EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC093689; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 167590 BP.
AC   AC093689;
DT   10-SEP-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-725M22 from 4, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-167590
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-167590
RA   Sun H., Abbott A., Spalding L., Elliott G.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-725M22";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-167590
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-SEP-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-167590
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-MAY-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-167590
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-MAY-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; f3552ba10a490ad960734e6033eb4174.
DR   ENA-CON; GL383528.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000042.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC093689.4:1-167590; homo_sapiens.
CC   On May 3, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:17921281.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH0725M22
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. John D.
CC   McPherson, Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis
CC   MO. For additional information about the map position of this
CC   sequence, see
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries. Genomics 51:1-8. The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the right is RP11-553D22, 2000 bp overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 1 ofRP11-725M22;
CC   actual end is at base position 167590 of RP11-725M22.
CC   Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone, base position 102771 to
CC   102778.
CC   Polymorphisms have been identified between AC093771, AC108155 and
CC   AC093689.
CC   Data from AC108155 and AC093771 was used to finish this clone,
CC   AC093689.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..167590
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /map="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-725M22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   248..268
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   1192..1840
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   2515..3135
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   3216..4065
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4088..5465
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5466..5761
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5762..5884
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5885..6191
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6192..6543
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6837..6874
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   7058..7129
FT                   /rpt_family="MER103"
FT   repeat_region   7313..7601
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8442..8664
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   8906..9141
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   9267..9287
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   9848..10240
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11890..11910
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   12064..12374
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13068..13096
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   13341..13496
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   14014..14658
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14696..14949
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15989..16176
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   16272..16530
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   17586..17745
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   18670..18769
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   18960..18989
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   19077..19916
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19978..20140
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   20173..20662
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   20766..20824
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   20861..21108
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   21109..21470
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21471..22149
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   22210..22584
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   23952..23972
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   25160..25203
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   26509..26646
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   26931..27003
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   27044..27071
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   27241..27524
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   27930..28167
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   28478..29176
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   30018..30212
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30415..30516
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   30517..30537
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   30545..31110
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31162..31581
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   31582..31609
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   31610..31707
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   31767..32533
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32534..32842
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32843..32915
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32916..33201
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33202..33841
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33866..33950
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   35186..35298
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   35765..36832
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   37483..37618
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   37796..37951
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38177..38289
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38298..38610
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38669..39086
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39087..39383
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39384..39776
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39773..41053
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41213..41765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41836..42381
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   42825..42861
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   42898..43078
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   44072..44159
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   44160..44187
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45402..45796
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   46057..46873
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46874..47053
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48747..48850
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48955..48980
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   49104..49135
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   49296..49326
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   50131..50243
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   51106..51362
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   51877..52183
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52468..52555
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   52681..52715
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   52868..53160
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53329..53357
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   53889..54105
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   54247..54331
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   54505..55240
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   56020..56397
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   56955..57060
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   57080..57758
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   57773..57890
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   57931..57959
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   58729..58758
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   59115..59645
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   60287..60548
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   60549..61006
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   61007..61446
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   61447..61960
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   62206..62339
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   62699..62799
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   62925..63145
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTC)n"
FT   repeat_region   64691..64788
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   66021..66094
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   66666..66693
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   67063..67100
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   68456..68485
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   68532..70088
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70317..70337
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   70604..71019
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71434..71611
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71594..71779
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71884..72230
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72231..73916
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73922..73943
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   73944..74198
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74215..74252
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   74789..74825
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   75253..75306
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   75743..75777
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   75848..75877
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   76443..76486
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   76489..78324
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78325..78615
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78616..78899
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78900..78927
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   79029..79067
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   79436..79478
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   79649..79683
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   80884..80917
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   82715..83162
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83166..83195
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   83242..83269
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   83444..83511
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83551..83577
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   83687..84503
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84504..84791
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84802..85235
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85397..85972
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85987..86373
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86450..86485
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   86554..86575
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   86642..86980
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   86987..87503
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87780..87971
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87964..88003
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   88016..88214
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   88566..88676
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88706..88740
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   88846..89347
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   90022..90125
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   90158..90482
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90572..90639
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92098..92126
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   92342..92387
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   92879..92907
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   93556..93982
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   94742..95121
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   95515..95831
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96511..96546
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   96797..97018
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   97720..97783
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   98095..98216
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98218..98339
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   98619..98977
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   100111..100135
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   100690..100794
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103417..103479
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   103765..103813
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   103822..104015
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   108181..108516
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108517..108826
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108827..110071
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110439..110616
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   110653..110865
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   111047..111428
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   111433..111951
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   111970..112339
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112506..112932
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   112934..115188
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115189..115212
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   115517..115724
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   115846..115874
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   116069..116226
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   116960..116985
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   117328..117531
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   118161..118555
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   118556..118611
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   118756..119200
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   119238..119420
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   119461..119570
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   119832..119927
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   120005..120152
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120201..120503
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   124729..124961
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125820..125842
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   126127..126149
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   126677..126720
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   127566..127729
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   127751..127890
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   128060..128098
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   128490..128600
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129136..129345
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   129773..130074
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130431..130595
FT                   /rpt_family="Tc2"
FT   repeat_region   130656..130769
FT                   /rpt_family="Tc2"
FT   repeat_region   131281..131591
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131611..131668
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   132901..133079
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   133118..133318
FT                   /rpt_family="Tc2"
FT   repeat_region   133824..133854
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   133902..134197
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134309..134440
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   134450..134578
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   137591..137988
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138908..139037
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   139038..139082
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   139083..139396
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   140566..141007
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   141211..141279
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   141846..141878
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   141909..142220
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142417..143083
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   143090..143297
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143298..143389
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143393..144059
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144060..144104
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   144105..144900
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144930..145015
FT                   /rpt_family="(TCTCTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   145021..145826
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   145827..146137
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146138..146847
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   146859..147163
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147598..148024
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148220..148263
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   148264..148335
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   148373..148738
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   148739..149223
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   149345..149407
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   149728..150130
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   150654..150839
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   151883..152195
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152953..153085
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   153293..154365
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   154428..154956
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   154976..155057
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   156032..156052
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   156054..156203
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   156204..156625
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   156626..156686
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   156824..157207
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   158328..158771
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   159754..160682
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   160683..160830
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   161500..161646
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   162607..162722
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   163088..163390
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   163695..163807
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   163872..163981
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   164005..164601
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   164770..164887
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165041..165109
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   165118..165421
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   166040..166366
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166399..167001
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167003..167588
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 167590 BP; 55149 A; 28701 C; 28549 G; 55191 T; 0 other;
     gaattccact gctgtaattg taagtaaaag ttcactattg ttgtctatgt cctcaaaata        60
     aaaaagaaaa ataaaaagcg tgctctgaat atttaatata tttttgtaac tctgcacagt       120
     ctttgctaaa ctggggttca caaatattga tggatctttt ataaatgtat gttaaatcct       180
     ttacctctgc atttgaaaaa taataattta taagaaagat actttatcat actatccttt       240
     ttgtttcttt tataaaatta ttatttttca aatctcaagg tctggtataa tagaacatac       300
     tgatgaagac tatattccac ttttatcttt ccaagttaaa gtttcctttt cagttcttat       360
     ctaaaactct gaacatgact gcatgtttct tatatgtatt gatttctttc cttgtttttc       420
     ttatatttta aaattatttg ttcttttcat tccttgatgc tatgactctt ctatactctt       480
     ttaaaacttt tctgcaaatg cattatgtct ctaagtcata taatgagaca aatttaactt       540
     ccagctctgt cactgaatta ataagaggat acaagcaaaa gaatgccgag atttcttgcc       600
     gtagaattag aaagagaact attcttttct gcaacatttt ggaccccctg atgttcagag       660
     agtaagaatt taagaagaca ataaaggagt taattgcaat agtcaagatg ggaagtgatt       720
     aaaacattta atggaaccat ttcatgattg tattcattgt cacagcactg ttaagtctta       780
     taagcatcgt ttgtaagaca tgcatgaaaa ataaaaatgc ctggttcaat attttatttt       840
     aattgcttcc aactttagtt ttctaaaata taaccacatg atgatttgta atgtatagca       900
     tacatacttt gtcttgtctt caaaattgtc tctcctgtga ctactcattc tgtttgtacc       960
     tcacaccaac caagttataa gttcatggta aaccagaaaa taaataaatg aattatatca      1020
     aaacatttca tgtgtaaggg aaaggaaaga aaggaacatt taatcaaaga gttgaataaa      1080
     atgaagggaa aagttatgca agtaaactag ggaaagaact ataagaccct atgttacttc      1140
     tgctcagaaa aacttcaggt aaaacatatt tttaaagtcc tattaagatg gtattgagtt      1200
     tttaatattg acctctctta atattattct gatgtgcaca tgatgttttc tgtgtcagag      1260
     acagaattct tattactttg agtatataag tgtgccagct cccccttgtt caagtactta      1320
     tctttattgt gacacagtga aagctaatgg gaatttttcc tatatgagta tccagacact      1380
     gcagaggtaa gggataagga aaaacgattt ttccctgctt ttaaagaaaa atgcatcttt      1440
     ctccctctgc tcctcaaatg gtctccagga gccagacagc ccgatgtgtc tttccttttc      1500
     tgacctgaag atgcttttga gttctggagt ttcatttcct ttcacaatta aattcctaga      1560
     gaaataatgc cccagtctcc caggcacctt ggtgcttaac tgagggacta agcccagaat      1620
     gtaaccattt gactttctgg ggaagataag tttgataacc tgtttggagc agagcaatta      1680
     attagaaaaa tggccagcat ataattccaa tgatagagga aatgttaata agagaattga      1740
     aagcaagcac tctctaactt tagagcatat atgtttctgt ggattagaaa ggtggagctt      1800
     tttacaggaa gactgagaaa aaaaaaagtt tttttctcca gatggtcaat tcaattcaat      1860
     gcaaaaacta tggtcaaatt tctgcaacag ccactatgac cagttttcgg gggcataaaa      1920
     caaagtgttt gccttcaagg tgtctataat ttcatagcat ccttgaagaa aaaaaaactc      1980
     tccaatataa gactgaacat acatacttta acaaaaataa gtttatagaa ctgcattttg      2040
     aaatttaata ggaggaagat atagcatcaa tctgtaataa acagaaaata tttgaaaaaa      2100
     gtgatatttg acatggatct taaatatttc ataaaattca ggaaggcaaa ttttctaaaa      2160
     ggggtacatt ctagatacag cactctacat agataaataa attttgtaag aaatcatagt      2220
     ataatacaat ttatattatc ttgttttgac ccttactggt ccaattaacc tcctattttt      2280
     tattcaattt acttaatcac agtatatatt gtatggacac acagtatgat ataaaataaa      2340
     atagaataag taaatagagt gatgtattac ataggatgat tcaagatctt ctttgttagg      2400
     gtaacattga ctatttgatg aaaaccctaa ataaaatcag tgagaaagct atctgagtaa      2460
     caaagcagag ggtaaccgtg tacatagaca cactagagac ttcacatata ttagtgcagg      2520
     gtcaaagagg gatcgcttct gctctgccca ctgaaaatga actgacaatg agcagattaa      2580
     taggaggaaa agataaattt attaatgtgc acttggacat gggagtcctg caaatatgag      2640
     actcaaagaa gtgtcagatg actgaaattt ttatacccta cagaaaggaa cacaggcttg      2700
     aagcatggca acaggttgtg ggagggagag agaacgaaag acaaggtgag cagagaatgt      2760
     cttattatgc atatgaaaat ctcccaggta atctctgagc ttccctaaga gagaagaaat      2820
     ggtagcctgt catcaaagtt tctgtcagac ctttaaaagt gtctgacttg tagtgatttt      2880
     tttgtttgct tttggttttt tttttgcctg tgagttaatc cttcctagat agagaaaagg      2940
     aagataaggg tgtcctcaga gaaagcctat ttgtatccac tgtttatttc cctaatgtag      3000
     atttcctctg cagatgccaa tccctgcaaa agacagcttt acagggctat tcctgtgttt      3060
     gcagcaactc tgaatagcca tcttgaaata taccaaagaa gtatattttg ggttggcata      3120
     ttttggtttc cttcacaagc gaaaaaagcc agcttttgaa caaacatgat atgcactctg      3180
     atgaatctat actgaaatag atagagatag tctgtttttt caacagcttt attaagatat      3240
     aattcacata tactacaatt tacccattta aaatgtataa ttcaattttt tttgtatttc      3300
     acaaagttgt acattatcat cacaatcaaa tataggacat tttattatcc ccaaaacaaa      3360
     tcctgtgcca cttagtcatc agtcgccatc cttctctgcc ctaggcaacg actaatctat      3420
     gatctgtctt catagaactg cctattctga atacattgtg taagtggaat tatacaagaa      3480
     gttgcccttc tcaactgact tccttcactt aggacaacgc ttttaaggtt aattcatgtt      3540
     gtagtatata ttggtacttc aattatcttt cttgatgaat aatattttgt tgtatggatg      3600
     tactacattt tatttattca ttaatcagta gaggggcatt tggactattt taacctattg      3660
     gttattacat ataatgctgc tttaaacatt gatttataag tttctgtgtg aaaatatgtt      3720
     ttcactatgc agctatatat cttggagtgg aatgacggat cacatggtaa ctctaggttt      3780
     aattttttga gaaactgctg gactattttt taatataaag cctgcaccac tctacattcc      3840
     cacaagcagt ccatgagggt tccaattcct ccatatcctc aatcacatgt ggaataaatt      3900
     gtcgttttaa ttatagccat cctattgggt atggagtggt ttcttgttgc tttgaattgt      3960
     atctgcctct tggacagtga tattaaccat ctttcatgtg cttattgaca atttacatat      4020
     tatctttgga gaaatctcta ttttgatcct ttgactattt tttaaaatta aattaaattt      4080
     aattctgttt tattgtggtg aaaacattta aaatgagatc tactgtctta caatttttgg      4140
     tgtataatac attattgtgg actccaggta caatgttata cagcagatct ccagacctta      4200
     ttcatcttac ttgattaaaa atggatgctc attgattagt aactctagag ttcttcctcc      4260
     ctaacccctg aaaaccacgc tgtgattcta tgaatttgaa tattttagat actcatataa      4320
     attgaatcat tcagtatttg tctttctgtc acttggttat ttcacttagc ttaatatcct      4380
     caaagttcat ccacgttgtt gcatattaaa aaattccttt tcatgtctga atagtatttc      4440
     attgtatgta catactactt ttttatatag tatctatcaa tgaatattta ggcggttgaa      4500
     gatcttagct attttgaata ttgctgcagc gaacatagga gtgctaatat ctcttcaaaa      4560
     tcctaacatt aattctttag aagaatacct agaagtgaca atcatatggc agatctatat      4620
     ttaatttaaa aatataaaca gaaaacatca tattcttttt catagcagtg aaaaattttg      4680
     catttccaca agcagtgtgc aaggattcta atatttccac aatctcacca acacttatat      4740
     tttgtttctt ttctattagt agccagcctc ataagtgtga gatgatatat cgttgtggtt      4800
     ttgatgtgta ttattttgtg gttagtaatg ttggccatct ttttacattc ttgctgtata      4860
     tacttctctg gagaaatgtc tattcaagtt ctgtgcccac ttttaaatca gattatttag      4920
     gggtatttgt tagtttgctt gttttgctat tgagatgtgt ttgttataca ttttggaaat      4980
     caatccctta ttagatacat ggtttgcaaa tatttctcca taagaatcct tttcactctt      5040
     ttttttttaa gttttttttt tagtttaatg acattttatt tgtttatttt tgttttcatt      5100
     gcctgtgctt ttagtgtcat gtttataaaa ttattgccaa gagcaatgtc acgaaactat      5160
     tccactatgt ttattataca agttttataa tatgggctat tatgtttaac tttttaattt      5220
     attttgaact gatttttgtg tatggtgtaa tataagggtc tgatttcatt cttttaaatg      5280
     tggatattca gcttttcaaa catccttttt tgaaggcact atcctttttt cattgtatat      5340
     tcttgcttac ttcttgaaga tcaattgact atatatgcat agatttattt cagtgctctc      5400
     tattttatta cattggtcta tgggtctgat tttatgctaa tacgttactg ttttgattac      5460
     tttagttttt tttttttctt ttttttagac ggagtctcgc tctgtcgccc aggctggagt      5520
     gcagtggcgc gatcttggct cactgcaagc tccgcctcct gggttcacgc cattctcctg      5580
     catcagcctc ccgagtagct gggaatacag gcgcccgcca ccacgcctgg ctaattttgt      5640
     ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cagggttttg ccatgttagc caagaaggtc tcaatctcct      5700
     gatctcgtga tctgcccgct tcggcttccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggt gtgagccacc      5760
     gtacttcagc ttttgaatat actgtgaaat caggaagtgt gataatttca gctttgttct      5820
     ttctccagat tgattggcta tttgtatttt ttacagttct tgtggatttt aaattctttt      5880
     ctactttctt tttttttttt tttttttttg agatggagtt tcgctcttat tgcctaggct      5940
     ggagtgcaat ggtgggatct cggctcaccc aaacctctgc ctcccgggtt caagggattc      6000
     tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggat tacaggcatg tgccaccacg cccggctaat      6060
     tttgtatttt tggtagagat agggtttctc cattttggtc aggctggtct cgaactcctg      6120
     accccaggtg atccacctgc ctctgcttcc caaagtgctg ggattaaagg agtaagcctc      6180
     tgtgactggc ctctactttc tttaaaatgc cattggaatt ttgataggga ctgtattaaa      6240
     tctatggatc actttgggta gaatgaatat taataatatt aagtcttcta atccttgaac      6300
     attggagttt ttcatttgtt tgtgccttat ttaatgtcgt tcatcaatgt tttgcagttt      6360
     ttaatataca gtctttcatc ttcttactta agtttatttt gaggtatttt agctcatttg      6420
     attgtaaatt aaattgttat cctaatttcc ttttcaggtc attgttagtg tgtagaaata      6480
     caactcatta ttttatgtta tttttctatc ttgcaacctt attgaatcat ttattagtcc      6540
     taaattcaag ccacatacta attccattct gtgaaactct catactgctc caattatttc      6600
     cttattggtg aaaaatgcta caacaaatat tatacatata atttcacaca tgtgtataaa      6660
     aaacattcac acatatctat gagaaacatt cctaaaagtt gaattagtag gttcaaaggc      6720
     atgcacattt tacatttaaa tatgctattt taaaatgaaa aacacgtcat attaacaaaa      6780
     gttatcattt aactatgtaa aacaaaataa atacaaatta ttatttttgc ttgttcatat      6840
     ttatttttat tttattttcc taataaatat atttctggta taaagttctc tagcaatatt      6900
     aaatcctatt aaatttactt atacaatact tgtttaaaat ttcaaatccc aaactcttat      6960
     taattttaca agctgttctg gaaagaaaag tttatgatca tctacgtttt tctggaaaat      7020
     gcatattttc atctccttta aaagatacga atcctgagct ctgataaatt ctttaagaaa      7080
     cctgttcaaa tgtatttaat ctggcacttg tcaaatgtgt ttgacaatga ttaacatcct      7140
     tttaaaaagc gttccttggg acacgtgtgc taatactaga aaatgaaata tgctagacca      7200
     ttttctaatc ttaatttgaa acttattgca cctcagtcac tgggcataca aatgtgcaaa      7260
     tatgtcttgt cctcaaggct taacggttct ttccaaattc aaaggaaagg gagggcacag      7320
     tggctcacgc ctgtgatcct agcactttgg gaggctgagg tggggggatc acctgagtca      7380
     ggagtgggag accagcctgg ctaacagcga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt      7440
     agccgggtgt ggtcgcgcat ttctgtaatc ccagctactc agaaggctga ggcaggggaa      7500
     tggcttgaat ccaggaggtg gaggttgcag tgagctgaga tcacaccact gcattctagc      7560
