EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC104301; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 189610 BP.
AC   AC104301; AC020590;
DT   11-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   25-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Homo sapiens chromosome 3 clone RP11-150N22, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-189610
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Zhou Y., James R.A., Rouse G., Wu Z.,
RA   Saenphimmachak C., Phelps K.A., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   "Direct Submission";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-189610
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-DEC-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Center, University of Washington, Box 352145, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-189610
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Zhou Y., James R.A., Rouse G., Wu Z.,
RA   Saenphimmachak C., Phelps K.A., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-JAN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Center, University of Washington, Box 352145, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
DR   MD5; b7e72a742a5787855c32ceef973ce923.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270598.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC104301.2:1-189610; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   On Jan 24, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:17402780.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: University of Washington Genome Center
CC   Center Code: UWGC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   Drafting Center: WUGSC
CC   -------------- Project Information
CC   Center project name: chr-3
CC   Center clone name: RP11-150N22 (bc0269)
CC   ------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Sequencing vector: unknown; 68% of reads
CC   Sequencing vector: plasmid; L08752; 32% of reads
CC   Chemistry: Dye-terminator ET; 73% of reads
CC   Chemistry: Dye-terminator Big Dye; 27% of reads
CC   Assembly program: Phrap; version 0.990319
CC   Consensus quality: 189581 bases at least Q40
CC   Consensus quality: 189600 bases at least Q30
CC   Consensus quality: 189607 bases at least Q20
CC   Insert size: 189610; sum-of-contigs
CC   Quality coverage: 12.5x in Q20 bases; sum-of-contigs
CC   --------------.
CC   Overlapping Sequences:
CC   5':  Mapping in progress
CC   3':  Mapping in progress
CC   --------------------
CC   Sequence Quality Assessment:
CC   This entry has been annotated with sequence quality
CC   estimates computed by the Phrap assembly program.
CC   All manually edited bases have been reduced to quality zero.
CC   Quality levels above 40 are expected to have less than
CC   1 error in 10,000 bp.
CC   Base-by-base quality values are not generally visible from the
CC   GenBank flat file format but are available as part
CC   of this entry's ASN.1 file.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were either double-stranded or sequenced with an
CC   alternate chemistry or covered by high quality data (i.e., Phred
CC   quality >= 30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing
CC   problems, such as compressions and repeats; all regions were
CC   covered by at least one plasmid subclone or more than one M13
CC   subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   --------------------
CC   Sequence Validation:
CC   This sequence has been validated by Multiple Complete Digest
CC   fingerprinting. Comparison of the experimentally derived digest
CC   fragments with sequence-predicted fragments is given below.
CC   The electronically-digested sequence consists of both insert and
CC   vector, in order to accurately represent the entire circular BAC.
CC   Small fragments below a variable cutoff (approximately 400-800 bp)
CC   are not resolved in the fingerprint and hence do not appear
CC   in the table. There are no significant remaining discrepancies
CC   between the experimental and predicted values. Uniquely ordered
CC   fragments are separated by dashed lines.
CC   HindIII                BglII                 EcoRI
CC   -------------------   -------------------   -------------------
CC   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt
CC   ---------  --------   ---------  --------   ---------  --------
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4983      5160        7524      7598        8696      8809
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   6382      6537        2067      2084           6      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   512      <800        7434      7598        3751      3820
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   449      <800       10868     10571        1192      1143
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3296      3274        9044      9056         463      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2890      2879        4268      4312        2635      2647
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   462      <800       23183     23299        1904      1988
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   799       798        1648      1608        2690      2647
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   340      <800        1508      1481        5075      5126
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5638      5563        2847      2850        2049      2207
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1888      1857       21660     21645         854       861
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3709      3830       18105     18120        2203      2378
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1127      1170       11408     11158        5630      5666
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4657      4684        5582      5641        6328      6283
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3013      2879        6339      6309        2319      2378
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1883      1857         789       811         200      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2417      2349          32      <800        1165      1143
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   13002     12898        3242      3287         200      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1565      1549         671      <800         826       861
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2777      2879        1034      1033        2730      2647
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   683      <800        1732      1709         200      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2079      2210        4065      4095        1361      1329
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3820      3830         641      <800        2525      2647
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   8767      8624        9115      9452        4668      4659
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4089      4277        4567      4516        3819      3820
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   184      <800         572      <800         408      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   338      <800        3099      3148        3479      3304
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   223      <800        1120      1129        1025      1015
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   121      <800        2843      2850        1736      1698
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   48      <800        2434      2480        5077      5126
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2224      2210        2956      2989        7354      7443
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   502      <800        2668      2680        3296      3304
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   12      <800          45      <800        9898      9819
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1018      1026        1151      1129       17378     17514
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   342      <800        2137      2084         704      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   170      <800        1300      1280         562      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   154      <800        1623      1608        2362      2378
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   120      <800        9352      9056          25      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   564      <800        3787      3790        4607      4659
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1712      1694        2453      2480        3317      3304
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2344      2210        1134      1129        9070      8809
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4222      4277          78      <800         153      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2729      2879         184      <800        4383      4412
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3845      3830                               460      <800
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   2944      2879                              7477      7443
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   8300      8624                               358      <800
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   701      <800                               123      <800
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   2561      2663                              2013      1988
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   399      <800                                25      <800
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   7475      7531                                47      <800
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   3230      3045                              2661      2647
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   1895      1857                              1148      1143
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   1226      1170                             15475     15367
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   4716      4684                               649      <800
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   794       798                              3193      3304
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   2161      2210                              2003      1988
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   4511      4277                              3313      3304
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   2872      2879                               827       861
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   11902     11711                              1155      1143
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   2303      2210                              1272      1329
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   14918     14995                              2413      2378
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   44      <800                              1366      1329
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   5210      5160                              8047      8059
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   1889      1857                                76      <800
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   5322      5160                              5117      5126
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   100      <800                               768       861
CC   ---------                                   ---------
CC   423      <800
CC   ---------
CC   5550      5563
CC   ---------
CC   609      <800
CC   ---------
CC   681      <800
CC   ---------
CC   139      <800
CC   ---------
CC   742       798
CC   ---------
CC   448      <800
CC   ---------
CC   2145      2210
CC   ---------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..189610
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI human BAC library 11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-150N22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 189610 BP; 53592 A; 39735 C; 38659 G; 57624 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctga gcatcccggg gatcccaggg ccggtccagg tacagggagg tgggttgtct        60
     actgcgcatg tgcgggtttc caggcagcag cctgggtttt ctgactagcc caggcggagc       120
     tctcatccct ttttccccgc gttcttcagt cgggttggcg gagacctcag tccgcgaaac       180
     actgggccgt ggcagaagcc aggccagttc tcctttctgc ggctcgactc ctctgcctct       240
     tcgctcacca tcacttgcca acccctgtcc catcagcctc cttgccagca ccatggaggg       300
     ccttgcaact aaatgtagac ctgagacccc gtgcaaaccg gggtgctgcc cattccaggc       360
     aaaagggaag gcaggcagag atgaggacag gaacggagag agagtgagat ggaaggatgg       420
     agctaggaga ggatgggtgg aaggagggac cccggaaggg agagaaagag gaagggagaa       480
     agggaggaaa aacccggggg agggagggaa gaacagaggg aaggatggac cgagggacaa       540
     aaggagcaag aaacagagaa cggaaggcag agacaaaaac ggtcttatgc ctccagagcc       600
     aacaggaccc agcactccag gaaaatgttg ggttcccatt gcgggctaag tgctgggccc       660
     acagccccgt tggccggcgg ggcgatgagc ggccctctgg atcgccagcc tgggttactt       720
     catcccggag caattcagac caattccgtt tccgaaggaa tgagcgaatt ccccggaaag       780
     caatgagttg agactcaggt ggttgtctgc ttttcatcca catggttcac agatgacata       840
     tccccacgtt gagccctgca acagagctcg aggtggatag tcccatccac acaggagtca       900
     cactgaggcc aactgaagcg tgattctgga ttccacgttc tttgctctct gcaaaggtgc       960
     ctgttgctca agtttctgcc ccccgaaagc atgaccatgt tgactgtttg tttcccgagc      1020
     tctgtggggc cccggaaact tccaggaatg cgtggaagac cagcatcatg tcggtgctct      1080
     cctttccagt tttcaaacag gctatattgg agactcccca ctttgcagga aacaagaatc      1140
     catcgtcagg ccgtgatgta cgggatgttt cttttctctg tggtttcgct ctcgttgtct      1200
     acgtgaaaat gaacaagatc cacacaactg cgtgtgtgag actatcacgg caactgtgac      1260
     acccaggcgc tggcaataga gttggcagcc tgatcccggg acaaaggtac tgatggacat      1320
     ccagatactc cccgccacaa tcactggcaa acccactccc aaacacacag acgcacaggg      1380
     gcgcacgcgc gggaacacaa gcacacacac agacacacaa agacacagac aacttgaagg      1440
     agagcaaggg acagagggat ggagagatag aaacggaagg agagagagaa acagccatcg      1500
     agagagagat agagaggaac tggggagatt gagagagaga gagagagaga gcaaggtgga      1560
     gaaggaagca gagaaaggga aagggtgagg gagctacaga gggagagcaa cagagccttg      1620
     gagagggagg ctctatctgg tagacagggt cccctttgcc agggtagggt ggagggtgac      1680
     tgggccgggc tggaacaggg gggcagggcc gccactgcgg gaaaatcaac ggagccctga      1740
     gacgtgtttt tacttggatt ggttggtggc cttgggggtg cgtttcgtag cgtcattctt      1800
     tttttggctc ctccctgtcc tcttggtgct gtgggccctg aaagttgtag agtgcgcccc      1860
     tcactgtggc aggagcagtg gcgctgagcg tgcccacggg ccgcggcttg ggtctctcgt      1920
     tttccgggtg gtatggcctt agacaatggc agtggcgcct ggctggccca agagcccggt      1980
     ccagctacgc ccgcctgatt ccaggcgtca ccaccaaccc ggggccgcga ggctgggatc      2040
     aggcaccccg gagccgcttg cccgtggccg ggctgctctc cccctctacg cccaagcacc      2100
     accagtcgcc gcgctgcgct ttctgccgac ctcccagagc gtccagctgt cgctggcggc      2160
     cagaccacgc gcgagaccta cgcggtgcca gaggcctcca tcccctgcca gggctctgga      2220
     ctctccatgc gaccaccctc tcgctgacac tccaggcctt ccccaggctc tggagctcca      2280
     gagcttccaa cacctggggc ccgctcagga cggggtgtgc tccgaggcgt cagggcccag      2340
     ggcccagggt cctggggtac cctctggtcc tccgccttgc cgcggaaaaa ttattttgga      2400
     ttcctcgccg cccctcctgc aaggccccct cttgccccac acacccagag ccgccagggc      2460
     tgcccagggg ctaacagccg gcccagcccc gcgggccctt tttctcacaa cgcccacacc      2520
     atcgtcgctt gttccgacga ggacccgccg tggccaacgg ggcaggaagg ctctgctttg      2580
     ccccgtgcta gcactagagc cccggcagcc tcatcccggg aaagaggggc tgacggacac      2640
     ccagacacac cccaccacta ccacgagcaa accccccctg acacacacac ggatagacac      2700
     gggtgcacgc gcgcggacac acacacacca cacccgtgca cacacacacg gacacacaaa      2760
     gacacagaca cagagagctt gaagggagac cacccctcat attgtcttat gcccaatttc      2820
     tgcctccaaa gaaagaagta aaatctaaaa ggcagaaatg aaatccacag gcagacagcc      2880
     ctgcgccaca ccctgggcct ggtagttaaa gatcgacccc tgacctactc gattatgtta      2940
     tctatagatt acagacatta tatagaaaag cactgtgaaa atccctgtcc tgttttgttc      3000
     tgatctaatt accggtgcat gcagaccccc gtcccgtacc ctctgcttcc tcaatccatc      3060
     acgaccccct cacacggacc cccttagagt tgtaagccct taagagggac aggaattgct      3120
     tactcagaga gctaggtttt tggagacgtg agtctgccta tgctcccagc tgaataaagc      3180
     cctcccttct acaactcggt gtctgagggg ttttgtctgc agctcctcct gctacagaag      3240
     gagagcaagg gagagaggga tggagaaata gaaccagagg gacagagaga cagcgataga      3300
     gagagagaca gagaaggggg aggcgagaca gaggggggaa gagagagccc cacagtagag      3360
     agcgaagtgg aggtggaagt agagaaaggg agagggtgag ggagttgtag agcgacagcg      3420
     acagagcctt ggagagggag gctctgctca ggtagacagg gcacctttca gcaggccggg      3480
     gtggggtgga gggtgcttgg gccgggctag aacagggggt cagggccccc cacccaggaa      3540
     aaccaacgga gccctgagac gtgtgtgttt ttttttcttg aattggttgg ttgctttggg      3600
     ggtgcgtttc ataaggtcct tcctttgttt gcttccttct gtctccttgg tgcggtgggc      3660
     cctgacattt gtagagtgtg ctcgtttgtc tggcgggagc cttggcgccg agagtgtcca      3720
     tggggcgagg cctaggtctc tctcctgtcc tcaggactgg agttcacacg aagtctgtgg      3780
     cattgggaaa gcgggtgcac agggacggat ttcctcgtgg ctggcgaaga caatgtcctt      3840
     cccctgggga aagcagccca cgggttctgg agtggaggtc ttcgctgggg tctgtgggac      3900
     ccgctgtccc tgcccgtccc ttcccccggc ttggacggtt gccgcgtcac tggaagaatg      3960
     aatagaattg cctgggagtc cgggaagcgt gaagacaccc gggacctcag ggaacccgcg      4020
     ccttcgccct cggggtcggt ccagtcccgc cagggttgga gccaggctcc tggtggggct      4080
     gctgcgagtg ggaaaaggtg ggatgctgct gcctgtcggt gctgcagcag cggatcttca      4140
     ggacgaggtc ctgggcttcg gctggggcgc gggggtggtc aagggggagc agaggcgggg      4200
     ggcagttggg aagcacggag acaaaagggg gaaagaggga gggagcagga agccaaaagc      4260
     ctacggtacc cgttattacc aggcggaatc ccatccgggt actaaccagg cccgaccctg      4320
     cttagcttca acagatcaga ggcgagaggg cccgttcagg gtggtgtggc ctagacgcca      4380
     gcagcggcgc ctggctgccc caagagccgg gcccagccac gcccgcacga ctccaggcgt      4440
     caccgccacc ccggggccgc gggtctcgga tccgggaccc ccagagacgc tcgcccgtgc      4500
     ctccgggcag ctgtctccct ctacacccga gcaccgccgg cctcccagag agtcccgccg      4560
     tcaccggcgg tcaggcctgg cgcaggacca atgtggcgcc gccctgctgt tgctggtggg      4620
     cgccggaggc ctcagtcccc tgcctaagct tccggctctc agggcggcct cccttccgcc      4680
     cacgctccag tccttccgcg agctcccgag ctctggagct tccaccacat ctgccggctc      4740
     aggacgggtc gtgctcatcc cttaactttt taactttttg ttgtttctat ttatatttta      4800
     ttgtgctatg tcttgaaatg ttgtcgtagt tattactttt gattggatat tatttagtat      4860
     tcctaccttg aataagagta gtttacacac cacccatcta tagtgttata atattctgtt      4920
     ttgttttgta tcctattagc agtgaggatt ttttttttac ttttaggtga tcatttattg      4980
     ctcgttaatg tccttttctt cctgattgaa gtactccctt tagcattcct ttaggacagg      5040
     tatggtattc ataaaatact tcagcttttg tttgtctgaa aaagtcagta ttctttttat      5100
     ttgaagaaaa ttttcactgt atattctatt ctaaggtaaa agtttttttc ctttagtact      5160
     ttaaatattt attgcttctc tttcctggct agtagagttt ccactgtaaa gtctgctgcc      5220
     agacatgttg gagctcccca gtatgttatt tgtttctttt ctctttcttc ctttagaact      5280
     tgtctttatc tttgactttt ggaagatcta ttgaatgctt tgaagtagtc ttttttgggt      5340
     taaatctgct taatgttcta taacattttt gtagttggat atggatatct ttctctaggt      5400
     ttggaaagtt ctctgttatt atccctttga ataaattttt ctacccctgc ccctttctct      5460
     acatcttctt taaaaccaat aactcttaga tctgtctttc tgaggctatt ttctagatcc      5520
     tcccctgcct ctttctctac atcttcttta aaacaaataa ttcttagatc tgtctttgtg      5580
     aggctatttt ctagatcctg tcggcatgat tggttgtttt tattcttttt cttttgtctc      5640
     ttatatgtat tttcaaagag cctgtcttca agctcactat ttcttcgctt gatccattct      5700
     gctattacat ggctctaatg cattcttcag catgccaatt gcatttttca gctcagaatt      5760
     tctgcttaat ttgctgtaac tattccaatc tctttgttga gtttagctga taaaatttgg      5820
     aatttcttta ctttgttatc ttaaatttgt ttcagttttt tttttttaaa tacagctctt      5880
     ttgaattctc catctgaaac atcacatatc tctttttctc caggatttgt ccccagtgcc      5940
     ttatttagtt cacttggtga attcatgttt tcctggatgg tgttgatgct agtagatgtt      6000
     cttcagggtc tggacattaa aatcttgggc atgcagcact atatgagagg tttaaaaaat      6060
     aaaatttaaa gagagaaaag gttagtattt attgtagtct tcactgtctg ggcttatttg      6120
     tagctgtctt tcttgggaag gcttttcaca tatttgaaaa gagttgggtg ttgtggtcta      6180
     agacatatct gctttacggg ggaccttata cccaataatg ctgtaattct tccagactca      6240
     gagaagtacc accttgacag ccttcaacaa aatccaggag aattttctgg tttactagcc      6300
     agagactctt tttccctacc cttattttct ctcaaagata cagagtcttt ctctctgttc      6360
     taagccacct aaagctggga gaagaaagac acaagcaccc ctggctacca ccactatgac      6420
     tgtcctggat cagacctgaa gctagcacag cacgggtctt gctcaagtcc tgctgcatgc      6480
     actttctgac gactgcctat gtacactcaa ggcctttggt ctctacaatt agcaggtggc      6540
     aaagccagac aggcctgtgt tctttccttt agggcagtga gatccctcag tccctggctg      6600
     ggtccagaag tgccattcag aagtcagggc tttggccact ttttaatagg gttttttttg      6660
     tttttctctt gtaaatttaa gttccttata ttgaatatta gatctttgtc agatacatag      6720
     tttgtaaata ttttttcctc attctatagg ttgtttgttc actctattga taatttcttt      6780
     tgctgagcag aagcttttaa gtttaattag atcccacttg tcaatagttt tatttgttgt      6840
     ttttggtgtc tttatcatga aatctttgcc cctttctatg tccaggatgg tattgtctag      6900
     gttgtcttcc agggctttta tagttttggg ttttcaattt aagtatttaa tccatcttga      6960
     gttgattttt gtgtatggta taaggaagaa gtccaccttc aatcttctgc atatggctag      7020
     ccagttatcc cagcaccatt tattgaatag ggaatctttt ccccattgct tgtttttgcc      7080
     agctttgtca aagattagat agttgtaggt atgtggtctt acttctaacc tctctattct      7140
     gttccactgg tgtatgtgtc tgtttttgta ctagtaccat gctgttttgg ttattatagt      7200
     gctgtagtat agtttgaagt cgggtaatgt gatgcctcaa gctttgttct ttttgcttag      7260
     gattgccttg gctacttagg ttcttacttg gttctatatg aatttttaaa tagctttttt      7320
     ctacttctgt gaagcatgtc actggtagtt taataggaat agctttggac agtacaacct      7380
     tttaaatgat attaattctt tctctccatt aacatggaat gatttttcat ttatttgtgt      7440
     cttctctgac ttctttgagc agtgttttgt aattttcatt gtagagattt ttcacctctc      7500
     tggttagctg tattcatatg tactttattc tttttgtgga aattgtgaat aaaattgcct      7560
     ctctgatttg gctcttagtt tggctcttct tggtgaatag gaatgctagc aaattttgta      7620
     cattgatttt gtgtcctgaa actttgtgga agttgtttat cagttaagga gttttgggtc      7680
     acaactatag ggtttagata gagaattatg ttgtctgcaa acagaggtag ttggacttct      7740
     ctttctattt aaatacgctt tatttctttc tcttgtctgt ttgctccaga aaagacatct      7800
     aaaattatgt tgaataggag tggtgagaga gggcatcctt gtcttgtgtg ggtttcaagg      7860
     aggatgcttc cagattttgc ccatttagta taatgttggc tgtgagtttg tcataggtgg      7920
     cctttattat tttgaggtat gttcctttga tacctcattt aattgagaat ttttaacatg      7980
     aagctttgtt gaattttact gaaagccttt tctgcatctg ttgagacaat cacgtggttc      8040
     ttatctttag ttttatttat gttatgaatc acattttatt gatttgccca tgatggacca      8100
     accttccatt ccagggaaga agcttacttc actatggtga attaaccttt tgatgtgttg      8160
     ctagattcag tttgcaagta ttttgttgtg gattattgaa tggatgttca tcaaggatac      8220
     tggccttaag ttttcttttt ttgttgtgtc actgccaggc tttggtatca ggatgtttct      8280
     ggcctcgtag gacaagttgg ggaagagtcc ctcctcctct atttcttgaa atagtttcag      8340
     taggactggt actggctctt ctttgtacat gtgttaaaat ttgttaatct atcaggtcct      8400
     gggctttttt ggggagtgga taggctattt gttaaggatt caattttggg agctcataat      8460
     tggtctgctc agagactgaa tttcttcctg gttcagtctt gagagagtat atgtgtccag      8520
     gaatttatta atctcttcta gggtttctag tttgtgtgtg tagaggtgct catagtagtt      8580
     gctggttgtt atttttattt ctctggggtc agtggtaaca ttcccttcat cacttctaat      8640
     tttgtttatt tgaatcttct ctcttttctt ctttattagt ctatctagtg ccctatctta      8700
     ttaatttttt caaaaaacct tgattaagtg atcttttgaa cttttcatgt ctcaatttct      8760
     ttctattcag ctctgatttt agttatttct tgacgtctat aagctttgta gttgagttct      8820
     tcttgcttct ttaattcttt cagttgtgat attaggttgt taatttgaga tatttctaat      8880
     ttttcgatat gggcgttact tcttatgccc tactctaact tttgtccttc tagaaaactc      8940
     agaactatgc tttctaaacc aattcaaact ttctcagtga atcaacctgg tctccctgag      9000
     gcaaagttca caattttcca ttacacatgg ttctctttct ctgtaagaat atctagtgca      9060
     acaatgcaag tgtttctttc cctcctggta atgcgggaaa caccttttgg ctgagaccga      9120
     gacttaaaac cttgttcttc caacactaat gaagatctat ttagaaagcc tccattttta      9180
     cagaaaagat atataaacac caatgaaaat aaatatgaaa ttatatgaca tgtaattata      9240
     ttgtggaacg actgaataaa taagtgaact aagctctaag aaaaaagatg atgatataaa      9300
     attatataga agtaaaaacc ttggctggta tagcataatt aatgtatcag taaagcatgt      9360
     acactgtaga agggtcagga agacagcaca cagagtgaga ccggaccaaa agctttaacg      9420
     gaagttctat acccttaaac aagattaaag tggactcagg aaaacatggg ccacatgagg      9480
     ggaaggacac atgttccaga caggccaaag ctcagaggat ctctaccttc tccaggagga      9540
     aaggggaggc aaagcagcag gcagaagaca tcacggccag gtcagcacag ggcactcagg      9600
     ccaagccagg tgggctccat cctacagtta gtgaggagcc actgccgggt gggctttatt      9660
     cattagtttg ttttgtttcc tttagtaacg aaggcacatg atcaaagttg acctttgtaa      9720
     gtgctgcagc tgaacaaaaa gatagatata accagtattt taaaaattat gttgtataaa      9780
     gcactaccct cagtgagata ttagtagaac acacatgcac acacacgcac acacactcac      9840
     actgagccca gattattctg gcaaatgctg ggttaagcaa attgaaagaa acatcttttg      9900
     tgctggactt ctcagaacct ggaatgtggc tatatgactc ataaaacagc aaggttaaga      9960
     cagagcatgt cattttttcc cagaaatgtt gaaacacttt ccttcccttg gcttcagtgt     10020
     caccttcttt ctcctggttc tccttcaatc tctttggctg ctccttcttg atttcctttt     10080
     tgacaatctg ctgctgctca gccattctct tttctttcac catggatttc tcaagtgtgt     10140
     ttctattcct gcagattaaa cttcccttgt ttttcctgac aactctcctt gtctgaccct     10200
     ccctggttct aaggcaggtg ttccatctgt gtgggctttt ggcatcctgg gatgctccca     10260
     gcatgttccc tgccacactt catcaggttt tctccgtaga ctctgcgagg gcagcaacct     10320
     tgtctccact gttccttcaa tgctcagcac ataacacgga aactgactcc ataacattta     10380
     gttggccaac tgagactaaa tgtatgttcc tctaggtctt aaaaagttac agaaacatag     10440
     cacaatagac aaaaaaaatt ctctttagtc aggagttctc tatatatgta caacagtttg     10500
     aagtcattat taaagcaaag tgaaagagaa actgtcacaa aattccctaa gataaattat     10560
     tttgctttaa tcttcaattc attatgtgag ataatcaaga ccatgtgtta ttgtacatat     10620
     ttctagctta caacacaatg acctgatttt tattgtttga aataacagca atataaatca     10680
     gttaattaaa aattgcataa ataatccttt caaataaaat tctgcctaaa ttttccatta     10740
     ctcatatgtt caaatgataa tgagctcata ggcttttcca atacctcagt caaaacattc     10800
     tactgattcc agctgtggga atactacctg aaagttattt tacagatggg gaaaatgtac     10860
     ttacgtgacg ttggcctttg cactactgtg cccttttggg tcaggaaaaa gctgttccct     10920
     taaagtccta aaatctcttc tgtcaggtct gaagggtggg tgggaaacac agttttatga     10980
     attttagcca cagatgtttt attccttgct taaagcagtg actagataaa ggccactaga     11040
     agagcctcct atgttacttt agaagtgtgt gcctgagaac gtcttcctga aacactccct     11100
     tgtctctgcc caaaatcacc ttaggtagga aaatcaaaac tcagcaggct gaggagatcg     11160
     aaggggatca ctgagctctg agtcttatga gagaagagag aggggtctaa gactttttgt     11220
     gtataaattt aagggttcca agtgcaattt tgctgtaagc atggatggca tagtggtgaa     11280
     gtcagggctt ttaggtatcc atcaccagaa taacgcacat tgtacccatt aagtaatttc     11340
     tcactgttca ccccttccat cccctcacgc tgctgagtct gccttatcat tacactctct     11400
     acgtcaatat ctacacatct tttagcaccc gcttatgagt gataaaatac gatgtttact     11460
     ctgtgtctgg cttgcttcac ttacaacaat ggcctccagt tccatccatg tgtttgcaaa     11520
     agttatgatt ctattgtttt ttttgcctga atagtatttc attgcgtata ttttctacat     11580
     tttctttctc cagtcatttg ttgatggaca ttaggttgat tttatatctg tgttactgtg     11640
     aatagtgttg caacaaatac acaagtacag ttatctttct gatacattga tttcttttcc     11700
     tttgcataaa tactcagtgg tgggattgct gaatcagaca gagccaatag atgatcagta     11760
     atggtggcca atcatcagct agaaacaaag tacttagcag agcttgaaaa caccaaaact     11820
     ctgagaccac tgaccttcca aaacttcaac agttcaacag ccctgagtga aaagtccaaa     11880
     cacatttatc taccattcga agacgcttta ttgtctgtcc tctgtgcatc tcagtagtct     11940
     ctttttacca cactgtctat atactgcata agccatttat atgaaactat ctgacactcc     12000
     aaggcatctt atactatata gtcaaccatg tatccctagt acctagcacg gtcctggcat     12060
     atagtttgct actaaactct tgcagaatga aggaattatc ttgtatccag gttccaagtt     12120
     ttaaggtgat tcttcactaa aaaaatgtat tacagttcac aaataatcta cttccctttt     12180
     tacaaatggg atcgatttta atcttatccc ctaataacat tactttcatt tactccgatc     12240
     taaatatact gtcctaagag agcaattaga aagagagttg aagctggagt ttgaagaatt     12300
     gtacatggtc ctgtgatccc ctaccttgtt ttaacctgag tgactctctc ctagcagaga     12360
     gagagccgga gagactccat tttagcttct tcaagtgcag cccccattac ctccctccct     12420
     taagggcata actagtgtaa actgactcaa agcacgtcca ggaatgcact tactgataag     12480
     atattgaggc aagctgcacc agcagctcct ggggacgcgc tcggtgaatg tcaggcaaaa     12540
     cccctgcatt tttctttttg tgatagttta agcccctgca cctggaactg tttatttgtt     12600
     ttgtaactgc ttttgtaacc aattaatttt ttaactattt gccagctctg cttctgtaaa     12660
     aattgtttca gttaaacttt cccctcccct atttagacca cagaataaaa acaaaaccag     12720
     ccccttcctc agggccaaga gaattttgag cgttagctgc cctcggtcgc cagctaataa     12780
     aagactcctt aatttgtctc aaagtgtggc gttcctctat aactcgcttg gttacaacag     12840
     tccagactgt ggcctgaggt gcatcgccca cctgagcttc atctgttagg tatgtcaggg     12900
     aagataagca gggtgagagt ggcctcatcg gaggacccca gatctctggc ttccccattt     12960
     ggcaagtgca catctgtgaa caaagacttc agagccagat gacaagaacg gcccaagcag     13020
     tccactaggg aaacctgggc ccagtgtaca tcaatgcaga gcatcaagca tggcgtaaca     13080
     gttgcacagt tgcctattcc tgttcagaga tgactgcatc tcacacactg taaaatgagg     13140
     aaatgcagag aagcagatgt aactgaagaa gacagcagga gcaacaagga gggacaacca     13200
     cgacctagga aggcactatg ccagagacgc ctggacccca cgctaggctt agtgcccttt     13260
     atactcttgg gacgcagcgc tttccctctc catcacaatg catacttgac attatttgtt     13320
     gtttaaaata ttgtccttag atttcacctt tcctaggaga cacaggcaga ccctgtgaca     13380
     ctacagcttc tggcacacag caggtgcatc acaaacatct gctgagttca cacactcttg     13440
     ccttctcaaa ccttcttgtc aagtcttcag tgaaaaggaa ttgctgattg agcaagaatt     13500
     aaacttctag agactccggg acccactgaa gtttgagaca aggtgagatt tgtttactgc     13560
     catattccta gctcatagca tactgtagtc acttaaaaaa tgtttgttga atcagtgagt     13620
     gaattgattc atacgtcata cttagctata tattttctga gaaaaattga taaatttaat     13680
     agtttaattc tagtataatt ttactttact tactcaacga acctgacaat tcaactcggt     13740
     gccaagcacc ctgctgctga agaaaaagag gtataagata cgacttctgt ctacaagaaa     13800
     gccacagtct aaaaagtaga aacatatgaa taaattataa caataaatag gctaaattca     13860
     aaatcagagg ggtttgtttc tattttaatc agctctagtc aggaagtgtt agaaagttct     13920
     aaacaggaaa tgttccaaca caccatccaa gcatgaagca ggagacaccc ataattgagt     13980
     ttgctgccgc caaccccaac agcaagaatt ccagtcccgc tgctgcaaag taagtgtcac     14040
     tctgatttta ttactgctgt gtaacccagt ttcagactct ctggttctct cttaatattc     14100
     taaaaaactg ttaaagagaa aataatatta tggtgatgag cccatccact gcagccatct     14160
     caacatcata ccaattataa gccctatcat ttaaatagaa aactgttagt ttaacttatt     14220
     tatccaaata tcagtattag ataaacatgt ttgtcatcag actttggatt tgtgggttaa     14280
     atagcatata aatatgatta gagccttaaa gtttacactt ctctggtttg ctcaaatttt     14340
     tttcaaaata gcgtatgcct ttctaaaaaa ttgttagtat attttttaaa atgaacatta     14400
     atatatatat tttccaaaaa caaaatgcag ctcccattgg taaatgatga tgttgagata     14460
     caacagacaa cttatcttgg aaaccattta atcagtgctc acttttgcac tctttccaga     14520
     aatgtcaatg gctttaaaat gtagaagtat attatacaac taaacttaca cttattcagt     14580
     attgtgcaat atttagtact tgttctagct atctcttgct gaatagtaag ccattccaaa     14640
     acttaaggaa ttatttattg tttaatattg tttattgtta ttatttgttc agtgatttta     14700
     aataatgtta tttctcatgg ttttgtgggt tgatgggcac tacaaaagtt ctcttttgga     14760
     gtctttcttg cagttgctgt tggttggctg ctgctgaact cacctgaagg ctccactaga     14820
     ctaaagagcc tagacgggtc actcatatgg ctggcagtgc atattggctg ctgagtgtga     14880
     tgcctatctg acctctccat gctatctgga gtgctcacaa cttggtagtt ggtcccaaga     14940
     cacacaggca aatactacaa agcttcttaa gacctagcct tggaggtcct agaatacaac     15000
     ttctgctcca tcctattggt aaagcaagtc attgtgacca gcacagattc aagaaattgg     15060
     agattcgact ccagctgtca atgtaaagag cagcatgtgc atgcagggag gaaagaaatt     15120
     gagggcatca tcttgaaaac tatcatatca cattattatt ccaactaatg aacattatgt     15180
     tttagatggg tagtactagc tactcatctc tcccccagaa acccaagcta agcatggaaa     15240
     tattgaagag aatgtcagca ccattaaaaa aactctagaa aaatcacatg tgatgactga     15300
     ggttaattca gtctgtcaat tacatcaata taattccctt cctgtaaccc taaataaggt     15360
     gaagcagaat tgaattctac aaaagctttt catctgtttt cctatagaat aattaacaaa     15420
     cctaataaat gtataaatag tatgaagtcc aatttatttt agacttttac cttttaattt     15480
     caaagcttaa agaaatccag agaactaatc atcatagtcc gtaatgcctg gaccagaagt     15540
     ccttgttcta agagtatctt gtggcatgct aaaaatgtat tactaactag gaaatttaaa     15600
     acttttttgt tagtgatttt aagagagctg actagctcat caccacaatt cacacagatt     15660
     aagaatggag attactctgc tgagtggatt cacagtgatc agaaaaaaaa atcgcaaaag     15720
