ID   AC084016; SV 12; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 191524 BP.
AC   AC084016;
DT   13-OCT-2000 (Rel. 65, Created)
DT   29-APR-2002 (Rel. 71, Last updated, Version 22)
DE   Homo sapiens 3 BAC RP11-190F16 (Roswell Park Cancer Institute Human BAC
DE   Library) complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-191524
RA   Muzny D.M., Adams C., Adio-Oduola B., Ali-osman F.R., Allen C.,
RA   Alsbrooks S.L., Amaratunge H.C., Are J.R., Ayele M., Banks T., Barbaria J.,
RA   Benton J., Bimage K., Blankenburg K., Bonnin D., Bouck J., Bowie S.,
RA   Brieva M., Brown E., Brown M., Bryant N.P., Buhay C., Burch P., Burkett C.,
RA   Burrell K.L., Byrd N.C., Carron T.F., Carter M., Cavazos S.R., Chacko J.,
RA   Chavez D., Chen G., Chen R., Chen Z., Chowdhry I., Christopoulos C.,
RA   Cleveland C.D., Cox C., Coyle M.D., Dathorne S.R., David R., Davila M.L.,
RA   Davis C., Davy-Carroll L., Dederich D.A., Delaney K.R., Delgado O.,
RA   Denn A.L., Ding Y., Dinh H.H., Douthwaite K.J., Draper H., Dugan-Rocha S.,
RA   Durbin K.J., Earnhart C., Edgar D., Edwards C.C., Elhaj C., Escotto M.,
RA   Falls T., Ferraguto D., Flagg N., Ford J., Foster P., Frantz P., Gabisi A.,
RA   Gao J., Garcia A., Garner T., Garza N., Gill R., Gorrell J.H., Guevara W.,
RA   Gunaratne P., Hale S., Hamilton K., Harris C., Harris K., Hart M.,
RA   Havlak P., Hawes A., He X., Hernandez J., Hernandez O., Hodgson A.,
RA   Hogues M., Holloway C., Hollins B., Homsi F., Howard S., Huber J.,
RA   Hulyk S., Hume J., Jackson L.E., Jacobson B., Jia Y., Johnson R.,
RA   Jolivet S., Joudah S., Karlsson E., Kelly S., Khan U., King L., Korvah J.,
RA   Kovar C., Kratovic J., Kureshi A., Landry N., Leal B., Lewis L.C.,
RA   Lewis L., Li J., Li Z., Lichtarge O., Lieu C., Liu J., Liu W.,
RA   Loulseged H., Lozado R.J., Lu X., Lucier A., Lucier R., Luna R., Ma J.,
RA   Maheshwari M., Mapua P., Martin R., Martindale A., Martinez E., Massey E.,
RA   Mawhiney E., McLeod M.P., Meador M., Mei G., Metzker M., Miner G.,
RA   Miner Z., Mitchell T., Mohabbat K., Moore S., Morgan M., Moorish T.,
RA   Morris S., Moser M., Neal D., Nelson D., Newtson J., Newtson N., Nguyen A.,
RA   Nguyen N., Nguyen N., Nickerson E., Nwokenkwo S., Oguh M., Okwuonu G.,
RA   Oragunye N., Oviedo R., Pace A., Payton B., Peery J., Perez L., Peters L.,
RA   Pickens R., Primus E., Pu L.L., Quiles M., Ren Y., Rives M., Rojas A.,
RA   Rojubokan I., Rolfe M., Ruiz S., Savery G., Scherer S., Scott G., Shen H.,
RA   Shooshtari N., Sisson I., Sodergren E., Sonaike T., Sparks A., Stanley H.,
RA   Stone H., Sutton A., Svatek A., Tabor P., Tamerisa A., Tamerisa K.,
RA   Tang H., Tansey J., Taylor C., Taylor T., Telfrod B., Thomas N., Thomas S.,
RA   Usmani K., Vasquez L., Vera V., Villalon D., Vinson R., Wang Q., Wang S.,
RA   Ward-Moore S., Warren R., Washington C., Watlington S., Williams G.,
RA   Williamson A., Wleczyk R., Wooden S., Worley K., Wu C., Wu Y., Wu Y.F.,
RA   Zhou J., Zorrilla S., Naylor S.L., Weinstock G., Gibbs R.;
RT   "Direct Submission";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-191524
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-191524
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (26-FEB-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-191524
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-MAR-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-191524
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-APR-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
DR   MD5; 25eaf5813751b87b4cd7adfb4ba776bd.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000035.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270778.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC084016.12:1-191524; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Feb 26, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:18449675.
CC   INFORMATION: http://www.hgsc.bcm.tmc.edu/ or email
CC   gc-help@bcm.tmc.edu
CC   CLONE LENGTH: This sequence does not necessarily represent the
CC   entire insert of this clone. Overlapping regions of clones are only
CC   sequenced and submitted once, so the sequence for the remainder of
CC   the insert may be found in the record for the adjacent clones.
CC   Overlapping clones are noted at the beginning and end of the
CC   Features listing.
CC   STSs are identified using ePCR (Genome Res. 7:541-550) searches
CC   of a local database that includes entries from dbSTS, GDB, and
CC   local mapping efforts.
CC   Repeats are identified using RepeatMasker (A. Smit and P. Green,
CC   unpublished.) for Human and Mouse sequences.
CC   Genes and Region of sequence similarity are identified by BLAST
CC   (Nuc. Acids Res. 25:3389-3402) similarity (expect < 1e-34) to the
CC   EST and cDNA sequences. Genes demonstrate at least two exons
CC   flanked by consensus splice sites that maintained sequence
CC   continuity across the splice junctions. Sequences that are not
CC   identical matches are annotated as similar.
CC   SEQUENCING READ COVERAGE:Sequencing is completed to a minimum
CC   standard of double strand coverage with a minimum of 2 clones and 2
CC   reads with no ambiguities or 2 chemistries with a minimum of 2
CC   clones and 3 reads with no ambiguities. If the sequence quality for
CC   a region does not meet this standard, it will be indicated in the
CC   annotation as Low Coverage.
CC   QUALITY OF INDIVIDUAL BASES:This sequence meets stringent quality
CC   standards - estimated error rate less than 1 per 10,000 bases.
CC   Reports of lowest quality individual bases and measures of base
CC   quality are listed below. Description of the metrics can be found
CC   at URL: http://gc.bcm.tmc.edu:8088/quality.info/genbank.annotation.
CC   html.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..191524
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP11-190F16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    1..2001
FT                   /function="clone overlap"
FT                   /note="overlaps bases 53862..55862 of clone AC104470"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4..284)
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVL"
FT   repeat_region   complement(285..836)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2A"
FT   repeat_region   839..1962
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   misc_feature    1664
FT                   /function="unsure"
FT                   /note="G(C)"
FT   repeat_region   complement(1968..2121)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluYb8"
FT   repeat_region   2122..3956
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA3"
FT   repeat_region   5262..5298
FT                   /rpt_family="(T)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5344..5503)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5523..5698)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5833..5895)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   6787..7626
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4b"
FT   repeat_region   8952..9012
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   9120..9485
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTA"
FT   repeat_region   9889..10023
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1I"
FT   repeat_region   10105..10401
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1J2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(10750..10939)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P"
FT   repeat_region   10940..12147
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA3"
FT   repeat_region   12243..12279
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(12284..12559)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(13482..13835)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA6"
FT   repeat_region   13836..13860
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(13861..14389)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA6"
FT   repeat_region   15134..16659
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(16668..17023)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA12"
FT   repeat_region   complement(17026..17347)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(17324..17689)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(17847..17959)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MCc"
FT   repeat_region   18070..18109
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18786..18881)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MCb"
FT   repeat_region   18895..19057
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   19128..19347
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME3A"
FT   repeat_region   19479..19544
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   19921..19944
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   20482..20552
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(22043..22098)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22287..22332
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(22496..23013)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER67D"
FT   repeat_region   26352..27269
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA7"
FT   repeat_region   27845..28294
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1E2"
FT   repeat_region   28432..28509
FT                   /rpt_family="MER116"
FT   repeat_region   29282..29630
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29747..30075)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P2"
FT   repeat_region   30067..30159
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA4"
FT   repeat_region   30160..30187
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(30829..31136)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(31891..31922)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER5A"
FT   repeat_region   32077..32148
FT                   /rpt_family="MER5A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(33658..33768)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   33793..33817
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(34112..34425)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg"
FT   repeat_region   34526..34558
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   35911..35962
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   36282..36309
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAC)n"
FT   repeat_region   36473..36754
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36815..37126)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   37170..37233
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(37985..38632)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P5"
FT   repeat_region   complement(38669..39018)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39019..39064
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39065..40569)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40576..40621
FT                   /rpt_family="(TATATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(40644..40934)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(40935..42506)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PBa"
FT   repeat_region   complement(42507..44479)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P3"
FT   repeat_region   44481..45080
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45076..45651)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   45690..45719
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45720..46017)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(46040..46943)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   46968..47047
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(47048..47346)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSp"
FT   repeat_region   48063..48095
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48629..48759)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P4"
FT   repeat_region   49623..49748
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49979..50345)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50346..50466)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P"
FT   repeat_region   50606..50630
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   51255..51374
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   51748..51768
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   54658..54699
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   55118..55146
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55197..55273)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   55534..55556
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(56144..57309)
FT                   /rpt_family="MERVL"
FT   repeat_region   complement(57512..57585)
FT                   /rpt_family="BUR1"
FT   repeat_region   57639..57661
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(57662..57902)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   repeat_region   58315..58623
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59196..59300)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59424..59555)
FT                   /rpt_family="FLAM_C"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60240..60382)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   61284..61366
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA3"
FT   repeat_region   61415..61463
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(61544..61594)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   63469..64099
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   complement(64103..64424)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4A2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(64464..64828)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4A"
FT   repeat_region   64917..65686
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   65697..65735
FT                   /rpt_family="(TC)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(65817..69396)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA11"
FT   misc_feature    66210
FT                   /function="unsure"
FT                   /note="T(*)"
FT   repeat_region   complement(70082..70285)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   70286..70314
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(70410..70706)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(70902..71040)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER117"
FT   repeat_region   71144..71944
FT                   /rpt_family="pTR5"
FT   repeat_region   71945..72042
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR30"
FT   repeat_region   72046..72269
FT                   /rpt_family="pTR5"
FT   repeat_region   72841..75108
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA3"
FT   repeat_region   75113..75372
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   75408..75582
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   75625..75948
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA3"
FT   repeat_region   75949..75975
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   75976..77629
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA3"
FT   repeat_region   77630..77650
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   77651..80229
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(80312..80951)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MC3"
FT   repeat_region   80957..81050
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A2"
FT   repeat_region   81058..81139
FT                   /rpt_family="(TATATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   81152..81332
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MC4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(81327..82009)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MC3"
FT   repeat_region   82451..82739
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   83770..83899
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   85619..86158
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   88106..88164
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(88186..88828)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA8"
FT   repeat_region   89048..89141
FT                   /rpt_family="(TATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(89143..89431)
FT                   /rpt_family="HAL1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(89519..89982)
FT                   /rpt_family="HAL1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(90095..90383)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   repeat_region   90779..90814
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   91305..91907
FT                   /rpt_family="MER52A"
FT   repeat_region   91984..92523
FT                   /rpt_family="MER52A"
FT   repeat_region   92582..92603
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92917..93309)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2FB"
FT   repeat_region   complement(93367..93619)
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger3b"
FT   repeat_region   93620..93745
FT                   /rpt_family="FLAM_A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(93746..94637)
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger3b"
FT   repeat_region   95232..95258
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   95780..95835
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   95914..96367
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1H"
FT   repeat_region   complement(96447..96806)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1C"
FT   repeat_region   96925..96974
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   98956..99256
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   99257..99280
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   99331..99538
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1I"
FT   repeat_region   100156..100185
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   100775..100797
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   101286..101371
FT                   /rpt_family="MER104"
FT   repeat_region   101474..101514
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101527..101706)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(102533..102652)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(102720..103351)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER41B"
FT   repeat_region   103839..104540
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(104618..104638)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg/x"
FT   repeat_region   104639..104666
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(104667..104780)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg/x"
FT   repeat_region   104850..107044
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   107045..107343
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   107344..107400
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(108139..108175)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2"
FT   repeat_region   108177..108296
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(108969..109101)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1I"
FT   repeat_region   110929..111098
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   111559..111598
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   111883..111905
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   112352..112383
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(113487..113699)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   113785..113917
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   113918..114688
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVL"
FT   repeat_region   114693..116004
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVL"
FT   repeat_region   complement(116005..116386)
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTD"
FT   repeat_region   116387..116857
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVL"
FT   repeat_region   117736..117756
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   119515..119651
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   119665..119698
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   120342..120373
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   120877..121059
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   121212..121446
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   122614..122769
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   122805..122852
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   122904..122935
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   123693..123915
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   124696..124872
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   124888..124922
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   125056..125221
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   repeat_region   125224..125263
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   127683..127748
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   repeat_region   127773..128822
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   repeat_region   128849..128957
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   128954..129633
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA2"
FT   repeat_region   129634..130035
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1C"
FT   repeat_region   130036..130470
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA2"
FT   repeat_region   130471..130772
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSp"
FT   repeat_region   130773..132072
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA2"
FT   repeat_region   132092..132373
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MD2"
FT   repeat_region   132384..132430
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   134081..134106
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   135259..135296
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   136406..137198
FT                   /rpt_family="MER52A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(137201..137383)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   137618..137649
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(137652..137925)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   137927..137967
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   139057..139192
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   139193..139223
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   139871..139955
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   140223..140466
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(141517..141564)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   141782..141803
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(142131..142366)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(142766..143084)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   STS             144093..144385
FT                   /standard_name="168875"
FT   repeat_region   144263..144304
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   144418..144443
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   STS             144818..145126
FT                   /standard_name="132704"
FT   repeat_region   complement(145685..146045)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MD2"
FT   repeat_region   146106..146167
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   146542..146613
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   complement(146649..147953)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA15"
FT   repeat_region   complement(147956..148354)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(148355..148731)
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVH"
FT   repeat_region   complement(148732..148946)
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVH"
FT   repeat_region   complement(148948..149616)
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVH"
FT   STS             151786..151907
FT                   /standard_name="84191"
FT   repeat_region   complement(153371..153769)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR7"
FT   misc_feature    153640
FT                   /function="unsure"
FT                   /note="G(C)"
FT   repeat_region   complement(153770..154538)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA15"
FT   repeat_region   155178..155231
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   155881..155940
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   155971..156178
FT                   /rpt_family="MER20"
FT   repeat_region   156256..156388
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA9"
FT   repeat_region   156414..156472
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(156473..156690)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER63A"
FT   repeat_region   156691..156743
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   156833..156987
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   157524..157860
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P3"
FT   repeat_region   158160..161027
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(161028..161313)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   161314..164207
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA7"
FT   repeat_region   164948..165040
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   repeat_region   165041..165356
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   165357..165872
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   repeat_region   165900..165987
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   165989..166891
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166873..169097)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(169079..169657)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(169652..169712)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MC3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(169711..169837)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB5"
FT   repeat_region   169891..169944
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(170415..170512)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1B"
FT   repeat_region   170931..170971
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   172225..172246
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   173152..173375
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   173990..174019
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   174986..175019
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   176424..176518
FT                   /rpt_family="MER6B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(176519..176853)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1C"
FT   repeat_region   176854..176960
FT                   /rpt_family="MER6B"
FT   repeat_region   177851..177885
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(178246..178612)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1C"
FT   repeat_region   complement(178618..180155)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1C-internal"
FT   repeat_region   complement(180156..180533)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1C"
FT   repeat_region   180738..181226
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   181242..181387
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MD3"
FT   repeat_region   181450..181864
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   181860..182211
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   182181..182869
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   182976..183541
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MCa"
FT   repeat_region   183617..183759
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MEc"
FT   repeat_region   183760..184045
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   184046..184406
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MEc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(184407..184750)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   repeat_region   184751..184959
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MEc"
FT   repeat_region   185091..185395
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   185401..185613
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MEc"
FT   repeat_region   185639..185791
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MEc"
FT   repeat_region   185806..186068
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   186158..186376
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PB1"
FT   repeat_region   186380..186410
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(186506..186809)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(186821..186871)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   186889..186922
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   186924..186993
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   187061..187726
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   187720..187923
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   187924..187986
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   187987..189967
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   189968..190086
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSp/q"
FT   repeat_region   190172..190228
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    complement(190186..191524)
FT                   /function="clone overlap"
FT                   /note="overlaps bases 17663..19001 of clone AC104469"
FT   repeat_region   190417..190585
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR50"
FT   repeat_region   190708..190841
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR50"
FT   repeat_region   191192..191501
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
SQ   Sequence 191524 BP; 63076 A; 32800 C; 33792 G; 61856 T; 0 other;
     gaattcatta tattctttgg ttctccacat atggtcaaag gtattataca tagagtcatt        60
     aaactccttg ccactcatga gtggtgaatc aggagtactg aatgcattta ttttgcgtaa       120
     ctgtctacac cgccaaggac tatgagtgtt ctacatgcta ttaaaagtag agtccttagc       180
     atttttgggt ctaattatat taagctgcca actccaaaac ccaaaactaa cgaaatttat       240
     ccttaaaatt ctgttcctct agaaccactc ccagtaccaa aatctgtact attcaggctt       300
     ctcaaaaggg accgaactaa tagaatagat gtatatatat gaagggtagt atattaagga       360
     gcattgactc acacagtcac aagaagaatt tccacagtag gccatctgca agctgaggag       420
     taaggaaacc agtccgagtt ccaaaatttc aaaagtagaa aagctgacag agcaggattc       480
     agtctgtggc caaaggcccc agagcccctt gccaaccact agtgtaagtc caacagccta       540
     aaagctaaga acttggggtc tgatgtttga gggaagaaag cattcagcac aaaagaaaga       600
     tggccagaag actcagcaag tctgctcatt ctactttctt ccacctgctt tattctagct       660
     atgctggcag ctgattctct agatggtgcc cacccagatt cagggtgggt ctgcctctcc       720
     cagtccattg ttgacttaaa cattaatctc ctttggcaac tccctctcag acacacccag       780
     gaacaataat ttgcatcctt caatccaatc aatttaacac tcaatattaa ccatcagtgt       840
     gaaagatctc tataatgaaa actataaaat gctgatgaaa taaattgaag aagacaccag       900
     aaaatggaaa cgcattttat gcacatggat tggaagaacc aatattgtta aaatgcccat       960
     acaacgcaaa gcaatctata gatctaatgt aatccctatc taagtacaaa tggcattctt      1020
     tacagaaata ggaaaaaaaa aactaattta tatgcaacca caaaagaccc agaacaggca      1080
     aagctatcct aagtaaaaga acaaaactgg aagaatcaca ttctctgact tcaaattata      1140
     ctacagagct atagtaacca aaacagcatg gtactggcat aaaaacaaaa acataggcta      1200
     atagaacaga acagagaacc cagaaatgaa tccacaaacc tatagtggac tcacttttga      1260
     tacttcttcc ctactgtaga gaaaagacag tctcttcaat aaatagtgat gggaaaactt      1320
     tatatccata tgcagaagaa tgaaactaga cacctatctc tcaccatata caataatcaa      1380
     atcaaaatat attgaagaat taaatctagg acctcaaaat gtgaaactac tacaagaaaa      1440
     ctttggggaa aatctccagg acattggcct gggcaaaaat tatttgagta ataccacaca      1500
     aagcacaggc aacaaaagca aaaatgggca aatgggatca catcaagtta aaaagcttct      1560
     gcacagccag ggaaacaatg aacaaagtgc agagccacag aatgggagaa aatatttaca      1620
     aactagttat ctgacaaaga ttgataatga gaatgtataa ggagctcaaa caactctaaa      1680
     ggaaaaaatc tgataaacgg attttaaaaa tggacaaaat atttaaatag acatttctca      1740
     aaatagacat aaaaacacta aacgagcatt ttagaaggtg ctcaacttca ctgataatca      1800
     aagaaatgca actcaaaacc acaatgagat atcttacacc aattaaaatg gtttatattc      1860
     aatgataggc aataacaaag gctggtgagg atgtagagaa aagggcatac tggtacgttg      1920
     ttggtgaaaa tgtaaattaa tatactcact atggagaaca gtcattagcc cgccaccgcg      1980
     cccggctaat tttttgtatt tttagtagag acggggtttc accttgttag ccaggatggt      2040
     ctcgatctcc tgacctcatg atccacccgc ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg      2100
     cgtgagccac cgagcccagc caatcacaag cattcttata caccaacaac agacaaacag      2160
     agagccaaat catgagtgaa ctcccattca caattgctcc gaagagaata aaatacctag      2220
     gaatccaact tacaagggac atgaaggacc tcttcaagga gaactacaaa ccactgctca      2280
     atgaaataaa agaggataca aacaaatgga agaacattcc atgctcatgg gtaggaagaa      2340
     tcaatatcgt caaaatggcc atactgccca aggtaattta cagattcaat gccatcccca      2400
     tcaagctacc aatgcctttc ttcacagaat tggaaaaaac tactttaaag ttcatatgga      2460
     accaaaaaag agcccacgtc accaagtcaa tcctaagcca aaagaacaaa gctggaggca      2520
     tcatgctacc tgacttcaaa ctatactaca aggctacagt aaccaaaaca gcatggtact      2580
     ggtaccaaaa cagacatata gatcaatgga acagaacaga gccctcagaa ataatgccgc      2640
     atatctacaa ctatctgatc tttgagaaac ctgagaaaaa caagcaatgg ggaaaggatt      2700
     ccccatttaa taaatagtgc tgagaaaact ggctacccat atgtagaaag ctgaaactgg      2760
     atcccttcct tacaccttat acaaaaatta attcaagatg gattaaggac ttacatgtta      2820
     gacctaaaac cacaaagacc ctagaagaaa acccaggcaa taccattcag gacataggct      2880
     tgggcaagga cttcatgtct aaaacaccaa aagcaatggc aacaaaagcc aaaactgaca      2940
     aatgggatct aattaaacta aagagcttct gcacagcaaa agaaactacc atcagagtga      3000
     acaggtaacc tataaaatag gagaaaattt tcgcaaccta ctcatctgaa aaagggctaa      3060
     tatccagaat ctacaatgaa ctcaaacaaa tttacaagaa aaaaacaaac aaccccatca      3120
     aaaagtgggc aaaggatatg aacatatact tctcaaaaga aggcatttat gcagccaaaa      3180
     aacacatgaa aaaatgctca ccatcactgg ccatcagaga aatacaaatt aaaatcacaa      3240
     tgagatacca tctcacacca gttagaatgg caatcattaa aaagtcagga aacaacaggt      3300
     gctggagagg atgtggagaa ataggaacac ttttacactg ttggtgggac tgtaaactag      3360
     ttcaaccatt gtggaagtca gtgtggtgat tcctcaggga tctagaacta gaaataccat      3420
     ttgacccagc catcccatta ctgggtatat acctaaagga cttttaatca tgctgctata      3480
     tgtctttata gacacgtgca cacatatgtt tattgcagca ctattcacaa tagcaaagac      3540
     ttggaaccaa cccaaatgtc caacgatgat agactggatt aagaaaatgt ggcccatata      3600
     caccatggaa tactatgcag ccataaaaat gatgagttca tgtcctttgt agggacatgg      3660
     atgaaattgg aaatgatcat tctcagtaaa ctatcgcaag gacaaaaaac caaacaccgc      3720
     atgttctcac tcataggtgg gaattgaaca atgagaacac atggacacag gaaggggaac      3780
     atcacactct ggggactgtt gttaagtggt gggatggggg agggatagca tcaggagaaa      3840
     tacctaatgc taagtgatga gttaatgggt gcagcacacc agcatggcac atatatacat      3900
     atgtaactaa cctgcatatt gtgcacatgt accctaaaac ttaaagtata ataataataa      3960
     aaaaatagaa tgtctattgt gtacataaat aagaaagaaa aagtgtatat ctatgtctgt      4020
     ctgtttagtt tatttgtttg cttctgagac atgtcagaat tttctctttc catatgacag      4080
     ggaacatgtc ttcctcatgt atttacatat aaggaaggga ctttttactc cattttagga      4140
     aaggacagca gaagagaaat attccagcat ctccaaggct cctatttttc ctagaaaaag      4200
     gagtgatttt tctgattatt acatttggga gagaaaaaat aatatgatga ttctgctttt      4260
     gggagtgctc tctttggatt cagtctatct acaaaactct gtgtgatctg ctggtgacag      4320
     tcagttgtcc ggcaccacct gtggcatggt aggactctcg tctggagttc acacatattt      4380
     ggctgcatgt ccattctacc tttgccagtt tagtcttacc agtaataaag ctaaattttg      4440
     agtctagctc caaagtaatt ccaaatgtga gccatttttt atctgtctct aatctcagtg      4500
     tagatgatgg caaaacaaga cagcaattct atcaattaaa tctcttcttt gaaattgaaa      4560
     taacatatga agcaaatttg acttattcaa ttcttcactt ttgatctcac ataattctgt      4620
