcctcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcctct tcttcttctt    214140
     cttcctcctc ctcctcctcc cttcttcctc ttctacttcc ttctatttct ctttcttaca    214200
     gtgggatttt ctagatctag acccatcaat ggttaaatag tgacacagag acttactaat    214260
     ttttattata gctcaggcct tcagatcgag ctgcttccca gccagctcat ctaacttaat    214320
     tttattatcc tagctcaccg tttggctagt tctttccctc tctctcagtc cccgtacatc    214380
     tgaacaactc catgtcctgc tggcaccccc cttcttctcc cagagaccct ctctcacttc    214440
     ctgtgctccc tttcctgctt agccactgac cttccgatct ttattaagcc aatcaacagg    214500
     taagggacac agtctgtgaa attcggaggc aggtgactga gaagagtgac aataccaaaa    214560
     tcaggtcagt acttagctct tagctctctg ccagcacagc aatcaacagt tgactataca    214620
     cagacacctt catacaacat acctaatact tccttctctc ctcctcctct tcttcctcct    214680
     cctcttcttc ctcttcctcc tcttcttcct cctcctcttc ttcttcctct tcttcttcct    214740
     cctcctcctc ttcctcttcc tcctcttctt cctactcctc ctcttcttcc tcctcctcct    214800
     cttcttcctc ctcttcttct tcttcctcct cctcctcttc ctcctcctcc tcttcttcct    214860
     cttcctcctc ttcttcctcc tcctcttctt cttcctcttc ttcttcctcc tcctcctctt    214920
     cctcttcctc ctcttcttcc tcctcctcct cttcttcctc ctcctcttct tcttcctcct    214980
     cctcctcttc ctcctcctcc tcttcttcct cctcctcctc ttcctcctcc tcctcctcct    215040
     cttcctcctc cccttctttg agacagggtc tcactatgta gccttggctg acctgatgct    215100
     catgtaaacc agggtggcct tagactcaga aagatcttcc catctcctga atactggaat    215160
     taaagttatg ccaccatacc caacctccag ttccggggca tccaagacca tcttctggcc    215220
     tcagcaggca caaggtccaa atgtgataca caggcataca tgcaggcaaa acacccagat    215280
     atacaaaatt ttaaaatagg acaaaagccc tgctgaggga acccagggct ttatgcttgc    215340
     tcagcaggtg ttctacctaa cccagccaag cccccagccc aggtcacttt acttaaacaa    215400
     gacaaaacaa aggccaagtg tttctcacag acatatgctt gtcttcctca ctagtttagg    215460
     tgagggaagg ctctgattat gagacctgat agacagcggg tcagggtcaa ggctccccag    215520
     gagcccgagt ggagtcagct tcagtgtaga tggcccagga cttcttggtc atgcttgctg    215580
     cagaggtggt ctgtgtttgt gtcttgtagc cggaagctgg ctggtccaaa gggccggaag    215640
     aggatcggct ggctggaatt ctgcctcctg cattacgcag gagaggttac ctactgcacc    215700
     aaaggtgagt ggccagggtg ggtcacaacc atgcaggtgt ccaggtgtgc atctggtcac    215760
     caagtaagtc ctccaaggcc accccaaagt tccttagtgt cacattcatg caagccactt    215820
     gaaaggtctt tatttattag ttcctgacat tgttatgccc aagtcacagg gaccccaaag    215880
     accacggaag agccaattcc aatgcaaata cacaagggtc tttttttttt tttttttttt    215940
     tttttttttt tgtatttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agctctggct gttctggaac    216000
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg gccttgacct cagaaatctg tctgcctctg cctcccaaat    216060
     cctgggatta aaggcatgca ccaccacaac tggctctttt ttttttttaa gatttattta    216120
     ctttatgtat atgagtacac tgcagctgta cacatggttg tgagcttttg tgtggttgtt    216180
     gggaattgaa tttaggacat ctgcttgctc cggttaaccc cgctcactca ggcccaaaga    216240
     tttattatta taaataaata cactgtagcc atcttcagat gcaccagaag agggcgtcag    216300
