EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC069130; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 66874 BP.
AC   AC069130;
DT   23-MAY-2000 (Rel. 63, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 12)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-468D10 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-66874
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-66874
RA   Yoakum M., Maupin R., Kisic M.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-468D10";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-66874
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-MAY-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-66874
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-MAR-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-66874
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-MAY-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 12f5a6a6225401c7acd3a00e28c0741b.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC069130.6:1-66874; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Mar 23, 2001 this sequence version replaced gi:10312294.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0468D10
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-157F24, 200 bp overlap; the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-945E12, 200 bp overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 41625 of
CC   RP11-157F24; actual end is at base position 66680 of RP11-468D10.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..66874
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-468D10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1220..1438
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   1767..1989
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   3126..3379
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3987..4296
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5063..5373
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5681..5939
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5940..6253
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    6133..6255
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI866821 (NID:g5530852) tz53f11.x1"
FT   repeat_region   6254..8371
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8384..8644
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8648..10180
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11129..11422
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   11693..11978
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13327..14033
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14070..14451
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    14357..14664
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI866821 (NID:g5530852) tz53f11.x1"
FT   repeat_region   14498..14860
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    14840..15020
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI866821 (NID:g5530852) tz53f11.x1"
FT   repeat_region   15105..16254
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16257..16375
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16393..16565
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16574..17833
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17839..18268
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   18297..18361
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   25846..26717
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   26814..27093
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   27102..28327
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   28331..28766
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   28793..28983
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29096..29184
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29537..29847
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30646..31234
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31464..31574
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31569..31689
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31700..31874
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31883..32100
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   32241..32962
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37763..37862
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37863..38156
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38157..38224
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    38354..38731
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W63784 (NID:g1371385) zd30f11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38359..38731
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW959166 (NID:g8148850)"
FT   misc_feature    38362..38731
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU035808 (NID:g3718816)"
FT   misc_feature    38474..38731
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI248008 (NID:g3843405) qh63d04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    38491..38731
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38551..38731
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    38771..39051
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU035808 (NID:g3718816)"
FT   misc_feature    38771..39023
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW959166 (NID:g8148850)"
FT   misc_feature    38771..39010
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W63784 (NID:g1371385) zd30f11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38771..39007
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38771..39011
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI248008 (NID:g3843405) qh63d04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   39286..39550
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39929..40106
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40116..40555
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40577..41021
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43852..44656
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44656..44735
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48198..49314
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49376..49891
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50318..50396
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   50510..50725
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    50791..51155
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA493510 (NID:g2223351) ng75e02.s1"
FT   repeat_region   51212..51335
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51336..51646
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51647..51830
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52169..52243
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   54895..54972
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   56076..56359
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56505..56604
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57301..57459
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   57983..58265
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58395..58693
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58839..59122
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    58840..59682
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI521420 (NID:g4435555) th60d06.x1"
FT   repeat_region   61999..62099
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63105..63256
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63261..63632
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64198..64690
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   64877..65109
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65211..65393
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    65552..65712
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW022797 (NID:g5876327) df43g09.y1"
FT   misc_feature    65555..65712
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW292752 (NID:g6699388)"
FT   misc_feature    65563..65712
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW130033 (NID:g6131638) xf27b02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    65579..65712
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE044498 (NID:g8361551) ho46d07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    65758..65911
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE044498 (NID:g8361551) ho46d07.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW292752 (NID:g6699388)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW022797 (NID:g5876327) df43g09.y1"
FT   misc_feature    65758..66069
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW130033 (NID:g6131638) xf27b02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    65999..66219
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW022797 (NID:g5876327) df43g09.y1"
FT   misc_feature    65999..66225
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE044498 (NID:g8361551) ho46d07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    65999..66317
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW292752 (NID:g6699388)"
FT   repeat_region   66688..66870
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 66874 BP; 20724 A; 13204 C; 12417 G; 20529 T; 0 other;
     cttctgttgc ctccttgcat gttgctctcc ctcctgcccc ttatgattct aatatctcat        60
     cttttgccca actattgact tctccttcta gttttttaat atgaaattat tttctgagct       120
     gtcacacatt cccaaattgt ttgtttcacc taagtatcca cctttcccat gacccagatt       180
     ggtaagcaac tgcagaattc aaatctagtg catgagttca gagttgcaca tgaactaaca       240
     agttataatt aacgattttt aaaaactaaa caagaaaatt aaatattcat caaataattt       300
     agaattattt agggcacata tggcttaggg ttacttgaca tatcaacttg tacacctgtt       360
     agatggaaca tcagatgcta aatcctggat gacaaaatgt gattggcctg acctgctagg       420
     aaacttgtag aattcctctt tccaaaatat cagggtcaaa atcattcata aaaacaataa       480
     tacaattatt aaactataga agatttgtag atagaatata aaattttttg tcacaactca       540
     gttaaaacag gtttttctga agatcaatat ttatgtaaaa gttataaaac ataaaataat       600
     aatagggata attacataat aaaagctatc acaaatactg aacagaagac ttcagaaatt       660
     atactaattt tgccatttat attttactat caactataat tattgttttt cttaaaagaa       720
     ataaatatac cattatgagg tgatcagaag cagacaagga ggttagacat ttcctcattt       780
     attcactcag cgaccctgtc acagaactaa atctgtgcta agtgccatga tgggcccagc       840
     atgtggtgct gagaaatgat tgagtggccc tttccccaac tcaagaagcc tgcagtctga       900
     ggatatatgg acaaaaaccc taaagcaagt acaagtaaat gaagagtaaa tgctataatt       960
     aaaataaagt aggatgttga aaggcagggc ggggagccat agcattctag ggacccaaat      1020
     gcctctctgt ggcaacagat gaccagccct gcacaactct ggggatacag tgtcagtgag      1080
     atgccactcc tggtgcagag aaatgcaggc agaagtgact ttggcagagg atgagagaaa      1140
     gaggccggca gggctagagg gagcctgggg aagagaaaag gagagggaag gaggactctg      1200
     ggacctagaa gaataagaca gtgatctgct tctctctgac aacattctcc ccaaacttag      1260
     catctttaac aacaaattct tactatctca caatttatgt ggaccagaat ctggacacag      1320
     ctttgctggt tgcctgcaca tggggctcca tgaagctggg gctgtgctct cagctgaagc      1380
     tgagctgtga gaggattaga ttccaagcac actcatatgg gtattgtcca gattcagtgt      1440
     agactgagag cctgagtgtt tcctggggcc tgggcactcc ctcattctct gttgtgtagg      1500
     ccactgcata ggcagctcat aactctggat cttgttttct gaacttgagg gatgcagtag      1560
     aaagacaggg aaataaatac acattgaaag agaaagagaa agacattggc agaaaatggg      1620
     agagaaaaca atgggcagag taagtagaag aatgagagaa atagattgag ggacaaaaca      1680
     cagaagaaag agacgaggag aaaatgaggt gaaagcctca ggaacagtat tactggctct      1740
     ataaacaaaa caaaacaaaa cacaacaaaa aacccagaga actccatcct ccactatctg      1800
     tcaggcaaat atagaatgta aagactacag tctgaaactc agaagagaga gttctcacta      1860
     gagctcgacc atgctggcat tctgatcttc aacttctgtc ctccagaact gtgagaaaga      1920
     acattgaaga acattgtact gttgataagc ggctcattct atctttgctg taacagccaa      1980
     tctaagacag aaatgttatc atatcacatt tattgcattc catttgtcag aagtgagctg      2040
     cagacccctt agtgttatga gccttcctat agtctgccaa ccacataggc caaaatgagg      2100
     gacatgggtc tgattctgaa tataatgaga aggctctaaa aagaataatg tcagaggatg      2160
     acaacatgtg aatttcattt cacctcaaat tcttactagt gtagaatgaa aaatgaggct      2220
     gagaggggaa gcgactttcc aatatcacag tgctggacac aggcctgctt gtgttgtatt      2280
     ctatgttacc tcccattcct tcttataatt attttatctc taaatgcgtg cattgtctac      2340
     atgggatgcc acaccatgag ttttacaggt cttatctcat acacacccga tgagttccct      2400
