EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC092782; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 155355 BP.
AC   AC092782; AL357517;
DT   31-JUL-2001 (Rel. 68, Created)
DT   14-APR-2005 (Rel. 83, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Homo sapiens chromosome 1 clone RP11-411G13, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-155355
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Zhou Y., James R.A., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   "Direct Submission";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-155355
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Raymond C., Clendenning J., Ivey R.G., Haugen E.D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-JUL-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Center, University of Washington, Box 352145, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-155355
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Zhou Y., James R.A., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-NOV-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Center, University of Washington, Box 352145, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
DR   MD5; eda4179ba21d4f514686bb29162610a7.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270763.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000018.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000143702; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000276725; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC092782.2:1-155355; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000366542; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000366543; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000366544; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000413359; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000450306; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000464936; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000481987; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000490813; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000492145; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000522191; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000522995; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000523424; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000612450; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000621831; homo_sapiens.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2853114; 20064876.
DR   GOA; E5RG47.
DR   GOA; H0Y4T4.
DR   InterPro; IPR000253; FHA_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008984; SMAD_FHA_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR029300; CEP170_C.
DR   RFAM; RF00806; mir-350.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0C4DG71; A0A0C4DG71_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E5RG47; E5RG47_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y2V6; H0Y2V6_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y4T4; H0Y4T4_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0YB66; H0YB66_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0YB92; H0YB92_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; S4R323; S4R323_HUMAN.
CC   On Nov 14, 2001 this sequence version replaced gi:15022694.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: University of Washington Genome Center
CC   Center Code: UWGC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   Drafting Center: SC
CC   -------------- Project Information
CC   Center project name: chr-1
CC   Center clone name: RP11-411G13 (sc0153)
CC   ------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Sequencing vector: plasmid; L08752; 49% of reads
CC   Sequencing vector: plasmid; 51% of reads
CC   Chemistry: Dye-terminator ET; 89% of reads
CC   Chemistry: Dye-terminator Big Dye; 11% of reads
CC   Assembly program: Phrap; version 0.990319
CC   Consensus quality: 155184 bases at least Q40
CC   Consensus quality: 155334 bases at least Q30
CC   Consensus quality: 155355 bases at least Q20
CC   Insert size: 143277; 12.9% error; agarose-fp
CC   Insert size: 155330; sum-of-contigs
CC   Quality coverage: 7.7x in Q20 bases; agarose-fp
CC   Quality coverage: 7.1x in Q20 bases; sum-of-contigs
CC   --------------.
CC   Overlapping Sequences:
CC   5':  RP11-94G2 (UWGC:sc0626) AC096972
CC   3':  RP11-156F12 (UWGC:sc0118) AC092806 46745-bp clone overlap
CC   --------------------
CC   Sequence Quality Assessment:
CC   This entry has been annotated with sequence quality
CC   estimates computed by the Phrap assembly program.
CC   All manually edited bases have been reduced to quality zero.
CC   Quality levels above 40 are expected to have less than
CC   1 error in 10,000 bp.
CC   Base-by-base quality values are not generally visible from the
CC   GenBank flat file format but are available as part
CC   of this entry's ASN.1 file.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were either double-stranded or sequenced with an
CC   alternate chemistry or covered by high quality data (i.e., Phred
CC   quality >= 30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing
CC   problems, such as compressions and repeats; all regions were
CC   covered by at least one plasmid subclone or more than one M13
CC   subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   --------------------
CC   Sequence Validation:
CC   This sequence has been validated by Multiple Complete Digest
CC   fingerprinting. Comparison of the experimentally derived digest
CC   fragments with sequence-predicted fragments is given below.
CC   The electronically-digested sequence consists of both insert and
CC   vector, in order to accurately represent the entire circular BAC.
CC   Small fragments below a variable cutoff (approximately 400-800 bp)
CC   are not resolved in the fingerprint and hence do not appear
CC   in the table. There are no significant remaining discrepancies
CC   between the experimental and predicted values. Uniquely ordered
CC   fragments are separated by dashed lines.
CC   EcoRI                HindIII                BglII
CC   -------------------   -------------------   -------------------
CC   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt
CC   ---------  --------   ---------  --------   ---------  --------
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   8696      8786        1722      1800        7430      7558
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   6      <800        6382      6492        2067      2049
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1234      1277         512      <800        6795      6947
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4265      4250         449      <800        2951      2975
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1513      1480        1167      1155        3219      3246
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2551      2550       11939     11793        7558      7558
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   7392      7437        1301      1276        1217      1224
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   10482     10473         376      <800        4177      3890
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   314      <800         342      <800        3345      3246
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4991      4958        7668      7522        3518      3518
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   7023      6992         358      <800          57      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   6379      6414        1439      1395        3838      3890
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1335      1277        9544      9366         144      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2186      2298         231      <800        1918      2049
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4320      4250         774      <800        3112      3246
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2465      2550         382      <800        1300      1224
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2936      3018        1201      1155        1907      1870
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2917      3018        4121      4087        1027      1037
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4987      4958         210      <800        1209      1224
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   7      <800        1770      1666        2986      2975
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   296      <800        3613      3625       10991     10884
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   6552      6414        1711      1800        3038      3246
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   760       765        3211      3436        1950      2049
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   6434      6414        1847      1971         899       863
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   415      <800         706      <800        6425      6419
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4248      4250        1696      1666        2859      2975
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4178      4250        2959      2951         334      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3051      3018        1076      1155          33      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1884      1875        2911      3137         604      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   44      <800         279      <800        1271      1224
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   913       921        5320      5271         517      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   375      <800        3157      3137        2309      2269
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1544      1480        2602      2582         835       863
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5897      5910         668      <800        1175      1224
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1470      1480        1296      1276        4629      4568
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1742      1716        2008      1971         304      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1510      1480       15993     16297        5280      5203
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2238      2298        1216      1155        2135      2049
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1430      1480        4937      4880        1629      1582
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3411      3377        2137      2144       11555     11633
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4411      4250        5577      5524        3175      3246
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   8007      8054        2669      2686         688      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   92      <800        2019      1971         860       863
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1290      1277        3709      3625        7687      7558
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   172      <800        9357      9366        2945      2975
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1297      1277        8921      8818        1995      1870
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2302      2298        3503      3625        9714      9669
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2810      3018         168      <800        3924      3890
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2613      2814        5300      5271        4683      4568
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   492      <800         917       913         811       863
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2083      2122         475      <800        7947      8013
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2318      2298       10208     10148        1078      1061
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   11776     11764
CC   ---------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..155355
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI human BAC library 11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-411G13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 155355 BP; 50771 A; 29363 C; 28317 G; 46904 T; 0 other;
     gaattccaaa atcaccgtta gtaattctat taggtattca gatattcatt gactataaat        60
     gttcctgaat gcaaagcagg agatacagag ttctgaatgt tggatgtaag aactcgtgta       120
     tgtaattgca tgagccaaag aacaagctta atggatctgg gttctgtgat tttgctcttt       180
     tcggaagtgc tagctcagtt tcagaaaaga agttcagcgt catttttttc tttttacatt       240
     tatctccacc aagtttatga caagttgatc caatgattta ctctccttga tcagaaatac       300
     cagaaattca ctctcaattt cagtccttta actgattggc attctttaaa cataatgaac       360
     gggaaaagga aatatatctt aaaacagttt ttaaaaatgt gaaacaattc aggcatacaa       420
     aagacacaga aaatgataaa ttgtgtggta taccaccaag ataaaacagc tgttaatatt       480
     ttatcttatt tgcttcaaac ccatcttttc agtaaacatg ctatttactt aataaacaaa       540
     atattacagt ccagctactg cctcacccag tgtgcatcac cctctctttc cctccatccc       600
     tggatataac tctattcaaa aattcgtttg tatcggttgg gcacagtggc tcacatctgt       660
     aatcccagca ctttaggagg tcaaggcagg tggatcactt gaggtcagga gatcgagacc       720
     agcatggcca acatggtgaa actccatctc tactaaaaat aaaaaattag ctgggcatgg       780
     tggtgagtgc gtctaatccc agctactcga gatgctaagg caggagaatc gtttgaacat       840
     gggaggcaga ggttgcagtg agccaagatt gtgccactgc actccagcct gggcaacagg       900
     gcgagactcc atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattaatgt atatcatccc cacatctgct       960
     ttcttacttc ttctacataa atatacatcc ataaacaaca tatattagtc ctctgcattc      1020
     tagtttttgt tgctgttaag aagtctagtt gaagttcttg gtaaataacc tttcaatcac      1080
     ctgacttaat attgtaaaca gagaagcaga tttttattaa tgtctcatca aaagtaagtt      1140
     tttcaccagg aatatgcttg tgaatgcaac ataaacattt ataaatgtat cattcatcag      1200
     ttttctttcc tgatgggaat agtgaaagaa aatagaattc atcagaactc ctgtgcctct      1260
     ttggcacaaa cttatagcaa tacgataaat agcaagtaca cctatgtgtg aagtcttacc      1320
     ataaaaaaca aacttgatca actgcgccgg aggaaagact gagtatcttt ctcttctctc      1380
     catggaaaat gatattacaa aattgtcgtc acatgttggg gccagcaaag agaatatagc      1440
     cagatgatac aggaaatgac atttctcaaa agaagacata caaatggcca ataggtatat      1500
     gaaaaaaaaa agttcaacat cactaatcaa agaaatgcaa agtaaaacca caataatata      1560
     tcaccacata cctgttagaa tggctgttat caaaaagacg aaagatagca agtgttggag      1620
     aggatgtgga gatgatttat atttataagt ttgtatagtt atttatattt caatactatt      1680
     gctggaaata taaatgacta cagcccttat gcaaaacagt atggggatac tttgaaaaat      1740
     tcaaaataga actgccatgc tacagtaatc ccactactgg gtatctatcc aaaggaaatg      1800
     aaatcagtac gttgaagaga tatctgcact cccatgttca ttgcagcact attcacaata      1860
     gccaagatat ggaagcatcc taagtgtcca gcagcagaag agtggataaa gacaatgtgg      1920
     gatgtacggc atatatacac agtggaatgc tattcatcct taaaaaaagg aaattccgtc      1980
     atttgtgaca acatggatga acctggagga tattatgcta agtcagataa gccaagcaca      2040
     aaaagacaaa tactgcatga tctcatttat gtgttgtaac caaacccagg ttcaggtact      2100
     caccaaaagt caaacatgag atacaagagt tggtgggaca ggccgggtgt ggtggctcat      2160
     gcctgtaatc ccggcatttt gggaggctga ggcgggtgga tcacttgagg tcaggagttc      2220
     gagaccagcc tgaccaacat gatgaaaccc cgcctctact aaaaatacaa aattagtcag      2280
     gcgtggttgc acgtgcctgt aatcccagat gcttgggggg ctgaggcaga agaattgctt      2340
     gaacctggga ggtggaggtt gcagcaagcc aagagatcag atcttgccat tgcactccag      2400
     cctgggcaac aacaagagct aaactccatc tcgaaaaaaa aaagtgttgg tgggacaaaa      2460
     gccaggtttg ttcagagagc cagtaaacca agaagataat agcatcctaa agtgccacct      2520
     taagtcagga taaatttcag tctcttttta tgttaagagc agaaggaaga ggaggggcat      2580
     gggatcaata ggtgactgtt gaccacagac atctgggtgc cagtaagggc cctagaaggt      2640
     ggggaaagtc ttagcttttg gtcaggtcac aatgctccta taaatctttt tattttttat      2700
     tttttattgt taataggatc ttggtctgtc actcaggttg gaatgcaggg gcatgatcat      2760
     ggctcactgc agcctcaagt tcctgggctc aagcaatcct cctgcctcag tcccagtggc      2820
     cgggactata ggtacacgcc accatgtgtg gctaattttt ccattttttt gtaaatatgg      2880
     ggtctcacta tgttgcccag actggtcttg aactcctgga ctcaagtgat cctcccaccc      2940
     aaagtgctgg gagtataggt gtgagccact gtgctccact cctataaatc tttaacaaaa      3000
     tgtagtttac atacttctcc tttaatctca gatggctgtt tttgtgtttt atctcgtgct      3060
     ctaaaattat cctagcctat atgctggaat gggtgaaggc cccttaaaca ataatggagt      3120
     tagttatgtt cttttgctgt ttcactgtta tacaatgtga aatctaaaaa tgtcgattgc      3180
     atggaaacag agagtagagt ggtggttacc agaggctggg tggctgggga gatgttggtt      3240
     aacggatgca aaatttcagt gaaatagaag aaataagttc aagaggtcta ttgtaaaaca      3300
     tggtgactct ggttaataac aatatattga gctgggcgtg gtggctcaca cctgtaatcc      3360
     cagcactttg ggaggctgat gcgggcagat cacctgaggt caggagctcg agaccaacct      3420
     gtccaacatg gcaaaactgg gtctctactg aaaaaaaaaa atacgaaaat tatccaggca      3480
     tgatggcacg tgtctgtaat cccagttact tgggaggccg aggcaagaga atcgcttgaa      3540
     cttgggaagt ggaggttgta ttgagcagag atcgggccat tacactccag actgggtgac      3600
     agagtaagac tgcgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc      3660
     caacataatt gtattcttaa aaattgctaa gagtagattt taaatgtttg aactacaaaa      3720
     acatgaaaag tatgtgaggt aaggcatatg ttaattagct caatttaata accattctac      3780
     aatatacaca tatttcaaaa caacatgttg ccaacaatat acagaatttt aatttgtcaa      3840
     ttgaaaataa aattttttaa atccaggaaa aattgtagag atttattttt cctggatttg      3900
     gtgatcttgt ggcttttctc cccccagctt tttgaaactt ttggtttgtt gtgacttcta      3960
     gtctctaaat attcacttta ctgccaaatt ttgtattcat acttttgtat tctttgtctt      4020
     ttaaatggct tcctaaatgg tatacatcat caggccctca aaatgtgctc cacctgcttt      4080
     gaaccacaaa acccctgggg accctaatcc aaacagcttc caccctcccc agcactctct      4140
     cgcttgctgt gcaggctttc tgtgaatgct ccaggcacgc aaaggaagga agccaaatgc      4200
     tccaagctgc tcgatgtctg actcctggag ccgcagctcc catgactttg taaagggcat      4260
     gcaccctgca gggcatgtgc cccaagcacc aggggttcct cctactctct ttgctttcga      4320
     aaatgaggca gcaggaagtg atggagagcg ctgtggtcat caaatgtgga tgaagttaaa      4380
     atttgttaac caaatgcaaa cacttcgggg agtgaaagtg gggcactatt catttttttt      4440
     taaagtcagg ctctcactct tgcctcagct ggaatgtaat gatgtgatca gggctcattg      4500
     cagactggac ctcccagctc aggtgattct cccacttcag cctcctaagt agctgggact      4560
     acaagtgtgt aacaacatac ccagctaatt tttttgtatt ttttgtagac acgggttttc      4620
     accatgttgc ccaggctagt ctcaaactcc tagactcaag tgatctggat gcctagaccc      4680
     cccgcaaaat gttggtgtta gtggtgtgag ccaccttgcc tggcctccat ttgcaagatt      4740
     gtcccaaagg aagtgacctt ggctgaaacc ctggctctgc ttcctctggc cttggggcga      4800
     gaagtaaata accaaatctg cctgggcttg tttcctcacc ccagaaaatg gcagtaagag      4860
     ctgcctcaca gaccaggtac ggtggtgcac gtctgtaatc ccagcaattt gggaggccaa      4920
     ggcatgagga ttgcttgagc tccagagttt gagaccagcc tgggcaacat agtgagaccc      4980
     cacctctaca aaaatcaaat tagatgggca tggtgtttta tgcctgtagt cccagctgct      5040
     tggaagctga ggtgagagga ttatttgagc ccaggaaggt ggaggctaca gtgagctatg      5100
     atcaccccac tgcactccag cctgggtggc agagccagat cctgcctctg aagaaaaaga      5160
     aaaaaagaaa aaagaaaaag aactacatca gtattttgtt aaaggttaag gttagattac      5220
     ctagatatag gctctgtttc tctccacata tatctgtata tctatctata cacacacgta      5280
     tatatttaga gttatgtata tatatgcaga gagaggtata gctatagata gatctatata      5340
     aatatatata aacagctatc tctctttaca tatgcatata tatatttatg tatcaatcca      5400
     caatacagaa acttggatat gcacaaaata tcacattttc tctaaaccag ctgaaatttt      5460
     atttcaaact ccccttcaca gcagactggg aagatgcttg aattcaatct tttcgaggta      5520
     tcccactgcc ccctccgaga tatgctacaa actcccacac ggtgtcaagc tctgcacagg      5580
     agttaccttg gagagcctgt tgtcccggga gcctgacccg tgagtcctag gggtccctgc      5640
     tgcttccatg tggacatcag gccaaggggc ctctttccca ggctgcccgc agccccagct      5700
     gcccaggcac actctgctgc agctttttct cgggacgttg tctccccagt ggctctgcgg      5760
     tgacctctct ggggacctag gatcctcatt ttttagtgtg gaagtaatcc tttcttcaca      5820
     tccagctaag acattctatc aaagcatgag aatctgcttc cttttcattt ctcttaaaaa      5880
     aatcatatac attctaggct gggcgcggtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga      5940
     ggctaaggca ggcagatcac gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atgctggcca acatggtgaa      6000
     actccgtgtc tactaaaata caaaaaatta gccaggtgtg gtggtgcacg cctgtagtcc      6060
     cagctacttg ggagactgag gcaagggaat cgcttgaacc ctggaggcag aggttgcagt      6120
     gagccgagac cacaccactg cactccagtc tggcgacaga gtgagactcc atctcaaaaa      6180
     aactcatata cattctacta agcgcgttgg tcctgaaaat ctcaaaacca gagtgaactg      6240
     cagtgggttt tgctttctac cctgccacat ctctcctcgc agtgcatgag caattgggtt      6300
     agccaaaggg agaaacatgg ggaaaacaaa ctttcacaat actgcactgg ccacacggca      6360
     cctgccataa cgaaggggtt cggtaagtgc ttggcccttt tcctggaaat gataccataa      6420
     tcaccaggat atactgatcc agcctgaatc actggcagcc tttacgtggg cagaagtgaa      6480
     atgagcaaaa cattatggtg aagcaatagg actgaacatt tctgggagaa gcagctgaaa      6540
     gaagaaaaac ttctggacga aagagtgaac acctggggag tcactcatta agcagaacag      6600
     gaagagaggc agaattactg acaaagagct aacaaaacat tttttccaga aatctggggg      6660
     aagacagcga agagaacaat agctgaagtc cacagaacag ccactaatac agcaagaaga      6720
     taccttagag ctcaactact caacatcgcc tccaccccat tttacaaata ctgaggctac      6780
     agctgaaagc acttgcacaa aaccaataac acattaagtt tagctgcaag attcctaacc      6840
     accaattagc tttttactat aattataata tgttgtcttt ttatgactga aagtaaagag      6900
     gattgaagaa gtcagttgga ccagggttca gatttcgact ctctcactta ctttgtaacc      6960
     tagagtattt tatttggctc tagcctctac ttcttctata acataggact aagaattctt      7020
     gtgtaagagt ctgggttatt gtgaagatta aatgaggtac tgaaggaccc aatacagtgt      7080
     cagcacattg tagctgcttg agtggcgata gtaatactct ttccagttct tccagtatga      7140
     ttcattttga taaactaaaa ctcttcatga gaaatatccc atttgctttt ttaaaaaaaa      7200
     aacgaacaca tatagccaag attttattta actcattaat taatgaggga accaatagca      7260
     tgttaaaacc aatacaaagg aaaatctaga ggacatgcag gcaagaagga atgcaaataa      7320
     atgcaaaact ggccactttc atggcaccgt aaccggttgc gtcttcacct gacatgtatc      7380
     cattctcaca gtgttataaa gaaatacctg agactgggta atttttaaga aaagaggctt      7440
     aattgactca cagttctgca tggctgggga aacctcagga aacttacaac catggcagaa      7500
     ggcacctctt cacagggtga caggagagcg agaatgagtg caagcagggg gaattgccag      7560
     actcttataa aaccatccga tctcgtgaga ctcacccact accacgaaac agcttagggg      7620
     aacccccccc atgatccgat gacctccacc tggtcctgcc cttgacacgt gggggtaatg      7680
     gggattacaa ttcaaagtga gatttgggtg gggacacaga gctaaaccat atcaagatgc      7740
     atcattcatt attttctttt tttgttaaca attttattga gagataattc acatacctgt      7800
     tataaatata taggcaataa tttacctgtt gtaattgtac aattcattgg ttttttttgt      7860
     tttattgaga tggagtctcg ctctgtcgcc caggctggag tgcagtggtg cgatctcggt      7920
     tcactgcaac ctctgcctcc tgggttcaag ggattctcct gcctcagcct cctgagtagc      7980
     tgggattaca agcgagtgcc accacgcctg gctaattttt gcatttttag tagagacgga      8040
     gtttcaccat attggtcagg ctggtcttaa actcctgacc ttgtgatctg ctcgccttgg      8100
     cctcccatag tgctgggatt accggcgtga gccaccgcgc ccggccaatt caatggtttt      8160
     taatgtattt acaaagcagt gcaaccatca ccacaatcaa ttttgaatct tttcatgatg      8220
     ccaaaaaaaa ctctgtgtct tttaaccgta actcttaacc tcccacttct accccccacg      8280
     cccagccata gtcagcccta gtctgtttcc tgtttctaca gattttccct catagacatt      8340
     acatataaat ggaatcatac aatctgtagt cttttgtggc tggcttcttt cacttgacgt      8400
     actgttttca aggttcgttc ttgttggatc atgtattagt gcttcatttc tttttatatt      8460
     tgagtaatat tccactgtgt ggctcatttt aaaatactga ctgtgcattt agtgtgcttt      8520
     catgagaagc aaaatatgga gacctctgag atctaatagg ttagagcttt cagtttctct      8580
     ccaacagagc agattcctga tacaaatatc agtttctgca tccaagccat gaggctcagt      8640
     acttttgtct tccggctctt tttttgaaat ttatatttgc tttcatacag cttagcacaa      8700
     cctggctaaa agtaaatccc actcaggcca ttggccagtt ttccatggtg gcaagcacag      8760
     tggactcttc tggaactgca tgtctggaaa aacaacataa aacaaaggag tctctagaga      8820
     acatcagcca aatattataa tttgatacgg tgacctgagg tctgatctgg gggcatgtat      8880
     ttagaaatat caaaagaaag taggcagctt cacctcctct taccctccca gctgttctca      8940
     gaaagctgtg gatgagttaa gtttgcctcc ccaccttccc gctcacccgt cgtctgccct      9000
     tttacctgct agcacttggt gtccttcagg gttgttgcca ctccttccaa tgagggaaca      9060
     tctgaccaaa ctactgaatt actaagaaat tgctgattct gcaggaactt tatatttcca      9120
     gagaggaggc caaggaaagg cccatatgat ttgtagacag aatctgtaat agtgggggct      9180
     ccctgaagcc ttttccttca aactaagtac ataatcttct ttttcttttt ttttttttgg      9240
     agacagagac tcactgtatt gcccagccca ggctggagtc cagtggcatg atttcggctc      9300
     accacaaccg ctgcctccag gttcaagtga ttctcctgcc tcaggctcct gagtagctgg      9360
     aattacaggc acccaccatc acgccctgct aatttttgta tttttagtag acatggggtt      9420
     ttaccatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcgaact ccagacctca agtgatccac ccgcctcagc      9480
     ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggtgtgag ccactgtgcc cagccccaag tgcataatct      9540
     tagttcagac acaactgaga tcagaattct gcctgctcct tttatttaat taattaatta      9600
     attaatttga gacagagtct cgctctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cgcgatctca      9660
     gctcactgca agctctgcct cccaggttca cgccattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta      9720
     gctgggagca caggtgcccg ccaccacgcc cggctacttt tttgtatttt tagtagagac      9780
     ggggtttcac catgttagcc aggatggtct ccatctcctg acctcgtgat ccacccgcct      9840
     tggcctccca aagtgttggg attacaggcg tgagccacca tgctcggcct gcttgctcct      9900
     tttaatccat ctacccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccaata      9960
     aacatttatt caataccagt ttggtcagtc tttaagccta gtgctaggta gaagggagca     10020
     atttgggctg aaaacttttt cacaaattgt gttaaaatta tgtatttgcc tcttgtggta     10080
     gggtttgaac ttcctcttcg ttaaggacaa ggactatatt cattcctgtg aatatataga     10140
     tgatgattac ctaatatgct tgatcataga gatacttaaa taaatgaccg catatatgtt     10200
     cagcagtcag cctagtgctc atctgttggt ggtgtggatg aggaaccagg gatctctcca     10260
     agtggtaata gtagactacg gaacccaagc tgaccacagt ctgttagcac actttattac     10320
     acctgctgga gctaaatgaa aaggaataca gttcaatgat ggcccttcac aatgaccatt     10380
     gcttgctttt gtcctgtgaa agtcaacttc ttccctctga aagctgcttg attcctaaat     10440
     tgaccctgga gaggaaagca gtagctctgg aaaagtcaca gtgacacttc ctagtaatag     10500
     gatgctttgg agagctaaga atcagtacag caatgcagga gaaagaggtg acatgttccc     10560
     caaaaagcag tttgaggaag taattatgtg catcaaagtt acagagaact atccatgcca     10620
     ttttaacatg gatcaacttt atttagaaat agtttacata tgataaaaag aatcatttta     10680
     aatgtacctg gtgagtttca tgacatgtac tcactcctgt gaatagctgc cgccatgccc     10740
     aaaaaactcg cttgtgattt tgttgtaggc aatttcctct cacctcccac cctactagca     10800
     ctgatctgtt ctcagtcact atcagtgttt tgtcctttct agaatttcac ataaattgac     10860
     tcataaagca tgcccttttt tgggtcggtt gctttagctc agcacgtttt tgaaatcggc     10920
     ccatgttact gtgtgtgtca gtagcatgtt cgtttctatt gctgaacgga atctcatttt     10980
     atgaatgttt cactatttgt gatacatcct atttgtgatc cactcacttg ttggtgaaca     11040
     ttggaatgtt cccagttacc agctataaca aatatggctt ctataagcat tgtgtacagg     11100
     tgtttttgtg gacatatgat tttatttcac ttgggtaaaa tacctaggag tggaatggct     11160
     gggttgtgtg gtaggtgtac attaataagg aatttctagt tttccaaagt ggttgtacca     11220
     tttttttctt tgtgcctttt tgaaaatgct gttcatatta tgaagtctta tagggcaatt     11280
     aaaatttagg gtaaattgat tttttttttt ctctcgaagg gaagactctg ggctataaac     11340
     atagactggt aacaggaagc agacgtggca aagttcacag atcctccata tgctggacat     11400