     atctcattac gggtggttgt gaaccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac ttaggacctt    216360
     tggaagagca gtcagtgctc ttaactgctg agtcatctcg ccagccccca caaaggtctt    216420
     ttattacaaa ctcatgagca aggactctca ctgttcccat cgcagtgggt ctgaagtgag    216480
     agcccaaatc taggggtgca gggtttttat tgtggttaca gcaaacttgg ggaatttcca    216540
     tagaggtcag caagttaata ttttaaaaag tgcatctctg gcataatctg caggagctga    216600
     acgtgggggc aaaaccacgt gacagacagg atggtgagat tcttctctgc aggatgtctt    216660
     gggttatctc tgtgtacctt gaccctgcca ctgtagcctg accggctgtc actaagggag    216720
     gagttgtcat aggatgcttg ctcaggtgga ctctgtgatt tttcttcctg gagttgggaa    216780
     gaaaactctt cctgaggccc ctggcctcac acaaaatgga gtttcttcaa aaatggagtt    216840
     ggtcgagctt tacaatatca ccaccaattt ttaaataagt gaataaataa agacgtattc    216900
     atacagcata tacttcatcc attgacatct gcaactcagg ggttttagtg aattcagggc    216960
     tgtgcatctg tgtaccaggc atcattttac tttggttttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt    217020
     tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc    217080
     tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcctga gtactgggat caaaggcgtg    217140
     tgccacctcg cccggcttca ggcatcattt tagaacactg cctgcctata ccatctgccc    217200
     ttcccccaca ctctttgccc cccccctgcc cctcccctat agcctctgcc cctcccacac    217260
     aacactaggc aatgaaccaa cgcccttcct aaattcacag ttcctgttct gtcctggaga    217320
     atcccacttt cgatctgtcc aggtctggtt tccctcatta gcatacggtt tctgcttcct    217380
     ccaggttgcc attcatcttc attgtccagt aatctctgga taatcttctc tgtgcctgta    217440
     gttcactaac cattcagggc gcttatcctt cctaccatgg ttgaaaactg ataagcctgg    217500
     acatccccct cccccacagt agcagcgatg gcacctgggg ccatgcatgc ttgaaaagtt    217560
     ttagaatttt gggacagtct cactgagttg cccaggccgg ctttgaactt gccatcttct    217620
     tgcctcagct ttctgagtag ctggggtgac catgtcactt ttattttcct gggtagataa    217680
     tgaggaaggg aatgactggg tcccatgtaa gttcatgttt agtgttttca ggagcctcct    217740
     gactgctatg gtcccagttt ctcctcatct tccccagcaa ccacaatgct ctgccagcaa    217800
     ccttctgggc atgtgtgacg gcctgcccca tggttcttct ggtagctggt gatgccaaac    217860
     actcttgtgt acttgccagt catttgtgta actggataaa tacctattta gatactttgg    217920
     ccattaaaaa aaattattgt tgaatcatga gagttcttta tatattatgg acagtagacc    217980
     tttgtcagat atagaatttg ccagaatctc ccccaattct gagaactggc cttttgagag    218040
     atcagatatt ttgggttcag actccatctt agccaggtta ttcccaacaa atctgtaccc    218100
     ccaggttata agctccttta aatgcttgcc taaatctgct ccttgatgga cttttggggt    218160
     tcacaaacgt ttcctggcat aacactttct cgttattgat gggtatcttt caaagcacca    218220
     gaaagttcat cactaagagt ctttttaaag taacaaaaca cattttaagg tttttttttt    218280
     ctttttcttt aaatgcaaag cagtgtagag cacttaaaaa aaagaaagaa agaaaaagag    218340
     aatagattgg ctctctgttg agatgattcc attcgtattt caaggccagc ctggtcaacg    218400
     gagcaagtta caggtcagtc agaagtgcac ggtaggacct tgtctgagct aaccaacaaa    218460
