EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC021107; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 160601 BP.
AC   AC021107;
DT   16-JAN-2000 (Rel. 62, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-178M5 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-160601
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-160601
RA   Kyung K., Strowmatt C., McDonough D.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-178M5";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-160601
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-JAN-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-160601
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-160601
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 6f2a5f7c00ed8cf5c51a128988eba740.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC021107.3:1-160601; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
CC   On Sep 10, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7212905.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0178M05
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-220O2.  Actual start of
CC   this clone is at base position 1 of RP11-178M5; actual end is at
CC   base position 160601 of RP11-178M5.
CC   The sequence RP11-178M5 contains a variable CT run from base
CC   position 91946 to 91972.  The fidelity and length of sequence is
CC   uncertain and cannot be confirmed by restriction digest information
CC   or by PCR.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..160601
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-178M5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   35..369
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   1112..1374
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   1375..1662
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1663..1997
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   3761..4402
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   6518..7103
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   9288..9666
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   10238..10314
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   11805..12194
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   14426..14677
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    15164..15637
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI142349 (NID:g3658708) qg63g10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    15309..15734
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA936316 (NID:g3094234) on70d04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   16703..17078
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   17572..17629
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   17796..17951
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   18443..18831
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   19310..19682
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    19690..20132
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA461577 (NID:g2185441) zx51b02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    20099..20556
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW181908 (NID:g6450368) xj68c06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    20289..20702
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI147341 (NID:g3675023) qg63g10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    20333..20763
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW103851 (NID:g6074586) xd76d05.x1"
FT   repeat_region   21888..22269
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   23759..23835
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   24317..24849
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    24587..24976
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA969211 (NID:g3144391) op51d12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   26678..27212
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   27958..28038
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   28058..28260
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   28809..28869
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   30655..31007
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   31236..31374
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   31908..31966
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   32558..32855
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32895..33172
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33273..33454
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   33815..34113
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   34207..34290
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   34587..34892
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35271..35559
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35560..35867
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35868..36340
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36434..36824
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36825..37325
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37326..37558
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37604..37674
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38214..38566
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38675..38985
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39021..39325
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39326..39426
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    39807..40092
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI805309 (NID:g5391875) te32g02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    40313..40719
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA644685 (NID:g2569903) ab87d10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    40494..40794
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA971069 (NID:g3146359) op69h07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   42669..43050
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43084..43530
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43762..44414
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   44415..44685
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   44821..45123
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   45154..45664
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   45667..45945
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   47563..47994
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   47995..49065
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   49105..49807
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   50064..51032
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51040..51192
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51474..51757
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51819..51928
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51975..52012
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    52137..52379
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW959166 (NID:g8148850)"
FT   misc_feature    52158..52379
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA203477 (NID:g1799204) zx55e02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    52173..52379
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    52188..52379
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW327268 (NID:g6797763) dq01c08.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI091656 (NID:g3430715) oo19g12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW051799 (NID:g5914158) wz03f03.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA115353 (NID:g1670533) zl10a11.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   52382..52672
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    52681..53155
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W24357 (NID:g1301205) zb82g12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    52712..53113
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI149864 (NID:g3678333) qf32h11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    52712..53124
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW139108 (NID:g6143426)"
FT   misc_feature    52717..53122
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA869497 (NID:g2964942) vq08g07.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA037449 (NID:g1512751) zk34a12.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N90351 (NID:g1443678) yz88e08.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI576666 (NID:g4561042)"
FT   misc_feature    52717..53184
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI207475 (NID:g6361483)"
FT   misc_feature    52717..53149
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA277655 (NID:g1917501) va80e05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    52717..53148
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA868702 (NID:g2964147) ak53g07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    52717..53137
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI028583 (NID:g3245892) ov85a06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    52717..53146
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI103945 (NID:g3708410)"
FT   misc_feature    52717..53121
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N92788 (NID:g1265097) zb26g01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    52723..53122
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI336427 (NID:g4073354) qt46c11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    52726..53070
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW327268 (NID:g6797763) dq01c08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    52726..52951
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI091656 (NID:g3430715) oo19g12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    52726..52933
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    52726..53074
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW051799 (NID:g5914158) wz03f03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    52726..53075
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA115353 (NID:g1670533) zl10a11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    52726..53037
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    52726..53148
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA203477 (NID:g1799204) zx55e02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    52726..53122
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW959166 (NID:g8148850)"
FT   misc_feature    52731..53185
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA399403 (NID:g2053148) zt59h10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    52735..53148
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA037091 (NID:g1512209) zc53e08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    52761..53140
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA488141 (NID:g2215572) ad07f10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   53245..53844
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56487..56751
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   56720..57560
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57570..57698
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    59213..59754
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA292905 (NID:g1941886) zt66d08.r1"
FT   repeat_region   60428..60614
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60617..60936
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60967..61279
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61281..61590
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61619..62735
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62744..63322
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63403..63602
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64945..65112
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   65147..65203
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   66178..66504
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   misc_feature    66493..66579
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW139108 (NID:g6143426)"
FT   repeat_region   66505..66775
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66776..66833
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   66836..67100
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   67101..67396
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67397..67894
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   67907..70497
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   70487..71095
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   71096..71581
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   71590..72076
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   74435..76944
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   misc_feature    76927..77037
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA488141 (NID:g2215572) ad07f10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   76946..77226
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77243..77303
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   77337..77372
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   77373..78438
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   78439..79255
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   79257..79751
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   79755..79922
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   79923..80494
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   80763..80942
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   81044..81331
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81381..82145
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82284..82490
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82493..82543
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84238..84542
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84655..84947
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86587..86896
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88637..88748
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88755..88849
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   89248..89449
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90169..90422
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   90423..90738
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90739..90978
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   90983..91051
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92017..92303
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92372..92585
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92590..92670
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   92934..93128
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   93249..93532
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93817..94122
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95380..95521
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95526..95817
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96062..96400
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96401..96901
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96903..98289
