ID   AC023423; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 88016 BP.
AC   AC023423;
DT   15-FEB-2000 (Rel. 62, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-430C23 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-88016
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-88016
RA   Swearengen, S, Maupin R., Le T.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-430C23";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-88016
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-FEB-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-88016
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (26-JUL-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-88016
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; c2504438200d34c31247847b20b654e0.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC023423.5:1-88016; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Jul 26, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7923986.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu/gsc
CC   Contact: sapiens@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0430C23
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (http://bacpac.med.buffalo.edu)
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-125K5; the clone sequenced
CC   to the right is RP11-122L9, 200 bp overlap.  Actual end of this
CC   clone is at base position 84394 of RP11-122L9.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..88016
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-430C23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   3668..3868
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   4213..4499
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4540..4911
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7702..7943
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   7982..8418
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   8617..8944
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9308..9662
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   10333..10907
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11932..12743
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15025..15400
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15405..15527
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15534..15723
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15728..16072
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   16492..16532
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   16786..16951
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17424..17548
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   19481..19842
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   20679..20785
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   24728..25021
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25452..25525
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25583..25899
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30712..31422
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   31438..32430
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   32431..32520
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   32578..34481
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34482..37973
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38014..38219
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   38250..38326
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   39058..39173
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   40335..40609
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40610..41348
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41353..42489
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42519..42748
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42839..43453
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43454..44134
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   44135..44859
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44998..45238
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45238..45332
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45400..45812
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   45855..46250
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   53716..54291
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   54673..54779
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   56330..56378
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   57142..57187
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   57799..57908
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   58903..59163
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59303..60064
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60072..60166
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60171..60404
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60405..60446
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61149..61432
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63884..64028
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   64311..64634
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65125..65234
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   65537..65781
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   66318..66432
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   68138..68303
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70001..70088
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   70101..70253
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   70909..71123
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   79080..79135
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   79311..79620
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80422..80954
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   80913..80998
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   81099..81176
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   82261..82415
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   82536..82719
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   82792..82873
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   84156..84777
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85111..85688
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   86249..86335
FT                   /rpt_family="MER103"
FT   repeat_region   87272..87898
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
SQ   Sequence 88016 BP; 27987 A; 16579 C; 15960 G; 27490 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttag cagaagaaca acatgatctg acatagcaca aaggataaaa gtaagattta        60
     gcaaatctta ctagctaagg aagatttctc tttgtttgcc agcttcagtg ggatctctac       120
     ttcttttcag taaaattgga atctctgtta acacctctgt tgggattacc actatttttt       180
     tctcccactg cttctttgtg attatatatt atactgtaga ttagcagggt agacaaatta       240
     actacaaatg cctaagaaca cactgctaaa atcattaatt cacactttga aatgataagc       300
     aaaatgaaca ttataatgtt cattactgtg tggtcacatg cttttacaga atgcagctat       360
     gtatagaata gaattcagtt tttcttcaaa cttttgactc tccagaaatg gaacataaac       420
     agtcaattaa cacagtcaaa aaagagtaga ttttatatat taattacatg cattatacac       480
     tgtattctta caataaagta agctggagaa aaaaggttag taagggaatc ataaggaaga       540
     gaaaatgtat ttactattca ttaagcagaa gtggatcatc ataaaggtct gcaacataaa       600
     tgtctgcata ctcaccttga gtaggctgac gaggaggaag aacaagaagg gctggtcctg       660
     ctgtctcagg aggggcagag gcggaaaggt ggaagaggca gaaggggagg caggcacact       720
     ctgtgtacat ttacagaaat atgtcataat ttctttctga atttttcact ttttcattta       780
     tctaggagtt tttctataca gtaccgattc ttcttccatt atttgcttta gtttcactgg       840
     ccatatcata gaaagggcaa tgtcataaaa gaagtcaaat gcaatcttga atcattggaa       900
     cctttctgcc agattgcctt atgtcaattt cttttctggc cctgtttcta tgtcttcttc       960
     ttcattgtct ggcactggtt tggaagcact aatctccatc aagtcatttt cttttaattt      1020
     gtctggtgtg gggtctatga gctctagagt ttctccaagc cccatatctt cgaagcctaa      1080
     acccccctaa acacattttt ttaacatatt cacaatatct ttcatgattt ccttggttag      1140
     ctctgttgta agtcctgtaa agtaatgcac aacatctgaa aacagttttc tccagcagaa      1200
     atttattgtt ttgggcttga tggctttcat gtttctttct ataacaataa tggcatcttc      1260
     aatggtgtaa ttcttccagg ctcgcatgat gttctctgta tccaggttct ctttcatagt      1320
     gttcacaatc ctttccatag agaatcacgt gtaattagcc ttaaaggtcc ctatgagccc      1380
     tgatctagag gctgagcttg acatattgca tctgggggaa ggagaccact tcaacacctt      1440
     tggtgttgaa ttcacgggtt tcaagtattc tgggacattg tccaatatca aaagaacttt      1500
     aaaaagccgt gtcttactgt agaatacttc ctgagttcag agacaaagca tggaaggaat      1560
     caattcaaaa acagggttct cattgtccag gccttcctac tgtacaaccc aaaagactgg      1620
     cagctggtgc ttatattttc tctttaaggc ttagaggtta gcagctttat agataaaggc      1680
     agtcctgatc ataaacccga ctgcatttgc acaaaacagt agagttagtc tatccattcc      1740
     tgccttacat cctggtgctt gattctcctc tttagtaata aatatctttg gtggcatttt      1800
     tttcaagaac agggcacttt tctgcattat aaatctgttc agttagttat ctcttctcct      1860
     cactgttttt tttaatggca tctaggaatc tgtctgttgc ttcttgattg gcagaagctg      1920
     cgtcttctgt tattgttaca tattttcatc catacttctt tctaaattta tcaaaccttc      1980
     cttcgctggc attaaatact tcagcttccg attcttcatc ttccttttgc tttaaattgt      2040
     catataatga ctttgctttt tctcaattta tattaaattg tgtaggtctg ccttttttag      2100
     taacaattct gcacccacat aaaagctgca gtttcagtgc aagagaaaaa gatatttcac      2160
     aaaatgtgaa aggttttcac atatgctggg ataccagtaa caatggcttc atgtgtttct      2220
     ttttcttttt ttacagtgct tcttatgctg gatccattta cctttaaatg gcaggcaacc      2280
     gcagctgcag acctcaatct acggtacata tcaagcaaat caactttttc ttgtaatgta      2340
     ataacttttc tctgcttctt ggtagcactt ccagcatcat cagtggcaca tcatatgaat      2400
     cccatgttgt tactaaaaca cggtgttaca ctaaacatga tgaaaatatg caagaaccat      2460
     gagaaatccc tttttactgt gacgcacaat ttactaagga gacaagctgc tcatgtggag      2520
     atgatcaaca gcacagggca ttttaagtga atgctgacaa cacgagctca ctgcgacagc      2580
     aacagaaggt ggctatgaaa ttgtagtagt gcactacata ctacagttaa ttttatggag      2640
     ttgtgattta ataacatatc tttgtgtttg tctactttca actgcaaatg acactatgta      2700
     aggtctgtaa gtggttgtat gaataagttt tgatgtattt taacttttta taacagattt      2760
     gtgtgtattt tatggtgata aataataaaa tagtcaagta tctaggtatt ttatgcattt      2820
     acaacataca taactttttg ttattttttt tctatatgtc taagatatgt ggcttgtctg      2880
     tgagtttttt caaattgttg caaatctcca aaatatattc caacatattt attgaaaaaa      2940
     tctgtatgta agtggatccg cacaggtcaa aaccatattg ttcaaaggtc aactgtatat      3000
     cagggttgat tttacaaaag ttaagaaaga agagaaagat ctagtaaaat aattaaaaga      3060
     agaaaaagga agagatctgt gttacagacc aacgaagtcc taaatagaaa cattttaagg      3120
     gttattttcc tgagacatca cttttgctat tctagcctct ggtgaacaaa atccagtgtg      3180
     ccaaaacact cgtgttaaag tagattactc tatcatacat ttattagtta ctttaattta      3240
     aatcttaaat aaaagagata tacatgccgc taattaattg atggtgcaga tatctcaaga      3300
     ctcaatatag aagtctgaac aattatattt ggcaattagt gccaggtaga cagacatgga      3360
     taggtaaaca gttaagtcta ccaagttagc agctcctttc aacttccttg ctctttctaa      3420
     tgaagtcact ttctttagca attttgctca ctactcttct caggtttcaa tatgcatggc      3480
     taaaaattta ctatcaaaac ttcttcattg tactactagg tttctggttt ttttgaattt      3540
     ttaagagtaa ttttaagagt gttcccttaa aatgaatcaa taatcatata acaccagaaa      3600
     atctgacaag ctatgaggaa gattctgtag aagatcctta actatgcatc caaattcaca      3660
     tacaacccag tacattgtgg tggtgatggg tatgatctta agctttgaag tcagacagat      3720
     gtggatttga atccaggctc caacagttac tttgtgaccc tggacattta acctctattt      3780
     tacacaacca taaaacaggg atggcaatat atagggccta tatatatttt tgcaattcgt      3840
     attaagggaa atgtatataa agtctcaggc aggaagagtt agtaattatt attaatgtta      3900
     cgattatttc accagaagat taaattccac cagcttgtaa tagcatatat tgtcttctat      3960
     tcagggccca cttaaagtgc tttgcgatct tgaagagttt caaatagtac ctggaacatt      4020
     atatgtgcct aagtgctagt taagtgtctg ttaaataaat taattaaata agcttctttt      4080
     taaagaaagg gtttggagat taaggagaat acctaaacca gtctttctct tctattatca      4140
     ctgtaaaata cttacctagt attgtcaatg ggctatgaaa aggggtctgg ctcttatcgc      4200
     ctattttttc ttttttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgagacaga gtttgctctt      4260
     gttgcccagc ctggagtgca atggcacgat ctcggcttgc cacaacctct gcctcctgag      4320
     ttcaagtgat tcttctgcct cagcctcctg agtagctggg attacaggca tgcaacacca      4380
     cgcctggctt atttcataat tatagtagag atggggtttc tccatgttgg tcaggctgct      4440
     tttgaactcc tgacctcagg tgatccaccc gccttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattact      4500
     tgcctcaaac ctttggcctg ggcttcttga ttatatactt gatatggttt ggctgtgtcc      4560
     ccaccaaaat ctcattctga attgcagttg ccataatccc cacatgtcat aggagggacc      4620
     acatggagat aattgagtcg tgggatcagt ttgcccatcc tgttctcatg gtagtgagtg      4680
     agttttcaca agatctgatg gttttataag gggctcaccc ctttgctgga cactcatttc      4740
     tctctcctgc caccatgtga agaaggatgt gtttgcttcc ctttccagca taattgtaag      4800
     tttcctgagg cctccccagc cttgtggaac ggtgagtcaa ttaaatctct ttcctttata      4860
     aattacccag tctcaggcag ttctttatag cagtgtgaga acagactaat aaaatactac      4920
     cactgtgaaa acgctcagag atgttgccat tttagaaaca agagtataga aggctagaac      4980
     aagttaagaa actgagctat ttgcaaacaa ggaatatgtt gttttctttt tttatgctta      5040
     agactgaggc atttcttgat gaatgaatca acacatcagt gaatgaatac atgaataaat      5100
     aaaacagaaa aggggcttaa ttttgagtag atgagagtat cttcagaaag tttatggata      5160
     acgggacatt ccttaaattc ttatatgatg taccattcaa gaagcttcat tctattgcag      5220
     acctttctgt ttttagcata tagaatatag tgctaatata acacttactt ctaaatcaag      5280
     aatgatctta tttaaaatgt ctatgattta attaggaaat atgctaatga tgatttcaag      5340
     gaatctgcta catcatccct tcatattcac actactaaag agatatatag tttgtatttg      5400
     atcagtaata ctaggataca ttatagagtc tgtagagctt cttgctgtat ggtgaaattc      5460
     tcaaagtgtg aaggtatatc ttatttttat ttacatcctc agtgctgaag agtttcccta      5520
     acatatagtt gttcttcaac aatatttatt ggataaaaaa agaatattaa gattcaataa      5580
     gctctggata gcaaggcaaa attgccttaa gaatatccaa tacactacaa actgtaaagt      5640
     tgtttttctt ttaaaatgca ctacataaat atgtcattca aacatttaaa aatatataat      5700
     taaacacatt aacatattgg cttgtcatgt tacaagatta taataggtaa tatgtatttt      5760
     ttaaattccc ctctgtaaat attgttcctt aagactgctc ccactcaagg aaacatgcat      5820
     cctgagaata gtactttttt ttggtcaatc atctttttct ctgctttaag ataaagccag      5880
     taaatatttt cctgttttct acaaggaata agaatgaaag attctatatt taggtaattt      5940
     cccctatctc caattgatct ttataattca cattttacaa gtgcacccct cttttcatca      6000
     acattttgaa acatttgaaa cagttctttt tccttccacc tagaaattag tggagtacac      6060
     aatcctattt tctgattcat aatattatga ctttctttga aaaagtcacc attttttctg      6120
     agtcagcatt tcaaacaggt gtaccctttt ttctttttaa atagtatttg tctttttagt      6180
     gcaaattgtt ttaaataggg ttttttctaa tattatagtt ctttcctact agatagaacc      6240
     agaagttata tccccacatc ctaaggatgg gttactaatt tcaaatgctt tgctaaacag      6300
     aaaattttca catttaagtt ccatgctacc tggtggaaat gacaagaaag gttatatttt      6360
     gagcctaata ttcaaatcag taactcggct tttcacatat ctcttgctaa tgatgctgtt      6420
     tattttatta gacgaattat ataatgccat aaaacagggg accttctcca ggtattttct      6480
     cctatgggag actagctgat aaagtatggt ataaccataa cattgtggtt tcttccaaga      6540
     taagggtttc cacagtgttt ttcacataaa gagtcctaga gctaagtttc acttaataaa      6600
     ataagaggca acttaaaatg atggttaaaa aaaagatact cattacaaca tgatgtagtg      6660
     atgtagtggt ggaaaataaa tagaatgcaa agaaatgaaa aatagaaact tatatataag      6720
     cttcttaaag tgttgggact taggcaatac catacttggg ctcagatacc tgttgattga      6780
