EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC092107; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 137617 BP.
AC   AC092107;
DT   25-JUN-2001 (Rel. 68, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 12)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-755J8 from UL, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-137617
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-137617
RA   Armstrong J., VanBrunt A., Meyer R., Doebber A.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-755J8";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-137617
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUN-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-137617
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-FEB-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-137617
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-JUN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-137617
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [7]
RP   1-137617
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; c6c0cc7659a35d9383b965afe281019c.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270597.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00026; U6.
CC   On Jun 27, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:18873961.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH0755J08
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. John D.
CC   McPherson, Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis
CC   MO. For additional information about the map position of this
CC   sequence, see
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries. Genomics 51:1-8. The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-462H3.  Actual end of this
CC   clone is at base position 137617 of RP11-755J8.
CC   PCR only regions exist between bases 12150-12152 and 21855-22484.
CC   Single plasmid subclone regions exist between bases 9249-9274 and
CC   22739-22760.  Polymorphisms have been identified between AC018688
CC   and AC092107.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..137617
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="UL"
FT                   /map="UL"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-755J8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..551
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   560..1541
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   1543..3957
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3978..4047
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4057..4131
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4235..5527
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7784..7881
FT                   /rpt_family="HSAT5"
FT   repeat_region   8102..8190
FT                   /rpt_family="HSAT5"
FT   repeat_region   8524..8666
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   8713..8956
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   8945..9000
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9079..9166
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9167..9479
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9486..9578
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9628..9725
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9726..9841
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9838..11145
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11143..11283
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11314..11595
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11600..11831
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11830..11875
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11884..11947
FT                   /rpt_family="(CACCC)n"
FT   repeat_region   12002..12062
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12065..12398
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12401..12501
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12545..12647
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12648..14201
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14206..14338
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14377..14668
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14673..14912
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14904..14959
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15061..15153
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15156..15469
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15476..15577
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15623..15718
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15719..15830
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15847..15953
FT                   /rpt_family="C-rich"
FT   repeat_region   15955..16053
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   16054..17635
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   17631..17774
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   17804..18066
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   18094..18303
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   18443..18535
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   18539..18881
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   18885..18986
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   19032..19128
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   19132..19207
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   19210..19270
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   19307..19345
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   19349..20879
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   20872..21007
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21045..21330
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21334..21567
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21566..21621
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21718..21813
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21816..22160
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   22168..22277
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   22342..22460
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   22461..24018
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24021..24151
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24190..24484
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24489..24721
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24720..24775
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24887..24992
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24990..25141
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   25157..25533
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   25534..25785
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   25783..26013
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   26051..26387
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   29324..29380
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   29818..29902
FT                   /rpt_family="HSAT5"
FT   repeat_region   30157..30356
FT                   /rpt_family="HSAT5"
FT   repeat_region   30915..31095
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31138..31372
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32228..32499
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   33316..33596
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36069..37212
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37249..37550
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37731..38039
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38068..38365
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39316..39416
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41022..41130
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   41936..42226
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   42339..43469
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43470..43789
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43790..44077
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44109..44486
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   45831..46884
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46894..47298
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   47299..47619
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47902..48186
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48283..48782
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49159..49454
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50031..50061
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   50069..50132
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   50401..50691
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52026..52313
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52658..52974
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53393..53657
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53681..53740
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   54754..55251
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56083..56112
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   56327..56483
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   57213..57476
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59519..59541
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   60468..60489
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   60574..60799
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60919..61222
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61536..61577
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   63227..63315
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64311..64341
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   65322..65354
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   66051..66342
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66564..66603
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   66883..67182
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67596..67917
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69687..69989
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70568..70858
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70978..71023
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   73183..73304
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   74122..74416
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74612..74907
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74942..75221
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75607..76382
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76755..77049
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77221..77564
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77816..77914
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80246..80363
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   81101..81185
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   81342..81464
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81502..81527
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   81918..82071
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   82078..82211
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   83236..83673
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83682..83976
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84043..84352
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84475..84504
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   84840..84874
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   84908..85447
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85815..86140
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86176..86315
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86618..86673
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   86705..86925
FT                   /rpt_family="Tip100"
FT   repeat_region   86926..87349
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   87350..87367
FT                   /rpt_family="Tip100"
FT   repeat_region   87621..87642
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   88182..88295
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   88960..89065
FT                   /rpt_family="U6"
FT   repeat_region   90016..90181
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91004..91062
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   91097..91388
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92085..92199
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   92862..92882
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   93264..93498
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   93723..93757
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   94388..94530
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94550..94660
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   96249..96453
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   96458..96744
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96845..96980
FT                   /rpt_family="Tc2"
FT   repeat_region   97430..97487
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   98544..98641
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   98654..98960
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    99269..100144
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=67.5, o/e=0.70, #CpGs=71)"
FT   repeat_region   99641..99749
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCCCAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   100435..101061
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101490..102060
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102378..102706
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102763..103012
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103142..103190
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   104187..104734
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105349..105412
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   105907..105950
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   105951..106243
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106283..107256
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107263..107647
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111972..112008
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   112193..112267
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   112468..112561
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112562..112823
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   112824..112879
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112880..113186
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113187..113327
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113328..113354
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   113355..113409
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115717..116020
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   116176..116199
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   116526..116599
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116645..116687
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   117569..117901
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   117974..119757
FT                   /rpt_family="SATR1"
FT   repeat_region   119758..120050
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120051..120106
FT                   /rpt_family="SATR1"
FT   repeat_region   122795..122852
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   123019..123924
FT                   /rpt_family="SATR1"
FT   repeat_region   123943..124601
FT                   /rpt_family="SATR1"
FT   repeat_region   124615..126863
FT                   /rpt_family="SATR1"
FT   repeat_region   126864..127211
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127212..127323
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   127329..127516
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127517..128263
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   128274..128898
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128918..129121
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129242..129263
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   129387..129432
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   130396..130469
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130478..130726
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130727..131036
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131037..131082
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131083..131427
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   131428..132136
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132134..132692
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132693..132991
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132992..133431
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134321..134640
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134954..135031
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135035..135058
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   135311..135605
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135606..135678
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135715..135829
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135831..136387
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136388..136693
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136694..136756
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136777..137079
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137095..137391
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 137617 BP; 42941 A; 29012 C; 25901 G; 39763 T; 0 other;
     ctacagctag aaatatcatt tgacccagca atcccattac tgggtatata cacccaaaat        60
     tataaatcat tctaatataa agacacatgc acctgtctgt ttatggcggc actgttcaca       120
     acaccaaaga cttggaacca accaaaatgc ccaccaatga tagactgaat aaagaaaatg       180
     tggcatatat acaccatgga atactatgca gccataaaca aggatgaatt cacgtccttt       240
     gctgggacat gaatgaagct ggaaagcatc attctcagca aactaacaca agaacagaaa       300
     accaaacacc acatgttctc attcataact gggagtagaa caatgggaac acatggactc       360
     aggaagggga acaccacaca ccagggcctg tcagggtggg gggctaggag agggacggca       420
     ttaggagaaa taactaatgt agatcatggg ttgatggatg cagcaagcca ccatggcatg       480
     tgtataccta tgtaacaaac ctgcatgtct gcacatgtac cccagaactt aaagtataat       540
     taaaaaaaaa agaaatttgc ttttaattaa gcctttaatc atagaacttg taaagaaaat       600
     cctttcgaat cttttactac cacatcatag ctgggacaaa ctgctgacgt tctaaaagta       660
     acacaaatat caaacagaaa gaactagact taggaatcaa actcaggtta ctgtagtgaa       720
     cagggcagaa tcttcacatt aggtcaccac cagtactcct tcactttggc cttggctagc       780
     aaaagaatgg cctttttatg tagatgagac cacttacgta aaaaaaaagt tttaaaaaat       840
     aatttctgct aactggaatg ttttttgttg ttgtttattt gtttgttttt ttgcagccat       900
     aggagtttta gccaattcag aggccttgct ccccacaatt tggaacattc ctttgaattt       960
     gaccaagtca ggaagagatg ggagaaaagt gaaacaacaa taataaaacc ccaagcataa      1020
     acaaacaaaa agagttaagc aaaacaacaa atgcacaatt catatgatta ctgagtgttc      1080
     taatggtaag gagaaattaa aagcagaaat taaaagcagc tggtgagtaa tcttaaattt      1140
     tagtcattaa ggaaaaattt taagacaaaa ctctaattca gctacttacc tggaaataag      1200
     gctcaggctg gtgatcgttc tctgccatat tagaagctgg aaaaaactta cactcacctt      1260
     ccctgtcaga agcaagctga aactcaggaa aggaggtgcc tgctctccat catcgtggaa      1320
     gcaggaaaac ttgccttcct tgttggaaat gagtaaaact tcagaaaagg agttgtacag      1380
     caaaatcaaa cttagatctc aactagattt tgggagatca gggaccctct gcaggggaga      1440
     aactccacaa cctcagcaaa ttatcctgtt gatttgggca ataaagatag cccaggttgg      1500
     tatcaagcaa taatgagatt tatcaaaggt cagggacatc tttgtaatgt ccttctctgt      1560
     cttttttaat ctttattggt atatacgttt tgtcaaaact aggagggcaa cacctgcttt      1620
     tttctgtttt ccatttgctt gaaagatttt tctccattcc tttattttga gcctatgtat      1680
     ggcactgcat gtgagatggg tttcttggag atggcatact caaattggtc ttggttcttt      1740
     atccagcttg cccccctgtg tctttcaatc ggagcattta gcccatttcc atttaaggtt      1800
     agtaatggta tgtgtggatt ggatcttgtc gtcatgctgt cagctggtta ttttgcagac      1860
     ttgtgtatgt ggttggtttt tagcatcact gttctgtgta cttcggtgca tttttgtagt      1920
     ggctggtgat ggtcttttct ttccatattt agtgcttcat tcaggagctc ttgtaaggta      1980
     gatctggtga taatgaattc tctcagcatt tgcttgtctg gaaaggatct tgtttctcct      2040
     tcacttatga tgcttaattt tgctggacat gaagttctgg gttgaaattt cttgtctttt      2100
     ttttttaacc atttaactct ctagctctca ttttaaccat tttaactctc tagctgcctt      2160
     taacattgtt tctctcattt tgaccttgga gaatctgatg attatatgtt ttggggatga      2220
     tcttttcatg gcatatctta ctgcggtcct ctggatttcc taaatttgaa tgttggcctg      2280
     tctggctagg ttggggacat tctcatgaaa gatattctga agtacgtttt ccaagctggt      2340
     tccattctcc tcatctcttt cagatacatt aatcagtcat aggtttggtc gtttatataa      2400
     tcccatattt cttggatgct ttgttcattc cttttccttc ttttttcccc cattcttgtc      2460
     tgcctgtttt atttcagaaa gccagttttc aagctctggg attctttcct ctgtttggtc      2520
     tattctgctg ggtggtcttg cacatgagat ggagctggtc tgacctcagc cctccttagt      2580
     ctgcttgcct ctcccaggac cccagcctgg ccacacctgc ttacagggca atctcgggtg      2640
     cccacacaca ctacaataat tttcataatg caatcacaca taatcaccat gtgactccat      2700
     tatgaaaatt cttatagtgt gcttttcagc tctattaggt cggttacgtc ttctttatac      2760
     ttgctatttt gtctgttagc tcctgcaatg ttttaaaatg atttttagct cgcttgtatt      2820
     gcatgacaac atacttcttt cactcagtga actttgttcc tacgcatatc ctgaacactg      2880
     cttgtatcat tccagacatc tcagcctcag cccagttcag aacacttgct ggagagttga      2940
     tgcagtcatt tggaggaagg aaggcatgct actttttgag ttttcagtgt tctcacacag      3000
     attctttctc atctttatgg gcttatccac cttccatctt tgaggttgct gacctttgga      3060
     cagggtattt ttcttttatt gtatttgatg atcttgaggg tttcattgcg gtataaggtg      3120
     gattcaacca actggctttg tttttggagg attttggggg ggccaatgtg cagctcccaa      3180
     ttcctggact gtttgcttta actctgggga acttgtcttg ggccccaact ttgttctctg      3240
     gctcctcgag gtttggagtc cactgctctg tggggaccga agtgtagcaa ctgtgacgga      3300
     atgctagtgg atgcaaaatt ccctgcctcc ctgcgggtgt tcacccagtg gtggagacaa      3360
     gacagctggg gtgtgggcca gggctcccct gctgtgtgtg tgttgtactg gaggtaatgt      3420
     tcgttcagag tgagctgctg gccagtgcag accatggtgc cttctctgtg cccctcaaag      3480
     caacagtggt cgctcagggt ataagaaggt ccctttttct ctgcacagca ttagctcaac      3540
     ggtgaggtgc tggcaggggt ggggttcttg gttctgtgcc caccaaggct ctgtcttcaa      3600
     tggcagttgg tgtgggttgg tgtgtgtgct gcactcccat gtgctctcag ggcaagtaca      3660
     gcaaaaccca cctgtgtaaa cacacacagc aaagtgatgt aggaagtttc catataaagg      3720
     gctgcagtat ggagaggtaa tctgcagact ggtgtgtggc tgttggggcc accttgctgc      3780
     agctctccac tgatcaggta tggtccacta gcacggaagc tatgctgtgg gcatccgaaa      3840
     gtgccctgta agcaggtgtg gccaggctgg ggtcctggga gaggcaagca gactaaggag      3900
     tgctgagatc agaccagccc catctcatgg gcaagactgc ccagcagaga tcaggtctca      3960
     gaggagaact ctctcaaaag tgaaccccca gcacagcata gctgctttac acaaacatgg      4020
     gcaggcttct tttttaagca agtccccttt tttaagagag gaactctggg acctgatctc      4080
     tgctgggcaa tcttgaacat gagatggggc tgatctgagc ttagcattcc taaagtgctg      4140
     ggatgaagtg tctcacaagg gcaagtggaa cctagagaga tagctgtccc tgtcctctgg      4200
     gctccacatc acctgacttg ctgctccacc actctgcttt tctcctgggt gctccatccc      4260
     agagagatgt gagttagcgt aatcagccca ggatggaggg tctgtgttgt gagcccaagc      4320
     cagggttccc tctctggtga tgagcagtgt ggggtgtgtg gtacccgtgg gagatggact      4380
     ggcttgttcg ttgggtcaac tgcagcttat tggaggtgtc gatatggcac ttagggtctt      4440
     tgctcccttg atattctgag ggtagcaagg gcagttccac tgcagagaca gtggcagaga      4500
     gaatttcatt tgctcctgga agctctgtcc agggaattgc tgagttgcta ctggcttgat      4560
     agctccaatg gtggactggc tggagaccca ggccaggagg acctgctcat caagtagact      4620
     gtctggccac ttttctgtca ggctgctggt atgctgggta tcccctccag tccctatttg      4680
     ccttgtattt tccagggaag atgatagcct gccccttcct ctgggagctc tgggccactg      4740
     aggtacgaac ttgttgccga tatgaacaca cctataagat gtgactggag acaagttgag      4800
     aagtcttatc tagtcaggag gaacaagaac agggacttgc ttaaaaaaaa agtctggcca      4860
     cgtttttcta gagcagctgt gctatgctgg gggttcactt ccactcctgg tcgcctcaga      4920
     cactctgaag ccctaaggct gaaatggctg agttgcccca acagcaaaga tgacagtctg      4980
     gtcctccccc tgggagctct gactcaggga ggcctgaaac ctctgtcagc cagagaacag      5040
     cagtgaatgt agctggagac cttggttgaa aggcttcacc cactgattag aaatgtggtc      5100
     ggggactgac ttaaacaaga gtctggccac gtttttgtag tgtggctgtg ctgtgctgtg      5160
     ctgagtttcc tcttccaccc cttttcacct tgggctttcc aaagcccgca ggccagaacg      5220
     gctagtcacc caaacagcaa aggtggtggc ctgcccctct ctctgggagc tctgtcccag      5280
     gaacacttca aatttccatt ggccaaggaa tgctggtggc ggtagctgga ggccccagtt      5340
     gggaggtcct gtcctgtgac gtggaacagg gtcaggggcc tgcttacaga agcagtctgg      5400
     ccatgatttg gtaaagcagc tatgctgtgc tgtgggatct cttctgccac tggtcggttt      5460
     gtcctctcca aagccctcag gctggaatga ctaagttgcc tgaacaggaa agatggaggc      5520
     ctgccccatc tattctctca gagttcatct tgtttgatgg agcttaattt ttagcctgtt      5580
     aattttactg tctacattag acttgttcgg aaagaatctg ttatatttta ggttagatat      5640
     atgagaattc attgttttct gtaaataaac ctgttcatgt cttgttctct ggaaagaaat      5700
     ctctttcaac tatctgactt tggtcacaat catgtagagc agtagccagt ctacagtgac      5760
