EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC093614; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 72666 BP.
AC   AC093614;
DT   10-SEP-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens PAC clone RP1-164D18 from 7, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-72666
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-72666
RA   Bielicki L., Meyer R., Spalding L.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens PAC clone RP1-164D18";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-72666
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-SEP-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-72666
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-JAN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-72666
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-FEB-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; fd2940fa826fc8d7814516a45d69b201.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270804.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC093614.4:1-72666; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Jan 19, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:17981672.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_DJ0164D18
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The sequence of this clone was established as part of a mapping and
CC   sequencing collaboration between the NHGRI Chromosome 7 Mapping
CC   Project (Eric D. Green, Director), John D. McPherson in the
CC   Department of Genetics (Washington University), and the Washington
CC   University Genome Sequencing Center. For additional information
CC   about the map position of this sequence, see
CC , send
CC , or see
CC   This clone was derived from human PAC library RPCI-1, prepared by
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at using the
CC   method described by Ioannou et al., Nature Genetics 6:84-9 (1994).
CC   The library is from one male donor.
CC   The clone may be obtained either from Genome Systems, Inc.
CC   ( or Research Genetics, Inc.
CC   (; or from Pieter de Jong.
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-90P13.  Actual start of
CC   this clone is at base position 1 of RP1-164D18; actual end is at
CC   base position 72666 of RP1-164D18.
CC   Sequence derived from pcr from base position 40314 to 40593.
CC   Data from AC093627 was used to finish this clone, AC093614.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..72666
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /map="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-1"
FT                   /clone="RP1-164D18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   279..580
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   1074..1518
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1609..2163
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3085..3381
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4644..4684
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   4812..5112
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5190..6030
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6031..6324
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6325..6560
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6550..7983
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9366..9486
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   9621..9821
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10282..10479
FT                   /rpt_family="(CACCG)n"
FT   repeat_region   10656..11141
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11155..11362
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11363..12050
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   11708..11729
FT                   /rpt_family="(AGGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   12051..12462
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12463..12765
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12766..13305
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12932..12958
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   13306..13610
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13615..14232
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14220..14243
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   14330..14426
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   14514..14758
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   14790..14965
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   17123..17362
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   17714..19130
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19238..19585
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19620..19715
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19729..19996
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20059..21791
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20676..20710
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   21795..22202
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22446..22617
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGGAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   23591..23898
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   23870..23897
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   23898..23944
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   24962..25633
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   28172..28320
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   28341..28435
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   28819..29909
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30314..30684
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30881..30941
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   32126..32218
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   32233..32434
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32680..32987
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32682..32706
FT                   /rpt_family="(T)n"
FT   repeat_region   33005..33437
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36765..36897
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   36960..37016
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37152..37211
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37214..37274
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   37275..37587
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37588..37708
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   38253..38288
FT                   /rpt_family="G-rich"
FT   repeat_region   38805..39260
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   39269..39399
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   39534..39951
FT                   /rpt_family="(TCTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   39970..40094
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   40487..40603
FT                   /rpt_family="(TGGGGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   41586..41714
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   misc_feature    41762..41964
FT                   /note="match to EST AI192009 (NID:g3743218) qe11a07.x1"
FT   repeat_region   41962..42195
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   42252..42395
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   misc_feature    42542..42909
FT                   /note="match to EST AA430101 (NID:g2113275) zw61a04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    42542..42964
FT                   /note="match to EST AI352120 (NID:g4089326) qr10e10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   42812..43428
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   43947..44126
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44127..44529
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   44530..44555
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44730..44760
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   44826..44951
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   44952..45246
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45247..45721
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   47247..47518
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   47607..47914
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   49435..49777
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50939..51087
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    51014..51381
FT                   /note="match to EST AI459061 (NID:g4311640) tk03e10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    51448..51915
FT                   /note="match to EST T91207 (NID:g723120) yd51a12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    51848..52219
FT                   /note="match to EST T79552 (NID:g698061) yd75g01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    51864..51985
FT                   /note="match to EST AI459061 (NID:g4311640) tk03e10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    51864..51910
FT                   /note="match to EST AI352120 (NID:g4089326) qr10e10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   52483..52889
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   52890..53102
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   53103..53226
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    53955..54297
FT                   /note="match to EST AV707930 (NID:g10725195)"
FT   misc_feature    54352..54410
FT                   /note="match to EST AV707930 (NID:g10725195)"
FT   misc_feature    55103..55121
FT                   /note="match to EST AI459061 (NID:g4311640) tk03e10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    55103..55189
FT                   /note="match to EST AV707930 (NID:g10725195)"
FT   misc_feature    55596..56614
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=65.7, o/e=0.80, #CpGs=96)"
FT   repeat_region   55730..55863
FT                   /rpt_family="SUBTEL_sa"
FT   misc_feature    55900..56045
FT                   /note="match to EST AV707930 (NID:g10725195)"
FT   misc_feature    56173..56639
FT                   /note="match to EST AU128825 (NID:g10989179)"
FT   misc_feature    56366..56708
FT                   /note="match to EST BI821939 (NID:g15933489)"
FT   repeat_region   57176..57582
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57911..58186
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58647..58905
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    59988..60513
FT                   /note="match to EST BI821939 (NID:g15933489)"
FT   repeat_region   60004..60216
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   60465..60879
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   60926..61501
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    61441..62036
FT                   /note="match to EST AI823386 (NID:g5444057) wh53d11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    62555..62871
FT                   /note="match to EST AI245369 (NID:g3840766) qk23e09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   65205..65428
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    66351..70154
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=70.1, o/e=1.59, #CpGs=406)"
FT   repeat_region   70301..70597
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70683..70837
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    71025..71680
FT                   /note="match to EST AW044477 (NID:g5905006) wx22d08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    71865
FT                   /note="match to EST AA931476 (NID:g3085862) om89f02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    71950..72411
FT                   /note="match to EST AA931476 (NID:g3085862) om89f02.s1"
FT   repeat_region   72473..72500
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
SQ   Sequence 72666 BP; 19129 A; 18783 C; 17907 G; 16847 T; 0 other;
     gatcctgtgc cctcactcct tctcattccc tgggaactgg caggaacatc gctgctctgg        60
     gccagtgctg gcctggctcc tcacgaacgc aacactgcca gctctgcgcc cctcagactg       120
     ctggaagcat cccgtagatc agaggattct gatccctgcc tccagggatg gggtgtccac       180
     ggcacgtctc caggtatgaa cacacacaat ttggcatgaa cacatgcctt tggcgttctc       240
     tgggactaga ctgggcagat taacaaggta cctttaaaca ggggtgccca accccaagtg       300
     tggacaggta ctggtccgtg gcctgtcagg aactgggccg cacagcctcc cgtcggatca       360
     gcggcggcat tcgatctcat aggagcatga accctgtcgt gagctgtgcg tgtgagaggg       420
     atccaggttg cgtgctcctt atgagaatct aactaatgcc tgagcatacg aggtggaaca       480
     gtttcatccc aaaaccatcc ccccaacccc accctcatcc cacagtacgt gggaaaattg       540
     tctcccatga aactggtacc aaaatggttg gggacggctg ccttaaaaca caaggttgat       600
     ttatagtaaa ggagcaacag gcaccgaaat tcacactcag gagaggagcc gtgcgagcta       660
     aaggaacaca gtccgttccc gtcctgcagg aagccatcag cgcttctcaa acgtgacgcg       720
     gttctcacct agtccagcgg ctatttctcc tcccactttc ctggaggaac accgctgcta       780
     ggccctaggt ttctgacagc tcagccactt aaaagtagga aatccagctg cctaggaccc       840
     atcttggtgt gtccttcact cagtgtgacc tggagattcc ttcgccttgt tatgtgaatg       900
     ttacgatctc acacccagaa tgcagcaaac atgaaaacct gtcattatga atgtggattc       960
     ctccacagaa tagacgccta aatcatggta tacggtctaa ttaaatggaa tattaaaatg      1020
     aatgagctag aatttataaa tcaacataga taatctaaga acaaattaaa tacagggaca      1080
     ccagcaagat ggagaactag gaagccccag ggagtcctcg ttcccccacc gagacactgg      1140
     ttagcaataa tctatggaca gaacagccag tgtgagaacc ccagaatccg attaggaggt      1200
     tgcagcaccc cctgtgagtg caaagcccag aagggccaca tctgagcaga taagaaaaaa      1260
     agtcacagca ttttgtgccc tggtgcctac tgctccctgg catgatagga gccctcaatg      1320
     ccctcaatgc ttggctgctc tctagagagg gagagtgaag agtggaacat gcatccaatg      1380