     ttaactgggt aatggtgtgt tctcctggac tttgtaaaaa cattgtaaat attgacatat      6840
     atttgaaaat acattataag ctatattaaa ttttagaata tgtaaggggc agcagtagta      6900
     tctgaagtca atatctttca ctattttttt ttttttctga aggttcatcc tatagttaat      6960
     gctttggtaa gtaaagagga tacagtactg ggtcctgcaa cctagctctg agttctcagc      7020
     taaggtaagt agttagtgct tcatgtaatc agtggtatag aataacttca ctccagttac      7080
     ttattaggga ggatcgtctt aaactctgcc tctcaatatt atagatatat atatgagaaa      7140
     tgtatccatt atttaagtgg cattttctga agaatatgct gctcatcatt cctcaagtgc      7200
     agtcatttct gctaaaatat tttttgaaaa catgaatttg ttccaacacg attgatatat      7260
     tagggaacaa tttgaatata aagaggattt tgcattgtat taagctctga aaatctctcg      7320
     gtaaacacag aaaactgcac ccagcataat aatataaaac acacacacac acacacacac      7380
     acacacacac acacacacaa aacaattcac tggaaacctc actttattat gtatgttatc      7440
     ctacaagttt atgtcttgcc attgttttgt atttgaggat atttttatac taaataaaaa      7500
     gtaaacatcc aaaatgtata aatattttgg ttcaaaaata ccaagtagtg cataaaaaga      7560
     aaaaatttaa gtactgagga aaagcttgaa taatgaagtg cttcacattg agagaacatg      7620
     atgtttccca agcaacagac agaaatccac tctgtgaccc cttagagata ataagcaaga      7680
     aaaaacaaat gtatatgact ctgtgatata ataaaaatct atttggtctt tgtttttggt      7740
     tcctggaaca gggctcctat aatctgtgaa atttcctggg aaactggagt gtcattttaa      7800
     aacacctaag tttatgctaa tgaattgatt tagtgtgggg ctcctaggta gcctcaggat      7860
     ggggcaggtc accagaagga ccaagtaatt tgaggggtgg aaattctacc ctaaccattg      7920
     gcctctgagg aggtgagcag gagactggtg atttgacccg atgaatcttc ttgaaccatg      7980
     tgattcaggg agcttcttct gggtgggtga acacttcatg gtgctgtgag ggtggcatgc      8040
     ctgaacaggg catggtagtt gcacagcatc ccctcctcaa taccttgccc tgtgcatctc      8100
     ttctatttca ctgtttctga gttttatcct ttaaaataaa atagtaaaca taagtagtgt      8160
     ttttctgact tctgtgagtt gttctagcaa attgtccaac ctgagaagga tgtcatagga      8220
     acccctgaat tatagccagt cagtcaaaag tacaggtggc ccccaggggt tgcagctggc      8280
     atctgaaatg aaagcagttt gaggaaccaa gccctttaat ctgtgggata tgatgccaaa      8340
     ttcaggtaga taatatcaaa attaaatttg agttgttggg catccagttg gtgtgagaga      8400
     ctcagagaat tggttgttgg tgtacaaaaa ctttacacag gcaggaacca cttgaagtac      8460
     tgctgcaaag tcagtaacaa caaggccaca ataaattaag gaaatgaaaa gattgttgag      8520
     catataaatt ctagtctcaa cagtgaaaaa tattgggaac aattgtctca taaaaataaa      8580
     agactatcta tagataacat ccttaaacag aatagtctgg gtgtggtggc tcatgcctgt      8640
     aatgccagca ctctgggagg cagagacggg tggatcacct gaggttggga gttcaagacc      8700
     agcctgacca acatggagaa accccgtctc tacttaaaaa aaaataccaa aaaaaaaaaa      8760
     aaaattaacc gggcaaggtg gtgcatgcct gtaatcccag ctactgggga ggctgaggca      8820
     ggagaatcac ttgaacccag gaggcagagg ttgcggtgag ctgagatcgc agcattgcac      8880
     tccggcctgg gcaacaagag cgagactccg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaataaaa      8940
     aaaaaaacag agtttgctaa atcctgcaga agtgacttct tttatctcgg aaaatgagtc      9000
     ctaggggtgg ctattttagt gttgtcaaac atctctacaa ttctcaaagc cttcagctgt      9060
     ctggataagc tatgggtgca catgagacat ccacaacata attcccagca atgattcaca      9120
     acttacttga agaagtctat atgccaaatc agatttacaa tttttatgaa atatgtgtct      9180
     attataaatt taaaccttaa aaacctgcac ctgaaatgca gaaaaacatg cccaggattt      9240
     aaggctgtga aagattttta actgcagcat ttggaaacaa tgccaaaccc aggacaatga      9300
     gccgtgctga tatgatttgc ctgtgtgccc acacaaatct caccttgaat tgtaataatc      9360
     ctcgcatgtc aagggtgggg ccaggtggag ataattgaat cacgagggca gtttccccca      9420
     tactattctc agggtagtga gtaagtttca caagatctgc tgattttata aatgagagtt      9480
     cccctgaaca aaccctctgt tacctgccac catgtaatat gtatcttgcc cctccttgcc      9540
     ttccaccatg attgtgaggc ctcctcagct atgtggaact gtgagttcat taaacctctt      9600
     ttctttataa ttacccagtc tcaggtattc ctttataggc agcctgagaa cagactaata      9660
     cacacaccta tccacatctc ctgctacaac tttgcatttg ctttcagata atcaccccac      9720
     acaacctcac aataactcac aagctgcaat ccttctgaaa cctacttcca caaggtaaag      9780
     tgccatatta tagcatttat gtgaaattgt gctaccacat atattagatt tctattattt      9840
     attttttatg tgtcactgaa aaagtgtttg aatattgtgc ccaaacctca tttttctcat      9900
     gagccctcag gtttttctta tacaattttg gaaaaaaaaa atatggtgtt ttttagaata      9960
     ctataagttg tgttatagaa gaactaacta aacattaaaa tctatcatca ggggaagcca     10020
     gtcaatgaga gagctgtatg atggggccaa atcattttta tttccccaaa attgctttcc     10080
     ctatactggc catggcatta ggaaatcaac ctacagtgaa ggacattata agaaactatc     10140
     ctctgaaatt cattattcta ttcactgtaa gaatgttgtt gaatatgatg cttaccacat     10200
     tacacaaatc aaattttcaa ttttgatgaa atgggtgtct attataaatt taaaccttaa     10260
     aaacctacac ccgaaatgca gaaaaacatg cccaggattt agggtggtga aatagtcttc     10320
     tttttttttt ttgaactaga aataccattt gacccagcca tcgcattact gggtatatac     10380
     ccaaaggatt ataaatcatg ctgctataaa gacacatgca catgtatgtt tattgcagca     10440
     ctattcacaa tagcaaagac ttgaaaccaa cccaaatgtc caataatgat aggctggatt     10500
     aagaaaatgt ggcacatata caccatggaa tactatgcag ccacaaaaaa agatgagttc     10560
     atgtcctttg cagggacatg gatgaagctg gaaaccatca ttctcagcaa actatcgcaa     10620
     ggacaaaaat caaacaccac atgttctcac tcataggtgg gaattgaaca atgacaacac     10680
     ttgaccacag gaaaggaaac atcacacacc ggggcctgtt gtggggtggg gggagtgggg     10740
     agggatagca taggagatat acctaatgta aatgacgagt taatgggtgc agcataccaa     10800
     catgacacat gtatactaac taactaacct gtacgttgtg ctatgtaact aacctgcacg     10860
     ttgtgcacat gtaccctaga acttaaagta taataacaaa aaaaaaagat tcttaactgt     10920
     gacatttgga aacaatgtca aacccaggac aatgagccat acacagtatt ctctttatga     10980
     tggcccacac aagaagtttc actctggcct tagtcccagg aagagttatg catctcctga     11040
     aaaattagtt tgcttttatt tttatgtaca ctgagacttt taaaggagta tcttaacaga     11100
     gttcaatgaa tatttcttaa ataaatgaat aaatgtgttt ttaaactgtt tctttttcca     11160
     ctttggagaa aatgcttaga gccaaattta tgagcctctt ctaggaagtg tacagaaacc     11220
     agaaacatta ttaaaatatt ctgagctgaa ctcacaataa tagcttctta cttgtgcatt     11280
     tcaactataa ctgatcactg gcttaaacct tacttgaaaa tttgtataat tgctgacagt     11340
     ctaaataagt agcactctga ctaatgaatg agttataagt ctattgaaaa atcctatttt     11400
     catagattct gcagatgcag caccagaagt cagctagagg agactaacta atgttaacaa     11460
     tccttctgag gtacttctta attgacattt tattgtatta caattacgca aactgtgcca     11520
     agctgactag gactaagaca aaggagacag tagtttatat atttatttac ttttgctcct     11580
     aaatgattcc tgagaaggag taataaaatc ctaaaccaga gtatacaggc tttgaaatga     11640
     tatatgtaaa atccaataag gccagtgaga atcatgtgta ccttctctct ccttctcgtc     11700
     cccatataca ataactaggc ccaataactt gaaaagggta taatcaaagt atttaaaata     11760
     atggagtata ttgtgactga gagtagcaat taatgggaaa aaatagtagt tattggtctg     11820
     aaacttttac taataactct tcttgtataa tctctgtcca gcaacttaaa tacccaagag     11880
     aagcattcta atgccttggt cacaagtttc tctttttatt tatttattta cttttttatt     11940
     atactttaag ttttagggta catgtgcaca atgtgcaggt tagttacata catatacata     12000
     tgccatgttg gtgtgctgca cccattaact cgtcatttaa cattaggtat atctcctaat     12060
     gctgtccctt ccccctcctc ccaccccaaa acaggccccg gtgtgtgatg ttccccttcc     12120
     tgtgtccatg tgttctcatt gttcaattca cacctatgag tgagaacatg cagtgtttgg     12180
     ttttttgtcc ttgcaatagt ttgctgagaa tgatggtttc cagcttcatc catgtccctg     12240
     caaaggacat gaactcatca ttttttatgg ctgcatagta ttccatggtg tacatgtgcc     12300
     acattttctt aatccagtct atcattgttg gacatttggc ttggttccaa gtctttgcta     12360
     ttgtgaatag tgtcacaata aacatatgtg tgcatgtgtc tttatagcag catgattcat     12420
     aatcctttgg gtatataccc agtaatggga tggctgggtc aaatggtatt tctagttcta     12480
     gatccctgag gaatcaccac actgacttcc acaatggttg aactagttta cagtcgcacc     12540
     aacagtgtaa aagtgttcct atttctccac atcctctcca gcacctgttg tttctaggtg     12600
     ccattctaac tgctgtgaga tggtatctca ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt tgtctgatgg     12660
     ccagtgatga tgagcgtttt ttcatgtgtc ttttggctgc ataaatgtct tcttttgaga     12720
     agtgtctgtt catatccttc gccttgttgc aaaaattttc tcccattctg tcggttgcct     12780
     gttcactctg atggtaattt cttttgctgt gcagaagctc tttagtttaa ttagatccca     12840
     tttgtcaatt ttggcttttg ttgccattgc ttttggtgtt ttagacatga agtccttgcc     12900
     catgcctatg tcctgaatgg tattgcctag gttttcttct agggttttta tggttttagg     12960
     tctaacagtc aagtctttaa tccatcttga attaattttt gtataaggtg taaggaaggg     13020
     atccagtttc agctttctac atatggctag ccagtttttc cagcacgatt tgttaaatag     13080
     ggaatccttt ccccatttct tgtttttgtc aggtttgtca aagatcagat agttgtagat     13140
     acgtggcatt atttctgagg gctctgttct gttccattgg tctacatctc tgttttggta     13200
     ccagtaccat gctgttttgg ttactgtagc cttctagtat agtttgaaat caggtagggt     13260
     tatgcctcca gctttgttct tttggcttag gattgacttg gcgatgcggg ctcttttttg     13320
     gttccatatg aactttaaag tagttttttc caattctgtg aagaaagtca tcggtagctt     13380
     gatggggatg gcattgaatc tataaattac cttgggcagt atggccattt tcacgatatt     13440
     gattcttcct acccatgagc atggaaagtt cttccatttg tttgtatcct cttttatttc     13500
     attgagcagt ggtttgtagt tatccttgaa gaggtccttc acatcccttg taagttggat     13560
     tcctaggtat tttattctct ttgaagcaat tgtgaatggg agttcactca tgatttggct     13620
     ctctgttgtt ggtgtataag aatgcttgtg attcttgcac attgattttg tatcctgaga     13680
     ctttgctgaa gttgcctatc agcttaagga gattttgggc tgagacaatg gggttttcta     13740
     gatatacaat catgtcatct gcaaacaggg acaatttgac ttcctctttt cctgattgaa     13800
     tactctttat ttccttctcc tgcctaattg ccctggccag aacttccaac actatgttga     13860
     ataggagttg tgagagatgg catccctctc ttgtgccagt tttcaaaggg aacgcttcca     13920
     gtttttgccc attcagtatg atattggctg tgggtttgtc atagatagct cttattattt     13980
     tgagatacgt cccatcaata cctaatttat tgagagtttt tagcaggaag aattgttgaa     14040
     ttttgtcaaa ggccttttct gcatctattg agacaatcat atggtttttg tcgttggttc     14100
     tgtttatatg ctggattaca tttattgatt tgcatatgtt gaaccagcct tgcatcccag     14160
     gggtgaagcc cacttgatca tggtggataa gctttttgat gtgctgctgg attcggtttg     14220
     ccagtatttt attgaggatt tttgtattga tgttcatcag ggatattggt ctaaaattct     14280
     ctttttttgt tttgtctctg ccaggctttg gtatcaggat gacgctggcc tcataaaacg     14340
     agttagggag gattccctct ttttctattg attggaatag tttcagaagg aatggtacca     14400
     gctcctcctt gtacctctgg tagaattcgg ctatgaatcc atctggtcct ggactttttt     14460
     tggttggtaa gttattaatt attgcctcaa tttcagagcc tgttattgat ctattcagag     14520
     attcaacttc ttcctggttt agtcttggga gggtgtatgt gttgaggaag ttatccattt     14580
     cttctagatt ttctagttta tttgcataga ggtgtttata gtattctcta atggtagttt     14640
     gtatttctgt gggattggtg gtgatatccc ctttatcatt ttttattgtg tctattttat     14700
     tcttctctct ttttttcttt atgatagacc gctagcagtt tctcttaaag taaaaacttt     14760
     cttactgtat tttatgacat attttactgt gcatacatag gaactagatg agacccacta     14820
     aagagattat ctctgtaact tttactactg ttgactgaga acactttatt ccattttaaa     14880
     tcatttgaga aaactgtaaa cattttctga gccttaggcc tggccttacc cctgatcttt     14940
     aaaactgata gacaacaacc acaaaagttt cagtagaagc catttaaaag aaaaaaaagc     15000
     ctctcattat cttgaaacag aaggtgtatt agtctgttct cacactgcta taaagaactg     15060
     ccccagactg ggtaatttat aaagggaaga agttcaatgg actcacagtt tcacctggct     15120
     ggggaggctt caggaaactt acagtcatag tggaagggga agcaaacaca tccttcttca     15180
     caaggtggca ggagagagaa gtgccaagca aaagggggaa aagcccctta taaaactgtc     15240
     agaccttgtg agagctcact cactgtcatg agaacagcat gagagtaacc atccctatga     15300
     ttaaattaac tcccactggg tccctcccat gacacatggg gattatgggc actacaatga     15360
     aggtgagatt tgggtgggga cacagagcca aaccatatca ttctgccttg agcaactaca     15420
     cccctgtggc tttgcagggt acagcttccc tcctggctgt cttcacagcc tggcattgag     15480
     tgtctgtggc ttgttgtcag tggtgcatgg tgcaagttgt ggtgcatggt gcaaaagggg     15540
     gaaaagccct ttataaaact gtcagacctt gtgagaactc actcactgtc atgagaacag     15600
     catgagggta accatcccca tgattaaatt acctcccact gggtccctcc catgacacat     15660
     ggggattatg ggcattacaa tcaacgtgag atttgggtgg ggacacagag tcaaaccata     15720
     tcattctgcc ttaagcaact acagccctgt ggctttgcag ggtacagctt ccctcctggc     15780
     tgccttcaca gcctggcatt gagtgtctgt gagtgtctgt ggtgcatggt gcaagttgtc     15840
     agtggatcta ctattcaggg gtctggagga tggtagccct cttctcacag ccccactagg     15900
     cagtgcccca ttgggactct gtttgggggc tctcacccca cattttcatt ccactctgtc     15960
     ctagcagagg ttctccatga gaactccacc cctacagcac tcctctgcct ggacatccag     16020
     gtgtttccat acctcctctg aaatctagag gtttccaaac tttaattctt gatgtcccta     16080
     aaaaccaaat tgattattta aaaagacaag atatagttat ctacatgatt tagctaatac     16140
     agttgcacta gttatttttc ccagattccc actgaatgag tctttaatgc gttggaataa     16200
     aattatattc aatacaaaat ctacctttca aaatcaggta agaaaacata caaaactatt     16260
     caagtgacca aagttaagat aaatgcagga atgaataatt aaaatcaaga ttttatcaca     16320
     atgttttaga gttaatcaat attcacagaa atgtgacact agtgatacat cacaagcata     16380
     tcatgagagc tgagactttc ttcaaataat aatgactaac actgtatttt tactatgtat     16440
     cagttcacca gagaagcaat gtaatgaatt actttgttta atgaagatga aattattttt     16500
     cacattttgc caatgaggaa actgagaaac ggttggtacg gacaaagggc agtactctcg     16560
     tccatgtcta ccttcagctc aagcttttgt tcttaactac tttgctctaa tacatactgc     16620
     attaatgctg gtaagtttgg atggcccatt taaaattttg tctgattcta tagttatcag     16680
     taacacagaa tactaaattc ctttatctca gttatagtta cattcaacaa atataatata     16740
     actaaaatat attttaagta gattgaactt atattgaaaa ttaaaactgt tgtggggtgg     16800
     gggagggggg agggatagca ttaggagata tacctaatgc taaatgacga gttaatgggt     16860
     gcagctcacc agcatggcac atgtatacat atgtaactaa cctgcacatt gtgcacatgt     16920
     accctaaaac ttaaagtata ataaaataaa ataatctgaa aaaaaacaaa aaaaaagaaa     16980
     agaaacttaa aaatattgaa aaatgttgat tgttgatagc aatagtaata aaaacatcca     17040
     caatattgag gatgaaagcc tgaaaattaa cttatttcag tgataatttt tactctgtaa     17100
     aggctgtgta gtatagttag ggatcaaaaa attaacttta agcatattac aattaaccat     17160
     agcaatccaa ttttatcaat caaaatcaaa tccatgtatg ttaattaaca atctgaatac     17220
     tatcattttt ctttcattca gtagcatcct gtttgtatct tggtgaaaca gaataaaagc     17280
     ttctggcaag atatattaga ttttaaaata tttggataat taacatgctt tcatataaag     17340
     agtatacatt aattagtgtt ttacttccct aaaacacatt gatagaatag tttatcattg     17400
     tatttaatac tgttattatt ttcattacta acattcattg aatgtttact aagaactagt     17460
     gattgtgata ggcattttat tcacattatc tcatttattg cacacagccc taacataaat     17520
     accactatta cctccatttt gaagataact atagctagta tttactgtgg accaccatta     17580
     gcaatctcag ttccagtgct ccaaagaaat attttaaaat gagtggaaca ttgtccttgt     17640
     tcttatgcag gttgtagtct ggtaaattta tcaaaatttt cttgaaaaaa tcctgtgcat     17700
     cattatatgc catgttgaat tgaatctttg ctctactttt ctagctaaaa tatatcaggt     17760
     agaattatct gagtgtaatt atttatatca gaatatgtca cagcatttag agattttcta     17820
     atttgtactt aattgctatg ataagaaaaa tattaatacg taaccaaagc aattattttg     17880
     gtctcaaata ttaaaaatgt gatggtattc cgctgaagtg ttggaacttt tcttgttatt     17940
     ttgaataaat atttctgtta ttcaaagaaa ttctaacagt tgttttctga cttctaatga     18000
     atatgttgca aatgttctta gtgatataca tcaaatgatt aaaggtatag ttttccagaa     18060
     agcagagttc attactgtat atctcttatc ctggtaagac aaatctgtac ttgattttgg     18120
     tgttaacaaa aagaagcaaa tattttttac tctttaatga tgttttatgc ttaaactaca     18180
     tagagatttt cttggtattc atttggaaca ttgtttcctt gtctcattaa tacttgtagt     18240
     tttcaattgg tagataagag gaatttttgt agttaatttt actcagatgg agagacaaaa     18300
     gctcaaagaa ggtagaatca tacaaatctg agaccaagtc tattaaataa aagtgaagat     18360