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   98881..99036
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100713..100987
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101079..101239
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101301..102086
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102410..102534
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   102674..102726
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102904..104092
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   104232..104313
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   104314..104727
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   110242..110611
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   112499..112551
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   112586..112786
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   114089..114766
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115267..117041
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   117112..117302
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    118722..119169
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW298379 (NID:g6704939)"
FT   misc_feature    118794..119234
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA675688 (NID:g2651347) vp96a08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    118801..119465
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW957363 (NID:g8147166)"
FT   repeat_region   120192..120331
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   120349..121854
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   121948..122067
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   122196..122282
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   122357..123031
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   123023..123434
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   123462..123989
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   124051..124113
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   124130..124475
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   124492..125601
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   125602..125900
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125901..127459
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   127504..128764
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   128765..128865
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   128915..129174
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129176..129452
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   129508..129969
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   129970..130280
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130281..130924
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   130910..131008
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   131026..131319
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   131320..131419
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   131421..131874
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   131877..132602
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   132604..134067
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   134068..134578
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   139348..139626
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   139629..140137
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   140138..140923
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   140924..141220
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141221..141343
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   141374..141713
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   141716..141984
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141987..142629
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   142710..143655
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   143884..144688
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   144689..145723
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   145724..146037
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146038..146992
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   146964..147054
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   147066..147192
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147187..147264
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147283..147990
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   147991..148249
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148250..148483
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   148510..148758
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148761..148856
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   148867..148977
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   149207..149563
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   149570..150967
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   150963..151170
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   151167..151617
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   151625..153926
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   153943..155998
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   155999..156290
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   156291..156344
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   156557..157156
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   157162..158186
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   158699..159224
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159565..159665
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   159669..160035
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   160193..160494
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
SQ   Sequence 160601 BP; 48805 A; 31526 C; 31939 G; 48331 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaatt gccaggcaga acatgcacgg cactccagga ctggcagtta aaaatcaacc        60
     cctcacctaa ccgcttgtat tatctataga ttccagacac tgtatgagga agcatcgtga       120
     aactgttttg ttctcttcta tcctgattac caatagatgc agcctcagca acatacccca       180
     tgcttgctca atcaatgatg accccttcac agggaccctc ttagagttgt aagcctttaa       240
     aaagggtaga aatctctctg tggggaactt ggtttttgag acagctggct gatgctccca       300
     gccgaataaa gtcacttctt tctttaagcc agtgtctgaa gggttttgtc catggcttat       360
     gctgctacaa tgggagtatt ccaatgtaca aggaacattt ggagatttgg attgccaatt       420
     ggggccatcc tggcaaaccc ccatatgaga gctttcatac cagaagccaa atgggaatga       480
     gagagattga tacaatatag gatgtaacct ccacacttgc ctcttcatat tctgacttac       540
     ctgttcctca tcagcctagg gtttcctggg tctggctcag tgtcttcctc actaaacatt       600
     tccctcttca tggaaggtga ctctcaaaga atccattgca tgagtgtttc cttctaaaca       660
     gtgtcatgtt ttaatgactg ggcatctgtg ataattttaa aaccataagt tcctgttaca       720
     gccaccaaca aggagactct tgctctccag cttttacaag agggctgcat gattcctgta       780
     ggtggagaag taggcagcca tttctggctt ttgcctggta atctagactc tgtttcattc       840
     catctccatg tccttcctca ttgtggaaag cgtctttcac tgggcttttg ctgagttggg       900
     ctgcctctca ccacagattt attggcctcc agggatttca ggaaggacaa gggactttgg       960
     gtaggctggc tgcaacccag gttgtgggta ttggtctcct tatgggggct gaggttgttt      1020
     gcactttgca ggaggctttt gggttctctg acagaaatca ttgaacattg ctaggactcc      1080
     agaacaaggc agcttgtttc actcctttct ctgtgggaaa gagagttgct gggatgccag      1140
     atgagttctt ctcccctgtg tgagacaccc atgggagcca tgggtggcct ctgaggagaa      1200
     aagtctcctt attgccttca tgtctttatg ctcaagagca taacagctca gcggcatgct      1260
     acaggttgct cagggaaata acactccctt gaagcagtgg tgtataatca aacatcttgt      1320
     cttctactga aactcactcc cacccatttc agtcctgata agtcatttgt attatttctg      1380
     ttattatttt tttgtgatgg agtctctctc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc agtggtgtga      1440
     tcttggctca ccacaagctc cacttcccat gttcacacca ttctcctgcc tcagcatccc      1500
     gagtagctgg gactacaggc acccaccact gcacctggct aattttttgt atttttatca      1560
     gagacaggtt ttcaccgtgg tcttgatctc ctgatctcat gatctgccca cctctgcttc      1620
     ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ctgttcctgg ctgttaaaaa tcttacatag      1680
     tttagacaca tgcctttgca agaggaaatt cacagaaacc accactgcta tacatcttat      1740
     tgaatgactc acgagttctg cttcactgat taatcatttt cctcatccct tcctacctct      1800
     cccatctgac ctaagaacaa agagcttgta aaccaataaa ttgggtggag gttgagagct      1860
     cgggtccgtg agcaagcctc caattctctg gtcccctgga cctgcttttt aaactctcaa      1920
     tcttcctctt tctaattcca ttgtctctgc tggacacagg gtacctgccc agtggtgtgg      1980
     ggcttgtttc ctcaacatct ggtgcccaac acagtgctcc ctatatctct acaaatcatc      2040
     cagtgaggga acaccagagc gtagaaagtg caggatgact gacaaaggat gtccgagtac      2100
     cttttccctt cacgctctac aggtaagtgg ggcactcaga gaattccagg gcaacctcag      2160
     gaaaatatgg gtcaggctgg aaacaagttt gttaattact taagcctggt gcagcagtta      2220
     ttgagccata gaggagtaat tatgagtacc aaaaatctca tatctttttt ccatctcata      2280
     gaaaagtatt ctccttggtt cctggaatac agaaccatga atgtaaaaga ctgggacaag      2340
     atcggaccag acttaaaagg agcacaacaa gagggccacg atagtccctt ctccacttgg      2400
     tctgtgtggt cagcaattaa aacagcactg gagcccttcc acactgagaa ggaggaggag      2460
     aagtttcagg gtgacataaa aaagtttaat aatcaggagt ctgataatca gcacagtcaa      2520
     ccatcacagt ctagtttaaa aaagggggag aaatgggaag gtgtacatac taacctccaa      2580
     aaacttatga aagaaacagt tccccctact gcgcctttag aggaaggtgc agaacagcca      2640
     cctccacctc agccttatga atttttggaa agggagactg agacatggct tgccactccc      2700
     attgtttcac ggcctaccat tgactatggt aaagggaagc ttcaacagcc caacagccaa      2760
     ttacggtgag ggaatgatcc aggcttgtcc acctgttaat tatgggagag aaatgctgtg      2820
     agccagtcca aatacaaatt atggtgcagg ggcaattcag gcatccattt gacaggcaca      2880
     agaaatgggg gatttggatg cttggcagtt tctggtaatt atttctccag ctgaggagcc      2940
     cagagaacat gctcgggcct gctgggagcc atttcctttt aaaatattaa aaagacttta      3000
     agcaagcaat tggacaatat gggccaaatt tttcttaggt tcattcttca ttataatttg      3060
     tggcttataa caggccctta atacctatgg attgggagtc attagctcga tccaccctgt      3120
     ctccctctca atttctccaa tttaaaacct ggtggacaga tgaagcaaca agtcaggcag      3180
     ggagaaatgc tcaggcccaa cctcctatta atatcacatc tgatcaattg cttggaattg      3240
     ggcaggcatg gggtactgta aatcaacaga tggtaatggg tgatgagtct gttgatcagc      3300
     tcagaactat acactgaaga taccagaaaa aaaattcatg accctgttac tatttatcct      3360
     tcttttaact cagtttgaca gggtccaagg aagatttatc cagattttat caccccattt      3420
     gcaagaagct gctcaaaaga ctatttcaaa ttcttgtgcc aggaaagtga tcattcagct      3480
     gcttgcttat gaaactatga atacagaatg tcagggagaa attagatcta ttaaggtaaa      3540
     ggcagatcta aatgaggaaa aaactgtaag tgaatatatt acagcctgtg atggcattga      3600
     ggagccctta tataaggcca acctcctttc tcaggcaatg gctggactaa gggtaacaaa      3660
     aaacacatga gtgttccctg gatcttgata taattgggga cagataggac atgcaaaaag      3720
     agagtgtaca aagagccaaa aaaggcaaaa ctcaggacca ggccctgatt caaaacaggg      3780
     cattcccaat tcagggtggg tcatccctga ccccaaacag agtattccca gcccagtcta      3840
     tccctgcaca aatgcagagc aattgtcccc ctccacagat aaaagtgggg cagtaaatac      3900
     atgctgtact gaacctgtat ccctccttcc tggggagact cccaggaaga tcccaacggg      3960
     agtttacggc ccattgccaa aggacatggt gggacttata cttggaaggt ccagcttaaa      4020
     attaaaggga attcaagtac atactggggt agtgggctct gattgccagg gagaaattca      4080
     aattgttatc tcctccactg ttccctggag tgctaatcca ggtgacagaa tagctcaact      4140
     gttgttttta ccatatgtta agataggaga aagctcagaa taaaaggagg atatagaagc      4200
     acaaattcag caggcaagcc tgcctattgg gtaaatcaag tctctgacaa tagtcctatt      4260
     tgtaggtcac tattaaagga aaacaatttg aggctcttgt cgacacagga gcagatgtgt      4320
     caatcacagc gtttatcaat ggcccaaaaa ctggcccaaa caaaaggccc cagtgggtct      4380
     tgttgggatt gaggatttgc ttgtatctca ccaggagaga atcaacttct tgtctgggta      4440
     cccacaagac atcttaagct gtgccaggag ccagaattca aggaagagga aaagacctca      4500
     gaaagtccct acacccccag ttcatcagat ggctcagatg aacatctctg ttgagcagat      4560
     ggaaaccagt aaaacttacc aagcaactcc accgacctgg gggcggatga agagactagc      4620
     tcgcactgaa gaagagaacc tgcggtctca gcacaagctg ctgaccacca gtaatctaat      4680
     ggtagctacg atggtggtaa tccccttggt ggtgagtctc cctgcagagg ggcagatcaa      4740
     aattacactt actggaccta cattgcattc ccaccactga ttaggcctgt tataagttta      4800
     gatgccccag tggaggttat gttaatgata gtgtctggat gcctggacca atagataacc      4860
     aaggtcctac tcatccagag gaggaaggaa tgttaatgaa agtttccatt ggttatcact      4920
     ttcctcccat ctgcctgggg ccagcagcag gatgtttaaa ttatgataaa caacgttgga      4980
     tggtttatgt ccctgaacat aatggatgaa aggcctctat tcatgtaatc agtggaagaa      5040
     catttcaatc tttggacact attaaatacc ttgagcatgg ctatgttatg acacatcatc      5100
     agattaataa acttaaacct tcttattgaa gtcctgcccc aggcaggcca ctaaatgaaa      5160
     atctagaggt gctaacctgg gaagattgta ttgcaaacag cgctgcagta ttgcaaaata      5220
     attccattgg aatcatcact gattgggtct ctagaggtca ctttgccata aattgtaccg      5280
     gacacagcaa agattttgga gagactcctt tgcaaaagac ttcccagata acgcactaaa      5340
     attatataga agaattgaaa caaactgccc tattaagtgg gaggagaatg gtatggctcc      5400
     tccaaggcca aaaatgattg atccaattac aagaccagaa catccagaat tgtggaaatt      5460
     aatgatggct caaaccccag ttgggatttg gaaaggagaa tataaaacag agactcatag      5520
     tgaaaatctt tgatttgttg tagccatgat ctctaatcag acagtcccat tgcagagttg      5580
     tgttaaacct ccttttatgt tagcagcagg aaaagttaat atcctacttg actctcaaac      5640
     catatcatgc ctcagctgtc atatttttac ctgcattaat tctaccttta ataaagataa      5700
     cagcacttta ctggttaggg cctgagaagg agtttggata cctgtttccc tcaatagacc      5760
     ttgggacgcc tcttcctcca tatatattat cactgcagta ctaaaagaaa tacttaatag      5820
     atcaaagaga ttcatattta ccttaatagc tgtcatcacg ggcctcatag cggtcacagc      5880
     tatagctgct gctgctgttg tagctttgga ttcttctatt caaactgtga gctctgtgga      5940
     tagttgacag aaaaattttt ccaagctttg gaattcccaa agccaaatag atcaaaaatt      6000
     ggcaaatcaa attaatgatc ttcatcaaac agtaatttga atgggtggtc agattatgag      6060
     cttggagcag agaatttaaa tgcaaagtga ttggaatact tctgattttt gtttcctcct      6120
     agctcttata ataccactga acaccactgg gagttgatta gacatcgcct accaggagaa      6180
     gataatttaa cattagatcc tgctaaacgg aaaaaacaac tttttgcagc atctcaggct      6240
     catcccagct tgttgcctgg agctgatatt cttgctggag ccactgatgg cctttttaac      6300
     aataatcctt taaagtgaat taaaaccata ggtggatcat caactgcaaa tattattttg      6360
     gtttgtgtct gtttctgctt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttagt ctacagttgc      6420
     ggacagcacc ttgggagaga agacagacac cgtgaatgag ctatgatagc aatggtggtt      6480
     attaatttaa aaaaaatggg gacaaaaaag tgggacatat ggaaaagaga gtttctggga      6540
     tgccagatga gttggtctgc cctgtgtgag actcccatgg ggagccatgg atggcgtctg      6600
     aggagaaaag tctccttact gccttcatgc ccttatgcct ggagagcata acagctcagc      6660
     ggcatgccgc agcttgctca gggaaataac actcccttga agcagtggag tctaatcaaa      6720
     tgtcttggct tctcctgaaa cctagtccca cccatttcag tcccgataag ttaaatacat      6780
     taagtagttt agacacacac ctttgcccaa ggaaattcac agaaaccgcc actgctatac      6840