     ttatataatc attttatata cattacatta ctgtattgta tacattttat ataatcattt      4680
     taaatacatt acattactgt attgtataca ttttgtctat ttcttctttg attttgtttt      4740
     tgtttttata attatttcag gtgtggggaa aaattctgtc cctgatacta catcttgtcc      4800
     agaactggaa gagctcatta tttctttatt tgtactgttt ttatctattc atccatagtg      4860
     ttctcaacag agctatcaaa agtattatca aaaaactttt gataatattt accaaatatc      4920
     caaacacatt cgataattta ttcattaaat ttaattttct agaaatctcc ttcattctcc      4980
     tgattcaatc tggtctggtc cttttccagg cctgttttat gacattcttt ctgaaatttt      5040
     tatctctgcc ctcttacgta aaacttttat ttgctgaata ctataacatc ctaactgtag      5100
     gttaactttc ttgtttattt ttttcttttt tttctgaatc acagtttgtc tcatatatga      5160
     aaagtagttt taggaggtct ttaatatcta aaagaattac tgcttcatct atagtgttct      5220
     aagaacaaat caccctttca taattttgga gcattgttct gttttctttt tttttttctt      5280
     tttctttttt cttattttgc cacagatggg taagaatttt attccattca tgactctcaa      5340
     gtacaaggag cttcaagtta tttttcatct aagagtttca tagttttagc tcttacattt      5400
     atgtctttaa tctatttata gttaaatttt gtatgataat aaggtaaggg tccaacttca      5460
     ttattttgca tatgaatatc tagttttccc aacatgattt gtttttttgt tttttgtttt      5520
     taattataca ttaagtttta gggtacatgt gcacaacgtg caggttagtt acatatgtat      5580
     acatgtgcca tgttggtgtg ctgcacccat taactcctca tttaacatta ggtatatctc      5640
     ctaatgctat ccctcccccc tccacccacc ccacaacagg ccccggtgtg tgatgttctg      5700
     agaaatctaa caatttacca tcacctgatt aattatatat aatttgattt agtttctatg      5760
     tataaatgcc ctcctcactg tttactttat aacttttttt ctattttcat gatattgtat      5820
     attgttttct ttttgtgtat ctgaaattca aacttcactg ggcctcctgt atttttattt      5880
     gttaaatcag gcaacactat gctagtgtgg ctatactgtc actcagattc aatctcttca      5940
     ggtagtaaaa aacttccttt aatctcccat gtaatatgta aattggcgca tggaaaaatg      6000
     acttgcagag agtggaagag aatcaacagg cagatgagat aatctctatg ctgcacgctc      6060
     ctaactttgg tgtacaaaat tttcacctaa tcacctaata tttaaactct ttgtttatcc      6120
     ctgcttccta tgataagtgg tgcttcaaaa tcctgtaaat atagtgttct acaattcaag      6180
     ttaatgttca atatccccct atagctatga tccccgtttt actgtcattt atcactcatt      6240
     ctttcatctt ctacatcttt ccaaaagttg ttgaaattta tttccctttt ctttaggctc      6300
     ttattttagt tctaagggtt tctaccactt tattatcact taactaggag tttggaaggg      6360
     atatatgtta aacagatgat aaatctatag gttttatcag aagttgaata aatgggatta      6420
     gacatgaact ggttatagat aaaataagta gaagaaactc aaatattcca atatttcctc      6480
     taaattatgg ttgtccaaca catctacaaa ggcccttatt cagagagtat aataaagatt      6540
     tgtcatgctc agcagcaacc ctcaacatgg agtaaacctc ttggctttca catagcacaa      6600
     gtaagattgg accgacaact ctcaatgagc tgaatataat gatgagccct gattctgtca      6660
     gtgcaaatgg gtcatacata aaaattaaag aaatattaag ttttttatgg atggaagcct      6720
     ggttctacta actgctgtat taagtgaagc atttggaaaa tatgcattta aaagataggg      6780
     tatagaagtt ccacttgaac catgatagtg tgaggagctc cataaactca ctccccagtg      6840
     aaacaggtga aaattatata taaaacaaaa ccatttatct ggaaatgaac ttaagttcat      6900
     agcaataata aagaatattt gtttaataaa atctaaaact cagtaggaat tgtgagagta      6960
     tgttggatct taatcaacac ctgtagcatt ccatttccct tccaactcgg taaaacagaa      7020
     gctccacttc agattagtta gacagtaaga tagggcttcc tctctcccaa cttccagtca      7080
     gaggtctatt tacccagaag aggtagaact tcagcattta atttcctgcc ctaactccct      7140
     gttgctaaac ataagttctg gagagtgaag ctaagaggtg gaggctgctt gcttctgccc      7200
     agcgtccact tgtgagacag aggctttact tacgctgtgc tgccagtaag aatattaaaa      7260
     ctctgagagt gatttttctg actaatggcg taagggtttc atgccaaaat gggcaaactg      7320
     aggaggtcta ggcctgtgtc tcccccatcc actgagcaat caacaactaa attaagggtg      7380
     tcaaatagag agaaatatgt tattttccca ttttcagcat cagaataatg gcttatagat      7440
     ttttcctaag taagtcatag aacagagagc acaaacacct ccccaaagga ttgactttct      7500
     ttgcaaaaga acatgaagaa attcaagcct agggacactc tttaaaacag tagaagctgt      7560
     agttaaaaga aaagtgattt agaaagaatt ctgatttcat cagagatata agctaatctg      7620
     taggcctata acatataaaa acatatattt actactaacc atctatattt actgtaacat      7680
     atatttacta ataaagaaga aaggtgggag aaaaactata tggtagtgtg ttttatgtgg      7740
     caaagtgata aggtttatgc ataaatatta acctaaatac tcttggctcc tgggagattt      7800
     ataaacaaac tttaagagaa tgagttacag actaagaaca tgcatttgag acaccaaatt      7860
     gcactgagaa aagtattctg tcttatttgt gccattacac atgttagact catttgtttc      7920
     agaaactagt ttctttaacc aatatgtaaa ttatttatac cgacacacat tttagagtgt      7980
     attggctgtt ggtgtaccat gacacatatt agactgttga ttgtaccatt ccacatgtta      8040
     cagttatttg tttcaggcat tagagtctat ttaaccaaca gagaactaat ttgatggtaa      8100
     ggtgctgcca taactgatat agatataatt agctaaacag tttaatgatg atctgccaag      8160
     aaattgatgt cagcagttag aaaactaaag tcctttttta tgcagagaca gcacagttgg      8220
     taaaattgtt atagttgaca agttggaaag cagtgcatgt ctctgacaag acttcagctc      8280
     tgtgggaagt gtttggaaag aaatggagtg atagtgtttg ttggcattta ttttctgctt      8340
     ttactacagt actaaacaag agagatgagc tcaggcacag agaagaattg acagtttcca      8400
     gacagaaatg taagagaaca aattccagaa atgtgtggct tcacaagatt agaaaaccaa      8460
     ccttcttgta ggccccaaat ctagtaaaaa tgcaccaatg tttgggtgat aatattaagt      8520
     ttcctgttaa acaagatcat tttgtcttct gataaagtgc aagcctttgt actcaagctt      8580
     atatttttag gtggccttat gttaaatgag agtgaatagg ctgaataagt tgagaaacaa      8640
     agcaaacttg agacttgggt ctagaaaaag aaaactaagt gaggtcactg taatatagac      8700
     atttctagaa gcaaacagat cagaagtctg cttttttttg aagaaattgt tttatcaagg      8760
     acaccaagag attaacataa tagtggcttt gtctatttaa gcattaaact actgttttgt      8820
     cactaaactt tcagcagcaa aatataagta gttgaaaggt gtacagccac ttgaaagggc      8880
     attcttccct gtaatcactt cgatgatgca ttggaggatg atgagcaagg caggacttca      8940
     caaaggtgca aacacccact cacatacgct caaaaacaca catgcacaca ctcacacaca      9000
     cacacactca cataggcgac actgtagatc attgacaagc tgttcctacc aacagaacaa      9060
     aatcagtctt attaaggaag ctccccatcc acaatgaagg aagctttcac aaatgctgct      9120
     gaagtggttt ggctctgtgt ccctacccaa atctcatgtc aaattgtaat ccccatgtgt      9180
     tgaaggtgag gcttggtggg aagtgattga atcatgggga tggtttctaa tcgtttagca      9240
     ccatccctct agtgctgtct tgtgacagag ttcttacaag gtctgattgt ttaaaagtgt      9300
     gtgcacttcc ccctcgcggt cactgtctct tgacctgcca tggtaagaca ttgtaagttt      9360
     cctgaggctt cccagtcatg attcccatta aacctgtgga actgtgagtc aattaaacct      9420
     tttttcttca taaattacac aggctcagtt agttctttaa aacagtgtga gaatggaata      9480
     atacaagtac tcagcaggat ttcataattg taataaacca gtgattgctg tgtaaaattt      9540
     ccagtctcta ctattcagaa agggagtttt gtcatggtca ttttctcaat gtttagcatt      9600
     atatggaatg ggtagggccc atggcttttc tttttagttc atagcttgaa catttatggg      9660
     gagacttggg attgtgtgat agtcattaag acctgacata taatgcattt ctccttcttt      9720
     taggcacaat cttctgtaca atttttgaag ttagcactga taactgattt ggtgtagctg      9780
     cttaagtatt ggtggaaatt atgtgagttc catgttctcc tcaccaaaca tggtaatcat      9840
     agaagtatat accttaatgg agatttcatt tatctgcctt agtaaataat cacagaaatc      9900
     aaagccctct gctgcactgt gttgggcagg tattgtgatt gagaaatata tgttgatggc      9960
     atttagccac tgatatattg ccattctctg ttagttacca taacctagat tattctcatt     10020
     gattaagtgt cccttaaaaa ttaaataact gttatccata tgggaagtaa ggtgtctgga     10080
     aaaccgacct ggaaaatcag agaggaaact gaatagctgg tcattttact gttttcctcc     10140
     tgctctgttt acacagttgg actaaagttc ccagtttctc ttccacttaa gtgtggtcac     10200
     atgactttat agtcttcgaa atgtgaataa aaattatgtg ttccacttac atgatgattc     10260
     atgtttgatc atcatataat tctcttttcc atcagacagc tgtatgcaaa gtagtacaaa     10320
     gaacttttaa gccacatgtt aaggtggaga aggcaaggat agattaatgc tgggtatttt     10380
     attcacagct tggaaaaggg cttcttgtca attaggaata cctgcttgga atcttagtgg     10440
     tgcatagcag atttttgtga cattattttt gcagaagcta acattacctt atctcctcac     10500
     tatcccctcc ttccatccaa catacctacc aggaaaatta atgtactact tgattagatt     10560
     gattttaaga tgataaaaag acagaggtga attgacaaaa cattagccta tttgaaaaat     10620
     taattaaatt tgaagagaga taatccttta ctttaatcag tggtggaaaa gtaaagggaa     10680
     cacatatcaa gttctttctt tccctttttg aaatcaagta actgaagcac gatgcagtta     10740
     tttataagat ttggaggagg agaggcgctc tgctttttag agtttccagt ttttctgctc     10800
     tgttttttcc ccatttttgt ggttttatct gcttttggtc tttgatgatg gtgatgtaca     10860
     gatgggtttt tggtgtggat gtcctttctg tttgttagtt ttccttctaa cagacaggac     10920
     cctcagctgc aggtctgttt atgtagaaag ctgaaactgg atgccttcct tataccttat     10980
     acaaaaatta attcaagatg gattaaagac ttacatgtta gacctaaaac cataaaaacc     11040
     ctagcacaaa acctaggcat taccattcag gacataggca tgggcaagga cttcatgtct     11100
     aaaacaccaa aagcaatgga aacaaaagac aaaattgaca aatgggatct aattaaacta     11160
     aagagcttct gcacagcaaa agaaactacc atcagagtga acaggcaacc tacagaatgg     11220
     gagaaaattt ttgcaatcta ctcatctgac aaagggctaa tatccagaat ctacaatgaa     11280
     ctcaaacaaa tttacaagaa aaaaacaaac aaacccatca aaaagtgggc aaaggatatg     11340
     aacatatact tctcaaaaga aggcatttat gcagccaaaa aacacatgaa aaaatgctca     11400
     ccatcactgg ccatcagaga aatgtaaatc aaaatcacaa tgagatacca tctcacacca     11460
     gttagaatgg caatcattaa aaagtcagga aacaacaggt gctggagagg atgtggagaa     11520
     ataggaacac ttttacactg ttggtgggac tgtaaactag ttcaaccact gtggaagaca     11580
     gtgtggcgat tcctcaggga tctagaacta gaaatagcat ttgacccagc catcgcatta     11640
     ctgggtatat acccaaagga ctataaatca tgctgctata aagacacatg cactcgtatg     11700
     tttattgcgg cactattcac aatagcaaag acttgcaacc aatccaaatg tcagacaatg     11760
     atagactgga ttaagaaaat gtggcacata tacaccatgg aatactatgc agccataaaa     11820
     aatgatgagt tcatgtcctt tgtagggaca tggatgaaat tggaaatcat cattctcagt     11880
     aaactatcac aaggacagaa aaccaaacac cgcatgttct cactcatagg tgggaattga     11940
     acaatgagaa cacatggaca caggaagggg aacatcacac tctggggatg gttgtggggt     12000
     ggggggaggg gggagggata gcattaggag atatacctaa tgctaaatga tgagttaatg     12060
     ggtgcagcat accagcatgg catatgtata catatgtaac taacctgcac gttgtgcaca     12120
     tgtaccctaa aacttaaagt ataataaaaa aaaaagattt ggaattagta accttcaaaa     12180
     agggaaataa tgcatattat ttctttactt atctgatcta tttacatata gctgaagtaa     12240
     agttatttat ttatttattt atttattttt ttatttattg agaatggagt atcactctgt     12300
     caccaggctg gaatgcagtg gtgggatctc agctcactga aacctctgcc tcttgggttc     12360
     aagtgattct cctgcctcag cctcccacgt agctaggact acaggcatgt gccaccacac     12420
     caggctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagac atggtttcac cacgttcgcc aggatgatct     12480
     ctatctcttg accttgtgag ttgcccacct cagcctccca aagtgttggg attacaggca     12540
     tgaggcacca cgcccggcca tagagtgatt tcttaagtga acactgtcat gaggctgtag     12600
     cattactcaa gatcacagaa ttaatacaac ctgtaatgta aactccattc tttaacctca     12660
     tagcttgctt agttttacct tttataagga tcaatatggg aatataagat aaatattgac     12720
     atagaaaatt atttaaacca aaaatttgag cttctcatag caaattaaag gtcctgaagt     12780
     taaaacaatt acaatcttaa attttgaaaa tttgaaatat ttactttgaa tatattcata     12840
     cttttaatgt ttatgtgaca tataaattat ttgtgtgctt agaatattta ctttataaag     12900
     tttcacatgt tatcttatga tatttactat atcattattt aataaactcc ttaatgtatg     12960
     ttataactaa ttttgaacct caaaaattat gaaaaccaat tataaaaagt atacatgcta     13020
     gaatattaaa ttttatcatt gtttattttt gagggtggtg gcacttgttt gttcactgga     13080
     attgaactag aaagaaaata tatgactgat tattagtatt aaatgtcaca acatctggat     13140
     attgatgcca tagtctatga aatgtgacag acagtcaata cctaagagac aattccactt     13200
     tgtatgagga cgaggaaaaa agttccatat atatctattt aagcaagtca agatgataca     13260
     tgacaacatg caataccaat ttttatgcag atatgaagaa atgcaaacat agaaaacatt     13320
     tccaaaagtc atttatgcct aaaacaattt aataaaatga catgttctta acctcttcaa     13380
     agttttcaaa gtttctaaat gaatttctgt tgtacgataa tttctattaa gattagaaag     13440
     aacaagacat cactgtctgg caagcaaatt agctataaga atttttaaaa ttaacacata     13500
     gtaattgtac ctattcatag gtacaatgta atgtttccat acatgcatac attgtatgat     13560
     gatcaaatca ttgcaattgt ttgtttataa tcttaaataa ttatcatttc tttgttctga     13620
     gaatattcaa aatcctcttt tctagttaag ttaaatatgg aatgcattac tgttagctgt     13680
     aaccacccta ctatgcaata taataccata acgtattcct cctatctaac tgtaacattc     13740
     tgctccctga ccaaaatttc ctaatctcct ctgtccttta ttattcccag tctctgataa     13800
     tcactattac actctcaaat ttcatgacat ctttttaaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa     13860
     gattccacaa gtgagtgaga tcaggcaata tttgtctttc tgtgcctggc ttatttcacc     13920
     taacataatg tcctccaaac taatttatat tttttttcaa atgacagatt ccatccattt     13980
     tatggtttaa tagaattccc ttgtaatttc attgtctata tgtaccacat attctttatc     14040
     cattaatcaa ttcatgaaca tttaggttga ttccatatct tggatgttgt ggatagtgtt     14100
     gaaataaaca tggaaatgca aatatctctt caatacacta attttccttc ttcggatata     14160
     taccaagcac tgggattgtg ggatagtatg atagatctat ttttcatttt cttgtggaac     14220
     attcatactg tgctttataa tggctctatt aatttacatt cccatcaaca gagtcataag     14280
     agtacccctt tttctatatc cttaccagca tttgatatgt gttgtctttt agataatagc     14340
     cattctaact ggggtgaggt gatatttcat tgtaggggat ctactttgcc gtctgaaagt     14400
     gctccacact ttctctgata attcttaata ctttaattaa aaaaggtgat taaatacata     14460
     actctccttg acatcccatt gccacccatt gtcttttaat tcaactaata aagatactta     14520
     atatataatc agttgcttct atcaaactaa atttagaaaa aaaaatgtaa gtatgtgtgg     14580
     aggagtagga tatgggaatt cggcatttag agaaagctga aaaaacgtat acacaaaaca     14640
     ctttttaaaa attatcgaga aagagaggct aaaattctat agaaagtaca ttctgaattt     14700
     gtgggttttc ttattccaag tatgatggcc taaagatcca gaaatagatt aagctttatt     14760
     gaaagagctt attgattcaa aaatgagacc aaattgtaaa atcaaacgca attttacttt     14820
     taagcacaga ttttgccgga cgtgaataag gcaaaagcag tgaactaaac ctcaaacagc     14880
     cagctcttat ctttcttact ttatggtaat tccttaaaga aggcaatagg aattgtattg     14940
     tagatcagac atgtgaaaat gaagaaatat tattataaag agaaaaacag agatacagag     15000
     agaatatgtg tgtgtatgtg tattctttta aaaatatgtg tacctcttaa aattgtgact     15060
     tgaattcttc tataaattta gtaattgcca tttccaggat taccttgtga aaacattatt     15120
     atgcttgcag accagagcat gacggctgca taggaggctc cattaatcat cccattgcaa     15180
     agacacaaat taacaactat ctacagacac aaaatcacct tcataagaac caaaattagg     15240
     caagcactca gagtacctgg ttctaacttt atatcactga aagaggcact gaagagggaa     15300
     gaaaagacaa tcttgaaatg ctgatgctat ccctctctca tcccttgaca ggtaccacat     15360
     ggcacagaga gagaatttgt gcacttggga gagtacatca cttgtgaaac attgcattga     15420
     acacagtcct tccctgtcac aacagaaagc aaaactgatc tgaactcagc tggcacccaa     15480
     ccaaaaagga agtatttaaa ccagccctag ccagagggga atcaaccatt gcaatggtca     15540
     taatttccat tcccagaagc ctttccccca tgggttaaag tgctgtgggg ctccaaataa     15600
     ctcgaaaggc attctaagcc acagggcctg caactcttag ttgagttcca gtgctgaaca     15660
     gggctcagag ccagtggaca tgaggacatg caacctactg caacaacagc aagtgtggct     15720
     aagggagtgc ttgtgccacc cctccctgat acccaggcca cacagctcag ggcgccaaaa     15780
     cagacccatt tttatgcttg agaagaggag aggaaaaagg aaagaagact ttgtcatgca     15840
     ttttggatac cagctcagtc acagtaggac agggcactgg tcagagtgat gaggctccat     15900
     tccaggcttt ggctcccaga tgacatttct agacacaacc tggggtagaa gggaaggtgc     15960
     tgctttgaag aaaagaactc agtcctggca ggagccatga cctgctgatt aaaaagccct     16020
     gggtattgac agcactatga aggtagtatg ccatgggcct tgggtgacac tctgagactc     16080
     cctggcttca ggtgagactc agaacattcc caactgtggt ggccatgggg agaggcacct     16140
     tctgcttggg aaaagtaaag gggaatttgt tttgcactgt aagtactatc ttagccacag     16200
     aggggtagag cagcaagagg gctcttgagt ccccatttca aggtcttgac tttatgatgt     16260
     catttctgga ccttccctgg gccagagggg agcctactgt cattaagtgt gagtcctaga     16320
     ccaggtaata ttcaccacaa attcaccaga gagcccttgg gccttagctg tagcctggaa     16380
     gtactgtggg cctgtactct tctggtggcg gccatggaat gaggctcctc tgcctgtgga     16440
     aagggaaggg aagggtggga atgactgtat cttgtggttt gagtgccagc tcagccatag     16500
     tactatagaa caacagacat tcaaggtttt tgcctgtagt gtctggctta caaatggcac     16560
     ttcttgacct gcctgtgcaa gggggaactt gttgccctga agggaaggac acaagcctgg     16620
     ttgatttccc catgtttcaa ttattgaacc caagtggcca cctagtatct gcacagctcc     16680
     gtgcttgaga ctcaaggccc tggtggcttg ggctcacaag gggatttcct gatccacgag     16740
     ttgcacagat ctgtggaaaa agtgtgattt cctgggtcag gtagcacaat cactcactgc     16800
     ctcccttggc tgggggtagg agctcccctt gccccatgca gctcccaggt aggccatcac     16860
     tccaccctgc ttttccttgc tctccatggg tcatgtcaac tgcctagtca gtcccaatta     16920
     gagaacctgg attcctcagc tgaaggtgca gggttcactc atcatttcgt tcttctcagt     16980
     gggagtccct gacagcagct acttctagtc agccatcttg gccccttttg aaatctattt     17040
     tgtccaatat aaatatagct attcctgaaa ttttttgatc cattggcatg gaatatccct     17100
     ttcaatctct ttgtttttgg tctatgtgaa tctttgtagg tggcatgtgt tttctgtagg     17160
     caacagatca ttgggtctct ttttttaact cattcagcca ctcttgtctt ttgattggat     17220
     tatgtagtcc atgtactttc aatgttatta ttgacaagta aagacttact cttgccattt     17280
     tgtccttgtc tctgttttgt ggcattttct tccccttctt tcttaaatgc tccctctttg     17340
     ggcaggtatt agctgatttt agcctggctt tactttctgc cattagagtg aaacactgag     17400
     ctcagtgtct tagaattgac gtgccctcct cctcctcaat gcataaaaat ggtcttctta     17460
     ttatgccaag ggattagcta gagattgcat cagcaattca gtcttttttt tttttttttc     17520
     ctatctcatt cagtgccttt ttaagcaata tgaagttaaa gtctggtact ttgagtactc     17580
     tcctgattta ttattatgaa gcttccttta ttgtgtagat agttgttaaa ttggcgtcct     17640
     tatggtgaag gaacgattgt tggaagtttc tattctacca tcttgctctt cctcttcctc     17700
     ttgagaaagc ttcatgtaat atctaatact gctttcatta ttatgtttga taagttgact     17760
     tgttatgaca gagataataa tgcttataac atctaaaata tttgctagct gagatattac     17820
     caaaatattt ttttttaccc ctggatgaca tttaggtgaa tatatcttat tcttgagggt     17880
     gagcatgcct tttttctcct aggtttttag tgtcaaagtt tgtgttacat aatgagaagt     17940
     gtggctgtgt tttaatttta ctctctattt tctttatgtt tttcctgtgg tctgtattcc     18000
     agagaaaatc tgtctatttc aacagtcata gatatatgga aatattattt ttacttgata     18060
     cttactagca aattataaaa tattcaaata ataaaaaatg aaaatattac aggaaaatat     18120
     atgtgcaacc ccctagcaat acgtttgtta aactataata aatggacatt ttctcaataa     18180
     aatacaaatg atcaaaattg aacaaggaat tagaaaataa agaaaaggtt cttttctgat     18240
     gtttctgatg ttctgaatac atctttggtg gacatgagag cttgggtctt agaggtgtgg     18300
     ctttcacctg tgttactttc cttcctcaga taaaattctg gacctactac ttattcctgt     18360
     tccccaaggg tagatatatt tttccccctg tcctgcttct ctcaagtata atgggtttcc     18420
     accagtgttg aaagcttata gctttgttga ccctttccct tcaaataatg gtttgttact     18480
     tagaggagat aagatggtga gtaagagtga gacagttgct gctggtccct ttgtccagcc     18540
     agcataatgg gagatgtttt ctcagaatgc tttccaatct actctgtgat tgcttgttag     18600
     ggtttctgaa agaaaattct ataaaggggt ttgaatccca ctatgtgtct ttggccctca     18660
     gtgtcttttc cattctcatg ctacagactt tgttttaagc aatttgtaaa gttttcaagc     18720
     taaattttct aatggattat atagttcgtg agtacattcc aagtaaacaa aagccagaat     18780
     actttttctc ctgtaggccc ctatctcttc atagattttg agtaagttgt ttaccctgtt     18840
     acctcagttc tttgactgtt tcaagtaaat tcattaattt tcactttact gtcgtctgtc     18900
     ttttcttctt tttctttctt tctttctttc ttttctttct ttctttcttt tctttctttc     18960
     tttttatttc tttccttctt tttctttcac tttatttctc ttccactttc tttctctttc     19020
     tctcttttcc tttcttttct ttactttttt cttttttatc ttgtcctctg tttgtgaggg     19080
     tgtgagggac acttttcaga tctctatagc atagataaca attcctctga ttttgctttt     19140
     ataaaaattc taaaacaagt aactaatagc tggaattttt gaattgtggt cacttttgga     19200
     gaggaagagg aaataatgca tgaggagggt ttttatgttg ctgtgttcct tttcttgatc     19260
     taagttctgg gtgtatgaat tgtttctttg tattgattaa atggtagctt tatgttttat     19320
     gtacttgttt gtgtgtgtgt taacttctaa tttaaaatct aagaaataaa ttataagtaa     19380
     atgaagccat gatagtaaac caattatata tacatataaa actattgata ttttaaatca     19440
     aataccttta agccatgtaa gccataatat taaactgaat atgtatatat tatatataac     19500
     tgaatataca tatatataac tgaatatata tataatatat gtatcagtaa ttatatatat     19560
     aatcactgat tttttaaatc aaatacattt aatgagtatt ttgcttgaca ttaatcttct     19620
     ataattgtaa tgcttaccat catgcatcag ataatatttt tctcccgtta aattttttct     19680
     ccttcaatat actcattaac tattctaaag gttaagtctt aaataattac ataatttctt     19740
     tccagaaatt taatcttcaa taattattgt catcttttaa taatcaatca tttttattta     19800
     aaatcccaga ttattttaaa taattaaagt acttaactga ctcctagatt tcaaaagctc     19860
     tctatatctg tgaagatatt tgaactccaa cctctgaata tttagtcaag gttttgaagg     19920
     attaaaaata ttatattaaa ttatgcagac attctttttt taatatgctt gttactggta     19980
     agcacatgtt caaaatacac aggctgaagt aaaactagca tttatgtttt tgtatctttg     20040
     agctttccaa tctctctcta tatcccaaat tcttaagcaa aatgaatgag aacattgttt     20100
     tagaaattga aattgaaatg tcacatattt tatttccttc agcaactctt acgtggaaca     20160
     catttactgg caaaaacaaa gtcatctctg ttaagataag catttgagct gtcagagtct     20220
     gaatgattat agaggacata actaatttat gtgtcaaaaa gctattctac tctgcaccat     20280
     caacacctat tatacacact attggggaat atagctagcc ctactgatgt atagattgat     20340
     aatcaatgcc agtcacatat gagataaatg atagctcttt aaactattat ggttgcaaag     20400
     tcataatttt tagtctattc ccctctactt tatccactga ggaatattta gataatactc     20460
     acaagatgtg tttatgcttg catgtatata cacacacaga gacatatata tatatatatg     20520
     tttgtatata caatatttag aaatatgtat attttcatca gtattctagt aacttgttgg     20580
     cttatattat atcacggaga aaaaagaaaa gaaacaaagt atacacatta tttttgatgg     20640
     aaaaatttat ccatttatat ttaaacagta caccatgagt ttctgttgtt ctgaattttc     20700
     agtttgaggt aagaaggcct gatgcacatt gctgctagat cgcacattta ctgcatcatg     20760
     tgaaggtgaa atatcagcat accaaaaaag tctatgaatt atttaaccca caagttaaaa     20820
     aaaagtaagt tcctagagca ataatctgat aaagcagaaa tatatcaata ttattcttta     20880
     aagaacagca aagattttaa aactggtaga taaattttag gactgatcaa gatcaaaata     20940
     aatataattc tgtaaattaa agcttcattg aagtagaaga agaaaacatg ttctccatat     21000
     gagaaggaaa aacatcataa aatttatata ttttatgtaa acacataggg ttcagcaagg     21060
     attatgaaat acattagcca taatattttt ataatcactt acacagtctt tctcctgctt     21120
     taagctttct tatgttagtt tgttctctcc actcattttg gccttccact tctcctttct     21180
     gctgccttcc tgctaatata gaaataccct ctcttaagag gacatcattt aaagtttact     21240
     atgatacata tttgaataca ttttactttt tgtaataagt aagacagtta caatgtgaat     21300
     aataagaaaa taggacaata aaagatgcca tatggtaaat aatatttaaa tatcacctct     21360
     tcatctagaa atatctaata ctgtcttacc tattttttcc agttattatt ttattataag     21420
     gtgtctaggc tttttaaccc aaagttgagt ctctctgttt aaaattggag ttgtttacta     21480
     aatgttttgt aagactttcc tctattatct tctgttattt tctatttaaa aaataaatat     21540
     ctcttgctac taggaagaag gatatattta cctcataggt tttgttttct ttagttatgt     21600
     ctgaagatat tcagtaagtt actctcggac acacattaga tatatggaaa tttaaaatgc     21660
     aacttatcag agtgtactgc tctaaatatt tttaagcata ttaaatgtag catacagttt     21720
     gaatttattt agtattttca ttgagtatat ttgaaaaaac ataacaaaag aatttttaag     21780
     tattttagta atcgtaattt tagatataaa acattttttt ataaaccaaa aaaacagatt     21840
     ttgtcaatca tctaggggaa ggtatagtaa aagttagttt atttatggcc tgtactacta     21900
     ttttctaaag aaatatttgt ctattttttc tctttcttat aacatttaca tgaagaggat     21960
     tctatttcta aaataacttt tttatgatta aagaacaaac taagctaata tccagaacaa     22020
     atgattattg atcaatcatg ttttgtttac tgttggcata tagaaatgct ggttttgtac     22080
     attgattttg tattctgctt gtgatgcata ttctgaaagt taattgttta gataatgctt     22140
     taatgctgac tacataccta tatttcctta aaaggattgc cttttgcctc ttttacatgg     22200
     cccttttggg agtccacctc agagaacact ttataatgtt atcagttcat aattgcaaaa     22260
     tctggaatca aaactgataa tcattcttaa taaaataaat tttaaaaaat caaagtaaac     22320
     aaatataaaa atggaaaaaa tgttgcagct atagtgctct atataaaatc agaagctgac     22380
     taaattaaca aatagctatt tcatggagga agactcgatt tcgtactgct tcttgtcaca     22440
     cattagaaaa tctattttta tttcagatta atgaaactat aatgagttaa aaagttgtca     22500
     aagaaaaatt gtactgggtg gagttaaatg agtaacgaag acttaattca gggctatgta     22560
     atagggaaga gagactgctg taatagaaga gagagattaa actcaattct gttgaaacaa     22620
     aatgtgggat agtttttaag ccctgaagta agccagataa gaagtactgg tgcacaagga     22680
     tgttagtgaa gaggttggtc aatgtaatta ggccatctgc attttcttac gggggcttat     22740
     aaaatgagcc tcctaccctt ccattgagac tgggagatta gagacctatc ttttttcacg     22800
     atttcacttc aaaacgatgg ctcccaggtc tttaagaaag acattcccta gtttaatatc     22860
     tgcaatggcc cgaaagattt gtctatattt gaaaggagca tagaaaatat ttacaaggtt     22920
     tctaaagtaa atgctctaag aaaagagagg tcagaggttt atagtcaaaa ggaaacctct     22980
     ttgaagttta ttcaagccaa gggtaacatt aagtaattat tttaattcat tacaagcagt     23040
     ttacaccacc taaatacaag tacatatgct aaatgttgaa tggtaagcaa cttttgaaaa     23100
     aaaattacac ataaaaactt aaagaaaaat aatttaagcc atgaaatatg gcagatacat     23160
     gtcagatgtt gctcttttgt cacataaaat tgctaaatat taccctgttg ttgcttttat     23220
     tattgagtgg ttttgtgtgg ttattgcaag gaagaagtaa aaaaagcatg aatttgagtg     23280
     gaatagtcta tttattagaa cactacagtc aattgtgtat attttcactt ggtaagttca     23340
     atgcatctga catgttttcc tttgaatgta tagcaacata aatgctcatc aaaatccttt     23400
     gaaattttat taatctgtaa attagaagtg atgggaaagt gaagagatac atacatagaa     23460
     gatttttcat agtattttct aaagttgtct tggcaagctt gaagagcaaa tggctgggca     23520
     acctaggcat ggcaaagagc atgacattag catgatgatg gagtaaaaat ttggcaaaat     23580
     tccttcttat cttgaaaata gctttatatc tagtctttca tgacctacat agaataactt     23640
     aactctgaca actatcagaa gtgaatacac aattaaagta gcttttgtaa aaccagcttg     23700
     aatgaaggta actttcacag cagggttgga aaagcatttt caaggcaaga cagaagagat     23760
     tacgatttga atggaatggc gcagtcatgc ttggaggaac aaaataaggt gatttttttc     23820
     cttggaaaat ttggtggtta atgatatcaa agtaaaaaaa aagataataa acacatatca     23880
     ttatttaatg atggcttgtg tgtgagaggt ttgtatatga ggtaagtatc caaaaatgag     23940
     tactaatcag ataagacaaa acagaagcca agagcatcct aagaaagcaa acatgagtag     24000
     taatgcaaaa tttaaatatg atagaatatc tgggaactac atgtacatta aaatagggaa     24060
     atcagataca gagcagtaga aaatgaacct gcagacaaga atcaggtcat ggaggctctc     24120
     ttataagatc tgagaaattt gaacttcatt taagaattaa gaacctagga ataaagagaa     24180
     tggggttaag agggtagaaa ttctgatgat actttctttt gctgtgcaga agctctttag     24240
     tttaattaga tcccatttgt caattttggc ttttgctacc attgcttttg gtgttttagt     24300
     catgatgtct ttgcccatgc ctatgtcctg aatggtattg cctaggtttt cttcaagtgt     24360
     ttttatggtt ttaggcatta cattgaagtc tttaatccat cttgagttaa tttttgtata     24420
     aggtataacg aaggggtcca gtttcaggtt tctatgtaca gctagccaat tttcccaaca     24480
     ccatttatta aataggggat tctttctctg ttgcttgttt ttgtcaggtt gtcaatgatc     24540
     agatgactgt agatgtgtgg agttatttct gaggcctata ttctgttcca ttggtctata     24600
     tatctttttt tggtaccagt accatgctgt tttggttact gtagccttgt agtatagttt     24660
     gaagtcaggt agtgtgatgc ctacagcttt gttctttttg catgggatat cttggatata     24720
     caggctcttt tttgattcca cataaaattt aaagtagttt tttctaattc tgtgaagaaa     24780
     gtcaatgata gcttaatggg gatagcattg aatcagtaaa ttattttggg cagtatggcc     24840
     attttcatga tattgattct tcctatccat gagtatggaa tgtttttcca tttgtttgtg     24900
     tcctctctta tttccttgag cagtggtttg tcgttctcct tgaagaggtc cttcacatcc     24960
     cttgtaaatt gtattcctaa atattttatt ctctttgtag caattgtgaa tgggaattca     25020
     ctcacgattt ggctctctgt ttgtctatta ttggtgtgta ggaatgcttg tgatttttgc     25080
     acattgattt tgtatcctga gactctgctg aagttgctta tcagcttaag gagtttttgg     25140
     gctgtgacga tggggttttc caaatacata atcatgtcat ctgcaagcag agacaatttg     25200
     acttcttctc ttcctatttg aatatccttt atttctttct cttgcctgat ttccctggcc     25260
     agaacttcca atactatgtt gaataggagt ggtgagagag ggcatacttg tcttgtgccg     25320
     gttttcaaag ggaatgcttc cagcttttgc ccattcagta tgatcttggc tgtgtgttta     25380
     tcataaatac ctcttattat tttgagatac gttccatcaa tatctagttt attgacagtt     25440
     tttagcatga aggggtgttg aattttatca aaggcctttt ctgcatctat tgagataatc     25500
     atgtggtttt tgtcattggt tctgtttatg tgatggatta catttattga tctgcctatg     25560
     ttgaaccagc cttgcatccc agggatgaag ctgaattgac cgtggtgggt aagctttttg     25620
     atgtgttgat agattctgtt tgccagtatt ttattgagga tttttgcatt gaaattcatc     25680
     agggatattg gcctgcaatt ttctgtttgt tttgtctctg ccacgttttg gtatcaggtt     25740
     gatgctggcc tcctaaaatg agttagggag gagttcctgt ttttctgtta tttggaatag     25800
     ttttagaagg aatggtacca gcttctcttt gtacctctgg gagaatttgg ctgtgaattc     25860
     ttctggttct aggatttttt tttggtcgat aggctattaa ttattgcctc aattttagaa     25920
     tttgttattg atcaattcag ggatttgact tcttcctcat ttagtcttgg aagggtgtat     25980
     atgttcagga atttgcccat ttcttctaga ttttctagtt tatttgcata gaggtgttta     26040
     tagtattctc tgatggtagt ttgtatttct ggggaattat tggtggtatc ccctttatca     26100
     ttttttcttg tgtctatttg attcttctca cttttcttct ttattagtct ggttagcagt     26160
     ctattttgtt aatcttttca aaaaaccagc tgctggattc attgattttt tgaagggttt     26220
     ttcatgtctc tatctccttc agttctgctc tgatcttact tatttcttct cttctactag     26280
     cttttgaatt tgtttgccct tgcttctcta gttcttttaa ttgtgatatt agggtgtcga     26340
     ttttagatct tagaaatttt ttgcaatcta tctatctgac aaagggcaaa tatccagaat     26400
     ctacaaggaa ctttaacaaa gttacaagga agaaacaaac aaccccatca aggaggtgaa     26460
     ggacttgaac agacatttct caaaagaaga catttatcca gccaacaaac atatgaaaaa     26520
     agctcatcat cactggtcat tagagaaatg caaacctaaa ccatgatgag ataccatctc     26580
     attccagtta gaatagtgat cattaaaaag tcaggaaaca acagatgatg gagaggatgt     26640
     ggggaaataa gaatgctttt acactgttgg tgggagagta aattagttca acaattatgg     26700
     aagacagtgt ggcgattcct caacgatcca gaactacaaa tactatttga cccagcaatt     26760
     ctattattgg gtatatacct gaagaattat aaatcattct actctaaaga cacatgcact     26820
     cttatattta ttgtggtact attcataata acaaagactt gggaccaact aaaatgccca     26880
     tcaatgatac actggataaa gaaaatgtgg cacatataca ccattgaata ctatgcaggc     26940
     ataaaaaaga tgagtttatg tcctttgcag gggcatgaat gaagctggaa accatcactt     27000
     tcagctaagt aacaaaggaa cagaaaacca aacaccacat tttctcactc ataagtggga     27060
     gttgaacaat gagaacacat ggacacatgg aggggaacat cacacactag gggctgtcag     27120
     gggacagggg gctagggtag ggatagcatt aggagaaata cctaatgtag atgacgggtt     27180
     gatggatgca gcaaaccacc atggcatgtg tataactatg taacaaacct gcacgttctg     27240
     cacatgtatc ctagaactta aagtataatt taaataaatg aaggtagaaa cattttgaaa     27300
     aagaaaaaat ctgagaatca ttctgatatt aaatcttgtc ccaccatcag tgaaaaccat     27360
     tacattgtca cttataagag agatgtgtca tgatcattat tctggcagta atgtaaatat     27420
     atgttggggt atcatatggt ggataaatga tgagggccag aattattgca atagcagtga     27480
     caatgaagag aagaggatgg ctctacgcaa tatctagtaa gcgtgtagga tatagtaaat     27540
     gtgaaggctt gatcaaaatc aggaaacagt gttgaagcag tcaggattca cttccataat     27600
     tctgtcatta agtctgataa taatattacc aacttaaggg aagtgtggaa caatagaatt     27660
     gatgatgatg taaatatgtc acttttgtac atattgattg ccaagtgctg tggtagatta     27720
     acttctaaga atgaacccaa tgactctcac tgttttaaaa cccctttctt ttgaatgttt     27780
     ttggaacctg cgaatatcat atgacctcac tcccatgatt tagttatatt atatagttta     27840
     aaaagattat ctgagtgggt ctgctttaat catgtagctc tttaaaagaa gagagtttac     27900
     tcctgatatt ggtaagaggg aagtcaaaga tatttgaagc atacaaattt gatgctagct     27960
     taaaaaggaa ggtggttatg tgacacgaat atgggcagac tctagaggtt aaggttctac     28020
     tgaaagtaat ccagtagatg agatctctag atagatctct agaaagtaat ctagtagaag     28080
     aaattgtatt ctgccaacat cacaaatgag cttggaagca aattcttccc taggtgcacc     28140
     acgtagaatt ccagcccaaa taattatttt cattatggct ttatgagaat cttacatggg     28200
     aatcccaaaa gagtcagcca tgacttttgt cctacagaac tgtgatataa caattgagta     28260
     ttgttttaag accttaaata tgtgataatt tgttgtgctt taaaataaat taatgcagtg     28320
     cctccaggac ttccagataa acttatagag ctgacattag gcatttaatg ttgtgcctga     28380
     agtgaagttg tagatggaga aagagattaa gacattagaa ttaggtcata caggttgaaa     28440
     catatgaaat agctgatatt gaactgcttt tgacctataa aagtggaagt ttcatagagt     28500
     ccaacctaat gcaaagtgtt aaaatcctga gtgcactaaa ttgtccaaca tttttatgtc     28560
     tgaaacaggt agaaggacat tgccaatgtt taacattctg aactgatttt tccccacaaa     28620
     ttcagtatca ttggaaattt gaaatcaaat gataccttcg atggatgaag aacattttaa     28680
     ccctttggtt atgagtcagt ttacttattc agatctttag ttttgtaaag cagtctatat     28740
     aaaagatagg agaggttgaa acatggcaat gtgaaagggg ataggaagaa ttcaatgcaa     28800
     accgttctta gtaaaaatta ggcagatgta atgattttca aaattattcc caagcatgac     28860
     tacatttcag tataaaatta aaaatggata tagaaatagc ttcttaagtc aagaagcatt     28920
     tgcacatatt tgatgaactg caattgtcaa aagttcattg agttacaaaa ttcagaggaa     28980
     aaattctgag ttatcaaatc agaatcgact tatgaccttc cagcaggaaa acaatatttt     29040
     aaagcacaca gtcaaaacaa ataaatggaa ggactaggcc tttataaagg tcaaaaaata     29100
     acaagcagtt ctggactaat tgttatcagt gtgttcaatg tgagtggtgg agtatgggga     29160
     aaggaatcaa tgaggagcag tctggaagaa ggttccaaaa cagatatgta acaagagagg     29220
     atacgactta gacagagtgc actgaatgaa atgtaaaggg ggaattagga tatgaaaact     29280
     tgaccaggca cggtagctca tggctgtaat accaatactt tgggaggctg aggtgggcag     29340
     atcacgaggt caagagcttg agaccagcct ggtcaacatg gtgaaaaccc atccctacta     29400
     agaatacaaa aattagctgg gcatggtggg aaattagctg ggcgtggtgg aaaattagcc     29460
     gggcatggtg gcacatgcct gtaatcccag ctactctgga ggctgaggca ggaggcagga     29520
     gaattgcttg aacctgggag gtggaggttg cagtgagccg agatcgcgcc actatgctcc     29580
     agcctgtgtg acagagcaag actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gataaaagat     29640
     aaaagaaaaa aaaagaaaac gttggctgtt tgcttagtat ttgagtgttt gaagatacca     29700
     tgcagcagca aatactggga gaagaaagaa aattttgtct ataaaaaata tgccccaata     29760
     aacatacatg tgcatgtgtc tttatagcag catgatttat attcctttgg gtatataccc     29820
     agtaatggga tggctgggtc aaatggtatt tctagttcta gatccctgag gaatcgccac     29880
     actgtcttcc acaatggttg aactagttta cagtcccacc aacagtgtaa aagtgttcct     29940
     atttctcctc tccagcacct gttgtttcct gactttttaa tgatcgccat tctaactggt     30000
     gtgagatgat atctcattgt ggtttggatt tgcatctctc tgatggccag tgacgatgag     30060
     cattttttaa tgagtgcagc acaccaacat ggcacatgta tacatatgta acaaacctgc     30120
     acgttgtgca catgtaccct aaaacttaaa gtataataaa aaatatatat aaaaaattaa     30180
     aaaaaatgtg gaacaagctt tccctctgtt atgttaatgt actgtgtatc agccacctgt     30240
     aaataatgct ggagtcagat taaagtactg aaacctatat gaggtctagt aaagaatttt     30300
     aacatggagg gataaaaacg agtcagtaac tcactgaaat tgaaaaatta aggctttaga     30360
     atcagttaac atgaagtagg attctagccg cctctaagtt ttgtgaaatt tggtagctct     30420
     ataaaatttc tatgtttaaa tgtctcctgt aatacatgat tttctgtttt ataatatggt     30480
     taaatgagcc ataaagtagt tggttcgatg aaagagtaag tattcaacaa tttttttttt     30540
     tactttttta aaatgataaa aggataagaa aaagaagttt ctatggaaca ccatggaaag     30600
     gcttgtggct atgcttcatt gatcatgact acatgtagtt taattatata gccagaagct     30660
     aggagttaac actttaaaaa cttaggtaag tccagatttc atgtccgtct atttaacatt     30720
     tcttactcca aagtaatttt tgcaataaca aggaactgag atagaaagaa atgataaata     30780
     aatctcaagt agaagatgag atgaagaaat tctttgttta cttttttatt tttttatttt     30840
     tatttatttg tttttttgag acagagtctt gctctgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc     30900
     gcgattttgg ctcactgcaa gctccgcctc ccaggttcac gccattctcc tgcctcagcc     30960
     tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggcacccgc caccacgcct ggctaatttt tttgtatttt     31020
     tagtagagac ggggtttcac cgcgttagcc aggatggtct cgatctcttg acctcgtgat     31080
     ccacccacct aggcctccca aagtgctgtg attacaggcg tgagccactg cgcctgtcca     31140
     gaaattctta gttttaaaaa gagaactgga tatacacaaa tacaaacact gttattattt     31200
     aaatatttag gacttcaact gagattattc tcttggtctg ttaattgaag aactaatcaa     31260
     tatttttttc tgataatatc taaaacacat agttaacaca cggccagtct ttgtaaaagg     31320
     aaaaataaca catatgacaa ttttatgtca gtttagagat gccagctaga gtatttttga     31380