     ttctcgcttt tcagggggct gcccatggga ctggtatctg cctcacctga ctcagagcac      1440
     tgagggaaac ttgcagagct tgaatgtcag gtaaggggct gctgagagca aagacgagca      1500
     tcttcgctca gcacaaagga tcctgcggag ccacagacac cagaggacag aggcctcctg      1560
     aaaaacatgg gcaaaactct aactgggaaa ctacttacac aagcccaaag aagatgcatc      1620
     cccagaaaag gctgagaagt tccagaatct ctacctgggc tgattagtga aagtacaaag      1680
     caagttaaca aagactgcgg gaagcacaat gtatttgaaa tgcccaaata tcaatacaag      1740
     gtcacaaggc atacaaagaa acaggaaacc aaggcccagt caaaggaaca aaatatatct      1800
     caggaaatga ccgtaaagac acagagatga attaactgat cattcaaggt aaccttctta      1860
     aagatgccca gtgagctaaa caagaacaga gacaactgaa cgaattcaga atacgactta      1920
     tgaacaaaat gagataacaa cagagataga aattataaaa actgaacaaa acagaaattc      1980
     ggaaactgaa gaataactga attttaagat caatagagga gttcaacagc agacttgatc      2040
     atggagaaag aaccatcaaa tttgaagaaa aattatctga aattattgag tgagaggagg      2100
     gaaaaaaagc ataaagaaag taatgagagc ctgtgagact tacgggaaaa catcaggcag      2160
     aacaatggag gttttttacc ccagagacgc tgtgggtttg atcccaggcc actgccataa      2220
     tgtgaatacc acagcaaggt gagtcacaaa atattttggt ttcccggcgc atataaaagt      2280
     aatgattata ctatactgta gcctgttaat tgtgcaatag cattatgtat aaaaaagtat      2340
     ataccttaat gaaaatactt tctttggcta aaaatgctaa tgatcatcta agccttcaac      2400
     aagtcataat tttttcatga tgggggctct tacctcagtg ttgatgtctg ctaactgatc      2460
     agcgtggcag ttgctgaaga ctggggtaac cgtgacaatt tcttaagaca acaatgaatt      2520
     ttgctcttca atggactctt tccttcacaa aagacttatc tgcggtatgt aatgtcgttt      2580
     cacagcattt tactcacagt agaacctctt tcaaatttgg agccagtcct ctcaaaccct      2640
     gctgctgctt tatgtaatat tctgaatacc ttgttgtcac ttcaagaatg tttgtctcta      2700
     ccaggagtag attccatctc aaaaaacaac tttctttgct cattcgtaag gagaaactcc      2760
     tcattcatta aagttttacc ctgagattgc agcaattcag ccacatcgtc aggctcctct      2820
     tctcattcca gttgtctcac cgtttccacc atctgcagtt cctgcctcca ttaaagtctt      2880
     gaaccactca gagtcacctg tgagggctgg gattaaatcc ctgcagactc ctgttcatgt      2940
     tgatattttg cctcctccca tgaaacagga acgttcttaa tggcatgtag agtggtgaac      3000
     tacttccaga aggcattcca ttcgctttgt tcggatccag cagagcaatc actatctacg      3060
     gcagctatag ccttaagaaa tgtatttctt tctttttttt tgagacggag tcttgctctg      3120
     tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tggagcaatc tccactcact gcaagctctg cctcctgggt      3180
     tcacgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga ctacaggcgc ccgccatcac      3240
     gcccggctaa tattttgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt caccgtgtga gccaggatgg      3300
     tctcgatctc ctgacctcgt gatccacccg cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag      3360
     gcgtgagcca ctgtgcccag ccagaaatgt acttcttaaa taataagatg aaagtcaaaa      3420
     ttactccttg atctatgggc tgcaaatgga tattgtgtta gcaggcatga aaacaatatt      3480
     aatttagtac atcttcatca gagctcttgg gtgaccagct gcattataaa taaccagtaa      3540
     tattttgaaa gacatttttt tcctgtgcat agttctcaac agggggctta aaatattcag      3600
     taaaccgtgc tataacaaat gtgctgtcat caaagcttta tgtgccattt atagagtgca      3660
     aacagagtag atgcggcata attcttaagg gccttagaat gttcaatatg gtaaataagc      3720
     attggcttcg acttaaaatc accaactgcg ttagtaatta acaagacagt cagtctgtcc      3780
     tttgcagaat tgatgccagg tattaacgtc tcctcttcag ctctaaaagt tcgagatggc      3840
     atcttatttc aatagaatgc tgtttcatct acattgcaaa tctgttgttt agtgtagccg      3900
     ccttcatcaa gcagctcagc tagatcttcc ggagaacttg ctgaagcctc tacattagca      3960
     tttgctgctt caccttgtgc ttttatgtta tggaaatggc ttcttttctt aagcatcatg      4020
     aacagctaac ttcaaacttt tctcctgtgg tttccttacc tctctcagcc ttcacagaat      4080
     tgaagagcgt taagaccttg ctctggattg ggctttggct taatggaata ttgtggttga      4140
     ttagatcttc tacacagacc actacaacta tcttcgtatc agcaacaagg ctgttttact      4200
     ttcttattta tgtgtccact agaagagcac ttttaatttt cttaaataac ttttcctttg      4260
     catttataac atggctaact acttggagca agaggcctag ctttcagcct atcttggtta      4320
     ttgacacacc ttcctcacta agctcactaa cgtcacttcc agcttttgac ctaaagtgag      4380
     agatgtgtga ctcttgcttt cacttgaaca cttaggtcat tgtagggcta ttaacctaat      4440
     ttcaatatta ttgtgtctca ggtaataggg aggctcaagg agagggagaa aggtgaagga      4500
     atggccagct ggtggagcag tcagaacata cataacattt atcgattcag ttcaccatct      4560
     gatatggtat gggcaaggcg catggcactc caaaacaatt gtaatagtaa cattaaagat      4620
     caccaatcac aggtcactat aacatatata acaataaaga aaattaaaat tattattata      4680
     aattgtacta aaatgtgaca cagagacaag aagtgagcac atgctgttgg aaaaatggca      4740
     ctggtggact tgctggatgc agagttgccg cagactttcc atttgcaaaa caaaaacaca      4800
     atgtcagttg tgcacggtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcag      4860
     gcagattgtg tgagtccggg agtttgagac cggcctgggc aacatggcaa aacactgtct      4920
     ctacaaaaaa taaaaaaaaa tcagccaagc gtggtggtgc acacctgcag tcccagctac      4980
     ttgggaggct gaggtgggag gatttccgga gcctggtagg tggaggttac agtgagccaa      5040
     gatcatgcca ctgcacgcca gcctgggaga cagagcaaga cctcatctca aaaaaacaaa      5100
     caaacaaaaa aacccacaat gtctgtgaag tgcaataaag caaagcacaa taataaaaga      5160
     tatgcctgtg cacacattat gggagttcca gaatagagag agaaagaggt gaaggcctat      5220
     ttgaagaaat catggctgaa aacttcccaa atttgagcaa aagaatggac ataagagttc      5280
     aagaaattca actagaataa atccaaagag acccattatc atcaaactgt cagaagtcaa      5340
     agacaaaata agaatcttga aaacagcaag agaaaagcaa ctcatcagtg caagggagct      5400
     cccataagat tataagtggg tttctgagca gaaactttgt aggccagaag ggagtagaat      5460
     gatatattca aagtgctatc agagtaaaaa cagtcagcca agaacactat atccagcaaa      5520
     attatccttc aaaaatcatc ccaaataaac aaaagctgag agaattcaac accacgagat      5580
     atttcctaca agaaatgcta aaaggagttc ttcgagttga aataaaagga cactagacag      5640
     caatcccaaa ctacatgaaa atatgaaact ctctagaaaa ggtaaatata tagacaaatg      5700
     tagaatcctg tactatcata atgttagtat ataaatcact tttaattctt gtatagaatt      5760
     taaaagatga aaacatttaa aaataatcat agaactctgt taatggttac acaatataaa      5820
     agagataatt tgcgacgtca atagccaagt gtaggggagt gaaggtgtaa aagagtacag      5880
     tttttgagtg caattgaggt taaactgcta tcagtttaaa atggatcatt ataactttaa      5940
     gatattttat gtaatcccaa ggtgaatata aagaaaatat ttatagaaga catacaaaag      6000
     gaaataagaa atcaaagcat gtcactataa tttttttttt tttttgagac agagtcttgc      6060
     tctgtcaccc aggctggagc gcagtggtgc aatctcggct cactgcaacc tctgcttccc      6120
     aggttcaagt gattctcctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct gggattacag gtgtgcacca      6180
     ccatgcccgg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagatgggt tttcaccatg ttggtcaggc      6240
     tggtctcaaa ctcctgacct cgtgatctgc ctgcctcagc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta      6300
     caggtgtgag ccaccacacc tggcctataa aaaattttga aagtacaaag gaaaggagta      6360
     aggaggaaaa atggagacaa aatagccata aaacatacag taaacaatta acaaattggc      6420
     agtagtaagt cttccttacc agtaatttct tcaaatgtaa attaattaaa ctccctaatc      6480
     aaaagacaga ttgagttgat taaaaatgaa aagaaaaaaa aaaagaagat ccaactatat      6540
     gctgtctaca agaaataaac aggaacacaa caatggtaag agacctcaat actcgccttt      6600
     caacaatgga tagaagaaac agatagaaga ccagtaagga agcaaaggac ttgaacagca      6660
     ctatagacca attggaccta acggacgtat atagaacact ctacacaaca acagcagaat      6720
     atataataca ttcttcccaa gggcacgtgg aatatcttcc aagagagacc atatgatcgg      6780
     ccacgaaaca agtcttaaca aatgtaagag tttgaaatta tagaaaatat atgttctgat      6840
     cacaaaggaa tgaaactaga aatcaacagc agaaggaaaa cgggaaactt cacaattagt      6900
     gaatatttaa aaacagactc ttaagaaacc aaaggatcaa ggaagatacc acagggaaaa      6960
     atagagaata tctcaagaca aatgaaaaca aaaacgcaac ataccaaaac ttataggatg      7020
     caatgagagc agtattaaga gggaaattca tagaggtgaa aacttacatt taaaaagaag      7080
     atggatctca aataaacaac ctaactttac atctcaagga actagaaaaa gaagaacaag      7140
     ttaaacatga attagcagaa agaaggaaat ggtaatgatt agaacagaga taaacacaat      7200
     aatagaaaac aatagaaaaa tcaacaaact gaagagctgg atttttgaaa agatcaacaa      7260
     aattaacaga aactcttagc tagattagct aagaaaaaaa gagggaagac tcaattaaat      7320
     cagaaatgaa agaggcccct tacaactgat gccacataaa taaaaaatat tgtaagagaa      7380
     tgtcatgaac aatggctata taccaacaaa ttgggtaatc tggaagaaat tgaaaaattc      7440
     ctagaaatat acaacctacc aagattgaat catgaacaaa taattatctg aaaagaccta      7500
     taactagtaa aagattgaat tagtcatcaa aaatctccca aaaaagaaaa gcccaggacc      7560
     agatggcttt accggagaat tctaccaagg atttaaataa ttaacagcaa tcctcctcac      7620
     attcttctga aaagctaaac aagaggaaca cttccaacct caatgtataa ggccagcatt      7680
     atcctgatac caagcccaga caagaaagct acaggaaaag aaaactacag accgatttcc      7740
     ccgataactg ctgatgccaa atccccaaca aaatactagc aaactgtatt ccgtagcaca      7800
     ttaaaggatt atactccctg accaagtggg atttactcct ggaatggaag gatggctcaa      7860
     aatatgaaca tcaatcaaga taatctgcca cactgtcata atgaaggaca aaaactacac      7920
     gactgtctca attgatagag aaaaaggact tgagaaaatc caacaccctg ttatgagaaa      7980
     aactgtaact ctgcatggtt gcgtcctgtt tgcaccctga agttctccag acctactttc      8040
     ccaaaggacc caacagattc aagcctcatc tgcaggagaa tcgagtctct tccatctccg      8100
     cgggcctggg caggtctgtt tcctctctgg gtctgccatt cccttctgac cagggataga      8160
     gatcagcctg gaaagctgta agctgcacct gcctgaggaa cctaggtgtg ccctttccct      8220
     gtgacccttc cctgagggtg ttccaaaggc acatggcaag gctgcttcac cccagtcatt      8280
     cacgggaccc tgggccctag gaagccagct ccaggcctct ccctagcatc actgatccaa      8340
     caggcttgaa cacacaccct ccttaacttc cctcctttct ctgcattgga aactagggga      8400
     gagttatttg cctaattatg cacgttgttt agtgcctttg agcatcaaca tttagtgtta      8460
     tgctcctgag aggccaagtg ctttacagca ttttcttcag tattatattc catgttaatt      8520
     gcaagcaggc ctattaaagg cagggctgac ttcacaaaca gccagcaaaa gcacagaggg      8580
     gccgcacttg caggcagcag gcctcaggct cattaaggag acccagaaag ctgaggactc      8640
     cttgcccttg aaaggccctg tgtacagcca gcatgccgga aagagcctcg gagctccgtg      8700
     gatttcaagg caaaagggag ccaaacatgc acggatgcct ctttcctgtg cctgggggtt      8760
     tgtttcttca ggaaattcca aatgggtctc attccctgga atttcaattg caccattgct      8820
     tagtcactca acagtcatct gtcactcacc aaagccacag agtggggcct gagggtcact      8880
     ggtgtcatgg atacacttgc tgatttgtga cccaagtcag gtctggatta caaagggctt      8940
     tgaatgaatg actgaggttt tgaggccaga tgatagagaa aggcagccat gggggatttt      9000
     ggagagaggc cagggtgagc ggtgggaaga ccaggcagga gagtccaagg gcatccgtgg      9060
     aagggcacct ggggtggaga ggactcgtgg tccagatgag gcaccactga gccgcgttgg      9120
     gagaagcctg cagatgggag gtcacttggc tgtgagcaga tccacgcctg ggaggtggca      9180
     gaagccagat gggataccat aaaaatccac atttaatttt tccactggtg tgtgcgcttc      9240
     tggaactccc cacacagcag cccacacagc agcttaggag tgggtccata ttccgactac      9300
     ttcatctctg gtgtaatcat gacactctct ggctacccca ggagggcatg caccaacatg      9360
     gcgctgggca taaatttgag actgagctgc cttaggttcg agtccagctc tgagccagcc      9420
     agctgtcctc agcagtgctc tggacccctc tgcccttcag ttcctcattt ataaggtggg      9480
     agtaatggaa gcatatctga agcgtgaagc cggggccttg tctgctctga gctccctcag      9540
     gatgttccag gcatgtaatg gggagagcag aggctgagac ctgagagcca atcacatgtt      9600
     tcccatcaag aagtttcgac acagattcta agtctgagga aaaaggcaag actacagttc      9660
     agcaacaaac tggggacttc aataacacac tttcgttatg agtagaacaa gtaggcaaaa      9720
     gatcaacaaa gaaatgtcag attggatcag ttggccggca tctgcagagc atgagagcac      9780
     gccaccagca accacagagc acgccacccc gcaaccgcag agcactccac ccagcaaccg      9840
     catccgcaga gcactccacc cagcaaccgc agagcactcc acccagcaac tgcatccgca      9900
     gagcactcca cccagcaacc acagagcagt ccacccagca accgcatctg cagagcactc      9960
     cacccagcaa ccgcagagca ctccacccag caaccgcatc tgcagagcac tccacccagc     10020
     aaccgcagag cactccaccc agcaaccaca gagcagtcca tccagcaacc gcatctgcag     10080
     agcactccac ccagcaaccg cagagcactc cacccagcaa ccgcatccgc agagcactcc     10140
     acccagcaac cgcatctgca gagcactcca cccagcaacc gcatccgcag agcactccac     10200
     ccagcaaccg catccgcaga gcactccacc cagcaaccgc agagcactcc acccagcaac     10260
     cgcagagcac tccacccagc aaccgcatcc gcagagcact ccacccagca accgcatccg     10320
     cagagcactc cacccagcaa ccgcatccgc agagcactcc acccagcaac cgcatccgca     10380
     gagcactcca cccagcaacc gcatccgcag agcactccac ccagcaaccg catccgcaga     10440
     gcactccacc cagcaaccgc atccgcagag cactccaccc agcaaccgca tccgcagagc     10500
     actccaccca gcaaccgcat ccgcagagca ctccacccag caaccgcatc cgcagagcac     10560
     tccacccagc aaccgcatcc gcagagcact ccacccagca accgcagagc actccaccca     10620
     gcaaccgcat ctgcagaaca ctccacccag caaccacatc cgcagagcac tccacccagc     10680
     aaccgcagag cacacacact tctcaagtgt gctggagctt gctccaggaa gaaccacatg     10740
     ttgggccaca gagaaagtct caataaattt caaaggactg aaatcataca aagtgggctc     10800
     cataaccaca atggaattaa gttagaaatc aataacagaa ggaaatttga gaaattcacc     10860
     aaaatgtgta aaataaacaa cacactgtta cataaccaac agatcaaaga agaaatcaca     10920
     acggaaatta gaaaatactt tgagatgaaa ggcattacaa gaaaaccaca gaccaatatc     10980
     cttaagaata taaatgcaaa aatcctccac aaaatactag caaatcaaat ccagcaacat     11040
     ataaaaagaa ttatgtgcaa aaccagatga gatttatccc aggaacacaa ggttgatttg     11100
     atatccaaaa gccaatcaat gtaatacagc atattaatgg attcatacaa aaccactctt     11160
     agaagaaaac ataggaggaa atccttatgg cctgagtttg gcaatgattt cttcaatatg     11220
     gcaccaaaag cacaagtgat aaaagaaaag agagataaat gacacttcac taaaattaaa     11280
     aacttctgtg ctacaaccaa tgccattaag aaagtgcaaa gataacccac ataaaaggag     11340
     aaaatattag gaaatcttct agagtaatcc cctcttatct gcaggcaata catctcaagg     11400
     cccccagtag atggctgaga ccacagagat taccaaacac tgtatatact gttttttccc     11460