     agggagatgc tggcatatta cccactgtac aggttgaaag gccccaaaac ctacaataac      2460
     ttttctagtg tcacagaact aataagaaat actaggttct tacccagatc tatgacctca      2520
     aacctgagac cctggcttca ttcaggtctt ttcagggaag tgaggagggc tgttcttgca      2580
     taattgtgca cagctaaaga gttgacacgc agggatagtg agcagtcagt agcccagaag      2640
     gtcattttag atgggtttta tggaggaaag caaggagcca gaggatgaaa ctttgaaaaa      2700
     gtgatcttac ttcctttgtg acagacccca acagaactta gaactctggt aaccaagcac      2760
     ctacatccta gagacaaccc tgtgcccagg tcactcatgg aaaatgttta acagagcaca      2820
     atatgctcct ggtagatccc aatactctta ggctcttgat tcaggaaggc ctaaagtgaa      2880
     aaccttttct gagatgctga cattggctta ttccacacac cagatgtctc tggaaatttt      2940
     gtaggggttg cccagagata acaaacacta agcttagggc aagcccctcc aggctgggtc      3000
     tcaccagtgc tttcatttac cttgcattag aatgtatgga aaaaacagga atttaaaata      3060
     gcaaagattg acccaaacta cttttttatt agattcccta aggttctgta ttggtgttgt      3120
     tgttgttttg tttctttgtt tgagacaaga cctaactctc actcaggctg gagttcagtg      3180
     gcacaatcac agctcactgt agcctagatc tcctgagctc gagcaattct ctcacctcag      3240
     cctcccaagt agccgagaga ctactggtgc acaccaccac acctggctaa tatatatata      3300
     tatatattat ttttagcaga gatgaggtct cattgtgttg cccaggtctg tcttgaactc      3360
     ctgaactcaa gcaatcctca atttttgata cataaatatg ctaggtgtag gattcttagt      3420
     cgagagcttt attttttttt tctgtgagca gtgaccaagg aaagtttcaa aagaagaaat      3480
     agagaaactt taaataaggc aattaaatga acaaataaag agctaagaaa aaacaaagat      3540
     tgagtattga ggttgtattt atggcagcta atgatagact ggatccagtc agagagttca      3600
     agcagaattg tatttgcaga gagtagaagt cagagagtga gggtgtccaa aatgaagcca      3660
     actggaatat ttttttgtta cagaatcaaa aacaatgcat ggggacacac catgccaaac      3720
     ccaaacaggc tgagctgttg ctctgcacta agaaatatag gtttatggga agaaaagcta      3780
     ccatcataac aacaagtgta tttgtattta aaaaaatcat aaatgtgcag ttataatcag      3840
     gattaaggtt aaagttatat ttcaggtttg gttggtgggt gtcacaaagc aaaaaatgtg      3900
     tctgttgcca agaagtgggc attctagttt gcaaaataaa atatccccat gactagagac      3960
     agaagataac aaaaagggat gggatgggcc gggcatggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccaa      4020
     cactctggga ggccgaggcg ggtggatcac aaggtcagga gattgagacc atcctggcta      4080
     acacagtgaa accccatctc tactaaaaaa tacaaaaaaa tagctgggca tggtggtggg      4140
     tgcctgtagt cccagcaact tggaaggctg aggcaggaga attttgtgaa cccaggaggc      4200
     ggagcttgca gtgagccgag atcacaccac tgcactccag ccagggtgac aaagcgagac      4260
     tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa gaaaaaggga tggcatggaa      4320
     aacacaagtt cctggaaatt tatgtcaaaa tcagatatat aaagaaggac aatgtgcatc      4380
     tcagtcatca attctgcctg taattgaggt ttttttctgc ccttgataaa tataccaggc      4440
     ctactacgtg acaggtgaaa agcagcctac attctgtttc ccctgcaaga tgccttgact      4500
     tagggatctg ttcccagggg aaaaagcaca tcttttaagt acttttggag catgagttat      4560
     cttccaaatt ccaacaaagt agcttatatt tctaggtgac cctaagacca ctaaagaaga      4620
     aataaatgaa gaccatgaaa ctttcttgaa cttgtggaaa tccatgagaa aatctgacat      4680
     taagttctat tctcctggaa ggtagaaata ttgtttgact tctgttttgc tgagaagaaa      4740
     tgtggtcctg agcaaggcta cctgggacaa tgacctcaca catggaaaac gttggagccc      4800
     atctgtttcc tatctgctgt ttttcaaaaa ttaggagagt tcagttttcc ctttgatact      4860
     gtctgtttct aacaatccca gtgccagggc tgtcctgctt cttcaagtga caatgacaaa      4920
     tacaggcctg aaggaagatg agctgatggc attccccgct tattaccact ccttgggggc      4980
     cttatctccc atacatggat tcaattctta gactgagttg ggtgagtatc tattattcag      5040
     ctgcattaga agtggctggt taggtcggta gtagtggctc actcatgtaa tcccagcact      5100
     tagtggggtc gaagcaattg gatcatgagg tcaggagatt gagaccatcc tggctaacat      5160
     agtgaaactc catctctact aaaaacgcaa aaaattagcc agatgtggtg acaggagcct      5220
     atagtcccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc ataaacccgg gaggtggagc      5280
     ttgcagtgag ctgagatttc atgactgcac tgcagcctgg gtgacagaga gaaattctgt      5340
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa aggaaaagga      5400
     agtgactgct taagactcag gtgtgcattg aaatgaggca gaattttctc aatggagtgt      5460
     tagaactttc tcctcatagt taccatctta ctatcactaa atcatagcta aaataaggaa      5520
     attatttaag aagaaataga aatataatct tatgaggaca taaatttaga gatttatgga      5580
     aaagccttca taattttatg gtgttctctt tgagctggga ttatagttga catttcatta      5640
     tggtatatta gctataccag acttttgcat ttatgtaaag tttttaaaat tatactttaa      5700
     gttctgggat acatgggcag ggcgtgcagg tttgttacat aggtatagac atgccatggt      5760
     ggtttgctgc acccatcaac cagtcatcta cattaggtat ttctcctaaa gctattccgc      5820
     ccccagcccc ccaccctcag accagcccta gtgtgtgatg ttcccctgct tgtgtccatg      5880
     tgttctcttg tattgtccaa ctcacactta tgagtgagaa catgtggttt ttggttttct      5940
     ttttttttct tttcttcctt ttcttttttt cgatggagtt tcgctcttgt tgcctaggct      6000
     ggggtgcaat ggcacaatct tggctcattg cagcgtctgc ctcccaggtt caagctatcc      6060
     tcctgactca gcctcacagg tagctgggat taccggcatg cgccacggtg cctggctaat      6120
     tttttgcatt tttagtagag acagggtttc tccatgttgg tcaggctggt ctcaaactcc      6180
     cgacctcagg tgatctgcac gcttcagcct ctcaaagttc tgggattaca ggtgtgagcc      6240
     ttggtgcctg gcttggtttt cttttcttat actagtttgc taagcatgac ggttttcagc      6300
     ttcatccttg tccctggaaa ggacagaaac ttatcccgtt ttatggctgc atagtattcc      6360
     atggtatata tttgccacat tttctttatc cagtctatta ttgatcggca tttggattgg      6420
     ttccaagtct ttgctattgt gaacagtgct gaaataaaca tgtgttcacg tgtctttaca      6480
     gaagaatgac ttatactcct ttcggtatat acccagtaat gggattgctg ggtcaaatgg      6540
     tatttttggt tttagatcct ttaggaactg ctacactgac ttccacaaat tttgaactaa      6600
     ttaaaactcc cactaacagt gtaaaagcgt tcgtattttc cacgccctgt ccagcatctg      6660
     ttgtttcctg actttttaat aatcaccatt ctaactggtg tgaaatggta tttcattgtg      6720
     gttttgattt gcgtttctct aatgaccaat gatgatgagg tttttttttt tcaaatgttt      6780
     tttggccgca taaatgactt cttttgagaa gtgtcctctt gtttcctttg cccacatttt      6840
     gatgggattg tttttttctt gtaaatttgt ttaagttctt tgtagattct ggattctgca      6900
     tattagccct ctgtcagatg gatagattgc aaaaattttc tcacattgtg taggttgcct      6960
     attcactctg atgatagttt cttctgctgt gcagaagctc tttagtttaa ttagatcccg      7020
     tttgtcaatt ctggcttttg ttaccattgt ttttcctgtt ttagtcatga agtctttgcc      7080
     catgcctatg tcctaaatga tgttgcctag gttttctcct ggagttttta tggttttagg      7140
     tattatgctt aagtctttaa ttcatcttca gttaattctt gtgtaaggtg taaggaagac      7200
     atacagtttc agtttcctgc atatggctag cctattttcg aaacacaatt tattaaataa      7260
     agcatccctt ccctgttgct tgtgtttgtc agatttgtca ccacatgctt gcatgtgtat      7320
     ggtcttattc ctgagttccc tattctgttc aattggtcta tatgtctgtg ttcgttcaag      7380
     taccgtgctg ttttggttac tgtatcctta tagtgtagtt tgaagttggg tagtgtgatg      7440
     cctccagctt tgttcttttt gcttagaatt gttttgacta tttgggctct tttttgttcc      7500
     ataagaattt taaaatagtt tcttctaatt ctgtgaagaa tatcaatggt agtttaatgg      7560
     gaatagcatt gaattctttt acaaattact ttgggcagtg tggccatttt tatgaattaa      7620
     ttcttcctac ccatgaacat ggaatgtttc tccatttgtt tgtgtcctct ctgatttctc      7680
     tgagcagtgg tttgtagtcc tccttgaaga ggtccttcat ttctcatgtt agctatattc      7740
     ctaggtattt tattctcttt gtagcaattg tgaaagaagt tcattcatgt ttggctctct      7800
     gcttgcctgt tgttggtgta ttggaatgct agtgactttt gcatattgat tttgtatcct      7860
     gagactttgc taaagtggtt tatcagctta agaaggtttg gggctgagat gatggggttt      7920
     tctagacaca ggatcatgtc atctgcagac aaagataatt tgacttgctc tcttcctatt      7980
     taaatacctt tatttctttc tcctgcccaa ttgccctggc cagaagtttc aatactatgt      8040
     tgaataaaac tggtgagaga ggccatcctt gtcttgtgcc tgttttcaag gagaatagtt      8100
     tcaaattttg cccattcagt atgatattgg ctgtgggttt gtcatgtatg gatcttacta      8160
     ttttgaggta tgatccttca gtagctagtt tattgagagt ttttgacatg aagggatgtt      8220
     gagttttatt gaaggcattt tctgtatcta ttgagataat cacactgttt ttgtgtttac      8280
     ttctgcttat gtgatgaatt acatttatag atttggcttt gttgaagcaa ccttgtaacc      8340
     cgaggatgaa gccatcttga tcatggtgga tcaatgtatc tgtatcagtc tcaggttcag      8400
     tctttttaca taatcacata tttcttgaag tttttgttca ttctttttgt tctttttttt      8460
     ctattcttct cttcctgtct tatatcagag agacagtttt caagctttga gattgtttcc      8520
     tccacttggc ctattctcct aatgatactt atggttgcat tgtgaagttc tcatgttgtg      8580
     tttttcagct ctgtcaggtc agttatattc cccttaaact gaatattctg gttatcagct      8640
     cctgcactgc tccttcagct tagtgaagtt ttttattacc caccttctaa agcctacttt      8700
     tgtcaattca gccatctcag catctggcca gttctgcacc cttactaggg atgtgttgtt      8760
     gtcatttaga agagaagagg cattgtgcct ttttgagttt ttaacatttt tgtgttgatg      8820
     ccttctcatc tttgtgggct tatctacctt tgatccttga tgttgctgac ccttgaatgg      8880
     ggtttttgtg ggatcttttt tgttgatgtt gttgctttct gtttgttttt aacagccaga      8940
     ccactcttcc tagggctgct gtggttttca gggggtccac tctggatctt agtcacctca      9000
     gtctctcctg cacctggagg tatcaccagt gaaggctgca aaacagcaaa gatggcagta      9060
     tggtcctttc tctgtgagca ccattccaag ggggtactga cttgatgcca gctggaacgc      9120
     tcctgtagga ggtgtctgga gacccctttt gggaggtctt gcccagtcag gaggaacagg      9180
     atcagggact gcttaaagaa gcagtctggc tgccccttgg cagagtaggt gtgctgtgct      9240
     gacccctggg aatctctaga gacatcaggc tggaaaggct aggttggctg aactggggag      9300
     acagcagcta tccatctccc tggggacttc atcccaggga gaaatcagag ttctgtccat      9360
     agaactctgg ctagagcggc taaatatctg atggggaggt cctgtctagt gaggagggat      9420
     ggattgaggc ctcacttaaa gaagcagact ggccacattc aggcacagca cctgtgctgt      9480
     gttatgggga gctcctcctg gtccttggtg ccagcgggct acagcggcca actcaaacca      9540
     cagataacag tggctgcccc tccctccctc cgggaactgg gtccatctcc agctgtttcc      9600
     agcctgctgc cgctggccag ctggaattct aagtcagtgg gtcttaactt gtgacgtgct      9660
     gtgggagtgg ggcccacaga atgatgccac ttggctcgct ggattcagcc cccttactag      9720
     gggaatgcat ggatatgtct cccactttgc tggaattctc ggggcagagt atgcaaaact      9780
     cctggatttc catgcatgcc ccagtgagcc agcgagcact aggctgagac tccacacagc      9840
     tctgtgtttc agacccaagc catggtgcct gggcctacga ggggatctcc tgatctacag      9900
     gttgcaaaga tccgtgggag aagcatggtt tgccagacaa agtcgcacaa tcactcaccg      9960
     cctcacttgg ctgcgagtga gtgctccccc agctcgtgcc acacctgtgt gggccatcgc     10020
     cccacttgct tttcctcact gtctgtgggt cgagctgtct gcctagtcag tcacaatgca     10080
     agagcctggg tacctcaatt gaaggtgtag aattcactca cagttttcat tgctctccgt     10140
     gagagccacg ggccacagct gcttctaatc gaccagcttg gccccatcta aagtatgatt     10200
     tcttaataca tgagctgttt taaataaata aaaataatga tacttatcac aaataatatt     10260
     ttttcacaaa gtgatataaa aattgctaat aaatcaattc ttttttgatt gccacaaaac     10320
     tatctggaaa tgtatcgtct gccatttata aattttttgt agagttaata gaactttacc     10380
     agaaggctgg caatatgcat cacgatttca aatattgtat taattgtttt ataattttgt     10440
     gttttttaaa actaaactta ttaaattggt tatatattac tttaggtaac actatttggt     10500
     gatgagagaa taataatttg taaaatatta agaatatgag ttccttatta caaaaatgtc     10560
     ctctgtttta tattactacc atttcctctg aaagtttaga attgcagttt tctaattaaa     10620
     acatatattc acaaatgtga cttgtaaatg ttactatttg taatttgttt ttgttttttt     10680
     tttttttttt ttgcatttgg tagtgacagg attttttggt gtcttcttct tcaaaataaa     10740
     aggtagagag aatggaatca ggaaagatta aaacacaaag gaaaacaatg atgatggtag     10800
     agattattca tttgcagctg gccagggcct aaaaatatca agaagaaaca tgatgaatac     10860
     aaaacctgca tgtccctgaa tatgatggaa tttttaattt ctattaaaat tattcatgat     10920
     aaaaatctct gtactttgca catttaagag agagaaaatc agagtgcagg gacctcccct     10980
     gatcctgata agagcatcca aagtagaaag gatgtgtctt aatctcctcc caaatccacg     11040
     gtagaaacag ttgctctggg tatcttatta cagtgatgca cagggacatg ttggtcaaag     11100
     agcttgcaca ctttaaaaaa gaaacgttgg ctgggtgcag tgactcacac ctgtaatccc     11160
     agcacgttgg gagcccaggg ccagtggatc acaaggtcag gaatttaaga ccagcctggc     11220
     caagatggtg aaacctcgtc tctattaaaa atacaaaaat tagccaggca cagtggcagg     11280
     aacctgtaat cccagctact caggaggctg aggcagggga gtcacttgaa ccagggtggt     11340
     agaggttgca gtgggctgag attgagccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac agagtgagac     11400
     tccatcccaa aaaaagaaaa aattctatta tgttgagatt taaaaaacaa atgacatgat     11460
     ttgtctacac atctccatta ctgtagatct acatcattta tattaaattt atgaacaact     11520
     tacataataa aataacacac tgggctattt tttttattat tatgattatg attatgatta     11580
