ID   AC069137; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 108836 BP.
AC   AC069137;
DT   23-MAY-2000 (Rel. 63, Created)
DT   01-MAY-2005 (Rel. 83, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-750D14 from 2, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-108836
RA   Courtney L., VanBrunt A., Kozlowicz A.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-750D14";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-108836
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-MAY-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-108836
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-JUL-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-108836
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-108836
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-APR-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 504a755ca4669d8044904ab6b61225e0.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000029.
DR   ENA-CON; GL383522.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000073734; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000622133; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; C9JW94.
DR   GOA; H7C486.
DR   GOA; O95342.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:24031; SPC25.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:28906; G6PC2.
DR   InterPro; IPR000326; P_Acid_Pase_2/haloperoxidase.
DR   InterPro; IPR016275; Glucose-6-phosphatase.
DR   InterPro; IPR017871; ABC_transporter_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR027267; AH/BAR_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR028535; Nostrin.
DR   InterPro; IPR031160; F_BAR.
DR   InterPro; IPR035656; Nostrin_SH3.
DR   InterPro; IPR036028; SH3-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036274; HR1_rpt_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036938; P_Acid_Pase_2/haloperoxi_sf.
DR   RFAM; RF00761; mir-340.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; O95342; ABCBB_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9NQR9; G6PC2_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0G2JM79; A0A0G2JM79_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; C9JW94; C9JW94_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H7C486; H7C486_HUMAN.
CC   On Jul 3, 2001 this sequence version replaced gi:13699801.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH0750D14
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries. Genomics 51:1-8. The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-285F23, 2000 bp overlap;
CC   the clone sequenced to the right is AC069165.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 97228 of RP11-285F23; actual end is at
CC   base position 108836 of RP11-750D14.
CC   RP11-750D14 from base position 6796 to 6955 is represented by
CC   sequence derived from PCR.
CC   RP11-750D14 contains a homopolymeric run from 6939 to 6965 where
CC   the number of T's cannot be determined.
CC   There are polymorphic base pair differences in the overlap between
CC   the clone RP11-750D14 and RP11-285F23.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..108836
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-750D14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   gene            1110..34693
FT                   /gene="NOSTRIN"
FT   mRNA            join(1110..1172,3865..3963,12630..12755,20722..20820,
FT                   20917..21042,24990..25098,26328..26416,29150..29275,
FT                   30433..30547,31598..31687,34472..34693)
FT                   /gene="NOSTRIN"
FT   CDS             join(<1110..1172,3865..3963,12630..12755,20722..20820,
FT                   20917..21042,24990..25098,26328..26416,29150..29275,
FT                   30433..30547,31598..31687,34472..34608)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="NOSTRIN"
FT                   /product="unknown"
FT                   /note="Homo sapiens nitric oxide synthase trafficker
FT                   (NOSTRIN), mRNA.; H_NH0750D14.1 This gene was based on
FT                   gi(16418430) Continued from H_NH0285F23.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8IVI9"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:20203"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001060"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027267"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028535"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR031160"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR035656"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036028"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036274"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2YUN"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q8IVI9"
FT                   /protein_id="AAY24097.1"
FT   gene            complement(40529..60072)
FT                   /gene="AD024"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(40529..41193,43223..43321,45710..45814,
FT                   46876..47022,58864..58929,59025..59171,59956..60072))
FT                   /gene="AD024"
FT   CDS             complement(join(41069..41193,43223..43321,45710..45814,
FT                   46876..47022,58864..58929,59025..59157))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="AD024"
FT                   /product="unknown"
FT                   /note="Homo sapiens kinetochore protein Spc25 (Spc25),
FT                   mRNA.; H_NH0750D14.2 This gene was based on gi(23510353)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9HBM1"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:24031"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013255"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2VE7"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3IZ0"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9HBM1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAY24098.1"
FT                   YN"
FT   misc_feature    59848..60133
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=62.9, o/e=0.65, #CpGs=22)"
FT   gene            70970..77717
FT                   /gene="IGRP"
FT   mRNA            join(70970..71187,72083..72192,74143..74254,76302..76417,
FT                   77206..77717)
FT                   /gene="IGRP"
FT   CDS             join(70970..71187,72083..72192,74143..74254,76302..76417,
FT                   77206..77717)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="IGRP"
FT                   /product="unknown"
FT                   /note="Homo sapiens glucose-6-phosphatase, catalytic, 2
FT                   (G6PC2), mRNA.; H_NH0750D14.3 This gene was based on
FT                   gi(10863974)"
FT                   /protein_id="AAY24099.1"
FT                   YSVHMLMKQSGKKSQ"
FT   gene            complement(92577..106071)
FT                   /gene="ABCB11"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(92577..93460,94295..94441,96794..97000,
FT                   100303..100500,102015..102171,104822..105063,
FT                   105868..106071))
FT                   /gene="ABCB11"
FT   CDS             complement(join(93260..93460,94295..94441,96794..97000,
FT                   100303..100500,102015..102171,104822..105063,
FT                   105868..>106071))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="ABCB11"
FT                   /product="unknown"
FT                   /note="Homo sapiens ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP), member 11 (ABCB11), mRNA.; H_NH0750D14.4 This
FT                   gene was based on gi(21536377) Continued from
FT                   H_NH0527A07.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q53S60"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:42"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003439"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003593"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011527"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR030278"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036640"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q53S60"
FT                   /protein_id="AAY24100.1"
SQ   Sequence 108836 BP; 33800 A; 21861 C; 20739 G; 32436 T; 0 other;
     aaaatataaa agattagatt ttattttcta aagtgacctt gttccacatt ccagacacat        60
     atgtgaaatc aaaagtggca tagtacatga aatattttca ttatgtctgt tacaatgaac       120
     catatactct aaatttaacc aactggaaaa aaatgaaagt gtagcattcg ctagatctca       180
     gagtggttga ataacggctg atctgctggg tctgtgttcc agggaaaaac attctgctgt       240
     aacttacatc agatctccct gggaagttgt ctagatcatt ttcatcatta ttattactgt       300
     ctctttggct gtttaaaagc aagggaaaaa gttaattatg attaagagtt caatatcttt       360
     gaaattaaag caatattcac ttcaggggta atggagacac acagtaaaac tggcagttag       420
     gactgttacc agttttcata gtgttgaggt ttttgctgca tggattgacg tggaagatga       480
     tgtgatggga ctagcaacaa tatcagctca tgcaagggcc tgttacacat gattgcacat       540
     gtttacatgc tttttacatt cttatagatt agaaataatt attttaccaa gtcctgttac       600
     ttgacacagg gataagataa tttggctaat atgtccattg taagatcttg aaattcccat       660
     gaattgtaat agtgattgat aagctagtac tgtgactgtc ttagttcagg ctgctctaac       720
     aaagtaccat aaactggata gcttataaat aataggaatt tatttcttac agttctggag       780
     gctgggaagt ccaagagcaa ggcacccaca cattagctgt gtgatgaggg cccacttcct       840
     ggttcatcag tggctattta ctcactgtaa cctcagatgg cagaaggggc taggcagctc       900
     ttggggtctc ttttataagg gcactaatct cattcatggg ggctccaccc tcatgaacta       960
     atcatttctc agagcctcca cctccaaata ccatcacatt gagggaatag gtttcaatcg      1020
     atacatttta ggggcacgaa catttagtct attacagcaa ctaaacaaga agaaagcaaa      1080
     gctttgtttc ctttttcctt tttcaatagc ttgacaatga agttgaaaag acagcaaatc      1140
     ttgtcattag caactggaat cagcaaatta aggcaagtat ccacaaatac catttgtgta      1200
     aactcagttt ttagaattga agtgttttgc tttcatacaa atgcgatgac atgttctagc      1260
     attagtactt ctaagtgcta actgaagaga aaaatgtttc cttacctggt tgttacacag      1320
     atatattttt caccaaacca atggaagtgc atggctctaa ctatgattat ttagcactta      1380
     ttatgtgcta agtgctatat atttatgtat ttaatcatca caacaaccca atgtcatatg      1440
     tcattgtgca ttgccccatt ttacagattg ggcaatggag acacagagag tttcagtaat      1500
     tttcccaagg atacagagct ggttaatggt tgaaccaatg gttgtcacaa gttgggttcc      1560
     agggtcactg ctcttaatca ttccattata ctgactacct ttctgtataa tttgtaactt      1620
     acagaatatg ataaacacca cctgggtttt gtttttttca tttgtagaaa ggtgttagtg      1680
     atctctacat cattagtgag agtggcccag tgaggggtgg gtagtgatat gtaaaagggg      1740
     atgcgtatat caatttcatg agtatgtggg gtccactttt tgtgcacaac actattctaa      1800
     gacataattt ttttcaagta atttaaaatt tagttggcta gatgacgtgt gcaggaaata      1860
     gggaatacat tctaggagga attacgatct ggcgtgggaa gctagagcat atctgtatga      1920
     gttcttaagc agagaaaata acagatggga tccatatgca cagaagatta ttctagaaca      1980
     atgtagtata ggaggaattc atttcaggta gaaaggacta gcagtaaatc tactaacaag      2040
     attcaatgaa cccctctgag aagacttgtt ctctaagtgt tgaaatcctt tttcatctcc      2100
     aaagcgttag tgcccacaga gaacctttac aagtaaacag ccactgatgc caaataacta      2160
     gagacagacg cactcagaga caggcaaact tggtgttact tccaaagctt ctgccaaaac      2220
     tgaggactga ctccataaga ccaaggacat taataaaaag tgtttgatgt aagtgaattt      2280
     ctgtatccac agtagttaca atggtaaaag gatgctcatg agaatcactt ttataaaaag      2340
     taaagtccca gaaacagtat ccagtcattt gctttttagt tttgccatgg attttatgag      2400
     ttttctttaa aaggaattgt tttgtatttt ttttaaagaa atagagacag ggtcttgcta      2460
     tgttgcccag gctgatcccg aactcctggg cacaagggat ctgcccacct tggcttccta      2520
     aagtgtaggg attacaggga tgagccacta cacctggcct ttaaaaggat ttgtttttaa      2580
     aaatccattt tcttttaata ttcagctttc acaggaattc agtacaatga atcaaaagcc      2640
     agaaataatg ctgagaggct gcaattgctc ccaagaaaaa acatctttta tcatttccca      2700
     gtttctatca agtcattttt ttaaataaaa gatttcattt ttttaaataa agagtgacag      2760
     cgaaattaga gaacataaaa ttattgggct ataataattt tctccccagt tacaattcaa      2820
     gggattcagc atgtcagtaa tgaagtagtc tatttgggag actctaatga aaagccttaa      2880
     aggaccaaat attcatgcgt cacactctca tttcccagca ggcatgtggc tgacgggagg      2940
     tggagaaaga gggccatgag cttatttctt taattttcct ttgcagaggc ttcccacgtt      3000
     tagagggagg cagaaggctt tgcctttgat tcccaagcta aaaagccaag gaagagagac      3060
     ctctccttta ctatctggtt tgacagtcct tgcaaccttg aggcaaaaag ccaaagtctt      3120
     tcaatcagcc tacttcctga acaggctaaa tccaacttaa accaaattct gtttgcataa      3180
     tttatctctg gagcatcatc ttcagttaaa ttcaaccatg tagactagga aattatcccc      3240
     taaatcctaa cccactccaa agggtcagca tgaacagggt agggagactc ttgagtgctc      3300
     cttccttccc tacttctttc tacttctcca actccagcaa gtgcagggca tttcacaaga      3360
     tgccagacaa atgcccaact ctcaggcttg gccatcaggg agcagaattg tgacccttgc      3420
     tgcacgtttt aagagaacat cttaaaacaa tctcaaatcg tggcctaggt tgatgtaaag      3480
     aatgatgcag gcagtcttct gtgtttgctg tgatatcttc tgtggtaaag ccattatgct      3540
     cactagaaca ttattttgga ggcttgcagg cctttgatga tttagcaaaa ttcaaaatcc      3600
     tcttgagggt acccgatata atgaaaaagt atgcaggagt tctccggaca aagtgttagc      3660
     tgctctgatg ttttaggtac attttgaagt gaggatggga atgaagaact aaaagtacac      3720
     atttttgttt cagcctttgg aggattctag gatacataat tgttaaagct agcacatgaa      3780
     tgtgctttgt tccaaaagag gagagttttc tcttggcatc agcctctgct cctttttttc      3840
     ttgtttgtat gttttttact ctaggccaag aagaaattaa tggttagtac caagaaacat      3900
     gaagcacttt tccagcttgt agaaagctcc aagcaatcta tgactgagaa ggagaagcgg      3960
     aaggtaagct gtcatggctg gctgggcgca tgtgccatag agagggatgg acttgctgcc      4020
     cttagctacg aacacaagag aacgggttga ttcctccttc tctgtgggat tcctgcagag      4080
     atgtagcttg acagagcata aaaggggatt ccaaatcatt actggcgtgc gcgcgcgcgc      4140
     gcgcgcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac cacatacatt ttaaacttta      4200
     ttttaattct tttaaataga agggatctca ctgtgctgcc caggctggca tcaaagtcct      4260
     aggctcaagg gatcctccca cctcagcctc tcaagtagct gggactacag gagcatgcta      4320
     ctttgcctgg accacatgta tttttaaaaa atattattga cagatgacaa atgagaccaa      4380
     tgatgcccac atttttttaa aggaaactct attaatatct taaaaaaacc tctcagctaa      4440
     taccccaaat aagtaaaaat aaatactata tatatgttgt ttgttacata tagtacttta      4500
     tgtattatgt taatatgtta tgaacattat aaagcataaa agtagaaatg tttccaggat      4560
     gaaataaaga tgaaataata ttttaaatga ttagcaaacc atgatgtctt tagataatca      4620
     ttaagtaatg ttttcaggaa aaatgtatac ttggagcaag gttcagcctt aactatagta      4680
     aatttaaatg catatttcga atagtcttct tgataatttt tttttttctt gagacagagt      4740
     ctcactctgt ggcccaggct ggagggcagt ggtgcaatct tggctcattg catcctccca      4800
     ctccaggctt caagcaatta tcccacccca gcctcccaag tagctgggac tacaggtgtg      4860
     caccaccatg ctcggctaat ttttttttgc atttttagta gaggcgaggt gtcaccatgt      4920
     tggccaggct ggtctcgaac tcctgacctc aagtgatctt cctgccttag cctctcaaag      4980
     tgctgggatt ataggcatga gccaccgccc ctggccagcc ttctcgataa tgtaatttgt      5040
     tcatcaaatt ttttgtcaga tctcatttca gtgtttgccc tttcatgtgg gtagtaacaa      5100
     actcacaacc aggagaggtg gcagcatcag cttggacatt ttgctgtgga ttctttgtgg      5160
     ttaaattgtt ggtagtaaca tcaatccaca ggttcttggc agaaatcctc taagatattt      5220
     gtgcattttg tgtatgttaa cctaactgga gccagaaaat gtctgtaaaa tcacatggcc      5280
     caggtatatg tcaatggcca catgtcccag atgctggaag ggaaaacaca gtgagggcct      5340
     agggcagctt ttcaggttgc agaatcccca cccttccccc aggccatatc agaatccaca      5400
     actgtccatg tgtgagcacc agtgtagact catatattaa ataagagtaa gcttgacaac      5460
     tgtgttttca ggcaaaatga acacgaataa tattggggta caggaacaaa atgaacattt      5520
     tctgcttaca ccccaataga ttatcttgca cccctcttgt ggtatgtgtc ccagattgaa      5580
     aacctttgaa atagtcgata tcttctacaa aagatgagtc tccactaagg aaatgcaacc      5640
     agcaccactg caaacccctt acaaaggaag agaaaattgt catcaccagt agctctttca      5700
     tctgaagaaa tatccattga ataacttaaa ttcattgtta gcaagatttt acaagactct      5760
     tatttctttc catgtcagtc ttcacagttg gaaatgatca taacaagtat tgaataatga      5820
     ggcagcttcc gaagaggcga acccagtctg ttaaaatact cagtgccagg acctgcctag      5880
     gcattctgag tgctcattag aagctattct ttattgatgt catgcaataa taaagaaaaa      5940
     agcatggcag ctaagtggtg aatttcctct tcctaccccc atcagcagct tccctgggaa      6000
     gtaaagatcc acagtgctct ctcctctcct ccagctggta accataacct tggctgttac      6060
     tctgtcatac acccatgcca tcttcactgc ttaatctggc agcttttgtt aatcctgaag      6120
     ctgaacaccc aagcgggggg cattcatttt ctcatctcac atagaagcgc tcatgatcac      6180
     ctgagctgat gctctgtgct gctcagcaaa ttcttcctgg tttcctgctc agcagtcttg      6240
     attcccacca gaagctgatc taaacctccg ttctcctcac acctccatcc acacactcct      6300
     ggcacagtat cttgcctcct acctcacaga gtaaatagaa gtcagcacag ccacctgcct      6360
     actgaagtaa tagcatttac atatctgcaa tggagaggcc agttctgcat cctgtgctct      6420
     aatctcatcc cattctgcct cccagaggcc ctctcttgat tatcccatat ttcccatatc      6480
     ttggacagcc cactccctaa tgattcctcc ccaccagcct tctataactc cccctgtctt      6540
     atagtctgtt caggctgcta taaccaagtt ccatagatgg aggtggcttc aacagcagac      6600
     attctggaag tgtgggatca ggtgctatct ggtgaggctt cctctttcag gttgcagacc      6660
     ggctacttct cattgcattc tcacgtggtg gaaagagagc aaggaagctc cctggggcct      6720
     cttctataag ggcagtaatc ccattcatga gggttccacc ctcatggcct aatctggtgg      6780
     gagggcacaa atagtctatt gcatcttcct cccatcttgc aagagtaaag aaagttacag      6840
     gaacacttat ttatggggtc tcacattcct ctccagatat tgtcatgtct cctttttaca      6900
     atacatcttt tttttttata atacactttt ttaacatctt tttttttttt tttttttttt      6960
     tttttgagat ggagtcttgc tgtgtcgccc aggctggagt gcagtggcgc gatctcggct      7020
     tactgcaagc tccgccttct gggttcatga cattctcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct      7080
     gggactacag gccccgccac cacacccagc taatttttta tattttttag tagagatggg      7140
     atttcaccga gttagctagg atagtctcga tctcctgact tcgtgatccg cccgcctcgg      7200
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcgc ccggtcacaa tatatcttag      7260
     tgaaaggggt atctatctgc tctgtttcca cttcctcatc ttctgttcac tcttcaaatc      7320
     accctaatca agctttcccc atctttccac taagagtgtt cttgccatcg aaaacaatgt      7380
     cttctcattg ctaaagctaa caggtacttt ccaagtctta ccttagttaa cttctcggaa      7440
     gtattaagca ttgtttattt cccgtttcta gaaacattct cttcttttca ctttagtaac      7500
     aactaatgct tttattttcc tcctactttc tgtaaatttt aaattagatt tctttatggg      7560
     ctcccttttt tggcctgatc tttatatatt gcagtttctg aagatttctc ttctgggcct      7620
     cactctattc tcttcaccat tgtctctcca gtgtctgata cagtactctt gatatcaggt      7680
     actcgataaa taatacatac tcaataagta tattctcaag gattcaacta cagtatctat      7740
     gctggcaata cccaaattta tatctccagt ccaaaccagt ctgtaaactg ctttctgact      7800
     ccttaaactc aatatccaaa atccaaccat cacttttttt ctaccaaaga taatctttat      7860
     tcctgtgttc tctgtgtctt tgaatatcat cacccaccta tcctcccaat tctaactcaa      7920
     accagatcct tcagtggcac agtctcagct cactgcaacc tctgccttcc agtttcaagt      7980
     gatcctcctt cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggagtacag gcgtgcgcca tcacatctgg      8040
     ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagatgggg ttttgccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcgaa      8100
     ctccaaacat caagtgatcc gcccgccttg gcctcccaaa atactgggat tacaggcgcg      8160
     agccaccgtg cccagcccca aatacttctt gaatatcttt gcttttgtct atctccactg      8220
     ctgacatcct ctctcaggcc gcaatcatct tttgcttggt tttttgtaac caacaaatca      8280
     gtctctttgc tttcagtgtt gcctgttcct atctattccc catgtacaag ccaagctgac      8340