     atatatgtat acctgtgata aagtttaatt tataaattag gcacaggaag agattatcaa     11520
     ggataactat aataaaattg aacaatgata aaaatatgcc gtaataagac ttatgtgaat     11580
     gtgacctctc tatcgctctc tctctcaata ccttaatgta ctgtactcac ccctctaaat     11640
     accttattgt actgttctca cccctctttg ttgtcatcat gtgagatgac ggaattgcct     11700
     ccgggaggag gtgaggtgag gtgaggtgaa tcacgcaggc attgtgacat tgtcttagga     11760
     tgctgttgac cttccgatga atgatcggaa ggaggatcac caagccatga tgagcaatgg     11820
     ctggatgtca ggagcagaca gtgtaacgac taaggaagga gcagtctata cagtgtggat     11880
     acagtggaca aagggatggt tcacagctgg gagggatagc ttgggctggc gcaaggtctc     11940
     actgtgctac tcagaacaat gcacagttcc atgtcgtatt ttcaagccat ggctgaccac     12000
     aggtaactga aactgtggaa accaggacac caggtaaatg ggacctgctg tatctgataa     12060
     gggactcata tccagaatat gtaaggaaca cttaaaactc aaataaaata agggttatta     12120
     accccatttt aaaatgggca aaggatttga ataggcactt ctcaaaagaa gatgtacgaa     12180
     tggccagtaa gtgcaagaaa agatgctcaa catcattagt tattaggaag aagcaaatca     12240
     agaccacagg gcgatgctac ctcatacact aggagggtga tcctcaaaaa gacagaaaat     12300
     agtcttgaca aggacttaag aaacaggaac cttctttggg aaagaaaata gtgcagacaa     12360
     aaacaatgaa aaggcgctga aaatgagttc aacatagagt gaccacatgg cccagcaatc     12420
     cccccctagg tgtgcgtccc agataattaa aaccatacat ccagccaggc taaggggctc     12480
     atgcctgtaa tcccagcact tttggaggcc gaggcaggca gatcacgagg tcaggagttc     12540
     gagaccagcc tgaccaacat gaagaaaccc catctctact aaaaatacta aattatctgg     12600
     gcgtgatggc acatgcctgc agtcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcaga agaaacgctt     12660
     gaacccagga ggcaggggtt gcagtgagcc gaaatcgcac cactgcattc cagcctgggc     12720
     gacagagcga gactgtctca aaacaaacaa acaaacaaca aaaaagtaca tccaaataaa     12780
     aacttgaaca caaacgtttg tagcagcacc actcataaag ccaaacaatg gaaacagccc     12840
     cgatacacgt gactggcgaa tggctacaga agatgtggtg tatccgtaca acaggatgtt     12900
     atttggccat gaaaaagaat gaagtactta taaaaaaaaa agaaaaagaa aaaagaaatg     12960
     aagtgctgac acaggctaca aggtggatga gcctgaaaac attatgcgaa gtgaaagaag     13020
     ccagtcgcaa aagaccacgc actatatgtt tacattttga gaaacgtgca gaacccatag     13080
     atacagaaag aggatttgtg gttctttagg gctgggggtg ggggcagggc tggtggctga     13140
     gagtagctaa agggtgtgga gtttcttttt gaggtggtga aaattttcta aaattgactg     13200
     tagtaatggc tgtagaactc tgtgaatata ctgaaaacca ttgtacactt taaatgggtg     13260
     aattgcatgg tatgtgaatt ataacccagt aaagctgttt aaaaaatagt ggggggcggg     13320
     tggagggaat gaagagaagg tggttaatgg gtacgaataa acggtttggt aggaggggtg     13380
     agttctagtg ttgataacac agtgagggga ttatagttaa caacaacata ctgtatattt     13440
     tgaaatagcg agaagaaaag atttgaaatg ttcccaacat gaagaaagga tagacgttcg     13500
     aggtgatgaa cgtcctaaat accccaattc catcattaca catggcatgc gtgtatccaa     13560
     atatctcatg caccccataa atatgtaaaa tgttatgcat caataaacaa ttaaaggtat     13620
     aagcgttgca gagtgtcttc cttccaaata atacagtatg aaaagggaaa aagagcaact     13680
     ttacagtgga gaaaactgga aacctctgcc tcagccacat cgccgaggtt gacatcaccg     13740
     gtgacaagtc acgcagacag caaggacgtt ggtgtgatgc tgtgggaagg tcactttcca     13800
     tcctccccac aacccgtgac cccaaactaa tcacaggaaa aagatcagac aagtcccaaa     13860
     tgagggacat tccacaaaat acccaaccag tcctcctcaa aactgtcagg atcactaaaa     13920
     ataaggaaag tctgagaatc tgtcacagct gcgagggccc taaggagaca tgagggccaa     13980
     ctgtaacatc atactttgga ttctgaggta gaaaatggat attaagggaa aactgaggga     14040
     atgtgaataa agtatggact ttagttccta ctactgtatc gacatgggct aattcactgt     14100
     gacaaaggta cagtataatg tgacagggta agagtagggg aacctgggtg tggagtatac     14160
     aggaactctg tgctatcatc acaatttttc tttatatcta acaatgttct aaaatgaagt     14220
     ttattttaaa aataaaaaat aaagacaggg gtccttgata tcaataaacc ccatgaaaat     14280
     acattcatta ataatcaggg aagcacctcc cccagcacat gtgcatatga cacccatgca     14340
     cacactcaag cacacgtgca catgacaccc aggcacacac tcaacccaag cacatgtgca     14400
     catgcacacc tgtgcacaca cactcaaccc aagcatgcat gcatgtgtgc atctgtgccc     14460
     acagtcaacc caaacacgtg tgcaccttac acccatgaca cacccaacct gagcacatgc     14520
     acacatgctc aacacaagca cgtgcacaca tgcataccca tgcacacaca atgcaagcac     14580
     atgcacttct gtgcacacac atgatgcaaa cacatatgca ttgcatgccc atgcccatgc     14640
     agtcaaccca aacacgtgtg cacatgcaca tactcaacct gagcacatgc acccatgtac     14700
     acatgtgcac acacactcaa cccaagcaca catgcacatg atacccatgc acacacacta     14760
     tgcaagcact tctgcacata tgtgcatgta cacatgcact ccatccaagc acatgtgcac     14820
     atagacaccc atgcatgctc aactagagca cataagcaga tacatacatg tgcacacaca     14880
     cacaacccag gcatgcatgc acatgcacgt ccatctgcac actcaaccca agcatgtgca     14940
     cacacgcaca cttgtacaca cacactcaac ccaagcacat gtgcagttgc acgaatgtgc     15000
     acacattcaa cccaagcaca cactcaaccc aagcacagct caccagggac agaggcccag     15060
     gaacagactc tgacaaaaca atgaagagaa tccaaaaagc aattacactg ccaagtatta     15120
     cgcaaacaca attattggaa ttgctagtca aaaacggtta atagaataat taagatagat     15180
     tgacctaaaa gctgatttta aattaacctg acatgtgcat atactatcta aataatactc     15240
     tttcctctga tttagtctct cattaaaatc agatttcact gggagaaatt atacatttgc     15300
     accatcattg ggaagaagaa gccatgttca ctcacccact gatgaaaata ggagattatt     15360
     agaggaagta aaatgggaat atattttcct ggcattccct ggcacagtgt gatctgtccc     15420
     tgtaataaac caccgcttcc tcctagcctg ccactcggga ggtgagggaa gccagttaag     15480
     atggcctcaa ctaaggaccc cgaaccacta gtgtctgtgt gtgtctgtga agctcgctca     15540
     cgggggaagg gcccgtgggg tgggcaagag caaggaagag aaatgagcac ttggagacgc     15600
     caggcaacca ggaagaccca gaggaaactc ggtacgtctg cattgaacac gtcttcatgg     15660
     gtgagaaaac tgcagccaag gaaggagagg gattgtttcc aggcaaacag caagcgctgg     15720
     cagagaggca gggacagagg ctgttttcgg catccagcat ctctgttcag ctcatgattc     15780
     cctgccacac cccagataaa atgaacccct gtgggggttt gtctgtgcac gcgtccaggg     15840
     cctatcctgg tctgtgtgaa cagactggcc ctgcatccca gcacagaagc ctgggctgag     15900
     caccaaaggc ccccaactgc gggaggcagg tcctggtcac tgctccctcc acggccatgg     15960
     ctccagtgtg cagatctcag ctagtgtcta aaacacgaag gcactgggtc actacagcta     16020
     tgggcctcct tgttcattga aacccttgga gttacctcgt taacactttt taaatggata     16080
     gccacttcac attttttaag ataaagaatt tccccattaa aattattgag attcagtaat     16140
     aacacattat tagggtaagc aggacatgta agatgctaca aaatgatcta ttacttggag     16200
     gattttaaaa ccctaatgag aaaaacgctc actaccattt attcgttctc ttagccttca     16260
     gcaccattag tctgaggagc agcatagggc tggggctggc tgcatccaca ctcacccctc     16320
     tgattgctcc agaacctttt cttcaaagag aaatctctgc actctgcagg gacggtaagt     16380
     ggcgaccctt aggtagctga aagcacgggg aaaagagcag gaagaggtag gaacatggag     16440
     atggagaaca cagggagcgg cacgctcaac gcaggtggag tctgtgtccc ctccagcgat     16500
     agccagaacc aggaccacca gggatccgac atcactggcc ccatcccgta gggtgggctg     16560
     tgggcaggga acagctgaat cgccaggcca ctctcagacc cttggcagac acaaggaata     16620
     acagctgtgg ccgccactgt ggccgcagtc ccaaagtttg gagagaaata gcagcaagta     16680
     gcagcaccac tgtccgtcag cttgagtgct tctcggacaa aggaagacag ttctcctgtt     16740
     tcccaaagac ttgcaaaggc tgtgtgttcc tcaggcagct actgcgccat cggcctctga     16800
     gtgataagga aaggaaccag ggctcaaacc tactcctgag tgagtcaaag caactccgca     16860
     ctccctgcca gcactgaggg tgacccccga gccctgctca ggagctgtgg ggcccgagat     16920
     ctcccctccg ccccgtgggc aggggaaggg cagcaaaggc tctctgccac gcctgtgttc     16980
     gggctccaga actcttggcc tggtgtctgg aagatggggt tgctgccttg gacaagcctc     17040
     tcctccttgc ttttcccttt ttctcacagt ggggtttaag ctaaggtcct attcctagat     17100
     cactaataat gatagcaggt gccatttatg aacacctact gtatcccagt gctgctctca     17160
     gtgctgtacc tgtattctct catctcattc tctcaagggc ccagtaaggt agccacttca     17220
     ttagccatct tttactaaag agcagactag gcacagagac ggtaggtcac tttctgaagg     17280
     tcacacagcg aatgcaggtg agaaccaggc tgtccacgaa ggaagtctga cccctgattg     17340
     ggctgtaatc actgtgctgt gcagacaccc tctccatcaa gacccttctg tgttgcaccc     17400
     cccaccccca cccccttctc tacttggaaa tgaagtagct ttcaggggac tcttatgagg     17460
     ctcccgcctc cccaggctgg ccccacacag ccccaagaca ggagccccca gtggcgcctt     17520
     ggtgggcttc ttgagggttg ccttaatctt ccccagccac ccacgggaga cacctgaggt     17580
     ttgtggcttg tgccacgcgg ctccagggcc tccagcaccc acctgcagac acggcttcag     17640
     ccggcccatg ctccttctgt ttctttcgct agcttgttta ggtttcattc acaaacagta     17700
     aagcccattc atgtgacagt tgtatacagt catgtaacat ctaccacagt caagatgtgg     17760
     aacatttcat tctcctaaaa agtgttctcc tgccccttta gattccctcc tccagctccc     17820
     agccccaggc agacagtgat ctgattcctg tccctgtaac tttgcctttc ctggaagctc     17880
     atagacatgg aacagtactc tatctcttcc acttaacttg atgatttcaa gacttatcca     17940
     tgtcgtgtag gcttaatatt ttgttcattt tttattaatg ggtagtatct cataatatgc     18000
     atgcaccgta ggttaccaac ttgcctgttg atgggcattt gggctgtttg cagtttggat     18060
     gtattacaaa taacattggt gtgagcactt gtgtccacat ctttgtgtgg acatatgttt     18120
     tcattttcct ggggtaaata tttaggattg gaattgctgg gtcatgtggt aagtgaatgt     18180
     tttacctctt agatagtgtc agtccatttt ccaaagtatt tccatttaaa attccaacca     18240
     aatttcatgc attccaattt aaattgtatg taaattccca ttgttctata tccttgtcaa     18300
     cacttagtat tgtcaatctt tttaacttta gactgctttt aatgtgtact cctctgatgg     18360
     caagtgacgt tgatcatttt ttcatgtgcc tatgggtcat atatcttttt tgtcatgtat     18420
     ttgtccaagt ccttttcaat ttttaactgc agttttcaaa ttattgattt ataagatatc     18480
     ttcatatatt ctgagtacaa gcccattgtc agatgtggat tttgtaaaat tattctgcca     18540
     gtttgtagtc tgcttttgca ttcccttaac tctgtttaat tttgagcaac cttttcaatt     18600
     ttgctgaatt tgttttatca ttttttatca tctgtgcttt cacatcttgt ttctaaaaaa     18660
     tgtttattct agcccaagtc ataaaaattc ttctgtatgt tttcttctag aactttaaaa     18720
     gttctaataa ttttcagtcc atgatccatc tcaagataat tttgcatgtg gtgggaggta     18780
     aggcttgaag gttattttgt ttttccatgt agatatcaac ttatcctggc accatttatt     18840
     gaaacagcta gttctgaaag aattaaattt ttacctttac cagcaatcaa gggactacat     18900
     aaatgtgggt ctttctgact tccccttcgg ctcagttggc ctctgtgtct ttcctgatgc     18960
     caaaaccaca ctgtcgtgat taccatacct gtatagtaat ttttgaaatc aagtagcgtg     19020
     ggccccacaa ccttgttctt atttttcaaa gttgtttctg gatattttaa cccttttgtc     19080
     tttccatgta aatcttagca tcagctgtct catttcttca aaaggaccat aagtggcacg     19140
     gtagtatatt gatgagcaaa gacatacaat cgatttttct atgaaagtta aatgctgcaa     19200
     cttggctaaa ctaattttat ttgtactaat agtttggttt ttatggtggt aaaattcaca     19260
     tattataaaa ttcactattt tcacaatttt gaagtgcaca attcagtggc atccagtgcg     19320
     ttcaccacgt tgtcggcccc aggacattcg catcaccacg aaaggagaca ccacatcaat     19380
     cgaggtgtca ctctctgttc ctcccttccc ccagctcctg tcaccactaa cctgcgttct     19440
     gcctctttag atctgcccat ttcgtataac tggaatcata taacatgcgg ccctttgtgt     19500
     ccgtcttctt tcactcatca tgttttcagt ttcaaggttc atccatattg tggcatgtta     19560
     gggcttcatt cctgtttgtg gttgatgagt agaccacgct ttctcagtgc ctatgctagt     19620
     tgtttgtaag tttcttaaga tacttcctca tacatgattc atgatatctg cataaagagg     19680
     cagttcttct tctccctttc cagtgtttat gctttaactt taatgtcatt taaagctacc     19740
     tgtgtctctg ttcttcaagt gcaattttgg aagacagcat gtgtgtgggt cttgttttca     19800
     tatctattct gacaacctct gcgttttacc tgaaatcttt ggtccactca tatttaaata     19860
     agtattgaca tggttatgtc tgggtctgta attttatgcc tcgctctcta tacataccct     19920
     ccagttcccc cctttgtttc tcatttctta acttttttta gggttacgtg aatatttact     19980
     gattgatttt tctcctcatt atattttgtg aatatacgtg aatatttatt gattgatctt     20040
     tctccttatt aagctttttc agcatggtat cacctcagta gtagagcata atcagtccta     20100
     gactaattta ggccccaccc aaaaaagctt aaaatcaagc ctcaaatata tcaaattgtt     20160
     tccaagtaaa gtaacttcat ccctgaaaag ttttaaaata attttaggag tgcaaaacta     20220
     tccaggatct aacaaggaaa agtacatgat gtctagcata cagtaaaaaa tcaccaagta     20280
     tgcaaagagg caggaaaaca catcatgtaa tgaggaatat caacaaattg aaactaattc     20340
     acaaatggca cagatgaggg cattcctaga cacagatgaa ctgtagttat tatcactcta     20400
     ttccacatga taacgttaag cagagatatg aaaaacatta aaaagtccca attctaactt     20460
     ttagagatga aaccatttct gagataaaga aaattcactg gatgagatga tgagattaga     20520
     cagacactac aaaaggaaag attaatgaac ttaaaggtat ataatagaaa ccatccaaag     20580
     tgaaacacag acagaaaata gaccccttca aaaggagcag aaagctaatt ggggggcaac     20640
     ttcaattggc ctaaaattca tacatttaga gtcccagaaa gaaaacaaag aaaaaaaaac     20700
     agaaaaaaaa ggaggacata atgactgaaa tcttttgaaa tttgcttttt aaaagctaca     20760
     tatcccagtc caaaaagtat gaagtacgaa gaaggcacat cttaaccaaa ctgcttaaac     20820
     tgggtaagaa cgagacaatc ttaacagcag gcagaagaaa agagacgtgc tgggtacaga     20880
     ggaacaaaga caaggatgac gacaggtttc tccttgaaaa tgaggcgagc tagaggacag     20940
     tggaacaagc tctgcaaagt actgctggga aaagcctgtt gatttgtgat tctgtacctg     21000
     gcaacaaaag aaacagggtg agatatcaag tttttcagac atataaaagc taaaatatta     21060
     atcataccag cagataagca ctaagagata ttaaagaaag tcctttggac aagaggaaaa     21120
     tgacattata ggagacccga tagaagcaca ggaaggaaaa gcatgttttg ctgggtatag     21180
     aacatgtaga gaaataaaat atgtgcccac aaggacatga aggagggcag ggaatggaag     21240
     tgtgctgctg taaggttatt aaaccatcat gatgtagtgt aatattattt gaagatagat     21300
     tatgataagt tgaaggtgca cactataaac cctaaaatgt atacacacac atgcacacat     21360
     acatatgtac aaacagagtt atggggaata agccaacaga agtgattaaa tgggatgatt     21420
     aaaaaatacc cagtccagaa gaaggctggc taagaggaac aggaaacaaa aagtagacag     21480
     gataaataaa acgcaaatag caagatggtg gtttaagtcc aaccattatc aacagtgatg     21540
     gtagatgaaa atgatctata accattggtc taattcagtg gcagtttgtc agacttaata     21600
     acaaagcaag acccaactaa ttgctgccta cccaaaaccc actttaaata taaattcaca     21660