     ttattattat tattattgtg ataatttctt tatcaacacc atttttacca tactgtataa     11640
     acagcattgt aagacctgtg actggtcatt gacaatatat acaatatgta cattttttta     11700
     cacaggatct agatctgtca ttcttgctgg agtacagtgg cacagtcata gatcagtcca     11760
     gattcaaaca cctgagctca agcaattttc ccacctcagc cttcctagtg gctgggacta     11820
     caggcacatg ccaccacagt gggctaattt aaaaagaaat tgtagagaca gggtcttcta     11880
     tgttgcccag gctagtcttg aactcctggt ctgaaacggt cctccaaaat tgacctccca     11940
     aagtgttggc attacagatt tgagccacca tgccctgcct gctcatatat tcttaaataa     12000
     tgagataaga aaaacctatc accaggcagg atttttagaa gtttccaaaa attgtaacat     12060
     gaattgtgat caagcccctc ccctgttttc tgtcttttgt ctctgcaata gcagctctac     12120
     tacttttttc ctcaacgagc taagaattaa atgtattgag atcatgaata tctatgttag     12180
     taaacaatgt tattctggct tcatcctgca ttaaattaaa ttgtcagaga aatttagacg     12240
     tattttagtt ctttggttat tacaattatt cttttggcat ttctgcattt cacaaggttc     12300
     ttttcatgga aatatctagt tagaaagaat aatacttttc taaaattgtg aaatcagttt     12360
     ctcaggttgc caagtattgc cactgcacaa accaaccttc cttcatctgt cccatgaaac     12420
     tgtcataatc actttatgtt gttgatatcc agccataggt ctcacagtgc tgtttattga     12480
     atatcaccaa aatgattgtg aacaagaaat tatcaatata ataatgaaac acctcagtat     12540
     tttattatat aagttgtata tacatttaat ttaagccaga gcacaaagat ctgtagacaa     12600
     atcatgtcat tttaaaaaaa tttcaacaga tttgacatta tcataacgat gaagaaacag     12660
     atttattgag ctccattttc tttaaattat tttttattat actccctttc tttgcttcag     12720
     acatctgatc taaacatctg cagtatttgt gagcagtctt ttgttctggt acatttaatg     12780
     gtgttgtttt tcccacaact actcatgatt atatatatac ttagggactt aacacaattt     12840
     tgaagggtaa gcaagcacag tgagaatgaa cttgatttgc attgtctgtc tctgagagtg     12900
     ctcagcgacg tccccctcag cccaaggaca atctggttgc cacatctcct ggtgagagct     12960
     gagatgtaca tcctgatttc tgtttttaat gtatcatatg ggactcagtt ttcttttata     13020
     ctcttaccaa cccatatgac ctctaaggat ttttctttca ttcttttttc cccatgtctg     13080
     tacaatgtta ccataaatcc catgatactt ctataatgga tgtttcagat tcactgaaag     13140
     aaaatataag aaacaacagt aaagtttaaa actgggataa gcaatgaata actttttagt     13200
     atggctacgc aatatttgca tatttgtatg taatatgttt aagcaagtat tggaagatat     13260
     ttatacaaat aattacctta cttacacaaa attcaaattg agtcaagtgt cttataattt     13320
     tttaattttt aattttcgta ggtacataag tgtatatatt tataacatac acgagatgat     13380
     ttgacacaga catacaaagt taaacaatca catcacaaag aatgggacat ccatcccctc     13440
     aaacatttat ttttgagttg tgaacaatct aattacactc tttaagttat tttaaaatgt     13500
     acaattacat tattattgac tatagtcgcc ctattgtgct atcaaatagc aactgtcgtt     13560
     cattctaatt attttttgta cccatgaaca atgcccacct caccctatct ccccaatatc     13620
     cttcccagcc tctggtaatc atccttctat gctctatgtt catgagttca agtgggttga     13680
     ttttgagatc ccacaaataa gtgaggatat atgatgtttg tctttctgtg cctggctatt     13740
     tcacttaaca taatgattcc cagttccatc catggtcttg cagatgactg gttctcattc     13800
     ttttttaagg ctgaatggta ctccattgtg tatatctacc acatttttta atccattctt     13860
     gatggacact caggttactt ccaaatctta gctattataa atagtgctgc aacaaacaca     13920
     ggagtacaga tatctcaaca tactgatttc ctttcttttg ggtatatacc caacagtagg     13980
     attgctagat aatgtggtag ctcaattttt agatttttga ggaacatcaa aacataaaaa     14040
     aacctcaaaa ctataaaaaa cattagtgat gttctttata gtgattatac taatttacat     14100
     tccccctagc aatatatgag ggttcccttt tctctaaatt ctccctagca tttgttattt     14160
     cctgtatttt gaatataagc cattttaact ccagtgagat gatattgcac tgcagtttct     14220
     atttgccttt ctctatcaat gatgttgagc acctattcat atgcctattt gccatttgta     14280
     tgtcttcttt ggaggaatat atattgaagt cttttttgcc atttttgacc aggttattgg     14340
     attttttctt gtagagttgt ttgagctcct tatatattgt ggttattaat cctttgtcag     14400
     atggatagtt ttcaattttt tttcccattt tgtggcttgt ctcttcgctt tcctggtgtg     14460
     ttatagttta tttttcattt gttattttaa ctttattttt ctataagttg ttggggtaca     14520
     gatggtattt ggttacatga gtaagttcct tagtggtgat ttgtgagatt atggtgcaca     14580
     tattacccaa gaagtataca ctgcaccata ctcatagtct tttattgttc acctccctcc     14640
     cacttttctc ccaaagtccc caaagtccat tgcatcattg tcgtgccttt gtgtcctcat     14700
     agcttagctc ctacatatca gtgagaacat acgatgttga gttttccatt cctgggttac     14760
     atcacttaga actatagtct ccaatctcat tcaggtcatt gcaaatgatg ttaattcatt     14820
     cctttctatg actatgtagt attccatcat atatatatat atgtgtgtgt atatatatat     14880
     atacacacat atatatgtat acacacacac atatatatac accacatata tatatcacat     14940
     atgtatatac cacatatata taccatatat atacaccata tatatataca caccatatat     15000
     atatacacac catatatata cacacaccat atatatatac acacacacac catatatata     15060
     tacgcacacc atatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaccaca gtttctttat     15120
     ccactttttg attgatgggc acctgggttg gttccacgat tttgtggatt atgctgcaat     15180
     agacatgcgt gtgcaagtat gtttttcaaa taatgactat tttcctctgg gtagatacct     15240
     agtagtggga atgctggatc aaatggtagt tctactttta gttctttaag gaatctccac     15300
     attgtttttc acagtggctg tactagttta cattcccacc agcagtgtag aagtgttccg     15360
     tgtttactgc atccgtggca acatctactt ttattttatt ttttgtttgc atgaggtaag     15420
     gtggtattgc attttggttt tgatttgaat gtccctgatc attagtgatg gtgggcattt     15480
     ttatttatgt ttgttagcca tttgtatatc ttcttttgaa aactgtctat tcatgtcctt     15540
     agcccatttt tgatggggtt gcttgttttt ttcttactga tttgttttag atttcttact     15600
     gatttgttgt agattctgga tattagtcct ctttcagatg tacagattgt gaagattttc     15660
     tcccactctg tggttgtcta tttactctgc tgactgttcc ctttgccatg caaaagctct     15720
     ttagtttaat taggtcccag ctatttatct ctgtttatct gtttttattg catttgcttt     15780
     tgggttcttt gtcatgacat ccttgcttat gccagtgtct agaagggttt atccagtgtt     15840
     atcttctaga atttttatag tttcaggaat taggtttaag tccttcatct atcttgagta     15900
     gccttttgta taaagtgaga gatgagaatc cagttttatt ctcctacgtg tggctcacaa     15960
     attatcgcaa tatcatgtgt tgaaaagggt gtcctttccc cactttatgt tttcatttac     16020
     tttgtcgaag atcagttggc tgtaagtatt tgggttagtt tctaggttct ctcttctgtt     16080
     ccattggtct atgtgcctag ctttaaacca ctaccattct gttttggtaa ctatgtcctt     16140
     attgtacagt ttgaaatcaa gaggtgtgtt gcttccaggt tcattctttt tgcttagtct     16200
     tagtttgact atgcggctct catttggttc cacatgaatt ttagaattgt ttttgtagat     16260
     tgcgttgaat ttgtagattg cctttaacag aaaggtaatt ttcacaatat tgattctgcc     16320
     aatccatagt catgggggtg agtttccatt tgtctgtgtc atctatgatt tcttttcttt     16380
     gttgtgtgtg tgtttttttg tttttgtttt tgtttgttct gagggagttt cactcttgtc     16440
     gccaagatgg gagtgcaatg gcatgatctt ggctcaccac aacctctgcc ttctgcgttc     16500
     aagcgattct cctgcctcac tctcctgagt agctgattac aggtgtgcgg caccatactt     16560
     ggctacatct atgatttctt tcagcagtgt tttgcaattt tcattgtaga ggtctttcaa     16620
     ttcctttgct agatatattc ctaagttttt gtttgtttgt ttttgttttt gtttgttttt     16680
     ttgcagctat tgtgaaaggg gtagagttct tgatgtgatt ctctgcttgg tagctgttgg     16740
     tgtagagaag agctactgat ttgtgtatat taatcttgta tctggaaact ttcctgaatt     16800
     cttttatcag ttctaggagc tttctagggg agtccatagg gttttcaagg tgaaagatca     16860
     tatcatcagc aactagtgac agtttgactt cctctttacc gatttagatt tcctctcctt     16920
     cttttttctg attgctctgg ctaggacttc ccatactatt ttgaagagga gtggtgagag     16980
     tgggcatcct catcttgttc cagttctcag agggaatgct ttcacctttt ccccattcag     17040
     tattatgttg gctgtgggtt agtcatagat ggcttttatt acattaatat atgtcccttg     17100
     tatgcctatt ttgttgatgc atctgttgat atgttcatgt gagttttgtc tttaattctg     17160
     ttcatgtggt gtatcacgtt tactgacatg catatgttaa accattcctg tttccctggt     17220
     atgaaaccca tttgattatg gtggattatc tttttgacac attgttggat tcggttagcc     17280
     agtattttgt taaggatttt ggcatctgtg ttcctcaagg atattggtct gtagttttct     17340
     tttttggtta tgtcctttca tggttttagt attggggtga tgccgtgttc atagaatgaa     17400
     ttagggagtg ttccttcttt ctctatcttg tagaatagtg tgaaaggatt ggtatcaatt     17460
     cttctttgaa tgtctggtag aattctgctg tgaatctgtc tggtccttgg attttttttt     17520
     ttttttttgg taatttttaa attaccattt caatcttgct acttgctatt ggtctgttta     17580
     ggcatataat tcttcctgat ttaagctagg acatttgtat ttttccagga atttatccat     17640
     ctcttctaga ttttctagtt tatgtgcctt aaggtgttca tagtacccat gaatgatctt     17700
     tattatttca gtggtgtcac ttgtaatatc ccctgtttca tttcttagtg aggttatttg     17760
     gatttttttc tcttcttgtc ttggttaatc ttgctaacgg tctctcaatt ttatttgtcc     17820
     tttcaaagaa ccaatgtgac aagaattaaa ataaattaaa gaatgtataa gcaaaaactc     17880
     acttgtatgt aagaagactc aattccccct gagaaacaga aagaggtgga gtactttaag     17940
     aattaactgc ctgtttttct gtctggctag tgagccttat ttctcccttt cccagtcatt     18000
     gtgaagacct gtttctctag ctgtgcagct gcaaggtcac tagacagata aactcaagtt     18060
     gtaaaacatg ttttttcttg aaaaggaaca aatggtgtaa cacaagtctc aactgaataa     18120
     ctgtctttgt ttctcacttc tgtaatatgt tcccccacac agatctcccc cagccttatg     18180
     aaatgcttaa aaggtaactt gactccttgt ttgggggctc agtcattttt gaatgttaat     18240
     ctgactgggc cagtgcacct aaataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataaa     18300
     taataataat aaatccttct caacccctta gtctctctga ttcctaaatt atcctgaaac     18360
     atttctggtg gcccatacag ggattggaga tgacagattt actgtctcct ttgcctgtgg     18420
     gactagagcc ccagggctgg gggagaccca gcatgcaagg tgcaccatgg aggtgcttca     18480
     cccagacaga gaccagctct ccctgcatcc tggcagccta cccagtagtg caaagaaact     18540
     gcagaaaaag ctgcaggaca atactagcac ttcaggaact gtggtaagga gaaactgccc     18600
     aaggcaggaa agcccctccc atagggagga aatggagctt gatcacctcc cagtgactga     18660
     ccactaatcc aacccagagt ggctgggtgt ggtaggagtg gcctgccaat ttggatgaac     18720
     ctcatattcc cctaacagag taaaagtggt tcactggtgg agaaaaaggg ctgatagaga     18780
     ggcaagtgca gcaaggaaga gtttgctggc agggtggcaa gagtggcttg caaccccaac     18840
     tgggagtggg tgtgtgtgga cctaaccggg acacaagaga ggctcatttt gtcccatgag     18900
     gagtcctagg gtaggagtgg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgaatg tggaagccta attagtttca     18960
     cctgggacat gagagaggct catttcatcc aatgaggagt ccttgggtgg gggaggtgtg     19020
     taaaagtggg tgaaagaaat ggtcttggaa gaggccaatg tggggagtga cgtgggggag     19080
     gcacagagcc cttagtgtgg gctgtgttct ctgaggcaat tgtggggaaa atcagaacca     19140
     gaacattctg tatgactgat aggaccagct ccatggctgc agcaggctgt aagaggtgaa     19200
     ggcatgttcc tggctaagca gtgtccaaaa ctcctgtaat aggacccggt atggtgaacc     19260
     tgagagtaaa agtaaaagtg aaagtgcacc acaagggaga aaatgaaagg aaaagtgtat     19320
     aaatgaactc cattggagtg cacaataaag aattttcaaa aggatttaga ggtgattata     19380
     gcataaaact ggatgctcaa aatttaagaa catactgtga gatagcctgg cctgctttca     19440
     atgagggctg gccctctgaa ggtacaatag acagggtatg aattgactgc atgtttaagg     19500
     tggtcactgg agttgaagga caaccaggat acccagacca gtttctgtat atactcttgg     19560
     ctcaatgtgg cacaaactca ccccaagtgg ctgcagcctt gcctagaggg atattgcaag     19620
     gcattagtgg ctcgagcagc ccaaccaaag gaagcagagg aaactaaagc ccctagcatc     19680
     tccctggaaa gggaatcctt gaagccttag ccaaaaccag ttcttcaggt tccacctgat     19740
     gaaagggaat gtctgcccca tatgtgccag tctactcatc tttggtcaga ataaagcagg     19800
     aggcagagtc aggatcatcc ggagagtcag gctcagagaa aagtgaggct cagtgtcccc     19860
     acacccagag gaacagaaac ccctgttaga gaaaaacaac caaaaaatgg actgggtgag     19920
     gcagctgggc atctccactc aggccgaccc tgggatttgc agatgccact ttgagaaacc     19980
     aggacacaag tttatgatga ccagaggcag atacaaggtg gccctaggct ttatgtttat     20040
     cagcctttct ccactactga tctcttaaat tggaaacagc ccaccccctc ctatacagaa     20100
     aagtctcagg ctcttattga tttggtaaat tctgttatta acacgcataa cctgacctgg     20160
     ccagattgtg aataactttt gctaacttca tttaatacag aggagcataa aagagttaat     20220
     ccggcagctc tgatctgttt agaaggggag ccccagagac cacccctaac cctcaccagt     20280
     tcaccgtgga gtgataccca aatgagaacc ctaactggga accaaatgag gcaaggaaca     20340
     tggaatggct gccgctatat agaaaggcac tcctaaatgg gataaagcag gagaaaggaa     20400
     ggaaataaat acaagtaaaa tatcagaagt gagccaaaat tctgagaaaa gcccaagtgc     20460
     attccataaa aggctttggg aggcatatag actgtacact ccagttattc tggaggctcc     20520
     taaaaaccaa attatgataa atatgacctt tatcgggcaa gctcagggag tcataaatca     20580
     aaagtttcag aagctggaaa gctttgcagg aaaaaatatt agtaaactcc tgaaaacagc     20640
     aaacaaaata tatgtaaacc agaaagaaga ggcagaaaga aagaaaaaat aaataaaaat     20700
     aaaaaccaaa agacagctca atttatagct actgcactaa cagaaattaa ccctggattt     20760