     aaaataagag aaatcctttt catcaagcta ctctcagctg taagtcctag aaattttatg     31440
     agaaaaatat tattctataa aataagaaaa caatttcact cacatatgag aataaaaata     31500
     atagtaattt tgcactgatc attaaaaatg caaacactaa gaaagatttt ataaatattt     31560
     tagaaaattc tgaaattcag tttctaattt ctttctagtc tttttcagaa gtatctaata     31620
     atataaacct agataaatca tgttcaaatt ttgaaataca gatctataaa cacaatttct     31680
     ataagtgatc aacagctttt gctaatcgaa aaacaaaata catcatattg cagatgtttt     31740
     tcctttttga ctaggatcat ctatcaatga cctgaaataa cttagaaaaa caaagaaaaa     31800
     agaaacacat gcatttgaag tattattggt tctgaattat tattttcatt cctattatta     31860
     ttaaagaaca atagaaaata ggtaaacata tggttctaaa attttagcgt gcatcaatat     31920
     taatagtaat aaaagcaacc attaatagta cagctaacat attgagggtt cagttgggga     31980
     aaagaaattt atttgaatta cctcttattt tgtacagtaa tcttatgaga ttgttctact     32040
     attatcttaa ttttgacaaa gagattgtga ttctgtctct tggaacagag tttctgtcat     32100
     ctgtattttt aataagattc ccaggtattg atgcaaatca aagtttaaat gatttaagtt     32160
     ctgtaaaaat ttctcaatcc atttagtagg ttaaggttct ggatatattt gccaagattc     32220
     ccagaaataa gctgattatt tttagagagt aaaacatttt aatcaggaaa ctccaaaatc     32280
     ttcctgtgtc caatggactg atattttcct agctatttaa gcaaaattta tatatttcaa     32340
     attatttgat ctatgatatg caatgcacct tttctttcca attagaattg gaaatgttta     32400
     acttttattc tgtaattaaa tcaagtcact ataactagga aaacataaat attcacctac     32460
     acaaaatatt aagtaattaa aatttatgaa gaaagcaaga ctacacaaac gtgatatgtt     32520
     aaaagaacca aataaaattc tgttccaaca gatttaggct gttcaaaaag ataagtcttt     32580
     cactttgatt taaagtttaa caggtctcgt gtcttgaatt accagaatgt gcactatata     32640
     aaccctttaa atatgcaata ttttcacctg tcttctgcat tacattcttt ctaagacctt     32700
     ggcatagcaa ttaaaataag aaacatattt ttaaataatg tttgcactta tagtttccaa     32760
     aacatttctt ttctcctccc ttctcgctta tttctctctc tctgactcgt acaaaaccac     32820
     aagaggaact tgaaagatac tttagttgct atttctgacc ttaataataa atgcaaaatg     32880
     taagctcatc agtataaaat aattacatat atatgttcta tatattacat tgtaatagaa     32940
     aataaagata tatacccatt ttgacttgat tgtttaggca gccagaattt ttaaaaccat     33000
     atattaattc aaccatccat tcttagttga tgtattcaat ggtactgtgc tcattctaac     33060
     aatggcttct aacattcaag taatttttag gaaacatttt atctttttct tcaaatatca     33120
     cagcatgcca agtggagttc taagtgttac atctaacaga gaaaattttg caattgaaat     33180
     ttgaaaataa atatacattc tcaagaaatt ttcatctttt attgctactt taaagtgcta     33240
     tgggagtaaa atataatacc actggactta aagaaacctt caagaaatct tgttgtaaac     33300
     ctcaatttag agattaaaga acttgaggtc attataaaac aagtgagctt cagtgatact     33360
     aacactccaa cacttaggtc tcctgttaca accctgttgg atttatccta aactgtgtga     33420
     ctttttttta ttcctttctc taaggaataa aatacaccca atctattgcc tagacaacca     33480
     cagttacctt ttaaaagtta tctctggttt tattcttgtt atgtacaaaa tggatttgag     33540
     gagccactta aatttcaaat ttcagagaga atatgtgggt aatctagctt aggtcataga     33600
     cctgtccttg attttagact gcagctacta gattgcttct aatggatatg aggtaattag     33660
     ttaacattta ttcactttca ctctgtgtaa tacactgctc tgacggttta cacatttcag     33720
     tccacttaat tattatagca aacgtgatat tggtgctgtt tttattccat taaagaaaat     33780
     tgtgatactg actaaaaata ttattaatat aataaatgcc ctctcttcct tcatgaagca     33840
     agcattcttc ttagggatat attcttgtga aaggattctg aatttaaaag ctttatctat     33900
     attaagacca taccaataag ataaaataat tatgataatc tataagacta aataactatg     33960
     tcataggaga cttattctga aggccagtac catgtgaaat atattattaa ttatgtagaa     34020
     aatgttcatt acttcacccc aaaataccta gacaatttga atgtgaataa attcagtcct     34080
     cacctctgct ttaagtgggg aatttattta attttatttt ttttttaatt taaaaaattt     34140
     tttttgaggc agagtctcac tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggtgc gatctcagct     34200
     cactgcaacc tccgcctccc aggttcaagc gattctcctg actcagcctc ctgagtagct     34260
     gtgattacag gtgcccacca ctatgcccag ctaatttttt gtgtttttag tagagatggg     34320
     gtttcaccat gttgtccagg ctggtctcga actcctgacc tcatgattcg cttgccttgg     34380
     cttcccaaag tgctgggata caggcgtgag ccaccacgcc cggcctaagt gaggaatttt     34440
     taatagagga ttttgaaatc atattgtggc acaaggacat acagctaatt atgacgaaat     34500
     gattttaaat gcttttcgtt tatttgttgg ttttggttgg ttgcttggtt ggttggtttt     34560
     tatctgttgc agaatcagaa actttggaaa agcaatttct taaagaatat gagtaaaaaa     34620
     gtatctgtat ctaaataaag aaaaaatgtt taattcaggc actgacagta gttcaaagga     34680
     ggcgtcaata cttcaaatca gcaatgagaa gtttccagtg tctcttctga aatacgcaaa     34740
     gtgaggagca gagaataact tgccattatc tctgggtcat gggtttggat ataaatgagc     34800
     aaccaggcac tactgttagt cataatacag catctgttct atgctagcaa ttatcatttt     34860
     ttcaaatgaa atttgatgga tgctgttagc agctgatacg tcattggtat aattttactt     34920
     tttatataca tgccacacgt gatgaactct agtttaattt gtatatttta ctattctgtg     34980
     aacaccatta caagcaaatc aaatttctct gaactgataa aatatgggtg tgtgtgtgtc     35040
     ttatttgatt ctattactca agtggattta aaatttttat gatgacaaaa ctaaataagg     35100
     ggatttcatc ttaagtacat tgtgtctatt gcaataagcc tggaagagtg aagagaactg     35160
     tgactcactt agaaggcagt agaacacagc tgagaaattc ccccaaagct tgaatattaa     35220
     gaacttgcta tattttatag gtattatttc taaattagtc gttattttat gtagggactt     35280
     ttaaaataag acaaaacaag gttttttatt aatctggatt tactgttggt gattagtaaa     35340
     aagtttaaag ttgcaatata tgcattttaa aggatatgtc tattgcagga gatttttacc     35400
     attattttta agtgatccca acatttgttc tttttactgc tactagataa ttagaaataa     35460
     tgatttacct ttatgttttc taatcagatg atgatttcta attacatgtg tatttatgtt     35520
     aaaatgtcat ttgaatatag tcattttatc attaatccat gaattttgtt ttctaattag     35580
     tttttatgta tgcctaaata gattgctata attttgtgtt attaacttga caagaatatt     35640
     tcacttttta aagaacccag tacagttgga taatacaatt ggtcttcagt gtttttaaaa     35700
     aaatcactat taacaatgag gaatatgcat tgttttctgt ttttgcttat tttccactca     35760
     tttctcatac ctacgattag gcaaaataac aaaatttaca aaattaactt attcatgacc     35820
     ttatgtgaaa aactagtgag tcagcagaaa gggaaaagag gcttgaacag ttctacatgc     35880
     agccctgctt tgttgttgcg aaaaacttgc ccacttactg tataatcttg agcaagtgcc     35940
     ttaagttccc tgaccctcag ttgcattctt gctatagtga gtattagact agataatgac     36000
     ctgaaattct tgcagcttga tgatactttt tcttttctgg gaaaggtaat ataatgacaa     36060
     aaaaatatag ctgaaatttg ttataatttt tattgactgg gttttgggct tttttaaaga     36120
     aaatactgca tagttgacac tatgcagaat aactacatct taaataattc tttaaaaaat     36180
     aatatctgca gaaatttaac agtggtaact aatgtgatgt agtctgttag cagtatattt     36240
     aagtatggct atattataac tcttctgtct ctttcataat taaccaaatc aaaccaaacc     36300
     aaacaaaacg taaaacaaga tggtggagaa gagaaaaata acatttaaaa acagagagaa     36360
     tattgttcgt tggtataaaa catttaaagt tggcagaatg acataacatg ttctctgtga     36420
     tctattagag atacccacat ggaaaagcaa tcatttcaaa gatgcaaact tggggtatgg     36480
     taactcaagc ctgtaatcct agcactttgg aggcccaggc aggagagttg cttgagccca     36540
     ggagttcaag accagactgg gcatcatagt gagatctccc tttctctcca aaaaaaaaaa     36600
     ttaaattaaa ttaaaaatag attagctatt gtcgtggtgt gcacctgtgg tcccagctac     36660
     taaggaggtt gaggctgcaa tgagctgtga ttgtgccact gcgctccaga ctgggcaaca     36720
     aagcaagacc ttgtctcaaa ataaataaat aaaataaaat aaaaaatgca aatgtttcat     36780
     gaatttcagt gcaaatttga tttgtagacg ataattcttt ttttttttta attttttttt     36840
     ttttttgaga tggtgtgttg ctctgttgct caggctggag tgcagtggca caatcttggc     36900
     tcactacaac ctctgcctcc tgggttccag caattctcct gcctcagcct cctgaatagc     36960
     tgggacaaca ggtgcaggcc accactcctg gctaatgttt gtatttttaa tagatacggg     37020
     gtttcaccat attggtcagg ctggtctcga actcctgacc tcaggtgatc cacccacctc     37080
     agcctctcaa attgctggga ttacaggcat gagccacagc gcccagtcga ggatacttct     37140
     taaagaagtg aattctaaat tgtttgtgtc tcttctttcc ccctgccccc ttcctttcct     37200
     tctccatttc tctatcctgc ctctccctct tccaaaaaca aaaacacaag atcaaattga     37260
     agaatgtttt agtatctatt tcagcacata agatctgatg gcgacacata aaatccgatg     37320
     taaaatgtaa gcaaagaaat agaaaatatt aataaattgt ttttatctct tttttaaagg     37380
     tattttaaaa tattagaagc atataagcta ataaaaagta cttctgtttt tgaatctgtt     37440
     gttggaagtc tgaattcatt gagaaaaagt gcattgctgg gcattatcgt gatatatacc     37500
     tatttgtaca ttcagtttcc taaagtaaaa gaaacaggaa aggaacatct ctgagtgatg     37560
     caacatcaga tacataataa aaataaatga cttttctgca acttttaaag gaaaaccaaa     37620
     gtgatgaaat tcttctctga gctagtaagc tttaataaca ctttcagggt ttcctgaatt     37680
     tgaaagaaag gcagaataag ggcagttatg ccttgtgaac cctaatgtca ttaccatttt     37740
     aaaaacataa tccctaacta agacatttga aaaactgctg ttaaaatttc tgttttgtca     37800
     gttttaactt aagcagacaa tactttgaca tgttaatcat agtttccaat tttaaaggat     37860
     gactcattaa attttagtgt atattatgaa taataattat attactctgt aaatactagt     37920
     gtatactata tacatattag tgcttaatta ttttacaagg ataagaacat tttcttggag     37980
     gccattttca tataacaact tcttttcctt tgggtggata cccaggagtg ggattactgg     38040
     atcaaatggt acatctactt ttagctcttt aaggaatctc catattgttt ttcatagtgg     38100
     ttgtactaat ttacatttcc accagcagtg tatatgtgtt ccttttcccc tacatccaca     38160
     gcagacattt attgtttttt aactttttaa taatagctat tcttacaaga gtaaggtaat     38220
     atctcattgt ggttttaatt tgcctttccc taatgattag tgaggttgag cattttttca     38280
     ggtgtttgtt ggctacttgt atgtcttcat ttgagtaatg cctattcatg tcctttactc     38340
     actttttaat gggattgttt gttttttcct tgctgattta tttaagttcc ctatagattc     38400
     tggataccag tcctttgttg catgcataat ttgcaaatat tttctcccat tctgtggttg     38460
     tctgtttact ctcctgatta tttcttttgc tgtgcagaag tttttaattt taattaggtc     38520
     ccatatattt attttttctt tatttgcttt tggaatttgt cacaaattat ttgcctaggc     38580
     tgatttctaa aaaagttttt ccaatattgt cttctagaat tcttatagtt tcatttccac     38640
     attaaatatg atgttagctg taggcgtgta agtatgattg ttagctgtag gtgtgtaaca     38700
     ttatgtggtt tttattattt tgaggtaggc cctctttatg catactttgt tgagagtttt     38760
     tactataaag tgattctcaa ttatgtgaaa tgctttttct gcatctgttt aaataatatg     38820
     gtttttgttt ttaattctgt ttatgggatg tatcacattt gttgacatgt gtatgttaaa     38880
     ccatccctac acctctggga taaaacccac ttgatcatga tggattatct tttcaatgtg     38940
     ctgttgaatt cagttagcta gtattttatt gaggattgtt gcatctatgc tcatcaggaa     39000
     aattggtctg taggtttttt gtttttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg     39060
     ttgtgctctg tcctggtttt ggtattgggg tgatactaac ttcacagaat aatttaggga     39120
     ggatttcctc tttctcaatc ttttggaata gtttcagtaa gattggtgcc ggttattctt     39180
     tgaatgtctg gtagaattca gctgtgaatc catcttgttc ttggcgtttt ttggcaattt     39240
     ttaaattgct gattcaatct cactgcttgt tactgatctg ttcaaggttt ctatttcttc     39300
     ctgatttaat gtgggagagt tgtatgtttc tagcaactta ttcattttct ctaggtgttc     39360
     tagtttgtga gtctaaaggt gttcatagga gtctcaaatc atctttggta tttctgtggt     39420
     gttggttgta atgtctctag tttcatttct aattgagctt atttggatct tctcatcttc     39480
     tctcttcttg gttaatctag ctaatggact atcaattttg ttcatttttt caaagagcca     39540
     gctttgtttc atcgattttt gtattttttt ttatgtttgc attatattta tttctgctct     39600
     aatcattgtt atttattttc ttcttctagc tttaggttta gtttattctt gtttctcccg     39660
     ttccttgagg taaatattag gttatcaatt tgtgctcctt cagacttttt gatgtaggtg     39720
     tttagtacta taaactttcc tcttagccct gcgtttttgt tgtatcccag aggtttcgat     39780
     aacttgtatt attattgtca ttcaattcaa cggatttttt taaatttcca gtttgatttt     39840
     atttttaagc cagctatcat tcaggagatt atttaatttc catttatttg tatagttttg     39900
     agagttcatt ttggggttga tttctatttt tattctgcag tgatctgaga agatacatga     39960
     taagattttg attttttaaa atttatggag actgattttg tggcctctca tattgtctgt     40020
     cttggagtat gtttcatgtg ctgatgagaa gactatatat tctgcagttc tttggtaaaa     40080
     tgttctgtaa atatctgtta agttcatttg ttctagcatg tcatttgaat tcattgatcc     40140
     tctgttaaca ttatgtctca aagatctgtc tagtgagtgt tgtcagtggt gtattgaagt     40200
     ctcccactgt ttttgttttg ttgtctatct tatttcttag gtctagtagt attttttttt     40260
     atgaatctgg aagctccagt gtttggtgca tataaattta ggattataat atctttttgt     40320
     tggattgatc cttttatcat tatatagtag ccatcttttt ttttcctttg cttttgtttc     40380
     tttgaagtct attttgtctg atataagaat agctacttct gctccatttt ggtatccatt     40440
     tgcacaaagt atctttttcc atgctcttcc cttgagttta tataaatcct cccatgttag     40500
     gtgagtctct tcaagacagc aggtatttgg attggattgt gattgtgtac cagttctacc     40560
     attctgtata catacatatg tatatgtata catatgtgtg tgtgtgtata tatatatata     40620
     ttttttttaa attattatta ctattttttt tttgagaggg agtctccctc tgtcacccag     40680
     gctggagtgt agtggcacga tcttggctca ctgcaacctc tgcctcccag gttcaagtga     40740
     ttctcctacc tcagcttact gagtagctgg gattacaggc acgctccacc acacctggct     40800
     aatttttgta tttttagtag aaatggggtt tcaccatgtt agccaggctg gtctcaatct     40860
     cctgacctgg tgatccacct gccttggctt cccaaactgt tgggattaca aggcataagc     40920
     cactgtgccc cgcccattct gtatatttta agtggagcat ttacctcatt tacattaaat     40980
     gttaatattg agatatgagg tatttttctc ttcatcatgt tagttgttac ctagatagat     41040
     tatttttcat tatgttactg ttatataggc tctgtgagct ttaagctttc aagagtttct     41100
     attttggtgg attttggact tttgtttcaa ggtttagaat ttctcttagc atttcttgta     41160
     gtgctacttt gatagtgaca aattccttca gcatctgttt gtctgaaaat cactttattt     41220
     ctcttacatt tatgaaattt gtttctgcag gattcaaaat tcttggctga cagttgttct     41280
     ctttatggtt gttgaagtta ggatctcaat cccttctagc ttgtaaggtt tctgctgaga     41340
     actctgctgt ttgttaggtt ttcctttgga atttacctga tgttttcggc ttctactctt     41400
     gaaatttatt tctttatgtt gactttagat agcctgataa ctgtatgcct tttttgaaga     41460
     cgtttttgca atgaattttc caggaattct ttgaacttct tggatttggt tatccagatc     41520
     tctagacagg ccaggaaaga tttcctcaat tatttcctta aataagtttt ccataaatat     41580
     tttctcttct ccctaagaaa caacaattat tcttaagttt ggccatttta cataatccct     41640
     tatttcttgg agactttttt aaaattcttt tttctttatt tttgtctgat tgggttaatt     41700
     aaaaaaactt tgtcctcaag ctctgagatt ctttctttta cttgttctaa tgtattattc     41760
     aagctttcca ctgtatttag taattcctta agtgtatctt tcatttagag aactcctgat     41820
     tgttttttct tgattatatc aacttctcta gaaaattttt tattcatatc ctgagcttct     41880
     tttaaaaatt tccttataca gtttccattt ttacctttct ctgatatctc tttgagtagc     41940
     ttagtaatca actgtctgaa ttccttatct ggtatttcaa agattttatc tttgcttgga     42000
     tccattgctg gagagctagt gtgatctttt gagggtgtta ttagagtcct gttttgtcat     42060
     attaccagag ttaattttct ggttccctct catttgagta gactatttct tctaattatt     42120
     attgaactta tgtatgattt gcctgtgttt ctttttttgt tgttgtttgc tttgtatttt     42180
     tttttcctta aagatgagac actaatatta gtttatagtt aattatagcc taattcagta     42240
     cttggtgctt tcagggatga agactctgta agagttcctt ggttattgag agtctttgta     42300
     tgatagtttt ttcatatgct ggttgttgta gaaatgtgtt cagtgtgtaa ataagttcac     42360
     tgtctcttat ggggttggaa tggtagaggt ctcttaaagc ttatcttgtt tccctgtggc     42420
     atgcacttat ttatttcttt ctcttccccc agtatttcat ttgctggctt gatgtttcat     42480
     gcttcaggct ggtagggaag gtgtccccaa ctggtgtgag atggtatctc actgtggttt     42540
     tgatttgcat ttctctaatg actagtgatg ataagctttt tttcatatgt ttgttgacca     42600
     cataaatgcc ttcttttgag gagtgtctgt tcatagcctt cacctacttt taatggggtt     42660
     ttcttttttc cttttaaatg tgtttatgtt ccttgtagat tctggatatt agacctttga     42720
     cagatggata gattgcaaaa atattctccc attttgtagg ttgcctgttc actctgacga     42780
     tagttccttt ttctgtgcag aagatcttta gcttaattag atcccattta tcaattttgg     42840
     cttttgttgc cattgctttt ggtgttttag tcataaagtc tttgcccatg cctatgtcct     42900
     gaacggtatt gcctaggttt tcttctaggg tttttatggt tttaggatat acatttaagt     42960
     ctttaatcca ccttgagtta atttttttat aaggtgtagg gaaggggtcc agtgtcagtt     43020
     ttctgcatat ggtagccatt tttcccagca ccatttatta aatagggaat cctttcacat     43080
     tgcttgtttt tgtaaggctt gtcaaagatc agatggctgt ggatatgtgg tgttatttct     43140
     gaggcctctc ttctgttcca ttggtatata tgtctgtttt ggtaccagta ccatgctgtt     43200
     ttggttactg tagccttgta gtatagtttg aagtcaggta gtgtgatgtc tccagctttg     43260
     ttctttttgc ttaggtttgt cttggctata tgggctcttt ttttggtccc atatgcaatt     43320
     taaagtagtt ttttctagtt ctgtgaaaac agtcaatggt agcttgatag atataacatt     43380
     gaatctataa attattttgg gcagtctggc cattttcatg atattgactc ttcctatcca     43440
     tgagcatgga atgtttttcc atttgtttgt gtcctctttt atttctttga ggagtggttt     43500
     gtagttctcc ttgaataggt ccttcaagtg ctttgtaatt tgtataccaa ggtactttat     43560
     tttctttgta gcaattgtga atgggagttc actcatgatt tggctctcta ttattggtgt     43620
     ataggaatgc ttgtgatttt tgaacattga ttttgtatcc tgagactttg ctgaagttgc     43680
     ttatcaacct aaggaatttt tgggctgaga caatggggtt tttcaaatat acaatcatgt     43740
     tatctgcaaa cagagaaaat ttgacttcct ctcttcctga ctgaatatcc tttatttctt     43800
     tctcctgcct gattgccctg gtcagaactt ccaattccat gttaaatagg agtggtgaga     43860
     gagggcatcc ttgtcttgtg ccagttttca aagggattgc ttccagcttt gacccattca     43920
     gtatgatatt ggctatggtt tgtcatatat agctcttaat attttgagat atattctatc     43980
     aatacctagt tcgttgagtg tttttagcat gaagggctgt tgaattgtat caaaggcctt     44040
     ttctttattt attgagataa tcatgtggtt tttgtcattg gttctgttta tgtgatggat     44100
     tacattattc agtttgcata tgttgaacca gccttgcacc ccaaggatga agcctacctg     44160
     atcgtggtga ataagttttt tgatgtgctg cttgattcat tttgccagta ttttattgag     44220
     aattttttgc attgatattc attaaggata ttggcctgac attttgttgt tgttgtgtct     44280
     ctgtcaggtt ttggtatcat gatgatgctg gcctcttaaa acaagtaagg ggggagtccg     44340
     tctttttcta ttgtttggaa taattttaga aagaatgata ccagctcctc tttgtatccc     44400
     tggtagaaat cggctgtgaa ttcaactggt cttgggcatt ttcttggttg gtaggctatt     44460
     aatactgttc caatttcagg catggaaact gaacaacctg ctcctgtatg actactgggt     44520
     aaataacaaa attaaggcag aaataaatat gttctttgaa accaatgaga agaaagacac     44580
     aatgtaccag aatctctggg acacagctaa agcagtgtta agagggaaac ttatagcact     44640
     aaaggcccac gtcagaaagc aggaaagatc tgaaatcaac accctaatat cacaattaaa     44700
     agaactagag aagcaagggc aaacaaattc aaaagctagc agaagacaag aaataactaa     44760
     gatcagagca gaactgaagg agatagagac aagaaaaccc atcaaaaaat aaatgaatcc     44820
     aggagctgtt tttttgaaaa gcctaacaaa atagactgct agccagacta ataaagaagt     44880
     aaagagaaaa gaatcaaata gacacagtaa agaatgataa aggggatatc accactgagc     44940
     ccaagggaaa aaaaatcaga taatattata aacacctcta tgcaaataaa ctataaaatt     45000
     tagaagaaat gcataaattc ctggacacat acaccctccc aagattaaac caggaagaag     45060
     ctgaatccct gaatacacca tgcatttaaa aactatattg ttcttattga atccacttgt     45120
     cagctttgtc aaaaatcagt gtatcatacg tgttagtctt gttactttgt tccactaatc     45180
     tgtatgttta ttttatacaa atataagtct gtctttctaa ctacagcagt aaggtaaatg     45240
     taagttatct attatcttat ttttcacaat tattttgctt attctaattc cctggctttt     45300
     taatatacat ttcagaatca aatttctttt tagaaagcct tctgttagaa tagtaattga     45360
     aattgtcttg aatctataga ccagtacaca ttttatcata acaattgtaa tgtctttgag     45420
     tccatgacat gctcgcatct tcagtataat caccattaat tttttacagt aatattttca     45480
     gtctacaggt tgcaaatttc agttcagtgt atagtttttg aatataattt cttaaattta     45540
     tctttaaatg tttcatatcc taatgatata ttacacaatt ttttccaaaa ttaatgccca     45600
     attgggtgtt gtcagtgtaa ataaatatat ttacttgtta aatatagtcc tgaaaactct     45660
     tactacttct agtaaatttt gaaaatgtct aaaaattttt aactttttta aaaaaataat     45720
     ttatttattt attttgtgac tgagtctcgc tttgttgccc aggctagagt gcagtggttt     45780
     gatctctgct cactgcaacc tccacctccc aggttcaaac aattcttctg cctcaacctc     45840
     ccaagtagct gggattacag gcatgtacca ccacacctgg ctaatttttg tttatttagt     45900
     agagatgggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctgacct caggtaatcc     45960
     acccgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccacagcg cctggccgat     46020
     tttcaacatt tttatgaatt ttctctgcgt tatatagggt agggcatcca atattatatt     46080
     aaataggaat gatgagaaaa gactcacttg tcttgttcca gatcttaggg aaaaattact     46140
     ttaaactttc tcagtgaata gaatgtgaat cctgattaag tgtagatact ttctaccggg     46200
     ttgagaaaat tgtttatatt cctagttttc tgagagccat taaaccaagt gagtaagaaa     46260
     tattttcaaa tttgttttct gggatctatt gagatgatca catgattttt catttaaaaa     46320
     tagtttaatg taactgatta cattgattca ctttataatg tggtataaaa attttattcc     46380
     taggataaac catacttgat tattatattg tctcttcata aaattgtatt aaagatttta     46440
     tatctgtgtt ctatagggat atgtatctcc tgcttttgtc tcttggaatg tcttcttctg     46500
     gttttagtgt cagagtaatg ctgatgtctt tttctatgtt ctgttaacat tctgaactat     46560
     gttcagaatt tgtattattt cttctttaac atttttcaca attcaccagt caagccatct     46620
     gtggctacaa ttttcatttg agactttttt ggatacaaat ttaatttctt atcttagata     46680
     tagggctatt ccagttatat atctcttctt gattgagctt ttgtagtttg tgactatcaa     46740
     ggaatttgtc cattttgttt aagatgttag atttacgatt tattgtttaa agttgtttat     46800
     actattttta tttaagtctt taatgcatag agaactacaa tgatgtccca ttttcattcc     46860
     taataattat aacctatgct tttgttctgt tttgtctaat ttatctagct agaattttat     46920
     cagttttatt ggctttttaa aagttttttg ctcccttgcc tattttgtat atatatatgt     46980
     atatatacaa atatatatat acgtatatat acgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatat     47040
     atatatattt tttttttttt ttgagacgga gtttcactgt agttgcccag gctggagtgc     47100
     aatgacacga tctcagctca ccagaacctc tgcttcccga gttcaagcga ttctcttggc     47160
     tcagcctccc aagtagctgg gattacaggc atgcgccacc acgcctagct aattttttgt     47220
     atttttagta gagacggggt ttctccacct tggtcaggct gatctcgaac tcccgacctc     47280
     aggtgatccg ccctcctagg cctcccgaag tgttgggatt acaggcgtga gccaccatgc     47340
     caggctgatg tctcttctta cttctattat ttatttatat ctgcttactt ttgatttaag     47400
     tcattgttct tgttctagaa tcttatttcc agtcatatat ttacatagta gtaaaactag     47460
     aatccccaac ctacaggtgt tttagataag gctccactgt aagttacggc accttaggaa     47520
     gaaaatggtt tgctcttttc tgtatctttt ggatgggtaa aacattaaat atatctgcta     47580
     aaaatttttt tatcttataa gagtcatctt tttaagtgtc tccatccttt gttcctagcc     47640
     aacctaggta tatgagcaac cttgctctct aaaaatgaaa gagaatttta ggcctggtgc     47700
     tggaaaatta ttaattgtct agcattatat tcctgtggaa gtactgcttt aaaggaagtc     47760
     cataccctct gcatctttcc aagcatttac taacaagtta cctatctatt tagtgtcctc     47820
     aactggttta caattttcta ataatgggta aaaaacatgg taaacaacat caattctttg     47880
     ttttctaaga taaatataaa agcatgaaat taaaaaaaca ataaaatgag ataaattggt     47940
     tttaaacata ttgtgcagat tttaaagtat ttatacctat aacttctaac taaaatgtac     48000
     atgtagtcct taaaatttca aaattacatc taagtctaat tgtagcatat ataggtataa     48060
     acatttaaaa gtataaataa aataatttaa ttatagttat agcctgtgtg agctttagaa     48120
     catgtgtaga taaaaatcat tcttttctcc aacaggatat atttattaac tgagtagtaa     48180
     tgaaagattg atgtgtcaaa ataacatata aaataatggt gtatgaaatt tatctattta     48240
     gcactataca tgacccttaa attatattca tcattattgt aagattgcag aagttatttt     48300
     cctttgtaag cattctgctt aaatacataa cttctttaat atcttattac tacttagctg     48360
     ccacgcaaat gaatatgata agtataattt aaaacttgtg tttaattgac attccataag     48420
     ctaacgaatg tagtgttaaa ttgatatttt aattttacac caacttatgc tggtgctaga     48480
     cagacataca ctactttcaa cactgcctta cttctcattt caattgtaat ggccctgctc     48540
     ccctcccaac aagaagaaaa taagttctgc aggtagtatt atagttatat ttgatttaaa     48600
     atgaggtctc ttcacacatg tacatatgta ggactatata gaattcgact ataaatatgt     48660
     actatatttt atttattttg cctgcaattt ttggtataca gaatatttcc atctgtttgc     48720
     tattataaac cagatactac agagaaaatc cgtgtgcatt catcaattca tatatatgct     48780
     ataacaaagt tgttaaaaga tggatcaagt tatgtgtatt acaaatgttg atatattaat     48840
     taaactgctg tacataaagg tggtatatat tttcactact ctcagaaata tgagagtact     48900
     tgttctcctt attgtcatga accatgcctc atcaaattgt ctgatttttg acaagctact     48960
     atgggaaaac atggtatcta attttagttt tatttcacag ttcgtttgtt attaggacca     49020
     ttgaaaattc tacagagttt agaagatatt aattctgttt actgtgaaca gcttattctt     49080
     tttccattct tctattgtac ttaatttttt tataaaagtc ttcatatttt aaggaagttg     49140
     aagctttttt ctgtaaactt attttgcagt ttttttcttc ccaagttatc atttgcattt     49200
     tatatcttct aagggtgagt ctttatcata taatacattt tgatttttta aacattttct     49260
     tattttgtct aattgcattg catagcagct atgagtcaat tgtaaattat ggtgatgcca     49320
     gtggacttcc tgatgatact ggaaaaactt ctcgcttatt ttttctactc ttatttacag     49380
     taaaactgtc tttgggtttt ggacgtattt atgtatttca tcttaagaaa gtattctttc     49440
     atgtcagtgt ataattatta ttaatcaaaa agtcaaagta ttttttgtat cttcagttat     49500
     tattacatta tgtttttcta tttagattta tttatttagt aaattacttc aaattttatt     49560
     aacattgctt tcatggcact taacatgtct tgttttatga ttttagaaca aatacatggt     49620
     atttcttcac taaaatatag actttgcttg aaggcagact ttgacctctg attcatcttt     49680
     acatctccct acaagtaaat cagcattttc tgcatattgt tactaaacag ttatttatta     49740
     aagaaatgtg taggtatata aatgatcttt gaagtactgt atggattgaa taattgctac     49800
     acaaagccaa aataatttca atttcagaaa tagttaaaaa tggccttaaa atatagtgaa     49860
     tatgagagtt gaattgttat gaatagaaat atgtagttct ttgaatagta ttttgcacat     49920
     aacaatgaat ataaaaatta gaagacatag cccaaatatt atttttcttt tgtaattatt     49980
     tttagttgtt atagatacat aatgatttta catatttgta aggtatacgt gacattttga     50040
     tagatgcagt caatgtgtaa ttatcaaatc tgggtaattg aaatatccat cacatcaaac     50100
     atttctttct ttgtgttgga aatatttcaa atcttcattt ctagctatta aaaatatata     50160
     ataaattatt tttgcctgca gtttgtccta ttgtgcgaat aaccattaaa ccttattcct     50220
     tccatctaac tatttttgta accattaacc aatacctctt catccatctc tccccacttc     50280
     tgtctccagc ctccggtaac aaccattcta ttcactaact ccatgagatc aagtttttta     50340
     gcttctgaca ctcccagtga gatgaacctg gtacctcagt tggaaatgca gaaatcacct     50400
     gtcttctgcg ttgctcacgc tgggagctgt agactggagc tgttcctatt tggccatctt     50460
     ggctccatct ctaaaatttt aattagcata gatgcaaaga ttgtttcgca aaatattcaa     50520
     taatagaaaa ttgatgtatt ttctatttaa aggataataa aagacagcat aatgtccctg     50580
     attataataa aagtagctaa gcatgtttaa tattaatata tataaataat gtgcacactc     50640
     agaagcgaga tgagatgaaa gaaaatcaat gtcaaatatc tgaaatgtat agattttaaa     50700
     atctaaattt ttcacatcat agaaaattgt ttagatgttg ttttatttaa aattggatat     50760
     aaagtaaaaa atatacgcaa tacacaaaat aaataaaata ttctaatttt ttccaagggc     50820
     aataattccc ttttcacttt ttctgaaaca agacttgatt ttttgttgag gaaatcagtt     50880
     taaaaaatac tatgagacta aatggcagaa cccccagttt actgtataaa ttattttgtc     50940
     tagatatttg aacgaattat ttttcaaaga cagtttgaca ttgtgaaact gaagttgcac     51000
     ttaaaatgtt tatcttttta atatatttca gaatttagaa aataatgaat gcaacaaaag     51060
     tctttgacat attaaaaata aaattgaaca tataaatgaa gaataagcac tatgtttcac     51120
     tagggttgtt tccaatttgc aaattttgtg tcacataacc aaacagcgtt tgaatactta     51180
     tacacattat attctaataa tataggttat tcttttacca agcaaatgtg atgtatttaa     51240
     ggaagatctc atagataaat atgtgcaaaa atataaatat atgtatacat ttaaagacaa     51300
     ttatttttac agacatgtac atgcacatac atctgatata catctcaaag tgtgtataca     51360
     tgtctgtatt tatagcagga caatatcaaa acttccgaga agctaagtgt aaacatctta     51420
     taaaagtagc tggaacacaa tcaggcactg ttaaataaag tacctgaaga tataacaact     51480
     tccagcacat ctagatctgt agttctgtgc atttgatcaa tagctttcat ctgttctcca     51540
     tttgaagaaa tgtcatcaaa atcttaatct atttcaccat gagagaaagg ataaagtatg     51600
     agtgagatct gagaaaataa aagatcagtg tttgacagta ttttcaaatc taatcaaagt     51660
     caatgatatt tggcatattg tctccacttt attttttatt aactctaaga gtaaagaagt     51720
     gataactcaa aaaaaaattg agactgcatt atatttattt taaataaaga aattacgtat     51780
     catcaaatgc ttcatagctt ttagctgata aaagtttaag gactttagtg caagtttttc     51840
     tgaagattct agtatatatg tctgtacaaa ggtaactttg aattaagcta taaactaaca     51900
     ttgatttagt ccttattttg cagtacaaat gttctagtcc tttatcaaat gtatgcatac     51960
     ctcagaaata ttgcgggttt ggttccagac catggcacta cagtgagtta cataattttt     52020
     gtttgtttat ttctcagtga atataaaagt catctgttaa gtgtaaaata acataatgtc     52080
     taaaaactac atcttaattt aataatactt atttgctaca aacgtgctaa taattattta     52140
     agcctcccat gagttataat ctttctgctg gccttaatgt tgatgcttgc tggctgatca     52200
     gggtgttggt tgcttaagtt tggggcagct gtggtaagta aaatagcaat gaagtttgat     52260
     gcatcgactg gctcttcctt tcgtgaaagt tttctgtgta gcatgcagtg ttgtttgata     52320
     gcatttcact tacagtagaa ctacttttaa agttggagtg aatcctctca aactctgcca     52380
     ctgcttagtt aattaagttg atgtaatatt gtaaatattt gttgtcagtt taacaatgtt     52440
     cacaccatct tcaccaggag atgaatatga aaccacttct ttgctcatct gtaagcatct     52500
     caagatacca ctttctctgt tcacccgtaa ggaacaaccc ctcaattgtt aaagttttat     52560
     tatgagattc atacaatttg gtcacatctt caggctccac ttctaattat ttttctcttg     52620
     ttctttccat gccatttaca tctattttct aaaatcttga atcttcaaag tcatccgtga     52680
     ggattagaat caacttcttc aaactcctat aaatgttgat attttgactt tcttccatga     52740
     atcatgaaca ttcttaaagg tatcttgaat ggagaatact ttccaagagt tattttttaa     52800
     tttactttgc ccagttccat cagagaaatc actgtctata gcagctatag ccttataaaa     52860
     tgtatttctt aaataataag actttaaagt aaaaatgact ccttgatcta tggtctgcag     52920
     attggatgtt gtgtcaacag gaatgaaaac aacattaata tccttgtaca cctccatgac     52980
     agctcttggg tgatgaggta cattgtcact gatgagtaat agtttgaaag taattatttc     53040
     taagttctaa gtttcaacct tgggcttaaa atattcagca aaccatgctg taaacagatg     53100
     tgctatcatc aggtctttat tgttctattt ctagagcaca ggcagaatag atttagcaga     53160
     atccttaagg gctctaggca gaatactaaa tgagctatgg gttcaactta aatttaccag     53220
     cagcattagt ccctaacaag agagtatacc tatcatttga aattttgatg tcagacactg     53280
     gcttcttctc tctacctatg taagccctag atgacgtttt ctaacatgag aatgttcttt     53340
     tttttttcta cttacagagt ctgttgttta gtgtagccaa ctcatgactt atcttacata     53400
     gatcttttgg gtaacttgct gcagcttcta atcagcattt gctactttgc cttgctattt     53460
     tgtgttgtgg agagagcttc cttccttaag tctcatgaat caatctctgt tagcttcaaa     53520
     cttttttttt ttctgcagct tcctcatgta tttcaaacta catagaatta aagagagttg     53580
     gggccttgct ctgagtgagg tttggcttaa gggaatgttg tggtctgagt gaagtttggc     53640
     ttaagggaat gttgctctga gtgaagtttg gcttaaggga atgctgtcat cttctaccca     53700
     gaccactcaa attttcacca taatggaaat aaagctgttt tgctattctt gtattcactg     53760
     gagtagcatt tttaattttc ctcaaaagtt tttcttttgc cttcacaggt tgtctaactg     53820
     gtacaagagg cctagctttc agcctatctc agcgctcaac atgcctttct cactaagctt     53880
     aatcattttt agcttttgct ataaagtgag aaaagtgtga ctttcactgg aatacctaaa     53940
     ggccattgta cggttactaa ctgacctaat ttcagtattg ttctgtctta aggaataggg     54000
     aggccctagg agagggagag agatggagga acgattggtt ggtggatcag tcagaacaca     54060
     cacatttatc cattaagttc accatcatat atgggtacag tttgtagttc cccaacacaa     54120
     ttacaaaagt aaccccaaac atcactgatt gcagaccact gtaatcaagt ataataataa     54180
     tgaagatgtt taaaatattg caagaattac caatatgtga cacagagact caaagtgagc     54240
     acatactgtt gggaaaaatg atactgatag ttttacttga catgggattg ccacaaacct     54300
     tcaatttgaa aaagatctcc aaagtgtaat tttgtaaaag tttgtaaaaa tatttgcgaa     54360
     gtgtaaaatg tggcagatta agaggagata tgtctgaagc tggaaagtta gggtgctgag     54420
     acagaaactt taaagtcaga ttgcctgacg cccaagcttt ggccatttta tttgcacaat     54480
     tctaggtctt tacattgtag gctcattata ttgttcatgc aagtctagag gagaaaacta     54540
     caacaaagtc tgaagtacca atgttaaatt gattatgatt atttaaatgt ttttttattc     54600
     gtttttgttt ttgctggtat ttcaattaaa tgtgatagta aaggtaaatt agttttcatt     54660
     tttacttatt tttaatatgt gaaaaattat aaaaattaac ttatgttcca tgtaatcatt     54720
     aacatactaa aataatattt taaaagtaat caccaattcc tttttttttt ctcacctttg     54780
     cgtcaccaca ctctcaatct aaagctaagc aaataaaact cctggtgtgt tccaaactgt     54840
     ttttcaactt ttagaatcaa gttgtgaaga aagtatggtt gatttacttt acaggagagt     54900
     aattgaagac ataactgctc aacttgggta gaattttgca gtgttatctt aaattcatat     54960
     agtttaaccg tccacaaagc tattttagaa attaaaggca gaattatgtg attgatttca     55020
     actatgataa atttatatcc atgtggcaaa aaacttgata tcacacacac actcataaat     55080
     attgcattat atttatacat taaagataca ttaagtctat atttaatttt gttataattt     55140
     aataatgaga atgccgtgtc atatttgctt tctcattaaa tctacacaat attttataaa     55200
     atataaagag gtgagatgac ttgcctgaga ccagaaagct agtaagtggc agaattggaa     55260
     taaaagccga agctttcacc ttcattctcc attgcaattt tattctcttt ctctttttct     55320
     ttctgaaaac attatctagg ttctctctga atattcttga aaaaatatat gattactgct     55380
     tcttatgtca agtatttatt tttctaaatt tttactacta tatttttgga gatacatgtg     55440
     ataatgttct gattagtaca gcatcagtgt taaatctaca cagcatgttc aaaaattact     55500
     tgaaaaatgt atatcattag cattctgtta tacaaattat aaaatttaat attaatcaag     55560
     acaacattat aatactcata cccaggctat tattaatgta atttttattg tacataacac     55620
     aaggatgctt tattagcaat ctacaattta acgttgcgtc tattattttt agaatctatg     55680
     acatacacat gctatttgag ttattagagc atcacattat aaaaataaaa gtatggagaa     55740
     aattacgcat tatatgtttg aaaaaaataa ttattgacct actacattgt gataagatcc     55800
     ttaaaaagca gtaatgaaca cacaatgttt atgaagtaga cttctaagaa agatggaagt     55860
     catctagtgt gaagggccat ggttgtgctc tgtgggttat ttactcagaa caagggagag     55920
     aagactgagt tgttactaac agtagtactg ttgctttatt ctttctctaa acatgataat     55980
     aataaatatt tcaagaatat ggttttgaag aagctaccca tgcaatccag aatgatgcac     56040
     tcttgctcca aaatctagag aacttcactg agtctcatct gtctaagctt tccagtaacc     56100
     tgccaaagta tcattatata tcatagatac ctcttggacc acagcctgca cctgctgtag     56160
     agccttctca aaaccagcaa ccttctgagt cacctggaaa agagatgata taagtatgcc     56220
     caatgtttta catattatct ccaaaattca aaagtagctg atcaaatatt ttgcctcttt     56280
     tcctttgatg gaggttgaga tgaattgtat catccttttt ttcccccaat gagatgtctc     56340
     aacatgtgaa atatcactgt actcctaata tttccctgat gataataagc ctttttagag     56400
     tttatcttcc agtctctggt gtacatgtat tttaccagac taactaacat agttaccact     56460
     tgtcaaacat gtcttattaa catgatgtca ttaagatagt gcaccagtag atgttctgtc     56520
     aattatcagt aaaagtttaa gtaaaattta tttggactat atagttacag agagcagaag     56580
     agttaactct ggcctgggac aagactaaaa acaattacta cagtctgatg tgctttcctg     56640
     atgggactga aatgaaggca ttcaccagat caatagctga gtatcaagtg tgagaagctg     56700
     tgatgacatg ttctggaaaa gtcaccacat catgtgaggc agtgcaaatt gtggctacaa     56760
     cttcttttga agttcaattt agttcttctt ctgccctgat tcatcttgtt tttgaagttg     56820
     taattctgat ttttttaaaa gggtatgatg ggcaccacca gtgctacatt ttttaagtct     56880
     gtatgagtgg ttctaatatt tgtcattgta ccttggatat aactgcttca gttttactaa     56940
     ttaggtcaag gaagggaact ttcagtgact tccatttggc ctttccccta ataatcgatc     57000
     cgtggacttc atatcagtgt tctgctaatt gctaaatata tctacctcaa ttatgtactc     57060
     agggatataa gaaatagtca caggtgtgat atgtgaactt atacttgtaa aacagccttg     57120
     taccaggacc aagtgcttct cacagtgctt ctacatggtc ccactgtagg aggggaactg     57180
     taatggcatt ttgggtctct ttatatgaac atctctgtag accccatata caatatccct     57240
     tgaaagatgt atttccccat tatatgggta ctctgataaa ttgccataga tctctttgag     57300
     aaacagctgc tggttatatt tgctgtaaca ctacaaaatg cttcctcaaa gggacacaac     57360
     atctttgaaa ttatttatga atttcacttt cattttttac ttctaaatta ttttaatgta     57420
     taaagtgtat cacctattat ttagtatatg gctgctcaga atatgaagta agtggccaac     57480
     agacttatta tctggaagag ttgttagatc actcaaatgt actgaactag aagtctgtat     57540
     tttatcaaga tcctcggtat tacctaaata cattaaaatt tgtgatacta agatggtata     57600
     tatacactgg ccaacttgta tgagtaatta acattttctt tttattttat atatatatat     57660
     atttttattt ttcttgagac aagtgctcac tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagccttgg     57720
     cctccatggt tcaagctata ctctggcctc agctccccaa gtagctggga ctacatgcct     57780
     gcaccaccat gtccagctaa ttttgtgttg tccaggctgg tctcgaactc cttgctcaag     57840
     tgatccacct acctcagcct cccaaatgct gggattaaag gcgtgagcca cagcacctgg     57900
     ccagtaacaa acattttatg ttttatcagt tttatttata aatcaagtta taaaattggt     57960
     tgtagacaag aatgttaaaa actcttatgt attaaaaaaa tcaaaagatc acagttacta     58020
     cattagctcc tgagtaacat gctaataata tatagaaatt gtcatactgg aattttagtt     58080
     cataaattat ggattcatgc acttaccacc tttatatgag tgtcttttaa acatctcata     58140
