ID   AC104462; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 183271 BP.
AC   AC104462; AL359536;
DT   14-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   01-APR-2002 (Rel. 71, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Homo sapiens chromosome 1 clone RP11-522M21, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-183271
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Zhou Y., James R.A., Rouse G., Wu Z.,
RA   Saenphimmachak C., Phelps K.A., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   "Direct Submission";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-183271
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-DEC-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Center, University of Washington, Box 352145, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-183271
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Zhou Y., James R.A., Rouse G., Wu Z.,
RA   Saenphimmachak C., Phelps K.A., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-MAR-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Center, University of Washington, Box 352145, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
DR   MD5; 4f00469fce5f6c9f690bb3b4f83bd5b6.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270759.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000018.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000162849; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC104462.1:1-183271; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000366518; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; A0A0G2JR66.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:25484; KIF26B.
DR   InterPro; IPR001752; Kinesin_motor_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR027640; Kinesin-like_fam.
DR   InterPro; IPR036961; Kinesin_motor_dom_sf.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0G2JR66; A0A0G2JR66_HUMAN.
CC   On Dec 11, 2001 this sequence version replaced gi:9801062.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: University of Washington Genome Center
CC   Center Code: UWGC
CC   Web site: http://www.genome.washington.edu
CC   Contact: uwgchtgs@u.washington.edu
CC   Drafting Center: SC
CC   -------------- Project Information
CC   Center project name: chr-1
CC   Center clone name: RP11-522M21 (sc0729)
CC   ------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Sequencing vector: plasmid; 47% of reads
CC   Sequencing vector: plasmid; L08752; 53% of reads
CC   Chemistry: Dye-terminator ET; 89% of reads
CC   Chemistry: Dye-terminator Big Dye; 11% of reads
CC   Assembly program: Phrap; version 0.990319
CC   Consensus quality: 183226 bases at least Q40
CC   Consensus quality: 183266 bases at least Q30
CC   Consensus quality: 183271 bases at least Q20
CC   Insert size: 183271; sum-of-contigs
CC   Quality coverage: 9.7x in Q20 bases; sum-of-contigs
CC   --------------.
CC   Overlapping Sequences:
CC   5':  RP11-477C23 (UWGC:sc0168) AC093153, 23571-bp overlap
CC   3':  RP11-49H10 AL512412, 2000-bp overlap
CC   --------------------
CC   Sequence Quality Assessment:
CC   This entry has been annotated with sequence quality
CC   estimates computed by the Phrap assembly program.
CC   All manually edited bases have been reduced to quality zero.
CC   Quality levels above 40 are expected to have less than
CC   1 error in 10,000 bp.
CC   Base-by-base quality values are not generally visible from the
CC   GenBank flat file format but are available as part
CC   of this entry's ASN.1 file.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were either double-stranded or sequenced with an
CC   alternate chemistry or covered by high quality data (i.e., Phred
CC   quality >= 30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing
CC   problems, such as compressions and repeats; all regions were
CC   covered by at least one plasmid subclone or more than one M13
CC   subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   --------------------
CC   Sequence Validation:
CC   This sequence has been validated by Multiple Complete Digest
CC   fingerprinting. Comparison of the experimentally derived digest
CC   fragments with sequence-predicted fragments is given below.
CC   The electronically-digested sequence consists of both insert and
CC   vector, in order to accurately represent the entire circular BAC.
CC   Small fragments below a variable cutoff (approximately 400-800 bp)
CC   are not resolved in the fingerprint and hence do not appear
CC   in the table. There are no significant remaining discrepancies
CC   between the experimental and predicted values. Uniquely ordered
CC   fragments are separated by dashed lines.
CC   BglII                HindIII                EcoRI
CC   -------------------   -------------------   -------------------
CC   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt
CC   ---------  --------   ---------  --------   ---------  --------
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5952      5895        2326      2309        8696      8802
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2067      1964        6382      6399           6      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   10322     10381         512      <800        2295      2323
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5129      5215         449      <800        1531      1506
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1970      1964        1677      1694        1170      1112
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   14780     14544         946       965        2994      3050
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1982      1964         966       965        1527      1506
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2143      2304        6294      6399        1090      1073
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   6065      5895        4502      4505         340      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   955       974         795      <800        1922      1933
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2445      2588        7441      7429        1268      1302
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   7398      7527         702      <800         928       951
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3187      3138        2230      2309         263      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1223      1199        8425      8288        5612      5562
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2288      2464        1361      1411        2625      2633
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   824       838        2839      2916        2669      2720
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   535      <800        4191      4179        8149      7958
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1967      1964        2068      2091        7015      7047
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3424      3458        7811      7728       10060      9927
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   9483      9535        1858      1896        8848      8802
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5286      5344       18847     19037         263      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   6241      6245        5926      5941        4899      4971
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   10663     10381        9832      9624        7965      7958
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   368      <800        5509      5502       15898     15888
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1539      1491        3199      3207        1600      1606
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2608      2588         713      <800        2154      2120
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1509      1491          89      <800        1110      1073
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   18573     18224        3023      3045        5199      4971
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   8139      8186         421      <800        2065      2120
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2870      2877        3725      3739         103      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   221      <800        2529      2596        4801      4725
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1407      1383        1483      1411        1265      1188
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   12742     12517        1055       965        1072      1073
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   17536     18224         761      <800        2528      2633
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   6323      6245         348      <800        5027      4971
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   8445      8558         112      <800        3026      3050
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1553      1491        5241      5227       10265      9927
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1808      1774        3761      3739        1175      1188
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   8366      8288        3488      3512
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   5232      5227        4730      4725
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   10815     10673       14723     15024
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   7990      8288        7889      7958
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   3518      3568        3061      3050
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   9835      9624         526      <800
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   6738      6742        7902      7958
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   7393      7429        5012      4971
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   1734      1694          57      <800
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   7      <800
CC   ---------
CC   1400      1394
CC   ---------
CC   128      <800
CC   ---------
CC   144      <800
CC   ---------
CC   1544      1545
CC   ---------
CC   1936      2058
CC   ---------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..183271
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI human BAC library 11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-522M21"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 183271 BP; 48003 A; 42164 C; 41208 G; 51896 T; 0 other;
     gaattcccaa aagcaagttg attgattatt taaacctgac ctggagtctc ctagagtgga        60
     ggaggggagc aggaatctcc aacgcttgag atggccctga aggtgagagt gttgtcaccc       120
     agccggacca ctgcccctca gcctcagcca cccaccacct ccctctggaa acctgggagg       180
     ccttcctcca taggaacaga tttcatgggt ttatgtagag caacttctta tttagtagac       240
     aagaaaactg aggcccagtg aaggtaacag gttttccagt gactccagaa gcagggcaag       300
     aagtcaggac ctttcggcca ttttatttcc tactgtatca ctggctgtca ctagataaac       360
     atgacccttg acaatttggg gtggagacaa gagtgtcatg gaactgcagt ggtagcaaaa       420
     taacgttggg aaccaattgc ctttgtccag tggggaaaga catacttttc agagtcagga       480
     ttgggagagg aaggggaata acagccaaga atagatacac agaatgaggg agaagggagg       540
     cgtgctatcc catcccttcc ctccttccca ctccctgctg tttccagcaa caatcccact       600
     ccccagccac caccagggag tcatttctgg ccactgagca cctcttgagg caaaagcttt       660
     tctggaggcc atggtgatgg aagaaatgga ggtaatttcc atgtacttgg agttgaggca       720
     tgcacacgca catgcgcgca cacacacaaa ccatctcagg atcctctgcc cctagagcat       780
     ttcctgatac acagcaattt tttttttttt ttttgagaca gagtctcact ctgtccccca       840
     ggctggagta cagtggtaca atcttggctc actgcaacct ccacctccgg ggttcaagtg       900
     attctcttgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctg ggattacagg catgcgccac cacacccagt       960
     taatttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt ttctccatct tggcgaggct ggtctcaaac      1020
     tcctgacctc cagtgatctg cccacctcgg cctcccaaag tgctaggatt acaggcatga      1080
     gccaccatgc ccagcccaca gcaaatattt attaagcacc tactaggtgt taggtactgt      1140
     gctgagcggt aggcttaggt ttgaaataat ggacaaggca gagcacctgt ccttaaggta      1200
     cttataactt agtgctttat tccagtcagt cttagaaagc tcaccaattt gggccaatat      1260
     gaaggacaat ctgatttaag gaaaaatcag gattgtaggc ttaaaatgat tctgtctcac      1320
     tttgaagtta cataaacaaa ttatgctact aagtagtctt atagagatat tcttaataag      1380
     cagataaaga tgattagtgg atcaaagcag cttagtcccc attcatattt cactgatttg      1440
     gcttatatgt aaatgatgat tctaatctgt ttgaaaacgg ttgcttctcc taagtcagtt      1500
     cttcatgaaa tttgtttgca caattaatta acatccatgt ttaaggttca tttgttagta      1560
     tgtcacagct taatgtcaga gctttctgtc ttggattaga agcttccaga gcaaagcatg      1620
     ttatctgttt gacttgctaa gtatatggct ctgcagccac accatggtgc atcaacattt      1680
     ttaaaagtga gaatggtaat ggtgacagtc atattggatt gatgacaatc aaccttttac      1740
     ccttttaggg tagaagtcat tcagttacta actccttgtg acactgtatg gaagagaaag      1800
     acaagatttc tgttcagttt acattcttct tagaggaaga ggagaacaag atttttaaaa      1860
     ttagattaaa atactgtggt tttttgtttg tttggttttg gttttgtttt ttttgttttt      1920
     tgttttttga gtcagagttt cactcttgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcaatg gcacgatctt      1980
     ggctcactgc aacctccacc tcctgggctc aagtgattct cctgcctcag cctccctaaa      2040
     atactgtttt taaaaaaggt actcggtagc tgttattcac tcagtcaaca agtagaaaca      2100
     gtggggatag ctctctgttg ttcaggaggt gatgccgggg aaaatctcat gcctttcagc      2160
     ccaccaaggt gcagtttatt tacacacaga ttgtccaatt cctcattatt attgctgtcc      2220
     ttcctcatcc tgaagcatga ccaaagagaa aagctctgag ccagaattaa catctttact      2280
     tcaagtattc ataaagaatt caaatgtgat ggacaattct ggatcccact ggatcccagt      2340
     agattctgga tcccgctaga tcccactaca ctcacaactt cattcttaaa cactaaagtt      2400
     gggaaaagca aattgtgagt tctcttttat tttggttcac tgttggaggg ggcgggaacg      2460
     gcataaataa tacctattca tcactatagc tagcctgata gctttgtaaa ttaaattgtt      2520
     agctcttctg ggaaattaac tcatgtgacg ttaaactcca tagttaagct tacgtagagt      2580
     tgggggtggt ggttgttttc cctttcttcc tttatttctt attttgagcc ttccttcaac      2640
     cgatacctcc agagaaaggc gacttgggga aaatgttctg actcttaatc ttcgcggttt      2700
     cttttttccc acggatgtag atttcgccag cctctggaca gcacatgcgc agtatgctgc      2760
     tagcgccgcc ccaggcgccc ggagctcagg aagcgcaggt ggcgctgcca gaagggccat      2820
     gctatttctg gggcaaacct gaaagacctc agacacaggg gctttcttct atgccatgcc      2880
     actgttgaac ttagcactcc ccgttcttgc aaagagtggg aactgttagg agaatattct      2940
     ccgttagagg ttactgggca ggaaagtcat cccaaggacg tgtataaaga aagtgtgagc      3000
     caggcatggt ggctcacgtc tgtaatccca gcactttggg agattgaggc gggtggatca      3060
     cttgaggtca gaagttcgag accagcctgg ccaagatggt gaaaaccctg cctctactaa      3120
     aaatacaaaa attagccagg catggtggca ggcacctgta atcccagcta ctcaggaggc      3180
     tgaggcagga ggatcacttg aacccgggag gcggagttgc agtaagccaa gatcgccacc      3240
     actgcactcc aggctgggcg acagagcgag actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      3300
     agtgtgaagc cattttcatt cattattaat atgatcacct ttaattctgc tgatgagggt      3360
     gtgtggatat cattttctgt tgtcttcatt atcaaatgga gaactagaag gggtaagcag      3420
     cacattttgg tttaattaga tcagatttat gataggatgg catatcgcta catataaaat      3480
     actcattttc tggcgttcct ggccagagat gtctacacag agcaaaatgg atgaaaggac      3540
     ccacagtgag cagggaggac tggtttggtc ctgtagccca gagtctccta tcttatatac      3600
     caggtctgtt cttgagcttt cagagtgcaa gtagagaaac agaatttagc atccactttc      3660
     tccgtggaga tcctgcattt cctacttctc tgaacttccc ctgcctgctt catatgagta      3720
     gacaggctct tctgaacaca tttttgttta agtttcaggg acctgacgcc ttccaggcac      3780
     tgatatgtgt acatatactc cacaagacgt atctatgggc aagctagaat tcagcccctt      3840
     atgtttctag tggaatgttc atttcagttt ccgtcactag gttgttagct tcttgggagg      3900
     aggaaacatg ttcttttcat ctttgtaccc tttcagtgcc agctcagtgc tagaaaggat      3960
     acacaatgtg gttgaactta aaaaaaaaaa ttctatacag tccgtgtgaa gtcttgatgg      4020
     ggcgctgagc actgtgtagg gtccgtcctg aaagaggcag ctgcaaaaat gaggcagaaa      4080
     cagtgaaaac atggacgtga ccagaaccca gtggtccttg gctccacctg ctcttcccag      4140
     ggtgcgagtt gtcccagggt tttacatcag gaagaaggtg acgcttcatg ccacacgctg      4200
     gcaaagagga aacagtgtcc acattcctca ctgaggaatt ttctcgaaga ccttcttgtc      4260
     ctgtcctctc attttgcatg taaggaaact gagggccagc aagaggcact aacttgtcat      4320
     cccactttgt gggagaagac aaaagtttaa acttctgaat gtaaaagatg atttgttgtg      4380
     gaaaactgtt aatcagaatt tgaataagag attcgtaatc ttttcctccc attttgcaac      4440
     tttttttttt ttttaaaaac agggtttcac tcttgttgcc caggctagag tgcaatggca      4500
     caatctcagc tcactgcaac ctccgcctcc cggtttcaag caattctcct gcctcagcct      4560
     cccgagtagc tgagattaca ggcacccgcc accatgcctg gctaactttt tgtattttta      4620
     gtagaggtgg ggtttcacca tgttggccag gctggtcaac tcctgacgtc aggtgatcca      4680
     cccgccttgg cttcccaaag tgcttggatt acaggtgtga gtcacagcgc cctgccccat      4740
     tttgcaactt ttgatctcaa ttctgctggc tctattttaa ggtattaaat ggagatggta      4800
     ggcttgtgta tgtgtgtgca cgtgtgtgtg tgtaagtgtg taggaggagg agaagaaaga      4860
     taatttttat aaggggactt tttaaaagct agcaaccttt atcataattg gtggacagcc      4920
     ttggggcctc ctggaatacc tgtaattcct aattagcatc ctgatttatg gaataaaaac      4980
     atgagataaa atgagggaat tctctctgga ataaatgcca ctgtctcaat taaccaaagg      5040
     gcaataagat ggattataat gccagaatag ggcttttgat cagtctttgt ccaaaaacca      5100
     cattttagtt aagctcagca caattagacc attactgata tcaggagaat ggaaacagta      5160
     ggtatatttt aagctaacat tcccagcatc ttatctttct atagtctttc tcttgttaat      5220
     ggatgaaagg aaagttaagc atgatttgtt ataattatcc cattaaaatg ggatcgatag      5280
     aaatatttta tgttaaaaaa atggtgagtc caaactgctg agttaattag aaagttttcc      5340
     tttgtgcctc aaacagaata ggaaatgctg ttcttgccta ctgaattgtt cgtatcaaat      5400
     agaaaatatt tgaatccctt tctaatgcct cattgaacca aaatgtatta ttatggaggg      5460
     ggagaataat tccgatacat tctttttttt tttgagacag aatcttgctc tgtcgcccag      5520
     gctggaatgc aatggcacga tcttggctca ctgcaaactc tgcttcccag attcaagcga      5580
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc aagtagctgg gattacaggc atatgccacc acgctcagct      5640
     aattttgttt tttagtagag agggggtttc accatgttgg ccaggctggt cttgaactcc      5700
     tgacctcagg tgatccgccc gcctcggctt ctcaaagtgc tgggattaca ggaaaaacaa      5760
     ccaaaaatag aacaattaca gtagcaccga gtgctagaga caaatttcct gccaaatctc      5820
     ttttccagtt ccctcagtct gcgtctgtgt tctgtgccac aaccaaagat tcagatatca      5880
     attttgtcca cttgtagctc atttgagatc tgttaagcaa caacagtgaa tgctgggtgg      5940
     attcgttagt ggagctctgt tccagctgta gctaataaag ttattttctc gctgaaatcg      6000
     gtgatggtaa aattggtctg ttttccaatg ctagcttctt cagtttccgc tgagttcttt      6060
     tctcctggag tgtgagatca caatggcatg ccttacaaaa gagtgctctt gcctgctccg      6120
     tcctggctgc tcccaggccg accctggctc ctcaccagca ccctgctgta aacgctcagc      6180
     tgccccttcc cctagcagca gcgtcggcac tacatttagg accctttctg tatgtaccct      6240
     gaaaacccac cggcgcagtg gttaggctgg agcagctcag gccagcctgg ggcaaaaggc      6300
     agaggactga gaccatgcag tgagattggt gcagtcagta ttggtggagg agctgctggg      6360
     ggccaggcac atgctggaaa agtggcgtgt tatgtcccgg ggtctgaagc aagaatggga      6420
     tcaggcagtg tggaaccaat ttgtaaactc ctcactcact gactgtcatt agtaactaag      6480
     ttgctacaag ctcttttttt gtgagcctca aaacaggaag cccagaagag tttacaacaa      6540
     tggaaactct caggtttcta caggaaaaag gagaatgttg ttttccccaa aggttatttc      6600
     cttctgcagc ctggccatgt gcccctttcc ctcaagtttg ggaagcagga caaagggccc      6660
     tggggaatgc cttagcccat gatgagctga gggacagtca tttttgtccc gtcatcatgc      6720
     atttgatttg ctccttgttt tatgtaaata tataatttta gacagcgtct tccttcgtca      6780
     gccaggctgg agtgcagtgg ccctgacacg gttcactgca gcctcaactt cctgagctca      6840
     ggggatcctc ccacctcagc ctctcaggta gctgggacca cattagccac catgccctgc      6900
     taattttttg tattttttgt agagacagga tttctccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa      6960
     cacttgggct caagcgatcc acccgccttg acctcccaaa gtgttgggat tacaaacatg      7020
     agccactgcg catggcctgt tttaaacatt ttaagaaaat attttatcat atttgcacaa      7080
     gaagattttc agtgaaggac aatgttttga aaatccaatc agtaagatac tcgctgggag      7140
     gtatttttat agaaatccat ggaaagctaa tcataggaaa tcggaaaaac agagagcagg      7200
     gtttgtagct tggcctttcc cctaccttgt tccgcattct ataaaaagtg aaaaagtagc      7260
     aaagtagcac cctacagggg gctcagaggt gctggaggac taataacgca ccatttgcat      7320
     gtccacgcca cgcgaccctg cagtcacgct ctgttacaag tacagatggt gaaagtgtgg      7380
     ccaggaatgg atgccggaag cccagaagga agttggctct tgtctggagg ctcccagggt      7440
     ggatctgcac agccttccct tggctgattc ctgtccatcc tgtggatatc agtgaaatgc      7500
     caattccttg gggaggcttt ccctgccaac ctccccaacc ccaggttatc caggctgggt      7560
     gccccctcgt gtgcttccgt aaccccccaa agtttctcct cattgcattc atcactcttt      7620
     agatgactga tctgcgtaat tccatgttca gtgggtctcc ttaacgaatg taagctccat      7680
     gagggcaggg ccatgtcctt cttgttcccc tttgaatcca gagcactaca cggtgcccaa      7740
     ctgtcatagg tgtcataggt gctcagtaaa tactaggtgt attagccaga gttctccaga      7800
     gaaacagaac cagcagggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      7860
     tgtgtggagt gggggtgggg gattgactga ttttcaggac tggactcctg tgactgtgga      7920
     ggttggcggg caggctggag acgcagggaa gaggtgcagc tggagtccaa aggcgggcag      7980
     ccgacaagca gaattccttc ttgctcaggg aaagtcagct ttggttctat tcaggccttc      8040
     aactggttgg atggagccca ccacattatg gaaggtcgtc tgatttactc aaactcagct      8100
     gatttaaatg ttaatctcat ctaaaaaaat acctccacag aaatatgacc aaatatctga      8160
     ataccggggc ccagccaaat tgacacatta ccatcgcact aggggaatga atggaatgat      8220
     gacactggtt tccattctgt tgcgatgatc cttcccatcc gtataaggcc tgacaatttc      8280
     catgcccttg cacctatgtc atcttcctgg attttttttt tttttttgag acagtctcac      8340
     tctgtcgccc aggctggagt gcagtggggc gatcttggct ccctgcaacc tctgcctgct      8400
     gggttcaagc gattctcctg cgtagctggg attacaggca catgccacca ctcccggcta      8460
     atttttgtat tttttatgga gatggggttt taccacgttg gccaggctag tctcaaactc      8520
     ctggcctcaa gtgatccacc tgccttggcc tcccaaagtg ttgggattcc gggtgtgagc      8580
     caccgcacac agcctccctg gattcttaat acagccctga gaggtaggca gtggggcagt      8640
     gcggggaggc aggggcttgt tagatgctgc ccatagatga gaacactgag attcagagag      8700
     ggcaaaataa ttcctagagg tgacaccgct tttcagagtg gatggggtga caccatatgt      8760
     ttgtttctac tgttcttttc caaatcatac aacatatgag ccattcatct tgtgccaagc      8820
     actgttcaga aggctccatc ctcatgacac ccctgtggga agcttccacc atcaccactc      8880
     ctcttttaca ctggaggaag ctggaccgga tctaaggaat ctgcccagca tcacatgcct      8940
     ggtctgtggt ggagctggcc tatgaacgcc aactctggaa cctgtcctct ggatggctgc      9000
     atgagactgt ctctctatag gcaccttatg tggtcatttt ggtttcagaa gaggtacagt      9060
     aagcaaatgt tcctggctgg cgtgctgcag ctgccttggc ggggtggcag gcagggggct      9120
     gtggcggagg ctgaggctgg tcgtcctcct ctgccgctga cagtcccaag ctctcttccc      9180
     tcatcatctc agatagcttt gtggttgtca ctgtgttgtt ttatatatga atatttttta      9240
     tggattttta tatatggatt gccgtgtgac ttatgtttcc ctgccctaag cacaccgatg      9300
     aaagtacatt aatactcaaa atgactttga aaagaccaaa agaaacaaaa aaagtcctaa      9360
     attccgtggg aggaaaaacc atgatccttt agccctactc cggaatagta agaactgaga      9420
     gccaaagcca aggcggggac agcaccctgg gagctgatgg gctggttagt cccatcccag      9480
     attatatgga ggcacccggg tgattccatt tcattgagaa ttctgtgtct agagcaccag      9540
     acagtgacca cagaaatgtt taaacttcag cttttgttta aagagatgtg ctgtgagtat      9600
     ttatcgagcc atggtctgtg gggacactgc tgggagaggg agcatttctg gaacccatcg      9660
     tggctttctt ccttgtctgg cctcggcttt tactttcctt ttttcatgga cccctctatc      9720
     tcttgtgtcc aaacccacct acttttccag gtctggctaa gtgccttctt cctcccatgt      9780
     cccacccctg tcccctactg agcccccttt tctccgtgtt ttgtatcatg taccatccct      9840
     tgcccagatt tctctgatta accattcacc actctgttgc tgtcaccgct ttatgggtct      9900
     aggttttctc ctccactgag tctttaggct acttgagggt gggaatcttt gttcctattg      9960
     cgttcatatc cctgaaaatg cttagccata tgtcagacag acagaactcc ctgaactgaa     10020
     aaacacaaag atgtggagaa tagcacagtc cttatatgac tttttccctg cttgtcccta     10080
     tcatttaccc atcacctctt agtccatctg gtcatccatt gattcattca gaagacaggt     10140
     attacgtatc ttctatgtgc tagttacttt ggggataccc agatgagtta aacatggtct     10200
     ctatccttaa ggattccaga agttgctatc agaaagagtt aaaaatcatt cttcaggtag     10260
     atagctcaaa ctaaaaatac ctgttattat ggccatcact ccggcttacc atggcagata     10320
     aggctgaaat ttgtcccaga taattggctt cctggtgagc tttctccctc cttctttttc     10380
     actgagtata cgctaatatt cctccagtat tcatactgca tggtgaggac agctgacggt     10440
     atagcagcca gggaaggctg cacctgtgtt tccattttag cgctttgatg tgctgcatgc     10500
     ggttgccctg caattagttc atatgcgtga atcacaatgg catatgtaaa acgtgtgctc     10560
     atacagaccc ctctccaaag acctcacgca tcctttgctt ctggagagaa ttcccctgaa     10620
     tgtatgtgat gaggaagttg ggcttttcct ctctgtgcca ggctgaagcg aggggctttg     10680
     ctcaaggtcg tatagaaagt cgtctgccct tccaggccgt gctcttccat tggaggcaac     10740
     acctgggcgt tctttgtttt gcctttgccg cagagggaga aatgtcatat ctttcaaaat     10800
     tccagtgttt cctagtcttc tttgagaatg cccctgttaa gataggtgag aagcaccagg     10860
     ggtaggcgag attcttggat aatgtgtgtc ctggaaggtg gtgtattctg gaatggggat     10920
     gggaggaggg gaaaaggata aagaagggaa ttcttttcgt ttcaagcaat agaaattcaa     10980
     actgtgatgc ctcatggaac cagaccatga gaaggtcatg agcgcctgga actaagatct     11040
     ctcgagtgct ccgggacgct tctcgcctcg tctcttacgt gtgcttcttc tcacattttg     11100
     gcttaattct tcatttcagg ccagctttct ctcttacagc tgccaccagc agactggaca     11160
     gactcctgtc ctctctggcc ctaaactcaa aacttccagg agggagctca gatgagcggg     11220
     cggttggggg tcaggaagcg gctgctcaga tgaagggggt gctggggttg gggtgctcag     11280
     gagcatctgc ctgtgtggaa gacgctatcc tacaagaagg ctggaaagac agacaaacgt     11340
     caccccctgc attttttgat ggtttgtagg aagtgtcagt gagcatttag gagaaaaacc     11400
     caagaccagg ttacacagag catgtcaggt ctcaaatccc gacatgactc ctgtcaaacc     11460
     cagtgccagg gaggagggga gcccttcacc caatccgtat ttaccgagca ttgactgggt     11520
     gcctgtgaaa tgaggacttg ggggggttca ttttgtggac cactgatttc acaatcattt     11580
     agcagtttcc agggggagaa aagtggcctg cgtattcaac agagcttaga gaagagactg     11640
     tgtagggatt tgcccaggga gtgcagtagg gagaggtgca tcaccaagaa tatcggagac     11700
     ttctccttag caggctcatc gtttccaaag agatggagat gcagtcccga gatagcgctc     11760
     cggcttgctg gggacactgg ctccaggtgg acagtcttac gtctgcctgg caatgctggc     11820
     tatgctggct atgctatgac ctgcttcctc tgtgaaacag ctgctgaaca aaaatgccca     11880
     aattttagca catcaatctc ttcttcttcc tcctcctcct cttcttcttc ttcttcctcc     11940
     ttcttcctcc ttcctccctc ctcctcctct tcttcttctt cctcctcctt cctccctcct     12000
     cctcctcctt cttcttcttc ctccttcttc ctccttcctc cctcctcctc ctcctccttc     12060
     ttcttcttcc tccttcttct tcttccttct ttcttctttc ttcttcttta agaaagggtc     12120
     tgcttttgtc acccaggctg gagtggagtg gcgtgaacga acacagctca ctgcaggctc     12180
     aacctccaaa ttcaagcgat cctctcacct taggccccca agtagctggg actaccagca     12240
     tgcaccacca cgcctgggta atttttgtat ttttttggta gagatggggt tttgccatgt     12300
     tgcccaggct ggtctcaaac tcctgagttc ggatgatttg ccggccttgg cctcccaaag     12360
     tgctgggatt acaggcatga gccactgcat ctggtgtttt tgttgttgtt gttgttttga     12420
     gatggaggtc tctgtatcat caagaatggt ctcaaactcc tgggcttaag tgatcctccc     12480
     acctcagcct ctcaagtagc tgagtttaca ggtgcaagcc accatcccca gccaagcaca     12540
     ttaatcttta tgaaaatgtt ttgtttctgc ctttccccac tcttgcaatg gctcaccaca     12600
     gtcatcccat tttcccagca gcgtggaact cacagtcaga agggcccatt ctccaaaatt     12660
     aaccccacct gagagttaca ttatgtaaca cactgggagt gggggacaag gaacatctgt     12720
     ctccatctgt gccaggtgct aacttcctgt gtcgcccagg aacactcacc taacacctcc     12780
     gagtgcctcc acaaaagtgc caggccatgt atgtgggaca cttgctctgc agtgtaagca     12840
     aaaatgggtg cagttttaaa aatattgtag aattctagaa ctttccaaat aagttggata     12900
     atatcagcag ttggtattca tataggttga ccttcacttg gcagaacagt ctgaacaggt     12960
     gcgtagattt taagtagact tgaatttgaa ggctaaggtc atccagatct ctttgcggat     13020
     gtggagctgg aatgaagccc tcctggcttt gcctcctctg ccgtcgtcgc agccggcagg     13080
     tcccagctct cctctttcaa ttgctgtgtg accctacgga agatattcag tttttctggg     13140
     cctgaacttc tttatctgca aaacaggaaa acgaatcata cttcctcaga gggtaattgt     13200
     gaggctccaa taactgtgct ggagaaagtg gggtatgagg cccggtttgg ggctgtggga     13260
     gcacctcttc cttctgttgg tcctaggagc tcagcgcttg gtgggatgtt ccagaccagg     13320
     agaggctggg actaaaattc cagagtgatc tatgggtgca gaagcttcag acgcctgttc     13380
     aagagatggg tatcaggtga ggtgagtcca tatttaggtc tccagctagg atttaaacct     13440
     ataaggggaa gaagcacagg tgagctacag taattttggc taaaggtcca aactgaggcc     13500
     aatctcaggg catgtccctc taactagagg taaggcattt agtcaacagc cctccaagct     13560
     caaataggca gagggtagaa ctgaggggga atagcagctg ttactaggag gctggtcact     13620
     ggcaaccttg ggtttcagga gcgagaaatc catcctggat actgcgaacg cccttgattc     13680
     ttagaaaagt agggtcctgg catcaaagct ggagcagtat ggaacggatg actgcttaga     13740
     cacagggcca gtgggtgatc aactacagcc tcgtagattt ctctttggag gactggagtg     13800
     actcccaggc tcagtagggg actctgtagg ggactgagct tggagaagcc cacggccacc     13860
     ctgcctccat tccaaacaag attattcact ccactcctgt ttagctggtc acatggctcc     13920
     cccattcctt gctctccatt gcccttagtc caaagtccaa attccccagc ccaaggctgc     13980
     agggggctgg ctccctggcc tctagttcct gcttctctcg cctgccccct tgactccagt     14040
     gagtagtttt tggtgctgca aagaggacac actttctctc accttcgggc ctttgacctg     14100
     cccgggcagg gccctcccca tcttcctcct ttgctctgaa ttcatccttc ttcttcaagc     14160
     tttaatttgg atgttatccc ttcaccccgc ttccccaagg aagttccctc ctgcccctga     14220
     ggcctcttgc catgctgggc tctaagtggg catttatttc tctgtgcaga gtttgtcctt     14280
     ctttgaacca ggtccctcct ggacaaggaa ggtgctagat acatgtttgt ctagccacag     14340
     ggatcagagc tcagaaggtt gcggggacag ggcatcctgc ctgccctctc tgaatgttca     14400
     ctttgagtta cttcagttac tctttacctg gacaacataa cgtcggggaa aactcattta     14460
     tttgcaaaag gcaaaataca tgacactgtt tcactcagaa gcccctcaga cccagcatct     14520
     cgccaacctt tgggcttaag aagtggtgaa aagatgggga gagagtgact gaatgcattt     14580
     ttctgtctag gcaatttagt attacaggag atgctctcaa atccttgacc ggagtgaagg     14640
     cagagttctt gtcagttatg taagaaaaac agctcattgt tatatgatgc acactgaaca     14700
     ccatcgtgtg ttttctcagt ctttgtgtgt gcggacacgt ggcatttaaa ttaaaatttg     14760
     gccaggcaca gtagctcatg tctgtaatcc cagcacttta ggaggccaag gcagaaggat     14820
     cgcttgagcc caaagttgag accagcctgg gcaacgtagg gagaccccat ctctacagaa     14880
     atttaaaaag tagccagcca tggtggcaca cacctgtaat cctagctaag gctgagacag     14940
     gagaatcact tgagcccggg aagtctaagc tccggtgagc ctgtgattgt accactgcac     15000
     tccagcttcg gccacagagt gagaccctgt ctcaaaaata gaatattaat taattaaaat     15060
     ttaaggaatt ctgtttttac tacggtgagt aacaaggttt tttttttggt ttttgggttt     15120
     ttgtcgagac ggagtcttgc tctgtcgccc acgttggtgt gcagtggtgc gatctcagct     15180
     cactgcaacc cccacctccc gggttcaagc gattctcctg cctcagcctt ccaagtagct     15240
     gggagacagg cgcacgcccc cacacctgcc taattttttg tatattttat tagaggcagg     15300
     gtttcaccat gttggtcagg ctggtcttga attcctgagc tcatgatcca cccaccttgg     15360
     ccttccaaag tgctgggact acaggcgtga gccaccgtgc ccagcctatt tttgtttttg     15420
     tagagatggg gggtcttact atgttgccca ggctggtttt gaactcctgg actcaagtga     15480
     tcctcccacc tcagcctccc aaaatgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc acacccagcc     15540
     taacaaggtt ttttgttttg ctcctgtagg tctatttttt ttttttttcc aatcagtatt     15600
     ttcaatgttt tggctccaga cagatttcag tggtgcatca catgttaccg acgtgcctcc     15660
     cgtgcctccc tgtctgttca tctgctgtcg tctctgccag ggatgctcgt ctctcattcg     15720
     tttttttggc gtggaaacac gctgctcagt cctcaggccc agctcccgtg tcacctgcca     15780
     cctgcaggcc ttcctcttgt cccttctcca ggcactgtgc ctgtgtcccc tactccagac     15840
     cgtgagttgt ggatgaaagg ggctgtatct tacttgcccc tttttgcatt tattcatgtg     15900
     gatacataga tgctcattcg cttcaattca ttgaacatct gctactggcc agggactttt     15960
     tcccttttgg aaggagaccc agataccctc cagacatagg tccggcctct caggagtttt     16020
     cattctcctg agagaggaga gagacttgtt gagctatgcg tggagtgctg cctgacagct     16080
     tgctattttc tttctttcct gtgagataaa aatgtacctt atggtattac tttattttaa     16140
