EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC024067; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 108346 BP.
AC   AC024067;
DT   23-FEB-2000 (Rel. 62, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-487K20 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-108346
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-108346
RA   Swearengen S., Drone K., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-487K20";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-108346
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-FEB-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-108346
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-NOV-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-108346
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-MAY-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; df46bfaad94eb15ce275c3bd1608e098.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000187.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC024067.4:1-108346; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF00156; SNORA70.
CC   On Nov 8, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7622519.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0487K20
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-270H4, 200 bp overlap; the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-557B9, 200 bp overlap.  Actual
CC   start of this clone is at base position 86890 of RP11-270H4; actual
CC   end is at base position 6999 of RP11-557B9.
CC   Base positions 30428 to 30650 of RP11-487K20 is a representation of
CC   sequence from subclones derived from PCR amplification of clone
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..108346
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-487K20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..263
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   1788..1959
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    2830..3016
FT                   /note="similar to  EST Z28537 (NID:g434177)"
FT   misc_feature    2982..3280
FT                   /note="similar to  EST Z19477 (NID:g29320)"
FT   misc_feature    3323..3583
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H92353 (NID:g1087931) ys85a03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    3910..4209
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW085108 (NID:g6040260) xe06c06.x1"
FT   repeat_region   4311..4602
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    4532..4986
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI821183 (NID:g5440262) ac74e07.y5"
FT   repeat_region   4947..5294
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5339..6122
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   6123..6415
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6416..6931
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   6932..7235
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   7246..7735
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7736..8110
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   8111..8406
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8407..8986
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   9033..9213
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9863..10620
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    11271..11715
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA011384 (NID:g1472410) zi01d02.s1"
FT   repeat_region   11782..11969
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    11811..12203
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA011371 (NID:g1472468) zi01d02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    12326..12576
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE816678 (NID:g10248912)"
FT   repeat_region   12542..12850
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13370..13501
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13526..13655
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13709..13804
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13820..13886
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   13921..14181
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14182..14474
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   14475..14557
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15913..16128
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   16234..16541
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16611..16729
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   16798..17305
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17307..17995
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18014..18141
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18476..18697
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   18798..18813
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   18814..19096
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19097..19367
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   19409..19643
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   19904..19945
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   19920..20157
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   20185..20299
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20300..20562
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20563..20855
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20856..20981
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21277..21392
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   21619..21775
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    21911..22424
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW997022 (NID:g8257256)"
FT   repeat_region   22958..23181
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    24153..24477
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BB121399 (NID:g8773967)"
FT   repeat_region   24574..25223
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   27179..27370
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   27439..27583
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   27670..27959
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28404..29082
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   29128..29574
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    30064..30211
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW896944 (NID:g8061149)"
FT   repeat_region   30358..30438
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   31209..31805
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31864..31901
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Glu-GAG"
FT   repeat_region   31907..32178
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32513..32809
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32838..32915
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32925..33069
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    35217..35258
FT                   /note="similar to  EST Z18912 (NID:g30692)"
FT   repeat_region   36118..36203
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    36359..36471
FT                   /note="similar to  EST Z18912 (NID:g30692)"
FT   misc_feature    36560..36654
FT                   /note="similar to  EST Z18912 (NID:g30692)"
FT   misc_feature    36566..36749
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA904982 (NID:g3040105) oj75f05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    36567..36749
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI804347 (NID:g5369819) tc56c02.x1"
FT   repeat_region   37307..37415
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    37443..37949
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA947869 (NID:g3109122) ok21g11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   37604..37819
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   37910..38039
FT                   /rpt_family="MER94"
FT   repeat_region   38174..38396
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    38225..38569
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA300729 (NID:g1953297)"
FT   misc_feature    38720..38923
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI804347 (NID:g5369819) tc56c02.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA904982 (NID:g3040105) oj75f05.s1"
FT   repeat_region   39940..40167
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    40014..40457
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW938683 (NID:g8114129)"
FT   repeat_region   40550..40586
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40587..40858
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40859..41539
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41541..41621
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   41718..41866
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   41898..42120
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   42148..42695
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42938..43248
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    48342..48431
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI804347 (NID:g5369819) tc56c02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    48342..48433
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA904982 (NID:g3040105) oj75f05.s1"
FT   repeat_region   48615..49061
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   49062..49365
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49366..49399
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   49425..50148
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50149..50448
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50449..50519
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50629..50790
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   50793..51077
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51136..51332
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51343..51838
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52120..52406
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52599..53250
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53251..53504
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   53545..53646
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   53648..53719
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53724..55399
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55412..55743
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   55744..56091
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   56092..56568
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   56577..56927
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57101..57279
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   57578..57695
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58251..58389
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58693..58860
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   59326..59448
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59549..59782
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   60311..60602
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60785..61087
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61320..61425
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   61858..61992
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   62118..62299
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   62422..62708
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63997..64125
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   64131..64244
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   64696..64777
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64822..65373
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65704..66020
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66073..66140
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66954..67125
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    67087..67412
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA742873 (NID:g2782379) nv39b07.r1"
FT   repeat_region   67163..67249
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67414..67517
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   67676..67953
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68171..68613
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68614..68919
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68920..69715
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69768..69885
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   70263..70320
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   70319..70865
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   71679..71891
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   72219..72349
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   72624..72672
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   72867..73168
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    74154..74469
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R30757 (NID:g786094)"
FT   misc_feature    74173..74408
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R58119 (NID:g828177)"
FT   repeat_region   75065..75174
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75834..75890
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   75913..76041
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   76049..76179
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    76242..76614
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW884699 (NID:g8046711)"
FT   repeat_region   77547..77653
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   78662..78789
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   79192..79391
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   79392..79697
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79698..79781
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   80110..80170
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80660..80964
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80975..81194
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   81195..81737
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81738..82021
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   82022..82302
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82303..82539
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   83394..83950
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83951..84078
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84083..84813
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85319..85369
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   85427..85728
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85833..86130
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    86240..86277
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI804347 (NID:g5369819) tc56c02.x1"
FT   repeat_region   87816..87926
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   87893..88027
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   88071..88161
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   88218..88697
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   88853..89156
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   89246..89331
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   89901..89989
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    90307..90362
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW769556 (NID:g7701588) hl56f10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    90322..90362
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI936989 (NID:g5675859) wp71g08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   90633..90751
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    91019..91098
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI936989 (NID:g5675859) wp71g08.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW769556 (NID:g7701588) hl56f10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   91667..91735
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    92940..93013
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI936989 (NID:g5675859) wp71g08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    92940..92993
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW769556 (NID:g7701588) hl56f10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   93573..93641
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93804..93889
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93909..94217
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    94671..94815
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI936989 (NID:g5675859) wp71g08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    96129..96288
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI936989 (NID:g5675859) wp71g08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   96607..96809
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   102163..102480
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103557..103863
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104080..104379
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104509..104821
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104899..105031
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    105754..105868
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI936989 (NID:g5675859) wp71g08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   106472..106689
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   106778..106818
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   106831..107129
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107236..107513
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107567..107617
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   107904..107929
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   108283..108346
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
SQ   Sequence 108346 BP; 35694 A; 21763 C; 19816 G; 31073 T; 0 other;
     aggaaccctc agttctggaa attgcccacc tctttcctgg aaaactcgtg aataatccac        60
     cccttgttta gcatataatc aagaagtaac cataaaacca gcagcccttg gggctgctct       120
     gtctatggag tcattctttt attcctccac tttctaaatg aacttgcttt cactttactc       180
     tatggacttg ccctgaattc tttcttgagt gagatctaag aaccctttct tggggtccag       240
     attggactcc ttttctggta acaaaaccac aaggtccttt aaggcccaaa ggagatcaac       300
     agttaggtgg acattaccta gtctttcaaa aatgtctctg tctcttcctc aaataaattt       360
     cttggtaggt taatttataa acttctgggt aggtacaata tacagtattt tagttcagat       420
     ttaggtaaga aggtgatgag tcaagtatta ccagttaaga agtacagttg aagatctctg       480
     ttcctccttt tggaacaggg cagtcatttt cagtccattt atgaatataa gatccaaaga       540
     aaatatttta atttttattt tcaactgata cttttcttcc atcaactaac aactattaag       600
     ttcttattct gtgcaaggta ctattaggga tagcgataca caaagtactg taagacatga       660
     ttcgtgtctt caaagagatt ataggaaatc tcaaaatttg tatcactaca aagatctcca       720
     taatgttaaa aaattaatat caagccctac tcttccatat attttacgta aataattttt       780
     gatctcatac taaacaaaca atttgttttt aaaggagacc atcaacagca cacagccaag       840
     tcggaagata gtctagaatt cataacagct tcatttacta ttctatgctt ttatagtgac       900
     gttttattac tgggtactta gaagggccaa aaatattact tgggggcagg aaataagaag       960
     ttctaaagga aataggaggt tctttgtcac tttttcttct cttttgattt ttccatctca      1020
     atcctgtttt aatttatgcg atgtgaaaat cctccctttt tgggggtgat ggagaagatc      1080
     aataatgata actcacattt aatgttgact cctgcacaga tgctcctgag tgagggagac      1140
     atattaggga ctttaccaca aaatgaatca ttttagagta aagagtcagc cttaattcca      1200
     catgtaagaa aatgcagaac agagtcacgc aattctttca gtgtaataaa gggcctttga      1260
     catgtgttct ttgtgaacaa gcaaaaaagc taaaaatcag accaacaaaa tatatccact      1320
     aatggcttat acatagtcta gtgggttgct gggagtaggg agaagagatg gtgctatttt      1380
     ggagtacaag gcagcagcag agaggcaaag caagacagga tatacaagtt gcacagcatg      1440
     gagctcacaa taacttaact agctgacaaa atgttcccaa tcttgctccc atatatttaa      1500
     ataatcatgc cctagtgtta cgaatgttaa gtctcagaaa ttcatttaag ggtaagatat      1560
     tataaaggtc ctttaagaaa atcattctgc aaacctgtcc tagaattggt tcaagagttt      1620
     agtattttgc aattaaattt aactttagca atggcttaca aaaagcagaa atgaaaacct      1680
     atctcttttt aatgtgaaca attccccatt cacacttttt ttgtaggcca cacaggctag      1740
     aaacatcagt aaaggtataa ggggcaggtt tgtcacgggg aggggaaggg gcaacactta      1800
     ccacaagagc ttttgaaaat atgtggggac actgattgtc acaatgattg gagggtgcta      1860
     ttggcatttc aaatgccagg ctcagggatg ctgaatgctt gctattctgg aaacagaccc      1920
     acatagtgaa gaactaccct gccaaatgct catagcacct tgacgagaaa aaaaaaatgc      1980
     ttgaactgat cagaagcact aacagggtat attatatctc ttttgattag cttaaaatta      2040
