ID   AC024183; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 163495 BP.
AC   AC024183;
DT   03-MAR-2000 (Rel. 62, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-268K13 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-163495
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-163495
RA   Joshu C., Stoneking T., Markovic C.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-268K13";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-163495
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-FEB-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-163495
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-JUN-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-163495
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; c2422820077bb65ddea2512cc068d09f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC024183.4:1-163495; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF00003; U1.
CC   On Jun 27, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7574925.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu/gsc
CC   Contact: sapiens@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0268K13
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (http://bacpac.med.buffalo.edu)
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 1 of RP11-268K13;
CC   actual end is at base position 163495 of RP11-268K13.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..163495
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-268K13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..978
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   968..1807
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1816..2016
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2071..2589
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3209..3362
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3370..3447
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3935..4062
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4063..4374
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4879..5011
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   8557..8610
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9212..9375
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   9878..10184
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10305..10601
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10765..11047
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   11285..11576
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   13639..13836
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13910..14038
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15870..16140
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16259..16543
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16636..16850
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19959..20165
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   22450..24467
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24496..24936
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   25272..25312
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25338..25561
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25574..25625
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   25633..25754
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   26485..26626
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   26654..26717
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   26750..26844
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   27112..27192
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27191..27323
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29492..29915
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   31301..31606
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32197..32271
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35900..36197
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   37109..37310
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38785..38945
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39620..39784
FT                   /rpt_family="U1"
FT   repeat_region   41110..41402
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   42805..42897
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   43446..43880
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44476..44585
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   47483..47792
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48030..48242
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48590..48765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48799..49257
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   49308..49596
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52748..53011
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53077..53299
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53444..53797
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53798..53942
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53943..54153
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54208..55474
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55487..55815
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55817..56135
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56173..56385
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56386..56696
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56697..57236
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57610..57809
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58300..58427
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   60018..60109
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60135..60500
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60502..60647
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60654..60841
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60842..61126
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61127..61296
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61785..62023
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62218..62357
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   62495..62647
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64271..64556
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65178..65292
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65294..65496
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65708..66942
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66956..67215
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67277..67657
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67747..68149
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68220..68486
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68522..68738
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68830..69950
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69957..70266
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70292..70578
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72514..72620
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72724..73673
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73674..73965
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73966..74313
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74290..74437
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74460..75341
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75342..75922
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   75923..76379
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76382..76515
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76520..76729
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   80720..83030
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83070..83130
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83377..83961
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   84836..85031
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   87781..88174
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88962..89025
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   89057..89117
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89115..89216
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89304..89388
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   89389..89727
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   90089..90469
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90476..92378
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92379..92689
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92690..93004
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93015..93784
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93785..94101
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94102..95337
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95356..95633
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95637..96933
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97452..97626
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97643..97899
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98091..98362
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98470..98741
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98744..98958
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100016..100632
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   101022..101290
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102207..102725
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104271..104327
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   104385..104689
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104700..105504
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   107489..107741
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107752..108433
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108434..108710
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108711..108723
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108737..108861
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109009..109201
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110547..110747
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   111079..111364
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111758..111836
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   111838..112428
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   112616..112747
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113058..113373
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113705..113981
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   123107..123403
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   123566..132183
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   132204..132580
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   136510..137037
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137038..137233
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138919..139198
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139247..140597
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   140612..141689
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   141690..142679
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   142665..143848
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   143847..144269
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   144270..155487
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   155488..155797
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   155798..156996
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   156997..157572
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   157573..158961
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   158962..160065
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
SQ   Sequence 163495 BP; 51537 A; 30154 C; 31564 G; 50240 T; 0 other;
     gaattcggct atgaatctgt ctggtactgg attttcttgg ttggtaggct atcagttact        60
     gcctcagttt cagaacttgt taatggtcta ttcatgaatt taacatcttc ctggtgtaga       120
     catgggaggg tgtatacgtc aaggcattta tccatttctt ttagattatc tagtttattt       180
     gccgagagct gtttatagta ttatctgatg gtagtttcta tttctgtggg atcagtggtg       240
     atattcccta tatcagtttt tgttgcatct attttatttt tctctctttt cttctttatt       300
     attttggcta gtggtctatc tattttgttg atattctcaa aaaaccagcg cgtggattta       360
     ttgatttttg aaagtttttt ttgaactatc tcctttagtt cttctctgat gttagttatt       420
     tcttgtcttc tgctagcttt tgaattggtt tgctgttact tcactatttc ttttcatttt       480
     aatgttagcg tgtctatttt agatctttcc tgctttatct tgtgggcatt taatgctatc       540
     aatttttctc tacacactgc tttaaatgtg ccccagagat ggtgatacgt tgtgtcttca       600
     ttatcattgg tatcaaagaa catctttatt tctgccttat tttgttattt actcatcagt       660
     gatttaggaa caggttgttc aatttctatg ttgttgtgtg gttttgagtg agtttcttaa       720
     tctgggttct aatttgattg cactatggtc tggaaggctc tttgttataa tttgcattct       780
     ttggcatttg ttgaggagtg ttttacttcc aattatgtgg tcaatttttg aatacatgtt       840
     atgtgacacc gagaagaatg tatattctgt tgattggggg tggatagttc tgcagatgtc       900
     tattaggttt acttagtcca cagctgattt caggtcctgc aaatccttgt taattttctg       960
     cctcattgat tgctgcctgt tcttttctct ggaagcttca tccccaaggg gcaccttcag      1020
     attccagcca gtgctctcct gtatgaggtg tctcccagtc aggatacaca gaggccatgg      1080
     atccacttga gaaggcagtc tgaccattag cagagctcaa acgctgtgat gggaggtctg      1140
     ctgctctctt cacagccatc aggcagttat gttgaagtct gtgatgctgc atccatggct      1200
     gccccttccc ccagatgttc tgtcccaggg agaccggggt tttatttata agcccctgac      1260
     tggggattct gtcatttttt cagaaaagtc ttgcatagag aggagaaatc tggcagccta      1320
     gccacatcag ccttgctgag ctgcagttgg ctccaaccaa ttcaaacttc cctgtggttt      1380
     tatttacact acaaaggtaa aatggcctac tcaaggctca gcaatggcgg atgaccctcc      1440
     ccctagacaa gctcgagtat ttcaggtcga tctcagactg ctgctgtgct ggcagagaga      1500
     atttcaagcc agtgaacctt agtttgtttg cctctgtagg gggtgtcact ccccaagcca      1560
     gaccacttgg ctccttggcc tcatcacctc tctccagggg agtgaacggt tctgtctcct      1620
     taacatgcca ggcacaattg aggtatgaaa acaaacaaac aaaaaaaaaa ttctttcagc      1680
     tagttcagtg tttgctctaa cagctgccca gttttgtgct tgaaacccac ggccttcatg      1740
     gggtaggcac caaagggaat atcctggtct gtaggttgtg aagaccatgg gagaagcgca      1800
     tatctggaat agggcccttg gtttctcagg cttccccggt gaggtgatgc ctcaccctgc      1860
     ttcatctcac actccatgga ctgcacccac tgcccaacca ttcccagtga gatgaacagt      1920
     gtacctcagg tggaaatgca ggaatcactc accttctgca ttgatctctc tgggagctgc      1980
     aatctggagc tgtttttatt cagcaatctt gccagcaatt ccccctcatt tttttttttt      2040
     ttttttaatg gtgaaggagc cattaactgg aaatgtaaaa ctatgcaaat tctagaagaa      2100
     agcacagaca taaatgtatg tgatcttgga tttggccaca agttttaaca aatgacaaca      2160
     aagccgatca gcaacggtaa aaaaaaaatt aataatttaa ggtttctcat attaaaagct      2220
     tatactctga gtaaaatctt gttcaggaaa tagaaagata agcaacagac tgaaaataaa      2280
     tatctgcaaa atacagatcg gggtaaaaac ttgcactgaa aatacgcaaa tcttgaaact      2340
     caacaataaa acagactacc caattgacaa tgtgtaaaaa gctgagctca ccaatgaaaa      2400
     tacaaagatg gcaagcaaac aaaaagatgc tcaaactcat atatctttaa gtgactgaaa      2460
     attacaacga gttagcatgg cccatctata tttgttggaa tggctaaacc atttttaaaa      2520
     catgacaact gatttgctgc aggaaaaaca acaattcatt cattgcttgt ggaatgcatg      2580
     atggcacaga aagaaaaaga actctttcaa actctcatgt taacctgaaa gcctgtttct      2640
     gtcctctacc atacacacaa ggtgctatct ggtctacctt ttggtgacag actcgagatc      2700
     caatataatc tgtgcatctg taagaagcag ctgggatcca gacagaaggc agatggtccc      2760
     cacagtcaaa gtcatctaag aactttttaa taaagaggga cttattcagg gtatctacaa      2820
     aagatagtgg agttccctgg gatagtaaca ggaccatagt ctttgtactc cttggtaatg      2880
     gagaattagg ggagagataa attctcagca ctggagagac agagatggtt cagagcactt      2940
     gaaagatgtc atcacaggca ctatgacctc tctgggactt gatatgaagc agccagtcta      3000
     gggccactgt atgtggaggc tggtgtcccc actagccaaa cccaatcagc aggcagagag      3060
     taaaaaaaat gccttgacac cacctagagg caggttagca gagtttaatc cagaaatcat      3120
     aattttataa atctttccaa tttaagcctc ctttacaagt ataaaacata gttttatact      3180
     gacttagtat gaatcactaa tacatgcaag ccatgcacag tggctcatgt ctgtaatcct      3240
     ggctatttgt gaggcccaga ctagtggaac attttggtca aaagattgag accagcctgg      3300
     ccaacacggt gaaaccctgt ctctattaag catataaaaa ttagctgtgt gtgtgtggag      3360
     cgggtggggg gggggggcgg taaattcctg tagtcttacc tacttgagag gcagaggcag      3420
     gagaatttct tgaacatagg aggtggacat atggtttaag agatgcatgt ttttattttt      3480
     attctcttcc agtttttctt cctttagtag taaatagtca cttatctctt gaacactttc      3540
     attcacaata tatttgtttt gttattgcca aagactgtgc tttgacagac attaactcaa      3600
     tctgaaagtt aacaaggaaa atttgcattt gaatgatgac tttacagtgc tgcaaaagta      3660
     aaagctggca ggctcctttt agcatagcgt cacaatttaa ctgaggtcac tgaaccgatg      3720
     tctgaatctc tgcaataaga tgcaaactac agtaacaaaa attgtcttct gccctgcagt      3780
     tggggcagag gaagttttat ggacaacatc ccatgaagca agtccttcta agtaagatta      3840
     taaccccatt ttgcataggc attgaagaac ttaaaacagt cactcatcat accaatatag      3900
     gtttgtttta aatatgaaaa gataaggtaa aaatggccag gcatggtggc tcccgcctgt      3960
     aactccagca ctttgggagg ccaacatgag aggatagctt gagctcagaa tttccagact      4020
     accttgggca acaaggaaaa tcccggtctc tactaaaagt acagccagac actggctcaa      4080
     gcctgtaatc ccagcacact gggagaccat catgggcaga tcacttgagg taaaaaattt      4140
     gccaactcca gccaacatgg tgaaacccaa tctctactaa aactataaat attagccagg      4200
     catggtagca ggtgtctgta atccccgcta cccaggaggt tgaaacagga aaaatcactt      4260
     gaaaacaaag gcagtggtag cagtgagccc agtttgcatc attacactca agcctggaca      4320
     acagaatgag actccatctt aaaaaattaa aaagtaaaaa agtaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa      4380
     caaaaacaca taattttctt ggtgtggtgg ggtatggcta taatccgagc ttctcgggag      4440
     gtggagacac aagaattgct ttaccctggg aggtgatgat tgtagtgagc cgatataaca      4500
     ctagtgcact ccacactgaa tgacataatg aggctcagtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaagtaac      4560
     attttgcgta gagcttttct tttcttagta tactgtatgc catatttgaa taagaaggca      4620
     tacaaagttc tcacaaaagt tcaacttgca aaaatgtttt aagtgcctaa aattccagct      4680
     tcatcttcag acagcaagca taaaaataaa cagaaaatta aacaagcaat ggcaggtggt      4740
     aaatgcactg catttagttt taatatgtga gataacacta taatgtcaaa aattctagct      4800
     gctgctgatg aaaggaaaga acaggttaat gtagaaacag aacaataata atattggcca      4860
     cctgctatga actaggctca tacgttaact cactgaattc cctcaacaac cctataatgt      4920
     ggaaaacatc ctagagttta cagctgagga atctgcaatc aaaggacctg cccagaggca      4980
     cacaagaaat tgggccacag ataggattca aggaggactc taagacccaa agcactgtct      5040
     acactttcat atatgatgtt ggttgaaatt aagaactgtt gagttaactt tagtcatccc      5100
     cctctttgcc gtagaaatgg cagtttaaac atctcgagag aaagactttg gataaattat      5160
     acatgactaa aattttatat attcattaaa atgtatttca aaaaatatgc taaaaaattc      5220
     ttggagttct tacataaaac ttacagattg attgagttcc tccttttttg gattactaac      5280
     tgtgagctcc tcttgcaagt aaacagcttt tcctgaaata aatagccctt taaacatcat      5340
     aatgttttcc ttgtgaatac aaaagctatt taatatttat ggccagtctg tcagacctaa      5400
     tgaccattat tttataatat gaaatagcct gtgtagggaa taaaattttc acaggcaagt      5460
     aagaaataag ccctgttagt taacaggtga cgtgaagcta taactgtcat ctatgtggtg      5520
     aaattccacc atctacacct gctaaccaga gaggttttaa gttccttgaa gaagaagatc      5580
     tgtctgttac tatattgtaa aagacaatat tgttattgta ttgtaggtat tactttgtca      5640
     ttttcatttt atctaacttg aatctatgta gatataatat caaggcaaaa tttgttacat      5700
     agatgatggt actaatttat aaaagaagtg ttagtctcca caagatagta gtaaaagggg      5760
     aagccacaca ctgggtgtct ggacaacatc aaataactac tttggtatac tcccaagaat      5820
     ctatttgaat attccaccaa aacttcactt ctcattacag gcaatttcct aaaaatatat      5880
     tgaaatataa aatatctgaa gattgagaca ttactcatct tccagtctca agggcaatat      5940
     acacaagaat tcaggaggtt atatgtaaag taaaaatatt ataaataaaa aaaaatatga      6000
     gaaggcaaca aaataagaag ctatgtcaca ggaaacagag aagttaaaat ttttccataa      6060
     gtgaaaaaga acgtatctca tggctaaaag taataggcac cagaggcaat aagttgctgc      6120
     cagcttcttg ataattgcag atttatcaaa atatgttgaa ataaagttta ataaaatatc      6180
     cagaaaaaaa tctctgggct ttctgtttat ataaaatatt aaaaataatg gtttctcaaa      6240
     aggagggaag acaattcttt ttttaaattt tagataatta atattacacc aaaagtgtac      6300
     tatagacaag aaaaatagca taagctattt tttaatataa aacagactca actagggaag      6360
     ctaatacctt gtatcaaaac tgaaaactac ggcttcttgc cccacccaaa caataccttt      6420
     attcttcctt tcctcttcaa tcactcgact agttctaatg atgtagtcat ccgttagttg      6480
     aagttgatat ctgagtatca gaacgagtaa atataagttt cacagttgtc tttccagaaa      6540
     gatgcttatc aatgcaggac cttatctatg gtacagatac agctgagggc gctgaatatg      6600
     acattgtggg acttcaaagt ccctcagtgc taaagccagg gatatgactt tcaaacataa      6660
     aatgtccaac aaaaccctgc cttggtgtta taaagcacaa tcatacaaaa tgcagggttg      6720
     tgttttcata aggttactga aagcattcct ttccagttgg tctcaactgg cccaaagaac      6780
     agggaagaca gttaaattta cacagcacac aacagactca atcccaaatg ataattagac      6840
     agtcactttc aacccacctg tactatctgc acagcccaaa caaatgtaag gattttgggc      6900
     ccagggacaa agcccagtcc agggaaccag gtgctaaaag cattatatct gaattagcaa      6960
     tatccaaagg cacattttca catttttact tttgtttctc agcttttaca agttgacttt      7020
     tgattccaaa aggatgaaga aacattcctg ttgtgaacag tcctcaaact ccaagcttgc      7080
     caaagtcata tgagaactcc caaagccaga aatacaccat gcaggccatg gaagctgtca      7140
     caatggtacc aaacagttca ctagctccat aactatataa aattaacata ctttaataaa      7200
     tgtattacta aaaattacta actgtaaaac taaaaattac taaaaactac taataaatgt      7260
     attattaaaa aaattacaga aacttcatgt cagctatttt aatatagaaa ctgaccaaaa      7320
     aattggataa aatacttcat tttcatcacg aaaagtaaag tttctcgtgg ttagaagtaa      7380
     tatgtaccag aggcaataag cttctgccaa cttctcgacg actacagatt tatgaaaata      7440
     tattgagaat atattgggaa ttcagaatct ataaataact gttctatatt ttaaaaatag      7500
     aatttgttta tagaataacc tcaagaaacc tttgcaagtt ctgtgtaatg gaatattgat      7560
     gataaattat gaggaaggca attaaaaaca ggccacataa ataaatgccc agagcacgtg      7620
     agttgagtca tctcttccgg acacattaac agcaaatatt aactgaggat tttgtatgtg      7680
     tcagatgctt tcgaacccac tgaaaagtta ccacatgggc ataaagtctt acaactgacg      7740
     tattactcac ttatacacaa ggtgagagta aagcaaagcc aaattaacga cagttgtcca      7800
     tattttgctt tccctatatc aatttttgcc ccacatagtt aattttagct cctttcttgt      7860
     gatcatgact ttgcagaatc atgaaggaat acaagacaca cgttcactga caaacaatct      7920
     gaccactaag tatactttat acattgttag atatccccat ctttgtggca gtatgagtgt      7980
     ggtagagaaa aaggaaacta aaagttatta taattcaaac tacatcttat taattatgca      8040
     acctgagcaa gtcgcaacgt gccctgaaat ttaaagcaaa tctcagtcct tgataaatat      8100
     tcaagaagcc atgagtaaga agaacagagg atgtgctttt ctacacctta tcttttaaaa      8160
     gctaccctaa ctcaaatgca agaatatatt ggctgttgat aaacatatgt atttttaaca      8220
     ctaaagtttg cataaaagat taatcataga ctacttcctc ggcttttgtt atatttctac      8280
     aaatgtaatt taaacatatt acttcttcaa atgtgccaaa caattacttt agaagtacgt      8340
     tttttaggtt tcagtcatag gtttcctcaa gacactttgt attctgctcc catctcctaa      8400
     gtcctcagtc atgcttttat gtttttcttc ctggagttcc tgggttctga aattagcaaa      8460
     aaacataaag taaataaact ataatagctg agttaacaaa tttaggaaaa acatcacgtg      8520
     acaccttttt agttcaacag actaaaactg ctccatgacc agcctggaca acatagcaag      8580
     accctgtctc ttaaaaccaa aaaacaccaa caaaaaatcc ctatgaaaca aacaaaaaaa      8640
     aaaccgattg attgaatatt gatcaagtac caaaagagag ggcaacagat agatgggtca      8700
     ttcagggctt ccacatactt aagaatagaa tgatcttcat agtgagactt caaatcaccc      8760
     attacaccaa ctccccagcc agggaggtgg attcacagga gatgagatcc agccatcctg      8820
     agaagcactg caaaacacta actagtctaa gagcagttaa aagctccagg tattagctcc      8880
     ctcttctggt aatctggaac gccatggaga ggtaaactac attgattgtg tatatacgct      8940
     gagagaaggg aaaaggagta gagaaaatgg aggttaaaaa aagtgacaca cactccttgc      9000
     ccaaatgttt ctcttttttt cgtctctctc tctctctctc gtttaatcta ccttttcatt      9060
     actgccaaaa agagagtaag atacacagtg ggctgaaata aaaaatcaaa cctatagaag      9120
     tgagaaaaca acgttaaata agatggggac aaattcttta atgagctaaa agcctaaaat      9180
     atctatgggt gtcaattaac agaatattcc caatggaaag gaaaacttct tgtgcaaact      9240
     atacacaggt gagctttctg tcaatcccag gtaatatatg aaggatgaaa catttctgag      9300
     cacacagaaa aagtgaatag cattgagaaa tagtttcatc cagtacaagt caaaccacaa      9360
     tacttccttt tttgagcaca gagcaggtaa aagcttcagg cctggatatt tggaattcgg      9420
     ctacaataca taaacacaca aaaatatcag acctgaaggt ctgaagttaa ctttaaaatg      9480
     tatgatctgt tcaagtgtca tacagcttct ccaaattttc tatttggtgt tactgtagcc      9540
     tagtgatagc atttcatgtt aacgtttaat atttcaaaag cacagaccta atatttgttt      9600
     ctgttaatgt gtaacttcta atgctgggtg agatcacctt tataaaaaat aattctactt      9660
     gtcagtaaac attacaatat ttagacatat atttagtaat tctttttaat ctcatcattc      9720
     cgaagattca agataaacat gcatatgcat aattcaaaag cttcaactct ctgctttagc      9780
     tttgcctttt ttcctcttaa caaatctata tcttttagta aaacaaggct ttgagcatag      9840
     attttcttgt ttcaatctgt aaaaaagcat taattttggc cgattgttgt ggctcatgct      9900
     tgtaatccca gcattttggg agactgaggc agaggcagat aggtcacgag gtcaggagat      9960
     gaagatcaca ccggccaagg tggcaaaacc ccatctctac tgaaaataca aaagttacct     10020
     gggcatggtg gcaggcacct gtaattccag ctactcagga ggttgaggca ggaaattgct     10080
     tgaaattgac aggcagaatt tgcaatgagc cgacatcaca ccactgtact ccagcctggg     10140
     tgacagagca agactatttc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtttta gcaagaaagt     10200
     taatggaagc agaacaaatt gaaataaata tacttctaac taaattccaa aaaacaaagt     10260
     acagaaatta agaatacaat ttccccttca agtgattcct actcagctgg gcatggtgat     10320
     tcactgctgt aatcctagcc ctttgtgagg ccaaaacagg ctgatcacct gaggtcaaaa     10380
     gcttgagacc agcctttccc aatatggtga aaccacaatc tctacaaaaa ttacaaaaat     10440
     taactgggta aggtggtcgg cacctttaat cccagctaac tggaaagctg aggtaggaga     10500
     atcacttgaa cctgggaggc agaggtttca gtgagttgag gtagtaccat tgcactccag     10560
     cctgggcaaa agattaaaac tgcatctcaa aaaaaaaaaa atccaattca atgtcttcct     10620
     caactagcta ttccagcggc acatgtattt acatttactc tcccaatttc tgttaaagta     10680
     catttccata tattgttaac atccccgtgt aatctatgct acttaattaa catatctcag     10740
     tcccttaggt aattttaggt aatctttgtt ttgagactcg gttctgctct gttgctcagg     10800
     cttgagtgca gtgttgtgat tttgggtaaa tgcaacctct gcctcccaga ctcaaggcat     10860
     catcctacct cagtcttctg agtagctgag actacaaaca cacatcaccg agttccccta     10920
     attttttttt agagatgagg tggtgccatg ctgcccagac tggtgttgaa cctctgagct     10980
     caaatgagat ccccatctca gcctctcaaa gtgctaaaac tataagcacg agccaccaga     11040
     cctagccccc ttaactaaaa tttgggaagt tcttcaggaa aataaataaa caaaatgtac     11100
     attcagaaat aaaactccaa aggaataaaa tccccatgga ttttagtggt ggtgctgcct     11160
     gaatgtttct gagtcatcta aatgttcatg agtcattgtg attcagagtt agtaagctca     11220
     catgaactta taaatgaatg agccaacatt acacttatgt cttcacagag taagaattta     11280
     ctctctatca tatatcaagc agcatactag gaacttgata taaaaatgta gaccgatgta     11340
     gtcctcatct ctgaagacct cacagtatag tcagggagaa acaatcacgc taagatagga     11400
     taattttata actgaggtaa ataaagactg cagacaggaa taagacctaa atgagttgct     11460
     cagtgggagt cagggaaggc atctcagggg tgacaccaaa gctgggcctt gaatgacact     11520
     atggttttat cagagagaga caggattgat attgcaggtg gggaaataca ggcatggtgg     11580
     tttttatgag aatgacaatc ttcctcaaag gcttcagata ttcacggttg aataaacaga     11640
     aacttagtca gtcacctatc ttgaagatga agttattagt ctaaacacaa tctaatcatc     11700
     tctaagatct gtgcatccaa cattcaattt tataactgaa gcaagctgaa tttccagaaa     11760
     tgctatggaa aattttagag tgagtgccct tagcattaaa caactatgtc tcattgagaa     11820
     gctccaagca agagtgggca ctagggggaa gacttcctac ttttaacatc tggcagcagc     11880
     agttttagat gtatgtttga aatactgctg tgaatcctgt gtggtctaag acattcacat     11940
     ggaaaaggaa tacaatttct taaaggagta gatccaaccc aacttgccaa cacaaactcc     12000
     ctgccactcc tcatcccctt catctccttt caagttactt tcctggtgat gagatcaaat     12060
     ggccacatgg atgacccttg gggccctggt gactccttca ctccagggat ctttactctt     12120
     gctcatttcc atggctccat ccaatggcag cacagtacct ttgacttcca ctctctacct     12180
     gaaacctcat tctgcagttc tgcactcctg gaccatcttt attcttccac ttgccagtct     12240
     ctccagatct agttctttat cactgaaact accactcaac cctccctttc cccctaggtt     12300
     accagccacc tgccctctcc tctgcttacc atcactacac aggagatcca gggaatcttc     12360
     atgagatagg ctgcctttct caaggacatt gaattatgtt ctgcaaatct ccacttccca     12420
     agcatctcca tctttccacc ctcactgaaa gggacagcaa gagagaccct taaaattcct     12480
     ccccagaggt agaacagaaa acttgcctac aaacatgtgg ttttgtctct ctcacttcca     12540
     gggttacccc caccacagct gggccttcag tacaggtaat cagtctgctc tgctgtaaag     12600
     agctgttcat acattaccca catgagctac tctgcacctc caagctgctc ctgaaacctt     12660
     tcatctatct ccttaatttg cctgagaaga tgaagttttt tagagtgtgt ttctcataat     12720
     tccaacttgg ctgatcacct ctgcaaatct tgcatttcca gaagactcaa aggatgcaaa     12780