     atcctattga atgactcacg agttctcctt cactgattaa tccttcccct catccctttc      6900
     tactcctcct atctgcccta tgaacaaaaa gcttgaaaac caataaattg ggtggtggct      6960
     gagagctcca ggccatgaac aagactccaa ttctctggtc ccctggacct gccttttaaa      7020
     ctctcattct gtctttttct aattcctttg tcttcgctgg actcggggca cctgctgggc      7080
     agtgtggggc tggtttccca acaattctgt caagtgattt ttttctctct gggtataagg      7140
     aattgccaca gacagcctct gagacactgt ctcaacctca tcggcaccca tgagaggcca      7200
     gttcaaagtg tgagaacatg tctccaacgt ggacttgcct ttcttgtggt tcttgcttat      7260
     ctgagagagc ccctgtgagg cccaggatga agggaggcag tgagattaac ggcctggcca      7320
     tcttttgctg acagctgcct ctggggtctt agatatgatt ctatcatcca aagaacactg      7380
     aacaacacaa cagactatat cctgatcccc gtgggatctg atccttgcac acacattctc      7440
     tttcaggaat agagtcagaa gagctgtttc cagccactac ctaacagtat tgaaatgtgt      7500
     actcctccag cgggacgaga ccatggaggc tgcccatggg tccctaaggt cgagatgttt      7560
     agggtctcac agtgggtttt cacaggtagc cattttcccg atatgaggcc agctttgcct      7620
     gtgcattttc ttctgcctag gcaggctgac atctctgaca gctgggtgct tgaacctgcc      7680
     ccaagaatgt gcatgtgcta gtttcagggc accaggcctg atggtgagtt ctggctagcc      7740
     ttataatgtc actgttgcct agcaacaagt tcctgcggct tggcagagaa agagacctgc      7800
     tcggaggtgc attggcggtg gactctcccc tgtcttttct gtgggatcca caggatagtc      7860
     ccatgatcct atgagaaggc agatgtgagc cagccttgaa gaaatatcaa ccatgatcag      7920
     agggcttatg ggagtcagcc tgaagaaaca tcaaccacag ccccacaaat aaactgcaaa      7980
     atctctaagg atccaaaagg atctgcagaa ttcctcaggc caccctagag gttgtatggg      8040
     ttttgaaact tacgccaatg tgatttctag gtacagcctg cctgtgttcc ctggggttgc      8100
     tgtctctcag gtggggcctc ctgcagaacc atgcaacctc gggatctgcc atgctgtgtg      8160
     tttccgtggg tgtgttgcga gtgtttgacg tcgagtgtgt gtggcatttt gtgtgtgtgt      8220
     gtgtgcctgt aagtggggtc tgcttaaagg aatagggcta acacacttca gtgcttcttg      8280
     tttttagcct cactaacttt tggtggcctg tgtgtgtggc tatgcttggg ctgcatggtt      8340
     ccgtgttatt tttctgtaga tcctgaatcc ccagtgaatt tggaggtggg ccaagacctg      8400
     ctagcatcca aaatcaactc cccctgcaga aaaaaaccac tcttctagaa gacgagcaca      8460
     ccacaccaaa aaccaggtat ctctcagtgt ttccttcatc ttgaggacaa cgcagggaga      8520
     gacactagca gatctgtctg caaggccact tggattaacc tcgaatttgg ttcccagctg      8580
     cgcacatgct tcacatcatg agggatgcac ttctccatct tcttgggatt ttatcctgga      8640
     acatagagtc tgagcagcaa taaggtcaca tggggtgagg atacaatctg ctgaatggag      8700
     aatgggttcc agcaacttca cctgcaaata aataaataaa taaataaaga cagatgacac      8760
     aaaaggtgct tctaactcca tcccaacatt cccttaattt caaaagcagt ccacactatg      8820
     gcccagaatt caggtgggag tatttcaacg tgcaaagaat atttggagtg caaattgggg      8880
     ccattctggc aaactcccaa tgtgagaact ttcataccca gagccaaatg ggagtggaat      8940
     ggattggtgc tgggtaggat gtggcctcta cacttgcctc ttctttttct gacttccatg      9000
     tttctctcca gcctagggtt tcctgtgtct ggctcaatga cttccgcact aaatgtttct      9060
     cagttcatga gaatgaccct catgggaatc catagcatga acgttttctt ctaaaaattc      9120
     tcaattttta ttgactgggc agctctggta ctttaacaac cattaattcc tgttacagca      9180
     gcaaacaagg aaacacctat tctcccactt ctgtcggaat gctgcaagat tcctgtagga      9240
     tgagaagctt gcagctgtgt ctggcttttg cctggtaaac tagcctctgt ttcatttcat      9300
     ctgcatagcc ttctcatagt ggaggggctc ttgcattgct ctgttgctgg ataggaatgc      9360
     ctcttcccac caattattta gctgccagag atatcagaga gcagaaggga ctttgggtca      9420
     catggctgca ctccagattg tggattgttg tatgttgtgg gagctgaagt tgtttgcact      9480
     ttgcaggagt ctttggggtc ctcagacagg aatcattgaa cattgcttgg actctggcaa      9540
     aaggcatctc gttgtttcag gtgagctttg atttttcttt gctttcatgg agaattcaca      9600
     gtgctcctca acagcactac tggacaccat ttttaggctt gccgtcacca cagacagcct      9660
     ctgagatggt gtcacatcct catatgcacc catgaggggc aagttcgagg tatgagaaca      9720
     gtgttgatct tatacttgcc ttgtcttgct tcctgccttt cccagagagc ctatgcaagg      9780
     ccccagatga agggaggcag agaggtcaag agcctggtca tcttttgctg acacccacct      9840
     ctgggatctc agatctgctg ctatcaccca aaaaacccct ccagaacaca ccagacttat      9900
     atcaatccct atgggaccca attctttcac acagcctcct ttgggaacgg actcagaaga      9960
     gcagtttcca tgaccacttc atggtcttga aatgcctcct cctccagtgg aacacaacca     10020
     tggagatggc ttgaataacc cccaaagttg agacttttag ggtcctgcaa tgggtttcac     10080
     aggcagctta tttcctgata ccagactgac tctgcctctg ccattttcct ctgcttaggc     10140
     aggctgacgg gtctgagagc caacgcccaa gcctgcctca ttaatgtgca tgcactagtc     10200
     tcagggcacc aggccttatt gtgagctctg gctagcttca caatgaatgc cacctttgcc     10260
     tagcgacaag tccctgcagc ttggcagata aagagacctc cgtggaggtg tgtcagcagt     10320
     ggactctcac ctgtcttctc tgttggatcc atgggatagt cccgtgatcc caggagaggg     10380
     cagacatgag ccagccagaa gtaacatcaa acagagccct aggaataaac tgtgaaatcc     10440
     atgagaatac aaaacaatct gcagaattcc tcaaacctgt ttagactttg tagggttgag     10500
     tctttttgaa attgctctac tgtgatatcc aggtatactg gctgtgttcc ctgaggttgc     10560
     tctttcccaa atgcggcttc ctgcagaacc acacagcctc aggagctgcc agcctgtgtg     10620
     tttctgtgaa agtattgaga gtgttggatg tctgcgtgtg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtgca     10680
     tgttagaata taagtggagt attcttaaag gaatgtggct aacacatttt agcacttctt     10740
     ttttttgagt ctcccaactt tttggtggcc tgtctgtaca gcactgcttg ggctgtgggg     10800
     ctccatgttc tttagttttc tgtggatcat aaatccccag tgaattggga ggcaggctga     10860
     gacccaccag tgtcaaactc atctcccact ccaaaagaaa gccactctta gaaaaaaggg     10920
     gagcacacca catgaaaaaa cagtcatctc tgagtgtttc attgtcctgc aaacaatgca     10980
     gggagataca ctagcagtcc tgtccatagg gcccttgaat ttacctcaaa ttcaggtccc     11040
     agccaagcag ttggttcaca tcataagggg gcaatactcc atcgtcttgg gttttcattt     11100
     tgggacatag agtgtgagca acaataaggt cagacagggg tgaggataca atctggtggg     11160
     aattggatga gatcccacaa cttcaactgc aaaaaaataa agacagatga cacagaaggt     11220
     acttccaact ccatcccaac attcccttaa ttgcacaagc agtccacacc atggcccagt     11280
     gttcaggtga aagtattcca atgtgcaaga aatatttggg gagcaaactg gggtcatcct     11340
     ggcaaactct caatttgcag gctttcatac tgggagcaaa atgggaatga aatggtttga     11400
     tggtagatgg gaagtggcct ccacacttgc cccttctttc tctgatgtcc atgtttcttg     11460
     tcagtgtagg gtttcctatg tctggctcaa tgacttccac aatacatgtt tctcagttca     11520
     cagagaatga ccctaatggg aacccattgc atgagtgttt ccttctaaac actttcacaa     11580
     tttaatgact gggcagcttt gatactttta aaaccataaa tagccaccaa caaggaaact     11640
     cttgtttttt ttcacttcta ttggcattct gcatgattcc tgtagggtga gaagcagtca     11700
     gccctgtctg gcttttgcct ggtagtctag cctctgattt ttttcatctg catggtcatc     11760
     ttattgagca ggtattcttt cattgggctg tggctggatg ggactgcctc tcaccaaaga     11820
     ttattttgct tcccaggatt tcaaagagca aaagggactt tgaggagtct ggctgcactc     11880
     caagtttcga tctgttgtct caggtggggg ctgaagttgt ttgcaatttg caggaggctt     11940
     ttgggttctc tgacaagaag cattgaacat tgcttaaact ccagctcagt gcagctcatt     12000
     ctgtcaggtg agcattgatt tttctttgct tttatgggaa atccacagtg tccttcaaca     12060
     gctctactgg acatcatttt caggcttgcc atcatcaaag atgacctctg agacatggtc     12120
     tctacctcat cttcacccat aagaggtcag tccaaggtgt gagaatatgg ttcaaacttt     12180
     gacttgcctt tttcatggtt cctgcctttc tcagagagcc cctgctaggc ataggatgat     12240
     ggaggtagtg aggtcaagag cccagacatc tttgctaaaa aatgcctctg gggtctcagg     12300
     tatgatgcta tgacccaaag aaccatcaac aacacaccag acagactata tgccaatcac     12360
     catgggaccc gattcttgca gacacacatt ctcttttggg aatggatttc aaagggcagt     12420
     tttcagtgac cacctcagag tcttgaaaca cctcatcctc catcaggaca caaccacaga     12480
     gatggtccaa atgagccctg aggtcgaggc ttttattgtc ctgccatggg tcttcacagg     12540
     cagccttttt cttgatacca ggccagctcc gactgtacca ttttcctctg cttaggcagg     12600
     ctgaatgctg ttacagcagg acacataagc ctgtctcagg aatccacata agctagtctc     12660
     agggcaccag tcctgagtgt gaactctgtc tagagtcaca gtgaatgtca ctgttgccta     12720
     gcgacaagtc cccgcggctt tgtggagaag actcccaagg aggagacctc catggaggtt     12780
     cgtcggctga ggtctctcac ctgtctactc tgtgagatcc acaggatagt cccataatcc     12840
     taggataggg aggatgtgag ccagcctgaa gaaacatcaa gaagagcccc aggaataagc     12900
     tgccaaatcc ctaaggatca aaaaacatct gcatgctgtc tagatgttgg aagggtgtct     12960
     ttttggaact tgtcttaact gtgattttta ggtacagccc atctcttttc cttggagtta     13020
     ctttgtctca gatggggctt cctgcataat cctgcagcct gaggagctga caggctatgt     13080
     gtttttgtgg gagtgttgca aatgttggat gtctgcctgt gtgtgtgtta ttgtgtgttt     13140
     gtgtatctgt gtgtgtgtgt gccgttaagt ggagtctgct taaaggaatg tggctaaagc     13200
     acttcagtgt ttttttattt ttttagtata ttaacctttt ggtggcctgt ctctgtggct     13260
     cttttgggct gtcaggcttg tgttatttat ttttctgtga atcatgaatc ctcagtgatt     13320
     ttggaggcgg gccaagcctg ccggcaacca aggtatctcc ccgtacaata aaagccactc     13380
     ttctagaaag aagaggagca caccatacca aaaaaacaga catttcccga tgtttcattt     13440
     tcctgcagcc aacccaggta gagaaactag cagtctagtc ctcagggccc ctatatttac     13500
     gtcaaattca gttcccagct gatcaggcgc tatacattgt gaggggacac tcctccctcg     13560
     ttttgggatt tcatcctggg acatagaata tgagcagaaa taaggtcaga taaaggtgag     13620
     gatataatct ggtgacaagg ggaaggggtc ccgcaacttc acctgcaaaa agataaagac     13680
     agatgacaca gaaggtgttt ccaattctat gcccgcattc ccttaattgc acaagcagtc     13740
     cacaacatag ccaggagttc aggtggcaga actcctacgt gcaaggaaca tgtggagtgc     13800
     aaattgacac catcctggca aactcctgat ttaagggctt tcatacctag agccaaatgg     13860
     cagtggaatg gattgatgct gggtgggatg tggcctccat acttccccct tcttttcctg     13920
     acttccatgt tcctggtcag cctagggttt cctgggtctg gctaaatgac ttccacacta     13980
     aacgtttgcc tgttgctggt gaatgaccct cagtggaatc cactgcatga gcgttttctt     14040
     ccaaacactg tcacgtttta atgactggac agttttgata ctttaaaaca ataaattccc     14100
     atttcagcca ccaacaagga aactcttatt ctaccacttc tatcagaggc ctgcatgatt     14160
     cctgtaggag gagaagaagg cagctgtgtg tacattttac cgggcaatcg aggctctgtt     14220
     tcattaaatc tgcatggctc tctcactgtg gaggggctca ttcattgagc tgttgctgga     14280
     tgggactgcc tctcactaca gattgtatag cttatcaggg tttcagagag caaaagggac     14340
     ttcgaatagg cttactgtgc tccacatttt ggtctatggt cacattttgg gggctgaagt     14400
     tgcttgaact ttacagtagg attttgggtc ccctgacaga aatcactgaa cattgcttgg     14460
     actccagcac aaggcagctc gtttcctcag gcaagccttg tttttttctt gctttcatgg     14520
     aaaacccaca atgcccctta acagcactgc tggacacaat tttcaggctt actatcacca     14580
     cagatggcct ctgagacact gtgtcaacat catctgcacc aagaagagac cagtctgagg     14640
     tgtgagacaa ctgctccacc ttgggctttc ctcggtcatg gttcctgact tttccagagg     14700
     gcccctgtga ggcctagggt gaagggaggc catgaggtca agctcgggca tctctcactg     14760
     atgctcacct ctgggctttc aggtataatt ctatcaccca aagaacccca acaacacaac     14820
     agattctatt ccaatctcca tgggacctaa ttcttatgca cagcctcttt caggaataga     14880
     gccagaagag tagtttccag cgaccacctc acagtcctga agtgcctcct cctccagtgg     14940
     gacccaacta tggagatgac ccaaaggggc cctgaggttg agacttttag agtctcacag     15000
     tgggttttca taggcatcat ttttcctgat accaaggcgt ctctgcctgt atcattttcc     15060
     tctgcttagt caggctgaga gctctgacat ctgggcacca gagcctgcct cacgaatgtt     15120
     catgagctaa gctcagggaa ccattcctga ttttggactc cagaggagac ctctgtggag     15180
     gtgcgttggt ggtgcactct ttgcctgtct tctctgtggg atccacagaa taatctcatg     15240
     atcctatgag atggcagatg tgagcgagcc tgaagaaatg tcaagcagag ccctaggaat     15300
     aaactgcaaa atccctaagg atccaaaagc atctgcagga ttcctcaggc ctgtctagat     15360
     gttttagggg tgagtctttt tgaaacttgc ccctctgata tttttaggta aaacccacct     15420
     gtgttccctg ggattgctct ctcccaggta gggcttcctg cagaaacatg cagcctcaga     15480
     agctgtcagg ttctgtgttc ctttgggagt gttgtgagtg taggatttct gtgtgtgtgt     15540
     gtgtgtgtgt ggcattgtgt gtttgtgtct gtgtgcctgc aaatggagtc tgcttaaaag     15600
     agtgtggcta acacacttca atcctcttta tttgagtccc tcacctttta ttttggttgc     15660
     ttgtctgttt ggctctgctt gggctctggg gctccatgtt tttttatttt tctgtggatc     15720
     atgaatacgc agtgtctaaa tcaccttccc ctgcaaaaaa acaaaacaaa acactcttct     15780
     agaaagaaga ggaacacacc acaccaacac accaaaaaac agacatctcc cagtgtctca     15840
     ttgtcctacg gtcaacccag caagggacac tagcagtcct gtcctcagga ccaattgaat     15900
     ttaccttgaa ttcggtttct agctgagcag gtacttcagg ttaaaggggc actcctcaat     15960
     tgtcttggga tttcatcctg ggacatagag tgtgagcaga aataaggtca gatagggatg     16020
     agaatacaat ctggtgagga gtggatgggt cctgcaattt caactgcaaa aaaaatatga     16080
     agacagatga cacagaaggt gcttccaacc ccatccccct attctgttaa ttgcacaagc     16140
     agtccaacca tgacctggtg ttcaggtgga agtaatccaa caggcaggga acattttgag     16200
     tgcaaattgg gcccatcctg gcaaagtctg gatgtatgtt tttcataccc atagccaaat     16260
     ggaactggaa tgggttaata ctgggagggg tgtggcctcc aaactggcct cttcttttct     16320
     tgacttccat gttcctcatt ggcctagggt ttcctggatc tccacccaat gacttccaca     16380
     ctaaattttc ccaattctcg agaaccaccc tcacgggaat ccattgcatg agtgttttct     16440
     tctaaaccct gtgaggtttt aatgactggg cctcattgat aatttaaacc tgcaaattgc     16500
     ctttacagct gccaacaagg aaactcttgt tctttcactt ctttcggaag gctgcatgat     16560
     tcctgtagga tgagaagtag gcagccgtgt ttggcttttg cctggtcatc tagcttctgt     16620
     ttcttttcat ctgcaggctc ttctcattgc tgagtggatc tttcattgtg gtcttgctga     16680
     gtgggactgc ctatcgccac acatcttttg gctgccagta atttcaggga gcaaaacaga     16740
     ctttaggtag gctggctaca ctccaggttg tgggtggtgg tctcattttg ggggccaagt     16800
     ttgtttgcac tttgccaggg gctttagggt cttctgacag aaatctttta acattgctgt     16860
     gtctccagca ctagtcagct cattctctca ggcgagcttt gatttttctt tgctttctct     16920
     ggggagtcca catcgcccct caacagcgct actggacaac attccaggct tgcaatctcc     16980
     acaaacggcc tctgagacac tgtctcaacc tcatttgcac ccgtgagagg tcagttcgag     17040
     gtgtgagaac acttcttcaa cttgaacctc cttttgtcat ggttccagcc tttccccaag     17100
     agcccctgtg agggcaggat gaacggaggc agtgagatca agggcccggc catcttccac     17160
     agacacccgc ctctggggtc tcaggtgtga ttccatcacc cgaagacccc cagaaactca     17220
     ccagactata ttccaattcc catgggactt gattcttaca cacagcctct ttcagccatg     17280
     gagtgagaaa agcagtttcc cgcgtcctcc tcacagtctc aaaatgtgtc ctccttcagc     17340
     gagaccagac cacggagacg acccgacgga gctctgaggt cgacgctttt agtgtcccac     17400
     agtgggttac tgcagtcagc cttttttccc ataacaggcc ggctctggct gtaccatttt     17460
     cctctggtta ggcaggctga cagctctgac agccgggcgc ccaaccttgc ctcgtgaatg     17520
     cgcatgcgct agtctcaggg caccagacct gaactgtgag ctctggctga tgtctcaatg     17580
     aatgccacca ttgcctagag acaagtccct gtggcttagc ggagaaggaa acatctgcgg     17640
     aggtgggtcg gccacagact ttcgcttgta ctgtttgtgg gaccctcagc ataatctcat     17700
     gatgctagga gaatgctgac ctcagccagc ttaaggaaac ttcaagcaca gcctcaggaa     17760
     ttcactgcga aatctctaag tgtccaaaag gatctgcagg atgcctcagg cctacctaga     17820
     cgttgcaggg gtgagtcttt ttgaaaatcg tcccactgtg ttttctagat acagcctgca     17880
     tgagttcccc aaggttactc tctcccaggt gaagcttcct gcagaaccac gcagcctcag     17940
     gagatgccgg gctgtgtttt tctgtcagag tgttgtaagt tttggatgtc tgcatctgtg     18000
     tgtggctttg tgtgtttccc tgtggaaaag actgctagtg tctctctctg ggttggctgc     18060
     aggacaatgg aacactggga gacctgtttt atggtgtggt gtgctcctct tctttctaga     18120