     gatggtcttt gccaaacagc tgaaagtctt ggccatgaaa tgctgctttt catcaccgag     11460
     tagacactat ggaaaagcaa gtgagaagcc agagctccag agacttgggt gcaaacatta     11520
     ccacggaaat agcacagaga ctttgtgtgt ttatttcgtt tcaaatttga tggaaatttt     11580
     tctcattcaa gaaaaatcca actgtcacta cccttgctca ttattgcaaa ttggcatagg     11640
     agccccctac actttttatt gttttatctc taagtgtcag gttaagacca tgctgctttc     11700
     tgccttgcta cactccagcc actgtttgtc ctgagaaatt tccatggtca tgctctgtta     11760
     gtccaagggg tggtttttta ctccatttta tttggccttg ctcagagaca agtgttgtaa     11820
     caaatacctt gggaggcagc tcactggtca cgtagctctg atgtggagtc accagagttt     11880
     ctattggcag ccctgggttt cacctcttta aaacaagtgg agagtacagt cagctcataa     11940
     accgacgtgg ttcttcatag cattcttcct gaagcaccca acatccagct ttcaaggaga     12000
     cagttcatta tctctttcaa agaatctgtt tcacataaca aagacattct tagcatttgg     12060
     tcattgcttg tcatcagtag agaagcttac taggagaaat gtcaggatcc ccagctctag     12120
     aagttctact caaaagcaga ggaagggcct ggtgacctct tcgggtctgt ggtcacgaga     12180
     caaagctgta aagggtgaat acaagtcact tggtttgtct aggctctacc agttgtttgc     12240
     tgggtgacag cccgtggaga atggttataa acagtttgga tttccaagtc aaatacgtgt     12300
     tgatcaaatc ccaactgggc tgctgcctca gttccttcat ctctaatgca ggagtaacag     12360
     cttattaatg aggtgtgagc attaaaaggg acagtgcagg taaagcattt attatactgc     12420
     ctagaaaaaa cagcccctca ctccttgtta tatttgtttc aattactcta aatatgacgt     12480
     tgctgaacta gtgttgagca tttctagagc taatgtacta tgcttcaaaa tttaaataat     12540
     ttttcatcct tcagttcaag gttagacctc acagtagcag tagtaagtta tagtggtcat     12600
     aataactcta aaatatttta attaacaaaa tctacaaaat gtttgttgta cattgcagga     12660
     tgcacaagag ttaaagacaa ctaaatattc aacaagaatc tgttccaggt ggtgaggtgt     12720
     tagagacaga atgtggctga cggggaactt ttccttatgg tcaagattca ggaaaagcag     12780
     caacaaacgt aatagtgaaa tagcaaaaga atgaacataa ccaattccat ttccatttaa     12840
     gaggctttga gccatttctg tacgtaggct aggatgcttt tagagcactg gggtaaaaca     12900
     caaaaacagc aaccatgtag tttttgaaac taactgtgat gaaagcatgt aaacaactgt     12960
     gtcgtgttaa agacttacag gaagaagcag gcttgactac tgtcacatga gagaccatca     13020
     ctcaaagaca aagacgcttc ataaacctcc cccaaaccct tgctggcagc cagatgcctg     13080
     tggttgttgg ctccctgcct gtccccctta cctaaacata gaagacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     13140
     aaaaaggctg catttgtctc ctacgtgtag agatcccatt ctacctcacc ttagagtgaa     13200
     ttgtttacac agccatctcc caatagactg tttcttgaaa gtaagtacgt acatctcaat     13260
     tgatgctgat tcaattaaat acatttttat tttggtttct aagaactttc tgtattatgc     13320
     aaacacaaag gggttatgca aacacaatga aaaggaagat ttgaaatgac aaagaatcag     13380
     aaaaagcttt ttgaaggaga acatttcata aagtcataga caacttagac taaaagggac     13440
     ttggataatg acactagtgt cctaagtttg cagatgggag gacggaacac actgatagct     13500
     aggagggagc gggtctggat ctcaaacttc caagtttggt ttcctttcca agttagaatc     13560
     ctttcaggca gagatgtggc aagcaaatcc aaggagagat gaaggagaca aaacggcaca     13620
     gatgtttcaa agcaaaggga ctatccagga aatgaagatt actttagtta ccagggaaga     13680
     aacgtgtata tgtcatgggg gaagggaaga gaaaatgcac gcatgtggca cagccctttg     13740
     tggtgcggtc aagtggagga agctttatga agaggttggt gggaccttga agcaggaagg     13800
     aaggggagga agacgcaggg tacagaagga tgaaaagctc atggtggtca agaaacttgt     13860
     aaatggtggt agatactata atgggacaca tagatacgca cgtaagaaaa gggccagaac     13920
     acacaaagtc tcaaaaggtt aagctgtgaa acttataatt ttgaataata ataatgagac     13980
     attcaagatt cttgagcttg ataggataaa aaaaaaacag tataaattga cagttattga     14040
     atttaagatg acaaaagtat tttaaatttc tactttattc cccaaataca tcactgtcat     14100
     aaagctttct gatgatctaa agctggttaa aaataaagac cttgtacatg cacattactt     14160
     taggacatga agctaagtga attatattga tcagaatctg ctaagaaaat ttttttcttt     14220
     aaatagtcaa actaataaga gatttcacag taaccacata ttaatagaac tggaggattc     14280
     tttcttttgc taagccttgg gaaatggttt ataatcattt gataagttga tgaagtatta     14340
     gcaagcaaga tggtaaaaga aataaaatat acaatcattg tataaagttc cagaaacact     14400
     ttatttaaaa atggagttgt aaatgcataa caaaataaca taagtaataa atgtaacaaa     14460
     aataaataag gaggataatg tattcataca aaataaaaat aacatagtaa aaggccaaat     14520
     gtttataatt gaaccaaact gtgtaaacac ttaaacaaga atgtaagcag agtagattct     14580
     agtattttcc taaactcctt accttctact tccatgtgga tataatcagt acccaaatat     14640
     taaataaaag agggagcaat gctgattatt ttgtccaact ttttcttcaa atggattgac     14700
     cctgttttaa catttcgttt attccttcaa agcatttgta tctttccatt tatgttcttt     14760
     aaaacctttt ttcagtcttc ctttattaga cagaatgggg aatttagctt tacaaggaga     14820
     atagttcatt tacctttttt tttttgtatt taaagaaaaa taggagatcc attatagttt     14880
     tgtttttaca tctctataaa gtttttttgc atctttatta attgatccaa caatacagga     14940
     tttaaaaaat cctgtaaagt cttgaagtgt atagagttac tttgtttctt aaaacaaata     15000
     tagcacagga ttattgtgga aatattaaag accatttcat aaaagttgca gtttaacctt     15060
     tatagactga tggggtcaag ggggaaaatc caggtctact aataatattt aactgaatta     15120
     agatacaccc caattatagt gttctggaaa cacaaaggta attacttttc tttttaaaat     15180
     tatccaaatg tgaacttact ggaaagagaa aaaacaagtt taaagaagaa atttttcata     15240
     ggcttcttgt ttagtagcac aggccaaagg cctttgtcgt cgtcttgcag ggtccttata     15300
     aatgtgtaag acagacagca tttactattg agtcctacag ggaaacacac agaagcaatt     15360
     cattgcttgg gagtgaaact atcaactaat cttacgacta ctggttctcc aagtccccta     15420
     atgaagaaaa ttttaacctc atgatcattt caagggaatt tctttttcaa ctgtcacata     15480
     taaacttggt aacacaggac caatatacat gttctgagtt ttaaaaatat actccaccta     15540
     aactatctgt ctagtttaat ctttctagtt atcatttaac ctaaaatgag agaccaaatc     15600
     ttatttccat taaaaaaaat gaaaaaaagt gccaaattga tctttttgaa agtggagtaa     15660
     aacactgtgg gcttaaaaca aatacagtat tatcaatctc ctatgtacaa aaaagacggt     15720
     tagtccttat tgatatatag atatgtccac ctaccactcc cagcaaatct tagtgcaaac     15780
     ataatagtta atttccgtaa accccaagac aatttacgta tcaacaaagt tatataaatc     15840
     acatctatgt tggaaaattt taggacacag agtgactgtt gtgaaaggtc tgctttactg     15900
     tggagagtac ttatgtcatt gtgtccaatg gtaatgagta ctaatataaa tcctattatt     15960
     aagaagcaaa tagaatggtt taacaaatct gtacagatga agaagtccat ttcagggagc     16020
     agcttggcac aggagactta ggggttcaga aatgttggct atttagtttg cttgtaggtc     16080
     acagcatggc ttaaaaaaaa gaaaaaagat ctatgaaggg aaagggtgta atcattaaat     16140
     tcaatttgaa aatcataaaa ccacaaaagg cgacactgcc acaatctgct ttttcctatt     16200
     tgtgcatcaa gtggttatct aaatagtttg aaaggattga tatactacat tatacgtcaa     16260
     aaataaataa ataaaattaa gaagacaggg attccaagat tgtagctgac caagctgtct     16320
     tgttttgcgt acatcaacac tatgctgctt ccaatattcc tagccattcc acaggtaatg     16380
     atttttcaac aatcaagaga aagtcattct tgtactgtaa catcttcctc ttccccatcg     16440
     gggttgaatc tattgaaatg tatactgaaa tcagcctcag attcagcatt ctcaaattca     16500
     gctgcggctg aaacagcagc aggatgaaga gccctagctt ctggttggcc aagtgttggt     16560
     gtctgacccg ggctgtggtg gttattcaca gggctggact tctgtttcgg tggagatggc     16620
     aacatagcac tgggaaatcc catgttgttc agagcctcca aagttccatc aggatcaatc     16680
     atagcattga ttgctaaagg gcgggaaaag gaaataattt tagatgcagt tacattcaca     16740
     tataaacact gttcatgatt tggataatat ttaaactatc agtgcgtatg tgatcttaaa     16800
     tgtggctaat cttccaatat tatatttaaa actccattct tagttattct gtagctgtac     16860
     tgtaaatcac ccagccctga atactttctc tgggtccttt gatgtggcac tcacgggcat     16920
     ttcagagact tgtaagtctg gtatttgaag atgtggaatt caagaaaaat cttgttgaaa     16980
     tttgtcttca ttattgtgag aggaccgaga aaatactgaa tatgattttt aataaacatc     17040
     taaacccaca tcactcagat aactgaggta ttagctgcta agtcagggtt cagagtaacc     17100
     tcaaggctgg agaggccaga agaacatcag catactttga atgctaccat agaatacggt     17160
     catttagcct ggccagagtg ctagggttat cagctgtata caccactgag atacaggggt     17220
     tccctcagag cctacagact aatatcacag ggcagcttgc aaagccaaac agacttgctg     17280
     cctatatgga agggatcagt taaaggtcag ctttcagtcc aaaagatctt tgggttgaca     17340
     tggaaagttc tcaggcggtg attttcaatt tggcattggg cagagtaggg agttgggaga     17400
     aggaagtaac atagatgtaa gaatcatgta gaagggactt ttaaaagtat acccccagtc     17460
     taccagctaa caagcactgt gttagcaagc cacttttact catggggtgt accataaccc     17520
     ttaggtgtgt tggggctaaa taaagatgaa aaatcatttt gataggatcc acataagtac     17580
     ctatgattat tcgatagata aagactcagt agaattagca gttgactatg gaacctgcct     17640
     gttgtaccac tggggacttc tgggtcaaga catacatagg cattaatgca cagcccagct     17700
     ctgacaagtt tagagggcag cctctttcac tttcttctct cctttctctt ctggtctcta     17760
     tggccaatat gtactcattt cttgtcaacc aaacaactat tatttctatt agaatgtaag     17820
     tttgtttcag gttacaccac caacataatt taagaactgt caaatcacac aaataatgct     17880
     aattaacaca actttattat atatttttca catattattt atatgtaata cataaaaaat     17940
     ttcaattagt ttatgacatc tagcctactg tcaaacctat gaactaaaat atgcccaaca     18000
     tatatcttta ttacatttta aatttttata ctgggtttaa aaaaattcct ttttatgaat     18060
     aatgtgaatg tttgaactct gtattttatg tatgtcatta catttaatca aataacatcc     18120
     taacaatatt ttaagaaata ccactcagaa ggcacttatt ctaaattatt agctctttat     18180
     acttaattca gtagtaaatt taccttgcag ctgcttttct actcttttca gttcctgtaa     18240
     gatagaagaa atctcctgca gggaaagcaa taacaaaaat tagcctactt ttagctaaat     18300
     gttatcactt tacaagcaat gaatttcact ctcactttat ttggaacact taatattatc     18360
     tacatggtac ttactacatt aatagcaaca tgatatgaaa taattatgat atctagcaaa     18420
     caagattcaa attaaaatat ttaaactaaa atgaaataca ataacttttt cagtgagatg     18480
     attgtagcag atgaaaagtt taacatttac tactatttaa gcaaagattt tttttttttg     18540
     agaccgagtc tcactctgtc gcccagactg gagtgcaatg gcgcaatctt ggctcactgt     18600
     aacctcctcc tcccaggttc aagtaattct cttgcctcag cccccaaagg agttgggatg     18660
     ataggcgccc gccacaatgc ctggctaatt tttgtatttt tagtaaagac agagtttcgc     18720
     catattggcc aggctggtct tcaactcctg acctcaagtg atccgccctc cttggcctca     18780
     caaagtgctg ggattatagg cgtgagccac agtacccggc cgcaaagatt tttaaaattc     18840
     ttattaatca accttgcaat aactatgtaa aaatgccttc aaattatctt tgtaaaaaca     18900
     tataaactgc aacctcaata ttataattat attctgagca atgaaaatct gtacaaattc     18960
     ttttaaaaag aagataagca ttatattaag taaacggaaa cgacttatgt caacttaata     19020
     ttttcatgtt agatttggtt ctctttaaaa atttcatgtt tctaatgttt aattattaca     19080
     agaacaatct atactagtaa gaaacacaaa aggctcctcc ttcataccct ctgcaacttt     19140
     gaaacaatca acattttaaa cctgtgagtc agtagaagaa ataaaatttc ccaaaatttt     19200
     gcatttatat cttcttttga aaaagcaaat caacgaacag ctcaaaaata agggtctttt     19260
     ccttaaaata aaactctatt aaaatgtttt aatcttcaag aaaaattact ataccatgct     19320
     tgaggttttc acaataggga cttcactttc ggctcttaat ttgctttcta tgtcatccca     19380
     attccgatct ttgtctttaa ataatattct ataaatcaaa aaacataagc atataacttt     19440
     ttatatttta aaaacctatt acttttttgt taataatacc aaagcaatgt atcttttcaa     19500
     aggtacacaa agaaaaaaaa ccaaccaccg cataaactga gaattaaaat actaagccaa     19560
     cagtaccaat taattcatgt gtatgagctc caattgaatg cttattaata catgcataaa     19620
     ttctttactg tttatcttat tctttattga aaacaaaata taaaacaaat gtaaatgatg     19680
     ttatgacctc aaaactttaa tatttataat ttacaataca gtaatgccct cttatccaca     19740
     gtttctcttt ccatggtttt agttagtggc agtcaagcat ggtccgtaac tattacagta     19800
     ttttgggaga gggagagaga gagagagaga aaaaaagacc acattcacat aacttttttt     19860
     tacagtatat tgttacaaat gttctatttt attattagtt actattgtta atctcttact     19920
     gtgcctaatt tataaattaa actttatcat aggcatgtat gtgtaggaaa atacacagta     19980
     tattaggttt tagaattatc tgtggtgtca ggcatccagt gggtatcttg gaacaacatg     20040
     tatcacctgg gtataaggag aaaagactgt gtaactgtca cttataaaga aaatgcaatt     20100
     ttattcagac agaatatatg cagtatagga ataagtgaga tgaaaatagg ttgaattagg     20160
     tataaacaat tgtgtctgtt aagacctctt tatatgggaa taagcacctt atcgatcaag     20220
     aaaagtgtgt atattatttt gaagacaaaa aattgggagt acttactgtg cttttcttta     20280
     acaattgtta attcgtgtta gtatacttgc acataataac ctattaggaa ttaggatgct     20340
     acccttttga taaaaacaat tgccaataaa gataattatc ctatcattac cctaacatca     20400
     aataacttat aaaataaagg accacaaaat tttgacgtgt ctttcaaatg tgggacactt     20460
     ttctaacact ttagagtcta tcagacatga ttcagcagtc ttagatgtaa atactagcta     20520
     cttttttggt ttcttttaaa tttttttcag taagcctgga aatctagttt aaacaacact     20580
     atataacctc atgtaaatgt attactactg caagctgatc agcatttaag tagtaaacta     20640
     agttaatatt tgtgctggta tttcttcaaa gatcaacatg ccagacttac cttatttaaa     20700
     aacatgaaac tcattaacat cacatcaagt ctggaacatt tgcttaaggt ggcaacgggt     20760
     ctagaatctg gtataagaat attcttatgg cctacttatt aaattttcta aactcaaaaa     20820
     aatgaacacc cttgccagcc atcttttcta aattattatg ttcttgtaaa agagtccttg     20880
     cagcattagg actgatggaa aataaggaaa taatgactat ttcatggacc agcttagaac     20940
     tgtaatggac ttatacaata gagaaagact ctgtttagcc acacagtgct aaaaattcag     21000
     tgaatttttc cagaggatgg ctactgagta tagtgtttgt ggatctaaaa ctgttaaacc     21060
     atagacattt cacctttggt gaaaatgggt ttttcacggg ttgcccctga aaaaaaaatg     21120
     cccccctgaa gaaataaatg gtttatttta aaatacagtt tgttggccag gcacaatagc     21180
     tcatgcctgt aatcctagca ctttaggaag ccaaggtggg tggatcactt gatgccagga     21240
     gatcgagacc agcctgggca acatggcgag acctcgtctc tataaaaaat acaaaaaaat     21300
     tagcaggtgt ggtgcagatg cctgtagtcc tagctactaa gaaggctgag gtgggaggat     21360
     tgcttgtgcc cagggaggtc gaggctgcac tgagtgagtg agttgtgaac atgccactgc     21420
     actccagccc atctcaaaaa caaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa aacaaaaaaa caaaaaacaa     21480
     tttgtaatat ataatagaac agatctaaga agtcaaactt gtcattttgg cattatgaaa     21540
     taaactttac tataatattt actataatat ttaatattta aatactagag aatcagaaaa     21600
     ccagaccaag aaattagttt agaccaggct ataatgacca gaacttgttt ttgtttgaag     21660
     gtccttatca attttaagct gaaaaaatca tagctttcaa agtgatattc agattatatt     21720
     atagattcaa aataagctaa acttcagcat gaaaatacat aaaattccaa agcttatttc     21780
     attcaataat ttaagaatta agttaaaata cttttgataa agccattggt tttagggaaa     21840
     caaacagaag tctcaggctc ctattctatg agccataacc aattccctag tactagccct     21900
     taaaacatgc gaacgcggag ttgcgaattg agagtctacc aatgcaaggc catgctacac     21960
     aacctaaggg ggtcattttc acatggaatg caatgagaat gctgtacaac aggagttcct     22020
     gtataaatat ttaaaaatgg attccacaga cagtgttcat acaatgtaag tacgcatgcc     22080
     tctaggatga accccagtag acatttgagg ttataactcc tgacacaaag cttaaagacc     22140
     agttgattct caaactaccc tggcactttc cacgcagaag gcccaggtct ctacccctta     22200
     ggtttggtta tcacaactca gacctacctt tgaatagtat cttcttccca aagccttccc     22260
     taaacctcct aggtgaaagt gatccttcct ttgcctttat atctctaact gagcactaat     22320
     ctattatacg ctatcttgta cgacagttga ttgcatatgt gcctcacctt gccaactaca     22380
     ctggaaactc tttaataata gaaatggttt tatcctcatt accttccata aagcctgcca     22440
     tagtgcttta tgcatagtaa aactcaacac tcgaactgaa ggcaattcaa atacattaaa     22500
     cattctgtat ttatgtataa ctttattgag gcatttttat gcatcctttt ttaaacttta     22560
     taaattctgt cactttctga gacaacacag gttatcaatc catcagcaat gtcttctttg     22620
     ttctcaattt tagttcaatg tcaaagctac aaaaaatatt tttctttggg ggagactaca     22680
     gaacgtagga aagctgctcc gtggtaagga agagaatggt acacagcagg taatctgtga     22740
     acatctgctg aataaatgaa tgagtggtta agactccagt tagcagggac ggacctgtat     22800
     ttcagtaggt aggatgaaaa aacactgtgt acttgtttac aggtaaggag actccagggt     22860
     tttccaggtg caagccacat gaccatacaa gactctcatg atatttttac agatagcact     22920
     ggtgtatcaa gaggacccat attggatata ttagcttcct atggttttta ataataaaat     22980
     ccaaactcct taacaaattc tgccaaaaca gatccatcct catctctcta gtgtcatctc     23040
     tcaccatact ctggcccttt cacttcacat agcttttgag taactcctct cctcatcatt     23100
     caggacttaa attgcatggc aatttctcta agagcccttc tctgaatttc ccaagtgccc     23160
     ttgctatggg cttccatagt aaccatccta tatttccctt aacacactga actataatta     23220
     actgtttacc tgccttctac cctcaaatgt gaggacatca aaaacagtgc tagacaaata     23280
     acatacagtc aaaaatcatt caatgaatga atgagtctgg agactttatt cccatataag     23340
     atgatcttaa ccaatgttta tttcatttat ttatttcttt ggttaataat ccttccataa     23400
     tgccccagct ttagaaaata attttagtgg aactaaaata aaaatgataa caattatata     23460
     ttacatttaa ctacaatgaa tgcttgagcc aaatcatgat attaataagc agctgtgtga     23520
     ttgaggccta tagatttgtt tattcatgtg taaaaactag taagttaagc ttaaaatttt     23580
     tttccctaca aatttcagtt aggctttacc ccagggaatg gtggacttca tttgtctctg     23640
     gccataggat atattagcaa atcataggtg aatgggttgt acggtgaagg ggattctctt     23700
     acttgtgaaa gaagtaaacc taggaatgat ggagtcacta ggggaaaaca tgtactatat     23760
     ctcacgtaag acaataacag ggtgctaatt acttaatcac tgagtgtgag taaaagaaaa     23820
     acaatggact catttataag ccctatcagg atttataaaa tgtggtattt ataaacagca     23880
     ttcaactaat ttaatttctc taaaatcaat tataagcctt aaaatttttt agttaataag     23940
     gttccaattt atacctgaaa ttaatattgt tattatactt tttatctcat cagtgtaacc     24000
     agtgatttta ataataagaa aaagttgatg caggttattg ggcttcaagc ggaaatagaa     24060
     aatgtgggta gtaaaataca ggtaatattc aagtgaaata atgaaattaa gtcaaatcat     24120
     gtgtagatag cagaaatagc taacttaata caagctgact ggtttacatg atatagaatg     24180
     taaatttcat gagaacaggg gtctttgttt tgtcaatgtc taattataaa gtacctagaa     24240
     tgtacctaat acttatttgt taagtaaata ttaaaatatt attctgtaga aaattaagtc     24300
     tatttaaaat tcataagaat atatgggaat tgataaaggt aaattccctt taaaaaaaca     24360
     atggataggt acgtaatggt agtcattaaa aacaccttca acattattta tatgtacaag     24420
     gtactcttta cgaaaagcca aacgttttaa acattctatt gctgtttttt gagataggat     24480
     cttgctctgt tgcccaggct gtggtgcagt gccatgatca tggctcactg taactctgaa     24540
     ctcatgagct ccagtgatcc tccgatttca gcctctcaaa taactgggac tataggcatg     24600
     tgccaccatg cccagccaat tttttttttt ttttttttta atctcgcttt gtggctcagg     24660
     ctggtcttca agtcctaggc tcaaatgatc cgcctgcctt ggcctcccaa agtgctagga     24720
     ttaccaggca tgagccactg cacccagact cagctatttt ttcactaagg cagcatgcct     24780
     catatgccaa tcaaatatgg aggggtctgt caatacattt cactcatact ttttggggaa     24840
     agtaaagatc taattaagag aaaagatcaa ggtacaaaag tagataaaat atgatcaagt     24900
     ttgtatagac ggttgagaaa tgaacccaga gtggggaaac acacccacta ttagatataa     24960
     taaatatttt tctggaatat tcatattttt taaccatgtt gatgtattac ttttgctaaa     25020
     aagctacaca ttttaaaata aatagaaaaa tgggacaaga cggtgcagaa tacattactt     25080
     ttaacataag gaattttaaa ttaatattct tttaggaggc aataaagtga agagaaagtc     25140
     tggtacacct tcaagaaatt attatttatt tatttatttg agacagagtc tcactctgtt     25200
     gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gtgcgatctc ggctcactgg aagctctgcc tcccgggttc     25260
     acgccattct cctgcctcag cctcccgagt aactgggact acaggcgccc gccaccacgc     25320
     ccggctaatt tttttgaatt ttaatagaga cagggtttca ccgtgttagc caggatgatc     25380
     ttgatctcct gacctcatga tccgcctgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc     25440
     atgagccacc atgcccggcc acctttaaga aatttttaag atacaggctc aagataaaaa     25500
     gaaagctctt tctgtttctt aacatgccaa gtaaaattta cctatatagg ccaactttct     25560
     acatttcctt ctgaatttct caatttttct agaagatgat gcgaacttcg tttacagtaa     25620
     cttaaaacag attattttaa gttaaataga ctgtttttaa gaatacttta attttcaaat     25680
     ggtgcttttc aaattgtttt tgaaaaaatt taatggcttc ttggtactca tcaaatgctg     25740
     ataaaatata ttatttcaat atataagcaa tatagaatta tatttgtgtg gaatattaca     25800
     attcacaaac catgttcaaa tactgtttca ttacatttta aattttaatt ataggaatca     25860
     gaaataagca atagcagcat ggatttctga agtactgttg aataaaatct gtaagtctat     25920
     ttatgttttg aattagtaat aaatttaaag ttataaagta gtactggata gatatttact     25980
     ttgggacaaa tttttccaaa ggtaaacata ttcattctga tgatacattt ttaaccttga     26040
     gaaaaagcaa aaagcaaagt gaggtgatat taaagttaaa gctatatgta catgtacctg     26100
     atctttccag ctgtcttatc tatagattgt cttatcttct tagagaactg aaagacggat     26160
     gacagcagca gattatctcc catgacctga aacagccaaa gaaaaaagta gatattaaaa     26220
     tattacccct gtattgtata actactgaga tcactagtca caagtcacta tagttagggg     26280
     cagttagtat ttatgcttat tttaattata aaccagtgaa gaatataatt aatatgtaac     26340
     taaaatgaga aagtgaaaga aacactatta acaaaggagt tcttattatt aaataacttg     26400
     tcaaagtttc cgtattattt tggtcatatc agtttccaaa cacaatccat tttatcctca     26460
     gtttatcttc aattaatatt gtgatcctgt ctctcttact tccaactgaa ttataaaaga     26520
     gaagatacaa ataacttaga gtactaaatt tattatttat tctttcacca agtaatgtga     26580
     atacagaaat caagaagagt acaattcttg ttctccagca aagagtctag tgggaaagat     26640
     acattttgaa aaatttacgc aaaatagtaa gtttttatac tgggtgttgg tattactcca     26700
     gttgagatgc gtgggcaaaa ccaggggtca ccaatctctg taaagagcca gagggtgaag     26760
     gttttggtct ttgagggaca cagggtctaa gtaatgtgaa tacagaaatc aagaagagta     26820
     caatccttgt tctccagcaa agagtctagt gggaaacaca cattttgaaa aatttacaca     26880
     aaatagtaag tttttgtact gagtgttggt attaccccag ttgagatgca tgggcaaaac     26940
     caggggtcac caacctctgt aaagagccag agggtgaagg ttttagtctt tgagggacat     27000
     agggtctctg ccacaattcc tcaactctgc ctttgcagag tgaaagcagc cataaataat     27060
     gagcaaatta tgcatgtgga catagccgtg ttgtaacaaa acttttacaa aacaagtgac     27120
     aggttggatt tggcctatgg gctgaagttt gccaagccct aggccaaatc atgaaaggca     27180
     aagctaacga agcatggtag aaaaaggtca aaacttgagt ctagctgtgg gtttcaaaat     27240
     gaactcctta tattgtcagt actatatcca gagcctgaaa gaaaacagaa aataaggccc     27300
     tagaaggcaa aaaggtttaa agaccactgg gagaggtgac ggtaatatac agggaatacg     27360
     attacatgtt ttatcataaa gcctaaggcc tacaaaacaa gagacgttca cataaatttt     27420
     gggactcagt gctgcaagaa ttctaatgag gccgggcgca gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc     27480
     cagcactttg ggaggctggg gtgggtggat cacgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcctgg     27540
     ccaacatggt gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttagcggggc gtgctggtgc     27600
     gtgcctgtag tcccagctac tcgggaggct aaggcagggg aattgcttga acctgggagg     27660
     cagaggttgc agtgggcgga gatagcacca ctgccctccg gcctggtgac aaagcgagac     27720
     tccctctcaa aattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaattctaa tgaaagagag ttcattgatg     27780
     agtggcataa ataaggaagt gatcatggaa aaacgtgaac taacttcaga atgacaagga     27840
     tttgaattta gtgggtaata aaagtttatt taggttgtga aaaataacat tgtcaaggaa     27900
     aggataaata agcaaaatgg tttttgtggg ccttaagaaa acaatcaaat aaggatggaa     27960
     gacatataca aattaggaag gcatgagaaa gggcaggaga gtctaaggaa acattgcaac     28020
     acagaatagg atatttctct tttctttgct catgaagttt agtttgttgt cacaaagtat     28080
     taaataaatt cctgatatca accttgagat aactatcaat ctagatgttt ccattctctt     28140
     taaaaacata cacttcttcc acatagtttt ttattatgtt tggagaaatt tgtcttccta     28200
     gacatcggga cagaatgatt atgagtaagt ttagagaata ggctcttttc ctgataccaa     28260
     gaacaaatca actattaggc caggacagat caagtatgct gtaaaacgtt ttagtatact     28320
     tcagttgtaa ctttcgggct ggttgcatac ttttctacca ggtagatctt tttctactca     28380
     gtaccatgag aaacatacat attcttacat aataatctca agatcttatt cctaaatcca     28440
     gggatccaca gatattaatc tatgatcaat ctcttctggt caactgtttc tttctacatt     28500
     attcctctac ccagccctta agcctatacc acctctgtgt gttgttcata aatcacctct     28560
     ttccacagta gtatttgaaa taaccattct tttatgaaga aactccttta tatctttgag     28620
     ttttttatta ctctattatt gttcaatttg ggaatatacc agtttataca ttcacttttc     28680
     agctgatgta aacagtttcc aagtttttga tactgtcaac aatgttacta taaatgtaac     28740
     ttctactgtc aatgggaaag ggtttttctt gtacatatac tagcaagaaa attgctagat     28800
     catgtgatgt ctttattttc aactttagga gatagtgtca aactgttttc cagagctgcg     28860
     gcaccaactt aacctccacc aaccacacat aagaaagcct atgtagctac ctttcctcca     28920
     atacttaaca ttttaagact ttaacatgtc aacaattgaa tgattataat ctcactgtag     28980
     tcttgacatg cgtttctctg aatgcttgtt aagttaaact tctcttcatg ttttgtaggc     29040
     cttaagtatt ttctttttct tttttttttt ttggagacag agtctcactc tgtcacccag     29100
     gctggagtgc agtggtgtgg gttcagctca ctgcaacctc tgcctcccgg gttcaagtga     29160
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggc acatgccacc acgcccggct     29220
     aattttctta tttgtagtag agacggagtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg gtctgaaact     29280
     cctgacctca ggtgatctgc ccgcctcggt attttctctt tggtgaaatg ttgttcacgt     29340
     ctttgcagat ttttctattg tgttttttaa ttgattggag ggagtttttt atatatactg     29400
     tatactaatc cttcataggc tgtatgtttt gcaaaagttt gtaacttgta tttctacctt     29460
     ctttattttt taataaagaa aaagtcctta attttaatat actcaaatgt ctcaattttc     29520
     taaggccaaa agtttgtgtt tctcttaaga aatcactccc tagtacaata ttgaaagata     29580
     tttgtctgta ttttttaagt aaaagtttta cagtttttca tgcattaaga actaaattca     29640
     tttagagaat gaatttaaga actaaattca tattcatgaa cttaaatgag aaaaaacaat     29700
     tacagtatta tttttgctaa cctctaagtg acataattat ttgtatatga tgtgatgtca     29760
     tggtgaaatt tcattgcatt cattaaggag aatcactttt tccccagccc tactcactga     29820
     atggttcctc cttttcttac ttatggaata tgctgcttct gccacatgtt aaaatttata     29880
     gtttacttac ttcatccctg ctccaggttc tccgccttgt aattgttaag tgatcgggag     29940
     gctctgctgc ttgaggtctt ggatcaccag atcgaccgtt gtttccttct ggtgttttgg     30000
     aatgaactaa tggaggaatc tttcggaagt tgaggctttc atcaaaaaca cgatcaacca     30060
     actaatggga cgaaagcaaa cctttatgag aacacagtaa tttgaaaaag taccaatatt     30120
     ggcattacaa tttttatgat tagacagaag ttattccatt ctcaagtagt aacagaggca     30180
     caacatcttc aataaaccaa ttactctttc tttttataag cacttcaaat gtatttcctt     30240
     tataaaatcg agattcatct acacaggttt tattttcaaa atccaaaata tataactatg     30300
     ttaaatttaa ttcttccatg gataagattt tctccaaatg gaaaacagat ggtaaataga     30360
     aaaaaagctg agccatgtag atggacaatg agttcatttt actcacattg ccttaccagt     30420
     gtaaaataat gtttcttttt cttttagttt cctatcttgt tttttcctcc ccaaatccag     30480
     gtgtcaaatt tcttcacaag atacataaat tgcaaattcc aattaagttt acaaaaggaa     30540
     aatatttttt aatccacaaa ataaatattt tgatcttagt caaataaact tttaacaatg     30600
     ctatagaagt tacacattct aatagaaatg atatactgcc atctatagtg caaatcacag     30660
     acatacaata ctaagtaact cgggtttact gaagagggac tcaacctagt acaatattct     30720
     gaaataaaac aaaaagaaaa taaagtttat tcaatgaaat gtttaagtaa ttttactggg     30780
     tctgagtgaa tgtataatca tgttaggtaa aatttagtta gaaagctgag aaaataatat     30840
     cttcaacatt ttaaatgtac cagaagaatt gtgtatgtct tgccaccagg acgatcctta     30900
     aggttttcat caataaggat gatttcattt acagttacat ttgatcaatg tggtaacaaa     30960
     actctacaca gattgatgaa gtatcattta ttaagttaaa caacacattg aaggaaaaca     31020
     aacaaaaaag tgaccattaa agaatcagat taaagaatgt gacaaaaagc aaatgaagaa     31080
     aatattatta gcacagttta ccacaattaa atttgtcaaa aaggctagcc atttttgcct     31140
     actatttagg attatcttgt aaaattgaag aagcagaata atcaatacca ggggctggca     31200
     aacttttatt tataaagaga cagataataa aacctcaggc tttgcagcca tacaatctct     31260
     gtctcaacta ctcagttctg cccctgtagc aaagaaacag ccatagatga tagttaaata     31320
     agtgtggctg tgttctaata aaactttatt tatgaatacc aaaatttgaa tttcatgtaa     31380
     ttttcatgtt gcgaattagt attctttaga tgttttttcc tgccattcaa aaatgtaaaa     31440
     accattccta gttctttggt ctgtattaaa actggcagca aggccagttt gccaacctcc     31500
     aaacacagaa gttcattctt ttaaatgcca atcctttgct tacatttctg ccccaaatca     31560
     aagcagccaa catggccaaa gagtaccatt aattttgtat tacatgttaa aggtgctgtc     31620
     tggagcaatg ttatgcaaat ggtgcctcct ggagttatac tgtaagaggc cctgatattg     31680
     gatgggtaat agtctataca tggtaacttg cattccagac tttatgaaaa tgttctgaat     31740
     atgtatttat atgtgtgtat attacatatg tatttcaatt tttcaaaata tctttatgtg     31800
     tatgtgtttg tatttatcaa cagaattatt aaagcagtga aactgtagga tttttctctt     31860
     tgttatcaga gtatcttcta gttaactagt gataaaaata tttttaattg gagcattttc     31920
     atagtcaaac tttatagaaa ctttatacca tcatttatca aattttgggt tgcttttcaa     31980
     aataccattt atattcatgt ttcaagtgaa gctatggacc aagaattagc aggcaaaatg     32040