     tctgtatcct tttcaaggcc catcattctt ttattttcag tcttggccac agtccctact     12840
     gctcttctgg gaccttgttc catcaattgt aacatctcat tccttgagtc aatccagtaa     12900
     cagctgtagg aaatagccac ccagtaaaat atttgtaaat accacctctt ggtgcttttg     12960
     atgtctctca agggtactct ttttccaaag aataaagttt tcagattccg cttgacaagc     13020
     tttctcaaaa tcatttcaga acatagataa ttccttctca cactctatta taactttcat     13080
     aaaaaacttc aattgtgaat tgattacaaa tataaaagtt ccaatcatta taatataagt     13140
     gcagtaacag attctccctc cacagctagt ctccacatta atgttctgtc caaatgtgtt     13200
     atatttattt aatctatcat tttataccat ttgctgtatt tgtaggactg aatcaaaagg     13260
     aataaacaaa tctcatcaga aaaaaattga tatgcaaaac agtgaagtac cctatttttt     13320
     attaaaaatt ccaggtattt tttagtatat ctaagattaa atctttagat ggccaacaaa     13380
     aacatgcctt attaactgta acaagataaa gattaccttt tgacacattt ctgccagaag     13440
     ttgcttttct atttctctct tatcttcatt tagctttatt tctaaagact caaactttat     13500
     atgcttagga taagcatctg ccagttgatc accaataagc tgaaggttgt cagctattaa     13560
     aaagtaacag gtcaaattag gacacagaag catggtcagg tgtgtaagag gccagacttc     13620
     tagctcaaaa gtagagtata cttaggggaa aatatgggtg tctgcaattt actttgaaat     13680
     acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcaa gatagatgaa tagatggaca gacaaaaatg     13740
     atgaagtatg tataatacaa atgtaatcgt gaaatctagg tggtaggtat gtaaatgttg     13800
     actacaattg tttcaacttt tctatatgtt gaaaatgctc gggcatttac caccatctac     13860
     cacactgagc taatttattt attattatta ttattactat tattaatatt attatttgta     13920
     tagacagggt cttcctatgc tgcctgccca agctgatctc aaactcgtgg cctcaggtga     13980
     tcctcctacc tgggcctccc aaggtgctgg aatcacagga atgagcctct ttgtctggtt     14040
     atagctttta agagtaaatc tgaaaaaagt ccttcccatg catgacatga aacctggaag     14100
     caataaggag aaatatttat caatctcact acataaaaat taaaaggtgg tgtcacagtg     14160
     tgagaactat gagaactgct accacagttt cttttatttt ctttctttct tccttctttc     14220
     ctgccttcct ttcttccttc acattattac aatgaagctt gggaaattaa tacacagccc     14280
     caatggctgg caaaagtata tactcaaatg attaagttct gaatgaatgg atgaatgaat     14340
     aaatgtctct gtggggatta tagaaatgca tgtaacagac aaaatcccaa gggggtaaca     14400
     acacaaaagg accattacta attcacagat tattttaaaa gacctaaggg ataactaagc     14460
     attaaaaggc aagttgccag cttatgttca tgctacaaag cccattatca agtctaacaa     14520
     atggtgtgaa acccacagta gttacaaact ttataaatct tttgtatgaa ggccaaaatt     14580
     aaggcaatta atcaggtctg cgtaaacatt taagaacaaa agttatatta cactttacca     14640
     aacacatatt ctattcatta atgacatatt aatacattta atactctatc aattgtattt     14700
     gagaggcata cctagtatac aaagacacct ggcctaaaag gcaggttttt gaatgttttt     14760
     ttttttttag aaattttgcc aacagcggat atgtttacaa acagtatctc ttagtgtgtc     14820
     tgcaggactc ttgatactgt ctgaagtttt cttatttgac tatataaagt tattacaaaa     14880
     gtgaaaatat gggaataatg acctgcagaa caggtgaact attgtttaca aactaagatg     14940
     tggtgagcaa gggaaaacat gtaatttaaa tgaaatgaaa tgtcttacac ttctccctca     15000
     aaatttgctc cattctttta taaggaaaac tacatagaaa aaccttgcta tactttacaa     15060
     atacgtagac tcctacattt ttggttttct ttatcaaatc ctgagaccta ttaaaaacat     15120
     attttccctt tataatgcta ttcagctata attaacaaac caaagtagat tacagaaact     15180
     aagtaatctt accggtgatt tctagaaacc tgaagtacgg tgatttttat tgagtgcaat     15240
     ccatcctgca tagtaaatac cttaagaaaa ttaaaagttc ctacttagac acatgcttat     15300
     agcagtgttt aaatgacaca ttataatata tttatgaata tgagattaag aaacatcctt     15360
     caaaaaaata agattacaaa gcaaaattga agctctttct tacactgtta gatacattac     15420
     aaaaacatag tgaggtcaaa ataataaaat atctttcttg atcatgtaat taacctctaa     15480
     gtattttacg tcaaatgtca ttcaattaca tttttttgaa agtagtgttt aaaatttaaa     15540
     taaactgaat tttcactgtc tttacaatca tgattaaaat gcacttaaaa tactctcaaa     15600
     cagacatttt gggcagctat ttatatctgt ttctactaca gtatatatca ataattatgt     15660
     ctactctgag aacactgata tgttttcaaa tggatttcct tcaaagaaaa catttagcat     15720
     tggcatcttc tattaggaga aaccattaag ttgtttgagc aggatgaatt cctgttataa     15780
     gaattataca actggtaatt acacaataag tagaatatgg agtgattatg aaattagaga     15840
     aagatatatc aaagatgaat tccagacaag gcacaatgac tcacagttgt aattacagca     15900
     cttgggcatg ctaagcgggc agatgacatg agctcagaat tcaaaacaac actgcccacc     15960
     ataagaaacc cagtatctat aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tagcagaatg tggtggtgtg     16020
     tgcctgtact cccagccgct tgaaaggctg cagtagtata attgcctgaa cccagcagac     16080
     agttattgca gtaagctgag attataccgc tgcccttcag acttggtgac agagtgagac     16140
     actactacta aaaaataaat aggtaaataa atacacttat aaaaccgata agtaaagttt     16200
     ggttgcttat gaggaaactc aacatgctta aaattttcat tcaaatactg tactaagccc     16260
     aggcattgtg gctcacattt gtaatccctg cacttttgga ggctgaggca aatggatcac     16320
     ttgagatcag gagttcaaga caaacctggc caacatggtg aaaccccacc tctactagaa     16380
     atacaaaaat tagctgggta cttgggtgag cacctgtaat tacagctact tgagcggctg     16440
     aggtgggaga attgcttgaa cccaggaggc aaagtttgca ccccgagatc atgccactac     16500
     actccagcct gagcaacaga gtgatactcc atctcaaaga aaataattac aataccaagc     16560
     ttcttgtgtc cttaaaattt ggaatatgaa atctttagat aactatgaca acataaagaa     16620
     aataaagaca tacacacacc accaagagtg aaatttaatg taaacgatag actgggaata     16680
     atgacatgtc aaggtaggtt tatcaattgc agaaaatgta ccaccttgat gaaagatgtt     16740
     gacagtggga aagactgtgc atgtgtagga gcactgggtg tataggaact ctttgtactt     16800
     ctccatctac ctggctgtga actaaaaact gctctaaaaa acaaagtcta caaacaccac     16860
     cccgccaaca acacacacac atattcacag ggaaactttg ctgcatctac ctttaaagta     16920
     ataaactggg atgactgttc aacaataatg gtggagaaat atagttcaaa taattagaaa     16980
     tgtactaaga aataaaatga gagtgtcttt attattagga aactttacag atttttaaga     17040
     attacatcac ttaagttact tgattcacct ctccacagtc tggttcctca tctgtaacac     17100
     gctaaacatc tgtcatgtgt ttatcgcagt gccaagctca gagcaaacat tcagcagatt     17160
     ggcaaagtct tattaaataa catggaaaat agataaatca gttttagctc ttaaagctgt     17220
     agagattgta gatcacaatt ttacaaaaga ctaaatggga taccaagaaa ttaattccaa     17280
     atttagtacc cacttgttat atagcaaatg tattatgtgc aggtacgatg taaattcaaa     17340
     gaggaatgag aaacagaact agtttaaaag cagttagcta taatgcagca tgttagagtc     17400
     tgccaagaaa aaactgttaa taaaaagttc aaaacagaaa aggaaattca ttacattttc     17460
     ttttgctaaa ccaatttctg gaaagaaaac agaaagtgaa gactcatagc cacatctttg     17520
     ttagtgatcg gccactgaag agttagaggc tgctagtaag agggagttcc cttgcactga     17580
     aatgaacgga gattgcaatg ttccattcaa ttcagggtgc atctactcat agattagctg     17640
     gttttgaatt tgtgtcttgc catggaggaa ggaagaaaga aaggaaaaaa ataaaaacag     17700
     aatggaggaa gaaataaagg gagggaggga gaaagggagg aaaggagaaa ggaagaaagg     17760
     aaggaagaaa gaaaagaagg aaggaaagaa agaaggaagg aaagaaggaa ggaaggaggg     17820
     aagtcagaca agttaaaaaa aaaaaacttc agtgggattt tctcagtaga gatatacaca     17880
     gatgtgttat attcattgga aaacttcctt ttatttccat aatgttgcta gatccatggc     17940
     cagaagttag gaaccttccc ctgcagaagt cttatgccct gagacaagaa ggccagtgtg     18000
     ttgtagaaaa atgtttattt cctcagcttc caagtgaaac tgatgattag ccagacccat     18060
     ttgcagactc ttcacttcac tccctagaag cccatttcag tagcttacgc ttgggctatg     18120
     aagtataaga aaaaattctg ccatttcttc gcacctctgt ggactgttgg aaaatataac     18180
     caaaatattc agcaagggac tgctcgtgtg ttacaaaaat ttccaaagat aaatctgtta     18240
     ccactaaaga tgaggatttc aagaaacttt taaggaaaca gagaaatgct cacaccatat     18300
     aatttaaatt taaaaaggac atatatacaa gatatatcta aatattttga atgtaaaata     18360
     tgcttttgaa atacatattg caatgaaaac acgttgagtt aatgttattc ctagctgtta     18420
     atccaaacat aaagcatacc tacagatatt tgctgctcaa attaaatagt caggcatatc     18480
     aatatagttt aaagatgaag ctgttcattc ccagactatt aaaacagcac attagtgttt     18540
     tctatatggt gttaatgttc ctcatcctaa tttattacaa acccacttgt cagtttagca     18600
     acctgtaagc cagatttata aaacaggcct aatcttacta aaacatgttc attatataaa     18660
     tgctttctgc tcctatctta ttgtgggttc aattaattat ttgaacagtc tccttaaagt     18720
     cgattcaaat gcaacatttt ctcaatggat tcaaagagac tgtaatattt cagggtagag     18780
     ttttgaaacc caaacattgg atgaatttaa atgtgaacta cttgttacag gttacacttt     18840
     taaaagttat ggaacagata aacctaaatc cgatacttga gtgtgcccag tacaccccga     18900
     tccttcaacg tttggtgtag cttttctcgc agctcatctt gactcaacac gtcagacatg     18960
     aggagcaagt tggactagaa gacaaaatga ttacaggtta tctgggggat agaggaaagg     19020
     tgaaggaagg aaaaaagatc actggtctct ggggacaccc tgagtggcct agcagggaaa     19080
     gaggtattat ggaacatcaa caagacttca tttctacctg tccccgacga ggggcagttg     19140
     tgtattcctg agtcagtagg cgccagcttc ctcccatcat cagcttcctc ccaggccgcc     19200
     tccttcgccc cgccatggcc agagttgagt gcacaggaca ggatgcaggt ccaagatgag     19260
     ggggaatctc cgtcctcaaa aacctgcctg tgtcccaggt gaggaacaag cgtgctgaac     19320
     actctcactc tcacaatccc aagtaggttt tctatcaaac atgcaagcct cctctcttcg     19380
     ccgttctgag gcatggacga ggaccgtgac ctaggcacaa ctcaaaggtg gctggagggc     19440
     tgggactcaa acactaggga tgaaaagtaa tgaggcagga ccgcgagatt acagccctca     19500
     tatcccatcc tgcccctcct ggagacctac aaagtacagt cttcctgttc tgaagataca     19560
     tggcatgcac ttggttgcct agcacccaac agaagctccg cccacatctc gccagagcat     19620
     atccagggta tccaaataac tgccccccgc aaactgggct gaagccgcag gagtgcaggt     19680
     ttcctcagcg ggactgagaa tgcctttccc tccttgacct ctggctgcag gtagggggat     19740
     ggagtgagtc gaaacaggca ttttgagacc ctgtgggaca ttgctggccc tacatgacag     19800
     cacaggctgg tgctgtacct ccactcctcc ctagggtagc cagatcagat ctgccacgcc     19860
     ccaacaggct catccatgca ctgagcacac ttccacctgc gagtgtctgc tctcttgggg     19920
     gctttgcttt cacagttaac agggtcattc agctgactca gggtttcata atagagccac     19980
     ttttgccttt tggagccagc agattctttg ttttgggagg ctgtcctgtg cattgtagat     20040
     ttagctgtat cctcggtctc tatgttgtcc atagcacctt ctcccccaag cgagacaacc     20100
     ataaatgtct ccagacattg ccagatgtcc tcttggaagc aagatggctc agggttgaga     20160
     tccacagagt gaaatgtttt tttaatagcc accgttgtgt gttgtgagga aaggtgagac     20220
     tgacctcata atgcttacat gtaactaaaa agaaaatgag ccaaacctct cagaagcaat     20280
     aatgaaaaag ttacggccag agaattgaac aagagctaag gtaatattat aaactgagta     20340
     aagagtttaa aggagaggtg gttgaagatg gaagtgatcc agatcatctc tgagaaaaag     20400
     tgtaaactcc tcagggcttt gatgcatagg atttaggtgg gggggctaaa agaagagcac     20460
     tgcagggagg ggaaaagtga gcaaaggaat aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaatcc     20520
     aggaccttct tgggagcagt gaggaatcta cccgagtcca gagttgtagg ttgggaaaat     20580
     aagcctgata aagtatccaa gtcctgtgag gacaaaattt gatcagtgtc agctttgtac     20640
     acagcattga ggaagtgcac aatgagtttt gatcactggc tgtgaaaaac gaacacttca     20700
     agaggcaata tgagtgacag gacttcttag gatgtggaga acgtgtaggt ttttgtggga     20760
     aataatcgag gagggggaga acttagttgg atttttaaaa ataggtagcg gttgcaggca     20820
     gaatcaggga gaacattcta ggcatgagga cagaaataat agtagttctg aagtggatac     20880
     agtcaacgtg gatttggggg gataaaaagt aaatgacaaa actctagcag aggtgataga     20940
     tggctgaata ggaacagctc cggtctacag ctcccagcat gagtgatgca gaagacgggt     21000
     gatttctgca tttccaactg aggtaccagt ttcatctcac tggggagtgc cagacagtag     21060
     gtgcaggaca gtgggtgcag agcaccacgc acgacccgag gcatcgcaag gcatcgcctc     21120
     acccgggaag cacaaggggt cagggaattc cctttcctag tcaaagaaag gggtgacagc     21180
     cggcacctgg aaaatcgggt cactcccact ctaatactgc ccttttccaa tgtgcttaaa     21240
     aaatggcaca ccagaagatt atatcccaca cctggctcag agggtcctac gcccatggag     21300
     tcttgctcat tgctagcaca gcagtccgag atcaaactgc aaggcggcag cgacgctggg     21360
     ggaggggcgc ccgccattgc ggagttagtt gtttgattag gtaaacaaag ctgctgggaa     21420
     gctcgaactg ggtggagccc accacaacag ctcaaggagg actgcctgcc tctgaaggct     21480
     ccacctctgg gggcagggca cagacaaaca aaaagacagc agtaacgtct gcagatttaa     21540
     atgtccctcc ctgaaagctt tgaagagagt ggtggttctc ccagcatgca gcttgagatc     21600
     tgagaacagg cagactgcct cctcaagtgg gtccctgacc cccgagtagc ctaactcgga     21660
     ggcaccccca cgtaggggtg gactgacgcc tcacacggcc gtgtactcct ctgagacaaa     21720
     attgccagag gaacgatcag gcagcagcat ttgcagttca ccaatatcct ctgttatgca     21780
     accaaggctg ctgaaaccca ggcaaacagg gtctggagtg gacctctagc aaactccaac     21840
     cgacttgcag ctaagggtcc tgtctgttag aaggaaaact aacaaacaga aaggacatcc     21900
     acaccaaaaa cccatctgta catcaccatc atcaaaggcc aatggtagat aaaaccacaa     21960
     agatgggaat aaaacagagc agaaaaactg gaaaccctaa aaatcagagt gcctctcctc     22020
     ctccaaagga acacagctac tcaccagcaa tggaacaaag ctggacagag aataacattg     22080
     gtgagttgcg agaagaaggc ttcagatatt caaactcctc cgagctacag gaggaaattc     22140
     gaaccaatgg aaaagaagtt aaaagctttg aaaaaaaatt agacgaatgg ataactagaa     22200
     taaccaatgc agagaagtgc ttaaaggacc tgatgaagct aaaaccaagg cacgagagct     22260
     acgtgacgaa tccagaagac tcagtagccg atgcgatcaa ctggaagaaa gggtatcagt     22320
     gatggaagac gaaatgaatg aaatgaagcg agaagagaag tttagagaaa aaagaataac     22380
     aagaaatgaa caaaacctcc aagaaatatg ggactttgtg aaaagaccaa tattctggcc     22440
     agggcaatta gttctggcca gggcagttag gcaggagaag gaaataaagg gtattcaatt     22500
     aggaaaagac gaagtcaaat ggtccctgtt tgcagacgac atgattgtat atttagaaaa     22560
     ccccatcgtc tcagcccaaa atctcctcaa gctgataagc aacttcacca aagtctcagg     22620
     acacaaaatc aatatgcaaa aattacaagc attcttatac accaataaca gacagccaaa     22680
     tcgtgagtga actcccattc acaattgctt caaagagaat aaaataccta ggaatccaac     22740
     ttacaaggga tgtgaagggc ctcttcaagg agaactacaa accactgctc aataaaataa     22800
     aagaggatac aaatggaaga acattccgtg ctcatgagta ggaagaatca atatcgtgaa     22860
     aatggccaca cagcccaagg taatttatag attcaatgcc atccccatct aactaccaat     22920
     gactcttcac agaattggaa aaaaactact ttaaagttca tgcggaagct aaaaagagcc     22980
     cgcatcacca agtcaatcct aagccagaag gacaaacctg gaggcatcac actatctgac     23040
     ttcaaactat actacaagcc tacagtaatc aaaacagcat ggtactggta caaaaacaga     23100
     gatatagacc aatggaacag aacggatccc tcagaagtaa tgccatgtat caacaactat     23160
     ctgatctttg acaaaccaga caaaagcaat ggggaaagga ttccttattt aataaatggt     23220
     gctgggaaaa gtggctagcc atatgtagaa agctgaaact ggatcccttc cttacacttt     23280
     agacaaaaat taattcaaga tggattaaag acttaaatgt tagacctaaa accgtaaaaa     23340
     ccccagaaga aaacctaggc aaaaccattc aggacatagg catgggcaag gacttcatgt     23400
     ctaaaacacc aaaagcaatg gcaacaaaag ccaaaattga caaatgggat ctaattaaac     23460
     taaagagctt ctgcacagca aaagaaacta ccatcagagt gaacaggcaa cctacagaat     23520
     gggagaaaat ttttgaaacc cactcatctg acagagggct aatatccaga atctacaatg     23580
     aactcaaata aatttacaag gaaaaaaaca aacagtccca tccaaaagtg ggtgaaggat     23640
     atcaacagac acttctcaaa agaagacatt tatgcagcca aaaaacacat gaaaaaacgc     23700
     tcatcatcac tggccatcag agaaatgcaa atcaaaacca ccatgagata ccatctcaca     23760
     ccagttagaa tggcgatcat tcaaatgtta ggaaacaaca ggtgctggag aggatgtgga     23820
     gaaataggaa cacttttaca ctgttggtgg gactgtaaac tagttcaacc attttggaag     23880
     tcagtgtggc gattcctcag ggatcttgaa ctagaaatac catttgaccc agccatccca     23940
     ttactgggta tacacccaaa agattataaa tcatgctgct ataaaggcac atgtacacat     24000
     atgtttatcg tggcactatt cacaatagca aagacttgga accaacctaa atgtccaaca     24060
     atgatagact agattaagaa aatgtggcac atatacacca tggaatacta tgcagccata     24120
     aaaaatgatg agttcatgtc ctttgtaggg acatggatga aactggaaac catcattatc     24180
     agcaaactat cgcaaggaca gaaaaccaaa caccgcgtgt tctcactcat aggtgggaat     24240
     tgaacaatga gaacacgtga acacaggaat gggaacatca cactccgggg actgttgcgg     24300
     ggtgcgggga gtggggaggg atagcattag gagatatacc taatgctaaa tgacgagtta     24360
     attggtgcag cacacaaaca gggcacacgt atacatatgt aacaaacctc cacattgtgc     24420
     acatgtaccc taaaacttaa agtataataa taattaatta aaaaaaactc tagcagaggt     24480
     ggaacaatag ccatcgtaat aaattatttt aaatttagtg gcttaataca agtgtatcat     24540
     cttacacttc tgtaatatag gagtccaata caggtcttgt ttggctaaga tcgaagtgtg     24600
     cgcagaactg tgctcctctt ggaggctcta gaggataatt tgcttccttg tactttctag     24660
     cttctagggg cctcctgcat tccttagcta tagccccttc ttccattttc taagccatct     24720
     acatcacatt gcttttccat tcttctgtca cttccccctg actttcctct tttgcttcca     24780
     tcgtctacat ttaaggccat tgtaatggca ttgatcaagc tggatgatcc tgggcaatct     24840
     tcctatctta aggtcagctg ctgaacaacc gtaatttctt tttgccatga gccctcacat     24900
     actcacaagt tttagagatt tggatgaggg catcttagat gacgtcatat tctgttttgt     24960
     cccctcagct agacatttgg aaactatcct agattctcct cttgtcctca gtttcccaat     25020
     ttaatctatt gtctgagtct atgtagctac ctcctcaggg cctctaggac aagttttcct     25080
     tggagattct tcaaaggtcc ctatttaaag caatggaata atcaagcaga ccattcatgc     25140
     caattcaggt atgtcagtca tgccagttgc tttatttgca ttatatattg gaatagtaaa     25200
     taatacttgt tttgttggtg aagggaaggt ggaggatgtc acagaaattt tgtataaaaa     25260
     agttgaaatt aggctgggca tggtggctca tgactaatct cagcactttg gggactctaa     25320
     tctcagcact ttacaatctc ctgactctaa tctcagcagt gctgaggtct gctgatcact     25380
     tgaggccagg agttcaagac cagcttgggc aatatggcaa aaccctatct ctactaaaat     25440
     tacaaaattt accctggcat aatggtgcat acccttaatg ccagctgctc gggaggctga     25500
     ggcaggaaaa tcttctgaac ctgggaggtg gagtttgcag tgagccaaga tcatgccact     25560
     ggcttggaat ctttgatcta gacctgtgct gtctattaca tagccaccac ccacatgagg     25620
     ctattcttgt ttaattaaaa atcaattcta taattacagt agccatattt ctaatactca     25680
     ctggctttca tattggacag cagagaggta aaacatttgc atccgtggag aaagttccac     25740
     agattggaca gtgcagaata gtaatgtgtg tctcaccttt gcccaatacc ctcaagtgtt     25800
     tgctaagtga ttgcagctct taccttccct tcctggggca atggggccat tttctcccag     25860
     ggtttccaat tcttccactt cacctgtcag gttttctttg ccaaaattga atgaaaaatt     25920
     acagccttct tgcatcttca gctgtttaca aaaggaaaac aaaattagca actcacaata     25980
     agcatggaat gtatataaag taaactctgt cttgtcttct gcccacctgt gtagttggta     26040
     acagcaccct catgcagttt ttctttgcgt tctcttctgt ccgtgctcct gctgagttag     26100
     caccatgctg ctctaacatt tgtggctttt catatgggga ttggatgcat gttatctccc     26160
     ttacacacac actgacacac ccacacgcag accacacaca ccaaatcaca cacacacatt     26220
     tcccgccccc gccttttttt ggtgctgctg ctgcttcaat gtttgtacta aagaaagtaa     26280
     caaccgcttc ttttggctct aaaatttagc ccagcaataa ttcatgatac cattgtttac     26340
     tttgttgaat tttctactgc ccatcctttc tcacatcaca ttctctggag aatcattgcc     26400
     agttttcatg gcttttgtat cattcctgct tgtctttgtt acccaatttt cctatctcat     26460
     ctgtttttca cctcttttct aaagcaggag taaaggttgt ctttggaaga ccagatagtg     26520
     aatattgttg gctctgtggg ataccctggt tgcagatact taactctgcc actgaagggt     26580
     gagagcagct tagacggtag tgagaaagtg gacaaggcta taatccccca catctcagtg     26640
     tgcatttggc ctttccatgt tattctatat aatattaatt aagcacgtcc tgtgcgtcag     26700
     acattgtgct gggtacttta ccatgaagtg atacaaaatt accatataaa ggagacgacc     26760
     aacagtagat taagtttccc tctggtcaca ttgcaagtat gtagcagagt tagatggaac     26820
     ctagcttcgt ttgatttcaa atcccttgtg ttaaaaacac acacagtggg gttaccattg     26880
     catatatcca tctatgctcc cacccatcag tcattcatct gtattttaat tatctgtgcc     26940
     agaagccatg tcattgctca tgttttttcc ccagtttctc ataggttcat ttcttttgtg     27000
     aatctgttga agttttttgt tgttttttgt tgttgttgtt gttttgtttt gttttgttct     27060
     gttttgtttt cgagtcagga tatttcagct tactgctgtg tcaggtaatt ctctcctgtc     27120
     agcctccaaa gtagctgaaa ctacaggcac acaccaccac gcccagaaag ttttagtgtt     27180
     tccgtagaga tgtatttttt gtagagaagt atttcttctt ccatgctgtt tgccttggct     27240
     ggtctcaaac tcccgggctg aagcaggctg cctgcctcag ccctctaaag tgctggcatt     27300
     gcaggcataa gccattacac ctgccccaat ctgttaaact tcgttgtaag atctctcagt     27360
     aactcaaaat gtcttccttt atggaatatt tctttcatgt cttatagcat acaaaacttc     27420
     ctttcttata aattgttgtg tcaagaggca tatcgtagtc tcttttattt gcaaggacgt     27480
     atatttatag cacacatact tcaggtagaa agaagaaaaa tagagcacaa agtgctgcat     27540
     tgcttctctt ttctaagtga catgagggag acttggtttt agcttccccc aatggatatc     27600
     ttatgtacat ttctaaggca agctaattaa ttccttggtc ttctcaccac tgtctatggt     27660
     tcttaactta ctgtctacct ctgttaaatc ttctaagtgt cagtgctggc gctaactgct     27720
     ccagaccaag tgaagcctag attactccac cagacactca gggtcctttg agctgaatgt     27780
     gccatacttg cagatcatga gaatgttatc tgtgatttta tgttagaggt cttctagttt     27840
     ctaacagaaa tacatagtat tctacaagaa atatcacagt tttatcattt gtttattccg     27900
     gaagtcatgc atcttcacta gtacacggga aatggtgaca agcttactgg catcttccaa     27960
     gtttaagtta gaaagcaaaa caaaacaaga attttacact tcccttagtc atctttgaat     28020
     ttcaatattg actgctaaaa atatgtacta ttttttactt catcaggagc cacatattta     28080
     agaccatgtc taggagcttc tactttgtaa ttgttggcca ccatgataaa ccagtttttg     28140
     aaatggagtt tttgccagct gggaaggcag aatccaaagt gcatgtagaa gcttaaattt     28200
     cataagaatt tttattatat tgtaacaata cagtgtagtg tgattttaga agtggaggat     28260
     caggacagaa gaggttaatg aaatccaaca caattaaatg aggcttcctc tggagtccca     28320
     gagactgata gaagccagcc aaggaatatc ctgggagttg ttcttttata ctttaattca     28380
     gcacagacta gcatgacttc tgacttgcct atgatattca gttcactatg tcatctacca     28440
     tgaattgctg ctacttgagc acttaaaagc ctagttcacc tgtagcaagt tgcagccttg     28500
     aaatgtcatc tatgagtttt caggcagttt tcatgaatca catttttcat caagacctac     28560
     tgggtttcat ccattaaaat tcagacagtt tccgtgaatc atgtttttga tgaggaccta     28620
     caggatttaa aaagacccca gtgaccccta gtggcacttc ctggctggtc atacatgcat     28680
     gctttcctcc ccagtgacca cttagccatg cacaggaagc tcaaaagcaa caccagagat     28740
     gatgacacct gactttcttg tcaagaatat ttccagaaac caggcttggc ttgagaacat     28800
     gttgtcattc agagtaaata gccctataga tttttgtcat gaaaagagcc ccgtcctttc     28860
     caatttatgt tcctaataca ttcctggcac atttgcacta tttctctcaa gtacccaagt     28920
     cagctttact gacttttgag gaattcatat tgtaagttgc ttgcaatgta taatgtttaa     28980
     tgtgtgatac ttttcaacta ttcaggactt ctcaccaaaa tatgatagac aggattatgt     29040
     gccaggtgtt gttgtgacat tattttctca tattatggga aaaatactaa ttaaaaattg     29100
     ttttgagtac ttgtagcagt attgctttct gggatgcagc tacatgaata tagtttctgt     29160
     gcactccact ggcctggtgg tggacaaaag agaacacata aaaataattt gttgcatgca     29220
     ttgattataa ttctttctcc tgctaccatt cccttgttaa ggcattttca caatttgctc     29280
     ctaatctttc aggattgatc atcattgtaa aagaaactac tgcttgattg agacacaaaa     29340
     gcatccattt atctaaagat tcacttaggt ttgtcgtgac aacatgagtg aagtaaagca     29400
     tgctttagat gtcggagaca ttttgggaca atgggtcacc ctcctccagc ccaggattgg     29460
     gaacagcttc ctcaacaagg aggctgtctc tgtttcctgt ggctgttgta ataaagtacc     29520
     aaaaatttag tggctttgga cagcagaaat ttattgcctc atttctgaga gccactgtct     29580
     aaaatcaagg tgtcagtggt gccatgcttc ttatgcaggt cttaaggtaa gaatcttttt     29640
     ggttaacctc ccagcttctg gaagttccct ggcttgcagc agtgtaactc cagcgtccct     29700
     gtgtcatttc tctccctgca tgtatctcca aaagatcctt ttttctaaat acatgagtgg     29760
     ttttattagg ggcccaccct attataaaat gacctcatgt gaaataacca tgtctacatg     29820
     taacctctcc ttccaaatga agacacattc tgtggtactg ttcacttggg acatcaacaa     29880
     aggaattttg gagagaatac gcttcaaccc ataactgagg tgtcatttta aatctgtatt     29940
     ttaaaagaaa gaattacata taatgagaaa acagatctct tgtatgtctc ttgacaatag     30000
     caaacaaagc aaagtcaagc ttttcttttt ctgcacaaga aaaccgtcta tagaatttac     30060
     agaatgaaat gttggcattc ttcattccat gtgggtaagt taatctgttg ttgcgcacac     30120
     agtcacttat gactatcgtc atctgcacca gctcatagct catgctgctc tggacctcac     30180
     agaagagaac atgtggcttt tgaacaacat gttcttgaaa agtgggggca actccagcaa     30240
     gtggtttgtg tcagcattca ttactgcagg acataacttt acctttttag taaagataat     30300
     taactaaagt tcaggttcac gaactagaag aagatggaat acagatgtca ggctctgaga     30360
     ttgtatgctt cacaatttgt atgaatgtaa aagtttccat tcatgggact acttttgttt     30420
     tgttagggga gaaaatattt tgttgaacag ctaattttaa aactaagtct cacacccacc     30480
     aaaaagttta tctgaaaaat atcaagggtg atgctacttt atcttgtagt tattttttca     30540
     cttagaatgc ttatgttctc tttctggtaa aagtaagcta attttaaacc caattaatgc     30600
     attcaaatct tccatcccaa atacatggcc ggtgactaat ttgaggaata ttgtgtcaat     30660
     gaacttgttg ctttttttta tttctaagaa aaatgttgcc ttaattatgt cacatatgag     30720
     acttattatg cttcatggca taaggcaaga agatggaata aatcacttct ttactgatgt     30780
     ttatggttta catataaaag taaggcatgt tctataattt taaaaatctg acgatagaaa     30840
     aaaagatttg atctttgtca ggaaagtggc cttttgaagt aactccctta ggctgcacag     30900
     cttacctttc agaccacgtt ttctcatcag aactatctct gtcaactccc ttagcaagta     30960
     agtcttcaca gccagttgaa taggtattta agaaaacaac ttacaatagt tatttgtaga     31020
     atattgtgaa ggcaaattgt tttatgtttt ccctctaagt gttcatacac ttatgttttt     31080
     ccctctaagt gtccctctaa gttgatttta ttagggaacc ctaaagaggg caaggaagca     31140
     gcctatataa gagaaaagta aataaaaatg taatctgaaa tgtttccatc tactttcaaa     31200
     taagttgctg tgctactaat agagatcatg acctggcagg aactaagttt tctgtgatca     31260
     aatagtcatt caagaagaat gttgccactt gtttatttgg tttgtttttt tatttgtgat     31320
     tttattgttg ttgttatgaa gtctcgctct gttgtccaga atggagtgca atggcatgat     31380
     cctggctcac tgcaacattt tcctccgggg ttcaagtgac tctcctgcct cagtccctgg     31440
     agtagctggg actacaggcc ccaacaccat gtgtgatgtg tttttgtatt tttagtagag     31500
     acggggtttc accatgttag ccagactggt ctcgaactcc tgacctcggg tgatttaccc     31560
     acctctgctt tccaaagccc tcagattaca ggcatgagcc acggtgacta tcccatgtag     31620
     ttgattttaa tgtaacaatc caaaaataaa tgtcagagtc aagatgtggt agatagattt     31680
     aaaactaaca tattctgcag ttggaaatga aatgcgatag cacatacatt cacattaatt     31740
     cttttataca tttagagatg ttgtaaaaat gtataggcag tgtacacagc agtactcaag     31800
     aagccaagga aacacgtgtg tagtgctaag tgttgcatat atgcttctga cagtggctag     31860
     gtatagtggt ccagctgatt atttcctttc cttcagagag tataccgttg atacttacac     31920
     ttgcaaaaag ttgtaaggca gtttttagga gagttgtcaa agaaaagcca ggattacatt     31980
     aacatttgta ctcatccttt tagatgcatc aaagttctct gttagagcag taaaaaaatt     32040
     gaacagacca ttgatgcata cacatatcaa tgtagtactt tggtcatggc agttgcttta     32100
     tttgtattat atattggaat tcttagtaat gcttgttttg tgggtaaggc aaggtggagg     32160
     aagtcacaga acttttgtaa acagtttgga attgtcctgg gcatggtggc tcatgcctct     32220
     aatctcagca ttttgggagg ctgagatgat ataccacagg aggctgggaa tcatctcttt     32280
     gttcccatac taagatctta ctgtaaaata ggtaatgtcc actgaaaagc aggttataaa     32340
     accttttcta atgctaagca cttgaacaat tttgttccat tctgaattaa ctttaagcaa     32400
     gtaattctaa gcttttgtct tgtgtccttg tgtgaaatag ctaccatcat ttttaccaca     32460
     cttatttgat ttttacaata aagatatttg ttcaagattg tggtagttta atattcattt     32520
     ttaaagtgcc gccaaccaca gctgtttttg ttccatttcc cctatcggta gtgtccaaac     32580
     tagtatgatg tcttaacctg ttatacagcc ctcatattaa aacaaactaa atcccagagc     32640
     tatgggtgca gaaaaaggta agacccatct agaaatctgg gagtaatttc agtatttttt     32700
     actatggttg ttccttccct taatgagcat ataatcctga gtattgtgat gaaatccaac     32760
     caagagcagc ggggtgagtg acagcaggaa gacatggccc agctgcacaa cagtggcact     32820
     ccaaaaataa cctttcctcc aggctaatga agatgaggta ggaactagta atccacatcc     32880
     tgtgtgtata ttagtaaagt ttagtgccaa atttcatgta tggccaatta tttgaaggag     32940
     ctggaaggaa agtggagcgt taagtgggac ttccgatgtt gcctgcagag aacagtattt     33000
     caggcgtgaa gcggtgaagg agagcactgg ggcacatggg taggactgtc agctgataga     33060
     taggagctga tcatgaggaa aaataagctg gcaaagcttg gatctagtag gcaatttccc     33120
     ctgaaggctc tttaacataa aaggaaagaa attaaatcag tcttaaaatc aggctcccct     33180
     tagcacatgt gcattagcac taagtttgtt atctgcttta gtgctccaaa agtgatccag     33240
     aagaaatgtg catatggagt ttcattctct tgttatagcc gaaatttcct aggatacttc     33300
     ctttggcatg gatgtagata ctgccaatct ctgtcttctt catgctgtac ttgtgatctt     33360
     taacttttca gtcacttcaa cacttcctgc ttgtcagtcc agagttccag aaagcgctga     33420
     ctgtccagac accacctttc actcggtaac acactggggc atttctctac ttataaattt     33480
     actactcagc atgacatgtt tattgcaata aaatttacat ggtggtgtct taatatagaa     33540
     gtgaaaactt aggtttgtac agaaacctaa atagttttgt tctaagataa gaaacagtag     33600
     gaatgtttta tcttcaacta ggaaactttc cccaaggatg aaagttaaca gaaatattta     33660
     tttaattgta atggaattgt aattttgtat cttctactct gcacattgta attgttacat     33720
     aagttatcaa atgcacattt ttctattctt caacttctgc agttagcctt ttttttataa     33780
     actgaactct ctctatggaa aagttttcca ttctttgctt gcatctagct ggatatatga     33840
     aagactgtat ggagcaacat ctgtaccact gggaaccaca cttccttcaa actgtggggc     33900
     atcatctatg gttcttctgt ccagggtggc tctgcagctg cttctgactg atcctgctgc     33960
     cacgctcacc acctgctttg ttctcctgcc attttctatt gtgattttta tcaaatgttt     34020
     ccagatggca atattgggtg gggccaggaa gagaaatgtt ttgatgtaag ttttcaaaac     34080
     tctgctccct atatgagagc cacctcccct catccagcat gtcttttcat acctccatca     34140
     ctccccagtg gcgggtctca tccacattca gtccaagctt cggttagctt ccttagaatc     34200
     agatagttac cgactgcaca gaatgtgaac atccacaaga gaccacaatt tgctttatca     34260
     agtctgatca ttgtagcaag gatttttttt gaaacaaaca caaaaatcct tgagagcaaa     34320