     aatacatgaa aactaatggg attttaaaag atacactgta ctaacactag tcaaaaaaaa     21720
     aaaaagcggg aacagctata ttaatattga acaatgaaca caaccagcat tataaagaag     21780
     gtcattttgt accagccttt agctgggctt cttttatctg ctttgagtgt gtgcagttca     21840
     gggccagtcg gaaacatgag tagagtctgc caagtttccc cttctggacg ctccccccct     21900
     ccactggcca cagcttcccc aatttcattc tgctcctgtt ccaggccatg aagactgtgg     21960
     tcttccctga ggacccccag ctcctcatgc cctaactaca tagtgctcag gctaacagcc     22020
     acggtcaaag agaacgtgct tcctgcaact cctttatccc ccgtgtacac cccaggtccg     22080
     tcttgctgtt cactctccaa cgcccacaag cagcctgttt gcattgtgta cagattttga     22140
     agctgttttc tgtaagggag tgggtttggt gtgatcttac aaaatcctta caggaagcag     22200
     aaccagcaat tacccatcca cttttagaac tgccttgtgc atgaaccttt tgtcctttga     22260
     gtcacacttg gaaaaagtgt aggcttcgtc tgttgcaaag gtcatggtgg cttcactcca     22320
     agaaacttga gaaacagtta ttgttttaaa cagggcacaa ctgcagtgtc ctgaggagcc     22380
     ccgcatggcc atggagtttg ctggatgagg gatatggacg ggctcctgca gcgagaacag     22440
     agacagagag ggagagggag agacaaagag gagacagaga gggagaggga gagacaaaga     22500
     ggagacagag agggagaggg agagacaaag aggagacaga gagggagagg gagagacaaa     22560
     gaggagacag agagggagag ggagagacaa agaggagaca gagagggaga gggagagaca     22620
     aagaggagac agagatacag gcagagagaa gtgggagaga cagaggagag agaacatctg     22680
     gcaaacgcat tccactttcg gattcctgct ctggacatgg aggcctgctc ttctccataa     22740
     gccctctccc ttccttcaac gtcctcggga aaaagcgaag cagacccttt tccctccctc     22800
     accctccttg ccctccacag gggctctttc ccataacctg ctggctggtc tctgtggctg     22860
     agttctgccc atccaggaat ggactcacca gtgtcccggt ccagccccat ctcccctcca     22920
     cactcaggag ctcctcgggt gaactcggtg ctagccaggc actcagcacc aggctcgcag     22980
     gcttcttccc aacacctcca gcctgtgccc cacctgcacc cacacccatc attctgctcc     23040
     gggctctgcc ccgaggcccc cagttccctg agctcgccca ttctctggcc ttcacccaca     23100
     ctatggcctc tgcctggcct ccctcagccg tgtggacgcc tcctctcagc atctaggatc     23160
     taggcccatc tccacgccgt ctcaaagacg ctgggctgct gcccactgtg agacaggagc     23220
     cccctctctg ttccacacca cccttgacag gcacttacca ggcccgtcca cctcatctgg     23280
     tgggtcgtgt ccgtcctttc atcagatagc aagtccctca aggcccaact ccctgagccc     23340
     ccatccccct ctttgtctct cctccaggga ttagtgtcac ccctgatccc actccggctt     23400
     ggcctcaccc acaacagctg gcacccacct tggccctcct ggctgtggcc ttgacccctg     23460
     gtgttcatcc tggctcaacc cctggccctg gttctcttgg tgccacctaa acagtctaca     23520
     ctgtcttgtg ttcacctttt ctttaattat ttgtttagca gagcagagct gattttacaa     23580
     atataaatcc gccgggcgtg ctggctcacc cctgtaatcc cagcacttcc ggaggccgag     23640
     acgggtggat catgaggtca ggagttcgag accagcctga ccaacatggt gaaacactgt     23700
     ctctactaaa attacaaaaa ttagccaggc gtggtggcgc gcgcctataa tcccagctac     23760
     tcaggaggct gaggcaggag aatcacttga atccaggagg cagaggttgc agtgagctga     23820
     gatcacgcca ttgtactcca gcctgggcca cagagcaaga ctctgtgtta aaaaaaaaaa     23880
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     23940
     tataattgtt tgaccaaatg cagtgatttc tcccagtttg agaaataact cctctttata     24000
     aagtcatgtt ttggtgaagc agggctgggt aaacctgcgc cacaatgggt gggagcccgc     24060
     aggagacagg ccctcgtcca gcagtgtcca ggcagctgca tggagcagaa cacgcagccc     24120
     tcaccctaga gccccgactt gggtcatggg ggcttagaaa gaaagaaagg aagagacaag     24180
     actggataag aaccgggttt ggtcaaggaa aggaggggtg gacgtgcaaa gccctcccgt     24240
     gcgggagccc tgggacgggg gcaccatccc acagcccccc ggcagccgcc gatccccccg     24300
     acacagcccc ccgggagccg ccgatccccc cgacacagcc ccccgggagc cgccgatccc     24360
     cccgacacag ccccccggga gccgccgatc cccccgacac agccccccgg gagccgccga     24420
     tccccccgac acagcccccc ggcagccgcc gatccccccg acacagcccc ccgggagccg     24480
     ccgatccccc cgagactggc ctgcacctgc acatctgggg ggcggggccc cgaattgtcc     24540
     tgccacagtg gccccgccgg cagggagatc agaggaagaa ataaaaccct caggcctcac     24600
     ctgggatcca gattcgaggc cggaagagca gaccttgccg ggggcactca cgcagatccc     24660
     cacgtctcag ggcaccgcag tcctattacc ataagcgatc atgcaaaggt gtggtaaaag     24720
     ccatctgtca ttcataaaat gtgatgatgc ctttctgcaa agacataagc catcccgggg     24780
     ctcagccaag aaatggccat aaaatccggc ataatgacct caaagcacac tttccaatat     24840
     aaaggttatt ctaggcagct gtttcctgat tatttacgtg caataatttt acacccccca     24900
     gactctgaca cgctcacagc ctgacgccct ctctcatcag cagcactgaa gcgtctgtgc     24960
     ggaattctta cgatgtcgtg ttccctcagc acccatttgg ggctttgtcc tcccagaatc     25020
     ggggctcagt cacccttgac acagtttcca gttctctgcc ttcccccagt atctcagggt     25080
     ggtccctcca gacacctgcc ttactcagac gtctcctggt gaccaccccg ctatgggaca     25140
     gcccacagga ctcgcccaga ccccacaccc tgcaaggact gtgtagctgt cccacagcag     25200
     acccctccca gttccagtgt gacctcgtgg ggctgtggcc cactggctga gtgcacccac     25260
     cagagcttcc tgtgggaacc tgcttgggca ataccctgga ccccagtgaa ggctttgacc     25320
     acagcccctg tccctctggc tgtgtgcgtc caagacagcg ccccgttccc accaccagcc     25380
     ctgcgaggag gctgccctct tctctctgga tctgtgagtc acgctgttaa ctccagcgtt     25440
     ttgtggagtt gccacctgag tctcacctga ctggcacacc tcaacccacc tctcctcccg     25500
     tcagcgtggt cctttggcgt ggctgtctgg gttggaataa actgcatgca ggtgtcagcc     25560
     agtctcctgt gacagggaca ctcggtcccg ggtcggacac ctcggcctta ggccgtccac     25620
     caggacaaag aagggccgac ctctggaacc ccaggttagt cgcctggaaa agggaggaac     25680
     ggtcaccacg acactgcccc tgcccccagc ttagggacgt ttctgaggta aacgagataa     25740
     tggttggagt gttgagcaca gtctggccac agagaacgtg agaagccatt gccagtgtca     25800
     tcatgtggta attgggaagt ttccgtgaac cgctgcagca gggagtttaa agaagatcag     25860
     cagaggccaa agactcctta gcggcaggga ggggagggca gagaagaaat caggtggggg     25920
     aggtcgaagg gaagtgggaa cggcgggcac agacgtccct gagcccggat cctggtgccc     25980
     tcaccctaag ccagcagccc acgaccaccc agaggccagg aggcccccag agcccccagc     26040
     acccacggct ccctccagtg ggaagagtag gatcagccca gagcccctgc tgagcctgga     26100
     caaggggaag gaaggggaag ctcagcgtgg tcacccggca gtttctccac tctgaaccgc     26160
     gtgctggggg tcacggggct cccgctgctg acgaggaagc agggcccacc ctgtccagcc     26220
     tcggcctctg cagacctgag cgcagcccca cgtatcccca cgatggttgc cgtccctgcg     26280
     tgggttttat tttctccact cagcgtcctg tgaccacaga gatggcgtga ggtaggaagc     26340
     tgtacagccc cagcacgggg cccacgagag gaagtctcca gcagcagcta atcctgggcg     26400
     gagatgacag cccggagcct tgggctgttt aaactccagc tgcacggaaa gcctccagct     26460
     gagagagttt cccagagtct gtccccgggg tcgagccttc gggggccagg ccatgggagc     26520
     tgggtcttcc tgtgcctgga gccttgtccc ctgcggacct gcagtgtggc cagatgatga     26580
     gtcttgcact gagcagaact ccttgggcct tagggggttc tgccaccacc cagccatcat     26640
     tggcagggca gggaaggccg gcccaaccca ggtctcgctg cctggaccct ctgggggagc     26700
     aagctttgag caggagaggg gccaggagcc cctgaggagc aggagcgagg gctcagagcc     26760
     acagagaatt cctcagccag gcctgtgaca aacacagctg ccactcctct tccagcccca     26820
     ctgccccagc cacatcacat tggtcctggt cactcgcagg gaaggtcact cactgtccag     26880
     ggagaaaacc cattcctttc ctctggttct cttccccaaa gacatgcaaa tactttttcc     26940
     aggaattttc taacagcaat gatgcacgga cccttaactt taaactgacc tagaggccca     27000
     ggagagccca attatttctg gcacaggcac ctgggcacag ggtctggcct ggttcactct     27060
     ggagtgcctg agtcatggtg gaaattcaat atttgttaag gaaattggca aaaggatgaa     27120
     tgaagaaaga gaacattgca cggtgtgttc aaaatgtccg cagctatatt ccgctgtgaa     27180
     ttcaggagct tgttccacag tgtgttcaaa acgtccgcag cgacattccg ctgtgaatcc     27240
     atgagcttgt tccccggtgt gttcaaaacg tccgcagcta cattctgctg caagttcagg     27300
     agcttgttcc taggtgactc cggcacatag gctggaaaca ctacactcac cgggggctca     27360
     gccccgcaca cctgtgtggg gagggagcgg ggagcgtcgg ggaagaagga ggggcccgcc     27420
     ccgtgagact gcggccaggt cctgcccacg tgcctgctct gctgggcttg cagccaggcc     27480
     acctccctgg cccggacccc tcagggcctc tggacagggg ctgcaggctg cctctggact     27540
     ctgctcctgg actggcctct gctggacggc ggcgccctgc acctcaacag ccagccacac     27600
     caggcatggc cgtcacctac aggtgaagct acaaatttaa cctcatataa gggaatataa     27660
     ccatggccaa ggagcgaggc aaggcttttt aaacaacatg tcaacagcac aaatcagagg     27720
     caagtgagaa ccaagtttta aaaagatgaa tgtggtataa tcagcattaa agtttcctgt     27780
     tcggtctggg actccttgga ccaagcatta ctgggaggca acctgaatgc cctcggtgtg     27840
     agcgtggaaa gatggcagct tcaaggctgg gctccgcagt ggggcaggcc ccgccctgga     27900
     cgagcacgcg gccacacaga gggtcctctt gagcacggtg actcccgtac ccgtaacagt     27960
     caggccgatt cttcaagaaa acatacaaac taaaagatgt caaacacagc aaattggctg     28020
     cccatggaga agggtgggaa ccaagagagg cactggcagg aaaggggacc agtcggtgag     28080
     tggagagaac ctgagggtct gtggggccag ctttcccagg tgctaaggaa caggacctca     28140
     gatctctgaa gctaagggct gggggagcag aggagggaag atgggaaaga gggagggagg     28200
     agtagggagg gagtgggagg tggagaggaa gggaggaggg aggagggaag gagagaaacg     28260
     gagggaggga agagggcgga aaagacaggg aggagggaag gagaggcagg agggacggag     28320
     cggggaggaa atgcaggaag gaaggagaag gagcagggaa ggagagagga cggagtaaaa     28380
     gggaggagaa aaggagaagg agggagggaa aggggtggag aggggcaggg gaagggcagg     28440
     gaaagggggt gataagaaag ggcatgcgaa cctgataaag ccagagcagg gtgtccgatg     28500
     tgcatccatt tcctctgata ataggctcct ccccaatagc acaaacaata aagaggaaaa     28560
     acacgatact attttaggaa tggaggtaag tacgtgagtg gagattccag catcatttga     28620
     agatgaccag gcagcccgca gcagtgggga cctcagcggc cctctgtgag cccagggtcc     28680
     caaacacgca tcgggagacc cagcagtgga tcctgacagg tacatcacac ctggagtggg     28740
     aaatgcctct ctcttcaaga agccgtgaaa cctcttcttt aacttgaact tatgtcaaat     28800
     cccaagaaca cttagaccat attctccagc caaaatccac aaaaggaaga aaataacagc     28860
     aattgtagaa gcagaaaccc taacatcctg aataacaagt aagcaaacaa aatgcctctt     28920
     gaacaattct tgggtcaagt gggacaacag agtccaaatt tcagaaccac cacaaataac     28980
     aattatggaa tatgatctat cagaacccga acaatgtgac taaaacagtc tcagagaaaa     29040
     attcacagcg ataacaatta cgttagcaac aaccaaatac aaacaagtaa attattcatt     29100
     caactgacaa aattagactc aagaaaataa aaagaacagg acaaatgtaa gaaccaagaa     29160
     gaagaaaata agatggtaaa agtgtgtgat ttgaagcagg agactcaaaa gcgtgctcgt     29220
     gtggtgggcc tttgaaattc accagtgaac aagcctgtgt ctaccctaat tcaggaactg     29280
     tgaggacggc atggacacac acgtgcacac gagtctaacg acatgggaaa cagttacgac     29340
     agaagcacac acaagtgcat aatttacaga ttccatgcaa atactttaaa ttctaaataa     29400
     tatgggtgat tatcccaggc aaatatgaat tgccccaact aaccaaaagg aaacagaaaa     29460
     gtaagcagac tattattaac cgcagaagaa attgagaaat ctattaaaac ccagcccact     29520
     cacctccgaa attctacgcc cagataaatc acaaattctc taattcaaaa tgctggtgca     29580
     ccaatcttta caatatgatt aaaatttcct attcatgagc ataaagaaag aaaaccctgt     29640
     gttcttctta ggattccagc ataatatttg caccaaaaca ttgaaaagtt gcacatacac     29700
     atgaaatgaa acataccagc tacggtaata acgtcctcac acattacttc atgtggcaga     29760
     ttaaagactc acacgtgtaa cgaccacctc tcggcttcag ttgaggtttc caagcacttt     29820
     aaaacaagtt caatattagg aaatctacca atataattca atgaaataat acatcacaaa     29880
     acaaccactt caccagggca ggaaaggcag acagcgtgag ccacagagca gccagccatg     29940
     aaggaaccat gtgccatcac acttctgccc ctgggggacc ccggaacccc agaaatcaac     30000
     cctaaaccag gcccacccat cccagcagcg cccagggagg cctggacggt caccacacac     30060
     ccacagccac catggcagca gccagcattc ccctgctggg ggcaggcagt atccgctcct     30120
     tggagggtga gatgcctcag acctgggtgg gcctcatcca tacacttccc agcaaccgtg     30180
     catctcggct ggcagccttc actcccggag gggtgggtac cggggtggag ggacggcata     30240
     gggtgatccg cagctgccct gagggtgccc cagcctggct gtttacccga gcctgttcct     30300
     ttccccagaa gaccaaaaaa tcatgaaata agagctacaa agatgggaaa gaggcaaaat     30360
     tcccatattt tgcagatggt ttgagattga tctggaaaac acagaggatc aactgcaagg     30420
     ctgtaagaaa caggagcact tagcataaca aaatgaacac tagtcaatag tcaccgatat     30480
     ccacttagaa aacaggaaaa taaaggggga aaatctcatt cacaatagca gaaagacaca     30540
     taaaatcctg atggtgggga attcagtgag aaaggtagag ttgttgaagg aaacggcaaa     30600
     actctcctga ggagcatttt agaagcaata aatggagact tagattttag actagaaaac     30660
     gcacattgca gagttgggaa gactggattt tttttttttc attgagcatc tgtatttcta     30720
     tacatggaaa aggaccataa agttattttc aatgagttac tattattatc attattactg     30780
     ttatgagagg cgaaatctta cagctgatga tttcaggcag actctagtgc cgggcctcaa     30840
     gtcacaggat ccttctcccc cacctcctgg cctgatcctt ttcccatctc tgagcctcag     30900
     tctcctcctc tgtgaaatgg acacagtgac ggtaactcct tggtggcctg aggacaggtg     30960
     cacacgcatg aagagcccca cctggcgggc gccaggaaac cgcagctcag ctcccactgt     31020
     caggtgtgtc ctccggtggg aaggggcagg cgcaggcggg aacagcccct gctagctggg     31080
     gttcagcagg gccatgctgt gcagggatgg ggactcctgg ctcagggacc tgcttcccgg     31140
     gtcctacacg ggctttgtgc tagtttataa tatgacttgg ggcagccgcc cccccgaggc     31200
     tgggaggagg cctcaggaga tggggatcac tggtgatgcc cggaggaggc agcttgcgag     31260
     agagtgggct cagcagcgtg ggaaaagagg ggccagggtg tccttcagct aaatgagctg     31320
     ctttttccca gggcagcaat ggtgcagcct ttggcaccca gcttctcact gttggcacca     31380
     agagagcctc tgggcagtgc gggctggtcc agtaaagaca ggggcctcag ctctggggct     31440
     cagcaggcct ctgctcttag ccccacgcct ggaatatgag cttcccatgc ctgccccttg     31500
     aggtccaagg tcaaagtcaa ggtcagcctg cagacggttg ggctcgggct tgctggtgat     31560
     cctttctcac tggccacagg ggaaataaac gctgaggata gggctgctgt tcccactcac     31620
     acaccggggc catcaggcct cccaggggag acactggcaa gagcggatgt gattctggga     31680
     gaaatccctc tgatatccag ttctcgcctt gcacaaaata agggaaatta aaggtttcaa     31740
     tagtactgat tagacgagag ttctgcacgg ctgactgtgg tgagaacatt cccatgtaag     31800
     ctggctgctc tgttctccag gcctgatgcg atcatttgtg cagaaccgcc tttaatatta     31860
     atgctggcgg tgggccccgt ggcctctctg actctgcctc cctggcccct ccaccctgtg     31920