     gcaaaaggac tctatatagt gtcagttaaa cactgaataa gtagctttaa aacatatgat      2100
     ttatctgaaa tttttgttaa gactataagt atttagtaca gttaagagtt agggagaatt      2160
     agggagatag tttcctcaaa ttcatcagat attacaattt aaatatgtgc agtagtccag      2220
     aaattatatg tcaagaaagg tgtttcaaaa acttaaggag aaaggtacgg aggagaaagg      2280
     tacagaatta attttagaat aacttttaaa ataaataaat ccatttagtt ctcaaagata      2340
     tctgtgatag ttaagttgtg cttgtaatct gtatgccagg ccaaacgtat tactgcctgg      2400
     tagcaacaca cttaaattta agctcacaag tttgataacg atcagtttct tgaaaatgta      2460
     acctataact taaagaaggt tcagaaattc tatgtaagtt tttaaattgt catcaacttg      2520
     atttttaaaa atattttgtt agttttcttt aaagcctata aatgaggctg aatggtccac      2580
     caggtgttaa gaaaaataat tatttcccac ttttagttaa ctgcagagtt ttaaggaaaa      2640
     ggccctatga aaagtgatct atgcatgatt catctagaaa tttaaatatt tcaactagtc      2700
     ttcatagttg tgaatttgca gttgatccag aaataaagcc tgctctgttc atctgggttt      2760
     actaaaaata ctcccaaact taacatctaa cttctttttt tttttttcaa taataacata      2820
     gatcctggaa gagtatatga aagactcttt ctggtcaaca atgaactggc atgcaccctt      2880
     tttgctttgc agatacttct gacatatgca atgtaaatgt ttattcattt attagttgtc      2940
     tatgtgccat ctatatacag tttatcttca cgttctcagg taaacatact ttaaaatagt      3000
     tgaagatgca agatgccatt gtactactag gtttaccctc tcatttcctt tatcctcaac      3060
     ttattttctt tgtgtcatct gaatcctcca gatatctaac ttttcctttt tatgcctttc      3120
     acatttccac tggagatcac tttgtcccct tcattaaggt tctgtcagga gagatttaag      3180
     atttggttct agctaaaaaa tatggcagta gctctgaaga tgacataaaa gcttttccct      3240
     atgcctaaga tttcaaatat atgtatacat ttgaaagaaa aaacagggag agcattattt      3300
     ttttgtccag attatttttg ctcattgtag gtaaaaaaca atctgtgcat atatgtaaaa      3360
     aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aaacaaaacg aaaaagaaaa cctttcagtc cctacataat      3420
     aactcagaaa taaagtttct tcagccagct atggggatgg gggaaacaat tcccagggta      3480
     cagatgttag tggtcctgtc aactctgtca ttctcacatt gcaatgccaa tgcaatccca      3540
     cataaacaca attatgctga ggcaaacact gttgcagagt atgagaacta catatgcact      3600
     gttctaagaa acacaacttg tgaggttctt gaggcatggc aaggtttgtg gcaaacagga      3660
     ccaatgtgag aatcaaattt attggattcc tagagtctac tgcttagcat gcaatacagt      3720
     aaacaactaa gctccatgat gactgaattg actggcatac aacaaccaca aattgttctc      3780
     tttgagcaca aagggcatgt aagagctaac agatgagtgt cccaggcatg gttctgcgta      3840
     gtttgtatga tactgtatat gatgttacta actaggctgg tcagtttggg tggtgataac      3900
     agtgtgttac tggagttaaa gttacagagt caatctctat atgcttagtt agcaccatat      3960
     taaaacaaaa caaaattttt tccatgccac agactattag tgacctagct atcttacgga      4020
     tacatgctgt tggtcataat acagactgag agtgtccaaa acccatcatt acaactggaa      4080
     ttaaaataac tggaatcaaa gatcaaagct ggtccacaca gaaggatgag cacgaagtca      4140
     aaggtccagt ccttaaaacc tataccacct aggtataatc agatgtcttt ttctagtgct      4200
     gtttgtagga agtattcaga ctttattttg gtttttctta gcctcagttc ttagcctctt      4260
     tttgttgtta ctaaacaagt tggaggcgaa acaatctagt gtagattctg gtttccttct      4320
     ttttattttc tgaaacagtt tatgtaagac aagtattatt atacttgttc cttgacagtt      4380
     tgatagaatt catcccccaa attactctag gcctggtgtt tttggcagga ggttggggag      4440
     gtggtggtta agtatgatta aatttcttta aaggttatgg gacttctttg ttttgccatt      4500
     tcttcctaag tcattgtgat attttatatt ttcccagaag tgtccactta aactaagttt      4560
     tcaagcttat tgtcataaag ttgctcaaaa taatcttata ttttaaatat gtttatctta      4620
     attttgtccc tatttctctt cctaatacta tttgtttaca cctatagttt ttctctagat      4680
     cagcttttca aaggtttact gcattttacc ctccctgatg gggctcagtg tgcgcagctg      4740
     gaaaaagtag atgccctggt tatgcatgca gctcatttgt tgtacatgtt gctttaaggg      4800
     accttgaaga ctcttccctc tccctattgt tgccaaaata actgcctctg atctgttttt      4860
     gtttgcatcc caggccccag actagcatgt aagatgcctt tgagaagtcc tagaacactg      4920
     cagtcaaggt ggacgttgga aaataaaaag gcttattgaa ttttctatct tttcaaagaa      4980
     tcagctcctg gtattaacac tatttctact gctattctgt tttctgttca ttaatttctg      5040
     cttttatctt tattttattt cattccttct acttactttg ggcttactct gttttcaact      5100
     tcttgagttg aaagattaac tcatttattt tcactttttc taatttttta accttaaaca      5160
     tgtatttaag gttatagttt tctctcttta gctactttac aagatctaat gtggagtaat      5220
     ttcattgtcg ttcagctcta aatattttgt aattctcatt ataattacct ccttacccat      5280
     gcagtatcta caaggaagtt tatcagaagt attcttttct tcttcagcta actttttgtt      5340
     gccattacaa aaaaactata acccctccat aatctcaatt ctgtatctcc acatcctatt      5400
     tttccagctt attctttcta ctagggtgat cctgaactac tgtgcattgt tcaacctcat      5460
     ggaatctcca ctgactctca tgctcttgat gtcccttcac tctcctcttt atcgagatta      5520
     cattccatga tttatcatta ttatcatcac tctcccctct ctccctttat agtgcttggc      5580
     aaaactacaa ccttgtttaa atccaatttt ctgcctactc cacacctgca cctgtgcaac      5640
     taaatgtggc tggaaaaaaa catacaacca tgctcattgg tctcaattta aattcattac      5700
     tttgaacctt tagtggactc taatgcacac aaagatactt ccctagtcca tttactttcc      5760
     tagataaata ctttacccct ttccctttta actcaaacac ccaacacttc cttcctcgtg      5820
     ttctttcttg gctgctggtc ttgctttcta cttcactaag aaaattgaag caatcagaaa      5880
     agaacttcca caaactatta ccacatttaa ccacccttta ccatcttctc acttgttacc      5940
     attgatgaac ctaacgtgct tctatttgaa gtcaaatcct tcaacttgta ctctagaccc      6000
     tactcaagga cctcattaca gcagttctcc attcttcctc ccacatcatc tttttgttgt      6060
     tgttgttctc cattggtatc attctcacaa gcaaacatgt agcttaaaaa acaccctttt      6120
     ctggctgggt gtggtagctc atgcctgtga tgccagcact cttggaggcc gaggcggatc      6180
     acctgaggcc aggagtttga gaccagcctg gtcaacatgg cggaagcctg tctctactaa      6240
     aactacaaaa tattagccag gtatggtggc gggcacctgt aatcccagct actcgggagg      6300
     ctgaggcagg agaatcactt gaacctggga ggcggaggct gcagtaagcc aagattgcac      6360
     cactgcacca ctccagcctg ggcaacagag caagactcca tctcaaaaca aaaaacatcc      6420
     ttttcttgac tctccccaaa agctgccact ccatttcctt gctaaccccc attcctgaaa      6480
     aacttatctc taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata gcttttctca atgttttcaa ctcctctctt      6540
     ctcaatgtgg cttaaaatta cttcagtcag gctttctgtc ccactattct aacaaaacca      6600
     ctcttatcaa ggtcttaatg ttatcaaaat caatggtcag ttcttagtct tcatcttata      6660
     tgaccctaac agcaacattt aacactgttg acaactacct ctttcttgat acattttttt      6720
     tttttcactc acactggaaa ggacacaaga tacttcttgg gccctcttcc cttttctgta      6780
     ttttctttct gttatctgat acagtcttat agctctaaat atcatctaaa tactctacag      6840
     cattttggca gatctgttta accaaactgc caaaatttcc agttggaaat ctaacagtta      6900
     tctcaaacca acatatctaa aactggattc tggccacgtg tggtggctca cacctgtaat      6960
     cccagcactt tgggaagcca aggtgggcag atcacttgag gtcaggagag ttctagacca      7020
     gcctgggtaa cacggtgaaa ccccaactct actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggtgtgg      7080
     tggcagacac ctgtaatccc agttactcag gaggcagagg caggagaatc actttgaacc      7140
     caggaggcag aggttgcagt gagccaagat cgagtcactg cactccaacc tgggtgagag      7200
     agcgagaccc tgtccaaaaa ataaaaaaaa aaaaattgga ttcctaagaa gtcattatat      7260
     gaaaaaaata cttccacgtg catgtttaca gcagcacaat ctgcaattgc aaaaatttgg      7320
     aacaagccca aatgcccatc agtcaatgag tggataaaga aattgtggta tatatatata      7380
     caccatggaa tactactcag ccataaaaag gaatgaaata atggcatttg cagtgacttg      7440
     gatggaattg gagaccatta ttctaagtga agtaactcag gaactgaaaa ccaaacattg      7500
     tatgttctca ctcataagaa ggagctaagc tatcaggatg aaaaggtgta agaatgacac      7560
     agtggacttt ggggactcag gggaaagtat gagagggtgg taagggataa aagactacac      7620
     attgggtaca gtgtacactg cttggatgat gggagcacca aaatctcaga aatcacagta      7680
     aagaacttat tcatataacc agattacctg ttcccccaaa atctatggaa aaaaaaatta      7740
     aataaataaa taaataagat tggcttccta gttttcttcc ccaacctgct tcatttgtag      7800
     cctcccccat gtcagttgat ggaaactcta tcctatcagt tgcttaggtc aaaaaccttg      7860
     gaatcatcta caattcctcc ctctttctgt cacaccccac aagcccttcc aggaaatgtt      7920
     ggctctacct tcaaatatat ccagaatctt accaactttc aacaactgta ttgctaccat      7980
     gtgatccaag cccctatcat catttcttgc ctggattact gaaatagctg ctcagctgct      8040
     acctttgtct gaagtctaat ctcaacacag cagcttgaat gattctttta aaacttaagt      8100
     cagatcggat gggcatggta gctcacatct gtaaccccag cactttggga ggccgaggca      8160
     ggcagatcac aaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcctgacaa acatggtgaa accccgtctc      8220
     tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gctgggcgtg gtggcctgca cctgtaatcc tagctactca      8280
     ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cgcttgaacc tgggaggtgg agcttgcagt gagctgagat      8340
     ggtgccaatg cactccatcc tgggcaacag agcaagactc catctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      8400
     aaaaaactta agtcagatca catcactcct ctactcaaaa tcctgcaatg gcacctcatt      8460
     ttgtgcatag taaatgacaa aggcctatga cgctctacat tcagatgatc tgattctctt      8520
     tcctgctact ctcacctgtc atttatttca tgtgtcagta ctttcccacc atatggcctt      8580
     tgctctagct gtaacctctt gctagaggac ctcactacac tacatctgaa gaaatgttct      8640
     tccttcagat atctttgtgg ctaacttctt ctgcttcttt aaatctcaac ctgtcaataa      8700
     gatatactca gacccactgt ttgtattaca acctgtactt tctccatcca atcctcttta      8760
     ttcaattctc ctttttagtt ttttttccaa actgcatcag tgtctaacat attatatact      8820
     ttattatgtt tgttgtttat tgtctgcctt ttcgtcttac tccctgctag aatgtacact      8880
     tcaacaggtc aggattattg tctatactgt tgactaaagg attccaagag cctcgaacaa      8940
     tatctggcaa atattggaca aatacgtatt tgttgaatga ataagtgaat gttgattttt      9000
     catttagcat ggtcacaata cacatgccct atgtgtgcta tatatctgtt agattaagct      9060
     ggttaattat gttgttcaaa tcctttatgt tcttgagtat ttttgactgt ttgatatact      9120
     ggtttctaag agaggtgtgt taaaatctgc aacactgact gtggataggc tatttcttga      9180
     taattctgtc ggttttgttt tatatatttt gagagtatat tttcagtatc tagagtcatt      9240
     ttatatcatc ttcgtggatt gttacctatt tataagcgag acatatattt ctgtcatttg      9300
     atgtttttag gcaaaaacat gttcatgttt caaatgatgt tcatgctgcc acctttcact      9360
     aggtggtaat caagagaaaa tttttcctgt cctatacttg tattttttta tctttcagtg      9420
     ttacttttaa aacagcatat ggaaggataa tctatctctc tggctttgta gattaattta      9480
     tattatgatt acttacatgt tttattttgt atttcctatt tccatgtttt tcctttgctt      9540
     ctttttatct tctttcctgc cctctattga atggagtgat agcatttaaa atattaccta      9600
     tcttttctct ttcccctact gattaaggac ttgtaccttc tatttctata tttctattac      9660
     tgtactggat acccttatat ttaacatact tatttaaata tatatttttt aaaagtctat      9720
     aacattaatc tgtatctttt ctactcaaaa caaggacttc agcacacatt tacatcttta      9780
     ataccatatt attattgcta agatttagtt ctagcttttg aagcatatta gctttatctc      9840
     atattttaac actctttgct tttgtattcc acttctttct gcatttattt ttgtctttgc      9900
     tgaagaacat cctttagttc tcttgtcacc aagagtttgt gagttgaaaa cttagctttg      9960
     tgtatctgaa gatgcgttta ttttgctccc actctgtata taaaccactg tatgaaactg     10020
     taagctcaca gttatttgtc tacagcactt tgaagatact agtcagtttt ctggtatcta     10080
     ctgttgccaa agcctactgc cagtttgact accattccat tattcagaat tttttgttat     10140
     acttgtattc agaatttcag attttctctt tatcattaat ttcctatgat tttattatca     10200
     tgtatgtagt tgtggattta tctatcctgt gttacatgtg gcagcatttt ctattttgaa     10260
     gactcagctt catttctgaa aaaattctta gctgcagtta ttgttattat tattgccact     10320
     tttttattca ttcttttttc tcctttgtaa ctcctagcag atgtatgttg gagctcctca     10380
     ggtcatcttt catgtccatc tttctctttc attttcttct aactctctct aaactgcatt     10440
     ctgaaagatt ttctcagttc tttttcctaa ttctctaatt ttctcttaag ctatagaaag     10500
     tatgtgcagt ctaactgttc ttttacttca atattgtatt tttacatttc aatataatat     10560
     ttttcacttc aagatgtcta aatgcttctt tctcacagct ttctcttctt gtttcattat     10620
     ctattcttca ttctgtaaaa tgtaatttct tctgaacata tattgataat tttaacttat     10680
     ttttaaactc tcatcagatt gttcttcttt tctcaggtat aaattctcta atttgttggg     10740
     ttctcttgac tgctttttca tgatcttagg ttttactggg ttctttgtaa tgttttgggg     10800
     gctcaatttt tatgataact aaaaaatgta agtacctgta tctacagggc agttttaagt     10860
     tgcctcagct taaatctgat aatgtgccaa ccttgaacca gaccttaagt tggtagctct     10920
     gggccttctt tcctcctagg tagcccagtt ctgaattttt agcccaaaag tattttgggt     10980
     ccaagttcta tcttgagtgg tttcctgcgc ttgcttgtga ctgccaatta ttctttactt     11040
     ccgctcagga acaagcagca tattcctggc tgtgacactg ctgggataag ttagattaac     11100
     ccagctccta tttgtattgt gctcttgggt cctgggttca tgcacagaca ggatcattgc     11160
     aaaaaaacct ggtcccaatt gcccatatcc attcatagca ccccccgatc ccctaccatc     11220
     acagtggctt ttctattact ggccaaaaga cactttcctt tcttattttt aagaataact     11280
     atgtattttt aaaaaacttt aaaaatattt atgcataatt tctctgtttt tgaatgagag     11340
     gaataagatt caggagtatt cactctgcca ccctgaccta gaagtcccag agtagctttc     11400
     acttttgaaa taacagcagt tcaattttcc tgacctcacc agtctgtaaa cattagcata     11460
     tatacccaaa gtgcaaactt gaataagctg tagtagagac aaatttccat tatttggaat     11520
     ttgtttacat tgaaataaat aatagatgta ctaggaaatc agaaatggaa ggaagatgac     11580
     ttttaaaagg ttaagaaact tgggacagca gcagacttta ctgtaaagct tatgtacaaa     11640
     ctccatcact gcttcccata aatggaatca gactgagcaa agaagagggt actttccaca     11700
     gcaccaggaa gagccactgc agccagcaga gtcctgtaat aagtaccaac ctgcactcct     11760
     gcacctggaa gacagccatc agcttagtgg aaagaatgct ggactgggaa ttcagaaatg     11820
     ttctagttca ttttctacca cttagtcatt gtacagctta ggctaagcca ggctctcttt     11880
     tgggccccag gttttccatc tgtaaaataa gagagttggg ctagaacaac ttctgatgta     11940
     ccttccagaa ataattttct atgaccttaa cagtttggta ctttataagt aggttgagtc     12000
     ctccattctt cagcttgctc agtaataatc tgccaggtaa aagaagaaaa tcatgtgttt     12060
     ctgaaatcag ttttcaaatc aaatgaaaga atcactagat gcatattttt gtttgatcac     12120
     cactctacaa aggaacagcc tggtagctgg gtgaagtttc tgtgtgggtg tacacacaat     12180
     ctaaatttta aatagaaaaa gcaaaccaac ccagaccaaa acaaaaaccc tccatacaag     12240
     tcccagacac aacaaatggt aagagttctt ttctacaaac atgtctgttt ctaagagctg     12300
     agaagaccaa aaaagaaaaa aatgtatcaa aatgaccaga tataagtgta gataaagaaa     12360
     aaactaagga gcatgcagca aagttacagg atatgagaga tttgactctg cacactgcaa     12420
     agtctgtaca attagaaatt tcatgctaac agaaatgtag ggaagacaat gagaaaagaa     12480
     aggataaaat tggagttcca ctagatggaa gttaagagtg gattaagaat ttttaaattg     12540
     aggccaggca cagtggttca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcag aggcgggcgg     12600
     atcacttgag gccaggagct tgagatcagc ctggccaaca gagcaaaacc ccatctttac     12660
     taaaaataca gaaaaaaaaa tttagctggg tgtagtggtg aacacctata ctcccagcta     12720
     ctcaggaggt ggaggcatga gaatcgcttg aactctagag gcggagactg aagtgagcca     12780
     agatcataga actgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagtgag accctgtctc aaaagaaaaa     12840
     gaaaaaaaaa tttaaaattg ggttgaagtg gcaaggaaaa ctcaagatta aatctcagag     12900
     ctttctagag ccttgactat caaccacaat aaaaatttat atgaattgtt taatttcacc     12960
     acaatgcagt aaaaaaccaa actgattcag attttatagg tctgaaggat ggaaagttgg     13020
     cacacaacta gccataatcc cgagtcttca aataacatac taaagacata ctgttttcaa     13080
     aaaaaacaac aaaaagcatc ttatcatcta cattgctatt tgtgaggcac agtgtattgc     13140
     atcgacactg ctacgtatgt atagacagac tatattaagg gtgagtgtcc agcagatttc     13200
     tatccactat tgcatacttc caccacagct gaaatagcca atcagtcaaa agagagggat     13260
     aaagttctct gacaaaattc ccactcagtt cacgaaatag ccactgagca gtcttcactt     13320
     tcatgcaaac tttttgtaag tgtgttacta aagcatcaag gggggaaaaa ttacacaaat     13380
     aacaaggcct cattaaagag aatttgggaa ataaagaaaa gcagaaaaaa agtcacgctt     13440
     agtctcatca cagaaataca gccactgcta acactttgct cactttctcc ctggtctctt     13500
     tacctgggcc tgctacatcc ttatggttgt aatcatatga tatatacaat tgtgtatcta     13560
     gttcatttag taatactata ctgtaagcat ttatccaagt tattatacta tctttgtaac     13620
     tcacttttaa atggctgcct tataatccac tctattttaa ggaaacaccc ctaaatgttg     13680
     gtggggaatg gtaaagcaaa ctatgattca cagtgttcca ttagacggat aaatcatagt     13740
     ttacttaact gctgcgagaa tactgcacag taggctgttt ccaatatttc cgctattata     13800
     aatagctaaa ccagctaaat ctgttttgtt caatagtgcc taatagcctt ccatatagta     13860
     ggtactcaag tatttgtaga atgaatattt acagggctgc ctatatagaa catacctttt     13920
     gataacaatt tttgtgcata aaatccccct ccttcccata tttagaactg tttcccagag     13980
     atacattttc atagggtgct attctgggtc aattttggac ttttgtcaat ctagccattt     14040
     gctcctcaga aaataatgac taatttgcat tcccaacagt aaaatatggg aaggcccgtt     14100
     tcaccacatt cttagctaaa ttgggcatta tcttttcaaa gtctttgcct atcatgattg     14160
     ctaaaaaaat attactttgg acgggtgcgg ttgctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg     14220
     gaggctgagg caggcagatc atctgaggtc aggagttcag gaccagcctg gccaacatga     14280
     tgaaaccgcg tctctactga aaataccaaa attagagggg catggtggtg gtcacctgta     14340
     atcccagcta cttgggaggc cgaggcagga gaactgctca aaactgggag gcagaggttg     14400
     cagtgagccg agatcacgcc acgacactcc agcctgggtg gcagagcaag actctgtctc     14460
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagatacc tcattataat tttaattata gttttgaaca ccagtaaggt     14520
     tacacacttt ttcttatgaa tgttatttgt ctattttgaa atagctttct aataatcaca     14580
     atctaaatct actttattcc tgaaaggtca gttgtgggtt gcagtaacaa caaaagcccc     14640
     aatattttta ggaaataaat tctggaagga acttaaggaa ctaacgtaaa tacattgctg     14700
     agaacagttt attcacagag caagtctgga acactgtaat gtgcttttac taatggtaaa     14760
     gttggaggct agagttctca gttcctcatt ctttcttcat atttatctgt tatatagttt     14820
     tgtttttttt gtgatatttg tctgtgggtg ctgctgtaat ttgcgagggg agagctggga     14880
     ggaaaagatt cctttaatac ttcttctaaa acttttcttt taggaaatca ttctagatta     14940
     acccagaaac tcttaagagc tgttttccac aactgtactc tgtaaaaact tctttagccc     15000
     agataatctt ggggtgactt agcagaactt tgttaaccct gaattagact ttctctctga     15060
     aaatattttg taaacaagta agctagacac agaaaaggca gaagcatatt cagagaaaaa     15120
     atgtaggtct gggcaacatt accagtaatg agaacctgat gaaaactgac aatcacacct     15180
     cactaactaa tccaataact agctcttttc ataactgtca gcataacatg tggaaaatgc     15240
     tcctctgcag cagaagtata attgcctttc attccttcga gatgctcttg caggagtagg     15300
     caagaatgtt gatctgccat ctattcttaa caaggagaga aagcagaaat gtggactaag     15360
     gattgttagg ggaaagcaat ttagatggaa tcaggtacta caatgtgcca aatgatatga     15420
     tgattagatc tgtttgaacc ctgtttaagc ctttatgagg attttttttt aatggcaaac     15480
     tatcttggag ctctgcccac aaggcaaatg gctactaacc aaagactatt tatttgcaga     15540
     aaatccatca aagtcgttac atgcagatga gtcacaaaga gaagatatca tcctttcatg     15600
     atccccagcc ccacttcacc aaactgctct cacaagtcag caacatctcc ttactggcaa     15660
     acctatgatg gctctcaaac tactggatgt gattacagag gactattggt agctataatt     15720
     tatctttcca accctttatc tctttctctt cttttgataa cagaatccgt atttcctgtg     15780
     gggaatctat tccacttagc tgaccctctc ctaaccctac ccctataaca agtggtagct     15840
     gctgctcttg tttcttcttc atcactatga ccagcactac cactattgtt atcattatga     15900
     tcatcatggc ggctaagatt tattgataat ttactatgtg ccagacactg ttctgtccac     15960
     tttatatgta ttatctcatt taaagaaatg acctatgtga taagtactat gatttctctc     16020
     attttaaagt tgaggaaact gagacacagg gagtatataa tttggcaagg ttacacagta     16080
     agtagcagag gagggacttg aattaaactt ggtttcaggg ttcaggcttc actgcctctc     16140
     tcgctaaatc tcatctaatt tctggctata gaaattggtt cagggaagtt catctgatgc     16200
     aggaaaggtc aatcggatat accaacacta cgaggccagg tgtcgtggtg cacacctgta     16260
     atcccaacat tttggaaggc caaggtggga ggacaacata agcccaggag tttgagacca     16320
     gcctaggcaa cacagtgaga ctccatctct acaaaaaata aaaagaatta gctgagcatg     16380
     gtggcacaca tctatcgtct cagctacttg ggaggctgat cacttgagcc taggaggtag     16440
     aggctgcagt gacccgtgat cacactatgg actccagcct gagtaacaga gcaagatcct     16500
     gtctgcaaaa accaaaacca aaaccaaaac caaaaaaaaa aggtatatgg acactaggat     16560
     agagaaggtc tttcttcctc tgaagcctat gcaaagaagg cagcagggat ctgataagtt     16620
     tcagcttcct agatttagct atgcctgaag ctaggccagg ctaaatatgc agattttcta     16680
     gctacataag cctatatgct tgagctataa gaagttaagt ttctgtcaca ctgagtcttt     16740
     gaaagttttc attcccttgt ttggttgaat actactcttt ttttaaaaaa caaacacttt     16800
     tattttaggt tctggagtac atgtgaaggt ttgttatata ggtaaacttg tgtcacaggg     16860
     gtttgttgca tagattaatc acccatgtat tatgcctagt acccaatagt gatcttttct     16920
     gctcctctcc ctcctcctac cctccaccct gaagtagacc ccagtgtctg ttgtttcctt     16980
     ctttgtgttc ataagttctc atcacttagc ttccatttat aagtgacaac atgtggtatt     17040
     tggttttctg ttcctgcatt agtttgctaa ggataatggc ttccagatcc atccttgttc     17100
     ccacaaaaga catgatctca ctctttttta tggctgcata gtattctaag gtgtatatgt     17160