     gaaaccagca tttctgatgt acacattcct atgggttttg tgctgtagca attttgctca     58200
     caaggtgctc tgttaatata ataatgtaat atgatattac atatcatatg attgtaatta     58260
     gagaaatgca attattgttt ttcctctaaa agtgcttgaa aataaaagat tcttggctgg     58320
     gcgcggtggc tcacgtctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg cctaggcggg cggatcatga     58380
     ggtcaggaga tcgagaccat cttggctaac acggtgaaac cccgtctcta caaaaaaaaa     58440
     aaaaaaaaat tagcggggag tggtggtggg cgcctgtagt cccagctact ctggaggctg     58500
     aggcaggaga atggcgtgaa cctgggaggc ggagcttgca gtgagccgag atcgcggcac     58560
     tgcactccag cctgggctac agagcaagac tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     58620
     aaagattctt tgcttagaaa ataatagatg acgtacattt tgaatcacaa aaaccagctt     58680
     atctgttgtg taagatagta tagtattttt ctatttgatg atattgtaaa ttacataggg     58740
     attcatttaa ccctagaatt caattaaacc agaaagtttt tttttttaat tataaggtaa     58800
     ttttcattta gcaacattca agcacatttt tcaaataaac tattcaacat tttttgagac     58860
     tttaggtgtt gtgaactgaa agtttcttta tggatgatta ctctgaaaaa gatttaactc     58920
     gaaaataagt gtgtattata tactaatata aaattataga ataaagtagt ggtactctcc     58980
     ctgttaaaac actcttaagc tatatcacat atattcaggc agatgtaaat gcaaacatat     59040
     ccatatctag acatgcatat ataaggaaac gtgataggta gacagatata gatagctata     59100
     tacagacata gatatgaaga tatagatgac agttataaat aatgcctcca tatcacaatg     59160
     tttatttggt aattatcatt ggagccatga gtcagttgtg ttcattttac tcttggagac     59220
     actgaggctt aaagcaggtg aactacctcc taagaccata tttagctagc agcaaagtct     59280
     gaaatcaggt attataactc tttgctgaaa tatcttctga ggttttcatt ttacttagca     59340
     acttcctgtt atgacttttc ataatgtcag attaaaacat tattaaaagc agattaacat     59400
     ctaaaaaaaa ttttacattt atttttcttt tctttttgta gagatggggt cttgctatgt     59460
     tgtccatgct agtctcaaac tcctgggctc aagtgattct tccacctcag gctctcaaag     59520
     tgctgtgatt ataggcatga gataccacac ctggctacta ttttaaaagt ttgaaaaaaa     59580
     tgaggagttg ctaccaataa aatacgtgct tattttaaat taaataatcc aatattgttt     59640
     gtagtgttct ttgcttttaa cggcccaggg gattcattct gccacttatt cttcaaggta     59700
     attaagggta tcaattgcac atgatatgtt acactgcatt aggatgaagg tataatcaat     59760
     aagtggccag ttcattcagt attttgaaga ctttgcaaaa tggaaggtca tgcctgatga     59820
     gaatacaata gcaaaagtgt caccaaatga ttaccgtgat ttgacagtaa ttagagtatt     59880
     atttttacat agatgcagta tttaacgtgg ttactatctt atgtgaaatt taatattgag     59940
     ctcttcttgc ctgcaaatct tattggcaac ctaactccta agtgaaattt cagctcagta     60000
     tgtagcttta aatgtccatg tagtacagtt cttttttttg agtttaataa ataagtgagt     60060
     acattttttc aaagtgtcat ttggtaaaac atagctaaat atgtatatag tcaaatttct     60120
     aatatttttt caacaaataa ttgtgtttct gagcagagcg ccgaattcag tacagtggtg     60180
     tcagggagac agtacaaaga cctataagtt aagaaaagca ataatagtaa taaaataaat     60240
     attataattt aattgttctg acaagtcttt cctctgggca ttatatcccc aattttacaa     60300
     ctgtgcaaag tgagacaaag aaaagttaaa ttgcctgctt aaagtcacat aactatatga     60360
     gtgttcatga tttgatctca ggtttattta caagaaaact acttgcattt atgtcaaatt     60420
     tgaaaacaac tggtccttct gtcaaagggc tcattattaa tgtacagata cccagaagca     60480
     caaaattagc aaaatgacta agcagacgat cttgaaaata cacaagttta aacaaaatga     60540
     taagagggct ctgtagagtt ggcgtttaaa tctgacttta gcaaatatgg aatgattctc     60600
     agatagggta acatttgacc ctgaacttag atgttgaatt ttgatggaca aaaaggtgtt     60660
     aggcatgtca gcaatattga tgactgggag taaagacaat gatgcatact agatcctagc     60720
     gtgcccaggt aaaagcaagc agtttggtac caaagaaaca taaaaaacag agaataacag     60780
     aaaaggagag aacagtagct gaaaatgaga ttttataaag ttatatttaa aaaaccttat     60840
     gaagatactt acttgccatg ccaaggaatt ttaatttttt taagtaacaa aaaaatagaa     60900
     aaaatagaga gagcaatata gtaatgttct agggtgaaat ggcatggaga gagatgaagt     60960
     caagggtatc atttgggagg atatcataag aacttaactg cagtcacata cattcctctt     61020
     cttgtccata taactagtga gtttagtgtg catccagagt cattctctga actgattgat     61080
     aatattaatt atgatgatta catgcattta gatatcactt tttggcccaa atttgttcat     61140
     atgtcaccat attcagtcct aggaatagga gaaatgagaa aaatggtgca ggtattccat     61200
     cagcaatttg gagatacaga atttttaata gaaaaattaa tgtaactgct tagagtcata     61260
     caagtaaata actgaagaaa acaaagtgaa ataagtcagg tacagaaaag caaactgcac     61320
     atgttctcac tcatttatgg aagctaaaaa ttaaaataat tgaacttcca acccttttca     61380
     ttatagctta cagcaagttc taagtaataa atgcaaaata taacatattt taatattcat     61440
     ttatatattt caatatttaa attggatatc tatttttgaa acatcgaata gattaacact     61500
     ttatatgtat ttgctttttc aaatatagaa caccatatta aaaattaatt caacaaatat     61560
     ttattgagta cctgttagca tgaactagtc actgatgagg aaagaagagt aatgaaaact     61620
     aaagcctagt aatgaaggta gaaattaatc taataataag cagaaatagt catttctctt     61680
     ctcttcatta cttatttttt aattacagaa atttttattc ataatttata tgcttaagtt     61740
     tataatgcaa tggaatatat ttagacaaat gtaattgttt taaacttata agctactgaa     61800
     aaccttgtca taactatgtg tccagttctt ataatttttt gatgcagtct ggcagcaagt     61860
     cttttgaaat atacttcaaa agctttgaaa tcagagtttt actgggaagt aaatatggca     61920
     tataaaagta caagaagatg aaggatttat agctcagctt ccccacataa cctcacaaaa     61980
     gaaaatccag gagatttttc tgtcaaagag aatagatggg gttcaatcat gataaggctt     62040
     taaaaagtat ctctagacac ctctagatca aaatgacaca tgtctaagca tccaccaatg     62100
     tatggtctcc acatttttta tgcatagata tatggaaaga tgaaaactct cagcaatttg     62160
     aagaaagaaa gactggcaca aagaaaatcg acaacatggt gggaaatatc tcattaacaa     62220
     taaagcgtct ggatgtggat tatgaaaaac ctagctagac tttatagcac atgccaaaat     62280
     ctttcatggg gaggcaccaa gaaataattt aaaagtggct tcatttctat attattcact     62340
     cataatttgc tgacccagga actcggagcg tgaactgctc agaaaagatg gcagaaattt     62400
     gtttcctcac ttagggaatt gatttgtgag ttatgcaccc cttcttcaaa ctctaaatct     62460
     acacattctc catattcaca gtatatttta aaagttagag tagatttagg tatcaaaagc     62520
     tatacgctta atttagagac tgactgatgg tactattgca cacttgaaga agtctatgca     62580
     gatatataag agaggacaat tataattatc tgtgtactgt aatagattta agaacataaa     62640
     agccaggtca aaaaacaaat caaaaagatt aaagtgtgaa aataaaggaa ttgtactaga     62700
     aactcaacct tgtttgagtt tatctctagc tagaaaattt taaatgaagc gaaaaagtcc     62760
     tgaaaagact gaaagaggcg aaaggtactt cattttggaa aatctttgta gtcttttttt     62820
     tttctaatat aaagaatatg tgtcttcagt gtatcacaag gagaacattg gctaatatta     62880
     aaaagcagaa aaatttttta tcaagtattc aaaataagaa ataagaaaaa atatcatgga     62940
     aatgacaaat ctatttaaat ctgtactaaa aactgtaaag agcagaattg atcaagtcaa     63000
     cacaaacaaa tacctaaaaa caaaactaaa aaaatcccaa aaatgcaata aatgagtaga     63060
     acaatttgta tgcctttgaa taagtttgaa gaagagctct taaaatgaag aagaaaggtc     63120
     aaagtggtta acattacgag aggcaagatt atcagtatag attattgata acaagaatca     63180
     aatatgtgag tcttgaagat tataccagat tataatacac aggaattaaa atagttatat     63240
     atagaagaga ttcatagaaa gccaagctaa aacaacaata atttaacaag aaaatttagt     63300
     tttaaatgaa aattgccagc tacagtaaac aaacaggtaa gtgtgtgcta tgttcagggg     63360
     gcaaatactg tcaaaagaaa caacttcaac aaaacttaga ttttgggttt agcattaaaa     63420
     ccttgacagg gtctactata aatgtgttat cacgacacaa gaatgattca agaaaatgaa     63480
     ataagggacg tactgatttg aaagaaatga ttaaaaataa aaatatttac ttgcaaaata     63540
     tattagtgtg cataagggaa atactaagaa aatttaagaa atgctactag aactaattaa     63600
     gtggatttaa taagtttgta aggtagaaga ttaattttaa aaaattaatt tatttcatat     63660
     ataacaataa acaatttaaa cttaatttta aaatatctat ctacaatatc ataaaaaact     63720
     tgtgaaatat tttatcaaaa tatatgtaag tcctatatac tgaaactata aaacattact     63780
     gagaaaaatt aaagaagacc taatcaaatg gaaagcagta tcatgttcat gttttggaaa     63840
     actggatatt gttaagatga taatttttgc cagagtgatc tatagattta atgttatccc     63900
     aaacaaaatt ccagctgtgt tctaaataga acctgacctg catattctga aatttatgta     63960
     cacatacaaa tggccaaaaa gagtcaatat tacatttaat tttttaaaaa caatattgga     64020
     tgatagcagt acactaatgc aatactacaa agctacagta atcttgagag tatgataatt     64080
     acctaagcat aaacatataa gttgtgtacc aaaaagtatc tgagacaggc cccaataaat     64140
     ttagaaagtt tattttgtca aggttaagga tgcatccatg acatagcctc aggaggttct     64200
     gatgacaggt gcccaaggtg atcggggtaa agcttggttt tatacatttt atagagacat     64260
     gagacatcaa tcaatatgtg taagatgtac attgcttctt tccggaaagg tggaataact     64320
     tgaaggaggg gtaagggaga ggagcttcct ggtcatagat agctaagaga caaagagttg     64380
     cattattttg agtcttagat caggctttaa ctaaatacac aatttccaca tgattctggg     64440
     gtaaaggaat aatcactttt gccttagact ggttcagtga atctccattt tcacataaac     64500
     aataggacag aggaagcaat aagatacgcg tttgtctctg gtgaacaggg ggatgactga     64560
     attctgtcct ttgtcctgaa cctgtgaaga caagctatca acatacattg ccaaggtgaa     64620
     attcaacaga aatgttttag gatagagatc ttgtagccgg caaagaaatt cctgtaggca     64680
     aattgtgagg gaagtatgca gcttttttat ctttgtaggt atcttattag aaataaaatg     64740
     ggagcagatt tgcctgattc agttcccagt ttgttttttc cctttggctt agtgattagg     64800
     gggtcccaag atttattttc ctttcacaac ttcaataaaa tataaacgag cttccatatg     64860
     ctgacccaca tgtatatatg gtttcaattc atggctatta aactgctaag gtaattcact     64920
     gggaaaagtt aagtctttcc agcaaatgat gttgaaatac aagataccaa tctaggaaaa     64980
     aaaaatcctt cactcctaca gtgtcatatc taatcacaaa ttgatagtgg atttgcatat     65040
     tagagctaaa atcaagaaac tcctaaaaaa aaactttgaa aaaaatatgt gtgacttaga     65100
     gttagcaaaa atttctttga tagaattgat aggacacaaa acaaacaaaa cttaaaggaa     65160
     aatataaaca tcaaattttt ttgctcatcc aataacacca ttaagaaaat gaagagaatg     65220
     cccagtttca aagaaatatt tttaagtcat atatctgata taaaaatcta ctcaaaatat     65280
     ataaagaact cccacaatgc agtaagacaa ataatacaat tttaaatgag caatttgaat     65340
     aggtatttta caaaacaaga tatacgaatg ctaatatgct tctaagatat tgtaaacact     65400
     gcctccatta ggtaaataca acttaacaac acagtaagaa accactacaa atctactgcc     65460
     tgctaaaatt gtaaaagatt gacaacttca agaattaatg agaatgtaaa gcaactgaaa     65520
     ccttcataca ttgaaaatta atgcagtcac tataaacata aaacgatttt tgaatatatt     65580
     aaaagattaa ggctcatcaa atgacccttg gattttactc ctacatatct acctaaggga     65640
     aatgaaaact atatccacac taagacttgt atgcaaatgt atatagtttc tccatttctt     65700
     tctctctctc tctgtctctc attctctgtc tctctgcttc atcctggaca acacgactac     65760
     ttgtaatacc taagtacata cttcctctga tttaacaatc ataatttttt ttaatcttca     65820
     acatttatta taagctcaag tgtatatgtg caggatgtgc aggtttgata cataggtaaa     65880
     catgtgccac ggtggtttgc tgcacagatc atcccatcgc ctaggtatta cagcaagcat     65940
     ccattagcta ttcttcctga tcctctccct cctcccagcc ctgccccagc aggccccagt     66000
     gtgtgtggtt caccctcatc tgtccatgtg ttctcatctt tccgctccta cttgtaagtc     66060
     agaacataca gtatttggtt ttctgctcct gtgttagttt gctgaggata atggcttcca     66120
     tctccaacta tgtccctgca aaggacatga tcttcttcgt ttttatggct tcttagtatt     66180
     ccatgatgta tatttaccac attttctttt atccagtcta tcattgatga gcatttaggt     66240
     tgatatcatg tctttcctga tgtgaataaa gcttcaataa acatatggat gcatatatct     66300
     ttataataga atataatatt cctttgggta tatacccagt aatgggctta ctgggtcaaa     66360
     tggtatttct ggttttagat cgttgaggaa ttgccacact gtcttccaca atgtttgaac     66420
     taatttacac tcctaccaac agtgtaaaag catccctttt tctccaaagc ctcaacagca     66480
     tctgttgttt ctcaactttt taataattgc cattctgact ggcatgatat gctatctcat     66540
     tgtggttttg atttgcattt ctctaacgat ctgtgatgtt gagctttgtt tcatatgttt     66600
     attggcttca taaatgtctt cttttgaggt gtgtctgttt atgtactttg cccacttttt     66660
     aatggggttg tttttccttg taaatttatt taagttcctt gtagactcgg ggtattaaac     66720
     ctttgtcaga tggatagatt gcaacatttt tctctgattc tgtgggatgt cagttcactc     66780
     tgataataat ttcttttctt gtgcagaagc tcatttaatt acatcccatt tgtcaatttt     66840
     tgcttttgtt gcaatcaatt ttggcttttt ttgtcatgaa atctttgcct gtgcctatgt     66900
     cctgaatggt attgcctaga ttttcttatg gggattttgt agtttggggt tttacattta     66960
     aatatttact tcatcttgag ttcatttttg tataaggtgt aaagaatggg tacagtttta     67020
     attttctaca tatgggtaac cagttctctc agcaccattt attatacagg atatcctttc     67080
     cccattgctt gtttttgtca ggtttttgga agatcagatg attgtggaag tgcagtgtta     67140
     tttctgcatt tcttattcaa ttccattggc ctacatgttt gttcttgtac cagtaccatg     67200
     ctgttttggt tactgtagcc ttgtagtata gtttggagtt ggataacatg atgccttcag     67260
     ctccggcttt gttctttttg tttaggactc tcttggatat tcaagctcct ttttggttcc     67320
     atgtaaattt taaaatagtt ttttttttat aattctgtga agattgtcaa tggtagttta     67380
     atgagaatag cattgaatta taaattactt taggcagtac gacattttaa caatactgat     67440
     tcttcctatt tttgagcgtg ggctttttaa aaatttgttt gtgtcttctc tgattttctt     67500
     gagcagtgat ttgtaatttc cttgaaaaag tacttcactt cccttgttag ctgtattcct     67560
     aggaatctta ctctttttgt aacaattgtg aatgagagtt cattcatgat ttggctctct     67620
     gcttgcctgt tgttagtgta taggaatgct agttatttct gcacatacat ttttatatct     67680
     tgagactttg ctgaagttgc ttatgagctt tagaagcttt ggggctgaaa tgatggaatt     67740
     ttctagacat agaatcgtga catatttaaa taaagttaac ttgacttcct ctctatttga     67800
     atacattttt ttctcttgcc taattccctc actagaaatt ccaatattat gttgaataag     67860
     agtagtgaga gagatcatcc ttgtttgtgc tggttttcaa gggggaatgc ttccagcttt     67920
     tgcccattca gtatgttatt ggttttgggt ttgtcatata cagctcttat tattcggagt     67980
     tatattcctt caataactag tttattgaga gtttttaaca tgaagagttg tttaatttta     68040
     tcaaaggcct tttctacatc tcttgaaata atcatgtggt tttcatcttt atttgtgttt     68100
     atgtgatgaa tcacatttat tgatttgtgt atgttaaacc aatcttgcat cccagggatg     68160
     aagccaactt gatcatggcg tataagcttt ttggtgtgct tttggactta gatctccaat     68220
     attttattga gaatttttgc atttatgttc atcacgcata ttgccctgaa gttttcttct     68280
     tttgttttat atctgccagg tttttatagc agaatgatgc tggattcata aaggaattaa     68340
     ggaaaaaatt tcaatttttt ggaataattt ttgtaaaaat tgtatcagct cttctttgta     68400
     cctctggtat aattcatttg taaacctgtc tggtcctggg ctatttttgc ttggtagact     68460
     atttgttact gccttgattt tagaaaattt tattagtcta ttcagtgata caattccttc     68520
     ctgtttcagt cttgggaggg tgtatgtgtc caggacttta ttcatttatt ctagattttc     68580
     tagtttatgt gcatatggat atttatagta ttctctgatg gttgtttgta tttctgtgag     68640
     gtcagtggtg aaattccctt tatcatttct gagcatgttt gattcttctc tcctttcttc     68700
     tttgttagtc tagctagtgg tgtaactatt ttattaattt tttttttcaa aaatataaaa     68760
     cagctcctgg attttttaag ttttgaagag tttttgtgtg tctctatctt cttcagttcc     68820
     actctgattt tggttatttc tggtcttctg gtagctttag ggtttgtttg ctcttggttt     68880
     tctagttctt ttagttgtga cgttaggctg ttaatttgag atcatcttag ctttttgatg     68940
     tggacattta gggctataca ttttcctctt aatactgctg agctgcaccc cagagattct     69000
     gttatgttat ctctttgttc tcattggttt caaggaattt cttgatttct gccttaattt     69060
     cagtattaac caaggagtca ttcaggagca gtttgttcaa tttccatgta gttgtgtagt     69120
     tttgagtgaa tttttaagat cttgagttct aatttgattg tgctgtggtc ttagagattg     69180
     tttgctatca tttcagttct tttgcatttg ctgaagagtg ttttacttct gattgtgtga     69240
     ccaatttctg agtgtcatgt ggtgattaga agaatgtata ttctgttgtt tgtggggtgg     69300
     agagttttgt ggatatctat caggtccact tgattcagag ctgagttcag gtcctaaata     69360
     tccttgttag tcttctgttt tgatgatctg tgtaatttaa atatttagct tggctatgaa     69420
     tctaaaataa gatatataaa tgtatcagca acttttttta ggatgtcaaa taaaagatta     69480
     tttctataaa catcttcggc gttcatctct tttgttttat tgtctcttta ttgagatcac     69540
     tctctctctc actctgattt ttagattttt ttcacttaaa ttttgtaatc aatatcataa     69600
     atttctttaa attctatctt gtttgcagat gacttttctg ataaagataa ttgattttct     69660
     cacattttca tttcctttaa atagatttgg aagcttctat cacactggga taggctattc     69720
     tgcatccttt attttaagaa gttttaggca aatatatgtc aagccagaaa atattcaaat     69780
     gggactttat tacctgtacc atatctgccc taattcaatt aatttttctt ctctttctac     69840
     atgtgccatc tctggtcctt acaatctttt ctattggcca aattgcgatg aaacaattat     69900
     tatttttcac ctactatctg catcatctat ttgctgatgt tttgggaagt tgctgcagct     69960
     cttaatgcca tttaattttt ggaattcata tctatatcta taaatacatt ttcacagcag     70020
     aacatttttt cctcaatgtg tcatattatc aactgtaggc taatcctctg tattattcta     70080
     atcattcatt caacaaatat ttatggaata catagtatgt gcaagcatag accagtgttg     70140
     gtgacagtac cataaactga acccatattt ctgtcctcat taagttatga tctagtaaag     70200
     ctggtggtag gggcaagagg taatgcagaa taaataaata aaatgtacag tctattagaa     70260
     ggtggtaagt tataaaaaaa ttaaaaataa atttaaaata ataaaaaata aaaacataat     70320
     tgaccagaaa ctacatattg agagtgagtg agatagaatg tgagtagact ttgaatttta     70380
     aataaaatgt taatgaaaaa ataaaaacgt aagtaaagct ccgaaggagg tgataaatca     70440
     aaccctggat ctagctaagg gtaaactacc caggcagaag tagcataagc aaaagcccta     70500
     caacaggaat gtactcaaaa tgtttaaggt acagcaaaaa gccagtggat aaggagcaga     70560
     gtgagtgaag gaaagaaagg tagtagatga tgtcagagag gtaactggga gcctcatcat     70620
     gtggagcctg tgtggccatt gtacatactc tggattgtat tttagttaag ttagaagcca     70680
     ccagagcata ttaagcagaa gaataatctt tagtgtcttc tgttggaata atctcaaact     70740
     ccaaatttct ctctactttc atattaataa actattattt ttccttcaac gctttgcact     70800
     agatttttaa aaactcatcc caaatcaaac ttttctaaca aaatacaaca acaacaaaaa     70860
     tgcatggtac taccggatcc tttctcactt ttgaatgtgc agccaacacc actaatcaag     70920
     tacagtacaa tagcatgtct tgttgagcct gataaagctt ttgaatcttt tccatatcaa     70980
     ttcttcaagt aaccactaac aatcagttga agttagaacc caaaatgaag cctgttagcc     71040
     cacgttacaa aagctgtttt gccatcgcat gccaccattc cactctggat tatggaactt     71100
     gtcactctat ctatactaga aatttcggga ttttttgctt cctattgaga ggtgacagcg     71160
     tgctggcagt cctcacagcc cttgctcact ctcggcacct cctttgcctg ggctcccact     71220
     ttggtggcac ttgaggagcc cttcagcctg ctgctgcact gtgggagccc ctttctgggc     71280
     tggccaaggc gggagccggc tctctcagct tgcagcgggg tgtggaggga gaggcgccag     71340
     cgggaaccgg ggctgcgcgg tgcttgcgga ccagcgtgag ttctgggtgg gcatgggctc     71400
     agcagacccc gcgctcagag cggctgggcg ggccccaccg gccccaggca gtgaggggct     71460
     ttgcacctgg gccagcagct gctgtgctca atttctcgcc aggccttagc tgccttcccc     71520
     cagggcaggg ctggaggcct gcagcccacc atgcctgagc ctcccacccc ctccatggcc     71580
     tcctgtgcgg ctggagcctc cccaatgagc actgccccct gctgcacggt gcccagtccc     71640
     atcgaccacc caagggccga ggagtgtggg cacagggcat gggactggca ggcagctcca     71700
     cctgcagcct ggtgcgggat ccactgggtg aagccagctg ggctcctgag tctggtgggg     71760
     acttggagaa cctttgtgtc cacacgctgt atctagctaa tctagtgggg acgtggagaa     71820
     cctttgtgtc tagctcaggg attgtaaacg caccaatcag cgccctgtca aaacagacca     71880
     ctcggctcta ccaatcagca ggacgtgggt ggggccagat aagaataaaa gcaggctgcc     71940
     ggagccagca gtggcaaccg gctcgggtcc ccttccacac tgtggaagct ttgttctttt     72000
     gctccttgca ataaatcttg ctactgctca ctctttgggt ccacactgct tttatgagct     72060
     gtaacactca ccgcgaaggt ctgcagcttc actcctgaag ccagcaagat cgcgaaccca     72120
     ccagaaggaa gaaactctga acacatccaa acatcagaag gaacaaactc cagacgtgcc     72180
     accttaagag ctgtaacact caccacgagg gtccacggct tcattcttga agtcagtgag     72240
     accaagaacc caccaattct ggacacacta tcagccttaa tttttcaaga gttgattcaa     72300
     acacagtgtt gagaaatctt ttcttttatc ttcaatttgg tagatgttta tggaaacagt     72360
     cagaaaacat gttgattaat ttcattttaa aatctttaac aaaaactttt aaaaaatcaa     72420
     gctctatttt ctcattgatt taaacttaat tgcttatcta aatattttat caatttactt     72480
     atattaaatt gtgtattttt tttcaatttt tctgccctga atgtttttaa aaaagcaaac     72540
     aaacaggaaa atcttggttt ctcaactgat cttatcactt actgctctaa tgacaaaacc     72600
     aagattttct gatatgagtt ctctaaacat tctacagctt tacctttatt gtactctgct     72660
     ctccttcaca tctgagttgc tctttctgaa cacttctgtc ttatgcctta aagagtctta     72720
     tcactggtca tttccctgca atgtggttca tttttatttt acatctttaa acatttaaaa     72780
     tgtaaaaaaa aaaattgtat gtttttcctg tgttaaaagc aactttagag agatggtggc     72840
     gcaagatagc caaatagaag catccactga tatcatcctc ccttcaggaa caccaaattg     72900
     aacaactatc cacacaaata aaagcacctt cataagaatc aaatatcagg tgaatggtga     72960
     cagtatctgg ttttaacttc aaatcactta aagaggcact gagggttagg aaagaaagtc     73020
     ttgaattgct gatgccaccc ccgcctccca ttccctggca gcagccacat ggcatggaaa     73080
     gagaatctat gcacttgggg gaaggagagc acagtgacag tgggacatta tttgggaatg     73140
     cagtgcttcc ctgttatctc agaaaacaac accagggata actcagccag cacccacaga     73200
     atgaacattt gaactagccc taaacagagg tgaattacgt atgccagggg ccaaatccta     73260
     agtaccagga agccttgaca ccaagggata aagtattcta ggttctaaat aaattaggca     73320
     gacattcaag gcacaaggac tccaatttct gggcaagtcc tggtgttgtg ctgggcttag     73380
     agttggtgaa gttgaagcac atgtgacata atgagaccca agcctgtatg accaaaggag     73440
     cgcttgtgcc acccctcagg caactgaagg cagtgcagtt tgcagctctg ggaaagagtt     73500
     cttccttcca tttgaggaga ggagaggaaa gagaaaaaat gactttttct tgcaacttgg     73560
     aaaccagctc agccacagta ggacagggca gcagacagag tcctgaggcc cccattccat     73620
     gttctacctc ctggatgaca tttctagaca catgccgggc caaaagggag cctgctgcaa     73680
     aaagattcag tccttgtagg attcatatct tctgactaaa gagcccgtag gcccataaca     73740
     gtcagtagta gtcaagcaat actcaccatg agccttaggt gagactcaga gatgtgctgg     73800
     cttcacctct cccacagctc caggaatttc agcacaaaga gagagactca atttccattt     73860
     gtttggaaga aagtaaggga atggaacaag agcctatgtc tgttaacctc gagaattctt     73920
     acagatctta tccaagacca ctaatgtggt acctctatga gtttgcaata gccacaatat     73980
     tataacatgc cctctaatgc agatgcaact gcagtgacta aaaatttgtg tcacaacaca     74040
     ggtcaaatac ccaaaaaagc cttttcaaga aagacaggta gaaacatgcc cagactgcaa     74100
     agaagattac aacaaataac taactcttca atgccagaca ccagtgaaca tccatcaagc     74160
     atcagaacca tccagaaaaa catgacatta tcaaacaaac taaataaggc acccaggacc     74220
     aattgtggag agacagagtt acagcaacat tcagacaagg aattcaaaac agctgttttg     74280
     aggcaatgca aagaaattca agataacaca gagaagaaat tcagaatcct atcagataaa     74340
     ttcaacaaag atattgaaat aattaaaaag aatcaaacac aaaatctaga acttaaaaat     74400
     tcaattgaca gactgaaaaa tgcatccgtc tcttaatagc agaactgatc aaacagaaga     74460
     aagtgtcaat gagcatgaag actgtctatt tgaaaatgcg caaaggagac aaaagagaaa     74520
     aagaataaaa catgccttca agatctagaa aattggctca aaagggcaaa tctaagaatt     74580
     gttgggctta aagtggaggt aaagagatag gggtacaaag ctgattcaaa tggataataa     74640
     cagagaactt ctcaaaccta cagaaaggta tcaatgctca tgtacaaaaa gtttatagaa     74700
     tactcagcag attaacctaa taaataagac taaataagac tacctaaaca catttaataa     74760
     ggaaactccc aaaagtaaaa tattaagaaa ggatcctaaa gcagacagaa aaaagaaatg     74820
     aataacataa aatggagccc cattacacct ggcagcagaa ttctaagaag aaaccttaca     74880
     ggccaggaga aagaggcatg acatgtttaa agcactgaag aaagaaagaa atgtgtattc     74940
     tagaatagta tgtccagcaa aaatatactt caaatatgaa agcgaaataa agacttacca     75000
     agagaagcaa aagctgagga atttcaacac aaaacctgtc ctacaaggaa tactaaagag     75060
     agttcttcag tctgaaagaa aaagatgtca atgaacaata agaaatcaac agggccgggc     75120
     acagtggctt ctacctgtta tcccagcact ttgagaggcc aaggtgggca gactgcttga     75180
     gttcaggagt tcgaagccag tctggacaac atggcaaaac cccacctcta ccaaaaatac     75240
     aaacaatagc tggatatggt gccacatgtc tatagctcca tttagtcaag aggttgaggc     75300
     aggagaatca cttgaacaca aaacgtggag gttgcagtca gcagagatca cactactgca     75360
     ctccagcctg ggttatagga gttaaagcct attgaaaata gagaaagaga gagaaagaaa     75420
     gaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaagag gagaggagag gagagagaga gagggaaaga     75480
     aagagagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     75540
     aagaaagaaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaagaaa gagaaagaaa gagaaaaact     75600
     gaaaatctaa tactggttat agtaagtgca cagaaaaaca cagaatatta taacaaagaa     75660
     attttaatgt gtatattaca catgtcttga gtggaaagat taaaatgtga acaaatcaaa     75720
     cgtaagagct acaatttatc aagacataga cagtacaata agatataaat agaaaaaaat     75780
     gttaacaaat agaaaagtga aaatttggtc tctgtcggtt ttctctttgc ttgttactct     75840
     tttgtttata caatcagagt taagttacta ttactgtaaa ataattggtt ataaggtatt     75900
     atttgcaagc attatggtaa tctcaaatca aaaaacatac tagagaagca cacacacata     75960
     acacacacac acacaaacca agaaattaaa acagaccact agagaaaatc accttcactt     76020
     aaagaaagac aggaaaaagt gaagaagaaa gagaagacta caaaacacca aggaaacaaa     76080
     taacaaaatg caggagtaaa tcctcatttg ccaatcatat caatgaatac aaacgggcta     76140
     aactctccat tcagaagata ttgaatggct gaatgtataa aaaagaaaaa cccaatagtc     76200
     tgttgactac aagaaataca cttcacctgt aaacaaacac atagactgaa aataaataga     76260
     aaaatatatt ctgtaaaaat agaaaccaaa aaagagcaag aatagatata cagagaaaat     76320
     atatttcaag gcaaaaatta taaaaaggga caaagaatgc cgctatgtaa cgatacagtt     76380
     tcaattcagc aagacaatgt aacaatttta aatatataag cacccaacat tacagcaccc     76440
     agatatagga aacaaatata attagaaata aagagagaga tacagccaaa tgcaataaca     76500
     gctggagact tcaacatctc actatcagca gtggagagat aatccagaca aaaaatcaac     76560
     aaagaaatat tggacttcat ctgcactata gactaaatag atctaatcgc tattatgaga     76620
     ccattttatc taacagatgc agaatacata ttcttctcta cagcatataa atcactctca     76680
     aaaaaagacc atacaccaca aaactaatct taaaattgtt ctaaaaacta aatcatatca     76740
     agtatatttt ttgaccaaaa tggtataaag ccagaagtca ataaccatag gtattttgga     76800
     aagtatacac acacatagaa attaaacaat gtgctcctgc atgacaactg ggtcaatgaa     76860
     gaaataaaga aggaaattta aaacttcatt gaaaccaata ttaatggata cacaacctac     76920
     caaaacacac aagatacagt gaaaacaggc gtaaaagaaa agtttatagc tataagcacc     76980
     cacctcaaaa aaatagaaaa cttcaaataa acaaccaaac aatgaattta aaaaaaacta     77040
     gaaaagtaag accaaaccaa gcccagaaat tagtagaaga aaattaataa taaagacagg     77100
     agcagaaata agtgaaacag aaatttaaaa atatataaaa gatccatggg acaaaaaatt     77160
     tttttttttt gaaaagacat atacaattga caaaccttta gtcaaactaa gaaaaaagat     77220
     agaagactca aataaataaa atcacaagtg aaaaaaagac attacaactg atactacaga     77280
     aattcagaga ttattagaag ctactatgaa caattatatg ccaatagatt ggaaaactga     77340
     gaggaaataa gtaaattcct agacatatac aattgaccaa gattgaatca tgaggaaatc     77400
     caaaacctgc acagataaat aacaaataat gagtgtgaag ctataataaa aattatctta     77460
     gcaaggaaaa ccccaggacc taatggcttc aatgctgaat tgtaagaaac atttaaagaa     77520
     gaactaatac cagtcatact caagcttttt tgaaaaatag aggaggagag aatagtttta     77580
     agttcattct gtgaggccag ttttaccatg atacccacat tggacaaaga taaataaata     77640
     aataaataaa actatagttt aatatccatg atgaacatat gtgccaatat tatcaaaata     77700
     ctagaaaaca aaattaaaca acacattaaa atgattattc atcattacca agtgggattt     77760
     ttcccaggga tgcaagatgg ttcaacatac tcaaatcaat tactgtgata tagcatatca     77820
     acagaatgag ggacaaaaat catataatca tttcaattga cacctgaaca acatttgaaa     77880
     attcaaaatc ccttcataat aaaatacttg aaaactgagt atagaagtaa catagttaaa     77940
     cacaataaaa gccgtataca acagacccac aggtagcatt ttaatgaatg gggagaaaag     78000
     gaaagccttt cctctttgat ctagaacaca acaagaatgc ccacttttac cattatatta     78060
     ctagaagacc tagctagagc aatcagaaaa gaggaagaaa taaataaaat ataggacatc     78120
     caaattagaa agaaaaaagt caaattatcc ttgtttgcag atgatgtgat tttatatttt     78180
     ggaaaaccta aagattccac caaaaaaaac tattggattg ataaacaaat tcagtaaagt     78240
     tgcaggatac aaaatcaata tacaaaaatc agtagcattt ccatatggtt gcacaaacaa     78300
     ccgaaaaagg aaaacaaagg aagtaatccc actttaaata caaataaaat tagctagaaa     78360
     ttaaacaaag aagcaaaaga tctctataat gaaaactcat tctaaaatac cgattaaaga     78420
     aatagaaaat aatacaaaaa attggaaaga cattccatga acaaggattg gaagaatcac     78480
     attattaaaa tatccatatc acccaaagca atctagagat ttaatgcaat tccaatcaaa     78540
     ataccaagga cattcttcac aaaaataggg aaaagaatcc taaaacttat attgaacact     78600
     agaagagcca aagttatttg agtaaaaaga acaaaagtgg aagaatcaca ttgcctgact     78660
     tcaaatttta ctgtaagcct atagaaatca aaatagcatg gtactggcat aaaataagac     78720
     atataaacca atggcgcaga atagataagc aagaaatata tcaatacatc tacagcgaac     78780
     cagttttgac aaagaagaca agaatataat tgggaaaaga ataggctctt taaaaaatga     78840
     ttctgggaaa ctataatagg tactattata gtaccatatg cagaagaatg aaagtagacc     78900
     catatttctc accatataca aaaattaaat caaaatgaat taaagactta aatctaaaac     78960
     cttaaactat aaaactacta ttggaaaata ttggggaaac tctctaggac attggactga     79020
     gcaaagattt cctgaataat acccaaaagc acaggcaacc gaaacaaaaa tggacaaatg     79080
     gaagcatatc aaattggaaa gctcctgcat agcaaaggaa acaatcaacg aagtgtggag     79140
     acaatccaca gaatgagaga aaaatatttg taaactaccc atttgccaag ggattaataa     79200
     ccagaatata taaggagctc aaacaactcc ataggaaaaa gaaatctaaa aatccaactg     79260
     aaaaaatgga caaaaggtct gaagagacat ttctcaaaag aagacttaca aaagacaggc     79320
     atatgaaaag gttcccagca tcactgatca tcagagaaat gaaaatcaaa actacaatga     79380
     gatatcatcc caccacagtt aaaatggctt ttgtgaaaaa agggaggcag taacaaatgc     79440
     tggcgagaat gtggagaaaa ggaaactttg tacactgttg ttgggaatgt aaattagcac     79500
     aaccactatt gagaacagta tagagatttc tcaacaatct aaaattagag ctaccgtgtg     79560
     atccagcaat cttactgcta aatgtacacc caaaagaaag gaaatcagta tatcagagat     79620
     atctgcactc ccatgtttat tgcagcacta ttcacagtag ccacaattcg gataaaaact     79680
     aagtgtccat aagcagacaa atggacaaag aaaacatatt acatatacac actggaattc     79740
     tattcagcca taaaaaagaa tgggatcttg ttatctgcaa caatatgaat ggaactggag     79800
     gtcattatgt taagtgaaat aagcaaggtg cagaaagaca aacttcacat gttcttactt     79860
     acttgtgcaa gctaaaaatt aaaagtatta aactcacaga gatagaggga agaacagtgt     79920
     taacagaggc ttggaaaatt agtgtgaaga gaaagtaggg attgttaata ggtacaaaaa     79980
     tatagttaga ctgaataaat atgatctagt gtttgttagc acatagggtg actacaatcg     80040
     acaataattt attgtacagt ttaaggtaag taaaagtata attggattgt ttgtaacaca     80100
     cagaaaggat aaatgcttga tgtgatggat acctctttaa ccttatgtga ttattatgca     80160
     ttgcatgctt gtattaaaat atctcatgtg tcctgtaaat atatacaccg actatgtgtc     80220
     cacaaaaata aagaatagaa aatttaaaaa gaagaaaaga aaaaagcaac tttataaaag     80280
     attcattcag tattctgttt tgaaaataaa gttttatttt agcatatttt tagatttaca     80340
     gtatagttgt gtagataatg ttggagagtt gtcagatacc ctacacccag tgttccatat     80400
     tgctactgtc tttcatggtg catttgtcac aattaataga tcattaatga tacattattt     80460
     taattaaaat atacactttt ttatatttct ttcgtttttg cttaatgtct atattctgct     80520
     ccaggatctc atctagatta catttactta ccatgcattc ttaggttcct ttcactataa     80580
     caggttttta gattcttatt atttttgatg actgtgacag ttttgagaaa cactagtcag     80640
     atattttata gaatgtcctt taatttgagg ttgtctgatt ttttttttct cacggttagt     80700
     tatgggttct agagaggaaa agcacagagg taaaggaaga ttttatctca tcatatcaag     80760
     gatccagcct gtcaatatgc cactgttatt gttggtgtta atcttgagca tgtgactgag     80820
     gtagggtctt tcagattttt ccacggtgaa gttactcttt tttcccactt ttcatatttc     80880
     ttttttttgg aagaaagtca ctatgctcag tcctttctta aggcactatg aattatctcc     80940
     acctccttaa gaaaatcacc ccaattttag atttctcaga actgtgataa atatgtttct     81000
     cttggttaag ccaccaagcc tgcagtattt tgttatggca gcacagacta gttcacttat     81060
     atctatgtgt gcttatatct ataaatacag gtaaatagta tataaatata ggtatgtacc     81120
     tgtatctata tttgtatatt aatccatcta atattgtgaa tgatattgtt ataaagaata     81180
     catgatggta tgtgtttgtt aaaacttata gaactttaca gcacagaacc ttacaatgca     81240
     taatgtaaac aaattaaata agtatgatta gtaagttgga ggattgcaga atggaatata     81300
     gtctgtgaaa aaaacaactg ccttccaaac gtgagttcat aaagatatct gcaagtctaa     81360
     ttcagtacca ctttgattat tctagccctc tctcctttct tatgtgtaac tttccactcc     81420
     agcagtgaga aacttggctc ctactgtcga ccttccattt accaaattgt tcaattccac     81480
     atagaatggt ttcagaatta ttaactgcta accctatgag aaataaattt atatgctaca     81540
     gtggattact tacatgcagt ttttctttat tttatatgtt tggaaggcag ttgttgcttt     81600
     ttttttttca cagactatat tccatcctgc aatcctccaa tttactaatc gtacttattt     81660
     aatttgttta cattatgcat tgtaaagttc tgtgctgtaa agttctataa gttttaacaa     81720
     aacacatacc acatgtattc tttataacaa tatcattcac aactgtttca tggccctaaa     81780
     aatcccgtgt tacattagat acagcaatat aagagccttt tgccacccta aaaatattac     81840
     ctgtatttca cctatttagc cctcttccct ccacaaacct ctgatagtct tacttgtttg     81900
     ctgtttgtat agttttgcct tttcaagaat gtgttttaga aatggaatca tagagtatta     81960
     aaatcttttt tatacttctt tccactttat aaattatcct cttaagtcta tgataattcc     82020
     tttttatact ctccttacac tctttgcatc tgtcccattt ttatatcgat tctaccaaaa     82080
     tttcctcttt aatattttta tttttctctt ggtaaatatt tttctatcat cactgttaag     82140
     atactttcta aagtaatact ttgagctcaa attcacactc actttttttt cctggaattt     82200
     ttaacctctt gttcagcaac tcagcttcta tgtctttaaa tttaacatac ctaaattgga     82260
     actaaatata ttcttgccaa attctttgcc caaaaactat agcagtgctt cctctggctt     82320
     tcttactgat tagtttcttt ctctcaaagt attaaatgta taaataatac tacctaactt     82380
     gagtcagcag gagaataaac ataattaagt ggtttactaa ccttctaaaa tggcattaaa     82440
     atatttctgc ggccgggggt ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcagttt gggaggccga     82500
     ggcggatcac gaggtcagga gatccagacc atcctggcta acaccgtgaa accccgtctc     82560
     tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcgt ggtgacgggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactt     82620
     gggcgcctga ggcaggagaa tggcgggaac cagggaggcg gagcttgcag tgagccgaga     82680
     tcgcgccact gcactccagc ctggacgaca gagcaagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaat     82740
     atttctgcaa ctgcatttgt atgtttttta ttatgtcctt aaaatggtta gaaatactat     82800
     tttagagata tctccgaaga gttttcctct acctcataac ggaaatgtag aagtaagtat     82860
     tactcgaagt tatgcacatt gagacaatta ctatgcttgt tgtgaggaag gaggaaagga     82920
     tatgagaaca gcattaacaa gtacctataa tgtaggccca tctctatatt aacactgttc     82980
     tgaaataatc cgtgcattag agatgttttc ttgatactgc tcagcaagaa agattgcttt     83040
     agtgtcatga cattctgatt ggatggcagg gactcttaca gaatcctgaa aaaaaaaaca     83100
     catataattg aataaactat gtgatgtctc aatttaaatt atttctcagc tgtagaaaat     83160
     gtagccccca ctgtagcaag tgggcactaa tgtcagcaat gtattaggtt ttggtttaaa     83220
     ccaattgatt tcatgccttt ctatatattc tgcataatac tcaaacactt tggtgactca     83280
     ctagtgtttc tcaacagttc cattagctct gaaataacta catcaatttt cttcccattt     83340
     ttctttccac aattattctt ctctaaacat ggatactcta tgtattttct acattattat     83400
     actaccttcc taattgctta atgaattgca tggaataaaa tatcctgata ttcacttaat     83460
     aaacattcta aaatgggtaa atattgttga tctcactaat gtttttcatt atatatttaa     83520
     catgaaaata aaatacaacc attttaaaat aaatattatg ccctcaaaaa tgtcttaaat     83580
     ggaaataaca aaaatagttt aggttataag tacttacaca gcaattttgt ttttttacaa     83640
     aggtagctca agtgcctttt tctgctttca acatttgtgt tagaaaaaaa tgaaaggcaa     83700
     gagttgtaac aattgtaaat atttcaggat agttcaactt ttttgttaac actaatgttt     83760
     gtgtgtgtgt acacatatgt atgtatatat taacacacat aattacatat atgtaatata     83820
     tgtgtgtata tatacacatg tgtgtaatgt aaagcattac atgcatatat atgcacagaa     83880
     atacatacat atatatataa ttttttaagt ttatagaatc cctataagaa tccttgtcat     83940
     ccaatcagat gtcatgacac taaaccatta taagaaataa tccgtagata tgcagatcat     84000
     caaaatatta gaagtgtgct ttctttctga ttatttcttg gtaaattcaa tttcagtgta     84060
     ctttgtccca atatgaatta ttttttcagt gggactcttt ttataaatga tttcacagtc     84120
     cttgaacatt aggcctcaca ggatttactg cttgataaac aattctaaat cttaaaactt     84180
     gctggaacag agtagctgag tataatgcta agaaagaaaa actagtgttt tagaaaagaa     84240
     atgtaatact ggatctctga tacaggtaga ttgaataatg cacatttcaa ataaacttga     84300
     acttaatgtg ccaaactttt taagagctga catgtataat tgtttcattt tgagaataaa     84360
     gataaattaa ttgtgataac ttataataat atggaatata tatatacaaa aaaatcccaa     84420
     ataccagtag atatttaaac attcaaataa tcttattctt aagccaagtc actataaatg     84480
     aattataatg caagaatgtg tattaaattg tttttactct tacctttatt taaatcgatt     84540
     aagttacttt atatttttaa tctagcttta taaaagaaat tattagtaat acaattgttt     84600
     ttattcttct gaaatgttaa tgtttagtga aataaccatg tgattaatta ttttatagca     84660
     gcacttcact tttaatagca gatgtgttcc agaaaacatg tgtgcatata taatttttaa     84720
     aaataggact acatttttaa catacatggc atatttccta gtcaaaaaat tatggtatga     84780
     ccagtattct tctaaagcac agaatgatta agaatcatga acaatctctt aaactttaac     84840