     tattgccagg aaaaatattt taataataat aatttaccta gaatgaaaaa tttggaatca     18420
     aaggtagaac tcagcattca tttatccttt tgtatatgga acaattttag aagtggggta     18480
     gggaagaggt tcagagtaga ttttcagaag aaacaaaaga tgcacactta ttatcttgtc     18540
     acttctttat aatacattat tatccctaat ttataaaaac ataaagaaaa taaaatgaag     18600
     aagaggttta aaaagaagag gaagaatttg ccttcaaagt aggacaaaga aactaagcat     18660
     aagagaaact acttttcagt acactatgtc tgaaacaaat ttgttacaac taaaagagga     18720
     caccaatatt ttaattttaa tgtatccaga tggataagag aaactcagta aaattgcttt     18780
     caacaaacaa attaaaaaaa aaaacccaaa ggtatccagc atttctacac tatttataag     18840
     tgcaatggct gctgcttctg aaaagactta cagaatctgc ttttatgtta ttttttgatg     18900
     tcatttatag tgtagccatt gttagacaat gactgattca attaaagcta atgcttttga     18960
     tttcttaaag ctctgaatag tatttttaat tgcaattgat tacatactta tttaataaaa     19020
     gggaaactgt tgaactgacc gaataatggt atcccagaat gaggatttac atcagttatt     19080
     ggttgaaaca tttaaaactt cagagtaata ttataatttt cctattattc aaacttataa     19140
     atgaaacaaa aagtgatttt tttctatgct ttcagaaaca ggaattcacc agaactactt     19200
     tactgaatag gtgagtgaat tattcattaa gatgatcagt aggactgggt cttttttaac     19260
     tctaaggaga tatgtatatt acttcacaca gaagcaatta ttaatttact gatagcatag     19320
     ataacttcat actttaattt ttgcaatttt aatatacatg tttatactat tttatttaat     19380
     tttaataaaa gcaaataaag tattgaatat gtaatcattt tgagataact ctggagtagt     19440
     aaattactat aatttcactt ttctttgcct tttatttctt tattagtttg ttttcacggt     19500
     gctgataaag acatacccaa ggctgggtaa tttataagga agaagaggtt taatggactc     19560
     acagttccac gtagctgggg aggccttaca atcacggtgg aaggtgaaag gcacaactta     19620
     catggctgca ggcaacagag agaatgaaag ccaagttaaa gtggtttccc cttacaaagc     19680
     catgagttgt cgtgagactt attcactacc atgagaacag tatgggtgaa acggccccca     19740
     tgattcagtt atctcccact ggctcccttc cacaacatgt ggaaaatacc ggagctacaa     19800
     ttcaagatga gatttgtgtg gggacacagc caaaccatgt caaattattt cttgcaactt     19860
     ccaaaaaaaa attttttttt agaaataatt cattattttt tgtttcatta gatattcttg     19920
     taaagtcttg atggtaaatc tgaatgatca aaaactaaga gccaaatagt gggttgttgt     19980
     tacatatggt taaagttcat ttagccctaa aataatggga acaagagaat aatgaccaga     20040
     ggagggacat tggggaggtg atgagtatag taggaatctc tagcagtctt gcagacatca     20100
     tgtgaatttt tcaaatctga tactctcttg ttttaagata gccagatgaa aagtcgattc     20160
     aatggagaaa aaagaggggt ttggcatgaa gtttcctaag tacagccagg ccaaagaatg     20220
     taatgtatag aaaaagccac agtagagttt atgggaatta aagcaaggga aaccaactaa     20280
     attaatctgt agtcttcatt cgacaatctc acatacctgt ttccctcaca tatatactca     20340
     ttcttaaatt cactgttatg accacattag aactcaactt caaatttgtg ttattaatct     20400
     tttttataaa gcatttccaa gtagatttac ttaacattat ctaatatctt gcaagtgtat     20460
     ggcagtatta ttttcagcaa tatggaaaat gatgaaaata ctggttactg caatagatta     20520
     tgttgcagaa aataatgcaa gagcctgtga aattccttgg acatgtgaca cattatacat     20580
     aaaccagtca atgatctagg gaattatagt gaactctggt cattcaggtg aagtaacata     20640
     agagcacaaa acatttctag tttcaatcct gcttcgtatc atttacactc accaagcatc     20700
     aatttcctct tccataaaat ttagatacta aaatttttgt cttccatagg gcagttatga     20760
     ggatctcata aaacaataaa tacataggag tattcttcaa agaacaatgt attacaggga     20820
     tgctagttat ttctgttaac ccagcaactc gaattaccca ggaatcctga ttaatgctat     20880
     ggcatataaa ttgggagact ctcaagattc tctaaaatca gttttaaaat gtaaaatgta     20940
     tgctttactg gaacacattt atctcaagaa agagcatcat agcaatttga atatgtaatc     21000
     tagtattaaa aaaacatttg tagcaaatta tatccactgt aaagaaaatt attacaggac     21060
     acacatgatc tggacttagt gcttaaggag gtaatagata agtaaggaga tatgaagaat     21120
     agaaaaaaaa ttctactttt atttttgaat acgtagctgt atttctgagg ttgagtctga     21180
     gttaacctac ccgtataacc gtttcttcta tctcttcttt aactaacata gatcatcctc     21240
     tcagtgcatc ttttagccta gagaaaagct aggttgggat ttatggaagg aacaagaaca     21300
     aaataaaacc atatctgctc tatttttcca tatcaattga tttcagagtg tacttcattc     21360
     tcaacaaatg aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaagaa tttcccttca tggtttattc tactggttta     21420
     gaggtaactg taattaactt tctgcaaact cctcacttag caaaaatgca ttacctttca     21480
     aattatttgt attgtagata caatacaaat cactactaaa aactgatctt gattgataga     21540
     ccccatagtt ggatatttgg aaataaaatg gaaactgaga cacaggagag acatatctga     21600
     aattaaaatg taagaagtat cagaaaatac attgctaatg aagtaaggtt tcctaatggt     21660
     gttttttcat taaaaatact cttcctgttt tacatgaacc atagcttggg tttgctaaaa     21720
     gacgccatga taaataatta aacatggaaa tcctgaatat ccacactaag gaaaataaaa     21780
     cttccacatg caataactaa tgagtattgt aaatgtaaaa tcaaggccct agtgtaaatt     21840
     ttataacaaa tacatgaaat aatatagtga aattttaatt tatgtaatta ttatatataa     21900
     gctgtattgt tatatatatt ttatatacat gtaatgaaag tcatggttaa ataatctagt     21960
     atatttaagt ttatggattt aaatttaaat ttattaaatt taattgtatt aaatttaatt     22020
     tttattaatt taaatttaaa tggcttaaaa cacattgagt tgttttatat attttataca     22080
     acaaatatat ctaaactaaa tattaaaaat tattaaatgc tttaatggac aaataaatga     22140
     cagataattt aaaatgttat ttgtttttct ttcaagatgg cacattagag gcttttagct     22200
     tgcctcagcc acttggaaat accaagagag ttcataaaga taaacactgt gtgctttaat     22260
     acaagaaggg aaatgggagt acaccagagt catgaaggac accccaaatc ctggggatga     22320
     gatcatggga aaacagcccc tctgtcaatg tctggctgat aaaagtgagt gaagccccag     22380
     tacatgagag aggcagaagc ctccctcttt gactcacctt tcctcggggg aatctgagca     22440
     acctaggcca aagagcaccc ttttttttct cccaagtctt ggaactaact tggcgagagg     22500
     cataaagacg ctgtgagaga aagacactag gaaaagctgc actcattttc caagacccag     22560
     agctgagatc aggatggcat ttttaatccg ggctcatgca aagtcagcca ttctgtggca     22620
     acccagaagc gtggccgtgt agacatttta gtttcaggcc agagtttgga gggcctgctc     22680
     tggtgtaggg taggggcctc ctcagccaga actgtggaaa ctgcctcagc atcaggtgct     22740
     ggaattgtgc tctcccctat tgcatacttt gagtgggagg agagctgcta cagctgcaat     22800
     ttctcctgga caatgataat tacatccagg gccagcttgg caacctggaa ccaatatgtg     22860
     tgtgtcattg ctgggtatcc catcctgctc ccctgaactt gcggtacaga aaaaccctct     22920
     ctgcttcacc cacaaacaga aatccagact ctcaaatcac ccactttcct ggaccaacag     22980
     cctgagctgc cccgcttttc atggacatag attgcggttc agcgagcccc tctctgcttc     23040
     aaaactaggt acatctccag gtatgcatag cacctgctca cctggatcag caacctgaat     23100
     tgctccaccc ttccggtgca tagattgtgg tgcagcaggg ccctctgggc tctgtgccca     23160
     ggcacatctc caggcattca gagcacctac ttgtttggtt cagcatcctg agtttctcct     23220
     cacttctgtg cagagatctt ggtgcagaga atcctctcaa cttcatgtcc aagcaaatct     23280
     ccaggcatat ggaacatcca ccctcctgga gtaggagttt aggatacccc tatccttgtg     23340
     cagatatctt gagattaggg aggtttccca gcttcatacc tagacacatc tctgggcact     23400
     tggtggctgc ccagtggatt ctcattcagt actagtgctt gtccctccca tcaggacacc     23460
     agtacgtgga cctgcccagt ctgaccccat caatcttgcc cccccaaccc tctggagtta     23520
     agaagtaagc tcagacggct gtgcactcta agaatcagcc attgcctgag gcgacagaga     23580
     ggttctatca gtaaacaagg atcaagtata tacccagcca catcggccag tgtgggctct     23640
     tacccagaaa cgtcacctac tggcttattg gtcaaactgc acagtccaat ataaaacctg     23700
     ctgacagaat tgcatgaggc tacggaagca aagccaaaac acactaccca gcattctcta     23760
     cagtcacatc cccaagggag agggagaaag agaaactgaa aaaagaaaaa aacaataata     23820
     ttatagggaa aaagagaaaa atcctacctg cacaaaaata acttcaaaaa gtagaagtgt     23880
     cagcatcttc agatcagaaa gaaccagtgc aagaattctg gcaccataaa aatatgtgaa     23940
     tacactaata ccaccaaggg ctcacactag ctctccagca ataattccta accaaaatat     24000
     aaatgcagaa atgacaaata aaagactcaa agcatggatt gtaaggaaac tcaatgagat     24060
     ccaagataag gttgaaaatc aacacaaagc aacttctaaa gcaatccatg aaatgaagga     24120
     atagatataa atcttaaaaa gaaatcaatc aaagcttctg gaattgaaaa gctcacttaa     24180
     aatttcaaaa tacaattgaa aggtttatca atagactgga acaagtagaa gaaataattt     24240
     cagaacttga agcctagtct ttcaaactaa cccaatctga caaaaataaa gaaaaatgga     24300
     atttttgaaa atgaacaaag tctttgagaa atatgggatt atgtaaagtg gccaaatcta     24360
     caaatggttg gcattcctga gagagaagga gaaaaagaaa acaaacaacc tggaaacatg     24420
     tttgagagaa taattcaaga aaagtttcct aatctttctt gagaggcaga catcaagata     24480
     caaaaaattc agagaacacc tgtgagatac tatacaaaac aaacatcgcc aaggcatata     24540
     gtcatcagac tatcctaggt caatgctaaa gaaaaaatct tgaaggtagc tagaagaaaa     24600
     ggtcagatca tatgcaatag gaatcccatc aggctagcag cagacttctc aacagaatcc     24660
     ttgtaagccg agagagattg agggcctatt ttcagcattc ttaaagaaaa gaaaatccaa     24720
     ccaagaattt tttttttttt gagatggagt ctcgctctgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt     24780
     ggtgcaatct cgagctcact gtaaactcca cctcctgggt tcacgccatt ctcctgcctc     24840
     agcctcccaa gtaattggga ctacaggcac ccgccaccac acccagctaa ttttttgtat     24900
     ttttagtaga gatggggttt caccgtgtta gccaggatgg tctcgatctc ctgatctcat     24960
     gatccgcccg cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ccacgcccgg     25020
     cccaaccaag aattttatat tctgccaaac ttagctttat aaggaaataa gaaataaaat     25080
     attttccaga caagcaagtg ctaaggaatt tgttatcact aaaccaatct tatagagatc     25140
     cttataaaag ttctaaacac tgaaatgaaa gaataatacc tgctaccaag aaaacacact     25200
     tcagtacata gcccacagat cctataaagc aactatacaa tagaaactac aaagatacca     25260
     actaacaact tcacaacaag atcaaaatct cacatatcaa cattaacctt gaatataaat     25320
     ggtctaaaca tcccaagtaa aacgcacaga gtgtcaagtt aaatttaaaa aaaatgaccc     25380
     attcatcttc tctcttcaaa agatggacct cacacataac aacacacaca gactcaaagt     25440
     aaagggttgg agcacatgta tacatatgta acaaacctgc acattgtgca catgtaccct     25500
     agaacttaaa gtataataaa aaaaagggtt ggagaaaaat cgatacatgc aaatagaata     25560
     cataaaaaag taggaatcac tattcttctt cttttttttt tttttttttt ttgagacgga     25620
     gtttcactct tgttgcccta gttggagtgc agtggcacga tctcagctca ctgcaacctc     25680
     cacctcctgg gttcaagtga ttgtcctgcc tcaggcctct caagtagctg ggattacagg     25740
     agcccaccac catgcccaac caattttttt ttgtattttt agtagagatg gggtttcatc     25800
     atgttggcca gtttggtctc gaactcctga cctcaggtaa tccacctgcc tcagcctccc     25860
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc acaagctact gcgcccagcc tgaatcacta ttcttataac     25920
     agataaaaca caatttaaac taacaacagt aaaaaaggac aaagaagagc atacataatg     25980
     ataaagggtt taatccaaca agaagaatca actatcctta atatatatgc acttaacatt     26040
     ggagcaacca gattcataaa acaagtactt ctagacctac aaaaagacct agacagccac     26100
     ataacaatag tgtggaactt caccatacca ctgacagcct cagacagatc ataaaggcag     26160
     aaaactaaca gagaaattct ggactgaaat tcaacacttg accaattgga cctaatagaa     26220
     atctatagaa tattccactc atttactaca gaatgtacat tattctcata tgcacatggc     26280
     gcatactcca atacagacaa catgctcagc cataaagcga gccttagtaa attcaaaaaa     26340
     cttgaagtag taccaaccat tgtcttggac cacagtggaa taaagacaaa atgcaataca     26400
     aagaagatct ttcaaaacta cacaattaca tgaaaattaa acactttgct cctgaatgac     26460
     ttttgggtaa acaatgaaat tgaggcataa accaaaaaat tatttgaaat aaatgaaaac     26520
     agagacacaa catacaaaac gtcagggatg cagcaaaagg aatgttgaga ggaaaatgta     26580
     tagtgctaaa tgcctaccat agaaaaaata tcttgaatta attatctatt atcacacctg     26640
     taggaagtag aaaaacaaga acaaactaac ttcaaagata gcagaagaaa ggaaataact     26700
     aaaatcagag cagaactgaa caacattgag accctaaaat ccttacaaag catcaaagga     26760
     accaaaagtt gattatttga agagatcatc agcaccaatt gactgctagt taaattaaca     26820
     gagagagggg aagagacaga gagagagata atccaaataa acacaatcag aaatgacaaa     26880
     ggaaacatta caactgatcc cacagcaata caaaagatct tcagagacag ttatgaacac     26940
     ttctatgcac acatactacc aaatctagag gaaacagata aattcttgga aacaaataat     27000
     ctcccaagat taaatcagaa aaaaaaattg aaacactgaa cagcctacta ggatgctcca     27060
     aaattgaatc aggaataaag aacctatgaa tcaaaaaagt cttggatcag atgaaatcac     27120
     agctgaattc taccagatgt acaaagaaaa gctggtacca aaataattga ggaagaggaa     27180
     ctcctttcta actcattcta tgaagccagc atcactctca tacaaaacct ggcaaagaca     27240
     caatgaaaaa tggaaaacta tgggacaata tccctgatga acagcaatgc aaaaatcctc     27300
     aacaaaatac tagcaaactg aatccaacca tatatcaaaa tggtaattca ccatgatcaa     27360
     gcagccttca ttcctgtgat gcaaggttgc ttcacataca aaaatcaata aatgtgattc     27420
     accaaataaa cagaattaaa aaataaaaac catatgttca ttttaataga tccagaaaaa     27480
     gctttcaata aaatgcaaaa ttctctcatg ataaggaccc tcaagaaact ggatatcaaa     27540
     agaacatacc tcaaaataat aagagccatc tatgacaaac ccacagacat cacactgaat     27600
     ggataaaaac aggaagcatt tcccttgaga tccagaacgt agacagtgat atctactctc     27660
     accagtccta ttcaacaaag tactggaagt tcatgccaca gccatggggc aacagaaagt     27720
     aaaaaagaca tccaaatagg aaaataagaa gtcaaactat ctttcttcac tgatgatatg     27780
     atctatacct agaaaactct aaagactcca tcaaaaacct cctggaactg ataaacaact     27840
     ttaataaaat ttcaggaaac aaaatcaaca tacaaaaatc agtagcattt ctaaacacta     27900
     ataacattca agctgacagc caaatcagga acacaatccc atttaaaata gccacaaaaa     27960
     attaaaatat cctagaatac atctaaccaa gaaggtgaca gatctctaca aggagaacta     28020
     caaaacactg ctgaaagaaa taaatgatgt cagaaacaaa tgaaaaaaaa attctatgcc     28080
     catggattga aagaacaata ttaaaataac catagtaccc aaagcaatac atagattcaa     28140
     ctttatttct attaaaacac taaagtcatt tttcacacaa ctaagaaaaa ctttctaaaa     28200
     ttcatatgga atcagatatc agtccaagta gccaaagtca tcccaagcaa aaaggaaaaa     28260
     gctggaggca taatattacc agacttcaaa ttatactata aggctacagt aagcaaaaca     28320
     gcatgatgct tttacaaaaa gatacataca ctaagggaag agattacagg acccagaaat     28380
     aaggccacac acctacagtc acctgatttt tgacaaagtt gacaaaaatg agcaacaggt     28440
     aaacaactct ctattcaaaa aatagtgctg ggccagctgg ctagccacgt gcagaggaat     28500
     taaagtggac ctctaccttt caacatatac aaaaattaac ataagatgga ttaaacattt     28560
     aaatgtaaga cctcaaatga gagtaatcct agaagaagac ctaggaaaca ccattctgga     28620
     catcagcctt aggaaagaat ttataactaa gtcctcaaaa gaaattgcaa caaaaacgaa     28680
     aattgataag tgggatccaa ttaaaccaaa aagcttctat actcaaggaa actatcaaca     28740
     gagtaaacag acaatctgta gagtgtgaga aaatattgac aaactatgca tctgacaaaa     28800
     gtctaatatc caaaatctgt aagtcactta aggagcaaaa aacaaataat cacattaaaa     28860
     attgggcaaa atgcatgagc agacagttct caaaagaaga catactgatg gctaaaaagc     28920
     atatgaaaat tgctcaacat aaccaattat tagagaaagg caaatcaaaa ccatgatgag     28980
     ataccatctc acaacagtca gaatagttat tattaaaagg tcaaaaaata acaaatgtcg     29040
     gcaaggttgc aaagaaaagg aaatttatac actgttggtg ggagtataaa tcagttcaac     29100
     aactgtgcaa agtagtttgg agatttctca aagaaattaa aacaattatc atttgaccca     29160
     gcaattccat tactgggtat acacccaaaa gaaaataagt tattcaacca aatagataca     29220
     tgcacttgta tattactcac agcactattc ataatagcaa agacatgaaa tcaatgtagg     29280
     tgcccatcaa tggtggatca gagaaagaaa atatagtaca tatacaccct ggaacactac     29340
     acagccataa aaaaatgaga tcttgtcctt tccagcaacc tggatggagc cggaggccat     29400
     catcctaagc aaactaacac aggaacagaa aaccaatacc acgtgttatc acttaaaagt     29460
     gggagctaaa ccatgggtac tcatggacat aaggatggca aaaatagata ctgggggcta     29520
     ctgtgggggg gtgtagagca agggggcagg ttgaaaagtt gagtattagt agtaggttga     29580
     gtactatcct cagtacctgg gttatgggat caattgtact tcaaacctca gcatcatgca     29640
     atatgcccag gtaacaaacc tgtacacata cccccaaatc taaaataaaa gttgaaatta     29700
     ttaagaaatg ttattggcta ttagtggcta tcataatcta cttgaaattt ctaaagtaaa     29760
     tctatttata tcagtgacga aagcttcttc ctctctgatg ataaatccat tgcagactgg     29820
     agttttaaga aaatatttta ggattatgaa tatatttatt gagacagaag taaattctga     29880
     atgcatgaaa gaagaaaact ggatataaaa gaaccatgaa aactgaggag aattcaacat     29940
