EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC064829; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 89684 BP.
AC   AC064829;
DT   26-APR-2000 (Rel. 63, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 15)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-375P13 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-89684
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-89684
RA   Heyen J., Maupin R., O'Rourke K.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-375P13";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-89684
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-APR-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-89684
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-89684
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-MAY-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; f8affa8c0e05b714c49e5ae14b256abd.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000279435; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000279664; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC064829.6:1-89684; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000623558; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000624507; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000624593; homo_sapiens.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A096LNM0; A0A096LNM0_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A096LP79; A0A096LP79_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A096LPC9; A0A096LPC9_HUMAN.
CC   On Oct 19, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:9910087.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0375P13
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-17E15; the clone sequenced
CC   to the right is RP11-418M8, 200 bp overlap.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 90586 of RP11-17E15; actual end is at
CC   base position 1757 of RP11-418M8.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..89684
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-375P13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    2401..2649
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA884105 (NID:g2993635) am36e03.s1"
FT   repeat_region   8170..8255
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   9641..9806
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    11783..12221
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA461577 (NID:g2185441) zx51b02.r1"
FT   repeat_region   12041..12599
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    18033..18414
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA969211 (NID:g3144391) op51d12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   18313..18699
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    21325..21476
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA884105 (NID:g2993635) am36e03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    21705..21785
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA884105 (NID:g2993635) am36e03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    22353..22495
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA620621 (NID:g2524560) af84b10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   23205..23573
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    24235..24654
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI147341 (NID:g3675023) qg63g10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    24383..24841
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW181908 (NID:g6450368) xj68c06.x1"
FT   repeat_region   25409..25638
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   27658..28114
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    28208..28377
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI418589 (NID:g4264520) tg37c10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    28510..28585
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI418589 (NID:g4264520) tg37c10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    28791..28855
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI418589 (NID:g4264520) tg37c10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   29673..30130
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   30131..31803
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   35945..36388
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   37072..37322
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   40659..40971
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41057..41194
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   43334..43730
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    43684..43800
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA620621 (NID:g2524560) af84b10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   44927..45317
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    45842..46316
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI142349 (NID:g3658708) qg63g10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    46077..46377
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA629277 (NID:g2541664) zu77h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   47326..47792
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    48719..48802
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA620621 (NID:g2524560) af84b10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    50695..50806
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA629277 (NID:g2541664) zu77h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   55308..55464
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   56589..57077
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   59057..59203
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    62428..62606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL079772 (NID:g5435348)"
FT   repeat_region   63172..63344
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   64785..65190
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   69149..69270
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    69459..69560
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI024985 (NID:g3240598) ov39d12.x1"
FT   repeat_region   69744..70035
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    70746..71098
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA984545 (NID:g3163070) am88e06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   71410..71721
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71729..71863
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72080..72141
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    72404..72491
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW514248 (NID:g7152254) hd24d04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    74847..74967
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI024985 (NID:g3240598) ov39d12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW514248 (NID:g7152254) hd24d04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   74890..74978
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    76795..77280
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA936316 (NID:g3094234) on70d04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    77847..78094
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI024985 (NID:g3240598) ov39d12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    77858..78283
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW103851 (NID:g6074586) xd76d05.x1"
FT   repeat_region   79519..79624
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   80198..80486
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    81216..81466
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW514248 (NID:g7152254) hd24d04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   84468..84573
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    84475..84831
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL079772 (NID:g5435348)"
FT   repeat_region   85062..85326
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   87545..87831
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
SQ   Sequence 89684 BP; 23791 A; 20398 C; 20366 G; 25129 T; 0 other;
     gaattcagtt ccctgctgag cacatgcttc atgttttgag ggggcactcc tgcatcatct        60
     tgggatttca tcctgggaca tacagtgtga gaagcagtaa ggtcagatag aggtgagaat       120
     acaatctggt gaggggtgga tggggtccca caagttcacc tgcaaaaaaa atggaaacag       180
     atgacacaga agttgcttct aattccatcc ctgcatttcc ttaattgcac aagcagtcca       240
     caacatggtc tagtgttcag gtgggagtac tccaacgtcc aattaacatt tgcagtgcaa       300
     attggggcca tcctggcaaa ctcttgattt gagggctttc atacccagaa ccaaaaggga       360
     gcagaatgga ttgatgccgg gtgggatttc atctccacac tttccacttc tttttcttac       420
     ttccatattc ttcatcagcc tagggtttcc tgggtctggc tcaatgactt ccacactaaa       480
     catttctcag tttacagaga acaatcttta tgggaatcca ttgtgggaat gtttccttct       540
     aaacactgtt aagtttcaat gactgagcag ctttgatact tttaaaaccg taaattccca       600
     ttagagcctc caccaaggaa actcttgttc tcctacttct atggcagaac tgcatgattc       660
     ctgtagcata agaagcaggc cactgtgtct ggattttgcc tggtaaccta ggctctgttt       720
     cattgcatct gcacatacat tctcatggtg ctggggtctt tcattgagct gatgcttgtt       780
     gggatttcct cttgccacag gtctttttgc tgtcagggat ttcagagacc aaaaatgact       840
     tcaagaggct ggttgtcatc cagattgtga atgatggcct cattgtgggg actgaggttg       900
     tttgcacatt gaaggatgtt tttgtctgat ctgacaggat ctttgaacat ttctggcact       960
     ccagcacaag ttaactcttt cttacaggtt agccttaatt tttgtttttc tttaatgagg      1020
     ggttcacatt gtcccaccac atcattactg gacattttca ggcttgaaat tgccacagac      1080
     agtctctgca acactgtctc aacctctttt gcacccatga gaggcccatt tgaggtgtga      1140
     gaacactgct ccaccttgga tttgctttta tcatggtttc taccattttc agagagatcc      1200
     tgtgaggtcc atgatgaagg gaggccgtgc agccaagggt atgaccttct ttttctgatt      1260
     tcacctctga gttctcaagt ataattccat cacccaaaga cccctcaaca actcatcagg      1320
     ctacatttca atccctatgc gacccgattc ttgcacacag agcctttcag aagtggagtc      1380
     agaagagcag ttgccagtga ccacctcaca gtctcaaaac ccatcctcct ccagcaagac      1440
     ctgatcatgg atatagccca aagaggccat aggtttgaga catctaggat cctgcagtgg      1500
     gttatcgcag gcaccgattt tccttatgcc atgccggctc tgcctgtggc agtctcccct      1560
     gcttaggcag gcagacagct ctgacctgtg gtcacccaag cctgtcagca aaatgcgcat      1620
     tcactaatct cagggcacca gacctgacct gtaatctctg accaccatca cagcaaatgc      1680
     caccattgcc tagcaacagg tccctgtgtc ttggcggaga aggcaacttt cgtggagatg      1740
     cgttggcagt ggactgtcgc ctgtcttctc tgcaggattc tctggatagt ctcatagttc      1800
     caggaaaggg tagacctgag acagcctgga ggaacatcaa tcggagacac aggaataaac      1860
     cacaagatcc ctaaggatct aaaaagatgt gcagatgctt caggcctgcc tagatgctgt      1920
     aggggtgact catattgaaa cttgccttac tggtatttct agatacaact cacctgtgtt      1980
     ccccggggtt gctttctccc aggtgggtct tcctgcataa ccacacagtc ccagaagcca      2040
     ccggctgtgt gtttctgtgg cagtgttttg tgagtgttgg atgtctgcat gtgggtgtgc      2100
     ctttgtatgt ttgtgtatgt gtctgtgtgt acctttaaat ggagtctgct gaaaggaatg      2160
     tagttaaccc actgtaacac ttcttttttt gttttgtttt tctggtctcc caaccttttt      2220
     gtggcctatc tctgtggctc tgctttggct tcagggctcc gtgtccttta tttttctctg      2280
     gatagtgaat ttgaagtgag ttgtgaggct gcctgagaaa ttctgtggtc taaatcatct      2340
     ccccctgcca aaaaaaaaaa agccaccctt ctagaaagaa aagaaccaca cccctcccaa      2400
     taacagacat ctcccattgt ttcagtgtcc tgtagccaac agagtgagag acactagcag      2460
     tcctgtctgc agggcccctt gaatttacct tgaattcggt tcccagctga gcaggtgctt      2520
     cacgttttaa tggtgcactc ctccatcatc ttgggatttc cttgcagaac agagagtatg      2580
     agcagcaata aagtcagaga gggtgtggat acagtcttgt gaggggtgta tagggtcccg      2640
     caacttcacc tgaaaacaaa ttaaagtcag atgacacaga cagtgcctcc aactgcatca      2700
     ccatattgca gtaattgcac aaggactcca caccgtggcc cagagttcag gttgtagtac      2760
     tccacctaca gggaacattg ctgtgcaaac tggggccata cagatcaact tccaatttca      2820
     gggctttcat acctggagcc aaatgggagc tggatgtatt gatgctaggt gtgatgtggc      2880
     ctccacactt gcctcttctt ttccagactt taatgcaatt cgttgtccta gggtttcctg      2940
     agggtgactc catgtcttcc atactaaaag tttccaagtt catggagaaa gaccctcatg      3000
     ggattccatt gcatgagtat tttcttctaa atactgtcat gttttaatga ctggtcagct      3060
     gtcatattta taaaagcata aattctggtt acagccatca acaaggaaac accttttctc      3120
     acacttctat cagacagctg cgtgattcct gtaggaggag aagcaggcag ctctgtctga      3180
     atttgcccga taatcttggg tcttttcact tgcttgaaca tcttttctca ttgtggaata      3240
     aatctttcac tgggctcttg catggtgaga cttcatctca ccatagatct tttggctgct      3300
     acaaatttca gagaacagaa aggactttgg gaagagcggc tttgctgcag attgtgggtc      3360
     gtggtctcat tgtggtctca gggtgtgttt gccctttgca agagggtttc tggtcctctg      3420
     acaggaatat attaacattg ctgggactcc agcaaaagtc agctcattct ctcagtggag      3480
     ccttgatttt catttgcttt catcaagggt ccacattgtc cctcaacagc actactggac      3540
     acccttttct ggcttgcaat tgccacagaa gtcctctgag acacagtctc aacatcatca      3600
     gcacccatga gaggccagcc cgaggtgcga gaacattgct ccatcttgga ttttcttttg      3660
     ctgtttttcc tgcctttccc tgagagttcc agtgaggccc agaatgaagg gaagcattga      3720
     gatcaaggat caggccatct ttcactgaga cttgcctctg gggtctcaga tataattcca      3780
     tcacccaaag acccacctac aacacaccag actatactcc aatccccatg ggaccagatt      3840
     ctggcacata gcctctttca ggaatggagt cagaaaagca gttttcagcg accaccttac      3900
     aatcttgaaa tgccttctcc tacagtggga cccgacacga aggggcccca aggtcaagat      3960
     atttagggta ccacaatggc ttattgtagt cagactgttt tacaatacca ggcctgctct      4020
     gcctgtacta ttctcctctg cataggcagg atgaaagctg acatccaggt gcctgaacct      4080
     gcgttgtgaa tgtgcatgtg ctagtctcag ggcaccagaa ctcagctgtg agctctggca      4140
     agcatcacaa tgaatgccac tgttacccac agacaattcc ctgtggcttg ataaagaaga      4200
     cttctatagc ggtgcattga tgatgaattc tcgcttttgt tctttgtgga ctcctcagga      4260
     tagtctcatg atcctaggaa agggaagaga tcagccagcc tgaagaaatg tcaaacagag      4320
     ccccagaaat aaatggtgaa atccctaagg ttccaaaatg atctgcagga tacctcaggc      4380
     ctgccttgat ttagtagggg tgtctttttg aaaattgccc cactgtaatt tctatgtaca      4440
     gcccacctct gttccctggg tttgctatct cccacctggg gtttcctgca gaaccatgca      4500
     gcctcagcag gtgccaggct ccgtgttttt ctgggagtgt tggatgtctg tgtgtgtttg      4560
     tggctttatg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg catgcctgta aggaagtctg cttaaagaga      4620
     tgtggctaac atactgcagc actttttttt tgtcacccta cattttggtg gtctgcgtgg      4680
     ctcttcttag gctgtgtggt tctgtgttct ttacttttct gtggctcaag cattcacagt      4740
     taattgggac acgagttgag acccaaaagg ttcaaaataa cctcccctgc aacaaaaacc      4800
     actcttctag agataagagg aacacaccac atccaagaac agatatctcc caatgtttca      4860
     ttgtcctgca gtgaacccag gaagagacac tagcagtcct gttagcaggg actcttgaat      4920
     ttacttcaaa ttcagttccc agttgagcag gtgcttcatg tcatgagggt tactcctgaa      4980
     acatcttgaa atttcactct ggattagagt gtgagcagaa ataagttcag acaggggtga      5040
     ggatacagtc tggtgtgtgg atgccaacta gcgtattcac ctgcaaaaag tgaagatcca      5100
     ttacacacaa ggtgctctca actgcattcc ctcattccct taattgcaga agcagtgaac      5160
     accatggcct ggtgttcatg tgggagtact tcaaaatgca tggcaccttt ggaattgcaa      5220
     actgtgacca tccttgcaaa ctcttgatat gagggctttc aaaccctcag ccaaatagga      5280
     gaagaatgga ttgatgctgg atgggatgtg gccttcacac ttacctcttc ttttcctgac      5340
     ttctatgttc ctcattggtc tagggtttcc tgaagctggt tccatgtctt tcacactaaa      5400
     tgtttcccac ttcatggagg acaaccctca tggggatcaa ttgcatcata aacactgtca      5460
     cattttaatg actggtcagc tgtcataatt ttaacagagt aaattcccat tacagccacc      5520
     aaaaaggaaa tgtttattca cccacttcta ttgaagggca gcataattcc tgtagaatga      5580
     gaagcaggca gctgtgcctt gtaatctagg ctctgtttca ttttatcctt tgtcaatgtt      5640
     cagagtgtct ttcattaggc tgttgcagga tgggacttct tcttgccaca gatcgtttca      5700
     ttgccagaaa tttcagggtg caaaatggac tttgaatagg cttgctgcac tccagtttgt      5760
     ggttagaggt ctcagtgtgg aagctgaggt tgttttcact ttgaaggagg cttttgagta      5820
     ctctgacagg aattttggaa tgctgccagg actccagcac aaatcagctt attctcttag      5880
     gtaagccttg atctttcatt tcatccactg tatccctcaa gagcaccact ggaaaccctc      5940
     ttctggatgg aaataaccac agagggcatt tgagacattg tctaaacttc atctgcacac      6000