     ttttcttaaa ctcgaatctg agcatatcat tccttttgaa agccttcaaa ggcttcccaa      8400
     tgacttcaga ataaataaaa aaaactcttt tttttttttt ttgagacgga gttttgctct      8460
     tgttgcccag gctggagtgc aatggtgcaa tctgggccga ctgcaacctc tgcctcccaa      8520
     gttcaacaat tctgccttag cctcccaagt agctgggatt acaggcactc accaccatgc      8580
     ccagctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga caggttttca ccatgttggc caggctgttc      8640
     tcgaactcct gaccacaggt gatctgcccg acttggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacgg      8700
     gcgtgaacca ccacacccag ccaggaaaaa ctctttcatg tggcctgtaa gacccttcct      8760
     gacttgaacc ttgccaatct cttcaacatc acctctcccc attctccgtc gtaagctgtg      8820
     tgatccaact tcaccaaaaa atatctttct gtatcctgcc atactatttt gcctcaccaa      8880
     ctcctacttt cattttagtt ttattcatat ggagatcgat ttttgagcac ttactatgag      8940
     ccaaattata gcttaaatgt cattttaatt tcaaggctag tttagatgcc tctcttgatg      9000
     tccttccagt ggtacctaca taactctatc agcacacaag atggtaatgg tctgtgggtc      9060
     cctgactaga gagggagcct gtcttgttcc attttctatt cctaaagcct tgcacatgac      9120
     acacggaagg ccctcaatgt ctggtgaata aatgaatgcg atgtttgttc caagagcaaa      9180
     aaaagggacg aaaggaaaag aagtcaatct ttgacaaatt ttagtaaagg tttctgagaa      9240
     gttccttaag taagaataca ggagtctaca gccgggcgca gtggctcagg cctataatcc      9300
     cagcacttcg ggaggctgag gtgggcagat tacctgaggt caggagttca agaccagcct      9360
     ggccaagatg gtgaaatcct gggcgtggtg gcacatgcct gtaatcccag ctactcggga      9420
     ggctgaggca ggcgaatcgc ttgaacctga gaggcggagg ttgtagtgag ctgagatcgc      9480
     accactgtac tccagcctgg ccgaccagag agactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat      9540
     atatatatat atatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gagtatacat tcttctttca      9600
     tatatatact tgaactatct gctgtaaatt tgctgagcag aaaattctag tccacagctc      9660
     tatagtgcag gctgatgaat attaatggtg atctcaaaag caactcagtt ctcattcctg      9720
     gggtgctgag cattctcaat aagaatccga ggacaatgat ttagcagagt ataaccatga      9780
     ctctctttga gtccttgcat tgaactgttg ccaggttaat gttcacaagc ttgagtttct      9840
     acagacacat gtggttcatt aaacttggta caaaaccaga tatgtcagct gggcgcggtg      9900
     gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaaacg ggcggatcac gaggtcagga      9960
     gatcgagacc atccgggcta acatggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt     10020
     agccgggcgt ggtggcaggc acctgtagtc ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa     10080
     tggcgtgaac cccggaggcg gagcttgcag tgagctgaga tcgtgccact gcactccagc     10140
     ctgggggaca gggcgagact ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaaaacag     10200
     atatgtcctg tgtaggtcat gcatcagagc tgggggacag ttgtatagcc ttagtatcaa     10260
     ttggaataat aaagtgaatg gtattaacgt tcaacatttt ggatgaatgt ttttcatgat     10320
     tgtaaggtta gtcaaaatgc ccttaaatag agagagtcca ttttaacagc ctttgtctct     10380
     gtccttgaaa ctcctaaact actaagtccg gggggatctt tgatgttttt taaagaatgg     10440
     tttgaagacc atttgcatca gaacgatctg gggagctata gtcaaaactc agattttcta     10500
     atcccactac agatgtatga aataagtatt gctacttgta gaattctgga atttgtaatt     10560
     tttacaagca tttcaggtca tttctaaata gagtaaagtt ggagaatcgg ctgggtgcga     10620
     tggcccacac tcatgatcct aaaattttgg gaggctgagg tagacagatc gcttgagccc     10680
     aggagttgga gaccagactg ggcaacatgg tgaaacccca cctctgcaaa aaatataaaa     10740
     actagtccca gctacttggg aggctgagat gggagcattg cttgaacccg ggacaaggag     10800
     gttgcagtga gccagtgagc catgattctg tcactgaact ccagcctggg tgacagagcc     10860
     agaccctgtc tccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaagaaaaa gaaagatatt     10920
     gaatgcttta aatatatata tataaagttg gagaataatt catgcaatcc aacttctttg     10980
     tttttcagaa acatgaaatt acttgtctgg gcattttgag agtcagtttc agctaccctg     11040
     gcccagggag ttttatatta ctgtacactg attttccaga agatttagta atcagaatga     11100
     caaattttgg tgatgggcaa gaggggggct ctttgtaagg gagcagatca ttggggagca     11160
     ggatgagagg aaaccatctt atcaagctgt ccataacttg cagtgaacat tgggcatgta     11220
     tctcaggctt ttcactggca ataattacac tcgctaaatt ttgagtgcta tgccaggtgt     11280
     tgggcagtgt gccatttgcc ttatctgtgt tacctatgtc agggccaagg gaaatcttcc     11340
     cttttgcccc tgaagtttgg ctgaaaatca ctgacaagag acagatgaat aggagaaaag     11400
     gcatacaaat gtatttgatc atagttttat gtgacatggg agccttcaga acgaagttcc     11460
     aaatatacag gggaacttgt ctatgtttat gcttaggttt aacaaaatac ggacatccat     11520
     gtacaaatat tatgtacaaa aggggtgtaa tctaatgcta atagactgtg tggggaaacc     11580
     cagtaaggct gtctttctgg agtcttcttg gcctctctgt gcagccttcc ttcctgctgg     11640
     gaatggggca ggatcctctc tggaataggg gtcttatgat ctacagtcag acaaggtagg     11700
     tcagataatt tctttatgga cagtttttac acagaaaggc aggggaaagt gagactaata     11760
     tttttagatt ttatggctgg ctttggagaa aagaggttct ggtttctgtg accttctttg     11820
     gggaagaggg attctggttt ctaccaatag cctcagggga gaatgggagt gagagacagg     11880
     agggcagaag aaggtcagag agaaactttt acttctgagg ctgcttctga ggccttgatt     11940
     ttgtggtatt gttttctgag tcccaagatg tgcctgaatt ctcaaagcaa cccggtatgt     12000
     attaattacc tatccccatc acagagatga gaaaactgtg gctcagtaag gttaagtaac     12060
     ttgtttgcag ctaggaccag gactcttatc ctggaagttt gattccaaag ctctacttct     12120
     gggtttatat agtaaaagta aaataatatc gctagatagg acagtagcca gactcattct     12180
     aaaaattagt tctaaaaatt gtatgattcc acaagtctct acctaacctg gtaagaagtg     12240
     caggagccca aaagatttac cagataagac tatgggattc attggccaat tgcaatcttg     12300
     acctgtactg tcaattctca aaagctgtgt tgtttgacct tctccttgac tgtgtgagtg     12360
     tagacaaatc acttcctatt taagggtctc aatctcctca tgtgtaaaat tgggggaatc     12420
     atactggaag gcccttgggt ttcctttagg tttggccatg cctttttttc ttataaagat     12480
     ctttcatttt gtcaactata gtcactgttt atgactctac gtgagaggtg agaaacatat     12540
     cattgagcca catataatta ttactatgga attacaaagg gctttcaaaa atgtgttagt     12600
     aaatgtgtga cattgatgtt ttacattagc tcctcaataa actgacaaaa tcaactgaaa     12660
     agttggaaaa ggaagatgaa aattactacc aaaaaaacat ggcgggttat tctaccagac     12720
     tgaaatggga aaacacacta gagaactgct accaggtaag ttatatattc acattttttt     12780
     cttcttctgt ggagctttgt gtgaccttga agatggaggt cagattacag tgacaagacc     12840
     tgccctctgt cttagctatg agcatcacac atattgtgac ttcagacaaa ccacatttcc     12900
     tctcattgtt tcagtttctc catggataca attaccagtg acaatttatt gaatttcact     12960
     ggccagagtt tctgctccta attcttagtg gacaggatag cacccagcta acttcaaaaa     13020
     gtgctgtcaa agtgaagcgt aaattaaggc ttaagtgtta ggtgcttcaa aattagtttt     13080
     aggcatgagt gatgactcat acagtgatcg cttatggagg tcaggcatcg tgttaggcac     13140
     tggagataca gagcattgaa taaagtaaca tctcaatgct tgagatgtgt acatctcagt     13200
     ggcaaaagta gacacataaa gaaggaattg tggcaaatta tctgataata atgggcaaaa     13260
     tatgtcagca agcacatcac aaaaggagaa atcaaaatca tcgataagcc tatgaaacaa     13320
     tgctagatta tttggcaaaa attagaactt gacaatatca agtgttggta aggatgttag     13380
     gaaacaagaa ttattgtacc cctgtagggg gaataattta atgatattta gtgaaactaa     13440
     aataagcatg tacttactgc agcagttccc tttttaggca tatatcctac agaaaaatgt     13500
     acatttgtac tccaagagtg atgcacaaga atgtttatgg gagaattgtt tataattgca     13560
     tgtgagaaaa aactgtacgc aatcttcata tccatcaaga gaagaattac tcttcaaata     13620
     tgctcgcatt tggaaagtga actaatatcc atcaatgaaa agttaattaa aactatattt     13680
     aaacatgaat taacctcgaa aaacatgatg ttgaggaaaa gaaatatacc acttacacaa     13740
     tctgtgtaaa tcaacattct tttaaactca tgcgcaaact atactgagtt tatatgtgtg     13800
     tgtttgtaaa cttatacatg gggactgtcc ctgtgttcag tgacagaaat ggagcccatg     13860
     gtgggaatac aacagaactg ccagaaacag ccacgcagct tatgcacggc ccctggtgaa     13920
     gcagtacaac cccaggctct acataaatat gaccaaatta aataactatc aattctggag     13980
     agtaagaaca tgaatatttt ggttttattt ttccccacct gttttaagtt taaaaaaaaa     14040
     atgtttaaag cagatacaat tggagaaagc catgatctga tggccagcct ggaacaagta     14100
     cttggtgctc agtgctcctc ttttaggctg tgctaagcac attcatgtgt ttctgttttg     14160
     tattaatcat gacattatga gaacattgag gctggaaaga tgaagcaatg agcctgagat     14220
     ggtttaagat tcagcctggg cggcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggcagaggcg     14280
     ggcggatcaa gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta acacggcgaa accccgtctc     14340
     tactaaaaat agaaaaaatt agccgcgcgt ggtggcgggc gcctgttgtc ccagctactc     14400
     gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac ccgggaggca gagcttgcag tgagccgaga     14460
     tcatgccact gcacactagc ctaggcgaca gagcaagact ccgtctcaaa aagaaaaaaa     14520
     aaaaaagatt cagcctggac ctctgcatta tgctcctgcc ccattgaaaa ctgggagagc     14580
     aaaggctata tggcaggcgg aaacccaacg gctgcattta catctcttgc aattcaacca     14640
     ctcagagcag gatagatgca gaattagaga agaaagggga aattaaagga gagatgaaaa     14700
     cttgggtcaa agaggggaac aaatgagaaa aaattcctta atttacacct ttgaacataa     14760
     gctccgggta ctctcttggt ttatgctaga tagattttag atgaaggtga tgagaaaagg     14820
     tcagggattt aaattctaac ttgattcatt tgaaatctgg ctctgcaacc tgggctctga     14880
     tcttgcctca cctcacctca tcacttcctg atgaagccgt ggtctttcca ctgaggtcag     14940
     cttccttgga tggccctgtt aggagatggg agagacattt ctgctcccac tccatcttcc     15000
     aggcacccac ccttcaaggg ctatgagaaa aatatttcac ctcagtgtct ctatcctcat     15060
     cacccttcta cctacatcgc agcaatggga gataaatggg tcctacctgg tgtagctgat     15120
     aactagcttg ccttcttcaa tatatgttag ggaaggctat gattatcttc attatcagaa     15180
     gctcttgcta cgcctctcct tcatctcagt ttcctttcct cctgttaaga tcctctacat     15240
     gtttccccta caaccaccac tcccccttct cagcattccc agtgtttatg ttgaagcatc     15300
     atggaaatta tctcttttct tacagtcttc ctgatggtaa caaggtatac attcatttac     15360
     atttcaaaag gcatctttca acttcagctc taaaaatatt taagacctag ttttagtttt     15420
     tttcttcctt tttttttttt tttttgttag aatccaagtc acatggaata tctactcatc     15480
     ataatgtcct tgaggaagag cattttcttt ctcccctctt gtatcctgga tttttgctac     15540
     ctctatgctg gaggccacca gtgtttcagt ccgtgtcctt tttagttcat acagcttctc     15600
     ctaccccacc ttcctctgag ttctctcctg cctcctgaga gccatctcaa gcccattagc     15660
     cacaacgtga gacgacttct gtccagtcac tcttgcttca cttgaaccct caataatgat     15720
     gcccttagtt ggtatttcct gggcttgtgt atactcagtc tataccagaa ggtcattgac     15780
     tcacatatta ctctatgtat gccatatttt gtgtatgttt atggcactca agtgtcaaat     15840
     gttagattca tgaagacata taacaaaaac agcctgaatt gactcaaaga ggaattttat     15900
     tataagtgtg agagatggaa atgggacagt tagggtctct cagtttcatt ttttctccat     15960
     tctttcacca ttcttctgta caaattgaat ataaaaattc attttagggt cctacgaagt     16020
     gttctcttat tcctttttac tctacaggtt ggatgtacaa attccttcag agaacatgca     16080
     ttgaactaca ttcaaggcag tgtagtagat actgtgagaa atattgtaaa gcctcaaatg     16140
     tgactataag taatgaaacc aattccacaa accacatgtc aaaattagtc ttattacttc     16200
     acaatcatac tgtattctag ccacatccca ccctccaaga agaaacactt cagatgatag     16260
     aaataaccta tatttttcac aataataacc atactaccaa gaattacaaa gaatcaaatg     16320
     cttggtactg aagtacttac tcaaggaatt atttttaaaa gccatctgca atatgtgtca     16380
     agagccttaa aaatattccc tttctcaacc agtgttcctc ctctaaatcc cagaacacag     16440
     aaaatgattc gagtggctgc tttctcagtt ctcccaagga tggcacttga gtagtcccac     16500
     tctagatgag acgaatgaca actcattaca taaaatggac gcctcaggac agtagggctt     16560
     cattctttcc taggactctg ttgaaaaagg taatttcctt tctataaaag tgtcttgagg     16620
     aagtagctga caaaccagac acagatttct atttgaaaca tgttaaaggc agcaaacatc     16680
     ccaaatgtcc aacattaaag ggatgactaa gtgaataaac acgcctgcac catggatgct     16740
     tatgaaataa ttaaagtggt attttcagag actaatggca cgggaaactg ttcacatgta     16800
     cggttaagtg gaaaaaacag aatttcaaat ttgaataatt tgatagataa ctagaagata     16860
     aaatcataca tatacacata cctagactga aatatatcaa tatgttaata gcagtcactt     16920
     ctgggtggaa gaattatgat tttaaaatgt attttttgtg ggcctctgtg gccctaggac     16980
     aatgtctcaa agcgcctggg gtgcttaaaa gtcagattcc tgatcacctc cctagacctg     17040
     ggagcctctg aatcaatcag agcctctgaa tgattataaa gaggggtcta gatattctaa     17100
     agtttgagag tccctgctct agaaagagca tatttctttt atcagttcta tgagagtcat     17160
     ttaaatgaaa acaaaatccc tttgacttct tcctgtagta ccagcccaaa ggctaggaca     17220
     gcaagaactg gaaggaacga atgaagaaca aattgtcatg atgcttgggc cccagacagg     17280
     ctctaaatct gctgaaatct gaatctttct ggataactcc ttgaccacac tttgttcata     17340
     tatactattg tggaacctca agaggacagt ttgaggtcct ccagagtatc ttgcttctct     17400
     accacctatt ttatataaaa agaacaagat aataaaaagc aaaaaatcat tagatatgga     17460
     tctctccttt gcacagtgga atttatttcc tcctcttctt atgagcaaac atagatcatt     17520
     ttaatgattt ccctgaaatg taattaaaat ctgttaagca ttaccatgtc actaaggaac     17580
     actggttatt ctagtctcag attgatgcta gtggttcagc acttgtcaaa gtaaagaaac     17640
     acctgcccac tagggatgca atatgttcta aaacctggct tttattttct cttctctctt     17700
     gctcataggc taaaacagaa gagctgattt ctagatcttt ttctataggg taaggacttc     17760
     ttctttttga agattgtcac ataggagatc caaacaactg agcagaattt gttttacgta     17820
     tttgttatga ggcatatcga ttctgccttt taagaagcaa aacatttgat aggctattct     17880
     gtgtctttaa tcctttatct gggagacaga agggcagacg gccacattca aatgactggt     17940
     gcctgcaatt ttgtgaaagc ctcaggggac tgccagcgta aaccaatcca tttgactccc     18000
     attgacatat gaaaattggg cagcttcaga ggcaactaag aagattgcca tgggggcgtg     18060
     gctccaggct tccaatccaa atgtcaggac acttgataca aaagctaaag ttgcatgtga     18120
     ttggcacaga tgttcatagt tactgcctga gccttttact actttcattt gcaagcagtg     18180
     ttcaaatgac tatataccaa aaaacaaaat gtggtatatg cataccatgg aatattattc     18240
     agccaaaaag gaagggaatt ctggcacatg ctacaacatg gatgaacctt gcagacatta     18300
     tgctaagtga aatagccaga tgcaaaagaa caagtagtgt atgattcctc ttgtaagagg     18360
     tatcaagagt agttaaattt gtagagacag aaagtagaat ggtggttgcc aggggatgca     18420
     gagcgtagga aatgagaagt cgttgtttca tgggtacggt ttacttttgc aagatgaaaa     18480
     aagttttaga gatgaattat ggtggtgttt gcataataat gtgaatgcac ttaatgacac     18540
     tgaaatggat gcctaaggtg gataaaatgg catgtcatat tatgtaaatt ttaccataat     18600
     taaaagtata aagaaattta aaataatttt aatcaccata taccatagat gaattaacaa     18660
     cacagggata tagaggaata ccatactgaa tcaggccaat gggctcctgt aggaatttca     18720
     agaggtgagc aaggagaacc cagtgatctt tgtgactctc cattctcacc tctcttgcac     18780
     tgccaagggc cttgagacat acccatcttt cttcttccct atggtcgtgt tacccaccaa     18840
     cttctccaaa gccttgttca tgaaagatga ttgctggtgc tctttgtggg atgcaggagt     18900
     tgggatggtg ggtatgagag caactgagct ggacttccct ggataaaagg atgaatgccc     18960
     aggccttgta ttttttcttt ctttctttct ctttcttctt ttcttttttt tgagatggaa     19020
     tctcactctt ttgcacaggc tggagtgcag tggcatgatc tcagctcact gcaaccacca     19080
     cctcccaggt ccaagcgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcctga gtagctggga cgacaggcgc     19140
     ccgccaccag gcctggctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag acggggtttt gccacgttgg     19200
     gcaggctggc cttgaactcc tgacctcagg tagttcaccc gtctcggcct cccaaaatgc     19260
     tgggattata ggcatgagcc accgcaccta gccaggcctt gtttttacaa aaaaaaaaaa     19320
     aaaaaaagat gggaagaatt ttgtcttgga cacctgccat ctccatcaaa gcccaaagtc     19380
     ccctgggcac atacccagca gccttacact gcccccacat ggccttggag tctccctgaa     19440
     tactctgcct gagccagcct tctctaagaa tgcttagttg ctaaagcttt ctgccccctg     19500
     taaaaccacc agtcagcaac tcagttggca tgggtccaat aagtaacatt ttctcatttt     19560
     tttttttttt ttgagacagt ttcacttttg tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tagcatgatc     19620
     tcggctcact gcaaacttca cctcctgggt tcaggcaatt ctgcctcaac ctcctgagta     19680
     gctgggatta caggcgtgtg ccaccatgcc tggctaattt ttgtattttt agtagagata     19740
     aggtttcacc atgttggctg ggctggtctc aaactcctga cctcaggtga tcctcccacc     19800
     ctggcctccc aacgtgctgg gattataggc atgagccact gtgcccggcc tctaaaatgt     19860
     taatagctaa caaagcaaat gtgattcccc tcactttctt atttaccctt cctacctaaa     19920
     agtcataagt ctaataatga aacttctgtc atctcacaca aaataaagag gctatgtgtc     19980
     tacctgcaaa cagcggactc tgactcccag gcctaatttt aggcagaatt ataaattggt     20040
     cagactttgg gattcttctc ttgtcaaata acctccttaa acagagaatt tgtggcctgt     20100
     cattctcttc cctgcagact agcagaacgc cttgaatgta ctataaacaa ttctaaaact     20160
     attgggtgtc tcaatgcatt tccaagacat ggatatgggc tttcctgggc ttcaccctct     20220
     ggaattcttc ccaatttttt tttttttttt tttgtaaaaa caaggcctgg ctaggcgcgg     20280
     tggctcatgc ctgtaatcct agcactttgg gaggccaaga caggtggacc atctgaggtc     20340
     aggagttcaa ggccagcctg cccaacatgg tgaaacccca tctctactga aattctctgg     20400
     aattctctgg aatccatgat tgtgtctcaa atgcttcctt ttcttctttt ctcccccttc     20460
     ctcataaact taggtaaccc acagcatctg cctatatgcc ttttgggtca aaagagcctg     20520
     gggaaagtgt gtgagtgatt taagatacca agacacattc cttcctggaa atctccctcc     20580
     actatggttt ggatatgaca tagtcaagag gctaatcatg agactttgtt cagtctgtct     20640
     tcaggtgtgt cagtgtttga tgagtgactt ccattttgca taacaactgg ctgatcttac     20700
     cccaattttc attcttttca gagcattctg gagctggaga aggaaagaat tcaactttta     20760
     tgcaataact taaaccagta cagccaacat atttctcttt ttggccaaac cctgaccaca     20820
     gtgagtagag atgatctctc catttctggt atgcctggta agaaggggca gaaacctttc     20880
     ttcgacaacc ttattctgtt ccccttggca ttgcagtgcc acacgcagat tcactgtgcc     20940
     atcagcaaga ttgacattga aaaagatatc caggctgtaa tggaagaaac tgcaatttta     21000
     tctacagaaa acaaatctga gttcctgtta acggattact ttgtgagtat gaaatggaaa     21060
     aaaaaagtta cattaatgga gaatcttagg tactgaggga cttacattga aaaaattgaa     21120
     agcaaatatc atgttttatc aatgaaaatg atttctcata ccccatataa atttaaaaaa     21180
     cccagcattc tagtttacaa actgtacaat ggaaacatgt ctttggtatt ttctagaagt     21240
     aaagaaagtc aagcagggtt ttaaacagaa tcttcatatt cggtcttcta taaaagtagt     21300
     gccaggcaga catgtttcaa tgacctataa ttaatcactg tatatcacgt ggtgcttaaa     21360
     ttggttgtct gcacaaattg ctgtgcaaca aattaccgct ccccaccccc accaaaataa     21420
     tggcttaaaa caaacatgta ttatctcata gtttatgtgg gtcaggaatt cagttgtgtc     21480
     ttagccaggt gtctctgaac ccctcccaag gctgcaatca aggtatcagg ttgggctgca     21540
     gacatctcca ggctcttcct ccagaagact cacttccaag ctgactcaca gggctgttgg     21600
     caggcctcca gtcctcgctg ctgttggttg gagatatcat tttcttgcca tgtgggtctc     21660
     tccatgtctc agcctactcc ccgcaaaatg agtgatcaag acagacagag ccagagtgcc     21720
     caagaaatta taatctcttg taagctaatc tcagaagtga catctcatca tattctattt     21780
     gctagaagca agtcagtaag tgcagcccat actcaaaggt gggtgtgagg gaagatcacc     21840
     caaaggcatg ggttctagga agtgggagtc actatcagta tttttcatgg tcccttctct     21900
     tgaaaacctt ggaccagatt atcggaggct tattttgagg gtacttgagt gattctactg     21960
     tgggtgtttt tgctgaaaac tggtcagtgt ccctggtgag agcccaagca cgttgcccct     22020
     ttgctatatt ggggcaaatt atttgtcctt ctgggtcaag cctcaaagat tttggcctct     22080
     gctcccctct tgatattctt aattgtagtg ttctaggaac tgattattaa ttaccaaaac     22140
     ctgcagaaag aattctgata gcgtttccct gggtcctctg ccatatttta ttcaggattt     22200
     caagctccag attaggggtg tcactcttct ccgatatgga gaacaagccc actggtcatg     22260
     tcctccatag gattagaagt acagccaaag ctgacctccc tggacctctg atcaggcaac     22320
     aagacggtag aaggcagagg tggttagatc aggcactgca gtaaaccctg attggctttc     22380
     cctttcccca cccttcagac agcagcaaat gaccagctat tttttactga gtcttttttt     22440
     tcctaccttg gcaaaggaga agtatattag caatatcaat gtctgttcaa tgcagaaaca     22500
     aggtagaaat ggaagtggaa atgatttgat tacatgggga aagcgctttt tttctttcaa     22560
