ID   AC096539; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 183307 BP.
AC   AC096539; AL359080;
DT   20-SEP-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   21-AUG-2002 (Rel. 72, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Homo sapiens chromosome 1 clone RP11-150L22, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-183307
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Zhou Y., James R.A., Rouse G., Wu Z.,
RA   Saenphimmachak C., Buckley D., Kibukawa M., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   "Direct Submission";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-183307
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Raymond C., Clendenning J., Haugen E.D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-SEP-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Center, University of Washington, Box 352145, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-183307
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Zhou Y., James R.A., Rouse G., Wu Z.,
RA   Saenphimmachak C., Buckley D., Kibukawa M., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (20-AUG-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Center, University of Washington, Box 352145, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
DR   MD5; 73faee5ff88ac023739a71f6a1fe0c7d.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270763.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000018.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000054282; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000117020; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC096539.2:1-183307; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000263826; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000435549; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000552631; homo_sapiens.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:393; AKT3.
DR   InterPro; IPR011993; PH/PTB_dom.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0C4DG71; A0A0C4DG71_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0G2JR20; A0A0G2JR20_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0G2JR50; A0A0G2JR50_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F8VS91; F8VS91_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; S4R323; S4R323_HUMAN.
CC   On Aug 20, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:15638687.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: University of Washington Genome Center
CC       Center Code: UWGC
CC       Web site: http://www.genome.washington.edu
CC       Contact: uwgchtgs@u.washington.edu
CC       Drafting Center: SC
CC   -------------- Project Information
CC       Center project name: chr-1
CC       Center clone name: RP11-150L22 (sc0644)
CC   ------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Sequencing vector: plasmid; L08752; 100% of reads
CC       Chemistry: Dye-terminator ET; 88% of reads
CC       Chemistry: Dye-terminator Big Dye; 12% of reads
CC       Assembly program: Phrap; version 0.990319
CC       Consensus quality: 183090 bases at least Q40
CC       Consensus quality: 183279 bases at least Q30
CC       Consensus quality: 183302 bases at least Q20
CC       Insert size: 183307; sum-of-contigs
CC       Quality coverage: 8.6x in Q20 bases; sum-of-contigs
CC   --------------.
CC   Overlapping Sequences:
CC       5':  RP11-495C4 (UWGC:sc0723) AL391810
CC       3':  RP11-269F20 AL591721, 2001-bp overlap
CC   --------------------
CC   Sequence Quality Assessment:
CC    This entry has been annotated with sequence quality
CC    estimates computed by the Phrap assembly program.
CC    All manually edited bases have been reduced to quality zero.
CC    Quality levels above 40 are expected to have less than
CC    1 error in 10,000 bp.
CC    Base-by-base quality values are not generally visible from the
CC    GenBank flat file format but are available as part
CC    of this entry's ASN.1 file.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were either double-stranded or sequenced with an
CC   alternate chemistry or covered by high quality data (i.e., Phred
CC   quality >= 30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing
CC   problems, such as compressions and repeats; all regions were
CC   covered by at least one plasmid subclone or more than one M13
CC   subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   --------------------
CC   Sequence Validation:
CC    This sequence has been validated by Multiple Complete Digest
CC    fingerprinting. Comparison of the experimentally derived digest
CC    fragments with sequence-predicted fragments is given below.
CC    The electronically-digested sequence consists of both insert and
CC    vector, in order to accurately represent the entire circular BAC.
CC    Small fragments below a variable cutoff (approximately 400-800 bp)
CC    are not resolved in the fingerprint and hence do not appear
CC    in the table. There are no significant remaining discrepancies
CC    between the experimental and predicted values. Uniquely ordered
CC    fragments are separated by dashed lines.
CC          BglII                HindIII                EcoRI
CC   -------------------   -------------------   -------------------
CC   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt
CC   ---------  --------   ---------  --------   ---------  --------
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC       13001     12958        3415      3620        8696      9125
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        2067      2013        6382      6567           6      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        4682      4751         512      <800        1479      1544
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC         871       936         449      <800          82      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC         553      <800        1490      1414        1215      1238
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        5979      5876        1877      1813        2429      2433
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC         928       936        3685      3759        1760      1731
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        3541      3486         111      <800        7953      7910
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC         570      <800         359      <800        2489      2433
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        1878      1814        1311      1414        3517      3410
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        3003      2985        3769      3759         240      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        1568      1505         270      <800        2318      2433
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        1563      1505        8048      8267         311      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        4853      4751        3029      2948        4839      4728
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        9337      9303         161      <800        8361      8300
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        5143      5402          26      <800        7953      7910
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC         641      <800         638      <800        2760      2781
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC          11      <800        8430      8267         833       854
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC       10203     10254        4256      4289        2046      2049
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC         631      <800         486      <800        3841      3853
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        8843      9006        3321      3387        8373      8778
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        2337      2404       10572     10536        1278      1238
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        2386      2404         694      <800        2480      2433
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        5467      5876        2467      2518        2338      2254
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC          65      <800       10910     10967        1250      1238
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC         935       936        1521      1414         887       854
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        2018      2013        1063      1098        5341      5295
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        7059      7018         949       994        4502      4424
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        4926      4966         262      <800         395      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        6000      5876       14683     14457        3156      3129
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        6182      5876         993       994         810       854
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC         234      <800         646      <800        4262      4192
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC           8      <800        2515      2518        2710      2781
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        9539      9556         246      <800        1937      1899
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        8719      8711        5586      5528        1368      1287
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        5127      5099        1175      1179        1250      1238
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        1408      1355        5397      5369        1631      1544
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC         942       936         828       826        2198      2254
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        1551      1505        1978      1919        1554      1544
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC       11895     11865        2607      2662           9      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        7409      7441        1123      1098        3000      3129
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        3981      3876        6064      6035        5900      5847
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        6586      6540        4850      4814        1572      1544
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        4490      4378        1096      1098        3409      3410
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        1811      1814        7890      7760        1142      1117
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        8013      7910        1020       994        3165      3129
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC        3022      3209         244      <800        4777      4728
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC                              4250      4289       11872     11736
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                              3882      3759        3875      3853
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                                18      <800        6296      6277
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                              6646      6567       13515     13521
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                              2889      2948        2797      2781
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                               414      <800         540      <800
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                              6908      6868        1074      1117
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                               218      <800         426      <800
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                                55      <800        3826      3853
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                                89      <800        1163      1117
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                              2369      2369       12770     12517
CC                         ---------             ---------
CC                              1038       994
CC                         ---------
CC                              1218      1277
CC                         ---------
CC                              4386      4289
CC                         ---------
CC                              4382      4289
CC                         ---------
CC                             11261     11575
CC                         ---------
CC                              1676      1581
CC                         ---------
CC                               576      <800
CC                         ---------
CC                               297      <800
CC                         ---------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..183307
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI human BAC library 11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-150L22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    120954..121013
FT                   /note="Single subclone region"
FT   misc_feature    121423..121465
FT                   /note="Single subclone region"
FT   misc_feature    180589..180597
FT                   /note="Single subclone region"
SQ   Sequence 183307 BP; 53764 A; 36012 C; 37623 G; 55908 T; 0 other;
     gaattctatg gtgtgtggat gatcttaata aagttgttat tttagaaaaa aaatatatca        60
     tccaagtcat attttagccc agtctggagg gaacaagagt gggaagtgaa ggccattcag       120
     gaaaacagga cagagtcaca aaggcactgt tctgtgtgta cctggagggc acaagcgggt       180
     gcaacagatg aggaaggaaa gacagagccc cacaaaactg aaatgacatg ccagaagtgg       240
     ctgtaaggtc cttaaagtca gggtcttaac ttacccttca ttgtgtgtcc ggtactcggc       300
     acagaggaga cctacggcag atatttatct gttgattgag tgaatgcata gtgagctaag       360
     aacaaacctt gaatacttag tgatagtatc taaatgagat gactgagctt ctcactccta       420
     ggtcagtctt tgttgtgcta tgtctgatgg aaagttttag aatcaagatg agaataactc       480
     cttttataat gatactcata ttttagcagt tatatgtgtt gaaaatgttt gatcagtctt       540
     ttttatattt agttgttcta gtaagtatat aatggtatct cattgtggtt ttaattttca       600
     tttccctagt gatgaatggt actgagcatt ttttcagatg cttttcttct gtccatatat       660
     cttcttcaca tatatccact gctaccgtct agttcaaggt actgtcgtct tcagctgtgt       720
     tattgcaaca gtctcttttt tttttttttt ttttgagatg gtgtctcgct ctgtcaccta       780
     ggctggagtg cagtggcgcg atctcagctc actgcaaact ctgcctcctg ggttcacgcc       840
     attctcctgc ctcagcctcc ctagtatctg ggactacagg cacccgccac tatgcctggc       900
     taattttttt ttatttgtat ttttagtaga gatggggttt caccgtgtta gccaggatag       960
     tctcgatctc ttgagcttgt gatctgccca cttcggcctc ccaaaatgct gggattacag      1020
     gcgtgagccc ccatgcctgg ccagcaacag tctcttaact ggggctccct gcttctcctc      1080
     atctagcccc ttcacagcat aagggccaga gaaagtctgt taaactttca tcagccaggt      1140
     gaggtagctc actcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcaggtg aatcaggagg      1200
     tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tggctaaaat ggtgaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatataa      1260
     aaattagcca ggcacggtgg caggtgccta tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag      1320
     gagaatcgtt tgaacccggg tggtggaggt tgcggtgagc cgggattgcg ccactgcact      1380
     ccagcctggg caatagagtg agactccatc tcaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaaaac      1440
     aaacaaaaaa caacctatgt ctgatcttgt cacccttctg aaaccatcca gtggttccta      1500
     cctcagtagc agtcaaaggc aaagtcaaac agtgaccccc tcatggcacg catctgctga      1560
     cctacaactg ggcagtgaat atagacattt gcatttacct gtctggaact tggtcatttt      1620
     cgtttgggcc tgttgtgtca gcttgtccga gctctcttgg atcctctttt caacatattg      1680
     ccataataaa ttattcctct caggtttatg tcactggtta gcaaggtgct aaccagtctg      1740
     cccccacgac cacttcagag cctttggact tgctcttttc ttcgccgggt tctctgggat      1800
     atcctgtgga tcacaaaata acccttcaag tcatcgctga aatcatctgt gtgagacttt      1860
     cctgactacc ttgttttatg ttgtaaacca gtttccgagt actcctgccc cctttctgct      1920
     ttattttact ccatatctta ctcatttgtt tattatcatc tttccttatc acaaccttag      1980
     cttcataaag ttatgccctc tttattcata ctcaacacat ttgcgaaagc aaaacgtgaa      2040
     ttgcattgca ttgcattgct cttccattta gcaatttgga atggcttccc atttgcattt      2100
     agaaacatga gtccaaactc ctttctacag tttataaggc cctgcataat ctccccactg      2160
     cctgtctttc caccctcttc tcatccaccc ttcccctgtc cattcagtgg agcctccgtg      2220
     gtttgccttt agcttctcag acatgccatg gcctttggac aaacatcttc cacatatatt      2280
     ctttcccact cttcctttgc ttaaccagct ctttttcttt cttttggttt ccaattcaat      2340
     gtctctactt cactggctac taatgtatac tctgttattc tctcacagca cctcattccc      2400
     ctccttcatg gagcttatta taagtttttt attattttat tgttcatttg cttttaaaca      2460
     atcagtttct tccattaaaa tgtaggttgt ttgaggacag agacttttac ttgtcttatt      2520
     ctcttttgta ttcagtgccc cagtgccctg attgcaatta gggtcacagt aactggatgg      2580
     ataggtgggt gaagagatgg ccaagtgact gcctcaagta acacagtaac tggatggata      2640
     ggtgggtgaa gagatggcca agtgactgcc tcaagtaaca cagtaactgg atggataggt      2700
     gggtgaagag atggccaagt gactgcctca agtaacacag taactggatg gataggtggg      2760
     tcaagagatg gccaagtgac tgcctcaagt aacacagtaa ctggatggat aggtgggtca      2820
     agagatggcc agttgactgc ctcaagtaac acagtaactg gatggatagg tgggtgaaga      2880
     gacggccaag tgactgcctc aagtaacaca gtaactggat ggataggtgg gtcaagagat      2940
     ggccaagtga ctgcctcaag taacacagta actggatgga taggtaggtg aagagatggc      3000
     caagtgactg cctcaagtaa atttctcatt ttactaccca ctacccaatg aatctgaaca      3060
     agttactgaa aatgtgcaag cttcagtttt cctctttgta aaatgaggat agatacaatg      3120
     cctaccttat aggattttgt aaaattttag gtcatctatg ttaacctcat agtacaatgc      3180
     atgacatgta ataattgctc aatacacact aataattact agttttacta atactgtgat      3240
     ccttagcttt tccaccttca tctctctccc atctgtgtcc cattttatca cattgctttc      3300
     cagagtcgtg atgattactg aatatgagac tgctagtttg aactgcccag tgcatagcag      3360
     tggagctatt gcctaagctt atgttaatct agcatcagag ccaactatca tttgccttat      3420
     tgtttatcaa atatgtctca ttgtaaattc ttattgagct taaaattcaa ttaaaacccc      3480
     tcatggcacg catctgctga cctacaactg ggtggtgaat atagacattt gcatttacct      3540
     gtctggaact tggtcatttt cgtttgggcc tgtcgtgtca gcttgtccga gctctcttgg      3600
     atcctctttt caacatattg ccataataaa ttcttcctct gaggtttgtg tcacagacac      3660
     atttgatcag cacatcggtg gcatcctcat taaagtcagt ggtctaaata gtatagcaca      3720
     gagagcatca cagagcctat gacctgcagc ttccttgtaa tttgatattt gctgttctgt      3780
     cttccatgtg atttgttcta attgatgttt aagaaccaga tcatgtttat ttttctgttt      3840
     aagaaccaga ccattgcctt cttcaaaata attctagtca aataaaaaaa ttatttttat      3900
     gcctactgtg tgtaagtagc ttgcctagat accgatgaac catgtgacag aagcttgcct      3960
     tgatggtggg caatgaggaa atcgggcatg gatggctaag aaatcaaagt gccgttgtaa      4020
     atatggagca gatttgtagt ttggcaggat ataaacccgt gttgggaaac tcccaatgag      4080
     aggtcaaaat tgaaatgggg ctgtctgaaa ttccattttg ttcatctaga taacctggat      4140
     aaatgggcta aattggaaat ttgagtctta aaatcatttt tttgagattt ctcctattca      4200
     ttctattgac ttactctcca ttttaaagtc ttttgtccta atcatttacc ctatatctct      4260
     ctgttctatg cctattttat ttttctttat gaaaatgggt gaaagcagga attttgctag      4320
     ttttctaatt atcacagcat ataaattcag taatgtatgt gaaagtgttt tctaaactat      4380
     gaaaagctgt atacatacat aggaatagaa tggattgtca ataaattgaa gagatgagtt      4440
     tactcctttg tatgtggaag ctgttaattt aaaataacac actcaaaata ttagctaaaa      4500
     atctacttca cattttggtg ctgcttgcta aaattagtta gaaaatatag gttatttttg      4560
     agttaaaacc aagttcaata aattcttaag ttcctcaaat agaattttac agaaatattt      4620
     acataaccca cagctaaagt gagttttcta agaactcccc ataaggtgag atcacgtaca      4680
     ccatgtctca gtacagaagg attttttttt caatcagtta tgtctctata aataaaccta      4740
     gttttgttgt taaaattgct gtttcctctt cacataagaa catgtcatta attttggtga      4800
     aaaccttcca acaaaataag gttaaattgt ccagttttcc agtggaagag gaattatttt      4860
     gtgtcaccaa caagcagagt aacagcttaa aggtaagttg aacacagaca tgctgtttgg      4920
     gtggtcagaa tattttgcat ccaagcataa atgttagtaa gagcctatag gtgagaatgc      4980
     tttaggtatg tttttagtaa tgctttacct ctgctactct ccttaggatt tgggaaccag      5040
     agcattcata ctgatgttct ctgtaattag gtacaccaag gagtaacaga aactgggtag      5100
     gtaggtaggt agagagaggt gacctcagcc agagccggtg tgtttgtata ggcaagaaga      5160
     ggagctgtat tccatggtct gaactattaa gtgatccaga ctacaagaat atgacttcct      5220
     tttctcagtt gtttgaagtt catttagcga aaaattaaaa tacagtttcc tataaaacaa      5280
     aatcatttag tttgaactgg aaaaacattt gaggttttct tggtttgaga gaaaataaac      5340
     attttctttt gtcctagcac ctataccaaa cagtaatatt gacaaaaacc aaacctaaga      5400
     aaatgcattt tttttcctct aaattaagaa atagtatgta tggctttaag atgctgctta      5460
     aaaaaaaaga ataagtctta catttgttct agttgtcaga gattgacaga actaataaga      5520
     gaataaaaga gcaaaacgaa aaagttcttg ctgattaaca gttgtctgag gagaaacaga      5580
     cgatatgttt tctttattgc attgaaaagt taattattac caatagaagc ttatttatgc      5640
     ttgtaactga gttagcgttg tggcttggca ttattccaca tttgaaggga aatgggtatc      5700
     ggcgaagagt ctggagcttg agttctagta cagttgagtg ggcttagcga gtggtttaac      5760
     ttcactggat cccacgttcc cacctgtaaa gtgaggcgat agattaagat gatgactgag      5820
     gtgtcttgtg tccctaactg catgtttttt tcctaaaggc ctattttgtt ttttatgaaa      5880
     caaaatattt tatcttcaca gggaagttta ctcccaaatg tttttgggac catttagata      5940
     ggagtacact ttagaaaaaa atataagcag cacagtattt aaagaacaga aattgtattt      6000
     gctaagtaaa tactgtacat cgaagtcttg gaagttagat acaaaataag ccaaaagttt      6060
     cattttatat tccctttagc aatcagaata tttgattatt ttctagacag tttctgtaag      6120
     agtaccattt ggtataagag ttttaatttg tgatagtaga aaagtaataa aaatgtgtac      6180
     accatctaag agacaaaata attttgccaa aaattgcctt ttgttctggt taagaataaa      6240
     tgggccaatt tcttttacac aataattttt agtagcagat accatatcta aaaaactata      6300
     tttactatgg caatagtagc agactaatta tccagctttc tttggaaatt gtgacttttg      6360
     tagttgtcaa tacttttata tctacactga aaaatttttg gctttgaaga gtatgcctgc      6420
     atgtatgttg attttcctgt aattttagta tctgggaaaa tattccatct gaagcatatg      6480
     tagaagtata gaaaattgtt gaaattccat tttgaaatga cctttaggct gctcttcatt      6540
     taaggtaata gtgtcaattt tgaacaaact gtttcaaaaa ctttatttaa tttaggatta      6600
     tgaatggcat ccttgttggt ttttaagtat ttttaacctc atgatgagaa tctgagagca      6660
     ttgtaaatac atttaataat gaaaaagata ttttctaaac ttgaagtcaa taataaactt      6720
     cttgtattta aattgactta tgaagttttc ttaaggcaaa atcagttata actttatgaa      6780
     tagcaatatt ttcagttcat ttaaatttat tttattttta tagatagtga aagcatctgt      6840
     atcttatttg aaagtgcctg tcattctctt atttattaaa attgctttag tgtggttttt      6900
     atatttagtc ttggttttta cttgtgttta gccatatttc tacacatagg gaatggtgca      6960
     ggagctacac cactgtaatt agtagtgggc aatgtgacca agttttttta atcttatatt      7020
     tcaatataat ttcaatgcaa ttactctatt gagtaattaa taactttaat gtttagacat      7080
     aagtgaatat aattagccca aaatataaca acataatgtg aaaatgatgt ttagacttca      7140
     cttactgagt cctgaagccc taatattaat acttataatt tcctgctgta aatttttatg      7200
     aaaactaaat aagagtatca taataatttc tgttatttac tgtagcccag atgattgtaa      7260
     atttgaggag gaaatgatgt accttagatg tgtcattgga cttgcacttg ttttttatca      7320
     aaatgatagg gaatcaatta atattttaat agttacaaaa gaaagtgaag agtgaaatag      7380
     cttggatatt attcatatat agtgtgtata tgtgtgtgca catatgtata tgtaggtata      7440
     tatacatgta tataaaatta tctggccatc tggatcatat atatatgtat aatgtctggc      7500
     acattgcaca tagcaggcac atagtatgtg ctcaaaaata tttattgtat tgaattgaga      7560
     gcttgggaag gaatagttta agggaataaa ttaacagttt gctttcctaa actggaatta      7620
     ttttattata ttttattttt gcttttggat gatttttctc agttggcaaa aaaaactatt      7680
     gtcaaatggt aataaaagtc aataactgta atgaatattc cttttattat gctgtgatat      7740
     gttttcctgc attttgggta actgtttaaa gataattttt ctttggtaat tcttttatct      7800
     accagctttt atacttttta gatttttcat ttttattcgc cattggaaag actacttttt      7860
     ttatatggag atgtcccacc agaaaagatt gttttcctgg ttttttgcag ttcattttga      7920
     aagaagcaac tccaggttta tttttgattt gaatacagct agtgtagcat gagaaaatcc      7980
     ttttgaagtg ctttcagaag gattaggtca gggttaggtg tagttttttt tttacataaa      8040
     gtaaatttag agttgctatt ttaaaaaatt gtgccaattt gttagcaaac acaggtcaaa      8100
     ggtaccttta cactggtgac tttcacctca gaaacagtgg gtgatcttca ccagtcaccc      8160
     tctttctgct tttctgccaa ggaagggatc atggcttggt ctcagggaag aaaggaagga      8220
     gtcccagttt cttcctggta cttttgttta ctaatgtact aagggctatt ttattaaata      8280
     gcattataag tcaacttgaa tatattacat atatttaata tatgcattca tgtataatat      8340
     taatataata tatatgtata tcttaaaata gatgtatata tctaaatatt atatgtaaat      8400
     atacatgtgt ataaaattag tcttatatat taacatttta agtggaaaat gattttttct      8460
     ttcattaaat tggaatgtca agtacatggc tgacataatt tccttctaga aaataagaac      8520
     ctggctagac acagtggctc atgcctgtaa tcccaacact ttgggaggtc aaggcaggag      8580
     gatcgcttga gcccaggagt tcaagaccag cctgggcaac atgacaaaac cccgtctcta      8640
     caaaaaaaat acagaaatta gcctggcatg gtgacacaga cgtgtagtcc cagctacttg      8700
     ggagactgag gcatgagaat ctcttgagcc ggggaggtta aggctgaagt gaactgtaat      8760
     ctcaccagcc tgggtgacac taagacaatg agaccctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaga      8820
     agaagagaaa agaaaagaag ggccaaactg ttactttttt gagcctttct ttctttagaa      8880
     atcataacat ttgggtggtc atagcatatt aaaggattcc ttttatatgt ataccaagca      8940
     aaggaatata ggtctacatt agtcttttta gttatgttct ctccacaaac attataagac      9000
     catcatattt aaatgtccca atatagcatt ttatagtatg tgcagtagaa tagatgccat      9060
     agaattacca gctttgcaaa acaaggaact gccaaatatc caaaatgttt tgagtttatt      9120
     accttcgtta acatagctct tgtgatacag ctctgaacaa aacatagaaa cattctcttg      9180
     gatgatagtt catttaggtg ggtttgtaag tcattgagca ccattcctgg gatgtctttc      9240
     ctacagatac agtaaacatt gtagtcctcc agtagtcaga tactaaaaac agtcaactcc      9300
     cagctgagtg agggggaaga gcggaattag gaagccactt tcaaaatctg tacagtgata      9360
     tcagaccctt gatatttgta gggacaaatc tacaatcttc acaagtgaag gcaaaaacaa      9420
     tgaatttctc ctagtaagtg tagtaaggta taacgggtcc cttcaacctc tggaatgttt      9480
     ataaacttag aataaaaatt atttgtgaag ccagtgaaat aaatcctact actaagataa      9540
     actcagtgta tttcatccca gtggagtgac atttcaggag ggggttatgt tccaagttca      9600
     gcctaaaagg ttgaatattg catgtgacca aattacttta aaaaaatctc ataaattcct      9660
     cataatttaa tggtctacat ggatttgtct gtattgattt tatgtgcatt tagagccata      9720
     tattcctgcc acattggaga cattcatacc ctatctcaaa gattttaacc cctatcactt      9780
     tactttcatt gttgggatag attgctgttg aatcaaatgg ggagtcgata aacaagttga      9840
     cttgtgtttg gcaatgtttg tgctttgtat gaaaaatata cgtgtttctt agatgaaatt      9900
     accacatagt gttgtcagat ggtcatacta tgaaaggtac acatgtactg tgaccgacca      9960
     agggctcagt ggagtcatgt ctcactcttc atgctcactc caaggcattc actcattgag     10020
     ttgaatggtg gatggagtca cccatacttc ttccatttat ctctttctgt tacatgttgc     10080
     aactctacta tatgttccta ttgcagtaac tatgaaccat ctgattttat gatggtaatg     10140
     tttgaagaca aggatgaaat gtaccacata gcagggtgat aagagattgc atctcttgag     10200
     agccatttac atcaaactca agagcagaaa caggggacct taaaagtaag aaatgaagga     10260
     tacaacctgg gcaagagaca ggtgtgcttc tgaagtggta ggtttttaac attgtgattg     10320
     atggctgtct tttatagttc agctcttgat acattttctg gtattgaacc aatgcaaaac     10380
     ttattgtcag acaattttaa aactccacac cattgacaga tgataactgg tgtggtcaac     10440
     aattaggaga tttatatatt tgactccttc attattttaa gacttttcta tttatttcaa     10500
     cattgtcttt tttcacttca tctcttttta ctcacaattt cgggttgtct ttatccattt     10560
     caatctgtaa tctgaatcta cctctcccag ttactcttgg cgatattcac attaccctaa     10620
     caactctttt gcaatgcatc gtttgaaaaa tgtttcacct ctcttttata gctttccaac     10680
     aatcacatct tatttcagat ttttccctca tccagggcta tcttaatgtt cctttacacc     10740
     ttttatgtct gctcctagca tcagcagaca taaaaagtca agatctctat ctatgtatgc     10800
     aaatatgtca gcatacaata ccttgaacat tgttaatatt ttactcattt agaacactga     10860
     aaaagcatga taggattagg ggcagaaaag gccctatatt attttaaaga aaaaaaattg     10920
     cagatttaat gaatggcctg atattttgtc tatgatgatt agaaacttac attcataaga     10980
     gtgcaaagca attttttttc catttttagc aaacataaag tctttattaa acctgtccca     11040
     aaaaagtaga gatatcacct gaactcattt ttgtaaactg accgcagagt tgtaatgatt     11100
     cttttgccac tgaatctcct ggcatgacag aacagtggtg taaacttggc ttagtcaaaa     11160
     agtctgccgt attgtcgcaa tgtaatacag tcagctttat atcagatgtc tgaaattctt     11220
     ctcttcttta gacacatact tttagaaagg cacttctttc ttgccatagt tccatttcat     11280
     ctgttttgaa cacttgtttt ggctgagagc tacgttagct ctgaggaagt gcttctgaat     11340
     ttaagtgatc agttgatgcc acttctgtta acattatgca aagaaaaaaa aagtttctta     11400
     aaattcctta aagaatattt gcttagagta aggattgatt aaatagccac attggaagca     11460
     attggaaaac tgaaaagttc cacaaaaatg ttgcatattt tattgggaag gctgaaaggt     11520
     taagttgcac gttgattctt aggctggcgt ggagttcatc atgttgtaaa aggtgtagac     11580
     agtgggactt gaggctaagc aaatccaaac ctcaggacgt cttcaagtca ctagccctaa     11640
     agtctcctgc agaaatgctt cttcagagtg aaccaggccc agggctttgc acattgagat     11700
     ccttgtgttt ggtagcatga tacttgaccc atgtcatctg ggttgtatct tctcctttgt     11760
     ctctgtgcta tttgtgtctt ccacctatgt cacattatag gccaagaggt tttagaaggc     11820
     agactgtgtc atttcctctt tattttctct tgtatctagg attgtttagg gagacaatat     11880
     ggtgtagtag aaagattata ggacttgaaa tcagactaac tccgttttga atctcagctc     11940
     tgccactgta taatcttatg taagttactt aacatctgtg agcttcagtt ttctcatctg     12000
     taaaacagga ataggatact tatttttata tggttgtcat gaacacagaa tggaatttta     12060
     aaatataaaa tgctaagaca gtgcttggta catggtaagc actcaaaagt gatagctggt     12120
     atcagtgtta ctattaagtc cacagtgaaa gcatgaagtc agcgttatgt gcaatcaaca     12180
     atggtaaccg tgaacaggat ttctagaatg gtatcagcaa ccttctgcat ctgctacagt     12240
     gaagaggata atcatttttg gctgtttcta aaatgagttt ctacttataa tatccttttg     12300
     ttcacatagg ctggttcccc aagtgtctag cttggagaat gagtcttaga aataaatttt     12360
     gctatattct agaccagtgc tatgccaaaa aattttctgt gatgatgaaa atattttata     12420
     cctgcacttt ccaatatggt agccatggaa tcaccatgtg gataccaagc acttatactg     12480
     tgattaatgc aagtaaggaa ctaaattctt tattttaatt agcttaaatt taaatagcca     12540
     aagcaagcta gtgcagctct agacaaaaat ttactaatga tttgacaaaa tcaatcttaa     12600
     catctataag ttaataaaag tatgaactag taaatactaa atttccaatg agttcatatt     12660
     ttacacacac cgaactttat agaaatgatt attttctccc aagtgataga ttatatgttt     12720
     caattttcag tattatatac taccttactt ttggaaatat attctttgaa ttcatccatt     12780
     ggcttctgag tgataaattc acattgtcaa aatttgtcag cctcaaatcc accagttcct     12840
     tcttttaact tgcgaggatt tttggatcta gtcttcttac tgttctgtaa tttttcttct     12900
     ccccattctc atcttctgtt acacaaacaa gtcaccctat attaaagatg gcgaaataat     12960
     ttttaagtca cataatgttt actagcagga ataaatcact accattgagg tattatagtt     13020
     tatgcttctt tttctttcca ggcaaattta tccttttgaa ttaagatgtt atataatttt     13080
     tcaaataggt tttgcattca tttctttgga tattttttct taggaaatca ggaaaaatgt     13140
     atagtagagt ttcttttaat gaaacttttt atttggttct acttaattta tgtaaaaaat     13200
     atattttaat tatctgaaat acagaatgct tctcaaattg taggattgtg aaatcaattt     13260
     tatagattga agcaagaaat gttttttttt aagaagtgga attggacagg catagtggct     13320
     aatgcctata atcccaacac tttgagaggc tgaggtggga ggattgcttg aactcaggag     13380
     ttcaagacca gcctgcgcca tatagcgaga ctttgtctct actaacaatt aaaaaaaaat     13440
     tatctgggta tggtgacaca tgcctgtagt cccagctact tgggaaccat atctatatct     13500
     atatctatat ctatatctat atctatatct atatctatat ctatctatat atatatctta     13560
     atatatatat aagataagat aaaataaaag tagaataaaa taagatggaa taggaaatgt     13620
     cagagcacat cacacatagt aagagttaat attatttctt gaaatgcttc ttacatttat     13680
     atgtgtgtgt gtctctgaat tgtgatttaa aatggatttt ttactatgga tcttggccaa     13740
     aaaaatgttt gaaagcaact gcataattta ttgtacgatg tggtgaaggc agtgaagtca     13800
     gaagatctgg ttcaaggctt gagtgtactg ctttagacaa ttttcaatgt cttcaaccca     13860
     aaatttctta tatgtgtaaa cagagatacc tgccctatat gtttcatgca gttgtttcaa     13920
     atatcaaata gaattctaag gtgatgtata gttgtaacac tccttattcc tttcaagtaa     13980
     taattttata ttgacaaaac tcagtggctt gcaccaacaa tcatgtatat ttatatttat     14040
     gagtctgcag gtcaggtacg ctttggctga tctgtgctgt atttgactgg gtgtttctgc     14100
     ttcaggtcgt gggttgtgca ttgtctgggc catggttggg gtttggatct gatctccatg     14160