     ctgggtgata agcaagactc tgtctcacaa aaaaaaaaaa attcaaagga aaatattttc      7620
     tcatacgttc ataaagataa gaactcaatt aaaagccaaa taaaccaaaa taacctccta      7680
     tttattaaat catatttgtt gattctaagt atccgtgtat ttcccgactt tacctttctg      7740
     attttttcca tcattttttc ctaataataa taataattac tattattcag tggaacatga      7800
     aaacaaaatt actgttttta tacacataaa atccatggtc atttaattat catcatgcaa      7860
     gagggagctc agtaataaga ttgagtatat attgtcttct gtttaattat agaggaagaa      7920
     tatcatggat gtcagacata ttgtacaagg agaagaaaag tagtagcatt tgggacaatc      7980
     cattatcaaa aattcaacat tttaataaat agtatgctcc taataaaaac atttaaaatg      8040
     tgttttataa tatttttctg aatatttatt ggctaatgta acagctcatc atcaagatat      8100
     aaattaaaat tttcttggga aaaaataatt atgagttttt ataagaatta atattaatga      8160
     aagaagtgat aatgttactt ccctgtaagg acacatcatc cacaggcaat tcagttaagg      8220
     tcctgcttct ggataggaat gtgaaacaga ccgtatctct tcaatgaaca caacaatact      8280
     agatgactta ctgtaatact gggaaagaag gtgagaaagt ggtcccagag aaccagagaa      8340
     cagaagtgaa ggcattttaa agaaagaggg gactggtatt tgaacaatgc agtaaaaaga      8400
     ttttgggtga aacaatgacc aggaaacact ttatggtttt gtagttagtt tacagagaag      8460
     aaaatcacaa ggtaactgac ataaaggttt gagtatagga ttatatgaac gattatgccc      8520
     agctgttcat cattttcaca aatttcagta taagaagaaa tggactttca ttgaagcaag      8580
     agggactaag attttatgga agacagaatg aatagacagc aggttttaaa acttgatata      8640
     tgttgcaagg gacattgtgc aactaagtgc agcagtctat atgtgataga gaagtttaga      8700
     aaaagagaaa ttactttgca ttggagcaaa caagaaagac tttacatggg ccttcaaacg      8760
     tgaactgaat tgtgtactaa aggattatct gagagtatta ctgaaatcag aattattagg      8820
     aaggaaataa aacataagaa aatatttaga atttgtacta atattaatct atcagtttta      8880
     tatctgaata acttccagaa atttttatgc agcaagcact gttttaaata atttgcatat      8940
     attaagtcat ttaattgtca tttaattctc acaaaagtgt tctgaagcta gtcaggtctt      9000
     atattatcat cactttgaaa acgagaaaac ttaaacacag agacaatagc agattgactg      9060
     actatgtcat aggactgcta agtcactgaa ctcagtttta aatactggta gtttggtttc      9120
     agagaccaag accttaacca cattgtgttc cctttcccaa aatcacacat gcctacatcc      9180
     acataccaaa tttgatatgc caactccaga atatcgagtt tccttcatga taatttccaa      9240
     tttaagaatg tctttgtcgt tcaatgaata taattatttt aaataatgaa agacacatgc      9300
     atttgttttc tgtttttttt ttcaaaagaa tctctcgtaa aagttcttca gagattaaaa      9360
     agcagctgaa actgaattca aacttttatt cttacagcaa aagcagtaag attattaaga      9420
     gaagggtaaa agtgacataa acatgtttct ttctttacca ctttctttta tcccatacat      9480
     acaagtatgc ttttggctct aagtatgttt gcaagtgtgc atttatatgc atgtgtgtgt      9540
     gtgtgtagtt agtttagaca gtttaccttt tctttactta tttttaagct atagacccat      9600
     aacttccacg atcacttagt tttcagtttg tcatacaaac tcagtttaac cccttggtgt      9660
     ctagttaata tatgatgctc gaaaaaatga tattagagta gacattgtac ctgatcatgt      9720
     aaattaatgg tgcagagtga gacagcattt attgactatt tgatactggc acagattata      9780
     ttcggactca atagaaactt ccttgactgt gcatcttgac atggttattt gattttgcct      9840
     tttagcttta gttcttttgt gctgctataa cagaattcct gaaactgggt aatttataaa      9900
     gaatgtaaat ttattggttc atggttctgg agactgggaa gtccaacagc atagagctgg      9960
     catctggtga ggaccttctt atgtgtcatt ccatggtgga agatggaagg tcaaaagagg     10020
     gtaagagtga gagagagcaa gaggaagtca tactcacttt taaaataaat ccactcctgg     10080
     gataatgtat tcatttccat gataatgaga ttatttcata catgaggatg gagccctcgt     10140
     gacctacaca cctcccatta ggatccactt ctcaacactg ttgtcatggg gattaagttt     10200
     acaacacatt aaatttgggg gacacattca aaacaaagca acctccaagt gctacagttt     10260
     gatttttgct tcaagattaa tagaaaaaca tagtgcttct aagacaccat ttggattatt     10320
     atttctctgt ttgccttaaa tgtacattcg aaaatttcat ttaaaaaaag aaagttatgt     10380
     caaatataaa caggcctgaa aactaaaagc ttagtggtga atatgaagaa cagtttacac     10440
     aaatgcactt tatcatagat atacttgaag ccctctgact aatctcctcc aatataatca     10500
     ctaaaacaat actctttttt tattaagacc ttctatttga agtcacatct tcatcatttg     10560
     gggcagagtc tttaaaaaga aaatacttac ttaactgttt attccagttg attgcagtat     10620
     tccctagtgg aaggaaaata ggtagcttga agagtgcatt gacttgtgca gatgaaatgg     10680
     catcttaata gtctgaagag ttaatatgct cttctaacac tctcctgctc cacattggct     10740
     ctgggatgcc ctagtgacct aaataagtcc atattcaagt gcatccttta agacctagtg     10800
     agaaaaggag tacttttagc cactgaagaa aatttaaagc acagattgcc tcattgtcta     10860
     aattatcctc aggggaaaac ttgacaattt tgaaagctgc actaactcag tagaaaatgt     10920
     tacagaagaa tcccctagtg gtctgaagta gttcatgctc aagtttctgc taaggtccag     10980
     tccttttctt tatgttcaga aactcatagg acttctgctt ctaggtcaaa atacacaagg     11040
     gaggtcagta acagtgggca aggaggtatt aggtaaagga agagggatga ggccaaaaag     11100
     ggctgagtcc ctttcagtat catcatcaag tctgaagttc tttaaagtat taaaatttgg     11160
     tggcttactc atgttggtgc tccagagact ttaaacttct gacctagaat attttgacat     11220
     tgtggggaaa caaacaagca aacaaacaag tttttttttg tgttgaaaca tctgcaaatg     11280
     aagccagcag ctctgttgat gctacagctt attaaagatg caaattaaaa atatcaaaaa     11340
     gcatggaaat ttgcttaacc ttttacagaa tgtaaatctt taatctgatc ttaatatgaa     11400
     cttcattgat ttgctttaag tttaataaca cgctgaacct cagaggtgtt aatagtacct     11460
     ttagtggtca agtattgcat tttagaattg atagaaaaag gttaatttga aatccagtca     11520
     ggaaagtata tcatactgcg caacatatat ctgctttagt gaagaactga caaactgcaa     11580
     atgcctcaga ggaaaaattc tactgaatta aaagcaagat taaagtactt gggaatgaat     11640
     ttacattcaa ctataaaata acgccattat gccaattttt tggtgtaacc agtcgtttct     11700
     gaggcttctg ttactaaatt aaaaggttat gtaatgcaaa ataaaattga ggacatttaa     11760
     gttaaaaaca caaatccagc agaaagtttt atttataaat actaaatctc acttagtatt     11820
     ttattgttgg cttattttga agtttttttt gtttgttttc attttataat acacttaaat     11880
     tagctatggt atattaaata ttaaaaatat gccatgtagg aaagtagcta ctcctatagc     11940
     cattagacca tgatttaatt tagtcatttc agaagtaatg ttgataaaaa caatacagta     12000
     tctaaatgtc aagaaaaaaa ggcagtcatt catgcttgaa caggccattc ctttcttttt     12060
     cttttttctt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacgg agtctcgctc tgtcgcccag     12120
     gctggagtgc agtggcggga tctcggctca ctgcaagctc cgcctcccgg gttcacgcca     12180
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc aagtagctgg gactacaggc gcccaccact acgcccggct     12240
     aattttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccgttt tagccgggat ggtctcgatc     12300
     tcctgacctc gtgatccgcc cgcctcggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcgtgagc     12360
     caccgcgccc ggcccaggcc attcctttca tcttcctttt attggactca caaaatatgg     12420
     cacaattact tgacgtcatc tacataccaa aaagagtagt ttaagatcac tttgtcacat     12480
     gccaaaccac agtctatctt tgacaatgta aattcaccac tgaatataag gaatatggtt     12540
     aactacctta aaaaatattt gtcagaatta ctagtcactg gaaccagatt tctcagtgaa     12600
     ataaaccctg aaatagtttt ggcacattct tcatttcttt acctagtcta aggcatagtc     12660
     cttattgatc taaaaataaa tagagcatcc ctaagattaa gtcttgactg tgataacagg     12720
     gtaaacaggt tagtgaacaa ttgtgccagt gaacatttac agatatcaaa tgttaatttt     12780
     cttaacatct gacactatat caaagatggc tggttttgat tcatattatt ggcacatatg     12840
     acttccattt ttaaaactgt aatttgattc ccctacccaa ttttcaaaac tacttttaac     12900
     cattttttac ctcaattctt ccagtgataa gagcataata taatcattac gttactgtat     12960
     ccacagcccc cggataatat ctagtggctt agatgattaa tttcataaac attactcttg     13020
     aaatttaaat agattttgta ttcttacaat caagcatttg tttactcata ttatcatata     13080
     aaatatttta tattttggtg aatgtaggct taattcaatt ctggttttca attgcaaatg     13140
     cattcaattt gtgaacattt tatttctgca gatttacaca gttttttgct gtttgcagta     13200
     ataaagaatt ctgttaataa caaaatgtta ttttctgaaa tccctctgaa gagcattgaa     13260
     taaatttctg caggaaactt ggttccagct ggaaattatt ttgctcccat atatggaaat     13320
     agattccaat gctatggtaa tttgactcct ctccatcacc atccattttt cacacggcac     13380
     ctggagcagt ctttttttaa aaataagtaa gttggatttg ttcattcccc atttcaaaac     13440
     tcttcaaaat ggcctctgat tctgcttata atccaatgca aaatctttgg catacactct     13500
     gtgggccaaa atcatatttt tcatgcctat attttgaggg ttattttcag cactattttc     13560
     tttaacttat cgaataaaag ccatactggt ctttaatatt tataacatgt caggttttat     13620
     ggaacattta tatgtactat ttattttttc cacttaaatt attaacttct ttcccaatat     13680
     ccttctgttc ttgatctgtt aaactaatac ttatccacag gtctcctttc ttttttcaca     13740
     cccctgccat cataatcacc acagttacca tcatcaataa aattttttgg ttaaatcctt     13800
     tcacagcact gttaagtttc tctgtagtta gacaaaaata aatggatggt gtatttttcc     13860
     tttattaaga atagagatgt acgtaattct attttagttt aggtttttgc tgtgtgtatt     13920
     atacttttaa tagatttaac accatataaa tgtaataaag aatatagata agaaagaaaa     13980
     aaagcccaca caaaaacttg agaatatgac ttaaggacta tagtgaataa tttccctctc     14040
     ccaacatgtt accattataa ttttaaagac ctgtttactg tacttacttt aacacagtaa     14100
     atcacgttca tctttcaaca aaagattaca aggcatatta aaagatagaa aacacagttt     14160
     caagacacca aacaaatatc ataaccagag tcagacatgg cagaaatgtt ggaattatca     14220
     aaccgagaat tttctgaaac tatcattaat atgcaagggc tttagtagga aaaataaaga     14280
     gaacatgcaa taatgacagc tattgtaaat ggagaaatgg aaattctaag aaagaattta     14340
     aaagaaatgc tagagataaa aacattgtaa cagaaatgaa gaaggccttt ggtggactca     14400
     ttagcagact agacacagct gaggaaagta tctctgagcc tgaggatatg acaatagaaa     14460
     cttttaaaac tgaaaagcaa agaggagaaa gatagaaaga aaaacactca aggactatgg     14520
     aacaactaca caatggcaaa tacccctatt gggaaaacta gaaaaagaaa gagaaaaaag     14580
     aaaagaagca atatttgaag caacaggaag aattttctca atttaatacc aggcacagaa     14640
     ccacagatgt aagaacctat tctgtttaat aaatatttca tactgccttt tgcaaataca     14700
     tgccttcatg catatgttaa aaaccatgca tgtgcaatac caagaatgaa cctcaatgtg     14760
     aactacggac tttgggtgat aaccctgtga caatgtagtt tcattcactg taacagatat     14820
     gccactctgg tggaggatcc gtagtgagag aggttgtaca tgtgtatggg gatatggata     14880
     tatggaaatt ctctgtattc cccactcaat tttgctgtga aataaaaaat aaagattact     14940
     aattaaaaaa aaaactcact ttttaccaca atgtcctttt taagatcaac aaaaaagtaa     15000
     tttgtaagta ctttgtttag taaagaatag cattgagtaa tatcagtaag atgatcccta     15060
     atctgcaaaa tgtcaataca aaaaaaaata aaaaataaag gcagacaata gtaaatacta     15120
     agcagatcct gaaagcaagg tatttcaagt ggcccaaaca tggtaaagaa atcggtgcaa     15180
     taatatatag tagtggaact atagaaatat aaatgaatta tgtgataaat ctcctggaaa     15240
     actgtttata cttaaaaaaa attactcaac atttgtggct tcataggtaa aataaaaaaa     15300
     aataaactaa atgatctgca actacctctc aggccctaaa gctataaaat cttaagcaag     15360
     tcttcctaaa aacctactaa gttcccaagg atatgagata taatagaaat ataaaagtgt     15420
     aagataaata cgggaagata gttcacagaa tataattttt aaaggaaata agatatgtga     15480
     agcttaggtt gaaagaaaaa ggatgaaaga gagaaaggct tagaaaaaag atgaaataat     15540
     gcccttagac aatgataaat ggaaaggtag atagagacaa ggcatataga gaaaagggaa     15600
     ataagaaaaa ttagagaaca gttctgctaa aggtcaattt aaccttcaca tcaaagttta     15660
     actcaatttc ctggatacat tttgaggtca gtaatgtctt attaacttag ttttctctgc     15720
     tgcagctaga atctaaatgt gattcttatg agtacagagc atggaaggtg tgtaactggc     15780
     tcacaggtct ttgaaggttt aaggtcacac tcagccagtg attgccacag caatctcatc     15840
     agactcgggg gacaagcgta tacctaaata aagtctagtg tgtttggtac attaaaatcc     15900
     ttgataggcc atgaggaagc ctctcattca taacaattcc ccctgcattc ccagctcatc     15960
     aggacaggat acttcaggga cagcaactgt ggcttatgag aaggcattct agcctaaaaa     16020
     tttcaagttc aagtcacaac ttaactgctt attagcatgt gactttatct gagttgcatg     16080
     gcttccaaga gcctaagttt ccacacctat gaaaagcagt tatatctcat acgattttgt     16140
     aagtatttag aaaagatgat aactatgcaa gtactttact gttcaattta agtatacttc     16200
     attgatcatc tcagttgagc tagcagctat gaccattcca ctcaatatta aatgtatcct     16260
     gcccaggaaa gataaggatt gacattaact caatgttttg tttgtatcac ccacatgtaa     16320
     cacattccac atggattaac acatttcatt ctcacaacaa ttcaatgatc cgaattctat     16380
     tgctacctcc agtttactaa agaggataaa taaggagttc acaaatgagg agctgaggca     16440
     cagatggttt atacaatagc atgtccaagg ccacactacc ggtaggaatt tatgccatca     16500
     gaatttcact gaagcagtcc aacttcatag gtttttttcc atgtctgcaa ttctattcat     16560
     tatctctata tactgcaaga aaactattgc attttttctt tcaaaatatt gttcagtcat     16620
     tcaagttcca tacttttaaa acatggagat ttatgctaaa aacatgttca aaagataaaa     16680
     atctgtcccc ttttgtttta aatcagctta atgtatcaaa tgatttatgt aaatgaaatg     16740
     gagctcctaa aaatgaggtt aatatctggg tcatctgtcc cagaatgtat gcatagtatg     16800
     aagattatac aattggagtc atttcttaga agtcttattt tcatggaaaa tcactcttta     16860
     ataatgaatt gatttaggca gccacattca tgattttgtc agaaatttgt aaattcactg     16920
     atgtctgaaa tcatacattc taaccttatt tcttcagctg caatctacat tccttaagtg     16980
     caaataagtt ctaagaagta cagcatgtgt aagttgaata gtcatgcatg cctacagaat     17040
     ttcttcagca actctgctca tagcaggttt tgaaggtgtg ataagctgag taatttgggg     17100
     cgttaggctg tgcgggagat gaacacatat cattaatgtg atatacagcc tgtgagcgta     17160
     gagactggtg acagcaacaa tgcacatttc ctgctttcca gttttgctgg ctgcctgcct     17220
     tgccctcatt gctttgttat ccacgccagg agatgataag tccaatggaa attgaagtgt     17280
     tttagaaaca ttctaaaata aacctcaaac acttgtttag agaatctaag tgatttaagt     17340
     gagatgtgac aatggatgaa aaactgactg ttaaaagtgg tatcattccc ctatcagagc     17400
     cattgaaaga gattactttc atcttaggaa gctgcattct caaatttgag tccctggatc     17460
     agggtggtta aatcctagtt taccagttca gttccaaatg caagaagatg acatgataca     17520
     gatataactc aattaagttt caagatgaac cccttcagtt gtatttatta ttatacattg     17580
     attcaatatt atatattata tatattcagt atatatatat aaagctcctg tattatatag     17640
     tcatatatat aaaatatata ttcggtagcc atatatatta cttgtatatg aatataatca     17700
     tatataataa tacagtcata tatattacat ataactataa tatgttcaga tttgacaagt     17760
     tatcaaaagt tccaaatcta tttacactgt gaccaaaaga agcctcaaat tgtgggacaa     17820
     aagatgaaat aaaggaaatg gaaaaaacaa ttatttcaat ccacctaaga aaatttaatc     17880
     cttttcatat gtacacacat atagatacat attagcaaag aattaaattt ttgttctatt     17940
     ttcttaggtt ggctgaaaaa attattcttt tcatttcctc tgtatttcct cacttaaccc     18000
     acaattttgg gctacttttt gatcacaggg caaatctatt cggtactttt gataatttgt     18060
     caaatctgaa catattattt atactgtatt tcttctgtgc taactcaacc aggcactcag     18120
     gaaaactatc tcaaaattgt ctatcctgaa aagctgtaca aactgcagca aatgctgtca     18180
     attttataac tagtgaaaag tgaaatgagc gctgataaga gggtggcaag atataaaatg     18240
     atggaaaaac ctcactgctg tgtcatttct tccataatag catcaactct agttatgtgc     18300
     aatgtaatta tattcactat aaattgttga cgttcatatc ttctttctct ctccagggca     18360
     agccttgtct gagagccagt tgttgaattt gttttccatg gctttgtaac cctactgagt     18420
     aatggtcaaa tacagagtcg cagctctgtg agaggggccg gtgcctgtgg acttctatgg     18480
     tgacccataa atggtcttag cagcagccaa tgcctacaca taatgaaggt aaatttggac     18540
     aatgtaactg acacgatttt ataaaattgg tctaaaaaga gcctctgcct gtaacaccaa     18600
     gaaatagttt ttggtctaaa agaaataaaa ttagatactg acatagccat tcaggtgaca     18660
     gatgacgatt tgatttccta ctgtaagtca agcagtgtgc caagcactag caacaaataa     18720
     gaaaaaagtt acctgacctt agacagtttt agtttcatag aaggaaacag atattaaata     18780
     caaaacatga aaatgtatac cttggtattc tcactatttt atttattttt gtttcttata     18840
     tgcactgtac ttttcaagag attctttgta taacacaatt ctgctctttt tgcctaaata     18900
     acaacagccc tttgattctt ctaagtgttt tgattaagta tttagagtga aaagcaaagt     18960
     atattttaaa aattattgaa aaaaattatg cactctttct aaatcgccat ttttttcttg     19020
     gaccattcat tttattgaca taaactcatt caattttaaa aataaaagct tcgaagataa     19080
     tctacataca ttcaaacaca catgatctaa acataaaagt tcaattgata ttgacaaata     19140
     tatgccacca caatcaagat atagaacatt tgtgtcatcc tgaaatgttc tttcatgttt     19200
     ctctgtagta agtccctcac attgccagtt tcaggtaacc actggtctat attttgccac     19260
     tacagattaa ttttgccttt cttagaatta catataaatg gaatcatcca gggagtactc     19320
     tgttgcaatt ggcatttttc actcagcata atatttttca gattcatctg tgttagtgaa     19380
     tcagtagttc attcctgatt atttttgggc agtaaatcaa gttttgatat aacacaatct     19440
     gtttatcttt ttatctattg atgcacattt gggaggtttc caatttctgg atatttttca     19500
     agaaagctgt cttaaacatt ttgtacaagt atttgtattg acatattttt gaattttttt     19560
     gggcaaataa ctaggaatag aattagtggg ttacatgtta cgtgtatgtt tataagaaat     19620
     ttccaggcta ttttctaaag tgattgtggt cttttatatt cccacagaca actaattaaa     19680
     atgtcaatac taggtatttt cagtctttta atcttaaaca ttatagtgag tgtttagaag     19740
     tatctcgttg tttcaatagt agtatttcat tgtggtttta atttgcattt tactaatgat     19800
     gaattattga atacattttc agttgcttat tggacatcca tttatcttgt attgggaagt     19860
     atgtcttcaa atattttacc tatttttaat tgaatttgtt gtcattttat tactgacaac     19920
     atcaaatata tgtatgtatt taaaaaatgt atatttgatt acccaatggt cacaaaactc     19980
     gttaactggc aattaagtga aggacccttt atactcagtt gactacacaa ttttgttagc     20040
     tttttctata atgatcctca tgggttcctc tcaagttcca ttattcagca tgtgatgacc     20100
     ttacctttcc tcttgctaaa gccatgtctc tatcagcatc atgatcctgt gtttaccagg     20160
     aaagctgtac ctggtctgag atcttacact actttccagc tatctattta tgtcacagtt     20220
     tcgtgaatgc tggcagtaaa aatgagactc tagagtcaga gtcaaagaaa tttattactc     20280
     acagcaatag cagtaaccag agcatcagat ttttcttgtg ctggttccct aaactccaat     20340
     actcacagaa aaacatgaag aggactagat gatagctata caggcagtag gctgtattac     20400
     aggcaaggga aactgatact atgtaattga atattttata atgtaagtta gcatgcctac     20460
     ctttgctcca gaggaagata ttacctttat taaaactgga aaataagtaa actagctttc     20520
     tgcttcagag ggagacacta ttttttaagg ctgattgctg cacaaacatt tctgtgaaga     20580
     tagtcacaaa aaaggcagtc agtgcttctg tgtgtaaaac attcaaatat gtgagagatc     20640
     cagagagaat tatctctcat cataaaattg catgaatact aattagcaaa atttcagatc     20700
     agaatgagaa ataattagta tatctattaa gcattatacc taaaatcaca ggatgataat     20760
     aataacattc attcaaaaag atctattagt cagctagcat gtgctgagca ttgttataaa     20820
     tgtttcaggt tgcaactgat atttgaaaaa aattgttttt cagtattgtc tttagattta     20880
     gacaagagga ttgggtttct tagaagtctc cacttattac aaagaaataa aaataaatat     20940
     attaaaaaac aaatgtttaa cttttttttt taactcggaa tctggagctt atatctggta     21000
     cagaaaacac ttaagactct aaacagctgc tctcatcagt aacaatgagt aggcctcagt     21060
     gaaataattc ttcctagctc tatccctgta ttgtcaaata aaagggtgtg atatggtttg     21120
     gctgtgtcca cacgaatatc atcttcagtt gtagctccca taattcccac atgtcatggg     21180
     agggatctgg tggggggtaa ttgaatcatg ggggcatgtc tttaccatgc tgttttcatg     21240
     atagtgaata agtctcacaa gatctgatgg ttttataaag gggagttccc ctgcacatgc     21300
     tctcttacct gctgctatgt aagacatgac tttgtgcctc cttcaccttc caccacgatt     21360
     gtgaggcctc cccagccatg tggaactgtg agtcaattaa acctttttgc tttataaatt     21420
     accaagtctc aggtatgtct ttattagcag tgtgagaaca gactaataca gggtgactct     21480
     cccaaaacct atgaagttat ttgaattatg ttactcttaa ttcagatgat gcacactgtt     21540
     tcagagtgta ggaaggattg agtgaaagaa cttatatcat aaaaagacaa attaatgcac     21600
     ttatataact ttaaaatcat cttccagtag tggtaaatat cttttattct tcctttccct     21660
     ctccccacct cctccttctc tttgtgtttt attcatgatt ccagagggta ataacaagtg     21720
     aacttgacat ttacaatttc acatgatgcc gagaaacagt cataacaata agtcatgatc     21780
     ttaaatgtgt attcatagtt ttttctagac aaaatattgg tgaaacatta tgccaaatct     21840
     ctttacactg tcagccagag agatattgat ccagtattgt taataatttt attttttaaa     21900
     tattcaataa gatttcttta aactttcaaa aataggtaaa aatttagttt atgtagtttc     21960
     cttgaaagtt ggaactacta taattatatt ttgattttaa ttctaacata atcttttaaa     22020
     tttttggagt aaaatcactt tgagaacatc taaacatttg taatattttg atctcaacat     22080
     tctaatttgc ttctttttaa ataattaaat atttgtcttc tttgaataga tttatatttt     22140
     tatatttttg catcatcact ttccattgat tataaagtat ttgatcttta atgtacccaa     22200
     tttctgacat aaaataaaag caagaaaaaa taatatgcac agaataaaag catacgattt     22260
     tatgaattta ttatgttttt attttattat ccattcaaac atcaccagca aaacagcaaa     22320
     acactcatat gtgcacaaaa tttttaaaat tcagccttat tttacatttt taactttaaa     22380
     gctatttaaa atagcattta gctattaaag ctacttaaaa aagctttaca catttatatg     22440
     taaatgttca aggaaagagg atagaagata tgtcatttaa cagcctttgt tagctttgtt     22500
     tataaatgtt aaatctttag atatgtctcc gtgcctccat ttttactcct gccattaact     22560
     ctgcaaaacg tagggctggg cctgcagatt gtagtgcttc ctctcttcta agaaggacag     22620
     catattactt gcagatagga atataactga gaagtttcta tttcaaagcc tttgctagtt     22680
     ttgtaatgct catggaagaa ccctagtttg atagcgttct attaagaaga gagcatcaca     22740
     aacattggct atgcaaagta aatcaagggt tccaatatat gccactgagc tacaccattt     22800
     tgaataacag agaaaaaatt tcaggaggga agtttatggg atgcagggat ggtagtaact     22860
     ccagtaaacc cttctctatg tagagatgca acatttaagt aatgttacaa ggaaaaagag     22920
     aaaaataaat catgatctta aagcccaaat tgcaagccca gtcaatgtca tgtcaggcat     22980
     cccttttgtg ggggaagagt tgatgaaaat atatgtggaa tgtctagctg ccttcaggaa     23040
     ttattgctat cactctcact ctaatctcta agggttggta gattggaaat gaaactgctg     23100
     cttctaaatg ccgaaggtga aatctaacct gaagggttac ttggtagagt ggcaaccaaa     23160
     tgtctgtctt gtgggagtga tgcctatgcc tctctgcttt ctatgtcttt aaattcacta     23220
     aggcagacac agatcagaat ttaggcttca aaatatgtcc tatatcacta tctacaaaat     23280
     agtcgatttc cccaagggca atatgagctc acaccaaaat actagacacc acaaaatata     23340
     atgcctgaag aaaaaactgt acaatgaagt ccatctgaag ttgaaatact gtaactaaca     23400
     gatgataact taaaacaaca aaaaaatcaa tgcatttaag ttaaaaaaga agattttatc     23460
     acaataaaat aagattggga aatagaaaaa aatctaagta gaactgtcgt gtttaaatta     23520
     tacagcattg gaaattatct ttctgtatta atggataaag atatagataa ataaaaattt     23580
     tcaggattaa tacactgaaa aaaagtgagt aactgaaaaa tcagattgaa gcacgtttcc     23640
     accaaaaagt agcagaaaat gatgaaatga tattaaatat aggataaaaa tactgaggag     23700
     ggttatacat attcccaaat agggaaaatg gtttttaaaa aggagacaca acatttgaca     23760
     tattaatgaa tacacacttt caagaattaa agaaagataa cagttttcaa attaaaagta     23820
     gtcagaatat agaaaacatg ataaaattta tgtcaaagaa aaacaaagaa ataggaaatc     23880
     acttttaaaa gaacaaaaat cagatttacg gcaaacttcc taacagcatc tccagatata     23940
     gtaaaatgat gaattaatat ttataaataa ttgaaggaaa gaactttgag tagtgaatgt     24000
     aggatcaagg aaatgtttca tctatgtata atagcccaac aaaaatatta tgactcatta     24060
     gccttaaaag attttccagg caaaacttga ttcaaaacat tgtaacaata aataaaacaa     24120
     atcttctaca gacatgaaaa gcaagaatga tcaaatagct tattaaagct tactgccaac     24180
     taaaaataac aactaaatta gctagaacaa aaatacagaa agagaaatta taaccacaat     24240
     aaccaaaatg atatagacta tgtatacata aaagaagaca gactaaagca acatgaaaga     24300
     aggctaacat attttctact ttttttctat ttttgtttta gtattcaaat attttgtctt     24360
     gttttatatt tcccttcctg aaaagtatta aagacagcat tggcttatta tgtattcaat     24420
     acacaacgat ttttattttt ttctactggg ggtattccac tggagagaaa aaaaaagaaa     24480
     cttctactct tccatagaaa agccaacagg caaaatttta ggagtatttt ctctgagcta     24540
     ttctcccttt tcctacaact attcttaaac tgcctgtcat tttcaccagc acttggacaa     24600
     atggccatgt gcccatgaat ctgtttagta ctatggaggc agagcctgaa tctggcttga     24660
     gaaaaacttc taccaaatgt tcctctagcc acttaacatt tgcttgattt aggtacaaat     24720
     ttttaattcc ttggcactaa atacattcat ctgtaaaaca gcagtaaaga taactttctt     24780
     gtgtgctttc cagagtttta taataatatt tgtgattgtc atttactttg caaactaaaa     24840
     aaaagtccaa aataggatgc tttaataata ttgtcagttt caattgcaca acatgcatta     24900
     aagacaatca cttcatatat taaatatatc tttctaggtg attaagcact atttatatgt     24960
     ttatttattt attttacccc aaaaatgtca ttcctggaga tacccagtct gctaaagaac     25020
     ctgatggcag ttctagattc cttaagaaat atttactatt taaatttaga tctagccttt     25080
     aagcgaccaa ggagaaactg tgaactctca cggtaagttt gaaaataaaa aaatagaggg     25140
     gtatatgcaa ataggaaata aagaaaatgg aagggaaaga aaaggaaaaa aagggaaaga     25200
     aaaataaata attattacta ttattaccaa aatccagaaa aagtctcaat tgccccacaa     25260
     aatactctag tctcagaaga gcaatagttt ttgagtgctt catctggcaa ctatttgccc     25320
     aggtgattat ttttatgttc ttaaaaacct gtaattcctt ctgagtggta tctcataaac     25380
     acacccacat aaataattaa ttgggtgttt taccattgtt atttcacatt ttctattagc     25440
     atttattgat tgtataaaat gtccattttg ttttcctttg ttacatggac atttctactc     25500
     tctatttagt ccatttacat cctaatattt attcattctc agcagaccca gctttgaata     25560
     aatgctgcca caactgccaa acatttttac ctgcaaaatc atacagcaga aactatctga     25620
     gatatagata caaaaaatta gacgtttatc ttattttcac aagctaacta gtaattcagt     25680
     ggaatagaca atttataaga agaagaactg aatacatata aaggggtaaa gttatgaaag     25740
     ttaaaatgaa agagttgcat tagaaatgcg gattgagaga aaactttagg aagccataat     25800
     acttaagaaa caatctactt aatgaaaagc tctttctaac ttttacaaca tgggtagaaa     25860
     gatgtatgta gtgggtctgt agatgacaaa acttcaggaa tatgggggag aaagagcttg     25920
     attatttggc ttagttggtg ataaaggcag taaaatcccc ttcagtatta aaaggtatag     25980
     tcattccatg gcatgtagtc acaaaataga aaaataaatt attgctaatg ggtacctagc     26040
     agtgggacac tttactgaag tgtctattaa agatgagact ctgggaaaca catgtctgtt     26100
     gccatagaga ataaagtgtg ctagtaattc aaagaccatg ggtcagagtg gccatttata     26160
     aaagataaca cagccttgaa aatattgtgt gataaatcct tgagataatc tctatctgtg     26220
     ctaaatagac ctctatctgt cacagccata gggctgatta accaaaaccc aaatgcacag     26280
     tttgttccca ctgattgggt ggatagcatt gattgcactc acagtcttgc cagatgctta     26340
     ctttaacagt taggacatgc tcagggaaaa agtgagaagg aatgagatcc ttagaatcat     26400
     gtatttgaga atttcagaag atgtgataca accatacact tcaactcatc ctcttatccc     26460
     ttacaagtaa ccgtttatta cctagttgat taggcggtat ctccctttcc agaaaatttt     26520
     tcaaaatcta tgcttgggta tccacccaag agaccttaat ttaattgatt tggagtgtga     26580
     cttgggcatt aataattttt acaagcctca caagtaacta tagtgtgcct caatggttga     26640
     gattcatgga ctcagagggt ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttgtttttcc taatgagcga     26700
     actggaatag ctgggagcag ttttaattgc tttcttccct gcttggttgg ttgactgaaa     26760
     cccaattcac ctatggtgct gagcaaatta agttgagacg ccaaacattc tttaatatta     26820
     gcaaaggaaa gaatacaaag agtatggagg atgggaatgc tggagtgatt ttaacatatg     26880
     tgacatgtac attcttttct gaaatttata agtttttgca agtcattgca tttcttcttt     26940
     ataaaatgag ttaataaagt tacttttctc ctgggtctat tgtgagaatt aaatagtata     27000
     tattgtatat gtctatataa ataatatatg tggattacat atgtataaat atattgtaaa     27060
     ttataatatt tctaactatt agcaatagtc atgctaatgc acataataaa aatgatgaaa     27120
     agccccaaga gaaaaagtgg acaacttttt atcaggacct taagaaatat attggggaag     27180
     gttacgtcaa catcatattg agaaatattt taggccaagg atttcaataa gcatgaaaga     27240
     gaatcctaag gtgttagaag gaaagtaata acacttaact gccagaggta cgattgaaat     27300
     aattaccata ataagcaata gagacagaat ggtaaattca aattacgatt cacattgact     27360
     tttgttttga gctaattggt cttgtagtca attagaataa aatagatgtc ttacaaggtc     27420
     atacttattt ataataaaca acaagaaaag aatcaggtaa gagggttaga tctggctttg     27480
     agccactgtg gcagacaatc atggtttctt actcaattct cagatccagc ataatgactt     27540
     atggctattt atcaatttca cattgcacta tgaaaagaaa ataccttaat gtttcccaga     27600
     tattgacatt aatttctgga gaaccaaaga ccactacttg ctactttcca ctggttaaaa     27660
     taatggagta tggcaattgg atccaacaga ataccaagca tcttgctttg aaatttcctg     27720
     agtattcagc ctaggtatct tcatcaaatg aagggtttga cctactggct ttctgattcc     27780
     ttcaagaaat tctacatgta agtaaagagg taagaggatg attggttgac acaaacagtt     27840
     ttgggaaaga catacttaaa aattaccatt tggcataaat acagagtagg atagtattta     27900
     cctatttgaa tgattactaa aaattcccca ataaagaggg aaaaatggcc ttcctgtgga     27960
     ttcaagttag ccattttttc cacagctagc tcaattttac ccaatgaaat cattaactac     28020
     atgtatatat tgacagaggt ggagatcgtg tgaggtggac ggcatcccct gccttatcca     28080
     aggtgaaact ggttattgtt ttaaagttac ttaatagtcc agcagcagtg accaaagcaa     28140
     agcagctgat agaatatcat attcctctac aaagaagaga tagttgatcg ctttggaccc     28200
     atgccatcat aaagaggctt tttaattcta tcatgttgtt aagtgtagga tattttacat     28260
     atattatgat atcccacaca gcagcactac ttaaaaatag taactctgca gtgaacaaag     28320
     taaggcaata gcttatgccc atggaatgca ctgcttaatt catgttctaa ttcactcaga     28380
     tgatgccaaa tcatgaaaaa agagaaatgt tacatttaag attccttcaa agtttgggat     28440
     gacatcttga agaatgaatt gcatgctctg gacaaactgg tgctgttttt ttcatatccc     28500
     aaatactata ggtacataat ggagcagaaa tgtagctgat acattttatg attttctcca     28560
     gtgatttctt tccaaaatta ttacctcctc ttccagcatc taggggtgct atagagttaa     28620
     atgttttagc aattagaagg gtaatgtttc aaataggaga caataggatt ccttttaatt     28680
     tagaagagaa gattctacct agttcttttg gtactttcat ctcttaaata cgcatgaaaa     28740
     agaaaaacta gaagagggtg ttaccattgt ctcaggagca agtctggcta aaatcaggga     28800
     cagcgtagga ctgtaacact ggccgtaaga agtatgaaga ggagaaaagg gaacgtcttg     28860
     aggtcttcct ttattctacc aatgactagt gcaaaatgtc atggaaataa ttcgccttta     28920
     tacagagacc ctaacaaaaa gatatcagtt atctcagcaa tgaaagtttc agtcactgta     28980
     ttacgtgaaa aacttaggcc acctgggtgt tgcttgaaaa caaagagaat gtagaaaggg     29040
     gtgagaggtt cagcaccata aagcaaggct ataggtttgt aatcaactgc agaaatgagg     29100
     actttttgac actcatagat catcttctct ttagtttcgt gtatatatta catacttgag     29160
     gtaatttctt ttctttaaac agaaatagat aagtatgtca ccaagaaata tggggcatgt     29220
     acctggacat gctattgggt cctttgatga tactttgggt atttttcctt tgggtaaggg     29280
     gagtaagcat atgttgggtt gagtgtggca atatgttatg gacaataaat tttattttta     29340
     tttcagaagt attacaggaa aaggaatata ttagatttgg gggtggaaac agattaaaat     29400
     gaattgaatc ttgtaataga ttttactatg ggttccaaaa tttgtaaact ttctgaattt     29460
     tgcagtgatt ctacacaaaa tgaggactga tgaaacataa aagctatcat ctaatacaac     29520
     agctaggaag tctacttgtt tgttctaacc acacacccac attcacgcac cagcgcaaat     29580
     tccagagagc tacagacaaa tgacagactc aatctgctga tcctactcag gatttttaac     29640
     ctggaacaag caatttaaag aagcagattt gagaactagt ccttctagtg gaaatacaat     29700
     agcagcataa gctgtattca gcaatgggag tcagtgatgt tcaaaatgac attagcatct     29760
     gcagaggcag gggcttccac agaatgtttt ctttaggtga ctttgtctgt gttccctgcc     29820
     atctaaaact tctaaatttg ggccaatttt ttgaacatga gttttatctt cccaattatt     29880
     ctgagatcta ccaaatatca tctaacaaag tatttatatg tctaaattaa cgggagtaaa     29940
     attaagaagt ttgccatgtg atataaatat aaatgtacat agggtgaaat gaatcctgat     30000
     gttggtaaaa ggcatttagc actttgggag gccaaggggt ggatcgcctg aggccaggag     30060
     tttgagaaca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa cctcatctct actaaaaata caaaaattag     30120
     ccaggggtgg tgacacgcac ctgtagtccc agctatttgg aggctgaggt gtgggaattg     30180
     cttgaaccca ggaggtggag gttgcagtga gctaacctca aacctcaaac cagagcaaga     30240
     ctctgtccac ccccctccct caaaaaaaaa aaagcaacat agcaacaaca gtaaaatact     30300
     tcaattgtga ttgaccttgg agatatacac tgggactgct tccttttctt agaagagtga     30360
     gctgaaggtt agaagtgata gaatttactt aaaatgagta actaaaaata acaaattgag     30420