     ataatgtagg cagggcctga gatggaaaaa tgtacaataa aataaatcta ttttcttaca     22620
     aagaataata aaaatgcccc tatcaaataa cttgtcaata aaatgaggat tattcttgaa     22680
     aatttgacta gggttctacc aaagtgtaag gaggcagcca tgatgacttc tcatttattg     22740
     gcatgttcag ggaaattttt ggtttctata aaacttcact gtgtcagaac tcacaaccat     22800
     gaatctgttg tctaagagaa aggactgtgt ctcaaaatga gtgaatagta ttttcttgac     22860
     atctttaagg caaagcaccc caatgtctga ctttatagtc attgtcaata agtgtaggct     22920
     ggtttttatc cagtgttatg aaatttacat ggaccaggga caacaaagag accaatctga     22980
     gtgcaaaact tggagggctt ggtgacctgg tgaaaatatt tgtaaggtta ccataaatgc     23040
     catgttcaaa agattgttat ctgtaatttt atacgcctcc tccagtactg accttctttc     23100
     taacaaatct ttagaagaga aggacaaatg ttaagagtta aatgatggca atatacccca     23160
     tcctgaaatt gacccaggag caatctatcc ctggaaatac atgtttaaac aatagatgtc     23220
     cccagacaaa ccaagggaag ccttggactg gtatgggagc tatgttatga cttgcattcc     23280
     ttcaacaggg aaggactaat ggttttagtt aggtgtctta gcagtttagt cagagtttac     23340
     ttgggggtgt gatgtcagct tgcgcctcag ctgtgggatg acatgtgaag gagtggtaga     23400
     gcatttgggg tcaacttggg ccttctttta tctgtgtcac aggtaaaatg aggaaaataa     23460
     aaccaaccat tgagttgtag gagttgcatg taataaataa tataaagaaa tatttattta     23520
     tttgagacgg agtctcgctc tgtggcccag gctggagtgt agtggcacaa tgtcagctca     23580
     ctgcaacctc tgcctcccgg gtccaagtga ttctcctgcc ccagcctccc aagtagctgt     23640
     gattacaggt gcacaccacc acgcccggct aattttttgt atttttagta gacagagggt     23700
     ttcaccatgt tggccaggct ggtctcgaac tcctgacctc aagtgatcca cccaccttgg     23760
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtggga accaccacac ctggcccaga atataaagac     23820
     acttttgtaa tgtgcaatga aaaatatgta aataaaatat ttttatctgt atatgttttt     23880
     atagaggcta ttccctttgc tctaaatcct cacacttctt gtttgtgaag ctccatctaa     23940
     aggtaatctc tcagccggga tcctaatttt tctccttcct tatcagcgaa gcctgcatcc     24000
     tcccctccca ccttgagtca ttagtttccc gtctttctcc atgggtttct gtccctctgc     24060
     cactcatgtt tagcaacctc ctcactccaa ctctaccatc ctattctttt ttattcaatc     24120
     cttgaaataa tgcatgtgaa agctcagata tcatgaatga ttcctcatag cctatgtgat     24180
     aaaattccta catcagccct aaaatctagc ctcaactccc tgaacaattt tttcttcccc     24240
     tatttttttg ctcatgcaac aggtgtcttt attgttcctg acacatttcc cacagtcctc     24300
     ccccagccct ttgctcccgc catttttcct gcctggagtg ccctttgcca tctttccttg     24360
     actagacagt tacgtcttct tgcctcctcg aagctgtcag ctgcctgcac tcgtggtgtc     24420
     tgtagcattc gtgaatgcat gtggtcttgt attgctagtt tctttaatgt tatgcttcaa     24480
     ggcctaacta aatcataaac ccattctgga aagagcatat gtgttttagc tcacatcttc     24540
     ccagtactga gccaacacag aactcagtca aaatgtcttc cactcctgag gcagtcatag     24600
     cctgaaacac atacatgata ttacatttgg gccattaaag gactctaact tgaacaaaag     24660
     taaataagga agcagtaagt atacaacaaa tagatttatc aagaaaatga aatagctata     24720
     gcaagggtcc atcctcaaag aacaatctgc tctattaaaa agtgctcggc catgtgactt     24780
     aaaagttgtg aacaagacaa tattttctta ttcatcaggt ctcgaacagg tagaacaatg     24840
     tgtgtaaaac taaagattat cctgcttaaa aattttgttt tattttataa agttaaaatt     24900
     aaatgcagcc agtggaagta tcagaatgga cagggaatag caactcttac ttcttccccc     24960
     ttgttagaca tccttctttt ttcctaaagg aagaagatcc taacagtgca atggataaag     25020
     agagacgaaa gtctttacta aaaccaaaat tattgagact gcagagagac attgaaaaag     25080
     cctcaaaaga caaggaaggt gtgtaaccat ctctttgaat ggccagaaaa gggaccatat     25140
     gatgctcaga ggtttcattc agagttagga ttgatctgct tttgctattt ggcaggggtc     25200
     ttctcattta aagaaccata tatcaaactt cagttgtgtg aacaaaaaaa aaaaaagtag     25260
     aagaaaaaag aaagccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggaaaatc acattttggt ctatttatga     25320
     aacctatata agtattatac tactattttc agaaatgtag cattttaact gtgtttctga     25380
     aattggctag aatgagagat aatgtgtttg gtttaaaaca tggtcaacca actgtgcatg     25440
     agagttttgg atgagttttt tggtttgttt cttttgactt ttgaaacaat gtaaaaacct     25500
     ttcaaattaa attctgtacg tagaagttag gcatgtcaga ctgtgaagca gctctaaagc     25560
     aacaaggatg acaaaaacga ctccacattt gtgactctga tgtctaccta gtaacttgtt     25620
     ttatatggac cacgataact cattgcaatg gaatactaga gagcaaattc aagatagaaa     25680
     acatttagtg atgtgaatac cataacgagg aagaagccaa cgttgggtaa ctgttagcaa     25740
     ttgctagaat gggtcgactg aaagaatttc aaaatctcat ctggaaaaat aacaatcaag     25800
     atgctttaag caccagcact tctcaaattt cattaagtga agagaaaggt aaacagttca     25860
     tttatcattc agtcaaattt attaagaact acctgcagag actccctcag ccatttaaga     25920
     aaccctactg gtggctgggt gctgtggctc acgcctataa tcctaacact ttgggaagcc     25980
     aaggcgggtg gatcacaagg tcaggcgctg gagaccagtt tggccaacat gatgaaactg     26040
     tgtctctact aaaaatacga aaattagccg gacatggtgg catacacctg taatcccagc     26100
     tactcaagag gctgagggag gagaattgtt tgaacttggg aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc     26160
     cgagatcgcg ccactgcact ccagcctggg tgacagagca agactccgtc ttaaaaaaaa     26220
     aaatctcact ggtatcactt ctaggctccc tttgagagcg accgactcct ggctgtgtcc     26280
     cactgagaca gtgtgaaagg tgactgagaa catgatttca ttttcaggcc tggaacgaat     26340
     gcttaaaacg tactccagca cctcctcctt ctctgatgca aagagccaga aagacacagc     26400
     agcgttaatg gatgaggtaa atgtttgccg agtgcatttc ctagatgtag tgatgaaaag     26460
     ggttattttt agaatacttg tttctggtcc acttggcctt gtttgccttt cctttctcat     26520
     gacatagaac aatctagtgg gggagcttat agggtcagct tcataagtca tttgagggat     26580
     ctggaaaaat acaactacct agaaatgttt gctttggtgt cctaggaaaa gaattgtgtc     26640
     taaaatagta ttctccaaac agagtcgttc tttaagggcc tagaaaccat gtgcacttta     26700
     acccagttaa gaaaagcgac aggaaacaaa ggatctgcat tcagaaaggc ctgtatttag     26760
     atttagctct gctgtttaca gggacctggg tcaactttag ttttctcatc cgcaaaatgg     26820
     ggatattggt actttacctc atggggcttt tgtgagggtg aaatattatt tagtaaatac     26880
     cagcacaatg ctcacaggag gagctcaaaa actagtaatt tttattaagg tggtattttc     26940
     cattcatccc tctgctgatc tcagggttat cggagaataa caggggaaag gaaagacgtg     27000
     gttgcagagg gaatagggca gtctggtgtg tgaggcaaaa tctggggaaa ccaggagcaa     27060
     ctttgagggc aaagttcttt aagggtggga attggggtgg ggagatggta gaagaggcag     27120
     ggaggtgggc ctcctggcct ttgtgctgag tgtgtgaact ctagccccat agacattcgt     27180
     ggggattgat ggacattttg gccacttcag aggaagggaa agggatagtt aacaaaaagc     27240
     tgatgaattt tacacaggaa taaaaatgaa cagatatata gcaccagtgt gcaacatatg     27300
     ggtttctgct gtgattagag atcatgagtg gactggggtt aatctgagaa tcatttaagg     27360
     agataaattt tttagcaatg ttttgaaggt acaggaatct gggcgttttg tttttcttgc     27420
     ttatagccta actttcttgt gaaggtaggt acttgataat tgtacccaga ttggcaattt     27480
     caatagttct ttggtgaaag aagacagatg cagtgaggta tcgctgacct agtttttaga     27540
     taggctttct tgagtaaggt gctgttgcag aaacaagcct aacacttctt gtaaaagaaa     27600
     atagcctgca ttgtgtgcac tgggtaacag aggtctaaca tacctgcaat gacccgtggc     27660
     tacagttttt atgaaattat aaaacagact gtaggacatt ttctgtgacc gcacaagctg     27720
     tttagttaac tactgatgcc attgggttat acatctattc ctttggctgt ccttgcacag     27780
     aattttgtca ttgtcattac cagcatacat gtattaggat catctgggtc ctctcacctg     27840
     aagcacacag tggaggacac aaggagggag agcatctgac cttggaactt ccaatgttta     27900
     tgatctggtg aaggagcaac tatgaacctt taagtgagga atgccaaata tccacatgat     27960
     ttcattacgc atgctctgca tctgggtaga cagaaactag tgatactggt agattttgtg     28020
     tcacccacgg aaggtttcta ggatgaggaa acttttattt acattcttcc ttatttcatt     28080
     atatcttggt ccttgaagtg ccatgtttga atcaagaatg ttcacaagca gtgtcataag     28140
     aaaaattgtt gagaaaactg gaggcactta gattaaatac tgtctttaga gaccagaaag     28200
     agggccacat agaagaagaa ctagatgtgc tctatgagac tatcaagtga aggtctaatg     28260
     gtagaaagca tgggggagct tttagttttg tcttaggtaa gcctgcccca caatgcagtg     28320
     gattcctcca acgattagag actttctcca tcaattggat gtcttctgtc catggctgtg     28380
     acaccctggc agggatatta gggttgggaa ttcccatgct ggaggtgtgg gggagagagg     28440
     gataatggtg aggagggggc tggataagca agacccttcc aatgcttaga ttctgttatt     28500
     taattcaccc tggctggacc cagcctgaca aggtaattat aaagtttcta gttcaaggtc     28560
     atatcaagaa cagacagaga ctaggagtgt atctttagct tgacttatta tgtttatact     28620
     caaatgccct aaaatattgt tcccagtttc cagaagtatt cctgtaaact ttgtgggtaa     28680
     tataagacct caccttatca aagaacaaac aaacctcaca ttcaatttca tttgcgtcta     28740
     ttgatgttaa ttcaattctg ttcacaatat ttagcactga tggctcacct tcttcgcaga     28800
     ccaccaaaaa tctaccttct acaatcaaca cttatcccct ttcttgtccc tcagcagaaa     28860
     attgagtaaa acctcttcat tgccataaaa tactaatata ttaccaaggt ttcctgttca     28920
     cccccagagt acagaatgag acacactcaa caactaaaac ctccctctaa actgcttaaa     28980
     gagtttattc ctccattttt ttttccttcg gcattttctg tgaatatctg tatgagttaa     29040
     atgcgtactt ttctaacctt tgttattttg aaagttattc tgatattcct atccagttgt     29100
     gcctcattta ctagaaattt gctcacatgg ccaaatgatg tatccacaga acaatttgaa     29160
     actagacctt ttggaagcga actcctacaa actgtcatca atgttagcag aacttgagca     29220
     aagacctcaa cccagccatc cttgtagtaa ttccatcttc aggtggaggg aaaaggtaac     29280
     atttaaggag actggttgta atttcttgat tgggcctgct gggtggagtg gcttaaagta     29340
     gcatcagggc aaaaaaggtg ttaggaattc tatgtgatat taatattcat gcagttagtt     29400
     aagaagataa atgtttttat ttttcttttg agcacaataa caagagctag acaaaaccga     29460
     atacattctg tgtacaccaa acttctatga gaagctaaaa aacacttttg atttcttctt     29520
     tctcatcata cctgaatttc atcctttgga tgtgctttta cagtaaaatt tctattaaat     29580
     tgaaatttta atattcgttc agacctaaat tataagattt tgtggtatgt attagtctca     29640
     tctgtttaag atggtgccta atgcagataa tgcatcagta cagctctgaa atgcttgtag     29700
     ctatttttat tactgatcag aagggggaac tgtaatcatc ttgtgaaggg acagttttct     29760
     aaggctcaag agctcgaaaa caatctcaat catttacagg gttgtgatca tttcacttgc     29820
     attaagccaa ctaaagttgt atttgtaaaa gtaatgctat gaatattact atttgaccta     29880
     gacacatagg ttagaattgg aaacacaggc tataaagtat agtaattgtg taattgtgaa     29940
     aatattaagg cttcaactca aaactgaaac acagtagggc ttagaaatct ttgaattatt     30000
     tatacccctc agtttaaaaa cttccagtcc aggcgcagtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag     30060
     aactttggga ggccaaggca ggcggatcac ctgaggtcag gagttcgaga gcagcctggc     30120
     tgacacggtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaga atacaaaaat tagccaggca tggtggtggg     30180
     cacctgtaat cccagctacg ggggaggctg aggcaggaga atcacttgaa cccgggaggt     30240
     ggaggttgta gtgggccaag atcatgccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac agggcaagac     30300
     tctgtctaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaaacaaa cagaaaaaac aacttgagga aaacagctac     30360
     agaagagtta attttcatga atgtttatga taatcgtgtt acaaaatatg actttttatg     30420
     tcatttgaac aggagcatac tcatagctat gtgaaaatat ctcggccttt tttaatgaag     30480
     agattagaga atattgtgag caaggcatct tctggtgggc agagcaatcc aggttcttca     30540
     actccaggta atcccatgcc cacaatcatt ttggcctggg tcctactggc agggcacatt     30600
     gctacattta aattttagtt tcagagccac tttgacctgt atctgtttaa ggaaatttat     30660
     atttccattg ggaccgatta atttgttaga ctctgtagct ttatgtaaaa atgggaaaaa     30720
     gttaagaaga gtagagggtt gggaaagtat cctatgagaa gttgcctcag atatcagatg     30780
     actggcatcc accttattca aatggcctgt tatttgccat aaacataatc acacctaaac     30840
     catcgtgagg agctttgtcg ctctgtctcc atagcctcct ccaaactccc ataagaagcc     30900
     tgtcctctct gcgagacaca tggtgatcca ggtggtttgc cagggcttgg actcatggcc     30960
     tacaaactcc tgttagcagc catctgactt cagtcattca tgcacccaca caccacactg     31020
     ctcttcatct ttcagcacac acacacgtgt cactgtacct gcatgttcaa gtataattac     31080
     cataatcttg actatctagt tttttaaatt agaaattggt ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaac     31140
     ttcagtaaaa ccaggacatt atggttcaca caatatatta aggagtcact gttgcattgt     31200
     ttgagaaaca gttccataca cagctaggga tgatgataac atgcacatgc cccaaatatc     31260
     ccgtatttat acctgaatgg caaaactggt gaatgttttc caaaacatgc atgcaattac     31320
     tattattata caatgatgtt tttctctaga cttgctattt catgtattat aatatagttt     31380
     ttggttatat aacatatgca gtccatacat atagaaagtg catcataagt ggttattgaa     31440
     tcaaggaatg aacattatat aaaattacaa actttccttt tgagaaaaat ttaatatatt     31500
     gaaactctgc atcacactgt taaataacca aagagcttca gctcatattc atttgcctgc     31560
     taacacagca tactaattac agctttatct atttcagccc ctggtgcagc ccagctcagc     31620
     agcagacttt gcaaggcctt gtattctttt caagccaggc aagatgatga gttgaatttg     31680
     gaaaagggta agaatcattc tcaaatattt taattgcctt cccatattga gattcttagc     31740
     atgaataaaa ccctgtctta gtgtggcagc cttaagagtt actaccatgt caaatcagtt     31800
     cacccttctt gaaagataag cacatctaaa acaaaagctc gcataatgat aatagctaac     31860
     gcttattctg tttactgtgt gtcagacatt gttgcaggcc tattgtccaa tttaatattc     31920
     atgaaaccct tggagggttt tattggtatt cccatttcat agcagaggag actgatacac     31980
     aggaaggtta ggtgctttgg ctaatgtcac aggctgtggc aacacaagat ttgaacttgg     32040
     aaacacagtc atgctcctaa tcacagtgca cactagggta gaatgtcagt gatggaaagt     32100
     gattagagat gtaccccacc tttttatttt ttagaagcta gacattcagg aatgtgaagt     32160
     gacctcctct ctcaacttag tgtaagtaag tgcaaattct agaacctagg tcagctgact     32220
     cccagcttag tgctggtctc acttacttct cagaaaagct ttttacagcc agtctaaaga     32280
     gtgagatccc cttctttgtg tcacagagtt ttacttaaca tggaaaggta ttacgtagtg     32340
     gctttataat gtaaaccaca acattattaa agaagaaagt ctccagcctc aaccttcttt     32400
     atgtgtccag ttagaaacca tgtttgaatg ttagcgctaa tgcagagatc tggaaacgga     32460
     agggttagtg agaaagagta acgttatggg agaaagaata ttatccacga caaggacatg     32520
     gctcccagag ccaatggaaa atcaagatac attttgtagc caaacgacag ggacaccaca     32580
     catttgctat ttattgggtg tttcctttgc agcatttgcc agtcatatct ctccaggcaa     32640
     ttacttttct tcctatgtga ataaaagaca gacatacttc ccagatgcca cctagaaccc     32700
     atggatgcag catttaagtt acatcattca caataaattg attatcttgt tttcagttct     32760
     ctgttggttg caaagcctac ttatacttta tattctaagc agtttcttta aatgaaacac     32820
     gacgttggag ccttagggaa gctggcaata caatttgaaa tcattatttg tttgaattct     32880
     tgttaataga ttatgtcaat ttactgacga gggagaactt agagaccgag aataatgtcc     32940
     tttaagaata gtgatttatg actaagaaaa tgtagaaaag atagaaaagg agttaataat     33000
     ttcctttgtc ttagaaagaa agttgctgag gaaaagagtg aaaggaagac tgaaaaatca     33060
     cctcagaatg atgccaaata aaaagtagct cttggatcct gacgggggca gatgatcctg     33120
     aagggggcag atctttctac ttttatgaca agagccatgt ttcttgtcca attctctatg     33180
     gaattctctt tatttgaatc attgctttaa aaaatattgt ctccaaattg atgttgtatt     33240
     aaagttgtct aagttgttga atggggagtt acattttgaa tggggagtta catttctgtg     33300
     caaagctgtg agtgagttaa acttttggcc tgtgaaatca gggataatgc agagacattg     33360
     tcttgatctt aagaaaagac tgttggtgag acatacttat agcagccaac acgccaaaca     33420
     atcaaaaaca ccagcatgtg aaaccctcaa agtacggaca ccaagaaaga gtttggtgac     33480
     aatccatcag ctacatagaa atagaaagtg agccaggcag cataaggata tatgatccaa     33540
     cgtgatcttt ttttattttt ttttttgagg cagagtcttg ctctgtcacc caggctgcag     33600
     tacagtggtg tgatcttagc tcactgcaac ctccgtctcc tggattcaag tgattctcct     33660
     gcctcagtct cccaagctca ctgcaacctc cgtctcctgg attcaagtga ttctcctgcc     33720
     tcagtctccc aaatagctgg gactacaggc gtgtgccacc atgcctggct aatttttgta     33780
     tttttagtag agacggggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcaacct cttgacctca     33840
     agtaatctgc ctaatctgcc catcgcggcc tcccaacgtg ctgggattac agctgtcagc     33900
     caccgtgcct ggctgtgatc ctgttttttt ttttctgaga cagagtcttg ccctgttgct     33960
     gttgcccagg ctagagtgca gtggcatgat ctcagctcac tgcaacctct gcctcccggg     34020
     ttcaaggatt ctcctgcctc agcctcctga gtagctggta ttacaggcgt gcgccaccac     34080
     acccagctaa tttttgtatt tttagcagag aaggggtttc accatgttgg tcaggctggt     34140
     ctcgaaactc ctgaccttgt gatccaccca ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag     34200
     gcgtcaccca ccacgcccag ccaatcctgt ctttaagcaa ttattttatg atatatctca     34260
     gttgttcatt atcttactct ttttagtatc ctctggatta tgcctgcttt atacacaggt     34320
     gttcgataca tttggcttca tctgaatcaa gtgcagaaaa tgacactacc aagtaaatcc     34380
     ttgaagcaga acctccttaa aactcttatc aatcgggctg aggcatgtgt tcacatcaca     34440
     gagacccatt tgtctaactg tattttcaca ggtgacattg tgattataca cgagaaaaaa     34500
     gaaggaggat ggtggtttgg atctttgaat gggaaaaaag gccattttcc tgccgcttat     34560
     gtggaggagt taccttcaaa tgctggcaac acagctacaa aggcataaaa caagactctg     34620
     aacatactac cttcacactc ggtaatcaac aatacagtgt ggttcaaata agaataaagt     34680
     gctcttacct ttacatgttt ttcttttgaa atggatggag ttctacctgc atgtcacagc     34740
     actttgcatt catgattatt agcttgaaac agtcagaaaa aagatggatg ggtggagaca     34800
     gacaaggaag aggctccttg gttcctagag gagtttccaa attctaggag accctagaga     34860
     tgatccagta taacccctgg tgtcacagaa acagacggag tccaaggtgg gttcagctgc     34920
     ttgcctgaag tcagagttat ctggtagaca acagcagtgg gacttagatg tctttttcct     34980
     ctggatttgg gtggcaacag aacacagcag gcctatgagg gggtcaagca gagcctggga     35040
     gatgaggaac acagatcaat tccaagaaga gagacaggca atcaagacac caatgagatc     35100
     aacccaaatt aggggatggt aggatatctc tgacaaaccc acagccaata tcatactgaa     35160
     tggacaaaaa ctggaagcat tccctttgaa aactggcaca agacaggaat gtcctctcac     35220
     cactcctatt caacatagtg ttagaagttc tggccagggc aatcaggcag gagaaggaaa     35280
     taaagggcat tcaattagga aaagaggaag tcaaattgtc cctgtttgca gatgacatga     35340
     ttgtatatct agaaaacccc actgtctcag cccaaaatct ccttaagctg ataagcaact     35400
     tcagcaaagt ctcaagatac aaaatcaatg tgcaaacatc acaagcattc ttatatacac     35460
     caataacaga caaacagaga gccaaatcat gagtgaactc ccattcacaa ttgcttcaaa     35520
     gagaataaaa tacctaggaa tccaacttac aagggatgtg aaggacctct tcaaggagaa     35580
     ctacaaacca ctgctcaatg aaataaaaga ggacacaaag aaatggaaga acattccatg     35640
     ctcatgggta ggaagaatca acattgtgaa aatggccata ttgcccaagg taatttatag     35700
     attcaatgcc atccccatca agctaccaat gactttcttc acaaaattgg aaaaaactac     35760
     tttaaagttc atatggaacc aaaaaagagc ccacattgcc aagtcaatcc taagccaaaa     35820
     gaacaaagcc agaggcatca cgctacctga cttcaaacta tcctacaagg ctacagtaac     35880
     caaaacagca tggtactggt accaaaacgg agatagatat agaccaatgg aacagaacag     35940
     agccctcaga aataatcccg catatctaca actatctgat ctttgacaaa cctgacaaaa     36000
     acaagcaatg gggaaaggat tccctattta ataaatggtg ctgggaaaac tggctagcca     36060
     tatgtagaaa gctgaaactg gatcccttcc ttacacctta tacaaaaatt aattcaagat     36120
     ggattaaaga cttacatgtc agacctaaaa ccataaaaac cctagaagaa aacctaggca     36180
     ataccattca ggacataggc atgggcaagg atttcatgtc taaaacacca aaagcaatgg     36240
     caacaaaagc caaaattgac aaatgggatc taattaaact aaagagcttc tgcacagcaa     36300
     aagaaaccac catcaaagtg aacaggcaac ctacagaatg ggagaaaatt tttgccacct     36360
     accatctgac aaagggctaa tatccagaat ctacaacgaa ctcaaacaaa tttacaagaa     36420
     aaaaacaacc acatcaaaaa gtgggcgaag gatatgaaca gacacttgtc aaaagaagac     36480
     atttatgcag ccaaaaaaca catgaaaaaa tgctcatcat cactggccat cagagaaatg     36540
     caaatcaaaa ccacaatgag ataccatctc acaccagtta gaacggcaat cattaaaaag     36600
     tcaggaaaca acccaggtgc tggagaggat gtggagaaat aggaacactt ttacactgtt     36660
     ggtgggactg taaactagtt caaccattgt ggaagtcggt gtggcgattc ctcagggatc     36720
     tagaactaga aataccattt gacccagcca tcccattact gagtatatac ccaaaggatt     36780
     ataaatcatg ctgctataaa gacacatgca catgtatgtt tattgcagca ctattcacaa     36840