     accatatttt ctttatccag tctgtcactg atgggcattt aggttgactc tatgtctttg     17220
     ctattgtgaa tagtgctaca atgaacattc acatgcatgt gtctttaggg tagaatgatt     17280
     tatattcctt tgagtatata cccagcacat agaccaatgg aatagaatag agagccctga     17340
     aataaggttg cacacctaca accatctgat ctttgacaaa gctgacaaaa acaagcaatg     17400
     gggaaaagac ttcctattca gtaaatggtg ctgggataac tgtctagcca tatgcaaaag     17460
     actgaagcta gccaccttcc ttgcaccata tacaaaaatc aactcaggat ggattaaaga     17520
     cttaaatgta aaccccaaac tataaaaacc ctggagacaa cctaggcaat accatcctgg     17580
     acatagaaat gggcaaagat ttcatgacaa ggacaccaaa cgcaatcgca aaaaaagcaa     17640
     aaactgacta gtaggatcta attgaactta cgggcttctg cacagcaaaa gaaactatca     17700
     acagagtaca gacaacctac agaataggag aaaatatttg caaactatgc atctgacaaa     17760
     ggtctaatat ctagcatcta taagaaactt aaatttacaa gagaaaaaca aaacccaatt     17820
     aaaaatgggc aaaggacagg aacagagact tttcaaaaga agacatacat gcagtcaaca     17880
     agcatatgaa aaaaaagctc aatatcgctg atcattagag aaatgcaaat caaaaccaca     17940
     atgagatacc atctcacacc agtcagaatg gctattagta aaaagcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     18000
     aacaaaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa accagatgct ggcaaggttg cagaaaaaag     18060
     gaaatgctta tacactattg gtgggagtat tcactgtgta aagcagtgct ggcaattcct     18120
     caaagagcta aaagcagaac tctcctttcc aggctctttt ccttcttctc tgaccatttc     18180
     cctgcagatc tcttccatag gtacctctcc ccttctgcca tctcaaacag tggtgtgccc     18240
     tggctctgtt ctaaactgtg tactcttttc atagcagtgg ccctccttag caccccacaa     18300
     tcattctgat aattggcctt ccctggggaa catgttcctt ttgcttgccc ttgcttcaga     18360
     atcattgaga cattgaacca cagttacaca gtgagtacct catatccatc agaatgctgg     18420
     ggaagaaaag aagttgggaa tcactgttct aaaagttaat cttgggaaat gtatttttca     18480
     tagcttaaaa ctattatcag caacctgata ccttccaact ctttatctct agccctggaa     18540
     cttccctata cttcataccc atgtatctaa ttgcctatag gacatttact ttcttatgtc     18600
     tgataggtac cttgaactca gcatgtccaa aagcaaaatc attatcttca tccccaaaca     18660
     tattcttcct cctgaattct caatcctatt aatggcatat tatctatgca gtcatcataa     18720
     taaaaaatga atatcatgca ttgcattgtt ctctattcac agaagacata tgtaaatact     18780
     agatattctt gtaaatataa tgaacaagaa acaggctggg catagtggct cacgcctgta     18840
     atcccagcac tttgggaggc tgaggcgggc cgatcacctg aggtcaggag ttcaagatca     18900
     gcctggccaa catggcgaaa caccatctct actaaaaata caaaatttag ccaaggatgg     18960
     tggctgacga ctatagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgaag cagtagaact gcttgaaccc     19020
     aagaggtgga ggttgcagtg acatgagatt gcaccactgc actccatcct gggcactgga     19080
     atgacactgc atctcattcc agacccagcc ttcaaggagt tcagttagtt ggcaaataca     19140
     acatagtatg attaccactc catattaaag ataaattcac agtgctaggg gaaacctagt     19200
     ctggtccagg gagggggtca aaggaaggct tcttagggga ggtggtgctt aacctaaaac     19260
     atgaatatgt ttttaaaaag tggagtaggc agaggaagag gcagtaaagt aagaggaaga     19320
     gaattctaaa gaatgaaaat aacatgtatg aaagctcaaa gatgggagga ggggagactg     19380
     atgaaatact accatatgag ctgcctttat ttatttaaaa atttaccaaa tgtaggcact     19440
     gtgctaaacc ctttatatac attattactg ctgttcctta tatcaagcct ataaaacaag     19500
     gataatagtc tcatttttac agattaaaga actttcagag ctcagagagg ttaaattact     19560
     tttccaagac cacccagcta ataagagacg caacaagctt tgaacctagg tcttctggct     19620
     ccaaagccaa ttccatgcat cttcccaaat accttgggac tgatctttat gcttttatca     19680
     tccacatcta gtaaaacatc aaattctgct gagttttcat atttcttacc ttgttccatt     19740
     ctctccatac ctaccattag aaactcagca cattatcttt cacctggacc ctaggctcta     19800
     attgctttct aggtataaag gggtatgtgt gtatgtatca caataagtca gatcggcatg     19860
     atctcacttt cacaacaaga gattcaacaa gtgtctgtat atgtatcacg gaagaaatat     19920
     tcctgctctt ttctaaggct agccctggaa tatcctagag cctagtcaag tgacttcttt     19980
     tctgctttaa ttatgctttt tggtgatctc acccagtctt ctgactcaaa atatcagcac     20040
     taaagcaatg acttctacat ctgtatttct ccagctttaa tgtctcccat aaagtccaaa     20100
     ttcctagttg acaattgtct acttgacatc tcaacttgga tgtctaatag aaatatccct     20160
     cgccctatta aaatgtgagt attgcagtag gcagaggcaa gagaattgct tgaatttggg     20220
     aggtagatgt tgcagtgagc caagatcatg ccattgcact ccagcctggc caacaagagt     20280
     gaaactccat ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaattgt ggtatatata catcatggaa tactactcaa     20340
     ccataaaaag gaatgaaata atgacattca tagcaaattg gatggagttg gagcccatta     20400
     ttctaagtgt aataactcaa gaatggaaaa ccaaataccg tatgttctca cttgtaagtg     20460
     ggagctaagc tatgaaaaag caaaggcata agaatgatat aatggacttt ggggactcag     20520
     ggggaaggat gggatgggga tgagggataa aagactacat atgccgggca cggtggctca     20580
     tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggctg aggcaggtgg atcatgaggt caggagatcg     20640
     agaccagcct ggctaacacg gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa aaaattagcc     20700
     aggcatggtg gtgggcacct gtagtcccag ctactcagga ggctgaggca ggagaactgc     20760
     ttgaacccgg gaggtggaaa ttgcagtgag ccgagattgc gccactgcac tctagcctgg     20820
     gtgacagaag gagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaagacta cctagtgggt acagtgtaca     20880
     ctgcttgcgt gatgagtgca ccaaaatctc tcagaaatcg ccaccaaaga atttattcac     20940
     gtaaccaaaa accacttgtt ccccaaaatt attgaaataa actttaaaag attctgctaa     21000
     tatataaagt atacattata tattatattg atataattgt tatatttata ttaataaagt     21060
     atattataaa ttattgtaga aatttggata taatttatat tgtattataa attaataaat     21120
     ataaattata ttataaatta ataaatagta taatattata ttatatatta taatatatta     21180
     gtataaatat attatataat atatatactt gcctgaataa aacttgtatt ggataactcc     21240
     aatatctaca atacatatca aaaataaata aataaataaa atgtgagtat tatgaagtca     21300
     ggaattttgt ctaccttgta tatttttgca tccctaatgc atagtgcctg acacatagtg     21360
     gctcatcaat aaatatatgt tgactgaata aacacatgct gcatgagagc aaaagacatc     21420
     ccaaatggga ctcgattgtc ctagagggtc tttgagaatt tggtactcta ggttaaatgt     21480
     gtatttcggg aggacagaaa ggagtagtgg ttggctctaa gctcctttag tgtgctacag     21540
     ttaatcctac tctttaatga ttgacctacc tgggatgtta gcaatcccta aacattatac     21600
     ctctaggaac actatccatc agacttgcct gttaagaatc actttggaag acctttacaa     21660
     tatagatttt caggacttcc acctgctacc accatgtcac ctccgtatcc agaatctcaa     21720
     ggggagaggt ctaaaaatct acattgtaaa caaataaccc cagtgattgc tattgacaag     21780
     tttgaaggag actactatag aagctttacc cattaggtta ttatagttga aaatggctca     21840
     gcttgctcga tatcagtatc tacacacgcc cttagctcta agtcaagaac tccagaaatg     21900
     atacataaac tgcccaaata atatttcgtt agttttagtc caaagtacta gaggtcacca     21960
     gtgatctaag agaagccttc tcatacaaca tgtcatatat ggagttttct aaatgtatat     22020
     attctatgaa ggcacatctg tgtgaacatt tattctcaag aaaggatctg attttgttta     22080
     tttggcacaa aattaattat gccatcccat gctcaattcc cacaccttat atgagtcttt     22140
     actgtgacat attaatgtca gttttcatca cttttttcct taaaattgtt gaagaatcag     22200
     gatttcagct tctcttcccc caaatccatc cctcctaact atcatttcaa gcaagcacag     22260
     ggtcatcact ttgaagattt ctgtcatccc ctccacaaat ccccaaaatg tttttcctgc     22320
     acatattcag tagactaagc gctgacaagg caaaaagact agtaaattcc ataatctact     22380
     cctaattaag gaattcaaat gacaacaaac aattaaagtg aatgacagca actaacagtc     22440
     ttctgacagg cactgttaca agaacctgtg agccttaaag gcaaacttac ttatggtcat     22500
     agtctacaaa agctgaattt caagtattaa gtgattacat attcccaatt ataatcttag     22560
     ctaacctcaa agactggtcc ttgggaagta aaaaggaata ggatcagatg agaaaaacag     22620
     atagggacat gctaggagaa ccatttcagg ctttctcctc aaaaggtaat gaactaaaac     22680
     ataacagaga gactatattt aaaatgacat ggaagcaact ccccctctct ccttcacttt     22740
     ctcattcagg aagttttaca gtttgcttca ttaatgctgc cccaaacaac atttatccct     22800
     ctaaacacat gatgttcccc aacaaactgt tgctgataac aaagaatcag gggaattggc     22860
     acaatgctga gttatcagag aagtgcttgg atgagagaaa atgacatttg gagttatgtt     22920
     gacattagca aataccttct gtatcagtaa cctagagcag aggccagcaa actgcagcgt     22980
     ggcctgcaga ccaaatccag tccaccggcc tgcttttgta aataaagttt tattggaaca     23040
     tagtcactcc catttagtta catattgtct atggctgctt tcccattaca acagtggagt     23100
     tcagtcattg caacagatta cgtggccagc aaagtggaaa atatttacta tcaggccctt     23160
     ttcataaaaa gtttgctgac ctacagcatc acatgccaaa aatgaagtga ggctgctacc     23220
     actgtcccac ccccaacatg ttctgctgga gaacaggtgt aaacatctgc ttcccctatc     23280
     agcctcagaa aggcagagtg ttgactcttc acaacagcca gcaagtagta gctataccag     23340
     acatttggag aaatgagaaa tacagcattc agtcaccata aacagcccca tgtttcaccc     23400
     atttggcata tcacttttga aagtcctcca actcctaaaa tgccatctta aagtatacaa     23460
     tgttttattt ggtgatataa tactcaaaca tgttgtttgc ctcttaaaat gcttctgttt     23520
     cctgaaaaaa attttcagaa acatagcaag agctataagc tccaagacca taagtacttg     23580
     tattatgtat tatgctaggt attaatttgc caatggattt ttaaaacttc cctgctttcc     23640
     tcttggtagc caataatact gacatagttt aaggtgtaag agtgcaggtt gtaataaaac     23700
     attgttaaaa atttaaacta taaaaaagtt aagagtttct taaaagtaca tattctatga     23760
     agacacaact gtgtgaacat ttatgtacct taaaggatca tactaggtta caaaactatg     23820
     gtttctctat gaagagattt atgtcactaa atggctgcta tctgctttac tgaagactga     23880
     gacagtatgg agaaaaatta aaattgggag gtagtggcca ttcatcttta catttttaca     23940
     agctttatac aggaagcttt acagcttgtg ataggtagtc caactatcct acctttgaga     24000
     ttctaccaaa ataacacttc taaaggtaac gtctattagt accttaagct caacattcct     24060
     gctggggcaa acctataaac attccatttg ctgaaaaagg acttcaaatc ccacatcaag     24120
     ctttctacct caatcttggg gctagaactc taacattagc taagcctaag ccataggtta     24180
     aggctctcca gccatgctat caacaggata aatgaatact tctataaccg aggtaactct     24240
     tagactccaa ctgaaagaga aacaattatt cctggggctc tctatgatca aagccatcat     24300
     aggactactt tgataaaaga gttgaaccta agtgctttga agacaacctt ataaaactgt     24360
     catcatagta atgatggtgt cccaggaatg ctcaagttga caatgatcct tttctaaaga     24420
     atgtcattag ttggttttga atatgttttt taaaaagaaa aactttggaa aaataccagt     24480
     aggaaattca ctagaatgtt aataatttct tctgaaaagt atggttatgg atggttatgg     24540
     acaatttttc ttagctttca tagctgaaac aatccctttt cataacaaat attttcaaca     24600
     cctccttact atcctgaaat aaaaatcact gatataaaac ttacataaaa tcatttaaaa     24660
     aaataacata atatgaagaa gaaataagag caaagcactt tataataaaa tatgtatttt     24720
     aatgtgttaa tgcttgggcc agtaaactag aaggcataaa gaagcagtca gagatttgga     24780
     tgcatcatat aattatcatg gaggcggagg ttaaatgcag atctatagaa cgtgtggcat     24840
     gatgtactca ttatgtaagt ggcattgctg tcagggataa ataaaactaa gagcagtttc     24900
     tcctcattta catggtggtt gaatttttag aactgtcttc ctccccactg cccctcaaaa     24960
     atgagcttaa acataaaatc aagtttgttt ttagactcag ataactgata ggttttcatc     25020
     tatgactgtc aagggagaca gtcaaaagtc aagcaagctt caggatactt gtttgatatg     25080
     gggcatttta ggatatctag catctctcac cctttccatt taatgcatgc agaacatccc     25140
     ccatcgctgt attccctgaa agtagcccta tgaattttta caacttcctc tagcaattct     25200
     cctgctgctt ttgagagcta ctgctttata tttttctata cttcatgaat tttctttaat     25260
     gaaatttact atcttttata aacttttttt taaaaaaagc tctggcagag ttttaagctc     25320
     atctgtgttc ctataataaa aagacataag gtcacaagtc actaacacaa actaatatct     25380
     tgaaagcaat tggaggcaga agaaatcaaa aaaagaaaag gtcaagaagt taagtatact     25440
     atccttagta gctggataaa cctttcacat ctttggatga gatgcatgag agaagtccaa     25500
     acagatacct caaagaacaa tttattctat cttaaaaaag atttatgatt aaagcagaat     25560
     tcactgatgt aaagggacac tagttccaaa aaattacaag gtctcaaagg aatacatgtg     25620
     agctttgatt acggagattt cctgggcaac agcacgacct aaaattaata gagtccataa     25680
     aaggaagatg ccaaaagaaa ctttgtgctt aagatggttt atacagcttg ggctacagca     25740
     agacacaacc catatataga aaatcacagc atctgcagta ttttaagaaa ctatagttgc     25800
     aaagcaagag caaatgtaca gtgagaggaa agatccttca aggccagtgt ggagtcaacc     25860
     actagagaag attcttcagt gcatgctgga taacaggcag cttctcacat actgagttgg     25920
     ttggctgcca tttctcaatc tctatctttt tccctgggac tgcgcattgt catcaattgc     25980
     agaaatccag gacagcttgc ttttctacat gtggaatgcc tgccaattcc cagaagctgg     26040
     ctaccgcaag acggtttatt aacagcaaag gctgttaaca gccattgctt atcaagttta     26100
     cccttacttt tatatcctta tgaacattat catgttatca aatttctcag acttttcaaa     26160
     accctttcat tctggggacg agctatcttt tccttttttt aaaaaaaaat ctgcctaaag     26220
     attaaacagg ttaagaggag aaaaatctat attttattat ctctctaagt ctgttaaaag     26280
     caacagaggc ttgcttaaaa aatagatttt ggttgttatg taatatactg caaaaaatat     26340
     tactttacta cataaataac tattagatag ctcatgtacc atgtctttaa acttagtcaa     26400
     actgttgttc taactccaca gtgcaatctt gtctgggaaa taccttacca tattaagcaa     26460
     tcgagcccca gagagagagg aaaacgaatc agacttagga ttttacctaa aaggagaatg     26520
     gcaaaaatac tgactggtgg tggagagtgg acagaaattt gctggatacc ctccagcaga     26580
     taaagtggtt tcacaagatt aagtaacaat attaaaaaat tctgctcgag cgaaaggatc     26640
     cagcaaatag ccagaagcaa tgctgtgaaa aattggagaa aaagggctgc tatttactca     26700
     aaggaagaag gtgggaaaaa atagtaaaga tctctgaaac taggactgtt ggaagcactg     26760
     gcaaagaagc ataaatggaa tgggttattt aggcataaaa atgaaagcct gcttgcttga     26820
     cagagaagtt gcagggactt gacttgatca gatgctcaac aggttccaaa cacaatttga     26880
     aacatttagt tcttgttcct ttcctttcta ctcatttctt tccccctact tcagcaatct     26940
     cctttaaaac ttattcctca aaattcttca gttatgtgtc agaacacatg ttggagttat     27000
     agaggatgtg gggctacttc tgtgactctc caaataatcc attctttaag gataaattaa     27060
     taacttcaaa atcacatgat cctaaggcca ataaaagtat tccgaaagcc ttactctcat     27120
     ccagatgtag gaacttataa atttggaaaa taatttaaat ggattgtaat catctctgtt     27180
     taaatgtatt agctcatttt catttcacaa ttctaagagg tagactatta ttatccctac     27240
     tttacagatg aggaaactga ggcatagaaa ggttaaataa cctatccaaa gtagttaaat     27300
     ggttaagctg gggttaaatg cagggagtct acctcctggg tgtgtcctct taactattat     27360
     gctgtattat ttgtcataac attatgtgat ataagagata taacagatat aaagatacaa     27420
     atttggaagg tagtgcaaca gctgtgcact aggactacaa ctatgtgaca ctagcaaggt     27480
     acttaatctc ctgggcctca gctgttaact ttaaaatgac agtgttaact aggtggcctt     27540
     taaagtattt tttagcttta aatttagtct ataactgtca ttctagccac cccagagaaa     27600
     tcaaatttta atatacagta acacatttta ggtgttgttt tatttctaat aaaagttttt     27660
     ccaagagtct tctttttttt ggggggatag ggtcttgctc tgttgcccag gctgatgtgc     27720
     agtggtgcga tcttggctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccgg gttcaagtga ttctcatgcc     27780
     tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggt gggtgccatc acacccagct aattttgtat     27840
     ttttagtaga gatggggttt cactgttgac caggctggtc tcgacctcct gacttcaagg     27900
     tccatctgcc tcggcctcct aaagtgctag gattacaggt gtgagccacc atggctggcc     27960
     ccaagagtct tcttaactga aattgaagtg acagttattc aaagatgtaa tagagctgaa     28020
     gaaaatttgg caaaggagac caagaggtaa gttaacagat catttgcaga catagtaatt     28080
     aatagaatcc ctctgatgta gtaagaagag tcttatgaca tccctggact ccaaaggcct     28140
     ctagacaagt ttgcagaaag gaagaaattt ctagttcaaa agacaccaga agatgccctg     28200
     taatgtccag ctctcctata ccattgcacg gcccatttat aaacagactg agcagatttc     28260
     atgggaaata gcccttgaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggtaaaataa gaacaatgat aaaactgcct     28320
     attgtttcat gtgttttgtt tgatttcgtt ttggaaaaag ggggaaactg catccatatt     28380
     ctcagggtca ggtaccagga ttgctcagtt tcctttctga ttcttcccct tctcctcact     28440
     ttgaatttcg gagtgctcca gggctctttc ggcctcttct ctgtctacat tcattctctt     28500
     cgtggtcaca ttcaatctca tggttttaaa atacaatctt taggtttact gatatccaat     28560
     ttgtagttcc atcctggccc ttaaacctga attgcagatt cctatatcta actgtcctct     28620
     tgacatttcc atgtggaaat atgtcaatta gacctattag atttaacaat tctaaaacca     28680
     aaaccaaatg tctacttttc ccccaccaaa tgtattatgt attcttcttg tagtattctc     28740
     catctcaatt aataaaattc catgctttta gttgccttag ctaaaacgtc ttagtgtcaa     28800
     ccttgacctt ctgttttctc acctgatatc caagaaaaca gcaaatctca ttggttctaa     28860
     cttcaatata tatcctgaat atgacaactt ctcagcatct ttactgcttg ctattatcct     28920
     ggtacaaacc accgtcagtt ttctcctgga ttactgtatt ataatggcct cctaactgat     28980
     gtccctgctt ccactaacgt cctcccagag tacattctcc aaaatagcag gcagtaatcc     29040
     tttaaaacat aagtataatc atgtcactct tctgctcaaa actacaaaag ccaaagttct     29100
     tataacttat cagtctatgc catttggcct tcttgcacat tccactctag ccacactggt     29160
     ttttttttaa tctgttctca agcatgccag atacctatct tagggtcttt gcaattgcaa     29220
     ttccctctgc ccataacact ctaccctaca tgtccacata gtttcccacc ttgcttcctt     29280
     taagactagg cttaaatcat attttctcag taaggccaat cctgaccacc ctacttataa     29340
     tgtcaacctc cttccatgtt ggcacttctg attcctcctt agcctactct atatggtttt     29400
     tccatagcac gtatcacctt ttaacatagt atttacttta catatttatg ttgtctgtct     29460
     cccccactag aatgtaaatt ccataagagc agggctgttt gttcattgtt gcatccccag     29520
     aatctagaaa agtgcttgat cataatcggc gcttaaaagc acttgttgaa ttaagatgct     29580
     tacaaaagtg aaggcaggac aaaatggaaa atgcatttag tggcttttgg tatatttcta     29640
     tttatttcta tggcattaat tttctgttaa agttcaaaac tcagctctgc tagcaaattc     29700
     caattgtgtt ctttcattta gtttgaaaac tttgcattta atagcttgac tcttttagaa     29760
     gacttttacc aacagatctc tccacgagca tacccccagt tatctaaggc aggtaccttg     29820
     atatctataa tttagtaact ctttaacact atctccttta ccaatgagtt ctgagggatg     29880
     attagtaatc cagacctact gattgcattc tggatgggga cagctatatt gctaactttg     29940
     agggtaaggt ttcagtaatt ttgttcagat tgagtgccac ctgatttatc taaaagcaac     30000
     agagattcta ggggaaaaga aaagtatgaa aagtcttact tcctgacata cataactacc     30060
     cacctatgtc aaggatagca gaagaatgct gatgctctac ccactgaatc ctgatactct     30120
     gagtaggctt ttaagttgtc cttcaagaag acgttccttc actcaaggag gtgagatgct     30180
     actagcaagt caattcgaac atgtagcctg ctgagtaaaa aaaccaaatg gatgaatagg     30240
     gaatagaaaa ggatgtaagt cctaatttca gttttgcttc actacagtca aacaaagagg     30300
     ttccctgaaa aaaggtacag gttgctcacc tagcagagat gtcatgccca aataattctt     30360
     aatttctctg agcctcagtc ttcttaacca taaaattggt tcctaatcca agatatctct     30420
     agatcctctt ccaatcctat gataccaaaa gttgggaggc aagtaccttt actacattga     30480
     accgggtcct tcaacaattc cttaaaaaca aaagcaattt gtcttctgct cagcttcttt     30540
     agtgcaccat tctgcctgtt caccaacatc ttttctgttg accacttgtg ccctctagtg     30600
     ataaattcaa ttatacaaca ggattggctt ggaaaacagc tccagagcaa acagggaaaa     30660
     ccgtaagaaa gcaacagata aaactcaatg taaagaaaat ggaatccagg tcaaagatgc     30720
     aggtaaaaaa agatggaaat aatccaaaag gtcattatct tctgtggcat acctatgctt     30780
     gttccctcca gggcaaacat tctatgtgat tactactata gtaaagaaaa cagcaaacac     30840
     actgctgaat ataaaagcat tttcagatat aattagaata accctattcc tcaaattaag     30900
     atgcagatta tttttcattt agaaagacaa gggatctatt aagattctca gagactgtca     30960
     tatacctaat gtggataaac aaaacagaat tgtttttaaa cacatctgtc aaggagatgc     31020
     taagatgtca attttatata ttaattgcta gtttcactgg ttcatggatt taccagtgga     31080
     gatgggttca gactaaaact atgcactgtg ttgggcttaa gtagggtccc cagccttcta     31140
     agcatgttcc ttgctgttcc cagcatagca atgcatgact agtctatcac atactctctt     31200
     tttaaaaatt ttaaattgtt gcattacaat agtacatatt tatgtggtac aaagtgatat     31260
     ttcaatacat atatgcaata tgtaacgatc aaatcaaggt aatcagcata tctagcatca     31320
     aaaataattt atgttaggaa cattcaaaat cctctcttct agctatttga aaatatacaa     31380
     taaattatca ttaactatat tcacccttta gtgctataga acaccagaac ttattccccc     31440
     tacctgtaat tttatatctg ttaaccaacc tctgactgtc tcccttttcc agactccagt     31500
     aaccacaatc ctactctcta cttctatgag ctcaactttt taagatccta catatgagag     31560
     agatcatgag gtatttattt ttctgtgact gacttacttc acctaacata atggcttcca     31620
     ggatcattca tgttgctgtg aatgacataa tttcattttt ctttatggct aaatagtatt     31680
     ccactatgta catataccac atgtaattaa tctgttcatc tgttaatgga catttaagtt     31740
     gattccatat cctggctatt gtgaatagtg ctgcaataaa cataggggtg cagatatctc     31800
     tttgaaagac agacagacag tgagagtgag agagagagag agagagagag caagagccag     31860
     agagcgagag caccaaatcc taaccactag accaccagag agcgtcatct ctttgataca     31920
     ctgtttttct ttcctctgga taaataccca gtagtgggac tgctgaatca tatggtagtt     31980
     caatttttag tttttgagga acctccatac tgttttccat aatggctaca ttaatttata     32040
     ttcccaccaa tagcgtatta agagtttctt tttctctata tcctcactag gttttgttat     32100
     tttttgtctt tttgataaca gccattctaa caggtcagat gatctatttc attgtggttt     32160
     tgatttgcat ttccctgacc aaatattcta ttgatagcaa acattatggc cactcctggc     32220
     cataaatctt acctgtatat aaatgttggt tacatttttc ttggtatata aaaaaggaaa     32280
     tgaacttcaa tgacctcaac agagatttag tttaaacagc agaaaggtct taaaccacgt     32340