     ttctgccatg acatttgtgg cggttgtttt aagattcaga gattactggg tgttgatctc     16200
     cttatgatac tctcggttcc taattatgtt agaaaaaaaa gcaaagcggg aacttggctt     16260
     ttgtgttgcc ttcacagagt gtggaggttg aaaacatctc agcgcacttc acggaggttc     16320
     tcagagaccc cataagtttc tggaaaagtg ggaaacgcaa acctgtcaac ctgtcagtct     16380
     ctcccctctc acggaagcct gacatgtaaa tctcaagttg ttaaacctgc tgtcaaatga     16440
     gctgcctcca ctgaagactc ccctccgctc ctcgcactct catcactgcc cctcactctc     16500
     tgtccccaca gcacagggac agcctccgca gactcccgtg tgtgtgctct ggagagaaaa     16560
     gattctggat ttgggcggtc tcacctccaa aattgcagcc cctaagggga gccgtgctaa     16620
     ggtgtgatac aggccatgcc ccttctagcc ccatgggaca cctgactgat agcagcctgt     16680
     gcagatgtga ggaacagaag gtggccccag accccttagg agaaaccaaa gtgcctcaga     16740
     gacaggacaa gtgctacccc ggaggccagt caccaggtga cctgggagct gggaaccttt     16800
     tcagcctatg ggtggctgtt tatcacgagg ggcattagac agacaggagg cagtgctgaa     16860
     attcaacagc acaaagcaat ttccagcttc atcttggctt attaataatg aaacagcaat     16920
     agcgcaggca caaatcaaca gtaagtaggt gggtgggtga gacaagttgg acatttgggg     16980
     aacagcctgg gcagctaccg atacagaggg aagccatttg gtgtgtgtac ctcccctctt     17040
     ccctgggata ggagcaaacc tgaaatgaga acggcagtca tctgcacaca aaaactaggt     17100
     taggaaactg ttttctaagg ggccaggttg ggtcactctt tgtgacaaga accgtgtgaa     17160
     ccacttctta cctgtaattc tgactcagca ttgatatttg aaaattcttc cctagggctg     17220
     ggtactgagt actgttctga gtgcattaca tacaacagct catttacata cgtaatacat     17280
     tcacatacat caatcatttg catgtatcaa ctcatttatg tacatcaact catttgcata     17340
     cctcatttca tttgtacata actcatttgc atataccaac tcattaaagt tgtctctttt     17400
     actagtgagg aaactgaggc ctagagagtc atgtgcatgc tgcatctctg catgcttcct     17460
     ctgatggttt gatgtgggtc aatcctacgt ctgtgcacat cttaacaact atcgtaggtg     17520
     tagggtgcct ttggtttact agaggtttca tcagtccacc tgattctcac tactgacgta     17580
     aatgtcagag gtggtcctgc ctcttctcag tctccatccc aaggctcttt acagctttct     17640
     gtggcctgat tttcttgctg tggatgctga agggcactct tcagtggttt ctcccagggc     17700
     cgttgcggat tgcagctgtt tcatacccag atgacctggg gggcatcttc agtgtgtgca     17760
     gatcagactc agcactgata ctcgtcctcc agccgtactt tgtctccgcg gtggtgctca     17820
     gacttaaagc acttctcagc tgtgctagtg gtcccttcag agaacgaatt atgctgaggc     17880
     agagagggac ctggggaggg tagggaaggt cacaaattaa acagcagatt agaggacaga     17940
     aattcggttt gtggctttaa tattttatac tcagtatgac aggcagactc ttcaaaaaaa     18000
     cataacctag tggcccaaat cgcaatttta cgttatactt tcaatatagg aggaccctca     18060
     cattgcttaa aaggggtctt cagggagaaa tttacccaaa atttcatgct tggctccgtg     18120
     gtgacggcac atcctcactc tgagaaccag gaccggcctc gggagtccag gttctgttcc     18180
     cagtttgtat gcacaccgat ttccccactg tctgtcacaa ccagtcaact tcccatgtgt     18240
     taacagttac tgaatctacc tgtccgcacg tggccaagcc ccgccccccc cttcccccat     18300
     gctcttctct ctgcctggcc aactcctcaa tcttggcaaa gtccttcaga acccttgggt     18360
     agtgtgagtt accttccttt gtatagaatc tgaaaaatca ttgccctttt tttattagag     18420
     tcaggatctc attgctctgt cacccaggct ggagggcagt ggtgcagtca tagcttactg     18480
     cagcctcaaa ctccggcagg tctcaagtga tcctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg     18540
     gactataggc atgcgtcacc atgcctgact aattgtgtta ttctttgtaa gagatgggct     18600
     ctcactgtgt tgctgaggct ggtctcgaac tcctggcttt aagggaatcc tcctgcctca     18660
     gcctcccaaa gtgatagaat tacaagtgta agccaccaca cttgtccatc attgcctttt     18720
     aatctttgca tcctgccacc tccccagcac agccagcata ggagccggca cttagtacat     18780
     gtttgtttgg ggaatgaatg tgaggtcact agtcaatgat tctgaaatga gtctattgaa     18840
     ggtggaaacc agcacaattc aaatgctttg cgttaaatgc cagtcagtgt ctcttcccaa     18900
     agacccccac tgaacccatc agatgtaaaa tcccccattt tatcaccgaa caacctgttt     18960
     ccacccattt cccttattca ctaaacaacc cgtttccacc catttctctt gttccttctt     19020
     attgcagtgg gggacgtgtc tttgccttct ttcaagggtt aatgtttcca agtgggttct     19080
     atcttctcaa ggatcactgg tctttcgcat ataccctctt gctcccgaat cattaagaac     19140
     tcctgcccat tggatgatgt tgctgtatct ccaattatat tttgaaactt tctccctctc     19200
     acttactcct ccacgtgtcc catttctctg ccttcttaat ggccacttct caaacacatg     19260
     gctgacagat tccggaggcc ttcaactccc acctatgaag cagccagtgg cctcgggagt     19320
     ggggctgctt gagactgtgg gaacgatgtt ttcgttaaga atggactgcc tgtataatgg     19380
     tggtcccata agattataat actgtgtttt tactacacct tttctatgtt taggtatgtt     19440
     gtttagattt agaatatgta acgcaattac cgctgcgtta ccagcaatcc caagaggacc     19500
     ccagaccctc tgaaggaagc gggctcctgc aggacccggg agacagtgtt gaacttgacc     19560
     ttgctctcct cctcgggtca ggcctgccga ccctgcacta caggttcctt tttctctccc     19620
     tgtccgtgca tccatctgtt tctgcactct cttcggtgca tcctctgaac caccagaatt     19680
     aggttcctcc acaccaaatg tgatcatttc atttcgcagc tagattgctc gtgaacagct     19740
     aagcaggtca cgctgagctc gacacagtcc aatcccaagt accagtcagg ctcccaccgt     19800
     cccttcctat cccaaaatgt cacctcccct gtgttgcagc cacactgaag cctcaatgtc     19860
     ccctaaacat tccagaccct cttgtgactc tgagtctctg cccctgggtt cacgccactt     19920
     agaatgagct tccccccatt ttctgcgata cacactgtca ctttccctgg gaacagattc     19980
     gacctgggca gaatgctctt cagtttgttc ctatctctgc cgggatctat atgttctgga     20040
     ctctcttcta cgacacggag acctttcccg gagcaggaac ggggccacgg ccgtgtttgc     20100
     attttctgaa cccaggatgg tgccactgtg gtttgttctc cccgttcaag tgttgctgac     20160
     tggtggggag ggacagcatc gcctcagtga aagttttggg ttaaacactg tctgcagtaa     20220
     ttcaaaagga taagaaggac tcctttcact gtgcatcttt agacgaagca tcaacaaagg     20280
     ctttttcact gaaatccaaa ctcaaggtgt atacatgtca cctcccagca cagcaaatgg     20340
     cacagactcg agggaatgtt ttccttccgg aacaacatta taaagcagca gcccccagcc     20400
     tgtaggcacc agggactggt ttcacggaag acagttttcc cacggaccaa gggtggtggt     20460
     gggggatgat gatttcagga agattccagt gcattccatt tatcattaga ttctctcaag     20520
     gagcgtgcaa cctagacccc cacatgcaca gctcacaata gggtttgtgc ttccatgaga     20580
     atctaatgct gctgctgatc tgacgggagg cagagttcaa gtggtaacgc ttaccttctg     20640
     ctgtgtggcc tgcttcttaa caggacaccg actagcactg gtccgtggcc tgggggttag     20700
     ggagccctgc tctgttacag agaacaaaat ttgttacgta gggatcactt gagcccagga     20760
     gttcaaggct gcaatgagct atgattgtgc cactgctttt cagcctggct gagcgagacc     20820
     ctctctataa aaaatttttt taaagagtaa aatttgtata gtttttggga atttactatg     20880
     gtgatatttt atagcgctgt caggaatgct ctagctattg gtgggccctc agagcacagt     20940
     gaattcgagg gctctgatgt attctgttgt tttttttggg tttttttgtt ttttttattt     21000
     tgagacagag tctcactctg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcaccatc tcagctcact     21060
     gcaacctcca cctcccgggt tcaagcaatt ctcctgcctc agcctcctga gtagctggga     21120
     ctacaggcgt gcaccaccac gcccagctaa tttttcctat ttttagtaga gacggggtct     21180
     cactacgttg gccaggctgc tctcaaactt ctggcctcaa gcaagttgcc ctcccgggcc     21240
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcatgagc cactgcgccg agcctctgat gcgttcttgc     21300
     cggtcatttg tacagtgttg cttgcatgtg agttcttctt caggtcgaga ttaagggtat     21360
     gacattagta ctaaccatta ttcaacctct gaaatatacg cacatgggac aaaggagata     21420
     atttcattta cttatgtggc cttactttga agatattcat atgttagtcc attttgcatt     21480
     actataaaaa atacctaagg ctgggtaatt tataaagagg tttaattggc tcatggttct     21540
     gcagctgtac aggaagcatg gtgctagcat ctccttggct tctagtgagg cctcaggaag     21600
     cttccgatca tggcagaagg tgcaaaggga gcaggcatgt cacatggcaa gagtgggagc     21660
     aatagagaga agggggaggc cccagactct ttaaaacaac catttctcac atgaactaac     21720
     tgagcgagag ctcactgatc accaaaggat ggtgctaagc cattcataag ggatctgcgg     21780
     ccatgatcca gtcacctccc agcaggcccc acctccagca ctggggatta catttcaaca     21840
     tgagatttgg aggggcaaac ctctgagcca tatcaccata gttagtgcat gccagatgat     21900
     ttttgcgttt cccacaggat gtcagtgagc ctttttctca gtcatggcca gccccaacag     21960
     agaggcaaga tgagttcctc ttggttgtga tgcctctttt cttttcagtt cacactttat     22020
     gccctttggc ttgctgccag gtgctacctt tcacccaaaa gaaccacagg ctcctcacgg     22080
     attttgcatt ccttcagggt cctgccagtt actggcaaat tcaatgataa ttgtgctcac     22140
     tgtataaaat actttctgga ataaggtaaa atatgaatga aaaaatgcac aaatgccaaa     22200
     caaatacagt tgcttgtgct gagattttgt tttaaagaag aaagagaaaa acaaagaaat     22260
     taaggacagc attgcgatca cttttcttcc tccaaacaaa agctttcaag cgcaacatgt     22320
     tgatttttaa aattcctttc tgggctgggc gtggtggctc acacttgtaa tcccagcact     22380
     ttgggaggcc aaggcaggcg gatcagaaga tcaggagttc gagaccagcc tggccaacat     22440
     ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaatacaaa aattatccag gcatggtggt gtgtgcctct     22500
     aatcccagct actcaggagg ctgagagaga agaatcactt gaatccggga gatggaggtt     22560
     gcagaaagcc gagattgcac cactgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagtga gactccaact     22620
     aaaataaatt aataaataca tgaataaata aaaaaataaa attcctttct gtagccactg     22680
     tgagccaaaa gcacgggctt aaactgcaga gtgctgtgtg tgcactcaca aatcccaggt     22740
     tcccagagtg gagagccctg caccccagcc gcggccaagg gtcagaagta gcaactggtg     22800
     attaatcaag tggctcctgt cttaggacag tcagcgttta ttgtctctgc aggccagact     22860
     atagaaataa gcagacccac aaaagccagc aattaatatt tccccggaga gattccagat     22920
     gctgccgggt ggactgtgac atgctagcat tcttcctgct cctgatttat tccattgtgt     22980
     ggaagagctt ccacagaaat gactctttgg atttttcagg aaatgtttca agccttctta     23040
     ttcagacacc ctttcagcgt ccagtgatgg acgaagctgt gccctagagt cccaccttcc     23100
     caaacagtgg gcaacttgct ttctccagcc tcctgtcccc ttccgagcac ccttcacccc     23160
     tcccatcccc aggagtcgct gaataggtcc catgggagag aaatgacagc ttgaagtgat     23220
     gacccatccc accccatcaa atgttggcat tttactctgg cctccaaagg catgggggga     23280
     tgacccatgg caggaataca ggccttacag agaggttcac tccaaccaaa ccatgctgct     23340
     cccccagtgg cccaccatga aaacctctgg aaaaccaact tatttgccaa atgactccca     23400
     tgagcaggcc tttgcaaaat ttcagagtgt tgtacagctg catcccagga caaaactctt     23460
     tcttttcagt actaacagtg caagtagaat agggtcgtgg tggagcatcc cattgtcttc     23520
     attcctggtc cactaatttt catctgagtt aagagttttg ggtttgaatt caagggaaat     23580
     gaaaagttct taaaggggcc gggcacggtg gctcacacct gtaatcccag cactttggaa     23640
     ggtggaggca ggcagatcac ctgcggtctg gagttcagga ccagcctggc cagcatggca     23700
     aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa attaaaaaaa atagccgggg ttaatcccag ctactcagga     23760
     ggctgaggca ggagaattgc ttgaacttgg gaggttcagt ggaggttgca gtgaggttgc     23820
     agtgagccga gatcatgtcc ctgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagtgaaa ctccatctca     23880
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aagctctcaa agggcctgag ccaggcaccg     23940
     tggctcatac atgtaatccc aacactttgg gaagccaagg cagcaggatc acttgagctc     24000
     aggagttcag cctgggcaac agagtgagac tctatctcca caaaaaatgt tttttaaaaa     24060
     ttagccaggt gtggtggtgc atgcctgtag tcctggtggg tggccaagtc aggaggatcg     24120
     cttgagcgta ggaggttgag gctgcagtga gctatgatca tatccctgcc cttcagcctg     24180
     ggcaacagag tgagaccttg tctcaaaaag gaaaaagaaa atggcttgaa aggcatgtga     24240
     gacattacat agtttgaggt atttcctttg ctatatgcaa aggcataaaa atgaacaggg     24300
     agctagcggt ttattgctgg tccgaaccag caacatcaca gctggccctg ggcgtcacag     24360
     ggtctcatgg gggtacctta agaggattct taaatgaaac tcagaacaca gagaagtagt     24420
     tgattttgtg tcttgcatgt tctgactctt catttagtgt cacagcaagg gtcaaggata     24480
     tgggaaatca taaacaatcc caagagtttc atgatctttg agaatcttaa agcttcatct     24540
     aagctatgct tttgaattgg gcagaaccag aatggataca agatgaatac agttcaaatg     24600
     attctaaaac tagagattaa atcctgtgaa tttcctactc tcagcaggag gagattacaa     24660
     ctatttccag gtttaagatg atgaacatga ttggttttgc cccgtgctca ctgggctcag     24720
     atgagaaata gctttaaggt gcatccaggg tttggttggt tgtgaagaag aatattcctt     24780
     gtcgtcaatg aataaatgtt gtgataggtc attagaggag gatctagagc cctttgctgg     24840
     aaattgtttg aatttgaagc cagagaagta agcaagtaac cactttgttc tccttctttc     24900
     tctttgttta ctccattgta cattgactgt ctcccaaagt atcccaccga gccttaagaa     24960
     aaagttcccc ttaaagataa cagaactgga ggattcagct aggggctttt tgattagtca     25020
     agaagccttt gattggatgg acatgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggctga gacgggagga     25080
     ttatttgagt ttaggagttc aagacaagcc tgggcaacat ggcagaaact tgtctctaca     25140
     aaaagtacaa aaaaattagc cgggcatcgt ggcaggcacc tgtaatccca gctactcggg     25200
     aggctgaggc agaattgctt gaacctggga ggcagaggtt gcagtgagcc aagatcctgt     25260
     cactgcactc cagcctgggc gacacagcga gactccatct caaagaaaca aataaacaaa     25320
     caaacaaaaa acaaaaatta gctggatgtg gtggtgcatg cctgtagttc cagctactcg     25380
     ggaggctgag gtgggaagat cacttgagtc caggaggtgg aggtttcagt gagccatgat     25440
     tgcaccactg cactacagcc tgggtgacag agtgagaccc tgtctcaaac aaaacaaaca     25500
     aacaaacacc ttgattgatg atccaatata gttcttttgt tgttctttgg gccttctttt     25560
     tttttttttt ttaatgatca cttatctttc ccttgaggga aacctacgtt gtaaatagag     25620
     aatttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttga gacggagtct tgctctgtcg cccaggctgg     25680
     agtgcagtgg catgatctca gctcactgca agctccgcct cctgggttca cgccattctc     25740
     ctgcctcagc ctccggagta gctgggacta caggcgcccg ccaccacacc cggctaattt     25800
     ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca tcgtgttagc caggatggtc ttgatctcct     25860
     gacctcgtga tccacccgtc ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc     25920
     atgcctggcc tgagaaaaat atttttgatt tccactttat agatgagaga attgaaattc     25980
     aggttaatga tgccactcag gcttgaaact tcagcatcat ttttgtgttt cttctgcaca     26040
     tcccacattc ggtccatcac caaattctgt taattttttc ctcgtgatgt tactggcatc     26100
     tgtctttttc tcatcacatc cactgatacc aactggggct ttctggatga ttatactgga     26160
     tttttccatt accttccaca tgctggtctt acctccttga tgcctcccgt aagtattttg     26220
     gatcttggga atatgaattc atgtctgttc ccttcgtttg gcacccccat gggttgtggg     26280
     cacagaggca gggaggctct gagaggcatg ggccaggaaa ggcttttcag agatttctga     26340
     gcatacctgt gtcccttaca ccttattcta attcacacca gctcttggtg tttgctcttc     26400
     gactgtggac ctctgtggat ggtagacaat ttgtgtgagt ccacgagccc ttcagtgtta     26460
     aacatcatta aacataaggt cgcaaaagtc agctgatgct caaactgaaa ttgttgtatt     26520
     ttgttttgtt ttatgttatt ttgtttccca gaatgaggat atattggtct tattgtgcta     26580
     tgtgttagag ccacatattc tttcttctga ttctgtgttc acattgcctt ccagatatca     26640
     tcaaatctaa catgttaaaa tctaacataa tgagtgaaaa tatatcagcg agaatgataa     26700
     tagtatctgc tttctaatcc atgtgttcat catgggaaat aacaaagctg catcatatcc     26760
     tgtcttgttt ctatcatgtc ctcttctcca gttagatcct aagtccctcc atgacaaaga     26820
     cctggattcg ttcacacatt tagtgattca gcaaaacacc tagtaagtac cccttgtgtg     26880
     gaaagccctg tacttgcctt tggtcctatg ggagttgcgt tgcttgatgt tagtgatgta     26940
     cctaagggtg gtgttaggac tgaccggggc tcccctccca agccccacct atgtttttaa     27000
     tcacaatacc atgcaacttc caaatcaacg ctgttgatag aaagacacct acccagctct     27060
     gaagagttat ttggtcccta gatcaagggg cagataagtc agatttccag aaagatagag     27120
     cctgcctctt tgtcattcca tctccactat tccttcactg atgagaaagt gatcagatca     27180
     gaactgatgt tgtataaact gctctgtaat tcctgcctga ttggcttttc ttgagaggtg     27240
     cctgtccatt agcttttgcc ttccttttgt caggctctct aaacacttta agtaacagaa     27300
     tcaattaagc cttcctcacg attttagaaa actaagtggt agctcaggag gggagtcatc     27360
     ctaacaagct gtctgtgtag acagtggatt ctgtattgtc gcttttgttt ctcaaaggtt     27420
     tgggtttggt cagaggttac caaggaacct tcgctatatt tccacagatt cttttgtgag     27480
     cctctagttc acgccctgta aggacattca tccttctctg tccttgggag acgtaggaaa     27540
     attatttcct ggagaaatca ggcgcttgta agagccagcc tttcaaagag gtatctacca     27600
     tcaaaggggc taatcgtccg agtgacagac acgcatggct ggcttccctc tttactctgc     27660
     cttgattgag acaagatgag cgtgctgctg gccttagcaa tgggggattc tgttagaaca     27720
     atatcctcag ggaatagctt ttatctgcta agtatgacaa gtgtggcaac tgtgcacaga     27780
     gtccagatct cacgacctcg ctttgcaaag gctacaagac caagggcttg tgtacctgcc     27840
     ccaacagaga caggctgact cttactacgt ggccgtagga atggtttgcc cttgctcagg     27900
     acttatttac ctaatgtcgt ttggcctgga atgtttcaga gcaccctttc atgcctggtc     27960
     agggttgtga tcccttttgg agacagaagg aggtagacgt gcttttgtgt ttccgacact     28020
     gaggacattg aggttctggg ggattcatca cttagctccc aactcttatt gggagcagaa     28080
     gtgccactgg agtagggtgg ctggtttgag ggtgtggccc cgggaaaggt ggcaggacac     28140
     acttctcttg ttctccagcc cattttcagg cacggtatcc tgcgctgcta gcaccgtagc     28200
     catcactgac ctcaggaccc tcccggtgaa cactcagtta aaattcctac tcgctgcagt     28260
     gggaaatttt atgttatgtg aattttatct catgattaaa attaaaaatg aaattttaaa     28320
     aatgaaatat tcagttgcct ttcctagaag gaatcatccc gatgatacta ttccttactt     28380
     ctcacattca tcccattcta atgcccacat ttacttcata atgtattacc tacgtatagt     28440
     gtatgttgtt cgcttcattt agcatgaccc tatgaaatgc ctgtgtgacc aaaagcagat     28500
     caactgataa ggccttttgt ggctcagatg tgtctttgcg gggaaatggt caggcgtcct     28560
     ctgttggcaa gggcacctgt cccaagcaga aatggagaaa cacgtcctca cctcctcctg     28620
     ccacctgctc tgaacagatt ctgtagcgta aaattcttta taaatacaca tatcaatgga     28680
     gttcttgaca ttttgcccag aacctgagga agaataaaac ctttcttgtc caactaaaac     28740
     acacacggaa taacaagcaa aagcaaaaga gaaatcccaa gaaaacagac cagaaacaaa     28800
     gggttatgct ccgtcattgt ccccaagagg gttacacatg agactcacag ggcaaatttt     28860
     atctaaatta aaatgctgat ttttcacatt acaggcccaa agtttaccga ggtcacagtg     28920
     cttttaaaat taatgaggcc gggagcagcg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cacttttgga     28980
     ggccaacgcg ggtggatcac gaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcttgccca acatgacgaa     29040
     accccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcgt ggtggtgggt gcctatagtc     29100
     ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcagaagaa tcgcttgaac ccaggaggtg gaggttgcag     29160
     tgacccaaga tcgagccact gcaatccagc ctgggtgaca gagctagact ttgtctcaca     29220
     aaaaaattaa aaaagaataa taataatgag tgaagattag cttcctctga agtcagttcc     29280
     ttgtggatca tcttattgct tattttttaa cttatttgat atctcactga cccctcccga     29340
     ggcagaaatt tgcttttgct cattgcaaac tggccaagga aaaaaaaaga acaatttcct     29400
     ctatagagta gttccccctt atcctcagat agccttccaa gactcccagt gaatgcctga     29460
     gacctcagaa agtaccgagc cctgtatgtg ctgtttttct gatctggtaa ccagggcggc     29520
     tactgagtgg ttaacaggca ggcagtgtag acagcaggag gtgctgggca aaaggaagac     29580
     tcacatccca ggcaggacga aatgagatgg ggtgaaattt catcacacta ctcagaatgg     29640
     tgtgcagttt acaacttatg aattatttat ttctggaatt ttccacttaa tattttcaga     29700
     ctaaggttga ctgtgggtaa ctcaaacctt ggaaaacaaa accgtgggta agggaagact     29760
     gctttaagat ctgagaatga ggactgacat gttttggttt ggctggtggt ttcagatcca     29820
     acctcagtag ttcctagaga ccatttaatt tgtttttgag atggagtctc gctctgttgt     29880
     ccaggctgga gtgagtggcg tgatctcggc tcactgcaaa ctccacctcc cgggttcaag     29940
     cgattcttga gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggattaca ggcatgtgcc accatgccag     30000
     gctaattttt gtatttttgg tagagatggg gtttcacctt gttggccaga ctggtctcga     30060
     actcctgacc tcaggtggtc tgcccgcctc gacctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt     30120
     gagccaccat gcctgaccga gaccatttaa tttgaataag tgcccaagaa gcaaaggact     30180
     gagccaggca agatgatctg agagcaggaa ggtgtggcca ggctggctga gccatgaaca     30240
     ggctggttgc tccagggccg gtgtctcccc tggaaggttc tggagttcag gctgtgttgg     30300
     agtccacctt ctgcccctca agtccatggc agggccgttg actgctgctc ttgcctgagt     30360
     ctcctggttg caaaggccag gcaaggcact gcctaacgtt gtgactaaca tcgtgggtgt     30420
     gacggggagt cagggtggct tctctgttgc cccaagtatg ccctgcacat caccatcttc     30480
     cttttcaaag aatggtgaaa ataggaattg tgctctttag ggaagattgt cttttttata     30540
     tctttttctt ttttttttct tttttttttt ttttttgaga cagagtcttg ctctgttgcc     30600
     caggctggag cgccagtggc gcgatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctccacctc ccgggttcac     30660
     gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggcgcccgc caccacaccc     30720
     ggctaatttt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac catgttagcc aagatggtct     30780
     ccatctcctg accttgtgat ccacccgcct cggcctccca aagtactggg attacaggct     30840
     caagccaccg cgcctggcct tttatatctt tttcaaagaa aaaggtaggc tgggggcggt     30900
     ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggcagaggc gagtggatca cctgatgtca     30960
     ggagttcgag accagcctgg tcaacatggt gaaacctcat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa     31020
     ttagccaggc atagtggtgc acacctgtag tctcagctac tcgggaggct gaggcaggag     31080
     aattgtttga acccgggagg cagaggttgc agtaagctga gatcgtgcca ctatactcca     31140
     gcctgggcaa cagtgtggga ctccatctca aaaaaaaaat gtagaaaaat aaaaacaatc     31200
     atctattcat ggctaggtag aggtcagatt tcactcactg acctgttttt agattttcct     31260
     tcgatattcc aactcttaga tatgtcaggt tgctggagtt gctgactgca ctaacttctg     31320
     cattctccaa ctttcccctc agagagtggc ttgtctaaat cacccaaatt accatgtggg     31380
     tgagaatgtt ggggaaatga agatttaaaa tccacaatat tattagtgct gtcaatatca     31440
     taatatcata aatgtccata cgaggaaagg agaccttggc agaggctacc ttttctatct     31500
     gttttgtgtg tgtgtgtgac attcttcatg aatgacttct tgaactatga aaatgaggca     31560
     actgtggcct gaactctctc atttgcctcc tccccttcct ggcatttact taagacattt     31620
     cctgatgctt cccgggggtg tttcatgctg gtgtctaagc cagagatcac acctcccacc     31680
     caccatgcct gcacctccac tcctgcaaag gtttttagag tcagggtccc tatcagtgtc     31740
     taagcatcag gctcttcaga ccctgacctt tgaaaagtcc aaatggctct tgagtgcccc     31800
     attttctccc aatctgaaaa ctgtaagaat gaaatataac aattaagcct cagaggatca     31860
     caagcgcagg tgatcctcat gagcccagac tgatatttct aaattatcta gatcttcctt     31920
     gaacatagac tccagagtta ccgggacgca gcgttcccat tccactgggc agccatctat     31980
     acgtgaagtg tcattgttgg tggtttggga gttttatttt ccctttcata acacgtctcc     32040
     tgtctcctca gctcccccag aactccctgt aatcatattt gctatcagtt gtgtttgtgg     32100
     aggtgtagtg aatttttcag ggatgaatac caatgctgag accctccaag aagacctgtg     32160
     aggtcagcct ctgtcagcgt gacagcccag tgggaggggg ccccaagcta cacagcagga     32220
     gatgattgtc acacgtcctg gtgagagagc ctgctcacca gctctggacc tgcactccgt     32280
     gtgcctggcc agtagatagg tttccctggt gttccccagg ccttttctgc ttcatgacat     32340
     tgattatata gctagcattt catttcagta gggcttggga aagggggttc tttattgcag     32400
     ctcctgtaaa aacccatttc cacacgaatc acctctggcc tttttctgtc tggcacattg     32460
     tttagacagg aggggtttgt gtgtatcact tccctccagc ctctcctaag tggaagcctg     32520
     ggatttggaa attgggattt ttttccttct ctctaaatga atgccttgtt ggataccttg     32580
     ttgataaaat gccatttctc acatctttat agcttaaggg gctaccttag ccacaaggca     32640
     cagtccctta ttactgataa gagctactgt catttcactt atatactttg ggagattcat     32700
     ttttgcttct cagcatcatt tatgttatga ttcatatcta aatttaaggt aaaattttat     32760
     gcttcaccat cgacttttca aagtttgtct ttgaaaatga tttttaaaat gatctaatcc     32820
     aaacctctca gtttacaggt gagaaaacaa atctagggca gagtttttcc acaggggcac     32880
     gagtgatgtc atggaccaga tgtttgtgtc gtagggggat gcctggtgca ctgtagggca     32940
     tttcctggga tctcaagctt ctatcctctg gatgccagta gcaccctcca agttgtgacc     33000
     aacaaaaatg tcccctgtca cacagctaag tcataacaga gtcaggcata agacacgggt     33060
     gtcccgactc ccccatctgc cctttccagg ttgggcaaca gaattaagct ctcaacccac     33120
     acagagctca gagaattagt caagagcact tccacaatct ccagggagag aagagggttt     33180
     aggagacaaa agagccaaca gcatggaaga gctttgtgga actctgggcg atgcatcccc     33240
     tacatggaag agctttgttg aactccaggc gatgcttccc ctatacggaa gagctttgtg     33300
     gaactcggca gtgcatcccc tacacggaag agctttgtgg aactccaggc gatgcatctc     33360
     ctcaccggaa gagctttgtg gaactccggg cgatgcatct cctcaccgga agagctttgt     33420
     ggaactccgg gcgatgcatc tcctcaccgg aagagctttg tggagctccg ggcgatgcat     33480
     cccctcaccg gaagagcttt gtggaactcc gggcgatgca tctcctcacc ggaagagctt     33540
     tgtggaactc cgggcgatgc atcccctcac cggaagagct ttgtggaact ccgggcgatg     33600
     cttcccctac aaggaagagc tttctggaac tcggcaatgc atcccctcac cggaagagcc     33660
     ttgtggcact cctggcagtg catcccctac acggaagagc tttgtggaac tctgggcaat     33720
     gcatccccta accggaagag ctttgtggaa ctgcggcaat gagtccactc tccccagtct     33780
     ccctgtctac gaatagaact tggcccagtg agtcactgac tcaacttctg tgatcttcta     33840
     ctagacgata tggtttagaa attcataaga tgtgtgtcag gagttaacag gtttagggga     33900
     aagaacagaa gaggcggagg aatgtctccc catgaatgct gaccctccac atacccagaa     33960
     cctgggacta gccccttggc aaagactcca tgagcctcat acagtgaatg ggactcgttc     34020
     tcagccaggt agacatcagc ttgggtctga cccccatcct tgtgtgcaag tcctgattca     34080
     cagagtttct ttggcacttt tgcttaagct gtaacaaaca gccagtctgc acagggctcc     34140
     cttctgtctt tccctttaag tcggctcaca tttctctcct ggtcacagct gtagaggaca     34200
     cacacagcac gaaacatgag gagtgtggca agtaatgaat gcccccaggg tattgccact     34260
     ttctgacaga tgaggacaaa tgtaatttcc agggatttca tagctgagag attagaagct     34320
     ttcctgctgg gcctaattct ggagccaggt atgaacctgt gtttcccttg tataaaggta     34380
     aaagaattct gttactgggg ctgtggatgg agccgatttt aacatttgtt ttttgagctc     34440
     catctatagc tcgtaaggtc caccaggctg gtccaaggtg cctttcctct agacacagga     34500
     tttcatttag tggctgtgcc tacatgcaaa gcagcaactt cattcaactc tctgggtctt     34560
     tgtcttagtg atgccagaaa taacaaaata gaaactgaac tattacatga aatgactttt     34620
     gggttggaaa aacaggctct aagaacagag ttaatgaact gagagaaaat agtttctggt     34680
     tatgctacta gaaactgtgg tttttatcct cataaatcat tgctttaggg aaaaaaagtc     34740
     ctttctaaac ttttcctgtc ctgtttcctt ttcatttttt gaatgaatga acagtagggt     34800
     attctctgtc tttgagttat tttcttccta gccacctggt cataatccag agggaaaaac     34860
     aaattagatg gattctgtga gctatatttc attgctattg gtgtgtggat cacaatgctt     34920
     tattttccac cagttaaacg aagaacattc tggaaacttt gcacaaagaa aaattagtgt     34980
     ttatccctac agttgaaatt ttctaggaaa aaaaaatagc aacaaattaa gttttgaaaa     35040
     aggagagcca ggtgcagtag ggtgcatctg tagtcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcgg     35100
     gaggaccact gcagcccagg agttcaaggc tgcagtgagc tatgattgta ccactgcact     35160
     ccagcctgag cgacagagct agactctgtc tctaaaaaaa gaaaatttaa aaaggaggct     35220
     tggctgggtg cagtggctca acgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggct gaggcgggtg     35280
     gatcacctga ggtcgggagt tccagaccag cctaaccaac atggagaaac cccatctcta     35340
     ctaaaaatac aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaacc aaattagccc     35400
     ggtgtggtgg cacatgcctg taatcccagc tgcttgggag gctgaggcag gagaatcact     35460
     tgaacctgga aggtggaggt tgcggtgagc cgagattgcg ccattgcact ccagcctggg     35520
     caacaagagt gaaacttcat ctcaaagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagagctttg attttcatga     35580
     ataccagtct atttctgaag gtttccccct tggaggaaca gtggtggcgg gctggccctc     35640
     tcagtcaagg agacgtgagc attccatgag acacgggttt cctctagggt ctgcccctga     35700
     ggtacctgag gtttggatac ctctgcccac tcccctctgc catgtttttc cagctgtacc     35760
     gtgccgataa tcactgtgtc agctgtcatt accataatgc tctgagcata actgctgtaa     35820
     cagctgggaa agaactctgc ctttgcaaaa caatgctgcg tcataacacg ctaaaacccc     35880
     caatgtgccc acccaatatt tcctatccat ttgccccttc tgcactccac aggcatgatc     35940
     ttccctttgc cagtgggaca tcagaatgag actctcttct gtcctccctc tccttcccca     36000
     agaacagtcc ttgcttgcaa atgcaaacag agaaaaagat actacccgag tgagcaggtg     36060
     tttccgttgg ggtctgacag gagaaagaca ccacacttag atcgggacta tttagaaaag     36120
     tatggatgga gtgtagaaaa tgaaaagggc taattagata gaccagggct agtcatagca     36180
     gagtgccagg atggcctagg tccgaagggt caaaaggagg gaaccatgtt ggggggacag     36240
     aggaaaggaa ggtgtggcgg agcctccgga ctcgcctcct ccctccagag ggcaaggggg     36300
     ttctgctgat gcagtccagg caggcccact ccctggacac caggagagtg gaaaagggtg     36360
     gagactgagt ctggagggca cggaggaaaa ttggctcagc atggattaga acagtctttc     36420
     gcttcctgga gcttaaaagc cctccttact tacccttagc tcctgccacc tctctttgtc     36480
     cttggatgga tacagcgcat gcctcctgcc tgccacctca tctgtggttt ctcatcctgt     36540
     ttgctgtcct ccttcctcgt tctgcccatg ctgtcataat ggatggaaaa gctaaaggtg     36600
     atttccagtc atctcttttg ctgctgacag catgaagttt gttctgctat tagaatgacg     36660
     cagacccgag acaagggttt tgtcctgagt tcattccatt aatttctctc tgcatagagc     36720
     atctttccag cagctcctgc atgattaaat tctggctgtg tgggacacaa tggcacagga     36780
     agagcgttgg ccactcatca gccaggtcac taaaaggcaa gttccacaca tgaggagaaa     36840
     tcaaatgctc accctttgga catccatcct tttggtcctt tgagtaacat ttaaacaatt     36900
     gtttcttcag atacatggtc cacactcaag agacctacaa cagttggtat cacctggata     36960
     agtattcacc aggctctcta tgcccagttt tttcccaagt tccaaccaag agctattgat     37020
     ggctttgctc ttgatcagaa tagcattggg ttttgctgca aatatattct tgagcattat     37080
     agtgatgaag aaagaaagaa agatagatag atagataata gagaaataga agataggtag     37140
     atagatagag aaagaagctt gcgtgtgttt gtttcaaaga atggggtcag ttttcttaca     37200
     gccacctatt ctctcgcctg gacatatatt cagtgaatgc ttctgtttgt aagatggcta     37260
     actgggatat gggtcttaca ggtcttcagt tcctataaga gtctacaacc acagcctcat     37320
     taacacatgc tctctggtga aaagacatta aatggggagg gaggaggtgt ggatgctacg     37380
     ctggcttcac cacatgtaat tattgaactt tgtatatcac tttacctttc tgggtctcag     37440
     ggaccttgtc tagaaaccca acaaggcagg ctgtggtagc tcatgcctgt aatcccagca     37500
     ctttgggagg ctgaggtggg aggatttctt gagcccagaa ggccgaggcc acagtgagct     37560
     gagattgggc cactgcactc cagcttctgc aacagagaga gaccctgtca aagagagaaa     37620
     gaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaaat aaataagcaa taagcatgaa     37680
     gtggcagtta ttctccaagt gaacagtgtg gagtaactgc cattttactg gtactcaagt     37740
     acttggtgta actgctacat ccaggcaact gctgagactt gagcaaggac ctttacagcc     37800
     tttggaagtc ccatccgtca gacacaccag ggagcccgat gctgaacttc atgtctgtgt     37860
     ttgctgaatg atgagcaggt cctcttcagc gagagctaca cgagctgtga atttaccacg     37920
     tgcccgtcaa gggggtcatt gtgttcctca ctctgtcaat aaaccacaca gtaaagatct     37980
     ggataatagg agcagaacag tttcaaagga cttgttacaa tgtatcaagt caataactta     38040
     taattttaga aaatccctga atacaaattt gcacaatttt gagttgtttt acaacttacc     38100
     aggccgttaa tctaagtttt aaaagtctct taatatactt aatcatagcc tgtgcttttt     38160
     tttttaagtg ctgaaatatg tttcagcatt actgaaccac agcagcacaa ggaaaaaacg     38220
     actttaactc gttccataaa acttgcaaag caaccataaa tatatacagt gtggggtctg     38280
     ttttgtgcac aatttatatg caataggctg ggcttgatcg agaggattta tgcttatcgt     38340
     ctgtctcccc aggcagacaa ttgtggtaga aaagaaaatg cacaggacct agagtcaggg     38400
     ctgggtttca atcccatttc tgccacctgc tttttgtgag accctaggga agccttttgc     38460
     tcctttgaac ctgtctccta cttaacaata atatgcccac cttagagggc agctgtcagg     38520
     attgccacag agcaaggcag aggtgagcca tctgcagatg cgtgctgaat ttaaaccaat     38580
     gcatgagtga cacggagcat gagagtggcc agcatccttc ctctctccct gcaccccgca     38640
     aaacaactcc atcccccact ctctctcaga ggtggcagcg gccataattc agacacatgc     38700
     aacccagcca gcgtaaccac cccctactca ccccctgaaa atagaagaag aaaggattta     38760
     gagtctgggc agattgcttt taaaacattt ccaaccttcg atctaatttg tcattattat     38820
     ttgtagagct ttctttctct tccttcgtat ctcctttcat atccggagca ttcccaggga     38880
     agatcccgtt gctgaatact cgtgtctcca gttttctacc cggacttaaa gatctactgg     38940
     tcctgcagag ctgagctcca gtggtgtgaa aggcacgtga gcgatgctgg gcttgtggag     39000
     atgagtaaca cacaggcttg ctttcaaggc actcacagcc ttacacattt gaaaatgagt     39060
     ttttcactgg agcctgaaac ttccagattt gaaaccatct ccggggccaa gcctggctga     39120
     gactctctct ctctgcatga gctgcctgcc accatcagtt ccccacccag atacccaagc     39180
     ctgaccttga cctgctgggg gaaattcatt atattctcgt ttactccatt ttatagacga     39240
     atgtttctta tcatgaatga gagttcgtta aatcagctgg ttctaggtgg agttcactag     39300
     agccctctcc aatgctgccg gaggacctgt tgccgtctgg gctgtattgt aggtgggtgg     39360
     tatcataata agatccgtgg tacacgaatg ggcttcaggg caggcctggg ttacatcacc     39420
     acctcacttt cggtgtgtca aagctggaaa aaacagctgg aaggtggcca gtgttcgctt     39480
     acccaacgaa gcatgacttt gcatctcctc taccctgccc agtgagggct ccctgttttg     39540
     aaggactggc atattctgga atgcttccac caaatccaaa catcattctg gatgaactgt     39600
     ggagcagttc accgttcaca gttcacaaaa ggaccctctg tagaagcaga ggatctttcc     39660
     ctggggaaat tatcctaagt cttctgattt taataactga tatagttcaa gtatttgtcc     39720
     ccgcccaaat ctcatgttca ctgttaatcc ccagtgctgg aggtggggcc tggcgggagg     39780