     cttgcatgca tcctcaagta acagaccttg aactactggg tgaatttcaa agcatcacgt     84900
     gttcctgctg tcaatcctca ttcttctaac acaggatgct aattgaggca gcccacatca     84960
     agtcacttca gattttctaa aaccattttt tggcacagtc atgggaaaag attttagatg     85020
     acatgtaact actttcagat atttctaaat tattcatttc aacatgtgtt ttgtgcacct     85080
     aatagacgaa ggcctagcct caagggaaac agcagaagtt gtaacatttt ctggtctcct     85140
     gaggtcaaag tgtaaattgt tttcccaaag gtggaagtaa agagtttcat tgggttccct     85200
     gaccaaattg tggttattca atgaatattt tgaaaatggg aattttatta tatgaaagtt     85260
     ttctcagaag gataaaaata tttttcattt tagtaattaa aatagcattt tattaacata     85320
     aggcaagaca aatagactaa ggggaataat aaataattga gaaacacaaa aatctataca     85380
     agaaacttga tatacaacag ttataaatca gtagggcagg gtttctgcga caagtagcca     85440
     tttgaggaaa aggataaaag tatttatcta tttattacat acaaaaaata aatttcaggt     85500
     ggattaacat ccatatatga caaccaaaac cttacaatgt ttagaaaaag tatagtagaa     85560
     tatgttcata tcactaaaat tactggccat taggacatag atgattaaat ttaatgatat     85620
     aaaaatgtaa aacttgcatc tgacaaagat gctatttata aacttaaaat acaggccaaa     85680
     attgggaaag atttttgaaa tacatgtaac taacagagga ctattatcca gaatatataa     85740
     agagtccttg caaaggaaaa gaaaaatatt tatagaagca atacctaaaa agcaacaaac     85800
     gcatgaaaaa acgttcaatc tcatttgaat tcaagaaaat aaaattaaaa ggcaatgaga     85860
     tattatttca ttaccatcaa actgacaaaa atttgaaagg ataattttaa atgatagcca     85920
     ggtgttggag gaaataatat ttcaaacact gccagcaaag atgtaacttg gtataaatga     85980
     tttgaaaaca agctatacta tgtttattta aactgaatat aacctataac ctagaaacct     86040
     gcaatttcag gtatataccc ctagataaat atttgtagac atgcccacag aaacatattc     86100
     aaggaatgtt tttcccagta tttttttgta gtgctgaata tttggaaaca acttacattt     86160
     tatatagaaa tatgtttgcc atttttgcac cagatttttt taagaaacaa aaagttacaa     86220
     aataagttga aaaaatattt tttaaagaac ccccagaaag tttaacaaac atcgtccttt     86280
     cagaatatga gttagtaaaa actttgagaa tagcctcaga gagaggccaa accaacagct     86340
     atataggaac atttaggcag tacatgggtg ctgataggta caacatggaa ttttattcct     86400
     agaggactgt ttcttttgct actttgttag taaaagacag tcttttacct atatttcata     86460
     tgtttcagga gactgactcc gaagagaaga ctctgacttc tctgtgataa aatttaagtt     86520
     taaaagagat gatatgatag atttttgagg agggatttat tatggttaga gagaaatcac     86580
     acagccttgt ccatcagata gtaaggttac aaatgcagag attaaggctg aagcacatag     86640
     tgtatgtggg tttgttacag taggtttgaa gtattctata gaatatttca aaaccatgta     86700
     acagaacttt atggttttat aatagaactt tataattgaa taatacttaa tctggaaaaa     86760
     atatataatt tattggttca tatatatttt taaatagtat ctgcaagaaa cagttgcctg     86820
     ttttacaatt aagacacagc aaagtttatt tcaggtaaga agtgactgta gttggcaaag     86880
     agtaatgggt ctactttctt cctatctact gatgtgctgt ctctttacag aattcctcct     86940
     ggtcagtgtt ggggctcttg cactgattct ctatttgtct ttttcttccc actctcccta     87000
     cttttatttt tgctttttaa cctttgtagg tttgtcctac ttctggaaga ttttttttct     87060
     acttttatgt tagattttga tggagctgaa atatttttaa tttttaagtc ttcccctttc     87120
     ttttccattc ccatttattg tggtctattc ttattttttg aacacactat ctcttgtttt     87180
     ctctttgaga ataaaaattg tagactttta aaatattctt ttatctcaat attgcccctt     87240
     tctttcacat tcttttttca ttctattggt ttctttttgc tttcattttt aacttaattc     87300
     ccattcttgt taaataatga atttcactct agcatgatca agtgacaagt tgctttttac     87360
     tagccctcct ccataactag taattcaccc aggaattact ctattcctat ccttatcttt     87420
     agaaagccaa cttttggtaa agtacttggg gagtaaaatc ctttgctgct attggtggga     87480
     aatctgggga aagtaaagga ctttaagtta aaagtttctc actttttgtt tactttaagt     87540
     ctagtgattc tgcttacatt ttccaaaaaa taaatgtcct acactgagaa agggagaaga     87600
     gaatttgcag gtattgtgga gctagattga gaacctgggg ttttaatacc ttctggagta     87660
     aatttggttt gagaccttct gttttatcta catgtgtacc cacaattttc tgtgtctcct     87720
     cttgccttca acttgtgaat ctttccaaga ttttgacaag caaatcaatt tacctatttt     87780
     tggtatctcc atttgtatgc attttatttt cagcctctta gacttgctta aagcagttat     87840
     cactttagaa attgcttttc ctcttctaaa agtttaccaa tttattttgc tgttgctgtc     87900
     taccctgttt ccttaactct ggaggttttc tttattcatt tttttttatt ttgttattga     87960
     cacttcagtg gggttttggc aggggaagga aataagtgta cggtaacaat ccactgggtt     88020
     tttaaatttc tcttcatttc attcattctt ttctgcatta tcacactttg ctatttatta     88080
     tttctctttt ttgttggagt cagagaaata tatatttttc attaaaatta atgtatgtat     88140
     ttatatagtc aatttttatt tttaggttct actattttta tttaattttt aaattaaaaa     88200
     taatattgga tatatttatg aggtacaaca tgatattttg atataggtat acactatgga     88260
     atggctaaat cacgctaata aacatattca ttacttcaca taatttattg tgtgaacact     88320
     taaaatctac tctcttagtg gttttcaaga acaatgcctt gttattaact atagtcactg     88380
     tattatacaa cagtgctctt taacttattt ttttagctta aaattgtgtg ttatctaagc     88440
     aacatctctc cagtctactc ttttagtccc tgttaactac cattctactc tttgttattg     88500
     agtttgcctt tttcagattc cacatataag tgaaatcatg aggtatttct atttttgtgt     88560
     ctggcttatt tcacttaaca taaagtcctc cagtacttcc ttctttttta agactgaata     88620
     gtattctact gtgtatatat accacatttt ttagatccat tcatccatta atgcatgctt     88680
     tggttgattt catatgttgg ctattgtgaa taatgaatgc tacagtaaac atgagcatgc     88740
     agatatctct gacatactga tttctctcag atgtatacca agtggaattg ctagatctat     88800
     aatttttgag gaaccctgca ctgttttctg ataagaaaat ggaaacttgt acactgtcca     88860
     gtgaatgtaa attagccaat tttaaaaaat gaaccatctg ccttgtaccc tgtgttcccc     88920
     ttccctttcc ttcaaaggaa caattttaac taattatttg tatttaattc cagaccactt     88980
     aatgatatgc ttgtattcct atttgataac atatatgtac ataatgcatg catagttctg     89040
     tataatttat atatgtgtat ataatgtatg tatgtacatg tgtttatata tattatacat     89100
     gtatataggt gtgtgtattt gtctgtgtct atgtgtgtgt gattttaagc attatccatt     89160
     gacttttcaa tagtaataat gaggatgttg ctttccttct cctattctta ctacacattc     89220
     tcatctttct cttttgcttt ttacccttaa agaaatacat taaaatgtgc attagataga     89280
     tggaggtact cagtgtttac actattttga tattgtaagt tctagtcaca actgtgaagc     89340
     ccaattaatt ttgattttta tattatttca tgcacaaatt tgtgttattt ctagagttaa     89400
     aaataggctg cttttgatct tcaattttgc tgtcattaat tgcaaaataa tcccatggca     89460
     acgctttaaa tctgtacatt tctttggggc atctctcaat ttaattctaa tagataattt     89520
     cctcttgtag tcttctatat ttcactattc tgaattggtt gttccctata cctgttacct     89580
     aaccgccaca ttttgtatat cctttcccca tggcccaagg aatccccttt gctgtctctt     89640
     attttagttt ctttgttttg tgtattctgt ctttctctcc ctggtttact catcatttca     89700
     gtacaatgtc acatactgaa aaaagtgaat agtaattatt tatgaagact tttaactagt     89760
     gctcttattc aaactttacc ctaaatatat agttggaatg ggcatacatt gtatgcatca     89820
     gtaaggaaat ctccttaatt taagcttttg aaggcatcgc tccattttct tcttcctgtc     89880
     agtgctgctg ttgaatcatc tgaagacttt aggatttctg attctttttt gtttttctca     89940
     ctctgaaaac ttgttggatc ttctgttttt ccccagtgtt ctcagcattc atatggacac     90000
     tcaatataag gttctgtact ctaccctcac cctctgttgt gtctcctgtg tcccagtcat     90060
     tagacgttgt gatcttgaga aaaaacattg tctctttttt ttttttgaga tgggttctca     90120
     ctctgtcacc caggtttctt gagtgcaaac tctgctcact gcaacatccc cctcccaggc     90180
     tcaagcagtc ctcccacctc agcctcctga gtaggtggga ccacagcatg caccaccatg     90240
     cccagttaat tttttgtgta tttggtagag aaggggtttc accccgttgc ccaggttggt     90300
     ctcgaactcc tgagctcaaa tgatccacct gcctcagcct cccaaattgc tgggatttca     90360
     ggtgtgagcc accacgcctg gccaaaattt taattctttt ctgggtggag cagttgagtg     90420
     actgatttga aagtaggaac atatttggaa gtctgtcttt caaaaaaatg gacaagaaaa     90480
     taatcttgtc atttaagttt cctatttacc tccccttcca gagtatctgt tgcagccatt     90540
     tcctgaacac ggttggaatt gcatagtaca aatggagtta ggcttgagct tcctcattgt     90600
     cagcttaggc tttaggcctc acaaaccttc tcctcccaca agagatccct taagtgtttt     90660
     gctgctcaca tatgtttttt taatttacat aattttattg ctacattttt gttctgctca     90720
     tctttatggt tgtatgttta atgtccaacc aaaccaatca aacaaaaaca aacaaaacat     90780
     aatttaaaaa atacaaaata aataataata ataagcaata acacaatcag aagggagaca     90840
     aatatgtgtg tgctgtactc tgccttttca catgcaattt ttatctttga aatttagcag     90900
     tttttacaga atatgtctca ataattaatc gccattttgt taatttttcc tggtaaaagt     90960
     taatcctgag attcaggctg ttgagttcaa gtaaatttct ccttttatat cattagagat     91020
     tacctctgtt tcatcagtat tgtcctattt ttctcagggt gatggagatg tagcttagat     91080
     attgagtctt cattagtatg ttaaattttt tgagaggaaa aatatgtatc attatttagt     91140
     tattgccagt gtgtcctaat caattgttct ttgcagaatt cactataaga tgttgaaatg     91200
     tttaataatc ctcagagtga ggtaactatg ctgaaaattt ctttaatcct agtgtaaaac     91260
     attgggctat ggcaataact tcatgaagca tgatacttgt gatagcggca ggaggcagaa     91320
     aaattcctca gcagagaggg gcgggtccct ggtgaaaccc accttcagac tggagagagc     91380
     tgaaagtctg aaatctgggc tgccagttcc tggtggagta cactgcctgg agtgagaact     91440
     tctttgatgc agtttggcca atctaatgat actttttcca gatccgtcca tggaccaata     91500
     agcaagcact tgctcccacc ctggaccagt cagcacacag ttcttccatt ctaagcctat     91560
     aaaaacccca gactcagctg gactcagaga cacttttgaa ctacctgcct gcagataaga     91620
     gctacccact tcaggtctac tctctgctga gagctgttgt gtgactctat aaagcttttc     91680
     tctgctttgg tcaccctcca gttgtctgca ttattgcatt gttcttggac tccagacagg     91740
     aactcaggac ctgctgaatt gcaggcacaa aaagggctgt aacatgttcc tggccagctc     91800
     actgagctgc aagcagtgac acgctcttgt tcatcagacc gtgggagtaa acagcacaac     91860
     ccttctggga cctcagattt cagtattccc caagccagag ccgtaactct gtagccttct     91920
     caccctctgc tggcattggg cagctgcctc ttgggatggg aagcagtggc agggctgggc     91980
     ctgcccagga gctgcagacc agagtggctg accaagctgt aatacaaatg ggctgaaaca     92040
     ggcaccgtcc catgtttgct gtgccatggg cagctggact gagagagtgg taactcatcc     92100
     tccacccctt ggggccctgt ggtggctggc atctctaagt tttcagatgc caccttgttc     92160
     cccttgttca gatgctggcg cctgcagcag aagctgttgt ggtacgccca gtccagctgc     92220
     agccttccat gcagctggca cctgagccag cacctggagc tacccgttct gccacagcag     92280
     ccagcgcacc tggctgtgag cagtggctgg accctgtgct cacttgctta cacatccctc     92340
     actactccgc acctggctca ccctcagtgg acgtgggatc taagccaata gcgtgaagca     92400
     agcacagcct gtcggatgag tgtttggaaa caagcccagt gggtgcaagt gaaattcagc     92460
     cagaggtgct gctggccaca gagtttgccg ctggtgaagc aacagccaaa gcatccagtg     92520
     acacttgcat acattttgga taaagtattc aaaactatgt aggaactcca gtttagggga     92580
     gtaattattt aataatttaa taagtgatat ttggctgagt atttttaagg atagaagagt     92640
     aagttaccat cattttggcc taagaacaaa tgagacttct atttgttaaa atatggatca     92700
     agggatctta ggaggattat ttgcttgttt ataagctgat tgttcacata tcttttctta     92760
     cctgccttca atgtctcgtc agtgtttgat ttgaattttg ctacattaaa ctagcctaga     92820
     taacattttc ctgtttatat taaagttctc ctggtataga caaatttgat tgattgataa     92880
     atatagataa atctcatgtc tagagagaga gagacaagag agaaggttta ctttaagggc     92940
     caaataaacc acctttgact catgcaattg agggggcatg caagttagaa tcaggccagt     93000
     aaactagaaa ttctgccaag agttaatatt gcagtctcca gtctgaaccc tggaaactta     93060
     ggcagaattt ctatttttga ctcaacagag aattcctttc ttaacaggga cctagatttg     93120
     tttttaaggc tttccgttgt ttggatgagg accaccacat tgtggaagta atctgcttta     93180
     ctcaacatct accaatttaa atgttaatta cttcaaaaaa tactttcccc acaacatcta     93240
     gctgggtatt ttacaaaaca atttggcacc acagcctagg caagttgaca cctaaaatta     93300
     accatcacat tgtttcagtt gagaaatcaa taagtacttt caaacagaaa aatgaaaata     93360
     aatgcacagt catgcattgc ttaatgatga gaaatgtgtt gttaagcaat tttgtcatta     93420
     ggcaaatata gattttactt acacaaacct agatggtata gcctatgaca cacttaggct     93480
     atatcttaca gccttttgtt cctaggctac caaactgtac agtaagttac tcaactgtat     93540
     actgtaggca actgtaacac aatggcaagt attggtatat ctaaacatag agaaggcata     93600
     gtgaaaatag agaatatggc aggcgtagtg gtgtgtgcct ataatcccag ccactctgga     93660
     ggttgaggtg ggagtatttc ttgagcccag gaatttgaaa caatcctggg aagcagcaag     93720
     acactatctc aaataaaaaa taaaataatt taaaaataca gtataaaata aaaaaaaatg     93780
     gtacaccttt ataaagactt accaagaatg gagcttgcag gcctggaagt tccactgggt     93840
     gagtcactgg gtgagtggtg agtgaatgtg aaggcctgag acatttctct acactactct     93900
     agactttata aacattgtat aattaggcta cattaaattc tttttagaaa ttttctttct     93960
     tgaataaatt aatctgagct tactgtaact tttttatttt ataaactttt taattccttt     94020
     caattcttta actcttgtgt aaccacactt agcttaaaac acaaacacgt tgtacagctg     94080
     tataaacata ttttctttct ttatatccct attccataag cttttcctgt ttttaacatt     94140
     tttaacattt tcaacttttt gttaaaaact aagacacaaa cacacacatt agcctaggcc     94200
     catgcagtac cacaattatc aatatcgctg tctttcacat ccgtatcttg tgtcactgga     94260
     aggtcttcag ggggcgtaac acaaatggag ctgttgcaag tacctcttct acagttactt     94320
     tttttttaaa ataagtagaa ggaatacact ctaatataat gataaaaagt acagtataaa     94380
     aatatataaa ccagtaacat gaccatttat tatcgttatc cagtaatgta ctgaagttaa     94440
     ctatatactt tcttttctaa actggcagtg cagtaggttt gtttacacca gcaacgccac     94500
     aaactcgagt catgccttac actaaaatgt tacaatgtct acagtgtaac taggccatag     94560
     gaatttttca gcacaattat tatcttatgg gaccactgcc atgtatgtgc tcagtagtgc     94620
     accaaaatgt cattatgctc tagtctttca tgcacatatt tttctgtaga aagtagttga     94680
     agagattaag catatcaaaa attgatccct taaattaata ttcagttgtg aaaagctagt     94740
     ccaacatatt ttaatactgc cttagaatta attaaaaaaa atctatcaga atgccaaatt     94800
     gttttcaaac attttaccag ataagttaaa tttacattat taattaagtt ctcagatatg     94860
     atttgtttag atggggacta atatttattc ctgtaacttt tgttttgtta tcaaaggttc     94920
     tggaataatg tgtttgattc tatttttctc acattcaaag ccccatatta tatggagaac     94980
     gagtctctct attttttctt ttttttcttt ttaactgata ggcctaggga aaagcctttt     95040
     taagttaccc agttttttaa aatggctttg atccttgctt atcttctctt tgcttagttg     95100
     ttttataata tgtcatcatg tgtgaacttt gtccaatatt taattttgta tcatcggcag     95160
     ctactcataa attataaacc caattatcat tgctgtcagt ggtggctgat ttaccttacg     95220
     ataacaaaaa caataataaa ataaaataaa aaatttaaca tacaatttgg agaatattta     95280
     tagaatacta actgaaatca actttgcaat tactgtttgc ctttattctc ttagactgac     95340
     ttatatattt atgactaatt ttcaccaaat tttatttctt agaaaatgtt ttaatcctac     95400
     taaaaatgta atccagtata ctttaagaaa atctatgcca aatgttctgt gagattagcc     95460
     aatcttgtca tagatacttg tcaatgtttt gtacaccaga gtgaaattta cttcctgacc     95520
     ctagctattc cttaggtaat acacaaaaac aactgaattg acaatcatag tcacctaaga     95580
     taatggaaaa acagttgttt gtcaagtact tttttaatga atcttgtatg actaagtagc     95640
     tttatatttg aaagttttgc aagtaaatta tttttatgtt gatgtatttc tttctatttg     95700
     tattttgtaa atgcacagta ggttccaatt tatgttgtcc tgggtatttt tttttctagt     95760
     tttgcgcaga aacaaataga aatataaaat ttaattaatt atatgtattt aaaaataaaa     95820
     tataatattt tatttcattt tgtttgcaac cctcatccaa taaaatgtaa atcatgattt     95880
     taaacctttg ggctgtaata aacttgttgc cttaatagcc ctagtccttt gcctctcctg     95940
     aatgtataca ctttaaaatg ggactttgca gttcctgtta tgaagcacat aacataatta     96000
     cacacatctt aattctgagt tcagctatgt gacttgcttt tgcctttgat atcctagcat     96060
     ttgtagtata agaaaaagct aaaaaaggac tggtgcactt ttgccttcaa tgtggaaaca     96120
     cagccaggct ggcccaccag agagaggtga gagaaaaatg aagtagagac aagttgttcc     96180
     aggcaataat cagctcactt ctagagacat aataccccag acagcagtca ggtaataccc     96240
     agacatgacg gagaatccat gtgaaactca gaaattgccc agctgaattt ttcagtcaca     96300
     gactcaagac aaaacaaatt cttattgttt taagccattg tgttttggaa tggtttgtta     96360
     tgctgcatta atatggcaga gtgaatgatg gagaagcaaa gaattgtata tattttttta     96420
     tttctcagtt aataacaatt gctctgtgta ttagtctgtt ttcatactgc tataaagaac     96480
     tgcccaagac tgggtaattt ataaaggaaa gacatttaac ttacagtcct ccagggctca     96540
     ggaaacttac aatcatggcg aaaggcaaag ggaaagcaag gcatcttatc acaagatggc     96600
     aggaagaaga agtgctgaac agagggagca gagtccctta taaaaccatc agatttcatg     96660
     agaactaact cactatcatg agaacaacat ggagaagcta caactatgat tcaattacct     96720
     cctgctggtc tcttccttga cacttgggga ttctggagat tacaattcaa gatgagtttt     96780
     ggggggtagt caaaggctaa ccatatgact ctgtgtaact tctctcactt ttttaaagta     96840
     tgtatatatt tgaggatata tatgtttatt tattttaaac agtccaattc ttctcaccca     96900
     aagaaatgca aatgtgtgtg tgtgtatata tatatataat acattatata ttatatatat     96960
     attatatata tataactctt tgttttaatt accactatct tttccaaatc tattagtttc     97020
     attttaagta tatgttgatt gttgacttta agtgtcacat agaatcccac agtgccagtc     97080
     attttctatt tatccattgt tctagaagtg gaaactatgt gttctccata tttctacaaa     97140
     cacaaaagca gcataatgaa aatctccatg tatagccttg tgggaaaatg tatgtatcca     97200
     attatcattg cataaattta ctttctaaga agatcattcc agttatataa tttatcattt     97260
     tgtaatgttt ttaatatgat gtttttttct cccagctttg tcaagattta ggtagtctct     97320
     taaactagaa aagtggttta atttgtctat ttgtttaatg tagagacgta tggcatgtat     97380
     caccttcacc ctctttcaca taaatcctaa ataataacaa aactatttta aattataata     97440
     aggaagattt tggttgccag tcttagaaat tactatctta aaacatacac caagataatc     97500
     atttggagtt atcatatgtg ggggtcttct caaaaattga attgcaatta tttgtttcag     97560
     aaaatttgaa tacatatgag tatgaaaata aaagttggag caaatggtca cttgcttgtt     97620
     cgatccagca ctagcattca gtgaaaatga aacaacctca gaaggggaaa taacatcatg     97680
     ccatattttt aaaagaacaa atacataaaa cagaagtgga aaatattaaa atagaaaaga     97740
     caaatctgtg taatcaagca aataaaatca tcataacttt tcagaaaaca gtcacaaaga     97800
     aaaatatata ttatacctct aatctagaga tgattcaata ttttgatata taagctttaa     97860
     aatatattct tctgcataag tcttttagaa aaaatattta gataaaattt atagttaaca     97920
     aaaaatgttg aaagattatt ctctttgttc aatgtttccc aacaaggaag ctattggtat     97980
     tttgggtggg accattcaat tctttgacta gtctttcagt caatatacag gataatttcc     98040
     accttgggtc cccacagcca aatgctttaa aaaggtaaga acaccttaga attcagaatg     98100
     tgttctattt tgtcattttc cagcttacaa ataaacacct cagtgtggct cagtaaatct     98160
     aatagtgcat cagttcacag tgtatagcga tcactagcaa tggggtttgg catcctctca     98220
     ctgtgtaggg ctcaggaagt tcttgagatg ccatctttgt tgtctttgtg cattcaactc     98280
     tcattgcgtg attataaatg gtattgtctg atgaattgag aagcttcatt agattaaaga     98340
     aagtacagaa tgtaaacttt ttttgtgaaa gactaagttc cctagagtta caggaaagat     98400
     aagcagaaag aaaatacaaa gtaaggattc ataaatcaca ttctagactt taatttttta     98460
     ttaattttca tggttttctg aattcctaag ttgtctcaac cattatagac tattattctc     98520
     tgctcaattt agtgacatag ggcttacata atgctctttt ctatatcttt ataaatgtat     98580
     tactatttga atgattactg taagcatgga taaaatgcta tattgccctc aattttagat     98640
     agcaaaaaaa ttgtacaggg aagacagata catcacaatt atccttaact atttagtggt     98700
     tcaccttcac agtgatatga aaaacagtac acttaaagta gtaattcaac tgagtactta     98760
     ccaagaactt atgtaataaa actgctttta aagaacttaa tgtctttaat gctttatcta     98820
     gatttatgtg aaataattta gagaaaaatc taataatgaa acatttaatt gaaagcagta     98880
     atatatttta ttccacattc atctatatat gcaaatacaa agttaaaaaa acttttttaa     98940
     gaaatatgaa tcactggcca ggcgcagtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag     99000
     gccgaggcag gcagatcacg aggtcaggag atcgagacca ccctggctaa cgcggtgaaa     99060
     ccccgtctgt actaaaaata caaaaaaatt agccaggcat ggtggcgggc acctgtagtc     99120
     ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac ccgggaggcg gagcttgcaa     99180
     tgagcagaga tcacgccact gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagcgagact ccatctcaaa     99240
     aaagaagaaa gaaaaaatat atatatatat acatatatat taatcattat cacacctcta     99300
     cctcttgcct ttccaagcct ccttgtagtt ggagtatatt tctctgtctc ataataaggc     99360
     ttggccatat aacttggttt ggccatgata atcaaagaag gcttgacata tatgaagaac     99420
     tttaaaatct tttgcatgat tttcttcagc ttcttgctta tgccctctac tatgagaaaa     99480
     aaaaatgact cagataagag ttatgaaatc accttgggcc ccaaaatgag aagatatgtg     99540
     gaaaatagca aaaccatggc aagcagagac aagcagtgtt gtagctgaca catacatcca     99600
     cgggatagaa ataaaaaaaa aacaaatggt atttatttgt tcttgtaaac ctcagggact     99660
     taggagctgt ttgttaccaa aaaaagttga cagaaatact tgttaatata ttgaaatgta     99720
     tcagattcag ggttcatacc cacatttgac aattttttgt caaaattatt gataactgag     99780
     ttaaacctgt aattaaaaac tttacttgaa aacagaggtt tcgatgtttt caggagttgt     99840
     tttacataaa ttcactgaac actcaggcaa ataggaattg atattaaata aattatttta     99900
     gatgttaaac acaaggttga tttgtgggtt ttgaagtcct ttagagaaac aatgtcatgg     99960
     aaagttttta gaattatttt ttacttttta attcaagttt cactttttaa ttatagaccc    100020
     aatgtagtgt aaatctgaca ccatctttca agcttaatga tgactacttg gttttcattt    100080
     tcaaaataaa ttgatactaa gtagatatgt ttattgaata tgggccattc aaagaggtga    100140
     tcaagcttgc aaaagattta ttattttaga ttatttatat aatatcctca taccacaact    100200
     tttcacagta gcaatttatg cactagtacc atgttgtgct acaaagcact tttcttaaaa    100260
     acaaatttta aattcaatac agcccaattt tacaatatta tctgtagaca ttgtgcaaaa    100320
     attatatgta gaagaaaggg taatgcaaaa ataaaaacca tcttgactag cttacccatt    100380
     atcattgccc tttatgagat actttcttct ttgtgtctac ttctcttcta aaaactatac    100440
     ctgtagatat atgattatat attaatcccg aatgttgaaa ctataatgta aataacaatc    100500
     taatatgtgc aaaatttagc actttttgta ttttgaattc agtaaagtat ttacgttata    100560
     cattacatca ctataaataa attttactac agttctttat atacgaagta aacatacgtt    100620
     attcacaatt tgatgctaac ctttatataa catcttctac atacaaagca tttggcaaga    100680
     atttgtggag caggggatat attgaaaggt taaaagggat aaaacacatt taaagggata    100740
     atatgcatga acaaatccaa gataattttg atccataaat attaaatatt atataatgct    100800
     tatctcaata tttcatcaaa acaaaatgca atggatttta agatgtgcca ttattttttg    100860
     tacttttata tacttcagaa aagaaaaaaa ttgcttgaca tgagcaaact atataggaga    100920
     gtcccctttg agggtaatcc acaaaagggt tatatattaa ccgttgctat gtattaacca    100980
     ttgtttacat ttccctttcc acaaaaggga aatgtaaaca agacctcaaa ctacaagaaa    101040
     ggacagcaaa taaactaaca aggctctacc ttgatacttg gtggaagaga taaaactttc    101100
     ccagatgatt taaatcacta ggcattacct tgcaaggttt gtattctgaa ttcacactgc    101160
     tagtgtggtc caaaagcctc aagcagagaa tttaatgaaa gttgtctcag gtttattttg    101220
     tccctaggtg actggaagaa gcaaatgtga atcttcttgg ttctcagtgt atgccaatgc    101280
     aggtttgtaa aatgccgtcc ataagaagat gcattccaac ttcagaaatg ttaaattgta    101340
     tgacaaccat tcttaaaatc tattaaatat gtattctata atgaaatctg tactttatat    101400
     aaacaccaaa aaatgctatt gaatcatatt ttcatattgg gggctggaaa accttgagag    101460
     agaacagtat ttaaatgtta acaatgataa tggcaataat aataataaca aaaaagtagc    101520
     aacagcacaa taactgtgtc cttatgatgt gacatttaat ttccatgtat ttagttactt    101580
     gatgctcaca acagccattc taaatagtaa taataatttt ccccttttca cagataagta    101640
     aacagaaaag ccagtacttg aatccagcca gtttttgtga aaagccatat cttaattact    101700
     gttttaagaa tgaaggatgt ttcagcaagc agtaaccaca tagatggcca ttccaaacca    101760
     agaggacaca aaagagcata gtttgttgtt gttgttgtta tttttaagac atttcttaaa    101820
     atgtcaaggg gattagcatg gttaggacaa gagaaattaa gtacaattaa ctaggtcata    101880
     atagtggcaa aatatatgga ggccagaaca tgtattattt taatattaag atatatgaga    101940
     tatattatct aattattgag gattccttaa aagtcttgga gaaaaaatgt atcatactgt    102000
     gaattgcagt tttagacaac aactgatatc aatgtgatac acttcctcaa aaagatgaca    102060
     gcagctagat catgtgcaaa ggagtccttt atatagaaga agttaaaagt cttaactaat    102120
     atgtaactca tcaacatata gtgaaaactt tttactatat ttttggaagg aagagagtgt    102180
     ttccaactga gttagtgaac agggaagaaa aaagtgtttg acaaaagaaa taataaatcc    102240
     agttggaaac ctactgaatt tgaagtactt gtgtaatttt catgtaattt ggttagggca    102300
     taggtggatt tctgggttga agagagtcat gagaattgat gtcattgaca gaagaaaata    102360
     ttttaaaaca tatgtatgta atagttgata taaaacttat gtatggactt ttgcacatgt    102420
     tttagagtag tcaatggatt aaataacctt caactgattt tcttgcactt ttttcaaaga    102480
     gtgatatttt tatttatagt gaaacaaata catacaatgc cttaaaaatg ttttgcaata    102540
     aaatgtacac aacataaaat gaaccatttt aaccattttt aactgtaaaa tatagtgaca    102600
     ttaaacattc acagtgttgt gaaaccatca cctctgtcaa tttttaaaac ttaaagaact    102660
     ttttttaata cttttaaatt tcacattcat tgtctccatc ttggtaaaat cagtcatagt    102720
     gttactggaa aggagcccca atccaaacct catgagagag ttcttgaaca tcatgcaaga    102780
     aagaatttgg tgcaagtcca tacattgaaa acaactttat taagaaagta aaggaataaa    102840
     agaatggcta ctctgtaggc agagcagtgg gctggactgc ttgactaagt acacctatag    102900
     ttatttcttg attacatgat aaacaagggg tggattattt atgaattttc caggaaaggg    102960
     tggtgaggca attccaaaac tgagtgttcc tctccttttt tagaccatgt agggtaactt    103020
     cctgacattg ccatggcatt tgtaaactgt aatggcactg gtggtagtgt cttttaacat    103080
     gccaatgagt tataattagt gtataataag cagtgaggac gaccagagat cacttttgtc    103140
     atcatcttgg ttttggtgag ttttggctgg cttctttact gcatcctgtt ttatcagcga    103200
     gatctttgtg atttgtatct gtgctgacct cctatctcgt cctgtgacta agaatgctta    103260
     acctcttggg aatgcagccc agtagatctc agcctcattt tacttaaccc ctattcaaga    103320
     tggagccact ctggttcaaa tgcctttgac aatagatcat tctaaaccag acaaaaggaa    103380
     tgttggacag aaagaccagg ctaatataaa agattttgtg tgtggaatag agcacatttt    103440
     tgaaaacttt gtggttagtt atatatgaac aaaatttagg caattaatgg cttaaggaga    103500
     aagtataagc aagtgagtac ataaattaaa actttattaa tgacgtagga tctcaataaa    103560
     gggtcttttc cctaggacta aatgtaaatt atcagcttca tggcttcact atttgtagta    103620
     tacctgtcac tccatttcca taaagcaaaa tataaaccag attattattt attcttgaaa    103680
     aaacgtctgt cctttgcccc atttttttat tagcagtcat gatgacagag ttccatagga    103740
     ctaagagctt ttggcaacaa tgcttaccct ctctcccaca aatttcacac ctcaaatcat    103800
     ctatgagcct tgaggtcacc aaacatatcc tgtcaaatcc acaagaagtg caggattcta    103860
     agatcagctc aatagcattt ccagaaggct ttgcattctt tttctgacct actctccaac    103920
     gactcatctt ctattgttta tcttctcaac gtatctctca atttttcctt ttactgtctt    103980
     cctctatctt aaatctaaat ctctttcaaa aattctactt cccctataga tttctcaagt    104040
     tgtagaagtt ttctcttata tcttgggata gaagttgggt tggtatttct atttgtttcc    104100
     tatcacccct gttagaacat tgtgctttcc gtcctcccct aactctggag cttctgaagc    104160
     atatgtatta gacaatgcca cttgataatg ttctatgtta tagtcatcta tagatctcta    104220
     tgactgtttc tgatattcct tacagatttc aacttttggg aaattgttac attcttattg    104280
     taattcttgg taatatctgt tttcacatag ttgatccccc ccaccatatg acatgcactt    104340
     tgttttttga gctaatctct cctctagtga acttttactt tgacctatct ctgtaatcca    104400
     ctatgagagc tatctttaat aaatataatc tcaatttaaa gcatcccata ccttgaagaa    104460
     catctcctat ctgttcacaa aactcctttt agtgttccaa ctttaacaca ttaacaactc    104520
     cagcagtacc tacaactatt tctgataata actggaaagt tccagtatgg agacccattg    104580
     tctatggtca gtgagttctg gtttgttgtg tagctagttt ttttcttttc tttctttctt    104640
     tattttattt tattttattt tatttttttg agacagagtc tcactctgtt gcccaggctg    104700
     gagtgcagtc gcgcgatctc agctcactgc agcctccgcc tcccagattg aagtgattct    104760
     cctgcctcag tctcccaagt ctgtagctag ttttaatttg ttggtaccaa tgttctacta    104820
     gtcattatat tttaaaaatg tgatctgtgc cttcaaggca ttgatcctat caccctttca    104880
     ctgatttatt cactttctgg tattaacttt ttccttgctc agcatataaa ttgtacggcc    104940
     aattattctt attcctgttt gtatatatta tgcatccctc gtctctcact acctatttta    105000
     tactcttttg tattatgcca aataagccag tctctgttta tttcagtgct acacttttgc    105060
     aggtggataa gggcacagaa acaattaata ggcttccatt taaatcatga acaacaatct    105120
     cagttgagac cttatatatc ctacccagaa atctaaggtt gtttatctag ttcattcact    105180
     ccaataccat tcttactcta gatgatattt ttatcctatt tctctgaaaa acagaagcaa    105240
     tcggaaggca tcctccttga atttcaacca tatcattaac tcactgcctg acctatatca    105300
     tatatttagc ttttgacctt ccatgctctt agcaaagaca aattcttctg cttgtctttc    105360
     taactctatc tctaactaca ttgaccctga ccctgacctt aatttccttt tatctgtaat    105420
     cctaaatgta tctgaatcta gtttgaacct gttaattatc tctcacctaa atgaagaaat    105480
     tcaaaccaat attctttcct tctcttgcat tagtaacatt atctttaaac ttgattattt    105540
     ccattaggat ataaatatac ttgaaccttc atatttaaat aaaaaccatt ttaataaaaa    105600
     ttttatttta atacaaaact tatatctcct tctagttatc atctcttttc tatgctttcc    105660
     tatatagctc aactccagac aaagttgact gtacttgctt tctgatttta ctctgttatt    105720
     tccccttgat cccatttcaa atactctttc aaataccatt ttaaatattt tcactaccca    105780
     tcctactgac cctgcacatg acctcaacat tgctaaatcg aatagccgat gttcatttct    105840
     gatccaggtt aaagtggcag tattgacata ggaaacactc agactatttc tctactactg    105900
     aatttttttt tccttcctca ctggccctcc tcttagtctt tctgactggc ttctcttatt    105960
     ctctgtgttt tctaaatgtt tgtatgaccc agtctgacct ttaggtctgc ttattttcct    106020
     ccacctgatc cttctattcc tcctccaatc tcccacactt ttcattcctg ttcttctacc    106080
     ccatctttcc tttccattac ttattctcca tgtacttcca ggtaatctta ttgagtttca    106140
     ttaattttta aaaatccata tgttgacagt tgacagtatc caaatattct tctccaaata    106200
     gtttcttgaa ctccagaatc ataataattg tattcttagc atttctacat tagtttaata    106260
     tgtttaaaag agaacttcta gtccttctat atgaaatata taactctttt aaagttttct    106320
     ttcattttag cctgataact acttgtgcta aaatatttaa ggcattttta acattactat    106380
     ttctctcata ccccattcaa ctccatctgt aagccctgaa ggcttaacat ccacattaat    106440
     tcagcattat attatctcct gtaatagcac ctggttaaag gcaagtcttc tctcttatga    106500
     attattgcaa tagcttccta cttagttttc ttgcttctgc ccttgtcttc ctacacagtg    106560
     gcagtagtgt tcttgtaaaa ccaaaagttg atcattttat ttcattgtcc cgtactctcc    106620
     catggctcct tttgttcttg gagttaaagc cgaagtccca aagtaattta gacactttct    106680
     gatctggctc cctgttacca ctctgatctc agcttctact gtccttcatg tgtctccctg    106740
     gactccagcc tctttgctat ttgtgaaata taccaccact gtcctggatg gactgttctt    106800
     tctgtctgaa aattcttctc ttagatatgc atatagctta tcctttcatg tctttttatt    106860
     acttaagctt ctatgatcac tctttgaaaa attgtttatt cattcttcgt ttctgttttg    106920
     ttctaacaca aagtacttaa tataatcaaa ggtaatatat tatcaatcac ctgacaacta    106980
     aaatttccaa ttaggtaaga gattatctgc taatgtattt ccagcatata gaaaaacaac    107040
     taaaggccgg gcgcggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccgaggcggg    107100
     cggatcacga ggtcaggaga tcgagaccac ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa    107160
     aaaattagcc gggcgcagtg gcgggcgcct gtagtcccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca    107220
     ggagaatggc gtgaacccgg aaggcggagc ttgcagtgag cggagatcgc gccacagcac    107280
     tcccgcctgg gcgacagaac gagactccgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa    107340
     gaaaagaaaa acaactaaaa cataataggt gcttaatgaa tgttgactga atcaatgaat    107400
     gaaataataa cttaatgtta tttattcgat aacttctttc ttaattgaaa aatgctttct    107460
     ggccataaat acctctctat aaaatttggt tatattttat tatgtactta tttctgcttt    107520
     tttcctagtt tgtatgaact tgaaaggttt agttgaagta gaattgtcac actcattctt    107580
     tttatttttt aaatactcaa ttttaaagga agaagggtta aagtaaaaaa gactgaatga    107640
     gaagttacga gtcaaattta ttagtgtcta aaatataata gcaattgcat atagattttt    107700
     ctttcccatt taatcctggg catataagga agcgccaacg tgagcatgtc tttgagcaga    107760
     atccattttg ctcttgcttg tttttcacat agaactgcat tcgctttacc tgcatgtctc    107820
     atctctcaat tttgtgtgtt tttccatctg tttatgtttc tttttatagt catttactgc    107880
     cttcttattg acctgcccta tgttaaacat gtccctaata tgtcctgccc acatctcagc    107940
     ctgtctactt gtgtttcttc atctagctaa caataaacaa cataagtcag gtaatgaaat    108000
     cagcgtaata agagaggatc atggtgtcta gtttgttcag aggaaaaagc acatgtgatg    108060
     aaaatacact cagagcttgt tttctaaaca ccatttgcta attaaaataa tcagttcctt    108120
     taagaaggaa tggattcaat ttttaatttt ttgaggaatc cctgtactgt tttccttatc    108180
     taaggtaatg taaatgtcaa ttagcttgat ttagctgttc cacgaagtat acatacactt    108240
     caaaacatcg tgctgtatat ggtaaatata tacaaattta tctgtcaatt aaaaaagata    108300
     attttttaaa aaaggaaaaa ataaggtagc ggtttctaag actggagcgc agaaaataca    108360
     aaaattgcct ggagaatctt gtagtgccag tttgcccatt tgaaagcttt cactgcatac    108420
     tacattcttt attgtgtctt cactctggga taattcaatc aatcctgatt taatctatct    108480
     gtagctttaa aggttgtctt tacaatggct acaacaggca tattcttgaa ttgatattga    108540
     gtatttctga gttcaaatag cttaaagttg tttaaaacat tactaagttt tatcatttac    108600
     tgcttaaatt tgaaatgaca tcaaaattta tcaatcactg tgtgctgtta ttaatttttt    108660
     gcaaaacctt attagattaa gccaattgca atcaatgttg ttaatattct gctttttcaa    108720
     aatctcccct agaacaaata cattaattac ttagagtttc tatgttatac tttgtcacag    108780
     gcaagatttg taccagatga acttattggt ctttcaatgt tcacatgtgt gaattatacc    108840
     aaatattctt caacaatata atgttggtgc attcttccaa ctctcctgaa cagttttact    108900
     aaaatagtac ctgtccctcg atcctaagtc aaggaacagt ttttttttta ataagtaaca    108960
     cttctttcat aagttatgag agactagata atgttgtaat aacaatctcc ctataatatc    109020
     agtggcttaa aagaacaaaa gtttgttttt cctggatgtc tatgtggtct tttattaaga    109080
     caggagactt gttccatgtc agagggaaaa attgtagaag tgttttactc ttgcagccaa    109140
     gtatcttgat tatttccatt tataactgat tgcgaaagca agttccaaag taccaaactc    109200
     cagggtgcaa agaaattcaa tcttcagtgt gccccaaaac aggagagaac caagaatcag    109260
     tgagaaatgt tgtgtttcaa tggaacaccc ccttttctta agtcaagatc ctttcactgg    109320
     gctagtgttc tttggaaaat cctgatacag tctgggttag tccatacgat aattgactga    109380
     gcaatagaat tccagacttc taggaacact ccttaaatgt gatatttcag ttgttggtgt    109440
     gaatagatgg atagtttcca agtgaaaaat atgtattcca actggcacca tcagttttat    109500
     ttagcgttgt tcataaatgc ttttactgct gatgtttttg aatatcatta ttttaaatct    109560
     agttattttt ccaaattctt caaacatctt tactatacca agtaattttc aggatttatt    109620
     aaaggttaat gaaggagttt attgcatcat atcttctatg gctgtttaaa tacatgtaac    109680
     tttagggaaa acgtaaagta aaccactgca agatggctaa aggccaaaca ttgacaaaag    109740
     atgatttata tttttattat cagaggtcaa ggagactcat ataagctaac ttttcatggc    109800
     agagcttgtc tttatttaat ttcaatctga tgtcagtttg tagttattaa gcacttacta    109860
     actgtaaatc tttttacata tgtagtgtaa taaatataca gcaattaggc actcttgcca    109920
     gtttatatat attgttcaat attatataat tgcaatccag cagaggagga aatataaaag    109980
     tacaatcatg caacactgct agcctacatt ctccattgat tcctcatatc tgaagtttgt    110040
     caacatttca ctaaaagata cgagagtctt gtgacaaaac ctgcattacc attctcatat    110100
     ttttactctt atttttctct tagccttgtc ttatccagtg acaattaatt acttgttatt    110160
     ttcagagtaa ataatgctcc aatatatatt ttggcttttg cccataatac agactttaaa    110220
     ataatttggt tctattttaa gtacttactt agtattactt tagaaaactt actttccctt    110280
     ccttgtttcg gaatcttcac agtttagtac aaaatataac tagtatccta gcagtgaaaa    110340
     aaatgcattt cagttgcaag acctatatat ttactgagca tattgaacta tgtgcttgta    110400
     agagtgccaa gttcaatgac taaaacagtg cataagaaaa tctctgtttg gaagaggatc    110460
     tttgtcaaga tcttggaggt acaggctagt gatttggcac ttacagagca gcatggtaag    110520
     tggtgtatgg atccagccaa cccaattccc tggttatgat agagtttaat ttcaaagggc    110580
     ttagcaacct gcacagcgtc cagagtgtcc actttcagga ggccagtcca gtccagcata    110640
     tggacttcag ggaaaaggag tcatgattta ctttcctcaa gttctttttc tacataaaaa    110700
     tgaaggcatt attaagggat aaatttggcc actggggcat aaaatcacaa atttctctga    110760
     aatttagatt ttctggatac ttgcagggcc aaagccagag actcagggaa ctttttcttc    110820
     atcagagtac ataattattg aacttaaaga aagtgatgtt ctggaacagg gcttcacttt    110880
     tatgtaaagt gagccaatgt ttgaaagaat tacaacacac aagaaaagtt caggcattat    110940
     tttctgagct gacaagcaca attaatgtct gtcctctgtg actctatgaa gcatcctgga    111000
     caacccttta acttgcacat tgaaataatc tgctgcactt ctgttttacc cattagacta    111060
     ttaacttggc aaggaataag gctttgcttt gtgtaccatg caatcattaa catacttatt    111120
     agtacagagt aatactttaa tatgtagaac tccagcagtt gtttaatatt tagaactgag    111180
     ccaaattgct gatgttagag ggaaaaaaag gcaaaaaata ctaaataaat acactccagc    111240
     tcaattctga gacaaaatta tatagacaaa aatatatgag atgtatacaa tataacaaaa    111300
     tttgtcaaat taagcagatt attatctaaa ctttacgtaa tacatagact tgctcattga    111360
     ttaagtgcag acacatttta aattatttca aagatcttga ttgagaaaga atcaatatat    111420
     tgactttaca ttctttaaaa aagaagccta attggcataa gtttattctt gaaaactcta    111480
     ttaaatgtca catattctgg cattaatgtt tgagatactt tgatattgtg tattacaccc    111540
     taagtatatg tccttttcta tattaattat aacatttaaa ataatattat cttattttgc    111600