     tgttgtcact gctatacaag tgaagtatta aacaatcttc ttttgaaatc tttaagaagg     32400
     ggggaaaaac catagatatt ttgaatcatt tagggctaac tctgactgga ggcataagat     32460
     aaagataata accattgaag cttcctttct accattaaaa ttaaatatta ttggctgggc     32520
     attgtggctc atgcctataa tcccaacatt ttgggaggcc aaggcaggag gattgtttga     32580
     gcccaggagt tcgagaccag cctgggcaat gtggtgaaac cccatctcta gaaaaactcc     32640
     aaaaattagc tgggtgtggt ggcttgtgcc tgtagtccca gctacttggg atgctgaggt     32700
     agtaggatca cttgagcctg ggaggttgag gccgcagtgg gccatgacta caccactgca     32760
     ctccagcctg ggtgaaagag caagaccctc tgtcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat taaatattac     32820
     tgctggttga tttctatctt ttccattcaa ttctctgtcc tgagaggcaa ccattcttct     32880
     gatttctatc accatagatt agtatcgctt attcttcagc attaatgatg aaacgtttta     32940
     aggtgatgga aaagttctat atcttgattt gggtagtggt tatactggta catacaagtg     33000
     tcaaaaccca gcaaacagta tatttaaaat ctgtgcacta attgtaaatt atatttcagt     33060
     ttaaaaaaac caagatatta gagtcttggg aagagataac tttaaaaata atagatatca     33120
     tcattcttaa ggagtggact agggaagaga aggaagccag catgacctca atagcagata     33180
     tagttttatt gaactaaaaa ccaagaaggg aaagagctgc cctggcttct caactgtatc     33240
     catgctgatt agctaatagc accatttcaa tagaatgccc tctgctttaa ctggctcatt     33300
     tgttgttgca gagctgagtc aactgtactg cctgaaggat gaaaacggag ctggggtaga     33360
     gaggtggtca taagatgcta ctgattgtct tgaaatagaa atgtaggaat ttacactagg     33420
     ccatgatcag gcatgtggct ctgtaggccc atacagataa tggcatcgtg cctgctagca     33480
     ttaggagaga gtgctcaagg gagaaaaaaa gttaagaatt taactgaaag aaatgaaaca     33540
     agcaaatata agacttttac aaaaaggatg cctcacccta tgctgattca ttatcggcct     33600
     ttcttcttgc actattggcg aggctggaga ttggcacttg gaatatattt cttatagcaa     33660
     ccttagctta tctgcataaa ttcaaatgta ccagtccaca gataaggggc tgtttattct     33720
     ttctgattca cattgttgtt ttcttgacac atggtaaaca ctagtagatg ccttatgcaa     33780
     ttgggtgtgt ggagtatttt ttagtctgac aaatgccttt cacatcaaac tgcaacggtc     33840
     tctgcttttc ttcatacttt caagtcaaca gtcctaaagt aaaattccct aggaagtact     33900
     gcatcaagat catcttaatt ttccttactt ggtaccctct aggctaggat tttccagtgc     33960
     caaggagttt agaaaagtag aaaatagaat tttcactggc aaaagacatt cttatgacaa     34020
     caaagccttc ccttttgcaa ttccctggat ttaaatggcc tacgtatgga taatgttcca     34080
     tttcagtact ctattcctaa gttatatatg ctttgagtta taattcccca aaggaacttt     34140
     cctatattca ctcttcctat ctccaaaagc ctttccaagc cccttgaaga aactaagagt     34200
     tgctgtaatt catacacgta cacacatgca tacactcttg ccccaaggaa cctctatata     34260
     ctatttccac acctcatagc ttgcctttat gaaatagccc cagcttcagc caagggcagg     34320
     caattctcac ctatgtcacc attagtcatt aaaggcacta ctttctggaa ggctactatt     34380
     gtctgttttg gatctagaca aaaatatagg cagatcaatg acaatatatt atttatatct     34440
     tctctgctaa agatgagtta gatgttaatt ttcagtacag gttatcaaat atactctgag     34500
     aacatacttc caataagttg taggatacga tacaaaacgt catcttttta cataatttca     34560
     atagaaaagc acatgtattt caattaattt agtcaaaacc aaattcctta cttcttggaa     34620
     aacagtactg aaaagaaaac caccaccaat cttgtctgag tggcttacag gagcctcgag     34680
     tgtcttcaga aaagctgaac ttaggccttt cactgcaggg aagagttgga tgtcaggcct     34740
     taaaaggcga gagttatata agatgccaga tgtttaatct tatctcaaag tcaaatataa     34800
     acgacttggg gactgtctga tgttttacat tctccacatt tatgtccctc tctattagtg     34860
     tggatccaaa aaggaactgg tatcactctt cacttttcat tcaaagattt caaagtactt     34920
     catataatcc aatgacatag tcacaagaga gaaaatgatg gatcctataa cagtgtgaaa     34980
     gactggcagc aggcatagaa aaatgtagga aactggttca agagtatagg cattgttaca     35040
     ccacatgaga aaatagtacc ataaactaat acctgctcca tctcttagag gaatgtctat     35100
     ctccaaactc cctctcaact aaaatctgca taagtcttgc cctttcttct actaaaatta     35160
     catacaagag caagactgtg ctctcaagag acatgcctca ctggcttgtc acttacccat     35220
     gtttctttga cctcttcaga gccatcagtt tcatcctcct aaaaaagaaa agggaagaaa     35280
     atcaagaggc tcatcatcac agacatcctt gaaaacaaca aggtcagatc ccatcaatta     35340
     tgcatcttgg catttcaaac atgggcaatg agaattgact tccaagtgat gctctgttac     35400
     tgctactttt cacagccatc acaggcaggc aacttagaaa tgtcacctgt agtctaaaaa     35460
     gtcaaatcga ccacagttgg taaagggata tctttaagac agacagacag acagacagac     35520
     agacttaatt tcatctttgt caatacttat cagtcaattt ggccctaaaa caatgaaata     35580
     tttttatcta aaaataattt ataatggatg actattactg tctcatttct tgtctcactg     35640
     aataaagtgt gtccaatttt caaaggagtc attggtaggc agggtcatct tgtccaagtt     35700
     attggccact tgttctttaa aatgccaata acaaggttga atgaggctac agaacaagat     35760
     atggaagagg atgaatggaa ctactgaatg agtatttgta gttagtaaac attggcatat     35820
     ctgtctttat tttaaagcca aagttcatct attttatgtt atttgttcca ctttttctcc     35880
     aaaacagtaa aactaagtga acttgtatta cttagaggtt ttaagttcct tgaacttctt     35940
     gtagtactcc tacaatattt agttagaatc tgctcatatg tggcgttaag atattgttga     36000
     ctcactacat gacattcagg aaatattagg aaggactact aaaactcaac aagcttattc     36060
     atttgttaat atttgtttat atggctgttg tacatttcca gttttttaat tctttgccaa     36120
     ttatttactg agtgcctgcc atgtgcttag ttagcactgt actagatact gggaatctag     36180
     ccggaacata ccaaatgagt cccacactag ttaggtcttt cttctctttt cctcagtaat     36240
     acttcctgag aaactgcaag attcatggca ccatgaagga ctctttcttt taaactcaac     36300
     tgtaagaatg gtgaccaaga gtaatacgat atgcctcagc acagacaaat ctacttacat     36360
     cctttgacca gaaattgatg tctgtgcctc ttcatcgttc cttgggccac ctcctctctt     36420
     ggacagacag cctcttagag gactgctcat ccaaatctgc ttcttcattc tctggccaga     36480
     gataaaataa agtatgaact ttaagaatct gcgggatgtg cactgtggag gggcctgtgt     36540
     cttttgaagc tctacatacc atttttgtcc atttcctttg cagttgtagt gtttgtggta     36600
     gtctttgaac tctcagaatc agggactgaa aatctatttg tccatagcag gtgggaactg     36660
     gtgtagagtg agggtcttga tgtagaagga gatgctggcg tggtgggttt gtctggctga     36720
     gctgggcacc tcaggtgatg acagataggc tggaaataat ccacaacatg agatattaga     36780
     aatcaagtcc atctaaagag taaggacagc aggtttatac aaaatgtttt tttttctata     36840
     ttaagaggct tttgaggaga tgatgatcaa tattgagtac ctggtaatag gtactcaata     36900
     aatgaactaa gctaaagtta gttaattaga cagaaaaaaa aaacagcttc tagactccta     36960
     ctctgagaat cccatcatgt tgagaacagt tcaagcaaat tattcatcaa ttaaccaaag     37020
     ggtactagat agcattaacc atgtaaaaaa ttcctttgat cttggaatga aaataagaat     37080
     gatggccttt ttaagatgga gggctgaaag gcaaggttta tgtagggaaa caaaaagatc     37140
     aggagcatga agaagcaaaa agtagggatt acttgagaac agagaacaaa tgtgataatc     37200
     ctaccgagtt ctgaatactc taccaccttg ccataaccag gcttactgaa actttctaaa     37260
     gttcccattt tcctttttgt agttttgttt tgttgttgtt gttctatttt cttttctttt     37320
     ttttgagatg gagtcttgct ctgttgccca ggctggagtg caacggtgca atcttggctc     37380
     actgcaacct ctgcctcctg ggttcaagca attctggtct attgtggtct tttttttttt     37440
     ttaaacctga gagttaggac agatagagcc taacaataag acttaacttg gtttatggaa     37500
     gactcagaga tagataaatc cttactacac attaaattta tgacatagag attgtacaca     37560
     tttttgtgat ttataaagac ataatacaat aaaatgtagt aaatttggag tcagacagat     37620
     ctttgttcaa attctagctt cagcattact agctgtgacc ttgaataagt tacttagctt     37680
     ctctgggcca taacatcctc atctataaaa cagagataac accttcttca gagaagatta     37740
     tgaggattaa attaagaaaa tgtgcattag gtgcttagaa gaatacctgg taataggtac     37800
     tcaataaata gtagcttata aaacaaacaa aatacaaaat agaacttcag tttatggaat     37860
     ctagccattc agagtcaaag caaggagatt cctttcttct ataaccacag tgaccataac     37920
     atttatcagt ccaaacgggg acacttttga taatgcaaag gagtggtaat gataattaca     37980
     taaagtcaac agttgtaatt ggaaccatct taggtaaacc aggagttatg ttcaccctaa     38040
     atataaactt atacctttga ctaccaactc cactagagaa atgaaacgta aataaaaatg     38100
     tccctcccaa cagtgacact catgagtgct gtgtaagccc cttaggttta taagagtttg     38160
     aaaaacaata cactagtagt taagagagca agctgtggag tcagactgcc tatgttcaaa     38220
     ctctggctta accacttctt ggctatgtga aatgggcaaa ttccttaacc tctgtgattc     38280
     aatttcctca tatataaaat agaaatagta atatttacct cagagagttg ttatgaggat     38340
     taaatgcatt aatacatgag aagtacttaa aatagtgcct ggcataaagt aagcacgtat     38400
     tgagtaaagt aaacactcaa tatatgctta tatttttatt tgcattttgt tatactatga     38460
     cctctccttt tagactagaa gggcatttat tcaaaagcat ctgagagcat cagtgaactc     38520
     tcagaagaaa aaaatggtca tttaaggacc gacatcctct aaatttttgt cacacaggtt     38580
     tgcaaactaa agacagccat actgagtgag ttgtccattg caaggtagaa cacagccttt     38640
     gaactaccag tgaagaagat actccccaaa ctaattaccc tgcttttagc acattacatg     38700
     cgagcaaaaa tgagctcacc tcttcatcca gactcctgcc ccagggctgc tggccctccc     38760
     cagcttctgt tgcaggaact gcttaggtct catgcttctc agggctcccc tcaagccctt     38820
     cagtgtctgt aggcttctca cgaggctgct cctgagcttg cctctctgcc ctcgactggc     38880
     tgaatgtcct ttctgcttct tgaaggtctg ctagggtgac accctgggaa aatatcacaa     38940
     gatcagggct gtttcacact aaccatggaa taactcttca ttgatcagaa gtattcccaa     39000
     aaagatctaa tagttgtcaa attccaaaat gaagcccctc aaaatgcata atgaggccac     39060
     ttcaagcaat atatgcttaa aataagcatc tcagtgtaca aagaacccgg gcctgagtct     39120
     aggtacattt taaatgtaat actttctttt ttctggtttg atctccagaa aacaggtcaa     39180
     cattgatgtc tgcctgttat agatgtactt ttcccatacc aaatagttct cagtatcttt     39240
     atttgaaagg tctctaccct cccaagatca aatggttacc aacagagatt ccctaaacag     39300
     cagataccgg gaaaaaaaat tcacttaaaa aaagaaaaac ctggctcaac aagatgaaaa     39360
     ttcagagcta ggctatgata acaacaacat aacctcttaa aactcctaga ctagcttttc     39420
     tttaatatga attcccaagt aactctagga atcatatagg gatattccaa caattaatgc     39480
     tcccccccgc agtgtcacag gggcagcaag acagaagaaa ggcaaatgat gacaaaacta     39540
     caggagaaga gagaaaagga gtttagaaag agcatgagct gattccaact caagtagtta     39600
     tgtgcatgag tcctcagaag aaggaagttc caaagctgga aggtagttga tcaggcactg     39660
     tatccacagc ttgcttcccc tccccacccc cagctttttt actattaatt catttactta     39720
     ctcattctgt taataaagaa ttaggtgtct ttaggcacta gaactacaaa gacaaatcca     39780
     atggttactg tcaagaacct tttattctag cagaaaagat gtaagaaaac agatgagtat     39840
     aatgagagaa tgtaagtatt aaaacagaaa cacaagagta tataagagga atatcgaaca     39900
     ctgggtttta aagagtaaaa agaacttggg tagggggagg gagaaaaggc attataggta     39960
     gagggatcct gtacaaagat atggaaacaa gagaggccat ggatgattta ggaatctgca     40020
     ggtaacttag caaagatgaa gcccacaaca aaaaaaggaa agttggaaga gagagagaga     40080
     atgaggatag gtgattttaa gaaagcaggc agaggctagg tcataataga ttttgtaagc     40140
     tatgctaaga agcttagatt ttactttctt tgggagttgg tggtcccttt gagaatctca     40200
     tgaagactac tgagaatcta ataaaatctc ctcaaaaatt atgtacacat ttcaaggagt     40260
     tcaaagatct attcaagttt tgacatggac cttcactccc tctctgctga atctttccct     40320
     ctaagacgtt tccatgttcc tgtctctccc accttcaatt ctatgcccct ctccggcaac     40380
     ttccctatct tctcccattc cttcataaac aaacttgaaa tcattccaca gcaatttatc     40440
     ttcccctatc atttatttct cactcattta tttattcaat aaatatatat tgatttattt     40500
     actgtatgat ggtggaaaag atgagcaaaa gtatagtcag tcttcttttt cacacccatt     40560
     aggatggtta ttaccaaaaa aaaacaggct gggcatggtg gctaacacct gtaatctcag     40620
     caccttgaaa ggccaaggtg ggtagatcac ttggggtcag gagttcaaga ccagcctgac     40680
     taacatggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagccaggtg tggtgatggg     40740
     cgcctgtaat cccagctact tgggaggctg aggcagtaga attgcttgaa ccctgaggca     40800
     gaagttgcag tgagccaaga tcacaccatc gcaccccagc ctgcgtgaca agagcaaaca     40860
     acaacaacaa caacaaaaat attggtgagg atatggaaaa attagaaccc ttgtgcactg     40920
     ctgatgggaa cataaaatgg tacagccgct aaagaaaaca gtatggcagt tcctcagaaa     40980
     attaaaaatt gaattaccat atgatccagc aaattccatt tctcagtata tactgaaaag     41040
     aattgaaagc agggtttcag ggagatattt gtatagccat tctcatagca gcattaaaca     41100
     gccaaaaggt ggaagcaacc caatgtctac tgacagatga atggatacac aaaatgcagt     41160
     atccataaaa ggctgaaata ttcatccttt aggagggagg aactctgaca catgctacaa     41220
     tatggatgaa ccctgataac tatgctaagt aaaatacgac acaaaaggac aactactata     41280
     tgattctact tatttgaggt tcctagcata gtcaagttca tagacagaaa gtggaagcag     41340
     cattgccaga gggaaatggg gagtgattat ttaatggata cagagtttca gtttgggaag     41400
     aggaagaaag ttctagagat gaatggtggc gatagttata caacaatata aatgtactta     41460
     atgccattaa actgtaaact taaaaatggt aaaactggta agttttatgt tacatatatt     41520
     tcaccacaat aaaacaaaac aaaaaaacag tcagtcttgg ttctcttagg ggttacattc     41580
     taatggagga aacagacaaa taatcatcaa gtacaaataa aggaagaata catgacctac     41640
     tttgggagag tcaagaaaga caacaagggt gtttttgctg ccatatataa tgtctctttt     41700
     ccagtggtaa aatttgctac ttgacctctg tagtatttaa aactgtggaa cttctccttt     41760
     tcactggaaa tggacttttc attcacttcc atgctgctac tattttctga ttttcttttc     41820
     aactgctcct gctgcttctt ttcattctgt ttcatgggct tatctttctt tgcttcttta     41880
     aataacaaat tcatagcctt ctctcaattt tcactgccat tacaacttga tttcataccc     41940
     ttgtaatttc ctgggactac aatacaactt ggactacaat acagttccca gcaagtcttc     42000
     ttgcttccag gcttggcaaa catacctcta cctaccattc ccatcaatta tctgcagggt     42060
     gatttttcta acctataatg tagactatat catattccct taaactgctt caatgactcc     42120
     ttcagggatt ccttttgtaa catctttatt aaaatacaat cctcatatca taatcaccat     42180
     ttgaaagtat acaattcctt ggtgtttagt ttattcacag agttataaaa ttatcacatc     42240
     taatttcgta attttcatca ccccaaaaag aaaccgcgta ctcaccattc tgccttcccc     42300
     ccagccctgg cactaatcta atttctgtct ctttggattt gcctatttgg gacatttcat     42360
     ataaatggaa tcatataata tatggagtgt tttgtgtctg gcctttttta acttagcata     42420
     atgttttctt aaggttcatc catgttgtaa catgtatcag tacttcattt tttttattgc     42480
     caaatagtat ggatttatca catttggttt acccattcat tagtaaatag acatttggct     42540
     tattgttact ttttggctat tatgaataat actattacaa acacctatat acaagttttt     42600
     atatgaacat atgttttcat ttctcttgag tagaactgct gagtcaaatg gtaactctaa     42660
     gtttaaaatt ttgaggaatt gccaaactct tttcccttac ggattcttaa aatgtagtag     42720
     ggatataggg atgtataggg attcttaagg tctttaagca caagtgaaat aattaatcct     42780
     gtgaaggaaa agagataaac ctgttctaag cctggaggaa tattggtgaa atgggtagat     42840
     gtagatgtaa attcatttgg ttctatgtag tataagattc aacacagtga aagcttttaa     42900
     gactggctgg aatagggcag tcatttttat gtgtgtgttt tgctttgtct tgtttttttg     42960
     agatggagtc tcgctctgtc acgcaggagg gcagtggagc aatcttggct cactggaact     43020
     tcttctgcct cccaggttca agcaattctc ccacctcatc ctcccaagta actgaaatta     43080
     caggcacaca ccaccatgcc tggctaattt tcatattttt agtagagaca gggattcacc     43140
     acgttggcca ggcttgtctt gaactcctga cctcaagtca ggaatgctct tggtctcaac     43200
     tccttggcct cacaaatttc tgggattaca ggtgtgagcc accatgccaa gccgtgtgcg     43260
     tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgtgtt taaatcagca gttgaacatg gatattgcag tgtgttttgg     43320
     gactagagcc aagatggcca aataggaaca gttccggtct acagctccca gcacgagcga     43380
     cacagaagac gggggatttc tgcatttcca tttgaggtac cgggttcgtc tcactaggga     43440
     gtgccagata gtgggtgcag gacagtgggt gcagcgcacc gcacgccagc cgaagcaggg     43500
     cgaggcattg cctcactcgg gaagctcaag gggtcaggga gttagttccc tttcctggtc     43560
     aaggaaaggg gtgacagacg gcacctggaa aattgggcca ttcccaccca aatactgcgc     43620
     ttttccgatg ggcttaggaa acgacgcacc aggagattat atcccgcacc tggctccgag     43680
     ggtcctaaac ccacggagtc tcgctgattg ctaacacagc agtctgagat caaactgcaa     43740
     ggtggcagta aggctggcgg aggggcgccc gccattgccc aggcttgctt aggtaaacaa     43800
     agcagcctgg aagctcgaac tgggtggacc ccaccacagc tcaagcagtt ctgcctgcct     43860
     ctgtaggctc cacctctggg ggcagggcac agacaaacaa aaagacagca gtaacctctg     43920
     cagacttaaa tgtccctgtc tgacagtgtt gaggagagca gtggttctcc cagcaggcag     43980
     ctggagatct gagaacaggc agactgcgtc ctcaagtggg tccctgaccc ctgacccccg     44040
     agcagcctaa ctggggggca cctcccagta ggggcagact gacacctcac acagccgggt     44100
     actcctctga gacaaaactt tcagaggaac gatcagacag cagcattaga ggatcacgaa     44160
     aatccgcggt tctgcagaca ccgttgctga tacccaggca aacagggttt ggagtggacc     44220
     tctagcaaac tccaacagac ctgcagctga gggtcctgtc tgttagaagg aaaactaaca     44280
     aacagaaagg acatccacac caaaaaccca tctgtacatc accatcatca aagaccaaaa     44340
     gtagataaaa ccacaaagat ggggaaaaaa acagagcaga aaaactggaa actctaaaaa     44400
     gcagagtgcc tctcctcctc caaaggaaca cagttcctca ccaccaatgg aacaaagctg     44460
     gagggagaat gactttgatg agttgagaga agaagccttc agacgatcaa actactctga     44520
     gctacaggag gaaattcaaa ccaaaggcca agaagttaaa aactttgaaa aaactttaga     44580
     tgaatgtata actagaataa ccaatacaga gaagtgctta aaggagctga tggagctaaa     44640
     agccaaggct cgagaactac gtgaagaatg cagaagcctc aggagccgat gcgatcaact     44700
     ggaagaaagg gtatcagtga tggaagatga aatgaatgaa atgaagcgag aagggaagtt     44760
     tagagaaaaa agaataaaaa gaaacgaaca aagcctccaa gaaaaatggg actatgtgaa     44820
     aacaccaaat ctacgtctga ttggtgtacc tgaaagtgac ggggagaata gaaccaagtt     44880
     ggaaaacact ctgcaggata ttatccagga gaacctcccc aatctagtaa ggcaggccaa     44940
     cattcagatt caggaaatac agagaacacc acaaagatac tcctcgagaa gagcaactcc     45000
     aagacacata attgtcagat tcaccaaagt tgaaatgaag gaaaaaatgt taagggcagc     45060
     cagagagaaa ggtcaggaca cccacaaagg gaagcccatc agactaacag ctgacctctc     45120
     cgcagaaact ctataagcca gaagagagtg ggggccaata ttcaacattc ttaaagaaaa     45180
     gaattttcaa cccagaattt catatccagc caaactaagc ttcataggtg aaggagaaat     45240
     aaaatacttt acagacaagc aaatgctgag agattttgtc accaccaggc ctgccctaaa     45300
     agagctcctg aaggaagcac taaaaatgga aaggcacaac cggtaccagc tactgcaaaa     45360
     tcatgccaaa atgtaaagac cattgagact aggaagaaac tgcatcaact aacgagcaaa     45420
     atcaccagct aacatcataa tgacagggtc aaattcacac ataacaatat taactttaaa     45480
     tgtaaatgga ctaaatgctc caattaaaag acacagactg gcaaattgaa tagtcaagac     45540
     ccatcagtgt gctgtattca ggaaacccat ctcacatgca gagacacaca taggctcaga     45600
     ataaaaggat ggaggaagat ctaccaagca aatggaaaac aaaaaaaggc aggggttgca     45660
     atcctagtct ctgataacac agactttaaa ccaacaaaga tcaaaagaga caaagaaggc     45720
     cattacataa tggtaaaggg atcaattcaa ccagaggagc taactatcct aaatatatat     45780
     gcacccaata caggagcacc aagattcata aagcaagtcc tgagtgacct acaaagagac     45840
     ttagactccc acacattaat aatgggagac tttaacaccc cactgtcaac attagacaga     45900
     tcaacgagac agaaagtcaa ccaggatacc caggaattga actcagctct gcaccaagca     45960
     gacctaatag acatctacag aactctccac cccaaatcaa cagaatatac atttttttca     46020
     gcaccacacc acacctattc caaaattgac cacatagttg gaagtaaagc tctcctcagc     46080
     aaatgtaaaa gaacagaaat tataacaaac tatctctcag accacagtgc aatcaaacta     46140
     gaactcggga ttaagaatct cactcaaagc cgctcaacta catggaaact gaacaacctg     46200
     ctcctgaatg actactgggt acataacgaa atgaaggcag aaataaagat gttctttgaa     46260
     accaacgaga acaaagacac aacataccag aatctctcgg acgcattcaa agcagtgtgt     46320
     agagggaaat ttatagcact aaatgcccac aagagaaagc aggaaagatc caaaattgac     46380
     accctaacat cacaattaaa agaactagaa aagcaagagc aaacacattc aaaagctagc     46440
     agaaggcaag aaataactaa aatcagagca gaactgaagg aaatagagac acaaaaaacc     46500
     cttcaaaaaa ttaatgaatc caggagctgg ttttttgaat ggatcaacaa aattgataga     46560
     ccgctagcaa gactaacaaa gaaaaaaaga agaatcaaat agatgcaata aaaaatgata     46620
     aagggggtat caccactgat cccacagaaa tacaaactac catcagagaa tactacaaac     46680
     acctctacgc aaataaacta gaaaatctag aagaaatgga taaattcctt gacacataca     46740
     ctctcccaag actaaaccag gaagaagttg aatctctgaa tagaccaata acaggatctg     46800
     aaattgtggc aataatcaat agcttaccaa ccaaaaagag tccagaccag ttggattcac     46860
     agccgaattc tgccagaggt acaaggagga actggtacca ttccttctga aactattcct     46920
     atcaatagaa aaagagggaa tcctctctat ctcattttgt gaggccagca tcatcctgat     46980
     accaaagctg ggcagagaca caaccaaaaa agagaatttt agaccaatat ccttgatgac     47040
     cattgacaca aaaatcttca ataaaatact ggcaaaccaa atccagcagc acatcaaaaa     47100
     gcttatccac catgatcaag tgggcttcat ccccgggatg caaggctggt tcaatatatg     47160
     caaatcaata aatgtaatcc agcatataaa cagaaccaaa gacaaaaacc acatgattat     47220
     ctcaatagat gcagaaaagg cctttgacaa aattcaacaa ctcttcatgc taaaaactct     47280
     caataaatta ggtattgatg ggacgtattt caaaataata agagctatct atgacaaacc     47340
     cacagccaat atcatactga atgggcaaaa actggaagca ttccctttga aaactggcac     47400
     aagacaggga tgccctctct caccactcct tttcaacata gttttggaag ttctggccgg     47460
     ggcaattagg caggagaagg aaataaaggg tgttcaatta ggaaaagagg aagtcaaatt     47520
     gtccctgttt gcagacgaca tgattgtata tctagaaaac cacattgtct cagcccaaaa     47580
     tctccttaag ctgataagca acttcagcaa agtctcagga tacaaaatca atgtacaaaa     47640