     agggaaggag atagagaagg ggaaacatac tgtcaatccc tacaattaaa gtgatttttt     15780
     gaatggtttg attttgtatt tgcaaaggaa aggcagctta ttgtgatgga ataagaatcc     15840
     cacttctgta tatatatata catatatata tatatatata tatatatata cacatatata     15900
     tatatataaa atatatatat attttgagac ggagtctcgc tctgtcgcgc aggctggagt     15960
     gcagtggtgc gatcttggct cactgcaagc tctgcctcct gggttcacgc cattctcctg     16020
     cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggactacag gcacccgcca tcacgcccgg ctaatttttt     16080
     gtattttttg tagagacagg gtttcaccgt gttagccagg atggtctcga tctcctgacc     16140
     ttgtgatcct cccaccccag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccgctgtgc     16200
     ccggcttgtc ttcttttgag aagtgtctgc ttatgtccct tgtcaatgtt ttaatggggt     16260
     tgttttctta atgttcaaca tcactaatca tcagagaaat gcaaatcaat gtgagatacc     16320
     atctcatatt agtcagaatg gctactatta aaaagtaaaa aaaaaataac aaattctggt     16380
     tagacttcag agaaaatgaa atgcttatac actgttggtg agaatgtaaa tagttcagcc     16440
     actgtgaaaa gcagtttgga gatttttcaa agaatttaaa acagatgtac tattcaacca     16500
     gcaattccat tgctgagtat atatccaaaa gaaaattaaa aattctacaa aaagaaaccc     16560
     cacatgcact tgtatatgcg tcatattgct attcacaata gggaaggcat ggaattaact     16620
     tatgtgtgaa ccaataaatt ggatagaaat atgtgccaca tatacaccat aaaatactac     16680
     gcacacatta aaaagaatac aatcatgtcc tgtgcagcaa catgcatacg tctggaggcc     16740
     attatcctag ggaaattaat acaggaacag aaaaccaaat accacatgtt cttgcctata     16800
     agaaggatct aaacatgggg tactcatgaa tataaagatg acagcaatag acactgagaa     16860
     ctactagatg aaggagggaa ggaggagggc agggggtgat aaactatgag tgctatgctt     16920
     actgcctagg tgatgggatc tattatatcc cacattgttc agcatcacac aatatatcca     16980
     tgtaataaac ctgcaaatat actccctgaa tctaaaaata attaaggcag agacagaata     17040
     agagggcaga atagaagcct acattctcat ccaccacaca aaaacaccaa attttcacaa     17100
     ctcactacat tcaagaagca ctgtcaaagg gaccaaaaat tgggtgagta atcacagtac     17160
     ctggtattaa cttcatatca ctgaaacaga cattgaagaa gacaaacaaa taaaagattg     17220
     tctagaggca cggatgccac ctctttttca accaccagta gtggctacat cgtgcagaga     17280
     tagtatgttt gggagaggga gagcagagtt tgtgaggctt tgcaataaac tcagtactgc     17340
     cctgtcacag tgaaaagcag aaccagactg tactcagctg acatctgcca atggggggaa     17400
     cacttgtatt ggccttagaa agaggaaaac ctcccatctt agtgttggga gcttgagttt     17460
     tcacaagtct tgccgtcatg agttgacatg ctattggact ctaaaagaac ttaagggcag     17520
     tctgggccac aaggacttca attattaggc aattcatatt ctgagctgga ctcagagaca     17580
     gtggaatgtg gagggtgggg agaatggggt ctactgagac agcagccaga aaagctaagg     17640
     gagtgctcac aataccactc ccccactccc acctagcagc agccacaaaa cacagaaaaa     17700
     cctgtgaatt tgggagaggg agagcacagt gactggagga cttttcatta aactcagtgc     17760
     tgccatgtca gtaaagacct ggcagaattc atcacctgct gactaaagaa cccctgtacc     17820
     cagaataaaa aacagtgaca accaggtaat acaacatggg cattggactc tgagaagcgc     17880
     taacttcagg tgtgacccag tacatttcta gctgtggtag ctatggtgaa agatttctgt     17940
     ttcagaaaag caggggggaa agtaaaggat ccactgcatt gcacctgata tgccagctca     18000
     accacagtgg ggtagagcac caagtggatt cttagagtcc ctaagtccag gcctagagtc     18060
     ttcttggtca gcatttctgc acttgccctg ggccaaaggt cgagtcccag gcattgcaga     18120
     atttatcaca agctaattaa agagtccttg ggctttaagt gagaaagtga tgatgatttg     18180
     gtggaaaccc cccatgggcc agtagtgttg gcagtcatag aagaggctct tctgcctgca     18240
     gacaggggaa ggaagagtag aaaatacttt gtcttattcc ctaagtgcca ggttagctac     18300
     aataaaatag aagagcaggt aaattttgaa gatcctatgc tttaatctct ggctcccagg     18360
     taacatctgt ggacccactc atggctaggg gaacttgcca ccctataggc agagacacaa     18420
     acctggctgt ctttgccacc tattaatcac agagtcctag ggctttgaat aaacttatat     18480
     ggtagccaag tagtgcttgc agtgggcctt gagtgagacc aagttctgtg cctacttcag     18540
     gtgtgaacca gcacagtctc agtggtggtg gccacaggag tgcttatgtt accccaaccc     18600
     cagcttcaca tgtctcagca cacaaagagt gactgctgat ttgagagaaa gtaaggtaag     18660
     agaacaagag tctctacttg ataaatcaac agaatttttc ttgatgttaa tccaaggcca     18720
     ccaaggcagt acctctatgt gtttgcataa acaactttgc tattgggtct ggggcccaag     18780
     tttctttgaa tacctggaaa gtgttcccaa agataatggg cactaacaag cccagactgt     18840
     gaagacttca ataaagactg aactcttcaa tgcccagata cagatgaaca tctacaagta     18900
     tcaaggccat ccaggaaaac attacctcac caaacaagct aaataaagca ccagggacaa     18960
     atcccggaaa aacagagatg tgtgaccttt catacaggaa atccaaaata gctggttgag     19020
     gtaattcaga gaaatgtaca atgtaagaca gagaaggaat tcaaaattct atcagataaa     19080
     tttaacaatg agattgaaat aaaaagaata aagcagaaat tatgaagtta aaatgccatt     19140
     gtcatactga agaatggatc agaattactt aaaagaattg accaaggaga agatagattt     19200
     agtgaacttg aagtcagact atttaaaaat acaaagtcag atgagataaa aaagaataca     19260
     aaataaagca tgcctataga atttaaaaaa tagcctcaaa atagcaaatc taagagttat     19320
     tggtcttaaa gaggaggttg aaaaagagat gagttgaaca tttatttaaa taaataatat     19380
     taaataatat taaacaattc ctcaacattt gatatcaaca ttcgagtaac agaaagttac     19440
     agaacataaa gcagatttaa cccaaagaag accacctcaa ggcacttaac tgaactccca     19500
     aaagttaagg ataaagaaat gattctaaaa gcatcgagag aagagaaaca gataactttc     19560
     agtggaactc caatacatct gacagcagac ttttcagggg aaaattgaca ggctgggaga     19620
     ctggcatgac atatttaaaa agctgaagga aaaaaagact tttactttag aataatgtat     19680
     ctggcaaaaa cgtcctttaa acttgatgga aaaataagaa ctttttccga caaacaaaaa     19740
     ctgagggatt tcattaacac cagacctgtc ctacaagaaa tgctacaggg ataacctaac     19800
     ctaaaagaag aaaagtaagt gagcaataag aaatcatctg acggtacaga actcactagc     19860
     aatagcacat ggaaaaacac tgactattat aatatggtaa ttatggggtg caaaaatctc     19920
     aaatagaaag agtaaacata tgaactttaa agtagttttt tccaattctg tgaagaaaga     19980
     cattggtagc ttgatgggga tggcattgaa tctgtaaatt accttgggca gtatggccat     20040
     tttcacgata ttgattcttc ctactcatga gcttggaatg ttcttccatt tgtttgtaac     20100
     ctcttttatt tcattgaaca gtggtttgca gctctccctg aagaggtcct tcacatccct     20160
     tgtaagttgg attcctaggt attttattct ctctgaagca attgtgaatg cgaattcact     20220
     catgatttgg ctctctgttt gtctgttatt tgtgtataag aatgcttgtg atttctgtac     20280
     attgattttg tatcctgaga ctttgctgaa gttgcttatc agcttgagat tttgggctga     20340
     gatgatgggg ttttctggat atacaatcat gtcatctgca aacaggaaca atttgacttc     20400
     ctcctttcct aattgaatac cctttatttc cttctcctgc ctgatttccc tggccagaac     20460
     ttccaacact atgttgaata ggagtggtga gagagggaat ccctgtcatc tgtcagtttt     20520
     caaagagaat gcttccaatt tttgcccatt cagtatgaca ttggctgtgg gtttgtcata     20580
     gatagctctt attattttga gatacgtccc atcaatacct aatttattga gagtttttag     20640
     catgaaagtt gttgaatttt ggcaaaggcc ttttctgcgt ctgttgagat aatcatatgg     20700
     tttttgtctt tggttctgtt tatatgctgg attacattta tcgatttgcg tatatttaac     20760
     cagccttgca tcccagggat gaagcccact tgatcatggt ggataagctt tttgatgtgc     20820
     tgctggattc ggtttgccag tatgttattg aggatttttg catcaatgtt catcaaggat     20880
     attggtctaa aattctcttt tttggttgtc tctctgcccg gctttggtat caggatgatg     20940
     ctggcctcat aaaatgagtt agggaggatt ccctcttttt ctattgatcg gaatagtttc     21000
     agaagaaatg gtactagctc ctccttgtac ctctggtaga attcggctgt gaatccatct     21060
     ggtcctaggc ttttttgatt ggtaagctat tgattattgc ctcaatttca gagcctgtta     21120
     ttgttctatt cagagattca acttcttcct ggtttagtct tgggagggtg catgtgtcga     21180
     ggaatttatc catttcttct agattttcta gtttatttgc atagaggtgt ttaaaatatt     21240
     cactgatggt aatttgtatt tctgtgggat cggtggtgat atcaccttta tcattattta     21300
     ttgcatctat ttgattcttc tcccttttct tctttattag tcttgctagt ggtctatcaa     21360
     ttttgttgat cttttcaaaa aaccaactcc tggattcatt gattttttga agggtttttt     21420
     gtgtctctat ttccttcagt tctgctctga ttttagttat ttcttgcctt ctgctagctt     21480
     ttgaatgtgt ttgctcttgc ttttctagtt cttttaattg tgatattagg gtgcccatat     21540
     ttgatctttc ctgctttctc ttgtgggcat ttagtgctat aaatttccct gtacacacga     21600
     ctttgaatgc gtcccagaga ttctggtatg ttgtgtcttt gttctcgttg gtttcaaaga     21660
     acatctttat ttctgccttc atttcgttat gtacccagta gtcattcagg agcaggttgt     21720
     tcagtttcca tgtagttgag cggttttgag tgagtttctt aatcctgagt tctagtttga     21780
     ttgcactgtg gtctgagaga cagtttgtta cgatttctgt tcttttacat ttgctgagga     21840
     gtgctttact tccaagtatg tggtcaattt tggaataggt gtggtgtggt gctgaaaaga     21900
     atgtgtattc tgttgatttg gggtggagag ttgtgcagat gcctattagg tctgcttggt     21960
     gtagagctga gttcaattcc tggatatcct tgttaacttt ctgtctcatt gatctgtcta     22020
     atattgacag tggagtgtta aagtctccca ttattattgt gtgggagtct aagtctcttt     22080
     gtaggtctct aaggacttgc tttatgaatc tggatgctcc tgtattgggt gcatatatat     22140
     ttaggataat tagctcttct tgttgaattg atccctttat cattatgtca tggccttcgt     22200
     tgtctctttt gatctttgct ggtttaaaat ctgttttatc agagactagg attgcaaccc     22260
     ctgccttttt tttgctttcc atttgcttgg tagatcttcc tccatccctt tattttgaga     22320
     ctgtgtgtgt ctctgcatat gagataggtt tcctgaatac agcacatgga ttggtcttga     22380
     gtgtttatcc aatttgccag tctgtgtctt ttaattggag catttagccc atttacattt     22440
     gaggttaata ttgttatgtg tgaatttgat cctgtcatga tgatgttagc tggttatttt     22500
     gctcgttagt tggtgcagtt tcttcctaac attgacggtc tttacaattt ggcatttttg     22560
     cagtgactgg taccggttgt tcctttccat gtttagcact tccttcagga gctcttttag     22620
     ggcagacctg acggtgacaa aatctctcag catttgcttg tctgtaaagt attttatttt     22680
     tccttcactt atgaagctta gtttggctgg atatgaaatt ctgggttgaa aattctttta     22740
     tttaagaatg atgaatattg gcccccactc tcttctggct tgtaaagttt ctgctgatag     22800
     atcagctgtt agtgtgatgg gcttcccttt gtgggtaacc tgacctttct ctctggctgc     22860
     ccttaacatt tttttcctca tttcaacttt ggtgaatctg acaattatgt ttcttggagt     22920
     tgctcttctc aaggagtatc tttgtggcat tctctgtatt tcctgaatct gaatgttggc     22980
     ctgccttgct agattgggga agttctcctg gataatatcc tgcagagtgt tttccaactt     23040
     ggttccattc tccctgtcac tttcaggtac accaatcaga tgtagatttg gtcttttcac     23100
     atagtcccat agttcttgga ggcattgttc atttcttttt attctttttt ctctaaactt     23160
     ctcttctcac ttcatttcat tcatttcatc ttccatcact gatacccttt cttctggttg     23220
     attgaatcag ctactgaggc ttgggcattc atcacgtatt tctcatgcca tggttttcag     23280
     ctccatcagg tcctttaagg gcttctttgc tttgtttatt ctacttagcc attcatctaa     23340
     ttttttttca aggtttttaa cttctttgct atgggttcaa actttctcct ttagcttgga     23400
     gtagtttgat cgtctgaagc cttcttttct caactcgtca aagtcattct ccatccagct     23460
     ttgttccgtt gctggtgagg agctgcattc ctttggagga ggagaggcac tttgattttt     23520
     agagtttcca gtttttctgt tgttttttcc ccgtctttgt ggttttatct acctttggtc     23580
     tttgatgatg gtgatgtaaa gatggggttt tggcgtggat gtcctttctg tttgttagtt     23640
     ttccttctaa cagacaggac cctcagctgc aggtctgtta gagtctgctg gaggtccact     23700
     gctgaccctg tttgcctgcg tatcagcagc agtggctgca gaacagcaga tattgctgat     23760
     ccggaagtgc tgctgcttga tcgttcctct ggaagttttg tctcacagga gtacctggcc     23820
     atgttaggtg gcagtccgcc cctactgggg gtgcctccca gttaggctac tcagggttca     23880
     gggacccagt tgaggaggca atctgcccat tctcagatct ccagctgcat gctgggagaa     23940
     tcactactct cttcaaatct gtcagacagg gacatttaag tctgcagaga tttctgctgc     24000
     cttttgtttg gctatgccct gcccccagag gtggagtcta cacagccagg caggcctcct     24060
     tgagctgaag tgggcttcac ccagctcgag cttccaggct gctttaccta ctcaagcctc     24120
     agcaatggca gggtacccac ccccagcctc gctgccacct tgcagtttga tctcagactt     24180
     ctgtgctagc aatgagtgag gctctttgtg cgtaggaccc tccaagccat gtgtgagata     24240
     taatctcctg gtgtgccgtt tgctaagacc attggaaaag tgcagtatta gggtgagagt     24300
     gacccaattt tccaggtgcc atctgtcacc cctttctttg actaggaaag ggaattctct     24360
     gaccccttgt gcttcccggg tgaggtgatg tctaaccttg cttctgctca tgctcagtgc     24420
     actgtaccca ctgtgctgca ccctctgtct gacactccac agtgagatga acctggtacc     24480
     tcatttgcaa atgcagaaat cacccatctt ctgtgtcgct cattctggga gctgtagact     24540
     ggagctcttg ctattcggcc atcttggctc caaactctgt tttgcttgtt tctttgttta     24600
     tgcaatcagt gttaaattgt ccacagtcta aaatcatgta ttatattatt ttcaagcctt     24660
     atggtaattt caagtcaaaa agtgtaccac agatgtacaa aaagtaaaaa gcaagaaatt     24720
     agattataat tcaggagaaa tcaccttcac taaaaggaag acaggaagaa aggaaagaag     24780
     gaagagagga caaaaatcaa tcagaaaaca aataaaaaat tgcaggagta agtgcttatc     24840
     actgataaca ttgaatttaa atgaactgta tactccagtc aaaagaaaaa tagtggatga     24900
     atggatagag aagcagaaca ataatctgtg acctaccaaa aaaacacact ttacctataa     24960
     agatacattt agactgaaaa taaaaggatg gaaaaattat tccatgccaa tagagaccaa     25020
     caaaagcaga aatagccata cttataccag acaaaaatag atttcaacaa aagactgtag     25080
     gaagaaatta aaaggtcatt atataataat aaagagatca attcatcaag aggatataat     25140
     aattgaaaat atatatgcac ccaacactaa agcatctaga taaatgaagc aagtattaca     25200
     agagctaaag aaaaagatct caatacaata atggctggac acttcaacac cccactttag     25260
     tcattggata gaccttccag acagaaaata aacaaagaaa cgtcagactt aatctgtact     25320
     atagaacaaa tgaacctaat agatatttac agaaaatttc ttccaacagc tgcagaatac     25380
     acatttttct ccccagcaca tgggttattt taaaggatag accatatgtt aagtaacaag     25440
     tctaaaaaca ttccaaaaaa ttgaagaaat atcaagcatt ttctctgact acaggggata     25500
     aaactagaaa tcaattaaaa aaggaattta agaaactata caaacacatg gacattaaac     25560
     aatatgctcc tgaatgatta gtaggtcaat aaaaaagtta agaagaaaat agaaaaattt     25620
     cttgaaacaa atgataatgg aaacataaca tagaaaatcc tatgcagtat agtaaaagag     25680
     gtactgttat aaaaggaaaa tttataactg taagtgccta cataaaaaac agaaagactt     25740
     caaataaata acctaaaaat acatcttaat taattagaat aaaaagacca aacctaaccc     25800
     aaaattagaa gaaaagaaat agtaaagatt agagcagaag tagataaagt taaaatgaca     25860
     aaaataatgt aaagaattaa tgaaagaaaa agttgatttt ttgaaaagtg aaacaattga     25920
     caaatattta aacaggctaa ctaaaaaaca gaaaagatac aaattagtaa aatcagaggt     25980
     gaaaaaggag acattaaaag taacacttca gaaaagcaaa ggatcattag tgaatactat     26040
     cagcaattgt atgccaacaa attagaaaac ctagaggaaa ttaattctta gacacacaca     26100
     acttaccaag attgaactag gaaaaaatct aaaacctgaa cagaccaata acgattaaca     26160
     aaattaaaac cttaataaaa aagtctgtag gaccagactg aaaactagag aaggaaagaa     26220
     catttccgaa ctcattcttt gaggctagta ttacccttga tatcaaaacc agacaaagac     26280
     atattaaaaa aagcaaacta caggcccata tctgagaata ttggtgcaaa aatttgcaaa     26340
     acacctagaa aactgaattc aacaatacat aaataggtaa ttcataatga ccaagtggga     26400
     tttatcccag ggatgcaagg atggttcaat gtgcaaatca atcgatgtga tagatcacat     26460
     aaagagaatg aaggggccag gcacagtgga tcacacctgt aaccccagca atttgggaag     26520
     ccgaggtggg tggatcacct ggggtcagga gtttgaaacc agtctggcca gcatggcaaa     26580
     gccccatctg tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gccaggcatg gtggtgagca cctgtaaacc     26640
     cagctactcg ggaggctgaa gaaggagaat cacttgaatc agggaggcag agtttgcatt     26700
     gagctgagat catgccattg cactccagcc tgggtgacag agggagactt catctcaaaa     26760
     aaaaaaaaca aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaaacac agacaaaatc catataatca     26820
     tttcaattat gctaaaaaag ttttgataaa atttaatatt ctttaataat aaaaaccctt     26880
     tgaaaactgg gtatggaatg aacatacctc aacataataa aagtcataca tgacagaccc     26940
     acagctagta tcacactaag tggggaaaaa ctaaaagcct ttcctctaaa atctggaaga     27000
     tgacaagaat gtccactttt accactgtta ttcaacataa tgctgaaagt cctatctgga     27060
     gcaatcagac aggagaaagc aataaaatgc atcccaattg gaaaagaagt caaattacct     27120
     tttttttttt tttttttgcc aatgttataa tgttatattg gaaaaagtat aaagactcct     27180
     ctgataaggt ttgaatgtgt gtcccctccc aaatctcata tttaaatata attctcattg     27240
     ttggagatgg gcctggtgaa aggtgattta accattgggg tggattactc ataaatggct     27300
     tagcaccatc ccatttggtg ctatcctcat gatagtgagt gagttcccat aagatctggt     27360
     tatttaaaac tgtgtaacaa ctcgtccctc tgtttcttgc tcctgctttt tgccctgtga     27420
     tgtgcaagat tctgcttcaa cttctgccat gactgtaaac ttccagagac ctccccagaa     27480
     gcatattcca gtactatgtc ttctctaaag cctgtagaca attttctgta agacagaaaa     27540
     atgagggaaa gttgagattt tcttagagat tggttgaatg tctgtgacca aaatgctgat     27600
     agtgatctgg acagtgaagg ctgggctaag gaggtctcag atgaaaacta gaaacttatt     27660
     gggactgaaa caaaggtcat gcacgttgtc ttagcaaagt ggttggctga atttctgtca     27720
     tgctctaggg atatataaaa gtttgaaatt gatgatttaa ggtttctgtt ggaaaaatat     27780
     ctaagcagca aagcatttgt gatatggact ggctgcttct aacaacctat gctcacatgt     27840
     tctagcaaaa aaataaaaat aaaataagta gtaacttata cttacacaag aagcatagtg     27900
     taaaagcttg aaaactttgc agcctagtca tgtggctgaa atataaaaag ctttcatgag     27960
     aggaactcaa gctggatatg ggtcaaccac ttgttagaga tatttgtata acctaaaaaa     28020
     aagcaagtgt tgatagccaa gacaatggga aagaggaatt gaaggcattt tagaaatcta     28080
     aaaggcagcc cccccatcac aggccctgag gcctaaaaga agagaatagt ttctgggatc     28140
     aggtccagga actgctgcct tgggtagctt tggaacaagg ctcctgcatc ctggccactg     28200
     cttcagctcc aggtgtaggt caaattgacc cagttacaac tccagtcact gcttcagagg     28260
     gtgcaagcca taaccttggt agcttccatg tggtgttagg cctgtgggtt tcccaaatgt     28320
     aagtagttga gacttgggag cctccacctt tatttcacag gatgtatgaa aaagccagga     28380
     tgtgcaggca gaagcatgct gcaggggtgg agccctcatg gagatcctct actaaaacaa     28440
     tggagaaaag aaatgtaggg tgacagtccc caggccgtct ccccactggg tcatggccta     28500
     gtagatctgt gaggagagga tcactgtcct ccagacccca gaatggtaga tctagctaca     28560
     gcctgcacct tgcaccttga aaagccagag gcacagaatg ccagcccatg agagcagctg     28620
     tgggggctga accatgcaaa gtcacaaggt agaatcttcc caaggcattg gcgtgccctg     28680
     gaaatggaac acagggtgaa aaataattat tttagagcct tacaattgaa taactgccct     28740
     tctgggtttc agaatttcat gggtcctgtg gcccctttct tttggctgat ttcttccttt     28800
     tagaatagga gtatttaccc aatgcctctg cctcatttgt atcttggaag aatctaactt     28860
     gttttttatt ttacaggctt ataggaggaa gaaattagct ttgtcttaga tgagactttt     28920
     gacttttgag ttaagactga aactagttaa gattttgggg attattggga agtcatgatt     28980
     gtattctgaa atatgagaag gatatgagat ttggaatggc caggggcaaa atgatacagt     29040
     ttggatgtgt attcccacca aaatcttata ttgaaatata atcctcaatg ttggaagtgg     29100
     gcctagaggg gaggtgattg aatcatgagg gcaagatttc catgaacagt ttggcatcat     29160
     ttcctttggt gccattccca caatagtaag tttttatcag agctggttat ctacaagtgt     29220
     gtgtagcact tcccccctgc cctcgcactt accatgtgat gtgcaagcac tggatttatt     29280
     tttcaccttg tcaattgtca gaggcttccc cagaagcaga agccagtgct atgctttctg     29340
     tacagcctgt agaaccatga accaattaaa cctattttct ttataaatta accagtcact     29400
     gattactttt tatagcaata tgagaatggc ctaatacatc caccaaaaac tattagaggt     29460
     aataacttga gtcaatttgc agaatacaaa atcaacatat acaaatcagt agggtttctt     29520
     tacgccaaca gtcaacaaac tgaaaaagaa ttcaaaaatg taatactatt tgcagtagcc     29580
     acaaataaaa caaaatttgt aggaatttac caaagaaata aaagttctca acaattaaaa     29640
     ccgtaaaaca ctgataaaag aaatgaaaaa ggacccaaaa gttggaaaga tatttttatg     29700
     ttcatagatt ggaagaatca gtatttttta aaaaacgtcc atacaatcca taggaatcta     29760
     ttcatttcat tccatctcta tcaaaataac aggccagggg cagtggctca tgcctgtagt     29820
     ctcagcactt tgggaggccg aattttgtgg atcacgaggt aaggagttca agaccagcct     29880
     ggccaacttg gtgaaacccc accactacta aaaatacaaa aaaattagcc aggcatggtg     29940
     gcaggtgtct gtaatcccag ctattcagga ggctgaggca aaaagttgct tgaacccagg     30000
     aggtggaggt tacagtgtgc cgagatcaca tcactgcact ccagtctagg tgacagagca     30060
     agacgccatc taaaaaaaaa aaaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagacattcc tcacagatat     30120
     agaaaaaaaa ttctgaaatt tatatggaaa catcacaaag tcaaagctat gctgagtata     30180
     taaaacaaaa ctggaggaat tccattacct ggttttaaat tatactaatt aaaacaacat     30240
     gacactagca taaaaacaga cataaagaca gatagaacga aatagagacc ttagaaagat     30300
     actcatacag ttaaattaat tttcaacaaa agtgccaaga acatacaata aaaaataaga     30360
     cagtttttgt aataaatagg gctggtaaaa ctggcattct gtgtgaggga caaacattca     30420
     gaccctcata gcagtgttct ggaatcctat gtgagggaca aaccttcaga ccacagcagg     30480
     agtgttctgg aatcccctgt gaggaacaaa cattcagacc ctcgtagcag tgttctgaaa     30540
     tcctatgtga caaacgttta gaacccagca acagtgttct ggagtcctat gcaagggaca     30600
     aacattcaga ccctcatagc agtgttctgg aatcctatgg gagggacagc taaattaatt     30660
     ttcaataaaa gtgtcaagag catacaataa aaaatgagac agcttttgta ataaataggg     30720
     ctgggaaaac tggcaagcca taggcagaag aataaaacta gaactctatt tcttgccact     30780
     tacaaaaatc aaattaaaat gaattaaaga cttaaaccta acgcctcaaa ccatcaaact     30840
     tttagaaaaa aacattgggg aaactcttta ggtcattgat ttgggcaaaa attccttaaa     30900
     taatgcccca gaagcacaga caaccaaaac aaacatggac aaataggatt acagaaagtc     30960
     agaaagcctt tttaaagtga aggaaacaag aaacaaagtg aagagaaaat ccacagaatg     31020
     ggagaaaata tttgtaaatt atccatctga aaagcaatta atagctacat gatatggtta     31080
     ggatttgtgt ccccacccaa atctcatatt gaattgtaat ccccagatgt tgagggagag     31140
     acttggtaga aggtgattgg atcatggggg tggtttcccc catgctgttc ttctgataat     31200
     gagtgatttc tcatgagatc tgatggtttt ataaaggact cttccccctt tgcttcacat     31260
     acatgctctc tcgcctgctg tcatgtaaga ggtgcctgct tccccatctg ccattattgt     31320
     aagtttcctg aggcctccct ggccatgtgg aactgtgatt taattaaacc catttccttt     31380
     ataaattacc cagtcttgcc aggtgtggtg gctcatgcct gtaatctcac cattttggga     31440
     ggctgaggca ggtggatcac gaggccagga gttcaagacc agcctggcca tgatggtgaa     31500
     accccgtctc cactaaaaat ataaaaatta gccaggcatg gtggcaggtg tctgtaatcc     31560
     cagctactca ggaggctgag gcagagaatt gcttgagtca ggaggtagag gttgcagtga     31620
     gccaagattg caccactgca cttcagcctg ggcaacagat caagacttca tctcagtaaa     31680
     taaatagata acacagtctc aggtaatttt ttatagcagt gcaggaacag actaatacac     31740
     tacaatatat tgagttcaaa aaattctaca gaaaaatgta ataacccaaa taaagagtgg     31800
     acaaaaaatt taaatagaca tttatgaaaa gaagacatac aaatgtcaaa cagacaaatg     31860
     aaaaggtgct ccacattact gatcatcata gaaatgcaaa tcaaacccaa aatgagatat     31920
     catttcaccc cagttaaggt ggcttttatc cagaagtcag tgaaaaacaa atgctggtga     31980
     tcatgtggag tgaagggaac ccttgtacac tgctgttggg agcacattta aggatagttt     32040
     ggatgttccc aatataatta aaaatagagc tactgtatgg tccaggaatc ccactgctca     32100
     gtatatgcct acaagaaata aaattggtaa atcaaagacc tattggcact ctcatgtttg     32160
     ctacagcagg gtttataata gccaagattt ggaaggaacc taaatgtcca tcaacagatg     32220
     actggataga gaaaacgtgg tacatatacg caatggaata ctattcagct gtaagaaaga     32280
     atgagagcct gtcatttgca ataacataaa tggaaccgaa agtctttatg ttaagtgaaa     32340
     tgccaggcac agaaatacaa atgtcacatc gtctcactta tttgtgggtg ctaaaattca     32400
     aaacaattgg tgtcatagag atagagagta taaggatggt taccagaggc tgggaagggc     32460
     aaggagggaa caaggggata gtggggatgc taaatgtgta aaaaaacaat tgttagaaag     32520
     aatgaataag acagcatttg atagcacaac agggtgatta tagtcaaaaa taatttaatt     32580
     ccacatttaa aaaaactaaa agagtataat tggattgttt ataacacaag ctataaatgc     32640
     ttgaggggac agataccacg ttttttatta tgtattactc attgcatgac tgcatcaaag     32700
     tatgtcatgt acccccataa atatatacac caactatgta cccacaaaat aaattaaaaa     32760
     ttgaaattaa aattaaaatt aaaaccaaag ggaggagagt ataatgaggc atgtgtgacc     32820
     catggcttga actagctttt caggttaact ttggaatgtc cttatccaag aagagaggtc     32880
     catttagtca acaggagttt agaaatttat ttttagttta taaatggaaa aaagaaggat     32940
     ttttaatcct gagccatagt tctcagtcaa tcaatccctg cagggagccc tgttctttac     33000
     tctggagata aacactagtt ttcttttcca tggaataaca ccacatttca aaatgagggg     33060
     aaacatcttg caactaagag gtacagcctt attaaatttg atttagtttc cattgtaatt     33120
     aatttaatca catgtgttct agagtttgtc ctcagtcttc ccctagttta ggcccataat     33180
     ctgttgaatt tgctcagctc cctgctcaac agcaggaagt cagaattatt taaaaacctc     33240
     attgttgctg ggagtggtgg ctcttgcctg taatcccagc aatttgggag gccaaggtgg     33300
     gcagatcgct tgttgtcagg ggttcgagac cagcctggcc aacagagtga aaccccatct     33360
     ctattaaaga tacaaatatt agctgggtgt ggtgattcat gcctgtaatc ccagctactt     33420
     gggaggctga ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaat ccgggaggcg caagtttcag tgagccaaga     33480
     tagtgcactg cactgcagcc tgggcaacag agcaagactc tgcctcaaaa taataataat     33540
     aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataaaa aataagtaaa aataaaaatt     33600
     tcattgtgtt ttaaacaaaa tttcttttga atatcaacta tatcaacttg tatattaact     33660
     ataatcattt tgtttacttt atatccaatc ttgagaaatc tttgaggact aatttcactc     33720
     tttactgcca ttttggtaaa cataccaaat gccatcaaac aaaatgcaca aaattcctga     33780
     gaaatacatt ttctccttga ggagtagact tgctgtgtta gaggaactca tggttaccta     33840
     gcttctagtt taataaacat gactagaata ttcttttttt ttgtctttct tttgtatttt     33900
     tattttttat tattgcacac aattcacgca gagattaagg agactttttt tttttttaag     33960
     aaaaggggtc tcactatgtt gctcaggcta gaactcctgg gctcaagtga tcctcctgcc     34020
     tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggt ggcagccacc acgcccagcc cagtctttgc     34080
     ctttcttaat gctgattttt taaagaatcc aggtaggcca ttttatagaa tgtcccttgc     34140
     atttaggcgc atctgatgtt tcctcatgat tagatctggg ttacatgtgt gagacaggaa     34200
     aaccacagaa gggatgccag agactcagtg ctttggctga aggaagccca tgctctcatg     34260
     cttcctgaag ttcacgtgct cagagctcat atgctctgag tgcactccac caaggctgga     34320
     gtgcagtggc acaaacgaga ctcactgcag tcttggcctt ctgagcacaa gcgatcctct     34380
     cacctcagcc tcctgaatag ctgggattac aggtgcacac caacatgccc ggctaatttt     34440
     ttttttaaat tattattatt ttttttattg atcattcttg ggtgtttctc gcagaggggg     34500
     atttggcagg gtcacaggac aatagtggag ggaaggtcag cagataaaca agtgaacaaa     34560
     ggtctctggt tctcctaggc agaggacccc gcggccttcc gcagtgtttg ggtcactggg     34620
     tacttgagat taaggagtgg tgatgactct taacgagcat gctgccttca agcatctgtt     34680
     taacaaagca caccttgcac cgcccttaat ccatttaaca ctgagtggac acagcacatg     34740
     tttcagagag cacagggttg ggggtaaggt cacagatcaa cagtatccca aggcagaaga     34800
     atttttctta gtacagaaca aaatgaaaag tctcccatgt ctacttcttt ctacacagac     34860
     acggcaacca tcagatttct caatcttttc cccacctttc ccccctttct attccacaaa     34920
     accgccattg tcatcatggc cgttctcaat gagctgttgg gtacacctct cagacggggt     34980
     ggtggccggg cagaggggct cctcacttcc cagtaggggc aactgggcag aggcgcccct     35040
     cacctcccgg atggggtggc tggccaggtg gggggctgac ccccccacct ccctcccggg     35100
     cggggtggct ggccgggcgg ggggctgacc ccccacctcc ctcccggacg gggcggctgg     35160
     ccgggcgggg cgctgacccc cccacctccc tcccggacgg ggcggctggc ctggcagggg     35220
     ctgaccccca cctccctccc ggacggggtg gctgctgggc ggagatgctc ctcacttccc     35280
     agacggggtg gctgccgggc agagggtctc ctcacttctc agatggggcg gctgccaggc     35340
     ggagggtctc ctcacttctc agacagggtg gctgggcaga gacgctcctc acctcccaga     35400
     cggggtcacg gctgggcaga ggcgctcctc aaatcccaga cggggcggcg gggcagagac     35460
     gctccccaca tctcagacga tgggcggccg cgcagagacg ctcctcactt cctagatggg     35520
     atggcggccg ggaagagacg ctcttcactt tccagacagg gcagccaggc agaggggctc     35580
     ctcacatccc agacgatggg cggccaggca gagatgctcc tcacttccca gacagggtgg     35640
     cggccaggca aaggctgcac tctaggcact ttgggaggcc aaggcaggca gctgggaggt     35700
     ggaggttgta gcgagctgag atcatgccac tgcactccag cctgggcacc attgagcact     35760
     gagtgaacca gactccgtct gcaatcctgg cacctcagga ggccgaggct ggcggatcac     35820
     tcgcggttag gagctggaga ccagcccggc caacacagcg aaaccccgtc tccaccaaaa     35880
     aaatatgaaa accagtcagg cgtggcggcg cgtgcctgca atcacaggca gtcagcaggc     35940
     tgaggcagga gaatcaggca gggagttgca gtgagccgag aaggcagcag tacagtccag     36000
     cttccgctcg gcatcagagg gagaccgtgg aaagagaggg agagggagac cgtggggaga     36060
     gagggagagg gagagggaga ggagggagag ggagagggag agggagaggg agagggagag     36120
     ggagagggag agggagaggg agagcgaata ttctatctta atatgagtag ataggtactc     36180
     acaaggcatc tagaaggtta atgttcatgg tctgaaaata gtcacatttt ttaactggcc     36240
     acaaattaca attgcagaat atgtgtgatc atacaagaca tcttccacca agcctgaaaa     36300
     atgtataaat gtcctaggaa tgcagcattt ttttgtaagg atattattaa tgagctagct     36360
     taggtcaatg ggttaatggt tattgttaaa atcaatagcc ccgactttag tgactacatc     36420
     tgcaccttcc aagtttaatt ataactcttt ctctttatag ttacttataa gtagagatac     36480
     taacaaaaga caatgcattc ctgctcttgt tttctgagga tgtccaactc tgtaatggaa     36540
     taatttctaa taaacttgct tctttcactg tgctctctga ctcacctcaa attttttcct     36600
     gcacaagatc taagaatcct aatttgtggt ctgtatcagg accctctttt ccagcaacat     36660
     ctttcagcaa caccgtgaac ggacaccaag acaagacccc cactccaagg aaaacaatct     36720
     acacagaatc agtcagctga cacctggcaa gtgtgctgtc ttttagaatc gtgaagccat     36780
     tctggtgggc aagaatgatt atccactatt atcatactca gattagaggc caagcccaca     36840
     gggttagagg ccctggggta tattgagaag aatggatttg gctaaataag atgtttgcca     36900
     ctttctcttt ttggactgtc caccttgtgc tctctgtccc ttacctgagt gctctacatc     36960
     ttgtcaccat tctgctcacc gcctctgttt tgtaatagcc tggaggctgc cccaggacag     37020
     aggccccaaa cagtttagtt ttactttctt cagcgatcct ctgactctta actgactgct     37080
     tgtttaattt gccactggtc caagtgacac tgaaaaaaag aattgtctcg ggacctagta     37140
     tttttgtacc ttaattatca gaaaagatca gcagtaacct cgccatcatt atgactagaa     37200
     gttgaaatgt ggtatttaag agctctacat gataagatca gatatgcctg tttagtgaca     37260
     gcctctttta tgacaaccct ctgcaaacaa ttaccctcaa gatggagaac atgagacttt     37320
     ttcttaacag ttttctctca tttcttaacc ataacgccat ctttgatcag ctggtatagg     37380
     gcagctggac cctactttct aaacccagca tgtcactttt ttcctgagag agttttgtca     37440
     tttttgtcat agcagtgtga aaatggacta atacattaca atatacaagt tacagccttc     37500
     ccatttcccc tgtttgatct gactcctatt ttgcagctta atttgtttta tagaagagaa     37560
     actaagagag aggaaataca ttatatacag gcttctctga tgcttggtca ggataaaaaa     37620
     ttaaaatgga cttctatatg tttgatgcag gaaaagataa aatagggacg gcatgtaatt     37680
     gattaccctt ttaatacaag tgcctcttaa tattaggctt ttcttagctg gggctgaact     37740
     cccccttcca gtccaagcac cccataagaa cacagttaga ctccttccag ttctagtgag     37800
     gtgtgcaaca tgttattaat ttcttctagt tttccagggt tatctagtgt ccggtcatca     37860
     tcttctccct gcccttcgag tcctgtctta cgtacatacc ccactctcga aacaccctag     37920
     cttcaccaga acaacatgca gtggggcctc ttatcagctg gcaaagttga atgtttgccc     37980
     tctctgggaa gtgacagatg ataataggga cagtatattg aagaagtggc ctgtccctcc     38040
     acacctgtgg gcgtttctcg tcaggtggaa cgagatactt gtgaaaagag acgcagagac     38100
     aaagtataga gaaaaagtgg gcccagggga ccagcgctca gcatacggag gacccacgcc     38160
     ggcaccagtc tctgactttc cttagtattt attgatcatt atcgggcatt tctctgagag     38220
     ggggatgtgg taggacaata gggtaatagt ggagagaggg tcagcaagaa aacatgtgaa     38280
     caaatgtctc tgcatcataa acaaggtaaa gaaaaaagtg ctgtgctttt gatgtgcata     38340
     tacataaaca tctcagtgcc ttaaagagca gtattgcctc cagcatgtct cacctccagc     38400
     cgtaaggcag ttttctccta tctcagtaga tggaatatac aatcgggttt tacactgaga     38460
     cagtccattg cccagggacg agcaagagac agatggcttt gtcttatctc aactgcaaaa     38520
     aggccttcct cttttattaa tcctcctcag cacagaccct ttacaggtgt cgggctggcg     38580
     gatggtcgtg tccttccctt cccatgaggc catatttcag actatcacat ggggagaaac     38640
     cttggacaat acctggcttt cctaggcagt ggtccctgtg gccttccgca gtgttttgtg     38700
     tccctgggta cttgagaata gggtttaaca agcatgctgc cttaaagcat ttgtttaaca     38760
     aagcacatcc tgcatatccc taaatccatt aaaccttggg tcgacacagc acatgtttct     38820
     gtgagcacag ggttggggct agggttacag attaacagcc tctcaaggca gaagaatttt     38880
     tcttagtaca gaacaaaatg gagtgtctta tgtcgacttc tttctacata gacacagtaa     38940
     cagtctgatc tctctttctt ttccccacac tatataggta cgtgtacact tttctatatc     39000
     tgaattagcc atatgcaagg aaaaactaaa acagttttca gaggttccgg gaaaattcat     39060
     agacaaattt aaaaggctaa ccttgatgta tgatctgacc aggtaggatt tgcatatatt     39120
     tatgtttacc tgctgcatgg tagaaaagca gtgcatgatg ggagtggcta cagcacatgc     39180
     taatagggtg gcatcctgca accaggggca tgacacctct caagtaggag gcacagcagt     39240
     gcctgactag gacccaaaag aggattagaa tctagaaaag acaaataagt taggaagaaa     39300
     gtaggatata gagagaaaaa attttgatca tttgactccg tgtaggaata aaaaaaaagt     39360
     gtgatacagc tttttaattt ttataaagtc tggaaaatta ctcagggaat agatgaaaat     39420
     ctagccttat tacaagggtg gataatttag atcttgagga aatacactaa cactgaccct     39480
     gactccaaga agggacaggc attgctagga gtttaattta tagcgcggtc tccttctgat     39540
     atctgcagga agctgccaaa agcagcctta ggcttccaga ctcccacgga tcagatttta     39600
     gacttggatt ttgcagtttt ccatcacagg aattgggcag agaaaacata aaataaagca     39660
     aatcttccaa gaggcccagc ttctagctgc agccttgtgc tctccaccac ttcagaggca     39720
     gccccttaac ccctggcctt cacagaggaa gtgagaaggt gaaagtccca gtctgtgcct     39780
     ctcggccacc gtgccttgga tataaatcaa tgtgccttct gtaggaaggt cagccactgc     39840
     cgaaggaaat gcactgtgct tccaagggag ccatcatcag agcccagcag actcaaaagt     39900
     ggcagggcct gatacttcct acctccgctc ccattggact attagctatc gagagatgga     39960
     ggagcctcag gtgactcttg aagtagtagg taggagtatt aacttcgtgt taggtgtggg     40020
     agcagattac tctgtcctga ttcaatacaa tgggctcctg tcttctcatg atggacaagc     40080
     ccccaaacac tcctttttgt atcttctaag ttgtcctcca gagcctctag ctatctcacc     40140
     tgccttttta gtactgtctg attgcctgac ctcttactgg ggagaggttt attgactcag     40200
     gagaccaagt catggtcacc ttcacagatc ataaagcata gaaagtgtta cttttgttcc     40260
     tgacccctca ggggaaaaaa gaagttaaga atgagctgtc acatttacca gctgagatgt     40320
     tgtctcaagg aaatcttgag gtttgggcca cacaggctct gagaaacgca ctaaacacct     40380
     cccccattca aatccaactt cagcctagtg ctcctcgccc tcagaagaga caatacattt     40440
     taaggcaaga agcatgaggg gaaattcaac cccttattgc caaattcttg ccatatgagt     40500
     tattaaggcc atgagagtct ccttacaata ctcgcatgtt accagattaa aagcctaatg     40560