     gctagagggt atagctgagg cagaggccaa ggaagagggc agacaagacc gggagaggaa     20820
     agccagtccc ggttggacag gaaccaatgt gcaagataca ggcaaatggg ccactggaaa     20880
     aatgagtgcc ccgattaaaa aaaaaaaaat gaagatgacg gtcaattgtc taacacccga     20940
     gtgcaacttt cggttgctag tcgtggtgct tcaaaggcag atcttgatct gatcagctta     21000
     gtgggggcca aaaatttaga agactaagac agaccaggct tcatcctttt aggccccagg     21060
     gagcctatat tctccatgga agtacagggc cgattaatga attttttggt caatactggt     21120
     gctgatttct ctgtggtaac tcatccaatt aactgcccca caaaaaactg tcctactgtc     21180
     atacgggcta ctggggccaa agacaggaga cctctctaca aattcaagag atgtgttatt     21240
     gggggacaag aattcagcat gactttctat acatgccaaa atgtccagtg cccttattgg     21300
     aaagagactt cctccagaaa ctgcaggcac aggtttcctt tacacctaaa ggggatatga     21360
     ccctggagat agggaagcca aaggcaatgg tattgactct aactgtccca aaaactgagg     21420
     aatggcggct ctataaactg tgtaccagga ggctgccaga gcctgaccta cacaatacgt     21480
     ggggaatgct tttcgaggta ccaggtgtat gcgctgagga caacccccct ggacttgttg     21540
     caaacagacc cccagtgata ataaagctta aatctcatgc tgccccggta ctagtccgtc     21600
     aacacccccc acccagagag gcaattgatg acataacgaa acatttaaat cggccctata     21660
     aacatgggat tataataaaa tgaaagtctt cctggaatac tcctctgttg tctgtgcgca     21720
     agccaaatgg tgaatacagg ccactgcagg acctccagga ggtaaacaag gccactgtca     21780
     ctatccatgc catagtaccc aacccataca caatgctggg acagattcct gctgacgccg     21840
     cctggttcac gtgtctggac ttaaggcatg ctttcttttg cttgagactt gctccccaaa     21900
     atcagcctat atttgccttc tagtggagac aatcgcagta tacctggaca aggctgccgc     21960
     aagggtttaa gaattctccc actattttcg acgaggcttt ggcttccgac cttgaggctt     22020
     ttgcgccacc tagtgacaat tgtgtgctat tacaacacat tgatgatttg ctcttcgctg     22080
     cccccacgag ggagaaatac ctctaaggaa cagagagcct tcttcacctg ctttgtgaag     22140
     ctggttacta agtgtccaag gacaaggcaa aagtctgatt ttggaggttg aatatctaga     22200
     attcatggta tcccaaggcc agcgcagact taaaagtgca tgcaaggagg ctgtgcgtgc     22260
     attgcccacc ccagttacaa ggcagcagct caggaaattt ctaggtgtag cgggattctg     22320
     ccgaacctgg attccaaact tctcccttac agcaaggccc ttatatgaga ctaccaaaga     22380
     aaaagaaaaa gagggcccct cctatggaaa aagaaacaag aaagggcctt gaaaggtata     22440
     aaggaagctc tcatccaaac tccggtgcta gggttgccag atgtaaaaaa gcccttcctt     22500
     ttgtatgtgg ataaacaaaa gggaatgaca gtcggactct tagctcaatt gttgggttct     22560
     tggcatcagc tggtagcata cttacccaaa agactggact tggtggcctt aggttggccc     22620
     cactgcttca gggcgttggc agctactgca atccttatag aagatgccaa caagctagcc     22680
     ctaggtcaaa agttaatagt tcaggactca catgctgtaa tcaccttaat ggagcaaaga     22740
     ggacatcatt gactgtccaa ttctaaaatg ctaaagtatc aagggcttct gtatgaaaat     22800
     acccagataa cactagagac tgtaaatacc ttaaatccag ctaccctgct gcctgtggag     22860
     aaacgggatt gaaaggacag tgggttgcct cactgctggc aggaacttcc ccactgttgc     22920
     ataaatacgg tggacaaagt cttctagagc caggaagatc tcagatatat ccccttggag     22980
     agctcagatg ttaaatactt cactgatggt agcagtttca taagagatgg ggtacaatat     23040
     gcagggtata cagtactgat ccaacactcg gtggtccagg ctcaggcctt accttctggg     23100
     acttctgctc agaaggctaa attaatagca ttaaccagag caccattatt ggccaagaaa     23160
     aaaagtaaac atatatactg aaaaaaaaag aaacatatat actgattcaa gatatacttt     23220
     tacaatcctg cacacccatg gggcagtata caaagataga ggagttttga ctactaaagg     23280
     ccaaagaaaa aaatttacaa ttattaaaag ccatataggc tccagagaaa gtggctgtca     23340
     ttcattgcaa aggacaccaa attgggaaaa gctgagacac agggcaatag aaaggcagac     23400
     cgagaggcta ggcaggcagc aatgatcaag gctttacctg aagaaaaaac tttagcaatt     23460
     cctctcctta tagagccccc ttggctggag ctacccaatt actcttcagt aaaaaacttg     23520
     gttttgtcag aaaaacaata tatatatata tatatattaa aggtggatgg tggctgttgt     23580
     ctgacagcag gctagccatc ctggaagttg agtagtccac acacggccaa agctaagagg     23640
     gccatctctg aataagtaaa tatgaacaca atttataacc ctcattataa ttatgttaat     23700
     actgattttt ctgttgcttt gttattactg caaatgctgc aaatgtctat gcccagagga     23760
     aggtttccca tgcccacgtg tagtgtaagc atgtttctaa tacatacact gatgttgcta     23820
     tcatttctgc ctatgctaga aggggaaaaa tctttagagg gatgcccaca ctgtgtacac     23880
     actacctcgg taaaaaatac catagttaaa actctactgt accataccta ctatgaatgt     23940
     acagaaacca agttagggac atgcacatac aaccagacca cctgttcagt ctatgactga     24000
     ggaaataatc agctgtatgt atcttatgac cctgagccct taccctgtga attctggttt     24060
     gaggtacata ttaaatcaga aaagaaaaaa aaacttatag ctcaaacaaa agaaacctca     24120
     ccctcctata aggggcctat ttccttgtac tttaattcct gccatgctgc atatgttcct     24180
     aatcctaaaa aaaacagaag ctgtctgcaa tggtttaaca caaaagaggc ttagcagaag     24240
     cagacctaaa catctgtatg aaaaaacaca aatcggatgc ccagactgta atattcagtg     24300
     ttctatgcta acacagctcc aacacttata ttcaggaagg actcttctgc taagtagtat     24360
     gccaaccaaa ccaaattcta agacaaggac atgtactcct ttaaatttta ctttcctaaa     24420
     gccagagcta tctttttggt ctacaggaca gatgacacta ttatgggtta atagacaagg     24480
     agcagacctt ggagttctac tactaattgc caaaaagaat agaaggactc aaatgcatcc     24540
     aaccctgaaa ttccgggttt ataagtcatt ctgtaagcat tttgatcagt cagtgactga     24600
     gtttccttca tcaaccaaaa acttatttac tcaactaagt aaaaacatag ctggcagctt     24660
     aggaatttcc tcatgctacg catgtcaaaa aactgatatg ggggaccagt tgctatggga     24720
     ggctaagaaa ttgatgccac aagtaacttc acttcaccta accatgccag tgaacccaca     24780
     gccttagcca gtgtttggtt gttaaaaacc tccataattg gaaagtactg tatcgcctaa     24840
     tggggaaagg cttttcacag aggcagcagg aaaaacaacc tgcctaggac aacagtatta     24900
     tgataagact aaaaacagaa ctctagggag aaatgcccag aacgactcct acttaccaga     24960
     tccaaatgct ttctcttgat tctctaccct aagccactct tggcatcagc taaagactcc     25020
     aaatgcttgg aaagcaccct ctggcctata ttgggtctgt ggagcatggg catatcggca     25080
     actgctggct aaatggacag gggcatgtgt gttagaaaca atcaagccat ccctcttttt     25140
     aattcctcta aagcaagggg aactcttagg gtatccagtt tatagtaaaa gttaaagaaa     25200
     ctaaaaaaat acataatcac aaaactaaac acaaatgtga aaaagtgtaa acacagaaga     25260
     ctacaaagat aataaatggc ctcctgaaaa aatcattaaa tattatgggc cagctacttg     25320
     ggtgcaagat gggtcatggg ggtatcgtac caaaatctat atgctcaacc acatcataag     25380
     gttacaggca gtcctagaaa ttataaccaa tgaaacgtca agggcactaa atttattgac     25440
     aatacaagca acacaaaaaa atgctatata tcaaaataaa ttagcttatc tcttagcctc     25500
     aaagaaagta tgtaaacatt taatttaacc aactgttgcc tagaaattga taataatggc     25560
     caagctgtca taaaatccac agctaaaatg cacaagttgg cccatgttcc agttcggact     25620
     ttgtccagat ggttcccgga ttccttgttt ggaaaatggt tctcaacctt tggggaattc     25680
     aaaaccctca ttggtgggtt tttgtttatt cttggcatct gcctcatcct cccttgcctt     25740
     ttaactctgt atattaggaa cattcagtca actgtagagg cagtagtaac ccaacacagt     25800
     accacacagt tgatggcatt aaccaaatat cagctgctgc cagtaaaact atcttcagtc     25860
     tgcacttttc tccagtgcat tctgaaacac tggaatttct ttaccttcga ggctctgaga     25920
     aaaaaatatg gcttatatta tactgcacaa aggcatggaa attacactag ctctaagaca     25980
     aaaagatgtg gccttctgag ataaaagttt attttaatag tatataatta tcaggtctct     26040
     ttttcagatg aaagagccat tagtatgagt ttctgatgga caagctttct ttaccttagg     26100
     cgataaccca gacctttgta agcattgtaa aatattttct ggccttttgg cagtcttgtc     26160
     aagcaaggtt acagaagata atttcccaaa atcagagaga caaaccccta ggtagccctt     26220
     aaatgcaact tttaaacacc ctacctgccc ctcttttaag ggctttccaa tattcctatc     26280
     atgagtttct ctccctgtgc cacccaataa acccccacct tcactgtagg ccctgcagaa     26340
     aatgccagat ggtactacta aacttcaggt ttccttttta ttgcaggatt aaaaataaat     26400
     aaatatacat ctagtcaagt tatctgatta ctctgataga tatatagaga cattctgaaa     26460
     tctaacagag gtgtttcatt ttatgcagaa agatgccaca ttactcctaa acccaattct     26520
     atatttggca gaaaatttgg cagcttttca ggcaacagaa agatttgaag atgaacaggg     26580
     tatttactac agccagtcta aaagtataca gggaaaaatc tagaacaatg gagggtgaaa     26640
     gacaaaagta aggtaaacag cagaatcttt attcccaaca ggaagaaaga cattcctctt     26700
     tgaaaactta gttggaatac atacacgcaa tttaaatgat taagtagtgt gagaacaagt     26760
     gtaaagtttc agcaaatgtt tagtatataa agaagagaca attttgccag caaattgcta     26820
     catgatttca gagctactaa tgcacagatt aaatcaatgt gtgcattaca acaaggtctg     26880
     caattcctgg cagccattcc aagggactgg tctctcatag gagtagatct ttaaaattct     26940
     tttcttacta tacccttaca tgtgaaggat aagccttcat ttgccttctc tgtgccttct     27000
     atcaaacaaa aacagcttgt ttctcattac cagtggaaag ttttacacaa aaacatgctc     27060
     atcaatccta tgttatatca acattttgta ggacattatg ccatgagaat ccgacctcat     27120
     ggcataaact tcactgacac tggtgaagaa actttagcat ctcttcacta catctcactg     27180
     ggattcaatc ccaatgtgca gcagaccttg cttggaacag gctttagacc acctttcctc     27240
     aatgacatta tcaaggaaga cagttccagt tcaggagttg atagggaagg cagcactccc     27300
     ctttatggat ggcagctttt gtgtcggaac actatttaat tatagtaatt ctgctcaaca     27360
     cagttttaat gttacttttg tagaaaatat taccactcaa tttgcaattt gtgtttttaa     27420
     accttacatt tttttagcag caaaaaaaaa attaaggtaa acgatgccca tttgacttgt     27480
     gattcctttc aaccgtataa ttcccttaat tgtagcacaa taaaaacatg cagcatatcc     27540
     accctaataa ttctaggttg caacccccaa ttacggattc ttgtaaatct gtctgagtct     27600
     tccgtggcca cctctggttt acattttgta aatctttttc ttactcagct tactcatagt     27660
     gcttgtagaa ccttaggcat gataattttt gtgaaagtct ccttaggtac attaatcact     27720
     tctgttgtgg tgtccttagt agcaatgcac agctccattc aaacagctaa atatgaagaa     27780
     aataggatgt gtgcagccaa ccaggcatgg atgcttaaaa ataaatgaaa cacggagata     27840
     caaatggagg tagcaatgtt aaagactata gttctgtggc taggaaaaca agtacaaagt     27900
     ttgtagttgc agcagcaatt gcattctcat tttaactata cttgtatttg tttaaccaat     27960
     ttggaataaa actaacgtga atatcaatga aaccttgtaa agtcccattt gcagggggct     28020
     ttcacatcaa atgttacttt tgatatgaat gatttacaaa gtaaaatcct taatttgaat     28080
     aaacattcaa gtatttcagc cctctttaaa aacttgggtg gtattccagc agggtttaga     28140
     gagccttaag ctttggatct cctccaaaca gcacctcaat gtcttttctg tgattatcag     28200
     agtgatatta ttgtgtctcc attttatgtc tattgtctgt aaaatcagct ggaccaccaa     28260
     atagcaattg agagctgcac agtctgcaat tacctttact caactaattc aaaaacaaaa     28320
     aggaggagac gttggaggtc aaaagaatga gggttgtgac caattcagta atgactggag     28380
     agtctatgag cagacagcaa actcttctca tgaaagcagg atgttggcaa actgatacac     28440
     cacctctggt gccagaagga atgctgaggg cagtcatgcc ccaagcacag ctttccttgt     28500
     ggttttatat acaggaacaa ctgaagcctg tagtataaag caagcaagta cgtgagattg     28560
     cgataaatcg agcagctgac caataattac ctttcctccc tattgattct gcctagtcaa     28620
     tacgaagtcc tgtagaagct caggaccttt gctccctgga aggaataagc cccctgactc     28680
     ttcttttaaa acagaacttt tttgtctttg tcttcatttc tgcattcact ccccttcatt     28740
     tcatcctata gtaactgact gccacattgt cgctattaaa atccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     28800
     aaaaaataga tgggcttgtt ggaaggcata tgtaattcaa ttactcagga ggctgagaca     28860
     gaagaatccc ttacacccgg gagacagatg ttgcattggg ccaaaatcat gcctttccac     28920
     cccagcctgg gtgacagagt gaggctccat ctcaaaaaaa gcaaaaaaca aaaaagtaaa     28980
     aaaggaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaatatgat tcaattagaa gaaccaaaaa ataagatgcg     29040
     ggctgagaaa agtctaggaa acatatctga aaagtgactt tcatgcgaaa tatacaaaga     29100
     aataagttga cccaattaat aggtaaagac ctgaatagat acctcaccaa acaagatatg     29160
     gagatggaaa acaggcaaac gaaatactga tcgctaagcc cctgtttcat ctgctgaagg     29220
     ctgaagctcc aagccatttt ctgaggaaca acagtggctg ccagagtggc agtggctcca     29280
     aagactattc caacctaccc cagctctacc cttcctccag ggtgcaagcg ttccccagac     29340
     attaggcatg atctccagga aacagccaga agctggctgt tttctttctc aggttttctt     29400
     aattttatct atgccaacaa gtatcctttg gttggaagtt ttatttttat tgtaacaatc     29460
     ttgaggcctt ggcaagtatt agaaaagaca gttttcaacc tacacttgtc ccataaagag     29520
     ataaaataat gggcttggcc agagatggtg gcttgcacct gtaatctgag cactttagga     29580
     ggctaagcca agtggatgtc cttaggtcag gtatttgaga tcatcctgat cgacatgatg     29640
     aaacaagctc tctactaaaa atataaaaaa ttagccagga gtggtggtgg actcctgtaa     29700
     tccctgatct ccaggaggct gagacaggag aattgcatga acccggaaag ctgacattac     29760
     cagagcctag atcacgccat tgcactccag ccatgggaac agagtgagac tccatctcaa     29820
     acaaacaaac aaacaaaaac aaacaaacaa aactattcaa ttgctttatt aggcagttat     29880
     tttagaatga ttggtagaat tcattattat tttagtatgc tgaagataga aaacacagtg     29940