     atttacacaa catatgctag tttttaagaa ccatagtgat atatgtaatc taaagatttg    111660
     ccctcaagtc tcagataacg acaattctct aataaagtca ttttatcatt ttaaatcaca    111720
     aattatcctt ttaaaaaatt tgggaaaagg tatatgatat gtgaaagtgt tttacaacta    111780
     tacatgattg tttgaaatga agaacaagat attatctata gttctcaaat ttctcaaaga    111840
     ttattgtcat gcttaaaggg agaaacacgg tattttgttt gctttttgtt tttgtttttg    111900
     tttttttctg tgtgatcaga attcatttta tgcaagatct aatgccatct aattgtaaga    111960
     gtttgtacta cattcatgta tagttgttga aattaaatat ctctaaaaac catcaccacc    112020
     aaccacaaac cctaataaaa taaatgtaat cattggcaga ttgaatttca tttataaaag    112080
     gaaggaaacg gggggaacag caaaaataaa ataaccttta aaactactac ataaaaatat    112140
     aaaactacca tgcagaacag gatttacttc gagatttatt ttacttggtt ttgcttttgt    112200
     tttgtttatt agtagactcc actacatagc tttaacactt tcttctggat tcaacttttc    112260
     ccaggagtgg cttttctcat tccatttata tgtcccagga gagaaaacaa gcaatcatcc    112320
     catggctata gaaagaacag taatcctgaa cttttataaa taataaaaaa aattgaaaat    112380
     atacagggtt tacataaaat caaagctgca aaaggctaca gcaacaaact gatatttatt    112440
     accaagaaat attcttgata tataaaaaag aacaaggtgt ttaaattttg tcaaaataca    112500
     tttactaccc agaattcaat cagttttata acttgcaagc tgctttaatc tgtcacagaa    112560
     aggaagaatg atgattatat attacaggta gttaaaggtg gggtttttaa aaacaatgat    112620
     tgtggttagg ataacccaag aacatgaaat agtctcatga cctattatat ccattatgtt    112680
     tggaataata gttgtagaca gttatatggc ataataatag tctctgaggc taagaaattt    112740
     aagagtattt ttcatcatca agatcactaa ctagcagtta ttgaacattt agtggaagct    112800
     cgactctaat gggtattgac cctgtaaaga ataaaatttt aatatagcct gctttcccat    112860
     aagctagaca ttgtagctat tcatgcaaaa tgaaatgctt ttgtctcaca tagttacttt    112920
     gtataaaacc agaaaaaaat gagttacaat ttttaatcat tacatatcta aaagagatgt    112980
     aatctgagac agacttttaa aaataaaaaa gaaaatatca aacaaaatgt atctgaggca    113040
     ttacagaata aagagttaca agttcaacat aaatctatcc aagaaggata gaaaggacat    113100
     aattttatta agcaatcaaa aatgttaaga taaaataatt aaatcatttt caatctatat    113160
     cctgcctgac ccaatccaca tctagacact tatataacgc accaggcatc ctgcacctgg    113220
     acactgcata catgattccc ctaatagtat aacaagttct cctctttatg aacatcaata    113280
     gcaagacaca catattcagg ttcctcttgc cacatcatac tctggcatta ctctgcatac    113340
     tgaataaagt acctccgtaa agaaaccttt atctctgttt taactgtttt gtgatccata    113400
     atgatgtctt caaccaaatt agttgttcat cccacgacca tacattctgc tcagtcatcc    113460
     gtaacatact gaaggctaaa atgagcatgg tcagcatctg ttgagtagaa agtgccaagg    113520
     tttgtgctaa aagttttaac tggtgttagc tgatccaatg attaaaataa atgtacacat    113580
     tagataccaa tgtcatccca attttacaga tgagagacta aggtacagaa agtttagtat    113640
     tcttgacaaa gaaataaagg gtagaagctg ccattcagaa tttagatcta agcagttgga    113700
     atcttaatcc agcaatgtta aggcttctta ggctttcaat taatcctaca gtaacatgca    113760
     actatcgatc tgttaaatgt cttttatata tatatatata aatatatgtg tttatagata    113820
     tatacatttg tatatacaca tatgtatatg tgtatatata tacatatatg gatatatata    113880
     cacagacaca cacatacata tatggagata tatatatatc tctctccata aggcccacca    113940
     gaagcaattt gctttcagct gataaggctg gtaatacacc ttcactgtcc tgactcaggg    114000
     ctgtataaat cctccaaccc tactttgtaa tttaactttc agggaatttg actgcctttt    114060
     cttttcctaa gatatcactc tggttcatta cattgatgac attataatta ttggacttag    114120
     caaaacgtgg taactgccct agacttttat aggcacgcca tttggatttg agaggatagg    114180
     aaataaatat gactaaaatt tgggggattt ctgtctcagt taaacttctg gtagcctagt    114240
     ggtgtggaac atatcaagat ataccattta aggtaaagaa tacattgttc catcaggccc    114300
     ctcctgtaag caagaaggag acataacacc tagttggcct ctttgaattt tagaggcaac    114360
     ataccttgag tatgttattc tgaatcatta tccagtgacc caaaacactg ctacttttgg    114420
     tttggtcaga acatgagaag actctacaac aggttcacgt tgctgcgcaa gctgttatgc    114480
     tacttggacc atatggtcca gcatatccaa tagtgcttga atctcagtac cagataggga    114540
     tgctgtttgg tatatttgac agtctcttat aggtaaaatc taggaaaggc ctttaggatt    114600
     ctggaacaag gccctgccat ctcccaagga taactacttt cttttttgaa aaacaacttt    114660
     cagcctgtgc ctcggcctta atagagacca tagttcactt tctttggaag gagaaatcac    114720
     cagagttgtg gtcatatact aattcatggg ctgtggccaa tgattgggtc gggtgttcag    114780
     ggaatttaag agaatatgat tgaaaaactg gtaacaaatt tatggtgaga tatcccctct    114840
     gatttgacaa aaacattaaa aataattgtt tttcatgtgg attttcacta gagaatcacc    114900
     tcaaaagagg agaattttaa ccatcaagcg gataggataa ccagttatgt gaattctagt    114960
     cagcctcttt ccctgctggc tcatgtaaag agtggccatg gtgtcaaggg tggaggttat    115020
     gcaagggctc agcaaaagac tcacacttac caagatcaat ttggctatga cctccatcac    115080
     gtgcccaaac tgcttgcagc agagaccaac attgagcctt tgatatggca tcattccctg    115140
     aagtgattgg cttctctcat agaaggggca gtgctttgtc ttttttgaaa tagaccctct    115200
     ggatatagat ttgccttccc tgcatgtaat gcctctgcca aaactaccac ccatggactt    115260
     acagaatgcc ttattcatca ttacaatatt ctatacagca ttgcttctga tcaaataaca    115320
     cacttcacag caaaagaagt gaggtaatga actcacactt atggaattca ctggctctac    115380
     catgttcctg ccatactgaa gtagctggtt tgatgaaatg gccacttaaa tattcagtta    115440
     cagctgctgg cagtgtcttg cagggcttgg gaaagtatct tcagaaggtg gtatgtgctc    115500
     tgaatcaaca tccaatgtaa acttctcttt ttccaataac caggattcac agttccatga    115560
     atcaaggaat ggaaatgaaa atggaacccc ttgctattac ccctagtggt acactgggaa    115620
     aatttttgct tcctgttcca gtgacattat gatctgctgg ccaaaatggc ttagtaccag    115680
     agaaaggaat tcttcctagg ataaattata ataactctat tgaactggaa attatgaccg    115740
     tgttcagtca ctttgagcgc ctcaagcctc tgaatcaaga ggcaaaaagg ggagttatgg    115800
     tgtttgctgg agtgactaat tttgaatacc aatgggaaat tggactactc ctccacaata    115860
     gacgtaagga agagtatgtc tttaatacag gagatccctt agggaatctc ttagtaatcg    115920
     tatgccctgt gattaaggtc aacgaaaaac tacaacttca aacaggcatt tcaaataaca    115980
     gggcagacca ttcaggaata aaaatgtctt aatctttctg tgcttctcta actgaatacc    116040
     acagacagta atttataaag aacagaaatg catttctcat agctcctaag actgggaagt    116100
     ccaagatcaa atcatcatca tctattgagg gacttattgc tgcatccaca tacagcacaa    116160
     gctgaaaggt taaaaaggtg atgcacattg tgtccttaaa tggcagaagg gcagaagagg    116220
     ataaacatgc tcctgtaagc ccttcttaca atggcattaa tccattcatg agggcagaac    116280
     tctcatgacc taaacacctc ccattaggcc ccacttccca acacttttac attgaggata    116340
     aaatttccaa catataaatt ttaagggaca cattcagaac atagcagatg gtttgggtca    116400
     cccctcaagg taaagaggta aaataccata accagctgaa gtgcttgctg aagacaaagc    116460
     aaatacataa tgaatagtgg aagaaagcag ttataaatac caactattac cacatgacca    116520
     gtaacaaaaa taagaactgt aactgtcatg agtattttat ccttattttg ctttcaagat    116580
     gtttgtgtgt atatatacac atgcagttgg atgatagatt gatgataaat tgacagatat    116640
     ttgttttctt tcctcttgta ttcacttatt acctaacata agatatatta attatatttt    116700
     gtagtattga agtattttta attttaatca tattatttaa gtaaccagat agcatagaga    116760
     agagtaaata tcactcaaag actatctctt cctctgggaa agggactgta catttctttc    116820
     agttgcatgc cagatagttg caatgtttag tgcaactcaa aaaataattt aaaagaaaga    116880
     tattaatacc cacttatgta tagtttactt tgctttcctc ttggatacct ccctgcacat    116940
     atacttcctg caggcagcaa actatgaaaa cttgaagtca aagtaaaact tgaaagcaaa    117000
     aataaataat ccttcctgga cactccatat ctagctgaga ttctttaaca tcagtttccc    117060
     tcttccctcc tcagatagtt atgatggtga gttcctttaa atattctcta tattcaccaa    117120
     aagccattgg tttgtgttga aaataagact aatgcaactc ataggacatt tatcacagaa    117180
     caaaatagtt aagcaattta tccacttcgc ctctgatttt cacggcagtc aacaaatagc    117240
     tatttctagg catgttacat ctttcttcca tgaattctgt agtcaatcca tagtatatta    117300
     tgactttgtt tccaataccg ccctgttctg aatgccttta atgccttctc tcataatagt    117360
     gtagtgtatt ttcctatctc tctaattcag agattggcca tgagatttgc tttggctagt    117420
     ggattatgag tggttgtggt gtcttcagag gatttaaaat gtgcttgcat agtttatctt    117480
     ggcccttgaa ctcctgctgt tctagaagaa aacatgccct gggtacttct aactaaggaa    117540
     gataaaagaa acatgtcata tacttggggc taacccacaa atgaaacgaa gctgaaccta    117600
     aacactgctt gaaacagagc taaccatcca agcccagctg agattagcca agcctcttcc    117660
     cattcacaga cctggaagca tgagaacaaa agcttatcat agtaagtcac taatttttga    117720
     atgaattttc aacactattt tttaatttaa ataaaactgg ctgataaagc acattttcta    117780
     aattaaattc aaagttcacc tggctggcta gttgatccct attcccatcc ggttctcgct    117840
     tgccgtaact tatgacgcag cttctgttat agcaaagctg catctcattt tcttctaaaa    117900
     ttcttcctta tatgtagatg gaaaggagcc gacatttaga gataatctga atgtttacta    117960
     tattgaaaga tctattactt tcagcctttt ttaaaaagag aggctgaaaa ttgcctaaat    118020
     aacaaattat ttttttagct catgtctgca tgatatggaa tatcttgcca aatactttac    118080
     ccctctgcta ttggttgcaa agtaaagagt gtacttttga cttagaatgt ctgtcttgcc    118140
     cttatctttt gaatttttca aagttttctc tttctgttcc atgaagtaca cagatgacaa    118200
     atgagaaaga ctgactgaac atgaatatgc tacacattta cttcaccatc tcctagtcct    118260
     tattcagact atacattgtg tagaatataa atagtattaa aatagctcaa taattttaag    118320
     tcataaattg tctcattaca ttgattattg ctttttataa ttactaccaa atttcaacta    118380
     ttttttctac atctttactg ttaaaagtcc actgattata gctgtttacg ggtttgaata    118440
     gttttctgaa ttctagaaca gaatacatgc atggtttgat cgtaattttt taatgcagac    118500
     tagcaaagcc atatacagac tacttgattc cctggctgca tttgtatttt tgttgtgaaa    118560
     aaaaataacc tccttcccat tttagagcta ttactttatc tctgcaccct gaagggccca    118620
     tatttaatgt ccttcaaatg ctagttttga ggctgttaat cattaactat ctgattcaga    118680
     gacactagtt ctctaaaata ctttgttaaa ttgcaatatt ataacttatt cttgaagtag    118740
     gttctacttg cttttataag attctaggta aaggaaaggt cttatgtttt atagttcatg    118800
     tctagatttc acacaaaatc tctgtgaaat ggttggatta tcacatgctg aaaaaccctc    118860
     ttgctaatca agcatgagaa gccaaaaaat atacactgca cagatgggca gttaatttct    118920
     ttcccattga gctagcaatg tgctccatga tgttttagca gctgtgatga gaatggtgga    118980
     tgtccccagt ctatgcttca tttaacttcg ggaattcgaa aagattgcat tgtgtgaaaa    119040
     ataaaaatgt attttaaagc aatggagctt ggtgtcctga agcaacattt cattttaaca    119100
     actaagtttt aggtgcaaat gttgatactt acatatttca ttcttctgac aactttacca    119160
     caacttggat tgtatttcat cactaaatca tactgtcaac ttagtcttag acagcctatg    119220
     aaaatcaatg gaactttata atagaaaata gaagaattgt gtggtaaaaa attgtttcaa    119280
     ttgtttgcca ctcatgttta tttttcacag ataccaataa taccacatta tatttgtata    119340
     gcacttttat attcaaaatt attttcctgt caaatgggaa taaaatgctt gtactgccta    119400
     ctcagagctg atgatatgat tacctgacat aaaagaaata aaaatgcttt ctaaagaatg    119460
     ctataagaga tgagggatta tcattgccat cacgtctgag aattttagtc agcaaaaagc    119520
     acagaggctt tgaaataaga cctggatttc agttttggtt tcattcctta taatgtttgt    119580
     gaaacttggc agttgcctta cctttacact gagcccaagg gatttttgtg tataaaattt    119640
     gaataattat atactatata taaggtatgt gtgtttgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct    119700
     atgcttgcat gcttgaaaat tacagaagtt tttataagga aaatgtatag ttcaaggtta    119760
     cactaacatc tgataatcag gtttaaaatg ttatacataa caaaagccat tattaaatgt    119820
     attaagtgaa tagactggtc tgagacacat tttaacaaca gatattaagg gtctgaactt    119880
     cattcaataa agaataagaa gtataattgt aatgactgaa gggaatcatc tttcatttgt    119940
     cctctaccta gtatgcctag gagtatggta ttttttctca aaaaaaaaaa acttgataat    120000
     agtatctcta atggatttgt aactgctaga ttacgtatca gacaatataa ctcctttaaa    120060
     atagaaccat tgttaaattt ctagagagca ctcaagactc ctccatatca tcctctccta    120120
     gtgttcaaga aatggtcaag tcactccatc cccagggaga agagttatac aggttttagg    120180
     atttaggata gtaaaatcct tgagctgtca tgacaatggg taatgttggt atgccaagtt    120240
     caatttggtg agatacatta tatatatact tatggtcttt tctgaggttt cctccaacat    120300
     aaccagagtt gtgaaagtgg tggccatgtt ctttgatttc cttattttta atcttttttt    120360
     atttttaatt tttgcaggta cgtcctaggt gtagagaact cttttgcttg cacatttttc    120420
     tatcgagatg atggaactga tggaaataat agcatgatcc atttcccacg aaagatgctc    120480
     attaatttct aattaagatg cttcttaatt tcttatgttc cattagttag aactgattgt    120540
     ctttcttact ttttaatttc caccactctg aaggagacaa agatctaggc cttctccttt    120600
     tagaagtaac ccctactatt ctctattttt aatttaatgt attctctctt ctctctttct    120660
     ctcctcttct ccatacatat ttcatacatt aaatgttgct ttctacaaca cccttctatt    120720
     ttgcctgatg tcccaagctc aacagtctag ggttaatgag ctaaagccct ggtttattaa    120780
     gggttgataa gctgaattct gatgtggagg atatgtttgc atcaatcatt acgtcttctc    120840
     tctcttcagc tctccattaa gaattcaagg attggacttc attatttccc tactacctga    120900
     tgtaatcaat cttttatttg cctacatgtc tatctctcct ccttcctcac tagaatacaa    120960
     acgataggaa ggcagaagtt tgtattttta ttttccctac tgttcagaag ggtgccaata    121020
     aatggcaggt gagtaaacaa taattggtgt aaaataaatc aggaaataaa tataaaactt    121080
     ttatttgaat ttcaataaaa aacaaatttt cagatttcgg actgcccagg ataggggaaa    121140
     gctgacttcc ttgtgttcca gctaagcaca ctggagctct accacagggt taactcaaaa    121200
     cccagctaat aggctaggag tggtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcgg    121260
     tggcgggtgg atcactggag ttcaggagtt agagaccaac ctggccaaca tggtgaaact    121320
     gcatctctcc tacaaatgca aaaattatcc aggcagaagt tgcagtgagc caagactggc    121380
     ccactgcact ccaccttggg agacagagtg agactttgtc tcaaaaaaca aagaaataaa    121440
     caaaaatata acaacaacaa caacaaaaga cagctaacaa tacattattg cttcactttc    121500
     tttgtgatta ttatctcagg attatctcag tttatgctgg tttaaggata atgcaaaatt    121560
     cagaataata ccacattgat ataaactatc taatggaata tcaaaatatt gttttcaaaa    121620
     aatagcatag ttttttacgg ttgataaaga aaaccataat cattttataa aacacaaagt    121680
     agaaaagtat aagaaaaata aacttaattc taaaatagag gaggaacttt ataaaatata    121740
     atgcttttaa ttcagccatt tctcctaggc atatttatat tttcattgtc aacttattta    121800
     taatcttttc taacgtaatt tttcatgcca tagcatgagg agtgtggtcc ccatcatatg    121860
     ctgtgtataa caaaaattct aaagtttgca ttgggcacca tattatcaac tatattgtat    121920
     ttatcaagat cctaatgttg ggaatttttg tggatgttgt ttcgggctct aatttccatg    121980
     atttactgtc agtggtttga ttaaaaatta tctactgaaa accacttgat cttacaggaa    122040
     agaaaaacta ggtccataat gacttaatta actaaccatc atattttgag aatgagaatt    122100
     ttaactcaag tgttttattt attattccag tattctttaa aaatgtacat ggtcttgaaa    122160
     agaaaaaaca gttataatca tggaaacctc atattacttt tagagaagtg gtgaatcgta    122220
     aataatttta cagcaagatc tcagtttatt tgtaattaaa atgtataatt aagtgcatat    122280
     ttataagatt aagtaggtct aaaataagtc aataataaga gatcactcag agacagtgag    122340
     gggtaacttc accacagcca aatgtttctg ggtgtctaga aataaaaaaa aaagtcatat    122400
     ttgtggagaa gagtcaaaga agggttctga tcattgtatt catcctttat tggtttctca    122460
     gcctgtgact ttttctagca attagttcag tatagcaata gtctgctata tgcaatggat    122520
     aacaacacaa aattgggggg aaagaataat tgtatttatt ttaaaatggt ctcagtgttc    122580
     aagctcataa tttttggtaa tatgtgtttt gtaatatatg tgtatatgta tatataacaa    122640
     ttttatagcc acatatacat aaatacatgt gtatatatat ttgtttatgt atatatttgg    122700
     atttatgttt acatatttat atatttataa atcacatatg tacacataca taaatccatg    122760
     tatttatatc tttttcccaa aaataaatcc aggtttaaaa acacaaattt aaattgaaaa    122820
     acatatttaa tattattatt ctattttaat ttgctagata ttacttgata caatgaaaca    122880
     aaattagaga ttctaataac ttgttaaaat aattaaaata ttaaaatatt aaatactaag    122940
     atctccttgc attcactgta tttgaaaata atcgcaattt aactaatact ttaattaatt    123000
     ctaaattata aagaaaactc catcaatgct ctttgaccta ttaatatcca gtgattatcc    123060
     ctagatagat gttagagcac taaataccag aggaactgag ataattaggt cataatttta    123120
     aattttaggg tatattttct atttttaatt ttatttgaaa ctggacaagc cagaaagtaa    123180
     ttgttaaaag tgatcttcaa agtaaaacag gtgttttggt taatagctca actttgatga    123240
     aagtcagtgg gaatcttgaa agctaattaa acgtgtaaaa gacacacttc cttatgagag    123300
     ctttactttc tctataaatt ttttttggaa ctgacatatt cacagctggg aaaactaaac    123360
     acctgctttt aagggactca tgaatgttta atcctgatga gtagattgtt ccattaagat    123420
     ccaggcaaac agagcagatc atgtaaatat gaaaacaaaa taatcactac cccagaggca    123480
     tttctttatc ttactttcct ttaactattc tacttttcta caaaatatta cctgtatttt    123540
     ctaccatcca tgattatata tgtatgtgtg cacattatga aaattaaggg acatatataa    123600
     accatgaata agaatatttg atatgacttt taatcctttt cttaatgttt aaataattta    123660
     catattgcat attaataaaa tcatgtcaaa agttttaatg ttaataaatt gataaaattt    123720
     ataaaattaa atttaaaatt taatttttat aagatttaaa aaaattattt aatttgtata    123780
     agatttataa aaatatttat atatttttat gagttaattt ataaaattaa tattttatat    123840
     aatgtataaa aatgaaatac atattttaca caatttttat aaaattttat ttatattcta    123900
     aaaattttat tttttgcaaa tggctgaagt aattctgagt aaaatcattt tttccttaac    123960
     ttaaaatata acactttctg taatcgatta actcctataa tggatctaaa ttatgcctaa    124020
     gtgatatttg taaagcagga cagccataca caaaatgaaa tattttattt acacccaccc    124080
     acagattcca tttgactaat gtaaacagaa ttaacataca tcacttaaaa actgtaaaaa    124140
     gttaacaaat aacttttaag ttcagaatat aaagcagtct tttatgaaat aagagagtgt    124200
     gtgaaagaga aacatctcca attagatgta ttataaatca tacttcaatt taaataaatc    124260
     agattattgc tcagtgctat tttgtaatca ctctctcaat tcttattcta tacactacta    124320
     agagagtata agtaaaaata gaaaacaagc aaaaatatca acaaattgta taaattattc    124380
     aatagtatag tataacacct actgtaagtg tatactgaaa gatgtctgcc aatctttcca    124440
     catttgttct attgtcattg agtattggag tggattttaa gatattcatt ggcaaagaca    124500
     taagacatat aacatcattt tttcacatct ttaatatggt ttcctattag gactttgtaa    124560
     cagaatataa ttatatagtt actctgctca cttagtagaa aactagggtt ataaaaacaa    124620
     agtgatccag tggcatctaa atcttcagaa atctcaaagt cactagaaat taatttttaa    124680
     aaatgcccta taccacaaat cctatcaact cactttgcaa gtatatattg tatttgttcc    124740
     tttatttcca catccaccat gggtaccccc aaaatacaat actgtatctt ctgtctgact    124800
     acagctctag cttcctagcc attctacctt tattcatcct tttactctta cctattatcc    124860
     acagaacaac tacaactaga gtgaacttgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    124920
     gtaattcaga tcacatgata aaatgattga cttgacaata agaaaaagct gaactcccta    124980
     tggtgggttc cacagtcttg cccctagtat aaaatgcaat actacttagc aataaaaaag    125040
     aaacaggagg gaggcagaac aagatgtcag aaaagaaggc tccagcaatg atccccctag    125100
     aaagcacacc aaataaacta ctacctaaac accaaagaaa caccttcaca ggaacgaaaa    125160
     tcaggtgatc actgacagta catgttttaa ctgtatattg ctgaaagagg cactgaggag    125220
     gaaaaaacaa aaaaacaaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaccagtca tcatattccc    125280
     agatctcttg ctgcctgaga aaagcagagg aaaatgtaaa ggggactctg tctagtccct    125340
     taagtaccag cttagccaca gtgaggtaaa gcaccaagca ggctcttagg ggtcccaatt    125400
     ccagtcattg gttcttggat agcattttat gacctgccca agcacaaggg tgagctcact    125460
     ttcctgaagg gtgagtccca acccaggcag tattcaccaa aagcttggtc cttaaggaaa    125520
     catctgcagt agtctggcag tcctttctgt gggcctgtgg tggtgttggc tcacagcttg    125580
     aggatagtct cctttggtaa aaggagagca gattgggaaa aaactgcatc ttgtggtttc    125640
     aatgtcagct aagccacagt acaatacaac atgaggcata ggtctaaggt ttttactcta    125700
     gtccctgact ccgagatagc acctctggac ccaccgaggg cctgctgaaa ctcaccaccc    125760
     taaaaggagg gacagagatc tgactagctt taaaacacct gctgatttta gaggcccaga    125820
     gacttgagtg aacataggtg gtagccagga agtggttaaa acaagccttg ggcaagtgct    125880
     gtgctagctt caggtataac ccagcacagt catagtggtg gtgaccatga cagtgcttgt    125940
     gtcactccac cccaagcttt aggtgactcg gagcagagag aggctctgtt tgtttcaaag    126000
     aaagtaaggg aagagatcag gaatctctgc ctggtaattc agcaaattct tccagatttt    126060
     gttcaacagc atcaaagcag cttcactagt ctgcaagaac cacagtgtta ctgggcttat    126120
     ggtgctgcct aatgcatata cagctgagat cacaacatcc aagtcctttt gaatatctgt    126180
     aaagctttac caagaaggac aagcacaaac aagctcagac tgtgaagact acaatgaata    126240
     tctgactctt caatgcacac agaaaaatgt ccacaatatc aagaccatcc agaaaaacat    126300
     ggccttacca atgaaataaa taagtcaaga gggacgaatc ctgtagaaac agagatatgt    126360
     gatctttctg acagagaatt cccaatagct atgttgagga aactcaaata aatacaagat    126420
     aatcaagaaa aagaattcag aattctacca gacaaaatta ataaagagat tgaaataatt    126480
     aaaaaggatc aagcagaaat tctggagttg gaaaatccaa ttgacatcct gaagaatgca    126540
     gcagagtcct taaatagcag aattaacata gcagaagaat tagtgagttt gaagacagac    126600
     tattttaaaa tatacagtca gagaacacaa aagtaaaaga ataaaaaaca atgaagcatg    126660
     cctacaggat ctagaaaata gcttcaaaag ggcaaatcta agagttattg gcttataggt    126720
     gagatataga aagagatagg aacagaaagc ttattcgaag ggataataac agagaacttt    126780
     tcaaatctgg agaaagattt caatattcaa gtataagaag gctatagaac actaagtaga    126840
     ttttgcctaa ataagactac ctcaatgcat ttaataataa aactcccaaa ggtcaaagat    126900
     aaagaaggga tgctaacagc agcaagagaa aaggcacaaa taacatataa tggagctcca    126960
     atatgtctgg cagcagagtt ttcagtgaaa cattacaggc cagaagagag tggcatgaca    127020
     tatttaaagt gctaaaagaa aacaacaaca acaacaacac acacacacaa aaacaaaaaa    127080
     cttttaccct agaattagaa tgccatttct ggcaaaagta acctttttgc atgaaggaga    127140
     cataaagatt ttcccagaca aaaacaaaaa caaaacaaac aaagaaacaa aaaacaacaa    127200
     ctaaacaaca acagcagcag caaaaacctg agtgtacaat aaatgctaaa gggaatactt    127260
     caatcagaaa accaaaaaca ttaataaata atggcaaata atgtgaggta caaatgtact    127320
     ggtagcatta agttacagaa aaacaaaaat attatatcac tgtaactgtg atgtgtaagc    127380
     tactcttaag tagaaagatt aaatgatgaa ccaatcaaaa taataacatc ttttctagac    127440
     atagacagta caataacatt taaatagaaa caacaaaaag ttaagaagga aggagatgaa    127500
     gttaaggaat agagctttta ttagtttttt tgttgttgct ttgtttgttt atgcaagtag    127560
     tgttaagttg ctataagctt aaaataataa attataagat agtatttgca agcctcatga    127620
     taatttcaca taaaaatcac aacagatcca aaaataaaaa gcattaaatt aaatcatatc    127680
     agcagataaa ctgaacaaaa atattgaaat aattaaaaag aatcaactag aaattctgga    127740
     ggtgaaaatg gactaaaaag aaagacaaga ctaaagaaag acaagactaa aaaaaggcaa    127800
     gaacgaagga aagaaggaac acaagattaa taatgaaata gtgcaagtaa gtgcttactt    127860
     atcaataata atattgactc taaatgactt aagtcttcaa ctgaaagaca cagagtggct    127920
     aagtggatta aaacaaaaca aaagtaaaca acaacaacaa aaaacaagat ccaaagatct    127980
     gttgccaaca agaatcacag ttcacctata aagacatgca tggactaaaa ataaagggat    128040
     agaaaaaaat attctatgcc aatggaaatg ataaaggatc ttacgtagct atacttacat    128100
     taaagaaaat aaatttccag gcaaaacctt taagaagaga caagcatggt cactatataa    128160
     tgataaagca gtcaatttag caagaggaca taacaattgt aagtatatat gcacccaaca    128220
     gtggagcact cagatataat aagcaaatat tattagagtt aattagaaag acagacacta    128280
     atacaataat agctgaagtc ttcaacaccc cactttcagg attggacagg tctttcagaa    128340
     agaaaattaa caaaaaaaat tagacttcat ctgtagtaca gataaaatga acctaataga    128400
     tatttacaca acacttcatc cagtggccac agaatggtta caaaatacac atttttctca    128460
     tcagcacatg gatcattctc aaggacagac catatgttac tttacaaaac aaatcttaaa    128520
     aacattcaaa aaattaaaat aatattaaaa atcctctctg accacaatag aatacaacta    128580
     gaaataaatt ataagtggaa ttttggaacc tatacaaaca catggaaatt aaacaacatg    128640
     tttttgaagg accaaagggt aaatgaagaa attaagaaaa acattgaaaa atttcttgaa    128700
     acaagtaata attgaaacac aaaatatcaa aaactatgag acacagcaga aacagtactc    128760
     agaggaatgt ttatagccat aagtcattac atcaaaaaag aaaaaaaatt taagtaaaca    128820
     aattaaaatt caagagcaaa ccaaagacca agtaataaaa tcagagatga aaaagaagac    128880
     attgcaactg ataccacaga aattcagggg atcatgagtg gctgctatga gcaatgctgt    128940
     gtcaataaat tggaaaatga aggacagcaa ccatatgatc atttcaactg atactaaaaa    129000
     agcctttagt aaaattcaac atctctgtag aataaatacc ctaaaaaagc tggttgtaga    129060
     agaagcatac cccaacaaaa taaaagttgt atttgacaga ctcacaacta gtatcatgct    129120
     gaatggggaa aaactgaaag cctttgctct aaaatcggga acacaacaag aatgcccatt    129180
     gtcattcatc atagtactgg aaatacagct agagcgatca gataagtgac acaaataaag    129240
     ggcatccaaa ttggaatgga agaagtcaaa ttatccttgt ttgcagatga tgtatcttat    129300
     attaggaaag tccttaagaa tataccaaaa aggtaataaa actgatcacc aaattcactg    129360
     aattagcagg atacaaaatt cacacacaaa aagcagtaat atttgtatat aacaacagca    129420
     aacaatctga aaaataattt gttagtaatc ccatgtacag tagctaaaaa taaaataaaa    129480
     tacaaaggaa ttaatctaac ccaagaaatg aaagatcttt aaaatgaaaa ctataaaaat    129540
     gttgcaagaa atggaagagg acacttaaaa aatggaaaat atttcatgtt catggattag    129600
     aataatcaat attcttaaaa tgttcatact agctgatatg gtttggctgt gttcccaccc    129660
     aagtttcttc ctgaattgta gttcccataa tccccacgtg ttgtgagaag gaccacgtgg    129720
     ggtggtaatt gaatcatggg agtggttacc ccatgctgtt ctcttgatag tgagttctca    129780
     tgagatttga tggctttaaa ggcccatttc ccttgcttgg tacctctctc tcctacctcc    129840
     ttgtgaagaa ggttggcact tctctctcct gcctccctgt gaaggaggat gtgttcactt    129900
     ccccttctac cacgattgta agtttcctga ggcctcccca gccgtatgga actatgaatc    129960
     aattaaacct ctttccttta taaattaccc agtatcgggt atttcttcat agcagtgtga    130020
     gaacagacta atacaccacc caaagcaatt tacagatttt gtgcactccc catcaaaata    130080
     ccaataacac tctttacaga aatttttaaa aatcctaaaa tttatgttga tctacaaaag    130140
     agccagaatt gccaaagatc tcctgagcga aaagaacaaa actggaggaa ccatgtgaca    130200
     tgacttcgaa ttatactata tagctatagt aaccaaaatg catgtactgc cataaaagaa    130260
     gatacataaa tcagtgaaac agaataaaga accgagaaat aaattcatac atctacaatt    130320
     aactcttttt caacaaagct ttcaagaaca ttaattgggg aaaggatggc cccttcaata    130380
     agtggttcta ggaaatctgg atatctatat gcagaaaaat gaaactgaac cccccatctc    130440
     ttgctataca taaaaaaaaa aaaaaatcaa ggccaggtgt ggtagctcat gcctgtaatc    130500
     ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggcaggcaga tcacctgaga tcgggagttc gagaccagcc    130560
     tgaccaacat ggtcaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aattagccgg atgtggtggc    130620
     atgagcctgt aatcccagcc acttgagagg ctgaggcagg agaatcactt caacccagga    130680
     ggcagaggtt acagcgagcc cagatcatac cattgcactc cagcctgaac aacaagagca    130740
     aaactccgtg gagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatcaaatca aaagggatta aagatttaag    130800
     tcaaatgcct caaactaaaa aactactaca agaatatatt tgggaaaccc tccagtacat    130860
     taggcttctt gagaaacacc ccacaggtag aggcaaccaa agcaaaaatg aacaaatgag    130920
     atcacatcaa gtcaaaaaaa ctgcacagca aaggacacaa ttaaaaaagt gagctgacag    130980
     cccacaggat tggagaaaat atttgcaaat tacccacttg acaagcgatt attaacccaa    131040
     atatatatga aactcgaaaa actccatagg agaaaatcta ataatctgat ttttttcaaa    131100
     tgcgcagatc tgaatagaca tttctcgaaa gaggatatac aaatggcaaa gaggcatatg    131160
     aaaagttgct tgatatgatt gattatcaga gaaacaaaaa tcaaaactac aatgagatat    131220
     catctcaccc cagttaaaat gatttttatc caaaagtcag gtaatagtaa atgctgggaa    131280
     gaatgtgaag aaaaggaaat ccttgtacac cgtagttgga atgtaaattc ataaaaccac    131340
     tatgaacaac agcgtggagg ttcctcaaaa tgcagaaagt agagctacca tatgacccag    131400
     caatctcact gctggatata tactccaaag aaagtaaatc aatatatcag agagatacct    131460
     gcactttcat gtttgttgca gctctgttca caatagttaa gatttggaag caacctaagt    131520
     gtccatcagc acatgaatgg attaaaaaaa tctgctacac atacagaatg gagctctatt    131580
     catccataaa aaaaagaata agtttcagca attttcaaca gcgttcatgg aactagaagt    131640
     cattgtataa agtgaaataa gccaggcaca gaaggacaaa cattgcaagt tctcaattat    131700
     ttatgagctc taaaaatgga tcaattaaac tcatggagat acagagtaga aggatggtta    131760
     ccaaaggaag ataagtgtag tggagagggt ggaggaagct ggggatggtt aactacaaaa    131820
     cagtagttgg aaagcatgaa taagacctag tatttaattg cacaacaggg tgactgtagt    131880
     aaaaaataat ttaattgcac atttgaaaac aactaaaaga atatagttta ttgttcataa    131940
     cacaaagcat tcatgcctga gggaatggat accctattat ttacactgat gtgattatta    132000
     tgccttccgt gcctgtatca aaatatatta cgtaatcccc aaatatatgc acctactatg    132060
     tacagaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaagaaaatt ttaaaaaggc acaattttta gatgttgcaa    132120
     cattagtgaa tttcaaaggc attctgctga atgacagaag tcagtctcaa atgattatat    132180
     actgtataat tatatttata taatgttctg gaaagcgaac atacagtaat aaattttcag    132240
     cattgctaga agtgagagat agggagagga tgggatttca aaggagcatc ataaggagtt    132300
     tttgaatgat ggaattagtc aatgtcacca ttgtgatagt ggttacacaa atctacacat    132360
     gttaaaacta tatgacagaa agctattaaa attttgtatt tgttaattta aaaaaattaa    132420
     taatataatt ggttcctatc tttagttggc caaatacaca agccagagtt tattcataaa    132480
     tgaaattaga acactgataa tatttttaca agcctgttcc ttttaaaata taaaatgtct    132540
     ttttccctta tccttctatc ttctttgttt agtcttattt attcaataag taaagagcta    132600
     tacattattt atatttctca ggagaaattc cattacctat taatttctgt taacgcagtc    132660
     tatgcatcta ccttgatgtt gtcaggaaac taattttgtt ggcatcctca tgatttttac    132720
     atagtagggt ggatgctttg taaataattt atacaaatta gaagttaaca tatgtgctaa    132780
     ctctttctaa taaaaatata atggcatact aacatatcct agttgaattt ttcaatgtaa    132840
     atgtaataat gcttaaacaa gcaattacaa aataagtcaa gaaccctcct aaaatttaga    132900
     ggctgtattg aatcatattt tcctcattca agttaataaa atgtactgat ttttaaaata    132960
     ttgacagtgt ggatataaaa acccttttcc aaacaatgat ccacagttgt cacatatctg    133020
     aatttagata gctatctgac atgtttattc agccttcttg caattacaag gaaccatgtg    133080
     ccttttactg atttaatatg aagggtgtag aatatcactg tagtgaaggg tgattattat    133140
     atttctttca tgagtatgaa agtctcataa ctcacagaca tcacaaagtg cctatggagt    133200
     ttgtgagtta ttaaggtcag tcatgggaaa aaagaagata atcacttttt accagtgaaa    133260
     tattcaactt attttaggac aaagcttttt taccgattac cagctcaaga atggaagaga    133320
     actaataaag cacccagtag acttttcttt ccatctgtcc atcactccag gatctattga    133380
     actgtaccct tggttgttta gtgatagtaa cacattcaaa ctatagtaga gataaataaa    133440
     gattgttttc atttaaattt gtgcaaacat tttaacattt aaaaaataag tgctttctgc    133500
     tttactcatt tatttatttt caggaaggaa aaaaaaaata atggctacta tcaccctagt    133560
     cagtgtgaaa cagggatgta atttctgggc tttctgaaat aagctttctt tgaaaacaaa    133620
     ggcatataac aaaaaaaatc aaggactgca gaggaattct agactctaat tatacaaatg    133680
     gcatatataa cataattgca ttatttttat atttggtatg tataaaaatg tatgaggaga    133740
     attgaagagt ttctttacaa atgaaaaact acaaaatata aagtgtgaaa tagtgataac    133800
     ttcagttttt aaaaaatcag tcttggttaa gaaagctgtt ttacttaaag tttcagttgt    133860
     ttcaatactt agaattccct gcttcttttt caaatagcca gagaaattca gagcactttt    133920
     taatgtttga atgtgaaatt cattttgata agattatgtt tatatattca ccaaacaata    133980
     tttcaaggct ctgaattcag tcacaaagtt gagcaggaaa aacaaatctt gtttcctgaa    134040
     cagtaaaaga tgtagcatat gtgagaaagt gagagacaga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    134100
     atgtgtatcc tctacccagt tatagtgtgg agtataaaaa atattataca taatatagga    134160
     aagtatgata caggaaacta tttaggtaat tcataaatca atgcccttca tatcttctct    134220
     taccagtaag cacttattac ttatgatgat aactattttg tttttatttt atttactcat    134280
     ttatttttga tatattcaac atttattttt tcatttctga gaaagatgtt catttcacta    134340
     agaaaaaaaa tcttccagaa atgttcgctt tctgaaaata gttttactcc ttatcaatat    134400
     ttcaatatct cattgttatt tcctcaaata tttagagata aatatcattt gctcaaattt    134460
     atctttttta tagtgaaaag acacaaggtc atgcttgcct tattttactt agtttgaagt    134520
     tccctcacca tcatgcttat ttttcttctc attcatttca gtttttcttc caattgtatt    134580
     ttaaaattta agtttatgca tggcatggtc atacgataaa tataaagttc aaaagcaaaa    134640
     tatcaaatgg taataatcag attgtcaaag gaaattgaat agagtttctt ccaggactct    134700
     tgagggctct taaatttctt cacttataga ataataaaaa ctcagaagac tggagtaggg    134760
     caagtttgtg aagacattac cttattgaga gtagatgaga ttactttaga ttttatatac    134820
     ttcagccaac tacagcaaag atgggaggtg agcagaatga ggcttgatat gaaccaaggg    134880
     aactcctcga agtggggaaa taaatgtaca ccactgtatg aagaaaggaa tcagactctc    134940
     aggtaaagga actgttggag agagatgctc agtgtagggg atttcttgag aagttctgaa    135000
     aacaccttga aataaaagtt agcattagac atcttaatgt ggaacaccct atcagatttt    135060
     cagggtacta gtgcaaacaa aacttcttct gcccttttca ttttaccctt cctatatttc    135120
     tgctccaaag tggtaatacg gccacatact tcatatgttc tccacttgtg acatattttg    135180
     gaaacatttc ttagatagct aagttataat tttaagttac tttttcattt attaagggat    135240
     gagatacctt cagaattctt taatatttat aaatttgttt tattctttat tttattgatt    135300
     tgtcattata actatttctt aaaatttgtg agtcctggcg actgtcactg atatcctgga    135360
     tttttatagg gctatttatg ttctttcagt gtttataatt gatagttaaa ttatatgaaa    135420
     tcatttttta ttttttcctt aatgtctatc ttaggcattg tctgatatat ttttatttct    135480
     tttttatctt aatatcgcgt atttcatctt ttaaattatg aattcctctt ataatgtgat    135540
     gcaatatata gtttttctaa aattatatgt gtctttctta tattttgtgc atttttcttc    135600
     tgttctcatt tatgtatatt ttttaaagtt ctatttttct aaattttttg ttttgcttca    135660
     ttgtttctgt attaatatca ttaaatgata gcaatattac cctgtattct tatagtatag    135720
     gtgaatacag gtggtttctt tcaaagactt gaatacactg acttgaagaa aaataaataa    135780
     aaaacaatat caagtatatt tacttattaa ctgtacaatt ctgagaaaaa ataagcattt    135840
     ttaaattatc agaatttttg actctcatat tatgctatta tctagtgtag ttattatttt    135900
     aaaatatgga agaaaatgat acaataaaaa gtaaagccct tattttaaat ctaaatactc    135960
     tggggaattt tttaacttag aaaaatctct gcttttgaaa aaatagtaag atcttactct    136020
     ggaaggtagt agccaaagtg tcctattgct tctggaagta tcttaataat tagataaacc    136080
     cacaattttt ccagaacaat cagttaaagt gaagattcca tattagtaaa tgcacatttc    136140
     aaggggaatt caatctacaa tattcatcac tagccacact tatttctact ggatgtggct    136200
     atatatgaat gttgaggata cagaaaacaa agaatatagc ttttaacaag tgttttcctt    136260
     tgataccatg gccccaatat aaagatttct gctttaagta cttatgtatt ggggcttaca    136320
     ttggttgctc tccaaagttt cagatttgac atacaatatt tgattaaatg gaagagtttg    136380
     atcatgtgtt ctgtactaga cccaatgatg gaagaggcgg cgcatctgga gtggcactcc    136440
     atcactggcc gcagtggagg ggcacagctg gggctgcatt cttcacagac tgtgggagct    136500
     ccctgggtgt agccccagct gcccaagttg tggctgtgga cccaggcctc ccactgcatg    136560
     gagcaggaag gagccctgta accccaggtg cagctgcagt cacccaaacc gtggctgtga    136620
     tcccaggcat ccctgcattc tggggggccc aggaaggaac ccctgccctt gtagtttggg    136680
     aagtgcctcc tcctgctacc tggcttctcc ctgctgtcaa gttctgctcc aatcttggag    136740
     caaagtcagc tgagcctgag tgctgtcaca gctcctccag gtgtgcacac actgggggca    136800
     gtgctgagac accaggcccc tgtcaccttg gcccactcca ggctttggat accaaagagc    136860
     ataggaggga agcctatggg gggcttaggg cagctcaggc actggccttc aggagctcct    136920
     tggcacctac agccagggca cactgaatgg cagaaggagg cagacaggtt cctgagtgaa    136980
     agggaatggt tccccggtga ggcccacctt caggccagga agggcctgaa agctgggggc    137040
     ctggctgcca gtcccacaca ccagagtgaa aatttgtagt gccttttttg ggcctgcccg    137100
     gggccaaata tggaccaatc agaatgcact ttcttccctc tgaggcccat aaaatccctg    137160
     ggttcagccg gagcccagca tacataggga caaccagcct attatcctgc ctcagtcgcc    137220
     tgagtagctg ggattacagg cccgggccac caggctcacc taatttttgt atttttagta    137280
     gaggtggggt ttcgccatat tggtcaagct ggtctcatac tcctgacctc aggtgatcca    137340
     ctcccctcag cctcccaaag tgcgggagcc accgcgcccg gctgtgagct accagtatta    137400
     tatcataatt ttaagggaaa ataacagtaa cctggtcaaa atgagtggca attgtaagac    137460
     agaagagttg aggaaaaggt caatggcttt ccacttaatt atttattttt atcagaaagc    137520
     caaaaacact ttagtcgcag aggctttttt ccaatattgt gaaagtcgcg gtatatttct    137580
     gtttaaaaac agtcttattt agacaaaatg ttaaatattc tgttttgttt gtttgttttg    137640
     ttttgttttt tgacagagtc ttgctctgtc tcccaggctg catgcagtgg cacaatctgg    137700
     gctcactgca acctctacct ctagagttca agggattctc ccatctcagc tgggactaca    137760
     ggcgtgtacc accgtgactg gctaattttt gtaattttta ttttttgtac acatgaggtt    137820
     tcaccatgct gcccaggcca gtctcaaatc cctggcctca aatgatctgc ccaactcagc    137880
     ttccaaaagt actaggatta tagaggtgag tcaccacgcc cagccttttt tgtttgtttt    137940
     ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt tgttttttta aagaaagtat acctttaaga gagtaccatt    138000
     ctttctagct gctctattaa tgagctaaga agcaagatgc ctgaaacaca gggttcacag    138060
     aatgaatacc attgcttgcc agtggctgaa gcagtgaaga gaaataaaga atgagaaaat    138120
     tgctgatgaa tcctttcact agagaagaac atccaggcag aggataaaag ggatcttata    138180
     atctttattt cttctgacca caagggccac agaattattt tccttgtaca aaagctactt    138240