     gcaagtacag atctgtcaga accctaagag cattaagaaa tgcagttgtc ttcgtacact     40620
     tcattgtccc aaatacttac caagtcccag gggatgcaag ctggtttaca ttcttatatc     40680
     tgaaagatgc acttttctgg atctcaatgc atccagattc ataatatgtt tgcctttgaa     40740
     tagaatgatc cagatacgca ttcagcctca aaactaacct ggacagtcat ctctgaaggg     40800
     ttctggggta gaccctgctt atttgaaaat gctctagtta aggacttaac aaatctacaa     40860
     ttggaaaggg acacaattat tcagtacgta ggtgacttgc ttattgctaa cccaactaaa     40920
     gaagactcat aataatactg ttaagttggt aaatttcctg ggaacttgca gatatagggc     40980
     atcaccacac agggctcaga ttttgactga aagacttaaa tatttggaat ctgtcttaac     41040
     ctctggaact gatcaacatc cctagaagac aaaaaagtta ttttagtcac ccaatggtcc     41100
     ctgtccaaat aatgactgtg ggctttttta ggagatggct gggtactgct gcttatgggt     41160
     gcccagattt gggcatgtag ccaagccttt atatgataca ctaaagggaa agatttagag     41220
     ctcctagaat gtaatgagaa ctgcaagcaa accttcaata ctctcaagga gaaattgggc     41280
     tctgctgcag aagtgagagt ctccaagttg gatgaaccat tttttcttta tgtgaccaaa     41340
     aagcaaggca taggtcttgg gtaatcttgt cccaaaactg ggggacattc caaggccagt     41400
     agcctaattt tctaagcaga tagaccaggt ggcctcaggg tggccttgat gtcttagagc     41460
     tattgctgct accagttttt tagcaggcaa agctaataaa ctaacattag aacagcacct     41520
     acaggttttt gaccccacac caaaggaagg tggtcctaga agctaaaggg cagcagtgga     41580
     taataggaga acatttatga aagtatcagg ccttattgct ggaccctcca gacataatcc     41640
     ttaaagcctg ccaaaccata aacccagctg cttatctgcc agagtccaca ggtacttcta     41700
     gcctttctgg catacaggtt gtattagtct gttctcatga tgctaataaa gacatatctg     41760
     aggctgggta atttataaag aaaagaggtt taattgactc acatttccac gtggtcaggg     41820
     attcctcaca ctcattgcag aaggcaaatg aggaacaaag tcacatctct tacatggcag     41880
     caggcaaaag ggcttgtgta gggaaactcc cctttataaa accatcagct gtaatcccag     41940
     cactttggga ggccaaggca gtggatgagc tgaggtgagg agatcgagga caccctggcc     42000
     aacatggtga aaccccatct atactaaaag tacaaaaatt agacaggcat ggtggtaggc     42060
     acctgtaatc ccagctactc aggaggctga gacaggagaa tctcttgaac ccaggagtca     42120
     gagtttgcag tgagccaaga tcacgaaaat gcactccagc ctgagcaaca gagcaagact     42180
     atgtctcaaa aataaacaaa taaaccatta gatcacatga ggcttattca ctgtcacaag     42240
     aacagcatga gaaagaccca tcccccgatt cgattacctc tcactgggtc cctcccacga     42300
     tatataggaa ttatgggagc taaaattcaa gataagattt gacgggggac agagccgaag     42360
     catgtcatag gttatgaaac aaattgattc tagcaggcta gacttaagag agatgagccc     42420
     cttgaccatc ccaaggaaga gtggttaaca gatgcaagtt gttttatgca tcaggagaac     42480
     aggagggcta ggtatgctat tagtagtcag cacaagagaa tcaaggcaca agccttgctg     42540
     gcttcgacct cagcccaaaa agctgagtta attgaactta gcccctgcag ttgggaaagg     42600
     atttaaaagt taacatttac actgatttca agtatgattt tttagtgctt catgcttatg     42660
     ctgcaatttg gaatgggtag ggactgctga cccccaagag ttttccatac aacatcattc     42720
     agattttgag cttgttagaa tgctgctctg ctgccaaaaa gtgactataa ttaattccag     42780
     aggacatcaa aagagacact ggccatgtaa aaggaaatgc ccttgtagat gccaagccaa     42840
     ggcccctgca ctgaaagggc caatgaagct tatggacgtg ctggtcagca tacatagaac     42900
     tgggccggaa tactctgaag aagaataaaa atgggccagg gattgcattt cagtccaggg     42960
     cccctctggc tggctgaatg atggtaataa attactaatg ccaagtacca atcataggaa     43020
     tataattcag cactttaatg attcttttca ccctagaagg gattcctggc ttctgttaat     43080
     gtctcatttg tttatagggg taaatctttt tgagacagga aagcaggtga ctcagccctg     43140
     tgagctctgt gcctgacatg acccaaacca acagcaattt tctccttctc caggtaaacc     43200
     tgtccaaaaa aaaaaattga ggaacctacc caggtgagag ctagcaactc taatttactc     43260
     agataccttt ctgcaggaga ttcaaatatt tgctaatgcc tactgatacc ttcgctggtt     43320
     agatcgaggc attccgcacc ccatctgaaa aatgtttacc agaagaaata actcctcagt     43380
     ttgggtaatc taaaagcctg caaagtggca atggcccgtc tttcacagca ggtgtatccc     43440
     aacacctatc ctcagcttta agaatccaat attaccttca ctctgtgtgc agaccgcaat     43500
     cctctggaaa ggtgaaaggg ctaatcctac tctaaagaag actctagcta aatcagacgc     43560
     ctgactatct ccaacaccca tagcttacag cgggtttgaa ctgctccaaa gtaaaactta     43620
     taataaaatc ctgttgagtt aacattcgga agacctttcc taagcacaga tctcctaata     43680
     gatgaaaaga ctcatcaatt acaaaaatat gtcgtcaatc taggacaggt gcaaaggcac     43740
     tctgtgaata tggaaacaag agtcttcccc tcccacatgg gaggaaaatt cagtttcagc     43800
     tcagttgggg atttagtctt actaacgatg tgggaggaag ttctccagct gaccagcttt     43860
     ccccaacgtg gaaaggacca cagcaagggc acctgagctc tccaacagac gttcgatcca     43920
     agggattcac aggtgggtac acctgtgtgg aagtaaagct gttgcttatt ctgggagccg     43980
     aatccaaggc tgagggaggt gggcgacggg atatttcagc gttggcggag ggcggactgg     44040
     gtagctgagc gtctgctcct ccttctcgcg tttctcctgc cgctctaatc ccgccttggc     44100
     catgaggaaa atagtgctca cgcaggctgg gcagtgtggg aaccagatcg gcgccaaggt     44160
     tgtatttgac tccataaaaa ttaaaatttt gtatgagaga aaaatgtctc aaagtcaaaa     44220
     gtcaacagac tggggaaata gatctgcaac ataaatgaca gacaaaaagg taatttggga     44280
     tatagataga tagatagata gatagatgat agatagatag atgatagata gatagataga     44340
     tgtaaatatc cgtttttaac accatttaaa aaaataccgt cctttcccca ttgaacagag     44400
     ttgacgccct tgttaaaaat catgaccata ttttttggtt ctttgtttct attgcattgg     44460
     tctttgtgtc tgtctctatg ctggtacagc attattttgg gtactgaagt ttgaaaccag     44520
     gaggtgttag tcctcttact ttgttagttt ttaagattga tttggctgct tggggttttc     44580
     tgagatttca tctgaatttt agaataggtt tttctgtttt tacatatatt ggaattttta     44640
     cagtgatatt attgaatctg tagatgacca tagataacaa tggcaccttg acaagatttt     44700
     atcttccagt ccataaacac atgatgtctt ttcatttatt tgtgtcatct ttaatacttt     44760
     catgccatgt ttatagtttt tgctgtacag gtttttcatt tccttggtta agtgggtttc     44820
     taagtgtttt attcttttga tgctatcata catgatactg ttgtcttgat ttcttcttca     44880
     gataatttat tgttattgta gaaatacaac tgatttttgt gtattgattt ttgtatcctg     44940
     cagtttgctg aattttattt attgcatctg acagtttatt acacagaaac taaaacattt     45000
     ttaatatata aggttatgtc atctgcaaac agatactttt actttctaaa aaattggaat     45060
     atctttaatt cttttactca ccttattgtt ttaactaacc agaaccttca gtactatatt     45120
     aaatagaaat agtaaaagca cacatccttc tttttgctct tagggtaaaa gctttcagtc     45180
     tttcaccatg ttagctgtgt ttttttgttt tgttttgttt ttttgtatag cattatgtta     45240
     aggtgtttta tttcttttta tagtttatta agtatatttt atcatgaatg tgggttaaat     45300
     tttgacaaat gctttctctt ctttgattaa gatgatcaca tgagggtttt ttccttcttt     45360
     atgttaatgt gatattgtgc tgattttcat gtgctggaac atacttttat ttcaggagtc     45420
     aattatactc attcatagtg tataatcctt ttaatgtact gctaagtttg agttgctggt     45480
     attttgttga ggatttttgc atcagcattt ataagggatg tttgtttgta gttttcttat     45540
     ggtgcctttg tctggcttgg tgtcagggta atactggcct catagaataa gttagaaaaa     45600
     attacctcct cttcaaagtt ttgaaaaagt ttgagaaaaa gtgatgttaa ttctgcttta     45660
     aacattgggt agaattcaac agtgaaacca tctggtccag gcttttcttt gttgctgggt     45720
     ttttgattac tgatgcaatc ttcctgctga atctccttgc tgaataggtt tattcaactt     45780
     ttctgattca gtcttagtag gatttttgtt tctaggaatt tgttcatttt atttaggctg     45840
     ttcaattttt tagtgtatag ttccttatgg tactctccta cattcctttt ttactccaaa     45900
     aatttgttag taaagtaccc attttatttt tgagtttagt aatttgaata ttaccttttt     45960
     tcttaatcta gataaaattt tgtcagtttt gatctttttc agagaacaaa ctaggttttg     46020
     ttgatttttg atattgattt tctattctct atttcactta tttccaccgc tatctttatc     46080
     atttttttaa ttttgctagc ttttagttgt ccctctttaa tcgtccctct ttttccctct     46140
     gtttttagtt ccttaggagt aaagttgttg atttggtatc ttatttttta taatcattta     46200
     tagctataaa ttttttcctt atggtactgt ttttgatgta tctcttaact tttggtattt     46260
     catgttctta atttgtctct agatattttc tattttctct tgtgatttct tcttttatcc     46320
     atccttgagt gtttcatacc tatattttta gacataaaat gtgtaaccta caaaattttc     46380
     ttgatttgtt acagctttat ttgttgtaaa cctttatttc agaattaaat gtgtgtatca     46440
     acatttgtta tgttctcata aactttgaaa tatatggaga ttcctggtcc acatatgtaa     46500
     gtgtctacat gaatattatt ttgaagcatt taaccttctg ttttaatatt tcaaaggtct     46560
     aaatgaaatt gagattttgg tttctgagat gaaatcatgg taggtgactg agaaatgctt     46620
     aaaaattagc caaaacttaa aattaagtta tagtttacct ttaagattca acctgaataa     46680
     gtcaccctgt attgctggta ataaagaata agactttaat ggtataaaag gaacttcaga     46740
     gaatgttttc ctttccccag ttgacatata aattaaaaga tgtaaaaaat ttttatggcc     46800
     ttatgcattt tttactttag aattccaact ttttctggtt aaattttttg caaacagatt     46860
     cctgtgtatt tgaaagacaa ataatttttt agttgaaatg cttaagcagt taaataaggc     46920
     catgaaagtt tcttgaactt gtgggaatcc atgagaaaat ctgacattat gttctattct     46980
     cttggaaggt agaaatatcg tttgacttct gttttgctga caagaaatgt cctgagcaag     47040
     actacctggg acaatgacct cacacatgga aaactttgga gcccatctgt ttccaatctg     47100
     cttttttcca aaaattaggg aagttcagtt ttccctttga tactctctgt tactaccaat     47160
     cccaatgcca gggctgtcct gcttctacaa gtgacaatga caaatataga cctgaagaaa     47220
     gatgagctga tggctttccc agcttattac ctctacttgg gggccttatc tcacatacat     47280
     ggactcaact catagactca gctgggtgag gatctattat tcagctacat tagaagggac     47340
     tgcttaagac tcaggtgtgt ggtgaaatga ggcagaattt tctcaatgga gtgctaggag     47400
     aattttctcc tcataactac catcttacta tcactaaatc atagctaaaa tgaggaaatt     47460
     attcaagaag aaatagaaat gtaatcttag gaagacataa atttagagat ttgtggagag     47520
     ctcttcataa ttttatggtg ttctctttga gctgggatta tagttgactt ttcattataa     47580
     tatattagct gttctagact ttatgcattt atgtaaagtt ttctttgttg tactttaagt     47640
     tctgtgatac atgggcagat catgcaggtt tgttacatag ttatacacgt gatatggtgg     47700
     tttgctgcac ccatcaaccc gtcatctaca taggtatttc tcctaactct attcctcccc     47760
     tagccttcca ccccatgaca tgacccagtg tgtgatgttc ccctccctgt gtccatgtgt     47820
     cctcattgtt caactcccac ttatgagtga gaacatgcag tgtttggttt tcttttttct     47880
     ttttctttct ctctctctct tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacaa agtttcactc     47940
     ttgttgccca ggttggagtg caatggcgtg atctcggctc aacacaacct ctgcctcctg     48000
     ggttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc caagtagcta ggattacacg tatgtgccaa     48060
     catgcctggc taattgtttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttctccatg ttgggcaggc     48120
     tgatctcaaa ctccccacct cagcctcaca aagttctgag actacaggca tgagtcactg     48180
     ctcctggcct ggttttcttt tcttgtgtta gtttgctgag aatgatggtt tccagcttca     48240
     tccatgtccc tggaaaggac ataaatgcac agtattccat ggtgtatatg tgccacattt     48300
     tctttatcca gtttatcatt aatgggcatt tgggttggtt ccaagtcttt gctattgtga     48360
     acagtgctga aataaacatg cagtgttgaa ataaacatac agtgcatgtg tctttatagt     48420
     ataataattt ataatgcttt gggtatatac cctataatag gattgctggg tcaaatggta     48480
     tttctggttc tatatctttg aggaattttc acactgtctt ccacaatgac tgaactaatt     48540
     tacactccta ccaacagtgt aaaagcattc ctatttctcc acagcctcat cagcatctgc     48600
     tgtttcctga ctttttaata atcgccattc caactggcgt gacatggtat ctcattgtgg     48660
     ttttgatttg cattcatcta atgaccagtg atgatgagct ttttttcatg tttgttggcc     48720
     acataaatgt cttcttttga gaagtgtctg ctcgtttcct ttgcccactt tttgataggg     48780
     ctgttttttt cttgtaaatt tgtttaagat ctttgtagat tctggatatt agctctttgt     48840
     cagacagata gattgcaaaa attttctccc aatctgtagg ttgtctgttc actctgatga     48900
     tagtttattt tgcgtgcaaa agctctttag tttaattaga tcccatttgt caatttgggc     48960
     ttttgttgcc attgcttttt gtgttttagt cacaaagaat ttgcccatgc ctatgtcctg     49020
     aatggtattg cctaggtttt cttctatggt tttaggtctt atgtttaagt ctttattcta     49080
     ccttgagtta ttttttgtat aaggtataag gaagatgtcc agtttcagtt tctgcatatg     49140
     gctagccagt tttcccaaca tgatttatta aataaggaat cctttcccca ttgcttgtgt     49200
     ttgtcaggtt tgtcaaagat cagatggttg tatgtgtatg gtcttatttc agagttctct     49260
     attctgtttc attggttgtt tttgtaccag taccatgctg ttttggttac tgtagcatta     49320
     tagtgtagtt tgaagttggg tagtgtgatg cctccagctt tgttcttttt gcttagaatt     49380
     gccttggcta tttgggctct tttttggttc atgagaattt taaaataatt tcttctaatt     49440
     ctgtgaagaa tgtcattggt agtttaatgg gaataacatt gaattctttt ataaattact     49500
     ttgggcagta tggacatttt caggaatgaa ttcttcccta tccatgagaa tggaattctt     49560
     ctccatttgt ttgtgcccta tctgatttct ctgagaagtg gtttgtagtc ctccttgaag     49620
     aggttcttca cttctcttgt tagctgtatt cctatgtatt tgattctctt tgtagcaatt     49680
     gtgaatgaag ttcattcacg atttggctct ctacttgcct gttgtttgtg tataggaata     49740
     ctagcaattt ttgcacactg attttgtatc ctgagattct gttgatgtgg tttatcaact     49800
     taagaagctc ttgggctgag atgagggggt tttctagata caggatcatg tcatctgcaa     49860
     acaaagataa tttgacttca tctcttccta tttaaataca gttatttatt tttcctgcct     49920
     gattgccctc gccagaaatt ccagtactac attgaatagg agtggtgaga gaggccatcc     49980
     ttttcttgtg ccagttttca aggggaatgc ttccagcttt tgctcactca gtatgatatt     50040
     ggctgtgagt ttgttatata tggctcttat tattttgagg tgtgatcttt caatacctag     50100
     tctattgaga gtttttaaca tgaagggatg ttgaatttta ttgaaggcct tttctgcatc     50160
     tattgagata atcgtgttgt ttttatgttt atttctgttt atgtgatgaa ttacatttat     50220
     agatttgcct gtgttgaacc aaccttgtat cccagggatg aagccgtctt gatcgtggtg     50280
     gatcaaggta cccttatcag tcttaagttc agtcttttta cataatccca tatttcttga     50340
     aggttttgtt gttctttctt ttttattctt ctttctctat tcttctcttc ctgtcttata     50400
     acagacagat agttttgaag ctctgagatt ctttcctcca cttggcctat tctgtgagtg     50460
     atagttgtgg ttatgttgtg aggttctcat gttgtgtttt tcagctccat cctgtctcta     50520
     aaatgaatat tctggttatc agctactgtg ttcttttatg atttttagct tcttgcatta     50580
     agttagaact gctcctttag ctcagagaag tttgttatta cccacctcct aaagcctact     50640
     tttgtcaatt cagccatctc agcctcgggt cagttttgtg ctcttgctgg ggatgtgttt     50700
     ttgtcattta gaggagaaga ggcattctgc ctttttgagt tttcagcgtt tttgtgttga     50760
     tgctttctca tctttgtggg cttatctacc tttgatcttt gacgttgctg acctttgaat     50820
     ggagtttttg tggggttttt tgttgatgtt gttgttgttg tgtttgtttt taacagtcag     50880
     accactcttc cctacggcta gggctgatat gaattttggg ggtccactct ggaccctagt     50940
     cacctcagtc tctcctgcac ctggaggtat caccagtgaa gtctgtgaaa cagcaaagct     51000
     ggcaacctga tccttcctct gggagcacca gtccaagggg gtactgactt gatgccagct     51060
     ggaacacttc tgtaggaggt gtctggagac tcctgttgtg aggtctcacc cagtcaggag     51120
     gaacaggatc agggactgct taaagaaaca gtctggctgc cctttggcag ggcaggtgtg     51180
     ttgtgctgac ccccaggagt ctccaaagcc agcaggctgg aaaggctcag tcggctgaac     51240
     tggggagaaa gcagctaccc ttctccctcg ggacttcatc ccagggagaa atcagagttc     51300
     tgtccataga actctggctg gatttgctaa aattctgatg gggaggccct gtccagagag     51360
     gagggatgga ttttggtctc acttaaagaa gcagcctggc catgatcagt cacaacatct     51420
     gtgctgtgtt atggatgact cctcctggtc cctggtacca gcagtctaga gtggccaact     51480
     caaaccacag atagaacggc tgcccctccc cctgggaact cggtccacct ccggctgtct     51540
     ccagcctgct gccgctggcc agctggaatt ccaagccaat gggtcttgtg aggtgctgtg     51600
     ggagtggggc ctcagaatga tatcacttag ctccctgcat tcagcccctt tcctagggga     51660
     atgcacggat gtatctcccg ctttgctgga attctcaggg cagagtatgc aaaacgcctg     51720
     ggcttccatg catgccccag taacccagcc agcgctttgc tgagactcca cacagctctg     51780
     tgcttcagac ccaaggccgt ggtggctgag ctcatgaggg gacctcctga tctgcaggta     51840
     gcaaagatcc acgggagaag catggtttcc gggcagagtc gcacaatcac tcatgacctc     51900
     ccttgcttga gagtgggggc tcagctagct ctgtgacaca cctaggtggg ccattgcccc     51960
     acttgctttt cctgactctc tgtgggtcga gctctctgcc tagtcagtcc cagtgcaaga     52020
     acctgaatac ctcaattgaa ggtgcagaat tcacttgcag ttttcattgc tctccatgag     52080
     agccacaggc cacagctgct tctaatcggc cagcttggcc ccatctaaag tatgatttct     52140
     taatacatga gatgttttaa atacataaca ataatgatat ttatcaaaaa taatattttg     52200
     tttcaatgtg ataaaaattg ctaataaatc aattctcttt tggttatcac aaagctatct     52260
     ggaaatgtaa catctgccat ttataaaatt tttgtagggt taatagaact ttacttgaag     52320
     ggaggctggc aatatgcatc atgacttcaa acactgccag tgaagttgtg gagtttgaag     52380
     tggtactcac atcttgttac tgggattata aatttgtaca aactttatca attgtgatta     52440
     aacaatatat acccaaatta taaatggcaa tactctctga ttcagcaatt tcatttccag     52500
     aaatttaccc tacagacata ctcatgatgc ctggaattat gtatgaatgg gagaaagtat     52560
     tataccacct ttttaattaa caaaagtcta gaaatcacct taatgtttat caatcacatt     52620
     aatgattatc accttactgt ttattgaaat tatggctatt catatgatag aatactatgc     52680
     agctatttaa aaaaataaat tttaaaggga tgctcaaaaa tgatgtccaa gatatctaca     52740
     aagtaaaaaa cctggttgca gagccatgtg tctcatatgt ctccattcct ataaaatcag     52800
     agtgcatata aatgaataga gtatctctat taaatggtaa ctgttacaaa atttaaagtt     52860
     aatgcaggca aggaatttct tttttaatgc taaaactcca aggaactgca caaatttgag     52920
     gatttccaac acatgtcaat ctatctttga acctacagat tttaggaaat gagacttttg     52980
     aaaaatcaag cattaatatt cctagctaca gttgtttggg ccataattag aatgatccat     53040
     tctttggaag tctgtaaaat ttgctcatac aaccatctgg gcctagtcct tcctttgtga     53100
     aagattttat tttactagag attttatgtt cttcatgttg tagtacttct taggttttct     53160
     atttcttcct gattcttgag tcaattttgg taccacttag taccccacag gttgcttggg     53220
     ctcagaacac atcagtcaaa gaaagagaga agaaaggaag gcaggaagga gggagaaagg     53280
     aaagaaggaa agaaggggac aaagaaggaa agagagaaat aaagaatgag agaaagaagg     53340
     atggagggag agaaagatgg aaagagagaa agaaagagag aaggaaatga gagagaagga     53400
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga ggaagaaaaa gagggaaaaa gagagaagga aagaaacaag     53460
     gaagcaggga gggagagaaa gaggaaggga gatgaaggaa gagaggaagg aaggagagtg     53520
     ggagggaagg gagaaagaga gggagggagg gaaagaaaga aagagagagg tgaaaggtgg     53580
     ggacggaaag ggaagaggag ccagccacag gctacaggct gtttgttcac tcttttactt     53640
     gaaccaggca ttctgccttt taaatattcc accttctgcc atgagttaca ctcttcaata     53700
     ttcaaatatt cattcctcag agcattcaaa ggtctatgtg tgccctgcca tgatggagca     53760
     tggcttcagc tctcaaacac aactctcagc caaaatattc atgactggtg cctcccatat     53820
     actcatcaat cccccatata tggtctgcat gtgtccccca gagctcacat gttggaaact     53880
     taatcctcta tgtgacagtg ttgagaggcg gggcctaata agagtgattg ggttatgaga     53940
     ctctgccccc atgcatggat taatgtcact atctcaggag tagtttagtt atcttggggg     54000
     tgggttagtt atcttgggag tgggcttgta ttaaaagcaa gctcagcccc ttttgctctc     54060
     tttctttctg aaagtcttgt tctgctgcct tcagtcatga gatgacacag caagaaggct     54120
     ctcaccagat gcagacccct catagttgga cttcctagcc tccagaactc taagaaataa     54180
     atttatttta tttatagatt ccctagtcta tgatattctg ttatagcagc acaaaatggg     54240
     ttaagatgcc ccattacatg gagagtgctg atccacaggg ttgagatgat tgacttaggg     54300
     cttggagtct tatacaacat ccctatggga gttggcctcc atattcccta tcttccagga     54360
     atctcaaatg gtgatctgag accaaaatat agcccagata ttttgcattt ggcaatattg     54420
     cccacttttc cacaactttg tcatgacagc tttgatgtgc tcccttttat gatccctgaa     54480
     aggatatgag ttcaagatcc ttcaaggtta caatccaagg atagaagagc ctagaaaaga     54540
     gtcccatcac ctgggtgatc agtgcagaaa tatgtcacaa agcctccatt ggcaaagcct     54600
     agacaagagt tacgtcacct gggtgatcag tgcagaggta tgtcacaaag cccccgtaga     54660
     cagagcctag acaagagtta catcacctgg atgacaggca aacaacaatg acaacttatt     54720
     ttcatcccca cttcagtctt tgaggttaga cagacctgga ttcaaatcca agctccaccc     54780
     ctcgctgtgt gagcttgctc atgctgctaa cctctctgag acttgactct tcatttgtga     54840
     aatgaggata aaaccccttc tctcgggggc tgtgccaagg atgaaatgag tcatgcattg     54900
     gtcaggacag gtgatgctgt ataacaaaca agcccacaat cctcagtggc tttaacagca     54960
     aagttgactt cttttttttt tttttgtggg ggttggggtg tggtggatgg agtcttgctc     55020
     tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggtgcaa tctcaactca ctgcaacctc cacctcctgg     55080
     gttcaagaga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagcagg gactacaggt gcacgccacc     55140
     atgcccagct aattttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccgtgt tagtcaggat     55200
     ggtctcgatc tcctaacctc atgatctgcc cacttcagcc tctgaaagtc ctgggattac     55260
     aggtgtgagc cactgcaccc ggccttgact tctcaattga tttcacatcc atcacgggtc     55320
     aacaaggggg ctctggtggt catagtcatt cagagactca aacagataga cccttatccc     55380
     agaagatgct cccacagttc cagaaataga gcaaagaaaa cacaatcagc catgagccac     55440
     ttcttaaatc cccagcctgg aagggataca catttcttct gtcacagctg ttgcccaaaa     55500
     tgtctcaggc tgccgagtac agtggctcac ctctgtaatc tcagcatttt gggaggcaga     55560
     ggcgggcaga tcacctgagg tcagaggttc aagaccagtc tgaccaacat ggtgaaaccc     55620
     tatctctact aataatacga aaattttcca gtcgtggtga cggatgcctg tagccccagc     55680
     tactctggaa gctgaggcag gagaatcact tgaacccggg aggcggagat tgcaatgacc     55740
     tgagaccatg ccactgcact ccagactgag tgacagcgtg agacttcatc tcaaaaaaaa     55800
     aaaaaagtct caggctatgt ttgaactaag agggtagaaa gaatagtcat tttggttgcc     55860
     acaaaccttc aaaacaaaga tgcagatcat tgatgtaaaa ttacagttag ttctttccca     55920
     ctccttttca gcttctcttc gttaccatga gccagcgtct ctagtgtcag tattcagtct     55980
     attgcctccc agctcctagt gcacctttca atatgtgcac tgtgataatc tgggaaacac     56040
     tgttcaatat accttctgga agtgaacatt ctgcaggcct ctaggtagag gatggagaga     56100
     ctgcagggga caggagctct ctggctgggc tttggtcatg ttcaagcccc aaccacagac     56160
     caaggcgtgg tccctcagcc accttgtagc cttggcttgc aacatctcga catggaaacc     56220
     aaaacgcggc agggcccatg tgatatgaaa gttcttgaaa agttgcccag accccctctt     56280
     gtatcccttg tgcaacctgc acacagtgac ctgtagtcta gagggtctgc acagaactgc     56340
     cattccttct gccagaccct gcgggaccca cgcgttctga aggcttcctg ccctacaaag     56400
     gcagccagac tcccgccatg catccctgca ccaggggctc acggccagct ccctcacctg     56460
     cactccagcg gctcatgcac agctccctca cctgccccaa cggctcacgg cctgctgcct     56520
     cacctgcacc aggtgctcac ggccggctcc ctcctctgca caccagcggc tcaccgctgg     56580
     ctccctcacc tgcaccagtg gctcacagca ggctccctcc cctgtactcc agcagctcat     56640
     ggccagctcc ctcagctgca ctccagtggg tggcctagtg ctcgtgcaaa agctgctgac     56700
     tagctccagc ctgcccaaac ccacaaacgt ctcttatgtg gtggctgaac cacatttaat     56760
     gacatctgaa cacctttcaa atctgtgctt ccttgggtac ctccctctgc actagggcac     56820
     caggcagagt tgctttatgt cttacagtga ctcttttatc atagttgcaa tcctttatac     56880
     tccacttccc cattagaccc actgtgtgct ttctatcttt gaatgggacc caggctgcta     56940
     cacaccctaa cccatgcaca ttgcacttca ttagttcctc actattggcc aaagatcatg     57000
     ctccaccacc cctctcttcc cccgactctc tttgcttaat tgaaaccccc aaatgccctc     57060
     tttgcgccca aagcttactt gcttttcctt ccctatattc ttggccagac acaaaaatct     57120
     gattctctgg caaatgcaaa aacggggaga aggcagggga accatttctc ctcccttaca     57180
     taagcactga gggtaatgtc attccattgt gtgaggaata aaaaaatgag gcatagagag     57240
     ctgccatgat ttgcctggac caatgaagct gtcatggcag aagtggaaca aaggtttagg     57300
     tgtcccgaat gtcagtccag ctcctatgcc ttcagaacgt gctgtggagg gagacacctg     57360
     gggaccccag tcatgctgag cactcagggt tacccaggtt ctgagagtgg ggacgtgaca     57420
     ggctgagttg actcagtcca gtcctcctct acaaaataag gatggaaacc ctcacataat     57480
     agaagtgaag acagggaaca aatccaggaa ccattaagag gctgatgcct ggaaggcctg     57540
     ggcagaatga cgggagattg gagcagaaca ggggccctag atggggacaa ggggaaggaa     57600
     gtggcctcag tggccagatg acacctatcc actgcacaga cgctggagcc ttgagttcca     57660
     tctagtcctt gtcaactaca atcattctgc cctatggctc aacgagtcct ggagaaaatg     57720
     tgttttctgc agtctgggga ggtgagagta aaacaattca gcctcaagaa gttgaaagcc     57780
     caggaaatca tagcatgtgg agatgggatt catacttaaa cttcctgccc ttgagttctg     57840
     gtttggccac ttgactcact ttggccaatg gatgtggtaa agtggtagtc tgcccattct     57900
     gagcctgggt ggtaagataa gagatcttca catttccctt tgttctttgc actcctgcca     57960
     ttgccatgag aagaaggcac cctggcaggc cccgacccca ggaggatcgg agacacttgg     58020
     agcatatcca gctcagccac cacatttcga gctgaaacct cccaagcaac ccatgctcat     58080
     gagtgagaaa tggtggccta tggtcgtagg cctctgaggt gtggggttac ttgttacaaa     58140
     gcaagagtta actactagag atttctacct cacatcccta cgaaacaaag aacaaaggaa     58200
     ataaaacaaa atatgaaaag cagatttcca atttttagaa gaaacagagg acatatttta     58260
     tgacactaag cagagaaaaa ttttttttaa tatgacacaa aacacagaca ccataaaaga     58320
     aattactgat aaattcaatt gtattaaatg tagaagattt gatctgacaa aagagaccat     58380
     gaatacagtt aaaagacaaa gacagtgcat gatatggttt ggctgtgtgt ccccacccaa     58440
     atctcacctt gaattgtcct cccataattc tcctgtgtcg tgggagggaa ctggtgggag     58500
     ataattggaa tcatgggggc tgttccccca taccgttctc ctggtagtga ataagtctca     58560
     cgagatctga cggttttatc cggggttcca cttttgcatc gtccttattt gtctctggcc     58620
     actgtcatct aagaagtgcc tttcacctcc caccatgatt ctgaggtctc ttcagtcatg     58680
     tggaactgta agtccaatta aacctttttt tcttcccact ctgggttatg tctttatagg     58740
     cagtgtgaaa atggactaat acagtgcacc aatagggaaa acatatttgt aaggtatttg     58800
     gccaaaaaag cattgatatc cagatcatta aaatcaaaat tggtcagtct tggtgacgca     58860
     tgcctataat cccagcattt tgggaagctg aggcaggtgg atcacctgag gtcgggagtt     58920
     cgataccagt ctgaccaaca tggagaaaca ccgtctctac taaaaataca aaattagccg     58980
     ggcgtggtgg cacttacctg taatcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggtag gagcatcgct     59040
     tgaaccaggg tggcggaagt tgcggtgagc cgcggtactg ccattgcact cccacctagg     59100
     caacaagtgc aaaactcctt ctaaaaaaaa aaaaatagca cttataagtc agcaaggaga     59160
     aaccaaagat ccaacagaca tatgggccag gagcaattca cagagaagga gaccggaaga     59220
     gctggaaaac acaaggcacg cgttcagcta cactgcaaat tccaggaaca atatcaaaaa     59280
     gtgcgataac aaatattgat gaagatgagt gaagatggat gtgagcacta ctggcgaggg     59340
     gcattgtgag gactccagcc ccaaggtcat ctggctgagc ttcctaggaa gggctgacaa     59400
     cagacctgtc ccaagacccg aagcctcacc aggctacgtg caggctttgg accagaacat     59460
     cagcatcacc ttggggtggg ggttgcaggg ggaggcacgc atcctctgct caccagaaat     59520
     gcagaattct agattcatct ggaagaaatt gttgaaggga aaagcaactt tcaggagagt     59580
     atgtatggac tgctgtttgt ataaaattgc aaaaacagac caaaaaacac tatccattct     59640
     tcatggacat gcactctagg tattaaacat ggatgggaag acacacattg acttcagaat     59700
     agtgggaggg aggtggtaac tggactggaa aaggggcata taactcgagt gtcagcttga     59760
     acattatggc tgaatctgta atgttttctt ccttaaactc tggagcaaat gcatccaaaa     59820
     gttaccatat ttgaatttta actgggaggt acatgaaagt ttaataccat tatcctctat     59880
     gcagtcctgt gtgtttgtaa tattgagcca tattttttaa acacttgact catcatgaaa     59940
     ggaagcttgc ctacatggta ccaatggtta tctttaggta gcagaattca agactgattc     60000
     ttttttcttt ttttcctact tgtatgttat ctctatttcc ctgtgtgagg atttatgact     60060
     gttgtgatga aaaggctagc atcctaactc cctgcatcat aagcacacac catgccctgg     60120
     ctggcaggat gaggaggagg gagcgtgtct tttcacctgg ccagccctag gcaactctgc     60180
     agagaaagac acaggcactt cccctctgca gccaaagagt taagaaggct cgatgtgaaa     60240
     tgaatcattc caggggagct aaatcccggc cttatctaat tctgtatcct gaggctgatt     60300
     aatttaaact caaaaataaa acaaacatca tctttaaata gggattaaat actcagcggg     60360
     gtccttagtt gaacaaaact gacatacatt ttatggtatg gattcagggg gcccggggtg     60420
     gggctagggc tatctgtggg gatgctcgct gagctaagga gagaaaatca ccagtgctcc     60480
     cggattccgg agtgcattca cctttagctt cttctctgga tacccgcaga aaaccaaaga     60540
     gccaccctgt ggcaggatct tcacacagga ggtgggcttg tgccctgtgt ccccgaggga     60600
     gaaggaatta tggagggagt gggtgaagag tttggaggaa gtccctgatg ttcttagaaa     60660
     acagtaggaa acagattcca ttggttgggc attgttccca aataggagac aagagcatga     60720
     actaaaaaca gagactccca gctccatcca tggtccctga gttcagaaga gaacccaggg     60780
     aggtggggca agtaaaaaat tgagtgggct atctgacatg tgcctggagg gacccacgaa     60840
     cctgagtgag gcatgagagt gggcagctgg tggatttttc caggcctgca gcacaaagcc     60900
     aggcggacgt cctaagaaca agccatgtct gcagaggcct ctactgcatc cctgcctcat     60960
     gggcacaatg tcacagaaca gaattacatc atgtgggagg ccatgtgcag tgtaagtgtc     61020
     ataatggagc tggacccaga aggtcccaga cccaggtcca gctatgtctc tgctatagtc     61080
     aatgtttgtg tgcccctaaa atccgtgtgt tgaaatctaa cccctgatag gttaggtttg     61140
     aattaggagg caaagacttt aggaagtgat ttcatcatga aagcaaagac cccatgaatg     61200
     ggataagtgg ccttgtaaaa gggagtcaag ggagcttgtt ctctccttcc accatttgag     61260
     gacacagcta ggaggtgccc tctataagga acaggtactc aacagacacc taatctgcca     61320
     ctactttgac cttccacttg ccagcatcca gacctataag aaataaattt ctgctgctta     61380
     taagcccccc aggctaaggt attttgttat ggcagcccaa atggaagaag acggtctctg     61440
     accatcttga gcaactcact tatctgctga actctccaca gatttaactg tgatgaaatc     61500
     ccgtcaacag atgtatattg aacacctact gtgtataagg acacattgtg ttattggata     61560
     gggtataaag aaagtcacag ttccccagag gtaggcactg ccatagctga agagcaaacc     61620
     ctagttgctg tggccaacgg gggaagggat gggtgtcaga gaaaaagaga acatgctaga     61680
     gtccatgtct gcagcaatat tggaacgtct aatggatggt tccaaaagtg gtgactcctc     61740
     atcttcttac aaaaactcat agttgtccct gtgtaaagtc ttcccagaag tgcagggcag     61800
     ttgagaatat gcagatcaga aaagacaaga ggacagagag agcagattct tggcatcagc     61860
     agccacggac ttcttgcagg aaggaaagta tttctcctgg atccctgcgt agcagataaa     61920
     cgtacagaaa tacatttgtt ggctatttga ttcatagact ttgaacattt gcagaccgag     61980
     aggctgagaa tcttctccaa tcagacggtg tggggcgtgg aagtacagaa agggatcaaa     62040
     ggaggaggaa aacagagcaa tgagaaggga gctctcagca tgaccaacac agagacctgg     62100
     gtctctgcta ccaacaatat gagctaatgt ataatgattg caggtctgta aacagcaggc     62160
     tttccatatc acatgtggca agctctgatg acaaccctgt gtgacaggta ttcttatcag     62220
     aggcagagag ttgttaaata atcacacaca actggtggaa tgccggagag atttgtttta     62280
     cttggtcatc ttcctgtttg ctttctattt gtcccatcta tagttggttc tccttttcct     62340
     ctttgacttc ttttgaattt gttgagtatt tttatttcat ttaatcttct ttgttggcct     62400
     tttacatata actatttggc ttcgtttggt tttgagtttt aaccatttct ctatagttta     62460
     tggtatatca tatggtttgg atctgtgtcc ccacccaaat ctcatgtgga aatgtaatcc     62520
     ccagtgccaa acgtggggcc tggagggagg tgattggatc atggagccag tttctcatgg     62580
     tttaacacca tccccacttg gtactatata gcgagtgagt tctcacaaga tctggttgtt     62640
     taatagtgtg tggcacctcc ccctctctct cttcctcctg ctccagtcac ataagatgtg     62700
     cctgcttccc ctttgccttc tgtcatgatt gcaagctccc tgagccctcc ccagaagccg     62760
     agcagatgac agaatcatgc ttcctgtgca gcctgcagaa ccatgagcca attaaacctc     62820
     ttttcttcat aaattaccca gtctgagact tttttttttt tttgagacat agtctcgctc     62880
     tgtcgcccag gctgcagtgc agtggtgcaa tctcggctca ctgcaacctc tgcctcccta     62940
     gatcaagtga ttctgctgcc tcagtctctc gagtagctta gctgggacta caggcatacg     63000
     ccaccaggcc cacctaattt tttttgtatt tttagtagag acagggtttc accatgttgg     63060
     caaggatggt ctcaatctct tgaactcata atccacatgc ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg     63120
     ggattacagg cgtcagccac catgcccatt cccagtctca gacatttctt ttttttaaat     63180
     ttgtttatta tttttttaag gtattattat tatactttaa gttttagggt acatgggcac     63240
     aatgtgcagg tttgttacat atgtatacat gtgtcatgtt ggtgtgctgc acccattaac     63300
     tcgtcattta gcattaggta tatctcctaa tgctatccct tccccctccc accaccccac     63360
     aatagtcccc ggtgtgtgat atctcccttc ctgtgtcctt gtgttctcat tgttcaattc     63420
     ccacctataa gtgagaacat gtggtgtttg gttttttgtc cttgtgatag tttgctgaga     63480
     atgatggttt ccagcttcat cgatgtccct acaaaggaca tgaactcatc attttttatg     63540
     gctgcatagt attccatggt gtatatgtgc cacattttct taatccagtc tatcattgtt     63600
     ggacgtttgt gttggttcca agtctttgct attgtgaata gtgccacaat aaacatatgt     63660
     gtgcatgtgt ctttatagca acatgattta taatcctttg ggtatatacc cagcaatggg     63720
     atgggtgcgt caaatggtat ttctagttct agatccctga agaatcacca cactgacttc     63780
     caaaatggtt gaattagttt acagtcccac caacagtgtg aaagtgttcc tatttctcca     63840
     catcctctcc agcacctgtt gtttcctgac tttttaatga tcaccattct aactggtgtg     63900
     agatggtatc tcattgtggt tttgatttgc atttctctga tggccagtga tgatactgtg     63960
     gttttgattt gcatttttct gatggccagt gatgatgagt attttttcat gtgttttttt     64020
     ggctgcataa atgtcttctt ttgagaagtg tcagacattt ctttatagca gttcaagaac     64080
     agattaatac agtatatgta tttaacttag cattggctgc catcaacatt ataccacttc     64140
     acatagagga taagaacctt aaaacagtgc ccattcattt ccctcctttt gggttttgtg     64200
     ttattgtttt catgcatttt gcttctgtat gtgctgtaaa ctcacattaa tttgttatca     64260
     tttttgtctt aaacagtcaa ttatctttta aaaatccttc ttaatgttgt atttttgctc     64320
     acacatttgc catctctggt gctctacatt cttttgtgta gatctggaat tccatctggt     64380
     ttcactttcc ctctgcctga aggatttcct ttaatattgc ttgtagtgag gacgtgctgt     64440
     taatgcattc ttcaagcttt ttaatgtctg aaagtcttta tttcactatc atttttgaaa     64500
     gatatttttg ctgggtgtag aattctagac tggcaatcgt tttatcctta agtattttat     64560
     ggaagtcact ccactatcat gtggtttgca ttatttcttt tctttgtttt tttgagacaa     64620
     ggtctccctc tgtcacccag gctgcagtgc agtggcatga tttcagctca ctgaaacatt     64680
     tacctcctgg gttcaagcaa tcctcccgcc ccagcctccc aagtagctgg gactacaggc     64740
     atgcaacacg acacccagct aatttttgca ttttatgtag aggccaggtt ttgccatgtt     64800
     gcccaggctg gtctagaact cctgggctca agtgatcatc ctgccttgac ctcctaaagt     64860
     gctgggataa caggcatgtg ccaccacgcc tgaccttgcg ttctttctaa ccagatgtct     64920
     gccttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg agacagagtc tcgctctgtc     64980
     acccaggctg gagtgcaatg gtgccatctc agctcactgc aacctccgcc tcccaggttc     65040
     aagcgattct ccctgcctca gcctcctgag tagctggggt tacagatgcg tgccaccatg     65100
     ccctgctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggttttg ccatgttgcg caggctggtc     65160
     ttgaacttct ggtctcaagt gatcaccctg actcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag     65220
     gtgtgagcca ccacgctcag cctattttca tctttgttcc tctctgtata atgtcctttt     65280
     ccctttggta acctttcaga ttttctcttt gttactgggt tggggcaatt tgattatgat     65340