     tagcaaagac ttggaaccaa cccaaatgtc caacaatgat agactagatt aagaaaatgt     36900
     ggcatacact gcaaaaacat gccaaaatgt aaaggccatc aaggctagga agaaactgca     36960
     tcaactaacg agcaaaataa ccagctaaca tcataatgac aggaccaaat tcacacatga     37020
     caatattaac tttaaatgta aatgggctaa atgctccaat taaaaggcac agactggcaa     37080
     attggataaa gagtcaagac ccatcagtgt gctgtattca ggaaacccat ctcacatgca     37140
     gaaacacaca taggctcaaa ataaagggat ggaggaagat ctaccaagca aatggaaaac     37200
     aaaaaaaggc aaggattgca atcctagtct cgaataaaac agactttaaa acaacaaaga     37260
     tcaaaagaga caaagaaggc cattacataa tggtaaaggg atcaattcaa caagaagaac     37320
     taactatcct aaatatatat gcacccaata caggagcacc cagattcata aagcaagtcc     37380
     acaataataa tgggagactt taacacccca ctgtcaacat tagacagatc aacgagacag     37440
     aaagttaaca aggatatcca ggaattgaac tcagctctgc accaagcaga cctaatagac     37500
     atctacagaa ctctccaccc caaatcaaca gaatatacat ttttttcagc accacaccac     37560
     acctattcca aaattgacca catacttgga agtaaagcac tcctcagcaa atgtaaaaga     37620
     acagaaatta taacaaactg tctctcagac cacagtgcaa ccaaactaga acgcaggatt     37680
     aagaaactca ctcaaaacca ctcaactaca tggaaactga acaacctgct cctgaatgac     37740
     tactgggtac ataacgaaat gaaggcagaa ataaagatgt tctttgtaac caatgagaac     37800
     aaagacacaa cataccagaa tctctgggac acattcaaag cagtgtgtag agggaaattt     37860
     atagcactaa atgcccacaa gagaaagcag gaaagatcca aaattgacac cctaacatca     37920
     caattcaaag aactagaaaa gcaagagcaa acacattcaa aagctagcaa aaggcaagaa     37980
     ataactaaga tcagagcaga actgaaggaa atagagacac aaaaaaccct tcaaaaaaat     38040
     caatgaatcc aggagctggc tttttgaaaa gatcaacaaa attgatagac agctagcaag     38100
     actaattaag aagaaaagag agaagaatca aatagacgca ataaaaaatg ataaagggga     38160
     tatcaccacc gatcccacag aaatacaaac taccatcaga gaatactaca aacacctcta     38220
     tgcaaataaa ctagaaaatc tagaagaaat ggataaattc ctcgacacat acactctccc     38280
     aagactaaac aaggaagaag ttgaatctct gaataggcca ataacaggct ctgaaattga     38340
     ggcaataatt aatagcttac caaccaaaaa aagtccagga ccagatggat tcacagctga     38400
     attctaccag aggtacaagg aggagctggt accattcctt ctgaaactat tccagtcaat     38460
     agaaaaagag ggaatcctcc ctaactcatt ctatgaggcc agcatcatcc tgataccaaa     38520
     gcctggcaga gacacaacaa aaaaagagaa ttttagacca atatccttga tgaacattga     38580
     tgcaaaaatc ctcaataaaa tactggcaaa ctgaatccag cagcacatca aaaagcttat     38640
     ccaccatgat caagtgggtt tcatccctgg gatgcaaggc tggttcaaca tacgaaaatc     38700
     aataaacgta atccagcata taaacagaac caaagacaaa aaccacataa ttatctcaat     38760
     agatgcggaa aaggcctttg acaaaattca acaacccttc atgctaaaaa ctctcaataa     38820
     attaggtatt gatgggatgt atctcaaaat aataagagct atctatgaca aacccacagc     38880
     caatatcata tggaatggac aaaaactgga agcattccct ttgaaaaccg gcacaagaca     38940
     gggatgccct ctcctaccac tcctattcaa catagtgttg gaagttctgg ccagggcaat     39000
     caggcagaag aaggaaataa agggcattca attaggaaaa gaggaactca aattgtccct     39060
     gtttgcagat gacatgattg tatatctaga aaaccccatc gtctcagccc aaaatctcct     39120
     taagctgata agcaacttca gcaaactctc aggatgcaaa atcaatgtgc aaaaatcaca     39180
     agcattttta tacaccaata acagacaaac agagagccaa atcatgagtg aactcccatt     39240
     cacaattgct tcaaagagaa taaaatacct aggaatccaa cttacaaggg atgtgaagga     39300
     cctcttcaag gagaactaca accactgctc agtgaaataa aagaggacac aaagaaatgg     39360
     aagaacattc catgctcctg ggtaggaaga atcaatatca tgaaaatggc catgttgccc     39420
     aaggtaattt atagattcaa tgccatcccc atcaagctac caatgacttt cttcacagaa     39480
     ttggaaaaaa ctactttaaa gttcatatgg aaccaaaaaa gagcccgcat tgccaagtca     39540
     atcctaagcc aaaagaacaa agccagaggc atcacgctac ctgacttcaa actatcctac     39600
     aaggctacag taaccaaaac agcatggtac tggtaccaaa acagagatat agaccaatgg     39660
     aacagaacag agccctcaga aataatccca catatctaca accatctgat ctttgacaaa     39720
     cctgacaaaa acaagcaatg gggaaaggat tccctattta ataaatggtg ctgggaaaac     39780
     tggctagcca tatgtagaaa gctgaaactg gatcccttcc ttacacctta tacaaaaatt     39840
     aattcaagat ggattaaaga cttacatgtt agacctaaaa ccataaaaac cctagaagaa     39900
     aacctaggca ataccattca ggacataggc atgggcaagg atttcatgtc taaaacacca     39960
     aaagcaatgt caacaaaagc cgaaattgac aaatgggatc taattaaact aaagagcttc     40020
     tgcacagcaa aagaaaccac catcagagtg aacaggcaac ctacagaatg ggagaaaatt     40080
     tttgcaacct actcatctga caaagggcta atatccagaa tctacaatga actcaaacaa     40140
     atttacaaga aaaaaacaaa caaccccatc aaaaagtggg cgaaggatat gaacagacac     40200
     ttgtcaaaag aagacattta tgcagccaaa atcacatgaa aaaatgctca tcatcactgg     40260
     ccatcagaga aatgcaaatc aaaaccacaa tgagatacca tctcacacca gttagaatgg     40320
     caatcattaa aaagtcagaa aacaacaggt gctggagagg atgtggagaa ataggaacac     40380
     ttttacactg ttggtgggac tgtaaactag ttcaaccatt gtggaagttg gtgtggcgat     40440
     tcctcaggga cctagaacta gaaataccat ttgacccagc cctcccatta ttgggtatat     40500
     acccaaggga ttataaatca tgctgctata aagacacatg cacacgtatg tttatttcgg     40560
     cactattcac aatagcaaag acttggaacc aacccaaatg tccaacaatg atagactgga     40620
     ttaagaaaat gtggcacata tacaccatgg aatactatgc agccataaaa aaggatgagt     40680
     tcatgtcctt tgtaggaaca tggatgaagc tggaaaccat cattctcagc aaactatcga     40740
     aaggacaaaa aaccaaacac cacatattct cactcctagg tgggaattga acaatgagaa     40800
     cacatggaca caggaagggg aacatcacac aacggggact gttgtgggtt gggggagggg     40860
     ggagggatag cattaggaga tatacctaat gaaatgacga gttaatgggt gcagcacacc     40920
     aatatggcac atgtatacat atgtaacaaa cctgcacatt gtgcacatgt accctaaaac     40980
     ttaaagtata ataataataa aaacaagaaa aaaagagata tgtaatagag aagaaaaata     41040
     aaccgttttt atatacacta tttgtatgtt aattataaac cgtggcagta aaagctttcc     41100
     gaacattggc aagaaaagct gaaaaattgt tggtcttcct tacattctct tgaaattctg     41160
     ctaggccctc aagatgaggg gcactatctg acactagaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaatcaaa     41220
     gacaattaga atgagttttt ttatggcaca gaagtatttc taatctagat gctctcatct     41280
     ggtttgaatg tcaattccat cttaatgaaa ttctttgagc aaaaaaggat acacttgatt     41340
     ttcctatgcc aaatatcttt tggacctttc cttcgtttaa tctctaaata ttcaaatctt     41400
     aagtactata atcttgcttt aaatttaaac agatggcact gaaggatcga agagtttagt     41460
     gacacagaat gaccctgccc atcatcttaa acttatatat tttgttttaa ctatttaaac     41520
     tttttttaaa aactgttaag tcatttttat ctgcaacact ttggtctgac tgacttttca     41580
     tttctgacca ctggaattaa aaaaaaaaaa ggaacaattt tctttttttt tgagacagat     41640
     tcttgatttg tcaccaagcc tggaagtaca gtggtgagat cccagctcac tgcaaactgc     41700
     ctcctggctt caagcaattc ttttgcctca gctttctgag tagctgggat taaaggtaac     41760
     atgtccagct aacttttgta ttttcagtag aggcagggtt tcaccatgtt acccaggcta     41820
     gtcttgaatt cctgacctca agtgatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta     41880
     caggcgtaag ccaccatgcc cagcctgaaa aaagaacagt tttcaatgcc cagccttaat     41940
     aacttacaat tatgaaagaa atatctagaa ttttccaagt gaaatggcag gcattagaaa     42000
     atgtggttgc tattccaaga gtggtattta caggggctat taatcaaatg agactcaaag     42060
     tcacgaataa cagtattgtc cttgtatgta gttgtaccag ctggtacact gggacaagtc     42120
     tccagtgaag gtggtcaaag gaaaagaaat tcacccatta tcagatttcc agctctcttg     42180
     tacagattgc ttaggaaaca aggtccatga ccacagcaga gaaacaacag caaagggcat     42240
     ctggtccaaa atgtatcctg tatattctat tttaatatac tatcatgtac tatcagatta     42300
     taccataaga gaatatccaa tttagagaaa attgaaaagc taaataagag gtttttgggg     42360
     cttgcttttt aaaatctagc actaattaga ttggaagata tttatctaga gagaaaaaaa     42420
     cccaaacatc tgtataagaa atcagattct caaaatataa attccccaga aataggaact     42480
     gagtcaccag ggcacagcgc tgtgccagct cagcagttca cctgagtgtc tgtcagctac     42540
     aaaggcttta agatgatagc ataggtgtaa tgagctgaga accattttta tgaattccaa     42600
     taaattaagg attacttgta caggggcatt agaagaataa acaagagata aatatatttc     42660
     tattctcttc ttgttcacat tattatcaat gatatatatt ccttataaat caaaggcctt     42720
     ttggccagct gcagaatcag taactaacct ttattatcaa tgtgtgagat ttgcaggatt     42780
     cgtatttcaa aaattatttt tgggaaaata aattgttaaa ttctggtgac tttacatttg     42840
     attttaaaat catctacttg gataaattct aatattcaca tttaagcagc cattttcttt     42900
     aaagcttcac cttttaaaaa agttatctaa aaggacaatt catatttgca cataaatgca     42960
     atgatctttg tttttagatt gttcagacac tgtggcactg tgccatcctg aagagatgct     43020
     acttattaag gatcttagac agtatctata aatcaagact atattcactt cctttagaag     43080
     actatactcc aagaagcaag actgaaaaag gaagcaatag agtctggagc tattactttc     43140
     ctccatatta ctttatatgc tgattgaaat aacattttgg aacgccaatc ttaaatacca     43200
     gttaggagat attagtacat accttcatag tcccttgctt cattgagatg taaggaaaac     43260
     ataaatgggc tctcaggatt cttagggtca atattagtga aaataaactg caatttctca     43320
     cctgaaaaga gattaaacta tttagtgtgt caaagctttc aatggagata ccctttctta     43380
     ctccatcttt gatcaatatc tgcactgcta agtatataca gtcatgtaac caacatttcc     43440
     aaatgcagaa gttacaaatt cgttttaaaa tatattatag tttcaatatg acatcaaaaa     43500
     tacagtcaac aaaagaaaaa ctagataaat tggactttgt taaaattaaa aacttttgtc     43560
     cttcaaagaa cactatcaag agaaggaaaa gacaacctaa agaatgggag aaaatatttg     43620
     caatcattta tctgataaag gttgaataca tagaatgtat ttagaactcc tgcaactaaa     43680
     aaccacccaa ttcaataatg ggcaaaaaat ctgaaaggac atttctccaa agaatatata     43740
     aaaatggcca ttaagtccac aaaaagatgc tcaacatcat tagtcattat gtaaatgcaa     43800
     gccgaaacta caatgagata ccatttcata cccagtagga tggcaaataa ataaatggaa     43860
     aataacagtg ttggtgagga tgtggagaaa ctggaaccct agcacattgc tggtagaaat     43920
     gtaaaatggt acagccactg tgaaaaacag tttggcagat cctcaaaaag tttaaataca     43980
     gaattacaat atgacccagc aattccactc ctaagtatag agctgaaaga attgaaaacg     44040
     gagactcaag tagataactg tatgccaatg ttcatagcag cattattcat agtagccaaa     44100
     aagtggaaat aacccagtgc ccaccaacag atgaatggat atagtacaca catacaatgg     44160
     aacattgttc agccataaaa tggaatgaac ttggctgctg tggtcttttt tatgattcac     44220
     taggagaact cataggattc actcagcagc atatggccat actcagggct atgatttatt     44280
     acagcaaaag gatatagcga aatcagcaaa gggaaaaggt acatggagta aagtccaagg     44340
     agaaccaggc ataagcgtcc agaacctcta atgagcttcc tggtagacaa cacttcacgt     44400
     gtgttgtcac aatttgatgc tgaaggaatt agcacatcct gtttgactct actgggttag     44460
     cactcttgaa agcttgtgcc aggtttcctg tagactttgc cccacgtgct attgtttctt     44520
     tgctgattct gttctgtatc cttttgctgc agtaaatctt agctatgaat atgactatat     44580
     gctaattcct tctagtgaat caccaaacct gagagtgatc ttgggaagcc cagacacaac     44640
     agacattgcc atacattagc gatgtacatg tgatatacat gcaacaggca tcaaaatatt     44700
     catgtgtttt agcctactaa ttcctctctg ggaaacaatt ctatgaaaaa ccatgcaaag     44760
     aaaatgggaa agtctatgct cactggttta caatagtccc cctttatcca ccagggagaa     44820
     atatgttcca agaccccaac agatgcctga aaccgtagat agtagcaaac actatgtaaa     44880
     cagatgctcc ttgacttaca atggcattat gtgccaataa acacatcaaa agtcaaaaac     44940
     attgtaaggc aaaaatgcat ttaacaccct gataaactga ttataaagtc aaaaaattgt     45000
     aagttgaact atcataagtc agggactgtc catactatgt attttcctat acattcatac     45060
     ctatgataaa gtttatgttg taaattaggc acagaaagag attaacaaca actaataata     45120
     aaacagaaca attacaacaa cgtactgtaa taaaagttat attaatgtag cttctctccc     45180
     tctcacaata tcttattgta ccatactcat ccatttaata tcatcagacc acggttgaac     45240
     atgggtaaca gaaaccgtga ataagtgggg atgactgtat ttctaaaact gaaaaaaatg     45300
     gcagaatcca aatgttggta gaagcaaaat atgtgctaaa caataggtaa atggttgaat     45360
     aaattatgct atattaatag aatgaattat tacatcacta cttaaaaatt accattatga     45420
     agactatagc aactgaggaa atgctcagaa tacaatgctg ataggaagaa caaaaattat     45480
     ttgcatgttg acaatcatgc caaaaataca tttattaaaa taccgaatga taaataacta     45540
     cagcatcagt agctacatta gaataattta aaaattgtaa ttttttccta ttttctaaaa     45600
     agttaatgtg gtcattattt tagttgaaaa tatttttaaa attttcctct acttaagaaa     45660
     agacatactt ttgtaatctc ctatatttta tttatattaa caaacttacc ataaattttt     45720
     cgaatttcta gtccaagtcg atctttatac aagtctgcag atttctgcag ccttttcaac     45780
     ctctctgcat tcgctttatt agcagtagaa atagctgatt aaaaaacaca cacaatatta     45840
     aatgttttaa ataatagcaa attaatgctc actgagttaa ttttttaaac ttaaaatcaa     45900
     ctataaaatg atgccaagcc tataaatctg cttccattta ttgtttctat atctaccagt     45960
     tggctaaaag aagcttctgt tcattcaagt tggaaggaaa aactgctcag gaaaatgtat     46020
     acagatagtg agaagaataa gccttgtctt actttattat gtagtagcat aagtaaatag     46080
     gccagggatt tgtatggctg gcatagaaat agacttcatt tatactactg tgcttttttt     46140
     ctagataacc aattgcttca tgggaaaatg ttctcttcct ttaacataac tatttcttat     46200
     gagaggtcag ccttatttca tgctagttta gttttttctt tttttttttt ttaagttagc     46260
     acaatagtcc ctaaatatac tttaaagtag cacaatagtc cctaagtaat gagaaaaata     46320
     atttcacaat ttagacttgg ataagaactc cacaagaaaa agcatttaca aaacaaactt     46380
     tgctattttc agatttgaag aatagactac ctagtttgtg agcaaacaag gctcctttct     46440
     aaaagatgca ttcatttgaa tatgaaagtt ctttatacat aagagatttt gcagcataaa     46500
     aagaacgctt aacattacct ggcagagaat gtatggtcaa taaatatttg ttgcataaag     46560
     tacactatgg cttgtccaaa gcaaatttta tttagggaca ccatttctca ctctgcttaa     46620
     ttaaaacctc ctatcaattt cattattact gattatatta aaaataacaa gagaaggccc     46680
     tttaagtaag acaaaagaaa ataaaaccca gttagttaac tttaatgaca tcttgcagag     46740
     atgagtggct ggttatgccc tggggtactg taatccattt ttagcaatga actggaacag     46800
     gcaagatgta cttaataaag gtgaaccgtc accactttcc attttagatc agtatgttta     46860
     taagaggaaa cttactttcc ttcttcctag aatattcttc cttaagatcc tggatatttg     46920
     cagtcagtac ttccaattcc tgctttttgc cttttacttc agcaatcaat tttaacaagt     46980
     tatccttttt ttcttgaatg agcttatttt gcctgctgat ctctgtaaga agcacaaggt     47040
     attagctaga atatgcttgg ctctctgaca tgtatctaag aaaaggccaa agtttactga     47100
     ctttcataaa gattaataaa gaatgttttg actgataagc attttctaat gattcaaaat     47160
     tataaaagac aaaaaagaaa aaaaacctaa tctattcttt cctacttact catctttaaa     47220
     aaaaatgaga cagaaaagct tcttaaaatg agaataccaa attaaatcaa gaaacagaaa     47280
     atcaaaagat catgaccctt gcagctcccc actccaaata agcacagaaa taaaaactac     47340
     caacaaagat aactaaactc tattatttat tttattttta tatttttttg aaacagggtc     47400
     tcactgttgc ccaggctgga atacagtggc acaatcacta ctcattgcag cctcccacct     47460
     tagcatccct agtacctggg actacaggca cacaccacat cacgcctggc tgatttttaa     47520
     atttttttgt ctcactatgt tgcccaggct agtctcaaac tcttaggctc aagcaatcct     47580
     cctacctcag cctctcaaag tgctgggatt accagtgcaa gccaccacgc ctggccaaca     47640
     accaaactct agaagatggt tttaaacagt gctttgagga aaagcctcac tctaatgcta     47700
     tataaattat tccggaacat accaaaagac agaaataagt gaaggaagac aggtgggcag     47760
     gcaaagctta caatgtaagc ataattctaa agctaaaaca aaaaattaaa gatagcactg     47820
     gccctctgcc cacaactata taaactaatc tcacttaaaa acataggtgc aaagatgctc     47880
     aataaaatat taagttacat taaaaataat ccactaagag caaatatagt ttataccaag     47940
     gattttacat agtgaaggtg taatattagg aaaatccatc acatgaataa gaattgaaga     48000
     gacatttcat atgaattcag catccactcc tgactattct taactataaa tggaaggaca     48060
     tttaacatga tagaaacaaa tcaaaaacct ttcaaatctc atcatatata tttggcattt     48120
     ccaaaaggaa taaaatagat gccagttagc actgttattt aatatttccc tagaagtttc     48180
     tggccaagac aagatattta gctggtaaaa ctataaggaa aaaacaagaa ctatttttca     48240
     ttatatgtag acaatagaca tctatctaga atactcagaa aaatctactg aaaacctatc     48300
     agaatttgtg gtactacacc ccaaaaaaat caatagtttt tgtacataac accagtgatt     48360
     aatacatagg taagaataga tgtttatact aatattaata gctgcaatat tcgtttttgt     48420
     tctttgtttt tattggtttt attagttttt gctattctgt gctattttta agtactggca     48480
     tacgttggag atattgcaag ttctattcca gatcactgtg ataaagcgaa tattgccata     48540
     aagcaagtca cacaaatgtt ttggtttccc agtacataga aaagttattt tacactatat     48600
     tgtagtctat taagcgtgca atagcattat ggctaaaaaa caaatgtaca tatcttaatt     48660
     aaaaatattt tattgctaaa atatgctaat aatcatctga gccttcagca agtcctaaac     48720
     ttttgcaggg ggagggtctt gccttgatgt tgatggctgc tgactgatca gagtggtagc     48780
     tgctgaaggt tggggtggct gtggcaattt attataatag gacaacaata aagtttgctg     48840
     cattaatcaa ctctttcatg aaagatttct ctgcagcata caatgatgtt tgacagcatt     48900
     tacccctggt agaactgttt tcaaaattgg agtcagtctt ctcaaaccct gcgctacttt     48960
     atcaactaag tttatataat agtctaaatc ctttgttgtc agttaaacaa tgttcacagc     49020
     atcttcacca ggagtggatt ccattccata aaaccacttt ctttgcttat ccataagaag     49080
     caactcctta tccattcaag ttttatctga gatggcagca attcggtcac atcttcaggc     49140
     tccacttcta aatctaggtc tcttgtgatt tctaccacat ctgtagttac tttctccatt     49200
     gaagtcttga acctctcaaa gtcatccatg agggttaaaa tcaacttctt ccaagctctt     49260
     gttcatgttg atattttgac ctcttcctgt gaatcacgaa tgttctatgg catctagaat     49320
     ggtgaatcct ttctctggaa ggttttcaat ttattttgcc cagatctatc agagttaatc     49380
     actatttggg tagctataac cttatttctt aaataatgag acatgaaagt caaaactacc     49440
     ccttgatcca tgggctgcag aatggatgtt gtcttagtag gcatgaaaac aacactaatc     49500
     tccatcagcg ctcttgagtg accagatgca ctgttaatga gcagaaatat tttgaaagcc     49560
     atcttttttc ctgagtagaa ggcctcaaca gtgggcctaa aatattcagt aaactatgct     49620
     atacacacat gtgctgtcat ctaggctttg ctattccatt tatagaacat aggcagagta     49680
     gatttagtat aattcttaag ggccctagga tttggggaat ggcaagtgag cacaggcttc     49740
     aacttaaagt caccaggtgc attagtcact aaagagtcag cctgtctttg aagcttcaaa     49800
     gcaggccttg acttctctct agctatgaaa gtcctagatg gcatcttctt ccaatagaaa     49860
     actgcttttt catctacatc aaaaatccgt tctttaatga tctgttcatt caatgatctt     49920
     agctagataa cttgctgtag cttctacatt agcacttctg cttcatcttg catttttatt     49980
     ttatggaggc agctgctttc cttaaacctc aagaaccaac ttctgctagc ttcaaacttt     50040
     tcttctgaaa cttcctcatc tttctcaagc cttcacagaa ttgaagaggg ctagagtctt     50100
     accctgaatt aggcttttgc ttaagggaat gttgtggttt gtttgctctt ctattaaggc     50160
     cactaaaatt ttctctaaca ataaggctgt ttctctttct tatcattcgt gtgttcactg     50220
     aattagcact tttgctaatt ggcgcaagag gccaagcttt cagcctatct cagcttttga     50280
     cacactttcc cactaagctt aatcatttct agcttttgat ttaaagtgag agacctatga     50340
     ctccttcttt cagttgaaca attagaggtc actatagggt tattaattgg cctaatttca     50400
     atactggaga ctagggaggc ccaaggagag gaagaatgac aggaatggct ggtcagcaga     50460
     gcagtcagaa gtcattcaac atttatccat taagtttgtc atcttatatg ggtgtcattc     50520
     atggcactta aaacaattac aatagtaacg tcaaagatca ctgatcatag agcaccacaa     50580
     gaaatataat aatgacaagt ttgaaatctt gtgagaatta ccaacatgtg acagatacga     50640
     agtcaccaca tgctgatgga aaaatggtgc ccacagactt gcttgacaca tggttgccat     50700
     taacctttaa tttgtaaaaa ttgcaatatc tgtaaagtgc aataaagtga agtgcaataa     50760
     aacaaggtat ccatgtacca aaatactggc cttttacatc tgtctcacat attggccagc     50820
     acctcattac tccttcttgg ctttaatctc tctaccttcc ctgccttccc catgtccctg     50880
     tcactctctg tacaagttct tcttgcccta gccctcttaa acactcagct tctgcaacta     50940
     cccacccctt tctcacacac atgctcaaaa taaaaacaac aatgcctgtg cataaacctg     51000
     gccaaacctc tctgctggga aaggagtaac cctggcagga ccacttcttc ctctgtttgt     51060
     tggaagaaag atacaaccgc tgctacttgg ggcccattgc acagagatgg tgtccccaaa     51120
     atgccaatca gggggctaga caaagcagga aggcacaaaa agcataagag ctctagggca     51180
     gaggctactg aggtcaaata agcagagcca gtagagctca agtggtgctt tataatgtgc     51240
     ttatgaattt ctgaattaaa gatttagttt tactaatact taaatgaaat ctaaacactt     51300