     ctgtttctaa agaattttcc agcttcgtgt taatagtaga ccaaatgtta gccttcacta     32100
     gttttgttac aaaaacataa aataaactgt taaagcaaag ttggaaaatg cagagcttca     32160
     tgcaaacagg gagggtggac ataactgaaa taaactaagc aaaaagctaa aagcaaaaga     32220
     aataaagaaa agaaagaacc ttatgcattt ctccatgaag atctcctacc tcttctctag     32280
     tgtctatggc agagccaggg gtggtggcag cagtgcttac tgtggtacta ggggcagtgc     32340
     ctgatgaagt cactgaatct atctctcctg ctacatcgtt gatctcccga gcaatgagag     32400
     caagatcttg gctgatcctg gtaataattt tagaaaagaa gtttaatccc ttttaaataa     32460
     acagctctaa aaacaatcat ttatgagata atcagtcatg taagttgtat atctaattaa     32520
     atatttgtac cccaaattaa ctattaacta ttttgataat cagtcttaaa ccttaattcc     32580
     aaaattaaga ttaatgaaac taaactccaa ataacctaca agatatcacc ttgaaaaatg     32640
     tactttaaaa gcccttgagt agagctatgc ccttaacaca cactatgtta atgactagca     32700
     ttaatacatc acaggggtct taaacttggg gaataatgga tagaattcaa gcagttcatg     32760
     aacttaaatg agaaaaaaca attacaatgt attcactaac ctctaagtga cgcttagcat     32820
     ttctttcaat tataaataca ggcaacaaat cacagtggta ttagcaatac tggtgatttt     32880
     tgtcatcaat agagatcaca ttacagttgc tacgggtata tttaaacatc atttatggtc     32940
     atcactgctt caaaactact gaagtcatta aacacacaat aataacattt tatttaatgt     33000
     taataaagaa ccataaatta ctcttacttt caaatatttt gataactgaa tttcaatata     33060
     attggatttc tttgtaattc ttttatgttt acacctgaga agggccctac aagcttcaca     33120
     aaatggccaa aggggtctac agtaccaaga aattaagaac cctgcactct ttcgtagagc     33180
     actttacact atgcacagca ctttctagta catgttatgt cacttgaggc ccacaaagtt     33240
     cttttgaggt aggattcatc tgactttatc acaatctcag agaacctgaa tggcttgctc     33300
     atgatcacac ctttagatgt agctaaggca ggactggatc caagctttag tactcatttc     33360
     cataaagcca tttgcatttt tacctacatg gactgaagaa ctaaataact gttacctgtg     33420
     ataatcaaag gtgaaaatag agatttttct tttagagttt tttttaagag ggacaaactt     33480
     acaaaaccta ccactgatat tcttgttttt tgagaaacat ttcatttcaa taagacatta     33540
     acgttttcca agctgcatct actgcccata aactcaatgt ggctatttcc acagggaagg     33600
     ttttggaatg acagaatatt attaaaagta tatatgaaag tttctgcaac ttcaaaatcc     33660
     aaaggaaata caaagtaact taaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaaa agagcctagg aggtctggtt     33720
     atattgccca ggctggtctc gaactcctga gttcaagcaa tcctccgact cagcctccca     33780
     aatagctaag attacagaca catgcctggc ttaaagtaac attttttaaa cttatgcaaa     33840
     atgtgagttt gaaagacttt caagcacatt agtaattaca taaaaattta gatttaaaaa     33900
     gggaactaag ttgaagttta tggaccaaca gaaccaattt atggtcaata tataaacttt     33960
     gtaaaaacgt cagttaattc ctcatttatt tatcaacaca aagaggcagg aaaaacacca     34020
     acaaatattt actgattgct tatgatgtgc caggcactgt gctaagtcct aaagactaca     34080
     gcaatgaaga agcagacagg gtccttgtcc ccatgaagct tagaatacac agaaggcacc     34140
     attataatat gatgagtaca ttataaagca gcttcatagt cctcaactca tttaattccc     34200
     acaaccactc tgtaagagaa gtattaatca tcttgttcta cagatgagga aaatgaggca     34260
     caggagaaga catgcgacca tttttttggc caaggtcaca catagttaag tgccataact     34320
     agatcttttc actatgtcat gctacatctc acatgattgc tccatatata attttttaaa     34380
     acatattaac tgttgatgtg attcttttga aatgtgttta aagtgttccc ttatataata     34440
     tagcaaatcc ttgcaattcc ccaaaataaa tgaactagaa taagaaacag aataaccaag     34500
     cttaatgaga taaaatacag ataagcatca ttgtatccaa aactctattt ttcattaagg     34560
     attttttatg cagacgatct gtacaatgaa gtttctaata tttgtggaaa acagtataaa     34620
     ttaattagaa aaaacatgga caacagcaat ctccacatgt gatatagtaa aatatgtatt     34680
     aaaatgagca attcttaacg tatatacaac atatattgtt gatttgaaaa cctaatagat     34740
     attttcacat ttaattccat tttattacaa aatatggata agaaaatagt gctgaaggaa     34800
     caaaacagaa gggttcagtt ctctagcatt agtcctagtc tttatgtttt cccaagtgtc     34860
     agaaccactg actcaatttc aacaattctg tagaaataag tatgcattat ttaagaaaaa     34920
     atggtgagat aacatgagaa atgtacttta agtcataaag tttataattt tcctatgtaa     34980
     attatctcag tcataacact tttttttcac tgaagggttg tatactggaa aaaataattg     35040
     tacatttggg tatattggaa gattaaagga tatattaaaa attagagttc tagttatgtg     35100
     tatacccaat taaacacaca atctttgcaa gattatatat tattacaact atagtagaaa     35160
     caaactatca gacttcattg atttaaactg ccaacaaaac attgttttaa attagctatt     35220
     taaaaatttg ccttattatt attttttgag gtggactctc actctgttgc caggttggag     35280
     tgcagtggtg caatctcagc tcactgcaac ctctgcctcc tggattcaag tgattctcct     35340
     gcctcagact accgagtagc caggattaca ggcgtgcacc accacgcccg gctaattttg     35400
     gtatttttag tagcaatgag gtttcaccat gttggccagg atggtctcga tctcttgacc     35460
     ttgtgatccg cccgccttgg tctcccaaag agctgggatt acaggcgtga gccactacgc     35520
     ccagccaaaa atttgcccta ttttttaata gcacattcat tttcaaacgt ttttacatgt     35580
     aaaactttcc agaggataca cacatgaacc tctggaatta agtttccttt gatattactg     35640
     gaaaaaagca actggtgggc tattaatgaa gtatactagc tttagaatcc taaaaccaaa     35700
     gcttatgacc gcaagtcaaa cctcctgtta ctttaacatg ggctaagaga tcataactgt     35760
     aatgactcag ctttcaagaa ataatttagt ctagtttgta aatgaccaga agtgttaaaa     35820
     tgtaaaatga gtttaaggag agacatttaa gggtcattcc agaaaagctc atggtttcca     35880
     cactatctag aagagtttag taagcaaaaa aagttttgta agaggaaaga ggggatatca     35940
     aatgaaaggt actcaggaaa actggaaaaa gaaaatataa ggaaaaaaaa gtctaacgtc     36000
     aattattcta agtgaagtaa ttcaggaatg gaaaatcaaa caccacatgt tctcacttgt     36060
     aagtgggagc taagctgtga ggatgtaaag gtgtaagaat gatatgaatt agcttttaat     36120
     ccttgtataa attatgaact cgtttggaac acaggctctg tgttttaggt ttatttgcct     36180
     ccccaatggt gacaaatatg gtcagcgatt cataaaaaag tatgatttat aataggatgc     36240
     accagggaga cttttaatct gaacagaggt cacgggaatg agattcgcga agaacgcaga     36300
     agagattagc gacccctctc cttcccaatt ccttctaatg gtataaaagc cagtcagcca     36360
     aataatgaag agccatatta tttttaaaga gtcaaggatc ctgtatcagg ccccaaaatt     36420
     tcaaaggcag gtataaagta aaaattcata agcatgtggc taaaaaatgt tttttatttc     36480
     catgggtaaa aacaaatttt gtttcattaa gtatttggtt tagcttgtat ttttccttct     36540
     aagtgattac tcactcatgc tctcccctgc acctcaaata gaacaagtat agtggttcaa     36600
     ggtttacaag gcatgggaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaccccga gatattagca aattaacttc     36660
     acttcattta aaattctcat tgcttataca atgcaggaaa aagtacactt gtaagagacc     36720
     ctatactagc acacagaggc ggtaagaagt caagttaaaa agtacacgaa tgcaggcacc     36780
     aacgggactt atataacagc acatgtaagg tttttacttt gtgcatgagc aaaaagttct     36840
     agatgttccc taaccagtga agaccaattg tgaatccccc ctaaccagta aagaccaatt     36900
     gtgaatcccc cctaaccagt aaagaccaat tgtgaatccc ccatctagag gcactccaga     36960
     tggaatgctc agtatcattg gctacgaagc atgaatgctt agcaaagtca aatacatact     37020
     tggaaatgct atctccaaat aaaagacagt attcttatta ctacactgcc tacaaataaa     37080
     aatacagtat ttttattagt atataaaaaa gtacccagat gtggctttaa tgtgataagg     37140
     ctataatttt aaaaaatgta catgccttgt aaatacttgt aactacattt tcccctgaag     37200
     ccttttcctg gttttggccc attattcaag attatttttc tcagctgtta aaagcaatga     37260
     acataaccac atttatgcta ttctgccact taactggata tcttctttct tttttattag     37320
     acagcacata attttaatac agcctttggc ttgttgtgaa gccacatctc atcttcagtt     37380
     cttcttgaca tgcctttcat acagatgtgt taccactgta aacagctcaa gcagatctta     37440
     agaaattcac ttaaggtttc ctagaaatgt gattcacatg agttctgtat cttaaaccat     37500
     gactttcaaa atgaggtaaa atattgtata atgaaatcaa catatgcagg tgtgaatata     37560
     aacaagcaat actgacttcc atatatggat ccttgaaatg tttcattact ggatgactgt     37620
     atcttataca gtgaataatg ctattatgat aaaacagaaa tacaatttct cacatcctaa     37680
     tttttttccc aaaaaaatta actgtagcta ggtaaaaatg gggctaagac aaggaacttc     37740
     tacgtaaaaa tttttagagt ttgacttaaa aattttcaat ttggaatctt aagcatttaa     37800
     actattcagg gcctactgat aacgagctag gtatctttta aaaaacaaaa gaggctgggc     37860
     acagtggctc acgcctgtaa tctcagcact ttgggaggct gaggcaggtg gatcacttga     37920
     ggtcaggagt tcaagaatag tctggccaac atggtgaaac cctgtctcta cttttacaaa     37980
     aaattagcca ggcatggtgg catgcgcctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag     38040
     gagaatcctt tgaacttggg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc cgagatcatg ccactatact     38100
     ccagcctggg caacagaatg tgagactctg tctcaaaaaa aatccaacaa aacaacaaca     38160
     acaaaaaaca aaggagacat agacaaattt gggaagactc taggcatcat ttattcaaca     38220
     aaatttattt ggtatcagta tcagctgggc gcggtggctc atgcctgtaa tcctagcact     38280
     ttgggaggcc gaggtgggcg gatcacctga gctcaggagt ttgagaccag cctggccaac     38340
     atggtgaaac cccatctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaaaatt agcaaggcat ggtggtgtac     38400
     acccgtaatc ccagctactc aggacgctga ggcacaagaa ttgcttgaac ctgggaggca     38460
     gaggttgcag tgagctgaga tcgcgccact acacttcagc ctgggtgaca gtgagactct     38520
     gtctcaaaat aaaataacat aattttaaaa atttatttag tatttacaaa gcaatagtta     38580
     tgaatgattc catgatctca cagtacaata aagaataaga agtccaggca agaggctcaa     38640
     agtttaattc atgtattgat taactcatat atttgactta cataccaact ataaagaagg     38700
     ttcacaaaaa aaagtttcct aatgataagg aaagatcttt ctcttccatc agtggaaact     38760
     gtcagttaat ttgttagatg ttagtggcat tttgattcaa taatagaaga ccttaatgaa     38820
     aaaaatttgg caaaccccat tctttatgca acaaaagtat ggagaactgg gaaagagtta     38880
     cactgagcca caaaagattt aggatgggat aataatgagt tgaaattgga ggtttctttt     38940
     gggcagcaag agcaatttaa tgagtggcct gattagaaaa gcagtttgaa taaagtacat     39000
     ggagtctact tctagccatc aaaagagata gagatttaat ttttttaaag gcacctccca     39060
     ttattgtgaa tgaaatgttt atcgctacag ataagttaca tttggtaaaa tgtagaaaga     39120
     ttctagtctc gaaactagac tgatgaatat gcttcagata agcagaggca gtcacaaata     39180
     aagatgtaat taagaggata actttaaagg ttttagcaaa cctatgctat ctccaccaga     39240
     gacaaaatcg gcaggttaaa agaagatggt ctgacgccat ctgacagcaa agtatttact     39300
     caataaacaa gacctgagat agccagagta tttttagaga cttaggtaca gactatgagg     39360
     aaggaataat gaagttctag gaaatgtgga aaactacaga gaaactgaag aatcactgtc     39420
     atctgaacct gtgggcaggt ggtttatttc cctactcttg ctgtttggat ctgacctagc     39480
     ccaacaaaat aacagggcct agacttgaga tattatcaat ccacaaatga tgtcttcaaa     39540
     ctgacttggc agatatgcct tattgcttga ttagggtagt ttttatatcc ataatatttt     39600
     ctccaaaaca aaaaacattt tggtattatc aaagctcacc tccaattaca acccaaaatg     39660
     tagtatatcc ttcaattata ttataattga agacttgtta gctgaattgc aatacacaga     39720
     aaagcattat attaccttac agacaataag aaaacccaca ccattgaatt ctgacaacta     39780
     aattaaattg gttcctacca acaaaacaat aaaagcacaa agcttttaat aatgtagtaa     39840
     aattacaagt aatttggttt tttactgtta agattatcac tcattcataa ctttaactgt     39900
     acatatttta ggctttgaaa aacataaacc acagttctat tttaaaatgt tttcaaatat     39960
     atttgatcag tattcttttt acttgaattt cactaataaa attatgtgta aaagacttag     40020
     taataataaa agctttttgt cttacaatgc caagtgagtt tcatttgggg ccaacaaatc     40080
     agggaacgag actgataggt gttccgtgat acatctattt tttagacaga atctcgctct     40140
     gtcaccctgg ctggagtgca gtggcgtgat ctcggctcac tgcaacctcc gcttcccaag     40200
     tttcaacgat tctcctgcct cagccacccg agtagctggg attacaggtg catgccatca     40260
     cacccggcta atttttgtat ttttagtaga gatggggttt caccatgttg cccaggctgg     40320
     tctccaactc ctgacctcag gtgatccgcc tgccttggcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaca     40380
     ggcgtgagcc accccgccca gctgacacag ctatttaacg atcactttaa tattaaaaaa     40440
     caaactactt atataccact gtttttacta ggaggacaaa aaatttttta ataaataagt     40500
     ttggacggaa atttgaacaa agcattggct gggattctta agcacaaata aggtaagccc     40560
     agcattttat aaactgtaga atgtaatgct gattctgaaa ttccaattat atctggattc     40620
     tcataaattt aaacgtgtga gatctacaca aaattaaaag ctccaaataa agttctaact     40680
     ataatcataa accacggttt tctctgtatc cctcttaaat ataacattta ttgactactg     40740
     actatatgtc aagcactagg ttaagtatgt gcatcaactt gtcgactctc tcaggttggc     40800
     accattacgt ccattttacc gatgagatca ctagaacaca tttaattaac tcatcctagg     40860
     tcacacagac cttgtggtcg agttgggttt gaatctcaga ccaagaatat ggtctgagtc     40920
     cagagtccat attcttcacc attcagctac accacatccc tgtcactgag gttatctcag     40980
     agttcagccg catttgcagc tccctcacca ttccgtggtg ataccatcta ctacaatagc     41040
     tccaagtatt tactctttac gaatgactac aacgatgagt ctagccctca cggcttcctg     41100
     tttcacagcc gcagttcaac tgtctgctag cttttttcac agggctatcc tttaggcatg     41160
     ttggtgtcag tatgaccaaa atacaaccta tcttcttttc ccatgccttt tgtgttccct     41220
     actcccacca atctcccatc tgatcaacca tggaaccatt ttaaattctg tcttactatt     41280
     ctggcaatca tcaaaagcta ggcctcttgt gccatacagc caagttgtga atgcaaagga     41340
     aaagttcttg aagtaaatta aaagtgctac tctagtgaac acaggaatga taagaaagca     41400
     aaacagccta atgctgatat ggacaaggtc tgagtggtct ggatagaaga tcaaaccagc     41460
     cacaacattc ccttaagcca aactaatcca gagcaaaatc tgaactctct tcaattctgt     41520
     gaatgctgac agaggtgagg aaactgcaga agaaaagttt gcagaggttg gttcatgagg     41580
     cttaaggaac gaaaccatcc ccctaacatg aaagtgcaca gagaagcagc aagtgctgat     41640
     atagaagctg tagcaactta tccagaagat ctagctaaga taattgatta agatggttat     41700
     aataacaact gattttcaat gttgataaaa cagccttcta ttggaagaag atgccatcta     41760
     ggactttcag agccagagag aaggcaatgc ccagcttcaa agcttcaaag gacaggctga     41820
     ctctcttgtt aggggttaat gtagctggtg actttatgtt ggaagccaat gctcattttc     41880
     cattccaaaa gtcatagggc ccttaagaat tatgctaaat ctactctgct tgtgctctac     41940
     aaatggaaca ataaagcctg gattatggca tatttacagt gtggtttact aaatatttta     42000
     agaccactgt agagacatac tgctcagaaa aaaatgatta tttgcaaaat attactgctc     42060
     atggacaatg tacctggtta cctaagagct ctgatggaga tgtacacggt gattaatgtt     42120
     gctttcatac ctgctaacat ccattctgca gcccatggat caaggagcca ttttgatttt     42180
     tttttttttt tttgagacgg agtctcgctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcgcca     42240
     tctcgggtca ctgcaagctc cgcctcctgg gttcacgcca ttctcttgcc tcagcctcca     42300
     gggtagctga gactacaggc gcccgccacc acgcccggct aattttttgt atttttagta     42360
     gagatggggt ttcaccacgt tagccaagat cgtctcaatc tcctgacctc gtgatccacc     42420
     cgcctcaacc tcccaaagtg ctgggattcc aggcgtgagc caccgcgccc agccattttt     42480
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagata gagtctcgct ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg     42540
     cagcggcaca atctcggctc actgcaacct ctgcctcccg gattcaaaca attctcctgc     42600
     ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg ggactacagg cacgtaccac catgcccagc taattttttc     42660
     tatttctagt agagacgggg tttcaccgtg ttagccagga tggtctctat ctcctgacct     42720
     cgtgatctgc ctgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcgtgaa ccaccgtgcc     42780
     tggcccgttt tgtcttctaa gcagaaaatg tattccttta tttaagaaat aacattttgc     42840
     aagacatagc tgtcataggt aatgattcct ctaatagatc tggacaaagt aaactgaaaa     42900
     tcttttggaa aggattcacc attctacatg ccattaagga cttctgtgat tcatggagga     42960
     ggtaaaaata tcaagattaa ccggagtttg gaagaaactg attccaaccc tcatggatga     43020
     ctttgagggt tcaagacttc agtggaggaa gtcactgcag atatggtgga aacagaaaca     43080
     gaactagaaa gactagagtt agaagtgaag cctgaatatg ggactggatt gctgcaatct     43140
     cgtgataaaa cattaacaga tgagaagttg cttcttatgg atgggaaaag aaagtggtat     43200
     cttgcaatag aatctactgg tgaagctgtt gtgagcactg ttgagatgac aacaaaggat     43260
     tcagaatatt acataaactc agtcgataag ccagcggcag ggtctgggag gactgactgc     43320
     agttttgaaa gaagttctac tctgggtaaa atgctatcaa acagcatcac attgctacaa     43380
     ggaaatcttt catgaaagga agagtcaatc aacgtggcag acttcactgt tgtcttcttt     43440
     taattaagaa atcgccacag tcatcccagc cttcagcaac cactgccctt gaataagtcc     43500
     acagtcatca gcagggatgt aagaccctat gccaacaaaa agctgatgac ttactgaagg     43560
     ctcagatgat cactactgtt ttttactaat aaaatattta cttgtttagg tatatacttt     43620
     ttttaagaag cagtgttact gcacacagta tagtgtgaac ataattttta catgcactag     43680
     gaaaaaaaaa ctgtgtgact tgctttgaga tatttgcctt actatagcgg tctgaaacca     43740
     aacctgtact atcttcgagg tgttactgta gataatcttc cagtataatt tttaggttga     43800
     atgtatttca tttggttatc tgtaaagctg gtattgtagc tctgtttacc ctaatattca     43860
     taaaaacctg catcatgtct tacattccta ctcgatggaa gtcaatatct gttttcataa     43920
     cagagaaact gaggcaggag ctaccaaagc atatgcatca gggatacctg aaagaaacct     43980
     tccctcatca aactgaagac caaatatgcc atatctcgct tatacacttc atattctaaa     44040
     tggagcttgc ttttgtgctt taaatttaaa tgcaggtaaa cagttactat gtacagatta     44100
     acaaagtgct gatcaagtga aatagtccta aattctaaac agaaagagta tgctaaagca     44160
     taaaacattt ttgtaataaa ttaaaaatca ctattatctt tttcaaataa aagtgtcttt     44220
     atctattact cttcaaatat tgctctcagc acaggagtct tttaggtgac agtagttcat     44280
     ttaaataaat aaaattattt ctcatattct acttagtttg tgattcatag ccatttgaaa     44340
     atacattttc tcaccctaag caaacttatc actgctctat agaaacatta aatatccaca     44400
     tttccttcca tattttgtat ctttccttcc ttccaccacc ctcctttttt ctccacataa     44460
     aacaaacaaa aaaaccactt ctctggcttt gagatatata gctagaaagt ataacttgaa     44520
     aaattaaaat cccaaaggca agttttatta gcatagtgct actgacaaac tagagggata     44580
     aggcatgaac atcactgtag gttaaatagc ctgttcttaa agtcctgcca tagataataa     44640
     aaagtacaca ttgataatag taacactatg cacatagcaa aatggaacca agtgaaaata     44700
     cagtgtatag cccttattcc ctcttctctt tgtattacaa ctgttttttt atttgggggt     44760
     agggaagtgt atttggctca gaagaaggtt tttagtcttt ctagtttggg gtagagggag     44820
     cttgagagag gaggcctcct gccaggaggc atctagacat acaggcacca ctggatcttg     44880
     tgtagctgga catctttttc aagggaaggg gaaaaatgat gagacaagag taagacctgt     44940
     tgttgctagc agcgcctgga agtacaaaaa aatgtgtcaa gatgctctca ctacaagcat     45000
     tttgttggcc cataatgatc catggatccc aaagtacata tatgcctttc ctctaactag     45060
     aacaactggc ttaaaatgct tcattaatta ctctcctaaa aagctatttg tatgataaag     45120
     caaaaatgtt ttaagcagca cgatgagatt agaaaggcat gttctctcca agaataaaag     45180
     cgatgacaag tgaatagtct ttaaaaataa aaaactaaac attacatcaa accaatgagc     45240
     cagaaaaaac acaattcaca gaagtcaatg aaataaagaa caaaaaagat gaacattaac     45300
     atagagtaaa agtttcttgt tttttaaaag catctatgaa atattatgta taaactcttt     45360
     aataatgtcc tcaagtatac aacttgaaga ttaaggtctt aaagacagaa gtaagcttag     45420
     tatgtataca gtgaaaatgt ttaggtaaca tatggtatac tgcagtaaaa tctaacatct     45480
     cacaaacttt aaacaaaaaa tccttatatt ttaactacta tagtatctgc ttgagtataa     45540
     tctctcttca aagttcagcc atagtaagtt attaatttcc ataagttatt aattaaaaat     45600
     catatctgca gcataaattt tttttgtaca taatctaaag gttactataa acagatttaa     45660
     tcttcaaaat agtcatattt tgttttactt actaaacggt tgaactgccc atacttaatg     45720
     agctcataaa gtatgagtga aaatctgctt accctaattc tctccagaga gcagtagcca     45780
     catctctaaa aggtatacta ttacatcttt ggaagtttaa aggaaagtaa tccataaatt     45840
     gcctgcagtt cttaattatg tagatctgat actgcctacc tttcaaagtt tcacttactt     45900
     atcaccatct ttaaaagaaa ttcttaaaaa gggagggggg gagacagaaa aggtcaaaat     45960
     aaattaattc tacaatatgt tagtggtata ggcatagaaa aaaaagaaaa aaagctggat     46020
     agagagtaat actactgact aaacggagtt cacagttatc tgtggatttc agttcttaga     46080
     ctattagtaa aaatcaagta caagctaaac tttgttacca agttgtaatg ttcatagaaa     46140
     ttttgaattc ttaaagataa gtcctgaaaa ccaacctggc tatctcttct cgatgagcag     46200
     tccaatctcg gatgtagtct tcctgctctt taatccggtg tttgaatgaa gaactagtag     46260
     gcattgctga tccagcgctc tgcaagcgag tggttttcag ggctggagaa gtacgtagac     46320
     gggtatgttt aggggaatta cggtttgatc caaattcatc ttctgaggtg gaagcataat     46380
     cagtaggaaa gcgcctccat cttgaattta ctaaattagt ttaattatta aaaaaagaat     46440
     tattatgtta tcatttaaag gaggtaaaat aaaagtcatg acttcaaaac accatgagag     46500
     cgcacacacg gcacaatttt caataactga cgtacacata cctcacaaaa accataagtc     46560
     tactactcct tagagataga aacattacac ttcggtgaat taaaaacaat gaagaatcaa     46620
     aaacaattgg aagaccatgt tttccatagt gtggtgagta aacattcaga tgaaaaattt     46680
     cgctaatgat aaacaactaa gcaagctcta tccatcgatg tttaactgga gtacttttca     46740
     attgcaaata tttcttactt gagtgaaaat atgaattttt caaaaaaaaa aagacagtaa     46800
     caacatcaac gacaacaaaa ataaaaacaa gggaaaagat ttcctcatgc cacatggact     46860
     ttcaacatgg agatggtaaa aactctcttt tcccaacata cagatgtgca taattccggc     46920
     tgtggaaatt atgcctttat ggcagaaaaa aaaacattac ctctgtcatt caacatcctg     46980
     ttacgctatg gttggaaaaa atctttttac gtggtaaaaa aacacaacaa agcatcttca     47040
     gtacaactct ctgctgcttt gacactgaaa gcatatggtg aaaatagaca atggcataaa     47100
     atctacaaaa agcaaaactg tacaagcttt tgtcacaacc attgacactg aaggcacagg     47160
     agatactgtg aagagtcaca ttaaagaaag tggcaatcac tttcttattt acagttagta     47220
     aagacattaa aaaatggtat tgctcacaca tttaaaaaat cagaagacaa ggcagacact     47280
     ttactactgt taatatgaga atcaaacata caaataattt gtgaagcata aatagaggta     47340
     aaaaagagag ataatggcta attcctggta aacctaacaa gggcaggaac catgtctgtt     47400
     taatccaata atgtatacct agcacttagc tgagtgttgg ctagcaaatg tttaacaaat     47460
     atttttgaaa aaaatgtaag aattcctgga tgtaaacatt tacttttccg aaacctagtg     47520
     aaaagcatta aatgttattg gtgtttaaag tgaaaaaacc ttagcatctt cttccttttt     47580
     aatagaaact gaccctaagc tgcacagaat ccagaaattc ctccactcta attttatgcc     47640
     ttttatgtct tttcctccaa aaactacatt ttcagctggg gatctctaag gctgaggttg     47700
     ctctcagata aaactggcat atattgccac cagaactggc ttaagaaaca gagaactcta     47760
     caacgaggaa tatgccataa attagagcct atcgattcgt ccttattcac acccctattt     47820
     acagatcctg atgtttggaa ctagattcat tcataggtat gacagaatga acatatgcag     47880
     aaagttcatg gctctctgta aaagtgtatg caaatgcata tactaggtaa ttagtcatag     47940
     accttttttg aggagcttaa atataatttc tgattttaac actgtaagat aatttattaa     48000
     catagataat acttttacca tggtgataat gtgctcattt ctagataaaa aaacttctgt     48060
     gagttgaagt gatcctgaga cttgaaacca attttaggaa aagtttagaa caagagtaaa     48120
     gaggtttaga aaaaaattaa gaaatacggc aggcaaaatc agaaatagtg taaacaaatt     48180
     tgtacgtttc aaaaaaacat ttcattaaat gctaaatgtg tgtttcttgt gctatcttac     48240
     aatagtgttc ataaataaga aaaaaatcat ttgttacatc aaatgttctg atttttgatg     48300
     aggcaactat ggtcactata catatgattg gaaactagag agaaaagaaa agcaattaac     48360
     aaagagcttt aataactgca gaacatatga aaacgtaagt atgataaaac tcagacagtt     48420
     aattttgagg taacttagaa agaatggcat cgatggctga tacatttcgt ggcagactac     48480
     atgaaagcag aaggagaaat tgagtaccaa gtgctattaa tatacgttaa atgtcaggtg     48540
     atcacatata agtagagcca tgctagaatc aacttttaat agtctgagct taggatcaaa     48600
     atgcaattac attttgagga aaaaagtacg agaaaaactt ccttttcaca aactttccat     48660
     ctcttttcat aggctggtct acctagaagt cagtaagaat agtaaagcta ctaataatat     48720
     cttttaaaag caatcagggg ccgggcacag tggctaacta acgcctgtaa tcccagcact     48780
     ttgggaggct gaggtgggag gatcacaagg tcaagagatc gggaccctcc tggccaacat     48840
     ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagcca ggcgtggtag ggcgcgcctg     48900
     taatcccagc tactcgggag gctaagagag gagaattacg tgaaccctgg agtcggaggg     48960
     tgcagtgagc tgagatcgca ccactgcact gtggcctggt gacagagcca gactccatct     49020
     caaaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aaagaaaaaa atcaaacgaa tacagcatat tttaaaaagt     49080
     aaaaggtaac atctttaggt atgttcttta aaattgagga ggaaactgga taatcagcat     49140
     acagcagaga aataaaaatg tgattaaaaa tcattaagta attaagagct ccctttgcca     49200
     gtggaaaaca tatcacacat gggatgctat gaagaaaagc tccagttaac tctggacaca     49260
     gtctgcgtaa cgacaaagag cagagctgag actgagtgaa atgatggcta ctggtggaga     49320
     agggactggg aaagggagtt caatgctagg ccctctaacc tgttatttct caaagaattt     49380
     atttcaaaac tttctttctt aacatttgct tccaaactat agcagctacc taaccttttt     49440
     tcttctaaag aaaattccct atcacctgct aattaacacc aaataaactt caagttaaaa     49500
     tattttaaat ttccccccat ctacttattt cataaaattt tagaagaatg gcctttgaca     49560
     tgagtctaaa ttcttccatt taaagagaag aaacaggccc agagaggtct taccttgctg     49620
     aaatcaaagt ataagccagg tctatggact cccagagttc aaaacgaatt ctctgttatt     49680
     ccaagtgttg tatacattct acatttttgt ttccggtttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     49740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttttgagatg gagtctccct ctgtcaccca ggctggaggg     49800
     caatggcgcc atcttggctc actgcaatct ccacctccca ggttcaagca attctcctgc     49860
     ctcagcctcc agagtagctg gaattacagg cacctgccac catgtctggc taatttttgt     49920
     agttttagta gagacggagt ttcaccatgt tggccaggct gatctcgaac tcctgacatc     49980
     aggtaaacca tctgcctcag cctcccaaag tcctaggatt atagtcatga gacgctgtgc     50040
     ccagccaagt tgttttaaaa agacatccta aatttctcat gtaatgatag tttttctgat     50100
     atctacctgt gttgaagaaa aaatttattt ctttctcttg aattttattc agcttaagta     50160
     acaatttata aaaataaatt tgattttctt aatatattat taggctcatt tgatgggttg     50220
     atattactaa ggcattggaa ggtgtctgaa atgcctatct ctaagagact tattcgttag     50280
     taaaggccta gacagcatat atattaaaat gaaagttcca agatgggctt gattaagctt     50340
     gtagctagag ctacagcatt cattacaaaa tttatttttt aattataaaa taggcaacat     50400
     tccctcttgt gttgtagtac taaactacta tattcactac aaaaacatac tatcatttat     50460
     gatgtctaga gacttaaaaa ggaaaaaaag agttgttagt atcatatttc tgtgaatgtt     50520
     ccaatttctt tgttggcatt aaaacataca actatagatt ttgcaaacac gcttcagaaa     50580
     acacacattg catcttcata caatatcaga atattttagt ggaaaattac cacaaacatg     50640
     ttttgaatgt atatttatga gcattcagca ataagatcag ctggggagaa aaactgctga     50700
     caatgctctg ttttgtcctt tgacctggag aaagagttaa ctcaagccat gcatgtctaa     50760
     catttaattt ctactgccta taaattttga agattagaat taaaaaggga ctgcaaacag     50820
     tctaaaaaaa ttctaaggat attaacataa tgtttttatt ttctaaaatg tgcacttaaa     50880
     acataatgaa aaccaagtgc tttattttga taattcaagg tctttaaatt taaatatatc     50940
     ttgccaaaat aaatctggat atttcagtta caacttgata tcaagaatca ctgaaggaga     51000
     ctgggcgcag tggttcatgc ctgtaatgcc agcactctgg gaggctgaca cgggaggaca     51060
     gaccagcctg cccaatatgg tgaagcctct cctctactaa aaatacaaaa attaggcggg     51120
     catggtggca cacgcctgta atcccagcta cttgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatcacttg     51180
     aatccaggag gcagaggttg cagtaagccg agattgtgcc attacactcc agcctgggca     51240
     acaagagcaa gagtccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaagaagc actgaaagaa tgttttgggg     51300
     aaaaaaaaac tagttaaact cctagaagca aattgcaaat tacatcagag aaacatacag     51360
     aactcttctc ttcatattgc taaatctgag atttccaatc ttctattttt atcacataca     51420
     tttctttaaa aaaaactttt ttttaatgga gacagggtct cacttgtcca aggctggaat     51480
     gcagtagtgt gatcacagct cactgcagcc ttgaactcct gggctcaagt aatcctctaa     51540
     ctttggcctc ccctaaaata ctgggattac aggcatgaaa cactgtgctg gcctaaaaat     51600
     attttagaga catcatctaa aatatggaat tggaaacatt atggaattat ttttacatat     51660
     ccaattggga caatatcaca agtgctaggt tcagattatt tccaaggtct ttaaagttta     51720
     tactgtgcac agcaacactg atcggcatga tttaacattc ttttaaatca tgtttcaaaa     51780
     gttaaaattt tgcttttctt tttccattca aaatattata attatcttaa aaagaaatgt     51840
     tataatatca aaggcaccaa attagcaaaa tcaaacaggt aggtttgttt gtttgaccac     51900
     cttttccata cagctattat agtatgttct cactgaagga aagatcctgg ccactgtcct     51960
     agataaggtc taatactata agtgggtatc ttgagagaat ctgaatatac aatcctagat     52020
     tacaatatgg ctttacactc ataaggtgga atagagaata taaactgggt aaaacatcag     52080
     aactgcaaag attttagtaa acaataccaa aacctttata ttgtatattg accttgcata     52140
     tactcctgat aataatccag tagattctag ctgtcttctg gaagcttgca tacaagtaaa     52200
     cactgaaact atttcttaga gctagaatag atacggtaga aaaacaggct ggggattaaa     52260
     agtctttgat tcttattctg cccctgccac tgccatgtgc ccagggcagg ttatttcctc     52320
     tcttggcctt ggttccctta agagaataac ccttctaact tttaaattcc atgattctaa     52380
     ttatttaata tactgctagt aagtatgaaa agactaaaat catatacatc aatgtgtcct     52440
     agggaatttc atacacaatt caaggttatt tttggacaca gaaaactgag tatttatcaa     52500
     gttctgtatt caaagaagca gaaaatgaaa tctgtcttta tatatagcat cttacagttg     52560