     tattctttct gtggtctaag ccaaaggggc agcggctacc cagtgcatac acttctcatg     14220
     gttaatcacc agaacatgag ctaaacataa atctatttat gatttttgct tacattatag     14280
     ccatgcaaat tccactggcc aaatgaaatt atatggctaa gcccaaagtc cctggggaga     14340
     cataaggtat tccactctca gtggaaggga gatgggagtg aatatttgct gaacaacagt     14400
     ctaaataaac tatcatatta ccccaaaact tattaaaccc acacgtttat taactgcctc     14460
     attcttaaat ataaaaggat agccaagtat tatcctgtat ttgaggaaaa cctacaacat     14520
     aatggaaagt ccaaatcaga caaacaagaa aggaatgtgg aggaaactga ggcaacatat     14580
     aataagcaaa ggaaaacatt taaatactgt atattctaat aggtaaaata ttatattcat     14640
     agattaaaat tagcatgcta tgtaaaaaag tgtccgtaaa aacaagaaat agctcataga     14700
     aatacaaaat gggtagaaaa ttttcttaac gttcaaaatg aggtgtcatc agtcaaagaa     14760
     atcttccaga agttacaatc agaagacaga gatggaaaat ataagaaaat gagataatca     14820
     atccaacaac taatgtcctg gagctaaagt gtatggcatt aaaatatttt aaaatagtag     14880
     aagaaaacat cctcaaactg aaaaaaataa gccttcagat tgaaaaggac tcactgaaaa     14940
     ctgcgcacaa ggaatgaaaa acagctccat tccaagattc agcattgcaa aatttcaaaa     15000
     tgacaaggaa aaagagatga ctgtaaaagt ttccagaaag aaaaaaatgt aaatcataga     15060
     ccaagtacta agaatcagga tggcctaggg attttcagtt gtactattag gatctagaag     15120
     acagtggaat agttcttaaa aatcctgaat gaaaactaat ttcaaaatag agttttatac     15180
     ccagccaaac aatcaagtgt acacatacaa taatagcatt ttcaggcagg cgaatactcg     15240
     aaaatgtgtt tttcgtgtac cttttcttat taaagctacc tggagattgt acttcgacca     15300
     aaaaagggaa taaattgaga aacatgatga cttatgacac agaaaacaga gaaccctaaa     15360
     agagcatagg gaaggcttga cagaagatag agatcaacca ggccatacat aaggtgccaa     15420
     gaaggatata tccagttctt aaaagaacat acactttatc taatatgttc atttaaaaaa     15480
     aattattgat gattgtttaa cagatatgtt tgaatatttg ggggaaaatg tcagttatct     15540
     agaaaaacaa actattaaaa aactagacaa ttctagaaat aataaaatga tacataagaa     15600
     aattaattta aacaagataa tgcttgtctc agcagtgagc aaatttttca taatcattat     15660
     aatgtaaatg aactactgac taatgcttta accaaaatca ttatatggga gcatgaggtg     15720
     ggtatgtagg gtgggtggtg cgagacctaa attgtcaccc ttcttcacgt aagaaaggtc     15780
     taatattgaa aacttaagaa atagcagtat aagtttgtct tttaaaaatg tgaagataaa     15840
     catcagaaga actaatggtg catgccattg gagattaggt ttgaaatcgg ggaggtagac     15900
     catgggcact gctgttcctt gttatgagcc atttaatact atgtaactta aattaggtgc     15960
     attactttga tgggcaaatt taatcaacaa taaaaagaaa gttaacatat gcccatgatt     16020
     aagaaaaaaa cttcctacag tgtggaggga tataaatgaa cagcatcaag tctccctttt     16080
     ccaaattcga tccccagtac tgttttcttg cagtgaccac ttttaacagt ttctactttg     16140
     agttgttctg gtggttatag tcatgacttg aaagatacct tttgataagg tgtaaagcta     16200
     tctggacctg cctttgccca gttagccaaa agatggccac atcaaactgc actgtagaca     16260
     tgcaggttaa tagtgtgctt tgagagtaat gtacaattgg cctatggctg ttgttggtct     16320
     ttcatcccca agctactata tacagccagg gaagcagccc tgacctagtt gggtgaggca     16380
     aagggttatc ctgccagtgg gagcatggca tttctggcaa gagatttctc ttctaacggt     16440
     tggacttggt gccatggcag attttcctga ctcagggagt aagtgttgag ccctggtcca     16500
     gctggttaga ttatttgttg attttgatta tctgcaccaa taagctcttt cactggcatg     16560
     gataatcaga agcaggcagt aattttccat cttcctaaca aaaatgcatt tcacattttg     16620
     aaattacaat agatgaagtt ttattcagtt ttcaccaaaa tactgcttca ttgagaaggg     16680
     ggaactttta tgaattaaat tgagaactct ttagagatag tcatatattc ttaggtgggt     16740
     cattttttct tgtcactttg ctgttcttga aagacagagg gaaaaatcag taataatgat     16800
     atttgctgtc ttttagtcag attttactat gtgctaggca ctctgctaag tattcctagc     16860
     ctaatttaat cttcacaaca gctttagaag cttgttatca ctccgatttt aggaggaaga     16920
     aactgtatga tagtctaatg acttgtccaa ggtcacagaa aagtgccaga gctgtgtctg     16980
     gagccctgat ttgcgttggc tgttagaccc atgttcttta cctctgtgtt tggactgttt     17040
     tggcaacgca acccttgact ttttattaca tgaggaaaag aaagcagcta atttgtactt     17100
     aaaacctaat taccagtgta aggtacatat gttgttattg ttgcatagtg cttacaaaaa     17160
     ttgtatcttt tctttttaaa aaagttttga attttataca ttttctattc tgtcattctt     17220
     ttgtcttctc tcaattcaaa attccggagt aatctttggt cttctgattc ctctcctttt     17280
     atttccataa aatcaccatt ttctctttat atttctgttt taagtccctc cactcctcat     17340
     gtctggaata ctgcaattat cttttcatgg tctcccttcc gccattcttt gccaccttaa     17400
     actgattgta cacattgatc cagttttctc aagctcaacc tctgtcatat tgcatacctg     17460
     tttaaaccat taatgtcacc ctattatcta taagaaaaat gtagcgttat taatctacaa     17520
     ttaaagagct ttcataatgt gatctaaagt atcactccgg agcttttgtg cccttacttc     17580
     tttctcactt ttcttgctca tgctaatata tccctcatct ggctactgag gcatgaattt     17640
     tctctataac tcagttggtg tttttatatg ctttgcattt tgatagtctt cttgtgtatc     17700
     tatgtctcat ttacccagat gaattattaa ctactgagtt tagagatggg aactctgaat     17760
     tcatcatatt atttagtata gtttcttaca tataggactg tgtaagaaaa ttaatgaata     17820
     aatttttgaa gttttaaagt taacctataa ttccaattct gtatttcttt gcttttgtta     17880
     attttataaa tgttaaacaa tacaaattta atagtcttta ttatttttat ctctttaatt     17940
     atatttaatt atgaaattgg aaatatatgg gtataacttt aataacacag tattttaaag     18000
     aaataagtca gtttaactta gtattccaat ttgaaagata cagaaaatct acagtgaatg     18060
     aaaatgatac aattatttca cagtttttca aataagccaa tatttgagaa ctgtactaag     18120
     ttattatatt gttggttaat gtatggtttt gatggagata aactgaatat ttatactgtt     18180
     atgaattcaa gaaaaaatgt aaatgaatta tttaatttat cttccatgat gtatcaaatg     18240
     tagttggaga ttgttcagaa tattgaataa ggacatgagg aaatttggaa gtttatttaa     18300
     atactaaatt taaatccctc tacttacaca tgattttgtt ttccaaaagg aggttgcaat     18360
     tttttctgta tcaaatttgc ttcttgcttt ctgctgaatt tgaaaatgtt tctgcccttt     18420
     cttttttttt ttcttgtttt aatagcctaa atatttttaa aggttcatct tttattttct     18480
     ttggcttaat tttacagatg ttctattgat aaataaatat ttctacttta atatataaat     18540
     tatttaaaat tatggcctat ataagatatt tttgctttga aatatttgag tttcagtaag     18600
     ataaggataa tttcatcccg aaaccaaaaa ataaaccttc ataaatttta tatattcata     18660
     tttgtcttag agtgttcttg ttgacttttt aaattgcaaa tttaaatgga aatattattt     18720
     tagctcagaa atctcataca ctctcaatgc ttaaatttct catgcttttt tttttcctgg     18780
     attatttttt ccaagtaata ttgaacatca taatcatgcc attttttaca cctcacattt     18840
     ttcgaaaatc tctcttattt attttacctt taatttgggt tttgaaacac ccaaatgaag     18900
     ccataaattt atcttttaga ataaaaagta catacttgat gtaaatcact gcatgtgtct     18960
     gattgaatct cacacaaaaa tgttactttt taaaggcagt ggtattttaa gtaaatatta     19020
     ctttttaaag ggaacgactc ttagaatgaa agtgcaatta tccactttga ctactctcat     19080
     ttaatcattt catttttaaa attagatttc attttacaat ccaaaataaa acctcattca     19140
     tgtgcatttt tggatgtgct aattcctttt gtcataaaat ggaagctagc ctaaattttc     19200
     taataatttt ttatcaaatt gaaattcatg gcaaaaaata aaaatgagct aattttgaat     19260
     tcaagtgcat gtattttata tggatgcttt ttccccttct ctctacctaa ggaaatagag     19320
     aaattgagaa tagaactgga tgaaagcaaa caacacttgg aacaggagca gcagaaggca     19380
     gccctggcca gagaggagtg cctgagacta acagaactgc tgggcgaatc tgagcaccaa     19440
     ctgcacctca ccaggtactc cctaatccca ttatgcgcca tagcaccgat ttcattccac     19500
     tgatttttgc cacaggcttc caaacagttg ttagagttag tcttagtcat tcaattcaca     19560
     cttagctttc aggcatatta agaaaagtgg agatgtggta agcaaaacac ccagacatgt     19620
     gaatgataag tgtggcaggg aattactgat agattacaaa acctttcatc tacaatgctc     19680
     aaatatttag gtgattctct atcaatataa gcgaaatgac atatttctcc taccaccact     19740
     actacctctt ctgctaattc tacgtctaat aaaaatcttg aactgaagga tgtgaggaat     19800
     tcatttagga aaataataaa atactgtcag tggtgagaga gacaaagtaa ataaattgta     19860
     agatgcaaat tgaaatggaa ctgatacaaa ataaggaatc tgcatcctaa ggaggtgtaa     19920
     aattttgaga tgaaatagat tggcactgct catgttcaaa tcattattat aaccaggctt     19980
     acaccattga ggtttcaaat tacttcattt ccatcatgag attttgtgat gtgatcatca     20040
     ttgtcatcaa ctttagtaaa tatgtagctc ggccctaaat tacagtaaga ctctttaggt     20100
     tgtaagcatt gtgaatttgc tgcattggaa aaaaacatac acacacatac acacacacat     20160
     aaatacacac atggaaagaa aaattcaaaa gagaaagtag atatttcact ttatcatatg     20220
     tggtttcttt tcactttgag ttttattacg attttgcagt gttcacatca agcctttggg     20280
     gttgctcagt tcttaaagtt tttcagtttt tagagagaac tttgtttaaa taaacatgta     20340
     agttcatgat atttggtttg gtttataaat tagaaaaaca ttggtcttcc aatcatagta     20400
     atatgttgaa tttaaactat gaaaggggac tgatcccttt tacattaaat atgacaatgt     20460
     aattctgagc acggtatgct aacagatgga gaaaagcacc acttgaacag cctgcgtttg     20520
     gagaaaaaaa tattctagag gttggtgaac ctcccaaagt tttgggtgag tgttaagatg     20580
     cctctggttc tgttaaaatc aaaccttgta taaaacattt tgttatgata atattccaaa     20640
     tgatttgaca tcttcccttt taaacaataa aagaaagagg aaagaaagag aaagcaaaga     20700
     aagaaaataa attattaata catgtctggt atctagaaaa aaatcctaat agatgaaaca     20760
     catatatgag aaaaaaattg cttaatattg cagaataata actgttcttt taatgctcat     20820
     ttaaactatt gtcattgtag aactgagaac ataacgttag cataattcct gtggctattt     20880
     aatcttagaa gtttcagaat ttagcttcat catggtaatg ttaatagttt ttcttttctg     20940
     tcagacttct attcagaacc aaccatttgt gtgctaagca ctgctaaacc tcagaaatag     21000
     gacagctttt aatgtctcag tgtggctgag cttcagtaaa taaatattaa tgctggtttt     21060
     gccccttttg ccattctgtc ttattcagag agttaatttc tgaagtcaaa gtccgtagag     21120
     agttttcccg tatagtatca atttatagtg tttgacaaga tcaatttctt gcaagtagag     21180
     catattaaga tgcagcaact gctgaaaatg gacgagtggt aactaattcc tttgttctta     21240
     agaaaaacgg ttttgcttgg ttccatagaa agcttttttt ttttgttgag ctttatttaa     21300
     accaattcta ctaaaattta aacgtagttt tacaggaaat aaaaattatt ttctaagtgc     21360
     ggtactcttt tgtaagcatt ttatgcttag tctatattca tgttttataa aatccacatt     21420
     cataaattta aagatgacaa ttagaaatgc aaggaactgt gtatatctcc cctttgcact     21480
     gacaatgtga tttggttgtt gggctatttc tgatatatag tacttttttg tttttttggt     21540
     ttttttttga agtttgccac ccctcaccat actttattga ttcagtatac tcaggtgtgt     21600
     gactgagaaa tgttgtgtcg ttctttttca gtgtagatca gctgaaatac ataactccca     21660
     cgcagataac accttaccac acagtctcaa cttaaacact tcaaatggca tattctaaac     21720
     aaagtttaaa attgaatatg aaaaccgtgt ttaaagtaat gatgaaataa ggatccaaat     21780
     ctttagaggc aaagaaaatt taaaaactgt agtagagatc tgtacatcaa cctaaaagaa     21840
     aaatagccta ccactttttt ggtgtttctc cttatgggat tttaaaacgg taaatagagg     21900
     ccaggcgcag tgctcacacc tgtcattcca acactgtggg aggccaagac aggggaatca     21960
     cttgaggcta agagttcgtg atcatcctga gcaacacaat gagaccccat ctctacaaaa     22020
     aaacaaaaaa tattagtcag gcatggtggt gcacctatag acccagctat ttaggaggct     22080
     gaggatggag gatcacttga actctgaggt tcaagcctgc tgtgagctgt gattgcgccg     22140
     ctacactcca acttgggtga cagagtaaga ccctgtctct aaaaaaaaaa aatggaaaat     22200
     agaaatttag cattaattaa aggacccaaa tgggtgagtg taacattcac ttagtcaaca     22260
     aatatttact gagcacctac tatgttttaa gtactttgct tggtcctagg catagagaga     22320
     aaaaataaaa ctcagtttct acccttagat tgcgcatact ctagtaaaga agctacatct     22380
     gtatatgcaa atgtaataga ctgtgacaac agtgcaatga taaaagtgat gattaccaca     22440
     ggagcacata gggaggggga ttggcccatt ctacaccata ggtgaaggcg atagtcaaag     22500
     aaagctgata tcagggaaag ctgacagtga aaagggatag tcagggaggt ggagatattt     22560
     ggcagcaatc ttgattagtg agttcatgag taagaattct gaaagtggaa gaaagtgggt     22620
     tgggtacccc aggtagagag accaatatat acagagacat aaagatggga gaaaacagaa     22680
     actctactat cagattaggt gtttggtagg agataagact ggaaagggga gcagggacca     22740
     gcagaagagc cttatgggcc atctccggag tttcgcccat tctgagttac tcttaatgca     22800
     ttttaggcag gagcgtcaac atgattgact ttctgggttg ggagctggac tcagagagca     22860
     gtgtggaaag tgagctttga gagttgatct aggagacagg aagaccagtt agcccaaggt     22920
     cagcaattgc aacccatggg tcaagtctga cccatcatct gtttttgtgt gaccattaac     22980
     taagaatggt ttttatattt ttaagtggat gaaaaaaagg ggaaacaata ttttttgaca     23040
     cataaagatt atacatctat aaataaagtt tgattggaaa atgctaccat tatccttcat     23100
     ttattatgta tggcactacc acacttgagt tgaatatggt cctcaaagcc taaaatatct     23160
     actatctgtc cctttacaga aaagtgtacc aactcctcag gaggctgttt agttcaagta     23220
     agaagtcaag agggcttgaa taatgacaga ttcaaatatg tatttaaaga aggtaattga     23280
     agagctttgt gaaaaatgga tgggttgaga agagatgact ggcagggacc ccagttagaa     23340
     tataagcacc atagtccagg gggagagtaa tgaagccctt ggctgtggct gtcccgtgaa     23400
     gtggaaagga agtagtatct tcagaaggta tttggagtca tgaataagag aggacacaat     23460
     taaaggtgac tgtaagtttt ctagcccaaa ttgactagag gatctgttaa gccaactgag     23520
     gaacttaaaa gaggtagcag aggaaaagaa tacttttcat tgtgcaaccc cagtggagat     23580
     gtccaatgtt ggcttggtgt gaggagaagg tcatgactag aggcttagat ctggatccct     23640
     tttacataaa ggtattcatt gtagctaagg gagtggttaa aagcacatag aaaggatcat     23700
     gttttaaaga acaatggaag aacagccacc agccgataag actgaaatgg ggtcttcgaa     23760
     tatataagaa aagaataaag aagaatgatt cgaagagtat tttcaggggg cagtaacaat     23820
     taaaaccata tacttttctt aggggaggtc cccagacagc ctaggattga agaaacctga     23880
     attatagtat cttctgtagg cattcactcc aggcattctt tgcaactttt gacaaattac     23940
     ttaactcttt gggcctgctt atgtacctat aaaatgaggt gaggctagat gatttataag     24000
     tttccttcca gttctgataa tcaatgattc taataatgat ttaagacaac ccattattaa     24060
     gttcctatat ctggacatta ggcatttaaa ttgcttggat gatcttttgt ttaaggtatt     24120
     tccttagttt gaacttcaga aagttcattg aaatgacctt cagacccacc acttaaattc     24180
     attgtaactt aggttctgct gacctctcac aaaggttatc aaaattgtct caacaccctt     24240
     ccagtctctt ttgctgacca ttgcccggtg aatattcata agcctctgcc ttgactctgt     24300
     tgctatactc tgaaaacctt ccatggtgcc actctattag agaaaggcaa atgacaacat     24360
     ggcatgtgag gtcatcctga taggctctca accttccagt cttatttcat ctaagatgaa     24420
     accctcttac ctgctgattt ccagacaaat gtcagtacac atagctcccc tttttccctc     24480
     catttgctgt tctctatacc tagaataccc ctctgacctt ctctagctct attataatct     24540
     taccttctta ccaaggtctc cctgaaatcc tgatttttct acctaggcct ccccattgat     24600
     tcttgtcaga aaggagcgct tctccccttg aatccttctt cccactttga gctgatggca     24660
     tttgagtaaa tgaattactc aaaggaggaa aaagcaaaat gtggaaaaaa aaagaattaa     24720
     tatttggaag ttttttgtgt acttgctatt ttttgcttct ggaatgtgtt attcttcaag     24780
     taggaggaga ggtcttatca gtattatatt tctcagagcc cctggctcat cactttgcag     24840
     agttggagct cagtaagtca ttaatgaaaa tggtgactgt attccaaatg tatgactatt     24900
     ctttcaagct cagtactgct atacaaataa atatcttctc acaaatatca gagtacaaag     24960
     tataagaagg tgataaggct aaaatttttt attgagaatt ttacttgtct ctatgatact     25020
     atattatgat tttgtaataa tcactttttt aaatttttaa ctttgtgtaa atatatatgt     25080
     ttaagtatat cagaatcaaa tgataatcat tctaacaaac aatgcaagta ggtttagtaa     25140
     agtgcaccag gcctctcact tacatgtacg tgtttaaaaa ccacacacac acacacacac     25200
     acacactcac tcttaaacta gagttccgca taattaaaag atgacagtgg aagccatgta     25260
     ctgtggtgca cacctgcagt cccagaaact tgggaggctg aggtaggagg gtcgcttgag     25320
     cccaggagtt caaggccatc ctgggtaaca tagcatgacc gcatctctgg gggaaaaaaa     25380
     aatgacagta tttgaaacaa gtgcctcgta agcatgttca ctaaacacgt ctagcctagc     25440
     atgtatgaaa acaaagcaag gctgctttct tccagttatt actgttaata ttattcaaac     25500
     aacttcttct ttttccataa cagactttca ggtacattta aaaatgttca tccatttatt     25560
     cacccgttct acatggagca ttttctgtca taagacgctg tgctagggat gaagggagat     25620
     agaaagataa agaggcctca gctgctgccc ttcagaagct tacaggctag cggggaagag     25680
     aagaaaatac atgagtagat cgggtgtggt ggctcacacc tgtaatccca ggactttggg     25740
     aggctgaggc gggcaggtca cttgagcccc aggagtttga gaccagcctg ggcaacgtgg     25800
     cgaaacccca tctccacaaa aaatacaaac attagctggg catggtggtg cgcgcctata     25860
     gtcccagctg ctctggaggc tgaggtggga ggatggcttg agcccaggag gtcaaggctg     25920
     cagtgagctg tgatggcact gctgcactcc agcctgggca acagagcaag accttgtctc     25980
     taaaattaaa gaaaaaagta agaaaaagaa catacacatg tagtcggtaa gataaatgat     26040
     aagatccaga agggaggttc tagaaaagga ttacaggggg agagacagat tacttcttac     26100
     tgattttggt aggatttgga tataggaaaa tgggaatgaa gggcattccg tgtaggggaa     26160
     tcgatggtat ttgggaggtg tgcatgtatg tataagagta agttaaatac agtacacaca     26220
     gcgatcaaac agacacctaa caagtatcac ctcggaggtt aagaatatat tcatcttagg     26280
     ccgggcacgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg cgggcggatc     26340
     acctgaggtc aggagttcga gaccagcctg accaacatgg agaaacccca tctgtactaa     26400
     aaatacaaaa ttagccaggc atggtgttgc aagcctgtaa tcccagctac tcgggaggcc     26460
     gaggctcaag aatcacttga gcccgggagg cagaggttgc agtgagctga gtttgcacca     26520
     ttgtactcca gactgggcaa caagagtgaa gctccatctc aaaaacacca ccaccaacaa     26580
     caatatattc gtcttagtat ctgcgtggta ccacgctaca tgtagcagct ctttaaaaaa     26640
     taatagagtt atagctaaca gcagtggcta acatttgctg agcccctgct gttccaggaa     26700
     ccaagctgag agcttctcat ataatcctac caatagctct ataaggtaca gactcctatt     26760
     ttctgtaatt tacagctgag gcaactaagg cacagagaag gaaaggagtc ttctaaggtt     26820
     acacagctga tatgttatcg aagcaggttt tgaaccccag taagttgcct gcaaagcttg     26880
     tacccttatc cattaagctg taattctatg taaattacta gagaaatgga ttaatgcagt     26940
     tgttctgaaa aagacaactt agaaaatcag taacatgaat ttataataga aataaatgtt     27000
     agcttcttcc ggccgggcgc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ctagcacttt gggaggctaa     27060
     ggcaggcaga tcgcgagagg tcaggagtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gagacaggcg     27120
     gatcacgagg tcaggagatc aagaccatcc tggctaacat ggtaaaaacc cgtctccagt     27180
     aaaaatacaa aaaattagct gggcatgatg gcacacgtcc gtagtcccag ctactcagga     27240
     ggctgaggca ggagaatctc ttgaacccgg gaagtggagg ttacagtgag ccgagattgc     27300
     gccactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacagagc gagactccat ctcaaaaaag aaagaaagtg     27360
     agagagagag agagagagag aaagaaagaa aggaaagaag tgttagctgc tcccttatgc     27420
     atgacacgtg acggtgaatt ttggcttgaa tttttcctaa gaaacatagt ttcccttggc     27480
     ccattatttg ccattgtcat ttaaacatat tataatgcca ttgtcattct actttactcc     27540
     cttacttaat tttcacccaa gaagaaagag aggcttttat taaaaagtag aaatttttca     27600
     agtatttatt tttgacatgt ccaaatatct gtaaagagct ataggtatca cctcggaggt     27660
     taagaatgta ttcatcttag gccaggggcg gtggcttatg ccgctcatat gactaccatt     27720
     tatacacacg tggttgggtt aatttacgat atggctgaat aaagcaacca cttcttaccg     27780
     tttatgtgat tcttattaac tgcttactga gacattcttt tccatacctt ttgcccatgt     27840
     actgaaacac atttttttaa atcctgcatt ttttttttct tgtatctgat cttgagggga     27900
     actactgcag gaagctttct tttgtttatt atccagagaa tttagaactc ggattgccct     27960
     aagtacaaaa ccttaaaaat tcttatttct ccttttacat aaatgatctt tttaataata     28020
     tgtatgtact tcaaagaatt tctcagagca ggaatctaag tgagagtcca ccaaacaggt     28080
     attatactgt gacctacttt tgtgatccag atgggaagat ctgacctgtg acctagagag     28140
     acagcaactt gacctatagg atttgtgtct ttttgaaagt gagaaaaggg tacagcagag     28200
     gagtcactag gttaacctgt tatgatggat agatcatgtg gggagagtga tagaggctgc     28260
     ctttccaggg ctttcagttt ccacatagta actagtacag ttacttattt gtttctttaa     28320
     tttgaagcaa gagtcttgct ctgttgccca gcctgcagtg cagtggtgtg gtcttggctc     28380
     actacaacct ctgcctccca ggtccaagca attctcgtgt ctcaccctcc caagtagctg     28440
     ggattacagg taggcaccac catgcctggc taatttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt     28500
     ttcaccatgt tggccagact ggtctcaaac tcctgacctc tggtgatctg cctgccttag     28560
     cctcccaaag tgctaggatt acaggtgtga gccactgtgc ccggcctcta gtacagatat     28620
     tttcttgaaa ttaattgttt gacctcccag cctatccata cgagtcagga ctttttgggt     28680
     gaactgaaat ccaaaaagga gaaattgata aatttttata actagaccat gtacaatcca     28740
     ggtgcagctg gactcagggt ttcctggagc cagcatgcta tcatattcta actttccaga     28800
     acagggctca atttctatct gaattttgct aattctttca gattctttca taccatgaag     28860
     taaaacatct ttcattctga aattgatgat aaaggaaata cctttgattt caaactgtaa     28920
     gaatgtgact tcctagctcc ttcacttcca atttcaaaac ctttggttag gatcaccctt     28980
     gggcacacac acgcactttt gggtgctgtg gctggtagcc tcttcagaac cacatggaat     29040
     aagggaagaa agtttcacta agtaagggga agtgctctta ctaggggaaa ggtgtcaggg     29100
     atcctgggtg agtaaaacac caagtatctg cactgttgcc cttgttgtct ttttaaaaat     29160
     ataatccctg gtcaggtgcc atggctcatg cctgtaatcc cagcaccttg ggaggccaag     29220
     gtgggaggat cacttgaggc caggaggtca agaccagtct gagcaacata atgagacccc     29280
     agctctacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatta aaaaattagc caggcatggt tgtgcatgcc     29340
     tgtagtccta gctatttggg aggctacatg gtggtgcgcg cctgggtcct ggctacttgg     29400
     gaggctacgt ggtggtgcgt gcctgggtcc tggctatttg ggaggctaca tggtggtgca     29460
     tgcctgagtc ctggttattt gggaggctac gtggtggtgc gtgcctgagt cctggctatt     29520
     tgggaagcta cgtggtggtg cgtgcctgag tcctggctat ttgggaggct acgtggtggt     29580
     gcgtgcctga gtcctggcta tttgggaggc tacgtggtgg tgcgtgcctg tagtcctggc     29640
     tacttgggaa gactgcttga gcctgggagt ttaaggctac agtgagcttt gattgccatc     29700
     gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagcgagact ctgtcccccc tccccccccc aaaaaaaaaa     29760
     taataaataa aaatgcaagt cctgattttt cctctaagaa atggtttcaa gtggagagag     29820
     gggagtgaag tgcacatttt tgtccatgta tgttggaaaa tgatattctc cattgtcaac     29880
     atgtgataag tccaaagagg catcatcagt tcttcacaac aacagggtct ctttgttgtt     29940
     ttacttagaa aactcttaga atataaaaag aaagaagcac agctaaatct ctagcatgca     30000
     catgtattgt gcttggtttc tgcatagtgc tgttccagct gtggcccatg atggctgctt     30060
     gttagtgtct atggcaagat aagtaccgga atctacagaa gtatttggca aattttatat     30120
     caattttaaa ttgtcacaat tttcaagcgc atgatcaatg agcttttttt gggggagtat     30180
     cttttaaatt tttttctagt aattcatttt tattgtgttt taaaaaacta tttgcaaaag     30240
     attagaaatt aaaacaaata tgctgatcat ttaccacaag aagcttgaga tgctatgctt     30300
     ctcactgctt ccagcaagcc taagaaaaaa cagtccttta tagatgagga agccgagcct     30360
     ccgaagggga agcttgaggt tgggcatcca ggagggagga gagtaggcag gggatgaagg     30420
     gcaaaagctt gtttcaaact gagatagaaa cacttttggt gttgtaaaat ctcagcaccc     30480
     agaccaggaa gcaggtctct ttcatctctg tgcccccagc accaagtcag gcactgggtg     30540
     tttagcagat tttctataaa cattgagtaa agttcccttt gctctttatt attgggaaaa     30600
     ttaaaacaaa aagttggggg gaactcatct taagataaca acaagcttag gtcaaaaagc     30660
     caaactcatt atctgtttat ttgaagagga tattataaca ttgatgtata ttcttgctat     30720
     tttacagtga actttatctt ttttttcctc ctgagtttta ttcaagaatt tttagcctaa     30780
     agtttccatt tcaaagttaa gctcattttt ttcttgtact cctttcatga ataaattaag     30840
     cagagaatgt gtcaaaaata attttaaatg gatatatgtg caaccaacat cttcaaggct     30900
     tgaaatagat ggccttggtg ctgttttaaa ttgcgtcctc ttttccttcc cccacccagt     30960
     atcagagaaa acaggctgtc agaaagccag aaaagaaaag gcatttcatt ttgctctggt     31020
     ggacaccaca ctgcctgagc ctgctctgct ccacctgttt gaagggctaa gaaccctggt     31080
     ctcagtgtgg cccggggcgg gagaggttcg aaagtcaggc agtgccagga aatgtgtgtt     31140
     tgcaggttct gcttaacgtt ccctggctcg ctcctctcag ttctgtgaag cccaaatgtg     31200
     aatgcaatga aaatctccac tggggatgca ctcatctccc ctgccacata ggcccacagc     31260
     ctggagcatg gtggcagcgg cagccaactc atttcctgaa gaagcccaga ggaaaccgag     31320
     aatgtattgc ccacaccact tgcctgactc aacaacaatg agcatcaggt tcaatgaaaa     31380
     taggaaagaa aaagcaaaaa catagaattg ttctcatagt agccctaagc cagagtatgt     31440
     ctctaaaaga aagttctgct ctccaatatt atttttaaag taaaaggaat ataacaaaag     31500
     cccatcacct tgatgtttaa tttcttccgg taaatttcta aaattaattc acattctttt     31560
     atatatattt ttagaggcac agtctcgctg tattgcccag cctggcttca aactcctggg     31620
     ctcaagcgga actccctcct gagcctttca agtagctggg atgacatgtg cgtgccactg     31680
     tgcccgcctt tgatatttag tttcttctta aacacctcct cctagtgaat gtgttcttta     31740
     catcagttgt taggcattac tgccttgtta tttaatgttt ccgtgatacc cacaaagtac     31800
     atcgtgattt gttgattgat aaatcttgga attaaagctc attttaagga tcctgagcaa     31860
     gtaagaggct tagggaatat tcagtctcct cagtgccctc tcccaagcca tgtctcatgg     31920
     gagaccaggg cccacttcaa gtaaacacat ttttattatg ctgcaactct gttagagcca     31980
     ccaagcaaag gatgcagtca gtctcgggag atgagagtag gcaccaaaca ggtcagaaaa     32040
     tgtttggaag cagcttgcca tctagctgag ctaagagtgt gctccacctt ggctctgtgt     32100
     ggcctctccc cagcaggcag ggtcacctgt gatagggctg agcatctcct gccttgacca     32160
     agccatggag ggtagagaga gagagccaca ggctgcttgg ttttcagaat atcaaaggga     32220
     ttccttcccc agggtgggca ccagtgaata agcagggcat ccctttgaca cctttcctgt     32280
     atctaacttc aagaagccta ttcctgacca ggagatttac caaaagaatg aacccagtgt     32340
     tgaggaaata accattagaa ccatatgaac aaaagaggta aacaaaataa agagcaagtc     32400
     actattggaa tgtgtgcagg aggtgggggt ggtaggcggt caaggtgaag cattcagagt     32460
     gggtttgggc agtggtttgg gcagtgttcc ggatttgccc tttgcccagt agctcatctg     32520
     aagtgtggct caccaggcct ttgcctggta gctcatctga agtgtggctc accaggctgg     32580
     acgttgcttg agcttgacag tcgtcctagt tctatttctg attatttttt gtcaccttgg     32640
     ggaaaatccc ctattgtact tgatttccta cagaccttaa ctgtgatttt atgaggatat     32700
     atatgagtat gcaaaatcat tttaactcat tcagcgtttt gtaaatctga ggcttatcta     32760
     ttcaggtact ccaatgattt taatatgagt tcaggtaaaa taaattaatg agtagtcagt     32820
     gtattgatcc gtctagaaaa ctttagagca attaagggca tgaccacctg actgaagctc     32880
     tttatggcaa ggctatttgg ggcacagagt aatatattgt tctttctaca tcttaaatga     32940
     tcctctttgt ctttagaagg caaactatct tgccattcct gatatcaact ctttgtcaaa     33000
     acaatatcta atggaagcag ctctgtgccc taggggctct gtaagttctg ctttgttaca     33060
     gtgatggcag ttctctattc ttagcctatt tccgaagtca ggcatttgtt cggaatcatt     33120
     cactattgaa ttagttaaca acgtttggtt tgaggaaaga tgataatgat attaaggaat     33180
     aataaaatcc atctacagtg aaaatcgagc ccagatcaga actgtggagg aacccaaatt     33240
     cagatcctac actcaaactg atttgcacaa agaattatct gttaaaagtg ggaaaaagaa     33300
     tggcagcatg cgacaactca cgtaactaat caacttttta gatgccgttt catatgtttg     33360
     cttttcatta aatgcaggaa tggttgggac tatgttgctg tgattcagtc aacatttatt     33420
     cctatctgtt tttcatgtac aaaggctgag ggatgccagc aaataaactg ttaacggaga     33480
     attaacttct ttggcatgct ttcatactta tcttccaaat taaagaaaat gaaatgggca     33540
     gaaacagagt gtagattacc tcctttttgt caaaaatggt gggaatttga aaattaataa     33600
     taaaaaaggg aacagatgca gtaacatgcc agagggagat taatgtggag agtaaaatct     33660
     gtgagcaaca aaactgaagc aaactgaatc agtgggaggt ggttgtacaa tcaaaatcag     33720
     gataaaagag aaattacaaa caaccctgca cttgtcaaag tagtagtaat gaaatcctga     33780
     ctctgccagc agtgagaacc tgtgttagca ctttggggta aggatggtag ccgggtgcca     33840
     ggtaggaggg cagtgttagg ttgctgggca gcagccatct tgtgtagaac agatggcacc     33900
     gaaagctggc aggggagggg ctccttagca gaactaatca gacagtaaca gatagggcag     33960
     ctgggaagac tgaccacaga gagggagtct gcggggtagc cgagtgccat gatgtttgca     34020
     gtggtgtgcc cattggtctg agataagacc ttgcaatgtc tttcccatct acagaagaac     34080
     tgaaactttg ttcaaaaagg aaaattgagt tgaattgtgt caaacttgga gggtgggggt     34140
     gggcattggg atagtgactg agaaaggaag aattgtccat ctctgaattt gtcctgtgag     34200
     ttttcagttc cagctaccat ggaaccttga tttttgctgt ttgtatggtt ctggcaatct     34260
     aatgtataca gtgtggcaca tggaatgatc actttataca ttttatgcat caaaaagttt     34320
     gcagtatcaa ggctatagtt aaaattagaa aagatttttt ttatatgctt tctaccacat     34380
     atgtctttca caaaatgaaa aactaaaagc aaccatgtga tacaggcatt tctacttaat     34440
     aatttttcat aagctcattt aagctgtgtt tgattcagag tcacttgccc ttcttttttc     34500
     ccccatgtaa ctgtgggttg aacatcaaaa tataagcata attcagagcc aaaaacctta     34560
     agacaaaaat caaaccaact cattctgcaa ataaaagaga aaactgacct gttaaaattt     34620
     gataacttat taagtagtcg tggttcttga agtatagagt tgggacgttt gtattaaaac     34680
     gacgacttta acaaagaaat ccagatctcc tacatctgct tttgaacttg tctatttctt     34740
     ttttttgcag aaggtttata acttggctca atttattcat tttggagggg gagggggaaa     34800
     cattacagga tttgaaatag gtggtataac atagccatat gctatttatg cagcagtttc     34860
     tgcaataaat ctaatttggt gctgtcaaaa aattagactt atttgatata gcagcacatt     34920
     agtaaatgat tgtggcagat ttaaagttgt catttagtct cttcttactc ttaacagaat     34980
     ctcgcaaatt cattttcccc cttgatcaac tctatgaaaa tatcccagtt ctttgtcctg     35040
     cagccctgaa aatatttcca catctgaaag aaggtcttgc cttaaggtaa ttgaggaagg     35100
     gggtggaaaa atgaatatcc tctgtcgtta aaagacttca taaatatata ggcagaaaaa     35160
     caaataaacc agagaaaatt acagtatttt catcatttac agttcttaga aaaacagaac     35220
     tgcaagtctc attcagaatg tagataaatt aaggtcagtt ctttattaag gagtttaaat     35280
     attttacctt ccatcctacg tccatatgct gttttaggaa aactgattat taaagaatgt     35340
     gagtgacatc agctcttcgc cttcacctag cagcgccctt agaaacggct ttactcttcg     35400
     gtagtgtaac ctggcaacat tgcttcaatg cctctttttc tgtttttttt ttttcccctg     35460
     taaaatttgt gtttcaggtg ttagtatcaa actatctaaa ctttttccta gtttttctgt     35520
     ttgaaagata agataagcaa tgacgcatta agcaggtaaa tattaacggt gttctctgag     35580
     ttcctgaatt agtccattta taaaagtaat gatttcgttt cccgtttctt tttcttgcgt     35640
     gtttatggaa aagtgtatgt gtgtatcgca tttacgtgtc tgtgtgtgac tggaagtgat     35700
     gttaaaactg agtgcttttc atttgtttat gttcgtatca tacaaattat ccaaaagaag     35760
     gctactagtg tgtttttgaa acgcagttta ctcagagtga agagttcctt cacggtgatt     35820
     taagcagcct ctattaaact agcatcttgc aaatgcttct ttcttttata cagcaaatca     35880
     gaccatggaa gtgatcaaat taccaggatt gtttcactgc tattcagaag cagggatcca     35940
     ggtgaccaaa gtactgtcaa gcacagatta cactaaagga aaaatatcca gaaaagcagt     36000
     aacaaacttg ctgggaaaac ttaatcaata tttttgaaat ttcctccaca tgaagagaaa     36060
     ttatttagaa aggatgtttt aggaagatga agaagaaaac acctcctaga attcatattt     36120
     tgagtagaaa atccatacat taaattacat tatatattac atgagaatga tttatatgac     36180
     actgggtatt ttgaaggtca gcaataaaat tgaaattata gctaagaagc atgtctcagt     36240
     acttagattt taacctatct ttttgatttt gtttctgttt ttaatttagc ctcacaattt     36300
     ttaaaaatat gtctgaaaaa ctgctttgat aaaatccttt tcataaatta taactgttta     36360
     atcagtcaga actttaagat ttaaatttta aattccacgt tttctccact gcttttgtta     36420
     ataaatttga cattcaattt tatatcaata agaaatattt aatttttatt ttttctaaaa     36480
     atttagaaaa ttttacagac ttgattgatt ttacttgata caagcatctg ccataagatt     36540
     aaattttggg ataatccttc aaaatataaa agcagcctta tgaatgaagt gccatttagg     36600
     ttcacgttta agttcacatt tgtaacagtg ttactttttt gccatatatt ttctcctaaa     36660
     aaatgatctt ccattttctt ataagaaatt tgaattgagt cattggtttg cccttttcct     36720
     aaagaatatg atatctaaaa taccagtaaa taattcaaca tagagtgatt tcatgtctga     36780
     tttatgaagg gagagtaaat acttgatagc tatagatgcc acaaaataaa ttcaattgag     36840
     agtataattt tcacctaatt tctatgagtt tatttttttc acagaactag actattgata     36900
     caacttacat ttctttagat agattatgtg tttgcttggc agcatatatt tgaacattag     36960
     tgaaacagaa ctttgttttt taaatgatgg aatttataat atacatgcat tgatttgtat     37020
     attatgggtt aagtttttca aagcagtaat ggagctgtgt gttaatatat agcttataat     37080
     tgaaatggta catatttgta cattttaagc ctttcagtgt aaaatttctt aattggaata     37140
     ctctctccct tggctaattc attagtgaaa atatttattc ctcaagttaa tgctatatag     37200
     tatgatgcaa tttttatata gtgtaaactt gtttatgata ttttgatttc actttaaaac     37260
     ttttattttg cttcttagac atatagttca tactcagtat aatgagaagt gcagacacac     37320
     atgaagaaaa tacatatcag ctgtctggtt ttacaaatga tcattaaaac accatgtctt     37380
     actactttga ctccaaatta ttgtcttcct gaacccaaaa gtaattttca caagtacatt     37440
     acacaacaga acttcatctt ctgctggtta gcagtagagg atttaaatcc atgccgacag     37500
     ttcatttgac aatgaccttg aggggctttg cttcttgaag aagaaagcag aagcttgcgg     37560
     taaacaaagt tcacttctga cagatggatt gaatgacaga aaggttgcga gtgccagaat     37620
     agccctggca gaggaggaaa tgttcagtgg aatccaacag gagaggaggt gtgaacaggt     37680
     gcagggttgc tgacggaagg ggaaccagat ggaaggagcc agagccagtt tatttaaagg     37740
     aaaaggcaga aaacattgaa aggctgtgcg atcagtggct aaaagtgttc atagaggaag     37800
     gtaaaaattc acaaagcaaa actgcacagt ggggtagcta acacttagca taatggtagt     37860
     aatttgtgag tttagtttgg aagttgcgat tgaaatacat tcatcttggc tcttgacacc     37920
     atccagtata gatatttgaa agttgtttat ttttttaagt ttctaagctt ttttaaatcc     37980
     atccattaat ttaatttttt ccagccagaa gctccattat gataatacta aaattatgtc     38040
     gtcagctagg aaaagaaaaa aatttaaagt gaaggttaac gttccattca aatttatctt     38100
     gtgatgcctc agttttgttc acatatggaa agcaaatgca tgcactgttg ggtgacatct     38160
     gtaatatcta agaaatttgc aatgttagaa tagatgccgt tggttgcttt tgttgttttg     38220
     gatctctgtt cattttgtga agtccggttt gattgtttca gtaggaataa tgctctttaa     38280
     aatacacatt tgctggccac aatctgcagg ttaatttctg ctgctgaggt tgacctgatt     38340
     ttcattgact ttcagtgacc tgcctttggg cagacacctg caaacccaag tacaatttac     38400