     tgactgcatc atggatccct cgtgactcgg tgccatcctc atgatagtga gttctcccaa     39840
     gatccggtca tttaaaagtg tgtgtttcct gccccgtctc atgctcccat tctcatcacg     39900
     tgatgtgcct gctcccactt caccttccaa cttgagtcag agctccctga ggcttcccta     39960
     gaggctgagc agatgccagt gtcatgcata cacagcctgc agaaccatga gccaattaaa     40020
     cctcttttct ttataaatac ccagacttgg gtatttcttt atagcaatgc aagaacggcc     40080
     taatacaata attgttttcc acatgaaata aacattgacc gtcttatcca actatacatg     40140
     cttcttgact ctagaaattg ttgaatggaa gtgctaaaga ttatcctcaa acacactcat     40200
     gtgcacacag tttcagtgcc agaacagtgt cctctaggag gaaagatggt cccagagcaa     40260
     ttactggttt cctttaattt tggcttccta atgagtatca ttttggtacg attccaatga     40320
     attgtttatt tgaggaaaga gaaaaagaaa agaacctata ggaagagttg gtttggattc     40380
     tatcgcgggc agtttatgct tctacgatag taataaaagc aatgagagaa aaaagctaca     40440
     gaaccaaata aatatagatc caggagttgt acaactttta aaagaaaaat tctttagcct     40500
     attgatcctt cctaaggtaa acatttattt tatttcagtt tagaactcaa gaattttttt     40560
     caagtacaac tgaggaatag agtcagaagc cacttcgatt ttgacaccat agaaacattc     40620
     tttctttagt tactagaatc ttttaaattg ataagattgg cattttccca ggatataaca     40680
     ttcacctcca ctgtgttttt aatttgcaat agattttgag ggaaagattc cacaaggatt     40740
     tggccaacat gcctcctgag cagtgggtct caagtgtggt ccccagacca gcatgatccc     40800
     catcagctgg aaactgttag aaatgcaaat tgtcaggccc taccccagac ccactgaatc     40860
     agaaactctg ggaggggaaa ccaacaatct gtgtttcaac atgaagtctg agaacttaaa     40920
     ctatgcaccg ttcttggtaa gaaaataaga gttttccttt gtgtgcgtat gtgaaaccaa     40980
     ttccctgcaa cccacagttg tttaaacaaa aacgtgtcta gggagttcaa attaggtggc     41040
     caattgcctt ataaaagttt acaaagtaaa gagtctgtgc tgtttccgtt aggagacaga     41100
     aacccaatca ctaacttgga gtatgagtca gaggcaggac agagaaatgt ctgtctagtc     41160
     ggtgagctaa ttaatacgtg atcctgagga tggaggagcc agggctgccg ttccttctcc     41220
     actagggaaa aaaaaaaaag atgtttctct gtcaggcagc tccctagcta cctccagtat     41280
     gttctattcc atggctagag gagtgcagcc tacatcctgt ggatttatgt atattactgt     41340
     aaaacaagct ttctcttctc gagagttccg aagcagatct gtctctgatt ctttccatga     41400
     attcaaatac attgtcatcc ttaggtttcc taggtaaagg agactgcatt actcatcagc     41460
     atttaataaa tattcatttg ttggttgact gattcattat ccttcatgcc aatcacatgg     41520
     ctgctactag catgcataca gccgactctt aactacagtt gtgtcatcta cacaatccct     41580
     gcagaaaact cattgaacac gtagtcgaca catttaaaaa tgctgtgctg tggaagtgca     41640
     agttgcacaa acattttcat ctttagcttc acttagaata cattttttta gttttttaat     41700
     gtttttagag acagggtctg cctctgtgac ccaggctgga atgcagtgct gtgtgatcat     41760
     agctcactat aacctcaaac ttctaggttc aagtgctcct cctgcctcag cctcccaagt     41820
     agctggcact ataggcacac accaccatga ccagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     41880
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtttt aatagagacg gggtcttgct atgttgctga tttcaaactc     41940
     ctggcctaaa gcaattatcc taccctggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattgc aggcatgagc     42000
     cacctggccc atctataact aacttcataa cactccaaat tggaagaaag ttggtggtgt     42060
     tattagcatt attttacaga tggagaaatt aacacctgga gttttgtgat tacagagcag     42120
     tggtaatcac ccagttattt tccttctctg tccctccagt ggccctctgt tgtctgggtt     42180
     aagtacagac tttttagttt gaggaaagga gtccctccac aatttgtcat tcctctattc     42240
     ttccagccaa atttcttact tctcctccac cctcaactac agtcaaacat caaacaggcc     42300
     gggcgcggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggcg ggtggatcat     42360
     gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta acaaggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaaa     42420
     aatacaaaaa attagccggg cgcggtggcg ggcgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc     42480
     tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacccgggaa gcggagcttg cagtgagccg agattgcgcc     42540
     actgcagtcc gcagtccggc ctgggtgaca gagcgagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa     42600
     aaaacatcaa acaatactca ctgagccctt cccacgtgcc gggctatttg ccgagaactt     42660
     ctcatgcatt atctcattta atcctcatca caacttctct caggtggagg catgattgcc     42720
     atcccatcat acgggtgagg aaactgaggc tcatagaagt accttgcccc aagccccatg     42780
     gctacttgca ggttccaaga caccggtcag cctgcccccc tgcaccttgg ccatgctgcc     42840
     cactcaccta gagcgcacag ctgacactga gtcctcttct gaacctcatc catgaacata     42900
     tttatgaaat ctttcctggc cccaagtgga aatgccccct catttgggtc ctcactgaac     42960
     cccagtacac aactcttttg tactactcta ttatgctggg gtgttttttt attgtctcac     43020
     ctgataaacc gtaagcccct tgaagacagc aactcgtttt taagctcttt ataaccccag     43080
     agcctcgcac agtacctgga ccagattaag gggtacttaa cagatgctta gtgaaggaag     43140
     gaatggattt ctcacctggt tgcttatctt ctagactcat ttggggagtg gccaggagtc     43200
     cgggagagct gccggccatt gttccgtccc gtctgtatcc cttgggctag tttcttctag     43260
     actgaggttt ctaagtccaa acaagatgaa ctgtgcacag tgcctcaatt agggaacagc     43320
     agcttgagtg ctttggaaat acaaaagtgt agtttgtagg ttcaccttga aggcaagatc     43380
     agacagctct acgtaagcca gagctctgaa acaaagcttc aggctgggac cactttgcag     43440
     tctcagtgcc tggtagtggg gactgttcta cagagccgtg atcaaacctc caactgcatt     43500
     ctggtcttgg aggaaagctg attccgtatg aagagaaaag gcctggtgag agtatttgca     43560
     gggctgaaga aaagttaaca tctatagttt ggcaagcagc agctgcaaag catccgtccc     43620
     agcacatgat aaatgcttct gacgtttcct tcagacacag tgtgctagga aggcttttaa     43680
     gttctcaaat gcaggagtct gccttattga tcaggtgcct ttcattaaag gtttccaagc     43740
     ccctcggcta cagaggaaac gctcccctca gcctcctcca cagccccagc ctttcatgca     43800
     gaggggatta tcattgttgg aatacggcat atactttaat ttggtgaggc tttttgttta     43860
     atgcttatga tatgcacact ggaacagact gggattaggt aattttcaca ttgagttggt     43920
     acttccctcc ctaaccccca tctgatcttc catatacaca ttttaagaag aaaataaaga     43980
     gaagacacgt cctcctaatg atcctccgta ttagaactta ccattctgct ttgaactcct     44040
     gctgctttga gtctcccact gccagcaagc acttctctgc caggcggagg ggcggtgaag     44100
     ggaattaaag gggcagtcag tggcttgcct ctggcgggag gtggcggagc gtctcattag     44160
     cgtttgctcc tttcctccag ctgggcttca ctgggcccct cttcttatca acccgtcctt     44220
     cacttcaccc aggctgtccc ctgcactcag accccctcca gtccttccaa caagatggca     44280
     gcaggatgac tgggactcat tggagctaag cagagaatta aagttgcttt tgttccaaac     44340
     ctaaaacttg aaaatgaagg aactcttacg tggaaatgcc accatctccc ttttgtttta     44400
     tgcgtaaacc caactggttc cccatcctct gggtctcctt cctgcccctc gctggctcag     44460
     ggcattgtac atactgtgtg ttcaacacat gctgagtgga attgaacaga tgcagtcctg     44520
     ggaaaggggg ccttttggaa gaactgatgg ggaaagaatt ggggtaactg tgggcagtta     44580
     ctggacgttc ttgctcttac ttattggttg aatgagaatg aaagtatcta agatgtacca     44640
     agtcccaggg atagtggcat aatttctctg ttcctccttc tgactccctc ttctcccctc     44700
     ttttagtgtg gggaagttac gagaacgtag cgtttggtgc agtgatccat tcagtatacg     44760
     tcgggctctt aagaaagtta aatttaccta acatcctaca ttttagataa gaccgttcca     44820
     gatttccacc tcttgaccca aaagatccct tcggtggttt tccttactag ggcaattccc     44880
     ttagtttctt ggattcttcc ttcctctcct tcctggaact aagctgcaga gtcccaggct     44940
     ggagaaatag cccactgccc aggggtattt tagaaagggc ttcccacctt ccgcagtggg     45000
     cctggagaag gacgccttct tttcaccacc aggctgtgat ctcgcaggct ggcaaggcct     45060
     ttatgatgaa ctgaatgcgg tctgtattta cgtgcctgcc atctgtcccc aggcggcact     45120
     gagaaggggg ctgatgctgt cacccctagc tccttctgca ggtctcctcc gtacgtgcca     45180
     ctgccaggaa caaaattatc atctcatggg agctgcacac atttaatgga acttgggagc     45240
     cagcacagac cgttttcctc aaagacagtt ttataaagaa aatggacttt ggggaacaac     45300
     gccagaaaga catccagtat acctaattat taggcgagtg tggtcattgc ctctttgtct     45360
     tagataacta ggttgttgat tacggtgctt tgccaaactc cacggtggat ctggtagctg     45420
     gtatttctgg gcagacacca gactgagtta cttcttttca gagttctgga cgttactgat     45480
     ctaggtgaaa ggccagaagc agtgggatat tgaaattctc agaagtggag agactgtggc     45540
     aaggaggtac agaagacact aaatcgggtg ccatgttagc aagctcaagt tttcatattg     45600
     atcatgcagt gagctgcaga gaagaaaagc agctttgcct gggtcctgtt gttctccaag     45660
     ccaaatagca tctctgtgct gacagacgag tctgcgtctg cagacgcagc atctcttgac     45720
     tgtttgctat ttaacgacag tcgtaacaca tgagtgagct ttactcatgt gggcccttta     45780
     ttaacaataa gccgcctctg tggcggctgg gccccgcggg gtcggggggt gggggtgccc     45840
     aacgtggcag ggaggcctgc aaggggaggc cgaggcgccg gtggaagcac aaaccacccg     45900
     gcgagtcaga gcaggggtcg gggcccctgg ccgcaccgtg ccgcgcatgc gcagggtccc     45960
     ggggtccctg gggtcccggg tttgtgcccc cggggcggct gggccccgcg ggaggggacg     46020
     gccaacgcgg aaatgggccc tttattcaca ataagtgcca aaatccaaac tgaacacatc     46080
     taaaaaaatt ctaattaagg agcgtccact gctgctttct caaaaattcc ttctgtgcta     46140
     ttaaatattt tctctttcca atggatattt accatttcta ctcacagtag tttttctacc     46200
     aagtattcag aaaaacctcc agttgtcact tacccagtgt ttaccaaaaa tcaggcagaa     46260
     gagcgtggtg gaagttggaa gaccttagtg taacccgcgt ctataaaaac tgggcgtcca     46320
     ggccgggcac ggtggctcac gcctgtattc ccagcacgtt gggagtccaa ggcaggagga     46380
     tcacttgagt ccaggagttc aagaccagcc cggacaacat agaaaaaccc tgtctgtaca     46440
     agaaatttaa aaattagctg ggtgtggttg tatgtgtgcg tcatcctagc tacttgggag     46500
     gctgaagtgg gaggatcact tgagcctggg aggcagcggt tgcagtgagc agagctcaca     46560
     ccagtgcact ccagcctggg tgacagtgag atcctgtctc aaaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa     46620
     aaaaaattgg atgacgttgg gcaagtgtgg tgtctgtctc agctctgtga gtgtaggatg     46680
     attcagaatc taatgattag gtctcctgaa ctcctaggtc aaacgtggtt aaagggagat     46740
     ccagggaagc agtgaggaat gggctcttac aacactgtca tggacatggg ttcaatatgt     46800
     tggcaattat tatttattga ggacgtactt tgttttaagt gcttaggata attatttgct     46860
     taatagtcac gtaagtcctt caagataggc attattatcg ccattttact aatgaggaaa     46920
     ctatgttaaa ataatatatt cctggtcaca cagcgaccaa gagtcaggat ctgtctgcct     46980
     tcagagttca tagtctttcc agtagcctca gtaaaaagta ataatagcta atatttactg     47040
     agcacttact atgtcactga cattgtggaa agggatgtta tgggcatttg ctcttttaat     47100
     gatcacagta actctgctag gccagtactg ttattatggc cgatttatag atgtggacag     47160
     aggaggttaa acactcgtgc atggacacat actgatcaac gtacagccag cactcaaacc     47220
     caggccgcct gtctccagag cctgtgcccc caagctctag gccatgtgcc ctgtaagtcg     47280
     cagatgggac gctctgacag cgagtgtcac tgaggtcgga gtgggtcatc aggcatgcct     47340
     cagaatccca ttccccactt cattcacacc tgagaacgcc tgtctctgga tgcatcttta     47400
     caccagctca tccatttaaa atcagttccc taatacaaca agctgaggat gaggcccctt     47460
     ctaactaggc caccgtcaga gtcccaatcc tttctgacag accagccccc gacatgtgtc     47520
     tgtctccatc cttgcagcct ggccagccct gtcccacgcc tgctaattgg tggggggacc     47580
     tggcccccca agcctgccgg ccattagcag tgcctcacgg ggaagggctt tcttccttgg     47640
     tttcaactcc ctccctccag cgcgcagtcc cttgccgggc ttgcctggtg acagactcgt     47700
     gttgatgaag acctttaggg aatttccttc cccctccgct ccccgaagcg cttcttagag     47760
     cacatctcat taccgggctc cattctcccg tcctgcacat gctccctcac acttagcttt     47820
     attgtgccac cacttgtcac ctttcccggc ccggttttta ataatgcaaa tcttccctct     47880
     ctgatggcat cgctgctcat tatttgctgt ctggcaccac gggagctcac ccagcggcac     47940
     ctcggagaag ccagccgccc agggtgcagg cgcaggcccc actgcccgcc ccagtctcct     48000
     gagagatggc tccgctctgg ctatgaccca agatgctcat ggagggaaga gcagtccagg     48060
     gccagggccc ttccaccttc gccaggcagg tgcctttgag caagtcaatc tctgcagcct     48120
     caaaatagga aagatggtaa taattattat aataatatcc ccttaacaaa gcagttatgg     48180
     ggcaaccaaa tggaagtaag atacgagaaa agtctgtata aactgtaaga tttgtaaaac     48240
     ttgtaaagaa gttgtggtgg tgttgctgat ggatgattga ttgatttggt caacacggag     48300
     cagtcgctgc cccaaagtag gcctggaggg caccccagcc ccctcatctg ccctcccacc     48360
     cccaaactca gcatggaatc atatggcttt ggactttctc caggtggata aagccccctg     48420
     atctttgaac atgtcatgca ggattattat tgtgtgtttt gtttgggcaa agaaatttaa     48480
     gccaatttac ttttgttctg taactcataa ctgaactgtg ctcagagtct ctggggtcct     48540
     ttcaggcatg ggtctgtggt tctgtaatgg taactatggg ttgatggagc aatggctttg     48600
     taaaatatgt ttaaaagctc cctctgaatt gagggatcac agcctcctta gttgtcccct     48660
     ggatttcctg gcattggagt tatgtaagac ctccatgatc attgccatct ggaatatgac     48720
     tctttggtac cccaaaaaac ttctggagtc tttcagtcat atggaatcaa aaagatcttc     48780
     ctttggaaga agcaatttta gatcactgat ggaaatttta ccagaaaagt attcaaatct     48840
     tttcctttta taaaacctgg gtttgttttt tgttttttaa ttatactttc agttctggga     48900
     tacatgtata gaatgtgcag gtttgttaca taggtataca catgccatgg tggtttgctg     48960
     cacccatcaa cccgtcatct acattaggta tttctcctaa tgctatccct cccctagctc     49020
     cccagccccc aacaggcccc ggtgtatgat gttcccctcc ctgtgtccat gtattctcat     49080
     tgttcaactc ccacttatga gtgagaacat gcagtgtttg gttttctatt cctgtattag     49140
     tttgctgaga atgatggttt cctgcttcat ccatgtccct gcaaaggaca tgaactcatc     49200
     cttttttatg gctgcatagt attccatggt gtatatgtgc cacattttct ttattctgtc     49260
     tatcattgat gggcatttgg gttggttcca agtctttgct attgtgaaca gtgccacaat     49320
     aaacatacgt gtgcatgtgt ctttatagta gaatgattta taatcctttg ggtatatacc     49380
     cagtaatggg attgctgggt caaatggtat ttctggttct agatccttga ggaatcacca     49440
     cactgtcttc cacaatggtt gaactaattt acactcccac caaaagtgta aaagcattgc     49500
     tatttctcca catcctctcc agcatctgtt gtttcctcac tttttaatga tcgccattct     49560
     aactggtgtg agatggtatc tcattgtggt gttgctttgc atttccctaa tgaccagtga     49620
     tgatgagctt tttttcatat gtttgttggc cacataaatg ttttcttttg agaagtgtct     49680
     gttcatatcc ttctcccgct ttttgatggg tttgtttttt tcttgtaaat ttgtttaagt     49740
     tctttgtaga ttctggatat tagccctatg tcagatgaat agattgcaaa aattttcttc     49800
     cattctgtag gttgcctgtt cactctgatg atagtttctt ttgctgtgca gaagctctta     49860
     gtttaattag atcccatttg tcaattttgg cttttgttgc cattgctttt ggtgttttag     49920
     acatgaagtc tttgcccatg cctatgtcct gaatggtatt gcctagattt ttgtctaggg     49980
     tgttttatgg ttttaggtct tacatttaag tctttaatcc aacttgagtt actttttgta     50040
     taaggtataa ggaaggggtc cggtttcagt tttctgcata tggctagcca gttttcccaa     50100
     caccatttat taaataggga atcctttccc cattgcttgt tttgtcaggt ttgtcaaaga     50160
     ccagattatt gtagatgtgt ggtgttattt ctgaggcctc tgttctgtta catttgtcta     50220
     tatctctgtt ttggtaccag taccatgctg ttttggttag tgtagccttg tagtataatt     50280
     tgaggtcagg tagcgtgatg cctccagctt tgttcttttt gcttaggatt gtcttggcta     50340
     tatgggctct tttttggttc caaatgaaat ttaaagtagt tttttctaat tctatgaaga     50400
     aagtcaatgg tagcttggtg ggaatagcat tgaatctata aattattttg ggcagtgtgg     50460
     ccatattcac gatattgttt cttcctttcc ataagcatag aatgtttttc catttgtttg     50520
     tgtcctctct tattttcttg agcagtggtt tgtatttccc cttgaagagg tccttcacat     50580
     cccttgtaag ttgtattcct aggtatttta ttctctttgt agcaattgtg aatgggagtt     50640
     cactcatgat ttggctctct gtctattact ggtgtatagg aaggcttgtg atttttgcac     50700
     aatgattttg tatcctgtga ctttcctgaa tttgcttatc agcttaagga gattttgggc     50760
     tgagacgacg gggttttcta aatatagaat catgttatct gcaaacaggc aatttgactt     50820
     actctcttcc tatttggata ccctttattt ctttctcttg cctgatcgcc ctggccagaa     50880
     cttccaatac catattgaat aggagtggtg agagagggca ttcttgtatt gtgctggttt     50940
     tcaaagggaa tgcttccagc ttttgcctat tcagtatgat attggctgtg ggtttgtcat     51000
     aaatagctct tattattttg agaaacgttt catcgatacc taatttactg agagttttta     51060
     gcatgaaggg gtgttgaatt ttgttgaagg ccttttctgc atctattgag ataatcgtgg     51120
     tttttgtcat tcgttctgtt tatgtgatgg cttacattta ttgatttgcg tatgttgaac     51180
     cagccttgca tcccaaagat gaagccgacc tgatcgtggt ggataagctt tttgatgtgc     51240
     tgctggattc agtttgccag tattttattg aggattttca catcgatgtt catcagggat     51300
     attggcctga aattttcttt ttttgttgtg tctctgccag gttttggtat caggatgatt     51360
     ctggcctcat aaaatgggtt agggaggagt ccctcttttt ctatagtttg gaatagtttc     51420
     agaaggaatg gtatcagctc ttctttgtac ctctggtaga attcagctgt gaatctgtct     51480
     ggtcctgggc tttttttggt tggtaggctg cgaaattact gcctcaattt cagaactaga     51540
     tattgatcta ttcagggatt cgacttcttc ttggtttagg cttgggaggg tgtatgtgtc     51600
     caggaattta tccatttctt ctagattttg tagtttattt gcatagaggt gttcatagta     51660
     ttctctgacg gtagtttgta tttctgtggg atcagtggtg atatcccctt tatcattttt     51720
     tattgtgtct atttgattct tctctctttt cttctttgtt agtctggcta gcggtctatt     51780
     ttgataatct tttcaaaaaa ccagctcctg gattcattga ttttttgaag gattttttgt     51840
     gtctctattt ccttcagttc tgctctgatc ttagttattt cttgccttct gctagctttt     51900
     gaatctgttt gctcttgctt ctctagttct tttaattgtg atgttagggt gtcgatttta     51960
     gatctttcct gctttctcct gtggacattg agtgctataa atttccctct aaacattgct     52020
     ttaaatgtgt cccagagatt ctggtatgtt gtgtctttgt gctcattggt ttcaaagaaa     52080
     ttatttattt ctgccttcat ttcattattt acccaatagt cattcagaag caggttgttc     52140
     agtttccatg tagttgtgca gttttgagtg agtttcttaa ccctgagttc taatttgatt     52200
     gcagtgtggt ctgagagact gtttgttatg attttcattt ttttgcattt acttccaatt     52260
     atgtggtcga tttcagaata tgtggtgctg agaagaatgt atattctgtt gatttgggtt     52320
     ggagagttct gtagatgtct tttaggttca ctcagtcctg agctgagttc aagccctgaa     52380
     tatccttatt aattttctgt ctcgttgctc taatattgac agtgggatgt taaagtctcc     52440
     cactattatt gtgtgggagt ctaaatctct ttgtaggtct ctgagaattt gctttgcgaa     52500
     tctgggtgct cctgtattgg gtgcatatat atttaggatc attagctctg cttgttgcat     52560
     tgaccccttt accattatgt aacgccttaa ttgtcttttt ttaatctttg ttggtttaaa     52620
     gtctgtttta tcagacacta cgaccgcaac ccttgctttt tttgtttgtt ttccatttgc     52680
     ttggtaaatc ttcctccatc cctttatttt gaggctatgt gtgactcaga tgggtctcct     52740
     gaatacagca ccctgatggg tcttgactct ttatccaatt tgccagtcta tatcttttaa     52800
     ttggggcatt tagcccattt acatttaagg ttaatattgt tatgtgtgaa tttgatcctg     52860
     tcattatgat gctagctggt tatttttccc attagtcgat gcagtttttt catagcatga     52920
     atggtcttta caatttggta tctttgtgca gtgggctggt accagttgat cctttccatg     52980
     tttagtgctt ccttcaggag ctcttgtaag gcaggcctgg tggtgacaaa atctctcagc     53040
     atttgcctgt ctgtaaggga ttttatttct cctttgctta tgaagcttag tttggctgga     53100
     tatgaaattc tgggttgaaa attctttaag agtgttgact attggccccc accctcttct     53160
     ggcttgtagg gtttctgcag agagatctgc tgttagtcta gggaagatgg gcttcccttt     53220
     gtgggtaacc tgacctttct ctctagtgcc cataacattt ttccatcatt tcaaccttgg     53280
     tgaatctgac gattttgtgt cttggggttg ctcttctcga ggagtatctt tttggtgttc     53340
     tctatatatt ctgaatttaa atgttggcct gtcctgctag tttgaggaaa ttctcctgga     53400
     taatatcctg aagagtggtt tccaacttgg ttccattctc cctatcactt tcaggtacac     53460
     caatcaaaca taggtttggt cttttcacat agttccatat ttcttggagg ctttgttcat     53520
     tccttttcat tcttttttct ctaatcttgt cttcacgctt tatttcacta agttgatctt     53580
     caatctctgc tatcctttct tccgcttgat cgattcagct attgatactg tgtgtgcttc     53640
     atgaagttct catgctgtgt ttttcaactc catcaggtca tttgtgttct tctctaaact     53700
     ggctattcta gttagcaatt cctctaacct tttttcaagg ttcttagctt ccttgtattg     53760
     ggttagagca tgctccttta gttcagatag agagatgata agggatcaga agaggccagt     53820
     ggtgaattaa ctctgtagcc tagaaccttg taggggtaaa aactatttat catcacctac     53880
     acactcttac tgggcattta ttgtggccaa gactcgggtt cctgtgtgtc tgtagagggc     53940
     cttcattgtg ggtatccaca aagtgagttg aaacaaagct catgcatgag aagcgctgat     54000
     ggagttctcc cttgctcctg ccaccttctt atcatctgta gtctttttct tactgctgag     54060
     ggatccttcc agtggtcaca tttgcccata gccctcctga acgcttgagt ctgcagaaaa     54120
     cctctagctg gacagcttct gggtagagaa acaggccatg aagagcctcc tacatgtgca     54180
     ccatgtggct acgctccgtg acgagggaaa aacaggaata tctgtctgct gtgatcacgt     54240
     gtagtggtca cggtgagaga tgacggggct gctcctcctc agcctccagt caggctgtgt     54300
     ggcagcgatc acctccatgt cgatggagtg tctgtgcagt ttgggagcga ggctctgcct     54360
     ctctcggtga gtgtctcaca gttcctttct ccctcagccc catgatgccg tccagaacaa     54420
     ggtgctgaac tgattaatga gcaggacata aagacaactg ctgtccagag caacagctgt     54480
     cccaatccat ccgtggaata aacaaacagg gcagagcgag gtcccgacca gtggggactt     54540
     gggtgcagga aatgccagtc tcttcttgct tgaatcaggg tgtcaggggg ccttcctggc     54600
     caccactcag gctgttcctt tagctttctg gatcccattc cctgcaggtc tacccttggg     54660
     agtgaaatag tgaccgtccc tttgagcccg agagctgggg agaaggccgt gcctgttaac     54720
     agctgcctgg accctctctg gagagcagca gggagaggcg gggctggagg agatgttgcc     54780
     aagaacctaa gggtgttagt gacaaaagca agaactcctg gcaacaagtc cgagggactt     54840
     tcttgatcac aagtggtatc tcctaagcac tttaattata gcagattaag caggaagtgg     54900
     agtgccggac taaaggaata atgatacaaa ggaggtgaag cagaaaaact taatttcctt     54960
     cctttaaggg aaaaaaaagt ccatttattt agacgcattg caaagaaaag aatggagtgt     55020
     ggcctttccc ccagctcgga gctcagtggg tttttaaaga actgtgtgta tctctttggc     55080
     cagaccagcg actgggatct tcagcctctc tgcagaaaat gagccgcagg ctcgggattt     55140
     cgttaagatg caggagcatt ccttctggac caatgactca ctcattcagc cccttctttc     55200
     ccgcttctcc ttgtcagccc tcgcctggct gagctcatat tttacattca gcacctctgg     55260
     ttacccagaa attgcatgca aaattgtgaa atagaaaagc agtgggctgt gggctccatc     55320
     agctctgcct ggcgttgcat catccttgac ttgcaatgct cagaggctgg gctaggagat     55380
     ttgcttacag aaagcctgaa ggtcccaggg accttcccaa agttgcgact tgaatgcatg     55440
     ctcttagcac acatgctgtg taactggggc agatctgtag gaatgagtgg aactgaaatc     55500
     agaccttaga aagtcacagt gaataagaaa attgccagaa tggaatgcag atatacctac     55560
     tggttactgt cctgtatgta gcggctgtgt gggatttgac tgtgttttac taataggagc     55620
     cttgttgggc ccagtgcttc ataactagct ctgtctgtcg ggaatccccc acagtatcct     55680
     gcttgtgatt cacgctatcc agagtccagg gcaaggagtt ctaaaacctt atcatgtttt     55740
     gttttgtttt gatacagagt ttcactcttg ttgcccaggc tggagtgtaa tggcgtgatc     55800
     ttggctcacc acaacctccg cttcccgggt tcacgccatt cttctgcctc agcctcccga     55860
     gtagctggga ctacaggcgc ccgccaccat gcccggctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga     55920
     gacggggttt caccgtgtta gccaggatgg tctctatctc ctgaccttgt gatccgcccg     55980
     cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ccacgcctgg ccgttttgtt     56040
     tttgagagac aaggtctcgc tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggcat gatcatagct     56100
     cactgtaacc ttgaactcct gagctcaagt gaccctgcta cctcaacctc ccaagtagct     56160
     ggcacctgta ggtgtgcacc atcacacctg gctatttttt tttaattaac tttttgtaga     56220
     gatgggctct caccatgttg cccaggcttg tcttgaactc ccacctctgc ccacatgctg     56280
     ggcattcaat tcctagatct cttcctccct cctctcttga cttgcctcct cctggatcat     56340
     gatatcttat cattttccaa tcacagcgtt aatggtaagg cttgaggctg ggcgtggcac     56400
     ccatgcctgt aaacccagtg ctttgggagg cagaggtggg agttcaagac aagcctgggc     56460
     catgttcagc actttacatg cccattcact gagtttgcac agccgcccat atgacgggca     56520
     ttgttattcc tactgtacag gtgaggaaat gggggctctg agaagtgtga ctgtttgtgg     56580
     gaggcagcag ctggcatgat ggaaaaagtg taggcattgg aggtgggatc caagtccagt     56640
     cttccaccca caggttcagt gatgtggggc aagttatata acacagtttt ctcatctgta     56700
     aaatctggac aggcatacct acaccctgga gcattgggag gattaaatga gatcgtgtag     56760
     ataacagcat agtcctggca tatgagagaa aatggcaggg atctttctat gacctcagtg     56820
     tgagaagcaa gatctaaacc ctcagaggta gagtgcgtcc cacactcggg ctccttctac     56880
     tgggacactg gcttccggat ctccacggag aactgttctt aagttagaag gcaagcacag     56940
     cggggacacg gtgcaggaca cctgcggacc cagtgccctt gggattcttt accttcagct     57000
     ttgctcactg cagattagtc ctcatcgctc agcagagaga gtcgagattg gcaggaggat     57060
     ctccgtcttg aacaacatta tgattctctg agcatttcta tatgttgaaa atattttatt     57120
     taaaaattac aaccacccct cctcctcaaa attgcatgac agagatttca ccaaacctga     57180
     caactgatga gacaaagaga acaagacaca gagaggaatt tagaaataat ccttgtgcat     57240
     accttccgaa gttgccacat attactaaaa ttacctgtat ctgtgtctat cctgctactc     57300
     tatgcattac atatctttgc atcccccatg cctagcacag tgcccagcac atagtaggtg     57360
     ctcaaaaaaa gtgcccatca tttgttggac tgaactcaca acacagtaac aaagagccag     57420
     ttagagcaaa tgctgtccct tttcccagga ctgtagcttc cagacccgtg tgaggcctca     57480
     gcctgatttc tgttcacctt agaaccccaa ggctgactgt gcatttccat aagcacctcg     57540
     ctcgcctgca ggacggggct gggttggtgg tgggtaccag aggtgctcag tgttcaatca     57600
     cgcagaaagt gggctaaagg gcagcgcctc ctgctccctc cagagatgca cttccattct     57660
     ctgaaacgac aacttctctg cactcgctta atgggatccc aaataacacg tcgcagacca     57720
     gtcttttatc actgttgccc cttggaacac atttcgaatg ctggccatta aaagcaggcc     57780
     atttcacggt tctttaatga tgacactaat aactgtggat ttttgtctcc cagagtcctg     57840
     atgagctgag ccaaggagta aattacggag ctaactttta tgtgcatggt ttattgatct     57900
     gtgagcttca aggaaactgc accagcccct atagtttggc agtccagact accttttcat     57960
     ctgtgtaatt gggccacgag ggcgcagtta atattcaatt tatattaata ggaagacaaa     58020
     gaacatgatg tgccagctcc atattgaagt aatgggcata tcaaaatatt ctacctggta     58080
     attataaata aatcagtttt cccgtgaccc accaaggatg atgttgctaa ttcactgtgc     58140
     atttcatcat aatttatcct gagaaagttc agtgctgcca tgtgcatgta tatcgcagag     58200
     tatacaaggg tgctccatcg taaaacaccc agctgtcttc atccatgctg tcgcccatct     58260
     tttcttaaca ggtgaaagtc atgcttcgca tctgttccac cttggctcga gatacttcag     58320
     aatccagctc tttcttaaag gtggacccac ggaagaagca gatcaccttg tacgatcccc     58380
     tgacttgtgg aggtcaaaat gccttccaaa agagaggcaa ccaggttcct ccaaagatgt     58440
     ttgccttcga tgcagttttt ccacaagacg cttctcaggt gggtatcagc cccctctcag     58500
     gctcaggcaa cgttgatgaa agggcaacgt ttactcattc acaagggccc ttgagctggg     58560
     agggtgtctt ctggagcatt ctgatggacc agttccttca ggagtcaatc tgagctccac     58620
     cgaatggtcc agtgcttttg aattactggt gtcagacctt gggcaggatc agtgtgcaca     58680
     gatttcaata aaatctgtcc ttggggagaa ggaagtgtga gccagtcagt ggatcacaca     58740
     cagaagcagg aagataacag aaagggacaa ggacaatgcg tcaaggtgct ggtgacagat     58800
     ctagtaggac cctactcctg cctgggcatt gtacgaaggg aaaaaaaaaa gtgtttcagg     58860
     gagctgatta gaattaggcc atctcctagg ccctgtataa gcacactggg gttgagggca     58920
     agcctgtagc cctagtaagg aaccagagtg caaggcaggg aaaccgaggc tgacatgcat     58980
     cctgtggcct ggctcagtgg agtgaagggg aagaagagag gctcagggac aggtgttgta     59040
     ttcgctgaat tgctgcctta caaatcaccc taaaattcag tgcttaatac agtaagcatt     59100
     tatcattgct catcggtcag ctgagcagct cttctggtcc tagctcagct catttttatg     59160
     tctgtgatca gctgtgggtt gggcaggcag ctctgtggat cttggctgga tatcagccag     59220
     gcgaaataag atcatcctat atcacaccat aggcacatgt ctttgggggt tggctggcct     59280
     tacactggtg tagaatagcc ttgaccaggt cagctggtct ctcttccaca ttgtcggtcg     59340
     tcatccagca ggctagcttg ggctagttct caaggcagtt tccaggaccc atgcatgcag     59400
     gtctctggag gcctaagctc agaattgacc caatatcact tctgctggat tctactggcc     59460
     cagcttcatg agatggagaa gagattgctt ctaatgattg gacgagctcc aagtcacatt     59520
     gcaagggagt tgcacccagg ctggggtgga gaattggggc catttttatt aatctactat     59580
     gagcataatt gggaggctac ttgggggccc agggtaccaa gattactgag ccatgggcag     59640
     ccaatgaact gcagacctca ccagatgctg caactaaagc tgctagtaga tatctgttct     59700
     cctttggatt caccctggag ctttggtgaa gatgggcctc taagtggcac gaaacagcac     59760
     ctgttccttc aggggaggga gcagggacag acgtgtagaa ctgattgcag aaatgaataa     59820
     cccaggttat agaatatagc ctactttgcc tggagtttgc atctttctgg taagtttcta     59880
     gtgcttatca agatttacat taaacagtgt ataggataat aactaataat ctatagcaga     59940
     acctgacgac aacagtgcga atagttacca tttgcagcct ctgtgaattt cctccaggct     60000
     gcatctgagt agaggaggtg gcgatgttct cacgggctcc tatattacac cgtgggcaca     60060
     cagcacatgt tacaggctcc attcattaag aagttgagca tgcggtttcc ccaaagagtt     60120
     ttacccaaga agacaaagta ctttatgaat aagttctatg gtttctctcc ttattacatt     60180
     ttttgtgtgg catatcaccc aatgggctca gtaatttaaa cctgacgttt ggtctaacaa     60240
     atggcctaca aataatttca ttaacacagt taaaactttt cagaagcaaa tctccacaag     60300
     ttgtaagaat tccaaagcaa accctaaatc aagcatggac tatgaatgcg ttttagattt     60360
     attccagaaa aagggtccat tttaattgct agtctttgtt tacatttcac actcggctgc     60420
     agagctcagt atgctcaata ctggagtttc gctcatttca gaatgcctta ctttcattca     60480
     catttccaat gttataataa attacatgtc tgtataaatt tgcagttttc aagacatttc     60540
     gtagacatta acacatttga ctcttcctag aattcagtgg ggtaggaaga gaggcactga     60600
     tgttctcatg tgacacacaa ggaaaccgag actcaaagat gaagtcactt gttcaaagtc     60660
     cctttcccga gcagacgtcc ttcctggatt ccccccgtta acctctctgt atcctgctcg     60720
     gtatggtggt gtatctttga cctcctgcca ttttatccaa tatttcctag cagtgtggcc     60780
     tcaggcgagt cactcaacct ctctggacct cagtgtcctt cctcatctgt caggtgagga     60840
     catgaccaca atgttcctca tcaggccgtg tgattcctcg agttgacaca caggaagtgc     60900
     tcacagcaga gccaggaaca cagcaagtgc tcaacaaatg cggctatttt taccgttatc     60960
     actgccaata ttagcagcat gctgctggcc agggcaaact cagccccaca gggtgggcac     61020
     ccctggagcc cccaagcctg aaaggaggga gtgtgcggag tgggcctgtg ctctccagtc     61080
     ctcattttca gcctgtgaag ccgcagccac tgtggtgacc cgggcagtta gaaattgtgc     61140
     tttctcttcg tttctaagga aatcagcttc ctgaagctaa acagtgatta gaacagtcct     61200
     gtttcatggt tgcctttgag agccatatga cccttcagtg gcttcggcag tcgctggctg     61260
     cccctgttgg gacacgtctc tgctgggaca cacccctgct ggagaacctg gacttgtggg     61320
     caggcagagc cttcctgcag acctggccct tcccatgggg gctgtgctcg agaaggctgc     61380
     atgcctctcc aggtcccagg ggaagcagca aggggcctcc ggggcccctg ccagctctta     61440
     acacacacca gatggacagc ccgctgacca cgctcttctc agtggagagc cgggtgggaa     61500
     ctgtgccagg ggatgccgcc ccaactctgc acagcaggtc tcctctcgcc cccggcctct     61560
     gcacgggtga ctcagtgtgg tccacacaca gccaacattc tcccaggtgg ctcaagaatc     61620
     aaatacagct tattttatgt atagctcaag gtgatttctc agcctcctgc ctcccatccc     61680
     actttatgtc caaagaaggc ttagtccatt gggcagcctt ctgcctgctc tgcagacacg     61740
     cctctggcaa attccatcaa gacgctactg cttctgtctc agggttagca ctgggctctc     61800
     cttgcctaag tcctgggggg tttgaaagat cctgtgtgcc ctacagcagc cctgtcctgc     61860
     caccccctct ggcccaggag gagccccccg ccccccgcag agttgctggg gaccaccctg     61920
     gaacaagtga cagctgttgg aagtgtggtt tttcaatttt agtttaggag agaaaactga     61980
     tttccaaata cttgggttca ctgtgctgct gaataacaac attcacggcc caggtgccca     62040
     ccgggaggca cgctgccccg agggctgcaa agccccatgt tagcactgcc tcccggagct     62100
     cccacgagcc ctgactccgg ccccgagaca gaaatgaaag caacagggca cagcgaataa     62160
     tgctatcttt ctgcttctgt gacaagtctc aggtgctaaa caaagagaag gacatttccc     62220
     agatctccaa gttagtccac aaaaccgaca gctctgatgg ctcgcagagc tctgtattag     62280
     cgggtgttca ggggaaatac aaaacatcat cgagagcctg gtccctgtct aggatttaat     62340
     aatcaaattg gagaccagac acacacaccc ggccaaagaa cacctaataa cataccatgt     62400
     ggtgactgat actctatatg ttgaatgtat ctgtagcaaa aggaagaaaa ggcaggtttt     62460
     gaaaagagga gcatgggacg ggcgcagtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag     62520
     gccgaggcgg gtggatcacc tgaggtcagg agtttgagac cagcctgacc aacgtggtga     62580
     aaccccctct ctactaaaaa aatgcaaaaa attagccagg catggtggca catgcctgta     62640
     atcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcaaga gaatcacttg agcccaggag gcggaggttg     62700
     cagtgagttg agatcgcacc attgcactcc agcctgggca acgagactga aactccgtct     62760
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatgagga aggtgtgaat tgaaaatgag gaaagagatc     62820
     aggagagaaa gcagatatat atcacaaacc tcttgcttac gtgagaacta cggtgtttct     62880
     caaggtctca cttgtgaaat ggtgggtcac ctttttccct ctcataagcc tggcctgttt     62940
     aataaactct atgtatacgt gtgtcagcag agggtgagtg gagagtttaa agaccttatc     63000
     cgggacccca gaatggcaga tgagggaagg gaatgaggtt catgagcaca ctgtgccccc     63060
     attccagcct gctcctgcct gctctacaga cgcattcgct gaaacgtacc acggattagc     63120
     agaagggtgg tttgcagtgc atgtgcataa tgctcaggct tgcaaagggc ggaaggtcgc     63180
     caggggttct gagcatctcc aaaacttcac gacagaggcc aacccacctg ggaacacagt     63240
     gacactggga cccgaagccc caggaaggtg ggctcacttt cgttgttagt ggtgtctccg     63300
     ctgcgaggtc cattcacggc tcgtgtctcc tcttgtgtct gacaggctga agtgtgtgca     63360
     ggcaccgtgg cagaggtgat ccagtctgtg gtcaacgggg cagatggctg cgtgttctgt     63420
     ttcggccacg ccaaactggg ttcgtgagag tttcactttc tcatgcggct cgttgagctc     63480
     cctgtcatcc catgcattcc tctgtctccc tcccagagtt ctctgatgac aggaagggct     63540
     gcgtttctct taggtgttga gctgaataac caataacaag ttatacgacg aaaacctatg     63600
     ttgttcattg taggtggaca cccattcatg taggaaagcc ttcaagtcca aatagatgga     63660