     taaaatcgaa tgccaattaa tgccagtagt ctagaattgt atcaaataaa ccaaactatc     51360
     tatactgtca tttaattcca gtatcataat tacaagtaaa tatgtgctcc aaggatgagt     51420
     aatctttttc tcaaagttaa acaagttagt ccatcactga atttatgaag actttaaata     51480
     ccataaatct tcaaaagaga aatacactat gatatgtttc ccaaattgaa gtgagcatgg     51540
     aattctcagt gcttgaacaa catctctcaa gacaagcatt cctcaggcaa caggaaaatc     51600
     tcgtttacag aggtaacaaa cagaaaattc agaatcaacc tagatcaaga aatatgtagg     51660
     ctctgtttga aaaaaactgc aaagcttgtc tgagacacat atttgatctg gatatatgaa     51720
     gagatatttt atgcttctaa atattataaa agatatgcca aacaaacgtt ggcagttagg     51780
     aagttaatat gataaatgaa atatcaaatc aatgttcaag aggtagatta ttctctaaac     51840
     agtgccgaaa tccaaaataa attctttagt cttttactac ttttttaaaa gaagaggaaa     51900
     aacactcagc agttcagtaa cttgcccaaa gctgtatttg ctaggctaaa ataaataata     51960
     agggccaggc atggcggctc acgcctgtaa tccctgcact ttgcaacgct caggctggcg     52020
     gatcatgagg tcaggagatc gagaccatcc tggccaacat ggtgaaacct cgtctctgct     52080
     aaaaatacaa aaatgagctg ggcgtggtgg cgtgtgcctg taattccagc tactagggag     52140
     gctgaggcag aatagcttga accagggagt cggaggttgc agtgagctgc gatcacgcca     52200
     ctgcactcca gcctggtgac agggcgagac cctgtctcaa aaataaataa ataaataaat     52260
     aaacagacag acagactgca ttcaaactca ggtcttgact tcaaaggcaa tgctttgccc     52320
     attaaattat cctcctccaa caatgggtta ccattttaat ctcaagagga agacacaaat     52380
     acaaattcct aagaaaaaaa cagacaaagg gataaacaga tgaaacacag aatgcagatg     52440
     gctaataaat atgaaagata atttaacctc agattaatca cagaaatgca agtaaaacag     52500
     taagatttca attttcattt attacaacaa tgtttacaga aataattact aatattgaga     52560
     ggaatgcaaa atgctagggt ccttctagaa aatatttttg acattgtaaa ataaaagagc     52620
     cttaaaaata tttacctcct ttgacccagc aatttcattt ttacaaagtt accctaggga     52680
     aataggatac gtgcaaatat ttatatataa aaattatttt tcagtattta taatgaaaaa     52740
     ctgaaaacat cttcaatggc taacaagcaa atgattttta aaatatggta tatcgataag     52800
     atggaatgta ttttcaaaac aatttagcaa tgtgggaaaa tattctcaaa gttgaaaaaa     52860
     aaagatagtt atatagatac catgaatata attacgttaa aaacctacat agctcatgaa     52920
     aaacaaaagc tagaaagttg ttttgttaaa tatggttctc aacattacag gtgatatttt     52980
     ttgcttttct gtatgttcta agaatatgaa catgatcata tattacgtca agtataattt     53040
     aaaaataaac atcttactag aaagaaaaat gctactattt aaagaaaaaa attaagtaga     53100
     attgtactac acaagaaatt cagattgaaa gtcaaaggtc tcaagtctga ttcagcttat     53160
     cagttcttac ccaaagatct cggtcaaaat cacgacttct gaaactcttt tgctcatttg     53220
     taaaatgggg ataacattgg ctacctcatt cactggggtt agagtatcca gtaataataa     53280
     tacaaaaact tttaaactag tgacacataa ataccacata tgagagtgtt tttattataa     53340
     catttgaaga actgtgtgat ttgtggccaa tacaaatata ggagtcctcg atgctgtatg     53400
     accatttttt tttctttttt tttttttgag atggagtctc gctctgtcgc caggctgcag     53460
     tgcagtggtg caatctcagc tcactgcaac ctccgcctcc tgggttcaag caattctcct     53520
     gcttcagccc cctgagcaga caggactaca ggcactcacc accacgccca gctaattttt     53580
     atatttttag tggagatggg gtttcaccat gttggccagg atggtcttga tcttttgacc     53640
     tcgtgatccg cctgcctcgg cctcccaaat tgctaggact acaggtgtga gccactgcac     53700
     ctggcctgct gtgtgactat tattacatgt gtacatagca ggctgtctta ttcccaggac     53760
     cgacatttca aactttcact cctacacacc agaggaaccc ttctttgcat tttcactcca     53820
     atgcacgtca gtatagcaca atggaaagag cacagacact atcattgtga tcctagatcc     53880
     tctatttacc ttaggcaagt ttcttaacct cagtgagctt caatttcctc atctgtaaaa     53940
     cagggataat ctctgtctta gacagacttc aggatttata ataatgtaaa agcctgccca     54000
     tagtaaatac ctctcacttt caatagatga tcttccttct tgtgataatt agaatttatg     54060
     gctccagaac tttaggctat tttgttctct gcagtatctt cctagaagat tacctggtat     54120
     acagcagtag ctcaacaagt atttggtcag tgaatgaatt ccttccatct ttcttgttcc     54180
     caaaatatct atctcaatct ttaccttact ggatctacct gtgacttaca gtgttaacaa     54240
     caccctttat tatttctctc ctcttttagt tttggtgacc ttctctctta cttcctctgt     54300
     tctccaatta cgaattctgt ctttcctggt cgtttccatt taactctctc aaattggaga     54360
     ggaaatgtaa tgctctgaag atgagtaagg cttctggagt taatctgatg atctggggca     54420
     aatcataatc tctctgggac tgcaatatca gaaaagtagg aataataata ataaatgata     54480
     ccaaccctgg agaactatca tgaggactga aggaggtggt caatgtaagg catttagcac     54540
     agtacctggc acacagtaat gagtaaataa atattattac taaccaaggc taccttcttt     54600
     cactctacat attcttccac agcttcaacc ccctaaatac actaaagact cacaaatccc     54660
     tatcttcagc aaagaccact tttctggctg gcttccagat gaatatatcc attgcctatc     54720
     agatatcgcc acctgaagac ttgctgcaca ataaactcag catattcacc caacatgttt     54780
     aaaattgaac ccacatatgt ttccttccca cctataaaaa catgctcctc ctctctttca     54840
     atccctcact tagtaaatgc atcaccactg attcatactc catgtcagaa ggaatcatcc     54900
     tagaccacag catactctca ccttcaggcc cacagtcttg agtctaactc ttcagacctg     54960
     tcactggtcc aagccatact cattatgtgc ctgtactatt acactaaatt tttcctttaa     55020
     ctggtctctt tatggacaac aatctcactc ccctcctgtt tattgtgcat gattactaga     55080
     ttgcttcttc tggcatataa atccaatatc attttccagg ttgaaatcct gtagcaactc     55140
     tttatctcct gaaaaacaaa gtctaacccc ctttgcacaa catggaatgt ccatcatctg     55200
     gccaacgagt tcttccagcc acttctccac cactccccat ccacagggta ctctagccat     55260
     cccagaactt aacaagctct catgttcctg ccatattcca tgtgctgttc cctcttccca     55320
     gaatgtaatg ctgactctgt tgaacatccc taaccctcct ttatgtgatt ttctccaaag     55380
     tagtgtggta taatcagacc gcaggttcaa atcatatttc tgttcattat cagctatctg     55440
     accttgagaa agttgcttaa cctctctgtg cttattttgt cataaaaaag cagtatctat     55500
     acctcttagg gttgttgtga ggattcatga gtcaatatat gcaaagagct tagaacaggg     55560
     cttagcacat ggtatacaag gtaatggtta gctattaaat atcctgcatt cctcactgga     55620
     agaaccaaac cctccagatt ctatcctcac acagcatcta ttacattatt ctaacaacga     55680
     atacaatctt tttttttttt ttttttttgg agacagggtc tcactctgtc gcccaggctg     55740
     gagtgaagtg gcatgatcac ggctcactgt aacctcaatc tcctgggctc aagcgatcct     55800
     cctgtctcag cctcctgagt agctgggact acaggtgccc accaccacac ctggctaatt     55860
     tttccttaat ttttattgag acaaggtctc actatattgc ccaggctggt cttgaactcc     55920
     tggactcagg caatcctcct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattact ttggcttgag     55980
     ccatcgagcc tggaacaata tattttaatt gtggtttccc tatctatatc ccccacaata     56040
     ttgtgagtag attatacttt atgcactgtt gtctccttag tggtgggcaa tagcagtcat     56100
     atgttcattg aattaattaa acttgagtaa actgtatttc tgttcaagta taaactgatt     56160
     tctttttttt tttttgagat ggagtcttgc tctgtcgccc aggctgcagt gcagtggcgc     56220
     gatctgggct cactgcaagc tccgcctccc aggttcacgc cattctcctg cctcagcctc     56280
     cagagtagct gggaccatag gcgccggcca ccaggcccag ctaatttttt gtatttttag     56340
     tagagacaag gtttcaccgt gttagccagg atggtcttga tctcctgacc tcgtgatccg     56400
     cccgcctcag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga accaccccgc ccggccaagt     56460
     ataaactgat ttttaaaaga aaaatattga taatgctttt agattttaga ctatatagag     56520
     cataacttca tactatagat aatctttaag agcacagttt gagactcaca gcagtaaaac     56580
     tgacagttcc aaacttaatt ttctaatgcc tagggatcct acaaagaagt tttaaagaac     56640
     ccaaactcaa tatcactctt tcacacacac atgcaaacaa aagtggtttt cttttttgct     56700
     tatggttaca gagggaatga gagaagcagt gaagggcatg gaagcttcag ggcagattag     56760
     aaagtaaaca tgggtaggcc ggttgcagtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga     56820
     ggccaaggtg ggcagatcac ctaaggtcag gagattgaga ccatcctggc taacacggtg     56880
     aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagtggtgc gtggtggtgc gcacctgtag     56940
     tctcagctac ttgggaggct gaggcaggag aatcacttga acccagaagg caaaggttgc     57000
     agtgagccga gatcatgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagcgaga ctccatctca     57060
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa gaaaataaag aaagaaagta aacatgggta aaagtgtagc     57120
     aaataaccta ctggggtaac aaagtcaaat gccttcatgg gccacacaat gagtaaagtg     57180
     ggtaagtcaa ggctacccat tttgcaaatg aaagaacata tgccccatgt aaggacattc     57240
     tagtctaata ttgtttaaaa catggtgcct ttaaaccaag tatctctagt ggaatttgaa     57300
     ctgtggacac atgtttgtgt cctgtgtgta agaattcagt aaaaactact ggtttactct     57360
     ggacaacctg gagagtagta gaaataagat ggcaagaata gtagtaaaaa tatggagaaa     57420
     aacactgtca gagtactaac agagctgaga gaactctagc ttttcaatcc ccaggctgtg     57480
     atttccaacg tgaaaacaaa ctcatctttt aaaaaatact ggcatttata ccttaacact     57540
     gacaaatctc acaagtatag tgctgagtga aaaaatggac agaagacata caagagaatg     57600
     ccatttatat aacattcaaa aacacaatac tagaggccag gcatggtggc tcacacccga     57660
     aatcctagca ctttgggcag ccaaagtgag cggactgctt gagcccagga gtttaagacc     57720
     agcctgcaca atatggtgaa accccatctc tacaaaaaat atgaaattag ccaggcatgc     57780
     tggtgtgcac cagtggtccc agctacttag ggggtgaagt gggagtatca cttgagccga     57840
     ggaggtcgag gctgaaatga gcctagatca tgccactgca ccccagcctg gctgacaaag     57900
     tgagactctg tcaccaggca cggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggctg     57960
     aggcaggcag atcacgaggt caggagattg agaccgtctt ggctaacaca gtgaaaccct     58020
     gtctgtacta aaaatacaaa aaattagcca ggcgtggttg caggcgcctg tagtcccagc     58080
     tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagagtggcg tgaacccagg aggcggagct tgcagtgagc     58140
     caagatcgcg ccactgcact ccagcctggg caacagagcg agactctgtc tcaaagtgag     58200
     accctgtctc aaaaaatgac acaaaaaacc cccacaatac taaacaatat attgataggt     58260
     tagttgtgga aggtgggaga aggtgtaaca taggatgttc tttcttaaac tgtatagtat     58320
     gtcaatgttt attcctatat ataagcacat gtatatgtgt taatgtgtat gtatttgtgt     58380
     gtgtatgtgt ctatatatat gtatatatat atattttaat ttttaatttt ttttttaaat     58440
     cttttgtaga gacagggttt caccatgttg cttgggctgg tcttcaactc ctgagctcga     58500
     gggatccacc caacttggcc tcccaaagtg ttgggattac aggcatgagc cactacatgt     58560
     acgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat acacacacac     58620
     atatatatgt atatatatac acatatatgt atatatatac acatatatat acatatatat     58680
     atacacatat atatacatat atatatacac atatatatac atatatatac acatatatat     58740
     atacacacac acaacatata cacacttgtg tacacaaaat acattgtctt acttgtatga     58800
     gagatttcat gataaagatg ttttatctaa aaaaaacccc atgatttata ctttttcaca     58860
     tacgattttg atattccaga aacatctcaa ccattcgttc ttcttccttt aatttcacag     58920
     acagcttttc tgaaagagaa attgaacttt caattcagct gcaataacac taaaaaataa     58980
     actagaacag caaaaccagc atgttacaag ttaacactag gtacctgcaa atgctttgat     59040
     ggaatccttg taggtatctc ttagtcccgc catctgacag gaggtgtccg tacttttgaa     59100
     tttattccaa aattcattta tgcttttatc gaaaagtgcc agttcgtcct ctaccattat     59160
     gtaggacaat gctaaaaaca gaatacatat tgcatttttt aagttactga aatcaaatca     59220
     cccacatatt ccaatcgggt atacagtatt ttggcaattt gtcctttgct agaaaatagc     59280
     aacttatctt taattctagg tattcaaggg tagatcaagc cacctgggct taactgttgt     59340
     taacgtgcag caataattca ggacaccttt acctcctagc agcttgttag taggtaagtg     59400
     taactgcaca ggacactcac acgcactatg accctgggtc cattttctca caagtaaaac     59460
     tgttgacttc tgaaacccct gatccaactc taaccctttc tgaacagaga tcatcaggat     59520
     agccaggtgg ccggcaccct cccatagaat aagaccccac acatctatcc tgtctctctc     59580
     ctccacctca gaacagtaaa agttaacagt aaaataggga ctaaggtggg agtttagtag     59640
     gttccgtcga ggatgtatac aagtcacctc gggcctcagt atcctctgta aaaggaggtc     59700
     ctgggagaat cctggaccca ccagtactct gcgacgctaa aaccttccca ggaggaccaa     59760
     agatacctcc tgcagtgaaa cccagaacgc tttgggttcg cagctgccca ccccaccagg     59820
     ctgtgaggcc caaacagcaa caagatgcgc atttcacaaa cgccgccgca aatacacaca     59880
     tcccgccctc aaattcactt tcccttattg cgacaggggg gccaaggagc ccagctcggc     59940
     gcccaactcc cttaccttcg caggcaggcc tgagtcccgc cgccttcccc acaccagatc     60000
     cgcgcccact ctagccaaca gccggactct aggctcagct cccgcagccc cgccaacttt     60060
     ccgatttcaa acctagtgca cttcccgcca cccgcctcca ggcgcaggct ggccttctga     60120
     ttggccgata gcgcaggctc tccttgacag gattggttga actcaccctt ggattctcga     60180
     ggggaaaatg ggggaacagg gcattctggg attcgtagtt cttttctgaa caacagccag     60240
     agtctccgct gtgacccgaa agtattaata gcacccgaag ggctcgccca cgacaagtca     60300
     tttatcggct tcaaataaag gtttctggaa caaatacaga tattgacctt taatcgtatc     60360
     ttttgcaaca aatacatcct cttctttgta ttcaccttgt aaagttgact tcaattgtga     60420
     gtgggcagaa acattcagat ggtcctcaga ataggttttt actgcttaca aaaatattcc     60480
     ttcttttcta ctcccccagc ttctctaaca atgtttttga ggcctaatag aacactatgt     60540
     tactatcttg cagaagtgga agaaactaga gcactatcaa aatcacctgc tatttccttg     60600
     aggacaggaa tgaggcacaa ggtattcaac taggatttgc cagagtagac aagctgcagg     60660
     gaatcagcgt tgtccagaaa ctctgaaagg tgacatagat tcggtatttg aatccttctt     60720
     ggtaaagctg aggaagaaag aaaactaggg aaagaaccta gagaatatgc tttctgaaga     60780
     atggaaaata aagttggcta aaataatgaa gtcaaagtta ttattttaat cttagactat     60840
     gatatgtttg tgaaaataaa gcctcttatt atacaccaaa aggtctttac tatactagtt     60900
     tcttttcatt ttcatcaaca atacaaacac caacaagaag taaatatgta aaaaacattc     60960
     tcagaggacc agatattagc cattctttat ccaagaacta aattaagacc tatgaaatca     61020
     ggacaagtta ttatgaatat ttaacacttc acaatatacc caaaagtcac cttgcagcct     61080
     agagactgct attaatacag ttagacatag agtttactat gataaatctc ctttcatttg     61140
     caaatatttt cccaagaact tctaatttta tatatctgat actatttacc ttaaagcaaa     61200
     attttatgag ttgagcatct cagaatttca gctgattgag tgctggtact catttttagg     61260
     gttttctcag taccaaatta gtgaagacag tatttaagaa gattcatgga agagggctga     61320
     tttggtacca tgttgatgaa ttcctcactg ggtttataca ctggtcttta tcagactgtt     61380
     cagtgaagat tcttgctctc tttgggtctt cagctgaggg gagtgattgc cctaccaatg     61440
     tgctgttttt agggcagcct caggttgtct attgtttttt attctgtgag tgctcctccc     61500
     caaccaggat gtgaggaaga agtttgtcgt ttgtcaaaat tttcatttct gaaagactgg     61560
     ctgaataatt tctctctaat ccccaaggat agctagagac aaccagctct tctttctgct     61620
     cagtacacag aatagggcct tcagctttct cagcattaaa aaggggaaaa cagacccccc     61680
     gacccattat cattcacaca actccaccat gaccaccacc accatactta catacctttc     61740
     atttcaaacc aaccagggtt tattgagttt ctattttgtg ccaggtactg agctgagcac     61800
     tgccttctct gggatatacg gtctgtgacc cagggttggg tttctgcagg gtggggaata     61860
     gaaagatgcc acatgttccc aggctggagg tgtttctgga tggtggttat agtcttgctc     61920
     agattgaatg ctccattgct cctcccctga aaacttaatt ctttctccaa agggtgaatg     61980
     ataatggcgt ataaggataa aagatcattg tcctctatta cacatacact tgctgggtag     62040
     atactttgca tcttgggggg cagagctaaa gataggaatg atcgtgaata atgccatggt     62100
     ttagactata agttccccac ctgtaagtat aaggttctct ttacgacatt cacatttatg     62160
     ctgacattca catttatatt ttcaacatcc attcactgag aaaattgaaa aattaaaagt     62220
     tactatgaat tcaaaagagg agtctcttct tgcagattcc aggttgagga cctacaatat     62280
     tgaaaatgaa aagattcttg aacagaaact ttcaatcttc tagatttctg aatggcctgt     62340
     gtcaaacact gcaatagatg atttaagaaa gcaagttttc tgacaattgc tataaagtac     62400
     agtatacaaa gtggagtcaa tgccaggtta cacttggact ctttcatctc cttcctagaa     62460
     ttaaaaaaat aaaataaaat ggaggaaggg ctgggacctt gtatcagtct gttctcacat     62520
     tgctataaag aaacacctga gactgggtaa tttataaaga aaagaggttt aattggctca     62580
     tggtctgcaa gctgtacagg aagaagagca gcatctgctt ctagggaggc ttcaggaaac     62640
     ttccaatcat ggcagaaggc gaatggggag aaggtacttc atgtgccaaa gcaggagcaa     62700
     gagaggtcag gaggaggggg aggtgccaca catttttaaa tgaccagatc tcatgagaac     62760
     tcactcactg ttacaaagac agtaccaaga ggatggtatt aaaccattca taagaaatcc     62820
     accctcatga tccaatcccc tcccaccact atgctggagg tctgatgtgg tttggatctg     62880
     tgtggtagaa ggaagtcacc aaattttatc ccccaaaaag aaactataaa actggaccaa     62940
     attatcaaaa acaacaattt aagtgacctg gaagttgact aacagattgc agcaaactaa     63000
     gaagcattta ttcatgagaa actactcaaa aacattatgc taagtgaaag aatccgggtg     63060
     caaaagacta catatactat gatttaattt acataaaata accagaaaag gcagattccc     63120
     agacacagag agcagttcag tttttgcatc gggctgggag cagacccagg cactgactgc     63180
     caacatgcat gaaggaactt tctggggtgc tggagatgtt ctgaaactgg tttttgtcaa     63240
     ttactggcaa ctttataaat atactaaata taatgaggaa ttatatacta taatttatag     63300
     tatataaatt ataactcaat aaaagtatta aaattaaaaa taaaagatga aggatatcag     63360
     agcttcagag gaaaaaagac tacatttccc aagcactgag aaaacattca atatagtcag     63420
     aaaaatatcc aggttatttt tattatggta aaatactcat aacataaaat ttaccatctt     63480
     aaccattttt aagtgtacag taaaaggatg ttgagtgtat tcacagcatt atggaaccat     63540
     caccgctatt catctccaga actcttttta ttaaaaactc tgcccatcaa ataacaaatc     63600
     tgtctttcct cccctcacac cttggcaacc accattctac tttctgtctc tatgaatctg     63660
     actactctag gtacaatttt taaattgtct cataaatgtc aaaaatgagg atttctttta     63720
     cagcttttaa atacattaat caattaatgt taatgtcttt aggtgtgata atggtattat     63780
     ctcatttata ttcttgaata ttttttccct ttcatcctac agtttgcatt tctaaattct     63840
     actcatatct caaggcccag ccacttgcca tctcctccac aaaagctccc taatctcaca     63900
     gactgaaagt tgtctgcctt tccttttttc cattcaccct atctgttcac ctctaaggac     63960
     acaatggtat gtgatttatg taaatatcat atcttcccta ctagaccaca agcttcttga     64020
     ggtctgatct atctctgtcc tgtgtggtac tcgtaagagt cagtgtctag acttatgctt     64080
     ctcaaaagtg agaggttctc cacccagcaa catcaccatt atctgggaac ttagaaatac     64140
     aaagtctcag accccactct atttttagtg aatcaaagat taggagtccc tgaaatctgt     64200
     gttttaacaa gcccttcagg ggagttggat gaatattaaa gtttgagagc cactgcttta     64260
     cacaatttct ctacacagta ctttttaagt catctataaa aatgaacaca gctatacaat     64320
     atattaactc tactttgaag aaagttaata gtactgctca ataggcaact ctgttgggtc     64380
     ctttggtaat ccaagaaaaa gtgtatagat gtataggtca tgatcatttc tagagaaaag     64440
     tagctaagaa gactaatgga ggggggtact tcaaagagct gtagcagggc catttataac     64500
     agtgtcatta tggactgcca atattcctgg gatgctagcc agactgaagg taatgatttt     64560
     ctgaaagtca ctagggtcta aattccatct gaaataaatc cattttaaat tgcaaggtga     64620
     cactggagag atctcaaata gtttatttta gaaaaggcag ataagtttgt ggtaaaagga     64680
     taatgaccat gcagagacat taaaggtcaa tgcctacaaa atatattgtt gtttactgcc     64740
     acctcataag taacacaagc taaagtcaaa tatctctgaa tggtgttgaa ttgtagcaag     64800
     cactataatc cagacatgaa tggttcaata agaaatatct tgtggttata taatatttga     64860
     tgtggtgaaa catattggag aaattctatc ctctgtccca ctatgtaata catgtaggga     64920
     tttactgtaa atcaaaatct cagaaaaatt taaatgaatc ggaatgagaa cattctagaa     64980
     agaactggaa gtattcaact acagggatga actaaaaaac aaggcagcag catagggttg     65040
     ggggaccgac tatagcagta acatatttaa gaaataaaca gtcattaaga ggaaggacgt     65100
     cattaagaca agaaactcat gctggggtgg atggagttat gaagatatct ctgaggaaac     65160
     tggggaaatg ggaggatcct gggtataggc cccacggata gcgcatggga ttccagtgaa     65220
     cctcacgctg tacttaattt gcttgggatt ccattgagaa tctggtgaaa attgtggctt     65280
     cttccaacag atacgtacaa gcacaaacat tttgcacgca attttaggaa gttcgctgac     65340
     ccctaaataa atcaatttgc gttatagact gcctggtgac tgaagagatc tggctaaggt     65400
     tagaccccaa agcacagact cataaagatt tcttccactc caaaagtgct ttttctaaca     65460
     cagcagagtt caagtccttg aacacttgga gggatcaaat ggagagttct actatagcag     65520
     gaagaaaagg aggtgatcca gtcaggaatg gtggctggct gtataatttt tgaaaaccat     65580
     ctcctaatgt gtagggcatt tggctggatt cccagatgca atagtgagca attcagactt     65640