     tcactaaaca atgttcagta atagaggaga cactaagtaa acacatggca taataaagat     34380
     gtcttgattt accctctgac aaagtacaac ccttcttagt atttcctctg agagtgataa     34440
     ggttagcttg tgtcttgtgt gaaaaaggaa tggtttaact tcaactagta gactttccac     34500
     aagggtgaag aaagtaacac aaatagtaac tatcccagta gtggaactgt aattttgtat     34560
     cctctacaca cacattatat ttgttaaatc agttatcaaa tgcagatttg tcttttctcc     34620
     aagttcagta gttagccttt ttcttaaagc tgaactctgg ctatggaaag gctttttatt     34680
     cgtggagagc ttaaatttag caggatgtgt gacagactgt aagaagcaac tcttgtgcca     34740
     ctgttggccc tccctcctcc tggggctgtg aaacatgata tatggtggta gaagttcatt     34800
     aatggcgtgt aaatcatgga gaaattgcta gtgagaataa ttctaatgat atgtggaatg     34860
     aaaataaaaa aggtgaagtc attttgaaaa gaatgaagaa gtaaattaaa taagaatgca     34920
     ttgaaaatat gatagattct aatctttcat atctaacatt attgttttag gagatcattt     34980
     tgtttcacca agaatacaat gctaattgca taaaactcat atacatataa aaagtagtat     35040
     ctgatttttc caggaaaaaa aatccaagtg taaattctat agtagtcaag tttcttattt     35100
     taattataat ttaagtcttg gtcatctctt ttattagctc tctaatttac atatgtaaat     35160
     caaagaaaca ttttcagaaa accattacag tttataaatg taagatgcca ttattgagaa     35220
     aatatattcc tccatgagtg gatttgtccc atctcccatc aactaatcac acagccatat     35280
     ccattcattg aattttatta gtaagtaata cactgctaca aacactaatt ctcttctcca     35340
     tgtccatgtt gattttgtgt atacgtgtga gttggttaga atgcatctgc cttatctcta     35400
     acattcaaca gcaagatgag ctagaagtca catttatatg aatgattgac tcagacaatt     35460
     aacagatcat tttaaggaac ttggtaaaat cacaaataat ttactatcta aaactaagtt     35520
     ctatggccac acattcctgt aatgaaagtg ttatttgtat tattaatata tacctttggg     35580
     agaaaataaa ttttaccctt tactcttcct gctctgacca cccctgtgct ttctttttct     35640
     cagcctagcc tgactacatc tgagatgttg ggataatttt agtagagtag gagcatatat     35700
     tatacaaaca taaataccat atttatttta aatgtaaaag tatcaaacct aagaattcac     35760
     aaaaattttg ttttgcacaa tttaacttga gattttagtt gctcatacat gacacatggt     35820
     tggtttatga tataacctaa gtttaatttt aattgccaag gttcagtata tatttataca     35880
     tcttaaggca tttaggcact gtgttttagg ttttaggaat tcttgcgttt gagaaaactg     35940
     agtcaacaca tttgcatcat tttgtgtacc attccctgta aggcccccga aaatactcaa     36000
     gaatcaaaca tattaatatt tctatgaaga gaaatggata ttccctttaa gcctgaatgt     36060
     tacatgaatg cagactgaaa cagcttccct caattaaggc tttattacat cagaaattga     36120
     gttacatacc aatctcattt ttaaaaagtc ttgcttaatt gagctttttg aatttcagat     36180
     aaagtatttt gaatctgtct taattatgat tttgaaaaca cagtacagaa taacagccca     36240
     ggttggatac aaaacatcat aatgaacaac aaaaaaaata caatacaggg tgatcttctg     36300
     cctattatag ggcatatgtg acttagattt ggagagtaga aagcatcttg cagttgaaaa     36360
     gggttgcttt gttaagttga tttttttaag tagacagtgg gtacagactt agtattgaca     36420
     taacttggct ttttagcaat tatgtgagat attcagtgtg acttgataaa ccatcagagg     36480
     ataaaaaaag gcatatatta gtaacatctc actggctata gcatagaaaa tttcacaata     36540
     taccacagta aggaagtatt caaaattatc tgtagaaaaa gactgtgggt gctctacatt     36600
     agaaaagctg gcaatgtaga acatatgtgt ggacagatgt atgagctctt aatgagttag     36660
     aataggcagg ggttaccaac tggatatttg agaaagtgga gtaggaaaga gatgttaaca     36720
     cctctgtcct gggtgtgatt tgataagctg agagaatagt aatgcaattt actgatagaa     36780
     aaaagtgaac ctgtttgagc agattgcctt ttagaaacat acgggacacc aaataaaaaa     36840
     ttgcaatgga tacaaatgtc cagaatttgg aatcatctaa aagcatacat gtgttactac     36900
     agaagtaaca atgaaaaaca gtcatagaaa gtaatgtact agaatggaaa ctttttttaa     36960
     aaagttgatg ttatcatggc agacaacatt aagttatcca aaagcagtcc gtagcctcta     37020
     agtagttagt ttaatcagta tgtaagagaa gagtttttct tttttattta ttattactat     37080
     tatttgtggg tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgtgta agaggaattc tcactctcac ccaggcagga     37140
     gtgcaggagc ggaatctcgg ctcactgaaa cctctgcctc ctgggttcaa gcaattctct     37200
     gcatcagcct cctgagtagc tgggattaca agtgcctgac accatgactg gctaattttt     37260
     gtatttttag aagagatggg gtttcacaat tgtggccaga ctggttttga gaaaaatgat     37320
     aattttaaag aactatgttt atgctaaaca cagatcttga gcattcttct agaattctta     37380
     gttgtgtcat ctgcagtaaa ataagcctaa gaattgcacc aaaattagtt tcccaactct     37440
     gccaggagat tcaaagtgtt attgttatag gattctagag acaatcatac tatatatctg     37500
     gaaactctat acacacacac ctacacacaa acacaccgtt ttcactcaat agacattata     37560
     ataagcacaa tgaaagcctg ataataaaat aaagttacta tgaagctgta gaacaaaata     37620
     attaaaggca taagataatt ttaaatttaa acaactgaaa tattagattt tagcaattaa     37680
     aattttctaa ttgttctttg gtccaccatc atagatttca agcagataat taatgttgta     37740
     tgaatgacat tgagttccta tcaatggaaa ttaatttata ccatttaaaa aattgtttgt     37800
     agtcatatat tgtttactat gtaacttctt gtatttgctc taaagtaagg ctaaatcaca     37860
     tcttagcctc atctcatcca aggaggtgat tacagtaaag gtatacatgt tgggttaatg     37920
     tggaaaatag ttgatgtgga ttaatgtggg tttcatgtat aaatttatta ttctccttat     37980
     taagataagc ttggaatctt tttttctgat gaacatttag tctattcaat aggcagtgtt     38040
     caactgagat caacactgtt caaggcagca gataacaata taggcaaata caatattaat     38100
     ccaaatttca catgaaaact tttgatgcta ttaataatgt ggcaaatgac atgattttta     38160
     ctttattata atttttaaga gaataagata atgaaatgtg tactgtttaa gtgttacaag     38220
     aagcctctcc atgttattct ttacctgaaa ttagattata aaaattacct ttttcaaaag     38280
     aaatttatat tataaatgtt cctatggcaa aaagaaaaaa aacctggcct ctgacttgga     38340
     atctaatatc attttattaa gtaagataca tggtagagag aaacaaacta ttttatttat     38400
     ctgtcatggt aatgacaaaa aagacagaag tctttttttg tgatttttaa tattgactcc     38460
     taagaacagt aaaaagttgg caatgtaaat atgttgcaat ttagccagct ctgaaagaaa     38520
     atgactgatc attagcaaat caggaaaatt ttattgttgc cattgaaaat tgctttaccc     38580
     atcgtgtgtg ttcatttact atcagaattg aaatcaattt tgtactgcca attaatattg     38640
     ctgttttatt atcatgagat tcttgcttta cattctaaaa tgttgtctct gaaaaatgag     38700
     tgaacaccaa gtaagttttg ttttttcttt aaaaaggtag tcataaaatg ctactcatat     38760
     ttagtaaaag taatgaggcg agtgggacat ggtggtgcat ttctctaatc ccaactaggt     38820
     agaatgctga ggcaggagta ttccttgaac cctggatgtg aggcctcatt gagttatgag     38880
     ctatcatctt gtcactgtag tccagcctgg gccatggagc ataatcctaa gtatagaaca     38940
     aaaaatagaa ccatgaaaag taatatagca ttacagtttt taattcgcta gtagtaatgc     39000
     atggatagta tatttagcca aaacatttta aattggcaat acaccaagag gtcagatgtt     39060
     tgggtcagat tgctagctag ctcctcaact ggctaaatct gtaataattg gcaaagtatt     39120
     tgacctaact gtaattgatt ttttatttgt ggatttacta atgctaccct ctaaggaaac     39180
     taactctgat attaattaga ttacctcaaa aacttgttct gaatggcaca tattagacag     39240
     taaaacatta gctactacta catattatca attattttca tctgcttatt tttaaagctc     39300
     atagtgcaca cgataaaatt ccagaagacc gagaatggct gttagataca atagaatgct     39360
     ctaagagtca ctatcaaaaa tgagcatatc agtgcataaa atgtgtggta gtttagcagt     39420
     tatttcattg tttaccgtag tgttttttct tacaattttg tagaagcctg tgtcagaatt     39480
     aagaactttt ttagaagaga ataatcatgg atgattgaaa ttaacatttt aagctgatac     39540
     tgaaaattat tctaaattct attacatttc tatttgtatt ttctttcaaa ggctaatgga     39600
     agtcttaaaa agaaaatgga tacttccctg ccaggggaga taccgtgatc atgaaggtgg     39660
     ctttcccagg gaaaggccga tatgttgcac tctagatgtg ctgacccgtg agatttcccc     39720
     aaatgtggga cactcaaatg cataattggt ggaagtgaag gactgtgttt gtgctttcac     39780
     atgggaaaaa aaagagagag aaaataaaat tgagtcattt agtggatata gaaaattgaa     39840
     aggaaaccac atactggaaa caattcaata tgcctacaaa aattggtgtc ctccagtaca     39900
     aaacaataca acatcaaatg gttatttctt agaaacatca aatagtgcta ggatgacact     39960
     cgcaaatgct tgagaacttt gtctagatga ggtggctggg ggaagccccc aaaaggccgc     40020
     agataaatct gggaaaaaca gaggtaattt ttaaatgcat aagccaatgt ttatgtatta     40080
     atattgccct taaaaatatt tactttgtga aatgattagc attggtttgt ttgttcttaa     40140
     aaagtagttt ccttttggaa gcaacttgtg tgaaatggcc tgaaaattat gtagctaaaa     40200
     taattcagat tttttcccta aattataaat catttgagga agtgtaaaca tgttatagat     40260
     gtcagctttc ttgtatttct taaaagttta ttctaatgaa gaaaataaaa tataaggtat     40320
     aaagttactt ttataatcaa attttcaatc tttttaaata tttagaattt ggagccagtt     40380
     gaccacgatg ctttagatgg gcataagacc tctccaacag aagatactcc attatatcct     40440
     cattcaacag gctctatgta tcaacaggtt aaataataat aataataatt tttcaaaact     40500
     cattttgatg atttacttat atggtcttca attattattt tattacatat tttgtaacgt     40560
     atcagctgtg actgcaaact aaaaaaaaaa ttctaggaca gctttggcaa gacgatcaga     40620
     agaagaatag tttaagtggg gtcatctttt attttaccct tgtgatattt tctttgtaat     40680
     taggtactac cttgtcttag ttcataaaaa tgtgcaatat ttcaatagaa gcataaagca     40740
     atttatttag tctttctcaa aatccagtgg cagtaaaact taacaatttt accagcttta     40800
     atacaaaatt tactacaaaa agtactgaac aaaaatgtaa ataaaatcaa tgtatgagca     40860
     atgctaagtt aaaacaaata tttgtgttac aatattttgg gaagattagc cacaatgtga     40920
     gtaatgcagt tttctctttt cttccctctt ttctcttttc ttcccttccc tttccatttc     40980
     ttttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt     41040
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tcctttcttc ctttctttcc tttctttctc     41100
     tctttcttct tttctttcat ttgttctttt aatggagttt cactcctgtt gcctgggctg     41160
     gagtgcaatg gttgtgatct tggctcacta caacttccac cccctgaggt caaccgattc     41220
     tcctgcctca tcctccaaag tatccgggat tacaggcatg catctggcta attttgtatt     41280
     tctggtagag acagtgcttc tctgtgttag tcagatagtt ctagatctcc tggactcaca     41340
     atccacccac cttggtctct caaagtgctg agattacagg tggtgagtca ttgcacccag     41400
     ccaggttaat catttaaagc ttgtcttgtg ctgtaacatt tagcatgact tctcatcaag     41460
     ttcatgtagc caagggatgg aattacctaa atcacagtag ttgcccagaa tagcagctgt     41520
     attgctcaga aaccttattt tttatcacca gaaaaaatag aaaacgggaa aatgtaaaaa     41580
     acaagcatat tttaattcta aaacgttctt cacatttaat ctttgatagt ttaatttctt     41640
     gttgagataa agaatctgga catattttta atagaaatta taaaatatta aaatcaatat     41700
     gcacaatttt catatgtcac aatgtgtgga gcatagtaga ttatgttttt gtgttggggc     41760
     acttttgtgg tagaatgtat taagtgatgc ttctaaaatt tggtttcatc taaccccagt     41820
     gaagtgcata ttatcagaat ccacagtacc ttgaagtacc attgcgccaa gatttctgac     41880
     agctttgcta gccagtgaca attttccttg aaagcagtaa gtcttctagt ttatttctat     41940
     attattttaa agcttttgtt gttagatgta gggtttactg aagatataag tgccttctga     42000
     ttttaaataa tacatgtaat tttttatttg atgtaatatc tcaatgccca ttgttggaaa     42060
     caataggata tgaagtgtgt tgcatagctt gaggaacagc aatttgtttg ttcaaattgg     42120
     ttagaatata ctatgttttt atctttttat agtacataag cagtagcatc gaccactatg     42180
     aatgcaaaat gcagtctacg ttagtcaaga cctataaata taccatcagg gctactgata     42240
     ttggtacatt gtaatccaac tatgttatgg cccttcctat ttggcctatt gttatttgca     42300
     gtctacattt ctcttctggc ctagacttag attttggaat ttctattcct tagagagtgt     42360
     aagagaaata tgtgtagatt aatcctagct ctgcattact gctgcatctc tacaagtttg     42420
     ccacctcaag tgaatgcatc atgttgtcct ggttctaatc acctcccaat catcctggag     42480
     aggattcttc aaatggaaat caacatgtcc ttctttaatg gaccccttaa attattacta     42540
     ttaagcagat gtcaggatgt gactcagccc atggaaagtc catatgtcac atactggtat     42600
     ctgcttgaaa gtccagtttt ctattgatca catgaccaga acattaatga ctatttacta     42660
     cccatgaatt caaatatttg cctttataaa ataatgattt aatgttttta ttgcttcatt     42720
     taaaaaaaca gcatgcagtt taatcattga gctaatttgc tcattccatc ttaggtttgt     42780
     ccgttcattt ctggtctcta tgaaagtctg ccaagaagac attgttcatc caccttgaaa     42840
     ctgccattcg tcaaccaggc atgttgttgt taatcaggag ctcttcaaag ggcattgccc     42900
     atgtaagagt gagatccggt aattcctgag gtgtttccaa acttgatgct agaaaatacc     42960
     agactacttg ctgttgaaca ggatgagcat ctccttgtac ttccctggta acattttact     43020
     ctataaagcc atcttttatg atattttgga agccttctga gcacttcctc attagattat     43080
     ttccttaatt tccccaacac attataggtg ttgcaagttt tgtaattatt ttatggtctt     43140
     cagtcaaaga agcagtctca acaccaaggc aagacaagct agtaattatc tttccaatgg     43200
     cagctgttgt ttcatggcat ccaggagtgc cctggatcac aatttccagc taatgatgaa     43260
     gaggggcatg tgtgggcttt ctgccatggc ctcagtctgc ccgagaacat gttgaaagta     43320
     cttctaaatc agaatttgga tcacaaaagc ccaatgtgta gacagaagga gcattttacc     43380
     attcagaaat ggccagattt agtgaaattt cttatttaaa tagaccacaa tttattgttt     43440
     ttcaaattga tgaattataa ttttacatat ttacaaagta gaactattat ttttatacat     43500
     gcacacaatg agtaatgacc aaatttttaa atgccctatt ggtaatttct gtattagtaa     43560
     tttcagacat acatgacata attgtttaaa cagctttcca catccaaact tctagttatt     43620
     ttgaaatcca taataaatta ttcataccta tattctccct cctatacaat caaactttag     43680
     gactcattcc ttctaactgt attttttacc cattaactaa cttacttatt tgttcgctca     43740
     atatctttca cagcctataa taatccgtca ttctattctc tacgtccatg agatcaactt     43800
     tgttatttct cacgtatgaa taaaaacatg caatccttgt cctttatatt tcctggctaa     43860
     tttcacttaa cataatgtcc cttatatgaa gcccttttct gagtaatgtt tagttaatgt     43920
     attgaggttt ttataaaact gaaataatga cttgcttaaa atttacctta actgttacca     43980
     aaattccttc agtacatagg actgtagttt ggaaacagct aaatgaacaa agatgtcttg     44040
     aagctgtctt aggacatgaa tattgtactc ttttctatct cctgtgttat ttaactttgg     44100
     tttgtcttca aattaataaa aatattctag taaattatgt tgggtaccaa cattaaagac     44160
     caaaagaaat cagcaatgca caaatttaac tttataaata caaagaaaga agttacaaca     44220
     aataccaaaa gttatttaat aaaaggatat accgtttata ctcctaattt tcaaagtagt     44280
     taatttcttt ttaatttttg tgattattgc ttatttcaaa catggggtat tataactgag     44340
     ttcacagaaa agttattata aaagagtaat aaaataataa tatacactgg atgtaatatg     44400
     gtaaagtttg gtcaagtagg caggagtaaa gacaagtgag tcctctgcca tgagtaactt     44460
     tggggaaata agtacatttt ggggaataag ttacttagtc tttctaggct tcagtatctt     44520
     cttttgagaa taatgcattt tctgaattac ataagattat ttacatgatt aaatcagaat     44580
     tattaacact caataaatat acctattaac catagttgtg gaagaaagag gagcatagac     44640
     agaagctcca aaagtcaaaa catggttgta gccataaagc aaaatacagt ttgtttacaa     44700
     gtatctaaga catttctgta tgcttttaat cgtgtcttag ggttgtgaca aagaaagaaa     44760
     gaatacccac ttcctgccct ggagaagctg attgcacaga aaaagaaaca aggcagatat     44820
     acatgcctca gtacattgcc gagacaacat aaagcacaag caaccaagta caaaggtaag     44880
     atacctaatt tgcaatttta tattctgtct gtttcatttg cttcttactg gtgtgattaa     44940
     ccatctctat atgtgttaaa ttcaacaccc taggggtcat atgggctata gtaccagaac     45000
     ttacattaca atttttcttc caatagtggc tgttaaccaa gtattggtga acatcccata     45060
     tgaagactct actaaaagta aagctaccgt gaccgcgatg tttggatgac ataatttact     45120
     gaatctagga aagagaaaga aagtgtgtgt tttgtaatcc tataaatgat aagtgctgag     45180
     aaactagtag ctgaaagaca aactatttct gcccactgaa aggaaaaaaa atgaagaaat     45240
     tctaggagaa tcatttacta cagttaaaat attctaattt ttaaatttag tttctatcaa     45300
     tatctataca gaaaagtaaa aaaaaaaaaa taataataat aaagagcttg agtataaaca     45360
     ttaccaaaat ttaagcatcc catattctct tatttggagg tttatcctaa ataggtgacc     45420
     tacaaatatg atataacttt tttaccactt tattttcaaa tgaatacttt ccataggcag     45480
     tttgatgata gttcttaact aatttttttt acaagttcac ataacgtaat ttgaaaaaga     45540
     aatttgtttc tttagcagaa aaagctctca tttgagaaaa atacatagag aattttaaaa     45600
     aaagcacagc ttatgaaaca gataacataa atatgtcagt cacagtaact cagagatttc     45660
     agccatatta tgaagaagaa cttcctgcat aattctttta aagtacacta atttctgaga     45720
     gaaaaacagt agctgctatc agaatcttca aagtaataat aatgaataat tagaatttac     45780
     ctaactgttc tgcttctcat gtttgaaaaa tcatagtcta tatttttacc tatgcattca     45840
     attgcaggaa tactgtttct ggtggaaact atatacatat aaaaattata tatataatat     45900
     ataaactata taaattatat ataattcata tataatatat tatataaaat tattcttata     45960
     tatattatat aaaatttata tataaattat aaatgttata tatttataaa ttataaatat     46020
     ataatattta tatacaatat attatatata atattcttat attatatatt attatattat     46080
     gtatattctt acattatata ttatatataa tatataatgt attatataaa taatatatat     46140
     tatattatat aaatatatat tatttataat taaaataaat attaaatata atgtaatata     46200
     taatatataa tataatataa aataaatata taatatgtta ttaaaataat taattttaat     46260
     atattattaa aataataata aataataaat aatattaaaa tatataattt atattatata     46320
     atatatatta tatgttttat attttatata taatatataa tataatatat aagaataatt     46380
     atatgtaata tatattatat aatatataag aataattata tataatatat tatataatat     46440
     atatacatat gtggctgttg gatcacagaa ttcatgtgac aagtagtacc agtatttttg     46500
     agtaccacaa gtttttctgg tgggtgagat ctaacaggga gcagatattc ccactcaaaa     46560
     agtgctcaca acctgagata agaagaaaaa ataatgcttg tagtatgaaa ataattctgt     46620
     ccacttgtct ttccatcaag tgacaaatta atattaacaa caactcattt atcaatgcag     46680
     ccatttttga aggagtattt taaattttga tattaacaac aaattgagtg actatacaga     46740
     tttttaacta cagacccctt aggtccatat tttaatgaca ttatatctgt ctgttttttt     46800
     aaaaaatgtg tttgtttaaa aaaatctttt gattatatac atttactgtg tcaatgcaac     46860
     tgtaaataaa ttaacaaaaa aggtgttttt ataaaggaaa ctcttctttc tacatagatc     46920
     ccacaagaca aataaagatc tgacctttta agtggtgagt ttaactagaa acttcttcaa     46980
     tgcactagaa aatatactca tacagataaa aacataaaca aatataattt cacactttcc     47040
     aattaaagat ctgtagagaa tgtgttgcta attgtattct tagccctcag ttttctcttg     47100
     aaatgaacta aattttgtta taatttgtta atttacttac atgacttccc accctgagtt     47160
     tcagttccgt gtaagatttg aacattacta cttactttgt tggacagagg tggacattta     47220
     gaagtcatac aatgcactca aaatttctct tctcacatta tgatttttaa agccatacct     47280
     ctcttagaat ttaaatagaa taacgttaag caacttcaag gcttggttta ttaaaatatt     47340
     tctcatgaat acattttaaa tataaacatt ttgtaccatt aaatttggct tctttttaca     47400
     ctaaggaaac atatgattca ataaaactca gtttagttac caacaccaaa tataggggaa     47460
     cacttaagaa atacatatat taggccgggc gcggtggctc cagcctgtaa tcccagcact     47520
     ttgggaggtc gaggcgggaa gatcacaagg tcaggagatc aagaccatac tggctaacac     47580
     ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagcc aggcgtggtg gtgggcgcct     47640
     gtagtcccag ctgctcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc atgaactgga aggcggagct     47700
     tgcagtgagc cgagatcgcg ccactgcact ctagcctggg tgacagagca agactctgtc     47760
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaagaaa tgcatatgct tttaatttaa     47820
     tattgtctga cataaatgat tttacatatg tacctgatag ctacaaaatt ttaaactagt     47880
     tgatcaaaaa cagacaaaaa aaacatgagt taactttttc taaatgaaaa tagactttca     47940
     aagtaaacta ttattaatga acaaaaacag ctttataatt taaaaactca ctagtattgc     48000
     cttgtctatg gaatatattg cattcaaatt caggagtttg agaccagccg agccaacatg     48060
     gcaaaactca gtcggtacta aaaatgtcaa caacaacaac aaaaaacttc cgtttgggct     48120
     ggcaggtgcc tgaggtccca gctactcggg aggctgactc aggagaattg cttgaacctg     48180
     agaggcagaa gttgcagcta actgagatcc tgccactcca ggttgagcaa cagagcaaga     48240
     tttaatcaca ccccactcac gtgccaaaaa agaataaata aataagaaaa gatcaaatta     48300
     actgtgaata catcaggtat tgtttatgcc agttcacctg accaaagaca aaaatccagg     48360
     tactgatgga acttacattt tcactttagt ggaaagtagt gacaacgtct attgatttta     48420
     tttttatgta agaaggataa ggatttgggg ttcatttata agcatgtgaa tagtataagc     48480
     tcaaaggaga tttgagcaaa gaaagaggat ggtagaagaa gacatgcaaa agagaataag     48540
     aagaaaataa tatatggttg tttgttacat tataaagacc atggttttag cttaggaaaa     48600
     agggaagctg gtattgaatg ctcataggta gagttacttt ttaaggtaag ggcaacgttc     48660
     tatatttaaa taatagtgat ggttgcataa cattgagaat atcctgaaaa tcactgaatg     48720
     tgtactttaa aatggttaat tttatagtat ctgagatata attcacctag ttgtaatagt     48780
     ggtaatagtg taatacttgt aatagtggaa ggtaggagat cagtaaagag gctgagctaa     48840
     tcagatgaga aatgtggata acctgtatct ggatgacagc atgaaaaata gggaaaagtg     48900
     gttagattct ggacctgttt taaaaggaaa acatgaagaa tttgaggact aatagaaatg     48960
     aggagatgaa aagaaaagca tcaaggatga cctttcagtt ttaggccttt gcaacaggat     49020
     gtaattacta tcaggtgaaa tgggaaacac ttgggggagg gaagttgttt ggaaggaaca     49080
     tcagaattca gtgtatagcc ttgagatcaa attgcctgtt aaacatgaat atgtgcaata     49140
     gagtcatata tgatttgggt ttggtaagag actggctgga gacaaccatg tgggactcat     49200
     agtaccattc agaaatccat catacaggca gagataactg ggagattggg agcaaattca     49260
     tcaggaattg ttcaaggaag agggtgtcta agaagtaact tatatttggt caggcctggt     49320
     ggcttgcacc tccaatgcta gcactttgga agcctgaggc aggcagatgg attggtccta     49380
     gaaactcaag tccagcctag gatacatggg agagaccctg tttctaccaa aattagctag     49440
     tctgggtggc ctgtagtcaa agtcgcccag gaggctgatg tgcaaagatc acttgagcat     49500
     gggagtttga agctgcagtg agttcttgat tgcaccactg cactccagct tggacaacag     49560
     aggcagaccc tgtctcagta aacaaacaaa aaaaaaacca aagacaagaa attaaaatta     49620
     atatatatat atatataaat atttggccaa aaaaaggtga ttattttaag tatagtatat     49680
     ttggtagact gttggggatg agtgcctgac tggtaaggta agtggaattt tcaaatgaga     49740
     gcatattacc aatggaaaaa atactcacct gaaattcaat gtaacatttt aaatttagca     49800
     attagggtgt caccgatggc ctttgagaaa ggactgtgac ttccttgttg tgggataaaa     49860
     cctgagacag tatatgaact gatggaaaga aaatcactaa tagaaattct ctgttgatat     49920
     taaaagcaga gaaaaatgtc agtaccaaaa gagacagttt ctgttgtgga tcataaaata     49980
     tggagttttt atatatgtgt gataaggaaa tcagggcagt gaagaagaga acaaaagaaa     50040
     ttacacgaaa gaggaaaaga tcaatcacat tgatgggttg ggtccaggag gatgtatttt     50100
     aaaacgtgat aaaggttttg tctttgaata aatacgtgca tatagataaa ggtgtgattt     50160
     agatcagaat aacaaacaac agaagttgag gaatttaata ctgtacagta taaaacttaa     50220
     caaattggag gaaaggatgt ttatgataag ttatgagaat aaaagcaatg caaagaaagt     50280
     tcaggaaatg aacatattat caaataaaaa caaaataggt aacttcttga ttcttccctc     50340
     ccactttttt aaactgctac ttctattttt cccattgata tattttaaca aatgaccaac     50400
     atcttcttgg gaaatattat gttctctctc tgataatttg cattatattc ttacacattt     50460
     catgcctttt tattatatta acagaatttt tattcagaaa agctgtctaa attcctttcc     50520
     aatatttact ggatttaaaa gtactgttgc cttttatctt cctttttagc catttttgtt     50580
     gaatattgat tgcttcccac ccataatgac taattgacct tcacaatata tcattaattt     50640
     ctctgacagt ttgtctagaa agaacctaat atgagctatt tcataccccc caacaaaata     50700
     gaatttacat cttctataac catgcaaagt ctggatttcc attctattta tattgaaact     50760
     ttacttgatt aataacttca tagcatcacg ccaagaaaca gtattttaaa tgcaaaatga     50820
     ccaacatcta acaataagtg gaacttaaag ggctcactgt tttgtattcc tttccaaatc     50880
     agaaatatct gctagatagt tttcttagtg tcatcatggt tggacttggc ttagaccttg     50940
     tgccattttg ttttagtcaa tgtcagcagc agacattgac tgtagagcac caaaagaaaa     51000
     cttatgagaa atatatccct ttcttcttac tacttgaaga caggagtatc atcttggtgt     51060
     taagaggtag ttaaggcatc atagaagttt tattgtctat ttccttgaaa cattgtttgc     51120
     tgaagaaata atatgtcaag ttatttgaca tattgactaa attatgtcaa atgctttaat     51180
     tgactgcata tgtcaagtgg tggttcaata tttcctaaac cagatatata tgttttattg     51240
     tgattagtga tccatactta cctttttaca ttttccatga atagtgaatt atacagaatc     51300
     ttgttttctt ctgtttggat ttgatacaga actatactgg attcactgac aagaagagtt     51360
     tgaattagca gcatgctgag aatggacaca gcgtttgaag agactgataa agaaattaca     51420
     ggaggagttt tatctttgga agaaaaaatg gtccttgggc acagacccca tgtgagcttt     51480
     actttcagaa ttctctgctc aactgttctc tgttgtggtg aggccaccta tgctttgtat     51540
     atgtttgaaa ttaattgaaa agctattgac agattctgat gtcatttgcc gtgaacttta     51600
     ttactgtgta agtacttttg gatcaaatta ccctaatgtt tttcaacaaa gactttagaa     51660
     gaaataaagc tacattactt tttttggcac gttcttcctt taggatctat ggtgaggtaa     51720
     gtgacgacac aaatgtctct cattctgttt ccaacaagta aatagaatac aaatagttcc     51780
     ctaacaagat taaggatggg ataatcattg ttcctctaac tgaaatacat ccctgtttag     51840
     ttttatttag ttttcacaat tctgaaaatt ttcctattca atttttatca gtcataagat     51900
     aatgatagct tttaaaaaaa aaaatgaaaa tggaatttag ttagtggttt ttttctgctc     51960
     cttttaatat tattctcatt cagcctaatg ggcattctaa atagcaatga gggatatgaa     52020
     tataacctta aattaaggaa tgagggtaga gtgagacaga agaaagtatg gctcaaaaat     52080
     aatctcataa gttttatttg tcaactcatg tgatttaaca tgttagtggt agattttcta     52140
     ctcatcctta aatttggagc tgtgacttgg aatatcaaaa tgtagctaaa caattcattt     52200
     ccatatgact tgtctgttac tatactgatt ttcacgagta ctgtaaattt tgtaagaact     52260
     aatttcattc agatctgcat ttagacttcc aagatagtaa aatatataaa aaatatacat     52320
     tttatagaat taggagtcac tggggataag tgttaccttt ctttaaaagg taagtgcaga     52380
     agtttataaa cacatgcaaa aatgtgcaat ctcacgattt aatcttctat gcaaataaaa     52440
     attagtaata gcgagggcag ttggtggcac tagcagggca ataaatactc ctgcaaagcc     52500
     aaagaattaa taccagttat aatgcatgaa gtgattttgg gccatactct ggagataatt     52560
     taagtttaat tgactgaatc tcctgaaaga aaaggactta ggcagaaaca acaaaaaatg     52620
     aacaatacat tagccagaaa actcaacaaa taaataaaac acctgaaaat attagaacca     52680
     ataaatctcc gtgtagtaga aacacatcta gttttgttgc tgtagttgtt gttgtttaga     52740
     gacagtgtct gtcacccagg ctggagagca gtggtgtgat ctcacctccc tgcaaccccc     52800
     agctcccagg ttcaagggat tctcctgcct gagcctcccg aatagctggg actacaggcg     52860
     cacaccacca agtccagata atttttgtgt ttttagtgta gatggggatt cactatattg     52920
     gcctggctgg tctcaagctc ctgacctcgt gacccaccca ccttggcctc ccaaaatttt     52980
     gggaatacag gcatgtgcca tcgtgcatgg caaaatttgt ctttgttaca aggttaattt     53040
     aagaaatttt atacatttct taaatttctt acaataggct gaggatggtg gctcacacct     53100
     ctaatcccag cacttttaaa ggccaaggca tacagatcac ctgaagatgg cagttcgagg     53160
     caagcttaga ggacatggtg aaaccacccc tactacaaat acaaaagtag ctgggtgtgg     53220
     tggcacacgc ctgtaatccc agctacttag gaggttgagg cagtagaatc acttgaacct     53280
     ggaaggtaga ggttgcaatt ctgtgatgat gagaaatgtt gagatattta tgtatagtgt     53340
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atatatacac agccacacac acacacatac acacacacct     53400
     gttagctgtg tatatacatt ctttgggaaa cagaagatac ttatttttaa ttgggttatt     53460
     attttcttgt tcttttgaat ctgtttttag ttccttgtac attttgatta accccttgtc     53520
     tgatatacag ttggcaaata tttgctctca ttacattagt ctggtgattt attttatttt     53580
     atttttattt tttgctgtaa ggaatttttc tagtatgatg taaccttatt tttctgtttg     53640
     tgcatttttt ttgcttgtgt ttttgaagtc ttatccaaaa atattcttgc ccagaccaag     53700
     gtcattaaat atattttgtg atttattcta ctagtttgac agattgctgt tgtcattaca     53760
     tctttaattt taaatgtttt taagtatgta ttcttatagg tgaggtctca caatattacc     53820
     tagtgtagag tgcagtggca taagtgtttc acgctatagc tttgaacagc taggctcagg     53880
     tgatcctccc ttctgggacc cctgagtagc taaaattata ggggcacatc actgtaccgg     53940
     gctttttaat ccatttgagt taatttttgt attcagtgag agatagggtt gtaattaggt     54000
     ccttctgcat gtagctctct tgttttccca gcaccactta ttgaagagac tgacatttcc     54060
     tcatttggtt ttcttgccac ctctgcagaa tatcagttgg ctatacaggt gtagatttat     54120
     ttttgctcac tgtgttctgt tgtattggtt tatagcattg tggcatgccc agttctgtgg     54180
     attcaatccc taaccccatt gacatcttca ggatggcttt ggctattcat ggttttattt     54240
     ttgtggtttc atatttattt aggatttttt tcaatttctg tgaaaaatgc cattggtgtt     54300
     ttgatagaga ctgcactcaa cttgtgcact tctttggatc atataaacat tttaaccata     54360
     ttactttttc caatcaatga acataaatat ctttccactc atttatgtca ttttaacatt     54420
     ttattagtgt ttcatagatt tcagaatgca gattttttaa atctccttgg ttaaatttat     54480
     tcccttttat cccccatacc tattgtgaat gagattgtgt tcttaatctt tgttgttgtt     54540
     gttgtttttt ttggtatttt gctgttagtg tatggaaatg ctatccaatt ttatatgttg     54600
     attttgtaaa ctgaaacttt actgaccttc tgtattagtt ctaactactt tttagttgtg     54660
     tgtttaagga tttccatagt ttgtcattag catgtatgga caattttatt tcttcctctc     54720
     taatttgggt agcttttctt actttctctt gtctaatttt tccggctaag gacttttatt     54780
     attacattaa tagaagtagt gaaaatgaac atcttggtct tccttcagat cttcacagaa     54840
     aagctttcaa cttttaattc cctttgagtg tgatattagc taagggcttg tatatgtggt     54900
     gttatctggt tattcgggtc tgtgtctttt gttgtgttga gttacggttg ttccacgcat     54960
     aatttgttaa gagattttat tgtgaaactg ttgaattttg tcaaaacttt tttcacttat     55020
     tgaaatgact gcatagattt tgttctttat tttgttgata taatgtatga catttaatga     55080
     ttctagtgta ttaaaccatt cctgcatccc tataatctca cttgatcacg gtgaatgatt     55140
     ttctaaatgg gcattataag tcattttccc agtattttat tgaggatttt tacattatgt     55200
     ttatcagata ttttggccca tagttctctc ttttttcttg tatccttgtc tggttttgta     55260
     tcagaataat gccatcccaa tggaatgagt tggaacagtt cccatatctt cctttttgtg     55320
     ttatgttttg actaggttaa aaaaaattgg cagcagttta ttttttgtgg taggtagaat     55380
     gcaagagtga atacatcagg tcctgggctt ttctttaata ggtgatcttt tattgctgat     55440
     ttgatttctt accattaatt tgtttctggg tatcagttat ggtatctctt ttatggctct     55500
     gatttccttt atcaggggct ttgttttctt ttgttgtttt ttgtttttgt tttttgtttt     55560
     tacttttgag tttagattta tgtttttcta attccttcat tgaaacatca agttgtatat     55620
     ctgatatctt ctcatagttg aaggcattta ttgtcataac ttccctctta aaactgcttt     55680
     ggttgaatct cataggtttt ggtgtgttgt gtttctattt ttgtctcaag aaatatggtg     55740
     ttttctcttt aatgtcctca ctgactcatt ggttattcag gagcatgttg tttaattttg     55800
     atgtacttat gaattagtga tttcagaaga gatactttat gtgagtttga tctttccaaa     55860