     tttcttagac ttgctgaagt aatcatattt agcttgcatc tcaagcctta tcctaaatat     52620
     cgaggaataa aaccacatca tgtgttaaga ggtactccaa gctatctggt aacatagaaa     52680
     ttatgttaag acaggaaaat acatacatat cttaatggag atgaggtgat aaaacaagga     52740
     gtacagcaga agaaatttca tcaggaaatg cagcacagat gaaatgtgaa ttgaagtaga     52800
     gccataacca aaaacagaat gaaaataaac caaaatgtag tagttagttt taaaatattt     52860
     ggcaataaat ttgtgaacca ccaaccaaag cttcaagtgt ggaaatgagg actggggtaa     52920
     taaggaaaat gttgtctatt ttttttggaa tcatgattat atgctatctg gcttcaccct     52980
     acgtccattt ctaccataga cagtgaccat cattaccaaa cccactgacc agcaaagaga     53040
     tacaggtgaa tggagtggag gaaagcagca gtgaaaagag gaagaaaagt gaaaaaagta     53100
     tcatatgcaa agtactgttc ctttagggtc ttgtaggaga tggtgtggta gatgtaaacc     53160
     aatcaaaaat aaaaagatga aatttcatat caacttcccc tccactctta actcaagact     53220
     tagggcttac ttagatgtct gcctactgaa aataatcaca catcttcatg tccgttgtaa     53280
     cagctggcct cccacactgg cctttgcagc cacgtccaca tatgaggctc attatgaagt     53340
     aatgagaaca tgcatatagg acacaaacaa atatccacct cattactctt tggtcacaca     53400
     tgtatctcaa tggcctcagc tctgaataca aagcacataa gcaaacaaat ataacagcat     53460
     cagttaaatt ctggtggaaa gtaagtagtt tttgtagtta ttatattcaa ttacacctaa     53520
     ttactagagt taaatgatat aacagcactt tgtgagataa tgctcataac cagttaaatt     53580
     tctacagccc agtttggcca atatacgctg agtgattccc catgaatcca tcttcttcca     53640
     ctgaaataaa ttaaggttag ttttcacctg ctccaactat aaacagattt aactttaaaa     53700
     agtataggta aagtatgtga gacatttcaa aatgggtagg gaaaaaaaag aaaacattga     53760
     ttatttcatt taactctgaa aggagtaata aagcatatac tgcttttctt caagttctta     53820
     agggctttga attatgtgag gatatttaaa ggttaaacac atgcttttag aagcacaatg     53880
     ttaattccta tactttaaac cagatacttc cagataattt aattttgaca cacacatcca     53940
     aatatagcac caactggaaa attaaaactc ctaaatcagc tcaatgaatt cctagttttg     54000
     aaatcactat tttgcgccag gactctaatt ggaagtatgt ataacttctg attttccatt     54060
     tactatgcta aataaaactg ttttatagac cccccaccgc cgctgccccg tatatcataa     54120
     cttttgtttt gaatgagtat cttgggaaga caactagaac cttacttttt tttttaaaaa     54180
     aaaaaaggag cccccaaata tacaacatgc taatgctatt agaaatctgg atccaattta     54240
     cctgaagcag agccatgagc tgaggtcata cttttgacct tggagtctga gagtcgagag     54300
     atactgttag ctctaattct aggagaaaat ttatctgatg gtactagtct ggctccactt     54360
     ctaatgatgg cttctgcggt cctcgaagag gcactacttc tagaaattgt tgcttcagag     54420
     tcactacgag ctgacagtga gccaagtcgt gttctacgag gctgagccaa taaatcaatc     54480
     cgagagatgt tacgccttcc tgtgggaggt tttgatgtag aacttgttgt ggatacttca     54540
     gaagcaacag atgctttgtc agcatcagca agttcactgt ctgaagcttc accaagtcgt     54600
     gctctgcgca agagggaagt cctggtaggt cgtggccttg gaagggtggt tgatttacta     54660
     gatgaaccag ataccaccgg agaagtctta gatttcgtta ctttacttcc ttccagtttg     54720
     gaatgtacat gctcatcagc tgaggtaagt ggagtccgtc catgaggttt acaagagtaa     54780
     gtttcttgat cagatgacat aatatcagag atggcagaat gaggtacact agaggtttgg     54840
     tcatcatctg ttaagtctac tgagggctgt cttattctcc cactggactg aacaaattta     54900
     cgaccatctg ctcttgaacc cacatctgtg gaacgacttt ttgttttctt ttccattttt     54960
     tccctagcac ctgaagatga tgattttgta acatctttgg aaggagaacc tgtggaacac     55020
     ctatctttat agaggctagt gaaactcttt cgcttttggg ttgactttct ttcagtttct     55080
     ccagtaacca gactgattgt actagctgta tctacatcag attctggtga aatagaattg     55140
     tctctattat aactgggagt atctggtcct tcatcagttt tattatcttc acgtagttta     55200
     gcttctagaa aagccattac tgcttctgtg tcttttagaa taagggttgt gtccatacta     55260
     gaatcaggat ccaaagactc acttctttct cgtattctac ttgcagatgt taatgctaaa     55320
     gaagaaggag tagaggaagt ctgtttattt atatggggaa taagttctat gggtatgttt     55380
     gggctgggtt tttctatagt gaagctccct tgtcgcacta atgacttgga ggattccttc     55440
     ttgtctcctc cctttggagt ctgacttttc agaatttcct cagcttttct tctcttgctc     55500
     tcactttgtg ccactctgtc tcctttgctt gtagaatgtc ctgaattttt ttctggaggt     55560
     tgtgattctt gtttaaaagt ttcctcccta catttatctg tctgacctga aacatttttg     55620
     gaagacaatt tagtaggtgt ccactgagcc tcctcccttt gttcttgttg ttgaagtttt     55680
     gctaatgttt gctttaccaa agaagtttcc ttatcagttt cacttttctc ttttccagga     55740
     gcagagctcc ctaagtgaag tagggtttta ttatctccac cagttttgag agtctctcca     55800
     tttactgccc tgttcatttt actcaagggt ctgtcagcat cttgtttatc tttctggtat     55860
     acctgtgtag gtgtttcttt ctcctgaagt tctgtgtctt gtttttctcc tatctctgac     55920
     ctctgtgtta caacctttgc tctgtggctc tcaagagact tttcttcatt tggaagctgg     55980
     ggaagagttc gtctccttct ctctccctgg ctagccaagg aagttgcaga gccagtactt     56040
     ctcactgtca tgccagactc actgatctct gtctctatga aataaaaacc acaaagaagg     56100
     aattgattaa gacaaataaa ataaaaataa aaggagcatc atacagttgt ctgtcagtat     56160
     ccatgaagac tggttccagg ccccttattc ccccaggata ccaaatccca aggatgcttg     56220
     agtaccttat ataaagtggt ataatatttg tatataacct actcacaccc tcccatatac     56280
     tttaaatcat gtctagatta cttataatac ctaatacaat gtaaaagcta tgtaaatagt     56340
     tgttatactg tattgcttag tgaataagta caaaaaaata aagactacac acgttcagtg     56400
     gggacgcaat catttctttt tcccctctca aatattttca atcctcagtt gaattcacag     56460
     atgcaaaacc cactaataca aaacctatgg ctagagaggg ccagctatat tacattacat     56520
     tttgagatgt aagttaaaaa tgacttaagt atacaaaaca aacgagccag cattgtgacg     56580
     aagtagttta agtacaattt caagctgcac aaataagcaa ttcctagaga agtcaggaag     56640
     gccaattgta tgagatgaaa attagagtca tctgatcatt tttctccttt catatattta     56700
     attttctatt tatgaattga caaaaattat atatatttgt ggtgtataac atgatgtttt     56760
     gatatatgta taccattatg gaatggctaa gtcaagctaa ttaatatatc cattacctca     56820
     cgtacttatc ttttttgtgg tgagaacatt taagatctac tttcagctat ttcaaatacc     56880
     caaggcattg ttattaacta tagtcataat ggtataaaag ggtcatctga tcttaaacct     56940
     aaatatattg ctcttctttc ctcttaatgt gttttataga agggaagttc actgtgttca     57000
     ttctcacttt tgtaactttc catccttgag gtttgctcaa aaaaccagaa tctattgtag     57060
     atttatacag agaatgtcaa ataaacattg tttattttct atattttcaa ctacatagta     57120
     gagaagaaca acataactag tttttaaaaa gtattatcta cttgaaagaa tgataatttt     57180
     ggatttccta agtaaagtga aaaatgcaga acttttaaca acattttaaa aaaatctata     57240
     gccgattaaa agaattttaa aaattgtaag tatgtaacag cagacttttc atagttagga     57300
     catagcaaaa ttttataaat tgaggaattt ttaaattata gtcttctggt tattaatgcc     57360
     acatatggaa atacaaaatc cctttctttt ttttcaagta gaagccaatg agaaaatata     57420
     tattttgatt tttccacctg agagaatttg agaatattta aggattttcc tgactattaa     57480
     aaatggaatg tatttctgag aaaagggaaa catcttttca gggaaatata aattaacata     57540
     taaagcttcc taatctttta gggataaatg gagaaaagat actagatata gcttctgtgg     57600
     gtcttttttt tcctctttac aatcctaaaa gtttagtatt taaatatcat atcaatacaa     57660
     tggatgtgat ggaggaaaat ccatactgaa ctgatagatt taactttagt cattaatcat     57720
     gttatatctt gttttgtttc ttctttcata tatcttatct ccttagtgct aactgaagca     57780
     tctagaatgt aatggctact ttaccctttt gtatttttcc agtatttctc atactgcccc     57840
     ctcctcatat acattcaata tgcttaacaa aaacgtttta ttatttaagt agatttatca     57900
     gcttatgtaa ataagttcat ttaaatatga tgacatagaa atgagatcat gaaagctaag     57960
     tggtctatta ttttttataa caagggtaga actttgcttt tcacagataa tacttaataa     58020
     ttttataacg gattctttgg taaagttatc tagccttctg tctggtttct ttgtttccta     58080
     aacacagttt atacgaacca aatgactctg ttccctcaaa agaatttttg gtcatactat     58140
     caataacttc tagattctaa tataaataaa tgacgtagct tttctagtac actgctatgt     58200
     agcttcctca aatacttcta atacttacaa aattcttaaa acagattttt ggggtgccac     58260
     aagcctgaga caaaacaaat ttccattttc aaccggaatg aaattaagaa aacagataaa     58320
     agccacatac aaaatctcat tgagggtctt tttgcttttt aactgtaagt gagtatttat     58380
     ttttcaactt ggataagttt tttaattgtt tattgtaagt tgacaattta tatttgtata     58440
     tgtttatggt gtataaaatg ttgaccataa atacaatgtg aaataattaa atcaagctac     58500
     ttagcatatt catcacctca aagagttaac actttttgtg atgagaacat ctaaaatgta     58560
     caatactata ttattaacta tattcaccat gctgtgcagc agacctcagg aaaaaaaaaa     58620
     gcttcttcca cctgtctaag tgagattttg taccttttga ccatcatctc ctcatcctcc     58680
     tttcagggtc ttattgttaa ttagaaaact aatgaacaaa aagtaataat gaaatccttg     58740
     aaggtacaca acttcatttt gtttaaaaag cctttatatt tctgttcaca gaaatataaa     58800
     aggtaataaa agtcatacta catagatttg taagattatt aacttctttt tcactaaatg     58860
     taccacatga agtaggcact caataaatat ctgttgtatt tatgaatgaa atcgtttgga     58920
     cctgtcttca gcttattttt aaattttaac ttatatatat ataatatata tgtgcttcat     58980
     ctttctatgt aatatataca cacacctata tatgcttcat ctaaaaatta tttccttatc     59040
     ttcagttaag tttatacttg aataatagct gcatcattag tcaaaatcat atcttaagat     59100
     atcagcatat cagaaagagt aggaagaatt ttcatttaaa agtaaagaca aaatttaaaa     59160
     accattctta ttttcaacag cagaaattta caactaaaat gaaaagtgcc tcggaatgaa     59220
     atattaaatc caagctggtg tctgtccacc tgtccttagg aagtctcaac ttacgaagtc     59280
     cacaaaattt ctcaaaaaag agttttatca ctttgaattt gtcccctgct taaaatccct     59340
     caaaatatac aatatctaat aaaaatcagc cttttactta taaaatgaat tcatttatca     59400
     gcatgagaat atgtgaatat gtttatttag gtttaactta cttcttacta tatagatttg     59460
     gcttgttttt tataataaca actgatatat gattcacaaa aaagcagaga agagtaagag     59520
     aaagagagag aaatggagaa agagaagaaa aaagggataa agaatgaaag agagaaagag     59580
     aataccattc tctaaaggaa gaggtgcaga aaattccatt atcctttctt cttgatcatg     59640
     ccttgtatga ttggcagcca aactagccca ctgtgaaacc caacgtttgc ttccagatga     59700
     agatgtgcct tcctaaagga gaaaaataag aaaacaaaat catgcagcct ggtcatatct     59760
     gagtctcatg aaagacaatt tcatttagtc acattaactt gccatacaaa cccataatta     59820
     aacctcacct tgctatatta tcattgatta catcttctct tatataaaat aaaaattctc     59880
     tagaaaataa agatcttctc tgaaaaaaac tatgttacta aaaatgacac ctctcaatga     59940
     aaatccaaga caagccaagg cttcatatga aaactgtaat gacaactagg gagtggaaag     60000
     ctacgatgga aactttatta ccaactagtc acaacaaata ttttattaag agtgtcagat     60060
     ttgggccggg tgtggtggtt gatgcctgta atcccagttc tttgggaggc cgaggcaggt     60120
     ggataatgag gtcaggagat cgagaccacc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ctgtctctac     60180
     taaaaataaa aaattagctg ggcatggtgg catatgactg taatcccagc tacttgggag     60240
     gctgaggcag gagaattgct tgaacccagg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc tgagatcgtg     60300
     ccactgcact ccagtctggc aacagagcga gacttcgtct caaaaagaaa aaaaaaagtg     60360
     ccagatttaa tacattaata atgacaagct aaacactgaa gaagtgaaga cttcaaatag     60420
     ataaatcact ataagatttc aagaatagta ggtaagaata gtaagtacag gccaggtgtg     60480
     gttgctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcattttg ggagaccaag gcgggtggat cacctgaggt     60540
     caggagttcg agaccagcct ggccaacatg gcgaaacctc gtctctacga aaaacacaaa     60600
     aattagccgg gcgtggtggc atgcacctgt agtcccagct acttgtgagg ctgaggcagg     60660
     ggaatcgcgt gaacccggga ggcagaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatggcac cactgcactc     60720
     cagcctgggt gacagaggga gactccgtct caaaaaaaca gaatagtaag tatagagaat     60780
     gacacacata cagtgaagcc tcctaaggat accaaagcct gctgcatcct taatcccatc     60840
     caaggttttc tgttacctgc ccacatttct gagcagtgaa ggtggtacca gagccatgtg     60900
     gaccatgcta agaataccaa cagtatgagc gtcactgaca cacgcgtatg taaaaccatt     60960
     ctgtgaagag tgttctaaat gtcctgttag gtaatgttag gtaattccta caaaggaacc     61020
     taccagggct atagcttttg cttggcaggg gttgaaggaa tagagaagaa agaagagagt     61080
     ctatttaaat tcacatttac caaaaccatt cctgggttac tcagaatggc atcatattgc     61140
     ctcaaataat tatcacctgc tttcaataag taaattaagt atctcataaa acagaaacca     61200
     gaataaaaat tctcccaatc acagggaaat aatgagcact aaaatacagt aattgctttg     61260
     acagttttca ggaaataggc catataaaga aacaatttta acattaataa acaaacaaac     61320
     atataggtct atttacctgt atgtaagaaa caaatcttat ttatacttca tacaaatgta     61380
     acattttatt tatattttct ttatttatac cttgattttc ttcttttata ttttttcttc     61440
     ttttatttcc tattttctat taatttatat ttgtatatta caaattagct catttcctga     61500
     gagacaatat agcatgagtc agagaacgaa agcttccatt gaaggttagc tcttattatc     61560
     tgaataaata ataattaata cttatgcctt agatactttt ttacatttct ttttgacaca     61620
     tcaatgtggt atgaaattct aatatcattt ctgataaagg taaaaaacat ttgttaagtg     61680
     cataaatctc aggcaagtac tatgctggat gctttatata cttcattaaa ttctctgtaa     61740
     atattttatc aaaaatgcca tttgtgtaga tgagaaaaca gaagataagg gagaagtgac     61800
     tgattcaaaa gctttgagct aaaagtggca gctctgggtc agatctttct agctctacta     61860
     tgcatactga ctctgtaatt atcttaacca agcaatcctt aattaatttc atattattct     61920
     aattatatcc cgggctgtac tgtatttgca gttactgagt tatataaact gtatctatca     61980
     ggcagtgccc tcgtacatgt ttcctggtat gatatacagg aaacatatac ttctaagaaa     62040
     gtataagcag gatatgtttc ttgttttatc tcataatgcc aatcagaacc atgagcatat     62100
     agctcattaa ctgcttactg aaacctaata ttttcctcat tgacaaatga atatttctaa     62160
     cacctaataa aaattaaagt tgaattactg caaaattgct ttaggctttc attagaaaat     62220
     aaatttataa aaatttagtt tttagaagca ttttacaagg agatacatta attgcttaaa     62280
     ataatgtaat ttacaaatga taagaattca ggccaagtgc ggtgactcat gcctgtaatc     62340
     ctcgcaccat gggaggctga ggcgggtgga tcacttgagg tcaggagttc gagaccagcc     62400
     tgaccaacat ggtgaaacca tctctactaa aaatatgaaa ttagccgggc atggcggtgc     62460
     acgcctgtaa tcacagctac ttgggacgct gaagcaggag aatcacttga actcagacgg     62520
     cagaggctgc agtgagccga gatcctgcca ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagtgaaa     62580
     ctctgtctca gacaagaaaa aaaaaagaat ttatacttta tgcattcaaa taggtacaca     62640
     gaagagatgt atacctctga gtggtgaaat ccagatgtag tcagtggttt tctttcttcc     62700
     attactgctg cagcagaact gagagcccaa tcttttatta gatctttatg tttttcgttg     62760
     ataacaggcc tattataatc ctgattgtca tctactccaa acacctagag ggaaaaatta     62820
     ttttataaat gaaaacgaaa agtctgaaca caagattaat atgtgaatag tataattaac     62880
     ttcagaggca aataaaaata ttccaaatta attttaatag ttaatttcaa aactaaggaa     62940
     aacttcttga atgacagtaa cagctaattg tgatagctag aaacgaaagc aggcagtcac     63000
     agcttatgtg aaagtaatta tccttttttt tttttgagac ggagtttcac tcttgttgcc     63060
     caggctggag tacagtggcg tgatctcggc tcaccgcaac ctccgcctcc cgggttcaag     63120
     aggttttcct gcctcagctt cccgagtggc tgggattaca ggcatgcgca accatgcccg     63180
     gctaattttg tatttgtagt agagacaggg tttttccatg ttggtcaggc tggtctcgaa     63240
     ctcccgacct caggtgatct gcccgcctcg gcctcccaaa ctgctgggat tacaggcatg     63300
     agccaacatg cctggccgaa agtaactatc ctttttttaa catttagcaa atgtcctgtt     63360
     cgattaaaaa aaaatattca agacatattt tatttgttaa aagatttaat aggtcaggcg     63420
     tggtggcaca cacctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcgagcag atcacttgag     63480
     gtcaggagtt ccggaccagc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ccgtttctac taaaaataca     63540
     aaaattagct gggcatggtg ccatgtgcct atagtcccag ctacttggga ggctgaggca     63600
     agaaaatagc ttgaacccag gaggcggagg ttacagtgag ctgagatcac gccactgcat     63660
     tccagcctgg gcgaaaaagt gagaccctgt ttcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gatttaataa     63720
     tgttgttaaa cagtacaaca atgcaaagag ttagaaaaaa gtatctcttc agtttctttt     63780
     cagcttcttt gctctattat ttttgtgaca cttgttgaaa aaccataaac atgtggctga     63840
     ttttatctgt tccttcccta gcaaatgttt accatttaca catctgagtt acatttaggc     63900
     atgaaatttt ctaagatgcc attttattgt ataattgcga catagtagat agcataattc     63960
     tcaaactgta tttgcctaac aatcccttaa agacctttgt ttgaaatgca gattccaggc     64020
     ctatttaaga ttaattgttt caaaaagcaa gttgtcaatg tccaacactt ctgaaaagtt     64080
     ctaaatacaa agacaaacaa tggcgtgctt ttcttttatg ggcaggacct gagtcttact     64140
     catttcctgg cacataatag gccctggatg tcacagaata gattggaaaa attttaggca     64200
     tataaatatt aacattctat tctgctatta aatctccact gtgttcccaa tttttattct     64260
     ttatagttat tgtttgtggc tctgattatt acaatctaga aaaatatcat gcatttgaat     64320
     gagcaatttg cagacaggat ctttaggata taaccagaga gccttcattt tctataagga     64380
     gaagctacct caggctaaac tattttctag acataaagtt ttaatggtct tatagtacag     64440
     ctatctgata agctctaaag ttcatattta gtgaaacagg tatcagactt tctcattcac     64500
     taaaacttga aaattttacc actagatggt cttattactt aatatttaat tctaacataa     64560
     ctataattgt caagaattat gatttaatat tctcttgaac tcctcaatat ttaaattatc     64620
     tttgctttaa gagcaaatta tgtattgttt attttaaatc aaatatgaat tttaatacat     64680
     ggaagcacaa tgtacagaag ggaaaaaaca aaaactgctt cgttttgctt aacattagcg     64740
     ttaagtttaa cagcagtgaa aaaaccagag tataacctgt gtcctctacc tttaaccccc     64800
     acttgtaaag aaagcaaatt atagctattc aagttatttg tgtccgtctt taaaaaagtt     64860
     aatcactcct aactcaagtc actgaactcc aattttactg aagtttattt acttatttta     64920
     taattactaa caaaaatcta actcaggttt gaaagttaaa ataaccacat gagtacttgc     64980
     atttttgcat ctctttgaca tgtaatttag aaattatctt gagtgatttt ctgatgaata     65040
     tttcattcta atccacacta aaaacttgat ttcctcaaac atctaagcac cagcagtttc     65100
     aaataaaata tcatgaacct ctctaaatca cttctgacac cactttgaaa tgacaacaaa     65160
     aaacacacga actaatcctg tgaggaaggg gagctgaagc cggacagaaa atacttcgat     65220
     gacgttcgac agattccttt taaagcatca gagacagcta tacatacatt attaagtaac     65280
     aattatttct tctccaaaca agtggtaggg cctgacctac tacagtgtgg ggaaagaagc     65340
     cttcaaattt cacatctgtt ttgatagcgt tttgaaaaat taatgatagc aatgactacc     65400
     agcccagatt gaaatccata tctatgcgtt tctgcctcta agtagaaaca catccacctg     65460
     tgacaacttt tatgtgaaaa caaatatata aagtttatac tgtctatata cttaaagtta     65520
     gtgtactttt cacacttata aaaggtacct acagtctgaa aaaagagctg ataattgtac     65580
     agaacttgag agctcctcaa aaccaagacc aagtatgcta ggttctctca cctttcattt     65640
     tagattctat tcccaggtga tttcacctag gaacatgcaa ggcttcactt caattaccaa     65700
     ctatctagac tgttgcttac tgtcatccca cctgctggaa ggctcaacag tatttctttt     65760
     ttgttttttt ttgagacaga gtctcgcttt gtcgcccagg ccggagtgca gtggcgcgat     65820
     ctcggctcac tgcaagctcc gcctcccggg ttcacgccat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg     65880
     agtagctggg actacaggcg cccgccacta cgcctggcta attttttgta tttttagcag     65940
     agacggggtt tcaccgtgtt agccaggatg gtctccatct cctgacctca tcatctgcct     66000
     gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc acaacgcccg gcctcaaagg     66060
     tatttccaac atagtatctc acctctaggc tcatgattct cttctctggt ctggtctcaa     66120
     tccaaatccc aaacatgaga tagtacaaaa tctaggtctt tcattcagct aggaacttct     66180
     gtaggctaga agtccacagt ggggaaggag atgagacacc taatttttat gcttgcaccc     66240
     caagtttgcc agtttctaat tcttccagag taggatcaaa ggaaggcgga ataggacagg     66300
     aggtgaaaac tcctttgtga acttgcactt gcatggagag ctgtctgggc ctggcagatg     66360
     tttaaagaca actcattcgt actgggcgta ggaagtggct ttcacatatt ctctcctaca     66420
     gttcccccga tccgagtaga tacatctctg tggagtgagc cacaacccct ctgccatggc     66480
     ctttaggtct ggggtaagaa ggcagtacct ccctccctat cccactccaa caatcatgaa     66540
     acaatctttt cttctgaata catttgtata tttggcattt cactttggga tttcaaatcc     66600
     aaagctcagt ggctactgta aacaatttta acaacctgtt actgaggaat ggcacttact     66660
     ctccacaggc tacttggcta gccactgcag gggattacaa aatctgtatg acagtctttg     66720
     cttttgagga ggttacgtct gataaaggag cttataaaaa gaagaggctg tcacctgaaa     66780
     gaaccatgca ggaatattct gtaattaaaa ccaaatatcc ataagaacca aacgatattt     66840
     ttagatttta gttttaagtt taaagagact aaacattctc cagataacaa actcgtacaa     66900
     tacaaaccaa acctatgaaa agtttgactg atttttttca ctagcatatt atgatcatag     66960
     tcattattat tgaaaagctc agtctgtgca aagatgcaca gtgtccaatt ctgaaatcag     67020
     aatggtgagg atgggggata cagggtcaac tttcatgcag ataaatatcc tacctattga     67080
     atatttgcag agaggtcaaa atttacattt agtaacatca gatacgggaa gcttgctgat     67140
     tgtgacagaa aatagagacc attgtgaaag aagagaagcg ccgtggggta agatgtaggc     67200
     ataaaactat agtaatacaa tgtagagcaa aatgataatt caatagcaat agtgctaatt     67260
     tattagttta aaaaatatcc aaatcagtag gaattcagaa ttcatattcc cacagaaatg     67320
     aaaaatataa tggcagatta aacatctaac ttctacaatc ttattttaaa gtaacaactg     67380
     aaaaacagta ttgcattagt atatcaatca catcaaggtg tccaagtaaa aatgtactca     67440
     agtttcaacc tcagataacc agaacatctt cctcctcaat gagcaaagac ttcttgggta     67500
     aggagagcag ggtctctgtt ggatcaaatc aatagtagag gttcccatgg cccatgaaaa     67560
     taatttgaca ctttaagaat taagaattat gcagaattct agccactagt gtcaaggaac     67620
     taaatcagga tgatttaaga ggggaattta tttttgtaat tgtctatgaa aatctaattt     67680
     tacttttaaa aagaaaaatc ccttaaaatt ccatggaata agttattgtg aatatttaac     67740
     actgtgattt ttatcacata tttgtaatca acttttaaat ttaaaattca gacaaaatta     67800
     ttagaagagc acagaaaggg agtcaggaga gacattttat aatttatcct ggtccacaaa     67860
     taaatatatg tgcatgcaca ttcacagcag tgttacaaca gccaaaggaa gaaagaacac     67920
     aattatccat ctgtggatgg atggatgaat aaaatgtggt ttatgcacgc aataagatat     67980
     ttattcagcc ataaaaagga atgggcaggg agtggtggct cgtgcctgta attccagcac     68040
     tttgggaggc cgaaggcggg tggatcacct gaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcctggcca     68100
     acatggcaaa accccatcta tactaaaaat acaaaaatta accgggcgtg gtggcaagtg     68160
     cttgtagtcc cagctactag cgaggctgag acaggagaat cgcataacgt gagccgagat     68220
     cacgccactg cactccagcc tgggcaacag agcgagactc tgcctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     68280
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaggagtga agtactgata caggttacaa cacatgtgaa ccttgaaaac     68340
     attattccaa gtgaaagtag ccggtcacaa aagaccacat atagtatgat tccatttata     68400
     caaaatgtct agaataagca aatccataga gacaaaaagt agattagtgg ctgccaggag     68460
     gctgggagag gaaggaatgg gaagtgactg cttaatgatc atgagatttg gttttgcagt     68520
     gatgaaaatg ccctgaaatt aagatagtgc tgatggttgt acaaccctgt gaatgtacta     68580
     aaagccactg aattgtatac tttaaatggc taaaatagtc aatttcatat tatatgaatt     68640
     ttacctcata ttttctttaa atgggactct atcttcttct tctttttttt tttttgagat     68700
     gggtcttgct ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtggcaca atcttggctc actgcaacct     68760
     ccgcctcccg ggttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg ggattgcagg     68820
     ctcatgcccc atgccctgct gttttttttg tatttttagt agagaggggg tttcaccgtg     68880
     ttagccagga tggtgtcaat ctcctgacct cgtgatcacc cgccttggcc tcccaaagtg     68940
     ctgggattac aggcgtgagc cactgcgctc agcctctgtc ttcttccttt gctctcctgt     69000
     ctgggtgaaa acatgttctt aaatctttgt cttccctctt aacctacctt gtgtccttga     69060
     ttctccccat tacttagaag tcttacatcc ataatctctt ccctcccatc acttcctaca     69120
     tctttctcga tttgctcttt ctttcatatc ttcaaattat acttagatct catctaattc     69180
     ctctaaaatt taaatgtcca atttctctcc cttttatggt tcattccctg gtcatgtatc     69240
     ccctcttaca gtccctataa gctggaagtt catcaataat catattcccc tttccttgcc     69300
     aagcagattt tccagctgga agctgtcagg taggtatcgc taggaactca aaggtaagtc     69360
     tagtctattt atcacagcat ctccccaaaa tttatacatt tcttcttctt ctgagactat     69420
     ctatctttgc tgctttcata cttaatatta caaagctaag tttataatat atacaaggtt     69480
     ttaaactata tattttaaca agttattttg gaatcaagat ataaactagt ttcagcatat     69540
     aaaaatgcag aaaaatttct ttgtgggggc atggttggat ttaattaatc tataaattca     69600
     ttgaaataag ttagccaatc tacaacgaat catacacaaa tgctaacaaa tgaaaaagca     69660
     ggtcacaaat ttttctttct cattcattca cattcaaaag atatttattg agtgtctatt     69720
     acatgccaga cactgttcta gacacaaggg atacgatgtg aacaagacaa ataacaaaat     69780
     cttagagtga acaaacagaa aataaaccag acggaagtga gttctataaa gaaaacacaa     69840
     catggcaatc tgatggagag atataagaag tgaatgacgc aactacttta aatagagtgg     69900
     tgagtaaaag ccacttcaaa gtgaattatg agatgggtat agagtttcca tttttcaaga     69960
     caaaaagtta cagagatgga tggcggtgat ggttgtgcaa cattttaaac gtatttaata     70020
     acactaaacg ctacatttaa aaattgctaa gacgataaat tttcttatat atattttcca     70080
     caataaaaag atggaaggaa taaataaaat gaattatgag aagctaggca tgccaaaaag     70140
     acaaggaaga gcttattaga ttgagggcac aatttcctca aagaggaaaa taaatagaat     70200
     ttcatacaat aagagagaaa ggaaaatgag gacaaaccta ttatgttagg cgtctggctg     70260
     aataaaaggt gagggttccc tcgtgaagct ttggaaatta acacagcagg agagggtttc     70320
     ttatacccag gaaggaggca gcagaggtta agaagggttg aggagaacta atcagagaaa     70380
     ccaaaagtaa gctctcctgg tagaaattaa aaagaaaaaa ttctcaatac agaaaaaatt     70440
     gctcagtcaa aaataaaaat gctgactgtc gtcaaagtct tctcctattg tccaaggctc     70500
     tcacttgatc tcctactcct tgagttccca tgcacatcta attctctatc tgagtggact     70560
     ttggacatcc tgccttcttc tacatagatt ttgattctgg tttatcatcg tttccctggc     70620
     tcttacttgg atctcatctt aaatcttgct gtgactttca gggtttggaa tatttttaca     70680
     gggtccagat ccgcagcact gactttcttg agctgtttga ctcactgctg taaatgttct     70740
     tcctcccatg tttctagttt tgttataggt ctcctggctc tagattcttc cctaccaact     70800
     gttgcttata gaaccagcag tgaccaggcc ctatgaggga agaaaagacg ctagtaagag     70860
     gctttgtagg ggagatatat tgacacaatg aacaagaatc aaaactcagg acaagaaaag     70920
     tatctggcag agttggtcta tggtatgaaa tttatgagga gaaatatttc ttttaagagg     70980
     atagttcctc aagccctcca caatgatcat tttttcttgt tcctttaatg tttagctttc     71040
     tgttcttacc acaagtttct cctatttagc ttaggaggtt aggaagtaac cctgacaagg     71100
     tcttcctctt gcctcagtgg ttatctcttt tgatggaaga gtggagagaa gaaactggta     71160
     ctgtgatggg aaggtagtta tcggagaggc caagggagag agggttggga gagataatta     71220
     ctagtatgag agataaatgc ctttaatcta ggcagtcaac agcactttct tatagtgtat     71280
     ttccatgtaa acttagatgt aaaacttaag aggtctttat caatatcagg tatttgtgtt     71340
     aacattttaa aggtgaattt gaggacatgc ataaaataag gtgatctatt gagagagaca     71400
     gccccaaaat acaaacccaa atgctgtaat ctcataactt ggcgacagaa aaagagggta     71460
     ggtagttcac tatcttttaa ctactaccag cacagaaaaa taaggataca gcagtttagc     71520
     ttggtcatct ctttaaagaa atcctatttt aatgctatgc aactcttccc aaggtaagat     71580
     gcaaatacac ggtttgctca tcttctttag cccaagaatt acaatgtatt ttggagaaaa     71640
     actgaaaagg cattctgtgc tcatcatagt taacatcagt gtgtcatgtg atactgttgc     71700
     ttactgactt ctctttgctc tgctttttat tccaagatgc tacatattcc tttggttttc     71760
     tcttattcct gttacatatt tttcagtttc ctttgttccc ccttctcctt tgtccatcaa     71820
     tgttggtgtt gctgagattt tcatacttta tttgctctca ccctatacat tttctctgat     71880
     taatctcatc tcttattttg tattcaatta ctgctatggt ttggatgtgg tttgtccctg     71940
     ccaaaactca tgtagaagtt taattgccag tgtgacagtg ttgggaggtg aggcctaatg     72000
     ggaggtgttt gggtcaaaaa ggcagatctc tcatgaatat attaatgcta tcttgtgagt     72060
     tcttgttctt atgggaatgg atttgttccc ttcacagtag actgttataa agtgaggcag     72120
     cccctcttgt tttgcctttt tgcatatgtc cacttcccct ctgactttct ctaccatgtt     72180
     ttgacccagc atgtagccct taacataagc cagccatatg tggagctatg ctctagaatt     72240
     tcccagcctg cagaattgtg agctaaacaa acctcttttc ttgataagct acccagtctc     72300
     agatatagca acacaaaaca tactaagaca gctgccctct attgtctaat aattcccaga     72360
     tctgtatttt tagcccaggc ctcttaccta agatctagtc attaactaat tgactactgg     72420
     acatgacagc agcttttaga ttgccttctg tgcttctggc atttccaatg ttcaatccat     72480
     acttcacact tctgacagtg actcgaccat gtcattgccc tacttaaatg ttttcaatga     72540
     ttccccactg ccttcggcat taaagtcctc agtatgatat ataatgaact tcaatatcga     72600
     gtccaatctc atctcttcaa aagtaactgt ggtcctctga acaagtcatg tgtgctcctg     72660
     tgctttcgaa taggctgttc catatttctg gaaaactcta cctagcatgc ctgttatggg     72720
     attaattacg tatgtttcac gactagctca gctggcaata tttattgagg acattttata     72780
     tgctggcact aggttcctac agtcatggag tttacatttg tttgtgtctc tttccaatgg     72840
     gagtagggag gcaaatgaat aaacagtgaa ctggtgaagc agtaataaag cttatgatta     72900
     aaatgaaaca agttgatgac agtgactact tttttttttt tttaactgaa tgactaaaga     72960
     cttctctgag gaaggaatgt cctctgaaga cctgagatct cctcttggaa gctattggta     73020
     gctttcctcc aacagcttta tttttaaagt cttggttttt gtctgtgtat atctattcca     73080