     gtgcttcagt gtgtcatcct catgtctctt gtgctagggg ttcgttggtt cttagatctc     65400
     tgggtttaca gtttttctca aatttaaatt ttttcagcca gagctttttc aaatactttt     65460
     tcttctactc ctccccacct tcttcaggaa ctccaattcc acatatatta gtcctgttgg     65520
     tgctgatttt ctgttcagtt ttttccatta ttttctccac gttccatttt tgatagtttc     65580
     tgatgctaca tcttccagtt gactaatcct tttttgtata atatctattc tacattaaat     65640
     gccatttagt atatttttca tctcagacat tgtatttttc atctctagaa attcaagctg     65700
     ggtcttccat gtctctactt ccatgttcta gcttcccttt accttcttct tgtggaatgt     65760
     tatcattaca ataaatgttt taatatcgtt gcctactaat tctatcttat ttgacatttc     65820
     tgtatctatt gatcaagttt tcttcttatt attgagacat ttcctttttc ttcacatgcc     65880
     tggtaatttt cagctggatg gcagacaacg tgaaatttat cttattgtgt gttggatatt     65940
     gttgggttcc tataaatatt attgagctat gttctaggat gcagttaaat tatctggaaa     66000
     gattttggtt ctttgagggt tttctttgag gtcttgttaa gtaggacctt agcagcctca     66060
     tcctagatct aatcttccac actactgagg caattctttt ctgagtgttc catccaatgg     66120
     tccaggaagt atgatttgtc cactgttgct ggtgggaaca ccaaatatgc ctagttctgt     66180
     gggaggttca agcattgttc tttctgtttc cttcaggtat tttttccccc agacttgtag     66240
     tttacacaca tacgtgtgct gatcagtatt tagctgaaga ctctggagct tttttgtttc     66300
     gtgtctttgt ccttttcatt ccctgaatac tctgccctgc agagtttatc tgagcttctt     66360
     tagtctccct ggactcccag cttcgtctcc tcaactcaga accatcacca ggctcagcct     66420
     gggttttccc tccttgagct gtggcctaga aactgtttgc ctttggtcac cgcacctggg     66480
     cagtccagag tcaggagaaa ccctaggcca tgtggcagaa tgcccactgt ccccacttca     66540
     ccacactgta ctctctccat cccgtgctag ctgcagccac gctgtctcac agtccagaat     66600
     gctagccaga gaccaagctt tctgcagtgt cttggctggg gctcacagat aaggatggcc     66660
     aagcagtgct cccagaagcc agcagatgcc atcaatcagt tttacatcca ccaggcactg     66720
     agaatctctg gacaccagaa gtgtcctctg ttgccagagc tgaactctca agtgaagact     66780
     ccagaaggcc ctgaaatgtg ggcaggctcc cattattgcc tgtctgtggc cacaaggaca     66840
     cagactcttt ccatggctgg tgagatgtcc agcacactgg gggctctgga aagccccttt     66900
     tcaactttag gccttagctg agctctccat ttacctcaga ccaggcagtg cacattatgg     66960
     gggacaccgc tgggtgctgg gatgaaaatg gcactttgca tgtgagctag gattgagagc     67020
     ccaccactct cttccccagt gaggcggtgg ccagttacca tctctggctt ctgtcccctt     67080
     accagcctcc tctgctacaa ttgcatttct ggcaggcagt ggatcaggga agcaccggca     67140
     gttgaggacc atgtggagaa caactactgg ccaagcattc ccaacctgac agcagaacag     67200
     gggtacagca gtgctgaggt gaacttgaca gagaaatttg agaccatgaa ggcagccaac     67260
     acttccaact tatcacaacc tgcctctcac atagatttat tgtggaagaa ctcaaccatc     67320
     tccgtgtcaa caagaaatgg tcctcactct aaaccatcac ccttggattt agatcatgag     67380
     gctgtcctgt ctttagtatg gaattgaaaa gctttaattt ccacaaaaat gtaaggtttt     67440
     gggctacagc cttattaaaa caaacaaata tgagcatcgt ggtctacagt tggagtatct     67500
     ggggctctaa acaaactgct acttgaaagc ataatcactg tctttttgtt tgtttcttta     67560
     gcctggtagg acaacgtcag aaatttcctt agtcataagg aatataaaac atagtttgaa     67620
     caaaagcagc aataaagcta caaactattt tttggtgtat ttgcttaagt ataagatagc     67680
     tgattggggc tttatcatgt aacgttagtt tgcttagttt tcattaagtt tgttaaactt     67740
     gaattgtgaa taaatatatg gctgattcat atgtagttaa actgcacatt gacataaact     67800
     gtacattaaa agttgctgca cactgtcatc caaaataata cttaggtaaa accaaaaata     67860
     ctataaacca atgtcaagga acctacccta aaataaaaat acagttaaca tggaattgca     67920
     aaactagaat gggagaatta tttacccata aaatcttgtt tggaacattg atataacact     67980
     agaaaagaat ttttctaaat aaccacaatg ttcaacagtg actgtgcacc tgtgaagacc     68040
     aggcattttg aatgattgcc ctgtggtgta tggcagtaca attttacaga aatgcactac     68100
     aataattaat aaaattctct aatgggaaga ttttaatgaa taagtattta tgctattaat     68160
     atttataata ttggtgctat tatttcacaa aataaaaaag ctgtattaca gcctttaaag     68220
     caaataatag ccttacattt ctaaataaag aaaaaatata aattttatga aatatggtta     68280
     agagtaattg ataaaataaa aattgtggca taaattatat catagtttgg atagaagttg     68340
     aagaaagtgg atgaaaattt taatgagccc tttttgcgtg cactaaactt aatcttatag     68400
     gtgaacttta taatatataa gggtacctac tagctatcta atttaccttt tacacaatgt     68460
     ataaatccta gcctattggt cttaatattt gcacctaaaa taacacacaa acatacaaga     68520
     gaacaaaata aggaagaaat gtatggagac agtgatatta tcaagatggt ggaatagggg     68580
     gttcctactt ttgtattccc ctgcagtaat aaaaactagt cagccatcca tcaaccaaag     68640
     taactttacg agagatccag gcacaatggc tcatgacggt aatctcctcc attcaggaac     68700
     ctgaggcggg aggactgctc caggccaggc gttcaaaaac aacctgggca atatagtgag     68760
     ctttgcgata cagggcatta tgaaacctcg ctaaaaccca agatagaaaa gagtcatttt     68820
     gagaagccag gccctttggt taataaggtg tcatattatc caaaacaatc tgtaagttaa     68880
     ctcaaatccg tatcaaaatc cctgtcccac tttttatagt aatagaaaat gcaagcctac     68940
     aatgtaggct gaatggccaa gccaatcatg aggaataaga aaaaagctgg ggacatcata     69000
     ctcgtgactc acacaaaaca gctcaaaagt cactgtttgt agataacctg gggaacacct     69060
     gctaggtaca cagtgggagc cacactcacc cacacatctg ctattaggcc cagcatatag     69120
     cagaacctgc cctagtgcct gcttcacaaa acaaagccct gaagacaatc cagcctgccc     69180
     aaaaacccaa cagaactcac aaccacatgt gctcctggta acaagcccac taaaggtaaa     69240
     acccacttca gattcggcag ccaccttgtg atgcagctac aagccttttt actgcaaacc     69300
     cagtaaagat ctcatcagcc ttgagaccca acagatgaag atctttacct actaaaacca     69360
     gtttacaaaa atgaaaagag ctggctgggc acggtggttc acacctgtaa tcccagcact     69420
     ttgggaggag gaggtgggtg gatcacgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tggccaaaat     69480
     ggtgaaacac tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagccg ggcatggtgg ttggcacttg     69540
     taatcccagc tactcgggat gctgaggcag agaattgctt gaacccagga ggcggaggta     69600
     gcagtgagcc aagatcgtgc cacagcactc cagcctgggt gacagagcga gtctccgtct     69660
     caaaaacaga acaacaacaa caacaacgat aaatgaaaag aggtgtttgc tccttcaaat     69720
     gcacaaacac caatgcaagt ctatattatg cccgttctaa cggttctatt ttaacataga     69780
     atacgaagtc ctacatagaa taattaagtc ctacgtcaaa taattaagca agaaaagcta     69840
     aaagatccaa attgaaaaga agaaataatg tcactgtttg tagatgacat aatgttatat     69900
     ataaaaaaca taaatagtac atttaaatac tgcatttaat gcatctatat ataaacagtg     69960
     catctaataa atgcactcag taaagaagca gaatatacaa ttaacataca aatatcagtt     70020
     ttgtttctat atgctagcaa caaaccagta aaaaagaaaa aaaatctcat ttacaatagc     70080
     aacaaaataa tagatttctt agcaataaat ttaacaaacg cggtgaaaga tctttacaat     70140
     aaaaaataaa atatattgat gaaaaaaatt aaagaagata caaataaatg taaatatatt     70200
     acatgtttat ggattagaag aatattgtct aagcaccatg ttatccaaag taaagtgtag     70260
     attaattcaa cttcctataa aaattcctgt gccacttttt acagtaataa aaaataaagt     70320
     ctgcaatgta tataaaacta taagaaatat tgaaaggcca aagaaatcac gagaaataaa     70380
     aagaaatctg gggacattat actttattat ttaaaactac atttcaagac tacagtaaac     70440
     ataatagaat ggaatgttta taggaacaaa cacaaaaacc aatggaacag aatacagagc     70500
     ccagaagtaa atctatgcat ctaaagttaa tctttgacca gggcactatg aatatgcaat     70560
     acaaaaagtg tagcctttca atacttagtg ctgggaaaac tggatactcg caagcacaat     70620
     aataaaactt gatcatattt cttatgccag acacttaaaa tacttaaatt taatacataa     70680
     atccttaaaa gaaaatcttt taaaaagcat atgaaaagcc tccatgatac tggccttggc     70740
     aatttttttt aaatacgata tcaaaagtat agcaataaaa ccagacataa agttgtagtg     70800
     tattaaacta ttgtgcacag caaaaaataa gaaaacattt aagatgggat aaaatatttg     70860
     caaactatat atgatgagag gttaatattc aaaatatagc agaaactcat acaaatcaga     70920
     agctaaacaa taataattat aaaacccaac taaaaaataa gcaaaagact aaacattatt     70980
     ttttaatatt attatacttt aacttttagg gtacatgtgc acaacgtgca ggtttgttac     71040
     atatgtatac atgtgccatg ttgctttgct gtacccatta attcatcatt tagcattagg     71100
     tatatctcct aatgttatcc ttcccccccc cacaccccac aacaggcctt ggtgtgtgat     71160
     gttccccttc ctgtgtccat gtgttctcac tcttcaattc ccacctatga gtgagaatat     71220
     gcggtgtttg gttatttgtt cttgcgatag tttgctgaga atgatggttt ccagcttcat     71280
     cgatgtccct acaaaggaca tgaactcatc attttttatg gctgcatagt attccatggt     71340
     gtatatgtac cacattttct taatccagtc tatcattgtt ggacatttgg gttggttcca     71400
     agtctttgct attgtgatag tgccacaata aacatatgtg tgcatgtgtc tttatagaag     71460
     catgatttat aatcctttgg gtatataccc agtaatggga tgactgggtc aaatggtatt     71520
     tctagttcta gatccctgag ggatcaccac actgacttcc acaatggttg aactggttta     71580
     cagtcccacc aacagtgtga aagtgttcct atttctccac atcctctcca gcacctcttg     71640
     tttcctgact ttttaatgat caccattcta actggtgtga gatggtatct cattgtggtt     71700
     ttgatttaca tttctctgat ggccagtgat ggtgagcatt ttttcatgtg ttttttggct     71760
     gcataaattt cttttgagaa gtgtctgttc atatcctttg cccacttttt gatggggttg     71820
     tttgtttttt tcttttttct tgtaaatttg tttgagttca ttgtagattc tggatattag     71880
     ccctttgttc gatgagtaga ttgcaaaaat tttctccctt tctgtatgtt gcctgttcac     71940
     tctgatggtg gtttccttca ctgtgcagaa gctctttagt ttaattagtt cccatttgtc     72000
     agttttggcc tttgttgcca ttgcttttgg tgttttagac ataaagtcct tgcccatgcc     72060
     tatatcttga atggtattgc ctaggttttc ttttagtgtt tttatggttt taggactaac     72120
     atgtaagctt taatccatct tgaattaatt tttatataag gtgtaaggaa gggatccagt     72180
     ttcagctttc tacatatggc tagccagttt tcccagcacc atttattaaa tagggaatcc     72240
     tttccccatt gcttcttttt ctcaggtttg tcgaagatca tatagttgta tatatgcaac     72300
     attatttatg agggctctgt tctgctccat tggtctatat ctctgttttg gtaccagtac     72360
     catgctgttt cggttactgt agccttgtaa tatagtttga agtcaggtag cgtggtgcct     72420
     ccagctttgt tcttttggct taggattgac ttgacaatgc aggctctttt ttggttccat     72480
     atgaacttta aagtagtttt ttccaattct gtgaagaaac tcattggtag cttgatgggg     72540
     atggcattga atccataaat taccttgggc aatatggtaa ttttcacaac attgattctt     72600
     cctacccacg agcatggaat gttcttccat ttgtttgtat cctcttttat ttcattgagc     72660
     agtggtttgt agttctgctt gaagaagtcc ttcacatccc ttgtaagttg gattcctaga     72720
     tattttaatc tctttgaagc aattgtgaat gggagttcac tcatgatttg gctctctgtt     72780
     tatctgttat tggtgtataa gaatgcttgt gatttctgca catcgatttt atatcctgag     72840
     actttgctga agttgcttat cagcttaagg agattttcgg ctgagaaaac ggggttttct     72900
     agatatacaa tcatgtcatc tgccaacagg gacaatttga cttcctcttt tcctaattga     72960
     atgcctttta ttcccttctc ctgcctgatt tccctggcca ggacttccaa cactatgttg     73020
     aataggagtg gtgagagagg gcatccctgt cttgtgccag ttttcaaagg gaatgcttcc     73080
     agtttttgtc cattcagtat gatattggct gtgggtttgt catagatagc tcttattatt     73140
     ttgagatacg tcccatcaat acctaattta ttgagaggtt ttagcatgaa gtcttgctga     73200
     attttgtcaa aggccttttc tgcatctatt gggataatct tgtggttttt ggctttgatt     73260
     ctgtttatat gctagattac atttattcat tttcgtatgt tgaaccagcc ttgtatcccc     73320
     agggataaag cccacttgat catggtggat aagcttgttt atgtgttgct ggattcggtt     73380
     tgccagtatt ttattgagga tttttgtgtc aatgttcatg aaggatattg gtctaaaata     73440
     ctctcttttt tttttgtttt gtctctgcca ggctttggta tcaggatgat gctggcttga     73500
     taaaatgagt tagtgaggat tccttctttt tctattgatt ggaataattt caaaaggaat     73560
     ggtaccagct ccgccttgta cctctggtag aattcgggtg tgaatccatc tggtcctgga     73620
     cttcttttgt tggtaagcta ttaattattg catcaacttc agagcctgtt attggtttat     73680
     tcggagattc aacttcttcc tggtttagta ttgggagggt gcatgtgtcg aagaatttat     73740
     ccatttcttc tagattttct agtttattta catagaggtg tttatagtat tctctgatgg     73800
     tagtttgtat ttctgtggga tcagtggtga tatccccttt gtcatttttt attgcatcta     73860
     tttgattctt ctctcttttc ttctttatta gtctgctagc agtctaccaa ttttgttgat     73920
     cttttcaaaa aaaacagctc ctggattcat tgattttttg aagggttttt tgtggttcta     73980
     tttccttcag ttctgctctg atcttagtta tttctcacct tctactagct tttgaatgtg     74040
     tttgctcttg cttctctagt tcttttaatt gtgatgttag ggtgtcaatt ttagatattt     74100
     ccagctttct cttgtgggca tttagtgcta taaatttccc tctacacact gctttgaatg     74160
     agtcccagag attctagtat gttgtgtctt tgttctcgtt ggtttcaaag atcatcttta     74220
     tttctacctt catttcgtta tgtacccagt agtcattcag gagcaggttg ttcagtttcc     74280
     atgtagttga gcggttttga gtgagtttct taatcctgag ttctagtttg attgcactgt     74340
     ggtcagagag atagtttgtt atgatttctg ttcttttaca tttgctgagg agtgctttac     74400
     ttccaactat gtggtcaatt ttggaatatg tgtggtgtgg tgctgaaaag aatgtatatt     74460
     ctgttgattt gggatggaga gttctgtgta tgcccattag gtccgcttgg tgcagagctg     74520
     agttcgattc ctggatatcc tttttaactt tctgtcgtgt tgatctctct actgttgaca     74580
     gtggggtgtt aaagtctctg attattattg tgtgggagtc taagtctctt tgtaggtcac     74640
     taaggacttg ctttatgaat ctgggtgctc ctgtattgga tgcatatata tttacgatag     74700
     ttagttcttc ttgttgaatt gatcccttta ccatcatgta atggccttct ttgtctctct     74760
     tgatctttgt tgttttaaag tctgttttat ctgagactag gtttgcaacc cctgccattt     74820
     tttgttttcc atttgcttgg tagaccttcc tccatcactt tattttgagc ctatgtgtgt     74880
     ctctgcacat gagatgggtt tcctgaatac agcaccctga tgggtcttga ctctttgtcc     74940
     aatttgccag tctgtgcctt ttaatttgag catttagccc atttacattt aaggttagta     75000
     ttgctaagtg tgaatttgat cctgtcatta tgatgttagc tggttatttt gctcgttagt     75060
     taatgcagtt tcttcctagc ctcgatggtc tttacaattt ggcatgtttt tgcagtggct     75120
     agtaccggtt gttcctttac acgtttagtg cttccttcag gagctctttt agggcaggtc     75180
     tggtgatgac aaaatctctc agcatttgct tatctgtaaa ggattttatt tctccttcac     75240
     ttatgaagct tagtttggct ggatatgaaa ttctgggttg aaaattcttt tctttaagaa     75300
     tgttgaatat tggcccccac tctcttctgg cttgtagagt ttccgccgag agatcagctg     75360
     ttagtctgaa gggcttccct ttgtgggtaa cccgaccttt ctctctggct gcccttaaca     75420
     tcttttcctt catttcaact ttggtgaagc tgccaatgat gtgtcttgca gttgctcttt     75480
     tcgaggagtg tctttgtgac attctctgta ttttctgaat ttgaatgttg gcctgccttg     75540
     ccaggttgga gaagttctcc tggataatat cctgctgatt gttttccaac ttggttccat     75600
     tctccctgtc actttcacgt acaccaatga gacatagatt tggtcttttc acatagtccc     75660
     atatttcttg gaggctttct tcatttctat tattttttct ctaaacttct cttcatgctt     75720
     catttcattc atttcatctt ccatcgctga taccctttct tccagttgat cgcatcagtt     75780
     actgaggctt gtgcattttt cacgtagttc ttttgtcatg gttttcagct ccatgagatc     75840
     ctttaaggac ttctctgcat tggttattct agttatccat tcgtgtattt tttttttcaa     75900
     agtttttaac ttgtttgcca ttggtttgaa cttcctcctt tagctcggag tagtttgatc     75960
     ttctgaagcc ttcatctctc aactcgtcaa agtcattctc catccagctt tgttccattg     76020
     ctggtgagga ggtgcgttcc tttggaggag gagaggtgct atgattttta gagtttccag     76080
     tttttctgct ctgttttttc cccatctttg tggttttatc tacctttggt ctttgatgat     76140
     ggtgacgtac agatgggttt ttggtgtgga tgtcctttct gtttgttagt tttccttcta     76200
     aaagacaggg ccctcagctg aaggtctgct ggagtttact ggaggtccac tccagaccct     76260
     gttttcctgg ttatcagcag tggaagctgc agaacagtgg atattggtga actgcaaatg     76320
     ctgctgtctg atggttcctc tggaaatttt gtctcagagg agtacctggc cgtgtgagtt     76380
     gtcagtccac ccctactggg gggtgcatcc cagttaggct acttgggggt ctgggaccca     76440
     cttgaggggg cagtctgccc attctcagat ctcaacctgt gtgctgggag aaccactact     76500
     ctcttcaaag ctgtgggaca aggacaatta tgtctgcaga agtttttgct gtcttttatt     76560
     tgtctgtgcc ctgcccccag aggtggagcc tacagaggca ggcagacctc cttgagctgt     76620
     ggtgggctcc acctagtttg agcttcccag ccactttgtt tacctactca agcctgagca     76680
     atagtgggca tccctccccc agcctcactg ccaccttgca gttcgatctc agacttctgt     76740
     gctagcaatg attgaggctc cgtgggcata ggaccctccg agccatgtgc aggatataat     76800
     ctcctggtgt gctgtttgga agctggttgt aaaagtgcag tattaaggtg ggattgaccc     76860
     gattttccag ttgccatctg tcaccccttt ctttgaggag gaaagggaat tccctgaccc     76920
     cttgtgcttc ccaggtgagg tgatgcttca cccttctttg gctcatgcat ggtgcactgt     76980
     acccactatc ctgcacccac tgatcagcac tccccagtga gatgagcctg gtaccttagt     77040
     tggaaatgca gaaatcaccc attttctgtg tcactcaagc tgggagctgt agaccagagc     77100
     tgttcctatt tgtccatctt ggctccacca accaagacta aatatttttt acaaacatat     77160
     tcaaatggcc aacaggtgtg tagaaagacg ctaaacatta ccattcatga gaaaattgca     77220
     aatcaaaaga tacaacttta cagcagttgg aatggctaat atcaaaaaaa aaagaaatat     77280
     gacaagtgtt aacaaggatg tgagaaaata tttctgtaca gtctgaatga gttgcaaact     77340
     ggaagagtca ttatgaaaat tagtttgcag gttattttaa aaaatagaac tattgtaaaa     77400
     tcccgaaatt ccacttctgt ctataaacaa attaaaatca gcatctcaaa aataatcttc     77460
     acccctgtat tcaatgcagc gttattcaca actgtcaaag gtattttttt taaaaaaacg     77520
     acttatctgt agatgctgaa tggataagga aaatgtggta taaatagaca accgaatatt     77580
     attcactcat aaaaaagaat gaaattctgc tatttcaaca acatgaatgg acttgggtac     77640
     attatgctat gcaaaataag ccaggcacag aaagacaaac actgtatgtt ctcacttatg     77700
     tggacaattt aaaaagcctg aactcataga agcagagagt acaatggtaa tgaccaggcc     77760
     tggaggtaga aaaaatgata aggtgttcaa agagttcaaa cttccagtta taagataaat     77820
     aagttttggg ggtctaatgt atagctttaa gatgtagtta ataacagtgt tttctatgct     77880
     taaaatttgc tgcaacagta ggatacctca aatgctctta ctacaaaaaa cataaccatg     77940
     tgaggtgaca taaatgttca tcaacttaat tgtattaaac attttacaat atatatacct     78000
     atcaaatttt tataatgtac acaatacata attatgcact ttttattggt caaaaattaa     78060
     tgttatgtac acatgcatat attcacagaa gtgtgtctat acacatatat aaagcatata     78120
     catatatatc aattacatat gttgttatgt atatacttgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatat     78180
     atgtacacat acatatcaat gaaaaaatcc tagtaaactt caaactaaac aagagaaaat     78240
     tataaaatga taactattta aaaaacagga aacaaatggg tatttaatac atgctcagca     78300
     atattctgag ttcctcaatg gcaaagtaca tgttttaaat gtagaaagta gatacattaa     78360
     accatattac agtttaggaa ttatggcaca gcgtgtttac aatattagcc tcaatacata     78420
     ccaaaaactt aaaattttga agtaaaataa cattaggttt tactacatgg ggcagaagct     78480
     tagtgttctg ataaaattat tgagtatgaa tttctgtaga atcacatttg aaaccttcac     78540
     aggatatgaa attataaagc agaaaacata caacatctgg atttggcctt tctgggattt     78600
     ctaaaccaaa tcccaatatc tccactactc tcacacattt tagacaagac tcaaaatgga     78660
     aattagaaaa tgtttaacat agagttcctt aaaaatcaca gacggcccca tgtcctcaaa     78720
     aggaataaaa gagcaagcag ccaggtcctc cagtcccttg taagccatgc aaagggcttt     78780
     gattttcttt gtaacctgga agaacgatcg ttgaagggga agtccagtcc tagaaaattg     78840
     aagagcatgg ggcagaggat gtcagtctct aataaaagca agagaaagaa atcagggctt     78900
     tgcagaaaag gtttccattg gagcatagct tcacaaacca cactttaaca tctggctttc     78960
     tccttgactt ttggacatct cgtctgtgtc atctgcctta ttcactccca cctatttgga     79020
     tgtttggcta ctatctcctg tctcctcaca ctctggggtt ttttcttttt ctcaatgtag     79080
     gtgatcagga ttagcttaga gaacagccaa ggactctgta ttagaaaaag taatatgact     79140
     tattctgtga ttttccaatt actacttagt actgtgctcg gtggaaaaaa acagaacatt     79200
     ataaaagagt ctaaaaatgt aatatcaaat actatttcct cacagaaacg ttatgatatt     79260
     taaaaacttt tctaaatttg tgggtcctta gctccatcac ccagtgctgc tgaatcaaaa     79320
     cttggtggtg gttggctggg catagtgact cacaccactg atcccagcac tttgagaggc     79380
     caaggcaggc aaatcactta agcccaggag tttgaggtca gcctgggcaa catggcgaga     79440
     cctattctac gggttgaggg tggggaggag ggggaaaggt ggtggtaatg ggaggtggta     79500
     atgcgattat aaggtatggg caaccatatt ttgtgcctct aaatttgtgg agttaccact     79560
     aatctaaaat gaaggataca gatcagctga ggaaagaaaa agatttatgt cgagatgaaa     79620
     cctcctcgtg ggggtccaca gctgcaatac cgccaggcgg cagcatccca cctctttcga     79680
     ctggctgcag ccccaccaga agcccggctc cagccggggc gctgcggcgc gtactagacc     79740
     cggaaggcgc aggcgcgggt ttcctgccct ccagggtgtc ttcccactac ccggacccca     79800
     ggcaattcaa ttcattcatc aagtgcctcc gcaaccatcc aagttggggc agcaggtccc     79860
     acagtcgcca gccaagacct ccgctccaga aaccatggaa tgctttcccc gggggaagga     79920
     tattgtcttc gccagccacg aagaaatccg tccctgcgca ccttgtttcc cattgccacc     79980
     gacttcgtgt aaagtgtagt cccgaggaca cgaaagatac acagacctgg ccccgtggac     80040
     acgctctgtg ccaaggcttc caccagacgg acgggtgcac tctacaaatc tcggggccac     80100
     agcaccaacg agacagaaag aagcaaacaa aggaaggacc ctatgaaacg cacccccaaa     80160
     gcaatcaacc aatccaagaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacacgtct cagggctccg ctggttttcc     80220
     cgcattcgcg gccctgaccc cctgtcctag cctggcccaa gcaccctcca cctcaccccg     80280
     gcctgctcaa agtgccctgt ctacctgagc agagcctccc tctccaaggc tctgtctttc     80340
     tctctctgca actccctcac cctctccctt tctctacttc cccctccacc tctcactctt     80400
     ctatcacctt ctgtctctct ccccctccaa ctttctctct ctccccccat atctatctct     80460
     ccatcccggt ctccctggct ttctttcaag ctgtgtctgt gtctttgtct gtatgtcctt     80520
     gtgtgtgtgt ccgtgtgcgt gtgtccatgt gtccgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt gttgtgtgtg     80580
     tccgtgtgtg cctgtgcgcg tgcacccgtg tgtatctgtg tgtgtgtcgg tgtgggtttg     80640
     ctcgtggtgg tggtgtggtg tgtctgggtg tctgtcagcc cctctttccc agtatcaggc     80700
     tgccgggact ctagtgtcag cgcggggcaa agcagggcct tcctgtcctg ttggccatgg     80760
     gcgggtcctc gttggaacaa gcaacgatgg tgtgggcatt atgagaaaaa gggcccgcgg     80820
     ggctgggctg gctgttcgcc cctgggcagc cctggcggcg actctgggtg tgtggggcaa     80880
     gagagggcct tgcaagaggg gcggcgtggg atccaaatca atttttccgc ggcaaggcgg     80940
     aggaccagag atgatcccag gactgtgggc catgggccct gacgcctccg agcacaccct     81000
     gtcctgagcc ggcccgatgt gttggaagct cgggagctcg cgagctgggg gaaggcctgg     81060
     aatgtcagtg aaagggaggc cgcctgatgg gccttgagcc tggacagggg actgaggaat     81120
     caaggcctga cgacggattc ctgtttcctg caacatgggg agtctccaaa atggcctgtt     81180
     tggaaacgaa aggagagcga agacaagatg ctgcttttcc acgcttcgct ggaggtttct     81240
     gtgttcccac agagctcggg aaacaaacag tcaacatggt cacgctttcg ggggccagag     81300
     acacatgagc aacaggcccc ccaccccttg cagaaggcaa aggaacgtgg aatccggaat     81360
     catgattcac tcagcttgag tgtgactcct gtgtggatgg gagtatctgc ctcgcgctct     81420
     gttgtaggct tagctgggga ggctcacatg tcatctgtga accatgtgga tgaaaaacgg     81480
     acaacaattc gagtctcggc tctgctcttt ggggaattcg cccattcctt gggaagcgga     81540
     attcgtctga atcgctcccg ggtgaagtaa cccaggcgat cccgagggcc ggtgagccca     81600
     ccgccggccg atgcggccgt gggccgagca ctcagcctgc actgggcacc caacattttc     81660
     ccggagttcg aggtcctgct ggtcctggtg gcagaagacc gcttttctct ttgccttcct     81720
     ttctctgttt cttgctcctt ttctccctct gtccatcctt ccctctgttc ttccttctct     81780
     ccctctctcc ctccctccct ctctccctcc ttccctctgt tctctccttc cctctctccc     81840
     tccatccata cctccctttc tccctccttc cctccctccc ttcctctctt attcttttcc     81900
     tctctccctc cctccatccc ttccaaggtc cctcctttca tccgtccttt cctccctctg     81960
     tccctccctc tcactttgtc tccgttcctt tccccatttc tgcctggctt ccctcccacc     82020
     tagaaagggc agaaccacgg tttgcgcaag atctcggggt ctacatttag ttgccgggag     82080
     ctccacgtga tgcggcgggg cacgggtggg cgagggaggg tggagcgggg aggtagtgga     82140
     gttgagctgt ggaaaggaga gcaggcctgg ccgctgcccg ggccggtgtt tcccggggtg     82200
     gaggtctccg cctacaccat tgaagaacgc ggaggctggg gggaggtgta cggcgtgggg     82260
     aggcggggga agggatgaga gccctgtccg ggctggtccc aaaccctagc cggctgccca     82320
     tgaacccgcg catgccagcc tgggctggct ctgaaatcct tgggatgctc aggaaaagaa     82380
     tgacagccct cctttctgtg gagtttctcg ccggacctgg actcagggat cctagacagg     82440
     tcagctggaa gggaagacgc aggtctccat acagagcctg aggttcagcg cgaaagaggg     82500
     gccaccccct gcccccaccc ggtcccaacc ccgcgtccta aagctcctcc agcagagccc     82560
     cgtgttcttc ctggctgagg agtggttcca gaaaagtggg ctcttccatg tccttcaact     82620
     cccccagtgg ctccgttgct tggaaaggtt gtgccttttg ctgaaattct ggggtcgaca     82680
     ggagctcata taacagggtg gatgcgagtg cagatgaacg ctccagctct tggagcggtt     82740
     gggagggtgc ctggatggct tacatctgct tctgacacgc agaggcctcc gtgggcgcga     82800
     gctgcggagg tagatgtgcc tcggcttcgc gttcccatgc tccctggcga cctggggacc     82860
     ctggccccag ccccaatacg gactcatgtg ggacgtgtgc ggcgcaagca caccttgccc     82920
     ctgtgactca gcctgagcgg ctcaagttgt cccactgagc acgcacacag aaggccgccg     82980
     tgctgcgagt cctggtccac ctgccaactg tttgactcag cctgagcggc ccaagctgtc     83040
     ccattgagca cagcacccac aaagcctccg tactgcgggt cctggttccc ctgccatctg     83100
     ttcgggtgtg gaggtcaccc aggtgtctga gggtgggaca gcgccacttc cgaaggagcc     83160
     agagcagcaa actcaaaatc cccgagtgcc acggcaggtc gggagattct ttctgcctgc     83220
     aaagcctggc tgggctgcag cagaggggcc acccctgctg tctggctcac gaaagccccc     83280
     tgttccccac gccctggagt gggtgaaggc gaccaaggag ggagggtggc acccgcggtg     83340
     ggccgcgttg cacaggcgcc tgcgtgcgcg gattccctgc caccctggcc tggatgcctg     83400
     gaccttcgat tctgatacga aatctgaatc ctgggctcca aaaggcaggt ctctctggac     83460
     agtttgggta cgggttccgc tcaaagcacg ctagcaggga atcttttttg ttcaggttac     83520
     aaaccagtct ccttcgccgt cctcgtcctc gggcttccgc ggggaagggg ctgtcagaag     83580
     gtgtcgggag agccatcgcg agggcacctc gccggaattt cacggacaga cacgggcaga     83640
     gagaggccgg cggctcctgt gcgcctcagt tggcctctgt gctgtacgca ggtccagtca     83700
     ggagtccgac cccgccagtg gcccttataa agacccacca gcttcacccc ttcatgaata     83760
     tgcgtgagca cccaagggcc ctgggtatcc cgccctccga agccagaaat cacagacaca     83820
     gggccctgtg tggtaggtga aggtggggcc agatcggcca ggaaaggggg gcttctgggg     83880
     ctggctctct gagttctcca gaattctacg gaaactggaa gtttctctct gggctcacat     83940
     acgatttcag ggagaaacca ccctggaagg gtggtgtgtg gaactgaacc tccatgacag     84000
     tcttgagttt tccaggccct ctccgtgaag gcggcaatgc ctgtgggtgt cgccgttgcc     84060
     gtgatagtct cacacacgca ggtgtgtgga tctcattcat tttctttttt ttatttttat     84120
     tttttatttc tacctcttaa agtcaatgat aatgtcacaa gtgtaaaatg aatacattta     84180
     aaaacataaa agatacattt caatgacaag aaatatgcaa tgatcatgaa aatctactgt     84240
     acactttgcc aaggtcaaag aatgaaagac aatatggaaa acccaatctt caaatatatc     84300
     cttaataaaa actctctcct acatagtaaa agcatcatct aaacagcagc tccaactgag     84360
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gcagggtaga tgggacagat     84420
     aactttcccc aggttttcca gacaaaaaca tgtggtcacc aggaattcaa ggtaacttca     84480
     aaagccacat gtaattcaaa ataaaatgaa catttctgac agatgacagc agtatgatac     84540
     tgattttttt ctttcctaga tacaaatgat atggggcatt tcttaacagt ttagtaatca     84600
     tctaagaatt actgtagaaa taaccccaat tccaccatcc cagccactgg tataaaacaa     84660
     ataaccttcc attgatactg tctttcacat aactaaaata tcctcactta cttggaacaa     84720
     tttcatgctt acacatgatc acaaacactt gtttttagat gttgtggaat tattggagct     84780
     gagatttttg aaacaatatc tgaatcttag cagagagcta ataatccttt cactatacat     84840
     tgattgggct tccttaacca aatctgagca actactgtaa taataatgct ggtggtaatc     84900
     catgatactc tcaaattttt ccctttaaga aatatataat ccatgtaatt ctagcaaata     84960
     tgttacattg cacagttgct taacaaggat tggctgtttt caggccttat taggaaaaca     85020
     aagaaacaaa caatgacagt tactatctgt tttttatcac tgataagctg caataaaact     85080
     caaatatgag agtttaattg tgtgatatta agtaaaaaat gaaaaccatt atagttttac     85140
     caaaagaaat gtaaaaaata tgggaagaat tcaaatgagc atggcataag tcccaaagat     85200
     tacactatga ttctgaacag gattttccaa acaaagggta tctacttaca atttctgtga     85260
     atatttctcg cactagaaag atccaaagca aacgtaggct cagccctacc ttgtcaaaga     85320
     taaatattca gataaactag aagttccatc tgctaaagtg catcggctga ccaggtctac     85380
     catggccctg ctacttacag ccatctaaga aattggcctc acccatgctc attcactcgt     85440
     tctgtggcct atcaagagtc acacataaca atggttttgc ttttttaaaa aaaacaaata     85500
     ctttatacag tgaactacag aaaaaattct aaatatactt ttaacattct agagagttaa     85560
     ggtaacctca tttttaaaaa tactgaaaat gtaaagggtc catataaaga gttgtgttaa     85620
     gtacatactt cctattttaa taattcactt gctgtgttct taaaatctct ctgagagaag     85680
     cagatatttt actcatgtat tttggcaaga gattcaaaag caaaagtagc agggctgtaa     85740
     aatttcataa agtttgtggg atttttaaaa gctaaattat tcaatatttt gtattgttat     85800
     tgcaatcata tattgcccgg aatatatata cagcaaccca gcaacaatga ttgcaacgaa     85860
     agtaaggtaa acaggtctac aaacatttga tttccttatt agatagatga agttttcata     85920
     gaggaagtgc aaattcagat caggttacat aagcttaaca attatttaaa ctgtatataa     85980
     aattaaatct aaccctcacc actacaaatc tgtaaggaat cactgtcagg aatctacagg     86040
     acttggctct tatttacatt cgacgcacac ttagaaagtt cacaaatgat gagatgcagg     86100
     ccaaggggat tcctcaaagg gctccaccca aaaggaaaag aaagagagct aaacagagaa     86160
     ttaccactta tgtatttgtg ggtaatcagc ttattcctca gcctctagac agtgaggagg     86220
     atgaagaaat ggaagaagat aacaaagaag aggaagaaaa agatcacagt gaagcgatga     86280
     agccagagga gccacctcaa aatttactga gagaaaaaat catgaaactg cccctccctg     86340
     aatctttaaa agcttacttg acatatttta gagacaaata acttagatca agaagaaaga     86400
     atgcctactg ataattcctt tagtcttgaa aatgtagcat ttgttaggaa ttaaaagaat     86460
     tatttatttc atcagagcaa attatagggg aaaaaatatc acttgttact gtcagtaaca     86520
     taaatgatgt attgagtgaa taaaagaatc ccttttataa aatctatttt tctttaaatc     86580
     ttggaaaatt gttgtttcac ctcagagtga tttgaaagtg gaatgtaaca gtagtcaaga     86640
     cttgtgtgct atttctgatt cttccttttc tgattcctta cggatctcgt tcattttgat     86700
     gtagaaaacg agagcaaaac tacagagaaa agaaacgcca ggtgcatcac agcctgagga     86760
     tggattcctg tttcctgcga catggggagt ctccactatg gcctgtttcc aaacaggaaa     86820
     ctggaaagga gagcgaagac acgatgctgc ttttccacgc ttctctggag gtttctgtgt     86880
     ccccacagag ctcgggaaac aatcaacatg gtcacgcttt cgcgggccag agacgcatga     86940
     gcaacaggcc cccttgcaga aggcaaagga acgtggaacc cgaaaccacg cttcagtcgg     87000
     cctgagtgtg actcctgtgt ggacgggact atccacctcg cgctccgttg caggctcaac     87060
     ctggggctat ctcatctgtg aaccatgtgg atgaaaattg gacaatcgcc tgagtctcgg     87120
     ctcattgctc tctggacaat tcgctcattc cttgggagac gaaattcgtc tgaattgctc     87180
     ccggattaag taacccaggc tggcgatccg gagggcaggt gagagcgccg caggccgacg     87240
     cggctgtggg ccgagcactt agcctgcact gggcacccaa cattttcccg gagtgcaaga     87300
     tcctgctagt cctggaggca gaagactact tttctctctg ccttcctctc tctgtttctt     87360
     gctccctctt tccctccttc cctccctcag ttcctccctt cctccctccc tccctccttc     87420
     cctctccctc tccttctatc cctccatcct ttccaaggtc ccacggtcca tccgttcttt     87480
     cctccctcca tggctccctc cttctctgtc tccgttcctc tccccatctc tgcctgagtt     87540
     ccctcccgcg tagaaagggc agaaccctgg cttgcacggg gtctcgggtc tgcatttagc     87600
     tgtcaggtgc tccacatcga tgccgaggaa gctggcgggg caagggtagg cgagtgacgg     87660
     tggggcgggg aggcagaggt ggcgagacgc ggaaagaaga gcaggcctgg cgtctgaccg     87720
     ggccagtgtt tcccgcccgc cccactgaag aacgcggcag ggggcaagag agaagggatg     87780
     agagctccgc ctagactagt tagaaaacct aggctactgc ctgctaaccc gcccatgagc     87840
     agtagacagt ccgcctcccg gtacctggac gggccctggg atccccggaa tgctcaggaa     87900
     agaatgatag ccctcctctg agtggagtct ctcacgggac ctggaactca gggatcctag     87960
     gcaggtcagc tggaagggaa gacaagcctc tccataccga gtcagaggtt caccgcgaaa     88020
     gagaggccgc cgccctgccc ccaccctgcc ccaaacccgc gtcctaaagc tcctccagca     88080
     gagcccggtg ttcttcctgg ctgaggagtg tttccagcgg agcgggctct tccacgtcct     88140
     tcagcttccc cagtggcgcc ggatctagga aagactgtgc cttttgctga aactctgggg     88200
     ttgacaggag ctcatctaac aggctggggg tgtgtgtaga cgagcgcccc ggctcctgga     88260
     gtggttggga ggtgcctgga tggcttgcat atgtgcttga cgaggaggcc tccggggtcg     88320
     cgagcttcag agggggaggt gctcggtctt cggtttccca cgctgccctg gcaacctggg     88380
     gctcaagccc caccgcggac tctggtggga cgtgggtggc gcaaacacac cttgcccctg     88440
     tgactcagct tgagggggcc caagcggtcc cactgagcac gcgcccacca ggccgccgtg     88500
     ctgcgggtcc tcttcctcct ggcatttgtt agggtgcgga ggccactgag gagtctgagg     88560
     atgggacact cctacttcca gaggagccag ggcagcgaac acaaaatccc cgcatgcagg     88620
     gacaggttga gagattcctt ctgcctgcgc agcctggctg ggctggagcg gggggaaggc     88680
     ccttgctccc tggctcatga aagccccatg tgggagagcc ccaggcgtgc agggcgtgtg     88740
     gggtgcggga agccccattc cccatgccct ggtgtgggtg aactcgattg aggagggagg     88800
     aagatgacac ccaccggggg tgttaattag taaccacagt ggcctcaaag agctcaaatg     88860
     aaaggaagaa ttgcatgtct ctcactttaa gtccagagct agaaatgatt aagcttactg     88920
     aagatgtaaa attttcatcg ctagagagac gtcaacactt ggcttcaaaa cttcaaagga     88980
     tgggctgact ctctttgagg accactgcag ttggtgactt taagttacag ccaatgatca     89040
     ttgaccactc tgtaaatctc agggccctta agagtcatgc aaaatctatt ctttctgtgc     89100
     tctagaaacg gaacatcaca atctgagtga caacacatct gttaagagca tggtttactg     89160
     aatattttaa tcccactatt gagacctact gctcagaaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaaaga     89220
     aaaaacaaaa acgattcctt taaagggatt gctgcttggc caggcacagt ggctcacacc     89280
     tgtaatccct gcactttggg aggcgaggtg ggtggatcgc ctgaggtcag gagttggaga     89340
     ccagcctggc aaaaatgatg aaaccttgtc tcctataaaa atacaaaaaa attagccgga     89400
     catggtggtt gtacctgtaa tttcagctac ttgggaggct gacgcagaag aatggcttga     89460
     atcctggagg tggaggtaga aatgagccga ggccatgcca ctgccctcca gcctgggcaa     89520
     caagagggaa actacataaa ggaaaaaaaa ggaaagaaaa gaaaaaaaga aaaaagattg     89580
     ctgcttattg acaattcacc tagctaccca gaagcttaga tggagatgta cttggaaatt     89640
     aatgttattt tcatggctgc taatacaata tctatccttc agcctgtgga tcaaggagtg     89700
     gttttgactt ttcaagtgtt tatattaaat aataaatgca ttttataaag gtatagctgt     89760
     catagatagt aatttctttg atgaatctgg ataaactgaa ttgaaaacct tttggaaagg     89820
     tttcaccatt aataccttca tgatatttca acctcttccg gtgaatcaca aatgtcctta     89880
     atagcaaatg ccattaagga catttgtgat tgatgggagg aggttgaaat atcaacatta     89940
     acaggagttt ggaagaagtt gattccagcc ctcatggaag actttgaggg ctcaggatgt     90000
     cagtggagga agtccctaca gatgtggtag aaatcgcaag acaaccagaa ttagaattag     90060
     ggctttaaga cgagaataaa ttgctgtaaa ctcatgatga aacttgaaca agtggggagt     90120