     ttcattaaga tgtgattttt tacctaatgt atgacatatc ctgaaagata tctcatgtat     55920
     gcagtggaga agaatgttta ttctatagct cttggatgga tagttcagta actgttttta     55980
     gcattttcac tacatggcat tttcatccaa tgtttacttg ttaaattctg tctgcattat     56040
     ctattcattg ctgaaagtaa ggtgctgaat ttttctaata ttatcttgca tttttttctt     56100
     cctttggatc tattaacatt tgtattatat atatgcatat attatttgta tggatgtatt     56160
     cccgttataa tatgttattt tttttctgct gcttaattct gtatcctctc tttgtttctg     56220
     atgtttggtg gtttgattat attaagtcac agggatatgt ttattgaaat tgaatgtgat     56280
     tgtaagcctt caagattcct atagcagaat atttatattt tatttaagtt tgaaaaggct     56340
     tctgttatta tttatccaaa taagctttct actcttttct tacacttttt ttttttgaga     56400
     tggaggtttg ctcttgtctc gcaggttgga gtgcaatggt gtgattgtgg ctcactgcag     56460
     catccacttc ctggtttcca gtgattctcc tgagttccag tgattctcct gactcaggtt     56520
     tctgagtagc tgggatcgca gatgtccacc aatacacccg gctaattttt gtattataat     56580
     agataaacca tttcaccata ttgtccgggc tactctcaag ctcctgacaa catatgatcc     56640
     acccgccttg gccccgcaaa gtgctgaaga tacaggcatg ggccatcaca cccggctcta     56700
     ccacactctt gaatgccagt gtctgacaca ttggctcttt ggatgttatc ccattaatct     56760
     catgaatctt atttatgttt tctcctctaa ctgtatattt tgaattgacc tccctttgag     56820
     ttttgctgct tgaccacttc tattgtcact gctgtcaatt gcatttttta ttttgttgtg     56880
     ttttattctt caagatttct gtttgttttt tcctcccgta ttttaatctc ttctgtaagc     56940
     ttctctgata aatttcagaa ttctttgtgt tttgctgaag tccactgcat tgtcttcaaa     57000
     caagtatttt gaattccttg tcaggccttg tgtccatgcc catctctttt gggtcagtca     57060
     ccaccagcac tttattttga ccacttgatg ccgtcatgtt tctctcattg atcctaatgc     57120
     ttgtgactat gcatcaatgt ctgtgcagtg atgtaggtgc ctaatgcagt gtttgtagtt     57180
     tgcctttgtt tggaagcttt cttccacagt aaggctgtcc ggagattcag ggcaaggagg     57240
     aggaaattaa ggtattttag cctatgatag cttcagccct ggtagcacga ggggaaacat     57300
     taatgagcag actttcatgg ctggagtaat ttgactgaca aagtcgactc agtgccaggt     57360
     tgcacctgta tcacacagtt gagcactgga tgcactcaag gcctgtaact tccatggtct     57420
     gccctctgat ctttattcag tgtctgaggt tactgtagtc aatcagtggg aatattgacg     57480
     ggaactcagc tccattctgc ggagatcata gtttctaatc tgttgccggg gttggtctac     57540
     atgattaccc ctgggtatca acctcccaaa gtgctggggc aaggggacag gcaaataaat     57600
     gtcccaaggc aaaatgtact atgcctacct ccttcgccca agtgagcatc ccacctccac     57660
     ctcctgaata gttgagacta caggaatgtg ccaccatgcc tggataacat ttttggtgtt     57720
     ttcttgttgt tattgttggg ctcaagtgat ctactcacct cagcctgcta aagtgctagg     57780
     gttacaggta tgagtcacta cacccagcta aaatttactt tctaaaattt aacttttaga     57840
     tcatttcttt ttattcagtc ttatttctca taaatgcagt taagaatgtt attgctttag     57900
     agtttctctt tgggtatccc tgaaggaata aatggactct cgatattcat tttctaaatg     57960
     gtgttagaaa atgaatagtt actttagatg agtaaagact atttggcctc tttttgtttt     58020
     ctggcttcat ttcattgtgt atgaagactg tattatttta acccttctgt atatgtgaaa     58080
     tgaattttta ctctttcaac tgaatgtagt agaagattgt ttaaactgat tatacagcta     58140
     ctacataatt ttgtttttct tccttgtgca tattagtcta attattggga taacaatgtc     58200
     aaaattaaat taattttcgt attaaaaact tctgataaaa ttacctaagt acacacaaac     58260
     aaaaacatgc ccacacaaat cacttaattt ctaaaacttt taatttttct gcttctctag     58320
     taccttgtat tccatcacac agcaaaatct ggcagctcca cttccagaat ttacttgaac     58380
     tccacagctt atttccgatt tcctgttatc accagagtct aaaacacagt ttatattgca     58440
     ttcacctcct attttacacc gtaatttcct actttacact ctaactttat ataaaaaaga     58500
     aactaccttt tcaagatcta attcacgcaa ttttatttgt tcttaattga gacttctttc     58560
     taggtgctgt cacaccttgt aacgtcagat acaaatgtct ctatccaatt tcatgagttc     58620
     cagttatttt attttaaggg aatgtgtata tacatttata aatttgtgta tgtgtgtatt     58680
     cacttattct ttattttata tgttttgcat gcatatattc actaaatccc tgataatgga     58740
     aagataacaa atcttttttt ttctttcttt tttgtatgta aattattttc cgaaggaggt     58800
     gggttgggag aaatatatct taacttggca agtttaaaag agaaagtggc cattactaat     58860
     gaaaattatt ctctagcatt ttcatgttta tctttaatag cattgctgat gacatattcc     58920
     ctcttatcag ttgtgtaggt gccattcact gcaatatact ggccatccgc actggcaacg     58980
     actttgctgc cattaagcta caggtgataa aattgatcta tctcatgata tggcattcgt     59040
     tggtgattat ctcacctgta gtgactctgg cattcttccc tgcatctctg aaacagggga     59100
     gcttacactt tctattaatc atatattttg tattattgtt gacaccatgg ctggagtttt     59160
     cgaaaagtgg aactcatctt cctagcaaca caaaaaataa ttccagcatg gtgggtaagt     59220
     atggatgctt atcttaatca tgctagtata tgctgccatc aattctcctg cttgtcagca     59280
     gtgaaactgc agctgtcaaa tgaggaattg ataagagaca cgaggtggga catacaatcc     59340
     tacactacag atttcagttt ttagaaaatg tgataataat attgatattt agtttctttg     59400
     gagggaacgt tttaccgaag tgttgtgact caataattgc cgtgtagttc atcaaaacct     59460
     acatattagc ctttggcttt aagctccgct tctgtcagta tttgcaacca aggtggtcgg     59520
     gcaaagtatt gccaggagat actgaaaatc atccagaagc actgtgatat tgtgtaagca     59580
     tctggagaaa attcagttaa aagaataaaa gtaagcagct gaggaattac tatcactcat     59640
     ggagaagggt aggatatttt caataagtga gtatgcaata tccatatata ctttcacaga     59700
     acaaagagta aagaggctga gtgtgacttt ataaagatac tcataaaaaa tataaacaac     59760
     aaaaccttgg aagtagtttc taataaaatt gatttttcta atgtgactat gcattaataa     59820
     tttttgtttt cttaaatata attgtacagc ttattaaaca aaacaaaatg aaaaatccat     59880
     ctggctacaa aaactaagca gaaaaaataa ccataataca tttttcacct agtacatttt     59940
     ggaacctata cctttaattt aataagtgct tgtaatatag catatacact atcagtgaac     60000
     atttgctttt cacccttttc cctctgtggt acagaaacat tttagtttga tgtaatgtga     60060
     tccaattgtt ttttgttgtg cttttctagt ctgtgctttt ggggtcatag aattgagtgt     60120
     tcaaaaatac agttaaatta aaaataagaa ttaccacata atccagctac tctacttcca     60180
     gatacgtact caaaggatat aaaattagca tggcaatgag atatctgcac ttctatattc     60240
     atctcagcat tattcataac agccaagata cggtaacaac ctaagtgcac atcaagagat     60300
     aaagtgtggc acatatacac aatgagatat actatacagc cttaaaaaag gaggaagatc     60360
     ttttatttat ttgtgacaaa atgaatggaa ttggaagata ttatgctcag tgtaataaga     60420
     gaggcacaga aagacaagta tagaatgatc actattatat gtaaaatcta aaaaagttga     60480
     actcattcaa actgtgaata tgccagatgt ggtggctcat gcctgtcact ccagcactaa     60540
     gggaggatga ggtggttgga tcacttgagg tcagaagttt gaagccaccg tgagccataa     60600
     ttgtgtcact gtactccagc ctgggcaatg cagcaaggcc gtgactcttt ctacaaacac     60660
     acaaaaagta gtcagagatt ggagtgtggg gtggtgatgg gcgtggatag agaaagggga     60720
     ggtgttcatc aaagggtaac aaatttcagt gagacaggaa gaagttctgg tgatcctttg     60780
     cacagaatgg tgatcacagt taataaatgt caacttaaaa attgtttaat aaaaaaaagg     60840
     acaggcatgg tgactcatgt ctgaaatccc tgcactttgg gtggccatgg agggaggatc     60900
     agtagaggtc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg gccaacatga tgaaacactg tctctactga     60960
     aaatataaga attagccagg tttggtggca tgcacatctc accccagcta ctcgagtggc     61020
     tgaggcaaga gaaaaacttg aactcgggag gtggcagttg aaatgagctg agtttgcacc     61080
     agtgcactca agtctgggca acaggagcaa aactctatct caaaaataag gattgtttaa     61140
     aatgtagaat ttatatattc ttaccacaaa gaaagaaatg gtatgtatgt gaggtaatgg     61200
     atatggtaac tagcccaata taattctttt gcaatatata catgaattat aaaatcactt     61260
     tgtgtcccat aaatatttat atttgttaat ttaaaataca aattttaaaa gaatgaattg     61320
     cagttaaaac aaacttgact taatatatgt agacagtaat atatgctaat gtttccttct     61380
     attttgaata tttggcttct gttatttctt gaggaaacaa acaccatggg aagggatgaa     61440
     gaacactaga tcttaacatt gtataattta cattattttg ttggtggtgg tttttctcca     61500
     tttttttcta ccaaggcaat ggtgacaact ttcttattca cactttcttt tgtgtttctt     61560
     tttcctgaga aatcaccacc aaaaataaaa cttgtgtaga tttgtgtata ttttttactg     61620
     ctccttgtta tgaccctctt cgcctttgct ttggatttcc cagcttctta aaacactgat     61680
     ttgcttatta tttgttgtct ccttgtacca ttacttcttt gctctacctg caggatcatt     61740
     tctttttatt ttagtttagt ttaatttttt tgagagagag tctctggcac aatcttgact     61800
     cagtgcaacc ttggcctctt ggattcaggt gattgattct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt     61860
     atctgatatt acaggtatgc actaccacgc ttggctagtt ttagaactta taattgtgat     61920
     ggggtttcac cgtgttgcca aggctggtct caaactgacc tcaaatgatt ccccacctca     61980
     gcctcccaaa gtgctgcaat tacaggtgta agatgccaca ccccatttga tcattttctt     62040
     tactagatct acatgctgct tgtcttagtt ctagatatgc cactgtcaac tcatttattt     62100
     attttctatg ataggaagac tcatggaaag agttgcctgt gacaaggttt aattttattt     62160
     ttcttaactc tcctttcttc aggcatttac cctgtttttg gaatcatatc ttatacttgt     62220
     cactaaatcc catatatcac ttgtctattg cgtattactc aaacagtcgt gtgtatctgt     62280
     aaaactgatt cacaccctca ttcttgaaat actattttgc tttggattac atgactcaac     62340
     tttcgtctga tttctctatt taattgtcag tgtgttttgt ttcattttat ctcgtagatg     62400
     tctgtttgtt agaccactaa tataactaca cagaatacct ctttctcctt ccctttctcc     62460
     tttccctttt cccttccctt tttcttttct ttcctttctt ttttttaaga aagtgttctg     62520
     taacgcagtc tgcagtgcag tagtgagacc ttgactgact acagcctcaa attgctgggc     62580
     ttaagcaatt ttcctgcatt ggtctcctca gtagctgaga ctacagatgc acactaccac     62640
     acctggcttt ttgttgatgt tgttttgaga caaaagcctc ttaagtttta aacctgtagt     62700
     actaaggaat tcaaccagtg atatgatcgg aattcaacca gtgatatgat ctctgaattt     62760
     ctaacattgt gctttccttt ttctgatgag tgacccaaga ttaagagagc taaatttaaa     62820
     acttcccctg aacttcttta cactttctac atgcctctct cttccatcat tttttgtcca     62880
     aaactacatc acctgtataa cataaaaact ggggatattc cacgtccaat tattttccct     62940
     cgtctctttc atattttatc tataacaact tttttattat ctaccaccta caaatgtttt     63000
     ttttttcttg ttgctgttta tgcattaaag gtgaggtcat catttattgt tccctaaatg     63060
     atagtatcaa catcttaatt tacttccttc ttctgtgtta ccttgttcaa ttcatttttc     63120
     attgagggtc tagaattatt ctacttttca atgaataaaa cacatctctt gtcttttcct     63180
     ttctattctt gatcctttct gctttactat taactgttac tttatgaagt gaggagccat     63240
     ttcagtgtta tttactatta tatccaccat tttaagctaa aattctgaga tataataacc     63300
     tctctctaag tgtttaatat tataataaat aatacaactt tgtaatttca gtattgtttt     63360
     tgaatactta gtctacatag tatttatgaa acaatatttt agttgatttg cagataagct     63420
     tatgttattt tttcactcac tccttccatt tgtatccatc ctagctgtaa gacatttaga     63480
     ggtgtgaact tgacatattc ttctctatac ttgagagcct gttgaagtta tatgaataaa     63540
     gaaatgtaca ttgaccattt aattcatata aataaatata aatgtttaat agttaaaatt     63600
     tacttaaacg tttttattac ttaaatgtat tattacagtt attatttaca ttttttatta     63660
     ttcaaaactc aatacaggaa acaaacatgg aaaaatctca agtaatttat tatttatcat     63720
     tccttttatt gtagaggtca caagctttct ccttactggt tagggccata tttccagaac     63780
     agtcgtaaca tttcacttct catttcctag tgaaatctga ggagtgtctt ttgaactcta     63840
     tggtgatatg cctacaacta cctagtgtaa ctctgtcttc ttaggagggt atgactctac     63900
     aagatgagta tgataatgtc ctaaaatacc atccttacat ttaattatat aaaacaccac     63960
     taatgtaata ataatacatg agctgcacat tacgtagtct atttagagag ttaattttta     64020
     cgctcaaata ctttagttag agactgtgag attaaactga cccaagatgg aacttaattt     64080
     tttgtaacaa ctaccatgct atggtgaaat gaaaactgaa ctcttaataa tttggaaaac     64140
     aataaagtca tatcacttat aagttgctaa caaaaacatg tatttcttaa ctattactta     64200
     ttacatgaaa gacagaatgg ctttcatgat aatgatggaa gcagtgtcaa ataaaatctt     64260
     acaaaacagt ctggacacga tggctcatga ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggctgagg     64320
     caggtggatg acttgaggtc aagagtttga gacaagcctg gccatcatgg tgaaacgccc     64380
     tctctactaa aaataagaac attagctagg catgggggtg catgcctgta atcccagcta     64440
     ctcaggaagc tgagacaaga gaatcccttg aacctggaag gcagaggctg cagggagcca     64500
     agatcgcacc actgcactct ggcctgggtg agagagtgag actccatctc aaaaaatacc     64560
     tctccgaaca ttaaaaagca aggtagattt aatcaacttt ctattttacg ctgtaattaa     64620
     agttaattgg gttaaaagtg aagagatata aggaagagac aacaacctca gacttgattt     64680
     ttggagctct ggaatctaat aacgtcactc aagggtgcgt ttaatgaaga aagacctgac     64740
     ctctaagttt gggcaagaca gtatgtggca ttttaacttc ccatcatcac ccactccatg     64800
     gcttcatgga aaccgtgaat aagattaaat tctagatgca gattttgatg catgtgtgga     64860
     aatacagaac ttatttcaaa taattgcggt tgtgtgattt aaaatgtctg aggttccctt     64920
     ggagattttc agttcagagt cttttcttta gcccacctca gagctttctt gggtgcagaa     64980
     gttgactccc aggaggcatt tgcggaaagg aaatatacta gtcagagcca cctatagcaa     65040
     ggaataagag tcaggtcaag tagtacacaa acaaaatgcc tggaaagaag tggctggtga     65100
     agaaaagtga tgtggaaaat cagctttgaa aaattctcac agttcgttgc tgtttatatt     65160
     ggattgggtt ttaaatagag acagaacttg ccctgtggcc cacagtggag tcctgtggca     65220
     ggatcatggc ctactgcagc ggcaacctcc ttgggttcaa atgatcttgc cacctcagcc     65280
     tcctgagcat ctcacctctc tggactccac caatcctccc cgctcagcat ttcacagtac     65340
     aggcatgggc ctccaaaact agcttatttt tgtatttttt tatacagaag agtctttcca     65400
     tgttgtcaag gctggtctcg tacttctggg ctcaagtgat ttgttctcca agccttccaa     65460
     attggtggga ttacagatat gaaccaccac acccagactc ctactggtat atttagaagg     65520
     atataaatat gtccactttt ggatgcatgc atggcgaaga ccccaaaact tttcactttt     65580
     ccctgacttt tgactaaaca ctagagttcc tgaaaagtct atatgcaaat tctgaatagt     65640
     ttttcttttc tttcttttcc tttttttctt ttctttccta tgattttttt taatgtgtca     65700
     aagatagtag atgaccaaaa ggatgacaga acacaggtta agtggccaca catgacaaag     65760
     aatacagact acaaaactag ctgtaaggag ttgttaaaca agtacacaac ccacaagcta     65820
     agcaattgtg gaggtcaaga atttgttatc tgagtatgct gaataatatg caaagtgttc     65880
     agcattcaac aataaaataa aaggcattca aagataaatg caaaaaaagc acattcagag     65940
     aaaacataat taaaagaagc tatttcagaa agcccaggca tggtactaac tagggaaata     66000
     tttcaattct cttcaaaaag aagagaattg agaccttcaa aggtctgttc tcaaagacct     66060
     aagggaaccc agtagaacag tgattcaaaa ttgaaaatac caataaagac atacacatta     66120
     tttaaaaaat gaaatcaata atctgtaact agaaagattg aatagcttgt gtgagcatgc     66180
     aaaaagcgta atgaggcaac ttgaagatgg attgtttgat attattcagt gtatgaaaca     66240
     aaaacaggaa caagaataat gaacaaaact aaggttgcca tgggattcta tcaagaatat     66300
     caacatattc ataatgggag tttcactgaa aaaagagaaa tacaggggaa aaaaagaata     66360
     tttgaatgaa cagtggctga aacttcacaa atgtgttgat agatggaaat ctactgatcc     66420
     aaatatctcc aaaggaaaaa aaaaatactt caggaagaat aaaatcaaag atatccacac     66480
     tgaaacacat gcactgaaac tgacagaaga caaataaata gagaacttta aaagaagcaa     66540
     gacagaagta actgatcaca tgcaagttat catccatgac attaacagcc aatttctcat     66600
     taaaaattat ggaggaaata agtcactgtg ttgagatctt caaagtgctg aaataaaaaa     66660
     aaattaagtc aatcataaac tcaatatctg tccaaaccaa aatttaaatt tatgagcaag     66720
     taagtcattt ccaagcaaac agaattaaag agagtacgtt actactagat cagccttaca     66780
     aaacatgatg aaaacatgta aggaatgaaa gtaaaatagc acctcatgtg caaataaaga     66840
     aataaagaac atcaatgaag taattacacc aagaaatagg aaagccaata ttattgtata     66900
     tggggtttct gtgactttat ttttctacta gatttaaatg acaagaggaa agatacagta     66960
     tctcacaact gtaatcccaa ccaaggatcg ggatttcctt gagctgagga gtatgagacc     67020
     agtcaaggca acaaagtgtg aacctgtctc tacagaaaat gaacaaaatt atccagctgt     67080
     ggtggcatac acttctgtcc taggtacatg aggggctgag gtggacggat cccttgagcc     67140
     caggagctcg aggctgtagt gaaccatatt tagcctatgt gactgaaacc ctgtctcaaa     67200
     tgaagtaaaa taaaattcaa taataaaata aagaaatgac aaagaataaa acaataatta     67260
     catatctggg ttgttagtac atattgtata aaaaacaatt tttgacaaaa aaacatagaa     67320
     aggtagggag agcaatatgg gaaaatgatt tttgtataat gtcaatacta agttattgta     67380
     attcacacta tattattatg aatttaagat attaattata ataccattaa tagccaataa     67440
     gaaaataact gttcaaatat actgaagaga aatgaaggag tctaaattgt accctagaaa     67500
     aacaaatgca aagatgagca gttttggagg aatgatatat aacaacaaca ataacaaaac     67560
     ttgtagaaca aaagaacaaa aataggaaaa taaattcttg tcagcaatta atttcagtcc     67620
     aaataaactc cagttaaatg tcaaagacta gcagaataac tttttaaacg ttttaaaagt     67680
     ggggaaaaaa taatgcaaac ggtaaccaaa atagagttag aattattaga caaatatcaa     67740
     aattgtttaa ttgatcaaga agatgtaaca ctttcatata tacctaataa aagatcctca     67800
     ggatatatga agcaaaaaat gaatagattt gaggagctac acagttctgc aataataata     67860
     atagttggag atttcaacac cccactttca acaatgtgta aaatgaccaa atccaagttc     67920
     aataagaaaa caaaggtctt caaaagcagt ataaaccaaa taaatctctc agacatatac     67980
     aaaacactcc acaagctgac tacacattct tctaaagtgt atatgtgtta ttctctgtgc     68040
     tatcttcaga atagactctg tggtaggcca caaagcaagt tctaattata tctaacatta     68100
     ttgaaatcac atataatgct ttcttcaacc acaatggaat aaaactagag gcccgttttc     68160
     tttttttttc tttatttctt ttttctttat ttatttaaag aaaaatagat aaataagttg     68220
     gagtctcact ctgtcaccca gactggaatt cagtggtgtg atctcaactc accacaacct     68280
     ttcatggtca agcaattctc ctgcctcata ctcctgagta gctgggacta caggcacaca     68340
     ccaccgtgct aggctaattt ttgtagtttc agtggagaca gtttcactgt attgatgagg     68400
     ctagtctcaa actactgacc tcaggtgata cacccactcc ggtctctcaa agtgctcgga     68460
     ttatacgcat gaccaccacg cctgactgag attcattttc taaagactga aaaatgtata     68520
     ttgtttggaa aataataaat acactcttca acaacctatg gttaactgaa gaatctgcaa     68580
     ggaattaatt ttcacaaaca aaagaaaaac taaaacatac taaagcttct gaaatgcgct     68640
     aaatcaatgt tgagaaatat atatgtgtaa agatagagat aaaaaagaag aaatgtaaaa     68700
     tttgtaacat aaatgtacac acaaggaagc agaaaaagtg taaattagag gagagtactt     68760
     ttgtaaaaaa tatggcaaag taaaggaagc tgcccatcaa ttgcccccaa ccctaacccc     68820
     ccaagaacac ccacagaaaa accaaaactg agtatacagt gctgagatta tcaccatcaa     68880
     taacacagag ctcaaaagtg agaatgagcc tgctcctagg gtgacagaga agtgaagaaa     68940
     ccaggcagag ggtaaaaaag ttggcctttt atattcatga cacttgtccc ctagtctgct     69000
     gacaaccaag tgtgaacaaa acaaacaaac aaaaaaactc ctctgactct tggttactac     69060
     acttactaaa ataaagttta aagtggatgg ccagcttccc catcattttg gattccctgg     69120
     caggagaatt attcctgtct ttacccaagg aagtcttgtg agtgcctgaa aagagaaaaa     69180
     aaaacctgag gaaaaccagg gatgaagtag aaagaaggac taccatctcc agcctggata     69240
     gctcagtcac aggagatgcc aaacctgagt gcctgcacag cattaccata aggtaggagg     69300
     tatattgcat aatttccttg atcacaaacc tatagagagc cttcccacac aggatatccc     69360
     cttcaaaatg tctcagatag gagactggca gtgtttcaaa gtttgtttgt tagagctgaa     69420
     ataaacctgg gcttaaggca ccatctactg ccaaaacaga ggcactgacc tagccaaaat     69480
     caagcaaaca ataccccaca atacttatgt cttaaagaaa actcaaagca attatataca     69540
     acaaaatgta aaataagaca gagaaaacaa taaactaaat aactagtcct tcaataaaaa     69600
     gatacagatg tataaccacg agcaataata ccaaacagga aattataacc tcccttaatg     69660
     gacaaagcat aaaccattga ccaatgctaa ttaatgagat ggctatcagt gattattgga     69720
     tcaaaaattc aaaatatcag ctttcaggaa attcagatct ctaaaacaac acagaaaagg     69780
     aactgataac gcttctgaaa gaaactttaa aaaatgtact gaaattattt aacaataaaa     69840
     aaagtcctgg aactgagaaa tatactggtt aaagtggaaa attaagaagg ctttcaatag     69900
     aagaatatat caaacagaat aaacaatcag tgagctctaa aatgagttat caggaacagg     69960
     tgtgcaggct caggcctgta atcacagcac tttgggaggc tgcgatgggt tgatcacttg     70020
     agtttggcag tttaagacca gtctgggcat catggtgaaa ccctgtctct actaagaata     70080
     caaaaaatta cctgggcata gtggtgcaca cctgtaatcc cagctattca ggaggctaag     70140
     agaggagaat cacccaaacc tgggaggcag aggttgcagt gagtcagtgt cgtgccattg     70200
     aagtccagcc tgggcaacac agagagactt tgtctaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa     70260
     gtaaaagaaa aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaat taacataggt tattcagaaa tgcacaaaga     70320
     acaaaacaga aaaacaatca aaaagaataa agaacattta ccagatatac aaaattacct     70380
     taaataagca aatctaagat ttagcaatat tcatgaaaga gttccgcaaa aggaaggtat     70440
     atacagcata ttcaaatgaa taataacaac tttcaaaaat ttgagagaga gataaatata     70500
     caggttcaga aaaatcggca actacaaaaa agattaatac cccataaaac taccccacaa     70560
     caaacaagaa tcaaactctg gctctcagtc gccactgcca gctcgcctac cttgttcttc     70620
     tgccgctcct ctgtcccact cctctgtcca tcgcagtaga agaagagatc gctgcgctcg     70680
     tcattgacaa tggctcttgc atgtgcaaag ctggctttgc aggggacgat gctccccaag     70740
     ccatgtttcc ctccaccgtt gggttccccg gacaccaggg cgtgatggtg gacatgggcc     70800
     agaaggactc ctacgtgggc aatgaagccc agagcaagcg cagcattctg acgctgaagt     70860
     accccatcaa gcatggcatc atcaccaact gggacaacat ggagaagatc tggcaccact     70920
     tctacaatga gctgcatggg gccccggagt agcagccagt gctgctgacc gaggacccac     70980
     tgaaccccaa ggacaacaga gagaaaatga ctcagattat gtttgagacc ttcaataccc     71040
     cggccatgta cgtggccatc cgggatgtgc tgtccctcta tgcctttggg cgcaccactg     71100
     gcattgtcat ggactgtgga cacagggtca cccacacggt gcccatctac gagggctact     71160
     cccttcccca tgccatcctg catctggacc tgactggctg ggacttgact gagtacctca     71220
     agaagatcct caaggagaga ggctacagct tcaccaacac agcccagcgg gaaatcatgc     71280
     gcgatatcaa ggagaagctg tgctaggtct ccctggactt caagcaggag atggccaccc     71340
     ctgcatcctc ctcttctctg gagaagagct atgaactgcc cgatggccag gtcatcacca     71400
     ttggcaatga gtggttctgg tgtccggagg tgctgttcca gccttccttc ccgtgcatgg     71460
     aatcttgccg catccaccag accaccatca actccatcaa gaagtgtgac gtggacatcc     71520
     gcaaagacct atacaccaat acggtactat ccggtggcac caccatgtat ccaggcattg     71580
     ctgacaggat gcagaaggag atcactgcct tggcgcccag caccatgaag attaagatca     71640
     ttgcaccccc agagcgcaag ttctcagtgt ggatcggttg ctccatcctg aactcactgg     71700
     tcaccttcca gcagacatgg attagcaagc aggagtatga tgagtcaggc ccctacatcg     71760
     tccaccacaa atgcttctaa atggaacgag cagatgtgta gcatttgctg catgggttaa     71820
     ttcagaagca taaatttgcc cttggcaaat gcatacacct catgctaacc tcatgaaact     71880
     ggaataagcc tttgaaaaga aattgtcctt gaagcttgta tctgacgtca gcactggatt     71940
     ttttgacctt gtattcaagt taactgttcc cctcggtatt cgtttaatac tgtgtacata     72000
     tctttgagtt caatctttag tgcacgtggc ttggtcactt cgtgactgag gtaagaacgt     72060
     gcttgtggaa gacaagtctg tggcttggtg agtgtgcatg gccagcagtc tctgatctgt     72120
     gcagggtatt aatgtgtcag ggctgactgc gctgggattt ctctagaggc tggcaagtgc     72180
     tcctgaacca gttgcgtctg ccctgcctgt ctgttagggc tggaaagtcc aaaccacagg     72240
     acacagtttc ctttcttagc tgatgttttt tgccagaaca ccgtaggctg tcacttgcct     72300
     tgagttggaa gcagtttgca tttacacctg taaatgtatt catcctttta atttatgtaa     72360
     ggttttttgt atgaaattct tgattcttta aagaaatgac aacaaatttt tgttttctac     72420
     tgttatgtga gaacattagg cctcagcaac atatcattgt gtaaggaaaa ataaaagtgc     72480
     tgccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaagc aaactctcaa aggttgagaa     72540
     ataaagaaaa ttctaaaagc actaagggaa aataaacaaa aaatggagga gcttgaaatc     72600
     attcggcaaa agacttgtca acaataggtt tttaaggaag acacagtatt agaagacata     72660
     aattgtgacg tcaaaaacat aattggaaca gagggtaaat gtctagagtt tttatgtgac     72720
     aaatgttgtc agcttaaact agttgattat taactataag atgttttctc tgagcctttg     72780
     atgaccatca aaaactacag cagcaacact aatgataaaa acaaatgaat caaagcttat     72840
     cactactgaa aatatttaaa tgctaaacat ttaaaagcat tcatgggagg aagaaaggaa     72900
     aaaatgatgt atgactcaat cagaaacaac taacaagata acagtagtaa gaacttatca     72960
     ataattatct agaatgtaaa tgaattaaat tatgcaatta aaagacgtgg agtgaccaaa     73020
     tggattttaa aaatgggatt caactacatg ttacctatga gacccaccta atctttaagg     73080
     acaaacaggc tgaaagtgaa ggaatagaag aagatacctc tatgcaaatg gtaataaaaa     73140
     attaggagtg gctatactcc tatctataaa agagatttca attcaaaacc tgtcataaga     73200
     ccaagaaggt catcatttaa taataaagca atcaatttat caacaggata taacaattat     73260
     atatatacat ctgcactcaa caatggagca cctaaatatt taaagcaaat ataaatagaa     73320
     atgaagaaaa aaatggcaat aaaataattg taggaaattt cagtacctca attacaacaa     73380
     ggaatagata aactcgacag aaacttaata agaaaatgcc agactggaat tctagtttta     73440
     actaaatgaa cccaacagac atatacagaa cttttcatag tgtacagccg aatatatatt     73500
     ttgctgtaac acacatggaa gattctctaa aatagaccac atactaggcc ataaacaagt     73560
     cttaacaaag taagattgct aaaagcatat ttaatatttt ttcagaccat catggtagca     73620
     aaccaaagat cagtaagagg agaaatcttg aaaaaaagtc acaaatactg aacttttttt     73680
     tttttttttg agacagagtc tcgctctgtt gcccagaatg cagcacagtg gcacaatctc     73740
     ggctcaccgc aagctccgcc tcccaggttc atgacattct cctcccccag cctcccaagt     73800
     agctggcact ggaggtgccc atcaccacgc ctagctaatt tttcatattt ttagtagaga     73860
     cagggtttca ccgtgttagt caggatggtc tcgatctcct gacctcatga tccgcccgcc     73920
     tcggcctccc aaagtgctga gattacaggc gtgagccacc gcccctcagc ctatatgaac     73980
     atttttaaaa cactgctctt aagtaatgaa ttgatgaaac gaaatataaa aagaaaaatt     74040
     cataaatatc ttcagataaa taatagtgga aacacaacac acctaaacct atggtgtgca     74100
     gtgaagcagc attatgatgc aagattacag caataaatcc acacattaaa caaataaaga     74160
     taccaaataa gcaacatctc attgtatcta agaaactgga aggaaaaaca attaaattca     74220
     aagttagcac aatgaataaa ataacaatta aaacagaaac aaatcaaata gggaacataa     74280
     acatctgatg acaaaaaata aaaaataaaa ggcagccaaa ttttatagca ataagtaaag     74340
     tattctctct ttgcagatga caatctccta tatgtaaaaa cagctcaaat attctattta     74400
     agaaagtgtt agaaccaatg aacagatttg gtaatgtcat tgtacaaata attacctaac     74460
     tgaaaaagaa ttcaagaaac tcgtctgact tataagcata tcaaagaaat taaatactta     74520
     aaaaaaaggt aaccagaaag taacagatct ctccattgaa aactatgaga cattgataaa     74580
     atcaatttaa gaagacaaaa ataattggaa agattgtcta tgcttatgga ttgggagaat     74640
     taatattgtt aaagtattta tagcatcaaa agcaatacac agattcaatg ctattcaatc     74700
     aaaatttcaa tagcattctt cacagaaata gaaaacaaaa tataaaactt gtatagctat     74760
     atagagagcc ataaattgtg aaaacattgt tgagaaagaa aaaagaagta ggaagaacca     74820
     caccacctta tttgaaattg gcatgaacac agaaacatag ccaaatgagc agaacagaga     74880
     atcgagaaat acatccaagc atatatagtc aattagtttt tgaaatctgc agcaaaatga     74940
     taacatgaga agaagatcat ctttactatg agtagtgctg ggagaactag atttccacat     75000
     gcagaagaac aaaattggat tcacatttta catcatacac aaaaatcaac tgaagatgag     75060
     ttggaaaatc ctaaatgtaa gactgcaacc tctaaaacat ctagaagaga acatagaaaa     75120
     aagctcatga gtgatggcct cggtaataat tattttgaat atcatattaa aaactcagtc     75180
     cacataaaga aaaacaaatg agcaagacta catcaaatga aaaacttttg cacagtaaag     75240
     gaaccaatcg accgaataca atagccaaaa tattggggaa aatattttca agctatgtat     75300
     ctgatgatgg gttaagatct aaaatttatg aaggacttgt atgtgggaaa gaaagtttct     75360
     ggggtgccag ttgattttat ctgccccgtg tgagacaccc atggggagcc atgggcggct     75420
     tctgaggagc aaatctccgt attgccttca tgtctttatt gctgagagca caacggcgca     75480
     gtgcattcca ctggttgctc agggagataa aactcccttg aagcagtgga gtataatcaa     75540
     acctcttggc ttttcgtgaa acctgctccc acccgtttca gtcctaataa attagagatc     75600
     ttaagtagtt tagacacacg cctttgctca agggaattca cagaaaccgc cagtgctata     75660
     agaattcaat gactcaccag ttctccttca cggattaatc cttttcctca ttccttcctc     75720
     cccctcccat ctaccctaag aacaaagagc ttgtaaacca tttaattagg tggagcctga     75780
     caactgtggg ccatgagcaa ccctccgatg ctcgggcccc ctggacccgc cttttaagtg     75840
     cttattctct ctctttctaa ctcctttgtc tcccccagac tcaaagtacc tgccgggtgt     75900
     tgtgcgactg ttttccccaa cattgtacaa ctcaacagca gcaaaacaaa taaacatatt     75960
     aaaagctgag caaaagctct gaattgacat ttctccaagg aacatataaa aatgggcaac     76020
     aggtatttga aacattcaaa atcattaatc atcagaaaaa atttaaatca aaggtacttt     76080
     gaggcgttac ataactcaca tcaggaaagc tattattaaa aactcaaaag atcacaaagg     76140
     ttggctagga tgtacagaaa atgaaactca tgtagagtgt tgctggtaat gggtagcagt     76200
     tataaaagtt ggtatggagg tttctggaaa attaaaaata aaactacctt atgtctcaac     76260
     aactcttcct ttagacatat aaccaaagga aatccctaac tcatggagat atttgcactc     76320
     tcatgttcat cgcagcatta ttaataatag ctgaaatatg gaaaaagcct tattgtccag     76380
     tacaaagaaa tattacttag ccctaaacaa gaatgagatc ttgccatttg ccaaaccatg     76440
     gaggagcttg gaggaaacta tgctaagtga aataaaccag acacagaaag aaaaatattt     76500
     ataatcacat atatgcaaca gaagggaggg tggtgccagg cttttttttt taatgagttc     76560
     tcaaaagcta ataaaaaaaa gatctccctc cttatcacaa gaatgacacc aagcttttca     76620
     caaagtatcc acccccatga cccgagcatc tcccactcaa cctcacctcc aacactgggg     76680
     atcaaatttc agcataaagt ttgtaaaggc aaatatccaa actatagcag taactatgtg     76740
     agattagaaa tatgttaatt tgttccagta tagtagcctt gaaatatcaa tatgtatccc     76800
     atagcatatg tcgtacacat gaaatgaaca taataggatg catttttatt tatttatttt     76860
     aaaatgttta ttatatttaa agttctaggg tacatgtgta cagtgtacag ttttgataca     76920
     taggtattca tgtgccatgt tggtttgctg tacccatcaa ctcatcattt acattaggta     76980
     tttctcctaa tgttatccct cccccaaatc cctaccccct actccccaac aggcgctggt     77040
     gtgtgatttt ctttgctctg tgtccaagta atctcattgt tcaattccca cctatgagtg     77100
     agaacatgtg gtgtttggtt ttatgtcctt gtgatagttt gctgagaatg atggcttcta     77160
     gctcatccgt gtccctgcaa aggacacaaa ctcatccttt tttatggctg catagtattc     77220
     catggtgtat atttgccaca ttttcttaat ccagtctctc attgatggac atttgggttg     77280
     tttccaactc tttgctattg taaatagtgc cataataaac aaacgtatgc atgtgtcttt     77340