     aaggaaaagt gtttgttgtt gttctgctgg cagaggtgat ttggacgcca gcgggtcatg     18180
     gcacacctac caatttgctg cagattcacg atccacagaa aaataaagaa aagccccgcg     18240
     gcccaagcag agccacacag acaggacaac actaggttgg gagactaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     18300
     aaaaaaaaaa gggtgcttaa gtgtgttagc ctcattcctt taaacagact ccacttaccg     18360
     gcacatacac acacgcacac acatacacat acacacagtc aaacatctaa cacttgcaag     18420
     tctcccagag aaacacacag tccagcagct cccaaggatg cgtgcttctg caggaagccc     18480
     cacctgggag agagcaaact cgcggaacac aggtgggctg tatctagaaa tcacagtggg     18540
     gcaagtttca aaaagaccca cccctacaaa gtccacccag gcctgaggaa ttctgcagat     18600
     ccttttggat tctcaggatt tctcaattta ttcctggggt tgtgcttgag gtttcttcag     18660
     gctggctgac gtctgccctc tcttaggatc atgggactat ctggtgaatc caacagacaa     18720
     gacgcaaaag cccactgcca acgcacctcc acggaggtct cctttgccgc aaagctgcag     18780
     ggacttgtag ttaggcaact gtgacattcg ttttgacgca agcaagggct cataatcagg     18840
     actgcttcct tgagtctagc gcatgcgcat tcgtgaggca gggaaggcct ccaggatagc     18900
     acaactgtca ggctgcctaa gcacaggaaa atgtacaggc agagccggcc tggtattgaa     18960
     ataaaggatg cctgcaaaca cccactgtgg ggcaccaaaa tcctcgacct caggacccct     19020
     tgggccatct ccgtggtcgg atcccactgg agaaggaggc gttttgagac tgtgaggtgg     19080
     tcgctggaaa ctgctcttct gactttattc tccaaagagg ttgtgtgcaa aaatagggtc     19140
     ccatggggat tggaatatag tctggtgtgt ttctgagggt tctctgggtg atggaaacat     19200
     gcctgagacc ccagaggttg gtgccagtga aagatggtca gactcttgac ctcactgctg     19260
     cctttcatcc tgagcctcat aggagctctc tgggaaaggc aaatactacg acaagggatg     19320
     tccaaggtgg ggccgtattc tcacacctca gactggcttc ttgcgggtgc agatgaggtt     19380
     gagagagtat cttggagacg tgtgtggtgg tgccaagtct gaaagtgtgt ccggtagtgt     19440
     tgctaagggg cactgtgtat tccccttgaa agcaaagaaa aatcaaggct caactgagag     19500
     aaagagctac cttatggtgg aatccaagca atgttcaaag actcttgtca gaggacccaa     19560
     aagcttcctg caaagtgcaa aaaacctcag tccccacaag gggacaacaa cccacaacat     19620
     ggagcacagc caacctaccg gaagtccctt ttgctctctg aaatttctgg cagcttaatg     19680
     atctctggga gaggcagttc caagcagcaa cagcccagtg aaggagcccc tccacaatga     19740
     aaaggccatg caaatgaagt gaaaaaggtg ccagattacg aggcaaaagc cgacaaagct     19800
     gcctgctttt catcctgcag aaatcatgca gccctctgtt agaagtggga gaacaaaagt     19860
     gtccttgctg gtggatgtaa tggaaattta tggttttaaa attatcaaat ctgcccagtc     19920
     attaaaactg acagtgttta gaaggaaact ctcacacagt ggattcccat gaggatcatt     19980
     ctccatgaaa tgggaaaggt ttactgtgga agtctttaag ccataaccag gaaacactag     20040
     gcctacaaga aacatagaag tcaggaaaag aagaggcaac tatggaggcc acatctcacc     20100
     cagcatcaat ccattccatt cccatttggc tctgggtatg aaagctctca aatcgggagt     20160
     gtaccaggat ggcctcaatt tgcactccaa atattccttg catgttggaa tactctcacc     20220
     tgaacaccgg gccatggtgt ggactgcttg tgcaattaat ggaatacagg gatggagctg     20280
     gaagcaactt ctgtgacatc agtcttcaat cattttgcag gtgaagttgc aggaccccat     20340
     ccacccttca ccaatctgta tcttcacccc tttctgaact tattgtgtct cacactctat     20400
     gtcccagaat gaaatccgaa gatgatggag aagtgtcccc tcatgatgtg aaacacctga     20460
     tctcctggga accgaattcg agttaaattc aaggggcact gcagacagga ctgttagtgt     20520
     ttctccctgg gtgggccaca ggacaatgaa acactgggag atgtctgttt tttcatgtgg     20580
     tgggctcctc ttctttctag aagagtggtt ttattatgca gggggatgca atttgaaagc     20640
     tggtgggatt cagcctggct cccaattcac tgcagattca gatccacaga aaaataaaga     20700
     acatggagcc ctgcagtcca agcagagcca cacagactgg caaccaaaag gtttggagac     20760
     tcacaaaaag aagaagaaga aaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag     20820
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag cagaagcagt gctgaagtgc attagccata     20880
     ttcctttaag caggctccac ttacaggcaa acacacccac acacataagc actcacaaac     20940
     acataatgcc acacacacac acacacacac acacgcagac atccaacact caaaataatt     21000
     ccagagaaat tcacaacctg gcagctgctg aggctgtgag gtctgcagga agccatacca     21060
     gggagagaac aaccccaggg aacacaggtg tgctgtacct agaaatcata gtggagcaag     21120
     tttcaaaaac actcacccct acaaagacta ggcaggcctg aggaatcccg cagataattt     21180
     tggatcctta tggatttcat ggtttattcc taagactgtg cttgatgttt tttcaggctg     21240
     cttcatgcct gccctctcct aggattatgg gaatatccca cgtatcccac agagaagaca     21300
     ggtgagagtc caccgccgac tcaccgccac ggaggtctcc ttctctgtca agcttcagag     21360
     gcttgtccct aggcagcagt gacatttgtt ttgatgctag ccagagctca caatcaggcc     21420
     tggtgcccta agactggcac atgcatattc gtgagtcagg ctctggtgcc aggctctcag     21480
     agctataagc ctgcctcagc agtggaaaat ggtacaggca gaatgagcct ggtattgtaa     21540
     aaatggctcc ctgtcaaaac ccactgcaag atgctaaaag tcttgaactc agggaccctt     21600
     catgccatct ccatggttgg gtcctactgg agagaaggca tttctacagt gtgatgtggt     21660
     cactggaaac tgcacttctg actccattct tgaaagaggc tgtgtgcaag aatcaggtcc     21720
     atggggattg gaatatattc tgttgtgttg ttgtgggttc tctgagtaac agaatcatac     21780
     ctgagacccc agaggcaggt gtcagtgaca gatggctggg ctcttgccct cactgcctcc     21840
     cttcatccta agccttgcag gggctctctg ggaaaggcag gaatcacgac aaagggaagt     21900
     ccaaggtgaa gcagtgttct cattcctcag actggcctct cataggtgca gatgaggtgg     21960
     agacagtcta tcagaggctg tctgtggtga tggcaagcct ggaaatggtg tccagtagtg     22020
     tcactgtgtg tcactgtgga ttccccaaga aagcaaagaa aaatagaggc tcacctgaga     22080
     gaacgagatg ccttgtgctg gagtccacac attgttcaat gacgcctgtc agaagcctcc     22140
     tgcaaagggc aaacaacctc agcccccact atgagacaat ggtccacaac ctggagtgca     22200
     gccagcctac cccaagtccc ttttgctccc tgaaatccct ggcagccaaa agatctgggg     22260
     tgagaggcaa tgcaatgcag caacaaccca atgaaagagc ccctccacaa tgagaaagga     22320
     cttgaagatg aattgaaaca gaggctagat taccaggcaa caccagacac agtggcctgc     22380
     ttctcatcat acaggaatct tgcagccctc tgaaaaaagt gggagaatag gagtttcctt     22440
     gtttgtggct ctaactgaca tttacaattt taaaagtatc aaagctggcc agtcattaaa     22500
     acgtgacagt gtttagaagg aaacactcac acaatggatt caaatgaggg tcatcctcca     22560
     tgaattggga agcctctatt gtggtagaca tttagacaga cccaggaaaa cctaggccag     22620
     tgggggaaac ggaagtcagg agaagaggag gcaagtgtga aggccacatc ccacccagca     22680
     tcaatccatc ccataccctt ttagttctgg ctatgacagc cctgaaatca ggagtttgcc     22740
     aggatggcca agtatgcact ccaaatgttc cctgcatgca gaagtactcc caggccatga     22800
     cgtggatggc ttgtgcaatt aagcaaatgt ggggatgctg ttggaagcat gctctgtgcc     22860
     atcagatctt cactgttttt gcaggtgaag gtgcaggtct gcatccaaac ctcaccagat     22920
     tatatcctca ccccatctga ccttattgct gctcacactg tttgtcccag aataaaatcc     22980
     caagatgata gtggagtgca ccctcacaac atgaagcacc tgctctactg cgaaccaaat     23040
     tcctggtaaa ttcaaggggc cctgccatca ggactgctag tgtctcttcc tgggttggcc     23100
     atgggacaat gaaagactgg gcaatgttgc ttcttgggtg aggtgtgctc ctcttctttt     23160
     gagaagagtg actttttttt tgcaggtggg ggagatttgg accatagcag gtcacagcca     23220
     gcctcccaaa tcactgcaga ttcttgatcc acagaaaaat aaagaataca gagccccaca     23280
     gcccaggcag aaccacagaa acaagctacc aaaaggttga gagacaaaaa aaagcactgc     23340
     agtgtgttag cctaatttat ttaattagac tccatttaaa acacacacac acacatcaca     23400
     caaagccaca cacacgtgca gacatccaaa cttacaacac tctcacagaa actacaggcc     23460
     tacaggttct gaggctgggt ggttctgcag gaatcccaac ctgggagaga acaacaccaa     23520
     gtaacacagg agggctgtac caagaaatca tacagggcaa atttcaaaaa gattcacccg     23580
     tacaacatct aggcaggtct gaggcatcct gcagattatt ttggatcctt agggattttg     23640
     cagattattc ctggggctct gtttgacctt tcttcatgat gtctcacata tgctctctcc     23700
     aaggataatg ggactatcct gtggatccca cagagaagac aggtgaaagt tcactgccga     23760
     ctcacataca cagagatcgc cttctccacc aagcctcagg gacttgttgc taggcaatgc     23820
     tgtcattcat tgtgatgctt gccagagctc acagctctgg cctggtgcca ggagactagt     23880
     gcatttgcat tcttgtcaca ggctcagcag cccagctgtc agcatgccta agcagagaaa     23940
     aatggtacag gcagagctga cctggtgttg ggaaaatggc tgtctgagat aatccactga     24000
     gagaccctga aagtctcaac cataggtttt cttcaggcca tcttgttggt caggtttcac     24060
     ttgaaggagg aggcatttca agactgtgaa ctggtcactg gaaactgcac ttctgacttc     24120
     atccctgaaa gagtgcagaa atccggtccc atggtgattg gaatatagtc tggtgagttg     24180
     ttgaggggtc tctggttcat ggaatcatac ctgagacccc agaggcaggt gtcaacaaaa     24240
     gatggctgtg ccctggacgt cactgcctga cttcatcctg ggcctccagg tgctctctgg     24300
     gaaaggcagg aaccatgaca aaggcaagtc cacggtggag cagtgttctc acacctccaa     24360
     ctggcctctc atgggtgcag atgaggttga gacagtgtct cagaggccat ttgtggcaat     24420
     tgtaagcctg aaaagggtgt gcagtaatgc tgtttagggg caatgtgtat cttccatgaa     24480
     agcgaaggaa aatcaaggct tgggtgagag aaacaactga cttgtgctga agtccaagca     24540
     atactgaaag atttctttca gaggacccaa aagccacctg caaagtgcaa acaacctcag     24600
     tatccaaaat gagaccacaa tccacaacct ggagtgcagc cagcttacct gaagtctcct     24660
     ttgctccctg aagtccctgg cagctaaaag atctgtggcg agaggcagtc ccatacagca     24720
     acagcccaat gaaactccca ctccacaatg agcagtggca tgcaggtaca ataaaacaga     24780
     gcctagatta ccaggcaaat gccagacatg gctgcctcct tttcatccta caggaatcat     24840
     gcagccctct gatagaagtg ggagaacaag agttttcctg ttggtggctg taatgggaat     24900
     ttacagtttt aaaatatcac agctgtccag tcattaaagc gtgacaatgt ttagaaggaa     24960
     acattcacac aatggattct cattagggtc atccttggtg aactgggata cgtttagtgt     25020
     ggaagacatt gagccaggcc taggctccca gtatgaaagc cctcaaattg ggagtttgcc     25080
     aggatggccc cagtttgcac tccaaatatt ccctgcatgt tggagtactc ccacctgaac     25140
     accaggccat ggtgtggact gcctgtgcag ttaagagaat gtggggatgc agttggaagt     25200
     acttctgtgt aatctgcctt tactttttct cagattgcat gcacacccct aaccgacctt     25260
     actgttgctc acactgtgtc ccagaatgaa atctcaagat gatagaggag tgccccctga     25320
     tgacgtgaag ctcctactca gctgagaact gaatttgatg taaactcaat gggccctgag     25380
     gataggaatg ttagtatcca tccctgggtt tgccacagga caatgaaaca ctagatgtct     25440
     gttcatgggt gtggtgtgct cctcttcttt ctggaaaagt ggcttctgtt gcaggggaag     25500
     gtgatttgga ccctggcagg tctcagtcaa tctcccaatt cactataaat tcatgatcca     25560
     cagaagaaca aaaaacacaa ggctctacag cccaaggaga gccacagaga caacccacca     25620
     aaagtttggg agaatcaaaa aaatgaaggg ctgaagtgct ttaggcacat ttttttaaag     25680
     cagactccac ttacaggcat acacatacag acacacacaa acacacacac acaaaacaca     25740
     cacacacaca gccactcgca caggcagata tccaacaatt acaacactac cacagaaacg     25800
     cacagcccgg taggttctga ggctgcctgg ttctgcagac agccccacct cggagacagc     25860
     aacttcgagg aatacaggtg ggctgtactt agaaataaca gttgggcaag tttcaaaaag     25920
     actcacccct acaacgtgta ggcaggcctg aggcgtcctg cagatccttt tggattctta     25980
     gggatttcgt gatttactct tggggctctc cttgaggttt cttcaggctg gctcatgtct     26040
     gccttctctt aggatcatgg gactatcccg tgggtcctac agagaagaca ggcgagagac     26100
     caccgctatc gcacccccac ggaggtctcc ttctcggcca agccacaggg acttgcggct     26160
     agggaaagga ggcatttatt gtgacgttaa ccagagctca cagctcaggc cctgtgccct     26220
     aagactagcg catgtgcatt cgcgatggag gctcccgcgc aaggctttca gaactgtcag     26280
     cctgtctatg cagaggaaaa tgacaggcag agcctgactg atattgggga aaaggctgtc     26340
     tgcgaaaacc cactgagaga ccctgaaagt ctcaaattta gggccccttc gtgtcatctc     26400
     catggtccgg tcgcgctgga ggtcgagccg tttcgccact ctgaggtcat ggctgagaaa     26460
     tgctcttctg actccattat tgaaagaggt tgtgtgcaag aattgggtcc atggggattg     26520
     gaatatagtc tggtgtattg ttgagggttc tttgggtgat agaatcatac ctgagacccc     26580
     agaggcgggc gtcatcaaaa tatggccagg ctcttgacct cactgcctcc gttcatcctg     26640
     ggtcgcacag gggctctccg ggaaaggcag gaaccacgac aaaggcaagg ccaaggtgaa     26700
     gcagtattct caaacctcag actggcatct catgggtgca gatgaggttg agaaggtgtc     26760
     tcagaggccg tctgtggtga cggcaagcct gaaaagggtg tccagtggtg ctgttgaggg     26820
     tcactgagga ttttctatga aagcaaagag aaattaaggc ttgcccaaga gaatgatctg     26880
     ccttgggctg gagtccaagc aatgttcaat gattcctgtc agaggaccca atagcctcct     26940
     gcaaagtgca aataacctca gcacccacag tgagagaatg acccacaacc tgaagtgcag     27000
     ccagcctacc caaattccct tttgctctct gcaatccctg tcagctaaat aatctatgat     27060
     aagaggcagt cccaccgagc aacagcccaa agaaagaaca cttccacaat gagaaggcca     27120
     tgcagatgaa ataaaacagg ggctggctag attaccaggc aaaagcaaga cgcgggtgcc     27180
     tgcctctcat cctacaggaa tcatgcagcc atttgataga agtgagaaaa caggagtttc     27240
     cttgtttgcg gctgtagtga gaatttatgg ttttaaaagt gtcaaagcag cccagtcatt     27300
     aaaatgtgac agtgttaaga agaaaacact cacacaatgg atttccatga ggctcattgt     27360
     ctgtgaagtg ggaaatgttt agtgtggaag tttttgagcc agaaccagga aaccctaggc     27420
     tagtgaggag cacggaagta aggaaaagaa gaggcaagtc tggaggccac atcccaccca     27480
     gcatcaatgc attccactcc catttggctc tggacatgaa agccctcaaa tagggtattt     27540
     gccaggatgg cctcaatttg cactccaaat gttgcttgca cattggagca ctcccacctg     27600
     aataccgaac cctgatgctg actgcttgtg caattaaggg aatgcaggga tggagttgga     27660
     agcaccttct gtgtcatctg tcttcatttc tttgcaggtg aagttgcagg actgtatcca     27720
     cccctcacca ggttgtatcc tcacctgtat gttaatgtat tgctgctcac actctatgtc     27780
     ccaggatgaa atcccaagat gatggaggac tgccccctca agatgtgaag cacctgatca     27840
     tctgggaact gaattcgagg taaattcaag ggactctgca gacatccaac actcacaaca     27900
     ctcccatgga aacacactgc ccggcagctc atgaggctgt gtggttcttc aggaagccct     27960
     aaactactcc agatttcaat ctgtctgctc cattgatctt gcttttgtca aggtcttcag     28020
     tgacttccac atttctaatt ttcctaggga aaacaatggg gagaatttta taaaacacac     28080
     atagaaataa agcaaattgt atttgactgg ttacaattat acagttgtct catttgatct     28140
     atcccattgg aaaatcttaa ttatgtaagt tccttaactg cttctgattg gttgatatac     28200
     attctgtttt tctgtgatat aaacattaga agaagtagct caagttagtt ttgcttatgt     28260
     ttgcaaatca agcaagattg aagttactta tgaggcctaa ctttgttttt catctaagag     28320
     attcttcagg cccagtctct attttaattt gtttcagcat cagttgacct gttgtcctcg     28380
     atgtgtttat tttgtttgtt ttgattttta cctttttatt ttaatataaa actctgatat     28440
     ggaaaacaca caacacaagt gtatggtttt atttctgccc cacagatata aagcaacaga     28500
     atattgccaa ccaaactagt gttccaatgc agatgtcttg tccaaatcac cattcccttt     28560
     aggacttttc acaatactga gacatttgtc tgtgttatta ggaagccact cagtggccaa     28620
     tgaagaaatg aaaaccaaag acagttagac taagaagaaa tacataatga atctaggtct     28680
     cgaagaaggc aggagtggaa agaatcaggt aaattctaca tcattgacaa ggtttagtct     28740
     cagaaaaaag aaatttctct tactgcaatt aagagaaaag agatgacaag acaatttcgt     28800
     tcaaactgtc atttaacaaa catttattaa gctcctatta actggcagta gtgtagaaag     28860
     cactagagaa agattttaat gggaaaataa actttacttg ggctctcctg cttgatggac     28920
     ttaatcactt tgaaaaagga ggagatgagg ttgtggttct cagtaaaagc tgtttaggga     28980
     attctagatt tggacatttg aagagtgaga acacaatttc aaaaagctac agtagagaaa     29040
     gccctacaga atcaatatat tttctgcaca ggactctgga tagaggcaag cctagcattt     29100
     tgttttaaaa actaaccttg gaagtcttat atcggacatc acagtgaatc cagttgattc     29160
     ttatttttaa aattgcacct gccattggag tgatgccaaa acacacatac caaattaaag     29220
     cacaaacacc aataaaacat aacaggagca gaatgctgca aactcaattg cttatcaaaa     29280
     aactattagc tttaaaatgt tagcatgtca ggaaacaatt tccttctact aacatcagct     29340
     ttgaagatca gctaatcaga aatacataga attagaacag gcagtgaatt caataaagta     29400