     ctggcatcca ccgaggtctg catcctgcat gtgtgggcca ctgtcccagg ggtgggcttc     31980
     gaagagaccc tgctcccctc caggctcctg gcagagtgca gtggtaaccc ctcttaaaga     32040
     gacacggtgg aaagagggcc tccaccctcc tggacatcag gacgagacgt aaagtctccg     32100
     tgctccttca gctgcacgca gatcgtcact ttgcagatgt gaaaactgag gcccagaggg     32160
     agaagggggc tgtcaaagat cacatgagga gcctcacgca gggccaggac tgcaaccctt     32220
     ttctctaaac atacttttaa attaaagtgt gtggcatacc cagggattat aaaacacaga     32280
     tattataaat gtagagcttc ataaactgaa aacactggtg taagccatac tcagatcaag     32340
     aaataaaaag ctacaggccc ctggaagtcc ctcaagtgcc tcttctcatc accattcccc     32400
     aaagaataac cactgtcccc acttctgaga acatgacatc atgaattctg acatcagggc     32460
     tctggcatca tggctcttga cctcatgaca tcgtaacttc ctacatcacg acatcataac     32520
     ttcctacata acgacattgt aacttcctac atcataactt ctgacatcac gacatcgtaa     32580
     cttctgacat catgacttct gacatcaggt cttgaggcat catggcttct ggcaccataa     32640
     cctctgagat cagagctttg gcattatgac attataacat cttttttttt tttttttttt     32700
     ttttttgaga cagaatctgg ctctgtcgcc caggctggag tgcagtggcg cgatctcggc     32760
     tcactgcaag ctccgcctcc cagattcacg ccattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc     32820
     tgggactaca ggcgcccgcc actgtgcccg gctgattttt ttgtattttt agtagagatg     32880
     gggtttcact gtgttagcca ggatggtctt gatctcctga cctcgtgatc cgcccgtctc     32940
     ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccgccac gcccggcctc catgatctgt     33000
     ttttaatgga atcacttggt gtgcattctt tggcgtctga tttctttcac tcaacattgt     33060
     gtttgtgaga ttcattcatt cttctcattt actcccattg ttgtatttga tggtgtgacc     33120
     agaccacggt ttatccattg gtggacatgt gggttgtttc cagtttggag actgtcatga     33180
     atagtgtcac tctgcgtatt gcacatgcct tttggtgaac ttgtttgtgg atttttcttg     33240
     ggtatatacc taggagcaga attgttgagt cataggctag gcgtacattt agctttaaca     33300
     gatatgaaga gacaattttc ccaaatcatt ctacagcctc acagttcaca tccactctga     33360
     ccaacagaag cagttttggt tgatccacat ctctgccacc acctgctatt ctcaatcttc     33420
     tacctgtagt cattccattc attgtgcatt atattaattt tcctagttat tatctgattc     33480
     acagcaaatg cttagcttac taattattag gttttctgac attctaattt ttgcattgaa     33540
     gtcacaaatt tccatccagt tacgtcctta cctgtatccc ttctgtaccc ctgagtgcaa     33600
     gctctgggcc gggctctgcc tgggagagct tccctgggtg cctggagacc cttgtccccc     33660
     cagaaactgg gtcttagatc tgacaaggaa gtgtgtccct ccctgggccc agctcccact     33720
     ataaaagacg caggtgccca ttctgccagg ggcagagggt tcctccccga gcctgggctc     33780
     ctgtgggagc ctggggaccc ctctaacctg ccaccatcca gggacacatc ccaactccac     33840
     tgcctggctc atgtgtctga ggaagggaaa cactctcgtt tcgaggatcg cagggtccac     33900
     cctgttcttg ctctagactg ggagtgggtg aactgccgag acaccggccc cagctctgct     33960
     cctcagctaa tccaccctcc ctggacgtgt ccaccctctg ctgccaaaac gcacaatagc     34020
     agcacagcct ctctgtggca cagggctgac aagatccagt gatggggact ccccccaaga     34080
     ggagtgggca cctgggtgtg tgccgctgca ggtcgtccgt ctgggtgggc gactgggtct     34140
     cctcacccag ccctgctgaa tctgtggatg ttgatccttt agaaagtggc cggtccaaag     34200
     ggtagttggt gacacagctc cagacccaga gtccctcaca cgacccacac agagtggccc     34260
     tgggcagaga gctcttccct ggggccaccc aagggcactg ccttcatctg gggctggggg     34320
     agaccattca ttggagttgt tttctgggca cctccggagt ttgtcatatt ttaagatgat     34380
     atgagaagat ctaatttatt gtacatattt tatttttatc acagatcact ggttgaacac     34440
     atctttctct agagatatgt gataccatta acccctgctg caaacacata caattatttc     34500
     ataaattcca attctttcaa gagtaattta tgttttccct gatataattg atgattgcag     34560
     ttgtgccaca tgttttcagt gatcatagct tcacactgtg gtttaatttc tgacagggaa     34620
     tgcccctcct aatattcttc tcttaaaatg gctcgtgctt cttcaagctc agttgctttc     34680
     cagataagct tttgaatccc attagcatgt tttaagaggg ccaaaaataa ttttgtttcg     34740
     actttataag ttcttaagtc aggggaggat tagtctattt gctcatcagc ctttgtctcc     34800
     agggtgatga catgtctcta cacaggtaaa ttgtcttaac ctcagcaagc ctgggacctt     34860
     tccccacatg aagcctctgc tttaatactg ttcttaatac agttcccggc taagttcatg     34920
     tgtgggttgt tagtattgag aacagaacta agtttgtccg tattacattt tctaatttgt     34980
     tactgacttt gtagaggaaa tgtgttcact ttatgcattt atgttgtcat tgtttttacc     35040
     gtgtatttcc tcttcctgtc gtattgcagt gcgacccgct gggtgcatca ctgaaggaga     35100
     tgagaccagc ctagccctag tgactgcaca aggcaagagg ctcccctcga tgtaacagca     35160
     ggtgttggga gggtctcctc tcagtcccat ttgggaggac tagggctgac caactgtgta     35220
     cgtttgtgca gtccaagctg tatttccagc actgcgcaga ttcactgggg tcgaagggca     35280
     cgtcccacct ctctgcctaa cctcctggct gtgtggcctt gtgggaggca ggcatgggtc     35340
     ttttccagcc acagacacca ctcccactgc ccttctagcc tggccctgaa tcctaggaat     35400
     ttcactcaca gccaagcatc tgggatcctt ggtccagggt gagtgcagca agatgggaaa     35460
     gggcacagcc tggcagcctc gggagagagc tgacccggaa aacctgccgg tggcctcgga     35520
     ggagggtgtt cctcggaggg cagggtcgtc ctctgatgcc gtgctcagcc ctgaccctcc     35580
     catgacccac ctgctctgtg ctcactggaa attccccaaa atgcatctcc gtggggctca     35640
     actcagttaa aagggagcaa gtgagcatca tgcagatgga agcctgacac aaacacctcc     35700
     ctccgttggc cgtgcttggc cggggtgagg acagtgctga aagctcaggg aaggcagagc     35760
     cctggacgac cacccttgct cctgtctcag gacacagagc cctggacgac cacccttgct     35820
     cctgtctcag gacacagagc cctggacgac cacccttgct cctgtctcag gacacagagc     35880
     catggacgac cacccttgct cctgtctcag gacacagagc catggacgac cacccttgct     35940
     cctgtctcag gacacagagc cctggacgac cacccttgct cctgtctcag gacacagagc     36000
     cctggacgac cacccttgct cctgtctcag gacacagagc cctggacgac cacccttgct     36060
     cctgtctcag gacacagagc cctggattgt cttagccagt ggtctttcct tgcacaggaa     36120
     acaggccatg cagagaccct ggcaggccac tgctcctccc tggcctgggt tgcaagggac     36180
     aggggccctt gaggatggca ttcctcctat ggccctcggc ctcggacccc cagggagctg     36240
     tctcctggca cttcttggca agtccacccc atggccatct gtgttggctc aaggctttct     36300
     ttcccgtcgt tcttcacatc tggtggccag gagttcttcc ctgaagatct ggacctgccc     36360
     atagacctgg gctggattac aaaaaaagag gaagctggca aaatccgcag tgtgtctttt     36420
     cctccaagga catttaaaaa atacatgtgg gaaaaatcag agtttcaaaa atggcaagtg     36480
     ttatgaaata aagtgcacac gtcctctttt ctgcacgaaa cagaaagcac gcggttattt     36540
     tcagctcccg gagctccact gggaataggg tggtagagtt gccaatgtgt acacagaagg     36600
     gttctttttt tatcagctgc tgaaggctcc aaggatggag tgcgattcta aagggtgcat     36660
     taaggcaaac attgagctaa cagagcgaag gctgccagcc agcggcggag atgggcgtcc     36720
     ctggaacgcc tccgcttccc cggctgcccc gccgcactcc caggctccgc tgcctcatgc     36780
     acaaggtcag gatgctgatg ggaagaccct gggttcctaa ggaggatttg atgagaaaac     36840
     gcacaggagg tgccagcaca ctgcctgcca cactcaacaa aggccattgt tattattgtt     36900
     gctgctatca ttagtgttcg tctgcagatt ccagggtgac atcacttgac tcatttttta     36960
     actgtgtatt ttgagataat tttaggctta cagaaaagtt acaaaagttg caaaagttac     37020
     ttctccaggg accaacagcc tggaggagac cctgttcctt gtggaaactg gccgcacacc     37080
     tcctgccttg cacaagatgt cagggaaggg cggtggcttt ggaggcttca gggagtgaat     37140
     gtcgacgggg tctgcaagag ctcccaatgc ccaagctgga gaaattctag gaacaaaata     37200
     aataatcgta gcccagatgc tcctggactg gtggggccac atcctgacaa cccatcgtaa     37260
     gtttaatata ccccagggac atggatgaag ctggaaacca tcattctgag caaactatcg     37320
     caaggacaga aaaccaaaca ccgcatgttc tcactcatag gtgggaactg aacaatgaga     37380
     acacttggac acaggaaggg gaacatcata caccagggcc tgttgtgggg tggggagagg     37440
     ggagggatag cattaggaga tatacctaat gtaaatgatg agttaacggg tgcagcacac     37500
     caacatggca catgtataca tatgtaacaa acctgcacgt tgtgcacatg taccctagaa     37560
     cttaaaagta taataataga aaaaaaatac cccaggtcaa aatgcattta atgcacctca     37620
     tcttccgggc atcatagctg agccctctca cctcagacat gctcagagcg tggatatgag     37680
     gctggcattg gtaaaatcat ctcacacagc tcacagctgc ctgaagatgc tcactcacca     37740
     gctgccagca tttctggggc ggtcctgaga gggtctgcag ctggcgcacg aggtgaacac     37800
     aatgctaagg acaaaattac acaaggaatg tgcaagagtt ccactgttca cagtgggaat     37860
     cacctaattc acacacaacc agcttcacaa aatgagctcc aggcggccgg ctggagggac     37920
     gcggaggcca gcaggtggaa gccagtgttt aaagccacag gtagacgcgg cctcagcacc     37980
     ttcccgtttg tgccggccca gaggcactgc ctgagcacac cacctgggga ggctgcaggt     38040
     ctaagcagcc tgaaagtgac cctcaccagg ccctgaagcc accactgggt cgggggccca     38100
     gccttccttc cagtgcaggg gccccacccc agccgactgc agactcaggg tgcaagcttc     38160
     ctctgcttgg gtactcctcg aggtcctcct gggcgtcctg agctcctctg tgtgcatttc     38220
     ctatgctgtt cacagtccta ctgcatggcc caggagggaa agggagggga ggggaggagg     38280
     agaagggact ctccttgctc ccaaactgct gaacactcag catctgcctc ctttctcagc     38340
     caaaggaagg ccctcgccaa acactcctga ctattgcagt tgctggtcac ctactcctgt     38400
     cccactcaat ggctgccccc cgtcagccac ctgtggccca gtgatcagct cacctcctgc     38460
     acacaccatg tgggcagctc accaagccac cctccccacc atttccagga agggccagga     38520
     ctcacagaaa acaggcttgt ttgtgagcca cgcggtcact tacactttgc aaagcggcgt     38580
     gggcgcttct attctgaagc atccgccgag gcttggaaca cacccagccg gcagctgtct     38640
     gctccactcg ctcctctgtt ttggggaagg gcctctggca gagggagtat gaggcctgtg     38700
     gttctgacgg gaggaacaag ggtgtctgag ggaccaggga ggagggtggg agactgtcag     38760
     ggggacttgc agaccacagt attcatttct tacagccccc ggacaatgtg gcagcttgaa     38820
     caacacccat gtattatcac agtcggagag ggttggctca gcggggtact ctgctctcat     38880
     aggccaaagt caaggtgcca gtgggccgtg ctcttgtctg gggctcgagg aaagaacatg     38940
     cttcaggctc actgggggct agaggacttc tccctgtggc tgagggacag aggccccact     39000
     cccctgtggg ctgtcagctc aaggctggct gcatccgcct tctcaaagcc agcaagggca     39060
     ccctgagtcc tcctcacgcc gagtcctctc tgccaccctc ttccgcctgc atccagagga     39120
     cgctctctgc tgtcagggct cccccagaaa ccaggataac ctccctcgtt taaggccaac     39180
     tgtccagaga acaatgtgcc tcagggcggc ctctcatcac actcaagctt ctgggggtga     39240
     gtgcgggaca tccttggggg cctccatagc catcgtgaag gtggcttttc ctgacctagc     39300
     tggatgggga cctgctggag agacgggagc tgagaggggt ctgagctgac atgtattttt     39360
     ggaagaaacc tctggctgct gtgttgagac tagactggat atagatacag ctcatgtata     39420
     ttgttcattc acagagcact ttcaccaaac acccacattc cagcattcct gagtgtggcc     39480
     tgctacctca gaacagaaag cgggagaagg agagctatat catcatcttt ctgtctatct     39540
     atccatctat catctatcta tcatctatca tctatcatct atctatctac ctatctacct     39600
     atcatctatc acctatctat ctatctaacc tatctaccta tcatctatca tctatctgtc     39660
     tctgtctcta tcatctatca tctatctatc tatcatctat ctatctgtct ctatctatct     39720
     atcatctatc tgtctctatc tgtctctatc atctatctat ctgtcgctat ctatcatcta     39780
     tctatctatc atctatcacc tatcctctat catctatcat ccatctatct atcatctatc     39840
     tgtctctatc atctatcata tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     39900
     tcatctatct atgtgtctct gtctatctat ctatccttct gtctatctat ccacgtgcct     39960
     ttctgtctgt agactggagg tgggtgggag gggcatggca gccatacaaa acaggtacag     40020
     aagtcacagg tgacagtggc tccatcagag tggtgatggt ggaggtaaga aatggttgtg     40080
     tctggaaaga tttttagacc agcgcttccc aaaagccctc tccccgcatc ccccaccccc     40140
     accacctctg acacctagct ttttcttcca taagagtctg gcttagctta aacttcaggg     40200
     tcattctgat ttacaatacg gcaaaatcct gtaagcaaag atgcacaaag actgcaggcc     40260
     tgaaatcagt gtgaaaagag agtataaagg gaacacgtgc agtaaagtat ttcaacacat     40320
     ttactctgtg cacacgtctg cagcctcagc cgcgcttctg acctcaggtc cagccacaca     40380
     tcccgccccc gagggaagga ttcagacctg gagccctttt tcttgaggag ctgggcagtg     40440
     gtgggctgga cagcagaagg aagtccagaa gccagatctg cacaacgggt gggggtcggg     40500
     ggttaggggt gggggtgagg gtgggggtcg ggggttaggg gtgggggtga gggtgggggt     40560
     cgggggttag gggtgggggt gagggtgggg gtgggggtgg ggggtggtcc gcaagcccag     40620
     ggaagcagga gtggggttag gcacggagat agggaagaaa cgggacaaat tcagagtgat     40680
     gctctgttta tgtgttattt atttatgtat ttattttgag ctaccacaga tcacaaagaa     40740
     aacagccgat gatggctcat gagggtgtct cagggaggcc gtcggggccc ctgcaccttg     40800
     agttgttcta aggtagggag gagggaaagc gatcagcctg ctggtccctt tccattgctc     40860
     aagaccctgc caagcagccc ctggcctttg cccaaagtgg agacgatgga gggctcagga     40920
     cgacggggcg aggtgctcag tgcagaggag ggagcctgca cccactgggg tagagctgat     40980
     ggcctgagca tatgcggcac ccacgggaca gaatgctctt cccccatcct tgcccaggtt     41040
     gctggagctg acacccaggt gaacgcggct gggacgaaac agtggtgagc ggccactaag     41100
     cttctgtccc agtctccgtc agctgacccc accgagagca cacacttacc caggagagaa     41160
     tcacacccgg cccttctgag tgctgtggcg ccttcagact ttattcgtag cagatgccgt     41220
     gaggactctg cccacatttc tctgtatcca ctgaccattt ttatgccccc gagccccagg     41280
     tctctcagtc ccagcatccg gcttctgaat cttgcaggcc cccgagcccc aggtctctca     41340
     gtcccagcat ccggcttctg aatcttgcag gggctgccct ctggccacag gaacctcttc     41400
     cctggggttc gctgagctcc tggagggcta cgctgtctgg gaatttataa ccctcagaca     41460
     gtgaatgaca gataagacat agagcacctg agcacccccc aaaccaaagg gcacacctgt     41520
     gagcagtgac aagcagcctc ccagttcctc catgagatgg agccggagtg acccccacag     41580
     cgtgcggcct cctccccacc cagtaccacc ccccattccc acaaaggggt cttccaggga     41640
     acacatcatt tatttatact gcttccacac aaatcctcgt cttgggtttg cttctagaac     41700
     cccagactga gataccaacc cacaatcacg ccagtgttca aattccattc ccacccaggt     41760
     gccgaggacg gccaggtgag cagcagagga cgatgacagg aattctgagt ccgcctcagt     41820
     gaacaaagcg gcgtgtggca cacggtcatg ccacgagcct gagagcagat tgcaaagcaa     41880
     agcgtgtagt gcaatccaac ttttggaaag aaaaataaat cctttatata tgacggtgta     41940
     ataaagaatt gaaccttgcc cagagagacc tggcctcttc ccccagcttc tgagaggtgg     42000
     tctctaagcc acatgggacg gtcttggttt gcctgggcct ttggaccaca ccaggaggcc     42060
     taaagtgtga ttcaggtagg ggttgcgatg agctcaccct cgagtgagct ggagacctcc     42120