     gtacacagcc atttcctgag agaaagagct cagtcttttc attgtgaatc accttctcgt     73140
     agacacaaag cctggcacat agttaatgtt gaattaaagt tgctaaataa atgaatcaat     73200
     gaaatagaac acatctcaaa tgatgacgtg aaaagaagag ttagaccaca tgaacgtttc     73260
     caggaccaaa gaacatttaa attcagacaa acaacagctg atggccccaa cttcaatccc     73320
     acacacccaa acctcaaaat ggagaaactg gatgacaaca ctcatccagg caacttgata     73380
     tgatgcctgt atctactcct atcctcccaa agtgcttttt ctgccttcct tctggctgtt     73440
     gttggtcttt gttttcttca tacccacagg ttacttcatc ttactcagac atgattactg     73500
     cttttatgct tttgttttcc cagagcctga ctttaattag cccgaatttg gctttaagct     73560
     ttatgtggat tcaagctaat ggaatcttag ctctttttct ttggtagtca caagataatg     73620
     tagtgagctt tgttcttccc agcaatatgg tctcagcttc attttctggt ttatacaaac     73680
     taagaatgac tttgaactat gtacacagtc acacactacc attactcctt taaatgactc     73740
     ctgctctaaa gtcttgggtt tctctatcca cagtgtgacc atataatttg ctgtcaaaat     73800
     ggactctgag aataaaaaat gatgcttatg ataattgtag gcaacaggtg taaaacaggt     73860
     tttgtggcca ccctctctat ccagcagttt cctgaagagt ttcatctgct acaatgactt     73920
     ctttcttggc tttctgctgt cctggccaag ctagcccctc acactgtcac ttccattgtg     73980
     gttttatatt taaccctttc agtgctgaaa gaacattctg ggatttgtca gtactttatg     74040
     tagagattca aatgtggaaa ctcctaataa cagtaatgat aaagcaacac ttataaagca     74100
     atataataag ataggtattg tgataagcct tttacatgtt ttattgaatt ctttttataa     74160
     tctagtgata tcgcctctgt ttcagagata aaagaaactg aggcttaaag aggtaacttt     74220
     acccaagggc acacacaagc acatgcaaag tttatattta atcccagatc tgtctgctta     74280
     caagggtcca tgttcttaaa ttgcactctc tctctctctc tatatatata tacatataaa     74340
     atccttcact gcaaaataat cttttaatgg gaaaacatca gccattatga tcagtcatta     74400
     agaaacatca gatgtttctt aaacactata cttttcatat taacaactat aatattgctc     74460
     acctatttcc cagacaatgg gtctctaaaa gtttggagtt gagcagctca gtggtaaacc     74520
     tgaagcatgt acttcacaat aaatgtatgt ttagaaatta tacgtactct cttacagtgt     74580
     agtaagagat tttatacact atagaacaca atccaaaata aaaattaaaa atatgaaaat     74640
     aaaagtaaac attaagttct aatatttttc ctgcatccca aagggttatc ttatcttgcc     74700
     ctcctccctg aagaggccat tccagaaact catcatctaa ataagtgcat ctcaaatgtt     74760
     aatgtgcaca ttagtcaact ggagatctca tttctaatgt agattttgac ttggtatata     74820
     taggatgggc ctgagaagct gcatttctaa caagcttcca agtaatattt atgctgctaa     74880
     cccgtggagt ggatttgagt aacaagaatt caaacaaaag attaacgttt agccaaacgg     74940
     atactgctgt tttgcaagag gtaatatgag gttggtgcaa aagtcactgc ggtttttgcc     75000
     attactttca acggcaacct tgatagctga ttctaaagtc aacctttcac gaccattggc     75060
     aaaactgaga aaaattgctt tttaaaccat gcaacaatcc ttacacacgc taaccaataa     75120
     tatcaaagaa tacacttgaa atgtaggtaa ctatcacgac tggtcatata cgtggttaaa     75180
     ctagtaaact aaatcataaa caactgattt tgttttcata tacttctctt ctaccaccaa     75240
     tgacagcagt gaatagaaat taagaaaaca tacggacaaa gaacaaagct aaaataagta     75300
     ttttcatctt ccaacatgaa atcagcaggt aggaaatctg tggttaacta ttattggcta     75360
     atatctacat ttatgttaac agagttatag caatgtttgt tggttgtttc tttttatttt     75420
     ttaagcaaat gcaaagcaag aatgtccaaa gcatactatt tttaaaacct atctttaatt     75480
     tacacaaatt taaaaggtcc aaacctttta aatgtacaga gctttatgta tgaaactcag     75540
     gtaaattcag aatatcagca aataaaatca caaagcatgt tggtcttact gttaagtctt     75600
     gcagttccct aacaaaaccc taaaattcac ataccactga ctgcatgaca acatctcatg     75660
     ctgactctcc aataatttcc accagtcaaa tacaccacac aacaactaag atcacactca     75720
     aatttcaatt atttaccttg tcaatcattt ttcttgcttc cacttcctca ctgttgggat     75780
     tctctaactc aatggtataa gtacccttgt cactttggtc atcatcatta tccttttcag     75840
     aagtagcaga agttgcttga ttttttaaca ttttatccat ctcctggctt ggtctgtgcc     75900
     caagactccc tgaacttctt aataatgcag tttgtaggaa gggtattgac accgatggct     75960
     cctctgattt ctgttttaac aatttcccat gtggaacacc atgcccccct ctgtgatgcg     76020
     cagagctagt ctgtaaagac aaagaaacca ctttggcatc tgctgttgga gactttgctt     76080
     tctcaagttt tgtatgtggt gttgaatatg tagtttcctg acacaagatt cccgcacttt     76140
     gagtaaaaga atacgacctt ctttttctgg gattgtcttc atcaaagaat gcaatcataa     76200
     aagcagtttg acttacaaca gcttggtctt gatgcttttc agtagcctgg accttctgta     76260
     gctttttgtg ttctgaatgg tggcgtctta agtgttcctc aagagttgca cgtttgctac     76320
     agcgcctgtg agccccagcg ttctctgaat cactttgcgt accatcatca tgtttatttc     76380
     ctggatacaa aaagaaaaca cacaatagag aaggaaaaag tcccatgtag aaatttagaa     76440
     gcatatacaa aagtgctatt tgttttgctc ccctcctcct tttcaatcca aagtcatatg     76500
     ttctcttcag taacaggctc ggcaaacttg ctcaattgca atggttacat tcaaatttta     76560
     tcaactaaca atgaggtcct ttataaacaa ctgaatagga tcgcctttct ccaaatttta     76620
     actttataat gtttcatcaa tgtcttaata gataattgat gctctatctc tgcgatattt     76680
     gtattcctaa catcaataaa cattaattct gccttcaaat tatacatctt atttagcaat     76740
     aaaaaatttg actctagcat tagagatgaa aaaagacaag aaaaagggta atgtcactga     76800
     aatgcttact gttacacagg aaatgagaac ataagtatgg taaaaatgtg atgaatctta     76860
     agcttcactg atgttcagta ctttcagaag ctcagcatat ttttcctttt tattaaaaag     76920
     attcaaattt gtagtcccca ttaattattg caaaattttt tccacatatc tttccagcta     76980
     tgagaatttt tgaaaactgc atttgcactc caaactctag tggcttcaga gttaaagaaa     77040
     gcatgctgag aggtctatca atgcaaaggg tcatctatga aatctccacc tagatctaag     77100
     gaccactggg caaacagcat ggtgctcaat ataaccagct attttcccca ggaagcatat     77160
     caggttagaa tatatcggaa ttttgaaaga tcacctcttt aacaaaggtt tttctatttt     77220
     agagcaagta aaagccacta gttaccctta atggttctgt taggttttgg atgtgatgac     77280
     acaaaaatta tttttttcct gatttaaaat tctcattacc taaataataa gtatatgata     77340
     aaaataatca aatgatattg tattattata gcatgaaatt attagaaagt caagttattc     77400
     tgtgcatgtt ttaaatggaa tcacaaatca gagcttaaat tagttttaaa cttctttagc     77460
     tatgaatgaa tttagtcaac gaggtacatt ctaatgcttc caggactaaa tctgattttt     77520
     aaatttacct gggctacaaa ttttaatgtg aacacccact gaataatatg gtaccaaaca     77580
     aaataatgat cagacacgaa agacttgggg gtgggagaag caaatgacct atgtctaggg     77640
     aagttgagtg ttaatgttta taggttgttc ctaatgaatt tagagattac taactggtcc     77700
     caatgattta acacagaaac actagttata aaaatgtggt gcataaaagg aatgagaaga     77760
     cacagaagag agaactgcgg aatgcacaga aaagggtcat gtcttggaaa agtaataggc     77820
     aagggaaaca aagggagtaa gatcaaaatg aaggtgattt ggagatcatg tctatcaaag     77880
     taatagtgat taatactata aaaatcatat atgacaacaa atctgaagat ctttcttcaa     77940
     attgttgact actcaaaatg caatctgaaa agaaaaaatg ggattaatta atgaaatccc     78000
     tgcctcaggt aattaagcta ggaataacag atagcagatg aaaggcaagc ccaaacaaac     78060
     tccttagttc aaatatagac ttcattaaaa acactagatt ttacaaccta tttcattgtt     78120
     gtaatggctc tattgaaaag gaatccagtt tctaaaagct gaaaataact aaattccaat     78180
     atttgctgta ccataagaat aacagatcac gcacatacag aaagatttta atgaaaatac     78240
     catcttcaca gaatttaatt gattccaata gataaaattt ggcacttagt ggtgtcaggc     78300
     cctttcaaat atctttccta taacttgtag ttcaaaactt ttcttataaa ttagtcattt     78360
     tcttttttgg aaaattacca ttccctcttg tattttgtca gggttataca agtcaacatc     78420
     tcatcacagc tgcaattttc tgtttctact cattaaaaaa gtcactagga aacagtcctc     78480
     accaagttct tttctttcct ttgctcatca ttaaccatgc ctaaatatgt tgaagtcctt     78540
     ttaatatttt tagggtaggt tagctgtaac aagtcagtgg tgtggcctaa aacagtggca     78600
     actctcctaa agggttaaag tgtatgggct ttattttcca aactgtcgca aagcacctgc     78660
     attttactct tgtaggagca aagttttttg ttttagtttt gttttgccta ctttcaattc     78720
     tttgatctaa acagttgctg aaaacctaat ttttgtaaaa tttttattat ttgctataat     78780
     tacatttatt tagagtctgg ctatatactt tttatatcct aaatcatgga aaattgttat     78840
     ctaatgatgg aagctctgac ttttggagaa agtcacatgt catttataca catgtccaga     78900
     aaagtaaaat gagtctatct tggatcaaaa aatgagttat attcacaaaa acattatctt     78960
     caatggcttg taaaatggtc tgaaggcaaa tccaaaagaa gagttctcac actggcacca     79020
     tactggaatg tatgtctacc tataaatcaa ctttgaagga caacagtaat atgattacat     79080
     aatttctagt aagggcttaa aagatctaat cattaaaata cagatatagt atacatgtgg     79140
     acattaatcc ctctatttgg aattaggccc acaaatgggc ttgtgaggac agaacgtttt     79200
     aaaataatgg cttaaaaata atagtcgata caggccaggc gcggtggctc acgcctgtaa     79260
     ccccagcact ttgggaggct aaggtgggtg gatcacgagg tcaggagatc aagaccatcc     79320
     tggctaacac ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaataaaa aaaattagcc gggtgtggtg     79380
     gtgggcgcct gtagttccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcgc gtgaacccag     79440
     gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag ccgagatcgc gccactgcac tccagcctga gtgacaaagc     79500
     gagactctgt ctccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatagtagta ataataatag tcaatataga     79560
     aaatagttat aatgactaag ttataaatgg gtttaataaa ggtattttta aaatgattac     79620
     cttttaaaag gatattttac ctcagttttt gtttattaag agtggtttta aaaagtctaa     79680
     gttatttcta aattctcaag gttcagctac ctcttatact gtactaggag atcaatatta     79740
     tttatccaat tcatataaac agcctatgtg tttgtgagtg ttaacctaca gaaacaaaat     79800
     gtctcaatta cgtattgtct agaagtaaaa tgtcacaatc atgtctcaaa aatacatatg     79860
     ccaggtaact gctgataact ataattaaat attgtgatag gctccaacaa ataattaggt     79920
     aatcacatca tctcactgtc cggaaatgtc ttagaagcaa atcagaaata agtatacaaa     79980
     tactatttct tcattacttg atcagaatgc caggacataa ggtacagatt aaatcaggga     80040
     cagtcttgtc attgacagag aaatcgccca ttgttttcaa attagtacct atcacatgct     80100
     caagtactag atgaagtgtt aggagtacaa aaactcctaa tatagtaaca gaatggtcag     80160
     ctaaacgtgt aatcacaatt tgttcaaaat cgttttcctt atagatagct tattaaataa     80220
     aagatagggt aacataaatc tatactcaat tctaaaataa atttaattgg caaaaccaat     80280
     gagaaaaaac tgatcagctg atacatcagt gtacaaacat acaaattgta ctaattttgg     80340
     ctaagttcta cacaaataaa gtatatataa ctatttcaaa aatgaacatt caactctaat     80400
     tttcatgaag tcctaatatt aaaaaaaatt ttaaaactgg attaatagat cctaccaaat     80460
     atttctaaac caaaaatctt tgttttatga gtaaccactg agaatacttt gaagcgctcc     80520
     atcaatgatg tgactgcatt accaaagtag aacttttggc tcagaccaaa tgacttaaaa     80580
     tttctttcag aatctagata ttgatctcaa tagagaacag aattgaatat atcttttcct     80640
     taaatcaaga aaatgatgga actcatcttc tagggaactc tactggtaaa cttaataaat     80700
     cttatatttc tagaagaaaa agaaacatgt tttatagcat aaatataagc tcataaaacc     80760
     aatctggttt tgtcaagaaa atgaaggaag actattttga atgaggaaat tggacatggg     80820
     cagtgtagct tcctgtttag ttttaagact aaatataacc tttgaaaaaa gcagaatgtt     80880
     ttctaccatg taagtatcta ctagtagtct agtaaatgaa gaccagattt tctttatcgt     80940
     aaagtaggaa gttctgaatg atcaaatcac tttacctttc aaccttttca agtacactgg     81000
     aacatcactt ttaatgcttt tagaatcctc ttctgttctt tcccatagca tttgaggagg     81060
     gttgttttgt gctagccagt cagcaacttt gttttcgggt gccatcattc ctgtttgaat     81120
     ccccagcaag tcttgagttc caggagaaga cttcttggac ttgtggcgct gatcagaagt     81180
     aaactttgtc acatggtctc taatagttac cttccctggg gtactgtcat caaattcaat     81240
     ggtaaatgaa gcatgccctg cacctgttat atgggaactt ggcgtgtctt ttgttgggat     81300
     ttcatgaata gtgctttctg ttatttgtga tggttgctgg aattcttttg tagggatttc     81360
     aaaataactt ggttccctac agaaaggaaa aagtacttct tcatttgcag ctgcagattg     81420
     ttcctcaact tgcttggcat ctatgccgca ccctaatgag aaaaataaga gaaaattcaa     81480
     aatatttgat tgcttctggc acttgaggga gtctggtaat ggccatgtgt actactccgt     81540
     gagaaccaga aggcagatca cagtctggat gaaaaccaat ggcatttata tcacagaaca     81600
     aatgtcacag agaagaaaga atcttgatta taaacatgcg atttgattac caatagggga     81660
     tggaagataa gcagcagcaa tggcaaatga gagcaaagca gttaagaaat ggatcttgca     81720
     tggctaggtc catatttttt ccaacctgga tctagaattc atcaaggtcc aaaagaatta     81780
     aaataaaatg tagatggaga tgcatgttca atgtatatat aaaaagtgac agaaaaacca     81840
     tgaactccct tctcaagtcg ccaagatgag atatctgaaa tatatatgaa cacatgtagt     81900
     gctccaaagg agaataggtg ctcaaatgag aatacaaaca tgaagtaaat atgtaagtga     81960
     tcttctggaa gtaatgattc cacttaccat tcttcaccat tacattcgga aacattactt     82020
     tcagaatgac aaagatattg ctgaagtgcg atccttgcaa gaagatacaa acattttata     82080
     aagactaaaa catgtggttt gcaatccaag cagcagtgtg aacgaaataa ggttaaaata     82140
     ggaaattcag tttccagaca ataactctgg aagtttacat ttccatacag cagaatatgc     82200
     aaaagtgtca aaattccttg gaggaaagct gaattgtaaa cctcagatta acatgagttg     82260
     gcagaaggag caagcaactc tggaacacta tcactattct tctgttgcct cagaatctaa     82320
     tacaaaagta tagaaacaga tgcatttatg aataaaatac ataaataaaa atgacaacta     82380
     aaacgttttc ggtacgcaaa tgcaaaataa aaaaattaaa gatgctattg tcctgttgtt     82440
     gaagaagcaa agcatgtcca ttatcaaaat gaagagcaag ttgaaatgag acatatttcc     82500
     ctaaagctca aaaataaatt ctgcttttaa acagattaat agaaaaatca cttacagaca     82560
     atttattagg aaaacaaggc aatacaggga gactaggttg tttccaaaca ttttctaatt     82620
     aagtgaagcg tttggtcttt tgaaacatct tttcaaaaat taaattttag tgggatctgt     82680
     caggtactat aattggtttc ttgacagcag tctgaatatg aaataatata aaacctgact     82740
     gcttttaggt tacagaagaa tgatatagta acatctctct ttcataatca aatgtgtggg     82800
     atagggcacg gaagacaaca agctccattt ccacaataaa tataataata ataaattgtc     82860
     aaaaaaatct aaacacaagg caaagagaac atataatatg aaagaatata ttgtaatttt     82920
     cactgtgaaa aattatccct tttaaaatct actcagcttt cctatcactg aacatgaaag     82980
     aaaagtattg gaaaaactct acattatcag agaaataatc atacatttat atgacatgac     83040
     ctaagtttaa aaaaatgttt gattaaagag ttaatttgtc tttttcttaa aaataaaatg     83100
     ttcagctgga cttgtgagtg tttactctga agtcatgtta gttaaaattt ccattagaat     83160
     aaaatgtatt aactgcttct catatattaa tagttcatta atgttatttt tctatttttt     83220
     cagacattga ttttttttta ctatgcacaa tgtactgtac ttgatcaagt ccatacagta     83280
     caactggttc ataaacctgt cctctctccc tccccccata tagatatata catatagttt     83340
     gtttttgctt tgctcatcct tcaggtgaca gaacaacgtc aagatggtag tttctaatac     83400
     cactacacag agagccaaat aaaactgatc cactatacag agagctaaat aaaactgatg     83460
     tggctcagct atgaagcaac acaaaaaagc tggccaggga tatagcactt atcaaggtca     83520
     cctgttttga aggtcaccat tcccatgtta gtactacttc aaactcgcat tcactcaaag     83580
     ctagaaactt gagacttata caagttaata actaattcat ctagaaatca agtacctaac     83640
     caggtcaagt agcacaatag agtggaaagg cagcagacta tgatctgatg atcataacca     83700
     ggcagcctgg tttcatgcaa agcccagaca agatctgaaa tcagataaat cttatcccta     83760
     atcagtctgt agtcctcatt ttcctcatca taaagtgaga aaacagtatc ttcccataag     83820
     attgttgtga agatttagtg agatgagtat taagtgagat catgtaagtt acccagaaca     83880
     aagcaggtac acaaataaat gcttctccct ccaccttcaa aaacagctga gaatcaggaa     83940
     gacaaaaagc taataccaaa acccaactct aaaaaaccca agacagatat gacaatgcct     84000
     atccttgaat attcataaac attactaaca gttaagatct tcaccgagag gtttttacta     84060
     tttactcaga tcacatgtag caaaccttgg gcagggtaca aaagtgagga ttaaggacag     84120
     acaaattgca ccaagtggta gagacaagat gaaaaacaag agcagacaaa tggccccaaa     84180
     aacatgatag tccagtacca ttcagtatat agggcaaaca gtcttatata ctacagtctc     84240
     ctgaggacat tactgtaagg cagtatcagt attattatat tactaatata tttgattatt     84300
     gattatatca atattgctat tgctattgat atatataata gtaatactga tattgatgat     84360
     tgatgatttt gagtcataag aaaaagtttt aaattatact gaaacttctc tgcttaagaa     84420
     ggtggtaata tgggtaatta atttaataga aacttaggaa atggttaaac ttcaaaaaaa     84480
     ctatcaactg taaaagtaaa gttcaatcat ctggaaaatt cattatgtgg aaggattcat     84540
     ttccctaaag atgataaaaa cagatgaagt gtggtccaac tacacttgag aagtacctaa     84600
     tagaaaacta taaggggtct tctaatcaac acagaaaaat aaaacacctt tcctccctca     84660
     gaacactaac agaacatatt ctggaattta gaaatttaac attcatctat cttcaaaact     84720
     cattttgtta taccaaatga aactaaataa tagagtaaat acttgtttag actaatatta     84780
     tattattaat ctcaattact agattttaaa aaattattta atgattgatt atgccataat     84840
     taattccata tatctcaatc agaaaagcaa ttggtgataa tctgcttatg ttcttaaggt     84900
     attttatgac tgtgttacct taacacaata tgttataagg gatacttata cttcatccag     84960
     aataaatgtt cttttcattc ttctgtacta aattcaatga aatattaaac ttatttgaga     85020
     tgacaaggac tataattata acagctcatt ctgcttaaga catccatcta acctagtctg     85080
     ttcaagcatg tcaaattaag aagactggga agctcctttt gcttaaaagg agctacgact     85140
     tgaaaatttc caaatttagt ttcgctggat taaaaatcaa catgagagag ccaaaaatct     85200
     atgattccca gttgcacatg ccatttcaaa atgtgtgcaa cagttaaagg cctttaatta     85260
     taacctaaat taattgttga gaccaagtta ggaggtagaa aagcatagct gtaaataaat     85320
     tgaggacaaa ctttacgtct taatacgatt aaaaatagtc acacaatttc tggagaacga     85380
     aattgctcta aagtaagtat ttgcttaaac cagggctttt taagctatat ggcaagtctt     85440
     cgggagtttc tggatatata tgaacccaca gagaggaacg ttaaaaatta ctaggtagca     85500
     aacactctat tatcctttct ggaatgcaac tctaaaaatt aataacgaag aagcaaatca     85560
     ctttttgctt tcactaagag tatgctacag gataaattat taaactaatc acgtatattc     85620
     cacaatttga aacttaaaaa aaaagtttaa gtttttaaaa ataccttaat ttcaaaatga     85680
     ccacattaaa gaacacttga tatacatttc aaatctgatt ctacaatttc tgctggcttc     85740
     ataaattatt acaagacagt aaactatttt cctcatccta tattttaaaa agctgcaaat     85800
     gataaatctg aaacagtaat atcctcatac taacataaga aagcaagtga gagtctctta     85860
     aggctattac taatcagctg tatctgacag ggcactttaa ggaatttgac acaagacata     85920
     aatcactgaa ttattactca aaaagaaccc caagatcatg agacggcttt tggtcatcta     85980
     gcagaaagag tacacaagct gagaattcag ttacattcat atagatgaaa gtattgctgg     86040
     atgcttcaca tttgaaattt attttattat gctgagctag gagggatcaa tttttatggc     86100
     tatttgattt tggagtattt gtttaaatct ttgtacccta tgaagtatat ccttttagag     86160
     tgattgtgtt tacaagagta atgatggctg aaatattaaa acttcttatg gttaagagcg     86220
     tggactcagg agtcaggcaa tctaagttca aatcccagct ccattatttg tagttgggtg     86280
     actttgacaa gtaaattaat ttcagtatgc ctcagtttct ttatctacaa aatcaccgta     86340
     actgtacctt taggtattgc tgtgatgatt aaataaatgc atacaaagca ctcagaagaa     86400
     tgttggataa agtaaaccct actgaagtgt tagctattac tgtaaatcat ggttgtgcct     86460
     tctgtacaaa aattacatat acacttcact gtatgttaga agttacgcgc ttcagatttc     86520
     aaaagctgtt ttgtgtgtga caggggaggg ctaaaatttt aacggcaaga taaaaattac     86580
     tatcatactg attttcagag tttggtgata attatattca gctatgtttt cttaatcacc     86640
     taattggtaa atctttcccc ctctcagtac taggtggctc tagggcacag tgatagtata     86700
     ttatgcggta cttgaataag acatgtatag tttagctgtg gggaggaggc acacacacaa     86760
     cataatgaat gaaactgtaa cgtactgacg ataaatatac agacatcatt tagaatgtat     86820
     ctctttgtca tttaatgtat gtgtgtattt atgtctgtgg gaaaagagca ggcaggaatt     86880
     agcataattt atgggggatg cattgggaga gaccactcaa acaactggta atgggacgta     86940
     aggctgacca tggaaactgg gacaaaatta gaaaactctg acatgaacaa cttagtttaa     87000
     aaatctattt ggcaggcaaa agacagtcat tgtagtttct tgaacaaaga aaataaagat     87060
     cagtttagat gtgttataca aaataaactg caggagggtt gaaaccaggt tggtagccca     87120
     atcatgactc aggacggcgg gcagcgtggg gaaaggcaac agacctaagg attagacaga     87180
     caaggtgaag ggaagggaac actcaaaatt tacaaataaa gcagacatcc ttggttttct     87240
     ttcaatatcc tttccctgtt ctttcctcct caaaggactc caaaaatctc tggcatccac     87300
     tctttcctga catagatcat gtggcttagg ggaaaactaa catcacacac agcttcaagg     87360
     tgagcaagac tggtttaagg ataatctaac ttgccttgcc agggattggt tcagaaataa     87420
     gcaggtgacc ctctcctgaa cctgtgagag gccaatgaga tgagagatgt taagaacttt     87480
     tggcaaagtt cttccaaatt ctggaaggtc ttccggaagt aacgttttcg ctttcctgtt     87540
     ggatgtgatc aaagtagcat gtaccccttc ctgctactgg caggcagcct atgagagtga     87600
     gggtaaactc ctcagtctgc aaccactatg aagagcaaga ctgagagacg gagagaagct     87660
     agctagctga tgacgacatt gttgagatgc tgaagtaaac aaccctcatg gggttcagtt     87720
     atgtgagcca gtaaatttct tccctgttta gtctcaggca gcatttgtta tttacatctg     87780
     aaagcgtgct aagtaatact gtttctgtgc atgggcatga agaaaactgc tggtgacaga     87840
     aacaataaag ctgggatggg aatttatttg caaagttgac aagttcagcc ttgggcactg     87900
     taagatgaag ttgataacgc tcgcttttct agacttgtat ccattagagc atacctaaag     87960
     aaccaatgtt cttattgtcc agctaagaaa aatgtcctat ttatcttgta gaattagggt     88020
     gaaaagtaga aaagtgagaa gagttctcat ggaatttatc cttggttcag agccagactt     88080
     agtcttccat actgagccca ggtgcctgta cttaattcct ccagttctgg atccttgtct     88140
     gctgttatct caaaaactgg ctgctccatc tttctgttct catgtctttg caaggtcctt     88200
     atgtggcaac tgacacctcc attcatttcc tggaagtctt gattttctgg tttacggact     88260
     gaaccactcc attaacaata tcagaaatat caaaaatgtg ttccttgact attaatctga     88320
     gaatctgacc cagaactatt ttttcattct ggctgccaaa ctcaactaat cttgttgctg     88380
     ccatttctca ttacaatgag cacactgagg ttttgaagaa tttgtaattt catatcacat     88440
     ttctgaacaa agtgggaaat gttcatttaa aaatatgatt aagctggaca tgagatggtg     88500
     tgtgccataa tctcagctcc tcgggaggct gaagtgggaa gatggcttga gtccaggagt     88560
     tcaagactag cctgggcaac acagtgtgat cccatctcaa agaataaatt aatttatttt     88620
     aaaaatatga ttatattctg gggatctaat aaaaacgcaa aattaatgcc tacaattttg     88680
     gtctaattga tatattttaa taattatttt tataaactta aaatgcctag ttatatcatt     88740
     aatctacttt ccaaatctta acatctcctt taaactgtaa aaaatatttt aaatagaagt     88800
     gctttataaa gatattaaaa ttaatacttt acttataatc acacataatt ttaaatttta     88860
     cattaaaata acaaggccat taaaacattc atcaatttta aaaaatcaaa gtatagaata     88920
     ctagatcatc tcttttcatg gtagacagct gtttgcttag attacagata cttcccaaaa     88980
     tatccactta atgtcacagt gactgagatt tttttacctg atgttccagc ttcatggttt     89040
     ttttcttcag gtttgccatt tgtcttgaaa gctctttttt catccacctc atcatccccc     89100
     caccatgacg gctgcccata taatggagta ccacggggca tagcagaaat atctggaaag     89160
     aggtgggaaa aatctgtcta aagcagatga aacagaaaag aatacacttt cgcagaatgc     89220
     tagaactgcc tgcttgatta attaaattaa aaagcaaagt atagtcttga tagctaaaat     89280
     gtactctata ctgaattaac tcggtatttg tggaagatct tatacaatgt tggacatgac     89340
     taaataaata agatttccac tgggtggtat ctaagtaaca caacgtgcta catatctcaa     89400
     tagctttttg ttaaggtgtt atgagttgtt tgctatataa ctgaactgct tgtaacaaat     89460
     ggcattttac ttgaatttag acagaaagtg acctcagaag aacaagtttg ttgaaactag     89520
     acaataatca actagggaag aacaaaacca gtctgatcag aaatggctca ttaagactaa     89580
     atgtaaaaga caaagctaaa gtaaattttc acatgagtag ctattttcca atttttttcc     89640
     agcccaagga cacaaaaact agttcttaac agaactaaca tttttttgtt tgagcaaatg     89700
     tagtaatgcc tattcattta aaaacttgtt tctgtttgaa tgggattatt tatgtaaggc     89760
     attttataac gtgcctagaa ttgtaaatta ttatatggtg atacagccac atttgattta     89820
     aaaaattttt cttttaattc gttttcgttg ttatgctgca gaagaaaatg cagacaaaca     89880
     tgaaataata aaaatattat aaggtaaact acacagttaa ccctctgaat ctgtaggttc     89940
     tgcatccatg ggttcaatta gctgcagatg aaaaatgttt tgggggaaaa aattccacta     90000
     cattccaaaa tgcaagactt aaatttgcct tatgccaagt actattaaac aaatgaagtg     90060
     aggtgtatgc attgtattag gtattataag tgatctagag atgatttaaa gtatacagga     90120
     ggatgtgttc aagttatgtg caaatactat gccattttac ataaggaact tgagcatcgt     90180
     gaattctggt attcatggga gtcctgaaac cagtccccca cggatactga aggatgacca     90240
     tatttacttc tcttaaacat ttaaacatat taagcacacc tatatataac tgctatatat     90300
     aattatgtgt tttataatgt ttcctaatga aagcactggt agcattaaaa cacactctga     90360
     aattatcact attataaatt atttttatat ggacatagcc aactttctga gaacaaagca     90420
     tgcagtgtct tcaagatcaa gtataaagat ggtctttcga gagaggccag cttacccatg     90480
     gctttttcct cggatttcag tgcttcagta gttttgtgct gcacttcagt agcagcgtct     90540
     gctacctttg aatctatgct tttggcactt gcagatttgg ataattctga ttctgaagat     90600
     ttttgggaca actgaagctg aatggtaaac ttctcatgct ataaaacatt taaaaatgga     90660
     agtgaaacat caagaagtaa aatcaaccat agtgaagagt agatttgcaa aagaagttaa     90720
     gtaaaaactg ttaccttaag agcttcttca gggaccctca tttctccttg tactacagtg     90780
     aaaagatttg tatgtaaacg gggctaagga agaatataac ctcaaatttc tgataattga     90840
     gctaaaaatc gtcatcaaat gtaatttaga aattgttcta tttcaacagg taactacagc     90900
     agaattatta tatttcccct gaatagttaa atattaaaat atggtcacca atgtaaacat     90960
     tttcatttta aaatactaaa aatcttaaga tccagcaagt tttctaattt taagtaatgg     91020
     tggccctcaa gaagcaaaca actgggtaat ttatcagagc acagagacat tttcaatttt     91080
     cactaacaat aatatgagat aactacaaag aaaaagtaca tgcatcaaat tatattgaga     91140
     gctaatcaca aaaatgtaag gaaatatctc atcaatgatt aaccaacagc aattcctaaa     91200
     agaatttgat tactcaaact tcataagcat tgataaaaat gaagttcatt ttgcaagtgc     91260
     aaaagaaatg ctataattag ggtccttaca gcaaccacaa ccatgactgt tccccatgaa     91320
     ttgcaatcaa ggtcgtatta cattatcaaa caatggatac tataccaaga tgagattaga     91380
     accaagtgct agatacaatg aatgccttca ttattaaacc aaaaagaaca ctgcctctgt     91440
     atattaaaaa gatctattca ctaaagagta gaggtcacat ttcccaccat tacttaactc     91500
     tgtaatgaga ggacttttat aaccatgtac taaattctat tccttaccag ttcagagcac     91560
     tcatgacttc gagggtagaa agctgtaact atcatgacta cttgggggaa aaagatgact     91620
     tcccaagcat aagggaagta ggaaacttgt gagtatttat tctaggtttc tacttgttaa     91680
     aataataaaa attcagaatt gtaaatatga agagttttgg gaaatattct gttcaattcc     91740
     attagtccct cctgtttcat aaataaagaa cctgggtaat ggacggacag aaaccaaaac     91800
     aagagtctag tcaactgaat cccaggccag ggctctccta ttaatctaca ttgctttttc     91860
     ctatagcttt gaaatattaa aattttcctt tttgtcacat tcatacactg gtatatattt     91920
     gctggtacat atggaaatac acatctcata actaagtata tttaataaaa gataatgtct     91980
     aaattgcaaa catatggaat caatctaaat gcccatcaac tgataagtgg tttaagaaaa     92040
     tgtggtatat atacaccatg gaatactact cagccataaa aaagaatgaa atagtgtctt     92100
     ttgcagcaac ttgtatggaa ctgaaggcta ttactctaag taaagtaact caggaatcaa     92160
     aaacccaaat accacatgtc ctcacttcca agtgggacct aagctatggg tacacaaagg     92220
     catacagagt ggtataatga acactggata atcagaagtg gggaagccgg aaggcggggt     92280
     gagggatgaa aaactaccta ttgaggtaca gtgtatacta ctcaggtggt gggtacacta     92340
     aaatcccaga cttcaccctt gcacaattca tccatgtatc caaaaaatca cttgtatccc     92400
     taaagctatt gaaatttctt taaaaagaca aaaaatgtga ttaagctatt ataagaaaaa     92460
     acctagaatt taataagtat acatacattc gcatatttat ataatatgaa ttatataaac     92520
     acatatatat aatatagaaa aacactaggg catgactact gcagatatta ttgaagtttt     92580
     tcattctttt ctgaaaattg ctttctatct gatgtggtta cagatgtgag ttccctgaag     92640
     caatattatg gtaaaaactt tgctttaaat ataataataa tactgtctag taactttgtt     92700
     ttatccgcaa aaaactcata aacagctaga gaaaattcat agcattccta ctttttctat     92760
     gaaaaaaggc attaaaaatg gacagtcatt accatttttt ccatggaaaa cacaagtgat     92820
     ttcagcctgt tgtgagggtt ttcgggtgct tcaagcttac ctcctgggag tgcctgaagg     92880
     caacttccca gggctcgtct ggggtatcct ctttaaacct agacactctt caggtcatgg     92940
     agagcttgag aggagccatc cttctcaggt tcaaacattt taccttccaa aaatgtttgt     93000
     gtgtgtggaa acgaagaaga cctcaagaag cctcttgttt gggtcattaa ttcatctggg     93060
     aactctggtg taactgtgag atctggagac tgctctagcc ccagcttttc cctccaaggc     93120
     taccatcttc ttagtggtgc aggcctatgt agctattttt aacttgctaa tcaagaaaaa     93180
     tgacaaacag aggtagaata acgcatgata tcagtaagtt ataaaaagtt tgaattcttg     93240
     cttattaaaa aatcataatt tgacaggtta tttctccact tctttatata aaactatgat     93300
     tgctattcta agccatcccc ctgtactgac ctaagtcaat ttattcaaga aatgtttatc     93360
     taaaagtagg actgtggaaa ctcccctgaa tactagtaat gtgttcttag atacggttcc     93420
     tcccactctt ttattttaat gacaaaataa aaaacagagc gaaactttaa acagcgttag     93480
     ttattccaag gggtatgacc taaaatatga agtgtcagat atcactgtaa acatatcttt     93540
     caaaaatcat gtcagataat taagaaaacc tgaataaaat tatttcatac aaggaaagat     93600
     cagaaaaaca tatttttcaa aattaatata tttcatacat gtgatttaaa aaaacatata     93660
     ataaggctat ccctagaaat tcttaaggtt acccaaaaat gtttcctttt cattacaaat     93720
     atggaaattt tccctcattt aacaacaatt gataataaaa catacaatta tgataaatta     93780
     gagtccacag agaattagta aggtaggtcc taggagacaa taagggttta aaagaaagtt     93840