     ataattgaat ttccatttcc agtgtttcgt ttttgtgtct tacattttac agttcagaat      5820
     tgcgcatttt attcccaatt gtcaaaatgc taagctgtcc actgtactga aatagttttt      5880
     gttaattctt cgtcattcaa ttttttttaa gatgtgcact tttatccaac ttttctcaag      5940
     tcagagtaca gataagccct ggctgcctcc agccgctctc agggagacca aaacccttca      6000
     tacactccaa gttggggtac aaaaaagggg ggccatgaag gctaatcatt aaaaataaaa      6060
     caaaagttaa aagtattaat gcaaagattt aaaaattttt gcattatgta atttacacaa      6120
     aagcaatgct atcacctccc ctgtgtgaac tcgggagagg actgggccat tctccttaga      6180
     gagaagtagg gtggctttta ggagggcaag gggcttcctg aaacaataca tctcacaata      6240
     tttggaatga ctattgaaaa gaagaacaat gtacaatcaa agtccttggc gacattgtag      6300
     aaccagcggg cgctgacccc tgaaccacaa ccacagttct gggtttggga tttggtaaaa      6360
     ccaccccagg gacagagttc tggggccggg ttttggagga agcaaggcgc ctcccaggga      6420
     tgatgtgtca ctcctgcttg ccatgaaatg tgcacacagg ctgtccccct gcccatccca      6480
     tcctgctgga caggatggag gaagtgagag aacaggcagg gtggacagct ggggtgcagg      6540
     gagaggcagg tgcattctgg gaggtcagga tctgtgaggg ctgtgggctc atcaggtgga      6600
     gtaggctcca ggtgcaccat cagtgcactg ggcaggtctc aggccaggct tcctggaccc      6660
     cggctgggtg atgtggtcac tccctggggg actgctgtca gaccttggcc acgccccctt      6720
     ggcagcaccg tcccatccta ggactggact ttctgagtcc tgagacagga cagtgcttcc      6780
     cagacctgac agactgggag gacctgttaa gtcctccatc cctagaccag cctcccaaaa      6840
     gcagggacag tctcctacct ttaccttcag ggcactgact gatccatctc attctaaggc      6900
     aaccaaggca gagctgagga cctgtgccag gctgggagcc agtcttctcc ctaaatgggc      6960
     cttagggaag cctcatccct gtcccagtgc actgcaagtt tcagctcagg agacacatag      7020
     ggaagggagg atgggtcctc cccactggct gaccctggaa aagcaggacc tgggagaaga      7080
     gagagtgcag ggctggcagg tgatgctcca ggcccatgga gagctcaggc tccaccaagg      7140
     ggctgcctat cctgggctgg aggctgtgcc ctctgcagga tctgaggaag tccagtcgtg      7200
     aggtgggaca gtgctaccca gggtgggtgg ccagcgcctg acaacagtcc cccagtaagt      7260
     gaccacatca cccagccggg gtccagagag cctgggccaa gacctgccca gtgcactgag      7320
     cgtgcacctg gagcccaccc cacctgatgc ccccacagcc ctcacagggt ctgacctccc      7380
     agcatgcacc tgcctctccc tgaaacccag ctgcccaccc tgcctgttcc ctggcctcct      7440
     ccatcctgtg cagaccatag actgtgaccc tctctctgac cactctggcc cttcctttac      7500
     ctttgtccca tcagaatctc tgagcaagat ctcccaggtc catccagaca cctgctttgt      7560
     ccacttttga ctgggccatt gaacaccact gggccacccc aactgtccac aggctccttg      7620
     ataacatgca tttcccctga catttcccag tagtgctcag cagcccccac tgaccaggtc      7680
     cctgctgagc agattcagca tatcagatcc tccctgacca caccctcact gattagaccc      7740
     ccttcaccag gcctcactaa ctagattccc gctgccaggc ccacaatgac caggactcca      7800
     cagacgagga tcttactgac aaggcctcac tggcaaggcc tcactgacca ggtccttact      7860
     gacaaggcct cactgatcag gttccaccga tcatgacccc attgcctggt cccacagatg      7920
     aagccctact gactaggcct gcagggaata tgatgccagt gaccaggccc ctgctaacca      7980
     ggcctgaggt gaccagatgc ccctgaccag gaccctaatg agtatgcccc actgaacagg      8040
     tatgcactgc tcagatccct gctgaccagg tcaccccgta gaccagtgct acaaaagcca      8100
     ccactgatca agtcctctct gaccaggccc ccactgatta ggtttccacg gaccagcctg      8160
     ccctgaccag ggccccactg acaagcgcct ctgctgacta ggtcccatgt gaccaggcct      8220
     ccactgaata gcaccccttg acctggtcac cagtaaccca gcccaatctg acaaggccat      8280
     cactaagccc cagctgacaa ggtctccact gaccaagtcc cacagcacag gttggcattg      8340
     accagacacc aaacatttgt ctgccactag gaacccactc accaagacct gcactactag      8400
     atccctctaa tgagaccctc tctaagcaga cccctgctga ccacccccca ctaaataggc      8460
     cttacgacca agtcccgatt gactaggtcc actgagcagg cccacactga tcaggcccct      8520
     cctaaccata tcagaaggcc aagcagcaaa gagatgtttc atatggcagg agtaggagca      8580
     agacagagaa aggaaagagg tgtgacatcc tgttagacaa ccaaatcaca tcagaactca      8640
     ctcccaggag atcagcatca agaagactaa ccaatggtga aggattctcc acccacacca      8700
     ccgcccactg cttccaggca gaagcctcct gcagaggcag aacctcttag gaaacttcca      8760
     ctatggcagt gcagaaggaa aatataggct ttgagccccc acacaggagg ccaccatcct      8820
     ccagactcca gatttgtaag cccaccaaca gctcacaccc tcagtatgga aaagctacag      8880
     gcactcaaca ccaacccagc ccatgacagc agccatgggg gctacaccct gcaaagccac      8940
     aggtgcactg tcctagtaga ggtttcccat gagcctctgc ctctgcagca ggttactccc      9000
     accctcccac caccctactg acaacctact cctccccaca ctaccacccc ttttccttcc      9060
     accccaaccc cctctcatcc aagattaaaa cacctcccac ctggcccacc tccaacatta      9120
     aggatgacac gtgagttata tagggacaca cagccaaccc atattattct gaccctgata      9180
     ccccagaacc tcatgtcctt ctcacagagc aaaacaaaat catgcttttt caaaagtttc      9240
     caaaagtctt aactcattcc aaatgtaaaa atttccaagt ctcatctgag acaaggttac      9300
     agtcccttct gccaatgagt ccctgaattt aaaagggatt tcttttcctt caaggtacaa      9360
     caggcattgg gtaaggtttc tcaatccaaa tggaagaaat tccccagaaa aataacacaa      9420
     atgcaagtcc aaaacccagc aggacagtat tcactcaatc tcacagctcc aaagtcatca      9480
     aaagaacgca ctgtcatgcg gacagcatta aggagatagt gtttacccat ttgtgaagaa      9540
     tctgctcccc caccctcatc tttcactccc acccacaaaa taatctctcc cattctcccc      9600
     acacccctac ctccaacacc cactcttctc catgatcaaa tcacctccca ccaggtccca      9660
     cctttaacat tccccactac aattccacat gagtattggt agggacacag aatcaaatca      9720
     tattattctg gctcttgctc cccaaatctt gtatccttgt cacactgcaa aatacaatga      9780
     tgacttctct acttcccccc aatgacttaa ctcattccag catttactga aatgtacaag      9840
     gacttacaga ccccatgcaa gtcaaaaacc cagcaggcca gtcattgaat cctacagctc      9900
     caaatcatcc tttctgaatc tacatctcac atctagagca caggtttgtg atgcctgggt      9960
     tcccaaggcc ttgggcagct ctgtgcctgt ggctgtgcag ggtctatccc ccacagctgt     10020
     cctcatgggc tgggctggtg ttgagtgcct gtagcttttc cacactaagg atgccagctg     10080
     ttggtgcgtc tatgaatctg gggtctggat aatggtgcct ccatatttag ggactccagc     10140
     cctatattct tcttctgtac tgccctagta aaggtttccc atgaggctct gcctcttgga     10200
     aaagattctg cctgaacacc caggtttttc cttacatact ctggagtcta gacaaaggct     10260
     cccaagcctc tagttttgtc ctctgcgcag ctgctggctt aacactgtgt ggaagccacc     10320
     aaggcttgaa gcttgcaccc ctgaagcagt gatgcaagct gtacctgtgc atctttcagc     10380
     catggctgga actagagctg cagggatgca ggcagcagtg tcctgaggct gcacatagag     10440
     gggggtcatg gaactggccc aggaaaccat tcttctctcc gaggccccag ggcctatgat     10500
     agcaagggct gctgcaaagt tttctgaaat ggcttcaagg ccttttccct attgtcttgg     10560
     ctattagcac tgggctcctt ttcatgcaaa tttctgaagc cttcctcagt tttatcctga     10620
     aaatcagctt ttctttttga ccatttggtc aggctgcaaa tttttgagtt ctgtttctca     10680
     tttaatatta gagttgggac tgatttaatg taagacccat ccagatgtca tttcctcagt     10740
     cacacataag ggcacaggct gtttgataca gacaggacac cccttcagct ttgctgccca     10800
     gaagttcatt ccatcagata ctcagtaagc cgtcaccctc aaattcaaag tttcacagat     10860
     ctccagggca gggtcactgt gcagccacgt tctttgctgc agcaaaacaa aagtaacctt     10920
     ggctcctgtt tgcagtaagt ccctcctttt catctgagag cttcttaatc tgatccttac     10980
     tgtctatttt cctatgagcc ttctgatcac aagtatttaa caattcttta caaagatcca     11040
     aactttccct catctccctg tcttcgaagt cctccaaact ctcccaaact ccatctgcta     11100
     cccccttctg aacctgcttc tatattatca gctatctttg tcgcaggctg gcaatgtggt     11160
     aaaggaagac aagcccattt tctggggaaa aattcaagga ggcttcagat acttgagtga     11220
     aaagaagctg agtgctgatt gccaagacat tagggagaag gccttgaaga cacttaatag     11280
     atccactttg cagtcataat tttctccatg atcataaaga aaacaggttt aattggttaa     11340
     tgattctgca gactgtaagg aagcatagtg gcttctgcat ctgacaggac tcaggaagcc     11400
     tcccaatcat accagaatgt caaagggcaa ggagatgtct catatggcaa gagtaggagc     11460
     aagacagaga aaggaaaaag ttgtcatacc cattatacaa gcagatctca tgagaactca     11520
     ctatcacaag gtcagcatca agaagatggt gcttaaacat tggtgaagga tctgacccac     11580
     acacccaact cccactgttt ccaggcagaa gcctccttca gatgcagagc ctcttgaaaa     11640
     cctctattat ggaagtgcag aaagaaaata tgggcttaga gcccccacac aggttgtcac     11700
     caacctccag atcccagatt cataggccca ccaacaactc acacccttgg tgtggaaaag     11760
     ctacaggccc tcaataccag cccagcccac gagaacagct gtggggctaa aacttgcaaa     11820
     gccacaggtg cacttcccta gtggaggttt tccgtgaggc tttgcctctg cagcagtcta     11880
     ctcccccttc ctacttcccc ccaccctccc accaccctac tgccaaccca ctcctcccca     11940
     tcctaccgat cccttttacc ttccaccacc accaacctcc tgtccataat taagtcacct     12000
     gcttcaacat tagagattac aattccacat gagtttcata gggacacaca ggcaaaccat     12060
     ataattctga ccctgatatt ccagaatctc atgtccttat cacagagcaa aatacaatca     12120
     tgacttttca aaagtttgaa aaagtcttaa ctcattccaa attttaaaaa ttcaaagtct     12180
     catctgagat aaggccacag tcccttctgc ctatgagtcc ctgaatttaa aatggagttc     12240
     ttttctttca aggtacaatg atggtagagg cattgggtaa gatttctcag tccaaaggga     12300
     agaaatttcc cagaaaaata acacaaatgg gcccacaggc ccaatgcaag tccaaaaccc     12360
     agcaggacag tattcactca atctcacagc tccaaaatca tcaagagaac tcactgtcat     12420
     gtgaacagca ttaaggagag tatgcttaac catttgtgaa ggatctgccc ccccaccctc     12480
     atctttcact cccacccaca aaataatctc ccccattctc cccactcccc tacctccaac     12540
     acccattctt ctccatgatt aaatcacctc ccaccaggcc ccagctttaa cattccccat     12600
     tacaattcca catgagtttg gtagggatgc agagccaaat catattattc tgaccctggt     12660
     ccccatatct catgttgttc tcacactgca aagtacaatg atgctttctc tacagtttcc     12720
     caatctctta actcattcca gcatttactg aaatgcccaa agcccaaagt ctcttctgag     12780
     acaaggctgc catatgttct acccctgagc ctctgaaata caaagcaagt acttccaaag     12840
     tacaatgatt gtacatgcat tgggtaagta ttcccagcca aaaggaagaa atttgtcaga     12900
     aagaagcaca aaacacagtt gggacttaca gaccccatac aagtcaaaaa cccaacaggc     12960
     cagtcattga attctacagc tccaaatcat tttttttgaa tccagatccc acatccagag     13020
     ctcaaggcta tgaggcctgg gctcccaagg ccttgggcag gtctgcacct gtgactttgc     13080
     agggtctaac ctccacagtt gccctcatgg gctgggctgg tgttgagtag ctacagcttt     13140
     tccacaatca aggtgcaagc tgctagtgag tctatgaatc tggcattggc agaatggtgc     13200
     ctccctgtat ggggttcgaa ccctatatgt tccttctgta ctgccctagt aaaggaggct     13260
     ctgcctcttg gaaaagtttc gacctggaca cccaggtttt tccatacata ctctggagtc     13320
     cagacaaagg atccctagcc tctagttttg tgctctgtgc acctgctggc ttaacactat     13380
     gtggaagcca ccaaggcttg cagcttgcac cctctgaagc agtgacccaa gctctacctg     13440
     tgcatctttc agccatggct ggagctggag cttcagaaat gcagccagca gtgtcctgag     13500
     gatggacata gcagcgggga catggggctg gaaaaggaaa ccattctttt ctctcaggtc     13560
     tcagggcctg tgatagcaag ggctgctgca aaagtctttg aaatgccttc aaggcctttt     13620
     taacattgta ttggctatta gcactgaact ccattttatg cacatttctg aagacttttt     13680
     gaattttccc actgataatc agcttttctt tttgaccact tggccaggct gcaaattttt     13740
     caaactttta agctctcctc atttaaatat aagtttcacc ttgaggtcat ttctttggtc     13800
     acatatagga ccacaggctg ttcgacacag acaggacacc tcttaagctt tgctgcctaa     13860
     aatttcattc caccaaatac actctaaatt atcaccctga tgttcaaaat ttcacaggtc     13920
     tccacattag gggcatagtg cagcaacgtt ctttgctaag gaaaaaacaa aagtgacctt     13980
     tgttcctgtt cccagcaagc tcctcatttt catgtgagac cttctaagcc tggtgatcac     14040
     tgtccatcct tctgtcacct ttttaattat aactatttaa caagtctcta cactgaacca     14100
     aacttttcct catcttcctg tcttcttcca agacctccaa actctccaac ctctggccat     14160
     tacacacttc tcaacctgct tctacatttt cagctatgtt tgtcacagcc tggcaatgtg     14220
     gtaaaagaag aaaagtccat ttcaggagaa aaattaatgc aggcttcaca tatttgcctg     14280
     aaaagaagct gagtgctgat tgccaagact atagggaaaa ggccttgaag gcatttcata     14340
     gctccacttt atagcattaa tttgctgtat aatcagaaag aagagagatt aaactggctg     14400
     atggttctgc aagctttaaa taaatcatag aggcttctgc ttctggaagg attcaggaag     14460
     cctcccaatc ataccagaag accaagcagc aatgggatgt tttatatggg agacatagaa     14520
     acaaaacaga gagaggaaaa aggtgccaca cattgtataa ccctgttata caaccagatt     14580
     tcctgagaac tcactatcac aaggtcagta tcaagatgtt gctgaaccat tggtgaaagt     14640
     tctgccccct accacccaca cctctcactg tttccaggca gaagcctaag gcagaggcag     14700
     agccactagg aaaacctcta ctagggcaga tcagaaaaaa tagatgggct tggaggcccc     14760
     atgcaggagg ttaccatcct cagaccccag attcatagac ccaccaaaaa cttgcactct     14820
     cagtatggaa aagctacagg cactgaacac cagcccagcc tatgagggca gccattgggg     14880
     ctacaccctg caaagccaca ggtgcactgc cctggtagag gttttccatg aggctctgac     14940
     actgcagcag gctactcccc cttcctactg cccaccaccc tctcaccacc ctactgccag     15000
     cctaatcctc cccatcttac ccatttgttt tcccttccac ccctaccaac ctcccgtttg     15060
     tgattaaatc acctcccacc aggtcccacc tacaacagtc aggaatgcaa ttccccatga     15120
     gtttttgtag agaaacacag ccaaacctta ttatcctgac cctgacaccc ccacatctca     15180
     tgtccttctc acacagaaaa atacaaacac gtcttttcaa cagtttcaaa aagtcttaac     15240
     tcattccagc agtaactcaa atgtagtaaa ttcaagtctc atccaaaaca agaccaatct     15300
     tttctgccta tgagtccctg aatgtaaaag acaattcttt tctttcaagt taaaacgatg     15360
     gcacaggcaa tgggtaagct ttctcaaacc aaagggaaga ttttcccaga aaaataacac     15420
     aaatgggaca caggcccaat ccgactccaa aacccagcag gacagcattc atttatcatg     15480
     agaactcact atcacacaga ctgcattaag gagacagtat ttaaccattt gtgaaggatc     15540
     tgccacccat ccccatgttt caccctcact cacaccatga atgtccattc ccccacatcc     15600
     cccttccaac ccccattctc tactatgatt aaatcacctt ctaccaagcc ccacatttaa     15660
     cattcccaat tataattcca catgagtttt ggtagggaca cagagccaaa tcatattatt     15720
     ctccctttgg acccccaatc tcacaacctt ctcatactgc aaaatacaat gatgcattct     15780
     ctacagtccc ccagtgtctg aactcattcc agcatttact caaatgtcca tttgtgaagg     15840
     atccaccccc cacccctgcc tttcacccct aaccccacca caatgccccc aaccctcctc     15900
     accccctaat cccccccaca ctccccaccc caccaaccat cccacctcca ctctccacca     15960
     tgattaaatc accttccacc agcccctacc tttaacattt cccattaaaa ttccacatga     16020
     gttttggtag agacacagag ccaaaacata ttattctgtc cctggtcccc caaggttcat     16080
     gtctttctca cattacaaaa cgcaatgatg ccttccctag agtcccccaa atcttaactc     16140
     atcccagcat ttactcaaat gtccaaagcc cgaagtctct tctgggacaa ggctgccata     16200
     ccttctgccc tgagcctctg aaatacaaag caagttaacc acttccaagg tacaatgatt     16260
     gtacaggcat tgggtaagca ttccaagcca aaaagaagaa atttgccaga aagaagcaca     16320
     aaacacagat gagacttaaa aaccccctgc aagtcaaaaa cccagcaggc cagtcattcc     16380
     atcatacagc tccaagtcat ctttttggaa tctatgtcca catccagagc acaggttggt     16440
     gtgatggctg gaatcccaag gccttgggca gctctgcaca tgtggcattg caaaatcttc     16500
     cccctacagc tgacctcatt ggctaggctg gcgttgagtg cctgtagctt ttcaacacta     16560
     agggggcaag cagctggtgg gtctatgaaa ctgaggtctg gaaaatggtg cctccctgta     16620
     tggggactcc aaccctatac tttccttgtg tactgcctga gtagaggttt accatgaggc     16680
     tctgactctt ggaaaagctt ctggctagac actcaggctt tctgatatat cctctggagt     16740
     ccagacaaag gctctgaagc ttctagtcct gtgctttatg tacctgctgg cttaacacta     16800
     cgtagaagcc accaaggctt ggagcttgca tcctctgaag cagtgatgca agctgtacct     16860
     gtacatcttt catccatggc tggagctgga aaaggagctg cagggatgga ggcagcagtg     16920
     tcctgaggct gcacacagca gtggagccat gaggctgggc caggaaaata ttcttttctc     16980
     ctaaacccca gggccagtga cagcaagggc tgctacaaag gtctctgaaa tgccttcaag     17040
     gcctttttcc cattgtcttg aattattagc attgggctcc tttttatgca aatatccgaa     17100
     gccttcttga ttttccccct gaaaatcagc ttttcttttt gaccacttgt ccagattaca     17160
     aattttccaa atgttaaagc tctgcttctc atttaaatat aagttccaac ttatggtcat     17220
     ttctttcatc acacatagga gcacaggctg ttcgatgtag gccagacaac tcttgagctt     17280
     tgctgcttag aagttcattc caccagatac accctaaatc atcaccctcg agttcagttt     17340
     cacagatctc ccgggaaggg tcactgtgta gccaattact ttgctaagtc aaaaaaaaaa     17400
     aaaaacctta gctccttttc ccagtaagtt cctcattttc atctgagacc ttacaaggct     17460
     atcttcactg tccatccttc tgtcagcctt ttactcacaa ctatttaaca agtctctgca     17520
     atggtccaaa ctttccctca tcttcctgtc ttcttccaag ctctccaaac tctctaacct     17580
     ctcgccacta cccaatttgg aacctgcttc tacactgtca gctatctttg ttgcagcctg     17640
     gcaatgtggt aaaagaagaa aagtccatta tcagggggaa acatcaagat ggcctccaat     17700
     atttgcattg aaaaaagctc agtgctaata gccaagagaa tgggggaaac tcctagaagt     17760
     catttcataa cttcacttca cagcattaat tttctgtatc tacataaaga aaagaggtct     17820
     aattgactca cagttcttca ggctgtaaag aaagcatagt ggtttctgct tgtaggagga     17880
     ctcaggaagc ctcccaatta taccagaagg ccaagcggca atgaaatgtt tcatatggca     17940
     ggagtagaag caagacagag agaggaaaga ggtgtgatat cctgttatac aactagatct     18000
     catgagagct cactatcagg agatcagcat taagatggtg cttaactgat ggtgaaggat     18060
     ccgcccacca ccccatatcc accaccaact gtttccaagc aaaagcctgc ggcagagaca     18120
     gatcctcttg gaaaacctct actagggcag tgcagaagga aaatatgggc ttggagcccc     18180
     cacgccacca tcctccagcc ccaagagtca tggacccacc aacagctcac acccccagta     18240
     tggaatacca gcccagccca tgagtgcagc tgcaggtgct aaaccctgca aagccacagg     18300
     tgctctgcct tagtagaggt tttccatgag cctctgcctc tgtggcaggc tactcccctc     18360
     ctgctacaca ccaccctaca gccagcctac tcctccccac attacccacc tgtttttact     18420
     tccaacccca cccctctccc atccatgaat aagtcacctc ccaccaggcc ccacctgcaa     18480
     cattcaggat tacaattaca tgtgagttta ggtagggaca tgcagctaaa tcatactatt     18540
     ctgaccccga tcccccaaat atcatatcct tctcacagag taaaatacaa tcatgccttt     18600
     tcaaaagttg ccgaaagtct taagtcattt cagcattaac tcgaatgtaa aaagttccac     18660
     gtctcatctg agaaaaggct acagtccctt ttgcctatat gtccctgaat ttaaaaggga     18720
     gatcttttct ttcaaggtac aatgatggta caggcattgg gtaagttttc ccaatccaaa     18780
     gggtagaggt ttgccaggaa aataacacaa atgggatcac agggccaatg caggtccaaa     18840
     acccaggagg ccagtatcca ttcaatctca cggctccaaa accgtcacga gaactcacca     18900
     tcatgaggaa aggattaagt agatggtgtt taactatttg tgagggatcc tcccccaccc     18960
     ccacttttca tccctcaccc ccaccataat ccacccattc tccccaatct ccaccttcca     19020
     aaacccagtg tcctccatga ttaaatcacc ttccacctgg ccccactttt aacatttctg     19080
     attacaattc cacatgagtt tccataggga cacacagccg aatcttattc ctctgtctct     19140
     gcctccccaa atctcatgtc cttctcactt tgcaaaatac agtgatgcct tacttaccat     19200
     tccctaagcc actatgcttt tttttttaca gcctacagaa ccttgagcca attaaacccc     19260
     tttttgttat gatcatacag aaaattagta ctgtgaagtg aaactatgaa atgccttcaa     19320
     tgacttttcc ccatcgtctt ggctaaaacc cccaacttct taactcattc cagcatttac     19380
     ttaaatgtct gaagcccaaa gtctcgtctg agacaaagat gccatccttt ctgctcctga     19440
     gcctctgaaa tacaaagcaa gttaactact tccaaggtat gattgtccag acattgagta     19500
     agaattccca ccctaaagga agattttttg ccagagagaa caacgaaaca caaacgggac     19560
     ttacagatcc catgaaaatc caaaacccag caggccagtt attaaaacgt acagctccaa     19620
     agtcatcctt ttttaatcct tgtcccacat ccagggcaca agggcatgag ggctgggctc     19680
     ccaaggcctt gggcaggtct gcacctgtgg ctttgcagtt ttcagttccc gcagctgccc     19740
     tcatgggctg tgctggtgtt gagtgcctgt agttttcacc cacagagggt acaaagctct     19800
     tggtgggtct atgaatctgg ggtctgcatg atggtggcct ccagtgtggg ggctccaacc     19860
     ccatattttc cttctgcact gccctagtag aggtttccca agaggctctg gtttttggca     19920
     gccttctgtc tggacaccca aacattttca tacatcttcc aaaatctata tgaaggctcc     19980
     gaagcctctg ggctagtgat ctatggactc gctggcttaa cactatgtgg aagccatgaa     20040
     gccttatagc ttctaccctc tgaagcagtg atgcaatctg tacctgtgca tctttcagcc     20100
     aaggtcggag caggagatgg ggctgctggg atgcaggcag cagcgtcctg aggctgcact     20160
     cagcagcagg gccatggggc tggccccgga aaccattctt ctctcctagg ccccagggac     20220
     tgtgacagca agggctgctg caaacatctc tgaaatgcct ccaaggtttt ttcccccatt     20280
     gtcttggcta ttagcactgg cctccatttt atgcaaattt ctggagcctt catgaatttt     20340
     ccccctgaaa atcagctttt ctttttgaac acttggccag gctgcaaatg ttccaaactt     20400
     ttgagctctg cttgtcattt ttaaatataa gttccaactt gaggtcattt cctcggtcac     20460
     acataacctc ggtcacacaa gagcacaggc tgtttgatgc agacaggatc ccccttgtgc     20520
     tatgctgcct agaacttcat tccaccagat atgtactaaa tcgtcaccct caagttaaaa     20580
     gtttcacaga tctcgagggc aaggtcaccc tgcagccatg ttctttgcta cagcaaaaca     20640
     aaagtaacct tggctcctgt tcccagtaat ttcctcattt tcatctgaga ccttgtaagc     20700
     ctggccttca ctgtccatcc ttctgccagc cttttaatca caactattta acaagtgcct     20760
     acgatggtcc aaaatttctt catcttcctg tcttctttca agctctccaa actctccaac     20820
     ctctggcttt tacacacttc tgaacctgct ttacattttc agctatcttt gttgctgctt     20880
     ggtaatgtag aagaaaaaga agtccatttt cagggggaaa cttcaagaag gcttcagata     20940
     tttgcattaa aaagaagtcc agtgctaata gtcaagacga tggggaaatg tcattgaaga     21000
     tatttcatag ctccacttca cagtacttta ttttctgtat gatcataatg aaaaggggtt     21060
     taattggccc atggttctgc aggctgtaaa gaaagcacag tggcttctgc ttctggaagg     21120
     actcaggaag cctcccaatc ataccagtag gaaaacagca atgaaatgtt tcatacggca     21180
     ggagcaggag caaggctgag agaggaatga ggtgccacat cgttatataa ccagatctca     21240
     tgagaactca ctatcactag gtcagcatca agaagatagt gcttaaccat tggtgaagga     21300
     tccacccccc aacacagttc cacctcctac tgttccaaac agaagcctgc tgcagaggca     21360
     gaggctcttg ggaatcctgt actatggtag tgcagaagga aaataagggc tttgagtgac     21420
     tatgcaggag gcaaccatcc tctaaacccc agattcatag acctaccaac agttcacacc     21480
     ctcagtatgg aaaagctaca ggcactcaac actagtccag tctatgaaag aagccatggg     21540
     ggctcagacc tgcaaagcca caggtgcact tccttagtag ggattttcca tgaggctctg     21600
     cctctgcagc aggctactcc cccttcctac taaccaccac cctcccacca ccctacagac     21660
     agcctactct tccccaccct acccacccct tttttcttcc acccctaccc ctcccatcca     21720
     tgattaaata atctcccacc aggtcccgcc tccaacattt gggattacaa ttccacatga     21780
     gtttttccag gggcacacag ccaaatcata ttatgctgac cttgaccccc caaatctcat     21840
     atccttctca cagaataaaa tacattcatg tcttttcaaa agtttccaaa agccttaact     21900
     cattcctaca ttaactcaca tgtaaaaagt tcaaagtctt atctgagacg aggctactat     21960
     ctcttctgcc tatgagtccc tgaagttaaa aaggtgtttg tttctttcaa ggtacaatga     22020
     tggtacaggt attgggtaag ctttctcaat ccaaagggaa gaaatttcca agaaaaataa     22080
     cataaatggg accacaggcc caatggacat ccaaaatcca gcaggtcagt gttcattcaa     22140
     tctcacagct ccaaaatcat gaagagaact cactatcaga aggacagcat taaggagatg     22200
     gtgtttaacc atttgtgaag gatccacccc cacctctgcc tttcaccccc aaccccacca     22260
     caatcccctc caaccctccc cacccccaat cccctccaac cctcctcgcc ccccaatcct     22320
     ccccaaccct ccccgctccc caaccatcca aactccactc ttcaccatga ttaaatcacc     22380
     ttccaccagc ccccaccttt aacatttcct attaatattc cgcatgagct ttggtagaga     22440
     cagagagcca aaacatatta ttttgtccct ggtcccccaa agttcatgtc tttctcacat     22500
     tgcaaaatgc aatgatggct tccctagagt ctctcaaatc ttaacccatt ccagcatcta     22560
     ctcaaaggcc caaagcccag agtcttatct gagacaagtg tacagtccct tctgcccatg     22620
     agtcactgaa ttataaagaa actttactac ttccaaggta caaggattgt acaggcaatg     22680
     ggtaagcatt cccagccaac agaaaaaaaa attgctagaa agaagcacaa aacacagatg     22740
     ggactcatag gatacataaa tgtccaaaac ccagcaggcc agtcactcaa tgctacagct     22800
     ccaaaatcat catttttgaa tccttgtccc atatccatgg cacagggctg tgagggctga     22860
     gctcccaggg ccttgggcag atctacacct gtggcattgc agcgttcaga ctccgcggct     22920
     gtctctcatg gacagggctg ttgttgagtg gccgtagctt ttccccactg agggtgcaag     22980
     ctgtttgtgg gtctatgaat ctggggttta gagaatgatg cctccctgtg tgggggcttc     23040
     aaccctatag gtcccttctt tgctccccta gtagaggttc cccatgaggc tctgtctctt     23100
     agaaaagctt cttcctgaac atccaggatt ttctatacat cttctggagt ctagacggga     23160
     gctcccaagc ctctaatctc tttctctgtg cacctactgg cttaacacta tatggaaacc     23220
     atcaagactt tgagccacct ctgaagcaat gacccaagct gtacctgtac atctttcagc     23280
     catggctggt gctggagctg cacggatgca ggcagcagtg tcctgaggtt gagtacagaa     23340
     gcagggccat gagactggct taggaaacca ttcttctctc ctaggcccca gggcctgtga     23400
     caacaagggc tgctgcagac atctctaaaa taccttcaag tccggtttcc cattgtcttg     23460
     gctatttgca gtgggttcct ttttatgcaa ataccctaag ccttcttgaa ttttccccct     23520
     caaaattggc ttttcttttt gaccacttgg ccaggctcca aattttccaa actttagatc     23580
     tccacttgaa gttccaactt gaagtcattt cttaggtcac ccataagaac acaggctgtt     23640
     caatgcagac aggacacctg ttgtgctatg ctgcctagat gtttatttca ccagatacat     23700
     cctaaatcat cacccccaag ttcatagttt cacagacctc cagggcaggg tccccgtgca     23760
     gccagcttct ttgctaaggc caatcaaatg taatcttggc tcctgttcct aggaaattcc     23820
     tcattttcat ctgagacctt ttaagtctgg acttcagtgt ttaccctttt gtcagccttc     23880
     tgatcacaag tatttaacaa ttctctatag tggtccaata ttttcctcat cttgctgtct     23940
     tccaagcttt cccaactctt ctgacctctg tcttttacac acttctgaac ctggttctac     24000
     attgtcagct atctttatca cagcctggca atgtggtaaa acagaaaagt ccattttcag     24060
     ggggaaaatt cacgaaggat tcagatattt gaatgaaaag aagctgagtg ctggttgcca     24120
     agacaaaggg gaaagggcct tgaaggcatt taatggctcc acttcatagc actaattttc     24180
     tgtatgatca taaaaaaaag aggcttaatt ggctcacgat tcagcaggct gtaaaggaag     24240
     catagtggct tctgcttctg ggaggatcag atcaggaagc ctcccaatca tatcagaagg     24300
     ccaaggggca atgagatatt tcaaatatct cattgcagga gtagaagcaa gactgagaga     24360
     ggaaagaggt gccaccccct gttatataac cagatctcat gagaacacac tgtcatgagg     24420
     acaacatcaa gaagacgttg cctaaccatt ggtgaaggat ctgactccca cccccacctc     24480
     ccactgtttc caggcagaag cctgctgcag atgaagagtt cttgggaaac ctctactagg     24540
     gcagtgcaga aagaaaatat ggacttggag cccccacgca gggggcaacc accctccaga     24600
     tcccagattc ataaacccac caacagcttg caccctccgt gtggaaaagc tacaggcact     24660
     caacactagt ccagtctatg aaagaagcca tgggggctca gacctgcaaa gccacaggtg     24720