     aaagaatgct tattcacaga aaacgtgatg tttttcaaaa tcagcctcta tatggtgaat     30000
     tacaaatgcc agcaaggcca aaagtcaagc ataactattt taaagaatag tggttaaact     30060
     tatcatacac atgaaattga agcttatatt ctattacaat cttttaacac aatcctcatt     30120
     gttatgagtt tctaaatgtc agttcctcac tataaagatg ttagataacc tctcatctag     30180
     cctacagtct aaactctaaa cagtcttata cacaagtaaa agttataaga ttatttaaaa     30240
     taataaactt gccattcaac taaagagaat gattaactcc ttcaaaaagt aacatcttat     30300
     attgataccc ataaacattt atgaatatct ttatgtagtc atatactatt ttagaatttt     30360
     ttacagtaag aaatgtataa gggaaatata gtgcctcagg ttgtttgaat gaatgaagaa     30420
     aattgtcatc tattaaagat acagaaattc agtcatcaat gttagaataa ttttttcata     30480
     catgttttaa gtagcctttc aaaagccagc aggaaattga aaactgacat cctgaaatat     30540
     ccacttatac tgctgcacac atatacacac atgcatatac acacataata tgaagtgata     30600
     aaaaaagaca cccaagtgtg ataattttct aaagtcaaac aatagtaaca atagatatat     30660
     ctatagaccg tttaatacat gctgaatatt gttttaagca cttcatatgt acaggtatac     30720
     ctcagagata ctgagttcag ttccagacca ctacaatgaa gcaaatatca caataaagcg     30780
     agttacatga tttttttggt ttccccttgc atataaaagt tatatttaca ctgtactata     30840
     gtctactaag agtgaaatag actatttttt ggtctaaaaa tgtacgtgtc taaatttaaa     30900
     atactttatt gctaaaaact gctaataatc atctgagctt tcagcaaatt gcagtgtttt     30960
     tcttggttgg tgttctgtct cagtgttgat ggctgctgat tgaataccat ggtggttgct     31020
     gaaggttgag gtgcctgagg aaatttttaa taagacaatg gtaacatttg cctcattaat     31080
     tgactcttcc tttcatgaaa gatttctctg tggcacgtga tgctgtttga tagcatttta     31140
     cccacagtag aacgttcaca cttggagtca atcctctcaa actctgccac cactttatca     31200
     gccaagttta tgtaacattc taagtccttt gttgtcattt caaaaatgtt ccacagcatc     31260
     ttcaccagga gtagattcca cctcaagaaa ccaatttctt tgctcatcca taaaaaccaa     31320
     ctcatctgct caagttttat catgagatta cagcaattca ggcaaacctt cagtctccac     31380
     ttctaatcta gttctcttgg tacatccacc acatgtgcag tttttctatt ggaaaaagcc     31440
     ttcttttcca atagaaggct atttcatcta cattgaaaat ctgttgtgta gtgtagctac     31500
     cttcattaat taacacaatc ttcagcagct tgctgcagct tctccctcag cacttgatgc     31560
     ttcaccttgc acttttatgt tatgaagatg gcttcattcc ttaaatctca ttgaaacaac     31620
     ctctgcaaaa ttcaaacttt tttcctgctg ctttctcatc tctctgtctt cattgaattg     31680
     aagagggtta gggccttgtt gtggattagg tttcagttta aggcaatgat gtggctactt     31740
     tgatcttcta ttcagatcac tcaaactttc tccatatcag caataagtct gcttattctt     31800
     cttatcattg gtgcgttcag agtaacactt tcaatttcct tcaagaactt ttccttgata     31860
     ttcacaattt ggctaactgg caaaagagcc ctagcttttg acctatctta acttttggca     31920
     tgccttcttt actaagctta aacattttgg acttttgatt taaagtgaaa gagttgaaca     31980
     cctaaagtca attttggtgt tattaactgg cctaatttgt atattgttat gtcccaggga     32040
     atagggaggc ccaagtagag ggagagaggg taacacctgg ccattgaaac agtcagaaca     32100
     cacacaacaa ttatcaatta agttcaccat tatttatggg tgcagtttgt ggtgcctcaa     32160
     agcaattata atagtaacat caaagattac tgatcacaga tcatcttaat agatataata     32220
     ataatcggat ataataatac taataaagtt agaaatatca caagaattac aaaaaaatgt     32280
     gacatggaga cacaaagtga gcacagttca tttaggaaaa atgtcactga aagactttct     32340
     tgaggaaggg ttgccactaa ctttaaattt gtaaatatgt atatctgaga agtgcaataa     32400
     ggggaaacac aataaaataa gctacacctg tattaacccc cttaatcctc acaacaaaac     32460
     tgtaatactg gcactgtcat gatgtccatt tttcaactgg gaaaaagagt gcaaaaaagt     32520
     ggggcaagat tcaaactggc aatctgtttc ctcatcccac tttttatatt ataattattt     32580
     atttttttat aaattttact ttaggttcaa gattacagat gttatataga caattgcatg     32640
     tcatggggat ttggtataca gtttatttca tctcctcagt aataaggata gtacactata     32700
     ggtagttttt catttctcac catcctccca ccctccaccc tcaaataggc cctggcgttt     32760
     attgttctct ttattatgtc catgtttaat caatgcttag ctcccacttt aaagtgaaaa     32820
     catgcagcat ttggttttct gtttctgcgt aagttcctct gttggttcct ccagcgccat     32880
     ctgtgttgct gcaaatgaca taatctggtt attttttaca gttgtgtagt atttcatgat     32940
     atatatgtac aacattttct ttctccagtc taccattaat ggattttagg ttgattccat     33000
     ttctctgctg ttgtgaatag tgctgcaatg aacatacaca tgcatatgta tttattgtaa     33060
     aacggtttct attcctttgg gtatataccc aataaaggga ttgctgtgtg gaatggtaat     33120
     tctgccttaa gttttttgag gaatcaccaa gctgctttcc acaatggcag aactaattta     33180
     acattcccac caaaagtgct tttctctgca gcctcagcaa catctgtaat tttttacttt     33240
     ttaataacag ccattctgac tgttgtgaga tgatatctaa ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt     33300
     tctctaatga ttagtgatgt tgagcatttt ttcatgtgct tgttggccat atatgtgtct     33360
     tcttttgaga agtgtcactt tatgtacttt gccctctttt aatttttttt tattttttgc     33420
     tttctaattt gcttgacttg cttatagaat tctggatata aggtctttgt cagatgcata     33480
     gtttgtcaat attttctccc atcctttatg tgatctgttt actctgtgga tagttacttt     33540
     tgctgtgaag aagctgctct ttaatgtatt taagtcccat ttgtcaattt ttgcttttgt     33600
     tgtgattgct ttaggtgtct ttgtatgaaa tatttgccag agcctatgtc cagaatggta     33660
     tttcttaggt tttcatctag agctttttat agttttaggt ttatttttaa gactttaatc     33720
     catctttagt tgatttatgt atataatgaa aggaataggt tcatgttcaa tcttctgcat     33780
     atagctagcc agttatccca gcactactta ttgagtaggg aatcctttcc ccattgctca     33840
     ttttggtcac ttttgtcgaa catcagttag ttgtagctgt gtggtcttat ttctgggttc     33900
     tctgtgctgg tccattgatc tatgtgtctg tttttgtacc agtaccatgc tgttttggtt     33960
     tctgtagccc tgtggtatag cttgaaacca ggtaatatgt tgcctctagc tttgttcttt     34020
     ttgcttagga ttgccttggc actttgagct cttttttttt ttttgttcta tatgaatttt     34080
     aaaatggctt tgtctaacta tctgaaagat atcattagta gttagaaata agattgaatc     34140
     tgtaaattgt ttttggcagt atggccatct taacaatatt gattcttcct gtccatgggt     34200
     atggaatgtt ttatcacttg tttttgtcag ctttgatttc tttgagcagt gttttgtaat     34260
     tcttatagta aagatctttc acctcttggt tagttatatt cctaggtatc ttattatttt     34320
     tgtggctact gtgaatggga ttgtgttctt gatttggctc tcagcttcag tgtaggtgta     34380
     taggaatgtt actaactttt gtaaattgat ttgtatgctg aaaccttgct gaagttcttt     34440
     atcagatttg gagctttggg gcagagacta tggggttttc tttgtttaat ttccatataa     34500
     ttgtatggtt tcaagtgatt ttcttagtat ttatttctat ttttattgct ctgtaatcca     34560
     agagtgtggt tggcatgatt ttagtgtttt tgactctgct gagaattctt tatagctgat     34620
     tctgtggttg attttagaat atgtgccata tgcagatgag aagaatgtat atcctattgg     34680
     gttggaggct aagggttcta tagatgtctg ttaggtctgt ttagtcaagt gttgagttca     34740
     ggtctcatgt atctttgtta gttttctgcc tagatgatct gtctaataat ctcagtggag     34800
     tgttctcatc tttatatttt gtcatgatct aaatctcatc atagatctct aaggacttac     34860
     ttcattaacc caggtgccac tgtgttgagt ggcatatatt tttaggaaag ttcagtcttc     34920
     ttgttgaata gaacctttta cccttatgta atgcccttct ttgtctttta aaatcattgt     34980
     tggtttaaag tctgttttgt ctgaaattag aataacaacc tccaattttg ggggaatttt     35040
     cttggtagat ttttctacat ccctttactt tgtgcctatg catgtcattg gctgtgagat     35100
     gtgtctcttg aagacagcat acaattgggt cttgcttctt tatgcaactt accactctgt     35160
     gccttctaat ttggtcattt accctgttta cattcaagtt taatattgat atgtgcactt     35220
     ttgattctgt catcatcttg ttagctggtt attatgtaga cttgatccca tgattgattt     35280
     aaagtttcaa tggcctatga acacaagtga atttttgtgg tggccaataa caatctttcc     35340
     tttccatatt tagcactcct ttgatgacct cttgtaagtc tgacgtggtg gtaggttaca     35400
     aattcacata catttgctta tctgaaatgg atcttatttt tcctttgctt atgaaactta     35460
     gtttgattga atatgaaatt tttgtttgga acttgttttc tttaatagtg ctgaatatag     35520
     acctccaatc tcctgtggct tgtaggattt tgttgaaagg tccactgtta gcctgattgg     35580
     gtttcatttg taggtgactt gccacttttc tctatgtatc tttaacatct tttctttcat     35640
     ggtaacctta gaaagtctga tgactatgtg tcttaggtgt ggtcatcttg catagtgtct     35700
     tgcaaggttc ttctgcgttt cctgaagttg aatgttggcc tctttagcaa gtttgggctg     35760
     attttcaagg atgatattct caaattattt tcaagttgct tactttccct cactctcttt     35820
     caaggacacc aatgaatcag atttggtctc cttatataat cccatatttc ttagagtgtt     35880
     tgtttatcct tcattatttt ttaaaatctt tgtctgattg acttatttca gagaaccact     35940
     cttttcactc tgagattctt tactaagttt ggtcaattct gctgttaata cttgtgattg     36000
     tatcatgaaa ttcttgtagt gagtttttca cctctgtcca gtttgtttct ttttaaaaat     36060
     gactatttta tctttcatca cctgtatcat tttcatttat tctgaaggtt ccatgcattg     36120
     ggatttgaat ttctgctgaa tctcaatgat ttttgttcct acccatattc tgaacactat     36180
     ttctgtaatt tcagtcattt tggccttgtt aagaaccatg gctaaagaag tagagtagtc     36240
     atttgcatgt tagtagacac tctgactttt tgagtttcca gagttcttgt gctggttgtt     36300
     tctcttctgt gtgggctgat gttccttcaa tcttcgaagt tgttatcttt tggatgagtt     36360
     tcctttcctt ttatcttctt tgatgccctt gagggtttga ttttggtata aggtggactc     36420
     agttgactgg cttcatttct ggaagatttt aggggggcaa gtctccgctc agcaatcctg     36480
     ggctgtgtgc actaactctg ggggcctggt accaggccat tgccttggtt ctctggccct     36540
     tcaaggttat gaacctgctt cactagagag actgatgtgt tctcagtctg ctaaccacaa     36600
     cattccaatg ggtgatgcca gccaaagcac attgtcaggt aagtggcagc aggattcatg     36660
     cttgcttgtg agtacagcag ctgtggcagt atgacaagat gcacacaagt tggctggggt     36720
     ggagtactgg taagagcagg actgctgcat ttctgcatgg attcatgcca gtgctgtcag     36780
     tggcatagag gggcagggta ctggtaggca tggggttgct ggtgtgtatg ctcactgtca     36840
     cactggtggc aacagttggg gcagggtgct ggctgatgta aggctacctc catgcacaca     36900
     tttgcagcaa cagcaatggt aacgtagggg agtggggatg ctggcccaca tccatgtgtg     36960
     tgtttgtatc agcagcagtg tcagcacaag agggagcagg gtttctggca tccatacatg     37020
     cattcacgct tgcaatggca atgtggccca atgtctacat atcagtggtc gagcacaagg     37080
     gatttgctct tgccaccagc agtggcgtga cagggtgcat gcacacacac atgctggtgg     37140
     ggaaagggag ctgcagtcta cccattcacc catgccagca aagcaatgaa tggttggcca     37200
     tgggcatgtg tgtgcctaca aagtggcaca ggggaggctg cagttgaggg aggatgctgt     37260
     tggactggtg aatgtcagca gaggctactc tgttggagct ctctgaaggt caggcataat     37320
     ctgtcattaa aggagctatg atgaaggccg caagttcaca cccagtttga gcatctgagg     37380
     ctgcatggca actgggcatg gacaggctgg ggccctggag aggcaagcag acatgactgt     37440
     gttcagattg aatttgcctc atctcatggg caagacttcc ctgctgtgtc tgggtccaaa     37500
     agccagccca aggctaatgt ctcttacggg aacatggtga gacttggggg atgcatctcc     37560
     ctggccatga tcaactgcat acgttcccat accaaatgct ctgggctcca cataggctga     37620
     aatcttgccc ctaacatccc tttaagcagc tctctcacag ctcaagtgtc catcggggtt     37680
     gtggggtctc ctactaccaa gatgccagag gtccgtggtg agagtgggcc acttttttcc     37740
     tgttgtactc accctttccc cagaaatttc tgggggccag gaacatttcc cagtgctcag     37800
     tagccctgtg caggattccc agcttcctcc cgcttcaacc cagcatctgt gtcctctctc     37860
     catccattct caatgccttc cctccgaagg tctactcatg gtgtgccagt attcctgatg     37920
     tcccaatttc tcagtgacag atgttccttc tggctgtatc tagtcagcca tctgggatat     37980
     tctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga ctacattcat ccttcagtat tcactgggga     38040
     ttggttcctg ggcctcctgt gtattccaaa atctagagat gcttaagtac cttatagaaa     38100
     atggcatagt atttgcatat aacctatgca catctttatg aacactttaa atcatctctt     38160
     ggttacttat aatacctaac acaatgtaaa tgctatgtaa attgttgtta tactgtattt     38220
     taattttaat tttattgttg tatttttttt ttctttttta aatatttttc atctttagtt     38280
     ggttgaatct atgagtgtgg aacccaaggt tatggaggac tggctgtgga tacctgaaga     38340
     ggtaaagata gtatttgcca gaaaattcag ttgaaacatt tgttcaatgt ttacaataaa     38400
     tatctacagg tatcatcctg gggacttttt aaataaaaat tgaataaaaa ttctccaagt     38460
     atagctcaaa agaaggctta ctatattcat ggtttagtaa ttaatcagga tattcatatc     38520
     ctaaattccc atgtcaagtt aatcttcaca cttttttttt aataatcaaa agtataaaga     38580
     ttatattttt ctcccaaaaa aaggccttta aaggaaatga cctggtttat atattactca     38640
     ggacatttga ggtatttctt ttcttctttt gagaaatcag gagcagattt caatgttggc     38700
     agaaatacat aagcccaatg gcttaatgcc tcatttactt ccaatatcaa atatgtccta     38760
     gtatgaaaag caaagaagtt agaagatttt actatattaa aaggaacaaa ttatttattt     38820
     ttcccaaggc agactcagcc aaaatgtaat agactaagaa catcaatcaa gtatcttaat     38880
     atagattcaa ccaaaggcca agaaaggtta aaaaggggtg ggggggtgta atatgtataa     38940
     tactctatat ctaaggagtc ctaaaacctt taatagaagt tgagttttag aaacaattta     39000
     tcagataaat gttcaaccag aagttactac tgatttagta ttaactctac taaaaaatat     39060
     tcatcatttt atgtgccaag tactctacta acggctttgc atttattaac tcatttaatc     39120
     cttatacaaa ccctatgtag taattactgt tatcctcggt ttacagatga gaatgatact     39180
     aaaagcagtc tgcttattgc cataatgcat gatagatgaa agaatgccta tttaggaatt     39240
     ctgaaatata atacttacta attgttacca ttctccaggt cattcatgtt cccaaatgag     39300
     aaaatttaaa taaaaaatat tcaaatcctc atactcaatg aacccactct ttacctttac     39360
     ttggacctca aattgctcaa aaacatccac ttcattcttt acattagcac atatgaattc     39420
     tacaaattaa atactgtagt taccaatttt agtgctgact agtacttaag atgctttttt     39480
     ttttaacaac agtttcctgt tgtgcttata acatttgtcc caattttcgt ttttattccc     39540
     actgctacca ctctgggcaa ggtctttaat tgaatggcct caaaaatgat cttcctgcat     39600
     ctagtctctt gcgtgttaca atttcttcat tcaacaaata ctatttgata taaattgacc     39660
     ccttactatt acgcatggca catagtaagg tgtcaattta tatttgttta atgaagtgtt     39720
     aaaccaaaga gacaatgatt cttgatctta tagcccttat accctaccat gtctctaaac     39780
     aaaaacgtaa aatgtctccc attgtttttg agacaatttc aaactctaca aatttgcatt     39840
     taagatactt cacaaactat ttttacatat atctatttca atactatcca acacaaactc     39900
     tctaatataa ccaggaaata tcctcattat ccttcaatat gaaatatcca ttcccaaatc     39960
     tgcaccattt attagaatgt ttcctccacg tgaattttct tcactgtctt cttcatgatt     40020
     acaaagacct attcatcacc ctttcagtaa gagattatat ctctgccctg tcaaaaaaag     40080
     tttccaattt tctccagcta atatctttct tctctgaact gctctgaact tagaatttac     40140
     attagtgttt acaaattttg gcaacaaaga gtatcaagga acactgagag cacatcatag     40200
     catatttaag atcaaattat gactgcaacc cttccattta agggaagacc cccaaaagat     40260
     tgcatagcat agaaatagat gcaaggtacc agtaagattc aatttcttag gttttaagat     40320
     gtgttcatta ggagggctgg caagatggcc aaataggaac agctctggtc tgcagctccc     40380
     agcgagatca acccagaagg acggtgattt ctgcatttcc aactgaggta cctatctcgt     40440
     ctcattggga ctggttagaa agtgggtgca gcccacggag aaagagctga agcagggtgt     40500
     gctgtcgcct aacccgtgaa gtgcaatggg tcagagaact ccctccccta gccaagggaa     40560
     gccatgaggg actgtgccat gaggaactgt gcattccagc ccagatatta caatgagata     40620
     cagtctcatt ccagttagaa tggtgatcat gaaaaagtaa ggaaacaaca gatgctggag     40680
     aggatgtgga gaaataggaa tgcttttaca ctgttggggg gagtgtaaat tagttcaacc     40740
     attgtggaag acagtgtgac gattcctcaa ggaactagaa ccagaaatac catttgaccc     40800
     agccatccca ttactggata tatacccaaa ggattataaa tcatgctgct ataaagacac     40860
     atgcacacat atgtttattg tggcactatt cacaatagca aagacttgga atgaacccaa     40920
     atgtccatca acgatagact agaaaaagaa aatgtggcat atatacacca tggaatgcta     40980
     tgcggccaat aaaaacggat gagttcatgt tttttgcaga gacatgtctg aagctggaaa     41040
     ccatcaccct tagcaaacta acacaggaac agaaagccac acactgcatg ttctcactca     41100
     taagtgggag ttgaacaata agaacacatg gacacaggga gggaaaaatc acacacaagg     41160
     gcctgtcagg gggtgggggg caaggagagg gagagcatta ggacaaatac ctaatgcatg     41220
     tggggcttaa aacctagatg acaggttgat aggtgcagca aaccaccatg gcacatgtat     41280
     acctatgtaa caaacttgca cgttctgcac atgtatccta gaacttaaag ttttaaaaaa     41340
     tagacaaata gcactatatt aaactaaaaa gcttctgcac agtaaatgaa acaatcaaag     41400
     aataaagaga taacctttga atgggacaaa atatttgcaa actactcata caataaggga     41460
     ataaaatctg gaatatacca ggaaatcaaa caactcaaca ataaagaaat aataatcctt     41520
     tttaagtggg caaaccaaat aactaggcaa ttctcaaaag aagacataca aatggccaat     41580