     aacagcagga aactttctaa ggggaaaatt ttatctatct gcttaatttt gcctatacct     93900
     tcaaaaaaag gtatcatttt attttaggag atgattatct ttccaacttg tagaagatcc     93960
     tgttctttaa aaacatagtt ttcaaacaac tgatttaaac ttctctatca cttcattttt     94020
     tcatccaaaa aagctcattt ccattaattt ttaaaattta gttcttttaa gctttgagaa     94080
     atgtcctcta tttttgaaat ttgaaaaata ttaatatgct catgttttgt tatggatatc     94140
     aaccacatag ataaggaaaa atcttaactt ctctgaatga aagttcttaa tttttgctta     94200
     catttaactt ccccttgatc attcagcagc cgttatcttg acagcctacc aaacagtggt     94260
     atatatagtg ctggaagtac agattaatta tagttttaga tgctatgata tgatgtattg     94320
     gagttttctt taacctggtt tctaatatga ctaacccaat cattttgtgg gccattatgc     94380
     aggaatatac aacttctttg ggaaaataca taaatcacaa ttttaaaata gaaggtactg     94440
     ggttcttact tatgatgact tacatgatta aaatgattgg cgggtggatc ttgtgattca     94500
     agatatttaa gtaatgtgta aataatttcc cacaaaatgt ggaaaccata ctatactctg     94560
     cttttcctcc tagcacatta gtggtttctc cttagtctct tttactggtt cctaatctca     94620
     cccatctctt aatattggaa tgtaccaggt gtcagtcctt gaacctctta tcaatctata     94680
     ttcattccct taatgatctc attcagtctt atggttttaa atattattta tataataaaa     94740
     atccccacat tcatatcttt agcttctact tcacccctgg attcaacttt acattcaaca     94800
     tgccccaaat caacttctca atcttctgga taagatggag taaaaagaat tggatttatt     94860
     ctcctacatt aaacaactaa aagatgggta aaacacatga tacaatgttt tacaagacaa     94920
     ttggcatcag gcaacaaaag acaatgatct cccagagaag ggcaacaaag caagagtcca     94980
     atcactgccc caactcactg ccctgtgaaa gtttctaggt cacactgtga ggaagaataa     95040
     tccagacaga gcctggcaga ctccctgagt tgtgatggaa atgaagtcaa gagtccaagc     95100
     aaatcaacat tactggaatt cccaggactg agtactgaag acaagcctgc acagaaagag     95160
     aattccagag attttcagtc tctggaaaat attagagata atagtaccca gtgcccacac     95220
     atagggccag gaatagtacc tactctcaac agctagactg taaaacctca tgcatgattc     95280
     atgagtcact gggtagagca caagtcagca aactttttct gtaaagggcc agatagtaaa     95340
     tctttcaggt ttttcaggcc acgtgatctc tgcttcagct actcaactct gcagcggtag     95400
     agcaaaagtg gccacagaaa tatgttaata gattgggcat agcgatgttc caacaaaaca     95460
     gcctgaggac cagatttggt caatgagttt actgaccccc cacagtagaa catacagaaa     95520
     ggtcttgcct cagtagttgg gaataattag cccagaacaa tcttagaagc ctaacaaatc     95580
     ttaaaggaaa gactcaaagt gataaaactg tttccaagta acttgtattc cagaagaatg     95640
     ctcaaaaata cttatataaa tactaaaata tgcataacac tcagcaaagt aaaattcaca     95700
     atgcctgcca tctaataaaa aattactatg agtgtaaaaa ttaatcaatg gaaatcaacc     95760
     cagaagagat aaacaaattt taaaataaat aatggagatt ttttccaaat tggattgaaa     95820
     ctataaagcc acaggatttt agaaggtcaa caaaccccaa gggaggaaca aaaaaacaac     95880
     aaacaaaaag aaagaagaag aaagaaggaa gaaaaaagaa agaagaaaga aggaagaaaa     95940
     aagaaagaag aagaaagcta caccaagaca catcataatc aaacagttca aagccaggga     96000
     caaaggaaaa taatgtgaga atacagtgga gcaacatctt taaagtgcta aaaataagaa     96060
     aaagccaatt tcgaattcta tccccagcaa cagtaacttt ttttcttttt tgagatggag     96120
     tctctctttt gcccaggctg gagtgcagag gtacgatctt ggctcattgc aacctccgcc     96180
     ttctgggttc aagagattct cctgcctcag catccggagt agctgggatt acaggtgtgt     96240
     gccaccacgc ccagctaatt tttgtatttt taatagagac agggtttccc catgtttgcg     96300
     aggctgatct caaactccca acttcatgat ccgcttgcct tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg     96360
     gattataggc gtgggccacc atgcccggcc aatattatct ttcaataact aagatgaaat     96420
     acttttctag acatataaaa gctgacagaa ttcatcacca gcaaagccat agtacaagaa     96480
     atgttgaagg aagtccatca ggtagaaaca aactgacatt atgtgaaaat atggatctgt     96540
     acaaagggat gaagaatacc agaaatggaa ggttcgtggg tttcagacat aagtacaatg     96600
     ggtataaaaa tatgtatttt aaaatatgta ttttaagatt ttaaaaatta tttaaacctc     96660
     tttaaatgac aattgacttt ttactaataa caatgtagta tggggtttgt gacacacata     96720
     aaaataaaat acatgacatc atagcacaaa ggtcaagacg aaagtatact gttgtaatgt     96780
     tcttgtacaa tatgtaaagt ggtataatgt tacttgaaga taaaacttga aattaaagac     96840
     aaattataag tcctaaaggt accactaaaa caacaacaaa aaattacggc aaataagcca     96900
     acaaaggaga taaaatgaaa taataaaaac tattcagata actcaaatga aatcagaaac     96960
     agggaaagag aaaacataaa actaatgggt caaacaggac acaaatttca agatgataga     97020
     tttaaaacta accacatcaa ttatcacaat aaatgtgaat ggcctacatc accaaataaa     97080
     agtaaaaatt atcgtatcag ataaaaaagt aagaacaact atatgctgcc tactttacag     97140
     gtaaagacaa acagggtaaa aattaaaaat ataagtagac aacagaaagc tggaacaact     97200
     ataatattaa gacaaactag atttcagagc aaagaatctt attatggata aagcaggtca     97260
     ttgcataatg atagaggggg ataattcatc aagatagcat aataatccag gttgtctatg     97320
     caactaataa aagagctgca aatgacaaag caaaaagttc tgcaaggagg agggggcgaa     97380
     cccataatta tagcctgaga tttcaatacc cctttcttaa taattgaaag agtaagaaga     97440
     caataaatca gtaaaataca gcagacctga acacccacca agccaacctg gcctaactaa     97500
     catttataga acattccaac ccccaaatag cagaacgcat atccttttta ggtacatatg     97560
     gaacatttac caagatagaa catattctgg gccacagaac aagtctcaat aaattgaaaa     97620
     ggatttgaga catacaaagt atgttctctg agcaaaatgg aattagaaat cagtaacaga     97680
     aatatatctg gaaaactccc caaatatctg gaaactaaac aaacttataa tctgtgactc     97740
     aaagaagaaa ataaaaaagg aaattagaaa cattaaagta gtaattgggg gaaaatttat     97800
     agctctaaac accagtatta gaaaagaaag gtctcaactg aatgacctca gctcctacct     97860
     agaaaaaagt ttagaataaa ggtaacagaa atcaaataga aaacagaaaa atgtgaaaac     97920
     ttggttaagt ctaaagctag tattttgaga tgattcttcc cattttctcc acaaaacttg     97980
     ctctacctac agaattctct atcagttatt aaaaggatgc cttccttttt catattgctc     98040
     aggcctaaat tctggttcat ccttgactct ttctcttact ctacatccag tctaatcaga     98100
     aaactttatt ggctacatct tcaaaatata cacagaatcc tttcatttct acttccagat     98160
     atatcaccct ggtccaaacc tcctttaccg ttcacctgaa ctactgcaat agcctcctaa     98220
     ctggtctctc ttttcatacc cctgcccact ccacccttag ttttctttga acaagagtag     98280
     ccagaggatc tttttagatg tatgtcattt atcactccga ttaaaaaaaa acaaaaacaa     98340
     aaacgcctcc aaagactacc catttcactc agaataaaag tcaaaatcct tataatgtcc     98400
     tacgagaact gatatattct gactcctaat atactcatgt tctttgctgg ctccaaccac     98460
     actggctttt aaatgctatt cctccaatat gtcaaacatg tctctgcttc aagtcctttg     98520
     tactataccc tcatctgtct gcaggacaat atctccatat atccatatgg ctaacttctt     98580
     tactttctcc acatctttgc cccagtgctg gcttctcatt gaggtcttcg tgaatattct     98640
     ttttaaaact ctaacttccc acttaccaac actagctctc tgcctcccac tttcactttt     98700
     ttccatagaa cttaccatcc tctaataccc tcacttctag tgtgtgctgt cagtcccttc     98760
     aaccccacta aagtgtaggc tacaggagaa cagtgattat gatctatttt attcacagtt     98820
     atatttccca aaccactggg actatgcctg gcacatagga gacatttaat aaataattag     98880
     gaaatgaata aacttttcct tatcagcctc atttttggct acctgaagat ttattaccac     98940
     tttttgaagt ttttcttgat tactgcagca ttttagtact ccttatgagt ttacggtcat     99000
     tttaaaagct tgtatatttc actgagtatg tgcttttcca aatcacttat ttctccagtt     99060
     acaaaaaaga cttatgttgc ctaattctag tcttgatcca tgttaaattg ctccttctat     99120
     tgatgtagca ttttatttta tttcatttat ttatttattt tagacggagt cttgctctgt     99180
     cacccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcacgatct tggctcactg caacctccgc ctcccaggtt     99240
     caaacaattc tccctgcctc agcctcctga gtagctggga ttacatgtac ctgccaccat     99300
     gccaggctag tttttgtatt ttttggtaga gatgagattt cgccatgttg gccaggctgg     99360
     tcttgaactc ctgacctcaa ctgatctgcc cactttggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac     99420
     aggtgtgagc cactgcgccc agcctgctgt agctttttaa tcaaaatagt tttcctctcc     99480
     aaagtatagc agtttataga ctgcctatta agattaattt taattagaat aaagtacaaa     99540
     aatgtcttca atctagcata gctaaataca gaaacaagta aatatataaa acctgctttt     99600
     aaaattacgt atataatata atttctgcca ctataacaga tggttttttt tttttgagac     99660
     ggagtctggc tctgttgccc aggctggagt acagtggcac gatctcggct cactgcaagc     99720
     tccgcctccc gggttcacac cattctccta ctgaggtggg aggtaggagc ctcctgagtt     99780
     gctgggagta caggcgcccg ccaccatgcc tggctaattt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga     99840
     tggggtttca ctgtgttagc caggatggtc tcaatctcct gacctcatga tccgcctgcc     99900
     tcagcctccc cacgtgctgg gattacaggc atgagccacc gtggctggct aacagatgct     99960
     attttaaaat aataaaatta tatgtgcctc ctctgggcat ccagacagta gttatggctc    100020
     aacactaagt gcacaactct gagaaagtct ttgggacaaa acatccgtcc caacaatttt    100080
     agacagacat attatgagct ggtacgtaag agaaaaatgt ctgtttgctg ttaagaaaat    100140
     agtatactat tgtgtaaaag catgaggttt ttttctcaat agtttcttct tgatataaaa    100200
     ttcaaagtta acttgacaga gttttactaa aacttaaatt tcctagtatt tttctcatga    100260
     tttgaaacag ttgatgccaa atggattaaa ggaggtatct aaattcaaaa tatacttgta    100320
     tttgttcttg atgaaactta ggctggtaga aaatgacacc cattcattaa ggctttaatg    100380
     ctaattctta attattttgc atgaagcatt ttttttaaag acttaaaata tatacaagta    100440
     ttactattta atggtttggc tttttgtata ttcctttggc tctgcaagtg tgaacattat    100500
     aaagtatgct acaaaacttt aattttagat ttaaaattta aaaaattgta atattatttt    100560
     tcgtaatttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagatggag tctctctctg ttgccaggct    100620
     acagtgcagt agtgtgatct tggctcactg caacctctgc ctcctgggtt caagcgattc    100680
     tcctgcctca gcctctggag tagctgggat tacagatgcg tgccaccatg actggttatt    100740
     taaaacattt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccacattggt caggctggtc    100800
     tcgaactcct gacctcgtga cctgcccacc tcagcctccc gaagtgctgg gattacaggt    100860
     gtgagccaca gcacctggac tatttctcgt aaatgtcaag gaacaatttt atagtgttaa    100920
     tacatttact ttaagcatct actctattta gctgagacta tgctttttct gctacggtga    100980
     caaaagtcca tccaaattgc tatgcttaat acattcttta ttaccaaagt cccaataaaa    101040
     gtagtaattc aaaaaaacta aaactcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaccttcag cattatgtgg    101100
     aatagctgta ttttaattaa atgtacataa atccttttta caaagcttct tgcctactat    101160
     gaatggaaat gtctttcttc ttctgcaatc atgctccttc ccttcactag agattcttca    101220
     cgctgcccca tgcagtttaa tacagtcatg tccttgttca attattagat tcctaatttt    101280
     aaacataaga attttaaata cacactaaat gcataatgtg gattaatcag agagcgtagg    101340
     tcttagaaga cacaggatat tgaaaagttt gaatttaata ggcaatatag ctgtgatgca    101400
     taaaacagtt aacgggaggg atggaaggaa aagtaggttt aaattcttac attcatccca    101460
     ggaggctgat tcatgcatca tgttccacct gaaagcaatc cctaggctgg actaaaatta    101520
     aacattcccc tgtcctctcc ccagttacat tctttgatgc tcaaattata tatgcaatag    101580
     cacttcagtg agactgatgc tgaaactaca taaatagaga gagagaggga aaaaaaaagc    101640
     tgagtccacc aacttttcca tgattacttt taggaacagg cataataact aaaaatatat    101700
     atgtatttta gtataggaat gcacccaata aatagaaatt ctggcatatc tatattgtga    101760
     attgtgtttt aaaaatgtta acttaaacca gagtaaacat atttgaataa atttaataag    101820
     tacataaaac catttaagga tatcatatcc aaatctcagc ttatcttcaa gtttcaaggt    101880
     gatataagtc tgttccggaa tccttacatc attcacaaaa gtctacaagg aaacaaaaaa    101940
     agatgttagg ttacgtatga ggtattaatt cttacatttc agataagcaa attctcaaat    102000
     ctgagagtta aaagcacata tcatacggtg gctaatacag cctgagtatc ataagatgtg    102060
     ccatgcagcc tgtaggctga taaatgattt tatactaagc cttttatctc tcttactggt    102120
     aacacacaaa gaacccagtg ctgccaagat gaatttaggc acttagaata gttcctaaaa    102180
     atggtgccaa gaaaagctcc taatctaaag ctggcaaacc gcaaagggta aaatatttaa    102240
     ctgttaatat accatcaggg tttgctcaac ccaattttag ctttttgaga aattctgtct    102300
     atgtgtaagc attgacattt cattactttt atttttggaa ttattataaa gaagaagaag    102360
     aaaatttact ttaagaaaat agaataaaac tcaatttatt ttgcagttgt catatgggtc    102420
     ctttggatcc ctttaggaat cacatacatt ataaggtttc agtgatctta tttttctgat    102480
     atgttgaaat tctgccattt tatcatccta gcaactattt aatatttact catcaattat    102540
     tccaaacaac gctaaaagtg atccaaataa taagacaaaa gaataacaga agcaataacc    102600
     aacaaaaaaa tattgtaagc cacatttact attatatttt ctttcttctc tctctctctc    102660
     tttctttcag ggtcgcggtg gtgcgatcat ggtgcactgc agccttgatt tcctgggctc    102720
     aggtgatttt cctacctcag cctcctgagt agctggacta caggtgcatg ctaccatgcc    102780
     cagctaattt ttgtgtattt tttgtagaga caaggtctcc ctatgttgcc caggctgatc    102840
     gcaaactcct gggctcaaat gatatgccca ctttggcctc ccaaaatcct gggattatag    102900
     gtgtgagcca ccatgcctgg ccaaattata ttttctagtg ggcacataaa aaaggaaaca    102960
     agatagaggt gagattagtt ttaatattat acatttcacc tgatatatcc aaaatagtac    103020
     cgtttcagta aagtaccaat ataaaaacta acaaggtatt tcatattctt ttttttttct    103080
     ttttttggta ctatgtcttt aaaatttaga ctactccaca tttcaagggc tcaacaggca    103140
     cacatggtta gtggctactg tagtgaaaag cacagaccta cgagcatgat gcaatagtga    103200
     aataaatcac tatttcatca ttctttagtt atcttactgc agtggccaaa atattcctca    103260
     tctttccaag aaggtataaa agacatctgg agataaaatc tttatacatt ttggggtttc    103320
     ttttttcacc tattaaagag cacagttgaa aatccagaat ttctgattta acattcataa    103380
     aggcaaagag aagaaaacag gaagatattt cataattata agataaatac aagagacagt    103440
     gggattctac actatgataa tgttgataaa gctgatagca taagcaaaat tatcagactc    103500
     tgtgtcttca aatgaagaca gtcatagaca cattttctct aatgcaagaa tcaatgagaa    103560
     agaatgtgtc catgaaaaaa aaagaaattt tcatctagtt agtcattcag taagaatcac    103620
     gtagtatttt tcaaaaagaa tctgaatgat tttgggtttt gtgggggttt tgtttttggg    103680
     gttctgagac agggtctcgc tctgtcaccc aagatggagt gcagtggcat ggaccacatc    103740
     tcattctgaa gcctcgacct cccaggctca ggtgattctc ccacctcagc ctcctcagta    103800
     gctgggacta gaggcttgtg ccaccacacc ctgctaattt ttaaattttt tgtagatggg    103860
     gtctcactat gtcacccagg ctggtcttga attcctggcc tcaagcaatc ctcctgcatt    103920
     ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt aagccaccat cgccagcctc attttaaaag    103980
     aagtgtcata ttttaaaaga aatattgaca gccttctttt ttcacatctg tgttccaata    104040
     cttatttgat atagtatgta agtggacata ttctcaacac aagtatctat acaaaggtga    104100
     ctggaagaga tgatgtagac ataaaattat tggattgagc ttctaattgt tgtttataaa    104160
     tctaaaaata ataagtgttt tgcactttat ggaggaaaaa agatggctat cctattaaca    104220
     aaattataag ctgtaaagtt tttttttttt tttttttttt gagatggagt cttgctcttg    104280
     ttgcccaggc tggagtgtaa tggcgtgatc tcagctcact acaacttctg cctcccaggt    104340
     tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc agcctctcaa gtagctggga ttacaggcac ctgccgccac    104400
     gcctggctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagcg atggggtttc accaggttag ccaagctggt    104460
     cttgaactcc tgaccttagg tgattcacct gcctcagcct cccaaagggc taagattaca    104520
     ggggtgagct actgcgccca gccaaaattt ttaaaacact gtgttttgac catgcaagaa    104580
     caagaagcac cagaaataat acactagaat taactaaaga catacagtac ttgagatctg    104640
     gaatcaacat ttataagatg gatatatgtt ccaggtgaat acatgtcaac tgatgagcag    104700
     ttagttgcat tcaaacaaca ctgcccattt tgggtagtat atacctttaa acaccaggaa    104760
     aatatggaat aaaaatttga gtttgtcatg tctaattttt tattaaaatt tcaagttgtt    104820
     ttaattaccc ttttattttt acttttgtaa attatttgta caatattttt tttaaaaaag    104880
     ggtccactgg attattgccg gaagtcagtg accctgaatg gagggaccag ctgaagccat    104940
     ggcagaagaa cataaattgt gaagatttca tggacattta ttagttcccc aaattaatac    105000
     ttttataatt tcttatgcct gtctttactg aaatctctga acataaattg tgaagatttc    105060
     atggacattt tatcacttcc ccagtcaata ctcttgtgat ttcctatgcc tgtctttaat    105120
     ctcttaatcc cgtcatcttc gtaagctgag gatgtatgtc gcctcaggac cctgtgatga    105180
     ttgtgttaac tgcacaaatt gtttaaacaa tatgaaatct gggcaccttg aaaaaagaac    105240
     aggataacag cgatgttcag ggaacaaggg agataaccat taggtctggc tgcctgagag    105300
     ccaggcagaa cagagccata tttctcttct ttcaaaagcg aataggagaa atatcgctga    105360
     attccttttc tcagcaagga acagccctga gaaagagaat gcgttcctag tgggaggtct    105420
     ctgaaatggc cactctggga atgtctgtct tttacggttg gagataaggg atgaaataag    105480
     ccccagtctc ccgtagcact cccaggctta ttaggacgag gaaattccca cctaataaat    105540
     tttggtcaga ctggttgtct gctctcaaac cctgtctcct gataagatgt tatcaatgac    105600
     aatgcgtgcc cagtgggaca tgatacttca ttagcatttt taatttcacc tgggtcctgt    105660
     gatctcgccc tgcctccatt tgccttgtga tattttatta ccttgtgaag catgtcatct    105720
     ctgtgaccca caccctattc atacactccc tccccttctg aagatcacta ataaaaactt    105780
     gctggttttg cagcttgcgg ggcatcacgg aacctgctga cgtgatgtct cccctggata    105840
     cccagcttta aaatttctct cttttgtact ctttcccttt atttctcaga ccagctgaca    105900
     cttagggaaa tacaaaagaa cctatgtgaa ataacgttga attatcgggg gtaggttccc    105960
     ctgatactag atacagatgg taaatggtga tgactatctt tactggcata ctgagagtta    106020
     agggcctaga atttgctaaa tttatagaac acagaacaaa ggttatggtt aactgcctat    106080
     gcagacatca aataaacacc caacaagttt ttctttgata aactgaaatt taaaaaatta    106140
     ctttattctt tcctttttta aattttatta ttattatact ttaagtttta gggtacatgt    106200
     gcacaatgtg caggttagtt acatatgtat acatgtgcca tgctggtgtg ctgcacccat    106260
     taactcgtca tttagcatta ggtatatctc ctaatgctat ccctgccccc ctccccccga    106320
     ccccacaaca ggccccagag tgtgatgttc cccttcctgt gtccatgtgt tctcattgtt    106380
     caattccaac ctataagtga gaacatctgg tgtttggttt tttgctttta tcatcttcta    106440
     ttttattaga tttgagatgg ccatgatagc ttatttgaga agactgccct tccatgatga    106500
     ggtagttaca gtaaaatact taaagggatt aggttattaa actctcatat ttctatgcat    106560
     aaatagctct ttgtaatatg ccataaaata agttttaagt ctacaaaaga aatcagaaaa    106620
     agttacaatc ttagtttcaa gcatatatat agagataggg gaataccatt aagactctag    106680
     attatatcct agaatgattt atgagtaatc ctaaatcaca agcttccaac atgttttaaa    106740
     gaaaggttga aattgtaata caaagaaaat tcaaaggctt cagagactta taaactctaa    106800
     cttcaggttc atttccaaaa tgaagacttc agtgttttaa aacttatgtc ttgagtttac    106860
     taaagtattc ggaggataca gtcatgcatt gcttaacaat ggggcaacat tctgagaaac    106920
     acatcactaa gcgatttact tcactgtatg aacattatag agtttacagt acttacacaa    106980
     acctagatag tatagcctac tacacaccca ggctgtattg tatatcctat tgctcctagg    107040
     ctacaaatct atacagcctg ttactatact gaatattgta tgcaattgta acacagatag    107100
     gaattcttca gctccattat aatcttatgg taccactgcc gtgtatgtgg tctgccgtta    107160
     tgggatgcat gactctaatt acaaaacaga agaactgagg aaaatgatgc aaaagaatga    107220
     aagaaaatgt taatttacta atgtctggta ggcaaaagat aactagatac agtattgaag    107280
     aggagtgcta cagttctgaa attctgagcc aattttattt gaaacttgtc tctaataacc    107340
     taaaacacca catttactca aaaggcctgt gatgacctag aagatccatt taagtttaag    107400
     attgcataac tctcttaaat attaagcacc tgttgtgtgt tgaacatgtg tactaggcac    107460
     tttcagagat cgagaaacat ataattttaa catgctgcca tttatgacag aactattccc    107520
     taaagtctaa aaaggcttag gaaatatgag ccagacacaa aatttcagtt cacaaaaaat    107580
     gcaagtgaaa acatctgtga ggaaatagtc tcctgaaggt ctaaaattac caatgggaaa    107640
     gagaaaattt caaagagcca gaggaaaaat catttaacta gatcaaattt taataactta    107700
     gatacgggaa aaaaaatgag ttttgtttct ttgtcagtgc catttcaaca caccaggtag    107760
     agacctggtg gtgaggaaaa tgaggcaaag agaatgaagt aatcatcaag atcttggagt    107820
     ccagaagtgg caatgttggg attcgaaatc aggtctctga actacaaatc ctatgagcgt    107880
     tccacatcaa gattaggtgc ccaagctaaa ccagctcccg aaattcctcc attcaaacca    107940
     ctaaccccac agaagcaaac caaacttaaa taaataccta tttaatttac atacaactac    108000
     atgacacaat tgatagtata aaatcatata gccagcatac attgtattga tgatctggga    108060
     aagtgaacag agcacaacca cctcaatctc tctgccagct acaaaagcct cctctccttc    108120
     cctaaccttt cctttcaacc tttagtgaag accattctct actctatacc acacaggtct    108180
     gatgctggca ggaactctag tgtgcaaagg ggacacagtg tgtctggaac acagactgct    108240
     gatgggggca gtccagtaac aaatggcagg cttgcaatgg cacaggaggg gtagggcaga    108300
     ggccatggtg gctaccagag gggcaagggc cccagtggag gaggcagggg gaactgaagg    108360
     caaacagggg ttcccaaaga aagagaacct tcaatgggtt tgcaggaaaa tggcccgtta    108420
     aaatatcagc aacggaaccg actgtagctt tctcaggcag aacaacctca tttctggtgg    108480
     caattctgta aattgtagat ctaggtccct tgggagtgta ttctgggcta gggtgaaagg    108540
     ggacaggagt ggaaatgatc acttttaagt tgaatttagt tggtaagtga tttttctaaa    108600
     cagtaacagt gaattctttg aaaagtatat aggctacagg ttgctaaact tgtctttgct    108660
     gcttttctta ccataataaa aataacttac atttactgaa tgcttactat gtactgttgt    108720
     ttaaaattat tagcttattt atatctttac aacacataca acacgctcac acaacctgtg    108780
     agtaccattt tattatttct attttttaaa aaattgagga atagagaact taggtaattt    108840
     gtccaaggtg acatcaaagc tgggttcata accactacac tgtgtcctcc tacctccaaa    108900
     agtactactt ttaacctgat acttaaagtt ctagaataat atggataata agagtaaata    108960
     ggctgcgaat aatagtctac aagttctctt atgactaaaa tgcatgatag ttggtagttc    109020
     atagactttt gacatttttt ggctgctaaa gacctttgtg gcatgtttct taggctgtca    109080
     tttgggtaac agtatattta tcatttatgt aatgctttaa agttctatac taagcgcaca    109140
     ctcaaatgta ctgttacatt taatcctcat aacaatacta cagagcagga attatttcat    109200
     catttaatag ctgaagcaag attctgcatt gcatctttgc tttcataaac ttcaactcat    109260
     tacatgttta cacactttgg aaggtagtat atatgaggaa actgaatttc agagagatta    109320
     agtgatttgt cccaggttac actgctgata aataacagat ctgagtttca aatcctggtc    109380
     ctgatttcaa gcttaaaatg cagatgtcgc tctccatgag ttagtatctt tcacaatatt    109440
     attgagtata atcaaattat aagaaaggcc aacctagaaa aatgtcatgt ttcacctgat    109500
     tatttttgga accaatacca agtaatttcc atatttgagc ataggctttt aaaagactaa    109560
     aatgctgatg taattcccgc tgcttatttt ccaaaataac aatgtaaaga catacagact    109620
     accactgttc atctgttgtc aagatgaaac tttctagact taaagacaat ataacattgt    109680
     caaaatgttc cacatataga agttaaaatt tttcactata aattcttcaa gtagaaaatt    109740
     aattcaattc cactaaagaa agatttactg ggttcatgca ctgtgcagag ccctctgcta    109800
     ggcactgtgg tcacagaagc agaaggcaca tgaacttatt caggagctca taagtcagca    109860
     tagctacaga ggtataaaag tagatttaat accaggctga tcaaggacac aaaggcttat    109920
     gtgtggagaa ggaagagaga aattctagca aagaggagtt gagaatcaaa attgctaaca    109980
     ttcatgccta atgttacaac agtttctacc tactttgcct atctctgcta attttaatcc    110040
     tttcaacatg tcaacatcag caggttaaaa ttcctaagta aacgggcctt tgtttcatct    110100
     cttcaaaaag aagtagaatt tgagctttat tttaaaaaat gtgtaaaact tttataaatg    110160
     gcaaggcaga tgggagaaag agtagactga agaaaatcta acaaattatt tgaagaaaga    110220
     catagcatag caggaagact actgtttgga agaagagcaa gggaaaatgt aatgatggag    110280
     catcaatctg gaaaggtgga taatgctaaa tgtgagagtt ttcagggcaa acatgaagaa    110340
     catacactta attctacatg ctttgagaaa aaaaaatgct tgaataaaac caacagagaa    110400
     aaaaaaaggc ttgaataaaa ccaacaggaa aacatgccta caaaaaattt gtatttatct    110460
     caaagaataa atataaaagt ccttcagtag caggccaatt cagaattggt taaaaaaaat    110520
     gtattaccat atttgccaaa tttctgcatg ttcttgtaca taatgtttga tgtacatttg    110580
     aaaagcatga atagtctgaa gcagttggga tgcacttatt tctgttaaat tcattttaag    110640
     aatttcagca gcacagatag gaacaacaca gtatttgctt gtgttagcag aaccataagc    110700
     aaatgaagaa actgaaataa aagaaataat tcaatacttc agcactcttt ttagtttgta    110760
     gctacttata ttatgccaaa tgtagacaga ccaaatgaag aaataagaaa aaattcactt    110820
     cagtaacaca aaaatatatt caaagtatga attccaagaa taatgaacaa tggcggttag    110880
     ataatgtgct atatttgtga aggcaaatgg ttgtgttgtt tcaccttttt taccctagca    110940
     gagaaagttg tctactctct ggcacctttc catctttctt ttcttttctt ttttttgaga    111000
     cgcagtcttg cttgttctgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgctgtct cggctcacaa    111060
     caagctccgc ctcccgggtt cacgccattc tcctgcctca gactaccgag tagctgggac    111120
     tacaggagcc cgccaccaca cccggctaat tttttgcatg tttagtagag agggggttca    111180
     ccgtgttagc caggatggtc tggatctcct gacctcgtga tccgcccgcc tcggcctccc    111240
     aaagggctgg gatgacaggc gtgagccacc gcgcccggcc ccagctccat ctttattttc    111300
     taaacttaac cattacttct ctgtccctga gagtactttt ttgcattctc actgccatga    111360
     ctttttaccg ttttccctca tataaattac agccatatag tgaagtcaag cttaggttcc    111420
     aactccttaa agaagtcttc tttagccatc acagacaatg acaaccacct tctggattca    111480
     tctgcttata gtttctttgg aatatgggct agtttcatat tctattggat ggtccccaaa    111540
     gtgctatgta cctgataagc atttgaaaat aacatacaaa gtaaagaaaa agaaaatgta    111600
     gctaggaaat gtaatctgat ttttattctt acaatattaa acaaatgttc aaacaagaca    111660
     aaaaataaac cattgactta ccccattgag gctgcccaaa tccttcacta aatgctcatc    111720
     cgtagacgca tcatagttga tgacagcgtg ttgcttatcc acactacgag actgaaagga    111780
     atgttgtcag ttaataaata taagaaaata ctagaataaa taccagtcac attttggcta    111840
     gatacctaat attaatagga cagtaaatat agggaaatat caaagtaagt gtggattaaa    111900
     tgagattaaa acggtgccac tatacaacaa aatcttttta gcatcactgc ccaaagagga    111960
     aaacataaaa ttttaaagat attcttttct actaaattca catgttctat taagaattta    112020
     catcagctga cttcgctgaa tgtattaact taattttttt aaatttaaaa ctgttataga    112080
     gaaatcatgt gaattataat tttaccatgt tttacatatc ttattgtaaa aaacatttac    112140
     cttgtaggat tttcttcttt caaaacaaaa aatgagcata aactattcaa agagtccaaa    112200
     gatttagagg aaaagggaca caatatgaca tgtttcagaa caaaattatc ttcatttaaa    112260
     atatgggctc taaaactgga attcacggga cagctctaag agggaaaggg actgaaagtc    112320
     aaaagaaagg tattttaatg gcaaactgtg gtttttgaaa attgctttta agtttctttt    112380
     aaagttttct ctctctctgt ctctctccag agcttagtaa gttgtctgca gatggaagca    112440
     cccaaaagca gaacgataag cctgtggaaa ttggtattga aaggaaatat cattatagtc    112500
     acagaagaaa cagtctgtga accagtgaat ctgaacttga tcaccatgta ttacggggtt    112560
     actgtgtgaa ccctggtata ctaaaagcaa agagagtatc aaaaatgggg aacagacatg    112620
     acttccaatt tttggtccaa catggaaaga atctgaagtc atcgctccca tcttcataat    112680
     aagaaaaatg ttgaacaaac tgaaaaccaa aaactcatct tagtttttca gagacctgag    112740
     gtcacaaggc aaattaccac cctgaaaagt agagagacaa gcaaatacag agagaatcac    112800
     agcttgccag gagcagaagc ctccgctaga aacagcaacc agtaggacaa cttaaaggtg    112860
     aagtgattaa ttgctagaga cttgagggtg gaccaacttg agatttaaaa aaactcctgc    112920
     attaaatcta aaaattgctt aaaattcatt tttgttttca ttactttgaa tttttattca    112980
     tctggttaaa ctaatgaaat actaaattca gttcttaagt tggcaagaag caacaacgca    113040
     ccactcagca aaataatttc accatattgt tgatgtatca agttgatcta gtctaaggat    113100
     aaaacctcca aatgttgtta agagaagtga gatttcaagt acatgtaggc tctcaataaa    113160
     tactgaatgg atcctcataa ataatctctc tctgaggaaa agagtacata ggaaaagggc    113220
     agaaatcctt tggacaatgg actgaaattc aaagaaaaaa atctaaatta gagttgagaa    113280
     aaggcaaatt ccaaagcaaa gtgaaatgtt accattagat ataggactaa aggagtcaaa    113340
     tggctactca tggagccaga gaatggtggc tttcgaagga gtgtgataaa cacagatgag    113400
     ggatattgag aaaaagtgat ttggggagga agtaatttag gacaggctgc ttcactaagt    113460
     gaacaacttg tttgaaatct ggaatatcct taatctacaa tgtaccccgc cctccaactg    113520
     cttatggtga acactgacgg tacataaaca cctacagcaa aagacagagc acacttaaga    113580
     cctaagagaa caacagagtc cactgagtcg agtgagatgc cattacaact ctggggatta    113640
     gggagtgagg agtgggcctg ttatgtggga tcacaagaat acatcgtttg tttgtttaat    113700
     aaagacagta acaattcaag aagagtagtc aggaactcaa ggcaaagaag atcagtttag    113760
     tactcacaga ataagacaat cccatttgtg taactatttt tttaaaaaag cagccaatga    113820
     aaaaaaaatt cctatgtttt tagttattat gaaatgtata taaagtatca atgtgtttca    113880
     gcacccatga caggaattaa gcagaagacc aagattacag aacataatac atctagtgac    113940
     cgagtcaagg aaaactgagg gaataggaag aatatgtaat ggatatctaa ccacttaagc    114000
     attaaactgt tttcatttct atataatcaa attcacattt cctctagatt aaactgaacc    114060
     agaaggtgca tgacaacttg atattcacaa cccatttgga tatttcaatg aaaatttaat    114120
     aaaaatctct cagaaataca taatttaaat cctaacaaag actgctaact taatcacgtt    114180
     tctgatacta atgggaaaac cttagctgat ctgagcttaa aactgcaaag ataggcaatt    114240
     ttgaccaggc cctttttttc ctgttactta aacttctggt aagaatgaaa gactccagtc    114300
     cctgtccttt tatagcaagg gtgtccaatc tttcggcttc cccgggccac actggaagaa    114360
     gaattgtctt gggtcacaca taaaatacac taacaacagc tgatgaacta aaaaaaaaaa    114420
     aaattgcaaa aaaaacacct catgatattt taagcaagtt tatgaatttg tgctgggccg    114480