     atccgcatgg gcagtcaacc atggggcccc agcaaaggct ctgggacact aagctcgggg     42180
     gatcccacct ggatgcccca agtgacactg cccacagctc tgtggggaag gaccctctgc     42240
     aggtgggaac ttcctggact ccggcctgag cgcctttccc tgggttgata gtcatctgtg     42300
     tcctaccctt gtgctaagtc atgaccatga gtatatcagc tttcagtgag tttttctagc     42360
     gaattatcaa aactgagggt ggtcttggag acccctaccc ttgtaactgg tgaagaattg     42420
     aggacagttt tgtagattat ggttccctct agccctgcaa tgatgttgac tgtaagtaca     42480
     ttaaagtatt tgttagacac tggaaaacga tatgcaaaat gtaggaagtg gatgcctctg     42540
     ggctgtagga tcatgcataa gagtgtattc ttgtgttttc tatttatttt gtgcaagaca     42600
     cggtgattac atacagtggg agctccctca accaacctct gctccagcaa ctcacataat     42660
     cttggtcaaa atgggctgga tgactcagtg agcacagggg gcaaggaggc tgctctctgc     42720
     tggtcgtgga tttcgtcagt tgagatgtga ccaaccggga gacactcagg tttgctccaa     42780
     acctgttgat gccacctgtg atccttacta gtgtcagagg catttgaacc agagcgactc     42840
     catcttgaat aggggctgga tgaaatgagg ctgagacctg tgggctgtaa ccccaggaag     42900
     ttcagtgttc ttagtcacag gatgagtagg aggtccgcac aaggtacaag tcacaaagac     42960
     cctgctgata aaacagaata tggtaacgaa gctggctgaa accaagacgg caacgaaagt     43020
     gacctctggt caccctcact cctcgctata cactaattat aatgcactag catgctaaga     43080
     gacactccca ccagtgcatg acagtttaca gatgccatgg caatgtcagg aagctacccc     43140
     atgtggtcta aaaaggggag gaaccctcag ttacaggaat tgcccacccc tttcccagca     43200
     aaatcttgaa tgatccaccc cttgtttagc atatcatcaa gaaataacca taagtatatt     43260
     cagtcgagca gcggacatca ctgcttttcc tacagagtag ccattctttc attcctttac     43320
     tttcttaaca aacttgcttt cactttatgg actagccccg aattctttct tgcacgaggt     43380
     ttaagatccc cttcttgggg tctggattga gaccctgttc cagtaacacc atgaaactta     43440
     attcaacatt atgtaaccta ttacatatca gtgcaaaatg acagaaagtt gtttctacat     43500
     aaacctagat aagtgatttg ggaaaacaag gtcaaggtaa cttgaggctg ctttaaaaat     43560
     tgcttttgaa ttaggtatag acaagatgac tcttaaaaat gaaaactaat tggtgaacgt     43620
     ttggagaaat tctggtctta gattgtctta aaatgtgccc aacttcttgg tccactttaa     43680
     aaaatatgaa attgggtggc taggaaggag agttaagcct ggggtttaca ctaaagaaga     43740
     agaagaactt caatcagcag accaatgcta aatacaagct tgtccctata tggaaatatc     43800
     tagattcatg aatggagcca gaagtggcca gatggtgatg acgaccagag ggagggttgg     43860
     aggcctggga ctggggcgtt ggctaggaag gggtgggaat attcatgaat ggagaagtgg     43920
     ccagatggtg atgacgacca gagggagggt tggaggtcca agactggggc gttggctagg     43980
     aaggggtggg agggcctctc tggagtcaca gaagcctcat gcatcttgac caggacggtg     44040
     gatgcatggc ttacattggt cacaacttgt caacttgtat gactgaaaac tgaacatcac     44100
     attgaattgg actcaaaggc aagacctgag gcaaaattca tgtaaggagg gagtttgggc     44160
     gaagcttgag gactgctgcc cggaagcgta gattcaagtt gccctgaata cacctcctat     44220
     tagcagctgt tacaggtggg tttttcaagg gaaagaagag gctgttccaa gttgttgacc     44280
     aaggatttat gttaaagtaa cataatctat tgcttggctc tatattgtta agccgtaggg     44340
     tgtgagttgc agtgtctgct gctgcactag gaggttaacc tgaggcaaca gccagcgttt     44400
     caagagacga atacacagct ccaaggcggg gagtgggaag tcactgccgc ctcacttgac     44460
     tgcctctctg ggcctgatcg tttaaaagga cttgcatcat ccctcagcac aatttctttc     44520
     cttttctcaa ttgtatgaaa attatacctc aataagttta ctatagaaat taatgagtaa     44580
     atatgtataa gttttcaagt taaaaatata tgtaaaatat gtttgctcac ttttttaacc     44640
     tatcttcatt ggttttaaaa attaacaaac catgatggct ttggaaacat gttcttccat     44700
     ttgttacttt cataatgaaa gaagaaatgt attttaaata acatttaaat ttaatttttt     44760
     cattatcatc tgggaagccc cagcccttta tgaaaggaaa acaatgtcca ctttagagtt     44820
     aaacttgctg atggaaaaac cagactccgt agaatatttt aaagaggtta tttctgagcc     44880
     aacaggggca accacagcct gggagacagg ctccaaggag tcctgagaaa ggacctgagg     44940
     tcgggttgca gttttttttt aattttttga gatggagtct cgctgtgtca ccaggctgga     45000
     gtgcagtggc gcgatctcgg ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc ccgggttcaa gagattctcc     45060
     tgcctcagtc tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggtgcccgc caccacgccc ggctaatttt     45120
     tgtattttta gtagagacag ggtttcaccg tgttggccag gatggtctcg atctcttgac     45180
     ctggtgatcc acctgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agtcaccgcg     45240
     cccggccgca gtttggtttt aacatttcag ggaggcagga gttacaggca aagacataca     45300
     gccgtgcaca gaaggtcggc attggtttga cctgaaaggg agggacatct cagagctggg     45360
     gcttacagga catcggtgga ttcagagatt ctttaatttg catttggttg gaggaggaag     45420
     gttctgtcta aaatttggaa gctgtgtagc aagatgatga cctgcaggtg tgactttacc     45480
     cttgcctgca tgggtcctgt ttataatttg gtatcttatt gccacaaaga gtctgtctgt     45540
     cagtcctaag atctccatga cctctaatgc tggtccgtgg ttgcatctaa gctgcaaaag     45600
     ggaaggagta taatgaagcg tggcgggcct cccttcccat cgaggctggg aactcagctt     45660
     ttcaggtttc tctggggccc ctttcagttg tttagggggc ttagggtttt gtttagctta     45720
     ccaacttttc ctattagaaa tttagctgaa gttgaggtca cataagtctt ctggagcatt     45780
     ccctaacaca gaaaatgccc cgcccgttag aattctaaca ggacagagaa agtggaggcg     45840
     aggagcccac cctctccaac tcctgctctt accggggccc caagacccag aggaggggcc     45900
     tgcctgggcc ctggggaggg cacccagcct gtgctccctg gaagggtggg ttactccagg     45960
     caggccactc ctgctggcat ggcgatgatt cagtttcagc cctgcacctg cagcctctgg     46020
     ttgcagccgg tctgcagtgt ttctctttgt tcccccttcc atcttcctcc caccttatgt     46080
     tcccatgctt cccagcagga ggggaggccc aatttgcgtt tccttttctg taataaagcc     46140
     tgctgatggg tgattgcagc tttctctcac tgccagggag gaactggggt aggctccagg     46200
     cagccagagg caccactgtg cttccgtggg tttccccggg gcaccttcaa gttccagtgt     46260
     gagtgctgtt gagattccgg gcgtccagtg cacacacggg agacggccat tgcctcccct     46320
     ccagccccag ccgcggtgca cagggcgaag gctgtgtggg tgaaggctat ttgtgagtga     46380
     ggccggggaa tgaggggcag ttggctgctg ctctggaggc ctgggcggcc ttggtgtctg     46440
     ggagcctcgg ccaggacact ggccggtggg gccctcgtgg ccctagctga ccttgactta     46500
     ctgcagctgg agcgaagtct cccacaggtc ctccatcctg cagggattcg ggcatgacta     46560
     ggggtcaggt gaatctgatg gacagccctg ctgcatgagt tcaggctggg gcactcctgc     46620
     aggagactga gcgcccagca ctgtccatga ggagggggat tctgagcact cactgtggct     46680
     gtgcccccga ctcagctgca gcctggaggg agtgtccagc cccagggaag gcagaaagcc     46740
     cttgacaaac cctggtgctc tggcagcctg gtgggctgac aggcagccct gtccccatcc     46800
     ctccgcacgt ctcaggcatg gcctgcacgg gtctcctcgc aggtgccccc acaccccacc     46860
     atgcacgcct ggccatctcc tagagaaagg cctcccaggc tgctcaggag tggccaggct     46920
     cctcctgccc tccttctctt tgagtgctga gcatgggagg caggtggggg gccaaggtct     46980
     ttgagtgctg agcatgggag gcaggtgggg ggccaaggtc tttgagtgct gagcatggga     47040
     ggcaggtggg gggccaaggt ctttgagtgc tgagcatggg aagcaggtgg gggggccaag     47100
     gtctttgagt gctgagcatg ggaggcaggt tgggggccaa ggtctgagcc ttttggaagc     47160
     acccatcatc tggttctcaa gtcaactctg attttcacgt cactggtgat tacttcgttt     47220
     taaaaggtag cctcctgttt tggaggtgtg aactaaaagc ataaccctga atccccccct     47280
     ccactgactg aatgaccctt ctcggtcaag gggacccaga gaaacctgaa aagctgagtt     47340
     ccaggccctg acaggaaggg ggtcagacat gcctcgtcat actccctccc tttgggagtt     47400
     tagacacaac tgaccagcag taatgttaaa acggagatct taagactgac aaagcagact     47460
     cttggtggca ataggatacc gaattataac aggacccgag gccgcacaag gcaggggtgg     47520
     gtcccacctg caggctgagc aggacctgag gctgcacctg taggctacag atcctgtagc     47580
     aggatcttaa cttaaacgtt ccaagtttta gacagagcct tgctcctctc accaacagga     47640
     actcaaagaa tctctggatc catctatatc ctgtaagccc ccttcaaggt gtcccacctc     47700
     caaaggccga gccagtgtgg acctgccatg catggctgta tgtctttgcc tataactcct     47760
     gcctccctga gatgtcaaaa ccaaactgca atccgatctc ctcaggcaca cgttctcagg     47820
     actcgctggg accgtgtctg tctggctgtg tcactcactg gctcagaaga aacctcttta     47880
     aaatatttta cagagtttgg tttttccatc aacagagaaa agacttggaa tatgcaggaa     47940
     agacttgatc aatttcaggt ggtgggcaga atgcttgtca cagacgcacc cactgcaagt     48000
     ctgcacagct gagtggaagg agctggtgcc tgacactgtg acccgaactc aaagggccac     48060
     tcaggcagca caggctggtt atcaagggcg tcactccacc acctccaaag caaaagggac     48120
     gtgtggagga ctgtgctgca ttttgtctca gtattcatca gcctggagat agaaatgtgt     48180
     tcctgtcggg ggcgagcctt ccctgttgga cgtgggtttc tgaggttgtg ttcccattgg     48240
     gggtcagcct tccatgttgg aagtgggttt ctgaagttgt gttcccgttg ggggtgagcc     48300
     ttccatgttg gaagtgggtt tctgaggttg tgttcctgtc gggggtgagc cttccatgtt     48360
     ggaagtgggt ttctgaagtt gtgttcccgt tgggggtgag ccttccatgt tggaagtggg     48420
     tttctgaggt tgtgttcctg tcgggggtga gccttccccg ttggaggtgg gtttctgagg     48480
     ttgtgttcct gtcggggatg agccttccct attggacata tgggtttctg aggttgtctt     48540
     cctgtcgggg gtgagccttc cccgttggaa gtgggtttct gaggttgtgt tcctgtcggg     48600
     ggcgagcctt ccccattgga agtgtgtttc tgagattgtg ttcctgtcgg ggatgagcct     48660
     tccccattgg acgtgggttt ctgaggttgt cttcctgttg ggggtgagcc ttccccattg     48720
     gaagtgggtt tctgaggttg tgttcctgtc gggggcgagc cttccctgtt ggaagtgggt     48780
     ttctgaagtt tgctgttgga agcagagctt gcgtccatgc tcacagcagc accagccgca     48840
     atcagtcact gaggtctgtg ctgggtgtgg aagatgagag tggtaccaca tgttcctcaa     48900
     tctggactag aggtttgtct gtgattagcg gagactggcc tgccaagagc caagggcgct     48960
     gtgtttgcat gtacagcagg cgtctgatac ggttctgggg cagacgccag ccaggccgag     49020
     caggcagcct ccactgctcc gtgcatgggg tcagagtcca cagcatggga cctggtccct     49080
     gggcaggcct gacagacatc tgtgaaccag gaatgggcat attccaggag gtctggcaca     49140
     aagcaaagtc attgtagact ttggcaattg catttgttcc agataataca ttttcttagg     49200
     acctaaggcc tcagaactta aaatgaatgt tgtaaagttt gaagccaaaa caaaatgcag     49260
     acaggctgta cccagcaatt cctgactctg caatctgggc ctaattcaag tactcatctc     49320
     catggcctgc caaaaccctc ccaccggagc tcaccctgtg gtccagtgct cagcaccatt     49380
     catacctatg ttcggggaca gaagccactc tggggactag gaagaaaaca cgtaaaggaa     49440
     ttgagcttaa aataaaaaga aattcggtat atttcatacc cactagcaat atgcctttag     49500
     aaagagacag gctggcaact gcacgttggg aaggacgcac agtgactaga actctcgttc     49560
     cctactgctg ggagtgcaaa acggaacagc cactctcccg actgcccagc gaccacactc     49620
     ccgggtgttt acccaagaga aataaaaatc gtgtctgtaa aagaatgtct atcagcctta     49680
     ttgataacgt ctccaaaccc tgattacatc aagtgtccga ccgcaggagg acggacgaga     49740
     acgggtggcc cttcacagaa caggctaatt ctcagcatgt gggagcactc gtgcgtggaa     49800
     ggccaggcgt gtgacacgtg tgagcatagc gtgggcagga cgcacgtgag ggcagtggcg     49860
     gcttcaagca caaatcctag ggactgggtg ggtccttgga gcagcaggcc tgggtgagcc     49920
     ttagtggact cctctgtggc ctgtaggggg gtctctgccc tcatcacacc caaggagacc     49980
     aggagacccg cacaggtgca ggttctcctc agttgtctag tggaggactt cagattggaa     50040
     agaaactctc agcctggcag cctcacagta ctgaggaggc cacaggccca ggaagggcct     50100
     cactattggg ccccacgctg ccggctcctg gtgacctgcg tcccagtacc tggtctggtt     50160
     tcttttccca gactttggaa ggtccccgtt gtctgcaggg ggtcccagcc ctgccagggg     50220
     aaacccccca aatccgaagg caagggaacg cccaggagag ggaacctgct gtccacgctg     50280
     cagaaaggcc cgcagttctc ctgtcttcac aagatgcctg accccggctg agtcacctga     50340
     aatctttcca aagcaccctc agcacacatt agggcacttc tccctgtatt ttggtatcaa     50400
     cctatttccc ctaccctgcc tcagtcctat tgcttctttg tgaactttgc ttagagaatc     50460
     ttctcctgaa gtctgcagag gaaactgggg cgccctcaga tgctgtgttc acactgtgtg     50520
     tggacacaca agcatcccct tggccacccc caggcaggcc ctgcaagtcg gaggcctgag     50580
     gggagaacca gtgtccccga gacactcttg ctggtcggag acgcctgagt gctgtgacca     50640
     ggccacacac agagactggc gctgcagccc ctggagggga ggcttcaatc ttcacccaaa     50700
     gcagccatca gtgggactca ccctgggctg gcctgaccca gcacaaaact atagtgtcga     50760
     agaaatacag gaaatgaaaa gaaacctaga atgaactgaa accaaaatgg ggggaagatg     50820
     gaaatattaa ctacccagta tgtaaaactg gttttcacac tttttaacgt tttatacatg     50880
     gcactgcctg ttacccaggc cccgactcgg cccctccctg gcctgctgcc tgcgttgctc     50940
     ctgcccgtca ttccctcccc tcagcctgct tttcctccaa agctctagct aatacctgaa     51000
     atgacagcat ggatttgctt atttatttat tgggctgccc ctcatacata cgagctgcaa     51060
     gagggcaggg tcgaagcctg tcttgttaca gggcccgtgg tggagctgta caagtcacac     51120
     cctgccgagg ggagcactct gctcaccagc cgcctggagg ggcacacgtt tcccacccca     51180
     ttcacccagg ggagaccttt ttccgttgcg tgcagaggtt ctgtgtgagc tggaggcggc     51240
     cacgggccag tcacacggat ggtggctccg gctggtgccc atcccttcat attcaggaga     51300
     gacggactgt ctgtgagaca ttctcacagg tgctctggga tacacgccat ggctgtacct     51360
     ggcctcaagt ggctcatcgt gcttcagggg atacaaaatg gatacacaga taactctaat     51420
     acaaaataag gtctgagggc aggaattttg gaatattgtc atatttgttt ctagagttat     51480
     tttagaaaag ctcatattgt gggatttgga tgaaaattca tcattacatt cttaatagac     51540
     cgatttgggg ggcaaactgg agtccttttg taacactggt ttggataagg gaatttgaaa     51600
     ttacctcaaa gaataagcaa cagttctaat tttcattcca tttaggttca gaaaaaggat     51660
     ggaggtagaa agtcctctct cccaaacact atgattgaca ctgcagagtt ctgcaactct     51720
     cgtacgaggg agatttcatg atgatctcag taacggatca gagaatcaac gactgacttc     51780
     gctgaggcac ggtgacgaaa aggtcaaggt ggtctggtct gagtgaagtc acagcaagaa     51840
     cccttgtcca gggccattct cacctttggg gacagctcct tccctgtatg gtcctcatgt     51900
     cactgcactt tcctgccttg tttcttgctg aagccattat ttcttaattc cttagtagat     51960
     atgcagagcg gacatcccaa agaagctaga aaaattgatg agcagggaac agatcaaatc     52020
     ctctccatca gtggaaggca attcacgagg gaagaaggca agaccatggg gtaatttttc     52080
     tgagacttga caatgtttgc caagtaaata aatctgccat ttaacactac gataaaagct     52140
     gtcatagcca gggtattagt gactacttga ggtttgagga caatgaagac agagtaagat     52200
     aaacatcctt actatccaga aaaaaaaaaa cggaaccaga agacagcgct tcttactatc     52260
     cacaaaagaa atggaaccgc aagacagccc ttcttatttt tctccatctt cgatggtgag     52320