     accagaatag caccaacaag agggaaagga caccaggaga gtttgccttg tcagtgggac    218520
     tgaaagtcac atggtctcag ctcgcctttt ggggctcagt gccccacccc cccagggccc    218580
     attgtccccc actgtctctg tggggcacaa gccattgcta ctggatcgct ttgaaggcca    218640
     cacatcatac agcagcctgc tgtaagttta cctctgagga cctggctctc agctgggaag    218700
     ttgtccctag agtatctggc tctctaaagt tatacaggga aggtgttcac ccagaacatc    218760
     tggctttctc tgggggtata gagggagagt gtccccataa tgtctgcctc tgtctgatgt    218820
     gtatcattgc agacagggcg tccttctagt gtgagggagt ggaggcctgg gtgttgcccc    218880
     ttgcttagct cacagctcac tggcaggacc cagccggtct cagtattgta aaggctggga    218940
     aaccccatgt caccaggtgt cttagtcagg gttttactgc tgtgaacaga caccttgaca    219000
     aaagcaactc tgataaggac aatatttaat tggggctggc ttacaggctc agaggttcag    219060
     tccattatca tcaaggtggg agcacgacag agtccaggca ggcatggtac aggaagagct    219120
     gagagttcaa catcttcatc tgaaggctgc tagaagactg acttccaggc agctaagatg    219180
     caggtcttaa agcccacacc cacagtgacg tacctactct aaggccacac ccacttcaac    219240
     aagccacacc cactccaaca gggccacgcc ctctatagta ccactccctg ggctgagcat    219300
     atacaaacca ccacaccaga atgtgtctta gctattattg tggaattgca ttggttgaga    219360
     cctttttttt ttcttttaaa acaaacaaac aggatttttg gagaaaaaca atgacctgct    219420
     ttacagacac ctgaaggagg taaggctgaa tcttcacccc gcgtgttgct aacggtgagg    219480
     cagaagtcta cggtggcact ctgggttttc tggaacattc ttgtccatga attatatcct    219540
     cagctgggac tacaggcagt ctataatcct ccctagtgcc tgggaggtcg cagcaagagg    219600
     ctaagagttt gaagctatcc tcagtcatgc atcagtttgc agccaggaac tgcacgagac    219660
     cctatctggg aaaaccaaaa gaatttcctg ttttaaagct gactgagatt ttattaaata    219720
     caaggacttt tttttaatgt ctcaatttta ttaaattaag gacttcttcc agaggtggtg    219780
     gcacacacct ataaccccag catttgagag agggaaatgg gaggatcttg agttgaaggc    219840
     cagccttggc tagctaatgc aagtatctaa aagaaaaaca taaaataaag attagaagag    219900
     gaggaaggcg gtggtgacgg cggcacgggc tggggctggg gctgagcata tgcaagacac    219960
     caagtcaatt tataaacaag gatgaggctg gtgagatagc tcagtggtaa gagcacggac    220020
     tgctcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct    220080
     gtaatgatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacaa ctacagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    220140
     tgtgtgtata tatatatata tacacacaca cacacacata tatatatata tatatgtata    220200
     tatacacaca catatatagt cttttaaagg actatatatg tgtatatatt ctttattatg    220260
     tatatatata caagaatata tacatatata ttttattctg tgtgtgtata tatatatata    220320
     tatatataca cacacacaga ataaaagggg gtacattttc cttatattat ttcaaagatt    220380
     gatggagtag gatcagctaa tacaaaagcc tagagtcttt ggcttcatgt cacggtgtct    220440
     gtctcctgag agccaatatc tgccagtttc tgagttgtcc tgcaagtggc tgaggccagg    220500
     ctgtgtgtcc tctgtcccgt cccccccatg ccctcactcc ggccttataa ttgatcatga    220560
     gttggcttat tccccagcac taaggtgggc tggagacatc tcttgcttaa tcacgttata    220620
     gaaaactaga cacttcgctc ggcaagtaca caaggaagag gccggggcat ttggacacct    220680