     aaaaggaaca gtacgcatac agtggagcaa gaaatgagga ctttcttgtt ttctaagacc     38460
     tattaaaatg taactttctc cactgcaaac cagagatagc cctgctaata ctctgtgtgg     38520
     tcaattcata cataccactt atgtgggccc ttgtctacca cagttttcct tgaaaatttt     38580
     actacattac atttctgaca aagagacgcc aatagaggag gagctattaa gaagctatca     38640
     ccgggaaaaa tgatgacaat gcacaattat tttgaggttt taaagatctc gtaaataatc     38700
     cacaaaagtt tctgcacact gctcacagag attaaacaca caaagtaaat gagtactgta     38760
     ttgacattcc ttttctcaga actgcctgga tcaaatagat tacgtttgat taaggctgga     38820
     tgttttgagt ttagagagaa tgtctgtgat tcgtggcatg cttttgtcag taaatataaa     38880
     gaattgaaat cagattaaca gttatagaag atgttgattt actcctgtgc tgtatatcaa     38940
     gatcatcaat tttggtctct ttttttttaa tctggatgag gcaatataca actatatttt     39000
     gaaggaaaaa tggttagtga tttcttctag taaaaggaag ttgatgacct gtattttaaa     39060
     gtcatctgca aaatgtactt ttttctccca cttgttaagg aatttttatc taataacttc     39120
     ttattaatct aaaattttat ataaaatcga ttggagtatc cttgctttga ttatagtgta     39180
     ctgattttgc catctcttcc atcataatta ccaaatttat ttatataata atgctactag     39240
     catggtgctg ctttttaaaa taataacata aaactcactt gaactacggg gttcaaattg     39300
     aaagacagta aaaagaaact gcaacaatca gtgtcatcat ttgatagtca tatcacaaat     39360
     taaattgtaa acttcttata ggtagaacca atagcttccc agaaatatgt aaatttagtt     39420
     gtacctagta aagtgtcttt tgtgatatga gtctttaatt tttttgaatg aagggataac     39480
     aagttgattg ctgctaagca ggtattcagt caacatttat tgagcacatg ttctgttcta     39540
     gctgcactag gcactatgta aattttcaaa ataaagagcc catgatcctt ttccacaagt     39600
     atcctgcaac ctaccagaca aggtttatgt aattacatat acacatacgt gtgtgtgtaa     39660
     aatctagaaa atagtatata aatttataaa ctttctgtga ctcatgatca tcttaaatga     39720
     attgatgaaa ctctcatcta gctcaacact tataatgtgt gagaatgttg agagaagcta     39780
     agtgattttc ctaataccaa cggtggttga gtgacagcaa aaagtagagt ctaagtttcc     39840
     tttctctaag tctagtgctc ttcctgcatc ccacattata cttctttgtt ctcattgatg     39900
     atatgacttg tctgagaaac cccattaaaa cccttcagtg caagtctttc acagcctgtt     39960
     ttggaaagga aaaaaaaatt atttttggat tttggcacac ggttactggt tcttgaaaca     40020
     aacaaaacac aaaggttctt tagcttgcaa acagtaatta cgaagttcac ttcttagaac     40080
     tttttttaat tattatttat ttatttattt atttattgct ggagtctcac tctgtcgccc     40140
     aggctagagt gcagtggcgt gatctcagct tactgcaacc tccgcctccc gggttcaagt     40200
     gattctcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagcc aggattacag gcgtgcacca tcacactcgg     40260
     ctaatttttg taattttagt agagacgaga tttcaccata ttggccagac tgatctcaag     40320
     ctcctgacta ggctcaagcg atcacctgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattgcaggc     40380
     atgagccatg gcactcagcc cgtttcttgg aactacctct gggagtggta gtaaagataa     40440
     cctcccgcat aaacgctgct taccctgtaa taggcatatt cacttaatcc ccacataacc     40500
     ctaccaggta gattctgcca taagccccat tttacagata agaaaactga ggtattcaga     40560
     ggttagtacc ttgacccaag tcacagcact gctaagtggt ggcgtaggca ctgaagccta     40620
     ggcagctagg ctcccgacta cgattttatc cattacacta tattgcctct gatggtggat     40680
     gttgtgaaaa ataacttctg tcaccagttc cttttggaaa gttgtattca acaggctaaa     40740
     ccaggtttct tgacagtagg gcttctcagc gtttttaata tgttagtgca cactgtgact     40800
     ctcttagaaa ggaatttagt tttcagtgtt tccgaaattt atatgactta tggaagcttt     40860
     tctatcaaat ctccacacat cttccaggaa tcacgttttt aggaatacac ttggggaaaa     40920
     actgaactaa actaatttgt agtaggactg ctgaaaacta tcatatgggg attattcgtt     40980
     attgtatctc atcagtgcct ctgcaacacc ctactccatc ccaccctgcc ccgcaacttc     41040
     actttcatta gaacacacac agttcatgga aagagtagat aggttggtaa ctttcaattt     41100
     tcatttagtc atttctctaa aatgggggtg tggggtgggg aagcatcttt gaccagactt     41160
     caagagtagc tggacagtta gctgtgccag agtcacgttc caagttcttc catatcttac     41220
     tgtcccaact ttgcctttat gtgataattc tatttatttt aaattatgtg tttattctag     41280
     aaaacaaatt tgacaattac ataactagat tgccagtcag ttcattgaag ttagacacct     41340
     tttaaagcat gactctgaat gagatttcat agaataagat gttattgtgg atgctctcct     41400
     gtataaacgt tttaggcaat ctcctgccag gaattattgg cacaaatttg aagtatgggc     41460
     cactaagtca gactgcacta gattttattt tccttcaacc catgatatgg caatattcct     41520
     cccttttatg tgtattcttt cctgtgttag gaagaaatgg agcaactcat gggcaataag     41580
     ctctggaagt cgggaagttt agcactcata atgtgctaat ttttctgtaa atacacttgg     41640
     aggtgcctat aatttataat tatgtcaagc agtttctact ggtgaggttt tctataaata     41700
     accatcttgt aatgataacg actggaattg tgattctcat gaagacttac tatgtgtgct     41760
     cctagctttc ccacctgccc tgctttctgg gttctcaaat tacatttcct tcaataaatc     41820
     aactccagca atttttatta aagtttgaaa ccattcactg gcttatttgt attcctcaag     41880
     gtgcagaaaa tgtttgggaa taagcgaaaa ctacaaaggc aacagattaa atccccaggc     41940
     agtgggatag cttactaaac tggctgacac attgattgac aagctaatat gactgcaagg     42000
     tcctcttgat gaactttgaa actagtcgtt tcttactaga aacaagtaat gaatgatata     42060
     aggatgatta ctagagattg agtaaagaaa tccatgtcta tttgccattt aaaaattata     42120
     gaaacactat ccaatgatga agattttcca attttattta cattcactta ttaggaagga     42180
     gtctgtgacc caggtacata actgaacatt ttaaaaataa tttgccagct tggctgtatg     42240
     gattaacttt ttcataatac tttgtaattt aattttaaat gtgaatatgt tttttgggag     42300
     ttgcctcaaa ccaaatctga tttacaaaaa aaaaaaaatg aaggggatca ttttggtata     42360
     ctatggtgac tacttcagct tcggttgttc ttagtgttct atcagaattc ttctcctttg     42420
     tttctccttt caaatcatag gtgagtggct gaattaaatg agaaacttat caaggttaaa     42480
     aaaggtcatt ttaatagttt ttgaaaatta tgagttttga tatcttcatg aggcacttac     42540
     gtttagtagt tttgggcacc tggttatttt tatttgtgga atcaggattt aaaatgctgc     42600
     tttgctatag ggtggtagac aaaggagtgg cactcagacc agtgctgtcc aatagaaata     42660
     cagagggagc cacaaaatgt aaaccacaca tgtcatttaa aattttcaaa taaccacatt     42720
     ttaaaaagta aaaggaggct gggcgcggta gctcatgtct gcaatcccaa cactttagga     42780
     ggccgaggtg ggcagatcat ttgaggtcag gagtttgaga ccagcctagc caacatcggg     42840
     aaaccttgtc tcaactaaaa atacaaaaaa attagccagg catgatggcg cacacctgta     42900
     gtcacagctg ctcaggaggc tgagacagga taatcgcttg aacccgggag gcggaggttg     42960
     cggtgagctg ggcaacaagc aaaactctgt ctcaattaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcaaaa     43020
     ggaaacaggt gaaattagtt ttaataacat aatttattta acccaatgta tagaaaatag     43080
     tatttcaaca tgtgatttat ataacacatt attaatgacg tattttaaat ttttttccta     43140
     agtcttcaca cccctttgtg tattttgcac ttacagcatg tcttgatcca acctagccat     43200
     atttcaagtg cttactaacc ccacgtggcc agtggctgcc actccagacg tcacagccct     43260
     agacgtttgt tactcagttt tccagctttc ccacaatgcc cagcagagat gaagttagat     43320
     tctcatgagc ttaaaccctg aattgtttct acaaaaatgg gaaccatttt attaaaacaa     43380
     gaaaatcatg tcatcttttt cttgaatttt ggaggcagta gccaggactc atattgatta     43440
     gtctttttct gaagaatcgc cactttgagg aggaggagga agagagagga agctaccact     43500
     tactggccat tacttgaaga gcagatgagt gattaaatat accagcatca cattataata     43560
     agttcttcta tatcttactc tcccatcttt gccgttatat gttgaagagt tgttgaaaat     43620
     aaatttgaca gttaaataac tagatgccga tctgttaact ggatttagac aattaggaac     43680
     ctttcaaatg gtgatctggg ctggacgttg ccggttgcct catgtggagc ttcccacata     43740
     atcctgataa tatcatttta ttaatgagaa aacagaggct tagattgaga tgaggttccg     43800
     ccttgacgtg acacagctag cacatggtgg agccagggct gaggcccagc cctgtgtgtg     43860
     caacgctggc caatgctacc tccccctgtg tagcttatgt caggaaattg aggaaaattt     43920
     ttattctttc ctcaaggctg tctttgagat aattatattg attgtttcag tttgagtagt     43980
     catcttctag gaaataataa ggataacaat agtaataata cgtactaatt aatatttttt     44040
     aacttactat atgtcagtgc tgtactaaca gtattttata tgtaatatcc tcatagtcct     44100
     atgaggagag gtactgttat taaccttatt tttcattcaa gaaaactgag tcgtaggtta     44160
     tgtgacttac ttagagcagg agttcccaac tcggggtcac ctgacctcca tctcctgtcg     44220
     gagcagcagc atcattggat tcccatgggg cgctaaccgt attgtaaact gcgcatgtga     44280
     gggatctagg ttgtgcactc cttatgagaa tctaatgctt gatgatctgt cactgtctcc     44340
     cgtcaccccc tgatggaact gtctagttgc aggaaagcag gctcaaggct cccactgatt     44400
     ctacattatg gtgagtgtta taattatttc attatatgtt acagtgtaat aataatagaa     44460
     ataaactgcc caataaatgg aatgcagtcg aatcatcccc acacccccta ccctggtccg     44520
     tggaaaaatt gttttccatg aaaccagtca ttgatgccaa aaaggctggg gaccactgac     44580
     ttagggcaca cagctgctaa gtggaggaat tgcaactttg atgctaagtc tagcacacac     44640
     caaagcctgt tctctaaact tctgcctcct tgtgtacaga tgccctgctg gcagtggagc     44700
     ttacatgcga agggataaag gctgaaagta tcctattgtt tttaggggta ttttaggatt     44760
     tcagttgctt atatttattt tctcagagca caaagtcctc agtttggata tagtcagggc     44820
     aggctacctt gtggaaatta gtttgaagat agatttagaa ggctggaagc agcaggtttc     44880
     caggaatgga aagggccgct ctgtagctac aggaatggtg aggacgaaga ctaagaaatg     44940
     gctagaggaa gagaaagatc cagcagacac aggttattga agcagaggaa ataattaagg     45000
     atgtagataa gaatagttat aagcaagtat tacaaagtca aatagaaata atgttaaatc     45060
     ataaaatgac taaaaggcaa aatgttttga tgaagaaagt gacttaatta ttgtatcaag     45120
     aaaagaattt tcttatttag aggaatgaga atagtggagt aggaatcaga aaacttgggc     45180
     tcacgtcagt ttttttcttc tgtagatgta gtgcttttta cctccagaat tgtgtgcaaa     45240
     gacggagagg ttacagagtt ctcaatcaaa ctctaaaaat ggactacagt ggtcttgttg     45300
     ccaagtcaag gttactagtc catagaatac agccgtaatt tctgtataca tgcacattgg     45360
     atgtttgacc aaaggcacac catctcagca ataatgaaaa ttctactatc tttattacag     45420
     aagttcccca cttactcaaa cttagacttc ttcttttttt tttttttttg gttttgagat     45480
     ggagtcttac cctgtcgccc aggctggagt gaagtggcat gatctcggct caccacaacc     45540
     tccgcctccc gggctcaagc aattctcctg tctcagcctc ctgagtaact gggattacag     45600
     gcatgcacac catgcccagc taatttttgt atttttagta gagacgggat ttcaccatgt     45660
     tggccaggct ggtctggaac tcctgatctc aggtgatctg cctgccttgg cctcccaaag     45720
     tgttgggatt acaggtgtga gccaccgtgc ctgtcccaaa cttagacttc ttgctagttt     45780
     gaaatatagc tgtaaattga ggtataaatt aaaacgtact tttaagaagc aagtaactat     45840
     cacaaagccc ttgcactttt ctgtgcagca tctgtggaac tatcctaaca cacttttagg     45900
     tgttaaaaag caaaaaggaa aaaaattaaa aacaaaataa aaaaacatgg cagcaaatca     45960
     cagcaaacca accaataaag aattataaga agaccagtat gcttttggtt ctttagaata     46020
     acatctgaga ccttccttgc aataaatatt attgaatgcc ttctgtttct agccactcta     46080
     ttaagccctt aaagatctgg caatgagcaa cgatccatag gcacttacta gcaaaaggaa     46140
     tagcaacagt aagtatgcct accttgtttt aaattatgaa ccttaattat taaggagagc     46200
     ttattgtatt tggtatagtt tgcttaagaa agcagacata attaacacat tttagacata     46260
     tttctattgt aaatggcgag aattctgtgg atctaatacc tggaaaattc tcgtatgtgg     46320
     aacatattct caacattcta gataaataat gcatgcatta ctctgtcata cttatgagat     46380
     aaaatataat aaaaaatata taaattataa ttcttactat tatacatatt tctgaataaa     46440
     ttttatagcc acaagggaac caacatgttc cccatttaat attatatcct agaaattaat     46500
     tcctaaaaca ttttaataat agaataatag aatagaatag aatagaaact gttatgctac     46560
     aatttgctaa taatgcattt ccattgacat gttatagaaa cgccactaga atgcatattg     46620
     atcctactga tacctgattt gaagttactc atcagaggga ttagttactg ggaatttgta     46680
     gatcaagtga tatttttcag agaagaaagc caagaatgca taaaagtcat tagtttatac     46740
     agacaaattg aaatggaaaa tatgaatttt tgaaaatatg aagatacaaa ggcaaaatca     46800
     tgatcgaatt tattttaggt aatagcatat ttggccttat tatttagggt gatgaattgg     46860
     gctcagggtg ttgtataata ggatacagta gtgctttact atctcacagg atctttgccc     46920
     catgcaatca cttaatgcat caggcaccct gagctattga aaacatttga agactgaaaa     46980
     ttaatgaagt gtgcattgtc aaatgcactg aggctgttca gtctcagtat ctacctatgg     47040
     tatctaccgt atctaaagaa accattacag aaattgctct tactattgct gtagtaataa     47100
     gtgctttccc tgattctaat gttgtccctt ccccatctgt tccccacact gcagccagag     47160
     tgatctttct aaagcacgag tgtgatcaca acactccgct gcttaaaacc ctacattggc     47220
     tccctatttc cctcaggacg agggccttaa aaatagcttc atgttctggc tcctgcctac     47280
     atctccaagt ctcgtctttc ttcaataatc tcccctccac caactgtgcg ctgctgcccc     47340
     acaacatata tcctccagca tcccgtcatg ccaaaactgt ttgcagtgtt ctcagggcac     47400
     ctggttatct ctccaccctg tgtctttgca caaactgtcc acttcacttg taataatctt     47460
     ctttatattc tttgtatggc agattactac tcatatttta agcttctgat tttttttaag     47520
     cttcctgaaa tccttcctcc ctgtccccag ctactcccca attcctatcc tttccacctg     47580
     tatcatggca ggaatttagc cctactttaa tatttactgt accatgagtt gtttttttcc     47640
     ccaaaactcg tttattttgt tcactagaca atagactctc tgaggccagg gtctacatct     47700
     tgcacactga tgcatcccca tacttttgtg cttggcacaa agtagttgct taagtatttg     47760
     ttgaatggat gcgcaatcca ctgtttgatt aaacaaaccc atcatgtgag gcagtgccat     47820
     ggaatggaaa gaacactgga cttggagtga gaagacagat ttggattcca gctttgctac     47880
     ttactagctg catggctttg agaaaaatct cttaattccc gagtttgaga cactttatct     47940
     atcaaacagg aatatctgtt ccatctctct gccccacaga gatgttatga agaatagaga     48000
     ggtcggtgca tttgaatgtg ccttttaaaa tagaaagtac agacatgcaa agggtgatgc     48060
     gctagtaact ggagttgata gagtctgtgg ttttgtttta aaagtagatg ggaattgtgc     48120
     atatgtaata gaaacaggca atagctagtc tactgtattg tcttttgcct tgaaggtaag     48180
     ttttcaaatt attttggaga tactgtaaga acatttttgg agggaaaatt atttttagag     48240
     atgtttctgt taaatatttc ctttcttttg tgtatattcc cttgaaagaa gttgacctcc     48300
     tttctgtttc tgctttcttc cctagaagtg actcattctc tgatctgata actcatcttt     48360
     caacattgtg cttgaagttc tgacatactt tgcaatgaag aaaatagaag taatttactc     48420
     caggaaatat gccattaagt cttttgcata cttaaggaag tagagattcc agaatctcat     48480
     tcctgtgttt tcctttctgt ttcttctcag tagttccaca tttgctcaaa taagggaata     48540
     cagcccctgt tagctgtaaa taagcataga attttgggtt cttctgaaac atggaagaca     48600
     tcatgctgtc taccaatttt attattgttt ttgttttgtt ttattttcaa taataataat     48660
     aaattcttgc aaaaatagag attatcttat catattctct gactgtagtc agtagacagg     48720
     atgatactta cacctgtgag gatacttagt actttccgtc ttttagtagt tgatcattca     48780
     ttcattcgtt tattcattca tgaaatgttc attgaccaca caactgtgta ccaggcacta     48840
     ttccagattt tcgggataaa ttagtgagca aaacaaaggt tcctattctc catggattta     48900
     gattccagat tgatgcacat gtcttatctt ttctagagtc tgtggccact tgaggcagga     48960
     gatgtgtttg tggtaccttt caatgttttt gcaaaggtga atatatgtct tcgagaagga     49020
     cacaactaat tgatggtgtc attgtaggag aaagtaatcc aatagcttag gggacaacag     49080
     ggaaagaaga aggagaacta gcttgggatt tggctgtcaa gatggataat atggctatta     49140
     aatggcacac tcccatatag ataattgaaa tagacacttg ttatcctttc aaccttctct     49200
     catttctcta catccctgat aaaagaagag actgaagcat agtgattcac tgtggacttt     49260
     agagtcagat agccctggat ttcctggctg taacctttaa taactaaaga acttggacat     49320
     actgtataac ctctctaggc tcccattttc ttatctataa agtgaagata ctaagagaac     49380
     ctactttata tggttggtat gaggattaaa taaaagaatg catgtaaaga ccttagctta     49440
     tgtgtaaaca ttagtaatta gtagcttctt aaaaggatta gtcctttaag gttggatttt     49500
     ctttttgttc tgcttgaatg aagaacccca gtattaaagg aagaaagtta ttagtctata     49560
     gtcacacagg tgataaggtg gtagatgcca tactctgacc ctctagctct gtgagtttgg     49620
     ctgtactcca ttgcctctca aggtgtcatc ttcccagagc acaaagagaa taaactcaaa     49680
     aagtacctat acatttgttt aaaaaacaag gcaaaacaaa acaaaactat aagcaaatat     49740
     tgaaatctag ttactagtag atttgctttc catagattat taattttgaa actactttct     49800
     gtgtattcca agtttgaaca aacaagtatg ttgaggataa taggaaccaa gtttcttact     49860
     attgaggaaa aaattacaat tatggaaaaa agggagacaa ggttctatgt atgttgttgg     49920
     attgtaattg gaaagaccag tatgaatgtg tatgcatata ttcatatagg atacagacaa     49980
     atatttatat ttatattcac atttatacac ttacatgtat attcatatcc agacttagtc     50040
     caccaaggtg acctagaagc aatgattttg cagtagcagt gagcaccacc tagtgacaga     50100
     tcctgatttc taaataccat tctccattaa aggcacaaaa acagctcctt ggtcaaatgc     50160
     tgattccaag actggtacaa ggacattaca agatgagcct gcaacatttt gtggagatag     50220
     aaagccacgt gaacaataga gacatgtcac gtaggaacca ccttgaaagg gttccccctg     50280
     gccaaatcca ggataaattg agcataaaaa taataatcat aatggattat aacccactga     50340
     ataagatatg aatccatgac tccatgctga tattaatgaa ttaataaatg agagagaagg     50400
     gaaagctctt tcttataata caatgttaac taaaaaatag agaaagaata atggagtaaa     50460
     aaagtcattt ttggatgtaa aactattaga tgagagctcg atgaagaata ggatgtttgc     50520
     atagtctagg catctcccaa caaattacct cttacttatt aggttggagc aaaagtattg     50580
     tgatttttgc cattaaaagt aattactttt gtgccaacct gatacagaga ggaaaggagt     50640
     aactttacag tagagaggcc tgggacagct cacctaactg ctgttttgct gagtctgact     50700
     tgtaccagcc catgagagcc aattatgtgt atttcttccc aacttggtat tcagtgatgt     50760
     cactttggta gctgaaaata gagcatggtg gaagtgtcta cactgaaaat tggtgaatac     50820
     taccaaagag ggatttcctg tcccctggag ccctgttgtt aaatatcgtc tggcacacca     50880
     atgatgttaa tcaagctatc aaagctaata gcaccaatat tgggacaggt gtacattttc     50940
     tgtctaaact cacatcggta cccagcacct ccctgcccct tctgtctgta ttccttaatg     51000
     attttcagcc agtaagcatg ttataaattc tcacaagttt tttcatacca atatgctact     51060
     atcacaaagc tcacaaaatt ttatcttaaa agggaaacac cttttagcca aaagagttgt     51120
     atgtctcaca ttggaacttc agacatcagt aaaaaggtga gtaggaacat ggaaggtggg     51180
     attggtgctt caaccccaca actaccaggt ccttgttcca gacttgagcc tttcattttt     51240
     tctgtcccag ggtcattgtt gagctaaatt taacatcatt agaaaatgta ctttaaaaaa     51300
     tctgcttaac aaatcatttt tgctctgtga catgaacatt ttttaaattg caagatttaa     51360
     aataataaac gatatgaaaa agttgagtat caaaaatata agcttaatgc ttcagtgccg     51420
     tttctaaaaa gtgggatggt aaatatcatt gtgaccattt ttagaaaatg caatcaacca     51480
     gaactataat tggtaaaaag gaatgactat gcttccatgt atatgtaatc tgtgtttgag     51540
     gcctagccag tacttgttca ctcctttaat tctgaatttt tatgaagaaa acattgacat     51600
     ggcctacata cgcctggatt acaggtgatg tgaataactt ggagaataaa ggtggatgtt     51660
     cctattctag accatttgct cctcctttaa tttatttatt tttatttatt tttttatttt     51720
     ttgagacagg gtctcactct gtcgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggtgtagt tatggctcac     51780
     tgtagcctca acctccctgg gctcaagtga tccttctgta tcagctcctt gagtagctgg     51840
     cactacaggc acacaccacc gcatctggct aatttttgta gttttttttg tagagatgga     51900
     ttgcaccagg ttgcccaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgggct caagtgatct acctgcctta     51960
     gcttcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgta agccactgat ttgctccttt taaagatcag     52020
     ctttattggg gtaaatttaa atataataaa atatcaccaa tttctaactg tgcaggtaaa     52080
     tatggtttga caaatatata gaattgtgga aagatcatag tcataacata gaagaacatt     52140
     tatatccacc caaaacatgt ccttgtgccc ttttgctccc tggtacccct ctcctacttc     52200
     caaatcctgg caacgcggat ctactttctg tcccttagtg tttacttttc ttgaatggcc     52260
     tgtgaatgac atcataatat atgtctttgg tgtctggctt tttaaactac gtgtactgct     52320
     tttgaggttc agccaagtgc tgtatgtggc attgttcctt gttatttcta cccttcctag     52380
     ccatggttag actataccac agtttatcca ttgaacagtt gatgcacgtt taagttgttt     52440
     cccgttttga gtgattgtga ataaatcttt cagccccata actaccaaga aattcttttt     52500
     tactcagtgt tttgagtggg aattaaagca aaccaattgg agagactggc ttgaccatcc     52560
     ttcaccaggc tctcacaccc agctggattt gactctcatt ttgttatgct ttggtaaatt     52620
     ttccccttat acctttctta cgaagtattt tgccatctac tttctgtttg gccattttga     52680
     actccctgct aggggcaagg agcatgtctt atctatcttt atttgaccca gtgcctagca     52740
     gagtgccttt cacataagag agttatgata aatacttaat gcattgattt acattcttct     52800
     ctagttgctc cttgaatgcc tacgtgcttt ttataatttt ttcaatccat tatcgtatta     52860
     cctctagagc agtgtgtctg atcttttggc ttccctgggc cacactggaa gaagaattgt     52920
     gggccacaca taaaagacat taatattaat gatagctgat gagctaaaaa ggaaaaaaca     52980
     aaaaggcccg tgcataaatc tcataatgtt ttaaggaagt ttatgaattt gtgttgggcc     53040
     gcattcaaaa ccatccaggc cgcaagcaga gtaagctgtc caactggcgg cccaggacag     53100
     ctttgaatgc agcccgatac aaactggtaa actttcttaa aacattatga gatttttttt     53160
     gtgtgatttt cttttctttt cttttccttt tttttttccc agctcatcag caatcattag     53220
     tattagtttt agtgtatttt atgtgtggac caagacgatt ctcccagtgt gacccaggga     53280
     agccaaaaga ttgcataccc ctgctctaga gtattataaa ataggattcc ccaaataaaa     53340
     acattttaat cctacctctg cctttaaatc attcactatg caacctataa gcagacttca     53400
     aattctttgt gacccttggg gatttttaag taggtttttt ttttccaact gtaaagtgag     53460
     agggtttgat gaaacacatt tgaggttccc ttttagttct aacattctgg gaatttataa     53520
     aaagcctacc aagtcagaac ctgcaagaga ggagagaagg caacatagga aagtggaagg     53580
     ggaaaggagg ttggaaagca agactatgtc atgtttctag gcaatgaaac ataatgtata     53640
     gtttcccaaa tagagggaaa tttggggaag gattcgagaa acatcagttg atgtgtaact     53700
     caacatttgt tggtagaagt cttttaaatt gttttatttt ataaaaagga cttcaattat     53760
     gacagtagtt cttttctata gtcaatttat tttttatttt tatttatcta ttttgagaca     53820
     gaatctcact ctatcactca ggctggagtt cagtggcaca atctctgctc gctgcatcct     53880
     ctacctctca ggttgaagtg attctgatgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctg ggattacagg     53940
     catgcaccac cacgcccagc taatttgtgt atttttagta gagatggggt tttgccttgt     54000
     tggccatgct gatctctaac tcctggcctt aagtgatctg cccaccttgg cctcccaaag     54060
     tgctgggatt acagatgtga gccaccgtgc ctgacctata gtcaatttag aatatcagta     54120
     attaggcagc ttattctaaa gaatgatggt gagattgaca acccctttac attggggaac     54180
     tgtaagtacc agtttgtgat gggtagtttc agttgtgact gttatcttgg tataattatt     54240
     aatagtgccc ctttcacttt cagatgggta ttggtgttgg agaatgcatt tatgtcaccc     54300
     aattgttagg ggttgcagag ccccagattt ctatctctgg ctcctgcccc ggcagggggt     54360
     ctgacttggg gatggtctga cagggctttt tgttttttta gctgactcct ttagcagcac     54420
     ggtctccagc tggcagagcc attagaacca ttctcttcta agcacctttt tctaacacgt     54480
     ctgaaaagtt tttgcctcct ctcgtaagac ttaagcagat tctccagcta cacgttaaga     54540
     tagcagcctt cctttcccct atgacaagag tataacaaca tccaatcatg aaatattcac     54600
     cacccacttc ctgtgtgcca agcactgagg ctgggctgag ggtatagaga gataaagatg     54660
     acaaacgaag cagacatgtt aaacaataac taaagtgtga taaatactat ctttgtacga     54720
     tgtacacaac atatattgag gtcattgagg gaagaatagt taattcagga gagaggaagg     54780
     agaggggaag aattttgagt taggcctgaa gcgggtagtt gtatgtatac atcttacagg     54840
     gggattgagt gggcaggtgg aggggctttc caggaagagg aagagacatg tgcagtgatc     54900
     catggccaga aaatacatgg tgtgactggg gaggcaaaaa gtagcctagt ctgactatcc     54960
     atttgttgta tatactggtt tggaaccgag tgcgacgcaa gaccttggac cacatcccgg     55020
     ggggaggtgt tgttattaga agtaccagac aggaccttat ttcacattta gcatggaccc     55080
     ccgatgattc catttgagtg aggtgtgggt gtattttcat tccagaattt tatactacaa     55140
     catgaccaca tgcattgacc aattttaata caggctttcc ttatgttgct ttataattag     55200
     aagccagtga attgaagttc cacagcggta catagactag tagtgatagc tttatggaat     55260
     tgtttatttt tagtttggca aaggctaagc agtaaatatc tcaattagta aactaaagca     55320
     gcatggatga gaaatgcccg caaggagatc aggagttaga aataactaag tcagttaatt     55380
     gaaggaaacc ctaatatcac ttacccatat ttagagtttg aagaaccatt ctaatatgtg     55440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcaca tgtacatgca cacacacact gtcagtatcc     55500
     acagtgctgc cagcattgag gtcctttgca ttccccaggt tctaattgtt taggaagttt     55560
     ctctctttgg agccactgtg cttggttatt gacccagtgg gataggtcag tgtcctatca     55620
     cagtacgatg ggttgttgtc tgactacaga agcttttcat cctgcaattt ctttcaatgt     55680
     gacccacgag ggattttatt atgaagtgct gggggaagtt attcgtattc atatttgtat     55740
     tcatattcac attatatggc ctgatgtgtg aagatattta gtgaaaacat gaatgtggca     55800
     ctgcagaatc atttactcgc ctctagatag aggctcctgc attatattta agattccatt     55860
     ttaagtttag agtgaaaaca gaggtggtct acaaagctta gttttaagaa tttaagtttt     55920
     gttcctagag ttccagtatc tctgggaaag attgaccact cagaagatga aacattcatt     55980
     gatagtgtaa aacattaaga atattagaga aaaaagtttt gtgttttaaa gttacaaaat     56040
     accattattt agttgttatg atgttttgac actgcacact ttagtccatt tggattcatg     56100
     gcacgtattt aacactgtat ggaaggttgt ttggatcttc cccctaaagt gggggagggt     56160
     cattagaaag gtccttgtct tcttatgctt aacaatttac tacgtatcag ctctctctgg     56220
     tctatagggg acatgatggg ggtttgtgca tctgcagatt aaatttctgt atgtctcctc     56280
     tctgttttgc agacaggaaa aagatagcat tcagcagagc tttagcaagg aagcaaaggc     56340
     ccaagccctt caggcccagc aaagagagca ggagctgaca cagaagatac agcaaatgga     56400
     ggcccagcat gacaaaactg gtaggtggta gggaaagatt agagcctggg cactagctca     56460
     caagtcaggc ccacgcctta ctgtgaaatg acatcaggaa cacctgtaac ctttggctgg     56520
     ccgaagggag cagatgctaa ctacaccgga gattccgaat tacatattag ttagcgttta     56580
     aaagagaaaa tggaaagtat tgcccactgt ctgttgattt cagagtgctg ctctcacatc     56640
     tgttgcacca tctggattat gagtttattt acctgtgttc aagaaacgta aagctgagag     56700
     agaccacaac aaagtagaaa aacaaagggc ttgtttttgg ctgggttttc aggcacacat     56760
     gttatataaa gaaaatagca tcagaagctc tgcgggaaat gctctgagct tacagttaga     56820
     gtctcctgaa tagcattgaa cagttcccac agtacacaca ttatagctac tctaaaagcc     56880
     taatgagttt gcttcagcat ccaaactgga gaaaagcttt agccattaat cggttcttaa     56940
     ttcactgtcg cagctggatg taattcagtg gctccaaatt gatatgttcc tttatttaat     57000
     ctttgcagct tcgaacattt ttagcatttg tatgatttcc ccacctcccc caacccaatc     57060
     tagagtgatg tttaatcctt tgcattcttc aagttctcac aactgctgtt aaaattcact     57120
     aatacaaggc actgaccaca gctggcagct tggctaaaaa ttgccatctt tcatcacatt     57180
     ggcactattc tgcagactga gttggccagt aactctttac ctttaatttg aaagtaaaat     57240
     gcactttgaa aatagacagt ttgatttgtt cagtcagagc attatgtagt ttctttcact     57300
     tttgagttgt gtgttcacag acagtgttag tcaaaacaag acagtgtcag tcattataat     57360
     tccacaccac atactccaca ctgattgtac tattaaaaca aaagtttaat tgatcctgtc     57420
     tcttccagaa aaatgttgct taattttagt gccttgattt attttgattt gtatgctata     57480
     tgctttttgc caatcattgg ctaaaattga aaagaaataa aggcctctta aaacttatgc     57540
     ttagaggtaa ttttcatatg atttaatgta ttaatatatt gtatttgatg acacagtaag     57600
     aaattatttc ttatcctatg ggtgaaaaat tgccaacagg caagtcatta aataatctat     57660
     ttacttatga agaggcaaat gtcatattga ctcacataat tccctctatc actttcagta     57720
     gagattttct tccaacagca tttggccaga agaaacgaaa attcaccagg tttagtagaa     57780
     gtttttcctc taaaaacaaa aagaggcaat tgtaggataa attattgttt ttgcccccac     57840
     tgctagcatg atcctagtga tcagagtctt gggcagaatc taagcactag attagaatgt     57900
     atttaactgt taaaaccgcc ttaagaacat ttccttttgt cttgtacaca catacacaaa     57960
     atcacactgt tttcaatttc tttgaccaga tctccattga agctcatgct gttgacaatg     58020
     aaattaaaat tctaaagaaa atacacattt ttaccttcat aattagagaa gtgtatgcaa     58080
     gattgggggt ggtggtggta gtaaaccatg tgtgcaaata tgaaacaaag catgaattac     58140
     agtgtagaag agaattcctc gatgatttta gttttgagtt atctggttgt gataattttt     58200
     gacactctgt ttatagtaaa attgtcaaaa taaaaatata atatcttgca tattgcaaag     58260
     atataagcat ctattcttcc acttgaggta tttgacactt tattaacatg ttaaaatgtt     58320
     acaccaagct ggtatgatga aaaatgtttc tggtgtataa ttatgttgaa aataaatgac     58380
     tcccaagatt gagtgtcttt ccagatgata agtcctttga cttaggacat tgaaggtgat     58440
     ctagtggctt attggaaatg tgtaggggtc taagcacttt accactctat gtatggaagc     58500
     actgcagagc gacaaccata aacatcttat gttggtgggg gtttattgtt atttctagaa     58560
     aatgaacagt atttgttgct gacctcccag aatacatttt tgacaaagtt aaaggaagaa     58620
     tgctgtacat tagccaagaa actggaacaa atctctcaaa aaaccaggta ggtgatgtta     58680
     tagaatactt tcaagagcac tgtttgtgtg attactctaa tttttcctta aaaaacatca     58740
     tttgcactgt tttatagtct aatgtcaaaa ttaggtatct gctgatgttt tctttgaaaa     58800
     tattttctac atatggacat tttcttaatt gtctatacgc ttttatgttt tttcatggtt     58860
     atgtgtatgt actattattt gacatttcaa tgtttagaat tgaaaactgt gaaatttcag     58920
     gaaagaagga tcaatatggt aataacataa acatgcagat aaatcaagca gttataaaat     58980
     cttacatagg tatggttaac acattttaat ctattgttac aattcaccat gaacacaaaa     59040
     gctgtcttta ggttaaatga taacagatga aatgtgtata tataaaaatg aaagtagatg     59100
     gtactttgaa ataaataaac caaaactatt cttcccttct cctaaaattg ttatatttta     59160
     atagaacagc catcattcat tttatagcat actactcttt tataaatcca ttgattggaa     59220
     tcttaatgac ttttttctat acactttcta gtcagattat ctcaatgaat aaattatttc     59280
     atattctaaa ctgcaagaag cccgactccc catctcagct ccgacagtaa ctgaataatc     59340
     ttggacaaat gtatttgacc tacttggact atagtttctt cttttgtaaa tgaaagacat     59400
     tggacagaat cactttaaat tgaactatag aaggcaatat tcacataact gataagatgt     59460
     caaatactac tttatatgat aactcaatga aaaaattgcc tgtgtgtctt cttttctgca     59520
     tttttctgaa actcacatag atctattgag agcaggaaat atggctcagc aaacaaacta     59580
     ctgacctaga tgtttcattc gggaaggatt tctgggagta tcagggcata tctgatcact     59640
     ctgagctcca tcttggaatc ctgcatcaac aagctgtctt agctgataga acccccatcc     59700
     ctgaatcttt tggggaatca gagggctcgt gcatccaact ctccctgctc accaggaagg     59760
     cagaggctcc tgtaaccacc aagaatgtac tctgacatgc gcaccttcct agcgtatact     59820
     aagattgtat tttggtaggg gaaaacctag gtgccaaaat accagatatt tcaaggaaat     59880
     ttgaccaaga aaaccaaatg attttgtcat gaaagagacc cataaaatat caacagtagc     59940
     tattcttaac cagaaatact tgatttgcac cacatagatc caaaagtaat ttgttagaag     60000
     caaacaaaca agattgtatc atttagggat aaaatgatat caatctgggt tttatataaa     60060
     tgtattaggt ctaaaattgg tttgtgaatg attagtgatc ttgctctcca aggagaccta     60120
     attagggaaa tttattatat aaaagagaca aaaaggtgct tggtatgtta tttaattctc     60180
     accacaactt gaggcaggaa ttattatctt ccagataagg aaaccaaaac tgtttaaata     60240
     actggtgagt gggagagcta cggttctaac ataggtattt ctggttccaa agtatacgtt     60300
     ctttcttatg gtaattacag tattttacat ctattgctaa agaaaattca agccacagta     60360
     gttatgatga gaaagtttgg gaaggaaaaa ttcaccttta aatttccgtg gagaagtaag     60420
     cgtccttggc atgtaacggt taacttactc tgtgccccta ggccctcttt ttcctcctct     60480
     agatctgtca tcttagcctg tactggtcta actcagaacc tctattgctc ctcctgcttc     60540
     tcattcctcc agctcctgaa cagtactttg taaattggat gtattctttt gtatctgaca     60600
     tagatggcat ttaatgaata aatgatgaat gaatgaaaca aataggtgtg gtgctattcg     60660
     cacctcctga tctgacttct gatgccagtc tgtcccattg ttgatggctg acagtgtgca     60720
     gtaaagaaca catggcaatt cagaggaact aggtttgaat ctcactctcc cacttggagc     60780
     tttgtaacct tgggtacatg gcctcatttc cccaaacctc agcttctcct tctgtaaaaa     60840
     catttctaaa gccacactgc aggattgtta tgggaattag aattgtgtat atagatacgc     60900
     atacatacac gtatcaagtg cctagcacag tgcctgacac atagtaatac acagtagctg     60960
     ctattatttt cactggtggc atttttaagg gtcttgactg gtaatttggg tatcacttta     61020
     catagctatt gtctttgcca gggaaagtct gactgtcatt ttccgacgga cataagtcta     61080
     tgccacaatg aaagcctttt taaaacagcc agatcaggaa aatgtggatc tagttgtatt     61140
     ttgtaactct gatgaattaa agcaggcacc tactctaagt ttacaatttg actcaaccaa     61200
     ggcctggcaa gtagtaaaca cttgataaat tgttacttac tatttttaaa actctcaagc     61260
     gcccctaaaa cttacgaaaa gtgcattttg tgtgcctcac aagaaggtag tgaataggac     61320
     aaattttgat tttagggttg tttgttctta atttctttta gttccagttt catttctccc     61380
     tggcttctta ctatgacatt ttcaataact cattcatgtt aagttttaca ttccattttg     61440
     atgttacctt ctgctttgaa accacctata aaacttgaag ggcttaaact gcttctttta     61500
     aaatacaaat tattaatgta gtaaactctg aagaagccct ccaggagtgt gcctctgcat     61560
     accccatgcc aaactattgg gataaataat tttccctgtg ctttgaggta aggaaaatct     61620
     tggagtttct aaagttttgt cattgtggaa actcagtctc caaatttata cttatgcaat     61680
     ccatatggta attttggtcc agcttttcct cagagtatta cagtaaaatt cttcttgaaa     61740
     agtaagtgta tttattttgt attgagcaat aattaagaca tatttttcct tcctctgtta     61800
     ctagcaacat tactctaaga gtcttgtttt tcaaaatacc aactaaacaa atagattcct     61860
     accatttaaa acaagatttt aaactcacag atctagtcat ttgactgaag cccatgcaga     61920
     atgacgggaa agctgagagc atgggctcgg cgtgcacgta cgcccttact ctctgcccca     61980
     gcttcatgct aggctgctct gttgctctgt gaaaatgttt tgaaatggta cctccgtgtg     62040
     tgtgtctgtt gtatgtgttt tctccccaag gagaccgtaa gtcgcattat ggcagtgacg     62100
     actgcttctg ttttctggaa gcctccatag tgattagcac agtagtttgc gcgctctgtg     62160
     tactccacac tgcacgtagt ggtgtctgta accccggggt ttgtgaatgg cacgtcccat     62220
     tttaaaactt aaaatgaact gccgattctg tgcatgttgt atagcttgtt tttgaccatc     62280
     aggcaagaga attaattcca ttttgctttt aattggcacc aggcagacat tctggctgat     62340
     tttagttgaa gctcacataa actttcgcta tccttccttc tgtattcccc agtactctga     62400
     gagcttatta tagttatggg gttgtttttt gaaggaggta aacggagcta tttaaatatc     62460
     ttcggtacaa ctgtgatttt tctttatcaa agtgaaggaa gtgttctctc tccccacgcg     62520
     cttagatgaa tcagcagtaa aacgttgcag tgcggtttgc agtgctatct aacacctggc     62580