     catttacaat gtagtaagaa gggacccggc tgagtacttc aaatgcatca ttttgtttaa     30480
     tcctaaaaaa tattttgaga aagttattat ttttatataa atttattatt tattttagac     30540
     tgggtatttt atttttctta gcttatctgc tgtaactctt aaaggtgttg ttttagtagc     30600
     tgcattagga tttatgctcc acatttcaaa ctttttaaag tctcccatca agtgatatta     30660
     tagtaattca tgtaaaatat gagaattgta tgtcatataa ggtttggtct tttgactttg     30720
     tgtttttaag ctttgttggg ggaacaatag tatactttat ttctcttctc ttagcctttg     30780
     tgctatggtt gttgtgcact tttatacata tgttataaac cccataatac atttttatta     30840
     ttttaattta aaaaatcaat gatctttcat agggatttaa ataataagaa aaaaaattat     30900
     cactcctata gctaccagct ctggtgctct tcactacttt tgtagataca gactttcatc     30960
     ttgcataatt ttctctctgc ctgtagaatt gcactgaaca tttcttattc ttgggactag     31020
     aattattaaa tttctttctt ttttgtgtct gaaaaagttc ctgcttttgt gtttgaaaga     31080
     tattttcatt gatatagaat tctggattga tgtattttag aaatctcgat cattgttgta     31140
     taccaaagaa ctttttcttg cccaagaaga aatctagttt ttgatctcca ctcatgaaaa     31200
     gtagcatcta aacctttgga acatcctgct gaaaactgtc tttgtttagc tgggagcatt     31260
     gggcaatgcc cattattctg acaatgtaat ttatggtggg agctgtagtt tatgcagtat     31320
     cagtttgatc tctggagggg ctgtgacttg aagtaatcca tgtgagcagt taaccatgtc     31380
     cccatgatca agtttcagta aagtctttag acaccaatga gctggggagc tttcttggtt     31440
     ggcaatactc ttcatgttca ttgtaacaca acattgacag gaaaggtagc attgtatgca     31500
     aattctctgg gagaggacaa ttccatgtgt ggaactttcc tggactcttc cccatgcatc     31560
     tcttctttta ttttcatctt tttgttgttg ttgttgttgc tgttgctgta ataaaccatg     31620
     actatgttaa gtacaagagc tctctgtgag ttttgagtcc actatgtaaa ttatcaaaat     31680
     tgagggtcat cttggggact cccacacttg aaattggtgt caaaagtgag gacagccagt     31740
     gatttgaaat attttcaaat tttacaactg tcttctggtt gcattgttac atgaagattt     31800
     gttgctattt ttatcttttt ttctctgtat gtcatgtttt ttacctttgt ttgcttttac     31860
     gctttcctct ctttttactg gttgtaagca atgtggtcat gtatatttct tctatgttcc     31920
     ttgtgtttgt gcttaataac tttttgatat gtgtgtttat agtttcaaca aatttgggtt     31980
     atttttagac tttttttttt tttaaaaaag gttttttgtt ccccccttgt ttagggactc     32040
     taattaaata tatcaggcca cttggcattg tccaaataac ttatgttttg ttcttttttt     32100
     aaagtagttt tctttccgtg tttaattttg ggttgttttt attgttactt ctttaaattc     32160
     actactcttt tcttatgtaa tatctaatct actgttaatc tcatcctgtg tatttttcat     32220
     ctcatacttt gcacttctag agattacttt ggtttatttc acatgttcca tgtcactact     32280
     taacatcatc aattcttttc ttctagcttc ttgaacatat ataacatagt tttataattt     32340
     ttttaatgcc cttattaact aattcatcat ttattttatt tctggaccca ttttgagttg     32400
     tcactttgta tctttattgc atggctagta acttttttac tttatgccag actttgcaat     32460
     ctatcttgtt gggtgctaag tattttgcat tgttatacat atacttgagt gttttttttt     32520
     gttttatata ttatttattt atttatttgt tttttgagac agggtctcac tctgtcaccc     32580
     aggcagaagt gcaatggcat gatcttgact cactgcagcc ttaacctcct gggctcaagc     32640
     gatcatctca cctcagcctg ctgagtacct gggattacag gcacacgcca ccatacccag     32700
     ctaatttttg ttttttgttt tttgtagaga agtggttttg ctatgttacc caggatggtt     32760
     ttgaactcct gagcttaagc aatcctccca cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct ggaattacag     32820
     gcgtgagcca ctacacccag ccatacttga gtttttttgg tctggaatac agctatgtga     32880
     tttaaactca atttgattat ttcacttctt ggttattttt ttgagatgga gtttcactct     32940
     tattgcccag gctggagtgc aatggtgcaa tctcagctca ccgcaacgtc cacctcccgg     33000
     gttcaagcga ttctgctgcc tcggcctcca gagcagctgg gactacaggc atgcgccacc     33060
     acgcctggct aatttctatt tttagtaaag atggggtttc tccatgtttg tcaggctggt     33120
     cttgacctcc cgacctcagc tgatccatcc gcctgggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca     33180
     ggcttgagcc actgagccca gtctcacttc tcggttttaa gctttgttgg gtggggcaag     33240
     agtagcgttt agtggaggat aattttatct cactattgag gaaaaaaatt ttggatgccc     33300
     cataaattgt gagaatttcc actgtggtgg gtggtaacaa gaactagtct atgtccttta     33360
     caggaaggga gcgtactcct gttcaggaag agcactgctg atcagtattt ttctgaagac     33420
     tcatacaaaa ctctgtgcag aattccagca ctgtctctct gtgcagctct cttttcttcg     33480
     tgttctactc tgtgaatcct agcagcctta acctctcaaa cactaagctt tatcttctca     33540
     attcaatggg gctactcaaa gactcctctc cctgtgccaa agacaagaaa ttctctcaag     33600
     ggtgaaagct tgaataatca tagtgctcat tttattttat ttctatctct cagggactac     33660
     tgccttttgc tgtttaagac ttttgttgcc taagagtact gccttttcat atccattgca     33720
     tggaataatt gatttaatac attttgtata tttttagtta tttcaagtgt gaaatatagc     33780
     cagtcccatt ttttaatgtt taacaaaagt gatagtctat aattttaaat atattttaaa     33840
     aacaattttg tacatacttt agtaatgatg caccaacagg ttaaagagtt tacacaagat     33900
     tatagggcta aaaagaagtt ataaggggtt caaacccagg gtatctgact tacatttaaa     33960
     acttgacgtt ttattttcaa agagtgcagt aagttttaga gagtattaaa atgaagatta     34020
     ctgacatata tcatggtgct catttcacta gattatatca tgtttatcct ctgaaatagc     34080
     attattagtg tttttaatga cactttaaca gaaagatgcc atttgataaa attcacctaa     34140
     tatccataga aggcacaatg ctcattcagc actcaaaaat cattattcca gctactataa     34200
     ttaccatact gtaacagagt tttctctgga aattggtata agttaaataa ctggaccatt     34260
     ctctccagtg cttacctgtt ttcaatctga taaagaaaat caatagccag gttagtaagc     34320
     aaatatttgg caagcaatgc atttctaata atgaaactga taattatact tctttcatag     34380
     agctgtaatt gaatgaattt aattgcctct tccgtttaac tttaatgcta ggtttcaaat     34440
     tgttgtatgg acaggaaagt aacattagaa aaattactct actgttgctt tcttttctat     34500
     acagtggttt gaactcaagc aataaagtta aatgaaaaag gctctatact caattttcaa     34560
     ttatagtaaa ggcagggagc cacaattatc cctttcatta ccatgatgct tttcattgct     34620
     gcctaggaaa cttcctccct gttgtttttt gatgctgctg tgcttctcaa aatgaagagc     34680
     acttgaaaat ggaaggttaa aagtaaggaa ccaaatcaaa gggaaaatgt gaaaatgtaa     34740
     aaattgacat tatcaagatg aaatggtgaa gaaaaatatg tgaattgata aattgacttt     34800
     cagaaactct atgggggatg gagaaacttt gaaagattta accaatcttt atttcaaatt     34860
     ttgtgattat aatttagcta tctaaaattt taaaatcgtc aagcaatatt tgttaatttc     34920
     aattagaata ttttcatcag ttttcaaatg aacatctagt agttttctac attatggtaa     34980
     tttctcaaga aattaatccc aagagccttt aattaggctt tttcttcagt cacttgtttc     35040
     actgtctagt tccatatatt tattctgaat tgttgtccat gctagtaata tgtcatatta     35100
     acttctttat tttgagagtt ttttattcta aacactaaat tgctaagtac ttgtcttagt     35160
     cagttcagat tgctaaaaaa taataattca gaagggctcc atccagtgtc ctcatggacc     35220
     tctcaaagct ccacctccaa acatcattat gttggagatt taggcttcaa aatatgactt     35280
     taatgaggat acattcaggt agcagtaatt aataacatta ctctgctatt taaaaattaa     35340
     catggctaac tgttaatcaa acttttgtct taaaaagtag ccacagagat acaaatttta     35400
     atgataaaaa taatgagtaa gaataatgat gagtcttgac tcttgattgt ccttttcctg     35460
     agaaatctga aattaagtac ctagcccatt agtttattaa actggcctga atacagtgaa     35520
     atgggaagta tgggattaaa acccacacag aacacaaaca cacacatgtg catgcagcca     35580
     tctcatacat acatgtatgc acattcatgc actttgctaa ttattataag taaaaattat     35640
     tcactcagat ctaccagaga tgtgttagta catgatgctt ctacaaaaca accagggttt     35700
     aagaggttat agtgtatccc tacagaaggg tttatgctca actctctgag aattagccga     35760
     gaattatcgg gggaaactgc ccccgataat tcaacgtggg tccttttcta tttttcctaa     35820
     gtgtcggcca gtctgagaaa taaagggaaa gagtacaaaa gagagaaatt ttaaagctgg     35880
     gtgtccgggg gagacatcac acatcagcag gttccgtgat gcccccaagc tgcaaaacca     35940
     gcaagttttt attagtgatt ttcaaaaggg gagggagtgt acaaataggg tgtgggtcac     36000
     agagatcaca tgcttcacaa ggtaataaaa tattacaagg caaatggagg cagggcgaga     36060
     tcacaggacc acaggactgg ggcgaaatta aaattgctaa tgaagtttcg ggcacacatt     36120
     gtcattgata acatcttatc aggagacagg gtttgagagc agacaaccag tctgaccaaa     36180
     atttattagg tgggaatttc ctcatcctaa taggcctggg agcgctacgg gagactgggg     36240
     cttatttcat ccattatctg ggagcgtaaa agacagacgc caccagagcg gccattttag     36300
     agacctcccc ctaggaatgc attctctttc tcagggatgt tccttgctga gaaaaagaat     36360
     tcagcgatat ttctcctatt tgcttttgta agaagagaaa tgtagctctg ttctgccagg     36420
     ctctcaggta gccagaccta acggttatct cccttgttcc ctgaacattg ctgttatcct     36480
     gttctttttt caaggtgccc agatttcata ttgtttaaac gatttgtgca gttaacacaa     36540
     tcatcacagg gtcctgaggc gacatacatc ctcagtttat gaagatgatg agattaagag     36600
     attaaagtaa agagaggcat aggaaatcac aagaatattg attggggaag tgataagtgt     36660
     ccatgaaata ttcacaattt atgttcagag attgcagtaa agacaggtgt aagaaattat     36720
     aaaagtatta atttggggaa ctaataaatg tctatgaaac cttcacaatt tatgttcttc     36780
     tgccatggct tcagctggtc ccttcattca gggtccctga cttcccacaa caataagtaa     36840
     aaattattca ctcagatcta ccagagatgt gttagtacat gatgcttcta caaaacaacc     36900
     agggtttacg aggttatagt gtaaccctac agaagggttt atgctcaact ctctgagaaa     36960
     atactgagta cagatttaaa aaaataaaac tcatagtatg gaaatctttc ttctaaagat     37020
     aatcatacta ttttattgtt gtctgtgaaa atacgtgcat gcacataaag ctttacatgt     37080
     acttgctaag aattattttt accatttaaa gtatgatgga agtagcctca aattatttaa     37140
     gagggttaat tagcacagat tgaaagtgaa gctggaacac agaaactatg ccttttaaac     37200
     tattaagcta ataattaacc cagagaaatt atctatttgg tgacacagtt ttaataatgt     37260
     tatgagacac ataatttaca tatttttttt tgtttctggt ctgttattaa ttattttctg     37320
     ttttaataag aaggtcagag agggtttgtc tgttacattt tagctgaaaa ttaaaatttt     37380
     gctttctttt ttcatataac ttaagcataa cattgtttca tatgagaata atttgcaata     37440
     tcagatccct ggctatcctc aatcatttct acgaaaaatt ccaaattatt aagattaatt     37500
     ataaatgttt aagtattcaa tttaatatgt atagtattta tttcaaaatt aaatgttaat     37560
     atttacctag tatcatttta tttcttatac attttaaatt acttatataa taaaatatgc     37620
     aaataactcc ttactatcaa agctcatata acaacttaaa tatttcaggg aaaaagttgg     37680
     catgaaacac atttctgttt catttaaaaa tagataatat tgggatggca tctcttattc     37740
     ttcttaattt acacattatg gttcttacat cattcaaagt tttatgagta taatttggca     37800
     aattgtttta ataaagacag atataatagt tcccaagcca catgcttttt tgcagtgtta     37860
     ccttccaatt tacccagagc tggatggaat ctatatcttc tctaatttta gcaggccact     37920
     tactgctttg accaaagaat ataatggaaa tttgtgtcag cgctggttat agccattcac     37980
     cagcctggga accaaataga tttatgtgaa actcaagtat tctagttttc taaagaataa     38040
     tcttaaaagt ccatagcatt atggaaaaca aaatataaaa taaatgagga tgatttttag     38100
     gtatatttta tttgtatttt aaagcagtaa ttatttacca tcttttaatt aaactcgttt     38160
     acttaatgat atcaattttt tcctgattta ttaagaaatg atggacaaaa gaacattgta     38220
     tatattgaag gtgtacagtg tgatttaata tacctacaca ttgtgaaata aataccacaa     38280
     tcaagctaag cggtggtgca tggtggctca cacctctaat ctcagcactt tgggaggccg     38340
     agatgtgcag atcacctgag gtgagaagtt agagaccaac ttggccaaca taacaaaaga     38400
     taacaaaacc ccacctctcc aaaaaaaaaa aattagctaa gactggtggc gcacacctgt     38460
     aatttcagct actcgggagg ctgaggcaca agaatcactt gaacccagga ggcagagatt     38520
     gcagtgagcc gagatcatgc cactgctctc cagcttgggt gacagaggga gactctgtct     38580
     cacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaatgaaaaa gaaaaatcaa gctaattaat attcccataa     38640
     tattcccatt gcctacatag ttacctttta aaattttgta tgctttagat atctctctat     38700
     ttctcccacc acaagcattt tctatctata ctttgtactt tctgtatgag cttcatatga     38760
     gatcatgcag tatttgtctt tctgggcctg gcttattaca cgcaacataa tgttctccag     38820
     gttcatccat gttgcaccaa atgacagaat tttcttcttt tctaaggcta aataatgttc     38880
     cactgtgtgt gtttgtctat gtcttacatt tctttagaca ttcatctgtt tatagttatt     38940
     tagattgttt ccatatcttg actagagtga ataatcctgc aatggatatg gggtgaagac     39000
     atctctctga catatttgtt tcatttcctt tgggcaaaca tatccaacag aggattgatg     39060
     gctcatatga cagtcctatt tttaactttt tttttttttt ttgatggagt cgtgcctctg     39120
     ttgtccaggc tgggggacag tggcttgatc taggctcact acaagctccg cctcccaggt     39180
     tcacgccatt ctcctgcctc agcttcccga gtagctggga ccacagccac ctgccaccat     39240
     gcctggctaa tttttttttt tttttgtatt tttagtagag accggtttca ccctgttagc     39300
     caggatggtc tcaatctcct gacctcgtga tctgccctcc tcggcctccc aaagtactgg     39360
     gattacagac atcacacccg gcctattttt aactttttaa ggatcctcca ttgtgttttt     39420
     tttttttttt tcttaatggc tatactaatt tacatttcca ccaacagcat acaagggctc     39480
     cctcttctcc acatttttta catttgtaat atttgacttt ttatattagc cataataaaa     39540
     tatatttcat tgtgattttg attttcattt cctggtgatt agtgacgttg agcacctttt     39600
     catataactt aggccatttg tatttttttc ctgtggaaaa acttctgttc aggtcctttg     39660
     ctcaattttt agttgggtta tttgggtttt ttgctattaa gttgtatgag ttccttgtat     39720
     gttttggata ttaacacctt attagataca tggcttgcaa atattttctt ccatccctat     39780
     gatgaaagga tgttacaatg tatgcaaatc aataaatgtg acataccaca ttagcaaaat     39840
     aaaggataag aatcatataa tcatcccaaa agacgcagaa aatgtacttg acaaaattta     39900
     acatcttttc aagataaaaa ttctcaacaa attaggtatg gaatgaatgt acctcagtat     39960
     gagaaaggtc atgtttggca agcccacagc caatattatt gtcaatagtg agaagctaaa     40020
     agcttttcct ctgagatcag gaacaagaca ggggtgtaca ttctcaccac ttctcttcaa     40080
     cgtagtgctg aaagtcctaa tcaaagcaat taggtaagaa aaataaatat tgaaattaga     40140
     gacgataaag taaactgact ccatttgcag acaacataac attatatata ggaaacccta     40200
     tatagtccct aaaaattgtt aaaactaata aatgaattca gtaaagttgc aggatacaaa     40260
     agcaacatac aaaaaatcag ttgtgtttct atacaataag aagctatcca aaaaattaag     40320
     agaataatca tttacaataa catcaaatat aataaaatat ataggaataa atttaaccaa     40380
     tgaggtgaaa aatatgttca ctgaaaaata tgaaactttg atgaaagaaa ttgaagaagt     40440
     tacaaataaa tggaaagatc tgttgtgttc atgaattcgg agagttaata ttgtcagaat     40500
     gtccatatta cccaaagtaa tatacagatt caatgcaatc cctgttaaaa ttccaattgc     40560
     atttttcaca gaaataaaga aaacagaatc ttaaaatgta tatggaatcc caaaagatcc     40620
     caaatagata aaacaatctt gagaaaggaa aacaaagttg gaggcattac acttcttaat     40680
     ttcaaattat attacaaagc tatagtaata acagcagtat ggttttgaca taaaacatcc     40740
     acacaggcca atgaaacaga ataaaatgaa attaaactct tatcttacac aacacagaaa     40800
     attaaattga acttctatct tacatactga aattaaactc ttatcttaca caacagtgaa     40860
     ataaaactcc tatgcaacac acaaaaatga actcaaaaca gtaagacctg aaactataaa     40920
     attcctataa cacaggagaa aatatctttg acattggtct tggctatgat atgacaccaa     40980
     aagcacaaac aacagaagga aaaataaaca attggggcag catcaaactt aaaatttctg     41040
     catagcaaag gaatactttt aaatgaaaca taaataatga ataaaaccat gacatgttgc     41100
     aaatatggga attataaaac ctatacgcta agcacttgaa caatgcaaaa ttatacaacc     41160
     agtagtcatc aactatacaa tacttaaaat cagttggcat aaataataat ttagaaatac     41220
     cacttaatcc agcaattcca ttactgcgta tatattcaaa ggaatataag tcattctatt     41280
     ataaagacac atgcacacaa acgttcactg cagcactgtt cacaatagca aagacatgaa     41340
     atcaacctaa atgcccatca gtgatagact ggataaagaa agtgtggtat atacacacgg     41400
     tggaatacta tgcagccata aaaaataaca agatcatgtc ctttgcaggg acatggatgg     41460
     agcgggaggt cattcttctt agcaagctaa cacaggaaca gaaagccaaa tactacatgt     41520
     tctcacttgt aagtgggagt taaatgatga caatttatga acacaaagaa gggaacaaca     41580
     gacactggga tctacttgag tggagaggat caagagtggg gggcagaaga ggatcaggaa     41640
     aaataactaa tgggtactag gcttaatatc tgtgtgatga aataatctgt gtaacaaacc     41700
     tccatgacac aggtaaccta tgtaataaac ctgcactttt accctgaact taaaagttaa     41760
     aaaaattaaa ataatatgta tcagaatacc tgctgataaa attttagaaa actattatat     41820
     agctgagagc agaaatgtac caattattaa tagctgaata aaagaaatat tcataaacat     41880
     agaggctgaa accacagtaa gtacatagta gctcatagtt actgtagctt agagaatcag     41940
     gagcagctta actgggaagt tctgtctcag tgtctctctt aaagttgcag ttaaattgaa     42000
     ttgttagctg agataacaaa catgatgaag gctgaagatc tgcttccaag gtggctcact     42060
     gacatggctg gcaggttttt gctggctatt ggtaagaccc tcaacctacc aacagtttag     42120
     tcccatatgg gtcttcctca gggttgagtg tcttcattac ttggtaacag gcccccactg     42180
     tgagcaatca tgaatgagaa gaaggaacag cagcatcaat gccatttata ttctactctt     42240
     gacaatcata caatatcatt tttgccatat tatatttact tagagacaca aagtccagcc     42300
     tacattcaag ctggactttg tgtccacatt ttaaaaggaa ggataccaaa gaatttttgg     42360
     atatacttta aaactaccac aagaggtaac ccaatttgat ttcatcatca cttaaaaaat     42420
     taattgaagc aaagtccttg gcttacagtt tatgcatgtt aaattgaaag aggaacagat     42480
     ttaaaaacaa ttgtagagtt tctatgtgat gtttgcctct ctagatagtt ttaagtagat     42540
     gtactctcat aattcaagca attctcattg taatattaat atgttaacta acatataaga     42600
     ataatactaa gaaagcacac cacatttttt tctactgtgt ttatatataa acaggggctg     42660
     gcactactga ttgtgagttt aggtagttga tttctctata ttttaactaa acacagctta     42720
     ttattatcca aatgaaaagg aagtaatttt taatgtgaca ctaatcttaa tcttaaaagt     42780
     tttgatatgt tatttaacac aacaaactga agcagtctat ttccatatta aaacattatt     42840
     ttattattaa tatttaataa tctttcagta gagtagagaa caagtaaagt cattaaagaa     42900
     tttaaattca gtatttgcca ctcataaact tgtttggaag ataatttatt tgtatcctag     42960
     tttacttacc tgtataagag gataaaaaca tcacctattc tatgaggctg ttgtgaggct     43020
     taaaagtctc agaagagtat aaacatgtag caagtaatca ataaatttaa gctattatag     43080
     ttattaaaaa caataagtat tcttataata agggtttctt aattattttg attttgaaat     43140
     agcgaaataa cctccagttc aggatttttt cttacgatgc aagtatctat ttaaaagaga     43200
     aaaacagaaa aggaaaaaac aatcaaattt cctctgggtt ttcaggcctc tatattgaag     43260
     ttttcagtgt tttatctgat catcagaaat ccacgtaact aaactgcatt gcagagatga     43320
     ttttgtaatt atgaagaaaa tgacaggtaa tgaattgagg aaacaatctc ctatgaattc     43380
     ctagtgatta cctccattgt tttcttaaat cctaagcaga tgaacatccc cataagaact     43440
     attaatgagt attcattaca ctttatgaag gcgttcccat ggtgaactca acaccaatag     43500
     ctttaggttc tcaggtaaga aagaggggcc tctggaggaa acttatactt agcgtttctg     43560
     agctacaatt gttttcctat tttatttata tccacttctt ttctccctcc tgtgagagaa     43620
     ttaaacagca attccactca ctggggcaat tagctcatta ttcactgcat ttcaaatgaa     43680
     atattgacat taaacaggcc cctttaatca ttacattgcc cataactagc atctatattg     43740
     ttcttgaaga aaacaccttg ctctctctgg aatgcctcca ttattacact tatacttttc     43800
     tcagaaagaa gtagcaccac aatttttatt acacatccac tgcaagtctc actttttata     43860
     attgtttctt cccccttcaa ttcagtttcc tgtagatagg actgacagac tagagtaacc     43920
     caacatggta gcttattttt aaccttgata tttttatttg atagagcata aatctatact     43980
     gcttttgcct ccaaggtatg cattatactg tatcctagca tttaaaaaaa aaaacaaact     44040
     tccatgctgc aagaactaac acaagaagag aatatatata tatacccaca tacatatata     44100
     tacatatata tacacacaca tatatataca tatatacaca tgcatatata catatatatt     44160
     actttaagtt ctagggaaca tgtgcacgtg aggaatgtat cacaaaatat cataattttc     44220
     tatactacac actctctaaa gaagtgattt tgatagttat aatgcttggg gcatgataat     44280
     gagtgtggaa gtagttagag agaggcaaag aaattaacac caattgagta tatttccatc     44340
     attgctcagt aacattttct attttgtgtc ttgttccaag tttattataa tatatttttc     44400
     ttattacaat tttgtgcact aggaaatcaa ctaagggatt taaggctgct aaatgtgatg     44460
     ccattaattc taaaaacttt ggtagaatgc tggcattttg catacttttt agcaattaaa     44520
     taattcaaat gttctgggtg gcaatgaaga aaactgaaaa cctagtctta ctatcttatt     44580
     cctaaccact ttttctcatt tttatttgag cagattttta ctctagcttt ttcagaacat     44640
     tttaaatacc cccaaatgaa aattgccatc tttctatatc tcctaatata aataatttag     44700
     caaagtttaa atcacaatct ttccccctct gatgaatcaa ttttgattat tcctaattag     44760
     atcatctttc ttgatgtatt tctttaaaat agcacagaaa ataatttcta ctgtttttta     44820
     cccatggtta atgaaagttt aacctgccca taattaactg ctgtattcta tgccctgctt     44880
     tctaaataat catgctgtgt ttgcttgaaa ttattcactg gagtatttct taaaataatc     44940
     aaagaaaatg tttcaatttt cttttcattt tttttcaaag ctttatttat atctatgaat     45000
     tggacataaa atcattaact tgtaataagt ttaaactttt gctgactttg tagagctgtc     45060
     cctcaagtaa tacgctttca tataaagaat gcatcctatg atcaaggtta catagattat     45120
     ttgtagtaaa tctcaaacaa caacacaaat accctgattc aagatcaagg tacttactat     45180
     taaaaaaaat gctttctatt cagttgtcca acaaaacata catttgaaaa caatagctct     45240
     aaggatctcc tctaaattat gagaaccaca tattatgaaa agtgatgatc agctccattt     45300
     tttcttcctt tttaaagctt tcattgtact actccacgtt agacaaacct agactctaat     45360
     ttttaagttg ttaacagatt ggaattagtt tcaattgtaa ctatgataaa gagtctgtct     45420
     ccatttacat atttaactgc tgatagcttt caagctacac ttctctctct gcccctcttt     45480
     gtttcacata tgggcaagat gataagatag tctggtatct cactcctttg gtgctggagg     45540
     gaagttcaaa tcatgtgagg cctcacctgg aggaggaaac ctcaccacag acctattcct     45600
     taacaatttg caccactttc aggtctcaag ctgtatttca gatcagtttg ggagtctgcc     45660
     tactcttcac agaaagcccc atgatttgaa taataaaact tttaatattc ttgatgcata     45720
     agtggcattt tcatttttaa catctaaatc aaattttaga tgggacttga tcccactctt     45780
     tgtgaggcaa caacaagaca tgtaacaaga aaaatggtca atttatcaca tttctatata     45840
     tgtcctagtg ttagagaaaa tcagtagact ctatcacagg aatcacaaac acaaatttct     45900
     actgaggaca ctgaggttca gtaaatatgt gaggtagaat atggcatacc tgattatcta     45960
     tgaaacaaca tctaggcatc tgtcatcgtc caggtgggag tttaatgtta ggttttctaa     46020
     ttttctctaa gttatgaaaa aaacttaaca tacgttctta agttcaagat ttactatgta     46080
     aagttacatt aatcaagaga gtggcttaag ggtagatata ccaatcaatg aaacagaaaa     46140
     agagtctact aaataaatac aaacaatggt caattaaatt ttgacaaaaa tgataaagtc     46200
     atttaataag aaaaagatgt ttcaacctat ggtgctgaaa taacttgata tctttgtaaa     46260
     aaaaaaaact atgaatttag acctttactt acaatgtatg caaattaagt tacaatggat     46320
     cacagaacta aatataagag gtaaaactat agactattga tgaaatcaaa attgagttaa     46380
     agatttctta aataagatac aaagtggaaa caataaaata aaaattaata aaatagtcat     46440
     agtcaacatt tttaaaaaca aatttttgtt tctcaaaaat tatttttaag aaaacataaa     46500
     ggtaaaagat aaaatttttg aaaatgtgaa acataaatct gacaactgac ttgtattgac     46560
     aaataaatga acacttctta tatctcaata aaataagata aaacaataaa tacatttgca     46620
     aatgtaaagg aaaaagtttt ttctagatac tccaaatgac aagccgtatt aatggccaat     46680
     gcaaaaaaga tgttgagtgc cattagacat aattaatcaa cattattaaa atcataatga     46740
     aatactacaa tatacccgtt aggttgacta aaattacaaa gactgacaat aacaagtgtt     46800
     gacaatttgt gaagaactga aactctcaac cattgctggt agaaatgtaa agtaatatat     46860
     ccacttaaaa ataaaaaaag aatgaagtta tatccttctg cagcaacaaa gatgcagctg     46920
     gaggctatta ttctaaatga attaacagag taacagaaag ccaaatactg catgttctca     46980
     cttataagtg ggagctaaac attgagtaca catggaaata aacatgggaa caatagatac     47040
     tgggaactac tagttcccag taggaggcta ttccaatcct tctagtgatt catcctttat     47100
     gacaccgaag cacgtttatt ttagtgttta ttatgtatgt ctaaatttta tttgatattt     47160
     cactgtaata tgataattta gttaaactaa ttactctaat gcgcaaagtg gtttgattgg     47220
     attgaaatga tttgtgactg tatgttgtca atacacatgc ctataaaata cataaattta     47280
     ctcaacacat gtgaacacat gtgtgcatgc ctgcatgcac acacacacac atcaatgaat     47340
     gcaaattgag attaagtgat tggaatataa gaaatattca gcctagaaag tattcatata     47400
     taacttgtgt aatattctga aaaataaaag aagctcaatt tcatttagat ttaacaggga     47460
     agtgggaaat actgaataat agattgctaa aaaagtttaa taatggacaa tatctagaaa     47520
     taaaattatt tgaatttatt cctttttcct tttgtattat ttattaacca agtacactaa     47580
     taccctactt taatcaatct atgatactta gtgacacata gcacatggct gcagtacgct     47640
     aagttctttt atgtaataac acaattataa aatattttgt ttttgtaatg tttttggcat     47700
     aatttagata tgttttcttt acaaagaaaa aatacacgtt acaaaattat attgagtaaa     47760
     taaaagattt actttacttt taagagttgc ttagtattta atcatatttt gtcatgacta     47820
     aaaaaattac agaaaactgc ttacctaaat caaaacgaga atggcaatgt aagccatggt     47880
     cagtaacaac tttggtgttg atactgaaca gatatctgtg tgtttcaatt aaaagaaaaa     47940
     ttattattca attagtgata agaacagggc atatgagctc tctgtatact gaggaatcta     48000
     ttcctgttat tctgcaaaga aacttaactg aagaaagcag tgacaaacca ttcacaggtg     48060
     gacccctgaa tatgaaaact tctcctttca gctcaattct acagtcaatg tccatcatca     48120
     gttgttaata ccggaatccc tttttatctc cataacaaca ataaaaagag aacctttctg     48180
     tgggattccc tgttgcatgc acaggtgctc atgtggccag gtgtgcacaa caggaaggag     48240
     ttaagatgaa gccatcagaa cgataacaat catgccttga tgagtttttg ttattttaag     48300
     acacacctgc tccaagtcag caggatttct gaggaaaata agaaatgcgt tggatgtatc     48360
     ccaaggcaca taaaagattg aattcaattc tgtctagctg atgtttagaa atttacagca     48420
     gtgctgactg ggctaaatgc ctttcttgca aaattccaga agacacagtg ttttatttgt     48480
     aagagaaaat tacatagaag atcctttgtt aaaagtgcac aacctcctcc ctgccatcac     48540
     ccatctttcc tcccacttga tttgaggtgt tggacatttc caaagtagaa atatgatggg     48600
     aagataaacc gttatttgta atgaaaaact agtgtcagtt cacaatttta ggattgatga     48660
     ttcgtgaagt gctagtgttt taaaacacta gagatttaga aagaaaacag tgcacatata     48720
     tgcacacact cagaaaaaaa tcaagttaag tagtggtaca ataaattatt tttccattgt     48780
     tctttatact ttccattatt tacctaattt ttgctgaaga atattcacta gttttataat     48840
     cagaaaaaaa ggcaataaag gtttattggt atttgttgag gtagtattga aaaatatgga     48900
     aatcagagcc agaatccaat atttagaaaa tttaaaatga cttacagcct attgtaatat     48960
     attttaaaaa tttaatattt gctataatag ctagtatttt agattacaat tttcatggga     49020
     aaactgtgaa aacatagcga tcatatgtca ataaggcaga tgtcaaatag gattttattc     49080
     taaaatcttc agagagctat gtgattatat atatataaaa gtattatata tataactgta     49140
     aaaacaatcg tgacaaaata tctactcttc agattctcac acatgtaaaa gaacatctaa     49200
     aataaaaaca ttaaagaggt gtatgtaatg gtaggaagca atgaggtatg ggatgcaaaa     49260
     gcaaggtcct catcttctag agggtacaaa aaacctatat atatatatat atatatatat     49320
     atatattgct tcctaccatt gcttcctact attgcacaca cctctttaat gtttttagtt     49380
     tagatgttct tttacatgtg tgagaatctg aagagtagat attttgtcat gattgttttt     49440
     acagttatat gtatcactca tgtgatatca ctcgtgatat tatatatgac atatatatgt     49500
     catatcactt gtgatattat atatcactca tgtgatattc caaaccatgt ttaatgctat     49560
     ttgagaaata tatttaatgc aagataaaat aagaaattag gacatcaatt agaagcaaaa     49620
     aaaaaggtta aggaaaatga agtgaaccat agagaggatg tttgaataat aaaatgcatg     49680
     tcttaattcc tatctttttt ttttggtatg agatgaaaac tcacattgac atttctagca     49740
     aagatcacaa agagaaggaa atgcaaccaa ttacatgtta taagatgact gtaaaattaa     49800
     aacagcagca attatgatag caacacaaac aagttgggtt gtggcctaag agaacttcaa     49860
     ctggtctctc ctgccaggac ttaaggataa agcagttttc cctcaggttg atgcacattg     49920
     gatcaactag ttagtgttat caacattatt taaatatgca atcatggcaa gtaaaaaatg     49980
     agggtctgaa gtggtatttc ttgtgttaaa cttgggaaaa tcctaacata tactttagtt     50040
     tcagcagctc ccttggcaaa gatcagggaa tagaggttag aaaccacagg tttttgaggt     50100
     gttcgtggtg atggtggtga ttttaatcat taaaatagaa ataataatgg gacttacata     50160
     ttgggattgt tctgagaatt aattgagata aagttaactc ataatctggc atactaaaca     50220
     gcaaataaat attggttatt gttattacac agtgtatgaa atgacagatt atttttcttg     50280
     taggaaatta accaaaaata ctatttcttt ggaagattct ttcaataagt cttgtctggt     50340
     acaatgttta agaatattgt catgaaatga atgcattaag tacaccaact ctttatgatc     50400
     actacatgaa aataaatagg cttcatccag taagcagcta agttttgtta gggcttaaat     50460
     ctgcttgtga aaattcagaa acctactagc ccatgagcct gaatagaaag ccactaatgt     50520
     cttcaaccca atagagactt gagccaatgc aacacctctt gacaggaact agtgtgaaaa     50580
     tgatttgggt cagctaatca catgtatgaa tgaacactta gtctatcata ttgtattcca     50640
     gaaaacatgg tcatactgcc aaagcctgga aaaaattgaa acgaggacac caaatactta     50700
     tgctataaaa attacataat ttacctgatg tgtatattga tctattattc tttctgatgc     50760
     attcaccaaa tacctacgaa ctataaaagc gatcatgaca aaataactac tcttcagatt     50820
     ttcacacatg taaaagaacg tataaaataa aacattaaag agatgtgtaa tggtagaaag     50880
     caatgaagta taggatgcaa aagcaaggtc ctcaccttct ccagggtacc aaaaaccaaa     50940
     gtgtcgtgac aaagtgctaa aatgttaatg tatttgttaa aaaaaagaaa ttatgcttca     51000
     aaaatgcact gaatgtagtt caaaaacatg acaagtacat aaggggagag cagacaaaga     51060
     tgctcttact tttctattta cttttaatat attgagattc atggctattt ctaattttaa     51120
     ctaaaaaaat ccttgtacta tggacaagag aaaaaatttc aaaaatattc tggatcaaag     51180
     agttctaggt acatatgcac aagtgaacaa acaggaaaaa gcaggactga cattttttat     51240
     atgtgctata ttagcctatc atctgctaat tcacaaagta aatcataatc tggtcagttc     51300
     caacaggaaa tatgacccat aattttcaag ttattaaaag tatcttagaa atatagattc     51360
     acttaaaata ttaaaatata acttgctcta agtatatatt ttttcctaaa aattcactaa     51420
     ttttagaacg gagttcttta aagtattatt ttatcaatag ttcaattctt taaaagttct     51480
     gctatgtatg ttttgtaaca tagttcatat ataaggtaaa catttttaca taaattaata     51540
     tgtattttaa gcaaggaaaa tagtattata ctaatttgga tatgtaatct cataattttg     51600
     ccagcttcgg aggacactcc aaagtgagtg atgagcttgc gtagacatca gtgtcatgga     51660
     gaaggatggt tcacaaattg ggagtgaagg attgggagca atgcactggt tccaggtgac     51720
     ctacataaga acatgatgta cagaggcaaa caaccacatt ttgtagacag ggatacgaga     51780
     ggtttcagct agcacagcat aatagattgc atgagtattt tttttaattc ctaaaataac     51840
     atataaatta agacagaata attaagatgg aatcacggcc caatgctgtg gctcatgcct     51900
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggca ggcagatcac ctgatgtcag gagttcgaga     51960
     ccagattggc caacatggcg aaactccatc tctactcaaa atacaaaaat tagcttggtg     52020
     tggtggcacg tgcctgtagt ctcagctact caggaggctg aaacaggaga attgcttgaa     52080
     cccgggaggt gaaggctgca gtgagccgtg attgtgccat tgctctccag cctgagcaac     52140
     agagcaagat tctgtctcaa aaaaaaagaa agaaaggaaa aaagacagaa tcaaacattt     52200
     gagaggcaga agagtccaac atagtcattg aggggaatgg ttttcaaaca attgttttca     52260
     atagaagtat ttctttggaa gaagtgacgc ctaacatgga aagtgggata agaggtcgta     52320
     ttttaatctg agacactgta gaggggtgaa atgagctcaa cctccttcat taacattccc     52380
     ttccaatggt agctcccact gagttgtgag aaatctctga agtagctcca gagctcagcc     52440
     taaacagtaa cacatatatt atcaattctt ccttctacag ttgagcaaac tggaaactat     52500
     ttctcttaaa tcatgtgcct aaattctcca aattaaatgg agaactggga ctagacatat     52560
     caatctttcc ttagatgaac ttacatcact gtgtgaagaa gatgccatgt cttcactaat     52620
     gattaaatag atttggtaat agtaatatga ttattactat atccataatc tataaatgac     52680
     taaattatct ttatttactt tataattttt ttttagaaat taccaatttt aatttgtgaa     52740
     gttaaatact tatcatcata aaatttcata cagaataaca ctctggtaaa ttattataaa     52800
     gaaaggccaa taatcaatca ttcattcaag taaaaagttg gaaataatga tatcttaaaa     52860
     atcaactggc ctggtgcggt ggctcacacc ggtaatctca acactttggg aggcagagca     52920
     gggtggatca tctgaggtca ggagttcaag accagcctgg ccaagatgat gaaaccccat     52980
     ttcttcaaaa atttaaaaat tagcctggca tggtggtatg tgcctgtaat cccagctcct     53040
     ctggaggcta aggcggaaga atcacttgaa gctgggaggc agaggttgca gtgagccgag     53100
     atcgtgccat tgcactccag tctgggtgac agaggagact ccctctccaa aaaaaaaaaa     53160
     tcatatttac tttcatattt ttaacacaat actatataca tatacagtat aaacatattt     53220
     aatatatagt taacataata ctagttaaaa tgataccaac aaaaatagtt aagaaaataa     53280