     tgcttcttat ggatgagcaa agaaaatatt ttcttgagat ggaatataat ccaggtggag     90180
     atgcaatgaa gtttgttgaa ataacaacaa aggatttaga atattccata aacctagttg     90240
     ataaagcagc agcagggttt gagagggttt actccaattt tgaaggaagt tctactgtgg     90300
     gtaaaatgct atcaaacagc atcacattct acagggaaat gttttgtgaa aggaacaaac     90360
     ttcattgttt taagaaattg acacaggcac ccaactttca gcagccccca cactgatcag     90420
     tcagcagcca tcaacatagc ggcaagaccc tcactgtaga taaaagaaag agagctcaga     90480
     ctgttactgt gtctatatag aaaggaaaaa cataagaaac tccattttga aagacttgta     90540
     ctttaaacaa ttgctttgct gagatgttgt taatttgtag ctttgcacca gccactttgc     90600
     cccagccact ttgacccaac ctggagctca caaaaacatg tgttgtatga aatcaaggtt     90660
     taagcgatct agggctgtgc aggacgtgcc ttgttaacaa aatgtttaca agcagtatac     90720
     ttggtaaaag tcattgccat tctctaatct caataaacga ggggcataat gcactgcaga     90780
     aagccgcagg gacctctgcc cttgaaggcg gggtattgtc caaggtttct ccccatatga     90840
     tagtctgaaa tatggcctcg tgggatgaga aagacctgac tgtcccccag tccgacaccc     90900
     attcagagtc tgtgctgagg tggattagta aaaggggaaa gcctcttgct gttgagatag     90960
     aggaaggcca ctgtctactg cctgcccctg ggaactgaat gtctcagtat aaaacctgat     91020
     tgtacatttc ttcaattctg agataggagg aaaaccgccc tatggtggga ggccagacat     91080
     gtttgcagta atgctgcttt gttattcttt actccactga gatgtttggg tggagagaaa     91140
     catatctggc ttacgtgcac gtccaatcat agtaccttcc cctgaactta attatgacat     91200
     agattatttt gctcacatgt tttttgctga ccttctcctt attatcacct tgctctccta     91260
     ctacattcct ttttgctgaa ataatgaaaa taataaccaa taaaaactaa gggaactcag     91320
     aggccagtgc tggtgcaggt ccttggcatg ctgagcgccg gtcccctggg cctactgttg     91380
     cttctctata ctttgtctct gtgtcttcct tgttttctct gtctctggtc ccacctcact     91440
     agaaataccc gcaagtgtgg aggggcaggc caccccttca ctcaccagca aaaagattat     91500
     gacttgatga ggctcagata ttcattagta tttttcagca atgaggtatt ttaagttaag     91560
     gtatgtacat agatttttag acataatgtg attactaatt aattgataat tattaaatac     91620
     tcattagact acaacatagt ttaagcataa cttttataag cactgggaaa caaaatgtgt     91680
     atgcgactaa cttgattgta acattttcct tattgtggtt gtctggaacc aaacccacac     91740
     tatctctgag tatgcttgta ggtttttggt tgttctttgt tttgagatgg ggtttcgctc     91800
     tgtcacccag gccagagtgc agtggcatga tcatagttca ctgcagcctc aaactgctgg     91860
     gtcaagtgat tgttctacca cagcctcctg agtagctggg actacaggca tgcagcacta     91920
     tgcctggcta tttttttttt ttttttgaga cagagtctcg ctctttctcc caggccagag     91980
     tgcagtggcg ctatctcggc tcactggaag ctccgcctcc cgggttcacg ccatcctcat     92040
     gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggactaca ggcgcccaca ccaggcccgg ctaatttttt     92100
     gtatttttag tagagacggg gtttcaccgt gttagccagg atggtctcga tctgctgacc     92160
     tcgtgatctg cccgcctcgg cctcccaaag agctgggatg acaagcgtga gacaccgcgc     92220
     ccggcctgcc ttttctttct agtggctcaa gccccatggt gtgtggtggg cctgatctcc     92280
     gatgcttttg aacagtgtag aaactgttgc tgtctgtatt taattttttc ctacatgtat     92340
     ggtctcgatc gatcacaaga agatcaataa gcccttctcc ttattctact tccctttcta     92400
     gcaacggaga actttgattg gatttttcct gtctacagac aggaatgagt ctgctgtttt     92460
     cttttttaaa cccgagggga ctgagcctga gggcctcgag cgcggccatc ctcctccaac     92520
     ccacaactgg tgattgtggt ggtggtggtg gtggtggtgg ttttgtgttc cagcttctgt     92580
     tctgttgttg ttgttgttgc tgctgctgct gttgctgctg ctgctgctgg tgctgtcgtc     92640
     attgttttgg tattttacag actcggggtg tatgtgcttg tttgttagat cagcgtacta     92700
     ctgcttccgg atgtagaagt ggacctccag tgtatccgtt acccacatgg cgaacgttgt     92760
     ctctgactgg caatttattc attcctcgtc cccctcttac cctcctcctc ccttttggag     92820
     tgtctgttat ttccatcttg atgaccgtac gtgtacccat tatttacctc ccacttgtaa     92880
     gcagaaggca gttcactggg tacatacttg cttccagctc tacccatgtt gtgggaaaag     92940
     acgtgaaatc actctttttt gtgcctgcac cattggagaa ttttaacttt tttctcttct     93000
     tttcttttct ttcttttctt ttcttttctt tctttttttt ttttcttttc tttcctcctc     93060
     ctcctcctcc ttcttttttt catttttttc agctgggctc tcttacttgt gttgctcagt     93120
     tgctcgggct ggtctcaaac tcctggactt gacacttctc ccgtcacatc aaccgcctgg     93180
     ttgttgaaat gagcatctct tgtaaaattg aaaagatgaa aaaaatagag agaaagacaa     93240
     gaagcagggg gtgaacgttt ctcttgccgc ctcccagggt gtaccttgga cccaatagga     93300
     gggagggagc ttggctgggt gggtttttgg tgctaaatcc tcccgagggc ctccttccct     93360
     ctcccccttg tcccctcttc tcccccagcc aaggctccca ccgccgctgt gggattttcc     93420
     gtgggagaga tatgggagag gactgacgcg gcttccagat ctatatcttg ccagacatct     93480
     ctggctcagc gtcccccacc ggctgcctgc caccttccaa ggagctctga ggccgatgcc     93540
     ccgccccctt cacatcccgc caccctcctc cggttggcct acgcccggcg accccaaggg     93600
     agccgcgttg acgctttctt cttctttttc ttgttttatt ttattattat tatagtttaa     93660
     gatttagggt acatgtgcac aacgtgcagg tttgttacat atgtatacat gttccatgtt     93720
     ggtgtgctgc acccattaac tcgtcattta gcattaggta tatctcctaa tgctatccct     93780
     cccccaaccc cacaacagtc cctggtgtgt gaagttcccc ttcctgtgtc catgtgttct     93840
     cattgttcag tttccaccta tgagtgagaa catgcagtgt ttgttttttt tgtccttgag     93900
     atagtttgct gagaatgatt gtttccagtt tcatctatgt ccctacaaag tacattaact     93960
     catcattttt tatggctgca tagtattcca aggtgtcgaa tccttcagcg aagtcttcca     94020
     ccagatgccc cgggtgggcc ggatggatgg gatgagactg gaccacccca gaccgtgctg     94080
     ttcttggggg tgggttgacg tacagggtgg actggcagcc ccagcattgt aaagggtgcc     94140
     caggtatgga aatgttacat aggatgccct ccttcccgtc agcctgcctt cagcttcctc     94200
     aggcatgaag acaacttccc atcagaacct tttttcttcc ctttctccac cacacagatg     94260
     agactcatga gagggagaaa cagctcaata gatactgctg accttcattt gtggaatcct     94320
     cagtcatcta cagacagaga ggtgactaga cagggaccca aatcaaaccc catttccggg     94380
     tcctcatggt gggattggtc tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acacacacac     94440
     acacacacac aatttccaca tctagttcac aaaccacact aatttaccct tttcacagta     94500
     tgcagtctga gtaaaaccca ccacaccctc cacccggcga ctgacgaaac cccttctcta     94560
     caatttatta aaaagattat ctgggccggg cacagtagct cacgcgtgtc attccaacac     94620
     tttgggaggc caaggggggt ggatcgcttg aggccaggag ttcaagccca ggctggccaa     94680
     catggcaaaa ccctatctct atgaaaaata gaacaattag ccaggcctgt tggcataggc     94740
     ttgtaatcac aactactcag gaaactgagg cgggcgaatt gcttgaagca gggaggctga     94800
     ggttgcagtg agctgagatc atgccatggc aattattgag acagagcgag actctctcaa     94860
     taatcataat attattataa gattagttgt gcgtgctgat acccgactgt agtcgcagct     94920
     actcgtgagg ctgagataag gagaagatca cttgaggccc cacaggttga ggcttcagtc     94980
     agctgttacc cactgtatcc tgggcagtca ccagtcaagg agatatgccc ttccccgttt     95040
     tctttctttt cttttctttt ttcttttctt ctcttctctt ttcttctttt ttcttctctc     95100
     ttcttctccc tttctttctt tctgtctctt tctttctttt cttttctttc tttctttctt     95160
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttcct gcctcactgc cttcctgcct     95220
     ttcttctttc ctcccttcct cccttccttc tttcctcccg cctcggcctc ccaaagtgcc     95280
     gggattactg gtgtgaggca ccatgcctgc ttggcctaaa gggacaccct ttgaaagtaa     95340
     gacacagaca gcgccttcca gtgatctgat tgattgattg attgacagat ttcgagacag     95400
     cgtctcactc tgtcaccctg gcagtggtgc catcatatct cacttactgc agcatggacg     95460
     cttctggact caagcgatcc ttccacatca gcctccagag tagagtacct gggaccacag     95520
     gcacacgcca ttgtgcccag atcattttta tttatttatt tatttttccc gagacagagt     95580
     ttcgctcttg ttgcccagac tggagtgcaa tggtgcgatc ttggcccacc acaacctctg     95640
     cctcccgggt tcatgcgatt gattctcttg cgtcagcctc ctgagtagct gggattgcag     95700
     gcatgcgcca ccacgtctgg ctgattttgt attgttagta gagacggggc ttctccatgt     95760
     tggtcaggct ggtctcgaac tcccgacctc aggtgatcct ccctcctcgg cctcccaaag     95820
     tgctgggatg acaggcgtga gccactgccc ctggccttca tttttaaatg tttttccaca     95880
     gacagggtct catcattttg ttgcaaccct cctgacccgg cgtctcaaag tgctggcgtg     95940
     aagggcttga gccactgcgc cttgactccg ggaaatgatt cacgaccacg acggctgtac     96000
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     96060
     tcttttattc tttctttctt tattttcttc tttcttattt attgatgaat tttttatatt     96120
     gattgattga ttttgagagg gagtcttgct ctgttcgagg cgaggcgagg cgaggcgcat     96180
     cgctttggag gccgcagcac tgccttctaa agccccattc aaatgcacaa agtcctattc     96240
     ccttcctgga gttggagctg atgccttcca ttgccttggg cttctctcca ttcagaagat     96300
     tttacaggtg caaccccacc cagaggctgg ctgcggctga ggattagggg atgtggtggg     96360
     gctggaaact cgtcctctat tgttgcaagc tcagccaaga catcccccga cccccatcgc     96420
     ttgctcaccc tttgagatcc cctgcctcca ccgccttgga ggctgacctc ttactttaat     96480
     ttctgtcttt cttcctttcc tgcgtttgag gagggggtgc aggaatgagg gtgtgtgtgg     96540
     ggagggggtg cgtggtgggg acggagggga gcgtcctaag ggtcgattta gtgtcatgcc     96600
     tctttcaccg ccaccaccga agatgaaagc aacaatcagc taaataccgc gtgttctcat     96660
     ccataagtgg gaacttatag atgagagttc tgcgtgggca gaacgagggg gacgagagac     96720
     gcgggagtct acttgaggaa ggaggggtgg aaggagagac agcttcagga gaaaccaaaa     96780
     caaaacaaaa catgaaaact gtcgagtact gcgctgagtg tccgggtgat gaaatcatct     96840
     gcacactgaa acccccggca gaagtttacc tatgtaacga tcttgcacat gtatgtttga     96900
     acaagaagtg aaagttaggg gagaaggaga gagaaaggga gagagagagg gaaagagaga     96960
     aagagagaga gagaagtgaa acgaaacacc acctccttga cctgagtcag ggtatttctg     97020
     gccttttggg ggaacattca gcgacaatgc agtacttggg cccgttcttt tctttttctt     97080
     cttttctttt ttttggacag agtatctctc gctctttcac ccaggctgcg gtgcagtggc     97140
     gctctctagg ctcactgaaa cctctgcttc tcgggttcca gtgattcctc ttcggtagct     97200
     gggattacag gcgcgcacga cgatagccgg ctaatttttc tatttttagt agagacaggg     97260
     tttctccatg ttggccacgt tggtattgaa ctcctgacct caagtgatcc accctcctgg     97320
     gcctcccaaa gtgctgggac gacaggcctg agccgccggg atttcagcct ttaaaagcgc     97380
     gggccctgac acttttcgct gcggccctta tgctcagaat gacgtgtcct gtctgccata     97440
     ggttgactct ttgagtcccc tatgccattg cactttagcc tgggcagcaa gagcgaaact     97500
     ccgtcccccc accttcccgt gcaaataaat agataaataa ataaatgaat aaataaataa     97560
     ataaataaat aaataaataa aatctctaca catgacctat aagtgtgtgt tcccatgagt     97620
     tatttctaag aaatggcact gtacattgaa cgcagtggct catgtctgtc atcccagcac     97680
     tttgggaggc cgcggtgggt gggtcacgag gtcaggagtt caagaccagc gtagccgaca     97740
     tggtgaaacc gactcagttt cgtattttca atctctactg aaaatacgaa actgagtcgg     97800
     gcgcggtggc gcaggcacct gtaatcccag ctactcggga ggttgaggcg gaagaatcgc     97860
     ttgaacctgg caggcagagg tttcagtgac ccgggatggt gccactgcac taagcttggt     97920
     cgacagagtg agacttggtc tccaaataaa taaatgaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     97980
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagagaaaa gaaaagaaga aaggagaaaa gaaaagaaaa     98040
     aaaagaaaaa gaaaagaaag aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaaaaag aaaagaaaac     98100
     cagaaaagaa agataaaatg aaagaaaagg cactgtatcg ctactgggct aggaccttct     98160
     ctctttctgt ctgtttctct ctgtctctct ctgtctgtgt ctgtttctct ctgtctctct     98220
     ctgttttcct ctgtctcgct gtctctattt ctttttctga gtctctctgt ctgtctctct     98280
     cgctctctct ctctctgtct ctctctctgt gcctatcttc tgtcttactc tctttttcta     98340
     cccgtctgtc tctctctctg tccctctccc tccctttctg tctctctctc tctcactctc     98400
     tctctgtctg tctctctttc tgtctgtttc tctctgtctc tctctctcca tgtctgtctg     98460
     tctctctctt tctttctctc tgcctctgtc tgtctctctc tgcctgtctc tctcactgtg     98520
     tctgtcttct gtcttactgt ctttctctgc ctgtctctct ctctctctcc ctccctgcct     98580
     ttctgtttct ctctctctct ttctgtctgt ttctctctgt ctctgtctgt ctcttcttct     98640
     gtctgtcttt ctctctcttt ctttcttttt ttttttcaga tggagtctca ctgtgtcgcc     98700
     caggctggag tgcagtggcg ccatcttggc tcactgcaag ctccacctcc caggttcacg     98760
     ccattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggactata ggcgcccgcc accacgcctg     98820
     gctaattttt cgtattttta gtagagacgg gatttcactg tgttagccag gatggtctcg     98880
     atcttctgac ctcatgatcc gcccgcctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat gacaggagtg     98940
     agccaccacg cccagactgt ctctctcttt ctttctctct ctctctttct ctctctctct     99000
     ctgtgcctat cttctgtctt actctctttc tctgcctgtc tgtctctctg tctctctgtc     99060
     tgtctctctc cctccctgtc tgtttctttc actctgtctc tcttgctctc gcgctctctc     99120
     tctctgtctc tctctcacgc tatttctctc tgtcagtctc tgtctgtctt tttctctgtc     99180
     tctctgtttc tttctctcta tctgtctctc tctccctctg cctgtctctc tcactgtgtc     99240
     tgtcttcagt cttaatctct ttctctgcct gtctgtctct ctctccatct ctttctgttt     99300
     ctctctctct ctctcactct ctccgtctct ctctctttct gtttctgtct ctctgtctgt     99360
     ctctgtgtgt ctgtctgttt ctctctgttt gtctctctct ctctttctgt ttgtttctct     99420
     ctgtctgtct ctgtctatct ctctctctct ctgtctctct ccctccctgt ctgtcttttt     99480
     ctctctctct ctgtctctgt ctctctttct ttctgtctgt ttctctctgt ctctctctgt     99540
     ccatctccgt ctttctatgt ctgtctcttt ctctgtcagt ctgtcagacc ccccgtgccg     99600
     cggagggccc tgccccttcc acgaaagtga gaagcgcctg cttagagagg cccagaggaa     99660
     tctagacaga cgagacttaa caggcttcgc cactcggtgt atgatttcgg gaggtcgagg     99720
     ccgggtcccc acttggatgg aagggacatt ttcacacttt tctctctgtc atgtgtggcg     99780
     tccctacttc tcatatttcc ctgattagct cctcgactta aaaatacacg gttaaggccg     99840
     agcgcagtga ctcacgtctg tcatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg gtggatcacc     99900
     tgaggttggg agttcgagac cagcgttgcc aacacggcga aacctcatct ctactaaaaa     99960
     tactaaattg agtcgagcgt gggggggcag gcgcctgtaa tgccagctac tcgggaggct    100020
     gaggcgggag catcgcttga acctgggagg cggaggctgc agtgagccga gatcgcgcca    100080
     ctgcactaca gcccgggctg tagagtgagt gagactctgt ctctaaataa ataaataaat    100140
     aaataaataa ataaataaat aaatacatta tttttcgtgc tgactgacac ttgcaggcat    100200
     cggttgtctt cgggcatcgt agcggccact gttattgaaa gtcgaggtga cacggaggga    100260
     ggtctcgccg acctcacaga gcctggggca accgatttct ctctctccct tctggaggtc    100320
     cctccctctc tccctcgttg cctagggaac ctccgctggc gggggcccta ttgttctttg    100380
     atcagcgctt tagttttctt tgtgcgttgt tttctttcat gagcatagac tcttctactt    100440
     gggttttagg aagggtcagt ttaattttca agtcgccccc cagctcccct cactacccac    100500
     gtccctttac cttcgtttag tgagtcagtt aggtgggttc cctccaaacc ccccaccctc    100560
     cgcctcccaa caccctgctt ggaaaccttc cggagccacc caggtgtgcc tccgtcttct    100620
     ctccccttcc cccacccctt gccggcgatc ttattcttac caggctgaca tttgcaacgg    100680
     tgggcgtcag gcctcactca gtggccacgg ttttttaaga tggggtggca cggtcccact    100740
     tccccagagg cagcttgggc cgatggcata gcccttgacc cgcgtgggca agcgggcggg    100800
     tctgcagttg tggttttttt cccccgcttc cctcctcagg cctccctccc taggaaagct    100860
     tcaccctggc tgggtctcaa tcacctttta tcatgatgtt ttcgtttctc cgccctccgg    100920
     ccagcatagt ttcacaatgg gaatgaagtc acagctctag tctgggcctt cttagcattt    100980
     tcccaaaata gaaacgcttt ctgaaaacta atactttgct cacttaagat ttccagggac    101040
     agtgccttgg cccgtgtttg ttggcttgtt ttgtttcgtt cgtgtttttc ctttttctta    101100
     tatatttctt tttagatgaa gtagaaatcc ccagttttca ggaagaagta tattttcccc    101160
     aagacatatt agctgcagtt ttctcctgta gttaactaac gattttgtga atctctgaac    101220
     gtatagtgag agccggttga tgtttactag acttcagaac atctcatgtt ctagaaatcc    101280
     gtaagcaaat gctgctgctg ctcttgctgc tgctgctgct tttgttgctg ttgttgttgt    101340
     tttcaaagca caccccggcc accgtttatg ggatcaaaag cgttataaaa tatgtgtaat    101400
     tatttcctga gcgtgccctt cctcctcctc tctctgtctc tctgtctctc tttctctgtc    101460
     ttctctctct ctctgtctct ctctctgcct gtctatttct ctctctgtct ctctcactgt    101520
     gtctgtcttc tgtcttactc cctttctctg cctgtctgtc tctctctctc tgcctgtctg    101580
     tctctctctc tctctctctc cctgtctgtc tgtctctttc tctctgtcac tgtctctgtc    101640
     tctctctgtc tgtctctgtc tttctctgtc tgtctctctg tttctctctt tctctctgtc    101700
     tctgtgtgtc tctctctctg cctgtctctc tcactgtgtc tgtcttctgt cttactctct    101760
     ttctccgcca gcctgtctct ctctctttgt ttctctctgt ctctctctgt ccatctgtct    101820
     ttctctgtct gtctctttgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtatct ctctttctct gtctcgctgt    101880
     ctctgtctct ctctctgcct gtctgtctgt ctgtaggtct ctctctctct ccctgtctgt    101940
     tttttctctc tctctctttg cctgtctgtt tctctgtctc tgtctctctg tctgtctctc    102000
     tctgcctgtc tctctctgtg tcttctgtct tactgtcttt ctctgcctgt ctgtctgtct    102060
     ctctctctcc ttgtctgttt ctctctctct ctgtctctgt ttctctctct ccctctgtct    102120
     gtctctttct ctgtctcttt ctctctgtct gtctctctct ttctctctgt ctgtccattg    102180
     tctctgtctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctg ccttctgtct tactctcttt ctctgactgt    102240
     ctgcctgtct gtctgtctct ctctgtctct ctctttctgt ctctgtctct ctttctgttt    102300
     ctctctgtct ctgtccatct ctgtctttct ctgtctgtgt ctttatctgt ctgtctctct    102360
     ctctctttct gtctttctct ctttgtgtat ctttgtatct ctctgtctgt ctctctctgt    102420
     ctctgtcttt gtctctctct ctctctgtgt ctctcgcccg ctctctggct ctcgctatct    102480
     cccaccctct ctttctttgc aaaataagtt caagtacttc taatctaatc cattaccaca    102540
     gcctgaattc ttaactttag acatcccaga tttgatctcc ctacagaatg ctgtacagag    102600
     ctggcgagtt tatttctgga cttggatacc tcatagatat tacatattaa taaagatcca    102660
     accctaaaat ctggggttgt gtttccctcg actgtctcaa aaaatcatac ctctgttcac    102720
     ctaggatgct gggaaggttt tctcaatgtg catctgctcg tgtcctacat gaactgtgac    102780
     cgagccctgt ccgttctgtc tcaaatatgt atctgcaaac acgtctctcc atttccacaa    102840
     ctacccatgg cccattgtgg aaccattggc tctttgaaaa aaaatcccag aagtggcttt    102900
     gactttttgg ctaggaggtc taaacctgct gagaactttc ctgcccagga ttctgtgtga    102960
     acaaaagtgc ctctgctggg agctgggatc ttcgggacca tgcttgctac cgctggatga    103020
     gtctctggaa ggacgcacgg gactccacaa agctgacctg tcccaccgag gtcaaatgga    103080
     tacctctgca ttggcctgag tcttccagct tacatcacca tcaccaaagc tcgccatcag    103140
     catccttgtg agcctgccca aggcctcgac tctggggaga ctcttgggag cccggtcttc    103200
     atcggctaaa gtacaaaggg atggcgactt ccacccacaa ggtccccact gaactgcgaa    103260
     gatgtggaac gtaggtcaga gaggggacct ggaggggaga catcctgaca ggcaatgagt    103320
     taactaggct ctggccaccc cactcacgtc ccacgtcccg ggcaaccgcg ggacactgcc    103380
     gctttatccc cttctctgtc cacagccgcc cccaccccac cccgcaaccc acgcacacac    103440
     gctggaggtt acaaaaccac acggcgtgaa tacagcctga cggagcgaga gctcatttca    103500
     cgaggcgggg gtggtggggt ggggtggggg ttggggtgtc tgtagagagc ccgattctac    103560
     gattctacct cgtgggtggc tacaggatac aaatgaatat tgcttcttgg gcggaggggc    103620
     ttccttaggc tgtcatgttt gcgagactat ctctcaaaac ctcccttgag gccacaaaac    103680
     agattccacc ccacccctcc acgtttcccc ggggtgctgg atgtatcctg tcaagagacc    103740
     tgagcctgac acgttgagtg aaacacattt attggcttcg tgtgtttgtt tgtttctgag    103800
     atggagtctt gctctgtccc ccgccccggc tggagtgcag tggcgtgatc tcagctcact    103860
     gcaacctctg cctcctgagt tcgagcgatt ctcctgcctc agcgccacca agcctggctc    103920
     atttttttat ttttagtaga cacggggttt gaccctgttt cattggtttt cactggagat    103980
     tctagattca agtcacacct cattgtgtgc cacataatga cttctgttat ttatttattt    104040
     tttttttaaa gcacaatata tctgctttat ttgagtggct ttatatatcg ttataattgt    104100
     gttatagatg aagaaaagat attaaacaca gtgctaatga tagtgaaagt gaaaaacaaa    104160
     agaaaggcta tctattttgt agttagaata aatttgctca gtatttagag ttacctaaat    104220
     acgtcagcat ttaaactcct cctagtaaaa gctggccaat ctgaataatc ctcctttaaa    104280
     cacaattttt gatatggtta aagtttttaa gaatgtgact cctgcagaat agctgaacag    104340
     acaatacaca tttaaaaaag aacaacacaa gggtcaatca gacttgggaa aaaatcaaaa    104400
     acaacacaag tcttatgaag aactgagttc ttaaaatatt acggagaaca tagctatcgg    104460
     aagagaaggc agtattggta agttgattgt tacatttgtc agcaaaagct agcactattt    104520
     ttttggcaat ctttcaggca ctgcaactac tactgcaaaa tgagatataa tcatttaaac    104580
     aacatattca caaatcaaaa aatgttttcg taatgtaatg cttcagattt agaagcaaat    104640
     caagtgttaa aactcaactg ctataataat taaccccaaa gataaccgta tctgacaaaa    104700
     aagcttccac agagttatga cgtcagaatt atactttctc ttgatattta tttatgtatt    104760
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttaattt tatttttttc ttgagatggc ttcttgctct    104820
     gtcacccagg ctggtgtgca atggcataat cttggctcac tgcaacctcc acttcccggg    104880
     ttcaagcgat tttcttgcct cagcctcctg agtatctggg actactggcg cccgccacca    104940
     ttcccagcta attttgatac ttttaataga gacggggttt caccatgttg gccagcaagg    105000
     tatcgatctc ttgaccttgt gatccgccca cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggatgacag    105060
     gcatgagcca ccgtgcctgg ccttttcttg atatttaaac ttttaagtca gtccagaaaa    105120
     atacaataaa tgtcaacagt aagtatggtg ttgaggtaga agtaggatca aactttttca    105180
     tatgttattc ggttgataac aatatgacct gggtcataat ttcctatgtg tctacttata    105240
     tacaagtaca aaaaagtaaa acagagatac tgctaaataa aagggtacac taagttctta    105300
     atagtaactc aataaactag aacactgtca aaaagcagca actagtgaat tttttcagtg    105360
     tttttttctg ttatccaata agtgaattat gctattcctt tccaatttcc caagcacttt    105420
     ttgtctcaat caccatttct gtgttcgaag aaaaagtaac aaatcaagta acaaaactaa    105480
     acaagcaaac aaacaaacaa aacacaacta gagcatctgc aaaagtttgg tagaagactg    105540
     aaactcttga gtatgaggat ctggtattct attatcatta gttaacttaa gagtttgtta    105600
     aagacataca tttcataaga aagcgtgtta gtttgaagtt attgaccagt atgtaccatc    105660
     cctaagtatt agtagccaaa ttcatgacaa taaagagcta tctaacaaga aaaattagtg    105720
     actaccagca ccatcaacaa gactttgtct ttacacttca ttaccactta ccgtgcatta    105780
     taatatctag gattgactct gataacattt caaaaactag ctaatgcttt gtccaattct    105840
     tcagttaaga caaactcatg ccctaataga gtatagacat aagcataatt tggatccact    105900
     tggatagctc tctgaaagaa tttaattgca atatcgtgtt cccgttgcag agtgaaacag    105960
     tcccctgcag cacaccagac ctctggcgaa attttatcca tgtctgttaa gtcttttgac    106020
     agaaatgaaa gagcaacatc tttttgaaga tgccaaagtg ttgtagagta gatttccatg    106080
     ccttccactc tatgattctc aatccttcta acctctgaga atagtctttc agcttgcatg    106140
     tactctgaaa gttcaaaata ggcccttcca atttggcaca gtacccaacc agtattgtag    106200
     tggtgagaag gtaaatggct caaaatattt atagcttctt tgcagtggta tgaacacaaa    106260
     gctaaataac ctttccccct ttcacgaaga aggctcatca agccttctgc tgctgctttt    106320
     tgtagattaa aagcctgaat ctgaggtgtg attgtggata ttttcccttc tgaaatgatg    106380
     gaagagtaca attttgttat ttccaggctg tcatttatat taggtttagt tattcctcct    106440
     ttattagttt tactttttgt ttttctgttt gggattttag gtggaaactg tatttttaat    106500
     ttcttcctat tctccttggt tgtggaactg tcactagtca agagtcgtga acttcttcga    106560
     tgcagtgcat ttgagggaga tgtcatagtg gggctcaata cctgaggtgt tgtacttatt    106620
     tatggaccag aactttctgt ttgtgcaaga attggagtta cctcttggct atttccactc    106680
     tgtgagaaga cagactttgc tccaatttgg actattctgg caacagactt ttttggaggg    106740
     actccagtgg atgtcacatc cattacagaa gctgtattag tgtagttttg taaataggat    106800
     ccaactccag gacttggggt ttctaatggc aaaatcccaa aacttggggt taatggacta    106860
     agagatgctg gtcctcctaa taaacttcga tcagtttttg gtttattttg aacctgttta    106920
     gataatatgg aagttcctgt tcccagtggg acagtatcag atgaaattac agctgaatca    106980
     atagaagaca ctggggaatc tgtattcaag gagtactttg aattggcaga ttctaaattc    107040
     aatctgttta attcagttgt gttctggggt gtttctgtaa gaatggtctc aggctgtctg    107100
     tgacataaac tatgattagg tacttgtgct ttgcaagagt tgggcagaca gtttctaaag    107160
     ttctgtgaag atgcgaattt aaatgtttgg tcaggatctg gcttttcacc tatttcacat    107220
     aatgattcaa agggatacca gaggaaagga tttaaactaa ggctcttttg gtagcattct    107280
     gatcctttgg caagccgatc tgtcttgcaa tatacatgtc ccaacaatgg aaggggaaag    107340
     caagctgaat caccaaactc agtaacaata tcatcatggc ttttctgctt atgaaacact    107400
     ccaccagata agatttgttc cccttctgca agcttgctga catcaaaaca acattttgca    107460
     agcaggtatt tgcattgtgg tgtaggacaa ctgtgtcctt tcaagagtct atatgcttta    107520
     taggtctttc ctgggcggta agaacaggtc gccagtaaaa acaaggcttc ttctgagtgt    107580
     acttctgcat aaaggcgttc tgcgaggaaa accccatctc ggtaagcata gtggtttagt    107640
     gcttgccatg tagcagcctg gacgggttcc tgtagcacca tcatcctcga ggctcaggcc    107700
     cactttctgc agtgccgcgg gcagcccccc accccgccca cacccctccc cccggtagcg    107760
     gctccggcaa agccagcctc agctcattta aactcaccag ttaccagggg atgggggagg    107820
     ccgagccaga atgacttctt taccctgcca actgtggaaa gcccggcccc ctgtgatcca    107880
     tcgcaaagcg agagtcacct catgtttgga aaacggatcc gctcccaagt tcagtggagg    107940
     gatgtggcat ataggatgaa ggactctctt cttctgattg ggtctgcaca gtggggccta    108000
     gggctggagc tctctctgtg cggaccgctg actccctcta ccttgggttc cttcggcccc    108060
     accctgggac acgggccttg gcagattctg acccttcctg gcacttaagt cgctgtcaga    108120
     aaccccatct cgtcctcgga tgccccgaat gactgtggct cggacctctc tggaaacatt    108180
     ggaaatctct cctctacgcg cggccaactg aaaccacagg agctcgggac acaagccgcc    108240
     atccacctca ctgctttcgg gagagaatgc tgagtctctt accgactctc tcttgacttg    108300
     agttcttcat gggtgtgtcg ttaagacgta gtgagaccag atatattaac tcaggcctgg    108360
     tgctggtggc tcacgcctgt aaccccaaca ctttgggagg ctgaggctgt aggatccctt    108420
     gaggaatcgc cgaaccctgt ggaggttgag gctgcagtga gtgagccata atggtgtcac    108480
     tgcactccag tctgggggaa agacagagtg aggccctgtc acaggcaggc aggcagacag    108540
     acaacagctg tattatgttc ttctcagggt aggaagcaaa aataacagaa tactgcgctt    108600
     aatttttttt ttttttggtg ggggacggaa tttcactctt gttgcccaag ctggagtgca    108660
     atggcaccat ctcggctcac tgcaacctcc acctcccgtg ctgaagagat tctcctgcct    108720
     cagcctccta agtagctggg attacaggca tgggccacca cacccggctg attttgtatt    108780
     gttagtagag acggcatttc tccatgtggg tcaggagggt ctcgaactgg ccacctcagg    108840
     tgatctgccc acctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggatgaca ggcgtgagcc attgcgcccg    108900
     gccagttacg tttttttttt tttttaaatt ttcaattttg atctctttat tattattatt    108960
     atttttttga gacagagtct cgctctgttg cccagactgg agtgctgtgg cgtgatgtcg    109020
     gctcactgca agctctgcct cccgggttca cgccattctc ctgtctcagc ctcccaagta    109080
     gctgggacta caggcgcccg ccaccgcgcc tggctaatct tttgtatttt gagtagagac    109140
     ggggtttcac tgtggtagcc aggatggtct cgatctcctg acccccgtga tccgcccacc    109200
     tcggatcccg cccaaagtgc tgggatgaca ggcgtgagcc accacgcccg gcctatttat    109260
     ctatttatta actttgagtc caggttgtga aaccagttag tttttgtatt tttttagaga    109320
     cgaggtttca ccatgttgcc aaggcttgga tccagggatc caccttccct cgcttcccaa    109380
     agtgcgggga tgacaggcgt gagcctaccg cacccggctc cacccgttcc cccaacagct    109440
     tatcactcag gtgcccgaag tccagctgtg gtgtgtggtt cccaccccca gcgccccctc    109500
     ctctggtcgc cgccgtgttg tctgggagtg ggtcctgagg gagctcgttg gtgtggcggt    109560
     cgaggcggtt gagtgagaag tgcccctgcc acgcggggaa gggcgccgcc tggtctggcg    109620
     agcgcaggtc ccgtgatccc ctctggctgg tgcgcgcggg ccgtgtgagc gatcgcggtg    109680
     ggcttgggca ggtgaggcgt gcgccggccg gccgctgatg ggctaccgtt ctgcctccga    109740
     caggttgtgt gtgtgtgtgg atttacttgg aggtgctttg cctaggagaa aggaggctgg    109800
     tccctggggg tgcctccggg ttcctcgggg tgcacggctg ggggttccct ggcgtggcct    109860
     gctggggccc tccgtccccc caagtgcaga ccggcgatgt ctgccctcct ctgctgccat    109920
     gcccgcccct tctccctccc cccgcaggcc ctgtgtggtc acgcattggg tggcatgggg    109980
     aaggggggct ccctgctgtg aggaagagag agagggcagt gctgccaccc gcgaaaacag    110040
     agagtgaaga gagccggctg gggccgagtt cccgtggcca ccaccgcggt ccgggttcct    110100
     ccctcggggc ctccctcgtg ccttacgcag ctcgtggtgc agggttcgtt ggccctggag    110160
     gggtggaagg tcccgtgccg tcgtcgtcgc gcgtcgtggg tagtgagggc ttgttggggg    110220
     cggggggagg aaggcaagta ggaagggtcc ggagagggtg ggggagggcg tcccggtcgc    110280
     cccggttcgt cgccgcccct ggtggcggcc cggcgaccgg cccacagccg ctccagcgcc    110340
     cctcctcccc aacacccctc tgaggcacag tcctcctcgc ccgcccgacc ctgtctaccc    110400
     ggcgcgcgtc gcggttgtgt ccggggccgg aagcccgcca cgcggcccgt ctgacagcgc    110460
     tcgtggccgc ggtcctgggg ttcgcgtgcc cctggcggtg actcgctgaa tgctgcggtg    110520
     tcgtccgcca ttgcgcgccc gcctccggct ctcggccgcg cggtgcctgg ggcccggtct    110580
     gtagcttcca cgtcagggca gggaggcgcc gccacgtcct cggacccgtc ccccacctcc    110640
     gtttagtacg taggaaatcc catgtaactt agcaaagcta gcaagtccct aaactcggcg    110700
     cagcgactgt aggggtggcc tcccagtagc atcattaaca tcaattgtaa ttggtaggca    110760
     atcgcttagt ttcacatttc attacccgag ttatacaaat gtgtaaaaaa aaaaaataca    110820
     attttaataa aagggagtaa aggataatat gagtaatatt cacaatctct agttggaaga    110880
     ggtagtgttt tctcagaaat gatgcattcc tggagcaagg tcattttgtg tttggtttgt    110940
     taaatatcta tttccatttt gacaaaccac tggaaaagcc cagcttcaca agggctctcc    111000
     atgagaacga tcacacaaaa gaatacccat aacacaaaat caaaacaagg gtggtccagg    111060
     cgtcacatta aaggcttatt accaagtttt cttagaagag ataaagaaca caaagttact    111120
     tttatgtgat ggaaaacaga gagaaagagt aaatgcaaca ataaatgtta ggcaacaaca    111180
     gtgaaaacca agctgtggaa aaaaatgaat ggaaatgttt tgtttggtat tgatttccta    111240
     tcctgatatc agaaagtatg ggaaagaaca aaggacattt ttttgagaca aatagaacat    111300
     aaaacaaatg aatgttaaag actattttac agtgctaaca aaactatctg tgacttgttt    111360
     tttcccttaa aaaatacgat tttgtacaat tacatttata taaattattg aaataaaatt    111420
     gtaaagattg agaacaggct atggggttgc caaggggaag gggtggagga aaacgtgtca    111480
     gagtgtcagc aaagatcgca agttggagcc tggtggtgag gcaacagttc tgcatcttga    111540
     ctttggaagt ggtagttgca gagatctaca ccacacaaaa atgaacagaa cacacgcaca    111600
     cacatacaca cgtacaaaaa tgaatgcatg caaaacggtt gcgatctgag taagctttct    111660
     gaattgtacc tatgtcagtt tccaggtttt gataatgctc tatggctatg tgagatgtca    111720
     ccactggaat tagtgaatag tacctaagac atccctgtac cttttgcaac ttcctgtgaa    111780
     tctataatta tttcaaaaga aagttgaaag tcatagcaga ctttcacttc aaagaggaaa    111840
     aatactgaag attaatgaaa ttgttgaaga acatcaaata ctcaatagtc tgtatgagag    111900
     ctgtattctg tccactccca gcacagctgt catttagcct tttcctgatg tgccctggag    111960
     gacttgagct cctcttggat tgccaaggcc aatagtgttt acttgttact aaatttgtac    112020
     taaacccccc aaaaatgaaa agtgattgaa taatcattta taataacaac tagtaatttt    112080
     acttataaag agacaatagt ggtaatgaat ttaaatattt agggtaaaga ataggatctt    112140
     cgtcagacaa tactggcata atttagaaat aaaaaataag gaatcagaaa cataagtagt    112200
     tcagtattgt gaaaaaattc tggatctgag aagcaaaaga acagaaattg tattgcattt    112260
     ctgctccaaa cctgatgaat caccttagat gtgttgtgtt tctgtgccaa agctgttgaa    112320
     tcaccttagg caatgcatgc cctttccctg aatctgtttt cttttctaca aaatgaagtg    112380
     agctagatca tctccaaggt cccccaaata ttcacatttt cggctccata tgaacttcag    112440
     ttgaattcct aatttcagtg tggataatac atgtgtgctg caccacaagc agtgtgtcta    112500
     aatgctcatg ttggtcctaa aaactaatta tgagcagttt ggaaattctg ttgttgtaca    112560
     atctgcaaag ggatatttgt gagtgctttg aggccatggt gaaaaaggaa ataccttcac    112620
     ataaaaacta taaagaaggt ttctgagaaa ctgctttgtg atgtgtgcat tcatctcact    112680
     gagttgaaca tttcattcct ttgatgagtc tggaaactct gttcttgtac aatctgcaaa    112740
     gtggtatttg tgagtgcttt caggcctatg gtgaaaaagg aaatatcttc acataaaaac    112800
     tagacagacg ctttctgaga aactactttg tgacgtgtgc attcatctca aagagttaaa    112860
     ccattctttt gattgaaatg ttaggaaatg gtgtttttgt agaatctgaa gagggatatt    112920
     tgtgagcgct ttgaggcctt tggtgaaaaa gtaaatacct tcacctttct cagatgagta    112980
     ggttgcaaaa attttttccc attctgtagg atgactgttc actctgatgg tggtttcttt    113040
     agctgtgcag aagctcctta gtttaattag atcccatttg tcaattgtgg ctttgttgcc    113100
     attgctttag gtgttttaga catgaagtcc ttgcccatgc ctatgccctg aatggtattt    113160
     cctaggtttt cttctaggga ttttatgtga agcattcttt tgattaatca gtttggatac    113220
     tctgttcttg tagaatctgc aaggagatat ttgtgagcgc tttgaggcct ttggtgaaaa    113280
     agtaaatacc ttcacataat aaatagacag aagctctctg agaaacctcc ctgtctgtgt    113340
     gcattcatct cacagagttg aaactgtctt ttggctgagc agtttgaaaa ctgtctattt    113400
     gtagaatctg caaagggata tttatgagca ctttgaagcc tatggtgaga aaggaaatat    113460
     cttcacataa aaactggata gaagatttct gagaaacctc tttgtgatgt gtgcatttat    113520
     ctcacagtgt tgaaccattc ttttgattga gcagtttgta aacagacttt ttgtagaatc    113580
     tgcaaaggga tatttgtcag ctctatgagg cctatggtga aaaaggaaat atcttcaata    113640
     aaaactataa agaatgtttc tgagaagctg ttttgcaaga tgtgcactca tctcagagag    113700
     ataaaagttt ctattctttg atgagtctgg aaactctgtt cttgtaaaat ctgcaaaggg    113760
     atatttgtga gtggctttag gcctgtggtg aaaaaggaaa tatcttcaca taaaaactag    113820
     acagaagatt tcagagaaag ttctttgtga tatgtgcatt catctcacag agttgaacca    113880
     ctcttttgat tgagaagttt ggaaacagtc ttttcagaga atctgcaaag ggatattttg    113940
     agcgctttga taggtatggt gaaaagggaa atatcttcac ttaaaaactg gacagaagct    114000
     ttctgagaaa cttctttgtg atgtgtgcat tcgactaaca gagttgaacc tttcttttga    114060
     ttgggcagtt tggaaagagt cctttcctag aatctgcaga gggatatgtg tgagcccttt    114120
     atggcctaag gtgaaatagg aaatatcttc atataaaaac tagacagaag cattctgaga    114180
     aacttctttg tcaagtgtgc tttcatctca cagagtggaa cctctctttt gattgaggag    114240
     tttggaaaca gtctttctgt agaatatgca aatggatatt tggagcgctt tgaggcctat    114300
     ggtgaaaaag gaaatatctt cacctaaaaa ctagacagaa acattatgag aaacttcttt    114360
     gtgatgtatg cattcatatc acagagttga acctctcttt tgattgagga gtttggaaac    114420
     agtctttttg tagaatatgc aaatggatat ttagagtgct ttgaggccta tggtgaaaaa    114480
     ggaaatatct tcacctaaaa actacacaga agcattctga gaaacttctt tgtgatgtat    114540
     gcattcgttt cacagagttg aacctttctt atgattgagc agtttcaaag cagtcctttt    114600
     gtagaatatg caaagggata tttgtgagcc cattgaggcc tgtggtgaat taggaaatat    114660
     cttcacatat aaactagtca gaagatttct gagaaacttg tttgtgatgt gtgcattcat    114720
     ctaacagagt tgaaactttc ttttgattgg gcagtttgga aagtgtcctt ttctagaatc    114780
     tgcagaggga tatttgtgag ccctttatgg cttaaggtga aataggaaat atcttcacat    114840