     ccttctcctg tgctcttggg caatgctggg tgtggaaccc agggtctcac tacgtgacga    220740
     aaacaatcta tagctccggc ccctggttcc ccatttcttt gtgtctcttc ccactcccct    220800
     gtggtggaga gtatctttaa gtgcccacag aatggggttg ggggggctct gctgtcccct    220860
     gatggcctcc agcattccga ctgcctctct tcacacaggt gctgtgcagc tccaagaata    220920
     gcatcttgag ggaatgtttc ctggtggcgg agcttgaaaa ccggaggaga ccgcccacgg    220980
     tgggtgaggg aaagatgctg gtgtgaattt agcaagggaa caaaagccac aggttaacaa    221040
     agactactct ctcctctcac agataactac aaaacacatg tgtaaacttt gtatcagttc    221100
     attccttggt aggcaaccgc actgggtgtg tcggtgtggg ggatgtgggg ggggttcctt    221160
     gcccttaggg gagcgagagg atatgaaaaa aaacaccatc aaatgaaggg acttggacct    221220
     agggataggg ggctgggccc agtggtggcc ttgctccata atgtgctggg tatgtgtgag    221280
     ccagctttct tgccctgtaa caaaaatcct tgaggaaata aaacttaaaa gctgatttag    221340
     ttcctggttt tggagacagc gctcagtggc ctctggttgt gagaggcatg gagcacacag    221400
     cagagaaggt gtgtggagag attgggagga aatacacctt tcaaagctaa gtaacttatt    221460
     tcttcccagg aggccccacc ttttaaaggg cccacgcccc tcctaaagaa cagccccctt    221520
     taaaaaccca ccaaccccaa caccagtggc ctctgacgat gacatcagag ccctccactc    221580
     actgctgccc tggggaccac ggattcagta catgggcctt tgaaggacac ctcagaacct    221640
     aaccataaca ctgtgcctgg gaagccgatg gccccaaagc actgggaact gaccttccca    221700
     gaacaggcca tctccatcct ccaggctgtg ggcaaaacac taataggcag aattctgacc    221760
     tggggatggg gatgggggca gctgggcctg tgctgtgctc tgtctccaga gctcagcagg    221820
     aagcaggggg tgtctactca gtgtgtcctc tctctgcata ggttgggact cagtttaaga    221880
     acagcctaag cagcctcctg gaaattctca tctccaagga gccttcctac atccgctgca    221940
     tcaagcccaa cgagaggaag gaacccagtg agttacccac ccctgagtcc tggatggggg    222000
     aagcagcaaa gcagggtggc catggtcaag aactccaacc ccaccacagc cttctccttg    222060
     gacacatgct cttttccttc tcaaacaatg gagctggggt acggctcagt gggtgaagcg    222120
     cttgccttgc aagcctgagg atcagagttc aaatccccag aaccaacata aagccagaca    222180
     caataatctg tctttctaac acaagtggtc ccatggagag gtgagaggca gagacagaat    222240
     ccctggttag cttctgggct aacttggtgt gctagtacac ctcagaaaac aacaggagat    222300
     cctatctgaa gggagataga aagtgaggac taacacttga ggttgtacac acacacacac    222360
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagaggc aggctgacca tgatggcata    222420
     cctttaatct caggaggcag agccaggtta aggagggccg ggggccgtct tgagtgcagg    222480
     agcaaggtag acacagaaga aaacaagaaa gcaagagaaa agaacactag aggctagact    222540
     tactgagagg gactcctttg atgctccaga ggatgctctg ctcagagcct ggaggtgcca    222600
     ggcaggtgtc caaggcaaca ggaatcaaag tgacagatga caggaggatt cctcacatca    222660
     gtaagcaatc tccccaaagg gtttgtgact cgggcacttt ctaaaaactc ttccataacc    222720
     caggcaggtg acatactaga gaacagggtg acaggacctg gagcatgtcc tccctaggga    222780
     ggtggtaaca gtaagccctt cagccaggtt ttgcttcttg agagtcccgg ccacatcagc    222840
     ggacctcggg attgtttatc aggagaaact agaattccct accaaatcct tccacctaag    222900
     aaacacagcc gaagcccagt gacaggtttc cgtcgttagc cgcgacttgg agcagcccag    222960