     gcagacattc tatctatatt actgaataca ttgtacaaaa ataaaaggta attaaataaa     53340
     aataaaaatc tattttacat ttttgggcaa aacaaacaca ttcgctaatg gaaacaactc     53400
     acaactgaag acataatcag gtcaaatgag atgatttaac aggaagtgaa ggttcttgtc     53460
     gcattgtata gtcaataagg agagttttct ggtgttgatg ccgtgaataa acattaatgc     53520
     acaaaaataa gaatgaattc agatagttca tatgatatgt acaacccatt cattgtcata     53580
     tctaattcta actgctttag atgaatatta gttgttaaaa atagcatttg attattctga     53640
     ggagattaac aaatgaactt acagcacacc tgaaacacat ttgcatcata aatataaatg     53700
     tgctgccaaa aataatcagc tctaaaatat taattccatc ctttatttcc ttttcttaag     53760
     gaaatgaaaa gcccaaacac tgtgaaacac attaaaatat ctaatatttc cagaaattct     53820
     atgatgtgct taacaccatt ctgtagatta tgtatgttca atctcatttt aactaccatt     53880
     ttgtaggtca gggattgaca aaatgctgcc ccagtctaaa ttcagcttgc tatcttcttg     53940
     taaatacagt tttattggac tgccatcttg cccattactt tgtattgtct atgactgctg     54000
     tcatgctatg atggtgaaat tgaatacgta caactaaaca tatgaccagc aaaccttaaa     54060
     atatttatta tctggccctt taccaaaaca gtttgacagc cactggtgta gataatacga     54120
     tttcaatttt caagtaagct taatatcagg atggaagata caaactgtaa attctggagt     54180
     aagagtggaa atccaatttt gactgacgac aggtgattat gtttcttata ttacacaaca     54240
     tagacattca gaaaataaac tatacaagga tatgattttt atgagctgtt catgcataaa     54300
     tatcttggag ttttacttga ctgaaggtta agggaaaagc ttatataatc ttatgcaaag     54360
     tttacagtgt aatagaatct agcctgcagg ctctacagta tatactgttc tgcttttcag     54420
     atgctccaga ccattgtctc tattactctg tactcgtgtg cttttattct cctttcctat     54480
     tagaatagaa agaatgttcc ttttaaaatt cactttactt tggatcccat ttcttctacc     54540
     attccaaggt tcttcttctc tcaattagtc tctttcttca cagacaactt tttgaaaaaa     54600
     attgcctata attactgtgt ctattttttt acctccaata tactccagaa cttgttgcag     54660
     gctggcatct gtctcatcca atccactgaa aaggttgtgt ttaaggttat ggtcaagaat     54720
     atcattgctg cagagatcat taaacacctt tgcatcttta tcttatttga ctctatattt     54780
     tacactatca gatactccac tgacattgaa attgtccatt ctcttgggtg ttgtgaaatc     54840
     acactttcag tgtctctgcc tatttttcag gccactcctg ttattcgtcc ttggtggtat     54900
     ctattcctct attcatatta taaatattac tgttccaaaa cttcagtaac agaatttatc     54960
     tttttattct atgtattctc ttgggtaatt ttattgatta ccatgtcttt aacatgtgtg     55020
     caattaacaa ctatgtagtt tagtccatat ttctcattaa ctctagaatt atatagctaa     55080
     ctacattttc tatgtattca ctaactaccc agctggcatc tcaaaattaa catgtcccag     55140
     gctaatacca ccatggcgtc tgtcaaatgt atcttcttct ccctcgtgtt tgtcctctat     55200
     cacagtaaat aaaattttcc tctccaccca ggcccaagac agacagaaat ctgaataata     55260
     tactcaaggc tgcatgaaat tataatgcca aactattaat taaaatgaga aatatagcca     55320
     tcaaccagat tggcatgacc atggttgttg attgatgctt ttgccctaag tcaaatcaaa     55380
     atggaaaaaa aaatcaaaat tcaaaagttg tttgggagca taaatttata gccaagttta     55440
     tttatttcag aacttcatgt cactgggtga aacaaaacca tagataaata tttgtggaag     55500
     acaaacaact caaatttcaa agaaaaaggt ctattaaatt acatttcaca gaagtgatta     55560
     ctctatagtt gttttatttt acatattcac taataatgat acaggaaatt cggataagta     55620
     aaaagaagtt tcaagagagt atctatatga agacctcata tatattatat aattgcttat     55680
     ctatatagag attgatacca atgtagtaga gattttaata tttctatatg ataaagacat     55740
     ataatagaga taggtagaga taggtgtcta gctatatatc tgagtatatt ttttagaggt     55800
     ataaataacg ttaacggaga agaccactac ctaacagaac taagtaatag cctgcttttt     55860
     acatgctagc cattttgctt gggagcatta acttaagcat tcattttctt gattgtgtcg     55920
     agttatacaa ccacagattg ataaaggtgt ggtaagaatt tgtttaaaaa ataagataca     55980
     tctcctgctc aattgtgcaa cacaagatag acactcacat attgaagctc actattccat     56040
     acattactat ttctatgtga tgggaatatt gatatgacta agatggtaga atccatttac     56100
     actagaactt aattgtttga gtaggagaaa ataaacaaaa tgcacaataa aatttcaggt     56160
     agagataaca tatagtaggg ttggaaagtg tgtctctgag gaagctttgc tgcatagggt     56220
     gagcagtgat gatttctctg tggagttgcc tttgagctga gatctgaatg aaatcaggga     56280
     gaaagccaca agatctgagg gagacgacat ttcagcaatg ggcaacaatg gcaaaggctc     56340
     tcacatagga gggactgcac agcagttgtt gctgcagcat agtgaatgat ggggaaatac     56400
     aggaaagaca attaaagatt tgggcaggaa acaaacctca atgaatattt tcacatttct     56460
     gcatggttgg ggctttctga acaaagagta ctgatatctg agttaaagga catttgaaca     56520
     gcagtcccag aggactccaa agagatatta tctcttgtct ctcctctgtc acatacttac     56580
     ctttcagagc ggtaaggtgc agactttccc tgctcttcac agataagtgc atttacactg     56640
     caaagtatcc cttcctttct ctggagctga ggagaaacaa atgtgtcagc cattctatgt     56700
     acaggtttca gtatcacaat tttgggactc ctctcctgtg gtgcaaaccc catttgcatg     56760
     tacaagtgac attagaccct tgtataattg atgtagaggc aaccagagct aaggtgctct     56820
     gtgagtagat atcaacctgt tctttgattc aggaatctcc ttgtttcctg tcaaatacac     56880
     taacaaatat aaagacataa gagttttaac caaggaacca tatccttttg tacctcccta     56940
     aggtatttga tttttatttc aggtgagaga ttaatggtga ctttgaccaa agtagtagct     57000
     gtggaaattc tgataaaaag taagagtaaa agatatacgt tgagtgtaaa gctgatggaa     57060
     agccacacaa attattaaca ctgttatgcc taaactggac tccctatctc tacacttgcc     57120
     catctagagt taatttgtca tacagtagct ggagaaggtt cttcaaagca atattttaaa     57180
     tcatatcact tttctgctga aaaacattca acatcttctc tttttgcaat aaaatccaaa     57240
     gtctttatct ctaatcatgc cccacaaaat tttacatgaa tctgcttttc cacttcactc     57300
     atcaatgttt ttctgattcc atttcccacc atgttcactt ccagccacaa tggcctcctc     57360
     gctgtttttc tggctgacaa ggtacattcc tgcctcagtg cctttgtagg tttaacttct     57420
     gtctggaaag ttcttaattc agatatccat ataacttact ccctcactgc acacaggtcc     57480
     ctgctcaagt ataacttcag caagaggcct gttcttgcca ctataaaatc tcatcccaat     57540
     caaaaatatt tttatattag tctttcaaat ctatttatca tagtgcttat tagcaccagc     57600
     catattttat gtgtttgtgt ctgtgtgttt actgttttct ttttaactag aatataaacc     57660
     caggacttta gacatttatt ttttggttgc tgaattccca agatcttgaa tagtgcctag     57720
     tgcaaactag actttcatta aataatgaat aaataaatgt atgagtggag ttactggatt     57780
     tgagctttgg aaaaaataaa atgaagacat tgaaaatatt ttaatctatt gggggtatgt     57840
     aatactactt acagatttgt ggaagatgat ggcaggaaca ggtttgaggg atactttaca     57900
     cagtttaatt cagacaagga caaaaaagtg ttattttaaa atgttaaaat ataataatac     57960
     aaaatgtgtt aagatgtaaa tttagataat aaataaaaag tattgaaaag gacactgatc     58020
     ttagaacaca aatatttgag tttaaaattt cactaatcct catggaaatt ctctagcctc     58080
     tcttatctgg tttttctggt ttccatcctt ctggctttta cacatatttt tcttaccagc     58140
     ttaaattcat tagataatga ttacttgaat tatttcccca gcctttatcc tattcacttt     58200
     tgagaaattg agaaatagtc ttttaagttg attcctttgc tttctccaga atcaaactcc     58260
     caggacatga caaccatatt caatacttgc ttctgttata atttttataa gcatatcatt     58320
     gttctctagt tgtttattaa atgagaacag ttattgatta tgttacatta tggatccata     58380
     atgctattta aaataaaaag cacaatatta taatttaaga tgatctggtc tacagaatca     58440
     cagtctaatt ggaattaatt tagacagtca atcacaactg ttgatgctgc caacaagggc     58500
     tcaaattagt gccaacattg attgtggttc ttttctcaca attgttttat gggcattaag     58560
     tggaatgcat aatagcattg agctcaaagg aaccctgctg cttcctcttt caaacacaat     58620
     ttactaacat ttgctggaaa tctccacatc cactcatctt ttttcctagc ttgttacagc     58680
     attgattcaa aatccttgtt tttctctttg ttgcatctta tataacaatt tatcaaatgt     58740
     cttgctgaga tctaggtaaa agactcccac tgcctttgct tcattaactt cctcattctc     58800
     tgcaaacact tgatcaggtc tcctgggcca tatcctttta ttctcataca atgttggcaa     58860
     atggtacact tgatgctctt ctgacaactt agatgcttgt ttattataat tggaacactt     58920
     actagttaaa aaataatgag tttcccaaga gtttttgttg ttgtcattgt tgtattttga     58980
     ttgtgttttg ttttacagtc aaattaagca tttaaatcat ttttctattc aggtcctcat     59040
     agggatgaca gaagaagtat gctttagaat tgtgtacctc ttttgtctct cctcctcata     59100
     tctcttcaag gagtgctgat cactttctct ctccttctga aactctttcc tacttgggct     59160
     gtttaaaaca ccgtttcttg ctgatcctct tccagtttct ctgaccattt gctgcttgcc     59220
     tttttctact tcttcctcca acagttattt gaacactggt gttcatgaaa gtttccatac     59280
     ccggcccatt attcttctcc tgccatatat attctggcag gggggatctc ttttattcct     59340
     gtcacaaacc ctgttgtctc ccttgaaaca gatgtctaca tgtttgcagg acattgctaa     59400
     cttgtcttta acattcctga atccaaagga atgttaaact gaacatttgt atagttgtcc     59460
     tcatttttca ctccataata accttgactt cctccttcat ttcctctcca tttaatgtta     59520
     atatcttcta ccttgttgcc caaaccagaa aattcagagc cacattaaat ctcttttctc     59580
     cttctctcca aatgcaatta atcacatcct gctggttttt atgttgtgaa aatttctaga     59640
     ttctgtttct ttcttttaaa atctctcata ttattgtgtt aggattatac caagagcctc     59700
     ctacatccac ttactacaat ggactttctc aaagccatcc acactttata cctgcactaa     59760
     ttcatttcac agcaactttt acaatctgtc agttgttctc catcatgtaa gattaagttt     59820
     taagctctgt ggctttcaga atgaagtcct atatactgtg acctacctct gtcaatctga     59880
     aaatgtaact cctgacaatt taaattcagt cacagtttct tcatatgtat ttacctatga     59940
     tggtcctttg gtcttgaaat aattttcttc atctgaccta aattgtataa tatttcaaaa     60000
     accatggtgg gtttcctctt tagcctttgc tacatgtctt ctcttttgca ctctcacagc     60060
     atcctatgag tacaacttca tctcagttgt caccttatgt tcaaaataaa catttaggtg     60120
     gatttgcttt cactagcatg tgagtttatt aagtcaggtt ttaatgctct tttcatcttt     60180
     ttgtaactaa tatttagcat tgcatttggc tcacaggaag agtaagtaga atttacccaa     60240
     aaaaatcctt ttcagcaaat ttttctttct tcatctacct tgagctttga aacattttat     60300
     actcttagca gtcttccctc ttttaaatat tcattttctg gctttctcct atacatatgc     60360
     aacttattac tgtctttttt caaagttcat actcttctcc ccatgattta agtgttgtta     60420
     gatatttaga gcatctacgt gttctcggct ttcaactctc taccttcttt gcaggtgaac     60480
     agatttattt ttgagattta gtttattatc attatgttga caactttcat attaatatcc     60540
     ttggtttctg tgatgtttaa tactgaggtt tcaacttgat tggattgaag cgtgcaaaat     60600
     agtgttctga ggtgtgtctg tgaggttttt gtcaaaagag atgaatattt gagtcagtgg     60660
     actgggagag gcagacccac cctcagtctg ggtgggcacc agctaatcag ctgccagcat     60720
     ggtcagaata aaaagcagac agaagaacgt ggagagatta gacaggctta gcctcccagc     60780
     ctacatcttt ctcctttgct ggatgcttct cctttgctgg atgtcctcaa acatcggact     60840
     ccaagttctc cagctttggg actcgaactg gcttccttgc tcctcagctt gcagagggcc     60900
     tattgtgtga ccttgtgatc gtgtgagtta atgctcctta ataaactccc ctttatctat     60960
     ccatctgtcc tattagttct gtccctctag agaaacctga ctaataaagt tccacatctg     61020
     catatttcat tgtcaaataa catttttatt gtatctattt ggttcatcca atttaacaca     61080
     tgcaaatttg gatttactat attctctcca aaaagaagat gcatttcagt ggtcagtatc     61140
     tcaaaaatga aaatttctcc catccaactg ctagtttcag aaacctggga ttcatactta     61200
     acactctctt ttctgtcagt agccaccacc tgtaactcaa ttatcaaaac tgactcttcc     61260
     caaacctctt attgtatttt ttttacttca cttcctccca tagagcaagc caccatcacc     61320
     ttttttgtac cactgcaaca gcctgataat tagttactcc atgtccaggg tgcttttcct     61380
     gcaatctatt tagactacag ttacagggat ttttaaaatt ttaagaatag ttcctcctcc     61440
     cctcaacccc tgccaaagat gtctgcatct aaatcagtag aactcatgtt tatcgtgttc     61500
     atgttacctt tcatggcaaa gagaaattaa ggttgcaaat aaaattaaag ttgctaatta     61560
     gttgacctta aaataaatga gattattcta gattgctctg gtgggcccaa tataatcaca     61620
     aggcttgtta acagtggaaa aagtaatccg aagggagaat caaagaaagg gcagaatcag     61680
     aaagagtaga cctgacattg ctgactttgc aggtgagagg gaaatgaatg ctaagaaaag     61740
     tcaaggaaag ccaaggacag cctccaggag ctagaaaaac aaaaaatgaa ttctctttct     61800
     gaatgcctcc agaaaggaat gcactcctgc caacacttga cattcgaaca cagcaagaga     61860
     tgcatcagac ttctgaacta caaaatggta agataataaa tctgtgttgt tttaagccac     61920
     taaatatgtg gtaatttatc acagcagcaa tagaaaatta ctgtgctacc taagagacaa     61980
     aaatgttctg catcatttct tttcatatat acattttatc tgctataacc ccacatttct     62040
     tgtattttag tcacaaatta cgtatcattt cctaaaaaac cttccttaat ccatatttct     62100
     ctcctgtaga ctccttatct cctaatctat ctaacatctt aaataatcac tagcatagag     62160
     gacgatctga ataacatgat ttatgaggca gttatatgat gagtctctgt ttccttaact     62220
     tgactgtgag tctgagagag cagatgccac atctttacac cctacttgct tatgttcaga     62280
     gccagcacag tgccttgcac ttcgtaggca cttaggagat agttgttaaa taggtgagtg     62340
     agggattgag tgaaggcatt tgtccactgc cttctgtgta atattaaagt aaaaagtttg     62400
     atatatatga tttatctgac tattcacaaa atggcataat aattatgtct atttcagagg     62460
     caagaaaatt ggagcctggc atagctagaa atttttctta aggccatgtg gtaagttacc     62520
     acatagacac aagaaaaaaa gaaaaaacag atctttttga actcactaac tgtatttttt     62580
     cactgcgtac tatgtctttt gagggatgct gttatgggca tcagcaaata tcaagccaac     62640
     catcctgctt gagtcctact gataattaaa ggcatctaga aatatgaaaa gagcctaaag     62700
     tgaatgtatt tttgcctatc atttttctgc ctagcaccta gtatagtgca aagcatatat     62760
     caccactcaa taaatacatt ttgactaaaa tgagtgaatg aatcaatgaa tgagcaaaca     62820
     aatattctag atgcctacct ctttttactg ggggtagaaa taatgcctgt gagagagacc     62880
     tggaaataaa agaatatctt tgcagataaa ctttacagtt aaagctttct ttccttcttt     62940
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttccctttcc     63000
     ttccttcctt ccctccttcc ttccttcctt ctttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc     63060
     ttccttcctt ccttccttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     63120
     ttctttcctt ctttctttct ttcttaagct ggctctgata tcttacctcc tgtttcctag     63180
     ttccttttag tatttgggat gggtagagga aagaacgccc ttctatgtga ggatactaca     63240
     gttctatcat tgtactggac aataagagaa aggatcttaa agtaatacca tccgtctaca     63300
     ttaatgtgac tttaattgta tttaactttg tggaaaataa aaaaagacaa ataaatggaa     63360
     aatagagaca gcatatgtaa taattagtgt caaaaataat agcaaataaa aataaaaaat     63420
     tgaatggaaa acagaagttc atactctcag ttcgaaacaa agttgacatt atattttgag     63480
     gtttttttcc ccctaagact cccaggaaat gtaatgtacc agctcattat tattgttcta     63540
     gtagttttac ctttgtagga acacaagttt catcatgatt tctccattca tctgaatccc     63600
     tctgatgtgc attatagttt gaagtcgctt aaaagctata actatttgaa ggcaatatta     63660
     tccttcatta gaatctttta agagtccatc aaaatgtgta gcttacacca gtccacatat     63720
     agctggtatg atctttgtgc taatttcctc taacttttta acaggaaatg tcaatgtagt     63780
     atagcataga gggtaaaaac ataggctcat agttaggagt tgaaaataaa tctcctttcc     63840
     aaaccttact tgctcagttt gtgtttaggt gttgcatgtg aataataaaa ggaatagttg     63900
     cacagagttt tttgaggagt aatgagggaa ggcacatgaa atactctgta aaatacctag     63960
     tatgctaaga tacaaaagca tttaacatga attatcttta ttacatcata atttcaattg     64020
     taacactctc attacaaaat atataacatt ctaaaatctc atcacaaaaa agaggagtct     64080
     ttaatgattt acttactggt taaatactga aactccttta tagaatttca atatttacta     64140
     tcctggacaa agactcaaat ttttttatat ttcctcagtg atatataaag tggcgcatag     64200
     ctgtgacttt tttcagacat atattattag tagtcctcca aataaccatt ttttttgtac     64260
     ttaaaatgtg aaggtttatt tttccatacc cttctgagtg acacatgtct catagtctct     64320
     gtctgagaat ttggaggcct ttactccact gcttatccaa aaataactct tgaaaggttt     64380
     attcattttt taaaaaaaat gtggttattt tgttgtataa ggagctgttg tgagttggtc     64440
     cctggccagt gagcactctc cttccttctt gtgaaggggt gcttaaaaat agaatagtat     64500
     tttttttttg tttgtgcttt tttgtcttcc acaactgaat catcctaata taaatgatta     64560
     tgtaatatta atatgaaata ggtagagaga gagcaaatgg taaagccaat taatctctaa     64620
     tgccagggat tgatatttca atgattcatt ccaattgtag tgctatttca tcctgtttgt     64680
     ttgatcactt atttatttat tcagagattt attgaggaat tactttctgg tatggtactg     64740
     ttatgtttgt tgcagtaaaa ccattaaacc agacagacag aatccctgtg acttggctct     64800
     cgatttctta ttattgttaa aatcagatga ctttcttttg tctcaaacaa caaagggaat     64860
     tgtattcatg gtattgaaat tatagtaaaa taagtaatga aagttcttgc gatgatgtta     64920
     aatatgaggt tttgagtgac caattcttag tacttgttta atattttctg tgtatgtatc     64980
     aatatattct taagatattt tacctaaaat ctgctaccat tttaaaaacc taaatcccaa     65040
     atgtgattac acacactatt tgccatcagc taaatgttat ataaactttc actttatttc     65100
     atttattgta aaatatatgc ttaaacacat atcaaacaaa aatctacttt acttttttta     65160
     gaaagttgta catttttttc tgacctatga agaggcagaa ttttaaaaat tggtttggac     65220
     acaaaaacct atttttagta tcattgtttc ctttccataa atcattgttc ggaatagtga     65280
     gccaatttac tattagtttc attgatcctt tccactgatc ttacatgact gtaaagaatt     65340
     ttgtcaaagg ctttccaaac atctaagttt aaaatcctct ttaactcctt tcccacattt     65400
     gtctacctgg agtgaagtcc ctgaagaatt tcacaaaagt agtgagtgat tccttttatt     65460
     ctctaaatgt gtgttgtctg ttcttaatca agctgagctt ttcaaagtgg tcctcatttg     65520
     atctataaaa atagtttcta aaagttttca acataacaga agttaaagga aactgtctga     65580
     aatatctaag tgtgggtcca agactgctct tcagttaatg ttttgttttg gtcacaaatc     65640
     aaaaggaata ttttcttcat agaaaaaata taaaatattg taatgccaac aacaacatgc     65700
     ctttttaact aaaatcttac atttgttcat aaggatattt tcaatttcct attaaatttt     65760
     gttatatttc attgccatta ggcaacatcc ttttattttc ttctgacaca atgatgagtc     65820
     tattggagta gttctgaatg gagatagcca ttactgaggg atgagggaaa gagggaagat     65880
     caatgtttgt caaagatatt tctcaaatct gttaaaaagc tactattgtt ttatagcaat     65940
     ttactctaaa tccatattca gtaatggata tacatccaca gaattcctgt atttttttga     66000
     aatatctgat aaaactctaa ggaccccctc tttgctcaga ataaatgtgt gactttggat     66060
     gaatatctca tattttctaa gcctcaattt cctccctgaa ggcaggtaga caatttaaga     66120
     aattttagaa aatagtgcag gatagagatg atgagatcat aatgaatgtc tgccttgaaa     66180
     ttactgtttt tttttcctgt cctatgtgtt acaatggact tagaagtttt atacagattt     66240
     tcagtcacac gcgtttctca gtttttatct atacagggat taacctgatc ctatagacat     66300
     gttccccctt ctcactacta ccccaactgc ccaaaaatat tcttcatttt ttggtaaaat     66360
     tattattcat tttttgttaa aaataactgc attggtggat gactttgcat gtatatggtg     66420
     accctccatt tatcctccat ttgaaggtga ctttttgtat accatactct gtatgttgag     66480
     aatgagagag agtcttttgc ccttgaatag cttgtgactc attcagttat tattttagtg     66540
     aaaagttagg gcattgaatc ataggtacat accttgaaag aaaagccagt gcttaaacag     66600
     ccctacttga catgataatg ttgggtattt tcagccagca aaatgctaaa atatacttac     66660
     taaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagttctac tctgcctaca cagcacagtt     66720
     gttcaaagag cggataatag ataaggaggt gaggttctta gccacacgct acagtttttg     66780
     tgagatttct taacttaggc tttttgggac caatgaggct tcagaaatag gcttcaaatg     66840
     atccacagtc ttgctaaaat tgtacataaa atcatgtgta catggaattc tgtcccatga     66900
     aaatagttca tagctcacat gacatttacc gtttattaca tctcacacac atacataata     66960
     atatactaat aaccaaattc ttttacttat tatcgaaatt cttaattgtc tttaataacc     67020
     tgagagagaa gtaaaataaa tataattcta catgtttcat agattaaaaa agtaatatat     67080
     ataatatata aattttatat gttatacata ttacttatat gctgttccct aatgcattac     67140
     ctcaaatttc gtttttttct agtattgacc tgccaatttt aagccagtgc ttatccattg     67200
     agattttcca ttttcaactt taaattgtct ccacatattc atttaattgt gtcctaattt     67260
     cctgtctatt gcctgagaag cctaggtagc ccacaaatgg aagaactatg ctagctatca     67320
     aatttttcta gcacatcagc ttgggaggct gtctactgag ctggaaggtc atttaaattt     67380
     tttctcattt tcaaatacca acatttcact aaagagagtt acaggcagaa cacatttgcc     67440
     atattaatga attgaaaaaa aatgaactct tcactgatta gaatgctacc tattatatac     67500
     agaataagaa agtctgttgg gaatgatatg ggtgtagtag actaaaagtt gcaaaaatat     67560
     cccacactat taaaactaga aaggagaaat tcatatgcac gagagtgaaa acaggaaata     67620
     taattctaac actgagggca gaaagtcatt tgcctattaa ctacctgttc cgtttagtac     67680
     aggagcaaca agaaactatt gctccacatt tgaggaaatt tagctttact ttttattatc     67740
     aattttttaa ataaacaaat ggaatcagat aaccaacagt cttctctcct ttgactgaaa     67800
     actgagtagc tgctcactgt aggccagcat aatcaacact ggtatctcaa attgtgaaag     67860
     ttttgcttca ctttgagtct aaatttaatt attgtatttt ttctttatta gttccagaat     67920
     gtacgccatt tatgaaaata tgtatgagtc taaataagct taattctttc agacaataaa     67980
     tggttgacat gatttttctg acagttgtga tcatagattg cggtaggcat tctacttttc     68040
     atattgattt aaaatatatt atgatactca cagatgaata tatacatggt atataccata     68100
     tgtatctata tagacaaata cataattgta atctcaaagt cagtattatt ttaaaacatt     68160
     ttaatgttct ttacctatgt aaaaaccatg ggtacacttg atttattttt agcaatcaag     68220
     tagaacatta gatttttcca catatctaag ccaaaaacaa tcattttatt acttttaatt     68280
     attatcttgc tcatttctat ctacagtctg tctgtctctt ttaatcattt tgattattac     68340
     agtttaatct atggcatcag ctaattaact aacatgtagc aaatgagcac ctattatgaa     68400
     agaagcactt taataagcca taaaagtaac aggtaatatt tgctatggtt caagcttttt     68460
     tatagaaatt tttaaatttt taaaacaacc ttataaaata tatattgcca ttattcctat     68520
     ttaaaagatg gaaaaacata aaaagtcaca aaggactatt atgaacaatt atatgacaat     68580
     aaattggata acctagggga aatggatgaa ttactggaaa tatacaatct acaaagaata     68640
     aatcaagaag aaatagaaag cttaaacaaa ccaatagcaa atagagattg aagtagtaat     68700
     caaaaacctt ccatcaaaga aaattccagt accagatggc ttcatagctg aagtctatca     68760
     aacattaata gaaaaattaa tatcaaaccg tcttaaacac ttccaaaaag tagaaataga     68820
     ctgaatgctt ccaaactcag ccagcactat ttggataaca aagcctgaca aaggtatcgc     68880
     aagtaaagaa aactatgggt cagtatctct gattaacgta tatgcaaaaa ttctcaataa     68940
     aatactagca aataaagttc aacaacatat caaaaaagta tacactaaaa ccaaatagga     69000
     tttattcctg agatacaagg gtggtttaaa atacacaatc aatgtgatgt gccattttaa     69060
     cagaatgaaa gattttttta agccacatga tgatcataac tgatgcagag aaagcatttg     69120
     acaaagttta gcatccttta atgataaaca ttctcaaaaa aacaagtata ggaggaattt     69180
     gtcttcaacc taataaagat tgtttatgaa aaacccacag ctatcatagt aatcaataga     69240
     aaaaaactga aagctttttc tctaaagtct gggccgtggc aaagatgccc atgctattct     69300
     atttaacata gttagggaag taacagcaag agcaatcaga caagaagaag aaataaaggg     69360
     gatacaaatc agaaaggaaa aagtaaaatt aaccctgttt acaaatgtgt agaaaaccct     69420
     aaagactcca cacaaaaaag ttgttacaca aataaatgaa ttcatcagaa tagcaggata     69480
     ccaaaccaac atacaaaatt agttgctttt atttacacct acaaaaatct atttgaaaaa     69540
     taaatcaaga aaacaatccc atttaaaata gcattagaaa gaataaaaca ctaagagata     69600
     aattaaaaca aagaagtgaa gtgaaagcta tgtacaatac aaagcatgga aactataagc     69660
     attgataaaa gaaatttaaa gacacaaatt aataaaaaga tatctcatat ttgtgaatta     69720
     aaataattaa tattgttaaa atgttcctat tgctcaaaac aacatacaga tttaatgcaa     69780
     tccctatcaa cagtttaatt tttcaaataa attgaaaaaa aattaaatgg aaccacagaa     69840
     gatactgact agcccaaaca atcttgggaa tgaaaaacaa agttggaggc atgacacttc     69900
     ctgattccaa attatattac acagctatag taatcaaaac aacacattat tggcttaaaa     69960
     atagatatat aggacagtgg gacagaatag aggaaccaga agtaaaccca gtaatataag     70020
     gtcatctaat ttttgacaag ctgctaagaa gacacaatgt acaaaagata ctgtcttcaa     70080
     taaatggttg attttatttt tcaagccaga tataataata tcttcctcat atataggaaa     70140
     tttcttgaac gtaactagca tgtagttaac atgactttac taccccagca acaattcatg     70200
     aaactacagg taccctacgt gcagtcaatc tataagctga gtaatcaata gcatgtgagt     70260
     tctctgacat gaatgttctt cctgtgagta tcatgaagac taattaatgt gcgtagatat     70320
     ttttaattta aaattaagat acagagtcag gaaagtataa caaggctaaa attgaaatac     70380
     aaacagagtt atataaaatt caatcaaaat tggagacgac aaattcaagg agtaaaaaca     70440
     ggcatacaaa tgtgggtaca caagttttat ctctctccaa tagatcattc aatcaaaaaa     70500
     ttataagcat tctatattta aagtacttga gtgtcatgag cttcagaaga aactttccaa     70560
     atgttttaaa actggtagtg atgaagattt ccaagtttat ccctgacatg taaagaacct     70620
     ggaagttatt actcctgtcc ttacaataag gaaatgctag acaaacacaa taattttatt     70680
     agttttatta gagaactgag ggaaaaggaa aaaaccacta ccacaaaata ttgagtgtca     70740
     aatgcatcta gagagagata gtgtactcaa gatttgatta cctaggacag aagccactag     70800
     acgcttaaag ctggtagaat atcatatatg ataatcttga tgaattgctg gaggatgagt     70860
     gtatggaagt gaacatgaga ataccctagc gctgaagtat tggtggttgg acaccctgca     70920
     gactttccct ctaggagctc caccaggtta tggcagagag aattctagaa accctagaaa     70980
     tctcaataca tcaccctcat ggggggagga aaagcattcc tatcatgact cttctcccta     71040
     aagaaggcct tgtttccata ggtaatgaca ttagcagtta ggcaattttt acacctgaga     71100
     aaagagaact gcattccaat ccagattttc tgcatcagct aatgagaaat aaatgaataa     71160
     aagcattgtt agcggaggag agagcttcaa ataaatagac tgcagtggtt aagagactag     71220
     agaacagaag gtgagaaggt tctcttgggg acaagaaaca gaaacacttc tgaagaccaa     71280
     acctctaaga cacagttcca ataaaacacc aagaaccaat cagaatatta ggtgaccctc     71340
     tcctctgtga cactgccact gctgtgtctg ctgaaaataa aggagaaaga gagagtctca     71400
     aaggttttgg gaggttgggg tagattgagg gagcagagga caccttacct atagagaaat     71460
     aaaaataagg attacaggaa acttctcagt agaaagcatg caaacaagaa gagaacagag     71520
     tgatatattt acaatattga aagaaaagga aaaatctgtg aaccaaaatt ctatattcag     71580
     tagaaatttc actgaagagt gaaggagaag ttaatgggta tgggtttcta atcaaggtga     71640
     taattttttt ctagaattag atactggtga cggttgcaga tactggggat agttgcacaa     71700
     ttctgtttaa aaaacactag taaattggac agtttaaaag gctgaaatgc atgtagatta     71760
     tatcttaata aggctgttac aaaagtgaaa gagaaattta aaaactccct tttctgataa     71820
     caaagttgtg aaagataaat ttagaagttc tcttttctga aaacttagaa aaatcaattt     71880
     cttgttgatc ttccttgaaa gaccttttaa aagaagatct tcaggcagaa ataaaatggt     71940
     ttaggtccaa aatttggatc tacacaaaga aaacaagagt gtcagaacat gaacaaatac     72000
     aaatattatt attttatttt ttcataattt atctaaaaaa ctgagcaaag gaatgataac     72060
     aatgcaatgg atgcttatag cataaacata cacaaaatga atgaccatag tatcaactgg     72120
     aatgagagaa agtaattgag agtgctgtat tattaggcaa ctgcattaca tgtgaaacag     72180
     gatagtgcct cttgatggtg gatttagatt cttttaaaat gtatgtggca tgccataaaa     72240
     acaataaaat acttaggaat gcagttcacc agggaaagat ctctgcaagg agaactacaa     72300
     aatactcctc aaagaaatca gagattacac aatcaaatgg aaaaatattt catgctcata     72360
     aataggaata actaatatca ttaaaatggc catactgttc aaagcaattt atagatttaa     72420
     tgctattcct attaaagtat tatcaacatt catcaaagaa ctacagaaaa ctattttaaa     72480
     atttgtatgg aatcaaaaaa gagcccaatt agccaaggct atcctaggca aaaaaacaaa     72540
     gctggaagca tcacactact ggacttcaaa ttatactgaa gggttaacag taaccaaaac     72600
     agcatggtgc tggtagaaaa acagacacat aaaccaatgg aacagaatag agagcccaga     72660
     aataagacta cacacctaca actatctgga ttttgaaaaa cctgacaaaa gcaatgggga     72720
     aaggattccc tattcaataa atggtgctgg gataactggc taccatatgc agatgattga     72780
     aatgccatcc ttacaccata taaaatatta aatcaagatg gattaaagac ttaaatgtaa     72840
     aacccaaaag taaaacaact ctggaagaca acctgggaaa taccatcaag atatagtcac     72900
     gggcacagat ttcatgacaa atatgccaaa agaaatcgca acaaaagaaa aaattgacaa     72960
     acaggatcta attaaactaa agagcttctg cacatcaaaa gaaactgtca acagagtaaa     73020
     cagacaacct atagaatggt caaaacattt tccaaattat gcagccaaca caggtctaat     73080
     atcaagtttc tattagtata ttgagcaaat ttacaataaa aaaccaaaag accccattaa     73140
     aaagtgggca aaggacatga acagacactt tccaaaagaa gagcatgtgg caaaaaaatg     73200
     tacgaaaaga agctcaacat cactgatcat tagagaaatg aaaatcaaaa ccacaatgag     73260
     ataccatctt acactagtca gaatggctat ttttaaaaag tcaaaaaata acagatcctg     73320
     gcaaggttgt gaagaaaaag gaatgcttat acactgttgg taggagtgta aattagttca     73380
     accattgtgg aagacagtat ggtgaatatt cgaagaccta aaagcagaaa taccatttga     73440
     cccaaaggga tacaaattgt tatattatga agatacatgc acatgtatgt tcattgcagt     73500
     actattcaca acagcagaga caagaaataa acctaaaagt ccatcaatga tagactagat     73560
     gaagaaaatt tggcacatat gcatcatgga atactatgca gccatggaaa ataatgagat     73620
     catgtccttt gcagggatat ggatggagct tgaggccatt tatccttagc aaactaacac     73680
     aggaacagaa aaccaaatac cgtatgtttc acttgtaagt ggaagctaaa ttatgagaac     73740
     aaataaacac atagagggga acaacacaca atagggactt ttggagggtg gagggtggca     73800
     ggaaaaataa ctaatgggga ctaggcttaa tacctaggtt ataaaataat ctgtacaacg     73860
     aactccatga cacaagttta cctgtgtaag aaacctgcac ttgtacccct gaattttaag     73920
     tataaaataa aataaaataa aatgtatatt gcaaatctca gggaaaccaa atttcaaagg     73980
     aataataata atatatcaag agatgataat attgaattat ataaaatgct caattaaaac     74040
     cagagaaagc agaaaaatat aaaacaagca aaagaacatg cacaacaaat agaaacatta     74100
     caaagatagt acattttatc caaacaatat cagtaattgc tttaaatata agtgatctaa     74160
     atagtggtta aaaggcagag attgtcaaaa aagataaata ttagtacata tctcaaatta     74220
     tatataagaa ttttataaaa ttatctttaa tactctaaat aagttacagt attcttaata     74280
     ctgaattgca gagaatgtaa tattaatagt agcaacaact tttaagtaaa tgtctaataa     74340
     tattccaaat agtttgaaaa tttttagaaa tattaacatt atcttttctt ttttttgcct     74400
     tttttgggtt ttgtttgtac tgtttctctc ttacaatccc tagctaaact atactcttgt     74460
     ctcagtcatg attgaataca gacaactaca gcaaattctt ctaacgactt cattgatcag     74520
     ccactatgtg acttccaaac ctaacaggta cttttagtta tgcataatat tctccatgat     74580
     ttcactctcc cttcttgctg aattagcatt actgacatta aaatttttct gaattagata     74640
     taatattgag atttttcaat agagtattca gttaatctat aacagtcaaa aaatttattt     74700
     cagaagatca tctttagata attttattgt tgcttactgc taatacacag agatttctaa     74760
     acactgtcta gaaaactatc aaggtttcat aaatttagta aattaaaatt atattgtatt     74820
     attttgtcat caaacaataa ataattcatg taatttatca gatttataag aaaattcaat     74880
     agctttccat ttgaaatagg cattagtttt gtttcaaaga ctatactata caactctgtt     74940
     ttgttttacc aatcatatgt atgtttcttt tcaattattc ctttttgtta gtttttaata     75000
     tgtgcaacca tttttgttat aatcaatcta ttttcatcac aaaatacatt tctttgaagg     75060
     aaaatgttca tatctctgct atatattatt acataatttt aattatcttc agttccagaa     75120
     tttccaaatt ttatttttag ctctagcaaa aaaagttgcc tatcaatatc caaataatct     75180
     accaagtttc atttcaattc tcacctacac aaattcttaa ttatctgtaa tgattgtgat     75240
     ttatctaaat acattaaaat ttttattgac aaataattta aatctattta tttaattgat     75300
     ttaattgatt atgttattca gaaataattg gatttcttgc catagaatag ataagaggaa     75360
     attacctaga aatttgtgtt tattttttcc tgatacttca gaccattttc ccagcaagtc     75420
     actggcacca tatgtacaca gttcaataag gttttcatat aaatacgtct tgaagaaaac     75480
     tttccaaaat gaaaaagtat ataattttag atgctaatct gctcagttcc agaaaatcaa     75540
     gaaaaaatac actattttta aagtcttgaa attaccattg ttgtcattat caatgattca     75600
     taaggaagag cagagtgttg tcaatgtatg gaattttatg tcttgattta gaagttttcg     75660
     gaaaatattt tttaatttca attgaccaaa gttttgcaac aagtagaggc ataaaagtag     75720
     agtacaatgg tgtggctata tcaatattat tattttatta caattattta aaaatttcaa     75780
     atttgaaaat gctcaattat ttctaactac agagcagatt tttttaaagt tctgaatttt     75840
     tttgctgttt tattaaattt aattaataaa atattttcta actttatttc cgaatttcat     75900
     tgcttcattg tatgaaactt atttatatat tttccctaat ttatgattct aattattatt     75960
     agtttttaat tcaaacacgg gctttaacag aatataaaat gtattttggt aagaaatgta     76020
     aaagtttaac actttcaact tttaacagta caggttttga gcataattat cagacattta     76080
     catgatatag ataagcaact gtttttggtt gcagtaagta aactgttttt caatccggaa     76140
     atataaattg ttatattctg tagtaacctt tttcacagta tttcacaggc tttttaggtt     76200
     cctctgattt gtgcaaaatg tcagtaggtg ctccaggctc ttcattattt aaaccattaa     76260