     ctgggagagc tggaaggatt gggtgctggc agggagtgag cctctgccag ccacagagtg     62640
     gagagaagtg tgtgctaggt tttagcttcc acctcttgca cactgaaaag aacaggatag     62700
     agcatagaac cagggtctat gtggttttgc ttctttcttt tctgtcattg tcactttctg     62760
     ggttgtgagg cttgtggact gatgtctaac actgcccatt gtgtatttgt gatttgcgtt     62820
     ttgtaattaa gaggaacaat gggagtccat ggggtctcgt tatatataat ggttggttta     62880
     atttgtttca cttctatctt gttaattgta aattgatcat taagatttga attctaatct     62940
     gtcaccaggg ttgtgagtat tgaggctaga gcaatgatcc cggttttaat cactgatgat     63000
     gagaaacaaa ttttataatt ttggtacata ttgcagttca tatattttaa cactatactt     63060
     tatggtgtta taaatattgt taaatgactt ttagtgtagt tttactgtgt ggactataat     63120
     gtgtaaatta tattactgtt ttggcaacag taggtatcca actgtgtgag tttaattgag     63180
     gtgaagaaca cacacccggt tgaactgttt ttttcctttg catgtttaga tgatgttagg     63240
     ttgggatact ataaaaatta tattttctac aagaggagac tgatattggc ctctgctaat     63300
     tgttaccaaa agtcaaacta gaacctaaaa gaataaaaaa ttaagatatt gtatttccct     63360
     ttgaaagcaa ttatcatttt aatccgaatt atagtagtaa aatatatttc atgcaaatgc     63420
     aattatgcaa cataactggt atataaaaat acaggggaaa gttcatgctt ctgtaaagcc     63480
     agaaattgcc tgaattttct atgaaaatgg attagagtca attatccttt tatatgacac     63540
     aggataatca tgccagaaat gtatctccta actaacagaa aacttgtaag tttactcttt     63600
     gagctttgca aactactagt tctaggaaca tatcgtgagc tgcagacaga aaaaggatga     63660
     tgtgcaggca tatatgtcaa atttttattg aaaaatggaa gttggtaggc aaattacaat     63720
     tataaacaaa gaaaaaaaca aaaatgtgaa gcagaaaaaa agattgttgc aatacacact     63780
     tgatagtgat gtgtacttta taaataacat ttatattttt gggattatgt aagacatcct     63840
     caatgcaggg aatttggaaa atacaaagaa gaattaagga aaatttcctg tgccactacc     63900
     agctagagat aactattctt acctctgata tatttccctt cagtcatttt tcatgtgtat     63960
     gtctgtgtac atttatagtg tgattgagat tataccgtat atacagtttt gcgtctgctt     64020
     tttcatttga tatctaatga acatttttct atatcagtaa atactctgaa aacaaaactt     64080
     tattaaatga tttgcgtgta taagaattat taggctttta agatgcttcc aatttttaac     64140
     cgtttatgaa taataataca acaaaaactt tgtacctaaa tctaaatttt tgattgtttc     64200
     cttaattgct ggtccaagac gattaatcct tttaagggtg ttgatgtgtt ttaccttgct     64260
     gaagtactac actaacttct aataactgta tatgtagcca tattagtaaa taacattaca     64320
     aagaagtgag atttttttaa aaaagcatga gaggcaatat tgcacaggtg ggtggaacca     64380
     cccctttaga ggtggactaa gtaatatctg ggcttgacta cttggatgac cttaggcaaa     64440
     ttattcaact tcatgtttac ctcacagaga aaagaaaaga aacccttaca agtaccttat     64500
     aggattaatt gagatcatga atgtaaagga tggatttcac tgtttgttat acggtggcat     64560
     gcagtaaata tttggtggta gtatctggtt ttgttgtgct attttttgaa taatagtgaa     64620
     attgaatatg ttataaatgg tattgatcat ttgtgtttct tctgtagata ttttcaatat     64680
     ttcttatact ttttaattgg aattttgatg gagagtgcag ttagtgtttc attaaattat     64740
     gcttttaatg tttgtcttat ttttgtaaat aatttcctgt tgtttacatt gattttaatt     64800
     aataagcttt attttttaga gcagttttag gttcacagca aaactggaca gaaagtacag     64860
     aactcccata tattccctgt tccttccaca cacaacctcc cccaccagtg acatctacat     64920
     tttgttttat tatgattttt ttcaaaatca gaatgaattt atttaaaaca aataaaatac     64980
     atatctattt taaaaattta gaaagtatgg aaaaggatga atacagaaca gagaaaacat     65040
     tcctgatcct accatccaga aataaccaat attaatagtt ggtatgcatg tcaaaatatt     65100
     tttctaaatt ataaaatgaa atcacattac acatgctgac ttttaatgtt ttctctttgt     65160
     tactaatatg tcacagtttt agatcaataa atatcactta taaatagcca cattatcaga     65220
     ataataagta acataaccaa gctcctgttg atagatttct tggttaagtt tccagattat     65280
     gggttgcaaa gaaaggttgt ttctagaaac aatgctacaa tgaatactct cacacaaacc     65340
     tatgatatat tttaaatgtg atttttttat gcataaaagt tttgtatttt tatattgtaa     65400
     aatctatttt tttctttgtg atttttcttt ttaaaagtgc cttttgcttg gaaagtgcct     65460
     gggaaaagat caatgttctg catttttttc taatctggtt taaggatttt ttttcttctt     65520
     ttgaaattta ttttagtgca tggtatgata ggagatacta atcttggaag ggataccaga     65580
     tcaaaaattt atcataactg cctctaaatt cttttgtatt gtatgtgatt ctgaaaggag     65640
     aaacgtaagt cattattaac tcctttcgga ctatttcaaa tatgggtaga ttcttattag     65700
     gagaagcaaa tgtagattga gcacttgatc tgaacttgaa aatgagataa tccatgctct     65760
     catacagaat atggtaggaa agacaaggca cagagcacaa tttaaaagaa taaattataa     65820
     gctaatgtat gcataaaggc tagaggtagc ttcaaaaaac gtgctgacat attgagaact     65880
     gcaaggtatc aatcagggca agcttccttt tggatgacat ttgaaccaag atgaaaacaa     65940
     aatgaagaat gaggtgaact aaaagcaaga gtttttgctc catacacgtg agcagcctgg     66000
     tccttgggat gaacaatttg taaagtaaga tttcccttag caaatccaaa tccttttctg     66060
     accaggaaga aaaggctatc ttgcctactg gaagaattct ttctttgaag ggaattaatt     66120
     ttatgtcagg agtcttcaga aaacaatcca atcattaacc tgaaaacgac tcataatata     66180
     caagagtttt aaactttcca ttctaactga ttaggcatta gggcatgagg agatggtggc     66240
     agtaggcagt aatttagagt ttacttaata caaggaaagg aatataattt ttcttggata     66300
     aacatctttc tgatcttcaa attttgagac ttggattgtc atctaagaca cgaaaaacaa     66360
     gatattccca ttttgctcag gggaggtcaa tcttttttct attaagacct tcagtggatt     66420
     ggataaagcc tgcctgcatg gacggcaatc tgcttttctc aaagtttact aatttaaatg     66480
     ttaatatcat ctaaaaagca ccctcacaga aatgtccaga ataatgtctg gccaaatgtc     66540
     tgggcaccat ggcccaaaga agttgacaca taaaattaac cattaaagaa ctatttttat     66600
     tttaactgtg tgccattaaa ctggttatgt taattaaaag aaactctgtt atagaaatta     66660
     ggcctagggt ttcttctttg acagcatagt gtttggccta taacaagcac tcagtaagta     66720
     tttgttaaat gaatgacagt cttttaaaaa agagatttga tcattatcat gtttgtctta     66780
     ttccttaggg aagccatttc tgttagagta agttgttatt cctttttctg tctaacacat     66840
     gagtctctac aatgtatctt gccatttctg aaatattttc ttttgcaaag gatgtagttt     66900
     tcattatgct atcatgttta agtgtggagt ttaagataat gttaaggtta tataataaca     66960
     atatgcccta gtaataagaa cttctaacat ctattatttt tgtgttttca cctctagatc     67020
     tgaaatagct caactcagtc aagaaaaaag gtatacatat gataaattgg gaaagttaca     67080
     gagaagaaat gaagaattgg aggaacagtg tgtccagcat gggagagtac atgagacgat     67140
     gaagcaaagg taatcaaggt ttcatgtcaa ctcatgtgcc gcatattgaa tgtgtttggt     67200
     ttacacactg aaggggaatt gctgcggaat aagtagaatt catcatcatt atgctacttg     67260
     tgacatgctc aaaatctaat actttatttt atgtatttat gcttccttaa tttaggttgt     67320
     tcttattata tacaaagagg agagtacatc ctctttttgt tattctctga agacatagaa     67380
     ttagatttaa catggaagaa tggaggaaag ccattttcct ttaaggtgta agttggtaat     67440
     attgtaatat ggaggaattt caaattatct ctcctagaaa ttagatttta tatgcttttt     67500
     gtaaggtaaa gcacatagta ggtctaaaga ggttaaacat cttatcagag gttgcactaa     67560
     tagcattgct agagtcagaa cttgactaca aacaaaacct tcacttcttt ctggtggtgt     67620
     tactttgagc aagtcactta agttctctga gtgactgttt cttcacctat atattggcgc     67680
     taatcatatc tactttgcat tttgatggaa agatcaaata taatatggca aagcacatgg     67740
     ctcataaagg ccacccacta aatgtcatca ataattatta ttctcttttt ctagatgaag     67800
     aaattcggct cagagaggct aataggtttg ctcaaagtga cagatggaat aagtggtaga     67860
     gttcagactt gaatcttgat cttttgactc caaaatcctt ttctttttgt gcagtaatgg     67920
     ggattttttt tttggcaata aacacagcct cttactattt tttatccatg tgccatttct     67980
     cacttctgtg tgataatgga ttccctgggc agaaaataat ctcagtattt cacagcagac     68040
     agtgaatagg tttctgtaga cttggacttc cacatgacaa ccgcatgcac gatgatagca     68100
     gccacccttc cagtggacac ggttcgcgtg gcctccagct cggcatcccc acaccatttc     68160
     ccagccatcc atgccttctc tgtttcaaaa acagttcttg atataattga aggaaatgaa     68220
     aatatttata gactccttgt atttttttaa atgtaaagta agcatattag cctggggtgg     68280
     gggggaggta tttttacgtt gattacttgc tttattgaat gaagacaggc agtcagatga     68340
     tggcactgct tgtcagttat caaaatacca aaatatggat atacttgcaa agtaataatt     68400
     attcattcac tattaaaatg tttacttaag cccaggcact tctgtaggcc aggggtctgc     68460
     aaacgttttc cgtaaagggc cagagagtaa atatttcgga ctttgcaggc cacacgtggt     68520
     ctccgtggca tagtcttcct tgttttgtgt tttttacaac ccttggaaaa agtaaagacc     68580
     attcttagct agaggaccaa caaaatgagc cagaggattt ggccattggg ccagcctttg     68640
     ccccagtcct gtgcacctgg ggcatctttc catttatttt cttacatttg tgtattgctt     68700
     tagagttcct agaatgctct cacacatagt accttatgta ccttgaagca accttgaaag     68760
     tagctgcatt tatcatctcc atttccagat ggagaactaa gcctaagaaa gacaaacgtg     68820
     ccgaatgaag gtcaggtggc aaattaatgg ttcgttcatt caacattgat tgattgattg     68880
     attgattgct gctgtgtgtc acattttcta ccacatgctg gaataaaata gcaaagtaga     68940
     tatagttccc actctaatgg agtatacatc cttataggga agatggatat tagcaaaaga     69000
     atttcataac tgtctaatta attatagttg acccttaaac aacacagatt tgaactgttt     69060
     gggcccattt atacacagat tcttctcaat aaatttattg gaaaattttt tggagatttg     69120
     caacaatttg aaaaaacctg cagacaaacc atgtagccta gaaataatga aaagaagttt     69180
     taaatttaag tatgtcatga atacataaaa catctgtaga tactggtctt tatcattgac     69240
     taccataaaa tatatgcaaa tctattataa aaagttaaaa tttatccaaa cttacacaca     69300
     caaacacaga tcatacatgg taccatctgc aattgagaga aatgtcaaat gtgaaggtgc     69360
     agtattagat cgtaactgca tgaagttaac tgtagcacac actgtactac cgtgataatt     69420
     ttgtaaccac ctcctgttgc tattgcgagg agctcaagta ttgtaagtat ccactgaaaa     69480
     cgctgtgtgg actaaatcgt ctgcatgtga acagtttctc tctccagtaa attgcttatt     69540
     gcaataacaa gtgatctatt gcagctcttg tgtatttttc atcatgttta gtgcaataca     69600
     taaaccttga ataacaccgt gggacccata cgaagtgcca ctagtgatgt tggaagtact     69660
     tccaagaagc agagaaaagt catgacgtta caagcaaaag ttgcattgca ggatatgtag     69720
     cttagattga agtttgcagc tgcagccgcc tgtcatttca gatgattcat cttataaaca     69780
     gacattataa acttatggca tcaatatata acagtacagt actgtaaaag tattttctct     69840
     tatgattttc ttaatatttt ttctagctta ctttattgta agaatatagt gtataacaca     69900
     tataacatat aaatatgtgt taatcaacca tttatgttat caatataagg cttctggtca     69960
     acagtaggct gttggtagtt gaatttgaga ggagtcaaaa gttatgcatg gattttttga     70020
     ctgtacaggg ggttgatgct cctaaccccc atgttgctca agggccaact gtacagtaat     70080
     gaccagttct atgaaggaga aatatatttt gtggtacaag tacatttaat aagggaactt     70140
     gttttttaaa aaattatttt taagagaata tctcactctg tcgcccaggc tgaagtgtaa     70200
     ccttgaactc ctgggctcaa gtgatcctcc ctcctcagcc ttccaagcag gtagggctac     70260
     aggtacatac caccatgctc tgctaatttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagagt     70320
     ctcactctgt cgcccagggt ggagtgcagt agcgcgatct cggctcactg caacctccgc     70380
     ctcctgggtt caaacaattc tcctgcctca gcctccggag tagctgggat tacaggcgcc     70440
     tgccaccacg cccaactagt ttttgtattt tttagtagag acagggtttc cccatgttgg     70500
     ccaggctggt ctcaaactcc tgacctgagg tgatccgcct acctcggcgt cctctgggat     70560
     tacaggcatg agccaccatg cctggcctaa tttttaaaac tttttgtggg tactaggtct     70620
     tgctatgttg tccagtctgg tcttgaattc ctcgcctcaa accatcctcc cgcctcggcc     70680
     ttccaaatct ctgggattac aggtgtgtga gccactgtcc ccagcagggc acttaacatt     70740
     gattaagaaa agcttcaatg agaacatgac atttgaatcg gtaagcagtg ggattagatc     70800
     aggaattggc aaactatctg gccctctcct aaaaaatttt actgactcct gttctagaga     70860
     aagaaaatct ataaaatgga agttcctgag ataagaaagc atagtactgg aggaagagca     70920
     agaactgtgt gtccaacata aaggaaaaca gaaagtgtgg catacaatga ggttggagag     70980
     gtaggaaagg gctggaccta aaggcagggt ctttatgttt ttgtttttat tttattttat     71040
     ttatttattt tttgatacgg agtctctctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcgcaa     71100
     tcttggctca ctgcaagctc cgcctcccag gtccacgcag ttctcctgcc tcccgagtag     71160
     ctgggaccac aggcgcccac caccacgccc ggctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagagacg     71220
     gggtttcacc gtattggaca gcatggtctg gatctcctga cctcgtgatc cgccagcctc     71280
     ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagctaccgc accgggctgg tctttatgtt     71340
     tttatcatgg acctttaaat ttatcttgtt actaatggga agaaatcaaa agatttttta     71400
     aaaaatagag gagatgtgat cagatttgca tttaaaaatt gtattctaac tccacaatag     71460
     ataacagatt ggaacagagc catcgtgttt gctcaagacc agttatgggc cgggcgtggt     71520
     ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gccctttgag aggccgaggt gtgtggatca tgaggtcagg     71580
     agttcgagac cagcctggcc aacatggtga aaccccgtct ctaccaaaaa tacaaaaatt     71640
     agctgtgtgt ggtggcgagc gcctgtaatc ctagctactc gggagggtga ggcaggagaa     71700
     tcacttgaac ccgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagccaaga tggcaccact gcactcaagc     71760
     ctgggtgata gagcgagact ttgtctaaaa aatcaaacaa acagaaaaac gattagggag     71820
     tttttggact tagtcaagca atgatgatgc ttggactgga atgctaatat tggtgacaga     71880
     aataaacact ggcgaaatgt gtaggaagta gaaccagcag gagttacttg attggcagtg     71940
     ctgggtggag aagaggagcg tgtcaaggac gacacccata tttctgacct gagcaatggg     72000
     tgcctagtgc tgctacttac tgagaactag ggaacactct aaagaagctg gtttggggtt     72060
     gagatggcct gggtttggga tgagatcaag cgttacgttt tggccatgaa tttaatgttc     72120
     aaatgatggt aaagatcatt caagttgtaa aaacgaagaa agttaaattt tcaactggtg     72180
     gtttggaacc cctggtgtcc acaaaggcag tccagggaat tcatgttaaa gatggcagtg     72240
     ccattttttt tttctgtttt tattttaaag taagtatcaa ttcacctatt tctccctaga     72300
     aaatagagct gtgtgaaaat cccccagtgt atacagagtg gacaagcccc agagccagtg     72360
     gagcactgct gagcacctgt gtcctctcat ctgggcgttc actgtcaccg actcccagta     72420
     atcccggggg tttcgtcaat tacacagttt tacaggagtt ttttccccct tttgtatggt     72480
     aatatattgt ttaaagtata tccataaaaa ccattgtcta aagacatgca gcttctgatc     72540
     gaagtgtaac aatctagtaa tgagtttaaa ataggtaatt cttctataaa ctagattcag     72600
     gatgatcttt accaaatccg taagttctat gtttgtcata gaaatttgat tcttcaaaag     72660
     ccaatgttaa aaatacaaat tataatattg atttctatct aatttgacat tttaatttgg     72720
     ggaattaaca ctatttacta ttttcagaaa agtgcttgaa aatagaagcc tgaaatctta     72780
     atctttatct cataatttaa aaacaaaaag agtcctttgc aggaacatga atggagctgg     72840
     aggctattat tcttcaaact agtgcaggaa caaaaaacca gataccgtat gttctcattg     72900
     taagtgggag ctaaatgatg agaacacatg gatacttaga ggggaacaga agacacaggg     72960
     gcctgcctga ggggaggagg tggaagaagg gagaggatca ggacaaataa ctaatgggta     73020
     ctcggcttaa tactagggtg acagttataa tctcttcaca atctcccatg atacaagttt     73080
     acctatataa catacctgca cgtatacccc tgaacttaaa agttttaaaa aaatgggaaa     73140
     attaaaaaaa gagagaaagc tgtaacagta gcagttgaat tttatattca aaaagcaaac     73200
     atttcaaaac aaatcatgaa attgttttta tttgttattg attttataac atgggtttaa     73260
     tttcaaatct atgttttaga gtatcttttg gtgtgaagac gttattagcc aatggtgcct     73320
     ttttctttca taattaattc actatggatt taatttatgt aaatgaaata gtggcattat     73380
     ttattgcaca ggaaaattaa aattttatgt tacaaagttc aaacttatgc ttattttaaa     73440
     tgaaatgctt ttacttaaaa agttcctctt tattatatat aataatgaga tgatttaata     73500
     aattccatgt gtttctatgg agggggtttg agagtcaaaa gaaatttgga gacgctgagg     73560
     tagacaaagt gcggcgtata aggttcctga gaagagaggt gggttgggat accaagcact     73620
     gagcagaaaa tgatagtgaa ctgggcgaag ggtcacctcc tccgttgcca tcgcagcagc     73680
     tgtagcagaa gagattatat gagctgataa atgcaggctt atggatacgg tgctggaaag     73740
     gtaacctgat gccagactta gtttattctg tgtttattgg gcatctgttt tgtaccagtc     73800
     actgtgctag gcctggagac acaaagatgt aaaagatata ctctgccttg gagaactgcg     73860
     tgaactcgga gggcggaggt tgcagtgagc cgagatcgcg ccactgcact ccagcctggg     73920
     caacagagtg caactccgtc tcaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggat atactctgcc     73980
     gcactctcgt ggctgcagac ttcctttctg tttgggctgg cctaagtatt gcaatcctgc     74040
     agtgcagagt agccatggca gcacctgcca tctcctggga ggtcactcct ggctgctgcc     74100
     atgcctccag aaacccagat gcaagaagaa agtctctcct gaggaaccag cctcccttgg     74160
     caggctagac aggagttggc tgcccttaaa gtgtttattt gtttaagtct cctgttctct     74220
     ctgttttata tagacctaaa ggtctgttat tgagatttgg agtgtatggt caaaaacttc     74280
     cactgcccct ggggcagtct tgagttgttc atcctttgct tagaaaagtg atcaaggtgt     74340
     agacccaagc tccctgggta gtgatgacca gaagactcac cccgagtata ggtgtttttg     74400
     tcaattctta tggacagttt caaaatctat taagtaaaaa atttaaaagt actaaaattt     74460
     ggtttttata agccaaaaca acttactgcg aatgctaatg caatattcta ctggccgcct     74520
     ccacacccgg cagagcttgt gtgatgtaac ataagcgctg ctagtttgac ttttgatgat     74580
     ttggggaaag gattctaatt attactaggt tatcagcgtt gttctgaggt catcttcatt     74640
     ttcaaatgct gctcttcttg cttttaatta taaattgctg ttaatttagc ttcatcacaa     74700
     taatttagtt tgttttggat tgttttgtta accccctacg gtgcagtatt gcatacttgc     74760
     atcagtggta taatggtttc ccagtaacta cattttaagt cccgtatgac ttgtaataca     74820
     gaaatgaatc acccattatc tcttttgcta aagcagatat atgatccctg cctcctgcca     74880
     ccacctcagc aatttgctgt agagaggcag tcctttgatt tgctccttgc aaatgtttgt     74940
     ttttaagtaa ctgataacat gctattaaga gcaaattaac aaaattagat ttatatgcca     75000
     ttattttata atataaaatt atactcttat gaagaaatgg taagagatgt atatgttgct     75060
     agaaaagaat cttattacat cttgttttga aatgttccgt tatccctaga gtttgtttca     75120
     ctggaccact gacatgtttg gattagggag gctgtctcat ctaaggggtc taacaacaga     75180
     caatcgaata ctagaaatca catagaaaag tttatccttt tcaaattatt caaaaattgt     75240
     aagccaattg gggttcaaac agtccctttg taatgagcca gttgtatgca ttgagaactc     75300
     cctgtgagga ctggaagtca cgtttgttta tactgtggtg ggaaggccag atcagactgc     75360
     tgccctccca ataagttggg agctttgcca ctctgtggga gttagaattt tgatctggga     75420
     atggataatg agttatttaa agcaggctgt gcatttacct tagctgggac aaggcagctg     75480
     ctataactga ttaccaggga gaacattaag tgggaaaagg aggcaacaaa acaaagttgg     75540
     gacaatgcca aagaaatgat gttacacttt tgcctgggat aggcccacta cccaggaaaa     75600
     agaaaaagac accctttgat ttattcatca aatatttacc gagtgcttat acactgctga     75660
     tgtgcttggg atacatcaaa ggacacgtag acagccttgt ccttatggaa cttacatgct     75720
     ttaagctacc ttcaagatct agtcctttgt ttttaagacc taaagccaaa agtagagaga     75780
     tagtatgcat cgtacgtaac agcatccttc ctaaaaccaa gttctctggg ctttcctcag     75840
     tttacttctt tgtagctgct ttgtagctcc atgggctaat tccttaatct taaacttcat     75900
     cttcctcact ttcttgatct ccaaaatgct accttgtagg ttgtgaaaac tgcctaaaat     75960
     aatccacaaa aaggtcttta gaatagttcc tggcacaacg ttagtgctta acaaatgttt     76020
     cacattgcta ttcattcata tccttcattc aacatattta ttaggccctt aatacatgct     76080
     gagctctgtt ctggattctg ggattgcagc aggaacttca gagacttaga ttctaaatgg     76140
     ttgtttattt atattatagg ttaaattgac tcttgtgagt tagtctgtga accaaaatac     76200
     catgtttaca taatgttatt tctaaggcaa aatgcctttt gaattttcaa caactgattt     76260
     atggaacgac attttggacc acgacttggg atatgcctat gatgttctaa gtgtttgtga     76320
     acatgtgaat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtcc tctattcgat ggtgaaaatt ttcagtatga     76380
     gccccaagta aaatttcaag agggatatat ctatctagtt gcttctttac aatcgtattt     76440
     tcagcatagt taggaataag gaacactcta aaaaattttt ttatgcaagt tttaggttca     76500
     cagcaaaatt gaaaggaagg tacaaagatt tcccatatac cccatacatg catagcctcc     76560
     cgcattatca gtatccacca ccagagtggt ataattgtta caattgataa gccttcattg     76620
     ggacatcata atcacccaaa ggccatagtt tacattaggg ttcagcctta gttttgtaca     76680
     ttctgtggtt tggacgaaca catgatatat ctctaccatt gaacatgctc tgtatgatat     76740
     catatcatgt ttatcaactt tttttttttt tttttgagca gtggcaaggt tttttgtgaa     76800
     gagcaaaaga acaaagcttc cacagcatgg aaggggtccc gagcgggttg ccccaacttt     76860
     ttttcatggg tcgtaccttt ggtgttgtag ctattgtcct acctgtggtc acctagatgt     76920
     tctcctatgt tattttctat aaattttata gtttcgtgtt ttacagttaa atctgtgatc     76980
     catttcaagt tacgttttgt gaagggtgta aagtctctgt ctagattcat tctttttttg     77040
     catatggata tctagttgtt ttagcactat ttgttaaaaa ctctattttt gctctattct     77100
     actacttttg ctgtttgtca aagatcagtt aactacattc atctgagagg aacactcttt     77160
     ttaaattcct aattgtaact tcattaagtc tttaggaaca gaaaaacaaa aggctaacag     77220
     agtttaactt ctactcctgg gagggaaaat tttatattag tactaggaaa taactaatgc     77280
     ctgtttggag gcaaaaattc tgacaaacca tctataacct gccaatttta atatttttat     77340
     aatgtttatt atttttgctt tttctacaat taactgtgga taatacaaaa atattcaatt     77400
     aataataatt gctacaccca tgttagcatt gtacaaagaa ccacaagagg ctgtgagtat     77460
     taaacaccta tctgtggaaa ggtcttttcg caaaaagaca gaataggtaa atttctgttc     77520
     ttatatcaga ggggaaaaaa ggtacatttc agtgctgaaa gtccctgaaa aatttcttcc     77580
     atatatccaa tgtaaacctc tttcagtcaa ttcactctct aaagctgatt ttctctcttt     77640
     ggtttatctt tttggtagat ccagaactga ttagaatttt cattatctta actcttaaga     77700
     cttaaaattt aacttagaac ttttaaatta aatctgattt ttcatttctg tagttgtgtt     77760
     tgttgctttg ccttagactc tacaatttta aacattgaat attaaatgtg aaaacctaga     77820
     ttgcctgtct tttgctttat tttgcacctt ctaacttatt aatgtatccc tgtatttatt     77880
     aacatgcatt cagcactagg tacaaaagga aaaaagacat gatatttccc ctttagaagc     77940
     ttcgaatcca gtgcgggagg tatacggtaa tcatacaggt gtaatagact acggtaagag     78000
     taaacccagg atgctctctg tgtacatcag actggcatgt cacccaggtt tggaggtaca     78060
     gggcacaatt cttttgagaa ataatatcta tcgtcaaatc ctaaaatgac atggaggaat     78120
     tctttttttt tttttttttt gtattgaaac agagtctcgc tctgtcgccc aggctggagt     78180
     gcagtggtgc catctcggct gactgcaagc cccacctccc gggttcacgc cattctcctg     78240
     cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggactacag gcacccgcca ccaggcctgg ctaatttttt     78300
     ttgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcacc gtgttagcca ggatggtctc gatctcctga     78360
     cctcgtgatc cgcccgcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga tgacaggcgt gagccaccgc     78420
     gtccggccag aaagctgttt tttaaacatt aaccatcaca ccactaatgg attttgcttt     78480
     tgccctccct cagtgacagt tcacattttt cctaggatca gggcaacagg tttccaccca     78540
     tttcccagag gaagacagct tttgcctctc accttctcct ggaggcagtg ggcctttttc     78600
     ctgagaaggt ttcttgcccc tcccccggga gcttgaggcg tttgcttcat atgaaaaaat     78660
     agtctagtca gtgggcagtg gatgtcctca tgccccacct cggaggggga agctgctcgt     78720
     gggttttttt gccccgcctt caatctttcc tgtgcgcatc cggggggagg aaggctgtgg     78780
     aaaagtgttc aataatgagt gcaggtttct cttgtcctct tgtgtttggg gctcccatgg     78840
     attccaggct ggcacactag cccacacttt aagaacccat taaaaggttg gctgctttcc     78900
     ttttatctac ttttacagtg gccatttccc ctttccttgc tatgccaaag ataaaacggt     78960
     tcaattgttc tgccttcaga gagtcatgtc accttttgga atttacatca gctagttacc     79020
     ttgcaacctc agctctctga ttggctcaag aaaaaatatg attttgaaga ttatctggct     79080
     tttgcccatt gttagagtgg gagtgattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctat     79140
     gcacacgtgc gcgtgcacct gcctacctcc tagtaggagg tagacccctc agaagttaga     79200
     cctggaggag tctttctctt gaaccatgta aaaatgttta ggatttcttc tgagcactct     79260
     gagaggggcc tttgaagggt tttaaacaag ggaaagacat ttctgtgatg ttagcgtttt     79320
     cagtaccatg aggcttttct catacttggt gagccagagt ggctcctgat aactttctgc     79380
     tgatcatggc ctatctttaa ctttgcagtt tgtttctgat ctctgagttt attgacattt     79440
     tcaccagtga ttttgctcgc attatccaac tacttccatt cctatgacat tcctctggtt     79500
     tgtatctttc catatctgtt ttaagatatg ttaactaacc aagtgagtga cttcaatgaa     79560
     gatgctgcca attccttcat tcctactgtc ttagaacctg tgcaaggatt aaatatgaat     79620
     gtttattttg gctgtagtcc ctgggcagtg agagtgaggg aatggaaggt gaggcgtgga     79680
     agaatggaaa acaatgtgtg ataatgtgtt acaatactgg tgactgcttc ttcttttatt     79740
     tttattttat tttttatttt ttgagacagg gtctcactct gtcacccagg ctggggtgca     79800
     gttgtgcagt catggctcac tgcagcctca acctcctgga tttaagtgat cctcccacct     79860
     cagcctccca ggtagttggg acctcaggtg catgccactg cacccagttt accattttaa     79920
     atttaatcat ctggccggcc gcagtggctc atgcctgtaa tctcagcact ttgggaggcc     79980
     aaggcaggtg gatcacctga ggtcaggagt tcaagaccag cctggccaac atggtaaaac     80040
     cctgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattaa ccaggtggga tggtgggtgc ctgtaatccc     80100
     atctactcca gaggctgagg caggagaaac gcttgaagcc aggaggcgga ggttgcagtg     80160
     agccaagatc acgccactgc accccagcct gggcaacaag agtgagactc catcacacac     80220
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatca ttggagctat tctgtagaga     80280
     tagtagtatt gccttctgtt tctagagggg gaaattgagg ctctgagaag ttatataact     80340
     tacccaacat cacatagcta atatgtggca ttgttagtct aggaatgcag ggctatctga     80400
     tgtcagagcc catgctttta actacctgag tttccccagc aagccagcct ctcagcgggg     80460
     cttggactac aagtgacagt gtttgttaca tctaagtcaa attctctctc tactaggggc     80520
     ctttcaggct aatgtgtctt agaaagcttc ccaggttgta gcaagactaa atgagctttt     80580
     aaaaagactt tttaattgct aatggagcat atggtgcata atggttaatg atatgcagtt     80640
     tccggagctt tctgcctggg ttctagtgcc agtcccacca ctgaacctgc tgttgacctt     80700
     gtgcaagtta cttcacccct gggtgagtca gtgtcttcat tataggagag aaaaacggaa     80760
     aaggtcccac ctcatagggt tatgaggctt aaatgagctt agcatttgcc tggcgtgtac     80820
     aaaacgacgt atgtttttgt taaataaaat aagttcttcg gttttattct gcaattcaca     80880
     cttaatagta tatcattatt aaattaaaaa aaaaggaaaa gaaaaacatt aactagcagg     80940
     tcttccttta aaactaaata agctctgctg ctagacagga ccctgctttt gtctcaggaa     81000
     acactgaatt tcaggctgcc tttgagaggt tttgttccaa ggcagaccct tttcacctga     81060
     cttgggaagg gcagttcact ttgcctgtcg gagagcctat gggtcagttc caggaagaat     81120
     tccaggaatt ctgggaaatg gctggaaggc attgacatgg ggttggagct gtgtgtaagg     81180
     ccctgtaggc agcagtgttc caattgtgca cttttgatgt tgcacaaagg attgaaatct     81240
     agactcagtc aaacataatg aattaactgc tttgtgggat accatggctt tttgacattt     81300
     ctttggtaat tttgaacaaa ataacttctg aggtgattac ataaggaaag caatgccttt     81360
     cgtgcttttg aagagtgttt tcctttgttg agctgaatgt gtatatttaa gggggaagag     81420
     cagtttcgtg cattgttttg gccgtgtgta gcatgcaggc tgctggtgat gggaattgag     81480
     cagattaaag tcaatgtttg gttttgtgat aatatcttga tgatctattc ctggtgatat     81540
     tttctgggct tttgttttct agaaattaat tggtttaaaa atggccatta tccataaaag     81600
     aatttatttt gtatatgaac atgggccaaa ccattttctc cttcttatct atggaaaata     81660
     gtcagcttta aggagccggt attttaaagg cattttgtat gaatatagaa aaacagcatt     81720
     aaagaggctt ttgagtcact cttttccaac aaatgtaaat tttaatattt atatgttagg     81780
     caaatgtgtc attaaaagaa agtaggcatc catctagctg atgtattgct gactctggct     81840
     gctaagtgaa gctcacacag tcctctgcaa atgtgggtac aggggatgga tgggtattaa     81900
     gatgccaaac gtgctgttca tgctgaattg ttttctaacc agcccatggt acttctctgc     81960
     tattttttta tctttttctt tgtctgatac tcccctcaat tttacattac tttcctgctc     82020
     tcttttcacg gtcctgttgc tttggttctt catttctaga atactctctt catttctaga     82080
     aggaaatctg tggtcagaat ttatgctctt ctacagtaaa atggtaaatg gtgtgcctag     82140
     gagtagcatt ttcttcaaat tcatatggct agattttatt acctaaaatc tgagatgtac     82200
     taattaggga acaaagaatt ttaatcaaaa atctagttgt cagaaaactc taggtttgtt     82260
     aaaatatata tatgtaaata taggtacaga tatatcatac agactttgga gtatcttaac     82320
     attgagattg ttttatacaa gtcagatcag cacataggag gagtcacaac tgtcattgat     82380
     cataatttat gaccctttct agactttctg aatgttgtta tagaaagaaa tgtcttatat     82440
     tgagcttgat tctttaacat catagaaatt cattcagaaa agtttgatga ataacagaag     82500
     aaatctttat tcactggccc aaagcttagt ttatattctg tgctgttata acatctatat     82560
     gtgtgtctat attagtacta tcagctctct gtggcaaaaa gaggctcttt aaagatggaa     82620
     actattataa taaaacttcg tatttttaca aaatacctca aattggtagc attcaaaatg     82680
     aattcatgtt ggttaataat gaggtgtaca ttttgctgtg taagtgaata gatcatcata     82740
     ttaccccaag aggtgatttt tacatctata tcaacagtgt ttcttgagat tgaggaattg     82800
     tgaaaaggat tttagtagaa gggtggcaat ttgcagcaga tgtgtatctg cacctctggt     82860
     atcactggtt gtaattgaac aataaaaatg ttgcaaccgt ctgggtagca agatggctaa     82920
     ggtcggctct tgcctgtgat agtaagaatg gaggagattt gtttgacgtc atagactctg     82980
     gattataaga aggagacatg tcaagcagta actacgtggc atgtggctgt gatgcgtcta     83040
     cagccaacct cctggtgtgg ccttcccaaa gacaaggaag cgtcccattc aagtgtgtct     83100
     cagtgcttgc atgacacagt gcctctggat tttacgtcag ttctgccttc agtgtaaagc     83160
     cctgattttc atagataacc taatctgtag ggaaaaagaa cattaaaaaa aaaaaagtat     83220
     agccacaaaa gttctttcca ctcatgtgtg gatctttcca gttttttcag acagaaacca     83280
     aatgacagcc tcacagtcac agaatcttcc aacactgaaa gttaaagctg atttcttctt     83340
     catggagaaa agcttacaaa ccttttcaga ctacttcttt agtgtcaatt cttggaacca     83400
     catcttcttc ctgatttaaa tgtttggctg tgtacctcca gctagagcta ttagagtttt     83460
     tgctgatttg cttggcatat ctccagcaaa atagtccatt aaaattcaaa tcctttccca     83520
     ataattgaga caatcaattt acattaaaca aggcacaaat ataattttat gtacaattta     83580
     aattctatag aaaataatca gtatgcaata aagagggaca cttattttga tgcaaagaga     83640
     tgtttttcta gtctgcatta aacaaatctt tcatattttc aaaatagttc cctcattatc     83700
     tttgtgtaga ggagctctat tgtgttttat tttgatgtag gaacaagtgt gtgtccatgg     83760
     ctgcatgttt gataagcagt gtaactttct ctcagtgaca tgtaaaggga aaggtttgag     83820
     atagaataag gaaagtattt gcttgctatt taacttggaa caattcatac aaaaagggcg     83880
     aagaagatgc atggggaatt tattgccttt gtaccagtgt tagtgaaatg ggcattgttt     83940
     gttcatcttc acctgtttat gatacaccag gtggttgttg ctctgccaga ggttgtgtgt     84000
     taggtcctag gcaaatcact caatgggact tgggaaggtt gcataggatg ggggccatgt     84060
     gcacacacat aattgtgtgc cttagtgcag aagagttcct gggaaagttt taaagcccca     84120
     gcaggtaacc tcgcaaggca gctagacccc accagtgtgc ctgaatcctc cacagttctc     84180
     atttgtaagc tcttaatgag actggtattg tcggtcagga aatctagaac actggagaaa     84240
     tattattagg aagaatatag taaaaataat gacaagatcg aaaacaaatc ctgtcagagc     84300
     ccaagaataa atttggcttc cgcttgctgt gtctgtctgt ttccataatg gtccagaata     84360
     gaaaccggat gtttaaaatc tctctccttt tcacatgctc tcctcccctc ctgtcttcct     84420
     tcctcttcag tattagtaga cttactattt ttattatttt ttatttatat tcctagtttt     84480
     caatatttgc catttgtgtg gataacacat taatttttaa tgaaatattt tcagactctt     84540
     ggaactcttg gaatagctga atcataaaag aaaacttgaa attgatatag actccaaggc     84600
     agcacacaaa ctgaaaatta cgcttgtttt tattcttccc actgacaaat gacaaatggt     84660
     tatttgaaag gatcatgtgt acttagattt aaacttctta tgtttctata tgagcctagt     84720
     ttgtataatt tttgtggcac agaaggtaat tcagacacca ttttaattaa taattaaaat     84780
     gaaagaagca gcaaaacaat atgtgaggta gtgagctcca gtaattttct ttttatctag     84840
     aaatacttat ttttgacaag ccacattgct agtaaaggaa ttcaagtgtg atttagatta     84900
     cgtcataggc ttaactttat tttagttctg ttgcggcact aaagtttttt tgtttgtttg     84960
     tttgttttgt tttttttttt gggatggagt ctcgctctgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcggt     85020
     ggtgtgatct tggctcactg caaccttcac ctcccgggtt caagtgagtc ttctacctca     85080
     gccccctgag tagctgggac tacaggcaca tgctgccatg cccagctgat tttttctatt     85140
     ttagcagaga tggggtttca ccatgttgcc caggctggtc tcaggctggt ctcaaactcc     85200
     tgagctcagg cagtccgcct gcctcagcct cccaaaatgc taggattaca ggcgtgagcc     85260
     actgcgcctg gccagatcta aagatctgaa agaaagtggc atttgtttct ttgggtaatt     85320
     tatttccacc aatcaataat tgttgttagt gaaattaaag ttaatactga atattattta     85380
     attttatact gcatggtatt ctcagaaatg caactttgta atccactttg gaactgtaaa     85440
     ttaataagaa tagtttcttc taaaagtttg ttttttgtta tagatagcat ggacatttaa     85500
     gatataacat cttttagatc ttttcttatt ctcaaattat aaggatatca atttctattt     85560
     tatgttggca acttaaatct tattttaatc atttatatat gtggttactt ttatattttc     85620
     ttcttttaaa ttaaaattcc taaaaaagtc tacttatctc aagtaaattt acttattctc     85680
     acattaataa caaacatatt tttccaaata ttattttcta atgtatttct aaagactaat     85740
     aaatttttaa ggagctctgc ctgtcttata tgacccgagt tatgtagaat ggcattttat     85800
     agaatcagaa gaggcctgaa agattatcta gtccaacttc acctcttgtc gtctactccc     85860
     accctccatt cccatcccca tccccagcac cacattttat agataagaaa acggaagccc     85920
     aaagaataca agtaatgact cgaatccgtt ttctgacatc aggtctagtg ttttctactg     85980
     tacccactca ataacttata tgcttccaga aatagggagg tggactagta ctaatgatga     86040
     aaaggaaaat atacaatgga cataaataat cagatgttta ccagaagcta ttttgtccag     86100
     tgaccttgag accagaagtt ggatggttaa ttggaaggtc aaaaaataca tgacaggtga     86160
     tggatatgtg gggctgaggc atattttttg tgtgtaagga tcacctgatt tggcatgcca     86220
     tgtcatttgc cctggataaa caacacccaa aatacatctt ttattgcacc caattttgat     86280
     ttctccaaac taagtgagga cataaagaca cttgggaaac agccttcatg cagaatttgc     86340
     tattttaatg gcccttgccc accaaatctt ttacatttat ttcaggcaca cctaattgga     86400
     caaacttttt gtgttggggg gtggaaattc agctttgttg aatgcttcta aatcactcca     86460
     ctgcgttttc atagaatcag caactctttt tttaacaatc atacttctga attcagcaaa     86520
     catggaatta cgtttatgta agcagcacac acaggcttgg gaagaaacat ggctgacttt     86580
     aggaagtaga gcacaactgt tgggagcaca agcgcccatt tgtgctggtg agtagcagtc     86640