     aaaaactaga cagaagcatt ctgagaaact tctttgtcaa gtgtgctttc atctcacaga    114900
     gttgaacctc tcttttgatt gaggagtttg gaaagtcttt ttgtagaata cacaaatgga    114960
     tatttggaac tctttgaggc ctatggtgaa aaaggaaata tcttcaccta aaaactacac    115020
     agaagcattc tgagaaactt ctttgtgatg tatgcattca tatcacagag ttgaaccttt    115080
     cttatgattg agcagtttca aagcagtcct tttgtagaat atgcaaaggg atatttgtga    115140
     gcccattgag gtctgtggtg aattaggaaa tatcttcaca tataaactag tcagaagatt    115200
     tctgagaaac ttatttgtga tgtgtgcttt catctcacag agttgaacct ttcttttgaa    115260
     tgagcagttt ggaaacacac tttttgtaga atctgcaaat ggatatttag agcactttga    115320
     ggactatggt gaaaaaggaa atatcttcac ataaaaacta gaaagcaaca ttctatgaaa    115380
     cttctttgtg atgtgtgctt tcatctcaca gagttgaacc tctctattca ttgaacagtt    115440
     tggaaaccat ctttttgtag aatctgcaaa tggatatttg gagcattttg aggccttggt    115500
     gagaatggaa atatcttcac ataaaaacta gatagaagca ttctgagaaa cttcttggtg    115560
     atgtgtgcat ttatcacaca gagttatacc tttcttttga ttgaacactt tggaaacagt    115620
     ctttttgtag tatctgtaga gggatgtttg cgagcgattt gaggcctatg gtgaaaaagg    115680
     aaatatcttc acataaaaac tagacagaag ctttctgaga aacttctttg tgatgtgtga    115740
     attcatctca cagtgttgaa cctttctttg gatagagcag tttggaaaca atccttttgt    115800
     agaatctgca aaggtatatt tctgagccca ttgaggccta tggtgaaata tgaaatatct    115860
     tcccataaaa actagacaga aggtttctaa gaaactcctt tgtgatgtgt gcttccatct    115920
     cacagagttg aacctttctt ttgattgagc agtttggaaa cactcttttt gtagaatctg    115980
     caaatggata tttggagcac tttgaggcct atggtaaaaa aggaaatatc atcacataaa    116040
     aattagacgg aagcattctg agaaacttct ttgtgatgtt tgcatccatc tcacacagtt    116100
     gaacatttct ttgattgaag attgggaaac agtctttttg taaaatctac gaagggataa    116160
     ttgtgaaccc tttgaggcct atggtgaagt aggaaatatc ttaacataaa aactacacgg    116220
     aaacattttg agaaactttt ttgtgatggg tacattcatc tcacagagtt gaagctttct    116280
     ttttctagag cagtttggaa acagtcctat tgtagaatcc ccaaagggat atttctgagc    116340
     ccattgaggc ctttggtgat ataggaaata ccttcacata aagctagacg gaagctttct    116400
     gagaaacttc ttttcaatga gtgctttcat ctcaaagagt tgagcatttc ggaaacactc    116460
     tttttgccta atctgcaaat gcataattgg agcattttta ggtctatggt gaataaggaa    116520
     atatcttccc ataacaactg aacataagct ttctgagaaa ctactttgta atgagtgcat    116580
     tcatctcaca gagttgaaac tttcttttga tgagccgttt gtaaactgtc tttttgtaca    116640
     atctgcaaat gcatattggg agcactttga ggcctatggt gaaaaaggaa atatcttcag    116700
     ataaacacta aacagaagct ttctgagaaa cttctttgtg atgggtgcat tcatatcaca    116760
     gagctgaaac tttcttttga tttagcagtt tgtaaacagt cttttggtag aatctgcaaa    116820
     tggacacttt gagtactttg aggcctatgg tgaaaaagga aatatcttca caaaaaaact    116880
     agaaagatac attctgagaa acttctttgt gatgcgtgct ttcaactcac agagttgaaa    116940
     ctttcttttc actgagcaat ttggaaacag tctttttgtg gaatctgcaa aaaatatttt    117000
     tgagcccttt atggcccatg ctgaaacagg aaataacctc acagaaaaac cagacagaag    117060
     ctttctgaga aacttctttg tgatgtgtgc tttgaactca cagagttgta cctttctttt    117120
     gattgagcag tttggaaaca gtctttttgt ggaatcagca aatggatgtt tggagggctt    117180
     tgaggcctat ggtgaaaaag gaaatacctt catataataa atagacagaa gcattgtgag    117240
     aaacatctct gttatgtgtg cattcatctc atagagttga acctttcttt gaatggcttg    117300
     gaaactcttt ttgtggaatc agcaaatgga tgtttggagt gctttgaagc ctatggtgaa    117360
     aaaggaaata ccttcacata aaaaatagac agaagcattg tgagaaacat ctctgtgatg    117420
     tgtgcattca tctcatagtg ttgaaccttt gtttgatcga gcagtttgga aacagtcctt    117480
     ttgtagaatc tgcaaaggga tatttctgag cccattgaag cctagggtga aaaagaaatg    117540
     tcttcacata aaaactagac agaagcattc tgataaactt ttgtgatgtg tccattcatc    117600
     tcacagagtt gaaacttcct ttggattgag cagagtggaa acagtctttt tgtagaatct    117660
     gcaaaaagta tttttgagcc ctatatggcc caaggtgaaa taggaaatat cttcacaaaa    117720
     aaactagaca gaagcattct gagaaacctc tttgtgatgt gtgcttctgt gtcacagagt    117780
     tgagcatttc ttttgattga gcagtttgga aacactcttt ttgtagaatc tgcaaatggg    117840
     tatttggagc gctttgaggc ctacagtgaa aaaagaaata tcttcacata aaaactagac    117900
     agatgcattc tgtgaaactt ctttgtgatg tgtgcattca tctcacagag ttgaatcttt    117960
     ctttggattc agcagttttc taaacagtcc ttttgtagaa tctgcaaaga gatatttctg    118020
     agcccattga ggcctatggt gaaaaaggaa atatcttcaa ataaaaacaa aacagaagct    118080
     ttctgagaag cttctttatg atgtgtgcat tcatctcaca gagtggaatc tttcttttgc    118140
     ttgagcagtt tggaaacagt ctttttgtaa aatctgcaaa agggtatttc tgagccgttt    118200
     gaggctgatg gtgaaaaaga aatatcttca cataaaaact agacagaagc attccgagaa    118260
     acttgtttct gatgtgtgca ttcatctcac agggttgaac ctttcttttg tttgagcagt    118320
     ttggaaacag tctttttttt gaatatgcaa acggatattt ttgagccctt tacagcctat    118380
     ggtgaaatag gcaatatctt cacataaaaa ttagacagaa tatttctgag aaaatgcttt    118440
     gtgatgtgtg ctttcatctc acagaggtga acttttgttt tgattgagta gtttggaaac    118500
     agtctttctg tagaatccac aaatggatat ttgcagtgct tttaggccta tggtgaaaaa    118560
     ggaaatatct tcacaacaac actaaaaaga agctttctga gaaacttctt tgtgatgtgt    118620
     ggattcatat cacagagctg atcctttctt ttgattgagc agattggaaa ccgtcttttt    118680
     gtacaatctg caaagggata tttctgagct gtttgatgcc tatggtgaaa aagaattatc    118740
     ttcacataaa aactagacag aattattgtg agacacttcc ttgtgatgtg tgccttcatc    118800
     tcacagagtt gaacctttct tttcttggag cagtttggaa acagtctttt tgaagtatct    118860
     gcagagggat atttgtgagc agttaaaggc ctatggtgaa aaataaaata tcttcacata    118920
     aaatctatac agaagcattc tgagaaactt gttttttatg tgtgcattca tctcccagag    118980
     atgaatcttt cttttcattg agcagtctgg aaacagtctc tttatacaat gtgcaaaggg    119040
     atatttctga gaggtttgag gcctatggtg aaaaagtaat accttcacat aaaaactaga    119100
     cagaagcatt ctgagaaact tcttttttat gtgtgcattc acctcacata gttgaaactt    119160
     ccttttcatt gagcagtttg gaaacagtct ttttgtagaa tctgcaaagg gatatttgtg    119220
     attcctttga gtcctgtggt gaaataggaa atatcctcaa ataaaaacta gacagagctt    119280
     tccaagaaac ttctttttga tgtgtgcttt catctcacag agttgaacct ttcttttgat    119340
     tgaacagttt gcaaacagtc tttttgtgga atctgcaaat ggatgtttgg agtgttttga    119400
     ggcttatggt gaaaaagtaa atatcttcac ataaaaacta gattcatgtt ttctgggaaa    119460
     cttctttgtg atgggtgtat gcatctcaaa gagttgaatc tttcttttga ttgagtagtt    119520
     tggaagcagt ctttttggag aatcttcaaa gggatgtttt tgagtggtgt gaggcatgtg    119580
     gtgaaaaagg aaatatcttc atataaaaac tagacagaag cattctgaga aatcactttg    119640
     tgatgcatgc attcatctca cagagttgaa ttttctttca ttgagcagtt tggaaacagt    119700
     ctttttgtag aatatgcaaa gggatatttg tgagcttttt gaggcctatt gtgaaaaagg    119760
     aaatctgcac aaataaaatc tagacagaag ccttctgaga aacttctttg tgatgtgtgc    119820
     attcatcaca cagaattgaa cctttctttc gattgagtag tttggaagca gtctttttgt    119880
     agaatttgca aaggaaaatt tgtgaacact ttgaggctta tggtgaaaaa gaagtatctt    119940
     cacataaaaa ctagtcagaa acgttctgag aaacttcttt gtgatgtgtg cagtcatctc    120000
     acacagctga agtttcattt gattgaccag tttggaaaca gtcctttagt agaatctgaa    120060
     aagggttatt tatgagcagt ttgaagccta tagtgaaaaa gggagtatcg acaaataaaa    120120
     cctagacaga aactttctga gaaacttctc tgtgatgtgt gcatccatct cacagagtaa    120180
     aaactttctt tgattgagca gtttggaaac agtctttttg tagaatctgc aaagggatac    120240
     atgtaggcgg tttcaggtct atcatgaaaa tggaaatatc ttcacataaa aactagaaag    120300
     aaggtttctg agaaaattct ttgagatgtg ctcattcgtc tcacagattt gaagtgttct    120360
     tttcattgac cagtttggat agagtctttt tgtagaatct gctttgcaat atttgtgagc    120420
     cctttgaagc ctatggtgaa aaaagaaata tcttcacaca aaaactagac agaagtttct    120480
     gagaaacttc gttgtgatgt gtgcattcat cccaaagagt tgaacctgtc tttggattga    120540
     gcagtttgga aacagtcctt tgtagaatgt acaaagggat atttgagatc cctttttggc    120600
     ctatggtgaa aaaggaaatg tcttcacata aaaactagac agaagcattc tgagaaactt    120660
     cttttttatg tgtgcattct tctcacagag ttgaaccttt ctttagatag agcaggttgg    120720
     aaaatgtctt tttgtagaat ctgcaaagtg ataatttgaa tgctttgaga cttatggtaa    120780
     aaaaggaaat atcttcacat aaaaactgga cggaagcttt ctgagaaact ttgtgatgtg    120840
     tgcattcatc tcaaagagtt gaagctttat ttcagttgag cagtttggga acagtctttt    120900
     tgtaaaatct gtaaagggac atttgtgagc actttgaggc ctatattgaa aaaggaaaca    120960
     tcttcaaata aaaactagac agaagctttc tgagaaactt ctttgtgatg tgtgcattca    121020
     cctcacagag ttgaaccttt cttttgattg agtagtttgg aaacactctt tttgtagaat    121080
     ctgcaaaggg ttatttatga gcagtttgaa gcctatggtg aaaaaaagag tatcaacaaa    121140
     taaaaactag acagaaactt tctgagaaac ttctctgtga tgtgtgcatt catctcacag    121200
     agtggaagct ttctttgagc aggttggaaa cagtcttttt gtagaatctg caaagggata    121260
     tatgtaggcg gtttgaggtc tatcatgaaa acagaaatat cttcacataa aactaactgt    121320
     tcaatgggaa gaaactttta cttgagtgtg atgaatgcac acgtcacaaa ggagttactc    121380
     agaaaacttc tttctacttt caatgtgaag atatttcctt tttcaccatg tgcctcaacg    121440
     cactcccaga tatccctttg cagattctac aaaaagactg tttccaaact gctcaataaa    121500
     caaaatggtt caaccctgtg agacgaatgt gcacatcaca aagaagcttc tcagaagact    121560
     tccttcttgt gtttatgtga agatatttcc tttttgaaca taggcctcaa tgcactccca    121620
     aatatacctt tgcagaatct acaaaaagac tgtttccaaa gtgctcaatc aaaagaaagt    121680
     ttcaactctg ttagatgaat gcacacatca gaaagtagtt tcttagcaag cttctcacta    121740
     gtttttatgt gaaaatagtt ccttcttcaa cgtgagtctc aaagcactca aaaatatccc    121800
     tttgcagact ctagaataac agagtttaca aactgctcaa tgaaaagaaa cgtttacctc    121860
     tgtgagatga atacacatat cttaaagcag cttctcagaa tgcttctttc tagtttttat    121920
     gtgaagatat ttcctttttc accatggtcc tcaaagcgct ctaaatatcc ctttgcagat    121980
     tgtacaaaaa gactgtttcc aaactgctca atcaaaagaa atgttaaact ctatgagata    122040
     aatgcacaca tcacaaaaag tttctcggaa aacttttgtc tagtttttat atgaagataa    122100
     ttccttattc accataggcc tcaaagcact acaaatatcc ctctgcagat tctacaaaaa    122160
     gactgtttgc aaactgctca atccaaagaa tgtttcaact ctgtgagatg aatgcacaca    122220
     ccaaaagaag tttctcagaa actttcttta tggtttttct gtgaagatat ttcctttttc    122280
     accataggcc tcaaagccct cacaaatatc cctttgcaga ttctacaaaa agactgtttc    122340
     caaactgctc aataaaaaga attattgaat actgtgagat gaatgcacac agctcaaaga    122400
     agtttctcag aatccttcag tctggttttt atgtgaatat atttcctttt acaccatagg    122460
     cctcaaagca ctccaaatat ccatttgcag attctacaaa aagactgttt ccaaatggct    122520
     caatcaaaac aaagattcaa ctctgtgtga tgaatgcaca catcacgaag aagtttctca    122580
     gaatgcttct gtctcgtttt tatgtgaaga tacttgcttt ttcaccatag gcctcaaagt    122640
     gctcacaaat atccctttac agattctaca aaaatacttt ttccaaattg ctcaatcaaa    122700
     agaaagtttc aactctgtga gatgtatgca caccacaaag aggtttctca gaaaacttct    122760
     ctctagtttt tatgtgaaga tattttcttt ttcaccatag gcctcaaagt actcacaaat    122820
     atccctttga agactctaga agaacagttt ccagactgac cagagaaaag aaacgtttac    122880
     ctctgtgaga tgaatgcata catcacaaag ctgtttctga gaaaccttgt ttatactttt    122940
     tatgtgaata tatttccttt ttcaccatag gtctcaaagc actcataaat atacctttac    123000
     agattctaca aaaagacagt ttcccaactg ctcagtcaaa agaattgttg aactctgtga    123060
     gatgaatgca tacatcacaa agcagtttgt cagaattctt tagtctagtt tttatgtgaa    123120
     gatattttct ctttcaccat aggcctcaaa gcgctcagaa atatcccttt acagatttca    123180
     caaaaagact tttccaaact gctcaatcaa aacaaagttt caattctgtg agataaatgc    123240
     acacatcacc aaaaagtttc tcagtatgct tctgtctagt ttttatgtga agacaattcc    123300
     tttttcacca tagggctcta tgcactcaaa aatacccctt agcagattct aaaacaacag    123360
     agtttcccaa atgatcaaag aaaagaatcg ttttcctctg tgagatgaat gcagacatca    123420
     caaaacagtt tctcagaaaa cttctttata gttttctgtg aagatactac tttttctgca    123480
     taggcctcaa aatgctcaca aatatccatt tgcagattct gtaaaaatac tggttccaaa    123540
     ctgctgaatc aaaagagagg ttcaaatctg tgagatgaat gcacatatca caaagaagta    123600
     tctcagaaac tttccttata atttgtatgt gaagatattt cctttgtcaa cataggcctc    123660
     aaagtgatca aaaataccct ttttcagatt gtacaagaac agagtttcca gactgatcag    123720
     agaaaagaaa tgcttacctc tgtgagatga atgcacacat cacaaggctg tttttaggaa    123780
     acctgcttca cagttgttat gtgaagatac ttccttttcc accattggcc tcacagcatt    123840
     ccaaatatcc acttgcagat tctacaaaaa gagtgtttca aaactgctca atcaaaggaa    123900
     aggttgaact ctgagatgaa tgcaaacatc acaaagaagt ttctcagaat gtctctgtct    123960
     aatttttatg ttaaggtatt tccttttcca ccataggcat caaagtgctc caaatatcca    124020
     catgcagata ggacaaaaag gctgcttcca aactgctcaa tcaaaagtgt ggttcaactc    124080
     tctcagatga atacacacat cactaagaat gcttctgtct agtttttata tgaagatatt    124140
     tccttttcca acataggcct caaatcgccc caaataccca cttgcagatt ctacaaaaag    124200
     agtatttcaa aactggtcaa tcaaaagaaa attggaactc ggtgagatga atgcacacat    124260
     cacaaagaag tttctcagaa tgcttctgtc tagtttttat gtgaagatat ttcctttccc    124320
     actctaggcc ccaaagcgct ccatatatgc aattgcagat tctacaaaca gactgtttca    124380
     aaactgctca atcaaaagaa acgttcaagt ctgtgagttc aatacacata tcacaaagaa    124440
     gtttctcaga atgcttctgt ccagttttta tgtggagata tttccttttc caacattggg    124500
     ctaaaagcga cacaaatatc cacttgcaca ttctacaaaa agagtatttc aaaaatgctc    124560
     aatcaaaaca aaggctcaac actgtgagat gaatgcacac atcacaaagc agtttctcag    124620
     aatgcttctg tcgagttttt atgtgaagat atttcctttc ccactctagg ccccaaagcg    124680
     ctccatatat gcaattgcag attctacaaa cagactgttt caaaactgct caatcaaaag    124740
     aaacgttcaa gtctgtgagt tcaatacaca tatcacaaag aagtttctca gaatgcttct    124800
     gtccagtttt tatgtggaga tatttccttt tccaacattg ggctaaaagc gacacaaata    124860
     tccacttgca cattctacaa aaagagtatt tcaaaaatgc tcaatcaaaa caaaggctca    124920
     acactgtgag atgaatgcac acatcacaaa gcagtttctc agaatgcttc tgttgagttt    124980
     ttatgtgaag atatttcctt ttccactaga gtccacaaag cgctccaaat atccaatttc    125040
     agattctaca aaaagagtgt ttcaaaactg ctcaaacaaa agaaagattc aactctgtga    125100
     gttgaatgca cacagcacaa agaagtctct cagattgttt ctgcctagtt ttcatgtgaa    125160
     gatattctct tttccaccat aggccccaaa gtgcaccaaa tatccacttg cagattctac    125220
     aaaaagtgtg tttcaaaact gctgaatcaa aagaaaggtt caactctgtt aggtgaatgc    125280
     acacattaca aagaagtttc tcagaatgct tctgtctagt ttttatgtgg agatatttcc    125340
     ttttccacta gaggctgcca agtgccaaaa tatccacttg cagatactac aacaagagtg    125400
     tttcaaaact gctctatcaa aagaaatgtt caactctttg aggtaatgca cacatcacaa    125460
     agaagttcct cagaatgctt ctgtctaatt tttatgtgaa gatatttcct tttccaccat    125520
     aggccttaaa gcactccaaa tatcgaattg cagatactac aataagacta ttcccaagct    125580
     gctcaaacaa aacaggtgtt caactctgtg agttgaatgc acacttaaca aagaagtttc    125640
     ttagaatgct tctgtctagt ttttatgtga agatatttcc ttttccatcg taggccacca    125700
     atggctccaa atatccactt gcagattgta caaaaagagt gtttcaaaac tgctgaatca    125760
     aaacaaaggt tcaactctgt gagatgaatg caaacatcac aaagaagttt ctcagaaagc    125820
     ttctgtctaa tttttatatt aaggtatttc cttttccacc ataggcctca aatcattcca    125880
     aatatccact tgaagattct acaaaaagag cgtttcaaaa cttctcaatc aaaagaaaag    125940
     tccaattctg tgataggaat gcacacatca caatgaagtt tctcagaatg cttctgtgta    126000
     gtttttatgt gaagatattt cctttgaacg taggcctcaa agcgctaaaa atccaattgc    126060
     agattctaca aaaagagttt ttcaaaattg ctgagtcaaa agaaaccttc aactcagtga    126120
     gatgaatgca cccatcaaaa agaaggttct cagaatgctt cagtctagtt tttatgtgaa    126180
     gatatttccg tttccagtag aggccgcaaa gtgctccaaa tatgcacttg aagattctct    126240
     aaaaagaggg tatcaaaact gctcaatgaa aagaaaggtt taactatgtg aggtcaatgc    126300
     acatatcaca aagaagtttc tcagagtgct cttgtctagt ttttatgtga agatatttcc    126360
     ttttccacca tgagcctcaa agcactccaa atatacattt gcagatacta gagaaacact    126420
     gtttccaaac tgctcaatca aaaggaagtt tcaactctga gagtttaatg catacatcac    126480
     aaagaagttt ctcagaatgc ttctctgtag tttttatgtg aagttatttc cttttccacc    126540
     ataggcctca tagcactcca agaatccaat tgcagattct acaaaaagcc tttttccaaa    126600
     ctgctgaatc aatagaaagg ttcaactctg tgagttgaat gcacatacca caaagaattt    126660
     tctcagaatg cttctgtcta gtttttaagt gaagatagtt ccttttccac cttaggcctc    126720
     aaagagatca aatatccatt gcagattcta caaaaagtgt gttttaaaac tgctcaatcc    126780
     aaagaaaggt ttaactcggt gagttgaatg cacacatcac aaagaagttt ctcagaatgc    126840
     ttctgtctag gttttatgtg aagatattac cttttccact ttaggccaca aagctctgta    126900
     atatccactt gaagattcta caaaaagagt gtttcaaaac tgtttaatga aaagaaattt    126960
     caacactttg agatgaatgc acacatcaca aagaagtttc tcagaatgct tccatctagt    127020
     ttttatgtga agatatttcc ttttccacca taggccgcaa agcgctccaa atatccacat    127080
     gcagatacta caaaaagact gtttccaaac tgctcaataa aaagagtagt tcaactctcc    127140
     cagatgaatg caaacatcac gaagtatctc agaatgcttc tgtcaagatt ttatgtgaag    127200
     atatttcctt tccaaatata ggcctctaag cactccaaat atacatttgt agatgctaca    127260
     aaaagaaagt ttccaaactt ctcaataaaa agataggtgc aactctgtga gctgaatgca    127320
     cacatctcaa agaagtttct cagaatgctt ctctctagtt tttatgtgaa gatatttcct    127380
     tttccaccag cggctgcaaa gcactccaaa tatccatttg cagattctac aaaaaaactg    127440
     tttccaaact gctcaatcaa aagtaagttt cagctctgta agaagaaggc acacatcaca    127500
     aagaagtttc tcagaaactt tctgtctagt ttttatatga aattactttt agtttcccta    127560
     gaggccacaa agggctcaga aatatccctt tgcagattct acaaaaggac tgattgaaaa    127620
     ctgctcaatc taaagaatgg ttcaactctg tgagatgaat gcacacaaca aagagaagtt    127680
     tcccagaatg cttctgtcta gtttttatgt gaagatattt ctgtttccat cataggccac    127740
     caatcgctcc aaatatccac ttgcagatcc tacaaaaaga gtgtttcaaa actgctcaat    127800
     ccaaagaaag tttcaacact gtgagacaaa tgcacacatc acaaagaagt ttctcagaat    127860
     gcttctgtct actttttatg tgatgacatt aaattttcca ccataggcct caaagcgctc    127920
     caaatatcca gttgcagatc ctacaaaaag tgtgtttcaa agctgcttaa ttaaaagaaa    127980
     gtttcaactc tgtgagatga atgcacgcat caccaagaag tttttcagaa tgcttctgtc    128040
     tagtatttat gtgaagatat ttccttttcc aataaaggtc gcaaatgatg taaaataccc    128100
     acttgcagat tctacaaaaa gggtgtttaa agactgttca atcaaaagaa agattaaacg    128160
     ttgtgagttg aattcaccca tcacaaacaa ggttctcaga atgcttctgt ctagttttta    128220
     tatgaagata tttccttttg caccataggc ctaaaagtac tccaaataac cacttgcaga    128280
     ttgcactaaa agtgtgtttc aacactgctc aattaaaaga aagtttcaac tctgtgaaat    128340
     gaatgctaac aacataaaga agtttctcag aatgctcctg gttagttttt ttgtgaagat    128400
     atttcctttt ccaccataag gccccaaagc actccaaaca tccacttgca gattctacaa    128460
     aaggactgtt tcaaaactgc tcaatgaaaa gaagggttca actctgtgag atgaatgcac    128520
     acaacagaaa gaagtttctc agaatgcttc tgtcaatttt tatgtgaaga tatttccttt    128580
     tccaccatag gcctcaatgc attccaaata tccaattgca gattctacaa gaagagtgat    128640
     tcaaaactgc tcaatcaaaa gaaagtttca actctgtgag ttgaatgcac acatcacaaa    128700
     taagtttttc agaatgcttc tgtgtagtat ttatgtgaag atatgtcctt ttccaccata    128760
     ggcctcaatc cgctccaaat atccatttgc agatactaca aaaacagtgt ttcaaaactg    128820
     ctcaatcaaa agaaagtttc aactctgtga gatgaatgca cacatgacaa agaagtttct    128880
     cagaatgctt ctgtcttgtt tttatgtgaa gatatttcct tttaaaccac aggctacaca    128940
     gcgctccaaa tgtccacttg cagattctac agaaagagtg tttcaaaact gctcaataaa    129000
     aagaaaaatt caactctgta agatgaatgc acacatcaca aacatgtttc tcagtttcct    129060
     tctgtctagt ttttatgtga agatatttcc ttttacacca ttggccgcaa agtgctccaa    129120
     atatcctctt gcagattcta caaagagagt gtttcaaaac tgctcaatca aaagacatgt    129180
     tcaacactgt gagatgaatg caaacatcac aaagaagttt ctcagagagc ttctgtgtcg    129240
     tttttatgtg aagatatttc cttttccacc ataggcctca aggtgctcca aatatccact    129300
     agcagattat acaaaaagag tttttcaaaa ctgctcaatc aaaagaaata ttcaactctg    129360
     tgagatgaat acacacatca caaagaagtt tctcagaatg cttctgtcta ttttttaaga    129420
     gaagatattt ccttttccac tagaggccac aaagcgctcc aaatatacac ttgcagattc    129480
     tacaaaaaga gggtttcata actgctcaat caaaagaaag tttcaacact gtgaggtgaa    129540
     tgcacacatc agaaagaagt ttctcaaatt acttctgtct agtatttttg tgaagatttt    129600
     tccttttcct ctatgcctca aactgctcca agtatccatt tgcagatact acaaaaagag    129660
     tgtttcaaaa ctcctcaatc aaaagaaagt ttcaactctg tgagttgaat gcacacatca    129720
     caaagaagtt tctcacaagt ttctgcatag tttttatgtg aagatatttc cttttccacc    129780
     ataggccgca aagtgctcca aatatccaca tgcagaatct acaaaaagag tgtttcaaaa    129840
     ctgctcagtc aaaagaaatt ttgaactctg tgagatgaat gcacacatca ccaagaagtt    129900
     tctcagaatt cttctgtcta gcttttatgt gaagatattt ccttttccac cataggactc    129960
     aaagcactgt atatatccac ttgccaattc tgcaaaaaga gtttcaaaac tgctcaatca    130020
     aaagaaaggt tgaactctat tagatgaatg tgcacatcac aaagaagttt ctcagaaggc    130080
     ttgtgtcttg tttttaagtg aagatatttc cttttccatc ataggcctca atatgttcca    130140
     aatatccact ggcagattcc agaaaaagag tgttgcaaaa gagctgaatc aaaagaaagt    130200
     ttcaactccg ttagatgaat gcacacatca caaagaagtt tctcagaatg cttctgtcta    130260
     gtttttatgt gaagatattt ccttttccac tctaggccac aaagctctcc aaatgtccac    130320
     ttgcagtttc tataaaaaga gtgtttctaa actgctcaat aaaaaaaaag gttcaaatct    130380
     gtgagatgaa tgcacacatt acaaagaagt ttctcggaat gcttctgtct actttttttg    130440
     tgaaggtatt tccttttaca ctgtagtcct caaagcgctc caaatatcca tttgcagata    130500
     ctacaaaaag actgtttcca aactgctcaa taaaaggaaa ggttcaactc tgtaagttga    130560
     atgctcatat cagaaagtag tttctcagaa tgcttctgtc tagttttaat gtgaagatat    130620
     ttccttttcc actataggcc gcaaagtgct gcaaatagcc actttcagat tctagaaaaa    130680
     gagggtatga aaactgctca atcaaatgaa aggttcaatt ctgtgagttg aatgcatgta    130740
     ttgtaaagaa gtttctcaga atgcttctgt ctagtttttt atgtgaagat atttcctttt    130800
     ccaccttagg ccacatagtg ccccaaatat ccaattgcag attctacaaa aggattgttt    130860
     caaaacctgc tcaatcaaag aaatgttcaa ctgtgtgaga tgaatgcaaa catcacaaag    130920
     aagtttctca gaattcttct gtctagtttt aatgtgaaga tatttccttt tcccccaaag    130980
     gccacaaagt gctccaaata gccacttgca gattctacaa aaagactgtt tcaaaactgc    131040
     tcaatcaaaa gaaaggttca acactgtgaa ttgtatgcac acatcaaaaa gcaatttcta    131100
     tggttttagg tttaacattt aggtgtttaa tctatcctga attaattttt gtataaggtg    131160
     taaggaaggg ttccagtttt agctttctac atatggctag ccagttttcc cagcaccatt    131220
     tattaaatag ggaatccttt cctctttgct tgtttttctc aggtttgtca atgatcagat    131280
     agttgtagat atgcagcatt atttctgaag gctttgttct gttccatgga tctatatctc    131340
     tgttttggta caagtaccat gctgttttgg cgactgtagc cttgtagtat agtctgaagt    131400
     ccagtagcgt gatacctcca gctttgttct tttgacttag ggttgacttg gcaatgaggg    131460
     ctcttttttg gttatatgtg aacttcaagt agttttttcc aattctgcag agaaagtcat    131520
     tggtagcttg atggggatgg cattgaatct ataaattacc ttgggcagta tgaccatttt    131580
     cacgatattg attcttccta cccatgagca tggaatgttc ttccttttgt ttgtttcctc    131640
     ttttatttcc ttgagcagtg gtttgtagtt ctccttgaag aggtccttca catcccttgt    131700
     aagttggatt cctaggtatt ttattctttt tgaagcaatt gtgaatggga gttcactcat    131760
     gatttggctc tctgtttgtc tgttattggt gtataagaat gtttgtgatt attgtacatt    131820
     gattttgtat cctgagactt tgctgaagtt gcttatcaac ttaaggggat tttgggctga    131880
     gacaatgggg tttcttagac atacaatcat gttgtctgca aacagggaca atttgacttc    131940
     ctcttttccg aattgaatac catttatttc cttctcatac ctaattgccc tggccagaac    132000
     ttccaacact atgttgaata ggagtggtga gagagggcat ccctgtcttg tgccagtttt    132060
     caaagggaat gcttccagtt tttgtccatt cagtatgata ttggctgtgg gtttgtcaca    132120
     gatagctctt attattttga catacatccc attaatacct aatttattga gaggttttag    132180
     cacgaagggt tgttgaattt tttttgaatg ttttttattt tatttttttt tattttaagt    132240
     tttagggtac atgtgcacat tgtgcaggtt agttacatat gtatacatgt gccatgctgg    132300
     tgcgctgcac ccactaactc gtcatctagc attaggtata tctcccaaag ctatccctcc    132360
     cccctccccc taccccacaa cagtccccag agtgtgatat tcccattcct gtgtccgtgt    132420
     gttctcattg ttcaattccc acctataagt gagaatatgc agtgtttggt tttttgttct    132480
     tgtgatagtt tactgagaat gatgatttcc aatttcatcc atacccctac aaaggacaag    132540
     aactcaacaa tttttatggc tgcatagtat tccatggtgt atgtgtgcca cattttctta    132600
     atccagtcta tcattgttgg acatttgggt tggttccaag tctttgctat tgtgaataat    132660
     gccgcaataa acatacgtgt gcatgtgtct ttatagcagc atgatttata gtcctttggg    132720
     tatataccca gtaattggat ggctgggtca aatggtattt ccagttctag atccaggagg    132780
     aatcgcaaca ctgacttcca caatggttga tctagtttgc agtcccacca accatgtaaa    132840
     agtgttccta tttctccaca tcctttccag cacctgttgt ttcctgactt tttaatgatc    132900
     accattctaa ctggtgtgag atggtatcac attgtggttt tgatttgcat ttctctgatg    132960
     gccagtggtg atgagcattt tttcatgtgt tttttggctg cacaaatgtc ttcttttgag    133020
     aagtgtctgt tcacgtccta cacccacttt ttgatggggt tgtttgtttt tttcttgtaa    133080
     atttgtttga gttcattgta gattctggat attagccttt tgtcagatga gtaggttgca    133140
     aaaattttct cccattttgt aggtttcctg ttcactctga tggtagtttc ttttgctgtg    133200
     cagaggctct ttagtttaat tagatctcat ttgtcaattt tggcttttgt tgccattgtt    133260
     tttggtgttt tagacatgaa gtccttgccc atgcctatgt cctgaatggt aatgcctagg    133320
     gttgcttcta gggtttttat ggttttaggt ctaacgttta agtctttaat ccatcttgaa    133380
     ttgatttttg tataagatgt aaggaaggga tccagtttca gctttctaca tatggctagc    133440
     cagttttccc agcaccattt attaaatagg gaatcctttc cccattgctt gtttttctca    133500
     ggtttgtcaa agatcagata gttgtagata tgtggcatta tttctgaggg ctctgttctg    133560
     ttccattgat ctatatctct gtttcggtac cagtaccatg ctgttttggt taccgtagcc    133620
     ttgtagtata gtttgaagtc aggtagtgtg atgcctccag ctttgttctt ttggcttagg    133680
     agtgacttgg cgatgtgggc tctcttttgg ttccatatga actttaaagt agttttttcc    133740
     aattctgtga agaaaggcat tggtagcttg ttggggatgg cattgaatct gtaaattacc    133800
     ttgggcagta tggtcatttt cacattattg attcttccta cccatgagca tggaatgttc    133860
     ttccatttgt ttgtatcctc ttttatttcc ttgagcagtt ttttgtactt ctccttgaag    133920
     aggtccttca catccattgt aagttggatt cctaggtatt ttattccctt tgaagcaatt    133980
     gtgaatgtga gttcactcat gattttgctc tctgtttgtc tgttgttggt gtataagaat    134040
     gcttgtgatt tttgtacatt gattttgtat cctgagattt tgctgaagtt gctcatcagc    134100
     ttaaggagac tttgggctga gacaatgggg ttttctagat atacgatcat gtcatctgca    134160
     aacagggaca atttgacttc ttcttttcct aattgaatac cctttatttc cttctcctgc    134220
     ctaattgccc tggccagaag ttccaacact atgttgaata ggagtggtga gagagggcat    134280
     ccctgtttgt gccagttttc aaagggaatg cttccagttt ttgcccattc agtatgatat    134340
     tggctgtggg tttgtcatag atagctctta ttattttgaa atacgtccca tcaataccta    134400
     atttattgag aattcttagc atgaaggttg ttgaattttg tcaaaggcct tttctgcatc    134460
     tattgatata atcatgtggt ttttgtcttt ggctctgttt atatgctgga ttacattcat    134520
     tgatttgcat atattgaagc agccttgcat cccagggatg aagcccactt gatcatggtg    134580
     gataagcttt tggatgtgct gctggattcg ttttgcctgt attttattga ggatttttgc    134640
     atcaatgttc atcaaggata ttggtctaaa attctctttt tttgttgtgt ctctgcctgg    134700
     ctttggtatc agaatgatgc tggactcata aaatgagtta gggaggattc cctctttttc    134760
     tgttgattgg aatagtttca gaaggaatgg taccagttcc tccttgtacc tctggtagaa    134820
     ttcggctgtg aatccatctg gtactggact ctttttggtt ggtaagctat tgattattgc    134880
     cagaatttca gagcctgtta ttgttctatt cagagattca acttcttcct ggtttagtct    134940
     tgggagggtc tatgtgttga ggaatttatc catttcttct agattttcta gtttatttgc    135000
     gtagaggtgt ttgtagtatt ctctgatggt agtttgtatt tctgtgagat cagtggtgat    135060
     atccccttta tcatttttta ttgcgtctat ttgaatcttc tctctttttt tctttattag    135120
     tcttgcttgc ggtctatcaa ttttgttgat cttttcaaaa aaccagctcc tggattcatt    135180
     aatttttgaa gggttttttg tgtctctatt tccttcagtt ctgctctgat tttagttatt    135240
     tcttgccttc tgctagcttt tgaatgtgtt tgctcttgct tttctagttc ttttaattgt    135300
     gatattaggg tgtcagtttt ggacatttcc tgctttctct tgtgggcgtt tagtgctata    135360
     gatttccctc tacacactgc tttgaatgcg gcccagagat tctgatatgt tgtgtctttg    135420
     ttctcgttgg tttcaaagaa catgtttctt tctgccttca tttcgttatg tacccagtag    135480
     tcattcagga gcaggttgtt cagtttccat gtagttgagt ggtttgagtg agattcttaa    135540
     tcctgagttc tagtttgatt gcactgtggt ctgagagata gtttgttata atttctgttc    135600
     ttttacattt gctgaggaga gctttacttc caagtatgtg gtcaattttg taataggtgt    135660
     ggtgtggtgc tgaaaaaaat gtatattctg ttgatttggg ttggagagtt ctgtagatgt    135720
     ctattaggtc tgcttggtgc agagctgagt tcaattcctg ggtatccttg ttgactttct    135780
     gtcttgttga tctgtctaat gttgacagtg gggtgttaaa gtctcccatt gttaatgtgt    135840
     gggagtctaa gtctctttgt ggatcactca ggacttgctt tatgaatctg ggtgctcctg    135900
     tattgggtgc atgtattttt aggatagtta gctcttcttg ttgaattgat ccctttacca    135960
     ttatgtaatg gccttctttg tctcttttta tctttgttgg tttaaagtct gttttaccag    136020
     agactaggat tgcaacccct gccttttttt gttttccatt tgcttggtag atcttcctcc    136080
     atccttttat tttgagccta tgtgtgtctc tgcacgtgag atgagtttcc tgaatacagc    136140
     acactgatgg gtcttgactc tttatccaat ttgccagtct gtgtctttta attggagcat    136200
     ttagtccatt tacatttaaa gctaatattg ttatgtgtga atttgatcct gtcattatga    136260
     tgttagctgg ttattttgct cgttagttga tgcagtttct tcctagtctc gatggtcttt    136320
     acatttttgg catgattttg cagtggctgg taccggttgt tcctttccat gtttagtgct    136380
     tccttcagga gcttttttag ggcaagcctg gtggtggcaa aatctgtcag catttgcttg    136440
     tctgtaatgt atttcatttc tccttcgctt atgtagctta gtttggctgg atatgaaatt    136500
     ctgggttgaa aattattttc tttaagaatg ttgaatattg gcccccactc tcttctggct    136560
     tgtagggttt ctgccaagag attcactgtt agtctgatgg gcttcccttt gagggtaacc    136620
     cgacctttct ctctggctgc ccttaacatt ttttccttca tttcaacttt gctgaatctg    136680
     acaattatgt gtcttggagt tgctcttctc caggagtatc tttgtggcgt tttctgtatt    136740
     tcctgaatct gaatgttggc ctgccttgct agattgggga agttctcctg gataatatcc    136800
     tgcagagtgt tttcctactt ggttccattc tccctgtcac tttcaggtac accaatcaga    136860
     cgtagatttg gtctcttcac atagtcctat atttcttgga gggtttgctc atttcttttc    136920
     attctttttt ctctaaactt cccttctcac ttcatttcat tcatttcatc ttccatcgct    136980
     gatacccttt cttccagttg aatgcattgg gctcctgagg cttccgcatt cttcacgtag    137040
     ttctcgagcc ttggttttca gctccatcag ctcctttaag cacttctctg cattggttct    137100
     tctagttata cattcttcta aatttttttc aaagttttca acttctttgc ctttggtttg    137160
     aatgtcctcc catagctcag agtaatttga tcgtctgaag ccttcttctc ttagctcgtc    137220
     aaagtcattc tccatccaga tttgttccat tgctggtgag gaactgcgtt cctttggagg    137280
     aggggaggtg ctctgctttt tagagtttcc agtttttctc ttctcttttt tacccatctt    137340
     tatggtttta tctacttttg gtctttgatg atggtgatgt acagatgggt ttttggtgtg    137400
     gatgtccttt ctgtttgtta gtttttcttc taacagacag gaccctcagc tgcatgtctg    137460
     ttggaatacc ctgccttgta tggtgtcagt gtgcccctgc tggggggtgc ctcccagtta    137520
     ggctgctcgg gggtcagggg tcagtgtccc acttgaggac cagtcttcca gttctcagat    137580
     ctccagctgc atgctgggag aaccactgct ctcttcaaag ctgtcagaca gggacattta    137640
     agtctgcaga agttactgct gtctttttgt ttgtctgtgc cctgccccca gacgtggagc    137700
     ctacagaggc aggcaggcct ccttgagctg tggtgggctc cacccagttc gagattccag    137760
     gctgctttgt ttacctaatc aagcctgggc aatggtgggc acccctcccc cagactcact    137820
     gccaccttgc agtttgatct cagactgctg tgctagcaat cagcgagact ccgtgggcat    137880
     aagaccctcc gagccaggtt caggatataa tcttgtgttg tgtcgttttt taagcccatt    137940
     ggaaaagcac agtattcggg tgggagtgac ccgattttcc aggtgctgtt cgtcacccct    138000
     ttctttgact tggaatggga actccttgac cccttgcact tcccaagtga gacaatgcct    138060
     caccctgctt cggctcatgc acagtgcatg cacccactga cctgcgccca ctgtctggca    138120
     ctccctagtg agatgaacct ggtacctcgg atggaaatgc ggaaatcacc gtcttctgca    138180
     tcactcatgc tgggagctgt agaacagagc tgctcctatt cggtcatctt ggctcctccc    138240
     cctagggttg ttgaattttg tcaaaggcct tttctgcaac tattgatata atcatgtggt    138300
     ttttgtcttt ggttctgttt atatgctgga ttacatttat tgatttgtga atgttgaacc    138360
     agccttgcat cccagggttg aagaccactt gatcatggtg gataagcttt ttgatgtgct    138420
     gctggatttg gtttgccagt attttattga ggatttttgc atcaatgttc atcaaggata    138480
     ttggtctaaa atcctctttt ttggttttgt ctctgccagg ctttgttatc agggtgatgc    138540
     tggcctcata aaatgagcta gggagattac ctctttttct attgaatgga atagtttcag    138600
     aaggaatggt accagttcct ccttgtacct ctggtagaat tcagctgtga atccaaacca    138660
     taaaaaccct agaagaaaac ctaggcatta cctttcagga cataggcatg ggcaaggact    138720
     tcatgtctaa aacaccaaaa gtaatggcaa caaaagccaa aattgacaaa tggggtctaa    138780
     ttaaactaaa gagcttctgc acagcaaaag aaactatcat cagagtgaac aggcaaccta    138840
     caaaatggga gaaaattttc acaacctact catcaaacaa agggctaata tccaaaatct    138900
     acagtgaact ccaacaaatt tacaagaaaa aaacaaacaa ctccatcaaa aagtgggtga    138960
     aggacatgaa cagacacttc tcaaaagaag acattcatgc agctaaaaaa cacatgaaaa    139020
     aatgctcacc atcactggcc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccacagtg agataccatc    139080
     tcacaccagt tagaatggca ttcattaaaa ggtcaggaaa caacaggtgc tgggcaggat    139140
     gtggagaaat agaacacttt tacactgttg gtgggatttt aaactagttc aacaattatg    139200
     gaagtcagtg tggcaattcc tcagagatct aggactagaa ttaccatttg acccagccat    139260
     cccattactg ggtatatacc caaaggacta taaatcatgc tggtataaag acacatgcac    139320
     acttatgttt attgcatcac tattcacaat agcaaatact tggaaccaac ccaaatgtcc    139380
     aacaaggata gactggatta agaaaatgtg gcacatatac accatgaaat actatgcagc    139440
     catgaaaagt gatgagttca tgtccgttat aggacatgga tgaaattgga aatcaacatt    139500
     ctcagtaaac tatcgcaagg acaaaaatca aacaccgcat gttctcactc ataggtggga    139560
     attgaacaat gagaacacat ggacacagga aggggaacat cacactctag ggactcttgt    139620
     ggggtgggag gagaggggag ggatagcatt aggagatata cctaatgtta aatgaggagt    139680
     taatgggttc agcacaccag catggcacat gtatacatat gtaactaacc tgcacattct    139740
     gcacatgtac cttaaatctt aaagcataaa aataataaaa aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaga    139800