     aaccctctac tctgttttaa cacagactca aaagacttat atttaaatgg aactttaaaa     76320
     atgtatccaa atttcattgt ctttttattc tagacatttg tgaaagctaa agtatttagt     76380
     tgaagtaata gttgcatagt ttgggattaa tgatatactg gcaagttttg taatttagag     76440
     aattatttta ctttatttta tttttactat ttattatttt ttatttattt tttcaatttc     76500
     aatagctttt ggggcataag tggtttttgg ttatgtagat gaattgcaca gtggtgaagt     76560
     atgaaatttt agtgcatctg tcaccttagt agtatgcatt ccattcaaca tgcggctttt     76620
     ttccctagcc cccttttact ctcccctttc tgaatctcca gattccatta tatcactgcg     76680
     tatgcctttg gatacttata gcttagttcc cacttgtaag tgaatacatg cagtaatttt     76740
     ttttttttat ttctgagttg cttcacttac aataatggcc tccgcctcca tccaagttgc     76800
     tctaagagac attatttcgt tctattttat ggctgaatag tgttgcatag tgtatatata     76860
     ccacattttt ttatacactc attggtcaac aggcacttag tttggttcca catctttgca     76920
     attgtgaatt gtgctgcaat aatcatacac atgctggtgt gtttttgata tatttaacag     76980
     tgatacccag cagtaagatt gctggattga aaggtaaatc tacttttagt tctttaagaa     77040
     atctctgtac tgtttttcat agaggttgta ctaatttaca ttccgacctc ttgtgtgtaa     77100
     gtgtagcatt ttcagcacat ccatgccaac atctactgtt ttctgacttt ttaataacgg     77160
     ccactcttgc aggagtaggt ggatctcact gtagttttaa tttgcatttc cctgatgatt     77220
     agtgatgtta agcatttttt tatatgtttg ttggccattt gtatatcttc ttttgaaaat     77280
     tgtctattta tgtcatttgt ccactatttt gtggaattat ttgttttttc ctttctgatt     77340
     tgttggagtt ccctgtagat tctggatatt aatcctttgc cagttgcata gtttgcaatt     77400
     tttttttcct attctgtggg ttttctgttt agtctgatga ttatttcttt tgctatgcca     77460
     aagcttttta atttaatgaa gtctcataca tttatttttg ttttagttgg atttgctttt     77520
     ggggtcttac aaactctttc cctatgccaa tgtccagaag aggttttcct aggttatctt     77580
     ctagaatttt tgtggtttca ggtaatacat ttaagtcttt gatgcatctt gagttgattt     77640
     ttgtataagg tgagatattg gaatctagct tcattcctct atatgtggct tgccagtttt     77700
     cccagcatca tttgttaaat acgatgtcct ttccctaatt tatgttttgg atgctttgtc     77760
     aaagatcagt tgtctctaag tatttgattt tatttctgag ttctttattc tgttccattg     77820
     gtctatgtgt cttcttttat aatagtacca tgctgtttgg gtaactatag ccttgtagta     77880
     taatttgaag ttcagtaata tgaaacctcc acattattgt ggaggtcttt ttgcttagga     77940
     ttcttctttt tgcttaggat tgctttggct atttgggccc tgtttggttc taaataaatt     78000
     ttagcttttt tttttttttc aaattatgtg aaaaatcatg tggtattttg ataggaattg     78060
     cattgaatct atagattgct ttgggcagta tggtcattga ttcttccaat ccatgagtat     78120
     gggaagtatt tccatttgtt tgtgtcatct atgacttttt ttcagcagtg ctttgtagtt     78180
     ttccttgaag aaatttttca cctccttggt aaagtatatt cctaggattt tgtttgtttg     78240
     tttgagtttg ctttattttt agctgttata aaaggttgta aatgtacaag agattgagtt     78300
     gtttttttgc ggggagtggg gcgggggaca gggtcttact ttgtcaccca gcctggagtg     78360
     cagtagtgca atcttgtgaa cttgactcac tgcaacctcc gctttccggg ttcaaggcat     78420
     tttcatttct caacgtcctg agtagctggg actacaggca cacatcacca cacctggcta     78480
     atttttgtat tttttgatag agagggagtt tcaccttgtt ggccaggctg gtctcaaacc     78540
     gctgacctca agtgatctac ctgtctcagc ctgcaaaagt gctgagatta caggcttgag     78600
     ccatggtgcc tggccctagg gattgagttc ttgatttgat tctcattgat cattgttgat     78660
     gcagagcaat gctatagatt tgggtacatt aattttgtaa cctgaaactg aaactttact     78720
     gaatttattt atcaaatcta gaagtctttt agaggagtct ttaaaatttt ctaggtatat     78780
     gattgtatca ttggcgaaca gcgatagttt gacttgctct tttctaattt ggatgctctt     78840
     tgttttattc tcttacctga ttgctctggc ttggacttcc tgtagaatta ttttaaataa     78900
     taaaataata aataaataat atataaacat tctacagcct aatattgaat gtgctgatgt     78960
     agcagaaggg attgcaaccc ttaccaataa tagaagtcca attgttacta tccttcaata     79020
     ccttctagaa tattttatta tagtaattat ttaatatttt tatttaacga tcaataatga     79080
     acctttttat tcttctctac ttacctaata tcaggaaact tatatttaaa taaatgatct     79140
     acagttgtgg aatgattgca tatcatttat cttagataca gcagttaagt acaatttgct     79200
     ttggaaattt catcaactct aagaattagt atgggtttca taagactttt gtgaatattt     79260
     ttctaatcct gaggtagaaa aaacatgtaa tccatagtct tcattatttc tgacataatg     79320
     tgactactgg cctatttact tgtgcaataa attttatttg tgtctcaaaa taaaattttc     79380
     ttttgaatat aaatgcctct gaatctgatt tatggcatct gcacatagag tcagcaaaat     79440
     taaaattatt aatattatat gaatattaaa attaaaaaga accattttat ttgagagaaa     79500
     atagaaaatt attatatacg gtaaaatatt tatattcaag gcatttgaat aaatacattt     79560
     aattcttaga ctcacagttt tcctcaatgg gatatctttt tatctacaga gaaaaatatt     79620
     ctacaatttg acatgtattt tacctctgtt attttatgat ttcaattttt taaaaaaaaa     79680
     attgtgcctc tgagtctatc tgtgcaaagg ataattgaca ttagtaaaaa tattttaaat     79740
     ttttgatata tgaccaatat gactactttg taattatttg aatttgaagg gtttctaaaa     79800
     gaaaatgata cattaaaata tattgcctca actgtgttca aagaaaactt ctcattaatg     79860
     aaatttcaga ataaaactaa tcaatataat atggacttat atagtatata ttattttatc     79920
     agataattga aagaaatcaa ggagagatta aaaaaaaaca caggtcaaga taacctgttc     79980
     tataaatact tatgcttcac aggctgttgt gagattttgc ataattttat tatcttgaag     80040
     tttacctttc tactttgtaa attttacttt ccacttaaag tttgtagcaa ctgaagaagc     80100
     attacaatct aaattataga ttagacatta ctgacaccat tctttgaaga aactatacag     80160
     aaaagaaaca aagttaaagt agactaattg taaactcatt aatacaaaag tgattcaatg     80220
     gcaatttaca ttttggaaaa tccttgtttt ttttgctgtt tttttttttt ttaaatccag     80280
     ggacattatc atagatccat gtcaattaac acgggtgcac accaaggagg acatacatca     80340
     tttatgcata taagcaagat gaatcaattt cacaatttta caagtaactg gtggatagag     80400
     gcccattttt aggcattttc atatgatctc taggtctttt tttagttctc aattctcaaa     80460
     ggaaaattaa ttattacctg attatttaag aaatgagttc cttttaggat gtagcataag     80520
     taatttgtat atatcaaaaa tcagttctgt cacattaaat caccttttaa aaatgattgt     80580
     cactggaaaa tcaccagaaa tattcttccc cttcaaaatc acttgatata acaaagccat     80640
     acatacagac ttctgctgat aaagtttaca aagaactcag cgtgaagcaa aagataccaa     80700
     taaaccaaaa atttagtcat tctaaatgct tttatcttct ctaggtgtga attttcatgt     80760
     gtttgtggct cattttttgt aagcgtcaac attatttcaa attagctaac aactcatgta     80820
     aatttttgtc acatgacaag tctaatattt gctttaggaa tttccatttt tatgcataca     80880
     aacttaaatt ttatatataa tttttatata ataaattcat gtataatgaa ttatacatgt     80940
     attactaaca tgtccttatt ctgcctcctt acaattatat ctgttcttca catttacaac     81000
     ttgagttttc ccacacaaaa gaaaggtata atgtttctat attttgttgc acgcttgtaa     81060
     gcctaatcag attttttgaa cttatggaat taatctattc cttgtggaag aatatttgcc     81120
     cagctaaaat ctagttgaac actatcttag tttaacttag aagaagagaa attgaattga     81180
     aatgcttaat tgcttatttc atcctttaaa aatgaagaaa cacatagatg atctaaagta     81240
     gatgttaaat tatatttaat ttagtaagat ttcaaaagaa aaggttttag tggttgtttc     81300
     aaggattttt tttaaaaaat ggctgaagat caaattttaa atttgtgaat gtcacctgag     81360
     aaaggtttgc tgacttaaca agatttattc tcactgagta cttgtgagac atatggttgg     81420
     catctattat gtcatgcttt ttctttcact catacatgtc tgttgcactg caacaggaga     81480
     aaaggtgaaa tagtaaaatt tttagaaaga cagtcatctt attgtttaca actaaagaaa     81540
     aatatgtgta tatgctatag tgacacatat atattaatgt cttcaagaac actcttcaca     81600
     ttatcatatg caaattagtg aagggcactt ttgttagatg tatttatgtt ggttctagtt     81660
     ttcttctagt aattagcata gaatcaccaa ataacacccc atttagagaa agtggatttt     81720
     aaagaagaga tgttttagag attctagaga ttctaggaga gatatttcta gagagtcagc     81780
     tttagcaaat catactggag gatatacctt taaagtgtgt taaaagagta atgccacaaa     81840
     gattactttt tattgtgaga gtcttttatt cttttttctg tgatcataat gttaagttgt     81900
     aggcaccaaa ctggttcact cataataatt caaaggctga atttcatggt aaagtagact     81960
     catagtaagt caggatagaa gagcatctat aatactttat aatctttttc ctagaaaata     82020
     gtttttaatt aagaacaaaa gcaattcaca tttattcttg aaaatcagca atgggcttaa     82080
     atttggataa atgtaaatga tcagtcattt ggagaaatat aaagaatcat tttgaaagaa     82140
     gcattgtgat catttttaga aattacctaa atatctattg tatttactgt cagtgctctg     82200
     ctctagcagt gcctctcagc tactttcatc attttagtca cacttgactc cgtgttttca     82260
     ctcccaacaa ctagcatctg tttctctttg ttggaggttg gcctgagtct gatagaacac     82320
     cctttggact tttgtagaga gataacattt cctgggaatt tgtgatcacc cttctctctc     82380
     ccaccacagg ccttaaaaaa tgactaacca attgaagtgg tacaaacact ccccttgatt     82440
     ctggctgtga gctactaagt ttcctctctg ggattggggc aactttacct actgaaagac     82500
     actgcttgat attgtccttt atttgtacta cttctattcc tgtcctagtt tcccagagtt     82560
     ttgttgtttt ccaggaacac ttcctaagaa gttaccttca gattaaactt cttgtcaaaa     82620
     tctgctccta ggcaaactga tttatgtgtc cagatgtaga gataatgatg attataaata     82680
     gatatatgaa aaggtgcata tacagatgga ggtaattagt ttcctagagc tgctatagaa     82740
     agaactccag actaggtagc tttaaaacaa caaaaattta ttctgtttca gttctagaag     82800
     ttagaagtct gaaatcaaga tgtcagtagg gtcatgcttc ctccaagact ccaggtagaa     82860
     tttgttcttg cttcttccta gcttctgttg gtggccatca atcttcggta ttccttggct     82920
     ttcagatgtg ttacttcaat ctctgcttct gttgtcacac agtgctctct ctatgtatct     82980
     ctctttttgt aagaataacg actgatgtcc ttattggagt aaggtcccac ctgacaccaa     83040
     taggacctca tcttaactat ttacatttgc aataatccta tttccaatta ctatcacatt     83100
     ttaagtgttg agagttggga cttcaacata attttttggg gcacacaatt caacccataa     83160
     cagatgatag ataatagata gatagataga tagatcacag acagaaatat aaagatgtca     83220
     ttctagacag ttttatggct cattattttt tattatcata ttataaaatg tttcatgcat     83280
     tcaaagaaga agctatgtgc tgggtaacaa gtgtatgtga acagtgctgt ggtggggagc     83340
     ttatatgcaa ccctgtgctc ctttccttac tttgtcccac tccttacaac taaaatttta     83400
     cttagtaact cactagaact agcctattac cctaagaaat atttgcattc cagcctgggc     83460
     gacagagtaa gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa agaaatattt     83520
     gcatttatgg aagtatttaa ggtacttacc tattttaaat aaaaataaaa taaaatagta     83580
     cacatgaaaa gaaaaactct ataccagagt aaagcctagt cctaattgat ttgttataaa     83640
     aactttaaaa agaaaaaact taaaagccaa cattataatt taaaagagaa cctattatta     83700
     atctgttcag tgaattattt ttttcctggt tcagttttgg aacagtgtat gcatccagga     83760
     attgattcat ctcttttaag ttttctagtt tgtgtgcata gaggtgtatt tgtagacgcg     83820
     tttgcagtag cttctgatgg ttattttaat ttttgtggga tcaatggtat tatctccttc     83880
     atttctaatt gtatttattt ggctattctc tcttttcctt attattattc tagctagtgg     83940
     cctgtttcgc ttattacttt tttcaaaaaa acaactcctt gattcattga tcttttgaat     84000
     ggatttttgt gtctcaattc tttcagctca gctctgattt tggttatttt ttgtcttctg     84060
     ctagttttgg ggttgatttg ttcttgcttc tctaattctt tctgttgtga tgttaggttg     84120
     ttaatttgac atctttctag ctttttaatg tgggtattta gtgttatgag tttccccctt     84180
     aacactgcct tagctgcctc tgagagtttc tggtgtgtta tatctttgtt ctcattagat     84240
     taaaaaaatt cttgatttct gccttaattt cattatttac caaaaagtca atcatgagtg     84300
     tgtttaattt cctcgtaatt gcatggtttt aagcaatttt cttagtcttg acttctattt     84360
     tattgagctg tggtccaaga gtgtgtctga tatgattttg tggggttttt ttttgtattt     84420
     tctaaggatt gttttatatc caattatgta gtcaatttta gagtgtgtgc catgaggtaa     84480
     tgaggagaat gtatgttgtg ttgttttttt ctttattttt ttaagagaca ggttcttaca     84540
     ctgtgtcgca ggctggagtg caatggcgtg atatgggtca ctgcaggctc aagctcctgg     84600
     gttcaagcaa tcttcctgcc ttggccttcc aggtagctgc tacaaccagt gcatgccact     84660
     atacccagct aattttattt tttatttttg tagagacagg gtctcactca ctatgttgcc     84720
     cagctggtct tgaactcctg acctcaagca atcctctcac cttggcctcc caaagagcct     84780
     gaattacagg cagagtactt ttgggtcttg ctattttatc cagcttgcta ttctgtgtag     84840
     ttttactggg gacttcattt catttacatt caaagtccat attgatgtgt gtggatttga     84900
     tactgtcatt gtgttgttag ctggttatta tgctggcttg tttgtgtggt tgctttatag     84960
     tgtgactggt ctgtgtattt aaatgtgctt tcgtattagc tgataatggt ttttctttct     85020
     atatttagta ctcctttaaa gatctcttgt aaggcagatc tggtggtaac gaactccccc     85080
     aacatttgct tatttgaaaa taatcttatt tatcctttgc ttaggaagct tagtttggct     85140
     tgatataaaa aatcttggaa aatctttttc tttaaaaaca ttgaatatag atcctccagt     85200
     ctcttctggc ttatagggtt tcagctgaga ggtccaacat ctcttaaaga aaatgaagaa     85260
     atagaataat aaagattaat aaattaatca gctagaacat agaaaatgta acaatgcata     85320
     aacgaacttt gcaggtgact ttggaaaaaa ctgctagttg ttcccaaaaa actagctagt     85380
     tgttgtttac tctctatgaa gcggctacac tgtctggggt atataccctg gttctttctc     85440
     atggttgaga aagaattcag gacagagaca catgtgggtg ggttaaggag tggaaagttt     85500
     aatagaagaa atgagagaag agagaagctc cttgcatgag agagaaacct ctgaaaaagt     85560
     gggaggctgt gaatctctgc agattttaaa ggcaagctgg ataaggcagt atctgattac     85620
     acagggctca cagatttgtt ccatcaggca tgaagtctac atagtgcttg gggaaggctg     85680
     gttgtcctgc cctaatctta ttatgcaagt ggactttcca gttgattggt gccatcttgt     85740
     ctgcttctta ctgtacactt ggctaacaaa gagaagggaa gatggagccg ccatcttgaa     85800
     aacgtctagt ccttggttcc tgccagcatt cactcatgca agctcccagc ttgcaggctg     85860
     ctctttgcta aaaaatgatt tggagctatt tttcattaaa aagaaaggcc ttaccaagta     85920
     ttcccatgcc cttgctgtct gcctaagtaa ttccttctta actcctatat catctagttg     85980
     tttacactct ccattcttct ttaataatag agcaattatt tttagctgag tgcattacct     86040
     tcccacttca acagggattg tctgtcctga cctctctaac agctgtggtt ggatggtaag     86100
     ataaggcagg gtatgtataa ctttcaggaa atggctttaa cgagaaggtt caaaacttta     86160
     tcttgctgtt ggaaaagtgg atattatgtt tagggcttaa ggattccttt tgcctcaaat     86220
     gtagagaatg atggtgtcat tacatatagg gagttagccg tttgtggtga tatagtctcc     86280
     attgccagta gtggagtgct caccaccaaa agtctatgtt gaaaagaaag taactgctct     86340
     ctccctcagc cactgtaact ttaagtgttt tatgttggaa actaaaaaaa aaagtttaca     86400
     gaattttaaa aagatgagta ggccaaatta taagttagag atgaaaatga tatattatta     86460
     acatacataa aaataaaaat attttcagaa aaaaagtcgt ttacgaatgc actgaaatat     86520
     ttttgcaaaa tttaaaattt cctacaaaaa gtcaaaatta attaaaaaat ttaaacccaa     86580
     attaaccagt aatgatgatg atgatagtgg ttacaccaac tactaattct aataataaga     86640
     tagtcacatg ttgcttaaca acaaggatac gttctgagaa atgcatcatt aggaaatttt     86700
     gttgtacaaa caccatagag catacttaaa taatctagat ggtatagcct actacgtaca     86760
     taggctatat ggttgaacct attacttcta ggctaaaaag ctgtttgaca tgttactgta     86820
     ctgaatattg taagcaactg taacgcaatg ctatttgtgt acctaaacat atataaacat     86880
     agaaaggata cagtataaat atggtatttt aatcttacgt gaccactgtc atatatgggg     86940
     actgtcattg gcagaaatgt cattatgcgg caaatgactg tatatatata tatatttttc     87000
     ataataagat agtttttagc cttaaaaatt tacaaaatcc tggcatttgt gacaataagt     87060
     gaaataagcc aaacacagaa agacaaacac tatatgattt catttatatg tggaatccaa     87120
     aatagttaaa ttcacataag caaagagtag aatagtggtt gccagagtct ttatgggagg     87180
     gagaaatggg aagatgttgg ccaagggcta caaagtttca gttatgcaag atgcataatt     87240
     tctggggatc taatgcacag caatgtgact atagttaaca acaccattat atacttgaaa     87300
     tttgctaaga gtatacatct caaatgttct cactaaaaaa caaacaaaaa tgaaaataaa     87360
     ggaaaaaata ataaagatgt gagatgatag atattttaaa gagctcaatt gtggtaatta     87420
     tttcacaatg tatatcaaaa tatcaagttg tacaccttaa gtatatactt tttgggggtt     87480
     aattctactt caataaagcc agatagaaaa agaaataccc atcataaata tttaaaaaat     87540
     gatgttacaa atatagttga agatactaaa agacaagtgt atagaaactg ataaaacagt     87600
     attttattac agaaagttat gagagaaaaa aatccaggtg aaacaataga ctgctgcgaa     87660
     attatagaag tagagactgt gcataaagat ttgcttcagg acatttagga aatacccttt     87720
     ttaaaatgcc tatgccacct ttgcagatca actgctttca aaagatattt tttgtttact     87780
     gtattagtct gttctcacag tgctatatac attttttacc tgagactggg tcatttatga     87840
     agaaaagagt tttaactgac tcacaggtct gcaggcttaa caggaagcat gactatgaga     87900
     cctcaggaaa cttatgatca tggaggaatg tgaaagggaa gcaagcacat cttaccatgg     87960
     tggagatgag atttgggtgg ggacacatag tcaaactata ttatttactt ttaccatcaa     88020
     cattatttta aacaattatt tgctaagctt tttggtaagc acttgccata ggctgtcaca     88080
     gttaattttt ctaagaacct tacgtagcca attgctaaca ttttggctat ttcacaaata     88140
     gagaaacagg tttacagggc ttaaaatgcc ttacagaagg ataaacacct agaaatttag     88200
     tagaacaagt attctacata agagctctta ttatggtccc ttaactagta attcaaaaga     88260
     tatattatga aagttatagt caaattgttc acacatttca gcatgggtaa aataacttca     88320
     tctatgtaat tgctggcaag atacttacaa ctctacactt gttcattaat caatatatat     88380
     tatggtgttg taatgctgtc tatggaattg ctgattaaaa ctagtgacaa attttctttt     88440
     tggattcttc aggaaatact ttagaaaata ttcttaatta ttcacaaatg ttattactat     88500
     taaaggtaca tggatatatt tggctacaaa tagtatccat ttgaaaaata tatctggact     88560
     ttgagtgata gtgatgatga tctctcagtt gcacacttat ccatatactc atccaggtat     88620
     atacattgaa tatgtacagc tttctgtttg tcactcatac ctcaacaaag tagtttttta     88680
     aatgtctgga aaatgaaaac agttgtatac aaatatgtat atgtatatat acatatatat     88740
     cattccagca gaaattttag tttattctaa ctagtgaagt ggagatagtt actcaatcaa     88800
     tataagggac aaatttgtaa ttatcaaatt agaattgact aacattgtga tggttaattt     88860
     tatgtgtcga cttgacaggg ttaagggatg cccagatagc tgctaaatca ttatttctgg     88920
     gtgtgtcttt aaagatgttt ctgaaaaaga tcagcattta aatcaggaga ttatgaaaga     88980
     agatcctctc ccactaatga gattgtccat cctcgaattc actgagggcc cacacggaac     89040
     aaaaaggcag aggaagggca catttgccct tttcttgagc tgtcacattc atcttcgcct     89100
     gcccttgaac tttggagttc ctggttctta gaccttcagc ctgggactaa gagttacact     89160
     attgactccc ctggttctca ggccttaaga ctcagacaga attataacac cagctttctt     89220
     gattctcagt ttgcaaaaag cacatcgtag gactttacag catccataat tgcatgagcc     89280
     aattccaata ataaattccc ttttatatat ctgtatacat tctattgatt ctggttctct     89340
     ggaaaacttt tatataaacc tgtatattcc tctattattc aacaatcagc cagcactttc     89400
     ctctaaagat tcagaggagt gtttgagcaa tatctgcttt tactactcac tagaaaggct     89460
     ttgcctccca atgaggtaca aaatcagttt caaagcagat gaaggagccc taattccagt     89520
     gagggtgtct tcctggcttg gacatacggt gccttctttc tatctcctca tgtttctatc     89580
     catttcctct cagtgctctg tttctccata tttattttgg agtggtttct ggacagtcta     89640
     atacaccaca gtttaatatt tttctcttta tggcttatct ataagcacct tcttccaaga     89700
     aacagaaatt ggaatctagg tgttcatttc aacacctagg aattttagtt gatctgtcat     89760
     tttccaacat acttctgaat tgtcttttta ccttacattg tatgtgaaca gcctgtatgc     89820
     aattcggtat cctctagctg catgttattg ttttcttgga atttacagat ttttaaattc     89880
     aaagtcattt agatacaacc tattattttt cagcaaatat ttatactgcc attgttttgc     89940
     tttgtggaag gatgtaattc ctatccctgt caatgttcga tatttttcag caaatattta     90000
     tactgccatt gttttgcttt gtggaaggat gtaattccta tccctgtcaa tgttcgacac     90060
     acagcttgct ttggctaaat gaatgtcatg gaagtgacat atctcatgtt caaacagaga     90120
     atttacatat gcttgggggt tgccttgaag tctttttttt tctttttttt cttttttttt     90180
     tttttttgag atggagtctc gctctgtctg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgcaatc     90240
     tcagctcact gcaagctccg cctcccgggt tcacgccatg ccattctcct gcctcagcct     90300
     cctgagtagc tgggactaca ggcgcccgcc accacgccca gctaattttt tttttttgta     90360
     tttttagtgg agacggggtt tcaccgtgtt agccaggatg gtctcgatct cctgaccttg     90420
     tgatcctccc ccctcggcct taaaattgct gagattacag gcgtgagcca ctgcacccgg     90480
     ccgccttgaa ctcttaaagg cctgtgattc accatgagaa cagcccatgt cccacatggt     90540
     ctggcaaaaa cactgccact gacctacaga tcatgagcaa gaaataaagg tttgttgttg     90600
     aaagacactg aggttttaaa gttgctttca atatagcatc attattgtaa aatagaaaca     90660
     gcaagtctca gagtataaga gatccagata tttgtgattt tattcataac aacttctgtt     90720
     acaactaagt gaacatcagg tgagttactg aaaagctctc tgaacaggaa aattttcggt     90780
     aaggagcaac tcataaatgt aatgccataa tttacatttt tgcaagatgc tacttagaca     90840
     aaggttttgg gggtcaagaa atgcatgcag gtgtgcaata tgagggttag tgtttcccct     90900
     ctcaaatgtt actttctggt actgtgacat ttggcttggt cttccatata tgtacataat     90960
     tctttattta aatttatctc ttcagacact gtcctttcta aaaatgctaa ttttggttta     91020
     attattcgga agcactttat ttaccacttt ttttccccaa ggattcctta ccttggaaat     91080
     attattttta cttcttaaga cactgtttct attcatcctc atgaagctaa cttctattat     91140
     tattcacagt gcagcagagg cagcaactcc tcagggaggc ctttcctctc tattcttata     91200
     tagatacctt gtctcaataa tattctctct taaaccattc ttctttctct cttatttggc     91260
     taatagcccg tagagataag agattatgcc atatttatct gtacctgcaa tattgtaagt     91320
     ccttactaaa tatgaatgta tgagtttttt tttctgtgct ttctgagaat ctctaatttg     91380
     ttggtgcttt tgattctagc cagatttttc cattgtataa cactgaagta aagtaaggta     91440
     gctgtgtgta tctaactgaa ctatcacatg ctatatattt atttatttgc ttcccaaaag     91500
     gatttctggc agaagctcaa attaagacac tggaacaaga aaattaaaga aataaaatga     91560
     tatactgatt tagaaaaaca agctaattca tttacgaatt gaatctcagg attactttta     91620
     aaatcccttg aagccacaga acacatggaa acaaaacata ggtctaagca taaaacaggg     91680
     ggtaacaaac aatataatta gaagattgca attttctaga tgataaagtc taacaagatt     91740
     ttgtactata aataatataa actaaaaaaa tgagtaacaa ttcttaagac aaatttctag     91800
     aaaaaaatgt aaatagtctt atctgaacat ttcttaatta ggcctttgat aatagccaaa     91860
     aacataatat aaagttcagc tatgcactta ctactacagc ctgtgaaaac cttgagacca     91920
     gcattcatgc ttcattcatt tttatttacc tgagaccaag tactacccca cacagtataa     91980
     gtaatgaatt taactataac cttttggcct gtcagctaac agttaagtga atgtgattta     92040
     gatagaaaat gccatattat aagtgtgtta tgtaacatat atgtttaaag tctcctcaaa     92100
     tatataatta tataaaatca tttttactta tttctttcca gtgtattttc aatgtatcaa     92160
     tactctggaa aacagatatt taaagtttta acattttgaa tgaaaagtac ttatgctcta     92220
     aaaaaagcat gcagataatt aatttgaggt tatagaatca aaataatatt ttttacatct     92280
     cacaaagtca ttttctaaat taaaactttc tatagaattt tacagaagta atttctagcc     92340
     caaaatttca ttttaaaatt ttttaaaaat aatttttcaa taattaagcc agtaattaag     92400
     gtaattgatg taaaataagc agaatatttt aaatgccatc attagaaaac agtttttatc     92460
     aaaatcaaca aaatgaacac tcacaatatt aaattgatat aaatagtatt ccatatcagg     92520
     aggcaaacaa tttaaatttt gagttatatg cctgaaagca tagaatacat tttctagcat     92580
     caatcataat aaataataaa ttctcaattc atacttaggt ttctcaatgt cttgttgtta     92640
     cattacttaa tcagtaaagt attatacctt taaacttgat gtagttgttt tatctgggtc     92700
     tttcagaaaa tcagtcaagt tataatttaa aaggacagtg aatagtttaa gcatttttgc     92760
     aattattcct gtcatgtcac attaaagaga aaatatttat gattttagca tgtgttatga     92820
     tgctctaaga ttagggaaag tataaatgga tgtctttgga agttcagatt ttcataagta     92880
     atataaaatt attattcaat taatatagat atctacttac cttccaatgt tgaacaggct     92940
     cagttcacag agaatgagta aaagcatatt ttccacaatc agactccttt ctattgttcc     93000
     agcaacacgt ctgaggagag cacctaattg atgaaaaagc cagatggtga tacttactgt     93060
     gagaattgaa gaaaccaaga atcttggatt atgttaacat gaacagtaat gttgattaac     93120
     cttcataaat tcctccaatt gtctacgtgt ataaatgaca ataaaacaaa aggactgccc     93180
     tatttgaaat attggcaagt gaaatgatca ctctggagaa tacagatctt tgaaatcaat     93240
     tataatctaa attcccaatt actctaataa aagggaaatg aattagcaag atctgtatgt     93300
     tatataattc tgaagcttca tctttataat agatgaattg taaatgtatt agatcaaatt     93360
     ttaaatttgt actagataaa ttgattgtgc tagatcaaat tgtaaagttg atcatttatc     93420
     tgatccatca tttattcatg aagtgctgaa gttgttgtgc ctggtaaaaa tgagtgtcaa     93480
     ataaaagtct accatgactt ctgcataaaa cctacagtaa gtacaggaag attctcagtc     93540
     aacaaaaaca actataattg agccttgagg tataagctat gtccacttaa tactccaatt     93600
     ttcttctacc tctttcaccc ctgaaacaat aagaccaact actcttcctc attcacctca     93660
     gcctagtgaa cagtaagtct attatgatgg aaaccttaat gatgattcac ttccacttaa     93720
     taaacagtaa atatattttt tcttcctttg atattctcag tagcattttc tattctttag     93780
     cttactttat tgtaagaata cagtgtataa tacatgaaac atatgaaaca tgttaattgg     93840
     ctgtccatgt tactggtaaa gcttccagtg aacagtagat tattagtagt taagtttttg     93900
     agaagtcaaa agtcatatat agattttttt attgtgcagg gtgtcagttc ccctaacccc     93960
     cgcattattc aggagtcaac tgtatattgt aaaattaaaa tggataagtc agagaataca     94020
     cttattaaca tgcaatggaa gtttagggta gacagccata tttatttcta ggaaagtcag     94080
     ctataaaagg aattttagta atacacctat acattctgtc ttccttcaga gattaagatg     94140
     gtaggattta tgacttaagt atgtgattct ggagacagac tgaaagctct atagagcatg     94200
     catagatctc ttttgaagtg attaatataa agaggtatcc ttttttgaaa catgggaaaa     94260
     gtcataatta ataactatcc taatgcttcc ttgcctttta aaaaaacata agaagaaatt     94320
     ataggaaaag gaaggcaaga taaaaggatg tgatgataat ttattctttt cacagaaaag     94380
     aataaagcaa acaaatttaa ccgagattct aaaacaaatt cttaacaaac gcatattgta     94440
     gcttttgcag ctattataag agaatcaagg ttgattcaag taagaactga tgcagtggat     94500
     ctgcagagat ccacaattta aggtcttcat tctgcgaagt gagagttaag agtcaatata     94560
     caaaagcatt cagcttgtac ctctggactt tttttttttt tttttaactt ataaggacat     94620
     gaacaccaat ctgcttctag gcatgcacag ctgttcacct ctgtgaagtc caaagcattt     94680
     ctattaacaa agctccactt gaacttcatt ttattttcaa agcagaagca tattgaatgc     94740
     ttgtattagt ccattcatgc atcgctataa agaaactcct gggcctgggt aatttataaa     94800
     gaaaacaggt ttaattggct catgattctg caggctgtac aggaagcatg gcagcatctg     94860
     cttggcttct ggggagacct caggaaactt acaatgacaa gagaagcaaa gggtgagtga     94920
     gcacttcaca tagcccaagc aggaggaaga gagggcagag gtaccacaca ctttcaaaca     94980
     actacctctc atgagaactc actatcctta taacagcact aaggcggggg tggcgttaaa     95040
     ccatgagaaa tcgcccccat tatccaatca cctcccacca ggccctacct ccagcaatgg     95100
     ggattacaat tcaatatgaa accaaacctt atcaaggctc tagaattgtt aggattttgt     95160
     gaactgaatt aatcaaaatc agtattacta ggctaataaa ttacttcaca ttgtttacaa     95220
     tgatgatatt tctggtaatt aattaaacaa tattcttatt tcatagaacg aggtaaagaa     95280
     ggagcatgtc atacaaagag gagtctttgc tcttatccag aagcatatat gaaccttaat     95340
     atttaggtta gacaatgtga ttcatgcaga tatactgaca tacagatata gcaagttttg     95400
     tggggatgat tgaagacgca accctttctg taaccatatg gccgaatcgt catggaagaa     95460
     aggtttgttt cacttagaca aaaacaaatc attaaaatta ggactgaact tttgggtcag     95520
     gtggagtggc tcatgcctat aatctcagca cattgggagg ctgagacagg tggaacactt     95580
     gcggccagga gttcgggacc agcctggcca atgtggagca accttgtctc tactaaaaat     95640
     gcaaaaagaa aaaaaaatta gtcaggtgtg atggcacatg cctataatcc cagctgctca     95700
     ggaggctgag gcatgagaat tgtttgaacc tggaggtgga agttgcagtg agctgagatc     95760
     attccattgc actgcagcct gggtgacaga gtcagactgt ctcaaaaaaa caaaacaaaa     95820
     caaaaaaaac aggcaacttc aactgtataa aaatctcaat ttcagtctta atatctgtat     95880
     gcaaatgata gacagatata gttacaaaga ttatctatca tcatatatat ctatctattt     95940
     gcatatatag agagaaatgg ctagatatag atgtatttat cttacaggta ttaggcaaga     96000
     gcccaagtca gtaaaattct tttaacttga aaattaaaac tcaacatcac aactactaac     96060
     agtggcaata ttaattttaa aagaatatgc ttgacatatc atcaagtatt taaaattcct     96120
     tttctctctt tctctgaagg aaggaaagct ggtgctgtga ttgctacagg ttaatacttg     96180
     ctttttatat tgatttgatc ttaaatattc atgctttaca ataaacccac cagcaggctt     96240
     tgaatttctt atcttattta aagaccattt ggaagattct tctactttca atttattaag     96300
     gctcaaaaat tgttttactt ccctccacaa caaaaattta ttatcacctg aaacttcaga     96360
     aagttgctta ttggcagcca gctgatttca tgggaacata atctaacaac ctcaccatac     96420
     cttttaagaa gccaatgaga caagagacta attattccag tagtcttatt attctatcaa     96480
     atgatcatga aactatgtgc catcacattc taaaatttaa ttataaatat agtatttagt     96540
     attttactat cctgcacaca ttgcaaaata ttatgtatgc ttgcttcact tgtgaaaagg     96600
     aatatttata cactacttca gctgtctaac tccaagtcag atttgagtct tctctctaaa     96660
     aaatttaaaa ataatccagt acttctcata ttccatatga cacagattcg tttcttagca     96720
     gagcaaaaga tttcatgata ggagtagaaa gcactgggag aatgcagaag gctcaaggaa     96780
     ttagaacaga gtagataata atggctaaca ctaattttgt gattactaag tactaagtaa     96840
     gcaaattagg cacttcatgg gtattattgc atgtatcttc ataataaatg aatgaggtca     96900
     tcaccaatat atgcccaatt acacataagt aatggagaat aagcaaccac aaagattgca     96960
     tatctaggta ttattaaagt tgatatttta atttaataat gtctcaaaag cccacactaa     97020
     tgcattaata tatcatattt actcctaaac attttgcagc atctgctcag gtatgtttct     97080
     gtctgaaata atggaaataa aattagttaa cacattgatt ttcttaatat gcattggaac     97140
     ttctgctagg aactttatgt acactacatc aggtccaata cactataagc tattttaaag     97200
     aagtaaatat atataatttc gccgttcatt gggtgaccag gcagtacggc caaggttaaa     97260
     atacaggtaa gtgtcaccag ggaaaagccc agcatgattc aaggtcactg aaaccagaca     97320
     acatgcacac cagcctccag tggtagagaa ttcacttaca gcaagatgag agagaaagtt     97380
     tgcacaggat ctagtccctg gtgatctgtg ggcaccctca cggccagcag gttcattcag     97440
     ctaccttcat gacccttgta gctgctctct ccactttgta ctgcagtgga cggacccata     97500
     cttcgtgggg cctgaaatac agaaacctgg aggcatgcct gagagccact gatgcaggtg     97560
     cctaaacaga acaaaggcat gtacttcaag cccagaccat ggaaagatgt tccctcacaa     97620
     acagatgtgc ccatccaggc cccaggccac tctcaagcag cagatcagag caccagaagc     97680
     tccacatgct gcctttttca agataaataa caaaatatta ttatattact ttaccttacc     97740
     taacctttcc ttaccttaca ttgtgtaata tcacatcata ttagctactt acttttttgg     97800
     gaaataaacc atgtattcag agttttttct gacaaattat ttactttatg ggaaaaagtg     97860
     tgtatatgct gagtataatc ttttagaact tctacatttc catttcattt ttgtcatgat     97920
     ctgtggaact tcaaagaaag atggaatcag aatacaggac aacattgttt tttaatgtca     97980
     atgtcatgta tgtcattagt gtttttgaaa tatacaagaa tgaactggat tttctacatc     98040
     cagcatagca gaaagaactc tgaaaatgtg atcctccaga aaagaaaaag aaagaaagaa     98100
     aaaaaaaagg cactggcaaa aactgttcaa ttaaaccttt tcaaaacttt ggaaattaac     98160
     cctgcttgta ccaatccaag acatgttgtt tcaagaataa ctggctgcat ctcagtgttc     98220
     tccactaaat ttagctactt gaggacaacc cctaagggtt atttgctttt gtgtctccat     98280
     catctcacac agctactgct atatagctta tgttcagtca gtatttctgg aatgatgaag     98340
     gctcatccaa gcctcttaca gagagacttc ccaagccctg caagtcagtg atgactgtct     98400
     tcagcatgca cagcactcag caaaccctta tagaacatct acagaaagaa gacttctctg     98460
     tggggccatg cttgcaaccc cctcctgtgg ttttttcact tcgtcccata actgatccac     98520
     ctctctactc cccattgcca taagcaatct acctaaaaac taaatatgac caggcaattg     98580
     cctttttttt ttttcaaata aatatcttgg ctagtaagtg tcttagccag ttttggctgc     98640
     tataacaaaa tatcatgact tggtggttgc aacaacagaa atgtatttct cacagttctg     98700
     gaggctgaga agtccaagat caatgctggt agatctgatg tctggtgagg gtcagctccc     98760
     tggtttgcaa atagtcatct tttcatcatt tccttacatg gcagagagca gagagcatct     98820
     ttcttttgtg tcttctttta aagacataat cccattcaca atggctccag ccttattacc     98880
     taatcacttc ccaaaggtcc cacctctcaa aaccatcaca tgagatgtta ggatttcaac     98940
     atatgaattt ggaggaaaca caagcattca gtccacaatg gtaacttttt atttttgtaa     99000
     tttttttagc tttaacatcc aaagatggca taactattct ttacaatgct tttggaaagc     99060
     aatttaacaa tatcataatt gactcagtca tttcagccgc tcatgaaaat ctattttaaa     99120
     gaataaacat caatggaaaa taacaatata aacaacaaca aaaataatca gaaggcaaaa     99180