     gatcttgcag taaaataaac tttgctccag gcccatgctg ttgggattag aaaggcatca     29460
     tcaggcacat gtctgcagat cagaggtctc agccagtgat aattctggta tttacagtcc     29520
     acctattata acttaagtca tctttttaaa tatcttattt gttataatat ttaattttct     29580
     ctttaagagt gctgagcact ttagaaataa actaggatgc cagaacactt tagaaataaa     29640
     catatctgaa taagctagcc agtgggactt cttttgtgtt ttcatttctt tcagcaggat     29700
     ttttttttct ttaagtactt tccttctgtt ctcataagtt aatctgcatt tgtgattttg     29760
     gaattttgca gagtggaatg tgattgctga agtcttaatc aacattcagg ctgacagaac     29820
     agttgaacaa gctattatgt tttgtgcaga gagatagatt tattgtaaat gctctgggct     29880
     ctctgaaaag ttgggagaat aggactttga aactaatgag ggtgtcaaag tttggtttta     29940
     gattcctgta taattgagag aactgcaaag atgacttggg gaagagttat ttataatatc     30000
     attgaatgga agttaaaaag gacagtatct tactttaaat atgatatgtt ttgtaattat     30060
     taactgaatc atagaatttg aattgaatga gatttcataa ggcaatcagt ctagtgattt     30120
     cccaatactg atttccagac agacataaga ctgggataat attttcacta attcatagca     30180
     aaattaaaaa aataagataa caatatagac aggtattcaa tgaagctagg tttatttgat     30240
     tttaatctta atattaaatt ctttttattt ttagtcctaa aatactcttt cttctttgag     30300
     atgacagatg tatatggtga gatgtataaa gtgctcttgg ttagattaaa tgaaacaatc     30360
     attgttcttt tggaaattgg agtagggctg atatgaagct agactaggaa gcaggcagca     30420
     tttggtttga agaccaagat attgttgtgc ctgagctctt ttctttttct atggtactca     30480
     atatcctcat ttttctatgc agtttacaat gtcattttgt tccctactcc gttctctcct     30540
     aaatagaaac cagctttgaa aaagtatcag cttttagcca tttatccaac tcaaaggcaa     30600
     actgagagtg aactgtaggt gctagaaacc acaatccact gctctcaatt ttattttctc     30660
     atgtacgtta atctctccct ctctaccagc tcagtataca tatacaactg tgatctaaat     30720
     tcttatattg ctttcataaa ttagaatttt tcccattgtt tatccccctg ccacctaccc     30780
     ctcatttctt ttctccacta aacacacagt acccactttc ctcatttctt ccctctcact     30840
     attcagttca gttcaatttg gttttgttct catttcactg gaactgcttt tatcaagaac     30900
     agcatcacca tttgtactat taaaactgct ggttacttta cgatgttcct cttactccaa     30960
     ttctcgacat tattctgcac attagcaact ctctgttctt caaacacaga actatgccaa     31020
     aattgtccta ttttagagcc ttggcagctg tttttttttt ctgcttttca aatggttgat     31080
     ctttctgata tatcaaataa gacttccttg gagaaatctt cacttagtac ccaaaacaca     31140
     gtagttctgt gtattacacc aaccatcact actctctgtt actctctttc agcatcccca     31200
     aatttccttc acatcattta caagtgcttg tgtcttttat tttttaactg tctctccctg     31260
     tacatcaagg tttatgaagt cagggaccat taatcccata ttcattgtta tacctccaga     31320
     acccagcaca gtggttgttt catagtagtt tttaaataaa gatttgttga ataatttgat     31380
     ggatagatga atgccaagaa tcccacaata tttatttttt actagcctca acttaaaaac     31440
     tcatgctaag acttttatac tttacctttg caatgattct cacatctttc tctttcttct     31500
     agtccttgct tccactttcc ttgcccaggc caccatcatc attagtttaa ccatttaata     31560
     aaactcataa ctcacctcct gtcttctttt gctgatcttc attttgtctt ataaccttcc     31620
     tgaaactttg atcttatttt cctatggaaa aggaaacaaa ataaaaaaaa aactcccttt     31680
     tgtgcagaca gtttcttcta aactttctat cctggcattt atggtccttc aagacctggc     31740
     tttagctgat accagctgta agtaatcata atatcccatg aatttgccta gctatttttt     31800
     ttgtgtgtac ttctcttttg aaattttgtg actcaatctt gtgttattac accatttaat     31860
     agaatgagaa catgttgagg acatataaca tggtatgttt ttctaatctc agcacttaac     31920
     acagtttttg atacacacaa gctctataca tatttactga ataaatcatt gtgtgaccct     31980
     cttcttgaag ttctatgttc agtaacaaag agaatataga atataaaaac gattaattgc     32040
     aaactctata tagtgtttgg gtttaactaa aacattgatt tctgtacatt ttgtttaagg     32100
     caatggatat aacttattct ctgtgctaat attaaagatt gttgtgcatc tgatgcctga     32160
     agtttcctga gccaaaagag gaaaaatctt ctccttagaa attcttcaac tgagaggcca     32220
     tccaatcaat tagaagaccc tcagcaaaaa acctgttgac gtatgtggcc ttttccacag     32280
     aaagatctgc aagatatgaa gagaacaata gcctcaggca gtacactcag cagatcagac     32340
     tgtaaaatgt gaaaaaaccc actctgaaca tttctagcat aggctggctc cctgcaggtc     32400
     ctgatattga ccctgaagca tgctgcttag acttccattg cagatgaaat aagtggccaa     32460
     acatgtatgt atgtgtatgt atgcgtgtat ttttatacac acacacacac acacacacac     32520
     acacacacac acacacacac acacatatat atacatatga gacagagcct ccctttgttt     32580
     cccagactgg actggatttc agcagctcaa tctctgtgca ctggagcctc aacctcctga     32640
     gctcaactga tcctcctgag aaattctcta gccttatctt cctgagtaac tgagaccaca     32700
     ggcacacacc accaggcctg gataatattt tgtatttttt tgtagagaca gggtttcacc     32760
     atagtttcaa gctggtctgg aacacctcac ttcaagtgat ccacccacct cagccttgaa     32820
     aaatgatggg attacaggtg tgagccactg caccctacca cacatatttc taaatatttt     32880
     aaaatattaa ttttggctga gtgtggtgtc tcacatttgt cattccagcc aaggtgggtg     32940
     gatcatgaag tctggatttc cagaccagcc tggtcagtgc agtgaaaccc tgtctctact     33000
     gaaaaataca gaaattagct aggcaggatg gtgggtgtct gtaatctgag ctactaggga     33060
     ggctgaggca ggataattgc ttgaacctgg gagacagagg ttgcagtgag ccgagactgt     33120
     gccaatgcat gccagccttg gtgacagagc tagactccat ttcaaaaaaa aattaatttt     33180
     tacttgtatc atgctgcatg agaacagtgc aacataatta agggcagatg aatagatagg     33240
     aacttacttt catggattat tgttcttaac ctagtagttt tcaattttga atgcatatta     33300
     atgttacctg tcaagctttc aaaagttcag atgtccagga tccattgatc gccatacatt     33360
     ctgatttaat tggtctggga tagatcccag atgtggtatg ccttttgtaa actcccccag     33420
     taaatctaag ctttttctat gattgagaag catttatact cattgaaggc tgccattctg     33480
     ctgtaagtta ctaaggaatc aaataattga tgtagttgag gggctttttg tttcattcta     33540
     acattgattt ttcttttatg aagctgtaag cttgaggttt gagcactcca cattcaacat     33600
     ctacagtgaa tgctagtgaa accttacagt cagaacgttc aatagtattc cactaggtac     33660
     tagctgttcc agttgtattt gttaacagtt agaagatggt ggacatgatg tccataattt     33720
     taatcaatca tggtcttgtc tctgagtaaa caaagtgcat gactgatatt tgtgatactt     33780
     catgctgtat cccaggctat cttcttatct tctatttttt ctttttcttt ttgaggtgga     33840
     gtttcactct tgttgcccag gctgtagtgc aatggcgtgt tgtcatctca ctgcaacttc     33900
     cgcctcccag gttcaaacaa ttctcctgtc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg ggtttcaggc     33960
     acctgccacc atgcctggct actttttctg tttttagtag tgagggggtt ttgccatttg     34020
     ggccaggtat atctggaact tctgacctca ggtgatccac ctgcctgggc ctcccaaagt     34080
     gtagtattac aggtgtgagc cacagggccc agccttctat tttcatctta tactatgact     34140
     ggttaatctt ccagcttatg caccttgaat tatgttttag tcacgttgat tccaataatg     34200
     cacaagcttt tgtgtctcca ggtgcttgca catgctgttt cctctgtttg gactcccctt     34260
     cccttcttgt ctgcctaaaa cattcctact gactctccta tatcaagagc tcttgatgat     34320
     gcacattctg tattagtaag taaaatatat gtgtattttt gttatgtaaa tttttattga     34380
     aagaatcatc ataaatttcg ttacatcctt aaaaagggtc tgtgacccca taaatattaa     34440
     gattcatttg tttctgcctt tagtcaaatg tgacacaatg aaaggatact ctgagacctc     34500
     gttgttttca actgcccaaa acaagttatc tgtcacagat attctgtccc ctttctcagt     34560
     ttttatggca ctttacatat ccctcctttt tttctttttt cttttttttt tttttgagat     34620
     ggaatctcac tgtgtcaccc aggctgtagt acagtggcgt gatcttggct cactgcaacc     34680
     tctgcctccc agattcaagt gattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggactacaa     34740
     gcatgtgaca ccacacctgg ctaacttttt gtatttttac aacagacagg gttttactgt     34800
     gttagccagg atggccttga tctcctaatt gcatgatacc cccaccttgt cctcccaaag     34860
     ttcagggatt acagttgtga accaccatgt ccatcgtaca tatctctctt tgtacatcat     34920
     ttttatttgt ctccctttgg actgaaggca gaaacaaggt cttattcaca tttgatccca     34980
     gaacttagca caaatagatc attttagctg ggagaatgtt gacgcttaag tcaacttgcc     35040
     tggaatttaa aggttttcat atactaaagt tctgaggata cagtgctttc atcttctaac     35100
     tgttactcat acatttcaat ttctgaccag tcattgccct ttttcaggta acaatgtgaa     35160
     taccaagaaa tacaacattt ctccataata aaatatgaaa atcttgagct gtgatagttt     35220
     gacacaaaca gaattagtgt ggtgctatct tcttctccaa gataatttct tccaatactt     35280
     aaattatatg tgttatagaa agaaaagaaa taaataaaac taaggggaat aaattgttgg     35340
     caaaataatt taataaaaag tctcagaagt taatgatgct caatttgtag attaaaaggc     35400
     tagcacctag aaaaacagaa gaaaatagac tcatctcaag atatatcagt gtaaaatttg     35460
     agaacgctga aaacagagaa aattgtatgt ttccagaggg gcaaaaatag gtcaggtaca     35520
     aaggatgagg aatcagatga tttaaaaatt ttcagcactg gccaggagtg gtggttcacg     35580
     cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaagccaag gcacactttg ggaggccaag atgggcaaat     35640
     aacctgaggt cagaagtttg agaccagctt gaccaataag gagcaaccca atctctacta     35700
     aaaataaaaa attagctggg catgatggca cctgcctgta atctcagcta ctcaggaggc     35760
     tgaggcagga gaatcacttg aacccaggag gtggaggttg cagtaagctg agatcatgca     35820
     attgaactcc agcctggcaa caggaacaaa actgtacctc aaaaaaattt ttttcaacac     35880
     catcactata aaccagaagg caatggagtt atgctttgaa aattctaaag gaaaatgatt     35940
     tctgacatat gtttctactt ccacatagaa aaaaattaaa cgtacaagta gaaaacatac     36000
     attttttgga catatgacat ctctaacatt gtgtctccct gtgaacctat tctcaagatg     36060
     ctactacaga ctttttccta ccaaaaggaa aaagtaaact aagaaagaga aagacatgga     36120
     atgccaaaaa taggagacat aacgcaagag aataaattct taaaagtgtg gtgaaggaaa     36180
     atcctaggat gagaaaattg agtcaggcct agagggcaac cattcaagac tgttgcaggg     36240
     aaacagccaa caaggaagta ttcttcaagg tgagagcatt tatagaacaa ttgaagtgaa     36300
     taaaagtctc gatatgagat tttaaatttg taaagaattt tccattgagt taacacaaat     36360
     taaaataaaa ttaagttgaa gttgaacaac aaaattaata acataaatat ttctcagctc     36420
     cctatcattg attatcatga tagaaattta aaagtactta gaacttaatg atattgaaaa     36480
     tattacaaat gaaatttgtg agtagcagga aaagtgatat tgcaatagga gtttatacac     36540
     ttaaatgttt ctacaactta aaaattaatg tactaggtgt ttacataaag aattagaaaa     36600
     gaaacaacag aatcaattct gaaaaactaa agtgcaggga tgatgatgta gagaaaatta     36660
     gtaaaacata caaagataat atttggttgt tggagaaaca taataaaaga tgcaaacctc     36720
     aggcaagtta agaaaaaaaa gggagaaagc acaaataaaa ctaagaatta aaaagataca     36780
     taacaataga tacagtacag attaggaagc taataagaaa atatggacta taaatcatgc     36840
     tgctataaag acacatgcac acatatgttt attgcggcat tattcacgat agcaaagact     36900
     tggaaccaac ccaaatgtcc aacaatgata gactggatta agaaaatgtg gcacatgtac     36960
     accatggaat actatgcagc cagaaaaaat gatgagttca tgtcctttgc agggacatgg     37020
     atgaaattgg aaatcatcat tctcagtcaa ctatcgcaag aacaaaaaac caaacactgc     37080
     atattctcac tcataggtgg gaattgaaca atgagatcac atggacacag gaaggggaat     37140
     atcacactct ggggactgtt gtggggtggg gggagggggg agggatagca ttgggagata     37200
     tacctaatgc tagatgacaa gttagtgggt gcagcgcacc agcatggcac atgtatacat     37260
     atgtaactaa cctgcacaat gtgcacatgt accctaaaac ttaaagtata ataataaaaa     37320
     ataaataaaa ataaataaaa actaaaaata aataaattaa ttaaatttaa taaaatataa     37380
     caaaaaagaa aatatgatta acactttgtg ctacgaatct gaaaacttag atcaatagat     37440
     ttttataaat atatagctaa gaaaaattga tacaagaata agtatgtaat ctgaatagtc     37500
     tcataaatgt taaaggaaat aaaggattat tcctacagat aaaacactag gcccagattt     37560
     atttccccag acagagcatt tcaacatatg taaagaattg tataaaataa aaaagggaaa     37620
     atcctaaact tattctgtga ggcaagcaga actttgatac caatgccaca taaattgagt     37680
     atacaaaaag atatttttta aaaagtccat tctcattcat gaaataaatg gtaaaatccc     37740
     aaaagtggat tccttgaggg ttaggatgaa atttgctact gccagatcgt gctattctgg     37800
     ggtagctcac acacaaattg atgttttgag tttgtctgta atacccaagc aatatggaac     37860
     tggcttgaca atctgtgtga tggccagcct gtggccatga cttctcaggg acacaatatt     37920
     tttttctctt ttcctcctta ttctgctcag ctccaagaca actttggcca aagttccttg     37980
     agcttggaaa caggaatggg tttacttctg tttcaccctt accatgaaga tactatccta     38040
     tgggattcca gatccatttg gagagagttg gctattaaac tcttttcata agtaggccct     38100
     gggccttgac tacagtcttt cttgagatat gaggctaaga gttccttcct ggcctgccag     38160
     tttttgacat gattaatgtt ctttccattc agaattttta attgtttggg aggtgatata     38220
     gtttcatgtg cctcccttca aatcacaact tcaattgtat gtcccagaat tctcacgttt     38280
     tgaggacggg acccagggag aggtaattga atcatggggg ctggtcttgc tcgaactatt     38340
     cttgtaatag tgaataagac tcacaggatc caatgggttt atcaggggtt tatgcttttg     38400
     ctttttcctt attccctctt gccaccacca tgcaagaagt gcctttattc ctatgccatg     38460
     attctgaggt ctccctagcc atgtggaact gtaagtccaa ctaaacctcc ttttcttccc     38520
     aatttcagat atgtccttat gaacagcatg aaaatgaact aatacaggag gattggtcca     38580
     aataacctga gcttccaata tagaatgtgg aagttggtga agtttttatc atttctgtgg     38640
     caaattttag tagtgggtat tattttccta attatttttt gttcttttca cctttgtttc     38700
     tcatagggta ctctcgctct gtagcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcacaat cttgtcttac     38760
     tgaaacctca gcctcctggg ttgaagcaac tctcctgcct cagtcacccg agtagctggg     38820
     attacaggca tgcatcacca tgcccagcta attttatata tttttagtag agatgggctt     38880
     tcaccgtgtt ggccaggctg gtctcaaaat cctgacctca gatgatctgc ccacctaggc     38940
     ctcctaaagt gctgggaata caggcatgag ccactgtgcc cagctgactc caatattttt     39000
     acctaaatgc tgttgcctta ttttatttta tttattttat tttatgagaa aggttctcac     39060
     tctgtcatgc agtttggagt gcagtgatga gatctgggct tactgcaact tctgtctccc     39120
     aggttcaggc agttctcctg cctcagcctc ctaagtaact gggactacag gaaagtgcca     39180
     ctagacctgg ctaatttttg catttttcat agagatatgt ttgccatgtt gcccaggctg     39240
     gtcttgaact cctgaccaca agtgacctgc ccaccttcgc ctcccaaagt gtggaaatta     39300
     cagccatgag ccaccacgtc tggcttggaa ttgccatttt ttgacataga aaatctctgg     39360
     aggtaaaagt ttggtttatg ggagcacctg agctcagttt ggcccataag tttgggatac     39420
     ctattattta ctggcagtga tggcatgttg ttaatgtaca atatgttcat gcacatagca     39480
     tatgtatgtg ctcatcagat attttcaggt gaaaaatagt cagtcccata gtttgagcca     39540
     ttataacaat ttctacccag ggatttcaca gtcagattcc agttctgggt aacagtgatt     39600
     aacataatgg ttattaatga gaagagattt tgagatgtcc agccatgttt agatgtcagt     39660
     gccttgaagg gatgggtttg gcatattaat aagaaagagg gcattggact gcatactaag     39720
     aaacataatg aattgttttt cttgtcctct ataacatgaa aggtcaatta gagatataga     39780
     aacaattgaa tatttcacag catggcttga catttcactg aacttttatc cttttaacca     39840
     tgtacaaagt ttattaaata tgcaaaggta ggactgctac agtaagaaag aggaggagtc     39900
     agaggtcaca atccacagca aggtgactgt ctcttgtgga tggcgccctg agagatgaat     39960
     tcgagtgagc atcaagtttc agattgccaa caaggatcaa ggagaatgaa gctatcaaca     40020
     gtcaacatta ctggattaat tgaaataaat attgacagag attttgttgg ctttccagca     40080
     aattgagtac agataaggta accacttatc aaatttcaca cctatgaaat tacataaatt     40140
     tatatgtaca tatgcaaatt cacagtgtgc aaatatgtgt ctatatctaa agatatacaa     40200
     atccattgac caacagaaag ttagaaatta ttctcccatt ttaccattcc ctttccagga     40260
     attttgtcac aagtacagtt tttctatatg tttgaagcct actccctgga ggcatgaaat     40320
     atatggatac agtaaagcta tgagatatca tagtgtttct atcagagaaa aaaataacac     40380
     tggtgttaca aaagatccat tgtgaggaga aagttacact tcacattaca acaaatacag     40440
     aagtacgatt tcatcaaagg ctgaaatcag tcaataaaat ttgtatttaa tgctttattt     40500
     aaaatactta atttcaaaag tattacctaa atagaataag ggtattggta ataaataatt     40560
     ttgaagaatt ccctttaata tgttgattat ttaacatgta actaaaatac taaaagttac     40620