     aggcatgtga aaaatgctca ttgtcactaa tcagagaaat gcaaaccaaa accacaatga     41640
     gatatcgtgt taccttcgtt agaatggctt ctattaaaat gacaaaaagt aacacatatt     41700
     ggcatggata tggagaaaag ggaactctat acgctgctgt atggaatgta aattaatgca     41760
     gccactatga aaagagtatg gacatttctc aaaaaactga aaatagaact actacatgat     41820
     ataccaatcc cactattggg tatttatccc aaggaaagta tatcaatgta tcaaatgaat     41880
     acctgcatac acatgtttat tgcaacacta ttctcaattg caaagatatg gaataaactt     41940
     aagtttccat caatggattc attgagaaag aaaatgtggt acatacatca tagaataatt     42000
     tttagccata aaaagagtga aactgtgtga ttttcagaaa tggatggaac tggaggtcat     42060
     tatgttaaat taaataacac agacacagaa agacaaatat tgcatgatct cacacatgtg     42120
     tgggatctaa ggaacttgat ctcatggaga tagagaatag aatgatagat accagagtca     42180
     ggaaaaagta tcagggtgtg aggggaaaag gaagagtggt tagtgaatgg gtacaaattt     42240
     acagttaggt agaaaaagta cattttaatg tttgatagca gactagggtg actacactta     42300
     gcaacgatat attttatatt tcaaaatagc aagaaaagag gactagaaat gttaccaaca     42360
     catggaaatt atgaatactc aaggtgatgg acactccaaa taccttgact tcatcattac     42420
     ccattctatg catgtaaaaa atactaatat gtgccccatg aatatgtaaa atattataca     42480
     tcaataaaat aataactaca aaatgtaata tgagttactt tttttgtaga tatataaaat     42540
     gttattctaa aattcatatg aaatatcaaa ggacccctgt agccaaaaca acttggaaaa     42600
     aaccaagttt agtggcttca tgcacttcct gatttcaaaa cttactacaa acccatggta     42660
     atcataacag tgtggtaatg gtataaagac agatacatag gccagtagaa tagaataaag     42720
     agcccagaaa caaaccctca cataaatgtc aggaaacaca caacctcgat tttattacac     42780
     atttttcatt cattacacac atattaatat ttatacatta cctcacatta tcacaatgat     42840
     tttctacaag gatatcatga ccatttaatg gggaaaggac aatttctttg acaaatggtt     42900
     ttgggaaaac tggatatcca cagaacacat gcaaaaagaa attgggccct taccttacac     42960
     catgtacaaa aattaactcc aaattgatca gagacctaaa cataaaagtt aaaactagaa     43020
     aactcttaga aaaaaagaag aaaactttaa tgaccttgag tctggcaatg atttcttgta     43080
     taaaatacca aaggacaggg aacaacggaa aaaactagtt aagttggact ccatcaaaat     43140
     taaaaacttt ttatatatta aagaatgctg gtaaaaatgt gaaaaggcag tctgtgggat     43200
     ggaaaaaata cttgcaaatt taatatatga taagagattg atatctacaa tacataaaga     43260
     atttctgtaa ctggacaaca acaaaaaaca atcaacccaa ttaagaattg gacaaaggac     43320
     tcaaacatat ctccaacata tatatattca aatgattaat aagcgcatga aaagattctt     43380
     actgtcccta gtcactaggg aaaagcaaat caaaacaaaa tgagatatca cttcactctg     43440
     ttaagatgcc tactgaagag caaggtgcct ggttaaaaac ctatgtgtaa tttttcaggc     43500
     cagactgtag acaacaacct gacaggcatc acaggggaaa attgccctct ctacaccaga     43560
     tttaaggcag agccatttta ttacagtctc tagagagagt tgcaatcaag ttctcagcct     43620
     ctcttgtcta gtcatgctca tcacatatgt acactcctag ccctggtgcc ttcattcttc     43680
     aatctctttg tctgagacct tttgcaaagg ttctcttcaa gcccttctgc caaggcctcc     43740
     taatgggagt aaggaggaga aaaatttgaa agcacttttc cactctgact cagtacccag     43800
     ttcttttcca cttctagctt tccctttaag cccagagaca taaaactgct agagcctttc     43860
     atttgggagc tttctcaaca gtaagataca tcccactttt gtactgattc aagtgaccct     43920
     tcatgagtgc accaggggaa atggaacaca gtgtgtttgc actgtttctg gttttagctt     43980
     cttgcttata ccattgcagt aagccattaa aggattcact ctttcatttt tggcttgctg     44040
     ctttaatcag atattccccc atctaacagc tcagcatgca ctctctctct ctctctctcc     44100
     tctttctccc tctagttcag ctgaattcct gacacctgtt atctaagaaa agaaaacaaa     44160
     gaaaaaagaa acagaaaata acgagtgtta gtgaagctgt ggtgaaattg gaacactcat     44220
     gcattgctgg tggtagtgta acatggtaca agtgctatgg aaaatggtat ggcaattcca     44280
     tatacaatta ttaccatatg atccagcaat cccaattctg ggtatatacc cagtataagt     44340
     gaaagcaggg actcaaatag atatgtatac accattttca tagcagcatt attcaccata     44400
     gtcaaaagat agaaaaaatc cagtgtcaat caacagatta atggataaat aaatgtggta     44460
     ggtacataca atggactatt atctaaccac aaaatcaaat aaaattctga cacatctgat     44520
     gatatggaga aaccatagag acattatgct aagtggagac attaagccag tcaccaaagt     44580
     aaaaatattg tatggttcct gtaacatgag ctttccagag tagacaaatt catagagata     44640
     gaaagtagaa taatggctac taggggctgg tggtcaggag aatggagaat tattgtttaa     44700
     taggcacaga catttggttt ctggtgataa aaaatcctgg agaaaaatag tgtgatgatt     44760
     acacaagaag gtgaatatac ttaatgccat tgacccatac acttaaaaat aattaaaata     44820
     gtgattttta tgctacgtat atcttaccac aatagaaaat aataataaaa aaaaacttgg     44880
     gaatacttgg aggtgaaaga ttaataatga agaaaataaa ataataatga aataaataaa     44940
     atgatgaaga aagtaaggat atacatgaag acaaaagact gacagcaaag aaaatatcaa     45000
     agaaaataaa aaacattgct gaaagaaatt aaaagcaatg taaataattg gaatgctagc     45060
     cattgttaat agattcaaaa acttactatt gttaacatat caatactccc caaagctatg     45120
     cttggtttca atgtaattct tataaaaatc taaatgatag tttcttcaga aatagacaaa     45180
     ctcttcctaa cactcatatg gagtcacagg gaaacccaaa tagccaaaac aatcttgaaa     45240
     cgtaaacatg gaagtgacag atttataaac taaaaacaac aaaatattgg tgaaagaaag     45300
     aagacccaag taaatgaaaa gatgtcccat gtctttgtat attttgccac aaaaaaataa     45360
     tattcaatat aatgaaatac tgaaacttac agaataaatt atgttaatta tgatatgcta     45420
     atatgtgcta tgattaaaca ccaaaatatc atttgtttaa agtcagtaaa gtctgtttct     45480
     ccctcattac tacatgttct acaagtccat tgtttagatt ggagagaggt gctctgcttc     45540
     acatagtcct cacttaggga cacagtttga cacagattct actatctgga ctgttgccac     45600
     ttgctttggg tggtgggaaa tggtataagg gagaacaaga tacgttttta agagctttac     45660
     ctggaagtga cactcattac tttcactcat attttattgc ctgctcaagg taattctcac     45720
     agctacacct attttcaaag gggaagggag gtacaatttt cgtttgtatc cagcaagaga     45780
     gaagaatgag aaatactggt gagcagtgct aacatctttc accgtagtta tttatcagta     45840
     ttattataat cacatgtctt aatccattca tgctgttaaa ctaggatacc tgagactagg     45900
     taattcataa agaacagaaa tttatttttc attgctctga agcttagaaa gttggagatc     45960
     acggcgctgg caagtttggt cttctgttga tagctgcttt ctgttctctg ctcccaagat     46020
     ggtccttatt gttgcatcct ctggatcggg gagaacactg tgtcctcaca tggctgaagg     46080
     cagaggggca agcacaccta atgctgcgtg aagcctcttt tataagggcc ttaatctctt     46140
     tggccaggta agtgccccca tgacctaatc actttttaaa gtccccatct cttaaaacta     46200
     ttatattgac agaacctgaa ttttgaaagg gacaccttca agccatagca ccacatttac     46260
     tccacgtaag catttcatac acataatctc tcttgaacct cagaataagt aatattattt     46320
     tcactgtaca tatgaaggta ctgtagctaa taaaggttaa actgttcaaa attatcacag     46380
     gaataataat aatggagctt atcaataata ctgtcagtac ccatagggga gatattaaga     46440
     aactcagaga caggtcagta tttttcacat cataccacat aggtagccat tcattcataa     46500
     ggatgggcca tatcatgagt gaatatggtc caaatcatga gtgaataaaa tgggctggta     46560
     ggatgaggta gactaatgct agaaacatgg aaaatgttcc taaagtgcaa atagagaaaa     46620
     aaggatgctc tctactaatt atatacaatt ttccacatgt taattttaag aaaataccac     46680
     tactgactga aaattggctt gaaaaggctg acagaaccag gaatgcagtt agaaggagga     46740
     ctgttaaggg tgatatttct caggttaaca atgtcagaat cctcaaaaca tatatgaggg     46800
     acgtagaaac aagaattgac atttttattg gaatattcaa atatgggttt taaaaattat     46860
     gttaattatg tttcagtgtt ctccactcac aatcctaata gtaatcctaa taataatcct     46920
     aataataatc ctttatttcc acatctaata ttcaacctta catctatttt gtatgtgtat     46980
     cagttttatt ttattaaaac tttctagccc taaaattgaa cttcatttcc taaagtattt     47040
     cctaaatgga aaaaatgatc tattttttct aattctaaaa aaagtaaaac acctaagaaa     47100
     tgaatgcaag tatcatagga gatattgctg tatcaacaaa acagtagtgg acacattgtc     47160
     ataaagtcag aggcttttgt tactcaaaat gatattacac atgtaaacac ccatgttctt     47220
     ctgacaaact gctaacaaaa aagaaaaata acctttcgtc aaattcccca ttatgggtag     47280
     attagcagaa aaccatgtgt ctgagtgaca ggcattcatc caagagcaat gctatgactg     47340
     tttttatttt gtttatgtaa catttttact caaaatgttt aatattttat attacacttt     47400
     aggaaaaatt aaaacatact ttatttgcta aagaaatgaa tcattctaaa tggatatgta     47460
     caaaccagaa tattgcagct ttaaatttta tcactttttg tttcttaata tgtttctatg     47520
     tttctatacc ttctccatat caatagaaag tcctagttta tattcagtcc tttattcgta     47580
     ggtaaatttg ctacacaaag gcaagagtat gaaaagaaag tgttgtcaga gagtgtgata     47640
     agatgtagga agtgtcaaca caaagagtca aactctaaaa tatatatata tttttttttt     47700
     tttattatac tctaagtttt agggtacatg tgcacattgt gcaggttagt tacatatgta     47760
     tacatgtgcc atgctggtgc gctgcaccca ctaatgtgtc atctagcatt aggtatatct     47820
     cccaatgcta tccctccccc ctcccccgac cccaccacag tccccagagt gtgatattcc     47880
     ccttcctgtg tccatgtgat ctcattgttc aattcccacc tatgagtgag aatatgcggt     47940
     gtttggtttt ttgttcttgc gatagtttac tgagaatgat ggtttccaat ttcatccatg     48000
     tccctacaaa gaatatgaac tcatcatttt ttatggctgc atagtattcc atggtgtata     48060
     tgtgccacat tttcttaatc cagtctatca ttgttggaca tttgggttgg ttccaagtct     48120
     ttgctattgt gaatagttcc gcaataaaca tacgtgtgca tgtgtcttta tagcagcatg     48180
     atttatagtc ctttgggtat atacccagta atgggatggc tgggtcaaat ggtatttcta     48240
     gttctagatc cctgaggaat cgccacactg acttccacaa tggttgaact agtttacagt     48300
     cccaccaaca gtgtaaaagt gttcctattt ctccgcatcc tctccagcac ctgttgtttc     48360
     ctgacttttt aatgattgcc attctaactg gtgtgagatg atatctcata gtggttttga     48420
     tttgcatttc tctgatggcc agtgatgatg agcatttctt catgtgtttt ttggctgcat     48480
     aaatgtcttc ttttgagaag tgtctgttca tgtccttcgc ccactttttg atggggttgt     48540
     ttgttttttt cttgtaaatt tgtttgagtt cattgtagat tctggatatt agccctttgt     48600
     cagatgagta ggttgcgaaa attttctccc atgttgtagg ttgcctgttc actctgatgg     48660
     tagtttcttt tgctgtgcag aagctcttta gtttaattag atcccatttg tcaattttgt     48720
     cttttgttgc cattgctttt ggtgttttgg acatgaagtc cttgcccacg cctatgtcct     48780
     gaatggtaat gcctaggttt tcttctaggg tttttatggt tttaggttta acgtttaaat     48840
     ctttaatcca tcttgaattg atttttgtat aaggtgtaag gaagggatcc agtttcagct     48900
     ttctacatat ggctagccag ttttcccagc accatttatt aaatagggaa tcctttcccc     48960
     attgcttgtt tttctcaggt ttgtcaaaga tcagatagtt gtagatatgc ggcgttattt     49020
     ctgagggctc tgttctgttc cattgatcta tatctctgtt ttggtaccag taccatgctg     49080
     ttttggttac tgtagccttg tagtaaagtt tgaagtcagg tagtgtgatg cctccagctt     49140
     tgttcttttg gcttaggatt gacttggcga tgcgggctct tttttggttc catatgaact     49200
     ttaaagtagt tttttccaat tctgtgaaga aagtcattgg tagcttgatg gggatggcat     49260
     tgaatctgta aattaccttg ggcagtgtgg ccattttcac gatattgatt cttcctaccc     49320
     atgatcatgg aatgttcttc catttgtttg tctcctcttt tatttccttg agcagtggtt     49380
     tgtagttctc cttgaagagg tccttcacat cccttgtaag ttggattcct aggtatttta     49440
     ttctctttga agcaattgtg aatgggagtt cacccatgat ttggctctct gtttgtctgt     49500
     tgttggtgta taagaatgct tgtgattttt gtacattgat tttgtatcct gagactttgc     49560
     tgaagttgct tatcagctta aggagatttt gggctgagac gatggggttt tctagataaa     49620
     caatcatgtc gtctgcaaac agggacaatt tgacttcctc ttttcctaat tgaataccct     49680
     ttatttcctt ctcctgcctg attgccctgg ccagaacttc caacactatg ttgaatagga     49740
     gtggtgagag agggcatccc tgtcttgtgc cagttttcaa agggaatgct tccagttttt     49800
     gcccattctt tatgatattg gctgtgggtt tgtcatagat agctcttatt attttgaaat     49860
     atgtcccatc aatacctaat ttattgagag tttttagcat gaaggttgtt gaattttgtc     49920
     aaaggctttt tctgcatcta ttgagataat catgtggttt ttgtctttgg ctctgtttat     49980
     atgctggatt acatttattg atttgcgtat attgaaccag ccttgcatcc cagggatgaa     50040
     gcccacttga tcatggtgga taagcttttt gatgtgctgc tggattcggt ttgccagtat     50100
     tttattgagg atttttgcat caatgttcat caaggatatt ggtctaaaat tctctttttt     50160
     ggttgtgtct ctgcccggct ttggtatcag aatgatgctg gcctcataaa atgagttagg     50220
     gaggattccc tctttttcta ttgattggaa tagtttcaga aggaatggta ccagttcctc     50280
     catgtacctc tggtagaatt cggctgtgaa tccatctggt cctggactct ttttgttggt     50340
     aaactattga ttattgccac aatttcagag cctgttattg gtctattgag agattcaact     50400
     tcttcctggt ttagtcttgg gagagtgtat gtgtcgagga atgtatccat ttcttctaga     50460
     ttttctagtt tatttgcgta gagttgtttg tagtattctc tgatggtagt ttgtatttct     50520
     gtgggatcgg tggtgatatc ccctttatca ttttttattg tgtctatttg attcttctct     50580
     ctatttttct ttattagtct tgctagcggt ctatcaattt tgttgatcct ttcaaaaaac     50640
     cagctcctgg attcattgat tttttgaagg gttttttgtg tctctatttc cttcagttct     50700
     gctctgattt tagttatttc ttgccttctg ctagcttttg aatgtgtttg ctcttgcttt     50760
     tctagttctt ttaattgtga tgttagggtg taaattttgg atctttcctg ctttctcttg     50820
     taggcattta gtgctataaa tttccctcta cacactgctt tgaatgcgtc ccagagattc     50880
     tggtatgtgg tgtctttgtt ctcgttggtt tcaaagaaca tctttatttc tgccttcatt     50940
     tcattatgta cccagtagtc attcaggagc aggttgttca gtttccatgt agttgagcgg     51000
     ctttgagtga gattcttaat cctgagttct agtttgattg cactgtggtc tgagagatag     51060
     tttgttataa tttgtgttct tttacatttg ctgaggagag ctttacttcc aagtatgtgg     51120
     tcaattttgg aataggtgtg gtgtggtgct gaaaaaaatg tatattctgt tgatttgggg     51180
     tggagagttc tgtagatgtc tattaggtct gcttggtgca gagctgagtt caattcctgg     51240
     gtatccttgt tgactttctg tctcgttgat ctgtctaatg ttgacagtgg ggtgttaaag     51300
     tctcccatta ttaatgtgtg ggagtctaag tctctttgta ggtcactgag gacttgcttt     51360
     atgaatctgg gtgctcctgt attgggtgca taaatattta ggatagttag ctcctcttgt     51420
     tgaattgatt cctttaccat tatgtaatgg ccttctttgt ctcttttgat ctttgttggt     51480
     ttaaagtctg ttttatcaga gactaggatt gcaacccctg cctttttttg ttttccattt     51540
     gcttggtaga tcttcctcca tccttttatt ttgagcctat gtgtgtctgc acgtgagatg     51600
     ggtttcctga atacagcaca ctgatgggtc ttgactcttt atccaacttg ccagtctgtg     51660
     tcttttaatt gcagaattta gtccatttat atttaaagtt agtattgtta tgtgtgaatt     51720
     tgatcctgtc attatgatgt tagctggtga ttttcctcat tagttgatgc agtttcttcc     51780
     tagtctcgat ggtctttaca ttttggcatg attttgcagc agctggtacc ggttgttcct     51840
     ttccatgttt agcgcttcct tcaggagctc ttttagggca ggcctggtgg tgacaaaatc     51900
     tctcagcatt tgcttgtcta taaagtattt tatttctcct tcacttatga agcttagttt     51960
     ggctggatat gaaattctgg gttgaaaatt cttttcttta agaatgttga atattggccc     52020
     ccactctctt ctggcttgta gggtttctgc cgagagatcc actgttagtc tgatgggctt     52080
     tcctttgagg gtaacccgac ctttctctct ggctgccctt aacatttttt ccttcatttc     52140
     aactttggtg aatctgacaa ttatgtgtct tggagttgct cttctcgagg agtatctttg     52200
     tggcgttctc tgtatttcct gaatctgaac attggcctgc cttgctagat tggggaagtt     52260
     ctcctggata atatcctgca gagtgttttc caacttggtt ccattctcca catcactttc     52320
     aggtacacca atcagacgta gatttggtct tttcacatag tcccatattt cttggaggct     52380
     ttgctcattt ctttttattc ttttttctct aaacttccct tctcgcttca tttcattcat     52440
     ttcatcttcc attgctgata ccctttcttc cagttgatcg catcggctcc tgaggcttct     52500
     gcattcttca cgtagttctc gagccttggt tttcagctcc atcagctcct ttaagcactt     52560
     ctctgtattg gttattctag ttatacattc ttctaaattt ttttcaaagt tttcaacttc     52620
     tttgcctttg gtttgaatgt cctcccgtag ctcagagtaa tttgatcgtc tgaagcctgc     52680
     ttctctcagc tcgtcaaaat cattctccat ccagctttgt tctgttgctg gtgaggaact     52740
     gcgttccttt ggaggaggag aggcgctctg cgttttagag tttccagttt ttctgttctg     52800
     ttttttcccc atctttgtgg ttttatctac ttttggtctt tgatgatggt gatgtacaga     52860
     tgggttttcg gtgtagatgt cctttctggt tgttagtttt ccttctaaca gacaggaccc     52920
     tcagctgcag gtctgttgga ataccctgcc gtgtgaggtg tcagtgtgcc cctgctgggg     52980
     gatgcctccc agttaggctg ctcgggggtc aggagtcagg gacccacttg aggaggcagt     53040
     ctgcctgttc tcagatctcc agctgcgtgc tgggagaacc actgctctct tcaaagctgt     53100
     cagacaggga cacttaagtc tgcagaggtt actgctgtct ttttgtttgt ctgtgccctg     53160
     cccccagagg tggagcctac agaggcaggc aggcctcctt gagctgtggt gggctccacc     53220