     agcctcggtt taaacggagc tgagggggca cttctggtca ctctcttcta tttctccaaa    223020
     ggcaagtttg acgacttcct catcagccat cagatcaagt acctggggct aatggagcac    223080
     ctgcgtgtgc ggagggcggg cttcgcctac aggcgcaagt acgagcattt cctgcaaagg    223140
     tgagttgagt ctgttgagcc ctggtccttt aagctggcct ccgggagaca gggtggccaa    223200
     tcgggtggca ttctctaggg agctgcgatc actgcagtga ggacagaaca tctgttctcc    223260
     tgcaaaacca ggagcccagt cttccgctga gttcactaag ccctaccaac tcagcttcct    223320
     gcagtctgag ggaccagacc aaggaggggg gcatactgtc catccagacc cctcagggtc    223380
     agtgcctctg ccctgggctg tgaagggcag tgggcacagc ggtggcatgt catggaggca    223440
     ccagccttga aaccccagcc gggtcagaat tctccccgtg cctcacagat gtgacttatc    223500
     tctttaccca caacaagggt taaagtgtca ggggtttata aaggtttaat gccacaccca    223560
     cagcagcttc tttggggacg ggcagcacat ggccactcta agacaatggc aatgtgctct    223620
     tgggtgagca ttgcaaagtg gccatcttcc taagtcaaga tggctgccct gttggctgac    223680
     taagaccatt atgaggctgc ttttgagttt aaacatggta gggtccacag aacatttccc    223740
     atcgcccttt ccctgtggtt ccagctgcac ctcccctgcc tgctgtctac ctgccactaa    223800
     cactctcttt atctggtttt cttaacctgg catcaagtga ggacattggg aggccacagc    223860
     cactgctcac tgcatcaaca cacacacctg ccatatctgc catccctcat cttatgtctt    223920
     aggttgattc cccactgcat cccagatgcc cccttctcac attgatattg tgagtgactc    223980
     ctgagccatc cctacaggca gggtattctt ctttgtccta aggcagttca ttttctggag    224040
     ggagggatgt gagaccgagt gcagggaaat ctatggaaga caggagagtt ccaggctaga    224100
     ggctggcttt tagaagggcg gggcgcccca aaggtgtgca ttaggatcac ataaagccaa    224160
     caccagagcc agagttactc tgaaagaaat attttccggc tgggtgtggt gattcacaac    224220
     tctaactcca gcacccaaag ggagaggcag gcagatctct gtgagtttga agctagcctg    224280
     gtctacacac caagctccaa ccctatctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    224340
     aaaaaaagag ggggggaggc caggaggagg agatggctga gggagaaagt gctttcagca    224400
     caagagtgag gaccagatgc tgacccccaa catgcaccca cacaaatgct aggtgggcct    224460
     aacggcctac gtgtaacccc agcacgcagg agtcagatgg gattcccatg ccagtgggct    224520
     accttgactc gtcaactcag cagctcagca gactgtgagt tcagtgaggg cccccgcctc    224580
     tgtgaacaat gagaaagaca cccagcatct accctaccct atacacacac acacacatac    224640
     acacagagag acagagacag agagagatag agagacagag accaagagag ggatggggat    224700
     cacatgtgga cccatgccct tgtgtccagg gtgcatgcat gcacacatgc tcacatgaaa    224760
     ccaagcatgt cactgttcct cttggtgctt gagcatatct gttgcctggc tggctgcgct    224820
     gccccccccc ccaaacagct gggctgcccc actttgggcc attataaata atgttgcttg    224880
     gggctctgtg aactcgggat gcagctcttg gatgcacagc taggagtgag aatgagttac    224940
     ttggctcagt gtgcagccat ggctctgctg tgtgagccac tttctctcat tcctttctca    225000
     ccctgtactt gttgctaagg tgtctgtacc ttgaatggct gatacactcc aagggggtcc    225060
     aggaggcctg taggggtgtg tggagagcaa cgaagggagt cctggtggct tctatatgtc    225120
     cttctccatt cctggtaggt acaagtcgct gtgcccagac acctggccgc actggcacgg    225180