     atcactagca ttcttataca ccaataacag acaaacagag agccaaatca tgagtgaact     47700
     cccattcaca attgcttcaa agagaataaa atacttagga atccaactta caagggacgt     47760
     gaaggacctc ttcaaggaga actacaaacc actgctcaat gaaataaaag aggatacaaa     47820
     caaatggaag aacattccat gctcatgggt aggaagaatc aatatcgtga aaatggccat     47880
     actgtccaag gtaatttaca gattcaatgc catccccatc aacctaccaa tcactgtctt     47940
     cacagaattg gaaaaaacta ctttaaagtt cacatggaac caaaaaagag cccacattgc     48000
     caagtcaatc ctaagccaaa agaacaaagc tggaggcatc acgctacctg acttcaaact     48060
     atactacaag gctacagtaa ccaaaacagg atggtactgg taccaaaaca gagatataga     48120
     tcaatggaac agaacagagc cctcagaaat aacgacacat atctacaact atctaatctt     48180
     tgacaaacct gagaaaaaca agcaacgggg aaaggattcc ctatttaata aatggtgctg     48240
     ggaaaactgg ctagccatat gtagaaagca gtgtgttttc attgtacctc caacagaagg     48300
     gtagatagac aaaatgacat tttaaaaaaa gccacactca cttgagtaga ccttcgtgtc     48360
     tgccgagctt gtctggagcg tgctgtcctt aaaactctgc ttccttatcc tgtacaggag     48420
     tcagatagga cctgcagaga aaaaaaaagt aatagcaaaa ggaagatctt tgctgaatat     48480
     acttgaggaa tgacaaagtg tttccatgta ttgaagagat ttctacattc taggaatgaa     48540
     cttaagcaaa gtcaaagtga cagatatgct atcaaccatc agcaaacatt acagaatcca     48600
     agttattaca gttgctcccc ttatctgtgg ttttgctttt tgtggtttca gtagcccatg     48660
     gtgaactgtg gtctgaaaat attaaatgaa aacttccatc aataaacaat tcatacattt     48720
     tcaattgtgc actgttctga atagcgtggt gaaatttcat gctgttccat tctgtccctc     48780
     cggagatgca aatcatgcac tgttgtgata tcacagtgtt tatgttcaac taatccgtat     48840
     tctacttaat aatggcccca aagtgcaaga gtagtgatgc tggcattttg ttataactgt     48900
     ctattttatt attagttatt aatattattg ctaatctctt actgtgccta attataaatt     48960
     aaactttagt gtaggtatgt atttatagga caaattgtat ttatataggg ttctgtacta     49020
     tctgtaggtt caatcatcca ctggaagtct tgaaaggtat cgtgcggtgg ctcacaccta     49080
     taatcccagc actttgggag gccaaggtag gaggatcacc tcaggtcagg agttcgagac     49140
     caacctgacc aacatgctgg aaccctgtct ctattaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccaggtgt     49200
     gctggtgggc acccgtaatc ccagctactc aggaggctga gacaaaagaa tcacttcaac     49260
     ttggaggccg aggttgcagt gagctgagat tgcaccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacga     49320
     gtgaaactag gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa tgtatctccc     49380
     atggataacg ggactattgt gtttttaaat gtattactgt tcacacagaa tcatgtcatc     49440
     tgtaaaatga gaattttatt tcttctttcc catccttcca atttttattt cttttcttgc     49500
     cttaatgctt tggctaggaa tctctaggac atgctgaaaa gcagtgatga tagtaagttt     49560
     tcattctctg taatcctgcc atcaaagaga atgctttcag cattttttca ttaagtgtaa     49620
     tgtttgttgt aagatttatg cagataccac tcatcaaatt aaagcaattc ccttctattc     49680
     ctacagaaaa caggctaaga gggtttctcg ttgtttttta atcattagtg tatgttgaac     49740
     tttatcacat gctattcttc cccatatatt gagatgattg cttttctcct tttttctgtc     49800
     aggaaggtga attacattga ataatttttg aatgataaag caacactgaa ttcttgggac     49860
     aagctcaact tggtcaagat gtaccatctt tttatataga tttttaaaca tattcactat     49920
     tatttagttt agaatttcta ccacattcat gaaagaaatt ggcttataat tttcccttct     49980
     tgtaatatgc tggtcagctt tgtgaattaa ggttatgtga attgtgagtg ttctctacat     50040
     gtctatttct gtaagaattt gtgtaagatt tgggttattt cctccttaaa tgattggaag     50100
     tgttcactaa tcaagtcatc tgggtttaca gtgttccttg tgggaaggtt ttgtttttta     50160
     tttttgagac agagtcttac ttcgttgccc atgctggagt acagtggcgt gatcatagct     50220
     gactgtagcc ttgatttcct ggactcaggc aattttccct cctcagcctt tgcaagtagc     50280
     tgggactaca ggtgcacgcc accacacctg gctaactttt ttttattttt agtagagatg     50340
     aggtctcgct atgttgccta ggctgatctt gaactcctga gctcaagcga tcctcccacc     50400
     ttgacttccc agagtgctgg tttataggtg tgagccactg tgtccagccc ttatgggaaa     50460
     gttttaaata aagggttcaa tgtctttaat agagttaggc ttattcaaat tttctgtttt     50520
     ggtaattgtt ttttaagaaa ttttccattt tgtctgtatt atcacattta gtggcataaa     50580
     gttgttaata atacccttag aatacatttg ttattttaat atctagagca gtggctttca     50640
     aattgttttg gtctcaagat cctttaatat tttttaaaat tattgagaac cccagaaagc     50700
     ttttgtttat atggggatta atatttatct tactagaaat taaaatttaa aaattaaaaa     50760
     atgtatttat taatttattt aaaaataata gcagccagga gcagtagctc atgcctgtaa     50820
     tcccaacact ttgggaggcc caggcgggta gctggcttga gcccaggagt ttgagaccag     50880
     cctgggcaac atggcaaaac ctcgtctctt caaaaaatac aaaaattagc caggtgcagt     50940
     ggcatgtgcc tgtagtccca cctactcatg aggctgagat gggaggacgg cttaagcctg     51000
     ggtggcagag gttgtagtga gctgagaata taccactgca cttcagcctg gttgacagag     51060
     ccagaccttg tctcaaataa caataacaat aataataata ttaaaatagc cctagataag     51120
     atggagtgat gtcagcagga tggccaaatt gagttaccta aagcccatcc tctccacaaa     51180
     aagggaccaa aacaatgaat aaacaacgat atttcaatta aaatgaccaa agaagtactc     51240
     gggagagcac caggggaaca gcaaaatccc tgtggaagac aaaagcccag ggcagcacca     51300
     tagagagggg agcaaggtat tctgcttctg ccacactgtc tcccctacca ggatcagcct     51360
     ggagccagag ggggcttctt aagggaaaaa cgtaagctgg agatcaccag tgatccccat     51420
     tgctaccata aatgccagaa attcttgcta taggagagtc cctctgtcct caaaggccct     51480
     gaatccagtt tggagagtag agttcataca gttaactttg cctagagtag gagctcacct     51540
     tgagcacccc ctgcccccca ccctcacatc ctaagctgct gctactcagt atcatcttga     51600
     aactggacct actactagaa tgtgcccttc cctgtagtcc ggtacaagaa tggactttct     51660
     ccattcatgt agccctgcca tcactctacc atgttcacac aggcgcctgt agcactacaa     51720
     tcctagctgc ctgaagccta gtcagatgca acaactgaga cctctgcact tgaacccatg     51780
     tggtacaata ccctcccaac cccaggaaca gccaaacctg cacatggggg aaactgccta     51840
     actgctggcc agtcccctca ccggtacata cctgcactgc acagctagct tgccagctga     51900
     acctatgcac acccacatcc agcccaacaa ccagttctac cgtggttcca cccctcagac     51960
     cgctgcagaa ccacccagcc ctgctgtggc cacacaccac tgtgcctgac agccagttta     52020
     gcagcagccc tgccccaaag acagatcact gcagggttgt gtggccctgc tgtacccatg     52080
     cttggcctga tagttggtca agcagcagcg ctgtacccct ggatttctca ggagaaacct     52140
     tgtaggccag gagagaatga gataatacat tcaaagtgtt tgggggaaaa aaacaaacct     52200
     gtcagccaag actactatat ccagcagagc tatcatccac caatgaagga aaaataaaga     52260
     ccttcgcaga caagcaaaag ctgagaaaaa accatcacca ctagactagc cttacaagaa     52320
     atacttaaga gaatggtata actggaaata aaagattata attattttca tgaaaagatg     52380
     taaaagtata aaactcacca atagaggtaa gttcataaat caaattcaga ctagcccagt     52440
     gatttaatgg tgctatgtaa gtctctcagt cctctagtat gaaggtttaa agtcaaaatg     52500
     gtcaaaactc ctgacagtta caattagtag ctaaggaaca caatcacagg taaaaaagta     52560
     attacagaaa caaaaaagag aagtctagag cattttaatg caaccaaagt taagttgcta     52620
     tcagcttaaa acattctact ataagacgtt taatgttagc cccatggtag ccacaaagaa     52680
     agaaagaaat tactgcagag gcacaaacaa gaaagagaaa ggaaacaaag ctcagtacta     52740
     cagaaaacca ccaaaccaca gaagtaaata aaagaggaag aaaggaacga aggatctata     52800
     aaaccaccag aaaaaaaatt aacaaaatgg gaggagtaag atcttcttta tcaataataa     52860
     gcttaaatat aaatggatta aattatccaa ttaaaagata cagagtggct gaatggatta     52920
     aaaacaagac ccaaccatat actgcctaaa acagactcac ctaaccatta aagacaaaca     52980
     tagactaaaa gtaaagggag ggaaaaagat attccatgca aatggaaacc aagtgagcag     53040
     gagtaaccat gtcagataaa acagacttta agtcaaaaac tgtaaaagag gacaaagaaa     53100
     gtcattagac attgataaag ggtacaatta agcaagagga tataaaaact ataaatacat     53160
     acatccatcc aagaccagag cacacagata tataaagcaa atattattag aggtaaaggg     53220
     agagatagac tgtaatacta taacagtagg tgtcaaatgt agtgaactac aagtttctct     53280
     tcaaggaatc agtatgccag tatattgagc tctcttattc tctattctcc attttaaagc     53340
     ttaacttcct ggttctcttc gccctcttgc ctctagcttc agtacacaac cccctcctag     53400
     cctctatcac ctgctctgtc ctgagtcacc cctggtcgcc tgctctgacc tgagtcatcc     53460
     tgagtcacct gttctgtaac cgtcgttcct gccaaactac tcactgggat tttgggtgca     53520
     gacttcctct gttccctctg tcagtctttc tctctttttt catatacttt ttgggtttct     53580
     cttagaagct cttccatagg tttgtctttc cagttctcta tcttttgtaa tttcttgtta     53640
     atatcttagc caagattgca cctactgcat tctggcctgg gcaacagagc aagactccat     53700
     gtcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gtgttcttca taaaaataaa acaaaatcct aaaattcata     53760
     tgaaaccaga aaaaaaaaaa gaacagccaa agcaattctg agtggaaagc tggaagcatc     53820
     acactacata acttaaaaat atactacaaa cgtataataa caaaaacaga atagtactgg     53880
     cataaaaaca gacacataga ccaatggaac agaatagaaa gcccagaaat aaattgacat     53940
     acctaaagcc aactgatttt tgacaaaggt gccacgaaca cacattaggg gagaaactgt     54000
     ttcttcaata aatgctgctg ggaaagtggg acatcaacat gcagaagaat gagagtaaat     54060
     ccctacctct caccacatac aagaatcaat tcaaagtaga ttagagactt aacatggaaa     54120
     cccaaaactg tggaactacc tagaatataa cataggagaa atgcttcatg acattgggct     54180
     aagctaggat attttaaata agacttcaaa agcatagaaa acaaaagcaa aaatggacaa     54240
     atgagattgc aacaaactaa aatgcttttc catagcaaag gaaactatta aacagagtaa     54300
     acagacaacc taaaggatgg gaaagaaaac ttgcaaacta tacatctgac aaggagttaa     54360
     tatccagaat atatacggga cttagcagca aacaaaacaa aaaaacaaaa acctgatttt     54420
     aaaaatgggc aaaatacctt aacagacatt tacttctcaa aagaagtcat acaaatggct     54480
     aatgaatata tgaaaaaatg gtcaacatca caaaccatca gggaaatgaa aatcaaaacc     54540
     acaataggta ccatttcaca cgacttagaa tgaccattat caaaaagaca aaagaaaacc     54600
     agtcttggca gggatgtgaa gaaaagggga acacttacat aagttggtgg gactgtaagc     54660
     tagtacagcc attgtggaaa acagtatgga ggttccttta aaacttaaaa atagaactac     54720
     catatgattc agcaatccca ctactgtgta cacatctaca ggaaaggaaa ttagtatatt     54780
     gaagagttat ctgcattacc tgtttatggc agcactattt acattaacaa aaatatgaaa     54840
     ctgagtcctc aaaaatggaa gaatgggtaa agaaaatgtt tatatccaga atggaacagt     54900
     atccatccat taaaaagaag aacaaaatct tgtcatttgc aacaacacag atgaacctgg     54960
     agaatatcag gttaagtgaa ataagccaga cacagaaaaa aaaatactgc atgatctcac     55020
     taatatgtgc aatctaaaaa aaggtggggg cagttgatat cataaaatca gagagtagaa     55080
     cagtggttac aagagactgg ggagggaaga ggtgagagaa ggatggggag aggttggttt     55140
     atggttcaaa gttataatta gacagaggga ataaattctg atgttctatt gcagagtaag     55200
     gtgactatgg ttaaaagcaa aatattgtat attacaaaat aggtaaaaca gttgcttttg     55260
     aatgttctta ccacaaggaa atgataaatg catggatgat gaatatacta actactctga     55320
     ttagatcatt atacaacata gatatgcatc gaaacatcaa actgtacctc cataaatatg     55380
     tagttatgtg tcaaataaat tttaaaataa aaaagaaaat aatagcccta atacatttta     55440
     acatcaatat tattttttat taaaaaaact atatcttcca aaacaaaaaa ttagaagagt     55500
     ggcattgttt tacattttca taaatttctt taatgttggt ttaatagaag acagtgggat     55560
     cctcttatct ctttatgcag tcaatatatt gttttggtta aaatatataa agactagtct     55620
     ttcacaaata catagttgga aaagcgagga gtattgtgat agctttctca gataattggg     55680
     agatattttt ctttgatgct acaccaacac aagtggtggt taattacaat gtatactcta     55740
     aaacaggggt ccccaactcc cgggctgcag aacaggactg atctgtggcc tgttaggaac     55800
     cacgctgtac agcaggaggt gagcgagtga gcattgatgc ctgagctctg ccctctgtca     55860
     gatcagccac ggcattagat tctcataggg acgtgaaccc tattgtgagc tgcccatgcc     55920
     aggaatctag gttgtgcatg ccttatgaga atctaactaa tgcctgatga tctgcagaac     55980
     agttttaccc aaaaccatca ccgtccccca caccccatgc ctccaccagt ctgtggaaaa     56040
     attgtcttcc acaaaaccag tccctggtgc caaaaaggtt ggagaacact gctctaaaat     56100
     atattaatag atttttcata ttctgttaca ttgaaatcct ttggtctatc ttatactttc     56160
     aaagaatctt cttattcatg catgattttg taacatatct ttataagtca tttgtaaaat     56220
     attggtgcat ttgtaaaata ttgctacatt aagcagatct tcccaatatt gacatactac     56280
     attatataat aatagtaaaa ataaattatt taatatcacc tttgatctta gaacagtctt     56340
     taagtattgg gaagctgtca gtaatattac tcatggtggc atataagttt tctaaaattc     56400
     taatttctgc ttgaaagttt aaatttttaa ttggcaacaa atactcaacg gcttgactct     56460
     attttcaaga aaatgtctgc caaattactc aggtgtgaat aaccattgtt tgaccatcag     56520
     taatgctttg aagtaaaaaa cggtgttctg tgaaaaatca agctagtttc tgccctctct     56580
     tgggactcca atcatttatg ttagacctta ctggccatgt tctactgatt tatcatgctt     56640
     tttctgcatt ttgcatcctt ttatctctct gtgcttcatt ctggatattt tccactgtcc     56700
     aacctttcag ttcactatca tttctttatc tggtctacta ctgcaaactc accaactgag     56760
     tttcttgatt tcagtgattt tttgtttcta gaatttccac ttgattgttt ttaacagatt     56820
     gcagttctct ggtgaaaatc tctacttctt atctacttcc tggaacatat taatcacaat     56880
     gattttaaag tccatgtctg ataatatcag tatctggacc tgttcctatt gtctattttt     56940
     tcttttggtc ttttggtaac tcttatttct tggtatgtat gctaattttt aaattaacat     57000
     caggcgtatt taataaaaaa acgtagtgag tgataactca tgactgttgt tgctaccctt     57060
     cagagagaat attttttccc cctggcagtt aggctaagga agtggttctt aaactttcac     57120
     ttgtatcaga accactttga gggcttatgc aatacaaatt tctgagtacc acaccaacag     57180
     aggtcctgat tcagcaggtc tggtgtaggg gtctgagaat ctgcatttct aataagttca     57240
     gatgacactg ctggtctggg gaccacactt taagaaacaa gagactaagg aaaagtacct     57300
     taatccactt tgatactgag ctggttggaa gctaggcttc agtcttttca agggctggtc     57360
     tatttctggt aagtccttag aatgtagccc ttcagtggtt ctaaatcaaa gtctggggta     57420
     tctgctaggc tctctttctg aactccaatc attccctgag tcccatgaga ctaccaaaat     57480
     cttgttcagt ttctcaggct catagccact gctttactaa tcagcaaata cctcaagggg     57540
     aaaagtagag ccaaatgttg ggtttaccct tttaaggttt ccttctctcc aggatcttga     57600
     tccctcaagt tctcacttgc ttcgtaactc tcaagtacct tcaaaaactt ttttcttata     57660
     tttatccagc tttttctagt tattctcagt gggagatttt acataaacaa aatatgccac     57720
     agactgaagc agaagtaccc aaccaggcaa tgtttttaat actcatattt tttccctcaa     57780
     ggtaaattag taaattggaa ttccaataca tgtgtcaata tactgtagtt tggtaggttt     57840
     gcatatttcc ttaatatatt cctctcctct gagtgaacta aaaaaattaa gtcccaaaac     57900
     taaagctgta gtccagatac tggaattggt gagaactaac ttcccatgaa gttctgtcta     57960
     gattaccagc aaacctactc atatgttatt tctacctgca aaacatacag tatcactatt     58020
     ttactgaatt cttgatcttt atctcttctt tgcatacagt acagaaggca cagtgaaaga     58080
     aaaagggctc aagctccctt atcctactgt ctactctaga gagttttttt gaatgagaga     58140
     aacagagctc ataaaaacct ggtaggtaag atcaggaata ttttacttga cttggaatct     58200
     taaatatttg aaatcacaca tgtgaaatca cattactttt ttgccagggg gaaaaaacag     58260
     gcaaaaatat gaaaataaaa atcaactaaa attctaccac atggagataa tctcattttt     58320
     attttactgc atataagtcc agattgtatg taaatatata gtatacaaac tatatatagt     58380
     tttttataaa ccataaaact ataaaaacta tatactatga atatcacaca tattactctg     58440
     tagcctgtgt caatatatga gagttttatt atttaagaaa aaatatataa aaacaaaacc     58500
     cataaattcc agtacttgaa ctgtaaatgt ttttgaagga acattttcat ttatttttct     58560
     ttatctcaga tgggcattcg aaagatcaga gaagtaacgt gcctaactta tagctgcgtt     58620
     gaggacatac tatactacgt tttcattaga gactaagtcc ttctgtaaca ctttctaaaa     58680
     tctagaccag ctggtcagca aactatgacc ttgggccaaa tctggcctgc aacatttttg     58740
     taaataaagt tttattggaa tcacagagaa gagtttagta actgcaacag agacaacatg     58800
     gcctgcaaag gccaaaataa tcactatctg accctttata gaaaaatatt gctgacccct     58860
     atgtagagca agccctcact ccaaactcct tgatttttct gagaagcatt gcagccatcc     58920
     atgaatctga atgctacagg attcttcatt gctattcaaa gaagacagat atagtctcac     58980
     aaaacagaaa taaaaataat ggaagccatg gcttctcatc tatccccttg cctcctgcat     59040
     ctggaaaaaa ctaggctaac actcacagtt tagtagcatg ggaaggaatt cagatgccaa     59100
     agtcctctta ttaccatctc tatctattat gtttcctaga gggcaggaag aatttttctt     59160
     tgtatttgtt atgatattga gattacacaa tcagtggcat tcaaataatt gattacagag     59220
     aattaagcat gacttcacag atatactttg tactttgtct ctaaagttta tactgcccct     59280
     tcgcacacta taaatggaca aattctgcct caagaagttg ttttgggaga attgcttgag     59340
     cccaggaagt caaggctgca gtgagccatc actgcaccac tgcactgtag cccagggtga     59400
     cagagtgaga gactgtttca aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaaaga aaaaggaagt     59460
     tgtgcaaaac atccagcaaa tcaccagtga atattttaaa agtcacaata aatgatgata     59520
     aaagacctaa actatacctt ttatacaggt atagtgtagt gataaagtac cctggcataa     59580
     aaatcatact gcctggtttt gtaccatggc ttctcaactt acttggtagg tgattgtgga     59640
     taaattattt aagcactcta tacccaagtt tcttatacaa tgaagatatg agcagttgta     59700
     atagatatat acagatatat taatagagtt gtgaagataa aatgcaaacc catgtaaggc     59760
     acttagaata aaacctggca cacgtttgct gctactacca tgaccagaac tactatcatc     59820
     atgaccaata ctcttactac tacattattt tcattgtcat attaaaagct catcagtaat     59880
     aatttggaaa ataaagaaag gataggtgtg ctacaatatt catcacatct aaatcaaaga     59940
     gttcccctta attattttta ccaggtatgg ctaactcatt tggaagagga cttaattccc     60000
     ttgaaatatt ctccatgaag cttcataggg ttacctaagt aaaataaaac tactccaagt     60060
     agatgaatga aaaaagaaat aatcataatt tccaaggaga gaacaacgct gctttctcta     60120
     gaatgataac aaaataaatt ttgtctggaa tccaatggga aattgggttt tgaagtagct     60180
     ttagagtcct atacctcaaa tctgttgagg agagaatggt atttaaacat gttcactcca     60240
     aacaggaaag gaactaagtt gagtatatag cttttataga tgtctcttat agtatatgtc     60300
     ttactaaaaa tttttttttt ttgagacaga gtcttgctcc gtctccaagg ctggagtgca     60360
     gtggcgtgat ctcagctcac tgcaacctct gccttccagg ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct     60420
     cagcctcccg agtagctgga aatacaggca tgtgccacca ggcccagcta attttggtat     60480
     ttttagtaga gcgggttttc caccacattg gccaggctgg tgtcaaactc ctgacctcaa     60540
     gtgatcccct gcctcagact cccaaagtga tgggattaca gggtaagcca ccacagcccg     60600
     gccataaaaa tttactatat ttacatatta tatagcttat aatatataaa aatataatta     60660
     aagacatact atataaatat tttatagtat atgtctaata ctgaccactg aggatgctgt     60720
     ggtcattaat tacagaatat ctaatggtct tataagatag tttattattg attgaactat     60780
     gccctttttt tttttttttt tgagacagag tctcactctg ttgcccaagc tggagtgcag     60840
     tggcacaatc tcaggctcaa tgcaacctct gcctcctggg ttcaagcaat cctcccacct     60900
     cagcctccct agtagctggg actacaggcg catgccacca cactcagcta gtttttgcat     60960
     tttttaatag agaagacgga gtttcaccat gttggcgaga ctggtctcga actcctgacc     61020
     tcaggtgatc tgcccggctc agcctctcaa agtgctagga ttacaggcat gagccacgat     61080
     gcctggccaa tgtcctgtat attaacataa gattacatcc acaaaagttc ttcagacatc     61140
     ctaaaaacac cttctttaat atcaacctgg aagtaaatat ggatagctac tgggggcggg     61200
     ggtaggggga cagacttagg gggatcatgg gaatcacaga cctatgccta cagactttat     61260
     gaattcaaga tgtcatttga tctaattcta agacttcagg tagacacaaa aaatgtattc     61320
     ttattttacg gatgagtcaa taaaagccta aggagatgct aaaacaccca aggtaacaat     61380
     gttatatacc taaagggatt ttaaccatgt tctcctgctt ccggtatagt ttttcttata     61440
     ttgcaccaca atgaacactg tttcctccac tcagtaccat ggtattctag ctatgtagat     61500
     ttatgtagca agacatttct tctggcaaat cctgcaatat cgggaactaa tggataacaa     61560
     tgtcttgcat taaacttctc ctagcatccc gacatttccc aaaaatctgt cataatcaac     61620
     actccattct tgggaaagta tgatttttac atttctagaa atttccatca acatggtata     61680
     agactgccat gaacaaacta taaacattaa aaatatcagg gataaattct tctttggagg     61740
     atgcagttga ctctacagtt gctaggacac tatgaggtaa attttagttt aaattttcct     61800
     tgctgttcct aattgggaag gggaggctaa tactatggta caatagaaag aacaggcacc     61860
     tggattctag ttttagctct gccattaatt acttgtttga tcttaagtga atcaatctct     61920
     tggaactcta gtttcttcat ctgtaaaaca aaggggtaaa tctaaaattt taaagatccc     61980
     atttagcttt aaaccatgat gaatccatat ttatactgat tctgaacaaa cggcctctaa     62040
     gtctgctcac caaatgtcta ttctcagtct ggccaaatac tacatttctt ttatttcatg     62100
     ggttactttc tttaatactg accaacagaa ctttgtgtaa taatggaaat gttgtatacc     62160
     tgcacagccc aatatggttg ccactagtca catgtggtca ctgagcagtt aaaagaggaa     62220
     ctaaatttta aatttaattt taattattta aatttgagta gccacacatg gctactgatt     62280
     accatactgc acaccacagc tctagaagtc ctgagaattc aattaaaaga caatattatc     62340
     aagccctctc ctcaaacctg aaaaccagat ccaactcata aaacttaaac ttaacaaaat     62400
     ttcatcaaaa atgcaatttg tggctgggca cggtggctca tgcctgtaat tccagcattt     62460
     caggaggccg aggcgggcag attacctgag gccaggagtt tgagatcatt ctggccaaca     62520
     cagtgaaagc atgtctctac taaaaacaga agaaattgca tagtggccta cacctgtaat     62580
     cctagctacc ggggaggctg aggcatgaga ttcacttgaa cctgggaagc agaggttgca     62640
     gtgagatcgc accactgcac tccggcctgg gcgacaagag tgggactctg tctcaaaaaa     62700
     aaaaaaaatg caatttgtta gtcagctaag tttaaaagca attgattcca ttttcttctc     62760
     aaagttctca tttttctcct atgcttcatg gaggtggtat tagagtaatc ttacattttt     62820
     atatgtggta ctttaaatag tgccatatag tgctggggtt cccaccttta caacagttct     62880