     aagagaagta gcagagttgt tcccacttgg tccaggtcag agtcaagccc agaaggcagg     63720
     caggaaaata ttcatttcct gagcagccgc tgtttgggaa gcagataggg ccccttgcac     63780
     caccgcaccc atgaggatgt gggttggtgg ttggacccct gtaaaagcca gaggagcaac     63840
     ctccaagcaa agcccagagc ccagggcgcg tctggagaaa gcagtgcaca ccgtcgggaa     63900
     cactccagcg ctgaagcgtc tgggaaagga ggcagcagag ccccccaaca aggggttcat     63960
     aaatcccccc acagtcccat cttacttctg acctgtggcc atctgctccc caggccttgc     64020
     ccttacacgc ttgatatgtt tagtgaattg aggagcttca aaaactgtcc cttggcagag     64080
     attccaacag aggccttgct ggagctcaca gaggccagtt ctcagccagg acagaaagcc     64140
     attgcctctc tctgcacttc cgtcctcccc agccctttct cttgatcttg atgtaagcag     64200
     tgatctgggt tttaatagaa tttgctcatg ccataaaaat atacacagca tttaacttga     64260
     gacaggatat aaagtgtgaa tatgtggact taatctgggg ggtaactata aaaagaacca     64320
     taatgatgat gaaaaagccc agccttccca ctgtgtgtaa agcagtgcag gaactggata     64380
     gcatgtgata tttggggtcc tcctcaaggt acatggtgat ttaatcttgt cacatgtctg     64440
     ggctcttgct ttgtttcttt tttttttaag agatggctct cagttgcctg ggctggagta     64500
     cagtggcatg ctcatagatt actgtaacct ccaattcctg ggctcaagtg atcctctcgc     64560
     ctcagcttcc caagtagctg gggccacagg catgccccac cacacccaga taatttttaa     64620
     aaatttttca tagaggcagg gtctccgtat gttgcccaga ctggcctgga actcctggcc     64680
     tcaagcaatc ctcccatctt ggcccccaca aagtgctgag gttacaggca tgagccactg     64740
     agcccaacca gcattcttta ttgtagccat ttagttagta ataccagaaa atgccttctg     64800
     ttgttgtcaa atactatttc tctcatcttt ttgttccttc tcttcccttt tccccccttc     64860
     cctgtgcctt tcttctatat ccttggcatc tattttggag actccgtgga atgatgcctg     64920
     gacactgaac ctgcttttct tccttccctg gttctcccag gaaaatccta caccatgatc     64980
     ggaaaggatg attccatgca gaacctgggc atcattccct gtgccatctc ttggctcttc     65040
     aagctcataa acgaacgcaa ggaaaagacc ggcgcccgtt tctcagtccg ggtttccgcc     65100
     gtggaagtgt gggggaagga ggagaacctg cgggacctgc tgtcggaggt ggccacgggc     65160
     agcctgcagg acggccagtc cccgggcgtg tacctctgtg aggaccccat ctgcggcacg     65220
     caggtgattg cttctgaagc ctggctcgcc ccaaggtggc tccctcccca cctcagaggc     65280
     tggggcagct ccacccgtga atcactgaac ctgtaaactc agaggcttac gggtgtttac     65340
     tttaaagtgg actggaactt tatggcctgc agctgtgggg ccatcggctt gcccagtcta     65400
     aatatttgta ccttgactct aattgacaat gagcagggac cacaattaca gcatttgggg     65460
     gagaaatgga attcactttc tttatgcccc tttcaaaaaa aaaaagtaac aatctttctt     65520
     ttgtttaaca acaaaccgga atatttactg ctctgcacaa atagctagag ccattacggg     65580
     gctgttgatg actctataaa ctgtgcttct ggcactggtt tacagccgga ttagcagtgc     65640
     tgcaggaaaa actaataacc actttctaat tagaaccgtg atataattgc tagaactatg     65700
     gaagccaaga gaagctccag ttcaccattt caggatgcta agcctgttgg gagggtctct     65760
     cctttgctgt ttgacaacag atgtaggaat gacccgggag ctgcaattca ttcatatcca     65820
     gaataatcaa tccttccagt ctctaacagt aggctttatt ttcccgtgtt gtcagatgcc     65880
     tccttttgta gataggtgtt ccgtttgata agtacctgcc tcttcccaac tgggattgtt     65940
     tgcacaggtg aggatacctc ccgtggcctg ttatactcat tactcaaacc tgaccatgct     66000
     cttcccctgc ttaaagcacc tcagatccct ccatttccct gagtcctctt tcgtctgcat     66060
     ctgtcacctc gaggacttgt ttaaacactg atcgctgggc acccccccag agtttccaat     66120
     tcagtaggtc tagagtagag ctccaaaatg tgcatttcca acaagttccc atgagatgct     66180
     catgctgccg gtccagggat cacagttgga aatcactgtt ctgaggcatc aaatgtgcag     66240
     agacagtatc tacacagtgt ctgtgatgca atcagtagga ctcgacccac tgctcctgtt     66300
     ccaggcattt tctagacatt caaatatgct ttcaccccca ttcattttta gaacttcatt     66360
     gatgaaattc cactaagggg tgaaaagtct ggttaaatga aggctaagaa aaagaagaaa     66420
     agaccaatat tccctttaat tcttgttgaa aaatctttta aattctttgg tttatttttc     66480
     catagcgaga caaaattttg aacacaaaag aatctctctt tgaagtctga ggattttgat     66540
     ggcctcaggt tctaaatatt ggctcttaca gttcaaaatt atttgtatag ttagagtaga     66600
     aaattgtcag aatttgtacc aaccttaaga catgtactgc aaattagttc tttgaacaaa     66660
     tcagaaacat gagttgcctt ttctccccaa aaagaggagt gctggttcaa ttctgttaat     66720
     gtgatcgttg tgattcaggt ttaaaataat tgccaagtat tttcataaga ttcagacgca     66780
     ttaccctgtg tgctttcttt aatcaattaa tgagtatgcc gggagcatgg attcaggaac     66840
     taaaggtaaa taggtatctc ctaaatttag atgagacatt caagtatcgt gagtgtttga     66900
     gggtgccctt tacactggtt tcttatttat aactatgcta gtaaatatgg cctaaaattg     66960
     gctttaatta aataactgca aaactaggag tcaaatgaaa gctaaccaag tttttttaca     67020
     tctttgggac accactgcta tgaggcctca aatcacattt tgcaacctac ctgtctccaa     67080
     acaatctaat ctttggactc aagatgcagt cacatcgctc ctgttttctt aggtaaatgg     67140
     atagccaggg gtgttggttt gccgccctct gcagagataa ggatgagcca tctgctccca     67200
     gcttttcaca cccactagtt ccagattcta cttagactgt aaagtaggta aaaataggtt     67260
     tcatccaata agtatgctca atattaattt tcagaaatga attaattaag ctgagaattg     67320
     cacatgagca tagcaccttg tttcagaagg gttttcagcc ttagaggggc acgtggcttt     67380
     actatacaga acacacagcc agctgaatgg tgctggggac acccaggcat gagtgacagc     67440
     aagccctcct cagcctgcag cctcatctct tggcttctgt cttccagctg cagaaccaga     67500
     gcgagctgcg ggcccccacc gcagagaagg ctgccttttt cctggatgcc gccattgcct     67560
     cccgcaggag ccaccaacag gactgtgatg aggacgacca ccgcaactca cacgtgttct     67620
     tcacactgca catctaccag taccggatgg agaagagcgg gaaaggggga agtaagtcgg     67680
     ccactccacc ctcctgcctc cttagcggct ctggccccag ccagaaatcc cttgggcaac     67740
     catgaccttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     67800
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagacagg gtcttgctct gtcacccagg ctgcagtgca     67860
     gtggcacgat cacagctcac tgcagcctca aactcctggg ctcaagtgat cctcctgcct     67920
     cagtctccca agtagcttgg gactacaggc tcatgccacc acacctagct atttatttgg     67980
     ttatctttgt agagatggga ccttgctatg ttgcccaggc tggtctagaa ctcccggtct     68040
     tgagatcctc ttgccttgat ctcccaaagt gttgggatga aaggtatgag ccaccatgcc     68100
     tagccaaact tttcttaata gactacaata tgcagttcag tgactcgtaa ttcaagataa     68160
     ttatagtatc tgggctgaag ttcacttttg aactgtccag ggaaaggagt ttgctttggt     68220
     aaaggtaatt tacaaatgtc attgccatga gaatgtgaga ggtcaaagtt acaaaaagaa     68280
     aacaactgcc tgacagtatc tttttgttca cagacctcaa aaatgctcct caagaaagac     68340
     caacatttat ccaccaaagc actccggcag tgtgttatca tcattagctc gaggccactg     68400
     tatggaccat gttttttaaa atagcataga aatcagactt ttgaataact acccagaccc     68460
     tggctgcctc cctcaaatcg tcagtgaagg tttactgtca aaacccaggt acggtgcctg     68520
     ctcttcgagt gagctgccct gccaggaacc caacactgtg cccctacaga cccctcttgg     68580
     ctgtgtttcc aaagtcagcc cgggctgggg tgcaattctc tgccttctgt gaagtagtgt     68640
     ttactctatg cccaaaagag ttgagcacca gatcagctga atgtctccag tggggatctt     68700
     ggaccagggg caaagtggtc tgttgatttc actgggttcc taaggcaggt tgtgggtaac     68760
     ggggctgctg ggctggccgg gcagtggctt ccgtggttcc tccatgtccc gctctgccgg     68820
     gctttcaata cacaggcaac tggctcccag cgctttctgc atgattgtct caaagacact     68880
     ggatgccaga aaaacaatca gaaaactgag ttaagagtct aaccctggac tggaaattgt     68940
     aaagctcatt gagtaaagca gagatggtcc gcaaagctgt tgtagatgaa gcctagaatg     69000
     aagacatcca agtaggacca ggcgtggtgg ctcacacctg taatcccagc actttggaag     69060
     gccaaggtgg ttagatcact tgaggtcagc agtttgagac cagcctggcc aacatggaga     69120
     aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa taaaaaaatt agctgggcgt ggtggcacac acctcccagc     69180
     tagttggggg tctgaggcag gagaattgct tgaacccagg aggcggaggt tgcagtgagc     69240
     ccagatcgtg ccactgcact ccagcctggg tgacagagca aggctctgtc tcagaaaata     69300
     aaaataaaaa gacttccagc tgggatctat ggacaggctc cccctgattt cccctaagcc     69360
     tcctcgtggc tcaaaagacc tggacaacag tactcctggg gagagagctc tttgcgggct     69420
     tctgctgtcc ccaggcaaaa gcgcctccct tcccccacct cggtgcctct cttcctactc     69480
     tttagttact gttgttaaaa tccaggttta ttgcagtata aggtacattc accaaaacat     69540
     cactttgatg tgtctttaga tgagttttgg ccaatctata cagtcatgta gccaccacca     69600
     ttatcaaaat agagcataag gctaaagttc cctcttgccg tttgtccctt cccctgacct     69660
     ctagcccctg gcaaccacgg atctgattgt tgtcctggtt ttgcgtttat ccaggatatc     69720
     gtgggaatgg actcgtgtgg cccagatgtg gccttttgtg tctggcttct ttcacgtagt     69780
     gtcctaatgc atttgagact cccccatgct gcagcacgcg tctcttgttt cttctggttc     69840
     ctgctgcctg ttctgcctgc tcctttagtt tttttgtttg tttgagatga agtctcactc     69900
     actctgttgc ccaggctgga gtacagtggc gtgatctcgg ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc     69960
     ccgagttcaa gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag ctgggaatac aggtgcccac     70020
     caccatgtct ggctaatttt tgtacgttaa gtagagacgg agtttcacca tattggccag     70080
     gatggtcttg aactcctgac ctcgtgatcc acccgcctca gcctcccaaa gtgttgggat     70140
     tacaggcgtg agccaccgca cctggcctct ccttcagttt tgactgggcc tggaggcttg     70200
     gttcctaccc taccaccagg acagaatgaa aatatccaca gctggggctg gagttcctct     70260
     aactggggct gctttttatg gctctgaaaa tcagccctga gctgcctcca gtggctgctg     70320
     tgaagaaccg agaggttctg gtcctcactt acagcgggcg aggcgcccca gggaagtggc     70380
     ccattagctt gagggcagct ctctcgacag cccatgatgg tgagcaaagt ctcactggag     70440
     aggagccgag gatagtgaac gggaatctct cgggagatgt attcttggta acaggctcac     70500
     accatgtaga gcgcttccgt ttagaatcac gttcttaaag aaggaaacgc attcggatag     70560
     ggatgaggag atgcagacct ttaaaatcgg atagggatga ggagatgcag acctttaaaa     70620
     tcggataggg atgaggagat gcagaccttt aaaatcggat agggatgagg agatgcagac     70680
     ctttaaaatc ggatagggat gaggagatgc agacctttaa aatcgacagc acaattgcat     70740
     ccacatttct cctgactgtg tgggagttgg ccttgaaccc tgccctcact gttttctcct     70800
     gggtagtgtc ttcaccctgt caatgtaaga gtctgacaaa tgtttagttt attcttttaa     70860
     gcagctgtca gtaatcatca tcatcagagc ctgcaggact ttcttgtact ttcagtaaag     70920
     agtgactcgc aaaacatcta acccttgagc caaatgactc ccaaatggca ctgatcagaa     70980
     aaacttggga gatgggatta tctctcctcc ttccaggttt caaaccaaac tgaggacaac     71040
     tctgttttcg gttttgtact ttttttcttt tttgcagttc tgctttcgat ttggaatctg     71100
     aaagtaggga gaaatcttga aaacaaggaa acagttcatt aaatgacttc aaatataaga     71160
     acttgaaatt cagattccac aaaagtttag gccaagacat tccctaaacc cagtgatcca     71220
     ccccaaatca gtacctaagg aatcctgcac ccttattaaa tatttaatag ccagctcatc     71280
     ttcttcctat ttttaagttg tgaaagagaa ttgcttttaa ataatgcatt caggttaaaa     71340
     gaaagggcaa ataccacgaa tggtttccaa aacctcggtt aggtccttcc taatgtttca     71400
     gtggatgaga acaaagaagg ggaaggagtc caggggtcgt gcgatcggca gacctggggg     71460
     acatctcttc cctcccgagg ggaaaggatc ccggccagaa tgcacacggc ctccccgcct     71520
     gggactcact tgacttcagt gaatttataa ctgtttaaaa tataatgagg agatttggag     71580
     ggttgtttaa aatggaaatt ttgtttactt acatataagt aataatccct gcggacctgg     71640
     cagccagaac tcaattaggg gaaagtttat taattagtca ccctgcaggg aagccattag     71700
     aagagatctc tgccgcaaga actaaataga ctctgtgtgc gcctctgaat ctcatatgca     71760
     cacatgcatt ttatacattt tacacacaaa tgcatcttac atttataatt ttacacacaa     71820
     atgcatttta cacatataag tagacagaca aaaaaaagtt ttaaacattt ccagtcaaaa     71880
     tagaaaagtc tttgttgatg tatccctgtt ttgcagatag cactaggtta agcttaaaat     71940
     atctccctgt ttaaaagctc attggaatta gtgggactga tccttcagcc tcatggaggc     72000
     cttcctctgc tttgcgaagc taaatctgta atagcttgag agcctcctcg ggaatcccag     72060
     cactgggaaa cagaccctga agccctactg atcagagagc tgcttctcat aacgacgcgt     72120
     gtactgggca cctaaaacaa ggtggtgctt gggaccagaa gtgtttcaga tttcagattg     72180
     ttttccgatt ttggaatatt tgcatatgta atgatccctt gggaatggga cccaaatcta     72240
     aatacagatt tcatgtatgt ttcatatatg ccttatagac atagcctgaa ggtaacttta     72300
     tacaatatct tcaataattt tgtgcatgaa acaaagtttt tactgcattt tgactgcaac     72360
     ccctcacgag gtcaggtgtg gaattttccc cttgtggcat catattggcc ttcaaaaagt     72420
     ttgagattct tggagtattt tggatttcag attttttggg ttagggatgc tcagcgtgga     72480
     ctagtgatac ttcagggtaa tgcgctaatg atacggagat cgcacctgtc ctgttgacaa     72540
     agataatttc aaaagcccca cttttatgag taatctaagc atgcaagcaa ctgttgctca     72600
     aggtccacaa tgacaccggg tctctgattt gttcattctc tttattgcct ctgtggggag     72660
     gattagaggg ctttgtaggc tgggctgctg tgtgcgcaca caaatgtatg tgcacatggg     72720
     cacacatctg tgctacactc atctgtctac acatctcatc agactcttta atctgttttt     72780
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttttaa cactgagtct cgcactgtca cccaggctgg     72840
     agtgcagtgg cgcaatctca actcacttca acttccacct cctgggttcc ccgcgattct     72900
     cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgagatg acaggcgtcc accacaacac ctggctaatt     72960
     tttgtgtttt ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccatgttggc cacgctggtc tcgaactcct     73020
     gacctcaagt gatccaccca cctcggcctc cccaaagtgc tgggattacc atacctagcc     73080
     taatctgctt tcttttgaca atgcaaatgt tttctttaca tgtcatggaa tggcttaaat     73140
     caactaatgc tgtatttagg gctgtgtggt ggatatgact ctggagatcc attctttggg     73200
     tggcagatgt gggaaaagag gcttaggaaa gaaccttgct tctaatggag ccacagccag     73260
     tcccctgctg tccccagcag cgaagccctg tgcagcaagg atgtccacac actacagggc     73320
     tctcatctcc cgcttggtca ataatgaagt ggcagtttca tctttttagg tttttgtaat     73380
     ctatatgttt ttaaatgttg gccaggagac actattctga agagtgcagc ctggaattcc     73440
     catcaccgcc tccgtttcta atcttctcaa gcctcctggc cactctcagc aggtaactag     73500
     catcttagtc aatgagaaga cagagctgac ctggtgcatt cctcaacttc tcttcttttg     73560
     gtttcatagt ctcctggtcc ctttacctca gtttcccccc tgctccttcc cacaggcctg     73620
     ctgctcccgt ctcctggcat tcttcctcct gccccttctg cctcttctgg gacctcacca     73680
     attgggaccc cctcagtggt cttttcatgc ttatgttttc agcctttcct cccaccaaag     73740
     tcagggttac agaaggaaga gaaggaggca gggagggagg gaaaaggaaa ggaaaggaac     73800
     cacaatggca ccttgcctct gccacgctcc tctccgatcg cctcctcaac aaagacgtca     73860
     gattcccctc tttgtaatgt cttctttgaa tttcagcagt gtgggggatg ttatgctttt     73920
     gccttactcc gccttatatt ttggctgttt gtgagctagt ccaagcccta ttggactata     73980
     ggtgccttga gaaagagtgc cacagtgcca gggctgtgtc tgctgcatgc tgtttgtgag     74040
     cttgtccaag ccctattaga ctataggttc cttgagacag agtgccaccg tcctggggct     74100
     atgtccgcag cgtcagtatc caaggcctat tagactatag gttccttgag acagagtgcc     74160
     acagtgctgg ggctgtgtcc gctgcgtcag tgtccaagcc ctattagact atagggtcct     74220
     tgagacagag tgccacagtg ctggggctgt gtctgctgtg tgctgtttgt gagcttgtcc     74280
     aagccctatt agactatagg ttccttgaga cagagtgcca cactcctggg gctgtgtcca     74340
     ctgcatcagt gtccaagccc tattagacta taggttcctt gagacagagt gccacagtgc     74400
     tggggctgtg tctgctacgt gctgttggtg agcttgtcca agccctatta aactatgggt     74460
     tccttgagac agactgccac agtgctggtg ctgtgtccgc tgcatgctgt tggtgagctt     74520
     gtccaagccc tattagacta taggttcctt gagacagagt gccacagtgc tggggctgtg     74580
     tctgctgcgt gctgttggtg agcttgtcca agccctatta gactataggt tccttgagac     74640
     agagtgccac agtcctgggg ctgtgtccac tgcatcagtg tccaagccct attagactat     74700
     aggttccttg agacagagtg ccacagtgct ggggctgtgt ccactgcatc agtgtccaag     74760
     ccctattaga ctataggttc cttgagacag agtgccacag tgctggggct gtgtctgctg     74820
     cgtgctgttg gtgagcttgt ccaagcccta ttaaactatg ggttccttga gacagactgc     74880
     cacagtgctg gggctgtgtc tgctgcgtgc tgttggtgag cttgtccaag ccctattaga     74940
     ctatgggttc cttgagacag agtgccacag tgctggggct gtgtccgctg cgtcagtgct     75000
     caggtctcct ttgtccaaat gaaatgtgtg ctgtggtttt aaaaatgatt ctctgctctc     75060
     gaactcctga cctcaggtga tccacccacc tcggccagcc tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc     75120
     cctctttact aaaattacaa aaattagtca ggtgtggtgg caggtgccta taatcccagc     75180
     tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaattgct tgaactcagg agtcagaggt tacagggttg     75240
     cagtgagccg agatggcgcc actgcactcc agcctgggca atagagggaa actgtttcaa     75300
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa tctctgggct gggcgtggtg gctcacactg taatcccagc     75360
     actttgggag gctgaggccg gaggatcact tgaggtcagg agttcaagac cagcgtggcc     75420
     aacgtagtga aacctcgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccaggcat ggtggcgggc     75480
     gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcacttgaac ctgggaggcg     75540
     gagcttgcag tgagctgaga tcacgccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gggcaagact     75600
     ccatctcaaa aacaaaaaat gaaaaataaa ataaaaatta atctctgtgt tatctagtag     75660
     agctgtgatt cgggaagagt aagaccaccc aattaccttt cacgtaagca gatggtatta     75720
     ggtcagagaa gcctcacaac gcaacagagt caggaggcag tcagctgact gggcaagtat     75780
     gttagagggg gaattataga aaatgatgta ttcataaagg tgttatctga aattaaataa     75840
     tacaaatgta tttttattca ttgatcttac gaaccacaaa gggccaaggc tctctctttg     75900
     agttttcaat tcaattaatt tgacttccac gaaccacatt cgtattaaca gttcagtttt     75960
     tgctttgaat ttcttcaaag agatttaaga gcttaaaaaa acactttaca accaactggg     76020
     tatagacttt ttctagattc ttacagtatt ttccactcta taattcctca ttcacacaaa     76080
     attcaacatc gttaaaaaaa attttttttt ttgagacagg gtctcactct gtcacccagg     76140
     ctgaagtgca gtggcgctat cttggctcac tgcaacctct gcctcccagg ctcaagtgat     76200
     cctcccactt cagcctccca cgtagctggg gcaacaggtg cgcaccacca tgcctggcta     76260
     atagtttata tttttttgta gagatggggt ttcaccattt tgcccaggct gctctcaaac     76320
     tcctgagctc aggcgatcca cctgccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga     76380
     gccatggtac ccgtccaaaa aatcctcatt ttttatcaca tcttttcaaa gcattgagtt     76440
     gagtttttat aaaaacatta actctcttta caaaatcatt tcattggctt atacagtatt     76500
     ttatgttttt atttaaaata acaaggggca gaaaccaatt taggaggaaa cacagctgac     76560
     ctattaagaa ctatgcagct gattcttttt ggagcaaaag tgcacaaact agaccacagc     76620
     ctccactaac cacgagccct cagcgtgctg tgggcgtcag gcagaacttc ttatgcaggt     76680
     gacccagagc attgctgaac ctggccaggt ggtaaggcag tggctcccaa acttagctac     76740
     acattagact cacctggagg gcttttaaac gcatcccaga gtgcgtgctg ccctccagcc     76800
     caattaaatt agaaaggctg ggagtgggaa ccagacgtca atatttcttg aaagattcca     76860
     gggtgattcc aacgggcagc aaagtttggg aggaactacg acggtgcggg aaggcgagtt     76920
     aaaagagctt ctgcatgctt tctggttagc ttcggatttt catcttagat ttagcattaa     76980
     ttttctatga gatcttgggt gatttattta acttctatga gcctcagttt ccttatatgt     77040
     aaaatggggc taatttctgc attgtgggat attataggaa ttaagtgata ttaggagaat     77100
     ttaggatttc ctgctacctt ccaggtgctt aataaagtgt ggctcaggcg taggagacgt     77160
     tattatattg tttcctgtgg gtagaataag gcatgtgggt aatttggttt ggtcaaagtc     77220
     tagacttaaa atattgcata ttagaatata actaaaggat tactcaaggc agactgagtt     77280
     gtgttccttt aaccctgcag tcttgacctc aaaatctgga aagtcagtga ggaacctgct     77340
     tcttacctgc tattaattat cacctattgt gttcatttgc tgtgtaacta cactttctcc     77400
     ccagccgccg gaagtgatgg aaattcttga taatagcaag tggcctgtgc tgactcacct     77460
     tgtactattt caagttaagc accatgtgtg aaattcacaa ttctgtgcct acggcaactc     77520
     caataggcac ggagcagaga gtagattttc cattgtctaa atgtgactct tactttgagt     77580
     cacgcaggta taattatagg tattttatat tatcatcctc agcacagtct aaactgtgcc     77640
     ttttgttctt gtgttctgtt ttactacatg tacattatcc attttattcc attacatcaa     77700
     atggactgtt agagtcagaa ttggtctctg tctttgccct ttaatctgtg gtgcatgtgg     77760
     aatatctgag cttctcctgt ctatataatt aggctgcaaa acagatgata ttttgcttta     77820
     aaaataacta tttccatagc acgctgctgt gacccaagct tgcagggtac aaaatagcat     77880
     aaaacagaag tgacacatta tatcttcccc ttaaaggggt tttactggga atagttgaag     77940
     agaaacaaaa tataacatcc ttaatgtaaa aagttctttg ccatagacgt gccagtagct     78000
     ggagagctgg aattgcaatg ctttctttaa gtatttctca cctttttttc tcagtactag     78060
     atatggaatt tgaggatagg aaggggtgga ggcagattag ccttaggaca gtggttgccg     78120
     aatattttca tcctacagca tgagcagtgc tgcatcagcc ttgtccttcg ggctcttctg     78180
     cagacgcgtg gatgcctaga tccctcccac gcaccccgag tgccacctgc aatggtccag     78240
     acacacgcgg gtcccacacg ctctgctcgc tttttgtacc aacacctttc aatcttgccc     78300
     caaattactt ggcctccaca acagctttgg gaagtttcca tctctgcctt tgccattttc     78360
     cttctgtgca gagtagggaa aggcagaggg aagagttgct gtcctggcag taacaggagg     78420
     caggccaggt atgaggctgt aagctgggcc gcctggaaag atagggatcc agaggcctgg     78480
     aggagcagca ttccgctgct gcctgggatt gaggcggggg gaagggagac agccaaggag     78540
     tgggtgatgt acccagagac acgcctctct ggaagagtgg ggcctggggc aaaaaggcgg     78600
     ccttctccgg ctgcttcgtg gagctgatgg aggccgcagg atgtagttga gagctcaggt     78660
     cttgcagtca gtctgtggtt tgaatcctag ctctactact ggctgcagga tcgtgagcaa     78720
     gttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgtt gttttttaac aactttaatg agatatacct     78780
     gagctacaat aaactgtaca tattaaatca tataacttga tgttttatca tatgtatatg     78840
     cctatgaaac cgtcctcaat caagataatg aatatattct tcacccccaa aagtttcctc     78900
     gggagccttg caatccctgc ctccagctcc tcttccttcc tgtctccaga cccaggaacc     78960
     actgaactac tttcagtttc tagacattag tgtggatttc ctagaatttt atgtaaaagg     79020
     aaacatatct tgcagacggt actctcgtgt gtggcttctt tcacttagca taatgatttt     79080
     gagatgtaat catttcattg cctgtatcaa tagttcatat atttatattt ctgcataata     79140
     gtccactgcc cagatatacc acagttggcc gatccattca tctcttgatg gacatttctg     79200
     ttgtttccag tttggggata ttacaaataa aagtactaaa ggttgagcat ccctaatctg     79260
     aaaattcgaa atccgagatg ctccaaatct gaaactttgt gagcgccaaa tgacatcaca     79320
     agtagaaaat tctacatctg accgcatgtg acaggtcaca ggaaaaactt tttgtgtaca     79380
     aaattatcaa aaatattgtc taagattatc ttcaggctgt gtatataagg tatatatgaa     79440
     acataaatga atttaatgtt tacgttgggt cctatttcca agatatgtca ttagatatat     79500
     gcaaatactc caaaatctct ggttccaagc atttcagata agggatattc agcttgtgtg     79560
     agcatacatg cacaagtctt tgtatggtta tatggtttgg ctctgtcctc gcccaaattt     79620
     catgttgaat tgtaattccc agtgttgggg gagggacctg gtgggaggtg attacatcat     79680
     gaggatggat gtcccccatg ctgttctcat catagtgagt tatgagatcc ggtggtttaa     79740
     gagtgtgtgg tactctcccc cctgctcact cgctctctct cctgctctgc catgggaaga     79800
     tgtgtcttcc ttcactgtga gtcaatgaaa cctattttcc tcataaatta cccagtctca     79860
     ggtagttatt tatagcagta tgaaaacagt ctaatatata tatggacata tattttcttt     79920
     cctttggggt aaaaacctat actagaactg gaatcttatc aatgtctggg aatatttgaa     79980
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaactg gaatggctgt accatatagt agatgtttaa ctttttaaga     80040
     aatttctcag ctgtttccca aagtgcttgt actattttat atggggagtt cccgttcctc     80100
     cataccccca ccagcatttg gtgtggtcag tcttttaagt tttgcctgtt tacatagtag     80160
     gtttgtaata gtgtcttgtg gttttagttt gcacttcgct aatgaccaat gatgccaagc     80220
     atccttctac acgcccattc ggcatccata cctcttcttt ggtgaaatgt cccttcaaat     80280
     cttctgtcct tttaaaaatt gttttgaaag tttttaatat attctggatg caaatccttt     80340
     ataagatata gtatttgcaa atattttctc tcagtctgtg gcttctctct tcattctcaa     80400
     cagcatcttt tgaaaaacaa atacttgttt ttttatgaag tccaatttat atgttctttt     80460
     atgaatcatg tttttgctgt cacatctaag aaatctttgc ctaacccaag gccaaaaagg     80520
     tttcttctta tgcctcctct agaagttttg taattttagg cttcaaattt aggtctttga     80580
     tcaattttta gttaattttt gtatattttg caatgtatgg actcaagtag tttttttcag     80640
     gttgagggag gttaggtgtt tttttgtgtg tgtgtatgaa tatagtatcc aaaatttcca     80700
     gtatcatttg ttgtaaaaag ctattatttc tctactaaat tacctttgtc aaggattagt     80760
     tggccatatt tatgtgcaac tatttctaga ctctgttctg ttccattgat ctatttgtct     80820
     atctttacac caataccaca ctgttttgat tatggtggat gtataatagg tcttgaaatt     80880
     aggtaatgtt aaccttccaa ctttgttctt attttttaaa gttgttttgg ctattcagtg     80940
     tatttggcat ttccatacaa attttagagt cgctttctaa atggattacg tagaaaaaat     81000
     ttctatcaaa gaagtctacc aggattctga ttgggattgc attgaagcta tagcaacttg     81060
     gagatgattg acctcttcac agtattgagt gttctgaccc aggagcacag tatctctctc     81120
     tagtttaggt ttttattagt tcccttcagt aattttttaa agtaggaaaa agctattatt     81180
     taaacatgta tttcttttat attgatatat aattacacat atttatgggt gatattttga     81240
     tgcacgcata caatgtgtga tgatcaatca gggaatttag gagattcatc acctcagtta     81300
     tcacttattt gtgttgggaa catttcatta ttttcttcta gctatttgaa aatatacaat     81360
     aaattattgt taactatagc ctcctactgt gctatcaaac actacggctt cctcctttta     81420
     tttaactgtg tatttgtaac tgttaaccca cctgttttat ccccctcccc cggcacccca     81480
     catcccgccc cttcccacac acacacattc ttcccagcct ctggtatcta ccattctcct     81540
     ctctacctgc atgagatcaa ctttttaagc tcccacatat gagtgagaac atgcaatatt     81600
     tgtctttctg tgcctggctt atttgactta acataatgac atccagttcc atccattttg     81660
     ctacaaatga caggatttga gtttttgtat aactactagt attccattgt gtatatagag     81720
     cacattttgc tacaaatgac aggatttgag tttttgtata actgctagta ttccattgtg     81780
     tatacagagc acattttctt ggtcccgttc cattcatcca tccattgttg gacacttagg     81840
     ttgattctgt atcttggctg ttgcgaatag agctgtgata aatatagggg tacaggtatc     81900
     cctttgatat actgatttct gttcctttgg acaaacaccc agtagtggga ttgctagatc     81960
     atatggtagt tctcgtttta gttttttttt gagaagcatc tatactgttt tctatactgg     82020
     ctgtactaat ttacattccc accaacagtg tgtaagagtt ccctttacta tgcatcttca     82080
     ctagatttca tggtgggttt tttttttctg tctttctaat aatagccatt ctgactgggg     82140
     tgaaattata tctcattgtg gttttgattt gcacatccct gatgattagg gacattgaac     82200
     attttttcac atacctggtt gccatgtgta tgacttcttt tgagaaatgt ctattcagat     82260
     cctttgccca atttttaatg ggtttgtttg ggttttttgc tgttttgagt tccctggata     82320
     ttaattcctt gttgaatgaa cagcttgcaa atattttttt tccattctgc aggttgtctc     82380
     tttgctctgt tgattgtttc cttagctgtg cagaacgttt ttagtttaac atactccaat     82440
     ctttctaatt ttggttttct tacttgtgct ttcaaagtct tagccataaa atctttgcct     82500
     ggaccaatgt cccaaagcat ttcccctatg ttttcatctg gtagagttat tgtttttggt     82560
     cttaatattt aagcctttaa taaattttga gtggattttt atatatggta agagatagcg     82620
     gtctagtttc acccttctgc ttatggatat ctagttttcc cagcaccatt tattaaaggg     82680
     gatgtccttt ccccaatgca tgttcttggt gcctttgtca aaaatgagtt ggctgtaaat     82740
     agatagattt atctgtaggt tctctattgt gtcccattgg tctatgtgtc tttttacgtc     82800
     aataccagcc tgttttatgt tacagtagct tcctagtagt gtattttgaa gtcagctagt     82860
     gtgatgcctc cagcttgttt ctttgttttc cagtattgct ttgtgtgcaa ggtttttctc     82920
     tgtgtgttta aattccatga agaatgtcat ggatatttcg acagagactg cattgagtct     82980
     gtagattgct ttgagtagga tggtcatttt aacaatgtta acttgaactc aggattcaga     83040
     aactcactca aaaccacaca actacatgga aattgaacaa cctgctcctg aatgagtcct     83100
     gggtaaataa caaaattaag ggagaaatca atgagaacaa aaagacgatg taccagaagc     83160
     tctgggacac cgctaaagca gtgttagagg gaaatttata gcactaaacg cccacatcag     83220
     agagctggaa agatctcaga tcgacacctt aacatcacaa ttaaaagaac tagagaagca     83280
     agagcaaaca aatccaaaag ctagcagaag acaataaata agatcagagc agaactgaag     83340
     gagttggaga tgcgaaaaac ccttcaaaat atcaatgaat ccaggagcca gttttttgaa     83400
     aaaaaaaatt aaggaaatag accacttcac tagactaata aagaagaaaa ggagaagaat     83460
     caaacagaca caatagaaaa tgataaaggg gatatcaccc ctgatcccac agaaatacaa     83520
     actaccatca gagaatacta taaacacctc tgtgcaaata aactagaaaa tctagaagaa     83580
     atggataaat tcctggacac atacaccctc ccaagactaa accaggaaga agtcaaatcc     83640
     ctgaatagac caataacgag ttctgaaatt gaggcagtaa ttaatagcct accaaccaaa     83700
     aaaagtccag gaccagatgg attcacagcc gcattctacc agaggtacga cgaggagcta     83760
     gtaccattcc ttctgaaact attccaaaca atagaaaaag agggaatcct ccctaactca     83820
     ttttatgagg ccagcatcat cctgatacca aaacctggca gagacacaac aagaaaaagg     83880
     aaacttggcc gggcacggtg gctcacagtg gctcatgccc ataaccccag cacttagggg     83940
     agccaagcag gtggatcact tgaggtcagg agttcgagac cagcctgcca acatggcaaa     84000
     accctgtctc tactaaaatt acaaaaatag atgggcatgg tggcgggtgc ctgtaatccc     84060
     agctaatcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc acttgaacct gggaggcaga gattgcagtt     84120
     agccaagatg aagtcagctt catccctggt tcaacatgca aatcaataaa cataatccat     84180
     cacataaaca gaaccaatga caaaaaccac atgattatct caatagatgc agaaaaggcc     84240
     ttcaataaaa ttcaacaccc ttcatgcctc aataaactag gtattgatgg aacgtttctc     84300
     aaaataataa gagctattta tgacaaaccc atagccaata tcataatggg caaaagctgg     84360
     aagcattccc tttgaaaacc agcacaagac aaggatgccc tctctcagca ctcctattca     84420
     acatagtgtt agaagttctg gccagggcaa tcagacaaga ggaagaaata aagcatattc     84480
     aaataggaag agaggaagtc aacttgtctc tgtttgcagt tgacctgatt ctatatttag     84540
     aaaactatat cattggagcc caaaaacttc ttgaactgat aagcaacttc agcaaattct     84600
     caggatacaa aatcaatgca aaaatcacaa gcattcctat acaccaacaa cagacaaaca     84660
     gagagccaaa tcatgaatga actcccattc accatcgcta caaagagaat aaaataccca     84720
     ggaatacctt acaaggaatg cgaaggaccc cttcaaggag aactacaaac aactgctcaa     84780
     ggaaataaga gaggacacaa acaaatggaa aaacatctca tcctcatgga taggaagaat     84840
     caatatcgtg aaaatggcca tactgccaaa ataatttata gatccagtgc tattcccatc     84900
     aaactacact gacagtcttc acagaattag aaaaagctac tttaaatttc atatgaaacc     84960
     aaaaaagagc ccatatagca aagacaatcc taatcaaaaa gaacaaagct gggaggcatc     85020
     acgctacctg acttcaaact atactacaag gctacagtaa ccaaaacaac atggtactgg     85080
     taccaaaaca gacatataga ccaatggaac agaacagaga cctcagaaat aacactacac     85140
     atctacaaca atctgatctt cgacaaacct gacaaaaaca agcaatggag aaagaactcc     85200
     ctatttaata aatggtactg ggaaaagcta gccgtatgca gaaaactaaa actggacccc     85260
     ttccttacac cttataaaaa aattaactca agatggatta aagacttaaa tgtaaaaccc     85320
     aaaaccataa aaaccctaga agaaaaccta ggcactacca gccaggacat aggcagaggc     85380
     aaagacttca tgaagaaaac accaaaagca attgccaaca aaagccacaa ttgacaaatg     85440
     ggatctaatt aagttaaaga gctcctgcac agcaaaagaa actagcatca gagtgaacag     85500
     acaacctaca aaacgggaga aagtttttgc aatctatcca tctgacaagg gtctaatatc     85560
     cagaatctac aaggaaccta aatttacaag aaaaacaaac atcaaaaagt gggcaaagga     85620
     tatggagaga cacttctcaa aagaagacat ttatgtggcc aacaaacatg aaagaaagct     85680
     caacatcact gatcattaga gaaatgcaaa tcaaaatgac aatgtgatac catctcatgc     85740
     cagtcagaat ggtgattatt aaaaagtcaa gaaacaatag atggtggcaa ggctgtggag     85800
     aaatagaaac gctttcacat tgttggtggg aatgtaaatt agttcaactt ctgtggaaga     85860
     cagtgtggtg attcttcaag gatctagaac cagaaatacc atttgaccca gcaatcccat     85920
     tactgggtat atacccaaag gaatataaat cattctacta caaagacaca tgcacacata     85980
     tatttattgc agcactattt acaatagcag agacatggaa ccaacccaaa tgtccatcaa     86040
     tgatagactg catgaagaaa atgtaataca tatgcaccat ggaatactat gcagccataa     86100
     aaaagaatga gatcatgtcc tttgcaggga catggatgaa gctggaagcc gtcatcctca     86160
     gcaaactaac acaggaacag aaaaccaaac accacacgtt gtcactcata agcgggagtt     86220
     gaacaatgag aacacatgga cacaaggagg ggaacaacac acaccagggc ctgtcagggg     86280
     gttgagggaa aggggagtga gagcattagg acaaatacct aatgcatgtg gggcttaaaa     86340
     cctagatgac agtttgatgg gtacagcaag ccaccatagt acatggataa ctatataaca     86400
     aaactgcagg ttctgcacat gtatcccaga acttgaagta aataaataaa taaataaata     86460
     atattaactc ttctgatcca tgagcatggg atgtcttttc atttttttct atgttcttca     86520
     atttttttat cagtattttg aagtttttgt tatagaggta tttcacctcc ttacatttat     86580
     tcctaggtat tttttagtag ctacagtaga tggggtagct ttcttggttt ctttttcaac     86640
     tatttgttgc tggtgtgtag aaacactact gatttttgta tccagccaca ttaccaaatt     86700
     tatcagttct cagagttttt ggtggaatct ttaggttgtt ctaattatta tatgccatct     86760
     gcagagagga acaatttgac tttcgctttt ccagtttgga tgccttttat ttctttctct     86820
     tgcctaattg ctctagctag gacttccagt actatgttga ataacagtgg tggaagtggg     86880
     catccttgtc ttgttccagt tcttagaaaa aaaaggcttt tagcttttcc ccacttatta     86940
     tgatgttagc tgtgggtttg tcatatatga cctttgctat gctgaggcat gttttttcta     87000
     tgcctaactt attgagagtt tttatcatga aggatgttag attttatcaa atatttttcc     87060
     tgtgtctatt gagatgatct tgttgtttta gtctctcata tgttgatgtg atgtgcacgt     87120
     ttattgattt gcatacatcg aaccatcatt gcatccctag gataaatccc acttgattat     87180
     ggtgtattat gttattggtg tgttgttaga tttggttcgc tagtattttt tagatgattt     87240
     ttgcatctat gttcatcagg gatattggta tctcattttg gtattaggat aatggtggcc     87300
     tggttgcgtg aattaggaag acttcccgcc tcttcaattt ttggaatagt ttgagaagaa     87360
     ttggttttac tttactcctt aattctactg aacttttaaa gtcctgggct tttctttgtt     87420
     ggggaacttt ttattactga ttaattcttg ttactcatta tttgttcaga tttttttatt     87480