     cacttcctta gtagggattt tccatgaggc tctgcctctg cagcaggcta ctcccccttc     24780
     ctactaccca ccaccctccc accaccgtac agccagtcta atccctccca ccctacccac     24840
     ccctttttcc cttccacatc cacccgtacc catccatgat taaatcactc cctcccactc     24900
     cctctcatac tctaatccct ccaagccctt ccaatctttg tttgctaccc actattgagc     24960
     ctgcttctac tttttcagat atctgtatag caggttggct atgtagcaat aacaaaaatc     25020
     ccatttaagg ggaaacattc aagaagattt cagaaatttg catataaaga agccctgtgc     25080
     taatagccaa gacaaaggga aaaaggcctt gaagacattt cacagctcct ctctgcagtt     25140
     ctaattttct gtattattgt aaataaaaga ggtgtaattg actcatgatt ctgcaagctg     25200
     tgaaagaagc attgtgtctt ctgtttctgg gaggaatcag gaagactcct cattatatca     25260
     gaaaaccaag ggacaatgag atgtctccta aagcaggagt aggaggaaga cagagtgagg     25320
     gaagaggttc cacagcctgt taaacaacca gatctcatga gaactcactc actatcagga     25380
     ggatagcatc aaggtgatgg tcctttatca ttcgtgaagt atctacatgc accattttat     25440
     gactaaatct ttttccacct aggccccgcc tctaacatta caaaatataa ttccacatga     25500
     gttttggtag ggacatagag aaaaaccata ttattctgcc cctgacccca tgaatctcat     25560
     gtccttctca cattgcaaaa tacaatcatg ccttggcagc agtctcccaa agtcttaaca     25620
     catttcagga ttaactcaaa gttacaaagt ccaaagtctc atctgggtca aggctgcagt     25680
     ctattttgcc tataagtctc tgacataaaa agcaagttca ctgcttctag ggtacaatga     25740
     tggtacaggc attgtgtaag ctttccatat ccaaaagaaa gacattttcc agaaagcttc     25800
     ttatttctct ctgagacctc ctcagtctgg ccttcactgt ccatgtttct gtcaggattt     25860
     ttgtcacagc cattgagcca gactctaaga tggtccaaaa gttttctcat ctatctgtct     25920
     tcttttgagc cttccaaact cttccaatct ccttccatta cctggttcca aagttgcttc     25980
     cacatttcca ggtatcttta tagcaatatt ctaagtcccc atttgccatt ttctgtatga     26040
     tttactttga aaaagaggtt taattggctc atggttctaa gcacagtgct tctgcttcta     26100
     ggaggcctca gaaatctttc aataatcatg gaaggcaaag aaagaatcag ttgtctcaca     26160
     tggcaagggg aaaacaagga gagtagggag gggacataga gttttcagtg accagatctc     26220
     atgagaagtc actcattatt gtgagaatgc tacaagggga tggtgctgaa ccactcatgg     26280
     gaaatttgcc ttcataattc aatcatctta taccaggatc caccttccac attaggaaat     26340
     ataattcaac atgagattcg gtagagacac atattcaaat tgcatcatca atatttgaat     26400
     ataaagacat ccacagcagg ctttatccag ccaacttctt tgagactctt tatagggttt     26460
     gaggtctaga gcatatacac taaaatattc atacttcaaa aagcaataaa gtggtattat     26520
     catttttcca aaagttacag cagtagttta ggcattcata gcatgattta attcacattt     26580
     gctactgttt ctattctatc accatattaa ctgtttccta tacaattttg tattcagctg     26640
     gatttcagtt gagcacaaaa ccatccttgt actagctctt tgctagtgtt attattctgc     26700
     tgtagaaagt atccttgaac tggaaacagt ccacgattga gtatcgagtc attcaacact     26760
     atcaattcct gggtagcttt ttgaaaaagt agtatctctt gttgcaagaa atgctgcatc     26820
     tgtgagtcca tgtctctcac tggaattgga tggaagtggt gaatttcagc caaagcggcc     26880
     aaagaaatcc tgttcctgtg attctgacat catcagcctc tgcatctctg tcttcccttc     26940
     tgccacatgt tgcctgctct ctgtgacttt ggtaagagct tccttgtgta tgtggatgat     27000
     gtccaagatg ttggtctgat gtccctgaga cagcactaac aggtccatgg ctgggtccag     27060
     atcctgcctg gactgattga caaagagctc actgacagtt tggaagacgc tctttcttaa     27120
     agcctgtcac cactcattgg ctgtgaagtt gagctgagtg ccctgttgtc catcttcttg     27180
     gtgaagcact tgaagccatc aatcttgctc tcccactcct aaaggttgag tgtcaccctg     27240
     agggagggct cagggccagg aagaatctgg cactcaccat ctcatccttc tcagccttcc     27300
     tcttgccctg tctccaggct gtctcttcag tgctggtggg gcacatcagg aagtgacaaa     27360
     aaatgtggca ctgtgcctgc acccagaagc tggctgtgtg gttcatctac cagattgggc     27420
     cctttctgca ctggaacata ggtccacttc accatagatt ccttccacac tgtcagtgag     27480
     ctctttgcca atcagcccag gcagaacctg cacccagtcg tggacctgtt agtgctgtct     27540
     cagggacacc aggccaaaat tctggacatc atccacatat ccaaggaagc tcttaccaga     27600
     gtcctcctca agatggcctg tggtctgcct cttggcacct gagaagccca cagtgctgta     27660
     gaagccccga tgcatggact ggagccccaa aggtggcaca cactccgctc ctgagccttc     27720
     tgcttgtttc ctctatgtgg ctccatttgc agcacatttg ttgcactgag gcctatgcat     27780
     cccaggcaaa gccaagctgg ctcaaagagc aacgagccac ctctgcaagg gtgtgccagg     27840
     agccaatgga ccagccacca acatcactcc ctgccagtca gggtaaatca gttattctgc     27900
     cctggaggta gagccccagt gccatctgct tttcctcagg tctccactcc atcagctgtc     27960
     ttgtggtggt cactcaggct gtgggaacct ggccatccct gtttccttga gtgggtgagg     28020
     ttggtgactg ctccacctgc tcctggcaca cccttgcaga ggtggctggt tgctctttga     28080
     gccatcttgt ccttgcctgg catgcacagg ccccaggtac tgagaagttg ctccgagtaa     28140
     gcttgtcttg gcccaaattc taagtctggc caaggccaca gaaggccgag tcccctgggt     28200
     ggtaatcctg gctgcagcag gggggcacat ggtgcccctc ccctcccagg gctcaggatg     28260
     aggtccgact gggataggat gctttaggta tgggacttgt gccccaggag ggggcctctg     28320
     tcacacagag cctctatagg tgctccccaa tctctgccct ccccacccat ggtggtcctg     28380
     gggatgcaga cagaggaggg gcactgcata ttgctgagag ggctggcatc ctctctaggt     28440
     ggaacatagg tcatttgtaa agttgtaggc ctgccaagca atattggatt caacacattt     28500
     tctcaccttc tcttaccagc caccctccag ggttccctga ctcacctccc tgcagatgga     28560
     ggcaaggagg ctccacagtc aaaccacaga agatgtatgg catgctgctg gctaccaggg     28620
     ctgttgggat gcacgttcac ccttcccttc agggacctca aagtgaccag cttccccttg     28680
     aagaatgact ctccaaggcc caggagccat ctggggctgc agagcagctg gccacatgct     28740
     gccctggctt cttccatgtt gtgctggtca ctacccacca aggggggtca gatgcaggca     28800
     cgatgcagga tggttgtctc tggacctgtg tcttggttat catggagctg gactaggcct     28860
     ggtgacaggg ccctgatggg gttgtcctgg gtggtcacgg gggtgatgag aaaagatgca     28920
     gaatggaatt gctgtgagga tgaatgagac gactgtcagc acagaacagg cacccggtga     28980
     gtgttcaggg attaccctca gtagctgccc agaggccaaa accgcacacc tgatagtgac     29040
     tgtccccaag ccaggaggaa gagaggagag caggtcccac tcacctgagt ctgatcagtg     29100
     agctttgttg agatgtgcct gtcatctaga aaatggtcct tcacgcagag ctactcacag     29160
     acactgctgt gtgtctctaa cttctccaca acacagaggc catggggact caggaagagt     29220
     gacactgtgg ggtgacacaa cccaccacaa cgggagcctg cttgggtcaa cagggcccag     29280
     cgtcagggtc ctctgtcccc tgaactgaca tgtgggtatg caatgtgttt gtgtatgcat     29340
     gtgtgcctgt gtgcgtgcgc gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtttgt cttgcttctc tggacaggcc     29400
     tagcttctcc actcatgggt gcccccaggt cctcatcact gtcaccttag agcattagag     29460
     cctctatagg tgctccccaa tctctgccct ccccacccat ggtggtcctg gggatgcaga     29520
     cagaggaggg gcactgcata ttgctgagag ggctggcatc ctctctaggt ggaacacagg     29580
     tcatttgtaa agttgtaggc ctgccaagca atattggatt caacacattt tctcaccttc     29640
     tcttaccagc caccctccag ggttccctga ctcacctccc tgcagatgga ggcaaggagg     29700
     ctccacagtc aaaccccctg cctgaggtca catagtggct agcaggccac gtactgacta     29760
     accgcccctg accaggttcc cagtaatgag tgatgaggcc cctaatgacc actcctccat     29820
     tgaccaggtc ccactgatca agtccccact gaccatgtct tcctaaccag gcccgcactt     29880
     aataggcctc atgggccaga ccccactgac caattttcca ctgagctggt ccccactgac     29940
     aaaaccgggt tcccactgac aagaccacaa tttaccaggt tgctgctcac ccgacccctc     30000
     actgaacaat tctccatgga tgagtcccca gctgactgag ccccctctga ccaggccctc     30060
     actgaccagg atccaagcca ctaaggcccc acatcgacca ggaccctggt atactgtata     30120
     tgccccacca accagttttt cattgtttat gttccaactg atcaggcccc actaataagg     30180
     ccaccactga ctaggtcccc ccactgacca ggcttccaat gactaggtca ccaggtcccc     30240
     actgatgagg cctttactga ggagaccacc actaaccagg cccctgctga tcaggtccca     30300
     aatgactagg tcctggtgac caagtcatct ctgaccatgg tccattgacc aggcctatga     30360
     gcaacgggac tcaaagtctc attacaatgt ccccctcagc tcatagaccc tccctccctg     30420
     cgtgtgtggc cagaggttag gccctggggg tttttttgag acatggtctt tcctccaaga     30480
     cacagggaaa gacagttggc ctcaggctcc aggttcccag ctccacactc accccaaagg     30540
     ccctctggcc ccatctcaaa ggagacagtg aggtggcctg acactgcctg gacacgccat     30600
     ctaccctatt cctgagtgtc agagtgtgag gaagggaggg acatttggca aatgagacac     30660
     cctgtgctgt tgggtctccc agggcccttc ccatacagcc ccgatctaaa gacacaacac     30720
     aaaggctaca ggaagactaa tccagaacct ctgagtctca gacagggacc acctgaggac     30780
     tctccccaga cagccagaag gccctttgct agtttcttgg tacctcagtg gatgtggcag     30840
     cagttcttct gttggggacc agtgagtaca cgctggggag ggctcacctg tgcttcctca     30900
     ttggctccac ttctgcttct aaaaaaaatt actcattcca gagctggggc agagaaaata     30960
     caagatgagc ttagaaaatc ttctgccaga aagtaaaaaa gtgctgacag agtaatggag     31020
     acaaatcaaa gagacataaa gtcaggttgg aatgtctact actggcctaa tcttggggaa     31080
     ttggagcatc agaatcatga gctttccttc tcccttattt attggtttta tttctccatg     31140
     tagaacaaag aagagaataa gaaaataatc atctggcaac catcaaagta ataattgttc     31200
     aaacacaagt catccatgaa atgctaaatc tagtgggttc tgaggagtta ccagatattt     31260
     acagagcctc aaagtatctc catacaaaat acggttgaac tacaaaaaga aaatcataac     31320
     attagtatgg acaaacctgg caggtactcc ttaagtctcc taagtaataa aaactgtaaa     31380
     atgcaaataa gcctttgatg acctttacta acctttacta aagtatcgat gacgtggttg     31440
     tttaaacagc tgacatttgg gcaatttgag tatgtcaaac tcaataatac tggttttcat     31500
     ttgcaagatc cacttaaaac ttaaggaggt taaaaaacat catttaaaat accctataaa     31560
     ttatcttcat acatatgata caaaaatatc ctacttcagt aaatgttgta atgttatata     31620
     ttttgtgaga aacaattaaa acgtgtaaat agcctggtaa taaagtttta taatccttta     31680
     aatcatacaa tttttcctta agactttatg gttaaatatt ctctttgtta gatatggctt     31740
     accagtggat tctagagaag aaagtagatg ggagcaagtg tccaacacag caacagctgg     31800
     aaagaaaaat aaagaattat gttctttacc taaaacactt cagttaacta agtgtgcgtt     31860
     taaaaactaa agagttgaga actttatcag atttaataag aatgagaaat atgtatgtac     31920
     atttacaata caaaattact atttaataaa ttacacatgg cattaattct aattgtgttt     31980
     aaataccaga gctttttcat tcttcattca tgtaatcaac agccacatgc taaggtacta     32040
     gaaccagcac tggaattgca agatgaagat ggcatggtcc acctctcaac aatcatatgc     32100
     tataaactaa aaaaacagac aggaaggcaa tgtccatata gagtcataga tactatgata     32160
     ggtatagagc agagcactac tggaacacac agaagtgaca tctacccact tttatgtcaa     32220
     tatcatgggc tttctggtgg aggagataac atagattgat acctgaagga caaggaaaag     32280
     tttcccagat agagggaaga ggcgaaggca aagagcctga ggtgaggaag agccctgcag     32340
     agttccactc catccagttt ggtgctaaag caaagggcag agtgcagtaa ctggtgagag     32400
     acaaggctga gtaacttgat gagaattact ttgacatggg agtttttatt tcatggtgaa     32460
     aaatatggaa cttttcctga gaacaagtgt aagccactga cacagtaaat gacaggagat     32520
     ttaaaaggcc acctgtcaag tgactgctta tgaagggtta ttgctcagct aagtatttct     32580
     gaatgagtct taggtctgtt ggccttcaat ctctaccaaa acctttgttt tttgatgatg     32640
     cctttgtttt ctgagaatcg tttcagtgtg ctggctgaca gttccatgaa gatggcgaaa     32700
     cttaagaaag tgtagagcca gtgaaaaaga gatgcccaga cttcttagga attgtttaag     32760
     ctatggaaca tgatgaattt atggtgcata agtacagtct tctctgtgaa agtttttgtt     32820
     ttcacatctt tcatttgaag tgtgtaagaa aaaaatgctt gatgtagtat ctactaaccc     32880
     aagaatgaaa aggaatgtca tttgctattt acactttatt tctaaaataa acctgaattt     32940
     aattaataaa ttttggcaat gtacttctct ttgtttctct aattatttgt tctacacagt     33000
     ctgcctccat ctacaataag taaaaataat attaatgttt aagttaaaca aaaacattat     33060
     catgaaaata aggtatctct tataaaatgt ggcctttagt atttttagtg actagacata     33120
     acttgaaatt tgcttaaata gaaaaataat cacattaata aagtaaaatt tctacttatt     33180
     ttaagtttag ataacagagg atgtatatgt gtaatgctgt ttagagtaat ctgacaaaaa     33240
     tgcagttaat attaatctat tgcatataca tggttttaga aaggaagtgt tttattagaa     33300
     caaaggttaa acaatggcca ggcatggtgg ctcatacctg taatcccagc acttggggag     33360
     gccaaagcag gcagatcaca aggtcaggag attgtgacca tcctggccaa catggggaaa     33420
     ccccatctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggcgtgg tgatgctcac ctgtagtccc     33480
     agctacttgg gatactaagg caggagaatt gcttgaagcc aggaggtgga ggttgcagtg     33540
     agccaagact gcaccactgc acttcagcct ggtgacagag tgagaccttg tctcaatata     33600
     cgaaaatcaa taaatgtaat ccagcatata aacagagcca aagaccaaaa ccacatgatt     33660
     atctcaatag atgcagaaaa agccattgac aaaattcaac aacgcttcat gctaaaaact     33720
     ctcaataaat taggtattga tgggacatat ttcaaaataa taagagctat ctatgacaaa     33780
     cccacagcca atatcatact gaatgggcaa aaactggaag cattcccttt gaaaactggc     33840
     acaagacagg gatgccctct ctcaccactc ctattcaaca tggtgttgga agttctggcc     33900
     agggcaatta ggcaggagaa ggaaataaag ggtatgcaat taggaaaaga ggaagtcaaa     33960
     ttgtccctgt ttgcagatga cacaattgta tatctagaaa accccattgt ctcagcccaa     34020
     aatctcctta agctgataag caacttcagc aaagtgtcag gatacaaaat caatgtacaa     34080
     aaatcacaag cattcttata caccaacaac agacaaacag agagccaaat catgagtgaa     34140
     ctgccattca caatttcttc aaagagaata aaatacctag gaatccaact tacaagggat     34200
     gtgaaggacc tcttcaagga taactacaaa ccactgctca aggaaataaa agaggataca     34260
     aacaaatgga agaacattcc atgctcatgg gtaggaagaa tcaatatcgt gaaaatggcc     34320
     atactgccca aggtaattta cagattcaat gccatcccca tcaagctacc aatgcctttc     34380
     ttcacagaat tggaaaaaac gactttaaag ttcatatgga accaaaaaag agcccatatc     34440
     gccaagtcaa tcctaagcca aaagaacaaa gctggaggca tcacactacc tgacttcaaa     34500
     ctatactaca agtctacagt aaccaaaaca gcatggtact ggtaccaaaa cagagatata     34560
     gatcaatgga acagaactga gccctcagaa ataaagccgc atatctacaa ctatctgatc     34620
     tttgacaaac ctgcgaaaaa caagcaatgg ggaaatgatt ccctatttaa taaatggtgc     34680
     tgggaaaact ggctagccat atgtagaaag ctgaaactgg atcccttcct tacaccttat     34740
     acaaaaatca attcaagatg gattaaagac ttaaacgtta gacctaaaac cataaaaacc     34800
     ctagaagcaa ccctaggcat taccattcag gacataggca tgggcaagga cttcatgtca     34860
     tgtcgaaaac accaaaagca atggcaacaa aagccaaaat tgacaaatgg gatctaatta     34920
     aactaaagag cttctgcaca gcaaaagaaa ctaccatcag agtgaatagg caacctacaa     34980
     aatgggagaa aattttcaca acctactcat ctgacaaagg gctaatatcc agaatctaca     35040
     atgaactcaa acaaatttac aagaaaaaaa caaacaaccc catcaaaaag tgggcaaagg     35100
     acatgaacag acacttctca aaagaagaca tttatgcagc caaaaaacac atgaaaaaat     35160
     gctcatcatc actggccatc agagaaatgc aaatcaaaac cacaatgaga taccatctca     35220
     cactagttag aatggctatc attaaaaagt caggaaacaa caggtgctgg agaggatgtg     35280
     gagaaatagg aacactttta cactgttgat gggactgtaa actagttcaa ccattgtgga     35340
     agtcagtgtg gcgattcctc agggatctag aactggaaat accatttgac ccagccatcc     35400
     cattactggg tatatacccg aaggactata aatcatgctg ctataaagac acatgcacac     35460
     gtatgtttat tgtggcatta ttcacaatag caaagacttg gaaccaaccc aaatgtccaa     35520
     caatgataga ctggattaag aaaatgtggc acatatacac catggaatac tatgcagcca     35580
     taaaaaatga tgagttcatg tcctttgtag ggacatggat gaaattggaa atcaccattc     35640
     tcagtaaact atcacaagaa caaaaaacca aacaccgcat attctcactc ataggtggca     35700
     attgaacaat gagaactcat ggacaaagga aggggaacat cacactctgg ggactgttgt     35760
     ggggtggggg gaggggggag ggatggcatt gggagatata cctaatgcta gatgacgagt     35820
     tagtgggtgc agtgcaccat caagtcacat atatacatat gtaactaacc tgcacattgt     35880
     gcacatgtac cctaaaactt aaagtataat aataaaaaaa agattaagta attaaaacca     35940
     tcttttgcag tgaatggatt gctttgaaat tcttagaaaa ctctgccctt tataaaagtt     36000
     taatccattt tttacttcaa taaattttat cttaaaaaga aatttctatt ctctacttat     36060
     agtaaacctt tctttttttt ctagtttgta ttctgaatta aggtggtacc tctgtaggtt     36120
     tctttcaaag gcatatttac ggatgccgag gttttcagta caattgaact catcacacag     36180
     gtagtgagca taggacccaa taagtagttt ttcaaccctg gcccactctg ttcctcccca     36240
     ttcttatttc ccagtgtcta ttattcccat gtttatgaca atgcgcaccc aatgtgtagc     36300
     tcccacatga gtgaaaagat gagatatttg gtttctgttt ctgcgttggt ttgcttagaa     36360
     gagtggattc cagctgtatc catgttgctg caaatgacgt gattttgttc tttttatggc     36420
     tgcatagtat tctatggtat atatggaatt ttccaatcta ccttggattt tcaatctacc     36480
     gtggatgcac ctggattgac tccacgtctt tgctattgtg aatagtgctg caatgaacat     36540
     acatgtgtat gcatcttttt attacaatga tttattgtcc ttttggtata cccctagtat     36600
     agtaatgggg ttgctgcatc caacagtcat tcttagttct taatttccaa gctgctctcc     36660
     atagtagctg aattaatttg cattgccaca aacagcgtgt gttccctttt ctccacagcc     36720
     tccccaaaat cttttttaat ttatttatta ttttttttaa caaaagtcat tcggactggt     36780
     gtgaaatggt atctcactga tgttttgttt ggcatttttc tgatgattag caatggtagg     36840
     catttgttaa tgtttgttgg ccactacatg tgttatttca agaagtgtct gttcatgtcc     36900
     tttgcccatt tttaatggtg ttatttattt tttgcttgtt gatttgttta ggtctcttat     36960
     ggattctgga taataggata ataggcgttt gctatatcca tagtttgtga atattttctt     37020
     ccattcttta ggctgtccgt ttaatcccgt gataatttct catgctgtgc agaagctatt     37080
     tagctaaatt agatcacact tgtcaatttt tgttattctt gcaattgctt ttgaggactt     37140
     agccataaat taattgacaa atatgatgtc cagaagagta cttcctaggt tttcttccag     37200
     gatttttata gtcagaagat gtactcttat gtaagaaaag cacaaatatt tttatttttt     37260
     tatttttatt tttttgagat ggagtctcca tcacccaggc tatagtgcag tggtatgttc     37320
     ttggcttact gcaacctctg tctcctgggt tcaagtgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcctga     37380
     gtatctgaga ttacacatgc ctgccaacac gccttgctaa tttttgtatt ttaactagag     37440
     acaggtttca tcatgttggc caggctggtc tcaaactcct gacctcaggt gattcatctg     37500
     cctcggcctc cccaaatttt gggattacaa gtgtgagcca ccgtgcctgg gcaagcacaa     37560
     agcttttaaa ataaaaatgg aaatgaacat tttagtgttt tgtttaattc ataaaatgca     37620
     attattttgg attctactaa ataataaaca tccatatgtg gcaaagtgtt ttgatgccaa     37680
     tcattcagtt gtgattatgg gtgggaagag ttgagatggt gcaaataaac tttttttaaa     37740
     attttttatt ttcaagatgg agtcttgccc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc agtggtgcaa     37800
     tcttagctcc tgcaacctcc gtctcccagg ttcaagcaat tctctgcctc agccttccta     37860
     gtagctggga ttacaggtgc ccaccatcac accagactaa tttttttttt tttgtacttt     37920
     tagtagagat ggagtttcac catcttggcc aggctggtct tgaactcctg atctcgtgat     37980
     acacctgcct cagcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagtcacag cacctggccg     38040
     gtgcaaataa actttaaaag tgacatgggc cgggtgcggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatacca     38100
     acactttgag aggctgaggc aggcagatca caaggttagg agttcaagaa gagcctggcc     38160
     aatatggaga aaccctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaacatt agctgggtgt aatggtgggt     38220
     gcttgtagtc tcagctactc aggtggctga ggcaggagaa tcacttgaac ccgtgaggtg     38280
     gaggttgcag tgagtggaga tggcaccaag acactccagc ctgggtgaca gagtgagaca     38340
     ctgcatcaaa aaaaagaaaa aaaaatgtgg tatgaaccac agctaaacta caatcaatta     38400
     gagagtaagc caaagcatct caaagtatat catcagttat caggcaataa catgcaattt     38460
     ctaaatccta acctatatgc agcttttaaa gacattttaa acgtgtcagt ttagtcacat     38520
     ttattgaata aagttagcaa atggatatct cttgaaaatg agagctccag agaattaaaa     38580
     aatgtaaagt tcccatttcc tttctgtgtt aacacagcta attatgatct ttacttaaca     38640
     tgcaaaagtc aacagaacaa ctcagtatct caccaaatta aaaacaagaa ttacactaga     38700
     gaaatgaaac cctaaagaaa aacggtcata taactaacct cagtcaagta gttctggcag     38760
     ttatttgaag tctgagggtt tgaagtagga attcttactg gcatttgggg aatatatttt     38820
     ctgttgagtc ctatactagt aagattttca acacaaggtg actctcagcc tcaccttgta     38880
     ggaagagagc tgagaaaata tttcacctgc tctttctcca taaggagctt ggtgctgatc     38940
     attgttattt tcttattcga tccgtaaaga taacaaagac aaatgcttag tatttcattt     39000
     ttccttaaat gattcttaat gacttgcagt ttttaaaaac ttgctctgag agtaaaccaa     39060
     attacccact aaacagtgtt ttcacaccga agatgtgtaa gagcatacct gttgtaagga     39120
     attataattt taaaatcgtt ctaaagaagc accttggttt ctaaggtgat ttatactgaa     39180
     caagcagttc aaacaaagta gacagtgaag agaaatggct atcagtcatg tatggctcaa     39240
     caggcaaaac ttgctgcctt ctaaaatggc tctacttgta agattctgaa gattccatta     39300
     gaaatacttg tatttaaagg gtaataatgt gggaaaatga atatgttgat ttgcttgatt     39360
     ataggaacca cttcaataga aataattata tcaaaacatc atgttgtact ccttaatgta     39420
     ggttaagaaa actaaaatga acaaaaaaaa atctaggaat acttgtgttt agtaaaccag     39480
     ttttagattt cacccttgta catttcaccc attatctagg accaattaaa catttggcac     39540
     tgaggaataa ttcagagcaa caactcctag gggagaacta gattgtctgg ttggtgatca     39600
     aaaagaacta aagcatctct gaaggcaatt agctctcaac actgtgacca aggccctgga     39660
     ggtggggcat gttctttctg ccttccacac accccttcag gctgaacaag gtgttatttt     39720
     ttaactgctt tgtgaattac acttctttaa attcctgtga taattattcc ctatttcaca     39780
     aggatgcctt tctgtaacat cttgaatatg ttacacaaat agtctttctt gaggcaccct     39840
     ctgatgataa tactaaagat cacaatcaaa aatgattgtg cccagagtag cagtaccact     39900
     ttgcatttag gttgtgatct actgaaaaat aaattaaaca cattaatatt tctatttagg     39960
     gaaattctga caagtaattt tataacagga tcacttcatt aattataaag cttcaaaata     40020
     cttaataaaa aactaacaga tcaggttaat tacatgagac ttttcagggg aaaaagccat     40080
     acaaaaacaa acaaaaaaaa aatgagagga gagacaaaaa ctatctttga ctaacatttt     40140
     aaaggtaaga ttatttacta acattatttt tcaaaattac attgtcaaat tagcattcac     40200
     ttcctagtaa tatcctgaag ccatctcact aaaaattatg cttttgaaac aaattaacga     40260
     gcttaattca ttttctatga gtgtatgttt ggacttgctt cgttaatttt tttgacatgg     40320
     aattgttagc tttcaatgct gctgcaaagg cttccttata ttcttctaac tcagttgtaa     40380
     cctcttcata agcagtttac attttgtaga atttacattc cacatcttta agtgtgagtt     40440
     ccttcttatt tagtgaagcc atattatcct tgtttaactg ctctaattgt tttttatatt     40500
     gtgcttgtaa ctaaaacaaa ggaaaagaat acacttttaa aacaattata acctaattat     40560
     tgtatgtttg ttgcctttca ttttgagtca gtgattcaaa gagcaatttt gaatatgtta     40620
     aaaaagaggc tgaagcttaa aatatttcag caatatcaaa actaataact gaattcacaa     40680
     ttaagtctga tttataaaaa tttgaaatca taattatgtt agtattcatg taatctggtc     40740
     atataaaaag taatagaatc ctttcataat tttaaaaagt gattaatgaa caatgtagct     40800
     taagaccaat tcaaaagtgt cacataattt ctaaatcaca attttttcct atgccaactg     40860
     gccttaatca tcaaatgact ccataatgag aatcattact ctgaaagatt gattttctta     40920
     taataataat ggaaatttaa atatttaaaa gaaaaaacag atgccatttt ttttctagaa     40980
     ctctacaaag cagattgcta caagagaggc agaggaaaca ctatatatat atatacatat     41040
     atatatgtat atatatatac atatatatac atatatatat gtatatatat atatgtgtgt     41100
     gtgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat ctccaaaata taatttacag tgaaataaat     41160
     gaaagtacat tacaggtaaa cttacctgat ttaaacaact aacctgtaaa tggatttctt     41220
     ctaatttttc tactgcctgt attgcccttt catctggctc tgatttatat tcttgtagtt     41280
     tactaagttc taccatattg ttttccatat gtgtcttaag atttaatatt tcttcttcca     41340
     acatcttttt atcctcctca agtttttcac attcttgttg tacttttttc atagataata     41400
     actcctgttg aataacttga ttgtctttag ccaaattgac gcattttgaa gatacagctt     41460
     cctcctctgg cgtaagatca tcaaactgca tgaataaaat agtatagctt gataatgaag     41520
     taggctgaga ataatctaat acaaaaccaa tagcaaattt taaaatgcat tcacttgtaa     41580
     taaaatgtta tcagtaatgc atcagattct tcaaatgtga acccttaaat tactcagaat     41640
     tttaagaaca aagttaaagc taccatgagt cacaaaaata tattctttag tatcatcatc     41700
     tttgccacag aacttttgta cttcatctta cttttatttt tctgataatt tatttttgtt     41760
     cctccttaaa tggcacaaag ttatctccta gtaaaaagtg tctaaccccc ttccttcatt     41820
     atcattcccc acaatatttc aaaaaaagtt tcagagatat catattgagt tatttaggcc     41880
     aaagtcaata aatggctcta ggaataagac tttgaaaata atattacact ctatactagg     41940
     catggtggct catgcctgta atcctagcac tttaaaaagc tgtggcagaa agatcacttg     42000
     aggccaggaa tttgagatca gccagagcaa catagtgaga cccccatctc tacaaaattt     42060
     tttttttaat tagccgggta tggtggctca tgcctgtaga cccagctagt tgggatactg     42120
     aggcaaaagg atggtttgta cccagagttc agggctgcag tgaattatta tcactgcact     42180
     tctgcctgga tgacagagaa agaccctatc taaaaaaaac acaaaataac aattctataa     42240
     ttaaggattc tgatgccata agcctttcct taaactgcaa atgtttcatg ctaatttgaa     42300
     ttgcatttta agaagtaatg attcttgggg taaaggccat aggatacagc actcagaaat     42360
     aaatccacat atttccagcc aactgatttt ggatgaacat gccaagaaca tatgctggag     42420
     aaaggacagc ctcttcaaat gaatggcact gggaaaacta aatatccata tggagaagaa     42480
     tgatactagc ttcctatgca acaccatata acaacataaa ctcagaattg attgaagatt     42540
     gaactgtaag gtccaaaatt atcaaactac tataagtaaa tatagggaaa atgcttgagg     42600
     acattagtct gcacaaagat ttttatgggt aagacatcag aagcataggc aaacaacaaa     42660
     tgatagacaa atggtactac attaagctaa agagcttctg tcaggcaaac aactgagtga     42720
     agagaaaacc tgtagaatgg gagaaaatat tgtcaagcta ttcctctaat aagacactaa     42780
     tatacaaaat atacaaaaaa ctcaaacaac ttcacagtaa aaaaaaaaaa tctgagttta     42840
     aaattgggca acatatctaa ccatactttt ttagaaaaag aaatacaaat agccaataaa     42900
     taatttttaa aatgctcagt atcactaatc ctcagggaaa tataaatcaa atctacaatg     42960
     tgatataatc ttgcttcaat ttgaataaat tgctatcatt gaaaagacaa aaaaaaaaat     43020
     aacaaatgct ggtgaggctc cagagaacag taaactctta catgctgttg gtgggaaggt     43080
     aaattagtgc agccactata gaaaacaaca tgaggttttc tcaaaaaact aataatggga     43140
     ctgctgaggg atccagcaac cccactactg ggtattcagg aaatagaaaa gaaaacaata     43200
     gatcaaaagg atacctgtcc tcatatgttt actgtagcac tattcacaac agcttatgta     43260
     tggaatcaac ttacatgtcc atcaccaaat gaatggatga aaaactgtgg cacacaaaca     43320
     caatggaata ctattcacta tataaaggaa ttaaatcctg ttattcgtgg ccacgtggat     43380
     cagtctgagg gatgttttgt taagttcaga cacagaaaga taaatactgc acattcttac     43440
     tcatgtgtgg gagctaaagg aaaattgagg gatgggcaat atggctgatg cctgtaattt     43500