     tatgtaacaa tcaaatttgg ttttgatgtt ttagcagcct cctatggaaa ttttggagat     99240
     ggtatattat atattaccag ataaataaaa agatgtacat tccctaaagt ctctcttatt     99300
     cttctggtag cttatcttaa agtctttatg gaaagtttca taataaccac tcaggatatt     99360
     taaagaaaaa tataacagct aggacaaata gaattatcag gtttatagtg gatctaaaag     99420
     caaatggtat ttggtataca gaattactga agatgtaata gaaatttcct ctgggaatat     99480
     ggcttgattt gtttcttatt tgttgaggga gaaaatctcc ttgcctcatt ttgcctggct     99540
     tgtttgtaat atttactgct gcaaattgaa ttttgcatca tgcttacatg caaaccatct     99600
     ctaagctttt cagtttttcc ttctaattac ttttagattt agattctcta tataaaaatc     99660
     tgcatctcaa actatgtttt cctctctcaa gaatgattat atctttcatg tcttatctgc     99720
     ctctttctct ctgattttcc ttttaaagtc atatctatca ttatatttag taacatttta     99780
     agaatagttt actttcaaaa atcattttag tatgatatgt taatatcatt ttctgtacat     99840
     tctgtttgaa ggaaagatca tgtctcatat aaaataatac actcatattt gcatgtgata     99900
     ggtctaaaac tggtttactg ggttaagtaa aacgctagaa cttgtatgac attatattgt     99960
     gaagcatatt gaaatattaa gctaagtaac attaccgtaa gtgatgtccc actgatgttc    100020
     attgtttcaa gtaaatcttt tccactccta tacaaattgt atcgctaaaa aaaataaaaa    100080
     caacactctc aatgtgttgt aaatcataag aaatatttaa aaaatatata tatatgccat    100140
     gatttttcac ctccaggcct ttgcagaggg taccctatct cagaacactc cccattttct    100200
     gtttatttga caagactccc gtttatattt tagactaggt caaaaatgtc tttctgcgca    100260
     gtgtctttcc ctaagcaatt tattctctgt gctaactttg tcatgattac tacatggcac    100320
     tgtgatttac tttctctaaa aacctgtcac tcactttgtt atactattta ttatacagtg    100380
     acctaggctg gcctgatgat agtactttat tccagtggct accatgattg attcagagtt    100440
     gccacataat ccagcaaagg ttaattatca tctctctctc tcactttgag tggaagaagt    100500
     taactgcatt gcctgtttta tcaagagttt tacccatctt ctcttttctg catgttgacc    100560
     agtagaacat cctattcagc aagagaaagg aaggaaattt cgcatgcaga gaaaaaagaa    100620
     tgtgaggaaa agaagaaaag taaaatgcct ggagacatca aggtctttga tttaaatatt    100680
     tccagaatgt atccttattc ttcatgatta tgcaaaccca ctaatactca tttaggctga    100740
     agctaatttg agataagtta atgtcccgtg gaaatgaaag attcctgact aatatgcata    100800
     cctatgttaa gattaggatt tagttttagt gctggcaaaa cttagttcag tcaattagca    100860
     gttgattaaa agcattttaa ctacattttc tgtaggatta cattctatgg cactaaagcg    100920
     gagggtgttc tgttttacat ttctttgaat actgagtagg agataaaatt atccaactat    100980
     tcaggacaga aggaagctaa agggagaaat atatagttca gtacttaaca attaggagtt    101040
     caaattcctg gaggctaaaa ttctaaaaga aaaacatcac gaggaggaaa aggagagaca    101100
     tcttcatgct tctttggttt actccctctc cttttgtaat aatgtacata atagagaagt    101160
     cccattaaaa accaaatgcc aacaaagaac acattaaagt tgctggtatt tttaattaaa    101220
     atttcctagt tattgttgta gtgagaaggc attttcaatt tcttacataa cactagcgga    101280
     tagggagtta cgaatggtga aaatcaatta catttggttt accatatgga gagctaagta    101340
     tttcagaatt agtttttgct ggcatatgca cctttgtatt ttacaaggga tcaggagaag    101400
     atgcattaca tggaagtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacagggag ctttattgta tcatccccta    101460
     gtgtctagcc agtttgaatt cttctcaagt gagttggcat tttcttatag atcagttaac    101520
     caaaaacatg ttgtcacaaa agagggacat atcactaaag agttaatttg gttacagttg    101580
     ttcgatttaa tgttttgctc tctcttaaaa ctttgcttgc catcccacag taatcgtcct    101640
     gcaagcatga gcactgacac cccaaggaga cagcaatcca gaaacaaatt gagtatttat    101700
     attagaaagg aggaaaccag agagacatag acctatagaa gcacatccac atggttgcac    101760
     acacaagctg actcaggcat tttgtttgta ctttgtaata ggttttgcac actgtggttg    101820
     tctgggcaac agtcagagga caacagaact tcacaaatag tggaagtgaa ggttagtagc    101880
     aaatgtactg taaattaaaa tttactgagt aaaactgtaa tggcataaat ttggcatcta    101940
     tataaaactg tctttttaag ctgactcatc tttttgtcag tcagtctagt tctaagcata    102000
     ttgctgatgt gatcggcctt ttaatcaacc tgaaagtgtc tcatttgtaa agcggtaggg    102060
     aggggagagg ttcatctgag aagtcatctt agactattga cctgatgctt tctgtatgct    102120
     acaaatagaa gcgaagtttc ggatcatcca ctactatggc cttctatgct ctattatctg    102180
     ttgtaatcat ttaaatatag gctttattaa gtaacagaga aaacgtgtaa gtaatttctc    102240
     cagtttacat ttctctagga gttgtattta gagcagataa tacattggat ctatccatat    102300
     gtaagaaaca ttttgatgaa ctatatcaaa gccttgggat tgggttaatt gtgacatttg    102360
     ctgacattgt gactttgaaa tcagctgaaa ttttacaaag aaatttaaaa actgaagagt    102420
     tttaaaccta atatatttgg gcattttttg aacacttttc tttttctttc tcttgttatt    102480
     ctggaagaga aaagatgact gttttcaaaa gacaccttct aactgccaaa tatattaaga    102540
     catacttgtt gaagagccag agtttgtaaa agttaaaaga catgatagtt caggttctgt    102600
     tactgagatg aaactattat atcttgagtc aacggtaaga ttttcaaggg gtttaggcct    102660
     gaggctctgg tgcctttcac tgttgagagt tctctaaaat aacctgaacc ttcatatgtc    102720
     acgatgaaat atatatgcgg gattctttag ttgactttgt gtatatttgg ccaaggttgt    102780
     tcaaaggtaa gatcttgaat aacaaatttt gtcttacatt gtgtttttga ccaaaattaa    102840
     cacaaatact ccacttccaa cgtttcctga agctctgtat caaaaatatc ccacaaatac    102900
     tagtttccat gattcttttt ctataaaaca agaataaaaa catcttgcct ctgagaattt    102960
     ttataataag taccatgttg agcaaatttt cacaggaaag ttttgaataa aaacctcatc    103020
     cagggaaata aaaattctag tttaaagaaa ctttagaagg atgttaacag aaaacatggt    103080
     agttgtgtta cttgtgatgc aattgaatcc acatcagtag cttattaatg ggatactgga    103140
     ttaattgaca tgacaagcat attgaaagtg cttatctttt cctgacatgg tatggtggtt    103200
     ctaatttggg tataaaccaa ctggattgtg tgctattggg gtgtagaagc agggaagttg    103260
     cattttgttg actctactgg caaccataaa aaagtattgg aatttcagct tggtccttct    103320
     catattatat gagctgaaat gagtctaaaa atgaaaatat cccacggcaa tctaatatac    103380
     atgtctttct cattttatat agttcattaa agcctctata tttcttatat aattatatta    103440
     ttaaagtata tttctaaaat tcagtaaaat taaaaaatac agccattagg tggtaaaata    103500
     gtttataggc attatcctgg attaaataaa caataatgtg ttacaatatt cgataaaata    103560
     tatttaaata gttatgaaac atgtcctgaa agaggtaata gtaaggtgat taaccatcat    103620
     ttgagagaca ttggagacaa cagagtcaca aaagagagga agaaaaaaga ggggaaagtg    103680
     ctaaaacaca aaaatgtaaa ttaacattgc aataccaagg acagtgacag cacatgagtt    103740
     tgggttggaa tggcatattc atttattcat ttactaaaca aaaatgcaga atgcctgtta    103800
     tatttcaggc acttcaatag ttaggattgt cacatatgat atgaaatgcc cagttaaatt    103860
     tgaattttac ataaacaaca aatatgtttt cagaggatat gtgaccctta caatatttag    103920
     gacacgctta tactaagaac ttacttttct tgtttatcta aaaatcacat ttaaggggat    103980
     gttctgtatt ttaaatttgc taaatctggt gaccccaaat agatgtggag agagaacaat    104040
     aaaaaataca taatatttga tgtcaaacaa cttagaagca tagaaatgta tgaaaacaga    104100
     cagatgtttt aaattgccaa aatttgtaca cctaaaatat taatagagtg aaataaaact    104160
     ttttttaggg aaattaagtg gtttgactca ccacctcaac attatttaat cctttcaagt    104220
     caaatctatt tctgaccatc catgcaaacg ctggttgcct tcatcacccg gtggaggtag    104280
     tatttctttt attttttttt tctttttact ttaagcttta gggtacatgt gcacaacgtg    104340
     caggtttgtt acataggtat acatgtgcca tgctggtgtg ctgcacccat taactcgtca    104400
     tttaacatta ggtatatctc ctaatgccat ccctcccccc tccccccacc ccacaacagt    104460
     ccctggtgtg tgatgttccc cttcctgtgt ccatgtgttc tcattgttta attcccacct    104520
     atgagtgaga acatgcggtg tttggttttt agtccttgcg atagtttgct gagaatgatg    104580
     gtttccagct tcatccatgt tcccacaaag gacatgaact catccttttt tatggctgta    104640
     tagtattcca tggtgtatat gtgccacatt ttcttaatcc agtctatcct tgttggacat    104700
     ttggattggt tccaagcctt tgctattgtg aatagtgctg caataaacac atgtgtgcat    104760
     gagtctttat agcagcatgt tttataatcc tttgggtata tacccagtaa tgggatagct    104820
     gggtcaaatg gtatttctac ttctagatcc ctgagaaatc gccacactga cttccacaat    104880
     ggttgaacta gtttatagtc ccaccaacag tgtaaaagtg ttcctatttc tccacatcct    104940
     ctccagcacc tgttgtttcc tgacttttta atgatcacca ttctaactgg tgtgagatgg    105000
     tatctcattg tggttttgat ttgcatttct ctgatggcca gtgatgatga gcattttttc    105060
     atgtgtcttt tggctgcata aatgtcttct tttgagaagt gtctgttcat atcctttgcc    105120
     cacttgttga tggggttgtt tgcttttttc ttataaattt gtttgagttc attgtagatt    105180
     ctggatatta gccctttatc agatgagtgt attgcaaaaa ttttctccta ttctgtaggt    105240
     tgcctgttca ctctgatggt agtttctttt gctgtgcaga ggctctttag tttaattaga    105300
     tcccgtttgt caattttggc ttttgttgcc attgcttttg gtgttttaag acatgaagtc    105360
     cttgcccatg cctatgtcct gaatggtatt gcctaggttt tcttctagcg ttttaatggt    105420
     tttaggtcta acatgtaagt ctttaatcca tcttgaatta atttttgtat aaggtttaag    105480
     gaagggatcc agtttcagct ttctacatat ggctagccag tttacccagc accatttatt    105540
     aaatagggaa tcttttcccc atttcttgtt tttgtcaggt ttctcaaaga tcagatagtt    105600
     gtagacatgt ggcattattt ctgtgggctg tgttctgttc cattggtcta tatctctgtt    105660
     ttggtaccag taccatgctg ttttggttac tgtagccttg tagtatagtt tgaagtcagg    105720
     tagcgtgatg cctccagctt tgttcttttg gcttaggatt gacttggcaa tgtgggctct    105780
     tttttggttc catatgaatt ttaaagtttt ttccaattct gtgaggaaag tcattgttag    105840
     cttgatgggg atggtatgga atctataaat taccttgggc agtatggcca ttttcacgat    105900
     attgattctt cctacccatg agcatggaat gttcttccat ttgtttgtat cctcttttat    105960
     ttcattgagc agtggtttgt agttctcctt gaagaggtcc ttcacatcca ttgtaagttg    106020
     gattcttagg tattttattc tctttgaagc aattgtgaat gggagttcac tcatgatttg    106080
     gctctctgtt tttcttttat tggtgtataa gaatgcttgt gatttttgca cattgatttt    106140
     tgtatgctga gactttcctg aagttgctta tcagtttaag gagattttgg gctgagacga    106200
     tggggttttc tagatataca gtcatgtcat ctgcaaacag ggacaatttg actttctctt    106260
     ttcctaattg aatacccttt atttcattct cctgcctgat tgccctggcc agaacttcca    106320
     acactatttt gaataggagt ggtgagagag ggcattccta tcttgggcca gttttcaaag    106380
     ggaatgctcc cagtttttgc ccattcagta tgatattggc tgtgggttcc tcataggtag    106440
     ctcttattat tttgagatac gtcccattaa tacctaattt attgagtttt tagcatgaag    106500
     ggctgttgaa ttttgtcaaa ggccttttct gcatctattg agatgatcat gtggtttttg    106560
     tcattggttc tgtttatatg ctggattacg tttattgatt tgtatatgtt gaaccagcct    106620
     tgcatcccag ggatgaagcc cacttgatca tggtggataa ggtttttgat gtgctgctgg    106680
     atttgatttg ccagtatttt attgaggatt tttgcatcaa tgttcatcaa ggatattggt    106740
     ctaaaattct ctttttttgt tgtgtctctg ccaggctttg gtatcaggat gatgctggcc    106800
     tcataaaatg agttagggag gattccctct ttttctattg attggaatag tttcagaagg    106860
     aatggtaccg gctcctcctt gtacctctgg tagaattcgg ctgtgaatcc atctggtcct    106920
     ggattttttt tggttagtag gctattaatt attgcctcaa tttcagagcc tgttattggt    106980
     ctattcagag attcaacttc ttcctggttt agtcttggga gagtgtatgt gtcaaggaat    107040
     ttatccattt cttctagatt ttctagttta tttgcgtaga ggtgtttata gtattctctg    107100
     atggtagttt gtatttctgt cggatcagtg gtgatatccc ctttttcatt ttttattgtg    107160
     tctatttgat tcttctctct tttcttcttt attagtattg ctagcgatct atcaattttg    107220
     ttgatctttt aaaaaaaaac cagctcctgg attcattgat gttttgaagg gtttttttgt    107280
     gactctattt ccttcagtcc tgctctgatc ttagttattt attggcttct gctagctttt    107340
     gaatgtgttt gctcttgctt ctctggttct tttaattgtg atactagggt gtcaatttta    107400
     gatctttcct gctttctctt gtgggcattt agtgctataa atttccctct acacactgct    107460
     ttgaatgtgt cccagagatt atggtatgtt gtgtgttttt tcttgttggt ttcaaagaac    107520
     atctttattt ctgccttcat ttcgttatgt acccagtagt cattcaggag caggttgttc    107580
     agtttccatg tagttgagcg gttttgagtg agtttcttaa tcctgagttc tagtttgatt    107640
     gcactgtggt ctgagagaca gtttgttata atttctgttc ttttacattt gctaaggagt    107700
     gctttacttc caactatgtg gtcaattttg gaataggtat ggtgtggcgc tgaaaagaat    107760
     gtgtattctg ttgatttgtg gtggagagtt ctgtagatgt ctattgggtc cgcttggtgc    107820
     agagctgagt tcaattcctg gatatccctg ttaactttct gtctcgttga tctgtctaat    107880
     gttgacagtg gggtgttaaa gtctcccatt attattgtgt gggagtctaa gtctctttgt    107940
     aggtctctaa ggacctacaa aaaagttaac tcattttcat gttaaaataa acataggcac    108000
     tcagttttga atgctgattt caacaggcgt gagcccgtgc gcccagcgac tttcaaggtc    108060
     tcaaaatgac tactgcagct ccaggcattg catacgcatt actggaaaaa aataaaaaga    108120
     aactcaaagc atgtctcttt aaggcatatt aatcatattt gtgtatgtgc ctcttattac    108180
     tttttagatc aaggtaaaac tcttgttaca taaaattcac tatttttaaa tgtacagttc    108240
     agtaacttat agtgcattca caatgttgtg cgatcatcat ctctatctag ttctaaaaca    108300
     ttttcaccat cacaaaagaa agccctgtac caattaagcg gttacttccc aacccatgga    108360
     aaatactaat ctgttttcta tctctatgca ttcatctgtt ctggatattt catacatata    108420
     gaattacata ctttgtcttt tgtgtctaac ttatttcact tagcataatg tctttaaggt    108480
     tgagtcacat tgtggtatgt attagtactt cactcctttt tctttttttt tttttttttt    108540
     ttttgacgga gtctcactct gtggcccagg ctggatggag tgcagtggca tgatctcggc    108600
     tcactgcaag ctccgcctcc cgggttcacg ccattctcct gcctcagcct ccgagtagct    108660
     gggactacgg gcgcccgcca ccactcccag ctaatttttt gtatttttag tagagagggc    108720
     gtttcaccgt gttaaccagg atggtctcaa tctcctgacc tcgtgatccg cccgcctcgg    108780
     cctcctaaag tgccgcgatt acaggcgtga gctaccgcgt ctggcctact tcactccttt    108840
     tttatgacta cctaaaattc aattgtatgg ctataaccca ttttttttcc attcatctgc    108900
     tgatggacat ttaatgtgtt tctacctttg ggctattgag aatagtgctg ttataatcac    108960
     tcatacaagt atttgtttaa atacctgttt tcaattttgg ggggctatat acacaggaat    109020
     agaatttctg gctcatagat aattctatgt ttaacttttt gagccagtaa caaactattt    109080
     tccaaagaga ctacgacatt ttacatgcca atcagcaata atgatgggta ttattttttc    109140
     acatctttgc cggttactgc tatttttcat taaataattt atagccatga atgtgaagtg    109200
     gtatctcatt gtggttttga tttccattat tctactaaat aatgatgttg agcatctttt    109260
     tatatgtttg ttagtcattt gcataatttc tttggagaaa tgtttattca agtctttcac    109320
     ccatttttaa attgaattgt ctgctctttt gtttttaagt tgtaagagtt cttttgttgt    109380
     tgagttgtaa gagttcttta tgtattctgg atattagaca cttatcaggt atataatttt    109440
     caaatatttc ttccatttca aaggttgact tcttacatcc tcgatattat ctttgataca    109500
     caaatttttt taatttttat gaagtccaat ttaatttcta tgaaattgta tagttttagc    109560
     agttacaatt agttgtttga tgtattttga gttgatttgt ctgtttactg taggacaggc    109620
     agcatccacc ttcaatattt tacatgtgga tatacagttg atcaaacagc atttgttgaa    109680
     gagattctcc tttccccatt ggctggtctt cgcatccatg ataaaaatca attgaacata    109740
     gggcatggga ttatgtatgg cctctcaatt ctattccatt attctatatg tctattatta    109800
     caccaacacc ctactgttta tattacagta gctttgcagt aagctttgaa attggaaagt    109860
     gttagtcctc caattttgat ttttcttcaa cattgcagtg tgtattctgg atctcttaca    109920
     gatcagcttt tttaaatctg caacaacaac aacaaaataa catttcaagg tttttattga    109980
     gactgcattt tgtcttctga tcactttggg tagtattttc attttgtcaa tattaagtct    110040
     cccaatacat gaacacagca tgtttttcta tgagacatta tttttattaa ctctttgtca    110100
     gccattaaca tctacatatc acaggccaca gccatatcat atccctgtaa ctaacaggaa    110160
     accttggaaa ttaagttcag ctcttgctgc cctgaaagtg tcagggttaa gttataaaga    110220
     aggaatataa aattaatatt gaggaattga gtaattagca gtgtctgcta cacctcatta    110280
     tgaccaaact gatgtagaac tcacagtttc cagtttcata atcatgtttt tgaatgcatt    110340
     aaaattagac tttttaaaaa tgaaattatc taaaattgta gaaagctaag aaccactctg    110400
     tgaagagctg tggctgttac tggagcccct acacattgtt ctcatgtcat gaaagctggc    110460
     ttctcagagt caacaatttc aagagacaag aagtaggttt agccctggaa attgatatag    110520
     catcaattct gacacattct actgggcaaa ggactcataa agcctgtaca tattgcagat    110580
     cgagagaaag agggcccact gctagataag aggaatatga aaaaatttgt agctgtatgc    110640
     agaccaataa aatctgcacc tgagccacaa attatttaca ttcctgacac atacagaatg    110700
     ccccatttcc aagactctaa aatgtttaac ccattagtcg aacaggatta ggcttaagtt    110760
     ccaagatctc atcatataaa tcaggttcag gaatgaatta tatttctcag gggcagttat    110820
     tcttagctct aaagatctgt gaactaaaga gacaagttat ctgcctggaa ttattctgag    110880
     gaatttatgt aggataaaag agtctagtca cagatgtaat cttacttaaa gttatttcat    110940
     actttaagaa tcttttacgg aaagagccta gaaatgagaa agtttcattt tcaaatttag    111000
     aattttctgc tttttaatat ttctcctaaa tgctactcaa aattgcaacg gttcttttta    111060
     aaatttatct atctttccct gggttatatc ataggcagct agtaaaagtc agatgccact    111120
     ttctatgttg ttcctaaaaa atctctcctg ctaaattggc tgcttaatta gacagtcttt    111180
     atattttcca tattcccaca ggtgacattg ttgccaaatt tgcccctact acatgaaagt    111240
     tatacctttc ctctagcatt caacatcttc ttactgtctt tcaagtcatt aagcattctt    111300
     gaggatctcc tagctttcac acacaatctt gccaaaaccc ttccagcctc tgctcactgc    111360
     ctagcttgaa agccaatgtc atacatctta agttactggt gtgtagtact tcacttttat    111420
     gtaccaaatt tctgtttcgg ttttatatta ctaagtaata aactacctta tcatttagtg    111480
     gcttaaacca acgaaattat tttgtgggtc ataaatttgg ggaaactttg actagagtat    111540
     tttcctctaa actccatagt gttaagtggg ctggctaggg ctggaggatc tactttctgg    111600
     atcactttct tactcacatg tctagcacta ggattgggat gctagtagcc agttagcagt    111660
     tgatgctggg agctgttaac aacagtgcct acatgtggtt tctccatatg ccttgggttt    111720
     ctccaagtac tgtggctgag tcccaaaggg aatacaatta taagcaaata ttttcagagt    111780
     agatgtagaa gcacccagtg ccttagggcc tcagcccaga aataggtaca aattgattct    111840
     accatattct attcttagaa agtcacagat cctgcccaga ttcacgggaa cgggaaataa    111900
     tatacccctc ctaaaaatag aaggtgtgtc aaagaattta tagccatctt ttatgttgaa    111960
     tatatcactg gcaaaattta ttgaagttga atatgtgtat atcttttaac gcaacattct    112020
     tttacttcca gtatatttca gtaaacatat atgcaacata catgtgtaca tgatccccaa    112080
     agacaagtgt tctcacaata gtactatttt taacttttca aaaacaaaaa cacttagatg    112140
     aatattaaca ataaaattga tacatttctg tatcataaca cagagctaca aaatacagaa    112200
     ctgaacactg aataatctac aactatacag atacatatgg aaaaaaatta caggcattac    112260
     gtgggatgta acgttaggac aaaatattac atactctcat ttcatttata taaagttaaa    112320
     aaaggcaaac tgaatctatt gggtcaaatg ttgatatgag tcatggatta atcttctatg    112380
     gtgttgggaa tgttcagtgt cctggtcttt ttttctgttt tgtttgtgat aacatgtaca    112440
     tttttctttt tgtgtattct accacaataa tcatttcccc aaaaaaagac aaaaatatta    112500
     tttcatattt gtttcctatg attctatgac aaattatcac aaatttaaca gactaaaaca    112560
     gcccaaattt attatcttac agttctgaag gtcagaagta caaaattggt cttactgagc    112620
     tcatatcatt gtggccaggg ctgcattcct tctagagact ctaaggaaaa attagcttct    112680
     ttgctttatt caccttctag agtccatcag cattccttgg ttcatggcct tcttccaact    112740
     tcaaatacag cattataaca ttttaaaatt tctcttcgat tgtgagtcta ctgcattgtg    112800
     ataaaattga gtccacaaaa atagggtagt ctacctatct caagtctctt aacttaatca    112860
     catttgcaaa gtcccttctg ctatgtaagg aaacatattc acaggttcta gggattagaa    112920
     catagacatc ttaacctcaa cataataaaa gccatatatg acacatccat ggttagtatc    112980
     atactgaatg gggaaaactg aatgacaaga atgcccactg tcattactgt tattcaacat    113040
     agtactagta gtcctagcta gagcatcaaa taagagaaag atataaaatg taaccatgtt    113100
     gaaaaggaag aagtcaaatg atccctgttt tcagataata tgatcttata tttgaaaaaa    113160
     aatctaatga ctgcacaaga aaactataaa aattcagtaa agtggcagga tacaaaataa    113220
     acatacccaa atcaggacat ttctatatgt caacagtgaa cagtacaaaa aagaaatttt    113280
     aaaagcaatc ctatttacaa cagccacaca gaaaattaaa taaacaaaga agtgaaagat    113340
     ctctataata aatcaaataa ttaaaaaata tttataatac attacaacaa agaagtgaaa    113400
     gatgtctata atagaaacca taaaacactt ttgaagagaa caccaaaaaa ctagaaaaaa    113460
     attcaatgtt catggattag aagaatcaat attattaaaa tgcccatact gcccaaagca    113520
     atctacagat tcagtgtaat ccctatcaaa ataccaatga cattctttac agaaatagag    113580
     aaaactatgc taacatttat gtggaaccac aaagcaccaa gaatagctaa agctatccca    113640
     agcaaaaaga acaaaactgg agaaattaca ttacattacc tgacttcaaa ttatactaca    113700
     aagctttagt aaccaaaaca acatggcact ggcaaaaaat agacacatag accaaagtaa    113760
     cagaatagag aaaccagaaa caaatccata cacctacagt atactcattt tcaacaaatg    113820
     taccactagg gaaatgatag tctcttcaat aaatggctct cggaaaaccg gacatccata    113880
     tgcagaagaa tgtgcccctg tctcttgcca tatacataaa tcaaaatgaa ttaaagactt    113940
     aaatctaaga cctcaagcta taaaacttct acaaaaattt taaagaaagt gtccaggaca    114000
     ttagtctggg caaaagtttc ttcagcaata ccacacaagc acaggaaacc aaagcaaaaa    114060
     cggacaaatg ggatcatatc aagttaaaaa gcttctgaat agcaaagaat acaatcaaca    114120
     aagtggagag acaccccaca ggatgagaga aaatattttc aaactaccca tctgacaagg    114180
     gattaataac tagaatatat aaggagctca aacaactgta taggaaaaaa tctaataatc    114240
     caatcaaaag atgggtaaaa gatttttcaa aagaagacat acaaatggca aacaggcatt    114300
     taaaaagggg ttcaacatca ctgaccatta cagaagtgca aatcaaaact acattgaggt    114360
     atcatctcac ccctgttaac gtgacttata tccaaaaaac aggagataac aaatgctggt    114420
     gagaatatag agaaaaggaa acccacatac actgttggtg tgaatgcaaa ttagtacaac    114480
     tatggagaac aatttggagg tttcttcaaa aactaaaact ggagatacca tatgatctag    114540
     caatccaagt gctggatata tacccacaag aaaaaaaaat cagtgtatca aactgatatc    114600
     tgcaccccta tgtttgctgc agcactgttt ccaattgcta agatttggaa acaactaagt    114660
     gtccaccaac agatgaatgg ataaagaaaa tgtggtacat atactcaata gagtactatt    114720
     tagccataaa aaagaatgag atccagtcat ttgcaacaac atggatagaa ctggagatga    114780
     ttatgttaag cgaagtaact caggcacaga aagacaaaca ttacattttc tcatttattt    114840
     ttggaatcca aaaattaaaa catttgaact catggatata gtagaaggat ggttatcaga    114900
     ggctgagagg ggtagtgggg aaaaagcagt gaggtgggga tggctaataa gtacaaaaaa    114960
     tagttagaaa aaatgaataa tatctattat ttgatagcac aataggggga ttatagtcaa    115020
     taattactta actatacatt ttaaaataat gtagctcagt ggataaatgc atgagagatg    115080
     tatatcctat tcttcatgat gggcttattt cacattgcat gcctgtatca aaaaacctca    115140
     tgtaccccat aaatatattc acccactatg tacccacaaa aattgaaaat aaaataaatt    115200
     tataaaaata atggattttg tcttcagaga atcctgtcag agtatccata atgttataaa    115260
     agaatttcaa gaaagatgtt tcctaagttt cctatgttcc aatatcacct ctgaatttct    115320
     gccctaaccc ggaacacaat tccagtattt tccaattcaa aaaaactttg caggattgtg    115380
     atatcattat aaacagctta tgatctcagt ggcttaacca caacaatgtt ctttttgctc    115440
     acaatgtatg tcagcagcag ttctctggaa ctgctccagc cattgaagtc aactatgatt    115500
     ttgtttcatt ctgcttggct ctaccccatg aattttcttt attcaaatat tcagactaaa    115560
     gcagaaacca ctttaaaaca tgctgttctt tttagaagag tactatccaa aacataaaat    115620
     gactcgaagt ttccacttag aatatgcata catcacttct gctcaaatcc cattgggtaa    115680
     gtaagccata tggaccaacc atagctcaaa gaggtaaagg aataaagctc tcctgcagga    115740
     gaactctggc ttctatgtac aacaaactct ggcctcaggg aaggcctatt ctgcatttcc    115800
     ttttattttg aattttaaaa attcccctta tttcttcttg taatcaatta taatgttata    115860
     atttataata atatgataat tccctccaca taaatgagtc tttgtttctt acaaagaaat    115920
     gtaaccaaat taaataatta tacttgagtt tatcagatat atacttcatt atctatacct    115980
     ataaccacta agtagtgttt gatacctact aaatgttcaa taatagctac acaacttaca    116040
     ctaattgcca gagagaaatc attcattttc atttaatcaa attaaaatga gaggaatctt    116100
     attattatat cagttcaaaa taaacaggaa ttgaagtttt agaagtttaa ttgggtccaa    116160
     gattatacag ctagagaatt acagagacag gatttgaacg caggcaatct gactcaaaaa    116220
     ccatgcatgg aactgaaatt tatgaattta attgaaataa ggaatattat gtttaattag    116280
     gatgtagtaa tcttcaatga tacatattac ttcaatttct aggttgtata tttaatcaac    116340
     aaaacgtatt taagttatgt aaaattaaat cttcaaggaa tttttagata atagttacat    116400
     ataccaaatt ataaattgca tattctcttg cagctgcttt taatgtgaca gtttttagaa    116460
     ctacaggaat gtaggtcgtt tttttgcaaa tatgaccaca ataaattctt ctataccagc    116520
     attcatactg ctttctaatt aactctattt tcccatcaag aagtatttct actcctgaat    116580
     tcaggtttga gaaagaaaat taatcaatag gaatgttata ccaacatttc taaaagcagt    116640
     gttattaatt cagcatataa gcaaaagatt ttaattaaat gaaagaaact caggcttgcg    116700
     cattgctatt tttgtggttt agaaccattg tggatagata ctacacagca aaatgagcat    116760
     attttcaaag aaagacagta ggcattaaat taaaatatat caatgtatac tattctaaac    116820
     tatgaataaa tgtctcaaaa atttgaatct atccacagtg ctaatgttta tatcttcttt    116880
     tatatgcaga aatatctttt tatagtttaa gttccgttat aaattacagt gttgtctttg    116940
     tttaagtttt tcctcagctt aataacaata ataataataa taatagaatc agggtgaaga    117000
     actacttttc gcaatcaagt gatgtcttcg tttgaaaagt acaaacaata ttctgctttt    117060
     caataaatat gttaaaatgg cattgttatc agagtcattt atttgatgat caaaaaaaca    117120
     aaaaaaattc aaaacataaa catcaaatat atcctaaggg aattcattaa atttcatata    117180
     attgatattg ttaatataat acctctttac taaagcttat aaaatttatt tcaattatgt    117240
     gtttgaagga taaatagtgc tgttataaat atttggtcta tgtatttcaa ataaacatgt    117300
     caaataaatg atgatttctc aaatattaaa gtatacataa atgtatctct catttaacaa    117360
     gtctacttat aggatctatt ccaaatgtac actgacaaaa gcatgaaaag atgtatacac    117420
     gagggtattt gttgtagacc tacttgtcat agcagaaagc tggtaaaaac tcaatattca    117480
     aaaataggga actagttcaa tgaccagaga aaatgcatac aataaagtac tgaaaaaaga    117540
     aatcagtact gagaaatttt tctttatttt gttaagaaaa tataaccagt ttatttttaa    117600
     gttaaacata ataatagttt gaaatacatt tatttactta cgctcctttg aggctcagaa    117660
     caattaacaa gtgccagcca aagaagctca catatataca aatatctgct ttcttgttca    117720
     aaataatcat agaaggataa ccataatatt ttttaaatat ttcctatagg gtaaggaagg    117780
     gaatcgattg gaggggatat gattagaacc tagccttcta tgaatgcaca ttatattgta    117840
     aatataattt tggaaacaca taaacacttt atatgattat aaaattaaat tcaaaagaag    117900
     caagtcctaa tcatttaaac tgaaacaaat gaaactatgt atacagttat atagtggaag    117960
     tattccaagt gacaataagg cacaataatt tgattgtgca tcctagcgaa atataccctt    118020
     gggataaaaa catattcaaa acaatattta cattaatata attgctcttt tttgatgaat    118080
     tcgattattt atggtgtcat cattttgaga aggttaagca tgtagtacaa ataagtaagt    118140
     aggtttgtgt aataagaaat taaatttttt gatgtgctgc tggactcagt ttgtcagtat    118200
     tttattgagg atttttgcat caatgttcat cagggatatt ggcctgaaat tttctttttt    118260
     tgttgtgttt ctgccaggtt ttggtatcag gataatgctg gcctcataaa atgagttagg    118320
     aaggagtccc cctttttctg ttgtttggaa taatttcaga aggaatggta ccagctcttc    118380
     tttgtacttc tggtagaatt cagctgtgaa tccgtctggt cctgggcttt ttttggttgg    118440
     taggctgtta attactgcct caatttcaga gcctgttatt ggtctattca gggattctac    118500
     ttcttcctgg tttagtcttg ggagggtgtg tgtgtccagg aatttatcca ttcctacaaa    118560
     cctgcatgtt ttgtacatgt atcccagaac ttaaagtaaa atttaaagaa atttaaattt    118620
     aaaaacaagt gaaaaaagga aaaaagaaat taaattcttt ttgtgtggaa atatagaaat    118680
     agaaatataa gaatgatgag ataaattagg agtcacataa ttctgaaggc caattggaaa    118740
     tagaagttta aactttgttt tgtctgtctg aacccatggc tggagttatc ccagaagtgt    118800
     tggcatggaa ttctcacagg agtctgcccc aaactgtcac aaaatgggat tggaattgtt    118860
     ggaattccaa agaaagaagc actgagtacc agggagatca gtccaaagga ttcttaaggg    118920
     aaacttacac agggagtgct acagtgaccc ttgcgatggg cagacagaaa acagatgtac    118980
     ctacgtatgt cccctataaa gtttatataa aagtttgagg aatttaggtt agggccagag    119040
     atagttttta ctgtttacca acatatttga tctttgggta ttttaggcaa cagcccaaag    119100
     aagttcatca gtacatggaa acgttcaagg cccctgcata ggttcaagcc tgaaggtaaa    119160
     aacatgcagc tagttgcttc acagagaggt caaggcactc ccacaaacac atatgatttt    119220
     tttttttttt ttggtaaata catattttga agctctatta gttaaaacca gctggaaaca    119280
     aggaccacat atgtaactat gaacaccctg cttttacaga ttttcccaaa aaagcatttc    119340
     ctctgaaagg gacaaggttt ctaagagaaa gggctgcttc atgtctgaga cagaaaatgt    119400
     gtaagatgat ccttgagcat taagggcacc aacaaagact gccaggatca catcaaaaga    119460
     actcaaatgc caaattgaac actctcaaag acacatctag aataaagttt gaccaaatgt    119520
     ctgggcaccc tggggcccac ttatgtttac acaaaaaatt agccaccaca ttgcccatca    119580
     atacaaatgt gaaactctga agatcccaat gaaacaaaga gaaaaatgga gacaattgtg    119640
     cacaaattta gattttaagt ttctctatat atttcacagc tggtaggcaa ctgaataaga    119700
     agagggaatt attttccctt aattttctag atttcagaac tgagtcttga cagtaatttg    119760
     tagtttaggg gcatgtgtat ttagttataa tctaaataat gcttcaaaat gtattaagtt    119820
     attatgtaca aattagctta tttgattcct cagaacagtg ttataaaggg aggagcctat    119880
     tttttttcca atatctttta aattaggaaa caggctcaaa gatcttagtc tagggatata    119940
     ttttacagca tatcaaaagt taaaatgggt atcaaatgta gaccctagtt caccatttta    120000
     ttcacaaatt aaaattaaga taatgaaata tcgcttcaca cctatcaact cagcaaaatc    120060
     ttcaagagga tatgaggcag aaaatgttat catctattac tgataggaac atataaatgt    120120
     cactgcatgt tagaaaggta aagttttgca gtacttttgg aaaccacaac aatgcctttt    120180
     aattaaaaaa aaatacgtaa ggccgggcac ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttc    120240
     gggacgccaa ggcaggtaga tcacttagtc aggaaatcga gaccatcctg gctaacatgg    120300
     tgaaacccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaac aaaattagcc agcccggtgg cgggcgcccg    120360
     tagtcccagg tactggggag gctgaggcag gagaatggca tgaacccagg aggcggagct    120420
     tgcagtgagc cgagattgcg ccactgcact ccagcctggg cgacagagcg agactccgtc    120480
     tcaacaacga caacaacaaa aaatacataa atacttaaat ccagccatgc tacacctaga    120540
     aatttattta gtgaaagcta aacatcaaca tataagattt gatgttcata caaaatacaa    120600
     aaagatattg attacaatat tgtccataat ggttaaaact gtacagtaag agaaatcaga    120660
     tcaacattgg aatggatatg tatggtatat tcccaaataa cagatcataa accttttaaa    120720
     gggttaatta tttaaagaat gaaataatgt catatatact ggtgaatttg aactatggaa    120780
     tagatacatc ttttaaaaga atataaaaat gatattgaat tagattttca gaaactacta    120840
     ttgaataaga cagttacaga aaagtgagta taataggatt ccattttctg taaaaaacaa    120900
     tttaaaacag tttagtttcc ccgcccccaa catataatgg attagaggct tttagcatgc    120960
     ttcagccact tggaaataac aaaacagtgc ataaaaatca attctgtgag ctttaattca    121020
     acaaggaaaa tgagaatcca ccagaatcac gaaggacacc ccagatcctg gggagaacac    121080
     cggcaaagag tacccatgat ggcatctgac tgttaaaagt gagtgaagcc ctcggaagtg    121140
     agagaggaag acagcctccc tctctgctga acctttccag tagtaatccg agcaaccctg    121200
     gacgaacgag aggattgtgt ttctcccaag acctggaact aatggggaga ggcttggaca    121260
     tgctgtgagg aaaagatact gggaaaagct gcagacatct accgtagaca caggacgaaa    121320
     agcaggacgc catttttaat ccaggtgcgt acaaaatctg ccattctttg gcaactctac    121380
     agcgtgactg cataggcatt ttagtgtcgg gccagagatt agagcaccca ccctggagtg    121440
     gggcaaggac cttcacagcc agaattgtgc agtgcctcag cagcaggtgc tggaattggg    121500
     ttctccccgc gcacagtatg gagccggagg atagctgcta cagttgcaat ttctccgggg    121560
     cagcaagact tgcagccaag tccagcttgg caacctaaaa ctggtctgtg tgtgccattg    121620
     ctgggagccc cagcctgctt ccctaaaatt gcggtccagt ggtgccctct ctgcttcata    121680
     tccaggcaga tctccaggca tttggaatac ccattaagtt ggattggcag cctaatgctc    121740
     cccacttttc atgtgcagag accctggggc agagaggctg tctctgcttc atgtccatgc    121800
     aaatctccag gcattcagag cacccactca tctgttacag cagcttaagc catcccaccc    121860
     ttcctgggct tagaggagga tggtgcattg gggctgtctc cgttctgcgt tcaggcagat    121920
     gtctgggcat gtggagcacc tgcttgcttg gttcagcagc ctcagttaac ccaccctttc    121980
     tgtgcagaga tattggtgca ggggcccttc tctactccat tcccaggcaa atctccaggc    122040
     atctggagca cccattctcc tggtttagta gctcaggtca tcccccctaa gggtacagaa    122100