     acagcaataa gtaaaaacca aataacaagt cattataaat tcctggaatt aatttcatct     30000
     atcattcttt ctggcttttg ttatttaaaa tgtgtactgc tgaaattatc agatgtttta     30060
     tttgtgacgt ctaaatgcaa aaagagacaa aagttagtaa accattatta aatgaatctc     30120
     agtcttcaaa tttcattctg atacagtgga atgttttgtg aaagatgaaa aactaacaga     30180
     ccaaacacat gtgatttcaa attttggctt acttttgtag aagcagattt aagaaccaaa     30240
     accttcatag ttctaatctt tgtcaatgat tcaacactgc aagataggta ctgaagttga     30300
     aatcagagct ttttgtcaat tccaacagaa actagcttgt gctctagaaa ttcctgttgc     30360
     tcccctgaca tctgtaaaga aataatttga ttgaaagaga tctcaacaaa gtgaagcatc     30420
     acactaatac accacgttgt cttagtagct gcagttcact attttattgt agtaaccata     30480
     aaattagaaa aaatagcagg ataaatgact atgtggacca gcataatgtt ctgagttttt     30540
     accaagtaga gcttataatg tgtttttaaa aattgatttt ctgtggcaca atacatgcat     30600
     gttttttggc agcaatcata gattaatgaa caagcaataa cagcaaaata atgcttaaca     30660
     acaattgtca tctggggaag gcaaattaac ataagaatga gagcactaaa cagctatact     30720
     atgtctaaat atctttttaa atataatcaa aactgcaaca gaaaatctca ttcattgctg     30780
     atggaatgca taattgtaca acaaccttaa aatatggctg ttttcttctg ccacagtttg     30840
     gcagtttttt ccaaaggaaa acatgatctc atcatatagg ctaacaattg cacacttagg     30900
     tatttagaca acagatttgg aaactcgcat ctaaccaaaa accacatgca tttatgtata     30960
     actgctctct tgacaatggc caaatacttt aaggaaacag gatacccttc aatattaacc     31020
     aagccagata aattcataaa atgtgatact attcattaaa agaaaaagag tgatttatga     31080
     agtcatgcaa agccatggaa gcatcaggta tacataaagc taagtgataa aagccactct     31140
     gaggagatga catattgtgt gatttcattt ctgttgcatt acagagaaga aatgtctaca     31200
     gaaacggtaa atagatttgt aatttacagt ggtttgtagc aggcaggtag tgagttgaat     31260
     aggagaatgc aatgatggaa agaaacacaa atgggctggg tgagaaggga ctcattctgc     31320
     ttgatgagat catgctggtc gtgcggaaga gctaggaatg tgtataacag catgaataac     31380
     taaataggct tctactcatg ataagagagg agtgtcttct ttcatcacac atgtaactat     31440
     tttaggacaa cttctgagga agcttttgtt gaatgtgata aaacatacat aaacaaattt     31500
     accatttcaa acatctttga atgtatagtt cagtagcatt aactatgctc acactgtgca     31560
     accgttacca caatttctca ttctcactgg caatgtataa gggttccaat ttctccacat     31620
     actctcaaac ttttccttaa caaaaataga tattccaatg gggataaagt ggtaatccca     31680
     tggtggttta ggtgtttatt ggctgtggat ttgtaaatga tttcttggct ttatcactga     31740
     atgaacataa aacaaaagaa aagatagatc aatcgaattt catcaaaact aaacactttg     31800
     gtgcatcaaa ggacactgtc tagttaaaag gaaaccaaca gcatgggaca aaatatttgc     31860
     aagtcttatg tatgttatat attccagtca cccacttgga tctcttccaa ctgcactttc     31920
     cattttttct tacgctaaaa ctttttaaat aaacatccac gtttgctgtg aaacttttct     31980
     cagtctcttt tgctacttta ttcccctcag ccaaattctt tcttctgagg aggcaagagt     32040
     tgatgttact gcagaccatg atagatttga cagcagtaac agatactttc actggtaaca     32100
     ggtcgaggag ctggtggata gtgtggctgg agtacatgcc tagtatgtgg tgggcctggc     32160
     cccaggcagt tctggactgt ggagggacca gaaccccatt ctgagagcac tctgtggaat     32220
     gctgaggaag aagttttgtc tttttagtga ggtgaagttc cttcacataa tataaaatta     32280
     actgtttctt aatgaattct ttagtgatcc ttaggacatg cacatttgta tgcaacaacc     32340
     acctctaagt tccaaactgt tttcatcatc cagaaaagaa aaaaccctac ctattaagga     32400
     gctactaccc aatctgtcct ctttctgaca cctagcaacc agtaatctgc tttttgtctc     32460
     tatggattta cctattctaa attttatata aataaaatca tacagtatgt gaattttgtc     32520
     ttcaacttct taaatcaaaa tggttttgaa atttctccac attgtagcat tagtgttgta     32580
     atccttttta cagctgaaca ttatgccatt gtatggatat actacatttt gcttcttact     32640
     ttttgttggt gaatatttat ttggtttctt tccacatttt agttattgtg aatgctgcta     32700
     tgaacatatg tatacagctt ttgtttgaat acctgtttta cattttgtgt gtatagcttg     32760
     gagtggattt tctgcgttct ttggtaattt tatatttagc acttgcagaa ccaccaaact     32820
     acttcccaca gcagtggaag cattttactt tcaaattttc ccacttcctt tcaacaactg     32880
     ttagcttttg tttgtttgtt tgttttttgg aattataatg gatgtgaagt gatatcttac     32940
     tgtggttttg acttgcattt ccatgaggtt aaaaggggca ggaggcataa gagttggcgg     33000
     agcaagagga agggtcagga cagccaagtg gagagggtag gcaagtgcca gggaccacag     33060
     tggttgtggc agcctctgcc cagtctcaac tacagcagtg aatagaaaag tgagcccatg     33120
     tttgtagagt ggattttttc acaatctagc tgtttcaaca aggagagcat gtgattcggg     33180
     ggacttctct ccctcttctc atgcatcccc tatattcagt cctcactggg cacctgcctg     33240
     gagccaacct ggtctcagct cccagacaaa ggagagcttc atgccctggg aacctgatcc     33300
     ctgtggcccc taatggacac aggcctggag ggaggagcac agctcatatg tgctacaaca     33360
     aggactgtaa agtatggaag tggccacaac atttagccca gtcataccag gccacatgaa     33420
     ccaggctcac cagtcacggg cctcagcctc cctcttgaga caggaactgc cacaaccatc     33480
     aatctcaaca gcctttccag gatttaatag gccaaacacc ttggaattct gctgatttta     33540
     aattctgctg tcattccaca tctcacgcaa ctgtagcgct agagactgga gtcagaatct     33600
     gcaggttgct ttctcctgct ggtgcaggag aatgtgccaa gtcagtctcc acttatggct     33660
     ggtacacaga gctccacttg tggctgcttg gccaccagca tttaattatt tccactgtta     33720
     cctctaaggt ttaccaaact gtatctgtgg tgtaagctgt cactaccttc ccttcctttg     33780
     ggccttccag agactacctc aaaacaccta tcacactcaa aaacaaacta ctgtggattt     33840
     ggtcaactct gggttgacat ttagaaaagc tgtggcctca gaaagcagct tcctttctgc     33900
     tccaaatcta ctaggctcta caaggagcat taagatggcc ctgcgctcag acacagaaaa     33960
     gttctgggtg caagtcttag tcctcccttc tgcaaaccag attgatgacc taatacagta     34020
     cccagctgcc cagtgcctcc ctaaacctaa acttaatcat aacattaacc ttaaccctgc     34080
     ttctacccct aatcctaatc caggatccct aacactaaca gcaacctcaa gcctcaaact     34140
     tgaccccaac atcaacccta tgcctaacca ctcaccaaaa ccgaagcccc aaaacaaatc     34200
     ccaactctaa atcctaactc taacagctaa acctgaattt gaccctgacc ctgataataa     34260
     ccctaaccca agggtaatcc aaacattaca taaacatgaa cttaaaccct aagactaaaa     34320
     ccctaaccct aaagccctaa ccctaagaca aaaacactaa tcctaaacaa aaaaccctat     34380
     ctctatccat taaaagctaa tgttaaccct aaaatattac ccctaacact aaccacaaca     34440
     cctaacacct agtcctaaat tctagctcct aaacctgctt tctgaacagg aacataacac     34500
     tcatattaag tctaatacta aaccctaagt ccaatcctag aactcttatt acaaccctaa     34560
     ccctacacct acccaaaacc taaacctagc tgttacataa aacccaaacc ctaatcctaa     34620
     cattaatctt tagcccaacc ctaaccctac acctaaccat aacccctaac cctaagccta     34680
     aatagtaaca ttaactctaa ccctaatgtg ttacccaatt tgtaccctga tgcaaaccct     34740
     aaccctaatt ctaaccaata atcataaccc taactgtaat cataattcta aacataacct     34800
     taacccctta atctaaattt aaacactaac gataactata accctaaagc ataacctact     34860
     cctaccctaa tgttaacagt aacattaaac aataattcta aacataatcc taattctaac     34920
     accatctcct ttctataaca ccaacagaac catatcaaca agcccaatga aaacacgaac     34980
     agtaacacta aacaccaacc ctaacactaa cccctgacac aaattctata tcctaaagct     35040
     aaccctaacc ctaaatttta acccatatcc tctagcccta accctaaaac ttactctatc     35100
     tggtaaccta aaggtaatcc ttaccctaaa tactaaccct aacttaactc taaaactaac     35160
     cttgaaacct taacccaaag ccaatctctt atttttataa gtaatcttaa tgctaacaat     35220
     gaaacactga agaagtgaac ctaaccataa gctcaacaca taaccctaac aataacacca     35280
     atcctaactg taaaatcgta aatcctgaac tttaacacta aaagtaacct aactctaaac     35340
     ccatccctaa aaataagcct aaaccatgtc tctaaaacta aaacctaacc ataatcctaa     35400
     tcatttcata aattgtaatc ataacccata atcctaacca ttaaccaaaa ccctaaccct     35460
     aaatgctaaa ctaaacctta gtcgctaact gtaacactaa cacaaacgct aatccctaac     35520
     actaatccta aaccctaaca ctaacagaaa actcaatccc taatacctac cccaaatcct     35580
     aaccctaact tcaacactaa caccaacacc aaatgtatgc ccaaccctta ccactattcc     35640
     taaagctttt accgttaacc ctacaccttc atgaacacaa ccccaaatat aaacataaac     35700
     cttaccttac tctaaacaga gattcctaag cccaaatcct aaccctaact gtaaaactca     35760
     ccctaaaaaa tactctaaac attagccaaa ccataaaccc taactctaac actaacaccc     35820
     aatcccaagc cctactctaa ccctaacact aaccctaatc ctaatcttta gccaaatgct     35880
     ttagccaaac actttaaaga tcatcctaac cctaactaaa ccacaaccag gtacccaacg     35940
     ttaaactgta aaccagcact aaaccctaac cctaaaattt aacactaaac caaacacttt     36000
     aatcataaca ctaacactaa acataacgct caccctactt ttaaccctca ttctgaatcc     36060
     taaacctaac cttaatccaa accgtaatgc gaacccttac actaccacct aaacctaacc     36120
     ctaattctaa ctataaaatc tgaaatccca aaaacactta agataacttt aaatgcatcc     36180
     cataactctg aaactcagac taaacactaa ccccaatacc cttatcctaa cagtaaaacg     36240
     aacataattc taacataatc ttaaccttgg cactaaaccc aaaaataact cttaccctaa     36300
     acactgaacc taatcataac cttaaccata gatcataaac cctaaccatt aacactaacc     36360
     ctagccctaa aacaaaacct gtaaccataa ttaaacctaa accctaaacc taaacctaat     36420
     cttagcccct aactctagaa aaaccataat accaacacta accataaatg ctcaccccta     36480
     accctaacaa taaacaaaac gctgacacta aactctaacc ctagtcctaa actgtaaacc     36540
     caaacctaag tgtaaaccta atcatgacca ctaacctcaa cctcaaaaca gacccagcac     36600
     tctcatgctg aacctaaata caaagtccta atcgtatgtc caacactaac actaacatct     36660
     agccaaaaat gatgaacatt aaccttaaca ataaccctga accctaaccc tgaaccctga     36720
     accctaactc tgaatatgac cataagcccc atcctaatgc taaatattaa cccaaacact     36780
     gaaacctaac actaacactc taacccttac cctcacacta acccttaaca ccaaccctaa     36840
     ccctggccat gatcctaatt cctaacctct aactgtaagc ctggcttttt atgctaaacc     36900
     taagcataac ccaaccccaa acctaacctc taaccctgat tatgaacctt aaccctgaag     36960
     tcaaccctaa ccctagccca taaccctaat cttaactcta actgcaaccg taatcctacc     37020
     acagcactaa atcttatctc aagtccagcg ttaaccctca gtctaatact gaagttgttc     37080
     tgcaattgta aaccatatcc taatcctccg tttctatcct atccttaagg ttaccccatt     37140
     atgcttaaaa aactttaaat acatcctcta tgactctaac ctctaacccc ttatacccat     37200
     aagaatacaa gcagtcatac ctctttctaa gcccaagtga gtattgaatt aaacatatga     37260
     tatcactagc ataaaaaact aaatattact gaatctgata attatagaca tcataaagtt     37320
     taaccaaata atagtacatg gaatttttta cacagcgaag acattataga ccacaatatt     37380
     taagaaattt tctcagaaaa tcaaagaatt tttaccattc caatgccatc ccttttcaat     37440
     atattatgta aatcaaatga tggaaccatg tttgtctcga cttttacaga aagtaaagac     37500
     agcatattta acaattaaaa atccaataaa ctgtggttca aatttttttc acgtgctaaa     37560
     acgtctttat gcaaaaccca taacaatcat ctaaattgtt gagaaccaag gctttaagat     37620
     gaggaacact gcactgatgc ttaactatat taaacccctt actagaagtc ccagtaggtc     37680
     aactatatag atatacttat atatgtatat ttacacacac acaaccattc atatgcaaaa     37740
     gagaaaagta aaactactca cagatctcat acacagaaaa ccatgaggaa ccatctagaa     37800
     attatgaaat ctagtaaaca aattaagcaa aataacagga gaaaatttca acaaatgaaa     37860
     tctttttttt ttccttttta tggcgttatg ctgttgttgc ccagggtgga atgcaatggc     37920
     atgatcttgg ctcaccacaa cctccatttc ctgggtttga gtggctatcc tgcctcagcc     37980
     tcctgagtag ctgcaattca gacatgccgc accatgcatg gctaattttg tatttctagt     38040
     agagactgga tttctccatg ttggtcagac tggtctcaaa gtcctgacct caggtggtgt     38100
     gcccgccttg gcctcctaaa gtgctgagat tacaggtgtg acccactgca cccggccaca     38160
     aaatctattt ctattcacta gcaataaacc atgtaaaaat gaaattaaga caacaatttt     38220
     atttctcaaa aaaacaagag gctggaatct ttccccctgc cctggaagcc acagatgcag     38280
     gcagctgggg gagggacagc cttggagttg aggctgtgct gctacattgg gacctggctg     38340
     cagtggctat ggggctaaca agaaactctt caagtttctg agaaatcaaa gtagaattac     38400
     tttaaaacgt aatggatgaa gaagagaaaa cttccagtgc ttttgaaagc cctaacccca     38460
     tgatgtcata taaatatctt ttgagtcata atttttttat aaaagaacat gaacagacat     38520
     cagcaataat gaaacccttg ttgagtggcc caggtcaatt tgctgagaag aaaaccattg     38580
     aggtcagttt gagagacatc ccttcataag tactgtcaag agcatgcaca tattttacct     38640
     acacatttta ctacacctac agctccacag ggatttttaa attcccattt catctgaaac     38700
     tgcactagaa tttctgacag ctgtaaactt tctagattgt atgtaaatac aattgatgtt     38760
     ttataaatac aatatattga tataataaaa tacattttaa tcaactggaa actcttttca     38820
     gtgtttaaga ccagcagttg agtttgtact ttttcacagg tagtacattc actgtatgaa     38880
     atgtaactat aaaattaatt gctaagaagg ttgtcttctg tttttttcat aacagagttg     38940
     aaatttgttt gcaatgtcaa caaattgagg acattttcac aaatgcagaa ataaacaaat     39000
     atggcaattc ataggtggtt ttgctttatc ctatggatac aatttttaaa atgaaaaacg     39060
     atctagaaaa tgctgaaaac tagaaataat aaacatgtac tacaattaaa caattttgcc     39120
     aagtgttttt atgtatttag ttgcttgtta ataaaactat ttttatgttg tggctgccca     39180