     gaagaataaa aaaaaagttg cttttaaagt atattcatta aaatcaaatt ctattatcat     52380
     acacacaaaa tatttacgtg aaaccagcca caaaagaatg acaaggaacg ctactgattt     52440
     gtccattctg ggggataaga acacagattc ttatctcact cttgttaaaa gaaaacttca     52500
     gctgaattaa atttaaagga gtttaattga gcaatgaatg atttgcacat cgggcagccc     52560
     ccagaattac agcagattca gagagactcc agtgcagcca cgtggtggaa gatttataga     52620
     caaaaaaagg gaagtgaggt agagaaacac ctggattagt tacaggttgg catttgcctt     52680
     atttacacac agtttgaaca ttcagcagtg tatgagtgat tgaagtacgg ctgctgggac     52740
     tggccgagac tcagcaattg tgacaggtac atactcctaa tttaggtttt caatcttgtc     52800
     tacctattaa gttaggctca gtttgttcac agggactcca atacagaagt acggagtcct     52860
     tctcaggcca tatttagttc gctttaacaa ttcccccttt ttggtcattt tatcagtttt     52920
     gagagattga tcgaaacttg agttattgat gtcactgtca ccattggtct tgaaacccac     52980
     taggaagcag aacagtgagt tttgcaaagg taggaacaag gactgagttg aggataccac     53040
     cttatgctgg aaagtcctgt ttgcaagaga aaaacaaaac ctggtctatt ctaggaccca     53100
     tgtgtttcct taaagtctta attcgattat gtcacattta gcacgaatga tgccattttg     53160
     gttcggtttg gtctgttggg acctagtgct cagtccaaaa caatggcctc ccatcatttt     53220
     gtttaaaaaa ttcccccttt gtcaggttgt cacttaggca agagtgtgac caaaacttag     53280
     gatgttagcg ccactctccg ttactatcat tttggatttc cagtctcagc atgtcactca     53340
     tcggtttcgg tgtcctcgtg gtcacacatt tctttcagct cttgtcattc cagttgaaga     53400
     gagaccatct gacgttctaa agatggcttc atgcaaacat ttaaaacctt tgagagaata     53460
     cagtgcacca gggagactat tcttatgact actgagaggg ttaacaccaa gaatttggag     53520
     tatgctcctt agccagggtc cccataaacc agaccaccta aactcaaata gaccattctt     53580
     tgacttaact cagtggtctt ttcgttaatt ccctacaaca gactctctat aacacctgat     53640
     gttttctcca taggccttaa gtgccagcat ctgcacaggt actttcctgt ttagccaatt     53700
     ctatttttta gcataacttt cacaagagaa tttaacatct gttgtgtagc ctttacagta     53760
     gaatctgcta cagagtctac catgagggat atgtttctag tcattgcctt tttaattcca     53820
     aaccatggaa aaaggaccta acaaatgatg cccttctaga agagggaagg cctcttggca     53880
     atggtctctt taacccatgc tgtgggttaa gaggagtgaa ccaatgttct gcttctgaat     53940
     gattatgagg caccatatgt accattgaag tttctcacct atgatacact gggccttcat     54000
     ctttatctat caagttataa gattatccat gtataaagct ggctgcaaag cccttcacaa     54060
     ataaaagtat accccataag tgcacaaaac agaccccctt ctcacttctg ttgttcacag     54120
     aggcggaagc aacggaaaaa cattcaaaga taagagtctc atgatagtaa gaagtcttga     54180
     tccatgatct tcagaaagag ctgctcacat caaggatgcc atcttcttct ggggagaaac     54240
     ttccctgatt agctttacct taagggtttc aatggatgta gagttccaag agtgaccctg     54300
     ctcagttgtg agattatgac cccaaggttc aagatcctga tgttttgttg cagtgatgat     54360
     gccaagggca gcttttctct gatgttctca gaagatccca tctttgggtt ctagattgtg     54420
     aaggggttga ttgtcctcag tgaaccataa aaagctcttt acctggtgaa aatacactga     54480
     tacatagtaa tctactgtta taacattagc cctcctgcat gggaaagctt tagtacaacc     54540
     agaacacata cattgaaaat gacaactgaa tgaaacccct ttataaatgt ttaaatgcct     54600
     catcaggtag ccaaatgtac atgaagcttt gattgacttc ccaggagtat gggtttgaca     54660
     aactaaacat tgtttataaa ctattttaac aatctgtaag tcaccacacc aacatattta     54720
     atttggatca ttttatcttt tccaggatga gtcatggaat gcataacttt taataacaaa     54780
     agctttaagg actcacgaag gacaaggcag ccatcttggt tctccatgag tccatgctta     54840
     acatcggact tatgtcctct tgggtgccag ttgtttctcc aaattgggca catagcatgg     54900
     ataactgatg ggttatcaca ggtaatttga cttagaccat ggagttcatt caaattgtat     54960
     atctaaacaa tttcagtata ggctgattaa gtatgcaaac ctggtgaagt atttcctcgg     55020
     tattcaatta atttttattc tatttgggtt agcagtttta taagccagtc agtcttttca     55080
     ttaaagtttc agcaattctt acccagtcca aatgatgtga ttttgaagtt actagaaacc     55140
     tgtattccac agtgcttttc agggtcctcc ccatccgttc acgaacctcc taaaagacac     55200
     catgttctag gatttttgtg tgcttgtgaa gttttcagaa actacatcag catgaagcaa     55260
     ttaactgcgg aaatgacttt aaatactcaa aaagacacaa ttgacaaaga aatttggtta     55320
     taacaacaac ataaccataa ttatgatcgg tagcatatac tcagaaaaat tagaatttta     55380
     gaaatcccat acaactttgg aacatatatt aatatcattc actaaaatat aacctgaaga     55440
     aggttaaatt ttttttttga cactattctg tatcgaaaag tccaaaatgt ttcttaaaaa     55500
     gtaactaaaa aaacactgga gtaattaaag gacacttcct gtgaagggga tggaaaaatc     55560
     tcaacaaaaa aggagcgcag aagagcctgg ctaggcggga gaacacggtc aggcccgcag     55620
     gagacgccgc ggcacctgcc agaaagagag ccgcaggcca agaccaggag acgcgagaga     55680
     ggtgggcagg gctgcccgag agacccaggc ggccattgcc cgccctgcgt ctgcgcctgc     55740
     gccggagcct cctccacact gcgccagcgc cgagtccggc cgcctcctca ttgcgccggc     55800
     gccggggctt cctccacacc gcgcctgcgc cgatgacaac ccgcctctac aggacgcctg     55860
     cgcaacgcca tagtcacctc atcagctccg tgcacttacg agtctctctc tgatcgacca     55920
     cgtgttcctg tcggctcaca gaggccgcct cagggtcctc ccccattgtc ttcctcgcac     55980
     cctccactgt tcccggccct tcactctgcg cttgcgcagg agtcgctcgc tcctctcctc     56040
     tctgcgcctg cgcagaggcc acctcctccc cgcccgtccg ctcccttggc gtcgtcttgg     56100
     gccgcgcccc gaccccttct gtttacgcat gcgcaggagc cgccctgcgc gggtgggggg     56160
     ctgagcccct gtggcttcag gtttaaaggc gcgagcgcca cccacgcagg cacaagggct     56220
     cctagtcgtt ttatttttag cgtaaggttt tcctctttaa caaggaagta aaaaaaaaag     56280
     ttgtgcaata aatattaatc gtccttatat gtactcggga acgttcgtcc tttaggtttt     56340
     ctcctggcgc atgggcgccg ccaatcattt cggggcttat tttggttcta aagcccgggg     56400
     cagccaggcc tccctgcctg gcctcggcgg ggacgcggga cctggggccc cggaccgggc     56460
     ctaaccgccc tggccggtcc ccactgatgg tggcggtcgg tcctgatcgt cctgatggca     56520
     gcgaccaggc tggactcggg ctgtgcaggg gcgaggggag cagggcgggg tgacgcccgg     56580
     agagcggcct ggagagcgcg tgcttcagaa ggcgtgggca ccctgtcccc tttgcagatg     56640
     gggatgcagg ccctggtggc ggtggagggg agatgggggc agggacgttg ccgggcagag     56700
     gaagctgggt gagtgtgcac ttggtcccct ttgctcctcc ctgggacttt gggctctata     56760
     gggcagcctc cgaggcccac gtgcacactc ggtgaaccac agtccagaca caggcagggc     56820
     ggcaggccag ggaaggagag gccaggtgtt ggtgcatgga gaggccaggt gttggcctgg     56880
     gggtgctaag tgaaccccca aggtcgcgga gacagtaggg caacagcaaa acgagctctg     56940
     ccgtccaggg cgagggcccg gagtcctccc caggggtggg ctgcagagaa gcccctgtcc     57000
     aggccctgct cacctgcaaa gtgctcccga gctcctgtgc ccccagcagc aatcccagcc     57060
     ccgctgacac ccaagcttgt cacccgctgg gtttcttgag gtctgaggac cgtggctgag     57120
     ggtgcatggg cgctgggatg gagggggatg tcctgtccca gtctgtgctt attaattgtt     57180
     aaagagggca aggctgcttt tattcaaggt gggggggctg ctaaagcgag atgttgggtt     57240
     aggggaggca gatccggctc aactccagat agaaaaagtg ggaattgaca gcccaggcgt     57300
     agggtcggga gtggagagaa aattactaag aggaagggtc aggggcaagg cgggttctag     57360
     ctgcatagac aggatttttg ctgaaaaggc aggcagtgtg gtcacagacc gagggtggga     57420
     gttgaggact ttgatcaggg accaagagta gacgattttc actaaaccga ctcagcagga     57480
     ttcttgctaa atcggccgaa accggccaag gtcagggact ggtcacaggg agggctcaga     57540
     ggagcctgac tcgagtgtgg tcaaaggaga gagtctttgt catcatttaa gaggcgagag     57600
     tgacgtatta gtgagaaacg gtgaagggat caagctcagg ccagcagccc cgagtttgag     57660
     atgaggacag gctgggtcca ggaagggctg caggaatagg gggcacctga gcctgcagaa     57720
     agcggggagc ccagccgcca gagcaggcac ccccaggcag acctcagtgt gtcctgccct     57780
     gtgggagtgg caaggccaga ccaagctgga tgtgaaccag tcccagaaca ccgcctagaa     57840
     tttggattgt aatttgttat cgatgatatt gctgcttggt ctctctcctc ttcctcccca     57900
     cccccaccca agatggagtc tggctttgtc ccccaggctg gagtgcgatg gcaggatctc     57960
     ggctcactgc aacctccgcc tcctgggttc aaacaattct cctgcctcag cctcccaaat     58020
     agcggggatt actggtgcgt gccaccacac ccagctaatt tttgtatttt tggtagagac     58080
     ggggtttcat catgttggcc aggctagtct caaactcctg acgtcgtgat ccgcccacct     58140
     cagcctcccg aaatgctttg ggattacggg tgtgagccgc cgcgccgagc atggccatcg     58200
     tggctacatc agtcccggct aatagagatt ttagcacact cagattctat tggctaataa     58260
     gatttaatta taattctggg gtatttaaca atgtcgttat acagtcttca ttgttgcaaa     58320
     tggagaatga aatcgggtgc atgtgacact aatatgacct gttcatgctc tgtcacttaa     58380
     acggagttaa gtaacatagc cctgagcagg aagactcctt ccccacttct gtccaggagc     58440
     tccttactcg attctgggga acagaaaggc tttcagcggc caaggggagt gacaacagcc     58500
     agacatgaga cacctcctag agccctttgg tgttaccctt tccggtccat cagccacagt     58560
     gtccacccca ggtagctggg tcctgagttc accgtctcag gacatttttc gacctggttt     58620
     gtctgaatta ttattattat tgatcattga gacagggtgt cagtccatcg ccaagactgg     58680
     agtgcagtgg tgtgatcctg gcttactcag cctcccaggc tcaggtgatc ctcccagctc     58740
     agcctcctgc gtagctggga ccacaggcag gcaccaccat gcctggctaa attttttgta     58800
     ttttttgtag agaccagctc tcgctatgtt gtccaggttg gtctcaaact gctgcctcag     58860
     cctcccaagg tgctgggatt acaggcatga gggaccaagc tcagcaatct gaattattta     58920
     tgcagaattt ttttttctct agctggaaga gctgtttata tgcacgtttc tttgggggca     58980
     actcttctcc attgtcacag attttttttt tccaagccat tcctggggga ttcctgggag     59040
     ccatgtggga gaggcgtgag gaagtgagac cttcaccccg agacaggtcc tgacacaccc     59100
     tctggtgcct ctactcaagt gaggtgagag gggaaactgg tgtattttta gatgaagttt     59160
     ccttgggaaa ttgtttctat tttatatttt atcagtaatc ccctggctaa tgttttaaac     59220
     caatatttat aacactgcct cagagctttg gaataaacag atttccataa agaaaagctg     59280
     ctttagagtg ctacactgta agaggggccg ggcaaacaag aagggacgga ggaaagacca     59340
     ccaagtgaga ggcacaggtg tcaggacaca cagagagccc gaaaacgagg cagaggtgag     59400
     cggggaccag cagcacagcg gcactgacgc gccagggact tgggctctgc tggcctcctc     59460
     cctcgcggcc agcagtggca gtggtgggag taggcctggc ttgtctgtgg ttgcctttgt     59520
     tgctttaatt gaaagtactc aaggctattt cttgtcgcgt catttctgac agtgtccggt     59580
     ggtccctacc ctgtaatgcc aggaggttcc agccccaccc ttccctcccc actccctctt     59640
     tcatctcccg gatcctatta gaggattgct tttatagctg atgagctgat gaagtatgca     59700
     tttagccctt taaccgtaac tgaatttacc ctggtgcaca tctgtatgaa gggtgtgcac     59760
     cagggctgag ccgtctgctg ggcgaatatg tccctccctg aggcccagga ccacaacccc     59820
     tgagtcactc aaaggaatcg ttcccagcct taaggtcaga tgcgctttct ccttgtcctc     59880
     cattatttct ttaaattcct gccacattta agtttcttta tatttaaact aagacctttt     59940
     atttcttaaa cttctaattg ctgttctttt attatttttg atagaagttt ggctgctgta     60000
     actgactggg aagcttaaaa taacagacaa tcatctctca catttatggg gactgggaag     60060
     tccaagacca agttgccatc tggggagggc ctgttcctca cagcgccttc cagctcaggc     60120
     ctcgtttata agggcactca agccttccac gacaacgggt cctcatgact tactcacctc     60180
     ggaaagcccc acccccaaga ccatcacatt gtgggtgatg gcagagcata aggtgccttc     60240
     cccacatgct cgggttggcc cagcgtctca cgctagcagc tacgtggaat agttattttt     60300
     tctggagaac tctgggaccc ctctgatgtc ttggagcacc cacacaggcc gttcactgtg     60360
     cacgctgtga ggctgtcgtc ttggagcacc cacacaggcc gttcactgtg cacgtggtga     60420
     ggctgtcctc tggggagttc tgctgttgta tgggttctgt ctgtgtcaat gtcccagcgg     60480
     gaacgcaggg cacactagcg tcatccccag agggcttggt aaggggactg tttgcagaga     60540
     cataggcaga gggctggaaa actaccaaaa aagtgcagtg ttctggacct aataatagca     60600
     gagctattct caccctggtc tgaaggcagg aggggaggag cagttaatgg attctggaag     60660
     tcaggttgca cagagtcacc ttgaaagatg ccatgacctt caccgagggc cagacagaga     60720
     ctaagatgac cccataggag aataagacct agacctcatc ctcctgcctc ctgccagtcc     60780
     ctgccagggg tcgccaatgg caaaacagga ctggaagcca gaggccatgg aagcccatgg     60840
     atgaagtcca caggccagcc tccccgagag cagcctggac ggtccgcagg agacgtctcc     60900
     tgtcttaggc gtcccacgcc gtgtgctcct gttcagccct gccgaggtgg aagcttggag     60960
     tggctcacgg tggatgcatt gacgctgcag acgccagcaa gtgctacaaa ccagagctgg     61020
     cctttaactc agactgatgg agaaggtgtt aataatgcag attagactta aaagtgttga     61080
     agccattgca ctgtgaacag caaaaaaatt gaagaactct tctggcattt aaaaacaatt     61140
     actcagttca gcagagaagt cactgacaaa cgagatcaca ctgactgctt tgtcgttttg     61200
     gttttgtctt actcattaat gcaaataaga acattcacta gcatctgtgt cgggcctacc     61260
     ctccctggtc aaatacagct acagtctccc tgcagatacg agttttccag aaatgagccg     61320
     atgttttctg cgagaatcaa ttggtcatat acaatttaca aaaatgagta ctgtatacta     61380
     tatttgtaaa ctgtacactg cagatgcttt atttcactga aatttataat acacttatcc     61440
     atgtatatgc atgcatgcat ttttgttcct gagatccagc tgtgaaatgt ttaccagcac     61500
     ataaattacc agcacatgct cttttttgtt aacctactag gtaaaatctt catttattac     61560
     atcaaattct tgtagttttt gtattgcaat tatgcagata ttgattatcg cagtattact     61620
     gcaattatac agataccaca atttcagata ttgatcagcg tgttcagttg gtttctaagg     61680
     aggtttactt acctcatggt acacctagtt tgcatagttt gattatattt aactcttatg     61740
     ctaattgggg gaagtcattg atttattgga cagatgcacc tgtggtcttc cctgagcaca     61800
     tcctggccaa ggatgctgcc cccaggagat ttgagaagtc ctgtaaggat catatcagta     61860
     ttttcaaata cttatagaaa agccagaggg attgacccag aattaccaat ataagcttga     61920
     ccctgagata acaatgccat tttatgtttg catgcataaa accaatgcaa gaggctgatg     61980
     actccagatc ccttatataa gccaataaaa agtagtttca ttttttattt catttaaaaa     62040
     agtgtaccat taacctaaag cctgcttgta aaaccagttt gtttctgaag cattagctca     62100
     aagctcactt gcatttggtg agaagtccct cacgtgtggc tgccctggct gggagctctg     62160
     agctctggga gccattggaa ctgctaatcc caccagtgcc gtctgattcc ctctgctcta     62220
     atggaggtct tttgccgggt atccagtggc attttctggg cttgggagtc agtaattccc     62280
     agtgatcaag tgtctctgct ctgaaaatgc ctttctttgt gatatgaagc tgtcagtgat     62340
     ggagactgac cttttcataa gtcagtgaat tttctttctc tgagtcattt tagagagtga     62400
     atctgaactc tccagtctgt cctaagaaga cattaattgg agcaggcatg gaaccttcag     62460
     ctttcccagt cacctgccgg gttacttggc ttaacctggg aattaaccag ttaataaggt     62520