     acctccagga gagggcgtcg agcggctgat caagtatatt ggctaccaac ctcaggacta    225240
     caagttagga aagtaagtgg ctgggaaaca gccccacact gtcagaactc atgcgccaat    225300
     ccacatggag ctggtgtgtc ccgcccttga cacggaggta cagtgttgtc atctacaaag    225360
     ttctcactga gatctgctca attgaattgg aaacaacaac aacaacttaa aaatccccat    225420
     tctcaggcga cacggctgcc tggcctggag ttgggcatgc ctgatactac ctctgtttct    225480
     ttggagatat agtttgcaag ccagttcttc tacccgctaa tttagaatgt agcagattat    225540
     gttacaatga gaaccgcggt cccaaagaag ctgggtgttc taaggctggc tccatggtta    225600
     ggcagagcct ctgcctacct aacaaagagg ggaagaagga actggggtgg ggccctgcct    225660
     gtgctggcct agcatctctc actgctcaaa tgagcacagc accacccaga atgctaactt    225720
     caccttgctt catccttggt atcccataat ggtatcctag gacattgggt accactgtag    225780
     ggatgtggta tcctagaaca gagagcttcc ccatgagtct aatgctttta ggcactcagt    225840
     cggactagcc aggatggctt tttgtactgt gagggtcaag aggcacggct gcctcatgtt    225900
     caaatcacag gaggaccagt tcacagacag cagggtctgc ctgcttcagg ggtccctgct    225960
     tcttgagcta cctgtcagct ccagcctgtg cagctggtct ctctcttctg gcttcattaa    226020
     tccatcttca tccctgagag ggccacacga atctgtcccc attctattgt cgcatgtagc    226080
     ttttctctac ctgcctaagc tctggaaatg gctgcgttgc cttccctcgt ccagctccct    226140
     ttgaatccca gcataaaaga cacacacaca gttgttcctt ttcagcttgc ctttggacac    226200
     aattgctggg tgctactgtg tcccacctgg aaaagcatgc ccttaacaat attcttatct    226260
     ctgttcctcc caccttccct aaactttagg tgctaagata catctaatcc ctgctaaaca    226320
     tccctgacca ccctgaccta tatgagtggc cacaggcccc cactctgccc aagacctcac    226380
     atatctggtc aaccttactc catcagaagc ctggcaaact ctcctcacct ccctagcatc    226440
     tctctttttc ttctagggtc ccagaagtcc cgcctattcc ttctgcccaa caattggccc    226500
     atggctttct ttactgatag atcgagaacc aattaggggg gctggagaga tggctcagtg    226560
     gttaagagca ccaactgctc ttccaaaggt ccagagttca aatcccagca accacatggt    226620
     ggctcacaac catctgtaat gagatctgac tcccaattct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta    226680
     cagtgtactt acatataata aataaataaa attaaaaaaa agaaccaatt gggaaacagg    226740
     accttagcat cagacccacc cgtactcagg gcatggtgtg ctgctgcccc cctcagcggc    226800
     tgctctggga agtctccagc acaagatgct gtgtagttgt cacaggcaag gccccttatg    226860
     acccctcctg aaaacctaga agcataactg caagcaactt tgggtcgcgc ggcagatttg    226920
     ctctgtgggg ctatgtaata aactacagca gcagtaatgc attttctcac agcccaggat    226980
     ccaggataaa ggcctaggca ggcaggctcc gtctgaaagt tgtcagccaa ctcctgaagc    227040
     tcctccggtg gctcctggcc ttccttggct ggtagcatca ctcctgcttg cttgcgtcct    227100
     acatcctagc tcttataaag aggccgctgg actggattta gtacttactc taacttactg    227160
     tctcccctct accatactgt aagcacatct gtagacagcc acctatcctc ctacacacat    227220
     acaaacacaa aggtcacgtt ctaaagttct gattgggtgc ggggacagct tctcctatca    227280
     tgggtggcag ctggccagtc aataattatg tttctttttg cttctagaac caaaatattc    227340
     attcgattcc ccagaaccct gtttgctact gaagatgctt ttgaattc                 227388