     tgtacaatgt agtttcatga agcattcttt atggttttca taaaattaat agtcaacgga     40680
     gtattttgag actgaggaag ttccatatat tattgtattg cactttcact ttattaattg     40740
     ctttcatgtt gtaactgatg gaattaaaaa tatttatact tacacatata caaatgttgt     40800
     atttttgttc atgttttcta gtgagataaa gttgccaata attttatcaa tataggaaaa     40860
     tttttataag atcaaagttc ttaactttct tttcttttga aattttatat ttcagtctag     40920
     atatgagatg gaattggctg tgatcattct ttgatttcac tatgattact gagtttctga     40980
     tacagtgttg ggaacttata gactttaaat cttgctttct tcttcttcat ctcctattgg     41040
     aactgtatat gtgatttctg cagtaatggg cattgttatc tgacgtatgg ttgctgaaag     41100
     atacaaacag aaatggaatt cttagtttca gtgaatcttt aggaacagac aagtaaaagt     41160
     gaaggatgat tattgtatga atgttagtaa actgtttatc acagagttac aataagggtg     41220
     aaaataaatt taaaaataca tacctcatcc aaaacatgag gtagtaaaaa taaaaaaatt     41280
     aatttgacag aaagaacagt ttaaaagttg tgattatttc tggtgagagc aagtagctca     41340
     gaaactatga ggaagtcctg caaagctaca tgatggattt gcaagtgagg atggggagcc     41400
     tggttctggg ggagggttcc aagtcctggt caggttgagg tcctcctggg gctcagggat     41460
     gtctcagcgg gaaagccggg aaggggaaaa tgcatgcttc accccagcta gcaggccacc     41520
     tcaacccacc tagatgaaat tgtccattga ctgtcctctt tctccttctt ggataggcag     41580
     gtggaggaac tcagccaccc tgagtacaag tggcaagaag aagtttgcct ttcatcacaa     41640
     catttacttc cacaatgaag tgatcattaa ggagtattgc attggaattc tcaataagga     41700
     gtgcctcccg gcatggtaga ggggatggta tgtgggaagc taggcctggc atgagccttc     41760
     ctgactcctt cccctccagg atacagggtg actacctcca ctacagtccg gttgttctag     41820
     ggtcatgcaa gtgaaggcct cagtttcagg caggacacaa cctaagtgag cttcttcagc     41880
     tggttgactg atggtgattg accagggtat ggcaggattg ctgaagtggg gcagctgtgg     41940
     gacatcatag gtaaggagct ggtcattcct tggcatcaga ggaattggct ttgaaccaga     42000
     acctaacctg tcacgactac tttgcccagt cccccagatc atcagccagg gcccgtggct     42060
     caatctcatg cagcactacc caagggagtt aggccctcag agagggaaca gagaagaggc     42120
     cagggaagca gcccagggct gggggatgag aggcctgtgg gtcctggagc caggatacat     42180
     agcgaagcca aggctcaagg aggagactga ggtaagtaaa ctcaggctat tcatcgctca     42240
     gggggaaagg cccatcaggg aactgtagca cccacatttc agtattgggg aaccctaagc     42300
     tacttaagag gtgtaagtaa ctaaggtcaa tgggagagaa gtcaggccca gggtgctctc     42360
     accctccaca caaatgccaa cctgaggccc ttctaggtct acatcttccc agaatggctc     42420
     tcccagacct gtcaaattct gtgtcaatga ctcctgacat gctgtttccc ctctgccatc     42480
     cagacgacac aggtttcaca ggggaagaaa tgtgaagaga tggcaaaatg gaaggggacc     42540
     ttctgtgtgt gttcaggaag gcaatctggc tggacattag gacccaccta agtattagtg     42600
     aggacaccaa atgtctctca gacctgagca tgtgcacaca aaaacatatt gtctaaatgg     42660
     cattgacatc aatactacct aagtgatcta cagattctgt acaacccctg taaatgtatc     42720
     agtgacccac ttttcataga aaaaccatct gagaatccta aatttgctat gaaatggtag     42780
     aagatcctga gacccagaac aatccagtaa aaagcacaaa gctggaggct tcatactacc     42840
     taacttcaca atatgctaca aagttttatg caccaaaata gaacagcact ggccgacaag     42900
     cagagacatg agctaatgaa aaacaatctg gtcccagaac taagtcaccg catttgcagc     42960
     tcatgacctt atcccaaaaa agcaagaatg cacaatgcaa aatcaggtat ctgctataaa     43020
     ctaggttggg gaaaacctga atatccacat aaaggatttt aagagtagat tatgtctcac     43080
     agaactccaa tgtcagacaa gaaacgacaa aaataccaga agaaatcgca aggaagaagc     43140
     tccatgacat cggtgtgggc aatggtggtc tcaaagtgac tgcaagagca cagtaaacac     43200
     cttcaaaaat agataatcgg gttatgtcaa gctaaggtgc ttcagtacac cacaggaaac     43260
     tgaagagagg gaagggacat cctacaagat gggtgaaatt attgaatcac catacatctg     43320
     ttaatgggtg aatatttaca gcacataagg aactccaaca actcaatagc atgaaaacaa     43380
     atgagctaag ggtatgaata ctcatttgtg aaactaagac atacagttgc ccagaagaca     43440
     cagtaaaaag cacccatcat cagtaataca acaggaaaat gcaaatcaaa accacaatga     43500
     gatttcatct cacttcaatc agaatgccta catgagtata taataaaaaa cccaaagttt     43560
     tcacttaccc tttttaatag ctctcccagg gggcacataa ctgagaagtc atagtgtaaa     43620
     ccttcatgat ttttctttaa atatacattg acatattcat acaaatatgc atgaatacct     43680
     aaaatatatt gccatgaaaa taagaacatt ttatgagatc caaaattctg gaggactaag     43740
     cagggagaaa aaagatacat gtgttcatga aaggagtcaa actctgcaaa atatttaaag     43800
     agattttttc tgagccaaat atgggtgacc aatgacccat aacacaaccc ttctcagaag     43860
     atcctcagaa catgtgccca agatggtctg ggaacagcct agttttctgc attttaggga     43920
     gacacgagat atcaatcaaa tacatgtaag atgtacattt gtttggtcca gaaaggtggg     43980
     acaacttgaa gtgagtggtg gtgcggggct gggctttcaa gttataggta tatttaaata     44040
     cgttctgatt ggcagttggt tgaaagagtt attttctgta gacatagaaa caatggatag     44100
     gaatgactgg gttgcaataa ataataggga gcatagagac aaagtttatc aagatgagga     44160
     agactccatg tggcagactt aaaagagaat aggtggtaaa tatttcttgt caaacttaag     44220
     gtctgtgttg atgttaatga tggtcaactt tccctaaatt tcaaaaaggt ggagtgtata     44280
     atgaagcatg tctatccttc tttcctctca ggacctgaac caattttaaa aggcccttgg     44340
     ccaaaaggag gggtccattc agatccctgt ggtgggcagg tttgagggga aacttaaaat     44400
     tttatatttg atttgtaagt ctttcatttc tgtctacaaa aatgtacgct attaaacagt     44460
     tagcctaaga gaaaaaatgg ggattcttga acacagaaaa atagaatatt acagaaccaa     44520
     caatttgcca aaccaaaaac aaaagctata aaataatcat tcttcatcag ttcattaaat     44580
     actatgtaat tgattccagt cttgcttgat tttgtattag cagttccatg agaccatcag     44640
     tttctccact agagttctgg atatcattac tcagtcccat agtataaaca taaaattatt     44700
     gaaactttga catcagatgc ttgtgcccag aggacgcatt acagttgttt ccatcggtat     44760
     cagaggcagt gccttgttgg agacaaacat tctgatctct agccagtgca gatgcaaaag     44820
     gaaaagcatg atattgaaat aataactacc tgtaaattag aaaaggtgca aaatggccat     44880
     ggttaaaaat ctaatgacat tcattatgtt acaattagca agaaaatttg ttttcttctg     44940
     tggcaaacaa catttaaaat aatgactaga attatgactc aagatattat cctgggacat     45000
     ataatagata ggtcattcac aaatttccag gaattccatg cagcttccaa aacaaataac     45060
     attttaccca aatatattta ccaaaatata acctagggaa tattaatcat attttcttat     45120
     ttgtatattg tgtatactgc tcatttgaaa ctgtgccaag accagcttag ctggggagac     45180
     cctaacccgg tggcactaca ggaaataaag acacacacac agaaatctag aggtgtgaag     45240
     caggaaatca agggtctcac agcattcaga gctgagagcc tcgaacagag atttacccac     45300
     atatttatta acagtaagcc agtcattggc attgtttcta tagatatcaa attaactaaa     45360
     agtatccctt ataggaaatg aagggatggg ctgaattaaa ggaataggtt gggctagtta     45420
     atggcagcag gagcatatcc ttaaggcaca gatcagtcat gttattgttt gtggcttaag     45480
     aatgccttta agtggttttc caccctcagc aggccaggta ttccctgccc tcatttctgt     45540
     aaacccataa ccttccagca tgggctttat ggccatcatg caaatgtcac agtgctgcag     45600
     agattttgtt tatgaccagt ttggggccag tttatggcca gatttggggg gcctgttccc     45660
     aacatgcccc cttctttgat tttcaaattg ataaaagcaa agtcagcttt gtcatggtga     45720
     gctacttctt gcagaagtca gaatccacat ctgcagacta tatacagaaa aacaacatag     45780
     attaaaagca caatcatcat taaaatcaca gagcttccca gtgtttttat ccattttaat     45840
     gggttactag ctgcgaatct gtctgcagct cctttaagca ctccagatcc tggcattaag     45900
     gtcaggtgtg cctgggatgt tttaaatatt tgtactttta attttgcaat atccaaaaac     45960
     aagtttgtag aatgtccttt tagatactat ttttatggtt tcccaaatct tgatcttatt     46020
     aagagctact aatagtttct gtaaatcctt atgtttagct tctacaatgg gccatgtcat     46080
     ttgaggttga ggtaccacta tactaccatg gttccagata ataggaactc ttgcagtacg     46140
     tcttatcatt tctaccatct gatcattttg ttcagacaag ctgaacatag tgtagccatg     46200
     gcacacagac tgagaggtgc aattcaagct aaacatctcc ttaggggacc aatcaatcat     46260
     gattccatag gaatcattgt gcagcacctc tgcctcttct gcaaagcaat cttcgtaaac     46320
     aagtaggttc attatttttg gccacattct gttttattta caaataggtt tttgaaggtg     46380
     gtatgcctca attataggag cagatttatt atggtaaata ctgagatcag aaagcatgtg     46440
     ctaccgtgtc atagagtgat tatattcagg cataagtacc agccaggatt gataaatatg     46500
     cccaataaga ataattgttc tctgtctcaa cccttgttga aggaatactc atggcagtgg     46560
     tgataactgc tatcatagct accattaaat tacttgttgt gactggttgt cccgctttcc     46620
     tcaggttttc ttctgccatc agtgacagct tcttgatctg tccccaggtg gttgactgtg     46680
     ttcaatgggt gttgctcatg acagttgggg tcctcctcag catcaacctc aatatggctg     46740
     caactgaggg gtcctcagga tcctcccaga gtctggttca tgatagggat tcaggtgtct     46800
     tgatggtgtc ctaatcggct gttgatttta gtctggaaaa acacaagcat aacctctacc     46860
     ccaagttatt attttaccta tttcccaact tcttattttt ggatctctcc acccaatcag     46920
     ttgttccact tctgtctttg caaccagttt ctgtagatga tgttcagctg ctgataacat     46980
     ctggcctttg ggcaggctca aaaattttaa agttaataat gctagatttt gttgcatctg     47040
     tggggttcca tattctctat ttcccccttt ctgcctttgc aactgctgtt ttagggaaag     47100
     atttattctt tccactatgg ctagtccttg ataattgtat gggataccag taatgtgctt     47160
     aatattccac atagagaaaa atgtagctag ggtttggata gcatagcctg gggcattatc     47220
     tgttttagta gaagctggaa tgcccatcac cacaaaacac tgcaaaaggt gatgtttaac     47280
     acaggcagaa gattcacctg atttgcacat agccgagaaa aagtgagaaa atgtgtacac     47340
     acatacatgt acataagcta gtctcccaaa cgagggtgta tgtgtgacat ccatttgcca     47400
     aagacagtta ggttccaatc ctcaaggatt aactcctgta aaagataagg aatgtaccaa     47460
     ttggcaagtt gggcattgct ggataatagt tttagcttat ttccaggtaa tgctgtatct     47520
     gtgtttgaga ccagaggcat taacatgggt taaactgtga aagtgtctag catttgagac     47580
     tggaggcatt aacatgggtt aaattgtgaa agtgtctagc attagatatt gcattagcaa     47640
     ctaggtggtc agccttttga ttcccttcag ttaaaggtcc tttaagaggt atatgagccc     47700
     taatgtgagt gatgtaaaaa gggtgtattc tacttctaac tgttgtttgc aattgggtaa     47760
     ataaagtcat cggttcttta tctgtatgaa atcataacta agcattttca attaactgtg     47820
     tggaatgaac catgtatgaa gaatgagaaa tcacattaat aggcatttca aaagcagtaa     47880
     atatctcaat tacagctata agctctgctt tttgagctga agtataggac atctgcaaat     47940
     tttgcttttt gagctagaat aagaagcttt accatactag acccatctgt aaaacaatga     48000
     aaacactttg cagtatacag gttgtttacc acaggaattg taaatgcaaa ccgttcacag     48060
     tcttgctcag ctaaagggat agaaaagaaa cagtcttttc aatctggact attgaaggcc     48120
     aatcttttgg aattatagca ggagaaggca atccttgctg taatgctccc ataggttgta     48180
     taactgagtt gatgggtctt atgtcagtta acattctcca tttacctgat tttttcctaa     48240
     ttatgaaaac tagagaattc caaggggaaa aagttcaagc tatgtgccca ttttctaatt     48300
     gttcagtaac taatttctct aaagcctcca gtttctcttt atttagcagc cattgttcta     48360
     tccaaatttg cttgtctctt aaccacttta aaggtatagc ttctggaggc ttaacaatgg     48420
     ccaccatcaa aaatggtatc ctaaacttta gcgagaactt tgcctttccg cttgaagcag     48480
     ttttttcaaa acttccgttt tttttttttt ctactctctt accaggggca tatcccattt     48540
     catgcattgc atgttgactt tcagggctat ataattgttc tgaaattaga acttgtggtc     48600
     cccattgttg taataaatct cttccccata aatttatagg tacagaagtt ataattggtt     48660
     gaacagtccc aggttgtcca ctgggccctt cacaatgtaa aatagagcta ctttgatata     48720
     cttcaggggc tttaccaact ccaattatgt taaattgagc tggttgaatt ggcagtccag     48780
     acagccagtg ctgtagagaa atgactgaaa tgtccactac tgtatctacc aaacctttaa     48840
     atttctttcc ctcaatagtt atttcacagg caggatgttt atcagcaatt tgatttaccc     48900
     aataagctgc tttgccttgt ttatttgtgc ttccaaatcc ttctgttcat ttaatttcaa     48960
     attttcccat tctcacatat ggcacaatca ggagctgtgt tatacactct cctggctctg     49020
     ctttccaggg aacagaagta gatataataa tttaatttcc ccatttatca ggggaaattc     49080
     agccagatat caggcaaaat tcacccccaa tatttcacgt aggttctttt ctgttttccc     49140
     taagtgtcag ccagtctgag aaataaaggg acaaagtaca aaagagagaa attttaaagc     49200
     tgggtgtccg ggcaggacat cacatgcttg caggttccgt gatgccccct gagccataaa     49260
     accagcaagt tattattaag gattttcaaa aggggaggga gtgtacaaat agggtgtggg     49320
     tcacagagat cacatgcttc acaaggtaat aagatatcag aaggcaaatg gaggcagggt     49380
     gagatcacag gaccacagga ctggggcaaa attaaaattg ctcatgaagt ttcaggcatg     49440
     cattgtcatt gataacatct taccaggagg catggtttga gagcagacaa ccggtctgac     49500
     caaaatttat taggcaggaa tttcctcatc ctattaagcc tggaagcact atgggagact     49560
     ggggctcatt tcttccctac agctttgacc ataaaagatg gccacccccc aaagtggcca     49620
     ttttagaggc ctaccctcag ggatgcattc tctttctcag ggatgttcct tgctgagaaa     49680
     aagaattcag cgatattttt cccatttgct tttgaaagaa gagaaatgtg tttctgttct     49740
     gctggctcac cggtggtcag attttaaggt tatctctctt gttccctgaa cattgctgtt     49800
     atcctgtctc ccaaattctc gacctctgga ggctgaggta caaacggtaa catttattgg     49860
     aaactctagt ccatgaggaa agtcttcatt tcagaacgtc atttttgcta ggcatttttt     49920
     tttcatccaa cgaaacttac ccccaagcag tattgttacc ttgtctgttc ctcaggtaga     49980
     gataaaaagt agtaattata ccacacagaa tcacatgatt atgagaaaag ctattatatg     50040
     aaacacatga tagagtagaa cttacatatt ttactgttca tatttttttg tgcttgtttt     50100
     ccatatgcgt gttttttagc gaagtgtgtg ttccactatt tcttcatttt gtaattggat     50160
     tgtttgtctt ttatgttgtt gagttataca atttctttat acattgtgga taacacactg     50220
     ttgtcacata tatcatgtgt gaatctttct ttctgtggtg tgtcttttca ctttcttgtc     50280
     agtgtctttt gttccacaaa agtttttaat ttgaggaatt tatttcttta tttgcctgtg     50340
     attttagtat cacatctaag aaattactgc taaattcaag gttatgaaca tttatcccta     50400
     tgttttcttc tagagtttac atttttacct ctgtttacat attaaacttt ttgaaccatt     50460
     ttgagttaat ttttgaggct tctgaagcat tttgaattaa cttttctaca tgttatgagg     50520
     atagagtaca atttatttgt ctgaatttta gtagtcagtg gtctaacacc atttgttgaa     50580
     tttaatggtc ttggctacat gtcaaaaatc aattgactat agaggtattc ttggactcaa     50640
     cattcagttc tatcgatcta tatgtttgtc cttatgctag tattatggtc tttttattac     50700
     tgttcctttg tagtaatatt tgaaattgag atccaagttg gtttttgttt tcaagaatat     50760
     tttatctact cagaatgcct tgaaatttat atgaatgtta tgactggctt gcccatttct     50820
     gccaaaagaa ttttggtgtt tcataggaat cacagtgaat ttgtagattg ctttgtgtat     50880
     tattgccatc atacaaaata tcacctttaa tccagaaaca tggagtgtct ttacatctat     50940
     ttagggtttc tgaaatttat ttcagcaata tgttataatt tttcatgtct aagtcttgca     51000
     ccgtggttaa atttaagctt aaaatattat taccactgat tttgttgttg tttgcggaag     51060
     cgtctcagtc tctggcccag gtgggagtgt ggtgggcggt gtgctcaccg cagcttcaaa     51120
     ctctttggct cgagcaatcc ttacaccttt ccctcccaaa gaactggaat tacaggcata     51180
     agccaccaca ccacacctgg cctttttttt tttttttctg ttttgaatgt tgccaaggat     51240
     gtgttgcttt acagtcaata aaaatatagt actttgaatt gcccaaaagg tataatgtac     51300
     aagaactctt aagtcatata gttgacttgt tgaccatctg gatacagttc agttacttct     51360
     tcaaaaattg tacctagtaa cattccaaaa ttattttttt taagttctta acttgtagca     51420
     ataaacaaaa tgtcaagact agacattttt attgtatagt attattatta ttattgagat     51480
     ggtatcttgc tctgtcactc aggctggagt gcagtggcat gacctcggct caccacaacc     51540
     tctgtctcca aggttcaagc aatttgcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggattacag     51600
     gggcctgcca tcctgcctgg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagatgagg tttcaccatg     51660
     ttggccaggc tggtatcgaa ttcctgacct caggtgatcc atccacctcg gcctcccaaa     51720
     atgctgggat tacatgcctg agccgctgct ccaggctgac acttttaagg aatactgaag     51780
     tttatttaaa agaaaataaa aatttcaaat cttattcctt tttttgagac agggtctctc     51840
     tgttgcccag gctaaagtgc agaggtgcca tcatggctca ctgcaacctc tcactcccag     51900