     cagttggagc ttcccggctg ctttgtttac ctaagcaagc ctgggcaatg gcgggcgccc     53280
     ctcccccagc ctcgctgccg ccttgcagtt tgatctcaga ctgctgtgct agcaatcagc     53340
     gagattccgt gggcgtagga ccctctgagc caggtgtggg atatagtctc gtggtgcgcc     53400
     gtttcttaag ccggtctgaa aagcgcaata ttcgggtggg agtgacccga ttttccaggt     53460
     gcgtccgtca cccctttctt tgactcggaa agggaactcc ctgacccctt gcgcttccca     53520
     ggtgaggcaa tgcctcgccc tgcttcggct cgcgcacggt gtgcacacac actggcctgc     53580
     gcccactgtc tggcactccc tagtgagatg aacccggtac ctcagatgga aatgcagaaa     53640
     tcacccgtct tctgcgtcgc tcaccctggg agctgtagac tggagctgtt cctattcggc     53700
     catcttggct cctccccctc taaaatattt taagagattt attctgagcc aaattatgac     53760
     tgaccaatgg cctgtaacac aggcctcagg agactgtaag aacatgtgcc caaggtggtt     53820
     aggccacaac tttgttttat gcattttatg gagacataag gcatcagtta atgcatatat     53880
     gatgtccact ggttcagtcc agaaagcaga acaactggga agcaggggct tccaagtcat     53940
     gggaggattc aaagattttc tgattgtgaa ttggttgaaa cagttattac caatagaaag     54000
     gaatgtctgg gttgtgataa gtggttgtgg agaccaaggt tttgtcatgc agatgaagcc     54060
     tccaggtagc cggcctcaga gagaagagat tgtaaatgtt tcttatcaga cgtaaagaat     54120
     ctgttctacc agtaattcca aaaggaagaa gggtgtaatt aagcatgtcc agctcccact     54180
     tcccatcatg gcctgacact agtttttcag gctaactttg gaatgccctt agctgacagt     54240
     aagagtttat ttagatggtg aaggggctta gaattttatt tttgttttac aggagatagt     54300
     atggaatggt aaagaggaca tgattaggta tacaaagatt taattcagtc aggctgtaag     54360
     aaaagctgta agaagtatct accaatcttt tctactcttc tttccacaga aaactccctt     54420
     ctcatttgta tgagagataa cacccactcc actcactcct cacaactccc tattcttaac     54480
     aaattaactc acatgcagat cttatcaaat atttaatgga gaggtatttc aggcttaaaa     54540
     taaaatattt cccctaagca tttgcctcat ttatttattt tgtatttgtt gacccatatg     54600
     tattgagagc atttttcttt caggcactgt gtcagctatc atgaaaacaa gtaaatttgt     54660
     cttatgctac aactaaagtg tagacaggga tcagtaggag aatggggcaa agcctaatta     54720
     cctagaggag tcaggaaggt attcccagat aaaatgaaat ttaagttgtg tctcctgaac     54780
     caaggaaatc cattaggacc taaagcattc taaaatttcc ttaacatatt cacaatacag     54840
     aaagttgagg atggagacat ttttgtgtgt ggcagaaagt atttgaagac aagggaagag     54900
     taatagcatc cctcaaataa tagcacaaat gtggccttat attctgcata cttgaaagat     54960
     gcccctttct tacgttattt taggacgcat cttcaggagg cctgcacaac agagtacact     55020
     gttttctggc tctgttcctt acctctcaga taatttaaat ggcacagagt caaatgaaac     55080
     aagagaaaaa tgccaatata tatggatgtg ttaaaccgtg agaagatata acatagctat     55140
     ttgagttgac agaaaagcat cagataagtt tcaagaaaag tttaaagata gatgaaagta     55200
     aggcaactca gttcagaaaa atataaccta aactattata tctatgctgt catttaaggc     55260
     ctaggaacag gactcaggtc actgttgact gtgaattact ccagaaaatg atgaaaacaa     55320
     aggactttac ttactgtgga attctcatag aatacagtgg ggttcagtta cacctaaacc     55380
     acactaaatt tggcaacttc tgttggataa ctaaaaacag aaaaggaaaa agctaaaaga     55440
     aaggcatatc gaggaattca aaggatgcta gattattttt ctatatgaat tcaaacttca     55500
     taaaagacta agaacaaaac aggattaaag cgtactcttt gacctttgaa agagatatga     55560
     tggttatgat gaaaatgaag atgacatctc caatttagtg agtgtcagac acttggttgt     55620
     tcagtttaca tataacatat attatcttcc tttggccttg ccacatgaag cagatatagt     55680
     ttataaatag tagaaatgca ttgtataacc agtgacaact acgtaaatat gaacctcctc     55740
     tgttgtatgg taaatacaaa atataataaa aggtattctg tttctaacta aataccatat     55800
     ttttaatgcc tttataagat ctgatttcag gaactgcatg taaatttatt agtattttaa     55860
     attaaaaata aattcactaa tataagtgta aagaaatcaa gtgagtttaa atgtcttaga     55920
     taaaatacat ctttaatttt tacttcagta tagctaataa acaaatccag acatggctct     55980
     tgtcagatag cttttttcct atttgatttt ccttcccttg tacttcctgc acagctttaa     56040
     catggctccc acagccatgc tttttcacaa tgatacgaag tgttgaaatt atctcttctt     56100
     tttcagtaca caaaaatatc attctactgt acaacttacc accaaaccct tattccctgc     56160
     aagtttacac tcaggataat cagctactgt ctgaagtctc aaattctagt gaaatgaaac     56220
     atttttgtat tatacacatg cacttataat atattcatta acatgaatgt gcattatgat     56280
     ataggacatg ggaaataagg catttacttg aggaactgca aatattttac atttgttcaa     56340
     caaacacgtt gagaatttac aatgtgcaaa gtattgtgga agtctttctt ctttcctctt     56400
     cccccagtaa aaatgtccag ctgtctcggc aggaaaagag attgagaagt ataatgaaag     56460
     catactctct ggtccttgtc attacagcac ttatccatga agttgcatgc tagaaacagg     56520
     gagtcagtct ttgtgaaaat tttggtcacc atcgcagctt tagactaggc tgaaataaag     56580
     aaagagtgta tagggtctag tctcttatcc aaagccaaga aaatagttat ttcaagtttt     56640
     tatttttaat aagtgaaagc atttatttct gtatcaaact acatatatgt tttattaata     56700
     gagagtttaa tagaatcatg ggtctggata gcacatatta gaagacttga attttagtac     56760
     agtcataata agtaattaat ttataataag agagggaaaa aaagaacttc aaccccaatg     56820
     ccacaaataa aataaaaatt ttaaaaaaat tatgaatgca tagtataaaa tcatgtagta     56880
     tatttactta attgaataca tatcaaaaat tgttgcctgt aaagatttta tgcatacata     56940
     atttcacata attatatata tttatatcat tgtattataa atacaaaaat attcatataa     57000
     ttataattac atataatttt tagaactagc ttcctctaaa caataattga attcagaata     57060
     atataaatca tgttaaagaa atataacata aataattaaa attataagac agcagttcaa     57120
     aagttcaaat acctattata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     57180
     cacacacatg ccttaggaga taaaattatt ttattcttca atgaaatatt cattgttctt     57240
     caatgaaata ttcattattc ttcaatgaaa taattcaacc gataagttta aatcattgtt     57300
     aattaagaca atattatata cttgaaattt atattaattt taagtgttca gttctagttt     57360
     tattgttcat acactgagcc ctcttacaca ctacctcaga agatgaatat gagagcatga     57420
     ttgcaaattt ctttgaaatt tctccccagc aaagactgat tcagaaagcc acatgggaga     57480
     agcaaagaaa agccagagaa cacattcttt cctgatctct tatatttgtt cagaaatacg     57540
     aaacaacata aattgaattc cagttatagg taaaaatggg gccatttcta gaaagatgtc     57600
     tgtgatggct cagactagct ccaattatat tgcctttctc attcaaaaaa attgatctcc     57660
     tattggctgc agagaataat ttgtcttttt tatctgtgat caaatgaaga ttcatacctg     57720
     gtttcaccgg gaagtttagg atattgttga aaaaaacact cttacaagaa ctaattgcac     57780
     atgacgctgg aattagaatt aatatctgct gagcatttta caattcacaa agcacatcta     57840
     tatgtattat cctatttggt ctcctagcaa acctgtgagg aaatattatt cccattttac     57900
     aaataaggct cagaatctct gcctcttatg gctgaaactt tttttttcta caacaatttg     57960
     acttaccata tgagagatgc caaataatag ttgcaatgcc atatattgca catgaaatgt     58020
     atatttttag agaatctatg aaacatccaa atgctgctac tatttttgat agcatctttc     58080
     atttaaaact ctaattgttg acttctaata tgaactgaat taccctttaa ggcaatcact     58140
     gcaaatagaa agttcttcat atacagtatt ttcccaaatt cttcgttaaa atcaaagtac     58200
     cttgcaatga gttttaccct gaggttccaa tattttaaca atgaaaagtc ttttattagt     58260
     ctggcataga aaaacatcga atacatctgc ttaggaggaa tgagaagttc ttcctgtaag     58320
     atgaaggtac taactcaaga agggaacttt gggaactcca aagcttgttc agttcctact     58380
     ttatttttat cataaaaatg tggcatcttt cctactgcta ctatctaggt tagtagtcaa     58440
     ggcctatgtt ttacaataaa ttattttaag ccatgtttca tatcccttcc tttgcctcag     58500
     ccacagaatt ccgaaaaagc aaaagtagaa taatctctct taggaggctt ctcattgtac     58560
     aactgcagta tatccaatac tgacatttgg gttataagaa ttctcctcag tctaccaatc     58620
     ctaaatatac cctagtttaa catactcatt atgtcccttg ccaaaaagca gttagagaga     58680
     gattgagaga gatggactat gatatttaag tatatcacat gcctttaagc ttttgtatac     58740
     aatcaaaaac aactttaaat tagaaaaagc ttattatgtc atcatcctct cattttaact     58800
     accaagaaat aactgtgcaa tgaccactgt gaacatggtc ccattatata tgtgatgggg     58860
     ttttcaaaag cctgtttata gacagtagtg gctttcaaag aatttttttt ctttcttttt     58920
     ttgagacaga gttttgctct gtcactcagg ctggagtgca gttgtgcgat cttggctcac     58980
     tgcaacctct gcctcccagg ttcaagcgaa tctcctgcct cagcctcctg agtagctgag     59040
     attacaggtg actgccacta cgcctggtta atttctgtat ttttaggaga tacggggttt     59100
     caccatgttg gccaggctga tctcgaactc ttgacctcag gtgatctgcc cacctcggcc     59160
     tccacctggc aaccttcaca gaatttctaa tgacagtaca aatacattca cactgtgtca     59220
     ctaaagggaa tgagaataaa gactaccatt aatatttcct acaaaggtta caaatggtca     59280
     gtcattgtca gtcacttact taagcaacac ttaagtttca agcctctcca ctgaaatagt     59340
     ctacccaaat tagaaggtac cagaaaagta atccaggcaa tatgacaaaa cagggttcta     59400
     taacacaccc aaaagatcac aacagcttgc cagcaatgta tccaaaccaa gaagaaattt     59460
     ttgaattgcc agataaacaa ttcagaaggt gggttattaa gctattcaag gagataccag     59520
     agaaaggtga aaatcaactt aaagaaatta aaaaacaatg gaggatatag atgaaaactt     59580
     ctcaagagaa atatatatca caaagaagat acaataacaa tttctggaaa tgaaagacac     59640
     acttagagaa atacaaaatg cagttgaaag ttccaacaat acactaaaac aagcagaaga     59700
     aagaacttca gagctcaaag acaaggcttt caaattaacc caatgagaca aagacaaaga     59760
     aaaaagaatt taaaaaaata aacaaagcct ccaagaaatt tgggattatg ttaaatgacc     59820
     aaatgtaaaa ataattggtg ctcctgagga agaagagaaa tctgaagtct ggaaaactta     59880
     tttgagggaa taattgaaga aagcttccca gaccttgcta gagatctaga cgttcaaatg     59940
     caagaagctc aaagaacacc ttggaaattc atcacaaaaa gatccatgta ttcttcaggt     60000
     tatcgaaagt caaaacaaag gaaagaatct taagaactgt gagacaaaag catcagataa     60060
     cctattattc tgtgttctaa tattctgtgt ttttctgtgt acttattacc actgagtttt     60120
     acaccttcag gagattactt attgcacatt aatgtccttt tctttctttc ttttttattt     60180
     tattttatta ttattttttt gacacagagt ctcattctgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt     60240
     ggcacaatct tggctcactg cagcctccac ctcctgggtt caagtgattt tcctgcctca     60300
     gcctcccggg taggtgggat tacaggcatg caccaccgtg cttggctaat tttttgtatt     60360
     tttagtagag atggggtttc accatgtgga ccaatcttgg cctcccaatg tcctgggatt     60420
     acaggtataa gcctctgtgt ctggccagtg tctttttctt tctgattgta atattccctt     60480
     taccatttct tgtagttcag gtctagtgtt gatgaaatcc ctcagctttt gtttatctgg     60540
     taaaatcttt atttcttctt cttatgagtt tgaaggatat tattgccaga catacggttc     60600
     tagggtacat tttttttcat tcagcacttt aaatatgtcg tgccactgtc tcctgacctg     60660
     taaggtttcc actgaaaagt ctgctgccag atgtattggg gctccattgt gtttgtttct     60720
     tgtctcttgc tccttatagg actgtttcct aatttttgac ctttgggagt gtgttattaa     60780
     atgccttgag gttgtcttct ttgggttaaa tctgctttgt gttctgtaat gttcctgtgc     60840
     ttggatactg atatctttct ccaggtgtag gaagttttct gttattatcc cttcgaataa     60900
     actttctacc cctgtttctt tacctcctct ttaatgctag taactcttag atttgccctt     60960
     tgaggttatt ttctagatcc cgtaggcatt cttcattttt taaattcttt tttcatttgt     61020
     gtgttctgag cctatcttca agctcactaa ttctttattc tgctttatcg attctgctat     61080
     taaaatatat tgatacattc ttcagtatgc caattgcatt tttcagcaac agaatttata     61140
     tttgagcctt tttttttttt tgtgggggga gacagagtct cgctctgtcg cccaggctgg     61200
     agtgtagtgg cgtgatctca gctcactgca agctccacct cctgggttca caccattctc     61260
     ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggacta caggtgcctg ctaccatacc cagctaattt     61320
     tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac cgtgttagcc aggatggtct catctcccga     61380
     cctcatgacc cgccctcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gaatattaga     61440
     gcctttttaa ttattttgat atcttggtta aattcatctg atagaattct gaattccttc     61500
     tctgtgttat cttgaatttc tttgagtttc ctcaacacag ctcttttgaa ttctctgcct     61560
     gaagcatcac aaatctctgt ttctctaaga ttgattcctg ttgccttact tagttcgttt     61620
     aatgaggtaa tgctttccca gatggtgttt atgccagtag atgttctttg gtgtctgggc     61680
     attgaagagt tctgtattta tgatagtttt cactgtctga gcttatttgt agccatcttc     61740
     cttgggaagg ctttccaaat gtttgagtga ttgggtgttg tgatctaacc tttgtcccct     61800
     ttagggggca cccaaagtcc agtaacatta tgattcttcc ggactcatag aggtactgcc     61860
     ttgatggtct tggacaagat ctaggagaat tttctggatt accaggcaga gactcttatt     61920
     ctcttccctt actttctgcc aaacaaagag tctttctgtc tgttctgagc cacctaaagc     61980
     tgaaggtgga gtgacacaag aacccctgtt gacaccattg ctatgactgt gctgggtcag     62040
     acctgaagcc agaacagtgc tgggtctcac tgaaggcttg ctggaaccac tctctagcta     62100
     ctgcctatgt tcactcaaga ccccagggct ttacaatcag ccaatggcaa agccagccag     62160
     gcctgtgttt ttcccttcag ggtgtcaaga ttccccaggt cccacatggg tccagatgtg     62220
     ctgtccaggg gtcagggact atagtcaaaa gccttagaag tctacctggt gttctactgt     62280
     attgcatctg agctggcact caaatcacag ttcttcccac tcttccctct cctttccaaa     62340
     ggcagaggag tctcaccctg taaccactgc cacctcaggc cgtgaagtgt actgccagac     62400
     ttccaaccaa tgttccctta agtcccaaag gctcttaagt catcttgtga taaatgctgt     62460
     ctggcctggg actctccttt cagagaagtg ggctcctttc tgacccaggt taaggccata     62520
     aatgctatct aagagtcatg tcctggaatt gggaactccc aaagcccgct tggtgctctg     62580
     ctcctctgtg gccatgctgt tacctaaggt gccagataaa gtcccctttc cttttccctc     62640
     ttcttttctc aagaaggagt tttgccccat agataccaca gctgatattg ttctgagtct     62700
     cacctgaagc cagaaagcct cagaggttca cccaagacct ttgatgtagt tccttggtat     62760
     cactgctggt tactcagtgc ccaagggctc tccagttggc aggtgatgaa tgttattagg     62820
     aatgggtctt ttccttcaag gaagcaggtt cttttctggc ccagggtgtg cctagaaatg     62880
     ttatctggga actacggcct gaacagagcc ctcacaactc tgtcttgtgc cctatcctgc     62940
     tttgtttgag ctggtatcca agacgcaaaa cagagtcctc cccgctcttc cctctcctct     63000
     cctcaagcag aaggaaggga tctcttttgg agccaaaagt tgtgtagcct ggggttagaa     63060
     aagaggtgat gccagcatgc ccttgaccct gccacagctg gtgtatcagt aggtcatgtg     63120
     cctacccagt ccactgtctc tgggcccagt tcagccctaa gacttgccta agagttgcag     63180
     tccttatggc ctagactgcc tttcaagttt acttggagat agagagtgct gcagcccatg     63240
     gtggtaaggt ttgtgggaac tcaagtttgg gtccttaagc tgggatgggt gattctcctc     63300
     tggctagggc tactttaaat tcattctcca agggcaggca tcagctgagt ttggtctgtt     63360
     tttcctttct gctctaacag gacggcactg agttcaagcc tcacaattgc tgtattctcc     63420
     ctcccttagt gcccagaaaa gctctccaca ccatgcagct gctgctgctg ccagtggtgg     63480
     gaggttaggt ggtattggtg attcagtact tttttttttt tttatctctt cagtgcctct     63540
     ttcagaaata tgaagttaaa actagtgcta tgagcgctta cttggttttt ggttgtcatg     63600
     aaggtgcttt ttctgtgtag atgcttgcta actgggtgtt tgttgggagt gggagatgat     63660
     caatggagcc ttctattcca ccatctttct ctgtcttctc tattctgtga gagtttaaat     63720
     gtcacatctg tttttgacat tcaaatatct gtaattttat tttgctttgt aaacacgtgg     63780
     tcacaaacca gacaaataaa gattaaagct ataattattt aaaacctttt agactggact     63840
     tctaacttct gttataaatc tatcacctaa agcgtctttg ttacccaatg tatgccttga     63900
     agaccagcag catcaaaatt gcctgtgaat atcagagaaa tgaaaagtct cagtctcctc     63960
     ccatatgaac agtatcataa tctgtatttt aacaaggtac caagtgattt acgtgcccac     64020
     aaaagtttca tgtaacagaa agaacaacaa actgggattt aagcctagct ctgctccttt     64080
     ggctttcctg tctgtttctc cacctataaa gagcaataat tctgaaatga ctacctcaga     64140
     gttaatatac aaatggtatt agcatttatg tgaaagtatt atgaaattga agacattaag     64200
     atagcttaaa acaatatggt tgttgatctt cttaggaaaa gattcaaggg tggaaatgta     64260
     aaaggggaaa acagatgaga aggtgagtaa tgcaatgaat gcttaccaaa gaagttatcc     64320
     tggattatcc cagtgggccc taaatccaat gacaagtgtt cttatgagaa caaggcagag     64380
     ggatattagg cctaagagga aaaggcaatt tgaccaagga ggcaatgatc gctgtgatgc     64440
     agccatgaat aaaagaaagg ctatcaccct cagaagctgg agaaagcaac aaatgaattc     64500
     tccttgagag gcttctgagg aagcacaacc ctgatgacac cttaattttg gacttctggc     64560
     atccaaaact gagagaaaaa taaatatctt ttgttttaag ccactaagtt tgtgagaatt     64620
     tgttacagcg gcccataaag gtggggaaaa aggaagaaag gcatctatgt caaagaagaa     64680
     agcatgaact cacattctgt gcactttgca aacaaatggt agctctttgt ccaatagaaa     64740
     acaataatgc tgaagataat aataggaaca actaataata ataatgagct taacacactt     64800