     gtctctgctc tgttggagtt gacagtgacc aattaaaaca cttagatgac taaatattag     65700
     tatgaaaaaa ggggagccag gatagaggaa aaaagagagt gagaggtggg gtggggggag     65760
     aagaaaagag aggagagaac agagagagtg gggtagaggc agagatgtca gagtacaaaa     65820
     gagaagcaac ataagaattg tgtataagag caaaattgta tcactttacc ctacttctac     65880
     tctgatcaag aatgtcagag cttgaattca gttccacatt tacagactat ttggcaaaat     65940
     aggaataact aatattaatt atagctagta ttttttgagt atttaccatg tgccttaaaa     66000
     aaagataata aaaaggagat ctaaaaggaa gaatatggaa acagaccacg cctgcatcca     66060
     tgggaaagag tggaataata cagaacccca aataaggcaa atgaaaaaaa aatgacttaa     66120
     ggtagaagtt gagaaagtgg tacaagaaga ggccagctct gcacaggagg tacaggaggg     66180
     gtacctttca agggaatgat gaatgaagac agcgcttcta aaaattaatg tgtatagaaa     66240
     ccatgtggaa accttactaa aacgctttct ggatttaatt tccaaaatgt ctcattctgt     66300
     gatctggagt gggcctggaa attgcatgca ggtgacagga ggaaggtggt ccacaggtca     66360
     cactttagga aagacaactt caaaaagagg atgagtcagg tggatctacc ctcttttgga     66420
     tcttggtctg ggtaggttga atgtgacttt gttccatcat ttggtaaact gattttggac     66480
     agatcttaaa ctctaacaac cttggctttg aaatgaccca gcttgtcagg caggctgtgt     66540
     cattggaggg aagagctcca ctggaagatt actagtgtca gaaagaacca acttcctcta     66600
     tctccctact gctggggccc acataggata caggaacatc cccaccctaa gccgtggcaa     66660
     ctcgagtggc agacggtaga tgaggaggac taaagaaatg tgtagaaaga gatttcccac     66720
     aggaacaaat cataaaatac atgtaagtgc tgggaagaat agctcaccag tataatggat     66780
     caagtggtgt tttcacttct ttcgttttta aaattttgta tgaatcacat cttaatttta     66840
     attttgttgt atagttatgt aaaatattta catggtttca aagtcacatc tataaaataa     66900
     gtatgttcaa agaagtctac tttttaaccc tgttccctct actctcttct cttctttcct     66960
     ttacagaatt taaaaatata tttattttat atataataaa tatataaatt tattacatat     67020
     aataaatata tctattacat ataataaata tatctattac atataataaa tatctattac     67080
     atataataaa tatttattta ttacatatat atttttatat aaatataaat atataaaaat     67140
     agatatatat ttattatgta tttttatata taaataaatt atataattta ttacatgtga     67200
     taaatatata taatttatta catgcaataa attatataat ttattacatg tgataaatta     67260
     tataatttat cacatgtaat aaatgtatat aaaataaata tatactaaat agaggtgggg     67320
     tattgcttcg tttcccaggt ggtctcaagc tcctggcttc aagtgatcct cccactatgg     67380
     cttcccaaag tgctgggatt acagatgtga ggtaccatgc ttggccaaaa tattttttaa     67440
     ttgtttattc ttctatttaa tcataagcag atgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtacatatat     67500
     gtgtatatat gtgtgtgtat atatgttata tatgtatata taattgtata tatacatata     67560
     tgcacacaca cacaaagggc taatatatgt atatatacat atacacacat ctgcatacat     67620
     atttatatat gtatgtacac acacacacat atacacatac aaatatatta gccctttcta     67680
     gaatacacat tatatatatt ttctccacct taaatacact ttcttgacat tgccactata     67740
     taacatgatc tctgtggaga aatgcatttt gagtttgcac taaccaaata acatagtttt     67800
     aaaacacagg ctctttataa tttagtactc atatcaactt tgttcaataa ttcattcact     67860
     caataaacat ttactaaata actatgatgg gcccaggggc agttccaggt tttgtgaaat     67920
     ctaaagcccc tgttaaatgg ctttatatag gcccctctat aaagcccctg ttatataggc     67980
     cctctcttta ataaaaagaa aataaactcg tgaatgcact ctaaactatc agtaaccacc     68040
     tgcctttttt ttttgacaga gtctcactct gtagaccagg ctggagtgca gtggcacgat     68100
     cttggctcac tgcaacctct acctcccggg tttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc     68160
     gagtagctgg gactacagta gcccaccaca atgcccagct aatttttgta tttttttttt     68220
     agtagagatg gtgttttacc atgttggcca ggctggtctt aaactcctga cctcaagtga     68280
     tccgcccacc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccact gcgcccggcc     68340
     caacctacca tcttaggcgc ccgtgcgaac ttttccagct tcatgggtaa ttggcttcta     68400
     cacgggcctg ttatgggaac tgtgcttgtg gctgttgcac aaagtggaca ggaccccttg     68460
     ttttatggag cttatactgt agtacaggag agagatgcta aatatataca cttgtcataa     68520
     atatataatt ataaattgtg tttaactccc ggttatgggc tgaactgtat tccctcaaat     68580
     tcatgttgaa gtcctaagcc ccagtacctc ccaaaatgac tgtgtttggt gatagggtct     68640
     ttaaaggggt gattaagtta aaatgaggtc attagtatct tccttaatcc aataagactg     68700
     gtatccttat aaaaagagga gattagaaca cacccatata gcggggaaga ccatgtgaag     68760
     acatagagag tagacagtca tctgcaagcc aaggacagag gctcagaaga aatcaacgcc     68820
     accgacgcgt tgattcagac tcctagtttc ctatatttct gttgtgtaag ccacccagtc     68880
     tggtattttg ttatagcagc cctagcagac tcaaacaacc ccctaggaga aaagagtgtg     68940
     tgagagaaag tattgtcaga ggagtggtga ggatgctggt cagagaaggc atcaccgatg     69000
     gatgcataga agctaagata tgaaaagact aaaaatgatg aactacgagg aataagcaga     69060
     ttagcagatg ctgttaaagg gtgaaagaaa tcaagatgct tttgcttcac ttaattatcc     69120
     cacagtctac agaaccaggt agttctcgag agaaaatctt tctaaattaa ctaccataga     69180
     tgaaaggcta atcacagact ctgaggtgct gaagagcagg aagtttaatt tttaagtgga     69240
     agacaaaatg tatttgatat cattcacatc ctgatttaag gataagacat ttctgaagaa     69300
     aatgagtatt atgaattacg tagatcaaac actttttaga aaaagaataa agggaagtta     69360
     tgctcttcct catggctcat taaagagatt atggaaatta cagaacctga atatgcaaaa     69420
     caaagaaaag ccagaagcat agactctaat tagtcaagga taattcctta tatgaattgc     69480
     cttagtgcaa tgattctaag ccccttatac cacattggaa ccacttgaga agtattttaa     69540
     taataccaat gcccaaattc cattaccaga aatataactg atctcaggtg gaacacagtt     69600
     atggcaattt aaaaagcacc ccaaaagatg ttaatggtca gtcaatgcat ttcttccagg     69660
     taaggtacca atagacactg aagcccagta acaatggtgc tgttaaatga tgggacacaa     69720
     aactcgaaga gaagttcaaa gtgatagtta tagcctgtga aggactctag tgaagtcttt     69780
     tgtctttact taggccatgg taagcaaaga caaaaatctg aatgacaaaa taacaagtaa     69840
     ggttacctag atccatccct ggccaccttg tgaggctttg ttgctttccc actaatccta     69900
     gacacaatcc agctctctaa acccaacatc tctctgactt agatccatag cctctttgtg     69960
     ctacccttct gttcattctc agtctaccct ggtccatagt ccagggtcca gtcgtagtct     70020
     atagtccagg accagagtcc tggtctatag tctagtcata gtccacagcc gtagattatg     70080
     gacctatgac ttagatccac agcctctttg cgctaccctt ctgttcattc ttagcatttg     70140
     tttggtgctt tccacttctg tttaacactc tgttctcaac aaaccatttt cctgattggt     70200
     caaaagccct ttgatgtcta ttcctatctt tgtcacatga atcattccct attcctctca     70260
     actgtattct ctagttaata aaagatacaa tttgatccta acacatttct attatccaaa     70320
     tgactttcat ttctgctttc ttgtcttata gtcaaaaaac aacacatttc tttccctgtt     70380
     ccatatatat tctatcattc tcttggataa agaaaattga actattctta ttttaaatca     70440
     gtgatcagaa cataatctgt catatcatat atttttcata cccagatatt tattcaacca     70500
     ttttcctcaa agacccaata aaatagagag ccacagccta tcttaaatta aaatgcaggg     70560
     ctttatgggc tatttgacat gcaataatta tttgcaaagt cttttcacca aacatagaaa     70620
     ttgctaatgt ctgaccttgg aggaaatgaa ctgtacaaaa aatttcaagc aaacatgatc     70680
     caactgttcg cacaaaaggg aggttgcata agaaattcat tgtgtttcta tccaaatttc     70740
     cccctcgaat tgccacagat cagcatgtac ttcactcttt gccaccaatt aaaatcataa     70800
     atagatgagc tattcagcag aggagggctg gtgtgccctc tccacagatg gtcagcatca     70860
     catgttgcag taatggctcg acatgccaca aaggcacagt ataaaaacgg tgggaatcag     70920
     agcacttcag ctccaattgc tctatgttta gaattgcctc tttttcaaga tggatttcct     70980
     tcacaggaat ggagtgctca taattcagca tttgcagaag gactaccgag cttactacac     71040
     ttttctaaat tttatgtcca atgttggaga ccccaggaat atctttttca tttattttcc     71100
     actttgtttt caatttaatc agacagttgg aaccaagatg atatgggtag cagtcattgg     71160
     ggattggtta aatcttatat ttaaatggta agatttctgt tttatttcat tttttcctaa     71220
     gatttatcct taaatttgtg acttcggcat aatgatcaca tttcagatgt atatcgtttt     71280
     acttggaaaa tctttcaaaa ataccaggta acttgaaaca ccagattcat aagtagaact     71340
     tttaaaaggc acagaaatgt atatatatgt ttttgttttt tttttttttt tgagacagag     71400
     ttttgccctt gttgcccagg atggagtgca atggcgtgat ctcggctcac tgcaacctct     71460
     gcctcccagg ttcaagcaat tctctcacct cagcctcccg agtagctggg attacaggca     71520
     tgtgccacca cacccagcta attttgtatt tttagtagag acagggtttc tctatgttgg     71580
     tcaggctggt ctctaactcc cgacctcagg tgatccaccg acttcggctt cctaaagtgc     71640
     tgggattaca ggtgtgagcc accacgccag gccagaaatg tgtactttaa tgacttataa     71700
     gtaattccca aacccctgta acacatattc tgtgattaag aattacttac atgagcagcg     71760
     tgataatgaa caaattgata attctaggga caaattttga tatttccagt ctaagtatcc     71820
     aaagcaccca taagacattc cctgcaaggg aaaaaagccc ccatgttcat gggaaaccag     71880
     ggtgccaaaa taccaaatgg ctaccacctt taataatgtg tgagagacca agacctaagt     71940
     tttttcaaag tctcttaatc atgaactttc acaattaacc ctgcgcttga gtcatttttt     72000
     ataggaaaga attgctaatc tccaattaaa taatagctgt gtatttaaat atatatgcat     72060
     gtttataatt ctttaaatac aggatattat ttggtcatcg accttactgg tgggtccaag     72120
     aaactcagat ttacccaaat cactcaagtc catgccttga acagttccct actacatgtg     72180
     aaacaggtcc aggtaagcta ttacagcagg ctccagttac tgaagatctt ccaatagaga     72240
     atcattacac agggttatca tctaggaact gatattatat agggtagtaa agaaaatctc     72300
     atgagtgagg atgctaaaac ttcataacaa tcaaaattac taatgaggaa gcaaagcaaa     72360
     aaaaatactc aaattccatt ttgttattta tgaaagggta gattgggaga aaactccccc     72420
     agtgattaaa tatttggtgt ttacttttca gaagaatata atgacttgat actaaaacaa     72480
     gaaacagtta actagaacaa attctcaagg aactagacta agatcttaga aatgttggtt     72540
     aatctgctgc taagcaactt tcaaagttac tataggtctt ccgagtatct cacgaatgag     72600
     ggaggagtag acaagtcttc tgtaagaaag gtaaggactt ctcaatgtta ctatagccag     72660
     taaagactat ttctaaccct agaacaatct ctttaaaaca tattttttct ctgtacacaa     72720
     gtaggcttct tgggccactt cttttttatt ctaggtaaga ttctgtatga gtataaaatc     72780
     tttattgtga tagttgattc taagactgtt ttaaaaagtt ttttgaaaca tatatttaaa     72840
     aattacattt taatttataa gaatgtgtta tattgtacct catcatttta catagcataa     72900
     cattctcgcc agttgacatc cttcgaaact aactttgagt aaagggtagt agagaatgtg     72960
     taaattctta atgagtgttc tgaatatgtc ttttttgttc ccatagaagt atacatacat     73020
     ctgttatatc gcttattaca ctaaatgata ttaactaatt ctttatatat ccgattgcct     73080
     agactgggtg ttccatcagg ggagggatga tgcatagttt atctttgtga aaccaaagtg     73140
     tgataaatgg atgaatggtt ggatgggtaa catttgagac caccgaaatg ttatcgtggt     73200
     caattccagt cctttccggc atgtgttcca ccttataaga cattttctgg aaagagagag     73260
     agagaaaaga aagaaagact gcatctctcg gggagattta caatttttta aggcatagtt     73320
     tttaaaaggc tctgaaaatt cctgcagata agaaataggt ctgtctttgt ttaacaaata     73380
     agagactggt atttaatttg aatgaactac caggtgaaaa atcgaggagg acatttaagg     73440
     aaactaataa aaaattcagt agcatggaaa aggcattctg gaagtagaaa ggctttttct     73500
     gctaggatta atgccgtctt tatagcttct cctcatcctc tgttttaaaa caaagattct     73560
     cactgcagtg gccacaagat aggcatagaa gtagctgcta gtacacagca gtcatttgta     73620
     agtcaatcag caaatcactg gcatagcaat gatatccttt agagtttgac ttctcagccc     73680
     aaggaaaata agccaactga agatccaata caagcattag ggtggtgcaa aagtaattgc     73740
     ggtttttgcc attactttca atggcaaaaa ccgcaattac tcttgcatta acctaatact     73800
     tttgcttgtc aattaaaaac aaccaaatat tgaagaatga gtagggctgt ggcagatttg     73860
     ggtgcaactg cctgagttct taattagcct tgagtatatt gatttctgga attcaatgaa     73920
     cctgaaaatc tgggaaaaaa attttttgag acagtgtttc tcaggctcaa tttaactcaa     73980
     tttttcttat ttctacccac ttctaaacat tacatatagc ctgtgtcttg tctttttttc     74040
     tgagttactc ataattttca tggggaatat gctattctat tattcatttc tgatcttgat     74100
     agttaaccac ttttcaaatg gacggacact ttgttgttgc aggaagtcca tctggccatg     74160
     caatgggcgc atcctgtgtc tggtatgtca tggtaaccgc tgccctgagc cacactgtct     74220
     gtgggatgga taagttctct atcactctgc acaggtcagc tttgctgcag tttctgtagc     74280
     actggaatat gacagttttt aatacagaaa gtcttgtcta aaaattaatt ttagtgcagt     74340
     tttagtcaat gaataaaatg tgcttattct attctttcat agacaaaata acaaaatgaa     74400
     tagaaaacta atattttgct ttaagataat agcctaatta gctcatagct atttccactt     74460
     ttcaagttgg aaatgtttaa ctgattaatg acttgctaaa tgtgcctctg ggtttccaaa     74520
     atgcaataat tattttgata actcataaat aagtcgtcta aaattataca gcataaggaa     74580
     acatttttgc atgcacattc ccttgcttta aaattaactg gaagttttga gaatcatcat     74640
     tctccttgac tgcatcagtt tattcagtaa aattatgctt ccttcttcga atagccaatg     74700
     cttttgattt cagtaacata tattccagct ttatagagag cacaaacttt ttaattaaaa     74760
     acattctgga agcaaactta aatttgaatg ttagtagatt taatgttagt aggtttctta     74820
     atgtttagaa agatctagaa cttaaaggtt actcacagtt gcttagaaat tgggttgttt     74880
     ccttctcttc tttcctgaaa tactttgtca ttaaaacaat cctgagtacc aatttagcca     74940
     taaattaggt gacttgaaat tagatttgca agttaacctt aaaaaaatac tgtaacatat     75000
     gccattatta aaaagttttc taaaataaaa aaagtcaaga tctatcacat attccacttg     75060
     ttagagtagt attggataat ataaaaaaca aacaactaaa ggaatttggg tgtcttaaaa     75120
     gtttattcta atgagactgt gacctgtatg ccttaatgta tttattgccc aacccaaaac     75180
     aacaacataa aaaggtgcta taatgtaaaa aagttagcat tttctattta cagacaattt     75240
     tcaaagtagg aatctaggtc agtttcacct tttctctata ctgtattcct gcctccaatg     75300
     accaaacctg aaaaaatatg tttcttctaa gaaaaaaatt ctcataactc ctttttagtt     75360
     tttataactg cagtattttc ttcatctata aaattttact gagtgtgtgc ttcttacctt     75420
     tacattacca aattcttgtt tattcttctt ccacattggt atcccactta cttcttcttt     75480
     caaagcctca tttctctgtg ttccttagca tttatataac caaatttcag tctgattatc     75540
     aggaacaaac cattcaagga ttcctagaac tcaatactgc taacactttt ttttttcaat     75600
     gacatgcatt gcttggattt taatattttt ttatgttttt tgtgcattgc tgtttttaat     75660
     ccaaagtgta taacctatag gtcaattccc ctgttctcta ttttctgtgt ctcaaaaaaa     75720
     aaaaaacaaa caaaacaaaa cccaaaacaa aagaaaaaaa aaaaacaaga aacaaggact     75780
     tttgaaaatc tgtgcaatta aacccaatga aaaaatttgc cccagatgga atgctcatgc     75840
     gcttttcatc tggatggtag ctgcgtttct actgagtttt cctcaagcaa agaaaggttg     75900
     agagaggagg cacatagggc agggcgtgaa aatatatatg gttcattctt gatcattctg     75960
     gatattagta attcccccaa acttgaattt cccctactcc attaaaacag ttattcttat     76020
     ttaatggatg tcaaaatgac ttccttttta acatttatta aatctcagta tatagcactg     76080
     gttaaattta atgcattgag aaatgtagaa atctctgtta aaacttctca aatcctatgg     76140
     ggtatgtgga aacaacattt tgaaaaaaaa gattctagaa tcatgatgct atgtcacagt     76200
     tagaagattc ttctgagaag gatcatctga tgtcaccccc tctaattttg agtgatccag     76260
     tttctttgct ttttatgctt gtatctattc ttccatcgta gactgacctg gtcatttctt     76320
     tggagtgttt tttggttgat tcaaatcagt gtctgcatct ccagagtatt catagcaaca     76380
     cattttcctc atcaagttat tcttggagta attggtggta aatatgatca cttaccttta     76440
     gctgtgtcct ttgaaagctt tagtttcatt atgtttaagg gtatcagatt gtccccggta     76500
     atcaactttc caatttcaga ggtaattctg tgaagtcact gatactaaat gctaccccgg     76560
     gagctgacgt ggtacaacac acctctcata gcctccatgt acaaagtggc acaatctcag     76620
     tggcgtaaat gcacaattgc ttcatgaggt aggcttttct gaagtgaaat tagagctaag     76680
     tctaactccc aaaccatcac ttcagacagt gtgcttgtgt cttgcgtgag ggaacttaat     76740
     gactctgagc cctgcacact gtgccattct ctctgaaaca tgtgaagtga ctattacatg     76800
     attacggact ccatttagta gctgctttgt attcctgaag cagtgttcac catgactcag     76860
     tttccattgt tcagcaccac cttacctttc aaaggctaat tggctatggc aattgaaatg     76920
     ttaattgcaa gtacctagat cagtgctctg tctaaaaagc gggttgtcag tcagtgccac     76980
     caactccaga acgatccttc tggactagta tgaataatga aaacaccgtg ggcaaacctg     77040
     catttttagt tactgcctaa aaaaggcttt ggaaaatgga tagaacctct gtgtctaatg     77100
     ccctttgtca ttgaaaactg tggcaaatct ttaatgcaga gaggaatgat cctcgagggg     77160
     ctcaagggca cacagtcatt gtcagtgtct ctttccaatc ctcaggcatg ctggtggcag     77220
     aggcctttga acacactcca ggcatccaaa cggccagtct gggcacatac ctgaagacca     77280
     acctctttct cttcctgttt gcagttggct tttacctgct tcttagggtg ctcaacattg     77340
     acctgctgtg gtccgtgccc atagccaaaa agtggtgtgc taaccccgac tggatccaca     77400
     ttgacaccac gccttttgct ggactcgtga gaaaccttgg ggtcctcttt ggcttgggct     77460
     ttgcaatcaa ctcagagatg ttcctcctga gctgccgagg gggaaataac tacacactga     77520
     gcttccggtt gctctgtgcc ttgacctcat tgacaatact gcagctctac catttcctcc     77580
     agatcccgac tcacgaagag catttatttt atgtgctgtc tttttgtaaa agtgcatcca     77640
     ttcccctaac tgtggttgct ttcattccct actctgttca tatgttaatg aaacaaagcg     77700
     gaaagaagag tcagtagagt ggtgcctaga gttagtgctc tgtgtcacag atcacccttc     77760
     tccatccacc agtagagcca cagagtaggc acagaccaga ggcttctaat ccgacttcac     77820
     agaatagcgg cacaggcccc attccccata gagatgttta gtttggcctt cgcactggtc     77880
     ttttttttta atccttcagt taccaatatt tagatacaag aatatttgac ataaaaatcg     77940
     gaagttctgt atttcttgaa aaatctgata gtatgacaac acagagcctg catccccagc     78000
     tggagacaac tgaccagagc tgcatactaa cagtccccag taggaggcaa ggactccatt     78060
     ttctcacagt cttcagcatc ccagcaggag ccccactatg attcctttat cttcttaagg     78120
     ccaggctgca tctgattcct gttgacattt tagtggggac cacagccata tccagtttca     78180
     gttttcagat gaggaaatgg aagcctattt aggtaaaaga acttgcctgg agtcacgcca     78240
     ccttcagagc aggaattaga acccaaggct tctgacacat atccccatta cactgtgtgt     78300
     ttgagtgtgc acacatgcac atgctttttg tttgtatgtt tcctttttag aaccagggac     78360
     ttgctctgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gtggatagcg gctcactgca gcctcaaact     78420
     cctggctcaa atgatcctcc ctcctcagcc tcccattagc taagactaca ggtgtgcacc     78480
     accatgcctg gctaattttt gaatattttt tagagccagc ttcttactat atttgcccag     78540
     gctggtcttg aactcctggc ctcaaggagt tcccttgagg atgttccacc catgtcagcc     78600
     tcccacagtg ctgggattgc aggcttgagc cattgtatta atagttggcc tacactgtct     78660
     tttgtttctt catttacaag aggtaaaaat cagtaagaat gaatgctttc atttagattc     78720
     tatgatgact gccatataaa tcagctacct tttcagaaat gacattgaaa tactgcatcc     78780
     tctttgactt ataccccaca catacatgca gggtctaggt gggaccaaca gtggctccag     78840
     atgtatatac acacgggtcc agggacaaca gaacaggcca ggctacagta tggacttgaa     78900
     cctctgcttc acttctggtc tctgttttac agtagtgctc accaatattt caataaattc     78960
     tactgaactt actctaatag aacattattc aacccccaaa gacttatctc ttcactatga     79020
     catctccata ctttattttt aggagacaga ctttcaaaac cagagaaatc aggtgccttc     79080
     ctcaaggtca tgctccaacc caggccaact attaaatgct tgcatctgtt agctggatta     79140
     gtctctatgt atactgaact gtgatgaaaa tctatagctt tgttttagaa aattattgtt     79200
     gatggactat taatattata ttaacaattt ctcagtaagt gtgttttttc ctcattgaat     79260
     ctaggaatgc tgggctttaa gttgataact gtgtcatttc aatcaagtac aaggattttg     79320
     aggcagattt tgctagatat cttagtaatc ccccacaatg ttttatgtaa ctcttctcag     79380
     aatatcaata cattaattat tttagatgac atattaaata atctatgaat attaatgaaa     79440
     acaatacagt tgaagtgagt gttgtttaac atgatagtag ctgaggataa caaacctcaa     79500
     aaaatcaaag tattaattac tcctttccaa gtatatgtat agagcatgtg tcattgcttt     79560
     tataaaacgc acttaatagc tttctttcta aaaggcaact gaactttcta aaaggtaaat     79620
     aaactgaact tgatattagt ggttcggtga ttccaaagca aaaagctgag ggattaagaa     79680
     agaatagctt aagaatgaaa tttgtctcat gttgctggga catttgggat gaaagaagta     79740
     gagaagaatg attcttcagg tgatgaccgt tgctcattgg ttcagtccca ccctatgtcc     79800
     caccatgctg tacctttaga tgccttcaca tttcatgata catttgtgtc attacatctt     79860
     ccacacatca gagatctcat tcctgtctaa aagccctttg ccaaatttca cataagataa     79920
     tgttagtctt gaaggattct ggtacatccc cttcatccta gtacaatctc agcctgcttt     79980
     cagcaaggcc tgaggaaacc ggcattaata gccagggaat tctgcagcaa tgattgactc     80040
     taccataaat ccgttctccg tttccatgga gaaagctatc ttcagccacc ccatggtgct     80100