     cttcctgatt taatcttgta aggctgtatg tgtccaagag tttatccatt tcacctgagc     87540
     tttccaattt gttcgtgtgt agttcttcat aagactctaa tcatttgtat ttctgtggta     87600
     tttttttcat ttctcatttt ttaaaatttg gatctttttt cttggttagt ctaacagttt     87660
     aatcaatttt ggttcctttc aaaaatcaag cttttatttt cttgatcctt tgtaattttt     87720
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttattt cgtctctgat ctttattctt tcttctgatt tttggctcag     87780
     tttgctttgg cttttttagt tccttgagat gcatcattcg gttgtctatt tgaaatcttt     87840
     ctcctttttt gaggaaaaca tttattactc taaacccctc ttactactgc ttttgttgta     87900
     tcccgtaggt ttaggaatgg tgtttttcca ttttcatttg ttttaagaaa aaagatttta     87960
     tttcattcat ttaggagcat gttttcatgt aggagcatgg ttttaaattt tcatttattt     88020
     gtacagtttc taaagttctt gttattgatt tcgttttact gaattgtgat ctaagatgct     88080
     tgatatgatt tcaactttta aaaatgtgtt gagagttatt ttgtggtcta acacatggtc     88140
     tatcatggag aatattccat gtactgataa taaggttgtg tattttgcag cacttgaatg     88200
     aaatgctctc taaatatctg ttcgatccat ttggtctgta gtgcggatta agttcaatgt     88260
     ttctttattg attttctgtc tagttgatct gtccagtgct aaagcggagt ggtggaccag     88320
     gaccaggcac attggctcac acctgtaatc ccagcacttt ggaaggccaa ggcgggccaa     88380
     tcacttgagc tcaggagttt gagaccagcc tgggcaacat ggtgaaactc tgtctctaga     88440
     aaaaatacaa aaactagctg ggtgtggtgg catgcacctg tagtgccagc tactccggag     88500
     gccaaggtgg aaggatcgtt tgagcctggg agattgaggc tgcagtgagc caagatcaca     88560
     ccactgctct ccagcctggg tgacagagtg agaccccata ccaaaaaata ataaataata     88620
     aaatggagtg gtggaggcct caactattac tgcattgggg tcaagctctt tagctctaat     88680
     gataattgtt ttatataata tatctgggta ctccagtgtt gactgcatat atatttacaa     88740
     ttgttatagt ctcctgctga attgttccct ttatcattat attaatataa tgaccttatt     88800
     tgtcactttt tatgtttttt ggctaacatt gtattttgtc ttatgtaagt atagctactc     88860
     tggcacactt ttggtttcta ttttcatgga ataatttttt ccatcccttc attttcattc     88920
     tatgtgcatc tttacaaatg aaatgcattt gttggagaca gcatacagtt gggtcttttt     88980
     ttttttttta aataaatcca ttcatcttgt ctatattttt tacttaagga atttaaactg     89040
     tttacattca aggatgtcat tgataggtaa ggacttactt ctgtgatttt gtaaactgtt     89100
     ttatgatggt tttgtatatt ttttgttcct ttcttcctct tgtattgctt accttgatga     89160
     tttggtagtt tattgtagtg atgtttgact cctttctctt tctcattcgt gtatctgctc     89220
     tcccagtgag tttttcagtc ttgcgtattc tcacggtggt agttattgtc cttttgcttc     89280
     cagatgtaga actccctcaa gcatttctca cagggcctgt ctagtggtgg tgaattccct     89340
     ccattttttc ttgtttggga aagactttac ttttcattca ttttttaagg atagctttca     89400
     gcaatatttc atcttttttt aaggatagct ttcagcaata ttttatggtt tttatgtaca     89460
     cattttaatc atatctctaa atcatgtgtt tgatgttgtt gtaaatggta tttttaattt     89520
     tttttgagtt ggggtgacag agtgacaccc aggctggatt gtagaggcac agtcatagct     89580
     cactgcagcc tcaaatttgt agtgttcctg ccacctcagc ctcctgagta gctaggatta     89640
     taggcacatg acatcatacc cagctaattt ctttttgtat catttttctg tagagatggg     89700
     gtctcactat gttgaccagg ctggtcttga actcctggcc ttaagtgatc cttctgcctt     89760
     ggcctcccaa aatgctggga ttaccggtgc gaggcaccac acccagcctt atgttttaat     89820
     ttctaattgt ttgttactat gataaagaaa tgcattgatt tttgtccatt gacctcatat     89880
     cctgcaacct tcctaaactc acctattagt tctagtacct tttttgtgga ttgcatccat     89940
     tagatttttc tataggtgac tatatcacca atgaagatca tttgactttc tttccaatct     90000
     ggatatcgtt catttattgt acttgcctta ttgtactggc caggacttcc agtataatgt     90060
     taaatggaaa cggtgagagt ggacatgctt gtcttgctcc caatcttaga gggaaggcat     90120
     ttagtctttt accattaagt atgatgttag ctttagtttt tagtagatac cttttattaa     90180
     attgaggata ttgccttcta cttatatatt gctgaggatt ttttatcagg aatgactgaa     90240
     ttttggtaaa tgctttttct gcatctactg aaacaatcat atagttttcc tttcagtttg     90300
     ttaatatggt aaattatatt gattaggttt tttttgttaa tcaaccttgc attcctgaaa     90360
     taaacctcac ttgctcatgg tataaaaccc tttgtatttg ttgctagata caatattttt     90420
     ttgagttggg gtctcactct gtcacccagg ctggagtgta gtggcatgat cacagctcac     90480
     tgcaatttta aactcctgtg ctccagcaat ccttccttcc atctcagcct cccaactagc     90540
     taggattaca gtgtgcacca ctgtgcccag ctaatttttt atactttttt tgtagtgatg     90600
     aggtcttgct atgttgccct ggctggtctt gaacttcggg cctgaagcac ctcagcctcc     90660
     cataatactg agattgtagg agtaagccac catgcctagc cctagataca attttctaat     90720
     atggctcttt aatattttat ttagaatttt tttggcaatg ttcatgaggg atattgttct     90780
     gcaggttttt gtgttttttt ttttttttca aacaacatac ttgtttgctt ttggtatcag     90840
     attagtatag tatagcttgg gaagtatttc ttcctatttt caggaagact ttgagtagaa     90900
     ctgttattat ttcttcctta aatggtgggt agaattcacc agtgcctcca tctggtccta     90960
     gagttttacc tgtggaaagg ttgtgaacta cagattctat ttctttaatg aatctagggc     91020
     catttttatt atctattacc tcttgaaaga gctttggaat ttttcatctt tcaagacatt     91080
     tttccattct tacacattgt ttaatttact ggcataatgt ttctttatta tctttttgat     91140
     atctgtagga actttagatg aggccatctc attcctgata ttgatcattt gtgtctttct     91200
     ttttcccaga tcatttgtgc tagggattta caaattttgt tgatcttctc aaagaaccaa     91260
     cttttgattc atcgactttt ctccattgtt tttggttttc tgtttcgttg atttctgcta     91320
     ttttttttcc tttctgctat ttttttttcc tttctgctat tattttgtct ataatttgct     91380
     catctttttc taatttctta aggtgtaagc tgagatcatt gatttgaagc catggttgct     91440
     ttctgatata ggcatttaat gctatacgtt tgttttaagt acatcttcag ggttattcac     91500
     aaatttggat gggttgcatt ttcatttcta ttcacttaaa aagactttaa aattttcatt     91560
     ttgaattttt ccttgaccat aggctgtttg gggccaagtt gtggagtttc agaatatttg     91620
     gaggtttttc agatattgtt ctacattgac ttctaattta attccattgt atcaggcaac     91680
     atgctttgag tgacatgaat ccttaacatt tatttagact tgttctgtgg accagaatac     91740
     tgtgtatctt ggtaaatgct ttgtgtgcac ttcaaaagaa tgtgtattct gctattgttg     91800
     ggttgaatgt tctgtgtcaa gtagatattt gatagtattg ttcaaattta tatccttatg     91860
     gttttctgtc tacttgtcat atcagttttg agatgggggt atttgaaatt gccaactata     91920
     attaaagact tgtctgtttc ttcatgcagt tctaccagat tgttcttcat ggattagaac     91980
     atgagccaca taaatttttt tattatgacc tcttgatgaa ttatctcatt tctcattata     92040
     gaacgttttt ttttttgact ctaacaacat ttttcatctt cagtcttttt tggcattttt     92100
     aaattgtgtg tcatagttgt acatattttt ggagtacaca tgatattttg atgcatgtat     92160
     acaatgtgta gtgatcaaat taggaaaatt gggatattca tcacctcaaa catttatctt     92220
     tgctttgtgt tgggaatgtt tattattaac tatagttctt ctactgtact attgaatact     92280
     aaaactcatt ccttttatct aactgtatgt ttgtacctgc taaccaattt ctctttatcc     92340
     taccctctgc ccttcccttc ccagcctctg gtagccactc ttctactctc tatctccatg     92400
     agatccactg ttgtagctcc cacatatgag tgacaacatg ggatatttgt ctttccatac     92460
     ctgacttatt tcatttaaca taatgacttc cagcttcatc catgttgctt aaaatgacag     92520
     gatttcatta tttttatggc tgaataatat tccattgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat     92580
     ctatctcaca ttttctttat taatttaccc attgatggac acttagactg attctatatt     92640
     ttggctattg tgaatagtgc tacaataaac atggtagtgc agatacctct ttgatatact     92700
     gatttctttt actttggata tatactcagc agtgggattg ctggatcata cagtagttct     92760
     acttttaagt tttttgagaa acctccagaa tgttttccat gatggctgta ctaatttaca     92820
     ttcccaccaa gtgtatgagc attcaccatt tcctgcatcc tctccagcat ttgttttttg     92880
     tctttttgat aatagccatt gtaactgagg tgagatgata gctcgttatg gttttgattt     92940
     gcactttcct gatgattagt gatgttgaac atcttttcac atacctcttg gccacttgtg     93000
     tgtcttcttc tgataaatgt ctattcaggt cttttgctca ttttaaattg gattatctgg     93060
     ggggttttgg cccattgagt tgtttgaatt cctcatatat tctggttatt aatcccttgt     93120
     caaataattt gcaaatattt tctcccattc catatgtagg ttatcttttc actttgttgt     93180
     ttcctgttct gtgtagaagc tttttagctt gatgtaatcc cacttgtcta tttttgcttt     93240
     tattgcctat gtttttgagg tcttacccca aaaatattcg ccaatgtcct gtagtatctc     93300
     cccagtgttt tctcccagca gtttcatagt ttcaggttta aatttaagtc cattttgagt     93360
     tgattttcat aatgtgataa aaaatgaagc tctagtttca ttcttctgca tatgaatatc     93420
     cagttttccc agcaccattt attaaagaga ttgtcttttc cccaatgtat gttattggtg     93480
     cctttgtcaa aaatgagttg gctgtaagtg catagattta tttctgggtt ttctattgta     93540
     ttccattggt cttctatgtg tctgttttta tgccagtggt atactctttg cttactatag     93600
     cttgtagtat aatttgaaat cagatagtat gatgtttcca gcctggttat ttttggtcag     93660
     tattgattta tctactacgg gttttttgtg attctataag aattttaaga tttctttttt     93720
     ctatttctgt gaagaatgtc atgagtattt tgatagggat tgcagtgaat ctgtagattg     93780
     ctttgggtag tatagacatt ttaataatat taattcttct ttgagcatgg gatatttttc     93840
     catttatgtg ctcttcaata tctttcattg gtgttttata atttttcttg tagagatctt     93900
     tcacttcttt ggttgaattt ttactaggta tgtttttgta gctgttgtga ttgctttctt     93960
     gatttccttt cagattgatc acagatagca tatagaaatg ttacacattt tgcgtgttta     94020
     ttttatatcc tgcaacttta ttaaactcat ttatcagttc taaaagtttt ttggtggaat     94080
     ctttagattt ttctaaatat aagatcatgt catctacaaa caagaataat ttgacttctt     94140
     cctttctaat ttggatgccc tttatttctt tctcttgccc tattgtgctg gctaggaatt     94200
     ctagtactat actgaataat tacagtttat agttcaccac tgagcatcct tttcttattc     94260
     cagatcttag tgaaaggttt tctattttaa cctattcagt atgacataag ctgtgagtgt     94320
     gtaatatatg acacttatct tgttgaggta tgttccttct ataaatttgt tgaggatttt     94380
     catcacgaag ggatattgaa ttttactgac tacctttcca gcatctattg aagtaattca     94440
     tatattttcc ttgattctgt tgatgtgtga tgtattaaac ttatttgact tacatatgtt     94500
     gaactatcct tgcatcactg ggatgaatcc tacttgatta tggtgaatgg tctttttaat     94560
     atattgctgt cttctgttta ttggtatttt gttgaggatt tttccctctt tttatcagaa     94620
     atattgtcct gtagttttct tttgttatct ttggctttgg aaataaggtc agggtggcct     94680
     tgtagaatga gtttggaagt atttcctcct cttcaattgt taaaaatagt ttgagtagaa     94740
     ttggtattag ttattcttta aatgtttggt agatttcagc agtaaatcca tcagttccct     94800
     ggcttctctt tgatgggaga ctttttatta ctgttccaat ctattacttg ttattggcct     94860
     attcaggttt ttatttcttc acagttgagt tttggtaggt tatatgtttc caggaatttt     94920
     tccatttttt cctagatttt ccaatttatt ggcatatagt tattcataat ggtcgctaat     94980
     gatcctttgt gtatctgtag tatcagttgt aatgtcatct ttttcatctc tgattttatt     95040
     tagttgggtc ttctgttttt tcttagtcta actgaaggtt ttaaaatttt gttgcttttc     95100
     aaaaaaacaa actttttatt ttgttggggt tttttgtatt gttattttag tctcaatttc     95160
     atttatttct gctccatctt tactcatttt tttcctacta attttaggtt tggtttgttt     95220
     ttccttttct agttcattga ggtgcaacat taggttgttt atatttggag tctatatttt     95280
     taatgtaggt atttattgct atagaacttt ccattagtgc tactttttct gtatcccgtg     95340
     ggttctggca tattgtattt ccattttcat ttgtttcaag aactttttaa acttcattct     95400
     taatttcttc attgacccat tgatcatcca ggagcatgtt attcaatttc catatatttg     95460
     aatagtttcc aacatttctt gttatttata gttttattct gttgtggtta gaaaagatac     95520
     ttgatatgat tttgactttt taaaacttgt tgagacatgt tttgtggcct atcatatggt     95580
     ctgtcctgga gaatgttcca tgtactgatg agaagaatgt gtattttgta gcagttggat     95640
     caaatgttct gtgaatatct gttaggtccc tttggtctag agtatagttt aattctgagg     95700
     tttctttgtt gatttttctg cctgaatgat ccacctattg ccaaaagtga ggtgttgaag     95760
     tcccttactg ttattgtatt gtagtctacc tctcctgttt agatctacta atatttgctc     95820
     tctctctctc tctctctcta tatatatata tatataccct gctatttggt tatatatatt     95880
     cataattgtt atatcctctt tcagaattga ctccttgctg aattattata taacaatttc     95940
     ctttgtttct ttatatagtt tttcacttaa agtctatttt atctgatcga agtatagcta     96000
     gtcttgatca tttttggttt ccatttgtat ggaatgcttt tggtttccat ttgcatggaa     96060
     tgcttttccc atcccttcac tgttagtcta tgtgtgtctc tataggtgaa gttagtttat     96120
     tgtaggcaac atatacttgg gtcttactta ttaatccatt cagccactcc atgtctttta     96180
     tttggagaat ttagtccata tacattccat gttattattg ataggtaagg ccttcctact     96240
     gccattttat tacttatttt ctagttgtta tatagtgtac ctccttactt cctttcttat     96300
     ttttgtggtt aagtgatttt ctttgatagc atgttttaat ttgctgcttt tattttttgt     96360
     ttatcaatta tagatttttg ctttaggtta ccatgaagct tacaaaaaca tcctgtaatt     96420
     ataacaagtt atttaaaagt gataccaatt taacttttca ttgtagcaga agaaaagaaa     96480
     caaaaagaaa aaaacacatg cattttaatt cccttctgtt cctacatttt aaatttttga     96540
     tgtcacaaga tcaaaatttg cctacctcaa aaattttata gttgttattt ttaatagttt     96600
     tgtcttttaa tcttcttaat aaaattttaa atggtttaga tgccatgatt acaatataac     96660
     aatcacatta gcattatttt tcctatgctt ttaagaactt ctttagcatt tatcataggc     96720
     taggtctggt agtgatacgt tttctctgga aaactcatct ctccttcatt tctgaggaat     96780
     aactgcttgg tgcagtatcc ttggggaaca tttttttttt ccttcagcac tttgaataat     96840
     atcatctcac tccctcctga cctgtaaaat ttctgctgag aagtctgctg ccaggtgtat     96900
     ttgatgtccg ttgtatgtta tttgcttttt tcttgctctc tcactgtttt taggaccctc     96960
     tttgcctttg acctttgtga gtttaattat aatatgtctt ggggtcttct cacttgggtt     97020
     gaatctgatc ggtgactttt gacctttgtg tacctgaata tttatatttt tctccaggtt     97080
     tggaaagttc tgtgttattt ctttgaataa gcttgcaact tcttgtcttt ctcagttctc     97140
     tctttaattc cactaaccca aatatttgct cttttgatgt tggtccatag gtcccataag     97200
     ctttgttcat tccttcttat tctttttttt ctcttctgac tgtctatttt caaatagtct     97260
     tgtctttgag ctcactgatc ctttcttctt tttgatcaat tcctctgata cgctctattg     97320
     catttttcat ttcatttatt gaatttttta cctccaggat ttctgtttaa ttttattttt     97380
     taaatctttt ctgtgaactt tctctgagag atttctgtga gctttcttga agttcactga     97440
     gcttccttaa aactgctatt ttgaattatt tgtctgagag atcacatatt ttcatcactt     97500
     tagggccagt cttggtgcct tactttgtcc ctttgacatc atatttccct gaatgttctt     97560
     gacgcttgaa gtatgatgat atctacacat tgagagatta aatattttag tcttcctagt     97620
     ctggctttgt ttgtgcctgt acttcttcag agggtcttcc agagattcta agccaactga     97680
     ctattgtgtt ccctgtgatc accacagtaa tctcagcatt agaggatact ctattccctg     97740
     gcttgctgtg agtctcacaa tggctttctg gcccaaacgg acctggggaa gacccaatga     97800
     cggtacttgt gttatgtggg aacactggcc accagggacc tgagtcctga agactgtcct     97860
     agtttcccag acaagtctac ttcccagcag gtctctgcac aggtaggttg tgtccccaac     97920
     tatagcaaga ggggcagaag ttgagactgg accccttcag aatctgctgt gggaaggagg     97980
     ctgatgggcc tttctcattg gctgagacag gcatgtgtta ctcagcaagt ctctgcacaa     98040
     gtggagtagt ttcttgccca taacaggagg agctaaagcc aagactgggc ctcctcaggg     98100
     tctgctataa gatggagggt ggccgggtgc ctgtagtcct agctactcgg gaggctgagg     98160
     caggagaatg gcatgaaccc aggaggcaga gttttcagtg agccgtgatt gcaacactgc     98220
     actccagcct gggggacaga gcgagactcc gtctcagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     98280
     aaaatggagg ctggcatacc tgccacattg gctcaaatgg gcatgcatct tctagtaagt     98340
     ccctgcatag acaggatagt tccccaacta tcagcaggag gagctggagc agaatctggg     98400
     ccctcataag atctgctgtg agacagatac tgaaggggtc agtctcagct cagaggggtg     98460
     tgtgtcaccc agcaagttcc tgtagagata gaatagttat ctgattacag agagagggtc     98520
     tggagctgtg actgggccct cttgggatct gctgtggaat agaagctgga gagcccagtc     98580
     ttgtatcaga aggcatgtct ttcccaggag gacactgcat caataggata gttccacgac     98640
     tgcagcagga ggtgctgtac atgcctctct gcgggtctta gcacaaatgg gataggtctt     98700
     tgactgtctt cagtctcttt tgtctaatat tggtagatcc actccagctc ttatggttac     98760
     tgtttgcctt atccacactt acacgtttaa atgattgttt atttctattt gaagtgtatt     98820
     tctcaagcat atagtagagc ctcacttttt tatccaatct gacgattttt gccttttaat     98880
     aagggtattt tagactattt caatttcata tgattattga tatggtttgg ttcaaaatat     98940
     tattttctgt tttctatttg tcccatctga tctttgttct ctctctctct tttttgcttt     99000
     cttttggatt tatgaaacat ttaaatggtt ccaatttcca tcttctgtgg gtttattagc     99060
     tattactttt attgtttaat tattgcttta gtgtttgtaa tatatatgtt taagttacca     99120
     cagtctaatt taaagtgata ttataccact tatataagga ataaaaacct tacaatagta     99180
     tacttccatt tctcccgtct gacttttgtg ttattgctat caaacatttt aattttacat     99240
     atgtcatcat tcacacgtta cattatgatt tttgttttaa taataatctt ttaaagagat     99300
     ttaaagtaat aaaaattaca tatttaccca tgtggttatc atttccaaag ctcttcattc     99360
     ctttgtctat attccttgtg tttttgctta tggtgaattc ttttaggatt tttaagtcaa     99420
     aaaatatctt tatttccctt ttgttttgga atgatacttt tgctgggtgt atatttctaa     99480
     cttgacagtt tttagtactt taaaaacatt gctccactgt cttctcacct gtatttccaa     99540
     tgagaaatct gccgtcatcc ttatctttgt tcctttatat gtaacgtgct tttttctctc     99600
     tggctctttt caagattttt ctttatatca ctggttttgg gcggtttggt tatgatgtgc     99660
     cttgatatag tttcttcctt tgtgcttggg gctcacttag cttcttggat acatgggttt     99720
     atgactttca ttaaatgtgg ggaagtttta gccattattt ttctcaaata ttttatttgt     99780
     accacactct gtcttctcct ttagggactc caattacaca tagcaggcac ttgaagttgt     99840
     cctacagctc ttttttttct gtgttttatt tgttgttttt tttccctata tattttattc     99900
     tgaatagttt tattgctaga tcttcaaatt tgctgatttt tcattctgca atatctaatc     99960
     tgccattcat ctcatctact atattttttt tatctcacac attgtagttt ttatctctag    100020
     aggttcagtt ttgtgtcttt ttaaatatat attccatgtt tctacttaac tttttgaaca    100080
     tctgaaatac agttgaaata actgttttaa taaatagctg cttctgtcaa ttctaacatc    100140
     tatgctagtt ctaggttggt ttcagttatc tcttcattat gggtttcatt ttcccgagtc    100200
     tttactttgt aaatattctt aagctttgtt ttagaatgca gttgcattac ttggaaacag    100260
     tttgatcatt tttttgtttt gcttttaata tgtgttaggt gggatcaggt cagtgttcag    100320
     tctgtggcta agtatgggaa agacttctgg gtattcaacc caatgccctg tgaattgtga    100380
     agttttccag gctggctgtt aggaagtggc actattcctg gctttgtgtg agtgctgtgc    100440
     accattatct ccaatctttt taggtagtta atttctgagc cttgaatagt tttctcacat    100500
     gaatgttgtg ttagtccctt ttgcattgct gtaaaagaca cctgaggctg ggtgatttat    100560
     aaagaggctt attctgctca cagttctgca agctatacaa gaagcatggc acccagcatc    100620
     tgcttctggt gaggactcag gaagcttacg atgatggtgg aaggtgaaag gagagtaggc    100680
     gtgtcacatg gcaagagaga gcaggagaga gaagggggaa ggtgccagca tcttttaaac    100740
     aactagcttt tgcatgaagt taaagagcaa gaactcactc attaccatgg gaagggcact    100800
     aagctgttca tgagggatcc acccccaaga cccaaacacc tcccaccagg ccccatctcc    100860
     aacactgaag atcacacttc aacacgacgc ctgtgattct cagtgttgga acctgctggg    100920
     aggtgtttgg gtcatggggg tggacgacac atctccaaca ttgaggatca catttcaaca    100980
     tgagatttgg aggacacaaa catccaaact acatcaggtg tgctgatcag tactcagctg    101040
     aacacttgag ggaccttctg caaatctcta gagctctctc ctctgcagta ctctgtcttg    101100
     taaattgttg ccaccttggt ctccctgtac ttcagcagca gaggtattca tgggcaagtt    101160
     gcttaagttt tctgaacagt tattttctca tcaatacaga aaggataata gtatttagct    101220
     tatgattcta ctgtgggaac tgaacgaaac tgatgtttgt acagcacctg gcacttggca    101280
     gatactcagc aaatatttgg gtcttccctg tctctgcacc tggtcgttac ttcttcctga    101340
     tttttgtctt gggtttgcaa cctgattcct ggctgagctt taggttggtt tctgtataac    101400
     gatcaaccaa agcaggtaat cactcatgag ccattcaggt tttaacttga tgagtttcag    101460
     aattctgcta ttcaaatggc atttaggtag aaacgtatcc tcctgtaatt tgacatttat    101520
     tttctccaaa atctcattca gttcaacctg caagaattat ttgaattcac ttatttgtag    101580
     tgtgaatgtc agtaggcttt agaaggtcag tggtgcgtgg tggaaagaat ttaagaggac    101640
     caatgctatt tgcaacccca gcgtgatttt tctggggttt cctagtaggt catgaacgtc    101700
     aaccttttac ttccccttct cattttgcct cagatttccc aaggagctac atgaagaaca    101760
     gatgagtgtt tgtcagaact taaccatttc tcttttatct tctcccctgt ggtagtgtct    101820
     ggaggtcgca gccgcctgca tctcattgat ctcggcagct gtgtgaaagc tcttagcaaa    101880
     aatcgagaag gaggctcagg gctgtgtctc tcgctgtctg ctctgggcaa tgtcatcctg    101940
     gctctcgtca atggcagcaa acacattcca tacaagtaag tgactcttct actcaaagaa    102000
     tgtggtgggg taagcatggt gtgggacgct ttgttcagtg ccatctgtgg agaggtgtgc    102060
     cacagaggga cagcctggac cccattataa gttcagtgcc agagaccagc cttagctaac    102120
     agttgtgtaa tgcatgatct cccaaattca aaacttttgg aaatacttaa atctattcca    102180
     gttctaactt taggctgctc aaattagagg aaataggaaa ttatctcagt tgaggtctcc    102240
     actcgcaaat gaaggtggtg ggtcattgtc accataataa agatgtgcct gtttcatagt    102300
     gatgagagtg aggggtggaa gactggctta tccttagggg tagggccacc agacttaacc    102360
     aaaaaaatat aggatatcca ggcaaattca aatttcagat aaccaacaaa taaggttgta    102420
     ttataagtat gcaccccaac attgcatggg acgctcctgg tgacatgtat tttatctggc    102480
     aacccaatct cgggagttca gaaagctagg ggagttagca cctgccttcc catgcaaatg    102540
     tttagtcact tccaggatcc ttcctgtctc tttactactg ctccaattaa attacagccg    102600
     ctcctatgtc tggcagagac aaagccactc caccaccatc accccaacta agcgttctca    102660
     ttggaccgtg tggtggcagg ccattgactg gctgtccagg cttctgccaa ggcctagctg    102720
     agcctcttac tagctgcatg aaccttcatt cttcctaaaa tgagggttaa agctatacat    102780
     gttacatcac agaaatataa ggctcaaaat gataaaacat gtataaaagt ttattgtagg    102840
     ctgggtgcgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatcct ggcactttgg gaggccgagg cgggtggatc    102900
     acaaggtcag gagattgaga ccatcctggc taacacggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa    102960
     atacaaaaaa ttagctgggc gtggtggtgg gcacctgtag tcccagctac tcaggaggct    103020
     gaggcaggag aatggcatga aaccaggagg cggagcttgc agtgagccaa gatcacgcca    103080
     ctgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagcgaga ctccttctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga    103140
     aaaaaaagaa aatttattgt agaatttagg acactatggc caataaccaa tgatgaaagt    103200
     ctggttacac ctatctagtc aagcctatcc tcacctattt aaagggaaaa aacaccgacc    103260
     ttacagagtt gccatgaggt gaagattaac taaatatatg tggattcatg gttttatctg    103320
     taaaaaccct acaaaaccta cgttgctgtt gtgtaggagg aaaaagtcgg gcagtgtatt    103380
     ctataattac tgagattcac aatgagtgct ggagtttttc ttcccctcag ccctatgttg    103440
     atgccagacc cccccaccaa atacattgtg agtttatttc ctaccaggag aaccattact    103500
     ggactgactt taggagctta aatggtgatt ataatcctgt ccatctcatt tctagaaatt    103560
     tggaatccta gttggataaa cccagaaatg gttttcccgg ctcttgtaac aacccttttc    103620
     tatgggagaa tattctgagt tgaagaatta tagagtttca ttcgatgtca tttctgtagt    103680
     tgagtaaatt cagcttgtgg ggagaaaggg caggggaggg aaaccgttgg agttggagat    103740
     gaagggaaga gtactagcac tcactggttt ccataaaatg agaatcatgt ctgttaatgt    103800
     cagaacttca tagatcatga tatagataaa attccaaatt gcaccttagc aggaggtcat    103860
     tgattacata tcttacttat agcttttaca ctgtttctgc agggcgacat gcttttatga    103920
     tttctataaa tagttgttga attgatggcg ggaagataga tgcatgtaaa catgaaatta    103980
     tttttaattt aaagtaactt ccttttagtt agagttgggt tttttataaa tgagtaggga    104040
     aacattaaaa attgttttta tggcccagcg tggtggctca cacctatatt cctggcactt    104100
     tgggaggctg aggcgggagg attgcttgag accagcctgg gcagcatggc aaaaacctgt    104160
     ctctacaaaa aatacaaaaa ttaaccgggc atggtgttgc atggttgtag tcccagctac    104220
     ttgggaggct gaggtggaag ggtggcttga gtccaggagg cagaggctgc agtgagttga    104280
     gattgcgcta ctgcaccagc ctgggcaaca gagtgagacc ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa    104340
     taaatgaaag tttgtattaa tcgttcaagc ttcgtgttaa ttaagcatat ttttaacatg    104400
     ctggccctac caactggcta cctgccctcc tgggagacat ctccactcac cagtccctgc    104460
     agacagctgc ctgccttcat tccaggagtc cccttccttc tattctggca ccaagagagt    104520
     gatcattaaa gtgtttctgt gtctcaagta agcagactag cttccatgca gtgtcagcac    104580
     aagacccaat cctggagctg tcccgtggcc tggttgagct gttgatggcg tgggtacaga    104640
     ctcaccagct gcccttgccc tgccctgcct aacacaactc atcgagacct tgctgggttg    104700
     cctggtgctg gaaacacggt ggccctggcc atccagccag cgctgtcctt cccaaaacat    104760
     ccattggcca gtgcgtttgt tctgtcaccc ctcagtgtcc taatgccctt cattgtacgt    104820
     gatcttaaaa agacccttgc cgaaatgttt tctccgagtc tggaccacgg cctagattca    104880
     atatttggca tctgcaaatg tacatttaca aagtgattca tcaactagaa actgtcctct    104940
     tttgaggtac aggaagataa ggcaaaggtt tactcaaatc acccagccag tgggtggcag    105000
     gatcaaactg cctcgctcct cacagcttca gaggcctcga cagttcccag cctcactgca    105060
     gacccacgcc cacttctcat caagctcccg aaatgtcgga gctgccttca ctgcgcacgg    105120
     caggggagcc cagcacagca ggaaagcccc gatttctttg atcaattccg tcagtgctct    105180
     gaagccacat tatgcagcat tttgttagca tactaaacac cttcagggtg tcaagccttg    105240
     tctttgcagt gcgttcctta gagaagtgga agtttcctgc ccttgaggtt tcctcttact    105300
     cctcctgctc acttacggag ggtggcgggg ggaacaaaaa tagaaaacca aattccatat    105360
     tctctttcct tcccccaccc cccccaaaaa acacagacac cccactacct cttcatttgt    105420
     ctccccagac aactctgtac ttggaacctg cattacttgt gcttgctcct gggaaattcg    105480
     ctgcaatgtg cacagagggg ctgtagcctg tcttcattcc tcttcatcat cttaccaggc    105540
     tatttgtcat gtgagcaagc tggaaagtga gtttggattc attacccatc ccaggcattc    105600
     ccacaggcac cctccatgtg cgctgaatgc ttctgacttt gcaaatgata ttgcccttga    105660
     agatgcagga ggcgtggagc aggtttccaa cctcagccat tacacagcac aggcacatta    105720
     catggcacag gcttgccggc cagtccaggc gccataaatc agttctcaac ggtggcacca    105780
     ttcagaaaag catgcaggga aggcagggag accaccaagg gctccaaccc ctcgtcagtt    105840
     ctgcactgac aggctgcaca aattactctc taatttttga gagcctccac ctccagggaa    105900
     ccctgccctc attcgatcat tttgacagtg catttgcaaa ttttctttat tcggtacatt    105960
     catttgctgt tccttactgc tcttgggcac caaggtgcta ggaatcttcc catttaatgg    106020
     ataagaaaaa ataggcagaa gcgttgaaat gacttctcag gccaaaaccc agtgttgcac    106080
     atcccacagg agttggcccc cagaagaacc gccacaagga tctgtcaggg tgaactgagc    106140
     ttcggctaac gggtgttatg tcccagctca tctgaaggac cacagctttt cgagactcag    106200
     attctcacca tgacccaatt atctcaaaat agaatttctg gttctcttag atgttgcttt    106260
     gtagagggca caggccctta gaaagcacac acctgtcatg caggcgtcct tcaagccctg    106320
     aagcatttac cttcattgat gactgctgct ccatatggag aaagaattcc tttaatgggt    106380
     catatgacct gtttgcttat ttgccaacac agtgtttcta aacactctgt ttctaaacaa    106440
     cagctagttg ctaatgtctt ggctgccctt taacaagagt tcatggaaag tccttctgtg    106500
     gccctctcat gtcatgcctg tctgagatgc ttctcccagt catcttgaaa aatggtgcta    106560
     cataaccatc ctgtcgtgga aatgatgccc ggcacctccc tctcacgggt ttggtctatg    106620
     gttcagaccc agacctaatc cttgtttgtt gagatcagtc actgagacac tttgggtctc    106680
     agcagctgtg ctgagctcgc ctcctcctct ctctggtaga gcctgaggca atctgtgatc    106740
     caagctgcag gccacgagca aacaccgcag gcaacatcca cttccagaag gctgtgttcc    106800
     acaaaagcga tgaggacacc catcctcagg ggctataatg ggaactcttt tcctcctaag    106860
     gccctagtga ggagtcagga accaaggtca tctttaagct tgtagcatcg ggacacacca    106920
     gttcattcaa agcagcaggc agcactagaa gctcaagttc aaatcagtga cttgaaagga    106980
     aatgacactt cataagtaga ggcagctttt tcaaaatgca agcaccttct catccaagag    107040
     agggtggggt tctggcacct gtgggtcaca cttgtggcag caggcccagc attggcagga    107100
     acttcaggac gagcctctga aggatgtgga cattcccctc cttgcctgga gaagtgcttc    107160
     ctcctagagc ccatggagat ttgggattag cctctccttt ctcagaactg gaaacccagt    107220
     actcaaggtc tgggaagctg gggaaagggg ctcaagattg ctgttagcta gagcggggtt    107280
     ccaaaccccc aggccacaga ttggtacagg tccctggctt gttgggaacc agcctgcaca    107340
     gcaggaggtg agcagtgggg gagcatgacc acctgagggc tgttggctgt ctgatcagtg    107400
     gtggcactgg attctcatag gaacctcatg ctattgtgaa ctgtgtgtgc gagggatcta    107460
     gcctgtgcgc tccttatgag aatctaatgc ctgatgatct gaggtggagc agtctcatcc    107520
     ccaaaccatt ccctactccc attgggtcca tggagaaatt gtcttccacg aaacctgtcc    107580
     ctggtgccaa aaaggtaaaa gggtttggga ctgcggagcc atggcattga attcccatct    107640
     cacacaggag aggaaaggct cttcctcagg acttggatgt atattactta gacgtaccat    107700
     gaaattaagt agatatttgc caggaaaaat gcaaaggagt atcagttctc cagatttgtt    107760
     taagatagca tgaaacggag aggttcatgt aagaatctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    107820
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaca tatgcatatt taacctcctt taaatgtaca    107880
     ttaatgctgt attttctccc cctgatttac agggagaata tcaatttaga actatttgca    107940
     caaactctag ataccagttt agagcgttcc ctatttagaa ataaaataac caaagtctca    108000
     ggttgccagg caactgcagc aatgataatt cttagtattg ctgctttaga aatactcatt    108060
     tttatacatt ttagtgatgg ttaggatgca gagaatgtga gttcagaatg tcgctgggac    108120
     atcgaagtcc cttttctatg agatttttag cattctcact tgcttttatt tttccccctt    108180
     agctctgttt gcttccttgg ctagcggtat cttcatattt agctatagaa atctcgagag    108240
     attgttatta ttttcttaag agttgaggca gaagctgcca ctacattaat tctgccaggc    108300
     tcattataga accacgccag tcactcaggg agaaatgaca ccgtctgggg atcggccggg    108360
     gtcacaaaca ctgggttcaa gctttggttg ttctgccgct agtttgacac atgaactcta    108420
     cacctcgtcc ttttcattct taagaggacc acattctggc ccctctcaga gcttcactga    108480
     attgggaaca gaatatcagg ccccagctct gtcatcatct cttggcggca aagccacggc    108540
     tcatgttttt gtctgtccac tgcagcagcc gttgtggcgt aatggcacat gatggtctcg    108600
     gggctgggta gaaattggaa ggcgtcttcc tttccctttt ggcctttcaa gtgtatcttc    108660
     ctttatgtct aatgtctggg gttactatta aagtctttct gaattctgaa ccaatgatca    108720
     gatagataca agagaatgat tgggaatgaa aagcctgcta atcctagcag agtaggaaag    108780
     ggtagacagc cccttcccca accccacggc ctcagtggag gagagaatgg tgtggcctgc    108840
     aggggaggga caggcagaca gcgccagctg tcacccaggc tcacgttcac cagcctcagc    108900
     agtcagacct tcttccttcc tcccttggag gaagtgaata gaagggcaga accgagagcg    108960
     ggaactctat cttgatcttg ctaaaggggt agaagttcct aattcgtgga cttgctggac    109020
     cacagggagg aggagaaaat gatttctagt acttatttcc tggcatttca gctacatgga    109080
     aggtagttag cacggtgcat aaatgagccc ccggtgagag tatttcccat cgtgagcacc    109140
     acagccgggc gttgttctca ctgtgcctca caagctctgc taaatgcctt atggatattt    109200
     cattctgaca acctgtgaca taggtactgt aatcatacta gtatcacaga tggggaaact    109260
     gagacacaga aaggttgagt atcttgtcca agttcacaca gctaataggc aacagggcct    109320
     cactgcctcc cagtttatca ccccccaccg agtacagttt ctggaatatt gtgctcggtc    109380
     aacatttgtt gcaataacaa gtggggtaca acagaggatc aaacatacca gcaaagcttg    109440
     catatgtgta gttgattata agtaaaagca cagtctgggc acagtggttc acacctataa    109500
     tctcagcact ttggaaggcc taggcaggag gatcacttga gcccaggagt ttgagaccag    109560
     tctgaacaac ataaggagac ctcgtctcca caaaaaaaaa ttaaaacact agctgggcat    109620
     ggtggctcat acctgtagtc caagctactt gggaggctga ggtggaagga tcgcttgaac    109680
     ccaggaggtt gaggctgcag taagctatga tcgtatcact gcactccagc ctggacaaca    109740
     gagcaagacc ctgcctctaa gtgagtgaat gaatgaaggc acagacccga ggggcagggc    109800
     tgatggtagc caattcatac attcaggtcg gtctcctggt ctcacctgtt tctgtgattg    109860
     ctaagccagg ctgatggcta gatacccatg gcaatgaaga atgtaaaata cgaaaggtaa    109920
     aaaagggaaa taaatcttcc tttcaggacc caagctactt atcagggcta aacaaaaaat    109980
     accaagtaag aatgtaatga tgaggggtgg ggagggggca aaaaataaaa ttaaaaagaa    110040
     tgtaacaagc aacgagacgc tcctgacttt gaacctgtgt gcagggctcc gggtagatta    110100
     gaaggcatcc taacctcagt aaatggctgt cagtggggcc tgacagtctg ggtcccgtgt    110160
     tctgggcacc accaatggag ggtatcctct cagaaagctt caccctattt catgagcctt    110220
     taataaaata tagctataat ctttctcgtg aaagagcctg acagttcatg gagccacttc    110280
     ccacgccgca ctgatgggag aaactgcagg actccaccag gctttctctg gctccaggac    110340
     ccccacgaag gcctcctgat ttatctgggg cagctcctgc ataagaaggg tgaccgtttc    110400
     ccacagtgga gaaccagaca ctgggcacag cccacttgat aagacagctt ccatctcccg    110460
     cccctcctgg gtatgcaaag gcattcctga gtgaataggt tcaggtcaga gcaggagagg    110520
     ttatcaccca ggctgtgcct tgaagctttg ctgagtacaa gaaaggtaag gaagagataa    110580
     gcaagaggtg agaatgacgg cagggctggc aagtgagatc acgagctttt cctcaaacat    110640
     ctggctaaga atagaagctt tgggaaattc cacaactggc agattaaggt gatcagcctc    110700
     tcagctggaa tttgtgaagt ttcttcagac tgagctccca gagaagtatg tgtggtggaa    110760
     tcgctgtgct ttctaaagag atggattgca acctgcgccg ttgagctagt gctgagctga    110820
     ggcccggtga gatggattct agcacccctg ccacggctaa cctcacacac tcagacgctc    110880
     tccctgagct tttcatttct ccatcagcaa aatctcaatc attcttactc ctcgtccacc    110940
     tcagaaacat attgtaggtt ccatggagac gatgtctgtg gtagacaaag agacgtgctt    111000
     caaaggcaga aaggtcactg ttttatcatc tttcagaatc gtgtaaccca cgtggttctg    111060
     ccaccatcct gtcttctgtg cattccttga ctttgaaagt acgcatcttt tcttttgacc    111120
     aagtagataa ttaccgtcta tcgaaatgaa ccctcatgca tttattcaat gagagtttgt    111180
     gtgcctaaca cacagcatgg ctgcctgata cagatacttg gtttaagaga attctacagg    111240
     ctctgcacga aagtgaagtc atgatgtaag gaggcaaagg actctgccct caaacagtcc    111300
     aatgggcctg agaatgagcc tggggtgggg gttcgatgct gctgcacccc cagttgtatc    111360
     tgtgtatccc agtgactggg gcgtgatttg aatatttaaa gatactcctt tttcatacgg    111420