     cattcaaagc cgtcctgggc ctcaggttgg atgaacttgt tttatagtgt tttccctgta    114540
     agaatctatg cctcctccat ctgattctta cccctataga gaccctcttc ctgaggctgt    114600
     gcactcttga ggatccattt tacttggagt aacttacagt aacttttata ctatctgtgt    114660
     gtatcacata acatcacgtt gtatacctta aatatacaca ataaaattta cttttaaaaa    114720
     ttgtcaacaa tcttcactta tgcttgaact cctggcaggt atcataatga acatctctaa    114780
     aagtgatgaa actaacttcc attatcactg aagtatcagt gatcaaaatt cagttttact    114840
     ccatgctatg ctgatttttg caatgtctta ttttaaaagc atataatgtg aaactttctg    114900
     cttactaata aacttcttta ttctgagaat ttatttttct aaattgaatc ttcaagactt    114960
     agaacttttt ttagatgatt caagggggca aaaaattaat tagaatgata gctggagcta    115020
     aaaggagaga aagttcaaat ctaaatagca ctgttttcta aaggagtaga aaaagatttt    115080
     acactaattt caagttttga ataaacacat atagagaagc ttgacacaat tacctgcaac    115140
     atgagctcac agtcatctct tccaacaaaa atcatttctc gtggcagcct gtggcgagtg    115200
     cctccactgc tcaccaaaaa ccaggatgtt aagctcattt tctgcttagc ttctaagtct    115260
     ttggcaaagc tacgtcatcc tgaagagaaa catgaagaaa aatatacgtt cagatatttt    115320
     tagctttagt ggctattcac caaacactgg aaggcctaag aatagaactg cgttcatcaa    115380
     catttatact taattaaatg aactgtccac aggtcccagg aaatgacata tatactaaat    115440
     tctcatcagt gaagtaagcc cacggaatcc actaagagtc cagttaaaaa ggaagagact    115500
     aaggcagtaa gtgggtgctc aactagcaaa cttttatagt tttcatactt ctgaaagcct    115560
     tttagcacag tttataaagg tctataatcc tcaagtaaat gctcatgtta gcatcatgtt    115620
     agtattagaa aaatagcaat actgtaccaa taaatgtctt aggtacaaat ggtttgagaa    115680
     agacacaatg aattcagtaa gtatatatga tacctgatta agaactatgt tgaccaaata    115740
     aattgctctt ttgtctatca ggtgtaaacc acagaatgca atttcaattt ctttttcctc    115800
     acatgtactt tattgtctta atacgttttc ctagaacagc aattctgaaa cattctgttc    115860
     ttgggaccct tttatactct ttaaaaaatg aactccaaag agcatttgtt tacatgggca    115920
     atacatatct atctatctat ctatatatat acacgtatat atatctagat atatatacac    115980
     acgtatatat atctatctct agatatatat atctagatat atatatctat atctagatat    116040
     aaatatatct atatatatac acgtatatat atgtatatac gtgtgtatat atgtgtatat    116100
     atatgtacat gtctatctct ctatagatat atatatatct agatatatat atctagatat    116160
     atatatatct atagagagat agacatgtac atatatatac acatatatgt atgtatatat    116220
     atagtttaca tattaaaatg aaactggtat ttattaagat aacattaacc caatttcatt    116280
     taaaaattac taacatttct ataacaaagt aaccatattt tccaaaacaa aaataagtga    116340
     gaagagtagc actattttac attttgcaaa tctctttaat gtctacctta aaaaaataaa    116400
     actggtatca gctttgaatt taatccattg ccatatactg cttaacttga actatataaa    116460
     gaaaacctgg cttcatacac ataaacaggt ggaaaaggga gaggtaattt aataggcttt    116520
     tcaaataatt gtaattattt tgtaatttct ttgatactac ataaaaatta tataagcagt    116580
     aatttcttga aggttttttg caatatggaa tctgaaacca tattaatgaa cttttcacac    116640
     aatgttatag gaaaatccat cttatggcta ggcacagtgg ctcacgccgg taatcccagc    116700
     actttgggag gccgaggcgg gcagatcacc tgaggtcagg agctcaagac cagtctgacc    116760
     aacacggaga aaccccgact ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta gctgggcatg gtggtgtgca    116820
     cctgtaatcc cagctactcg ggagggtgag gcacgggaat cacttgaacc cgggaggcag    116880
     aagttgcagt tagctgagat cacgccactg cacttcatcc tgggcaacag gagtgaaact    116940
     ccgtctcaaa aaaacaaaaa aagaaaatcc atcttatatt ttgatgggat tttgtaacac    117000
     cacgtattgg tccttgggaa aatattgatt tcctgagtaa tgaagatctt ccaaatgttg    117060
     acgtgtttca ttatactatt ttaaaacatc acactcgtta atattaccac ctatcttacc    117120
     ataaaagtct tttaagtaca gggaagctgt taagctcatg atggcagaat caagttttct    117180
     aaaattctaa cttcctcttg acagctcaaa tattatcatt ggtcaaaaaa aaaaaatcct    117240
     gtcacttaaa ttccttgaag tgacaagctc acgttgtctg tcaaacaccc aagtgtatat    117300
     aaccaaaatg tgtctctcag tcatttgttt aaagtaaagt ggtattttat taaatcaaga    117360
     gtctagttct gcagacaact cacataagga cacaatttct ccttcagaaa accacagcac    117420
     tttggtatac agcataagtg ctctatgcat acttctattt agtcacatag aatattcaaa    117480
     agatgtgatt caagggtcag atttaataca attaataact tttaccattt catcgagaac    117540
     attcttaagt gaaactggct taaaaaacaa acaaacaaac tcaggagtat acagcaatga    117600
     tgaatacaat tactccttgg agaatttggt gccactactt tgatctatgc taaagagcca    117660
     aaaacttcca ttgtttttgt aatgtcaggg caaatgtcaa tacaataaaa aaggcaaata    117720
     atgctttgat gtcattacga aaaaggtttt gaccctgtgg acccttgtaa ggtttaccga    117780
     aggcctttgg actgagagct ttgagaatag ttatcctaga gaatggggct tggtcattaa    117840
     gggaataagc cctggagtca tatagacaga tgtgagtctg aatcctggtt ccaccacttt    117900
     ttattctgca tgaccttagg ctagctattt atcccatgtc ccttagtttc ttcttcagta    117960
     aaataagaat aatgtcagtt tgcactcaag ttctttctta tgaatcaaaa gaataatact    118020
     tgtaaatatt ttcccattca actgtatatt ctactacact tgaattagag gcaaactata    118080
     ctacagtaaa atgaaatatt ctgcaataag aaatatatct ctatatatta aaccaaaatc    118140
     ctgtaaaatg cagaacttta tgttaaggta aaatcttgaa tatcatatgt tatctataca    118200
     cacatgaaaa aacaatgggt ttcatcaaag caagtaaata attttctgta aagctacaac    118260
     aatcaactcg tactccctcc tcagcttatt tgatatagtt gatttatgtg gattattaaa    118320
     tctcccattt actcaacttc ttaatgcaga tgttgttggt cttccatctg tctactttgt    118380
     caatttggtt tttagcattt ctttccctgg ttcagaatat atacttcctg gccaagtcta    118440
     taaaggtgaa tccaaatttt actggagaaa aaagccctcc gatctaaata tagtatataa    118500
     tttgcatact gtattttcag gggacgattt taaaacacaa catgaataaa caggtcaaca    118560
     gttacacgtt tactcaaggg aactgaaaca aaacccaata ttaagacatg ttaaaagaaa    118620
     ataaatccag cctacataca gtaaactaaa acatgacagc caaatacgga taacagaaac    118680
     agtttcttaa tatagcaaag tcccagagtt aataagcatt attcatatgc tctaatatgt    118740
     acaatataaa catacaataa ttatacagtt ggataaaata aaataaaaac aatggctttt    118800
     tacatatttc atcttgactt taataagact taaaagaata catagtttct gaaaaataca    118860
     aacaaaacac attaatactc aagatgtgga atatttattt cttgagctgg ggaatgaccc    118920
     tgagtccact tacagcttct ctgctgagtg ggaatgtgat ataacaggaa gctactgtct    118980
     gtttttatat gagactttct ccctgtcaga cagctttccg actggtccct cagtattaag    119040
     acactctttt tctactaatt ggatattact aacacccaca catggataaa actaaaacct    119100
     gattggtggt ttcttcagta gccaaggcac gtgactcaac tcaggttccg ctaaatggtg    119160
     ggaaaggagc ctgtgggttt gcaacttgta cagaacacaa ccaaggtctt aaccagatgt    119220
     gatagcaggt atatttcttt ccagaatttc tggattagtc aaatagacat gggtttttga    119280
     ataggctttc tgaattaaat taccagtccc tcatgctttc taaatgactg caaaaatata    119340
     tacattacgt ttcggcattt caggtatcct gcttgtaagg agggaaaaaa aaggccaaga    119400
     agatagcatc taaagatgca attgacagaa atgatctgaa gtgactattt tggaactctg    119460
     gcgtatggta aaagagggtg acaaatgtca tggaattgcc atctttcatg gtagcagcta    119520
     tcactcattc cacagccaca atcccaacag ctccaagaag cagcctggag acagcctcct    119580
     gcattcctag tgtggcttcc tggagccagg gtacacaaaa aggaactagt cttccaaata    119640
     ctggattgca tgatctcatt gttgcttttg attactgaga aaccaataca aaagctggcc    119700
     acctacttca atacccacgg acctaagaaa cttccaagga atttattata taaagacaat    119760
     gtgtgtgtgt ttgtttttct ttctcctttt tgaggccaga tattgaaagc aatctttatc    119820
     aggtcaatag ctgaccacag aggaaacaga agaaacttca gtgaccacat tataacaaaa    119880
     actacacacc ttgcaaaaac agtttacaaa agtcacaaac agatcatcac tttaaccctc    119940
     aacaagtaag attcagcaat ccctggagag tggaaggatt acatttccag atctaccaca    120000
     acataatgtt taaaaggtct agttctcacc gggcatggta gcccacatat gtaatctctc    120060
     cactttggga ggtggaggca ggaggattcc ttgagcccag gaattcaaga ccagcctggg    120120
     caacataatg agacctcata tctatgaaaa ataaaaaaaa aaatagctgg gcatggtggc    120180
     atccaggagg ttgaagctgc agtgagccat gatcatgccc tgcacgtcag tctgggcaac    120240
     agagtgaaac actgcctcaa aacaaatgaa taaataaaaa taagatacaa aatacagttc    120300
     tcaaaaacca aaaaataaca taatgaaaat aaagaaacaa caaaaaagat ttgacagaaa    120360
     ctctcccgtt aaagcccatt gtagttatta gttgaaggtg ttaaatcaac tatctactgt    120420
     cttaaatatg ttgaatgagc taaagaaaac catcaacaaa aaaattagca aaacagtgta    120480
     tgaaaaaaat gagaatatca gtaggaagac agaaattatg aaacggaacc aaacatattc    120540
     tggagctaaa aagcagacta actgaagtaa gaaaaactca atagaggggc tcaaaagcag    120600
     atatgaggag gagttagaaa ggttcagtga acctgaagat aagaacagtg aggctgtctt    120660
     atcttcaata tgagaagcag aaaaacaaat gaagtaaaat gaacagagcc tgaggcacca    120720
     gtaggatatc atcaaacata ctaatataca catataggtg tcccagaagg aaatatgaca    120780
     gaaaagtatt tgaagtctta atggaaaaat acttccaaaa tacatcaata cacacatcct    120840
     agaagctcaa taaactacca gcagataaac tcaaagagct ccacacaaga aacattacag    120900
     tcaaattgtc agaacctaaa gaaatagaaa gaattttgaa aacagtgaca gaagtgactc    120960
     ttcatgtaca atggagcctc agtaagataa acagcagatt tcttctcaga aactatggag    121020
     actagaaagc agtgggatag cagtgggaaa ggagaagaaa aaaaaaaact gtcaatcaag    121080
     aattttatac ccagcaaaac tatctttcaa gcatcatcat catcatcatc atcatcatca    121140
     tcatcatcat tattattatt attatcatca ttattatttt ttttaagcaa gcagaaatta    121200
     agatatttct agttaaacaa tagctgacac agtttttttt tttgtcagta cagtgcccta    121260
     caaaaaatgt gaaagacatt tgggctgcaa tgaaaggaca ctagacagta acttaaaact    121320
     gtgaaaaaaa tttttaaaac cactgataaa ggtatctata aagctaaata taaatccact    121380
     gttttcatac ttttcatatg gtttgtaact tctgtttttc ccatatggtt taataaacaa    121440
     gttcataaag caataattat aatatgttac tggaaagtat aaaggtgtaa tttgtgacaa    121500
     ttataatatt acgggggagg aatggagatg tgcacaagca aagtatctgt atactcttga    121560
     aactaaattg atatattcaa actaggttta taagtttaag atattaattg gaatcgccaa    121620
     ggtaaccact aagaaaatac attaaaaata tacagtgaaa gaaagggaaa tcaaaatgat    121680
     acactacaaa aaagttcaat ttttaaaaag acaataataa aagaataaaa gaaaaaacac    121740
     atacagaaga caaatacatc aatgacagaa ttaaaaccat ctttatgctg ggtgcggtgg    121800
     ctcatgcctg taattccagc acttcattta aagtgattaa taatacacct aaagcaaacc    121860
     cccaaattct tccatttttc cacatcagca atcctcactg tcttttcttc ttcttcttct    121920
     tctttttttt tctttttgag acaaggtctg gctctctatt gctcaggcag gagttcagtg    121980
     gcaagatctc agcacactgc aacctccacc tcccaagctc aagctccagg ctcccacctc    122040
     accttcttga gtaacgggga ctacaggtgt gcagcaccac acctgactaa tttttgtatt    122100
     tttttagaga tggggttttg ccatgtttcc caggctggtc ttgaactcat gagttcaagc    122160
     aatccacccg cttcagcctc tcaaagtgct gagattacag gtgtgagccc ccatgcctgg    122220
     ccttcagtgt ctcttctaat actgtagtac ttgttcttga aagcagacta gacataatac    122280
     aaaattatat cagtctctat cttctgtgct tatcaatttc agcatttagg aaatctcaaa    122340
     gagtatgaga aagtacaaaa ctaacagatt tgctttttgg taagtttatt cccattcccc    122400
     cagggcagag ttagccatac ttttctctgt agtcccacaa tattttgttc aaacattatg    122460
     ctacaattta aagtatcatt tttagtatta ataattctat actgtaacga tatgattaca    122520
     cctcaagttg atgagctctt tgaaggcagc aaaactgtct tcctccattc ctcccttctt    122580
     tcaacagcta ttgagaagcc tgcggaatcc agacactctg aggatcaagg acacataaag    122640
     ataaaacaaa caaaaatatc ttgcctcaag gaactcacta ctgcagggaa tggtagtaga    122700
     tgccatgaca gagataaacc tagggtgtta ctagaacaac aggaggttgt cattactcca    122760
     gacatggatg gtgacggtag ggatggtatc attctaaacc agcacagagc tgaaatacag    122820
     agacactttt tcatctttgt atcccttgag cctaccccaa tgtttcatct acagtgagca    122880
     tttgacaagc tatttttcaa tgaatgagta gctttggagc tgctacaagt cttgaagtga    122940
     ggataaccta gaaatttcca ggggcaggag gtgaaattaa tcatctaacc tttgacagca    123000
     attcaatcta gccattaaaa aatcctagtt atagtcctct tcggttgtct ctttcttatt    123060
     ctttatcttt ttgtcacata aagctgtttt cactagcaat ctgagaaaag ttgaaagctc    123120
     agacacttgg gtgtcagatg gatgtgaaca ctggcccagc atcacagttc catttacatg    123180
     gaactatcat tacatttaca tttaaagcta tcattaactt taaaaactga ctttcctgct    123240
     aaatcagagt tcttttcatg atttaatgga ctaaaatgta aatatctaag ttttacattc    123300
     taaataaaca tgaaacaaag aaaaactctg cagctattga gcagagcaca cagcttcact    123360
     acacaggttt aaaattacat acattttact gctttttaaa aatatttcag gccaggcgcg    123420
     gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggcagat cacgaggtca    123480
     ggagatcaag accatcctgg ctaacatggt gaaaccctgt ctctattaaa aatacaaaaa    123540
     attagccgat tgtggtggca ggcgcctgta gtcccagcta attaggaggc tgaggcagga    123600
     gaatggtgtg aacccaggag gcggagctta cagtgagcca agatcacgcc actgtactcc    123660
     agactgggca acagagcaag actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa tatatatata tatatatata    123720
     tatattttaa aacgttgttc ctattcacat atcattcaaa tcgaggaatg atggcaagag    123780
     gggtctgaat gatgttaatt actataatac ttaagttgag acaggcaata ataagtaagt    123840
     gcacttgata tatgacagta taacaagaga actacaaaat agtgcaccat atcacccata    123900
     aaaagaaact ggtttactca gattattaag cctgagaaaa aatcattatt ctataaatga    123960
     tagtcagtgt atacaattac ttgagctaaa acacatgtta agggcagtct atccttatgg    124020
     tctggcaatt ggctggctga ttcatcacca gatggcttta taaagattaa acctcctctc    124080
     accccacaac tcctgctatt gcagagaaag aaatagctgg cctcacatta ggactatcgg    124140
     tctacacagt agagaaagaa atagctggcc tcacattagg actatcgtct acacagtagg    124200
     aaatgctttt ctctagctta tgcatttctc attttaataa gatattatct acttaggcat    124260
     ccatgtgaca acttttcttt tggtaccaac aggcatgaaa gggtgacaat attctccatg    124320
     gggttggccc aggacatagc tttgtttcct gaaagaataa atcgtaggag aaagatgatc    124380
     tggttttctt aataaaatca atgaaaatct aaacaaaggg gggttaaaag tgatacactt    124440
     caccttacaa aattgtaatc tgaaccagca gtaaagctta tcaactgaaa taaacacact    124500
     aaggcattgc atcaactggc atctgtaatt atgccatgtc tttttacccc atcataccaa    124560
     gtatctaaaa gatacaattt taaacaaatg tataaattca ggaatcctat tttacatttt    124620
     cacccctaaa aagtccctaa cagaaaatat atcctcaaca ccagaagtct gtcttttgat    124680
     gccacgtatt tctgaaaatg aagaaataat taggggtggc atttcaacta aggattcatt    124740
     atcaaataaa gtccaaacat acatcatagt aactcaggat caagtaaaat gcaaatcata    124800
     tattataaaa gcaaatggtt ttattcataa ttggtagcat ttattgacta cttaatatga    124860
     atcaggcact gttctaagaa tttcacatat aggtgtgtat atagacataa ttggttttag    124920
     ctacaaaaat tcttcaagtt cgagaaaatg gacataaaca ttatatactg ttacacatga    124980
     ggaccccatt ttatagagta ctataaaata aaacccagtt tgtttcttca ttcacaagta    125040
     gtaagcacta taagatactg gggaaagaga atggatcaag atagaaaaag ttcctaatct    125100
     cacagcagca aaaataaaca aatagctaca taaatgaata agaaaacctc aggggcagtg    125160
     ggaagaaaga aacatgaaaa aacaaagagg acaggataac tcgggtggtg ctcttcaggc    125220
     cggggtggtc tacggaaata tctttgagaa actgacatat gcttagaaca tattcaaaaa    125280
     ttcagctctg ctgtataatt aatttgatct ggcacacata atgaaatata ctcttggaaa    125340
     aaattcattt atttaaaatc tccacccttg ttttatagtt actccaaaag gataaatcca    125400
     cagctgtgct ttttttggat acttaccaag atacttgttt catgctcatg tgaacaaact    125460
     cattactggg aaaatttctg ctttcataca ctcatgatta ttctggaatg actactctaa    125520
     attttacctt tatcatctgc catatacatt attaattctt ttgtgaaagg caattaaagc    125580
     aaataggttt aaagaaaaaa tataagctgc aacttaaatc tgatatagca ttaaaactaa    125640
     aaaaaaaaaa aaattctcat aaaaataagt gaagatgaca ttccaaatac cacaccacat    125700
     attctatgtc tgagtttatt atatattttt aacagaagat ttagatttga tgggaaaagc    125760
     tagcaagcca gtgatttaat taaagatttc ttcataaaaa acattcaata aagtgcttaa    125820
     agaaaatacc taagaaaaaa caagttatac ttttccataa attatctagg cattaaaaat    125880
     tcttgctagg ttttccctgt cagtttatga aacacgtaaa gtctgacttg tttgcttttg    125940
     tagaactgta ctaccctcat taaagcataa ttttgttgct ttacaccaaa aaatcaattg    126000
     acttagattc agacatttat caagtacctc ctttgtgcca gtaactgtgc taattgcttc    126060
     tattaatact tgcattcttt catttaactc ccaaaacaag cattcaagaa acatttttcc    126120
     cttaagaaaa ctaaagttaa agccttattc aaggttacaa atgcagtata aacaggaacc    126180
     acctagattc aaatctgggc cttcagctac caaatatggg gcttttccca caaatcacta    126240
     tctcctttgt atttttctta aatatacctc gaaatgatgc aggtgattct gccagtctcg    126300
     gatttggcta cagttggagt atgatgatat gcaatatatt ttaacttaac aacgagttct    126360
     ctaacactct gtttgggcaa taaatgctga cagttcatgt aaatttcagc ctattttcaa    126420
     tcttctcagc ctcctgtttg gccaccagca ggctccaaga ttctctcctc gagaagttca    126480
     cagacaagaa agaatcaatc agttattaaa accaaaaacc aaaaatcagc tggccaaaaa    126540
     tcagcggatc aatctagaga aacgagggaa atttagtaaa ctggggtata gcatggatta    126600
     gaaacctaga ctctgaaaga atagtaaact atctccaggt tcactaaata actataaatc    126660
     taaaaaactg tcagatcata gagcactagg agcaggaaaa gccacacaaa gctgtctgga    126720
     agacctgaaa ctgtctacag gagggagtga caatgggagg aaagcagtct gggttaaggg    126780
     tctgttacga tcctgaaagt caaatgcttt gattcactgt tcttagctca cgcaggacaa    126840
     caatttctct gccatgtgtc tgcaattaat tttagcatat cactaattct tgtgcccttt    126900
     aaaaatggtt tctgttcatc ttcaatacct tttctgattc actatacatt aactatttgg    126960
     gaggtgggta caaatcattt ccattgcatt atcagtataa catatgaaaa gtgaattgaa    127020
     acttcaaagt gtagaaaact gaaacgtctc agagtctatt ttaagcaaga atgtatttag    127080
     tgaatatatc actaacacac tttactgtat aacagtaagt tgctaattac tagcctaaat    127140
     tatgcagttt ttctttttat cttcatgtta aattataatt tttataaata tctctatacc    127200
     agcactgtgc aacagactgt gatgatggaa atattcctgt ccaatacatt agccacaagc    127260
     catgtgttaa ctattgagca cttgaaatac agctaataca actaaaaaga tgaattttaa    127320
     atttcattta attttaattc atttaaattt acatattcat atatggctag tggcactcta    127380
     gctagttcag ctctcaaact aacaaatgac actattattt accttaagga tcgctttcgt    127440
     taaatacctc atacttatag tatataaaca tgcagaatag ctgataaaat aatgcatgct    127500
     ggaaaagaaa attttaatct aatcaaaaga aaataaagtg ctttgtattt taatttaatt    127560
     gagatagtat cactataggc caggcatggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg    127620
     aggccgagga gggtggatca ccctgaggtc aggagttcga gaccaacctg gccaatatgg    127680
     tgaaaccccc gtctctacta aaaatataaa aaattagctg ggccttgtgg cgggtgcctg    127740
     taatcctagc tactgggggt ggtgaggcag gagaattgct tgagcctggc aggtggaggt    127800
     cgcagtgggc caagatcaca ccactgcact ccagcctggg caacagaacg agactccatc    127860
     ttaaaaaaga cagcatcatt atgactttca tacaaagtag taaattatat aaacaatcgg    127920
     gtctatcttt tgtctaaaat ttttaaatat tcattgtatt ggcaagactg ttctttcata    127980
     tactgtaatt cttaggctat ggatgtttaa agtgattagg tttatcttta ccagaatgcc    128040
     atgaggtatg taacagttca atggaattgt tctgtagttt gattatttct gagaaggtga    128100
     aatacaagaa ttctcttaag ggagggaatc gctaggcaca gccagcctaa agaacactga    128160
     acactgggag gccgaggtgg gacgatcact tgagccgagg aattcaggac caacctaggc    128220
     aacaaagtga caccctgtct ctacaaaaaa ataaaaaaaa taaataaatt gccaggtgtg    128280
     gtgacgtgca cctgtggtcc cagctacaag ggaggctgag ataggaagat cgcttgggcc    128340
     caggaggtca aggatgcagt gagccaagac tgtgccattg cactctagct ggggcaacac    128400
     agtgaactgc cctggaaaaa aaaaaaagaa tagtgatata tttcatttag agaagagctt    128460
     ctgcaatttt gagggtaaac agaagctaac acagataaaa gattattggt attaatagcc    128520
     aacaagtgga agtaacccaa aacctaatgg tagatcattt tttaaaagta taattttcct    128580
     cattatattt gaattttctt ttagcaaatg tactagagtg tatggtatat atacatgtat    128640
     taaagaaaaa atcaaatcat ctaatcagaa agtaatttta taacagaact cagtccacat    128700
     attagtagta aatttgaatt tccaaagtca aagtaatttt tggaatttga actatggtgc    128760
     taacggttca tggttgaaaa tgtcctcctg ttaaatctaa tgatctctag tattgctatc    128820
     ttaaattacc tctcaatatc tttgaccatt cttgccttct acaagtatca gtctgctttc    128880
     ctctcacttc tgtgggcacg cctcaatctc tttgaaagtg tctacttttt ctttaaattc    128940
     tgtttttacg gggttacttc cctatacata atctctttgg gacttctttg aaaaccctgg    129000
     gcttccaata ttgcttatta taatgttaca catataattt caagtcaaaa ccttttttac    129060
     aagatcagac cttccctctg cttacgagtc atttccagtt caaggtcctc ctggactcct    129120
     cagatttaat ttttaaaaaa cagaaagaac cctttcatct aacgaaatgt gccttttttc    129180
     ctgttctccc cgtcttagcg aatggcatca ccaactgacc agatattttc tctcccactc    129240
     ccgctttagt taggtaagtc attatgtccc tttgattcca catcctaaat atctttcttt    129300
     gtgcctttcc tcttatccca ctggttctta ccaataaatt actgcagaac tcttttacct    129360
     gaatcccttg tctctagcct cccactctcc aaatccttcc tctatccagc tatcaaaatt    129420
     acatttataa aagtaaatgt aataatttca ctccctaatt ttcaatagct ccctatagag    129480
     ttcaagatag aattcaaact cttcagtttt gagtaaaaag ccctgttatc tccccatgtt    129540
     actctgctcc tcccttgtat tccatgtcca actgaatttg aaaatgaaag ctctatgctg    129600
     tcccaagacc tttcatagtg agctttctcc agcaatcact tcccccagaa aaacacccat    129660
     agaattccca gcctctcaat tctgaccacc tatcttgccc ttcacatata cctacagcaa    129720
     ctcctaaact tctttgtaca aaatatattc atttttgtct attttccctt ataaactgag    129780
     ttgcttgagt aaagtggcta ttacttagta atcctggtat ctcttgtacc ttgtatggat    129840
     gcctgaaact ttagtaaatg ttcagcaaat attaataggt aatagtggca caatataaac    129900
     ttttctggtg aagttttatc aataggccaa tagccatact agaaatctga cataaaattc    129960
     actgggaatt ttctgattac ttggtaatat gaatacaatc tggccgggct gtaatcccag    130020
     cacttcggga ggctgaggag ggtggatcac ctgaagtcag aagtttgaga ccagtctggc    130080
     caacatggtg aaaccctgtt tctactacaa atacgaaatt aactgggcat ggtggcacat    130140
     gcctgtaatc ccagctactc aggaggctga ggtaggagaa ttgcttgaac ctgggaggtg    130200
     gaggttgcag tgagctgaga tcacgccatt gcactccagc ctgggcaaca agaaactctg    130260
     tctcaaaaaa aagaatacaa tccatttaat acaaaataaa tcagactaga attgcaataa    130320
     gcaatccata tgatccgttc caagattcat ctcctcactt tgaaagtgaa gccgttcacc    130380
     atcacggtta gacgttccac cttatttccc tagaagacaa cccttagtta aggagatcac    130440
     cttaagctaa tggctcttag acctggaatc acttgcggag atttttacac acaggaacac    130500
     ttctatgtgt gtatgtattt atcaatatgt ctaggcttca tacctgaaga cttgaactta    130560
     taatgtaact ggtaaggtat gggtatctgt attttttttt tttttttgaa attctgcaga    130620
     tttcactgtg cacagattaa gatgcactta tttattcatt tatttttgag acagagtttt    130680
     tgctctgttg cccagactgg agtgcaatgg cacgatctca gctcactgct acctctgcct    130740
     actgggttca agtgattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggatta caggtgcctg    130800
     ccaccatgct tggctaattt ttgtattttt agtagagatg aggtttcacc atgttggcca    130860
     ggctggtctt gaactcttaa cctcagatga tcctcccgct tcgtccttcc aaagtgctag    130920
     gattacaggt gtaagccacc gtgcccagcc agaagcacga attcaaacaa caaagtgctt    130980
     aatattccat tttcacacta tgaaaacaaa gttcaaagtt ttaataatat ctaaatgaac    131040
     agagaattgt agaaggcaaa tttcattttg tgtaggaggg tgcctccgaa cataaaaatg    131100
     aaaagttaat gaaacacaac tttttgcaag aattacttag aagtactaag gaatacgaat    131160
     attttgaatc acagattcgg ttcagaccaa gtgttgcaaa ctacaggtgt gctccacatt    131220
     aagactacaa aactagaatg tgcaaaacag aaaaaccaga cactagcaat ttaatcgcct    131280
     tataaaacaa tgttaacgac atccctttct ttaccaaaat gtcattataa ctaaaatgac    131340
     tgctttgtga attaaaacat gataagaatg cttcaccttc tataaaggta ttttaaaata    131400
     taaaagaagg tgatgatatg atgagagcta taaagagatt atcttaacta tatcaagaaa    131460
     atgtaggccg ggagtggtgg ctcgcgtctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg    131520
     gtggatcact tgtggtcagg agtttgagac tagcctggcc agcatggcaa aaccccatct    131580
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggcgt ggtggcaggc gcctgtaatc ccagctaatc    131640
     gggtggctga agcaggagaa tcccttgaac ccgggaggca gaggttgcag agagccgaga    131700
     tctcaccact gcactccagc ctggacaaca tagtgagact ccctctcatt aaaaaaaaaa    131760
     aaaaagtata cattttctaa tctctcaaat agactccttc agcttggatt gcatggggtg    131820
     acaatacagg agggtagggg gagtgggcta tgaagttgac taggaagatc aaaaagaaag    131880
     aaatagaaaa catattagag cacaggaaaa gcacaatgta ctgatttaga atgcagactg    131940
     gaggaggaga ctacaaattg ggcccaagaa caagagagaa aggaaagtca aacattagaa    132000
     atcctagtgg taaaaacaga catctgagaa gtagatgaaa gcaaatggtt gtcaaaacag    132060
     cattctttga tgaactattc ctaccctcat cttgttatat ttgaagggca gaggacgtta    132120
     atttggaatc gacccaatat ccactaggaa aaggtgccag attctagtga tgagttatgt    132180
     tcttttttct ttttttggga cagtctcgct ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcgtg    132240
     atctctgctc aatacaagct ccacctcccg ggttcacgcc attctcctgc ctcagcctcc    132300
     cgagtaactg ggactacagg cgcccgccac cacgcccggc taatttttta tatttttagt    132360
     agagacgggg tttcaccgtg ttagccagga tggtctcgat ctcctgacca catgatctac    132420
     ctgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatca caggtgtgag ccaccacgcc cggccaatga    132480
     gttatgttct aaacgttact cacaataaac actagacctg cttctgccag ataccaagca    132540
     gtcccatccc cttgtcccca gggtatggta ccctccccaa gttctaaact ttactttatt    132600
     tacctttcac cgacttggat tctatttgtt catgcctctc caatttataa attttgaatc    132660
     cttttttttt ttctccaaga cggagttttg ccctatcacc caggctggag tgcagtggcg    132720
     caatctcggc tcactgcaac ctccgcctcc caggttcaag caattctcct acctcagcct    132780
     cccaggtagc caggattaca ggcatgcgcc attgcgccca gctaattttg tatttttagt    132840
     agagacgggg tttctccatg ctggtcaggc tggtctccaa ctcccgacct ccggtgattc    132900
     acctgcctcg gcctgccaaa gtgctagctt tacaggcata agccactgcg cccggtccta    132960
     aatttttgaa ttgttgattc tctatagcag atccttaaca ttctggaatt tgttatacac    133020
     cacttagaat catagagaaa aggctaggcg tggtggctca tgcctatctg ctttaggagg    133080
     ccgagacagg aggatcgctt gagcccagga gtttggggct gcagtaggct atgatcatgc    133140
     cactgcactc cagcctgggc gacagagtga gagagaggga gggagaaagg aaggaaggaa    133200
     agagtcatag ggtaaaacat aaagcaaggg ctctcatttt ttactaaata gaccaacaca    133260
     gaattcctca tgtaggtaaa gaagggtagg gggacagtgg aagtggaatg tagtaagata    133320
     taaaatttag aatgaataat ttactcctgg atttgccact aaaggataga acctctagat    133380
     cagagaaaca atataagctt ccctaaatag ctctttagct taaaaaacaa aaacaaaatt    133440
     caacttacca ttctgattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tattttttgg    133500
     agacagagtc ttgctctgtt gcccaggctg gagtccagtg gggcgatctc agctcactgc    133560
     aacctctgcc tcccaggttc aagtgattct cctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctgggact    133620
     acaggtgcac accaccatgc ccagctcatt tttgtatttt tttaaagtag agacagggtt    133680
     tcaccatgat ggcgaggctg gtcttgaact cctgaccttg tgatccgcct acctcagcct    133740
     cccaaagtat tgagatcaca ggcaggagcc accacgcccg tccatcattc ctctttaaaa    133800
     gtagacacca cacacacaca catacacaaa tgccctaccc ccaaaaggaa taactcaatg    133860
     tcatctgtgt caatttagct acctgtttac agaaacacct agttcaccaa cactactgga    133920
     gtgaaaacca gtatgttcat tttttaactg tctttttttt aatataacag tgattggttg    133980
     gaaaatattt cagtagtaca ttcggaaaat gtaaaactga aacataatta gcctcaatta    134040
     atttaagaac actttagtta aacacacaca aatactaata tctgcaattt actttgaaat    134100
     gcatcaaaat acaagatatg ctgatgaatg gaatgataaa taaatggcta ggtatgtgat    134160
     aaaactgcta tcgtgttcct agtagaatca agatggtgag tatatgagta gtcattgtga    134220
     aattcaactg tcctgtacat ttgagaattt tcattacaaa aaaaagaaaa aaatctagaa    134280
     taacccccct gcccaaaata gagagctcct tgtatcacac acacacacac acacacaccc    134340
     tcaaaaactt acctcccaat ttaactctag tgaaaagagg aaactaaaaa acaaatagtt    134400
     tagaaagtaa aaactctggg ccaggagccg tggctcacgc ctgtaatcac agcactttgg    134460
     gagtctcagg caggtagata gcttgagctc aggaacttga gaccggcctg ggcaacacgg    134520
     tgaaacccca tctttaccaa aaacacgaaa aaattaactg ggcctggtgg catgtgccct    134580
     gtattcccaa ttacttgggg gactgaggcg ggaggatggc ttgagcccac gagatcgagg    134640
     ctgcagtgaa tggagatccc cccactgcac tccagcctgg aggacaaagt gaaaccctgt    134700
     ttcacaaaaa gtaaaaaaaa agaaagtaaa aactccgaag agttacacaa taaactgaca    134760
     cagcaggcta tatatgacta aatacattct aaaaaaaaaa atcaattaac acacttgtat    134820
     gtaaaaattt aaatcacaaa tatgataggc atgtatttaa taaaatttca tgtagtgaga    134880
     ttatttcata aggaaaagga aataagaaat ttgactatat acatgttaaa atctttgttg    134940
     ggtaaaaata acaaatttaa aaggcaatga caatctggga aaaaatttta cagtatctgt    135000
     tacccaaaag ttgttataag tgagggaagc agggtgatac aacagaagta tggtgatcct    135060
     agaatctgct acaagtgaat ataatgatga acaagtgaat ataatgtatg tgtgcaaaag    135120