     tgttgaaatg gaaagaatcc aggaggctgc agtgtgaggc tgatttgctg tctttattaa     62580
     gtgaggaaat gagaaatggg aagaatccag gaggctgcag tgtgaggctg atttgctgtc     62640
     tttattaagt gaggaaacga cagcaaagca cttctaggct tctcacagct gagcacacga     62700
     agactaagcc ctcttcccgc cgtagccagt gaggagagga tccctcttcc caagccccct     62760
     caagcagtgg ctcccgctca ctggaggctg gagtttctag ggcttgtccc tgtccagagc     62820
     tgctgcctca ggtgtgaggg tgactgccca gcccccgcgc cacaggccct cctctcaccc     62880
     ggacctcagg accagttggt aggccccagg cttccacctt caggggcatg gggacgctgg     62940
     cccctgtgtc cgccgaggac gtcctggctc cttttggggg tctctcctgt caggacaggt     63000
     tccgtggggt tggagggact cagcctgttt ctgtgccatc cgcctttaac ggcccagaaa     63060
     cgttagtgac tgagagtaaa ataaggtcga cttcacagtt tctttctcct cagcagtgtc     63120
     tgggggctgg tcctcagcca tgaccgccgg ccctggtctg tcatcatcct gataattttc     63180
     cagaactcca cctgcagccg tcatcctggg tggccctgct ccatctgtac cctctgccct     63240
     gccctggtcc tggacctgct ccgctctgca ttgcgctctg cgggacctga gaggtttctc     63300
     agcaggagct gaatagtgtt gaaaaggctt ccagcccgca cctcagtggg gcacttttct     63360
     tcatgggaca tgcggggttg tctgggctgg agaacacaga tttgggggca ctccggaagg     63420
     tggcagaagg ttggccctac acgggaccca gtggtcatct ctgcaaatgc cggggctggg     63480
     ctgttcctgc ctcagaggcc tccctcctcc agagcagggg tggagaaatc agcctggaga     63540
     gcctcacggc gcaggaggga tttgccgggg ctgcctctgg catagagccc cctgcaaaca     63600
     gaggagctgt tttatagcac tggatttagc ttgcagggtc ctggaacacc tagagacacc     63660
     agagggggag accgcagatg aagacctcct ggacggccgg gcaaccagtg gcagtcccac     63720
     gagccacggg gccgtggcca gcctcctttc gggacacagt ccagcctgga gggaaggagg     63780
     ggacagggga cctttctgat tcttcttttt ccttttcctt tggaatgaga aaacagcctc     63840
     tacgttctcc cattcacgtc tgtcatcagc tgaaggagct cttccccttt tccccactga     63900
     ctctgcaccc tccacgggga cagccttgct ttcggggcac aatgaaagaa acatgactgg     63960
     agacattacc aagacctgtc acttgctacc ttctctttct gaagccgtaa acatgaggaa     64020
     agactcatcg ttaggttatt atgaatgatg gaccagctta tgtgtttcaa tgaaagctag     64080
     gctatcactg agcttgctgg cttaaagctg tgtgagccca ctgcttaatt tttgggacac     64140
     aaaaggtcta gaaatgtcgc ctggcctttt ccagtagagg ttggcccaag agcatgaatt     64200
     ttctggccag catttcgttt ctttttcctt cacatatgtt gccagcactc agggcctgtg     64260
     gacctgcctt ctgtgcaggg tgtcttgtct ttcggggccg tggctgcttc cgtaggaggc     64320
     atggcaggtg ccagcctggg gctgagctct ccccacgtgg agctcagggc ctcagaggcc     64380
     aaaggcacat ccctcagagg gcctggaaat ggaaggccgg gctgggttta cggcacaccc     64440
     aggccgggct ctagtggctc atggtcacag cctgtccaca cagcatggcg ctccagagaa     64500
     tgctcagagg cttaggctca gacagacatg aattcacgtc tgatgggcgg agcacccgtg     64560
     tgaccatggc aggttgcctc ctttttatct gcaaagctgt ggcaatgatg cccacctcca     64620
     aggactccag cgaggcacat gtgagacgct gcatgggaag agcgtcctgc aaacccggcc     64680
     agatggcagc tgcaccgccc ctctgccagg tgtccctgga gatgcctgcc tacccagctc     64740
     tgtttctgtt cacatctcag tgtgacaagc agcctggaag ggccatgctc gaaaggcttg     64800
     ggccaggagc tcttacctgg tgagcacaga ctgcggcttc ccagacacca acaggggagg     64860
     ggacagatgt tgcgccatgc tacgccattg acttttctgc aactgatacg atgggaataa     64920
     tactccactt cagttcacag ggtgggggca atagtgagtg agagctggac aagccaggga     64980
     atattgagag accaaagaca cctgttgtgg atttcctggg ccatgagagc cgcctcttgg     65040
     acgtgcaggg ttgacgtagt cagccactct tctgaaacag cggcctgggg accaggcagc     65100
     cacggtgaac cctggtacat cacagagggt gctgacatgg gctgtactgt gggagctgct     65160
     gtgtaatcat tgcacactgg gcagtggtgt ttggcattcc ctgtgattac gttcagccac     65220
     ctagacagaa ccccaaatca cggtgggtga aacaagatgg agcgcatttt cttccatgca     65280
     caggaagcat ggcagctggc acttacagcc agcgtgaagc tcccaggggc tccagagcca     65340
     ggagctctct gctcctgggc ctcacatccc tgctcatggc ttccatgctc cctgccagcg     65400
     tggctgctgg agctccagcc ttctcatcac aatgcgtaca gggaggcttc cagaagctct     65460
     gggtcagtat tccggcgtgc atgtcatcca ccctaacgca ctcacccaca tgcgccgagc     65520
     aaagttggag cgggtggaga agggcctggc ggtgcagagg ccccaggatt tctggacagg     65580
     gcagctgtgg ctgcagcagg gaggtgcagt gctgcgggga ggcggttgac agctgtcgcc     65640
     ttttgccact tctgagccca gccaccaaat tggtccacgt ctcttagaaa attctgtgac     65700
     atggcagatt cattgacact cctggtcata actgcttccc ttctcccact agaccacctt     65760
     ccctccccag cccccttttg gtagcacaaa tacagctgct gtgtgtattg gatccagcag     65820
     gcgtggatcc aattaaacct acactatttg tttcactttt cttcagaaag agcctatgaa     65880
     atatgagttt cgggggcaaa gtttttatca tcagagctgt tcctttccag cagacctttc     65940
     agttctcagc agcagccctt ctttctgggg taggaactga gctggtctgt cggatgcccc     66000
     gcctcgttcc aaatggggtc catccctgag acaaaggcac atgatacaaa gcaaagccgc     66060
     acaaacctgc gggaatcaga gtgagggaga tggaggtgga acagccacgc ggcccgagga     66120
     agcagctaca gaatgaagtc tgttagttcc cattcaggca ccagagtggg ccacacattt     66180
     gctggtagct tctatcgacc agtgcaaaaa ggcgaccgag gtctgtgatg tcccagagtg     66240
     aacatgacag agcgcagggg acactcgggc ctgagccccc tgccaccaag gaagaggacc     66300
     ttgaggaagg catgggtgcc acctgtccac tgcacacaca gcccttctaa cgaacacgga     66360
     ccctcacggg gcccggcggg gctcagacac cgattccaac acggaccctc acgggccccg     66420
     cggggctcag acaccgattc caacacggac cctcacgggc cccgcggggc tcagacaccg     66480
     attctcacac ggaccctcac gggccccgcg gggctcagac accgattcca acacggaccc     66540
     tcacggggcc ccgcggggct cagacaccga ttccaacacg gaccctcacg ggccccgcgg     66600
     ggctcagaca ccgattccaa cacggaccct cacggggccc cgcggggctc agacaccgat     66660
     tccaacacgg accctcacgg ggccccgcgg ggctcagaca ccgattctaa cacagaccct     66720
     cacgggcccc cgcggggctc agacaccgat tccaacacgg accctcacgg gccccgcggg     66780
     gctcagacac cgattccaac acggaccctc acggggccag gcggggctca gacaccgatt     66840
     ctaacacgga ccctcacggg gcccggcggg gctcagacac cgattccaac acggaccctc     66900
     acgggccccc gcggggctca gacaccgatt ccaacacgga ccctcacggg ccccgcgggg     66960
     ctcagacacc gattctaaca cggaccctca cggggccagg cggggctcag acaccgattc     67020
     caacacggac cctcacgggg ccaggcgggg ctcagacacc gattctaaca cggaccctca     67080
     cggggcccgg cggggctcag acaccgattc caacacggac cctcacgggc cccggcgggg     67140
     ctcagacacc gattccaaca cggaccctca cgggcccccg cggggctcag acaccgattc     67200
     caacacggac cctcacgggc cccgcggggc tcagacaccg attccaacac ggaccctcac     67260
     ggggccccgc ggggctcaga caccgattct aacacggacc ctcacggggc ccggcggggc     67320
     tcagacaccg attccaacac ggaccctcac ggggccccgc ggggctcaga caccgattcc     67380
     aacacagacc ctcacggggc ccggcggggc tcagacaccg attccaacac ggaccctcac     67440
     ggggcccggc ggggctcaga caccgattcc aacacggacc ctcacggggc cccgcggggc     67500
     tcagacaccg attccaacac agaccctcac gggccccgcg gggctcagac accgattccc     67560
     acacggaccc tcacggggcc cggcggggct cagacaccga ttccaacacg gaccctcacg     67620
     ggccccggcg gggctcagac accgattcca acacagaccc tcacggggcc cggcggggct     67680
     cagacaccga ttccaacacg gaccctcacg gggcccggcg gggctcagac accgattcca     67740
     acacggaccc tcacggggcc cggcggggct cagacaccga ttccaacacg gaccctcacg     67800
     gggcccggcg gggctcagac accgattcca acacggaccc tcacgggccc cgcggggctc     67860
     agacaccgat tccaacacgg accctcacgg ggccccgcgg ggctcagaca ccgattctaa     67920
     cacagaccct cacgggcccc cgcggggctc agacaccgat tccaacacgg accctcacgg     67980
     ggcccggcgg ggctcagaca ccgattccaa cacggaccct cacgggcccc gcggggctca     68040
     gacaccgatt ccaacacaga ccctcacggg gccccgcggg gctcagacac cgattccaac     68100
     acagaccctc acggggcccg gcggggctca gacaccgatt ctaacacgga ccctcacggg     68160
     gcccggcggg gctcagacac cgattccaac acggaccctc acgggccccg cggggctcag     68220
     acaccgattc caacacggac cctcacgggg ccccgcgggg ctcagacacc gattccaaca     68280
     cagaccctca cgggcccccg cggggctcag acaccgattc caacacggac cctcacgggg     68340
     ccccgcgggg ctcagacacc gattctaaca cagaccctca cggggccccg cggggctcag     68400
     acaccgattc taacacggac cctcacgggg cccggcgggg ctcagacacc gattccaaca     68460
     cggaccctca cgggccccgc ggggctcaga caccgattcc aacacagacc ctcacggggc     68520
     cccgcggggc tcagacaccg attccaacac agaccctcac ggggcccggc ggggctcaga     68580
     caccgattct aacacggacc ctcacggggc ccggcggggc tcagacaccg attccaacac     68640
     ggaccctcac ggggcccggc ggggctcaga caccgattcc aacacggacc ctcacgggcc     68700
     ccgcggggct cagacaccga ttccaacacg gaccctcacg gggccccgcg gggctcagac     68760
     accgattcca acacggaccc tcacggggcc cggcggggct cagacaccga ttccaacacg     68820
     gaccctcacg ggccccgcgg ggctcagaca ccgattccaa cacggaccct cacggggccc     68880
     cgcggggctc agacaccgat tctaacacag accctcacgg gcccccgcgg ggctcagaca     68940
     ccgattctaa cacagaccct cacgggcccc gcggggctca gacaccgatt ctaacacaga     69000
     ccctcacggg ccccgcgggg ctcagacacc gattctaaca cagaccctca cgggcccccg     69060
     cggggctcag acaccgattc caacacggac cctcacgggg ccccgcgggg ctcagacacc     69120
     gattctaaca cagaccctca cgggcccccg cggggctcag acaccgattc tcacacggac     69180
     cctcacgggc cccgcggggc tcagacaccg attccaacac ggaccctcac ggggcccggc     69240
     ggggctcaga caccgattcc aacacggacc ctcacggggc cccgcggggc tcagacaccg     69300
     attctcacac ggaccctcac gggccccgcg gggctcagac accgattcca acacggaccc     69360
     tcacggggcc cggcggggct cagacaccga ttccaacacg gaccctcacg gggccccgcg     69420
     gggctcagac accgattcca acacggaccc tcacggggcc cggcggggct cagacaccga     69480
     ttctaacacg gaccctcacg gggcccggcg gggctcagac accgattcca acacggaccc     69540
     tcacggggcc cggcggggct cagacaccga ttccaacacg gaccctcacg gggcccggcg     69600
     gggctcagac accgattcca acacggaccc tcacggggcc cggcggggct cagacaccga     69660
     ttccaacacg gaccctcacg ggccccgcgg ggctcagaca ccgattctaa cacagaccct     69720
     cacggggccc ggcggggctc agacaccgat tccaacacgg accctcacgg gccccggcgg     69780
     ggctcagaca ccgattccaa cacggaccct cacgggcccc cgcggggctc agacaccgat     69840
     tccaacacgg accctcacgg gcccccgcgg ggctcagaca ccgattccaa cacggaccct     69900
     cacggggccc cgcggggctc agacaccgat tctcacacgg accctcacgg gccccgcggg     69960
     gctcagacac cgattccaac acggaccctc acgggccccg gcggggctca gacaccgatt     70020
     ccaacacgga ccctcacggg cccccgcggg gctcagacac cgattccaac acggaccctc     70080
     acggggcccc cgcggggctc agacaccgat tccaacacgg accctcacgg ggcccccgcg     70140
     gggctcagac accgaggctg acacactgcc ctgtgcacac ctgcctggag ccggtggcgg     70200
     aacccaggga gagacagcgt gtcctccagc gtctccccag ctcctccgtg gtcagtggag     70260
     agtccatggg aacgtttgag gctttgatcc ttggcaagaa tctttttttt tttttgagat     70320
     ggagtctcac tctgtcgccc aggctggagt gcagagtggt gtgatctcgg ctcactgcaa     70380
     gctccacctc ccaggttcac gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag cagggactac     70440
     aggcacccgc caccacgcct ggctaatttt ttgtattttt agtacagaca gggtttcact     70500
     gtgttagcca ggatggtctc aatctcctga cctcgtgatc caccctcctc ggcctcccaa     70560
     agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagcccccgc gcccggccgg caagaatcct gcgtgcggat     70620
     gttaaaccag gggccaaatg cagccaggct tgcacagtgg gcttgtcttc agcaagatgg     70680
     gggctgcctc agaatcacca ggaacgttcg ataaaaatgg agacttccgg aacctgccct     70740
     aacctactga acagtatcgt tgctggtggg tgccctgcag tctgcatttg gcaaactggc     70800
     atagcgagtc ccatgccgtg tcgagcctga gccccacgtt tcatcaggga ttagggtcac     70860
     tggagctcac gaggccgcac ctgttcctgg ctgggtgcgc ttgggcactt tgcccgtcta     70920
     cgcctggaac ttctctggtg taaactggaa taatatctcc tttacatggc acagaactaa     70980
     agattctttg agttccaggt aataaaaacc aaggccagac taaatcagac aaaatgacat     71040
     ttaaaacata ataaagaccg gattgcagct gacagtgtat ctagagatcc acagttcact     71100
     gggcccccac cctgcctgtc gctcagaagt ctcccctctg tgtggcttca ctcgcaggcc     71160
     gctcctctgc aaggagcagc agggtggccg ccatcagcct gagctcatct gccctcaggg     71220
     ctgatggtcc tggacaaaca gctgtctctc tgttcatcaa acttgagttc atagccttcc     71280
     agaggtggct gcaaggcggg cggtgtgctc acctgggccg atcacacccc tgagagttca     71340
     tagccttcca gaggtggctg caaggcgggc ggtgtgctca cctgggccga tcacacctct     71400
     gagggaccga gcgctctgag gacggtgccc caggtcacac ccgtgagggg cacacatccc     71460
     ctgggcttca gagcaacgca gccgtgtcct ctccacaagg tgagtttgag gaatctgtgc     71520
     acatgggaaa cacagcctgc gtttctgaga acaagggctt ttcagggccc ctccctctag     71580
     gccctccagg cctgggggga caggtcctgg tgccacattc atagaactgc acggccctgg     71640
     ctccttccag gacccagagg cctggacagg aagtgctgga gcaaaagcgt tcccattcac     71700
     accggattcc accagctcct caggggcttc cgtcccagcc ggggcggggg gcggacacct     71760
     gagtggagag gcagagacct cccaggaggg tggtgcgtgg cccctcccta cagcccatgg     71820
     ggcgaccgca cgggaagccg ctggagagcc gccactgagc aacgtgtttt ccatgaaata     71880
     aaactaaaag gctcctggtc tctgtttacc aggtagataa agaaatcata gtcatcaaaa     71940
     gtagcaaagt gttcattaaa cttgatacaa agtatatatt taggtgtctg aatgtttcct     72000
     gatggaagca ttttcaaggg catttgactc agctatggga accaaacatt tacatgaagg     72060
     aaggtttaga ggtgaacgtc cactgcggag gtcggagaag cactcaggtc agcgggcaga     72120
     gcggctagtc ggtgggccga gctctctgct acccccgcag gagtgtcccg acgccatccc     72180
     agaagcagca cctgtgggcc acggcgtttg cttagagcct ggactgaggc tgcccggacg     72240
     gggcccctca cccggccaga gttaggggtg ccgctgccac ccccatggac ccgcttcggg     72300
     ctgctcagtc cttgttcatt tgcatccatc tcggttttta ggaaggcaag tttctcagga     72360
     gctcagaaaa ttaattttgt agtgattagg ctatccccag agtaacacgt tccaactgtc     72420
     accagcacgg acttctcatg aagcctggga ccatttgcaa ggactcccgg gggtgtgtgt     72480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tttcctgtgt cctctgagta gacaccgcta tgaatgtaga     72540
     cttgaggttt cttggcaaac atgtgtcctc acttatgtgg ctgaggattc ttccccgact     72600
     caggatgcaa gtgccagggg acccgagtct ccggggaaag ctgggtgcat gcacggttct     72660
     ttgatc                                                                72666