     tagcattgat ggagttatac aaaaaattgc attatagtta ttttcatacc ttagccgaaa     39240
     cattgattta cttttaatga ccctaatgca aaaagtgttt tattaatgcc tataatctca     39300
     gcacattggg aagtcaagca ggcacatcac ttcagcacag aggtttgaga tgaacccagg     39360
     caacatggca aaccatcatc tctgcactca cacaccaata aaattgtcca ggtattgtgg     39420
     ctgaggcaaa ggtagaaaga taaaaggagc tcaggattga gaggctgcag acttcagtta     39480
     gccatgatgg caccattgca gtccaccctc gagaaaaagt gagaccctgt gaaagaaaga     39540
     aagaaagaaa gagagagaga gagagagagg gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     39600
     gagagaaaga aagggagaaa gagagaagaa agaaagaaaa aagaatatga gttgaaaatt     39660
     tttaagtgct tttataaact tcaatgttgt ataaatatgt cttgtcttgt catttttgta     39720
     ttgttacaat ttaagaagtt tatttaaaga caattttgga atgttaccaa gtccaaattt     39780
     taataagtaa ttgaacttta cccagatcgt caacaagtca attatacaac ttagagttct     39840
     tgtgcgttat gtcttctggg caattcaaag tactgtgttt tcgttgatta tgaagcaatt     39900
     catccttttc aactttcaaa acagaaagca aaaaaacaac aggctgagtg tggtggctta     39960
     tacctctaat tccagtattt tgggaggcca aggtgggaga attgtcaagt caaggtattt     40020
     gaagctgcag tgagctatga ttgcacaagc atattcccac ctgggcaaaa gaataaggcc     40080
     ctatcgcaaa aagcaacaac aaaaaatcga tgactataat gtgttcaaga ctatatttaa     40140
     ccaaggtgca agaattagac atgaaaaatt atgaaatact gctgaaataa attccagaaa     40200
     cattaaataa atataaagac actcaatgtt tctggactag aagatgattt ttatgtgaca     40260
     atactgcaca aagcaatcta caaattcatt ataattccta tgaaaatacc aaagtccttt     40320
     tggtagaaat gagcaagcca gttctaacac tcacataaac ttcaaggaat cctgaatagc     40380
     caaaatattc ttaagaacag aaagcaactt ggaggctcgt atttctcaat ttcaaatatt     40440
     acggctaagc agcagtcatc ataacagcat aatactggca taaggacata ctcagagttc     40500
     aatggaactg aatgttaaat ccaacaatac ctctatggtc aatggatttt tgacatgtag     40560
     gcaagatcag taaatacaac aaatgctgtt attcaactga ctaccacact cagacaaaga     40620
     aactgtactc ttttctcaca acagaaaatt aactcataat ggttcaaagc ctacatagta     40680
     gagggaaaaa cataaactct agaagaaaac ataagaataa atcttcataa ccttggattt     40740
     agcagtggtt tcttagatct gatatcaaaa gtgcagaaaa ctaaagaaaa cattttctca     40800
     aaattaaaca tttttgtgca tcaaaagtca ctatcaagaa aatgaaaaga cgtgttacag     40860
     aaaggaaggt ttccatgtta cgtatgtaaa aacagtctgt tatccacaat atatgaagaa     40920
     cttgcataac tcagcaacaa caacaataaa aaaaatccag ttacaaaatg gagaaataca     40980
     attcaccaga aagacatgta tatcaagcac ataaaaatat gaacagtaaa atatataagt     41040
     tttattccat gaagtgtttc atactttcgc ttttctcata gtcatgaggt tctttgtggt     41100
     aaaattagtc ctgtccaggt ccacctgaag aacagctaag gtaacaatac tgctggggag     41160
     cattttttcc ttagaagaga aaataaaata tctggcagga aataatgttt tgaaattaaa     41220
     actttcatgc tggactaaag tttccaataa aggtgacagt ttgtccctca gccttcatgg     41280
     gcccaaaatt tatcatgcag caggaagtaa gaagggaagt tattaagtta acggggtaca     41340
     tggatacaca aatgccccat ttccatacca aaactgtgac ataattacat accctcacag     41400
     tatttcaata tttaaatatt aataattcat ctatgtaaat aactaagctt actttattta     41460
     cttcacactg tacagttaag gaggtttaca aatatttata taaattgtca tgatgtgtgc     41520
     taggactttt ttttctgtta aatgtactga cagactacat aaaatgtaag tatttaaacc     41580
     taacataact tggagctaat aacacacagt taaggaagat aacacggtaa tagtctgtcc     41640
     aataaattct aatgtaattt caatatttac ttgtgttatt tgtcttcagc actaagattt     41700
     tttctttact aattatccca aacatggact ttcatttcat taactattat ttccttgatt     41760
     tataagttga gagtgatctc atccattaac aaataatgaa cttcttttta tctttagaaa     41820
     cagtgcatta ttagcttttc tacagttaga tatcagaacc tctgacttta aagtcttagc     41880
     tggacaaagc cttggacaat tagataatgg tgggcactgg gtgaatagat tgagagattg     41940
     cacataaaat tcctgagaca cccaaaatcc tgtgttccca cagttgaaag cagacgagac     42000
     tccaggcagt tgagcaggct gaatgggtaa gagaaacagt taggagaact tggggtctgc     42060
     agccatggtg cattctatgg ttcttcttct aaggtcagtg ggaaaccatg ggcaaaatta     42120
     aatcaggagg gtgacaggat gaaatttgta attgtaaatg aatattttgt cattaccatt     42180
     accattacta accctgtatt tcctgattta atagttatgt gatggtatcc ttggagagtg     42240
     tcctcacttt tcataaaacc cctgggatat tttgcataaa ggttcaaatc tggcacagca     42300
     gaaaccactg gagattctga gagaaaagat tatactaaca gctattggaa gtttcctaga     42360
     agtataaaat tattgagaag taaactactt ttaataaaaa caaccatgtc cataccttgt     42420
     cactactgca gagacaacaa cattaaactt cattatagag gccaaatcct ccccaaatcc     42480
     agcttagtgg aagccgtgaa accaagtgcc cccataagag taggaatgtt atgtcagtat     42540
     tactggtgtt acatctttat gatgagtgtt atatcagtaa ctgtgggtgt tacatcagta     42600
     ttctggttgt tctatttgta ttacaaatgt tgtattatta ttatgggtgt taatattaca     42660
     ggtgtcactt cagtgtttca ggtatatttg tacctcagta tgatatattg gaattctgaa     42720
     tggtgtattg gtattattag tgttacagtt gtattacagg tgtcaggaca gcattacaag     42780
     cgttatataa gcattatgga tgtttcattt gtactgtgga ttgcatattg gtgttatgag     42840
     agttacaatt gtattatggg tcttagatca gtattacaga tgttatattt gtatttcgga     42900
     tgctatactg gtattatgag tgttttattg ctgttatgaa tgtcacagtg tcattatggg     42960
     tgttgttaat attataggtg tcacttcagt atttcagttg ttatatttgt accgcaggat     43020
     gatatattgg aattctgaat ggtgtattgg tattattagt gttacagttg tattacaggt     43080
     gtcaggaaag cattacaagg gttatataag tgttatggat gtttcatttg tattgtggat     43140
     tgcatattgg tgttatgaga gttacaattg tattatggct cttagatcag tattagggat     43200
     gtcatatttg tatttcggat gctatactgg tattatgagt gttttattgc tgttatgaat     43260
     gttacagtgt tatcacgggt gttagatcag tatttcaggt gttacattag tattacaaat     43320
     gtcacatctg tattatgggt gatataatta tttacagatg ttatatttct attacagatg     43380
     ttatatgaca gatgatacat ttgtgtcagg aggccactgt atggacctgg cattgtggcc     43440
     acaccttggg tgtggggaag gacgttgggt tgcattaaag ccatttgatt tttattgttt     43500
     aattttccac acgaagccct tccactggtc cctgatttca gcagtcagcc tccagctgtc     43560
     cctcagcaag gcggtgttgc tctggtctgt actgaggaga aggcagctgt agccctcggg     43620
     caacacgagc tgaacccgat ggtgctccca gggtcagaaa aggcggactc atgctccccc     43680
     tgctggcagc cagaagaact gcaagacccc catggtcaag gtgaggcagc cgtgcgcccc     43740
     cttctggctg aactgcggca ccaaataaaa gcagagttca gattgttcag tgccatcatt     43800
     ttggaaattc aaacggaaat gttgcctatt atcctgtttc gtaaattatt atttatttta     43860
     ggttcagggg tacatgtgaa actttgttat gtaggtaaac tcgtgtcatg gggcattgtt     43920
     gtacagatta tttcatcacc caggtattaa gtctagtaat taatagctat ttttcctgct     43980
     gctctctctt ttcccacctt ccaccctcaa gtaggtctca tgtctatggt tcccttcttt     44040
     gtgttcatga gttgtcatca gttagctccc acttctagtg aaaacatgtg gtatttggtt     44100
     tacttttcct acattagttt gctaaagata atatcctcca gctccatcca tgttccctca     44160
     aaaggcataa ttgtattttt tttaatctct gcatagtatt ccctgtgggc atgtaccaca     44220
     ttttctttaa ttcaatctgt cattaatggg tagttaggtt aattccatgt cttctgttgt     44280
     gaatagtccg cagtgaacat ttgcattcgt gtgtctgtgt ggtagagtga tttatattcc     44340
     tctgggtatg tatccagtaa tgggatggct gggttgaaca gtagttctgc tttccagtct     44400
     ttgaggaatt gccctactgc tttgcacaac agttgaacta atttacattc ctaccaacag     44460
     tgcataatta ttccttggtc tctataacct cacctgcata tattattatt ttactttatg     44520
     ataataacca ttctgacaga taggagatga tatctcattg ctcttttgat tcgtgtttct     44580
     ttaataatca ataatattga gctttttaaa ataagttttt tggctgcctg tatgtctttt     44640
     gaaaagcgtc tgttcacact tctcaaaaga agacatttat gcagccaaca gacatatgaa     44700
     aaaatgctca tcatcactgg tcattagaga aaagcgccca tcaacccatc atctacatta     44760
     gatatttttc ctaatgttat ctctacacta tcccaccacc caccaccatg ttatgttttc     44820
     ctctctgtgt ccatgggttc ccattgttca actctcatgt aaaaatgaga acctgtggtg     44880
     tttggttttc tatttttctg atagtttgct gagaatgatg gtttccagct tcattcatgt     44940
     cgctgcaaaa gacatgaact catccatttt tgtggctgca tactgttcca tggtgtatat     45000
     gtgccagctt ttctttatcc agtctatcat tgatgcacat ttgggttggt tctaagtctt     45060
     cactactgtg aatagtgctg tgataaacat acatatgcat gtgtctttat agtagaatga     45120
     tttatagtcc ttcggttata tgcccagtaa tcagattgct gggtcaaatg gtaattctag     45180
     ttctagatcc ttgaagaatc accacactgt cttccacaag ggttaaataa ttaacacgcc     45240
     caccaacact gtaaaagcct tcgtatttct ccacatcctc tccagcatct gctgttttct     45300
     gactttttaa tgatcgccat tctaactgga gtgagatggt atctcactgt ggttttgatt     45360
     tgtatttctc aaataatgag tgatgataag cattttttca tatgtttgtt ggctgcatca     45420
     aagtcttctt ttgagaagtg tctgttcata tcctttgccc actgtttgat gaggttgttt     45480
     ggtttcttct tgtaaacttg tttaagttcc ctgtagattc aggatgttag tcttgtttca     45540
     gatagataga ttgcaagatt tttcacccat tctgtaggtt gtctgttcac actgaggata     45600
     atttattttg ctgtgctgaa gctctttagt ttaattagat cccatttgtc aattttggct     45660
     tttataccat tgcttttggt gttttggttt tgcacatgct tatgtcctga atggtattgc     45720
     ctgcgtttgc ttctaggaat tttatggttt taattcttac gtgtaagtcg ttaatccgcc     45780
     ttcagttgac ttttgcataa ggtgaaagga tggggtccag tttctgttat ctgcatatgg     45840
     ctagccagtt ttcccaatac catttattaa agggaaaatc ttttccccat tgcctgcttg     45900
     tttcaagatt gtcaaatatc acatggtagt agatgtcaca tggtagtaga tgtgtggtat     45960
     tatttctgag gccactgttc tgttctattg gtctatatat ctgtttcggt acaagtacca     46020
     tgctgttttg cttactgtgg ccttgtaatg tagtttgaag tcaggtagcg tgatgcctcc     46080
     agattcattc tttttgctta agattgtctt gtctatgcag gctctttttt ggtttcattt     46140
     gaacttcaaa gtagctttct ttttccaatt atgtgaagaa aattaatgat agcttgatga     46200
     tgatagcatt gaatctataa attactttgg gcagtatggc catttttcca atattgattc     46260
     ttctatccat gagcatggaa gctttttatt tttcatctct ttttatctct cttatttcct     46320
     tcagctgtgg tttgaagttc tccttgaata ggttcttcac atcccttgtt agttgtattc     46380
     cgaggtattt tattctctta gtagcaattg tgaatgggag tttactcatg atttgtcttt     46440
     ctgttctctc ttattgtgtg taggaaagct tgtgattttt gcacattgat tttgaatcct     46500
     gaggcttagc tgaagttgct taccagctta aggagatttt atgctgagat gatgggtttt     46560
     ctaagtgtac aatcatgtca tctgcaaaca gagacaattt gacttcctcg cttgtgattt     46620
     gaatgtccct tatttctttt tcttccctga ttaccctggc cagaagcttc aaatactagg     46680
     ttgaataaga gtggagagag agtgcatcct tgtcttgtac cagttttcaa agggaattct     46740
     tccagttttt gcccatcagt atattggcag tgggtttggc ataagtagct cttattgttt     46800
     tgagatatat tctgtacatt tctactttat tgagagtttt tatcataaag cggtgttgaa     46860
     ttttgatgaa tgccttttct gcatctattg acataatcat gtggtttttg tcactggttc     46920
     tgtttatttg gtgcattagg tttattgatt tgcatatgtt gaaccatctt tgcatttcag     46980
     ggataaagct gacatgatcg tggtggataa gctttatgat gtgctgctgg attgagtttg     47040
     ccagtatttt attgaggatt ttcacatcaa tgttcatcag ggatactggc ctgaaatttt     47100
     ctttttttgg tgtgtctctg ccaggtttta ttatcaggat gatgctggcc tcataacatg     47160
     atttatgaag gatttcctct ttttgcattt tttgtaataa tatcagaagg aagggtatga     47220
     gtgcctcttg ttatgtctga taaaatttgg ctatgaatct gtctggtcct gaattttctt     47280
     tcttggtagg ctatcagtta ctgcctcaat ttcagaattg ttaatagact attcatggat     47340
     ttaacttctt cctggcttaa acttgggagg gtgtatgtgt ccaggaattt atccatttct     47400
     tttagatttt ctagtgtatt tgcatagagg tgttcagagt attatctgat gatcagcaat     47460
     gatattccct atgtcatttt ttattgcatc tatgtgattt ttctctcttt tcttctttgt     47520
     tagtctggct agtggtctat ctatattgtt gatcttttca aaaaaccagc ttacggattt     47580
     attgattttt gaaaggtttt tgtgtctctg tcttcttcag ttctgctctg atcatagtta     47640
     ttttatgtct tctgctaggt tttgtattcg tttgctctca ctaaactagt tcttttaatt     47700
     ttgatgttag ggtgtcaatt ttagatcttt cctgctttct cttttgggca tttagtgcta     47760
     tcagtttttc tctaaacacc attttaaatg tgtctcagag tttgtgacac attgtgtctt     47820
     cattcttatt ggtttcaaag aacatcttta tttctacctt atttcagtat ttacccagca     47880
     atgatttaca gcctgctcct aaatgttcag tttctatgta gttgtgcagg tttgtgtgag     47940
     tttctgaatc ctgggttctc atttcattgc actgtggtct gggaggctct ttgctataat     48000
     ttccattctt ttgcatttgc tgaggagtgt tttccttcca attatgtggt cagtttttga     48060
     atacatgtta tgtggaactc agaagaatgt atattctgtt gatttggggg tggatagttc     48120
     tgtagatgtc tattaggttt acttagtcca cagctgagtt caagtcctga ctatccttgt     48180
     taattttctg tctcattgat tgctggctat tctttctctg aagctatatc ctcaaggggc     48240
     atctgtcaga tgctagccag tgctctccaa tacaaggtgt ctgtcggccc ctgccaggag     48300
     gtgtctccca gtcaggatac acagaggtca gggatccact tgagaaggca ctctgaccat     48360
     tagcagagcc agtgcactgt aatgggaggt gtgctgctcc ttcagagcca tcaggcgggg     48420