     gtctgttggg caacacatta ccctcagagg ggactgggat gaagtgtggg cttgttttct     80160
     ataattaatc cccaagaact ctgcccctat cttccataaa aaccccagag tccccatggg     80220
     agtagatttc cctctttatt ctagttgaag tctcctggag ggatccatat ggtggtaaat     80280
     tgtttttgca attgaaacgc cttaggcagc aagaggaatc gtttttcaca gccttggaga     80340
     aaatgcctgc ccttaataat gatggaaaag actcttctgt ttccaattta tttgtcagaa     80400
     gtaagtggaa ttgagctcat taaatactgt tactataacc atatattcaa aatgtctacc     80460
     tatctacata ttcaggagaa aaatgtcaat accatgagct tttaggatga gaaaatctag     80520
     acaagaaaat ctgactcaag agaaaatctg actcaagaaa ctgtccaatc aaacctacat     80580
     ttggaaaaaa aatacaaaat aatttattat tgctgaaact agctatcagg aagaatatta     80640
     gttcctttcc tttgacaacc tattgattgg acatctgcct aagaaggtta agttggtgcc     80700
     ttctttagac atatttcatt ataaaacaga tggtgattaa aagaattgtt ataagatgtc     80760
     cttgaaacta aaagtcaaat gttgaaatgc tttacatttt ttcaaaattt ttaaataaat     80820
     tcaagatcaa attggtacat acatacaaaa atcttggttt aagaaaaagt caagtgactt     80880
     ggttctaaaa atgagattct tttcttaagt attttaaaac tgtatattcc agcactcttc     80940
     aattgaactt ttacagtgat ggagatgttc tctatctgtg ctgtccaata tagtagccac     81000
     tggccacaga tgtttattga gctcttgaaa tgtagctgat gcaactgagg aagtgcattt     81060
     tttttttttt tgagacggag tctcgctctg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgcgatc     81120
     tcggttcact gcaagctctg cctcctgggt tcatgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctccgga     81180
     gtagctggga ctataggcac ctgccaccac acctggctaa tttttttgta tttttaatag     81240
     agacagggtt tctccgtgtt agccaggatg gtctcgatct cctgacctcg tgacccgccc     81300
     gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accaagccct gccggaaatg     81360
     catttttaac cttcatttac ttttaattta catttcaata gccatgtgtg tctagtggct     81420
     actgaattgg acagcacaaa tcaagtctca cagtgatttt ccttgaaaat aaaacccaag     81480
     tattttgtat attgtcactt ttgccatgtt cctgtgagac aacatgaatc agcgttaacg     81540
     gctctaagaa gttaacagat attgctgcat tttccaaagg gaccctctgc agacctggat     81600
     tctctctctg cagctccctt ctctctcatt ctgtcctgtg agcaatagcc gccttggtgt     81660
     ccctggactc tcagctctgt tgcctggaat cagagagtct gggttcaccc tccctgcacc     81720
     atgttctgga aaccctctaa ggtacacaat actagcgggg agctttaccc agtccatgac     81780
     cacattctgg atggctggtt ggctttctga cgaagcctcc ctgcttctct gggtctagca     81840
     cacatcaatg cccaacacct gtacttctgt ggctattcat aaagtcttcc aaaaaggacc     81900
     gctcgtgtcc agttgcccct gaggattttg ccctcattga tgggctgtcc taggcacttt     81960
     ggaaatggca aacagcttct aggatgaatt tctagatctc aatattgcca ggaaactaaa     82020
     atgggggtct aacttttccc ctccccttac ttcgaatgct ttcagatggt gatttcactc     82080
     tgaaggtaat gtggtgccat ttgccaattg ttaaaagtct atttttttaa agttaacagt     82140
     agaaaagatc tataagaagc aacgactcca gaaatttctg ccaaatgaca gaaattcacg     82200
     agaagattct aagacttaga agtgcttcat tttcggctct gtaaaggacg aatgcagttt     82260
     atgccaaatt tgaggcaggt ctggtgtgga gtactaatta ctgtctgcta tcctttgagg     82320
     gagagcacag taatgactca gatgaaatca cttctcattt cttttggcag catagaagta     82380
     attgctctaa aggaggggaa aagcttcaac gattaaggtt ataaaagtta gcataaaacc     82440
     gattgtcttc tgttctgaat ttttaaattt cttagttttt ctttttttct aatgttttgc     82500
     catgtgattt ctgaagagaa tctgtcctca gttcaaaaac catgatattt ccccaaagaa     82560
     caatatgttc tgaaggagct gccaggacag gggcaggtaa tgagtgaagg cagcagctgc     82620
     ggtcccgccg aacgggactc ctggcgcagc gcggggagga acgtaggcgc tggcagcaca     82680
     gcagcccgtt tctggcgctg gccaagtgga aactgaagcg gcctccctgg gaggatctgg     82740
     gtgcgctgca gggggagcag gccatctgtg tgcctggaaa agaaacccag cactaccgaa     82800
     gacaaagaag agcttcttta ctctcgcact cacctacccc tgtacgtcaa ctgagccgat     82860
     cacactctaa ttcctgttca aagagttggc tttttccagg attcaggctt tgtctgatga     82920
     acagcatgga ccggattgtc atctgtgctc atacatcctg ctgctaatag aagatgggca     82980
     ctatcttcca cccgccccgc cccgccccgc ccccttgcct ccaggctcag taattctgca     83040
     tcaaaaacat ttctacataa tcattccttt cttttttttt ttaagcaatt gttcaaataa     83100
     aaaaatggta gagctcttgc tatatttcta gatgaaaact gcattgactt aacaaaataa     83160
     aaataaatgt tcctgtctga gttttggaga tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg     83220
     tgtgtgtatc ttattctctt agctttggaa tgctgatgcc ctgctcaccc tggccaagca     83280
     agaggttgcg ccacaggtcc acatgtggat cccagaggaa gtcagaatgc aggtaggcag     83340
     gtgccaggaa attcaaaggc agatcgatgt acaaaggcct tcgtggagtt tagcaaccag     83400
     catcctggac tggagtcatc agaactacat tctagcctgg ccctgcatct aaccactaaa     83460
     actccagaag gccatttagt gttggtggcc tcagtttacc cagttctcaa ctgaggagtt     83520
     tagtatgggg ttaaaatgga aggttcattc acggtgtgat attcttcaac tctgagggtc     83580
     tcattcagtc caacatattg tgctttgtct ctccaaccag ctcctctatt ttgtttgctc     83640
     tttgtgaagc actatcttca cagaaggctt tcagatgtat tgttaatttt tttgtgaagt     83700
     ggagcaagaa ggtgataaga ccctggctaa tgtgttttga tactgtttta attttagtta     83760
     catgcaatga acaaggctat aacttctaca aagcactctg ttttgaaatg tgctacttta     83820
     ttaaacaatt ttggaccagt ctttaaaaca ttcgattcta attagaatct gaattttata     83880
     gcaataaaaa agtacatgga gagataattt aactgatgtt atggggcaaa attattaacg     83940
     tgagaatagc catagacttc ctgctatgct atcttgcaac agaaatccta taattaaatt     84000
     ccaactccag ttcccctttc tcaacatcct aaagaagaaa ttcttgctgg aagagatact     84060
     aagcagatca cataataata ggctgaatga gaagaaagga aggagaggga aacttggctt     84120
     tgtgggaggt aaggttggag agcttacatg acggagctga atgaggaaag tgactagagt     84180
     tttgacacag cattttagta agtttattgt ggagtaatta cggatttctc aaagacataa     84240
     agataaaatt tactttttaa ttttttatgg ctgttgaaat gtgcttcctg aatgaaacac     84300
     aactctgaca ccaagttaca tgatgccagg ctttttgagg atgaacaaaa ttagaaatcc     84360
     agatccaaaa agcttctaaa atctccacgg acttaactag ggccctttct gtccatgctt     84420
     gtcttttaac tcacccaccc accagaccag aatgtattaa atgccttcag ctgctggaga     84480
     tgcaagggtg agttcaatat aggctcttcc ctggggggag gcctccattg attctgggct     84540
     cacttgcaac agatctgggt ggactccagg gatacctctg gcctgtggac ttgaagaatt     84600
     ggtttgtgac tatttccagc tataaattaa ctgggaactt tactccccat ttcttctaac     84660
     ccatcctttt tcaaattcat cctttcttga accacttttt cttcccacct ctggcatatc     84720
     ctgtcaaagg gatctagatt gttcccagtc taacatcaat tttatcacgt gaaaggatga     84780
     gaaagcatat tcaaaaaaca ctaagtgcct aaagtaaaag cttccttcat ttaaagcagg     84840
     gcatgtgcaa tgttccagga aagaaagagc tgccaggaca cccatccagt gatatcgtct     84900
     ttccatggca gtgatactag gtaaaaaaga ccgattcctc ctttcactga atatttttgg     84960
     aatatctcta gatataatga tcatatttga agatcattta agaatgcatt aatacttcaa     85020
     tattgtgtta ttttctttat acttacattt caggattttt attaataaag atctattgag     85080
     taagattgta ttaattttta gttaacagca acaacaacaa caacaaacac aattacaaaa     85140
     aaactacttc agtggcttaa acaagtgaga ggtgtctttt tcttctgtaa caagatgggt     85200
     gaaggcaggc aacccaggct gaagtagctg cacaaaggat gttcaggaat caggctgaat     85260
     atcttcctgc tctgccatct gtggtgtgtg gcttttgtcc aagtgatcac agcatggctg     85320
     ctgtgcattc aggaaagaag aaagggggaa gagactcagg ttttctttta cccaggcttt     85380
     attcagaaag ggacagcctg catagggcct tgtgcctata tttcattgac aagacaatgt     85440
     cacctggcct tcatctagct gcaagggagt ctaggaaggt aaatattttg ctttccagcc     85500
     tctgtaatag aggaaagcaa aagaaaagcg tgtcggattg ggtgtcaaga gagacaacac     85560
     ctgccatagt gacttatcac ctacataaca atgaatgcaa cactcagctg catctctccc     85620
     tgcagcctgc caaactattt tgcagtaaca tgctaaaacc atgaaggcaa aatgctttat     85680
     gaacattatc aggaagtata tttcaatgat taaattttca ccttccaaga aatgttattg     85740
     aaactctgct catttcttac tttgattcta tacttgagat atgaaaaaga aaccaaatac     85800
     cacaaaggtt ttatcttttt tggtaatctt gtataataat cataggcact tgttctctgt     85860
     cacccttagc gaacatttcc atttctatct ccagctcttc tgctatctcc agctctcctg     85920
     ttctcacatt tattttgtat ttgagagcag gagctgtacc tgaattacag gaaggaggaa     85980
     attgccaatt caccagctgg ctctgtattt tttcttttta cataacacat tctgtcctaa     86040
     ctccaattta ttgggttgag tagttgcatt cggatagcca catgccaatc acgagtaccc     86100
     tgattactca ttatgagcct caggatacca tacaactcgc taatgagcac attataatgc     86160
     tggccagtgc taattagatg ataatcatgt gcattgcttt atttacagtc tgctatttaa     86220
     attaattggg catttaattg aacccagtgt gaaagaaatt ggaaatgggt ttagaggttc     86280
     actgagttac tttcacctgc cgtctcacat gcaggtgaga tcatttactt gatctgtaaa     86340
     tttagagcaa atccaagtgg acacagtgct cattttatga tggtacacat gtatatgtaa     86400
     atttctctcc aagtgtgttt gaaaacaacc aaattcttaa ttttgtattt cctctaacat     86460
     ccttttgtgc cttgattatg gagagatttt gcatgcataa gaaatattta ataaatcaaa     86520
     cccttagttg gaaatatgag gtgggatcct aaaccaacat gatgaaactg ttctgatatt     86580
     ttcttacgat aagaaactga tatttaatta ttgaataaat atatggcaaa ctatacctaa     86640
     ttatgatcct atgtatttta cactttcaga atatagtatt aaaatattcc aggacctaca     86700
     ttttaaaatg agtgtataat tgccaaaaat tataggcacg ggggcagcac caaattcaaa     86760
     gaatcttttc attgaaataa tttcctaagg gcacatgtag agtacattta gagtaactat     86820
     ataaaaaaga gtttttggac aaaaaaacta gaggccaatt tttctacctt tttttttctc     86880
     aaacagtagc atttctaata tatgggcatc tctttcatgc aattttgaaa tggaccaaaa     86940
     ttaactgaga gcctgttttc aaaataagtt ggaagatgtg ctgcttcaac ttttcctaag     87000
     aattgttcac agaaaaaaat cataaatggt tcttacagat caactggaag aaaacttgtt     87060
     ttgggaagag gtcctcagga agcttagcta atatgaccat ttttaatatc atactgtatt     87120
     ttgttacact aaacaatctt agttatttca cttttgtcaa ctcacactgg tgaatcaaat     87180
     aaaatgtatg atgtaaagca ttttaaccac ttctgataca ggccagtgta gctctatgac     87240
     ttctgacatc aaaatgattt gtttgattcc ccaaaggtct ttcttgcatc caaactgaca     87300
     tcctgcaaaa ctgaagtttt gcaaagtttc tgagtacagt gtaaggacac attccaatgg     87360
     agaagctggg ctcatgtttt tataagacta gaattgtaga gacaactgag attcagacta     87420
     gagaattcat gaacctgata ttctaattct gtgttgtcca acatagtagc cactagtggc     87480
     tcttgagaac agacgttgac ataaggctga tttgagctaa catgtgctgt aaatgtaaat     87540
     gcacctcaga ttctgaatat ttagtagata atgtaaaaat ctcaggatat ttttgattac     87600
     atgttgtgat ggcaatattt tggatatgtt gggttgaata aaatatacaa ttagcataaa     87660
     tttcacctgt tttttttcca cttttttatg tgactagaaa atttaaaatt acctatgtgg     87720
     ctcacattag tggcccatat tatatttctg ttgaaaggca ctgctctgac ccacggaaag     87780
     aatgggcgtt ttccactttt attccttacg tgggggctga caagttataa actacctgtg     87840
     tgactttgag aagactattc aacaagatgt attgaggtag aactttatgc caagtaccga     87900
     gtaaagcact ggggacatta agatgaacta ggcagtctct gccctcaaag accatcaata     87960
     gacattttag tatatgcagg gagttctggt cacacagagg acaaatggct ggaaataaaa     88020
     gttaccaaaa tttggcagaa attcttccag atatcttttt atgcatacaa gtatgtacaa     88080
     gcacacacca aacacagata cacacataac agatgcatgc atgtatgagt gtgtgtgcat     88140
     agatgattag acagatagat agcatcatac catctttgat gatcagaaat ggtttttttc     88200
     tgcacaatat aacatgggca ttgctccaca aaaaacaata aatgtaagtc aacatcatta     88260
     ttttggcttc atgaaaaaca tcattgcata tatgtaccga aacttatttg acctttaccc     88320
     catcgtctta tttatagatt tgagattttt tccaaatgat tgtgaacaat gcaggaagag     88380
     aaaagtgtgc tcactttttg tgattagaag tttaaaatat attctgataa atgggatctc     88440
     tggtgaatct atttctggac tcccttctgt tctggtgatg tatctttcaa atctataata     88500
     gtttcagtat ctattgtttt aatttttgta actgtactgc atttctatcc ccttttcatc     88560
     ttaaacttta tttttttcaa tgaaagatat atatgtacat aaatctttta gcagtttctt     88620
     tcagtattca ccttcatctt ttacaataag atgtttttat tgtaaaacat cttatttgtt     88680
     taaatgttta actgtttagt ttccattatg aaatatgagg accacaagga tccagttctt     88740
     tttttaccca tgtcctatcc catcccaacc taccccacat attttcttgt tcctttcata     88800
     atctatctat aattctgctt tagatcagta ttaagctttt acattgatgt gactttgtaa     88860
     ataacattct cagatgagtc ataaggtaaa ataaaaatat attttctttt tgtgtaactt     88920
     ttctttccac ctagagctaa tagctaaaaa tctccaatct cactctcttt gtcttctatt     88980
     acgcattgct aacttaccct caaactctag cagggggttc tgtcttctct cagcattcaa     89040
     acccaccagg cattctagca gcaccatgtt tttctggggg acattcctct cagaacccat     89100
     ttccctgcct caatctagct gactacttcc tctgggtaca gcacacctgt aatcctggga     89160
     tctccttcct aatcatcctg gagattccca gcacctcatt cttgagttag gtcatctgtt     89220
     cttacatccc atatcttcct atttttttta tctgtgacct tattttttaa aaaaaaagcc     89280
     cccttttgtg gctttctgag aaaagatggg gagtagaggt gttgagacct gcatgactga     89340
     gaatgtcttt agacctctct cattcttgag aatagctttg ctacatatag aatgattccc     89400
     cttagaattt tgaaggcaaa tctttatgaa ttttagtttc attgtcaaga ggtcctatgt     89460
     cattatagtt cttttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt ttgttttgtt ttttggtttt ttggttttgt     89520
     ttttttttga gacaaggtct tgctctgttg cccaggctgg agggcagtgg cgcgatgttg     89580
     ggtcactgca gcctcaacca cctgaactca agcaatcacc ccacttcagc ttcccgagtg     89640
     gctcatgcca ccatgcctgg ctaatttttg cttttctttt tttgttagaa atggggtttc     89700
     gccaggttgc ccaggctggt cttgtactcc tgggctcaag caatcctctt gcctcggcct     89760
     cctaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgagcc actgtgccca gtcacatgat tataattctt     89820
     tatcgattat atgtcacaca ttcctccttc tctcctggaa aatattctcc ttttccctca     89880
     ttttctaaaa tttcatactg tgcccaaata ggatttttat ttattatatt cagtattggg     89940
     tgaactcttt cagcttggaa attcatattc ttcaattgta ggaaatgatc ttagactatt     90000
     ttttaaaata gtctaaattt atttttttaa ataaactctc ttgaactaga ctattgacta     90060
     attattgcac cacctgaatt gttaccctca attttttctt ttcttatttt ttcctacttt     90120
     tcatctctat ctttttgttt tactttcaga gaaatttccc caactttatc ttccaatcct     90180
     tctatttttt ttttttcctg ttaactttta ttaactgggg ttataaggag agtctggtca     90240
     caacacacat tatgaaaaca ttaggaaatt acagaaggac ttgcaataag tttaaacaga     90300
     acaaattaag ccaacccctt ggtcatctga gaaacaataa ggtaaaattg cagagaccaa     90360
     atctttgtca gcgataaagg atacagaata aaaacgtaga catcatcgcc ccctggtgtt     90420
     gtaaaataaa catgcaatgt tatttattta ttcatttttg aagttgtaat cttctccttt     90480
     gtcactgagc ctcaattatt tccccaattt caagccctct ttagacaatc ttttccctgt     90540
     catcaataac tttcaagtat cttatttgaa aatataattt gtactaattc ctctttcaga     90600
     ctccataaat tcctttccag gaaactggcc acctcccagc acaagagcct atgctcttgc     90660
     tctttgaaat gcaaaccaaa acaagagctt tagtctttca tcaaaattag aggattagca     90720
     tgcatttatt gcaaacctta atttcctcta aaaggcatct ttactctgca acttactcgt     90780
     cattgccatt tttcataacc agaatgcatt ccttcaccgt ctgcctcctg acttggcaac     90840
     catcaagaat tctggcctga ccagttaact tgctaaacca tctttgctgt tatataccag     90900
     gaaacactgg aaaagagaca taaataatat acctccatat cctagtgtcc tggcttaatt     90960
     tataggcaga atttcgtttg ttggctaagg gaagaaaaac catctacgta gagtgagctt     91020
     gggaggaagc tggagtaggg agaaaacatg atggcaggat aggttggtgg gaaccgtggg     91080
     tgcagtcctg ctcccaaggt tttcatttct gtgacaagag ctcttttttg tatgttcact     91140
     tttattgatt cctgttttta tttaaataga tggaaatatg ttctcttgac ccattgaaca     91200
     catttattac cattttttga gtgtttttct aatcactgca ttggctctgt tacttctaat     91260
     ttcctttctc cagctgccct attgttgctt ttgctttata tgttaaaata cttcctcagt     91320
     gtctggtggt ccttggaagt caattcccat gcaaggagga gacaccaaaa agcctgggga     91380
     agctctgatc gagtgggtgc ttgttggttg acaggtgggc ttcatagaag ggtaatacgg     91440
     ctggaaaatt ttcttaggat tccaaggacg gagtccttga cctcttttct ttttcttttt     91500
     cttttttttt ttttttcgct ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcgcg atctcggctc     91560
     actgcaagct ccacctcccg ggttcacgcc attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg     91620
     ggactacagg cgcccgccac cacgcccggc taattttttt gtatttttag tagagacggg     91680
     gtttcaccat gttagccagg atggtctcaa tctctcgacc tcatgatccg cccgccttgg     91740
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggagtga gccacagcgc ctggcccgac ctcttttcta     91800
     agattggcca atttccccag aaaatcattc ttcaatctcc tgccagaaga gaggggctgg     91860
     gagttcttct gttcatacac agctttacat tcaatccccc tgtctcttgt atgttagctg     91920
     ccccttcaac ttcatcttgt gtctctaagt gcaaacctcc ctgtgagcct cctcagagag     91980
     ggagtatgca gtttctcgct ggaactgggg aaaggcagcc atcctgctgc aggcggggct     92040
     ctgcaattct gtttccatac aggcttttgg tccattcttc tgtcttcagt ccctctgtcc     92100
     ccttgtctcc tccttccaga aggatccagt gtttttacat cttgaaactt tctaggggtc     92160
     tgtggtacaa aacaggatgt ttctaggctc ccccaactaa caggttacat ttttgttttc     92220
     tctcatcttg taactctatt atcaattgtc catttgcttt ctggctccca agattttgca     92280
     ggtggcatca ctgtgttttc ttcattcttg tagattcctg ccgcctttag ttctatgtca     92340
     ttctgtggtg ttttgaggga gcaggggcaa atgagtgctt ttctgccata tttacttgct     92400
     tttttgtata aaaccttatg aaactacagc aaagtaaaat gcgctatttt catttcatga     92460
     atataatttc acagaaacta aaaacaacaa tcagtatgca gggaggtgct gaggagtaaa     92520
     aggcctggga gagagtccct gctccagcca cactggtagg tcctcacagt aatggtagca     92580
     tcaccacccc tacactcact ctgaagttaa agcataaatc aacagcccta actggaaagc     92640
     tcatgctaat actttccctt tctgcctccc tcagcctgag agcatccacc ctttccctat     92700
     ccttagcctt agagatgaag gaagctggtt tcacttgaaa gacaaattta gttaagaaac     92760
     acagctggtc ttcagtcctt ctgttctttt caaatctgac cttggtctag ctcaagaaac     92820
     gtttgttgat tgcctgttat agacccgcct ctgtgtacac cgagggttca aaaatgaaag     92880
     acagttctct gcccttgagg agttcaaagt gtcacttact ccctgatgtc tcactaattc     92940
     ccacatatta atcaggactg gctcctgcac agagaagcac tgagtggtgg ctgagctgcc     93000
     acttgacatt gggttttccc tcatatggac cctagtttct ttcattttct gtatacacat     93060
     ctaaagcaga attattatgg aaggccatta gaaattagct tggattccga tgtaggaaaa     93120
     tgactgtaaa agtaaaatat taacattctt ctttaaagaa aaaacaatcc cagcaatccc     93180
     tcctgctggg attgtttttt tctttaaaaa caacccctgt aactggtgcg tcatgtgtgt     93240
     ctgagattct tgcattgggt caactgatgg gggatccagt ggtgactagt ttgtagtagg     93300
     ctcctttttg ggccatcagt tcttcatggg tccccttttc aatcaccacc ccctgtgcca     93360
     tgacagcaat gatatccgcg ttctggatgg tggacaagcg atgggcaatg acaatgcagg     93420
     tccgaccctc tctggctttg tctagagcaa cctgcaccgt ctgcaaagag aagatggaaa     93480
     gttgatgcaa agatgcatga ttgctcccca gcccaccatc atgagagttc agttaacacg     93540
     acctgaataa caatcctata cttgacggca aacccaaagg ctcaacataa gagaggatta     93600
     agcaagtatt ccctgaatgc aatgcatcag tgatttcaat ggcagtgcac tggctgagaa     93660
     atttcagtgg agcaagaagg aagcaaacta tgaagtccct acataatttt acaatatttg     93720
     atggtctagt ttcctgaaat gaaatgaaga aaacaacgga gggtagcagt taagtggcca     93780
     ttcctgatac tgctcttcat tgaagacatt ttagctctct ccaaaatgga atcccgattg     93840
     ttatggcatt aattatacat tttaaatttc ataattgtgt tttgctcaat tgcatcttct     93900
     ttcatgcaaa ccacacatca gatatcacct ctttctttgt gttgcatgtg gcctaccttc     93960
     tctgtcacat aactttagaa ctataaaata taacagataa tctagattat tttactttat     94020
     tcaagaaagg tgattatttg cctttggaaa aaaatgtcac ttagcctaaa gaatcttaaa     94080
     aacaattctt attttaaagg taaaatattt tttttgaagc aatcttatat taaatcactt     94140
     gctctagata attgtctttt ggttccacaa agtattgcca atttctactg ttaacgaatc     94200
     agaaaattga aaatagtgcc attttattaa ggacaaattt tacagcaaaa gacttatttg     94260
     taatgatcta agactttaga aattcaacac ttaccttttc actttctgtg tctaaggcag     94320
     aagtggcttc atctagtagc aagattttag gatctcgtac aatggcccga gcaatagcaa     94380