     cctagcactt tgtaagacca aggcaggaga atcatttgag gccaaaagtt ccagagcacc     43560
     ctgggcaaca tagggaaata tctctacaaa gtaaaaaatc agacaggtgc aatggggcat     43620
     gtccataatc ccagctgctc aggaggctga ggtgtgagga tcacgtgagc ccaagagttt     43680
     gaggctgcag tgaactatga taaaaccact gtctccagtc tgggtgacta cagttgccca     43740
     gagcccagac tacactagca agaccctgtc tcttaacaac aaaaaaaaac tcatagaact     43800
     aggggagggg aggctggtta atggatacag aattacagtt agataagagg aatgagttct     43860
     ggtgttctgt gtcattgtag ggtgaatatg gttaactatg acttattgta tatttttaaa     43920
     aatgccaaaa gattttgaat gttcacaatt gaaagaaatg aaaaatggtt gaagtagtaa     43980
     atgtgctagt tagcttgatc attacacact atatacatgt ataaaaatat caccctatag     44040
     cccatattta tgtatatatg tgtcaattaa aacaaaagag aagctacatt catcccattt     44100
     aaaacaaaga atatgggcca gccttactga cttccttcta atgagtagaa tgtagagaaa     44160
     gggataccat gtggcttccc tatatcagac tgttttccct tggaacccag ccccaattgt     44220
     gagagccatt aggccacaaa gagagcctga aagtgcctgt gtcagtgttc atgctgcctg     44280
     tcccaaccaa gtttacagcc gatggccagc atcaaccatc aaacacgtgg gagagcaaag     44340
     cttcagagga ttccatttcc ccaactgatc agctgttcct agggaagctg aagggagcag     44400
     agacaagctg tcctggccaa gtttttccca aaccacaggt tcatgaacaa aataaatgtt     44460
     tttctttcaa gccacaaaac tctgggtaat tgttaggaaa ataagtttta aaaagagaca     44520
     acaggaaaca taacttatgc agcagaaaag agtctccttt aaagcaggat ctaataaatg     44580
     ttgatatgta tttattgatg tcaaacatta ttgagaagca gcagataacc aggagagaga     44640
     cataagctgc tgaggaggaa ttttcctaaa actccttcaa ttatgagctc tgataacaag     44700
     gcaagggtgt ctctttacaa tttcccctca agttaggaaa taagactggg aagcaagaag     44760
     atgtatgatt tgaaaaacaa ttagaaatac ttggtgacat agccaaaatc agacatttac     44820
     ctgatttcaa ttaactaaaa ttctaaaaga agaagatttg agtgtttatt aatcaaccta     44880
     gtattcaatt ttcattttct tttctaaatg aggaaataag gagaatatta tggaatgatt     44940
     tttagtcttc acagaagtaa aataagcata gtgtgttttg agtgttaaga catcaaatgc     45000
     aatttctcct ttaccttact ccaagcttgt ttgtatggag aagtaaagac catcccatct     45060
     ctatgctatg ccacaatgct tctctatagc acacaacttg gctctgaaat tttgaaagtc     45120
     aaaatactaa tctactatgt gtctctgata aattgcctga acattacctg attttgaagt     45180
     gctgcactcc taagaccttt tcttggaatg agttaaactt tttattccaa gaatcctcta     45240
     ctgagctaga aagcagagct gtgcatctct gtttcagtaa aaggaggtca atacagggaa     45300
     ctgtggtttc tgagaatgca agatctgcac taagaaaagg attagccaca gtgttaccca     45360
     agagaaccag ctaccaggag gaaagagggt ctgtaaactg caagatgatt acttcacttg     45420
     atttccactg aggaaagctg gtggttcaga cttaaacttc tccttcctag atggtaaaca     45480
     tctatggaag gttctatgaa ttataatgag ttagtaaaac ataatgcact aatattagac     45540
     tatgtcagca gatcctgtga ccaaaactta ctgaaaatat aactatagtg ggaggcaatg     45600
     gaaaagagac taaaggttta aatggagaaa aaagaaatta agtgtgcctt gtaagcctgg     45660
     cttctgatca tgtcttagaa gaagtaaggt ataagctggc cagagactcc tttgtgacac     45720
     aaaaggtgaa gttaaagata ttccactaaa tttaattttt attatgacat aagacaactg     45780
     gtaatatgca acatgattga aaaaaacttc tcattcaatt cgattgggcc ttgacataag     45840
     aatagacata aacaagctaa gaactgataa tctaaaaata aacctgcaca tttacagtca     45900
     attgctttta tacaagctta acaaaagaac aaaatgggaa aagaatagtc ttttcaacaa     45960
     atgatgctgg gacaactggg tatccatatg caaaaaataa ataaaatttg accaaatatc     46020
     ttatttagaa attaactcaa aataaaacag ttaactgtaa cagctaaaac tataaaaccc     46080
     tcagaagaaa acactggcat aaatctttgt gactgcattt ggcagtgttt tcttagctat     46140
     gactccaaag gaaaaatgca ttcaatggac ttcaaaattg aaaactgctg tgcctgagaa     46200
     gacagtatca agaagtgaaa aggtaagacg ccaagtagaa gaaagtattt gaaaagcgta     46260
     tatctgataa aggacttaca tatataggaa atataaataa ctcttgcaat taataaacaa     46320
     taagataacc caattttaaa aaatgggcaa agattttgaa tagatatatc tgcaaagaag     46380
     atataaagat ggataagcac attaatagat gcttaacgta attagtcatt aggaaaatgt     46440
     aaatcaaaac cacatgtggc atcacttcac atcacaggat aaaatctttg ttcaagaaaa     46500
     aagagtaagt gttaggaaaa atgtaaagaa attaaaactc ttatttaatg ctgctgggaa     46560
     tgtaaaatga cacagccact ttggaaaaca aactggcagc tccttaaaag gttaagcatg     46620
     aagttaccat atgacccaga aattccagtc ataagtatat actccagaaa aataaaaaca     46680
     tacacaagca cagaaactca tacaaaaatg tttacagcag cattattcat aggagtcaaa     46740
     aagtagaatg aaccggaacg tctatcacct ttgggtggga gagaacccaa aggtccatca     46800
     cctggccaat ggataaataa aatgtttgat gtatccatac aatggaatat tactcagcaa     46860
     taagaagaaa ttaagtacag atactgtatt aggaggagac agcaaaattc ctaggcagat     46920
     acggaagggt ccccagagaa tctcccacca gccccacaag tgtttacacc agatgttatg     46980
     tgcagataag agaacctgga cttgtcttgc ctggacatgc ctgcagcaga ccggaggccc     47040
     acatgtactg gggggatggg gtggagtcac caggaattca cgccttatgc agaggaggaa     47100
     cctggccgct tcagctcatg tgctcctggt attcaattgt gaggtggaaa cctgtttgca     47160
     ggacccctct ctttgctgag agctttcctt tcacataata aattttgtcc tcctcaatgt     47220
     gtctgcgtgc ttaatttttc ctggtcatga gagaagaacc cagatgtagc tgaaccaagg     47280
     agcaaaagcc cggcatcaat acctgctaca gcacagatgt agcatggaaa attatgctca     47340
     gtgaaataag ccagtcccag cagaccactt gcttttcatt tcagaggctt ataggcaaat     47400
     ctatacaaag aaggtgagtg gttccctagg gctgagggag gaagggaaaa ctagtgaaga     47460
     tggttaaatg atgtggggtt tgtttttagg gtgatgaaaa tgttcaaaat tgattgtaat     47520
     gatgactgca taactctctg aaaatactaa agttaatgaa ttgtatattt taaatgagtg     47580
     aattgcacag tgtgttcatt atttctcaat aaacctgttg ccccctaccc caaattaatt     47640
     tggtactagt gattttggta ctagtgatct ggagacaggt actgcttggt ttcagatcac     47700
     tggccagggt tcaaggccta agagaatcaa cagcatgtcc tctatagaaa aagagattta     47760
     tattttaaaa gctatccttt tcattagtat caagcctgta aaattaaatg aaaaatcttt     47820
     ctttcactgc ttaaagcact gacagactta tattgaggaa taagaccttg ttctctttgg     47880
     tcccaatttc tatctaaagg gtctcatcag atgggttgta ttaactctta taatgtggct     47940
     tcctttctaa cttgattctg gtgcagcatc acagagagaa gaagctgaaa gaaatcaaag     48000
     tattttaccc ctaaatatat tttttgacat attttgaaat agctgctgca gggccaagag     48060
     attgaaatgg ctctcactaa tgtagcccaa tctctcccct tctagatctt cctagatctg     48120
     gggaagatta actaagagcc tgaggcattt aaagtctgaa aaaatatatt taccttctat     48180
     tttctccaca tattttggca gaatttgggt ttttccatta tcaatatttt ccaaaattac     48240
     gtgattttta ataccaaaac tgatttaaaa ttaccatacg ttggaatata aattattcta     48300
     ctataaagat acatgcattt gtatgttcat tgcagcacta ttcacaatag tacagacgtg     48360
     gaatcaaccc agatgtccat cagtgataga tgggataaag aaaatgtggt atatatacac     48420
     catggaatac tatggagcca taaaaatgaa tgagatcatg ctctttgcag ggatatggat     48480
     gaacccaaag ctgatatctt cagcaaacta atgcaggaag aaaaaaccaa acactgcatc     48540
     ttctcactta taagtgggag ctgaatgatg agaacatgtg gactcgggga ggggaacaac     48600
     aaacactgga gcctgttggg gtcaggaggg agagcatcaa gataagtaac taatgcctga     48660
     agggcttaaa atctagatga tggattaatg ggtgcagcaa accatcatgg cacacgttta     48720
     cctatataac aaacctgcac gtctcacaca tgtaatctag accttaagat ttttaaaaaa     48780
     aaactacctt ctgttttagc ttcttaatca gaatatccat ttttagttga tctgttttta     48840
     agtcttcatg gcaaacaaag tcttcatttc caaatacatt taacatattt attgtcattt     48900
     ccaggagttt cttatatctg cagaaatata cagaattagt aagtcaagta tttttaagag     48960
     taaatattta ataattgttt aaacatatat tatgttatgg catatcaaag aaacaaatct     49020
     ataaactatg ttcctttcag tttcaactga acatagtttt aaagcattct atatgaaatt     49080
     ataatcttag ataaataata tgaagaacaa ttttatgaca taaatggcag ataaagtgat     49140
     attataacca tacagtgttt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgag atggaatttc actcttgttg     49200
     cccaggccga agtgcaatgg tgtgatctca gctcactaca acttctgcct cctggattca     49260
     agtgattcac ctgtctcagc ctcccaagta actgggatta caggtgtgta ccaccacgcc     49320
     tggattattt tgtattttta gtagagatag ggtttcactg gtcagactgg tgttgaactc     49380
     ttgacctcaa atgatccacc cactttggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc     49440
     caccacacct ggcctaacca tacacttttt gtaaataaac tactcaagtc catgttggta     49500
     tgctaggtaa aataacctat tactaaatat aagccataac ccagagatga gtaaccaaga     49560
     taaaaaagta aaacacatac atttgaaaaa gacacaaaaa tacattttga tgcccattgg     49620
     ccacagtctc tcagaagaag aaaaagtaca cacaaaaagc ctcaaggaga tcattcaatg     49680
     tagaaaaaga gaagaaaaca tctttaatat ctgagttgag gagaaaaagg aaacaggcag     49740
     ttttagaaaa aaggaaaggg gcagagagat gtgagacgat ttaaagactt tgaagaagag     49800
     atctagacac ctttgctgac ataatgtcaa caaaatgaaa gagatacaaa accatgtaga     49860
     gaaaggcaat gacagaaaaa tgttgattag aatcagaaaa ccaaattaag tgctcagtaa     49920
     atacatagaa aagtagctgt gttcagggct tcaaagacag attccattgt tttaaaaaaa     49980
     atctgtgatc aaagcatgaa tgttcatttt actttttctt caagttatac atatattttt     50040
     atatatatga aatttattta tgtaaaacaa gtttaataac atgtatactt catgtataca     50100
     acagaggtac tcatgtacaa tgagtaaatt tccatgatat gttttatatc taaaagaaaa     50160
     agaagcagaa acaaaatata agctacatat caagataaat ttgttgttaa agaatgacac     50220
     aaacaggtct tctttgaaga atttgaatgc agcagaggat actacaaaag aaagaaaaaa     50280
     tgaccacaga cagcaaaaaa catcttcaga aataaaaatt caaactagat aatgaagagt     50340
     gtactggaca ttatatgtcc aaggcttggt cattgttctc aaaatcatta aagaataagt     50400
     ggccaggcat ggtggctcac gtcactttgg gaggccgagg tgggcagatc tcgaggccag     50460
     gaatttgaga ccagcctgac caacttggca aaaccccgcc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat     50520
     tagccgggcc tggtggcaca tgcctgtaat gacagatact caggaggctg aggcaggaaa     50580
     attgcttgga ggcataggtt gcagtgagcc aagaccgtgc cattgcactc cagcctggga     50640
     aacagagcca gactctttct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga     50700
     atattttggc attcaaaaaa aatttcacct tgccccagca gctcagctga ctcccaaccc     50760
     catgacacaa atgtctaaaa agttgtgctg tgagtttctg aaatacattt taaaatagaa     50820
     ttcatttaat tatgaaaatg caaacataaa atgaatttgt atctatgttt tagtcaagta     50880
     aaattagagc taaatcaatt aataagtggt taacatgttc tagaatatga aaaccatacc     50940
     cagttgcctc ttcttctaat tcatgatttt tctttcttat tcgatccaca ttatactcca     51000
     gtgatgatat taactcaaaa agttttctta attcttcatt tttttcttca ggcttaaaaa     51060
     aagtgtttaa aattattttt gtaaaatcta gagtccctct tttatctcaa aaatattatt     51120
     tctcataagt ggatgagtaa tatgtatata ggcaggtgta taaagtgcat tttataaacc     51180
     tgatgccaat aagggcagat ttcaaaaata gtcacttttc ttaaaactgc taaaaatgat     51240
     tcaaattttc atcatctttt ctgaaattta aactgccaaa aatgtttgtt acaaatgagg     51300
     gtttttacac acaaaatact aagggttagt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagagta gttatattta     51360
     cattttagtt tttaaagatg ctctataaac attgtcttta atagtttaag atattccaag     51420
     ttttcttaaa ttacatctta ctaagacaat ttttagaaaa ctcttatcta gttcccatta     51480
     catttttgat cctcatctgt cttcaggctg agctaaatac tgtcattcta agtattcacc     51540
     cataggtttc agtttttccc tttctcttaa ccatttctct ttaaataaag tttatttttt     51600
     ctataatcaa caaaaacaac ttttgtctac tttttgtggc ttttctatta tcctgtttct     51660
     ccccttccat tggactctat gacacatggt ctcattcaga aatctatttt tcatcactta     51720
     ttgtgttttt tatactgaaa tctgattttt aataattcca ataaaaaagc ccaagggtca     51780
     tgaaggactt tatcctgttt tgctcagcag agcagtgacc aaatgctccc tctgctcctc     51840
     tgacccctct tcctttctaa atgctgtgac ctctattctt cagccctaac cctttctatt     51900
     cctctgaccc cacttccttt ctaaatgcag caatctctgt tcttcagccc tatccttttc     51960
     tattcctctg accccgatca tttctaaatt tagcaacctc gttccacagc cctatccttt     52020
     tctggttttt tggtttgaga tggagtctcc cactgtcacc caggctggag tgcagtggca     52080
     tgatctcaga ttgccgcaac ctccacctcg tgggttcaag ctattctcct gcctcagcat     52140
     cccaagtagc taggattaca agcatgtgct acccgcccag ctaatttttt gtatttttag     52200
     tagagacgtg gtttcactgt gttggccaga ctggtcttga actcctgacc tcatgatctg     52260
     cctgccttag cctcccaaag tgctggggtt acaggtctga ccaccatgcc cagtggctat     52320
     ttcacttttt acattctctc aggactccta aaatctcaaa actttgacct agattcccta     52380
     atctatattt ccagctctga acttcttctt gaggtctctt ccttctagta cacatattat     52440
     agacaatgtt ctcaaccaca cgctcataca ttgctacttg gtgcagatta cttttgtaga     52500
     tagtgaatct tgtctatttt atgttggctc tcattaatgt tactttgtta ttttctaatc     52560
     tcaaaggggg actatctcac tgttatgata ctaaccagca tactttgtcc tttttttctt     52620
     tctttcttct tttttggacc agtatacttt gtcccttttt tgttttacat ttttaatttt     52680
     tttttttttt ttgagacgga gtcacactgt gtcatgcagg ctggagtgca gtgacaccat     52740
     ctcggcttac tataatttcc acctcctggg ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct cggcctccca     52800
     agtaactggg actacaggtg cacaccatca cacctggcta atttttgtat tttcagtaga     52860
     gacagagttt caccatgttg gccaggctgt ttttgaaatg ctgacctcag gtaatccacc     52920
     cacctcagcc tcccaaagtg ttgggattac agacatgagc catggtagcc agccctcttt     52980
     ttcttttata ttgaaaactt tcccatgtga atcagattat caattgtttg cctttgtttt     53040
     cttttaaaga aattcctttt ccatagagat atggcatgat gaaaggtttg ttctaaagtt     53100
     tcttttgggg gacatttaac tatgtcattg ggaagcttca gtaagtagag atctcccttc     53160
     ttcccactca agattcttca tctcaaaatg gtgtccacca aatgtcttaa tccaggttgt     53220
     ctcttgttta gaaattcatg aaataggaac cttctcgaga agttggaggc tattgattga     53280
     gatggttaaa gctgcccctt attatatgtt ttactccgaa ggtagacatc aaagtggcta     53340
     ataattctat gtctgatgtc taactcactt ctatgggaat ctatacaaaa cgttttattt     53400
     atgagacaga gtctccctct gttacccagg ctcgagtgca gtggcttgat caccgttcac     53460
     tgcagcctga atattccaag ctcaaacgac cctcctacca cagcctccca atgtagctgg     53520
     gactacaggc atgcagcacc atgcctcagc taagtgttta aaaaaaaatt tttttttaga     53580
     gacagggtct cactatattg ctccgcctgg tctcaaactc ctggactcaa gcgatcctcc     53640
     tgcctcagcc ttccaaatcc aggtgtttaa ctggagacta acatgaagca cttagaagac     53700
     tatgtggaac atagtgagct acataaaata tttgctatta gcataataat tttattgtat     53760
     atcttaacaa aattgtgtat tgtaggcagg tggcatgcca atggaagtac tctcctatag     53820
     ctgaactgaa tcattcttac cactgagagt tgcagcaaat gggggacata atttataact     53880
     tacttttctc tctgtatgat tcattagtca atgactatgt atgtactaca atgtaaacag     53940
     cacctcctgg attgaatagt acataactga catgaccagc aaagacagac taaagacact     54000
     gagctgaaaa ccctggactc tattgctaaa tcaaggctcc tgaatccgtt aactctgagc     54060
     aactgttgct gtggtgctgc cttcacaagc actctgctga gcactcagat tgaggggctg     54120
     tgctatccgt catcagagaa gctacagcca gaactgttca gctgacaaac tggtaacagt     54180
     ccagaaatac agttctgact gcatagtgaa aaaacgccaa tttagattct ttttcataga     54240
     gagaaaaaca taaacacgtg attgaatgca tctcctgtat tagactaatt ggtttagatt     54300
     tgatatttaa ttgctaaaaa tacatttaga atataaactt tactgtgtca aggtctcaaa     54360
     gcagaaacaa ttcgtatggc ataaaggatt gaattgaatg ctgcaaactt ctaagctaaa     54420
     atattttcaa tgtatgcaag gataggtggc atacatatta tatattattc ccccattaag     54480
     caaatttata atgagagaaa attatcttcc ataaaaaaat aaaagccatg taaaattaag     54540
     gattaagttt ttctgcacag actagacaac gattgctaac gcataaagtc aatgagagaa     54600
     cactcagaga aagcttcatg aaaacaataa attgtctgcc acgtctgaat gaatgaggct     54660
     agatgaacag agactgagaa ggcagaaagg atagcataag caagacaagt gctgatatct     54720
     gcccaattaa ctctgaggat aaagtccaat ggcagggaaa taaaaacccg tgtccacata     54780
     ataacctgta agtgaatgtt tgcagcagca tttttcataa tagctaaaaa gtggaaacta     54840
     acctaaaggt ccatcaatcg atgaatgaat ggaaaaccag tatagccatg gaatagaata     54900
     tcatttaact ataagaagaa ataaactacc aaagtgtgct aaaacagaca tgaattctga     54960
     aaacattatg ctaagtgaaa aagccagtca caaaggacta aatattgtat aactctatgt     55020
     atatgaaata tgccaaacag gcaaacatat ggagacaaaa gtagatagat ggtggttgcc     55080
     tacaacaggg gtaggtggag ggacatggag gaaggctgca gtcatgccta ggagatgtgg     55140
     ggttgctttc cagggtgatg aaaatgctgt gaatatacta atagatactg agttgtacat     55200
     tttaaatggt tgaactctct gaaatgtgaa tgttatctca gtgaaactgt ttttaaaatc     55260
     caaaggcagg atcaagataa ttttctcaac tctcaatttt tgatgtacat gctatctcaa     55320
     atttaaatat ttctacagtt ttatagtata ttttaaataa aagacaaaga aaatgcctaa     55380
     cttttcaaat agtttgtaaa ttaacctaaa acatgcacat ttcaaagaat agtataatgg     55440
     cctttctgta caagttaacc tagaatctgt gaaataaata gacacagatt ctgtgtccat     55500
     tcacaaaagt gaagaaataa gacaattttc tggaacattc catgaaacat tctcctctga     55560
     tttaatctgg cctgcctcat ccgagaaata caaaaattac ttaaaaatac tgttttaaca     55620
     ggaaaaaagt cagttttcta tgaggaatga tgtataattc tcaacttttc caagggtaca     55680
     tattgtaaga gaaaacgtat gtaatggttt ttcaaaatgg tagaatgaaa gtcacaatat     55740
     aaaaaaaata agtacattat aaagatagta aaatggaaat aattcattgt aatgaaaata     55800
     aaaaatcaag cttctgccaa aattagtatc ctaaaacatg ttatataatt caactagcta     55860
     cagaatacag ttgacatgtt aagctccata catactgact ttccacttga aataatttct     55920
     tctttggggc ctgtatctca tccaaattaa tgtgataatg tgatatacct tccagtggag     55980
     actctaacat agttaatttt tttaagctgt cagccgcttc ttgttgaagt tgtctcacaa     56040
     ccacctgaga aaatattttt gttactaatt ttataaattg ccttattatt aaattatgtt     56100
     aataatattt aactctaaca tacctacttt gaaaattatc accacacata tcaattcacc     56160
     ttcttttaat cacatgtaca cattttttat ttattactga attcagtgag ggatgcagaa     56220
     tatgttttct tcctgccaaa ttggtattct cttacttaca caacagattc atcccaccat     56280
     tcaatcatct tagaagctca actcaacctc aaagttccta acatattcaa tcacctgttc     56340
     aaatccttcc aacagattcc tatctcagaa taaaagtaaa attccaatgg cctttgagat     56400
     cctaggtaaa caggccttta cctccctctc tgacttcaga gctcctacaa ctccctcctg     56460
     tgattactcc attcccactg tacgtgaagc ctgccacccc tcagtctgaa catagggatc     56520
     taatgcctaa ctcataaatc acaggcagct acaagtatct ttctactgaa caaaattata     56580
     ttccaatgat agtcattgag ccttgaaata aaaattatca gctaattatt aatataaata     56640
     ttcaaagtaa actataaata ccagtgggaa gactaaacca aatatagatt ttctaaatat     56700
     taccacatgt atcctaaatt atgattttat aacaagtagg tgcctttaaa atattacata     56760
     gtcataaaaa tatgtaattt gacatatttt cagatttgtt aaattaatat gaataataac     56820
     aaagatatac caactaaaat acataaaaag ctacttaaag caaggtatta caagacacag     56880
     caatacactt cagttcatct gggaaatcta gaattaagtg tcgaagaaaa tcaattaaat     56940
     tttaatttga aaatactcat ttcaggtgta aacatttcca tttataccta tattatggtc     57000
     ttaacatgtg gcaacataaa gtcattaaaa ttattatttc agcagtacag aactatctac     57060
     cttaaaatat gactttgtgc ctaataaaat ttcataggtg acacaatgtc ttttctcaaa     57120
     gtaaatcatc tctcacctct accttttatt tcctagaaat gaggcatgtt tctaagatgg     57180
     catagtaaac acatttttcc tttttttatt aaaacagctt tgttgaaata taatttacat     57240
     actatagaat gtatctgttt taacttaaag ttaaaagatt tttagtacat ttactgagtt     57300
     gtgcagccat ctctacaatc caactttaga gaatttccat cactgcaaga tccctcacgc     57360
     ccattagcag tcactaccag cttccagccc cagccctcta caaacattaa tctacttttt     57420
     gtccctatac atttatcttt tctggatgct tcatgtaaat ggaattatac agtatggtaa     57480
     acacactttt atccattgat ttttatattc cactaagttc aacatgtatc cagaaccaaa     57540
     tgtttaaatt ttctttctag aagtttgaaa atatttatct tccttgatac ttactactct     57600
     ttctgctttc tctctctcat attgaaagag actttctttt aaatgatcac attcattcat     57660
     tagcttctta tttttctctt ctagcatgag gtctgtcttt ccactctcaa taaagcctct     57720
     ttggatatta gttactatct ctttatgatc ctttttctga tgaacatcat ctagttgctg     57780
     ttcaatgcat ggatttttat attggagttg acatatcctg tcttctacag agccccactt     57840
     tccagtggaa ttactcactt tagcttctgc attttgatac atctctttca tttcctttat     57900
     ttgctgctgt gtttggctta ggtcgttttg gacagtttct aaagccaatg acttttttct     57960
     gagagtatct cttgtcttac ggaacttatc ttttaaggta ttgaatttaa tttgtgtttt     58020
     agaaagttgt tcagtaagaa actcattctt atcttctact ttgggaatat cagaactcat     58080
     ttttacttgt acggaaacat ctcgtgttca ctctaaagca agttttaggt ttctttctgt     58140
     tttcacactt tcactatgtt tacttatagc agcagccagt ctagactgat aagattcaat     58200
     ttcagcttcc agtcttttgt tgctttcttc ttccttcaac agtttggaat tgagccttgt     58260
     attctcagct ttgagatcat taagctcttg ttgataccgg aatgctgttt ttgttatcaa     58320
     ttcctcattg agttttatat agttttcaag ggcagcattt gtttttttta acaattttaa     58380
     cgtccttaag atatttattt tctttttcca ggttgtcatt tttcattgtg catatttcct     58440
     gtctgagtat agcaatatct gccttcaaaa tgcaattttc atccatcaga tcttttattt     58500
     cttcgtgatt atgaaaatcc taaataaaac aaaagaaact tttagctagt actcaataaa     58560
     ataacatatc atgattacct ctgaagttaa agaataacct gcgcatccat acactaaaaa     58620
     ggttactgta agtggatgtc caactagaga aaaagttgaa gcaaaacttt gaaccctata     58680
     gagcataaat tccaaaaagt ttagaaattt atttaaaagt caatgaattt ataaaagtaa     58740
     acacgtatac acacatgcac accagagaac ttttaagaat ttcagaattg gaaaagcctt     58800
     tcccggaatt acaacaaact caaaagcata aattaaagca ttaacaaatt tgactaaatt     58860
     aaaatatatc aaaaaattgc atttaccctt tgatatctaa ctcatacacc atcctatagt     58920
     aagaacctta gttcacacgt atttggacag ataaaatttc ccagagttat tacagttctg     58980
     tttcactgat aacattctat ttcaatttga ctcttttaac acttttatac tcagttgtaa     59040
     gaattacatt tactaaatca taaatctaga cattatacta gtcactccta tatacattca     59100
     ttgatgaact catctagtta ccacaatttt gaaaagaaat gttgaaaata taagcaagct     59160
     acagaatttt ccccaggact tctgactcta cttctagttc tctgacagat cacagttact     59220
     tctgtggtgt aaatatatca atacgaaaga aaacttttat ttcaaaacac cagtggtaaa     59280
     taagataaaa tttatagagc tcttcttaga atatcatgag attatttgtg attgcaataa     59340
     tttgtttcct ctttataata ttaggtacag taatcaatat gaaataggga gaagtacaag     59400
     gaacaatttt actgggaaca aaatctttat caataggtta tcactaagta tatattatgg     59460
     cataatattg ttttcaaaag ctctttgtaa taaaataata acctacatgg atgccaagat     59520
     ttataataaa tattaataat tgtacctgta actgtcatca ttcatttttt taaaaatgag     59580
     ataacatttc tggtttgttt tagacctaaa tattacatat taaatcaaga ggatattata     59640
     agtaacattg ataaaataaa gtttaaaata tagaattttt accaaagatt gatttatctg     59700
     atttggagta tttcttgcag tcttcggttt catctctagt gattgaacag ctggttcaag     59760
     ttgttttgct tcaacttctt tcttatattg tttctctttc ctttctaatt cttctctatt     59820
     ttttgtacag catattaaca tttgtctttt cttcattttc ttgtcttaag atgcagctac     59880
     agataaagac atttatctga aaattcattt tgttaaaaaa taaagagatc atcctgtgat     59940
     ctacctctgc agatgctctt tatcatccta ataaaatttc tatattctgg attatttttc     60000
     ctttgtagtt ctcagatatt taatttctca cttcaacatc ttcaaaagaa tgcatatact     60060
     tgaaaagtag taaggaaaga atattctgct aaagtttttg ttactagtca ctctagtaag     60120
     tattataaaa aaggatactg gaaataattc agtatagtta gaagttcaaa attacctttt     60180
     caaatcacac agtcataatt actccctgat tagaaaaggt catttacaat caactaaatt     60240
     tttaaagtta ctatttattg acaagcatat aagttcacta gaaataaatt tttatctcta     60300
     tgaaatattg cgggtgtctc tccaaatgat ttacagagta agatgtctct cacacaaact     60360
     atatttgcag atgattgtca tctaaaacta ggttaaagag tctaacatct gtttccccac     60420
     actttttata attctttctt aatacttcca attcaccttc ttattacata tattttatat     60480
     atttattaag ctattgttca ttatgtgtaa tatataatta atgcccttaa tgtgtgtatg     60540
     tttacacaag ttatgttttc ctgtgaaatc tagtcccaga agtggagttg ttgagttaaa     60600
     gggatgtcag gttatttgaa attttgatac acagcactaa gttacccttc agaaataatt     60660
     taccaatttc atatatgaac agtgtatgag aatgcctttt tcctcacatt ttcaatggta     60720
     gtaattactt tttcaatatc agcatgactt tactaaatat atcttatttt atattaattt     60780
     gcatttttct gattaccagg cagggctaaa tatccctggt aaaactgtaa aacttgttaa     60840
     tcataaggaa cattagtcca attttgaatt agtttatagc acaatgacaa ttatctgctg     60900
     agaaatactg ctatcggtgg ctgggcacgg tggctcactc ctgtaaacct agctctttgg     60960
     gaggccgagg tgggcagaac acctaaggtc aggagttaga gacaagcctg gataacatgg     61020
     tgaaacctca tttccactaa aaatacaaaa aattagccag gcatggtggc acatggctgt     61080
     aatctcagct actagggagg ctgagtcagg agactcactt gaacccagta tgcataggtt     61140
     gcagtgaggt gagaacacac cattacactc cagcttgggc aacaagagag aaactccatc     61200
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacacactgc tataggctta ctcacctatc gtgctcttcc     61260
     ttcagtttct tgggaaattg ctgaggatac gttttcccaa tctttctttg tttggttaat     61320
     ctgtcagcaa cagcagaaga tgtactatga tgtacatttt ctgatacttg tattttttca     61380
     cttttgtttg tattatttcc ttctttgacc tctaataaaa gtaatatgaa taataattgt     61440
     tattatttca ttcaataaaa aactttttcc ctgatttttt cacttgattc aggttaacta     61500
     tcaccatttt aatgataaaa gtattttgtg cttactttaa ttttatcatt atacataatt     61560
     attataatta taatatactc atcattttat cattgaaatt tttgtcaagt cttctcattt     61620
     ctgtttgtgt gaatggaaga attttccaaa atttcaaaaa gagctcttct ccattttgtg     61680
     tttttattcc catccactct ttgctatctg atataagtgt ttatgctatc tgactggcag     61740
     aaacagagaa ataaaaaaac acaggcataa catatatctt ctgtcattgc cacctggatt     61800
     ttacatgaaa tagccagatt aagaggatgt gatcttgtag ggcttcagga acagtaaaga     61860
     agttttccct tttctgcact gagctattct tttccccact gccttttatc tctctttttt     61920
     tttttgaatc ctgtgatatc aaaaaagtga aacttctccc tgaactatgg gaaccaaagt     61980
     ttgccacaac agaagaagca gagtgaaact gctgagtttc tagtgcagaa ttctggaaaa     62040
     cgagatgctt cccagatttc acattcaatt accacaaacg tttataggtg gaaaacatac     62100
     ggcacagtta tctactttag tcccattatc tattgaaaat gggagtcaaa ccaaccaaga     62160
     catatgaaac gtttcatcca gagctcttga ggtggcattc tctagcattt catggcacca     62220
     aataacatga tacaattcca tattgctgaa tgacataaat taccagataa atttatcaaa     62280
     ttagtcagat atattaaaag tctaacttga gcaaagcaat ttaacgcctc agagggtgga     62340