     taaagtattt ttaaagcttt taaatgattt gaagatgcag aatctcaatc attttctctt     64860
     tgtatatgtc agtaaattga cactgaagct agttacctct acccaatcca aaaattctgt     64920
     agatagttaa ctggggggag gggaaagcca aacaatgcca gacaatgctt agtaacatat     64980
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaaagc tagccacaca aacacaagta aactaaccaa     65040
     cgtgtctcgg tgtattagtt tcctagggct gccattctca agttatttta tacgcttgca     65100
     ttttactgtg ctttctctgt atttcctttg ctaatgaatt ctctcttcct ttcatcccac     65160
     ttgccccctc ctaactccta ttcatgcttt atttatcagc ctaaataaaa tctcttctag     65220
     gaagccttcc ttgagccatt gatctctcat ctaccaccct aaccaatccc acctcccagt     65280
     cactcgccca ctaacgtaca taaacacaca gagtaggatg cttttatgct gtggacacac     65340
     tgcattcatc acagcatatt aataactcgg tagaatgtga acacactgca ttcctgacag     65400
     catattatta ataaatctgt agagtgcatg tttacttgcc ttcttccctc tatggacttt     65460
     atccccatca tgagtagaac atagcagggg tgaaaaaggt attttaagat aaatgaatgc     65520
     atgaataacc tttaaaaata ccaactacca cttataaagt gttttctgtc tgccagacac     65580
     tgttctaagt gctttatgtg tattaatgta tatccttata aatgacctat gttacatact     65640
     atcgatgttc ccattttata gatcaataaa ctgaggcaaa aaaaaactta gagcaaagta     65700
     acataggaag taaacggtag aaccaagtat ttgcatccat gcattcccac tgcagactcc     65760
     aggttcttaa ccattatttt aaaaacataa tagctaacac agaatttatc acacaccaga     65820
     cattctttta actcatctac atatgttgat acatttaatc tcaacacatt cattcaacaa     65880
     gcgaatgata cgggcataac tagcaccaat agtgcctgca tgtctaaaac ttgggggcat     65940
     gaaacctgtt tccgccagag aactatttgt tgtttaacta ataaaaggca atgctatcaa     66000
     ttcacatttg tgaatcaatt gtattcaaag cacttacaca cataaggtaa cctctttttt     66060
     ctctggggca caataattta aaataataac attagcaaca ttactttcca gttttatttt     66120
     acattttaaa tcttatgttg tgtgaagttg tgcccaattt cagcctgcca caggattcca     66180
     aggtaacaac ttgcaaagca gccctttaat cactagaatt agtatttcag tggatttttg     66240
     tatggcaggt atagcatgag taatgaccct gtataactca gtaagatatg atgatgaaaa     66300
     cttaggagct tcatgttgaa agagtcccaa ctggaagtta agagagctag cttcaacctc     66360
     ggacactaac tggaagacaa ctttccctgg acctcagttt ttgcatcagt gaaattacac     66420
     ggggaatgag ctctttataa ctctagatgc ctaattctgt aaagccacaa actactcatg     66480
     aaatgtaatc taattatttt ataatatcac ttccagccag cttggcaaaa ctaataaatt     66540
     gtggctctct tttcctggct ggtgagacat ataagataaa aacatgagca ttatttaccc     66600
     aggatcacag gtttgactag taatgaggac tctgtctcta aaaatcatag cattgaatag     66660
     aaactccttt gagaatatca atagtatgcc atgtgtgagc aggaaattac catcgtgata     66720
     ccagtagata gcatgttaac agagtattaa ttatgaagca gtgctaactg aataatacat     66780
     ggcagttatt aagaggagat tttcaagggt cgatatgcta tgactcaact gccagtcagt     66840
     aatgagataa tacactacag agcccaggta caaagaattg ctggtgccag tgataaggat     66900
     gcgtgatagc tatctggaac taaaaatcat ggtctataca tggtatgagc taagatttat     66960
     aaatcttccg gcagaaagag ctattcaagc agttataaac cacacatctg gtaagctgtt     67020
     tttatggatc ttgagtgcag agctaatgag gccaggataa aacctcagta ggaagtcatt     67080
     ttataagatt gcctctttcc ttttcaggca ttgtgtagaa taatagtaaa tatcaaattg     67140
     caacagaatt actaaataag taaagaatag cttagctacc tcttgagtga aggagacaac     67200
     agaaaaaaaa aataaagaga caaaagaatc tgtttttaga gcttcttaca agaaaatatg     67260
     gttttaataa atgttattga gtatgaagaa gtcagtcatg tcataaattc aggaagcatc     67320
     agatttacca agcatttatt tttagctcta gcaagagtaa agagaattca ttaaaatatt     67380
     accatggcaa aacatgaagc taaaagtgat atcacagtca catgatttat tttcaacaaa     67440
     aaaaaattgc attaacattg acttatagta tttccttgaa atataagaca tctctctcct     67500
     tttagttaaa ggtcatttaa ccagcaaggc aatggccttg taaaaaaaat tcctgataat     67560
     gctattaaga aactaacctt ctagcgtgga tggaggacag gaaccaggaa taggagttcc     67620
     aagttaacag acataaataa acaaaaatat aaaagattct gaaaaatatt ttaattgtta     67680
     tgttttcttt attaggctat tttttttttt catggtctca gtagtcacta aaggcattca     67740
     cagagagcat tcttcttgat aaaggaaaat aaattcaaat aaaagactgc actagatgta     67800
     gaacccaagt cttttcgaaa tgaaaggggc cttaaagatc ttccagtaac tcctggaaaa     67860
     ttttccaaag gaacaatttt gtttctcaga gcagcctact ctctaacata ttccagctgt     67920
     ccagttaggt aagccagtgc aatcagggag aacacagatg aaccagataa acaacaacaa     67980
     aaagatcact tggaaaaaaa agggttactg tcaagtaatt caaactttgt aatatgaaag     68040
     tgtcagtgtg ataaaactgc tgataaaata gcctgcagcc atttttccaa aacagaaaga     68100
     tggcactaat attgtttttc ttttatttta aatttcatta ttataatact ttaagtttta     68160
     gggtacatgt gcacaacgtg caggtttgtt acatatgtat acatgtgcca tgttggtgtg     68220
     ctgcacccat taactcgtca tttagcatta agtatatctc ctaatgctat ccctccccgc     68280
     tccccccacc ccataagcag accagccatg cttgtttact acaggatttc tacagccatc     68340
     atttagagag gcatagaagc agtatttctg agctactgaa cagtaataca atgcacaaat     68400
     tttacagtgg ataagccagc ctacaaaagg gaagaaatgt atttcatgaa atctctctcc     68460
     tgtcgatgta taacatccac agaaacaaag atggagcaag gtagcccaca tactaaccat     68520
     gactgaaaat gtactcttgt cccttggaat aagcttttaa ttcctatctt tgcccttcac     68580
     tcttttctat gatgctctgt tcattgtcct gcttccacct tcttttagca ttcttttttg     68640
     ccccaataac agaaaaaaca aaactatgta aaagataaaa tgtcttcaat ttcttactgt     68700
     aataatgtac ccaaacactc tcttccttct ccccaccaac atgcatatgc aaacacacac     68760
     acagagagag agaggttgag agagagagag agagagagac agatccactg agaattattt     68820
     ctaggactga atgtcctaga aggcagatgt atctctatgt tctgttttgt ttagctatat     68880
     gtggtactta ctacagaggt gtaactacca tatgtattta aaaagcaaat ggtaaattaa     68940
     ttttacaaat acagcataat tcctgtgatc cagagccacc cattaaagtt cagatatgga     69000
     gaatagaaac aacatttagc aagaaccctc ccttataaac acacatgtga cacccagtga     69060
     tgttgacatg agctgtgaat acacgtctaa aaagaagatt tggtttacag taaccaatgc     69120
     tacagttaat gaaaagagca tttttgtagg attgcaaaat tacacgtatc acacctgtac     69180
     atggattacc tgcctccaaa ataaacatct tcataagaag cagggtacat ctgagtggct     69240
     ctagcatctt aactaaatta agaccaaaat ggcaccttta cacaaggaca cagtattcta     69300
     aaactccaaa tgaaaacctt tctttaggaa gtggaaatca gctgcaatta agagatgaca     69360
     cactcaaaaa tggcatatga gaactggcag gtaaaaggct ttccatgaaa caatttgagt     69420
     gtacattgag tctgtacagt caatcccttg ttatccatat cagtcaaagg tggtgatcac     69480
     acagaaaatt cataattgtg gatactgaaa aacacaatat ttggttttat atgtctcaag     69540
     ctagattcaa atgggagaaa aatctggaat acatttgtga atccactgtg aagaatctga     69600
     ttctctcttt cttgtagtaa tcaaattgga aaagccactc agcctccaaa ttctgctttc     69660
     actctttcca aaccatatgg gaaattatta cccagactga tacaaagtag ccctggaaag     69720
     ccaaatatac aaacttgctt tttttttttt ttttctggca actctcttat agcaaaaagc     69780
     taaatgcttt atccaaaaag cactttattt caggtttctc tctgtctggc tagaatgggg     69840
     aaaagaaagt tatttatata agctattata gtacataatt acacaggtaa caaaagaaaa     69900
     aaaaatcaat aagattttga aaggaatacg ttcttaccct aaaccgaatg gaaacaaaaa     69960
     caacatagaa agtattaatt caaaatcagg cagaccaaca aaagtcatgg ttaaaagaaa     70020
     ccacagattt atataaccta aacccttcat tttatggatg aagaaattaa caagcagtga     70080
     actgaaatct ttacttcagt tgtggtctgt gggccaagcc taagcatcac ctgggaggtt     70140
     attagaactg cacaatttca ggcctcactt cagacccaca aaattagaat ctgcatttta     70200
     acaaaatctc caccccagat aatttctatg tacgttgagg tttaagaagt acttgttaaa     70260
     ttacttctcc aagttatcat taatcattta ccatgtatat attactcaat ggtagtagtc     70320
     aaatgtgtca agaaaccttt ctttgagtaa gagtaattca agcatacttc cctctgtcac     70380
     agtgaacaaa ctatttccat aagctaaatt aattattttt gaattctgca tcacttcttc     70440
     aggcctttta cccaagttat caaattacta ttttagtgca aataggcatt gccagagaat     70500
     aattttggca tttaaagaat ctagtttatt ccatgataaa ttctacaatt ccttatttcc     70560
     ttatgatccc tgactaggaa ccaggttatt ctgtatagaa taaactggaa ccgggtcctc     70620
     gcttattcca tttatttgtc cactctaaag ccaggcataa agaagcacag tatatattta     70680
     ttcaatcagt tgttggaagg caagcaaaga accaagttct ttgtggtcag tagcatttgt     70740
     gttaatattc cttcaagaaa aattactaga ccattttcaa gtccattttt agtgcactct     70800
     cttttattgg tggtcagaaa ctgcttcttg ctctccactt caaactcctc agccatatag     70860
     ttcggcttgt ctctacagcc aattgagcct atcctatact ctaaacaggt ggctctcaac     70920
     ctgaggtgat ttggccccac aggggacatt ttgcagtgtc tagagatatt tttggatatt     70980
     acaactctaa ggtggtgagt gctactggca tctacggagt agaggccagg gatgctgcta     71040
     aatatactac ccaggcagcc ttccacaaca agtaattaat tatccaatcc aaaatgccga     71100
     tagtgctaat gttgagaaac ccttgcctag acccattccc aaacttttgt agtcctttat     71160
     cctcctcagg ttcagctatt gccttctatg ggctggctga gccatgtccc agttattaag     71220
     attaatctca tctttagata aaagagatcc aatcctggct tgatgccctg atcactgtgt     71280
     ttgtgcttca ttctcaaaat ctaggctcta cattttgtct ccatagtttt gagtaactca     71340
     aaggctacaa gcttacgtca ctcttgctca gtgtcttcct aggtcttgtt ctctaatatc     71400
     acatgactgg tctttatatt acctatgaga cttgccttac tatttccttc ttttagattt     71460
     cccaattttg ttctccaact ttctgtaggg ttacctgctt atccctggat ttgacactgt     71520
     cattaaactg aaaaccccat ttgagtaagc attcatcata aaaatcctgt cagctcttct     71580
     cttggaaatc gttctttgtc ataaatactg tggaaacaca gagtgttata aattttatga     71640
     gaataaatac aatatcttta ttaatatatc agcttctttt taaaatgatg tagaagaaag     71700
     taaatgcagc acttagaaaa tgtagattgg ctttcattca ctatctgaca ttttccagat     71760
     cagcatttca gttttaaaaa atatataatg acaaataatt actttcgtat ttcaattcag     71820
     ttgtaactaa agggtaattt tagaaagaac aaatggtaag cataagccaa aaaatgaacc     71880
     aaagggtaat aaataaacca aacccctaaa attcattatc aaaaagagct acaacatttt     71940
     cacattctca gaaaaaaatg attttataga gattatcttt gaattcaagc acttacagtt     72000
     ttatttgaaa gtcacgggga ggagccaaga tggccgaata ggaacagctc cggtctacag     72060
     ctcccagcct gagcgacgca gaagacgggt gatttcttca tttccacctg aggtaccggg     72120
     ttcatctcac tacggagtgc cagacagtgg gcgcaggtca gtgggtgcgt gcaccgtgcg     72180
     tgagccgaag cagggcgagg cattgcctca ctcaggaagc gcaaggggtc acggagttcc     72240
     ctttcctagt caaataaagg ggtgacggac gcacctggaa aatcgggtca ctcccaccca     72300
     aatactgcgc atttcccacg agcttaaaaa acggcgcacc acgagattat atcccacatc     72360
     tggctgggaa tggggggtcc tacacccatg gagtctcgct gattgctagc acggcggtct     72420
     gagatcaaac tgcaaggcag cagcaaggct gggggaggag cacccgccat tgcccaggct     72480
     tgcttaggta aacgaagcag ccgggaagct ccaactgggt ggagcccacc acagctcaag     72540
     gaggcctgcc tgcctctgta ggctccatct ctgggggcag ggcacagaca aacaaaaaga     72600
     cagcagtaac ctctgcagac ttaaatgtcc ctgtctgaca gctttgaaga gagcagtggt     72660
     tctcccagca cccagctgga gatctgagaa tgggctcact gcctcctcaa gtgggtccct     72720
     gacccctgac ccccaagcag cctaactggg aggcaccccc ccagcagggg cagactgaca     72780
     cctcacacgg ccgggtactc ctctgagaca aaacttccag aggaacaatc agacagcagc     72840
     attagcggtt caggaaaatt tgcggttctg tagacatcgc tgctgatacc caggcaaaca     72900
     ggttctggag tggacctcta gcaaactcca acagacctgc agctgagggt cctgtctgtt     72960
     agaaggaaaa ctcacaaaca gaaaggacat ccacaccaaa aacccatctg tacatcacca     73020
     tcatcaaaga ccaaaagtaa aaccacaaag atggggaaaa aacagaacag aaaaactgga     73080
     aactttaaaa agcagagcgc ctctcctcct ccaaaggaac gcagttcctc accagcaatg     73140
     gaacaaagct ggacggagaa tgactttgac gagctgagag aagaaggctt cagacgatca     73200
     aattactctg agctacggga ggacattcaa accaaaggca aagaagttaa aaactttgaa     73260
     aaaaattcag aagaatgtat aactagaata accaatacag agaagtgctt aaaggagctg     73320
     atagagctga aaatcaaggc tcgagaaata tgtgaagaat gcagaagcct caggagccga     73380
     tgcgatcaac tggaagaaag ggtatcagca atggaagatg aaatgaatga aatgaagtga     73440
     gaagggaagt ttagagaaaa aagaataaaa agaaacgagc aaagcctcca agaaatatgg     73500
     gactatgtga aaagaccaaa tttacgactg attcgtgtac gtgaaagtga cagggagaat     73560
     ggaaccaagt tggaaaacac tctgcaggat attatccagg agaacttccc caatctagca     73620
     aggcaggcca atgttcagat tcagaaaata cagagaacgc cacaaagata ctcctcgaga     73680
     agagcaactc caagacacag aattgtcaga ttcaccaaac ttgaaatgaa ggaaaaaatg     73740
     ttaagggcaa cagagagaaa ggttgggtta ccctcaaagg gaagcccatc agactaacag     73800
     cagatctctc ggcagaaacc ctacaagccg gaagacagtg ggggccaata ttcaacattc     73860
     ttaaagaaaa gaattttcaa cccagaattt catatccagc caaactaagc ttcataagtg     73920
     aaggagaaat aaaatacttt atagacaagc aaatgctgag agattttgac accaccaggc     73980
     ctgccctaaa agagctcctg aaggaagcgc taaacatgga aaggaacaac cggtaccagc     74040
     tgctgcaaaa tcatgccaaa atgtaaagac catcgagact aggaagaaac tgcatcaaca     74100
     aacgagcaaa ataaccagct aaaatcataa tgacaggatc aaattcacac ataacaatat     74160
     taactttaaa tgtaaatgga ctaaatgctc caattaaaag acacagactg gcaaattgga     74220
     taaagagtca agacccatca gtgtgctgta ttcaggaaac ccatctcaca tgcagagaca     74280
     cacataggct caaaataaaa ggatggagga agatctacca agcaaatgga aaacaaaaaa     74340
     aggcaggggt tgcaatccta gtctctgata aaacagactt taaaccaaca aagatcaaaa     74400
     gagacaaaga aggccattac ataatggtaa agggatcaat tcaacaagaa gagctaacta     74460
     tcctaaatat atatgcaccc aatacaggag tacccagatt cataaagcaa gtcctgagtg     74520
     acctacaaag agacttagac tcccacacaa taataatggg agactttaac accccactgt     74580
     caacattaga cagatcaacc agacacaaag tcaaccagga tacccaggaa ttgaactcag     74640
     ctctgcacca agcagaccta atagacatct acagaactct ccactccaaa tcaacagaat     74700
     atacattttt ttcagcacca caccacacct attccaaaat tgaccacata cttggaagta     74760
     aagctctcct cagcaaatgt aaaagaacag aaattagaac aaactgtctc tcagaccaca     74820
     gtacaatcaa actagaactc aggattaaga atctcactca aaactgctca actacatgga     74880
     aactgaacaa cctgctcctg aatgactact gggtacataa tgaaatgaag acagaaataa     74940
     agatgttctt tgaaaccaat gagaacaaag acacaacata ccagaatctc tgggacgcat     75000
     tcaaagcagt gtgtagaggg aaatttatag cactaaatgc ccacaagaga aagcaggaaa     75060
     catccaaaat tgacacccta gtatcacaat taaaagaact agaaaagcaa gagcaaacac     75120
     attcaaaagc tagcagaagg caagaaataa ctaaaatcag agcagaactg aaggaaatag     75180
     agacacaaaa aacccttcaa aaaattaatg aatccaggag ctggtttttt gaaaggatca     75240
     acaaaattga tagaccgcta gcaagactaa taaaggaaaa aagagagaag aatcaaatag     75300
     acgcaataaa aaatgataaa ggggatatca ccaccgatcc cacagaaata caaactacca     75360
     tcagagaata ctacaaacac ctctacacaa ataaactaga aaatctagaa gaaatagata     75420
     aattcctcga cacatacact ctcccaagac taaaccagga agaagttgaa tctctgaata     75480
     gaccaataac aggatctgaa attgtggcaa taatcaatag cttaccaaac agaaagagtc     75540
     caggaccaga tggattcaca gccgaattct accagaggta caaggaggaa ctggtaccat     75600
     tccttctgaa actattccaa tcaatagaaa aagagggaat cctccctaac tcattttatg     75660
     aggccagcat cattctgata ccaaagccgg gcagagacac aagcaaaaaa gagaatttta     75720
     gaccaaaatc cttgatgaac attgatgcaa aaatcctcac taaaatactg gcaaaccgaa     75780
     tccagcagca catcaaaaag cttatccacc atgatcaagt gggcttcatc cctgggatgc     75840
     aaggctgttt caatatatgc aaatcaataa atgtaatcca gcatataaac agagccaaag     75900
     acaaaaacca catgtttatc tcaatagatg cagaaaaggc ctttgacaaa attcaacaat     75960
     gcttcatgct aaaaactctc aataaattag ttattgatgg gacatatttc aaaataataa     76020
     gagctatcta tgacaaaccc acagccaata tcataaagaa tgggcaaaaa ctggaagcat     76080
     tccctttgaa aacgggcaca agacatggat gccctctctc accattccta ttcaacatag     76140
     tgttggaagt tctggccagg gcaattaggc aggagaagga aataaagggt attcaattat     76200
     gaaaagagga aatcaaattg tccctgtttg cagatgacat gattgtatat ctagaaaacc     76260
     ccattgtctc agcccaaaat ctccttaagc tgataagcaa cttcagcaaa gtctcagaat     76320
     ataaaatcaa tgtaccaaaa tcacaagcat tcttatacac caacaacaga caaacagaga     76380
     gccaaatcat gagtgaattc ccattcacaa ttgtttcaaa gagaataaaa tacctaggaa     76440