     acagtagcat gatttataat cctttgggta tatatccagt aatgggattg ctgggtcaaa     77400
     tggtaattct agttttagat ccttgaggaa ttaccacact gtctcctaca gtggttgaac     77460
     taatttacac tcccaccaac agtgtaaaag cattcctatt tctccacatc cactatagca     77520
     tctgactctt taatgatcgc cattctaagt ggcatgagat ggtatctcat tttggttttc     77580
     atttgcattt ccgtgatgac caatgatgat gagcattttt ccctgcatct gttggcagca     77640
     tagatgtctt cttttgagaa gtgtctgttc ttatcctttg cccacctttt gatgactttt     77700
     ttttcatgta aatttgtttg tgttctttgt tgattctgga tattagttct ttgtcagatg     77760
     ggtagattgc aaaaattttc tcccattctg taggttgccc atttactctg atggtagttt     77820
     ctttcactgt gcagaagctc ttcagtttca ttagatcctg tttgtctatt ttcactttta     77880
     ttgccgttgc ttttggtgtt ttagtcataa agtgcttgcc caagcctgtg ttctgaatgg     77940
     cattgcctag gttttcttgt agggttttta tggttttaag tttaatattt aagtgtttaa     78000
     tccattttga attaattttt atgccacatg taagaaaggg atccagtttc agctttctac     78060
     aaatggctag ccacttttcc cagcaccatt tgctaaatag ggaatccttt ccccatttct     78120
     tctttttgtc agttttgtca aaaatgagat gattgcagat gcatggtgtt atttctgagg     78180
     cttgtcttct gttccattgg tcaatatatc tgttttggta ccagtaccat gctgttttgt     78240
     ttactatagc cttgtagtat agtttcaagt caggtagcat gatgcctcca ggtttgttgt     78300
     ttttgcttag gattgtatcg gcaatgcagc ctcttttttg gttccatata aactttaaag     78360
     tagttttttt ccagttctct gaagaaagtc attggtagct tgatcggaat agcattgcat     78420
     gtataaatta ctttgggcac tatggccatt ttcaagatat tgattcttcc tatccatgat     78480
     catagaatat tctcccattt gtttgcgtcc ttttttattt gttgagcagt gttttttagt     78540
     tgtccctgaa gaggtccctc acatcccctg taagttggat tcctaggtat tttattctct     78600
     ttgaagcaat tctgaatggg aattcactca ttatttggct gttatttgtg tataggaatg     78660
     cttgtgattt tttgcacact gattttctat gctgagattt tgctgaagtt tcttatcagg     78720
     ttaagtagat tttgggctga gacaatgggg ttttctcaat atacaatcat gtcatcagaa     78780
     aacagggaca atttgacttc ctcatttcct aattgaatac tctttatttc tttctcttcc     78840
     ctgattgccc tgggtagaac ttccaacact atgttgaata agagtggtga gagagggcat     78900
     ccttgttttg tgctggtttt caaagggaat gcttccagta tttgcccact cagtatgata     78960
     ctggctgagc gtttgtcata agtagctttt attattttga gatacattcc atgaatgcct     79020
     agtttattga gagtttttcg catgaaggac tattgaattt tgtcagagga cattttgtat     79080
     ctattgagat aatcatgtgg cttttgtcat tgcttctgtt tatgtgattg attaaattta     79140
     ttgacttgca taagttgaac cacatttgca tctcagggat gaagatgatg tgatagtggt     79200
     ggataagctt tttgatgtgc tgcttgattc agtttaccag tattgtactc aggattttca     79260
     cctcgatgtt catcagggct attggtctaa aattatcttt ttttgttgtg tctttgccag     79320
     gccttagtat caggatgatg gtggccttat aaaatgagtt agggaagatt atttcttttt     79380
     tttattgatt ggaataattt cagaaggaat gataccagct cctctttgta cctccagtag     79440
     aattccgctg tgaatccttc tggtcctgga ctttttttga ctggtaggct attaattatt     79500
     gcctcaattt cagaactagt gtttgttcta ttcagaaaac caaatccttc ctggtttagc     79560
     ttttgtaggg tgtatgtgtc caggaattta tccatttatt ctatatttgc tagtttattt     79620
     gcatagaggt gtttatggta ttctctgatg gtagtttgta tgtctgtggg gctggtggtg     79680
     atatcccctt tatcattttt attgcttcta tttatttgat tcttctctct tttcttcctt     79740
     attagtcttg ctagagatct atcaattttg ttgatcttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     79800
     aaaaacccag ttcctggatt cattgatttt ttttgaaagg tttttttgtg tctctatctc     79860
     tttcagttct gttctgatct ttgttatttt ttgccttctg cgagcttttg aatttgttta     79920
     ctcttgcttc tccatttctt ttcattgtga tgttagggtg tcaattttag atctttcctg     79980
     ctttctcttg tgggctttta gtgctataaa tatccctcta cacactgctt taaatgcgtc     80040
     cagagattat ggtacattgt gtctttgttc gccttggcct caaagaacat ctgtttttct     80100
     gccttgattt cgttatttat ccagcagtca ttcaggagca agtggttcag tttccatgta     80160
     gttgtctact tttgagtgag tttcttactg ctgggttgta atttgattgc agtgtggtct     80220
     gcgagacagt ttgttgtgat ttctgttctt ttacattggc tgagtagtgc cttatttcca     80280
     attatgtggt caattttaga ataagtgtga tgtggtgctg agaagaatgc atattgattc     80340
     ataatgcata atgctgttga tttggggtag agagttccat agatgtctat tagacctgtt     80400
     tgttgctgag ctgagttcag atcctggata tccctgttaa ctttctgcct cattgatctg     80460
     tctaatattg acagtgcagt gttaatgtct cccattatta ttgtgtggca gtgtaagtct     80520
     ctttgtaggt ctataaggac ttgctttatg aatctgggtg ctcctgtatt gggtgcatat     80580
     atatttagaa tacttggctc ttcttcgtga attgatccct ttaccatacg taatggcctt     80640
     ctttttctct tttgatcttt attggtttaa agtctgtttt atcacagact aggatagcaa     80700
     cccctgcttt ttttttttct ttccatttgt ttgatagatc tttttccatc cctttatttt     80760
     gagcctatgt gagtctttga atgagagatg ggtctcctga atacagaaca ctgataggtc     80820
     tcaactcttt atccaatttg ccagtctgtg tcctttaatt ggggcattta gcccatttac     80880
     atttaaggtt aatattgtta tgtgtgaata tgattctgtc attgtgatgt tcgctggata     80940
     gtttgcccgt taattgatgc agtctcttca tagcattgaa ggtctttaca atttttcatg     81000
     tttttgcagt ggctggtact ggttgtttct ttccatgtat agtacttcct tcaggagctc     81060
     tttaaaggca ggcctggtgg tgacaaaatc tctcagcatt tgtttgactc taaaggattt     81120
     tatttctcct tcacttataa agattagttt ggctggttat gaaattctag gttgaaattc     81180
     ttttcttaaa gaatgttgaa tattggcccc actctcttct ggcttgtatg gtttatgcta     81240
     agagatccac tgttggtctg ataggcttcc ctttgtgggt aattcaacct ttctggctgc     81300
     ccttaacact tttttcttca tttcaacctt ggtgaacctg acagttatgt gtcttggggt     81360
     tgctcttctc aaagagtatc tttgcaatgt tatctatatt tcctgaattt gaatgttggt     81420
     ctgccttgct aagttgggga agttatcctg gataatatcc caaagaatgt tttccaactt     81480
     ggttccattc tttccatcac tttcaggtac tccagtcaaa tgtagatttg gtcttttcac     81540
     ttagtcccat atttctcaga ggccttgttt gtttcttttt actctttttt tctctaaccc     81600
     tgtcttctca ctttatttta ttaatacgac cttcaatcac tgacaccctt acttccattt     81660
     gatcatatcg gctattgaag cttgtgcatg tgtcacaaag ttctcatgcc gtgcttttca     81720
     cctccatcag gtcatttaag gtcttctcta cactgtttat tctagttagc cattcattta     81780
     atcacttttt gaggttttta gcttccatgt gatgggttcg aacatgtgac tttagctcaa     81840
     agagattcgt tatcgccgac cttctgaagc ctacctctgt caactcatca aagtcattct     81900
     ccatccagtt ttgttccatt gattgtgagg agctgtgatc atttgaagga gaagatgtgc     81960
     tcaattttta gaatattcag cttttctact ctggtttctc cccacctttg tgcttttatc     82020
     taccttgggt ctttgatgtg gttgacctac acatagggtt ttggtgtaaa tgaacttttt     82080
     tttgatgttg aagctattcc tttctgtttg ttagttttcc ttctaacagt gaggtccctc     82140
     agctgcaggt cttttgtaat ttggtggagt tccactccag attctctctg cctggttgtc     82200
     atgagcagag gatgcagatg ccgaagagta aatattgcag aacagcaaat attgctgcct     82260
     catccttcct ctggaagctt cgtcccagag gggcagttgc ctatatgagg tcagccccta     82320
     tcgggaggta tctcccagat aggctacaca agggtcaggg acccatgtga ggagggagtc     82380
     tctccattct cagagctcaa atggcatgct agtataacca ctactctctt cagagctgtc     82440
     agacagggat gtttaagtct gccaaagttg tctgctgcct tttgttcagc tatgccctgc     82500
     ccacagtggt ggagtctaga ggcagtaggc cttgttgagc tgtggtgggc tttgcccagt     82560
     ttgagcttcc tgggtgcttt gtttacctac tcaagactta gcaacggggg acacccctct     82620
     accagccagg ctgccacctt tggggttgaa ttcaaactgc tgcattagca atgagcaagg     82680
     ctctgggggc atgggaccca ccaaaccagg catgggagag aatgacttgt tctgccagat     82740
     gctgtgacct tgggaaaagt gcagtatttg cacaggagta cccccatttt ttccaggtag     82800
     tctgtcatgg cttcccttgg ctaggaaagg gaaatcaacc aaccccttgc aattcccagt     82860
     agaggtgatg cccagctcta cttcagctca ccctctgtgg gctgcaccca ctgtccaacc     82920
     agtcccaaag agacgaacca ggtacctctg tgggaaatgc caaaatcact gatctgcctt     82980
     gatcatgctg ggagctgcag aacagagctg ttcctatttg gccattttgg aacaccccca     83040
     ggaaaaaata ggatgcattt ttaaaggtat tttttttttt ttttgagacg gagactcatt     83100
     ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtcgtgtg gagagtgctt cctccacaca cttccccgtc     83160
     cctttcaatc agctggctgt gagatcattg aaaccagaga tctgaggctc aggacaggcc     83220
     caagcagggt tgtgtctgcc tgtctgcatt tcagggtcac tgtatggtag gttcagttct     83280
     ttgctagaga aaaggctatt gtgttaccag aggagggctt gttgagttga ttcgagagac     83340
     aatacaagca tcaatatttg gaatgtccga ggttagtgtt ggggaaacca gtcccacacc     83400
     acccagtggg taccctgagt ctggaggaga caaaggaatt agaaagagag agaataaaca     83460
     tttaaaaggt gcatctagag gaccagagca ttgaaggctt gctcatggcc cattgctctt     83520
     gggcttcacc caatttattg gtttacaagc tctttgttct cagggcagct gggaggggga     83580
     gaaatggatg aggaaaagga ttaatcagag aaggagaact cctgagccat tcagtaagat     83640
     gtttggcact ggcggtttct gtgaatttcc ttgagcaaaa gtgtgtgtct aacctactta     83700
     agatctgtaa cttatcggga ctgaaacggg tgggagctgg tttcaggagg agccaagatg     83760
     tttgattata ctccattgct tcaagggagt gttatctccc tgagcaacct gtggaatact     83820
     gctgagcagt tatgcactcg gggcataaat acgtgaaggc aataaggaga cttttctact     83880
     cagaggctgc ccatggctcc ccatgggttt ctcacacagg ggtgaccaac tcaactggca     83940
     ccccagaaac tctcttttcc agttagtaat tatgggtatt tggtttggac caaagacagg     84000
     ataagagata aacaaagaat attggggtgg ccctgtggtg acagcatttt ccagacagca     84060
     ggcctgcttt acctgctggg aagaaggctg ggcctcagag tcccacaaaa cttcttcttc     84120
     catctgatct cttttagagg gacatgaata aaatgggcct ccacagtccc aagacaacac     84180
     tcaaggactt gggcttggac tttcctggag acaagacaat ttgaatggca ctgactgcca     84240
     ggtactgtca tcccatgggc cacgagacca tttcgcctgt tcagttcccc tctactcttt     84300
     atgggtgact agggcatgga atgggtgtcg agatgacagg gctctgtctc tgggataagg     84360
     acagacccca gggaagggga agccaccagc caggagccca ggccaggggc caggtttggg     84420
     gagcagtttt ctctgatcgt atgcttactc ctgcagcctg actcatcacc tgaatttatg     84480
     tctattttgg agaatggaga aaacagactt agaaaaagac acttgtgggc ctgtcaccta     84540
     aagacaaacc cagctgtaat tctggtgtgt ttatttttag cttttttttt ggtttctctt     84600
     ttctcatgtt tctgcttcat atcagtactt ttttgagcac actccctgca ctctgtgatc     84660
     ttcctttgat gaggaggatc ctttaagata agaaaagtga aggctggcca gctgtggatc     84720
     tggtctacat ttggggctgg cctatgtctt gtctggcctt cacatcgtgt gtactttttc     84780
     tcctcctttc cacctaccat taggatatta tcatctttct tggcacctct tttgcctgct     84840
     tatatttaga tcctgcactg cccaagtgtg tgacccttgg tgggttcacg tgacttctca     84900
     cctctaaaat agggatggtg ccaggacctg ccatggggat tgttgcaaag attaagtggg     84960
     ggtggttatc aaaagcctaa gagtaccatt gagacacagt gagcatacat gaaataccaa     85020
     ctgtttatta tcaagtgctg cctaattgtt ctttaggatc aaccattgtt tattcacgta     85080
     actatcaagc tcttgttaat cgttttccta ttttcaatac tggagaacaa tacttcattg     85140
     aaagtcatag taaataaagt gctaatgtat tatcagtttc aagtaatagg ctttattaag     85200
     tgcctcaagg gcgccaggtc aatgagagcc tgacccaagt gtttgcagcc acagagaaaa     85260
     tgggaaaggc attgcaattt gtgatatcct gggatccaca gccacgagtg gtcaaattga     85320
     aacaggaaac ctcattcctc agcttggctt cagtttcttt ccaagtccta ctgctctggc     85380
     ctgagagagc ctctgcccat caaaatatcg tgttctttgt gtcccccagg ccactgtagg     85440
     gtagtgagat ataccagtag gggcccaccc atgatgttgc caccctccct ctcatctttc     85500
     ttgctccttt cctctgccct ctggctgctt acagtaacat gctggaccac tccatggctg     85560
     cacctgagtc gtggctgatg ccactagcac tggcatcctc taaggaaatt tccttccaga     85620
     ctgggaagtt ggtctaaagt taggggctgg acttcatgat gcacactgca gacacctctg     85680
     tggttgtgtc tattgatacc cttggtgatg tctacatgtg gatctgcttt ggacagatct     85740
     tgagtttttc agctgtatct ggtgattact tgggtctcat ttgagggagt ggaagtgtgg     85800
     gtagagccag gattttctgc tggaatctgt ggtgcttcat tagacttgga accaggacag     85860
     ctggaacaga gactattcct agagtctctg ataccatata ttatttctca tatattttat     85920
     tttgaaaata aaaaatatat gcacatgact gaaaaataca gaggtgaggc aagagttaca     85980
     cagaaggagc tgccaccatg tgcacctcac cctagtcccc tgaactacct gttaacaacc     86040
     aggtacaaca gaggaagact gagtttctta gactcccacc tttcctccac cctcagccaa     86100
     tggtaggaat atgatgattt tagtttcttt cttagttatc attgacgttg taagtaactg     86160
     tagagtataa atatttagat atacatcttg ttgatccaat acaatagaat cttgtgactt     86220
     tcctcttgta ggaagtatat tagtactgtg aattcccata catgtcttgg tattctatgg     86280
     gtatacacat attttttctt tagctttcta ttttcttgga gtttctattg ccttttcttc     86340
     tttctattta aaattaaatt gtctcctttt atcacatcct taatatcttc cctcatttct     86400
     aacctcccat ctgaaaagtc actgctggat gccttccttt ttcctgttcc cacccaacca     86460
     atatctctct aggcctggga ttgagctgtc attccaaggg ctttcataac tgcctccctg     86520
     ggtttttaca tgtcaaatgc tatttcacta ctgcaaatct gggactaatc tcccagagag     86580
     ctaaccactt ttcttgtggt ttattttttt aattgtgtat ggttttgaaa taatttttag     86640
     attctgtctt ccattttttt tcagacttac acattttaag agaatttcaa actgtttttc     86700
     ctaatctcta aattttctta ttatcttcct aaattttgtt actttctatg gatgcaatat     86760
     tttctacttc tccgagacta tagggagcat gcattctgaa ctctgcttga gcagaggtca     86820
     tggggccaga aggaaaaagg aacttaaaga ctcatttctc tggaggtgag ttgtctgttt     86880
     taccttactt gacttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgcattttt taaaaccgtc     86940
     gaacactcat gtttgcctgt gcaattagta ataaggctga aatgaggatg gtcacaggtt     87000
     catttcacat tgggacaaga ggaactggcc ttcaaatcag ggttctacac atgggaagaa     87060
     agatttccac tgggaatccc taagcttcct tgtttcctct gcagaaactt tcaccttcag     87120
     ttgtccttct gctgccttgg catggtgatg ctcttcctcc acttgccacc tgaacacaca     87180
     actttggaca ttgtgctcat ggcttttccc ttctctttgt cttgaagaga gacaatgcaa     87240
     cccatttctc tactgtgatg gaaccagaat gttcatatta gaactggaag atgatgtcct     87300
     ctacagcata gggcacataa gcttccgcat gaaagaggaa ataccagaaa atagacacaa     87360
     ggacaggaag atcactttga actataaagg tcctcagggg caactgggta ctgtgttagg     87420
     tggtcactct tctgtgcaga aggaaggact gtgtgagcct ttccctcagg cctgttctgt     87480
     gtctgagctc agggccaact taattctcat tatacagcct catagattag gaaaagaaaa     87540
     gaatctgcct tctcaggcct cctgcccatt catattctga gctgcggatc gtgattcctt     87600
     atttaaaaac agcttcattg acgtgtgatc agcatatggt aaactgcaca tgtgcagaaa     87660
     ggagaactga tggttttctc catgtgagta tttcattcac cacaaggcca gaagtgctat     87720
     gaaggtcatg aaaacgtacc ttcctcctgg caataatgat ctctccctgg ccaatctagt     87780
     accacagatc tgcttctttc actaaaattt agtggtattt tatagaatta catgtaaata     87840
     cagtatgtac ttggatcttt gtgcatcgtt ctgatctggg ttcttttatt cggcagaact     87900
     actttcagag tcactctgtt ctgattgcat caacagtcca ttccttttta tgccgagcca     87960
     cacaccatgg tgtggatgtg ccacagcttg ttcacccttc ttttgtgtat gggcatttgg     88020
     ggttcctggt ttgggaacat tgtgtataag gatgtcatga atatttattt atgtatatag     88080
     cctgtaaact cgccttcatt tctcatcatt cattcctagg agggcagtgg ccacatcatg     88140
     tcatggtagg tctgcatcga ccttgctaag gaaccactgt gccttgtgct aagtgttttg     88200
     tccattccct gctttctgtc ttgctccgtc tgatttagtc atactaacct cttgtctcct     88260
     tcatcctcaa gggcaataac ttcttagcat accacccttc ctttacactt ggaatcacca     88320
     gctccttctc tatatgctgg ctttgattcc ctcactaaag ttgccttctg tgacccatgt     88380
     gtaacacatt gccctcaaaa catcctatgt atgagaaggt tttgggataa gagactgttc     88440
     ctgatgagta tcaagtacct acaatggctc tgaatggaag aaagatgact ggttgtgtct     88500
     tgtcacccat tgtccctgga gctcatctcg attgatagaa agaagactgg gtgtggcctg     88560
     gacatacatt caagtgactc acaaactttt tctaaatgac aactggagac ctggctgggg     88620
     gctggaacct gaagttactt ggaagtggtg tgattgaaag tgagtcactc aatcacctga     88680
     tcttggccct tttctctaca tgtgggatta cccatacctg gcagagtcac tgtgagttca     88740
     cctgagcaag tcacctgcac gtggcggtgc tcagaaaatg ttaatttccc tttacttaag     88800
     tggaatgaca catggatatt atatgctgag gtctggatta caatagagca agatgcagaa     88860
     gaccttgtaa accctgagga gacatcactg atcactgggt gtctggatag gcagcataga     88920
     aaaagtgacc tggagctgga aatggccaga cggtgtctta cagttatcta aacaggcatg     88980
     agtggggcag gagagggatt accactttat acccactaga atgtcttttt tgttttttgt     89040
     ttttgaaaaa tggaaagttg gagagtttct gcagcaaatg gaacacttgt gcattgctgg     89100
     tgagaatgtg aagcggtggt gagggttgca caataacata aacatactta caaatattta     89160
     gatacatgca caaatgttta gattggtaaa ttttatgtta tattactttt accacataca     89220
     ataaaggctt cctgagaact gatcctgaaa tagttccacg tggaacaaaa caagatcctt     89280
     ctgtcccaga gtgagtagga gccttttatt ttcttgaaat ggagtcttgc tctgtggcac     89340
     aggctggagt gcagtggtgt ggtctctgct cactgcagag ctttgactgt ggccccaacc     89400
     agctagtgag actcacattt atttggtaaa gaataattga ccaaggctca agtcaacacc     89460
     actaaagggt aattgacagt gtggaattcc caattagaaa gcaatttagc actgtactaa     89520
     gtcaaccatt aatcttagga ccgtatgagt aagcaagcta gttagataaa caccccactt     89580
     tagtgtgttt ctactctaac ttacttaact aaagggaaaa ggccattttc agccaagttt     89640
     attactggag cttatgtcaa ctccctaggc cttgcaagaa ggtttgtatc tgctaatttt     89700
     ccccaccatc ttgactgaac cccaacagat atcaaagcaa taacaggaat ttctagagta     89760
     caaattagtt tctgtgaaaa ttgaaaaaat ttcagtacat actttgcaat gcttaatact     89820
     tgatacagat tagaaatctg gaggtttacc ttcttaaacc tgctttttca aaagtgaacc     89880
     aaaatgtcaa ttcacttgtt tttggtctgc tcattttcct tcaccttttg cgacatggca     89940
     ctgcttttga ttgacatttg aatacagaga ttaatttatt aaaacatttc tcactgttct     90000
     tttccttttt gcttttagac attacaagtg aaacttctgg taatttcaac agtgcacact     90060
     gtaaataaga ataaaaactg gtcggcatct ggcaatatgg tagaaaagta acagctctga     90120
     tctgcagctc ccagtgagac aaacacaaag gacagttgat ttctgcattt ccacctgaat     90180
     tacccagttc atctcactgg acgtggttag acattgagtg cagcccacaa aaggcaagca     90240
     gaagtagggt gagtgttgcc tcactcagga agtgtaaggg gctgaaaact tccttcttta     90300
     accatggaaa gcaatcaggg gctgtgctat caagcccata acctgcagtt tccccatggt     90360
     tcttacgacg cacagaccag gagattccct agtgtgcctg tacaaccaca gaactgggtt     90420
     tcaagcacaa aactgggtgg ctgctttcac agaggctgag ctagctgcaa aataattttc     90480
     ataccctagt ggcacctgga acaccagtga gacaaaacca gtcacccccc tggaaagggg     90540
     ctgaagccag ggagccaagt ggtcccactg agcaggcccc acttccatgg agcacagcaa     90600
     gctgagatcc actggcttca agttctcact acctacatag aagcctgaag tcaacctaga     90660
     atgataaagc tcggtgggga gaggttcgac cacaattact gagacttgag cgtaaggttt     90720
     tcccctcaga gtgttaagaa aactgccagg aaatttgggc tgcatggaac tcacagaagc     90780
     atgcaaagca ggtgtggcca cattggctct ctagattcct cctcactggg tagggcatct     90840
     ctgaaagaaa ggcagcagcc tgagtcagag acttatatgt aaaactccca actccctggg     90900
     acagaacacc tgagaaaagg gatggctgtg agtgcaactt cagcagactt aaagactcct     90960
     gcctgcttgc actgaagaga gcagtgtatc tcccaggaca gtgctcaagc tctgctcagg     91020
     gcagactggc ttttcaagtt tgcccctgac acctgtgcct cctgactagg agaccctttc     91080
     ccgcaggggt caacagacac ttcatagaga aaagctctag ctggcaccag ccaggtatca     91140
     ctctgagtca aaacttccaa tcattgctgt tgtgcaactt catatggtga tacccaggca     91200
     aacagcaact gaagtagacc agcaaactgt agcagacctg cagaagagat gcctgactgt     91260
     tagaagaaaa actaacaaac aggaaacagt gacatcaaca tcaacgtcaa caaaaaggac     91320
     tctcacacaa aatcccagtc caaagacatt cagtatcaaa gatcccaggt agataaatcc     91380
     acgaaaaatg aggaatagcc agcacaaaac agctgaaaat tcaaaaaatt agaatgcctc     91440
     ttcaactcca aatgatcgca actcctctcc agcaagggca caaaggtgga tggagaatga     91500
     ggttgatgag ttggcagaag taggcttcag aaggtcagta ataacaaaat tctctaagct     91560
     aaaggagtat gttctaaacc aatgcaagta aggtaaaagc cttgataaaa cgttacagga     91620
     gctgctaact aaaataacca gtttacagaa gaacgtatat gaccgcatag agctgaaaaa     91680
     cacagtgcaa gaaacattgt gaagcaaaaa caagtattaa tagatgaatc aatgaagagg     91740
     aagaaagatt atcaaagatg gaagatcgac ttaatgagat aaagcatgaa gacaagatta     91800
     gagaaaaatg aatgaaaagc aacaaacaaa gcctccaaga aatatgggag tatgtcaaaa     91860
     gaccaaacct ataattgatt ggtgtacctg aaagtgatgg gaaaaatgga accaagtttg     91920
     aaaacacact tcaagacatc atccaggaga acttcccaat ggaacaagac aggccaacat     91980
     tcaaattcag gaagtacaga taacaccact aagatactcg ctgagaagag caacagacat     92040
     atgactgtca gattctccaa ggttgaacaa aaagaaaaaa tgttaaggac agccagacag     92100
     acaggtcagg ttatctacaa agggaagccc atcagactaa cagaggatct ctctgcagaa     92160
     accctacaag ccagaagaga gtggagtcaa tataaaacaa ccctaaagaa aacaatttca     92220
     acctagaatt ttatattaat ccaaactaag ctttatgagc aaaataaaaa taaaattgtt     92280
     acagataaca aaatgtagat ggttttgtca ccaccatgcc tgccttagaa gagctcctaa     92340
     agaaagcact aaatatggaa agaaaatacc ggtactcacc tggtgcagtg gctcacgcat     92400
     gtaatctcag catttcggga ggcgtaggtg ggcagatcat gaggtcagaa gatggagacc     92460
     atcctggcta gcacagtgaa accctgtcac tactaaaaat acaaaaaaaa tagccggctg     92520
     tgttggtggg tgcctgtagt cccagctact cagactcacg ggaggctgag gcagaatggc     92580
     agaaacccag gaggcggctt gcagtgagcc aaggtcacgc tactgcactc cagcctggcc     92640
     aacagagtga aactctgtct caaaaaacaa aaaacaaaac aaaagaaaat cggtactcac     92700
     cactgaaaaa aatagcaaaa tataaagacc aacaactcta tgaagaaagt ggatcaacta     92760
     atatccaaaa caaccagcta acattcccat gccaggatca aattgacaca taagaatatt     92820
     aaccctaaat gtaaatgaaa taaatttgcc aattaaagta cacagattgg caaattggat     92880
     aaagagtcaa gacccttcgg tatgctatat tgaggagaac catctcatgg gtgaagacac     92940
     acataggctc aaaataaaag gatggaggaa tatttaccaa gcaaatggaa agttaccaaa     93000
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagca gggcttgaaa tcgtagtcta tcctaaggca     93060
     aactttaagc caacatagat cataaaagac aaagtaggga gttgcgtaat ggtaaggaat     93120
     cagtgcaacc agcacagcta acaatcctaa atgtatatga acctaataca ggagcactca     93180
     gattaaaaag caagttctta gagacttaca cagacttaga ttcacacaca attataacag     93240
     gagactttaa caccctacta tcaatattac gctgataaat gagacagaac tttaacaaga     93300
     atactcagga cgtgaactca gcccttgacc aagcagagct aatagacatc tacagacgtc     93360
     tccaccccaa atcaacagaa tatacattct tctcatcacc acgtagcact tattgtaaaa     93420
     ttgaccacat aactggaggc aaaacactcc tcagcaaatg caaaagaatg gaaatcaaaa     93480
     caaacagtct ctcgcaccag agtggaataa aattagaact caggattaag aaacttattc     93540
     aaaactgcaa aattacatgg gaactgtaaa acctgctcct gattgaccac tggataaata     93600
     acaaaattaa gaaacaaaga aagaagccgt ttaaaatcaa tgagaacaaa gacacaacct     93660
     accacaatct ctaggacaca gctaacgcag tgttaagaga gaaatttata gcactaaatg     93720
     cccacatcaa aagtgggaaa gatctaaaat caacaccata aaatcacaat gaaaaaaact     93780
     agagggacag acatagtggc tcatgcctga tatttcagca ctttgggaag ttgtgccagg     93840
     caggtcacct gagttcaaga gttcaagact agcctagcca acaaacatga tgaaactcca     93900
     tctccacaga aaatacaaag aaaaagaaag cctggcatgg gggctcacac ctgtaatcca     93960
     ggatacgtag gaagctgagt tgagataatc tcttgaacag aaaagataaa aaccacagtg     94020
     agctgaggta gcaccactcc actccagtgt gcatgacaga gcaagacacc ttctcaaaaa     94080
     aaaaaaaaaa aattaaaaaa aggaagaaag aaagcaaaag agctggagaa gcaagaacaa     94140
     acatatccaa aaactgagac aaaaaaagaa ataactgaga taagaacgta actgaaggtg     94200
     atagagtcag gaaaatccct catgaatcca ggagcatttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttttt     94260
     gtaaagatta acaaaataga tacactgcta gccagactaa taaagaaaaa aaagaaaaga     94320
     atcaattaga catattaaaa aaggataatg gggatgtaaa aactgatccc acataaatac     94380
     aaactaccat cagagaatac tgtaaacacc tctatgtaaa taaagcaaaa aatctataag     94440
     aaataagtaa attcctggac acatacactt ctgcaagact aaaccaggaa aaagtagaat     94500
     ccctgaagag accaacagat tctaaagttg aggcagtaat agcctaccaa ccaaaaaatg     94560
     cccagaccag acagattcac agactacttc taccagaggt acaaagaaaa gctggtgtca     94620
     tttacttctg aaactattcc aaacaataga aagagaggga ctcctcctga acttatttta     94680
     tgaggccagc atcatcttaa taccaaaacc tgtcagaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     94740
     aaaaataggc cagtattccc gatgaccatc aatgtgaata ttcacaataa aatactggca     94800
     aactgaatcc agcaacacat caaaaagctt atccatcacg atcagatcag ctccaacgag     94860
     caaggctggt tttaacatat acaaatcaac aaacgtaatt catcacataa agagaaccaa     94920
     agacaaaaac cacataattt tctctctcgt tgcagaaaag gccttagata aaattcaaca     94980
     tcccttccca ctaaaaacac tcaatatacc aggtatcgat ggaatgtatc agaaactaac     95040
     gagaattatt tgtgacaaac ccataggcaa tattatactg aatgggcaaa agctggaaac     95100
     attttctttg aaaacacaga acacaaggca caagacaagg atggcttctc tcaccactcg     95160
     tattcaacat agagtggaaa gttccaccca gggcaatcag acaagagaag caaataaagg     95220
     gtattcaaat aaaaataaag gaaatcaaat tttccctgtt tttagaggac atagttgtat     95280
     atttagaata ccccagtatc tcacctctaa aactacttag cagtagacaa gaaacttgtc     95340
     ttttgtatga gtttgcttaa gcttataagc aactccagca atctcaggct acaaaatcaa     95400
     tgtgcaaaaa tcacaagtat ttctatacac caataataga aaaacagaga atcaaatcat     95460
     gactgacctc aaattcacaa tttctccaaa gaaaaaaata actaagaata aaaattacaa     95520
     gaaatatgaa ggacttcttt atggagaact acaaaccagt gctcaaagag aggacacaaa     95580
     aatatcatgt tcatgaataa gaagaatcaa tatcatgaaa gtgaccatgc tgcttaaagt     95640
     aattcacaca tctacaatga tctgatcttt gacaagcctg aataaacaag caactgggga     95700
     agaattccct ggtatgggaa aactggctag ccatatggag aaacctgaaa ctagatccct     95760
     ttctcacacc acataattaa ctcaagatga actaaaagac ttaaacgtaa aacctaaaac     95820
     cctaaacacc ctagaagaaa atctacacaa taccattcag gatataggca tggacaaaaa     95880
     cttcatggca aaaagaccaa aaaacaattg caacaccgtc caaaattgac aaatgggacc     95940
     taattaatct aaagagctcc ccacagcaaa agaaaatatc atcagagtga acaggcaaca     96000
     tacaaaatgt gagaacattt tttcaaccta tctatctgaa aaaagtctaa tatcaaaaac     96060
     ctacaagaaa tttaaaaaaa cttacaacaa aataaaaaac aaatcccatc aaaaagtggg     96120
     caaaggatat gaacagacat ttcccaaagg aagatattta atcagcaaac aaacatatat     96180
     aaaaaaaagc ttagcatcac tggtcattag agaaatgcac atcaaaacca caatgagata     96240
     caatctcaca ccggtcagaa tggtgaccat taaaaagtca ggaaacaaca ggttctggtg     96300
     aagatgtgga gaaagaggaa tgctctatac tgctggtgtt agtacaaatt agttaaatca     96360
     ttgtggaaga cagtatggtg attcttcaaa gatctgtaac cagaaatacc atttgaccca     96420
     gcaatcccat tatgtggtgt gcctccagag gattataaat cattctacat aaggaaacat     96480
     gcacatttac atttactgca gcactattca gacacaaaaa agacatggaa caaacccaaa     96540
     tacccatcaa ttatggattg gataaagaaa atgtggaaca tatataccat gggatactat     96600
     gcagccatga aaaagaataa gttcatgtcc ttttcaggga catgaatgga gctggaaaca     96660
     attattctca gcaagctaac acaggaacag aaaagcaaac actacctatt ctcatgcata     96720
     agtgggaatg gaacaatgag gacacaatgg ggcctgtcag ggagtagggg gtaagcggaa     96780
     ggagatcatc aggacaaata cctaatgcat gcagggctta aaacttagat gatgggttga     96840
     tgggtgcagc aaaccacggt ggcacatgta caccaatgta acaaatctgc ctgttctgca     96900
     catgtatcct agaagttaaa ttataataaa aaatagtcaa gttaaatgac caactaaata     96960
     gtatccatga atttatgatt attccatata tggcttttac ttaatacttt gtgctttgtg     97020
     tctctaggaa agcaaaataa aaatatgttg taccaaacat tttaaaagaa tttactagaa     97080
     agcaattgga gccaattttt ttatctgttg atgaagacaa gtgtagatta aaaaccaact     97140
     ctcctaatgc ttgtcagtac cgcaaggtgc tcaggatcaa aataaaactt ccaacctaag     97200
     gatatctggc agcctccaga actttaagaa aagccgagaa acaaagtatc cagcttcagg     97260
     ctctttctag gagagcatgc ccaaggcctt ggggaccctt ggaccctgga agaagggcgg     97320
     aagtggggta ggtgggggcg gtatttggag ccactgcccc tctggcagcc actgctgctc     97380
     cccatggatg gcttggagtc tcagccttca gcagaatcag caggctttcc gcaaacagtg     97440
     tttggtgtgc ctgcctgttt tccatctctg tatcttcctt agtgatgtat ctactcaggt     97500
     tttaccttga aattgggttg cttatctttt tgagttttag ggtatcctcg tatattgtac     97560
     atacaagtcg cttttcagat tagtttgcta aatttttcta tctgtggctg gctttttggt     97620
     tctctttacc ggatttcact tatttttttt tgaggtgatg tctcattttg tcacccagcc     97680
     tggagtgcaa tgacccgaac cagcctcacc gcaatcccca cctcccaagt tcaaaggatt     97740
     ctccttgctc agactcctaa gcatctagga ttaccggcat acaccagaaa tcccagttaa     97800
     atttttttat ttttagtaca gacgtgactt caccatgtat acgatgctga cctgcaactc     97860
     ctgtcctcag gtgatctgtc cgctttgacc ttcaaaagta acagggtgtt ttacagataa     97920
     gacatttcat cttttaataa agttcatatt atccattttt ttctttcatg gacttgctaa     97980
     taaataatta ccaaaaccag gcccatgaag atactttcca attacaactt tgcagtgaaa     98040
     agatttaaag tatgggtatt tttgactaat tttttaacta taaaattttt gtctatgttc     98100
     atttgtttcc atatagtttc cagcagtttt cttgacactt gtgaaacagc tttatctttt     98160
     ccaaagaata ttcttcgcat ttttgacaaa atcagttgac ttgggacagt ttgggggcta     98220
     ttctcttcca cttatctgct ggtctgttaa attatgaatg ccacactctt ctttattaca     98280
     ttagctttag tgtaaatatt catatccaga tgtgtaattc ctttagcttt gttcttcttt     98340
     agtcttattt catctattct aggtttagga agagtttgtt gatatattta cctggaattt     98400
     gattgggata tgtctgaaat aaccataaat gtacttctcc agaacaagaa acgtctcttt     98460
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttattgaa aaagagttgt gtcacccatg ttggagtgca     98520
     gtagcaccat ctcaactcac tgagattctc ccacttcaat gacccaagta gctgggaaca     98580
     caggcgtgcc caccaagctc agcttatttt tttttgtatt tttggtagcg ttggagtttc     98640
     accctgttcc ccaggctggt ctccgactca ttggctcaag tgatctgcct gtggcagcct     98700
     cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtctgcc aacatgccag gactctctgc atttactaat     98760