     attggccata gcactgagtg tgccgtggac atcattcatg tgtttgacag agggaaaagg     86700
     aaagggttag ttgttgggtg atcagggtaa gtggtgctcc atttagagag cttctactgt     86760
     actttggaag gaactacctg agtcagacaa gtaaagatgt ataacataat aactggttaa     86820
     gaagaatgtg cattgcattc tccatgcact atctttcctc cttctttttt taagacaggg     86880
     tctcactgtc tttcttgccc aggctagagt gcagtggcac tatcactgct tactgtagcc     86940
     tcaacatcct gggataaatt gatccttcca cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggactacag     87000
     gcatgcacca ccatgccggc taatttttgt atgttttata gacacaaggt ctcactttgt     87060
     tgcccaggct ggtctcgaac tcctgggctc aagccatctg cccaccttgg cctcccattg     87120
     ggattatagg catgagccac tgcacctgac caattttttt ctttgtgtca gagaaaggcc     87180
     aacttggagg cagaagaaag ggaactttat ctgtttcctt tctgctttct ctgttcctgg     87240
     cttaagaaca tcagcctcac cccacccaga agctgggcca gtggagcttt tatatactga     87300
     gcaaaccatc catagctact tggcaataaa agcatcggcc actgttcagc ctggagaata     87360
     tacctcatgt acaggttttc aggtgacctg ctgcccagtt ggggctgctt ggggctgcag     87420
     ccaggctttc tcggatgggg acctgattga ctccttgcat aaaagtcatg gaaggactac     87480
     tttcttagga gactgtatgg ctgaaaatac aaatagcttc aaatgggttt aggaaactct     87540
     tggattaaga acccatgctt ggccgggcac ggtgtctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt     87600
     gggaggctga ggcgggcaga tcacctgagt tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tggccaacat     87660
     ggcgaacccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagcca ggcacagtgg ccgtgtctgt     87720
     aatcccagct actccagagg ctgacaggag agtcacttga attcaggagg cagaggttgc     87780
     agtgagccga gatcgcgcca cggcactcca gcctgggtga cagaacaaga cttcgtctca     87840
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacca tgcctcattc ttaaaaggca ttatgaatgt     87900
     attaagtctc atcgctaaat gaggaatgaa caaatcaata ggtaatgaac aactattctc     87960
     tctctaaatt gggtgaatat aatccttcca cttttccttt tattttgggg gaggaagggg     88020
     atctgagcat ccattctatt tttcttcctt aattaggtct tagtatctat caagatggtg     88080
     attatagtgt gtgtgtgcct gcgcacgcac acacacacta tcttacataa ctgcctgttt     88140
     actcctttgc tacactgtga ctcaaagggg tggggcagca cttttgcaaa tgtgttttac     88200
     agacaatccg tccttcacag atagtctttg aaaaaaaggt ttgcatgata tcttagtttt     88260
     ggaacatact gcataaacta tgtacttttt agagagtcag aatgtacatt aggatattaa     88320
     aagcattgat aagtcttcag aattattaac catttttaaa atttaagtta tagttcaaat     88380
     aatataaata aaaatatttg taaacattta aaactttaca aagaagggta aggggatatg     88440
     gtgtgaagag ctacaaactt ccctgtgggg tggttcttgg agacatgtca ccaaactaag     88500
     catgtaaatg gcttcctgtg gcatttctta gaggagctaa atagtttctg cgtggctttg     88560
     tgatcatctt tcacccttcc tgtcccaacc gtggctttta ttttggcttt atttccctta     88620
     tagcatagtg tgcagcagga ttcccgagtc cttgcttcct aactcatggg ttgggagagc     88680
     tgctcatggc tgtagctgct gcaggcaccc gcattgctga acaatgggag gtgtcatcca     88740
     caggtgaagc ttgaggtgtg gttcatccag gcttctggga ccttgtcaag gcatagattt     88800
     agacagaaac aggtcctcca gggcttggtt atgtccatta ctaaatctgg ctgtagcaaa     88860
     caaggagagt aaacatcttt tctttatagt tcatgagctc tgaaaaggga ttttctgttg     88920
     ttccgttctt ctcaggaatc tagaatcaag tgtgaataaa agtagagagg tggttggtgt     88980
     ttgttcatgt atttatttta tttatagttc tttcactcta catacataca ttcttcagat     89040
     atgtattgtg ttctaacaat ggtaacaggg gcctgtggta ggctttgggg ttgaaaagat     89100
     gtgtaagact taacccttgt ctctcagaat tcacagtccg ggtgctcgtg cctgaaagac     89160
     cttttcctcc cctgcctaga gacctcttat ttcccaagac acaggtcagc catcatctcc     89220
     agtacaggct tccttaatgc cactctctgt gttactcagc acttcgttca gacagcagtt     89280
     tgctcaaatg tacaggacat tataattatt ctttgactgt ccaacttgtt tagactgtga     89340
     ctccttaagg acagaaacca tactctggtc atctttgtat ctcttgccta tagttcagat     89400
     cctggccctt agaaggcatt tactaaatga atttgtagtc ctttttatct tctttttaaa     89460
     aatcatcata ttttatcatc ctttttatct cctaaaattg tagaagggta aaaatgagac     89520
     aaaagcagaa cttgatgtgt atgtgcaaca tttaaaaaat attttataac ctctcatgta     89580
     tatcttcatg tttggaaaac ctactcacta tatgtgtgtc taattactat tatgaagtaa     89640
     taaaaatcta tagttttatt gtataatgat gcacatccag tggacactca gtaagtgtta     89700
     atcacactat taaatatgct ttgatctcat tataactgga gtggctgcct ggctctactt     89760
     aggctattta acaactcatt gtgttattag ttgatcctta tttttcaagg tttgtaggtc     89820
     atgcttaatg gagcgacttg ctaaggttgt tagcagttac ataaatgact ctgactttac     89880
     aaattttatg ataaccattt ggaatgaatt atatattttc caagcttttg gttcccccag     89940
     tggctgatac attaaagaat aattggtaag ttgcaaaatt tgtgacagtt ttgtttttaa     90000
     aaaatcagct aaatttggct ttttacatat tgctagtgat ttctgtatca tagatgaagg     90060
     agatagcata gacttgaggc tgggaaacac gtttcttctt tcacatagcc aggcagaaca     90120
     gcccttggaa gacgatcctt ggaaacacat tatcatttct tgttcaaacc aaatatactt     90180
     aacttctgta tctcttccac tttaaaatca ttatttttgt gaccgacgtc tggaagtgcc     90240
     ccagtttttc cacatggccc ttaacacata gtgttagtgt tgcatttcgt agttctcatt     90300
     ttgaattatg cctctgtgtt cactagcagg gttacctcct gttaggcccg actggaccat     90360
     ggagtcctgg gctccttttg gccttttgcc tagagtaggg aggcctcagt gactgcaaat     90420
     gtggcaactc gggcagtccc ttggcccttt ccccttaggt ccacactccc atcttgggat     90480
     tctgtctttt ccacttcaat aaatggctcc aaggaagagc ttgaaaacgt atttggatct     90540
     gattgccaaa tttctcacca gaactattct ttcagggtgg gatttttgag gttgggtagg     90600
     ggcagggtta aaaacatgag ctttctctag aggccaacat tccctgattc taggcagtta     90660
     gtcagacctt gttcctatgg tagacgtctc tgttttccag cacttagagc actgtattca     90720
     tggccttcga tgtccttctc tcctcattag attgtgaggt cttcaatgtg aaccatgtgt     90780
     tatcaatctc tgaagtccca gtgtatggaa gtgtattgaa ttaatgaatg attctctagg     90840
     aactgacatt gttttcattt aaaagttgtt aggtaatggt taggattaat ataggctgat     90900
     tccatatgtg tcctcagttc tttccaccac accattaggg tttgaactcc cctggcttca     90960
     ttagctattt tgcaactcct ttaagctgct gtatagtttg gttcatttga aacagaaaac     91020
     cagcgaaaaa tacaaaggtg attgaatacc tattacatga taggaattct gcagaccttg     91080
     gagatatgga agataaatca atcactgact tccagggatt cttgtctcgt gggaaagcat     91140
     gtattctagc gttgctagcc cctgttttag tagagatatg agtggacagc atagggtatg     91200
     tataacctgt ttatttttgt ttgtttgttt tgttatataa cctggttttg tttgtttgtt     91260
     tgttttgaga cagagtcttg ctctgttgcc caggctggga gtacagtggt gccatctcag     91320
     ctcactgcaa cctctgcctc tcgggttcaa gcaattctgc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag     91380
     ctgggattat aggtgtgcgc caccacgccc ggctaatatt tgtattttta gtagagacgg     91440
     ggtttcacca tgttggccag gctggtcttg aactcctgac ctcaggtgat ccttccgcct     91500
     cggcctccca aaatcctggg attacaggcg ttaggattaa tatagcattt aattctaaaa     91560
     tgctgctaaa atcacttgtt gaaaaagaag tgtttattga tatgacaaaa tgttcaaaat     91620
     atatccccta aggggaaata gggtaaaagt agtatacatt atttcatctt ttgcatacac     91680
     agaaggtata tagttataga tctatagatg gatatgtact gcaaatgtca catcttcttc     91740
     atactctagc ttgtgtatct cacacatgta gactcaaatt ttgccccatg tcagtttgta     91800
     catagagctc agcatctcct tgagtttccc taaagatttc ataggcacaa atgtactgct     91860
     gatcagcatg gattttactg aagatattgt aagatggaaa acattcatgc catacctccc     91920
     ttagaaacaa cataacaatc tccattaata cttagttctc ccctccataa tcctttcctg     91980
     ggtgcattcc caacttggaa cttttttttg tcctatctcc cgctttcctt aaccctataa     92040
     ctttctaatt ctttgccttc tcatatttct aggagccaaa cattcttcac ccccttctat     92100
     tatgcagaac catccagttc tgccacaact cttgtcttaa atggacatat tcagagtagc     92160
     ctgcttcttg agtaagcaca cattgtacac acatgcatac agacacttac gtatatatac     92220
     taaaggaaat ttaagccagg cccgatggct catgcctgta atcccagcac tttggaggcc     92280
     aagttgggtg gctcacttga gctcacaagt tcgagatcag cctagacaac atagagaaac     92340
     cccgtctcta caaaaaaaga aatacaaaaa ccagccaggc ttggtggtgc gtgcctgtaa     92400
     tcccagctac tcagaaggct gaggtgggag gatcgtttga gcccaggagg cagaggttgc     92460
     cgtgagctga gatcacgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcag tagagccaga ctttgtctca     92520
     aaaaataaaa taaaaagttg attgcggcct gctaaagtaa ttttgtgacc cactaaaggg     92580
     tcatgaccca cagttaaaaa acccttccat caaaggccct ttgacaacca cacagctgct     92640
     gaataaaatt gtgtccctct tgttacatct cgttacacct gcgtgtgcat gctcaggcgt     92700
     ttccatgtgt gtgcacacac agacagacag taggccacac accagaaagg aatatagtag     92760
     tgctctctgg gattactggt gtgccttctt ccactgcact ttctggccat ttctaagttt     92820
     tctgcactaa gcatgtgtta gttgtgtaaa aggaaatgca aacagtaaca ggctcagctg     92880
     gggtttttcg tcttcccctt tttgttacct cccctagtaa cccttgcaaa cagagttaga     92940
     ctcctctatc tctttctctg tcataccttt ttgacttctc cctacccttg agatgatctc     93000
     atctcttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgggacagta tctggctctg ttacccaagc     93060
     tggagtgcag tggtgcagtc acagcttact gcagcctcga actcctggcc tgtagggatc     93120
     ctcctccctc agctttttga gtagctgaga ctgttaagtg tgcactatca cacctggcta     93180
     tatatatatg tatatatttt agaaatgggg tcccactgtg ttgcccaggt tggttttgaa     93240
     ctcctagact caagtgatcc tcctgcctca cccttccaaa gtgctgggat tataggtgtg     93300
     aaccaccgtg cccagcctgc aatgagattc ttacactgaa atgcatagat gggctgtgaa     93360
     ccttcataaa atttatataa aacttaatgt ttacttattt cttttctgag aagcagatcc     93420
     aattattctg tgagggcttc tgttgtgcca ggcaaggttc taggtctgat cctttagcag     93480
     cctctcaaaa cgttgaagaa ctgagtgact cttcttactc tgttgttttc cttctctgaa     93540
     ctgtgagtgc cacgaggcaa ggacttcatc cgtcttgttc atcactgatt tcctgctgcc     93600
     tagaacagtg cctggaacat agtaggcact caaaaagtgt agtgttctga atgattaggc     93660
     attgtgaagt agaaaataca tttatcttat gactctcctt ttccggagtt gatgagatat     93720
     catgatgtta ttggagggtg caggaggtga tcaacagtat tctaggactt tgggaattca     93780
     gactggggat cacaaaattt ggagcaggtt tcgcttggca ctcaggtggg catctgtctc     93840
     catcccaccg gctgtactct gcagtggctg gtaaattaca ctcttcttgg tgggcttgag     93900
     gccccagccc aagactgcag ggtcaatgca acataaaagt ccaggtctcc tgactcggag     93960
     tacagactat ggcagcactc ctgagcttga ctttccctgg gcttcattta atatggttca     94020
     ttttgttttt gaaggtagtt tgtgccatag aaaccagaca gggtgttgtt taaatagtag     94080
     gctgatgtct caatgtaaca tattggccca ctgagctcta caagagtgtg aatcacaaac     94140
     ccgcctctgt acatttctga tacagtgtga atgttctgga tgtaagaaaa tcctgttaag     94200
     aatgatcagg ttatctcatt ttgccatcaa tcgtattttg aaatgttcgg ttgatagaat     94260
     aactgctctt cctggctaaa tagattctct caactccagc aaaatatttt taaaatcagg     94320
     taattcagcc agtaatccaa attttatttg gtttattttc ttcagactgt atatataata     94380
     ccaggactga gtgtttaaag ttcagctcag tgtgtagtat tcctgtgata atttcagcac     94440
     ataaaataag atgtttacaa aagccaacct gagacctata ttctccagca gtttagcagc     94500
     aaattcctac tctgggtata taacaataat tgggatcttt ctattggctt tacataaact     94560
     cagattagta gtaaaatcta agtaccatcc catttggcaa actcttaact tcaagcagtc     94620
     acaaatttgc ttctgattgt gcttttcatt cgcacctagc tcagattttt gcctgatgct     94680
     tttttaaatc ctctaattta catactgtgg taaatttaaa atgagaacag atgaatgctg     94740
     ctaaactttt ctatttcact gatgaatatg gtattttgct ttaactatct agctgttata     94800
     tattcaatga cctttaaaac atgaaaaaga tacttctttt catatatacc gtgcaagatg     94860
     aattattagt attgtcttcc tttgaaacta tgaaactgag acacagaggc caagcagagc     94920
     atctgggaac tgatttccac aggcctaaaa tcagagtttc ctcttcccgg gactcatacc     94980
     ccttcagcca ggcagagagg cctggttcgc tcacgtttgg ttatcttgga actgtgggag     95040
     gtaatgcatc cactcggaat gcacttcttt ccttacccca cagcccccgt gcaccacagc     95100
     ctacatcact gtacccgttt gggcatgtcg gaacaagcac gagtaaggga agaggtcgcc     95160
     gtttttgagt ggctaatagg aatctgctcc agctaagcat atgttatctc acatattgtg     95220
     gttaataata ataataaccg tgttctccaa aggagccaaa ggagagttgg agaagttaca     95280
     ttattcaaca actgagatgt ctaaagcctg tgctcctgta ctatcttctg tttgtccctg     95340
     ttatcttgtt tagtgagcag catagcattt tgcaagagtg gaccgttcac ctggtcagga     95400
     tttcagtcag catgacagat gcaccctcca ctgtggtcgg tgtctggggt aaccagagaa     95460
     aacttcccag atacggtaga aataaacttc ccagatacgg tgggaataag cttcccagat     95520
     acggtggaaa taaactgctt gacaaaatga atagatccac catgacgtaa ttttctaact     95580
     gttcatttgt tttcaataac caaaagcaat attaattttg aaattatata cactacttat     95640
     gattaaaatg ctgtaattca taagacaagg aaaatctagg gcacatttta aaagaaaagt     95700
     ttaattttga aaggaggaaa tctatttcag aatgaagaaa tgaaaacttt tgaaagcttt     95760
     aacaaaaaat tcctagggaa ttttgaagtt ttattttgcc ctaacatgaa aaagtaggcc     95820
     agttgctaaa cgttaattgc tttacttcca tctatcttta tttttgtttt tattttttga     95880
     gatggaatct cgctgtgttg cccaggctag ggtgcagtgg tgctatgtca gctcactgca     95940
     acctccatct cctgggttca agcaattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggatta     96000
     caggtgtcgg ctaccatgcc caactaattt ttgtattttt aatagagttg ggtttcacca     96060
     tgttggccag gctggtctcg atctcctcac cccaagtgat ctgcctgcct tggcctccca     96120
     aagtgcaggg attacaggcg agagccaccg cacctagcct atttccatct atcttgatca     96180
     cacttgatca tgttgagaga ctagaggctc tgaaatttaa taaatgacct aattcaaaat     96240
     atcttactcc aaatccagct tgatagaaag ccaaactgtt gtcagtatat ctcactttaa     96300
     gcaaacccaa catattaaat ccatatttac aaaatggatt agttaagtag tcattcttca     96360
     cttagcaaca taattcatta tagtaagttc cccttgtaat gcatataaac gtgatttact     96420
     ttattagaac cctctgtgtg tgccacattt caagtgcaaa gtacatttga taatgttact     96480
     caacaaatta ttttctcatt tgtccaaata tttggttggg catcgctgtg gcccctaagg     96540
     aaacaaacaa gtgggtcaga atggcctctg gaccgaaggg atgcgtgttg caggagcaag     96600
     gactgttggc gtgggctgat cgctggtcta caggctgtgg gagctcagag catggaccca     96660
     gtcagttcag tctccatcat cctagttttc tggatcttcc aactccttat tcatcgaatg     96720
     aaccgggagc atgcagaatt tatcttggtg gaaagccttt ctcctcagtt ttctctccct     96780
     gttttggttt actgaacagg aaagcctgac ataattaggt ctgagaagag tcatcgggtt     96840
     ctgctctcat ccttgagcct gccctggttg gtagggaaat tcacttatta attctgtggc     96900
     tggctttggg tcatgcagat gacccagggt cactgggctt ttcaggttat caaaagctaa     96960
     atgacgtggg acacttctgg ggattagttt aacgaagctg tacaaatata gtcagatgac     97020
     aaatttggag atgtagtggc agagtaaata gtatttttaa aaaatgcatg cctctgaatg     97080
     taatagtaaa cctgtatgag aggctctgct tagagagaaa ttagagtgag ctattagctg     97140
     tgcctatatg tttattttca tataaataca tcaagaaagc tagatttttt gcttttattt     97200
     ttataccaat atgcctaggt taaagtgggt cattcccagc atttaaaaag ggggtagagg     97260
     gagggcaatt ggcttggttt tggtaaaggg gtaggggatt attttttatt ttattgtatt     97320
     tagggggcaa tcttccatct ttatctcttc gttcttgtgc ttttcctgga ccatgtattc     97380
     tgatcatatt taactttcta ttgtagaatt gggatggaag acctagagtt cagcttgaaa     97440
     atcttttggt agatgctata tctttaataa atgttaaata caggcatcac acttttaaag     97500
     aacatttgtt tttaagggtc tttgtgcatt catctgagga aaaagcaacc aaatctgttt     97560
     tattcaaatt ccaaattcta ggggagcaga ttgtcacaga atatacagtg atgaacttcc     97620
     aaaaaggaaa atgggcggaa gactcgtagg tatttatcac gcatgctaga aacattaatg     97680
     ctttctgagg aatcaacaga tctttgattc tcttttggtt gagtgcacct tattttgtaa     97740
     aaaaataatt tattgattat ttcatatttt tttctttaag gaaaaatctt ataaatattc     97800
     atattcagaa tagcatgtgt ctattctgtt gatcctgaag ccataaaaga agtttcattc     97860
     tcagtgtcat gtcaacaatg aaaattatca caaaaccaaa aataattcat gtaaatgtcc     97920
     gcattgttta atcatcggtt ttagatccaa agcatcattc tttctgttta aagtggtcat     97980
     tcagaaccga atattttaaa tgacttatag gagccctgta gaaaatgtac agaaagaatt     98040
     caccgtttaa gtaaaaatat atttgctttg cttggcctgt cagtttccat atttgcagtg     98100
     gcttcccatt attgactagc atcatgcatt gaggattagg ttgtcaaatg cggtgtattt     98160
     acttttgaac ttctctgctg gtaacagtcg gtgcatacgt gacatttgta atgctgatgg     98220
     ttgatttcaa agtatagtat ctaagtccaa tttttcatgc attttatgaa gcttttgtcc     98280
     ttaacacttt gatttaagtc gctcaaaatt cattcttaaa agagagatca tttcgatgtt     98340
     tacataattg caacctcaag cgtactttgc aaatttcagc tggcactctc caatccctct     98400
     gttaagtggt tatcaagggt ggttattacc atttacaata tgaggaaacc aggagacagg     98460
     gattttattg acttatactg tgaggcagca ttgctgctag tctgttaata tgtgttttcg     98520
     tctcttttct aaacagattt taaaatttgg ctataatatg ttaggcatca ctctctggca     98580
     gaaatataat tgtcaggtgt gctggtatgg atagaggtcc tgcagaaacc ttcaggaccc     98640
     atcccaaaat gacgaagaca caagatacag ttctgtcctc atcttgactt ttgtgtgggt     98700
     cagagtgagt tactaatttt agaagtgttc tcgtgaagac atctgactac tcagcacaca     98760
     caatcttaag gtctttgctg taagaagctc aaccatcctt tagcctccct ggccagggac     98820
     cctggcctct gcttttgtgt ttcaagaatt cttggttctg gccctgtcct tgattcccta     98880
     atttccacag tttgacagca ccgaatgttg tgttaagctt cttgctacca tgtaaaaatt     98940
     tcctgacacc tcttgcaata ataattgtta ttatataata tataattatg taagatataa     99000
     taaatatata ataatcgtca ttgtaattct catcactgta gtagcagcag ctaactttag     99060
     agcgtgcttg ctatgtacca gctcctcttc taagcactta ccttttaaac ccactgaatt     99120
     ttcataacca ccacatgaag cgagtactag caatatcccc attttaacaa tgaggaaact     99180
     gaggcacagt gaggttgagt aacaggctga aggtcacaca gctactatgt gatagatgcc     99240
     aaacgtgaac ctgggcagtg tggctgccaa ttctgggaag aagggatgct gatttgaaga     99300
     atcttagcaa tattttagct cccataatag taaaaatttt tagaagcgct tcctgtgatt     99360
     ccagtcagat atggcattgt tttatattcc cattgtcagt gatctctaaa cggcattcct     99420
     gccactaaac tgccactgtt ttcctacaag ggacgtctga tcagtttctg aattgagtcc     99480
     caagatacgt gccttaagct attgcatgaa tatctctatg tgggaaattc ttgtgttctg     99540
     atagatggag aaaaatgtgg tggagatagt aaaatattac cagtttcaaa tgtgtttatg     99600
     ttaccttaaa tttgaggcag actatggaga gtgagaagaa aaagcagagg ggcaataatc     99660
     tgaaataaaa gagtgacaga aaggacaatt tggtaaagcc tttccttccc ataatgaaaa     99720
     aagtagtccc tagttattga caattcactc agacattact gtactttaca atagtcttta     99780
     caatagtctt tcaaggtttc ttccaattta tgattgagga agtggaggct cggagggagg     99840
     aagtgtggcc acagctgcac agtcctagga gggaaagcta gaatttaaat aggtttgcct     99900
     gactcgaaag cttgtgctct cactgaaagt tcatagtatc tttctgcctc taaagagaag     99960
     atggtcctgt tgaacctgga aaatcagtgg ctaacatggg gcttttcaag actcaataag    100020
     gtggaggagg ccagaggttc agcacgttct gccagaaaca agtcactgaa gaacggaggt    100080
     gtattacaga aaggcttggg gggtgggggg tggaaataat tgtacctaaa atgaaagaaa    100140
     acacaacctt ttggaagagt gggaatggaa ggtgatacta aaatatttag aaagctaata    100200
     agtttttgtt ttttaagaga cagggtttaa ctctgttgtg caggttggag tgcagtggca    100260
     caatcatagc tcgtggcagc cttaactcct gtgctgaagt gatcctccca cgtcagcctc    100320
     ttgagtagct gggactacag gcgtaccaac accctcagct gatattttta ttttttctgg    100380
     tgatgaggtc tcactacatt gcccaggctg gtcttgaact cctggcctca agtgatcctc    100440
     ctgcccaggc ctcgagaagc tagtaagttt ctaatcagtt tgcacgtgct tctgagtatg    100500
     ctaatgcttt tttttattac cactcaatgg taataaatgg tgacgtggta attccaagct    100560
     gtttaggaaa atttgtacta ccaaatgtca ctgtcactca agggattatt gcatataggt    100620
     cttattttgt ttgttctttt ttaaggcttt ctctgccttt ctcccttctg ttaccatggc    100680
     aatattaatg ttattgatct gagtggaaca tgatgttatt caccagtgtg acatacatta    100740
     gatttgtaaa gaatctattt attagaacaa tttatcaggt gttaataatg ctcatacatt    100800
     atattatttt ttggtcaccc aatatagaag cctctattga gataaagagg catgattttt    100860
     tttttcacaa aatggatgat ttcttatttt aaacacaaag tgtgtgtagc gagcactact    100920
     ttctctagga ggatctccgg gaggattctg gtggcatgtt ggtcagcctt ccctgaggcg    100980
     acccgcagga atggaattgg cgccagcagg gaacagtcac tcacagtcca cccaactcac    101040
     agtgtgactg atcaccacgc cagtcatgtc aaaactggac atttcctgtt cacagaaagt    101100
     tgaagcaggt ccattttgaa gaacatctga ttggacattt aaaaatggat aaagatgatt    101160
     cagaggacca aaagcccaat tttccatttt cacaagctat aggtagagca gccctagctg    101220
     actggaacaa agtgtgactg aagcatgttt attgtgaaga aagagatgga aatactggag    101280
     atgggcattg acttaactct atttcggtaa tgttgtggcc acaccaataa gtccccagct    101340
     tccctctccc ctgtgtagct ttttctcctt tttctgtttg ttgcacccct gacggcagcg    101400
     tgttcggctt gttccctttc tcaggtggtg gaagtctgtg gcctcttagc ctgtgcctcc    101460
     cagcacacct gaagaaaacc acaattccca gtgaggcact gacgcttgta tcttattgct    101520
     taattattat acctatttaa tgctacttag aacattgtca gctgttgaga aaaggtaatt    101580
     atcactagtc aaatgaaaaa cacttttttg gctgccttac gggtacacat tttactggta    101640
     ccttgataca taatgaagcc tgatagcaaa acttttgctt gtctcttctt caagccacag    101700
     ctgtttccct gctaaattca tcccatctgt cttcccttcc gtaaagctgt aggcagtata    101760
     gcagaagtac agaagcagtt cagcgctatt ttggataaac atagctgaaa tttgaatctt    101820
     tgccatttgc gatgcacaca ttttgtttta ctgctgtaaa gagagctgtc aaaatacaac    101880
     tacatggata atttactaaa atgcagtcaa atgtaaggtt gatcaaaggg agagtacatt    101940
     gggtcactct gactattcca gtctgtgctc tgaaaggtgt cactgacctc gaggtcccca    102000
     tgaattctgt ttggggagag tagcatctga agtctttgct ttaattccgc agcatggttt    102060
     tgaggagtta ccagttcctt gtaactgtat ctgtggcatg actttcagag tctttaagag    102120
     gcttcagaag tccattttct tcatcttcaa aaaatttgca ctgatgagag atgttttctc    102180
     tttcttggca cagtcagaca gagctgagct acatgaccat tctgctgagt tctgacattt    102240
     atttcattgg aacctttgtt accactgagg cagtctgttt cattttcatc ccattcctta    102300
     tttctggact attggtgcgt ctaaatgtac catggtacat ttttaaaact caatactata    102360
     cagagcttta gcgtcaaggg aggtgttttc ttggatgaat tcctcttctc aattctaaga    102420
     agattcacct ccacctggcc cacagccctc acacacatat ttactgcttg ttcccatgtg    102480
     caaaggtctt ttccgagccc aaatgggtca tgacctcttc gaggggaagg gctaatacct    102540
     aatatatttt ggtagccact gtgatcagag ctcataagag gtacttggac ttcaggtaag    102600
     tgaaacacaa catctttgga atgagatctt atcccattgg ttctttactc taagatttca    102660
     ctttacctta ccctctctcc accacttctc aaccctgcat cagtgtagca cagagggaat    102720
     gaagggggct gcaggaaagg tttggaggcc aggccgagga ttgagcccac tactttctgc    102780
     ccttccccat ttgccagaac tcaagtcacc tggctcaacc aactgcagga gctgggatgc    102840
     atgatctaga agaggaggaa cctgtggagt ggtgagctcc agtgttctcg ttcctatcat    102900
     ccctgcctct aaaaataacc ctccataaac aaatgatagc aaaagtcatc tcgtgcatat    102960
     aaagacatga cagaaagcaa tatcttttta ggtaaggggc tgtgtggctg tgaaggtaag    103020
     gacagtaacc agtgaggttt ccctcctaac actgtcatac acacatcctt ttcacaaatg    103080
     tcatcttgct aacaactatg caacctcctt ggagtgaaat cttggctgtc ttgttctcca    103140
     ctgtatccca acgcccagta aagaagacat tgtaggtgct cagaaaatat ttgctgagca    103200
     aaaatgaatg catgaatagt agaacaaatt tacattgtat ttttttcaca ttatcttaaa    103260
     actcctacct tttgtacagc cagaagacac cagcacctat gtgtgcactg catttaaaca    103320
     gctttagcaa tatcatagtg ctgttgggtc cccagctgct gccagtgaaa ttgtttacct    103380
     agaaagtccc caaggccttt tctgcaccaa gatatttgcc ttctctcatc ttttggcaaa    103440
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaaaaacc ctaggctctt tggaagacaa aaaaagtata    103500
     tgactgccac acatgcaacc aactctctgc ttccaccaaa ggtggaaatg gttttgtcag    103560
     tggttctctg aaagctgttt attttaaaag ataaataaat ctttcccctt accctgtgac    103620
     atctgatcca gggccaatag gagctttcaa aacacagtca agtccactga tgctgttctt    103680
     aaaaatgcat tctttcattc aacagctgca tgtattggac actgtgctgg atgctatggg    103740
     taccagcagg attcagtcct gactctcaag gagctaacat tttagtgcag gaggcagaca    103800
     gtcatagtgc actgtggtaa gagccatggg tagggcacag aagaaggaac aggtaagcat    103860
     gagaaggcca agaggagctc tgtagagtgg caacacttga tggctaggga gaggcagtgt    103920
     atgcagagga gaataaggcc ctttctcttc taatattttt ttggattgca cactttagaa    103980
     aacaatttta gacttaagac ccaaaatgag aagaagcaca tgacttctgg ctgacagccc    104040
     tgacatcccc aatatgagga catgattctg tgccttgctg gacctcctga ctgcccagcc    104100
     agccagggct gctcctgtgt ctgtccagcc ccaagaccag cctgatggaa accgcttcct    104160
     gtaatgccta atatagcaca gtccactcac aatatgggtc taaaaccaga cttttatctt    104220
     gggagggaaa aaataatata tgtaacaaaa atgtaatcca tggtaatatt actcattaaa    104280
     ttcaccatat gattaggttt ttgagttttt agtaatccac tgacatcttc tccctgtctt    104340
     tgtgatgagt ccagagcctg cacctttgac tctgtttgcc tgggtggtac tccgacatct    104400
     tcgataggga gggtaatgag accgttctgc cagtagggca catggccaca tagactgttt    104460
     aaatcatgaa atctcttgga aatacccatc caagggatgg atgtgaactc tcggtgttcc    104520
     cgtgagagcc agcaggggta ggtgccattg gctagagaga cggctgaaaa taacccttca    104580
     ttcagagcct tgtgtagaaa gttgggttgc tgtgctcatg tcctcttgac ccaaaattgt    104640
     taacatggtt ggatgaaatg ctgttcctag aggggaacaa aagtggctat cacaattaac    104700
     atggccctgt ttgacacctg atcctaaaag tgatttttgt aaattagagt ttgaagcatg    104760
     tggtggcatt ggtggtgctt tttctgaatg ttgttcactt aggttttcca gttacacgaa    104820
     ttgttttcgg ggagcttaca cacctgttcc catcctctgg ggtgggctag ttgctatgtt    104880
     atgaacctta acctttgcat atacctctgt tttattcatg ggaggtcaca acttggtaat    104940
     tctgtctagt attcaagcag attattacaa gtgcttagaa gactaatata gttagcattt    105000
     gatttgaaag ggacaaagac cagttaatag ttttctgtaa ctatacttaa tatttcatca    105060
     ggcaagtaag gttgctgcca cttagttaac tgggatgcca aggaattgct aaaaaaaatc    105120
     aaattaatac acattattac acatatttac acacattgaa ctatttcaaa ccagtattgc    105180
     tggaataaag acaaaataat actgtgtatt tacataacac cataacacct ttcatcagaa    105240
     aaatctcaag ccttcgcaga ctaactaagc tgcacaacac cgtgtgaggt gtgtaggaag    105300
     taagatagga caataaacaa gaagtcgatg gagggaaaag gcaggcaggc aggcaagcat    105360
     gcttgcatag ggtgagtgag actccttcct gctggatgac ccactggcat tcaagtcctg    105420
     gtcaccccat cgtgaggata cctagattga aagctccagt acatgtcaca ggtgattaca    105480
     gacttgagta ttcttctgtg tgttgttttt ccattctaat gtctgtattt taattgaatc    105540
     gactggacaa agatacagca ttccacctct actggactgt aacagtgact cccagtgtga    105600
     tcaatcattt gatcattgtt tcactttccc tagggccaac taaatacagt ttcctttatt    105660
     tttccttagc tagaattttt ttactaaagt gtgacagttt attctctaga aatgcctaga    105720
     gatggctggg tacatgctag tccatggaaa aggcatgggt gagtcatggt ctcttttggg    105780
     agggtcgggg ctggtgggaa caaattcctg cccaagcctg cttcagtggc tgccatgccc    105840
     aacacctccc atgataggcc tggcctggca ctgtgagcag agagagctga ccaggccttc    105900
     tgtggagcat ctgagacagg cctggagctg gaggcagtag cgagccagga gaaccagcgt    105960
     gaagaacaca ggaacagcaa caggccaatg ggagtcgtga atttggcttt tcgaattttg    106020
     gaagagcata cattaacatc tttaaatcaa ttttgaatgt actatgttct attggatatt    106080
     caaaaagttt agtcctgaaa cttagtactc attcagttat cccatgcaaa ggatttattc    106140
     acctcatcct ttgagaaaaa agaattttct gtatgttagt ctttcacaca gcctctgttt    106200
     cggcttaacc tttcagattt tcagataatt taggtgtcac agatacccat gataggatcg    106260
     tttttcagac actataattt aaatgtctct gaaatgtaat aaacagagct ttgtctgggt    106320
     tttggaaatg atgttttctt cccaaacagc tgttcatttg tattaacact tttttctgtc    106380
     tctaacagaa aggcagcatt tcttttttat gtataatctc atcggccttt tcatcatgtt    106440
     aactgtgtcc agcgtattgt tgtggtatta tttttaatat cctggtgtac cacaggcaga    106500
     tgactagcat gacctcaggg ctttctgaag agaagatacc gctcattttt ccatagccta    106560
     ttctagggca gactctcact ctctatctta gtggggctgg ctaatttcat tacctattca    106620
     attcatctga gaccattttg gtaaaagcgt tgaaatagca atgcgctatg agctagtctt    106680
     tgctcctgta ttcaactggc aaagcaaagg actttggttt tcattttggg ggccccagtt    106740
     aacacccaaa ggatggcaat ttatgaggcc ctgatgaaga tggtgagaac tggcatttga    106800
     tatatatcaa tatttgattt atttgatata tgtgatcttc taacaacctt gtgatgtata    106860
     taggagaagt attgttaaaa ttaaatttta ctttgaagga attcaggcct agagaggcta    106920
     aatgtcacag attcccatgg ctggtaggct gggcctcata ccctttccta cttaatgcct    106980
     ctgagattca ctagagagaa gagtagttaa cagtgcaggt tctgaactca gacagtttaa    107040
     gttcaaatcc tgtctctact atttctgtgc tatgcgattt tagggcaagc tacttaacat    107100
     gggagtaaac ttcttcatct gtaaaattat gacagtcgtg ctacctgtgt cacagtcttc    107160
     tctcaaggat tgaatgagtt attacacaga aatgttaaga acagtgcagg gcacatagta    107220
     agtactcaac aaacattagc taggtgaatt gtttaaagtg tccagcacag gaagcagcct    107280
     gtaataggaa atgagcctgt attatgcctg ggaggtgatg ttacacaggt cctatcgaga    107340
     gtagacaagc tgactaagga aggtgctcaa gtccagcagg gaaagttcat tctgcccgta    107400
     ctgttaccaa agttagaata tgacaatact tctgtttttg cggtacaacc cgggactatt    107460
     gcagcctatt aaattaatga gaggcagata attgacagtg tctcccactg gggaaccagg    107520
     tctcactctg ggtggagcag ttaatatgca ggtctccact ctggagggat aggagtgctg    107580
     cttcctcatg ctgcattcca gaatcctttc tagatgcctt caagatttat acccttaaag    107640
     ttggaaacct ggggggcacc ttgtgcccaa acagcgctaa attccaggta acacatctcc    107700
     attcacaacc tattgtgcgt agaccctcct ggacactgct attgaccgtt gactgattat    107760
     gtgatcaaag attgatgaat ctggaagcac tggagggata gcaaaggctt tcattttttt    107820
     gtttgtcttt ttaaatcctg ttccatgttc cactttgaac tggattgaag tcagcagtga    107880
     aatcaggagt gtggaagctg tggtaccaga ggagagaacc agtgagagag acttggctta    107940
     tagcaatcag tccagctcca gtcagataaa ggagacacca gtgagggagt gaacagaatg    108000
     gtagagaaca acccagctga gattccagca tccttttctt ctatcatcag atacaagagg    108060
     agagttcaca agagaagccc agtggcttta ttcggagaga gttgtctggt taagcacata    108120
     tgtgcaccgc aaatccacat ttgagatcca cccgtttaca tttcttcata tcagcatctg    108180
     atcaggaacc tccaaatgtt ctagcatcct ttgcaaataa ttttgatttg gaaggcttct    108240
     ctggatagtt catttttact gaaagactat tctcttgata agaaatttct gacaatttta    108300
     gttatgttaa atcagattcc acatatataa tgacagcttt gttggtgtgt atttgtgtgt    108360
     gaagcattga aacgcatgtc acgtcctgcc atcttataaa gaacactgcc ttaattttta    108420
     actatgctgt agggagcacc cagtgttcat acacatgtat gagtgtatgt caacatacat    108480
     aggatgattg aaccatgaac tctgtaaagt ttggtagcat acacagaaat ttggtaagga    108540
     caaggatttt tgtgctacaa aacttcctta tcaaatgccc agtagctcta cgtgagttcc    108600
     acccaaggac cttgttgtat ggacaaaagg gcacaggatt ttccagccgt tgctgcaata    108660
     ataggtttag aagacagacc tgggattgtg ttccagcttt accacttact acccctgtga    108720
     acttaggcaa gatattgtag catctcttag cctcagtttc cctgtccata aaatgaggat    108780
     cataatatta tcaataatac cttcttcaaa ggtttttttt tttttttgag acggagtcag    108840
     ctgtgtcacc caggctgaag tgcagtggca tgatcttggc tcactgcaac ctccgcctcc    108900
     cgggttcaag caattctctt gtctcagtgt cccgagtagc tgggactaca gacgtccacc    108960
     atcatgcctg gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagatggg gtttcaccat attggtcagg    109020
     ctggtctcga actcctgacc tcaggtgatc cacccgcctc agcctcccaa agtcctggga    109080
     ttacaggcat gagccaccgt acctggcctg atgttaagat tttaaaatgc ggccaggtgc    109140
     aatggctcat acctgtaaac tcggtgcttt gggagaccaa ggtgggagga tcacttgagc    109200
     ccaggagttt gaggctgcag tgagctgtga tcatgccagt gcactccagc ctgcatgaca    109260
     gaggaagacc ctgtctctaa aagaattaat taataaaaat aaaatggctg acaaagcatt    109320
     tagtacagta actgcacata gaaagagctc aatacatatt gtttattgct tttgctattt    109380
     ttattattga atcacaatta cctcattcat tagatagaag aaatacttcc tacataacag    109440
     agctgggttt cagagttgac tgagctaacg tatgtgaaaa gtacttcgta tatgctctga    109500
     agcaccctgt gaaaataata atgattgtat gtttatttac tgaggatcta ctaagcacca    109560
     gtcactttat atactctcca attctcataa caatcttgtg agagacatag tatgatttta    109620
     tagagcaaat gaaaggatag gcttacaagg atttgcttag gatcatgctc agatttcgac    109680
     ccagatctat tttaaattca gatttatcct tctacaaagc cacatatcaa tgatgataac    109740
     cttgagaatt gctaataata gtttcttgac tttattaacg gtcgaattgg actcatatta    109800
     tctagtttag gctgatttgt catttttttg agtagtatag catccatggc atgctttttt    109860
     tgttaaaatg tatgattttg atgaaatgca cttaatacat cctcactcac aaacttgtat    109920
     atgtagctac ctacaaaaga tatttgtacc actaagccct tggctatgaa ggcagttcca    109980
     aataaaagaa catgtcagca gagtcctagg caatggcagt gtggttgaaa tatacatgct    110040
     gtcctcaagg tgaataattt gaagggcata cttttttgag tggataaatt ctgattttta    110100
     ttataatttt cagtgctttt tcagtcactc ctcatgtttt tacatttcag ttacatgaat    110160
     tttcattcat attgtggatt acaagtaaac tgaatttaca atttgatgcc cctgcctgca    110220
     tactaatgat aactagctta ttgctcacca gctcacagtg atctgctcag attggcatat    110280
     tggaccctgg gcatattcat gaggtaatgt atctgcctgc gagtgcatgt gtgcatctgg    110340
     aacctagcgt attgtaagga gataggcatg gccttttcag tttggtccct tcctagctac    110400
     agggctttgc gaaagtgttg gttttttttt tttttttttt ttagtcttct aagcctcagt    110460
     ctcctcatct attaaactgg aataataata cctatctctc agagtttctt ggcaagtaaa    110520
     ggggtacttc agataacatg ccccatactc aaaatatgta actccccttt ccacccttct    110580
     ttgttaccaa aaaaaaaaaa gtatagcaac agtagaatat ttgctttgtt ttttcactgg    110640
     atcatagttc cacacacaag aaaaaccatg tctggttaac aacacaaggt ctaaacagat    110700
     ttacaaggag atcagatgct tcgcctttca cctgactgag atgaagccac caacgaggct    110760
     gtcccatgtg tgcagtgcct tctgcccaga tgtggcgcaa gtgctccagc tgccccgacg    110820