     aaaaggcctc atctgctttt attttgaaag aagaaaatct ctagattttt gtctatcttt     62400
     agaacacaat gtacagaact caactttcta ctaaagagtc aaaggctaaa tttttagcta     62460
     agaaattatg cttcttacat gataaaaatc atacatgcca aaacttacca tactttatta     62520
     aacaacataa tgcaaggtct gattcaacag aaatattgga gtggtgattt ttttaaatat     62580
     gtggaaatat atatttgttt tcaaagtatt ggaaataacc atgatggaac tataaattca     62640
     aatagtttga gctaagcaga tatacttaca tgcatgaaaa ctcattaaac agactcattt     62700
     ggctgggaat attcattgca accctcaagg ctagacgtgt ttttgtggct catctcagtc     62760
     attgcttccc tcccattgta tctccatttt atcattaaat aaatgtaatt catctctaaa     62820
     tgaatacaga aaaaagaatc tagaatctaa agcttatttc tttagcaatt tctttatgtt     62880
     gatctggttc agaacatcac aaggtgtatg gctgaattag tttcccagct catatgccac     62940
     ttggaagact gagagtgaga cttaggttga ttaatgaaca aacattatga gaacattctc     63000
     cagaaccatt gtttagataa caggactaat ctacttagac acataattac acatttagaa     63060
     aatcccactg taactgtaca catgagattt tcttgaatgg aaaatttgac taaatcaaat     63120
     aattgataaa gagaaaaaag aagcagcaag tgaacctctg tctttttgaa gttggatttt     63180
     ctttttctcc aaatccagga actctacttg taacatgcct acctaattct tttttagtat     63240
     tattatactt taagttctgg tacatgtgca caatgtgcag gtttgttaca tatgtataca     63300
     tgagctatgt tggtgacctt ggaatatctt gctgtaagtc ttctagctat atttttgatg     63360
     ttctcttact atgtggcaaa gaataagcca cattttataa ttcaagattc atgcttttgt     63420
     agttattagc actgggactg tcatatagtg gcttctggaa taagcactgt attggttttc     63480
     tgattttaca agtatctata gcagcagaaa tcctgtggct ttgtatctga atcatatgct     63540
     tcatttcttt ggggtgggta aaccacaaat caaaaagact ttctggatct ctagactgag     63600
     gccaatgcct aatgtctaat ttccaattag tgatatttgg gtttatattt tttgccattt     63660
     gcatgtcaaa ctcttaatca tctttcattc caatcataat tactgggttc cttacttttc     63720
     cagtttctgt atcataacaa aaattttcat tatctgtatt agaaacaagc tatgtgtctg     63780
     gtttgttacc atttttatag tctgatttat tttaatttaa atgaagctta gaagataact     63840
     ggtaagtgta tttcagggac ctgcagtgag aatggaataa aaagacattt gacatgggct     63900
     tcctctgttc aggcgctgcc tggactgtca cagagttaga tcctccagat gcatttttct     63960
     cctcacaatc agggacatga ttcatcagtt tagagggcac tccttttttg ttcatccctc     64020
     tttggagtta ctatgtagga gctcttcctc agggcaagca gtaattttgg agttttcaaa     64080
     acttttacca atattcagct tgaatttttt tgtaatgaat tttaaagaaa gtcgtgaata     64140
     tatagataga ttccctttat cacaattctt acccagttct ggttcttgcg attttttttt     64200
     tggggggggg gggcaggtgc aaaatggaaa acaaatttgc ttgttttgtt tctcagatgt     64260
     cttttctgtc agagtgcatg ttttaaaatt agctttaatc aagtataaac aaataaatat     64320
     tagaaaataa ttaaatttta actgtgaaac ttaatctgtg tgttgctact cttaaattat     64380
     gggattgtaa ctaaaaattg aaaaataatt tgccttggct taacatagga cagaaacatg     64440
     aaccagcaag ctgaactatc agcgtctgtt tgtactaaac ttaatgcaat atgtgtaaaa     64500
     tctaccagaa atgaattcaa agatgatagg tagtattata aaagcttcct ctcttacaaa     64560
     gactttacct cagcatacca gaaagagtga gcccctacaa tgcatgtttg tttctgaaga     64620
     ttaactagag cactaggcaa acactaaatt attaagagcc aaactgaaca ccaataagaa     64680
     agagaagcaa aattttaaat tctaattcaa atgatatact atgatagtgt tatgtatcta     64740
     gatagaattt ctgcttatat ccacttctaa tatattttat gttccagtag tgacaaggtt     64800
     tggatttttt aaattttagt aatatttact atgtatttat gttgaaataa agttattgtt     64860
     tgcaccctga caccaaaggt cccattctgc aaggtaggat tctcttaata ggcaactggg     64920
     ttgactttta tgaccccatt cactccctga acacagacac agaagtcaac tggtgaccac     64980
     gaaagagaat aaatctttaa actcggcact ggtgaccagc aatataaaac tgcaacattt     65040
     gaaccactgg caacgatgac tcctttaaca ctactttaac tcagtggaca ttgttgttaa     65100
     actgttcata atttctattc cttaataata tgacccaata tttcatgtta ccttctgtat     65160
     tatgagtaag gttatacaaa taaaagagca agataattct gaaaatttct tgcctcaatt     65220
     ccaagggtaa agacagctat gagttattag agttagtaag aattactaga ataactagta     65280
     gttactagag atagtaagaa tattttaagt ttcataactg gttaaaatgt tttaaaaatt     65340
     aaatataaaa ttatgatcta ttggattgta aaggtatagt ctaaaaggtc atatcatttg     65400
     gactatgctt tgttactaaa gcaaaaaaaa aactaatatt aaacaagaaa cttaaatttt     65460
     catatacctg tggttgcttc ttttcacttc tttcacacct tcctttctct tcctctgaag     65520
     ccactggtaa ggcttgttct gttgacaaat tcactggttt agttcaaatg aactaagaag     65580
     agttagataa agactataat ctttataaaa ataaataaag aataacattt ctttatattt     65640
     tgagagttta aatgaagctt aatgtttact gaaatattta cttctgtaag aaatacttct     65700
     aattatccaa aacttcaaca aatcacttgg ggagacacta gatatcacca gattcaaacc     65760
     atacaaaatc tcagggtcac tcacaaattg ttccacccaa cgtaagtgaa caaaactgtt     65820
     ggaaacaaaa cagaattttg aaatacagtc aaaatacaca atgtaacact ttactatacc     65880
     tcataacagt atctttttaa caagatacta attgagttgg cagttactaa taatttgcaa     65940
     aattatcatt gtttatatct caattagtgt gcaccccatt ttttacatca caaatgtttt     66000
     cccctgctat tctgaaaaat ttattttcat cttttaagac tcagaaagta ggcttggcat     66060
     aatagctcac atctgtaatc ccagcacttt ggaaggccaa aatgggagaa ttgctcaagg     66120
     acaagagttt aagaccagcc tgggaaccat aggtaacctt gactctacaa aaaattagac     66180
     aggtatggtg atatgtgcct gttgtccctg ctactcaaga agtttaggtg agaagatccc     66240
     ttgagcccag gagtttgagg ttgcagtgag tctcaatcat gccattgcac tccctccagg     66300
     gtaatagagt aagaacttgt ctccaacaac agaaaaataa aaggctcaga atgctatgtg     66360
     aagtattcct tgattttaac tatctttctc caaacaaaca ggtgtctgct ttgttggggt     66420
     cccttagcac tttgtcaatt tttctagtgt cactttacca cctgaactgc acatcatgtc     66480
     tttacatgtt gatccccttt gctgccagac tgtagaggac aatcttttga atcatgtttg     66540
     tataaatagt cttaattttg ctaaataatt agttattgag ctcctgctag gtgttaggca     66600
     ctggggaata aggaaggaaa ataaaagctg tcagggatgg ctttcctaaa gatcatgcat     66660
     gagctgagac ttagagatga ggttagccag attaagtgag gcagagggca ggaaagagtg     66720
     agcacatgcc aggaagcaaa gagagagaga gaagcctcca agagagtacg tatttctctg     66780
     cagaagagga atggtaaggg ggccattaca agcagctcag taattctaga gaaaaaggca     66840
     gatggggaaa gggctacaga tggagatttg ggcagaaatc actttccttt cttttctttt     66900
     ttgggacaaa gtcttactct gtctcccaga gtggagagca gtagcatgat ctcggctcac     66960
     tgcaacccgg cctcccaggt tcaagtaatt ctcctgcctc agcatcctga gtagctgaga     67020
     ttacaggcac gtgccactac cgcctgctaa cttttgtatt ttattagaga tggggtttca     67080
     tcttgttggc caggctggtc ttgaactcct gacctcaaat gattcacctg cctcagcctc     67140
     ccaaagtgct gggatcacag acatgagcca ccgtgcccaa cccagaagtc agtttctgaa     67200
     atccttatat aaacctttaa gatgcttgga cattaggtat tcaggagtgg ttcacggatc     67260
     tatttgcatt agggataatt cactctaaat actgtgagga gcataaaatt ctgaggcata     67320
     taaagaaatg aacaaagata aaatataagg caatgttgca aagatgatgc aggcctgagg     67380
     agatgttttc agaaatattt aggatatagg tatcagtggc cattataaga atgaatttct     67440
     attgaaagaa taaatgtata tatctgggtc cctggagaaa tacactctgc tcattacttt     67500
     acaaatttta tcaaatgaga agtaaaataa tatacataaa ctctttcagt tacttgtatt     67560
     tactttacac tttttctgtt tcagtttttt gggttttgtg gtggttgttg tggttgttgt     67620
     tgttgttgtt gttttttgag atggaatttc actcttcctg cccagtctga agtgcagtgg     67680
     tgtgatctca gctcatggca acctctgcct cctgggttca agcgattctc ctgcctcagc     67740
     ctcccaagta gctggaatta caggcatgtg ccatcatgaa cagctaattt tgtgttttta     67800
     gtagagatag gtttctccat gttggtcagg ctggtctcaa actcccaacc ccaggttatc     67860
     tgcccacctc agcctcccaa agttctggga ttacaggcac gagccaccgc acccagcaac     67920
     atatggggat ttgttttaaa agttctgttt cctggatcta ccaagctcat gagaaaatag     67980
     agcaaacaag tcatttgcat aggtaagaaa ctttggattt atagcttgtc atcactactc     68040
     tagaagatta tcattatgtt ttgcaaaaca aaatgttaat tacagacata aggggaaaaa     68100
     aattaaaact ataggggtgg gtgaaaaaat attgcataat ttattactgt tgacctcatc     68160
     atatgactga ttaagggcac tgaatttaac ttgtatgtga agtagacccc atattagctg     68220
     cagttaatca gtagaccagg tgttctagca gaattaaatt tgatgctcct gtgttatctt     68280
     taaatgacac agcttttctg aaaacccata ctcgtagtgc atgattatcc attaagaaaa     68340
     ggtgatgaaa tatgtgaata cagctgagga gacaccacaa agcaaatgct caatggttcc     68400
     cattaatatt gggaaaatcc acactataaa acagagagcc atagacatta tttaatattt     68460
     ggttttggaa ggtattttta gtgactctgc atacagttgt acccaataat tgctaaatta     68520
     gagacgtaaa aataaaacaa aggcacattg tgtttgagta ggaaatctgt agatatctag     68580
     gtggttttcc catccagcca caaaattcta aatataatca tggtacctgc actcaaattt     68640
     atgttaaata ccaacctcaa tgaaatcact ctttcttctc attctctttg ttatttatat     68700
     gttgttttcc ttaagggaag aatagaaatg ccttgctaag aaccattctg tttggttgta     68760
     ggctgcataa agggagtaaa cacaaagtac atttgaccaa aaaatgacta ttaaatgtca     68820
     gaactatggt agcatgaagc caaacgaggt aatctagaat aaaattttct atgcttcttt     68880
     cccttctttg ctctctttct actctaataa ctgcgattca cacaggtaat gaagagtgta     68940
     attccctgat agaaacacag ctccaagatt aatcctttct ttaactatga agttcacgtg     69000
     tccaaaatct gtggtagttg ctgtctgatt tttgatcact gatggtgata cagatattta     69060
     tcatcaactc acaacttccc aaatctttga aaagtcttac tattgatgat tcaactagta     69120
     gaaacatgat gtaaaatatc tgaaaataaa gtttttattt attagaatgt aaataataat     69180
     acaaattgta ataaggtgta aaagttcttt cttcactgaa gcagtaccat gttgtcctgt     69240
     accccacaaa tgcactactc ccccatggtc taatgtattt taaaagtcct gtaattgcta     69300
     ttaactcaga caagtttact taacttgttc taagcttctc gtatttacta cagtttactt     69360
     tcaatcactc aaccatctct gttatatatg ttgttttcca tgagaaattt gtttattagt     69420
     aattaagatt cttcagggat aagaaaatat ttgaataact aagtttgtgc ataaacacat     69480
     taaggtcaaa tacccatgat attattgtgt gtttctgtgt actagagaca aaaacttcaa     69540
     aaaatatttt aatgaatata cgttaaatta aaaactgctt tcattaaact gagataatct     69600
     tccctcaatg catgaatacc ttcagaattc acatagacca aagaattgta taaaatataa     69660
     tagccttaaa aatcttattt gtagatggca cagtggctcc cacctgtaat cccagcacat     69720
     tggcaagccg aggtgggcag atcacctgag gtcaggagtt cgagagaagc ctggccaaca     69780
     tggtgaaacc ccatctctac taaaaataga aaaattagca gggtatggta gcacgtgcat     69840
     atagtatcag ctactcgagg ggctgaggca ggagaattgc ttgaacccga gaggcagagg     69900
     tggtaatgag ccaagactga gccactgcac ttcagccttc gtgacagagc aagactctgt     69960
     ctcaaaaaca caaacaaaca aacaaaaaac ctaattgttc ccatataagt ctatgttcac     70020
     acaagatctg aagagcacac aacaccgtga gacaggacag acatatattt taaaagttat     70080
     attcctggtt tctgtaaaaa taaaacagtt gaatttaagc tttcaagaca agtcaaggaa     70140
     aagagcaaaa aatgcaaaag ttaaactcga aaggtcattt ccccgtcaag ggctcatgat     70200
     cactggacat tcacaaacta tagtgttcaa aacattagtt ctgaattttg atccgagtat     70260
     ccctttagta gctgtttcat tcaaggatgt ccaagaggta aaataagaca atatcatttg     70320
     ctattttcag ttttcttttc tgagaacagc ccagcattct ttttcagaga aatgaattgt     70380
     cctaacttca taggctaaag gctcatgagt catagttcta agggcattaa taaaatatag     70440
     tggtgcatgc ttgtattctg aacttttcag gtttaaactc tcatatagta aatgctaata     70500
     gatacaaact gattaaagaa aagccctctt aatctgacat tatttttatt tttatttctt     70560
     catttatcag caacaggaga gtctaactaa atgtggtaaa ctggtatgag ggaatacaat     70620
     gaacagtgta aaatgaatta aaccagagat aatcacacca gtgtgggtac aagtgtaaaa     70680
     tataatacaa aacacaccaa agaaagtggc agaaaggtat ataaagcgta taaccactca     70740
     cgtaccattt taggacacaa aaaattctgc atattatttc tgagcatcac aatgtagtta     70800
     aagatttcaa aaaggcattg aaatgaaaaa caaccaactt atgatgttgg tagcctctat     70860
     gcaatcatgt tttaaaaact ttaacaccaa aaagtctcaa aattaccatt ttaaaagact     70920
     gtgtctacca gttataaatg aatcattact ttcgtcattt gtaatagtca aagatgccac     70980
     aaatgcacgc atacacacac ctatatatac acctacacac acagtcttgc tcgttagaac     71040
     atctgatagg cttcagatca tcagtgtaat aacactagca acaagcctct aaagttaaaa     71100
     cagaaactga cactttaaaa agtaaaactt tcgtctaggt aaagatcaga actccaacta     71160
     gcacttaact cactggaaat atcttaagag tctcaaaatt cactgctttg aatccctgac     71220
     aagtataaaa attttatact gaaaacttca tgctattcaa aacattaaaa cagaaacatc     71280
     tgacttaaag cttacatttt taaaatcttt tttatgcttc taaatttgtt tttattcaaa     71340
     tacggatacc aacaataaca tttatgtcaa tgccttctgt tcaatattga acaaatagaa     71400
     ttaggaataa gaataatgtg agtacttcca atcattgaat gtacttattt ccagtatccc     71460
     attaaatgta cctgctctca atgtctgtac atcctttttt gtactgctcc tttcacagca     71520
     tgatcttcca cttcagtgct aggctgaatg ggttttaaaa gaaaatgatt cataaatcat     71580
     atatatttta tacaacatgg agttagtgat tcaaaaatat acataattaa ttactttcaa     71640
     ggaaggatgt tttgcaggag gccctacaaa gcaaagggga tatgtcatca attatatgta     71700
     agtatgacag ggccaaccaa acattcatgc agtgttacta ttgagttgaa ttctcaggca     71760
     tggctataaa aataattact taaggttttg agggttcttc ttggcttctt gttttcattg     71820
     cctaggacag caacatgaca gaaacacaat gaggaaaata ggaatatagg attcctaaaa     71880
     tgcacagttt acatttcagt agtgagatta tgtttcaaat gcctatactt aaaatagaaa     71940
     agcattgata taaccgtgaa cacgtggact gatgaggaga aaagggacca ttaaacagag     72000
     gggcaaatca aacctgaggg aatcaatgtc aaagctgatg gtgaatgtac agagtatttt     72060
     aactccacac accagaggca ttgctgccag cacagcacaa ataaattccc cttgtcttgt     72120
     cactgaggaa atacacagtt gggatgacag ttcaggtgaa tgtgtgattc acctctcatc     72180
     aaagaaaggg ttctacattg atcagctagg atacacactt atgaaataac agctaatcaa     72240
     actactcatt tttcccatga taacatgggc tactgcagca cctacatttc tcctatcccc     72300
     tcatttggcc ttgagttaga gctccttgat ccacttatgc aaggtggtcc ataaaacaca     72360
     tcaaataaac catgtcgaat aagcttctga tatcaaaata tttatcaaaa aagaaaacac     72420
     tgaatgacca cagacttgct ggatatgaat acatatttat atttcaaaat cagtgcagta     72480
     tttattgaaa atgagaattt tggttttcac agaatgaatt ttatgattat ttctaaaatt     72540
     aactaagttt ggtatattat cttacactgt aaaggacttt tataaaacag ctatcatatc     72600
     aaagaactgg ctgtctcaaa aaaaatttgc caaagcatct atatgcaact taatcacatc     72660
     ttattcactc atgtcagtga aacttctctc cctgaggcct gacagttgtc aagtaaattg     72720
     agctgctgtg gtttacccca actctagcac tctctcctgc ctccagtact ctccacagca     72780
     ataacctctt ttgtgagact ggacatatgc tgaagcaaat ggaagtgagc tgtctcaagt     72840
     ttacttggct ttaactccca agaccccagc aaatatcttt ctttcctcct tttgtgtcct     72900
     ttcacaatcc ctcttccttt gaaaaaatga ttatcagaac tgtcatcctg atgcttccct     72960
     tcctaactgc tttttatgga tgattgtgac cacttttttc atctgtattc agcagtagta     73020
     tacacctgta atctctcttt tttcatctca ttttccttcc cctgtggata gaatcatgct     73080
     cagaaataaa aggaaattaa agctttccct ggattctgtt attttttaaa ttgctctcca     73140
     gtggttcttt ttccagattt ctctaaagga aggctattcc cttgctattc agagctgtgt     73200
     ccaaggacca gcacaaacat cacctgagtg ctcatgagaa atgcagactc ccatacctgc     73260
     tgagtcagac tgtgcacttt ccagaagctc ctcaactaat tcatgacaat ttgaatgccc     73320
     tgttctacac tggtgtgctt ccatattggt ttaccctaat tggccttttt ggtctagcct     73380
     caatttcttt cctattatgt ccctgaattt aatactacat tataagccat aatgtttcta     73440
     atgaactttt aatcaggcaa agcttctcta attaatttct tcccaataaa tcacccaaca     73500
     ctattctttt caattatgtt aatatgatac tatcctatga agttacaaca ttttctataa     73560
     aaacaaatta tagccataca tggctgacca tttacggtga tgttcatcta tggtagataa     73620
     aacacaggtc tgcgtggtaa agtacctcaa tccttaatgc ctccccacta gcgaggatga     73680
     cagcaagaga aggaaaatgt tactgtaatt atatgacata ttttggtact ggaagctcac     73740
     tttatcttcc ttcctatttc taacaccctg ttcttccttc ttctacagat cattttgact     73800
     ttactaccct ccattacaga catccacttt ttttatttat cccatgtaca ctctgccctc     73860
     ctcattcttt gtttctcttt tattcatttc ctcttccctc tctcctgact tgcctcaggt     73920
     cttagagtat cttaaaatgg aactcataac tcagctcctt tagtggtact tcaaatagaa     73980
     tcaactgctg acccttggtt agagacacca cttatcacca tttcacttct cctttactta     74040
     ttatacggtt agtcggacat tttctttagc tattaaactc tatcagtgct catattttaa     74100
     aagaaacatt ccatcaatga cttttttttt tttttgagat ggagtctcac tctgtcaccc     74160
     aggctggagt gcagtggcac gatctccact cactgcaagc tccacctccc agtttcacac     74220
     catcctgctg cctcagcctc ccgaggagct gggactacag gcacccgcca ccatgcccgg     74280
     ctaatttttt gtgtttatag tagagatggg gtttcaccat gctaaccagg atggtctcga     74340
     tctcctgacc tcattactgg cccacctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggagt acaggcgtga     74400
     gccaccacgc ctggcctcca tcaaatgact ttttaaataa aatacggttc tcaccttctc     74460
     cttttccatt gactattctg tttccttttt catgagaagg tccacgtaaa ggctctgaca     74520
     ctttctcggg gacacactgc taaggtaata tcaagaatta gtttccattt aaaattataa     74580
     tgagttgcat caagagtttc ttatcaatct ctttttatga aactgagtct cactctgtca     74640
     acccagggct agaatgcagg ggcctgatta tggctcaccg tggtctcaaa ctcctgacct     74700
     caagcaatct tcccacctca acttcctgaa tagctggaac tacaggtgca taccatcatg     74760
     ccatgctaat gtttttattg ttatctttgt agagacaagg cctcattata ctgctcaggc     74820
     tggtctcaag ctcctgggct caagtcaatc ttccacttct gcctcccaaa gtgttgagat     74880
     aagcagtgtg caccaccaca cccagcccta atcaatttct ttaaatcaat ctcaatgttg     74940
     cccaggcatg gtggctcaca cctgtaatct cagccctttg caaggccaag gtgggtggat     75000
     tgcttgagtt caggagtttg agaccagcct gggcagcata atgagaacac atctctacac     75060
     aaaaatacca aaaggagtca ggcatgatgg tgtgtgcctg tagtcccagc tgcttgggaa     75120
     gctgatgtgg gaggatcact tgagcctgag aggtggatac tgcagtgagc caagatcatg     75180
     cccctacact gcacatggac aacagagcaa gaccctgact ccccaaaaat ttcaatttaa     75240
     aatgtgagaa tgaagagaga tacaaacaaa aaacaagcct aattggtcaa tgaaatatca     75300
     gcttaagcca agaaagaaaa caaacaacat gaagtacaat aaagcacatg gggaaataga     75360
     tctataacag agccttcggt ctttcatacc cctgataata ctaattaata tttatgctgt     75420
     aattagtttt ttgtaagtac ttctgtgata gcgtttctta ctataagaca ttcaattagc     75480
     taaatatggt catctaccac tacctgaaag aatattatta taacagaaag agaaaactgg     75540
     aactttccat caactttcca cccagaaaaa gaattggtca ccagaattct aaagagtaat     75600
     gtatggcaga cacatgaaaa aatactcatc atcactggcc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcga     75660
     aaccacaatg agatatcatt tcacaccggt tagaacagca atcattgaaa agtcaggaaa     75720
     caacaggtgc tggagaggat gtggagaaat aggaacactt ttacactgtt ggtgggacgg     75780
     taaactagtt caaccattgt ggaagacagt gtggagattc ctcaaggatc aagaattaga     75840
     aataccattt gatccagcca tcccattact gggtatatac ccaaaggatt ataaatcatg     75900
     ctgctataaa gacacatgca cacgtatgtt tattgcggca ctattcacaa tagtaaagac     75960
     ttggaaccaa cccaaatgta catcaatgat agactggatt aagaaaatat ggcacttaca     76020
     caccatggaa tactatgcag cataaaaaat gatgagttca tgtcctttgt agggacatgg     76080
     atgaagctgg aaaccatcat tctgagcaaa ctgttgcaag gacagaaaac caaacaccac     76140
     atgttctcac tcataggtgg gaactgaaca atgagaacac ttggacacaa gatggcaaac     76200
     atcacacacc agggcctctc atggggtggg caggagggga gggatagcat taggagacat     76260
     acctaatata aatgaccagt taatgggtgc agtacaccaa catggcacat gtatacgtat     76320
     gtaagaaacc ttcaccttgt gcacatgtac cctagaactt aaagtataat aataataata     76380
     aagagtaatg tatggcttga aaaggtatat ttaatagaac atgagttggg tctaataaaa     76440
     aacttaagaa atgttaatct aaaatctcaa tgttaagatt ccagttgaat aatactagaa     76500
     aatatattgt aaccctcttt gctaccaatg acctatttct attttatttt ctttttaatt     76560
     atggcataat ttctcaacat aacatatcaa aacttataca ccctttaata ttaaaaaata     76620
     atacaatgta agcaatattt taaaaacggt atttaattat tagatacatt aggtttatta     76680
     tattacttat aatattccat tatataaaaa ttcatttgtc tatttattca gattaaacaa     76740
     ctattaaagc tgaatgtctc atgcctgtaa ccccagcact ttgagaggct gaggcgagca     76800
     gaacacttga gcccaacagt taaagaccag cctgggcaac aaggcaaaac cctgtctcta     76860
     tgaaactcag cctagcatgg agacacaggt ctatggtgac atagctctat tgtttcaact     76920
     acttggattg ctgaggtgtg aggatcacct gagcccagga aatggagatc ggagtgagcc     76980
     aatatctcac cagtgccctc cagcccgggt gacagagtga aaccccatcc cccaaaacaa     77040
     caaataaaat gcttcttaca tggaagactg tattctaggt actccaggat acacacaaat     77100
     atgtttactg acctccagta gcttatggta tgcaggagct tccaatgatt atttaaacaa     77160
     ctaaatagaa aactttctga cattcaaaat ttcagaatat gatataagga ctttgagtgg     77220
     ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttttaagatg     77280
     tagtcttgct ctgtcaccca ggctgcagtg caatggtgca atcttggctc actgcaacct     77340
     ccacctcctg agttcaagcg attctcctgc cttggcctcc tgagcagctg ggattacaag     77400
     catacaccat catgtctggt taatttttgt gctttttatt tttttttaca gacagggttt     77460
     caccatgttg gccaggttga tcttgaactc ctgacctcag gtgatctacc cacctcagcc     77520
     tccaaaagtg ctgggattac aagtgtgagc caccacacct ggccaagtaa atattttaaa     77580
     taaactacaa tgacaaaatt acgatgataa agtcttacca tattggtatt aagagtctct     77640
     gcttctagaa ctggttattt gcagcaaaat acatgttatt caattagatg acatgtttta     77700
     tataaactct tcatggacaa ctcaaaccac acaaaaatcc ctttgcaata caaatcttga     77760
     gaacataaat ttaaatttct acatttccac aatttatatt tttcaatcag atacaatatt     77820
     gcccaggctg ttctcaaact cctgggttca agcaatcttc ctgcctcaaa ctcccaagta     77880
     gcaggggcta caggggtaga ccaccaaact cagctgtttt tctacaattt ttaatatttt     77940
     ttagtctcac tacagaacca ataatataag tagagaaaca atttctccta aaaactatat     78000
     cacaccaaaa taataagttt ccaagaacaa aagctatatg ctatgtgctg aacatttttg     78060
     ccactaaaaa ttaccagaag attccatgat tactgcaaat aatttgatcc actgaagatt     78120
     tatacaagca taaatattaa gaaagtcaca cttgtatgat ttaaaagtca aagtattagt     78180
     atttatccat ataaacctta accaaatttc atatttcctc tactggagaa agaatttcct     78240
     aatgtgattt tcctgcaact acttattttc cagttcattt atttttcagc tcccaccctg     78300
     tcacagtact tatcaatctc tgttagttac caaagttaag cacatttttt gaatcaacta     78360
     gccatatgta tgtttttctc tgagcaactt tccattacca ccataaaaca attataggtg     78420
     aaccactgct aaatttgaaa agtaaacact tgcaaaacta cattcagagt gagaaaatta     78480
     attttacaag agaccacttt accttagtag caacactcaa gtcttcatca tccaatgcag     78540
     gcaataaatc cacacacagt tcatgcaaaa tgcttgagag caaaaataca caatgaaaat     78600
     gagcaagttg atttctttac aattttttta actgccggtt tatatccagc ttccccctca     78660
     aaaaaaggaa aacataatct ggggaaaggt cagtgatcta tatattaaat tatgattctt     78720
     gatataatta aaatatgtcc tctgttctaa aaatagattc tatttaccta cttctgtctc     78780
     cacctgtcta aatctataaa atattcaatg aaaactaacc ttgagcttta taacaaatag     78840
     tgacagtcaa tacattggca gagcctgaca atactttgcc ctcacaaatt atctgttctg     78900
     aagctgaact taaaattcaa tcagtggatg acataaattt tgttatctaa actggaagaa     78960
     aactgatgac ctaaaacaag ttagaaagat ccactgtctc tttcccatga tctgtctctg     79020
     gataaaagac taatctgcat cacttcacaa tggcagtctt gattcctcgg catggatcca     79080
     acttaggaag gtcctattgc tttcctttgc cctaaatcgg tacaggaaag cccctacaat     79140
     atttgaaatg tatgaaagcc aaatgtacag aagtcaaata acaaaggtgt atgttcttat     79200
     tgagaatact tttcccagaa agattaaaat attaacaatt ataaaatccc attattttca     79260
     ctctataggt cctaccttat tcaggtccac ataaactagc aagcccttaa aaattttcat     79320
     aggtactcag acacccaagg agagagactg ccagaaaaaa accgagtcct catagttgta     79380
     cctctatttc cctaagtatt atctaagcat ctttcttcct atgggctccc acttccagat     79440
     tccacttcca cagggctcca cggaagtctc caatcttcaa atcttcagtc tatgaaacca     79500
     cagattcctg aaaggatggc ctcaaataac caggagtagg agctctctat atccctgctc     79560
     ttgaaaaaca agctaactgg agtctccatc acctgccccc agctatacac actaccaact     79620
     acacaattga actccatgac tgatttgcca gctaatcatg cccctgaccc agcccacatg     79680
     gacatgggaa ggacatcagt gaactgggaa aacaggaaga agtgaggaga cacctaccct     79740
     gtgccacatg tctatgtagt tcagcaattt ccagcccctt agtactccag gggctctaag     79800
     ccaccctttt gtaagtcagg atggaagtag atgacacctc atttgtatct gctgtagaca     79860
     ctcctcccag tgtctcaaaa tgttttaaca tctttcagta aaaatcttca agtttgtcag     79920
     tcgttgattt aaaaaaaagc agcaaacttt ttagagctcc cttgaacctt ctattttaat     79980
     gtgcctttgt agataattcc caatatcttg tgtccttcat ttttataatt tatctttatc     80040
     aaacttgtca taaaccccaa tactttgatc tcttatagaa gagtccgtac tcctatccaa     80100
     tccagtgctg tttatcttca aacttggact tccccagctc attccattct tatctacttc     80160
     cattgtgttc accagctaat tccattctca ttctatctac agactcactc ccgtttgtat     80220
     tattaaaaca catgccaata gtatacaaaa agaagcaaga gtactgggct ttaacatgag     80280
     ttcaaatctc atttctgcca attcctatgt ctaaaaaaaa gcatcctaat ctctttgagc     80340
     ttcacatcct ctatctagag aatcacttga ccagagttca acacaggtaa aaatactaga     80400
     aagtatttta attcattcca agattcctta aaatcctgta attctgtgtc ctcttgattc     80460
     tgtctataga aaaacttgga atacataggc agcagagttt gaaaaaataa tagaacaaaa     80520
     gaaacaccaa gaaaagcaga gaagaaagtt ttaaaaaatg aagacaaggt tatagaaaag     80580
     tcatggaaaa agcaacaaga ctaaaaaatg tattatggaa gtaagcagaa atactagcct     80640
     aaatggaaaa ccaaactggg aagtcaaata atttgtctct aagacttgcc taaacttgct     80700
     gtggtaaaac ttacagtcct atggccaaag ctaagtcaga tctgccctag agcctttgat     80760
     ggtaaaaata agatactggc taccactgaa attgtcaaat ttattaggac taaccacatt     80820
     ctagcaataa acttaaatga gagttcaagg tatttaaact ctcattaact tagacattaa     80880
     tcagattaat gaatctgatt aatctgattc agacctataa cttgatccaa gggctgcaca     80940
     gatatctatc tatgctgagg agcaagagaa aggatttgga aggcaggcag gctaatggtc     81000
     aaactgtagg ccagctactt ttttaactat gggatcatga ggcaattaat cagctctaat     81060
     ccatagttgt ttatttaata gtaggttata ggaacacaga tgttatgatg gctttatgag     81120
     atgataaatg aatagaacat attaggatgt ctagccaaga atacaacact caatagatat     81180
     tggtttcttc catctatatt ttcttagtta acataatttt ttaaatctat gaaatcttac     81240