     aaccaataga aaagaggtag tttgagcaga aaatacccaa agagaaaata atgtgctaac    138300
     aaggcactta aattcttcca gatatttaca cagaaaatta aagacttctc ctaataggga    138360
     acaggggatg gtgtaagtac ttgtaaaagt cttttattgc caaattctaa aacaattgga    138420
     aactcaagct cagagaaggc acaatatagt tcctttaaag ctacaattgc agagaaatac    138480
     ttccaagtga attcttcttt aaaccgactt cagaccagag tcaaattcaa caatgattcg    138540
     taagacaaaa ttaatattag aaagctaatc aggcatttgc attttatcaa attacaattt    138600
     ctaatgtatc agttcttgaa aaatgcatgc aaaaccagta tttggtaatt atcaattcta    138660
     ctaattttat aataatatgt ttcttggaaa aaaaagaatg ttttgtgtta aatgttcttc    138720
     ttttattgtt tcacactagc agaaaatcaa atgtttgaac catacaacca aaatattagt    138780
     tactttactt tatttgtatt acatatccaa aaataatcat agtgtctaga atataattag    138840
     aaataaacaa gttatgaata aataatcttg tagaaaaata tgaaacgatg gcaaatttta    138900
     tgaagtgaag atgagaatgg gaaaagaaaa actaacagaa tcatagaata gccaacattt    138960
     taggttttct aatgatttca ggtcagtaat accccaaaaa taccctctta tgtttttaag    139020
     tctcagtctt gagagagcat ctggattttc atacaggtat ggccaaggca gattacttaa    139080
     ctgctccatg actcattttt ctcatcttta aacattggta gaatgatcat acgtacctca    139140
     taatattatc ttatgcaaaa ggtaagttgg tgcatataaa acacttaaaa taaaaataaa    139200
     aaaattaaat taaattaaaa aaacacttaa aaagtaaata atcaaataat tggaaatttt    139260
     aaggaaaata taagatgctg actgccatat ttgatgctga atgtttttat tcctgcaaaa    139320
     atgcacatac agtagtggaa tactttttaa tgaactgcat atttcctgga aatgaatata    139380
     attaatgaaa ctagtaatac taatactaat attaataaaa ctattaagta aaacaaaagt    139440
     atggttaagc aaaggaaccc agaaagaaac aaacaaaagc aggaattagc aaaaatctat    139500
     atgtgaagaa aatcttcata tgaaagagca gaaattttta atgtacaaac attttacata    139560
     tatgtaatgg taatgattgc tcacatttca gacacacaaa ataaaagcta tctctatgtt    139620
     atgaattttc tgatatgata catggttctg aaacgctcaa attaattatg acgagatcag    139680
     gtaatatgtt agagttgacc agataaggtt ctttttgcca agcatgatat tgaatattca    139740
     atctcaccat cagaagcccc tcacattttt aatttacagg tactatgtgg tgtgcaggac    139800
     ttgagttaga agagtaatgc atgtctgcta attaaaatgt caacatctac ctgtgataaa    139860
     atgactttac ttccttcctt ttttccttct atccttcctt ctttcctttt cttccttccc    139920
     ttctttcttt tgttctttct ttcattttat ttcttaccta atttttgttc ttcaatgtta    139980
     aaagaatgtg tttacctaaa aagtgtgatg ttttaaaggt atttcacatt aacatttcat    140040
     tcgctctcat gtagacaaca tttcatacgt aatttagctt catgtttcct tgatccacgt    140100
     tcccttctct tgaatcctag cagtggttat tctccacatc ttagctcttg gaatgttgtg    140160
     ttctcccttc atgggttacc tactcttact atgtaagctt ttatttttac agattccttc    140220
     agagtctaaa tctctaccat ttactccagt taatttatca tttgcatcat ttagctttct    140280
     acttggtgag taactcaaca tcacttataa ctcaatgtgt caagaacaaa aagtattgct    140340
     ttcctcaaaa aacacatgtc tcctgtgttt ctatgtcggt tggttatatc ctccttcttc    140400
     caataacttc agtgtgaaaa catagagtcg tatttattca ttactttcgt ttgggcatca    140460
     tatctatttg acttctgaaa tatatatctt attgtctttc ttttatctcc atcttagttc    140520
     tcaaattcca ccctggaatt ttatctatgc acaatcagat tttgaaaaaa aaacctcttc    140580
     gctgatactt tagcctactt gcacttttta attcttgact ccgtgtccac aatcatattg    140640
     tctgccatgc tctggaatta gttcaatttt gttccatcca aatcctacta atatcttcct    140700
     cctaataact tgccttaaaa atctgacact taatgatgct tgtatttaat attttgtctc    140760
     taacctatat tcttgagttg tttgttattg tatggctgta gtatatagaa tattaagttg    140820
     gaaagacatt ttgacaaaaa agtccagatc ttctatttta aagttatgaa ctctggacat    140880
     gccacattta atacttgaaa gcttcttcaa ggaagaacaa atgtgtcatt tctctgtatt    140940
     ctgctttccc cataacctgt acatttagtc cagtgcagga aatccactag gtactaacca    141000
     tttctgagat acaaactgat taagtggctt gatgaattct atcctaacaa caaaatcata    141060
     agtttcttga tggctgatgg cagaactggt catgccctgt aattcctcta taatcttgaa    141120
     tagacctaat tgagtataaa gaatacagga ggtagtaact tgttttattt cacgtaattc    141180
     ttcttttatg tacgtaaata aatgtgtata tataaaaaag tattatatct gtgataagat    141240
     gaagattact ctatgttact gacatagaaa taaatcattt acatggctgg ttagtgatga    141300
     agtcacattt taatgtaagt cagataccag aggcccccaa ctagttttca tattttactt    141360
     cttcttccct atttagtaac agtgcataaa taattaaatg tacttcagct aggttgatta    141420
     tggagcatgc atttaagtta tttttgatac caaactaatt tcattgaata ggttctaaga    141480
     taaaatctat tcttgtgtaa atcccaataa ataaagcact tatttaacaa atatttatta    141540
     agttccttat atgagtcaga cactaagcca ttactaagaa ataacatgat agtgggtgta    141600
     taggcgagtg gtgttttcct tcttctgata cgaagcacag aggaggtatt tggcaaattg    141660
     gtgtcggttc tttgaaaaca ggtaagattc tgagacaaaa gtgtcccaca tatgtataac    141720
     tacatcagca ttttgttgct agtaggtaag ttcccatgct gcaaaaactt caggctactt    141780
     ctttattaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaagaag aggaaaatac atttatctgc atccctgatg    141840
     tcctaaatcc tagtgagaga ctcattcatt gtttttatgg cttcgctttt aatatggaaa    141900
     actcctggta taatttgcac attaatttgt atgagtcctc acatctgctg actagtttat    141960
     ttctgaaatt ttcatgaatg ccaatccagt gttttctttg atatatattg gatagttgac    142020
     tagactagac tgagtaagag attagaatat gttacttttg agtctgcttt gtacttttgt    142080
     tctttcacag aaatcttgta acaaatggca aggtgcaaaa ataatttatt ataataacag    142140
     tcacttatga gatgtttact ttgtgctagt cactgtttta ccaaattcac acctataact    142200
     tttaaatagc atcaaactca atattatgtg tactaatatc atttctgttt tacagatgag    142260
     attaagtagc tgatttaaga tcacatagtt tggaaacggc agtgccaata tttgaagaga    142320
     ttcaatctag ctttggcatc tgtttttata atcaccatat aatacttcat ctcaagagtt    142380
     tagcaaaagt ttttgactat tcatgttatt ctctaccgca tgacatttga acttgatgct    142440
     aagtacacac tgaggactac agctcactgt ttttgttttc atggtggaaa aaaaatgatg    142500
     taaatgcttt gtgatggact agcacacata aggggataaa agtttaacaa taagtgtcat    142560
     aattcacatg taatattagt acatttctga aaaatatgtt ttataatttt tttctcatga    142620
     gaatagaaag agagaatgaa ataaatctga gtgtatgtaa ggcagattta tgctctttac    142680
     atttcttcca tgatccgttt tgtttgtcag tgaaatccgt tgttaaattt cttatccgtt    142740
     tctgtacatt tccttatgta atgacttttt tttttttttt ttgagacgga gtctcgctct    142800
     gtcgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcatgat ctcagctcac tgcaagctcc gcctcctggg    142860
     ttcacgcctt tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtagctggg actacaggcg cccgccacca    142920
     cgcccggcta attttttgta tttttagtag agacggggtt tcactgtgtt agccaagatg    142980
     gtctcaatct cctgacctcg gcccacctgg gcctcccaaa atgatctgcc cgccttggcc    143040
     tcccaaaatg ctgggattac aggcgtgagc ccctgcgccc agctgtaatc actcttttat    143100
     gttttctctc tgttaactct agaggatata gtatttattt gattatttta accaccacac    143160
     aaaaacaaga ataaacatta cgctcagtgt cagaattcag gtattgggtg agcaaatgtt    143220
     taagctaaaa catgaaatat aatagaattt cctacgtaga ataagataaa taagtagcaa    143280
     gtatttaaga ttcagaaaaa aatgtataaa tatccctaga ttggatataa accattatat    143340
     taggagggtg atgtcagaag gggaagtgaa aatagatgag gctgaagaca tacacatgaa    143400
     tataggatcc taaaagtgtc tttaatgggg tgatacttaa tcctaaattc aatgtgaacc    143460
     tcttcaagag acttgagaat taagtgatcc agtacacata ctatgattac tttagattca    143520
     tcacataaca ttatttcaaa tgagataaat gtgaatttag taagattgat aagggggatc    143580
     ttatagaaag ctaggtgaaa ttatgataat ctggacaatg ccttgacttt tagaatgaag    143640
     agcaataaga taatttagag aatggcaggg gatgacaata agatttggtg acaaattgaa    143700
     agtgtgaata agagagagga aggtgtcatg tgtggcactg tgagttggta gctgggtatg    143760
     gtggcatcct tcattagaat agagaatgca gaatggaaag taggtttagg aatttttaat    143820
     ttgagacact tgtgaagatg tttggcatat gagcagagat gtggtgagcc gagatgaaaa    143880
     ctggttatca tatctgtgtc agatacatag atttctgaat actaaatgta aggtgatgct    143940
     agcaaatatg gtaccaaaga agaatgtttg agtaaatggc aaggtaatga tactgagtaa    144000
     atcagtttta tgagaagaga aggcaatgaa caggtgtttt ctgaggtggc taaaaaggaa    144060
     cagctataga ggaagaatta aaactagcag tctgggagaa caaaaaccaa gaaaaatgtt    144120
     tcagagatca aatgtattta ccctagagaa aaaaaaaagt aaaactctgg ttgatttggt    144180
     gatgttaaga agttgtcttc accagttcaa atcatattat ataggaaaaa tccaaatata    144240
     ttttggtgct ataaaaaatg tatttttgtt ttttgatttc attttggtta ttgtttttgt    144300
     tttttgctgt atgttgaaac aaagcaaact cctgccactt attttcaaag ctaatgtctt    144360
     tacagcttga actttgcaac atctggcaac attctagaaa attaaatgaa gaaatagtta    144420
     ataaaaattt ataaataatt tttccctttt cctttatggg ttcaatctac atgttttttc    144480
     catgtatggg ctcaaataat gcactttctt agctgaacat taccacctaa aggacatttt    144540
     tcctggaatt ctcaagatgg gctatgcttg cgtactcaac tctcccagag caatctttgc    144600
     ttcaatctct taaaattatc ttttattttc tttctactaa attttcaatt ataacgtatg    144660
     gagcttcaat aaatgtggaa ctaaatttgt atttatatgc attctaaaac tgagatcggc    144720
     tcttctgaac tataagaaaa aaatgatttt tgccgaacaa gaattctgct atgaacaaac    144780
     aagtgatata aaatgagaac tttcttcatc cttcacatgc agaataatag ggcaaggaag    144840
     ccaggctata ggcactatct agagattctc ttttgttctt tggggtagta ttaggcttct    144900
     atgggggatt gcttctcttg gtacttatat aattatttcc ttaatgcaac tcttgaattt    144960
     tctctttttg atttaagagt acagaattct tcttgtgaat gtttccttag agaaagtttc    145020
     tgacagctct aagactcatt tattatctct ttctctcctg tgtaagaaat tttctcagca    145080
     gttgaaagtt gtgaaatctc caaaataaag aaggcttccc cctttctaaa ttcctgtcat    145140
     cactcttgtt tccctataaa ctgtttattc atttattcat ttattttttt tctaaaattg    145200
     ctctatgaat cttcagtttc aacaagaaga aaatagaatt gtctcatgtc aaaatttagg    145260
     tgattactaa gtaagagctt ttattaatgg aaactaacta atataataga gcaatgtata    145320
     ttgcaaattc tgcaaattgt ttatttgagt taaatttaaa gaccatttat agtctggacc    145380
     agatgtacca tgttcattat atttttaact attttagcat aatgggggga aattacttga    145440
     ttagaccctc tcttgaaagg tttgtagtta taaaattgta tgccataata cttattttat    145500
     tatattggct tcaaaataat gaatatacac caattcacag ttatgaaaga taaaatttgt    145560
     ttttcattaa aactttacta atatttaccc atggagactt gaaatcaggg accccaatga    145620
     taggacttag aaaaatagac ttcaaacccc tttctatgtt ttataagatg attatgggcc    145680
     catgttttaa aaacttctct gctttgagat aattatagtt tcacatgcag taaaaatagt    145740
     acacagagac cccaaatctg gtatactctt ctcctagtgc cccagaatga taacgtctgg    145800
     taaccagagt atactaccac gatcaggaaa ttgacattaa gtgagtccta atagacttat    145860
     tcagacttct cattttacat gcacttctga gtgtgtttat ggaatttctg tgtaatttta    145920
     ttacatgtat agatttatga gatctgtacc acagttaaga cagagaattt ttccatcaaa    145980
     aggattttgc tatgcttttg tagccgcagc caattatcct ccctctccag tttcctagcc    146040
     ccagggtgaa ccagtttcaa aactgatttg attctaaatg tccctgcttg cttgctttgt    146100
     ctcacctttt ttcctttatt tctttcttcc gtctttcctt acttcctgtc ttttcctttc    146160
     tttctttaat tcaaagtgtc ctgctcattt tggttctaaa ctggggaaag ctatattgtt    146220
     tcccctgttt atacagtttt ggtcctttgt tctgatccac aactgtcttg atgaatgcct    146280
     ggcatttgca atttatattt catttaatta gattgaagtt atagagacat agttatttat    146340
     aagtgcatat tttatattgg gaaggaatgg gggaggttgt gaaaatacat aataaaataa    146400
     tgaattatac tttaaaactt gcatggagaa atctgcattt tttctatcaa accgtaaagt    146460
     gagagaagtg aaaaagagaa ttgctgattt gtagtttaca aacaatccta ggaatgtcaa    146520
     gcaacaaatt agaccacaat aaaataagta ctcatataca ttactgatgg tagtgcatac    146580
     tactttaacc actttggaga atacttttgt agtacgcgca atcaagcatt aaaatttgat    146640
     ttatttattt ttaactttta tttttggttc agggaaacat gtgcaggttt attatatcag    146700
     taaactgtgt gttgcagggg cttagtgtac agattatttc atcacctagg taataagcgt    146760
     agtacctcat aggcagtttt tcgactccca ccttcctccg tccttccacc ctcaattagc    146820
     cccagtgtct gctgttccct tttttgtgtc catccgtaat cagtgtttag atcccactta    146880
     taactaagaa cctgtggtat ttgtttttct gttcctgtgt tcattcgctt agaataatgg    146940
     tctccagctc catccacatt gctgcaagga acacaatata cttcttttat gaaagcatag    147000
     cattccatgg tgtatatgca tcacattttc tttatccagt ctaccataca tgggcattta    147060
     ggttgactca atgtctttgc tgttgtgaat ggtgctgtga tcaacctaca ggtccatgtg    147120
     tctttatggt aggatgattt atattcatct gggtatatac tgtatatggg ggttgatggg    147180
     tcgaatggta attctgcttt gagttatctg agaaattgcc aaactgcttt ccacagtggc    147240
     tgaactaatt tacgttcatc agcagtgtat gagcattccc ttttctgtgc aactttacca    147300
     gcatctgtta ttttatgact ttttaataaa agccattctg actcgtatga gatagtatct    147360
     cattgtggtt ttgatttgat ttctctaatg attagtgatt ttgagtattt ttcatttgct    147420
     tgaaggccat gtgtatgtct tctttggaaa aaagtgcatg ttcatatcct ttgcccactt    147480
     tttaatggga tagtttcttt tctgcttata aatttaagtt cctcatagtt tctggatatt    147540
     aaacctttgt catgcatagt ttgaaaatat tttcttcaat tctgtagttg tctgtttact    147600
     ctggggatag cttcttttac tgaacggaag ctctttaatt taattgggtt gtatttgtca    147660
     atttttgttt ctgttgcaat tgtttttgga gtctttgtca tgaaattttt gccagcttct    147720
     atatcaggaa tagtattttc taggttatca tctagggttt ttatagtttg aagtcataca    147780
     tctaagtctt tatcttgagt ttttttttgt atatatgtaa agaaggggtc cagtttcaat    147840
     cttctgcata tggttataca gttataccag caccatttat tgaataggga gtcatttcct    147900
     cattgcttgt ttttgttgac tttgtcaaag atcagatatt tttaggtgtg cagtttcact    147960
     tgcgtccctg tgaagaggcc accaaacagg ctttgtgtga gcaacaaggc tgtttgtttc    148020
     acctgggtgc agggctgtgt ccgaaaagag agtcagtgaa gggagatagg ggtggggctg    148080
     ttttataggg tttgggtagg taaaggaaaa aggggggttg ttctctggca ggcaggagtg    148140
     ggggtcacaa ggtgctcagt aggggagctt ttgagccagg atgagccagg agaaggaatc    148200
     tcacaagata atgccatcag ttaaggcaag aacaggccat tttcatttct tttgtggtgg    148260
     aatgtcatca gttaaggcag gaaccggcca tctggatgtg gatgtgcagg tcacagggga    148320
     tatgatggct tagcttgggc tcggaggcct gacattcctg tcttcttata ttaatgagaa    148380
     aaataaaacg aaatagtggt aaagtgttgg gatggcgaaa atttgggggg atagtatgga    148440
     gagataatgg gcgatgtttc tcagggctgc tttgagcggg attaggggta gcatgggaac    148500
     ctagagtggg agagattaag ctgagggaag attttgtggt aaggggtgac attgtgggac    148560
     tgttagaaga aatatttgtc atttagaatt attggtgatg gcctggatac ggttttgtat    148620
     gtattgaaaa actaaaggga ataagagaag gagaaaaaca ggtattaaag gactaagaat    148680
     tgggaggact taggacatct aattagagag tgcctaagga ggttcagcat agccttgcca    148740
     gcaaagatta tttatttact ttaagagtta agagtggcag tctggggata gcaccaggag    148800
     atatcagctg tgatggcttg gagaaacggt gtaaaccggc agtgtaaaca agagcagggc    148860
     atatatgagt agtcgagaac ggtgaatagg agtatgacta gacagaagat agtagggatg    148920
     acaagttttt ggggcacagt ccaagttggt ctgatgtctg gaatgagact ggggcttaat    148980
     aaaatggagc gtccatacag gagctcaaat gggctgtacc ctgtagcatt ctgaggacag    149040
     gcctaaattc tgagaaaaga aagaggtaaa agtactgtct agtccttttt aagttggtga    149100
     ctgagcttgg tgaggtgtgt ttttaaaaga ccattagtcc attctacctt tcctgaagac    149160
     tgaggactgt aagggatata aaggtttcac tgaataccaa gagcctgaaa aactgcttgg    149220
     ctgatttgat gaataaaggc cggtctacta ttggactgcc tagaggtggg aaggccaaac    149280
     cgagtaattt tgactgacag aagggaagaa gtgaccgtgg tggccttctt agaccctgtg    149340
     ggaaaggcct gtacctatcc agtgaaagtg tctacctaga ccaagaggta ttttagtttc    149400
     ctgactcggg gcatgttgag taaagctaat ttgccagtcc tgggtggggg caaatccctg    149460
     agcttgatgt gtagggaagg gagggggcct gaataatccc tgagaagtag cagaatagca    149520
     gatggaacac tgagaagtga tttccttgag gatagatttc catgatggaa aggaaatgag    149580
     aggttctaag aggcaggcta gtggcttgta ctatatcata gcctgccttt gctggcatgt    149640
     ggcgattagg cctggtggaa ctgccatcaa taaaccaggt gtgatcaggg tgagaaacag    149700
     ggaagaagga aatgtgggga aatggggtga acgtcaggtg gatcagagag atgcagtcat    149760
     gagggtcaag tgtggtatca ggaataatgt gagaggccac attgaagtcc gagccaggaa    149820
     caatggtaat tgtgggagac tcaacaaaga gtgagtacag ctgaaggagc cagggagcag    149880
     aaagtatacg tgtcaggtgt gaggaagaaa atagatttcg gaaattatga gagctgtaga    149940
     gagtgagttg agcatatttt gtgattttaa gggcctctaa aagtattagg gcggcagcag    150000
     ccgctgcatg gagacatgat ggccagccta aaacagtaag gtcaagttat ttggacaaaa    150060
     aggctacagg acgtgatccc ggtccttgtg taagaattcc gacttcacag ccctgccctt    150120
     cggctgtgtg taatgaaaag ggttgggatg agtcagggag agctaggatg ggggcagcct    150180
     ctaaagctgt cttcaaggaa tggaaagagg agtggggaaa ggatttagga tctatggggt    150240
     cagctaggtt tccttttgtg agtttatata atggttttgt taggatggca aaaccaggta    150300
     tccaaacgtg aaagtatcca accatgccca ggaaggaaag gagttgttgt tttgtagaag    150360
     ggattggggt ttgggagatt agctggacac gatcagcagg gagagtgcat gtgtttttct    150420
     gagaattatg ctgagatagg taacagatga ggaagaaatt tgggcttgac tgaagtaatg    150480
     ggggctatct gtgaagcttt gcagcagtaa agcctaggta atttgctgag cttgatgggt    150540
     gtcagggtca gtccaggtga aagcaaagag aggctgggat gaagggtgca aaggaatagt    150600
     aaagaaagca tgtttcagat ccagaacaga ataatggatt gtggagggag ttatcaagta    150660
     taggagagta tatgggttta gcaccatggg gtggataggc aaaacaattt ggttgataag    150720
     gcatagatcc tgaactaact tgtaaggctt gtctggtttt aggacaggta aaatggggga    150780
     attgtaagga gagtttatag gctttaaaag gccacgctgt agcaggcgag tgataacagg    150840
     ctttaatcct ttcaaagcat gctgtgggat gcgatattgg cattaagcag ggcaagggtg    150900
     attaggtttt aatgagatgg taaggggtgc atgattggtc accaaggagg gagtagagat    150960
     atcttatact tgtgggttaa ggtgggggga tgcaagagga ggaagcaaag gaggctttgg    151020
     attgggaaga agggcggcaa tgagatgtag ctgtactcca ggaatagtca gggaagcaga    151080
     taatttagtt aaagtgtctc agcctaataa ggaaactggg caggtgggga taactaaaaa    151140
     ggagtgctta aaagagtatt gtctaagttg acaccagatt tggggagttt taggaggttt    151200
     agcagcctgg ctgtcaatac ccacaacagt tatggaggca agggaaacag gcccttgaaa    151260
     agaaagtaat gtggagtagg tagcctccgt attgattcag aaggggacgg acttaccctc    151320
     caccgtgaga gttacctaaa gctcggcgtc cgtgatggtc tacagggctt ccgaggcaat    151380
     cgggcagtgt cagtcttcag ccgctaagcc aagaagatct gggaaggagt cagcagagag    151440
     ccttgggcca gagttccagg ggctctggga gtggctgcca ggtgagttga acagtctgat    151500
     ttccactggg gtcccccaca gatgggacac agcttaggag gaatcccggg ctgcaggcat    151560
     tccttggctt ggtggccaga tttctggcac ttgtagcaag ctcctggggg aggaggttct    151620
     ggaggaacac ctggccactg cggtttaggt gtttggaagt tcttgtgtgc tggagatgtg    151680
     gctggggttt gtctcacagt ggaggcaagg aattgcaact cagaaatatg ttgctacttg    151740
     gctgcctcta ctctattatt gtacaccttg aaggcgaggt taattaagtc ctgttgtggg    151800
     gtttgagggc tggaatttaa tttttggagt tttatttaat atcgggagca gattgggtaa    151860
     taaaatgtat attgagaata agacggcctt ttgacctttt agggtctagg gctgtaaagc    151920
     atctcagggt tgctgccaaa cgagtcatga actgggctgg atttttatat ttgatgaaaa    151980
     agagcctaaa tgctatctga tttgggataa agaaaaagga ccactaactt tgactatgcc    152040
     tttaactcca gccaactttt taagagtaaa ttgctgggca ggttggggag ggccagtcag    152100
     ggaatgaaac tgtaagccag acctggtgtg aggaggggag gtgataaaag gattataggg    152160
     tggaggagtg gaggctgagg aagaattggg acctagctca gcctggtgag gagcagcctg    152220
     gggaggaggg gagaggtcag atgggtctgt agaaaaggaa gattagaaag actcagtgat    152280
     gcttggggtt gggactgagg agacaggtgg gagggaaaga aggaagattt gggacgagtt    152340
     gcattgggaa cagagactag ggagggaccg atgtataaaa gaatgcctgg atgtcaggca    152400
     cctcagacca tttggccatt ttttgacaag aattatttag atcttgtagg atggaaaaat    152460
     tgaaagtgcc attttccggc tatttggaac tactgtcgag tttgtattgg ggtcaagcgg    152520
     cattgcaaaa gaaaataaga tgcttagatt ttaggtcagg tgagaattga agaggtttta    152580
     agttcttaag aacacaggct aagggagaag aaggaggaat ggaaggtgga agcttgtgca    152640
     tagtgaagga ggcaagccca gagaaaagag agtagagaca cagagaaggg gtggggggtt    152700
     cttgccctcc agaaaagcag agaaggggtc agggcgtgga aatatggggt tggggcacag    152760
     agataagagg ttggggcatg gaaataaggg atcggggtgc agagatatta ggtcgggatt    152820
     cctgcccctc ctccagaaaa gcgggacttg ccactaaggg tgaaagagaa ggtgttgaag    152880
     ggttcttgcc cctcccccag aaaagcagga cttgccgcta agggtgaagg accaagacag    152940
     gcgtccctgc gtggtctgac acctctgaaa cctgggtgaa taatcagaga ggtgtccctg    153000
     caatgattaa acaccaaggg aaggctgcct tccctagtcc atgaccagcg ccagagtttt    153060
     gggtccacgg ataaaatgtg cctcctttgt ctctaccaga aaatgaaagg aattgaaatt    153120
     aagagaaggg agagattgaa gtgtggcacc aagattgaaa ggagatagag gttgagggat    153180
     agtgagggag gttggagaag agagtaaaaa gaggctgctt accagattta aaattggtga    153240
     gatcttgctt gggctgcttg gtctgaggac cagaagtcat aggtggctct ctctcacgga    153300
     gcaaagagca ggaggacagg ggattgatct cctaagggag cttgcccgat ctgagtcatg    153360
     gcaccaaatt tcactcacat ccatgtgaaa agaccaccaa acaagctttg tgtgagcaac    153420
     aaggctgttt atttcacctg ggtgcaggtg ggctgagtcc aaaaagagag tcagcgaagg    153480
     gagacggggt ggagccattc tataggattt gggtaggtaa aggaaagggg ggtagttctc    153540
     tggcaggcag gagtgggggt cacaaggtgc ttagtagggg agcttttgag ccaggatgag    153600
     ccaggagaag gaatttcaca agataatgcc atcagttaag gcaggaacag gccattttca    153660
     tttcttttgt ggtggaatgt catcagttaa ggcaggaact ggccatctgg atgtgtacat    153720
     gcaggtcaca ggggatatga tggcttagct tgggctgaga ggcctgacat gcagcattat    153780
     tatttctgag ttctctactc tgttcccttg gtctatgtgt ctgtgtttgc actagtacca    153840
     tgctgttttg gtcactgtaa ctttgtagtg tagtttgaag tcagataatg tgtctttttc    153900
     tttttgctta ggattgtcac ggctattcat tcttttttta aaattttggt tccatatgaa    153960
     ttttaaaata gtttttgttg tagttctgta aaaaatgtca ttggtagttt gataggaata    154020
     ccaaactgaa tattcaattt agtttgattg aatctgtaaa tcgctttgag cagtatggcc    154080
     attttaacaa tactgattct ttctatacgt gagcatggaa tgtttttcca tttgtttgtg    154140
     tcctctctat ttctttaagt agcgttttgt aattagcatt gtagagatct ttcatctcca    154200
     ctgttagctg tattcctagg gattttattc tttttgtggc tactatgaat ggaattgtgt    154260
     tcttgctttg gctctcagtt tgaatgttgt tgctgtaggg gagggctact gatttttgtg    154320
     tattgattct gtatcctgaa actttgctga agttgcttat cagataaggg agctttgggg    154380
     cagatactgt gagattttct aggtatagaa tcatgtcatc tgctgacagg gatagtttga    154440
     cttcctttct tcctaattag atgttttcta tttttttctc ttgcctgatt actctggcca    154500
     aggctttcag tgttttgttg aataagaata gtgagtgaat tactttaaga attgagttta    154560
     aaaattctat tttgtctaac tgctaagatt gaaatagtgc agtgtttaag catgaaatct    154620
     tagggagata gaaaaagcta tccaaaatat aatttcattt cttcttctta aaatgagcta    154680
     aatttttaaa attcaaacat tcataaacaa acctaacact tcaaagagtg tctgaaatgt    154740
     taaatttgat ggagataata tcagtacatg ggaggaaaaa aactgaatac ctgccttcaa    154800
     gggcaactcc ttacaatatt gtttgcagaa gaacttggta tttttgtttt cagtcaacct    154860
     tctctctaac ttcattgtgg aaatcagaga acattatata taatcatgtt tatcaaccaa    154920
     tgtacaatag atttatttaa taaaaaggag catataaaac aaagttattt ctagtaaaat    154980
     tcttttaggc tttttctatt ttttggcaga caaaccatat ggctcatgtt gtagaataat    155040
     ttggtgagtt gatccccatg ctcaagctta tgcttcttaa gaattatgat gatgtttttt    155100
     ctaacttcta aatatacatt gaaagtattt gaaaattttg aaaaattgta atatttaaat    155160
     aaagtttccc gaattatttt ttctctcttt tcttctatta cctttctcct tctacttctt    155220
     tctattcttc tgataaacta ggagtattaa cttttagata agtaaccttt ttagtagtaa    155280
     cagatttttt taaataatgc aactgtaatt ttcttataac attagtgatg tagttgtagc    155340
     aaggtcctgc tggttaaatt ctacatatag aattctatga ttcctcaaat ttgtagagaa    155400
     ggagaaaaag tcactgtcta tgcaaaatga gcatcaggat aagagccatt tgattcatga    155460
     caggttgtca ctcaataata ataatatgga gaattaatga ctatatatct gtatcgatgt    155520
     ctaatccata ttcatacaca tatccctttt atctgtctac ttactctgga ggtagactat    155580
     ctgtgtttac atatcaaatt agtaactctg taacttttca aaacttcagt ttctacacaa    155640
     taataatatt cttcacacta ataatatgac aattaatgtc tatatatgta tatcactaat    155700
     ctatattcat aaacgtacct cttctatcta tctacttact ctggaggtag actgtgttta    155760
     tatatcaact atattcatat acatacctct tttatctact tactctggag gtagactatc    155820
     tgtgtttata tatcaaatca gtaactgtag cttttcaaaa ctttggtttc tttatttgca    155880
     aaaatgaaaa agaaaataaa agatgaataa aatgaagaag aagaagataa aaacgagaaa    155940
     atgggaaaat tatacggtgt atctttaagt agtagccatc aaatgggggt aatcctgttc    156000
     cccagaaaat atttgacaat gactggagat attttggttg tcataatggt ttggggcttg    156060
     agatggggaa tgctactgct aaatagtggg tagaggctag agattctgct gataaacatt    156120
     ctaccactta tataagaccc ccacaaataa ttatctggtt caaagcataa ataatgtctc    156180
     attcaagcat aaaaaagccc agttagcttc tgagattaga ggagattgag cacattcaac    156240
     aataacaaaa caatgatatg agctgatgat aggttaatta gcttaaatgt ggtgatcgtt    156300
     ttcttatgta tacatatatc aaaacacaaa gttgtacacc ttaaatatat acaatttttg    156360
     tcaatcgttc attaataagc tgacaaaaag tcctagtgtc aaggttaaga aaccctagct    156420
     tacaagggca catttttgat gatataaaat taacacttct aaaaaagctt ctagtggtat    156480
     actagagcca cctcatacca gcttgtgaga taaggttgtt cacatcgctg ctcaactttc    156540
     attgagtgga aatacattgg gaggtttaca ttgaccacac taggtgtatt tccacaacta    156600
     aatttgacaa actataaatc aggtattctg ctccacatac actgtgtgtc cccggagagc    156660
     tggttgttaa acatgtacta tcctccattg cttagcacat tgcttggtat attgaaacta    156720
     ctgtataaat actagctact attattttta tgaagccctc tcaagtaatc tggaaaaatc    156780
     actctgcatt ttattttttt ctttccttat tgcttattta ttattaagct tccatttctc    156840
     ctgatgattt tatgatagac tactaactat ccctagtttt aaccaagtcc tcctctattt    156900
     ttcatgcttc agtaatattt attattgtaa aatgcaaatt taaacctgtt actaccatat    156960
     ttaatatttt acagtgactt gccatttttt atggtattaa tctgacctcc ttagtgtaga    157020
     attgtgggcc ttttaacctc attccagagg gccctgcaat tcacagaccc tttattcaga    157080
     tatatataca ctggtgactt ctctattgat cttgttatat tatattgtcc tttctctcag    157140
     tcaaactaat ttgagctatt attcaaaggt aaggaaaact aactctgtca ccacttattg    157200
     attcaatatt ttctcttacg tatgcctgga ccttagctta caaaatgtta aggccaacca    157260
     tcttactctt tttgttctgg ggagtgatgc tatatgggag agaagtgagc ataggatgtt    157320
     acaaatattt cctaagtaaa aacaggtcac aatacttaat atatcaaact ttggctgcct    157380
     catatatcac aatttgagta tctttacatt ttacattcta cactctgaat agctctacca    157440
     tacattatat ataatttaca ttatttcaat tcttcagtac attccagaag cccagtaaat    157500
     gttacgtata atagttgtca tagaagatgg ctgactagaa gcagcaggat tcggaggctc    157560
     ccttcgacaa aaaccataat aagcatgtga acctttcact agcaaccaag gtatccaggt    157620
     tctgtcgtca aaactgacat gaaagctggc atgacccaca gagagaagga agagcagtgt    157680
     ggtgtgaccc acctgagagc cacatgggga agggaaaccc cttcctctca gcgaagggag    157740
     gtggtgagtg agtgtgatac ccagctgggg aaactgtgca acccacacgg atggaaagat    157800
     cccactcaca agcccatgcc accagggcct agagtcccaa ccccagaaca tgcagattct    157860
     tacagccttt tagctggaac ctgcttaagc ctaccaaact cctaggggga ggggcaacga    157920
     gcaactgctg cagctgcctg ctgtctaagc catttgagct ccttgtgggc gtggcagcag    157980
     ccagcactgg gaatttcaac tgcctaacag gttaaggggt aaggggaagg gcagtaccat    158040
     tttgtatgct ccccgggtag ggggaagggc agtacccatt ttgtatagct ccagactgtg    158100
     cttttccccc tgctggagtc agggaggctg gatggcttgg tcccaagcct tgttcccaca    158160
     gcccaacaca cccactgtgg cagtctgcag ccagagtgcc tcttcaggtc taaccttgac    158220
     ccatccttcc tcagtgggta gggcttcctg ctgcaggatc tccaatagct ccagaggttc    158280
     agggacagaa ttcagatctc cctgggtctc agcccctagc gggaggggtg gccgcagtct    158340
     ctgtggacca gcagacgtag cctctcctcc tggtagttct gaggaatctg ggcagcccag    158400
     atgagtgggt ttcctcacag tgaaacacac cttctccacc aagggacaaa gtgcttcatt    158460
     aaataggcca tgctccctgt gccacccaac tgggtaagac cctccaatag ggattctcac    158520
     acaccctata caggagtgat cctactgaca tcaggttggt gacccttgaa gtcagaggtc    158580
     ccataagaag gaggaagcac tcatttttgc tgctttccag cctccttgag tgacaccttc    158640
     aggcacaaga gcaaatcaga gaatggggcc tgaagtgaac ccccagaaaa ctgtagcagc    158700
     cctacagaag aggaatctga ttattgaaag aaaaacaaac aagcagaaag tgacaacagc    158760
     gtcatcaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaat aaaggccccc acaaaagccc catccaaggg    158820
     tcagcaacct caaagaccaa aactagacaa actcacgaag atgagaaaga atcaacaaaa    158880
     aatgctgaaa acccaaaagg ccagagtgcc tcttctcctc caaatgatta caggattaca    158940
     gtgtctgtcc atcaaggatg cagaactgga cagaggatca gatggacgac ttgacagaag    159000
     taggcttcag aagatgggta atagaaaact atgctgagct aaaggagcat gttccaaccc    159060
     aatacaaata agctaagagc cttgataaaa tgttagacta attgctaact agaataacca    159120
     atgaagagtg aaacataaac gactggatgg agcagaaaaa cacagcatga gaacttcgca    159180
     aagcatacac aagcatcaat agccaaatcg accaagtgga agaaaggaca tcagagtttg    159240
     aagaccacct tactgaaata agacttgcag acaagaacag agaaaaaaga ataaaaagga    159300
     atgaacaaag cctccaagaa atatgagact tcataaaaag tactaaacct atgattaatt    159360
     ggaatactag aaggagacag ggagaataga aacaagttgg aaaacatagg tcagaatatt    159420
     atccaggaaa acttccccag cctagcaaga caagtcaaca tgcaaattca ggaaatacag    159480
     agaacaccat taagatactc catgagaaga tcaaccccaa gacacataat cataagattc    159540
     tccaaggttg aactgaagga aagactgtta agggcagcca gagaaaaagg ccaggtcacc    159600
     tataaaggga agcccataag actaacagtg gacctctcag cagaaacttt ataagccagg    159660
     agagactggg gacaacactc aatattttta aagaaaataa tttttgaccc agaatttcct    159720
     ttccaggcaa actcagcttc acaagcaaag gagaaataaa atcctttcca gataagtaaa    159780
     tgctgaggga ttttgtgacc accaggcctg ccctgcaaga gctcctgaaa gaataactaa    159840
     atatggaaag gaaaactggt actagccact gcaataacac accaaaatat aaagaccaaa    159900
     tgacactaca caaaactgca tcaactaggg tgcaaaatga ccaaatagca tcatgatgac    159960
     agaatcagat tcacacgtaa caatattaac cttaaatgta aatgggctaa atgccccaat    160020
     taaaagacac agactggcaa attgaataga gtcaagatcc attggtgtgc tgcattcagg    160080
     agaaccatct tacatgcaaa gacacacaca ggctaaaatt aaaaaaatgg aggaaaagca    160140
     aatggaaagc aaaaaaagag gaggggttgc aattgtagtc cctgacaaaa cagactttaa    160200
     accaacaatg atcaaaaaag acaaagaagg gcataatgta attgtaattt gacgagaaga    160260
     gctaactatt ctgaatatat atgaacccaa tacaggagaa cccagattca tgaaacaagt    160320
     tattacagac ctataaagag acttagactc ccacacgata gttgtgggag actttaacac    160380
     cccactgtca gtattagaca gatcagcaag acagaaaatt aacaaggtta ttcaggactt    160440
     gtactcaact ctggatcaag tggacctagt agacttctac agaactcttt atgccaaatc    160500
     aacagagtat acattcttct cagggccaca tggcacttat tctaaaattg accacataat    160560
     tgggagtaaa acactcctca gcaaatgcaa aggaactgaa ataataacaa acagcccctc    160620
     agaatacagt gcaatcaaat tagaactcag ggttacgaaa ctcactcaaa accacacaat    160680
     ttcatggaaa ttgaacaacc tgatcctgaa tgactcctgg gtaaataatg aaactaaagc    160740
     cgaaatcaag aaggtctttg aaaccaatgg gaacaaagag acaacatacc agaatctctg    160800
     ggacacagat aaagcagtgt taagagggaa atttatagca ctaaataccc acatcagaaa    160860
     gctgaaaaaa tctcaaattg acacactacc atgacaataa aaagggctag agaggcaaga    160920
     gcaaactaat ccaaaagtta gcagataaga aataagtaag atcagagaag aattgaaaga    160980
     gatagagaca tgaaaaacct ccaaaaaatt aacacattcg gaagcagttt tttttttttt    161040
     ttttgagatg gagtctcgct ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtggcgcc atctcagctc    161100
     actgcaagct ccgcctcctg ggttcacacc attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg    161160
     ggactacagg cacccgccac tgcgcccagc taattttttg tatttttagt agagatgagg    161220
     tttcaccgtg gtctcaatct cctgaccttg tgatccgccc gcctcagcct cccaacgtgc    161280
     tgggattaca ggtttgagcc accgcacccg gctggaagct gtttttttaa aaaatttaac    161340
     aaaatagata gattactagc tagactaata aagaagaaga gagaaaaatc aaatagacat    161400
     aataaaaaat gaaaaacgag atatcaccac agatcccaca gaaatacaaa ctaccatcag    161460
     agactattat aaatacctct atgcaaataa actagaaaat ctagaagaaa tggttaaatt    161520
     cctggatgca tgcaccctat caagggttgc atcaaccagg aagaagttga acccttgaat    161580
     aaatcaataa caagctataa aattgaggca gtaattaata gcctaccaat caaaagaaaa    161640
     aacccaggac cagatggatt tacaggtgga ttctacgaga aatacaaaga ggagctggta    161700
     ccattctttc tgaaactatt taaaacaatt gaaaaggagg gactcttccc taacccattt    161760
     tatgaagcca gcatcatcct gataccaaaa ccaggaagag atagaacaaa aaaagaaaac    161820
     ttgaggccaa tatccatgat gaacaatgat gcacacattc tcagtaacat actggcaaac    161880
     tgaatccatc accacatcaa aaaacttatc caccgtgatc aagtcagctt catcccaggg    161940
     atgcaaggct ggttcaacat tagtaaatca ataaacataa tccgtcacat aaacaaaacc    162000
     aaagacaaaa accacatgag tatctcaaga aacggagaaa acacgtctga taaaatttaa    162060
     tatcccttta tgttaaaaac tctcagtaaa ctaggtattg atggaacata tctcaaaata    162120
     ataagagcta tttatgacaa acccacagcc aatatcatat tgaatggaca aaatctggaa    162180
     gcattccctc tgaaaactgg tacaagagaa ggatgacctc tctcaccact cctattcaat    162240
     atagttttgg aatttctggc cagggcaatc agtcaaaaga aagaaataaa ttgtattcaa    162300
     ataggaagag agaaagtcaa gctgtctctg ttggcagagg atatgatttt atatttagaa    162360
     aaccccatca tctcagcccc aaaacttctt gaaccaataa gcaatttcag aagtctcagg    162420
     atacaaaatc aatgtgcaaa aatcacatgc attcctttac actgacaaca gacaagcaga    162480
     gagccaaatc atgaatgaac tcccattcac aatcactgca aggagaataa aatacctagg    162540
     aatacagcta acaagggttg tgaagtacct cttcaaggag aactacaaac cactgctcaa    162600
     ggaaataaga gaggacacaa acaaatgata aaacattaca tcctcatgga taggaagaat    162660
     caatataatg aaaatggcca cactgcccaa agtaatttat agattcaatg ctatttccat    162720
     caaattccat tgacattttt cacagaatta gaaaatctgt tttaaatttc atgaaatcta    162780
     ggaagacttt gaatagccaa gacaaaccta agcaaaaaga acaaagctgg aggtattaag    162840
     ctaccttaat tcaaactgca ctacaaagtt acagtaacaa aaataacatg gtactgggac    162900
     taaaacagat atattgtcca atagagcaga acagaaacct cagaaataac accacacatc    162960
     tacacccatc tgatcgtcaa caaacctgac aaaaacaagc aatggggaaa ggatctccta    163020
     ttcagtaaat tgtgctggga aaactggcta gccatatgca gaaaactaaa actggacccc    163080
     ttccttacac cgacacaaaa attaactcaa gatggattaa acacttaatt gtaaaaccca    163140
     aaaccataaa aaacctagga gaaaacctaa gcaataccat tcaggacata ggcatgggta    163200
     gacttcatga caaaaatgcc aaaagcaatt ccaataaaag ccaaaattga aaaatgagat    163260
     ctaattaaag accttctacg cagcaggtga aactatcatc agtgtgaaca ggcaacctac    163320
     agaatgggag aaaatttttg caatttaccc atctgacaaa gttctaatat acagaattta    163380
     caaggaactt aaacatacca caagaaaaaa caaacaaccc catcaaaaag tgggcaaagg    163440
     atatgaacag acacttctca agacattttt gtggccaaca aaggtgaaaa gaagctcaac    163500
     atcactgatc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccacaatg agataccatc tcatgccagt    163560
     cagactggct attattaaaa agtcagaaaa aatagatgcc agcaaggctg cggagaaata    163620
     ggaatgcttt tacacttttg gtgggagtat aaattagttc aaccattgtg gaagacagta    163680
     tggtgattcc tcaaggatct aaaagcagaa ataccatttg acccagcaat tctattactg    163740
     tgctgggtat atacccaaag gaatatgaat cattctttta taaagacaca tgcacacgta    163800
     tgtttattgc agcactattt acaatagcaa agacatggaa ccaaccaaaa tgcccatcaa    163860
     tggtagactg cataaagaaa atgtggtaca tatacaccat ggaatactat gtggccataa    163920
     aaatgaatga gatcatgtcc tttgcaggga catggatgaa gctgaaagcc actatccttc    163980
     gcaaactaac acaggaacag aaaaccaaac actgcatgtt ctcactcata agtgggagca    164040
     taacattgag aacacatgga cacagaaagg gaaacaacac acaccagggc ctgttgtggg    164100
     gtggagagtt aggggaggga atttagagaa cagatcaata ggtttagcaa accaccgtgg    164160
     cacatatata cctatgtaac gaacctgaac gttctgcata tgtatcctgc tttttttttt    164220
     tagaagaaat aaagggaaaa aaatagttgt catagaaaaa tactggataa tttgttcata    164280
     taaatcttaa cattatttgg aataaatttt atttacacta cagcattatt atgaaatctt    164340
     tatacaacta tcagttaata tacaaattat tttgagcaac attgaccaca aaacaaggta    164400
     aacatatcca cctacacttt taaaaatagt atgccttatg aattcccagc cataaacatg    164460
     aaaatacaaa aataatcata gacttatgga aaatgtttct tccacagcag gatttcacta    164520
     cttagaattg ttaaaaatgg gcaacattga gaggaaagcc ataaaaaatg gggaaaaata    164580
     acataaaaat aaagatgtga tatctgaaat taaatgtcat gattgagggt attaaaatgt    164640
     attgaagaat accaggaata tctcctaatt cagctcagca catgtagatg ggtgtgcaca    164700
     attcctggta aatattctat gattctcctc tctacaatat ctttcaattt aaccttttaa    164760
     tacaagtata ccaaaatcag agacacatgg taatctgtct tggttggtaa cctaatcata    164820
     agaatgtttt acaatggtta ccacgtaaaa aacatactaa aagcctgcac taccatctcc    164880
     aagaagctta tgactctcag tcatgaaaaa tttattgagc atcataaaat gtcagcatag    164940
     ataggtggag aaagatggct gaatagaagc ctccactgat cattgtcccc tcaagaacac    165000