     ttgagaggac tttttgaagt gcaaaaatac tgatccacca tggaactgcc tttgtcagtg      6060
     ttcctgtctt tcccagagag ctgctgtgag gcccagaatg aagggaggca gtgaggctaa      6120
     ggtcatggcc aactttcact agcacttgcc tctggggtct aaggtgtaat tccatcacca      6180
     aaagacccct caaaaactca ccagactata ttccaatccc caagggaccc aattattgtg      6240
     cacactttct ttaagtaatg gagtcagaag agtagtttcc agtgaacacc tcagaggctg      6300
     gaaatgcctc ttcctccagt gggacctgac cacagagata tcctgaatgt ggccctaagg      6360
     tcaagacttt tagggtcccg cagtgggtta tcacaagtaa cattttcctg ataccagacc      6420
     ggttcatgaa tgtgcatgcc cttgtctcag ggaacaagaa ctgttctgtg agctctgcat      6480
     agagtcgcaa tgaatggcac tgttgcctag agacaaatgc ctgcagcttg gcagagaaag      6540
     agacctccgt ggaggggcat cggaagtgga cacccccccc cttcttctct ctgaaatcca      6600
     caagacagtc ccatgatcct aggaggaagc agacatgaaa cagccttaaa aaacgtcatg      6660
     cagagcccca gaaattaacc acaaaataac tatgcatccc aaaagatccg cacaatgcct      6720
     caggcttgtc ttgattatgc agggatgagt ttttttgaaa cttgtgctgc tgtgatttct      6780
     aggtatagtc cacctgtgtt tcccagggtt gccctatctc aggagcttcc tgcagcacca      6840
     cacagcctca gaaattgcca agatatgtgt ttctgtggga ttgcagtaaa tcttggatgt      6900
     ctgtgtgtat gcgtccttgt atgtctgtgt gtttttctct gtgtgtgtat gcctgcatct      6960
     ggattcctct taaagaaatg tggctaacgc atatcagtgc ttcatttttt taaaactctt      7020
     tcaaactttt ggtggcctat catgaatcac cttcctgtcc aaaggagcca ctcttctaga      7080
     aagaagaaga gcacaccaca ccaaaaaaca gatctccctg tgtttcattg ctctgcccct      7140
     aacccaggga gagacactag cagtcctgtc cacagggccc tttgaattta cctcgaatta      7200
     cgttcccagc tgagcaggtg ctttatgtta taagggagaa ctcctccatc atcttggaat      7260
     tttatcctgg gtcatacagt gtgagcagaa gtaaggtcat ataggggtga ggatacaatc      7320
     tgatgagggg tggatggagt cctgcaactt cacctgcaaa tgaaattaag acagatgaca      7380
     cagaatgtgc ttccaactga atcccacatt cccttaattg cacgagcagt ctgcacaata      7440
     gtccggcgtt caatttggag tattccaaca ttcaaggaac agttggaatg taaattgggg      7500
     ccttcctggc aaacttttga tttgaggatt ttcatagctg acaccaaatg ggagtggaaa      7560
     ggattgattc tgggtgtgat atggcctcca cacttgcctc ttctttttct gatttccatg      7620
     ttttttgttt gcctagggtt tccttggttt ggcttaacca attacacact aaacctttcc      7680
     cagtgcactg aggatgaccc tgatgagaat ccattgcatg agtttttcct tctgaatacc      7740
     attatgtttt aattaatggg cagctttgat acttttaaaa ccataaattc ttgttacagc      7800
     agccaacaag taacctcaac aacacaccag acaataagcc aatacctatg gaacaagatt      7860
     cttgcacaca gcgtctttca ggaatggagt cagaagaaca gtttccagtg atcacttcac      7920
     catctcaaaa cacttcagat tccagtggga tctgacccca gagacaaccc gaagggaccc      7980
     taagtttgag acatttaggg tcctgcagtg tgttatctca gacagcattt ttcccaacag      8040
     caagctgtct gaatctctac cattttcctc tgcaggcagg ctggcagctc tgacagtcag      8100
     gcacaggagg ctacctcgtg aatacacatt tccaagtctc agggcatgag gcctgagatt      8160
     tgagcactgg ctagcatcac aatcaatgcc acttttgcct aacgacaagt ccctgcatgt      8220
     ttggggaaaa ggggacctcc atgaaggtgc atatggtgca gactcctgcc tgtcttctct      8280
     ctgggatcct cgagatggtc ccgtggtcct aggagacatc agacttgaac cagcctgaaa      8340
     aaatatcaag cagagcttca ggaacaaagt gcaaaatttc caaacatcca aaagcatctg      8400
     caggatgcct tagtcatgcc ttgattttgt agggttgggt cttttgaaac ctaccacatt      8460
     gtgatttcca ggtacagccc acctgtgtta cccaggtttg ccatctttca ggtgaagctt      8520
     cctgtagaac tacagaatct cagaagctgc cttgctatgt gattctgatg gagtgttgca      8580
     ggtgctggat gtctgtgtga gtgtatggct tgtgtgtttg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      8640
     gctgtaagtg gagtctgctt aaagcaatgt ggctaatgca ctacggaact tcctattttt      8700
     gaatcttcca acctttttgt ggccagtcag tgtttgctct gctttggctg cagggttgat      8760
     gttctttgtt tttctgtgga ttataaattc atagtaaatt gggacactgg ctgagacacg      8820
     ctggtgttca aatcacaccc ccctcccata aaaacaaaat aaaagccact cttctagaaa      8880
     gaagaggagc acatgacacc ccaaaccagg gagagatatt aacactcaat tccacagagc      8940
     cccttgaatt tatctgaaat tcgtttccca gtcaagcagg tgcttcacgt catcatgagg      9000
     catgcctcca tcatctagtg atttcattct gggacacata gtgtgagcag caataaggtc      9060
     agatggggtg aagatacaat ctgatggggg taaattgact cctgcacgtt ctcctgcatt      9120
     aaaggtgaag agagatgaca cagaagttgc ttccaagtgg atccctgcat tcctttaatt      9180
     gcacactgtc cacatcatgg cctgatgttc gggtggaagt tctacaaagt gcagggaaca      9240
     tttggagttc aaactgtggc catcctggca aacaccagat ttgagagctt tcaaaccccg      9300
     atccaaatag gagtgcgatg tattgatgat gggtgtgatg ttccctacat aattgcctct      9360
     tcttttcctg atttccatgt tccttatcag cctagggttt gctgcgtctg gctccacgtc      9420
     ttctacacta agcaatttat agttcatgga agatgaccct catgggaatc cattgcatga      9480
     gtgtttcctt ctaaacacag tcatgtttta atgactgagc agctttgata cttttaaaag      9540
     catgaattct ttttacagcc accaacaaag taactctggt tctcccactt ttaacagagg      9600
     gctgcatgat tcccttagag tgagaaccaa gcagcagtgt ctgacttttg cctggtaatc      9660
     taggctctgt ttcatttcat ctgcgcatcc tttctcattg tggagagaat ctttcatggg      9720
     gctcttgctg gatggggctg cctctcacca cacatctttg gctgccaggg atttaagagc      9780
     aaatgagact ttgggtaatc tagctgcact ccttgttgtt ggtcttcatc tagttgtggg      9840
     atctgttgtt tgcactttgt aggaggcttt tggtgcctca gccaggaatc tttgaacatt      9900
     gcctggactc tagcacaatt cagctcatta tctcaggtga actttacttt cttttttttt      9960
     ttctttcatg ggaggttcag agtccccctc gacaacacta ctggtcactc tttttctgct     10020
     tgcaataaac acagatggtc tctgggacac tgtcttaata tcatctgcac tcttgagagg     10080
     ccaattagag gtgtgagaac actgctttac cttgcacttg cctttgccat ggttcctgcc     10140
     tttcccagag agctccagtg aggcccagga taaagggagg caatgaggac aaggtccctg     10200
     ccaaactttg gtgaacctgc ctctggggtc tcaggtatga ttccattacc aaaaggcccc     10260
     tcaacaactc actagactat ataccaatcc ccatgggaac tgattcctcc acacagcctc     10320
     tttccgaaat ggggtcagaa gagcagtttc cactgacaac ctcagagtct caaaatacct     10380
     catgctccag tgtgacctga atacagagag ggcctgaatg ggccctaaga tggagacttt     10440
     tagggttcca cagaggatta tcacagccag cctttctcct gataccattc ttgctctgct     10500
     tgcaccattt tcctttcctt aggcaagctg acaactctaa catctgggcc ccggagcctg     10560
     cctcccgatt gtgcatgagc tagtcttagg gcacaaggcc tgacctgtga gctctggcta     10620
     gcatcacaat aatggccctg ttgcctaatg gcatgtccct gtggcttggc agagaaggag     10680
     acctctctgg ctttgcatca atggtagacc ttcacctgtc ttctctatgg aatacagggg     10740
     acattcctat tatcctggga gatggcagac atgatccagc ctgaagaaac atctagcaga     10800
     gccccaggaa taaataatga aatccctaat gattcaaaat aatcttcggg atgcctcagc     10860
     cctcctagat gttgtagcag tttgaatctt tttgaaactt gccacacgtg atttctaggt     10920
     acagcctgtc tgtgttccca ggggtccctc tctctctggt ggggttttct gcagaaccac     10980
     acaactttag aaacttctgg gctgtgtgtt tctgtaggag tgttgtaagt attggatttc     11040
     tgtgtgtgtg tggcattgtg tacttgtgtg tgtgtgcatg tgtgtttgcc tgtaggtgga     11100
     gtctacttaa aggaatgtgg ctaatgcact gcagcacttt ttttcttttg agtctcccaa     11160
     ctttgttggc ctgcctgtgt ggctctcctg agaatgcaag cctccctctt ctttatttct     11220
     ctgtgactta tgaatccaca gtgaattagg aggctggctg aaacccacga agggccaagt     11280
     caacttctcc ctgcaaacaa atccactctt ctagaaatag gaggagcaca ccacatgcta     11340
     gaacagacat ctcccagtgt tttattttgt ggccaacaca gggaaagaca ccagaagtcc     11400
     tttctgcaag gacccttgaa attacctcaa atttgattac cagatgagca gattcttcaa     11460
     gtcttgaggg ggcactcctc catcgtcttg agttttcatc ctggggcaga gagtgtgatc     11520
     agcaataagg aacagtgaga ggtgagatta ctctctgtgg tggattcggt cctgcgactt     11580
     cacatgcaaa aagggaaaga ctgataacac aaaaggtgct tccaattgca tacccacatt     11640
     cccttaattg cacaaacagt gcatacaatg gcccggtgtt caggtgaaag tactccaaca     11700
     tgcaggaaac atttgtagtg caaacttggg tgatcatggc aaactcttgg tttgagggat     11760
     ttcataccct gaagcaaatg ggaatgggat gggatgggtt gatgcagggt gggatgtggc     11820
     ctccacactt gcttcttctt tttctggctt ccatgttcct cacgggccta gggttacctg     11880
     gttcaggctc aatgtcttcc atactaaacg tttcccagtt cacggaggat ggccttcatg     11940
     gaaatccact gtgcgagtgt tttgttgtaa acattgtcat gttttaatga ctgggcagat     12000
     gtgatatttt taaaattaca aattcccatt acagctgcca acaaggaaac tcttgttctc     12060
     ctgcttctat cagagggctg catgattcct gaaggatgag aagcaggcca ccaagtttgg     12120
     cttttccctg ataatcatgg ctctgttgca ttccatctgc atgtcctctg tctttgtggt     12180
     ggggatcttt cattgggctg ttgctggatg ggactgcctc tcatcacaca tcttttggta     12240
     ccagggattt cagagagcaa aacgatgtca agtaggctgg gagcactcca tgttctgggt     12300
     ggttatctcc ttgtgggggc tgaggttacc tgcactttgc tggaggcttt tgggtcctct     12360
     gatagaaatc tttaaatgtt gcttggattc cagcacaagt cagctcattc tctcaggtga     12420
     gccttgattt tcctttcctt tcatggcagt ccacagtgcc cctcaacagc actactggac     12480
     acaattttca ggcttgcaat cagcacagac agcctctgag acagtctcaa ccttatgtgc     12540
     acccacaaaa acccagtttg aggtttgaga acactgctcc acatcagact gcctttgtca     12600
     tggttcctgg ctttcacaga gagtccctgt gagacccagt ttgaagggag gcactgaggc     12660
     caagggcctg gccttctttc actgacaccc acctctgggg tctcaggtat aattgcctca     12720
     accaaagacc catcatcaac tcagcaaact atattccaat cttcatgggt ctgattcttg     12780
     cataaaacct ctcttgggaa tcaagtcaga agagcagttt ccagtgaaga ccttaaaatc     12840
     ttgaaacacc tcccacttca gcaggactga gcttggagac atcgtgaagg ggcccaaaag     12900
     ttgagtcttg cagtgaggtg tcgcaagcag cctttttcct gatatcaggc cagctctgcc     12960
     tgtaacatat tcctcttctt aggcaggatg acagttctga cagctgggcc cctgagcctg     13020
     ctaacaaatg cacatgtact agtttgagga cacctggcct gagaagtgag ttctggctat     13080
     cttcaccata aatgccaact tgcctagtga caagtctctg ctgcttggca cagatggcag     13140
     ccttcttgaa ggggcaacag tggggaactc tttcctgtct tccttgtggg attcacggga     13200
     tagtctgatg atcccagaga gggcagtcat gagccagcct ggagaaacct caaacacagc     13260
     cccagaaata aaccacaaaa tctctaagga cccagaagga tctgccagat gccacaggcc     13320
     ttcctagatg tcatagcggt gacttctttt gaaacttgcc ccactgtgat tttaagatac     13380
     agcccacatg tgttccctgg ggttgctctc tccaaaatga ggcatcctgc agaaccacac     13440
     agcctcagaa cctgctagac tgtgtgtttc tgtgggagta ttttgagtgt tggatgtctg     13500
     cgtgtgtatg tggctttgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcc tgtaagtgga     13560
     ccctgcttaa aaatatgccg ttattgcact gtagcttttt ttttttcgag tttcacaccc     13620
     ttttggttgt ctgtctgtgt ggctcttctt gggatgtggg gatccttgtt catcattttt     13680
     tctgcggatt atgaatctgc agtgaattgg aaggctgact gaacatgcca gggtccaaat     13740
     cacctcctct tgcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ccactcttct agaagaaaaa gagcacacca     13800
     aactcaagaa cagacatctc ccaatgtttc attgtcctgt ggccaaccag ggagagacac     13860
     tagcagtctt gtccacaggg ccccttgaat ttacctcaaa ttaggtttcc agttgggcag     13920
     gagcttcata tcatgagggg gcacacctcc atcatcttcg ggttttattc tgggaaagag     13980
     agggtgagca acattgaggt cagataggag tcaggataca atctgatgag gggtgtatcg     14040
     gttcccgcac tctcacctgc aaaaaagttg acagatgtca gagaagttgt ttgaaaccaa     14100
     aggatctgca ggatgactcc ggcctgccta gacactgtca ggttgatttt ttttttggaa     14160
     actaaacaca ctgtgattac taggtacagc ctgcctatgt cctccagggt tgctctcccc     14220
     aaatgggagt ttgtgcagaa ccacgccgcc tcagatgttt ctgggcactg tgtttctgtt     14280
     ggtgatttgc aagtgtggga tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtggc tttgcgggtt tttttctgtg     14340
     tgtgtttgtc tgtgtgcctg taagtggagc ctgcttaaag aatgtggcta atgcactgca     14400
     gagcctcttc ttcttttttt ttttcttttt tttttgagtg tcccaacgat tctgtggcct     14460
     gtatgtgtgg ctgtgcttgg gctgtggggc tagtgttatt tatttttctg tggatcatga     14520
     atcttcagca aactggtagg ctggctgaga ctgccaaggt ccaaatcacc tcccatagaa     14580
     aaaaaaatcc actcttctag aaagaagagg agcatatcac acccaagaac agagatctcc     14640
     cagtgtttcc ttgtctggca gcaaaagcac agcaagacac tagcagtcct gtccccaagg     14700
     ctccttgaat ttacctcaaa ttctgtgccc agccaaacag gtgcttcaag ttgtgaggtg     14760
     ccactcctcc atcgtcttgt gatttgattg tgggacagag ggtgtgagca gcaataaggc     14820
     cagatagggg tgagaatgca atctggtgag gggtaaattg ggttctgcac cttcacctga     14880
     agaaaaggtg aagacaaatg acatagaagg gaaactgcat caccaaattc ccttcattgc     14940
     acaagtagtc cacaccatgg cccattgttc aggagggagt gtttcaacgt gcagggaata     15000
     tttggggtgc aaacgggtgc tgtcatggaa aactccagat ttgagggctt tcatacctgg     15060
     agcctaatgg gagtgaggtg gattgatgct ggatgggatg tggcctctac acttgctgaa     15120
     tcttttactg acttctatgt tcctcatcgg cctagggttt cctgggtctt gctcaatctt     15180
     ttccacacta aatgttttgg gaagtgtggt tcacgcatga tgaccctcaa ggatatacat     15240
     gctgtgagtg tttccttcta aacactgtca cgttttaatg actgggtaac agtgatacct     15300
     ttaaaaccat gaattcctgt tacacctgcc aacaatgaaa ctcattttct cccacttcta     15360
     ttgaagagct gcataatttc tccaggatgg aagcagggag cagtggctgt cttttgcttg     15420
     gtactagggt ctgtttcatt tcatctgcac attccttatc attgttgaag ggggtcttta     15480
     attgggctgt tgctggttga aactgcctct tgccacaaaa acttttcact accagggatc     15540
     tcagagagca aaagggactt caggtaggct ggctgcacac caggttgtgg gtgattgtca     15600
     cattctgggg gctgaggttg ttttcaatct gcaggaagtt ttgggtttcc tgataggaat     15660
     cactgaagat tgcttggaca ccagcacaag acagctcgtt ctctcaggca agctttgatt     15720
     tttctttgct ctcatgggaa atccacagtg cccctcaaca acactactgg tcacagtttt     15780
     caggcttgcc atagccaaag acagtcctga gacaccgtct caacctcatc tgcacctgtg     15840
     agaggccaat cagaggtgtg agaacactgc tccaccgtgg acttgccttt gtcgtggtcc     15900
     ctgtcttttg cagagagccc ctgtgaggcc caggaagaag ggaggcagtg aggtcaagag     15960
     cctggcaatc tttcattgac accctcgtct ggggtctcag gtatgatgct atcacccaaa     16020
     gaaccctcga aaacacacca cacactattc caatcagcaa taagtaagaa tcaccagata     16080
     atattccaat ctgcaatccg taagaaacat gcgattctta cacacagctt cttttggaaa     16140
     tggagtcgga aaagcagttg ccagcgacca aaaggacagt ctcgaaacac gtccttctcc     16200
     agtgggaccc aactacaaat acagctccaa ggggccctga ggtcgagact tttagggtcc     16260
     cgcagttggt tctcgcaggc aggcttttac ccgataccaa accggctctg agtataccgc     16320
     cttcctttgc ttaggcaggc tgacagctct gacagactgg agcacgagcc tgcctcacga     16380
     atgcgcatgc actagtctca gggaaccagt cttgattatc agcactgcct agactcgtaa     16440
     agattgtctc ttttgcctag cgacaatttc ctgcggcttg gcagagaaag agacctctgt     16500
     ggaggtgcgt cagtggtgga ctctcacctg ttggatgcag gggatagtcc catcatccta     16560
     ggtgagcgca gacgtgagcc agcctgaaga aacggcagcc atagcctcag gaataaaccg     16620
     caatatccct aatgatccaa aaagatctgc aggatttctc aggcctgcct acacatcgta     16680
     gcggtgagtg tttatgaaac ttgcacctct gttattttca ggtacaaccc gagtgtgttc     16740
     tccatggttg ctctctccaa gttggggatt cctgcagaac taggcagcct caggagctgc     16800
     tgggctgtgt gtttctgtgg cgatgttgtg agtgttgaat gtctgcgtgt gtgtggcatt     16860
     gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgc ttgtaagtgg agtctgctta aaggaatatg gctaactcga     16920
     ttcagagctt cttctttctc ttcttcctct tcttcttctt cctcttcttc ttcctcttcc     16980
     tcttcttcct cctcctcctc ttcttcttct tcctcttctt cttcctcttt ctattcttct     17040
     tcctcctcct cttcttcttc ttctttcttc tttcttcttc tgcttcttct gcttctgctt     17100
     ctgctcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc     17160
     ctcttttctt cttcttcttc tccttctcct tctccttctc tttcttcttc ttcttctttt     17220
     gagtctgaaa accttttggt ggcctgtctg tgtggctctg cttgggatgt gggactccat     17280
     tttttttggt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt tctatggatc ataaatctac agtgaattgg     17340
     aatgccagct gaggcctgtc agtgtctaaa tcactttccc tcgcaaaaac agccactgtt     17400
     ttagaaagga gaacaccaca tcaataaaga ggcattccct agtgttttat tgtcttgcag     17460
     acaacccaaa gagagacact agcagtcttg tcctcagggc cccttgaatt tcctcaaatt     17520
     ctgttcccag ctgaacaggt gcttcattgt gtgagggggc actcctccgt catcttggga     17580
     tttcatcctg ggatagagag tgtgagaaga aataaggtga gatatggacg ggggtacaat     17640
     ctgatgaggc atggataggg tccacttcac ctgtaaaata catgaagata gatgacatag     17700
     aaggtgcttc caaatccatt cccacattta cttaattgaa caagccatcc cacatcatgg     17760
     ctcagtgttc aggcaggaat actccaatgt ccaattatca tttggagtgc aaacttgtgg     17820
     catcctatca aactcccgat ttgagcactt ccatacctgt aactaaatga agtggaatgc     17880