     ctgactgcag attcatcaga aattccaaca tctattaaag aaaaaggtaa aatgcatttt     81300
     aaatcaacaa taaatgtaca gaatattaaa agcataagaa tgcacagtga cgcatgcctc     81360
     taatcaaaac tacttgagag gatgaggcag gaggatcact tgaggagccc agaagtttga     81420
     gaccaacttg ggaaacatag taagactcta ccttcataaa aaaattgtgt acacttgtgt     81480
     gtatgcttta gatcctgttt tttgttgttg ttgttgttgt ttttgttttg gtttggtttg     81540
     gttttttaaa gcataagact gatgctttgt tacagagcat tcctttggga gcatgcctgg     81600
     gaccttatta gaattaacat tcatcatact tattggtagg taattaatgc agtaagaact     81660
     cttccctttg tatttattag atgcaaagaa gaatacattt attaaaactt ggtatctaca     81720
     agtgaactgc agtatacaag tcatcctagt caaaccctat gagattgagt aaaaatggta     81780
     ttgttagcag aacaggtatg atgagtcaac agtgtcaaag agcatgattt ctggaacaaa     81840
     atatgagggg ccattaaaac agagtataca atagtacccc ttatccacta tatgcacaga     81900
     aagacatact tgacaagttt ttctctgctg tcacaccaca gcaacaatca tcagcaaaga     81960
     aggcttctgt gaccaaatgt gtggagagtt tttccccacc aacaagtaag taatcattcc     82020
     tgctgatgac acaattcaat tctcacaccc tatctacaga taacatcaga tttaatttaa     82080
     tttataaatt aaagtttatc atagatatgt atgtataggg aaaaacaatt tgtgattcag     82140
     tactattcat ggtttcatgc atccactggg ggtcttggaa tgtatctccc acagttaagg     82200
     gggagctact gcacttattt tgttataaca caatacagcc tctctagttc ttcagttcaa     82260
     actgtttagt ttagaataag acacgctatc accagaaacc agcaaaacat aggactcaga     82320
     ccagaaacag gaatccttgc aaagactttc tagccaccag cggagaagac ctcaagagat     82380
     atcagtgtgt tactctggct aatactcttc tggggaaggt gctgggtggt ttccttagtt     82440
     gtagctattt gctctggcct acgtataaca aggcccaaat tcacctgcca ttttacctcc     82500
     cacagaaaga accactggaa agatcactcc tttaagagct tatccacatt cagagagaag     82560
     ctgaagaaac actggggagg tgtggcaggc tgccgggcag tattatctga tgtgaaaaaa     82620
     tatatagaaa gaaaactatc aatgcccttt tactatcaga acgttctaat gcttgccatt     82680
     ctccctagta ggagaaaaat atttttcacc tcacataaag caaaactccc ttgtcatccc     82740
     tcacaacaga atctagttgt aggtgaatca tgtcatcata atacacgctg ttgtcaacct     82800
     catccctcaa aggaagagga tcagtgagga acttatgtat ttacctaata gcattcactg     82860
     cctggtctta tttccaatca aagataagta tgaaagactt tgtgattcca gttttataaa     82920
     gtacaaccct ttgcacttgt ccccttccat tgctagagag tctatctgga cccacctcac     82980
     agagcaagat gctccaggtt gtgctgtgtg gtacggcgtg gtgtcctttt cctcaaccct     83040
     ttctattatg ttccacatat atatactaat catgttttct aagtatgtaa agcatatctc     83100
     atcataatat accattcttt acaatgataa agaagcaaaa gaaaaacaaa aggacaaaga     83160
     acatcttaaa tgactacatt caactgccat ggagctttaa ttttctaact attcaaaaag     83220
     atatccactc ttcttattcc aactatatga ctcttctgaa aaaagtaaaa ctatgaagac     83280
     agagtaaaca tcaatggttg ccacgagttg ctagggagaa agggagagat gaaaaggcat     83340
     agcatagaga atttttaggg cagtgaaact gttctgtcga taatattaca gtaatagata     83400
     catgtcatgt cattatacat ttgtccaaat tgacagaatg tacagcatca agagtgaagc     83460
     ctgatgtaaa ctatgaaatt tgagtgatta taacgtgtca atgtaagttc atcagttgta     83520
     acaaatgtac cactctctgg tggaaaatac taataatggg ggaggctatg cgtgtgtggg     83580
     aggcatggga tatatgagaa atctctgtac cttcctctca attttgctgt gaacctaaaa     83640
     ctgctctaag aaataaggtt attgatttaa aaaaaatatt cagctgggct cagtggctca     83700
     tgcctgtaat ctcagcactt tgggagacaa aggtgagtgg atcacctgag gtcaggagtt     83760
     caagaccagc ctggccaaca tggcaaaacc tcatctctaa taaaaataca aaaattagct     83820
     gggcatggtg gctggcacct gtaatttcag ctactcagga ggccaaggca ggagaatcgc     83880
     ttgagcctag aaggcagagg ttgcagttaa ccaagatcac accactgcac tgcagtctgg     83940
     gagacagagt gagactccat ctcaaaaaac aaaaaagata ttcactgtct atgcatccca     84000
     ggatctccag aacaacaatt aaaataaata agtaaaaaag atggctgggg gcagtggctc     84060
     atgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgagaggcc aaggtgggtg gatcacctga ggtcaggagt     84120
     tcgagaccag tctgactaac atggtgaaac ctcatctcta ctaaatacaa aaaaatagct     84180
     gggcatgatg atgcatgcct gtagttccag gtacctggga agctgaggca ggagaatcat     84240
     ttgaacctgg gaggtggagg ttgcaatgaa ccaagattgt gtcattgcac tgcagcctgg     84300
     tcaacaagag caaaactctg tctcaaaaaa aataagtaaa taaaataaaa aataaagata     84360
     ttcactgaac ctgttactat gatatattta agcaagacag ggtgaaccta aaaattagag     84420
     atcattgaag accaaagtaa caacatgtgg tcattatttc tcaaattgaa gtacataaaa     84480
     tatataaaat aaataaattt aattgcatgc ttaggtaaga aaatattgat aaaaatgatt     84540
     gaatattttt atcttatttc ataattctaa gcagggattt atcacaatat gaaaactaga     84600
     ttattcatgt aatcaaaata aaagacaatt tttattctaa ttttaactca gaaaatattt     84660
     tgcttattta acaattttac tgaaaggtaa acgagttaaa taggacagat tataattacc     84720
     taacattgct atggtaactt atgtacaaat agctgttcgt cactgaaagt aaaaaaagta     84780
     accagcactg aaacttaaga tggatcatac aacagaaatt agtaccaagt taccttatct     84840
     tataatatta tgttattaaa atgaaatttt aaaacaacac caaaaattaa gttggggcta     84900
     tacaaagtgt gcagaaaaga tttcatataa caggcaagag aattccatcc ttagaaaggc     84960
     ctgcatgcaa ggctggccct tggctggtgt ttaggaaatt ggaattagga gggtttccac     85020
     cattccctga gaagagtggc tcactgtgtc taaagtgttt atagaaacag tgtgttttct     85080
     ctgaacagct gctttccttg taagagtctg gaatttgggt acatgagagg gagagtaacc     85140
     tccatagaaa aacttgggca cttagtctct aatgagactc tagtactggt agacatcgct     85200
     gcacatatgt tgtcaaaatg tgagcctggg agaattaagc agatcctggg aactccacag     85260
     gacagaactc ctggaggctt gtgcctcgtt tcctccagaa ttgaccacat gcactttttc     85320
     ctctactaat tttgcttgtc ccttttcttg ttatcaatta aagatctgag tatgactatt     85380
     tgctgagtcc tgtgagtcct tctaatgaac caacaaacct ggggtggtct tgggaaacct     85440
     tgacacaaat gcattgtgta agatttgtat taagttgaca tgatatatgt aactgtaatc     85500
     agatggttat ttcacagaat aactttccct aatctgtttt tcttttcttt tttgcccttg     85560
     atatttgact tggagattct tgtatttcta tatctatcca attgaataaa accataaaag     85620
     gaataaatga aacaataatg tcggaaaata atgtgaaata agcagcaatc ctcttttaac     85680
     cgaacaaaaa atagagaatc tgggtgattg acaatatgtt ctacaatatg aatgttttta     85740
     gaaaaaaaaa atgaaaaaat agtcaatttt ctgcaactca actgggcttt attccttttt     85800
     ataataattg tgcaggccag gtgcagtggc tcacacttgt aaatccgagc attttgggag     85860
     gttgaggcag gaggatcact tgaacccaga agttccagac cagcctcggc aatatagtga     85920
     cacctcacct attaaacaaa caaataaaca aacaccctta aaaagaaaat tagccaagtg     85980
     tggtagtgca tgcctgtagt cccagctact tgggaggcta aggtgaaagg atcatttaag     86040
     tacaaggatg cagaagttgc agtgagccaa gaaggcacca ctgcatgcca atactggaaa     86100
     cagagggaga ccctgtatca aaaataaata aacaaataaa taattgtgta tcaggccaga     86160
     tgtaaccaca caaaactgta gtcccagcta ctcaggagga tgaggtagga ggactgcttg     86220
     agcccaggag ttcaaggcta tagtgagcta tgattgcacc aatgaataga cactgtattc     86280
     tagcccaggc aacatagaga gacccccatc tcctatgata ataataattg attaattgtg     86340
     catcattcaa gtaaattgta taactggaga aaaacctatg actatcgagt atactattat     86400
     agtctactac tgaccataga gttcccgttt acttgcttct aatctttttc ttcgtttctt     86460
     ataaaactaa aaacatgatt taaacccatt aaaggcagtt cattgcaaaa caagtcaaaa     86520
     agtcaaaaga attgcatcca aacagtagga agtgttatcc accgctttct gtgaacagtt     86580
     ggacttggtc cttaagaatc agcaggactt ttaactttgt gtctgtgtgc acacgtgtgt     86640
     gcacatgtgc gtgtgtgtat gtgtacgtat gtgaactatg acagataaaa tcattttgct     86700
     tgtgtaagaa tatgtaatat aacttgtgct tctcacaaag gaattgcttt tccatcttct     86760
     gtgttcagtt gctatcttga aaaaataatc tcctatttgt atgggtgccc gctggttcag     86820
     ttctacagtt cttattgcca tttatttatg gtaccagaaa gggattgctg agttcctggt     86880
     tctaaacata gttactttct tagtgacaca aatcaatatg taatacagtt cacccttgaa     86940
     cagcaagggt ttcaactgca gggattcact tatatgcaga ttttcttctg cctctgcaat     87000
     gcagagacag caagatccac ctctcctctt cctcctcagc ctaatcaacc tgaagatcat     87060
     aaagaccttt gccaggatct actaatgctt tatgaaaagt caatatgttt ttcctgatga     87120
     cttcctttct aacagcttca tttctctagc ttattttatt gtacaaacac agtatataat     87180
     aatgcagcac aaacaaaata gttgttcatc aaccttttat gttatcagga aggcttccag     87240
     tcaatggtgg gctattagta gctaaggtga aggaatcaaa agttatactc agattttcaa     87300
     cagcacaggg atcagggtcc ttcaccccca cattattcat gggtcaactc tagttatttg     87360
     tttactaaat gtaaacaatt tattataaaa atgaaataga agatccattt gtataacaag     87420
     tcccatttgt tataatgtga ctatagagga aacatacaac atactaactt aaacatcttt     87480
     tttcttattt atgcaaaaat attatgtagg attttatgga tcataattaa ataaatgaat     87540
     gtttttagac aataatattt gagattataa attagctaca actaccttct taaataaatc     87600
     tgaatttcaa actaaagaag ttaaatttaa aaaattaatt tacatatgta tatacatata     87660
     tacacattca atttacacat attgttaaac tggtcttttt tgactgacac taccgtaatc     87720
     ttacatctta cttcttattt tcttatcaag agtaggacca ccaagagaag taagaaattc     87780
     actatcagaa gccttacctg gtttgtcctt tttaagtatc ttatttttat gttccaaaat     87840
     ttgttgttga attctaagta tacaaaagta ataaataaaa ttgctatttt aatactgaaa     87900
     taaaaaatat ttaccaaaca tattaaattc caaaaccatt tcagacaata tcagacctaa     87960
     tatcagaatt ttaaggtccc atacacttca aatttttaaa ccttacaagc ttattaagct     88020
     tataattaaa gaagaaaaga aagcgaagtg cccataaatg gaggaagcac agctcagtaa     88080
     attaactcta gttagctgga tatcacgcaa agtgtcctgc actcacagta agtcctcact     88140
     ctgtaaccaa aatacctcgt tatgtaggta ttttgttttc agacaagttg cttctcttag     88200
     gctccgtggt ttcttctaaa aaataaggat tctgctacct tacttcacta ggttgtttag     88260
     aagatgtaat gagattacat gtttaaatgt tcagagaaat agtaaagcaa tggaataatt     88320
     tattcttgaa ccttattgct gaaaccattt tggaatccca aataatgctc ggtgtgtgtt     88380
     tttctataag ttctaatatt caaatgttac agttttcaga aaatgttatt aagtgctaat     88440
     tttggttatt acttgcattc attgtggctt gtaattcagg gcattttacc taattcataa     88500
     cttattacta aatttatata catatataaa tttagtgagc tcatcactga gctcatcaat     88560
     cacaccaagg gcagaaaact aataggtgtc aaaacctggc ttggacaact accactcctt     88620
     ctctacctcc tcaaactctg agccagcaga tctgtgcttg gctgctggat ctccatggtc     88680
     ctctccaact aacacacaag aagaaaccct gctatgattg tttttcagtt ccatgaagga     88740
     aatgcaagtt gacattttct catttccaag acacgtacta gcaacatgta acatcccctt     88800
     attactcagc tctgttccca tttcagagat caccgtacat caatagtttc acagtgataa     88860
     tcacaatttc aatattgcgt gtcacctgtt ttggttttgc tcacactgct tccttggagc     88920
     tactcaacaa atagtcaaat ggccttcctg ggactatgca aaatatggaa ttctttctga     88980
     atttgcgtgc cattcttagg cagtagccat gcttatctgc tctgtattga tccaatttta     89040
     aaatatgtgc tgttgaaata agtacaaagc cctgtttgat acatggatac tcatgagtca     89100
     tggatgaagc ttagctctgt taaatccaac tcacttactt cagattcaga gaattttatt     89160
     gaatggcttc ctgtgaggag gtagaatttt aaaatatatt gaaaacttga ggaagagctg     89220
     caagtagccc aggagatttt catgattata gagacacatt aattgagggg ccaactgcaa     89280
     gctggttccc actactcagt ggaaagataa catggaacat tctgctatct aaccaaagct     89340
     gcttcacagg atataaaaaa gcctcaaggt acagatctga tagcaaaagg gaaagggaac     89400
     tctgatctct tcctgtaaca ttatttgaac atccctgact attgagaaca atcccaacta     89460
     atattggtta aaggaaagac aagcatggct ctcaaaggat aacataccat gaaggcctag     89520
     gcaaagtcta gctaagaggc aggctccata taaggttttt agtgtaagat gagcatcaac     89580
     ttgctcaata tttgtgtgga taaagctagg aggcctagct gccagagcac ggtgctggga     89640
     acaatgactg agcacaagta cataaactat taaacaccgt agctttgaac tgtatatatg     89700
     aatcaccatg aaaactgaga ggtctgaatc agtgaaggca tcctagtggc aaagatcaat     89760
     cattaacaga ttgcaggacc ggttacaatg gcaataatac agcaagtgag gccatggaaa     89820
     taacagaatg attagaatgc ccttttttcc ccttcttctg acttgtaaag aaagattgcc     89880
     ttccttggac ttaggaaacc ccttagcttc ttggaaaatt caaagaagga aggcacagga     89940
     gagagccccg gggacaatac aagattttct gctaaattgg acattacaag actcaataac     90000
     taattagaaa agtcaggcca gtcatggtgg ctagcacttt cagaggccga agcaggggga     90060
     ttacttgagc tcaggagttc aagaccagcc agggaaacag agtgagacct tgcctctaca     90120
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaataa     90180
     atcaaagatg tggctctttt tatcccatgc atggggatta tacttagaat aaaatgaaca     90240
     acattgagat ccctagggat aaaggtctca aaaatccaga aaaaatcttg cactctactt     90300
     ctagctaatc tagacttctg cttgatttct ggctaaaagg tagactaact catggctatt     90360
     tcaaactatc tgaaccaaac tatgaactct cacctaatgt atataagatg gagtagttgc     90420
     aattatttta aacttcaatt tagtattaac tggattttta acataaacac ttactttgtc     90480
     aaatgatgag aaatagcgta atcttctgca tctcgtccac atatgtcttt agcgaagaca     90540
     tcaatatttt gcttaagaag gatatttaca atacctggtg agtcatagtg tatagcaagc     90600
     aagagggctg acctaaaata acaaagaaat aactccactc aagaacttta ataaagactt     90660
     ttttaaaaag ctagttcgat acactttacc aatttaatat ctgcctgtca gtgtagacgt     90720
     aataaccatt tgtatgtact agctttggtc tataagcatc tagggtgctc aagtgttcat     90780
     ctttgtaaat tgtcaccaag gctaaaagaa agggacaaca gggaagcctc ttgtcccgct     90840
     ggggtaagac ataatacaag ttgtcaactt atagtccttt gatggccaag aaactgtgct     90900
     gaggtcactt atctaaagta ggcaaagatt tagatgaaga ttcccccatt gctttcctag     90960
     ttaaatcagc taggggtcag ataagagtta tctgcaggct gaaaacaaca acaacaacaa     91020
     tgacaataat aataataata atgacaatac tagtagtcat aaactaaaag tccacacttt     91080
     aaaaattaat aaaactggtc aggtgcagtg gctcatgcct gtaataccag cactttggga     91140
     agccaaggag agcagatcac gaggttaaga aatcgagacc atcctggcca acatggtgaa     91200
     atcccatctc tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gctgggcatg gtggcgtgca cctgtagtcc     91260
     cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cgcttgaacc tgggaggtgg aggatgcagt     91320
     gagccgagat cacaccacct cactccagcc tggtaacaga gcgagactct atctcaaaaa     91380
     caaaaaaatt aataaagcta atacaaaacg ctttagctaa taaaagatta cagtatcaaa     91440
     agcatctgat tataaatacc aaacactcta tattataaga gaagatgaat cctactatat     91500
     actattcttt atgttactca gtccaaatat ttgctggtct acctgattat tcatggtgat     91560
     atttttcatt atatgccaat aattatgtta atcttcttat taatatttct gacttgagtg     91620
     actgttacca ctctagaata ctcaggtttt atttttaaaa aaagaacaac tgtactgtct     91680
     cagcctatca acagcatgtg tacttgcttt ggttttcaat aaaagttcca ccattttctc     91740
     tttcttgcaa attatgacaa ataaaagtgg ggtattattg tcctatgaaa cagcagaaaa     91800
     aaattaataa ttcacaaaat tacatatttc tcaactaaac tgaaaatctt ctctgggatg     91860
     ctttgaactt caacatacaa tatagaaagg aagtaaatga aaagcagtcc cttccttctc     91920
     actcctctgt gctttctgat gtgctgcgct ttgccttgca acaaccctcc tctgtctccc     91980
     cggattaact gtggtcattg ccaaaactca ctttaaacgt ttactagtcc caagaatcct     92040
     tgctttgatc acagcactta gcatggtaca ttgtaatcat ttcactgttt cccactgaaa     92100
     ccaagagctt cttgaggcaa gggctgtatc ttttgtctct atagctccaa aacccgaaga     92160
     catagtagca aacattttaa gttttttaca taaattaatg atctaaatta ttctcactaa     92220
     agcagtgttt cttaaactat attccaaaga atatttgctt taccagaagt attataccca     92280
     aagagaaaga ctccatgacc atctgcattt gagaagtatt ataaaactgt atgttatgtc     92340
     caataatcaa gaaatctctt gaattttacc taatccccat ttcacagtac tatttgtggc     92400
     aaacattaac atttgaggaa ttaagagttt taggggtaca gttgccagag cttcccaatg     92460
     ccggtggagg tttcttctgg gtggtacaaa cttgcttgat tcacttctat caatgctgtc     92520
     aggatcccag atgacaatgt caggcactcc tgctccaaat gggtcactat ggaaatgagc     92580
     tctgaattaa gagagattgg cttcaaatgc acttattttc cttattatta aatagtccat     92640
     gggttttttc cctaatacaa gagaatagat ttttatcttt actgttagaa agctcagtat     92700
     gttctgtgta agagaaatag gtttaaaaaa cttaagaaca aatatttaaa aaaccaaagc     92760
     tcagtaagaa atactattct caattttaat ggtaatccca ggaccccagg gcagctctac     92820
     cttttaaatc catttttatt ggcttccact taaagggcta cttaaaatta ttttttattt     92880
     tagacaaaat ataaatcaga aataaaaaca taatggctta tcaataaaag ttctcatact     92940
     gatccatatg aattatttct ggcataataa aagccagtaa gtcactggca tttctaagga     93000
     agagcactga tgagaaagat gtaatgtctg caatattcat aaattatcca actataacca     93060
     ggaataacct aaaaaggctt ctagacattc ttatgggcag ataattattt gtggtatata     93120
     taaagaaaag agtttcaaaa acttctaaat tctaaaattc aactccataa ctgagggatt     93180
     tacatactct atagactata tattataaca aatacatgct gacttaaaaa ccttgaaatc     93240
     tttatcaaaa tatactataa cataggagtt gtaaactcag atacttacaa ggacaaagga     93300
     aggttgcctg agtaaaggaa gtactaaggt gggcacagta gcaaactgga gaatacatgc     93360
     cttctctaaa ggggcaacct ctgcacagca gaccaaacag tgatagaaac tcaggggaca     93420
     ccagatttga ttttttagaa taagcctgaa gtccagatat ctacaccagt cttctaaatt     93480
     ttacatgctg attcaactta tagaggaaaa caaacaaatc tgtgtaccac attagaatat     93540
     agcccttgtg tttttatatt cactattaat gtgttactaa atggttgtgt ataatccaag     93600
     tatttgcatg taaaatactt tctttctcta gtatcatatg ttttaccaaa aaatcaggct     93660
     ctcatatata ataaaaattg ccaaaaaaga ctcataatac ctacttaaaa aatttttcca     93720
     acatttattc atttaaaata tatttgtata taattttccc agattgttaa ccaaatagat     93780
     aattggttca taggactgtt aaaactaaat tattaaaaga attcatatct gtatttttat     93840
     taactccatg gacttcaatg tttaaaactg acattttggg tatgctaaag ctctataaac     93900
     ttaacaaaca tactgagcta gttcataata aaacttcaac taaacgaata gtttaggatt     93960
     tgctactatt ctaattgaga aagcccaaat tgtaatgaac atttgttgac acataatcac     94020
     gtgcatggtg acaaagggac atcaaatcat gaaagagcca gcctctgctt attgaatgat     94080
     tacccataag caaatttcta aagactctct gaatgttagt gaaggattca tggtgggaag     94140
     gaaaaggtgc tattctgtaa actgagagat attgccagta atatttcctt tcacttccca     94200
     gtcacagatg tagagaaaga cagataagtc aggctaatat tactgaaaag gagaactttg     94260
     aaggaagtag cacctatcga atgccaattc ttctagagat ttcttacgtt tttgagatac     94320
     agaaattcat atgttgcact tatctattct ggggttctta atcaggactg tatccgaaac     94380
     ttgagggttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg ctgttattgt     94440
     tgttagaggc aagagtctca ttatgttgct caagctgaac ttaaactcag gctcaagctg     94500
     ggactacagg aacatgtcac tgtgcccagc ttcaagaaaa cattttttaa aatgttcagg     94560
     ccttattagg tctattacat caaaatcctc aggggaaagc ctacaattgt agatttttaa     94620
     caaaatgtca tcaggtcact gtaatgcaca attctgagaa ttggtgcagc aatcacttca     94680
     gtctcatctc tcacccgcat ggctaattcc ctttatcagt tggacatgtg gccaaaaaga     94740
     gaaaagagta agagatagtg tcatttatta aaattccaat taagtttcct gggtatgggt     94800
     agaacacaga caaataaact caaaatccca cttgattttg ctatttacaa gctccttatc     94860
     tcccaccttc ccaccaagac attctaggtt tgagaggagg ctttagactc ttatctaagt     94920
     ggctgtttct gccagaatgg gcaataagtc agttaataat ttgtcctacc ttctgctgaa     94980
     gtttttctca cttcatcacc acctattcac tgccaaactg gttccctcag agtcttcctg     95040
     aaattaatct ctaggcaagt ttcaactcat tctttttcaa accaaaaatt attagaccca     95100
     aagctaaaga gcaccttatc tcaacacata aactggaaga acaacaaact aaaaaaaaaa     95160
     aaacaaaaaa aactcttctt gtcgttttcc ctcattacct aatttccaag tgacctacat     95220
     atttctcatt gctctccttt tccctaccca tttttccctc ttaaggcttg tgccactgag     95280
     agatgataca tcagtttttc agaaaattat cagcagcagc aacatgtcca tttattgtaa     95340
     gttgctttag ttttgtttga gttttaagat aaagcctagt tccagggcat gttttctttc     95400
     ctgtgttgtt ttacaccaat tcgaggggaa aaaaaggaaa gaataaccct gcatagaaaa     95460
     aaaaattgaa aaggttttac ctttaacata ttcacaaata ttcagggaat ggttgagctt     95520
     ccaaatataa aaaattgacc cttacctatg tcaatgttaa aacaaatatt ttggaaagaa     95580
     agttgattga tctatacctt gtccagtgct tcaatatttg caccatggaa aagcagtttt     95640
     tctgccagtg aggtgctctc actatacaca gcatactgga gagcagtgtt gcggtagata     95700
     tccttaaggt ttggattggt gccatgttcc agcagaataa cggcgcaagc ctcttcctgg     95760
     caatggacag cctgtccgta ttagaccaag aaatagattg taaattctaa gaaattcaaa     95820
     ataaacattc cacaggtttc accaactagt tgtatttaaa tgagatcaat ttatttcaat     95880
     tctatgtatg caaatcaaat ccatgtcatg ctaaaagagt tggctctaat atacctgtat     95940
     caaaagcatt ctattttctt tgtcacagat atcaatctgg cattttctgc taaccaggag     96000
     agtgaccact ttcacatggc cactggcaca ggccaaatgt agagcagttc tacgagagta     96060
     agaggacttt ttaggaaact gtagtgcaac atctcaaaac atacaatcat tcatgtaact     96120
     ataaaaattg aagagcatgt ttttcctctg ccttcaaaac aaatacttaa tttttttgaa     96180
     gaaagcacaa tacttactag ctcttattgc tcagtgcctt aataaaaaca gtagcctatt     96240
     tgaatagaaa gagctcagtc tttggattca gttcaactag ggcttgagtc ctactttaaa     96300
     ccctgtctct taccaactat tgcttagcct ttctgtgtct caacttcctc attaataaag     96360
     atgacaatag tagctatctc acagaacccc accgtgatgc ttaaatgaga agctatgtat     96420
     ttagaatagt tcctacaaca actcaatagt tgtaagattt ttgttttttc agacaatgtc     96480
     tcactttttt gcccaggctg gatgtaacta tagctcactg cagcctggaa ctcctgggct     96540
     caagcgatcc tccatcccca gcctcctgag tagctgggac tacagatgtg aatcagcatg     96600
     cccagctatt tatttaaaaa tttttgtaga gtaagaatct cacttcgttg cccaggatgg     96660
     tctcaaactc ctggcatcaa gcaatcctct cacctcagtc tcccaaagtt ctgggattac     96720
     aggtgtaagc cactgcaccc agccagatat tataattgtt actattacta ctacttaaca     96780
     aaaacatttt aattaggtaa aagacacaat tatacctact ttgcaggatg gcttaaagag     96840
     taggtcacat ttgaacactt ctgacattgg aatgtcactt atataactat aattggtagc     96900
     atttaaaaaa ttatcttatc tatatataaa atagtggggc atctcacaat ccatgagacc     96960
     ttacattaag tagaatatgg tgtactaaac aggtctaggg cagttctagg catataactg     97020
     gtacataaat acattttagt tcttaaaggt actatgggga tagaacactg aaattataat     97080
     aatgcatttt ttaaacaaat taattctttg attttcaaac aaattgacaa aggaaactca     97140
     tgattcaagt gaatacatat ggctcatttt attcaatatt tatgcttaca gaatatatgc     97200
     aaataagacc ttccaatgat taatattagc atttaagact gataaacttt tgaatggcag     97260
     ttaaaggtta tcttctacta ttttctaact tcagaaatgc ttttgtttga aagttgggag     97320
     acaaactttc aaggagatta agtcccaata ttcctatttt aaatctctca gcttgtgcag     97380
     gcagggcagg taaacacgaa gtttttaagg atagaagggt cctgagagat agcagaatat     97440
     gtctgctaca taacaggtac tcaggttatg tttgatgaat aaatggaatg aaagaatgga     97500
     taaatacagt tgggaagttc aatattttta aataacctcc tataaagcaa tatttttgca     97560
     atagtaatta ttcatatgtt atttttattt ttaaagaata caattaaaat gaaatgatta     97620
     atctatcatt gtttgcataa attgaatgaa tacataagaa aaacgtatgt acataataaa     97680
     atatatagat aataaaatct ggaaacagat aaaaacattc cctttttact tctgaagagg     97740
     ctaaaagttc aaagaagata acaatacact caataatgat aaaaaataga aagcgagaaa     97800
     ttatttttaa tattgtaaga ttcatattcc cctcttccca aggattattc ctttactaat     97860
     aaactttact agaagttttg tacatgctca ctgcagcaat cacagataag aaaaaggaaa     97920
     agaactttac ttaaaataca aatgctcaga aattacaaat tttatatttt gtacatattt     97980
     tttgctaaaa caagaccata gtatgtttgt atgtataact ttattgattt ttttcctcac     98040
     tagctataac aaaatacatc ttcacacatc aatatacttc tgtatctatt gccaccttca     98100
     atggtcacac attattctat cctgtggatg caactgaaat ttatttatag gatccattct     98160
     atgggttctt tttaaaataa gtgctgtgaa aaataaagtg catgtatctt tatttcctaa     98220
     gggtgtttta gtataatgga attgatgggt aaagggcata catgtttttt aaatgtacta     98280
     cttaccacca aattatctat ttgaaaaata atcagcaact taaactttaa gcaggagtat     98340
     aaaacatcct cacaaatatt gtggatagaa aactgtttca ttcctctttt aatttaaatt     98400
     cttataccag aaatgcgaag gactttttcc tatgtacaca agtaacttgc agatctggaa     98460
     aaaagtactt tgcccaattt tagagtgttt gatgatttga tttgaaagaa tttcctgtca     98520
     aatgaaaatg tacttttcat ctaatgtgta tatataactg atatatatga catattatat     98580
     ctggtatata cgtataagta tcagtcatat atacatacat atatatataa aatgatatat     98640
     aataagcaac ataggctggg cgcggtggct cacacctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc     98700
     ggaggaggga agatcacttg aggtctggag ttcgagacaa gcacggccaa cgtggtgaaa     98760
     ccccctctct actaaatata caaaaattag ccaggcacgc tggcacctgc ctgtaatccc     98820
     agctacttgg gaggctgagg taggagaatt gcttgaaccc agcaggcaga ggttgcagtg     98880
     agccaagatt gtgccattgg acaccagcct gggcaaagaa gcgagactcc gactcaaaaa     98940
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa tgtaatgaat tccctataaa ataaaaacat acttttcatc     99000
     tgaaaaaata tatatatagt atagtaaata tttttcaagt aagctctctt atctgagaac     99060
     ttttcgccta ctacggtatt tttgataggg gaatgagttc tctcattagg cacctcctat     99120
     aatgtatata aaccatgttt taaacgtgta cgttaaaaat aacaacactg tgtatgctta     99180
     actttgtgag ttaaatcact caaattctcc aactgctcca gccagggaat tatgagggat     99240
     ggaaaacagc tgagagtcct tttggctccg ccgctccgag ggtgcccggt gccctgcaag     99300
     gccccatccc aggggctgcg gggaagccgg gcctggggac cccatcccat cacgggctga     99360
     gcccccgcta cctgtgctgc ttgtccaggg cgtccaggtc tccgctcctg cgcgccaggc     99420
     agcgctccac ccccgcggcg tcgcccttga cagctgccct gtggatcttc tgcagttcgg     99480
     agtcccggat tcggtatccg gaacccgtgt agacatgttc tatagagccc tgggccgtct     99540
     ggcccctgcg gctcccgaag gcgaataact tcatagtggt gacttctcag acccccaacc     99600
     tctggctctt gagcgggggc agctccctgt caccttttca ccaaccccct cccccgaccc     99660
     cggccgaccc agccccaaat cccctatcca accccaaatc cctgatccaa ccccaaatcc     99720
     gcgattcaac ccccaatccg cgatcccaaa tctatgatct actccacaat ccgcgatcca     99780
     gcccggtcca ccacagcctt cagcagcgac actcgcagcc tccgacctct cagaccgagt     99840
     gagacttgaa aagccgttgg gcgcgcgcct gcacggcggt tgctgcccgg ctcccggaag     99900
     ccgctccctg gaggcgcgcg ccggcaggtg gggctgcagc tctgggcggg cgcaaatggg     99960
     ctcgcaggtc ctcttgggat cgcccgggcg gccccaggat ctcaggagcg ccgccagccc    100020
     ggcctgagaa ggagagcctg tctggccttg cagcccaccc cgctcctcct cggaagggag    100080