     atttctgttg atttctctca aaggtgactt attgtttact gaatgaattc tgcatatttt     98820
     gttacattta tacttaaagg actcaatttt ttgggtagta ttgtaagtgg tgttttaata     98880
     tttcaaattc caatgatttc tattcatgat tgctgataga caaaaaatca gttgagtttt     98940
     atctattgat cgtctccttt gcttcttttt aatccccatt caaggtttgg gaaggttggc     99000
     tctatttcac ttccacttcc tgagactgtc gcctggatta acccaccccg aatttcagaa     99060
     attttcccag gctaccacca gagggtgcac ggagcctacg cactgagcat gcagagcccg     99120
     caaacaaact ctctgaggag cagggtgtcc tcacagtgcc tcggatagca cttccttctc     99180
     ctcaagacac accggagaga ggccgtggtt tcagggtacc tggggacacc tgaggcacgt     99240
     tcgtagtgaa gactaagcct ccttcatctc aggacccgcc caagagtggc cgcagctttg     99300
     gcccacctgg ggtcgcgtcc accatgaaga tgaagtctct ttctcttctg gacatgtcca     99360
     ggagtggccg ttgctacaag acatctggtg ctacgaccag gtgagaataa agacgtctcc     99420
     tcaggaccct cccaggagag gacatggcat tcagacatct ggtggacagg tgaggaaaag     99480
     accccctgtc tgcagcaccc agaactgagg agggtcactg ctctgagcct tacttcccag     99540
     ccctggcctc caattctgac tttacgaaag tgtcccttga gcgaggcagt gaccacgcat     99600
     tgtcacagct accaaagtgt ggtttgcaga tgatctgagc ttgtttctgg cggagattct     99660
     gttacagaga aaggagaggt gctgagtgga actactatga caggctgagg tcaggggaga     99720
     catcacaacc tccaacaaca cttttttcat gctttaatga ctcatttttc ttagagaact     99780
     aaagtagttg aaacaatata gaaaaaattt taagtaggca tattagaagc tgaattatta     99840
     tttaagttta aatatatggt atatgcccgg ttaacaacat tttttctttt cctgagacaa     99900
     tcacagttta attgagagtg gatttgtaat ggtgatgaaa atgtctactt tataaaggtt     99960
     gacatcctac attagctgag atatactaac agtatcaacc tttgatatta aaacataaaa    100020
     ttaattgaag aattctgagc caaatatcag tgacaaatgg tccatgacac agccatactc    100080
     aggagatctt gagaacatgt gccccaggtg gtgtgtgcac agtctatatt tatgcatttt    100140
     caggagacat gagacatcag tcaaacacat gtaagatgta cattagtttg gtcaagaaag    100200
     gatggacaac ttgaaaatag cgatggggct gcactttcaa gttacaggta gatttaaata    100260
     tgttttcatt ggcagttggc tgaaagagtt aagttattat ctaaaaacat aaaatcaaca    100320
     gatagggatg actgggttac aataaatagt aaggactgta gagaccaaag ttttatcatg    100380
     atgatgaagc ctccatgtag caggcttgag agaatagaag gtaaatattc cttatcagac    100440
     ttaaggtatg cattgctgtt aatgatggtc aactttttct aaagttcaaa agggaggagc    100500
     gtgtaatgaa tcatgtgtgt ccctctttct tgtcgggaac tgaaccactt ttggaatgcc    100560
     tttggtcaaa aggaggggtc cattcagatg actgtggtgg gtggggggac gtgagagtta    100620
     ttttttttta caagtgtttc acttctattt aaaaaactat aacctattaa attgttataa    100680
     attataatta atctaagagt aaaaagggat ttcttaaatt aaaaaaaaaa tcgaacacta    100740
     aaaatcctaa gccaccacac tttgccagat cttttattct ttctcttttt aaagttgtca    100800
     gggatgcttt gcttgtaagt catatagttg actcattgac catcggggta tagttctgtt    100860
     gcttcttcaa atattgtacc tagtaacctt cccaaattgt ttttaagtaa agttcttaaa    100920
     ttgtagcagt aaacaaaatg aaaagacaat gttacacaat actgaggttt atcacaggac    100980
     ataaaaaatt tcaactctta ttccttttct tcttcttctt cttttttttt tttttttttt    101040
     tttttttctg gagacagggt ctcattcttt ttcccagcct gaagtgcgga attgccatcc    101100
     tggctcgctg cagcctctaa ctgccaagct gaactgatcc tccaccttag actcagctat    101160
     catctctggc taactttttg tattttttgg tagagacaaa ggtttgccat gttgcctgga    101220
     catgtctcaa atgtctgaac tcaagtggtc tgcctgcctt ggcctcaaga agtgctgaga    101280
     ttataggcat caataaaaca tttatgttag ggttagataa aaatcaatct ttaggctaag    101340
     ttatgaacat gtatataatg caatttttta tttgtgccta attttcatca ttttctgtgt    101400
     tgacattact cattttaaag tcacattcaa gggataaggc aaaatcacct gtgaattggc    101460
     atatttgttt atttctctgt ttgggaaaat gtccttagtt ttttcacgat gcaaaaaaat    101520
     ttcaattctg ttatgcaaaa aacagaagag aatcttcttt gcaattaatt ttataggccc    101580
     cttcacacag ggaatgtgct atttataaaa aaaaaaaaaa actgaactac agatcttaaa    101640
     cactgaaaaa aattaacagt ttattataat ttattttatc ctatcaatta attgtattta    101700
     tatacaatct tgaaagttta cagtcatcaa cagttctact gcagtttcag gtgaaatggg    101760
     aatttagaaa tttctatgga gctgtaggcg tagtgaaaca ttttgttaaa atatgtccgt    101820
     gcttttggca gcacttgtga agggatgcct ccaaattaac ctcaatgctt ttcttctcag    101880
     caaaatgacc tgggccactc agtatgactt tctttgttgc tgatgttcat gcatgttctc    101940
     tttttaccat aaatttatga ctctgaagat atccatttga catggtggca ttagggcttt    102000
     caaaatgact agattttcta ctcgccatcc attaggtact tacatgtttc tacttcgact    102060
     cccccagaac atgagtagtt tctggttagc cccacggaga gtgcagcaca ggtcccaata    102120
     tagcaatgca gactccaccc caaggccacc cttcacccct agctgcatga tgctgtgcat    102180
     tccagggaag ttggatgaca cacagcttgt tgtttttaca aacaaaatta ttgtgttaat    102240
     ttcattttca tatggtttat tgctagtgtg tagaaataga ttttagtgta tcgatatttt    102300
     atactgtatg tttgtttaat ttgtttacta gattttatta tttcttgttg ttttcttatt    102360
     ttctgtatat gagatcatga gatccatgag tagatagttt tacttttatt tttccacata    102420
     tcaatagctt cgtatatatt tttctcttcc aattattttg gatggaactt ctagtactgt    102480
     atcaaataca atgatgaaag tgtgcatcag tgctgtgctc ctcatcttaa agtttttgtt    102540
     cccaacaatt cagatgctga ttgttacagg ttttgcataa agatgtttta tcatatgaaa    102600
     gaaatttgaa acacagttta ttggatgttg ttaacattaa atatgttgac taactttaag    102660
     tattttctgt aacagttgag ataaacatgt actgttttcc catcatttag tttacatggt    102720
     acattgaaaa acgatggctt cagaatgtta aagacaaaca aacaaaccct aaattttcta    102780
     aaaaatgaac ataattattg aggtgcataa tgtcttcccc atgtagcaaa tttcatgtac    102840
     tattattttg ttaaacatta taatgtatct aattatcata tttattaaca tttagagttt    102900
     tgtcccagtt gtatcatctg cttaattcaa ttttcaattg gagttaataa tagttaaggt    102960
     ttagtatact cttatgggca ttaggggtta gagatgagag tcacagacaa tatatttaaa    103020
     attcttttga agggtgatag gatgacatta agaatgggat agaagtttgg gattagggat    103080
     aggggtttac aattgcagaa ataagtttag attgagggtt aggtctgggg ttggattaga    103140
     ggttagtgtt gtggtaggat tagggttatg gttaggatta ggattaggga caggggtagt    103200
     tggtgttatg tttaaggcta gggttagaat cagaattagc tgttaatttt aagatcaggt    103260
     tatgtttagg tttagagtaa gaaataggct tacagttaga gattggggtt agtgtagggt    103320
     taggttctgg gttaacatca tggtgaggat taggattagt gccaaaggtg aaagttgagg    103380
     tgacagtgag ggttaaggta agagggttag tgcattagtg ttagggtttg ggtttagggt    103440
     tagtgttagg ataagaataa agatttggtt tagcatttag ggttcatgtc ctggttaggg    103500
     tttcagttta gccttacagt tagtgtttaa ggttcagttt tatttttagg gttattgttt    103560
     agcaattagg cttagggtca gcttagggtt aggagaaggg gttagggttt ggcctggtgt    103620
     cagggtttag atttagtgtt acagtggggt taggtttagg gttaaatttg ggattgggct    103680
     tattgtatag gattatagtt agagtttagg tttcagtgtt agagctatgg ttgcagttgc    103740
     atttgaggtt gtgggttaga gttaggagta gtgttagtgt cagggtttta agattagggg    103800
     tatggtcaat gtatggttag aattagggtt agggtagatt tgattaggga tattggttag    103860
     gtgttagctt acatttttaa ggttcacatt ttagtattat ggttacagtc aaggttgcat    103920
     ttaggatgag gtacgaagtt agctttaggg attagagtta gagttagggg ttagggttca    103980
     ttgtctaaaa ttagtgttag agttaggttt ggtttagtat ttaggttagg gttttggtga    104040
     gtgttagggt ttagggtaga tttagggtta ggggtaggtt tagggttagg ggttggtgta    104100
     gggatatgta cagcgttatg ggttggggta gggttacatt tatggctagc gatatgtttt    104160
     gttaatggtt caggttgggt ttatatgagg attagggtta gggcttcagg gttattgtta    104220
     gtgtttcagc attagtatta ggggatatat ttagggttag atgtcttttt cacccatctc    104280
     aacccatgga agaatcagca cactctttct gccttctgaa gctcatatgt actccatacg    104340
     aatttagatt atttatttat ttatttgttt attcatttta tgtatttatt tatttattta    104400
     tttgtttttg gagacagcgt ttcgctcttg ttgccatgac tggagtacta tggtgtgaac    104460
     tcgccttacc acaacctcca cttcccactt tcaagtgatt gtcttgcctc agctcctgag    104520
     tagctgggat taaaggcata caccatcaca cttaactaat tttgtatttt tattagagat    104580
     ggggtttctc tatgtttgtc aggctggcct tgaatttgaa cctcaagtga ttcatcggcc    104640
     ttggcctccc gaagtgctgg gaacacacaa gtgagccacc atgcccagca tcagattttg    104700
     aaataacttg acttaaagtg gagctaccaa ctatatgcca cttctctgct gtgggttgta    104760
     cacttcttgg gattgcatgg ctgcaaatag ataagtctcc tccaaactta aagctgcaga    104820
     tacatctcaa caaacttcct gcagatagaa gctacccact ctgaagcttc tctccactga    104880
     ggccttcaga gatgttttaa aaacctgctt ttccactgaa actgttcact ctcgctcctg    104940
     tcttcactga gtcttgcaca gatgtagata tgtcctgttt ttgaaatgca gttacccatt    105000
     ttctctcttg agagctgtac cttcatccaa taaagcatct atttaccttg attattctcc    105060
     tgttgtccaa atacctcatt ctccctggat atgcatcaag aactcacgac ccacttaatg    105120
     gtgcacaagg ctgaaacaca gaaacccaca cttacaatat tgttgattac aggaaaaaaa    105180
     aagatagaag aggttcagcc cttaaagaac ccaggctgaa accttttcta agccaggtct    105240
     gtaacacaat ctttgggtct ttgcagtttc tggaatttct aagcttctgg atgccatggc    105300
     attcctgagt gcctctggag gaaacaggtt atggtatgcc tgatccagcc aaaaataagt    105360
     agggacctgg ctcctgatct ggtacctgga acttctcacc ttatcacagc tgacatgctt    105420
     ggaggtggca agtggctgga ctcaacagtt gctcattcaa agatctctct ctactctgtg    105480
     cctggctcac ccatagcagg aatgcgtgat attgtttagg gctattaaaa taaattaatc    105540
     aatcttgcag ctaatgatgt attttgctca gctcagtttt tgtgtcctga gcagacagac    105600
     tgactattaa aacttatcaa ttttcctttg catatacttg aacatagatt ctattccttg    105660
     tgctcagatt cagatttttt tggcacatca ctctctctca ttggcctctt tcaacttcat    105720
     cttaatgtta cagtaaataa gggcattatt tttctctagc acaactgaat tatatgaagc    105780
     aaatccctta atttgtatca taaccacttg ggggaaaagt tacagttcaa gacacctgag    105840
     agaccaggtc tgtggcacat gcctcccatg ctttcagctt tctcccacca atcaacatta    105900
     ccttggccga tgcttcatcc atcatcttgt gaaatttaat ggtaaacaag ccacctgggg    105960
     tcggtccaaa agtcacagaa ggggtttaaa accaagcctt ttaaccaaat cacaaagagg    106020
     cagtatggat gcagctagtc aaatggctgg gctattggct gatacaattg gcttctcaaa    106080
     ctgaatgaaa ttattcacag tgttctttat ggtatccact atttcaatgc ttgctctgtt    106140
     tctgtcattt cttaaataca cacaaaatca agacctcagc aaaggacaca accagctgga    106200
     gtgggcagca taaacttcct gtcatctgca gcagccctat gcagaacatt cttgattttt    106260
     ttcattactt ctatatttag tgagttattc tctgtcaatc ttgttgatag tttctgggta    106320
     aagccatcat tttccctcac cgaaatgtct ccgagtctac tggcattttc tgttagcctt    106380
     atggtaaaat acatgctttt gacaaaaggc tggtcttttt catcatcaat aatctttctt    106440
     tgcccccctc tcacacttgg aacaaatata tgcaagtttt ttgttctgtt ggctgttcgt    106500
     ggaattgctt ataccaatgt accttctttg ctggctaggc ctgtaaccat ggaagcagta    106560
     accaagccag acccctgaga cattagtggg tgtatcttgc acctgttttc tcctccagtc    106620
     tgttctgcac caggacataa tacagccctg aaggggttct cagctgccac cttgagcacc    106680
     atggtgtcct gctgatccag caaaatagga tccagtttcc cgagttattg aaatccactg    106740
     tgttcttgct gttaaaagtg caagtgtctt gatagtttaa tttcttagct ccatattcct    106800
     tgggtcgaag agaggtgaag ctgtgtttct cctagcgttg tggttggtag caaacaactg    106860
     gcagtttttg gatgtgtgtt tgcaagtcac tagcgtttta ggaaggttct taaaaaagtt    106920
     ggagttggta gatctggaag ttccttttat ggccttgctt gacaatgttc tgcttgtttc    106980
     cagtccgtgt ccttcttttt ctgtttttta atctgtcatc tgttaaagtc ataaatacat    107040
     ttttcacagt ttatgaagtg ctgctccact ccccaagtgt tatcctgttt gtcacagcct    107100
     ttccactgaa tgaaatactc tgccttccca tttttgtctt gtctttcgtc aacaacagtt    107160
     tcaatctcaa actcctggga tgccatgaag gaagagatag aattggagcc attattgtgt    107220
     catttttctt tctgttgagt ctccacatag tcactgcttt ctgcctccat ttctgcacca    107280
     gccctgggta tggatgagcc tgttccgctt tgtggccact ggtgtagtaa aagttgtgtg    107340
     aagaagcagc tatgctattt gccttagtat ctcctcactt attccatgtt gggacagctc    107400
     agggttctgt ttatcatgcc aaggtgtctg acaaggtagc ctcaggtact cctactttct    107460
     ggtgtagtgc agagagcttt ctacctggct ataactcttt gctttgtagt tgctccagtg    107520
     attatattga acattctaaa agtaaaacac tgaaatcaca ttagtttatt ctcagttaac    107580
     ataaaaaact cttactcctt tatagcatgg cctgctttat ttcaattact gagttctcaa    107640
     aatgataaca atatgcattc tatctcaaaa acacaagcta gtgagttttt taaaataaaa    107700
     tagtgtatta aattatgtgg agaacatatt gtgaaggtac acattttttt ttatcttttg    107760
     tagttgttca tatatttatc tgtactttat tctttgttta ttaatatttc tgttcagtgt    107820
     cctttcattt taccccggaa taatccataa ggcatttctt aaatggttgt ctactggcaa    107880
     aagaatgtgg cttttatttg ggaatttcat aacttctcac tcacttttga tggacacttt    107940
     gtttaaacat aacatttctc tttgaaagtt ttttcttact gcacttggaa tatatgaggc    108000
     tactctgaat ttttagacat tcccctatta tttatgaggg ttttttgtac aatactagtc    108060
     aagatttctc tcgctgcttt caagattctc tttgtctttg ttttagaccg tttaactatc    108120
     atgtatgttt gagtgtgttt ctttgagttt attttacttg gagtttgtgg agtttcttag    108180
     atatttatta ccttaaattt gtaacatttt tgaccacttt tttttagtct ccctatttct    108240
     ttgtctcttc tccttgaatt tctaagaggc ataagtaggt ctgcttgatg gtgtcacact    108300
     ggtttctaga tgttttcata tttctttatt tttttctcct cttgacttaa taatttcaat    108360
     tgcctctttt attcaatttg ctgacatttt gttctatatg ctcaagtctc cttttaaatg    108420
     tctgtagtaa ttatttattt atttatttat ttgggatgga gtcttgctct gtcatcaggc    108480
     tggagtgcag tggcacaaac ttggctcact ccaacctctg catcctgggt tcaaatgatt    108540
     ctcctgcctc agcctcttga gtagctggga ctacagatat gtgtcaccac gcccagctaa    108600
     tttgtgtatt tttagtacag atggggtttc atcatgttcc tcagcatagt catgacttct    108660
     tgaccttatg atctgccacc taggcctccc gaagtgctgg gattgcaggc ctctagtgaa    108720
     tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttagtag agttggggtt tcaccatgtt agccaggatg    108780
     gtttcaatct cctgacctct tgattcaccc aactcagcct ccaaagtgct gggattacag    108840
     gagtgaggca ccatgcccgg ccatgaattt taatgtcagt tgttttattt tcatctccaa    108900
     attttttttt ttcctgagag acactgaacc tggctcagaa ttttttttct aagtttgaaa    108960
     ataatttgtc atgctttccc aagaacctgt attattttag tttcaatctc tgtttctttg    109020
     aacctaaagt aagacgtgca tagacatcac gtttgtgaat ttttctttta aaggtgcatt    109080
     tgtgccggtc tgtgtgtttt tatgtaagag ctcacattta cagttattac aagcaaaaaa    109140
     attacttact gtgacattta tttacttttt ttatgttatt tttcttattt gatcctcaat    109200
     taatcctttg tccattaaaa aaagttaact ttttaaacct tttttattat tttcatgtca    109260
     ttattagtta tatttgggat tttaattata ttctaaacat aatataatct tctttgaata    109320
     atattaactt gtttgaataa tcaaaatttt aatttcaaca ctataaatat atgctgctcc    109380
     tgtacttttc tatctttctc aatataaatt gagtcagatt atatctgtac accctgagtg    109440
     tccattaatg taaatttgta aatttttatg taatagctgc ttatgagatc tgtaatagta    109500
     atagctaact ttgccaggat tgcaatagta atagcatttt tttttaggga atggttaatc    109560
     acacattctt ttagattttc tatatctaga cattttttgc ttgagtatta tttttacaag    109620
     atatagattt tcttgatttc tctaaggtgt ttttttttag ttattgatag cttagaatgc    109680
     attccattag cattacgaat aacagcaata taaaaactat tattttttta aaaacttgat    109740
     ctgtattaac aaatctgttg tattgtctat tgtatgaaat aactgtatta ttgctttcaa    109800
     caacttaaca ttttgtttgt gaccaattcc tggtattttc aaccaagagt gacttctgag    109860
     tttgacaaaa cagaaataaa tacgtttcat caattcttta tttttcttct agaaagacta    109920
     caacaaacgc aataaattag cacacaagtg cttcttcact cctcccagaa ttaggaacca    109980
     gggcctgaaa tggaaaatgc agatttcaat ttcgaagcct tcatctgtgc ctgggaggta    110040
     gtatggcaat ccaaaaaaat atttactact ttaaaattgt ctcttttgat ggtttcttga    110100
     ttgatacaaa ccactgattt acagggttca gacagttttt gattggtttg atgtttcttt    110160
     gaatggtttg aatctgctgc cagccctgca gttttgccct catttttatg tgggaagcac    110220
     tgattgtttt gtaatgtcag agtttatttt tatttaggag atctattatt tgtcccatga    110280
     aaatattgtt taaaatgctt aaattgaatt ttacacttct aattggtgtt tctaattgtt    110340
     aggtttttgt tttagtggtt acagtatgaa gtttgttgtt tgctttttat taattgatgt    110400
     tatcaatttc atataaaagg caaggacaat attcagtatt atgaattaca acttggtttt    110460
     atgtaaaaca tgtatacaat tatttgttta caaagtgact ttcaagtacc tatctaaata    110520
     aaacaataag ggaataatta tgtaggcatg cagcaagatt tacaagtgtg atgatctctg    110580
     gcagaagcct gcataaattg tttgaaaaac aaccaggtca ctgtggatgg aacagactat    110640
     ggaaggaaaa tgactgtaga caatgagatt ataggggaaa cacacagtcg atgtgattgt    110700
     ctaggatttc cataggtcag tagattttac attagtttta ctctaagcca agttcatgac    110760
     tggaagtgga attggtaaga ttattactag cctctagtgc caagaggcta gaaatgctgt    110820
     tgaatatctt aaaatctagt ctcaggcacc tttcagcaat taacagtatt gaactatctc    110880
     tccagaaaat tgtaaaaaga agcacacttt ttagaaaaca ttgattttat attttcaagg    110940
     ttacttaact caatctttgg tttctgtaaa tcagaaggat tttaagaagc tcttgtaaag    111000
     ttcatttgat tcaagttagg gtaactgtta gtaaagtgaa gtcagttcag ttaatcaaga    111060
     attagaaagt aaactgtagg ccaggtgcgg tggctataat cccagcactt taggaagcca    111120
     aggtggaccg atcacaaggt caggacatca agaccatcct ggctaacacg gtgaaacccc    111180
     atctctacta aaaatacaaa aaaaaaaaat tagctgggca tggtggcggg tgcctgtaat    111240
     cccagctact caggaggctg aggcaggaga atggcatgaa tccaggaggt ggtgccacag    111300
     cgctccagcc tgggtgagag agtgagactc catctccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    111360
     aaaagaaagt aaactatcta tttccttttt tctccacctt tctttcccat taattttaaa    111420
     tatttctgta aaacactaat atagccaaat aaaaccctag gcacactctg tttttgggat    111480
     atcatggaga acactcaaag gcttttggga cagaactaat cttgaataca actggaagtc    111540
     atacagaata cagatacata tacgtgcatt agtgcaattc attatgcata cacactaggc    111600
     ataatgattg tcataagaca aatattaaat gtcttatgac ataaactttg ctaagatttt    111660
     acaataacca agccaaatgg aaaccaagat ttcaaggatt atagccaggg tcagagaatt    111720
     ctacgtgatg agtagaatga aaactcaagc atcttctagg agaggtcatg actgttgcca    111780
     taaccagcac agggattatc tctacagaaa caagtgaaag ggctgatggc agcatgaacc    111840
     acattcttcc tggaagcaga aacataattt gagattatct gaatggcaga gctgaatgac    111900
     ctggaacaca aacagggata aaagtttccc cttgcttatc acattgtggt aagacaaaaa    111960
     taaaacaaga gctgtggcct ttcagtgttc acagacctag gagctctcaa agccagggag    112020
     agccatcaca ccctttgggg ctttactttt tccggcatct gcaagattct gggtatcact    112080
     acattcccca gtatcagctg tggaagctgc ttgcagtagg cctggtccag ctgcagtttt    112140
     tcaatgatct agcagttatc ttggcaccta aaacttcctg gtctgataca gctggcatga    112200
     ctgatcatgt ttagcagctg gagtccacac ttgctcatac accactcacc actcatccat    112260
     gtttgccctt ggcaggtgat aactcctggc tgttaacacc agctgagtgc agcatgtcag    112320
     gtagtgtggg tagaacaact ttgcaggcct gattaaagct cagggaaagg caccactggt    112380
     cacagaggtt ttcatctggc aaagtgactc ccgtaaaatc ccatagcaat agaagcatag    112440
     ctggttatgt ttaaatggct tacttttttc ggttcatgaa ataatgatta ttcagcgtcc    112500
     tatattttgg tattttttaa cctcatttgc aaatgattat ctttcaaaat ttttacagaa    112560
     tcaaatttga aaaattatta tttgtattga acaacgtgat tggtcttatg tacactgcat    112620
     tattttagga tggagtttca cttttgtcat ccaagctgga gtgcaatggc attttctcag    112680
     ctcattgtac ctcctgcctc tgcttcccac agagctggaa ttacaggaac ccaccatgat    112740
     gtgcagcatg gcattggagt tcagatcagc attctcctag tagattatga agcttactta    112800
     tgaaagagta tttctaattc ctgggctttg atgttgtgta cttaatataa tttctgtttg    112860
     agactcactt ttgctcggga ttgtaatatg atgagcagca tttctggcat tttctgctac    112920
     atgcaatact aaaaaccatt ttctgtggtt gaaataccct aacatatttg tgtctcatgg    112980
     aatctaaatt gttggcattt actattctag agagttctga agaagaaatt aaaagccact    113040
     ttttaaaatt ttgcagaggc caggagaggt ggttcacacc tgtaatccca gaaactttgg    113100
     agactgaggt aggaggatca cctgagttta ggagttttag accaacctgg tcaatagggt    113160
     aaaacctcgt cttcactaaa attacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaaa gaaaaatcag    113220
     ctgggtgtgg tggtggacag ctgtaatccc aactactcag gagactgagg caggaaaatc    113280
     acttaaatct gggaggtgga agttgcagtg agctgagatc acaccattgc actccagcct    113340
     gtatgacaag agcaaacctc cgtcttaaaa aaattttgca taaattttat atgagatgtc    113400
     atttttctct aatttttgac tattctaaaa tcctgatatt ttctctaact tgctgctatc    113460
     ctaacattct gtcatttgtg aaatatacca gggtgtcctg caggtaccgt ggaacttaat    113520
     ataaaacaat attaaattaa ttaaatataa ataaaaagct tttttttttc cagatgtgag    113580
     gttatagtag ctttaaaacg tgtgccacac attatttaaa acattttgta attacaaatc    113640
     agcaccgtca caaactgcat tgaaaagcaa ataaatagta tatctcaatt tttagctgat    113700
     tgaatttctt ttcttttatt tttagaatga aatctcacac tatctctttg gctggagtgc    113760
     agtggtgcaa tcgtaggaca ctgcaacccc ctgcctccca ggttcaagta tttattcttc    113820
     ctcagcttct tgaatagctg agaatacaga tgcacaccac cacacctgat ggatttttag    113880
     catattggcc acacttgtct caagctccag acctcaagta ctctgcctgc cttggcctcc    113940
     aaaagtactg gaattacatg tgtgaatcac catgcttggc ccctgattga aattctaatt    114000
     caaaaaaatc cctcttgcaa aaccttattt tctatattat atttttgatg agtttcttta    114060
     tatgtctcat aattaaagca aatggtatca ttttaatgta ttttcttata cttgaaaatg    114120
     aatttatttt tattaatctg taattaaaat agtaggtata tttagaatgt taatttgctg    114180
     tgtgtaaaca tgattagaaa tttctttaaa aaactaattt ggataattaa ttacattagt    114240
     tgattgtact tgtgttattt tcctcaggat tttcttttct tttcttttat tattattata    114300
     atttaagctt tagggtacat gtgcacattg tgcaggttag ttacatatat atacatgtgc    114360
     catgctggta tgctgcacct attaactcgt catttaacat tagatatatc tcctaatgct    114420
     atccctcccc actgccccca ccccacaaca ttccccagag tgtgatgttc tccttcctgt    114480
     gtccatgtgt tctcattgtt caattccaac ctatgagtga gaacatgcag tgtttgcttt    114540
     tttgtccttg cgatagttta ctgagaatgc tgatttccca tttcattcat gtccctacaa    114600
     aggacatgaa ctcattattt tttatgactg catagtattc catggtgtat atgtgccaca    114660
     ttttcttaat ccagtctatc gttgttggac atttgggttg gttccaagtc tttgctattg    114720
     tgaatagtgc cacaataaac atacatgtgc atgtgtcttt atagcagcat gatttatatt    114780
     cctttgggta tatacccagt aatgggatgg ctgggtcaaa tggtatttct agatctagat    114840
     ccatgaggaa tcgccacact gacttccaca atggttgaac tagtttacag tcccaccaac    114900
     agtgtaaaag ttttcatatt tctccacatc ctctccagca cctgttgttt cctgactttt    114960
     taatgattgc cattctaact ggtatgagat ggtatctcat ggtggttttg atgtgcattt    115020
     ctctgatggc cagtgatggt gagcattttc tcatgtgatt tttggctgca taaatgtctt    115080
     gttttgagaa gtgtctgttc atgtccttcg cccacttttt gatggggttg tttgtttttt    115140
     tcttgtaaat ttgtttgagt tcattgtaga ttctggatat tagccatttg tcagatgaat    115200
     aggttgtgaa aattttctct cattttgtag gttgcctgtt cactctgatg gtagtttctt    115260
     ttgctgtgca gaagctattt agtttaatta gatcccattt gtcagttttg gcttttgttg    115320
     ccattgcttt tggtgtttta gacatgaagt ccttgctcat gcctatgtcc tgaatggtaa    115380
     tgcctaggtt ttcttctagg gtttttatgg ttttaggtgt aatgtttaag tctttattcc    115440
     attttgaatt aatttttgta taaggtgtaa ggaagggatc caatttcagt tttctacata    115500
     tgatagccag ttttcccagc accatttatt actagggaat cctctcccca ttgcttgttt    115560
     ttctcaggtt tgtcaaagat cagatagttg tagatatgcg gcattatatc tgagggcttt    115620
     gttctgttcc attgatctat atctctgttt tggtaccagt accgtgctct tttggttact    115680
     gtagctttgt cgtatagttc gaagtcaggt agcgtgatgc ctccagcttt gttcttttgg    115740
     cttatgattg acttggcgat gcaggctctt ctttggttcc aaatgaactt taaagtagtt    115800
     ttttccaact ctgtgaagaa agtcattggt agttcaatgg gaatggcatt gaatcaataa    115860
     attaccttgg gcagtatggc cattttcacg atattgattc ttcctacccg tgactatgga    115920
     atgtttttcc atttctttgt attctattat ttcattgagc aatggtttgt agttctcctt    115980
     gaagaggtcc ttcacatccc ttgtaagttg gattcctagg tattttaatc tctttgaagc    116040
     aattgtgaat gggagttcat tcatgatttg gctctctgtt tgtctgttat tggtgtataa    116100
     gaatgcttgt gatttttgta cattgatttt gtatcctggg actttgctga agttgtttat    116160
     ctgattaagg aaattttggg ctgagacaat ggggttttct agatatacaa tcatgtcatg    116220
     tgcaaacagg gacaatttga ctacctcttt tcctaattga atacccttta cttccttctc    116280
     ctgcctaatt gccctggcca gaacttccaa cgctatgttg aataggagtg gtgagagagg    116340
     gcattcctgt cttgtgccag ttttcaaagg gaatgcttcc agtttttgcc cattcagtat    116400
     gatactggct gtgggtttgt catagatagc tcttattatt ttgaaatatg tcacatcaat    116460
     acctaattta ttgagagttt ttagcatgaa acattgttga attttttcaa aggccttttc    116520
     tgcaactatt gagataatca tgtggttttt gtctttggtt ctgattatat ctggattaca    116580
     tttattgatt tgtgtatatt gaaccagtct tgcatcccag ggatgaagcc cacttgatca    116640
     tgatggataa gctttttgac gtgctgctgg attcactttg ccagtatttt attgaggatt    116700
     tttgcatcaa tgttcatcaa ggatattggt ctaaaattct cttttttggt tgtgtctctg    116760
     cctggctttg gtaccaggat gatgctggcc tcataaaatg agttagggag gattccctct    116820
     ttttctattg gttggaatat tttcagaagg aatgatacca gttcctcctt gtacctctag    116880
     tagaattcga ctgtgaatcc atctagtcct ggactcttta tggttggtaa gctattgatt    116940
     attgccacaa tttcagagcc tgttgttggt ctattcagag attcaacttc ttcctggttt    117000
     agtcttgtga gggtgtatgt gtcaaggaat ttatccattt cttctagatt ttctagttta    117060
     tttgcataga ggtgtttgta gtattctctg atggtagttt gtatttctat gggatcagtg    117120
     gtgatatagc ctttatcatt ttttattgtg tctatttgat tcttctgtct tttcttcttt    117180
     attagtcttg ctaatggtct atcaattttg ttgatctttt caaaaaacca gctcctggat    117240
     tcattaattt tttgaagggt tttttgtgtc tctatttcct tcagttctgc tctgatctta    117300
     gttatttctt gccttctgct agcttttgaa tgtgtttgct cttgcttttc tagttctttt    117360
     aattgtgatg ttagggtgtc aattttggat ctttcctgct ttctcttgtg ggcatttagt    117420
     gctataaatt tccctctaca ctctgctttg aatgtgtccc agagattctg gtattttgtg    117480
     tctttgttct cgttagtttc aaagaacatc tttatttctg ccttcatttc attatgtacc    117540
     cagtagtcat tcagaagcag gttgttctat ttccatgtag ttgagccgtt ttcagtgagt    117600
     ttcttaatcc tgagttctag tttgattgca ctgtggtctg agagacagtt cgttataatt    117660
     tttgttcttt tacatttgct gaggagaggt ctacttccaa ctattcaatt ttggaatagg    117720
     tgtggtgtgg tgctgaaaaa atgtatattc tgttgacttg gggtggagac ttctgtcgat    117780
     atctattagg tccacttggt gcagagctga gttcaattcc tggatatcct tgttaacttt    117840
     ctgtctcatt gatctgtcta atgttgacag tggggtgtta aagtctccca ttattattgt    117900
     gtgggggtct cagtctcttt gtaggtcact gaggacttgc tttatgaatc ttggtgctcc    117960
     tgtattggga gcatatatat ttaggatagg cagctcttct tgttgaattg atctctttac    118020
     cattatgtaa tggtgttctt tgtctctttt gatctttgtt ggtttaaagt ctgttttatc    118080
     agagactagg attgcaaccc ctgccttgtt ttgttttcca tttgcttgat agatcttcct    118140
     ccatcctttt attttgagcc tatgtgtatc tctgcacgtg agatgggttt cctgaataca    118200
     gcacactgat gggttttgac tctttatcca atttgccagt ctgtgtcttt taattggatc    118260
     atttcgtcca cttatgttta aagttaatat tgttatgtgt gaatttgatc ctgtcattat    118320
     gatgtgagct ggttgtgttg ctcattagtt gatgcagttt cttcctagcc taatggtctt    118380
     tacaatttgg catgattttg ctgtggctgg taccggttgt tcctttccat gtttagtgct    118440
     tccttcagga gccctacaag gcaggccttg tggtgacaaa atctctcagc atttgcttgt    118500
     ctgtaaagta ttttatttct ccttcactta tgaaacttag tttgtctggt tatgaaattc    118560
     tgggttgaaa attcttttct ttaagaatgt tgaatattgg cccccaccct cttctggctt    118620
     gtagagtttc tgccgagaga tccgctgtta gtctgatgag cttccctttg tgggtaatct    118680
     gacctttctc tctggctgcc cttaatattt tttccttcat ttcaactttg atgaatctga    118740
     caattatgtg tcttggagtt gctcttctcg aggagtatct ttgtggtgtt ctctgtattt    118800
     cctgaatctg aatgttggcc tgccttgcta gattggggaa gttctcctgg ataatatcct    118860
     gcatagtgtt ttccaacttg gttccattct ccctgtcatt ttcaggtaca ccaatcagtt    118920
     gtagatttgg tcttttcacg tagtcccata tttcttggag gctttgttca tttcttttta    118980
     ttattttttc tctaaacttc ccttctccct tcatttcatt catttcatct tccatcactg    119040
     ataccctttc ttccagttga tcacattggc tcctgaggct tctgcattct tcatgtagtt    119100
     ctcaagcctt ggctttcagc ttcatcagct cctttaagca cttctccatg ttggttattc    119160
     tagttataga ttcgtctaaa tttttttcaa agtttttaac ttctttgcct ttggtttgaa    119220
     tttcctcctg tagcttggag tagtttgatt gtctgaagcc ttcttctctc aactcgtcaa    119280
     agtcattctc catccagctt tgttccattg ctggtgagga actgcattcc tttggaggag    119340
     gagaggtgct ctgcttttta gagtttccag tttttctgct ctgttttttc cccatgtttg    119400
     tggttttatc tacctttggt ctttgatgat ggtgatgtgc agatgggttt ttgatgtgga    119460
     tatcctttct gtttgttagt tttccttcta acagacagga ccctcagctg caggtctgtt    119520
     ggaatttgct agaggttcac tccagaccct gtttgcctgg gtatcagcag cggtggctgc    119580
     agaacagcag attttcgtga accgcgaatg ctgctgtctg atcgttcctc tagaagtttt    119640
     ttctcagagg agtacctggc catgtgaggt gtcagtctgc ccctactgag gggtgcctcc    119700
     cagttaggct gcttggggat caggggtcag agacccactt gaggaggcag tctgcccatt    119760
     ctcagatctc cagctgcgtg ctgggagaac cattgctctc ttcaaagctg tcagaaaggg    119820
     acatttaagt ctgcagagat tactgctgtc tttatgtttg tctgtgcgct gcccccagag    119880
     gtggagcgta cagaggcagg caggcctcct tgagctgtgg tgggctccaa ccagtttgag    119940
     cttcccagct gctttgttta cctaagcaag cttcagcaat ggcgggcgcc cctccaccag    120000
     gcttgctgca gccttgcagt ttgatctcag actgctgtgc tagcaatcag cgagactctg    120060
     tgggcgtagg atcctctgag ccaggtgtgg gatataatct cctggtgtgc cattttttaa    120120
     gcccactgga aaagtgcagt attagggtgg cagtaacccg attttccagg tgccgtctgt    120180
     cacccctttc tttgactagg aaagggaact ccctgacccc ttgcaattcc tgagtgaggc    120240
     aatgcctcgc cctgcttcag ctcgttcatg gtgcactgta cccactgacg tgcgcccact    120300
     atctggcact ccctagtgag atgaactggg tacctcagat ggaaatgcag aaatcacccg    120360