     gctcagttaa tccttcctct ttagcctcag tcactatacc tggttgattt ttttgtgtgt     51960
     attttttgta gagttcccac ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattattggc attgataaaa     52020
     catttaatat gttagggtta gataaaaatc aacattttgg ctaaggtatg aacattttta     52080
     aaatgcagtt attcatttat gcctaatttt cagcattttt atgttatcaa ttctcatttt     52140
     aagagtcata tacaaagcat aaggcaaacc catttatgag ttgcatattt gtttcacagt     52200
     ttgtgaaaat gtccttagtt tgctcatatt gcaaacacat ttcaactctg ctatgcaaat     52260
     aacaaaaggc aaccttattt acaattaatt ttatagttac attgcataca gggaatgcac     52320
     tgtctagatg aaaaatagca tctcaactac aggtcttaaa cactgaaaag agctaacagc     52380
     tggccgggct cagtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcca aggcggggtg     52440
     gatcatgagg tcaagagatc aaggccatcc cggctaacat ggggaaatcc cgtctctact     52500
     aaaaatgcaa aaaattagcc gggtgtggtg gcagttgcct gtagtcccag ctattcggga     52560
     ggctgaggca ggagaatggc gtggacccag gaggcagagc ttgtagtgag cggagattgt     52620
     tccactgcac tccagccagg gtgacaaagt gagactccac ctcaaaaata aattgacagc     52680
     ttattataat ttattttatt atatcaattc attttattta tatacaatca attgtattta     52740
     catgcaatct agaaagttca cagccatcag cagttctagt gcagcttcag gtaaaatggg     52800
     aatttaggaa tctctgtgga actgtacatt cagtgaaata tttaggtaaa atatgtgcat     52860
     acttttggct gcacttgtga agggatgtct ctcaaattga cctcaatgct ttcctcctca     52920
     gaaaaatgac ctggatcact caaacgggtt tcattgttgc tgaggtttgt gcatgttctc     52980
     cttttacaac aaatttatga ctcaggatat atctgtttga tatcatggca ttagggcttt     53040
     cacaagcatt gtaggttttc tcttcttcat ccattatgtt tttaagtaat tctacttgaa     53100
     tcctcaggaa cttgaatagt ttttgttagc cccacagcca ctgcagccca ggaccgaatg     53160
     tagcaacaca gcctctgctc caaggccacc ttccatgccc atctacctgc ccctgtgggt     53220
     tttagagcag ttggagtaat ctagtcctgt aagttttaat ttgtttacaa gatttcataa     53280
     tttattgttg gttccttatg attttatgta tataagatta tgagatctat gagtagaaag     53340
     ttttactttt gtctttcaca tatgaatatg ttggtatata tttgtctttt ctaattgttc     53400
     tggatggaag ttctaaaaca atgttgaata cagtgatgaa agtgggcatc agtgctacat     53460
     tcctaatctt aaagatttgg tacacagcag ctcagatgat gattgttatg tgcttcacat     53520
     aaagatgttt tatcatatca aagaaattca aacccatttt ttggatgttt gtattattaa     53580
     atttgttgac tatatttaag tagtttctgt aacagttgag ataaacatgt agtgtttttt     53640
     catcatttaa tttacataat atattgaaaa gggatggctt tagaatgttg aaaaacccgt     53700
     gattttctga aaaaagaact tagtcattca ggtgtgtaat gtcttcacta tgtacctaat     53760
     tccatgtact agtatttgtt taaacattat gatgtctata attatcagat ttgttaatat     53820
     ttagcttttt gtcccagtga tatcatatgt ttaattggct actcaattgg aattacaaag     53880
     aagtattgct tggtgtactc ttatgggcat tagggcttag aggttagagt catagaggat     53940
     atatttaaaa ttttttgaag gaagatgggg taacattaaa cacgggatag aagttgggtg     54000
     ttagggatag gggtttacaa ttgcagaaga aatgttagtg ttagattgag ggttagggct     54060
     ggggttgggt tagggtctag tgtggtagga ttagggttag ggttagaatt aggattaggg     54120
     tcaggggtca agtttagttt taagtttagg gctagagtta gaatcaggtt tagatgttag     54180
     gttaggttag gtttgggatc aggttatgct taggtttagg ttaaaaaaca ggcttatact     54240
     tagaggttac gagccagggt aggtagggtt aggttctagg ttagggtcat ggccagggtt     54300
     gtggtcagtg ttatgagtta gagttaaggt gagggtgagg gtgagggtaa tagggttagt     54360
     gtgttactgt tagggttagg gcttagagtt agggttagaa taaggataag aattcagttt     54420
     aggttttagg gtttgggctg aggttagggt ttcaggttag tgttaacgtt agggttaatg     54480
     tttagagttt agggttagtg tttagggttt agggatagat ttagggttat tgtatagcat     54540
     ttagggttag ggttaaggtt gctttagggt taggataagg ggttacggtg aggcttagtg     54600
     gtaggtttgg gttaggttta gggttgcagt ataggattag ggttaagttt gggtttagca     54660
     ttttcattta tgcttagggt tagggtttat gcttatggtt agggttaaat tctgttagaa     54720
     ttaggggtta gggtttatgt ttaggcttag ggtcagggtt tagggttagg tttacattta     54780
     gggttgtatg tttggattaa ggtttgtgtt aggggttaca gttaggttta gccttagatt     54840
     tatatttaat gttagctctg ttctatgatt aaggtgaatt gtgaggatta aggtagggtt     54900
     tagcatttat gattaagttt aggtataggt ttaaaatgtt agaaggctat tgttagagtt     54960
     attattaatt gttagggtta tatctagggt ttagggtgta tggttagggt tgatgttagc     55020
     atttaaggtt ttgtgttagc atagggcttg cttttaattt tagggttatg gttatgatta     55080
     tgttacaatt atgattaggt ttatgttcag gtttcttgtt tggtgttttg gtctgggtta     55140
     gagtttttgt ttagtttggg tttggagtag agatagggtt aggattagtg ttagggttat     55200
     gggttagggt tatcattacc tgttagggtt attgtttgaa gtttagggtt tagggcatag     55260
     tgttaatggt tagggttaag gttcagcctt agattttgag ttagggttta ggcttaggtc     55320
     tagtggtcac ctttgattag cgtttgggtc agggccttag tttggcatta gcggttaaaa     55380
     tttagatcta ggttgtattg ttttggctag ttgttacagt ctttactagg cttagtgttt     55440
     tatggttagg gttgttggtc aatttgtggt tggttttggg gtcacagtta gagtctgggt     55500
     cagggttaga cctcagggtt tgggtagtgt tatggttttg ttaagtgtta cgtttatgtt     55560
     cagggttagg gattagtggt tacggcttgg attgggttag tgataggttt cagcatttat     55620
     agttacggtt cgcattgcag ttgggtagga ataggatttt agggttaaag ttagggttag     55680
     tgttttagca tcaggggtat aattaaaggg gagatttgag gttggggttg ttgtaggact     55740
     ggggtagatt tagagttagt gttatcgttt atggttagag ttcagattag agtttatatg     55800
     tttgggttat gttcagtgtt aaggttagtg ttacggggtt agggtttgga ttataatgtt     55860
     actgttagct ttaggattta gtttagggtt agggttagtg tttagcatta gtgttagtgt     55920
     ttcagtgtta gcgtcaggta tatatttaag tttgtgttaa ggttggctta gggtcatgtt     55980
     tagtgtcagt gtcatgctca gttttaggat tatgtgttag agttagtttt ggggttacaa     56040
     ttaagggtca agattggatt tgggcttggg gttagggttg gggatagggt tggagttgca     56100
     gttgatgttg ttcaatatat gggtagtgtt agtgtcactg ttttaaggta ggggtagagt     56160
     aggtttagag ttagtgttag gggtaaaagt aggagttagg gttatgtgtt aggtgttaga     56220
     attacaattt tagggttagg ttttttgttt taggtttagg gttaggattg agtttagttt     56280
     agggttaggg tttgggttaa aagttgggat ttgggtaggt ttagggctgg ggtatgttta     56340
     ggattgggga taggtgtagt ggtacattta agtttagaga tatggctagt ttttggtttt     56400
     ggttggggtt aagattaggg ttttagttag cattttaggg ttatttttag ggtttagtgt     56460
     tagtggttag ggtttggatt agatgtcttt ttctgtctca ctcatgttct ccaatggacc     56520
     agtcatcaca gtttttctgt cctcagaagc ccatatggac ttcagactta ttcagacttt     56580
     gaaataactt ctcttcatgg tggagttacc aactgtgggc ctcctctcac tgagacttat     56640
     acacttactg ggattgcatg cctgtagaga gataggtctc ctcctaacta agggatgtag     56700
     agacatcgca acaaccttcc tgctcataga agctacccac tgtgaatctc ccctccacca     56760
     agggcttcag agaagtttac acaacctgtc tgtctactaa aatttgtatc tgtgggtctc     56820
     ctatttactg agtgttgcac agatgcaggt atgtcctctt tgtaaaatgg agttacccac     56880
     tttttgtatc ctgagatctg tatcttcact caataaagca tctatttacc ttggttactc     56940
     tccattttcc cacatatgtc attctttctg gacatgggac aagaactcag gatcctctta     57000
     atgacacaac taaaagtata gtaacagaaa cgggattaaa acactccaac ccacacttgc     57060
     cacattgtta gcagaattgt ttttacaaaa aggattagaa gggcttaacc ctttgagaag     57120
     cctagaccta aacatgttca aagacagaac tgtgacacca tctctggggc tctccagttt     57180
     ctggcatttc taagtttttg gatgacactg cattctccag tgcctatgga ggaaacagct     57240
     tgtggtatgc ctgattcagc caaagacttg cagggtgttg gcacctgttc tagcacttgt     57300
     atcagctcac cttatcacag acagtttgtt tagctgtgta cagtggctgg actcaacagt     57360
     cactcaggta cctctctcta ctctgtgtct ggctcaccca cagcaggaat agaatctgag     57420
     ctgatagttt cagctaaaca cagcctgtca agctgagtca gtaaaattag ctctgcaacc     57480
     ccaagagaaa cttgggcaat gctgccacca tccacagaga tttttggctt gagaagcaac     57540
     agcctagaga tactgtgaca aaagtaagat tgttcacctg tggccagtag attattccat     57600
     catgcctatg taatgaagcc tcaataaaaa tccaagagga caggcttcag agagctctgg     57660
     atagataaac ttatagagtt ttctagaaaa ttgtgagcac ataaaatcag acaccgataa     57720
     ttttaaatgt caatgataat ataagtgttt ttcctttatt ttgaaagaag tttcagcatt     57780
     tgactatgtg ttcagaattt taacttatta agtagtacct attccaagtt aacctaacaa     57840
     ctacacatta taaacataaa aacttaaata tttccaccta aatgtttcta tgattcacta     57900
     atactacaca agttttgttt agatagtggt ttcttcatgt taaccgggta agaactagaa     57960
     acttatgaaa gaaattaaaa taaattgata tctcaacatg aattctaacc atgtgttcgg     58020
     tttagaagtt tgtctctctg agttatttgt gactttgtaa agtcaaaggc attggcttag     58080
     atgtttctgt gtctctattt gggggagggg agcagagagt gcctcacaaa gcattagact     58140
     ctgcattcta cgatataaac aacaaacatt cttacaggct tttctgtcat ccaaatctaa     58200
     taaaagacaa gttttatctt ttatatagta gtagccataa ataaaaatta gtgctttaaa     58260
     gaacagtcta gtgctcacca gtctgctgtt atattagggc ttatatgggc ataaaataat     58320
     aacatttggg ccaagtagct gttttattat ttattttaaa ggtagagtgc ttaaaatgcc     58380
     ttgataatat taaataaata tcttgtacat ttccagttct catttcaagc tttagctatg     58440
     ggtaatattg tttggggcta ttaagataga ttagggcatc ttggagctaa ttatgtattc     58500
     tgctgagctc aatccttctg tcctgagcag acagactggc acatgcttta acatggattc     58560
     tatcccttgt gctgagcccc agattttctt tagcacttca cacactctca cattggcctg     58620
     tttcatctcc atcataacat tacagtgaac aagagtgtta cattccttta gcaaaactgg     58680
     attacatgag gcaagctcct taatagggat cctaacctct tgggtgaaag ttgcagccca     58740
     agacacctga gggaccaggc ctttggcaca tgcatttcat gctgtcggct ttcaccaacc     58800
     aatcaacatt tcattggaag atgctccacc catcatcttg ggaaatgtga tggtagaaca     58860
     gccccctgga ctctgtctaa aggttgtaca agtggtgtga aacaaagcct tttctttacc     58920
     tcaaaccaaa tcacaaaaag cattatagat gcacctagtc caatgcctgg gctactggct     58980
     ggtacaatag tcttcgtaaa cagagtgaaa gtattcacaa agttcttgat ggtgaccacc     59040
     atttcaatgc ttgctctgtt tctgtcattt cttaaatgca cacaaaatca agaccacagc     59100
     aaaaggcact gccagctaca ctgagcagca tgagcttgct gtcattccca gtggccatat     59160
     tcagagaatt ctcaatttct ttcattactt ctttatttag tgagtttttc tctgttgatc     59220
     tagttgatag caacatctgg tgaagccatc ctctttcctc accacaatgt ctctaaacct     59280
     gctggcactt tctgttagcc ttatggagaa atacatcctt ttgataaaag gctgattttt     59340
     ttcatcatca attgtctttc tttgcccaac tctcaccctt ggaacacata tatacatgtt     59400
     tcttgttcca ttggctgtta gtggatccat taattccagt gtaccttcct tattacctga     59460
     gcctgtggcc atggaagtag taattgagcc agacagctga gacattagtg ggtgtatctg     59520
     gggccacttc gctcttccag cctggtttgc accaagatct gctaaagctc tgatgggctt     59580
     ctctgatgcc accttgtgca ctgacatgtc ctgcgaatct ggtgcaacag ggtccagttt     59640
     ctcaggttca tgaaagccat tctcggtgtt tttgctgtta acagtctcag aattgcaaat     59700
     gtcttgatag ttgaatttac cagctccata tttttgggtt ggagagaggt gaagctgcat     59760
     tttcctaacg ttctggctgg cagcaaacga ctggctgttt ttggatttgt gatgtttacc     59820
     tgtcattttt ttatgagagt tcttagaaaa gttggcgttc gtagacctgg aagttccttt     59880
     ttctgacatt gattgaaaaa gttctacctg ttcttgtcag tatacttttt ttctgatttt     59940
     tagtcatctc ttgtagtcat aaatacattt accgcagttc acgaggtcct gctctggttc     60000
     ccaagtgtca gccttttcat tgaaccaaat actctgtctt cccttttatg tcttgccttt     60060
     tgtcaataat agttcaaact tcaacctcct gggtagccat gaagaaagag acaggattga     60120
     ggcagttgct gtggcaactt tgtttcagtt cagtctccac atagtccctg ctttctgcct     60180
     ccagtgcttc atcaggccct gggtatggat gagtctcttc cactacatga ccactggcat     60240
     agtaaaagtt gtgggaagaa gcagctatgc tatgtgcctc aggctctcca catttactcc     60300
     atggtgggac agctcaggct tctgttcaag gtgccaagat ggctggctag gtagcgtctg     60360
     gtaagaccaa ctaaatccac agctccttct cacggatgta gtgcagaaag ctttctacct     60420
     gcctgttctc tttcctttgt agttgctatg atgattatat tgaacatcct aaagttataa     60480
     cacgttcaaa gtcacgttag tttactttca gtaacacatg aaacccctac tcatttatag     60540
     cacaaccccc attatttcac ttgttgattt ctcaaaatta tacctttatg cattgtattg     60600
     tcaaaaacac aagcaaggcc aggcatagtg gctcacacct agaatctcag gagtttgaga     60660
     ggtgaggcgg gcggctcacc agaggccgga agttcgcgtc cagcctgacc aatatgggga     60720
     aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta gccagatgtg gctaataatt acagtgcctg     60780
     taatcccaac tacttgggaa ggttttcagg caggagaatc gcttgaaccc agaaggcaga     60840
     ggttgcgatg agccgagatc gcgccattgc actccagcct gggcaccaag agtaaaactc     60900
     catctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag aaaaaaagaa aaaacaaaac     60960
     aaaacaggcc aagagcggtg gttcactctt gtaatcgctg cacttctgga ggatgaagag     61020
     ggtggattgc gaggtcagga gattcagacc atcctggcta acatggtaaa accctgtctc     61080
     tatgaaaaat atagtagggc gtggtggcta agctattcgt ggtggttaag ctggtagccc     61140
     agctactcag gatgctgagg caggagaatg gtgtgaaccc gggaggcaga acttgcagtg     61200
     agtttagatc tggccactgc actgcagcct gggcgagaga gggagactcc atctcaaaaa     61260
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag agccgggcac ggtggctcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt     61320
     gggagggtga ggtgggcgga tcaccaggtc agaaaatcga caccatcctg gctaacacgg     61380
     tgaaaacccc gtctctacta aaagtacaaa aaattagcca ggcatggtgg tgggcgcttc     61440
     tagtcctagc tactcgggag gctgagacag gagaatggaa tgaacctggg aggtggagct     61500
     ttcagtgagc tgagatggcg ccactgctct ccagcctggg cgacagagcg agactccgtc     61560
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa gaaaaaaatt cacttttttt ttttttaata     61620
     aaattgtatt gtcgattatg tggagagcaa attacggaga tgcacattgt taattttttc     61680
     tcttttataa ttgttcacgt atttatcttt accgtaatct ttatttatac tgctgtttag     61740
     catcctttca ttttatcctg aaatactcca taaaacattt cttaaagggt tatctaaaaa     61800
     gaccccagct tatatctagg aatgtcataa tttttccctc acgtttgatg gactttattt     61860
     ggacataaga tttgtgtttg aaagtctttt cttacattac ttggaaaata ttagtctact     61920
     gccttctgga ctctgagttt ttagataaga aatctgctga ttatttttca gggttctttt     61980
     tacatgacta gtcacttctc ttgctgcttt caaggttctc tttgtctttg ttttagacag     62040
     tgtaattatc atgtaagttt gagtgtgtct ctttgagttt gtcttaatta gagtttgttg     62100
     atcttcctag gtgtttattt cctcaaatgt gttatattct tgcccactgt atctttagac     62160
     tccctgtttc ttggtctctt ctctttgaac tttcaaaatg aataagtagg tcttcttgat     62220
     ggtgtcctac tggatctagg ctgtgttcgc atttctttat ttctttttct ctttctgact     62280
     taataatttc aactgccatt tttctaggtt tgccaacatt ttgttctttt atctgctcaa     62340
     gtctcctttt aaatgtatgt agaaaatttc tatgtcattt gttttccttt ccaggtccag     62400
     aattttttct tagttttaaa aataagttta ttctctcttt attaacattt tttgttcatg     62460
     aatttctttg ttttggaagg tcgaggcagg agaatcattt tgtttattct agtagcttcc     62520
     taaggacatt aatttttaaa attatttttt agtaagcctg ccatttgagc tttctaggaa     62580
     aagcttctgt tagtgatttt tttttcttag gatgatccat actttcttat ttcacttttt     62640
     gctttgtgat tttgttggtg ttgaaaacaa atcttaaaat gctgaaactt tgaaaatcag     62700
     attttctccc tctgtggttt gctagggttt ttttaattcc tcatgtcggt tatttctgtc     62760
     ctggcagtca gtcttactca acttattctt gggtctttct tgagcctgca ccattttggg     62820
     gcacatgtgc ttaacaacaa attttattct aaagtttcat gtacatatgt tttcttttta     62880
     atgtttttgt ccataattgt ctggtctctt aagataaaaa aaagaaaaat tagaaaaaaa     62940
     atgcattggc tctttaaatc ttctgaaagt tgcttgagga ggaggaggaa aagcctgcaa     63000
     aaggtttggg gaatgaaatc atgacttttt ccctgtgtca ggactgccat aatcagaagc     63060
     agcaattggt gcccaagtct tcctgagatt tggaggactg agttcttttt gtttatcctg     63120