     gcacacatac aagcaactca gatcagaaat acaatggcca ataagcacat tttaaaaaaa    135180
     tgtcaagtgt tattgataaa agaaatttaa ataaggtttt tttttttggt tgttgttcat    135240
     caaagtggca aaactgtcca gattgggtgg ctcatgcctg taaccccacc actttgggat    135300
     gctgagacag gaaaactgct agagcccagg agtttgagac cagcctaggg aacaaaatga    135360
     gaccttgtct ctataaaaaa ataaaaaacc ttggccagtg cggtggctca cgcctgtaat    135420
     cccagcactt tgggaggcca aggtgagcgg atcacgaggt caggagttca agaccagcct    135480
     gaccaacatg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagccag gtgtggtggt    135540
     gtgtgcctgt aattccagct actcaggagg ctgaagcaga agaattgctt gaacccgcga    135600
     ggcagaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatctcgc cacttcaatc cagcctgggc gacagagcaa    135660
     gactccatct caagaaaaca aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaca aaaaacaaaa aacaaaacaa    135720
     aaaaaacaca aaaaagaaaa gaaaacaaaa aaacttagat gggcatggca gcccatgcct    135780
     acagtcccag ctacctggga gactgagcgg agaggatccc ttgagcccag gaggtaaagg    135840
     ctgcagcaag ccatgaacac accactccac tctagcctgg gtaacagagc gggacctcgt    135900
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaagaaaaa agaaagcaaa ttttaaaaaa gatacgtaat attcagcact    135960
     gatgaagggg tgaagaaaca cacagtttca tatgccagtg gtagaagaat aaactgatat    136020
     aaactggagg gggtaatttt attaaaaagt tagaaaaggt ttaattagta gaattctgca    136080
     tttgtatctg cattgtattt taagcataat ttgttgaaat caaagaaaaa cattgatttg    136140
     cacagaaatt cagagttaga aatgtccatt acagtgttgt ttactttttt tttttttttt    136200
     tttttttgag acagagtctc gctctgccac ccaggctgga gtgcagtgga gcaatctcag    136260
     ctcactacaa catctgcctc ctggattaaa gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag    136320
     ctgggattac aggtgtgcac caccacgctc agctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagacag    136380
     ggtttcccca tgttggccag gctggtcttg aactcctgac ctcaagtgat ctgctggctt    136440
     cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagccactg ggcccggcct gttgtttaca    136500
     attttaaaaa tacatttaat tttcataaat tgtgtgtaag tagattacat gtttgagaag    136560
     acagattcta tgccacatta aaagttagag ccagaaagtt taacttcatg ataaaatgtt    136620
     accaaattaa accagaatag acaagaatac ataacagggt tactggctag tgggattatg    136680
     atagtactta atggtagaaa atcttgtttt ctaaattttc tgccatgtat taggattaga    136740
     tttgtaatat aaaaaataaa atggccttca atttgcaatg cattatatgc attttttatc    136800
     caaggagaag tatttaatga ccagccatag caaatcatat tatataaggt ctgcaagata    136860
     cctatgtatt gtgaagttat agtcctattg cctcaaaaag cttaccacaa aaagtcctgt    136920
     atttgcgatg ttcctttttc accaaaataa gtattttgca ctttacccct attatcatca    136980
     agcagactca tttcccccac cctcctgctt cctcaaatca gtttctagct ggctgcctag    137040
     agttcaaaac ccctaaccag tccctaagct ttgaatttgc actttttcta ttccatgtaa    137100
     catgtgacaa accattactc agttgaacac tttccagaaa aaagtcagtt aaaagaagaa    137160
     agtcttcctg gctggcctag ggaaaaaaaa agtaaggaag ccttttaact tgcttacttt    137220
     tctacctcaa ttctctttat ttagacactg tttagaatta aaggatgagt ttaggattgg    137280
     gaaaaaaagc tattatctca aagcctggtt gttcttttct ttcttttttg agatggagtc    137340
     tcaccctgtt gcccaggctg gagtacagtg acgtgatctt ggctcactgc aatctccatc    137400
     tcctgggctc aagcaattct ccttcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggatt acaggcctgc    137460
     gccaccacgc ctgactaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac catgttggcc    137520
     aggctggtct cgaactcctg acctcaggtg atccacccgc ttcggcctcc caaagtgctg    137580
     ggactacagg cgtgagccac cgcgcctgcc ctggttgttc ttatcctctt tctagccctt    137640
     ttctctaccc tcaagaatat tataaaatga tgtgcgaaac tgcctatcgg gatagagtgc    137700
     ataggaagta aaaaactatt cctacagact caaaatgaaa aatattttta tttgccaaca    137760
     tagttcttca aatctaacac tatcaagttg gtaccacact tggggcaata agggaaggag    137820
     acccctatct gcaattatac ctttcatttg gtttttacat ctacctcgtt tggctaccac    137880
     aataaacctc tgaggtagct ggactatcac tagcttcctg ataaattctt cctatgaaac    137940
     agcatcgctt ctcctgttca aacatcagag gcagcagcag ctgccatact catccacgta    138000
     ggaaacagca ttggcctctt tatgagtaaa actttgttca gggctttaga tttagtagtt    138060
     gccaggggag aataactgtg aacattcatg ttgataaacc agatttaaaa aaggaaattg    138120
     ctttctcaga gaccattcag aaagaaagag gatactgcct gatttcttat gaagtattta    138180
     ggtgattaaa ggtgatacag gggactgatc actccttatc tctaaaaata cttcctttac    138240
     ttggcttgtg ggacaacaca ctcttcagtt tcctcacacc ccactgtcca cttttcaatc    138300
     ctcctcgatg gcgccttctc ttttgctcag ctttccatgt ggaaagtacc aattctcaat    138360
     tcttggatct cttctcagtc taactcccta gccaagagat ccctttaagt ctactggtga    138420
     tgcttaacat ttaactatcc tcagtccaaa cctctcctct gaatgcttga cttacatatc    138480
     taactgccta cctgatgtgt ccacttgggc gtttaacaga cacttcaaac ttaacatatc    138540
     caaaacattt gactctctaa agccagaaac tagtaacttt cactattgcc actactgtcg    138600
     ctctagtcta agccattaat gtctcttaaa ccagatcatt ccaatcattt cctagcttat    138660
     ctcatggttc ccagtgtttt aaagaattcc cagagccatt ctttaaaaat ataacccaat    138720
     tttttggctt tgctcaaaat cctccaatga atgctcatag cacttaaaat caatgaataa    138780
     aatctctatg caacctcatt tcctcctata agcacctttt cctcactcac cttcagccac    138840
     agtgttctcc aaattcactt atcccattcc tgcctcagaa ccaccgcacc tgagtagaat    138900
     actctccact cagataccta caagatgctt ccttacctaa tgcaagttct ctgctaaatg    138960
     tcacctcaga aagagggatt ccctaaccac tctaagatag ttctcaaggt gtagcatagt    139020
     ggataaagag gctatttttt tgtgtcatag aggggacaca aaatatgtat ttatatttgc    139080
     ttgaggtgaa gaaaaattca tggccaggcg tggtggttca tgcctgtaat actagaactt    139140
     tgggaggctg aggaaagagg atcacttaag ctcaggaatt caagaccagc cttggcaaca    139200
     tagtgagacc tcatctctac aaaaaattag ctgggcatgg tggcgcacac ttgtagtccc    139260
     agctactcaa caggctgagg tgggagtatt gcttaagccc agcgggtcaa ggctgcaatg    139320
     agctgggatc ctgcccctgt accccatcct gggcgacaga acaagactct gtctcaaaat    139380
     aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaagttca ttgaagaata cataagaaat    139440
     aataaaaata gctacttact ggattggcaa aagtggtaac tcagcagata agatgtaggg    139500
     tgaaaaggtt tttcatatta tttcttttca aaatattatt tgaaaactac ctgaatgaac    139560
     acttgaaaac aaatgtaaaa cagcagtcct ctaccactgt ctctttacct tgattaattt    139620
     ttcttcatag catctatcct tacttgactt tacatcgtaa aagaattatc catatcctcc    139680
     agtatattgt aaacttcatc taattccttt actgctggag gatataatgg ttttctcttt    139740
     aatttaaaaa acaaaacaag gccaggcgcc atggctcaca cctgtaatcc cagcactttc    139800
     agaggcctag gcagtggacc atgaggtcag gagatcaaga tcatcctggc caacatggtg    139860
     aaaccctgtc tttactaaaa tacaaaaaat tagccgggcg tgcctgtagt cccggctact    139920
     cgggaggccg aggcagggga atagcttgaa tccaggaggc agacgttgta gtaagccgag    139980
     actgagccac tgcactccag cctggcgaga gagcaagact ccgtctcaaa aaaacaaaaa    140040
     caaaaacaaa caaaaaggcc ccaaaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaacccatc cgaatggttt    140100
     tcattatttt tgtgtcacct ttcctcccag catcttttat ttatgtaaca ttcattctat    140160
     ttataaatgt gcatggcttt gtccttggct atattaagta tatggccagg atggagacat    140220
     aagagtttgg cttgttgaat ttataaatgt caaaaagcca ggaaggaaag ctaatccctt    140280
     ggatgacaga atcatgattc aagaagatct caagttttaa ctatagctac gttcacggag    140340
     atgaaattta ataggaggca atggtaaaat actggtttaa aaacatcacc tgtgtgttta    140400
     tacacaatgg gagaaatcta gctaagtgta aaaatgttgg tttatgttga ctacatcagt    140460
     ggtttccaga ccaatttttc agaaaacaaa ttaagaatca acataaggct gccaactttt    140520
     tattggttaa tcaggaacac taaaataaaa caaaacccca tgaccaacat caaaagaaac    140580
     ttaacctatc attacttaat aggtgttact aacactatca tttaataaag gccatttatg    140640
     aacattagaa aaggagagca aaatctcaaa aaatagtacc ttgaattaca taaatataac    140700
     ttgaaaagcc atgtaacatt tctctctctc tctctgcttt ttgctttgaa ttagcagaga    140760
     tgactgttgt taaagagttg atacaatttt agactttaaa cacaagtgta tggcttgaaa    140820
     taaggaaagg gacaatttca ctgcactttg cattcagacc ataactgcag aattaaatat    140880
     ggaaacaaga tcagaacaca aagaatagca ctgacaaaac tgattgaatc cagctgagag    140940
     atgtgaggga tggcaaagga aaccatatga agttggaggt gtcctaacat ttagacaaga    141000
     gaaaatctag ctaatatatt gagaaaaacc ttacttcatc ttactcctaa agactgaatt    141060
     gcaaccagtg ggaagaagtt atatagtaaa agcagctact agctcaattt aagtgagatc    141120
     ttcctattac actttttgga agctaaacag gctttcctat gcccagggaa gggtttgtgg    141180
     agaagttgga cccaataaca tctcagagat attagtagtg ggtgatacat tgtatgagct    141240
     gacttctaaa gttcccttga attctaaaat tttatgaacc agagtaagga aataagtggt    141300
     accctttaac ttactaaaaa agatgagtag aaagaatttt ggctttagcc aaaaagacaa    141360
     aggttcaatt ataggcccta tcacttagga atgtgtaacg cagaggcaaa gttattcact    141420
     aactctatgc ttcaaatttt ttcaatgtgt aaaaataata ccttaattta gaagtttgtt    141480
     gcagaaatta aatacacaca caccacacac acataaactt cctggcacct aggaaatgtt    141540
     caaaatttgg taggtattat tcaacgattc aataaatatt gtgtttcaaa gggtaatatt    141600
     ttctatatca tttattactt atggatatac ttaaaaaatg acttgttctc tgctatgtgt    141660
     catttgtttt tcagacctca acaatgcatg cttgggattc ttttccactt ctatactttc    141720
     tgcaattcct gtttgtatgt aagtagattt tatgaggttt tctttaactt tgcttttgct    141780
     gttttgtttt tccaccttta tttgatataa aagtgggctt taacagcaac acacattggc    141840
     tatgtcactg gctttggcta aaacatttct gctaaactgg acaatatatc cagtttaatc    141900
     aaccacacta ccagacagat gttttttatc tctcacaatg gctaactcac tgctgaacac    141960
     tcctttatga aatttttgag taagtaaata aaaacctagg gtatctgatt agaaattttg    142020
     gttattaatg aaataaagat atttcttccc atcaaaagta tcccatttct taatgaaaca    142080
     gatcaacact gaatgctcca gtcaatacta tctactcacc aagcattctt caaatggcac    142140
     gtaactgctc ttttgttata cttccagaat aatttgcaac tgtacagata ctttagttag    142200
     caattaaata tcaggttgtc tgtcagatac ttagttgaag agtacactgc ttaacatccc    142260
     agtgtttggg acagataaga aagaaaagtc tttacctatt aattagtata gaaaaaatat    142320
     ttttcaggaa tacaattttg tggaataaaa aacattttga caaaaaagct taagcatata    142380
     caatatttag tactagatga gcattatcta attgcaatca gatacaataa taaaactagt    142440
     tctttttttc agtagataaa aaggaacaag aaactgatac ttggaacaaa tcaaataaat    142500
     cacgaagcac agaattttaa aaagtaccat aacagcatta atatgcagaa tgtatgctaa    142560
     ggtttacagt ataaatttca ctattctaat gttaaaatag ggaacaggca gattatttcc    142620
     atacaaaata atctcagaac acaatgaaat ttaccagtaa aatacattta aagcatgatt    142680
     gaatataatc ccacatactg aaatttagtt acagattttt aaagttgaaa tttaagataa    142740
     ataataaatc ctttaaagaa gtctattaaa atgcaacgta aaattaaacg attaaaatta    142800
     taagggaaga aaaaagcact ttatggcaaa atcaacccaa taaaaaacat aaagttaata    142860
     tatcttaaaa tgtaaattct agtttaagtt aaaagtaatc actaataact cattaatgat    142920
     tacaactcat taactgtggc aaaataaaca tcataggttc ttgttatgcg gaaattttat    142980
     ttttaacaca gcctatagag ttgatcatca tactattata aaatactatt gattttcaag    143040
     aaataatatt aaaacctacc gttaagtagc taccattagg tagtagggaa aacactgcaa    143100
     cacttcgttt ttatgaaaag cacatgttag gacatctttc ctcatgtagt aagttacttt    143160
     atgaaagtaa aggtccattt taggaggatt actactttta catcacaaag gcaagaacta    143220
     gattaatcac ggtgagaatc aagttcagtg atagtcacag cctactcagg gagcacatag    143280
     agaagctttc catacatttt cacaaggtaa aagggctagg gggacacagg aaagatcact    143340
     ctgcagaatg gaccttgagt ttcgtttggc tctgccttcg attaactgtc tggcttgggc    143400
     agacaagtca gttaactttc tgagttttag tgtcttcctc tgtcaagtgc acttgggctc    143460
     ttccgtgtta tctacaaagt taggaagagc taaaggcagc cctagtttta ctttttaaaa    143520
     aataataaca gaaaaataca taagttgcta ttcatcagtg tactgtttcc agagctgaat    143580
     tcctaagtct ctgaagcata cccagttagg gttataccag tgaagatcca gatactatag    143640
     tcataatgtc actctctcct ctcccattat tcctccacct gctcctcccc atcctgcttt    143700
     attctctctt ctggtgtgtt ttaagaagca acgccagcaa acggctgcat acattgtaag    143760
     cttaaggatt aaatcatttt aaaatatgca ttttcaatca aatgtatcat ctgcttcgcc    143820
     aaattcctcc caaatggctg aattttcatt aagagaataa aaatgagtta acaacttcgg    143880
     taacagaaat gtactgggcc agttgttttg tttgttttac ttgcttaaaa aataaacgga    143940
     aagatgtatc cattccctca ggaacataaa tgcattacct gcccaatgaa aaaacaattc    144000
     tgcttgttca tttccctgac acaacagctt cgttgtcagg ccctctctag cccaggctcc    144060
     aacgtcacct agtaatttta tattgatcac cttggcagtg cttggactcc agcaggcata    144120
     gtccctgtct tccttacatt cctcaaaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa    144180
     actctacgaa acaccaccga acagagattc tgtgacttag tatacaaatc ccacgtcttc    144240
     ccgccctgtg ttaggcagct gcaaatgtta ttttttcatc gcttgcataa aatggaagcg    144300
     aaacgtacca aaaccctaca tctgaatcct aggacaatga agccgacagg aagccactct    144360
     ctcctccccc gggtttacta cagagccaga gcctccacgg ggtgcagtcg ccaggcaggg    144420
     tgcatgacac cgcgtcttcc acgccctccc aacgcgtcca aaaggttgct cgcctgacct    144480
     cgccaaccgc ctcacacccc aaaaccaatc acacaaaagg gattggcccg gggagctgct    144540
     ccaatggggg aaaaatccct tccccagcgg cagcgcagcc attccctcca atgctccgcc    144600
     cgcacccctc gcaaactgct acggcggagg ggggagggct gcacaaagcc agtcgaaagc    144660
     tgaaaatgat tcaatgcact taggggatgc ggaggcggca gcaaggggct cgggaaagcc    144720
     ggggggccgc aggactggag ctccgggggg cggcgggtgg gggatgggaa gggtggtccc    144780
     gtcaagcccc gggtcccagg cgggcagagg gtgggggtgg cggcgccgcg cggagcaccc    144840
     gggaagcgcc cccttcgcgg tccagccccg cacccccgcc ccgcggcggg cggcgcccga    144900
     gtcctcgccg caaacccgag gagcaggatg tggaaagcag ccgcggcggt ggctgcggct    144960
     gcggcgccta caccgagcag ccgatcgcat cacttacccc ttaccgtgga gagagggacc    145020
     ggacggggga ggcggggcgc gtcgcgtccc gtgagtctct cgcacgccgt cctcccccca    145080
     cctcgtcgtc gtcgtcgtcg ccgctgttgt cgtcgctgcc gctgcggtcg agctccgggg    145140
     ccctcagctc cgctgggcaa taacgttatt ccacacacgc cccacacata gcggtaacgg    145200
     caaagaccga ctgcctagtg cgcaggcgcc tcgggaaagg gcgaggagcc ggaccctatc    145260
     ccctcctgcc cagttccaac gatcccttac tgcgcaggcg ccacacacag acaatgaaaa    145320
     ggggttgtgc gagggtctca cccacacgct tttccagctt gcccactgcg caggcgtgcc    145380
     ccgaaagacc agcttgaaca atgaagagga cctcggcgtt aggtgggacc gcaaccaaca    145440
     aggactacag ttcccagcgg gcagagcgcc aactccaagt gaaggtccgg ttgctgggca    145500
     tgctaggagt tgtagtgtcg gccgccttta caatctaggc tgtttggaag atttagagct    145560
     tctatttctt gaagatttat tcgaccgttt taaaaaatct cgcaactgaa gcagggttca    145620
     gagtttacta tctgcgtcct tgagtagcct ggggatcaac tgctgcatat tagcaaattt    145680
     cgaagcgtca aggccttcag tgagcccttt ctgtcatttg ggtggtccag gcagctgaag    145740
     agtgggatgg aggcgggact aaaccaggct gggctggagg aaaagggcgg ggcctgcaag    145800
     cctgtctctt ggcagcaggc tctggcagcc aaaccgtcca agctagcgcc tggagcgcag    145860
     tggtttctgg gaattgtagt gtaactggaa ggccctgagg attgtcgagc ttgcaggttc    145920
     tgaacgtgag gactacaact cccgacgtgc aaagcgaggg ccagtgggtg ggaagagccc    145980
     ccaagagctc tgtgcgggat tctaggctcc cctgtgacag ccgcggcagg aagcaggcgg    146040
     gcgctccccg gccacaggcc tgttgttctc ggaagggaga aagctggaca tttccccacg    146100
     taactcccag ctctgggcct agagtgcgtg catggcgaag tccccggaga actctaccct    146160
     ggaggagatt ctggggcagt atcaacggag tctccggggt gagttgctcc aaacctctgt    146220
     ccctagcccc gaggtgccca gggcctagtg ggcgggagca gaccaggtgc gtttcctaac    146280
     acctgggttc tgccccgtcc acgctacaga ggagcaagat ggatgttgct gtggtcttga    146340
     ggaggatgaa atagtttgat ttagttttta cagttaagca acgatgtttc ctcagattcc    146400
     cgtagttacc tcaatcaact ccttgatctt aacttggcat ctttctcaac cggcgacagc    146460
     agaaactctt ggatagctct atgccatttt tgttcagttc ccatacgttg ctatttaatc    146520
     caataaaagt ctgattcaca gtttttacac atttaaatta tggcacagtg gattgaatgt    146580
     gatttatggg atcagtgggg ggaaacacta ataattattt taatcacaag agcccccttt    146640
     taattgattt aggctattta catacagtaa atcatctgca gcttacacca atcgtgtgaa    146700
     tattttacac atggggaaag cgaagctcag agaggttgaa ttacaggcca gagcccacac    146760
     agctggttag ttgcagagcc aggtattatc aggcttgcct tcaaagccta tgtttgtatt    146820
     tactaatcaa gccataatta ctattatcaa aaccttatta atttagattt tcttaccaca    146880
     ttaccatatg agcaagtatc tgtacaaata atgtctgtat ttattttcct ttaagctctg    146940
     ttggacttaa tgtctgtact tttagatggc gctgtcaact tggacagcat atataacatc    147000
     tagaaatttc gattctgtta taatggaagt tatggaattg tccatagggt tattgtgggg    147060
     agcaaatgaa ataatcccca taaagcagtg attttaagac ttcttaaaat gtttacctat    147120
     agtaagaaat aaattttata tgggacatat gtgtacatat aaactataag tttcactgaa    147180
     gaatttttat tctactaaat gtaataaact ctgctttcta ttctgttgca ttttcataag    147240
     cctctaggtc atgactgttt gcgacattga gaatactaag ttatgaagca tgtgttgttc    147300
     tgcataatat gcctactatg tgtcagtgcc tcctactatg tgttaagcat actaggtgct    147360
     aggcatgcag taaggaacaa gacaaagttc ctatccccat ggagcttctg gattagttgg    147420
     ggagaaagac aaaaaaaaaa aataattata gattactatg atagaaagta agggtaaaga    147480
     tcagtgctta ctagacaagc actcattaaa tgttaattgt tatttatact tgttacttaa    147540
     agcaaagtga aggtttttca atattagaaa gtttatcttc tcatgactct agattttata    147600
     agggttacta tgtattgtta catctgtcaa ttgtgttaac aaactgtcga cattctcagt    147660
     attcaaactg caggagtaaa aaaatcggtt ttaatgaaca ccttcctcaa cctactgatg    147720
     tttcaagagc tgttagatac aaaataagca cttctaactt ttcatttgga agcaagaaaa    147780
     atactgtgca caatgatatg agtaattgta atttttaaga ttggcaaaaa ttttttgttt    147840
     tcattgaaag tttttcctga tgcttctctt cctttgacct tattttaagt ctttatataa    147900
     ttgtcggagg ctgtttaaca ttaggcattt tgacgcagta aaggggttca ttttaaatta    147960
     atgttatagt aatatgttta atactagtgg tactgctttc aataattaca gaatgaaggg    148020
     ttttcattta aggataatac attttaaaat tagtttgaaa taaaatttaa atttagtgtg    148080
     ataacaatat aaggtagtgg aaacatttca ccaagagcaa atacgaagga tagaaaaagt    148140
     taaacaactt aaaaaaaaac gtattcataa ttttaacagt gaatcaggaa atgtaacctg    148200
     aaatgtttat gggtttttca ggacatatca tttatttagt agcactttta tttttgtatg    148260
     ttagcttata taacagcttc tggaaggaaa caaaacagaa ttaactctga acttaagtac    148320
     agtcagaagt tcttcacaaa tataaattgc tatttttgag tagtataatt tatttattta    148380
     gagatggagt ctcactctgt catccaggct gaaatgcagt ggtgccatct cggctcactg    148440
     cagcctctgc ctcctggatt caagcaactc tccagcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggat    148500
     tacaggcacg cgccaccatg cccggctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga ctgggtttcg    148560
     ccatgttggt caggctgctc tagaactcct gaccttaagt gatccgccca cttcagcctc    148620
     ccaaagtctg gggttatagg cgtgagccac cgcgcccggc tgataattcc ctttaaagta    148680
     aagtattctg ttccttaata aacaatgctg gagttatgtg gaaattcctt attttgagtg    148740
     tgcctaataa tttaagaatt gtattactat gtagtaagat aaaatgcagt ttaaagttct    148800
     atgtcttatt ttgttttggt tttgttggtt tgtttggttt tgtctaccca ccattacttc    148860
     cccaaatgcc ttgcgtagtt tatgattaat ggaagcctaa taaacagtct tggtctttcc    148920
     tcaccggttt ttcctctagc ttgtaaataa ctgcacatgt agtcactact aatatccctt    148980
     cattgatatt cagccaggaa gtggccgcat aaaaatgcaa aatgctttcc ctattttccg    149040
     tgatcgtact tccattttaa aaagatcttt tcctggggcc gggcgtggtg gctcacgcct    149100
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctggggcg ggcggatcac gaggtcagga gatgggagac    149160
     cagcctggct aacacggtga aaccccgtct gtactaaaaa aaaaaataca aaaaactagc    149220
     cgggcgtggt ggcgggcgcc tgtagtccca gctactcagg aggctgaggc aggagaatgg    149280
     catgaaccca ggaggtggag cttgcagtga gccgagatcg cgccactgca ctccagcctg    149340
     ggcgacagag cgagactctg tctcaaaaaa caacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaatttcc    149400
     ttatttcttt aatgttggta ctattatggt atatcaaaat ttgaagttct aatgtgaaaa    149460
     ctgagtcagc atttactttc ttgtttttaa aatgaggttg ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg    149520
     taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg gcagatcacc tgacgtctgg agttcgagaa    149580
     cagcctgagc aatatggaga aaccctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaatga gccaggcgtg    149640
     gtggcaggcg cgtgtaaccc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat tgcttgagcc    149700
     tgggaggcgc aggttgcggt gggcggaggt tgcagtgtgc tgagatcgcg ccactgcact    149760
     ccagcctggg taacaagagt gaaatcctat ctccaaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaagatatt    149820
     ttcctcattt ctttaatttt ggtactatta tggtatatca ataatttgaa gttgtaatgt    149880
     gaaaactgag tcagcgttta ctttcttgct tttaaaatga gatccttgcc tcattttgac    149940
     cttgatgatc ttggagcagc tccacattca cctttcatcc attcccttac acttttcagt    150000
     ggatttgctg tttgacttct ctaaagatat ctcttgcttt gggtcgccta tgccctttta    150060
     caagaaattg gagacattta atgattcttc ttcaaaacga gagttctggc agaaaaaccg    150120
     gaaggctttg ttgcccccac agatctgttg tattattcct acatagtaaa tggtctgaaa    150180
     gtttccagtg tggttaaaag tgtatgtgtc ctgggtatcc tgggaaccac agaatttaat    150240
     ctagaactgg aagtgatttg ggaggtctct tggcagtaag gttaggtgtt catttactct    150300
     atgggtagtt ataattcaac aaccacagaa tggccgagaa ctacatttgt aagtgggcaa    150360
     gatagcacat gcgccttctc taaattcaat acatcgttgt ataaagccaa gaggtatgaa    150420
     atgaactatt tcatagccaa gaaagggtga aaaaagccac aattataggc aatccaggct    150480
     ctattttaag tactgcacac ttgagtgtaa ggggatatca gaaaggagaa aaattgctag    150540
     aaatgcagta ttttagcctt aataacagaa tcatgtctca tctcttgctg cagcgttggg    150600
     aatagataac aattttatca acaacacctg tatacatgac tcacctattc acctcattcc    150660
     tagccacctt tggttgggtg agtataagga aaaatgaaac aaacttcttg tatgacagga    150720
     actcatgatt ttctatatac attttgcatt ctggttttac ctttttctgt caacattttg    150780
     gtgtttcagc ctttagatga atttatggga agagtgtggt ggggtcagag gagagaatgt    150840
     ggagctggga gccaggtcac tgcacttact tttgctttgc tgacaaccat ctgggtaacc    150900
     ttaggcaagt gaaacacact gttcttggat tcccgtttcc tcaactgtaa aacgaaaagt    150960
     ttggactgga tgtgagaatt attgccttta ggtgccaagc aaatgatcaa aaggtatgat    151020
     ggagtcagtg gaagacatta agggaaatga tgaggcttat ggccaaattg ggcagtttct    151080
     gctttttcta aaaacatttc aatttcttcc ttgctccctc cctctttgct tccttttttt    151140
     tcttctctct ttttccctct tttcctccct cttttcttcc aagaaggaag ccaagcaaaa    151200
     cacacccaga gcctgattcc cctttagaca ccactctctg accctttgat cattaatgtt    151260
     ccttccatca gcacttgttt ggaccagatg aatgattaag ggctatgttt ttgtcttatg    151320
     gaaatgagag taaggagttg aaccaggtac acagaaagtg agaggatgaa tatgagaaga    151380
     aaatatataa tctcagggat gggccttgtc tttacgaatt gatgtagttc aagaaaacca    151440
     aagataaggt tgactttcta tgttttgctt gtatatgatt agcacatcta tccaaatcct    151500
     gcaaagtggc tcacaattgt agaagggctg tgttagtctt actagccaac aatttggtca    151560
     gtgtattagc cagcagtgat atcatctggc tgtcttaaga aaacatatgt gtaactcaaa    151620
     taagtattcc tgttttctta taaaacttgt atttcttttt tgcttttctc aaatattttc    151680
     tggattttta aatattgttt gccatatgca ctatatagga atatacacac ataaacatga    151740
     ggggtttttt gctgataaaa ttcaaattat acatattcat cttttgtttt atatattcat    151800
     gtggcttttc tttttctttt tttttttttt ttaatctcag ctcactgcaa cttccacctc    151860
     ccaggtttaa gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggttaca ggcacgtgcc    151920
     aacacacctg gctaattttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttctccata ttggtcaggc    151980
     tggtctcaaa ctcccaacct caggtgatct gcctgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat    152040
     tacaggcatg agccacggtg cccgactttt tttttttctt ttgagacagg gtcttattct    152100
     tttgcccagg ctggagtgca gtgatgtgat cttggctcac tgcaacttct gcctcctgag    152160
     ttcaagcgat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtagctgtg attacaggtg ccaccaccac    152220
     gcccggctaa tttttttatt tttagtagag gcagggtttc accatgttgc ccaggctggt    152280
     ctcgaactcc tggcctcaag tgatccacct gccttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca    152340
     ggcatgagcc attgtgcctg gcctcatgtg gctcttctta gtgcctttaa cttttatgat    152400
     cttttatttt actagaactt aaaagtacaa tctcaatttt tctttcctac tactgatgag    152460
     ataaaattgg caaaagacag gatttagcaa ccagaaaaga aatgagtgtt ctacaagtaa    152520
     atagtcatcc ctggaataat ctaaatcaaa ggtatgtttc agtgttagga gattgtaggg    152580
     gtactttttc atgttctttg tcagaaatag gtatagagta agtttttttc aaactattga    152640
     gatactgaga gtaataatat tctctcctgg gatgtttaaa gacttatggt ctgatcacat    152700
     tgccagtttg tgctaagatt ttcaccattt tacttgatga taactcttct cagagtccaa    152760
     aagtagacaa ggtagctaga aatgcccttg tgcactggct gaagcaatcc tgatgatggc    152820
     ggaacttcat caaagcccac tggatactta aagggatggc cttagggcaa atattgcttt    152880
     taggccctga aacaaaataa agctaaatat gaatctgagc tcttgcttct gatagatata    152940
     acacctattc ctgacacctg gatcagatgt gtcccatcat ggcactgtcg gtctcaggct    153000
     gtgtcctccc caccagcact cctgtggcag aatagctcac tgtcacgctc attttccatc    153060
     aagaggcggc aacacttaca atgtaatgtg gtcagagtga tagcaagtct cccctcaaca    153120
     ctgaaaactc ttgttttatt gatctcgttt tattgacttg aaaactgtct tgttttattg    153180
     attttttttt attgtcacaa ttgggggtgg agatgagtgc tgctggcctc tggtaggcag    153240
     aagccaggga tgctattaaa ctggcacaac acagcccctt ccaaaagaga attatcaggt    153300
     ccaaactgtc aatagtgctg aggttgagaa atcacgatct agaagtacag gctttgcttg    153360
     tagcccttga tctgcaagaa tcctacttta cagtaattac aagtaaggat atacagattg    153420
     tatttgctgg tgattttacc tatgttcttt gccagcctgg ctaggtttac ttcttttatc    153480
     agtggaaagt gacaggtgca tcagtcctct ccactgatgc caaagaaata ccaggtgtat    153540
     cccttagaat gcatatagcc aatctcctgg atttgccaac acccacatat ctttaatggt    153600
     cttccagaca ttgctttctt aagatgttta cattctttat cagattatct tttactcctg    153660
     gcgccaacca ctttagcatg ttttcagtta ttagagtctt aggatagtat tttctttgag    153720
     attcaaacaa aaaagtattc tacatagtac ttgtaatctc tttcacaatt gtaattgcct    153780
     ttcacaaagc cgacattgtc tgattttttg attctgctgt ttatatcttg gtagtgttac    153840
     ctgttggtcc cctagtaaac agtgacagca atcttctgaa ccaggctgag gcccagtcaa    153900
     gtgtagatag acatgtattt cttatctcac tgtggtttta tttttctgca tgtctgccct    153960
     aatcaaagct tgtgctggga gctgcagtgc atctcatatc tcggcctcgg gaggaatggt    154020
     tcattgcata ttctctcaga gacagctggg cgcttcgcag ggagtggtcc ccctccctgt    154080
     caccagggca attctctttc acatctccca ggacagatgg agaatgaaga aattaataat    154140
     tcatagtgtg tatttaagtg gtgattcttc ctagactgag acatacttgc attttgttca    154200
     aaaacatctt gatgaagaca ggcccagtgg tgacctaaga gttagaacat aggaagtagg    154260
     gaaactctta ctaagaaaat ggacaataca ggccaggcag ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc    154320
     ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggcggaagga tcacctgagg tcgagggttt gagaccagcc    154380
     tgaccaacat ggagaaaccc tgtctctacc aaaaatacaa aattacccag gtgtggtggt    154440
     gcatgcctgt aatcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaattgctt gaacctggga    154500
     ggcggaggtt gcagtgagcc gagattgcac cattgcactc cagcctgggc aaccagagcg    154560
     aaaactccat ctcaaaaaaa aaagaagaaa gaaaatggac aagacagact gaaattagct    154620
     agcagccatt agctcaggta ccttttaagt gctcattgta ctgattgatg tttggatagt    154680
     gcattagcag aaatattatc tacttgcact tacgttcatg tgatctgtag gactcagggg    154740
     tcctgtttgt gtctgtagtc atagttaagt ttatagtcag ttcctggttg gtgctgggga    154800
     aaagaaatca ggatgcattc attgtgaaat acccttactg tcctctcagg agagaagagg    154860
     aaatgagtgt gttctctctc ttggttagaa acagataaag ctgtgtccca ttagcagttg    154920
     gataggaaac ggtaactgga accttctgtc taatctggtt tccttaaatg taaggagcag    154980
     ataactgcat ctggggagta gtgctcttaa taaggattat gggggcttca gttgcaatgg    155040
     ctccagttga agagccatgg gatttcatct gtcctgaatc atctgagtgt tattcttctt    155100
     cacattaact gtgtttatct gttatagtat ataattatgc tggtttgtta tgtatttgaa    155160
     aagcacttag catgttttga aatgtagcgt tgaaatgact ttaaaatgtc aactctgtag    155220
     ttttagtttt agggcacagt tcttgcaaat tcctgctttt cctctctgac cctagtaact    155280
     ctgaaatcag tagttgcaaa caaacaaacc ctaaagcctt gtgtgtcact tttctttggg    155340
     atagttgttg aattc                                                     155355