     cttgaggctg agagtatttc ccaggtccat tcctaggcac acctcagggc acttggtggc    122160
     cacccactgg attcttcctt gatgctggtc tttgtgcctg tcatgggggg acctataggc    122220
     ggacctgcct ggtccagctt cagtcatcat ggccctcatc ccccaaaggc agagcaggga    122280
     gctcagatca ctattcatgc cactaaacag tccattgcct gcggcaacag agcttctccc    122340
     ggtaaataag gatcaggtat atatctagct gcattggcca cagccaactt tcatccagaa    122400
     gtgccccctt tttgcttgta ggtcacactg cacagcccaa tataaaacct gctgaaataa    122460
     gtgcataggg ctatagaagc aaagccaaaa gaccatactc agcattcttt gcagtcacag    122520
     tcacacccaa tagtgatggg gtaagaggga aaaggaaaga aaaaaatccc aatagtatta    122580
     cagagaaaga aaaatatttt atccacacaa aagtaattac aataattaga agtgctgaca    122640
     tctctagatg agaagaaacc ggtataagaa ttctgacact gtgaaaaatc tgaatgtaga    122700
     gacaccacta aagaattgca ttagctgtcg aacaatagag tctaaccaaa atgaaaactg    122760
     agaaatgaca gataaagaat tcaaagcaca gattacaagg aagctcaatt atatccaaga    122820
     caaggttgaa aatcaacaca aagaaacttc taaagcagtt cctggaatga aggaagagat    122880
     aaatgtatta aaaagaaatc aattggagct aatgggatta aaaactcact taaggaattt    122940
     caaagtacaa ttgaaacttt tatcaataga ctagatcaag cagaagaaag gatttcagag    123000
     cctgaaaact gaaagtcttt tgaactaacc cagtcaaata taaagaaaaa agaatttaaa    123060
     aaataaaatg aatgtttgag aagtatggtt ttatgtagtg atcaaatcta tgaattattg    123120
     gtgtttctga gagagaagga gaaaaagtaa acaacctgga aaatatgctt gagggaatga    123180
     ttcaataaaa tgtttctaat tttcctagaa atccagagaa cacctgcgag atactacaca    123240
     aaatgaaccc cacaaaggct tgtagtcatc agactgtcta tgatcgatgc taaagaaaaa    123300
     aatcttaaaa atacctagaa aaaatggaca gatcatgtac agatagattc ctatcaggct    123360
     aacagcagag ttctcaacag agtcttataa gccaggagag attaggggcc tattttcagc    123420
     atacttaaac aaaagaacca accaaattcc aaccgagaat tttatattct gccaaactaa    123480
     gcttcataag caaaggagaa ataaaatctt ttccagaaaa gcaagcacta aaggaatttg    123540
     ttaccactag actagcctta caagagatcc ttaagggagt cctaagcaag gaagtgaaca    123600
     aattttgcta ccacaaaaat tatgtgagta tatagcccac agaccctata aagaaatcac    123660
     gcaatgaaaa ctacagaaca accagctaaa attgttttga taggatcaaa acctcacata    123720
     tcaatattaa cctcaaatgt aaatagctga aatgccctca cttaagaggc acagagtggc    123780
     aagctggatt aaaacaagaa ccatctatct gctgtcttca atagacttat ctcacaggta    123840
     atgacaccaa taggctaaaa gtacagagtt ggagaaagtc ctatcatgca aacagaaaac    123900
     aaaaaagaac atcagttttt actttcatat cagataaaac agaccttaaa ccaacaatag    123960
     tgaaaaagaa caaagaaggg cattatataa tgataaaggt ttcaattcaa caagaagatt    124020
     taactacctt aaatatatac acatccaaca ttggagcacc cagattcatg aaacaagtac    124080
     gtctacacct acaaagagac ttagccacac aataatagtg ggggacttca acactcccct    124140
     aatagcatta gaaagttaga cagattatca aggcagaaaa ctaacaaatt atggacttaa    124200
     acttgatact tgaccaattt gacctaatac ctacagaata ctccacccat caaccactga    124260
     atatacatct tttcttccac atatggaaca tactccaaga ttgaccatac actcagccat    124320
     aaagcaagtc tcagtaaatg agaaaaaaaa ttaaaatcac accaaccatc ctcttggacc    124380
     atagtggact aaaaatagaa atcaaaatca agaaggtctg taaacgaaat aattacatgg    124440
     aaattaaaca acttgttcct gaatgacttt tgggtaaaca atgaaattaa ggtagaaata    124500
     aaaaaaactt ctttgaagta aatggaaaca gagagactca acagaccaaa atctctacca    124560
     tgcagctaaa gcaaccttaa aaggaaagtt tgtagcacta gatacctaca tcagaaagtt    124620
     agaaagattt caaattaatg atctaacatc actcctacag gaaacagaaa atcgagaaca    124680
     aactaaaccc caaatctaga agcagaaaag aaataactat gatcagagtg aaactgggcc    124740
     ctcatggaaa taaagaaggc agcaatagaa attgagaact acttgagtgg agaagtatgg    124800
     agagaggcaa ggatcaaaaa attaactatt gggtattatg ttcagtacct cagtgatggg    124860
     atccttcata tcccaggtca cagcattatg aaacataccc aggaaacaaa cctgcacatg    124920
     tgctctctga atctaaaata aaagtttgga aaaaaaataa agcaaagaaa tactaacaaa    124980
     tgaatctcct tattcatgtg tatgtatgta tgggtgcata tagacccgtg cattcatata    125040
     tacatttgtg tattgtatga ataccaggaa aagatgaaaa gattcatcag taggtaatga    125100
     ataatactgg aaacaggtgg agctgattgg tggtgataag gaagaagaca ggagagcaga    125160
     acaaatttaa aaaagaaaag atggatggaa attaaaatat tgtatgtgtt tacacttata    125220
     tgtaaaatta aaaatatgtc catatattgg aattaaagtt caaataatat aatgtaagtt    125280
     ataaataaat attgccttta atgtcatttt tccgattcca aaaataatca acactaatat    125340
     aaaaaagaaa taaatgtttt tctttaaaaa catgtacttt aaaataagat agtcttatca    125400
     acagattaaa ctattctagt taatctttca ttatttctct ttttgggatc tcacaaaata    125460
     acatttcctt tttggtaaaa gaaagtttat taatattaat aacctatcag ttatgtaaaa    125520
     ttatacactt tgcttctttg aaaattctac ttcatagttt tctatttttt aatggttttc    125580
     agattaattt gaagcaagat tgaggaaggt tattttatgc acaactccac agctttaatt    125640
     gcaacattta tcatatgaga actctagctg ccaagaatgt gttggcacta ggcaaatgta    125700
     tagcttgtcc acagggattt tattatccaa catcaaggaa tgtctgcaac acagtggtca    125760
     ttgtcactga gagcttcctc taggcagtag aataacaagc ttgagaagag aatacataga    125820
     aatttaattt aattaaaata ttcttttagt atggtacgtg ttttgtacaa tccttttata    125880
     atggattacc atacataaat attaatacac taagtcacca cagtcttcaa atcattgtta    125940
     ttatagaatg caaaaatcct taagaatatc aacattatta tgagtaataa tattactcat    126000
     atcattagta ttaaaaacaa ttatctaaga ctttactgct cattctaaat tttaaggaca    126060
     taaatggatc atgctacacc tatgattact cctaaaatgt ttttcctgca ttataaacta    126120
     atgaacaaat tttaaaaatt aatatataac ttatttcaat caagtttcta aaagaagagt    126180
     aaaagtcttc cataaaattt gtctataata cagaataaaa aagagatttt catagctgta    126240
     ttataataat tgtgagatgt gttgttcact accagtaata atgcaaagtt tgggtttttt    126300
     ttttaaagtt ccagatcaca gaaattaatt gatttagttt gtaaagtaaa atatcttcct    126360
     ttaaaatatg tacagatatg taataaacta caaagaaaca tttctacttg cttcaataag    126420
     aatatgcttt ttcaaatggg aaaaaaacct ttatactggt aagtatatgc cagttcattt    126480
     cacctatact ctgcctattt tttttctgag aaaagaggct aacaactctt gtgaatatgt    126540
     aatatgaaga ttgttagtta tgtgaatctc tacagaagat acaagaaaag aaatttattg    126600
     tgaacaatca gcttaccagt catgattgga cattgtctgt agttacctaa ctttttctat    126660
     ataaagagct agtatagtgt ttgtgtgtgc acgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    126720
     agctgttagg gaggagctga tagataaaaa gaagctaagc atgtcagcat atgtaccaag    126780
     aaaatgtctt aagaatatgt agtatatgca aaagatgtgc taaaagatac atcaaaatac    126840
     atttttatgt gcaatttcct tgttttcata atggaccatg actaagctgg gggtttagga    126900
     agccacaaaa aaaacatggt tcatctttca agaacattaa tttttcttga gacattcgtg    126960
     gtgaaaatac ccaattccac ttccactccc ctatgctgat gtatattagg ggcagccatg    127020
     tgaaaagcct caagtcgaaa aaatgtgaga ttatgtcttg agggacttca tgggaaaaca    127080
     atgtggtcag tgtcaatact ttactttttt ttcttaccta ggacaaatat acatactaga    127140
     gtttaataag ctgtctgcaa ccataagtta agaaacctac agaataagga ttacacagca    127200
     gaaatgtgga gtcttttcct ttatgaaatc attgagaacc ctcactattc ctaaatttct    127260
     tccaatttct cttgtaaggg aaaaaaatct agtaaattgt attcagttat atcactatta    127320
     ctgttattta cttgtaattg aaatactcct gagtagtgca caaaggaagc taattgacat    127380
     aacttgtaat ttaaaacatt ttgcattaca ttaaatattg atatcataga gtggaaagaa    127440
     acatttattt atttttttgt tacaccagag aatttcaaag aattttcaca ctcactaaag    127500
     gccacttcat aataccatta tacactctaa atttctggag aaattgtcta ttttccttat    127560
     actcgtatat atatttatat atatatatat accttatata tatatataca caccatatat    127620
     atatatacac catatatata tgtgtatata tgtatatatg tgtatatatt tgtgtatata    127680
     tatacacgta tgtgtataca tatgtatata tatatacaca ccatatataa tatggtgtat    127740
     atttatggtg tatatatggt gtatatatat atatggtgtg tgtatatata tacatatgta    127800
     tacacatatg tatatatata cacaaatata tacacatata tatatacata tatacacata    127860
     tatatataca caccatatat atatatatat gcaaacgaag gtcttgacaa gtatacactt    127920
     tccacagttt cataaaattg ttgtctatca gtattattat tttcagcatt ttattggatt    127980
     aatattagta ttacttaaaa gtgatgcata tttggaagct aataatgata aagtgtctgg    128040
     gtgagatcaa agtgaagtaa gagtcagaga tggagaggga gagagacaga aagagagaac    128100
     tgtaataaaa cgtaaaaagt attagagaga aaccatagtc agtaacaaat ctgcatagcc    128160
     agaagtcaag gagcaggagt ctgagctggt gagcttacac gtgatgggac aagaaacatc    128220
     aaagaaatat caaaggcttt cttccttttg aatctgtgtc ttaggactgt agttgagctt    128280
     gtctgtgttt caaaaagccc attcctatag ggctgaggag cagcatgtga cctggtagca    128340
     gagttctacc tcagatcatg caggtttaga atagtacatg gattaatgat tactgacact    128400
     ttcctaagtt atttttaact tataccaaag cctgaaattg taccattgcc aataactaca    128460
     agtaaaattt ttcttgtcta tttctttcat tttagccatg gcagagtaac tggtactaga    128520
     tatactcttc tgcctaaatc ggtaaaactg ggcacagtaa gacaactgtt ttcagatact    128580
     agacacagac cacgcaggac ttcaaaaaaa gcaccagctt cttcccatat tgacaccaac    128640
     tttcttctgg agtcattttt agccatggtg aagggaagta gagaccaagt agggcatgcc    128700
     agatgttttg tgttccccaa aggcaaatac attttctatc tcctgagttg gctagaattt    128760
     gtgagaaatt tagcggaagg atagagtaac aaagaaggca gtcccaaaag tctacatgtg    128820
     gctttcctgc aagtacttgg ttgaggatgg ggctacacac acaggaaaag caagattcca    128880
     gtaggttaag tatatcaggg acatgttgga gtgccagcct aatcagcgta gagagacctg    128940
     agacctcatt ggatatttcc aaatatttgg ttaagactct gtaaaagcca cttcttagaa    129000
     gtttaaggac catgacccaa aggcaacgtt atggaactag ggatgaaagg gacatagaac    129060
     agagaataaa aatcaatctt gactggttga taacttaatt gcctgccaga acaattctca    129120
     acacacttta aggcaggatt ggccaatttt tttctgtaga gtgacaaatg gtaaatattt    129180
     tagacctggg gacgcaagaa tatgtcacaa ctagtcagtt ctgccactgc agactcgaag    129240
     tagccataga caacagctga ataaaagtgt agctatgttc caacaataaa atattattta    129300
     caaaaaagca ggtgttagaa cagctttgat cccatatttc gctgagaaga caaatataat    129360
     tcagcaaggg ggataacata tccaggctcc ctaaaacatt ttcactattt ctagtgtaaa    129420
     caaatattat tctttaaccc aagaaatttc acttttaatc tttggtgtgg atcaagaagc    129480
     agagttcatt taggaaaggg tacctacttc tgactattca gtggaatgtc agatatttgg    129540
     tggtcattag tctatcatta atgagcatgc tcatataaat ataaatatgt aaatgccaaa    129600
     ttattttcaa taaaagcttc aatattagta atgtgataca tgtttacagt tgaaacatca    129660
     actgtcaatg atgaagtgac tgtgaaaatt gaatttccta aaaccccttc ccatcttact    129720
     actgtttcta gaaggaatca tttatattat ttacattaca ttattccata atttttttct    129780
     gatagttatt ttcatgtatc tggcttattt gcctatgtat tcttccttgc tttaatcaaa    129840
     ttcaatcatt atccatttac acttccctct tatatgtgag attttggccc tcctccataa    129900
     atcccatttg tccactttct attctttcta tacaataata ttactatttt aatttttcaa    129960
     taaatataga attcttattt ttataattaa gcaaatgtta cagagtcaag ataaactcta    130020
     tattttattc ttgtttatta ttattatttc tttctttttc acttgtagaa ctttcaactt    130080
     ttttataaga atttttatgt ttattcaaaa tatgcataaa atcaaatatt ttgtgaattc    130140
     ttagttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgcaagcat gtgtgtggga gatttgttta tttattgtat    130200
     tttattgtct atatctacca caagctttac tatccagtat gggctattct ttaaacatat    130260
     tccacatcat tttctgggtt tcccttaaat tatatacttg atgagccaat ttgttgagtt    130320
     cattttattt tcttttgact ttcaactttt tagttttatt agagaatagt atccaataac    130380
     ttcttaagag agtgtcactc tacaaaaaaa caaattttac aagacacatt gtatctcctc    130440
     agtttaaaga taaactgttt tcaacatatc tgaaattaag atgtattgtt ttcaattgat    130500
     agtgctttaa aatcactctc atctaggcag caggatttgt atagcgatca ttgttagtgt    130560
     atggactgaa cttactcaaa aatcagctgt tgataatttt ctgtaagata gcaagcaatc    130620
     acctgtaaaa tttatgaaaa aggtgatagt cgctttgcag catcattatc atcttgatgt    130680
     cacacaacaa tattgtatac taaaccaaag atattgatta ttctgagaca aaaatgattc    130740
     acaaaatcac accctatatt taaaaaaatc caatagttta atatttttag gattgtccag    130800
     attacactag agaaacagtc tccaaattgt tatagcttat gaaaataaat gtttgttcat    130860
     cataatgatt cataaatatt cttctggaac tcagaaattt ggaattttct tatcttgtga    130920
     ttttatttta tctgagttta tctcctcagt cactggagaa gtgaagaaga aagaaaatgg    130980
     aggatcccac agtcatgaat ttacagtgca ttagtggcta gagataatca tgggcccatt    131040
     caagtacagg cagtctagga tgcgatgcct ttaatgtgag gaggtggaag tggacccagt    131100
     attggttaac actaataatg tttatcccag gctactcact gatcatcaaa tatttgattc    131160
     atgctaaatt aattaataca actttcccta aagaaggcaa gccccaaatc ccactcacta    131220
     tcaagattta tctcaaacac caagtaactt ttttttttaa acatagtcac tctatagtca    131280
     ttcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag acagagtctt gctctgtcac tcaggctgga    131340
     gtggtgcagt ggctggatct cggctcactg caacctccgc ctcccaggtt caagcaattc    131400
     tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggac tacagatgca tgatgccatg cctgggtagt    131460
     ttttgtattt tagtagagac agggttttac catgttgtcc aggctggtct cgaactcctg    131520
     agctcagaca atctgcccac ctcagcctcc caaagtgcta ggattacagg catgagccac    131580
     tgtgcctgac caacatagtc attcttaacc tgagaacaaa tattaaatta aaaataataa    131640
     aattaaaaaa tcaaattaaa aagaaaaact atctatcccc aatgctccat attccataat    131700
     tcagttacct attcaggaag agaccatata aagaaaagac agctactggt tcttagcatt    131760
     ctgaagtcct atgtgcacca aaagttctat tctagggaga gactgtccca tggttaggcc    131820
     ttgattttgt tctctgttga gtagcttcct tgttttcctc tggggctgct ggcttcattg    131880
     tctggggaga tttctttatt ttctgttttc ttcactgaac aatgtgaagt agacattgag    131940
     aaatatactc tccttggcag actggccaac tttcttaatc tatgacctgc ttaaatatga    132000
     cttagtgtac tattgctatt ttaggtatct catgattatc cactgagtcc agctttttta    132060
     tttctttggc aactagtaca aggactctca gatcacttgt acttatttgc tttatttcct    132120
     caatgtcttt tgctcattga tatgatacag gcaacattgg agttattgta gttttactga    132180
     agtctatctc cttagttcat tcattgcccg gaattattgt attatatttt aaacacttac    132240
     tgggcacaac tcctttcacc ttttctgtgt catagggaga tttgttcact tgaaagtttt    132300
     cattacctgt ttccttctta tgtgttttct caaatttatt gctttctgtc tagaatgtaa    132360
     gagcagttgc cttttctaat tctgcaagcc catgaactta tggacacttt cttttcttct    132420
     tcttctcaag tttgtaggca aaacagccag ttctttacaa agctcatttc attctgctaa    132480
     caccttgcaa aaacatcatg gaaaacaacc aaagtacatt actattttat tcaaaatgat    132540
     gtgcagttct catgtataca tagtaatttt atgaatgttt ttgccactgt gtaacatgat    132600
     tgtcatcttt gcaactctca tgttggtccc ttcaccactc actgcctagc cacagatttt    132660
     aggttttcca tgtctttgcc ccatttttat actaatttct gcattggcca ggatagattt    132720
     tatctggctg cagaaataga atgtcagtat tctagtgcaa taaaaattta tttctcactt    132780
     gtgaattttt ttaaagtcta actcactttt caggacaagt gtctactctg tggtgaatca    132840
     atagcccaag ttgttttaaa tctgtgcttc caacattgct gtataaagct gctttcccca    132900
     ttgccatggc agagaaaggg agaaagtaga gaatcatgta tgagcttgtt attgcttcaa    132960
     tgtagaaatt acacactcta gttctgtttc catgttattt ttaggtctat gaacatggct    133020
     atgacccact gcctggggat gaggatcctc atcttccata tacccagaag tggtggagaa    133080
     acctgtgttg gtagatggtt gtaagatcta tcattaaaac taatttattt cagtcatctc    133140
     tttatttttc aaaacataag aatctatatc taaagaaaat taaacagttt gtccacagtt    133200
     acaaaataaa cattctaaat gataataaag cttgcacaat agttttctta gcagtggttt    133260
     ttctttctta gtgattcata catatgatat gtcttataac caatttgatg aaatatagta    133320
     cagatggacg tatagaaaaa aaagcaatga tatagtttat ctaaaactat atgtgtatta    133380
     gagttgcgct attatgaaac caggccaaaa acaaggcaca tatattttag taaacacatt    133440
     ttgtcttttt ctcatacttt aaaaaaactt tattggttac ttactttttg tcagtaatga    133500
     ttttaagtaa ttgcacatgt atttttataa atagcaagaa aatactgttt aaaaaacaat    133560
     taaaatcaaa aataacattt cccacttaat tgagaatttt cccagaaatt tttcaccctc    133620
     tgaggagatg ttgagcactt taacagtttc attatataaa gttgcaatac gagttttgca    133680
     actgcacaca atgttaaatt caagatagaa tacttgtctt attttcttag cagtgctcta    133740
     actatagtgt gtgattaaca aatgtaagaa atccttaata atatttacat atgtttcatg    133800
     aagtagcttt aggatatgga aagtaaaata atattaattt taacaataat aattcataga    133860
     attatgtaca gttcacttgt aggaaaaaga gtgaatgtgg attttttttt ttttttttga    133920
     gacagagtct cactctgtca cccagcctac agtgcagtgg cacgatctcg gctcactgca    133980
     acctccgcct ctcgggttca agcaattctc tggcccagcc tcctgagcag ctgggattac    134040
     aggcgcctgc caccatgctc ggctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggtttcacca    134100
     tctttgccgg gctagtcttg aactcctgac ctcgtgatcc acctgccttg gcctcccaaa    134160
     gtgctgggat tgcaggcgtg agccaccgtg cctggccaaa tttggatttt taaaaatgtt    134220
     acaggcctat aaagagaaaa cttattccca cgagtattcc ataatccaca atttaaaaat    134280
     catgagtgaa tacgagtctg atttatttca gtgtttctca tgtctgcttg tacattcaaa    134340
     taccctggaa ggttttcata ggaatcaaat tacatgaatg ccaaccaaga gcaataaaat    134400
     tagaatctct ggagctgcca tataggcact tgcacttttt tcagtttatc ctgaatttga    134460
     atactgtctt acattttgga cctacatttt tagacaagtt acctaaactc cataagcttt    134520
     aatgtgctcc tctgttaaat ggatgataac aatttctacc ccacagaagt tgttctgaat    134580
     tgttgttaag ttggcattat tcccaatggt gtcctttaca atgcagagaa gaaatgttaa    134640
     accatgttta tgagaatcca tccccctgta tgataactaa ttcgaatgtc atataaagaa    134700
     agtgtggtac aaatatcaaa tagacgcaat aaaaaatgat aaaggggata tcaccaccaa    134760
     tcccacagaa atacaaacta ccatcagaga atactataaa cacctctacg caaataaact    134820
     agaaaatcta gaagaaatgg ataaattcct cgacacatac actctcccaa gactaaacca    134880
     ggaagaagtt gaatctctga atagaccaat aacaggatct gaaattgtgg caataatcaa    134940
     tagcttacca accaaaaaga gtccaggacc ggatggattc acagccgaat tctaccagag    135000
     gtacaaggag gaactggtac cattccttct gaaactattc caatcaatag aaaaagaggg    135060
     aatcctccct aactcatttt atgaggccag catcattctg ataccaaagc cgggcagaga    135120
     cacaaccaaa aaagagaatt ttagaccaat atctttgatg aacattgatg caaaaatcct    135180
     caataaaata ctggcaaaac gaatccagca gcacatcaaa aagcttatcc accataatca    135240
     agtgggcttc atccctggga tgcaaggctg gttcaatata cgcaaatcaa taaatgtaat    135300
     ccagcatata aacagagcca aagacaaaaa ccatatgatt atctcaatag atgcagaaaa    135360
     ggcctttgac aaaattcaac aacctttcat gctaaaaact ctcaatgaat taggtactga    135420
     tgggacatat ttcaaaataa taagagctat ctatgacaaa cccacagcca atatcatact    135480
     gaatgggcaa aaactggaag cattcccttt gaaaactggc acaagacagg gaagccctct    135540
     ctcaccactc ctattcaaca tagtgttgga agttctggcc agggcaatta ggcaggagaa    135600
     ggaaataaag ggtattcaat taggaaaaga ggaagtcaaa ttgtccctgt ttgcagatga    135660
     catgattgta tatctagaaa accccattgt ctcagcccaa aatcccctta agctgataag    135720
     caacttcagc aaagtctcag gatacaaaat caatgtgcaa aaatcacaag cattcctata    135780
     caccaacaac agacaaacag agagcgaaat catgagtgaa ctcccattca caattgcttc    135840
     aaagagaata aaatacctag gaatccaact tacaatggat gtgaaggacc tcttcaagga    135900
     gaactataaa ccactgctca aggaaataaa agaggataca aacaaatgga agaacattcc    135960
     atgctcatgg gtaggaagaa tcaatatcat gaaaatggcc atactgccca aggtaattta    136020
     cagattcaat gtcatcccca tcaagctacc aatgcctttc ttcacagaat tggaaaaaac    136080
     tactttaaag ttcatatgga accaaaaaag agcccgcatc gccaagtcaa tcctaagcca    136140
     acagaacaaa gctggaggca tcacactacc tgacgtcaaa ctatactaca aggctacagt    136200
     aaccaaaaca gcatggtact ggtaccaaaa cagagatata gatcaatgga acagaacaga    136260
     gccctcagaa ataacgccgc atatctacaa ctatctgatc tttgacaaac ctgagaaaaa    136320
     caagcaatgg ggaaaggatt ccctatttaa taaatggtgc tgggaaaact ggctagccat    136380
     atgtagaaag ctgaaactgg atgccttcct tacaccttat acaaaaatca attcaagatg    136440
     gatcaaagac ttaaacgtta gacctaaaac cataaaaacc ctagaagaaa acctaggcat    136500
     taccattcag gacataggca tgggcaagga cttcatgtct aaaacaccaa aagcaatggc    136560
     aacaaaagac aaaattgaca aatgggatct aattaaacca aagagcttct gtacagcaaa    136620
     agaaactacc atcagagtga acaggcaacc tacagaatag gagaaaattt ttgcaataca    136680
     ctcatctgat aaagggctaa tatccagaat ctacaatgaa ctcaaacaaa tttataagaa    136740
     aaaagcaaac aaccccatca acaagtgggc aaaggatatg aacagacact tctcaaaaga    136800
     agacatttat gcagccaaaa gacacatgaa aaaatgctca tcatcactgg ccatcagaga    136860
     aatgcaaatc aaaaccacaa tgagatagca tctcacacca gttagaatgg caatcattaa    136920
     aaagtcagga aacaacaggt gctggagagg atgtggagaa ataggaacac ttttacactg    136980
     ttggtgggac tgtaaactag ttcaaccatt gtggaagtca gtgtggcgat tcctcaggga    137040
     tctagaacta gaaataccat ttgacccagc catcccatta ctgggtatat acccaaagga    137100
     ctataaatca tgctgctata aagacacatg cacatgtatg tttattgcgg cattattcac    137160
     aatagcaaag acttggaacc aacccaaatg tccaacaatg atagactgga ttaagaaaat    137220
     gtggcacata tacaccatgg aatactatgc agccataaaa aatgatgagt ttatgtcctt    137280
     tgtaggtgca tggatgaaat tggaaaccat cattctcagt aaactatcgc aagaacaaaa    137340
     aaccaaacat cgcatatttt cactcatagg tgggaattga acaatgagat cacatggaca    137400
     caggaagggg aacatcacac tctagggact gttgtggggt ggggggaggt gggagggata    137460
     gcactgggag atatacttaa tgctagatga cgagttagtg ggtgcagcac accagcatgg    137520
     cacacatata cgtatgtaac taacctgcac aatgtgcaca tgtacactaa aacttaaagt    137580
     ataataataa aaaaatgggt gaataaatta aaaaaaaaat acactatgga ataccattca    137640
     gccataaaaa gaatgaaatt atgtcctttg cagggacatg gatgcagctg gaggccatta    137700
     tccttagcaa actaacacag gaacggaaaa ccaaataaca catgttgtca cttataagtg    137760
     gagctaaatg atgagaacac atgaacacac agaggggaac aacataccat ggggcctatc    137820
     ggagggtgga gggtggaaat ggagaaagga tcaggaaaaa tgactaatga gtactaggct    137880
     taatacctgg gtgatgaaat actctgtaaa ataagccctc atgacacaag tttacctatg    137940
     ttacaaacct gcacatgtac tcttgaactg aaaatgaaag ttagaaaatt gttttttaaa    138000
     aattagaata ttataaggca aactaatgtt ataatttggc aagaggaata ggaataaatt    138060
     atgcaattcc tgaagggggt tatggtcgga tgtgttgaca aatataagat acacaaagct    138120
     tgaaattgct tatctctcac ctgctttgat gctgttaaca gaaacaggca ggctatttct    138180
     gaagatctca gcaggttcct ttgacaatca cgtgctccag tagttttggc taaggtctta    138240
     aaccaccttg attttctggc tgcatttctt ggcctttgtt gattacctgg ctgacctttg    138300
     tttccctaca tcttcttttc ttttctgtaa actctaatcc ctatgttaaa gcctttcatt    138360
     ctattaacct gactgaacct aaataatata gccttatggg aaagtttaag aagataacat    138420
     gtggactatg gaccgctagt gttcacattc aagtaatctg tctcagattc cagtgtattt    138480
     atcctcaagt tttgctatga tatattatca gagagaaatg aacttaataa catctagttc    138540
     ctttaacatt caacctggtg tcagctccct agaaaaatcc taataatggt ttgcctcact    138600
     gattaatttt aaattaaaac tcacttagat acatgtgtaa tgctttaaaa gaaaattaat    138660
     ctaaaatcaa actaagcata taccctgagg cttggaagaa acgtaactat aatcttaata    138720
     agagctaata aagttctctg tatttttgta ttgttctgtt gattattgat ttccaatagc    138780
     attcaaattt gatcaaagct tcatctagtt ttctttctga attagctcct gtggccaatg    138840
     ctaaagcttt acaaacacta caggatatat ttttttaaat tactctgtag ccagaagcag    138900
     tgatatcgaa gctaacccaa tagccccatc gactgttctt tcagataaac atagaaattg    138960
     acctttctag tcttaaatct tgaaacttgt atttgtttta tctgagttcc ttcctcagga    139020
     aaggaccttt gggcagcaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaagaagga agaaaggaag    139080
     gagaaaaata aattatccaa gaactgaaac tcaccagatc accacatccg tgagatcccg    139140
     gacccctcat tcatccttat tgcttccttg ccccctccct agtttctact ttcttacaca    139200
     ttgttacatt tcttccctgc tatttaaacc cctagttttg gcccatcagg gagatggatg    139260
     taagactgag ctcgatctcc ttggctgtag cacctaatta aagccctctt ccttggcaat    139320
     acttgtcatc gcagtgattg gcttactgtg cagtgagcag caggacctag gccaaatccc    139380
     tggtgttttg gtaacaatat catcagaata cagactctca aatattcaaa tgtgttgttg    139440
     ttttctattt ttcacttatt gccctctttt tgatcattta tctcactttt actttgtatt    139500
     tataaaaggc tgggagcaaa gtagagaggg aaaaattact taatttctta aaataatagc    139560
     ccttgtgatt ataatacaga acattgtgtt aatgtattat tagctaaaac aaatgttatg    139620
     aatttaataa ttagaactat tttcaactta gtttcaactt atggcccaag aaaatagaag    139680
     tcagaatcaa aatccagcat gcagaacttg ttgtaaaaca tggcagtaca ggtgagttac    139740
     aatgtctcat tttttttgca aactctctaa cttatatttc agaatataaa ttttcaggag    139800
     tcagaatttg agacaagtat ttttctgtaa ataaaatcaa atgagttttg tgtactttac    139860
     attaccttca ctcaatatgg gaggaaaaga tgtattatcc tattaatttc aagtcaggag    139920
     atcaggattt tccagaggaa acaaagaata aaggtctcat gaaggtttag aagcacagtg    139980
     tcctgggttt tgtgccactg ccactcttga taaaccaaga cggcacaaac ctgtctatat    140040
     agtttctctg aggtggaata taagttgtca catctaagcc tgtatgtgtt ttcaagcttt    140100
     tgctgggcaa gtagtgtttg tagcatatta tgtccatgaa tgaaacagag aattgatgtt    140160
     taactcaaca ggatcagctg gatgggcaag ctgattccaa gttcctatgg cctgaagaag    140220
     tagctattgg ctagccagac ctacgcttta tcatgtcaag gaaattgcaa atcagaaatt    140280
     tcattgtttg ggggataaaa actctgaaga cctcataaat gcacagtgtc agtataggga    140340
     tcaatttcaa acacctgaca acactagaca atataatttc aatagccatt aactaagaaa    140400
     tttattttac tttcttcttc tacccacata tctctatatc tctggccctt ggtggtcaga    140460
     aatcaggatt tgcaagaagg gggtacatga gaatagcaaa aggcagagaa agtgaaccaa    140520
     gtctattgtt agatacaagc cgataagaaa ctaatgaaag ctctgagatt catgaatgct    140580
     gtcagaagac acaagaccct gggctcagaa aaaggtaact tgattaccta tggctagaag    140640
     gcaccacgga ttttatgttt gtaccagtcc cctcagtccc atggacctat atggatgctg    140700
     agaacatagg gagtttgtaa cacgtgtggt gagaaatttt gaactagaaa atcacttttt    140760
     tttcaataga gggctgcaaa caagcctctc caagcaaata tttgcaaaca aatttcttct    140820
     tttttcagag gaaaacattg cttgtactat actgaaaata aaaacgagta ttttccaagt    140880
     tggtttgttg aacacgtctt ttgatagtac ttataaaagg cagtctttct gtacatcttg    140940
     actgtacatc ttgaaacttt caggatgtac agaaaacaac tgacctatgg agaattatct    141000
     ctcaacaatt gtcaatcttc cacaggctca agcagcgaga tgggcaaaag cctatactta    141060
     aagattgcac ttctcatgat tataagtcgt tggtcatttt attcctagac tgagattgtg    141120
     ttttaagatt tgaaggaact gaaaagcatt ttaattctct aatcaacatt gcatcctagc    141180
     atgtgcaagc ccctaaatat taatattttg aaagagagga aaagaaagga gggaagagaa    141240
     gaaataagag aaggaaggat gataagcaag gaaaggaaac tctattacta tatgcaatga    141300
     atcacgcttt ttcaccatta aattgatttt tgacaaagta gccacattgt gggagaaatc    141360
     tgaaataact agaattacaa tttaaaagta aatgcaaata tctacagtgt ctgctttctt    141420
     ctgtcatttt tgtgtgctag tcaatattct atgtgaattg ggtttaccct gagtttacct    141480
     agtgtttgtt acattttgta tttatcctat acaaaatata ggtatgtccg atattttcta    141540
     tatatcttct aagaaaaaac tgccccaaat atatttaatc ttgatctgct gtgagaaaaa    141600
     acctaggtgg tttgaggaga aataaatgga atttttggtt aaacaaacac ttcaaaattt    141660
     gtacttcaaa agaggatttt tttttcttca aaaagtacac atttcaattt gttaatggaa    141720
     actgtgaaaa aaaaaactaa actaggagaa acaattttct tttctttagt atgacactaa    141780
     taactaaaaa gattttggaa gtcactaaac cctagttttt atcatattaa gataaagaaa    141840
     catgcaaata atttttaaaa ttgtaattat aatttattga ctaaccttct tgctggagac    141900
     agaatgactt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgagacaga gtttcgcttt tgttgcccag    141960
     gctggagtgc aatggtgcgc tctcgcgcag cttactgcaa cttctgcctc ccgggttcta    142020
     gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tccggagtag ctggaattac aggcatgcgc caacactcct    142080
     gactaaattt ttgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcttc atgttggtca ggctagtctc    142140
     gaacccccga cctcaggtga tctgcccacc tcagcctcct aaactgcttg gattacaggc    142200
     atgagctact gagactggct gagaatgaca ttctaaaatt aaaattatct caaagaggaa    142260
     tcacagcttt gtcctgataa cagacaaaat ttttatgttt aaaattatga gaagacaaat    142320
     gcattattta aataattcat ttagattcat atgaaaaaca ctaaaatcta attccataag    142380
     ttgcctgcac aaacatgttt ttaatgaatt tatatatttt taattggcat gaaaattgta    142440
     tctatcatat atgacatgat gttttgaaat gtttatacac attgtaggat ggctaaattg    142500
     agctaattaa tatatgcatt atctcacaag cttattattt ttatgataaa acacttaaaa    142560
     tatcttagca atttcaagaa tattgttatg aactgtagtc accatgttgt gcaatagatt    142620
     ttttgaatgt tttcctttta tttaatggaa attttctatc ctttgatcca cagctttgta    142680
     aaccttctct ccccacagtg cctaccagcc ctgggtgggc tactattttc tgcttctatg    142740
     agttcaactt tttcagattt aatatagaag cgagatcatg caatattttt tttgcgtctg    142800
     ttttatttca attaacataa acttccccag gtttatccat gttattgcaa ataacaggac    142860
     ttccttcgtt ttaaaggctg actagaattc cattgtggac atatgttaca ttttccttat    142920
     tcattcatcc ttaatggact tagatagctt tatatcttgg ccattgtgaa aagtgctaca    142980
     agaaacatgg gaacatcgat atcttttcca catactgatt tcatttattt taggtataca    143040
     cacagtagta ggattgctgg atcacatggc agttctattg ttattattat ttttttaaca    143100
     cagtctcgct ctgttgccca gtctgtagtg ccgtggcgcg atctttgctc actgcaacct    143160
     ctgccttccg gcttcaagca gttctcctgc ctcagcctcc caggtatctg ggattacagg    143220
     cacctgccac catgcccagc taattttttg tatttttagt agagtcgagg tttcaccacg    143280
     ttggccaggc tggtctcacc acgcccagct aatttttttg ttttttattt ttagtagagt    143340
     cgaggtttca ccatgttggc catggtggct gccaccacac ccagccttat tattaatttt    143400
     tgaggaacat gcatgttgtt ctctataatg cctgtactaa tttacattgc cactaatgtt    143460
     gctcgagatt cccttttctc cacacccttg cttgttattt ttcatatttt tgataataat    143520
     tattttaaca gaagtaaagt gatatctcat tgtgatttta acttacattt tcctgataat    143580
     tagtgatgct gagcattttt taaatataac ttgtaaccat ttatatgttt cctttttaaa    143640
     aaacatctgt tcaatctctt gctcatttta aaatctgatt atttgttttc ttgctgttta    143700
     gctcgttgag ttccttacat attttgaata ttagcacctt attgatgtat tatttggtaa    143760
     tattttctct catttattaa gatgtctttt ctatctgttg actatttcgt ttgccatgaa    143820
     atggctttca gtttgggtaa taccacttgc tgaacaacaa tgtcttcaag atttttccct    143880
     gttttctcgt attaatttta caattcaagc tttacattta ctttaattca ctttgagtag    143940
     gtttttgcac atgctgtgag ttaagagtct aatttcattc ttctgcatgt gaatattcag    144000
     ttttcccaat atcatttatg gaagacactg tattttccct actttgtgtt cttggcacct    144060
     atattagcct gttcttgtgt tgctataaac aaaaagctga gactactaac tctgggctta    144120
     gcttgctctt tttctagttc cttgatgcat gcatgaagct gtttgtttga tttttcttct    144180
     gttttgatgt aagcatgtat agctataagc atcccataag ttttgctata tatttaattt    144240
     tgttttccca aaaatatttt taaatttttc ttttaattta tttcactcat taattattca    144300
     ggagcatagt gtttaatttt catatatgag tgaattttcc aatctttctc ctgttattga    144360
     tttctagttt cataccattt tcttgatgtg atttaattcc ttttaatatg ttaaaacttg    144420
     ttttgtggac taacatatga tatatcctgg aaagtgttct gtgtgtattt gcaaagaata    144480
     agtgagtatt ctactgaagt tgcatggaat gtttggtata tgcctgttag atttatttgg    144540
     tctaaactat agtttaaatc caatgttttc ttgttgatat tctgtcggga taatttacct    144600
     attgccaatg gtggagtatg taagtcccat tattatttta ttataatcta tgtcttcctt    144660
     ttatgtatta atatttgctt tatatattta ggttctctaa ttttggattc atgtactttt    144720
     ataattgtta tatcctttta atgaattggc gtttgtctct ttttacagtt tttgacttga    144780
     aatctatttt atctgatata agtacagcta cctcttctct cttgtggttt ccatttacat    144840
     aaaatatctt tatccagcct cttactatca gtccatgtgt gtgcttaaaa ggaaagtgag    144900