     caaattgaac aactctccac attaaaaaac accttcatga ggccgggcga ggtggctcac    165060
     gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt ggaaggctga ggcgggcaga tcacgaggtc aggagatcga    165120
     ggccatcctg tctaacacgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatagaaaa aaacccaaaa    165180
     aattagctgg gcgtggtggc aggcgcctgt agtcccagct actcgtgaga ctgaagcagg    165240
     agaacggcgt gaacccagga ggcggagctt gcagtgagcc gagattgcgc cactgcactc    165300
     cagcctgggc cacagagtga gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcac    165360
     cttcataaga actgaaagtc aggtaaacaa tcaaagtacc tggtattaag ttcatattac    165420
     tgaaaaaggc actgaagaga ataggaaata aaaccttgaa ttgttcatgc cacccctccc    165480
     ccagccccca acactggcat cctgaaacgg aaagataata tgcgttcttg ggggagggaa    165540
     agtgcagtta ctgtgggaca ttgtattgga actcagtgct gctctgtcct agtggaaagc    165600
     cacatgatgc aatactcagc tcatgcctat ggaaggagta tttagaccaa ccctagccac    165660
     tgggaattgc ccatcccagt tgtcagaacc tgagttctgg taagcctctc caccatggac    165720
     taaactggtc tggggtccca agcaaacatg aaaggcactc taggccacaa ggactgcaat    165780
     tcctgggcaa gttatattgc tgggctaggc gcagagccag tggacttggg aagcacacaa    165840
     tccagtggga gaccagcagg ggcagagaag ggtgtttttc ccttctctgc aaaaccaagg    165900
     caatgtagct gagatcatgc cactgcactc cagcctgggc gacagagtga gactccgtct    165960
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaccc taaaaccata aaaaccctag aagaaaacct    166020
     aggcaatacc ggacataggc atgggcaaag atttcatgac taaaacacca aaagcagtgg    166080
     caacaaaagg caaaattgac aaatgggatc taattatact aaacagcttc tgcacagcaa    166140
     aagaaactat catcagagtg aacaggcaac ctacagaatg ggagaaaatt tttgcaatct    166200
     atccatctaa caacgggcta atatccagaa tgtataaata ccttaacaaa tttatattta    166260
     caagaaaaaa gcaaccccat caaaaagtgg gcaaaggata tgaaaagaca cttttcaaaa    166320
     gaagacattt ttgccaccaa caaacatatg aaaaaaaact tatcatcact ggtcatcaga    166380
     gaaatgcaaa tcaaaaccac aatgacatac catctcacgc caattagaat ggcaattatt    166440
     aaaaagtcag aaaacaacag atgctggaga ggatgcagag gaataggaac acattacact    166500
     gttggtggga gtgtaaatta gttcgaccat tgtggaagac agtatggcaa ttcctcaaag    166560
     atctagaacc agaaatacca tttgacccag caatcccatt actgggtata tatccaaagg    166620
     attataagtc attcttctat aaaaagacat gcacacatat gtttactgtt cacaatagca    166680
     aaacttggaa ccaacccaaa tgcccatcaa tgatagactg gataacgaaa agttggcaaa    166740
     tatgctccat ggaatactat gcacccataa aaaaggatga gttcatgtcc tttgtagggg    166800
     catggattaa gctggaaacc atgattctca gcaaactaac acaggaaaag aaaaccaaac    166860
     accatatgtt ctcattcata agtgggagat ggtatcttat tgtagatttt atttgcattt    166920
     ttctgatgat cagtgatgta gaggacattt tcatataacc gctcagcatt ttcatgtctt    166980
     ctttcaagaa atgtctattc agctcttttg ccattttaaa aaattggatt actagaattg    167040
     tttcctatag agttgtttga tttcctttta tattcgattt attaatccat tgtctggtgg    167100
     atactttgca aatattttct cccattctgt gagttttaac ttttttgttt tctttgctat    167160
     gtagaagatt tttaacttga catgatccct tttctctatt tttgctttga ttatctgtat    167220
     tttggtggta ttactcaaga attctcggcc cagtctgatg ttctggagag tttcctcaac    167280
     gttttatttt agtcatttca ccctttcagg tcttaatatt tagggcctta atgcattttg    167340
     atttaatttg tgtatggcaa gacatatggg tctagttata ttcttctgct tcaggatatc    167400
     caattttccc agcaccattt attgaagaaa ctggcctttc caccaatgtg tgttcttggc    167460
     tcgtttgtca aaaattagtt caatgtagat gattggattt gtttctaggt tttctattct    167520
     gttccattgc tctatttgtc tgattttatg cccatacctt gctgtttggg gtactatagc    167580
     tctgttctat aacttgaaat caggtcattt gagtcctcca gttttgtttt tttgttcaga    167640
     acacatttgg cctctgcatc ttttgtggtt ccacataaat tttaggactc ttttttctat    167700
     ttcttttaag aatgacattg aaactttgac aggcattaca ctgaacctgt agattacatt    167760
     ggattgtatg gaaattttaa caatattgat tcttccaatt catgaacatg gactatattt    167820
     ctaatttttt gtgttctttg cccttccttc atcaacattt tatagttttc atgtggagtc    167880
     cttcatttat ttaattaact ttattcctat gtatttttat tttatttgta cctactgtaa    167940
     attggattat gttcttgatt tgtttttaga tttttcactg atggcatata aaaatgctac    168000
     tgattttata cattgatttt gtgtcctaca actttattga atttgtctat cacttctaat    168060
     agcttttttg gttgagtctt tgagtttttt taaaatataa aataatgtaa tcttcaaaca    168120
     atgataattt tacatattcc tttcccattt ggatgccctt tatttctttc tcttgtctga    168180
     ttgctctagc taggacttcc agtgatatgt tgcattatag tggtgaaggt gggcatcctt    168240
     acttgttccg gatcttagag aaaaggcttg cattttttcc ctattcagta tgatattagt    168300
     tgtgtgtctg tcatatatgg ctttaattat gttgacatat gttccttcta taaccagttt    168360
     tttgagggtt tttatatgga ggaatgttga cttgtatcaa atgcttttta gcatcaattt    168420
     aaatgatcat atatatttat ttttgtcttt cattccattg atatgatgta tcacaatgat    168480
     tgatttgcat atgatgagtt atccttgcac ccctgggatt aatcccactt gatcataatg    168540
     aatgatcttt taaatgtttt gttgggttca ctttactagt attttgataa taattttgca    168600
     tctgtagtag tcatggatat tggcctgtag ttttcttgat gtgtcttcat ctggtttttg    168660
     tactaaggta atacctgcct tgtagtatta gtttggaagt attcacttgt cttctatttt    168720
     tttgaatagt ttgagtagta ttagcagtag tttttttttt aatgtttggg aaaatacagc    168780
     agtgagacat cattatctgg gttttctttt gggggggaag ttttatggcc ttaatctctt    168840
     tacttgttat tggcttactg aggttttttc atttattcat ggttcaatct tggtaagttg    168900
     tatgtgtcta ggaatttatc catttcttct cagttttcca atctattggc atatagttgc    168960
     tcatagcagc cactagtgat catctgcatt tctgtggtat catttgtaat gtctcctttt    169020
     aaaactttga ttgtattatg ttagtcttcc cacttttttt ttttcttttt gtagatagtc    169080
     tgggtaaaag ttcgtcacat atccttattg ctccattatt gatcattggt cccttattta    169140
     gttcatttgg ccagtgcatg tattcctggt tggtcttgat gcttgtggat gtttgtcagt    169200
     gcatgggcat taaagaatta ggtgtttatt gtagtctttg cagtctgggc ttttttgtac    169260
     tcatccttcc tgagaaaact ttccagatat tcaaagtaac ttgggtatag cgatctaagt    169320
     tttgtccact gcagccatgt ctatattagg ggacacccca agcccagtaa tgttgtggct    169380
     gttgcagaca gacttgtaga agtagtagaa gttctgcctt ggtggtcttg gataagatcc    169440
     agaagaatta tctggattat aaggcataga ctcttgtatt cttcccttac tttttccatt    169500
     acaaaagaca tctatttata tatgctgagc tgcctagagt tggaggaggg gtgacagaag    169560
     ccctcctgtg gctaccatca ctgtgactgt gctgcgttag acttgaagtc agctaacact    169620
     ggatcttgcc caaggcctgc agtaaccact gcctggctat catcattttc tcagcttttc    169680
     cttatttttc acgagcttgg cagttttgaa gaagcatgca atagttgtcc tgttacgtct    169740
     ggctgtttca cttagcataa tattttcaag gttcattgac gttgtagata tatcaaaact    169800
     tcattccatt ttatagcaga attatagtct actgtattta ccaaattaaa gattagatga    169860
     aattaaaatt cctgccaatt ttaataaacc tataaatata aaaatattaa aatattaata    169920
     ttttaatatt aatgaaaata ttatcataga aattgaagta attattacca aagtaggaga    169980
     tgttacttta atgtattaac taatatgttt tatgtttgtg gtaatttcct tctgctctat    170040
     agcccttccc tcatctaatt tgtcattgtc tcaaggatgg aatgtcaccc aaggaaagca    170100
     gaaaaaatga ctctgagttt ataattcata tgctgcctta atgttgtatg ttctgcagtt    170160
     ttgaattaca ctctgtatag gaggcagagc ataaattgta tcccataata aaaagtacaa    170220
     tggattttta agaatgtatg ataggcaaag cccatatttt ttaccttttc ctaaaaccat    170280
     ggtggatatt cccctttgcc tgtccaggca ttcttcacct tctctgctca aaagatggaa    170340
     cagtacgttg actgtatcag tgatctcatc tgtcctttga tagaataaca aagtgaggga    170400
     ggagagtagg tgagtgtatt agtcagttct catactgcta ataaagatat acctaaaact    170460
     gggtaattta taaaggaaag aggtttaatt gactcacaat tccacgtgtt tgctttactc    170520
     acattctcaa ctaattggta ggttcttaac aatctagtct tattctggaa aacctatttc    170580
     ctcttaccag taactggctt acaaaaaggc aggcctaaga aaatttaatt aattaaacct    170640
     gaggacaaat ttgacagagc ctccctggaa agggggcttc ttactatgaa aatatttctt    170700
     actatgaata cacagcctga ggaagacagc ctttcttgtt cagatgtatg agtggggaaa    170760
     catagcccaa attgttgttg cacctataag ggaatccagt ctcaagatgt agcaacatgg    170820
     ttggtgcaga gcaaaacaag ggagaccact gggtcatttt ggcaaaattc tgtccttgga    170880
     tcaattctct acctgccttt tctttaagac tctgattctg tatactggga tgtgtgtgtg    170940
     tgtgtgtatg tgtgttggga tgtgtgtgtg tacaatttaa aacttaattt gcttcacttt    171000
     ttagttcatt aatgataaaa tcagcctcaa ataaagaagt aatgtttgga ggcgagttct    171060
     ctaaacaaac agaaaaggat gagggatttg gggaagagaa aaagagtgga aaggaaagag    171120
     aaatatgaca agtgatcttg gaccaaagga atgtatgact gaagccgaag ttaaacttag    171180
     gggcagtagt ttaaaatgtc aggagaaaaa aggttctact ccaattgttt gctcaattag    171240
     gaaatcctga gaaataatat tacatttata aatgtaaata tacataagtt gtattaacta    171300
     tgtaggtttt ctgacataga gttcagagag aaaagtgaga aacagaatga tatctaaaga    171360
     gtaataacag ttatgaaaat tttaagtaaa atatgcataa acatgtataa acaaaaacat    171420
     ctataaaatg ttatgaggca acaaaattca cattagggta tgtgcgttta gtgagagaaa    171480
     aaaatgggac tggaaatgaa taattcggga aagatgaaaa tgagatgggt ttacattaat    171540
     tgatattgat gatatactta attaagaagc atgattatct aaattctgtg tacctagtct    171600
     aaaacaaaaa tatacgtatg tttgtgtgtg tgctacctgt atgtataact attatacata    171660
     taaagatata ttaaacataa tagtaagaaa aaatcacaac ctatattgtc agataaagtg    171720
     agccaccgag cctggcctct tagtgatact ttaaacttac tagtttcctt cacattttcc    171780
     attgtgttaa acttattata cttattttaa cagtagtaaa tgatgtcttt ttcttcaaaa    171840
     cagaatgctt tcaaatattt ctgtagacat ttatgtaaag gaggtgtgca tatttattta    171900
     caataatata accctataaa acatcatttt gaaatttttt tgcatattta aaagctgcaa    171960
     gtaagatatt tcataaatca gatgtatttg gtacagagtc atatatgtgt ggattatatt    172020
     tctgtaggaa atatggcaat acttctgctt tcagagaaaa cattattctt tcttagtgta    172080
     acaagacatt accaaacatg catcaatctt atgtctttta aagagataaa actacgatgg    172140
     gcattatatt tgggcctagt aatctaaaga aaggaaacat gtggaatggt ggttataaag    172200
     gagattatat tttgggtgag caacaaaaat ttaaattaaa taattacaat tggagttgca    172260
     tacattatat attaagggca ggtacaaaat gctaagagaa catatagcag gtagtagtta    172320
     atatttaaca aataatctat atatttacac attctttaat aggtttaatt tcttgccaag    172380
     tttaattctt tcttaaagtt tctaataatc aaataaaatt agttttagag ttcaggtagt    172440
     ttcaatcata acaatagtca ataggccagt aaagtaattt ttatatatta aggtattatg    172500
     gagttataaa cataacctaa ggtatgtatg aaagcgggtt tatattacag aatatataat    172560
     tttagtagta tatgtagtca tcacctttag tattttcaga agaaggagga aagaagaaaa    172620
     gatgggttta gagttttatc gtggtattac tattacaact tacaataaaa accgctgcaa    172680
     agcaaaactg tgtttcaacc agatttgcca ttttcagtgt ttccgaactt tagtgtcttt    172740
     gcttaaagtc tttacttttt cctctcttgt aaccacacca tgtgttgaaa tttcactcat    172800
     ctgtaaacta aacctcttat aaaacttgtc agaatacatg tcaaaattaa tttctccttt    172860
     atagcattta tgaatctctt tctatatata aatatacatc actattattc attacaattt    172920
     tcagtgtgtt tatttgtgca tggaactttt cacattcacc tttgtaatac tcattggcca    172980
     acatgagtca caaatgcaca ctatatatgg ttgtggctag ttttgaaaat gcattttgtc    173040
     catggtaaga gataatgatg agcgattatg atcaggtttc agatgaatta taaaattatt    173100
     taaaagtaaa agtcaaatta aatcaacctt tggtagcagg acaattttta aaatagcacg    173160
     gttttagggc cataaagctt tgcattacaa tcctggctta ctaacttggt agttctgtga    173220
     atatagatta agattgttgc tcttgaacta catcgtcctc cacatttgta taaaaaggac    173280
     actatcacat ttacagttgg tctgacaatt agaaattatt ttgtgaacag ttagattagc    173340
     atctctcaca tagtagatgc taaaaaatgg tagttggtca caggagaagt ggcactaatc    173400
     aacatcattt atcaatcatc taagaaatgc ctagaataaa gtaccaagaa gtctatcata    173460
     ttggaattaa gaaaatgatt aattctgtta gggcatattt atgtatatag cattcgcatt    173520
     tttatactta cgaatttcag ttaggtgcct caatgatctt acgttaatat ttatcaaatc    173580
     ctaaatgttc caagcccaga aaataataca aataaataga taagtataat tccatcatat    173640
     gctttatttc ttaagtaaag aaaaccttac taaaatatgt aattatagat tatataaaat    173700
     atgtgctatt atttgacaaa ataagcttgt ttctttttac ttaattaaga gctaaaatac    173760
     ttaattggct tggaagtatg ccaatgttgc tttgtagact gtgaaatacg attgtacaaa    173820
     agtcacatat agtaaatata agcgtataca tgtataccta tttgaattct acatttgtca    173880
     aaaatattga atatgtttat gggcggtttg tgtttatgtt tgtgagagag agtggggaga    173940
     aaacagagaa gaagagagag aggaaatgac agtatgtatg cactaaaagt aaatttttaa    174000
     aaataatgaa ataaaaattc ttaaagtggt agagaatgca tcaaaagtac agcactagta    174060
     aatagcatgt aatattaatg caaaactagt gttgacttgc cctgagattt agattttgag    174120
     ggaattttat taaatgttcc catagtgata tttaacaaaa cgtacagtat acttacatta    174180
     aaaaaagaac tactttgatt ttcgaaactc atttctaaaa caaccatttc ctagcaatgg    174240
     cttttgtgtt gtcagagtgg agttagcatt catgctctta cactcaattc ctcaggagca    174300
     tacatctttt caaatgcaag gggatcctaa aaatagtaac tggccagtaa aatcagactt    174360
     cgctcatgtt gtcagttatt tatacaccat tttcccaact gagcatccct actgccataa    174420
     tgacctgaac gcatgcagtg ctcagctgct gaggcaaagc ttacaagctg attttattgc    174480
     tttagacaca ttgaacaaca gaagagccca tcagcacagg aacattagga tgccagaagt    174540
     gttttccaat catttgcaat aggaaatcac tctacagtat gaatatatat taaacatgtg    174600
     tcattgtttt ctgcaaagaa gtctatagca cacagtatac tgcactttag cagcagtgat    174660
     aaatttattc ttctaaccaa attgcaaagg atttgatttg atatttaagt taaatgatca    174720
     ccattcccca ctaatggttt tatgtttaac ctctttgtct accaaaattc tgggcatatt    174780
     gagttatctt ctattgactg agaataataa cctacatatc catggataca gaatagtact    174840
     tttatttttt ggattgtgtc ccagacctcg catagagtat tcctatgctt ataccacagt    174900
     aattgaatct gtgctgcctc tgagtcattg agttagacag ttatttatgt ataactcacc    174960
     cgtccttaaa aataaggtgg cttttacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc    175020
     cctataatac attgattcct gaagcaaaag taattataga ataattgtct ctagctcata    175080
     gattttagtc caaacctttc ctctccttag aaatttcaca tatggtaatt tatattcact    175140
     gtgtttgact ttatattgtg acatccttat ccaatgcaga atacaaaata tgtccaatgc    175200
     catgccataa tggttgacag aattattgtc ataaaatgta tcattacaaa tacttatttt    175260
     catatattat tttcctaaat ataaaatctc agtttgattt taaaaaacct ctaaaacact    175320
     tacttattgt catagcctat tgcagagaat gatgctttaa tgagatttta gagttgtttt    175380
     aaatcaaaaa cctattgtgt ttaattctat gtctatgggt tgaaaaataa tgaaaagctt    175440
     tcaaatattt gataaaacaa ttgcaaagca agcaaatcag aaaacaaatt tttaagtgtt    175500
     attattttct ttatgctgtg atgatactaa acacatttat ataattcatg aaacttatta    175560
     tttttcatag atatttctta agataataat gtcaatgttg tcactctgag tctatcacca    175620
     cctttcaatc aatttgccaa tacagatatg aatcaaatct tgcttttata ttaattattt    175680
     aacaatgcat tgcaagaaat tgttgatata aaggctagac taaactgtat gttgtgtgta    175740
     agtattcatt ttctcaatat ggagtgcagt ttaagcacat taaacataaa tatgagagtt    175800
     gtgataaata taaattgtga aatctcctac ttcatgaaat gatctgctat ggtatccagt    175860
     agcattcaca attgtttggt cttgaaatgc cttcaatcat tttaggatag gctctgtatt    175920
     agtttctgag tctgcttctt aatctttacc taatatgcaa accaaaattt ttataatttg    175980
     aatcactaca tattattcct catgtgccct tcagcaggca agctaaacaa aatgtcctgc    176040
     ttctttaaat tactaaagca gtttttattt ttttgtttat tttttgaagt gtattacttt    176100
     ctgaggtatt tttaatattg atatttatgc tttttctctc attcaagaga aagagctcct    176160
     aaaaggaaag aattgtttct ccctgaattt atagtgtgtg tcagtggctg gcaaacaaat    176220
     tgtaacagtc tgttgagtca gtcaaaaagt gttaattttc agacaatatt taaaccaatg    176280
     gaaaaatgtc acttgataaa aatatttata tttactctta cctcaaatat acatcaaatc    176340
     cataatgtaa aggctaataa tcataaattg agttttaaaa taacatggaa aaaattttta    176400
     aagaggacat atttctactt tttagtatgt tctcacttaa cattgttgat cagtttttgg    176460
     aaactgtgac tttaagcaaa agaacataca gcaggttctg aaacaatatt ttttcccgtg    176520
     tattagttca ttctcacact gctgtgaaga aatgccagag actgggtaat ttataaataa    176580
     aagagcatta actgactcac agctccgcat ggctggggag gcctcaggaa acttacaaat    176640
     atggcaaaag gggaagaaaa acatccttct ttacatggca ggagagagaa gtgcagtgtg    176700
     aagagggaga aagcccctta taaaaccatt agatcttgtg agaactcaat cataatctaa    176760
     tctcctccca caaggcttct cccatgacac atagggatta ggagtactac agtttaagat    176820
     gagatttggg taggggcaca gcaaaccatg tcatcatgta atgttatttt ttataacatt    176880
     gattaaaaat ggttttatta tacattgttt tgcttaaagt ttcagtttcc aagaacctat    176940
     ctaggttgtg aagatttatt ttattaacta ctgggtatcc aataaatatg actgttgctt    177000
     gtatatagca tatgattttt gttgtatttt gtaactgatt ctccaaagta atgcattcca    177060
     aagctatgta cagaaagagg aaaaaaatgc cagtttgaac agttgctcta gttttttgtg    177120
     tttgtgtgtt taatttattt catcaattag atctagtaat ctaaaaaccc aataaatgta    177180
     taacaatatt tcaaatttta attttcctaa atctgtacat ggcatttctg gagagatagc    177240
     aagcattctc agagctcatt cctgttaccc catcatagaa acttatgtaa aattagtgaa    177300
     aacttctttt aagaatcaat aagcatggtg cataatgtgt tttagaatta ttctgaattt    177360
     ttgacctata tgacttataa gtaatatatt acttatactg cttactgtat aagtaagcag    177420
     taggaaatgt gtaccttgca gaaagataga agagagagta tgtgttacca taatataaga    177480
     ttaggaaaac aatttgtttc agtctgcatg aagtaaaatg tttactttgt aatttccatc    177540
     tattatctct gatcatgaag cctatcttta aattatcttt cctgtatatt ctaatatttt    177600
     gctattcaac atttccttta caagagaatt gaactttact taattcatta atatcatacc    177660
     aaggatattt cgttttaaga tgtttccacc actaaggatg cctaatgaat gggaaaacta    177720
     tatattaaag attctgtgtt tatatataat ctacaaatac aggctatgat gttgggattc    177780
     tggatattga ataaacattt aagtattaca gtatgcttat ttcttagaac tttaatagaa    177840
     ttacactgac aaaaataatt taaaataata tagaattaaa taatagttgg ggatattatt    177900
     ttaggtaata taattgtacc acatggaaag atggagttga tatcattagg gcatgaatga    177960
     ggcatggtag gcaaggtgaa gtatgggtgg agagtaaaga aatctgtcat actgaagggt    178020
     taaagattaa aattgattat aaattccaat gtgatattca ttttaacatt cagttcagaa    178080
     gatgatgtga ccacatgtgg gtgacagtta aatacattct ctgcctataa tttcacatta    178140
     tgttgaccaa aacttttgca tatttctact ttagagttct gggttgatca aaaagaaaag    178200
     atcttgaatg gtttattaat gcagaaaata tcagctatta gttggtgtat tagtctgctc    178260
     ttgcactact aataaaaaca cactggagac tgggtaattt ataaaggaaa gaagcttaat    178320
     tgactcacag ttctgcaggg ctggggaggc ctcaggaaac ttacaatcat ggtggaaggg    178380
     gaaacaaaca tgttcttttt gtgtcagcag gaaggagaat tagagtgaag agggggaaag    178440
     tcccttataa aaccatcaga tcttgtgaga acttactatc atgagaaaag tatggaggta    178500
     accaccccca tgattgaatt atctcctact gtgtccttct catgacacat ggggattatg    178560
     ggaactacaa ttcatgatga gatatgactg gtgactcagt caaaccatat catttaaccc    178620
     ctggcccctc caaaatctca tgtccgcaca attcaaaaca tactcgtgcc cttccaacag    178680
     tcgcccaaag tcttaactca cttcatcatt aattcaaaag tccaagtcta aagtctcatc    178740
     tgacacaagg caggtcccta atgcctatgg gactgtaaaa tcaaaaggaa gttaattact    178800
     tcctgtatgc tatggaggta caggaatttg gtaaatacac ccattctaaa tgggataagt    178860
     tggccaaaac aaaggggcta caggcctcat gcaagtctga aattcaatac gacagatgtt    178920
     aaatgttacg gttccgaaat aatatccttt gactccatgt tttcatatcc aggtcacatt    178980
     gatgcaaaag gtggcctccc acagccttgg acaggtccat ccctgtggct ttgcagggta    179040
     aagtccccct cctggctgcc ttcacagact gacattgagt gtctgtgact tttccaggtg    179100
     caaggtgcaa gctgttggtg gatctaccat tttggggtct ggaggatgct gtccctcttc    179160
     tcaaagctcc actaggtagt gccccagtgg ggactctgta tgggggctcc aatcctacat    179220
     tttctttctg cactgctcta gcaaagctct ccatgagggc tgcattgctg cagcaaactt    179280
     ctgccaggac atccatgcat ttccatacat cctcagaaat ctaggcagag gttcccaaac    179340
     ctcagttctt gtcttctgtg cacccacagt cccaacatca cctgtaagcc aacaagactt    179400
     aggacttgta ccctctgaag caatggcctg agctgtacat tagccacttt tagccacagc    179460
     tggagctgaa gcagctatga tgcaggggtc catgtcccaa ggctacatag agtagggagg    179520
     ccctggccct ggcccaggaa acaatttttc cctcctaagc ctccaagcct gtgacaggag    179580
     tgtcttccag gaaggtctct gatatgccct gaagacattt tctccactgt cttggtgatt    179640
     aacatttggt ttctcattac ttatgcaaat ttctgcagct ggcttggatt tctccccaga    179700
     aaatgggatt ttcttttatt atcgcatcaa tcaggctgca aattttccaa acttttatgc    179760
     tctgcttcct cttgacactt tgctgcttag aaatttattc ccccagatac cttaaattat    179820
     ctctcttaag ttcaaagttc cacatatctc taggtaagtg gcaaaatgct accagtctct    179880
     ttccacagca agagtgatct ttactccagt tcccaacaag tttctcatcc ccatctgaga    179940
     ccacctcagt ctggacctta gtgtccatat cactatcagc attttggtca aagccattca    180000
     acatgtctct aggaagtttc aaactttccc acaatttccc ttcctgttct gagccctcca    180060
     aactgtttca acctctgcct attacccagt tctaaagttg cttccacatt gttgggtacc    180120
     tttatagcat caccccaccc ccagtaccaa tttactgtat tagtctgttc tcaagctgct    180180
     taataaagat atatctgaga ctgagtaatt tataaaggaa agacgtataa tttactcaca    180240
     gctccacagg gatagggagg cctcaggaaa cctccaatca tgatggaagg gaagcaaaca    180300
     cctccgtctt tcatggtggc aagaaggata agaatgaaag tgaaagggtc aggggagaaa    180360
     ccccttttta aaaccatcag atctcataag aactaactat catgagaaca gcatggaggt    180420
     aacttcctcc ataattcagt tacctcccat taggtccctc ccactacaca tgggaattat    180480
     gggaactgca attcatgctg agatttgact ggagacacag ccaaaccata tcagttcagg    180540
     aagtagctaa gtagctatga tctaaaatgg tttattttga ttatttttcc taaataagtg    180600
     aatttctgta tgcaaagccc ttaatggcaa aactcattaa acaactatgt aatttgtaga    180660
     aagtataaaa attgaaatat tctctatgga aacattactg tatgttattt tgccatcagt    180720
     aatttgtgag tgacaggcaa aagatataga atggaattat gcaaaatatt caaataatcc    180780
     aaaataagtt agagaagata gaaaaagagt acaaaagtgg ttgatacaaa taaaaagcaa    180840
     atataaaaaa tagtagatct aaattgaaaa aaaaattaag acataaataa taaagttaaa    180900
     tatataagtt gtctaaacag cccaataaat tgcagattgt cagattggac cagaaaataa    180960
     aacacaactc tatgctgcct actcacaaac aacttgaatt ataaatacac aaacagatta    181020
     aaagttaaag aatataaaat aatgtatcat gttcacacta actgaaaaag gaaaagttta    181080
     gtgactttat tagtattaaa caaagacttc agataaaata attataacag caaaaaggtt    181140
     acatcatatt gataaagtat tcaatttatc aaaaaccccc aataattcga atcattcaca    181200
     catctaatca tggagtttta gaacacctta tcttttattg tttagttcat gtatcatatt    181260
     aacatgaaat ttttgataat tacgcaatgg ctatagaaga tgttaacatt aggtggagca    181320
     aggtgaaggg tgtataggaa ctctacattt gtaagtttat tgatgtcctt aaattatttt    181380
     gaaataataa gtttaaaaat gccttcctga tttctacaat acactatacc tggtagtcta    181440
     ttttgaaaag aaataaacaa atccacctgg tatagtttca ataatttgta atgtttttta    181500
     gttactggta gaacaaaaag acaaaaatca gtaagaatgc agaaagcttg aacagtgcta    181560
     tcaaacatat tcctaattga cattatagaa cactgtatct aacaacacta gcctacatag    181620
     tattttcaaa gaacatgaat atctatcaag agagactgta ttctagatca cagaagtctt    181680
     aatacatata aaatattcaa ctcacaaagt ttatgttctc tgacaagcat agaattcaat    181740
     tagaactcaa caatagaaac atatgtggaa agtgcccaaa tatttggaaa caaaaataaa    181800
     acacttgtaa ttaacattct aaataatact tggaccaaag gaaaatagaa tgaaaaatta    181860
     gagacaagaa gtgtctcaaa tcaatatttt gttttccatt taagaaaata aaaaaaaaga    181920
     agaaatggag gtcaatgttt agaaagagag aaaaattttg aaaaaatcac agcagaaact    181980
     agtaaagcat aagacagaaa aagagtagaa aaaatgaagg aagctaaaag gtgaatttga    182040
     agatcagaaa ttgataaagc catagcctga ctgattaggt acaaacagaa aaatgtcatg    182100
     ttaccaatat cagaagtgag agagcaatat cactacagtc tgcagatatt aaaggatact    182160
     atggaaaagt tatgaacaac tatagtttaa tacattctaa aaatttgaaa tgtctcaaat    182220
     taatattttt aatttttcat ttgagaaaat taaaaaagaa ggaatgaagg ttaatgttta    182280
     gaaaaagaga aataaacttt aaaaatatca gagtagaaac tagtaaatat aagacagaaa    182340
     aaaatggaaa aaatgaagga agccaaatgg cagatctgat gatcaaaaat ggataaagcc    182400
     ccagcctgac agattaggta taaagagaaa aatctcatat taccaatatc agaagttaga    182460
     gagtcaatat caccatagag tctacagata ttaaaggata ctatgttaaa gttatgaaca    182520
     actatagttt aatacattat aaaaacttga tgattttgat gaaccatttt tttgaaagac    182580
     acaaatgatc aaagttgttt cctttgtaac tgtgtaactc cctaccaaat agtttgaata    182640
     tgtacttaaa aatcttttca tggagaaaac ttcaggctca gatggcatca atggtaagtc    182700
     ctaccaaacg cttaattata aataaaatga agacacacgt gcttttacaa aaatgtcaag    182760
     aggtaggaat atctcccaac acattttatg aggctataat tactctgaca acaaaaccag    182820
     ttcatgatac cataataaaa gatcattaca actcaaaatc agtcctgaaa gccgaggcag    182880
     cagttattcc taaggaggta gcaatgaatt actacaatat actttttaaa aattaggaat    182940
     tccaatttct aaaattatct tagtgttcat cattaccatt ctcataataa aataaaattg    183000
     aacaaaccga agagcagcaa ctcattttat acccaccaga taactgaagt tatagggaaa    183060
     atcactgctc tgcaaagtga aattatatat ggatactgac aattacagat tactagaagc    183120
     agaatcacag gagtagagcc tcaggggcag aagacaactg gagataatac cggtagaaat    183180
     attcaagttg caactgaacc atttctagca atctattgtg gactaacttg agagttaaaa    183240
     acactggagg cctaactttt agggacagtg gggcaggaga ggggagagca catttctctg    183300
     agttttacct ccagcagttt catcaggttc tcagggtgaa gaacaacaac atcaaaacaa    183360
     tcctctctcg cttctggcag cagaagagaa aagacaacca tttcaatata tgtctacgac    183420
     attctcttct cctttaaaag gaactgctct taaaataaag cattttcacc acagtttaac    183480
     ctactagggt tttaccggtg cctaactagc ctggggtgag gaaaatatcc gacttcattc    183540
     ctgcctttta tgtggggaaa gaaaacagcc aattctagct ccatctagct tttgatgtaa    183600
     atgaaggtat acagataacc taagccccct ctatcctcct tgtctcacct aaggaagaaa    183660
     aaaacaaagc tgaaaagcac ttgtgaaagt tacaacacca tgatgcaggc tcactaaaag    183720
     actgagactc aacggaaaca tagaatgttt cctttccctg gccaggtacg gtgtctcatg    183780
     cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggcggat aatgaggtca ggagatcgag    183840
     accatcgtgg tgaaacccta aaaatacaaa aaattagccg gacgtggtgg cgggcgcctg    183900
     tagtcccagc tacttgggag gctgaagcag gagaatggcg tgaacctggg aggtggagct    183960
     tgcagtgagc cgagatcatg ccactgcacc ccagcctggg tgacagagcg agactctgtc    184020
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaatactt cctttccctc cataccttgc taccacatta    184080
     aatcaagcac ctgtattata acagtggatt atagctaaaa gaactgtaaa actaagatcc    184140
     tatttaagaa agagtttcta gggaaactca aagacaataa ggaagaccaa agagggcatt    184200
     ggaggaagtt gaagcatctg agacatacag gtcggagaca tacaggtata gcaaacatac    184260
     agactaactc ataaaccgat aaacataaaa cctcatatta aaagattact tacctcagtt    184320
     tcttttatcc aatccctgat gtctgatttt cagcaaaaaa ttactgaatt tttgtacaaa    184380
     atttttactg aatttttgga caaaactatc tttgtccttt tgggctgctg aaacaaaata    184440
     tgatagattg ggttgcttat gaagaacaga aatgtatttc tcacagttct ggaggctggg    184500
     aatcccaaga tcaaggtgtt ggcagacttg gcacctgctg aggaactgct ttctggctta    184560
     taaaacagtg ccttctagct gtgtcatcta tggtagaagg catgaatgtg ctctgttggg    184620
     ccaattttat gaagacatta agcccattca taatttaatc acttcctaaa ggacctctct    184680
     ttctaatacc attggggact aggtttcaac atatgaattc tgaggtgaca caaacattca    184740
     gaccatggca catgctaaaa ggcaaaaagt ttgaagagac aaacaagata caaatatgtc    184800
     agaagtttta gtataatgag acagggaatt taaaataact atgattaata tactaagggc    184860
     tccagtggaa agaagtaaac aacacaaagg tacagatggg taatgtgagc aggagaaaga    184920
     aactacagta gactcaaaag gaaatgctag aagttaaaaa tataacagac agaaagtgtt    184980
     tgacgggctt ttcaatagac aggatacttt tgagaaaagc agtgatttag aagttatgtc    185040
     aatagaaacg tctctaactg aaaagtaaag acagtaaaaa gaaaaccgcc ggccgggcgc    185100
     ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggcgggcgga tcacgaggtc    185160
     aggagatcga gaccatcctg gctaacacgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa    185220
     aattagccgg gcgtagtggc gggcgcctgt agtcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcagg    185280
     agaatggcgt gaacccgaga ggcggagctt gcagtgagcc gagattgcgc cactgcactc    185340
     cagcctgggc gacagagcga gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaccgcc    185400
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggaaca aaatatgcaa gaactgtggg atcacagttt ttataatccc    185460
     acaaggatta tggagacata atgggaatac taaaagcaga aagaaaggaa cagaagaaac    185520
     acttgacata ataatgactt gggatttttc aaaactaaag acagacactg agccacagat    185580
     tcaggaagct cacagaacac ccagcaggat aaatagtaag taatctatac ctacccttca    185640
     gtatcttatc tgtagagaaa caaggataag aattaaactg gatttctctt aaaaacccat    185700
     atgactaaaa aagagtcaag tgaaatattt aaagtgttga aataaaaaga aactaagatt    185760
     ctgtatttaa ggaaaaatta tatttcaaaa actatgcctg cttctaaaac tacctctgac    185820
     taaatttatt tagaccagtc tgcgaagcat ttatgcccca gagcattatt taaaataata    185880
     tagcaatcag cctgtaaata gttgagccta tgtggcaggt gtaataccaa agaggtccat    185940
     ggcttaaaac agaaaaaaga aaaagagaca atcagaggta aacttcctgg ccaaaaaaac    186000
     attgttatct cagcgtgact gtgcccaatc cctaggctga gccctctgcg tagctacgcc    186060
     aaaggcttca caccacaggc ttcatactct aggtgtaata gacatcagta atatatttca    186120
     ttcgtgtttc taagaaaata aacaagcaaa caacaaaaag tggtagttaa gcttgaggat    186180
     gcaaaggcat aagagtgata caatggactt tgggggcttg ggagaaagga tgggaatagg    186240
     gtgagaaata aaagactaca aattcggtac agtatatact gcttgggtga tgggagcacc    186300
     aaaatctcac aaatcaccac taaagaactt acttatgtaa ccaaacacta cctgttcccc    186360
     aaaagcctat ggaaattaaa aataaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa ttgcgtcata    186420
     ccatacagcc ctaaggaaaa aaacctaagg ttgggacagg gactagtatc cagagttggt    186480
     acaacacttt tcttaaaata cccagttttt tttgtttgtt tgttttttga gagggagtct    186540
     cattctgtca ccaggctgga gtgcagtgac gcgatctcgg ctcactgcac cctttgcctc    186600
     ctgggttcaa gtaattctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagtgg ctgggactac aggtgcctgc    186660
     caccacgccc tgctaatttt tttgtatttt tagtagagat gggatttcac cgtgttggcc    186720
     aggatggtct tgatctcttg acctcgtgat ctgcccgcct cagcctccca aagtgctgga    186780
     attacaggcg tgagccaccg cacccaacca aaatacccag tttttttttg ttttttttga    186840
     gacagagtct tgctctatcg cccaggctgg aaaaaatacc caagttttaa caacaacaac    186900
     aacaacaaca acaacaacaa catattatga aatatgtaaa gaaataggaa agtataaccc    186960
     atacacagaa aaaaaaatag tattcaacag aaaaaataac caaataaaaa ttatgtggtt    187020
     aaagtatact acctggtaga aaagaaagca acataaaaat agatttcaac aatactatat    187080
     acaaactagg cctgtcacac atctatagaa ctttctactc aacaacagga gaatgcatat    187140
     ttttcctaag tgcacatgaa ccattctcca ggatggacta tatggaagcc cataaaggaa    187200
     gtctcaataa atctaaatta attgaaataa tcaaatgtaa gccatttgtt cacaattgag    187260
     tgaaataaga aattgataac aggatataac tttaaaaatt cacaaatata agaaaattaa    187320
     aaaagacttt tagataacca attggtcaaa gaaaaaagat cacagaaaag taaacaaaca    187380
     agccaaaaat cttttggatg aattaaaata aaaacatcaa tatagctaaa gtaaaatata    187440
     ggtggtaatg tatacctaac attgtctata tttaaaaaaa ataaaatatt tcaaatcact    187500
     acttattttc accttaaaga ccctggaaaa aaagacaaaa agtaagcaga aagtaataat    187560
     aaggactgag cagaaagtaa taataaggac tggaacagaa attaataaaa cagagtttag    187620
     taaaacaata aagaaaatca ggaaacccca agtctggtta tttgaactat cagcaaaatt    187680
     gacaaacctc gatgaatccc actggaatga caaaaaataa aagagaaagc ccaggccttg    187740
     atggcttcac tggtaaattc taccaaatgg taaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa caaacagaca    187800
     aaaaaaaaaa acaaaacaga aattcttcca aaacccttcc aaaaaatgga agacaaaaac    187860
     atttttctgt tcattctttg aggccagtat tatcctgata ccaataccaa agatatcatg    187920
     agaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaaa    187980
     aaaaaacgca gaccaatatc ctttagaaat gtaatcaaaa taaatgcccc acaagataat    188040
     agatactagc aaactgaata accttataga gagatcgatc aataaataga gagatagaga    188100
     cagagattta tgtacatatg taatgccaca ttggtttaac atctgaaaat caattaatat    188160
     aaatagaata caccatgtaa atagaataac atgcaaaatc catatgatcg tttcaataga    188220
     tgcagaaaac atttgacaca attcaacaca ctttcatgag aaagtgctca acaaattaaa    188280
     attgaaaata aaaatgagat gctcaatctg ataaaggaca tgtatgaaaa cctaatgcta    188340
     acatcttgtt taattgtgaa agactgtgtg cttccccact aaaatcagaa acaatgccat    188400
     gaagcccagt ctctctatct ctatgcaaca ttacactgga ggtggtaggg caattaaaca    188460
     atgaaataat agaacataca tctgcattca aagcaagaag tgaaagtatt tctattttta    188520
     ggtctatata ggaagcttca aggattttac taagatccta taagaactaa taaatttggc    188580
     ctctttgcag aatacaaaat cggtgtacaa ataccaactg catttctata caatagcaat    188640
     taacaaactg aaaatgaaat taaatcattt ccattgacaa taatatcaaa acagaataat    188700
     tattaaagga atacattaac aaaagaaatc caaaaatata cttggaaaag tacaaagaat    188760
     tgttaaaaat aattttaaat atccaaataa aaagaaaaaa aaatcttagg tttctggatt    188820
     agaaaaataa atattgttaa gacagcaatt gacctaaaaa tttaacacaa tctttatcat    188880
     aattccagct ggcctctttt tagaaattaa taagctgatc ttaaagttca tatgggaatt    188940
     caaaggaccc aaaatagcca aaataacctt gaaaagaaag cacaaagttg aaggactcac    189000
     attttcctac tttcaaactt actacaaaat tacactaatt gtgacagtgt ggtattggca    189060
     taagagtaga tatagagatc attgtaataa tattgatagt ccagaaataa accctcacat    189120
     ttatagtctt attaactttt atcaagagta ccaagcaaac tccatggcag gtagtcttag    189180
     cagatggtat tgggacaatt ggatatccac atgcaaaagg gatggattta tatgtcacat    189240
     catattaaaa aataacttaa aagtagataa aatatctaaa aggtaggaat caaagtagaa    189300
     aactcttaga agacaacaaa agcataactt ttatggatta aacaatttat ttagatatga    189360
     catcaaaaga acaagcagca aaagataaaa ataaattgga catcatcaaa ttaaaaactt    189420
     ttgtgattta aagaacatca tcaggagatt agaaactcac ccacagaatg ggtggaaaat    189480
     ttttgtaaat tataacttag aaaagacttt tatctacaat atatgaggag ctctttcaac    189540
     tcaataacaa aaaggcaaat aatccagtta caaaatgggg aattgatctg aataaacatt    189600
     ctccaaagaa gaaatacaaa tggccaataa gtacaataag atgcttaaca tcatcaggca    189660
     tcagggaaat gcaaattaaa atcttaatga ggtaccactt cacacccact aaaatggtga    189720
     taatgaaaaa gggagataat ttcaattgtt ggtaaggata tgaacaaatt aaaacccact    189780
     acactactga tacaaatgtg aaatgttata gacactttgg aaagcagatt ggcaacactt    189840
     gaaaaggcta aaaaatatag agatattaac tgacccacaa ttcgattcct aggtatgtac    189900
     tcagaaaaaa taaaaattta tgtacacaca acttttcatg aatgttcaca gcagcattaa    189960
     tcataatggg agactgaggc tggagaacct cttgaaccca ggaggcaatg attgaagtaa    190020
     ggtgagatca cgccacttca ctccagcctg ggtggcaaga gtgaaactca tttaaaaaaa    190080
     aaaaaagaga gagagagatt gcttttaaag gcaagacatt gtttgaattt tccttttaaa    190140
     attaagtgcc attctactat tctacattta ctttaattta tttacattta cttattacat    190200
     ttaattatta tatctacttt aaaatattgt gaattcctta agagcagaag ctgtattttg    190260
     tcaatttatt aatcttcagc acattgaaca ataagttgca cttactaggt gatcttcaag    190320
     tgtagaatta aactgaaata gatgttctca aacattataa gtaataatac ctatagataa    190380
     tgtatatttg tttactcaaa aagaaaagtg tgttttttat taatcttttg tctttcagct    190440
     cttagtccac ctcaataatc ttgtatgtga gctgggatga aagactgcaa acccctcctt    190500
     ggtctactag atcacagtta agctatggca aagaggatta cttggtctgg agaatgtaaa    190560
     aaggacttgc ttctacctgc cagctttatc acagcactat ttctccgtcc taacagggat    190620
     ccttgattct aatagtagca tagggttcca ttttgcagtt tttttcaacc tgatttccct    190680
     cacgatggcc catcaaagtt ccctctgcca gccacctagt gccctaccgc cttgagtctg    190740
     aggtttccag atactttcct ctaagccaca aagttttagt aatcctaact tctgttcatc    190800
     cttccaatcc taggtgtaga aactgcttct tcagttattg caaaaatgca atgtccattt    190860
     ttgtttattt tgcttttttc ccttatagtt tctaatgccc tggtaaacaa gatattttat    190920
     aaaattttct ctattaaaat aatcttgact gcttttgtgg ataactttgt cacttgcaaa    190980
     attatcccaa actggttgcc aatatatgta gttaacccaa attatgcatt atcaaccaga    191040
     aaccactggg ctaacttgga gactccttag agtttattta agttaggacc ctattttgct    191100
     ttgatcttac agattttggt gggaggtggg ctggtcgtag ggggtgaaac aatgctcacc    191160
     aagtaagtgg aaagataaaa gtgccacaga tgctgggcac aatggctcac acctgtaatc    191220
     tcagctcttt gggaagccga ggagggcaga ttacttgagg tcaagagttc aagattagcc    191280
     tggcaaacat ggtgaaaccc tgtctctaca aaaaatacaa aaattagcag ggtgtggtag    191340
     cacacacctg taatcccagc tattagggag gctgaggcag gagaattgct tgaacccagg    191400
     gggtggaggt tgcagtgagc ggagattgtg ccactgcaca acagtcaggg tgaaagagca    191460
     agacactatc tccaaaataa ataaataaat aaaataaaaa acaaaaaata ccccagatga    191520
     attc                                                                 191524