     cctttaaatg caagccgagt acttctgctg cacagccgga gaggtggtat gtttttaatg    111480
     ctggagtaaa acttgtctgt gttggactta gtgagagaat ggttttcgtt cagagattgt    111540
     caaggccaac tttgatataa atttcacttt acattttaca ccacacgtga ttcataacat    111600
     ttaactctgt catccataga actcggtgct gttctgatca gcaaggtaga ttctggccca    111660
     aaagaactgg tggaggaatt taaggaactg gttctaagcc taattgaggt caccaaacat    111720
     acagagaaaa taatctgaga aatgtatagc agaaatctaa gttttccatt tattcattta    111780
     ctcaaaaata ccctacaata aataccagga atataacaga tgatctgcat tcttgggcaa    111840
     cttacagtgt agcaggaata cagacactga gcaccgagta actgataata tacgcacatc    111900
     agcgctgaat cggcactaag ggaagaaggg gtcgggtggg gctgaggaat ggcacagagc    111960
     ggtgattctc aagctctctc ctcctcgagt cccactcatt ctctactcac gctcatctgt    112020
     gtcttccaaa gtttgccaca gtccgtcctc taaatgcctg agtcattcac acctgttctg    112080
     tcattccctg ctttgatata gagatgatcc aacacaaatc atgacaaacc actaagccaa    112140
     atgcaagact ctgaatccac agctgagtgt gatctttaat gacgactaac catcatatca    112200
     caagttgtgt cataaccaga aacaaaacag ccagagaagg agggctttag gttggtctgg    112260
     ggacagtacg gagagcccaa gacgcccttg ggcacccaca gggggctgtg attattcaag    112320
     gatggcttga tttaggcaca attaggcatt ggacaggatg gagcatacaa atgtgttggg    112380
     gattaattca ttaaaaatct gtcttgagct ttaatagagc ttcagtcaga gtgtccaacc    112440
     ataaattctc acctgtttca caactggttc aggcccaatt gagcattaac agattttttt    112500
     ttttgttcat gcaaatgagg ttttgtgtgt aattcattca ttcatttcat ttatttcatg    112560
     tctaattgaa caatttttga atagttacat ttgtggagta gttaagttgt atcaaattgt    112620
     ctaatgtacc tagtaatttt gtaactaaaa cagagctgaa tttcattttg atataacaaa    112680
     aggagaacca cagaagtaga ggtggtttga ggaatagtcg gcttttaaga gactttatga    112740
     tactctgttc tttagggcaa tgaccacagt tgctgtttct ttttatcctc acttttcttt    112800
     cttttcactc cctaccgatg agatcaatga aaatttgggg ggcatttcta gatttggcag    112860
     cctcccattt ataagcatac atttttttag ttttgtgccc tgacatgccc atttttctga    112920
     gggtcaaatg tgtctgtctt taaaacaccg cgttggtgtc tttcaaacca cttatcaagg    112980
     gttgtttctc ccacgagacc ttgtcacccc tgagcctgaa atcgcgcgct gagaactaat    113040
     tgcagtagct gcatacacac agtgaacaaa gttcactgct cccttcatta agggcacctg    113100
     ccatatccac tgtttccttc cgagaactct tttggtgaag acgggatttt tgttttcttt    113160
     acattccaca tagctgccag aaggcccctt taaaatgcaa atctgatgtc tctcagtctt    113220
     taaaaccttc agtggcttcc tgttggctac aggatagttg aaaccctttt gtggcctatg    113280
     gagctcttcc gaatttgggc cacacctacc tttctgacca tagaaactac atagagatga    113340
     ctgaacaccc caccccaccc ccacagtcac atgctttgcc gatgccgatt cttctgcttc    113400
     cagcggctgt tcattcactc actcattcat tcattcaatc aatagttacc aagaacatac    113460
     cctactccag tactgtactg gagctcctcc tccatttgtg agattcttct tatgtctttg    113520
     acatgttttg attgtaagat gtgttgcata tgcagatgta gaaacacacc tactcagtct    113580
     atagaatgac aaaaaatctg tgtgcccacc acccaggtta ggaaatagaa cattccacta    113640
     gctcaggtgc ccttgtgtga tcgtctgcct tccgtcaccc tcctgcctgt tccagcggtg    113700
     accacagtgc tgaattttct ggttttgatc cccttgcttg tcttataggt tttaccacct    113760
     aagtatgtgt ccccccaaaa catactgttt agttttgtct gctgttgaac gttacgtaaa    113820
     tgaaatcata ctctattcta tgcccttccg taccttcttt tgatcagtat ttcatttttg    113880
     agatccatct tgatgcgcac agctacaggt tcttaatctt cattgctgta cgatttttcc    113940
     attgtagatg gatattgcaa aatattcttc tgtgggtgga tttctaacaa gtttttaaaa    114000
     actgattgtt gaagttaatc gaacctattt ctgctctaat gagatgctca cttggttcct    114060
     ccattaatca tttaatatgg tcaattacat tgtgagtttt cttttctttt tgagacaggg    114120
     tgtcactccg tcacccagac tggaacgcag tgacaccaac aaggctcgct gcactcccag    114180
     gctcaagtga tcctcccacc tcagcctccc atgtagctgg gactacaggt gtgcaccacc    114240
     atgcctggct aatagtttat attttttgta gagacggggt tttaccatgt tgcccaggct    114300
     ggctttgaaa tcctgagctc aagcaatcct cctgccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt    114360
     acaggtggga gccactgtac ccagccaatc agttttccat taataatact aaaaattctt    114420
     ggattccttc ctacttattc tttgaggctt atctcaaata tcatctcccc tctcaagcct    114480
     tctctgatct cctttccccc ctcctaattc tttgctccag gaaagttgtt tccatcttcc    114540
     aactcaatgg cattaaaatg gtattttaat gtaggcactt atattttaaa tatttgttta    114600
     catatacctc tcctatcata tgagctcatc tagataatga tagagggcac atgcagtggc    114660
     tcacacttgt aatcccagca cttcaggaag ccaaggcagg aggatcactt gggcccaagt    114720
     tcaagaccag cctgggcaac atagtgagac tccatctgta caaaaaaaaa atttaaaagt    114780
     atagtagcca tgcatagtgg cgtgtgcctg tagtcccagc tactcggcag gctgaggtgg    114840
     gaggattgcg tgagcctggg aggttgaggc tgcagtcagc tatgatcatg ccactacacc    114900
     ccagcctggg caacagagca agaccctgtc tcaaaaaaat aataatgatg gaatcttgtt    114960
     cttcagcttc cttacgattt tgcactaatc tgaatgaaac cagcctgatc taaaccttgc    115020
     atctttagtg acagatatga gtctgacacc caccttcaac tttgtggtag cctgcccagc    115080
     ttcccagagg acacctttgt gcccgcaggc ttcctgtggc catcggatcc ccaatctaaa    115140
     ctaggataaa gtatatgttt tgtggtattg tcacctgttt aggatgagaa gaggcactga    115200
     agctataacc ctattttctg agccagataa aatagcaaac atatatttgc tctaccgggt    115260
     tattttgaca aatttatcaa gcatcttcaa aatatacagt actagtctaa gcattagggc    115320
     taatgcagag agcttttgca ccagtaggac agaggaaaaa atgtgcacaa attagagtac    115380
     aaggcataaa gcagttaaaa gtcacattat caagtacatt caaggaaaga ggtaagcagt    115440
     tccagcaagt aggccgggcg cggtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt tgagagccca    115500
     aggagggcgg atcatttgag gtgaggagtt taagaccaga ctgaccaaca tggcaaaacc    115560
     caatatctac taaaaataca agaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcca ggcgtggtgg aacatgcctg    115620
     taatctcagc tactcaggag cctgaggcag gcgaatcgct tgaaccccgg gaggtggagg    115680
     ttgcagtgag ccgagatcac gccattgcac tccagcctgg gcaacagggc gagactccat    115740
     ctcagaaaaa aaaagttcca gcaagtcagc tgtgaatatt ttttctatgg caataataat    115800
     aaacacaaga tgcaggtata gattcctatt tatgactaca actctccaca tgtctagaat    115860
     ttggtggaag caaataggtc ttagaattta ccccaaagct tgaattactg aaactgcctg    115920
     ttagtaatag tcatttatca catggatttg gcgctggtgt cgtgaggatc taagtacagg    115980
     gaagttctgg gcatgttcat ttgccattta ttaatttctg ttctttgcta ttttttgggg    116040
     gggcgggtag gggagacaaa ggtcttgtca cccaggctag aatgcagtga tgtggtcata    116100
     gctcactgca gccttgatct cccgggctca acagcgatcc tcccacctca gcatcctgag    116160
     tagctgggac tacaggtgtg caccaccatg cctggttaat ttttaaaaat ttttttctag    116220
     agccagggtc tcactgtgtt gcccaggctg gtcttgaatt cctgagctca agtgatcctc    116280
     ccatcttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcatgag ccaccgcacc cagccctact    116340
     ttgccattct ttatttctca tcttaaggtg gctacttagc ttggcagttt ccccttcttg    116400
     ttctgtaagc acctacgttg ctctctaagt actgctttgt ctgtatcctc aagttctggt    116460
     aatgacaggt attttcacta tcattcactc aaaatatttt ccatttctca ttgtaattat    116520
     cattttttga gacggggtct cattctgtca ctgaagctgg agtgtagtgg tgcgatcttg    116580
     gctcactgca gccttgacct gctgggctca agcaatccac ctgcctcaac ctcctgtagc    116640
     tgggactaca ggcgtgtgcc accatccctg gcttttcttt tttctttttt ttttttttgg    116700
     agacagagtc tcactctgtt gtccgggctg gagtgcagtg gcatgatctt ggctcactgc    116760
     aacctctgtc ttctgggttc aagtgattct cctgcctcag ccccccgagt agccgggatt    116820
     atttgcgcct gccaccatgc ccagctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagat ggggttttgc    116880
     atgttgccag gctggtctca aactcctggc ctccagtgat ccactccctg cctcagcctc    116940
     ccaaagtgct ggaattacag gtgtgagcca ctgcgcctgg cccattttaa ttattttgtg    117000
     atccgtgggt tatttagaaa tgtatttact aatcgccaca gttacttgga atttgttcct    117060
     tttgagcctt ttaagccttg caaaggcagg tgcagcacag cctagggctg ctttgatccc    117120
     actgttagcg cagtaacctt ctgaggacgc tgaggaatga tttacataca ctcacatata    117180
     tatgtacacc cattatatac accatatata ttatatacaa tatacacaca tacccaatat    117240
     gtatatacac ccaatgttat atatatatat acacaccccc aatatatata tacacccaat    117300
     gatatatata tacacacaca cccaatatat atatacaccc aatgttatat atagacacac    117360
     acactcaata tatatatata cacccaatgt tatacatata tacacacaca ccaccaatat    117420
     atatacaccc agtgttatat atacacacac cctatatgta tacacccaat gatatatata    117480
     cacatacaca cacacaatat atatacaccc aatgatatat atattacaca caccatatat    117540
     atatatacac cctatgatat acatacacac atacccccat atatatacac ccaatgatat    117600
     acatacacac actcaatata tatatacacc caatgatgta tacatacaca caccccatat    117660
     atatatatac tcaatgacat aaataatatg cacacccaat atatatacac ccaatgatat    117720
     atatattaca cacaccctat gatatacata cacacatacc cccatatata tacacccaat    117780
     gatatacata cacacactca atatatatat atacccaatg atatatacat acacacaccc    117840
     catatatata tacccaatga cataatacac acacccaata tatatatacc caatgatata    117900
     tataatatac acacactata tagatacacc caatgatata tctatacaca cacacaccca    117960
     atatatatac acccaatgat atatatactc acacacaccc tatatatatt tacacaccta    118020
     atgatatata cacacacacc ctatatatat atacacccag tgatatatac acacacacca    118080
     tatatatata cacacacata cacccagtga tatatacata cacatacccg atatatatat    118140
     atatatatat acaccccatg atacatatat acacacaccc aatatatata tatgtacacc    118200
     caatgatata tatacacaca cccccaatat atatacacac ccaatgatat atatatacac    118260
     acaccctata tatatataca cccaatgata tatacacaga cacccaatat atatacacac    118320
     ccagtgatat atacacacac acacatccaa tacatacata tacccaatga tacatatata    118380
     tacaatatat atataaaccc aatgatacat atacacacac acccaatatg catatatacc    118440
     caatgatata tatacacaca cacacacaca tgcatgccct gggtataaac agatctcctc    118500
     actctgtctg cttgaacaca gacttccaat cccttcttgg cttcaaggat tattccaact    118560
     ctcctttctg tggccttgct tgtttttttg tacacatgtg gattagagct caaccagagg    118620
     gctccagaga gctcttgctt gctctcaggt cacctctgtc tttttttttt tttctctctt    118680
     attctctttc ccctcttcta tctctccaat tcttgctttg tatctctctc cattcttccc    118740
     ttctgctatt ttgtcctaca aattttagct gccctgatct ccccaaagtc tggacttttc    118800
     cttgttcaga aggatgtggc tgcctggctc tgcttgggtc ccctgtcgtg tttgggggcc    118860
     tggaacctct ctcctggcag taagctgggg cacttacaag gctcagctca tcttttcccc    118920
     ttctctcaga catgactttc ctctgctgct tgttacccag tatcagaaac ccattttttt    118980
     tttcttatag tttgtttggt tttctagttg cttaaggttg gagggtaaat ccagtttcta    119040
     tttttcaaac atggccagaa gcagaaattt tgtcatttgt gatcattttt ttttgtttat    119100
     ttctttaaac agtttaattg tctctaacat gttaatcaac tttttgttgt ttatttgtga    119160
     tctaggtttg aacatctcat tcttgcatct gtggtttctg ctggctcttt ctcatggtgc    119220
     cgtgtttctt tgtttatttg tgtctggggg ctactcattt tcactggcat tttatttgtg    119280
     agaattctgc aagctctggg ataaagatag tttactccag acagcatttg tgtttacttc    119340
     taccaggtgc cagttgagga tagtctaaac tacattctca gcttgaaata tttttgacca    119400
     cccagatatg gagaactaag cgtgcaaacc tgcatgtaat tcagaccagg gttcgcaatt    119460
     ctcaggacag tttctttccc ctctgctcag tgcttatttc aagacagtca tgtcttgaat    119520
     acctacaagg gacaattatt gggggttgat tttcctgtga aaattcacat gtggagcagg    119580
     cctccagctt tgactgctgc cacataaaac tcagcagggt gttacctggc tgggcagatg    119640
     tctttggggt gaaagaaagc ttgcctgttc tgcttattta tcttgagttc ccaacttcac    119700
     ttgctttttt ttggcctgag gattctttac ctttttgcag gttcaacaat gcatttacta    119760
     agacttaaaa ataatatcca cggccgggca tggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcattt    119820
     taggaggccg aggcaggcag atcacctgag gtcgggagtt caagaccagc ctgaccaaca    119880
     tggagaaacc ctgtctcgag taaaaataca acattagccg ggcatggtgg cgggcgcctg    119940
     taatcccagc aactgaggca ggagaatcgc ttgaacccgg gaggtggagg ttgcagtgag    120000
     ccgagatcac gccattgcac tccagccttg gcaacaagag tgaaactcca tctcaaaaaa    120060
     aaaaaaaatc cacaacattt aactgtactt ggtaagaagg ttttcctagg aacccagcct    120120
     atcatattgc tcctttgctt ttttttttct cctgttacac acctctcctt cttttaaata    120180
     agtaaggaga tcatataact tattatcgaa gccacttttg agagtgaaaa gggacactta    120240
     attattatta tttcatgttt tgaaatattt tctgacacag ccgtctatat tggtgaacct    120300
     ataaaacagt tctattcaaa aattactttc aaacatgaaa tgctttctta ataaaagaaa    120360
     atacatcaaa gtagaaaaag gttaaaactg ctttatattg tttatctgga cattaaaaaa    120420
     taagcagaat aatcacttaa tatacttttg tgtattttaa tcattgtctt cactatcttc    120480
     taataccact tcagtagtat ttttcttaac actatttttt ctattgttaa tgtcagggcg    120540
     tttttctcct tcacataatc caactgcctt acctatatat ttacatatat gtttatgtgc    120600
     attaacacat caaaccatct gtttttgata actgtggctt ctgtttctct tgatagaata    120660
     tcacagtttg tttaaaaata agtgtgaatt tattcataca accaccaatt acaagtttat    120720
     ttcagtgaaa tacatttctc aattcagtga gaatattgtg tgttaaagtt tcaaaggatc    120780
     ttcccacaag tcaatttcca gagcatactt gtagaatttc acattttaat cttctataca    120840
     gtttgagctc ttgtcatcta tatttcaggg tcccctgttt gcaaattttg tttttaatca    120900
     ttgcaattca ttacaggctt cagaggctga gctttttgtg tttcattggt tgaacacttg    120960
     attatggatt acaacttatt ttgaaccaca agccatcaaa atttagatga cttgtttcca    121020
     aaactggagt actttttttg tagagcattt ggattgactc atgaagtatg ttttaaagtt    121080
     aaaagctgcc taatgtcagc aatttcctat catttcatta tttcaagtgt caaatatttc    121140
     tcaaatccaa cttgacaggc agcaaagaga gaaccgcaca ctctactgat gaaatgtttt    121200
     taatccaatt taaacttcat aaaaaatttt tgtagttcag ttactctcag tttatgtaaa    121260
     ttttacacat ttcaaaaact atagcttgtg cttctctggg tagaattaga actgtgtttg    121320
     agctcagtta tgaattacat aggtacatca attacaggta catttcagca taataagttt    121380
     ctcagcttgg aacattatat ctttttttta ttttttattt tttttgagac tgagtctttc    121440
     tccatcaccc aggactgcaa cctccgcttc ccgagttcaa gtgatcctcc tgcctcagcc    121500
     tcccaagtag ctgggactac aggcacgcac caccatgccc agctaatttt tgtatttttg    121560
     gtagagctgg ggtttcacca tgttgcccag gctggtctca aactcctgac ctccagtgat    121620
     ccacccgcgg tcagcctccc aaagtcctgg cattacaggc atgagccact gctcctggct    121680
     ggaacattat gtcctttttt tttttttttt ttttgagacg gagtctctct ctgtcgccca    121740
     ggctggagtg cagtggtgca atctcagctc actgcacctc tgcctcctgg gtttaagcaa    121800
     ttctcctccc tcagcctccc aagtggctgg gattacaggc aggtgccacc acacttggct    121860
     aatttttttt gtttttagta tagatggggt ttcaccatat tggccaggct ggtcttgaac    121920
     tcctgacatt atgtcttaaa gtgctaactc tgttcactgc acataacctc atatgttcct    121980
     agatgagacc actgaaatag aaagtgaaag tctatccaat tcttccatct cattttaata    122040
     agtcttagta ataactactt gtattttgaa taaagaaatg aaaaatccag gacaaaataa    122100
     accagacagg atgcagggtg ataggcatac actgagactt ctaggcaagt gagcaactgg    122160
     tcagccgaat taaagccctt ggaggggttc ctgtacccta ggttcttaat acatgcttgt    122220
     tgaatgaaca atcggaggta gcttatttgt ttgaataagg ctttctgtgt gttactgcaa    122280
     aggaatgagg atgggacagg tttaggcttt gtaacaagac ctcccaaagg ctaacacata    122340
     ggcggctgct tcctcggcaa gcagagatga cgcttgtggc cctttttgaa acaccttttt    122400
     tacatgccag aggtatttaa cttgtccgta ccaaatggta cggacaagtt aaaagggtta    122460
     tccgcccttt taactcaaat atcccgttgg gatcaaacat ttttgctctg gagacctttg    122520
     tacctgtgca gcatcagtat aaggatagcc tgggggtggt aacccagaca cagctaacag    122580
     cggggtctga gtggcttggc cagagtcttg gcctcaaatt gagggcacag cagtggttct    122640
     gactgttcct cttcggggaa cgttgtacat caggaggggc ctgatggtaa tgttggtgta    122700
     aaatgtctct gctgtgatcc acccttgaag actgtgagct gtgcagaacg aagcaggtca    122760
     tggcttgtcc tctaggatgt gatgggaggc tgaaagcatc tctctgctgt gacgtaggag    122820
     ggaccgtgag ccttatgcta ggcactcctt ccagcccaag gcagcatcgt ctactttggt    122880
     tttctttctt tctttttttg aaacactctg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cacgatctcg    122940
     gctcactgca gccttaagct cctgggctca agctatcctc ctgactcagc ctcccaagta    123000
     gctgggacaa caggcgtgtg ccaccatgcc cggctacttt tttaaatatt tttaatagag    123060
     atggggtttc gccatgtgtc ccaggctggt ctcaaactcc tggattcaga caatctgcct    123120
     gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accgtgcctg gcctgctttg    123180
     gttttattct gactgtggct cctaggaaga aaaagaaaag atgatgcttt ggaagctgta    123240
     gggttgggaa gctggagact tcttgtgatg gagaggtaca cccagtagat acttatttaa    123300
     atacttatag aaagacgact ttatgccgga cactgtgtta ggtcctggct atacaggaag    123360
     aagagaagtg gcatctgccc atcctacgca gttctccagg aaggaggtgg caggagtgac    123420
     atttgggcca tccaggcaac tcaccaagtc ccttcgcagc actcctgaaa agctctgaga    123480
     tgttttgaag ctaaaacaga caaacaaaag ggaccaaaga ggtggcatga gtagcatgag    123540
     tcagatgtga ttaattccta attccttagc tgcttctgtt tgtttgtttt gttttgtgtt    123600
     tttgagatgg agtctcactc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc agtgcagtgg cgcaatctca    123660
     gctcactgca acttccacct cccaggttca agcgattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaggta    123720
     actgggatta caggcacacg ccaccacgct tggctaattt ttgtattttt agtagagacg    123780
     gggtttcacc atgttggtca ggctggtctt aaactcctga cctcaagtga tcagcctgcc    123840
     tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gtttacagat gtgagccacc aagcccggcc ccctatttcc    123900
     ttatcttctt atccgcagca ggactttgag aaacggctca gttagggtct tgcagggata    123960
     acagtgatta gagcctgaac acaaactaca tttatcccat gtcagaaatg aatagcttat    124020
     caaacgtacc aacttaaaag atgcaagaat tgtgcaacaa tagctacctt cttttcaaac    124080
     aaaataaaca tcactaaaaa actctaatct taattctttt tcaagaaatg gataattcct    124140
     ccacatcatt ctcctttaaa attttgtaga ttctccctta agttacttaa tgtatgagtt    124200
     gtggcttctg tgtaacgtct tttctcaggc ttgtattggt aatggaaagc attcttcagc    124260
     ttaatttcct tttaattcct tccaattact atgcactgtt ctttgtgcca agtgccagtc    124320
     cagttatcca gttggtgcat tttgtgagaa ctgtaggatc atggagatca tgtttctttt    124380
     cttttctttt cttttctttt tttgagacag cgtcttgctc tgtcaccagg ctggagtgca    124440
     gtggcacaat cttggcttac cgcaacctct gcttcctggg ttcaagtgat tcttctgcct    124500
     cagcctccca agtagctggg attacaggca cgcaccacca tgcctggcta attttttgta    124560
     gttttagtag agatggggtt tcgccatgtt ggccaggctg gtcgcgaact cccgacctca    124620
     ggtgatccgc ctgcctcaga tcacccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga gccactgtgc    124680
     ctggccagga tcatgtttct ttaaaccaca catgataccc agaaggcatc ataatagagt    124740
     tggcttcatc atcttcctta tcctaggtta tgcttgattt caaaagaaat ttgttcctcg    124800
     acaatacaca gaaaatgcac ttaacaatag cccctgaagt tttccccagc caatgactgg    124860
     ttagcagtct aataaggatc atattggaca agtatcttta acacaaaaca gcacagggaa    124920
     tcatgggcca ctctcatcgt taggctctct tcacaggtat agcctatgtt agaaggcttc    124980
     tgaaccacag atgctaaaga aaaattagtt aaactgaaga ctgatgaagt attccctaca    125040
     aatgaaaagg caatcttata tgacaaagga cactatcagg aggttgaaaa acaacctata    125100
     gaatgggaga aaatatttgt aaatcatatg tctatgatta atatccagaa tatataaaga    125160
     actcctgtaa gtcaacaacc atcaccacac ccagttcaca aatgggcaga ggaatcttat    125220
     ggacatttct ccagcggaga tatatgcaca gccaaggagc acgtgaaaag atactcagca    125280
     tcattagttg ctagagaaat gcaaagcaaa ccccaagaag gtaccacttc ctagccagca    125340
     ggatgtagct attaaaacaa caacagaaaa tcagtgttgg caagggtgtg gaggaattgc    125400
     agtccgtgtg cgttgctggt gggaatgtaa aatggcatag tcattgtgga aaggagtgtg    125460
     gcagttcctc caagagtcgc atatagaatt gtcacatggt ccagcaattc cattcctagg    125520
     ttacccaaaa gaatggaaag caggggagct ggaggccatt atgctaagtg aagtaactca    125580
     ggaagggaaa gccacattcc tatgttctca ggtataagtg ggagctaagc tgagggtcca    125640
     caaaggcaga gtggaggaat ggacattgga gactccgaag gggaaaggag atggaggatt    125700
     aaaacgctac attttgggta caacatatac tacttcggtg acaggtgcac cacaatctca    125760
     gacctcacca ctatacagtt catccacgta accaaaaacc acttggaccc ctaaagctat    125820
     taaataaaat aaataaatat aaacattcag taacattatc tttagaagaa cactttttaa    125880
     taaacctggg catgaagaaa aaaggctgaa taatattcca tcgtatgcgt gtgtatatcc    125940
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatgcac acacacacac aatgtatatg    126000
     tctagtgtta ccaacttagt ttcctttcct tcaatattaa acgtctcata tttcccccag    126060
     actttttgag agatagttga gaaataaagc tgtgtaagtt tagagtgtag tatgtgatga    126120
     tttgatatat attgtgaaat tattaacaca agttaggtga cacacctgtc acctgtccta    126180
     gttatcattt ttttttgtat tgtagtgaaa taaatgtctc atttaaaaaa aaaagaattg    126240
     aaagcaggaa atgaaacaga tacttgtata ccaatgctca tagtagcatt aagcataata    126300
     gccaagaggt aggaacaacc caattgttca tccacaaatg aggagagaaa atgtggtatg    126360
     taaatataat ggaatatacg tttcatggaa aagaatgtat ctttcaattt ttaatttttg    126420
     tgggtacata gtaggtgaat atatctatgg gatccatgag atgttgggat acagacatgc    126480
     aatgtgaaat aagcacgtca tggagaatgg ggtatccatc ccctcaagca tttatccttt    126540
     gagttacaaa caattcaatt acactctttt aggtacttaa aaacgtacaa ttaagttgtt    126600
     atagtcaccc tgttgtactt tcaaatacta gatcttattc tttcaaaaat tggttgaacc    126660
     tattaaccat ccccacatcc cccatactct cccaatacct ttcccagcct ctggtaacca    126720
     tccttctact ctctatgccc atgagttcaa ttgctttgat ttttaggtct cacaaacaag    126780
     tgagaacatg tgatgtttgt ctttctgttc ctggcttatt tcacaaaatg atctccattt    126840
     ccatccatga tgttgcaaac aacaggatct cattcttttc catggctgaa tagtactcca    126900
     ttgtgtatat ataccacatt ttctttatcc attcacctgt tgatggacat ttaggttgct    126960
     tccaaatcta atggaatata ttattcactc ataaaaagtg tgaaattctg atacatgctg    127020
     ttaatataac acggatgtac cttgcaagca tgttgagtaa cataagccac accccaaagg    127080
     acaaatattg tatgattcca cttatacaag gtacctggca caggcaaatt catagagaca    127140
     caaagtagaa tggtggttac cgggggccgg gggagtaggg agtggggagt tgttacttaa    127200
     tgggtagagt ttgtttgttt gggaaggttc tggagataaa ggatgtgatg gttgcacaac    127260
     aatgtgaacg ggcgcaatgc cactaaactg tgcgcttagt tgcaaggtta caataggaca    127320
     ttttatgtat atttcaccac aataaaaata ggaaaaggca ggtgatttct aaggacacaa    127380
     gtcccttggg gttgctagtt ctgtcagact tttccccttg tttttctgaa tgacaaggat    127440
     tagtagtgga tgataatgag tggattcatg gatttgagca ggacatgaaa caatttccat    127500
     agacagagat gaaagggcat ttctgacttg aaacctggga tgagcaccga tgcaggagag    127560
     gcacgaaagc tcacagcgtg ttcagggcgt agtgaataga ggggtgcgtg ccccgagcct    127620
     gcagagcggg cagggatgtg taggaaggca ccttcatcct cctcactcag cctcccagct    127680
     ccaggtccaa agccgccaaa tcatctttct tgtcaccatc acatgataag ggggagtcct    127740
     tccagactgc cagtcaatga agtaacacac acagccacgg tcatgccagt ctgagcccat    127800
     cgggcgagcc ctgaggggaa taacagtctt ggtggcattg ggcaagcccc gaggactcca    127860
     tctcggggaa taacagtctt ggtggcatcg gcgcttcacc aggcctcctg gaaccatatt    127920
     cgggatcccc aactgagtgc tggaaagacc actggtcagg agcagggagc aggggtggaa    127980
     ggaggtggct cgtcctgacc ttgacaatga gaatcctgtt ttaagcttca cgctgctgac    128040
     taaacagaaa ggccacggca cagggacaga cgtgcgcatg aaatcacagg aagaaagaca    128100
     tttcacgaac aaatgcatcc tcccaaacca gtctgaatcc ctccggacag ggtgatgtta    128160
     ccacgcaact ggcctggcct aatgagctgg tttctgtcat ccctcctgga aggttaccct    128220
     gtaacacaag gcgtgcccac tgacatgcag cctgatggag caaggttaca cctgtctgcc    128280
     ttttgtgtgc acaagatcag aacacagtca agtgaataca aatgcaacag ctgcttgggg    128340
     ctcaaacttg catagtctat tttatttgga tagagagcat aaaattggct ctaccaaagt    128400
     ctggaggctg gaagtaatca taattgtaat ctagtataat taccaagcct agacctttac    128460
     ctagtcctat ttaacctccc tttcaccttt ccaaggaatg tggagggata agagagtcac    128520
     tgaataagtt ggttggtaat actgtattgt atctctcaaa tccattgttt ttttttaaag    128580
     aatgagatca ataaatataa attccaatat tttcttcccc aaagcaccat cttgtaccgc    128640
     tttggagaac attagaggga ctcacctggg tttccagagc tggaaaacat aagccccata    128700
     atgcacccag tccccacggc gcgctgccat cttaggccca gtccccactg cacgctgtca    128760
     tcttaggccc agtccccgct gggcgctgcc atcttaggcc cagtccccgc tgcgcgctgc    128820
     catcttaggc ccagtccccg ctgcgcgctg ccatattagg cccagtcccc gctgcgcgct    128880
     gccatcttag gcccagtccc cgctgcgcgc tgccatcttg ggcccagtcc ccgaggccca    128940
     gtccccgctg ggcgctgcca tcttaggccc agtccccgct gggcgctgcc atcttaggcc    129000
     cagtccccgc tgcgcgctgc catcttaggc ccagtccccg ctgcgcgctg ccatcttagg    129060
     cccagtcccc gctgcgcgct gccatcttag gcccagtccc cgctgcgcgc tgccatctta    129120
     ggcccagtcc ccgctgcgcg ctgccatctt agggttttgc ttagggggca gatagaaaat    129180
     agtaaatgaa accctttcag atatttcctg gccttattta gtaaacacgt ctttttgaaa    129240
     gaactctgaa tacacctgca gatttttcaa agcccagatt ctacacactt ctaatgtcaa    129300
     ccttgaaggg agatcgtaga ttgaattaca gaaaggggtg ctgtcaaaat gccacatcaa    129360
     atataaactt cacatatgtt tcttacctga aacactcact cacactcatg gaaaagcaca    129420
     ggaatgttct aaaaatgcaa gtttatcacg aaggagacac aggaggttca gagacgatga    129480
     agcggcaagc cgggaggaaa gatctgagag aagccaccag gctggggcag gatttcatta    129540
     tatccagaat tccacttggg ctctgcagtt tctttcttcc tgagaattat ttaaaagtcc    129600
     ctggggaagg acaagagtaa gaaaaaatca agggagagcc tctgggttac tatgacaaca    129660
     tgactcttga ccccttctct ctcacccagc agtgcctaag tcccttttgc attgctgcag    129720
     agatctctgg cactgtgatt agcacatact cctaaacctg aggatgattt aaagtggaag    129780
     gagatcaaag tttctaaata gtacaatgag ctcatcttga ctcaaaagat gtgtaatggt    129840
     tataatgcaa cataactgag atgtttcctt atccccccca ccagtaaagc tggtcacaga    129900
     ccgttgcaaa ggctctgtga aaaatgacag gtctatggaa atgtctactg caaagcactg    129960
     ataactcagg ataatgattc aggccaaaaa aaaatttaaa aggaagtgaa acttcagaca    130020
     atgtgaaaca tgtcagagtc gtgtttgcat tctaaattgc agtaatgata taaacatcat    130080
     tattcctaat ctgatcctgc aggtggatca aatacgcaca catctattaa agaacagtct    130140
     gcatgctcag taagtgcaca gggtcttatt accgaatctt tcagcacatc ttcatttcat    130200
     ctttaacttc attagaatat gtaagttttg gcagtctatt gattcaggag aaatctatgg    130260
     atctattatt ttctatttgt ctataaagtc cactaattca ccttctaagt tgttgttttg    130320
     ggttttcatc aaagtgatga cattccaact cctgattatg ctacattgaa taaaaataaa    130380
     tgtaggattt tctcctttct gacctagagc taataagttg tacatattgg ctgagttact    130440
     gcaaagaaag ggcaaaatga aaacacagct cttatagtca aggttcttag gatcttattg    130500
     agatgagctc ctcagaatca gccaaacttc aaacatggag agcacggccc ccagtctgcc    130560
     aagtcggccc aagactactg acacctactg caagcaatta gggtccaact acaaagttag    130620
     cagaaagagc ccacccaaga ccactgtcac gtgtgacaac tgcatgtttg gagggttccc    130680
     aaaacgaccc tcaggctcgt aattctctag agggactcac agaattcacg gaaaatactc    130740
     atggctacaa tttattatgt tggaaaggag acagattaaa atcagccaaa ggaagagaca    130800
     catggggcag aatctaggac ggtttcaaaa gggacgcttc cattgtcgtc aggacacatt    130860
     acattacctt cccggcatcc gtgtgtgatg gtacacgtgg agcactgcca acccaggatg    130920
     ctcacctgag ccttgtatcc agagttgtta ctgtggtttc attacattgg catgattgat    130980
     tgattgattt cccatgtggt ctaactcagt ctccaggtgg actggtactg tgtgacccca    131040
     aagcccctgc cctaaatcac atggttgatc cttctcttgc aaccagcttg gaccatatga    131100
     ctatcaggta tggcccatcc taccctaaga tcttatgtgg ccaaccctca ccataacaaa    131160
     ggcactccca gtgagtatga tgtagtttac ctcccagaag ctcatggaaa aggccacatc    131220
     tatctttggg aaaggtcaaa ttttttacta cccaagcctg acctgagaag tgctaaattg    131280
     tgagggtgga aaggggctag tgtgagcttg gatgaacgaa gtatctgaag agcaatggaa    131340
     ggaacatgga atgttcttaa acaacagaac atttttagga ccatagagta ttggagttga    131400
     aagaatttgg gagattattg catttcttaa taagagcact gccatgcaga agtggccttg    131460
     tcttggtaac atgatagaag cacatgataa ctgtctttaa agtgtgaggg gcccatgtga    131520
     gcaacaggga ttatttttac cccatataat cctagagaac aaagccagtg gccatgggtt    131580
     agaagttatt aaaaagaaga tttaagttta atagaagaaa gagctttcta ataattgagg    131640
     ctattcagaa tattacacag gctgtactgg gatatggtaa gttctcccaa gttaaaaata    131700
     ttcaagcaga aagcagatca cctgttacca tggcagtgct tttattagga aatgcaataa    131760
     tctcccaaat tctttcaagt ctaatactct gtggccctaa aaagagtttt caatcttgac    131820
     agaattgtat tctggaatta gtggactatt tctttcataa gtcattatgt gaattacctt    131880
     gaaaatttct aatatcgtac ctgagtgcca tggccttggc atgaatatac acttcctgag    131940
     cagaacttaa gaatgagaat atctggagta attcaggttc tgctaattct gcatggttgt    132000
     cactgcgatg atgttcattg ttctaggtaa gaaggataaa tgagtaataa aagtttcatg    132060
     ggacacatat aagtgaactc atgttttata tccacttcag tcattcattg caagcgagtc    132120
     ttgttcaatg agatcaaagc agattggtta ggattttgac ttgaaacctt ctgttattta    132180
     taaattggag ttacatcata tatttcttct aaaagattct attgagactg tttgctgtct    132240
     acagctggtc tttctccaga agtaggttga attgccatga attttatctt attcagataa    132300
     atagaatgct ggtatctagg atccaataga ttcatgtggc ccaaatttca tccagacttc    132360
     atcctcctct gtgtacagtg gcaactatta aaatcataac agagacttgt tggctccagc    132420
     ccatacttgc aatgtaaaac ctccacttgg tgcaaactct ttccatccag tattttctga    132480
     tgtccctgag ggctctcatg aatgctcatc acacgtctcc tcctggaaac aactgctgct    132540
     tcaccaagaa tcgcaggccc cacggggaac catcacttct ctcctgcctg tcactgggca    132600
     cagccaccaa cattccagag ccatcatggt gccagcccca aatgaccagg atggtgtcgg    132660
     gaagaacgcg tctctcccac gcattatcct gcctcagagg catctcaaat gatgctgctt    132720
     gcacctcagg gttctacagt gtttcataaa aagagatcga tgagcaaata aatagattaa    132780
     cttcatgtac tcttaatagt tcaagacctc tgccaaccag cggtctcagg ataagcaaga    132840
     catgacctca taataggagg tgtgctggtt ggatcacaaa ggctggtcct tcagccagag    132900
     tgggtggttc tctgcaggga cctcttctaa gctctccttg atgagacaac taatcatcgt    132960
     gtacactgcc gaatgacagt gtttgcagaa cctctagcat gcatgctggc ctcggctatc    133020
     tctgccaata ctttattaca caagccagag tcaccttcat cggaagactt gagaacttgg    133080
     cttctctatc ccacgaatgt tatgcagtca tcttcccagc atcctgcagg acagacctgc    133140
     ttatgccatt tgcagtacaa acaaagtact atctatctga aattgagcag caagtacttt    133200
     aacttcacgt acctctcctt ctgaaaatgc catcaggata gctcagccca taccaagctt    133260
     ctggtacttc tctagtaccc caaagcaagt aattcatgcc ctaaggcatt agcatccttg    133320
     aagggaatgt tgccaagaca aggccacttc tgcagagcag ataccttccc cagaggggag    133380
     gcgtccaaag tcttgcctca aacgtaggaa tgttcaggaa gcagtcatgg acagcgagat    133440
     catcaagtcc cttaggaata agtaaactca aataaaataa aaataaagtg attttccctt    133500
     ttggaggtat gtgtttcagt ctggcgcaac tcaacactgt cagaaataat aaagacactt    133560
     acttgagacc taggagaccc tttggggcag aattgccctc agcagagctg gtgatggttt    133620
     cccttgagaa cagcctttcc catgagggat aaggaactgc ggagatgctg ctcaccttgg    133680
     ccaggagcat tgggccaggg atgatggctt gggaccctgg tccctggcat ctcaggctgg    133740
     tctccaaggg tcactggtga cctttcaggg gacaaaagaa aaggatcttc acagatagtt    133800
     ggctgtaaat aggaaggagg cagggtcagt ggtgaggagg atatttgaac agtcagcgtg    133860
     tatttcaaag ccgtggttct gtccccctct ggtgttgctt ccttctcctc ttcactctgc    133920
     agccgcctct tggtggtcag agggtgaatg cagggccctg gggtttgggg cctagggctg    133980
     ggagatcaga gctcttggag ctggcttgat acctggcaat cctcatccag catctccatc    134040
     tctctacgac gcgttctggc acgttgcagg tgaagtgggt agagcgtggg atggttactg    134100
     gaatcgatgt agttccaggg tgctgtcctt aagagtgcga gtggtaccag tcagtgttct    134160
     cggcatttaa atattagttg ttgttatctt ggctatctca tgcgtgtaag aattctgtgt    134220
     gtgtagtttc catccttaaa ttcaaccaag gtattactgt aaaaaaaagc aagacaggcc    134280
     tggcacagtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccaaggag ggaggatcac    134340
     gaggtcagga gattgagacc atcgtggcca acatggtgaa atcccgtctc tactaaaaaa    134400
     tacaaaaaat tgctgggcgt ggtggtgcat gcctgtagtt ccagctactc aggaggctga    134460
     ggcaggggaa tcgcttgaac ccaggaggcg gaggttgccg tgagctgaga tcacactact    134520
     gcactccagc ccgggtgaca gggcaagact tcgtctcaaa aaagaaaaaa aaaaaagcaa    134580
     gacaaaaact ctctcccttt tctagaaaag agcatgcctg tgcgtatggc tggctgtgtg    134640
     cctacagttc atgtgcctgt ttccgttttt gctgctcaaa gccatggatt ggtgtgtagt    134700
     caggacctgc attctctgct tggtggttca gtgtctggga tgatactgtt tcccggttac    134760
     tctagagcag aggtcaacaa acttcttatg caaaggagca ggtagcgagc atttttggct    134820
     ttgtgggcga cacaggctct gttacaacca ctcaactctt attgtagcac aaaagtagcc    134880
     acagacacta tgtaaacaaa tagatgtggc tgtgttttaa taaaacttta tttacaaaag    134940
     caggcagtgt gccagcttgg gcctgcagga ccctggttgg tcagccctgt gcctgagtga    135000
     taacatgctc tttcatgcct ttaaaaatga ttattaaagt gtgttcatta tcctgttctt    135060
     tttgtccttt ttcttgttta ataagtgttc actgatttta aaaagacatt tttctaaaaa    135120
     tctgggggtt ttttgtgttt tttttgtgtg tgtttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    135180
     tgacacaagg tcttgctctg tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgcaatc tcggctcact    135240