     attgatgatc ggtgggatgt ggcctacaca cttgcctctc cttttcatga ctttcgtgtt     17940
     cctcattggc ctagggtttc ctaagtggct acgtgacacc cacgctgaaa gttttccagt     18000
     taacaaagaa gtcccctcaa aggcattcat gatgtgagtg tttctctata aacactgtca     18060
     cgttttaatg actgggcagc tttgatacat ttaataccat aaattcccat tacagccaca     18120
     acaaagaaac ttttgttctt ccacttctat taaagggctg catgattcct gtaagataag     18180
     aagcagtcag acatgtctat cttttttctg gtaatctagc ctctgtttca tttcatctgt     18240
     atggccttct catattgcag gggctctctc attgagctgt tgcttgatgg tactgcctct     18300
     cgtcatagat tatttagctg ccagggattt cagaaagcaa aagggacttt gggtaggcta     18360
     gctgggcttc atgttgtggg tcatcgtctc attgttaggg gtgagattgt ttgcacttta     18420
     caggagacta ttgggtcctc tgacaggaat cattgaacac tgcttggact ccagcacaag     18480
     gcagatcctt ctctcaggtg agcctttatt tttgcttgct tttacgggga atcaacagtg     18540
     cccttcaaca gcattactgg aaaacttttt caggcttgcc atctgcacag acagcctctg     18600
     agacactctc aacctcattt gctcatgtga gaagccagtc ctaggtgtga gaacagtgct     18660
     cccccttgac ttgccttgcc gttgtttctc tctttcccca agaacccctg caaggcccaa     18720
     catgaagcga ggtagtgaag tcaaaagtcc agctatcttt ggctggaacc tgcctcttgg     18780
     gcctcaggta taattctatc acccaaagaa ccctcaacaa cacaccagac tgtatgccaa     18840
     tccccatggg accagatact tgcacacaat atcttcaggg aatggagtca gaagagcagt     18900
     ttccagagac cacctcacat tctcaaaatg cttttcctac agagaaacct gaccacaaag     18960
     aaggcctgaa ggggccctgt ggtccagact tttagagtcc tgctgtggga tttctcaggc     19020
     agcctttttc cagataccag gctggctctg cctgtactct tttcctctgc ttaggaaagc     19080
     caacagctgt gacagactgg ctcctgtgcc tgcctcaagg atgtgcatgt tctagtctca     19140
     ggtcatcagg cctgattata agctttgcct agagtcacta taaatgtcac tgctgcctag     19200
     cgacaagttc ttatggcttg gcatagaagg aagtctccgt ggaggtgtgt aggtggtgca     19260
     atctcactgt cttctctgtg agatccaagg gatcatccca tgatcctcag agagggcaga     19320
     catgagccag cctgaagaaa gttcaagcat agtcccagga ataaactgca aaatccataa     19380
     ggattcaaca ctttctgcag gattcctcag acttgtctag atgttgtatg ggtgagactt     19440
     tttgaaactt gccccacttt gatttctagg tagagcccgc ctgttttccc catctgtttt     19500
     ccctggtgtt gcactctttc aggttcttcc tgcagagcca tgcagcctca agagctgcca     19560
     ggctgtgtgt ttctttgaga gtgttgcaag ttttggatgt ctgtgtgtgg ctttgtgtgt     19620
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gactgcaagt ggagtctgct taaaaatatg     19680
     taactaacgc attgcagagt ttcttttttt ggtctcacaa ctttctggtg gccggtgtgg     19740
     ctctgcttgg gctgtgggga tccgtgttca ttatttttct gtgaatcatg aacatttagt     19800
     caattgggag gcaggctcag acatactaag gtccaaatca cctacttttg ccaaaaaaaa     19860
     acccactctt ctggaagaag ggaaacatat cacacccagg aacagccatc tctcagtatt     19920
     ttatactcct gccaccaacc caaagagaga cactaccagt cctgtctgca aggccccttg     19980
     aatttatctc gatttttttt tgcccaccga ggaggtgctt cacttcgtga gtggacactt     20040
     ttccattgtc tttggatttc attttgggat agagagtgtg agcagaaata aggtcaagta     20100
     gcaatgagga taaaatctgg tgaggggtgg atggtgtcca gaatattcac ctgcaaaaaa     20160
     tgtgaagaag atgactctga aggtgattcc aacagcatcc ccacatttcc tttattgcac     20220
     aagctgtcca catcattgcc tgctgttcag gtagaaatac tccaaagtgc agggaacaca     20280
     tgaagtgcaa actggagaca tcctggctaa cttacaattt gaggggtttc atactcagag     20340
     acaaatgaga gtgagattga ttgatacatt atgaaatgtg gtctgcacac ttacctcttt     20400
     tttttcctaa cttccaactt atttatttat ttttttcggc ctcaggttta ctgtttctga     20460
     ctcaaccttt tccatgctaa atatttatga gttcaagaag gtgaccctca agaaaatcca     20520
     ctgcctgtgt gattccttct aaatacttta tcattttaat gactgggcag ctgtgataat     20580
     ttcaaaactg taaattccat tacagttgcc aacaagccaa ctcttcttct ccagctttca     20640
     tggcagtcct gcatgtttcc tgtaggatga gaatcaggca gctgtgtctg tcatttgcct     20700
     agtaatctag gttctatttc attgcatctg cgtattcttt ctcattgtgg agggtatctt     20760
     tcattaagct gttgctggat gaggctgcct cttgccatag ttctgtaggc taccagggat     20820
     ttcaggaagc aaaagggact ttgggcaggc tggctgcact ccagtttgtg ggtcatattc     20880
     tcattgtggt tctgaggttg tttgcagttt ccaggagtct ttagggtcct ctgacaggaa     20940
     actttgaacg ttgcttcgac tccaacacaa gtcttctgtt tctcttatgt gagccttgat     21000
     tttttttttt tttgcttccg tggggcatcc acaatgtccc tcaatagcaa tactggacag     21060
     gcttttcagg tgtgccatca ccacagatgg cttctgagtc actgtctcaa cctcatctgt     21120
     gcccattgga ggccagttcg aggtgtgaga ataatgctgc aatttggacg tgtctttgtc     21180
     atgattcctc cctttcccag aaagctcatg caaggcctag gatgaaggga ggcagtgagg     21240
     ttaagggcct ggccatcttt cactggcact tgcttctggg gtctcaggat gacactataa     21300
     cccaaagacc cctgcgcaat tcaccagact acattctgtt ccccatggga cccgattctt     21360
     gcacagggcc tctataggga atacagtcag aaaagcagtt tccagctacc atttcacaat     21420
     cttgaaacac aacctcctct agtgggaact gaccacggag actgcctgaa gtggccctag     21480
     ggtcaagact ttaaggttcc agcagtgggc tatcacagtc agccattctc ctgataccag     21540
     gccagctctg cctgtaccat ttttctctac ttaggcaggc tgacagctct gatggatagg     21600
     tgctggagcc tgctcctgaa tgtgtatgta ccagtctcag aacaccaggc ctgagctgtg     21660
     agctctcact agcatcacaa tgaatgtcac cattgcctag cgacaagtct ctgtggtctg     21720
     gcagagaagg agacttccct ggtgatgcgt cagcggtgga ctctcgcctg tcttctctgt     21780
     gggatcacgg catagttcca tgatcttagt agagggcaga catgagccag cctaaagaaa     21840
     cctgcaccac tgtgatttcc aggtacagcc tacctgtata ctcaggggtt gctctctccc     21900
     agatggggct tcctacagaa acaggcagcc tcagaagctg ccaagctgtg tttttctttg     21960
     tgggttttgt gagtgttgga tgtctgtgtg tgtctgtggc tttttgcttt tgcgtgtttt     22020
     tgtgtgtgcg tgtggctgta agtggagttt gcttaaataa atgtgattaa tgcactgcag     22080
     cacatttttt taaatctccc aaccttttgg tggactgtct gtgtggctct gcttgcgctg     22140
     tggtgctctg tgttctttat tttctgttgg atcatgaatc cgcagtaaat tgggagggtg     22200
     gctgagacaa gcctggttga aattacctcc cactgaaaaa aaaacaaaca aaaaaaacaa     22260
     aaaaactatt cttctagaaa gaagaggagc atgcacatcc aataatagat gtctccctgt     22320
     atttcattgt catgccaccc agagtgagtg ccacccagag tgagacacta gcagtcctgt     22380
     ctgaagggcc ccttgaattt accttgaatt cagtttacag cagggcaggt gcttcacatc     22440
     atcatggggc actcctccat catcttggga tttcattctg tgaaagagag tatgagtatc     22500
     aacaaggtca gacaggggtt aggatacaat ctggtgaggg ataaatagag tcccacacct     22560
     tcatttgcaa aaatcatgaa gacagattac acagatggtg cttctaactg caacccagct     22620
     ttctcttaat tgcacaagca gtccacagca tggcctggtg ttcacatggg agtactatag     22680
     catggagggg ctatttgaag tgcaatctgt ggccctcctg gcaaattccc gatttgagga     22740
     ctttcatacc tcaagcaaaa tgggtgtgag atgtattgat gctgggggga atgtgccctc     22800
     cacacttgcc tcttcttttt ctgaattcca tcttcctcat cggccgatgg attcctgggt     22860
     cagtctcaac gtcttccact ctaaagttta cacagttcat ggagaacgat cctcatggga     22920
     ttccactctg cgtgtgtgtg tttccttgta gacactgtca tgttttaatg actgggcagc     22980
     tatgatatct ttaaaaacat aaattcccat tacagccgcc aacaaggaga cttattcttc     23040
     cacttctgtc agaggactgc atgattcctg taaaatgaca agcagacagc attgcctggc     23100
     ttgggatcaa agctctgact catttcatct gcctgtcact tctaattgtg gagagggtct     23160
     tccattgggc tcttgcctaa tgggactgcc tctcattaaa catctttggc tgccatggaa     23220
     ttcagggagc aaatgggatt tcaggtaggc tggctgtgtt ccaggttgtg gttgttgtct     23280
     gtgtgggggc tgtgggtgtg tgcactttgc aggaggcttt tggatcccct tccaggaatc     23340
     ttggaatgtt gcttggactc gagcacaaga cagcttgttc tctctggtga gccttgattt     23400
     ttatttgctc tcatgaaaaa gccacagtgc acctcaacag ttctactgga cgaagttttc     23460
     aggctttcaa tcaccactaa tgacctcttg agacactgtc tcaacctcat ctgcatatgt     23520
     aaaaggctag ttcaagatgt gagaacactg ctccaccttg gatttgcctt tatgatggtt     23580
     cctgtctttc caagatctct tgtgctaggg caaagatgaa gggagacagt gaggtcaagg     23640
     cttaggcatc ttttggtgac acctgcctct gggatttcag gtataattct atcacccaat     23700
     tacccctcaa caactcccaa gtctatattg caaaccacgt gggacccgat actggcacac     23760
     agcctcttta ggaaacacag tcagaagagc agtttccagc aaccacctca ccatcccaaa     23820
     acgcctcctt ccctaaaggg acccgaacat ggagacatcc tgaaggaccc ttaagattga     23880
     cattttataa tttgggagtg gattatcaca ggcagccttt ttcctgatac cagactggct     23940
     cttcctgtac catattccgc ttaggcaagc tgacagctct gactgccagg cgcctgagca     24000
     tgcatcacta atgcacatat gctagtctca gagagtgttt caagtgttgg atatctgcat     24060
     atgagtgtgg cattgtgttt ttgtgagggt gtctttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttggcctgt     24120
     aagtggagat ggattacaga aatgtggcta atacacttca gcgtttcttt ttgtgtgtct     24180
     cccagccatt tgctggcctg tttgtgtggt tttgcttgtg ctgcagtgtt ccctgttttt     24240
     tatttttctg tggatcataa atccactgtg aattgggagg gttgccgaga gccactggtg     24300
     tccaaatcat ctacacctgc aaaaaaagcc aatcttctaa aaagatgaga aacacacaac     24360
     accaaaaaaa atagacatct cccagtgttt tattgtcctg tgaccaacca agggagagag     24420
     acactagcaa tcttgtccgc agggaccctt gaatttacat agaattcaat ttccagctga     24480
     gcaggttctt catgtcatga ggtagcactt ctgcaacatc ttgtgatttc attctgggac     24540
     atagagtatg aggagcagca tgctcagatg gggtgaagat acaatctggt gaggagtggg     24600
     tggggtccca caacttcacc ttccaaaaaa aaaatgaaga cagaggacac agaaggtact     24660
     cccaactcca tgcctgcatt cccttaattg cacaagcagt ccacactgtg gctcagtttt     24720
     tagttgggag tactccaacg tacaaggaac aataggagtg caagtcaggg ccactttggc     24780
     aaactcccga tttgagggct ttcatacctg aaaacaaatg ggaatggaat tcattgattc     24840
     tttgtgggat gtggctggta cacttccctc ttattttcct gagttctatg tttctcattg     24900
     gcgtagggtt tcctgggtct ggctcaatga gttccacact aaacatttcc tagttcatgg     24960
     agaacaccct catgggaata tattaccaga gtgtttcctt ctaaacactc tcacttttta     25020
     atacctgggc agctttgata tttttaaaac tgttaattcc cattagagcc accaacaaga     25080
     aatctcttgt tctcccattt ctgttggaga gctgcatgat tcctgttgga tgagaagcag     25140
     ggaggtgtgt ctggcctttg tctggtaatg tggcctttgt ttcatttcat cttcacggac     25200
     atctcattat ggaaaatctc ttttattgga cagttgctgg atggaattgc ctgtccttac     25260
     agattattta gtctccaggg ttttcagaga gcaaaaaggg aatacaggca ggctggctgc     25320
     actccaggtt gtggtttgtt gtctccttat gggggctgag gggctttgca ctttgcagga     25380
     ggttttttaa tgttctgaca aaaattatta aatattgctt ggactccagc acagggcagc     25440
     tcattgcctc aggtgatttt gattcttctt tgctttcatg tggagtcctc ggtgcccctc     25500
     aacaacacca tgggacacca ttttcaggct ggccatttcc acagaccgtg tctgagacac     25560
     tgtcttaacc tcatcttcac ctgtgggagg ccagttcaag gagtgggaac actgctccac     25620
     tttggacttg cctttgtcat ggttcctgcc tttctcagag agcccctttg aggcccagga     25680
     tacagggagg cagtgaggac atgtacccag ccatcttttg ctgacatcca cctctagggt     25740
     cacagatatt attccatcac ccaaagaacc ctcagcaaca caccagacta tattccaatc     25800
     ctcatggggc cagattattg aaaacagtct ctttccagaa tggagtcaga agagcagttt     25860
     ccagcgacca cctcacagta tcaaaatgcc tcctcctcca gtggcacctg actaaggaga     25920
     catcatgaag atgccctgag gtccagactt ttagcgtccc actgtgagtt ttcacaggca     25980
     gccttgttcc tcataccaag tgggctctgg ctgtttcatt ttcctctgct tcagcagaat     26040
     gatggctcta aaagctgtgt gtcctaacct cccttatgaa tgtgtgtatt ctagtctcag     26100
     ggcacctggc ctgattgtga gctttgcctt gcctcataat gaatgtcacc atttcctagt     26160
     gacaagtacc tgcagcttgg tagaggagaa ttccttagat gtgagttggc ctttggctct     26220
     cgactgtctt ttttgtggga tttaagtgat tgtctcatca tcttaggaga gaacataagt     26280
     gaaacagcct gaagaaatgg caagcagagc cccaggaata aactgagaaa tccctatgga     26340
     tttaaatgga tctgtagaat tcctcaagcc tgcctaggct ttgtagggga gagtctgttt     26400
     gaaacttcca ccgctgtgat ttttaggtat agcccatatc tcttctttga ggtatctctc     26460
     tcccagttgg ggcttactga gaaactacac agcctcagga actgctgggc tttgtgtttc     26520
     tgtaggattg ttgagagtgt tggatgtctg agtgtgtgtg gcattgtgtg tttgtgtgtc     26580
     tgtctgtctg taagtgaagt ctgcttaaag aattgtggca aatgcatttc agcacccttt     26640
     ttttagtctc tcaccatttg gtggcctgtc tgtattgctc tgcttgggct gcaggctctg     26700
     tattctttat ttttctgtag gtcattaatc cacagtgaat ttgcacacat gctgaaacct     26760
     gccaccatcc caatcacctc cctatgccaa aaaataataa taataaaaaa gccagtcttc     26820
     taggaatagg agaaggacat cacaccaaaa gacaaacatt tctgtgtttt attgtgctgt     26880
     ggccaaccca gggagagaca ctagcagttc tttctgcagg gcccctttaa agggttacct     26940
     cgaattcagt tcccagcaga gcaggtgctt catgtagtga ggggtcactc ctccgtttgt     27000
     gttgagattt catcttagga catagaaaat gagcagcagt aaggtcaggt aggggtgagg     27060
     attcattctg gtgaggggtg gatgggatca agcaacctca cctgcaaaaa aaatgaagac     27120
     ccatgacact gaatgtgctt ctgaaaccac tcttgcattc ccctaattgc acaagcagtc     27180
     cactccatgg cctggcgttc agttgggaat actccaaagt ttaaggaacg tttgaagtgc     27240
     aagttggagc tttcctggca aactcctgat ttaagggctt tcatacctgg agccaaatgg     27300
     gagtaaaata ttttgatgtt gggtgaaatg tggccttcac acttgcctct tctttccctg     27360
     aattccatgt ccctcattgg gctagtgttt tctatgtctg gctcaatgac tttcaaactg     27420
     aacatttccg agttcacaaa gaatgagcct tatgggaatc cattgcgacg gtgtttaatt     27480
     ctaaacaccg tcaagtttta atgacagggc aactttgata tttttaaaac tataagttcc     27540
     cattgcagcc accaactagg aaattcctgt tctttcactt ctttcagagg gctgcattat     27600
     tcctgtaaga tgagaaacag acagcctatt ttggcttttg catggtgatc aagcctctgt     27660
     tgtatttcat ctgcaagtct tctcattagg aggggctttt tcattgtctg ctgctggatg     27720
     gaacagcctc ttgccacaga ttatttggct gccagggatt tcaaagagca caagagactt     27780
     caggtaggat ggctgctctc caggttttgg gtcattatct ccttgtgggg actgcggttg     27840
     tttgcacttt gcaggagact tttgggttct ctgacatgaa tcattgaaca ttaattggac     27900
     tgccgcacaa gacaggtctt tcacttaggt gagccttgat ttttcttttc taccatggag     27960
     aacccacagt gcctctcagc agcactacta gacacacttt tcaggcttgc catcaccaca     28020
     gacaacatct gagacccgat ttcaacctca tctgcacctg tgagaggcca gtccaagggg     28080
     gagaacactg caccactttg gacttgcctt tgtcataatt cctgtctttc ccagagagct     28140
     gctacaaggc tcaggatgaa gggaggcagt gagataaaga gcccagccat ctttcactga     28200
     cacccacctc tggggtctca ggtatggttc tatctcctaa ggaatgctca acaacgcacc     28260
     agattttatt ccaatctcca tgggacccga ttctggtaca cagtctcttt tggtaatgga     28320
     gtcagaagaa cagtttctgg gaaacacctc actgtcttga aacacctccc ctttcaggta     28380
     gatctgacca tggagacagc cagaaagggc actgaagttg agacttttag ggtccagcaa     28440
     tgggttatcc caggctgctt tattactggt atcaagtcag ttctgcctgt accatttttc     28500
     tctgcttagg ctggctgaca attctaacag ctgggcaccg gagcctgctt catgaatgct     28560
     catcagctag tctcagggca ccaggcctga atgtgggctc tgactagcat cacaatgaat     28620
     gtcaccattg tttagtgaca agtccctgta acttggtgga gaagaaaata tccgtcgagg     28680
     ttctttggca ttggacccat atttgtcttc tctttggaac ctatgccata atcccatgaa     28740
     tagaggagag ggcagaagtg agccagcctg aaaaaatgtc agtcagagcc cctgaaataa     28800
     actgtgaaat ccctaaggat ccaaaaggat tcacaggatt tctcattcct gcctagactt     28860
     tgtaggtgtg agtatttttg aaactttcca tactgtgatt tttaggtaca gcccatctgt     28920
     gtctcccgtg gttgctcttt catagttggg tcttcctaca aaaccacaga gtctcagaaa     28980
     ctgccaggct gtgtgtttct gtgggaatgt tatgagtgtt ggatgtctgt gtgtgtgtgc     29040
     tattgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcctgtaa gtgaagtctg cttaaagaaa tgtggctaac     29100
     gcacttcttg gatttttttt tctgagtatt ctaacatttt ggtggccttc ctgtgtggct     29160
     cttcttgggc tgtggggttc catgttcttt atttttctgt ggatcatgga ctgcaatgta     29220
     ttgggagggg accaagactc tcaggcctcc aaaactctgc cccatgaaaa aagaaaaaaa     29280
     agccactctt gtagaaagaa gagtagcata tcacaccaaa aaagggacat cttccagtgt     29340
     ttcattgtcc ttaggccaac ccagcaagag acactggcag ttctgtcagc aggactcctt     29400
     ggagtcacat caaattcagt ttccagctga ccaggtgctt catgtaggga gggggcactt     29460
     ctccatcatc ttgatatttc atgctgggac agagtgtaag cagcaataag gtcagatggg     29520
     gtgaggaaac aacctggtga ttggtggatg gggtcccaca acttcacctg caaaaaaaat     29580
     gaagacagat gatacaaaaa gtgcttccaa ctccatcccc acttttcctt aatggcacaa     29640
     gtagtccaca ccatggctga gtgtttaggt ggtaaggaag gagaccacct ctcttattat     29700
     ctcataactc agaataagaa agaagaagca aaagctaaag aaaggcaaaa atgagatcaa     29760
     tagtcagaca gcgcagcctc acaccccagg cctggtagtt aaaattgagt ccctgaccta     29820
     agcgcttgta ttatctatag attgcagacg ttgtatgagg aagcattgtg aaactttctc     29880