     tccaacttac aagggatgtg aaggacctct tcaaggagaa ctacaaacca ctgatcaagg     76500
     aaataaaaga gaatacaaac aaatggaaga acattccatg ctcatgggta ggaagaatca     76560
     atatcgtgaa aatggccata ctgcccaagg taatttacag attcaatgcc atccccatca     76620
     agctaccaat gactttcttc acagaattgg aaaaaactac tttaaagttc atatggaacc     76680
     aaaatagagc ccacatcacc aagtcaatcc taagccaaaa gaacaaagct ggaggcatca     76740
     cactacctga cttcaaacta tactacaagg ctacagtaac caaaacagca tggtactggt     76800
     accaaaacag agatatagat caatggaaca gaacagagcc ctcagaaata acgccgcata     76860
     tctacaacta tctgatcttt gacaaacctg aaaaaaacaa gcaatgggga aaggattccc     76920
     tatttaataa atggtgctgg gaaaactggc tagccatatg tagaaagctg aactggatcc     76980
     cttccttaca ccgtatacaa aaatcaattc aagatggatt aaagacttaa acgttagacc     77040
     taaaaccata aaaaccctag aagaaaacct aggcattacc attcaggaca taggcatggg     77100
     caaggacttc atgtctaaaa caccaaaagc aacggcaaca aaagccaaag ttgacaaatg     77160
     ggatctaatt aaactaaaga gcttctgcac agcaaaagaa actaccatca gagtgaacag     77220
     acaacctaca aaatgggaga aaattttcgc aacctactca tctgacaaag ggctaatatc     77280
     cagaatctac gatgaactca aacaaattta caagaagaaa acaaacaacc ccatcaaaaa     77340
     gtgggcaaag gacatgaaca gacacttctc aaaagaagac atttatgcag ccaaaaaaca     77400
     catgaagaaa tgctcatctt cactggccat cagagaaatg caaatcaaaa ccacaatgag     77460
     ataccatctc acaccagtta gaatggcaat cattaaaaag tcaggaaaca acaggtgctg     77520
     gagaggatgt ggagaaatag gaacactttt acactgttgg tgggactgta aactagttca     77580
     accattgtgg aagtcagtgt ggcgattcct cagggatcta gaactagaaa taccatttga     77640
     cccagccatc ccattactgg gtatataccc aaaggactat aaatcatgct gctataaaga     77700
     cacatgcaca cgtatgttta ttgcggcatt gttcacaata gcaaagactt ggaaccaacc     77760
     caaatgtcca acaatgatag actggattaa gaaaatgtgg cacatataca ccatggaata     77820
     ctatgcagcc ataaaatatg atgagttcat gtcctttgta gggacatgga tgaaattgga     77880
     aatcatcatt ctctgtaaac tatcgcaaga acaaaaaacc aaacaccgca tattctcact     77940
     cataggtggg agctgaacaa tgagaacaca tggacacagg aagaggaaca tcgcactctg     78000
     gggactgttg tggggtgggg ggagtgggga gggagagcat tgggagatat acctaatgct     78060
     agatgacgag ttagtgggtg cagcgcacca gcatggcaca tgcatacata tgtaactaac     78120
     ctgcacaatg tgcacatgta ccctaaaact taaagtataa tagtaataaa aaaaaagaaa     78180
     attaaaaaaa aaaagaaatt cacaaatagc ttgtttaaag caattgacta ttttcagtgt     78240
     tgtgactgct ctgctttggt gtatataaac attaaaaaaa gacttcagaa ttttttattt     78300
     tctatttata gagacaaaga ggaatcatta ttagtttttt tgccatgtca tattaataat     78360
     cagtgtttat aggccaaact aaacataatc gaaaatcaca tttctttaaa gagtccttat     78420
     tatagagata aagcatcttc tcttaaatgt tgttatattt tccatttcta agaagtagtt     78480
     taggtgaaat gaaatggaga cccatgaagt agataaatga gactgattaa gagaataagc     78540
     cagttattta atcccaggaa taagaagtaa tgtctaagca ggaattcatg aataataaaa     78600
     gtttcaggga aagcacttta catgcctgag tttatgactg tgttatttta aacactgtca     78660
     gagtccattc agctggagtg taatattttg tgtatcagca ctcctatttt aggatgtact     78720
     ataatttaga gatagtgagt agtgatccct acataacagg actactattt cctttgccat     78780
     aatagcagtt tgtttatgat aaaatttatt ttcatctagt catagcatat atgatgcttt     78840
     cattttcatt catttcattg gagattatag ccttaggtga cagagttatt ttatttttct     78900
     tcagagtcca ttaagtcata aaagtctgca gactactcct agacttgtgc tctactttac     78960
     tataaaacaa caaataaact ggaactgtta caatatgttc ataacgttaa catgttgcta     79020
     gccataggag ttcatatctt agttacattt tctcgggaaa tttgaaacct ctaaagctaa     79080
     aaaaaaaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tatatgtata cacacacaca     79140
     ataaagtaca ctttaaaaag caaaaaaaaa tttctttata agatttaatg taactacatt     79200
     ttttatttga tttgttttga tttgtttttg catcaaagat gatgcaaaga gttaactgga     79260
     acttttagtt aactttctaa ctaatagagt taactggaat tcttctctag tttttttttt     79320
     tttttttttt tttttttttg agacggagtc tggctctgtc gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg     79380
     gcatgatctc ggctcactgc aagctccgcc tcccgggttc acgccattct cctgcctcag     79440
     cctccggagt agctgggact acaggcgccc gccaccgcgc ccggctaatt ttttgtattt     79500
     tttagtagag acggggtttc accttgttag ccaggatggt ctcgatctcc tgacctcatg     79560
     atccacccgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg cgtgagccac cgcgcccggc     79620
     ctcttctcta gtttttttct tacttgttga acactgtgtt gctttgattg tgaaaatcag     79680
     aaagcctagc ctgtggatga acaaaaagaa gcaaaaatac aaagtataag ttattttata     79740
     gttttttagt ccatagtaga aaaataaagt tgcttttctt ttattaaaat atacaacatt     79800
     tcagcagtat ccactcagcc atgtttctga gttttgggtt gttgttgttg ttttgttttg     79860
     ttttaagaag catctgtgtg atgagtaaca attttactgt cacttattcc agacattagt     79920
     tagttacgag gcttggcttt ttcactgaca aggttaggtg tccaacccta ttccccgtag     79980
     cccctccaag ctcacaacat ggccccactg aaagccctaa tgaattattg cctctttcca     80040
     ataagctgga tgctagctct aagaagtact taatgacatt cacaatttaa aaccttacct     80100
     aaaaatctgt ttatggaaga attagcttaa ttaacgagtt tgcaatgaag tcagtcttaa     80160
     tgacgttctg agaaagacac taaaggtgaa aaggaaacaa gcagaacaaa caaccctttg     80220
     agcttttcag gtcagtagtt acactaacaa ttgtcacaac ttcccctgaa agggatggta     80280
     cttgaagtga gaatcaaaaa ggaaaatgtg tgattgatca cctctaagac tttcctctgc     80340
     ttttctgaag agctaggcca taaagtcaca aagggagcag cttactaggt tgtaaagcct     80400
     cttgatattt tttaaggcgc ctgtattagt tttctattgc taccataata atttgctaca     80460
     tacttggagg cttaaaacaa cacctatttt tcatctcaca gggtctatag ttcagaagtt     80520
     cagctagact agactaggtt ctctgctcag ggtgtcataa ggttgaaatc aaggtgttgg     80580
     aaagtctgtg ctcctttatt gcaagttttg gggaagagcc ttcttccaag ctcattcagg     80640
     ttgttggcag aatccagttt cttacagttg taggactgag gctcctgctc ccttgatggc     80700
     tgtcatctga gatctccttt cagctcctaa tggatagcca catttcttct cacatggccc     80760
     cctccatctt cagagcctgc aaaggtgtgt tgaatcaccc ttgttctttg gatttctctc     80820
     tttctcttct gtgaccagca ggagaaaact ctctgctttt aaaggggtca tgtgataagg     80880
     cctgtctcac ttagatcata tgtgtatttt atagtccact gatttggaca ttgattacat     80940
     taggaaaatc ccttcatgat tgtatctaga tcggtgtttg attaaataaa ccaggcacag     81000
     aaatcttggg aagttttggg gaggagagga catatttaaa attctgcatg ccatagcacc     81060
     tcttccttta agagaaaaaa tcttcaggat ggacaacttg gatttaagcc tctgtctgtc     81120
     ccacttgtta gtcctttgtg ctgtgaacag ttgtacaacc ctacgtagca gccctgagct     81180
     atagcttcta ggggtcatga agcattgcct ttacgctttg acttctttct cttcttagaa     81240
     ccttccctgt cctgctcaat cctatttatt aaacagatcc tatcctcata actgacctcc     81300
     tcaccttcat ccaaactcta gtatttattt accagtattt gacattttta atgtgcattt     81360
     gataataatt tgtacataac agttgctgtg gaatacatct tctatggcta acttatttct     81420
     gccattggag tcatgttttc ccccatgaag tgtgccattc aaatggacct tcttcaataa     81480
     ttcaagaaat tcaataattt cttattttat tttcaactaa atgaaaactg taagttcgtg     81540
     agagtagctt atattttttc ttcattttta ctgccaaaaa tatggttgct aaatcccaat     81600
     atagacaaag gtcaattaaa gactatgtaa ttgtgctact aatgttatta ctgacgatat     81660
     gttaaatcac atttactttt gcatgtgtgt tttggaaaga agctttacag ttgagaaagc     81720
     cataagggta gaaatagaat acacacagaa aagtatgaaa aaatgcttct aatagatctg     81780
     atagagattt agaaaaacaa ttgtttaaat tagcacaatc cttagggctg aattggctgg     81840
     gatctagaaa gaacattact cacctttcaa gggtgttaaa cttctaatgg actgagacct     81900
     catccagaaa acatgggaat ttatgctttc tcctggacag aaaagcatgt atcaacttct     81960
     tcagttgcaa agtctcacag taattgacca ggaaaactac aatttctata caaatgctag     82020
     atgaccataa tccctcctca cgcaagtaac attcctttct catgtatgga cattgcaatt     82080
     cataaaaggg cttatcacac acatctcaga ggatatataa ctacattgca gcaaggtctt     82140
     tggcattcta agatagagga cctaggttat taaaagcaca gatacagaac actggcagga     82200
     atgtgtgttt tcacaaaaga gtgtgtgttt tcactgaata gcatatattg caaattgata     82260
     cagtgcagtt tggtagaaaa gacactaatt tgaatttagg atatgtggat tttaattcaa     82320
     gccctgtctc caaatataag ctcctttatt tagcttgaat ctcagttcca tcagttaaat     82380
     gggaatgcag gtctagatgt tttttttaag gtctcagtgg gttgagaacc tatggtgaca     82440
     gctaaccggg gttttagtat atgtgccaca tctctgtaaa tgttcacttc ctaggcaagc     82500
     tattattaca aaaagctatg ctccaggata aacttctggg agtcaagaaa acttagttgt     82560
     cattctgatt ctaccatgaa tgtggtataa ctgtggtggc tttgtctctt tcaatctcat     82620
     ctcctcatct ctaaaattgg actaaggctt tctatagcca cttaatagtg ttattttttt     82680
     gagaatcaaa tcaaataaca gatatgaacc tgctttgaaa cctttaaaat catatataaa     82740
     tgtaagggat aataaatata tcctagcaag tttctttgat aaataattta ttctgccact     82800
     cagttaatag atgttttcat gaataagttt ttaaatgaac tgagcctcaa ttttattatc     82860
     tgtgaaatga ggaagatgac ctagatcagt gattttctta agagcatttt atatttttta     82920
     gcagcagaac tctgatttca cacaaagtat caagtggaat cttacatata tgtcagtcaa     82980
     aaaacaaagc aattctaact gagtatgacc cagagccttg ccttccaagc ttccttctct     83040
     ttgcactcca taccataact tctcatgcat ttctataaaa tcctgcaact ctgaggggtt     83100
     ctgagtgaaa acagatggac cagataatcc ttaatctgtc ttccagtttc aaatatctgt     83160
     ttaaaattat gacaactgaa gagagctagt cactggtttt tatatagaat attttggttc     83220
     taagaaatga ataggaagta atttaacttc tttagtaact ttttcttcat tcatttaccc     83280
     tttgatttct gtaccttaac agaccatgat gtcttctcaa ttatgaaatg aagcttgttg     83340
     tcataaaata tacttactat ttctaattca ttagataaca aagcagaaaa atcaattttt     83400
     tcatttaaac catcattcta aaacaactac ttttagtgct ccatcacaag aagtagttat     83460
     taccagctac aaaaatgact gtgaaattta tatagtaaaa ctgacaaatt ccacaacact     83520
     tgccaagaaa actcaatacc ctactgatat tagtaaatgc atagaaagtc ccagacccat     83580
     taggctgtcc catttcagaa catgacattt tatttcttcc caagtgatga aaactaaatt     83640
     tgcaacctga aaattgtata gctttgtggt gcttttctaa aaaacatatt gaaaatagtt     83700
     ggttataagt gagctaaaaa tgggtagtgc cactattcaa acaaagtatg taattattga     83760
     ataagtactt cctttacatc caatacacat acctcaggag ttcagaatgc cacttaaaag     83820
     aagatgtgca tttgtcttaa atttacaaca aagtttacca cagaagccaa catttacagc     83880
     tactagggat attctgctat ccaattagaa acataatttt ataactaatt gaaggagtgc     83940
     atatatatat gtatatatat atatagttaa ttttagaaaa atatatgtct catgggtttt     84000
     ttaaaaatga caatttagtg ctataaattc cttcatgatt tttcaaaaat gactttggtt     84060
     tagagaatga aattataaat gttattgatc tattaagcat attatttcct gaagagagtt     84120
     taataaaaaa tactaaaaat aagtgtttta ctttttaaac caaaaataaa attctaagac     84180
     ccacaaccga ctgatggatc tccccctcag ccaaggacat tccaaagtta acctgaaaaa     84240
     ctagttcggg ccataatggg aagtggcagt cagacctacc tcaaaatccc cttctcccct     84300
     tggtatttag gcacagctga ccagcattaa tattaaaaca gagaccttaa gactgataga     84360
     atagcctctt taagtttata agaaacattc ccttctattc attcgatttg cataatgtga     84420
     accttggtct ccacaactcc ttaacaaaga cattcccttc tattgattct aggtctttat     84480
     acgataactt aactctttca accaattgcc agttagaaaa ttcttgagtc cacctatgac     84540
     ctggaagccc ctgcttcaag ttgtcccacc tttccagacc aaaccagtgg acactttaca     84600
     tgtgttgatt gatgtcttat gtctccctaa aatatataaa accaagctgt agccagactg     84660
     ccttgagcac atgttctcag aatctcctag gggtgtgtca aggccattgg tcactcatat     84720
     tcggcttaga ataaatcttt tcaaatattt tacagggttg gacttctttt gttgacaact     84780
     gttaatatat cctgtgctga aactatttta atccttaacc aaaataaact ctaatttaaa     84840
     tatgtggctt tagtgttcat ggttgactgt tatcaggaaa attgataagc ctgactataa     84900
     tcacctgaca tgtcaataat ctctaaagtg aaattggtct atgagatcac tgaggtaatg     84960
     tgctgaacta catacattgg aatataggtt agttctttct catgcctgtg aaaaagttaa     85020
     tctcttaaag aaacaaatgc aaaagaaatc taacaaagaa attatgacac agcaaaatgc     85080
     gtttcacata tactgtgatt aacatctgaa ggagatcaga atatgctacc ccaaaatatg     85140
     ccactttggc taaagattat tttaacctga aggcaattga gaacatcagg cacaggatga     85200
     gctctctgcc ctcccccatc tgatgtcata cattacactt tcgtaaagga aatttccact     85260
     tgtaatgaaa tttccatgtg taaagttgtc ttcctcaccc ataacagaaa gaggggaatg     85320
     attcttgtca ttggagatgg caccaagatg agtgtgcata atcaacccct atccaccgtt     85380
     atttccccca tatatttcct agtcaccgtc ccacaattta ctccatagaa tctcaaacta     85440
     ctttcctttg tctagtcact tctgaataat ttatcactct ttgttaaaat ggcatataat     85500
     ccccttggtc taaaggcccc ttagagtttt ttatttctgt gaagctccag tgcatgtaaa     85560
     aatattaaaa ccaagaaggt ttgtatgcct tttcttttga taatctgtct tttctcagtt     85620
     taattcacag gtctctagat ccaaaatctg agaaggtaga agaaaatatt ttttttccct     85680
     cccttacaca tctacagtca ctttacaaac caaccaatgt atctgtcttc ttagtggtgc     85740
     aacttggcaa ctaaataata tgagacaaca taacacagag gtttgaaaga caaagtgaaa     85800
     gaaaactaca tatataatgt tataaagggt attttaatta gacagaatgt aaattagcag     85860
     aaattggact tggaccaaat aactgaggtt gctcttcctg tattcatgga cattttgata     85920
     cacaataaag atactctagt ccaagtgcct agaattttaa aaatagctac ataaatttat     85980
     taatttgatt ttaaccattt aaaatactat atcatttcag acattaaaat gtaaaaatgt     86040
     aaaatttaga gacatgaagt aactgtaaac aagattgggc ctcaattttt ctcttgtgat     86100
     acttctacaa tatacaagta attttcatct attcttttat gttttctcag taggaatata     86160
     tatgccttac aagtcaccat ctcttgaaat gggtttaaca gtacaataat aggtgttact     86220
     gttaaaaagc aaagaaaaaa gacagacatg ggaaattctg ggttagaaaa tgttacatat     86280
     atttttttgc tgtaatacat ctcagagtct ttaaggctaa tattaactac gaatccaggg     86340
     aacatgcatt agaaaacacc attttaagta aatggatcac ttagctaata agtatttggc     86400
     aagggttata tggctgtccg aatgaatctt tagatagctt aataagcaaa ttcatggatg     86460
     tgcttcagtc ctcttgcaat aggtattagg atcaccaaaa tgacccaaat aaattaattg     86520
     cccaatttag atttggtgat cccccaatac tagatttggt gatcccccaa tactagattt     86580
     ggtggtttta cattggcttg gtctccaatt cagcaccata tgtttcagaa gggatgtatt     86640
     aaatttctta aattatcttt tgtgtgtgaa caggaatact tagtgtctta gtaatatcca     86700
     gcatttctaa tccttatctt cctttttttt tgagtccctc atcacctttt aggtttatca     86760
     ttactatcaa tactttacca gtagactact gactgctaat ttatgacatt ctctgcattt     86820
     atgaacaagt atcatgagga aaggaaagaa atacaattct tgctccctaa tgtcattgtg     86880
     atttcaggaa gtgttagaac atttttgtca aacttgctta atagtcttta acaagctgag     86940
     ttaaagaact ttattctttc aaacttagga tttgtcatta ttttgagatt cattagttta     87000
     attagttaga gcattgtgct aatgagccca agcacatgaa tttgagtcac ataggctagt     87060
     taattttgta cagaaaaaat attttctctc cccccatact aggccctttg ccattaacta     87120
     agcctctaat gaatatctac gttttgatca taaaggaaac tcatcaccac tgcttaaaaa     87180
     ataaaataaa aaggaacagg caggatcata tacatatgca ggcagtgcag ttattcatca     87240
     ttattcacta atggatcttt ggccatacct ctattaccag aaaggggtcc agatccaggc     87300
     cccaaaatag ggttcttgga cctcacacaa gaaagaattc agggtgagtc catggaataa     87360
     agtgaaagca agtctattaa gaaagtaaag aaagtaagaa tcactactcc agagccagag     87420
     cagtggcatg gactgtgtat acttatagtt acttcttgat tatatgctaa acacggggtg     87480
     gattattcat gagttttcca ggcaatggat ggggatttcc ccagaactga gggctcctcc     87540
     cctttttaga ctatataggg tagcttctgg atgttgccat ggcatttgta aacagtcgtg     87600
     gcactggtgg gagtgtcttt ttgcatgcta acacattata attatcatat aatgagcagt     87660
     gaggatgacc agaaatcact ttcattgcca tcttggtttt gttggaagct ggctggcttc     87720
     tttactgcat cctgttttat ctgcagggtc tttgtgaccc ataatttgtg ctgatctcct     87780
     atctcatcct gtgactaaga atacctaacc tcctgagaat tcagcccagt aggtttcagc     87840
     cttattttcc ccagccccta tgcaagatgg atttggtctg gttcaaatgc ctctgacacc     87900
     tctaaacaca cacctgcttt acttaaggaa actgatccaa gaagaaaatt caagatttga     87960
     tgacatttta attaacaagt gcttcatttt aactaataaa tttcaagttg cttatt         88016