     atgttgaagt ttgctgaagc tgcatccatg gcttcctttt cccccaggtg ctctgtccca     48480
     gggagatggg ggttttattt gtaagcccct gactggggct gctatcattt gtttcgaaaa     48540
     taccctaccc ggagagaaga aatctggcag tctggccaca tcagccttgc tgagctgcag     48600
     ttcaaacttc tctgaggctt tgtttacacc atgaggtaaa gcagcctact caagcctcag     48660
     caacggaaga tgcccatccc cccaccaagc tccagtgtcc caggtagatc tcagactgct     48720
     gctgtgctgg cagcgagaat ttcaatctgg tgaaccatag ttggattgcc accatcgggg     48780
     atggcacctg ctaagccaga tcacttggct ccttggcctc cgcactcctt ttcaggggag     48840
     tgaacagtcc tgtctcctta gcattccagg caccactggg gtaataaaaa caacaacaac     48900
     aacaacaaca aaacactcct acaattagtt cattgttttt tctaacaacc ccatttttgt     48960
     gcttgaaacc cacggccctc atggtgcagt taccaaacgc aatctcctgg tctgcaggtt     49020
     ttcaagacca tgggagaagc acattttagg cacagggtgc atggttcctc aggctaactc     49080
     cctcacagct tctcctgtgt aaatgagaaa atttcccgac ccattaggct tcccgggaga     49140
     ggtgatgacc taccctgctt cagctcacac tccatgggct gcagccacca ttcaaccagt     49200
     ccctatcaga tgaacagtgt acctcaggtg gaaatgcagg aatcactcac tttcttcatc     49260
     aatctccctg ggagctgcag tctggagctc tttttcttca gacgtcttgc cagcaattcc     49320
     ccctttcctg tttttttctt tttttttttt taatggtgaa ggagccatta actggaaatg     49380
     taaaactatg caaattctag aagaaagtac agaaagaaat ttatgtgacc tcaggtttgg     49440
     tcataagttt taacaaatga caccaaagct gatcagtaat ggtaaaaata attaataata     49500
     ttagttttct tatattaata gtttgtactc tgagtaaaat cttattcagg aaatagaaag     49560
     ataagcaaaa gactgaaaag aaatatctgc aaaatacaga tctaagcaag aacttgcact     49620
     gaaaatacac cgatcttgaa actcaaaatt aagatatact acccaattaa caatgagtaa     49680
     agagctgaac acaccaatga aaatacaccg acagaaagca aacaaaaagt tgctcaaact     49740
     catatatctt taagggactg aaaattacaa caatgagata gcatggccca tttatatttg     49800
     ttggaacggc taaaccattt ttaaaacatg acaaatgatt tgctggaggg aaaacaggaa     49860
     ttcattcatt gctcatggaa tgcacaatgg tggagaaaaa aagaactcac attctcaaat     49920
     taatctgaaa acctctttct cacctctacc atgcacagaa ggagctatct ggtctacctt     49980
     ttgatgacag acacgagatt caatgtaatc tgtgcattcg ccagcagcag ttgggatcca     50040
     ggcagaaatt agatgggccc cacaatcaaa gtcatctaag aactttttaa taaagagtga     50100
     cttattcaag gtactcacaa tagatggcag agttcccggg gatagtagca ggatgacact     50160
     cttagcactc cttgggagtg agatttaaag gagggagaaa ttctcagcaa tggagagagg     50220
     cggatggtgc agagaacttg aaagatgtca tcacaggaac tatgacgtca cttggccttg     50280
     agacacagca gcaagtccag tgccactgta tgcgtaggct ggtgtcccca ctggccaaac     50340
     ccaatcagca ggtagagggc aaaaaatgtc ttgataccac ctagaggcag gttagcagag     50400
     tttaatccag aaattttaat tttataaatc ttcccaattt aagcctcccc ttacaaggac     50460
     aaagcatagt tttataatac tgacctagta tgaatcacta aaacatgcaa gccgtgcaca     50520
     gtggattgcg cctgtaatct cagcaactca tgaggtgagg ctggtggatc attttggtca     50580
     aaagattgag accagcctgg ccaatgtggt gaaaccctgt ctctattaaa tattcaaaaa     50640
     tttgccgggt gtgggtggtg cattcctgca gtctgagcta cttgggaggc aaaggcagga     50700
     gaattgcttg aacctagggg gtggacatat ggtttaggag atgcatgttt tcattttatt     50760
     ctcttccaat ttttcttctt ttagtagtaa atagtcatcc atctcttaaa cattttcatt     50820
     cagcatatgt ttgttttgtt attgccaaag actgtgcttt gacagacatt aagtcaacct     50880
     gaaacttaaa aaggaaattt tacaattgaa tgatgacttc atagtgagca aaaataaaag     50940
     cttgcaggct cctttaggca tagtgtcaca atttaactaa ggtcagtaaa cagatgtctg     51000
     aatctctgca aaaaaaggcc aaactacagt aacagaaatt gtcttctgcc ctacaactgg     51060
     ggcagaggaa gttttatgga ccacatccca tgaagcaagt ccttctaaga ttatcacccc     51120
     atttttcaga agcagctaag aacctaacaa caatcactca taatagaaat atagctttgt     51180
     tttaaatatg aaaagttaag gtaaaaatgt gcaggcatgg tgtgtcccgc ctgtaactcc     51240
     agcactttgg gaagccaaga tgagaggatt gcttgaactc agaagttaca gacgaccatg     51300
     tacaacatgg aaaactccat ctctactaaa aatacagcag ggcactgtgg ctcaaacatg     51360
     taatcccagc acactgtaag accatgaagg gtagatcact tgaggtcaaa catttgagag     51420
     cagcctagcc aacatggtga aaccccatct ctactaaaac aacaaatatt agccgggcat     51480
     ggcagtgggt gtctgtaata ccagctaccc aggaggttga agcaggacaa tcatttgaac     51540
     cccaaggcag tggttgcagt gagcccagtt cacatcatta cactcaagcc tgggtaacag     51600
     actgagactc catcttaaaa aatataaaag aaagaaagta aaaaaagaaa tacataattt     51660
     gcttggtgtg gtggggcatg gctataatcc cagcttttcg ggaggtggag acacaagaat     51720
     tgattgtatc tgggaggtaa tgattgtagt gagccgagat cacactagtg cagtctaggc     51780
     tgaatgacag catgagactc agtctcaaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa taacattttg     51840
     tgtagtgctt ttcttttctt agtatactat atctcatatt tgcatatgaa ggcctacaaa     51900
     gttctcacgt aagttaaact tgcaaaataa actttagatt taaaatgttt taagtgccta     51960
     aagttccagc ttcatcttca gacagcaagc acaagaataa acagaaaact aaggaagcaa     52020
     tggcgtgtga taaatgcaat acattttgtt ttaatctgtg agataacgct gtaacgacag     52080
     aaatttttag ctgctgctga tggaaagaga gacaaggctg atgtagtaac agagcagtaa     52140
     taatattggc cacctgctat gaattaggca tataagttag ctcactgaat tccctctaca     52200
     accctgtagt gtggaaaata tcctacagtt tacagctgag gaatacgcaa aggaccgccc     52260
     aaaggcacac aagaaattag acacacagat aagatgcaag aagcactcta agaatcaaag     52320
     cactatctac attttcctat atggcgttga ctgaagttaa gaactattga attaacttta     52380
     gtcatcccct tcttcgccat agaaatggca gtttaaacat caagaggaag actttggata     52440
     aattacgtat aactaaaatt ttatatattg cttaaaatct atttcaaaaa atatgctgaa     52500
     caatgacgtc aagttcttac ataaaattta ctgattcatt gagttcctcc tttttgaatt     52560
     agtaactgtg ttctcctctt gcaagtaaac aggttttcct gaaagaagga gccctttaaa     52620
     caccataatg ttttcctggt aaatacaaaa gctatttaat atttatggcc agtatgtcag     52680
     acctaatgac cattattttg taatagaaat agcctgtgta ggggacaaaa ctttcacagg     52740
     caagtaagaa ataagccctg ttagctaaca ggtgatgtga agctataact gtcatctatg     52800
     tggtgaaatt ccaccatcta cacctgctaa ccagagaggt tttaagttcc ttgaagaaga     52860
     agatctgtct gttactatat tgtaaaagac aatattgtta ttgtattgta ggtattactt     52920
     tctcattttc attttattta acttgaatct atgtagatat aatatcaagg caaaatttgt     52980
     tacatagatg atggtagtaa tttataaaag aagggttagt ctccacaaga tagtagtaaa     53040
     aggggaaacc acacactggg tgtctggaca acatcaaata actactttgg tatactccca     53100
     atagtctaac tgaaaattcc aacaaaacgt cacctctcct tacaggcaat ttcctaggaa     53160
     tatattgaaa tatgaaatat atgaagattg agaaagtact caccttccag tctcaagggc     53220
     aatatataca agattccagg aggttatata tacagtaaaa atattataaa taaagaaata     53280
     cattagaagc caacaaaata agaagctatg tcacaggaga cagagaagtt aaaattttcc     53340
     taagtgaaaa agaaggtatc tcaagggtaa aagtaatagg tatcagaggc aataagttgc     53400
     tgtcgacttc ttgataatta tagatttatc aacatatatt caaataaagt ttaataaaat     53460
     atacagaaaa aaaactggcc tttctgatta tataaaatat taaggataat ggtttctcaa     53520
     aagtcagtga aaaccatttt gttaattttt acataattaa aattacaaaa aaaagtgaac     53580
     tatagacaag acaatgaagt gtgacgtatt tttttttaag aatatgaaac agacccaaat     53640
     tgggaagctg ataacctgta tcacaactga aaactatggc ttcttaccgc atccaaacat     53700
     cacttttatt cttcctttca tcttcagtcg attaattcta atgatgtagt catctgttag     53760
     ttcaagttga tacctgagaa tcagaacgac taaatataag tttctgagtt gtctttccag     53820
     aaagatgaat atcaatgtac gagcttatct atggtacaag tgtacctgag ggcactgaac     53880
     acgacattgt gtgaacatca aagtccctca gtactaaagc caggcatatg aacgtcaaac     53940
     ataaaatgtc cagtaaaact ctgccttgat gttgtaaagc acaatcatac aaaatggagg     54000
     gttgtgctgc cataaggtta ctgaaagcat cacttcccag ttggtctcaa ctgacccaaa     54060
     aagcgaggaa gaaaattaaa gttacacagc acacaacaga ctcaatccca aatgataatt     54120
     agacagccac tttcaaccca cctgtactat ctgcccacct gtactatctg cccagcccaa     54180
     acaaacataa agaattctgt gccgagggac caatcacagt ccagggaacc aggtgctaag     54240
     agcattatat ctgaagtagc aatacccgaa ggcacatttt cagttttact tttcttttcc     54300
     agcttttata agctgtcttt tgtttccaaa aggataaaga aacactcctg tggtgaacag     54360
     tccccaaact ccaacacttg ccaaagtcat acgggaattc ccaaagccag aaagacacca     54420
     tgcaggccgt ggaagctgtc acaatgatac caaatagttc accagctcca taactatata     54480
     aaattaacaa acatacttta atacatgtat tcctaaaaat tcagtaacta cagaaacttc     54540
     atgttagcta ttttaatata gaaactgaca aaaaattggg taaaatacat cattttcata     54600
     tgtaaaaaat aaagtttctc atggctaaga gtaatatgta ccagaggcaa taagctgtgg     54660
     ccaacttctt gacaactaca gatttatcaa aatatattga gaatatattg ggaattcaga     54720
     atctatgaaa gaagtgttct atttttaaaa aacataattt ttttaataga ataacctcaa     54780
     gaaacctttg caagctctgt gtaatggaat atccatgata aattatgagg aaggcaataa     54840
     aaagaggcca ataaaatgcc cagaacacct gagttgagtc atttcctcct aacacattaa     54900
     cagcaaatat taactgagca ttttttatgt gtaagatgct tttgaatgca ctgaaaattt     54960
     accacatgga catagtgtct tagcactgag gtgttactca ctgatacaca aggtcaaagt     55020
     aaagccaaag taaccatact tgtgcatgtt ttcctttccc tatatcaatt acttagttaa     55080
     ttttagctct tttcttttga ttctggcttt gcagaatcat caaggaatac aaggcacatg     55140
     ttcactgaca aacaatcaga ccactaagta taatttatac attgttagat atccccatca     55200
     ttgtggcagt atgagtgggg tagaggaaaa gcgattataa ttcaaacttt acagcttatc     55260
     aactatgcaa cctgagcaag tcacgatgta ccatgaaatt taaagcaaat cacagccctc     55320
     aataaatgtt caagaagcca tgagtaagaa gaacagagga agtgcttttc tataccttat     55380
     cttttaaaaa caaccctaac tcaaatgcag gaaagtattg gctattgata aacatatgta     55440
     ttttttcaaa cattaaagtt tgcataagat gttcatcaga gaatacttcc atagtttttg     55500
     ttatgtttct accaaagtaa tttaaacgta ttacttcttc aaacgtgcca agcaattact     55560
     ttagaagttt gttcttcagc tttcagtcat cgttctcctc aagacacttt gtattgtgct     55620
     cccatctcct aagtcctcag tcatgctttt atgtttttct tcctggagtt tctgggtttt     55680
     gaaattagta aaaaaacata aagtaaataa actataaaag ctgagttaac aaatttagga     55740
     agaatatcac gtgacatgtt tttagttcaa ccaactaaaa ctgctacatg acaattacta     55800
     ctgagaagta gaagaaaaga gccagaaatc ctcagtgtat tttatgaact gacctagtta     55860
     caatgtgttg aaactagcag aagcaggggc ctgtgacaca tgactgagaa gagtgggagg     55920
     gtctcttact gaggggagtg gaagagtgtc aatgaagaag tggtttctca tagaagacaa     55980
     ttaacactta acaatagtta aaggtgataa atggtccgaa tcaattctgg gatgaaagaa     56040
     tgatattagc tacaaagtaa taaaagcaca cttatggctg ggagctgtgg ctcatgcctg     56100
     taatcccagc actttgggag gccaaggcag gtggatcacc taataatagg agtgtaagaa     56160
     cagcctggac aacatggtga aaccccattt ttactaaaag tacaacatta gccaggcatg     56220
     ttgtcacaca cctgtaatcc cagctactca agaggctgag gaaggagaat cgcttgaact     56280
     cgggaggcag aattcacagt gaggtgagat tgcaccattg cactcagcaa caataccaaa     56340
     tctccatctc aaaaaaaaag tgtacttatg tatttgaatc ttttataatg ctgtttgtaa     56400
     gtctggaatt taattaataa tctcatggat atttaaggta caattctttt ttcttgctta     56460
     atattctatc agctttagcc aagtttggtg tatccagttt tcaactataa tcctagcttt     56520
     gcagaatgct gaggcaagag aatcacttga gtccaagagt atcagaccag cctggacaac     56580
     atagcaagac cttgtctctt aaaaccaaaa cagcaccacc accaccaact taccaaaaaa     56640
     aaaaaaaaca aaacaaaaaa aactattgat tgaatactca tctagttccc aaagagaggg     56700
     caaaagatat gggtcattca gggctttcaa gtgcttaaga atactcatca agttcccaaa     56760
     gagagggcaa aagatatggg tcattcaggg ctttcaagcg cttaagaata aaatgatctt     56820
     catagtgaga cttcaaatca ccaattgtac caattcccta gccagggagg tggattcaca     56880
     ggtgatgaga tccagccatc ctaagaagta ctgcacaaca ctgactagtc taagaacggt     56940
     taaagactcc aggtattagc tccctctgct ggttatctgg aaagccatga agaggtaaac     57000
     tacattgaat ttagtacata tgctgaaaga atggaaaaga agtagagaaa ttgagggtga     57060
     aaaaagtgac acactctctc cgcttaaatg ttgtttctct tttttttttt ctctctctct     57120
     ggattaattt accttttcat tattgccaaa atgagagtaa ggtacacagc tagctgaaat     57180
     aaaaaaaatc aaacctatag aagtgagaaa acaacattaa ataaaatgga gacaaattct     57240
     ttaatgagca aaaattccta aagtatctat gggtgtcaat taacggcaca ttccccatgg     57300
     aaaagacttc ttgtgcaaac tatagacagg tgaccttgct gtcaatccca ggtaacatat     57360
     ggatgaaaca tctgtgagca cgtagaaaaa ctgaatagca ctgagaaaca ctttcatcca     57420
     gtacaagtca agtcaaacca caatacttcc tttttttgag cacagaactg gtaaaagcca     57480
     caggcctaga tatttgaaat ccagttccaa tacataaaca cacaaaacta tcaaaccagg     57540
     aggactgaag ttaactttaa aaacatatga cctgttcaag tattaacagc ttctccaaat     57600
     tttctgtttg atgttactgt agcctggtga tagcatctca ttctgccttt catcttaatg     57660