     gggctggggc ctcagaatcc ccctcactcc gccttttggg tttttgctcc taaagcatcc    110880
     tggccgtcat cactcacatg tgctcaccag gtttcgtttc tagttcagag gaaacccata    110940
     cttttcacct gtgtcttttg atccctggcc tgatggaata tttttctaat gcccccactt    111000
     ttcccaactg ctctaagtta caaatggcca gatttcagtc attaggagag tagaattttt    111060
     ttttcctttt cctttttttt tttttctttt ttttgcagcc tgtctcactg ggggctggat    111120
     tccaaggaag cagcccgtgc actcacaggc caggggagcc aggatttcaa cggtgtcaac    111180
     aatctttgct catcacacca aaaaagccct gtgtcggtgc cgactcatta gcatacagcc    111240
     gtgctgtgct tgctaacaaa gcaggctctg ggtatctgct agtttctcag cttgtctgtc    111300
     ttccttgacc gaaaagaaga gaagaaatag attcaggcaa gggtgctgtc cccctcctgt    111360
     ggcaagacag catcacaagg attcccagag agagcgagct ttgaagtgat tttaaagtca    111420
     ccatccttgg gagaaaggag actgtccacc ctttgttttt ctcatcttct tctatagcat    111480
     caacaagcaa aagaaaaatc gctatgttct ctagttaaaa atgatcgagc cctgaatact    111540
     tcctggtcat ctctttcata gttgttgttg ttagagtgca taagaagaaa tatctgtata    111600
     ggcagaggta cacaagcatg ctctcccctc agtctgtctc tcgatccctc ttttgttggg    111660
     ggatggaggg aagaagaaac gtacaagcag atgtgctgct agatctacag gcttctgcca    111720
     accatatggc atcttaagga aagatggttg gagcgtctgg attagcagag tcgggatggg    111780
     aagccatgtg tcgtgttggt acaggcagtt gtttgagctc tctctaaatg gcttcaggag    111840
     attgtgtaat ggaacaaatg gtcctgcgag cccaggaaca gccttgccgc tgctggagag    111900
     gcaattggcc ctcgggcggg tactgcttcc cttttttccc ccagtattat gtattcttca    111960
     tttaatgttc ttcgaactct gagacttgac tcggaacttt tcaacttatt acgctcgtgg    112020
     gttctgtctg cctctgtgtc tgcctgaact ctactctgtc cctaatctgg taattaataa    112080
     tgccccagtc ctcttctgtg tcctctccct cggccctcca cggggggtcc aggctcagca    112140
     ggccagcttt tcgtgcctct tgacaaaggc cttttcggag gaggctgccc tgctatcagg    112200
     ggttgggggg tggagggagg atgatgtatc cacccatcag aattcccaga agcctcagga    112260
     gatggaaaat ctttcatttc ttaatgagtt aactgggagt tttacgtcgt cctaggtgtt    112320
     aagcacatga gaaatatgta gcatcactat tttggacctc atgtgtggca ttaaaaaaaa    112380
     ttattctaat ttcatactag tgaaagcatt ggactattag gtcacaggtg ccatttactc    112440
     agcaatttga gacctcagga ttctactctc taatacataa tttaaatact gtatgaatat    112500
     actgtaaatt ggagaactga aacactgtga ggctggcaac acatgggcag tatttcaact    112560
     gtggtcaggt tctcaggcca ttcttatttt gggaggctgg aggcgggaga agcagtgaga    112620
     cctcacaact agaacagatc tggtgagttt cttctcatag gaaggctctt tggacatttc    112680
     agctgccttt tagggcaaac agatcttgtt ttgttgatgt ttcagggtca tggcacatgc    112740
     agtgcagtgt ctttagctgc tgatatagtt aggtctgcct cctctctggg gtagataaca    112800
     aagcctgagg ctccaggtgt gtcatacatt gtgcttaatg gaagataaaa tggctagttg    112860
     attcagtcaa agaacctgtc catttatctg actaaatcat caaaccagtt tgaattaagt    112920
     catcagcttg agtccctgag agtagctggt cagtacctgg tgggcatttt tgtttgtttg    112980
     tctgtttcta agtccagggc tggagaaaga ggtcagtacc tggtctgtgc tgcacaccat    113040
     gggggcagag tgcccttcct cctttctcac aggcaatgac cccaaaaacg gaagcaagta    113100
     agaaatgcag catccaggtt aaaaatgaat tcacttatgg tcagctgtgt ccaggctgaa    113160
     aatgagtcac ctatggtcaa ctgtgggaaa taggaagctg tcatgcctac tgcagcttcc    113220
     ctcaaaggta cttcgagcaa tgaaaataca ttctaattta tttgctgtgg aacaatgcaa    113280
     aggcttcctc aaaaaaagaa atgaaacctg gagaatgtgt gactgaactc cagcaggaga    113340
     acaggacaca agtctagaaa tctcaagtgt cttcaaactg ttattatttt tatggatttg    113400
     tgactccagc aaacaacttt tactatctta aacaaggtca tctgaaaatc acttgaagat    113460
     tgttaccaaa ttccttcata aatattttct acaaacataa atgtccacca gaaatttcag    113520
     ataaagtact atttctcctg tgtcaattct ttgtatttaa aatttatctc atatacctag    113580
     gttttaaaac acgtttttaa attttcagaa ctcatttcat gctgaacatg ttaagtgcta    113640
     ggatattctt actttgtctt ccgagtttag gatctctgcg ggggtgtggg gggtgtgtct    113700
     gtagaaagca taattttgat tgttatccac caattggaag aaatccctac tttaatctct    113760
     tttaccttcc aagtgtacat ggtcccaaat ttgtcagtct tagaatttct tgaaacaatg    113820
     caattaaact gcaacatatt tcctaacatt cttaattaag acagtgactg aaaaatgtag    113880
     attaacagaa gttactgttt ttatcaacat attttctctc tctttcccgc caccatcaca    113940
     tccccctccc cctacccctt cttgctttaa atgtctgatg tcagtttcat ccacatgtac    114000
     attatgcaca tggcactgaa gaaacaaagt aaaaaattct cttttaattc tgagctgcat    114060
     gcccagcgcc acatgcactg tctgttacat gtcgcttctt atgaggttca tgctgggaag    114120
     tttcttttta aaggcgaagt gtttctgaag gaaagagttc aggttgggca gattgtgtta    114180
     gaaaaatctc actgtctccg agtggaatta atatactgat tattctgtgc aggctcaaac    114240
     tggcagcgtg tgcaaaagtt caagagtgtc tgggaattga aatatggagg agaaagcggg    114300
     agagtgagca gagacaaaga attggaagta gggctcagaa gtgaaactaa acggtaactt    114360
     tgtaaagaga ggaagggaat tcaagtctga acaactgtca tgaagcagta cttactgaaa    114420
     atatttttat ggaatcagga agctccattt tccatggcac tttttaggag gggtcttaca    114480
     aatgagtttg gttattggag gagagttgcc ggcggggggg gggggggggg ccgggggagt    114540
     acttctttga gttctcaaga tccttgccag tttcaattaa gtcacatgag aagcttaatc    114600
     actaacatag aaatgtaaac gggttgcagt atttctttgg cctattagcc aagatttttt    114660
     ttttcctgtt tattaaaatt tgagtccttc atgatcactg acaaacaatg attcattggt    114720
     ttacaaataa ggaattaaaa ggtaagaaaa gcaaatgcaa tcacgcagca cctttcccat    114780
     cgcggggaaa tcaacctttt tactcattgc ctctcagggg aaagaacttg ggacgtgagc    114840
     atggagttaa tgaagctttc acccatctcc tcctctcaac cgtcatcccg gtttaatcct    114900
     ctccttctgc caaagtccag aggccctgcg agcccccgtg gagtcgcctg agccagatgc    114960
     tccgcaccca gcctccccaa gccccggccg gctgccctcc aggtgcgggc tccaggccct    115020
     ctcgcgcggc ttcgggactc ggccgagccc gggcctagta tccagagtcg aagcagccgc    115080
     cgggaggtct gggtgggcag ggaggccgag aggacggtgc accgcccggc agcgctgaga    115140
     cctggccgcc taggccaccc tgcccggcga gggagagggg tgtctcctgc ctggagcgct    115200
     ccgcggtggc ccgagagcag gtgctggcgt gcgggaggcg cacgtggagc cctgcggtct    115260
     gttccacctg cagaggcaca attgcccagc gtggggtgga aggcaggctg ggagctcccg    115320
     ggacgcggcg tggcagcgca gggctcggct agatgcgctc ctcctcggac tggttgagta    115380
     agggaggagg ctcgtcctga acgtgcacag ccgctcctaa ctccgtcaac ggaatttcac    115440
     tcaactccga gactgaagca ttttattggc agcatttaga atcggggaaa aatctacctt    115500
     ctgtttagca gttgctcttt tctgaagcag aaaattatct ctagggatga cttagtaata    115560
     gggtacccca ttgccatgtg ggtcagggat tgggggaatg tccggatcct gccaatgcac    115620
     ctctgtaaaa ggtggcattc agcctgggag gagaggagct ggcagggcag gccgccccca    115680
     gacacgcaca ggcccaagct ctgtcctgca gcccctcccg gacacgcaca ggccctgagc    115740
     cctgtcctac agcccctctc ctgttgtcat ttgctatcag ggcagttcta ccgccgccac    115800
     taagctttgc ttctcccaac acaaccaaga gacggacata tagcagtgaa tactgtctgg    115860
     atggtttagc atgtctgggg cgggggtctt tctattgcct gcaggggttt ccgagtctac    115920
     ccagcaggtg ctcaccagga gtgggggctg tgactgggac ccatggcctg tggtgtgagg    115980
     ggtgaggggc cactgtgtac tgtaaccggg agcagcctgg aagaaggccc ctgctccccc    116040
     ttccctccgg cgcctcttac tcaggaaatc ttaatgtggg aaggatgtgt atggggctcc    116100
     ataagcaaca ctgacccagt cctggggaga gacaaacccc tcgtccgctc tcagatcatc    116160
     ctcagagatc ctctggggcc tctgagttga atcccaggct ctcccctgct ttcgcgagga    116220
     cccaaggctt atgcacacag agggtttctg gttggaacac ctaaaagttg attgatgaca    116280
     gagagatggt gctaaactgg catattgcaa agcaatcttg gtatttgttc tttgtcacct    116340
     tcctcaaggc tcaaggtgct ttttgggcta aaatggggca ttctgtgaac gtgtgctact    116400
     tttgaaaaat agaggaaggg gtgttggaag cctagactgg ttctcttgcc actcctcaaa    116460
     aagcaaaatt ttgcagccca aatattaaaa attgactccg cgtattcctt ctcccccaca    116520
     gtggcacaca actgggcagg ctccatctcg tctgctgctg gaacccacta gaaaccaaat    116580
     gagccctcca gcaggcctaa tcactctgat ctgtcatgga ccttctagct ggaagagtta    116640
     tgccatcata ttatcccaac actcatcagt gtgtggagga ccccctttta ctgaatgatt    116700
     tattgctctt tgcagaattc ctttggctgc agattttatt tctgagtcac tctgttcagc    116760
     tcaattggtc gccttcagtt accgtggcaa ccagcagatg gggttctttg acaagggtca    116820
     gcggggaggc tgccttggtt tggacagaag aggagctaaa taaaaagctt tcagcattga    116880
     cggttccgta gcggacggcc aggagttgtt atcaaattac ttgcattaaa acctaattaa    116940
     gatgtgtgcc aataagtggg ctgtagtgat tgaatctggt tacttagctg ctgtgggccc    117000
     aatcttatgc catcacacct ctgtggctag tttgactatc ccaagaatgg tcaaatatga    117060
     aggaaattga ggaagacctc accacagtgt ggaacgtgac atactctggg accacaccag    117120
     gagggtttta gtctctggga gcaccagaaa gtccccattc aaacagaaac ttcctgaaaa    117180
     cacagcagtg tgccccccaa acccaagatg gcaactgaac aggacctcca tgcgtctgat    117240
     agttccatgt cttccgttaa gactattggt aattcagttg caaatagcat tcaacaaaat    117300
     aaaactggct tgtaatcact ctgggttaaa gaagtctaaa tagagacatg ccaactaagt    117360
     atgaaggatc ttttctggag tgggaagaaa ggaacattat tgggccagtc aacaagatta    117420
     gaatccaatt cagtaggtta gatgaagcta ttagatcaat atgaaattga ctgtagttgg    117480
     taatatactg tggttctgta agagaatgcc tttatcctta ggaaatacac actgtagcat    117540
     ataagataaa agggcaatgg tgcatgcagc ttactgtcaa ctggttctgt acacacacac    117600
     acacacacac acacacacac acacagagag aaaggcagga gagcgtaatc aatcagatgg    117660
     ggcaaaatta ttacagtagg tgaatttgaa taaagggtat gttggtattc tctgtaatat    117720
     tcttgcaact ttttataagt ttgacattat ttccaaataa acccattttt aaggacggct    117780
     ttagggtgag gtagggtaca gtgtgcgtgg cagtgtgggt tttcctgctg gtgcttctgt    117840
     atggccttga gccacatgca gcatagatac tactctgcaa agattctgat tttcaacaat    117900
     ttccattcct ctgtcccatt tcctttgcac agtggggcta tcctcaccat tagtctgttc    117960
     ttgcttgaga caaagctgat taaggtaact cttacttcag gcagatggtc ttctaggttc    118020
     ttcaaagtct aagattcata acgtgtcaac tcctgtttca tggtgtcagg atcctttatt    118080
     catgcccagt cttccaaagg tattacaaac tcagccttgg ttcgatagca cttgtatttt    118140
     aagaaggtta caaggtagtg attcaacaga tctaattgcc ctaagatgaa gctgtgcctc    118200
     ctttttggta gaagcactgt ttgaagaagt tggtctttga agagcctcgg tgatattgtc    118260
     agaggcttta ggttcctgtc agaggcagct gtgctggagc ttgaagagct gaaagtgtcc    118320
     ccttggccat gggcccattc actgggggcc agtgtggcac tgtgggcttc ccaacatggt    118380
     cttccaagct tctggcctct tttgcatcct ttgtgccaac accagtctgt ggatgagatc    118440
     aatgtggctc agagtgtggt ttccagagta cggtcctcaa actgttactg gtctgggatg    118500
     aggcaagaac tgaaattgag tcagaaattt tcaaaacaat caaacactgc ttcctccttt    118560
     ttattgtact ccacaaaacc attagtctac aatagattgg aaattttaaa agaattaaaa    118620
     tcaagtctgg ttctcctcac tgagctcatt ggggaatccc tggcctaggg atttccctct    118680
     tctcccgccc ccaggcctcg gaaaatgaac tggtgtcagc tgctgcccag aaggttaccc    118740
     agcgtgttct ctctctcagg gtccttccct taaattctca agtttgacat ggaatagaag    118800
     aatgtcgggc gtttcaaaaa aggattttga gatgctgcaa agctcactgg atttagagtc    118860
     aagagatgtg ggctctagcg ccagatttac tacagacagg ctgcctgacc ttgggcaagt    118920
     cacttatact ttcttggctt caccataatg ggctgaactg aatgttctct aaggtgcctc    118980
     tcagccctaa cataatatga ttcttttcat gagaagagca ggacttgatc cccccatcac    119040
     ttgggggcat ccccaaggag ccccctgttc ttcctctgca ggcagccaag gctaattagg    119100
     aatctgagag aatgagccag gaaaggggca gtacaggaca tacattctct tcattgaagg    119160
     tggtaccccc tccccactgc acgatcctca ggaagaattc ctttattgaa accattattg    119220
     aatagggtag atttaggcac gggaaatgta aacagcaaac cagccactaa aagtgcgtta    119280
     atgtcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aagctgaggt gggcggatca tgagatcaag    119340
     agatcgagac catcctggcc aacgtggtta aaccccaact ccactgaaaa taaaaaaaat    119400
     tagctgagcg tggtggtgtg tgcctgtagt cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga    119460
     atcatttgaa cccgggaggc ggaggttgca gtgggccgag gttgtgccac tgcactccag    119520
     cctggccaca gagtgagact ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagtgcctta    119580
     atgttctgag caaggataat gggctagagc gtgttccgga agcctcagca cactgcttgt    119640
     tctcactgat aggacctcgt tcacgagatg gaattatgta aaatgccgca gcaatggtta    119700
     agtgttggaa caaagtaata cagctttaca ttaacatggt ttattcacta gaattaatga    119760
     cctagagcag taattgcatt ttcaaaactt cagcttgctg actaggtgta ttgctatgta    119820
     aatagctagc gatatttgaa gataggaaca cagtaaaatc tgtaaagtaa taggattgta    119880
     gaaatatgga gctggaggag aatgtagtca tcttctagcc ccgaggctgg caaactttaa    119940
     aaggtcaggt aataaatatt gtaggctcca tggccatatg ttctctgtcg cagctactcg    120000
     gccgttatgg tgcaaaagca gccatagaca aaacgtgaat gaatgggcat ggctgggttt    120060
     caatgaaagt ttatttaggg gcgctgcaag ttgaatttca tgcagtgttc acatattata    120120
     ctccttttga tttttaaaaa tcattttaaa atgtaaaaat cactctcaat tggcagatca    120180
     tacagaaaca ggcagtggcc tgtagtctga agtttgccga cctcacttct agttttctcc    120240
     tctcatttca catgtgagga aactgagatt caaagtgatc acaggattta cttaagttct    120300
     catgactgac gccagagtat tttaggagca gactaggaga gttttcatgt agacagttgg    120360
     ttgttttgat gatgaaaatt gaagccacac aaaaattatt ctccagaaga actcatttcg    120420
     tatgtgtgat taatactgtg aattagaatg taccagtggt tctcatgctt aagaattcat    120480
     cagagtcatc caggggcctt attaaaacac atgctgctgg gccccaccct cagagttgat    120540
     ggttcaggtc tggagatctt attttctcca ttttacaaat ggagaacctg aggttgagag    120600
     agatactcag tctcaggctt aaggtaaaat agctagcttg tgatgtcccc catttccaag    120660
     ttcagcactc ataggattag gattagagct ataagtaatc atcaagcaga gaggcagggc    120720
     tgcagttttg tttagagaga tccttctagt ctagctgttg cggggagtat ggattccagg    120780
     gggccgtgtg gaagcacaca actctatgag aaggctgtgc aggaacctgg atgtgaagtg    120840
     ctggcagctg gacttcaaga gtgaaggtca tggaatggat gggtggatgg atgagtggga    120900
     tggatggatg ggtgggatgg atggatggat aggtgggatg gatgggtggg tgggatggat    120960
     ggatgggtgg atggatggat ggataggtgg gatggatggg tgggtgggat gggtggatgg    121020
     gtggatgggt gggatggatg aatgggggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg    121080
     gtgggatgga tggatggata ggtgggatgg gtgggatgga tggatggatg ggtggatgga    121140
     tggatggata ggtgggatgg atgggtgggt gggatggatg ggtggatggg tgggatggat    121200
     ggatggatgg gtggtatgga tggatgggtg tgatggatgg atggatgggt gggatggatg    121260
     gatggatggg tgggatggat ggatgggtgg gatggatgga tggatggatg ggtgggatgg    121320
     atgaatgggg gatggatgga tgggggatgg atggatggat gggtgggatg gatggatggg    121380
     tgggatggat ggatggatgg atgggtggga tggatggatg gatggatgga tgggtggggt    121440
     ggatggatgg gtggatggat ggatgggtgg gatggatgga tgggtgggtg ggatgggatg    121500
     ggatgggaga ggttcagaag gcctagaggg ctcatctgtg gaaccaggag actgagctgt    121560
     ggggatggtg actaggggtg gtcccaccca ctgagagggt cacagagaga ggagcattag    121620
     aaggtgactc cagtgtgtca ggtggtgagt ttgaggtggg cttggaaatg caagagagag    121680
     gcccgaggct gagatcaagt gctcaggatc cttggcctct ccacttggag tcatgagtgt    121740
     agattttaaa aatcatgcag gcggaacatt tccagtcagg agagcactga gcccagccct    121800
     gggtcacacc agcatttgaa ggtctgatgg aggaggaaga gggaccaaag gggagtgaga    121860
     gacctgtaca gagtctaaga aggagagtga tgagtcgcac tgtgggcctt gctctgtggc    121920
     cttggtggct taggtaatcc tggctctgcc ttaccttgtg tgcgcttggg caaatgatcg    121980
     cttctctgca ccttgcttct ctcatgcata aaatgcagat gataaagtaa cgtgtagtat    122040
     tgttatgagg attaaattag ggaatgtaaa atgcttacaa tgttgggcat ttagtaaatg    122100
     ctcagtaaac attagaggag gccactggga ggagtagaaa agtgagtgca tattttacag    122160
     ttcatgtatt tgcacctttg aaatccatat gttgtttgaa aaatgttctt catttccatg    122220
     aggaagacgc cgctcccagg gaaatagtga gtctaagcac tttgagaaca cttatctaag    122280
     aggaaggaca atcttagctg tagtcagagt gaccacaggg aggaggctct ggtctgaaaa    122340
     catttcagaa caaaggattt taccactacc accaaaacca aacccaaaac aaaaccccaa    122400
     aacaacaact aaaaccttcc actgtagtcc gtaggtagct cccaggggga attgtccagt    122460
     gaagcaaaaa actctcattg aaaaacatac acgcataagg atataggccc cctctgggga    122520
     aggaaggggc tggcctggag aagaaatcca ttggtagtgg ccctgtggag ctggtgctag    122580
     gttcacaagt gttcatttgg ttattatacc tcatgactta tgtatacatt gcatatattt    122640
     tgtatgtatc acatacaaca taaaaaaatt taaatctatg tattcacttg ctttcacagt    122700
     attcatagca aatgagtgtc tgaagcatag gaccagagct ggcagcttgc accgcttctg    122760
     ttttgcataa gatattttcc ccagcccact cagctctata aagttgtttt gtatttcacc    122820
     acttgctcca tcttatcttg aagccttgca tattttttta aatgctggtt ctgatcatgc    122880
     ttgcagggtg tggctcagag gatcgctgtt ggaccaatgg agatctgcct gggcccagca    122940
     ctcttatgag tcccctgtga tttcatcagc atctgccttt agaaacccgg gcgtgtttgt    123000
     tcccatggta actgctgccc ctgacacgcc tgaaattcct gggatgccct tgcgtggaag    123060
     gggagcccgt gctgcccatt ctacccctgc atggggcagc tgcttttctc cctcagggtc    123120
     cccagtccta cccaggcagg ggtggcagtt gttcatctgc agatcctgaa ggacatggac    123180
     cctgtgcctg agattaggac ggccgcacca gcctgggtgc aggctccctc aagtgtcctt    123240
     cctcatggac ccgcggaccc tacgctgtgc tgtgagggcc ggggagcaca ggggcttcct    123300
     gggaggagga ctggcttcct gcccctgatg gggcctggcc acagctccca gggctccatg    123360
     acagcacagt gaagatagca accacatcct gggggccctg gatgcaatcc ctgcctgttg    123420
     caaagatgag ataaaggcgc gggaaagaag ggtctgaatt aggggttgag ctctgaaatc    123480
     ggacgattct gtgtttcctg ccgcatggag ggcgtgtgtg gttcgcaggc tgtggggggc    123540
     ttcttgcagc gggggctgct gcctaaacag actccgcggg ccccatgatg gcaaaccccc    123600
     tcgccccgtt catgacttaa tgcctcctag aagaaaaggc taaaaacaag acacacagaa    123660
     caagaaattg cactctctca aaacgacagt cgccctgaaa cggacgctgg aagaggtttc    123720
     caggcccgtg gcgacggtga ggggggtgaa ggtcgcaggt ggagggcacg gggcggcggc    123780
     tgcggagccc ggggaggagg cggcgggcgc ccgggtcttc ctcggagcgc gccccctggg    123840
     ctgggcggcg tgtccctgcc tcccgccggc gccctcgtcc ccgcagcagc gtccccgccg    123900
     ccaccccgct gcctcgtcgc ctttctcgca aacagcggtg ccctctacgt gggggatcct    123960
     ggaggctgct gagcacgagc gccctccgcg acccgcccct gctcccgcct ccactcttgc    124020
     ctcgggggga gggtctcagt cttctgccta aggcgccctc ctcccttggg aagtccgccg    124080
     tcctctgccg tgaagattgc ccctctctcc tccagtgcct cctccccagc ggcttcggtg    124140
     gctcccaccc tccgcacccc gtctcgcgac ctccccgcca gcccagcccc tcaccagaag    124200
     aggctttctc ttccagcccc tgaaatctgg cttctgcccc agccaggagg ctccgcaggg    124260
     cgctccgcca ccaggtggca tttcccacaa accggccact ccgccctgac ccctctcctc    124320
     cctggacctc cgtctcccag ttttcctccc tccaggatcc cactctcagt gtcttgccgg    124380
     attccagtcc actgccagcc attgaaggcg gaggttcctt aacccctatc ctggggcgag    124440
     cccttccctc tcactgcaga agagcttctc agctaggggg gtcgtgcggg cccggagagc    124500
     tgcattttta acaaactccc cacactgaca atctttgcca acccttccca ggcaaatctt    124560
     gcccccacgt tcatggtctc gcctcccagc aggtttggcc cacccagcta gagctccagc    124620
     tcggcccttc ctaagcccca agttgcatag ctgcctggtg ggtgcgtgtt ccacaggtac    124680
     ctcggactcg ccctgacccc agaacgtctc ttctacgcca ggccgatccc tcctgccatc    124740
     ctctgtctgt taaatggcac tgccattgcc tgcaggacga agtccatatt tgctggtttg    124800
     gctacagagt ccagcgtcgc cttcctctga gcagcctgca gcctctggtg cagccacact    124860
     gcacagcttg cagtttccag acacgcattg gcctttgcag tgcggccccg aagtgggaag    124920
     gccccgcccc tggccctggc cagaaaagca cccactcatc ctttcccatc ccagcttgcc    124980
     cgctgagtga ctttgaatca atgattcatg ttgtctgtgc ctcagtttcc ttaaccttaa    125040
     agtggcataa taattagttc ctgcctcatg gaattgtgag tgctaaataa acagtaagtc    125100
     tagtgcccga cataaaagtg ctcagcatac gacgatcatg agccatgtct aagcaggcgc    125160
     aagccctccc aggcttctca tctgcaatat tggccatttc tcttcatgcc tcagtgtcct    125220
     gtttgagttg agcatgtttt ttttacaagt gagtctctcc tccattggcc gggaaccgcc    125280
     cgagagccgg gagcatttgt cattcttgat ggacccccag gtcttaaatc agtacttgac    125340
     ccttaagagg tgttggccgg gcgcggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg    125400
     ccaaggcggg cagatcacga ggtcaggagt tagagaccag cctggccaac atcgtgaaac    125460
     cccatctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattaga caggtgtggt ggtgcgcgcc tatagtccca    125520
     gctacctggg aggctgaggc aggagaattt cttgaaccca ggaggcagag gttgcagtga    125580
     gccaagatta tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacagag caagactcca tctcaaaaaa    125640
     aaaaaaagaa gaagaagcag aagaagagag gtgtttagca aggcttggtt cgtttggtga    125700
     attaactcag tgagttaacc accattaacg atggttaagg acacttgggc gctggctcga    125760
     tttgactccg agctttaccg attacttgtg tgactttgtg caagttaatt aacatctcag    125820
     cttgttttct catctgtgaa atggggatga tactagcatg tacctcctag gactatagtg    125880
     aacttttaat taagataatt attgaattta acaggtagtt tattaatgaa atttacatag    125940
     gtaattgtgg cgcagtgagc ccaggggctc aaggtgttag cagtcatcaa cagtgctatt    126000
     tgaaactgtg ggtggatgaa gaggtgaact caacaccaca aatatgacag agcagtaacc    126060
     accatggaaa agaaaagaga gcttatgtgt ctaggacacc ccaagaaatc tcttctgaat    126120
     gaatgatggc aatgaaatag ccattaacag agggtaggct ggtttgtgca gggttggagg    126180
     cttttccaaa aataaataac tttcaaaaaa tctcagccag gcgcggtggc tcatgcctgt    126240
     aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggtggg tgaatcatga ggtcaggagt tcaagacaag    126300
     cctggccaag atggtgaaac cctgtctcta cgaaaaatat aaaaattagc tgggcacggt    126360
     ggcaggagcc tataatccca gctacggcag gagaatcgct tgaacccagg aggcggaggt    126420
     tgcagtgagc tgacatagca ccgctgcacc ctagcctggg caacaaagca agacttcgta    126480
     tcaagaaaaa aaaaaaaatc aatctcgggc cgggcgtggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca    126540
     gcactttggg aggctgaggc gagtggatca cttgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctga    126600
     ccaacatgga gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaat tagccgccgt tgtggcacat    126660
     gcctgtaatt ccagctactc tactcgggag gctgagacag gagaattgtt tgaacccgga    126720
     ggcggaggtt gcggtgagcc gagatcgcac cattgtactc cagcctgggc aacaagagca    126780
     aaactctgcc tccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atctcttttc ccaatatttg    126840
     taatactggg agtgttcaag ttgatttaaa aattgagtca attggaatcc atcctcagct    126900
     cttagctgtg aagggagagc tgccccttct tagggatctc acttctcaca gcaggggtgc    126960
     ttctgtgtgt ggacatcctg gtcagctggt cccctgctgt cttgtggggc tcacacccag    127020
     gcacttgatt cagcggggtc tgggtggtgt ctccttcctc cttcccaccc cagtaatcgc    127080
     tatagccttc ccaggccccc aggttgcaaa gcactctgga ctaaacctcc tccaggttct    127140
     gagggctcca taggaggaag gtctaggcca gaaccggccc catcgctgaa ggtggagcca    127200
     gggtggccgg ccgtgaccgg tgtttatgct gtgagagcgg ctttggccct gcccattgcc    127260
     ctggatgggc tgccatccct tttcaggagt tcaaaaccac atactgagcc catcggtcca    127320
     aaggaccatc atctcatttg atccaagcac agggcaaggg accacatgga caatggctgc    127380
     tcgtggcacc ttcttgccat gcagccatgt catggtgtca cttgtcacgt ttcctggcac    127440
     cttcttgcca tgcagcaatg tcatgatgtc atttgtcacg tttctgttcc attcttttcg    127500
     agcaagcagg aagccacggg gctacctcag ttgctcttag ccagtagctc tctccacagg    127560
     taggccttca tcggagggga aaagccacct tagggttcca gagctcaagg gcgaatgatg    127620
     ctttccaccc actaatttaa atacggaagc atcagattgt ctgcttctca aggaaaagag    127680
     ctgttaccat ctctgtctct tcaatgggac ccactcctgg gccccacagc agggcaggtg    127740
     ctcagatgaa tggtggccgc ctgcctgtgt cagagggtcg gcctaggcag gttccccagt    127800
     ccgctggccc gggacgtcct cctctctccc ggccgctcac tgttcaggac agcccgggcc    127860
     cccccctggg gccttgcagg agagcttctg tgatccactg ggtggctttg agggtagctc    127920
     ccaggaaagg ctgcctcagc cccagcgtga tggggacggg taggggccga tgaggcttcc    127980
     cagagcagcg atggccttag gtattgccag aaggaaacct acttttcctc caagatcaga    128040
     gggaaggatg aggtggggtg ttggagcatc accatatata tacatcacac acacagggaa    128100
     acactcctac ttggatggag gatctttgct gttctgttga ggccagcctg atcctggagg    128160
     cagggcaggg cctggctgtt gcccaggctc caaagaggcg ccagggcgtc ccttagtcct    128220
     tacactttct ccagaacctg cgggcagcag gaggcccttg tcgggacagg caaggggggc    128280
     ggtggtgcgg aattgtgggc gtggcagtcg gaggtgccaa gcccggggag gcggggcttc    128340
     ctgggagcat gcgtagtgcc ggctctgcct gggcggggtc ctaggctgct gctcccgcct    128400
     cccccggcac aggtagggcg ccccgcagac ccggacaacg ctgggtgtgg ctgaaaacag    128460
     ggagtcatgg tgcgttctgg ggaagggtca gggctggggg ctcgggcccc tggaccaaag    128520
     actctagcca aatccatcgg aggctgagca gggcgatggg gcagggccgg gggagccgtg    128580
     gggaaatggg agggtgtggg ccgagcagcg ccggaggcag gtaccgacca tcgccgggtt    128640
     tcccagaggg cagtggtacc tgtgcccaca tgtgcggcct tttttgtaaa ggaacctatc    128700
     ccaacccgaa ggcccaaacg tgtggccgtg taagtttagt tgtgcccgga gtcccaggag    128760
     agcccggact gagggcagcc agaggccggt gtccgcagaa cggcccacga ggccttcggc    128820
     tcagtagcct ggagtttgaa atgcaccttg agctttaatg gccttttcct tgtgagaatt    128880
     cgagttaacg tgcctgctgg tgcttttgat gggtgaggac ggtgaggcag gccacacatc    128940
     tcgcttcttt ccagaacact tctgggtagt cgttcaattc cacatttaat ccaaagccaa    129000
     cagttccatg ggtgactgtg ctgctggctg taggaagccg actgtggaca gatgaggata    129060
     atggtctgag tgaattagca agtctggaga ggagcgccca tcagcagaat gacaaattta    129120
     ggatctttaa agacatctgg tcagcgatgc cggagctcgt gattgactga gtgattaata    129180
     atggaaaacc cttacttcag tgtttccacg gccctcaccc acttccccag ccggggcggc    129240
     cgtctgctca gcctgccaga gacctttcca gctgaacaat ggcggcattt aggcccctca    129300
     tctttgacct ctgcttggga gttcaaagct tccttttcct tctacttacc ccacttatct    129360
     gcgtgttttc taattgatag tgtactgaga tggctcccag ttcccacgca catttgctag    129420
     aatgttacct tcacacagtg cgtaccaagg acctagtgcc agccagagcc tggcacctca    129480
     gggtcaccct aggcgtcctg ctcatggttc cctatcaggg gcttccctca gatacacaca    129540
     gcccctgggc ctgttgaaag gctgacgtta tccctcttta attctgcggt ggatttttct    129600
     ccaggctaag gcagctggat aagcacagcc aggccacagc ccagcagctg gtgcagctcc    129660
     tcagcaagca gaaccagctt ctcctggaga ggcagagcct gtcggaagag gtggaccggc    129720
     tgcggaccca ggtactgtgc agaacgcggc gcaggtggga gtccttgggc gggcgtctac    129780
     aggtggatct tttatgcacc tcaacaggcc ggctttctca cggatcacat cggttagcag    129840
     taagctggga gggaggtccc gaagactgtg ctgggcacag tgcaggaccc agagaagcgg    129900
     agccatgggc ccgtcctggt gagggagtta aagtccgtgc aggtgaacag accccggccc    129960
     gcgaatcaac gaaccacacc gagtgccaag ttgcgccgtg caggctgcgg agggtgcgag    130020
     agcagggaga agcgggagga cggccgtggg cggcagaaca ggctttttgg aggatggtgg    130080
     ccttgagctg cctctgaagg tcgtgtatgg tttgaattgg ttgaggaaag aggtgttccc    130140
     aattagcaaa gtcgtcttga atggaaggca ggcatctcat cctaaattag ctgactgatt    130200
     actgggctaa tatctggagt gcttgcagag cacccggcag tgttacacac agaacatgca    130260
     ttaattccct ttacccttga acaagcaggc gatgctgact ttattgtctt catggtttag    130320
     atagggaaac taaggcccag acaagcatta cagctggcaa gtagggacac cgcaaacgga    130380
     ggctaagcct gactccacag cccaggcttt ccccattcag gttagatccg gggccaccag    130440
     cagggaaaag ggaggaagga aagtgtcccg gtgaatttgg aacacagtat gaaacctcgt    130500
     ttgctaaatc gcttctcttc ctgtcagaga ggctgtgcat tttgccccgt caagcagttt    130560
     gttaggataa tgaggtggtc cgtgggctga ccaaggcctc cgcctttaat taggattgca    130620
     cccaggtgct ctgtgagtgc cctggggact tcaggcagta agtgcttgga atgattaata    130680
     tgaaaaatgc atctggaaat gaaaacgaag aggagtctca ttctcctcac aaaatgaccc    130740
     tgtgctcaag gaacctgtaa gtactgactt ttcccactcg gtccaaaatc cctctgccaa    130800
     acatgtgttc acagacagta aatgagcaca cccaggcgcc acggagctaa ggcctggagg    130860
     tggaaatgcc tctactgtcc ccatgcttct gagactgctc ccagggactg tgggggagcg    130920
     ggccgctcaa agtccgagcc acagccgcac tgccacagct aatctaggag gcgaggcctc    130980
     acctggcacg ctccatggca gggccctgga acctgaattt tgccaagctg ttgggatgat    131040
     tctggacgac actacatttt gaaaacctct gaagtgtttg gagctggaaa gaacagagaa    131100
     ttattccagg ttgtgtcact gtgctgaatc ccctgccccc gcttcggaca agtaacttaa    131160
     gcctttttcc agcctcagtt tctcctctgc acagtgggca tggtgcacgc ctggcttcac    131220
     gggctactgg gagtgctgag tgcaggcggg atgccccacg ggcccttggg cacacaggct    131280
     gaggacgtgt gagggtgttt cctttctccc tcatcttcag agggtcctgg gagaggttca    131340
     gggaaggcag aggcctgcag agcagcagct gtgggaccag tgccactccc ctcccctctg    131400
     ctttcaggat gaccccctca tcctccacca gacccagccc agaacccagc cctgtgggca    131460
     ggtccccagg gagggcccca gcagcacctg ctttaggcct ggccagccaa agatcaggac    131520
     cactggagcc actaggtctc ctggcaggtg actaggctct tgtcacatag gagggaggga    131580
     ccgtgactcc tggcatgagt gaatcttcag cctctaaagc caagaactct gtcagacctc    131640
     aggttgtggg gagtcttccg tggaagctgg agcacacggc agcttccttt gggctctgga    131700
     ctagatcagg agaacgtggg ctttgccttt taactcccca tctgcctgct ttacagcaca    131760
     cttagatctt aacatggatc accgatgctt agaagcttct tccagggctt taaaaatctg    131820
     gctattgcca aatgagttgc aaaattttca caaaacgcat taaaaaaacc ccaaacctca    131880
     aaaaatcctc agaaaaacta gcaggtcttt ctttcttctt ttgcctgaag caacagcaat    131940
     gatttgccca ttcctgtgct atctgatact ggcccatctg gctcatctct aaagcggcct    132000
     ttcagattca aatattacac ttggagttat tttaatatga acatgacaaa agaaatttgg    132060
     tagagggaat gttggctttc agttgcaaat actagtggtc agagaggagg cagggatcca    132120
     ggtttgcaag ctctctgctg aatatctaaa cccagagcct gctttttctg gctaagcctg    132180
     gccttcacct ctaggtaggg gctgtcagtg ggcttcagcc tctgcgatgc cttcttgtca    132240
     tggaatcagc ttgagttgtg agttaggctt ctgctgagcc atgatgtggg cgaggctgct    132300
     gtaggttcga gcaggtattt tggatgcggt gccgcctgag ggctccggag tgctcagcca    132360
     ccctctctgt tttcctggag tggcctgtgg gtccagatct tgggcagctg agggttagag    132420
     ctgtcctcat gtccgggtta gagatggttt aactaaaggc ttccgttttc tcagcctgga    132480
     tgagttaagc ttaacttaat tttgcatgtc aaactctaaa catctctgtc cacttaatac    132540
     ccagaagaga atgggtcggg caatggttcc aaagcaaagt ccaccccttt ccttccctcc    132600
     ctgtcctggg tcctgagccc cgctgcccct ggtggtgggg ctcaggctgg cctgtggcct    132660
     ccaacaggaa gtgtctagcc tgttggcagg cttcattatt ctaattgttt ctgcttgaat    132720
     tctgaaacac tcacaacaac atggctggca gagggagccc ctggtagtgg tagctgccac    132780
     atggatgctt ttggccacga gaacccccat cctccccgct ccccggcgct gtctgcggtg    132840
     ggcaggactc agggcactgg ctcaagctct cggctcgttt cttggctttt tttttttttt    132900
     tttttttttt gagacggagt cttgctccgt cacccggact ggagtacagt ggtgcaatct    132960
     ctgctcactg caacctccgc ctcccggctt caagtgattc tcctgcctca ggctcccaag    133020
     tagctgggat tacaggcacc caccaccaca cctagctaat ttttttgtat ttttaataga    133080
     aacggggttt cgccatgttg gccaggctgg tcttgaactc ctgacctcaa atgatccgcc    133140
     caccttagcc tcctaaagtg ctgggattac aggcgtgagc cactgcgccc agctgttttt    133200
     tttttttttt ttttttttga tgagttttgt tcttgtcgcc caggctggag tacaatggca    133260
     tggtcttggc ctactgcaac ctctgcctcc tgggttcaag caattctcct gcctcagcct    133320
     cccaagtagc tgggattaca ggtgcctgcc accacgcctg gctaattttg tatttttagt    133380
     agagactggg tttctccacg taggccaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct caggtgatct    133440
     gcccaccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctggcat tacaggcatg agctttgccc ggcctcttgg    133500
     cttgttctta gtttagggtg actacaaata atggcattat tgatctcctg cctcacctgg    133560
     gttcggaaac aacttcaaga aaatagcttt taaatgtcat gaaatggctc ttacttgtcc    133620
     ttgtggagaa acagacactg aagcactagc ccagctttgc ctagatgcag ttccccacac    133680
     tctgtattcc gggagggtca gggcctccag acacacaccc tggcctgtct tttgtttgag    133740
     actgggctgg gtagtcgcac tctcgccctc ttgagaggca ggccctggct gggggaggct    133800
     gaaaccttgg tggtgggggt ggggggaggg ggattcgggg tgagggtggt gggtctcagg    133860
     ggagtttggg cagggcctga cagcttggag cagggtcagg ggtctgcggc ccagagcctg    133920
     ggggctctaa catctggcta ggaaggttgg agccagctgg tgaggaaaca tgagtcttgg    133980
     ggagaatggc atctgggaca ggggaaaaca gaaattatct gtccacttag aggatggtct    134040
     caaccatcaa gatgattttc tgtgtctgct ttcttatttg gtaatgaata cggttttggc    134100
     tgacttgcat tttctggtag ccgtcgtatc ctgagcaggc tgcttggttc tgtctgcagt    134160
     gttcaatctg gggagtgatt cccttttagt cccctcatat gaatcactta cagtttagaa    134220
     aacagagtcg gaaactgact tgtcagtggt taatcagttg gccctatgac ttttaagcat    134280
     tcttggcagt gaatttactt tctaatttga tttaaacttg tgcatggatc cagcagccat    134340
     atgtgattat attcaagatc atcgacatta tctcattata ccaaaggact catagaagag    134400
     agccgaaaac aagcagggga cacagagaca cagaagatga tgaagggagg aaaggcccat    134460
     tgcaactgga agcaaaggga gaagggaggt tctagaaaag tgacagctct cagggagcaa    134520
     gactccctgc cgagggaggc ctggctgcaa ggcggagctg ctgcaggctg cccatgttag    134580
     gccttggagg tgtcacctaa tttactgtgg tccttccagg agccctgggg gcctcgccca    134640
     gctgacttag gagctaccac aaagttagct acctgtaaga cagatggcgc ttgaatagaa    134700
     cagcaaatac attgaataaa ataaattaaa aagcctcctc ctgaaccaag attttttgga    134760
     aagaattcta aatagatgaa aacaaacaat ttgatttcaa ccaaattgtt gtttttttgt    134820
     ttttatcctg attttcaccc gaattgtcag tctcaaaaat aaacactgat acattcccag    134880