     atagatatag caaataggag taagcccaca gatacagcac actttagagc tactttttcc     62940
     caattgcagc atttatactc tgctgtctct gtacaccttt ccctgtacca ccctactttc     63000
     cctctgcccc ctttgacaaa gagcgctcca agaaaacagg ctgttacctc ctcgagcagg     63060
     cctgcataac agaacgaagg tcaagagatg cgtggaaacg aatagccaga aaggtaagtg     63120
     gctgctggga aagactgcag tctcagcacc cggtctccct tggacactgg aaaaggcttg     63180
     cactgccact gctatacagc aagccagagg caaagcttgc aatttgctaa ggagctgcta     63240
     ctaaggagga ggagaaggaa ggggaggaga aaagggaaag aaggcaaaat cttgggcctc     63300
     ggcagagcca atgctgctaa tagttcccaa aataacattc aattagatac atgttttata     63360
     cactgtacca aaccaatcaa tactacttct catttgacag ggaggggaga gagagaaatt     63420
     attcctcatg tgaaagaaga cagagcaaag agagatgcag cattctcatt ctggatccta     63480
     tttcatctgc ccttgagcta ccctagttgc tgcatccatc caactgagct gtaaatactg     63540
     cctcacttga ggctcaggca tagccagctg gcaaatgcca acagctgtga agagacagat     63600
     agataaaaaa ggaacacctg acacacagaa atgcaggaac aaatttcata tctgctataa     63660
     atgggataaa cctagataga taaagagttt acataccact caatttgata agctagctac     63720
     agatcaggaa gatttccagg tctaatatgt gtcacatatc aaaatatgat ctgatttcat     63780
     agtttaggac aattgcattc aaatgctcat gtgccatttt tggcctctct aatctgacac     63840
     tgagatcaga gctcatgttt aagcaacgaa tcaaagctac aattccatta agaatttttt     63900
     aagaaagaat ttccctcagc caaactaagc atttcttaaa tctagaccta taattaactg     63960
     gccccaaatg tcaagagtgc tgagtttgca gggggtgaag tcagcaaatt ttgtctgtaa     64020
     agggccaaac agtaaatctt tcaggttttg caggcctact caacagctct gttgtgaggc     64080
     caaagcagtc acagacaaca cataaatgaa tgggcaaggc tgtgtgacta ctgcttgctg     64140
     tgctacacca gcagaaggga gcagctgcaa cagaaaccat gtggcttgaa aagtctaaaa     64200
     tatttattat ctggtccttt gcagaaaaca tttgctgatc cctgctctag acgctaagtt     64260
     atatatcacc aagctatggc tcagagaagt ccttttgctt tagagaaagt gtgagtctgg     64320
     tgtttctgtg acctacctta gataactact atatcatctt gaattctttt ccatgtgaac     64380
     atttgttcca ttaaaaacat gccagcctca gtgccaaagc cacttgcaca atgacaatgc     64440
     ttttacttat gtaggtcact ctacagttaa ttcactggtc agaacaagtg ttactgatgg     64500
     taagaatggc agattcaagc accaacaagg ccagtgagtg ctgctttatt tcacacacat     64560
     cagctatacc agctggacct ggccaactgt ctcaaatatt tatcatttac tacaaagtag     64620
     accaagacaa attcagcacc accactaatt ttttttaata agatagccca agaaactaaa     64680
     cacacaaaat gtatatggaa ataacctata tatcaaacaa taaggggaat ggttaaataa     64740
     agaaagttca tatgataaaa tattatagac attaaaagac aaactaaaaa gtaccatata     64800
     tatgtaagtt ccaaaatatt catatctgga atatataaaa aacttttacc cattttttta     64860
     aaaagaacca acctaatgac aacaacaaaa tcaacaaaat acataatcag gaaattcaca     64920
     aaaaaggaaa ccagaaaagc atataaacat aagagaaaat gttgtttcac tagtaataaa     64980
     aaaaatgcaa attaaaatga gaaatgattt catcttcctt agattaccaa aaaagcagca     65040
     acaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaaa aacattttaa gtctaaccta gttgtaaaga attagaaact     65100
     cacatacatt gctggtgaga gtgaagagga gagcaatcag gcagtgtcca gtgagatgca     65160
     cttaccctat agacccagaa attccatttg gaaataaata ctgttgagaa actcttgcac     65220
     gtttgtgtca agaaacatga acaagaatgt aaacagcagc atcattagta ttaggggaag     65280
     aaaaaaaaag acctaaacac ctaaatgtcc atcagcacag gaaaaaaaca aaaacaaact     65340
     gtggtataat ggtacaatgg actaaactaa gcatttagag tgaacagaca gaatgctaag     65400
     tgacaagagc aagtttcaga atgatgtgtg caggttatac catttatata aagtattaaa     65460
     acatgtaaaa gaattatata agtatgcaaa tgaaaaataa tagtaataaa aatttgagaa     65520
     tgataaatag caaattcagg atagtgatta attttaggga gagagtcaag agatgagact     65580
     gaggagagat acacaggagc ttagctatat tttattctta ataactgaag caaatatggc     65640
     aaaatattgg gatttgatca gaccagaaga tggagagatt gggtgtttgt gatatttagt     65700
     aactttttgt tttcattttt tttttttttt tgagatgagg tcttgctctg ccacccaggc     65760
     tggagtacag ctggcatgat catagctcac tacagcctca agtgggctca agtgatcctc     65820
     ccacatcagc cacttgagaa gctgggatta caggcacagg ctcccatgcc tggctaaatt     65880
     ttttttttct ttataattct ctgtagagat gaggtctcac tatgttgccc aggcttgtct     65940
     ccaactcctg agtgcaagtg atcctcccac ctctgcctcc caaagtgcta gtattacagg     66000
     cataagccac tgcacctggc caataatctt ttaaaagaaa aagccataca cagcatgatc     66060
     tcaaaataaa taaaatatat aaagatgtta gcagtgatat tgctgatggt aagaatacgg     66120
     gcaattttta ttttctattt aaaatacagt tattgtggga aattttgtaa actttttaaa     66180
     aggttagaaa cttttaactt tgaaaaatga tcattaatat ttaaaggact gttccaaaca     66240
     gtaagatata cataaaagag atgtatttgt atttcacact tttttttatt accatagttc     66300
     aaagtgatat agaaagcaca ggtactcctc agtatatgct aaatactaaa ggaagctaaa     66360
     tatgccagaa aaaaattggt cggccatagg gggcaaagag acagaataga ggtcggatgt     66420
     ggtagaaaaa ggagttctag cttgcataag taggcaatca ggaaaagacc tgtgttagca     66480
     taggtggact ctctgtatta cgaccagtag attcacagac tcgcctactc tcaccaactc     66540
     ctagaaatcg gtctccagct cctgtaatca ctaggatggc ctccaatggg ggaaaagggt     66600
     ggtatctggg gaagcagaaa agctcttaga cctgtggttc ttaaccttta ttgaaatcta     66660
     acccatcttt aacaatcaga taagaaatgc aatctcctac ccctaaaaaa gcacttacgt     66720
     atacacaaaa tttggctagc aatttcaggg atttctgaac tttccattag ctcagattat     66780
     gaaggaaagg atctagaaag aaagaactcc ctaaaagacc taaattcgat ttatcttcag     66840
     agaaagcctc taaaataagt ccattatttt cactttccaa ttaccctact ttgcagatga     66900
     atccaattcc tttaagactc agtggcatat ttttttttct tttttgagtc aggtttcctg     66960
     aggtaagttt acatatggta aaatttgtcc tttttagcaa ataggtctgt gagttcaagt     67020
     tttgacaaat gcataaagtc tctgtcactg taatcaagat acagaacaat tctgtcaccc     67080
     tccaaaactc actcatgcta cttggtagtc accccagtcc tagcctaagg aaaatttttt     67140
     ttaactttta ttttttattt atttatatag gtaaactcat gtcacagagt ttgttgtgca     67200
     gattatttca tcagccaggt actaagccta ctacccaata gttattttta aaactcactg     67260
     ttgaagaaac acattgacat tttctcacac tagaaagtaa tatataaacc aacaactgcc     67320
     ttagctcatt aagtcagatg ttggccacta tactaaactg tagattataa caaaaaaagt     67380
     gctattctac ccacaactaa ccaccattct cgaagttcta ggaaggtagg gactactctt     67440
     catcattaca tcattaaaat ttagcattgt gcctaccctt tatttggtac tctaaaacaa     67500
     ttattgaact gaattaaggt tatggatgaa attcagaatc tgagctattc agttttgttt     67560
     tagagttgac cctaattctc tacatattta tttaccattt ttaaagtttg gtcaacagtg     67620
     tattggttca tgcgctcatt ttgttcattc tattcaacca gtttcccatt ttacctttct     67680
     tttctttttt ttgagacaga gtcttgctct gtcacccagg ctggagtgca gtgatcactg     67740
     caacctctgc ctcctgggtc taaacgactc agcctctcaa gtagctagga ctacaggcag     67800
     gcaccaccat gcctggctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaca gacgggattt caccatgttg     67860
     gcgaggctgg tttcgaactc ctgacctcag gtgatccgcc cgcctcagcc tcccaaagtg     67920
     ctgggattac aggcatgagc caccatcccc agccaccact ttacccttct ttacctattc     67980
     caaatctctg ttctgaagca agatcttgta agggagttgg acatattaag tactgataat     68040
     taaaatttaa gacaaaaatt gccacaaaga gatagctctg gagaggaaat ctgaggagta     68100
     tcaggaataa aatattgcaa ggggatgatc tgggcagaat ctaaagagaa taagagactt     68160
     cctagaaaac aactggctag ccatatgtag aaagctgaaa ttggatccct tccttacacc     68220
     ttatacaaaa attaattcaa catggattaa agacttacat gttagaccta aaaccataaa     68280
     aaccctagaa gaaaaccaag gtaataccat tcaggacata ggcatgggcg aggactttat     68340
     gactaaaaca ccaaaagcaa tggcaacaaa agccaaaatt gacaaatggg atctaattaa     68400
     actaaagagc ttccgcacag caaaataaac cactgtcaga gtgaataggc aacctacaga     68460
     atgggagaaa agttctgcaa cgtactcatc tgacaaaggg ctaatatcca gaatctacaa     68520
     tgaactcaaa caaaaattac aagaaaaaaa caaacaaccc catcaaaaag tgggtgaagt     68580
     atatgaacag acacttctca aaagaagaca cttggccagg tgcggtggct cacgcctgta     68640
     atcccagcac tttgggaggc cgaggcgggc ggatcacgag gtcaggagat cgagaccatc     68700
     ccggctaaaa acggtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag ccgggagtag     68760
     tggcgggcgc ctgtagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcgtgaaccc     68820
     gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg agccgagatc ccgccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga     68880
     gcgagactct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag acacttatgc agccaaaaaa     68940
     cacatgaaaa aatgctcacc atcactggcc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccacaatg     69000
     agataccatc tcacaccagt tagaatggcg atcattaaaa agtcaggaaa caacaggtgc     69060
     tggagaggat gtggagaaat aagaacactt ttacactgtt ggtgggactg taaactagtt     69120
     cagccattgt ggaagtcggt gtggtgattc ctcagggatc tagaactgga aataccattt     69180
     gacccagcca ttgcattact gggtatatac ccaaaggatt ataaatcatg ctgctataaa     69240
     gacacatgca catgtatgtt tattgcagca ctattcacaa tagcaaagac ttggaaccaa     69300
     cccaaatgtc caacaatgat agactggatt aaaaaaatgt ggtgcatata caccatagaa     69360
     tactatgcag ccataaaaaa tgatgagttc atgtcctttg tagggacatg tatgaagctg     69420
     gaaatcacca ttctcagcaa actatcgcaa gggcaaaaaa ccacacaccg catgttctca     69480
     ctcataggtg gtaactgaac aatgagaaca catggacaca ggaaggggaa catcacacac     69540
     cggggcctgc tgtggggtgg ggggcgtggg gaaggatagc attaggagat atacctaatg     69600
     ctaaatgacg agttaatggg tgcagcacac caacatggca catgtataca tatgtaacaa     69660
     acctgcacgt tctgcacatg tgccctaaaa cttaaagtat aataataaaa aaaaagagac     69720
     atcctagaaa acaagggagg acaacattgc ttgcaggacc attctcagat tttaagcagg     69780
     agacagtgac tggatgagat ttgcatataa gaaagatcac taatgctgca ctgtagatgg     69840
     tggaatggtg ggtggggcag gggagaggaa ggcccagtta ggagggcctg agttaacaga     69900
     aagagaggag aggatggaat tgaaggattc ttaaggagaa tgacagacaa gagttggtga     69960
     cagactaaat atgagaggta aagaatgaaa agccttctag tttgatttcc aggttctcag     70020
     ttgggtgaca tgtaagacaa ttagcaaaga gatttctaaa aaaaaaagtg agaacaaaga     70080
     ctttctcttg cctttttaag gctagagaaa agaaagattt ggtttacctg tttgcttatt     70140
     ccctctttct aaagaggact tgagaattct tacagaaata catgtctata acaatacttc     70200
     aaatagataa ataaaggaaa taagaaataa ggagataaag taacagccag aaatggctat     70260
     tgttatggag tgcctacatg aagttaggca ctgtcctaag taagtccttt acatgtagta     70320
     caaggaactt ctgcaaagaa gtttgagctg gagagagaga tctgagtgct aactgcagca     70380
     atcagaatgg atgagatcag ctagggagag tcctaaggag agaaaagaag gaagcctaag     70440
     gaacaatacc taaggtgttt acagaaaaaa aagggctaaa aagaacacaa agaaggagca     70500
     atcagaaaag gtagaagtga gccaggaaag aataatatca gagaggttat ggtagaataa     70560
     aaatttagga aggcaatagt caacattata aattactgcc aggattcaag gtaaaagatg     70620
     aagtgactaa ggaatttagt aatttggaag ttcacagggc cctttgccag aaaaaattca     70680
     ctggattggg gggtggggca gaatttctgt ttcaatatgt tgaacaatga atagaaggcc     70740
     aggaaatgga taaagtgaaa ttggaagact gtttcaagac taacagtgaa gggaagagtg     70800
     agatatggta accctagaga gcagtgcagg gtcaaatgtg aatcctatta cgacaggaaa     70860
     aataaacaac tgtcaaggac aaatgaaatc atggtgcagg tgtatttttg taatagatag     70920
     aactaaactt gcagttttgc ttcccaatgt ttatgcattt tgtatgctaa gtgttctatt     70980
     aaacactgtc aatttcatta taaagaaatt tagttctcaa aggattcttg agctattact     71040
     atattttatt cacatgtcaa tgattaatga gccattttca gcacaagtgt gcaaggactg     71100
     tgaatcatac tctagttccc tttatcaggt tagaagacta gatttcctta gaaaaaataa     71160
     atttaaaagc taggtcagta tactatccag tattatctaa gagactctga ggaagaggaa     71220
     gaaaaatcac tgtttaaaga agaatcagaa acaagccttc aggtaatagc tgtcagccaa     71280
     ttccattttt aaaaatactt cttaaaatag aaatatacct tcccaaggct ctggaactct     71340
     cccaaagata agtttcttat attcagcaac ctcagccaac cctggacagc cagatgaccc     71400
     ataagacaac ctctcatttg gttctcaaaa caaaaataaa aacaaaaaaa ccctatttcc     71460
     catctagatt tcagagaggc tagcaagttt tcaatttgct ttactttcag aagtgatatt     71520
     tccctacaca aagactcatt tcctagaagt tctacttccc cttcaaataa atatcaagag     71580
     attctaacca ttgtgcttat attgccaagc tcatggtata caaatatcca gtgaagactg     71640
     accccttgga cacattttct tggaggtgta gaagagcaag catgggcctc aaagtccaaa     71700
     agacctggtt ttgaattctg gcttttcact acaaattctg tgactgtgga cagattcctt     71760
     aacctagctg agcctcagtg cattctctta cgtgaattaa gaaaagaata ttacttatct     71820
     gacaaagtta caaagattaa atgcatctag cagggtactt ggcttatagt aagttttcaa     71880
     aaacattaat tctcttacag catttaaacc tttcatatac ttaaaggcca actcaatctc     71940
     ctctggctcc atgaagcccc ttctgactac tccatcctat accattcatc ttctctgaac     72000
     tcttaatata cctacctaaa cacaattttg ctctcaagga catattattc cttaatacac     72060
     actcatgcct aactatgtgt acatttgatg tcttggatca tgagagcact tgggcatgtc     72120
     ccttttttat gatactcaca gtttttaaca caatattgag cacataacta aggcagtcac     72180
     tgatgactta gaatgctatt attttataat ctaatattcc ctatagatct cctaactcca     72240
     ccaattagct gagtaagaaa ctgaacaaga gaagttaaat ggcttgcctg agaaggcata     72300
     aattgtgggc ttagctggag agtaaactag gtatcctctc ttgcaatcca gggagcttta     72360
     taccttgtac ctgttgctct tgtgtgaaga agtgccaggg tgaatgtgca caaagggcct     72420
     tcatgtgcca aaaaaaaatc tgcattccct atactaaaac acttaaatgg aatgggatag     72480
     aaaggctcat ctgcgaactc atccaaacac aaaacggtct ttgctagctt catactcaag     72540
     tagatcaata gacattcttc tgctgccatc ttatgggcat agaagatcac tacacatggg     72600
     cttattttca ttttagaaat aattttattc aataaacatt tacccatcat ctactatgta     72660
     ttaggctctg tgaagaaaac tcaattaaaa gcacccccaa gaagctcaga atgtagtaat     72720
     gaaaagcaac aacataccac ttaataaatt agtaaaccaa tcctaagaca gtgttacaaa     72780
     aaaagaacac tgaagacaga atactagttt tagcctgggg ctcgggtgta gcaaggtagt     72840
     cagtagtggg ttttaatttg caggagttct tttttttttt ttttttttga gacggagtct     72900
     cgctctgtcg cccaggctgg actgcagtgg cgggatctcg gctcactgca agctccgcct     72960
     cccgggttca cgccattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggacta caggcgcccg     73020
     ccactacgcc cggctaattt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac cgttttagcc     73080
     gggatggtct cgatctcctg acctcgtgat ccgcccgcct cggcctccca aagtgctggg     73140
     attacaggcg tgagccaccg cgcccggcct aatttgcggg agttcttaca gtatgaatac     73200
     aattttgtta agcagagaag gtgagaaaaa actattccag aaagaaggtc acacatggac     73260
     aaaggaagag ggtcatgaaa gtaaaatgta caggaaatag gcctaatctt tctacctgag     73320
     taaagtgatg caattaccag gaagaagagt tgagagaaag ggataagaaa aatagagaga     73380
     aaagtatagt cctgggtagg ctgaattcag agtttggtga gtgctctctc tacagaacta     73440
     aaatgactaa caatcagcag gattttctat attgcctgat tcagcatgtg tttgtattct     73500
     gtccagaaat tggtcctctg aacaagatca actgggaaac ttctcatctt atatacatgg     73560
     aaaaacatta acttccatta atattcattc tgattgtaga gtgtgtagta agtaaataac     73620
     ttttacccat acctgattga actagtctct tcattttata atttcaaagg ccaactcaag     73680
     ttgcaatctg ccccttcacc tacgtaaatg agcttctttc tgtaattgcc ctaaatatcc     73740
     aacaatactt ttttctgttt tacttattta aaacatatat aatatttaag gcaaacaaaa     73800
     aagatataaa gaataataaa ccatcaccta tgtcttacta tccaagttaa gaataacagt     73860
     gccaattcca gtttcttctt taaagaagaa gcatgtttct acttcttgaa actcttaatt     73920
     gtcctctgct accctaatct tttgggtctg atgtttataa gtcagtgcac atgtttaaat     73980
     tcaataggaa tgtgaagaaa cactagagaa gttccatact ggttatatct tattcttacc     74040
     acttgccttc tcccacttct ccaaccatac caccaaatca aagtatgcaa ccaagccagt     74100
     ttcccaaaga aacatgcatc taggacatta aagccatcaa acaaagaaat tttacctgct     74160
     gcttctgaca ttccaggccc agcacttgct gatgtctcaa ttcagcacac tggagttagc     74220
     ctccaaacac atagagcgct aacaaactat ggcagaggct tgtctcaatt ccccagaatg     74280
     cccagatcaa cttcctgtgc ctgattccat aaaaccagga atagcaagga actctattgc     74340
     cagatcaaat cattccagga gagcaggtca agctacctca gacacacctt gccacacacc     74400
     tgtgcagcaa ctttcccaga agcccaattt tcaacaaaca ggtggccact cctctgactg     74460
     tccttctcta aacactggag ctcattttat gagattgtac cagcaactgt ccttttctaa     74520
     catgggaaaa tcaactgata aaagagaagg gagggttgaa tgagggctga aaattttgtt     74580
     ccctcctaca tgtcaccaat attcacagct ctgaaaaatg aaccacttta tcagaaggag     74640
     attaaccgca aaaacatggc tgataagcgc ttttagtagc acgtgttggg tgactgtctt     74700
     cgctgtgaag cagctgggaa ctgggataga actaccagag gttctgctac ataaagaaat     74760
     ggattcttgt cctttcatct aaatgcaggt gtcctgaggg ggagggggaa acactttaag     74820
     cttccacttc tgaactgtta agtggtgggc tgagaaacgc atgacaaatg cccttgtctc     74880
     tgaaaatgaa gtgagatggt gttggcaaca gccgtgttta gcaacagaaa tactgaaaaa     74940
     agaaaataga ctcttttatt caaggctcta aatctcatta ttttaactct tagtagacac     75000
     tatccaggcc tcccttccca gaactgtttg gtagagataa acagtactaa tgttattttt     75060
     aaacagcttt atcgagacat aattcacatg cccattaggt gtaccattta aagattttta     75120
     gtatattcag atttatgcaa tcgtcactat aaccaatttt aaaacatgct caccctagta     75180
     tcaaaaatat ccactactgc atagtatgga atgttcttgt ttgcaaaaca acagaaattg     75240
     acctcactaa cttaggcagg aaaggaatct gtgggaggga attactaata tttttagcat     75300
     aaagaatatc accaggatag gaggccaagg ctcaaacttg ccagcaaggg tcaactgcta     75360
     ccattattac attcagctca ctagctcttg cctcaaataa atgttcaaat gcttagattc     75420
     ctggacactg cttggtgagg ggagaaaagg cataagaagg tacctgtgta tggctgccac     75480
     ttactatgtc agcacaatgg agattttccc ttagggctgc agaaaataat gtataacatt     75540
     ataaataatt ggtaaggaga tcagaggcag gataagtgag cttaaattta aaaattaagt     75600
     ctcctaaact tgagatatgg aatccctata gcatgtaggg tttaaaaatt aaataaaaca     75660
     tccctaaaat ctaaaatggt attaatattt agcattttag ggtggaactt atttccaaat     75720
     gtattagctc tggagaagct aggaatggat cttaatgaaa gtcaaaaaag cattttcctg     75780
     gtaatgacat aaataattgt catatatatc tctaaattgt tttgtagttt gcaaagtact     75840
     ttcacatagt ctgtctcatt tgatcttcac aatagctcca tgagatagat ttgggaaaat     75900
     ctaggttact cgtaaatcat ttctaatcct catatacatg caaacaaggt aagcattatc     75960
     tcttttttac atatgaggaa agagtcagaa acggaacttg atttatttaa ccaaaatcac     76020
     acatataaga ggctgaactg gactattctt tttttttttt tttaaagaga tggggatctc     76080
     actatattgc ccaggctggt ctcacactcc tggcatcaag tgatcctcct gcctcagcct     76140
     ctcaagtagc tgggattaca ggtgtcagcc accatgcccc atttgaactg gaactcttaa     76200
     atcaatcctg tgaattttcg actaagtcta gccattcgca gttatctagg ggtagcctca     76260
     tctctcaggt agcaacatat catcactatt atttcaaaga gatatattct gaaaaaaaat     76320
     tacgtagagg tgccatatga cactgaaagc agtttgtttg taaggcatat tcagcctggt     76380
     gaaggctctt gtcattttgc tacctaagga tcagggccaa agcactaaaa gaatcacctt     76440
     ttttctttct gttccagaat tgttcagagt cccacagcat aatcctaatt ctataagcaa     76500
     tccagagacc tccagaatgg taatatagta gaaaatgtac ccactgctac atatgtttca     76560
     ctctcttctt gttcaatatt cacacttagg aagagagagc ttatttctat cagtagagaa     76620
     aaaacttggt agtggcagca tggccacaga cttttagata aactaatcac tttagaacaa     76680
     aaatggagaa agattggagt catttgtgga acctcttttc tagagtacct ttttgaattg     76740
     acaacagaca gtctttagct tggacacagg ggaacaaatc aaatgacttt taaaaactat     76800
     aactcagagt ttaaattctt gatttaaatt ttgaacattc caaagatgat gccaaattaa     76860
     tctgctgaca gcttcacatt agtaggtata attacctagc ttataaagac cccaagggac     76920
     tgaagaaggt ccataagtgt ggtatgtatg actcagccag tactcactgt atcttgacca     76980
     agaaaagcag agtcatatgt aatgtgagct atttgggaaa gataatttta gcttattgtg     77040
     gagaaaaact atttttaacc atttctacaa agaaaagaaa gagcaccatt aaaaaagagg     77100
     taaaattcag ggttgggtga gagagaaaaa gctaaaggaa aaacaaaaga atcaaaggca     77160
     gacactatta gactttaata ttagcgatgg gaattgttta cattttgttg ctaaggaaaa     77220
     cttggagctt tggaaaatga acccaaccac caccctattg tgacagctgc tgcctggccc     77280
     tggtatttct gcagagctat ctgccaacag cttgccacct gccatttcta tcctgtcaaa     77340
     tcagtccctt taaaatcaga tgaccttgtt ggtttctata gttctcacaa gcaatccaaa     77400
     gactgaatgg cagttatcag aaagccctaa agatagactg ttgcattctg agctgtggac     77460
     tggcccctga gtcaaaacct ttattctgaa cggataatac ttaaattcaa tagaagaaat     77520
     ggtcagtgaa ttcaatgagg aggaaaagaa ggcctaagtg atggtctcta gtgtgcctct     77580
     gactcagagt gtcatattaa gcaaagactc tatgctctta gggcctcagc attcccattt     77640
     gtaaaatagg gagcgtatgt tctattcctt tctatcttat aaagagaata catttaagca     77700
     cacttgagct tttcagaggg gaaaaaaagg aacttcacaa atccaagatt atgcccttct     77760
     caaaaaggaa taaagtgttt cagaagttct gtactatgta tgcaaaacca taaattatct     77820
     agaatcctgc aaaccttgaa tctctgttat atttactctt caacgatcac ggccttcttc     77880
     acagacttac attataataa agactgttgt ccctataatt aatattcctt catgccctcc     77940
     tgctccctct gccccataat aacaggaatc ctttatcatt ctggaacttt ggaaaataca     78000
     caaaaaataa aaataaaaac tatccataat acacccaaaa atccaatatt aacatttcca     78060