     gcaacctctg cctcctgggt tcaggtgatt ctcctgcctc ggcctcctga gaagctggga    135300
     ttataggcgc gcgccaccat gcccagataa tttttgtatt tttagtagag atggggtttc    135360
     accatgttgg ccaggctggt ctcaaactcc cgatctcagg tgatctgccc gcctcagcct    135420
     ctcaaagtgt ggggattaca ggcgtgagcc acggtgccca gcataaattt attttcaaag    135480
     gcaagtgtgg tcagtgtagg cagggagtga aacatgtatg cgtaaacaca actacttgaa    135540
     agagcggtgc ggtccttcct caggcccccg tcagctctgc tccatcccca gtcccttcct    135600
     gtgcctgccc aacctgtcct ccatagccag ggccccccaa cccaaacccc tccaggcacc    135660
     acctccctcc atccctcccg cctggctctg gggagggggt ggccagcggc cctgcacgct    135720
     tcttcctctt ttctcttcct ctctcttcag acttgatgca aagagtgggc taagtctgtg    135780
     ctgactgttg ccctggaaac tcttttgaac ctttctcttt ccctccaaag attccgagtt    135840
     cctcctacag tttgcagcct tcagtaccct gccccttccc tcccctgccc tcccttactt    135900
     ggttgtcttt attccaagtt aaatgatcat catgaggttg ggaaagccgc agctttctat    135960
     gcaccatgtt ttactcccca aaggacatct tttagagtcc gcagaggccc acatgaaggg    136020
     ctcaccagca gctctaccgg tttgctttcc acaaggagag ctaaaatgcc ggttgctaag    136080
     cagcatacat gccgctgctt ctttccacaa tgtagactta aaaaaatcgc cgtaaacatt    136140
     ttaccatatg attgagtcag gtgtggggag tcgcagtaaa cattttacca tgtgattgag    136200
     tcatgggtgg ggagtcgcgg aaatacacag ggcaggcagt tcgctatcac gatgttctct    136260
     ctcaattctg tctttggtct gtcttcctgg gtaatgtcac atggagaccc aggggatctg    136320
     ccgtcagctg tgtgcagtgg gttaacaaga cgacggggaa cttcagagtg caggcagtcc    136380
     tcatcttttg cagattctgt atttgcacat tcacctactc actgaaatgc atttgtaacc    136440
     ccaaaatcaa tacagcggtt tcacagtcat tctccgacac gggcagaggg gtgaagatac    136500
     tgagtcgcca gatgcacgcg ttccccgccg aggtggagcg tgcaaagctc tgccttcacg    136560
     tttggctctc atatcgtgca catgtgtcct ttttgcagtc tccttagcac tgtgtttttc    136620
     atatttttgt gctttctgat ggttattttg ctgtaaacgg cccccaagaa tggtgctgat    136680
     gtcctattta gggtccctaa gcacaggaag gctgtgatgt gccttatgga gaaaatccat    136740
     gtgttagaca cacttctttc aggtaggagc tacagtgctc atgggggtct agtgttaatg    136800
     aatcaagaat acacacaccc agaaaaagga agaggaagcg cacagggcag ccagcttgat    136860
     gtcaccacgt tacatccttt tatccggtct ttggtaagtt ttcttttctt tttttttttt    136920
     ttgagacaga gtctcgctct gtcgcccagg ctgaagtgca gtggcgcgat cacggctcac    136980
     tgcaagctcc accccccggg ttcacgccat tctcctgcct cagcctcctg agtagctggg    137040
     aatacaggtg cccgccacca cgcccagcta attttttgta tttttggtag agatggggtt    137100
     tcaccgtgtt agccaggatg ttcttgatct cctgacctca tgatccaccc acctcggcct    137160
     cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgagcc accgcgcccg gccggtcttt ggtatgtttt    137220
     cttggggact tacacagggt cacgtggaga tacaggggga tgcgccttcg gcccatctgt    137280
     atgtggggcc actctggaaa gtgctaaggt aacagctata gtacatgagg aagccatgga    137340
     agagatgaaa agtggctgaa tgtgtggatt catcagatga tgagaacatt taatgtaata    137400
     gatagcattg gtgtgaggct agacaccaaa gaaatgtaca atcatgttac ccaagggaag    137460
     gaaagtatta aacccttctt ggctagtgtt ttattttaaa gaaataccaa atataattca    137520
     ttattttgaa gaaacgtatt aaataaagca tcttattaac aaggttacgt attgaccagt    137580
     tgaagaaact tttgtcatca gaggttcaca gaaacctaaa ccatacgtta ggttggtgca    137640
     aaagtaattg aaatgggcca gatgcagtgg ctcacacctg taatcccagc actttgggag    137700
     gccgaggcgg gcggatcgcc tgaggtcagg agtttgagac tagactggcc aacatgggtg    137760
     aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagctgggt gtggtggcgc gtgcctgtag    137820
     tcccagctac tccggaggct gaggcgggag aatcccctga acctgggagg cggagattgc    137880
     agtgagccga gatcgtgccg ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagcaaga gtctgtctta    137940
     ggaaaaaaag aaagaaaaaa aaagtcatcg aaatgacaga aaccgtaatt acttttgcac    138000
     caaactgtat ttcccctaag aacaatggcc cagtatttac aaattcagtg ttcacaaata    138060
     ttttatagaa cacagctacc atgaataaca agagctgact gtatatgatc acaacctaac    138120
     tgagcagaac tcaccctcca ctactcatgt aagacctgac tgtatatgat cacaacctaa    138180
     ctgagcagaa ctcaccctcc actactcatg taagacctga ctgtatatga tcacaaccta    138240
     actgagcaga actcaccctc cactactcat gtaagacctg actgtatatg atcacaacct    138300
     aactgagcag aactcaccct ccactactca tgtaagacct gactgtatat gatcacaacc    138360
     taactgagca gaactcaccc tccactactc atgtaagacc tgactgtata tgatcacaac    138420
     ctaactgagc agaactcacc ctccactgcg catattgaag acagagccca agacgcatcc    138480
     aggtgcaacg tctctgctaa gaatgtgtgc caggaatggg gcctggcttc ctcgtcgagt    138540
     gcggctgtcc gtgggtttct gctagacaga taacgttctg aaggagttaa actttcacag    138600
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctctatatc ccttacctcg ccacgttcat cactggtcat    138660
     tttgctggaa gggaagccct ggtatattct tacattgctc tggaagtgag ctttagccca    138720
     gcgtcgccaa acttacacct taattgatcc cagatgagaa ggaaaagcta ttgctcttac    138780
     cccacagtct tccctccctg aggccagaag caggtcacgt gtaaaatggt ctgctctctg    138840
     ctgacagtgg cctgagtctc ccatagtgtc tgctgagctg gatagtccct ctccagggag    138900
     ctttgcaggg gatgggtgat gagacatgga catggggacg aattcctctc atctggaatc    138960
     gcagacacag catggagata tgagcacgcg gcatgggaaa taggcttcct cagcccttca    139020
     ggatcaggga acgtgccaga gatgcaatga catttggcag cagttgagag tatgagtgct    139080
     gttgatgaaa taaacagagg cctttaaaag caaggcagga aaaatgctgg gacgagtaca    139140
     ggaacagaaa accagccatt tctccaggtc tattcaaaga cgtagcaaca ctccctgcaa    139200
     accccagggc ctcattatca ccactcaggg cagtggcccc gcacagcacc tgcacagttg    139260
     ccagaggagg cctctctata ggaagtgctg ctttctgttg tggatagagt gactggctgg    139320
     gcctctctct gtgtttctcc cctagtcttc aggaatatga atgccttttc cttcagtgct    139380
     actaggtgca aatatgcgag ttaagggaca atgccaataa agtagccgca gtttcctggc    139440
     taaaggaact gtgcaggtat taaaaaccca ccgatcttta atccaggttc gtggcagggg    139500
     gactcctttt tgttgcaaga ttgtctgtgt gtggaaaccc tggagaaagg ccacacgtgc    139560
     agtcagcaag ccgagtcacc aggcacagag ccctttctcc tgatcccctc ctcttgtttc    139620
     tattcccagg cctcattatg tataatgtca cagacacaca cgcccaggaa catcccatca    139680
     cagccaggac agaagcgcca agggaggtgc tttgcacaga ttccatcttg gagttagaag    139740
     cacttgctcg gtgcttgcca actacaaata gccccatgct ggaaaatgat gctaattagt    139800
     atgccattaa aaagggtggg gggaccacca cccacaacaa aatggccgtg tgcaggcctg    139860
     aagccctgcc ctgagggcca cagggaagca tggccgctaa tgcagcctaa ttcactttgt    139920
     ttggcagaga gagcaagctc gccatgttgc tgcgggagtc tctggggaac atgaactgcc    139980
     gtaccaccat gatcgcgcac atctcggccg cggtcgggag ctacgcggag accctgtcca    140040
     ccatccagat tgcatcgaga gtcttgagga tgaagaaaaa gaagacgaag gtaaggagct    140100
     cgcggggtgg gggggtggtg gatgagggag cctttggagc cgtgccctgg aacagagtca    140160
     gaaaaagcca aatcaacgtt gccaatcccc cagcatcagg agatgtgact tggagctgac    140220
     aacacgtggc tcagggtcca ctttggggca gggaaacctt ggggctgata caaagtcatg    140280
     tcacctcccc acacctggtg ctggccctgg tcacccagcc tggacccctg accggaagca    140340
     cttggtccgc tttagagagt acaaatggat tgctacctca agaggaaaaa cgttggaggg    140400
     atggaaaata ttgtttttct catgcatggc ctcggtcctg cgtaggtgga gactgtgtcc    140460
     ttcgaaggct tggcaccaaa gaggttctca actccctgct ctcagggccc ctcccctgct    140520
     gcatgtccag gagtcactcc ctggctgctg cttttgtcct ggcaattcag tggtttctgg    140580
     atgatactga gtctgctgga catcgctggg ctcattttct caggcagagg ccaagccagg    140640
     atggtggcag ggtggcaagt agttgagaaa accatcatga tcgtggccac tcagtggcag    140700
     gggcagctgc tgaggtgggg gcctttttcc cccttctctg ttttgtacct tttttatctt    140760
     taaatagcgt ttcttaacca gagttccacg gcacagggtg ccaaacattg gtgagccagc    140820
     agcccttagc tggtcaggca gggcctggat ggtcaccccc tttcctgagc agctgtttcc    140880
     ccagcgtgcc acacggggct tccccttcac aaatgcagtg gtgatgtgac accgggcgcg    140940
     cgggcatggc accccgagtg gcccacgtgc gggaggccaa cgggggtggc tgtcagtagc    141000
     ctgtgtcgtc aggggccttc accacttgcc gcgcacagct gggctcccgg ggaaactgcc    141060
     acggaaaggc caccacatta actgccgtct cactcacagt acacatccag ctcgtccggc    141120
     ggggagagct cctgcgaaga aggccgcatg cgcaggccca cccagctgag acccttccac    141180
     accagggcca cggtggaccc tgacttcccc atcgctcacc tgtccagcga ccccgactac    141240
     tcctccagca gcgagcagtc ctgcgacacc gtcatctaca tcgggcccaa cggcacggcc    141300
     ctctctgaca aggagctcac cgacaacgag ggccccccag actttgtccc tatcgtgcca    141360
     gccctgcaga agacccgggg cgacagccgg cccgcagagg caggagaggc tgcagccggc    141420
     aagtcagaaa gggactgcct gaagtgcaac acgtttgccg agctgcagga gaggctggac    141480
     tgcatcgacg gcagcgagga gcccagcagc tttcctttcg aagaactgcc tgctcagttt    141540
     gggccagagc aggcaagcag aggcccccgg ttaagccaag cagcgggggc aagcccactc    141600
     tctgagtctg ataaggaaga taatgggtcc gaaggtcagc tgaccaacag agaaggccct    141660
     gaactcccag cctccaagat gcagaggagt cactcacctg tgcccgccgc ggcacccgcc    141720
     cacagcccca gcccggcctc acccaggagc gtcccgggca gcagtagcca gcacagcgcc    141780
     tccccactcg tgcagagccc cagcctccag agcagccggg agagcctcaa ctcctgcggc    141840
     ttcgtggaag gcaagcccag gcccatgggc tccccccggc tgggcatcgc cagcctgtcc    141900
     aagacctcgg agtacaagcc acccagctct ccttcccaga gatgcaaagt ctacacccag    141960
     aagggggtcc tgccgtctcc cgccccactg cctccctcga gcaaggattc cggcgtggcg    142020
     tctagggagt ccttgctgca gcccgaggtg cgtacgcccc cggttggaat gagcccccag    142080
     gttttgaaaa aatccatgtc tgctgggagc gaagggttcc cggaaactcc tgtcgatgat    142140
     gagcagcagg cagctactcc ttcagagtcc aagaaggaga tcctgagcac cacgatggtg    142200
     acggtgcagc agccactgga gctgaacggt gaggacgagc tggtgttcac gctggtggag    142260
     gagctgacca tcagcggggt cctggacagc ggccgcccca ccagcatcat cagcttcaac    142320
     agcgactgct ctgcacgggc cctggcctcg ggctcgcggc ccgtcagcat catcagcagc    142380
     atcagcgagg acctggagtg ctactccagc acggcccccg tctccgaggt cagcatcaca    142440
     cagttcttgc ccctcccgaa gatgagcctg gatgagaagg cccaggacgc agggagcaga    142500
     cgctcttcca tcagctcctg gctgagcgag atgagcgcgg gcagtgaggg tgagcagtcg    142560
     tgccacagtt tcatagccca gacgtgtttt gggcacgggg aggcaatggc agaacctgtg    142620
     gcctcggagt ttgtcagcag cctccagaac accgctgtgg tgtgcagaga gaagcccaag    142680
     gccagccccg acaacttgct catcctgtct gagatgggag atgactcttt caacaaagca    142740
     gcccccatca aaggctgcaa aatatccaca gtgagcaagg ccatggtcac catctccaac    142800
     acggccaatc tgagcagctg cgaggggtac atccccatga agaccaatat cacagtttac    142860
     ccctgcattg ccatgagccc ccggaacatc caagagccgg aggcccccac cgccaccccc    142920
     aaagcaggcc ccacattagc ccagtcccgg gagagtaagg aaaacagtgc aaagaaagag    142980
     atgaaatttg aggacccgtg gctgaaacga gaagaggaag tgaaaaaaga gacggctcat    143040
     cccaatgaag aagggatgat gaggtgtgag actgccacgg gcccctcgaa tgctgagacc    143100
     agagcagagc aggagcagga cggaaagccc agtccgggag acaggctcag cagcagcagc    143160
     ggagaggtgt cggcctcccc ggtcactgac aacttcagga gggtcgtgga tgggtgtgag    143220
     atggccctgc ccggtttggc cacccagagc cccgtgcatc ccaacaaaag cgtcaagtcc    143280
     agcagccttc ccagggcctt tcagaaggcc agccggcagg aggagccgga cagcctctcc    143340
     tattactgcg ctgctgagac caacggggtg ggtgcagcct cgggcacccc gccctccaag    143400
     gctaccctgg aggggaaggt ggcttccccc aagcactgtg ttctggctcg gcccaaaggg    143460
     actccccctc tgccccctgt ccgaaagtcc agcctggacc agaagaaccg ggccagccct    143520
     cagcacagtg ccagcggcag cggcaccagc agccccctga accaaccagc cgccttcccg    143580
     gcgggcctcc cagacgagcc tagcggcaag acgaaggacg ccagcagcag cagcaagctc    143640
     ttcagtgcca agctggagca gctggccagc agaagcaact cgctgggcag ggcgacagtc    143700
     agccactacg aatgcctctc cctggagcgg gccgagagcc tgtcctccgt gagctcccgg    143760
     ctgcacgcgg gcaaggacgg caccatgccc cgcgcgggga ggagcctggg ccgcagcgcc    143820
     gggacctcgc cccccagctc cggggcctcg cccaaggccg gccagtccaa gatctccgcc    143880
     gtgagcagac tcctcctggc cagccccaga gcgcgcggcc cgtccgcctc caccaccaaa    143940
     accctcagct tctccaccaa gtccctgccg caggcggtgg gccagggctc cagctcgccc    144000
     cccggtggga agcacacgcc ctggtccacg cagtccctca gcaggaacag gagctcgggc    144060
     ctggcctcca agcttcccct gcgggccgtc agcgggcgca tctcggagct gctgcagggt    144120
     ggcgcgggcg cccggggctt gcagctgcgg gccgggcccg aggcggaggc gcgcgggggg    144180
     gccctggccg aggacgagcc cgcggccgcg cacctgctcc cgtcgcccta cagcaagatc    144240
     acgcccccgc ggaggcccca ccgctgcagc agcggccacg gcagcgacaa cagcagcgtg    144300
     ctgagcgggg agctcccgcc ggccatgggg aagacggccc tgttctacca cagcggcggc    144360
     agcagcggct acgagagcgt gatgcgggac agcgaggcca ccggcagcgc gtcctcggcg    144420
     caggactcca cgagcgagaa cagcagctcc gtgggcggca ggtgccggag cctcaagacc    144480
     ccgaagaaac gctccaatcc aggtaggcgg ctgggcgcag ggacgcgggt gaggagggcg    144540
     gcaggtgggc gagctgccca aaccccactg ccagggtgtc ccgtgccctg gggagggggc    144600
     gtccaggcct ggcctctcct tgcaggtggg cgaactgccc aaaccccact gccagggtgt    144660
     cccgtgccct ggggaggggg cgtccaggcc tggcctctcc tttcccacgg cccggcaccc    144720
     cgcggggctc cgccggggac atcaccgcgg agggtttctc tgtgagaaac tgccctactg    144780
     cgtgccgtca tcaggcttag ggccgtgaat cccttggcgc tcagcagggt ggaaaggcga    144840
     gggcccggat gcaggtggca gcatgacccg cacctgctcg ctctgggggc agcctggctc    144900
     ttcgccgtcc attccctcac ccctgcccct ctgttcaaca accaaggatc ctgtggacgg    144960
     tttacagcct gttgagggat caggtgaggg tacctaccct catgacctgg tggcttcaga    145020
     agcccctcct gtgaggttgg tggcctgcaa gaccctggca gcctctctca gggatgtggg    145080
     ataacgcaca gattgtccca ttgaaagtgg aatggcgagg cccttcctcc acctccaccc    145140
     caaacatatt tgtggacagt catgtttgca cacctgccac agggcctgca gtgccccccg    145200
     ccacacacac catgatgcct gaaatgcgtg attttggaga aagtctttgc catttctttt    145260
     tttccttttt ttgagacagt cttactctat cgcccaggct ggagtgcaat ggcgtgatct    145320
     tgccaaactg caacctctgc ttcctatgtt caagtgattc tcctgcttca gcctcctgag    145380
     tagctgggat tacaagcgtg caccaccgtg cctggctaat ttttctatct ttggtagaga    145440
     caaggtttta ccatgttgac caggctggtc tcgaactcct gacctcaagt gatccgcccg    145500
     tctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ccacacccag tcagtctttg    145560
     tcatttttaa gaatctccta tcaaaaggca cgtactccag aataattaat atataaagcc    145620
     cacagacttg ttaattggag tcttgggtgg cacatgacag taagttatga tgggcaagga    145680
     gaagaggacc cgggtcagag ctggtggccc tggaggtctt ggggtaggag aaatgaaagg    145740
     atggtaagga gagaaaaaga cagacagagg caaaagttcc caagaacaac tgaagctact    145800
     tgagaatttt gcctggaatc atctctgctc ataagtggct tccaaagaaa ttacccctgc    145860
     tcatccttta agggcttaaa aaaaaataaa tgaaatttac gcagaacccc acgtgcaatt    145920
     ctgtggcttg gttgaagcca gggcggccgg gttcctgccc tcctggcctg tctctcccct    145980
     cccgctgccc ttctgtgcaa cactaggctc ttcacatgct ctcagaagcc aggtccctgc    146040
     agggatccgt gcccgcagca tatgtggaag taaaagatgg ggtgagacac agatgtaggg    146100
     cttccccttt cctactgctc cagcaactgc cccacaggct tgttctctgt catggggtgg    146160
     cttcttcctg ttctcccacc acaggcgagc acaaactctg gaatgttcca aatgtaaggg    146220
     ctgtggtcag tgaacattat aaaccattcc tcttcctaga atcaaagaaa tccaccttaa    146280
     gggatggtgt agttatgcag atgtagtttt atgatataga cagccccatc cgctcccctc    146340
     atcacagatc acagaacttg gccatgggga tgttaggctc taagcatggt agggaatcat    146400
     cgtggctgtc agtaccttga catctttatt tgcctggggg gggggtatgc ttcagtcttt    146460
     gatacgcttt gactctgctt tacttcaccc ctcaatctcg gtgacagcac ttggagcaga    146520
     accccattta agacaagttg aaaaggaaga gccattccgt gtaacgtagc agcttctgtg    146580
     tcttatggcc agggccaagg gcattgaaac gtattgatga gagtaaaaat aacaagcagg    146640
     aaagcatctg ccggccttcc cagtacctgg ttaatgaact cttgttattc taatccacgc    146700
     agcctcggtc ttcaaagtcc agatgactgt gtggcatcgg ctgcgtggcc acgtgtgttt    146760
     cagtgtccca cagtgctttc atggactcaa atttagtgcc ttgcgtctac cagtccattt    146820
     cattatttcc gtggctttca caggtttttg tttttttccc caagactttt attgtttggt    146880
     ttggcggtta cagtggagta aagaggaaga acaatgatgg aaaaacaaac gtgtgaagtg    146940
     actgcttggc gagcaggcag caggctctgc atacgccctt gctctgggct aagtgctctc    147000
     gtaaatgctg tcctctagga gcctctggtt aggtaaggct attggaggaa aacagtgtaa    147060
     aattaaaatg ccagggcagg tgctagaaat ggatttcatg tggaatgtca agagcagaag    147120
     acctttgtga tgagctgctg tagatccagg ctccatgatg gatgtggcag tggagatgtg    147180
     ctggtttcag gttaggtgac cttgtctggc ttatttatga ttattattaa gagaaacggt    147240
     ggctgtcaga catggtcagc ataaatcaaa agcaacttct ttaagagaag ctataaaact    147300
     cctccaagga aattcctaac tagatggcta gagtttacaa ttatgagagg tgtttggaac    147360
     cagagaggag acatcttttg tctgagatgg cttttgaatt tggaatattt taatgcttat    147420
     ttccttagta aaaatgaact agaattattg ggaaaataac cttgacctct ctgattcctt    147480
     ggtagtacat gtaacagcag aaacgaccaa atatcaccgt ggttccttct tgtcttctca    147540
     ttcttggagg tccatgttgc tgaggagtgt gcagcattgg gcttgttcca ccggccatag    147600
     cagggtgcag tgaattaagt tagaaagcag gaggaggctt agaatcttga gctgtgtgac    147660
     ctttggggaa taactgtcct ctttgagctt caattttctc atatgcaagt aaaacgagaa    147720
     gattgatagg taatagccat ggtctctctg ctgcccacat catatgagac tatgcagata    147780
     atttaaataa tgttatggtc atgtgatgtc ttttccttag agcaatctgt agtcagtggg    147840
     gtttattttc agttgttcaa cattgaccag gtatcttctg tgctcttaga gcttggtgat    147900
     agtttctggt gtgtgggtgg aggtggaggc agccggcaca ggggacaagg ccactgtaag    147960
     aagtttgtaa tctaattgga gagaaagggt gaaaagcgtg gaatagagaa cagtgaactg    148020
     agtgcattcc cagatgctga gtggggtagt gaaggcccaa gtggagagag catttagaca    148080
     aagcaggatc ctgcaaggca aaggctgcag agaaatgtcg ggattgagct tggtccggga    148140
     gggtgcttac atcgggacag gcagagaggg cgcagggcat cgaggctgag gcagggatgg    148200
     gactgcaaac tcccagcggc aagagcctgg cctgtgggcg acacagcgag attaactcaa    148260
     ggagggaccg tcccagcaag cagagcaaga cgctagcaaa cgcaagccac agtcacaccc    148320
     ggaacaaaca caagccacag tcacacctgg aacatctggg agctacaaga acagtacaca    148380
     ttattctata ttctacatag ttctaaaaga atatcagtat attattgtag ttggcaatgg    148440
     ggagtcatta caggctcttg accaacaacg tgataaggtg agagaaatga tgttgctttt    148500
     attgatggat tttcattgct tcatccacag ctccttgcca gcccctctat ggtcagcaag    148560
     atgaaattgt gtatagccca gagccaagaa tgagcccagg agggaaggga atgtctgtcc    148620
     tggccagtgc acatatcagc agctgaggat gtcaatctgt gatacacagt tgatgccata    148680
     attacaccag ctgagcccct accctgagcc cccagtcctc gcgctccccc gtcccctatc    148740
     atccattata tgttatgtca atcctatttt cttcctccag tctcttaaca tttcaccctc    148800
     atcctggtgt gttacttcct tggattcttt cccttgcttt ccttttcttg gactggatgg    148860
     ggaagtctga cagttagatg agcaccttgg tctgaattaa attcattccc accacaggga    148920
     ggctcagcac cagaaaagcc ctggagtgag ggagggtctg cctgaagaga agcccctcag    148980
     ggaagcatgg aggttctgga atgctccaga ccttggcccg cctggacatg agcaaggcct    149040
     gttctgcgct cgacccagcc tgcttggtgc ccagcactgg gctggtgcag gttactgttg    149100
     gatattattg gttgattcat tgatgggctg gttgcttggt tggcggcaca gtcctgaaag    149160
     tttactcatg tttattttct gtgtatttct catatctttt cctgctggtg ctaagtgctt    149220
     taagtgttga gtctagtctg ctactttgtc attctaagcg ccagaccctg tgcctttctc    149280
     ttggtgctga gtcaacatta ctgactgatg ggcctgtctt gtgagttgtg acttgcacct    149340
     gtagtgaatt gagctcccag gctaccaggt tcagttccca gggcgctgca caaaaacttg    149400
     tgactaattg ctcctcaccg agggcaccat ggtttgctct gccaacctct cctattcgtt    149460
     tggttctcag gcacatcctg gttttgtttt aataaattca agcagcacag tgatcactgg    149520
     cttaatgaaa accagaggaa ggcaagccgc ttgctgtcag acttcagatt tccagaatgt    149580
     ttctaagcga accaacctag agccagttga gaataggttc agaatgagag cctttttgaa    149640
     tacacagttg ggggaaaagg aggagagtca ttgattctct cagacaccaa ggaagctcct    149700
     tagaatagaa ccccaaagag agtaggtggc gctgatgctg tgagatgaca ctgtggtcct    149760
     aggtgcgggg ttcggaatcg cagagaacac gggaggaagc ccaggctcgg catcgaggag    149820
     agctttgtgg ccctggagaa cctgcctctt tctcatcccc agcacgggag cacttgcctt    149880
     ttcagctaaa acatgacagc aggccacaca gccagcatcg ttcttcatca tggagctggc    149940
     cccttcctgg tcaacaaaat cacatggatt gattcacatt ctctttctct ctctgctctg    150000
     atatctacag ttcctttcaa cattagtgcc tcgtgctttt ttgactgtct tcctagtgcc    150060
     tactctttga atcagaatgc agacagtggg cgatggagcg aaagccatgc tggagggctc    150120
     tcaggagcag gagtttggga atgggcagaa gcatattccc cagggggagc tgagagggct    150180
     cagcactcag aacacccatg tttcccaaca cttaacctca gcagcagcat ctgcagactc    150240
     gtgtggggac ttctgtctgg actcagggat gttaagagta gaaggcccaa tgtcagcttc    150300
     tcacgtgggc tgtcagcacc gcagatgata ccggaagatg gactgtgatg ggccagcgac    150360
     ccctctgact gcacgcagct gtcagccagg cctggaacag gaggggcgag ggggtgggct    150420
     cagcctctgt tagtgggaga ggtcctggtt ggaagtttca ctgaagtatc agtgttgact    150480
     ttctcaggtc aaatctgggc catttcatgc ggtaaatcca tgtcggcagg tatcagccca    150540
     agtgttttga acatgctgca cttgtacatg cctggaccaa atgccaggct gatgagcagg    150600
     gaggggttga aaagcagaag ggagcccaac ccaccggcgt cagcaggagg ctggccctgg    150660
     ctgtggctcc ccgatcagac aggcggcgtc caatggggca ccacacgact cccgccaggg    150720
     tggggcttcc cctgtacctt tcttagagct gatggtcccc tgaccccact cgcagcctgg    150780
     aaggagggga tccctggcag agaccgggct tggcagaaaa ctgggcatct gcttgagagg    150840
     tggaaatgct ggagcatgca gaaaatctaa gaacccttat ttatatgggg ccccagacca    150900
     ggaccctcgg gtcagtcttt ctttgcccag ggatggcata gcagtaacat cgcttcctgt    150960
     gccctttcca gtaatgtgag ggcaccatct ccgcccctga actcccttca ggccacttca    151020
     ctccatttcc tcagcctgac cacattaccc ctgccccagt acttggcttc cctcaccatc    151080
     acctaagtga agctcacatg cacctctgga gggagacagg cgcggggaga gggagcctca    151140
     gctggaggtg caggaactga gtatcaatcc attcacggga ttgaggttct ggtacccaaa    151200
     ttcagaattt tacgaaaatc caagacactt gttcattcgt gtgcaggaaa aaggtattcc    151260
     tagcccccaa accacaccta acctgacagt gggcactcac ttcaccttga gagggatcga    151320
     tgtggtgagg aagttcaagg ttgctagatg gcatggaaag gaggcaatgg gaaggaagta    151380
     gatacccgcc aggatatttc tgtgaagctg ttgtagccca gtgaaatgtc actctccagg    151440
     tgtttttacc ttctctactc ccagctcaca cggtgccctg gcacgggtat tggcaggact    151500
     ctccaggtgt ttttaccttc tctactccca gctcacacgg tgccctggca cgggtattgg    151560
     caggactctc caggcgtttt taccttctct actcccagct cacacggtgc cctggcacgg    151620
     gtattggcag gactctccag gtgtttttct ctactcccat ctcacacggt gccctggcac    151680
     gggtattggc aggagatgga gggtggctct tatccaagac attttcccat ctgatcatat    151740
     cccatccgcg gtagccaggc tccaagatgg cccccatggt ctctgcctcc tggtgttcac    151800
     acccttgtgt agtcccctcc cgtatttacc agagttggtc tctgttgagt gaggtaaggc    151860
     agagtgatgg tatgtcactt tcaaaagtag gttataaaag acactgcacc ttctgtgctg    151920
     ggtgcccctc ttgctttctt gggtcattcc ctctggggga tgccagctgc catgtcataa    151980
     atagtcctgt gtaggagagg cctgcatggc aatgaactaa agcctcctgc catgatgaca    152040
     tgagtgagct tagaaatgga agcttcaacc tcagtcaagc cttcagatga gtgcagccct    152100
     agctgacagc ttgcctgcga ctccgagagg ctctgagcca gaaccacctg gcaaaaattg    152160
     ctcccagatt cccaacccac agggatatgt gagatcaatg tttgttgttt tagccgctgg    152220
     gtttggggtt tatttgttac acagcagcca tttggaagct agagttgagg cacacagaag    152280
     ctaaacagtt tgccaacaaa cagtcagcta gcttgatcag actgatttaa aagaaaaaaa    152340
     cccctctgat ctggtccctt cccagggtag gtgtctcacg ctaaggagac agacatttgc    152400
     tttattcccg tggtcgatgt tacttagttt cgttagttgg ggcctgcact ttgttggaaa    152460
     ctaaatgcga ttgtgtatgt gtctacacaa gatcaaatct gggctctaaa aagtgaggtt    152520
     ttggccgggc acagtggctc atgcctgtaa tcccaacact ttgggaggct gaggcaagtg    152580
     gatcatttga gatcaggcgt tcgagaccag tctggccaac atcgtgaaac cctgtctcta    152640
     ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag ccgtgcgtgg tagcgggcgc ctgtagtccc agctacttgg    152700
     gaggctgggg caggagaatt gattgaaccc agcaggcaga ggctgcagtg acctgagatc    152760
     acaccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga gtgagactcc ctctcaaaaa cagtgaggtt    152820
     taatatgaag caaaaggagc tcggagccca gagttcactc catagagaaa attaacacag    152880
     cagtgagtgc cccttgttgt ctcctggagg aggcatgctt cagctggcat ctgctcatca    152940
     aaacgtcagt cccctgtacc atgcaagagt ttagtctcca ttctgggagc catgtgcttc    153000
     actaataccc agggtctctt ctgctgtgaa agaaagagga tagatactgg gagagaacta    153060
     gccgtcctcg tcacaacgtg tgaagtgtgt gaaatagtac caggcacgta accagtgcat    153120
     gtgagtgcta ctgctgctgt tataagcaaa taaacagtgt tttctggaac tcctgtaatg    153180
     acatcaaatg ctaggacctt ttgacctatc catgctgagg atgcccccta ggctgcgtgt    153240
     tttacaggtg gaaactagga ggcggttcta aagattcctc agggagtttg ctgagctaaa    153300
     gcccaagtgt tggtttaggg gagtagaggt ggaggtgggt ggtgggaagt gggagtgttt    153360
     agccctacct cagatcctgg ggtgcttgtc atgacctcct ctgttacatc cacaaaatat    153420
     ttaaaagatt gaaattcagg cttcagctga atttcagggt gtagtggctc acacttgtaa    153480
     tcccagcact tcgggagatt aaggtgggag gatcacttga ggccaggagt ttgagaccag    153540
     cctgggcaat atagcaagat gtcgtctctc aaaaaaaaac atttaattag ctgggtgtgg    153600
     tggtgtgcac ctgttatccc aactacttag gaggctgaga caagagaatt gcttgagccc    153660
     aggaattcaa ggctgcagtg agctatggat cgcaccactg cactccagcc tgggcaacag    153720
     agcaagaccc tgtctcaaaa aaacaacaaa aaaattgaaa ttcagaaaga ctaactctct    153780
     gggcttatcc ccctcctcag gttctcagag acggaggctt atcccagcac tatccctgga    153840
     cacctcttcc cctgtgagaa aaccccccaa cagcacaggc gtccgctggg tggatggccc    153900
     cttgcggagc agcccgaggg gccttgggga accctttgag attaaagtct atgaaatcga    153960
     tgacgtggag cgcctgcagc ggcgacgagg gggtgccagc aaggtgaggc agcctccttc    154020
     ccaccccctg cctacgtggt ggcagctccc caccaagcct gagcaggtgc taggcagggc    154080
     cctggggaag aaaactcaga cccgggcttc ccagcgggct tctggcatgg gtggtgggaa    154140
     gggggcttct gtcccagcaa agggcctttg gacagaggcc ttggagagag ccccatgttt    154200
     ctcttcctga aatgttttaa gggcttcaaa gccaggggtc gggggctggt gatcttgggg    154260
     gcttttctgg ctccttgagg ctcccagtct taaccaacct ttgtccaact tgaacaccca    154320
     ccacctgctt tctcaactta agaatggcct gtcatagtcc aaaaatggtc tgtcatagtc    154380
     caagaatggt ctgtcatagt cctaccttgt gaggtgtctg aattgaggtc tgtcaaggga    154440
     gaatttggtg gggatgaccc atgtccctcc cacacgtctc caagcccagc ctgttttcca    154500
     tcaacgatac tcacaggtgc tcctgtggtg tgggctgggt gtgagcagaa gggccctttc    154560
     tcctctctgt ctgtgtgcta ggaggccatg tgcttcaatg caaagctgaa gattctggaa    154620
     caccgccagc agaggatcgc cgaggtccgc gcgaagtacg agtggctgat gaaggagctg    154680
     gaggcgacca aacagtatct gatgctggat cccaacaagt ggctcagtga atgtaaggcc    154740
     ggggtgcctt cccacccttg tgactagtgg gttcacctgc tcaaccgggc tggcgtgtag    154800
     cccagggtga cagtgacaca ggctgtgtcc tcgtcctcag tcacaggatg cccatcaaat    154860
     ggaggaagtt gcaccgagcg agcagcccta ctcccctggg gatgggcggg aggggccggg    154920
     acagcagagg ggtggtgaat attgctcttg caagattatt tctacgtgtc tcagtccaaa    154980
     gcacctgaaa atgagatttt tccccctgcg tgtggcagaa gatcacccag acatgaaggc    155040
     tgtattacaa atctcctagg ccacaaaatc acactgcata tctagcctga aatagacaag    155100
     aatttataga gcccttaaaa aggtagagtg tacagtcctc gaaaagccac gcagagaacc    155160
     cagaaagcaa ggaaaacatt tttgagtgga aaaaaaaaaa aaaagacagc cacagtgtta    155220
     tttccattta atagaaagcc caggatgacc ataaccatct aataacaatt caggacaatt    155280
     ttgctctctt tgaaaggtgg attcaattgt cttgtcttat tagttcctga ccattccatt    155340
     tagcacaaaa taaaacttca gtctggtccc agctattaca cggatatagg agctaatgct    155400
     ggaagactca gtctgtgggg tgaaatacat tcctgccatt caagttccct ctgcctcccc    155460
     ttcccatcca gccctcagcc tccggcaggc ctcctttgta cagcccctcc cctgcactgc    155520
     cccaaccctc ttccagtctt ccccagccag tgtggagggc ctacaggtgg aggctggaag    155580
     cttaggttta tgttccaaag cagctggttg aaaagatatt ggtgtgaaat ggtcctgggt    155640
     gaaggtgcgg aagaaagtgg caggacttgt cagcctccca gctgtgcctt ccacatgtaa    155700
     ctgcagtctc gcagcagctg cctctccaca gggataaggt gataacaaca tttccctaag    155760
     tactcattgg attcttggga cagtctgtgg agcattctat aatataatat taagttgcag    155820
     catttgccgc tgtggccaca ggcatacaga cctgctttgg ctgctggctt tctcacatac    155880
     tagctgtggg acctcaggta agacacttaa ctctgagcct tgacttcctt agctgtaaaa    155940
     tgggaaaaat aatggtgact acaccatagg gcagttgtga ggtataaatc agttcccgtt    156000
     ggtcctcttg gtgcttacta cactgcttgg cccaggatga gagctcagga tctggtagta    156060
     attattacta ttatcccaaa gttcaacaac aggagacatt tcctggccag gcacggtggc    156120
     tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ccttgggagg ccaaggtggg cagatcactt gagcccagga    156180
     gttcaagacc agccttgaca acatggtgtg aaaccctgtc tgtctctacc aaaaatacaa    156240
     aaattagccg ggcgtggtgg cgggcacctg taatctcagc tactcaggag gctgaggttg    156300
     cagtgagcca gagattgcgc cagaccctgt ctcaaaaata aaaataaaaa acaggaggca    156360
     tttccttcgt gtctgcttgc atgatgcact gaggagttgg atcttctgtt agaaatttga    156420
     gcaaagaaag acatgaacta gtcctgcgag ggcctttcat cgaaggcgct aatggggagg    156480
     gcagacaggg gcgagggcgc tggttactgt ctgcgcgtga catgcgcacg gggcgctgtg    156540
     cttatccctc cccgctgcgg ataccctttt ccttgtttca ggaatccctg gccacttcaa    156600
     gatcccaggg gcctcctttc agtcagtcag ttctctctcc ttcatttttg ctattttcat    156660
     taacatttta ttttcaagaa ctgtttatgc ccaaggcaga cttgacttga aaattatctt    156720
     catcttacaa agtcagtcat atttttccca ggatgggaac aagctgaaac atcaatacat    156780
     atgtgtttag atgcttccag gaaacaattg cttccttcta gtctttgtac atgtcaaaaa    156840
     tcactgtgtt tttgatgctg agaaagaaaa tgaacagaaa gctacatgaa aggggaaata    156900
     tatattgttt cttgaagatg aattgaaaac agtaatgaaa aaaaggatca atgagctgcc    156960
     tgctgactat tccctgtggg catgaggcag gggactggca tggaaagatc catttttagt    157020
     tctattattt cttcattctg atgccacttt taaggttgtc cagtaatgta gtctgatgtg    157080
     gtcatagaat gatgtctcct tttgcttttt tgttttggtt tttaaatatt aaactggtat    157140
     tcagggcctt cggtctcctt ccagctctag tcctggttaa ctgtgtcagc ctcagtgagt    157200
     cacgtcactg tccagctctc agggacctca tctgcagaaa gaagacactc tgcagacagc    157260
     ggccactcta agccccagtg tttccatagc acggcatcgt tttcaaatca agttcgtgtt    157320
     cattattatc tcattttatt cttcacagca actcaaggca ggcagggcag gcagcgtagg    157380
     agttactatt ctcacatgcc tttaaagaca ctgtcagcag aggtggaggt cccagagctc    157440
     gtctcttcag agcttgtctc gtgcctgggg ttccagggcc atcccaccac cttggactgc    157500
     tgtccacgcc tctcctcctc gtactgggag cctgctggac ccctggacct gggccaggca    157560
     gcccatccct ctgcccggcc acctctggac aaagcagggg acttgatgcc agaggggttg    157620
     atcccagata cctgctcttc aggcctggaa tgatacagac tttttactct gtgcaggcct    157680
     gaacatcagg aaaggcatct gggttataat ccagaaacgt cctttcatat aaggaagcag    157740
     aggtataaat gtcactcaac tgagaccccc aaaagggagg gactctcccc acctcaactt    157800
     gaattattta cttgattgat tgatagtgaa tagtgtggta gcgtctctca aatcctggga    157860
     tccatcctgg atcctccatg gctggaggta gggggagcta gaatgtcacc ttattggtca    157920
     gtagaatctc agaaaaaacc ttaaggatct aaatactggt aaagagtgtt cctttcaacc    157980
     caaaagaggc cgagaatcag gcaggaggga actctgcagt ggcctaaggc aagcgaacta    158040
     gacctttaga ccaaggggta gatgtggggg tggcagctcc aggctgagcc gtcgggagtt    158100
     gcttctcacc ctgtttgctc tgcgtctcca tcaggctctt cctctcttgc agttgacttg    158160
     gagcaggttt gggagctgga ttccctggag tacctggagg cactggagtg tgtgacggag    158220
     cgcctggaga gccgtgtcaa cttctgcaag gcccatctca tgatgatcac ctgcttcgac    158280
     atcacctcca ggcgccggta gatgagccag acccttgtcc tagtggtccc ccgctcccca    158340
     ggacttcaga gatgttgcac gcccctaggc cctctgtgct ggggcatcaa agacaatgaa    158400
     tgaggatgaa ggttggtggc aagtctggag cgggcgttga gcggaaggcg agttttcttt    158460
     tgttttctgt aggaaaggtg caaacgtcaa acaccgtgga aggagaaaag gatgggaagc    158520
     ccgaggggtg tccaagccct gtgagactga aaaagcactt tgaggaacct taaagacctt    158580
     gtttgtacat aagaactgct agcaaaagag acctcactct tctcttgctt tcgtgagaaa    158640
     ggaggggcgt ggatgtagga ttgctgtgga aagcgaacac aaaacaaccc agaatgactg    158700
     attaagtgcc ttgcaaatct ttattattat ccaaacattt atgttcatac tttcttgtgt    158760
     acagatggtg ctagtcaaga tgaaaacaac aaaacaaaca agaaaaacat tttggaaatg    158820
     tattcacagc tctttttctc ttggtgtttt atcctatttc tgacttgctg tttctaagta    158880
     agttgtgttt gtagagctat ttcttaatca gtattgctta tgaataaata ttacctgtct    158940
     tttatggtta ttctggtgag gccactcaaa cagagagact tccctcggca cgagccagtg    159000
     tgtgtgtttc caaagtaggt ttggagcagc aggtgacctc gatgccacat cccaacaagc    159060
     agcgtggtca ggtagaccca gaaggttgat tgtggggcag gtgctttaga gaacaggtga    159120
     ggagacggca cctgcagcac aggggaggag gagtcctttg cgacctgggc cctccctgct    159180
     cctgggaggt gggccgtatg ttctgtagac cgtttgcccc cctcaagtcc tccacacatg    159240