     tcttctccat gactcatgct gggagctgta gaccggagct gttccttttc agccatcttg    120420
     gctgccctcc aggattttct tttgtaagaa aactcaaaat tgcttcaaga tacattgaga    120480
     tgttcaatta tgtgaaatga acttaaaggt attttctttg aaaaggaagt ttttataacc    120540
     taacttttct actaataata tgtgattatt ttttctaaca tatgagaaat taattttttt    120600
     catcttccct gcacctaaag ttcacctgca atatatgaca agcaaagaac tgctaacaga    120660
     gaaggctgtt ctagtctgta agtcacccat taccataaac tctggttttg agctacttgc    120720
     agcagcagct attggctgtg taaaaaattt cacattgatg ctacactgtt tgactgaaac    120780
     atattacgta gacaaagcaa aaactgtgag tattttaaat tataaagcag ttttgttcat    120840
     taatcacact tttgtttaaa attctattat ttcctttaga aaaattaact catttttttt    120900
     gtttgtttgt ttttggtcaa ctagtttact attttgtagt catcaggtat ataattaaag    120960
     ccatttaagt aagagaacat taatttttta ataagcatgt atttcttaac ttctcttcta    121020
     tacttggttt tggtacttta ccacagtggg ttttatttag tcatatgtga aaaaaaaaaa    121080
     ttaacccttt agaataacaa gaaaccaaat gtaatgctac aaaaagttta tatttaaaac    121140
     gtattcttta aaaagatttt cataacccaa acattatagt tgcttaattt attttactta    121200
     tattccgggt ggtgtttttt taaaaatcat aatgtgagaa gagaacattt gagtgcattt    121260
     tattactttt aaatgtccat attaattaaa caaaatgggt agcaatgttg aaatcttaca    121320
     caaaactgca attcagagtg ggaaccaatg taagtaagtt aacaaacgat aacctgaaat    121380
     ttagtttatt tcaagagaaa cctgagagtt aagaatataa ttaacaaagc attctgtaca    121440
     gatatttcat tggaaatgtg aaattatatt tctttatatt ttttctctgt gagtatattt    121500
     tttaatacat tgtaggagtt tctagctaaa ctcactactc aaaatttcag atgtttatgt    121560
     gttctgtagg atctacgtag agagaagaat ttcctttttg aaaacacttt tttttgttta    121620
     actattgtat tggaatagta aatatatatt ttcaaaagag ttttttaaac aaacaaaaaa    121680
     tagtatttgt ttaaactatt tagccactgt tttcttgtga ttaatatata ttttcaaata    121740
     tataagagga catgcagtaa aaactatgaa cttgtcacca ataatatatt tctggtccag    121800
     agattttctt ttaggtatat gcgcatcttc aaatgcttag ctattttttt tttatggaaa    121860
     tgagcataag caatatacaa tatggttaac cttgttttgt acttagtcac acacctgtca    121920
     atacatgaag atctgtttaa ttctgttttg aagctacata acttgaagtt caatatgttc    121980
     taatttatgc aatccacctg taagatggag tgatgtgtaa gttgtattct gttttacaaa    122040
     aagtagcatt tacaattttc acaggtattt taaagacacc atctaattga cttcttctca    122100
     caataaaact gtgaagatat ataaagcaat tatcactatc agctgaggaa gaaagtgata    122160
     tttatgtgaa ggttatagtt tttatgagtc agaacaataa tttaaatgaa gtgctccatt    122220
     aaaactgaga aaacgctaat gttctattta tataaagttc tgatggaagt gtattgtata    122280
     cacttatttt aagtgcaaaa gttttttaat atgtaaagtc ataacgatta atgctaagtc    122340
     tctgtttaac acatgagaat ttaatattat atcatcgtgt atgactcttt ctaagaaaat    122400
     tgttgcaaaa acaatgccgt taaaaatgtg gacttaaaaa gtctgcatgc aatagtcttt    122460
     atggtggctc acattgctga tgtaaaagtt taaagtactc tttcaaaatg gctgtgttag    122520
     cctcatagaa taaatttcac agcctgatta agagaacaat gggtaaaatc attatttttg    122580
     ttgcataagc attatttttt cttagcttgt gaagcactca gtgaacagga atatctgccc    122640
     tctgttggat cctgcccacc aaaaaattgg tgggactcag agaagctggt gctacttttc    122700
     acataaattc tgtgatccag caactatata taatcctagt catcagaaac agtatttcta    122760
     caattgaaaa aacagttagt gataaagatg atgattgttc aaagatgagg aacaaaattg    122820
     tgaggtaagt tttaattata atttttttaa tggtctgata gtaaatactg ttattcttcc    122880
     tgaaattagt gtactttcat gagattttta tcaggactgc attttgatga tacgggtaga    122940
     atatgtgaga tactatgact ggcatgttta ctgtgcttgc tatctagtaa cttgaaattt    123000
     tagttaataa tatttactac tttttgtttg tttgttttca aaccatggta gatataatca    123060
     catttgtgtg acacggaaat gcaattcagt ctttgaataa tgagaatttt tttttttttt    123120
     ttttttttga gatggagtct cgttctgtca cccaggctgg agtgcagtga tgtagtctca    123180
     actaactgca agctctgcct cctgggttca tgccattctc ctgcctcagc ttcctgagta    123240
     gctgggacta caggtgccca ccatcacacc cggctatttt gtttttgtat ttttagtagg    123300
     gatggggttt cactattagc cagggtgatc tgctgacctc gtgatccacc catctcagcc    123360
     tcccaaagca ctgggattgc aggcatgagc caccatgcca ggccttttat ttttagtaat    123420
     tatatttcca ttttgttttt taaagtaggc tttttttttt tactgttgtt ctgtctgtgt    123480
     tatataagtt gtgcttattt ttatgattct ctgcatattt ttctcaaatt caggtttttt    123540
     ctgctaagga aaaaaatctt ttaaaagaat ctgtgtagta acattttgga gctcattgag    123600
     gcctatgggg aaaaaaacag aataacccta gagaaaaact agaaagatgc tatctatgaa    123660
     actgctttgt gatgtgtgga ttcaacttac agagttaaac ttttcttttg attcagcagg    123720
     ttggaaacac tctttttgga aaatctgcaa agggacattt tgcagctcat tgttgcctat    123780
     gtggcaaaag agaatcccca gataagaact agaaagaagc tatttgtgaa actgctttga    123840
     ggtatgtggg ctcatctcac agaagtaaac ttttcttttg attcagcagg tggaaaacac    123900
     tctttttgga gaatcttcaa agggacattt gggagtccgt taaggccaat ggaaacaaac    123960
     aaacaaacaa acaaatatct ccagataaaa actagaaaga agctatgtgt gaaactgctt    124020
     tttgacgtgt ggattcatct tgcagtgtta aatctatttt ttttattcag caggctgtaa    124080
     acacttctta gacagtctgt gaagtgacat ttggaggacc attcaggcct atggtgaaaa    124140
     aaacaagata gccctgaata aaaattagaa agaagctatg tgtgaaactg ctttgtgatg    124200
     tgtggattca cctcataggt ttaaaccttt cttttgattc agcaggttgg aaacacttat    124260
     tttggagaag cctgcaaagg acatttggga gacattgagg tctattggga agaaccaaat    124320
     atcccaagat gaaaactaga aagaagcagt ctgtgaaact gccttgtgat gtatggattt    124380
     atctcataga gttaaacatt tctttcggtc tagcaggttg gatagactct aattaagaat    124440
     ctgtttaggg acatttggaa gcctattgag gcctatgcag aaaaactgaa tatacccaaa    124500
     taaaaagtca aaagaagcta tctcttaaac ctctttctga tgtgtggatt cctctcacag    124560
     acttaaagct ttcctttgat tcatcaaagt gtaaacactg tttttagaaa acctgcagag    124620
     aaacatttgg gagcccattg aggcctattg agaaaaaatg aatataccca aataaaaatt    124680
     agacaaaagc tatatatgaa actgctttgt gatgtgtgga gtcctctcaa agagaaaaag    124740
     ctttcttatg attcagcagt ttggaaacac tctttctgta gaatctgcaa agagaaacct    124800
     gggagccaat tgcagcataa ggggaaaacc tgaataaacc cagataaaaa ctagaataaa    124860
     gctctgtgaa gatgctttgt gatgtgcgga ttcatcttac agattaaaag ctttggttta    124920
     ttcagtaggt tgaaaacact ccttttccag aatctatgaa tggtcatttt aactccccta    124980
     gaagcctatg ggaaaaaaaa ttgaatatcc ttagataaac tagaaagaag ctatctgtga    125040
     aactgtttgt gacatgtgga ttcatgttac agaaggaaat ttttcttttg attcagcagt    125100
     ttggaatcat cttttttttt ttaaaatgtg caaaaggatg tttgagggct tgcttatgcc    125160
     tatggagaaa aaactggata ttcccagata aaaacttgaa ggaggctatc tgtgaaattg    125220
     ccttttgatg tgtggattca tctcacagaa ttaattattt tctttcagca ggagggaaac    125280
     actcgttttg gagaatctgt gaatttggga gcccagtgat gctaccaggg aaaaatcaaa    125340
     tacacacagt taaaaattta caagaagtta tctgtgaaac tgctttgtga tccatggatt    125400
     cttctcacca acttgaacct ttcttttcat tcagcaggtt ggaaacactg tttttggaga    125460
     atctgtgaag ggacatttgg aagcccatgg aggcctatgg aacaaaactg aatatcccca    125520
     gataaaacct agaaggaatc tacctgtgaa acttctttgt gatgtgtgga ttcatctcac    125580
     agtgttaagc cattcttttg attcagctgg ttataaacac tcattttgga gaatatgtga    125640
     tgggacattt cagagcacac tggggactgt ggggaaaaat ggaatatacg cagataaaaa    125700
     ctagaaaaaa tatattcctg aaacggcttc atgatgtgtg gattcatctc acaatactca    125760
     atctttcttt tgatttggca agttggaaac actctttttg aaaatctatg aagtgacaat    125820
     ttgtaaccca ttgaggccta tggggaaata ctgaatatcc ccagataaaa actagaaaga    125880
     aactctgtga aacagctttg tgatgtttgc attcagctca cagcattaaa actttccttt    125940
     gattcagcag attgtgaaca gtctttttgg gtaattggca aagggacatt ttggagccca    126000
     ttaaggccta cgggtaaaac ggaaaatccc cagataagaa actagaaaga aggtatcaga    126060
     gtaactgctt tgattaatct cacagagtta aatttttctt cttattcagc aggttggaaa    126120
     cattttcttt gtagaatctg caaagggata ttttggagcc cattgaggcc tatagggaaa    126180
     aaaagaatat acccagataa aaactacaaa gaagctctgt gtgatacttc tttgtgatgt    126240
     ggggatacgt ctcacagagt taacgttttc ttattcagca ggttggaatt actatttttg    126300
     gagaatctgt gaagggatat ttggaagtct tttgatgtct aaaggcagaa agagaatatc    126360
     cccagataaa gattaaaaag cagctatgtg tgaaacagct ttgtgatgta tcgattcgtc    126420
     tcacagagtt aaacctttct tacaattcag cagtttggaa acactctttt tgcggtatct    126480
     gcaaagggac atttggcacc cattgacgat tatgtagaaa ggcagaatat cccagaaaaa    126540
     tactagaaag aaggtctctg tgaaagtgct tcatgatgtg tggactcacc tgacagagtt    126600
     aaatatttct tttgattcag catgttgaaa atactctttt tgtatagtct atgaggataa    126660
     atttcagagc ccattgagga tcaatataaa aaaacagaat atcttcagat aaaaactaca    126720
     aagaagccat ctgtgaaact gctttgtgat gtgtggattc atttcacaga tttaaaacat    126780
     tcttttgatt cagcaggttg gaaacactct gtgtagagtc tgtgaacaga catttgggag    126840
     ctcattgagg cctgggggag aaagagaata gccccagata aaacctagaa ataaagtatt    126900
     tgtaaaactg ctttgtgatg tgtggattca ttgaacagag ttaaatcttt cttttcattt    126960
     agctcgttta caacactctt tttggagaat ctgcaaaggg acatttgaac acccattgag    127020
     gtctatgggg acaaatcgaa tatccccagg taaaactaga aagaacctat ctgtgaaact    127080
     ttcagacatg tagattcatc ttaaaacagt attttttttc ttttccttca gcagattggg    127140
     aacacccttt ttgtaggatc tgcaaaggaa cactttggag cccattgaga attactggga    127200
     aagaacaaat atccacagat aaaaactaga agaaagctat ttgtgctttt tgatgtatgg    127260
     attcatctca cagaattaat tttttctttt gattcagcag gtggaaaaca ctgcttttgg    127320
     aggatctgca aaggcacatt tatgagccaa ttgatgcagt cgaggaaaac ccaaatatat    127380
     tcatataaaa actaaaaaca aactatctgt gaaaatgatt tgagatgtgc gcattcatct    127440
     cacagagttg aacctttctt tcagttcagc aggttggaaa cagtcttttt gtagaatctg    127500
     caaagggaca tttgggagct cctggaggtc tgtggggcaa aactgaatat cgtcagataa    127560
     aaactagaaa gaagatagtc tgtcaaactt ttttgtgata tgtggattca tcttacaaag    127620
     gcaaacattt cttttgattc agcaagttga aagcactctt ttcagaaaat atgcgattga    127680
     atatttggga gccctttcag gccaaagggg aataaccaca tatacccaga taaaaacaac    127740
     aaagaagcta tctgaggaac tttttgtgat acatattttc atctctcagt gttaaacttt    127800
     tctcctgatt ccacaggttt tgaaacactc tttatgcata atctacaaag ggacattttg    127860
     gagacccttg aggtctatgg ggtgaaacca aatatcccca gataaaacta gaaagaaggt    127920
     atccgtgaaa cttctttgtg atatctggat tcatgtcaca gagataaacc tttcttttta    127980
     ttcaggagat tgaaaatact ctttttgaaa aatctacaaa atgacatttg ggatcccatg    128040
     gacaattatt ggaaaagaac gaatatccca agacaaaaac cagacggaag ctatctgtga    128100
     aaatgctttg tgatgggtag attcttctca cagaattata cttttctttt tattcatcag    128160
     gtggaaacat tctttttgga gaatctgtga agggccattt ctgtgctcca actggactat    128220
     gcagaaaaac caagtatttt cagttaaaaa ctagaatgaa gctatctgtg aaattacttt    128280
     gtgatgtgtg gattcacctc acagaagtaa atttttcttt tgatacagca ggttgcaaca    128340
     ctttttgtag aatctgcaaa gggacatttt ggagctcatt gatgactgtg gggaaaaaca    128400
     gagtattccc aggtaaaaac aagaaagact ctatctgtga aatggatttg tgatgtgtgg    128460
     atttatctca caaagttaaa ccttcctttt tattcaactg gttggaaaca ctcttttggg    128520
     agaatctgtg aagggatatt tgggagccct ttgagactat ggggaaaaac agaatatgcc    128580
     ctgataaaaa ttaaaaagaa gctatctttg aaatggcttt gtgagtgtga attcatcttg    128640
     caggattaaa catttctttt gattcagctg gttggagaca cttcttttgg agaatctgtg    128700
     aagagacatt tgggagccca ttgagaccta taaggaaaaa aacagaatat cccaaggcaa    128760
     aaactataag gaagacacct gtgaaacagc tttgtgatgt gtggattcat ctaacagagt    128820
     taaatctttc ttttgattca gcaggttgga aacactcttt ttggagaatc tgcaaaggca    128880
     tatttgggag cctagtgagg tccaaggaaa aacaactaat atccccagat aaaaactaga    128940
     aagaatctgt gaaacttatt tgtgatgcat ggatttatct cacagagtta aacctttttt    129000
     tttttttttt ttttttgatt caagcatttg gaaacacttt ttctggaata tctgtgaagg    129060
     ggtattttgg ataccaatga ggtccatggg gaaaaaccaa atatccgtag gtaaaaacta    129120
     gaaagaaagt atctgtaaaa ctgctttgtg atgtgtagat tcatctcaca gacaaaaacc    129180
     tttcttttaa ttgatcatgt tggaaacctg tttttgtaga atgtgtgaag agatatttgg    129240
     aaatgcaatg aggcgcaggg gaaaaaaaca aatatccaca gataaagaag taaagactac    129300
     ctatcggtga aactgctttg ggatgtgtag attcatctca aagtgttaaa actttctttt    129360
     gattcagcag gttgggaaca ctgtttttgg agaatctaca aagggacatt tcggagccca    129420
     ttgcatcata tggccataaa attgaatatc ccgaggtaaa aagtagaaag aagctatctg    129480
     tggcactgtc ttgtgatgtg tggattcatc tcaccaagtt aaacctttct ctgcattcag    129540
     taggatggaa atactctttt tggagaatca atgggataat tgggagacca tagatcccaa    129600
     attaaaatca atggaaaatt tccagataaa aactaggaag aagctatctg tgaaactgct    129660
     ttgtgatgtg cagatttagc tcatggagtt aaactttcct tttgattcaa cagtttgaaa    129720
     actgtctttt ttgagaatct gtgaaaggac attttagagt ccattaaggc ccatggggaa    129780
     aaaagtatcc ctatgtaaat aagggaaaca aagtatctgt gaaattgctt tgtgacatgt    129840
     aaattcatct aacagagtta aagctttctt ttgatcccac aagttggaat cgctcttttt    129900
     ggagaatctg tgaatggaca atttggaatc cattcaggcc catggggaaa acctgaatat    129960
     cccataataa aaactagaat gaagctatct gtgaaaatgc tttttgatgt gtggattcat    130020
     tacacagaat taaacatttc ttttgattca ccaggttgga aacactcttt ttggagaatc    130080
     tgccaagggc agttgagggc ctttgaggcc catggggaaa aacaaataca gataaaaact    130140
     agaaagacgc tatctctaaa actgttttgg gatgtgtgga ttcatcccac agagttaaac    130200
     ctttctttgg tttagcaggt tggaaacact attttagata atctgtgaag ggacatcaga    130260
     gagcccactg aggcccataa aaaacaaaaa aacgaatata gccaggtaaa aaccagaaag    130320
     aagctatctg tgaaactgct ttttatgtgt ggatttatct cagagttaaa cctttctgtt    130380
     attcagcagg ttgaaagctc tttcttgaca atatttgaaa ggacatttgg aagctcattg    130440
     aggcctatgg gcaaaaactg agtatcacag ggtaaaacaa aaagcaaact atctgtgaaa    130500
     ctcctttgtc atctgtaaat tcatctcaca gagataaagt tttctgttga ttcagcatat    130560
     tgcaagcact atttttggag aatctgcaaa aggatatctg gtaacacatt gaggcccatg    130620
     gtgaaaacag aatatttcat gataacaact agaaaaaaac tatctgtgaa actgcttggt    130680
     gatgtgtgga ttcatctcac agaattaaac ctctcttttg acagccagtt ggaaacacgt    130740
     ttattggata aactgtgaaa ggccattttg gataaaattg aggcccatgg gggggaaaaa    130800
     aaaactaata tccccagtta aaaactagat aatagctatc tgggaaactg ctttgtgata    130860
     cggattcatc tcacagaggt atacctttct tttgattcgg cagattggaa acactctttt    130920
     ggagattctg cctggggaca tttttgaccc cattgaagcc catgaaagaa aaccgaatat    130980
     ccccaagtaa gaactagaga gaagctatct atgaaactgc tttgtcatgt gtggattcat    131040
     gtcaccaagt taaaactttt ttttttgatt caggaggttg gaaacactct tttttggaga    131100
     atgtgcaaag gaatattttg gatcccactg aggcccatgg ggaaaaactg aatagcctta    131160
     ggtaaaaact agaaagaagc tatctctgaa tctgctttgt gatgtataga ttcatctcac    131220
     agatttaaac atttattttg attcaacaga tcgtaaacac cctattagga gaatctgcaa    131280
     agggacattt gggagcccat tgcagcctat ggggataaac agaataaccc caggtaaaaa    131340
     ccagaaagaa gacatctgtg gcactgcctt gtcatgtgtg gattcatctc actgagttaa    131400
     atctttcttt tgatacagca ggttggaaac actctttttg gagaacatgt gaagggatat    131460
     ttgggagccc attgaggccc atgaaaaaaa aaattctaga taaaaactag gaagaggctg    131520
     tctgtgaaac tgctttgtga tgtgtggaat aatctcacag agttaaacat ttcctttgat    131580
     tcagcagtat ctgcaaagag acattttggg tcccattaag gcctttcagg aaaattctaa    131640
     tatcctcagt taaaaactag aaagacgata tctgggaaac tgctttgtga tttgtgtttt    131700
     cgtctcactg agttaagcct ttcttttgat tcaataggtt ggaaacactc tttttggaga    131760
     atctgcaaag ggacattttg gacccccatt gagacctatt gggaaaatcc taatatccac    131820
     aggtaaaaac tagaaagatg atatctggga aactactttg ggatttgcgc tttcatctca    131880
     ctgagttaag cctttctttt gattcagcag gttggaaacg cggtttttgg aaaatctgac    131940
     agtggacatt tgagagaccg ttgagaacca tggagaacaa cgtaatagcc ccaggtaaaa    132000
     gctagaaaga agctatttgt caaactgctc aatgatttct ggattcatct caaaggttta    132060
     caccattctt ttgagtcagc aggttaaaaa caatcttttt ggataatctg tgaagggaca    132120
     tttgggagcc cctttgaggc ccaatggaaa aaaaaatatg cccagataaa aactagaaag    132180
     aagctgtcta tgtaactcct ggctgatgaa gacgaatatg cccaggtaaa aactagaaag    132240
     taggtatctg ggaaagtgct ctatgatgtg tggattcatc tcagaggtaa atccttcctt    132300
     tgattcagca ggttggaaac attctatttg tagaatcagc aaagggactt ttgggagccc    132360
     attcaggcct aaaggaaaaa ttgaataccc ctacataaaa actgaaagaa gctgtctgtg    132420
     taactgcttt gtgatgtaaa gattaatgaa agagttaaac ctttcatttg attcatcagg    132480
     ttgacagaac tctttttgga aaatctgtga aggtacattc agggcccatt gtggcctatg    132540
     aggagaaagc aaatatcccc tgatgaaaat aagaaagagg ggtgcagcca agatggccaa    132600
     ataggaacag ctccactcta cagcttccac catgaccaat gcagaagatg ggtgatttct    132660
     gcatttctaa ctgaggtact gggttcatct cactgtggag tgccagacag tgggtgcagg    132720
     acagtgggtg gagcacactg tgcatgagct gaagcagggt gaggcatcac ctcacccagg    132780
     aagctcaaga ggtcagggaa ttccctttcc tagtcaaaga aatgggcaac agacggcacc    132840
     tcgaaaatca ggtcactccc acattaatac tgtgcttttc caatgggctt cagaaatggc    132900
     acgccaggag attatgtccc acacatggct cagagggttc tatgcccact gagcctcact    132960
     cattgctaga acagcagtct gagatcaaaa tgcaaggtgg cagtgaggct gggggaggga    133020
     cacccgccat tgctcaggct tgagtaggta aacaaagtgg ctgggaagct tgaactgggt    133080
     ggagcccacc acagctcaag gaggcctgcc tgcttctgta ggctccacct ctgggggcag    133140
     ggcacagaca aacaaaagac agcaataacc tctgcagact taaatgtccc tgtctgagag    133200
     tttggaagac tagtggttct cccagcacac agctggagat atgagaatgg gcaaactgcc    133260
     tcctcaagtg ggtcactgac tcctgagtag cctaactggg aggcacccat cagtacaggc    133320
     agactgacac cttaccgggc cgggtacgcc tctgagccaa aacatccaga ggaatgatta    133380
     ggcagcagca tttgcggttc accaatatcc actgttttgc agccaccact gctgacaccc    133440
     aggcaaacag ggtctggagt ggaccttgag taaactccaa cagacctgca gctgagggtc    133500
     ctgatggcta gaatgaaaac taacaaacag aaaggacatc cacaccagaa acccatctgt    133560
     acgtcaccat catcaaagac taaaggtaga taaaaccaca aagatgggga aaaaacagag    133620
     cagaaaaacg ggaaactcta aaaatcagag cacctctcgt ccttcaaagg aatgcagctc    133680
     ctcaccagca atggaacaaa gatggacaga gaatgacttt cacgaattgt gagaggaaga    133740
     cttcagaagg tcaaactacc ctgagctaaa ggaggaagtt tgaaccaatg gcaaagaagt    133800
     taaaaacttt gaaaaaaaat tagatcaatg gataactaga ataaccaatg aagaaagtcc    133860
     ttagagaacc tgatggagtt gaaaaacatg gcgcgagaac aacgtgctga atgcacaaac    133920
     ctcagtaact gatgcaatca actggaagaa agggtatcag caatggaaga tgaaatgaag    133980
     tgtgaagatc agtttagaga aaaaagaata aaaagaaatg aacaaaattt ccaaaaatat    134040
     gggactatgt gaaaagacca aatctatgtc taattggtgt acctgaaagt gacagggaga    134100
     atggaaccaa gttggaaaac attctgcagg atattatcct ggacaacttc cccaatctaa    134160
     caattcaggc caacattcaa attcaggaaa tacagagaat gccacaaaga tactcatcaa    134220
     gaagagcaac tccaagacat ataattgtca gattcaccaa agttgaaaag aaggaaaaaa    134280
     tgtaaagggc agccagagag aaaggtcggg ttacccacaa acggaaaccc atcagactaa    134340
     cagctcatct ctcagcagaa actctacaag ccagaagaga gtgggggcca atattcaata    134400
     ttcttaaaga aaagaatttt ctacccagaa tttcatatca agccaaacta tgcttcataa    134460
     gtgaagaaga aataaagtac tttacagaca agcaaatgct gagagatttt gtcaccacca    134520
     tgtctgccct aaaagaggtc ctgaaggaag cattaaatgt ggaaaggaac gaccagtagc    134580
     agccactgca aaaacatgca aattataaag accatcaagg ttaggaagaa actccatcaa    134640
     ctaactagtt aatatcataa tgacaggata aaattcacac ataacaatac taacctaaaa    134700
     tgcaaatggg ttaaatgctc aaattaaaag gcacagactg gtaaattgga taaagaatca    134760
     agacccatca gtgtgctgta ttcaggaaac ccatctcaca ggcagagaca cacataggct    134820
     caaaacaaag ggatggagga agatctacca agcaaatgga aaacaaaaaa agcaggggtt    134880
     gcaatcctag tctctgataa aacagacttt aaatgaaaca acatcaaaag aggcaaagaa    134940
     ggccattaca taatgctaaa gggatcaatt caacaagaag acctaactac cctaaatgta    135000
     tatgcaccca atatgggagc acccagattc ataaagcaag tccttagtga cctataatga    135060
     gacttagact tccacacaac aataatggga gatgttaaca ctccacttca acattagaca    135120
     gatcaacaag acagaaagct aaaaaggata tccaggaatt gaactcagct ctgcacacag    135180
     tgaacctaat agacatctac agaactctcc accccaaatc aacagaatgc acattctttt    135240
     tagcaccaca ccactctttt tccaaaattg accacatact tggaagtaaa gcactcctca    135300
     gcaaatgtaa aagaatagaa attataacaa attgtctctc agaccacagt gcaatcaaac    135360
     tagaactcag gattaagaaa ctcactcaaa tccgctcatt tacatggaaa ctgaacaacc    135420
     tgctctggaa tgactactgg gtacataacg aagtgaaggc agaaataaag atgttatttg    135480
     aaaccaatga gaacaaagaa acaacatacc agaatctctg ggacacattc agagcagtgc    135540
     gtagcgggaa atttgtaaca ctaaatgccc acaggagaaa gcaggaaaga tataaaattg    135600
     atatcctaac atcacaatta aaagaaccag agaagcaaga gcaaacatat tcaaaggcta    135660
     gcagaaggca agaaaaaact aagatcacag cagaactgaa ggaaatagag acacaaaaaa    135720
     ctctacaaaa aatcaatgaa tccaggagct ggttttctga aaagatcaac aaaattgaca    135780
     gaccactagc aagacaaata aagaagaaaa gagagaagaa tataatagaa acaataaaaa    135840
     atgacaaaga ggatatcacc accgatccca cagaaataca aactaccatc agagaatact    135900
     ataaacacct ctaatgctaa tgaactggaa aatctagaag aaatggataa attcctcgac    135960
     acatccactc tcccaagact aaaccaggaa aaaattgaat ctctgaatag atcaataaca    136020
     gactctgaaa ttgtggcaat aataaatagc ttaccaacaa aaaagaagcc caggaccaga    136080
     tggattcaca gacgaattct acagaggtac aaggaggagc tggtaccatt ccttctgaaa    136140
     ctattccaat caatagaaaa agaaggaatc ctccctaact cattttatga ggccagcatc    136200
     atcctgatac caaagcctgg cagagacaca acaaaaaaag agaattttag acccatatcc    136260
     ttgatgaaca ttgttgcaaa aatcctcaat aaaatatggc aaactggatc cagcaataca    136320
     tcaaaaagct tatccaccat gatgaagtgg gcttcatctc tcggatgcaa ggctggttca    136380
     tcatatgaaa atcaataaac ataatccagc atgtaaacag aaccaaagac aaacaacaca    136440
     tgattatctt aatagatgca gagaaggcct ttgacaaaat tcaacaacgc ttcttgttaa    136500
     aaactctcaa tatcattgtt caattcccac ctatgagtga gaatatgcgg tgtttggttt    136560
     tttgttcttg cgatagttta ctgagaatga tgatttccaa tttcatccat gtccctacaa    136620
     aggacatgaa ctcatcactt tttatggctg catagtattc catggtgtat atgtgccaca    136680
     ttttcttaat ccagtgtatc attgttggac atttgggttg gttccaagtc tttgctattg    136740
     tgaataatgt tgcaataaac atacgtgtgc ctgtgtcttt atagcagcat gatttatatt    136800
     cctttgggta tatacccagt aatgggatgg ctgggtcaaa tggtatttct agatctagat    136860
     ccatgaggaa tcgccacact gacttccaca atggttgaat tagtttacag tcccaccaac    136920
     agtgtaaaag tgttcctatt tctccacatc ctctccagca cctgttgttt cctgactttt    136980
     taatgattgc cattctaact ggtgtgagat ggtatctcat agtggttttg atttgcagga    137040
     aggggaatat cacactctgg ggactgtggt ggggtggggg gaggggggag ggatagcatt    137100
     gggaggtata actaatgcta gaagacgagt tagtgggtgc agcgcaccag catggcacat    137160
     gtatacatat gtaactaacc tgcacaatgt gcacatgtac cctaaaactt aaagtataat    137220
     aataataaaa aaaactctca ataaattagg tattgatggg atgtctttca aaataataaa    137280
     agctatctat gacaaactga cagccaaaat catactgaat ggacaaaaat tggaaacaat    137340
     ccctttgaaa gctggcaaaa gatagagatg acctctctca ccaatcctat tccacatagt    137400
     gttggaagtt ctggccagga aaatcaggta ggagaagaag gcaaagggta ttcaattagg    137460
     aaaagaggaa gtcaaattct cccttttagc agatggcatg attgtatatt tagaaaaccc    137520
     catcgtctca gcccaaagtc tccttaagct gataggcagc ttccgcaacg tatcatgata    137580
     caaaatcaat gagcaaatat cacaagaatt attatacacc aataacagaa aaacagagag    137640
     ccaaccatga atgaactccc attcacaatt tcttcaaaga taataaaata cctaggaatc    137700
     caacttacaa gggatgtgaa gaacctcttc aaggagaaat acaaaccact gctcaatgaa    137760
     ataaaagagg atacaaacaa atggaagaac attccatgct catgggtagg aagaatcaat    137820
     atcatgaaaa tggccatact gcccaaggta atttatagat tcaatgccat ccccatcaag    137880
     ctaccagtga ctttcttcac agaattggaa aaaactactt taaatttcat acagaaccaa    137940
     aaaggagccc acattgcgaa gacaatcctc agtgaaaaga acaaagctgg aggcatcaca    138000
     ctacctgact tcaaactata ctacaaggct acagtaacca aaacagcttg gtactggtac    138060
     aaaacagaga tatagaccaa tgcaacagaa cagagctttc agtaataatg ccacatatct    138120
     acaactatct gatctttgac aaacctgaca aaaagaagcc atggggaaag gattccctat    138180
     ttaataaatg gtgctgtgaa aactggctag ccatatgtag aaagctgaaa ctggatccct    138240
     tctttacacc ttatacaaaa attaattcaa gatggattaa agacttacat gttagactta    138300
     aaaccataaa aaccctagaa gaaaacctag gcattatctt tcaggatata ggcatggaca    138360
     aggacttcat gtctaaaaca ccaaaagtaa tggaaacaaa agccaaaatt gacaaatggg    138420
     atctaatgaa actaaagaac ttctgcacag caaaagacac taccatcaga gtgaacaggc    138480
     aacatacaga atacgagaaa atttttgcaa cctactcatc tcacaaaggg ctaatatcca    138540
     gaatctacaa tgaaatcaaa caaatttaca agaaaaaaaa aaaaacaacc ccatccaaaa    138600
     gtgggcagag gatatgaaca gacagttctc aaaagaagac atttaggcag ccaagaaaac    138660
     acatgaaaat atgctcatca tcactggcca tccaagaaat gcaaatcaaa accacaatga    138720
     gataccatct tacaccagtt agaatggtga ttattaaaaa gtcgggaaac aacaggtgct    138780
     ggagaggatg tggagaaata gaaacacttt tagattgttt gtggcactgt aaactagttc    138840
     aaccattgtg gaagtcagtg tggcgattcc tcagggatct agatctagaa ataccatttg    138900
     cccagccatc ccattactca ttctcagcaa tctattgcaa ggacaaaaaa cccaacagca    138960
     catgttctca ctcataagta ggaattgaac aatgagaaca catggacaca ggaaggggaa    139020
     catcacacac tggggactgt tgtgcggtag ggggaggggg gagggatagc attaggagat    139080
     atacctaatg ctaaatgatg agttaatggg tacagcacac caacatgaca catgtataca    139140
     tatgtaacaa acctgcacat tgtacacatg taccttaaaa cttaaagtat aataacaata    139200
     ataataataa taaaattgtg atggggttag acatttaaaa aaaaagaaaa taagtaagaa    139260
     gctatctgtg aaactacttt gtgatgcctg gattcctctc atagggttga acacttttgg    139320
     agaatgtgtg ataggacaat ggggagccca ccaatggcaa tgaggaaaat tcgaataacc    139380
     ccagataaaa actagaaaga agctatctgt gaaactgttc tgtggtatgt agattcacct    139440
     caaataatta aacctttctt ttgatactgc aggttggaaa cacattttct gagaatctgc    139500
     aaggggacat tttggagccc attgaggcct gtggggaaaa atatggtata cctaggtaaa    139560
     aactagaaag aacatatctg tgaaactgct ttgtgttgtg tggattcatc tcacagagtt    139620
     aaccctttct tttattcagc aggtttgaaa tactcttttt aaaggatcta tgaagaaata    139680
     ttttgaagtt aattgaggcc catggaaaaa ataaacgaat atcttcaggt aaaatctaga    139740
     aagaagctat ctgtgaaatt gctttgtgat gtatggattt gtctcacaga gttaaatctt    139800
     tctttggatt cagcagattg gaaaaactct ttttggagaa tttgtgaagg gactttttgg    139860
     agtccactga gctgttgaat aactgaatat ccccagaaaa acagtggaat ctatctgtga    139920
     aactgctttg tgatgtgtgg attcatctca cagagttaat cctttcgttt gattccgcac    139980
     gtttggagca ctccttttgg acaatctgga acaatatatt ttggtccatt gaagccaatg    140040
     aaggaaaaaa aggagtatcc ctaggcaaaa cctaaaaaga agctatctgt gaaaatgctt    140100
     tgtgatgttt ggattcatgt cccagagtta aacttttctt tttattcagc aggttggaaa    140160
     cactcttttt gaacaatctg caaagggaaa ctggggaggc catggaaacc cataaggaaa    140220
     aacagaatat taccagataa aaatcaataa aaactatctg tgaaactgct ttatgatgtg    140280
     tgaattcaac tgacagagtc aaacctttct tttgattcag caggttggaa aatctctcct    140340
     tggagaatct gtgaagggat atttgggagc acattgaagc ccacatggga aaacagaata    140400
     tacccgaata aaaagtagaa agaaactatt ttttgaaact gtttttgtgt tgtatgaatt    140460
     cactttacat agttaaacca ttcttttata cagacggttg gaaaaatctt tttgaagaat    140520
     ttgcaaagtg acatttggga gccaattgag gtccatgtgg aaaaacctga tagcccaaga    140580
     taaaaacaag atggaagcta tctattataa ggggaaacca gcccccaatg tttcaatgta    140640
     gatttttttc tattttcccc aagtgtagtc tggcctgaga aataaaggga aagagtacag    140700
     aagagagaaa ttttaaagat gggtgtccgg gggagacatc atatgtcagc aggttctgtg    140760
     atgtacccca agccacaaaa cctgcaagtt ttattagtga ttttcaaagg ggagagagag    140820
     catgaaaggg tttgggtcat agatatcaca tacttcacaa ggaaataaaa tatggcaagg    140880
     caaatggggg cagagtgaga tcacaggact gtggtgaaat caaaattgct aatggagttt    140940
     catgtcccac taagcataca ttgtcattga taacatctta tcaggagaca gtgtttgaga    141000
     gcagacaacc agtctgacta aaatttacta ggcagtaact tcctcatttt aataggcctg    141060
     ggagcacaat gggaggccag ggcttatttc atccattacc tgcaatccta taagacagaa    141120
     actcccagac cggccatttt agagacatat ccctgggaat gcattccctt tctcagggct    141180
     gttgcttgct gagaaaaata actcagcaat atttctccta ttcacttttg taagaggaga    141240
     aatatggctg ttccacccag ctcccagtcc gtcagaccta atggttttct cccttgttcc    141300
     ctgaacatca ctgttatcct gttcttttta caaagtgccc agatttcata ttgtttaaac    141360
     acacatgctc tacaaacaat ttgtgcagtt aatgcaatca tcacagtgtc ctgaggcaat    141420
     gtacctcctc agcttagaaa gatgacaggg ttaaaagatt aaagtaaaga caggcatagg    141480
     aaatcacaag agtattgatt ggggaagtga taaatgtcca tgaaatcttc acaatttatg    141540
     ttcagaggtt gccctaaaga cagacataag aaattataaa agtattaatt tggggaaata    141600
     ataaatgtcc atgaaatctt cacaatttat gttcttctgc catggtttca gccggtccct    141660
     ccaactgggg tccctgactt cccgcagcat ctctcccttt cttttatata aatgtgccat    141720
     ggtgttaaag gcttgtttgt tctctcaatt ttgaggcagg agtctttgac tgttccagca    141780
     cactaaagac aagcttatta aacagaaaaa cataattcca aaatttacta cagtgaagcc    141840
     cccacagact taattcaagt tgtgaggttt agcccggaaa gattttctgc cacctgatct    141900
     aatgccccag ctgcaggcac aatggacaaa tgagattgag agatttcaaa aatttgtttc    141960