     tgtttattac tatttggcat cataatgtat tcttttatat ctagctttgt tcatttagca     78120
     acatatctgt agttaaactg agtaacaaac tgttagcaca agggtataaa gctgagactg     78180
     ataattggcc aattggtatg cacataccca cttatcccct cttaagataa aacattctca     78240
     gaaaaggaga gccagctgtg caatttaatg gtaaaaccca ctccccaaat gaagtgcttt     78300
     aattacactg caaatggaga ttatttctga gagagaacct tctactactt tggtcttgct     78360
     gtggccagtt ttaaagcccc atttatccca atgctcacta attgtctgaa tttggacctg     78420
     tgaacccagg cttcaggctt ttatcaaggt ttcccagtag gagtcaaaat ccttccacaa     78480
     ttagctgatt acagagaaag ctgcagcttc aagagtagaa ttagcatcca gcatgctctt     78540
     tcagaagtaa aatttagctg ttttcaaaac atctgatttt ttttctttca tttaatgctt     78600
     gtctagccag agaaactaaa tggctttaat tctgtaaagg cttaaatgat atgttttatt     78660
     tgatcaagtc attcccctgc tggaaatccc tcaattgtat tccatagctg tgagactaga     78720
     aattcaactt tcttagcata gtaaagacaa aaatctacat gatttggttc cggcctacct     78780
     ctctagcttg tcaatttcca aagtttctcc agtggaatac cagtcttggg tttctttgat     78840
     taacaaaaca aaactactgg atgaactcag aaatttggaa aatgctgcaa attccctaac     78900
     cactcccatg tcccactctc cccactcccc agagaggaat gaccctaaga aggcttttga     78960
     gtgatcctat ttaattttgt ttaatccatt gttcccaaat tcatttagcc acagcatact     79020
     tttttttttc cttcatctaa atctgtttcc acaaaagaca ctttcagaaa tgctagcctg     79080
     gcctcacctt ctcccagctt caggcattct gaacttgttt gtttcttgaa tttctcatgt     79140
     ttcctctcaa ataccatcct cctattacta cttacagtta acttaaagtt gtctttcaaa     79200
     attcaactcc agttacctcc tctggtaggc cttccttgtc accctattaa atctaattta     79260
     gattcccctc ctctacactc tcatagcaat ctatacatat ctttaccaca gcacttaaca     79320
     attgtacaat aatatttgat gtacttattt gacttcccat aatagttata tcctcaaggg     79380
     tagaaaaaat gttttctttc tttttttttt tttgacacgg agtctcgctc tgtctcccag     79440
     gctggagtgc aacggcgcaa tctcagctca ctgcaacctc tgcgtcccag gttcaagtga     79500
     ttctcctgcc tcggcctcct tagtagctgg gattacaggc acgtgctacc atgcccagct     79560
     aattttttgt atttttttag tagagatggt gtgtcgccat gttggtcagg ctggtcttga     79620
     actccagacc tcaagtagtc cacgcgcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt     79680
     gagctgctgt gcccggccaa aagaatgttt tctttggtct tgtatcctta atgtctctgt     79740
     gcctggcaca tggcagtctc tcaataaatg gttgttaggt gcttcataca tgtgggttcc     79800
     catttaaaca agattctata tagataatac tattttgcaa aatcttatac tttaaaaacc     79860
     attcctgatt catttaccaa actgttccta tacgtgtgtc tatcttcaat atagctggtc     79920
     aactgtaatt cttgttacct attccaataa tagtttgagg tgtctttctg catttaaaac     79980
     ttatattaca tgttagtctg catctatgag tttgtcatag aactctccct catggtgacc     80040
     ttcagtgttt atgttttatg tgaattcatc tttggttgaa actgttttta cagtttacag     80100
     tcttttactc tggattgcag ctgtgttcct ccaaggtggt tttgaattta cttgtgccag     80160
     ggccccagag tttcaagagt acagacacag tttctgtatt aaatccctga cttctgggat     80220
     ttctaaacta tatgaatagt gaaaattcct cacaagtgag tcgtctgccc taccctgacc     80280
     cttgtataga tttccttcct tgccacttct ttgagctatg gcctaagtac cttttcatga     80340
     accctttgag atttctagct tgatatagtt tcttagttac aacttgcagc cttagtaggt     80400
     ccacagccat gctttctaca cacaggacat taaaatctga gtgtccagac cttatggtct     80460
     acatataagt ctgacaccaa ccctgggtca ctcaaactac tctggctttt gagtactctt     80520
     cacttttgtc atctgagagt tccctattat tcttctgaat tcaactatga atttctgttt     80580
     ataatgggca agggagcctt ataagttcca tctaccatgt tggaattatc ctcctaaacc     80640
     tgttttgaaa ccactcacat ttctttcttt cttttttttt tttgagacgg attcttgctc     80700
     tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc actggtacaa tctcggctca ctgcaacctc cacttcccag     80760
     gctcaagtga ttttactgcc tcagcctcct gagtagttgg gattacaggt gtgtgtcacc     80820
     actcctggct aatttttgta tttttattag agatgggatt tcactgtgtt ggccaggctg     80880
     gtctagaact cctgacctca aatgatccac ccccctcagc ctcccaaagt gctgggatca     80940
     cagacgtgag tcactgtgcc tggccaagat aattcacttt tctctatctc ttctaccatt     81000
     atctcagtgc aagccactgt tctctctcat gagcctttct tctgcagtgg tttccttact     81060
     ggtcatctca catccattct tgtctatttt tcctcatcca attcatatgt aaaactgcag     81120
     ccagagttta aaagtcagaa ctttaaaaac tataggtcag gtcatggtac tttttgctta     81180
     aaatcttcta gttgcgtatg acccagaaat tctactccta ggtatataat caagagaaat     81240
     gaaaccagat gtccacatga aaacttctac acaaatgctt gtggtaacat tattcataat     81300
     aactaaaagg tggaaacacc tcaagtgtcc attgacttat gaatggacaa acaaaatgtg     81360
     gcattatcta tatgatggaa tattattcac ccatgtaaag gaataaagta ctgatacatg     81420
     ctatcatatg gatgtacctt gaaaacatta tattaagtaa aagaagtcag tcacaaaaga     81480
     ctgtattttt attccattta tataaaatgt ccaaaataag caaatctata gacaaaaagt     81540
     agatcagtgg ttgcttaggc ctaggtggaa tgaggagatt gtgggggata gttacagggt     81600
     acaggctttc tctctaagat gatgaaaatg ttctgtaatt tactgtgatg atggctccac     81660
     atatctgtga atatactaaa aaccactgca ctgtacactt taaatgagtg aattgtatgg     81720
     tatgcaaatt ctctctctct ctctctatat atatatatat gtatatagct cctacccatt     81780
     cctcaagctt catcctagac ctctctccct cattctctac tctttgtcac aatgtcttct     81840
     ctcagtttct ccaaaagatc aagtaccttt ccacctcagt gtcttttcaa ttgccaggcc     81900
     ttttgtttgg aatgcccact cccttctctt cacttagcta ttacttaacc agcagatctc     81960
     aggttgagca gtatcacccc ctcatgagag ccttctttca tcctccagga gaagggaaat     82020
     attttttttt tcagagacag ggttgtgctc tgtggtcgag gatagagtac agtggtgtta     82080
     tcatagttca tggtagcctc aaactccggg gctcaagagc tctttccgtc tcaggatctc     82140
     aagcagctgg aagcatgtgc caccacccag ttaattttat ttttgtagac atggggtctt     82200
     gctgtgttgc ccaggctggt cttgagctcc tggtctcaag tgatcctccc aacttggcct     82260
     cccaaagtgt caagatgaca ggtgtgagct accatacctg gccaagaagg gaagtcttct     82320
     gttggcagat tttcggtatg acactgttag aacaactcat actacttctt tatattacac     82380
     aaatataatt atttacattt ttctttttca ctagcatatt tgtttcacaa gggctcacat     82440
     catatttgtc cggttcactg atgtatcacc tgggcttctc atagcacctg gaaacaggta     82500
     ctttaaaata ttcggtaagt attttgaaga tgaatgaatg ctagaacata tccagtgaat     82560
     aagtccaacc agtctacatc taacatctcc ctacttactt atcttgtgcc attcctaaaa     82620
     ttcacttatt ttgactgtac ttgatgtacc acattcaact cataattcac taatattttg     82680
     atttaaccct ttgattcata aatctggtct ctgttacagg tattatctta ttgattgtag     82740
     gttacaacat ttgcagaagg tagtaaaact aagtttctcc aaataacagt tcatgcaaca     82800
     aggtatttaa taatgcagtt tgttaaacaa cttgatttcc cccatacttt ctgggatcat     82860
     gctcttaatg atgaatttaa ctcattttac ttctttcagc tcagaaagat tttttaaaga     82920
     gagtttttgt cagctaaaga ttacttttgc atttagtttc taggtaaaac taatagtatc     82980
     taaattacat ttgagctatt aagtatagaa gcatttacta ttcatgattg atttattact     83040
     atttccttgg ctggaaacca attttaaaaa gacagttatt ggctctgaaa cctgttagcc     83100
     cagaaattag ttttcttcca ttttatgtaa agaaatgaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaagaaaa     83160
     aagaaaggaa ggaaaagaaa agaagaagaa aaacactatt ttccaactca acatctccct     83220
     taacttcttt cttaaaatgt gtctttataa aaaaaaaagt ctttataata gacacattag     83280
     agctgtcctt ataataagca aacataaaaa gttcaatttg tattgtatct tgcatcttgt     83340
     ttaatttgta ttgtgtcttt tatacttact acacatacat acatactcac gtgggacctg     83400
     atggcttcac tgctgaattt taccaaacac ttaaagaaga attaatacca atcttactca     83460
     aactattctg aaaaacagaa aaggaaggaa tacttccaaa cttatctgat gaggccaaca     83520
     ttaccttgat accaaatcag acaaagacac atcaaaaaaa gaaaactaca ggccaatact     83580
     agcaaatcaa gttctataac acattaaaaa gataattctt catgaccaag tgggatttat     83640
     cccagggatg caaggatggt tcaaagatac acaagtcaat caatgtgata tatcatattg     83700
     acagaatgaa agataaaaac actatgatca tttcaattga tgctgaaata gcatttgata     83760
     aaattcaaca tcctttcatg ataaaaaccc tcaaaaaact gggtacagaa ggaacatact     83820
     tcaacacact aaaagccata tatgacaaac ccacagctat tattatactg aatggagaaa     83880
     aactgaaagc ctttcctcga agatctgaaa caagacaagg atgtccactt tcaaccactg     83940
     ttattcaata ggccaggcac agttgttcac ggctgtaatc ctagcatttc ggaaggcaga     84000
     ggtgggaaaa tatcttgagc ccaggagttt gagaccagct tgggcaacac agtgagaccc     84060
     catctctatt aaaaaaaaga gagcgagaga aagtaataca tgacatacaa attggaaagg     84120
     aagaagtttg cagatagata atcttatatt cggaaaaacc ttaagactcc accaaaaaaa     84180
     ctactagaac tgaaaaatta aataaagttg cagaatttaa aatcaacata caaaaatcac     84240
     tagcattttt tttgccaaca gtgaacaatc tgaaaaagaa atcaagaaag taaacccatt     84300
     tacagtagtt acaaataaaa taaaatacct aggaattaat caaataacta aaaaatcttt     84360
     acaatgaaaa ctataaaaca ctggtgtaag aaattaaaca gcacacaaat aaaggaaaga     84420
     tatagcatat tcatggactg gaagaatcaa tattgttaaa atgtccatac tacccaaagc     84480
     aatctacaga ttcaatgcaa tccctatcaa aataccaatg ctattcttca cagaaataga     84540
     aaaaataatc ctaaaattca tatggaacta caaaagactc agaatagcaa agtcacccta     84600
     agcaaaaaga acaaaactgg aataacatta cctgacttca gattatacca caaagctatt     84660
     ataaccaaaa cagcatagta ctgacataaa agcagacaca tagaccaatg gaacagagta     84720
     gagaacttgg aaataaatcc atacatctac agtgaactca tttttgacaa aagtgccaag     84780
     aacatacatt ggagaaaaga cactctctta atacacacaa atataaaagc tccttccttt     84840
     ggatattcaa aataatatga agtcaaactg aaatctaaat tctgataaga tttcacctgg     84900
     tctaatctta acaagggata attatagcct tagtctttaa gtacacttga atctcccaaa     84960
     tgcagtacat tctattttta atacttcctc aagtaggaga aaatgaccca ttcttgctcg     85020
     gtcacatttt ctaatgtttc tcttaatgct ggcaatcaaa aagtttttct tagcttctac     85080
     cttaaatctc tatgtcaatt cacaatattc tctcataact tctctctaaa gaaattacag     85140
     aatatctagt cactattctt ctaccataac atcacatatt attcatttct ttttctggta     85200
     ttcttctcaa attaatcaaa agtttatatc ctagttctat ttatttgagc cttgtgtcat     85260
     actgttccct ttctttgctg ccagagaagt caacgtagac tatccataac aaaatatcct     85320
     tctctgtgct tcacaggttc tccattacaa aatggtgaaa taatgcctaa caattgtctc     85380
     tatcacaaga caaacagaaa aaagatatac ttaaatccat aatgacagcc gggcgcggtg     85440
     gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cacttcggga ggccgaggcg ggcggatcac gaggtcagga     85500
     gatcgagacc atcctggcta acatggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat ataaaaaatt     85560
     agccgggcgt ggtggcaggt agctgtagtc ccagctactc gggacgctga ggaaggagaa     85620
     gggcgtgaac ccgggaggcg gagcctgcag tgagccgaga tcgtgccact gcactctagc     85680
     ccgggcgaca gagcaagact ccgtctcaaa aaaataaaaa ataaaaaatc cataacggcg     85740
     tgtctatgct aaataatcat aaataattga gtcaccaaaa actgactgct cagagacaaa     85800
     atacagaaca gtaatataaa gatatatttt caggctgggc gcagcggctc aggcctgtaa     85860
     tcccagcact ttgagaggcc gaggtgggta gatcatgagg tcaggagatc gagaccatcc     85920
     tggctaacat ggtgaaaccc cttctctact aatacaaaaa aattagccgg gcggggtgac     85980
     acacgcctgc agtcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcagg agaattgctt gaacccagga     86040
     ggaggaggtt gcaagtgagc cgagatggcg ccactgcact ccagcctggg caacagagtg     86100
     aggctctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacatatttt cataaatgta tttgaaattg     86160
     ggaaaaacac tttatgccca ttcctgtatc gtctacctca aagcagagcc ccacaaatga     86220
     aatcagtaac tcaacatacc tcctcttctc cctggcttcc acagaggaat ctgttccagt     86280
     aatggagagc acaggagtag ctgtaacccc attggcagtg ctaggcagag ggcgattggt     86340
     gatcacacag aacggggtgc tagaagagac attgtctgct gttttctctg ctgttgagtc     86400
     agcctgggat ttgtgaggag tcctgaaatt taaaaaggta caagcagaaa ggaaatggtt     86460
     aggcacacta tacaacaaag cactggcaca gagacagaag gattaaagag tggttcatct     86520
     cggaaatctt gctctgattt tgtttgttgg tttcttaatt ttgagctctt acagcttgct     86580
     tggaatagta taattacatg tttagtctga catcctttgc ctgaggagtc acattttatg     86640
     agacttgtat gtgtatgtgt gtgcctgaga tttcgtttta ataaaaatca ttagctgtgg     86700
     cacaaggcaa gatagtgaca tatgcaagag tgttttaaat gactccccag tagcacctgg     86760
     tctccacaca tgcacatgga gacagggcct ctctacacaa gaaaaagaca ttaaagtcac     86820
     ttacaatatt agtctccacc tgttccttaa ttcttggcag tgggagtctt tgtggtagtc     86880
     ctcagcctag atttgatgac catcttcttg gattatccag agacaactga tactctacag     86940
     tctcagtatg cttagttctc cctcacctag ttcagcaact gctctctctt tccatttaac     87000
     caaatgccta attgtctata ttcataactg caaaagtgag aaattgaaag aaaaaccaaa     87060
     ctggattcta taagtatcct taaccacaga cttttcaaca gcaagctgta taattaaact     87120
     catttacatg aatacaagat ctttgtttct tgacaaagag ttgggagcaa ccattggctc     87180
     tccacacaaa aagctatcat ttgtgatgtc acagctgttg ctggggtaac agaggtccaa     87240
     aactgataca gagatagaga aagcaatgaa aagcacaaat attaaaaatc tatttttttc     87300
     acctactcac aattattagc agaaatgttc acgggtagct cgaagcttac ttccaaataa     87360
     tcaaattatg agcttgaaaa aaaataaaaa cataaaaata taaatatggt acctagatac     87420
     aaacataaaa gcagaatatt ttaaaagata gatataatat ctaaaaaaca catgctactt     87480
     ctccagaagc aattaatgac taagaaaaaa ggtgaaattt tatagtctgt tttaataaaa     87540
     aaagaaaagg caaaaaattc ctcagactta caagatatga atctatagga agtactaata     87600
     aaattagcta gacacacagc tataaaaaat tacacttaac caaaccttac ctgaagttct     87660
     ttttaggtta ataacacgtt ttggtctcac tgtaatttct tatgcttttg aaatgccaag     87720
     gattttattt tattaaatta cataatagga cttttagtat tattttgaaa tgcagtgtaa     87780
     ttttacaagt agattgttag aataagaaca gccctagagc agagatcaga ggatatgcaa     87840
     tggagtagaa taaatatggg ctttggaaac acaacatttg cttaaatgta gactctctga     87900
     tctcttcttc attgacaaaa tagagatagt ggcatcttaa aatacagagt tcttctaatg     87960
     attaaataaa ataatgtcgg caggacacct aaaatagtac ccagaataaa atataaactc     88020
     agcagataca aacagtgaca aaataggtaa gagctttgaa atgtacaaat ctgagttcaa     88080
     atcctatctc agtccctcac tagctgtgtg accttgggca gatgattaac cttttggtct     88140
     gagtttcctc atctataaaa taatacttca tataataggg ggctcattat aagagaatag     88200
     atgatatatg tatgcatgag acagctagtt gtccaaccca tatccattgt ccctttcttc     88260
     tttatgaact gaatccctat atcattgagg gcagcagtat acctagttaa aagtccacac     88320
     ttctcaaagt ctcctggcca ctagagctat ccagtgagac atatgcagac aactagtact     88380
     tctgggaaaa ttctcagttc agaagcattc tttctttgtc tgcctccttc tttcctcttc     88440
     cttcttccct agagtactgc catgatagct agagctccag cagttattct ggaccatcag     88500
     gcaacccatg gaaatggcag ccatgatgca agaactgtgg agcagaaaga acctggatcc     88560
     tttaatgact gtggagctac taagccagct ctgcctattt ctggactttc ttaagtgcaa     88620
     gaaaaaaaac aaaaaccttt atcttattta agccactact atttagattt attgttacat     88680
     atgagcaaac taaatcccag tataataccc aaccaaatgc ctgtcacata atggggtcca     88740
     acaaatggca gctgtaacta ttttctcagc tgcagctctt aatagttata gtaatagcaa     88800
     tatagtatta ttatataata tataatatta tatatgtaaa atatagtaat acggccaggt     88860
     gcagtggctc tcgcctgtta tcctagcact tagggaggcc gaagtgggcg gatcatgagg     88920
     tcaggacata gagatcatcc tcatcctgga taacatggtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa     88980
     atacaaaaaa ttagctgggt atggtggcac gtgcctgtag tgccagctac tcgggaggct     89040
     gaggcaggag aattgctcga gcccgggagg tgaaggttgc agtcagccaa gactgcacca     89100
     ctgcactgca gcctgggtga cagagcgaga atccatctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatata     89160
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     89220
     gagagagaga gacatatagt aataataacc tctctatgtt tgtttcttca gctatggtga     89280
     taatagttaa catgtctatg caactggatt attataagga cctaataaat ttacccataa     89340
     ttatacagta ttattattaa taatccatca taaacccttc cctcgtggct gaattaatga     89400
     tcactgctta ttttagggaa agaaatctag taaactgaca aatatcaatc aagcaccatc     89460
     actggtgttc ctgcaacaac actatcatta agattttttt cattttcttt atcagttgta     89520
     gacagaccca aaaaaaggag accctttgcc accacacata aaggattaaa agccacagtt     89580
     aaaactacag ctaaagtcct aatgtatttt cacaataaca ttctaccatg ctatccctta     89640
     gatgaactag aaaccaagaa gatactgccc ccagaacaca gtttagacaa acacaaatct     89700
     gtcccttttc acaatgtttc caggaaaata ctctcgttgg ctgtaataac aactttgacc     89760
     ctaagagctt ctgcaagatc tcatcttctc tgcctcttag catactgaca ttttggaatt     89820
     tggtctctat gccgtttacc aacccggagt aaggagagtt ggattcctca cataagaatt     89880
     attatctttt ctttttaaat ttttttgtag agacagggtc ttgctatgtt gcccaagctg     89940
     gtcttgaact tcaagcaagc caccgcattt ggcctcccaa agtgctaagg cactgtaccc     90000
     agcattcacc taagaattct ttgtgcacct tatcatatgg ctacacagga attggtagat     90060
     acagtctaac atagctcaca gtttttacat caggtggtca ctggcaattt gatatcttat     90120
     ccttgaaaac taaacttcaa gctctttttg gagtcctgtg aggcctggct agctctctga     90180
     caaggagata gaggatcttt actatgaaca tctttgcatt acctgcctgc ttctcagttt     90240
     ctgactcaga agcttcatct tcaccttcct cctcctctga gctggagcta ctagattctt     90300
     tgttttcttc ctccatttct tgggacttag gtgtctcctc ctcatagagc atcttctctt     90360
     tgctaaatta aaaatgacaa cttgagtata attcagaaat gataatcagg tataataaag     90420
     ggaacaagtc tataaactta tatgtggaag caataacaga aacatattta aattcttctt     90480
     tacatctgtg tgttcttcca aacccttcat ttttgcagac taagatttag tatttgatga     90540
     cagagtacgg ctcaaggaaa tctggcctgt ttaacacaca gacaaaagga gaactatgaa     90600
     ttttgatgac agtggataaa tattcaaaaa aatcatttaa caaatgttta ctgagtactt     90660
     attacatgcc aggaatcatg ctaggcactg gtatagtcat aaacaaaata gacattgtct     90720
     ctgagttcat gaaacttaca gtaagtagag gcagaagttg agactaagag cgcctaagcc     90780
     aggattttaa aatgctgcac actgtctcaa ttaattctga agtttaaaac acagtcaacc     90840
     atccttagtg tctccctcac atatcaatgc cactctcttg tcccacaaag tttcccacaa     90900
     gtttatagat catttggcta aatacaaaca gagtttcttc actttataaa ttctgaagtt     90960
     aagtatgtca ctgacacaga gcaaagctca tcccattact caagcctaaa tgtcttactt     91020
     cttaaagaac ccactctgaa tcttgctgtt cagatcttac tcaatgactt tattccatgt     91080
     ctccttttca ctttgaagct ggaaatggag aaaacgagag aaaagggaag aagttgacta     91140
     ttggtgaaaa atcagcagta ttgagaacca aaatggtaat gttattctga agaaaatagg     91200
     accaacacaa aagaggtagt ggggaacctg agaaaaagag aaacatatca gttgggtctc     91260
     cttagatgac agaactcatc caaggtagaa gagaaaagcc atggtgttaa gaacttcaat     91320
     aaaactgctc ctatcaaata tccaaaccta atcttcaaaa aaaaaaaagt ctagattctc     91380
     aagaataaaa agccaaaagg aacctgaaag aattctttat gattcatata ctgaaataag     91440
     ttggcaatat ttctaaagaa aacacaggta ccgaatggga aataagccct tagggaaaac     91500
     ggtctgctat ttagatgcat gctctagata aaatgtattc atatccctgg aactcaaagt     91560
     tatgcagagg gcaaagataa gtactattcc cactggtgta gaaatactat ttcatgaata     91620
     atactatttc atgaataata ctattgatgt tcaaaaacct taccatgcta ggtacagaat     91680
     acacaggaac tctctatttt tgcaacttcc atgtgagtct aaacttcttc cagaaaaagt     91740
     ttttaaaatt acaagaacct aactgtgcaa agtatacaac ttataatcag gaaggctgtt     91800
     gctgctaaat aacagcattg acactgcatt tgaaaatcct agtttcagtg atcctgactg     91860
     ctcaacaaag agaacaaaat gaactttaag ttgtgtttgt ctgagcttta tgtatgtgac     91920
     ttttccactg agccttaaaa taaccagaat cttcacttta ccataccaga cataatgctg     91980
     aacacaacag agattaggta tggttgatct gtcccatcat tgagctatat agttctttga     92040
     ttcagaaccg ctgttttcca catttgtcct aaactttagt ttacattacc tgagtgacaa     92100
     cacgtgcaga agaaacaaaa acaaaaacaa aaaaagtcat tgattttttt ttgcccctaa     92160
     tgtcccaccc taatgtcatt gatctttatt ctccccaact caaattattc atctgcttta     92220
     tgagtaaaaa atatggctta ttcactcttc atccatatat tgggtgggtt ttccattgtg     92280
     cagtctgaac aaaaatacca tacttatgta gttctcctgt atagcactaa ttaagccaaa     92340
     gacatgcatg accaaactag catgaccaaa ctataaaaga ttcaaaatga ggagcagaga     92400
     aaggaggact gaattgtaga tgtttcataa aactggagta agtatgaatc actgaccaaa     92460
     tactctccta tatgaaataa cggttttagt attatgtgta tttacttatt ttttaagaaa     92520
     tgtattcttc tctgtgataa atgtgcttaa ataaagatag tcttttagtc aataagaaaa     92580
     agaaaagcta cgaggtatcc tccactctgg tactttctat ttggaaaaac atctgatttg     92640
     aacatatcac attcattttc tagaactcaa gtgtaattat tagttttttg tggctgtttt     92700
     taactttcag ctccttgaag tctatcttat aatgagcaaa aaacctgaac aataatggtt     92760
     tctgggatat attcttctaa cagactgttt acagttcctg aagggaacaa ttaacatgtc     92820
     tggaatgcag atatgtccat ttcaactctc agcagacaca actgaaacaa gtgattgaga     92880
     tacttgatgt gaactgcaaa ctattagaaa acttttgaaa gcaccaatca gaaactcacc     92940
     acattctgct tcttctggag catctccaaa tgctccacga gaccctcatc agccacatca     93000
     aatggtgtct ggcctggcag agaaaaggag caccatgact gatagaaaac agaagcagca     93060
     attacatgac tttattaggg aactattcaa tagtcacttt ttgcctttga ctccaataat     93120
     agctgctttt caaactaatc taccatacat tatggtaaca cattcatcta tcacacagat     93180
     cacataacaa gaaacaccaa atcctttaaa tatagagttt gtacaagagt attgtagaaa     93240
     tcacaccatt tctaatcctt actgccacct ggcaaataat caagtgaagt ccctacttgt     93300