     agtttctcag aatacatctg tctaattttt atgtgaagat acttcctttt ccactttaag    139860
     acgcaaagtt ctccaaatat ccacatgcag atcctattaa aagagtgtgt caaaactcct    139920
     caatcaaaag aaaagttcaa atctgtgaga tgaatggaca catcagaaag aagtttctca    139980
     gaatgcttct gtctaatttt tacgtgaaga caactccttt tccactatag gccacaaagc    140040
     actccaaata tccatttgca gatactacaa aaagactgtt tccaaactgc tgaaacaaaa    140100
     gaaatgctca actctgtgac atgaatgcac atattacaaa gaagtttctc agaacgattc    140160
     tgtctggttt ttatgtgaga atatttcctt ttccaccata ggcctcgaac tcctccaaat    140220
     atccagttgc agattctaca aaaagagtgt ttcaaaactg ctcagtcaaa tgaaaggttc    140280
     aactctgtga gatgaatgca cacatcacaa agaggtctct cagaatgctt ctgactagct    140340
     tttacatgca aatatttatt tttccactat aggctgcaga gctctacaaa tatccatttc    140400
     cagtaccaca aaacgagtgt ttcaaaactg ctcaatcaaa agaaaggttc aactctgtga    140460
     gttgaatgca cacatcacaa agaagcttct cagaatgctt ctgtatagtg tttatgtgaa    140520
     gatatttcct gttccaccaa aggctacaaa gtgctccaaa tatccacttg cagattctac    140580
     aaaaacaaag tttcaaaact gctcaatcaa aggaaaggtt caactctgac agataaatgc    140640
     tcacatcaca aagatgtttc tctgaatgct tctgcctagt tttatgtgaa gataactcct    140700
     gctccacgat aggctgcaaa gcgctccaaa cacccactta cagattctac aaaaagagtg    140760
     tttccaaact gctcaatcaa aagaaaggtt caactctgtc agatgaatgg gcacatcaca    140820
     aagaagtttc tcagaatgct tctgtctagt ttttatgtga agatatttcc ttttccaaca    140880
     taggcctcaa agtgctgcaa atacccactt gcagatgctt caaaaagact gtttcaaaac    140940
     tgctcagtca aatgaaagtt tcaactctgt gagatgaatg caaacctcac aaagaagtct    141000
     ctcagaatgc ttctgactag tttttacatg cagatattta tttttccact ataggctgca    141060
     gagcactaca aaaatccatt tccagataac acaaaacgag cgtctcaata ctgcttaatc    141120
     aaaagaaagg ttcaactctg tgagttgaat gcacacatca caaagaagct tctcagaatg    141180
     cttctgtcta gtttttatgt gaagatattt ccttttcccc aaaggccaca aagcgctcca    141240
     aatatccact tgcagattct acaaaaacag tgtttcaaaa ctgctcaatc aaaggaaagg    141300
     ttcaattctg agagataaat gttcacatca caaagatgtt cctctgaatg cttctgccta    141360
     gtttttatgt taagatttct cgttttccat gatgggccgc agagtgctcc aaacacccac    141420
     ttgcaaattc tacaaaaaga gtgttaccaa actgctcagt caaaagaaag tttcaactct    141480
     gtgagttgaa tatacacatc acaaagttta tcagaatact tcttagtagt ttttatgtga    141540
     agatatttcc ttttccacaa taggccttga agctctccaa atatccactt gcagattcta    141600
     caaaaacagt gtttccaaac tgctcaatca aatgaaagtt tcgactgtgt gagatgaatg    141660
     cacacatcac aaagaagatt ctcagaatgc ttctgtgcag tttttatgtg aagatatttc    141720
     cttttccaca acaggcatca aagcgctcca aatattcact tgcagattct acgaaaaggg    141780
     tgtttcaaaa ctcctaaatc aaaataaagg tgcaactctg tgtgatgaat gcacacatca    141840
     caaagaagtt tctcagaatg cttctgcgta gttcttatgt gatgatattt ccttttccac    141900
     cataggtcgc aaagggctcc aaatatcccc ctgctgattt tccataaaga gtatttcaaa    141960
     acagctcaat caaaagaaag tttcaagtct gtgagatgaa tgcacacatc acaaagaagt    142020
     ttctcagaat gcttctgtgc agtttttgta aagatattta cttatccaaa agaggcctca    142080
     aagcgcttca aatatccact tgctgattct ataaaaaggg tgtttcaaaa ctgctcaatc    142140
     aaaagaaaag ttcaactctg tgagatgaat gcacacatca caaagaagtt tctgagaatg    142200
     tttctgtgta gtttttatgt gaatatattt tcttttgcac aataggcctc aaagcgcttc    142260
     aaatatccac ttgcagattc tataaaaagg gtgtttgcaa actgctctat caaaagaaac    142320
     gttcagcact gtgaggtgaa tgtgcacatt acaaagacgt ttctcagaat gcttctgtgt    142380
     agtttttatt tagataggtt caacacactg agttgaaggc acgtatccca aagaaggttt    142440
     tcagaatgct tctgtgcagt ttttatgtga agatatttcc ttttccacta taggcatcaa    142500
     agcgttccga agatccactt gcagattaca caaaaagagt gtttccaaac tgctcaatga    142560
     aaagaaaatt tcaactctgt gagatgaatg gacacatcac aaaaaagttt gtcagaatgc    142620
     ttctgtgtag ttttcatgtg aagctatttt cttttccacc ataggcctca tcatgctcca    142680
     aatatccact tgcagattct aaaaaaagag tgtttcaaaa ctgctccatc aaaagaaatg    142740
     ttcaactctg tgagatgaat gcacacatca caaagaagtt tctcagaatg cgtccatgta    142800
     gtttttatgt gaatatattt ccttttccac catagtccaa aaagggctca aaatattcac    142860
     tttcagtttc tacaaaaaga gagaattaaa attgctgttt caaaagataa gtccatctct    142920
     ttgagatgaa tacataaatc acaatatagt ttctcagaat gctttggcat agtttttatg    142980
     tgaagatatt tccttttcca ccataggtct caaagttctc caaatatcca cttgcagata    143040
     ctacaaaaag agtgtttcaa aactgctcaa tcaaaggaaa agtgcaactc agtgaaatga    143100
     atgcacacat caaaaagaag tttctctcaa tgcttcagtg tagatttatg tgtagatatt    143160
     tccttttcca taataggcct caaagggctc caaatatcca catgcagatg ctacaaaaag    143220
     agtgtttcaa aactgctcaa actgttcatc aaagaaaggt taaactctgt gtgatgaacg    143280
     cacacatcac aaagaagttt ctcagaattc ttcagtgtaa tttttatgtg aagatatttc    143340
     cttttccacg ataggcctga aagagctcca aatatccact tgcagattaa taaagtgtgt    143400
     ttccaaacta ctcaatcaaa agaaagattc aagcctgtga aatgaatgca cacataacaa    143460
     agaaatttct cagaatgctt ctctgtagtt tttatgtgga gatatttcct tttccgacat    143520
     aggccactaa gggctccaaa tacccacttg cagatactac aaaaagagaa tttcaaaact    143580
     actcatacaa aagataggtt caactctgtg agttgaatgc tcccatcaca aagaagttct    143640
     tcagagtgct tctgtgtagt ttttatgtga agatatttcc ttttccacaa taggtctcaa    143700
     agtactccaa atatccactt gcagattctg caaaaagagt gtttcaaaac tgcccaatca    143760
     aaagaaagtt tcaactgtgt gagatgaatg cacatatcac aaggaagttt ctcagaatgt    143820
     ttctgtgtaa tttttatatg aagatatttc cttttccaca acacgcttca aagcgctcca    143880
     aatatccaca tgtagattct acaaaaagag tgtttcaaaa ctgctcaatc aaaagaaagg    143940
     ttaagctttg tgagatgaag gcacacaaca cgaagaagtt tctaagaatg cttctgtgta    144000
     gtttttattt gaagatattt ccttttccac cacaggccta aaagagccac aaatatccac    144060
     ttgcatatcc tacaaaaaga ctgtttccaa actgctcaat caaaagaaac gttaaaatct    144120
     atgagatgaa tgcacacatg gcaaagaagt tggtcagaat gattctgtgt agttttaagt    144180
     tgaagatatt tccttttcca caaaaggcct caaaggcctc aaaatataca cctgcagatt    144240
     ctacaaacag attttctcta actgctcaat caagttaaag gctaaactct gtgagatgaa    144300
     tgaacacata acaaggaaat ttctcagaat gctttgtgta gtttttatgt gaagatattt    144360
     ccttttcatg cacaggccac aaagctctcc aaatatccaa ttgcagattc tataaaaaga    144420
     gagtttcaaa actgctcatt caaaagatag gttcaacact ctgagttcaa tgctcacatc    144480
     acaaacaagt ttatcagagt gcttctgtgt agttttaatg tgaagagatt tccttttcca    144540
     ccataggcct caaagcactc caaatatcca cttgcagatt ctacaaaaac agtgtttaca    144600
     aactactcag tcaaaagaaa gtttcaacac tgtgagatga atgcacacat cacaaagaag    144660
     tttctcagaa tgcttctatg tagtttttat atgacggtat ttccttttcc acaataggcc    144720
     tgaaagtaat ccaaatatcc aattccagat tctacaaaaa gagtttttct gctcagtcaa    144780
     aagaaaggct caactgtgag agatgaatgc acacatcaaa aagaagtttt tcagaatgct    144840
     tctgcgtaat ttttatgtga agataattcc ttttccacca taggcctcaa agggctccca    144900
     atttccacct gcagattcta caaaaagaga gattcaaaac tgctgaatca acagatatgt    144960
     tcaactctgt gagttgaatg cagacatgac aaagaagttt ttccgaatgc ttctttgtag    145020
     tttttatgtg aagatatttc cttttccgct atagtcctca aagtgctcca aatatccaat    145080
     tgcagattct aaaaaaaggg tgtttcagaa ctgttcaatg aaatcaaatg ttcaacactg    145140
     tgagatgaat gtgcacatca caaagaagtt tctcagaatg cttctgtcta gtttttatgt    145200
     gaagatattt ccttttacac cataggcctc aaagccctcc caatatccac ttgccgattc    145260
     tacaaaaaga gtgtttcgaa actgctgaat caatagaaag tttcaactct gtgagatgaa    145320
     tgcacacatc gcaaggaagt ttctcagaat gcctctgtat agtttttatg tgaagatatt    145380
     tccttttcca caataggcct caaagagctt caaatatcca cttgcagatt ctataaaaag    145440
     agtgtttcaa aactgctcaa tcaaaagaaa ggttcacctc catgagatga ttgcacacat    145500
     cacaaagaag cttctcagaa tgcttctgtg tagtttttat gtgaagatat ttccttttgc    145560
     aaaacaggct gcaaagagct cctaatatcc acttgcagat tctacaaaaa gggagattca    145620
     aaactgctca atcaaaagat aggttcaact ctgtgagttg aatgcatgca tcacatagaa    145680
     gtttctcaga atgcttctgt gtagttttat gtgaacatat ttccctttcc acagtaggcc    145740
     tcacagggct tcaaatatcc acttccaaat tctgccaaaa gagtgtttaa taactgctca    145800
     atcaaaagaa agtttcaact atgtgagatg aattcacaca tcagaaagta gtttcttaga    145860
     atgcttctgt gttttgatgt gaagatattt ccttttcaaa aataggttgc aaagggctcc    145920
     aaatatccac ttgcagatac tacaaacaga gagtttcaaa accgctgtat caaaagaaag    145980
     gttcaactct gtgagttgaa tgcacacatc acaaagaagt ttctcagaat gcttctttgt    146040
     agtttttata tgaagatatt tccttttcca ccgtaggcct caaagcgctt caaatatcca    146100
     cttgcagatc ctacaaaaag aatgtttcaa aattgctcaa tcaaaagaaa gtttcaactc    146160
     ggtgagatga gtgcacgcat cacaaagatg tctctcagaa tgcttctgtg tagtttttat    146220
     gtgaagatat tcccttttcc acaataggcc tcaaagcgct tcaaatatct acttgcagat    146280
     ccttccaaaa gagtatttcc aaactgctca atcaaaggaa aggttcaatt ctatgagatg    146340
     aatgcacata tcacaaagaa gtttctcaga atgcttctat atacttttta ttcgaagata    146400
     tttcctattc cacagtagtc ctgtaagctc tccaaatatc cacttgcaga ttgcacaaaa    146460
     agagtgtttc aagactgctc aatcaaaaga gaggttcaac tctttcaggt gaatgcacac    146520
     aacacaaaga agtttctgag aatccttctg tggacttttt atttgaagat atatcctttt    146580
     ccaccacacg ccacaaaggg ctgaaaatat gcacttgcag attctacaaa aagagagttt    146640
     caaaactggt ctatcaaaag ataggttcag gtgtgtgggt ggaatggaca catccaaaga    146700
     actttctcag aatgcttctg tgtagttttt ttgtgaagat atttcctttt caacaatagg    146760
     cctcaaagcg ccccaagtat ccagttgcag attctacaaa aagatagatt aagaagtact    146820
     caatccaaac ataggttcaa ttctgtaaga tgaatgcaca catcgcaaag aagtttctca    146880
     gaatgcttct gtatattgtt tatgtgaaga tatttccttt tccacagtag gcctcaaagt    146940
     gctccaaata tccacttgca gatgctacaa aaagagtgtt tcaaaactgc tcaatcgaaa    147000
     cgaaggttca acagtgtgag atgaatgcac atcaaaaaga agtttctcag aatgcttctg    147060
     tgtagtttta tgtgaatata tttccctttc cacaataagc ctcacagggc ttcaaatatc    147120
     cacttccaga ttcgataaaa agagtggttc acaactgctc aatcaaaaga aagtttcaat    147180
     tctgtgagat gaattcacac atcagaaagt agtttctcaa aatgcttctg tgtaattttt    147240
     atgtgaagat atttcctttt ccaccatagg ctgcaaaggg ctccaaatat ccacttgcct    147300
     atactataaa aagagagttt caaaaattct ctatcaaaac aaaggttcaa cacagtgagt    147360
     tgaatgcaca catcacaaag tagtttctca gaattcttct ttgtagtttt tatgtgaaga    147420
     tatttccttt tccaccattg gcttcaaagt gctccaaata tccacttgca gatgctacaa    147480
     aaagagtgtt tgaaaataga tcaattgaaa gaaaagttca actctgtgag atgaatgcac    147540
     acatcaaaaa gaagtttctc agaatgcttc tgtgtagttt ttatgtgaag atatttcctt    147600
     ttccacaata ggcctcaaag cacttcaaat acctactagc agattcttca aaaagagtct    147660
     ttctaaactg ctgcatcaaa agaaagtttc agatttttga gatgaatgca cacatcacac    147720
     agaagtttct cagaatgctt tcgtgtagtt tttatttgaa gatatttcct tttcaaaaat    147780
     aggcagcaaa gggatcaaaa tatccacttg cagattctac aaaaagagaa attcaaaacc    147840
     gtgccatcaa aggataggtt caactctgtg agtcaaattg acacatcaca aagtagtgtc    147900
     tcagaatact tctgtttagt ttttatgtga agatattccc ttttccaaca tagacctcaa    147960
     agtgctctaa atatccaatt acagattcta caaaaagagt gtttccaaac tgctcaatga    148020
     aaagaaagtt tcaactctgt gagatgaatg cacatatcac aaagaagttt ttcagaatgc    148080
     ttctatatac tttttatgca aagatatttc ttattccaca gttgtcctct aagctctcca    148140
     aatatccact tgcagactct acaaaaagag tgtttcaaga ctgctcaatc aaaagaaagg    148200
     ttcaactcta ttaggtgaat gcacacaaca caaagatgtt tctgagaatc cttctgtgga    148260
     ctttgtatgt gaagatattt ccttttccac catatgccgc aaagggatga aaatatgcac    148320
     ttgcagattc tacaaaaaga gagtttcaaa actggtctat caaaagatag gttcaggtgt    148380
     gtgggtggaa tggacacatc acaaagaact ttctcagaat gcttctgtgt agtttttttc    148440
     tgaagatatt tccttttcaa caataggcct caaagcgccc taagtatcca cttgcagatt    148500
     ctacaaaaag atagattaaa aagggctcaa tcaaaagata gattcaattc tgtaagatga    148560
     atgcacacat cacaaagaag tttctcagaa tgcttctgta tgttgtttat gtgaaggtat    148620
     ttcctgttct gcagtaggcc tcaaagtgct ccaaatatcc acttgcagat tctacaaaaa    148680
     gagtgtttca aaactgctca gtcaaaagaa aaattcaatt ctgtgagatg aatgcacacg    148740
     tcacaaagaa gtttctcaga atgcttctgt gtagttttta tgtgaagata ttcccttttc    148800
     caccataggc cacaaagggc tccaaatata cacttgcaga ttctacacag tttcaaaact    148860
     gctctataga aagataggtt cagttctgtg agttcaatgt acatataaca aagaagtttc    148920
     taagagtgct tctgtgtagt ttttatgtga agatatttct ttttctgcta tagggctcaa    148980
     agcactccaa atatccactt gcagattcta cagaaagagt gtttccaaac tgctcaataa    149040
     aaagaaatgt tcaaatatgt gagatgaatg cacacatcac aaagaagttt ctcagaatgc    149100
     ttctgtgtgg tttttatctg aagatatttc cttttccaca aatggcctta aagcgttcca    149160
     aatatcccct tgcagattct acaaaaagag tgtttccaaa ctgctcaata aaatgagagg    149220
     cttaactctg tgagatgaat ctacacatca caaagctgtt tctcagaatg cttcttagta    149280
     gtttttattt gaagatattt ccttttccat cctagtccac aaagggctcc aagtatccac    149340
     ttgaagatgc tacaaaaaga gagttttgaa actgctcaat caaaagatag gttcaaatct    149400
     gtgagttgaa tgcagacatc acaaagaagt ttctcggtat tcttctgtgt agtttttatg    149460
     cgaagatatt tctttttcca cgatagtcat caaattgctt cgaatatcca cttgctgatt    149520
     ccagaaaaag agtgtttcaa aagtgcataa tcaaaagaga gtttgaactc tgtgagatga    149580
     atgcacagat cacaaacaag tttctcagaa tgcttctgtg tactttttat gtgaagatat    149640
     taccttctcc accataggcc tcaaagtgct ccaaatatct acttgcagat tcttcaaaaa    149700
     gagtgtttcc aaactgctga atgaaaagaa aggttcaact ctgtgagatg aatgcacaca    149760
     taacaaagaa gattctcaga atgcttctgt gtagttttta tgtgaagtta tttccttttc    149820
     cagcataggc ctcaaaacac tccaaatatc cacttgcaga ttctacaaaa agagtgtttc    149880
     caaactgctc aatcaaaatg aaggttctac tctgtgagag gaacgcaccc attgcaaaga    149940
     agtttctcag aatgcttctg tgtagttttt atgtgaagat atttcctttt ccatcatagg    150000
     ccaaaaaggg ctccatgtat ccacttgaag gtgctataaa aagatagttt cgaaactgct    150060
     ccatcaaaag atatgttcaa atttctgtgt tgaatgcaca catcacaaag aagtatcttg    150120
     gaattcttct gtgtaggttt tatgtgaaga tatttccttt cccaccattg gcgtcaaaat    150180
     gctccgaata tccacttgca gattccacaa aaagagggtt tcaaaagtgc acaatcgaaa    150240
     gagaggttca actctgtgag atgaatgcac acatcacaaa caagtttctc agaatgcttc    150300
     tgtgtacttt ttatgtgaag atatttcctt ttccaaaata ggcctcaaag cgctccaaat    150360
     atccatctgc aggttctaca aaaagtctgt ttcaaaactg ctcaatcaaa agacagtttc    150420
     aactctctga ggtgaatgca cacatcacaa agaagattct cagaatgctt ctgtgtagtt    150480
     tttatgtgaa aatttttcct tttccatcat aggccacaaa gcgctccaaa tatccacttg    150540
     cagattctac aaaaagagtg tttcaaaact gctcaatcaa aggagaggtt gaactctgtg    150600
     agatgaatgc acacatcaca aagaagtttc tcagaatgct tctgtgtagt ttttctatga    150660
     agatattcct ttttccacca taggcttcaa agggctccaa atatccactt gaagatttta    150720
     caaaaagaga gtttcaaaac tgctctatca aaaggtaggt tcaactctgt gaattgaatg    150780
     catacatcac aaagtagttc ctcagaatgc ttctgggtag tttctatgtg aagatatttc    150840
     cttttccacc ataggcctca aagagctcca tatatccact tgcagattct acaaaaagag    150900
     tgtttccaga ctgctcaata aaatgaaagg ctcaactctg tgagatgaat tcacacatca    150960
     caaagaaatt tgtcagaatg tttctgtgtc gtttttatgt gaagatattt cctttttcat    151020
     cgtaggccac aaatggctcc atgtgtccat ttgaagatgc tacaaaaaga gagttttgaa    151080
     actgctggat caaaagataa gttcaaattt gtgagttgga tgcacacatc acaatgaagt    151140
     atctcggaat tcttctgtgc aggttttttg tgacgctata tccttttcca ccataggcgt    151200
     caaattgctc cgaatatcca cttgcagatt ccacaaaaag agggtttcaa aagtgcacaa    151260
     tcaaaacaga ggttcaactc tgtgagatga atgcacacat cacaaacaag tttctcagaa    151320
     tacttctgtg tactttttat gtgaagatat ttccttttcc aaaacaggac tcaaagtgct    151380
     ccaaatatcc acctgcaggt tctacaaaaa gtctgtttca aacctgctca accaaaggcg    151440
     gttcaactct ctgagatgaa tgcacacatc acaaagaagt ttctcagaat gcttctgtgt    151500
     agtttttgtg tgaagatatt tccttttcca ctctgggcat caaagggctt caaatatcca    151560
     cttgcagatc ctatcaaaag agtgtttcaa aactgctcaa tcaaaagaaa gtttaaactc    151620
     tgtgagatga atgcacacat cacaaaggag tttctcagag tgcttctgtt tattttttat    151680
     gtgaagatat ttccttttcc acaatagacc ttgatgcgat ctgaatatcc actttcaaat    151740
     tctacaagaa gggtgtttca aaactgctca atcaaataaa agtttcagct ctatgagatg    151800
     aatgcacaca tcacaaggaa gttcctcaga atgcttctgt gtagtttttt tgtgaagata    151860
     tttccttttc aaaaatagac cacaaagggc tcaaaatatc cggttctata ttctgcagaa    151920
     acagaaatac aaaactgttc aatcaaacga caggttcaac tctgtgagtt gagtgcacac    151980
     atcacacaga agtttctcag agtgcttctg tgtagttttc atgtgaagat atttcctctt    152040
     ccaccatagg cttcaaagcg ctccaaatat acacttgcag attctacaaa aagagtgttt    152100
     ccaaactgct caatcaagag aaaggttcaa ctctgtgaga tgagtgcaca catcacaaag    152160
     aagttgtcag aatgcttctg tgtagttttt atgtgaagat atttcctttt ccacaatagg    152220
     ccccaaagtg ctgtaaatat ccccttgcag attctacaaa aagagtgtta caaaactgct    152280
     caataaaatg aaagactcaa ctctgtgaga tgaattcaca catcacaaag aagtttctca    152340
     gaatgcttct gtgtagtttt tatgtgaaga tatttccttt tccatcatag gccacaaagg    152400
     gctccatgta tccacttgaa gatgctacaa aaatagagtt ttgaaactgc ttgatcaaaa    152460
     gataggttca aatttgcgag ttgaatgcac acatcacaat gaagtatctc ggaattcttc    152520
     tgtgtagttt ttttgtgaag atatttcctt ttccatcata ggcttcgaag cgctccaaat    152580
     atccacttgc agattccaca aaaagagggt ttcaaaagtg cacaatcaaa agagaggttc    152640
     aattccgtga gatgaatgca cacatcacaa acaagtttct tagaatgttt ctgcatactt    152700
     tttatgtgaa gatatttcct tctccaccat aggcctcaaa gggctccaat tatccacttg    152760
     cagattcttc aaaaactgtg atgtgaatgc acacatcaca aagaagattc tgagaaagtt    152820
     tctgtgtagt ttttatgtga agatatttcc ttttccacca taggcttcaa agcactccaa    152880
     atatccactt gcagattcta caaaaagaga gtttcaaaac ttctctatca aagtagagac    152940
     tcaacgcagt gagttgaatg cacacattac acagaagttt ctcagaatgc ttctgtgcag    153000
     tttttatgtg aatatatttc cttttccacc agaggcctga aagtgcttca aatatctaat    153060
     ttgcagtttc tacaaaaaga gtttttcaaa actgctcaat caaaagaaag tttcaactct    153120
     ttcagatgaa tgcacagatc acaaagaagt ttctcagaat gcttctgtgt agtttttatg    153180
     tgaagatatt tccttttcca ccataggcct caaagcgctc caaatatcta tttgcagatt    153240
     ctacaaaaag agtgtttcca aactgctcaa tccaaagaaa actccaactc tctgagatga    153300
     atgcacacat cacaaagaag tttctgagaa cacttctgcg taattttaat gtgaagatat    153360
     tccctttcca caataggcct caaagtgctt caaatatcca cttgcagatt ttataaagtg    153420
     tgtttcaaaa ctgctcaagc aaaagaaggg ttcaacacta tgagatgaat gcacacatca    153480
     caaagaagtt tctgagaaag ctgctgtata gtttttttgt gaagatattt ccttttccaa    153540
     aataggccac aagtggctcc aaatgtccac ttgcagattc taccaaaaga gagatgcaaa    153600
     actgttctat caaaaggaca gttcaactct ccgagttgag tgcacacatc acaaagtagt    153660
     ttctgggaat gcttctatct cgttttatat gaagatattc ccgtttccac tgtaggccac    153720
     atagtgctca aaatatccac ttgcagattc tataaaaaga gtgtttcaaa actgcactat    153780
     caaaaggagc gttcaactct gtgagttgaa tgcaaacatc acaaagaagt ttctgagaat    153840
     acttctttct agtttctatg tgaaaatatt tgtgttccca ctgatgcctt ccttgcgatc    153900
     aaatatccac ctgcagatat tacaaaatga gtgtttcaaa actgctctat caaaaggatg    153960
     gttcaactct ctgagttgaa tgcacacatc acaaagaagt ttctgagaat gcttctgtct    154020
     agtttttatg tgaagatatt cccgtttcca ccgtaggcct caaagagctt aaattatcca    154080
     cttgtagatt gtacaaaaag agtgtttcaa aactgctcta tcaaaagaaa gttcaacact    154140
     gtgagttgaa tgaacacatc ccaaagaagt ttctgagaat gcctctgtct aatttttatg    154200
     tgaagatatt ctcgtttcca ccgaaggcct caaagcggtc caaatatcca cttgcagatt    154260
     ctacaaaaag agtgtttcaa aactgctcaa tcaaaaggat tgttcaactc tgtgagttaa    154320
     acccaaacat cacaacatag tttctgagaa tgcttctgtg tagtttttat atgaatatat    154380
     ttccttttgt accataggcc tcaaagcact ccaaatatcc agttgcagat tctacaaaaa    154440
     gtgtgtttca aaactgctct aaaaaaatgg aggttaaact ctctgaattg aatgcacaca    154500
     tcacaaagaa gtttctgata atgcttctgt ctagttttta tgtgaagata taccggtttc    154560
     cactgtaggc ctaaaagcac tccaaatatc cacttgcaga ttctacaaaa agaggcattc    154620
     aaaactgatc tatcaaaagg aaggttcaac tctctgagtt gaaagcacac atcacaagaa    154680
     gttactgaga atgcttctat ctagtttcta tgggacgata tttccttttc cagcacacgc    154740
     cacaaagcgc tccaaatgtc cacttgcata ttctacaaaa agagtgtttc aagactgctc    154800
     tatcaaaagg aaggttcaac tccatgagtt gaattcacac gtcacaaaga agtttcagag    154860
     aatgcttctg tctagttttt atgtgaagat attcccattt ccaccatagg cctcaaagcg    154920
     ctccaaatat ccagttgaac cttctacaaa aagagtgttt caaaactgct ctatcaaaag    154980
     caatgctcaa gtctgtgagt tgaatgcaca catcacaaag aagtttctga gaatgcttct    155040
     gtctagtttt tatgtgaaga tatttccctt tccaccacag gcctcaaagc gctgcaaacg    155100
     tccacttgca gattctacaa aaagagtgtt tcaaaactgc tctatcaaaa gaaaggttct    155160
     actctttgag ttgaatgcac acgtcacaat gaagtttctg agaatgcttc tgtctaattt    155220
     ttaggtgagg attttcccat ttccaacaaa ggcctcaaag cgctccaaat gtccacttgc    155280
     agattctata aaaagagtgt ttcaaaagtg ctttatgaaa aggaatattc aactctgtga    155340
     gttgaatgcc cacatcaaaa tgaagtttct gagaatgctt ctgtctagtt tttaagtgga    155400
     gatattcgtc tttccaccga aggcctaaaa gcgctccgta tatccatcta cagattctac    155460
     aaagagagtg tttcaaaact gctctatcaa aagaaaggtt caactctggg atttgaatgc    155520
     acacatcaca aagtagtttc tgagaatgct tctgtgtagt ttttatataa aggtatttcc    155580
     ttttctacca taggcatcaa agcactccat atatccactt gcagattcta caacaagatt    155640
     tttcaaagct gctctgccaa aaggaaggtt taactccctg agttgaatgc aagcatcaca    155700
     aattactttc tgaaaatgct tctgtctagt ttttctgtga agatattccc gtttccacgt    155760
     aggcctcaaa atctccaaat atatacttgc agattctaca aaaagcctct gtcaaaactg    155820
     ctgtatcaaa aggaaggttc aactctccca ggtgaatgga caaatcacaa ataagtttct    155880
     gagaatgctt ctgtctagtt ttcttgtgaa gatattactg tttccaccgt aggcctcaaa    155940
     tcgctccaaa tatcaaactg cagattccac aaaacgagtg tctcaaaact gcactatgaa    156000
     aacgaaggtt caaatctgtg agttgaatgc acacatccga aagaagtttc tgagaatgct    156060
     tccttctagt ttttatgtga agatattccc tattacccct aaggcctaaa agcggtccaa    156120
     atatcctctt gcagattcta caaaaagagt gtttcaaaac tgctctatga aaaggaatgt    156180
     tcagctctgt gagttcaatg caaacatcac aaagaagttt ctgagaatgc ttctgtctag    156240
     tttttgtttg cagacatttc cttttccacc atagacctca aactgctcca aatattcact    156300
     tgcagattct aaaatagagt gtttcaaaac tgctctaaga aaaggaaatt tcaactctgt    156360
     gagttgaatg cacacatcac aaagaagata ctgagattgc ctctgtccag tttacatgtg    156420
     aagatatacc cctttccacc aaaggcctaa aagcactcca aatatccact tgcagattct    156480
     acaaaaagag tgtttcaaaa ctgatctatc aaaaggaagt gttatcttca tgaggtcaat    156540
     gcacatcaca atatagtttc tgataatgct tctgtataat ttttatatga agatatgtcc    156600
     ttttccaaca taggcctcaa agggctcaaa atatccactt gcagattcta tgaaaagagt    156660
     gattcaaaac tgctctatga aaaggaaggt tgaactccgt gagttgaatg cacccatcac    156720
     aaagaaggtt ctcagaatga agatattacg tgaagatatt cttgtttcca ccgaaggcct    156780
     caaagtgctc caaatatcca cttgccgatc ctacaaaaag agtgtttcaa aactgctcta    156840
     tcaaaagaaa agttcaactc ttttagttga atgcacactt cacaaagaag tttctgagaa    156900
     tgcttctgtc tactctttag gtgaagaaac ttccttttcc atcatagacc ttaaagcgct    156960
     caaatatcca cttgcagatt cttcaaaaag agtgtttcaa aactgctgta tgaaaaggga    157020
     ggtccaattc tgtgagttga atgcacacat cacaaagaag tttctaggat acttctgtca    157080
     agattttatg tgaagatatt cccgtttcca acataggcct caaagagctc caaatatcca    157140
     cttgcagatt ctacaaaaat agtgtttcaa aactgctcta tcaaaagaaa ggttcacctc    157200
     tgtttgttga acgaacacat aacaaagaaa tttctgagaa tccatctgtc tactttttat    157260
     gtgaagacac ttccttttcc accatagacc tcaaagcgct ccaaatatcc aattccagat    157320
     tctacaaaaa gagtgtttca aaactactct atcaaaacga aggttaaact ctgtgagttg    157380
     aatgcacaca tcacaaagaa gtttctgaga atgcttcggt ctgattttta tgtgaagtta    157440
     tttccctttt caccacaggc atcaaagtgc tcaaaatgtc caattgcaga ttctacaaaa    157500
     agagtttttc aaaacttgtc tatgaaaaga aaggttcaac tctgtaggtt ggatgcacac    157560
     atcacaaagt agtttctgag aatgcttctg tctagttttt aatatgaaga catttccttt    157620
     tctaccttag gcctcaaagc gctccaaata tccacttgca gattccacaa aaagagtgtt    157680
     tcaaaactga tctatgaaaa ggaagtttct actctgtgaa ttgaatgcgc acaacacaaa    157740
     gaagtttccg agactgtttc tgtctagttt ttatatgaag atattccagt ttccagagaa    157800
     ggcctcaaag agttccatat atccacttgc agattctaca aaaagagtgt ttcaaaactg    157860
     ctctgtgaaa aggaatgttc agcactgtga gtggaatgga aacatcacaa agaagtttct    157920
     gagaatgctg ctgtctagtt tttatgtgaa aatattcccg tttccaccaa aggcctcaaa    157980
     gcggtccaaa tatccactta cagattctac gaagagtgtt tcaaaactgc tctatgaaaa    158040
     ggtatgttca actctgtgag tagaatgcaa acatcacaaa gagatttctg agaatgcttc    158100
     tgtctggttt ttatgtgaag atattcccgt ttccagtgaa ggcctcaaag ccgtccaaat    158160
     atccacctgc agatactatg aaaagagtgt ttcaaaactg ctctatgaaa aggtatgttc    158220
     aactctgtga gtagaatgca aacatcacaa agagatttct gagaatgctt ctgtctagtt    158280
     tttatgtgaa gatattcccg tttccaatga aggcctcaaa gccatccaaa tatccacctg    158340
     cagatactat gaaaagagtg tttcaaaact gctctatgaa aaggtatgtt caactctgtg    158400
     agttgaatgc aaacatcaca gagaagtttc tgagaatgct tctgtctagt tttttttttt    158460
     ttttggaatg ataaacattt taatttgaaa agcaggcatc tctgctgtta agctttcttt    158520
     tgatgggtgg ggagtggggg gcgttggagt ttatttattt ttgttattat tatacttcaa    158580
     gttttagtgt acatgttcac aatgtgcagg ttagttacgt atgtatacat gtgccatgct    158640
     ggtgtgctgc acccactaac tcgtcctcta gcattaggta tatctcccaa tgccatcctt    158700
     ctcccctccc cccaccccac aacagtcccc agagtgtgat gttccacttc ctgtgtccat    158760
     gtgatctcat tgttcaattc ccacctatga gtgagaatat gcggtgtttg gtttcttttc    158820
     ttgcgatagt ttactgagaa tgatgatttc caatttcatc catgtcccta caaacgacat    158880
     gaactcatca tttttatggt tgcatagtat tccatggtgt atgtgtgcca cattttctta    158940
     atccagtcta tcattgttgg acatttgtgt tggttccaag tctttgctat tgtgaatagt    159000
     gccacaataa acatacatgt gcatgtttct ttatagcagc atgatttata gtcctttggg    159060
     tatataccca gtaattggat ggctgggtca aatggtattt ctagtcctag atccctgagg    159120
     aatccccaca cggagttcca caatggatga actagtttac agtcccacca acagtgtaaa    159180
     agtgttccta tttctccaca tcctctccag cacctgttgt ttcttgactt tttaatgatt    159240
     gccattgtaa ctggtgtgag atggtatctc attgcggttt tgatttgcat ttctctgatg    159300
     gccagtgagg gtgagcattt tttcatgtgt tttttggcag cataaatgtc ttcttttgag    159360
     aagtgtcagt tcatgtcctt tgcccacttt ttgatggggt tgtttgtttt tttcttgtaa    159420
     atttgtttga gttcattgta gattctggat attagctctt tgtcagatga gtaggttgtg    159480
     aaaattttct cccattttgt agtttgcctg ttcattctga tggtaatttc ttttgcagtg    159540
     cagaagctct ttagtttagt tagatcccat ttgtcaattt tggcttttat tggcactgct    159600
     tttggtgttt tagacatgaa gtccttgacc atgcctatgt cctgaatggt aatgcctagg    159660
     atttcttcta gggttttcat ggttttacat ctaatgttta agtctttaat ccatcttgaa    159720
     ttgatttttg tataaggtat aaggaaggga tccagtttca gctttctaca taaggctagc    159780
     cagttttccc agcaccattt gttaaatagg gaatcctttc cctattgctt gttcttctca    159840
     ggtttgtcaa agatcagata gttgtagata tgtggcgtta tttctgaggg ctctgttctg    159900
     ttccattgat ctatatctct gttttggtac cagtaccatg ctgttttggt tactgtagcc    159960
     ttgcagtata gtttgaagtc aggtagtgtg atgcctccag ctttgttctt taggcctagg    160020
     attgtcttgg tgatgcgggc tattttttga ttcctatgaa ctttaaagta gtttttccta    160080
     ttctatgaag aaagtgattg gtagcttgat ggggttggca ttgaatctgt aaattacctt    160140
     gggcagtatg gccatttcca cgatattgat tcttcctacc catgagcatg gaatgttctt    160200
     ccatttgttt gtatcctatt ttatttcctt gagcagtggt ttgtagttct ccttgaagag    160260
     gtctttcacg tcccttgtaa gttggattcc taggtatttt attctcttgg aaacaactgt    160320
     gaatgggagt taagtcatga tttggctctc tgtttgtctg ttgttggtgt ataagaatgc    160380
     ttgtggtttt tgcacattga ttttgtatcc tgagactttg ctgaagttgc ttatcagctt    160440
     aaggagattt tcggctgaga caatggggtt ttctagatat acaatcatgt catctgcaaa    160500
     ctgggacaat ttgacttcct ctttatctaa ttgaataccc tttatttcat tctcctgctt    160560
     aatcgccctg gccagaactt ccaacactat gttgaatagg agtggtgaga gagggcatcc    160620
     ctctcttgtg ccagttttca aagggaatgc ttccagtttt tgcccattca gtatgatatt    160680
     gtctgtgggt ttgtcataga tagctcttat tattttgaaa tgcatcccat caatacctaa    160740
     tttattgaga gtttttagca tgaaggattg ttgaattttg tcaaatgcct tttctgcgtc    160800
     tattgagata atcatgagtt tttttctttg gttctgttta tatgctggat tacatttatt    160860
     gatttgcata tattgaacca gccttgcatc ccagggatga tcccagccca cttgatcatg    160920
     gtggataagc tttttgatgt gctgctggat tcggtttgcc agtattttat tgaggatttt    160980
     tgcatcaatg ttcatcaagg atattggtct aaaattctct tttttgattg tgtctgcccg    161040
     gctttggaat cagaatgatg ctggcctcat aaaatgagtt agggaggatt ccctcgtttt    161100
     ctattgattg gaatagtttc agaaggaatg gtaccagctc ctccttgtac ctttggtaga    161160
     attcggctgt gaatccgtct ggtcctggac tctttttggt tggtaagcta ttgattattg    161220
     ccacaatttc agatcctgtt attggtctat tcagagattc aacttcttcc tggtttagtc    161280
     ttgggagagt gtatgtgtcg aggaatttat ccatttcatc tagattttcc agtttatttg    161340
     catagaggtg tgtgtagtat tctctgatgg tagtttgtat ttctgtggaa tcggtggtga    161400
     tatccccttt atcatttttt attgcatcta tttgattctt ctctcttttt ttctttttag    161460
     tcttgctagt ggtgtatcaa ttttgttgac ccttcaaaaa accagctcct ggatccatta    161520
     attttttgaa gggttttttg tgtctccatt tccttcagtt ctgctctgat tttagttatt    161580
     tcttgccttc tgctagattt tgaatgtgtt ttctcttgct tttttagttc ttttaattgt    161640
     gatgttaggg tgtcaatttt ggatctttcc tgctttctct tgtgggcatt tagtgctgta    161700
     aatttccctc tacccactgc tttgaatgag tcccagagat tctggtatgt tgtgtctttg    161760
     ttctcgttgg tttcaaggaa catgtttctt tctgccttca tttcgttatg tacccagtag    161820
     tcactcagga gcaggttgct cagtttccat gtagttgagt ggtttgagtg agattcttaa    161880
     tcctgagttc tagtttgatt gcactgtggt ctgagagaga gtttgttata atttctgttc    161940
     ttttacattt gctgaggaga gctttacttc caagtatgtg gtacattttg aaataggtgt    162000
     ggtgtggtgc tgaaaaaaat gtatattctg ttgatatggg gtggaaagtt ctgtagatgt    162060
     ctattaagtc cgcttggtgc agagctgagt tcaattcctg gatatccttg ttgactttct    162120
     gtctagttga tctgtctaat gttgacagtg gggtgttaaa gtctcccatt tttaatgtgt    162180
     gggagtctaa gtctctttgt aggtcactca ggacttgctt tatgaatctg ggtgctcctg    162240
     tattgggtgc atatatattt aggataatta gctcttcttg ttgaattgat ccctttacca    162300
     ttatgtaatg gccttctttg tctcttttta tctttgttgg tttaaagtct gttttatcag    162360
     agactagcat tgcaacccct gccttttttg ttttccattt tcttggtaga tcttcctcca    162420
     tcctttcatt ttgagcctat gtgtgtctct gcacgtgaga tgggtttcct gaatgcagca    162480
     cactgatggg tcttgattct ttatccaata tgccagtctg tcttttaatt gcagcattta    162540
     gttcatttac atttaaagtt aatattgttg tgtgtgaatc tgatcctgtc attatgatgt    162600
     tagctagtta tcttgctcgt taattgatgc agtttcttcc tagtctcaat ggtctttaca    162660
     ttttggcatg attttgcagt ggctggtact ggttgttcct ttccatgttt agtgcttcct    162720
     tcaggagctt ttttagggca ggcctggtgg tgacaaaatc tctcagcatt tgcttttctg    162780
     tgaagtattt tatttatcct tcacttagga agcttagttt ggctggatat gaaattctgg    162840
     gttgaaaatt cttttcttta agaatgttga atattggccc ccactctctt ctggcttgtg    162900
     gggtttctgc caagagatcc actgttagtc tgatgggcct ccctttgagg gtaacccaac    162960
     ctttctctct ggctgccctt aacatttttt ccttcatttc aactttgcgg aatctgacaa    163020
     ttatgtgtct tggagttgct cttctcgagt atctttgtgg tgttctctgt atttcctgaa    163080
     tctgaatgtt ggcctgcctt gttagattgg ggaagttctc ctggataata tcctgcagag    163140
     tgttccaact tggttccatt ctccccatca ttttcagata caccaaacag atgtagattt    163200
     ggtcttttca catagtcccg tatttcctgg aggatttgct catttctttt tattcttttt    163260
     tctctaaact tcccttctca cttcatttca ttcatttcat cttccatcgc tgataccctt    163320
     tcttccagtt gattccattg tctcctgagg cttctgcatt cttcacgtag ttctcgggcc    163380
     ttggtaatca gctccatgag ctcccttaag cacttctctg tattggttat tctagttata    163440
     cattcttcta aatttttttc aaagttttca acttctttgc ctttggtttg aatgtcctcc    163500
     catagcttgg agtaatttga tcgtctgaag gcttcttctc tcagcttgtg aaagtcattc    163560
     tccatccagc tttgttccat tgctggtgag gaactgcatt cctttggagg aggagaggtg    163620
     ctctgctttt tagagtttcc agtttttctg ctcttttttt cccccatctt tgtggtttta    163680
     tctacttttg atcattgagg atggtgaagt acagatgggt ttttggtgtg gatgtccttt    163740
     ctgtttgtta gttttccttc taacagacag ggccctcagc tgcaggtctg ttggcgtacc    163800
     tggtcgtgtg aggtgtcagt ctgcccctgc tggggggtgc cacccagtta ggaggctcgt    163860
     gtgtcagggg tcagggaccc acttgaggag gcagtctgcc cgttctcaga tttccagctg    163920
     cgtgctggga gaaccactgc tctcttcaaa gctgtcagac agggacattt aagtctgcag    163980
     aggttactgc tgtctttttg tttgtctgtg ccctgtcccc agaggtggag cctacagagg    164040
     caggcaggcc tccttgagct gcggtgggct ccaccctctt cgagcttccc ggctgctttg    164100
     tttacctaag caagcctggg caatgggggg cgcccttccc ccagcctcgc tgccgccttg    164160
     cagtttgatc tcagactact gtgctagcaa tcagtgagat ccgtgggggt aggaccctcc    164220
     gagccaggtg cgggatacaa tctcctggtg catggttttt taagcccgtc agaaaagcgc    164280
     agtattaggg tgggagtgac ccgattttcc aagtgccgtc tgtcacacat ttctttgact    164340
     aggaaaggta actccctgac cccttgtact tcccgaatga ggcaatgcct cgccctgatt    164400
     cggctcacac agggtgcatg cacccactga cctgcgccca ctgtctggca ctccctagtg    164460
     agatgaacac agtacctcag atgaaaatgc acaaataacc tgacttctgc atcattcatg    164520
     ctgggagcag tacactggag ctattcctat ttggcaaact tggctcctcc ccccaggtgc    164580
     ttctgacaag tatttatggg aagatattcc catttccaac gaaggcctca aagcagtcca    164640
     aatgtcaact tgcagattct accaaaaatg tgtttcaata ctgggctata aaaagataag    164700
     ttcaacttca tgagttcaat gaaaacatca caaagaagtt tctgagaatg cttttgtcta    164760