     tggttccttg acccacaaat ccacagtttg cgtggccctc aaaattcata ttcattttta    159300
     ttccaaaaag tcttgaacga aagctggaac caattcacca gagccatatt tctttcttta    159360
     gtattttcta gtgttgtgtt gtagattgat taaagtgggt ttttccccag ctgagagacc    159420
     ttctcaggct tgttcagaga cttcaactgt attggattag aagaaggatt cttgagactg    159480
     tacatcttgt ctgttgtcca gagtacaagg atttcagctc tcctgtgtcc caaagcctct    159540
     atgccaagaa gggacaggct tgtcctctca gtctttgctc ctgcccaaag gcagagagag    159600
     cttcccctcc ataactcaca cgaccctgga taggcagaac atagctgaag actatggatg    159660
     tccaggtctt ggctcccaac aactcaggac ctcaaattca gatgttcctc cctataacaa    159720
     ttcccttagg aattatgata cccattttag tgattgatag aaacctgggg tacagagtgg    159780
     tcaagggatt tccctgataa aagctgtggt gctgatgata gtgcagccca gaatctaaga    159840
     gtccctgcag ccttcgcatc gaggatggta cttaggcgtg tgcagagcac gcttcccttt    159900
     tgccctcaaa tgcagcatat cttcatgagc ctatttattt ccaagctagg ctgtctttat    159960
     taaccaacaa ctcagcccca gccactcccc aagcggggaa aaaaacacta cgtttcttgg    160020
     tcagtgtacc tctggacact gcagcccaca cagctggctg aactcggtaa atgggaaccg    160080
     aagtcttgtg agcttcacat gacctgatcc tttgttatca gaacagggtt caggtggccc    160140
     tgttggctca tgtgctttgg aagccagctc cctgggtcac gagtctggct ttgcactttc    160200
     cataagagtc tgcttctatg caaaggtgca aacaggagac atgcccaaat ctgctggctg    160260
     aacaggctaa actacagtga gaggctgctc tggcatggct cgttcttcct tctgtgtatc    160320
     tcccaagtct gacaagtgtg ttgccctggg aagcaggacc tccctgagct ccttaacctt    160380
     gaccccattc tgcaggacag tcgcatgctc tgggctcgcc tctggcctca aagcacttgt    160440
     gtaagtgggc ttgcttaaca gtaatatcct tggaggcttc tggacccaaa gggaagccaa    160500
     tccttcgagt ttgccattgg gctgctggtt gctggtttca aacatatagt tcatgaaaag    160560
     tctttaattg gagattttca aaggtgaata ttctgttttt gttggaaaga aactcatctg    160620
     atgagtcatc gatgagtttg gctttcgccc ctgccacatc ctcccctgag gttccttcca    160680
     tgctgcactg ccttccttta gccagtgaca gagcctggtg cccttcctgg actgaaaccg    160740
     atggaatcct tccgagggga gtggcattcg gcttgcctcc tgcctaaatc tgcttttatc    160800
     catttgtagc aactttatgc tgtaacaaaa ggcggaagga aaccaagagt tctcttagca    160860
     agtcagactc cttcccaaga tggcaatcac agaacacctc gcaggatctc gcaggccacg    160920
     gtgaaggaga atgctttatg ttgatgttgt ccattctctc tctcttctct ttgctttttt    160980
     ttgacctaaa taagctgcaa acatgttaat ttaccaatat tgataaacca catgaagaaa    161040
     tcaggcattt tacgttatga tgtgcttgtt cctgtctctg cctataaatt gactgtattg    161100
     atgatgaagg aaggagttcc ggctgaccat tctgaagcag tcccagtcac gggaggatgc    161160
     cttacccagt ggccagacat gatagttcca ggtctcccct tggttttggt gatagagaac    161220
     ccaaggaggc aagggggaat atcaacgaac ccatttctat ttcattaccc acaagcgaaa    161280
     ggactagaaa aaaatatttg aaattaacat ttagatgcat aggtctaact ccttgtgtga    161340
     acctgtcctc ctcaccccct gctccaaata tgtgaggtgg aagcattagc agcggagcaa    161400
     aactaagatc taagaacggg cggtggtgct attgtgtccc tgggagtcac tccacgtcgc    161460
     attgcacggt ggtgctgagg agcgagagtt tgctttatca tgggctttca gttcccacct    161520
     gcgagctgca aactttgatc ttgttgtcct tgaattcccc tctacatcac gaggaagctg    161580
     tctctttcat ctcttccgga tttggaatca gaacactctg cccgttgttt attcgccagt    161640
     tgccattctt aacatggggg agcattaaga tgcaaatgca gagatgtgtc ctgtcttgac    161700
     aaaggtggga acccctgagc tggagaaggg gctcctctca tgagaagctg gggtaaacag    161760
     ccaggcatcg cagcgtgggg aattagacag gcaggaatct ggcctggttt gtcataaatt    161820
     agccttcaac ttgaagtcta ttatgttctt ataaggcggt agtgacttca gtccagccgc    161880
     atctaccatc cagggtggag gttcaaaaag tcttatacgc acctacaagt ctcacgcttg    161940
     ctgctcagac tttctgataa aatctcagag ttctgtttgt attgaccaaa aatgcagttg    162000
     tgcccacttg ggtgtgtatc tcatgtcctt gtaaaccagc caccttcttt ggatagaagg    162060
     caaggctgac aaatctgcag atttgttcaa tgcaaacaca gccgtctata tcattggcca    162120
     ctgctgatta tattgagtgt ttttaggttt tttaggtttc ttattccaaa aaggatttta    162180
     gactgtaaaa tgactaaaga tgagttaatt tccaaactaa aaaaggaagg agtcctgcct    162240
     gtactcattg ttctttcctg ctggactagt aacccattct tggagcacac acagagtccc    162300
     tcgcttctaa agacaatacg tcttaaaccc tgaaaacttg ccagtgagaa agaggttgaa    162360
     agtcctgttt gctattagtt gaggctaagc cgtctgctgc cactgtccct ggggcctcca    162420
     tgctgccgcc ggggtatgtg gcccagctgt ccccccatga aggacactct tcaatgccac    162480
     cacacgggag tctgggcagg gaggaaaggc acacagccca cttttctctg caccaaatga    162540
     aacaaagctg ggtgttcagt gtcactgatg caagtaaatg ggtctcaaat tttggtgggg    162600
     gcagtgtttc tttggattct gatacctctt tttccacctc cagaaagtat ctgtcaacat    162660
     tggtgggtaa cagcttataa agtgcatcac ttagtaatct tcctgacaaa atgacacatt    162720
     ttaaaattac aacctgttca ttatttccat cataatgcaa gcgtaattct aatccgggag    162780
     aagatactgt catttaagct catcttctca aaaaaatttt ttctgaaaat tcctggaaac    162840
     taatttatcc ctccctaaac aaacacattc tgcttttggg tggccctacc cagaacctgc    162900
     agcaatgtca taacactgga cacagtgcgg cttggggcag tatcaagcct tcattgcata    162960
     caaaccttaa tctctaagca tagttgttcc caaggtccac acgtgtggag gcgagtactg    163020
     aaataccaca ctcacacatc tattccatgc gtacctagaa attaccttca acactaaaaa    163080
     aggttccttc tttcattccc tatcctgcta acagcccaca ttgtaatatt tgatttatga    163140
     agaagttcta atttatttgt gaactcagga tgttgcttta cagcattgct cgtgttctct    163200
     catttactta ttatgcatca cggttggaaa tgctatccac gtgccgtgca tcgaggtgga    163260
     gatttgctgg atctgtctgt ggctattttt ttccatgttt ttctcactca agcaaagtct    163320
     gttagtggaa acatgggctg ggggatgggg agaggacaga taaagcaaga gaatagggat    163380
     tagggtccaa tcctcaatgc acagggctta gttcaaaatc taagctgttt ctgtagtaag    163440
     cagccaaatg ggaaagatcc cttcgttttg aatttgatga gaatgggctt ggaaatccac    163500
     gcccaccggc ttgcacggaa gaggactcag cctcttccta atggttcaac attcaattcc    163560
     tgaggaaagt gctgatagta ttagttccct acatttccct aagactccca tccaacccct    163620
     agtgctactg aagagggttt gggaaagcaa ttggagttcc ttagcttgga tatatatagt    163680
     acctgttttt ttcctctgga aaaaccaaag tactttagtg agtcttacaa tcttaaggca    163740
     ttttgtcccc tcactgggtc ccgagaggca gggaggggct aggccttgag ctaggagcaa    163800
     ggacatgggc cgccaggcct ggttgttact agctgtgcaa ccttgggcga gcctcttcgc    163860
     tttgctgggc ctcaggttcc cgagtggaag actgggggtc agaacagctg cccttctggg    163920
     agagcatcaa gagaaagtgg tataagtgat gggaagtgct ttgaagaaat taaaggtctg    163980
     tctaggagct gggggtaatc atttacagat gaagaaactg aagtctagtc attgactggc    164040
     ccgagttcac agagtggttt tatagcaaaa cagggacttg agtccagctt attggattct    164100
     tcccatcaga tcatattgca ccaggtatgt gtagacatga acacatacca ttcctctaag    164160
     gtgtgtgtac atacacggat gtgtgtgtac aggaggtacc tgacatggtg aaaggccata    164220
     ggacagaaaa cctgagttct aattccagct ttgccagtcg tcccgtccgt gatatattcc    164280
     ataggacaga aaacctgagt tctaattcca gctttgccag tcatcctgtc cgtgatatat    164340
     tccataggac agaaaacctg agttctaatt ccagctttgc cagtcgtccc gtccgtgata    164400
     tattacctaa ctcctccaga actcagtttt ctaacctata aaatgaagac attgtgctag    164460
     atgatctttg tggttccttc aagctctgga tctctaattc catgattagt aatgtatgta    164520
     tgtgtatata aatatgctta tctgtagaaa tgggcccatt tgaaaagtgg agacaaggtc    164580
     tgcccaggtg catttattgt gccagaaaca gtgaattcct aaataagttc ataaaatctt    164640
     gttttacaat tcaatggtag tgcttaatgt tactgtctga aatccactgt ttaaccagat    164700
     ggaagactgg ggccattcaa aacattatta gttcacaagt gtttgctgtt aaaatgcttc    164760
     aataaaactc atttgttaaa gtcagaaatt caactcttct gtacttgggc aggtcccagc    164820
     agccccttgg caggctagtt ttgtgcatgg gcctttgcaa gctatataaa cgttaggtgt    164880
     tggcttgatt atgataaata tgagcaggct ccctggagaa cagtccagaa aaaaagagtt    164940
     atagttctca caaactggtg acatgaatcc attaagctgt gtggcatttt ccagtgtaaa    165000
     gacattgttt gctggctacg atctctgact ttttgtggca tatgaggtgt aaaatgttgt    165060
     caaaaaagaa tctggtgttt aaaaaaaaat caaactatgg tggcattaaa tgttcacttt    165120
     tattctaccc agagttgtga attcctctat ccagcttctc cttctgtacc tcgggggaaa    165180
     gcaattcaag agctaggggt gggtgcttct cacggcagca acaccttggc ccaagtctag    165240
     cccccaggcc tctcaggacc tcatgggatg aggcctgtct agtcgccctg tggagctggc    165300
     ccccaacaag ttcagcagct cagccaggag tgagtagagg tgtcagctaa gtcccagagt    165360
     ccctggactt gttctgcaca cctgagagcc agacgctggg gaaagtgtgg agaagcttgt    165420
     gttgataatg ggatattttc tgttgccctc cctcagtcca gtgtttctgg ggcttacaca    165480
     aaataaggga atttgcagtc actgtagatt gctcgggcct ggatgcatgg gcctctgtta    165540
     cactggtgct tggtctcagt tataactggg cacattcagg caagaaggca aaaacagatc    165600
     agaactagaa aaaggtctct cagggtagcc ccttcccttg aggacagtct ccctccactg    165660
     cagacatttc cctctgaaca gtaatgaggg actttcctag atgctggtgc cacattcatc    165720
     caatcaactg agtgctccac acccccagga gatagggcag gatggccact caaagcaaat    165780
     acatactctt cactcctggc aagatccctc tctgagtccc tgtctcctac tgcaccacgc    165840
     ttgcctggac atgcacacct ccaaggctcc ctgcttttct tctccccaaa tcctagccaa    165900
     gaccttcttg ggctcccttt gggtaaaccg agcagaagcc gtaagggttt tctaaacata    165960
     atgccttcaa ctagaagaga aggtagaggt ggtgccaaac tgatcattcc cttggggagg    166020
     agacgatgga aaggcagcct ctattataga attgtttcta atgccctcac tcctcccaat    166080
     taaagacctt ctcagtgctc tgctggcctg tcgtagccta taatacatct tgtcccaatt    166140
     cacatcagca cctctcgtct ctgggaagga tatgtattgt gtggtcatca gaagtaactt    166200
     ttcattagga aaaaaactat ccaaatatac aatcttaggt ggatctgtcc ctcaaaccat    166260
     taaactatcc aaactgttct tacttttatt ctttccatcc tttttgatcc tgtctctttg    166320
     tctcagggag gacagtggcc attctgccta ccttggcacc atgctgcatt tggccagacg    166380
     cccctgggac tagaaggtca tagaaaagaa agcaaggtga tgtcattgtc cagcaatggc    166440
     agatcaggct atggctgcac ctggatggag aaaatgcctc cgcatctatg caggacctgt    166500
     tgcagtgtct gatgcttcca cttgtttttc tagctgaagg tgttgtttct agaaaaccct    166560
     tataaatcta cagagcactt ggagtgtaaa tgcattgacc tgccagtggc tgcagtgctc    166620
     ctaacaccca tggatatctc ttgttctata actccagtgg ctagaacaga acatggaaca    166680
     tagtgggtgc tcaaccaata ttagctgaat gaatgaatca atcaattatt caactttggg    166740
     ggaagaggca acaacaaaaa cctgggcagg ggcctgcagc atttcagagt cccgtgacaa    166800
     gtggaccaaa ggtctgcatt tgcaaacccc tactgggatt aatccctaat tcccagtgga    166860
     gaaggagcac caggcccaca caaggccaga cccacgccct gggcttctta cgcacacagc    166920
     cttgacctcc acagccacgg agcagccttg gctttcaggc ctcctaaagc atgtttctaa    166980
     gagatgaaaa agagtcgtgt tcaagctcgt ggattccgtc tcaacatgta taaaacaatc    167040
     gtcgagcaaa ccctcactga gcagcactcg cactgtccca gacaccgtgc tggttgcagt    167100
     gaatgaaaca ggttccaggc tcccagaact cagtgaggtt ggcgagccgg gccggcacac    167160
     agaaacgctg ctacaaacac gcaaacgtgc tcccctccat gcagggcaaa ccctcctcag    167220
     gggccccttt tcctagaatt tgggcccttg tccaggcctc acctccagaa gagtctcctt    167280
     aagcaggagg ctgagagggc agcgaggcgg ggagggaagg gggacagcca gtgtcactgc    167340
     aagtcgcttt atttctcctg cggaagtcca gccctccctc actcccctac tccccggcac    167400
     ttccagcttc ctccccgcag cgggttaaca cgtgcatttg ccaagagctc aggaagggcg    167460
     cgctgtgagc atccagccag ctgaggagga ggggactgtc ccctgggcag ccaccccgct    167520
     gccacctgag gaagctactt tggggtccac ctgcatgcac ggtaagcagc acgtcctttc    167580
     tttttcattt taaaattgtt acattgcccc gctcagccca tcctctgtgc tctcccctct    167640
     ccagcaggtt ctggggtgct gatacatatt acacaccttt tgtgtgctca gaagaaaaac    167700
     tcaaaaaaaa gagctttata gaccacaaag atctacaaac ccccaaagtc cctgatggcc    167760
     cagtgagaga aaggccgctg ctttttaaaa ctgcactttg aaaatatgga aattgaaaat    167820
     aaaaaattac cttcatctca ccccagagag aaccactgtt atttaataga tacacacaca    167880
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga ggcacgtgcg ctattacaaa    167940
     ttttggatta tcctggatat ggtccttttg gaaccctttt cccctttaat aatcctacca    168000
     tgtatatttg tttccccaat tggcacatgt gctctgacaa catggctttt aacattgcag    168060
     aatattccat cacatagatc gaccgactct catttatgca cggctactat tccctgctct    168120
     tggaccataa gattgcttcc actttttcac aattatcagt tacactgttg aacataaatc    168180
     aacacatatt gaatataaat cttttttgtt aacctgacaa gtccgtaggg ataaattcct    168240
     ggaagtaaaa tagctataac aagaggaata aaagattaca aggcatgtta cacacattga    168300
     gggtggctgt gctttaaacc gtccaacctc aatgatgatt agaagccttc cctgatagcc    168360
     ccagatggag tcatctcttc ctctcttaac ttttatttca ttgattcact tatttattca    168420
     ttctacaaat atacattaaa aaactctggc caggcacggt agctcacgcc tgtaatccca    168480
     gcactttgag aggccgaggc ggggggatca cttgaggtca ggagttctag accagcctgg    168540
     ccaacgtggt gaaaccccct ctctacaaaa aatacaaaaa ttagctaggc atgatggcgc    168600
     gtgccggtaa tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggcacaaa aattgcttga acccgggagg    168660
     tggatattgc agtgagccga gattgcacca ctgcactaca ccctgggcaa agagcaagac    168720
     taagtctcaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaaaaaaa ctccaacatg ggacagtgtt    168780
     cctgttgtaa gatgtgccaa gttcttagta tacacttcat catattttaa agtaggacgt    168840
     gtttatctgt ccttaaatat taggcatcag gctcacgcct gtaatcccgg cactttggga    168900
     ggccgaggtg ggcagatcac aaggtcagga gattgagacc atcctggcta acacagtgaa    168960
     accccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaactt agctgggtgt ggtggcgggt gcctgtagtc    169020
     ccagctactt ggaggctgag ggaggagaat ggcgtgaacc caggaggcgg agcttgcagt    169080
     gagccgagat cgcaccactg cactccagcc tgggcgacag agcaagactc tatctcaaaa    169140
     aataaaaaat aaaaaataaa tttaaaaaaa taggcatcag gagggtagga gctcttttta    169200
     tggctccctg tgtttaacac aatgctgggc acaaaatcag gttaagattc agagggtttc    169260
     gacagccaaa gctattgaag ggaatggcat tttatacaca gtatagatat ccatacactg    169320
     gaaacacttt tctggggatt ctgacatcca tctcagccct tgctgagaac tcttagctga    169380
     ggggccatga agcctgggtg ctcgtgtgaa actgcaactt gcagttgact ttgagggagt    169440
     ctcagtgcgt ctccaggctc catctcctca tctgtgtaag agaagtgaag cccaatctgt    169500
     cctgcctagt ttcccctggg tttgttctga ggatgaaaga agatgctgtg tgtagaacca    169560
     ggtcataatc tggtaagtgc tcaacagacg taaggtcctg ggataacata cacttgtttt    169620
     gataattaca acaagattcc tcaggcagcc tttacttctt tcctagactg tgcccgctac    169680
     acagtttctt cattcagcac ctgcctcatt ctctcatgtt gttttttgga gacagggtct    169740
     tgctctgttg cccagactag agtgcagtgg cacaatcata gctcactgca gtctcaaact    169800
     cctgggctcc agcgatcctc ctgcctcagc ctcacaggta gctgggacta caggcacgaa    169860
     ccaccacacc tctctaattt tttaaaaaaa tttttggtag agatggggtc ttgctatgtt    169920
     gcccaggctg gtctcaaact catggcctca agcaatcatc cctccttggc ctcctgaaag    169980
     gctggaaagc cactgcatct agccctattc attttctttc tttccgagac agagtctctc    170040
     tctgttgccc aggctggagt gcagtggcac aatcttggct cactgcagcc tctgcctcct    170100
     ggattcaagt gattcttgtg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct gggatttcag gcaaccatca    170160
     ccatgcccag ctaattttta tattttttgt agagatgggg tttagccatg ttggccagac    170220
     tggtcttaaa ctcctgacct caggtgatcc acccagctcc taaagtgctg ggattacagg    170280
     tgtgagccac cacgcctggc cccattcttt taaaaatatc agtggcttcc atctattaga    170340
     agtaggttgg gctatacatc acactatccc taaatcttac tttcatgtgg tttgtttaat    170400
     aattaattcc caataagtct caggggagag ttctgcaata tgtataaaac tttggcaaga    170460
     tggcatatta ggaacagctc tggtctgcag ctcccagcga gatcgacaca gaaggcgggt    170520
     gatttctgca tttccgactg agggaaattg atattagggc taatatcaag aatctacaaa    170580
     gaacttaaac aaaattacaa gaaaaaaaca aacaactcca tctactgcct tgagtgggca    170640
     gtaggcaagc tgaggcctgg gtttctaagt ggtcgagagg aggctggaga ccagcagggg    170700
     tcagacgctg agacgagaca gatttaaccc tcatcacaat tttgctcaag tcctggggtt    170760
     cctgccccac cagtttcctt ttcggaagcc tgaaaacata aaccaggttt accaacaccc    170820
     tcaattcgca accagcccct tctctccggt ggatgtgttt gggaagccag gcatagagaa    170880
     tattgccatt gacctcctcc tgctcctttc cttgtcccgc tttattagca tcacatgaat    170940
     ttgatgggtg tgttgccgaa gccagaataa gtagtttaga cggtgagggc agcagcagct    171000
     cagagaaggg agcagctgaa aaacctcagg gcttgtgcac cacctcttga ggccagccag    171060
     ccttgccctg tctccaggca gctgtgctcc taaaccgcga caaatgacta agaaatttct    171120
     gctcagggga gtcctgaggg aaggaaggtg ctctttccct gcaggtgcat ttgacgtcac    171180
     tcaggcacag ggggcccctc ccagcagcct ccagaagcag cctccagagc ctgggtcggt    171240
     gacagcccgt ctagtattta agcatgattc agccaccctc cctactcccg tgtaaatccg    171300
     tggatatgca cggaatccag cttcctcttt ctgcacatac acacatcctt ttggctattt    171360
     ctctggagga ccctgactaa cacaggccac cgaccctcca tcactgtggg cttcctgttt    171420
     ctgcagtaag cactcccttt gggagagtcc aatgagaaaa aaggaaagaa cctcattagg    171480
     tccctccacg tcaacactga ctgtgttaac cctaattact gcacctgaat tattcttttc    171540
     cagttgcaaa gaaggaaatc tctaaggtct tttttaaaac ctacaaaact tctaaagaat    171600
     ggtaaaatgg gaaggctttt ttgcattggc aggagcataa ataattcctg agggcatctg    171660
     aactccaacc aggtcagccc agcccagctt ccccaacatc ccccttgcca gggaagaggc    171720
     agagaatagt aactcaagtt tatagagact gtattgttgc ctttgatctt cagcaccacc    171780
     ccattgaggt aagcattagc tcataccttt ggacaagggc aagtcagaaa gtgagaggga    171840
     aagtgagaaa ggcatttgga aaaaacaggg aggaggactt ggtcattgct tcattcatgt    171900
     attcattgca caaatattta ttggctacca caatgtgtca gctgtggtgc tggaagtgga    171960
     gagacaatag caagtgagac agagaaggtc caaaccttta cccaacggag tgtatagtcc    172020
     agcaaacatt tcctgaaggc ctgcacctgg caaggcactg ctggcaaagc ccaagagtac    172080
     agcaacccag cttaaaggag ggtgatccaa ctttgaaagc tgccccttct gtgagcgccc    172140
     tcaatccctc aagcttattc tgcctcacta atgattgctc tcccttccat ggtctattgt    172200
     accatctttc tctccctatt ggcctgagag ctcttccagg gcaggaccac tctccactca    172260
     gcccaacaca atgtctggcg cacggttctt caggcacatt catccaatga tgacctgcaa    172320
     tgagccgagc atggtgtcag cagctgaagc aacagagagg gaagaaaccc aggccccttc    172380
     ctccagggat gtggagtcta gtgggggaga aagataaaga aagaagcaac tattttgatg    172440
     tgataaattt cctggggaat gactaagtgc caagctgtgc agaagaagaa atgctggctg    172500
     ggcctggtgg ttcacacttg taatcccagc actttgggaa gccaaggtgg gaggattgat    172560
     ggaggccagg agtttgagat cagcctgagc aacagagcaa gactccatct ctacacaaaa    172620
     ttttaaaaat tagccagctg tggtggcaca caactgtagt cccagcaact tgggaggctg    172680
     atatgggagg attgcttgag ccccggagtt cctggctgca gaatggccac tgccctccag    172740
     cctgggcaac acagtgagac ctagtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcca    172800
     aaaaggagag aggagggagg agagaaaaga ggagggagga aggggaggtc aaggaaggag    172860
     gaggaggaac atagctgtaa tgggaagata gggaggaaaa aggaggatgg aagacatgct    172920
     cagatatgtc ttcatggcta gatggtaagt tctgactggg cagagacaat gtctgtttcc    172980
     ttagtaccta gcaaagggtc ttgcactggg tagatattca ctgtattttc agtggggaat    173040
     gaattcccat aatagggaat ctgaagccct taaagaaaac cagaatagca aagaatagaa    173100
     taatgtttac tcttttatat tgattagaaa tgcatactcc acatatagaa agtacaaact    173160
     caacagagta aaatctcaga gaatggtttt tacacatatt tgcagtgtga tcagtcaatg    173220
     ttcctgaaag ctaataagaa tccagtaacc atttaatatt aaatgtatgg agaagctacc    173280
     taaatcctag ggtcatgttg cttgtcactt gagagaacac cattttcttg tctaactctt    173340
     atttttattc acattcatga tcatacatgc atgtgcagcc acacgaacat caacatcaat    173400
     atctggtttc tagagtagat tctcaaaagg taggaaaacc tgccttgata gcatcttata    173460
     aaactcagca cattaccaca cacagatgca ttccaattgt gaaatctctc aggacgaaaa    173520
     gtattctatg ggtgatgctg tttttctttt ttttcccagg ttttgcttat taatgaccca    173580
     gccaggcttt ctcacattgt cttgtgctag aggcattgac tcctcacatc ggaaaagtaa    173640
     aatgcctaga aatgcctaaa ggagaaataa aacaaagtgg ttgatgctta gaaagaaaag    173700
     tcatccaatt cactcacagt gggtcatgct gcttaactca gccacaagga aatcccaatt    173760
     catgcaaaaa taattctgtc ttcattattc tacaatccag tgggtgtcta tgataatttg    173820
     agtactcctt tcttgaaaag agaagatcag cacgtgtgtc tttaacaata cattcctctt    173880
     ggtcttgctg aaatgctgca ttagtgactg catctgattg cactggaacc tggctcaggc    173940
     cccctactga tgctcttaca ggccattatt aatgcgtacc ccttcagggg ctgtaatttg    174000
     ggactcaatt tgccataaaa ttgtcctaag tgtcacctta gtaatcggag atcacatgac    174060
     ccatgaaaca cattgagatg aaagatggca cctcttggaa atgaatgtca aattttcccc    174120
     catagtaaaa aggcactagc cattgtattt gcagtggatt tcactgtgcc ttgagatggg    174180
     gaggggttac aatgttccct gtgcacatgc cttgagctgg gcctgctagg cctcagacca    174240
     gagccttcac ctaccacata ccctgaagac tcaacacaca gactctagta attcagccat    174300
     ccctcaggtg gattttgatg gtgcttatct ttttaaccaa aaatccatat gttttctaac    174360
     aaaggagttt tatcctaatt ccagatacaa aaagtaggtt agatgtcaag tctggcaaaa    174420
     caaaaggtag tttgattaat cattagggaa atgccaatca aaaccacaat gagacacaat    174480
     ttcacaccta tcaggatggc tatttccaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacacaa    174540
     aacagaaaat cacaacggtt gacaaggatg tggagaacct ggaagccttg cacgtggcta    174600
     gtgggaaggt aaaatggtgc agctggcgta gaaaaacagt atggcagctc ctcaaaaaaa    174660
     ggaaacccag gatcactatt aacatgtgat ccagcaactt cacctctgag tacacaaccc    174720
     aaagaaccga aggcagggac ttgaatagat acctgtgtat cagtgttcat agcaacacta    174780
     ttcacaatag ccaaatgaca gtaataatga tctacatgtc tactggcaga tgaatggata    174840
     aacaaaagcg gatacagaca taccatagag tgtcattgag tcttagaaag gaatgaaatt    174900
     ctgacacatg ctgaacattt gcccatggat gaaccctgaa gacatgatgc taagtgaaat    174960
     caaccagaca gagagagaca aataacgtgt gattccactt atacaagatg cggagagtag    175020
     tcaaattcac agagacagaa agtggagtgg tggttcccac ggtggagcag gggtcattgt    175080
     tcaatagtat atagtttcag tttgggaaga tgaaaacatc tgaaaaatgg atggtggtga    175140
     cggctgaaga acaatgcgaa tgtacttaat gccactgagc tttctatttt aaaatggtta    175200
     gaatggtaaa gcatacatta tgtacctttt ataacaaaat gttttaaggt agattggttg    175260
     tcaaaatact agaatttcac atttcaatgg acgaaagcca aaacgaatgc aatgtgggac    175320
     tgccctggaa aactccaggc atttggacgg ccatcttgaa actgtgctgt agataaggta    175380
     gatcaagacc aggaagccct ggggagaagg tggcagggat atagagctgg agagaagggg    175440
     aactgtctgc ctctttcctt cagaaaagcc tgcggtgaca acttgttcac ctctagcctt    175500
     actgctcggg ctgcagagga cgccggcacc agcacctttg tccatctcaa gggctctgtt    175560
     ggaaacttga gtcaaatcaa ctaccttgca gccttaatct atagtagtta tttttgttgt    175620
     tccttctgtt cctggtgaca cttggttctg aatttagtct agcagaatga gagggcctgc    175680
     acaggggccc tgctataagt taccttcact cacaaaatgc gggcatcccc acccctagtt    175740
     acaacacaca tgtagcaaca tgtcttcgta tgttctaaag cagaggaaag agccaatgga    175800
     acttataagc tgtagcttat aaagcactct tagatgattc taccattttt taaaaaaaat    175860
     taccatgatt tatctggtca tctagagggg ccagacacag tatgattatg atgctcttat    175920
     gaacttcaga gcactcctag aggccacttt taatgaagta caagcctcct gactggagat    175980
     taagtcaata tcctttatca cactattgaa agcactgaat attttggtat cgactctcac    176040
     tactctattt caaaagaggc tgaagaagct gaaaagctga gcagcacttc tcagtttcaa    176100
     gaaactagga ggcaaaaact ggagtctagg actcatcaat gagggcctaa taattccctc    176160
     cattttgggg ctgagatctc aaagaactgt accctaggac taagggtgat ggaagtcgac    176220
     taaaactcag caacaaatta tctcaattca tgaagtggaa ttaaggtgat caagactgct    176280
     agtctggggg aggggtggag caaaatggct gactacaagg ctccactgat tgtccccaca    176340
     gcaggaatgc caaattcaac agctatccac ataaagacag catctttata aaaccaacaa    176400
     tcaggtgagc actcacagtc cctggtttta attctatcac tgaaagaggc accaaggaag    176460
     gtagcaagga gagtcctgaa ttgccagtgc cccacttcct ccatcgccca acagcggcca    176520
     tgtggcacag agcaagaacc tgtgcactca ggagagacag cacagtgatt atgagacttt    176580
     acactgaact cagcactgcc ctgtcacagt agaaagcaaa accagactga actcaactga    176640
     tgaacgccca gggagggagc attcagatgg gcccaagctg gaggggaacc gctgtccccg    176700
     tggggggaat ctgagttcca gcaagcctca ccaccatggg ctaaagtgct ctggggccat    176760
     aaataaacct aaaaggcagt ctataccaca aggactgtaa ctcttaggca agtcctagtg    176820
     ctgagctggg ctcgaagcca gtgggcttgg ggagcatgcg acctactgag acaccaccca    176880
     acacagctaa aggagtgttt gcaccagtcc ttccccaacc ccaggcagca cagctcttgg    176940
     ctccaaaaga gatccctcca ttctgcttga ggagagggga gggaagagta aagagtaaag    177000
     agaactttgt cttacatctt gggtaccagc tcacccaaag taggataggg cactagtcag    177060
     agttgtgaag tccccatttc aggtccttcc tcctggatga catttccaga cacacccagg    177120
     gccaaaaggg aacccactgc tttgaaagga aggacccagt gctatcagga tccatcacct    177180
     gctggctaaa gagctcctgg gtcctgaata accagcagca atatccaagt aatatccagg    177240
     tggtggtagc catgggctgc ctgtggaaac gggacgaaag agtgggaaga gctgggactc    177300
     atggtttgag tgccagctca gctgcagtag aatagaacac caggtatatt tctaaggatt    177360
     ttggttccag tacgtggctc ctggacagca cctctggacc tgcccagggc ctaagggaac    177420
     ccaatgccct gaagagaagg acacatgcct ggttggcttc accacctgct tactgtaaag    177480
     ccccagggcc tcgagcaaat ataggccata gccaggtagt gcttctagca ggccttgggt    177540
     gaaactcact actgtgctgg cttcaggtct gaccagtgca gccccagtga tagtggccac    177600
     aggggagctt gtgtcacctc acacccaact ccaggtagct cagcacagag agagagacta    177660
     tgtttgtttg ggagaaagta agggaagaga acaagaatct ttgcttggta tccagagaac    177720
     gcttgcagat cttatccaag accacaaagg tggtacctct atgagtctgc aagaaccaca    177780
     gtgttaccag gcttggggtg ccttgtaata caaacatgac ttagataaca cacccaagtc    177840
     ctttcaaata cctcaaaagc cttcccaaga agaacaggca caaacagccc agattgcaaa    177900
     gactataagt acctaactct tcaatgccca gacaccaaag aacatccaca agcatcaaaa    177960
     ccattcagga aaatgtggcc tcaccaaatg aactaaatca ggcatcaggg aacaatccca    178020
     gagaaacaga gatatgcaac ttttcagaca gagaattcaa aacagccatt ttgaggaaac    178080
     tctgagaaat tcaagataac acagaaatgg aattcagaat tctatcacat aaattgaaca    178140
     aagagattaa aataattaaa aagaatcaag cagaaattct ggagctgaaa ttgcaaatga    178200
     catactgaag aatgcatccg ttattggcct taaagaggag gtagagaagg agatagggat    178260
     agaaagttta ttcaaagggt taacagagaa cacctcaaac ccagaagata tcaatatcta    178320
     agtaaaagaa ggctacagaa caccaagcag atttaactca aagaagacta cctcgaagca    178380
     tttaaaaatc aaactcccaa aggtcaacaa taaagaaaag atcctaaaag cagcaaaata    178440
     aaagaaacaa ataacccatt ggagtttcaa tatagctagc agccgacttc tcagtggaga    178500
     actgatagtc gagaagagca tatttaaagt gctgaaggaa aaaaactttt accctagaat    178560
     agaatatcta tcgaaaatat ccttcataca tgaaggaaga atactttctc agataaacaa    178620
     aggctgaggg atttcaacaa agactagaac tgtcctacaa gaaatgttaa aggaagtatt    178680
     tcaatcagaa agaaaaggat gttaatgagc aataagaaat catctgaaaa tacaaaactt    178740
     actggtaata gtaagcacac agaaaaacac agaatattaa acattgtaac tctggcttgt    178800
     aaactactct taccttgagt agaaaagact aaaagatgaa ctaataaaaa ataataacta    178860
     caactattca agacatagac aatacaataa tacatacatt taaaagttaa aaatatataa    178920
     atttaatata taaatttaaa aagttaaaaa acacgggatg aaattaaagt gtagttaacc    178980
     taaccattat taggattttt tgcttctttg tttatgcaag cagtcttaaa ataatgggta    179040
     atagatatta tttgtaagcc taatggtaac ctcaaatcaa aaaacataca atggatatgc    179100
     caaaaataaa aagcaagaaa ttaaatccta ccaccagaga aaatcacttt cactaaaaga    179160
     aagacaggaa ggaaggaaat aagaaggaga agaccacaaa ataaccattg cattgggcct    179220
     gcctgggtgg tccgtgcaac ccaagagagt gaggaaaagc agggtggggc aacagcccac    179280
     ccttgagcgg ggtggaacca ggtgagccct caccccaggc aagaaaggtg gtgagtgatt    179340
     gtacaacgcc cccccaggaa gccatgcttt tcccatggat ctttgcaacc cgcagatcag    179400
     gagatcccct tgtgcaccca gcaaggcctt ggttcccaag cacagagctg tgtgaactct    179460
     cgcagctgct tggccatgca caaagaccca ggagtttctt gcatactcca ccccgggaat    179520
     tccagtgaga caggagatct tccaagcttt cccctaggaa gggggctaaa gccaggacac    179580
     taagcagcgt catcctgcag gccccactcc catagcacct cacgagttaa aacccactga    179640
     cttggaattc tagccagcct gtgggagcag gctggagatt gccggagatg accaagttcc    179700
     cagggggagg ggcagccgcc atctacatgg ctcaagtcag ccattttggc ctgccaactc    179760
     caggagtctg caaggtccag accaaaagga attcagcgcc atgccgcgca gccagctgct    179820
     gtggtagatc gcggccaggc tgcttcttta agtgggaccc tgacccatcc ctcctcactg    179880
     ggtggggcct ccctgtggga atttcataac tccgatctct ccctgggatg gagccactgt    179940
     ggggaggggc ggccaccgta tctatggttc agcctgctgg ctctggaaag tccaggtgat    180000
     ctggaaaaga ggggctcctc ccactgcagc acacctgctc tgccaagggg cagccagact    180060
     gcttctttaa atgggtccca ttcctcctga ctgggtaaga cctcccaata ggggtctcca    180120
     gacaccttct agaggagcat ttgggccagc atcaggtcgg gacccctggg atggagctcc    180180
     cagaggaagg agcaggctgt catatttgct gttttgcagc cttcactggt gatacctcta    180240
     ggtgcaggag ggtccaaggc aactagggtc tggagtggac ctccagcaaa ccacagtagc    180300
     cctacaaaaa ggggcctatt aaaagaaaaa caaacagaaa gaaaaacaac aacagcacag    180360
     accccataaa aacccattaa aacgttagca aacccaaaga tcaaaagtag ataagtccac    180420
     aaagatgaga aagaatcaac acaaagatgt taaaaactca aaaagccaga gtgtttcttc    180480
     tccttcaaat gatggcagca tctgtccagc caggccacag aactgggctg agactgagat    180540
     ggatacattg ccagaagcag gcttcagaag gtgggtaata gcaaacttca ctgagccaaa    180600
     ggaccgtgtt ctaacccagt gcgaaacaga gaagaatcat gataaaacat tacaggagct    180660
     gataaccaga ataaccagtt tagggaagaa cagaaatgac ctgatgcagc tgaaaaccac    180720
     aacacaagaa cttcacaata atgcaatcac aagtatcaac agccaaacag accaagcggg    180780
     agaagaatct cagagcttga aaactatctg gctgaattaa gataaacaaa caagaataga    180840
     ggaaaaaaaa aaggaacaaa caaaacctcc gagaaatgtg ggattatgta aaaagaccga    180900
     acctatgact aattggggta gctgaaagag atggggaaaa tgaaaccaag ttggaaaaca    180960
     tacttcagga tatcatccag aacttcccca acctagaaag acaggccaac attcaaattc    181020
     aggaaatgca gagaacccca gtaagacatt ccatgagaag atcaacccta agacacataa    181080
     tcatcagatt ctccaaggtt gaaatgaaag acaaaatgtt aagggcagcc agagataaag    181140
     accaggtcac ttacaaatgg aagcccatca gactcatagc agacctctta gtggaaaccc    181200
     cacaagccag agatttgggg gcaatattca acattcttaa agaatttcca acccagaatt    181260
     tcataactgg acaaactaag cttcataacc aaaggagaaa gaagatcctt ttcagataag    181320
     caaacgctga gagaattcaa caccaccagg gtgccttgca agagttcctg aaggaagcac    181380
     tgaatatgga aagaaaaacc attatcagcc actacaaaaa tacactaaag tacacagacc    181440
     agtgacacta cgaagcagct atataaacaa gtctgcaaaa ataaccagct agcatcatga    181500
     tgacaggatc aaattcacac ataacagtat taaccttaaa tgtaaacagg ctaaatgccc    181560
     caattaaaag acacagaatg gcaagctgga taaagaatca agccctatca gtgtgccgta    181620
     ttcaagagat acatctcata tgcaaagaca cacacacgct caaaataaag ggatgaagga    181680
     aattttacca agcaaatgga aaacaggaaa aagcagggag agcaaatctg gttccagcaa    181740
     aacagagatt aaaccaacaa aaaatcaaaa aagacaaaga aggccgggca cagtggctta    181800
     tgtctgtaac cctagcactt tgggaggcca aggctggtgg gtaacttgaa atcaggagtg    181860
     tgagatcatc ctggccaacg tggcaaaagc ccgtctgtaa taaaaataca aaaattagca    181920
     gggcgtggca gtgcacacct gtaatcccag ctacttggga ggctgaggca caagaattgc    181980
     ttgaacccag gaggtaaaga ctgcagtgag gcaagatcgc accactgaac tccagcctgg    182040
     gtggcaaaga ctctgtctca aaaaacaaac aaaccaacaa acaaacaaaa aacaaagaag    182100
     ggcattacat gatggtaaag ggttcaattc accaagaaga gctaactatc ctaaatacat    182160
     atgcacccaa tatatatata tgcatctaat acaagagcac ccaaattcat aaagccagtt    182220
     cttagagacc taccaagaga cttagactcc cacacaataa cagtgggaga ctttaacacc    182280
     ccactgtcaa tattagacag atcaatgaga cagaaaatta acaaagctat tcaggacctg    182340
     cactcagctc tgggtcaagt gtacctgata gatatctaca gaactctcca cccaaaaaca    182400
     gcagcatata cattcttctc attgccacgt ggctcttgct ccaaaatcat cacataattg    182460
     gaagtaaaac actcctcggc aaacacaaaa taactgaaat cttaacaaac aatctctcag    182520
     accacagcac aatcaaatta gaactcaaga ttaagaaact cacccacaac cacacaaata    182580
     catggaaatt gaacaacctg ctcttgaatg gcccctgggt aaacaatgaa attaaggcag    182640
     aaatcaagaa gttctttgaa gctaatgaga acaaagagac aacataccag aatctctgag    182700
     atgcagctaa agcagtgcta agagggaaat ttatggcact aaatgccctc aaaaagctag    182760
     aaagatttca aatacacaac ctaacatcac aacgaaaaga actagagaac caagagcaaa    182820
     caaaccccaa agcaggcaga agacaagaaa taaccaagat cagaagggaa ctgaaggaga    182880
     tagagacaca cacacaaaaa aaacttcaaa aaaaatcaat gaatctgagt tggttttttg    182940
     aaaaaaataa aatagaccac tagctagact aataaagaag aaaagagaga cgaaccaaat    183000
     agatacagtc agaaaggata agggggatat caccactgat cccacagaaa tacaaacaac    183060
     catcagagaa tactataaat acctatatat acataaacta gaaaatctag gagaaatgga    183120
     taaattcctg gacacatata ccctcccaag actgaaccag aaagaaattg aatccctgaa    183180
     tagaccaaca gtgagttcta aaattgaggc agtaataaat agcctaccaa ccaaaactag    183240
     cccaggacca tacagattta tagctgaatt c                                   183271