     tgcgttgttt ctcccctcta gagagttgag acccctggga cccaacgtta gtttcatatt     94440
     tctgaaaaaa agtatgataa gtttgagaaa tagaaacagt tattgctcct gtgctgtact     94500
     gaactcatgt caaggtctcc tctgtaattt aaattatttg tttgttgaac tagggaacag     94560
     tgagtgagtc ctcctatagg atggaggatg tcaaatccac ttaggaatat aagaaaaata     94620
     tggaatttgt gacatttgat gtgggaagca aggggacatt attcctcatt tctgcatttc     94680
     ttttaggttt atattttcaa tctccttctc cctgtgtcca cataagagcc catatatgag     94740
     atcctccttg atttgagact ctctgattct agattcttat ctggaaaaat ccttccaata     94800
     tggactaatc ccaagaatgg aaatgtcttt tgcgagatct tctggtccat tgctgtatta     94860
     gggaggcagc attctggaac acaggctttg gttagaagct ccactctgct gcttactagc     94920
     ttgtgttcat gaacaaatta tttaaatttt tttgagctgg ctaggcatct gaggtgcagt     94980
     attaacactt acttcacata tttattgtga gttttagaga aaattaggaa gaaaaaatca     95040
     ctcatgcctg gcatggctac ataaaaatta gttaacattc atagagtgtt taccatagag     95100
     gtattgtgct aactattcta gctagggtat catttaatat tcacagaaac catacccaca     95160
     ctatttttta gattacaaaa cttaggcaca gggaggtaag aaaatggtgc gaggacaagt     95220
     aacaagcagt gaaagtgaaa tctgaatcca gatgaaagtg aatcttgctc tcctctaagt     95280
     ccttgccttg actacttctc ttccttgcct tccacaacac gagctgtttc ctttccctgc     95340
     ttcccttgcc tcctgaggaa tgctccttta agccaggtga gacccatgaa aacctgcttt     95400
     gtctttgtgg agacaaagtg ctcagagaag ggtgccacgg gcaagtctgt atgaggacaa     95460
     tgcagtaaac cagctccatg acagtgcctt gcccaacatg agtagctatt caataagggt     95520
     ttgtgggata aatgaatctt ccaggagaca cacaatcttt gcttttgatc tctggattca     95580
     gcaaatagta atttccatgt gcttatagat tgggctaaca ggtaagaact gggccaagag     95640
     cctaaaactt aggagacttt gtgaaaagag caaacaaaaa gccttccaca aacccacaaa     95700
     atttataaac ataatcactt ataaagaaaa acaattttcc cagggatatt tttaaaaagt     95760
     aagtagagaa ggttaaaggt aaaatttggc cctacaattt ggtttccatg ttgtaatttt     95820
     tcttgtgatc aaaactaaga gggacttttg gtggatggaa aaatgcagag tcaatattgc     95880
     gcgaaatctg gacttgggtt tggcaaagta agagacagta aggcaggtgt aacttaccca     95940
     ccacccacgg tacacattgc caagtaatga aataatgatg atggcagtaa taccagtggc     96000
     cgctttcatt gtgtggctat taagtgtgtt ttcttcattt taacgttatt ttcttgcatt     96060
     ttgcagatga aatagacaat ctcagaaagg ataattgtcc caaagctatg aagctactaa     96120
     gtggcaaagc ttggatgcaa gcccaggtca gctccaaatc tcaggtgttt ccccactatg     96180
     ctaaactaaa gctcaatgta caaaaaaatt caacaaaaat agcatccatt gcattgggca     96240
     atacaatact ttccaaaatt aaagagtatg ttgatgaagg atatttcttt tgcttaaaaa     96300
     actaagacag tccaggggca ctgtgaaata aattgcatat cctttgacct tctagagcca     96360
     caatcataat acagattgaa tatttcttat cagaaatgct tgggaccaga aacgtttcag     96420
     attctggatt ttttcagatt ttggaatatc tgcatataat gagataccct ggggatagga     96480
     ctcaagtcta accacaaaat tcctgtttct tatctacttt atacacatag cccagaagta     96540
     aattcctata atatttttaa taattttgta catgaaacaa agttttgact gcattttgac     96600
     tgtgacccat cacatgaggt caagtgtgaa attttccacc tgtggaatca tgttggcatt     96660
     caaaaatttt tgaattttgg aacattttgg atttgggatt ttcagattag ggatgctcaa     96720
     cctgtacact ctggtcattc tacttctccc catccttgtc tctcataggg aatggctctg     96780
     acttcgtact cacctctggg agtgacatga caaaatcatg cagctgagcc tgttttgcag     96840
     ctgctatgac tctttccatg ggaatttctt tggtgttgtc tccatacttg atattgtcca     96900
     ttatgctaca ggcaaacaac actggttcct gggaaacaat tccaatgttt gagcggagga     96960
     actggacatt tacttttttg ctgtcatgac catctatcat ctgccaatag aggagatgac     97020
     aggtcattag gtttttagaa ttccagcagt gaggaaagtt catattctag cattaggtgt     97080
     tatgcaggac atttggtttg cttaacagac taacaatccc aaggctaaaa ttatggaata     97140
     aattatgttg cctttgacct ctggatgtaa tgtctatcag gagtggcatc catgttaaca     97200
     ctaatcagac tatggtccta tttatttcct gaactctggc tctacaggtg gggcaaacga     97260
     gaaagacgct caggtattca ggtaagaaac aacgtcccct tactttggtg cagcacactc     97320
     tctacaaata tacagggttg ctctattttg agactcatga gttatggaaa ggatttttct     97380
     ctgtgaagct tttgggcaat ataagggtca aacctgtttt cttgatttta ctaacaccat     97440
     tctctgcata actgagataa taaaaccaag taaaaaagga atacatttat tcacttagtc     97500
     aatcaacaaa catatatttg aatcacctgc cacaaagcac catcctaagc catctatgtc     97560
     tgctacgtaa agaaaatata atctctgttt cctaggaact cacagtctag ttaggcagtt     97620
     aagtccaggt acttgaatat ctaccacatg agctgattca ctaaagagtc ctagaatatt     97680
     aaaggcacag atgcctaacg tgctactata aagtatttgg ccctattatt tcagaaaaaa     97740
     attgtgataa atggtatgaa cagattatat ttaagataat ttctaagtaa tggaaaaagc     97800
     aaacactatt agaaaaaata taaagcattt ctcaataaca attagccctg gcttatcttg     97860
     ctctactcat tttccatagc acttaagtct gcaaaacaca atttaataat taaacactca     97920
     ggctgtttgc tcattcttct aaatgtgcta cattgtaagc tcctagaagg cagaagacat     97980
     gcttcatggt ccttagactc tcccacaggg actcatgcag taacaggcac atcataggta     98040
     tccaaataaa tgttgaaaat attgaacgcc tacatttggt agattaagag caaagaggac     98100
     tttgaaaaaa aaacataaaa agtggtaggt tttctgctta aaatgtttgt agaaatgttt     98160
     tacgatgttg taacaaaata tactgtgcct atgaaatgca agaagtcata atgatttcct     98220
     tattggcctt gctttcgacc tgtgaccaga acattcactg ggcatattca gagaaatata     98280
     cttaatgtac atgttaatgt tggaaaagta aatatgaggg attcagtttc ctgtaccttg     98340
     catagttcac aatctatgtt ggctgcaggc atgccagaag tgacattttg gaaaattgaa     98400
     ccctctgact tatcagaatt atacctctgg ttacaatggg ctttctaggt ttattggtta     98460
     ccaaatactt tcaaacaaat ttacaatctt tatacctcaa cttaataaca gaagggatta     98520
     taaattatag gcaatcaata cttagtcctt atttttataa cttcctggat tctgtcaatt     98580
     tctgtttgct tgtttccttg ctttgcttta tacaaggaaa tctttagttg cctttttcaa     98640
     aattttctta gcatttctct tcataatgtt atactcttca taatagtata ttacattaaa     98700
     gattatacta ttcagggaag tcagaaaggc cactttcaaa atatagggat taaacaatta     98760
     atcaagtatg aagcaaaaca aaacattttc agacccatat ctatgaacta tttcttagaa     98820
     atttgctttt ggatgagctc caacaaaagg gggtaaaaac tagaaaaagg aatgtatggg     98880
     aactacgaaa taatggatct aatccaagga aatatcacag ggaactcaca ggatgatgac     98940
     tgttcaacag gcaaacgttg cgagtgacag aaatgaggga agagatggcc tgacagagac     99000
     attggaagaa cacaaaggtt ttcatgaaga caaagaatgc aagaaaaaaa gaaacctttc     99060
     agaaaaacaa tcaaaaaaat ataatgtaaa tgtaactcac tatttgactg aaggatgaac     99120
     aatatttaca taatcattaa aaaagctgtc aattgatttt caacttttag aatcaactta     99180
     gagtgaaggc aggaaagata atgttataaa cagaatgtgc tctgaattct tgataaaagt     99240
     gcagttagaa cttaagaggt aaaagaagta agaggtgaaa agagtaagag gtgaaaataa     99300
     aggtaggatt gctaacattt ttcttttaga aagtgagaat tcaagaggaa ctatctacag     99360
     gtggtggaag agcaacggaa gcagatcaga agtttacaaa tttataaata gaaggcctaa     99420
     aaaatgatat aactatattg ggaggaggta ggcaaaagga gggagtggtg agagtaagta     99480
     gatttttatc tcttgagaat aaatcacaga gagtctaaat ttgttaaatc atgaaatagc     99540
     atgagcatat tatttaaaga cataaaagtc accattggga gatcaaaaaa catcaagtgg     99600
     tcaaaaatag ttgcctttga gcagagaaat gtggagtggg agtgtaagca taaagcaggg     99660
     gggtggcttt ttattataaa tatttattat ttgattttgt gaccttctgc atatattact     99720
     tttaaagaaa gaaaaaaagg acagaaaaga gaaagaaatg ttatgaaaaa taaataccaa     99780
     agctattcac caaaatttca aatatccttg ctaaagattt atggtacatg gctctcaatc     99840
     tgagttcctt gcgttattta gatttcagct tcttgaacaa ggattgtctt agatcttttc     99900
     atgctaactc tcctttcttg ctcatttatc attatttccc ttatcactct actttttcca     99960
     ttcctggtca ttagtttcct gattagtctg cactttctgc tccatttacg ggtaagtgag    100020
     tgcttctatt aaatacactc atctccagct ttgcagtgtg cccagttttc tttgcctaac    100080
     tggtcagcag gccatctgga actggggaaa atctgacatt agaaattgtg aggtagaatc    100140
     aggtgaagca gcaaatgact gggactggaa aatatgcatg gggtaagtgc cttaggcaag    100200
     cattttaaag tgagtctggc aaagcaaaaa cttgaagccc acttttaggg gttggaaata    100260
     ctctgcagaa ggcaaaattc tcaaaaaggt tgcgtggctt accaccttcc cttgatcagg    100320
     atcatagaaa cgttccaaca gctgaatgct agtgcttttg ccacatccac tgctcccaac    100380
     aaacgccagt gtctgccctg gactaatcga cactgagaga ccattcagaa cttgcgagtc    100440
     aggtcgagaa ggatatgtaa atttacaatc aacaaaatca atcttcccct ggaagttgtc    100500
     ctgtggatgg gaggatcaaa attagagatg ctcttactga agcctagaat attgaaaaca    100560
     cacctaaatc ttgagtttaa aatccctgct tgagatacct tcaaaccatg ctgccaaagt    100620
     gcaaagtata aagacagcaa cttaataaaa ggacattcca ttttgtgttc tgaaagatgt    100680
     agtataaagg aaggcttggg caacgaaatt aaagacattt gactccccct attcccagtc    100740
     taacataagg ggattttctt gccatctatt cctgacattc tgaatagaag agaatagctg    100800
     gaagatatga catcacagaa gccagtaact gtccaaaccc tatagctttg ttctcctaaa    100860
     gactaaaaat aatgttacac ttaaaacgac ctagaaagaa agttacctga ggtctgtact    100920
     gcaaaggtga atactttcta ttgtactttg gtgtgcttaa aactctaact tataaaatct    100980
     agaaatggat agacatttaa tagaccacac agaaacttta catttactga actgaaggag    101040
     aaattttacc aatttagaaa gattacagaa tttagcttag ctttactagt gtttaggttt    101100
     gctttgcttt ctggaacata ctaaaatttt caaaaatagg tagagaagat ttacaaatac    101160
     ctatctatca attagaagaa cagatatttt gttgagattg aattaatttt caggacatcc    101220
     acataagcta aaacttgaat caagatgaac atgaattaaa tcaatgttat tggacaggaa    101280
     gaagtgattt ttctacattc tgtatcagaa catcaataga aaacacagtg gttaggtaga    101340
     tctcagagga caactggctt cattcatttg ggaactaagt gtattttata ttacacagaa    101400
     tttagcattc actgaatgtc atcaccttgt tcaaatgcca gctttaggaa taatttttga    101460
     tgctaattta ctttattcct ttgtatttat aaatctactg tttgtcttct ccaagtatgt    101520
     atgaatgaac ccatatacag caggaattta gaagccaagt ggtattgtat ggccatccct    101580
     aatggctgtc ctgcacacac atacgcacaa ccttacccct catcaatact tacacatttt    101640
     atttatttat ttattttatt agactttaag ttctggggta gatgtgtaga atgtgcaggc    101700
     ttgttatata ggtatacacg tgtcatggtg gtttgctgca cccatcaacc tgtcatctac    101760
     attaggtatt tctcctaatg ctatccctcc cctaccccac accatcccct gacaggcccc    101820
     ggtgtgtgat gttccccacc ctgtgtccat gtgttctgtt tgttcaactc ccacttatga    101880
     gtgagaacat gtggtgtttg gttttctgtt cttgtgttag tttgctgaga atgatggttt    101940
     ccagcttcat ccctgtccct gcaaaggaca tgaactcatc cttttttatg gctgcatagt    102000
     attccaacac ttacccattt ttcacctgca gtattgtata cactgattgg gggttgtcgg    102060
     tccagcagtt gaaaaaagcg tgcagctgat attttagctt ttgcataact tggggtgtaa    102120
     gagaaggctc ttccaagagc tgttgcactc agtacaactg cagagatcac cctgtaacca    102180
     gacagacaca caggaagaga gcagggtggc gtggttggtg tgatgacctg aaggcagaag    102240
     tttggggatc tagccctggt tctgccagga aaggaccaaa tatccttgag caagtcactt    102300
     cagacttgtc tggaaatgga gagggtggtg tttaagggac tggcagtttt caaactgtgt    102360
     tctatgaaaa aggagtaaga agaggactga acaagcatga aggggggaga gctcagacct    102420
     ccaaaccttt atttgaccac aatagcttcc tttaagaaaa ttgttggcca ggcgcggtgg    102480
     ctcactcctg taatcccagc accttgggag gccgaggcgg gcggatcacg aggtcagaag    102540
     atcgagacca tcctggctaa cacggtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaatta    102600
     gctgggcgtg gtggtggtcg cctgtggtcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat    102660
     ggtatgaacc tgggaggcag agcttgcagt gagccaagat cgcgccactg cactccagcc    102720
     tgggtgacag agcaagactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa attgtttgag    102780
     ggggaaaaag acttctgaaa aaattttttt aaaagaaaaa gcaggcttga aagatcacca    102840
     gattgagttg atttttctag aattctaaca gttattgaat ctataatagg tatataaaag    102900
     ataatgattg atgatataag catcattttt gcaccaggca tgtatataat ttatgcttca    102960
     gagagcaaga cagatgcaat tgcctgtctc cttctacttg tcttagcctc taactatagt    103020
     caacatgtac ttaattaacg aaagagtgaa tgaataaatg aatgataaat ataatgagag    103080
     ataactttgt tgctgtagag attatgatgt gagtagtagc ccccaaagct gctcacctgc    103140
     actgtcatgc acagagggtc tgcctgggat ggggataggg ataagggatg tgtctttgtg    103200
     tgtcacactg ctcagttcat aagcaggaat tgttttaggc cagaattgca aatctgaaca    103260
     tccccgggag cccagtttaa agcctaaggg aatgaaaagc acttgaaatg aaatggaaaa    103320
     tggtggaaga tgacgttcca atttttaaag tgaagccaga aattggaagt tttctgtagt    103380
     tccacttttt gttttgtttt gagatggagt ctcactctgt cacccaggct ggagtgtagt    103440
     ggcatgatct cagctcactg tagcctctgc ctcctgggtt caagcgattc tcctttctcc    103500
     tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggattac aggcacacat caccatacct ggctaatttt    103560
     tgtatttttt tgtagagatg aggtttcgcc atgttggcca ggctggtctt gaactcctga    103620
     cctcaagtga tccacccgcc tcggcctgag gtgctgagat tacaggcatg agccaccgca    103680
     cccagcctgt agccccagat ttttacatgt tggcaaaaaa atattctaaa ttattctaaa    103740
     attattctaa attattctaa aattattcta aaaccttaat ataaactaaa taaaaataag    103800
     ccaatggttt gtgttttcta atttagacta gtagctttaa atatgcaaag atttagaaaa    103860
     gagacacttt cctagctggg tgggtgtagt ggagtgggag agaagtgctg aaagagatac    103920
     caggtgagaa ggcgggactc atggctagag aaggaaaccc aagaaccgat tcctatagga    103980
     ccacttttcc taatgccctc caaacctttc tcagaccatc tccaccctta ccccccgact    104040
     cgcccatata catgtgtacc tcgttcccca gtaccctgac acccttaggc tttcacctct    104100
     ggaaatgtga gaaattggac taaaagctaa tcttattaga aaagcaggct ttggctatac    104160
     gaatggaaca tccttcacct gtatggccca tgctgtctct gcctaggagg agtcagttgg    104220
     gaggagtcag ccctctttgc aagagaggag ttcaaacaaa acagttctct atgaaccatc    104280
     ttagccaaga cctctagatt ttctcagcat taacatgtgt ggcagattgt ttataaacaa    104340
     cgatcatatt aattcacact ttcatgcatc cctttgcaac atggcttttt tactcctctc    104400
     atcaaaaagt ggattctatt tttttctatt ccttaaacct gggcttgatg gtatgacttt    104460
     ctttggccaa acagaaaatt agaaagtttc tttgcgtgga gagacttgaa aagtacttgc    104520
     acagtggggc ttgccctctt ttgtggcact tggaactctg aggccataat atgaagaaaa    104580
     gaagctcatc tgctagacag gccatgtgga gacagaagaa tacacagaag cctgactgag    104640
     tcagcccagg tcagaagaac cgccctgatg acccacagaa tcttgagaaa taattaatcc    104700
     cagctattgt aagacaccaa gcttgggatg gtttgctaag cagcaaaaag ctaactgaca    104760
     gaaccaggct attccttcct tgtgtgttga tcttttctca ccttggctag atattcctca    104820
     cctgaacaca tagctgaaat ggagcccctc attggagatt aagtaacctc catatctgta    104880
     ggaagcagaa ttcgcaataa acatgatgca ctgggcaaag gcaaagcaga atccgtaaat    104940
     attggctttc tgaatggctg tcttgaaggg cttctccagc tcagtctcaa gtgcttcaat    105000
     gaaccgcctc tcctttccaa ttccagcaac agtgcggatg ttactgaggg cttcatttgt    105060
     aatctgaaga ttgaaaaaga gtcttaggaa tacaagggca gaaataactc ctttcgtgac    105120
     atttcagtgg ctgcctggat tagatggtgc aaatggcaga atgtggtaca aatcagagaa    105180
     tgcatcatct gggaatacaa agacgtggct ggagatcaac ccaactggac cacgagacaa    105240
     tttttcagtt aaattcaagt ttcccttaat tcttatactt gagaagtgtt tatgctacca    105300
     tccctcattt accccccaag gacaagatat taattagaac acactttaaa atgtgtagct    105360
     aaaacctaag tgtatccaaa acctaaactg tagttcataa ttctggttgg gaaagacact    105420
     tgccccaagc ctgggggact ctaaagtatg aagagcaaag gcatgtgcca ttaaaaccat    105480
     catagctcct gtgtgtgtgg aaagcatggc tcaggggaac cattaaattg caaaagcttc    105540
     acggccagaa aactgaacta tccacccctg caaatgagag tacaccaaat tggaatgtgg    105600
     aatgaatcac tatgcgagag gaaattgaac aggcaatcct gtgttcactc cgctatttct    105660
     ccacactggc tcatactcag agtctcggag ctttattgcc tcagcctttg cgccaagcac    105720
     gcatagaaag ggtggtggaa ggttcttaag tgtgcctgtc ttgtgggctg acagcttcct    105780
     tcagtctctt cgtactactc gtttttaaca gtttgtctga tagccactca gccatgagga    105840
     atgggaaaat tagatctgca agattacctg tcccaccatc tccagggcct gcttatctcg    105900
     agaggcaaat cctgtcaaca tcctggtctg tgtggctcct gataaagcca agaaggggaa    105960
     gaagcacaag atgaccaggc tcagcttcca gctaaaggag aaggcaatga tcatggccac    106020
     agtgacgtta gtgaaggaat tgactatcat cccgatctga gagccggcag cctgcaaacc    106080
     aaaaagcaat caacccgtct cagacacaca gtcgctttta ccaattacca ttacacaaaa    106140
     aggtcagacc ttttataaag ttgtgataaa atatacataa caatatatat cattttaacc    106200
     attcttaagt gtacaattca gtggcatttc acaatgtttt gtaaccatca cacatctata    106260
     cctaaagctt ttaaaatcat gtccaacaaa aactctgtat ccattaaaca ataacctccc    106320
     tttcttctct ctcccccaag ctcttggtga cttctattct aactctctgt ctgtataaat    106380
     ttgcctaccc taggtatctc tagaagtaga atcatacaat atttttcctt ctgtgtctgg    106440
     cttattttgc taagcataat gttttcaagc ttcaggcatg ttgtagcagg tatacaaatt    106500
     tcattccttt ttatttttat tttttgttta ttttatttta ttttgagaca aggtctcact    106560
     ctgtcaccca ggctggaggg cagtggcata attatggctc actgtagcct tgacctcctg    106620
     gactcaagca gccctcctgc cccagcatgc taagtagctg ggaccacaga tgcatgccac    106680
     tacacctgct aattttttaa tcttagtaga aatgaggtct cactatgttg cccaggctgg    106740
     tcttaaactc ctaagctcaa gtgatcctcc caccttggcc tcccatagtg ctgggattgc    106800
     aggcacgagc catcacacct agcttcattc ccttttaaaa ctgaatattc cattgtatgt    106860
     gtatatcaca ttttgtatat ccattcatcc attgatggac actggggtta tttccaactt    106920
     ttggctattg tgaataatgc tgctatgaac actggtgtat aagcaccttt caagtccctg    106980
     ctttcaattc ttttggatat agacctagga gtggaattgc tgggtcatat ggtagtcccc    107040
     tgttcaaaaa gttaagttct tttaaatgat taagttcttt taaatgatga gctcacataa    107100
     cgtatctgaa ggctgaatta attaaaaggt tctttattca tagcttatcc gaagttcatt    107160
     tattgactaa tctcatttta agagtgtcag tgctagagca gtctgtctga gattaatgca    107220
     gccctaaaca tgggctacac atgtgtcaag tactgatgca tttggcttgt ttgaagatat    107280
     ccagccattg ggcttgaggt aatattactt attcaatgaa gattaatgct tgctctataa    107340
     ttatattttt gaagttgata caagactatt ataagatacc actttgattc tcattgaagt    107400
     tagcctgctc attggtacaa agttacatgc tgctgtaata cacagctatt tagtcaatgc    107460
     agatggacaa aatggattca gtcccaatat agatggagaa tggaccactg tggtaattat    107520
     atctatacta atcagagtat ccaatggttc caaatcgttg tttcagttgc agctaggcag    107580
     gtacgaccaa agcttggcac actctgtaga aaatacttgg gtgaggacaa ttacatcact    107640
     tctttttaaa attgtagaaa cacattttta tttaagacaa aaaaatgtaa aacgacaaaa    107700
     ggtaacctgt tagtaaccat tcgatgctaa ggcactgtta ttcaggaata atttgcatct    107760
     ttatactgaa ttgaagacac aaatggaata taaaattgtg tcccaaagca ttcctatgtg    107820
     ttagtgctga cttccttgga gactaacagg ctaaatcaag aatttctcat ttgtacaccc    107880
     acgttcagag cagaattatt cacaacagcc aaacaacctg aatgtccaca gacagatgaa    107940
     tgaataaaga aaacatgata tatccataaa ataaacatcc ataaaaatgt agctctgaca    108000
     catactatag catagagaaa cttcaaaaac atcatgttat gtgaaataag ccagacataa    108060
     aaggataaat tcatatgatt ccacttagat gaggtacata gagtagtcag attcatagac    108120
     acagaaagta aaatggtggt tgctggggct gaggggaggg agagcaggat ggggagttgc    108180
     cgtttcaagg gtacagaatt tctctttgga acggtaaaac atttctagag atgaatagtg    108240
     gtgatggtta cataacaatg taaatgtact taatgccatt cagctgtaca cttaaagatg    108300
     gttaaagtag taaattttgt gttacaaata ttttaccaca atttttttta aaaaagaatt    108360
     tttggttggc aaggactgtc aggcattaca gaggacttga aaagcaactt tgcacttctt    108420
     tgggatgtcg ttattttgtt tccttttaca ttttattcaa ttggtatttt tttaaaaatt    108480
     gaaaataata caacctaaga cacaaacaaa acatagatac atatttaaca atatatacat    108540
     atattttaat ttttttcttt acaaaaaggg ctcatactct acatattact ttgtactttg    108600
     actttttttc acttatcaat ggtacataac tatccttcca gatcaatata taggaacact    108660
     ttaaaaaata gctgtgcaat attccttagt ataaatgtat cataattgat tcaactcttt    108720
     ttctgtttgt tgatggatat ttgggtagtt tccagggaat tttattaatt ttttggttaa    108780
     tataaaaaat gataaatatc cttgaacaca cattcttaca caataggagg gaattc        108836