     tactgttctc ttctgttcct tcctgattat tgatgcatac caccccagtc acatacccgc     29940
     tgccagctca accaatcaca gccctttcat atgggccctt aaagttgtaa gcctttaaaa     30000
     ggggcaggaa tctctctatt ggggagctca gtttgtgaga tgcaagtctg cgatgctccc     30060
     agccaaatga agccacttct ttctttaaca tggtatctga agggttttgt ccacagcttg     30120
     ttctgctaca ttttgtgatt cccctacgtg taagtgaact gattagtgga cagtcgatgc     30180
     agcctcttag gtggcttagg cctgccctgt agagcatgct tgtgctgggc tttggccagc     30240
     ttgagaaacg gggatcctga gagtgctccc gtgtaagcaa ttaccgtagt ggaacacctt     30300
     gccagagcag tgcacagcag gcccccacag agtattgaca ctgtggctgc atgccctaag     30360
     ggaactggca cttggagtac agacatctgg aacatgataa gactggtctt gagaatttac     30420
     caactccatt tgagtgaaag cgtggcctga tcacccatgg catgacttta tcagcacttt     30480
     ggttttggtt ttgatttgga cttggcttca tttacttgat gtaatgaatt agatgtgtaa     30540
     gtgacctttg ccctttcccc cttgcagtgc aaatgttgtc ttgtctcagg agaaaaatgg     30600
     ttcagacaaa aagtaagccc accccactag gaactatgtt gaaaaatttc aagaagggat     30660
     ttaaaggaga ctatggagtt actatatcaa ggatacttag aactttgtgt gagatagact     30720
     ggccagcatt agaagtggtt tggctgtcag aaggaagcct agataggtcc cttgtttcaa     30780
     agttatagca caagataacc tgtaagccag ggcatccaga cctgtttctg tacatagaca     30840
     ctggttaagg ctggttttag aacctccaca gtagttaaga ggtcaggcag cagaagcagt     30900
     gttagtggca aagcgacata tatccaagga aggattgggc tccacctgat gagggaagtt     30960
     ggctcctaaa tttcagtctg acccaatatc agaagaccca tggcaggaaa tggcaccagt     31020
     tatggccttc ttcaccaaga agagagactg cccacagcac gtgtgcctct gcaggacaca     31080
     cacatcccta ggccacccag agtagacaaa agaagatgtg aagccacggg aggaaccccg     31140
     cctttggcag ctcatttaca acataagact ggaatacaaa ggcccctgaa ggaacagtgg     31200
     tatactgggg tagatgagca tgggcatatg gtggaaaggc atgcctctgt gtatcgacac     31260
     tttacctctg ctgatctcct aatttgaaaa agcagtaccc catcttatac tgaaaagcct     31320
     caagctttaa ttgatttgct ccaaactgtg atccagacac acaatcctac ttggactgat     31380
     tgccatcagt tgctaatata cctccttaac acagatgaaa gatgaagagt gctctagatg     31440
     gcaaccaagt ggctggagaa acgtgttctg gccaattaca aaaaccccca ggagcatgtg     31500
     gaacccaaaa taaggggaag gtatagaaag gctaaactga tataggaaag ccctcctaga     31560
     agggttaaag aagggagctc agaaggccac aaatgttaac aaagtctctg aggtcattca     31620
     aggaaaagaa gagagtctgg cataatttta tgaaaggtac tctgtgaggc ctatcatatg     31680
     tatactctct ttgattctga aagccctgaa aattagtgca tgattaacat gactctagat     31740
     agtcaaagca aagaagatat tagaaaaaaa cttcaggaac aggctgggtt tgcgagtatg     31800
     aactgtcaaa ggctgatggc ctacttctct aaacaaatag acagggtttc taaaagctgg     31860
     gcatcatgtt tgagggactt atcagtaact gccctgctgg cacaagaagc agataaacta     31920
     actcttggac aaaacatgaa cattaaggcc ccccttgctg tggtgatttt aatgaataca     31980
     aaaggacatc actggataaa gaatggtaga ctaggtacca aatcttgctc tgtgaaaatc     32040
     cccgcataac cattgaagtt tgtaacaacc tgaaccctgc caccttgctt ccagtatcag     32100
     aaagcccagt tgaggataac tgtgtgaagg tgttggactc agtttactct agaatacctg     32160
     acatgtggaa caagccttgg gcatatgtgg actaggattt gtacttggag ggtaagaatt     32220
     ttgtcaaccc acaaggagaa aggtatgcag aatatgcagt ggtgaccctg gacactgtca     32280
     tggaggccat actcttgccc caggatgctt cagcccagaa agctgagctc attgctttaa     32340
     ttcaggtctt ggaactcagt gaaggtaaga ctgtaaacat ttacactgac tctcggtgtg     32400
     acttcttatc cctccaagcg catggagcat tataaaagta aaggtcctgt taaactctga     32460
     aggaaagtac ataaaacatc agcaagaaat tgtgcaatta ttagaaacag tatggaaacc     32520
     ccaaaatgtg gcagtcatgc attgcagtag acaccaggga gcttctacca tggttgcttt     32580
     agtgaactcc agaggtgact cagaggtttg aaaatcagtc tctggccctt accagtcatc     32640
     agtctaagcc ctcctgcttc ctcaggcatc tgaccttgta cctacctatt ctaaagaaga     32700
     gaaagccttt tttcaggtga aggagggcat acagcaaaag agggatggat ctggttacca     32760
     gagggaagaa caaccatgcc acaactgcta ggagtctcat ttgaggttgc tgtgcatgaa     32820
     actacccatc taggtcagga atcacttgac aagttgttat gcaggtactt ctgtgtctca     32880
     tatttttcag cccttgccag aacggtggtg cagtgatgta ttacctgcca acagcacaat     32940
     gtgaggcagg gtccagccgt tctgcccagc atacaacttg agggagcagc cccttttgaa     33000
     gacctccagg tggacttcac aggaatgcca aagtgtggag gtaacaagta ttttctagtt     33060
     cttgtgtcta cctactcttg gtgggtagag gcttacccaa cacaaactga aaagctcatg     33120
     aagtaaccca tgtgcttctt cgagatctta ttcctagatt tgaactgccc ttatgaatca     33180
     gctcatgtca tgggctggca tttgtggctg atttcgtgca gaagacagta aacatattgg     33240
     ggatcacatg gaaactgcat gcagcctacc tacctcttag ttctggaaat gtgttacgat     33300
     tgaattggac tatgaaaaat agcttaggga atgtgtgcca ggcaacaaga ttaaaatgat     33360
     tacaggctct ccctatggta ttgtttaaga caagatgtac cccttgtaaa aggacaggat     33420
     attcccctta tgaaatgtca tatcacagaa cccctccctt attatagaga cacccaggga     33480
     cgcctcaaga tttaggtgaa attgagttag agcaacaact acaggctgta ggaaaaatta     33540
     cacaaacaat ttcagcctgg gtaaatgaaa gttgccctat tagcttattc ttccttgttc     33600
     acctcttctc cccaagtgat catgtgtgga tcaaggactg gaatgtagcc cacccacaac     33660
     tacggtggga aggaccccag accatcattt tgacgactct cacagcatga aaatagaagg     33720
     attcccagcc tggatcaatc acagtcatgt atcatctaca ttgtctgaga cctgagaggt     33780
     gagactgagc ctggtggacc cctgcaaagt gacattgaga aagatggcaa gccctgctac     33840
     agtcacaacc agaagcttac tgttgtatgc atggcaaaag aatgaggata ctcatcatgg     33900
     gatttattct ccttaaaatt tgtacttcta taataaagac tgatttttcc tgcatggagg     33960
     actgttccca gtttattcat caggttactg aggtagtaca acaagttcaa agaatctttt     34020
     tgttttatat ttattatgaa tgcctaggaa cttcaaaagg aacttgccta tataattcga     34080
     ctcagtataa agtgtgcagc ctaggaaatg actgacctga tttgtactac aacccatctg     34140
     agcctcctat gatcacagtc tttgaaataa gatgaagaac tggtccattt cttactgata     34200
     caagtaaaac aatagctaaa atagaagaaa aaggaaaccc caaacagata atcttaaatt     34260
     ttgatgcttg tgaatccatc aatagcaacc agtaaggatt aggatgtggc tctctagatt     34320
     gataaaaaag ttatacagca gacaattagt atatttgtca tgagttaggc ttatgtgaaa     34380
     aagtatggaa ttactggtct ggcatcattt gggctacctg gaaaaagaat gaaaaagatc     34440
     tggtatggct ttaaaaagga aagggtgatt cctcttgcat gaatggccac tgtaacccct     34500
     tagaagtaat aatcaccaaa ctcctagtcc cccattgaca aaagggagaa catgtaactc     34560
     tatggatcaa tggagctgaa ctggtcctcg agtaaatatt ttagtcctag gagtgttgaa     34620
     aaggcactct ctcaaaccag tgtttcagac cttgtatgat gaattgaatg tgccagtacc     34680
     agggctccca gggaagacaa agaagctgtt cctgctgtta gcagaaaatg tagcccattc     34740
     cctcaatgta cttcctgtta tgtatgtgag ttaaccactg tggaagaaca gtggtgttgg     34800
     gaaaccggag aattagtgcc cactaatcca gttcctgata ggattccagt ccagaatgcc     34860
     cacactgaca acttctggtt cttaactacc caattattag gcagtactgc atagttagag     34920
     aaggaaagaa cttcaccctc cctctgggaa ggctcatctg ccttgggcaa aaactgtata     34980
     atggcaaagt aaaaacagcc atttggtggg tttcaaacca cactgagaaa aatccattta     35040
     ataaatttcc aaagttgtaa tctatgtgga cccattcaga gactcattgg gactagactg     35100
     ccaccactag actataacgg atatgtgggc atagagccta ccccaagtta tctcaccaat     35160
     ggtcaggtag ttgtgttatc agcaccatta aaccatcttt attcctactg ctcaggaaaa     35220
     caggtgaact cctgggtttt ctggtctatg cttccttaga aaagagaagc atagctaccg     35280
     gtgattgaaa agatgatgag tggccccctg aaataatcat acagtaatat caacctgacc     35340
     cttgggcaca atatagctct ggggatgcca aacccccatt aaatgatcaa caggatcata     35400
     tagttgcaag ctgtcttaga aataatcact aataaaatca gtagagtttt gactgcttta     35460
     gctaggcagt aaatctagat gacaaatgct atttatcaaa atagattagc cctagactac     35520
     ttgctagcag ctgaaggagc agtctgtgga aaatttaacc tagtcaatgg ctgtccgcat     35580
     atagaagatc aaggaaaaat gtcaaaaata taatcagaga tatgacaaag ctggcacatg     35640
     tttttataca ggttttacat gggtttgatc ctggattagt atttggaaaa tggtatccca     35700
     gcactaggaa gatttaaaac tattgtaata agaataacaa tagaaatagg aactggcttg     35760
     ttgttctcct acttgctgcc catgctcctt caaataatga gaaagtctgt tactgacttt     35820
     gtccaccaaa gtgcttcaga acaagtatgt tacatgaatc catatcaatc tgtcttgcag     35880
     gaagacccag gtactgagga tgataagtac tcccactaat aagtgagatc ctcaaagggg     35940
     gtaataagga aagagaccac ctttcttatt gtctcataac tcagaaaaag aaagagaaag     36000
     caaaagctaa agaaaggcag aaatgagatc aatagtaaga gagtccagtg ccacagccca     36060
     ggcctgctag ttaaaaatca gcccctgacc taaacatttg tattatctat agatttcaga     36120
     ccttgtatga gaaagggatg tgaaactttc tgtgctgtcc tgattaccaa tgcatggagc     36180
     ccagccacat tgtccatgct ggcccaatct atcacgaccc tttcaagtgg gctcacttag     36240
     aggtgtaagc cttttaaagg ggcaagaaac tctctctcag gaagctcagt ttttgaaatg     36300
     caatctgccc aaactcccag cagaataaag acacttcctt atttaactag gtgtctgaag     36360
     ggttttgtct gcagctcatc ctgctacagt agaagaagta caccaatgtg caagtaatat     36420
     ttttagtgca aatagcagct aaccaggaaa actcctgatt tatgggcttt catacctgga     36480
     gtgaaatggg agtggaatgg attgatgctg tgtgggatgt ggcctccaca cttgtctctt     36540
     ctttccctgc cttccatttt cctcctcagc ctagggtttc ctgggtctgg ctcaaagact     36600
     tccacagtaa acgtttccca attcaatgag aatgactctc attgtgagtg tttctttcta     36660
     agctttgtct cgttttaatg acagggcagc tgtgatactt ataaaaccat aaaatgtcat     36720
     tagagactcc aacaaagata cttttcttct ttcacttcta ttggagggtt gcatgattct     36780
     tgtagcataa gaagctggta gccttgtcta gcatttgcct ggtaatctag cttctgtttc     36840
     atttcatatg cacagccttc taattgtgga ggtgtggttt cattgtgctg ctactggatt     36900
     ggactgcctc tcagaacaga ttaattagct gccaggtatt tcagagagca aaaagacttt     36960
     ggctaagctg gctgtggtcg aagttgttgg tcattgtttt gttgtgggaa ctgagtttgg     37020
     ttgcactttg caggaggaac tgagtttagt tacactttgc aggaggcttt agggtcttct     37080
     gtcaggaatc attgaacatt ggttggactc cagcccaagg cagctcattc tctcaggtga     37140
     gccttaattt ttccttactt tcatggggaa tccacagtgc ccttcaacag cattacttgg     37200
     catactttac tggcttgcca tcagtgcaga cagccttgga gatgctgtct caatcttata     37260
     tgcacctgtg agaggccagt ccaaggtgtg aaaacactgc tccacattga acttcccttt     37320
     gttgtgattc ctgccttttc cagacagcac ctctgaggcc ctggatgaag gaaggcagta     37380
     acaacagcag tcctgccatc tttcatttac acccaccttt ggggtcttac ctatgtttct     37440
     atcagtgaaa gaaccctcaa aaacacacca gactatattc caattcccgt gggactcaat     37500
     tcttgcacag agtatctttc cagaatgaag tcagaggagc agtttccagc agccacctca     37560
     caatctcaaa atgcctcctc ctccatcgga aactgaccac ggagacaaca gaaggggtca     37620
     tgaggttgag acttttatgg ctccactctg agttttcata gggagccttt ctcccaatac     37680
     cagacaagca ctgcctgtat gatttttctc tgcttaggca tgctgacagg tcagagagct     37740
     ggctctagag tcggcatcag gaatgcacct gccctagtct cagggcacca ggcttgattg     37800
     tgagctgttg cctagcaaca agtccctgtg gctcgctgga tgagacctcc gtggagatgc     37860
     atcagtggtg gactcttatc tgtcttctct gtgggatcca caatatagtc ccatgatttt     37920
     aggaaagggg agatgtaagc cagcctaagg aaaggtcaag catagcccca ggaataaatc     37980
     aagaaatacc taagaatcca aaaagatctg cagggttcct caggtctgcc tacaatttgt     38040
     agtggtgagc ctttttgcaa cttgcccaac tgtgattact aggtacagca cacgagtgta     38100
     accaggtgat gctctctcct aggtggggct tcctgtagaa ttatgcagtc tctggaactg     38160
     ctgaactgtg tgtttctgtg caagtgttgt gaatgttgga tgtctgcttg tatgtgtgag     38220
     tgtgtgtgtg tacgcatgcc tgtaagtgaa gtctgcttaa aggaaggtgg ctaacacacc     38280
     agcacttctt ttgttttttg agtctcccaa ccttttggtg tcctgtctgt gtggctcagc     38340
     tttggttaag gggctctgtg ttccttattt ttctgtggat catgaatcca cagtgaatac     38400
     agaggctggc tgagacccgc agtcagccaa aacaccttcc actgaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa     38460
     gaaaaagaaa aagaaaaaaa agccagtctt ctgaaaagaa gactagcaca ctacacacac     38520
     acacacacac acacagacac acacacataa aaaataaata aataagacat ctcccagtgt     38580
     ttcactgtcc tgcagccaac caaggaagag acatgagcag tcctgtcccc agggcctttt     38640
     gaatttaact tgaattctgt tgcaactgag caggtgcttc atgtcatgag agggtaatcc     38700
     cccatcatct tgggatttca tcatgagatg tagagtagga gcagcaatag gtcagataga     38760
     ggtgaggaca caatgtggtg aggggtggat gctgtaccac aacttcacct acaaaaaaaa     38820
     taaagacaga tgatacagaa ggtgcttcca actccatttt cacattccct taattaaaca     38880
     attagtctac accatgggcc tagtgttcag gtgggaggac tccaacatgc aaggagcatt     38940
     tctagtgcaa actggggcca tccaggcaaa ctcctgattt gagggctttc acacctggag     39000
     ccaaatagga gtggaatcaa ttgatgctgg ttgggatgtg gcctccaaac ttgcctcttc     39060
     ttttcttgac ttccatgttc cttgttggtc tagtgtttcc tgggtctggc tcaatgactt     39120
     ccacactaaa cgtttcccag ttcatggctt acaaacctct tcagaataca ttccatgatt     39180
     gttttcttgt aaaaactctc aaattgtaat gattgggaaa ttatgatact tttaaaagca     39240
     taaattctca ttaacagtac caacaaggaa agttattatt ttgcttctat cggagggctg     39300
     catgattcct gtagaatgag aagcaggcag caaagtctgg cttttgcctg gtaatatagt     39360
     ctctgtttta tttcatctgc atggctctct tattttggag ggtctttttc attggtctgt     39420
     tgctgtatga aactgcctct cactacagat aatttagctt ccaggtattt cagagaacaa     39480
     aacagacttc atctgggctg gctgcactcc aggttgtggg ccattgtttc attgtggggg     39540
     ataaggcggt ttgcacttta catgaggcta ttgaatcttc tgacaggaat cattgactat     39600
     tgcttggact ccagcacaag gcagcttctt ctctcaggct agccttgatt tcttttcttt     39660
     tcttttttct ttttttcaga gtctcctaac ctttgggtga cctgtgtttc tctacttaag     39720
     ctgtggaact ctgtgttctt tatttttctg tgagtcatga atctgcagtt aattgggagg     39780
     ctggctgaga cataccactg tccaaatcac atctccctgt aaaaaaagag agagaaaaaa     39840
     agccactctt ttagaaagaa gataagcatg tcacacccaa gaacttacat ctctctgtgt     39900
     ttcattgctc tgtggcaaat ccagggagag acaatagcag tcctgtttgc aaagaccctt     39960
     aaatttacct aaattcagtt cccatgcaag caggtccttc acatcatgaa ggggatctcc     40020
     tccatcgcct tgtgttttca ttgtgggaca taaagtgtga gcagcaataa ggtcagatgg     40080
     ggtaaggata caatctggtg agggtaggtg tagtcccaca cattaaactg taaataaggt     40140
     gaagacagct gattcagaag gttcttccaa ctgcattcct gcattccctt gatttcacaa     40200
     gtaaccacac catggctcgg tgttcatgag gaagtactcc aacatgcagg gaacgtttgg     40260
     agtgcaaact ggggccatcc tagctaactc ccgatttcag ggctttcatt cctggagcca     40320
     gatgggagtg ggatggactg atgctcggtg ggatgtggta tccacacttt cctcttcttt     40380
     tcttgacttc catgttcttt gtcagcctac ggtatcctgg gtttcactca acaactttca     40440
     cactaaatgt ttcccacttc ctggaggttg acacccaggg gaatcaattg tgtgagtgtt     40500
     tccttttaaa cactgtcatg ttttagtgac tgggaagctt tgatttttta aaagcaaaaa     40560
     ttcccattaa agccaccaac agggaaactc ttgttctcca acttatttat ttattttatt     40620
     tttatattat tttattttat tttatttatt ttattttatt tttattttat tttattttat     40680
     ttttttgaga caaagtctca atctgttgcc cagactggag tgcagtggca tgatctcagc     40740
     tcactgcaag ctctgcttcc tgggtttagg ccattcttct tcctcagccc cccgagtagc     40800
     tgggactgct agcacccagc accatgcttg gctaattttt ttgtattttt tggtagagac     40860
     aagggttcat cctggtgtta tccaggatgt tcttgatctc ctgacctcat gatccactca     40920
     cttctgcctc ccaaagtgct ggaattacaa ccatgagcca ccgtgcctgg cccctgttct     40980
     cccacttcta ttgaaagact gcttgattcc tgcaggatga gaagcagcga accctgtctg     41040
     gatttgcctg aaaatcaagg cttatttcac ttcatcttca tgtcctttct cattgtggag     41100
     gggctctttc attaagcttt tgttggacag gagttccccc atcaacagtt cttttggctg     41160
     ccagggattt caggtagcaa aagggaccat gggtaggttg tctgttctcc cagtggtgtg     41220
     ttgtgaactt attgtggtgg ttcaggttgt ttgcactttg cagaagattt ctgggtcctg     41280
     tagcatgaat ctttgaatgt ttctgggact ccaggacaat tcagtttgtt ctcataggtg     41340
     agccttgact tttctttgtt ttcatgtagg ttcctaattg caccatgaca gcatttctga     41400
     catctttttc aggctttcaa tcaccacaga tggcttctgc aacactatgt ccatctcttc     41460
     tgcacacgtc agagacaagt ttgaggtatg ggaacactgc tccacctagc acttgcattt     41520
     gtcatggttt ccgccatttc cagagagccc gtgtgaggcc aaggatgaag ggaggcagtg     41580
     aggtcaaggg tatgtccatg atattttgac actcacctct agggtctcag gtatgattac     41640
     atcactcaaa gaccctttca acaactcact agactgcatt ccaatcccca ctggacccaa     41700
     ttcctgcact cagccccttt caggaatgga gtcagaaaag tagtttccag tgaccacctc     41760
     acagtctcaa aagtcctctt cctgcagcag aatctgacca cagagacagt tttaaaagtc     41820
     cctaaagttt agaaatatag ggtaccacag tgggtaactg caggcagcct cttcccaaat     41880