     ggtgggcctg gagcatgtat tggtgggaac tgcatctgca tctgtgtctg taatctgtat    144960
     ctttatctat gtttatgtct gtatctctag gctctgtgtc tatatctgta tcagtagatg    145020
     ctgtattggt aggggtgggc ctgaaggctg ggttcacaag gactgatggg actctggggt    145080
     ggatcttgac cctgattgtg cagcagttgg ccaggcatca ggatggacct gacatctggg    145140
     ttcattggga catgcccgaa agctgagttc actggggctg gcttagtgct agtatcagcc    145200
     tgaagcctga gtctgcaggg tatacctggg tcatgggccc atgggaattg gcatagagcc    145260
     tgtgccttct aggggggtac tggagccttg gtccaaagag gccagattgg ctttggggtt    145320
     tattgggcta gaccctatcc aggacatacg gactatagca ggacacagcc ctgtcctata    145380
     gactcaggtt tcaagcccac tctagcacca gcccagcccc agtggactca gcctccaggc    145440
     atgtcccagt ggacccagat gttaagtcca ttctgggttt actggtctta tgctgggaca    145500
     ggcatagagc ctatatcttc ccatctggac cctgggattg tgtgcactga tctgggtctt    145560
     gggttcatgg gggctggtat gctgctgtgg aagctggatc cacagggaca ggcctgaagc    145620
     ttatgtcttg gctgccagca tggtgcttga ggccagggtg ctgacctggt gctggcatag    145680
     gcctaaagcc tggggttgtg tggattatcc tggtctggag cctgaggtgg gcatagagcc    145740
     aggggcccca ggggctgacc tggtactggg catcctataa cctatatttg caggggctgg    145800
     caagtctgtg tctgtgggtg tcagtctttt ttctttttta tttcattttt ttttttgaga    145860
     cggagtctcg ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcagtggcg cgatcttgac tcactgcaac    145920
     ctcttcctag tgggttcaag ccattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggactgca    145980
     ggcgcccgcc accacgcccg gctaactttt tgtattttta gtagagacag ggtttcactg    146040
     tgttagctaa gatggtctcg atctcctgaa cttgtgatct gcccaccttg gcctcccaaa    146100
     gtgctgggat tgcaggtgtg agccaccacg cctggccggg tgtcagtctt ataattaggg    146160
     aggcagaggc aagcctagtg ttaggtatgg tgttgaattt taggctggca gggtgggcct    146220
     gattctatct agcgtgcacc tagagataga gtatacacgg cagacctgga gccagaatct    146280
     gtggggctgg tcagaccctg gggtgggcct gtagccaaaa gctacagggg ccaagcaggt    146340
     gccctgccag ttgggagcct gaagatgctg gggttggcct gaggtgggtg gtcctggaga    146400
     ctgagtttgc caggcaggcc tggagcctgg gattgcagaa tccagcccgg caccagggca    146460
     ggtatgatgg ctcaggctga gggtaggagt ttggggtttg gggccttagg gacctgcctg    146520
     gtcctgggct ttactggggc aggcctagta ttggagtcca agccaaagtc tggtgcttac    146580
     tttcctctcc tttccccaat cagacagtat atctctccac attgtgtctg aatttggagg    146640
     agggaacatg agtaaggtaa aactgccctt cctatcctct tcaatgactc ttctcttatt    146700
     tctgtggtac agccaggtct tgtcatctat catctggttt tcttagcgat tatgactgtg    146760
     tttttgtgca cgaatagttg ttcaaactga tgttcctgtt gcaggaatga gcactggaaa    146820
     tttctgttcc accttcatgc tgacatctgg tgagcagatt tttttttttt tttttttttt    146880
     tgagagggag tctctctctg tggcccaggc tggagtgcaa tggtgcaatc tcggctcact    146940
     acaagctctg cctcctggat tcatgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga    147000
     ctacaggcgc ccgccaccat gcccagctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gaccggggtt    147060
     tcaccgtgtt atccaggatg gtctcaatct cctgacctca tgatctgcct gccttggcct    147120
     cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgagcc accgcgcccg gccgatattt tttaaatgag    147180
     taaataaaat ggatacttat tcaaatttaa tacatagtac agatgttcaa aacactactc    147240
     caaggaacta tttttcattt ttaaatgatg agaggttact ttttactaag aaaatttgag    147300
     ttggcagttc gtgctcttga ggctgctttc aagcatctgt gatgcaggcc cttatgtgtg    147360
     attattttgc ttttctcagc tcatggcttc cacctcaaga gagctattat ttccagtcat    147420
     tatttcaatg aaattaattt ctaaaaaccc ttttacagta atatcaaaat atacaaatag    147480
     caataaaaaa tacaaacaaa ttgaatggag atgttcaaga cctctacaat agccatttca    147540
     aaacattgct gagagaaagg tacacatgtg aaatggtaaa cctactttat taatcagagc    147600
     aacacaatta agtatgtccc caggagaaat ataaaaagtt gtctagtgat cgttcatagc    147660
     aactctactt ataatagtca aagactggaa ataaacccag tgtctatgac cagaatgtaa    147720
     ataaacaacc tgtggtatat ccttacaatg gaatattatt caacataaaa gaaaacagat    147780
     tgcttacaca cacaataact tgaatctcaa aagtattatg ctaagttaaa taaattagac    147840
     tagaaactac ataatgtgtg attctgttga tataaattct agaaaatgca aatcaataca    147900
     tggtagcaaa aagcagatag tggtttcttg ggacagaggt taagaaacag atgaatttca    147960
     aagggacaag aggcaacttt tgaagttgat gacatttttt gttattttac ttgtgatggt    148020
     aatttctcag aaaaaaaata acgtttctca aattgtgtat ttgagtaagt ataatttatt    148080
     gaacttcaaa tatactcccc aaaattgttg tgtatgtatg tgtgtgtttg tatacacatt    148140
     gtaaaaaatg aatctataat gaatctacat atagaatgaa taatatttat gtgttagaat    148200
     gaatagtatt tatgtgtttg ggttctccag agaaacagaa taaataggat atctgtgtgt    148260
     gtatatatat atacacacac atatatatgt atatctgtgt gtatatatat gtatatgtat    148320
     atatacatat atatacacac acacaagcac acacactctc actcatatag attgatatgg    148380
     tttggctgtg tccccaccca agtctcatct tgaattatag ctcccatgtg ttgtgggagg    148440
     gtcctggtgg gagataattg aatcatggga actgttaccc ccatactgtt ctctaatgat    148500
     tcactgctgg ttgtaaataa gtctcaggag atctgatggt cttataaggg gaagccccat    148560
     tcacttggtt ctcattgtct ctcttgacta atgccaatgt aagacgtgcc tttcaccttc    148620
     ttccacgatt atgaggactg ccagccactt ggaactgtga gtctatttac cctctttttc    148680
     tttaaaaatt atctagtctt cggtatcttt ttcagtgcat gaaaaatgga ctagtacata    148740
     catatatgtc agaaaaagct tattacagaa atgtgcccac ttgattatgg aggccatgga    148800
     gggactcatc caagtctgaa ggactgagaa ccagggttat tcctgttgta acccctagtc    148860
     caaagctgaa atcctaagaa gtgatgggag ggtattggtg ggaaaggcac tggaccaaat    148920
     cccagagtct gaagtcctga gaaccacgag cacccatgtc caagcacaga aaaagatgga    148980
     tgttccaact caaggggaga gagaattcat ctttcttctg tcattttgtt ctatttaggc    149040
     tcacaaggga ttggatgatg cctgcccaca ctggtgatgg tagatcttct ttacttagtc    149100
     cactgattta aatgctatat tctttcagaa accccctcac agacacactc agaaataata    149160
     ttttaccagc tatttgagca tccctgaacc cagtcaagct gacatataaa attaaccatt    149220
     acaatttgtt tcacagattt gtatcaatta tctgttattc atttagtttt atactgctag    149280
     actttgaggg aaaatgttga gaaattttaa aaaattatct gctttcacaa ggctttcaat    149340
     attcttaaaa aactatatat aactaaataa tcattatgat ttattataat aaatatatga    149400
     ataatatgcc agtttttatg ggaagactta gaaaatacat ctactgtttt tagtacatta    149460
     taaatcactt ccttaaaaaa gcatatttac tctataagct ggagtatgag tagtagttag    149520
     taatatgcta agcctctagg cataagagaa gcagggtgct ttccagaaat ttatcaatct    149580
     cctcctgctt gcatctcagc atgcaagaga gctttagggg attttatgcc tagagaggtt    149640
     gtctgggatc agataggcca tgaaaaaaga aaagattaga tattatctaa actagaatct    149700
     ttagaaagaa ctcatatagg gcaagatatt gatgctttag gcttattttt ttggctgcac    149760
     tctagagaat ggatgggaaa gtataaaaga atggggataa tatctagttt ggtagacctt    149820
     ttgcagtaat ataggtaaga cctgatgtct tgaactaatc accgttgtgt atatcaaaga    149880
     agaacaaaga aaatgaatta tggagacatg taagcagtgg tagaattggt aaaactggtg    149940
     attgatggaa tgttagaatt gagggggaag gaagagacat agactctgaa tttctgggtt    150000
     ttagattaaa tagatggtgc tgctactccc taatatagga gaaaccatca aaagaatggg    150060
     tgggcaggag aagagaagga aagcagatgc ttttgaagtg atagacaatc cagatctggg    150120
     gattttgagt ctaagatgca ttgaaacttc tcaacatttt tttttagata gtttgagtat    150180
     tgggaattag aggtgagacg gagaagaaaa aaaatggaga tacagtatga aaattcagtt    150240
     tacatgtcag gaaagtaaag ggattaaact gttttgtaaa aggtagagtt gctaacagtg    150300
     acaaaggctt tcatgagagt taagatccta gaagagggag atggagatat ttaaagttaa    150360
     gtgtagataa aaatgcattg gaaatacata aatttcaaca tttaaaggtt gattactatg    150420
     aatctattgt ggtattgcaa gcttctctgt atgctttcct ccatctggtc tcagaagtct    150480
     tcatgataaa agagaaaacc aaaacctaaa tgagagttgt gtgtgagtat gtatgtgggt    150540
     gtgggctggt gtgcttgtct agaattttat gacagaaacg gtaagttaaa aaattgagat    150600
     tgtcaagagt catggaaaag ttgaaccatt atatgataat tcgtgccatt acacagagtt    150660
     cctggtttca aacatcagaa tggaattagg cattatattt attaaatgat atgtcatacc    150720
     tcacagactc tcaaaaagta ccagaagtaa ctcatgagta agttactcaa ccaggaaaag    150780
     cacatagaac agcatagaga ttgccttaag gaagaagcta ctgctgctgc cattctgcat    150840
     tgggaagctc atcaaacaca tcatgggtat tataggtgag tcagggggct ggatagtaga    150900
     aaccctgaca ctactattcc ccctaaagct tgatatctcc aatgcctaaa gaaagaatga    150960
     attttgtgta cctctgcttt ttcatttctg aatcatagac ttgcatatat ctgctaatta    151020
     gaaaggtaag ttttggtttc tacattgata ggtgtgaatc ataataggat aaaattctca    151080
     agccaaaaaa ggaattcaaa agatgcttaa tgattactat ataataattt cttttctaca    151140
     tcaatttcta tgtaattctg tgaatttact tttatttctt tccacatatt gataggaagc    151200
     attgccttca gaataatgaa tgaatacttt tcacccttcg caggacttgc tacattggtc    151260
     tttgctagct tcaatgcctg gaatgcaaac ttcgggtccc ttgttagtag aaagatgcac    151320
     agatgcggct ctgttgactc agttgtttaa atacatattg tcaaacaaaa tatttgcagc    151380
     actgatgcca agttcctcct gacattcaca ataatattga atttgactca accaaacaag    151440
     tgtgacaata tgtggaataa aatttcatct aggttttatc tggtttcaaa ctctcttaga    151500
     tttaacactc ttttgtggtt ttcaatttga aacagaattt ggctaagttt tggtgattga    151560
     agctgtagag ccattaaatt aaaaaggtat gctactacta tttaaagcgt cgtttagctt    151620
     aatgctaaat tgtcctcaaa attgttccag tttaagcctg caaaaagctt tacaatatga    151680
     tcattttctg gagatcattt ttcttgaagg ttgaaactaa attactatga aaatattttc    151740
     agtattattt aaataaaaac tttagaacct catggaatgt gtgcaagtaa ttcctgtatc    151800
     ttttcattac aataacaaca ctttaacaga agtagaattt tttttaacga agtgactttt    151860
     cttttttctt tttctttttt atttttcttt ctttcttttt tttttttttt ttgagatagg    151920
     gtcttactct gttgcccagg ctggagtgca gtgacgccat cttggttcac tggaacttct    151980
     gcctgttaga ctcaagcaat cctcacacct cagtctcctg agtagctggg actacaggca    152040
     tctgccacta tgcccggcta attttttgta tttctgttag agatggggtt tcaccgtgtt    152100
     gcccgggctg gtctcaaact cctgggctca agcaatccac ctgcctcagc ctcccaatgt    152160
     gctgggatta caggagtgag tcacgacgca cagccaacaa agtgattttt atctgaaagt    152220
     aattgcttta ggtaagcaca cacaaaaaca tacttagaaa aaataatgag atgctaataa    152280
     aacctatttt cccctacttg tatatatttt cgttacagca tttaaagaag aatgtatcac    152340
     aatctgttgt acacagatat cactccaatt tggactctga atgctttgat tatgcctgtc    152400
     tttatatttg tgctttctag tacctagtaa tatatctcat aattagtggg ggttttacaa    152460
     atatgaaaag aagaaagtca tggaagaaaa tggaatggaa gaggagcata aaggagaaat    152520
     gcaaggaagc aacccaggaa caaatacatg ttttaatatt ttctcccatt caccatatag    152580
     agagttaagt acactaactg tgtcatggca aacactaata ccactatgtt attatggtat    152640
     tgtaaattaa caactgtttt tttcaaaagg tgtaaacctg tgacacgtat ttccatattt    152700
     atacattcga agtgaaccta agacttgata tataaatgca ctttgatttt gggggcccag    152760
     ggggtactgg gcagcctgta atcattggct taattatagc ctaaagaaag tgattagagt    152820
     gataagaaag tagaaaacat atggagaagc agggcattta aatagagata agaaataaaa    152880
     gtggaacatg atcatggttc tctgtgtgac atggagggaa taaaattaaa aatacatcag    152940
     ctcaaaaagt aactatgtca ccatcttgtt ctatgaactt gggtatatta cttaattttc    153000
     taaatggctt tttcttctta tataaaatgt tgttactaac acaatcttca aagtgttctg    153060
     agagctaagt taaaaagcaa gtaaacaact gctgattaac attttatgta agaactgaca    153120
     attttaagat atttttcttt atacacctga ccttatctca atcaatttag acttaatgat    153180
     ctctatgatt ttggggtaga atgccggaga acaaaaagaa aaaaaatgtt taaactttaa    153240
     acagatacat ccttaggaac actaaagaaa aataataggc ttcaccccta gattatttaa    153300
     ttaatattca tttattacca cctactacgc tccagatttt attcccatta tttagaatat    153360
     atcaactgaa caaagtagca cagatatctg tcctatctgt ttctatcttt taatatagaa    153420
     gtaagggatg aaagtcacaa gttaccatag tagagaagta aattatatat ttttaaaaat    153480
     ggagatagga gcaggctaaa ggagatttaa catggtgtgt gggggaagga aatgtgtagt    153540
     attaagtagg gcaggcggga ttagacctaa ttgggaagat gcaatttaaa ccaagagtta    153600
     aagaaagtga tggagttagc caagtgaata cctaggggaa gagtgggtca gtcagagaaa    153660
     atagctagag aaaatgcatt aagatgaaag tattcttagt atactgtggt tacaggaagg    153720
     aagctagtat agttggagat gagtaagcaa tggatgagaa gtagatgatg aattcagagg    153780
     taatgggcaa actgtagaag aatcttatag gccatttcaa tgacttcagc atttgcggaa    153840
     tgaggagcca ttgtaagata ttctacaggg gagtgaatta tccacttact ctggttgaat    153900
     aattaagagc agactataag gggccaagca tgggggcacg ggaaactatt aaaaggcaat    153960
     ttgcactgat ccaagggaga accagcatgg cagtgattga gaaatgagaa ctgattgtat    154020
     ttggtacgta ttttgaatgt tgagcaaata ttttctgata tatttgacac agaatataaa    154080
     ataaacagaa atgacttcaa aatgtttact gtttattcca aacaagtaga aagatgaaat    154140
     tgataccaac cgattggaga aaggttattg atagagcagg tttcaggata aagagcaaaa    154200
     attacctctt ggctatgttg agtttgaggt gtacattaga tatccaagtg gaaacgtcaa    154260
     gaatggtgaa atacaggata taggattgtt gctggagaaa aaactgggga cttcacaata    154320
     tgtaggtcgt atttaaagcc atgaagcttg attacatcac caaagataca atcccatgtc    154380
     tgacattaac ttgttggaga ggaatatgac agattatata tgatttcaag gtataggatc    154440
     taatgcccaa ataaagggat gggatttaga tagaattata ggtaactaga cacaaagaaa    154500
     gtgcttgtag ttatttgggc agataggtac atagaaatta taataggagt ctctggcatt    154560
     tcttttaatt ctcctagtaa aatgcaaagc tgaggataaa aaaagtgaaa gaacataggg    154620
     actgactggc tagagaagaa aaggagtgaa atagtgattc ttcatagtgg gagagagaat    154680
     tagcaaagta ttgcttaaga gccaggaagc attaagaacc aatacacaca cacacatgtg    154740
     gttttgtatt ttccctctgg ccttgtggaa ctgaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cagagtagac    154800
     agaatttagg atttagccaa gttgtaaaac ccatggggca aaagactctt ggtgtgggct    154860
     taagcaagag aggatctgta atgattgaca atggaattta cagtgggtaa aaagcagaag    154920
     aggacatcaa gggccaacag tcagtgagtg gaagaaattc cacctacaca tcacctatat    154980
     ctatatctat ttttcttttt ttaatatgtt tcattttata tctttttttc tttttatatc    155040
     tctatttcta tttctatatc atctatgtct actccatggg attagagaat atgaagggac    155100
     aaaaagaaag tagggcaccc tatattaggt caattgcaca ccctgctttt tttccagtag    155160
     ttgagccaaa tgattgcgag aggcagggca cagcaggggc agagaatgag aattctccct    155220
     tatagatttg aggcattcaa gaaagaacaa atgttccctc tcctacagat aggtgaaaaa    155280
     ctatcatgtt ttacagtaag aaaaactcaa cacatctagg cgtacaggtc ttaggcagct    155340
     caccatgttt tctcttagtc atggtggaag aagagtagca aagtgaattt cagggcacct    155400
     gagagaagct ttataattgc catgaaagtc actggcattg aagcagcctt aaaaaaatga    155460
     attgacaatt gacacagaag agtagggtct gatgagcaat ctctgtattg acaaaacacc    155520
     aggttttgtt acccattgct ctaaatatcc agttttgtga aattatgtaa actttcatga    155580
     actaagatgt agtgcaaggg aagatgaact gccaattaaa aaatcagcat ttggaataga    155640
     attaacgttt atagaaaaca cctaaaaatt ctcaaataac ttgtagaatg aaactcatat    155700
     tcatcactaa taatgtaaat caccagtgtt actacatcat agatgttcaa taataatcag    155760
     tttttataaa ctttataata gttcagaaga gaatatggta atgataacta aacctaatat    155820
     tgtaaagttt tgtaaaaatg ctaagtaatt caaacatgtt tcttcctatt tgaccctctc    155880
     attaatgtta tatgtaataa gagatgctgt caattttctc attttacata ccaaaaagta    155940
     accacacaat acacaatctt tcttcccatt ccaccaaaaa caactaattt gtaaaaggca    156000
     gttaaaggaa atagaatttt taccctttca cttaaattaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaga    156060
     attttcaaac aaccaaaatg tctccccgtc caaaggaaaa aatatttctg atgaaactaa    156120
     atctacttca cagtaatatt tcaagtagaa atagctaggc tttctaacag aaatgttgta    156180
     gcaaagattt tcatattagt tgatgtatta gtcagaattc tccagagaaa cagaaccaac    156240
     agaagagatt tgagacagag agaaatattt atttttaaaa attgtctcat gcagttgtga    156300
     agttagcagt ttgaagattc aggtaataat tgatgttgca gtctttattc aaagggcttg    156360
     aaactcaggt ataaactcta tgttgcagct tggaagcagt tttgttttcg tttgatttgg    156420
     tttctggaaa ccacagtctt ttctcaagca tttcctctaa tttaattgag gcccacccac    156480
     atcatgaagg gcaatgtgct ttattcgatg tctactaatt ttaattttaa tcacttctga    156540
     agcaaaatac cttcacctca acatctagat tggtattgtc caaaccctta tctagctaag    156600
     ttgacacata aaattagcca tctcatttgg aacactgaaa taaatgacat ttaaggtcac    156660
     ttctaatttt atgattctac atcctactta ttggagaaaa aaaaatacct ggcggttatg    156720
     tttggaaaga ctgtttaatt gacccccgaa aatgtaggct tacaaaatgc cattaacctt    156780
     attgaacata ctgaggcaca aaactaagta aaaataagtc tggaagtcag aaattattat    156840
     catctttaac ccttttttct aattcaaatg ttccatctaa ccaatggctt ttcactgctt    156900
     tcttccttgt ggcttttaaa tcagcccagt tctctctaat ccctctacct ataagtagct    156960
     caagaactac tatcatcttt caaggataat tgcagcagca tttgaattgc tctctctgcc    157020
     ttcaatctat tgcaatattc ctatcaatgt tttctcaaca ctaaagcagg aagatatttt    157080
     aaaattaaaa tttgatcatg tctcttcatt acaaaaattc aatgaaattc catcactcta    157140
     agagtaccaa atttcagcac tttcatgatc taagtcgtcc ttatgaacac tctggcttta    157200
     tattttattt tgttagcatt caaacttaat attttatatg catagattta tgggcttctc    157260
     tataagatgt gctttctctt ccttctaggc tactgtttag ggtatttctt ctatttgaac    157320
     taggcccctg tcactccctg caggcccatt gtgactttgc ctaaaaaatt ctgattaagt    157380
     aacccaagaa ggggctgaaa gcttaggtcc atcttgattt agtagtttat atgatttctg    157440
     tgactgttct ttactaacct gacttatttt ttattcagag acagaaaaat aatgtttgat    157500
     ttgccaaaaa aactgctagg tttagaggaa aaagatccac taatatcaac aatattaatc    157560
     aaatgtaagt tatctgtgat gggttttcat taaagatact tccctcttct gttttgaaag    157620
     atatgtatcc tcttatgaaa gaaaaatgga ctcaaaccca attcccaatt aggaaattat    157680
     tggtaaaata tactgaagtt atcttggcct attctatggc atttaaagtg aaaattatta    157740
     gaaagaaaac actcaaaata aaatattctt tttgtgtggg gaaaagtgat ttcaatgaca    157800
     atattttcag tacgtgtgaa tttaatgaaa gcatgttcat taattttgat tgctattact    157860
     taaattgtct aacatcattt tcctgtagca gaatcaaatg ggtaatttca aactaaaaat    157920
     ggcatacaac actgatctga gactagaaat attgttcaat cgatttcttc ctaggctttc    157980
     aaaatcagtg aactctacca tcttaacact attatttcta aatcagataa gaagaatgga    158040
     tttttcttat aatgtatgaa ccaaatgaag aactaaaaat ttagtcatag atttttgtca    158100
     atacaaataa atacatgagt aaatgggcaa cgcttccaaa tgagtccatt gcctatagca    158160
     gtttcagcca aattgttcca ttgtaagaac acaattgtaa atgttttgtg atcactttat    158220
     attatttagt aaaatatatt tgagagattt atctttgcat acccctgatc ttagaacata    158280
     tatctgcaat ttgcagatat tttatcttaa atacattttt atattttccc ttctttcttt    158340
     gcttaatatt ttaggaacaa ccttatccaa gcccctttgc cctctagcag tgggaggaac    158400
     tgtaagaaca gaggtcaagt gtagagaaga agcaagatta tttctgtgct cccagaattt    158460
     gtttccagtg gcctcactgg tatcagctgt ttcttccttg tgattctagc tcctgcaaaa    158520
     tagccctttt ctctgtggtc ttagatcctg ctgaggtttg cctctgctat agagaagctt    158580
     cagggctcac ataatatcac ttctttcatg tgtccctcca gtcctaggag tggtagtgct    158640
     tcctgctgtt tctaatctct tacttacttc ctcatacatt gagttcctct ggtcttcagt    158700
     cacccatgta accaattccc tgtgttaaat tttctctgat tgagacacct agtgggtttc    158760
     aagtttctct gcatacaaat aggttgttgt ttctttttta ggcataaaaa aagattggag    158820
     aaattctaac gtgattctgc catgagaaca aatccctttg ataaagcagt acttccagct    158880
     caaccctcca atagggtccc aagttcatgg gaattaaaaa tgtttatgct tcgtattaca    158940
     tattaagaaa cctacaaaga aaatctcatt acaatgctcc tgaattacat gactattttc    159000
     ttctctgtgt gtttaaaact taatatttca acatcaacta atgtccttaa ctaatatact    159060
     tctagggcct tttgtgtctt ccgtaagcac caatatatgc atgtagaagc taaagatata    159120
     tgagacacag tttctgccct aaaaaaatgt agtgggagaa aaacacacat gaacagaaaa    159180
     tgaaaaaaac agcaacaaca acaacaaaag acaggataat gaacagaatg gagattttca    159240
     gatgtgatat aggaacatgt aatacataaa acacagctag aaaaggctta taaaggcctc    159300
     ataaaagagt taagtatcac ttaagaatat ataatgctat aatcaatata tataacctaa    159360
     atatctgtac ttgtgaatta cctagaatat acttttaata tatttgtata tttccatgga    159420
     accctacaat aattcattta tctgtttacc ttagtcacat ccagagactc acactggact    159480
     cacactggtt aactatcctg tacattcaat tcaataattt catacaaatt ccctataaca    159540
     aatttgtcca tatactcaat attttttgtc ttccctccat ctttacctct tattataact    159600
     tgactgtggc tttttctcac aacccatttc cctgaagaca ttgtatatga aggttatact    159660
     tttgtccctg acactcttgt agttcagtgg cttgggtttg gatacgttct tttcttttgc    159720
     cttcttgtgg tttctgaatt tcttttcttg ttatttttct actatctctt ttatcttcat    159780
     ttctcttcta gataatttat gttattgtag acatatactt tagtattttt aactttagaa    159840
     attccttcct caactctgta ttttcctaag tttaccattc tatatctctg atttgcttca    159900
     tagcaaaatg ggttgaaaaa gttatccaca tttggttgta cctgcttctt acttcacaaa    159960
     tccttaaaca aattttccct cagttttgtt cctacaactg cattgaggct cttcttttac    160020
     atcctccttg atttctacct ttcaaaattc aataatgagt tccttttcaa atttttgaac    160080
     cctcagatat atttggaaaa attgataatt ttattttatt ttgtcttcaa ttaccttaca    160140
     ctaccttgat ttttatacct caccaattgt tctttctcta tgttagctct ttcttcgttc    160200
     ctgatctata aaatgaggtc catttgaggc ttgattttat tattgtatct atatgatttc    160260
     cagggagcat tcattcaggc tcttggattt aaaaacaact ctgatctata ataaatttca    160320
     acctataagt ctatgcttat aatctataat tttattctgg atcttccata tagacttttc    160380
     tataaatttt cagcttgcac attgaactgc ccacttgata tctgatctta gaagtttaac    160440
     agacacctcc aacttaacgt gagcccaaaa gccttgttgt gacattttca aaacatgctc    160500
     ctcttttagt ctgagaatat tgccccttta gaaaactctg tcataattca tatagtttat    160560
     ccagtcacaa atgcatgtat tgttttggag aaccctttct cttaccctta taaatccatg    160620
     agcacttcat tttgtcttta actccacaaa atatctggag tttatccaac aaattctatc    160680
     acctaattct atcatgggaa cctcgctcct cgtgacttct tctaatccta attacctccc    160740
     taacatccta tatccaaata ccctcacatt gagaattagg gcttcaatat ttcaatttct    160800
     ggaggacaaa aatatattca gtccatatca acatattaaa cataaaaata aatgtaccca    160860
     tatttttcgt cttttccttt acattgtaag ttacatgaga gcaaacaaca tacttgtcca    160920
     atatacatat ttatttggtg ccaaataaat gtctgctgaa aaaatgaata atttaatgag    160980
     aaattaaagg aatgtttgag tagagaatta tagattaaag ctacagatga aggtcgatgt    161040
     tattataata gacatatgat gttgccaaga caatatattt aagaggagaa aaatatagtg    161100
     aaaaactttg cagtggtaca aattgagaac aaacaatttg aagatttaat tataagaatg    161160
     atgagtgtgt tctggttaca aaaagtcaca gggtttctta tcgttgttat tttattttac    161220
     ttttgtcctg ttgaggcaat aattaagaac aaataatcac ttattgaata gcgcaggaaa    161280
     acagcctgcc tgctgcatgg cacgagtgac tacgccacca tcttgaggaa aaccatcaca    161340
     atgcccaatg tttgactcct gcgtatcacg gtgttctgaa gcaaggtctt tttccccgga    161400
     agtaacaagt cacagcatgg aagtctgaga tgtaactagc tgcacttgtc tttaccctaa    161460
     atgcttgcta tctaaaggac attctctaga ggagattgcg aaatccaccg tatcacaacc    161520
     acccaagata tcatttctgt tcataagtcc ctattaaata tgtatttctg agaaactggc    161580
     tttttttcag catctttctt cagcatctca gctccctcag cctttggggg tagatttgaa    161640
     tatacccatc atttttatgg tcttagcatg gtctcaatgt acttcaactg gcctgttata    161700
     aattagggaa tgatgcttag taccaatctt ctctatgtga gatgcaaaga gagagtagaa    161760
     tagaagataa aagaagttca aatggggtca gttaacctct gaagccaggc tcagatttca    161820
     ggctttctaa aatgtttttc aagataaaaa ataaatacgc tctgttttca actcaggttg    161880
     ggaatgcaac ttttgcattt atcccctgat attgtctatt agttgctttt gcaacctaag    161940
     acctagaata aaaatatgcc ctaagggcct ctaagctttt ctaagtatct actcatctct    162000
     gcaatgatac ctgctgcagc tgctaactgc ttcagcaaga aaaaaaacac atacacacca    162060
     tatgaaatta catctcttct tcaaaagtaa gtcttatatt ttagctattc acatttcaca    162120
     aacatcttct gataagatac tgagtgagca gttagaagaa atgacattca caaacatact    162180
     gctaaaaata gttattgctt ctaataatca atgagatttt attgcatttg cagaaggcct    162240
     ggggtaggag ggcatattgg tcagggtgat gttttaccat ttatgacaga aaagtaacat    162300
     tatttaacct ttctaatatt ctactactaa tgtattctac ttataaagat aaaacaggct    162360
     gcatttttac ttctgaatga aaaaaatgag tttgactcta aaatgatttc tacaccaata    162420
     atgaaatgtt tttgttaatt aacattgggt gatgtattac tactgataca cgaattagtc    162480
     atcaaaataa atgcttctaa ataagtagtt acgtaaccaa aaatggagaa acaagaataa    162540
     taagatacac aacgagttca caatagagat gagtcttcct tccatgtgaa ccacttgtca    162600
     ctgatgtcag catagtttgg gatgtagatt aagaatgaga ttctttatct tgaaattatg    162660
     aatttctgat aaatctatgg gtagccaaaa tatgtatttt ttaataagca ttccagatta    162720
     tttgtgtatt tgagtattac cattgtccca gagcataaga ctccagaaag gtacaaaaaa    162780
     taaaacacag tgtggcagat actgtgttgc tctgctcaca tatcctctgg aaggtagaca    162840
     catgtacctc ctagtcaaag tagatatcaa ctgctgttca attataactt catccattta    162900
     gaattgccct catcctcagg atgaggatct gcttaaaaca atgttattac tcctcccagg    162960
     gtcggccttc attaatgatt aatgtctaga tggggaatgc aaagaatcat cccccagtgc    163020
     gcctccattg caactgcatt gttaagtagc ttctggccaa tgttttcttc cctaagtgct    163080
     ttcttttttt cttcttcttc ttcctttttt ttttttttag agggagtctc accctgttgc    163140
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc ttgatctcag ctcaccacaa cctctgcctc ccaggttcaa    163200
     gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tctcgagcag ctgggactac aggcgtgcac caccatgccc    163260
     ggctaatttt gtatttgtgg tagagacgga gtttcactat gttggccatg atggtctcga    163320
     actccagaac tcatgatctg cccaccgtgg cctcctaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga    163380
     accactgcgc tgcgcctctt ccctaatttc ttacagctat gtctcctaca ttcctcttct    163440
     gtactttgtg aaagtcttca tttcagattc tgtttccaga aaattgatca atcaaataaa    163500
     tacaacatca acaacagtac tcacttaact ccatactctc ttctatataa aatgataaaa    163560
     agataaaata tgaacctgag aaagttttaa atatatttac aagtagcatc ccatatgttg    163620
     aaaaatttag gtccaaggat attaagcttt atagcttatt tattttttct ctctctgtaa    163680
     ttgtgatccc agtgtttttc cgttttttcc ttccttcctt attcctttct tcttttattg    163740
     cctctttcca cccttgttct gtttttcttt tcttcagttc tttactgcat tgttttcttc    163800
     cttccttttg ttaagttatt gatttggaaa gtagaaagaa cacttatcaa aagaaaaaag    163860
     aaccttactt taggataata gcttgaaacc aggggccaga ggttgcagtg agccgagatc    163920
     gctccactgc actccagcct gggtgacaga gcgagactcc atctcaaaat aaataaataa    163980
     attaattata ttttttaaaa gaatcctacc ttaaatgaac ttacattcta ttatggagaa    164040
     acagataata accacacaaa caagtaacgt aggtaatctt ttaaattctg ataagttctc    164100
     tggggaaaaa ataaagcaaa taaaagggat aaaattacaa ggttgggtca ttactatttt    164160
     aagtagaatg gacaaagcaa gataccttgt tgaaaaaaaa attttttgaa cggaaacgtg    164220
     aaggaggcaa aagtgagaga catgcagtta tctgagggaa gaacattcca ggtagagaaa    164280
     actgaaacgc aagtgccatt tgcagtggca gtgtgtgtgt tgggcgggga ggttggggag    164340
     ggcgtgtttt gggtgtattt gaggaatatc aagaatattg gttttatcag tgcaaaccta    164400
     tagaagagtg attttaaatg aatttaaaga aatgggcaag aaatagagtt cacattttaa    164460
     aaagttttaa gccattgtaa ggcctttaaa ttttcctccg agtgaaacaa gatactactg    164520
     gaatattttg tacagaggtg taatatgatc taactcatgt tttaaaagta tcattttgac    164580
     tcatatagta agcatagaat gttctgggtt attttttaaa gatacaacta tgaattcaaa    164640
     gttatagttg tctatatctt cctgaatatc aagtatatgg tcaaaattca cttctgaaaa    164700
     gtagattttg aatcttagat ttcagaaccc taaatgaatt taaatgtatc ttggaatttg    164760
     gggttgctgt ttcacacagg acgaagaaag tcaaaagaga taataacatt catccttaca    164820
     accaaagcaa gacaagtaag ctaatgagtc atagttttcc tgaacccatg tgcaaactga    164880
     gtttacagtt tcctcactaa attctagaat agaatggact ctccataaaa aataagagat    164940
     tcatggctgt tttcatgccc agcaggacag caagagaaga aataatctaa cgtagaccca    165000
     aaagtggagt taaataacta aacaaccaat atttcaacaa tttctttctt tcttcctttc    165060
     ttcttctctt tcttttttct tttcttcttt tccttcattt tctttccttt cccctccttt    165120
     tcttttttct ttttacacag tatctcactc tgttgcccag gctggagtgt agtggtgtgc    165180
     actcatgact cactgtagcc tcaaccttcc aggctcaagc catccttcca cctcagcccc    165240
     ctccacctcc cggcctctcc agtagctggt actacaggca tgtgccatca ggcctggtta    165300
     actaattttt tttttttttt ttttaaagag agatagggtc ccactatgtt gccgaggctg    165360
     gtttccaact cgtggtctca agtgatcctc ccgcctcagc tgcccaaagt gctgggatta    165420
     ccatttcaaa aatttttaag tgtgtttgtg attgtgacat actagatgtt agaagagccc    165480
     tgatcaagta gttcactttt acccatccac cgtcttctat tgacattcct ttagtccggc    165540
     attccagaga ttgaggtagg aaaagtgatg tctgggacat aagaggtctc aatttactgg    165600
     cttacctggt actgaaaatg aggtgaaaaa acaagaaagc tgagagaaat caacatgttc    165660
     ccaagtgctg tatgtgaaca ataaatctga gacatacctc taaggctttt ccagagacaa    165720
     gaaagctctc aacctgtaaa gaattcctgg gacatgactg agagcaacga gaacttccag    165780
     tggtccagaa ggttagcaga tatagtgtag agcatacaca gatatactat agttcataac    165840
     actggtggct tagctgtaaa tcacaaaata gcactggaat tatactagtg atcatagcac    165900
     atagtccaag aagaaaaaat tttgatcttg ttcttaaact ttgtggagcc agtggtgaaa    165960
     tgagtcacac aaagatgcaa caatgattga acccagccct ctttagacta acatattctt    166020
     gtccatcacc accaatatta caataaaaat caagacacat gaaggagcat acctttttct    166080
     gaaagtaaat attgcttacc tcagtctcta ttgttatttg atgcaaaaca cccagcatgc    166140
     aatttgaatc aataagacat gtaaaggagc aaaaaaatgt aactcatgct aaagaaaaaa    166200
     aaaaagagtg agagagagac aacaaaagca gatccagaaa tggttaaact tgtggcatta    166260
     taagggagga gctttaaaat aacaattata taaatataga aacatctagt ggaaatggtg    166320
     atcagtattt atcaagttat gggaatttgc agcagagatg taaaaatgct attattttac    166380
     agttccatat tttaatataa aaagagtatg ttaaaaataa aattggtaaa aacaaaatgt    166440
     atcaaaaatt aagatttatg tagatagtct taacagtaga ataaattttg cagtagaaaa    166500
     aatcaataga cttagaaaaa tcaatagaag taatcaaact aaaatataaa acaaatagaa    166560
     aaaaagatga gtgaaataaa agaatacaca gagaatccaa tattagtgag aaaatgttaa    166620
     gcagtataaa atgcctgtga ccagagataa aaaaagaaag agctatagaa aaaattaact    166680
     aaatcactga aatttttcta aaaattaaaa aaatacatca atctgaatcc aagaagctca    166740
     ggagccctca aaaaggatag gtatgtaaaa caacatatag agttacatca tttcaaactg    166800
     tgaaaactaa agataaattc ataacattat tcataaggaa aagatatctt acatatggta    166860
     aatgaaaata ctgaggcaca gttgacctca ccagaaaaat taatgatgaa tgacattaag    166920
     atgatttttt gactattaaa aaataagaaa tatcaattta gaattatata tatgtaatgg    166980
     tgtaatcctt taaaatggag gcaaaatata gatatttcaa aagaaaataa atagcaagat    167040
     gacataccta aagctacttt tatcagtaat cacattaaat acaaatggtc taaaggaatc    167100
     aattgaaaga catagattgc catatttgat ggagccctat gtttcttaca aggaacataa    167160
     tttaaatata aagacataaa ttagctaaaa ggaaacatga tactaacact tgtctatctg    167220
     acaaagtagc tttttttctt tctttttttt gctgactcac atgtcaggtg atgacagtag    167280
     atttctagca aagtgtatta ccagaaaata agaatcttat tttacgatga caaaggagtt    167340
     agtttatcaa aaggacatgt aattctgaaa tttagtgtat ctaatatcag agatgcaaaa    167400
     tagatgaagc aacaatagaa ttgcaaggaa aactgacaaa tccccaagta ttgttaaaat    167460
     ttttaatatc cttctttcat ttatttgtag aacaagtaaa caaaatcaac aagaatcagg    167520
     attttaacat catcaatcaa ctagacccat tgacatttat gtaacacttt actcagtaac    167580
     agcagaattc                                                           167590