     gtttttaagt gaagatatat catttccacc ataggcctca aagctctcca aatgtccagt    164820
     tgcagattcc acaaaaagag tgtttcaaaa cggctctatc aaaagaaagg ttcagctctg    164880
     tgagttgaat gcacacatca caaagacgtt tctgagaatg cttctatcta gtttttatgt    164940
     gaagatattc ccgtttccaa tgaaggcctc aaagcagtaa aaatatccat atgcagatag    165000
     tacgaaaaga gtgtttcaaa actgctctat gaaaaggtat gttgaactct gtgagttgaa    165060
     tgcaaacata acaaagaagt ttctgagaat gcttctgtct ggtttttatg tgaagatatt    165120
     tccttttcca ccataggcct caaaggtctc caaatgtcga cttgcagatt ctacaaagag    165180
     agtgtttcaa actgctctat caaaagaaat gttcaactca gtgagttgaa tggacacatc    165240
     acaaagaagt ttctgagaat gcttctgtct actttttatg tgaagatatt ccaatttcca    165300
     aggaaggcct aaaagcagtc caaatatcga attgcagagt ctatgaaaaa agtgtttcaa    165360
     aactgttcca ttaaaatatg ttcaactgtg tgagttgaat gcaaatatca gaaagcagtt    165420
     tctgagaatg cttctgtctg gtttttatgt gaagatattc cttgttcacg ataggcctca    165480
     aaactttcca aatgtccaca tgcagattct acaaaaagag tgtttctaaa ctgctctatg    165540
     aagagaaagg ttcaactctg tgagttgaat gcacacatca gaaagaagtt tctgagaatg    165600
     cttctgtcta gtttttatgt gaagatattc ccgtttccaa cgaaggcctc aaagcagtca    165660
     aaatagccac tggcagattt tacgaaaaga gtgtttcaaa actgctctat aaaaaggtat    165720
     gttcaactct gtgagttgaa tgcaaacatc ccaaagaagt ttctgagaat gcttcggtcc    165780
     ggtttttatg tgaagatatt tccttttcca ccataggcct gaaagctttc caaatgttca    165840
     cttgcagatt ctacaaaaag agtgtttcaa aacggctgta tcaaaataaa ggttccaccc    165900
     tgtgagttga atgcacacat cacaaataag tttctgagaa tgcttctgtc tagtttttat    165960
     gtgaagatat tcccgtttcc aaagaaggct tcaaagcagt cgaaatatct acttgcatat    166020
     tctacgaaaa gagggtttca aaactgctct aagaaaaggt atgttcaact ctctgagttg    166080
     aatgcaaaca ccacaaataa gtttctggga atgcttctgt ctacttttta tgtgaagata    166140
     cttccttttc ctccataggg ctcaaagctc tccaaatatc cacttgcaga ttctacaaaa    166200
     tgactgtttc aaaactgctc tatcagaaga aaggttcaac actgcgagtt gaatgcacac    166260
     atcaaaaaga agtttctgag gatgattctg tctagttttt atgtgaagat attcctgatt    166320
     ccaaggaagg cctcaaatca gtacaaatat ccacttgcag attctacgaa aagtgtttca    166380
     aaactgctcc atgaaaaggt gtgttcaact ctgtgagttg aatgcaaaca tcagaaagaa    166440
     gtttctgaga atgcctctgt ctggttttca tgtgaagata ttccttttcc accataggcc    166500
     tctaagctct cccaatgttc acttgcaaat tttatgaaaa gtgtgtttca aaactgatct    166560
     aagaaaagat atgttcaact ttgtgtgttg aatgcaagca tcacaaagaa gtttcagaga    166620
     atgcttctgt ctatttttta tgtgaagata tttccttttc caccataggc ctcaaagatc    166680
     tgaaatgtcc acttgaacat tcttcaaaaa gagtgtttcc aaactgctct atcaaaagaa    166740
     aggttcaact gagtcaggtg aatgcccgca tcatgaagga gtttctgaga attcttctgt    166800
     ctgattttta tgtgaagata ttcccatttc caatgaaggc cttcaaagta gtccaaatat    166860
     ccacttgcag attctacgaa aagagtgttt cgaaactgct ctataaacag gtatgttcaa    166920
     ctctgtgagt tggatgcaag catcacaaaa aactttctga gaatgcttct gtctagtttt    166980
     tatgtgaaga tatttccttt tccaccatag gcctcaaagc tctccaactg tccacttgca    167040
     gattctacca aagagtgtat caaaacaggc tctatcaaaa caaaggttga actctgatag    167100
     ttgaatgcac acatcagaaa gaagtttatg agaatgcttc tatcttcttt ttatgtgaag    167160
     atattcttgt ttccaacgaa ggcctcaaac agtccaaata tccacttgca gattctacga    167220
     aaagagtgtt tcaaaactgc tctataaaaa agctatgttc aactctgtga gttgctttca    167280
     aacatcacaa agaagtttct gagaatgctt ctctccagtg tttatgtgaa gataattcct    167340
     tttccaacat gggcctcaaa gttctcaaaa tgtccacttg cagattctaa aaagagagtg    167400
     tttcaaaact gctctatcaa agaaaggttc aactctgtga gttgaatgta cacatcacaa    167460
     agaattttct gagaatgctt ctgtctactt tctatatgaa aatattccct tttccaatga    167520
     aggcctcaaa gcagtcctaa tttcctcttg cagattctac gaaaagagtg tttcaaaacc    167580
     gctctaagaa aaggtatgtt caaaactgtg agttgaatgc aaacatcata aagaagtttc    167640
     tgagaatact tctgtctaaa ttttatgtga aggtatttcc ttttccacca tgggcctcaa    167700
     cgctctccga atgtcggctt gcagattcta caaaaagtgt ttcaaaactg ctctatcaaa    167760
     ataaagattc aactctgtga gttgaatgca cacatcaaaa agaggtttct gagaatactt    167820
     ctgtttagtt tttatgtgaa gatattcatg tttccaaagt aggcctcaaa gcgctccaaa    167880
     tatccacttg tagattctat gaaaagaatg tttcaagagt tctctatgaa aaaggcttgt    167940
     tcaactctgt gagttgaatg taaacatcac aaataagttt ctgagaatgc ttctgtccag    168000
     tttttatgtg aagatatttc tttttacacc atagccctca aagctctcca aatgtcgact    168060
     tgcagattct acaaaaatag tgtttcaaac tgctctatca aaagaaaagt tcaactctgt    168120
     cagttgaatg gaaacatcaa aaataagttt ctgagaatgc ttctgtctag cttttatgtg    168180
     aagatatgcc cgtttccaag gaagggttca aatcagtaca aatatcctct tgcagattct    168240
     atgaacagag tgtttcaaaa ctgctccatg aaaaggtatg ttcaacacgg tgagttgaat    168300
     gcaaacatca caaagatgtt tctgagaggg ggccgggcgc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc    168360
     ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggcgggtgga tcatgaggtc aggagatcga gaccatcctg    168420
     gctaacaagg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aattagccgg gcgcggtggc    168480
     gggcgcctgt agtcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatggcgt gaacccggga    168540
     agcggagctt gcagtgagcc gagattgcgc cactgcagtc cgcagtccga cctgggcgac    168600
     agagcgagac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag atgtttctga gaatgcttct    168660
     gtctggtttt tatgtgaaga tattcctttt ccaccatagg cctcaaagct ctctaaatgt    168720
     tcatttgcag ttcctacaaa aagagtgttt caaaactact ctatgaacag gtatattcaa    168780
     ctctttgact tgaatgcaga catcacaaag acgtttgtga gaatgcttct gtctagtttt    168840
     tatgtgaaga tatttccttt tgcaacattg gactcaaagc tctcccaatg tccacttgca    168900
     gattttgcga aaagtgtgtt ttaaaactgc tctaagaaaa ggtgtgttca cctctgtgag    168960
     ttgaatgcaa acatcacaaa gaagtttctg agaattcttc ggtctagtat ttttgtgaag    169020
     atattcccgt ttgcaacgaa ggcatcaaag aagtacaaat atccacctgt agattctacg    169080
     aaaagagtgt ttcaaaactg ctctatcaag aggtatgttc aactctttga gttgaatgca    169140
     aacatcacaa agaagtttct gagaatgctt ctgttgaggt tttatgtgaa gatatctccc    169200
     tttcatccat aggcctcaaa tctctccaaa tgtccacttg caaattctac aaaaaaagtg    169260
     tttcaaaact gctctatcaa aagaagggtt caactctgtg agttgaatgc acacatcaca    169320
     aagaagtttc tgagaatgct tctgtctagc ttttatgtga aaatattccc atttccaatg    169380
     aaggcctcat agcagtcaaa atatccactt gcagattcta cgaaaagagt gtttcaaaac    169440
     tgctctatga aaaggtatgc tcaactctgt gagttgaata caaacattac aaagaagttt    169500
     atgagaatgc ctctgtctag tttttatgtg aaggtatttc cttttcaacc ataggacaca    169560
     aagaacccaa atgtccactt gcagatacta caaataaagt gtttcaaaac tgctctatca    169620
     aaacaaaggt tcaactctgt gagttgaatg cacacatcac gaagtagttt ctgagaatgt    169680
     ttctgtctaa tttttatgtt aaaatatttc cttttctacc ataggcctaa aagcgcacca    169740
     aatatccact tgcagattct acaaaaacag tgtttcaaaa ctgatctatg aacagttatg    169800
     ttcaaatctg tgagttgaat cctaacatca caaagaagtt tctgagaatt cttttgtcta    169860
     ctttttaggt gaagatattt ctttttccac cgtaggcctc aaagctctcc aaatgtccaa    169920
     ttgcagattc tacgaaaaga gagtttcaaa actgctccat gaaaagctat gtttaattct    169980
     gtgagttgaa tgcaaacatc acaaagaagt ttctgagaat gcttctgtct ggtttttatg    170040
     tgaagataat ttcttttcca ccggaggcct caaagctctc caaatgtcca cttgcagatt    170100
     ctacaaaaag agtgattcaa aactgctcta tgaatagaaa ggtgtacgtc tgtgagttga    170160
     atgcacacac cacttagaag tttctgagaa tacttctgtc tagttttatt gtgaccatat    170220
     tcccgtttcc aacgaaggcc tcaaagcagt ccaaatatcc acttgcagat tctacgaaag    170280
     agtttttcaa aactgctcta taaacaggta tgttcaactc tgtgagttga atacaaacat    170340
     ggcaaagacg tttctgagaa tgcttctgac tagttttttt tgtgaagata tttcttttcc    170400
     accgtaggcc tcaaaggtct caaaatgtcc acttgcagat tcttcaaaaa gagtgtctca    170460
     aaactgctct atcaaaagaa agcttaaaga ctgtgagttg aatgcacaca tcacaagatg    170520
     tttctgagaa tgcttctgtc tagtttttat gggaagatat tcccatttcc aatgagtgcc    170580
     ttaaagcagt caaaatatcc acttgcagat tctacgaaaa gagtgtttca aaactgctct    170640
     atgaaaaggt atgttcaact ctgtgagttg catgcaaaca tcacaaagaa gtttctgaga    170700
     acgcttccgt ctggttttta tgtgaaataa ttcctttacc accatagacc tcaaagctct    170760
     ccaaatgtca acttgcagat tctacaaaaa gagtgtttca aaacagctct atcaaaagta    170820
     aggtgtaagt ctgtgagttg aatgcacaca ccacaaaaat gtttctgaga atgcttctgt    170880
     ctatttttta tgtgaagata ttcccgtttc caatgaagac ctcaaagcag tccaaatatt    170940
     cacttgcaga ttctacgaag gagtgtttca aaacagctct atgaaaagct atgttcaact    171000
     ctgtgagttg aatgcaaaca tcacaaagaa gtttctgaga atgctttgga cgagttttct    171060
     tgtgaagata tttccttttc caccgtaggc ctaaaagcac tccaaatctc cacttgcaga    171120
     ttcttcgaaa agagtgttta aaaactgctc tatgaagagc tatgttcaac actgtgactt    171180
     gaatgcaaac atcacaaaga agtttcggag aatccgtctg tctagttttt atgtgaatat    171240
     atatcctttt gtaccatagg cctcaaagct ctccaaatgt ccacttgcag attcgacaaa    171300
     aagagtgttt caaaactgct ctatcaaaag aaagtttcaa gtgtgtgagt tgaatgcaca    171360
     catcccaagg aagtttctga gaatgcttct gtctagcttt tatgggaaga tattcccatt    171420
     tccaacgaag gcctcaaagg aggccacata tccacttgca gattctatga aaacagagtt    171480
     tcatatctga tatatgaaaa ggtatgctca actctgtgag ttcaatgcaa acatcacaag    171540
     aagtttctga gaatgcttat gtctgttttt tatgtgaaga tatttccttt tccaacatag    171600
     gcctaaaagc tttccaaatg tccacttgca gattttacaa agagagtgtt tcaaaactgc    171660
     tccaggaaaa gaaaggtttc actctgtgag ttaaatgtac acatcacaaa gaagtttctg    171720
     agaacgattc tgtctagttt ttatgtgaag atattcccgt ttccaacgaa ggcctcaaag    171780
     cagtccaaat atccatttgc agattctacc aaaaaagagc atatcaaaac tgttctatga    171840
     aaaggtattt tcaactccgt gcattgaatg caaacatcac aaagaagttt ttgggaattc    171900
     ttctgtctgg actttatgtg aaggtatttc cttttccacc atagcaatca aactttccaa    171960
     atgtctactt gcagattctt cgataagagg gtctcaaaac tgctctctga aaaggtatgt    172020
     tgaactctat gtgttgaatg caaacatcac agagaagttt ctgagaatgc ttctctgtag    172080
     tttttatgtg aagatatttc gttttccacc ataggcctca aagctcccca aatgtccact    172140
     tgcagattct tcaaaaagtg tgtttcaaaa ctgctctatc aaaagaaagg ttcaactctg    172200
     tgagttgcac gcacacatca cgatgaagtt tctgaaaatg tttctctcta gtatttatgt    172260
     gaagaaattt ccttttccac cataggcctc aaatctctcc gaatgtccac ttgcagattc    172320
     gacaaaagag agtttcaaag ctactctatc gaaagaaagg ttcaggtctg tgagttgaat    172380
     gcacacatca caatgaagtt tctggtaatg cttctgtcta gttttaatgg gaagatattc    172440
     ccatttccaa cgaaggcctc aaagcattcc aaatatctac ttgcagattc tacgaaaaga    172500
     gtgtttcaaa actgatctat tcaaaggtat gttcaactct gtgagttgaa tgcaaacatc    172560
     acaaagaaga ttctgaaaat gcttctgtct gctttttatg taaagatatt tcctttccca    172620
     ccataagcct aatagctttc caaatgtcca cttgcagatt ttacaaaaga gtgtttcaaa    172680
     actgcactat gaaaagaaag gttcaattct gtgagttgaa agcacacatc acagagaagt    172740
     ttctgggaaa gattctgtct aatttttatg tgaagatatt cccgtttcca acgaaggcct    172800
     caaagcagtc caaatgtcca ctggcagatt ctatgaaaaa agtgtttcaa aactgctttt    172860
     agaaaaggta tgttcaactc cttgagttga atgcaaacat cacaaagtag attctgagaa    172920
     tgcttctgtc tggtttttat gttaagatat ttccttttcc accataggcc tcaaagctct    172980
     ccaaatgttc acttgcagat tcttcaaaaa gagtgtttca aaactgctct atcaaaagaa    173040
     aggttcaagt ctgtgagttc aatgcacaca tcacgaagta gtttctgaga atgcttctgt    173100
     ctagttttta tgtgaggata ttcccatttc caatgacggc ctcaaagcag tccaaatatc    173160
     tacttgcata ttttaggaaa agattgtttc agaactcctc tatgcacagg tatgttcaac    173220
     cctgtgagtt gaatgcaaac atcactaagt agtttctgag aatgcttctg actggttttt    173280
     atgtgaagat attttctttt ccaccattgg ccttaaagct ctcctaatgt ccacttccag    173340
     attctacaaa aatcgtgttt caaaactgtc gtatcaaaag aaaggttcag ctctgtgagt    173400
     tgaatgcaca catcaaatag aagtttctga gaatgctttt gtctaatttt tatgtgaaga    173460
     tattcccgtt tccatcgaag gcctcaaagc agtccaaata tcctcttgca gattctacga    173520
     aaagagtgct tcaaagctgc tctaagaaac gttatgggga ggaggagcca agatggccga    173580
     ataggaacag ctccgttcta cagctcccag cgtgagcgac gcagaagatg gttgatttct    173640
     gaatttccct ccgaggtacg tgttcatcgc actaggaagt gccagtcagt gcacgcaggt    173700
     ctgtgggtgc acgcaccgtg cgtgaaccga tgcaaggtga ggcattgcct cactcgggaa    173760
     gtgtaaggtg tcagggagtt ccctttccta gtcaaagaaa gagatgacag acagcacctg    173820
     gaaaatcggg tcactcccac cataatactg cacttttctg acgggcttaa aaaaccatgc    173880
     accaggagat tgtatcccgc acctggctcg gagggtccta cccccacgga tctcactgat    173940
     tgctagcaca gtagtctgag atcaaactgc aaggtggcag cgaggctggg ggaagggcgc    174000
     cccccattgc ccaggcttgc ttaggtaaac aaagcagccg ggaagctcga agagggtgga    174060
     gcccaccgca gctcaaggag gcctgcctgc ctctgtaggc tccacctctg ggggcagggc    174120
     acagacaaac aaaaagacag cagtaacctc tgcagactta aatgtccctg tctgacagct    174180
     ttgaagagag cagtggttct cccagcttgc agctggaaat ctgagaacgg gcagactgcc    174240
     tcctcaagtg ggtccctgac ccctgacaca cgagcctcct aactgggtgg caccccccag    174300
     caggggcaga ctgacacctc acacgaccag gtacgccaac agacctgcag ctgagggccc    174360
     tgtctgttag aaggaaaact aacaaacaga aaggacatcc acaccaaaaa cccatctgta    174420
     cttcaccatc ctcaatgatc aaaagtagat aaaaccacaa agatggggga aaaaaagagc    174480
     agaaaaactg gaaactctaa aaagcagagc acctctcctc ctccaaagga atgcagttcc    174540
     tcaccagcaa tggaacaaag ctggatggag aatgactttc acaagctgag agaagaagcc    174600
     ttcagacgat caaattactc caagctatgg gaggacattc aaaccaaagg caaagaagtt    174660
     gaaaactttg aaaaaaattt agaagaatgt ataactagaa taaccaatac agagaagtgc    174720
     tttaaggagc tgatggagat gaaaaccaaa gctcgagaac tacgtgaaga atgcagaggc    174780
     ctcaggagcc caagcgatca actggaagaa ggggtatcag caatggaaga tgaaatgaat    174840
     gaaatgtagg gagaagggaa gtttagagaa aaaagaataa aaagaaacga gcaaagcctc    174900
     caagaaatat gagactatgt gaagagacca aatctacgtc tgattggtgt atctgaaagt    174960
     gacggggaga atggaaccaa gttggaaaac actctgcagg atattatcca gaagaacttc    175020
     cccaatctaa caaggcagcc aacattcaga ttcaggaaat acagagaacg ccaaaaagat    175080
     actcgggaag agcaattcca agacacatta ttgtcaggtt caccaaaggt gaaatggaag    175140
     aaaaaatgtt aagggcagcc agagagaaag gttgggttac cctcaaaggg aggcccatca    175200
     gactaacagt ggatctcttg gcagaaaccc cacaagccag aagagagtgg gggccaatat    175260
     tcaacattct taaagaaaag aattttcaac ccagaatttc atatccagcc aaactaagct    175320
     tcataagtga aggagaaata aaacagttta tagacaagct aatgctgaga gattttgtca    175380
     ccagcaggcc tgtcctaaaa cagctccaga aggaagcact aaacatggaa aggaacaacc    175440
     ggtaccagcc actgcaaaat catgccaaaa tgtaaagacc attgacacta ggaagaaact    175500
     gcatcaacta acgagcaaaa taaccagcta acatcatcat gacaggatca aattcacaca    175560
     taacaatatt aacctcaaat gtaaatgggc taaatgctcc aattaaaaga cacagactgg    175620
     caaattggat aaacactcaa gaccaatcca tgtgctgtat tcaggaaacc tatctcatat    175680
     gcagagacac acacagtctc aaaataaagg gatggaggaa gatctaccaa gcaaatggaa    175740
     agcaaaaaag gcaggggttg caatcctagt ctctgataaa acagacttta aatcagcaaa    175800
     gatcaaaaga gacaaagaag gccattacat aatggtaaag ggatcaattc aacaagaaga    175860
     gctaactatc ctaaatatat atgcacccaa tacaggagca cccagattca taaagcaagt    175920
     cctgagtgac ctacaaagag acttagactc ccatacatta ataatgggag aatttaacaa    175980
     cccaccatca acattagaca gatcaactag acagaaagtc aacaaggata cccaggaatt    176040
     gaactcagct ctgcaccaag cggacctaat agacatctac agaactcacc acccgaaatc    176100
     aacagaatat acattttttt tcagcaccac accactccta ttccaaaatt gaccacatac    176160
     ttggaagtaa agctctcctc agcaaatgta aaataatcga aattataaca aactatctct    176220
     cagaccacag tgcaatcaaa ctagaactca ggattaagaa tctcactcaa accactcaac    176280
     tacatggaaa ctgaacaacc tgctcctgaa tgactactgg gtacataacg aaatgaaggc    176340
     agaaataaag aagttatttg aaaccaatga gaacaaagac acacatatca gaatctctgg    176400
     gatgcaatca aatcagtgtg tagagggaaa tttatagcac taaacgccca caagagaaag    176460
     cagaaaatat ccaaaattga caccctaaca tcacaattaa atgaactaga gaagcaagag    176520
     caaacacatt caaaatctag cagaaggcaa gaaataacta aaatcagagc agaactgaag    176580
     gaaatagaga cacaaaaacc cttcaaaaaa ataatgaatc caggagctgg ttttttgaaa    176640
     ggatcaacaa aattgataga ccgctagcaa gactaataaa gaaaaaaaga gagaagaatc    176700
     aaatagatgc aataaaaaat gataaacggg atatcaccac taatcccaca gaaatacaaa    176760
     ctaccatcag agaatactac aaacacctct acgcaaataa actagaaaat ctagaagaaa    176820
     tggataaatt cctcgacaca tacaccctcc caagactaga ccaggaagaa gttgcatctt    176880
     tgaatagacc aataacagga tctgaaattg tggcaataat caatagctta ccaaccaaaa    176940
     agagcccagg accagatgga ttcacagccg aattctacca gaggtacaag gaggaattgg    177000
     taccattcct tctgaaacta ttccaatcaa cagaaaaaga gggaatcctc cctaactcat    177060
     tttatgaggc cagcatcatc ctgataccaa agccgggtag agacacaacc aaaaaagata    177120
     attttagacc aatatcattg atgaacattg atgcaaaaat cctcaataaa atactggcaa    177180
     actgaatcta gcagcacatc aaaaagctta tccaccatga tcaagtgggc ttcatccctg    177240
     ggatgcaagg ctggttcaat atacacaaat caataaatgt aatccagcat ataaacagaa    177300
     ccaaagacaa aaaccacatg attatctcaa tagatgcaga aaaggcgttt gacaaaattc    177360
     aacaaccctt catgctaaaa actctcaata aattaggtac tgatgggatg tatttcaaaa    177420
     taataagagc tatctatgac aaacccacag acaatatcat actgaatggg caaaaactgg    177480
     taacattccc tttgaaaact ggcacaagac agggatgccc tctctcatca ctcctattca    177540
     acatagtttt ggaagttctg gccagggcaa ttaagcagca gaatgaaata aagggtattc    177600
     aattaggaaa agaggaagtc aaattgtcca tgtttgcaga cgacatgatt atatatctag    177660
     aaaaccccat tgtctcagcc caaaatttcc ttaagctgat aagcaacttc agcaaagtct    177720
     caggatacaa aatcaatgta caaaaatcac aagcgttctt atacaccaac aacagacaaa    177780
     cagagagcca aatcatgagt gaactcccat tcacaattgc ttccaagaga ataaaatacc    177840
     taggaatcta acttacaagg gatatgaagg accttttcaa ggagagctac aaaccactgc    177900
     tcaatgaaat aaaagaggat acaaatggaa gaacattcct tgctcatggg taggaagaat    177960
     caataatgtg aaaatggcca tactgcccaa ggtaatttac agattcaatg ccatccccat    178020
     caagctacca atgcctttct tcacagaatt ggaaaaaact actttaaagt tcacagggaa    178080
     ccaaaaaaga gcccgcatcg ccaagtcaat cctaagccaa aagaacaaag ctggaggcgt    178140
     cacactacct gacttcaaac tatactacaa agctacagta atcaaaacag tatggtactg    178200
     gtaccaaaac agagatatag atcaatggaa cagaacagag ccctcagaaa taatgccgca    178260
     tatctacaac tatctgatct ttgacaaaac tgagaaaaac aagcagtgga gaaaggattc    178320
     cctatttaat aaatggtgct gggaaaactg gctagccata tgtagaaagc tgaaactgga    178380
     tcccttcctt ataccttata caaaaatcaa ttcaagatgg attaaagact gaaacgttag    178440
     atgtaaaacc ataaaaaccc tagaagaaaa gctaggaatt accattcagg acatagacat    178500
     gggccagggc ttcatgtcta aaacaccaaa agcaatggca acaaaagcca aaattgacaa    178560
     atgggatcta attaaactaa agagcttctg cgcagcaaaa gaaattacca tcagagtgaa    178620
     cgggcaacct acaaaatggg agaaaatttt tgcaacctac tcatctgaca aagggctaat    178680
     atccagaatc tacaatgaac tcaaacaaat ttacaagaaa aatacaaaaa accccatcaa    178740
     aaagtgggca aagtacatga acagacactt ctcaaaagaa gacatttatg cagccaaaaa    178800
     acacatgaaa aattctcacc ctcactggcc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccacaatg    178860
     agatactgtc acacaccagt aagaatggca atcaataaaa aggaaacaac aggtgctgga    178920
     gaggatgtgg agaaatagga acacttttac actgttggtg ggactctaaa ctagttcaac    178980
     cattgtggca gtcagtgtgg cgattcctca gggatctaga actagaaata ccatttgacc    179040
     tggcaatccc attaccgggt atttacacaa aggactataa ataatgctgc tataaagaca    179100
     catgcacaca tatgtttatt gtggcactat gcacaatggc aaagacttgg aaccaatcca    179160
     aatgtccaac aatgatagac tggattaaga aaatatggca catatacacc aaggaatact    179220
     atgcagccat aaaaaatgat gagttcatgt cctttgtagg gacgtggatg aaacaggaaa    179280
     tcatcattcc cagtaaacta tcgcaagaac aaataaccaa acaccgcata ttctcactca    179340
     ttcgtggaaa ttgaacaatg aaaacacata gacacaggaa ggagaacatc acactctggg    179400
     gactgttttg gggggggagg ggggagggat ggcatcggga gatataccta atgctagatg    179460
     aagagatagt gggtgcagtg cacaagcaag gcacatgtat acatttgtaa ttaactggca    179520
     aattgtgcac atgtatccta aaaattaaga ataataatta aaaaaacaaa aactagaaaa    179580
     aaaaagaaaa taatatagac gaagacagaa caaagacata aagggaaatg gagtcttgac    179640
     aagatttgaa tccatgtctg aattcaacat tactgcgaaa actttgctgc tactttacaa    179700
     tcaattcttt tctgatgtaa atgagttcaa gttggatttt ttgtctcttt caacaaatag    179760
     gcctaatata taaataaaga acattttaat taaaaaaaag aaaagaaaag ttatgttcaa    179820
     ctgtgtgaat tgaatgcaca catcacaaag aagtttctga gaatgcttct gtatagtttt    179880
     tatgtgaaga cattcccctt accaatgaag gcctcaaagt agtccaaata tccacttgca    179940
     ggttctacga aaagagtgtt tcaaaactgc tctaagaaaa ggtatgttca actctatgag    180000
     ttgaatgcac acatcgcaaa gaagtttctg agaatgtttc tatctagttt ttatgtgaag    180060
     atgtttcctt ttccactgta ggcctgaaag ttctccaaat gtccacttgc agattttaca    180120
     aaaagagtgt ttattcttgt aaatttgttt gagttcattg tagattctgg atattagccc    180180
     tttgtcagat gagtaggttg tgaaaatttt ctcccatttt gtaggttgcc tgttcactct    180240
     gattgtagtt tcttttcctg tgcagaagct ctttagttta attagatccc atttgtcaac    180300
     tttggctttt gttgccattg cttttggtgt tttagacatg aagtccttgc ccatgcctat    180360
     gtcctgaatg gtaatgccta gggtttcttc tagggttttt atggttttaa gtctaacgtt    180420
     taagtcttta atccatcttg aattgatttt tgtataaggt ataaggaagg gatccagttt    180480
     cagctttcta catatggcta gccagttttc ccagcaccat ttattaaata gggaatcctt    180540
     tccccattgc ttgtttttct caggtttgtc aaagatcaga tagttttaga tatgcagcat    180600
     tatttctgag ggctctgttc tgttccattg atctatatct ctgttttggt accagtacca    180660
     tgctgttttg gttactgtag ccttgtagta tagtttgaag tcaggtagtg tgatgcctcc    180720
     agctttgttc ttttggctta ggagtgactt ggcgatgtgg gctcttttct ggttccctat    180780
     gaactttaaa gtagtttttt ccaattctgt gaagaaaggc attggtagct tgatggggat    180840
     ggcattgaat ctgtaaatta ccttgggcag tatggccatt ttcacgatat tgattcttcc    180900
     tacccatgag catggaatgt tcttctattt gtttgtatcc tcttttattt ccttgagcag    180960
     tggtttgtag ttctccttga agaggtcctt cacatccctt gtaaaacaaa caaccccatc    181020
     aaaaagtggg caaaggatat gaacagacac ttctcaaaag aagacattta tgcagccaaa    181080
     aaacccatga aaaaatgctc atcatcactg gccatcagag aaatgcaaat caaaaccaca    181140
     atgagatacc atctcacacc agttagaatg gcaatcagta aaaagtcagg aaacaacagg    181200
     tgctgaagag gatgtggaga aataggaaca cttttacact gttggtggga ctgtaaacta    181260
     gttcaaccat tgtggaagtc agtgtggcaa ttcctcaggg atctagaact ggaaatacca    181320
     tttgacccag ccatcccact actgggtata tacccaaagg actataaatc atgctgctat    181380
     aaagacacat gcacacgtat gtttattgca gcattattca caatagcaaa gacttggaag    181440
     caacccaaat gtccaacaat gatagactgg attaagaaaa tgtgacacat atacaccatg    181500
     gaatactatg cagccataaa aaatgatgag ttcatgtcct ttgtagggac atggatgaaa    181560
     ttggaattca tcattctcag taagctatcg caataacaaa aaaccaaaca ccgcatattc    181620
     tcactcaaag gtgggaattg aaaaatgaga tcacatggac acaggaagga gaatatcata    181680
     ctctggggac tattgtggga aggggggagg ggggagggat agcatcggga gatataccta    181740
     atgctagatg acgagttagt gggtgcagca caccaacata gcacatgtat agatatgtaa    181800
     caaacctgca caatatgcac atgtacgcta aaacaaagta taataataaa aaaaagtgtt    181860
     taaaaactgc tccatcaaaa gaaaggttca aacctgtgag ttcaatgcac acatcacaaa    181920
     gaagtttctg agaatgtttc tgtctagttt ttatgtgaag atattcccat ttccaacgaa    181980
     ggcctcaggg cagtctaaat atccacttgc agattctaag aaaagagtgt ttcagaactg    182040
     ctctatgaac aggtctgttc aaacctgtga gttgaatgca aacatcgcaa acaagtttct    182100
     gaaaatgttt ctgcctaatt tttttgtgaa gatatttcct tttccaccat aggcctcaaa    182160
     gcactacaaa agttcacttg cagattctac aaaaagagtg tttcaaaact gctctttcaa    182220
     aagaaaggta caactctgtg agtttaatgc acacgtcaca aagaagtttc tgagaatgct    182280
     tctgtcttgt ttttatgtga agatattccc gttaccaacg aaggcctcaa agcagtccaa    182340
     atatccactt gcagattcta tgataagagt gtttccaaaa tgctctatga acaggtatgt    182400
     tcaactctgt gagctgaatg cgaacatcac aaagaagttt ctgagaatgc ttctgtctag    182460
     tttttacgtg aagatatttc cttttccacc atagacctca aagttctcca aatgtccatt    182520
     tgtagatttt acaaaaagag tgtttcaaaa ctgttgtatc aaaagaaagt ttcaaacctg    182580
     ttagttgaat gctcatatca caaagaagtt tctgagaatg ctcctgtcta gtttttatgt    182640
     gaagatattc ccgtttccaa tgaaggcctc atggcagtcc aattatccac ttgcagattc    182700
     tacgaaaaga gtgtttcaaa actattctat aaatggtatg ttcatctctc tttgttgaat    182760
     gcaaacatca gaaagaattt tcttagaatg attatgtctg gtttttatgt ggagatattt    182820
     ccttttccac cataggtctc aaagctttca aatgtccact tgcagatggt acaaaaagac    182880
     tgtttcaaaa ctgctctatc aaaagaaagg ttccactctg tgagttgaat acacatatca    182940
     caaagaagtt cctgagaatg cttctgtcaa gtttttatgt gaagatattc ccgttaccaa    183000
     cgagggcctc aaagcagtcc aaatatccac ttgcagattc tatgaaaaga gtgttttaaa    183060
     actgctctat gaaaagtatg ttcaactctg tgagttgaaa ggaaacatca caaagaagtt    183120
     tctgagaatg cttctgtctg gtttctatgt gaggatattt ccttttgcac cataggactc    183180
     aaagctttcc aaatgtccac ttgcagattt tacgaaaaga gtgtttcaaa actgctgtat    183240
     caaaagaaaa gttcaactct gtgaattgaa tgcacacatc acaaagaagt ttctcagaat    183300
     gtctctgtct agattttatg tgaagatatt cccgcttcca acgaaggact taaagctctc    183360
     caaatataaa cttgcagatt ctacaagaag cgtgtttcaa aactgctcca tcaaaagaaa    183420
     ggttcaactc tgtcagttga atgcacacat cataaagaag tttctgagaa tgtttctgtc    183480
     tattttttat gtgaagatat ttccttttcc accataggcc acaaagctct ccaaatgcgc    183540
     acttgcagat acttcaaaaa gagtgtttca aaactgccct atgaaaagaa aggttcaact    183600
     ctgtgagttg aatgcacaca tcacaaagaa gtttgagaat gcttctgtct aatttttagg    183660
     tgaagatatt tctttttaca ccataggcct caaagctctc caaatgtcca cttgcagatt    183720
     ttacaaaaag tgtgtttcaa aactgctcta ttaaaaggaa gattcaactc tgtgagttga    183780
     atgcacacat cagaaagacg tttctgagaa tgcttctgtc tagtttttat gtgaatatat    183840
     acccatttcc aacgaagacc tcaaaccagt ccaaatatcc actttcagat tcaacaaaaa    183900
     gagtgtttca aaattgctgt atgaaaaggt atgttcaact ctgtgagttg aatgcaagca    183960
     ttacaaaaaa gtttctgaga aagcttctgt ctggttttta tgtgaagata tttctttttc    184020
     caccataggc ctaaaagatt tccaaatttt cacttgcaga ttctacaaag acagtgtttc    184080
     aaaactgctc tatcaaaaga aagattcaac tctgtgagtt gaatgcacac accagaaaac    184140
     cctttctaag aatgattctt tctagttttt atgtgaagat attcccgttt acaacgaaga    184200
     attcaaagta ttgcaaatac ccaattgcag attctccgaa aagagtgttt caaaactgat    184260
     ctattaaaag gtatgtgcaa ctctgtgagt tgaatacaaa catcacaaag aagtttgtga    184320
     gaatgcttct gtctggtttt tatgtgaaga tatttccttt tccaccatag gcctcaaagc    184380
     actacaaatg ttcacttgca gattctacaa aaagactgtt tcaaaactgc tctatcaaaa    184440
     gaaagcttca actctgtgag ttgaatgcaa acaccacaaa gtagtttctg agaatgcttc    184500
     tgtctagttt ttaagtgaag acatttcctt ttacaccata ggtctcaaag gtctccaaat    184560
     gtccacttgc aaattctaca aaaagattgt ttctaaactg ctctatcaaa agaaaggtgc    184620
     aaccctttag gtgaatgcac aaatcaaaaa gcagtttctg agaattcttc tgtctagttt    184680
     ttatgtgaag atatccccat taccaaagaa ggcctcaaag ccgtccaaat atccagttgc    184740
     agattctaag aaaagagtgt ttcaaaacag ccctatgaac aggtatgtcc aactgtgagt    184800
     tgaatgcaaa catcacaaag gagtttttga gaatacttct gactagtttt ttcgagaaga    184860
     tatttccttt tccaccgtag gcctaaaagc actccaaatg tccacttgca gattctacaa    184920
     aaagagtttt tcaaaactgc tctatctaaa gaaaagttca agtatctgag ttggatgcac    184980
     acatcacaaa gaagtttctg agaatgcttc tgtctagttt ttatggaaat atattcccat    185040
     ttccaacgaa ggcctcaagg cagtcaaaat atccacttgc agattctacg aaaagagtgt    185100
     ttcaaaactg ggctattaaa gggtatgttc agctccgtga gttgaatgaa aacatcacaa    185160
     agaagtttct gagaatgctt ctgtctagtt tttatgtgaa gatatttcct tttccgtcat    185220
     aggcctcaaa gctctccaaa tgtccccttg cagattctac aaaaaaagtg tttcataact    185280
     gctctatcag aagaaaggtt caactctgtg agttgaatgc acacatcaca aagaagtttc    185340
     tgagaatttt ctgtctagtt tttatgtgaa gatattcccg tttccaacga aggcctcaaa    185400
     acagtccaaa tatccacttg cagattctac gaaaatagtg tttaaaaact gctctatgaa    185460
     caggtatgtt caactctgtg agttgaatgg aaacatccca aagacgtttc tgagaatgct    185520
     tctgcctagt ttttatgtga agatatttcc ttttccaccg gaggcctgaa agctctccaa    185580
     atgtccactt tcagattctt caaaaagagg ttttcaaaac tgttcaatca aaagaaaagt    185640
     tcaagtctgt gagttgaagg cacacatcac aatgaagttt ctgagaatgc ttctctcttt    185700
     tttatgggaa gacattccca tttccaacaa aggcctcaaa gcagtccaaa tatacacttg    185760
     tagattctac gaaaagagtg tttcaaaact gatctatgaa aagctatgtt caactctgtg    185820
     agttgaatac agacatcaca aagaagatta tgagaattct tctgtctgtt tttatgtgaa    185880
     gacatttcct tttccaccat agtcctcaaa gctctccaaa tgtatacttg catttacttg    185940
     ataaagagtg tttcaaaact gctctatcaa aggaaaggtt caagtctgcg tgttgaatgc    186000
     acacacaaca aagaagtttc tcagaatgct tctgtctatt tttcatgtga ataaattccc    186060
     gtttccaaag aagttctcat agcagtgcaa atatctaatt gcagatatac gaaaagagta    186120
     tttcaaaagt tctctattga aaggcatgtt caactctatg agatgaatgc aaacatcaga    186180
     aagaagtttc tgagactgct tctgactagt ttttttgtga acatatttcc ttttccaccg    186240
     taggcctcaa agttctcaaa atgttcactt gcatattcta caaaaagagt gtttcaaaac    186300
     tgctctatca aaggaaatct tcaaccttgt gtgttgaatg cacacatcac aaaatatttc    186360
     tgagaatgct tctatttttt atgtgaagat attcccattt ccaacgaata cctttaagga    186420
     gtccaaatat ccaactgcag gttctacgaa aagagtgttt caaagctgct ctatgaaaag    186480
     atatgttcaa ctctgttagt tgaatgcaaa catcacaaag aagtttctga gactccttct    186540
     gactagtttt tttgtgaaca tatttccttt tccaacgtag tcctcaaaga tctcaaaatg    186600
     ttcacgtgca gattataaaa aggaatattt caaaactgct ctatcaaaag aaagtttcaa    186660
     ctctgtgagt tgaatgcaca catcacaaag aagtttctga gaatgcttct gtctagattt    186720
     tatgggaaga tattcccgtt tgcaacgaag aactcaaagc agtccaaata tccacttgga    186780
     gattctacga aaagagtgtt tcaagactgc tctatgaaaa gtatgttcaa ctctgtgagt    186840
     ggaatgcaaa catcacaaag aattttctga gaatgcttct ttctagtttt tatgtgaagg    186900
     tatttccttt tccaccacag gacccacagc gctccaaatg tccacttgca gattctacaa    186960
     aaagagcgtt tcaaaactgc tctatcaaag gaaaggtgta agtctgtgcg ttgaatgcac    187020
     acaccagaaa gaagtttctg agaatgcttc tgtctagttt ttatgtgaag atactcccgt    187080
     ttccaatgag ggcatcaaag cagtccaaat atccacttac agattctacg aaaagagtgt    187140
     ttctaaactg ctctatgaaa aggtatgttc aactctgtga gatgaaagaa aacatcacaa    187200
     agaattttct gactgcttct gactggtttt tttgtgaaca tatttccttt tccaccgtag    187260
     gcctcaaaat tctgaaaatg tccactggca gattctacaa aaagagtgtt tcaaaactgc    187320
     tctatcaaaa gaaagcttca agtctgtgag ttgaacgcaa acatcagaaa ggagtttctg    187380
     agaatgcttc tgtctagttt ttatgggaat atattcccat tcccaatgaa tgccttaaag    187440
     gagtcaaaat atccacttgc agattctacg aaaacagtgt ttcaaaactg ctgttagaaa    187500
     aggtatgttc aactctgtga attgaatgca aacatcacaa acaagtttct gagaatactt    187560
     ctgtctagtt tttatgcgaa gatacttcct tttgcactgt aggcctcaaa gctctcctaa    187620
     tgtccaactg cagatcctac aaaaagagtg tttcaaaact gctctatcaa aacaaaggtt    187680
     caaatctgtg agttcaatgc acacatcaac aggaagtttc tgagaatgct tctgtctagt    187740
     ttttatgtga agttatcccc gtttccaacg aaggcctcaa agcagtccaa atatccactt    187800
     gcagattcta agaaaagggt gtttcaaaac tgccctatga acgggtatgt tcaacaacgt    187860
     gagttgaacc caaacatcac aaagaagttt ctgagaatgc ttctgtctag tttttttgta    187920
     aagatatttc cttttctacc gtaggcctaa aagcactcca agtgtccact tgcacattct    187980
     acgaaaagag tttttcaaaa ctgctctatc aaaacaaaag ttcaagtctg tgagttggat    188040
     gcacatatca caaagaagtt tctgagaatg cttctgtcta gttttttttg ttaatagata    188100
     cccatttcca gcgaaggcct caaagcagct taaatatcca cttgcaaatc ccacggaaag    188160
     agtttttcaa aactgggctg tgaaaaggta tgttcaactc cgtaagttga atgaaaatat    188220
     aacaaagaag tttctgagaa tgcttctgtc tagtttttat gtgaatatat tcccatttcc    188280
     gacgaaggcc tcaaacctgt ccaaatatcc aatttctgat tctacgaaaa gagtgtttca    188340
     aaactgatat atgaaatggt atgttcagct ctgtaagttg aatgcaagcg tcacaaagta    188400
     gtttctgaga atgcttctgt ctggttttta tgtgaagata ttccctcttc caacacaggc    188460
     ctcaaagctc tacaaatgtc cacttgcaga ttatacaaaa agattgtttc aaaattgctc    188520
     catcaaaaga aaggttcaac tctgtgagtt gaatgcacac atcacaaaga tgtttctaag    188580
     aatgcttctg tctagttttt atgtgaagat atttcctttt ccaccgtacg tctcaaagct    188640
     ctccaaatat caactttcaa atttaccaaa agagtgtttc aaaactgttc tatcaaaaga    188700
     aaggttcaac tctgtgagtt gaatgcacag atcacaaaga agtttctgag aatgcttctg    188760
     tctaggtttt atgtgaagat attcgcattt ccaaagaagg cctcaaagca gtccaaatat    188820
     ccacttgcag attctacgaa aagagagttt caaaactgct gtatgaaaag gtatgttcaa    188880
     ctctgtgagt tgaatgctaa catcacaaac aagtttctga gaatgcttct gtctggtttt    188940
     tatgtgaaga tattcctgtt tccaatgaag gcctccaagg agtccaaata tccacttgca    189000
     gattctatga aaagagtgtt tcagaaaacc tctataaaca ggtatgttga actctgcgag    189060
     ttgaatgcaa acatcactaa gtagtttctg agagtgcttc agtctggttt ttatgtaaag    189120
     atatttcctt ttccaccata ggcctcaaag ttctcccagt gtccacttcc agattctaca    189180
     ataagagtgt ttcaaaactg ctctatcaaa agaatggttc cactctgtgg gttgaatgca    189240
     cacatcacaa agaagtttct gataatattt ctgtctagct tgtatgtgaa gatattccct    189300
     tttccaacga agacctcaat gccttccaaa catccacctg cagattctac gaaaagagtg    189360
     tttcaaaact gctctaagaa aaggtatgtt caactcagtg agttgaatgc aagcatcatg    189420
     aagaagtttc tgagaatgct tctgtctagt ttttatgtga agatacttcc ttttccacca    189480
     caggcctcaa agctctccaa atatccactt gcagattcta caaaaagagt gtttcaaaac    189540
     tgctctatca aaggaaaggt tcaacactgt gagtgaaatg cacacatcac ctagaagttt    189600
     ctaagaattc                                                           189610