     acctagccac ctctacctgt tcctctttcc ttagcttagt caggcagaca gctcttatag     41940
     ctgggcacac aaacctgact cctgaatgca cacacagtaa tctcagggaa ccaagcctca     42000
     gctgtgagtt ctggctagcc tcataatgca tgccaccatt gcctaatgac aagtccctgt     42060
     ttggcagagg agaccttcgt ggaggtgcat cggtggtata ctcttgcctg tcttctctgt     42120
     gggatccatg ggagagtccc atgatcctag aagcaggcag acttgagcca tcctcaagaa     42180
     atttcaagca tagccccagg aataaaccat gaaagcccta agggtccaaa aggatctgcg     42240
     gaatgactct tgggctggct tgatattgga gagatgagtc tttctgaaac ttgcccctct     42300
     gtgatttcta ggtacagccc gcctgtgctc ccaaggattg ttctctccca gatcgtgctt     42360
     cctgcagaac cacacagcct gagaaactgc tgggctgcgt gtttctgtga atgtttcaag     42420
     tgttgaattt ctgcatgtgg gtgtggattt gtgtttctgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgc     42480
     ttgtaagtgg agtctgctta aagaaatgtg gataacccac tgcagctctt tttttttttg     42540
     agtctttcaa tcctttggtg gcctgtccac atggctccac tttggctgcg tggctccatg     42600
     ttctttattt ttctgtggat cataaatttg cagtcaattg ggaggctggc tgagacatgc     42660
     cgtggttcaa atcacctctt cctgcaaaaa aagccacttt tctagaaagc agaggagaac     42720
     accacaccca agaacagaca tctcccagag tttcactagc ctgtggacaa cccagggaaa     42780
     gacactggca gtgttttcct cagatcccct cacatttacc ctgaatttgg ttcccagcca     42840
     agcaggtgct tcacatcatc aggggacatt cttttatggt cttgggattt cattctagca     42900
     caaagaatat gagaagcaat gaggtcagat aggggtgaga agacaatctt tcactgatgc     42960
     ccacctctgg ggtgtcaggt atgattctat cacccaaaga cccctcctca actaaccaga     43020
     ctacattcca atcaccatgg gacccaatcc ttgtacacaa tctctttggg aaatggagtc     43080
     agaagagcag ttatccatga ccacctcata gtcttgaaat gcctcctcct tcagcaggac     43140
     ccaaacacaa agatggcctg tgtggcccta aggtcaaaac atttagggtt ttgcagtggg     43200
     taattgcagg cagcctacct cccaacacca gggtggctct gcctgtacca ttttcctctg     43260
     cttaggtaag ctgacaactc tgacagccag gctcttgagt ttgcccacaa ataggcatga     43320
     tctggactca gggcaccagg catgaatgtg agctcttgct aacatcacaa tgaatgtcac     43380
     cgttgcctag cgacaagtcc ctggggcttg gcagaaaaga tatttgtgga ggtgcttcag     43440
     cggcggactc ttacctgtct tctctgtgag atccatggca tagtcccatt actcgaggag     43500
     agggcagatg tgagccagcc agaagaaatg ttaagcaaag ccctaggaat aaaccgcaaa     43560
     attcccagag atccaaaagg atctgcagga tttatcaggc atgcctatac gttctagggg     43620
     tgagtctttt tgaaagttgc cccactgtga tttctagcta cagcccagct gtgtttcccc     43680
     aagttcctct cttccaggtg gggctttctg cagaaccaca cagcctcagg atatgccagg     43740
     ctgtgtgttt ctgtgggagt gctgcgagtg ttggatgtct tcctgtgtgt atggcattgt     43800
     gtgttaaagt gtgtgtgttg actgtaagtg gagtctgctt aaggaaatgt agctaacaca     43860
     gttcagccct tgcttttgga gtctcaaaac cttttgtttg cctgtgtgta tggctctgct     43920
     tgggctgtgg gacaacgtgt tctttatttt ttaggtggat cataaatctg cagtgaattg     43980
     ggagacgtgc tgagacctgg cggcattcaa attatcaacc catgccaaga aagccactct     44040
     tctagaaaga aggggggtac accagagaaa aaaaaatccc agtgtttcat tgtcatgagg     44100
     ctaagccagg aagagacact acagtcttgt ctgcagagca ccttaaattt atctgtaatt     44160
     cggttcccag ctgagcaggt gctttatttt acgagacggc actcctccat tgttttggga     44220
     ttttaccctg ggaaatagaa tgtaagcagc aatatcccat agaggtgagg atgcaatctg     44280
     atgaggggtg gatgttgtct cacaatttca cctgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagaagaag     44340
     acaaatacca cagaagtttc tttcaacacc atcctcagat tcctttaatt gcaaaagcag     44400
     tccataacat agcctggtgt tcaactggga ctactccaga gtgcaaggaa tatttagagt     44460
     gcaaattaga gccatccttt catacctgaa gccaaaagga agtggaatag attgatgctt     44520
     attaggatgt aacctccaca cttgcctctt ccttttctga ctttcatgtt cctcatcatc     44580
     ctgggttttc ctgagtctag ctcagcaact tccatagtaa atgtttcccc actgactgag     44640
     aacgactctc atgggaatcc atcgtgtaaa tgtttccttc taaacactgt catgttttaa     44700
     tgactaggca actttgataa ttttaaaatt ctaaattccc tttacagcca ccaacaagga     44760
     aactcttgtt ctcctgcttc tataggaggg ctgcatgatt cctgcagaga gagaagcatg     44820
     tagcattgtc tgacttttgc ctggtaatct agcctctgtg tcattttatc tgcatgacat     44880
     tctcattgtg gagggtttct ttaaatgggc cattgctgga ttggactgcc ttttgccaca     44940
     gattgtttag ctaccaggga tttctgagag caaagcggac ttcgggtcag ctggctacac     45000
     tctaggttgt gggtcatttc ctccctctgg gggctgaggt tgtttgcact ttgtaggatt     45060
     cttttgggtc ctctgccagg aatcattgaa cattgcttgg actccagcag aaggtagttt     45120
     gttctttcag gtgagacttg atttttcttt gctttcatgg ggaatccaca gtacccatca     45180
     acagcacaac tggacacatt tttgtcagct tgccagcacc acacaccccc tttaagaaac     45240
     tgttttaacc tcatgtgcaa actggagagg ccagtccgag gtgtgagaac actctccacg     45300
     ttggacttgg ctttgtcgtg gttcctacct ttaccataaa gccccagatg aatggaagaa     45360
     ctgaggtcaa gagtttggcc atctttgact gacagccatc tctgaggtct cagctatgat     45420
     tatatcaccc aaagaaccct tgaaaacaca ccagattata ttccaatccc catggaccag     45480
     attctggtac acagccttct tcatgagtgg agtcagaaaa gcagtttcca gcaacccccg     45540
     cacaatgtcg aaaagccttc tcttccagca ggaccaaacc acaggatggc cgatgtgtcc     45600
     ttgacgtcaa gacttttagg gtctgaccat gggttttcac atggaacctt tttttctgat     45660
     acaaggacag ctctgcctat accattttcc tctgcttagg caggctgacg gctctgacag     45720
     ccggatgctc aaacctgtgt catgaatgcg catgcaccag tctctggtca cgaggcctga     45780
     ttgtgagctc tgtctagcga cacaatgaat gacacagttg cctagtaaaa agtccctgca     45840
     gcttggcaga gaagacatcc gtggaggtgc attggtggtg ggctctcgcg tgtcttctct     45900
     gtggtatcca tgggaatgtc ccatgatctt aggatatgac agatgtgagt caggctgaag     45960
     aaacatcaag caccccccca ggaatgaacc gcaaaatgcc taagcatcca aaaataatcc     46020
     gcaggattcc tcaggccagc ctacacactg taggggtgtc tttttgaaat ttctcacatt     46080
     gtgatttcca ggtacagccc acctgtgttc cctggggtgt tctctttcag gtggggcttc     46140
     ctgcagaacc acgcagcctc atgagctgca gagctgtgtg tttctgtagg agtgttgtga     46200
     gtgttggatg tctgagtgtg tgtggctttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtgcacc     46260
     tgtaagtaaa gtcttacaaa aatgtggcta aagaacatca gcacttcatt tttttttgtc     46320
     acccagcctt ttgtttgcct gtcgtgtgcc tctgcttggg ctgcagaggt ccatgttctt     46380
     tacgttttca tggataatga atctggagtg aattaggagg cagcccaaga ccgtcagtgt     46440
     caaaatcatt tccctctgga aaaaaaaaaa aaatcactct tctagaaaaa agaggagaca     46500
     accatagcaa gaaaatggat atctcatagt gtgtaattgt cctgtggcca acccagaaaa     46560
     agacactaac aggcgtgttg gtagggcaag ttgaatttac ctcgaattca gtatcccacc     46620
     gagcaggtgc ttcatgtcat gaggaggagt gcctctattg tcttgggatt tgatcctagg     46680
     gcatagagtg tgagcagcaa taaggtcata aaggggtgaa gatacagtct ggtaaggcat     46740
     ggatggggtt ccgtaacttc acctccaaaa atgataataa caataaagag agattacaca     46800
     gatggtgctt ccaactccat ccccaccttc cctttattgt actagcagtc cacaccgtgg     46860
     cccagtgttc aagtggcagt tctccaatgt gaaagaaaca tttggaatgc aaactgggtc     46920
     catactgaca aattccagat ttgagggctt acatacctgg agccaaatag gagtggaatg     46980
     gatcaatgct gggtggcatg tagcctccac actttcctct tcttttcttg acttccatgt     47040
     tcctcattgg cctagagttt cctggatctt gctcaaagat ttccacacta aatatttccc     47100
     agttcttgga gaatgactct catctgtatc catttcatga gtgtttcctt ttaaacactg     47160
     ttgcaattaa atgactgggc aaatttgatt atttttaaac tgtaaattcc tgttacagcc     47220
     aaaaacaagg aacctctagt tcccccactt ctatcagagg gctgcatgat ttccacaaga     47280
     ttagaaggat atagccacgt tggcattttg cctggtaatc tagcctgttt tatttcatct     47340
     tcacttcacg gcattctcat tgtggatggg ctcttttcat tgggctgttt ctggatggga     47400
     ctgcctcttg ccacatatta tttagctccc aggtatttca gagagcaaaa gggacttcgg     47460
     gtacgctggc tgttcagcaa ggtgtgggtt gttgtctcat agtggaggct gaggttgttt     47520
     gcaccttgca ggaggctttc gggtcttctg aaaggaatca ttgaacattg ctttgactcc     47580
     agcacaaggc agctctttac ctcagatgag ccttgatttt tccttgcttt catggggaat     47640
     cgatactgcc cctcaacaac agtactggac acccttttga gtcctgccat tgacacaggt     47700
     tacctctgag acactgtctc aatctcatct gcacctctga gaggccagtt caaggtgtga     47760
     gaacattggt ctaccttgga cttgcctttg tcatggttcc tgtctttccc aggaagtctc     47820
     ttgggggtcc aggatgaagg gaggcagtga gttgaagggc acagccatct ttcactgaca     47880
     tcaaactccg gttctcagat atggttttat cacccaaaga acccttgaaa acacaacaga     47940
     ttatattcca atccccatgg gacctgattc ttgcacacaa tctctttcag gaatggagtc     48000
     cgaagagaag ttttcagata ccagcccaca gtctcaaaac accttctcct tcagtgggac     48060
     ctgaccagag agatgactta taggggtcat gaggtcaaga tatttatgat ctcacagtgg     48120
     gttttcgcag gaagactttt ttctgatact agcatggctc tgactgtacc agtattctct     48180
     gcttaggcag tctgacagct ctgacaacca ggcaccacaa cctgcctcac aaacatgtat     48240
     acacaaatct cagggcaaca ggccttattg agagcttcgg tgactgtcac aataaatgtc     48300
     accactgcct agtgacaagt ctctaaggct tttcagagga gtcttccatg gaaattcata     48360
     ggctgtggac tctctcctgt cttctctgtc ggatccacag gacagtccca tgattctagg     48420
     aaagggcaga tgtgagccag gctgaagaaa catcaagcag agccccaaaa ataaaccttg     48480
     aaatccataa ggatcataaa gaatctgcaa gattcctcag gtctgcttag acgtaggtgt     48540
     aagtcttttt gaaacttgtc ccactatgat ttgtaggtac agattgcctg tattccctgg     48600
     ggtttctgtc tcacaggtgg ggcttcctcc agaaacacgc agcctcagga gctgcaggct     48660
     ctgtgtttct gtgggagttt tgagagtgct gaatctctgg gtttgcgtgt ggggggaggt     48720
     attttaagtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgggtgtg tgtgtgtctg taagtgaaat     48780
     ctgcttacag gtatgtggct aacacacttc agtgcttctc tctttttttt ttttttgagt     48840
     cttcaaatct tttggtggcc catttgtgtg gttctgcttg ggttgtgggg ctctgtgttc     48900
     ttcattttac tgtggatcat gaatcctcaa tgaatcggga ggtgggctga gacccgcctg     48960
     catcaaaatc aactccctgt gccaaaaaag ccactgttgc agaaagaaga ggaggacagc     49020
     ccaccaaata acagacatcg cccagtgttt tgttgtcctg tggctaagcc aaggagagac     49080
     actggaattc ctgtccacag ggcccattga atttacctcg aattctgttc ccagcctagc     49140
     aggtgcttcg tgtagtgagg aggtgatcct ctgtcgtctt ggcatttcat ccttggatat     49200
     agaatgtgag cagccataag gtcagataag ggtgaggatg caatctagta agtggtggat     49260
     gtggtccccc aactacacat gcaaaaaaaa aaaaatgaag gtaaatgaca aagaaggtgc     49320
     ttcctactcc attcccgctc tctgttaatt gtaggagcag tcaaaaccat ggcccagggt     49380
     tcaggttgga gtaccccaat gagcaaggaa aatttggaca gcaaattggg gccatcctgg     49440
     caagctcttg atttgagggc tttcataccc agagccaaac gatagtacaa taaattgatg     49500
     ctgggtggga tctggcctcc acacttgact gttcttttcc tgacttccat gttcctcatc     49560
     gtgctccacc ttggacttgc ctttgtcgtg gttcctttcc tcctcaaaga acccatgtga     49620
     tatccaggat gtagccaggc agtgcagtca agagttttgc cttctttcac tgacagtggc     49680
     ctggtatctc aggtatgatt ctatcaccca aagaatcctg aaaaacacac tgtgatggaa     49740
     cctgatgttt gcacacacct tcttttgaga ataaagtcag aagtgcaatt tccagagacc     49800
     atcacacaat gtcaagatgc ctcctcttcc agtgggacct gaccacagag atggcccaaa     49860
     aggtccccaa ggtcaagatt tttagagtct tggagtaagt tttcacagga aggctttatt     49920
     ccaacaccag gagggatgtt cctgtactga tttcctgtgc ttagacatgc tgacagctct     49980
     gagattcagg agcccttgcc tgcctcatga atgtgcatgc agtagcctca gggtaccagg     50040
     ccttattgtg atctctggct agtgtcacca tgaatgttgt cattgcctag caacaacaag     50100
     tccctgtggc ttggtggaaa aggagacctc catggaagtg tgtaggcaat ggaatccagc     50160
     gttttctatg ttggattcat gagatagtct tctgatccca ggagagggca gacctgactc     50220
     agcctgaaga aacatcaagc aaagccatag gaataaacag tgatgttcca aaaaatctaa     50280
     gaggatctcc aggatttctt aaaactctat atatgttgta gggatgagtc tttttgatac     50340
     ttgccccact gggatttcta gataaaacct gcctgtgttc cggtaggttg ctccctccca     50400
     ggtggggctt cttgcataac cacacatttt caggagctgc tgagctgtgt acttctaagg     50460
     gaaagttgag attgtttgat gtctgagtgt ttgtcattct gttttagtta tttttatgtt     50520
     tatttttatg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtccctgta agtggattct     50580
     gcataaaata ttgaggttaa tacagtttag cgtttcttgt tttttttttt ttttttttga     50640
     gtctcccaac atttggtggc ctgtccatgt gtggctctgc ttgggctgtg ggactctgtt     50700
     ttctttattt ttctgtgtat cgtgaatcca cagcaaattg ggaggtgtgc caggaactgc     50760
     aaagttctga atcacctctg cttacaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agataatctt ttagaaagaa     50820
     gagaagcaca ccacactaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa acctttctta     50880
     ggattttatt gtcatatgac caacccaggg agagacacta ctagtcctgt ccacagggcc     50940
     acttgaattc acctaaattt tccccagatg agtaggtgct tcaagtcatg aggaaggcct     51000
     cttccatcat attgggactt tatcttggga cataaaatgt gaacagcaac aagatcagat     51060
     agaggtgagg atacaatctg gtgagaaata gatggggtcc ctcaacttca cctgcaacga     51120
     aaatgaagag agatgagtca ggaggtgctt ccaacatctt ccatgcattc ccttaattgc     51180
     acaagaagtt cacaccatgg cccagtgtgc aggtgggagt actccaacct agaagaagta     51240
     tttagagtgc aaattggggt catcctggca aactcccaat ttgagggctt tcatacccag     51300
     agccaaatgg gtgtggaatg aactgatgct gtgtggaatg tggccttcat acttgcctct     51360
     tttcctcact tccatgttcc tcgttggcct aagattttct gagtctggct caacgacttc     51420
     cactataagt gtatccaagt tcaggaaaaa cgaccctcat gggaatccat tgtgtgagtg     51480
     ttttcttcta aacactcgtg ttttaatgac tgggcatctt tgatactttt ataaccataa     51540
     attcccttta cagcccccaa gaaaaaaact ctcagtctcc cgcttctatg taagggctgc     51600
     atgatttatg taggataaga agcaggaagc catgtctgaa tttcacctgg taatctagcc     51660
     tttgtttggt ttaatctgca cgacatttct cattatggag aaggtctttc attgggctgt     51720
     ttctggatgc aactgcctct ctttacagag cttttggctg ccagggattt cagtgagcaa     51780
     aaggtcttca ggaagacttg cttcactcaa ggttgtggtt catgctctct ttgtggaggc     51840
     tgaggatttt tgctttttgc aggagatttt tggatcccct gacaggaatt tttaaatgtt     51900
     gcttggactc cagcattagt cagcttgttc tttcaagcta gccatatttt tccttgctat     51960
     cacctggggt ccacagtgcc tctcaacggc actactgaac acccttttca ggcttcccat     52020
     ctccacagat ggcctctgag accctatctc aaccctacct gcatctgtga gaagtgagta     52080
     cgagttgtga gaaatctgct ccttgtagga tttgcctttg tcatggtttc tgccttttct     52140
     agagagcccc tgtgaggccc aggatgaaaa gaggcagtga catcaaggtc ccagccatct     52200
     ttgctgacac ctgactctgg ggtctcaggt atgattccag tatccaaaca cttctcaaca     52260
     actcaccaga tgacattcct atccccgtgg aagcagattt ttgcacatag agtcttctgg     52320
     aaatggagtc agaaaagcag tttccagaga ccacctcaca gtatcgaaac acctcttctt     52380
     gcatgacctg atgacagagg cagcatgaaa atcccccgag gttgagagct ttagcatccc     52440
     acaaggggtt atcgcaggca gacttttttt gggacgccag gccggctctg ccttaccatt     52500
     ttcctctgct taggcaggct gccagctctg agagacaggt gcctcagcct gtctcctgaa     52560
     tgaacctgca gtagtctcaa gggaccaggc ctgaggttga actctggtta gcttcacaat     52620
     gaatgccacc gttgcctaga aaaaagtttc agcggctgtt tggagaagga aacctccagg     52680
     taggtgcgta ggcagtggac tctcacctgt cttctctgtg ggatcgaagg aattgttcca     52740
     cgatcctagg aaagggaaga catgagccag cctgaagaaa cattaagcag agtcccagaa     52800
     ataaactgtg acatccctaa gtatccaaaa ggatctgcag gatgcctcag gctggcctag     52860
     accttgtagg catgggtcct ttagaaactt gccccactgt gatttctagg tacagcccac     52920
     ctgtgttctt catggttgct gtctcccagg tggggttttc tgcacaacca cacagtctca     52980
     gaagctgctg ggttgtgtgt ttctgtggga gtgttgtgaa tgttggatgt ctgtgtgtga     53040
     gtagctttgt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgttt gttcctgtaa agggagtctg     53100
     cttacagaaa tgtgaccgat gcactacagt gcttcttttt tgtttgtgtc ccaacctttt     53160
     gcttgcctgt ctgtgtggct ctttttgggc tgaagggatc catgttattt atatttctgt     53220
     gggttatgaa tctgcagtgc actggaaggc tggctgatac ctcctggaat ccaaatcaat     53280
     tccccctaga aaaaaagcca ctcccctaga tagaagagag gcacacaaaa cttaaaagag     53340
     acacctccta gtgtttcatt gtcccatgga aacatgggaa aaaagcatta gcagtcctgt     53400
     ctgcagggcc ccttaaattt tcctcaaatt tcgttcccag ttgagctagt gattgacatc     53460
     ctgaaatagc actcttccat catcttggga tttgattctg ggatacagta tgtgagagca     53520
     atgaggtcag atagaggaga aaatacaagc tggtaatggg tagatgaggt cttgcacctt     53580
     tacctgcaaa agaggtgaag acagatgaca aaaaagttgc ttccagctgc atccacgaat     53640
     tcccttaatt gcacaagcag ttcgcaccat ggcctagtgt tcagaatgga gtactctaat     53700
     gtgcagggaa catttggagt gcaaattggt gccatgcttg aaaagcccga tttaagggct     53760
     ttcatacttg gaggcaaatg ggagtgagat ggatagatgt tgtttaggtt ttggccttca     53820