     tttaatttac ttatgtccag tgataaatta tcttcctgac ctagaaggtg tcctttgacc    142020
     acttctcatg aatgatctat ctcattgtag gaatacagag tagtacagaa atcagaactg    142080
     ttccaattgc actgcaattg cgtgtgatgt tcgagactca ctacctgatc tccaagcaaa    142140
     taacagactg tcttaaatca ttaatttgat tagccaattt ttgatcaatg ccttgttgag    142200
     aattccacat ttgggtggaa ttggcttgcc aatcattaaa aaaatcagct gtttgaatag    142260
     attgatgtaa caccattccg gcagtggtca ccagtgcagt gactaattag gcccatgatt    142320
     actgtgatta acgtgaaaac aaatctctta gatcttttta gaattcgttg taacaattca    142380
     ttaattaaat gtattgaggg ggaagattcc caaggtctgg gcaaaattat tggaatacag    142440
     attccttctt gagttctaac cacaatacac ttttcgtgga gtgaaaatgg gggttaatgc    142500
     aagtgtataa tgacagatga tgcattgaac agtttgattg ttcgttcaaa ttttgatatt    142560
     tcccactaac agcatgtaag gaggcttaac atatctctgt atgggaacag tcgggttaga    142620
     ggtaagtaaa acatactgtc tggatctaag tcaatactga gagagaggga tggtagtggg    142680
     gacaacagac agaatagttt cccctttcca tgctcacagt ccagacatgg caatcgccaa    142740
     ttttcaaagt tctgggtatt ctgagctcag gatggggaat attatatgct gcctcaatgg    142800
     ggtggggtaa tgctttcatc ttcccatttc aagggaaaga atgagctcaa cctcctatgt    142860
     aaagtaaaat gatgattctc gttctccaga taagaaataa aataagcagc ctccaggcat    142920
     tcccttccac cagaggagca acagatttta aataaccctt tggtgcccag tctattacta    142980
     aaccatatga gtcattttaa atgttactgc atgcgagtta acactgtctt ccaaaattaa    143040
     ggttttacat gagccatcaa aatttttagg gcatggtttt cctgcaggtt tatattgaaa    143100
     gtatggggta tctcccatta ctccctcttt catttccttt aaagaagaaa gggagaggcc    143160
     agagaccaaa tgtcccagtt cctctgtggc tgatctctct ggaagacaag tagcccagaa    143220
     ttgagtttct agatggatac aatcaggtgc atgttggagg cacagaggtg ggtatttata    143280
     acccatgata acattaaata cagtgccttc ttcccctggt tgagtggagc aattgtcatc    143340
     tgtagctgca gtcatccaca cactatcatt agtgtagatt tctgcaggag catccgtcca    143400
     ggtgagaggt caaacaagtg gaggaaaagg cacataagcc cagtaagaat aattttgtgt    143460
     agcaggtaaa tcagtgtgtg aggaaactag tgagacagaa agtataaggg ggagaatgat    143520
     tcagtaaaac ctactgtaag caagatttag tgctgaagga ggaagaaaag aacagaggga    143580
     tgttattttt aggccaacag aaatggtaag atttttaggt ttgtaaggag aaaaataaag    143640
     gtaattcgaa gtgtaattag ttagatgggt ctccgttgtc attgggggga ttgaatcaga    143700
     cccattgtga tttagtgtgc cagcttctaa ggagttgaca cagatcttac cacatctaag    143760
     tgtggtctct gacattgacg tcttttccct gtggttttcg tttgatgatc tcctggtgaa    143820
     acacaagcat atcctctttc ccacgttaaa tggaatcaga gacaatattt aaaggcttgg    143880
     ggaaatccta taagacaaca attacagcaa ttaactctgc ctctcgagta gtggtataag    143940
     gggtagaaat aagcttgtct gtaggaccta tataaccagc atttgcattg ctggagccat    144000
     tagtgaacac tgtgatggcc ccaggaatgg gctgattttt gcttaatcaa gggaccactg    144060
     aagacgtaag ttttataaaa tcaaacaatt tgttctttgg ataatgattg tcaataatac    144120
     caatgaaatc aaccaagtga attttccaca gaatggaatg ttgaaaggtg gcttgaactt    144180
     taaaccagtt taaaggaact acaattaaat ttggatcaaa tctggaaatt ttaagtattt    144240
     tataccatgt ctatccaatt ggattggcca actgatttgt gatgtatcga ttaatctcac    144300
     agagctaaat ctttgttttg attcagtagg ttggaaacac tccttttgga gaatctgtga    144360
     atttatattt gggaccccat tgaggccttt gggggaaaac caaatattcc caggtaaaaa    144420
     tcagaaaaaa aagtatatgt gaaactgatt tctgatgtgt ggattcatct tacagagata    144480
     aaactttcct ttaatacagc aagttggaaa caatcttttt tgagcatctg caaaggacat    144540
     tttgatgccc cttgaggcac atggagaaaa actgaatatc tccaggcaaa aactagaaac    144600
     aatatatcgg ttaaactgct ttgtgatgtg tgggttcatc tcacagtgtt gaatatttct    144660
     tttgtttcag caggttgcaa acactctttt tggacaatct accaacaaac atttggtagc    144720
     ccattgtggc ccatgggaaa aaagaaatat ccccatgtac aaataagaag ctatctgtga    144780
     aactgctttg tgctgggtgg attcatctca cagagttata tttttctttt gattcagcag    144840
     gcttcaatac tctttggaaa atctggaagg gacatttgag agttcattga ggcccactgg    144900
     gaaaaaaaca aaaatctcaa gtaaaaacta gaaagaagct atctgtgaaa ctgctttgca    144960
     atgtatggat tcatctcaga gaattaaacc tttcttttga ttcagcaggt tggaaaaact    145020
     ctttttggag aatctgtgaa gggactgttg ggaacccatt gaggcccaca gggaaaaacc    145080
     cagtaaactt gtgtaaaaaa cagaaaaaaa tctgtgaaat tgctttttga agtgaggatt    145140
     aaactcacag agttaaacat tacttttgat tcatcaggtt ggaaacactt ttttttggag    145200
     aatctgcaaa gggacatttt ggatcccatt gaggcccatg ggaaaaaaaa cggaatacat    145260
     ttagatcaaa actagaaaca agctatccgg aaaaatgctt tgcaatgtgt ggattcatct    145320
     aaaagctttg aaccttgttt tgatgcagca ggttagaaac actctttttg gtgaatctgc    145380
     aactggacat ttggtagccc attgaggccc atgaggaaaa actgaataac tgcatgtaaa    145440
     acctagaaag tagctatctg tgaaacagct ttgggaagtc ccgatttatc tcacagagtt    145500
     caatgttttt tttttttttt tgatttacca ggtgggaaag actcttcttt aagaatgcct    145560
     gaagagacat ttatttggca gttcatcaag gcccaggggg gaaaattcaa tatccccaga    145620
     aaaatactag aaagaagcta tatgtgaaac tgctttgtga gctgtggatt catctcatag    145680
     tgttatattt ctcttttgat acagcacttt ggaaacactt tttttggaga atctgtgaag    145740
     ggaaatttgg gagcccattg aggcctatgg ggaaaaatta aatatttcac agtaaaaact    145800
     agaaagatgc tctctgtgaa actgctttgt gatgtgtaga ttcatctcac agtgttaacc    145860
     ctttcttttg attcagtaga ttggaaacac cctttttgga gaaactgcaa agggacattt    145920
     ggaagcccag tgggacccat gcaaaaaaac tgaatatttc ctgtaaaacc cacaaataag    145980
     ctatctgtaa aactggtttg tgatgtatgg atttatctca cagagttaaa tctttctttt    146040
     gattcagcag gttcaagaca ctttttttgg agaatctcca aagggacatt caagaaccca    146100
     ttgaggccca tggaaaattt caaatattct tagattaaaa ctagaaacag gctatgtgta    146160
     aaacttcttt gcaatttgtg gattcatctc aaaggtttga acgttttttt cctattcagc    146220
     aggttagaaa cactcttttt gatgaatatg caaagggaca tttgggagcc aagtgaggcc    146280
     catgaggaaa aacagaatat ccacagacaa aaactaggaa gaaggttact gtaaaactgc    146340
     tttgtgattg cggattcatc tcaaatgaat aaacctttcc ttttattcag catgtagaat    146400
     ctgagaaggg acattttgaa acctattgat gctctatcaa agaaactgaa tatttccaga    146460
     caaaaactag aaagatgcta tctgtgaaat gcctttgaga tgtatggatt catctcacag    146520
     agttaaacct ttcttttgat tcagcaggtt ggaaacactc ctcttggaaa atttacaaag    146580
     ataaattttg gaaaccattg aggcccatgg ggaaaaaact aaatatctca gggtaaaaac    146640
     tagaatatat ccgtgaaact gctttgtgat gcatggattc acctcacaaa gtgaaatctt    146700
     tcttttgatt cagtatcttg gaaatactct ttttggagaa tctgccaggg catatttgtg    146760
     agcccattga ggcatatcag aaaaaaacga atatccccaa gtaaaattag aaagaagctc    146820
     tctgtgaaac tgctttgtga tgtgtggatt catctgacaa acttaaacct tccttttgtt    146880
     acaacaggtt gaaacactct ttttggagaa taggtgaagg gacattttgg acctcattgt    146940
     gggctatggg gaaaaaacag aatgtcccca ggaaaaaact atatagaaac tatgtgtgaa    147000
     actgctcagt gtcatatgca ttcatctcac agagttaaac gtttctttta attcagcagt    147060
     tgaaaaaact ctttaggaag aatcttcaag gtgatatttg ggagcccatt gaggcccatg    147120
     gggaaaaaca gaatatctct tgataaaaac tagaaaaatg ctgtccataa aactgctttg    147180
     tgatgtgtgg gttcatctca cggagtttaa cccttttttt atttctgctg gatggaaaca    147240
     ctgtttttgt agaatctgct aaggcataat tgggagtcca ttgatgctca tgaaaaaaat    147300
     tatccccaaa taaaactaga aaaaagctac ctgtgatact gctttgtgat gtgtggattc    147360
     atctcacaga gttaaatatt tctttatatt cagtaggttg aaaacactct ttagaagaat    147420
     cagtgaaagg acatttggga gcccactgtg gcccatggga aaatatggaa tatccccaga    147480
     taaaaaatag aaagaagcta gctgtctgtg aaacactttg tgttgtctgg attcatctca    147540
     tagaggtaaa cttttctttt tattcagcca gttggaacaa ctctttttgg agaatctgcc    147600
     aggggacttt tgacagccag ttgtggccca tgcaaaaaaa ctgaatatcc ccagaaaaaa    147660
     aaaaaaaaac tagaaagaag ctatctgtga aactgctttg tgatgcctgt attcatctca    147720
     cagagttaaa cattgctttt gattcagcag gttggaaact ccctttttgg agaatctgcc    147780
     aaaaaatatt tgggatctcg gtgaagccca tgggagtgga atgttccttg gtgaaaacta    147840
     gaaagaaaat gtccatgaaa cagctatgtg atttatggat tcatctcaca gagttaaccc    147900
     tttctttagt ttcagcagtt tggaaacact tcttttggag gatttgtgaa gtgacattca    147960
     ggagcccatt gaggacaatg agaaaaaaaa aaagaaaagg aatatcccct agtaacatct    148020
     agaaagatgc tatctgtata acagccttgt attttgtgga ttcatctcac agaggcaaac    148080
     gtttcctttg attcagcagg ttaaagacac tctccttgga gaatctctga agggacattt    148140
     gggagcccat tgaggtctgt aagaaaaaaa aaaaaatctc caggtaaaaa ctagaaggaa    148200
     gctatctgtg aaattgcttt gtgatgtgtg gattcatcta agagaggtaa acgtttcctt    148260
     tgattcagca ggttggaaac tgtctttctg gaagatctgc aaaggaaatt tgtgatctca    148320
     gtgagtccca aggggaaaaa atacatatcc ccagataaaa actagaaaga agctatctgt    148380
     gaaactgcct tgtgacttgt ggattcatct cacagagtta aacctttctt ttgattcaac    148440
     agcttggaaa cattcttatt ggagaatcta caaagggaca tttgggagtt cattgaggtc    148500
     tatggggaaa aaacaaataa tcccaggtaa aaactagaaa gaagctatct gtgaaactgc    148560
     tttgtgatgt gtggattcat ctcacagagt ttaaatattc ttttgattca gcaggttgaa    148620
     aactctcttt ctggagtatg tgtgaagggt catttgggat ctctttgagg cataggcaga    148680
     aaaaaacaaa tatccttaga taaaaactgg aaaggagcta tctgtgagac tgctttgtga    148740
     tgtttggatt caactcacag tggtaaacct ttcttatgat gcagcaggtt ggaaacactc    148800
     tttttagaga atctgctaag ggacatttgg gagcctattg aggcctaggg aaaaaatcaa    148860
     atacccagaa taaatactgg gaagaagctg catgtgaaac tgctttctga tgtgtggatt    148920
     cttctcacag ggttaaactt tcttagattc agcaggttca aaacattctt tttggacaat    148980
     ctgcaaaggg actctaggaa gccttttgag gtccatggag atacaccaaa tatctcctga    149040
     taaaaactcg aaataggcta tctgtgaaac tgctttgtga tatgtgggtt caacttacag    149100
     agttaaacga ttcttttgat tcaacaggat ggaaacactc ttcctggaga cctacaaagg    149160
     gatatttggg agtccattga tgccaaaggg ttaaaaacaa aatatccaca ggcaaaaact    149220
     agaaagaagc tatttgtgca actgcttggt gatgtgtggt ttcatctcac agagttaaac    149280
     gttttgtttt gattcagcag gttggaaaca cattttggga gaatctacaa agggacattt    149340
     gggagaccac tgtggcctag gggaataaca gaatatcccc aggtaaaaac tagaaagaag    149400
     ctatctgggg aactgttttg tgttgtgtgc attcatctca caaaggtaaa cttttctttt    149460
     gattcagcgg gttgcaatca ctctttctgg tgaatctgca aagggacatt tgtgatcccc    149520
     ttcatgcata tgaagagaaa ggaatatttc cagacaaaaa ttaggaagaa gatatctgtg    149580
     aaaatgctct gtgttgcaag gattcatctc acagggttaa acctttcttt tgattcagca    149640
     ggttgaaaac actctttttg gagaatctgc aggagacatt tgggagccca tggaggctcc    149700
     tgtggaaaac ctgaatattt ccaggtaaaa actagagaga ggctttctgt gtaactgctt    149760
     tgtgatatgt ggattcatat cacagattca aacgtttctt ttgattccac cggttggaaa    149820
     aactgttttt gtagaatgtc tgaaccaaca tttgggagcc cattttagcc caagggaaca    149880
     aatcaaatat tcccagataa aaaatataaa gaagctatcc gtgaaactgc tttgtgatgt    149940
     gtggattcat cttacagtga taaaccttcc tttgattcag cacgttggaa actttttttt    150000
     aagaatctgt gagaggatat ttgtaaaccc attgaggtct atgcagaata actgaatatc    150060
     cccaggtaaa aagtagaaag aagctatctg tgaaactact ttgtgatgtc tcaattaatc    150120
     tcactgagat aaacctttct tttgatttta aaggttggaa acactcattt tggaaaattt    150180
     gccaagagac atttgagatc ctattgagac caatgtggaa aaacagaata cctccaggga    150240
     aaaactagaa agaagctatc tgtgaaactg ctttgtgatg tgtggattga tctcacagtg    150300
     atgaaacttt cttttgactc agcagtttgg aaacattctt tttggagaat ctgcataggg    150360
     acatttggga gccaattgtg gactaaggga aaaaacaaat atccctaggg gaaaactgga    150420
     aagaagctat ctgggaaact gcttttggat gtgtgcattc atctcccata gttaaacctt    150480
     tttttttttt tttcatttca caggttgcaa tcagtctttt tgtaaaatct gtgaagggac    150540
     attttggatc ccattcaggc ctatgaagaa aatggaatac atccagatga aaactagaaa    150600
     gaatctatct gtgaaactac tctgtgatgc atgagttagt attgcagaga caaacttttc    150660
     ttttgaatca gcaggttgga aatacccttt ttctagaagc tgcaaaggga catttgggag    150720
     accactgcag ccatgttaaa taaatgaata tggccaagta aaaactaaaa agaagcaatg    150780
     tgtgaaactg ctttttgata tgtgcgttca tctcaaagag ttaaaccttt cttttgattc    150840
     agcagattgg aaacactctt tttgggcagt ctgtgaaagg tcatttggaa ggcccttgag    150900
     gcctatgaag aaaaacctaa tatcctcagg taaaaactag aaataaacta tctgtgaaac    150960
     tgctttgtga tgtgtggatt catctcacag agctaaactt tccttttgat tcagcaggtt    151020
     ggaaacactc cttttggaga atctgcagag ggacatttgg gagcccaatg aagcacatag    151080
     gaaaaaatat ccacaggtaa aattaaagag aagctatctg tgtaactgct ttatgatgtg    151140
     tggattcatc tcacagagat aggccattct tttcattcag caattggaaa gagtctcttt    151200
     gttgaatatg caaagggaca tttgggatct cattgaggac tatggtgaaa aagcaaatat    151260
     caccagataa aaactagaaa gaagcaatct gtgaaactgc tttgtgaaat gtgcattcac    151320
     ctcactgagt taaacctttt gtttgtttgt ttttgattaa gcaggttgga aatgctcttt    151380
     tgggggttct gcaaagaaac ttttgggagc ccattgaggc caatgtgaaa agtacaacat    151440
     ctcaatgtaa aacctagaaa gaagctatat gtataacagc tttgtagttt ttggattcac    151500
     ctcacagagt taaacgtttc cctttattca gcaggttgga aacacttttt tggtagaatc    151560
     tcaaaaggac gttttggagc caattgagac caataaaaaa acattcccag ttaaaaacta    151620
     gaaagaagct atctatgaaa ctgctttgtg atatgtggat tcatctcaca gagttaaacc    151680
     tttattttga ttcagtaggt tggaaactct ctttgtgaag aatgtgctgg gggacatttg    151740
     ggagcccttt ggggcctatg gaaagtaact gaatattgcc agaaaaagaa agaatctatc    151800
     tgtgaaattt ctttttgatg tgtgggttca tctcacagag ttaaaacttt cttttgattc    151860
     agcagttgaa agcagtcttt ctggagaatc agtgaaggga cgttttggag cccattgctt    151920
     cccatgtgga aataaggagt acccccagta aaatactaga aggagtaccc ccagtaaaat    151980
     actagaaaga aactatctgt gaaactgctt tttgatgtgt ggattatctc acagagttaa    152040
     acttttcttt tgattcagca ggttgaaatc actgtttttg aagaatatac aaagagagag    152100
     ttgggagccc attgaggctc aagaataaaa ctgaatgtat ccaggtaaaa actggaaaga    152160
     agctatctgt ataacagctt tgtagtttgt tgattcatct cgcagtgtta aatgtttcct    152220
     ttgattcagg aagttggaaa cactctggag gatctgtgaa gggatatttg ggagccgttt    152280
     cagacctata aggagaaaaa aaaaaaacag tatttccagg taaaatttga aagaaacttc    152340
     ctgtgaagat tttttttttg tgacattagg attcattgca cagaattaaa cacttctgat    152400
     ccagcaggtt ggaaaaactc ttttgggaga atctgcaaaa ggacatttgg gagaccattg    152460
     tggcccatgg ggataaattg aatgtcacca tgtaaaaact aaaaagaagc tatctgtgta    152520
     ctgctttgta atatgtggtt tcatctcaca gaattaaata tttcttttga ttgagcaggt    152580
     tggaaacact ctttttgggg aatgtgcaat ggaacacttg gaagctcatc taggcctgtg    152640
     gggtccaaat gaatatgtcc cattagagga ctagaaagta gctgtctgtg aaactgcttt    152700
     gtgatgtgca gactcatctc acagtgttaa accttacttt gatacagcag gttggaaaca    152760
     ttctttttgg agaatcagtg aagggacatt ttggagtcct ttgaggccta tggggaaaaa    152820
     ctgaatatct tcagaaaaaa aaaaactgga aagaagctat ctgtgaaact gctttgtgat    152880
     gtgtggattc atctaaatag ttaaatcttc cttttgattc ataggattgg aaacaatctt    152940
     tttggaggat ctgtgaagca acatttggta gcccattgag gcctaggtga aaaactacgt    153000
     atccccagat aaaaattgga aaagaaatgt aggtgaaact gctttgtgat gtacagattg    153060
     atctcacaga gttaaacctt tcttttgatt cagcagttaa aaaacactgt atttggagaa    153120
     tctgtgatgg gatatttgaa agcccattga agcctagagt aaaagcaaaa tatccccata    153180
     tcaaaattgg aaagaagcta tatatgaaac tgtgttgtga tgtgtggatt catctcacag    153240
     aggtaaacct ttctttaact ctgcaagttg aaaacactct ttcgggagac ctgtgagggg    153300
     acatttggga acgctttgag gcttaagata aataatcgaa tatccgcaga tataagctag    153360
     aaagaatcta cctgtgaaat tgctttatgt tgtgtggatt catctcacag tgttaaattt    153420
     tgctttgatt cagtaggtgg gaaacattat ttttggagaa tctgcaaagg aacattttgg    153480
     agacttttga ggccaatggg gaaaaacaga atatccccag gaaaaaacta gaaagaagct    153540
     gtctgtgaaa ctgctttgtg atgtctggat tcatctcaca gaattaaata tttcttttga    153600
     ttcagcaggt tggacaccca ttttttggaa aattcccaaa gggacatttg gaagaccatt    153660
     gaggccaaca gggaaaaact gaatatctgt aggtaaaaac tagaaagaag ttatctgtga    153720
     aactgcttta tgatgtgtgg attcatctca cagagtgaaa catttctttt gattcaaaag    153780
     attggaaatg ctctttttga gcaatctgtg aagggaaaaa ctgcatatcc ttaggtaaaa    153840
     actagaaaga aagtatctgt gaaactgcct tatttgatgt ggattcattt cacagagtta    153900
     aacatttctt ttgattcagg atgttggaat catgctttcc ggagaatctg tgaaaagaca    153960
     tttgggagcc catagaggcc tataaggaaa accccaatgc ctccccaaac ctagaaataa    154020
     tatatctgtg aaactgcttt gtgatgtgtg gagtcatctt gcagagttag acgtttcttc    154080
     tgattcagca ggttggaagc agtttttttt ggagaatgtg taaaagaaaa tttggaagca    154140
     cagtgagacc catggggaaa aacaaaatat acccaggtaa caactagaaa gaagctatca    154200
     gtatgactgc tttgtgatgt gtgcttcatt tctcagtgtt aaacgtttct ttcaattcag    154260
     caatttggaa acactctttt tgagaatctg agaagagact ttgggaaccc attgaagatt    154320
     atggggaaaa acacaatatc cccaggtaaa aaatagaaaa aagctatcaa agaacctgct    154380
     ttgtgatgtg tggattcatc tcacagagat aaacatttct tttgagtcag caggtaaaag    154440
     acactctttc tggagaatct acaatggaac attcgggagc ccattgaatc ttatggggaa    154500
     aaactgaata tccctaggta aatactagga agaatatctg taaaactact ttgtgatgtg    154560
     tggattcatt taacagaggt aaaacgtcct ttctattcag caggttggaa acactctttt    154620
     tgggaaatct gtttagggac atttggaacc ccattgaagc ctagaggaaa aactgaatat    154680
     cacagataaa aattggaaat aagatgtatg agaaacggct tcatgaggtg tggatcatct    154740
     cacagagtta aatctttctt ttgattcagc aggttggaaa catgtttttt ggagaatcta    154800
     cgaagggata tttgggagct cattcaggcc catggagaaa aacaaaatat ccccaggcaa    154860
     aaactcgaag gaaggtatct atgaaactgc tttgtgatgt gtggattcat ctaacagagt    154920
     taaaactttc ttttgattca gcaggatgga aacactcttt ttggggaatc cacaaaggga    154980
     cacttaggag ccctaggggc ccatgtggaa aaacagaatg tacccaggta gaaacaaaac    155040
     aagctgtctg tcaaacaacc ttgtgatatg tggattcatc tcacagagtt aaaactttct    155100
     ttggattcag caggttggaa acactctttt tggagtatct gtgaagggac atttggaagt    155160
     ccattgaggc caatggggaa aaatggaata tccaatgata aaaactagaa agaagctgtc    155220
     tgtgaaactg ctttgtgatt tgcagattca gcaaacagag ttaatccttt cttttgattg    155280
     gacaggttga aaacactttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttggagaatc tgtgaagcga    155340
     cattttagat cccattaaag atcatgggga aagtcagaat gttctcaggt aaaaacttga    155400
     aagaagctat gtgtgaaact gctttgtgat ttgtggattc atctcagaat taaacctttc    155460
     ttttgattca gcaagttaga aaatctcagc caggtggggt ggctcatgcc tctaatccca    155520
     ggactttggg aggctgaggc aggtggatca caaggtcagg agatcgacac agtcctggat    155580
     aacatggtga caccccatct ctaataaaaa tacaaaaatt ttagccagaa atagtggtgg    155640
     gtgcctgtag tcccagctac ttgggagtct gaggcaggag aatggcatgt aaccaggagg    155700
     tggagcttgc agtgagtggg aaattgcacc actgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagcaag    155760
     actccacctc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaatgt cttgttggag tatatgcaaa    155820
     gggatattta ggagcccatt gaggcccatg tggaaaaact gaatattccc aggtaaaaac    155880
     aagaaaaaag ctgtctgtga aactcatttg tgatgtgtag attcatctca cagggttaaa    155940
     agtttccttt gattcagcag tttggaaaca ctctttttta gagattctgc taagggatat    156000
     ttgtgagccc attgaagcct atggggaaaa tccaaaaatc cctaggtaaa aaactagaaa    156060
     gaaggtatct gtgaaactgc tttgccatgt gtggattcat ctcatagaga taaacctgtt    156120
     ttttgactca gcaggttgaa acactcttta tggaggatct gcaaagggac gtttggaagc    156180
     ccattgaggc caatgtgaaa aaccaaatat tgtcaggtaa aaaccagaaa gaagctatct    156240
     gtaaaactac tttgtggttt gtcgattctt ctcacagagt taggcgtttt ctttgattca    156300
     acaggttgga aaaaatcttt ttggaaaatt tgcaaaggga catttggagc ccattgaggc    156360
     atacagggaa aaacccaata tccccaggta aaaactagaa aaaactttct atgaaacttc    156420
     tttatgatgt gtggattcat cttactgaat taaacgtttc tttagattta gcaagttgga    156480
     aaccctcttt ttggagaatc tgcaaaggga tttttgggag cccattgagg cccatgagaa    156540
     gaaactgaat ttccacagga aaaactagaa agaatctgtg caacagcttt gtgatgtgtg    156600
     gattcatctc atagagtcaa atctttcttt cgattcagca ggttaaaaac actgtttttg    156660
     gagaatctat gaagggattt ttggcagccc attaaggtct actgagaaaa aaacaaatat    156720
     cctcaggtaa aaactagaaa gaagctatct gtgaaactgc ttttgttcat gtgtggattt    156780
     atctcacaga gttaaacctt tctttggatt cagcagatta aaaacactct ttttggagaa    156840
     tctgcatagg gacatttggg agtccattca ggcctatgtg gaaaaaccca acatccccag    156900
     caaaaaatta gaaagaaact gtctgtgaaa ttgctttctg atgtgtggat ttgtctcaca    156960
     aagttaaaac tttcttttga tttatctggt tggaaatgtg ggaaagagag tttctggggt    157020
     gccagttgtg ttggtcttcc ctgtgtgaga cacccatgga aagccatggg tggcctctga    157080
     ggaaaaacgt ctccttatta ccttcaggtt tttatgcctc tagagcataa ccactcagca    157140
     gcattccaca gttttctcag ggagataata ctcccttgaa gcagtggagt atagtcaaac    157200
     atctgggctt ctcctaaaac ctgctcccac ctgtttcagt cccaataagt taaagatctt    157260
     aagtagttta gacacactcc tctccacaag gaaatacata gaaatcacca ctgctgtagt    157320
     cttatcaaat gactcacaag atctccttca ctgattaatc cttttcttca ttccttgctc    157380
     cccctctcat ctgctgtaag aacagcctgt atatcaatag attgtgtgga gcctgagagc    157440
     tctgggctgt gagcaaacct tcaatgctcc agtcccctag acccacattt taaacactta    157500
     ttctgtctaa ctcttttttc tccaccagag tcagtgtacc cactgggtag tgcggggctg    157560
     gtttccccaa tatctggcac ccaacgcagg tatccctgta atatctacaa ataatccagt    157620
     gaagaaatgc cagagcatgg aaagtggagc gtgactgaca aaggacaccc acgtacgttt    157680
     ttacttcagg atctatggag aattccatgg taacctcagg aaaatatgga tcaggctgaa    157740
     agtaagttta ctaattactt aagcctggtg ccacagttat tgtgtcacag tgggacaatt    157800
     gtgagtacct gaaatctcac atctttgttc catctcatag aagagtattc tccttggttc    157860
     ccagaatatg gcaccaggaa tataaaagat tggtataagg ttggttcaga cttaaaacca    157920
     gcacagcaag agagccacaa cattcctttc tccacttggt ctgtgtggtt ggcaactaaa    157980
     acagcactga agtgcttcct cactgaggag gaaggagtag gagtttcagg atgacgtaga    158040
     aaagtttaat aatcagaagt ctgatgatca gcaaagtgaa ccatcacagt ctaggtttaa    158100
     aaagggggag aaatgggaag ctatatatgc taacctccaa aaaattaaga aaggaacagt    158160
     tccaactact gcagaaacag taccacctac tgtgccttta agggaaggcc tggaatggcc    158220
     acccctgcct cagccttatg aatttttgga aagggagcct gagatgtggc ttactactct    158280
     aaatgttgca tgtcccacca ttaactatgg tgaagggaag cttcaggctt gcccaacagc    158340
     caattacagt gagagaatga tcgcggcttg tccaccagtt aattatggta aaggaatgct    158400
     ccaagccaac ccaaatacaa attatgattc agggaggagg ccagagaaca tgctcaagca    158460
     cactgggagc tgtttcctct taaaatatta aaagacttaa agcaatcaat tggacaatat    158520
     ggaccaaatt ctcctatgtt cattccttat tacaatctgt ggcttataac caacatttaa    158580
     tatggattag aagtcattag cctgatcaac cctgtccctc tctcaatttc tgtaatttaa    158640
     aacctggtgg atggatgaag caacaaatca ggcatgcaga aatgctcaag cctaacctcc    158700
     cattaatatc acatctgatc aattgcttgg aattggacag gcatgaggta ctggaaatca    158760
     accaatggta atgggtgttg aagctgttga tcatctcaga aatatatgcc taagagcctc    158820
     gaaaaagttc atgaccctgg tactacttac ccttcttcta actcagttca acaggctcca    158880
     agagagcttt atccagattt tgtcaccctt ttgcaagaca cagctcaaaa ggccactttg    158940
     gattatcaag tcaagaaagt gatccgtgaa ggaaaatttt ggagtctgct gaaacctatg    159000
     gggaaaaaca ttatattcat aggtaaaaac tagaaagaag ctatccgtgg aactgtttta    159060
     tgatgtgtgg attcacctca cagagataaa actttctttt gattcagcag gtttgaaaca    159120
     ctctttttgg agaatctgca atgaaacatt tgagagtgca ctgaggccta tgaggaaaaa    159180
     ctgaatatct ccagaaaaaa actagaaagt agctatctgt gaaactgcct tgtgatatcg    159240
     gggtttatct cacagggtta aagctgcctt ttgattcaga agttagaaac actgtttttg    159300
     gaaaatctgc aaaaagacat ttggaaggcc attgaagcct ctgggaaaaa aaacaaatat    159360
     cttcagaaaa aaactagaat ctctctgtaa aactactttc tgatgtgtag attcatctaa    159420
     cagagttaaa cctttctttt cattcagcag gttgtaaaca ctctttttgt ggaatctgca    159480
     aaggcacata ttggagctca ctgaagcata agtgaaaaac aaagtatcct cagatagaaa    159540
     ctagaaagaa gctatctgtg aaactgcttt gtaatatttg gattgatctc aaagagttaa    159600
     accttccttt tgattcagta agttgtaaac actcttttta atgaatctcc aaagggactt    159660
     tttgagccca ttgagtcctt ggggagaaac tgaatatccc caggtgaaaa ttataaagaa    159720
     gctatctgtg aaactgcttt ctgatatttg gattcatgtc acagaattaa aatttccttt    159780
     ttattcagca ggttgggaac actgtttttg gagaatctgt gaaggcatat ttgggagacc    159840
     tttgagtttt atgcagaaaa acataatttc aagagataaa aactagaaag aagctatttg    159900
     tgaaactgtt ttgtgacttg tggattcatt ccacagagtt aaagctttct gttgattcag    159960
     caggttgaaa accctctttt aggagaatgt gcaataaaac atttgggagc cctttgaggc    160020
     atatggggag aaacgaaaca tctccattta aaaactagaa agaagtgagg gagtgatcca    160080
     agatggccga ataggaacag gtccagtcta cagttcccag agtgacacag aagacaggta    160140
     atatctacat ttccatctga ggtactgggt tcatctctct ggggcctttt ggacagtggg    160200
     tgcagcccat ggagtgtgag ctgaagaagg gtgggacatt gcctcacctg ggaagcacag    160260
     ggggtcgcaa aattcccttt cctagccaag ggaagacatg acagatggta ctgaaaaatc    160320
     aggacactcc catcctaata ctgcactttt ccaacagtct tagcaaatgg cacaacagga    160380
     aattacattc cattcctggc tcagagggtc tgacacccac agagctttgc tcactgctaa    160440
     cacagcagtc caagatcaag ctgcaaggca actgcaaggc tgagggagtg gtatacacca    160500
     ttgctgaggc ttcagtaggt aaacaaagca gctgggaact tcaaactggg tggggcccat    160560
     cacagctcaa tgaggcctgc ctgctactgt ggactccacc actgggggca ggatatagct    160620
     gaacaaaagg cagcagaaac ttctgcagac ataagtccct gtgtgacagc cttgaagaga    160680
     gtagtggttc ttccagcatg aagtttggga tctgagaatg gacagactac ctcctcaagt    160740
     cattccctga cccccaagta gcctaactga gagacaactc ccagtagggg ctgactgaca    160800
     cctcatacag ctgggtgccc ctctaagacg aagcttccag aggaaagatc aggcagcaac    160860
     atttcttttt gtgcagtatt tgctcttcta cagccaccac tggtgatacc cagacaaaga    160920
     ggacctggag tagacttcca gcaaaggcca acagagctga agctgagggc cctggctttt    160980
     agaaggaaaa ctaacaaaca gaaaggaata gcatcaacat caacaaaaag aacatccatg    161040
     ccaaagcccc atctgaagtt caccatcatc aaaaaccaaa ggtagataaa accacaaaga    161100
     tgggcagaaa ccagagcaaa gaagctgaaa attctaaaaa tcagtgtctt ttctcctcca    161160
     aaggaaaaca agctcctcct cagcaacaga acaaagctgg agggagaatg actttgatga    161220
     gttgacagaa gtaggcttca gaagattggt aataacaaat tttccgagct aaagaaggat    161280
     gtttgaacac attgcaatga agttaaaact tagaataaag attagacgat tggctaacta    161340
     gaataaacag catagagaag accttaaatg acctgatgga gctgaaaacc atggcacgag    161400
     aactatgtga ttcgtgcaca agcttcaaaa gctgattcaa tcaaatggaa gaaagcatat    161460
     cagtgataga agataaaatt aatgaaacaa tgcaagaaca gaagtttaga aaataaagag    161520
     taaaaagaaa caaataaagc ctccaagaaa tacgggacta tgaaaaaaga ccaaatctac    161580
     atctgattag tgtacctgaa agtgacaggg agaatggaac caagtttgaa aacactaggc    161640
     aggatatttt ctgggacaac ttccccaatc tagcaaggca gaccaacatt caaattcagg    161700
     aaatagggag aatgctgtaa agatattcct caagaagagc aaacacaaga cacataattg    161760
     tcagattcac caaggctgaa atgaaggaaa aaatgttaag ggaagccaga gagaaaagtt    161820
     gggtttccca caaagggaag tccatcagac caacagctga tctcttggca gaaactctac    161880
     aagccaaaga gaatgggggc ctatattcaa cattcttaaa ggaaagaatt ttcaatccag    161940
     aatttcatat ccagccaaac taagcttcat aagtgaagga gaaataaaat cctttacaga    162000
     caagcaaatg ctaagagatt ttgtcaccac caggcctgcc ctacaagagc tcctgaagga    162060
     agcactaata atgaaaagga acaaacagta acagccactg caaaaacatg ctaaactgta    162120
     gaccatcaat actaggaaga gactgcatca actaacgagc aaaaataacc agctaacata    162180
     ctaatgacag tatcaaattc agacataaca atattaacca tcaatataaa tgggctaaat    162240
     gccccaatta aaagacagac tggcaaattg aatagtgtca agacccatca gtgtgttgta    162300
     ttcaggagat ccatctcata tgcagagaca cacattggct caaaataacc ggacggagga    162360
     agacctacca agcaaatgga aaacaaacaa acaaaaagca gggttttcaa tcctagtctc    162420
     tgataaaaca gactttaaac caacaaagat caaaagagac aaagaaggcc attacataat    162480
     ggtaaagtga tcaattcatc aagaagagct aactatccta aatacatatg catccaatac    162540
     agaagcaacc agattcataa ggcaagttct tagagactac aaagagactt agaatcccac    162600
     acaataataa cgggagacag taacacccca ctgtcaaaaa tagacagagc aacaagacag    162660
     aaacttaaca aggataacca ggacttcaac tcagctgtgg accaagtgga cctagtagac    162720
     atctacagaa ctctccaccc caaatcaaaa caatatacat tcttctcagc accacatcac    162780
     acttattcca aaattgacca catagttgga agtaaagcac tcctaagcaa atgtaaaaga    162840
     acagatatta taacaatctc tctctctgat gaaaatgcaa tcaaattaga actcaggatt    162900
     aagaaacaca ctcaaaacca cacaactaca tggatattga acaacctgct cctgaatgac    162960
     tgctgggtaa ataatgaaat gaaggcagag ataaagatgt tctttgaaac caaacagaac    163020
     aaagactaaa catactagaa cctctgggac acatttaaag cagtgtgcag agggaaattt    163080
     atagcaccaa atcccacaag agaaagcagg aaagacctaa aattgacagc ctaacatcac    163140
     aattaaaaga actagagaat caagaacaaa cacattcaaa agctagcaga agttgagaaa    163200
     taactaagat cagaacacaa ctgaaggaga tagagacgtt aaaaaaaacc ccttcaaaaa    163260
     taaatgaatc caggagctgg tttttttgga aagatcaaca aaattgatag accactagca    163320
     agactaatac agaagaaaag agaagaatcg aatataggca ataaaccttc ccaagactaa    163380
     accagggaga cgttgaatcc ctgaatagac caataagagg ctctgaaatg gagacgataa    163440
     ttagtagcct actaacaaaa aaagtgcagg accagacgga ttcacagctg aattc         163495