     aaaatatttt tcaaataaaa actgactctg ttaaagtttg ccctgattct ttcaaaactg    134940
     tgtacaagac actgtcaacc aaagtgactt gcatattttt ttaaataaac ttgaacatat    135000
     gcagctaaaa tgtcattaac tccctgctgc ctgagtgttt ttaaaaaatg acacaagacc    135060
     ctgggtgctg catgtctaac ataagcatct cgcgaccttc ggagaaactt ccccaaacac    135120
     ctccaacagc agacagttaa actttttgtt ttttgactga gcgccccgtg tataattaat    135180
     attgaaaagc gcatagggct tcattttagc cagacttgct cttccgttaa cagttcactt    135240
     tgtccaagag tgagtacttt cagaataaga atcatgggag aaaagtcaat tgaattttat    135300
     attccttcag atacattcac tctacttatt gcttcctgag tcagacatta catttcacaa    135360
     tataaattca caatcaagat tttaaaggga gctaaatatt ttaatccaat tagacaagtg    135420
     aacaaaacac tgaatattgc atgtagtgta gataagtggt tcttgccttt aaaagactgt    135480
     aattccgtca cattacaacc ccaaatgtca gtgttgtctt tatttttaac actttcaaac    135540
     atgaggcagc cagaggctcc actctctgct gttggtgaca ctgtctgtcc tttgggaatt    135600
     cttaaaatct atttaccatg gaaacatggt tcatataaaa cacagacctg cctgtgtgta    135660
     gaggaagttc tcatgactca ggggacttga gaaagctgga agatgacaaa ctcagacccc    135720
     acggttggga aggaaccctt gggcttgggt gcgccctggg gaggacaggt ggcaccgcag    135780
     agccagggcc tccaccccgg cctcatgtgt gctggggcct ccctggcctg tgcggggccg    135840
     cctccctctc cccgccaagt ccagctcgag atgctgtctt acggaacgtc ccacttcatg    135900
     tctgcaaggc ggccttctct gtggatacct ttccattcct ctggtttctg cggccctgtt    135960
     cctttctcgg agcccagaag cagcaaagcc aagccctgcg gtggaaggga aggagggctt    136020
     tgaactctga ctgcggtgtg gaggctgtta tcaggggccc agccgggcag ccaggaggga    136080
     agaatggccg ctgccctgcg atggccttaa ccgtgagccc ccgcctgctt tgcagctggc    136140
     agagccaggt tcctggaaag gcctgacccg gaggggacga ggcccctcag tgagaacttc    136200
     agtcgctgtg ctggggacag cagggccgca ggggcctgag ggtggctgac tgcccctcgg    136260
     ctctgtagag gagtgctccc ttctgacagg tgggcggtcc tgctcgaagg ccgcgtttcc    136320
     ccgacgttct gcccagcatg ctgagggcac ctctctcctc agtgcgttgg tggcgagcca    136380
     gagctcacgt ggcttatttc atccaggttg ccttcccaat ttggcagctt aattccgtag    136440
     atatcaaact ggctgcccct catctgccag agcaagcagg agagcctcgc atgggagagt    136500
     ctggactttg aggtcaaact gcctggattc gaatctcagc tctgcgttgc ttcagagaca    136560
     tgtgttagct ttcatgtcac ttgatttctg gcagagaaaa agaaagaacc agcttccctt    136620
     taaaaggaag tgcctcatat tacccagagc ccagcacaga tgattatgaa accaacagga    136680
     ttagtgctga gatcattgtg ggcttgaaag ggccatttga gataaataac cattttgtac    136740
     agatagaaaa ataaggccca gagaaatgaa gtgaatggaa ttgggaagtg gctgggcagg    136800
     gaaatgaact tcttctcagg ccacaggatg tgtggatggg ggcaggtacc cgagcgggtg    136860
     cgggcggagc cgggcctggc tggaacagct gccgagccct ggccccggtg cccagaacac    136920
     gaggcggagg cgggaggcga gccaccaagc gaggcagggg ctgccctgga gctctgtcaa    136980
     ctcagggcca gctttgaaat gccccagatg gaggtagggg gaggggcctg ccctctccag    137040
     ttacaaatgg atgctttatt gccagacaca caaggaacag gaccacgttt tgacttggcc    137100
     aaacagagac agcgtgccag tgagcagagc ggacagcagg gggggaaggg gttgttacct    137160
     tcagaagggt tggctagagc cacccacgga gacagtgaag tgcgaagccc gggcaggtct    137220
     cctgtgagca ggggcgaggg gtgccaccat ctccccgggc tgccacttct ggctggtttg    137280
     ggaacaaagc agcagcaaag gctggctgga ccccacagtg tggttgcctg gggaacagtt    137340
     caggtcaccc agagcaactg atttcttaca ctcagaactt aacaaacttt agaaataaat    137400
     gaggcagggt ttgtggagag atgactccga taggatttaa aatgagaaca aagaaaatgg    137460
     gttagcagct gtgtgcctgc agatgggggc acgtttccac cacctgtgga cagcacggca    137520
     ggggagcagt ggccagggcg ccctgtcgcc cccctctgag ctgcaggaca gccacaggag    137580
     ggccacagca agggccatga tgacaaatgg aagggcagaa ggacgggaga cactggctga    137640
     gggctcatgt cccactggca tacgcacgct ctactctcct ggacgagacc atgatcactg    137700
     tggtgttgat gacaggactt cctggaaata agcatcgtgg atatccctaa tggcagacaa    137760
     gccagatgtg ggcagtaact aaggcttctg tctcggtcag agaaatgtgt gttaccaaag    137820
     agtcagcaaa tggaggcgac aaaacggtga cctcctagga caaattatcc agccctccag    137880
     tgctgactga acgctcacca tgggtcaggc acggctgtag gcacgggtgg gggggggggc    137940
     gttgagcagt gaacggtaag ttcaacagtg tgaaagtggg gatggatatg gggcttctca    138000
     cctgaaccgc aggaaataca aagcccatag agatggccat ggctgatctg ccgcaggaag    138060
     gaatcaggct gacttttgat tggttcctgg tgaggcccgt acatctgtgt cacccccatg    138120
     caggcccacg gaatcaggag gtcacccgtt tctggaacag ctccgatagt gataaattgc    138180
     taggtggcct gggagcccac aggcattatg tagactcatc atgagaaatg cctgtttcct    138240
     ggagcttatc aaaaaattcc gcaacacatt ttacttttac ttcaggtctt tacgcctatt    138300
     ctgtattgtg tgtacgtggg tgtgttctct acccaaaatt catcactgca gccttgaatt    138360
     ctgggctaca gcaattctcc tacatcagcc ttttgagtcg ctgggactac aggggtgcgc    138420
     caccacacat ggctaatttt tacaattttt tttgtagaga tgaggtctca ctatgttgcc    138480
     caggctggtc tcgaactcct ggactcaagc gatcctattg ccccagcctc ccaaagcact    138540
     gggattacag gtgtgagcca ctgttgggtt gtttttcttt tgaagtgtta tctgttggga    138600
     tttatgctta tcccttttgt attcagtcat cctagcattt ctaaagttag gaagccactg    138660
     tgtcaagagc gaggccacca ggccacctgc cttatgtggc caatccatgg agcaggggtg    138720
     gagggccatt caaaccagtc atttagcagg actgtgctgg gtcagttcga tcacctggcc    138780
     tggagggcac gtcagcttgg tgcaaaccct gcgtttgaca atcagatcgt gttggtggca    138840
     gtctccgtgc tgtcagtatc ccactgagga cagaagggag tcccctctgc aatggcaggg    138900
     ctctagggca tagtgcatgg ggtggactcc tcatgggcca ctcagacagg gcctggagaa    138960
     caaagcatcc cgtgggccca ggaaattgtc cacctggctc cacgggcctg ggagggctgt    139020
     gtgcatggga tggcaggttt acgaggagga gtgaggcctc ctgccggagc cccacctgca    139080
     ttcagcctga ggccaggccc cccacctact ctaactaccc tgctgagacc accccactac    139140
     tcacagacct gttcaagaaa aagttgtcct cagggtctct cacacactgg gaaatctact    139200
     tgaaatgtaa acattacttt ttctcatttt tcataaaagg caacaggctg atgttcatat    139260
     atttctcttg aatgcggatt cagtttcact cattgccctg tcttggaaat ccccatgtta    139320
     atgatggctt aaattaggtt gatagagtcc tcccttggag tccagcttgg aaaatcctca    139380
     ctggagaggg gcaggcccac ttctcttttt ggaagatggt tcctaactaa agaaagaggg    139440
     accagattgg gcccctggcc ctgcagtgcg tcccaattta tctgacgtag aaaccgggat    139500
     ttggaaaata ccatcctggc ttttctctgg acttcacaat ctagagggcg aggactgtgg    139560
     cccagtcacc ttcccacaca gtgcacagta gaaactccag acatgctttg tggagtggaa    139620
     acatttccag tggcttctga ctctagttcc tgatgtggtt taaactaatt tgggcagcca    139680
     tggcagcaga ggccaggaac agtattcaat actttctgaa cttgtgattc tcccccaacc    139740
     tgatctgcat gaagctactt tggaacattt gtatctgcgt aaaactaaga gacctcagta    139800
     cacccaatcc cctcttccaa cacatgtgag gtttccatgt gaaagtactt tttcataggt    139860
     tacaataaat tgcttgcagt tacaaatttg gaggtgtttc agcttgtatt gtttcacgag    139920
     gaatttctta ggggcacttg gcctacaccc tgtttttgtt ctagaattac ctgccgttaa    139980
     ggtcagataa attttcagta aacagattat ggcacaaatc aatgtgtcct ttcccggaca    140040
     gaagagatgg ctctctggcc atgtcctaac accagactgt ccttatttaa gaggcaggcg    140100
     tgtcttttgt ctaggttgtc ttcaaattta acccattaaa ccagttaacc ttatttcata    140160
     tgtgaagggc tttgatgtgg acaagatgag gcacaaactt ttcatataat ttccacattt    140220
     ttagcaacag gtttttttct ccaacaacag ttttcatcat aaaaggtgac taaaccagca    140280
     aatgagaaga caaataacat tgaagaacat gagctattga aacttacttt ttattatttt    140340
     ttccagttac ccagcatgcc acaatctgat tgctgacctg gatggaacag agtgaaataa    140400
     atgatttaca aagagatatt tacattcatc tggtttagac ttaatatgcc acaacgcacc    140460
     acgaccttcc cagggtgaca ccgcctcagc ctgcagtggg gctggtcctc atcaacgcgg    140520
     gcgctgtccc cgcacgcagt cgggctggag ctggagtctg actctagctg agcagagctc    140580
     ctggtgtatg ttttcagaaa tggcttgaag ttatgtgttt aaatctgctc attcgtatgc    140640
     taggttatac atatgatttt caataaatga actttttaaa gacttgagtt gtaatgtttc    140700
     ctttttatct tgtagtgatg aacaaaacac accaaaaagg cacatatttt aactaggcca    140760
     aagtatatta aggaccaaac tttttttcct gccattcatt tttcttttca tgatctatat    140820
     atcaatcatc cttcaccttt aatcaatgtc ccatcagact ccattttatt tatttatcgt    140880
     cctactttgt gcacaatcaa tcaatcagga gacaccagga agcactatgc attactcttt    140940
     ccattctgtt aaacaacgaa aacagacaaa aaagcatctt tggctcggtg gtgtcagatt    141000
     tttttcttca atacgcagta tttgagagga gcctaaaaac gtacttagtg aaattagaaa    141060
     atttacttag agtatatcaa atatctgtac acagataatt atttgtctaa aatagtattt    141120
     ctactataca caattaagcc ctcaaatgct ttaaagtaat aaaaacggac actggacata    141180
     ccgtgttgta tctgagaatg acaaacacta aaggcaaggc tgcagttagt taggacaggt    141240
     ccctgacctt cggctgccct gcctggccag cgagccatca tcctcatcac catctcaaca    141300
     cagagctgat gtcaccatat gctcagcctt gcctctcaga agtgatgtgg attaggcttt    141360
     ggaggcggtg gcatgatcta cacacagaga ccatttgaat ctcttgagca tgtaaaaggt    141420
     tcaagcctga aacagtagaa cttctattca gattcagaag ttttttattt catcaaatgt    141480
     gctagacata aaggctgtca cataagatat tttaattgtc cttaattctg ttttagatat    141540
     actgtgaata aattatacaa tattctaaaa atagcacctt taaagaatta tagaggtcac    141600
     ttttttttag cctcctggat ctgtcaaccc cagtggtttt gagagaagag cacatgtgag    141660
     aatgccctca aatttggccg tgtgacatac acatacatgc ttgactcact ctggtcccaa    141720
     aagccattcc tctgtctggc ttcgtcacag gagcaaagcc aagtttctac aatagtagct    141780
     ttatgaggta aaatcagaaa aaggccccat ccagaatgat tcaacgtgaa gtcagactgc    141840
     agtccagcca tcctacccat ctacatcacc cacgtctaag tttgttaatt tgccatgaca    141900
     tgttgttaga aatacactct aagaaaggaa atatgcagag cagtacatta tcaggaagac    141960
     gttaatgaaa agctacattc cttcagattc tgggtccaaa ccgtgtgttg tatagatgat    142020
     tcgggtctga atgtccccag ggtctgagac ctccttcatc cctggcttca cagtacatcc    142080
     atcctaaatc cagtgctgag aggtcagcgt ttcccctcag aagcagccgt tcatcaaagt    142140
     ttgcacaacc gcactactgc catttcactg aagtaaaaat gatcccctat gtgtgtgtgt    142200
     gtgagctaca aggaattatt tctatatttt cctgtcacat tttatacaag gtaggttaat    142260
     accagctggg gctattaaaa atcatgtttt cattaaagaa gatttaattt ggggggatta    142320
     tagaaccaca tccaacaaca ataaacagag aagtagcaga ttgacatagt gctttattta    142380
     agctgtctgt acgaaggaaa atcatgttca tccctatcat atacgtgtaa aaatactaag    142440
     gatgtacagt gtacaaaaac agtttctcct agttattcca catccttgtg ggtcatatac    142500
     ttcaggaaat agacaggttt agtatgacca acagtaatag taatacagtt tcttgggttt    142560
     atagttgcat ctgcttaaaa tccttaacca gatgactaga tcttgcgcag atctaatgaa    142620
     agaactagca aggtcaagaa atgtcacaaa ctataaagct acagggaggt aattcaatta    142680
     ccaatttaga ggttttcttt ttatttaaat aaatacttta catttcatgc ttgcctgtaa    142740
     tgcactacca ggagcaagat aaggaaattc tactgtagac agtacaaaca gtagcagcaa    142800
     agtgtgtatg ttgaggtgta atagagagac cctgcagtta gtaaggaagg cccttacttt    142860
     tgtactctag gagaagcaag tggcccctgc aagaacagtc agctttaaga agctggaaat    142920
     cagggatggg aaatggaaaa caatacttga ataatgctat gtaattagtg tagaaagcaa    142980
     agctgagcgc gaccctgcca accatctaag cagaaatggc caatttcctc caagatggct    143040
     gcattatgac aagaagtcaa gcttcatgac agttagtatg ggctggagtc tgcaaagtct    143100
     gaactgtatt ctcatagaat gattccaggt ttcagggtgt tccacctgcc agaacccaaa    143160
     actacaacta tgggcgacac aagggaagtt ttagaaatct ccctctacac gcatttctgg    143220
     ttttctatta ttcctccatg gcagctgaca gatctggaag tgaaaatagg ggattctcaa    143280
     aatcaaagcc aagaagacac cttgtgtgac accaatggag tctcagaggg tggaatagaa    143340
     gtgactgagc cccaggcatg gctgggaact gagagccagt gtgaggagtg gcccgcctgg    143400
     ggcaatgtca gtgccagtca ttaatcttta agaagtgtcc ttggccaagg tcatgggaat    143460
     cactttaaga tttgcgggag aaaaaaccaa aacaacaaaa agctgtgtgc ttagtgttcg    143520
     gtgtcatgct ttccctctag aggagtaagt gctctgaaca tcagccagtc tcagctttct    143580
     gctcttcctc tcacctgttt ctttcttata taatggatgc aagacaactt aaagaacata    143640
     ccttctagtc tacttttttg tcaaaatgaa acattcaaca taattccaag tgaaaaaaaa    143700
     aagattagct atgtgtgtaa gtaagaatga actaccattt actgtaactt cctactcaat    143760
     actaaggatg aacttcactc aggtagaaat atgaaaaaga aggataacgt tgatgtctga    143820
     atatgtctta gctgccttag taaaatgccc tttaaccccc gtcagtccca gtggcccacc    143880
     cactgccagc agtggtttca tagctataaa tccacacttc cagcgtcaag aggctaagac    143940
     atctgcatat gaatatgatt catcctactt agaaagtcac ttgctctttc atacaatgca    144000
     atcataatac tacgtcatgc tgtagtcttc cgtttgggag ctgtcagagt ttaactaaaa    144060
     tacatttcca tgatcactcc gcggagtagg atggccttct gcttgccgca agagtggccc    144120
     ccagccccta ggacttcaca ggctgctttg gaaattgtca gctcctagca ccaaagggtt    144180
     taatctgaag atcatcatta atgaaggaga aagatgaggt ttgcatacat gccccctttc    144240
     agtgagaaat gttggaatct gggggacatg agtatataca gaaaaagaaa agctggaggt    144300
     gttctctttt tttgttgttt tttccctgat ggcttaattc agtgataaat gtaccatgat    144360
     cccaagaaac acaccaggtt cttagccttc actgcccatt tcctaaatac tcaagatgtg    144420
     ttcattttgc cacgtaaaga tcatttctta tcttcactca ggtctcaatt ttcttcatta    144480
     ctttttgttg ccaggtcatc ataacgtttc aaattcttaa atgagcaaac gtcaacagct    144540
     atttgtttca ttaacccctt ggcatgcata gttggggatt ttctcatttt cagtaccaag    144600
     gggttaaatg gcagcatctc ttctcccaaa gccaaattct aaccaatata ttccatttca    144660
     gagccttatc atttttttta acagaggaga aaaagtgcat gattctcatc agcgtgtaca    144720
     atccttgcac atgggtcaaa agtaactgca gtaagtctat tttatataag ttggagctgc    144780
     gtttgctaac atgacataca attctcatca ctaaaaaata aatactactg caatataaac    144840
     aaaatcataa aaggacattc aaagtttcaa catctgagaa aaagctaatt cacgtagaac    144900
     tgaaagtaaa aaattaaata aggcaaacac ctgtttacct tggtgtagaa attttggtga    144960
     aaagcagtat cattatacct gtctacattc ttcagccatc agaggtgata aatgtcaaga    145020
     aggaaaaaag gtttccaagc acaggggaaa gatgctctct ggctcaaatt gtttcataag    145080
     accctttaag tgaccttgac tgtgcatatg ccttcagttc ttggtagaac agtgttcact    145140
     tgctcatgat tgcccgtgaa gtctcgacat ccacatgtga tatgggcttc ttctacagta    145200
     tccaccagga atttaaaaaa aaaaaattat atatatatat atatatccca acagttgttc    145260
     agtccttcta ccaaatgctt cctaatcaat tccagccaca gcttagtgat atatgcctac    145320
     ttcacgcacg gatctgatgt gctttacata tgcacgccac cacccttcca caattgcttg    145380
     ttctgaattt ataaactaaa tcttcttagt ctagttagtt tttctcttct agaaagttaa    145440
     aaaatgtacc tagaatcagt gtatctcatt tagccttcac tgagggaaaa actaaaagat    145500
     caaaagatga taattggtgc acaaatgaac aatggtgggc tcatgacttc caaaggttgg    145560
     aaaattactt cttaaagttg ctataatagt aagacagtag cagcaacagc atgagacctt    145620
     agactgagat acaatttcat gcaaaaacaa aaactggagt gtatttgcgt gtatgtgtgt    145680
     tttcatgagg gtgaaaggtg gcgaggggtg aggacccttg gctggtctgg gatgtcggaa    145740
     ggtgcccctg ctatgtgtaa gagctaggac tggtgatgtc caggaatcat tttcagtaat    145800
     aaattgaaga tgacagtgaa gtagcagaat gaaagagact tattctcgtc cacttgcaga    145860
     gtaggaaaat tgagggaaat gcggccgcct ctcattgtcc atgcagtcca taccatcctc    145920
     atcatctgtg ggcaggaaac atctatttta attttacaca ttcatttttt gcaacattat    145980
     ctctagtcta tgttttttaa actctgaaca taggaaagat gaacagaggc aatagctccc    146040
     ataaacttgt gttcatcaat aagctgtaga gtaattatac ttcaaaaatc atctgatttt    146100
     cataaataca tagtctatga agaaataata ctatagaatc atctctaaga catcaaaatt    146160
     tcaagactca atgaaacagt gaaaaaaatg gtattgaaga aaacagaagt ttttaagaag    146220
     gagcagtctt cagtaacctt tcatttcatg taaccacata tatcaaaact gcaagtcagt    146280
     gaaatccaca gcatccaaag tctgtataga attcatcatc gaatgtcttc aagtgcttat    146340
     attttttctt tgtgatgctt taagtgcaac tgcaaaataa agcttcttat gaaatttcat    146400
     tcaacatcta gcatctggct taactcacct ttcccaattt ccctatgata aaactttagc    146460
     atgaagggac taagtgaaag aaaaagaggg aaggatgtca acatctgagt cctagctcat    146520
     caggaaacaa tggaagagac ttgaaaggca tcaaaacagg ccgctgacaa tcacagtgtt    146580
     cctcctgtca gctttcctgg tttcctgtat ttcaaagatc acagatgatc agcaccctgt    146640
     tctcataaat gtcctgtgat gacagtcctg tgctgttgga agctcttcct ggtatgtggc    146700
     cacgtggtca gccactcagt caacatgcgc tcccacgcat ctgctctggg ctgagcaccc    146760
     gtcaggccca aggaccgcag aactttgaac aaagtcccaa gggccccctg gcctcacagt    146820
     ctcctggggg aggtgctcca ttttaaatcc cccgtgcttg cctctaagct tgtttaatca    146880
     tatgctgtcc tgcaatggaa atcagtgaat ctttccaata ctcaaccctt ttctcttcaa    146940
     gcaaaataat tcgatgtcct caaacccata taggaagtac attaccaatt tttttgaata    147000
     ttctaacctc tccagggagc atccgctgga tgtgggtgta aacaaagaaa gcatacaggc    147060
     cagatcccac tgcactgagg ctctgactct gtcactccga agaggagggg gctctgcctt    147120
     tgtctgaaga ataaacactt ccattcttgt atcactgttt ttcttttctg tatcccactc    147180
     ttaatgcaga agattctaga aatgggatca agctggcatt agccaaaatt tctgacccct    147240
     aatgtaccag aagatatcct cgtattaggt gagaactgat ccatcaagaa gcatttgtgg    147300
     ctccctgctc tgtgtaagac actgaactcg gaggccctct cttcttctgc aaatagacca    147360
     ctgtaactgc agtcagcatt tctagaaggt attgagattt ggggaaatct ctacctcctt    147420
     ataaagttat tggttccaat atttgtacca agcaagtcac acacatcttt tagatcaaat    147480
     accttcagca gtatttttag ctacagtaaa aacggaagga gctgggaatg atggtgtacc    147540
     cgtggttgag ccccagagta taaaaactct ctagagaata cgggcagcta aaaccttaat    147600
     gttcagattc tgacatgagc caatcacatt tcaaataaac aattttcctc accaacagct    147660
     ttattttact cagtgtttct gcacagcaaa cctgcagctg gctctggaca gcagtgggga    147720
     gcctggtgct tgtcctgctc agccaggaag ggcaggagct gcctggactc ctggggccat    147780
     ggccaggact cattccagcc cggcgaggtt cagcacccag gttagccaga tgctcaacag    147840
     gggcaggtgc tagacaccct tttggaagag gagggactct tgctggtgtc agctaagaat    147900
     tgagagacag ccttcattct gtcacttcag taacacattc atcacaattc tgaatctagg    147960
     aaatttcaca gatatccctg agggccccaa tccttgatat tctttaaagc caatgatctc    148020
     cctccatcat tcctgcccct ttctgttgtc aggcttggaa acaatgaggc gtgaacatct    148080
     gatcatggcc ctaaaagagc tgagagcctg ggcaggggct gcggtgggag gggagctgga    148140
     ggaagtggca gctgactctg agtcggagcc tgtcaatgta cacaagttag ttcctgctgt    148200
     gagaggctgt gcatagggaa tagtgatgat aatgaacatg aactatgttt ttcaaaaaca    148260
     cttatctgga aaaagaagac aatgatcaac tctacttgct acatcccttg aatccctgca    148320
     tccaaggaac atcagttgcc tgattttctt agaacattta acaaatggca ttatatggca    148380
     gtaaaagcga ccagatctca aagaaaccct ctttttctgt aagaggaagg aggaggacca    148440
     tcaatggcga taacgaaaga tgacacattc ccaaatctgt tccattatta acgccagtga    148500
     ggacaatctg gcatgtcact gcagctgttt gtagaaaatg gaacattttg cctttctaac    148560
     tgctgatttg ttctaaacaa taactgtatt ctgttttata caagcaaggt ggcaagtggg    148620
     aagacaattg ctaacgaatg gtactaccct ggacttttat caacaaaacc tctgtgtgtt    148680
     agcacttagg gagctgcaac ggtttcttac cagttaaact attcaaagct gcaagaaaaa    148740
     ggttatgttg aatgtaatca ccgttcaagg tttcagtgat tctcatttta tctgctcctt    148800
     aagggaatct aggatgtatc caggaactgt caaactaaaa atactgcccc gttgccctag    148860
     aagaacccag aagctgcagt taaccaccat caaggctgct cccctaagac aggaagccca    148920
     gggccccatg gcccccagtg ctgagcgctg cgctctgctg agccacacag acagcaggag    148980
     aggctgctga acagaggtgc ctgcagatgc gtcgatgcta gtctttgcct gggcatactc    149040
     tgctgagctc ttccgtctga ctttccttgc tacagaggtc ctgaataggg aaaaacacag    149100
     caagtccata gcgccctccc cacccctcaa ttgcggtgtg ccctgtcaga aacagatgac    149160
     attgctgggc tctcgtttcc gtactgtcca gggcccagga gcagggcagg accacacccc    149220
     atttctgaca cccacaaaag ccagactttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttaaaagaca    149280
     gagtcttgct ctgtcaccca gactggaggg caatgttgtg atctcagctc agtgcagctt    149340
     ctgcctcccg ggttcaagcg atcctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtggctg gaatcacagg    149400
     aatgcaccac cacgtctggc taatttttgt attttttttt gtagagaggg ggtttcacca    149460
     tgttggccag gctagtctca gactcctcct gacctcaagt gatccacccg ccttggcctc    149520
     ccaaagtgct gggattacag gtgtgcacca ctgcgcctag acaaaagcca gacttttgtg    149580
     gtcctacaat tgcaggtgga ttttgataac catcttgaaa gttactacaa tgtacaggct    149640
     tcctaggtat ctctgtctca atctagaagt gaacctatta tcatttaaag acaccaaggt    149700
     tgtagggctt ttacagcatg atccatgtct gaaatgacac atgttattta agaacagagg    149760
     tgctgtcagt ggtaaaatat gacatgccag gaaaaacatt cttgatggct tttatattgc    149820
     tgattaatga agccaaggaa ctaggttcaa attatgttct agaaactgtg ctgggggact    149880
     tctaacacct tctaacattt cagtctcatt ttagaagtcc tagagattga gcaataaaat    149940
     gcacactaat gacaaattct catcaggaca agtgccccgc gggtgtcgag taaggaataa    150000
     agcaggtaag atgaatttcg aagagattct ggtccttgaa agctagggct ttgaaattca    150060
     agtcaatcat gaaaaaatga ctgactagcc taagagtcat atacaacagt ttctaattga    150120
     ccttatttgt acccaaatcc attttgattt gctctggtct ttctagtctc acatttctga    150180
     gcatcgcatt agtcagccct gtccgccggc cctccactac accacccctg cagccaggtg    150240
     cttgctgcgt tgggcctatc atccccctaa atggactggc ccacagcata cagtaacact    150300
     atggactagc caatctggtg cttgagcaga attgaaaata gggtgattca aattggcaga    150360
     actctcggtg cctctcctaa agagacggct tctcaggcac acgggaggac aaaaacgcca    150420
     ctgagagact atcagccctg ctccctgctt ttccagggga caaagtgacc ggccatcgcc    150480
     cagaactgta aggggcacag gcaggacaca aggcaggttc cccaggtctg agtcctgggc    150540
     tttttcagcc tcactccatg tcccaaattg ggatttcact tttagctttc ttaagtaaaa    150600
     tatctactcc tggcttgaca ttttagagcc ttcttatttc tatgacttcc aaaataacat    150660
     atttacttgc tctaaaggta cgcaaatgcc aaatgctcta tttaagaatg gaaactttct    150720
     cagaggctga gactgaggaa agagacctgt caagaccttc ctatcccaat atctgctttg    150780
     gatattcaga ggggaggcaa gcctgggtgt cctcccggct ctgaagttcc taggccctca    150840
     ccatattctg tgtattcatg cacctaacaa gtattattga atacgcacac tgtgccaggc    150900
     atctaactag gagcttgggc taataacgaa tgagacaaac tagatccttc ctctccaacc    150960
     cactgcatgt tagtggcgga aatagacact aaccaaacaa acagaaaaat accagcaagt    151020
     caaggtgcca atgcagagaa tgaagagaga gagggaatgt tgtcagactg atgctcttca    151080
     gactaggagg tcaaagaagg ttctctgatg gaatgacatg taagcttaga gctgaaggac    151140
     aagaaggagc catccaagta agatcaggga agaagagcat tccaggcctg gacaccataa    151200
     atactgtccc cagagcccga ggcatggtga cgtgtggcat gttcgaggtg tggctggaac    151260
     ccagggacag tgggggaaga tggaacagga agaggtcaga gaggtggaca gggcccagat    151320
     cagtcagtgc tgtgcaaacc agtgtgagca agtttggatt tagagtgcaa tgggatggca    151380
     ccggaaggtt ttaagcagag gaatgatgtg gtctgattac agttaggatt atatccaaat    151440
     gaaagggcct agcaaaggct gtatggcagg aactgcccat gggccgatcc gaaaactcac    151500
     tggtgttacc cagcattttg gacaattcta atgccacagt ctatgctggg gacagaggcc    151560
     aaggcctatg cccatgattt ctactcagcg ctgagctact tgcccatgac tccacaggct    151620
     ttccaacatt gtctgtgact cttagtgatt ctaaaattct agcaatggca caagattgag    151680
     tggaaactct gcctcaccac aggactgacc atgagtagct cacttcaatg gattggtatt    151740
     tcacaactta gcctggacat cggtcaagtt ggtaagccct gcttctggct atggctgacc    151800
     caacttcagg acctggagca ccttaacttt ttgtgaatct aaagaaagaa aagcacacac    151860
     acgtcatcat atcttcactt tcagggtgtt cacaatcccc ttgtggccag accatggtcc    151920
     caagattaag acctcttggc ccacatgacc ccttgtttgc ctctcgacag tagaatctgc    151980
     tgcctgtgac catctctggc acagcattag cctccaatcg cccctctccc ggacactgag    152040
     tccacatcag cactatggat aaatctgcct ccaaaaaagg aatgagagga gaagacatat    152100
     agggaaggaa tcaaaaagaa aaggaaagaa aaactatgat gtgaacccaa agatgtgtaa    152160
     cttgaagcat tcttgcagcc atccaaatat tgccctgaaa cgcaatctta tccacattct    152220
     taagttaatg atgatacaca cagacctctg tcagcatgaa aatgtttatc aattatgtct    152280
     gatcaccttt tccctcatta cagctccact tatttatggt atttctccaa gtgtgagaca    152340
     tactaatgta tatgaattga cttgaagtgg tacatgaaca cacagttttc ataaatatgt    152400
     aatttatagg tatccaaaag tattagcaaa ctaaattatg tcttcacaga taatactatt    152460
     taagagagag ctaagtaaaa aggagtgact ctacatgaat tttaaaacta ttaagtaagt    152520
     aggagaccaa aactggcaaa attctgaagg ttatgtggga atgaacgaag tctaggaaag    152580
     aggggagtct ctatttcaca atcctttcag ttggtgtcaa aacaatctat tggtgaacag    152640
     taaggaagag ctagtctgta atttcatcta caatttctct ctatataatt tgtcctaccc    152700
     agaaaagcat ttcttgcagt cttttgatat taccactggg aactcaatat tcttaaattc    152760
     aattcaatat tcaatattct taaatagaat ggagtaagtc actgtggaat ttgatcttga    152820
     aaatatcaga tgagttttta aaagactgtt ttcttcaatt acattaggag aaattatatt    152880
     agaaatttat caattgcctt ctaaatttac ttacattttt caggtggtgt tattgtaata    152940
     gtctgagctg taaattcttc atcaaaatat ctagtatctg tctcagatgt tacttgaggt    153000
     ttaaaaggag gtacaagctg taaaaagaaa gaaaaagagt tttattaact gatttcaatt    153060
     caggaaaatt cctttctagg aaaaaagcag agagcacgta gttaaatgaa cagaacaaaa    153120
     gtctacaatg ctgagtcgct gggtaaggga gacatgatat ttggcttccc agtcaacagt    153180
     ctaaaccaac cggtgggtaa ttggtggttc tgtataaaat ctaatggatc acgaaaaaca    153240
     acaaaagaaa accattgaat aggacgggag agggatattg aaaaatctgt gctggttttt    153300
     ttccccaata acaaacatac atgcaaaacc atattgatgg ggagcagtgt gccaggatgt    153360
     gggctcttcc tcgggcaacc tctttctagt gctagctgaa gagggtagta ataaaaatac    153420
     aacttaataa tacagctatc accaggttac agatgagagt gctgcctttg cccttcgtaa    153480
     agaactacaa ctttgtactt tgctaagaat ttgctgataa gagatgggca ttgatgcctg    153540
     ccctgctctg gaaaagggtt tcctggtagc ccctgacgtt acatgcaaaa tcttgcccac    153600
     agctttcatc agatcctcaa aggggaccac agcccagaag agattaagag tagctcccct    153660
     gagattgaca gggcaggaat catctcattc gcactgcacc tgcggcaggc atggcgttag    153720
     ggaaggtggg ggtggaagga aagtctcggg ctactggagg tttcaggagc cggagccctg    153780
     tgaacctcca ctggttggga gggagaagga gctaacacga ggctcctgct tctcagggct    153840
     ctagccttga gggacaggtg gaacccacag gttccttcta gcacaggatg cccagtccca    153900
     gagcattagg gtcagagtgc gtgctctgca gagtatcatt cagaacaggg gatgctgctt    153960
     tagaatacag ttctcacggg gataggaaca tggcaaacag aatgacagaa atcagcatgt    154020
     tttataaaaa ttttacaaaa acaaatacac aattggcttg agatcagtgc attttcccac    154080
     tctttctgtc accaaatgta tgttaaataa taaggaaaat ctttaaatta ttctctagac    154140
     agaactatat ttttaagaat cgtgggatga gcagaattaa aagcaggttt tcaaaataag    154200
     ggacatttca gtttatggta catgctacaa agcattctta atctcttctt tttataattc    154260
     tttctgttta cccccagcac acagctattc taaggtcttc atgattagca agcactcctt    154320
     tggggatgaa ccaactctac gttccactga tcagctggta atggcgacta atccctaaac    154380
     tgaaacaaac tcctccacca gtggcaagga gaagcctgcc attgtgccag accatatttc    154440
     tttctagctg ccctgctgga tcccctggac atgagcaagc aggtcactcc actgctagaa    154500
     accctccctc tgactctcag gctaaattct ccacaccagc ctcacatatc acatgcacac    154560
     gcacagggaa ccccagaggt gacagaggct ggaacaattt tgtttttttt atttttttta    154620
     gaaaaccaag ggggtaattg cccctatctg gcagaaaacg ggaagactgg aattctggtt    154680
     gggtttttct gatttactat tctacagatg ttcacaaaat aggtctttat ctttccaatc    154740
     agaagttaac cacaagaaat tcctgtggct ggaatcggct tctcttgggc actaggagta    154800
     ggtttgctca cctctgcccc atccttttca tctggttctt tgtgatgtca aaaatttaaa    154860
     tttgccttca agttagggga aacttgtcct tttagatgag agaatgatga cctgtaactt    154920
     taacaaactg aaacctatct taacacagtt ttcaaaagat tataggggag cttaaaatag    154980
     tctctgtttc aaatgccacg tgtactgagg actttcctga ccgccttctt acattaaaca    155040
     gctatcctcc ccctcacttt ctatcttcac attgcttttt cttcaagact ttgcgacatc    155100
     tgatacacag gcacgtatac atgcacacat atgatataca tgtatttgtt actgtcaatg    155160
     ttcatcacca ataaaatata agttccacga gggcaaggac tttaaaaaaa agtttattga    155220
     tgcgtaatta acatacacta aacagcacac attaagaata tacaacttgg gctgggtgtg    155280
     gcagcgggcg cctgtagtcc cagctacttg ggaggctgac gtggaaggat cacttcagcc    155340
     cagaaggcag aggttgctgt gagccaagat tatgctattg cattccaacc cggccggggc    155400
     gaacgagtaa aaccctctca aaaaaacaaa caaaaaacat gcaactgata cgttttgaca    155460
     tatgtatata cccatgaaac tgtcaccaaa atcaagatga tgaaaacatc taccacttca    155520
     aatgtcttct tgtgcccatg tgtacttcca tcctcccatc ccctgcaggc catgactgac    155580
     atactttctg ccatgactga tttgcttgta ttttaaagaa ttttatgcaa atggatcata    155640
     gagtatgtac tctttatctg gcttgttcat ttagcattat tactttgata ttcatccatg    155700
     tcaccacatg tatcaatagt ttactcactt tgctgggtaa tatttcagta catagatgta    155760
     tcacaatgga cacactcatc tgtcaatgaa cacagggcct gctcccagtt tggggcaatt    155820
     acaaacaaaa ttgctattaa cttttatgtc cacgtctttg tgtagacata tgatttaatt    155880
     tatttaggac aaatactaag gagtggaatg gctgggccgt atggtaggta tacatttgac    155940
     ttttccagaa actgtcaaat tgttttcctt taccatgtta aaaaaaaaaa aaacccaatt    156000
     cctaattcac tcagagcgtt tcattttttg tttaaataag ttttaaaaag gatggatttt    156060
     tcttagtttt ttctttgcat catttgatat aatcatttcc ttcgtactct gttaataggt    156120
     gaactatagt gattggtttt gaatgttaaa tcaatcttat attcctagaa cagaccacac    156180
     tggtagtgat tctttgtatc tattgttaga tttgatttgc taaaattaaa ttaaacattt    156240
     tagcatatat attcattaag aatattggtc tatagcattc ttttaaaaat ctctttgcgg    156300
     gccaggtgtg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcaggcagat    156360
     caccaggtca ggagatcaag accatcctgg ctaacatggg aaacccccgt ctctactaaa    156420
     aataccaaaa attagccggc tgtggtggca ggtgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcgggagaa    156480
     tggcatgaac ccgggaggcg gagcttgcca tgagctgaga tcgcgtcact gcactccagc    156540
     ctgggcgacg gagcaagact ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatctcttgc atattgatat    156600
     caagttaata cctgcctcac agaatgaact gagaaatgtt ctctcatctt caattttctg    156660
     gaataatttg tatagaactg ataatattcc ttaaatgttt ggtagacttc gttggtgaaa    156720
     atatgtgggt ctggtgtctt tgtcagaagg atcttaacca caactataat ttctttagca    156780
     ggtacaaggc tattcatgac atctatttct tcttggtaat ttgtatcttt caacatatgt    156840
     gtccatttca gctaaatagt tgaatttatt ggcataaagt tatacataat gcttccatat    156900
     tatccactta ataccaatag aatctgtagc agtgtcaaca tttattattt gtcttctcac    156960
     ttttcttttc agtcaggtga gaaatacatc aattttaatg atcttctcaa aagcccagtt    157020
     ttcctttcat caattttctc tatgattttt tgttttctat ttcattgatt gctatcccaa    157080
     tctttatttc ctttgttctg cttacactgt gtttaacttg ttcttatttt tctaattcct    157140
     ttttcttttt cttgtttttt agagacaaaa tctggctctg tcacccaggc tagagtgcag    157200
     ggatgtgatc atagttcact gaagcctcaa aactcctggc ctcgagcaat cctcctgcct    157260
     cagcctcctg aagcaatcct cctgcctcag cctccttgag caatcctcct gcctcagcct    157320
     cctgagcagc tatgaccaca ggtgcacacc agtatgccca gctaatattt tgttatttag    157380
     agatgggatc tcactatgtt gtgcagacta gtctcgaact cctctacctt ggccttcaaa    157440
     agtactgaga ttatagttgt gagctactgt gcccagtcct agtttcttaa gatagaagct    157500
     aaggtcatta attttacact tttcttcttt tctaatgttt aaaaatatct tttagtacta    157560
     taaattgtat ttagtactat aaatttaagt attgctttag ctgtatatca cagctaaaca    157620
     cattgtgttt tcgttttcag tccattcaaa atactttctc atttcccttt gatttcttct    157680
     ttgatccatg gattaatatt tagtttccaa gaacttgggg attttccata gatctgtgtt    157740
     tttttaattt catttccttc aaagagaaaa tgttttacag tacttaaatc ctttaaaatt    157800
     catggagttg ttttgctcaa catatggtac actgtgataa atgatctgtg accttgagaa    157860
     aaataagtgt tcttatgctg ttgggtagcg tgttccataa atgtcagtta gatcaagctg    157920
     actgatagta ttgcccaagt tgctatataa ccttaccaat ttctctccaa ttgctgtatc    157980
     aattatttga agatggatat tgaactgtcc aatagtaact gtaaatgtgt ctatttttcc    158040
     ttatattagt ttttgcttca aatattttgt tttgttatta gatgcataac taagacggtt    158100
     aatacttctt gatgaaatga ctcccttaat tattatgaaa tgttcctcct tatctccagc    158160
     aatattactt gctttgaaat ctacttcata tgatttaata tagcactcta gttttcttct    158220
     gattaggttg agcatagtat ataattttct gttctattaa ttttaatcta cttatatctt    158280
     acatttaaag ttggtttctt ataagcagca tataggtagt tcttgctttt taccaagtct    158340
     aatctctgtc tttcaattgt ggtgtttaga acatttacat ttaatgtgat tattgatacg    158400
     agtaagatta aatttaccat cttgctattt gtttcccact tgtctcctct ggaactttgt    158460
     gttgcactaa tgtgatattc ccaactccta aaacagtcct tgccacatag tagcattcaa    158520
     caatatttgc ggaataaatg aatcaatcat tcagtcttgc agctgagtaa gacgtcagtg    158580
     agcatgtagt gtaccttttt agagatcagg aaattaaagc tgacactggt taaatggctt    158640
     gccaaaaatt atacgaataa gaactggagc ggcaaaaacc taggtttctt gatctcaagg    158700
     tctttttact gtagcattta caatgtgaag gctttgaatg aaaactactt ttgcttttga    158760
     ttgtttctct atacattagt caagatattc attctaggaa gcattattcc cccttccact    158820
     tcccctgtcc ctgaaggtga agacaactca gtggaatata aacatttgta gggaagcaaa    158880
     gaccctacat tatgtatatg gggaacattg tcgggtaggg cttgtaaaaa attgcctcag    158940
     tatggctggg tgcagtggct catgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggagtc tgaggcaggc    159000
     agatcaggag tttgagacca gactggccaa catggtgaaa ccccatctct actaaaaata    159060
     caaaatttag ttgggtgtag tggcacatgc ctgtagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg    159120