     catttgcctc ttcttttcct gacttccatg ttcctcattg gcctagggtt ttctgggtct     53880
     ggctcaacat cttccacatt aaagcactcc cagttcacag aggacgaccc tcatggaaat     53940
     ccattgcatg agtatttcct tctaaacact gtcatgtttt aacgactgga catctgttat     54000
     acttttaaaa cagttaattc atgttacagt caaaaaaatg gaaactcttg ttctccctct     54060
     tctatcgggg ggctgcataa tttctgtaga atgagaagca ggcagccatg tttggctttc     54120
     tgcctggcaa tctacggtct gtttcattac atctggatgt tttttcttat tgtgtaggga     54180
     gtctttcatt gggctgttgc aggatagtat tgcctgtcac cactgatctt ttggttgcca     54240
     gggatttcag ggagcaatag ggacttcagg gattcttgta gtgttcaggc tgtgggtcac     54300
     tgtcttgttg tgggtgctta gtttgtttgc ttttgccagg agggttttca gtactctaac     54360
     aagaatcttt gaatgtggct tggaatccag cacaagtcag gtcattctct caggcaattc     54420
     ttggtttttc tttgctttca atggtgttcc acagtgccca tcaacagcac tactggatac     54480
     aattttcagg cttgcaatta caacagacag cctttgagac aatgtctcaa cctcatctgc     54540
     acatgtcaga ggccaatttg aggggagaga acattgcttc accttggaat tgcctttgtc     54600
     gtggttcctg cctttcctat atagcccctg caaggcctag gttgaaggga ggcagcaaca     54660
     tcaagagccc agccatcttt cctgacacct gcctttgggg tctcaggtct ggttccatca     54720
     tccaacgacc cctcaacagt tcaccagact atattccagt ccccatggga catgattctt     54780
     tcatgcacct tcttttggga atggagtcag aatagcagtt ttcagctatt accacacagt     54840
     catgaaacac ctccacctcc agtggaacct gaccatacag acagctcaaa ctgaccctaa     54900
     tattgagact tttagggacc ttctttgttt tatcataggc agtcttttcc tgataccagg     54960
     ccagctctgc ctctaccatt ttcttctcct cagacaggct gacagctctg acaggcaggc     55020
     accccagact gtcttagtta tgtgcatgga cttatcttag ggcaccaggt ctgagctgtg     55080
     agctagtgtc agaatgaatg ccactgttta ctagcaacaa gttcttgcta cttggggtgg     55140
     aaagagacca ccactgaagt gcatccatgg tggactctca cctgtctttt ctgtgggatc     55200
     cactggatat tcccatgagt ctaggagagg gcagatgtga gccagcctga aaaaagtcaa     55260
     tctaatccca attaatgaac cacaaatccc taaggatcca aaagacccac aggatgcctc     55320
     aggcctgctt agatgttgta ggggtgagtc ctttacaaac ttgccccatt atgatttcta     55380
     ggcacagccc acctgtgttc cccatggttg ctgtttccca aatggggctt cctgtggaac     55440
     cacaaagcct cagaagctgc tgcgctgtgt ttctgtggga gtgttgtgag tgttgattgt     55500
     gtttgtgtgt ggctttgtgt gtttaagagt gtgtgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc     55560
     ctgtaagtgg agtctcctta aaggaatgtg gctaatgaac ttcagggctt ccttttattt     55620
     tatttttttt taatctccca atatttgtgt cctgtctgcg aggctcttct tgggctgtgg     55680
     tgctccgtgt tctttatttt tctgtggatc atgaatccac agttaattgg gaggctggct     55740
     gagaaactgc cccctccaaa ataaataaat aaataaataa aagccactct tcaagaaaga     55800
     agagcagcaa accacacccc aaaacatttc ccactctttc attgtcctat ggccaaccaa     55860
     gagagagaca gtagcagtcc tttttgcagg gcccttgaat tttcctggag tcggcttcca     55920
     atctgagaag gtgcttgaca tcctgaggtg gcactccttc attgtcttga gatatcattc     55980
     tacatcagag agtgtgagca gcaataaagt cagatggggt gaagatatta tctggtgagg     56040
     ggtgtatggg gtcccacatc ttcacctgca aaaaaggtga ggacagatga cacagaagct     56100
     gcttccaaat gcaaccccac attccctcaa ttgcacaagc agtccacacc atggccagtt     56160
     gtttaggagg gagtactgca acgtgcaaga aacgtttgga gtgcaaactg gggccatttt     56220
     ggcaaactgc tgatttgagg gcttttacac ccagagccag atgagaatag catgaatcaa     56280
     tgctgggtgg gatgtggctt ctacacttgt ctcttctttt cctgacttcc atgttccttg     56340
     tcagcctagg gtttcctttg tctggctcca cctctttcaa actaaacatt tttcagttca     56400
     cagaggacga ccctcatggc aatccattgc ttgagttttt ctttctaaac agtgtcctgt     56460
     tttaattact gggcagctgc gataatttta aaactatgaa ttcctgttgc atccaccaac     56520
     aaagaaacac ttctccttcc acttctattg gagggctgca tgattcctgt tgggtgagaa     56580
     tctggcagcc atttctggct tttacctcat aatctaggct ctgtttcatt acatttgagt     56640
     gtcctttctc attgtggagg gcctcttcaa ttgggctgtt gctggatgga actgtttctc     56700
     accacagatc ttctggctgc cagggatttc agggagcaaa aaagacttca tgtgggctgt     56760
     ctgcactcca gattgtcata gtgtcatttt ggtggctgag aatgttagca ctttgcagga     56820
     tgcttttgtg tcctcagaca agaatatttt aacgttgctt ggactgcagg acaagtcagc     56880
     ttgctctctc aggtgatcat tgatttttct gtgttttcat tgagggtcca cagtgcccct     56940
     caacattact actggacaca cttttcaggc ttacaacacc acagatgccc tctaagacac     57000
     tgtctcaacc tcatctgcac ccgtgagagg cctgtttgag atgtgagatc actgctccac     57060
     attggaattg catttgttat ggtttctgcc tttcccagag agcccatgca aggagcaagg     57120
     tggaggcagt gaggtcaagt gcccggccaa gttttgctga cacctgtctc tggtgtctca     57180
     ggtatgtttc cgtcacccaa cgacccttca acaactcacc agattatatt ccaatcccca     57240
     tggggccaga ttcttgcaca cagactcttt ctggaatgga gttagaagag cggtttccag     57300
     caatcacttc acagtcctga aatgcctcct tctccactgg acccgactgc agggaccgct     57360
     ggaaggatct gtgaggtcga gaattttaga gtcctgctat aagttattgc aagcaacatt     57420
     tttcctggtg ccaggccggc tatgcctgta ccatttttct ttgcttaggc aggatgacag     57480
     ccctgacaac ccggcgcccg agcctgcctc acgagtgcgc atgcgctagt cttaaagcac     57540
     taacttttag ctgtgagctc tggctagcaa caatatgaat agcaccgttg cctagagaca     57600
     agtccctgcg acttggcaga aaaggacact tctgtggagt tgcgttgtcg gttggcactc     57660
     acctgtcttc ttggtttgat tcacatgata tacctaaaat cctaggaaat ggcctaggtg     57720
     agccagctgg aagaaacgtt aaacagtgca ccaggtataa actgtgaaac ccctaaagat     57780
     ccaaattatc tgcaggcctg cctagatgtt gtagaggtga gtctttatga atcttgccac     57840
     actgtgattc ctaggtacag tagcctatgt cccctgagct tgccctctcc caggtgggaa     57900
     ttcctgcaga acaactcagc ctcagaagct gctgggctgt gtttctgtga gagtgtggtg     57960
     ggtgttcaat gtctgtgtgt gtagtttggt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gcctgtaagt     58020
     gcagtctact taaagaaatg aggctaaccc tctacagagc ttctttgttt tttagtcatc     58080
     caaccttttg ttggcccatc tgtgtggctc tgcttaggct cccatgttcc gtgttcttcc     58140
     gttttcatga atctcagtga atcgaggggc tggttgaaac ccaccaggtt ccaaatcagc     58200
     accccttgta taaagaagcc actcttatag aaagaagagg agcacatgac acacacacaa     58260
     aaacagatat ttgtcaatgt ttttgtcttg cagccaagcc aaggagaggc acttgcagtc     58320
     ctgtccacag ggactcttga gtttacctga aattcagttt ccagctgagc aggtgcttca     58380
     agtcacgagg gggcactcct gcatcatttt gggatttcat tctacggtag agaatgcaag     58440
     cagcaatgag ttcagatagg agtaaggata caatctgatg aggggtggat gctgtcccac     58500
     cttcacctgc aaaaatctga agatatatga cacagaacgt gcttccaact ccatccccac     58560
     atttccttaa ttgcacatgc agtcaaatca tgccccgggg tttatgtggg agtattacaa     58620
     tgtgcaggga atacttggag tgcaaactgg ggttaacctg gcaaacttct gtatgagggc     58680
     tttcaaaccc ggggctaaat gggagtggga tggattgatg ctgggtgaaa tgtggccttc     58740
     acacttgcct tttcctttcc tgtctttcat gttgctcatt gacctagctt tctctgggtc     58800
     tggctccatg tcttccatgc taaacgtttc ccagttcatg aaggactacc ctcatgggag     58860
     tccattgcct gagtgtttcc tcctaaacac tgtcgcattt ctttcaatga ctgggaacct     58920
     gtgatgtttt aaaactgtaa attctcatta aagctgccaa caaggaaact cttattctcc     58980
     cacatctatc agaaggctgc atgattcctg taagaaaaca accaggaagc catgtcagga     59040
     ttttgcctgg tactctaggc cctgtttcat ttcatctgca tgtcatttct cattatggag     59100
     gtggtatttc attgggctgt tgctaaatgg gactgccccc tccacagatc ttttggctgc     59160
     caggtatttc agggagcaaa atagattatg ggtagtctgg ctgcactcca ggttgtggat     59220
     catcgtattg atgtgatagc tgaggttgtt tgaactttgt aggtggcttt tgggtttgct     59280
     gaaaagaatc tttgaatgtt gctatgattc cagcacaaat cagctcattc tctcaggaaa     59340
     cttttgagtt tttgttgctt tcatgtgggg tctacaattc ccctcaacac attactgtac     59400
     agactttata cactggcaat ggccacagag ggcctcttaa ttgtgggtcc ccatccaccc     59460
     ctcaccagat aggatgatca gccctaactg actttatttc tcctcacact cgatgtccca     59520
     ggataaaatc ccatgaccat ggaggggtgc cacttaagga catgaagcac ctccttggct     59580
     gggaccaaat ttgaggtaaa aatcaaggaa cttgtgaaca agtctgatag tgtctctctt     59640
     tgggttggat aatgaagcac tggaagatgt ctgttttttg gtgtggtgtg ctcctcttct     59700
     tttagaagag tgcttttttt gaaggggagg tgatttggat gttggcaggt cttggcttgc     59760
     ctcccaattc actgtggatt catgatccac agaaaaataa agaacacaga gccccacatc     59820
     tcaagcagac ccacacaggc cacaaaaggg ttgtgagatg aaaacaaaaa aaaagaagca     59880
     ctgaagtgtc gtagccacat tcttttaagc agacaccact aaaagacaca cacacacaga     59940
     gactcccaca tgcatacaca catacagtgc caaacataca cacagaaata caacactcac     60000
     aacactccca ctgaaataca cagctcagta gctccatagg ctgtgtgttt ctgctggaag     60060
     ctccacttgg gagaggaacc ttggggaata cagatgggtt gtacctagaa atcacagtgg     60120
     agcaagattc aaaagactca gccctacaat gtcttgacag gcctgtggaa ttcttcagat     60180
     ctttttgaat ccttgggaat ttcgcggttt attcctgggg ctctgcttga cttttcttca     60240
     ggctggctca tgtctgctca cttttaaatt catgggaata tctagtggat cccacagaaa     60300
     agagaggtga cagtccatgg ccaatgctca tccatggagg tctccttctt tgccaagcca     60360
     cagggaattg ccacaagtca acggtgacat tcaccatgac agcactgtgc tatcagtgct     60420
     gtcagcctgc ctaagcagaa aaagaatcat acaggcagag tcagcctggt attggaaagc     60480
     aggctacctg agaataccca ctgcgagacc ctacaaatct tgacctcagg gccgcttcca     60540
     gccatcttcg tggtcggaca gcattgatga aaagggtgtt tcgagactgt gagttggcca     60600
     atggaaactg cttttctgac tacattccag aaagtggttg tgcataagaa ttgaatccca     60660
     taaggaatgg aatataatct ggtgagtttt tcagggctct ttgggtgata gaatcatacc     60720
     tgagaccaca gatgccggtg tcagtgataa atggttggga tcttctcact gtctctcttc     60780
     atcctgggcc ttgcagtggc tctctagaaa aaacacaaaa cacaacaaag gcaagtccaa     60840
     ggtgaagcag tcttctcaca cctctgactt gcttttcatg ggtgcagacg aaattcagac     60900
     agtgaaaacg agctgcattg tgctggagtc cagtcagtgt tcaatgattc ctgtcagatg     60960
     acacaaaagc ttccttcaga gtgctaacat cctcagcatc cacaatgaga caacgacaca     61020
     caacctggag cacagccagc ctatcttaac tctttttggc tctctgaaat ccctggcagc     61080
     taaataatct gtggaaagag gcactcccat ccagcaacag cccaatgaaa gagctccaca     61140
     atgagaatgc tgtgcatata aaatgaaacc aaggttagat tacaaggaaa aagccagaaa     61200
     tgtctgcctg cttctcatct tacaggaatc atgcagcgct ccaatagaag ttggagaaca     61260
     agagttccct ttttggcagc ggtaacaaga attcacagtt ttaaaagcat caaagctgcc     61320
     cagtcattaa attgtgaaag agtttagaag aaaaccctca ggcaatgaat tctcatgagg     61380
     atctttcttc atgacctggg aaacatttaa tgtggaagtc tttgagccag actcagaaaa     61440
     ccctatgccg acaaggaaca tggaagtcag caaaagaaga atcaagtata gaggccacat     61500
     cccaaccagc atcaatctat tccactccca tttggctaca ggtatgaaag tgctcaaact     61560
     gggtgtttgc caggatggtc ccaatttgta atacaaatgg tcctttcaca ttggatactc     61620
     ctacctgaag agtgggaggt ggtgtgagct gcttgtgcaa ttaatggaat aaggggatgg     61680
     agttggaaac acctcctgtg tcatctgtct tcatttcttt tgcaggtgaa gttgcaggac     61740
     cccatccacc cctcagtaga ttgtattctc atccttatct aaccttattg cctctcacac     61800
     tctatgttcc aggatgaaat tccaagacaa tggaggagtg tcccttcatg atgtggagaa     61860
     cctgcttggc tcgaaactga atttgaggta aattcaaggg gtactgtggg caagactgct     61920
     agtgtctctc cctggtttgc cctcaggaca gggaaacact gggagatgtc tgttttttgg     61980
     tgtggtgtgt tccctttctt tatagaagag tagttttttg tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt     62040
     ttccaaggaa aggtgatttg gatgctggcc tgtcttgatc caccttcaaa ttcactgcgg     62100
     atttaagatt tacataaaaa taaagaacat ggagccccag aactgaccag agccacacag     62160
     atgtgccata aaatggtttt gttattcaaa taaaaagaag ttctgaaggg cgctagccat     62220
     attcctttaa gcagacttta cttacaggga cagacaaaca cccaatacca cataagcatg     62280
     cagccatcaa acacttacaa cactctcaca gaaacacaca gcctggcagc tcctgaggct     62340
     gtacaggaaa ccccacatga aagacagcaa cactggaaca aaaaagatgg aaaacaaaat     62400
     gctcccagac atcacagtgg agcaagcttc aaaaagactc acccctacaa cttctaggca     62460
     gcctcagaaa tcctgtagat ccttttggat ttttagggat gtcatggttt attcctgggg     62520
     ctccgcttga tgtttcttta ggctggctca tgtctgttct ctcctaggat catgggatta     62580
     tcccatggat cccacagaga agatgggtgg gagcccaaca ccaatacact tccacagagg     62640
     actttttctc tgccaagcca cagaaacttg ttgctaggca atggtgacat tcgtggtgac     62700
     aatagccaga gctcaaaatc aggcctggtg tgcattcatg aggcagactc gtgtgcctgg     62760
     ttgtcagaac tatcagcctg cctaagaaga gaatattggt ataggcagag acccgatgac     62820
     atgggaaaaa ggatgcttgt aaaacccact gtgaaaccca agatctccca acctcaggga     62880
     ccctccaagc catctccgtt tttgggttct gctggagaaa aaggagttta gtgactttga     62940
     ggtcatcgct agaaactgct cttctgactc cattcccaaa agaagctgtg tgcaagaatc     63000
     agatctcaag gaaagtggaa cacagtctgt tgtgttgttc agccttcttt gggtgataga     63060
     attatactga aaacagaggc aggtgtcagc gaatgatggc ctgactcctg acctcactgc     63120
     ctcccttcat ccttggcctt gcagggtatc tctgggaaag gcagaaacca tgacaaaggc     63180
     aagtcaaagt tgaagcagtg ttatcacacc tcggattggc ctctttcagg tgcatatgag     63240
     gttgagacag tgtattggag tctgtctgtg ccaatggcaa gcctgaaaat ggtgtccagt     63300
     agtgctgtta tgggacactg ggttccccat gaaagcaaaa gaaataaata agtaaaatag     63360
     ataaataaaa aatctaggct cactgagaga atgagctgcc ttttgctgga gtccaaacaa     63420
     tgttcaatga tttctgtcag agaagacaaa agcctcctta aaatgcaaac atcctcagcc     63480
     cccacaatga gacaatgacc tacaacctga agcacagcca tcctacccaa agtcactttt     63540
     tctctattca attgcagtta gctaaataag ctgtggccaa aggcagtccc atccagcaac     63600
     agcccaataa aaaagccact ccaaaatgag gaggacatgc agatgaaatg aaacagaggg     63660
     tagattacca ggcaaaggcc agacatggat gcctgcttct catcggacag gaatcatgca     63720
     gccctttgat aaaagtggga gaacaagagt tctcttgttg gtcactgtaa tgagaattta     63780
     cagtttagaa agtttcaaag cttcccggtc attaaaacgt gagaatgttt agaagaaaac     63840
     agtcgctcaa tggttgccaa tgagtgtcat tctctgtgaa atgggaaatg tttagtgtag     63900
     aagtcattga gccagaccaa ggaaacccta ggccagtgag aaacatggaa atcaggaaag     63960
     gaagagtcaa gtgtagaggt cacatcccac cagggatcaa tctattccac tcccatctgg     64020
     ctctgggtat aaaccaccaa aaatagggag ttcaccagga tggccccaat ttctttttcc     64080
     agtgctcctt gcatgttgga gtactcccac acaaacactg gcccgtggtg tggactgctt     64140
     gtgcaattaa ggaaacatgg ggaattaact gggagaacat tctgtgtcat ttgtcttcat     64200
     tttttttgca ggtgaagttg tgggacccca ttcaaccctc agcagatact atcctcacct     64260
     gtatctgacc ttattgtgtt cacactgcat gtcacaggat gaaatcccaa gatgatggag     64320
     gagtgcccct catgatgtga agcacttgat caactggtaa cataatgtga ggtaaattca     64380
     atgggccctg ttgacaggac tgctaatgtc tttctctaga ttggctgcaa aacaatgaaa     64440
     cactgagttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ggcacacaag ggtgatttgg gtgctggcac     64500
     attttggcat gcctctgaat tcactgtgga ttcatgatcc acagaaaaat aaagaaaacg     64560
     gccccctgca ggccatgcag agccacactg acaggccacc aaaatgttgc aaggctaaga     64620
     aaaatgaagt gctgaagggt gttagccaca ttcctttaag cagaagcctt ttacattcaa     64680
     acacacacaa acacacttac acatacaaac acacaatgtt cttgacttcc ctgtctcact     64740
     tcatcctgca cctcgcaggg ctctatggga aaggcagtaa ccatgacaaa ggcaagtcca     64800
     agtttgagca gtgttctcaa accttggact ggcctctcac gggtgcagat gaggatgaga     64860
     cagtgtctga ggtgccactg gtggtgatgg caagcctgaa aagtgtgtcc agtagtgctg     64920
     ttgaggggct ctgtggattc cccatgacag aaaataaaaa tcaagactca cctgaggaat     64980
     gagctgcctt gtgctagagt caaacaatgt tcaatgattg ctgtcacagg acccaaaagc     65040
     ctcctgcaaa atcctatcaa cctcagcccc cacaacgaga ccacaagcca caacctggag     65100
     tgcagccagc atacctgaaa tccctactgc tctctgaaac ccatggcagc taaataatgt     65160
     gtggtgagag accctgccac ccagcagcag tctaatgaaa gacctccttt acaaagaaaa     65220
     ggcagtgtgg acaaaatgaa acaaaagcta gattaccagt aaaaagtcag acacggctgc     65280
     ctgcttctca tgctacagat atcacgcagc caccctttct ctgatagagt agaactagag     65340
     cttccttgtt gttggctgta acaggaattt acggttttaa aagtataaaa gctgtccagt     65400
     cattaatatg ttacagtgga tagaaggaaa cactcacaca attgcttttc atgagggtcg     65460
     ttctctgtga actggaaaat gtttagtgtt gaaaacattg atccagaccc aggaaatcct     65520
     aggacgatga ggaacatgga agtccagaaa agaagaggca agtttggagg ccacatccca     65580
     agaagcatga atccatttcc ctcccattgg ctccaggtat aaaagccctc aaatagggtt     65640
     tttgccagga tgttcgcaat tttcactcca aatgtttctt gcacattgga gtatttccac     65700
     ttaaacactg ggccatgctg tggaatactt gttcaattaa ggtaactcag ggaagaagct     65760