     ttcaatattt caaaagcaca gccctagtgt ttgtttctct taatgtgtaa cttctaatgc     57720
     tgtgtgatat cacctttata aaaaacaact ccacctggca ataaacatta gaacatttag     57780
     atatatattt agtaattctt tttaatctca tcattctgaa tgtctaaaat aatcatgcat     57840
     acaggcaatc caaaatcttc aactgtctgc ttcagctctg cttttccttc tcttagcaaa     57900
     tctatatctt ttagtaaaag aaggctttga gcatgaattt tcttgtttca atctgtaaaa     57960
     agcattaatt ttggctggct ctggtggctc acgcttgtaa tctcagcatt ttgggaggct     58020
     gaggcaggta ggtcatgaca tcaggagttt aagattagcc tggccaagat ggtaaaactc     58080
     catctctact aaaaatacaa aacttagctg ggtgttgtgg cagatgccta taatcccagc     58140
     tactcaagag gttgaggaag ggaattgctt gaacttgaca ggcagaattt gcagtgagcc     58200
     aagattatgc cactgcattc cactgggtgg cagagcaaga tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa     58260
     aaaaaggcat taagttttag gcagcaagtt aatgaaaaca taacaaattt aaataaatat     58320
     agtgcttcct aaattccaaa aaccaatata cagaaattga gaataacaag tttaccttca     58380
     aattattcca actcagctgg gcacggtgat tcactcctgt aatcctagcc ctttgggagg     58440
     ctaaaacagg ccgatcacct gaggtcaaaa cttgagacta gcctggccaa tatcgtgaaa     58500
     ccacatttct acaaaaatta caaaaattaa ctggatacag tggtgggcac ctctaatcct     58560
     agctacttgg gaggctgaaa caggacaatc acttgaaact gggaggcaga tgttgcagtg     58620
     gccacggtag tgccattgca ctccagcctg ggcaaaagat taaaactgca tctcaaaaaa     58680
     aaaagaaaaa aaatccactt caatgtattc ctcaactatc tattccagct tcataaatat     58740
     ttagtctctc aatttctgtt aaactacatt tccatatatt ttaacacccc ttgtgtaatt     58800
     tatgctattt aattaacata tttcagtccc ttgtgtaatt ttttggggag actgggttct     58860
     gctctgttgc ccaggtttgg atccagtgtt gtgatttcgg ataactgcaa actctgcctc     58920
     ccagactcaa gggatcctcc catctcagct ttctaggtag ctgagactaa aaacacacac     58980
     caccaagttc agctaatttt tttgtagtga tggtgttttg ccatactgcc caggctggtg     59040
     gtgtaccgct gggctcaaat gagatcacca tctcagcccc tcaaagtgct aaaactacag     59100
     gtatgagcca ccatacctgg tccccttaac taaaatctgg taagttcttc agggaaaaaa     59160
     ataaataaaa tgtacattta gaaataaaac tccaaaataa taaaatcccc atcatttttt     59220
     gtgatggtgc tttctgaatg ttttagttca tgagtcattg tgactcagag ttagcaagct     59280
     catatgaacc agtaaatgaa taagccaacc ttccacttat gtcttcacag agcagaaatt     59340
     tattaactat gtatcatata tcaagcagca tactgggaat ggatataaaa atgtagacag     59400
     atacagtcct cctctctgaa gacctcacag tatagtcagg gagaaacaat caaactaaga     59460
     taggataatt ttataactga ggtaataatg actgcatgta ggaatgagcc ataaatgagc     59520
     tgctcagtgg gagtcagaga aggcatcaca acagtgacat ccaagctggg ccttgaatga     59580
     cactatggtt ttatcaagga gaggaggaga ttgacattcc aggtgaggaa acacagtcat     59640
     gttgggtttt atgagaatga gaatcttcct caaaggcttc agatactcta atttgaataa     59700
     acagaattct agtcagtcac ctatcttgaa gatgaagtta ttagtctaaa tacaatgtaa     59760
     tcacctcaaa tatctatgca tccaatattc aattttatag ctgaagaaag ccttattccc     59820
     agaaatgcta tagaaaattt tagagtgggt gcccttagca ttaaacaact atgtctcatt     59880
     gagaagcttc aagcaagtgt gggcactagg gggaatcttt tctactttta acatctagca     59940
     gcagctgttt tagatgtatg tttgaaatac tgctgtaaat accgtcacgt ctaagacaca     60000
     cacttggaaa aggaataaga tatcttaaag gagcagccaa cataaactcc ctgccactcc     60060
     tcatcatctt aatctccttt gcagttactt tcccagtgat gagatcaaat ggccacatgg     60120
     atgacccttg gggccctggt gactccctca ccccagggat ctttactctt gcgcattttc     60180
     atgtctccat ccaatgtcag cccactgcct ttgatttcca gtctccacct gatacctcac     60240
     tctgcaaatc tgcactcctg gatgatcttt attcttccac ctgccaatct ctccagatct     60300
     agttcttgat cactgagact gccgcccaaa cctccctttt cccctaggtt accagccact     60360
     tgccatcttc tctgcttacc ttcactacac aggagaacca cagaatctcc aattaaatag     60420
     gctgcatttc tcaaggaaaa tgaagtatgc tctgcaaagc tccacttccc gcgtatctcc     60480
     atctttccac cctcactgaa aggggcagca gagagagacc cttaaaattc cttcccagag     60540
     gtagaacaga aaactcacct acaaacatgt ggttttgtct ctctcaattc ctggttaccc     60600
     taaccacagc tgggccatca gtacaggtaa tcggtgcact ctcctttaaa aagctgttct     60660
     taccttatcc ataagagcta ctctgcacct ccaagttgct cctgaaaccc ttgatctgtc     60720
     tccttaattt gcctgagaag atgaagcatc tttatagctg aagcaaccac tatttccaga     60780
     aatgctatag aaaattttag agtgagcgga attatgtttc tcataattcc aacttgactg     60840
     gtcacctctt caattcttgt ctctccacca gcctcaaagg acacaaattg gtgtagcctt     60900
     ctcaaggccc atcattcttt ttttttgcac tcttcgccaa tgtccctact gctcttcagg     60960
     ggccttgttc catcatttga aacatctcat tcctggatct tgagtcaatc cagtaatagc     61020
     tgtagaaaat agccattcag taaatttttt tctaaataca acttcttggt gcttttgatt     61080
     tctctcaagg atactctttt ctcaaggaat gaaggcttca gattctgctt gacaagcttt     61140
     ctcaaaactt cagaacatag ctaattctgt ctcatactct tatcacttcc atgaaaaatt     61200
     caactgcaaa tttattacaa aaaaataaaa gctccaatcg ttatactata agaacagtaa     61260
     cagattctct ctctacagct aggctctaca ttaatgttct gtccaaatac gttatattta     61320
     tttaatctat agttttatat catttactgt atttgtagaa ttcaatccaa aggcataaac     61380
     aaatctcatc agaaaaaatt gatttgcaca acactgaagt actccatttt ttaataaaag     61440
     ttccaagtat tttttaatat acctaagatt aagtctttag atgacaaaaa catgactctt     61500
     gttaactgca acatgataca gattaccttt tgacacattt ctgccagaag ttgcttttct     61560
     atttctctct tatattcatt tagctttgtt tctaaagact caaactttgt attctaaggg     61620
     taagcaactg tcagttgatc atcaataagc tgaaggttgt cagctattaa aaagtaacac     61680
     ataaaattag gacacagaag catgatcagg tgtgtaagag gtcagatttc tggttcaaaa     61740
     gtaaagagta tagttagggg aaagcatacg tgtcatcaat ttactttgaa atataaaaaa     61800
     aaagtaagat agatgaatag atggacagat aaaaatgatg aagtatatat aatacaaatg     61860
     taatagtgaa atttaggtgg taggtatgta agtgttgact agaattgttt caacttttct     61920
     atgtgttgaa aatactcagg catttaccaa catccaccac acgcagatta tttatttatt     61980
     tatttattca ttcatttatt ttgtggagac agggtcttcc tatgttgcct gcctcagctg     62040
     atctcaaact catggcttca agtgatcctc ctgcctgggc tgggatcaca agaatgagca     62100
     gctttgtctg gtaatagctt ttaagaataa atcttcaaga agtccttccc aagcatgata     62160
     caaaacctgg aaacaataag gagaaatatt catcaatctc actacataaa atttaaaaat     62220
     ttacatgtgg cataaaatag aaaaacatac actcaaaaat tagttgcagt aatatggagg     62280
     cataagcagg actaaagtta caacattgta atatcgttaa agagctctta caaatcagtt     62340
     aaaagaaaag aaaacaaaac tgaaaaatgt gaaaaaaatg gacagattgt agaaaaaata     62400
     aaatgtcaaa caaagataac caagattatc agatgttgaa taaacatgaa caaaatcata     62460
     aatgcaaatt aataaagcga agaaaccatt attttcccta taacaccatt aagattaaac     62520
     ttttgataat gctaatgttg ggaatggagt ggaagtatag ctgtgctcat tcacttggga     62580
     gaggaatgtg tcagtgctta catatattca aaatgcagta atctattcat tccaattcca     62640
     tgaattcaca cagctgtact tttacaagca cacagagcgt gcacactgca tactggttgc     62700
     ctctattgga aaaaagcata caataagaca actcaatctc cattaatagg gggttaaata     62760
     tttactttaa aaataatgag tctcaatata ctgctacaga tagatatatt ggttgataga     62820
     aaaagcaaat tgccaaaagg atctataata taattttatt tgattgtgtg ttttaattag     62880
     aaatacatag agttttaaac tccatcaatt ctgcaaaaat aaccaagaaa caaaattatt     62940
     aaaattgtag ttatcagttg agagtcagat tagaaaacat gggcacaaat tgctagtttg     63000
     ctttcacttt atatccttcc aaataatctg aaactttgct ttaaacgaga agcgtaaatt     63060
     atttttgaaa tttttagttt cttgaaacta aaaacattag tcgctcagca cctcatcccc     63120
     atccccatcc tcttcagtga gtggattaca gttagattgt tttgacacag tctgcattct     63180
     atccagggat cagcagacca acatttgcaa acactaatgt ttattcttgg tgatgtaaaa     63240
     ctttatgggt ttgacagtag gtcttttcat tctcttaaca gtgtcttcca cagagatgtt     63300
     ttaatttcaa ttaagtctaa ctcaattttt ttcttttatg tatcttgctt ttggtgttat     63360
     atcacatcat gaaacttagg atcacataga ctttctcttg tttttatttg gaaattttat     63420
     agttttgcaa tttacattta gatttatggt tcatttccat gcacatgaat attcaattat     63480
     ttcagagcca catattcaaa agactatctt tcctctattg aattgccttt gaaccattgt     63540
     taaaaaaaat taattgacaa tatttgtgtg aatctatttc tggattctct atatctgttc     63600
     ccattgatgt atgtgtctat tcttttgcca attatagata aggattttaa ctttcagaaa     63660
     gcaaagtgtc agtgtccaaa ttttctttct tcatccaaaa tttgtgcata tcattgtctg     63720
     tgtatctttg gctgtcaaac gaaatattaa gagggggaag aacgggtgac tagagtctag     63780
     gaggaaagta ctgttagtat ctacagctta gcatctcctg agtgtagata tactaaaata     63840
     ggataagatc acaggtctct gactcagggg gcagaagaca gttcagtaca atatatcttc     63900
     ctataagttt tctgttgttt aattagaagc cattgctttt taaaatgatt ttaatttacc     63960
     agaagttatt ttattgttag ctaagggttc tatccaaatt ttgccactag gatgactagc     64020
     actactcatc atttttctga cttccagaaa ttttactggg atgctaggta aagctggtaa     64080
     gggttgtcac ccagatatct ttctgaatga gatggatgta aagagactct gtaaagatag     64140
     aaagactatt tctaaagata atgtaatata gtaaatgtat agattctttc ctgttagggg     64200
     gctcagtcag tctgggggga aaaatattaa agataattat agtaatagcc acaaaccatc     64260
     ttggaaggcc agagactttg cataacctca gtaatagata cggttgaagg tgactttctt     64320
     tacctttagt taaataaatt aaagtactga caaaggaatg tggggaggtt atgcagctag     64380
     cttgtttact catgtggtct gaagactaac ctttgaggta ccctgggtgc ttaagtgctt     64440
     agggaagtcc gcaatgtcag tgttgcccca gtgatgttga ctcaagtctt tgtcaattaa     64500
     tctttactga taagtgtgag tttcacttgc tggtcagggc cactgttgcc actgtttaca     64560
     aaactctact ggagtctgta agtggctcag acactcagct tcagctggac tggcaaagca     64620
     gaatatttat gtttcagtgt actttattca tccgttgcgg gttcaggggt ctgcaaggga     64680
     cagaccccca aagttggtgc cacagcatga gaagtgtgag aagtgttacc acagtttctc     64740
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc     64800
     cttcctccct ccctccctcc ctctctctct ctctctcttt atttccttgg tggggagtaa     64860
     aatggcacct agctaggtca cccaggctgg agtgcagtca catgatctca gctcactgca     64920
     aatatcccct cccaggttca agtgattatc ttgcctcagc ctctagcata gctgggataa     64980
     aaggcacttg ccaccacacc tcgcaaattt ttgaatttgt agtagagatg gggtttcact     65040
     gtgttggcca tgctgatttc taactccagg ccttcagtgt tcctcctgct tcagcctccc     65100
     aaagtcctgc atgaggcact tttcctgccc catagattgt tctgtaatat ctccttttct     65160
     tttgaagtaa aaattaagca atagctacta actatatacc tttgaattat gctgttcatt     65220
     gtgatagtca ataagcacat ggagctaatt aaatataaat taaaaattga attattcagt     65280
     tacactagct actgttcaat tgctcaatag tcgcatgaga ctagcagcta ccacattaaa     65340
     cagtatagat aaagacattt ccgccatcac aaagagttac agtggatggt gcttatatat     65400
     aacagaagtt atattacaca ttactgaaca catattttct tctttaatga catattaata     65460
     cagttaatac tctatcaatt gtacttgaga ggcataccta gtatacaaag acacttggcc     65520
     taaaagtcag atttttgaag ttttttttgg tttgtttttt gttttttttt aagaagtgtt     65580
     cccaatagtg gatattttta caaacagtat ctttcagtgt gtctgtaggg cccttgatac     65640
     cgtctgaagt tttcttattt gactatctga aagttattac aaaaatgaaa acatgggaat     65700
     aatgacctgc agaacaggtg aactattgtt taaaaagtaa gatatggtca gcaaggaaaa     65760
     acatgtaatt taaatctaat taaatttctt actcttctcc ctcaaaatta gctttattac     65820
     tttataagga aaagtacata gaaaaacctt gctatagttt acaaatatgt aggctcctat     65880
     atttttggtt ttctttatca gatcctgaga cctgttaaaa ggaaatagtt tacctttata     65940
     aagctattca gttataatta acaaaccgaa gtagattata taaactaagt aatcttacca     66000
     gtgatttcta gaaactggga gtagggtgaa ttttatagag tgcaatcaat cctgcatatt     66060
     aaatacctta agaaaataaa atgttactaa ttagacacag ttttatagca atgtttaaat     66120
     gatacgttat aatatattta tgaataagag attaagaaaa ttccttcaga aaagataaga     66180
     ttacaactat gctaacaaag caaaatacaa gctctttctt acactattag ataaattaca     66240
     aaaagtttga gttaaaataa taaaatttct ttcttgatca tgtaattaat ctctaagtgt     66300
     tttacatcaa atgttattca attacaactt tttaaaagta gtatttaaaa atgtaaataa     66360
     actaaatttt cactgtcctt acaatcatga ctaaagtgca cttaaaattc tgttaaacag     66420
     atattttggg caagcattta tacatatttc tgctacagta tatatcaata attatgtcta     66480
     ctctaagaac atgaatatgt tttcaactgg atttccttta aagaaaatat tttacattgt     66540
     tattttatgt tagcagaaac catttagttg tttgagtggg attaattcct gttataagaa     66600
     ttttacaatt gctaagtaca cgataagtag aagtatataa ttattagaaa gttagagaaa     66660
     gatatatcaa aaaagaattc cagacaaggc acagtgtctc acagttgtaa ttacagcact     66720
     tgggcagcct aagaggggag atgacatgag ctccggattg aaaacaacac tgcccaccaa     66780
     gagtaaccca gactctatca aaaaaaaaaa aaattagcag aatgtggtgg tgtgtgccag     66840
     taatcccagc tgcttgaaag gttgcagtag cata                                 66874