     cagaagaatc acttgaacct gggaggtgga ggttgcagtg agccgagatc atgccattgc    159180
     actccagcct gggtgacaga gcaagacctc gtcaaacaac aaaaaaaaac tgccacagta    159240
     cttgaacaga agcagtccca caaaaatcat cagaatgccc caacttcaga tttcattaca    159300
     aatttctaga atatataata ttcttgagta gtcttcataa actttatgga aaatgtgtat    159360
     tatgaaaaaa ccatgcacag atttcaaaaa atttctgcac caaaattaac tcatactgat    159420
     ttgttataac atgactgtac aggatcaagt ttgagggact aagaaggata agacatcagt    159480
     ttggacagag cccctgtaag agcaacatga attctaaaat tgaagcaaga acaaacatga    159540
     aattcatggt gaagcttggg tggaagaatg attaaatcac tgatgcttta tgaaaagtta    159600
     tgggaagtat gccccaaata aatcagcagt ctaaaaatgg ataacttatt ttaagaaggg    159660
     atgagacaat gtggaagacg aagccagcag cgacagacca tccacatcaa tttgcaaggg    159720
     aaaaaattaa tcttgtttgt gccctaattc aaaaggacca atgattaaca gcagaaacaa    159780
     cagccaacac catagacatc tcatctggtt cagcttacag aattctgact gaaaaattta    159840
     agttgagcaa actttccact tgatgggtgc caaaaccatt gcacccagat cggctgcaga    159900
     caagagcaga actttcaatg gaaattttaa acaagtggaa taaagatcct gaagcatttc    159960
     tttgaagaat tgtaacagga gatgaaacat ggttctatta gtataatcct gaagataaag    160020
     caatgggtat gaagaagtgg aaatggtcca gtcaaagcaa tattggacag gtcaagggca    160080
     aaggtcatgg caacagtttt ttgggtgctc aaggcatttt gcttattgac tttctggagg    160140
     gcaggagaat gataacacct gattataagc acttggagaa agttggccaa agctttggca    160200
     gaaaaacttc tgggaaagct tcaccagaga gtcctcctcc accaagataa tgctcctgct    160260
     aaatccctct cattaaacag gggtatttca tgagagcttt catgagaaat cattaggcat    160320
     ccaccttaca gtcctgattt ggctccttct gacttatttt tcccctaaac ttaaaaaagc    160380
     ttttaaagag tattagtttt tcttcactta ataatgtaaa aaaaagactg cactgatata    160440
     ggtaaattac caggatgttc agctctttag ggatgaacta actagctggt atcatggctt    160500
     acaaaagtgt cttgaacttg acggagctta tgttgagaaa taaagtttat attttctgtt    160560
     tttatctttt aataccattt tccatgaact ttttgaagtc ccctcatatt tactttaaac    160620
     aacagctgaa caaatttcaa atattgtatt attataggtt gaaatgtgtc cctccaaaat    160680
     tagtatgttt aaaccctaac cccaagtacc tcagaatgtg actctatttg gagataaggt    160740
     ctttaaaaaa gtaactgcat taaaatgaga tatcaggata tgtcttaact cagtctggta    160800
     tctttacaag aagaggaaat ttggacaccc aagtagacac actaaggaaa aaccatatga    160860
     agacacaggg aaaagacggc catctgcaag ccacggacag acacctcaga agaaactaac    160920
     cctgcctgca ccttgatctt ggactttcgc cagaaatatg agaaaatgaa tttctgttgt    160980
     ttaaaccacc cagtctgtgg tattttgtta cagcagccct agcacataaa tacattaatt    161040
     tcctatttca gctttaaacc agtatcttca tctcttcttt tcctctaacc acatctctca    161100
     aaacatttct gtcaactgac tgaatgtaaa ttcccattta gaaaagatag tcatatatat    161160
     ttctgtaaat ctcagctact tttatggatc aactcaatga acagctatag tgtcattaac    161220
     tgcaaacaac atatttttct gacaaatgca ctaaacttga aacaaatctt tatttgaaaa    161280
     ccaatttgct ttcagaaaat gtagtattca gtgatcttaa acaagaggat aaagtttctg    161340
     ggttcaagac atcaatttca tctcactgaa aatatgcaac ttcaagtccg tatggtgaca    161400
     gcaacgttga agctccctaa attctttcca cactgatctt ttatcaaatt ttaaatgcta    161460
     tgaaatcact ctaccattta ctatcttcct aaaagtgtca atgaaagaac aaagagataa    161520
     ttttctgaag gttgttagag taagtcacat ttggtatttc tggtatggct ggaatgattc    161580
     catgagtgta tgcatgaaca ccaaggtctc tgaaggtaag agattccaca gacctttttt    161640
     agtaacaagt cacgtgctac tatcagatat ctatattctt tcttctattg ttccttccag    161700
     gggcttaaga aatagactgg agaacttgaa actttctggg acagctgatg tggacagtga    161760
     ttgtggtatc ttaattgcct taacaactgt ggttatttcc accactttgt gttggcatat    161820
     agggtccaaa atccagtgaa catagatgtt tgcagtaaag aattgccaac actattgcat    161880
     gtttagattt cccagagaca gtaatctggt gctataattt tcacttctct gaaacaacat    161940
     gagaaagtag tcaatcatag gtggagattc tggtttattt aatctctact aaatactggc    162000
     ttcacgcttt gtgtatatgt aggtgtgcat gtactggaaa agcaggagta taaaagagga    162060
     tttatttcta acaaaactaa tgggtatgtg gcatacatta tttagttact ttgtatgcta    162120
     agctgtgcca taccaatgaa ttcttcttga cataaaacta gaaactaaaa taattatatt    162180
     tcatttttac aaaactacac agtaataatt gaagttcatg ctgttaatct tgtgcctaca    162240
     taaaatgtac caaggggccc aaggtatata acaaattaat ataccactat tgtatcgtaa    162300
     tattagacct gccaaaatga gtactttaac tataaaagac attaaatgtt taattaatac    162360
     atctgctttc cttgttggaa ttctgagggg tttgttaaca catgatatgg atgatttgca    162420
     ttactttaaa aagtaatccc cagaaactgg aacttgtatt ttcttttctg tgataaattt    162480
     tctcattcaa aaataacttc ataagcactc atcctattga ctgtaggttt atgcccaggt    162540
     gatgttattc acaaacatcc atagatacga tacattattt gaagatctca gttatacctg    162600
     gagaggattc acctataaat tacaacaaaa gggctctcat tagtgaaaca ctgggagcct    162660
     ttttaaaagg catgagaggg taacaaaaag attttgcacc tagtagtgtt aaaggacaag    162720
     ttgcatttat tataactatc agaacttcac taagagccta gtgaaacaat ctactttctc    162780
     ccttcttcag ctgattttat aggctctgtc caacatcagc agtgtggcag ccattaatca    162840
     ctatttctct tagaaatatt caagaacatg agcaaaagtt gaataagtat gcagactggg    162900
     gagaaatgac ataaaggcaa tttccaactt acaagctaat tttgttataa aagcctatat    162960
     atgtaaggct gggcacagtg gctcacgcct ataattccaa caatgtagga ggccaagttg    163020
     ggcagatcac ttgaggccag gagttcaaga ctagcctgag taacatagag agactccatc    163080
     tctacaaaaa aatttaaaaa ttacccaggt atggtagcat gtgcctgtga tcccagctac    163140
     ttgagaggct gaggtggaag gttgagggtg aagtgagctg tgattgcgcc actgcactcc    163200
     cctgggtgac agagagagac cctggctcaa aaatttaaaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaaatg    163260
     cagcctacat ataaactgga aaaaacttgg gacctgtttc aatagataca cacacataca    163320
     cagaaaggct atataatgta ggtaggttac taggcagtaa cattaaggtc tattaaacca    163380
     gaaataaata aaaaatataa cattaaagct tctaacaagt atctattatt tttatagaga    163440
     aattcctatt atatttctgt aaagatgacg tgaccaagac cctctctctc tctctgtcca    163500
     ggttctagca ctgacagcca cagccactct cttaatacca caccagatga atgctggaga    163560
     gacccagtga tagggaacat ttgggttggg ggatgaactt gtggtgagaa ggaaagatag    163620
     gggctttaaa agctgaggag gaagaggtag aaggtcaatt tgaggcatag gggcaggcag    163680
     caatttctat gttctgcaag gaagctattg gagaaaagaa cctgtattta tccagagcta    163740
     ctatgcccag gtgctgtact aattaagtga atgcaggaaa ccaactggaa ttttatgaag    163800
     gacacagaag atgcaagcta tgttttgaag ctctggctcc aaaaaggacg aacacacaca    163860
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc tttcagaaac caattggata    163920
     tccaaggctc cccttgcagg tttgtactgg gcagctaaac atcagaacag gaacaggcaa    163980
     agaaatcaca agtagtactt cctgttagcc tggtaaactc tcaaacagga ctttaaatga    164040
     tctgaaatac tctattccct aaaaagaaaa aagaagtatg ttttttgagc atctcttcaa    164100
     tgtgtcttta aactgacaaa atattcacat tgaaaataat cttatagatc tagtccaatc    164160
     ccctcatttt aagatgaaga aaacactgag cccctaaata ttcatactaa agtcatacta    164220
     aagcatcaca atatcaacca ccacccaatt aattttaatc caatcctaac tgcagcttct    164280
     ataacaggtc ctttactctt aaaatctggg tcaggcaacc tctgaaatac ttctaccacc    164340
     tctgaaacac aacccgcatc acatgaaaat gtaaatcgcc tgcttattta tctgtctctt    164400
     ctactaaact gtaagcaacc gtttgaagac agggacttta tcttagctat ctctgcaagg    164460
     ctagctgttg gcacaatact taccataaac tacagtcatg tgtcacttaa tgacaggggt    164520
     ctcttctgag aaatgcatgt tagttgattg tgtcattgtc aaacatcatg gagagtactt    164580
     acatacaagc ctagatggtg taacctacaa cacacctagg ccatatggga tggcctactg    164640
     ccctaggcta cagccctgta cacgttacag tgctgaatac ggtaggcaac tgcaacacaa    164700
     tggtaagtat ttgtgtatct aaatgtagaa aaagtacagt agaaatacgc tattataatc    164760
     ttatggaacc actgtggtat atgcggtgtg ttgactgaag catcattatg ttgtgcatga    164820
     cttacagaaa agcactaaat atttggtgag taaagacaag aaaatattca caggaggttc    164880
     tttggtgttt tggccactgg tgccaaacac caagcaccag cctctgctga ctcctgaacc    164940
     atacatacca ggcaccagcc tctgctgact cctgaaccat gcatgcacag ggaagcctcc    165000
     aagctcccta gtgaagtcta aaaggcattg tcaaaaggta atgaaattac acgttctcta    165060
     aaaagaggtc tgaatttgtt actgagaatt gggacaaaag agaaggggaa cagccatgaa    165120
     ttatgttttg gctgcactga actaaccata acattcactg gtaattcaca ctgtttaaat    165180
     aagctctctc acacaagctc tttagaaggt tgcacaaacg tgaatctgtg agatacttcc    165240
     ttgcatgaat acaaaacact gctgtgccac atgaagaaaa ggtgtacatc tggcatgcaa    165300
     taatgcataa ttaagaacaa atactcagtt tcacttacaa tcatggtcaa gcagctccga    165360
     ttggattaac cctcctccat ataactgtaa cctcaggaga aagacatgaa aacaatctaa    165420
     aggttctggg aagcaactaa aaacaggcag gtactaaaga ggaggtgggc actaggaata    165480
     aggaatggca ccaaatgaat ttctcatttt tacggctttt tgcctgaagg tgggccccag    165540
     cttatgccat ttagggtaaa aatcttaaat tagaaaccca cagttctact gccatgaaca    165600
     atcagaggac agagcttgaa caagtacagc agcttttaag tgaaggaggt gaaattccag    165660
     aaaagaggca gccaaagaga agaagcccta aaatctcagt ataaagtctg cccagatctc    165720
     tgactcttga accacacatg cacagggcag gctccaagcc tcctagtgaa gtctaaataa    165780
     accagcctgg aatcttaacc cactggaaaa aagaaagcgt ttgcagtttg agttcatcca    165840
     tgatgactgg cctaagaaaa taaaaaattc agtattcttt gctgcaacct aaccgaattc    165900
     agaggcacaa aataccagtc acaatgccca ggatatattc caaaatgact cagcattaaa    165960
     aaaacaaagg aaacagaacc catacactag aaaaagacat caaaggaaac tgatgctctg    166020
     atgatctcat gttgaaatta gtagacaaag actttaaagc aactttataa ttatcttcaa    166080
     tgacgtaaag taaaatatgt tcatgagtaa aaaagttgaa aatctcagca gagacacaga    166140
     aactattagg aaaaggacca aatggaaaaa cctaaaataa aaaaaaataa aatatctgaa    166200
     ataagaaatt ctctctatgg gcttggagca cattggagat tatgtaagag tcagtaaact    166260
     tgatatacca gcagagatta ttatccaatt tgaatagcac aggaaaacaa tgtgaaaaaa    166320
     caagcagaac ttcatacctg ttggacaact tccaaaagta agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    166380
     agaaagaaag aaagagagag ggagagggag ggagggaggg agggaggggg aggaggagag    166440
     atagataata agacagaaaa tatatttcaa gaaataatgg ctaaaagttt tccaaagtta    166500
     aagaaggata tgcaagagat tcaaaaagct caggcaactc caagcagaat aaatagaaaa    166560
     cctcacctaa acacattata gtcaaaaggc ttaaaaccag agtctgtcac ggttccatga    166620
     gagaagcaga actactctgt gtgtgtgtaa agagattaca ggtaactgaa tttccctgat    166680
     tgtgggagct agttatgttg tctctgtaag gctgttgtct ccaagttcac tgctgaggct    166740
     tcatgtccat aggacagtaa gttgagaagc gaagatgcaa gcaaagccag gagaggaaag    166800
     atgaaatgga atctagaagc acaagctgga gcccaggagg atagactgaa acccgtgtta    166860
     attcgtaccg cctgaccttg ctggtgtgga tatcctgcaa aagctgggac tttcatcatg    166920
     gagctaaaca cacactccag cccagaagta ggctcaaggg ctaacaggat gcaggaggag    166980
     gtggagctga tgcaggcctg accactgcca cgtaccaata agatggtcta gcagacaaca    167040
     tgaatgagct acaaaatggc tgttccgtca cgtctatcct ccaaatctcc cacgagaatc    167100
     ttaaatagca aaaggaatcc tgggaaaggt ggctcagtct agtcaactga catattacaa    167160
     agccatcaca caaacaaaaa tatcttgaaa acagccagtg aaatatacca catgacttgc    167220
     aaggaagaaa tatttaaata tgtactcact aaactatcaa cccacaattt tatattcagt    167280
     aaaaatatcc tttaagaatg aaggcaaaat aaagacatca tcccataaaa gaaaacaaat    167340
     tttttgccag ctgcactaca aaaaatggtt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    167400
     aaaaaattta gactgaacag gaattattcc agacgaaaac atggatcttt aagaaaaaaa    167460
     aatgaagaaa tgaaagtgtt ctcaaattag acagcggtga tggttgcata agtctgtcaa    167520
     gaccctaaaa accatggaag tgtatacttt aaagggtgaa ttatctcaat aaaaaattaa    167580
     caaaagaata acactggaaa cagcaaatac gtaagaaaat aataaatact aagagtccta    167640
     acttagaatc tgggacagat atgaagatta atcttcaaac agaaacacag atgtttaatg    167700
     aataaaccga aacacttaaa attaatatag taaggtctgg aagattcact taggcccttt    167760
     cagaggagac attatttcat tgaggcctct ctgtgccttg cacatgatag ataaaaatat    167820
     tacttatgta atcagttgcc atcctattga aatgagtatc aaccaagtga ccaaaataaa    167880
     ctataaagta cctaaattac tctctagagg caagattttt tcttcttttc tgaaggaaat    167940
     ctctgaaaga taagtaggaa tgcaataagt attaagatcc atttcaaaat aatccaaaca    168000
     ttctaaatca atcttcctag aatacctctt aaatcttttc taagttgtgc tttatataat    168060
     acttatataa ttatgtttta taatcattat aattttttct ttcgaggaac aaggctttag    168120
     cagtcagcat aaaattgggc tttgggattt tcaacctcag ctgggccctc cagcaatcgg    168180
     tacctcttta taggtcccta cttgggtttc tctctagctc cctctgagcc tatccctaca    168240
     tgtgacagtc actgtcttaa aacttctaat atcaaccata aaacattctt ctcactctta    168300
     ataagaaggc agaacttctg ccataaagat ggtgggactt atacctgtag gcccagctat    168360
     tcgggaggat cccttaaggc caggaattcg aggctgcagc gagctgtgat cgtgccactg    168420
     cactccaacc tgggcattac agcaagactc catctcttaa aacacacaca cacacacaca    168480
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga gagagagaga    168540
     gagagagaga atttgaggcc ttcagtcaga aactaccata actttctgcc taaataccat    168600
     aactttctgc ctaaatgctt ataaacacat ctgctctggt gggcgtctta cttctttcca    168660
     attgatgtca ctacaagggt atcccacctc ctttctatag gttagctatg cttcagagat    168720
     cttacatttt tttctgtatt tactcacttt acatcttact atctgtatgt ttttatctta    168780
     aatattactt gtttctatgt agctccaatt tcacactccc ttttggatca ttcctgagtg    168840
     tatgaaataa atatcaccca ttctacatgc tccctttagc tactgctcct ttcttaactc    168900
     ttcaattttc tctatttttt aaattttagg ttgagtggca cacacgtagg tttgttatat    168960
     aggaaaactg catatcatgg gggggtttgg tgtacatgtc attccatcac ccagataata    169020
     agcacagtac ctggtaggtc gttttttgat cttcaccttc ctcctgccct ccaccctcaa    169080
     gtaggccttg gtgtctgctc ttcctctctt tgtgttgata cgtactcaat gtttagctcc    169140
     cacttgtaag tgagaatatg cgggattttg ttttctgttc ctgtgttagt ttgcttaggc    169200
     ttatggcctc cagctccatc cattttgctg caaaggacat gatcttgttc tttttgatga    169260
     ctgcatagta ttccatggtg tatctgtact acattcttta tccaatctgt aattgatggg    169320
     catttaggtt gatcccatgt ctttgctatt atgaacagtg ttgtaatgaa catatgtgtg    169380
     catgtgtctt tatggcagaa gaatttacat tccaataatg ggactgctga gtcaaatggt    169440
     aattctgctt tgagttgaga tattgccaaa ctgctttcca cagtggatga gctaatttgc    169500
     atttgcacca gcagtgtata agtgttccca tttctcacaa tcttgctagc atctgttatt    169560
     ttttgacttt gtaatgaggg ccattctgac tggtgtgaga tggtatctca cagtggtttt    169620
     aatttacatt tctctaatga ttagtgatgt taggcatttt ttcatatgcc tgttggccac    169680
     atgtatgtct tcttttggga agtgtctgtc catgtccctt gcccactttg taatggagct    169740
     tttttttttt tttttgtaaa tttgtttaaa ttccttatag attctgaata ttagaccttt    169800
     gtcagatgca tagtttgcaa atattttctc ccattctgca gaggtctgtt tactctgctg    169860
     atagtctctt ttgctgtgca gaagctcttt aattaggtca agttttgttt ttgttgcaat    169920
     ggcttttgga gtctttgtca tgaagtcttt gccaaggtct atgtccagaa tggtatttcc    169980
     taggttatct tatatggcat tttttataat tttaggtttt acatttaagt ctttaatcta    170040
     tctcgagttg atttttgtat atggtgtaag aaaggggtcc agtttccacc ttctctgcat    170100
     atggctagcc agttatcgca atatcattta ttgaagaggg agtcctttcc ctattgcttc    170160
     ttactgttga ctttgtcaga gatcagatgt ctgtaactgt gtgacatttc tgggctattt    170220
     attctgtccc attggtctat gtgtctgttt ttgtaccatt accatgctgt tttggttact    170280
     atagcctgca gtatagttca aagttgcgta atgtaatgtc tctggctttg ttctttttgc    170340
     ttagtattgc cttggctatt cgggttcttt ttcgggtcca catggattta aaaatagttt    170400
     ggtttttttt tctaattttg tgaagactgt ccttggtagt ttgaataaga atagcactga    170460
     atctgtaaac tgctgtgggc agtatggcca tttcaacaat attgattctt cccaaccatg    170520
     agcatggaat gtttttccat ttgtttgtgt catctctgat ttctctgacc agtgttatgt    170580
     agttctcatt gtaaagatct ttcacttccc tggttagctg tattcctagg tattttattc    170640
     tttttgtggc tattgtgaat aggattgcat tcttgatttt gctctcagct tagatgttgt    170700
     tgttgcatag gaatcctgat ttttgtacat tgattttgta tcctgagata ttgcttatgt    170760
     taatttgtca atttttgtta ggttgtttat tggattgtag agcttttggg cagagaaaat    170820
     cgggttgttt aggtatatag aaccatactg tctgcaaaca tggatggttt aacttcagca    170880
     aatttttaaa aacctgaaat cataccaacc acactctcag accacagcac aataaaaaca    170940
     gaaatcaata ctaagaaact ctctcaaaac catataatta catggacatt aaacaacgtg    171000
     ttcctgaatt acttttaggt aaataatgaa attaaggtag aaaccaagaa attctttgaa    171060
     acaaatgaga acaaagatac aacataccag aatctctggg acacagctaa ggcagtgtta    171120
     agaaggaagt ttatagcact aaacgcccac ataaaaagtt agaaagatct caaattaaca    171180
     atgtaacatc acaactagaa gagctagaga aacaagagca aagcaacccc aaagctagca    171240
     gaaggcaaga aataaccaaa atcagagcgg aattgaagga aattgaaatg cagaaaaagt    171300
     acaaaagatg aacaaatcca ggagttggtt ttttgaaaga attaacaaaa tagactgcta    171360
     gctagaataa ctgaaaaaga gagatgatcc aaataaacac aatcagaaat gacaaagggg    171420
     tcattactac tcttcaattt tcttgagtag cctaagcttg gtgttctatt tcttttaact    171480
     tacacttgaa ttgaaaataa aaaaagaact agtttaagca ttaagagtag aaaataagat    171540
     aaccaaatct aatggatgtt aacattgtac tatatgtatt ttcaaacatc tgtttttttc    171600
     agatgtaaaa tagttactgc taaataccta ccttcttcct actcattgat gttcaaccat    171660
     tctatctatc tatctatcca tccctctctc tatcttttga gatgaggcct cgttctgtca    171720
     cccaagcttg gagagcagta gtgtgatcac agctcattgc agccttgatc tcctgggctc    171780
     aaatgatcct cccacctcag cctcctgagt agctgagact acagtcgtgc accaccatgc    171840
     ccggctaatt ttttgttatt tttggtaaag gtggggtttt gccattggtc ttgaactcct    171900
     gggctcaagg aatcctccta ccttggcctc ccaaaatgct gggatcacag gaatgagtca    171960
     ctgcacctgg aaatgttcaa ccattttaac ctgtgagaat ggcaatcacc tatgattcaa    172020
     gcaaatattg tcctgaagtt acttcatatc atttgcatgc aagtttttat agttttctcc    172080
     catatatata ttttgtcata aatacaatgc tttttatggt gcattttcag tttttgtagt    172140
     acggtattct gtaaatatcc tcagtatttt gtttttctgt gtttgttttt tgagatttat    172200
     caatattgat acttataaat ttgagttgtt ttttattctt gaatagtatt ctaccataag    172260
     attaagaaaa aactgcactg aatctgtatt atcattttga gtactctcat cttaaattaa    172320
     atatccaata tataaacatg agatgtcttt ccattcattt atgtcttctt ttatttcttt    172380
     cagcaatgtt ttgtagtcgg tagtgtataa gtcttgtgct tccttggtta aatttattcc    172440
     taagacattt tttgatgcta ttttaaatga aattgatctt cttaagatca attttacatt    172500
     gttgatagct agtatatgga aatacaatgt attttctagc ttgcttttgc atcctgcaac    172560
     tttactgaat gtattagttc taagcacaag tgtggcacgt gtgtgtgtat gttttagggt    172620
     tttctacata taagatcatg tcacctatta gtaggggtag ttttatttct tccttgcaaa    172680
     tttgattgct ttttatttct cttatttaac tcctctggct acagcttcca gtgtcacgtt    172740
     aacagaaatg ttgaaagtgg tatctttgtt ttcttcctta tctcagggga aaaactttca    172800
     gtctttcacc attgaatata atgtgagctg agggttttcc aaactataga aatgatccct    172860
     taaaggacag tctttccaag aatttttcat atatgacctt tataatgttg tggcagtttc    172920
     cttctattcc tagctttttt ttctttttac tgtttttatc ataaaggagt gaattttgtc    172980
     aaatgctgcc catcagttga aatgatcatg caagttttct ccttcattct attaatgtgg    173040
     gacattacac tgattaattt ctatacgttg aacatccttg cattcctgga ataaatctac    173100
     ttggttaagg tgtacaatcc tttaattata ctgctgaatg gtttgctagt attgttaaga    173160
     aattttgcat ctgtattcat tagggacatt ggtctgtagt tttcttttct tataatgcct    173220
     ctagttttga catcaggata atgctccctt catagagcaa gtgagagagt gttcactcct    173280
     cttcaaattt ttggaagagt ttgagaagga ctggcattaa tttttcttta agtgttgggt    173340
     agacttcccc agtaaagcca actggccctg ggcttttctt tggtgggagg tttgcgatta    173400
     gtgattttat ttctttaaga gttacggggt ctatttggat tttcaattta ttcttaagtc    173460
     attttggtga tttgtgtatt tccaggaatg tgtccatttc atctaggtta ctcaacttgg    173520
     tggcatacac ttcttcagag tatcatctta taaccctttc tatttctctc aagtcaggag    173580
     taatatcttt tttcatttct gattcagtat ttcatttttc tctttttcct ccttagtcaa    173640
     tccatttaaa gttttgtcag ttttgctgat ttttcaaata accaactttc ggtttcggtc    173700
     attattctct attgcttttc aattatcgat ttcatttatt tccgttgtaa tctttacacc    173760
     aataaattgg ttaaccaaaa taatgaagag gtaaaactac caaaaagata taacaatact    173820
     acaatttggg tgcatctaca catggaacta aaaaaatgtc aaaactgata gaactataaa    173880
     cagaaatagt caacgccata attatagttg aaggtttcac ttctctctta gtaactgata    173940
     aaagcaagcc attaagctat cagtaaagat gcagaagact taacactatt agccaattct    174000
     atcactgaca tttatagaat attctacaca agagcaaagt acctatggca attgtactat    174060
     ctgtgaaatg aatggtgcta tttaaaagag gacttgaatt agttataagt gtatacttca    174120
     aactcaaggg ctggcagtta aaaaaagtta aaaaagcata atttattcaa ttaatatgtt    174180
     atgagaggga aaaatgttgc cttatacaat gctcaattaa accagagaag gcagaataaa    174240
     aatgggatac acacacacac aaagaaacag caagggcaat ggataaaaaa ctgtaagaag    174300
     gccgggcgcg gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggctgag gtgggcggat    174360
     cacgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcctgg ctaatatggt gaaaccccat ctctactaaa    174420
     aatacaaaaa attagccggg cgtggtggtg ggcgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc    174480
     tgaggcagga gaatagtgtg aagccgggag gcggagcttg cagtgagccc agattgtgcc    174540
     actgcactcc agcctgggca acagagcgag actccgtttc caaaaacaaa aagaaaaaca    174600
     aaaaaacctg taagaaatcc aactgtatca attatcattt ttaatgtcag tggtctaaag    174660
     acatcagcta aaagacagag acagtcagag tagataaaaa aaacaagatc taactatatg    174720
     gtctacaaga aacccacttt aaatataaag acactgatag attaaaagta aagggatgga    174780
     aaaaagatag gcatgctcat agtaatttaa agaaagtggg aggagctata ttaatttaag    174840
     acaaagtagg gcaaggaaaa ctatcagaga taaagagggg cattacataa tgatacctgg    174900
     gccaattctc caagaaaaca taacagtcct taatgtgtat gtgtctagca acagaatcaa    174960
     aatacgtgag gcaaaaactg atagaactgg aaggagaaac agatgactct actattatag    175020
     ttggacacat caacatgtcc ccccagtcag ttaaggacat aactgaacta aacagcacca    175080
     tcaatcaact ggatttaata tcaacattat ggaatatttt atccaagaaa agcagaatat    175140
     gtaactcttc tcttctcaca cagaacattc atcatgacag accatgttct gggccataaa    175200
     atgcaccttt aacaaatttt taaaaatcat ataaaagtat gctctcagac cacaatgaaa    175260
     ttaaactgga aatcagtaac agaaagatag ctggaaagct ccaaaatacc tgtagactaa    175320
     acaacacatt tctaaacaac acacatatta aataattcaa taaaacttaa aactatttgt    175380
     aactaaatga aaataaaaca tcaaaatttg tgagatacag ttaaaataat gcttagagga    175440
     aaatttatag cattgagtgc acaaattaga aaagatcgaa aacaaataat ctaagctttc    175500
     aggttacaaa actagaaaaa gagaaaatta aatccaaagt aaggagaaga aaagatataa    175560
     ttaaaattag agcggaaatc aatgaaacag agaacagaaa atcaatggag aaaaactaac    175620
     aaaagcaaaa gccagatctt tgtaaatatc aatgaactga taaacctcta gacatgttaa    175680
     gtaagtgtat ttctatcagc tcccttgcat aaattttaaa atataaaatt aaaaatttta    175740
     aaatatattt taaaatatat ttaaaatttt aaaataattt taaaatatat tttaaaatta    175800
     ttttaaaata tattttaaaa atttcaatag ctttaggggt acagtggttt ttggttacat    175860
     ggatgaattg tataatggta aactctgggc tttagtgtac ccatcaccca aatagtgtac    175920
     gttgtaccca acaggtgact tttcatccct cacctccctc ttccatcctc ccctcactct    175980
     gagtctccag tgtccactct actactctgt agacctctgc atacccatag cttagctcca    176040
     acttctaagt gagaacatgc agtatttgat tttctgttcc tgagttaccc cacttaggat    176100
     aatggccttc agttccatct atatgctgca gaatacatta ttttgttctt ttttatggct    176160
     agtgatattc caaggtgtgt ctgtgtgcac atcccattta ctttatccac tcattggctg    176220
     atgaggactt aggttgattc cctatctttg caattgtgaa ttgtgctgca ataaacatat    176280
     gagtatatgt atccttttgt atagaatgac ttcctttgtg tagataccta ctagtggaat    176340
     tcctggatcg aatggtacat ctactagtag ttctttgaga aatctccata ctgttttcca    176400
     cagaggttgt actaatttac attcccacca acagcatgta agcattccct ttttaccgca    176460
     tctacattaa catctattgt tttttgactt ttttaaaatg accattctga ttggggtaaa    176520
     atggtatctc actgtggttt tatttggtag tttcctgatg atttgtgatg ttgaacattt    176580
     tttcccatgt ttgttggcca tttgcacata ttttctttcg agaaatgtgt attcatgttg    176640
     cttgcccact ttttaatgga attatttgaa ttttttcttg ctgatttgag ttctttataa    176700
     gattctgggt attagccctt tttcagaagt aaagtttgca aatatttcct cccaaactgt    176760
     aagttgtcta tttactttgt tgatgatttc ttttgctgtg cagaagcttg tgagtttaat    176820
     taagccccat ttatttattt ttgtttttac tgtatttgct tttggggact taagtcacac    176880
     attctttgcc taggtcaatc tccggaagaa tttttcatag gttttcttct agaatttttt    176940
     atggtttcag gtcttacatt tatgtctcca atccatcttg agttaattct tgcattttta    177000
     atagtgtttg ttttgtgcat atagatgctg ttatttggtg caaataaata tgtttctcat    177060
     ttatgctaca catgatctac ttatcacgtt taatatctga aatctactta gcctcaaatt    177120
     attattgttg cctctgttta ctttttgtgt catttgatga ttaagctttt cctcattctt    177180
     attttttcca gtttgctgtg taattttatt ctaggtgaga ttttttgtaa ggaacatcta    177240
     gttatatttc ctaacccaat ttgaaggctt ttaaagcttt aactgtatac attttatgcc    177300
     agaaataaca ctggttttga cagctgtttg tgtttttata tcctaagtac aatgcctcat    177360
     gaccaaaaga agacactaat tgtaaggctt agccatcaga atgtctagca ggtatttgga    177420
     acacatcttt ctttgacccc aagtttaaaa gtgggccatt atttgagtgt gataagggaa    177480
     gtatcaaata gaaacctatt ttcagccttt catctctctt ccgctggtgc atctgttcta    177540
     ctcctctggc cttgcttcac ttgtaaagca gtagcttaca atcattaacc tctgcgtaac    177600
     tgccatcaat caccgaactc ttcaggctga atatctcaac cagaaagtag aaagtcacaa    177660
     ctcaggaaag ttccacttca actctggcac gatgcttcac aaatgatctt gatacacctt    177720
     gcaaaaatgt gtcctcaaac caacttccat tattgaccat gaatattttc cagcactcaa    177780
     tcccaacctt ccacattctc actgcttccc tccctcctga cttccctttc aaattttctc    177840
     ttccctctct cctatccatt tccttagccc tctcctcctt aatcatttcc acagctctaa    177900
     ttaaactctg aatttccaga catatttatt tccattttaa ctcccagaag tgctatattt    177960
     ctagccatta gacaattcta tctgaaatta attaccaaaa accagctata atcctcttcc    178020
     ttaaactttc tcccagtatt ttccccagta ttatcagact aaaataggag tcctcaattt    178080
     cttgataatt tctatggaat tcacacttcc tttccctttg ttgcctatgt tctgctttag    178140
     taagagctct gtcacttaac actgtattac tgcagtagtc tcttaatgag attccctttt    178200
     ccaggctctt ctccataaga gtctattcca acaaaacttg aaaaaatcca gttgctgcgt    178260
     gtcatttcct tacttcagca tctacagttc tgttaagtgg atcaagcaaa catacgaggt    178320
     cgactttcaa gaagccgcag tgtattcaca ggccacctgt ccgctgttta catccagatt    178380
     ctatccacca cagattccca gttcctccag tcagcatatc ttcattcact tctcttgtta    178440
     ctactttttt ttctcacatt gttttcccat tctgaaatgt cccatttcct tcatttccca    178500
     atcctgtatt ccttcaaaca catttttcca tgaatttttc caaacccagg gaggtggaag    178560
     tggagttaaa ggagccttat aatcaagaaa acaatgacgg caggtagaag catagtctat    178620
     gtaaaggaat ggagagtgct aataatggtt aatgtgtagc attttcaacc actttaaaat    178680
     ataattatct aaagcaaaat ctaattacca ttaccatgta ttgtggtgtt tattaacata    178740
     tgtgaaagta aactgtaaga aaataatagc ctaaagaata gatggaggaa acagaaatat    178800
     gctgttgtat gagaattggt tatgactcaa ggtagactaa gttaaacatg tgtactgcaa    178860
     actctagaaa caacctccaa acaataaaac agacatacaa gaagacaata gcagtgataa    178920
     aatggaacca taaaatattc aacaaatcca aaagaaggca gacaaagaga aaaaaaggaa    178980
     caaagaaaaa aaaaacaaac agcaagattg tatatttaaa cccaagtatg tcattaagta    179040
     cattaaatga aaacgggcta cccattacat taagtcgtat tttctaatga ataacagaaa    179100
     aacaagaatt gactatatgc tgtctaaaag aatatccact taaatataat tggcataggt    179160
     taaaggtata atgatgggaa aagatatatt acacaaaagc aaaagaaagg tggagtactt    179220
     atattaatat cagatgaagt agatgtcaaa acaaatattg ctgccatcta tacagaagaa    179280
     catttcctaa tgataaggag gtaaagatga gcgcagtgat gtatgcttgc aatcccagct    179340
     actcaaaagc ctgaggcaag aggattgctt gagcccagga gttcaaatcc agcctgcaca    179400
     aaatagcaag accccatctc ttaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaag aaaaaaagat gaggtaaatt    179460
     caccaagaaa acaatcctta atctaaatat gtatgcaact aacaatgagg cttcaaaaca    179520
     catgaggcaa aacctaaaag ataaagtcca cgatcatagt tgacgacatc aactatcttt    179580
     ttcagaaacc aatagaacaa gtaggcagaa aatcagtaag aatatagaag acataaacaa    179640
     tactaccagc tgtcttgacc taatgaacac tggtagaaca atttatgcaa taaaagcaga    179700
     atacagttga cccttgaaca acatgagatt gaattgcatg ggcccacgta cacccggatt    179760
     ttcttctgca tctgccacct cttgagacag ccaagtccaa tccctcctct tcctcctcct    179820
     cctcagccta cttaacatga agacaacgag gaggaagacc tttacgataa tccacttcca    179880
     cttcatgaat agtaaatata tttcctcttc cttatgattt tattaataat atttcccttc    179940
     ctgtagctta ctatattata aaaatacagt atataataca aataacatac aaaatatgtg    180000
     ttaatcaact gttcattaag gcttcgtcaa cagtgggcta ctagtagtta agtttctagg    180060
     aagtcaaaag ttactgggtt tttgagcatg gtgcccgtaa ctcccacatt gttcaagggt    180120
     caatgtatag attctttcaa gtgtatatag aacatacagc aacataagcc attttctggg    180180
     ccataaaaca aatcttttaa agtgtaaaac aattaaaatc atataaaata tgttctccaa    180240
     ccaaaagaga attaagctag gaatcagtaa cagaaagata tctgaaaaat ccatatattt    180300
     ggaaattaat caacacactt acaaataacc cttaagaagg aatcacaagg ggaattaaaa    180360
     ctcttttgaa atgaaaacac agcacatcaa aatgtgcaaa gcatgactaa cagtccttag    180420
     agagaaactt aacttagatg ataaattcct tgaaagacac aaagagcaaa attcatctga    180480
     gtaacaacag ataaccacaa cagccctgta actattaaat aaattgaatt cacagtgaaa    180540
     aacttaccaa caaagacaaa actccaggtc tagggagagc ttcactagta aatcccacca    180600
     aatatttcat taataaataa tacaaatccc atacaaacaa ttcaataaaa ttaaagagaa    180660
     aggaggagta cttccccttt tgtttttaaa aagcaaacat gatcctgaag tgaaaattat    180720
     acaaagacat tttaggaaaa gaagatgaca tagtaatatc actcaggatt tcaggatgca    180780
     aatatcctta gaaatacaat gtaccaacgc tagcaatata taataacaca tcatgaacaa    180840
     gtggtttttt tcaacaggaa tgcaaggttc actcaacttt ggaaaatcaa tgttaattca    180900
     ccattttaac agaacataaa agagaaaagc catatgatca ttgcagtaag tgcagaaaaa    180960
     gctttaataa aattcaatac ccattcatga ttttaaaaac tctcagtaac ctaggactag    181020
     aacttcctca atctgataaa ggaggcataa aacatctata ttataacatc atgtttttat    181080
     aacatattca aataattctg gacttagaga agacttacaa aaatatagta cacatagtta    181140
     ccatatgccc tttacccacc ttcctctgta tcttgtatag ccatagtatg aatatcaaaa    181200
     caaagaaatt aacatcagtg caatactatt aactaaacta ccaactttat ttcaatttca    181260
     ccagtttttc caccaatgcc cctgcctagt ccaggaccca acccaggatc ccacatcgca    181320
     gttaagtcat catgccactt tagtctctcc aatctatgag tgttccatca tcattctttg    181380
     cctatcatga ggctaacact tttaaagtta tcaggccagg tatttcgagg aatgtccctc    181440
     cctgtgagtt cttcaggttt cctcatgatt atactgaggt tatgcatctt ggaggagagc    181500
     acttcaaaag tactgtgccc ttctcagagc atcttatcat gggttccatg aagtcaacat    181560
     cttacttact ggtgatgtta accgtgatca cttggttaaa actgtgtttt ccagatctct    181620
     ccactgtaaa gttagtcatt ttacctttgt aaatgataaa tgttcacagg gagatatctt    181680
     gagagtatgg aaatatcctc tttcctaaac ttttgcttac taattttaat attcataggt    181740
     gaattctgaa tgagcaattt tcactctgga gttctaatgg tgatttgatt ttctactcta    181800
     ctcacctctt ttacattaat tggaattcat ctgtaaggaa gacatgtccc tctcaacact    181860
     ttatttagac aatcaatcac ttatttatgc aatatagact catgattaca tatttcatcc    181920
     tttggatcat aaactaacac tatatttact ttattactga aattgtttca gcttctgcta    181980
     caggaccctt cagcttgggc tgttttctag gtcttgcctt ttttttttaa ggctccctcc    182040
     ttactttctg acaccacaaa attctccacg ctcatctttt tttctccccc tatactagtg    182100
     ctgaaatcag tcgcgtcctc aaggagcctt ggttcctttt attggagaat aatagttaga    182160
     aacccagatc tggctgctag atgtgctcat taacatcata tttaatggta aaaggtgctt    182220
     ttctccctaa gactagaaac aaagtcagga tgctcactct taccactatt caacattata    182280
     atgaaggtct tagccaatac agcaaggcaa aagaagaaag gaaatgcata cagattagaa    182340
     atgaagtaaa actttattta cagaagatat gattgtctgt gcagagaatt gtaagtaatc    182400
     tacaaaaaag gttactacaa ctaattcttg caagcctgca ggagaaaagg tcaatatgaa    182460
     aaaaccaact gtatttctat atactggcag taaaacaaag tgaaaatgaa attttaaata    182520
     tcatttccct tggaagacat gaaacacacg taaggataaa cctaacaaaa tttgtgtaag    182580
     acttaaacat tgaaaattac aaaacattac tgtgagaaat taaagaccac ctaaataaat    182640
     ggagaaataa attgcattca tggatctgaa gactcattgt taagatgtca gctcttccta    182700
     aatttatcta cagattcaac acaatctcac acaaaatctt agcagactga cagagtgtaa    182760
     aatttacgta gaaatctata tagacattaa tctagataaa ttcatgctat aaaacaccct    182820
     gctagagaat cttaaaagct tgaaggtagt taaaggatca tatcttttgc atgagtaaat    182880
     gacctgtcca tttccacaaa gaaagcaaga agcaaatcca ggaccaggat ccaactttgt    182940
     tctttcatgt tttgatactg tgctctttag agtggtacat catgctactt gtaattaaga    183000
     ttactttcac tttttacttt gcctagaaag agattcagat ctcctcaaca gatgccagaa    183060
     tctctagatg tgccatcacc tctcgatgtg cagcaataag tagaaaaata accaataatt    183120
     atgtgataat aaattaagaa taaatttatc aaaacaataa aaatgtaaca ataatccctg    183180
     atcttaggaa tgaattgact tttacaataa attacacatt ttaaagatat aaggactcca    183240
     ttaaaatgtt ttattttata aattatttag taatttacac taaaacactg aaattttaac    183300
     tgaattc                                                              183307