     ggatgcacct tctgtgtcat ctgtctttat ttttctttgc aggggaagtt tcaggacacc     65820
     atccacccct catcagattg tatttacact cctacctcac cttgctgtag cttacactgt     65880
     atgtcccagg gtgaaacccc aagacaatgg aggagggcca agtcatgatc tgaagcacca     65940
     actcagctgg gaaccaaatt tgaggtaaat acatggggcc tggcagacag aatggctaat     66000
     gtctctccat ttgttgtcct cagaacaatg aaacgctaat agatgtctat tcttttgaag     66060
     tagtgtgctc cttatttatt tatttattta ttttaagaag agtagttttt ttgcagggaa     66120
     aggtgatttg gacgctggct catctctgcc tacctcccaa ttcagtttga attcatgatc     66180
     cacagaaaat taaagaatat ggagtcctgc aacccaagca cagcaacata gactggccac     66240
     caaaaggttg ggagacttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag cactggaatg aggtagccac     66300
     aaaatgttaa gcagactcca cttacaggca cacacacaca cacaaagaca cactgccaca     66360
     cacagaagca gacatccaac acttgcaaca ctgcccccaa aacacagagc ccagtagctt     66420
     ctgaggctgt gttgttctgc aggaagtccc acaagggaga gagccaccat gggaaacaca     66480
     ggtgggcaac acctcaaaat ctcagtgagg caagtttcaa aaagactctc ccctacaaag     66540
     tttaggcagg cctgaggaat ccggcagact cttctggatc cttagggatt tcattgttta     66600
     ttccttggtc tgtgctagaa gtttttttca ggctggtcga agtctgccct cttctaggtt     66660
     catgggacta taccgagaat cccacagaga agacaactga gagtccactg ccgacacatc     66720
     ttcatgaatg tctccttctc tgccaagccg gaggaacagt cgctaggcaa tgatgacatt     66780
     cactgtgacg ctagccagag ctcacaatca ggcctggtgc tctgagacag gcatgtgcaa     66840
     gttcttgaga cagactcggg ctcctggctc tcagagctgt caccctgcct aagaagagga     66900
     aaacaataaa ggttaagtcg gcctggtatc gtgaaaaatg ttgcctgcca ttacccactg     66960
     caggacgcta aaattcttga ccttagggcc ccgtcgggat gtttctgtct ttgggtctga     67020
     ctggaggagg aggtgtttca atactgtgag gtgttcgcta accacatctc ttctgactcc     67080
     attacttaaa ggggctgtgt gccagagttg ggtcccatat gaattggaat atagtctggt     67140
     gagttgttga agggtttttg tgtaatggaa tcatacctaa gatccccaaa agtgggtgtc     67200
     agtgaatgat agccgggccc ttgacttcat tgcctctctt cattttgggc ctccgagggg     67260
     ctctctggga aaggcaggaa ccacgacaaa ggcatgtcca aagtggagca gtgttgccat     67320
     acatcaaact gtggtctcac aggtacagat gatgatcata agttttctca gaggtcatct     67380
     gtggtgattg caagcctaga aaggtccagt gttgtttttg agggtgaatg tggacccagc     67440
     atgaaagcaa agacaaatca aggcccacct gagagaatga gcttacttgt cctggagtcc     67500
     aggaaacatt caaagattcc tgtaaaagga cccaaaatcc tcctgcaaag tgtaagcaat     67560
     ctcagccccc acaacaagac aatggttcaa aatctggagc acagccagcc taaccaaagt     67620
     caattttgct tcctgaaatc aatggcatca gaaagatatg tggtgagagg tagcccatcc     67680
     aacaacagtc caataaaaga ccttctctaa aataagaaag gatatgcaaa tgaaaggaaa     67740
     cagcctttcc aagtgaaagc cagacacgtc tttctgcttc tcatagtacg ggaatcaagc     67800
     atccctccca tagaagtggg agaacaatgt ctccatgttg ttggctgtaa tggaaataag     67860
     gttgtaaatt tatcacataa gctgttatta aaacttgaca gtgtttagaa ggaaactcac     67920
     acaatgcatt ttcatgagaa tcattttctg tgaaaggaaa atgtttagtg tggaaaatgt     67980
     tgagccagac acaggaaacc ctatgccaat gagggacatg gaagtgagga aaagaagagg     68040
     taagtgtgga ggccacatcc caccaagcat cagcccatcc cactcccatt tggcttctgg     68100
     tattaaagcc cttaaacagg gagtgtgccc cagtttgcac tacaaatatt tcctgaaagt     68160
     tggagtattc ccacctgaac actgggccat ggtgtggact gcttgtgcaa ctaagagaat     68220
     gtggggatgc agtttaaaac acctctgttt cactgtctta accttttttg ctggtgaagg     68280
     tacagggccc catcaacccc tcaccaaatt atattttcac ctgtttgacc ttattgcagc     68340
     tcacaatctc tttcccagtt tgaaatccaa agatgatgga ggagtgcccg ctcatgatgt     68400
     gaagtacctg ctcagctgga aaccgaattt gagataaatt caagggtcta tgtggacaag     68460
     actgctagtg tctctctctg gattggtcat attgcaatga aacaccagac gatgtctgtt     68520
     cctgggtgtt gtattccact cttctttcta gaagagtgcc tttatttgca ggggaagata     68580
     atggagaccc tggctggtca caactagcct acctgttcat tgtggattca tgacccacag     68640
     aaacataaag aacagggagc ccacagagcc cacagcccaa gtacagccac acagacaggc     68700
     cacccaaagg ttaagacgct aaaaaataaa aagccctgca gtgtgttagc cacattcctt     68760
     taaggagaaa caacttagag gcagaaacac acacacacac agccacacac acccacagat     68820
     atccaacact cacaatactc ccacagaaat acacagcctg gtagcttctg aggctgtctc     68880
     attctatagg aagccccaac tgaaagagag caacaccagg aaaagcagga gggctgaacc     68940
     tagaaatcac agtggggcat gtttcaataa gactcacccc tacatcaact aggctagtat     69000
     gaggaatcct gcagattctt ttggaccctt aggaatttca caatttctgg ggctctgctt     69060
     gatatctctt caggctggct cacatctgcc ctctccttgg atcctggtac tatctggtgg     69120
     ataacacaga gaagacgagt ccaccactga tgcacttcca cagtggtctc tttctccacc     69180
     aaggtgcagg gacttgtcac taggcaaagg tcaaattcat tgtgatgcta gccacaggtc     69240
     acagcttggg cctggtgtca tgagactacc acatgcatat tagtgagaca gactgaactg     69300
     tcagccttct taggcagagg aaaatggtac agacagagct ggccttgtat tgggaaaaaa     69360
     gactgcctgt gataacccac ttcaggtccc taaaagtctt gaccttaggg cccttatgca     69420
     ccatagccat gttagggtca cgctggagga agagccattt cataacactg agtttgtctt     69480
     tggaaactgt tcttctaact ccatttctga aaaagttttt gtgcaagaat tgaatcccat     69540
     ggggattgga atatagtcag gtgagatgtt gagtggtctt tagaattata tctgagaccc     69600
     aagaggtggt ctcaggcaca tacacacacg caaacacacc tcaacacaat gctacaacat     69660
     acacgcaaac atttaacgtt ctattgtgga gcagtgtttt cacaactcag actggcttct     69720
     catgggtgta gatgaggttt aaagtgtctc agaggcccct gtggtgatgg aagcctgaaa     69780
     agggtgtcca gtagtgctgc tgaggggcac tgtggaccct caatgggaaa gcaaaggaaa     69840
     atcaaggctt gcttgagaga atgagctgcc ttgtgctgga gtataagcaa tgttaaatga     69900
     ttcctcttag aggacccaaa agcctcctgc aaagtgcaaa caccctcaat ccccacgagg     69960
     agacaacgac ccacaatctg tagcatagct aaacttccca aagtcccttt tgctctctga     70020
     aatccctggc agctacataa tctgtaacaa aaccagtccc atccagcaac agcccaaata     70080
     aacagcccct ccacaataag aagcccatgt agatgaaatg aaacagaggc tagattacca     70140
     ggcaatagcc agaagtagct gcctgcttct catcccacag gaatcatgaa gccctgtaat     70200
     aaaaagggga gaagacgagt tttaatttcg cacctgtagc tggaatttac gatttaaaaa     70260
     atatcaaacc ctagtcatga aaaggtgaca gtgtttagaa gtaaatattc atgcaatgga     70320
     ttctcctgag ggttgttcct cattaactgt gaaatgttta gtgtggaagt cattgagtaa     70380
     gaatgaggaa aacaggccga ggaaaaagat cgcagtcaag aacagaagag gaaagtgtgg     70440
     aggccatatc ccacccagca tcactccatt tccctcccat ttggctttgg gtatgaaagt     70500
     actcaaatgg ggattttgcc agtagaaccc caatttgcac tccacatgat acttgctcat     70560
     aggagtgccc caacctgaac acctggccat ggtgtggact gcttgtataa ttaaaggaat     70620
     gcaaggatgg agctggaagc accttttgta tcatctgtct ttattttttg caggtgaagt     70680
     tgtgggaccc catccactcc tcaccggatt gtatccacat ctttatctgt cttattgttg     70740
     ctcaagctct atgtcccaag atgaaatccc aagatgatga aagagtgcct tttcacgacg     70800
     tgacgcaact gcttggctgg aactgaattc gtgataaatt caaggggcaa tgtggacagg     70860
     atttctactg tctcttagtg ggttggcttc tggaaaatga aacactggga gatgtctctt     70920
     ttttggtgtg gtgtcctcct cttatttcta gaagagtgtt tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt     70980
     tttgtttttg gctgagggag gtgatttgga catcattggg tctaaacctg cctccaaatt     71040
     cattgctgat tcatgatcca cagaagaata gaaaacacgg agcctttcag cccaagcaga     71100
     gccatgcagt gaggtcacca aaaggttatg agactcaaaa aaaaagaagt gctgaagtgt     71160
     gttagccaaa tcccttttgc agatttcacc tacatgaaca catccacaca caaacacacg     71220
     caaatacaca atgccacaca catgcagaca ttcagcactc acaacactcc cacagaaaca     71280
     cacaccctga gagattttga tactgtgttg ttctgcggaa agccacactt gggagatagc     71340
     aaccccaggg aacatagtcg ggctgtaact gaaaatcata gttgggcaag ttttttttgt     71400
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgtttttg agacggattc ttgctctgtc     71460
     acccaggctg gagtgcattg tcactatgtc agctgactgc aagctccatc tcccaggttc     71520
     acaccattct tctgactcag ccacccgagt agctcgaact acaggaaact gccatgaggc     71580
     tcagctaatt tttttgtatt tttagtggag atgggttttc actgggttac ccaggatggt     71640
     ctcaatctcc tgacctcatg atccaccagc ctgggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg     71700
     tgtgagccac cactcctggc tgggcaagtt tttttttttt tttttgagac ggagtctcac     71760
     tctgtcgccc aggctggagt gcagtggcgg gatctcggct cactgcaagc tccgcctccc     71820
     gggttcacgc cattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggcaagttt taaaaagtct     71880
     aaattctgta atgcctatgc aggcctgagt aatcctgtag accctttgga atccttaggg     71940
     attttgtagt ttatttctgg ggctgtgcct gatgtttctt caggttggtt cacatctgcc     72000
     ttctcctagg atcaataggc taacccaggg attccacaga aaaggcaggt gagagtccac     72060
     agctgacaca tctcaatgga ggtctcctcc ttcaccaagc caaagggact tgtcactagg     72120
     caacggtgac cttcactgtg agactagcca gagctcacaa tcaggcctgg tgccctgata     72180
     ctagctcaca ctcatttgtg agacaagctt gaaaacctgg ctgtcagacc tgtcagcctg     72240
     ccttaacaga ggaaaatggt acaggcagaa ccagcatggt gtttggtaaa aggctacctg     72300
     cacaaacaca ctgtgagagc ataaaagtct caaactcagg tccccttcaa gctgtctctg     72360
     tggacgggtc ccactggagg aggaagagtt ttgagactga gaggtggtcg ctggaatctg     72420
     ctcttctgac tccattccca aaagaggcta tgtggtagaa tcggatccca taaagattgt     72480
     aatatagtct ggtgtgttga gggttctttg ggtgatagaa tcatacctga gatgacagag     72540
     gtgattgtca gcaaatgacg cctggtctct taacgtcact gcctcccttc atcgtgggct     72600
     ttgcagggga tctgtgggaa aggcaagagc cacaacaaag gcaagtccaa agtggaacag     72660
     tgttctcata cctcagactg acaacttgag tttggagatg aggttcagat attgtctcag     72720
     aggccatctg tagccatagc aagcctgaaa agagtgtccg gtagtgctgt tgaggggtac     72780
     tgtggattct ccatgagaac agagataaat caagacttgt ctgagcgaat gagctgcctt     72840
     gtcatggagt ccaagtaatg ttcagtgatt cctgtcagag gaccgcaaag cctcctgaaa     72900
     agtgcaaaca acctcagtcc ccacaacaag aaaacaaccc acaaacagga gtgcagttag     72960
     cattcccaaa gtcactttta ttttctgaaa taactggcag ctaaataatc tgtgctgaga     73020
     ggccatccta tccatcagca gtcaaatgaa agagcccctc cacaatgaga agtacataca     73080
     aatgaaataa aacaaagact tgattaccag gcaaaagcta gacaaggctg cctacttctc     73140
     atcctaaagg aatcatgtag ccctctgatg gaaatgggag aacaagagtt tccttgttgc     73200
     cagcagtaat gggaatttat ggttttaaaa gtatcaaagc tgcacagtca ttaaaacctg     73260
     atagtgttta gaaaaaaaca ctcatgcaat tgattcccat gagggtcatt ctttgtgacc     73320
     caggaaacgt ttagtgtgga agtcgttgag ccagatccag gaaaccctag cccaatgagg     73380
     aatatggaag tcagaaaaac aagaggcaag tgtgggtacc atataccacc cagcatctat     73440
     ccgttgcact cccatttgtc tttgggtatc aaagccctga aattgggagt ttgccagcat     73500
     gtccccaatt tgcacactaa ctgttccttg cacactggag tactgccacc tgaacacagg     73560
     cccatggtat ggactgcttg cgtaattaag agaaggcagg gatggatttg gaaacaactt     73620
     ctgtgtcatc tttttttatt tttatttttg caggtgaaat tgtgagaccc aatccactct     73680
     tcaccagatt gtatcctcac ccctaactga ccttattgca gctcacattc tatgtcccaa     73740
     gaccaaatcc caagatgatg gaggagtgca ccctcacgac ctgaagtacc tgctcttcag     73800
     ggagctgaat ttgaggtaaa ttgtagcggc cctgcagaca agactgctag tttctatccc     73860
     tgggttcact gcaagacaat aaaacactgg gagatgtctg tttttttttg gtgtggtgtc     73920
     cttcccttct ttcttgaaga gtggcttttt ttttttttgc agggccaggt gatttagatg     73980
     ttgtctggtc ccagctagcc tcccaattca ctgcagattc atgaaccaca gaaaaataaa     74040
     gaatgtggat tcccatagca caagaaaagc tacacagaca gtccacaaaa aggttgggag     74100
     acttaaaaaa aattgctaaa ctgcattagc cacattcttt taagcagact ccacttactg     74160
     gcacaaacac atgtacacac acacaaatac aatgccacac acacacagcc attcaacact     74220
     tacaactctc tcacagaaac acacagcctg gctgctcctg aggctgcatg gttctacagg     74280
     aagcctcacc tgggatagag caaccccagg gatcactggt gggctgtacc tagaaatcac     74340
     aataggcaag cttcaaaaag atttacccct acaatttcca ggcaggcttc agaaataatg     74400
     cagataattt gagattctta ggtataataa ggtttattcc tgggactgta attgaggttt     74460
     tttcatgctg gctcatgcct tccctattct aggatcatgg tactagttca taaatcccac     74520
     attcctgaga tttgtgcatg gtcattcatg agggaaaatc gggcatgcag ctgtcagagc     74580
     tgtaagcctg cttaagcaga gaatactggt acaggaagag ccagcctgct attgggaaaa     74640
     aggctgcctg tgataacctt ggaggttaca ggcaggctgt atctagaaat cacagtgggg     74700
     caagttccaa aaagactcac ctttacaatg tgtaggaaga ttttaggaat cctgcagaat     74760
     cttttgaatt tttagggatt tcatggttta tttgtgcagc tgtgcttgag atttcttcct     74820
     gctggttaat gtctgccctc tactaggatc atgggactat cccatggatc ccacagagaa     74880
     gacagctgac agtccaccac tgaagcacct ccacaaggtc tccttctccg ccaagggact     74940
     tgttgctagg caatggtgac attcattgtg atgcaagcca gaactcataa tcaggtctgg     75000
     tgccctgaga ctactgcctg tgtatttgag aggcaggctc cagtgcccaa ctgtcagagc     75060
     tgtcaacctg cctaaacaga gaacaatggt acaggtgaag ccagcctcat attgggaaaa     75120
     atctgcctgt gaaaacccac tgcaggaccc taaaagtcta gacctcagat ctccttaatg     75180
     ccttctccgt tgtggaatac cactggagaa ctagttgttt tgagactgtc aggttgtcgc     75240
     tggaatctgc tcttctgatt ctgtttctga aagaggctgt gtgcaggaat tatgccccat     75300
     gggaatggca acatagtctt atgtgttgtt gagggttctt taagtgatag aaacatacct     75360
     tagattccag aggtgggtgt aagtgaacga ttgcctagct gttgacctca ctgccaccct     75420
     tcatcctggg ccttgcaggg gctttctggg aaaaacagga ggaaccagga aaaaggcaag     75480
     ctcaaaatga agcagtgttc tcacactttg gactggcttc tgtctggtgt ggatatggtt     75540
     gagacagtgt ctcagaggcc atctgtggtg atggtaagcc tgaaaaaact gtccagtagt     75600
     gctgtcgagg ggtactgtgg attcctcttg aaagcaaaga aaaatcaagg ctagcctgag     75660
     agaacaagct gatttgtgct tgagtttttg caatattcaa tgattcctgt tagaggaccc     75720
     aaaaccctac tgcaaagtgc aaacaacctc agtccctaaa acgagacaac ccacaacatg     75780
     gagcacagtc agcctacctg aagtaacttt tgctttctga aatccctggc agcttaataa     75840
     tttgtggtga caggctgtac tatccagcaa tagcacaatg aaagagctct tttacaatgt     75900
     gaagaccatg cagataaaat gaaacatagg gtagattacc aggcaaaagc cagacacagc     75960
     tttctgattc tcattctaca ggaatcatgc aggtttttga tagaagtggg agaacaagat     76020
     tttttctatt ggcagttgta atgggaattt acagttttaa aaatatgaaa ctgcccagtc     76080
     attaagacct gacactgttt agaaggaaac actaactcaa tggattccca tcaggttcgt     76140
     tctttgtgaa ctaggaaatg tttagtgtgg aagtcattga gccagactca ggaaacccta     76200
     ggccaatgtg gaacatggga tttaggaaaa aaaagaggca agtgtggatg gaggtcagag     76260
     cccacccagc atcaatcaat tccactccca tttggatcaa ggaatgaaaa ccctcaaatt     76320
     gatagtgggc taggatgtcc tcaatttgaa atccaaatgt gttttgcaca ttagagtact     76380
     accacctgaa cccacagtca tagtgtggac tgcttgtgca attcagggaa tgaaggaatg     76440
     gagttggaag cactttctgt gtaatctgtg tttatttttt ctgcaggtgg agttgtggga     76500
     actcatccat tcctcatcag attgtatgct aacccctatc tgacattatt gctgctcaca     76560
     ctttatatgc cagaataaaa ttccaagaca gtggagaaat gccacctcat gatgcgaagc     76620
     acctgcttgg ctgggaaccg atttcgagtt aaattcaagg gaacctgtgg acaggactgc     76680
     cggtatctct ctctgggctg gactcaggac aaagaaaaac agggagatgt ccattttttg     76740
     atgtggtgtt ctcctcttct ttatagaaga gtaaattttt ttcttttttt cttttttttg     76800
     cagtaggagt tgatatggac tccaacgagt ctctgcaagc cttccaattc actgcgtatt     76860
     cataatccac agaaaaataa aaaaaacaga gccccacagc ccaagcagag ccacacagat     76920
     aggttacaaa aaaattggta gacacatgaa aaagaagtgt tgaagtgcgt tagccacatt     76980
     tctttaagcc agctccactt acaggcatgc acacacacac aaacacataa tgccacacac     77040
     acacacacat acagacattt aacacttaca acactccccc agaaacacac agccagatag     77100
     ctcttgagtc tgtgtggttt tgcagaaagc cccacctgtg agagagtaaa ctcggggaac     77160
     acagtgggga tgtacctaga aatcacagag gggcaacttt caaaaagact cacccatcag     77220
     gcaggcctgg ggaatcctga aggtcccttt gtatccttag ggatttcata cccctccaca     77280
     aaaagaaggc tgtgcagttg aaatgaaaca gtggctagat taccagtaag aagccagaca     77340
     tgacggcctt cttctcatgc tacaggaatc atgcagcctt ccaatagaat tgggagaaca     77400
     ggagtttcct tgttggaggc tgtaatgaaa atttatggtt ttaaaagtat caaagctgtc     77460
     cagccattaa aacgtgatag tgtttagaag gaaacactca agcaatgaat tcccatgagt     77520
     gccattctcc gtgtactggg aaacttttca tgtgaaagta attgagccag aatcagaaaa     77580
     ccctgggctg acatggaaca tggaaatcac aaaaggaaga ggcaagtcaa gaacccacat     77640
     cccaacaagc attaatccat tctactcccc actgaaattg gcagtttgca aagatagccc     77700