     atagggtgct ggcaagagca ctccgcggcc acctgggtgg cttcgcggat ggcccggctt    100140
     cacgctgagg ctctggccct ggagtctgtg tggctagtat caggtagctg gagaagcatg    100200
     gaggcagagt caggggctgc tccttccccc actcgccctc actgctgcca gtgccccacg    100260
     cacagtttgc agctgcagat ctggcactgg cgctggatgg cggagcttcc cttagatggc    100320
     ctcagggtcg cagagcgcac agcccacctg ggctcaaggt ccgctcctct tgtacatctc    100380
     tctggatcct gggccctggc actgggcact ctgtatccac acggatgaaa ctgagcggct    100440
     gctggcgggg cccgtcgcct gattttgccg cctgggggtc tggcctcagt atccgcgcta    100500
     ctggggggcg ggcctggtct ggggtgtcca gtcacttgct gccggtgcac cacatctaga    100560
     ctgcagctgc agctccgatg ccggcctgag ctggcgggcc tggtacctga tgtcctcagg    100620
     gtcaagtgca tcgcccgccc acttgagggg ttgcaatgac ttggccttcc aagaacgcag    100680
     gggccgccgg ggctggctct tcatggtaac cgggatggta tcgagcagca ggttttcacc    100740
     ctggtgccgc tgctgtgcgg actgcctgac ttgggcgccc aggcaccggc ctcaggatcc    100800
     gcgtggcagg tgtgtgtgcg ggtagggtga gtggcacgga gggtcagggg ttgctccgtc    100860
     atctctgccc gtgtgcaact tgcagttttg cagttttctg cagcagctga ggcgctggcg    100920
     tgggaaggcg gagctcccct ggatggcgtc aggtcaggtt tgcaggcaca gagcacagcc    100980
     caccaggcct gagggtcctc tcaggggcca tggtggttga gttctccgtg gaaactggga    101040
     tggggtgaac ggccagttcc cgtcctttgg ccgcctggcc aactgccaga cttagccgct    101100
     gccgcccagg catctgcctc tagggttgcc gctatttgga tagaagtggg ggtcggggtg    101160
     gggcatggag cgtcaccggt tgccaggcca gcactgcctt tgcaacatat tcagatggcg    101220
     gcgggcagct cgggcaccag catgggctgg cggggctccc ctggacagcc ctcaggtcgc    101280
     tcacagcatt gtcccaggac ttcctccggc tgtgtcaggt gggcaaggta ggggggagct    101340
     tccaaggctt ctatcccaac tctacctatt tctagctatt ttctcttgag ttattttgcc    101400
     tctatctcag ttttatttgc aaaaatagta tatgcaaaat acatcgagtg aatgtacatc    101460
     aggcatatag aagatctggc agaaacactt tttctcatgc ccatttccag tcactatttg    101520
     aacacagagg cttccatggt tttgattctt tccacaaaag gttagttttg tctgttttca    101580
     ccatttacgt aagtgaaact ataaattata taatttttat gttcattcac taaacatgtt    101640
     tgtgacactt atcatgttgc tcctattgat tattcattaa ttttatttta taatactcaa    101700
     ttttatgact ataccacagg tttgaggcct ttgcttgttt tgtttttaat ccattccact    101760
     attgatagac acaaaatcag tttctgattt gaggctatca tgaataaacc tgctacgaac    101820
     aaatcagata tacacgtttt tctgtaataa tattttcaca tttcttgagt ttaagtacat    101880
     aacagtggat tttctgggtt ataaaataag tatatatttg gcattgtatg aaatggggag    101940
     acattttcct aagtggttgt gccatcttaa actacaatga aaatgtttga gagaatcagt    102000
     tccactttct aaccaacact tgatgctgtc agttgtttta gtgttatcca ttcttatggg    102060
     atataactgc tgagtagctg tctgccttcc caataacaca gaaaattgag ggctcagagg    102120
     acagttttat tttcatattt gacatcttct attatttttt atagaagggt gatttgggta    102180
     gtaaaattgt ctttcaactt tctaggttgt ctctgaatct tactggggtt ccttgtccta    102240
     aaccacattc agaaattttc acgaccaact tctttttatc tttgtcatac caggccaatg    102300
     agggactgca ttcctgagac tttttaagta ctttttgtgt gtatgatggt ctaataatca    102360
     tagccttaaa actttctggc tgggcatggt ggctcatggc tgtaatccca gcacttcgag    102420
     aggccgaggc gggtggatca cctgaggtcg ggagttcgag accagcctga ccaacatgga    102480
     gaaaccccaa ctctactaaa aataaaaata aaaaatagct gggcatgatg gcacatgcct    102540
     gtaatcccag ctacttggga ggcaggagct acttgggctg aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa    102600
     cccacgaagt gggggttgta atcagccgag atcacaccat tgcactccag cctgggcaac    102660
     aacagtgaaa ttccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaatctc agacttctgg    102720
     gagacactga atttgtgaat gtgtacagca tgtcacaata actttttttt tttttttgag    102780
     accaagtctc actctgctgt ccaagctgga gtgcagtggc ccatctcagc tcactgcaac    102840
     ttctgtctcc tagatacaag ccactctcct gtcttggcct cccgagtagc tgggattaca    102900
     ggtgctgcaa ccacgcctgg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacagag tttcacatat    102960
     tggccaggct ggtctcgaac tcttcacctc agatgatcca cctgcctcag ccaatgggtg    103020
     gattgttaac tcaaaatgcg caccgttgaa tactgaggaa aatgtatagc catcaacacc    103080
     aacagctgag atgagagttg agataccaga aatgccccag catgtaactc ctcttttaat    103140
     tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgtacac tcatggtaac    103200
     cagttcagga tggacacaga aacagtcaca gtcttttttg ggaacacact cccctgtgac    103260
     acttagatcc taatgctgac tccaattccc tcccgggacc tcccctctcc ttgcagcatg    103320
     ctgggctttc ccttagaaaa ccccatgtca tttcattcaa tggaacatca atcagcttca    103380
     cccacagtgt ctgcatgtct ctgtccatag caaatgtttt tattacttta aaatatagat    103440
     ttttacctta actagccaag acttaggacc ctttttccaa gctcttttag atgaagtaat    103500
     aaatgcaaat attagagatg tgtatatgtg tataaatata tggagaaaag atgttgccta    103560
     gttgtacaaa ttagctttaa caaaactcct gatttaaatt atttaattgt gagaagggcg    103620
     attctaactc aacacaccaa tgaaattaaa gccttatccc tctgctccgc caaaatatac    103680
     catttatagc ctgcgtgtgt gtgtacacac acgtgtgcac tcatccccat ctgaccgtat    103740
     caaattatta tttaaactag atatttttac tttgttgcat agtagtagtg gtttctggaa    103800
     tgaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa caggagaata aaactgttta aatgtatctc caggtgaacg    103860
     ctgtggccac tgcaccgacc cagccgatga tggcgcccag tacctgcgtc tcaggaagag    103920
     gttctggcgg ggcctccacc tgaggccgcg cccctgggac ctgtcccgca tccacgtgaa    103980
     cgcggagcgc agcattcacc atccgctccc tgaaacagcg gtccccgagg tgctccacag    104040
     gcagggccga gctgggcgag ggggagccca ggccctgcac gggccgccct gagcggcggg    104100
     gacgcaagaa gagctcgccg gctccaccag cccctacccc agacgcggga cctgggacca    104160
     gagaggacct ggagcccccg ccccacggct gccaggaggc tgacaggggc agctcctggg    104220
     gggctaccgc cccgaggccg ttccgccaga aattgagcca cttgggaagg ggcagcgccc    104280
     cacccctgaa gaggaacctg tgtcctggag gcagcagcct gggagctact cctctgagga    104340
     cagggcggag gcgagtgact ctggtggcgc agcgcaggct ttcccgtccg tggaggagga    104400
     gagctgcggg gctgggtgag ctggaccagg gagcacggct ggctgctctc ggcctccgat    104460
     ggggagtgga cagcttagga ggttgccccc gtgccagccg gtctgctggc cacgctgagc    104520
     ttcatcaccg cctcacctgc ctgcgcaggc gcctagcacc gcaggctgga gcttctggcc    104580
     atgctggtca acttccccaa tgagcctccg cttgcctggg aacagcaagg ccagggctac    104640
     accgccctga acttggcagc catgtacctt ggagatggtg aagctgctag tggggaccta    104700
     ggacgccgat gtggacatca gggactacat tgggaaaagg gcctcccagt atgtgagtca    104760
     gagcatcaca gaagagatcg agaccctggt gggagtcctg gacaaggacg acggggagag    104820
     caccgccagc agcggggatg ggtactggaa gatttaaaag gtgccccctc catttcatca    104880
     cctacaaact ctcacaagtc ctggaagatc gggggaccct cttcaccatc accacttggc    104940
     tgaaggtggt tcagaggtga agccaaggat tccagggcac acagcctcgg gcaggactaa    105000
     tggacttaaa aaacacaggc tcaacaaaat ccacttcaca acccagatgg ttcacatcac    105060
     accctctttc agggacccag agcagccact ggaagagaag gagtaggaac gctctcttaa    105120
     aggccactta tcctattcct tcaaattaag accaaagtcc aatgtattta ggtaaaaata    105180
     atttctttta gaaaatgcta aggtttgtct tctgaaattt aataacagaa acaaaaaaag    105240
     aacactagat gtaaggaagt gggaccagaa aagacaaact aaactatcct tactaggttg    105300
     gaatggatgg ggtggagttc ccatcaggct agcattctgg ggaaagtgtt tttttttttt    105360
     ttttttttgg tgggggggca cggagtctcg ctctgtcgcc caggctggaa tggcctttga    105420
     catgtcaatg ttttattgta aatcgtgaca gactatctac atagaatact catgatttac    105480
     aatttgagat tgtcaaccca gccagtaacc tatgtagcac tgaattcaaa taccagaaaa    105540
     aggacccaga ttccctcacc acctagcaga gctcaagtga gctacacagc ctggtaggaa    105600
     atggggagta attaaaaggt tgtaagcagg tactactata gtcagattag tttttgacag    105660
     gttattctaa aagcactgag aaaagaaaac tgttgtagta ttccagataa gatcatatgg    105720
     tctgtaaaag gacagtgtca aggatataga aaagaacaat caaggaattt caaagggtaa    105780
     actggatgtg attatatagt accacatcaa atgaacatca ggctcaaaga aggcacgggg    105840
     gagcaggagg ctgctttccc caggtactct ctttcccagg cttgcccagt agtcctggca    105900
     actgacatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ggaaaccatc    105960
     attctgagca aactattgca atgacaaaac caaacaccac atgttctcac tcataggtgg    106020
     aaattgaaca acgagaacac ttggacacag gatggggaac atcacacacc ggggcctgtc    106080
     atggggtggg gggaggtggg agggatagca ttaggagata tacctaatgt aaatgatgag    106140
     ttaatgggtg cagcacacca acatgacaca ggtatacata tgtaacaaac ctgcacattg    106200
     tacacatgta tgctagaact taaagtataa taaaaataaa aaataaagtc ttcctcaagt    106260
     ttaccatcaa aaagtgctac acatgatttg caagtatttt cttccatctt gtgagttgtc    106320
     ttttcacttt cttgatggtg tcctctgaag tgcaaaaatg tttaattttg atgaagtcca    106380
     attcatcaat ttttattctt gttgctggtc tcatatttaa gaaaactgcc aaattcaagg    106440
     tcatgacaat ttactcctat gtttgcttct caggatttta tagttttagt ccttatgttt    106500
     atgtggatta gctcaaaatg ggtccatttg atccattgtt tttgcatcca cagtttttgt    106560
     atatggtgtt gggtaaaggt actatttcag gttttgcata tgtttacata tctagtagtc    106620
     cctgtgccag ttttcaaaca tctttcccca ctgaataatc ttggcaccct tgtcaaaaat    106680
     cagtgtttat gtatgtatgg gttcatatct gactctcaat tctatcccac tcgtctatac    106740
     atctatactt ctgccagtat tatattgtcc ttattaccat tgtcttgtag taagttttaa    106800
     agtcggtaag tatgagttct cctactttgt ttctcatttt caaaagatta ttttggctat    106860
     tcttagtcct ttgcaattcc atatgaattt gagagtcagc ttgtcgattt tacagagaac    106920
     tcatctggga ttctgacagg aatgaagtta aatctgtaga cgagtttagg gaggactgcc    106980
     atcttaacaa tgttaagcct tcggtccatg atcatgggat acttttacat ttatttcgat    107040
     cttctttcat ttctttcaac tatgttttat ggttttcaga gtacaagttt tacacttctt    107100
     aaatttatta gtattttatt cttgttgatg ctatgataaa tgaagttgct ttcttaattt    107160
     cattttctga ttgctcattg tgagtatgta gtactcagtt aaagtgtgtc aaatactatt    107220
     gatttttgta tattgatctt gtatcctgca accctgaaga acacaaggga tttgtgtctg    107280
     gcatacataa ggaacaatta caattcagta ataaaaaaac aaaacaaccc aattagagat    107340
     ggataattca agaatggatt aaaaaaactg caatacatgc aaacaaatgg aatattattc    107400
     agcaatttaa aaagtgagct atcaagccat gaaaaaacac agaagaaccc taaatgtata    107460
     ctgctgggtg aaagaagcca gtctgaaaag gatacatact acatgatatt atatgacatt    107520
     cagggagagg caaaattaga gagtaaaaag atcagtaatg accgggggtt tagaaggaag    107580
     aggaggggga ggaatgactc agtggagcac aggagatttt tagggcaatg aaactgttct    107640
     acataatgtc cctgtatgac agctttgaag agagcagtgg ttctctcagc acgcagctgg    107700
     agatctgaga atgtgcagac tgcctcctca agtgggcccc tgacccctga cccgtgagca    107760
     gcctaactgg gaggcacccc ccagcagggg cacaccgaca cctcacatgg cagggtattc    107820
     caacagacct gcagctgagg gtcctgtctg ttagaaggaa aattaacaaa cagaaaggac    107880
     attcacacca aaaacccatc tgtacatcac catcatcaaa gaccaaaagt agataaaacc    107940
     acaaagatgg ggaaaaaaca gaacagaaaa actggaaact ctaaaagaag agcgcctctc    108000
     cttctccaaa ggaattcagt tcctcaccag caatggaaca aagctggatg gagaatgact    108060
     ttgacgagct gagagaagaa ggcttcagac gatcaaatta ctctgagcta agggaggaca    108120
     ttcaaaccaa aggcaaagaa gttgaaaggc ttgagaacta tgtgaagaat gcagaagcct    108180
     caggagccga tgcgatcaac tggaaaaaag agtatcagca atggaagatg aaatgaatga    108240
     aatgaagcaa gaagggaagt ttagagaaaa aagaataaaa agaaatgagc aaagcctcca    108300
     agaaatatgg gactatgtga aaagaccaaa tctacgtctg attggtgtag atgggcaagt    108360
     gatgggcaga atggaaccaa gttggaaaac acgctgcagg atattatcca ggagaacttc    108420
     cccaatctag caaggcaggc caacattcag attcaggaaa tacagagaac gccacaaaga    108480
     tactcctcga gaagagcaac tccaagacac ataattgtca gattcaccaa agttgaaatg    108540
     aaggaaaaag cgttaagggc agccagagag aaaggtcggg ttaccctcaa agggaagccc    108600
     atcagactaa cagcggatct cttggcagaa accctacaag ccagaagaga gtgggggcca    108660
     atattcaaca ttcttaaaga aaagaatttt caacccagaa tttcatatcc agccaaacta    108720
     agcttcataa gtgaaggaga aataaaatcc tttacagaca agcaaatgct gacagatttt    108780
     gtcaccacca ggcctgccct aaaagagctc ctgaaggaag tgctaaatat ggaaagcaac    108840
     aaccagtacc agccgctgca aaatcaagcc aaaatgtaaa gaccatccag actaggaaga    108900
     aactgcatca actaacgagc aaaataacaa gctaacatca taatgacagg attaaattca    108960
     cacataacaa tattaacttt aaatgtaaat ggactaaatg ctccaattaa aagacacaga    109020
     ctggcaaatt ggataaagag tcaagaccca tcagtgtgct gtattcagga aacccaactc    109080
     acgtgcagag acacacatag gctcaaaata aaaggatgga ggaagatcta ccaagcaaat    109140
     ggaaaacaaa aaaaggcagg ggttgcaatc ctagtctctg ataaaacaga ctttaaacta    109200
     acaaagatca aaagagacaa agaaggccat tacataatgg taaagggatc aattcaacaa    109260
     gaagagctaa ctatcctaaa tatatatgca cccaatacag gagcacccag attcataaag    109320
     caaggcctga gtgacctaca aagagactta gactcccata cattaataac gggagacttt    109380
     aacaccccac tgtcaatgtt agacagatca acaagacaga aagtcaacaa ggatacccag    109440
     gaattgaact cagctctgca ccaagcagac ctaatagaca tctacagaac tctccacccc    109500
     aaatcaacag aatatacatt tttttcagca ccacaccaca cctattccaa aactgaccac    109560
     atatggaagt aaacctctcc tcagcaaatg taaaagaaca gaaattataa caaactatct    109620
     ctcagaccac agtgcaatca aactagaact caggattaag aatctcactc aaaaccgctc    109680
     aactacatgg aaactgaaca acctgctctt gaatgactac tgggtacata acgaaatgaa    109740
     tgcagaaata aagatgttct ttgaaaccaa cgagaacaaa gacacaaaat acccgaatct    109800
     ctgggacgca ttcaaagcag tgtgtagagg gaaatttata gcactaaatg cccacaagag    109860
     aaagcaggaa agatccaaaa tggacaccct gacatcacaa ttaaaagaac tagaaaagca    109920
     agagcaaaca cattcaaaag ctagcagaag gcaagaaata actaaaatca gagcagaact    109980
     gaaggaaata gagacacaaa aaacccttca aaaaattaat gaatccagga gctggttttt    110040
     tgaaaggatc aacaaaattg atagaccact agcaagacta ataaagaaaa aaagagagaa    110100
     gaatcaaata gatgcaataa aaaatgataa aggggatatc accactgatc ccacagaaat    110160
     acaaactacc atcagagaat actacaaacg cctctaggca agtaaactag aaaatctaga    110220
     agaaatggat aaattcctcg acacatacac tctcccaaga ctaaaccagg aagaagttga    110280
     atctctgaat agaccaataa caggatctga aattgtggca ataatcaata gcttaccaac    110340
     caaaaagagt ccaggaccag atggattcac agacgaattc taccagaggt acaaggagga    110400
     actggtacca ttccttctga aactattcca atcaatagaa aaagagggaa tcctccctaa    110460
     ctcattttat gaagccagca tcattctgat accaaagcca ggcagagaca caacaaaaaa    110520
     agagaatttt agaccaatat ccttgatgaa cattgatgca aaaatgctca ataaaatact    110580
     ggcaaaacga atccagcagc acatcaaaaa gcttatccac catgatcaag tgggcttcat    110640
     ccctgggatg caaggctggt tcaatatacg caaatcaata aatgtaatcc agcatataaa    110700
     cagagccaaa gacaaaaacc acatgagtat ctcaatagat gcagaaaaag ccattgacaa    110760
     aattcaacaa tgcttcatgc taaaaactct caataaatta ggtattgatg ggacatattt    110820
     caaaataata agagctatct atgacaaacc cacagccaat atcatactga atgggcaaaa    110880
     actggaagca ttccctttga aaactggcac aagacaggga tgccctctct caccactcct    110940
     attcaacatg gtgttggaag ttctgataca aaatcaatgt acaaaaatca caagcattct    111000
     tatacaccaa caacagacaa acagagagcc aaatcatgag tgaactgcca ttcacaattg    111060
     cttcaaagag aataaaatac ctaggaatcc aacttacaag ggatgtgaag gacctcttca    111120
     aggagaacta caaaccactg ctcaatgaaa taaaagagga tacaaacaaa tggaagaaca    111180
     ttccatgctc atgggtagga agaatcaata tcgtgaaaat ggccatactg cccaaggtaa    111240
     tttacagatt caatgccatc cccatcaagc taccaatgac tatgaagaaa ttttaaatat    111300
     catcaagcat gttgagaggt gctagcgagg gcatggagca aggaatcaaa ttccataggt    111360
     gattgttttc tctatttttg tataaaaatg tccttgcccc aattaaagcc tccaccaagt    111420
     ataaaaagaa agcgtttggt gatattagca agcaacagtt tcccaaatct accttgccca    111480
     cctctttggc ctaaactctg caggtaattt attcaaaaaa gagaagtgtc ctttgggtaa    111540
     cagatgtatc acttcctact ctcttaaacc aaactctgat gctgcatctt agataaaagc    111600
     cctcaaatct ggcctcctga agtcatgctg tcatttaact tggctgcagg cccctgatac    111660
     tctcctgcag ggagagagtc tgctctttgc cccagccttt accccattcc tactttcttt    111720
     cactcagtcc ccctccactc ccagcacacc tctggcggta ttttattatt agtagtaagc    111780
     tttattttta tcaaaaaggg ggttgggggt atttttgagc ttatgttgca gaatacttta    111840
     tataacccta aaatatacat tctgttcatt agatttctag ctgccccaac tacataagct    111900
     gagatgcttg gtagaagcaa tggaacaaat ttctctagtt ttacaaatat aacatttgac    111960
     taatttagaa caaaaattaa ttattttcaa aatatttaac ttattttagc tttttagaaa    112020
     aaaaaaactg tctgagtaaa acagggtact tcctatttca tttaaggaga aagccaagct    112080
     gataatgcca tcatactgcc tagctttctc atgcatatga cactgatttg acttagaaag    112140
     aaaaaagttt taatactctc ttctacttcc cactagcagg aaattccatt cttgcctttc    112200
     cttttcacca tttcatctac aatcacctag aaaaatgatg tctggtgcat attaggccct    112260
     taataaagga ataaagaaat gtgtgaaagg aatttcttga ataactattt taaaactttt    112320
     tgaacaagaa gactgttatt aagagtgttc ccgtgagcag gcaacaaaca aagacaaaag    112380
     ctattattca gagataaaaa tgtccaaaac atggttagga tataactctc tatcagtgca    112440
     tgacaggtat ctatcaagaa gtctcagaaa aaataccaag aaacatcaca accaaatgca    112500
     taaatcttga atgaaatctg tctctaaaca aacaaatacc agctataaag atattcttgg    112560
     tagcactttg aggggccaag gtgagcagat tgcctgagct caggagttcc agaccaccct    112620
     gggcccagtc tttactaaaa tacaaaaaat tagccaggca tggtgacagg tgggcctgtc    112680
     gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaagaagga gaatcgcttg aacccgggag gcagaggttg    112740
     cagtgagccg agatcgcaac actgcactcc agcctgggtg acaaagttga gactctgtct    112800
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattctcca gacacttagg gaaatttaag tattaactgc    112860
     atattaggtg gcattatggt tttatttttt tcttttttga gacagagtct tgctctgtct    112920
     cccacgctgg agtacagtgg ctcaatcttg gcacactgca agctccacct tccaggttca    112980
     caccattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggacta caggtgccca ccaccacgcc    113040
     tgtctgattt ttttattttt gtatttttag tggagacggt gtttcaccgt gctagccagc    113100
     atggtttcga cctcctgacc ttgtgatcca cccacttcag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt    113160
     acaggtgtga tccactgcac ccagccaggt gatattatgg attcttaggt ttaataatgg    113220
     tattgatgtt atggagaaaa atgtccttat tcttaggaga taaatgctta tatatttagg    113280
     agtgtcacaa aatctgcacc atactctcaa atgatttggc aaaaaactgt gtgtgtgtgt    113340
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtagaaag aaaaatcaag caaatatggc aaaacattaa tgattattca    113400
     atctaggtgc tcactattct gttctgtatg ttagaatttt tttcaaaaca aaaagctggg    113460
     gagaaggaga aaaaattcta agagtcaaag aaactgtgta atccccattt ttatcacttt    113520
     ttttgtgacc aagtgatttc actcaccatt ttattcatca gttccctatc tacacactta    113580
     gagcaaatga gataacatag aatgctttgc aaagtaaaaa gcatgataca gaatacataa    113640
     tgtcatcgta accaacaacc tctgaagttt aatcgcatcc agacatctgg cttctttttc    113700
     cctaccttct tatggttgta gatttcacca ttgtaacaga gccacatata tggatatgtc    113760
     ttcacttaaa ttgtctgcat tccaaacagc aggtcaacta ccaccaatgg gtgaaatcca    113820
     aagcagcagc tggtgtatcc attgacattc tcaaaacagg atgcatctgg acccctgtgt    113880
     gcaatcttca tagcacacag acactaaaca gaaaggcagt cattgctgcc aaacaggacc    113940
     caaatgccac acacagtgca atgaagctat aagctcccta tggagagaaa agtagacaaa    114000
     tcaaaaatat tcaatatcca atccaagtcc acgttaaatc ttgattccag aaacgtgcat    114060
     aaaccacttc aaagactaaa atttaaacca tcttttctat agcgatttcc catttggttg    114120
     gcaggcatac aggagtagag aatgatttaa tttacttaca aatattcaga aaagatagtg    114180
     acctctacat tcaaccagct acagcagctt agcacccagc caaagcctgc atctctccca    114240
     ccttaagatt tagtggttgg ctagagttag cagcatccag gccacatata tctctgcatt    114300
     ctaagtttgc ttccaagata aagatacaaa tgcaggctgg ctccaaccta gccagagatc    114360
     ccaaccccac tctctgcatc ccaaaatccc tcaaagaccc aagagacttt ccagatttct    114420
     acagtctcct ctcaggttcc cttgacagtt aaatgtccac tctttacctc aactagctgc    114480
     aggtagaata taatgggtac aacagaaaat cactgtaagt gtaatatgaa gatacacagc    114540
     ccttttaagc atttcattat attacatcta gcttacttct aagtgattta ttcagatgtg    114600
     actgaagaaa gtctaaaggg aaaaaaagca atttaatttg ataaattaac ttatcaatta    114660
     tagccaaatt atttggctat aaaaaattaa acattttaag ctgacagaag atgcaaacat    114720
     tttaagttga cagaagatat aaaatgttca ctatcaaaat gtcgcaactg ataaaaatgt    114780
     tctcaaatac ttctgtctca aagttgcatt gttcattaag gaagcaaaat aagtgggaca    114840
     tacacagcaa caacatccct caaaaaacaa cttggctcat tcctataagc caggcagcaa    114900
     atacatcatc cttacatatg ctaattacct tccaatttca aattctcaac tgtgaaataa    114960
     agggccattt tatttggctg ctgccagttc aaaatgactg tttttattaa aacatctcca    115020
     acttgaaaaa tatttggtat tttctaaaaa actgcaaatt gcagcaaatg gccagacaat    115080
     ttggaataaa caccctacag aaaaaatata tattcaagtt tcataagtca ctttgagcaa    115140
     tcctttgagg atatttcatt tatatctaaa tgaaccacaa gtttagctgg cttttccgga    115200
     aaaccagaag caaataaagt atgattataa tgaaaaccat ctcaagcaat ttggaaatga    115260
     agtaccacat gtcctatgct gtcccttcca tacacttgac aaaacagcct ataacaaatt    115320
     gtttactttg agatttagca ggaaaattcc atgagattta aatgagatga ctactaataa    115380
     gccatctacc tttgactcta ttccaattaa aaatgggtta ggaaagtgct ttgaaaatca    115440
     agtgtgttca tcagggaatc atttacctaa gtcttcttaa cactgcttag tgaatattaa    115500
     gcctgatata gtatatacac tctaaccact aaattgaagg ggaaagaggg agaacaaaga    115560
     ggcatgtaaa gtacacttac tttttctagt aggaaaaagc caattaaaac tatcacctat    115620
     tggttttatt ggaatcagtc ttacaggagg tcaaacttcc tactctcgct acctattctc    115680
     aatatttttc ttatttcttc ctaaacttct agagccgtgc tgtccaataa atatgtgagc    115740
     catatatgta attttaaatg tactagtaaa ccccattaaa agaaaaggtg aaattaattt    115800
     taaatatact taactcagta tgtcccaaat agtaatcata gtaataattt taacatgcaa    115860
     tcaatataaa aaattatcaa gcagatattc tacgctgttc ttcccactcc aatgacaaaa    115920
     tccagtatat ttaacaaaac acatctcaat taggactagc caggatttca agtgctcaac    115980
     agttacaagt ggctagcgcc tactgaattg gacactgcag tttcagtgca ttgaatttct    116040
     atcccactta gcgctaatta aaacttcacc ctctcacctg acaattatgt taagatctca    116100
     gtaagtaacc aactacaggc agtttcaagc cctactttac cgctaattac tcttacagca    116160
     atgcaatgaa tcatgattta aaattaaaaa aaaaaaaaac tgctgttaaa ttattagtca    116220
     agtgcccagg gcaatggaca gtaaagaaat aatgtaggcc atgggccgag atgacaaaac    116280
     ggtcctttta tttatttcaa gctataacaa taatctgaag ccagccctgt aaaacagaca    116340
     tccattgaaa agggcatgct agttcttttg cttttttgtg tacttggcct cctgtgtccc    116400
     taaacagacc tcttctcagc agggtttgct cagcaagtca cttgttgagt cttgcggtct    116460
     acagaggggg tggggaatgg caggggctgg cataggaatg agaggggagg aggcaaggtg    116520
     aggggggcaa ggtgaggagg ggggcactta aaggggagtt caagaccagc ctgggcaaca    116580
     tggtgagatc accgcccctc accgccgcca tctctggtct cactctggtc tcacacacat    116640
     gcacaaatta aatttaatgt aaaaattaaa aaattgtttt aaaataagtg aaatatttac    116700
     atggattatg tgtacattca ttttgtagaa ctatacatcc catgtaactg ggaactcttt    116760
     actcttctaa cacaacattt atttagccac aaataaaaga agaccagtga tgtagcctgt    116820
     acacaaaaaa gtaagaaaac actggttagg ctggggcagg ggtgggggga agagatctac    116880
     aaaattaaaa ttttattggg aagaatcact aattagaatc agaacaatta ctgctaagta    116940
     gttaagaaca gagcacaagg aacccagcga agaagcagat atgattcaga gcagagctca    117000
     cagagcagat ggtatctgag ccaagactga tagaataaca ttaataaggg ccttcacggc    117060
     catttattat cacttaactg caatgcattt tgtataagtt atttctactc ttcatatcaa    117120
     ccatggaaaa taatacttac tcttctcttt tgaagttaaa gaagtggtaa gtggtctaag    117180
     aagataaatt aacataccaa caccaaatag ctcaagttca gtgactcaag agtgcccgcg    117240
     tctccccaag aggttgctca gcaggcagac gaggtagaga gcccttccaa gaagtgacag    117300
     tgagatgtga aaggtctcag tgtgtctctg agaacaacag aaaccagtac gtagaccaag    117360
     tgggaaaagc cacggaagag gcagggattt cctcttaaga gagcaagaat aaacagagca    117420
     gggctgaggg aagcgatgga aaacgggcag aataccatgc atttagtgag aaaaaaacaa    117480
     cttttacttt agaaaggggg aaagaatggt ggtggtctag gtaagcctag aagcagagga    117540
     aagggcagtg gagaaaaaat aaacaaaatg tatgagtcag ggttctccag agggacagaa    117600
     ccaacaagat acacatatat gtataaggga gtttacgaga gagaattggt tcacacggtt    117660
     agaaggcagt cccacaatag gctgtctgcc aggtagggaa agagagaagc tagtagtggc    117720
     tcagtccaag tccaaaagcc tcaaaaccag gaaagcccgc agtgcttcag tatgaggccg    117780
     agggcctgag agccttgggg aagcggctga tgcaagtccc agagtccaaa ggcataagaa    117840
     cctggagtct catgtccaag ggcaggaaga agggaagcaa gtgtcctgca cgggaagaag    117900
     aaaaaaagag agccagaagc ttcagctagc aaggttatcc caccttcctc tgactgcttt    117960
     gttctataca gtgcagcgtg tgtacaccac ttttgtgata ttattcctaa tatccatggt    118020
     aagaaagggt gatgttactc ccaatagcgc atgggggtgt acattccctg tgatattatt    118080
     cctagtaggc aggggcaggg aaaggatgac attactccca atattgcaga gggtgtactc    118140
     cccgccttgt gatattgttc ctaatattta ggggatagtg ggtgatatta ctcccaatat    118200
     cacagggggt gtgcaccccc cgtggtattc ttcctaatat ccgggggggg gggggagagg    118260
     ttgatattac tgtcaatgtc acagggggtg tacatcctcc cgtgttattg ttcctaatat    118320
     ctggggggga gaggatatta ctgtcaatat cacagggggt gtagactcct tcggtgatgt    118380
     tgtttctaat atctgggggg gagacgatga tatcactgtc aatatcgcag gggtgtacac    118440
     cacccgtggt attgttccta atattcaggg gggagaggaa attactgtca atatcacagt    118500
     gggtgtacac ctcttctgtg atattgttcc taatatccgg gggggagagg ttattactgt    118560
     caatatcgca gggagtgtaa aacccttctg tgatattgct cctaatatcc ggcggggggg    118620
     agaggatatt actctcaata ttgcaggggg tgtacacccc ttctgtgata ttgttcctaa    118680
     tatccaggtg gggagaggat catatcactt tcaatatcgc caaatgtgta catccccatt    118740
     gtgatattgt tcctatattt aggggatagt ggattatatt actgtcaata tcgcaggagg    118800