     atctgttcta aaatggtctt aattgctatg ataaattcca aaaagggctc ttcaaaactt     93360
     cagagggaag ttcagggcgc atgtttaata aagattaaat cacaggaatc atcttccttt     93420
     aagtgagggg aggactgaca agaaagttaa ttctttcagg aagcatcagc ataattaaga     93480
     accctgaccc atagtctgag aatgaaacct gggttcagga gagatgtgat gcagataaga     93540
     atatcttcta attaaaaggc catgtctctg cactactaga aaatcagtat atatatgggc     93600
     tgggcacagt ggctcacacc tgtaatccca acaatttggg attactcagt attattgaat     93660
     attcactttt tgcctttaat tccaataaaa actgcttccc taactagtct accatacatt     93720
     atgataatac cttcatctat cacagaggac acataatgag aaacaccaaa tcctttaaac     93780
     acagagtttg ggattacaag tggcaaggct ggggaatcac ttgagcccag gagtttgaga     93840
     ccagctggga aaccagtgag accccccatc tctaccataa aaaaaattaa tttaattaaa     93900
     ataaaatcag ctgggcgtgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcgctttgg gaggccgagg     93960
     caggtggatc acgaggtcag gagatcgaaa caatcctggc taacacagtg aaacccatct     94020
     ctactaaaaa aaaaatacaa aaaattagcc aggcatggtg gcatgagcct gtagtcccag     94080
     ctactcagga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc gtgaacttgg gaggtggagc ctgcagtgag     94140
     ctgagatcgc gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagagc gagactccgt ctcaaaaata     94200
     ataataataa aataaaatca gtagacatag ggataggagt tccagagctt ctaagttgtt     94260
     tgaagtgaga ctgaataaca ctattttcag ccaaactcaa ggatctttgt cattataaca     94320
     ttttaatgac tcacatgaat acagcaacaa taaaatcttt catacctcac cacagacagt     94380
     aacattaggc tcctcaaagc tcattttttt gccaagaaca aatatttttt tcctgtttta     94440
     gaggcttgaa cataaataca atcagaaggt ccatggagtt ttattttaaa taacaaacat     94500
     aactctgtgt taatagggcc agaggcaggg tggtggaggg taacatagct accagtgatg     94560
     tatatttcac cacaacagtc agactgccat tgaatagaga tgttaagcct tttattctag     94620
     agacccagcc accaatctcg ttgttctttt agaggttcag gctcactaac cagttttttt     94680
     cgaatatcca tgtcacaaag tgcttctgcc aggatggagc aagcctcttt cactccccag     94740
     tgtgcagcag catggagggg agtccagcca tcataatcct gaacattgag ttcatagcca     94800
     gcctgaatta aaagtctaaa aagaaaaccc aaaacaagac atatatctcc tgtatattac     94860
     agttttctgg caaatacact attacctaat tgatatttca gattttggcc ctgaaccaca     94920
     ggggtcttat gattacttct gccctctaag gcacggtttg ggtttcatat ttactatttt     94980
     gtgtaccaat catagatgac ctttaccaat cctctccaaa aagtcataag atatttccta     95040
     ggcatatcca tgttatacca tacaagggga gtatacggaa acatatgtac ctaagattaa     95100
     gcaaagcata attcaattag ccaaatcaca taactctgtt aaagatacat tttccatttt     95160
     ccagtgcagg gaagaagtaa tatataaaat gaagattctc ataggctgtg gtcattctgt     95220
     ctatctgtaa tagtgtcaac aataaagata aagtttaaaa aaataaaata aaatgaagac     95280
     tcaattctct tcagggtatt ttctcaacta gctttctggt tggtctttct aggacactat     95340
     atttaccata tatccacata tctccaactt tttgctaact ataaagctgt aatttaactt     95400
     gtatgcatgg aagagaaaag atttgactcc tgaagaccca aactacattg gggcccttat     95460
     ggatagcact atcaggcaga aatggagcac caaaacactg ctatacctat tagaaaccct     95520
     gcattgggtg aaatatgaaa tactggaaga gtccagttaa caactgcaca tataatgcct     95580
     ctggcaaccc atgtatctgg gaaagcctgt gaacattaag taccaagagc tacaagaagc     95640
     gtgtatggat gtaaggaaaa atggaacaga cagagtggta gagtccaaat ccctcatata     95700
     agtttggcta tcctgtgcca gctggacact gcatactcaa gatctatata attaatctaa     95760
     tgacacaaaa gaaattatat aagtcaaaat ggaacaaatg atcacaagta ttacaggtca     95820
     caagaagagg tcattgcagg gatattaagg acaaatcaga gaactggaag aagtcccctc     95880
     ctaggaccat gtacctcaac tctgtttcac aacatacatg ttagtgagaa gctagaggaa     95940
     tggtaggagg gagggagaca atccatggat gaataccagc aaaatgtgag aaaagactgc     96000
     acaatcagag aggaaaccaa caaaaaagga aacacgtcat agcggaaaat ctaattcagc     96060
     ctctgcttcc aaaacctatt tcatcttctc ccagtgaacc actcctgatt gatgtaaatg     96120
     gacaatacct gaggacttca gagtagccct tggcagcagc cacatgaagg gctgtagccc     96180
     cggagcgagc ctgcctcaca tcctctattt tcccactgtt gagccactgg tgggcatcct     96240
     gcaacatctg ctgctcttct tcttttcttg actgctccag atcaactcct acagaaacca     96300
     gacaccagat agccaggatt actaaagctc cacttaagtt tgacaggata ttttctttag     96360
     attaaagcac atcataaaca taaatacaaa taacagttta gccatcaaat tgggtaatta     96420
     tcaaatttag aagatcaatg gcatttgtac acatattaat ggtcttacag gattaaatca     96480
     tcaggttaaa tattatgtga tatagatcca ttaagggaat gcacctaaaa ttgtttccaa     96540
     cagaacataa agataaaggg gacattattt ttacattata atatttgtac aaagctataa     96600
     agtcttttta catgttatat gactttagtt tcccaacaat ccttcaaggt aaatataata     96660
     gatattacag tcttcattta acagatgagg aaataaaaat agaaagatta ggaatcttgc     96720
     tcaaaggcac aaaacacatt agtgacagag cttgccacta gaactctgat atcctgggtc     96780
     cctctctgtc attcctcttc tgggtcccta tccactcact ataccatagg attagtatcc     96840
     aaaattttgg tttcaggtat tgatatactt taaaaattga actatctcta aagttcattt     96900
     ccatatacag gtaaatacac tgacttgaag ctatataatc taggacagat tagtaggtga     96960
     tctgcagttt aaaaacctgt ctgctttcaa gggaatgcag attttgtttt ccttaaaaac     97020
     attatggggg agaggagcca agatggccga ataggaacag ctgcagtcta catctcccag     97080
     cgtgagtgac gaagaagaca ggtgatttct gcatttccat ctgagatact gggctcctct     97140
     cactagggag tgccagacag tgggcgcagg tcagtgggtg cacgcacggt gtgcaagccg     97200
     aagcagggca aggcattgcc tcactcggga agcacagggg gtcagggagt tccctttcct     97260
     agtcaaagaa aggggtgaca gacggcacct ggaagatcag gtcactccca cccgaatact     97320
     gcgcttttcc gacgggctta aaaaatggcg cactaagagt tatatcctgc acctggctcg     97380
     gagggtccta cgcccacgga gtcttgctga ttgctagcac agcagtctga gatcaaactg     97440
     caaggaggca gcgaggctgg gggagaggcg cccgccattg cccaggcttg cttaggtaaa     97500
     caaagcagcc aggaagctcg aactgggtgg agcccaccac agctcaagga tgcctgcctg     97560
     cctctgtagg ctccacctct gggggcaggg aacagaaaaa caaaaagaca gcagtaacct     97620
     ctgcagactt aaatgtccct gtctgacagc tttgaagaga gcagtggttc tcccagcatg     97680
     cagctagaga tctgagaaca gtcagactgc ctcctcaagt gggtccctga cccctgaccc     97740
     ccaagcagcc taactgggag gcacctccta gcaggggcag actgacacct cacaaggccg     97800
     ggtactccaa cagatctgca gctgagggtc ctttctgtta gaaggaaaac taacaaacag     97860
     aaaggacatc cacaccaaaa acccatctgt acatcaccat catcaaagac caaaagtaga     97920
     taaaaccaca aagatgggga aaaaaacaga gcagaaaaac tggaaacttt aaaaagcaga     97980
     gcgcctctcc tcctccaaag gaacgcagtt cctcaccagc aatggaacaa agctggatgg     98040
     aaaatgactt tgacgatctg agagaagaag gcttcagaca atcaaattac tccgagctac     98100
     aggaggacat tcaaaccgaa ggcaaagaag ttgaaaactt tgaaaaaaat ttagaagaat     98160
     gtataactag aataaccaat acagaaaagt gcttaaaaga gctgatggag ctgaaaacca     98220
     aggctcgaga actacgtgaa gaatgcagaa gcctcaggag ccgatgtgat caactggaag     98280
     aaagggtatc agcgatggaa gatgaaatga atgaaatgaa gcaagaaggg aagtttagag     98340
     aagaaagaat gaaaagaaat gaacaaagcc tccaagaaat atgggactat atgaaaagac     98400
     caaatctacg tctgattggt gtacctgaaa gtgacgggga gaatggaacc aagttggaaa     98460
     acactctgca ggatccagaa gaacttaccc aatctagcaa ggcaggccaa cattcagatt     98520
     caggaaatac agagaacacc acaaagatac tcctcgagaa gagcaactcc aagacacata     98580
     attgtcagat tcaccaaagt tgaaatgaag gaaaaaatgt taagggcagc cagagagaaa     98640
     ggtcgtgtta cccacaaagg gaagcccatc agactaacag tggatctctt ggcagaaact     98700
     ctacaagcca gaagagagtg ggggccaaca ttcaacattc ttaaagaaaa gaattttcaa     98760
     cccagaattt cgtatacagc caaactaaga ttcataagtg aaggagaaat aaaatacttt     98820
     acagacaagc aaatgctgag agattttgtc accaccaggc ctgccctaaa agagctcctg     98880
     aaggaagcgc taaatgtgga aaggcacaac tggtaccagc tactgcaaaa tcatgccaaa     98940
     atgtatagac catcaagact agcaagaaac tgcatcaact aatgagcaaa ataaccacct     99000
     aacatcataa tgacaggatc aaattcacac ataacaatat taactttaaa tataaatgga     99060
     ataaatgctc caattaaaag acatagactg gcaaattgga taaagagtca agacccatca     99120
     gtgtgctgta ttcaggaaac ccatctcaag tgcagagaca cacataggct caaaataaag     99180
     ggatggagga agatctacca agcaaatgga aaacaaaaaa aggcaggggt tgcaatccta     99240
     gtctccgata aaacagacta agagctaagt atcttaaata tatatgcacc caatacagga     99300
     gcaccaagat tcataaagca agtcctgagt gacctacaaa gagacttaga ctcccacaca     99360
     ttaataatgg gagactttaa cacctcactg tcaacattag acagatcaac gagacagaaa     99420
     gtcaacaagg atacccagga attgaactca gctctgcacc aagcagacct aatagacacc     99480
     tagagaactc tccaccccaa atcaacagaa tatacatttt tttcagcacc acaccacacc     99540
     tattccaaaa ttgaccacat actcggaagt aaagctctcc tcagcaaatg taaaagaaca     99600
     gaaattataa caaactatct ctcagaccac agtgcaatca aactagaact cgggattaag     99660
     aaactcactc taaaccgctc aactacatgg aaactgaaca acctgctcct gaatgactac     99720
     tgggtacata acgaaatgaa ggcagaaata aagatgtcct ttgaaaccaa cgagaacaaa     99780
     gacacaacat accagaatct ctgggacgca ttcaaagcag tgtgtagagg gaaatttata     99840
     gcactaaatg cccacaagag agagcaggaa agatccaaaa ttgacaccct aacatcacaa     99900
     ttaaaagaac tagaaaagca agagcaaaca cattcaaaag ctagcagaag gcaagaaata     99960
     actaaaatca gagcagaact gaaggaaata gaggcacaaa aaacccttca aaaaattaat    100020
     gaatccagga gctggttttt tgaaaggatc aataaagttg atagaccgct agcaagacta    100080
     ataaagaaaa gaagggagaa gaatcaaata gatgcaataa aaaatgataa aggggatatc    100140
     accaccgatc ccacagaaat acaaactacc atcagagaat actacaaacg ccctctatgc    100200
     aaataaacta gaaaatctag aagaaatgga taaattcctc gacacataca ctctcccaag    100260
     actaaaccag gaagaagttg aatctctgaa tacacaaata acaggatctg aaattgtggc    100320
     aataatcaat agcttaccaa ccaaaaagag tccaggacca gatggattca cagccgaatt    100380
     ctaccagagg tacaaggagg aactgatacc attccttctg aaactattcc gatcaataga    100440
     aaaagaggga atcctcccta actcatttta tgaggccagc atcatcctga taccaaagct    100500
     gggctgagac acaaccaaaa aagagaattt tagaccaata tccttgatga acattgatgc    100560
     aaaaatcctc aataaaatac tggcaaaccg aatccagcag cacatcaaaa agcttatcca    100620
     ccatgatcaa gtgggcttca tccctgggat gcaaggctgg ttcaatatat gcaactcaat    100680
     aaatgtaatc cagcatataa acagaaccaa agacaaaaac cacatgatta tctcaataga    100740
     tgcataaaag ccttttgaca aaattcaaca atgcttcatg ctaaaaactc tcaataaatt    100800
     aggtattgat gggacgtatt tcaaaataat aagagctatc tatgacaaac gcacagccaa    100860
     tatcatactg aatgggcaaa aactggaagt tttccctttg aaaactggca caagacaggg    100920
     atgccctctc tcaccactcc tattcaacac agtgttggaa gttctggccc gggcaattag    100980
     gcaggagaag gaaatacagg gtattgaatt aagaaaagag gaagtcaaat tgtccctgtt    101040
     tgcagacgac atgattgtat atctagaaaa ccccattgtc tcagcccaaa atctccttaa    101100
     gctgataagc aacttcagca aagtctcagg atacaaaatc aatgtgcaaa aatcacaagc    101160
     attcttatac accaacaaca gacaaacaga gagccaaatc atgagtgaat tcccattcac    101220
     aattgcttcg aagagaataa aatacttagg aatccaactt gaaagggatg tgaaggacct    101280
     cttcaaggag aactacaaac cactgctcaa ggatataaaa gaggatacaa acaaatggaa    101340
     gaacattcca tgctcatggg taggaagaat caatatcatg aaaatggcca tactgtccaa    101400
     ggtaatttac agattcaatg ccatccccat taagctacca atgactttct tcacagaatt    101460
     ggaaaaaact actttaaagt tcatatggaa ccaaaaaaga gcccgcattg ccaagtcaat    101520
     cctaagccaa aagaacaaag ctggaggcat cacactacct gacttcaaac tatactacaa    101580
     ggctacagta accaaaatag catggtcctg gtaccaaaac agagatatag atcaatggaa    101640
     cagaacagag ccctcaaaaa taatgccaca tatctacaac tatctgatct ttgacaaaac    101700
     tgacaaaaac aagcaatggg gaaaggattc cctatttaat aaatggtgct gggaaaactg    101760
     gctagccata tatagaaagc tgaaactgga tcccttcctt acagcttata caaaaattaa    101820
     ttgaagatgg attaaagact taaacattag acttaaaacc ataaaaaccc tagaagaaaa    101880
     cctaggcatt accattcagg acataggcat gggcaaggac ttcatgtcta aaacaccaaa    101940
     agcaatggca acaaacgcca aaattgacaa atgggatcta attaaactaa agagcttctg    102000
     cacagcaaaa gaaactacca tcagagtgaa caggcaacct acaaaatggg agaaaatttt    102060
     cacaacctac tcatctgcca gagggctaat atccagaatc tacaatgaac tcaaacaaat    102120
     ttacaagaaa aaaacaaccc catcaaaaag tgggcgaagg acggccgggc gcggtggctc    102180
     atgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcgggtg gatcatgagg tcaggagatc    102240
     gagaccatcc tggctaacaa ggtgaaaccc cgcctctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagcc    102300
     gggcgcggtg gcgggcgcct gtagtcccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc    102360
     gtgaacccgg gaagcggagc ttgcagtgag ccaagattgc gccactgcag tccgcagtcc    102420
     ggcctgggcg acagagcgag actccgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    102480
     aaaaaaaaaa aagggggcga aggacatgaa cagacacttc tcaaaagaag acatttatgc    102540
     agccaaaaaa cacatgaaaa aatgctcatc atcactggca tcagagaaat gcaaatcaaa    102600
     accacaatga gataccatct cataccattt agaatggcaa tcattaaaaa gtcaggaaac    102660
     aacaggtgct ggagaggatg tggagaaata ggaacacttt tacactgttg gtgggacggt    102720
     aaactagttc aaccactgtg gaagtcagtg tggcggttcc tcagggatct agaactagaa    102780
     ataccatttg acccagccat cccattactg ggtatatacc caaaggacta taaatcatgc    102840
     tgctataaag acacatgcac atgtatgttt attgcagcat tattcacaat ggcaaagact    102900
     tggaaccaac ccaaatgtcc aacaatgata gactggatta agaaaatgtg gcacatatac    102960
     accatggaat actatgcagc cataaaaaag atgcgttcat gtcctttgta gggacatgga    103020
     tgaaattgga aatcattatt ctcagtaaac tatcacagga acaaaaaacc aaacactgca    103080
     tattctcact cataggtggg aattgaacaa tgagaacacc tggacacagg aaggggaaca    103140
     tcacactctg gggactgttg tggggtgggg ggagggggga gggatagcat tcggagatat    103200
     acctaatgct agacgatgag ttagtgggtg cagcgcacca gtgtggcaca tgtgtacata    103260
     tgtaactaac ctgcacattg agcacatgta ccctaaaact taaagtgtaa caataaaaaa    103320
     aatactataa gagaatacaa aaaaaaaaga acattatgaa agaactccag gagttcttcc    103380
     ctttagccaa taactcacca ataactgtgc cagtgaaaag gggttagggt gaggcatacc    103440
     ccattataca aaataataaa atgtcccaaa tacaaacata cccattcaaa aagttttaca    103500
     ttcattagca gtctttgtgc ttggtctact ccctttcagc tcttaaaaga gaaactgctg    103560
     ggtgcggtgt ctcatgcctg taatcccagc actttggaaa gcctaggtgg gtggatcacc    103620
     tgaggtcaga gttcgagata agcctgatca acatggtgaa accctgtctc taccaaaaat    103680
     acaaaaatga gctgggcata gtggtgggca cctgtaatcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag    103740
     tcatgagaat tgcttgaacc tgggaggcgg aggttgcaat gagctgggat tgcgccactg    103800
     cactccagac tgggagacac agtgagactc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagagaga    103860
     gaacctgtca actacctacg tattatctgt gtgattttgg gagatggatg ggatgaagag    103920
     gtaaccaatt taaaacagat cagtactcca aacacaaaga aatgttagca gtgctggcaa    103980
     attaaacata tatatgaata cccctttcaa tagagtatgt tccctcaatg aagagtcagc    104040
     aatcaaaaca gaaaaaagtg gtttctctaa tcaaaactat tttttttttt tttttttttt    104100
     tgagacggag tctcgctgtc gcccaggttg gagtgcagtg gcgcgatctc ggctcactgc    104160
     aggctccgcc tcccgggttc acgccattct cctgcctcag ccttttgagt agctgggact    104220
     acaggtgccc gccacctcgc ccggctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga tggggtttca    104280
     ccgtgttagc caggatggtc tcgatctcct gacctcgtga tccgcccacc acggcctccc    104340
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc gagcccagcc caaaactatt ttttaaaact    104400
     gattttttta aagttttttg taccttttaa agcaaatctt aggagataaa actaattgag    104460
     gctggaggtt aagctaagca taaaattctg caattcaata gggcacaaag ccaggcgcta    104520
     tagctcacac ctttaatcct ggcactttgg gaggccaagg caggtggatc acgtgaggtc    104580
     aggagtttaa gaacagcctg gccaacatag tgaaaccctg tctctaccaa aaaatacaaa    104640
     aattagccag gcatggtggt gcacacctgt aatcccagct actcaggagg ctgcagcagg    104700
     agaatcactt gaacctgaaa ggcagaggtt gcaatgagct gagatggcac cactgcactc    104760
     cagcctgggc aacagagtga ggccctgtct caaaaacaaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa    104820
     aaataggaca cagaaactat acatgaaagg cagcaaaagc aagtagttac tgagctagaa    104880
     catcactata ttaaggtagg atcagcatac tttctccaaa gggccaatat atattttcag    104940
     gtttgtggtt catccaatcc atcactacta ctcaactctg ctgttgtagc acaaaagcag    105000
     ttttggataa tatgtaagca atgtgcatag caagaattgg ccctgactgt tctaaaagtt    105060
     catattggga aagaccactg gagctaaatc ctctgggatg aactgcaaga ttgtgagtaa    105120
     ggtagtttag cagaaggaca aaaaaaaaat cactacaaat cttgtccaca gagttttgtg    105180
     gtggaaaaag aacccaggga cttccaggtt gaaaaattcc atcctattct gtgaaatcga    105240
     ttctcctaaa actataaaat aagaataagc atttttagaa tatattattc taagttcgct    105300
     tcctcacctt aacaaattat catactaatt ctcatggtta gttacaataa atatttttat    105360
     cagcaccact tttagctctc atcaagggaa aagatgcaaa gtcacaaact gaatttagcc    105420
     aattctcaaa tttacactgt atcccaatac catgcataca cacactaaga aatgttcaca    105480
     ctcctcatca ggtcactctt aattgtatga tgggtatgca acctctgaat ggcaaaaaca    105540
     aggaatgact ggtcatcctt ttgacatctg gcctattctt gtctgagtta ttatgaggat    105600
     acatgatgct ggattaatga ttaatgcagt gcagacagat caaatcctct cctgtcgtgt    105660
     gatagtgaaa tgctctgcac agcaaaagga ttattttctg taaatggcag tgtttaagaa    105720
     tctttcctgg ccccctccaa tccatgaggt taccttgctt ctttacttgc tccagaagaa    105780
     gatccttcat ggctggctct tctgcaaggt cagagggaac ttcaccttca ccattgacaa    105840
     tacctccact ggctccgtga ttaatgaaat acctgcatag acaagatcca ggatcaatat    105900
     tatctgtcaa tctaatataa attttaccca tgcatctggc attcaataca caacgaagtc    105960
     tctattttga gtttaaaata tggtctcagt taagatattc cattattaat ttctatgtgc    106020
     cttaaacttc aataattaag actgaaggct tccccatttc ctgactagag caatgccaac    106080
     aaacaggatt tctttcacac tcatgttact aactcccatc ctgtcactcc cagtggatgg    106140
     caagagaatt tctaagttac ataaagaagg catgcagcct taaactttcc cagtgccaca    106200
     ttggagctta ttaagtagtg ctgtgggtgt gaaaatagaa gaataaagtg tgcatttaaa    106260
     tttgcataaa tctgcctaaa ttatgcctcc ataaaactct cctatcaacc agacatccac    106320
     atgaaatctt cctctactct aagatgaaac taaattactt aagaagaaat attaaaacgt    106380
     taaagaatta aattctaaat ccaaatagaa tacttgattc tgaagaagaa aggtctgata    106440
     attcaatacc ttacatagat cctttttgat tttcagagtg ctttcacata aaattatatc    106500
     ataagtctta ggcaacatta tgaagtgggc aatgtgggta ttactaccat gactttaaga    106560
     aattgaggtt catacatatt aagtaatttt ctcaaaacca catagcgggt aaatggcaga    106620
     gggtacagcc cctgtcttga cttcaaatct agttcatctt ttctttagat caagtcactt    106680
     ttgggccagt gagaacccta ataacactag gagctctatc aaatactcag aagtgtttaa    106740
     aggaaaaaga aaaatgcttc aaattagact tcaatccatt caacaattca ataaacattt    106800
     actggtcccc tactatattg aagaaaccac ttttttttct tttttgagac agggtctttg    106860
     tctgtcactc aggctggagt gcaatggtgt gatctcggct cactgcaatc tccacgtccc    106920
     aggttcaagc aattcccctg cctcagcctc ctgattagct gggattacag gaacgtgaca    106980
     ccatgcccag ctaatctttt ttattttttt agtagagatg gcgtgtcacc atgttggtca    107040
     ggctggtctt gaacttcaga cgacaagtag tccacccgcc tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg    107100
     gattacaggt gtgcgctact gcgcctggcc atgggaacta cattttagac actgtaggag    107160
     attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagagagaga taatatatgg ccactggcca ctgcattcaa    107220
     ataattggca gagggagcca aacgcagtgg ctcaccccta taatcctttg ggaggctgag    107280
     gtgggtggat cacttgaggc caggagttcg agacaagcct gaccaacatg gtgaaaacca    107340
     tctctactaa aaatacaaaa cttaggcggg catggtggca ggcacctgta gtcccagcta    107400
     ctcaggaggc tgaggcacaa gaatcatttg aacccaggtg gcggaggttg cagtgagcca    107460
     agatcagcct gggtgacaga gcaagactct atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagttggca    107520
     gagggaaaag aatcaataga gattagatta agaacatgtt tttgctttct cagtgcctag    107580
     tacctggtat aatagggcct caacaaatgt ttgttaattt atagatcaat tctatatgta    107640
     taaagctcaa aagccttcac aattcacctt ttaaccatct ccttctttcc cttatagtct    107700
     cagaggaaga cagaccttat tcaattccaa aactaactcc ctctatttgt attcttactt    107760
     ctatcaagtc ctagtattcc gttcataaat tacccttcat ttccacatat tcaacatctc    107820
     ctctcttctg attcctctcc attaagcaaa aggaatattc agctatacct ccccaaccct    107880
     gaaatatcaa aatgcaaata atacacatag taagcactca acaaatgttt cctggattga    107940
     agtgtaccct atactctata atcaaactaa accacttact gttcccaaac acatcaactc    108000
     tcacccagct ctcttccaca gcttgtttct tccaactagg tggaacactc tcccttctct    108060
     tttcccatgt agaaaccttg caattctttc gaagttcatt taaaatgctt ttgccttcat    108120
     gaaaccttcg cctgttctca caaactgaat tccctctttc cttcctttaa ccccatactc    108180
     cctcttctcc tccccaacaa acactaattc tagacctcgg ttatgactta cactgtacct    108240
     cgatgcaatc attccatcag actgaaagct acttgaaggc aatgtgaaag gaaaataaaa    108300
     acttgggacc ctaatttcac tattccaaaa gaaaaaaaat taaact                   108346