     caatttgcac tccaaatatt tctcacactt tagagtactc cctcctgaac aatgggcaat     77760
     ggtgtggaat gcttgtgcaa ttaagggaat gtggggatgg agttggaagc accttctata     77820
     tcaactgtct tcattttttt ttctagtaaa gttgtgggac cccatccacc cttcatcagt     77880
     ttgtatcttc accactatct gaccttattg ctgctgacac tccttgtcac aggatgaaat     77940
     cccaagatga tgcaggtgtt cctcctagag atgttaagtg cctgcttggg tggaaaccga     78000
     attggagtta aattcaagaa gccctgcaga caggactact agtgtctctt tctggtttgg     78060
     ccacaggaca atgaaaccct ggaagacatc tgttaattgg tgtgctcctc ttctttttag     78120
     aagagtggct tttttgcagt gggaggtgat ttggatgccg gacattcttg gcccacctcc     78180
     cacttcactg cagattcaac atgcacataa aaataaggaa cacaaagcca cacagccaaa     78240
     gcagagccac acagacaggg caataaaagg tttgagactc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatgt     78300
     gctgaagtga gtaagctgta ttcctttaag cataagcata cttcacttag aggcacacac     78360
     acacacacac acaaacaaac acataatgac atacacacat gcagacatgc aacaatctca     78420
     acactgccac aggaacccaa atcctgacat ctcctgaggc tttgtggttc tgtggtagac     78480
     ccacttggga gagaccaaac ctggagaaca agggtttgtg gtaactagaa agcagagtgg     78540
     ggaatgtttc aagaatactc acatctacaa tgcctaggca gacctgagaa accccgcaga     78600
     tttttttgta tccttaggga ttttgtggtt caatcctggg attctgcttg atgtatcttc     78660
     aggctggctc atgactgctc tctcttggga tcatgggact atcccatgga tcccacaaag     78720
     tgagaatcca cagccaatgc acctccttgg aggtctcctt ctccagcaat ctgcagagac     78780
     ttggcgttag ggaacaatga cattaattgt gacactaccc agagctcata atcaggcctg     78840
     gtgtcctgtg atctgtcttc attttttttg cagatgaagt tgtaagacta catacacccc     78900
     tcactagatt ttattctcac ccctaactaa ctttgttgct gatcacattc tatgtaccag     78960
     gatgaaatcc caaaatgatg gagtgccccc tcataatgtg aagcatcagc ttagctagga     79020
     acaaatttga cataaattca agaagccctg tggacaggac tgctaatgtc tctccctgtt     79080
     ttggctgaag gacagtgaaa cactggaaga tgtctgtttt ttttgctgtg gtgtgctcct     79140
     cttctttcta gaagagtggc tttttttttt tttttttttt tgcagaggca ggtgatttaa     79200
     acacaggtag gtctcagccc gcctcccaat tcactgcaca ttcatgatct acagaaaaag     79260
     agagaacacg gagccccaca gaccctagca gagccacaca gacaggccac ctaaaagttg     79320
     gtgactcaag aaaaaaaaat tagagatgaa gtgtattagc cacatttatt taagcagacg     79380
     ccacttacag gcacacacac acaatgccgc acacacacac aattacacac acacacgcag     79440
     aaatccaaca cttgcaccac tcccacagaa acatagcccg gcaatacctg gggctacatg     79500
     tttctgtagg aaaccccaac ctgggagaga gccaccctag ggaacacagg cgggctgtac     79560
     gtagaaatca gagtgggtca aatttcaaaa agactcaccc ttacaatgcc tagacaggcc     79620
     tgagaaattc tgcaagcttt ttagtatact taaccatttc tcgatttatt cctgggggtg     79680
     tgcttgacat ttctgcacgc tgacttatgt ctgccctctt gggattatgg gactacccca     79740
     actttcccac agagaagaca ggcaggagtc tactgccgaa gcacctcagc ggaggtatcc     79800
     ttcttttcca aaacgcaggg acttggctct gggcaacaag gacattaatt gtgacgctat     79860
     gcagagctca caatcaagct tagtgccctg ggacaatcgc atgcgcattt gtgaggcagg     79920
     atctgatgtc gttgggtctc cctggaggaa gaagattttc aagattttga ggttgtccct     79980
     ggaaactgtt ttcctgactt gattctcaaa agagtgcgtg tgtgataatc gggtaccatg     80040
     ggggttggaa tatagcacag tgtgttgttt agggttcttt gggtgacaga atcatacttg     80100
     agaccccaga ggcagatgtc agcaaaagat tcccaggctc actgcctcct tttatcctgg     80160
     gactttaaga ggctctctgg gaaatgaggg aaccacaaca aaggcaagtc caaagtggag     80220
     cagtgttcac atatctctta ttgtccacta atgggtacag atgaggtttg tctcagatgc     80280
     catctgcagt gatggagtga tggcaagcct gaaaggggtg tccagtagtg cagttgagga     80340
     gcactttgga ttccccatga aggcaaaaaa aataatcaag gctcacatga gagtatgagc     80400
     agccttgtgc tagagtccaa gcaatgttca gtgatttctg tcagaagacc caaaagcctc     80460
     ctacaaagtg ccaacgttct cagccccaac aaagagagaa agacccacaa tctagagtgc     80520
     agccaggaag tccattttgc tctctgaaat tactagcagc tacataatct gtggcaagag     80580
     gaagtcccat ccagccacag ttcaatgaaa gagcctttca aaaatgagaa ggctgtgcag     80640
     ataaaatgaa atagagtcta gattaccggg taaaacccta acacagctgc ctgcttctca     80700
     tcctacagga atcatgcacc cctctgataa atgtgagaga acaacttttt tgttgttgtt     80760
     gttgttttac tgtaacagga atataaagtt ttaaaagtat taaaggtccc tgtcattaaa     80820
     atgtgacagt gtttagaagg aacaactcat gcaatggatt tctatcaggg tcattctctg     80880
     tgaactggaa catatttaga gtagaattca ttgggccaga cccaagaaac cctaaggtga     80940
     ggacattaat gtaagtcatg aaaagaagca gcatttatgg aagccacatc acacccagca     81000
     tcagttgatt ccactcatat ttgcctccca gtatgaaagg cctcaaatca ccagtttccc     81060
     aggttggccc caatttgcat tccaaatgtt acttgtgcat tggagtactc ccacctgaac     81120
     actgagccat ggtgtggact gcttatgcaa ttaaaggagt ggggaatgga tttggaagca     81180
     cttccttgtc atctgtcttt attttttttt tgtaggtgaa gttgcagcac cccatccatc     81240
     cctcaagaga ttgtatcatc acccctatct gaccttattt ctgctcacac tttatgtccc     81300
     aagatgaaat cccaaaacga tggaggagtg ccccttcagg acatgaagca cctgctcagc     81360
     tgggaactga atctgaggta aattcaaggg accctgctga caggactcct ttgttggcct     81420
     ttccctgtgt tggccatagg actatgagac accggaagat gtctgtcttt tgctgtggtg     81480
     tgctccactt ctctctaaaa cagtgacttc ttttagcaga gagagttgat atggatgcca     81540
     gtagtcccag cctgtctccc aattcactga gtattcatga tccatataaa aataaagtac     81600
     atggaggcct gcagcccaag cagagccaca tcaacaggcc actgaaaagt ggggagattc     81660
     aaaaaaaaag tgctgaagtg tgatagccac atttctttaa gcagactaca cttacaggtg     81720
     catgctcaca gacacacaca cacaaagaca caaacacaaa atacctcaca catatgcaca     81780
     cacctggcat tctcaatact cccatagaaa ccaacagccc aggagctctg gatgctgcat     81840
     ggtcctacag gaagccccac ctggagagag caaccctgag tacacagggc aggctgtacc     81900
     tagaaattac agtagggaaa gtttcaaaaa gaatcacccc ctgcactgtc taggcaggcc     81960
     tgaggaatcc tgaggatctt cttggatcct tgggaatttt gcagtttatt cctgggactc     82020
     tgcttgatgt ttcttcaggc tggcttatgt ctgcccgctt gtaggacaat gggacaatcc     82080
     tgtggatccc acagagaaga caggagagag tccatcactg atgcaagtcc agaaaggtct     82140
     ctatttctgc caagactcag ggacttgttg ctaggcaatg ctgatattca ttgtgatgcc     82200
     agccagagct cacaatcagg ccaggtgccc tgagactagc acatgcacat gcgtgaggta     82260
     ggctgatgcc ctggctatca gagctgtcag cctgtctaag cagagaaaaa tggtacaggc     82320
     agaacctgcc tggtattggg aaacaagctg cctgtgacca cctactgtgg gacactaatc     82380
     atctagacat cagggcccct tctggctgtc tctgttgtcg ggtctcactg gaggaggagg     82440
     tgttttgaga ctgtgaggtc atcactagaa actgctcttc tgactctagt cccaaaagag     82500
     gctgtgtgca agaatcaggt cccatgtgaa tgggaatata gtctggtgtc ttgtagagcc     82560
     ttgctgggtg atagaatcat atctgagacc ccagaggtaa gtgtcagcaa aagatggcca     82620
     gctcttgacc agaagactcc cttgatcctg ggcctcacag agactctctg aaaaaagcag     82680
     gaaccatgac aaatgcaagt ccaagctgga acagtgttct caaaccccgg agtggcttct     82740
     cacatgtgct gatgaagtgg aggcagtgtc tcacagtact gcaaagtgca aataacctca     82800
     gcctccacaa ggagacaatg agccacaatc tggaacacat ccatcctacc caaagtccct     82860
     tttgttctct gaaatcgtgg gcaaataaat aatatgtgga tacaggcagc cccatccagc     82920
     aacagctcaa ttaaaaattc cctccacatt aagatggcca tgcagatgaa atgagacaga     82980
     atctagatta gcaggcaaag gacagacatg gctgcctgct tctcatccta caggaatcat     83040
     gcagcccttg gatagaaata ggataaaaag tttccttgtt tgaggctata acgggaattt     83100
     aaggatttaa aagtatcaag gcagcccagt cattaaaatg tgacagagtt taaaaggaaa     83160
     cactcaggca atggattccc acaaaggatg ctccctgtta acttggtaac gtttactgtg     83220
     gcagtcattg aaccagaacc agcaaaccct agggcaaaga gaatcataga agtctggaaa     83280
     agcagagaca agtctggaag tcacatccct cccagcatca attgattcca ctcacatttg     83340
     cctctgggta tgaaagacct taaaatggca gtttgccagg atggccccag tttgaattcc     83400
     aaatattccg tgttcgttgg agtactctca cctgaacact gagccacggt gtggactgct     83460
     tgtgcaatta ggtggggatg gatttggaag caccttcagt gtcatctgtg tttattttta     83520
     ttttggcaga tgaagttgtg ggaccccatc cacccctcac cagattgtat cctcacccct     83580
     atctgacctt tttcctgctg acactccttg tcccaggatg aaatcttaaa atgatggaga     83640
     agtgaggctt catgaggtga aacatctgct cgacagggaa ctcaagtcga ggtaaattca     83700
     aggggccctg ccaacagaac tccttgtgtt ggactctccc tgtgttagcc atagggctat     83760
     aaaacatgga aagacgtggg gtttttggcg tggtgtgctc gtcttctttc tagaacagtg     83820
     gtttgttttt ttttgtttgt ttgttttttt tggttttttt tgttgttgtt gttgttttgg     83880
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgcagaagc agctgatttg gatgctagca gtttccagcc     83940
     tgtttcccaa ttcactgcag attcatgatc cacataaaaa taaagaacaa ggagccctgc     84000
     atcccaagga gacctacata gacaggccac caaaacatgg tgagacttaa aaacagaagt     84060
     gctgaagtaa gttagccaca ttcctttaag cagactacat ttacatgcac acacacacaa     84120
     atacaaaaac acacaatgcc tcacacatat gcacacatcc gacattcaca attctcccac     84180
     agaaacacac agcccaccag ctcctgaggc tgtgtggttc tgcaagaagc cccatctgaa     84240
     agagagcaac cccagttaac agtcaggcta tacctagaaa tcacagcaga ccaagtttca     84300
     aaaatattca cccctgcaac atctaggcat gcctgaggaa ttctgcagat tttttggatc     84360
     cttagagttt tgtagcttat tcctggtgct ttgcctgatg tttcttcagt gtggctcatg     84420
     tcttctattt tctaggacaa tgggaccatc ccgtggatct cacagataag acagggcaga     84480
     gtccacactg acacacctcc acggaggtct ccatctctgc caattagcag ggacttgtcg     84540
     ctaggcaatg ctgacattca ttgtgactct agccagaact cacaatcaag tcaggtgccc     84600
     tgagaatacc acatgcccat ttatgaggta ggctagggtc cctggctgtt ggagctgtca     84660
     gcctgactaa atagaggaaa atgtaccagg aaaagctggc ccagtatcct gaaacaggct     84720
     gtctgtgaaa acccactgca ggacactaaa agtctagact aatatcccct tctggccacc     84780
     tccgtggtca ggccccactg gaggaggagg tgtttaaaga atgtgagttg gtcgctggaa     84840
     actgctgctc tgattccagt cccaaaagag gctgtgtgca aaaatcaggt tccatgtgga     84900
     ttggaatact gtctggtgta ttgtgtggtg ttctttgggt gatagaatca tatctgagac     84960
     ccgagaggca ggtgtcagtg acagatggcc aggctcttga cctcaatgcc tcctgtgatc     85020
     ctaggcctca caggggctct ctgggtgaaa caggaaccat tacaaattca agcccaagat     85080
     ggaacagtgt tctcatacct cggactggcc tctcttgggt acagatgagg ttgaatccat     85140
     gtctcagagt ccatctgtgg ccatggcaag cctgaaaaag gtgcccagta gtgctattga     85200
     ggggcactgt ggattcccca taaaagtaaa gaaaaatcaa gacttgtctg agagaacaag     85260
     ctaacttatt caacttgttc tggagtccaa gccatgttcc atgattcttg tcagagtaac     85320
     agaaagcctc ctgcaaagtg caaacaatct cagcacctgc aaggagacaa tgacccacga     85380
     cttgaaaacc agccagccta tccaaactcc ctttcattct ctgaagtccc tgacagataa     85440
     atagtctagg gtgataggca ttcccatcca gcaacagctc aataaaaaat cccctccaca     85500
     ttgagacggt agtgcagatt aaatgaaaca gaggttagat cagcaggcaa aggccaggca     85560
     tggctgcctg cttctcattc tacaggaatc atgctgccct ttgatagaaa tgggagacaa     85620
     agtttccttg tttgtgactg taatgggaat ttatggtttt aaaattattg aagttgccca     85680
     gtcattaaaa catgacagtg tttagaagga aacactcagg caatggattc ctatgaggga     85740
     cacgccccat caactgggta atgtttagtg tggaagtagt tgagccagaa gcaggaagca     85800
     atatggcaac gagaatcatg gaagtctaaa aaaaaagaaa aaatgaggca agtctggtgg     85860
     tcacatacca tccagcatca atccattcca cttttatttg gctccaggta tgagagtgct     85920
     tgtatgagat gtttgccagt atggcctgaa tttgcactcc aaatcttcct agagtgttgg     85980
     aatactctca cctgaatatc aggccatggt gtggactgct tgtacaatta agggaatgcg     86040
     aggatgaagc tggaagcacc ttctgtgtca tcttttttat ttttattttt gcaggtgaag     86100
     ttgtgggttc acatacaccc ctcaccagac tttatcctca cccctatctt accttattgc     86160
     tgttcacact ctagttcctg ggatgaaatc ccaagatgat ggagaattgc cccctcatga     86220
     catgaaacac ctgctccagt gggaacaaaa ctcgatgtaa agtcaagggg cccaacggac     86280
     tggactgcta gtgtttgtcc ctggtttggc cacaggacaa tgaaacactt gaagatgtct     86340
     cttttttggt gtggtgtgca gctgcttttt ctagaagagt ggcttttatt ttttatttat     86400
     ttatttattt tagcagtggg aggtgatgta agtaaacacc tgcaggtctc aggccgcctc     86460
     ccaatttaca gtagatttat gatccacata aaaataataa acaaggagcc ccacagctca     86520
     agccaagccg catggacagg tcatcaacta aagggttggt gactcaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     86580
     gaagaagtga ttacacacac acacacacat acacgatgcc acacagacat gcggacattc     86640
     aacattagca actctctgac agaaacacag cccagcaact cccttggctg tgtgtttctg     86700
     caggaaaccc cacctcaaga gagccaacct aaggtacaga ggcaggctag aaatctgact     86760
     gtggcaagtt tcaaaaagac tcatatctac aacccctagg caggccaagg aatcctgcag     86820
     attttttgtg tccttaatga ttccacaatt tattcctggg gttgtatttg acgtttcttc     86880
     aggctggctc ttgtctgccc tctcttggga tcatggaact atcccatcta tcccaaagaa     86940
     gataggcaag agttcgcagc caatgcaact caacggaagt gaccttctcc tccaagccac     87000
     agagacttgg caccaggcaa caataacatc aattgtgatg ctacccaggg ctcacaaaca     87060
     gtcctggtgc cctgagacta gtgcatgtgc attcgtgagg caggatctgg tgccaggctt     87120
     cagagctttc agcctgccta agcagtggga aatggtatgg gcagagccag cctggcatag     87180
     ggcaaaaggt ggcctgtgaa aacccactat gggacactaa acttctcgac ctcagggccc     87240
     cttcagacca tttacatggt cgggtctcac aggaggagaa aatattttga gactctgagg     87300
     tggtcactgg aaaagcttct tctgacttca tttccaaaaa aggctgtgtg tgagaatctg     87360
     gttccacaga gattggaata tagtaccgta ttggaattgt tgtgttgttg aaggttcttt     87420
     gggtgataga atcatacctg agaccacatg tgtggatgtc agtgaaagat ggctgggctc     87480
     ttgacctcac catctccatt catccttgac atcacagagg ctttctggga aatgtaggag     87540
     ccacgacgaa gggaagttca atgcagaatc atgttctcac atctcatatc atcctctaac     87600
     agttacagat aaggtttaga cagtgtttca gatgccgtct gtagagacgg caagcatgta     87660
     aataatgtcc attagttctg ttgaggggca ttttcgattc ctgtgagagg gaagaaaaat     87720
     caaggctcac ctgaaggaaa cagctgcctt gtgctggagt ccatgcaatg ttcagtgatt     87780
     tctttcagaa gacccaaaag ccttcagaaa agtgcaaacg tcagcccctg ctatgagaca     87840
     acgatccaca acctggagca cagactgatt aataaaagtc ccttttcctc tctgaaatct     87900
     ctggcagcta cataatctgt ggcaagagac agtcccattg agcaacactt caatgaatgc     87960
     acccctccaa attgagaagg ccatgaagat gaaatgaaat agtctagatt cccaggtaaa     88020
     agactgacac aactgcctgc ttctcatcca aaagaaatca tgcagctctt caatatgtaa     88080
     gagagaacaa gtttcctttt ggtggctgta atgggaatat acagttttga atgtatcaaa     88140
     ctttccagtc attaaagcat gacagtgttt agaaggaaac attcatgcaa tagattaaca     88200
     tgagtgttgt tatccatgaa ctgggaaata ttaagtattg aagtcgttag gccagaccca     88260
     ggaaacccta ggacaatgag aatcatggaa gttctaaaaa gaagaggcaa gtcttaaagc     88320
     cacatcccac aaagcatcaa tccattccac tcacatttgg cttcaagtat gaaaggcccc     88380
     aaatcctcag tttgccagga tagccccaat ttgcacttca aatgttactt gtacattgga     88440
     gtactcccac ctgaacactg agccaggttg tggactgctt gtgcaattaa gagaatgggg     88500
     ggtggatgtg gaagcacctt ctgtgtcatc tgtctttatt tatttattta ttttgcagat     88560
     gaagttgcaa gacatcttct acccctcaac agactgtatc ttcacctcta tctgacctta     88620
     ttgctgctca cattatttgt ctcaagataa aatcccaaaa ctctggaggg gtgctgcctc     88680
     acaagatgca tcacctgctc agttgggaac caaatttgag gtaaattcaa ggtgccctgc     88740
     tgacaggact gctgtgtctc ttcctgtgtt ggccttaggg atatgaaaca cagagacatg     88800
     tctgtttttt tttaatatgg tgtgctcctc ttatttctag aacagttttt gttgttgttg     88860
     ttgttgtttg ttttgttgtt tttgtttttt cttcagaggg agtttatttg gatgctagcg     88920
     attccagact tacatcctaa ttcactgcag attcatgatc cacataaaaa taaagaacac     88980
     agagcagtga agaccatgca gagtcacaca gacaggccac caaaaggtgt ggagacttat     89040
     aaaaaaagaa gtgctgaagt gcgttagcca cattttttta agcagattcc agtaacagac     89100
     agacacacac acacagaaga cacaaaaaca taatgcctct ctcacacaca cacacacaca     89160
     cacgtcagac atttggaaca ttcccataga aacactcagc ctggcatctt gtgatgtggc     89220
     gtggttctgc aggaagcccc atctgggaga gaataaccct gagaaacata gacgggctgc     89280
     tcctagaaat aatagtaggg taattttcat aatgactcac acctacaatg tctaggcagg     89340
     cttaataacc ctgcagatct tctcagatcc ttagcaattt tgtggtttat tcctggggct     89400
     ctgcttgaca ttcaggctgg ctcatgtata cttcttctta gaacaatggg acaatcccat     89460
     ggatcccaca gagaagacag gggagaattc accactgaca cacctctacg gaggtctcta     89520
     tctctgccaa gccacaggga attttcacta cgcaagagtg gcattcattg tgacactaac     89580
     aagagctgac aatcaggcca ggtgccctgg gactagcaca tgcacattca tgaggtaggc     89640
     tagagcccct ggctgacaga gccgtcagca tgcctaagca gaga                      89684