     tgtgcacccc tcccccatgg tattgttcct aatgtccagc aagggagaaa acactactac    118860
     tcccaacatg gcagggggtg tacacgtcct atgcgatact gttcctatat ccatggggga    118920
     aaaggatatt gggaacaata ttacaaacaa tatcacaggg gggtgtacat gtcctgcgat    118980
     atgaggagta atataaccct ctccccctct ggatattaca aactgtatca cagaggggtg    119040
     taaaccccct gcgatgtgga aagtaatatc atcctctccc ccactggata ttacaaacaa    119100
     tatcacagac ggtgtacaca tgaggtgttt acaatattgg gagtaatatc atatccccca    119160
     gtggatatta tgaacaatat cacagagggg tgtatacaca ctctgcctta tagggagtaa    119220
     tatactcctc tcccaccctg gatattacaa acaatatcac agagggtgta cacacagggt    119280
     gtttatggta ttggaagtag tattatctcc cccatggata ttactaataa tatcgcaggg    119340
     gtgtgtacat cccctgtaat acagggagta atatcatcct ttcccagcct ggatattaca    119400
     aacaatatgg cagggggcag tacaccctgg cgatatgggt agtaacatca tctcctcccc    119460
     gcatggatat tacgaacaat attctagggg gttgtacacc ccctgcaata tggggagtaa    119520
     catcatcctc tcccccacta gatattataa acaatatcac aaggggagtg tacacttcct    119580
     gcgataaaag gagaaatatc attctttccc cccagagata ttatgaacaa tatcgcaggg    119640
     aattgttctc ccatgctata tggggagtaa catcttcatc ttccccctgg atattatgaa    119700
     aaataatgca ggggaatgta aatcccctgc gatatgggga gtaaaatcat tctctctggc    119760
     caggcgcggt ggcttacacc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aagccgaggc ggggggatca    119820
     cgagatcagg agatcgagac catcctggct aacatggtga aaccccgtct ctactcaaaa    119880
     tacaaaaaaa ttagccaggc gcggtggcgg gcacctgtag tcccagctac tagggagact    119940
     gaggcaggag aatggtgtga acctgggagg cggtgcttgc agtgtgccca gatcaggcca    120000
     ctacactcca acccgggtaa cagagcgagg ctctgtctca aaaaaaaaaa tcaaatcatt    120060
     ctctccctcc ctggatatta tggacaatat cacagggggg tgtacaacga gtttctagaa    120120
     tatatttgag gaggctgatg ggcggtgtgt gcgtgcttca tggccttatt caattaaaca    120180
     ctctgctctc aatttattgc taaatcctca ttgagccctt agatttcata acggttgtcg    120240
     cgagattttt ctggatgtag aaaacgtttc catttcttgc cacctcatgg gctacacctt    120300
     gacctaacgt ttttatgtag atacttgtgc ttactctgtg gcctttccag ggtttgctga    120360
     agatggaggt atttaggctg ggcaagaggt ggtgagataa attggggttt atcgattata    120420
     gaacaggctc ctttagaggg atataaagca tggccaagtc ctttgagttt taagctgttg    120480
     cttgtagtgt tctggcgaac agttttgttg atctaactgt tcgagtttag ggttaagcat    120540
     agcggggtat ctactcccag tttggatctt aactattttg tcttcagaat attaaaggca    120600
     ccttcgtagt tatttcagct ggggttattt agaacttttt tacaacttat ttagaaactt    120660
     tcaggtttct aaatatatga atgaaccata atataagcct cggccaatac aatgccggtt    120720
     aggcctccta ctgtaaaaag gaaaataaat ccccgggctc acagcattgc gggggatcat    120780
     ttgatattac cgctgtgaag tgtagctagc tagtcagcta aaaactttga cgctagtagg    120840
     aatagcaata attataatag cagaggtgaa gcaggctcat gtatccacat ctatccctac    120900
     cataaatata cggtgggccc atacaataaa ccgtaagaac ccaactgatc ctatagctca    120960
     cactaggccc atatacctga atggttcttt tttttccaga atagtatgtt acgacgtggg    121020
     aaattatccc aaagcccagt gggatgagga tgtagacttc agagtgacta aagaatctga    121080
     ataaatgctg atataagata ggatcacctc cgccagccag gtagaaaaaa gtagtattaa    121140
     gattgcggtc agttaacagt atagtgatgc cggcggctag gactcagaga caaaggagta    121200
     gaagaactgc tgtaattagg actaatcaga tgaagagggg tgtgtgatat tgggacatgg    121260
     ctgggggttt tatattaaca attgtggtaa taaagttaat agcccctgaa gtagaagaaa    121320
     cacctgccac gtggagtgaa aagatagtga aatctacaga ggcgtctgca tgtgttaggt    121380
     ttcctgctaa gggaggactg ttcagccggt tccagtgccg gcttctacta tagtggatgt    121440
     aagtaataat aggaaggagg gtgggaggag tcagaagctc atattattta tgcagagaaa    121500
     tgctatatct ggggcaccaa ttatcagggg gactaagcag ttgccaagac ctccaattat    121560
     agtattacta taaagaaaat tatgacaaat gcataggcta taacaatgac ataaatttga    121620
     tcatctagta gagttcagct cgaataaggc ttaaagctgt actgactatc cctgctcatg    121680
     tgccaaataa taaatataat gtcccgatat ctttatggtt ggttgagaat agtcaactgt    121740
     cagccaacat aaatgaagtg agaaaaaagg gtaaaatgac tgagtagggc attagactgt    121800
     acatctaaaa acagaggtca agtcctgttt ttaccagtcc cgaggtgatt ttcatgttga    121860
     attgtaaatt caaagaagca gcttcaatcc tgcttctctc accttttttc ccccagcagc    121920
     tggagaagta gattcaaatc agttgactag ggagtttagc tgttaagttt tcgtgggttt    121980
     aagtctcatc aatttagtaa ggacttagct tacttaaagt gattgatctg tattcaattg    122040
     accaagggtg atctgtatct gagaaagtac atttcagggc caccatacaa cagccgttca    122100
     aaaaggcctc caatatggga tagtcttatt tattatctca gaaatatttc tctttgctgg    122160
     attcttttga gcattctacc attctagcct agcccctact ccagaattag taggacattg    122220
     acccccaaca ggtatttctc cccttgaccc cctggaagta cctcttctga atccatctgt    122280
     attacttgca tcaggagttt caattacttg agcccatcac agcctaacaa aaattaatca    122340
     aaaacataca atccaagcac tacttattac aattatatta ggtatttact tcaccctcct    122400
     acaagtctca gaatacttca aagctacctt tgctatttct gatggtattt atggctctac    122460
     attttttata gctacaggct ttcacagact tcacgtcatt attggatcaa cattcctctg    122520
     ccttctccgc caattaaaat accactttac atctagtcat cactttgcct ttgaagccgc    122580
     tgcctgatat cgacactttg tagatgtagt atgactattc ttgtatgttt ctatttattg    122640
     atgaggatct tactctttta gtataaatag taccatgatt tccaaagttt cgatagcatc    122700
     cgaaaaacag taattcacct aacattaact ctagtaatca acatcctatt agccctgtta    122760
     ctaataatta ttacattttg gcttccacaa cttaatatat atatatatat agagagaaaa    122820
     atatatatat atgtataaaa taaatatata tagaaaaatc tagcccttat gaatgcagat    122880
     ttgaccctct atcctctgcc cacattccct tctccataaa attatttcta gtagccatca    122940
     catttcccct atttgagtta gaactcaccc tactactacc cttactgtga gcccttcaaa    123000
     taaactgata ctaataatct ctgcgatatg tgtagtgact tcatacttca cccccccgat    123060
     attacagcca atatcagagt ggagtgtgca ccctctgcaa tatgggaagt gatatcatcg    123120
     tctccccact ggatgttatg gacaatatca caggaggttt actttctctg cgatatgggg    123180
     aataatatcc tcctgtcccc gcctggatgt tagagatatt tacagggggg tgtccacccc    123240
     ctgcaatatg gggagtagta atatcctctc ctgccctgga tgttatggac aatatatagg    123300
     gagatgtaca atcccttcga tatggggagt aatatcatcc tcttccccct aaacgttacg    123360
     aacagtatca caggggggtg tacagcccct gcgatatctg gagtagtatc atccccttct    123420
     tccctaaatg ttacagaaac tatcacaggg gtgtgtacac cttctgaaac atgggaataa    123480
     tattctcttc ccctctggat gttatggaca acattacagt cgtgtgcacc ctctatgata    123540
     tgcggagtaa tatcatcctc tcccccacgg atgtaagtga caataccaca aacgggttta    123600
     catcccccgt gatatgggga gtaatataat cctctttccc actggatatt aacaatatca    123660
     cacggggatg tacaacccct gtgatattca gaatatcttc gaatccactg aaaattataa    123720
     acaatatcac cagtgtacac tccctgtgat actggaagta atatcatcct ctaatccctt    123780
     aaaaattatg aacagtatca caggggagtg tatacttcct actatattgg gagtaatatc    123840
     attctgtcct cttctaaata ttatgaacaa tattacagag gatgtaacac tccctgcgat    123900
     atgtggagta atatcatcct ctcctcccct aaatgttgtg aacaatatca caggaggttg    123960
     tacacaacct gcgatattgt ttgtagtatc cagagggaaa gaggatgcta ttactcccca    124020
     tatcacaggg ggtgtacacc cccactgtga tatattcaat aacatccaga agtaatatta    124080
     ctgacaaaat tgcagggggt gtaaacccca cctgtgatac cgttcctaat atcccgggga    124140
     agagaggatg atgttattcc caatattgca gggggtgtac acccacccta tgatattgtt    124200
     cttaatatcc aggaggggag acaatggtat tactcacagt atcaaagagg ttgtacagcc    124260
     cccctgtgat agcttctaat atccaggggg tgtacacacc ccttgtgata ttgttccaat    124320
     atgtaggggg aaggacaatg atattactgt ctgtatcaca gggggtgtac aacaagcccc    124380
     cccgggatat cattcctaat atccatggga agaaagaata ttacaatatc acagaagttg    124440
     tacaccccct ctgtgatatt gttcctaata tcaaagacgg aagggtatga tgttcttccc    124500
     aaaatcacag ggagtgtaca cataccctgt gctatttttc ctaatatcga gagtgagaga    124560
     caatgatact tccaatatcg taaggagtgt acactctccc catgatacca ggtggggaaa    124620
     tgttgatatt actccaaata tcgcagtggg tgtacacacg ttttgcgata ttgtttctaa    124680
     tatcaagtgg gggggaagga ttgtattact cccaacatat tacaccccac actccattat    124740
     actgttctta atatccagat ttggagagga tgatattact cccaaaatct caggaggtgt    124800
     agaccccttc tgtgacactg tttcttatat acaggggaag actagatgat attactccca    124860
     acagtgcagg gtgttacatg ccatccccca tgatattgtc tctaatatca agttggggag    124920
     agggtgatat tgctccaaat agtgcaaagg gtgcacacca gccctgtgat attattccta    124980
     gtatccagag gaggagagaa tggtattatt tttaatatca cagagggtgc aaacccccct    125040
     tgtgataccg ctcctaacat ccaaggggta gaggatgaaa ttactcccaa tatcacagtg    125100
     ggtatacacc ccctcccgtg gtattgttcc taatatccag ggggtatagg atgatagtac    125160
     tataaatatc acaaggggtg tacacccctt ctgatattgt tactaatatc cgtgggggga    125220
     gtcgatgata ttacttccaa tatcacaggg catgtatacc ccccttgtgg tattgttcct    125280
     aatatcctgg gaggagacta caatattact ggcaatatcg cagggggtgt gcattcccgt    125340
     gatattgttc ctaatgtcca gcaagggaga aaatattact cccaatatgg tgggggtgta    125400
     cacttcccat gcaatatcgt tcctaatatc catgggggaa aaggatgata ttactctaaa    125460
     tgtcacagga ggtgtaaact gcccctgtga tattgttctc aatatccatg gggggagaga    125520
     atgatattac tcccaatatc acaggtggtg tacacccctc ctgttatatt atttctaata    125580
     tccaggttgg gagagaataa tattacaggt aaaatagcag ggggtgtaca ctccgcctat    125640
     gatattgttc ctaatattct ggggaagagt ggacaatatt actcccaata tcgcaggatg    125700
     tgtacacccc ctttgtgata ttgttcctaa tatccatagg cggagagggt gatactactc    125760
     ccaatagtgc agaaaaggta cagcccctct gtgatatcat tcccaatatc cagaggggac    125820
     aggatgatat tactcccaat accacagagg gcatacaccc cctccccatg atattgttcg    125880
     taatacccag ggggtagagg atgatattac tcccaatatc gcagtgggtg tacacccacc    125940
     ctgtgatatt gttcttaata tccatgtgga aagggtataa agttactccc aatatcacag    126000
     ggggtgtaca acccccttgt gatattgttc ctaatattcg gggaagagac aatgatatag    126060
     ctgtccatat tgcaggtggt gtacaacccc ctgggaattt gttcctaata ttcagtgggg    126120
     aagatgatat taattaaaat gtcacagggg gtatataacc cctttgtgat attattccta    126180
     atatccaggg aaataaagaa tattattccc aatatcacag gggatgtata cccctctctg    126240
     atactgtttc taatatccct ggggggagtc tataatatta ctggcaatat cataaggagt    126300
     gtataccccc cgttatattg ttccttatgt ccagcaaggg agaaaatatt aatcccaata    126360
     tggaacaggg tgcacaccca tgaggtattg ttcctaatat ccagggaggg aaaggatgat    126420
     attactccca atgttgcagt ggtgtataac cccctgtgat attgttccta atatctaggt    126480
     ggggaaagta cagtattact cccaatatag caggggttgt acaccgcctt tgtgatattg    126540
     ttctaaatat ccatggggaa agaaaatgat agtactcccc aatatcgcag gtggtgtaca    126600
     accccttgtg atactgtttc taatatccat attgggggag gatattactc ccaatattgc    126660
     acgtgttgca cagaccccct ttgatattgt ttgtactatg cagggtgtgg ggggagagga    126720
     tgatattggg agtaatatca ccctctcttc ccagatatta agagcaatat tcagggtggt    126780
     caacacctcc tgcaatattg agtataatat cctctcccaa cctggatatt aggaacaata    126840
     tcacaggggc atgtacactc ccttcctttc accatataca aaaatcagct caagatggat    126900
     gaaggactta tgtaagaccc aaaactatat aaaccctaga agaaaactta ggaaatatca    126960
     ttctggacat agacgctggc aaagatttcg cgatgaagat tccaaaagca attgcaacaa    127020
     gaagaattga tgagtgggac ctaatgaaac taaagagctt cagcacagca aaagaaacta    127080
     tcaacagaga acaccctaca gaacagaaga aaatattttc aaattacata tctgaaaaag    127140
     gtctaatact cagcatgtat aaagaatcaa taagcaaaaa acaaacccac tacaaatagg    127200
     caaagaacat gaacccccac attcaccatc ctgaagtcca tgtgcaactt ctttctggat    127260
     gctggacaag gacttgggta caaagagggc actgaacggg ttaacactta agccgtctgt    127320
     ggattctttt ttcaaaagac aacgtatgtg tggcaaacaa ccatatgaaa aaatactcaa    127380
     catcactaat catcagaaaa tcagaaccat gagataccat atcacaccgg tcagaatggc    127440
     tattattaaa aaatcaaaac ataacagaca gtgctgagtt tgtggaaaaa agggaatgct    127500
     tatacactgc tggtggtgat atagaaagga aacagggaaa tactgggtag aagagagtgg    127560
     ttccctggca aagccctgcc cacaagcctg gaaacccacg gcactaaatg ggaacaggca    127620
     ttcctgcttt tgtacccaaa agttgtcttt cagctcacca tgcaccccct gtcctgtacc    127680
     catatatgcc ccagacccca ggctccagaa gcagacaagc acatgaggag atgaacagaa    127740
     gagcagaatt gcagaatgat gtggcagaaa gaagagaagg agcatctgaa tgccaagagg    127800
     agtttggctg gcagtggttg gagagatcag cctctggatg gcaaagctcc cggggaagat    127860
     catcttccca ttccatcccc tttccagctc cccatccatc ccattgagtg ccacctctac    127920
     cacttaataa aacccccaca ttcaccatcc tcaagtctgt gtgcaactta attctttctg    127980
     gatgctggac aaggaactgg gtaccaagag gacactgaac aggttaacac ttaagccgtc    128040
     tgtggatggc aaagctaaaa aagtgcactg taacacatgc acacttgggc tgtgggagtc    128100
     acaggcaccc acccctagac agtaccatgg ccacttgccc tgcctattgc acctgcctgt    128160
     ctgcatgctc ccctgcccag taaggggttt gacagcacac acagtggcca gagaagccac    128220
     atccctgttg cacatcctgc caaggggagt cagggaactc tccagttaca tcaggaatgt    128280
     aaatttgttc agccactgtg gaaagcagtt tggagatttc tgaaataact taaaacagaa    128340
     ctaccattca acccagcaac cccattactg ggtatatacc caaaggaata taaatcattc    128400
     tgtcataaac atatgcacgc atattttcat tataacacta ttcacaatag caaagacacg    128460
     gaatcaactt agatgcttgt taacagaaga ctggattaaa aaaatgcagc gtacacacac    128520
     catggaatac tacacaccta taaaatagga tgaaataatg tcttttgcag cgacatgaat    128580
     ggagctggat accattattc taagtgaatt aatgcaggaa cagaaaaccg aacaaacaca    128640
     gcatgttctc acttataagt gggggctaaa cattgagtcc acatggacac aaagaaggga    128700
     acaatagaca caaggtctac tgtgggtgga gggtgggggg ggagagtggg gatcaaaaaa    128760
     ctccctatta gatactacgc tcactatctg gatgactaca taatctgtac accaaatccc    128820
     actgacacac attttaccca tataataaac ctccacatgt acccactgaa cctaaaataa    128880
     atgttggaag gaaataaagt tacaaccaac tcttgtacta ttgtgaggaa acaatcatat    128940
     gtgttgacaa aaaatcaact actaatagat ttataatagt atatatgtag cagaaaaata    129000
     tcagatataa cttatatacc caaaagtatg acttaaaaac agcatgacaa tctttatgat    129060
     gggatattgt gcaactacta gaagcacatt ttcggagatt acttattaac atatgataat    129120
     gactacattg agtggttttt agaagcatga attgaaacca tgtataagca tgactttatt    129180
     gaacttatat ataacattac acacacattt acataattat aaaataagta tgctcatgtt    129240
     cataatattt atttatttat attcatatgt aaggtcaata ggaagtaatc tctgtatctg    129300
     agttattatt tcataaataa tttatgcttg ttctgtgaaa ataaaaacac tgctatggat    129360
     cttccaagta tcctgaaagg atacagttta taattaaaca ataacaattt tagaaataat    129420
     tattttaaat aaggctatga taaatctggt ttcattgcac actttaactt tgcaacattt    129480
     catgaagcat cccttgatca cgactctcat attcaggagt tttttgagat caaatgggac    129540
     aatcagtatg aatctatttt ttagacatgc aaatggataa ctttaaatag cagtagcgat    129600
     ataatcagag tgcacagttg ctctgggaca aaacttggaa atgagcatat ttttagattc    129660
     ttaatgtttt acacacttta gcattccaca gcaccattac atactcattt ttctactaga    129720
     ataccttggt agaaattcac agtagagatc aggcttgtcc ttcatacatt aactaatcaa    129780
     gtagaaaagt gcaaatgaga acacagtgcc aaaaataggc accacatgga aaaaagcatg    129840
     gaacttccag gaagccattt ttgtagcttt atagcccaat tatatttttc ctaatgtatt    129900
     gcacacaaaa cttgggggaa aaaaaaagag gcagagagaa aacaggttat atcagcccta    129960
     tctcacaatc cacaagttca tcctattaga ggattaacta tgtaaaacaa attttatctg    130020
     ctgaatgtcc tatttagtta atcacaaaac tgtacaagaa cacacttgtg acttatttag    130080
     cagcttgttt gttcgctttc cactggcttc acaaatgtcc tttggaaaga gaaagtacat    130140
     ttggaaccct gtacaccttt tctttctcca gtaccctctt gtcacttcca tcactaaggt    130200
     gacagaagca actaggggca atgcattttt agcacacctt ggtcagaggt atcctccagg    130260
     agaaggatca gacctgcttg aaagcatgtc gttggaattg ggaggcttct agtagctata    130320
     acataagcac tgatgtttac tgttccctgc cctccacttt gatcactctg ggaaacgttt    130380
     tttttaaaaa atcaattgta ttgaaacata atttacataa aataaatact attttaaagt    130440
     gcacagtttg ctgagttttg ccagatgtaa ccatccaggt gaataaaatt gattaaactg    130500
     atctttcaaa taataaatta accttgcaat cttcctagaa atttaatttg ttcacagttt    130560
     attatccatt ctatgtactg ctacattcaa ttggttatta tgttttaagg acttttgagt    130620
     ctatgtttat gagggataaa cgtcaaagtt gtataatgcc tttgtcttga tttggaatca    130680
     gggcaatact gggttcataa aataagatag gaagtgtccc tttaaatttt cttttatttt    130740
     tatttttatt tttgagatgg agattcactc ttgttgccca ggctggagtg caatggtgca    130800
     atttcggctc tccgcaacct ctgcctccca gattcaagct attctcctgc ctctgtctcc    130860
     cgaggagctg ggattacagg caagcaccac catgccctgc taattttgta cttttagtag    130920
     agacgggggt ttctccatgc tggtcaggtt ggtctcaaac tcctgacccc aggtgatctg    130980
     cccgtcttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga gccactgtgc ccagccctta    131040
     aattctattt cttaaaaaga gtccgttcaa gattgatatt atagatactc ctcaacttac    131100
     aatggtctta tgtcttaacg aactcatcct aaattgaaaa tattgtaagt ctaaaatgca    131160
     tttaatatat ttaacctact gaatatcatg acttagcctc tcctacctta aacttgctca    131220
     gaacacttac attatcctac aattgggcaa aatcatctac cacaaggccc attttaaaat    131280
     attgagtatc tcatgaaatt tattgaaaac tatactgata gtgaaaaact ggtcatattg    131340
     atgctcatca ttaatgtaca cagatgaaag caccattatc aagtcagaag agcacaagtc    131400
     aaaccaccat aagttgagga ctctctgtac tttcttaaat gtttgataga attcacctaa    131460
     gaaaccatgt agcctgtaat tatagaaatc tttttaaatt aaaaaaaatt cttcaataca    131520
     tagagaagct attacttttt ctatttcatt ttgcatcagt tttaagaatt agttttacaa    131580
     ataatttccc atgttatttt atttgtcaaa tgtattggcc taaggttttc ataattatat    131640
     tgatgtctgt aggttctgta gttacatcct ctatttaatt cccattgtct acataatgta    131700
     gcttctctaa ttttttttga gataaatctt gctagccatt gtttatttaa aatttttttt    131760
     ttcaaagaac caatttgtgg gtatattaat tagctccagc ttttgttatt tgctgtgttg    131820
     ttggtttaca tttttatctt tatcatcttc cttcttctta atttggatat actttgctca    131880
     tttttttagc ctcttagaac ctaaaggtca ttgattgaag ccttttattt tcaatatatt    131940
     acatctataa atgtagcttt aagaaatgat ttatctgcat tccacatttt attaagtttt    132000
     taaaaatttt tctttcagtt taaactattt tttttgtgtg tgaaactttt cttgcccaat    132060
     gggtttttct gaagtatttt gtttaatgtt caaatgttgg ggtgttattg tatatatcct    132120
     actgttgtcc atctctggtt catgatacaa tgcatgttct ccattgcact tacataacat    132180
     gtctccatgt ctctggtgaa ttcctcagtc tttctaaaat gcttttgaag aatactggca    132240
     gttattttgt agaatgtctc tcctcaattt cagttagtct gatgttttct cacgattagg    132300
     accaaagtta tacattttgt ctaagaatac catagaattg atgttttgtc ctactcagtg    132360
     catcatataa gaagttacat gaagttcatt tatcttatta ttagtaatgt taactttgat    132420
     cacttggcta agttgacatc tccactttga agttactatt ctataattat cttgtgggaa    132480
     gatactttca tattatgcaa atatgttctt tcccaacata tattcaccac taatcttagc    132540
     atccctccaa ggttctttct tgcaacaatt attactatga tatttgcaaa gtgatgattc    132600
     ttatatttta tgtctcctac atttaatgaa atcttactgt aataaaatac tgcccattct    132660
     caacctttgg ttattattta tgtcaatatg gatttttttt tttttttttg agatggagtc    132720
     ttgctttgtc atccaggctg gtgtgcaatg gtgcgatttc tgctcactgc acttccacct    132780
     tccgggattc aagccattct cctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctgggact acgggcatgt    132840
     gccaccatgc ccggctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagaggc agggattcac cacattggtc    132900
     aggctggtct taaactcctg acctcaagtg gtctgcctgc ctcagcctcc caaagttctg    132960
     ggaatacagg catgagccac cgcacccggc ctggattaat cgaaaatttt cttctgtaga    133020
     ttgtaatata ttactattgt tatttatttt attgccccaa ttttctcaaa tttgtctatg    133080
     gaagtttatt caaagtggat tctgtctcct tttcacattt tccccatttt gtgagcattt    133140
     ccttactttc taacatgaca aaatatttca aactaatctt gtattttccc tgcccaatcc    133200
     tgatatcaaa tatgtcccca aggagccttg tttcctttaa ctggagaatg gtgttctcat    133260
     tgttactggg atgatgttgt ttctaggccc ttttgttaga ggagctagaa aatgtatgta    133320
     tgtatactca cacatttata cacatctgta cttatttata caattatcta tctgtacata    133380
     tactaaaaac aatgatttca taaaactttt gaccccaatc caacactaga taaagactat    133440
     ataggcccat ttattttcaa atcagcacat aaacatagaa ggattattaa caatataagc    133500
     tgtagcttat gttaaatgtt gattggaaca gacaataaat tatggagaac ttcagaggac    133560
     actaagtttg gatgggatct tggaagttgt acaggtcaat gccactccat ctattggctg    133620
     agtttcacag gttaatacat gaacaacaac aaaaataacc tagatcagaa gttaaagatc    133680
     attttattga ctatctgccg tgtctgtgcc attgcaatgt actaggtgca cttaccagtc    133740
     ctctacttac aaactgcttt tcacaaaata tgaaactcca ggcaaagatt cagacatatg    133800
     atgtttgttt ttaaaatctt tctacagcct tgtatccttt ttcctttcct tccttttacc    133860
     ctttttaaaa tgtgttatga gttttatctt agactaacat ctgtaatgtt gctatacgcc    133920
     agtattcaat tgctgtgttt gatgaacata aaatggtgta aaacttcaat tagtgtactt    133980
     tttaaataaa gtatctatga atgtatccag caaaatgttt atgatttgag tattcacaaa    134040
     atagtagttt tctctgtatc taacaataat gtgaaaaccc aaaatgaata taaaatatta    134100
     gctaataata gatttcaaag tattctataa atatgaaaaa tatgatatat tattactttc    134160
     atatatgtaa aacattaata atttttgtca acataaacat catctttaca cctaaacttg    134220
     tattaattca attaagagtt aatatagtat cctaaagtca tcaaatattc aaaaatagga    134280
     tgtattcgga cttggaatat acataaaatt aactattttc agctgagcac agtggctcat    134340
     gcctgtaatt ccagcacttt gggaggccaa ggtaggcaga ttgcttgaga tcaggagttt    134400
     cagaccagcc tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc catctctacc aaaaatagaa gttagccagg    134460
     catggtggaa cctgcctgta atcccaacta ctctgaaggc tgaggcagga gaatcacttg    134520
     aacccaggag gcagaggttg cagtgagcca agattgcgcc actgcactcc agcctgggtg    134580
     agagaatgac actctgtatc aaaataataa taataataat aatagtaata ataataataa    134640
     ctattttctg tgagtcccaa gataaaatag cattacagaa tacataataa tcctgtttgc    134700
     ttttcttggt tttatttttt catttagttt tgttcacctt gaccagtggg ctggtggttc    134760
     ttaggtgcac caaagttttc atttttcagt tcaagatttt aaaaccttaa tgtggtaatt    134820
     tccctaattt tttttgacaa ttacgtccca ggttgcaagt taaaataaaa ttcccatttt    134880
     actaaagtcc ttggtttatt aatgatttta taatgactta atatataatt taatgagtaa    134940
     tgaggggtac tacatttcag aaatcaacac tgaagaactt attcatggaa ccaaacacca    135000
     cctgtttctc aaacacctat taaaataaaa atacatataa ataattttta aaaataaaca    135060
     ctaaaaataa agtgaaaatg aaaaaatata tatccaggtt taaaaaaaac tacttcagtt    135120
     aaacaataaa tactttttgg ggggactcaa ctctactaca aaattatttg ttgtttatta    135180
     caatcaataa tacaggtaaa agaataagtt tttaaaaatg gaaaaattgt aaaaaataaa    135240
     acgatattaa caaatattgg tatactggtg aaggccgggc tcggtggctg ctttccaaag    135300
     tggttacacc agtcgggtat ggtggcacac acctgtaatc tcagcacttc tggaagctga    135360
     agcaggcaga tcacttgagc tcaggagttt gacacaaacc tgggctacat cacaaaaccc    135420
     catttctacc aaaaactgta aaaatcagct gcacatgata gcatgcacct gtaagtccca    135480
     gctacttagg aggctgaggt gagaggatca cttgtgcctg gaaggtcaca gctgcactgg    135540
     ccatgttcat gtcactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacagagc aagattttgt ctcaaaaaaa    135600
     aaaaatgttg gtgacaattg gaataattgg aactcagata cattactggt gggaacataa    135660
     aatggtgtaa tcaatttgag tgttttcttg gcatttgatg tttttaaaaa atcaagacat    135720
     tgtttcccta tgttgcccag gcttgtcctg aactcccggg ctaagaaaat cctccaaact    135780
     cagcatctca aatacctgag attaaaagtg tgagccactg tgcctgacca gtgtaaccac    135840
     tttgaaaaac aatgtggcag tttctcaaag actaaatgta tagtaatcac ataatgcaac    135900
     aatttcactc ctgagtgtaa atccaagaga aataaaaata tatgttcact ctaaagctta    135960
     cgtacgagag ttcatagcag cctgactcat gatggtgaat acgcaaaaac aacacaaatg    136020
     tccatcaact aatgaatgga taaacataaa ctattactca gctataaaag gaaagaaatc    136080
     ctgatacaca ctataacatg aaagaaattt aaaaacattc tgctaagaga aaaaaaaagc    136140
     aaactacaaa agatcacaca ttgtacaatt ctatttctat aaaaggtcca gactaggcaa    136200
     aactacaatg acagaaaata aatcagtggt tgcctatgaa catgggggac gtaggaggta    136260
     gtggctaaga ggtgagggtt tctcactcat aagtgggtaa ctcataagtg ggtaatcact    136320
     tctaagaaag actgtagtga tggatgcaca gctccttgaa tattctaaaa accactcaat    136380
     tgtatacttt ctttttttct ttagttattt agagacaggg tctccttttg tcacccatgc    136440
     tgtagtgcag tggtgccatc tggtctcact gcaacctacg gcttctaggc tcaagtgatc    136500
     ttccagtctc atgtccccaa gtagttggga atacaggcat gagccaccac acccagctaa    136560
     tttttgtatt tttgctagag atgctgtttt gccatgttgc ccagcctagt cgcaaactcc    136620
     tgaactcaag tgatccacct gcctcagctg cccaaagtct tagcgttata ggaattagcc    136680
     actgtgcccg gcctgaattg cgtactttga taaatgaatt gcatgatatg ttaatcatat    136740
     ttcaataacg ttattattta aaaaatggct gggcgtggca tggtgactca cgcctctgat    136800
     ctcagcacac tgggaggcca aggtgggtgg attgcctgat ttcgggagtt cgagaccagt    136860
     ctggccaaca tactgaaacc ctgtctctac taaaaataca aaaatattag ctgagagtgg    136920
     tgacatgttc ctgtaattcc agctagtcag gaggctgagg caggggagtt gcttgaacca    136980
     gggaggtgga ggttgcagtc agccgagatc acgccactgc attccagcct gtgtgacaga    137040
     gcaagagtcc gtctccaaaa gaaagaaaga aaaagaaaat gggcattgaa cacaggtggc    137100
     tccacctacg tataatccaa gcactttggg aagctgaggc agaatgatca cttgaggcca    137160
     ggagtctgaa aatatcctga gcaacacagc aagatcccgt ctgtacaata aaaaataaag    137220
     aagttagctg ggcatagggg caaatgtatg tagtcccagc tacttgggag gctgaggttg    137280
     gaggactgtt tgagtccggg gtttcaggct gcagtgaacc atgatcatgc caccgcactg    137340
     cagcctgggt gacagaacaa gaccctgtct ctagaaggaa aaaaaaagaa atccaagttt    137400
     ttaacacctt ctgagagtaa tcaacattca ggaggaacag agaagaacaa aagaccactg    137460
     aatggttgag ggtgggttgc tggtgaggtt cagtggccag ctgagtagta tctgaaaaat    137520
     ccgttagtaa aattatggca ctaggggtga gttatgcggt cgaatgatga atactaaatc    137580
     cagtacaaac acccatggtc tttctttaca tgaattc                             137617