     gctcttgcca gctgctccag aagtagtcgc aaggtagcac accactgcgg tagctaatga     63180
     aaaataaata gctgctggtg atctacgcta taaaaatgat caaatttaat tgctgtttac     63240
     tgtacaaatc ttcttttaga aactgtatac tttcagatag actctggagt tccaaactaa     63300
     ttgcatcata ccgattctgc cacttgaaga aacagatata tagtgctcta tagtccagtc     63360
     attcttttcc cagaagctgt gtcattttac tttgaatctc catgtttttt cacctaaagt     63420
     aatacttgca tagaaatcgt gtaagtaaat ccttctttaa acgcgctttt ttgacattct     63480
     ttgccctttt catgcaagag ctcatattta aagttattac aaataaaaaa atgcatactc     63540
     taacatttac ttacttgttt tccatatttt ctgtatcaca tttgatcctc aattcctcca     63600
     ttgatcattt caaaaatatg atttttaaaa atttattctt ttcagtattt ttatattaca     63660
     attagttgta tttgggactt catgtaatat tctacacata aaatcgccta ctttgaagaa     63720
     tgttaactca attgaatgat ctaaaattta attttaacaa taaaaaaatg ctactcttgg     63780
     gcttttctat ccttctcaat ttatattatt gttccagatt atatctgtat gcactgagtg     63840
     cccattaaaa tagatttgta ttttttaatg tagtagctgc ctagcagaag tataatagta     63900
     ttagataact ttgccagtgt ggtaatagta atactatttt tcttagagaa gggttagtta     63960
     cacattcctt tagcttttat ctaggcattt tttgcttgca tattatattg ccagttatat     64020
     attttattca tatctccaaa gtgttttctt agttattgaa agcttagcat gcgttccatt     64080
     agcattttta ataagagcaa tataaaaact atcataaaaa acagaatctg tattaactga     64140
     ttgtctgttg tatgagataa ctgtattctt ttctctcaac gtcgtaaaga tatgtgacca     64200
     attcttggta ttttcaacca agagtgagtt cttagttagg caaaacaaaa ataaatgtgt     64260
     tttatcaatt cgtcatttat ctcctaggaa gactagaaaa aacacagtaa attagcacat     64320
     aaaggcttct taactcctcc ctgaatcagg aatctgggcc tcaaattaaa aatataaatt     64380
     tcagtttaga aggcttcatc tgtgccaggg aggcagtatg gcaatccaaa aataaattta     64440
     taattttaaa attgtctccc ttgattgctt agttgatagc aactgttgat ttccagggtc     64500
     cagacacttt tttattggtt tgatatttct ttgaatggtt tgaagctgtc ttctctgtag     64560
     ttttgctttc atttttattt gtaaagcact gattgttttc taatctcaga gtttattttt     64620
     atttaggaga tctatatttt tgtccaataa caatgttatt taaaatagtt tcattgaata     64680
     ttacacctct aatttgggat cctagatgtt ttgtttttgt tttagtagtt acagtataaa     64740
     gtttttgttt gcatttaatt aattgagttt atcaattcca tatacaatgc atgaggcaag     64800
     actctctatt ataaagtaca ttttggtttt atgtaaaaca agtataattt gtttcgaaag     64860
     tgacttgcaa gtacatatct aaataaaata ataagagaat aatcatgtaa gtatgtagga     64920
     agatcgacaa gcatgatgat ttctggcaga gtcctgctta gattgtttgc aatacagcga     64980
     ggtcactgtg gttggagcag ttaccttgga aggggaatga ttataaatgg taagaccatc     65040
     gagacgacag acagtccggg gtgattgtcc agggtttctg taggtcagta gatttaagtt     65100
     tagttttact ttatgcctgg ttgatgactg gaagtggaat tggtaaggtt gttactagcg     65160
     tctggtgctg aaaggctaga aatgctgcta aatatcttaa aatctagagt cttaggcatc     65220
     tttgagatat taacagtgtt gaaacatctc tccagaaaat tgtaaaaaaa taaacacact     65280
     ttcagaacac tttgatttta tattttcaag atttcttaac tcaatttttg ctttctgtaa     65340
     ataagaagga ttttaggaag ttttttaaag ttcagttgat tcacggttgg gtaagtgtta     65400
     gtgaagtcag ttcagttaat caatggttag aaactaaagc atatatttcc ttttctcccc     65460
     ttttctttcc cattactttt taaatatttc cataaaatgc taatatagca aaataaaacc     65520
     ctaggccacg tctgttttgg ggaaccaaga gagaaaactc aatcagcggc ttttaggata     65580
     gaactaatct tgactacagc tggaagacat acataatgca catgcacaca tgtgcactgg     65640
     cacactccta ttcatccaca ttttgcatat ttgtcataag acaaatatta aatgtgtctt     65700
     attcatgaaa gttgtaagat attacaataa gcaagccaaa tgaaaactaa gatttcaaag     65760
     attattgcca gtgttggaga aatcttgctt ttgctaaagt tgttggctta atactcaagt     65820
     atcttctact gtttaataaa ttacttgata gaagtttgta tagtgggcat ctttgatcac     65880
     aattacttat gctctgtctt gttgtaaaat aacccaaaat aaatagtttc agaaaaattt     65940
     acattagaaa ataagagaaa ataaaacaaa tgaatgagaa aattgctgta atataaaaaa     66000
     tgtggaatat gaaaaaatat atattaagag aaatccaaaa aggaggttca ttcatacaat     66060
     gtaaaatctt ttctgtttga ataaaaatta gtttcagaac cttagcagct agcagcaaca     66120
     tggtagttaa cctcatgtgt aatgctcaat tagttgtata tggagcacaa aatgtatgag     66180
     gagtttatta agtattaact ctcacatgat cacaataggc tacctgcaag ctgaggagca     66240
     aggagagcca gtttgagtcc caaaactgaa gaacttggac ctcaatgtaa aaggggagga     66300
     agcatccagc atgggagaat gatgtaggcg tggagctagg ctcctgtctg cttttcacat     66360
     ttttctgcct gctatatatt cactataagt tgattagatt atgcccacta gattaaggtg     66420
     gatctgcctt cttcagccca cttactcaaa tgttaatttt tctgggggga ccacccaata     66480
     gacacacaca agattaatac tctggcactt tgggaggccg aggcgggcgt atcacgaggt     66540
     caggagatcg agaccatcct ggctaacacg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa     66600
     aaattagccg ggcgaggtgg cgggcgcctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag     66660
     gagaatggcg tgaaccccag ggggcggagc ctgcagtgag ccgagattgc gccactgcac     66720
     tccagcctgg gcgacagcga gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaagatta     66780
     atactctgta tcccccaatc caatgaagtc aacaatcagt attaaccatc acagctccac     66840
     ttcttgtcaa gttgaaccca tacacatctc gtaagcgcat acataatctt caaataaaga     66900
     caataatgag gtcataatta caactagcat aatacaacta tcctttgtac aaccaggaac     66960
     atcccaatcc ctaacccaaa tagtattatg taaagttaag aatactcaaa tattaatatg     67020
     aagtcaataa atcttatgtc acatgataaa gaaaaagaaa aaaaataaag atatttttac     67080
     atttgtatac atgcacaaac tttgtttttt tagagtctga gtctcacact gtcacccagg     67140
     ctggagtgca gtggcatgat ctcagctcag tgcaagctcc acctcccaag ttcacaccat     67200
     tctccctcct tagcctccag agtagctggg actaccggtg cccaccacca caactggcta     67260
     attttgtttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcacca gattagccag gatggtctcg     67320
     atctcctgac ctcatgatcc acccgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg     67380
     agccactgca cccagccaaa ctttttttta acaaaaggaa gaagtattta ggacattcaa     67440
     agtcctcatt tctgccactg gtcatgttgt catagctggt attgatgact acctttttct     67500
     accaaatttt ctctatttct tttgccttca gcaagcacct cagcaggtgc tgttttttct     67560
     ttttcttttc ttttttccct ggtagagtga cccaaacctt aattccggaa gagtctggac     67620
     catttgtatt cctgccagaa tttggctgct gtagttatcc actgacctta atcacaggac     67680
     atgttaatat taacaggcac cctgattgat ttcctttatt acatgcttac tcttccttac     67740
     ctccattgtg gagtagtaga ctgatttcat ctgacagttt aggacaatta ccacagccaa     67800
     aactgtaact cctttcttag cctgatgact gaaacctagg aggagcccaa agtgataagg     67860
     gggcaatctt aacttctaat ttaatggaat cattcaatgg atcccattca agatgatggg     67920
     aaacatggta ggaccagtga attccataat cagtagacca ctgccacact tctttagccg     67980
     taaagtgagc gccttggtca gaggcaatgc tgtgtggaat gacatgatag tggataaagc     68040
     attttattag ttcacagatg gtagtcttgg cagaagcatt gcatgcagga taggcaaacc     68100
     catatccaga gtaaatgtat atttctttga gaactaacct ctttcctttt cataatggaa     68160
     gagatcaaat gtaatcaaac ttccatcagg tggctggctg attaccccac aaaagtggtg     68220
     ccatattgag agctcagtgt tggtctatgc tgttggcaaa ttgggaattc atcaggggcc     68280
     atagccaggt cacccttggt aagtaaaagt caattttctg aacgcttgca taacctccat     68340
     ccccaccatc atagacactt tgtttatggg cccattgagt gatgacagga gtggcttggg     68400
     acagagtctg agtggtgtcc acagaacagg tcattctatc catttgatta ttaaattcct     68460
     tctctgctga ggtaaccagt tggtgagcac tcacgtgaaa cataaatatc ctcagtttct     68520
     gaccactcag agaggcccct gcacatacct tttcccaaaa ttgctttgtc accaattttc     68580
     taatcatggt tcttctaagt ccctgatcag ccagccaaac catttgctac agcccaagaa     68640
     tcagtatata atcacacatc tggccatttc tgtttgaagt tctgcccatt gggaagattt     68700
     ccctttacca ctgtctttta ggaatgtcct aaaaagaagc tgtagtgctg cagctgtcta     68760
     atttcgggtg gtggctgcat attgtgcaga accaactgga acctggccat aatcttctct     68820
     tattttgtca attgatcata ggcaactcct catgagacca tgattgcaag ttgaaggaga     68880
     aaaggcagga tggcagaagt ggagagcgtg gacttttgat ccactttctt atataactaa     68940
     cttacttgtt ctttcacatc ctgttcgagc atggccacat atattccact tccatttgat     69000
     gatgaaatac tgctatgcac aacccatttt gtggctagat ggttaagaaa tcaagcagtt     69060
     catgataggc catttagttc atatggtggc ttgatgaccc atagtcaaac gttcagtttc     69120
     caacaaagtc cagtaacagg ccaagatctc tcaaaaggag agtagttatt tgcagaacat     69180
     gtggagcttt tcttcaaaac actagagacc aatgctgtga ttcacctgtg ggagcctggc     69240
     aaggcctcca aacagcaacc ttatctacca atgatgcctc aagcaccatt agaactgctg     69300
     ggtcatatgg cccaagtggc agggaagcta gcatggcatc ctagaactgc agcagatctt     69360
     cttcctgttc tggacactac tcaatactgg caggctttca ggtcactaaa taaatgggcc     69420
     agagtaagat acttgaatga gaaatgtgtt gcctccaata tccaaatagg ttccctagac     69480
     attttgcctc tttcttggtt gtaggaagag cctaatgtag caacttgtta tttaccttat     69540
     aacacctaga aattttactg agataaagtg tccctgaaat ttagtcagat ttatttccca     69600
     ttctctggta caaaaatgtc tcataaataa gtccagtgtg tttgctactt cttgttcact     69660
     gggtaaaatc tgcataatgt catcaatgta atggaccagg gtgctatctt gcagaagcca     69720
     aaagcaatca agggctctct aaataagatt atgacacaca aagagttgat atacccctgt     69780
     ggtaggataa caaaggcata ttactggcct tgccagctga aggcaaattg cttctggtga     69840
     gccgtatgga caggaatgaa gaaaaaggta ttttcccagt gaattattgc ataccaggta     69900
     ccaggagatg tattaatttg ctcaaacaat aaaaccacat ctggtacagc aggtacaatt     69960
     ggagtcacca tgcagttaag cttacgataa tccactatta ttctccaaaa tccatgtgtc     70020
     ttctgcatca gacaaatggg agagttgtag gaggatgtgt tgctaattac cactcctatg     70080
     cctttcaagt ccttgatggt gtcactaacc ttcacaatct ctccaaaaaa ttgatattgt     70140
     ttttgattta ctatttttct aggcataggc agctctattg gcctccattt gacctttccc     70200
     attatagtag ctctacccta caagtcaggg agcaaatggt ggattctgcc agctgctaag     70260
     tatgtctatg ccaattatgc attctggcac tgggaaaagg accacagaat gagtctaggg     70320
     acacattgaa ccccttctaa gtctgactga agctaaaact ttattaatta cctgaccttc     70380
     ataaggtcct actttaactg aaggaccaca gtgatgtttt ttgtcccctg gaataaacat     70440
     cagctcatag actgtgtcca gcagtccctg aaaagtctga tcatttccct ttccacatca     70500
     ggacacaatt attcccattg tgtttaaatt tggtagttta gttactgtag tttccaccct     70560
     tagatctgac atacagagaa gaaaaattac aggcctcttc aaagatgcag gtgctgatct     70620
     cacaaatcta tttcacaaag cactgatcaa gggtgtatct tttgaaccct cccagctggg     70680
     gtgagtatgt ctaaagtgac aaatccactc caccatccaa atctccctag gcctttggat     70740
     gtcttcctta cattaaacca ataaagagca gacatttata gcccactcac agtaggccat     70800
     ctttttattt atatttcatt taatcaagca aataaattat cagaactcat tttaaactcc     70860
     ttgagctgca gctttaaatg cagagcctac ttagtgagcc ctgatcaata aattcagcct     70920
     gacacaattc tgggtttttt tccactattt tctcatacct atactatcca ttcccatgcc     70980
     tgttcccaga ctacatttta tatacatttg aaaactcaaa cagttctttt catgtgtacc     71040
     atacgtcctc agaggtcaca ttctcaatct cacctctaag agcccaccag agctttgtag     71100
     gggttcagtc aggatggtgg ggaaaattat aagtcacaaa ccttcttgca aagcctgaag     71160
     gattttgtaa aagtctcagg ataaggttat ggctgaaggc aaactaatcc ttaccttgag     71220
     tagataggtt aaagtgcata caaaggaagg tagggtagtt tatctaactg gcttctttac     71280
     tcatgtggta agaagactaa cttttgatct actgcaggtg cttaattcct ttctacttgg     71340
     gaagtctgaa tgtcaattac cctctagtgg tgtttactca gacctttgtc aattaatctt     71400
     tactgtacaa atgcaagtct cgctggctga ttgaggctgc agttgcaact gtttagtgca     71460
     ttctgtgtgg atactctaag tggcccagat gcttagtcaa actcacaaag cagaatatct     71520
     gtgtgtcagt gtactttatt cacccatcat tgagttaggg tctgcaggaa agacccccac     71580
     agccagcacc cccatgtgaa gaacatggca aaggaggtgc gatggacccc ctgaaaacaa     71640
     acattgaaga agattgtgtg gtcaagtcag taaaacagga agtcattggt gtccacttgg     71700
     gatttccaag ttcagagggg attggtcagg ctgaggtttc atcatgggac aacagttacc     71760
     aactcaacaa aaacagtgta taaaatgttg aaatagttgc ttaatgcttc cagagtatca     71820
     ggttcatgga ctcacttaag agaactaatg caaactactg tctcacataa tccatggttc     71880
     ccagaataag gaatgctaga ggtagaactt tggtaacagg tggggagaaa tcttaaacag     71940
     catgatgcac aagggcaatg ggtcccagta tcaattttaa cactatgggc ccctgtaagg     72000
     atggctttag tctcattata cacagaagag cctaaaaagg ggaagaagga gaaaacgtca     72060
     cttgccgtat tgcctctcct ggtgaatcag gtggccaggc aaaatataac agctgatatg     72120
     ctccagggaa ggggtcctca tgccgatgtg caataaaaac taaattttga tctccaggct     72180
     tatgctgatg tccctctgtg tgctctcagg gcttgggacc aaattcctga aagcagaatt     72240
     cagcagggat cttttgtaaa tgtttgacaa gggcctcagc agccatttgt tgagtttatc     72300
     aatcagttaa ccaaggcaat taagagacaa attagtcatg cccaggccac tgatatcatt     72360
     gcagctggtt tttgaaaatg cctgtgtggt ttgccagcag gcaatgcagg caatcagagg     72420
     aaaggccacc actgttgggg agctaatacc agcatttcag ctagtaggaa ctgagatacg     72480
     caaagccaaa atattggcta tggcattaag gcctcctaaa gtgaaaaggg agagagacca     72540
     aaattgtgtt ctatgaggag agccaggaca tataacaagg gaatatcatt atagtaaaga     72600
     tcaaggtaac taagatcaag taaagatcaa ggtaacttct atatgtcccc aaagtaggaa     72660
     ggggaagcat tgggcagatc aatgcaggtc taaattggat aaaaatggca accccataag     72720
     aaaccagtca gaagcttcat gaggggtcag ctccaggcac cactcccaac tggggcaatg     72780
     ccagcagctt tccttggtca aatgggaagt ccatagtcct ctcttttaga gcggccacaa     72840
     ctgggagcac aggactggac ttactctgcc ccagtgaatt agtgctaaaa gaagaagact     72900
     ctaaaagtgt tgcaattggg atctggggcc cagtgcctct gggaacagtg gggttagtcc     72960
     tagggcagtc tagcctaccc agtcaaggaa ttaatgtgcc caatggggta actgatagtg     73020
     attatcagag tgagatattg gttatgatgg aatgtaaagg tctgcatatt cctccccctg     73080
     gatcaaagat agctcagtta ctgattttac catactgggt cttcaatgcc catggaaagg     73140
     aaaagcgaaa gggaagcttt ggatgcacag gagccatggg agtgtattgg aatcaattaa     73200
     tcactgatca gagacccatg attactttta aaaattggac ataagaattt tactggctta     73260
     ttgggcacag gagtgaacat tttaatcatt agtgatcaga actgtccaga aacttgatct     73320
     tggatcactc aaaaacagaa aatttctgca ttgacaaagc acacacagcc aagcagagca     73380
     tgcgtcccct aacatgctgt gattatgaag ttagaatgac agttatgcaa cctctaatca     73440
     tgcccatcct gttaatcttt gggggcagga cctattagcc cagtgtgtgt gaggagatca     73500
     ctctgcatac ccctttatga caatggccac tattgttatt tctcctctac ccctgacatg     73560
     tctctctcaa gatccaattt gggaagaata gtggcctctg aagtgagaca aattacagaa     73620
     ggctcatgaa ttagttgaag agcaatcaaa ggctgggcat atcaaattat ctcacagtcc     73680
     ctggaattca cccattttca tcattcccaa aaagtctggg aaatggataa ttatccaaac     73740
     ttacaggcta ttaatgctaa tttacagcct attgggcccc ttcaacaggg ccccccttcc     73800
     tccactttga ttcctcaaaa tttgcctgta atcattattg actgaaagga ttcttttcat     73860
     acaatttctc taggacagag aaaaaattgt gtttaccata tcagctatca ataatgaaaa     73920
     gccagcttgt tgatttcatt ggaaagtgct tcctcaagga atgctaaaca gtcctacctt     73980
     gtgtcagtat catgtaaatc aagctttgct ccctagtaga aaagagtttt ctgattgcaa     74040
     gatgaatatt tttatggatg atattctact tgcagcccca atggagccaa catttttaaa     74100
     tttatattcc tctgtcataa agaatacaca gataagagat ttaattgttc cacctgagaa     74160
     aggacagctg tattctcctt ggaaatatcc tgggtacata ctaactttcc tgtcagtaag     74220
     acctcaaaac actaaattaa atactagcaa gttacacatc ttaaattatt atcaaaaatt     74280
     tctgagagac attaatttgc accaccctac tttgaggatt tctactgata aactataaaa     74340
     cctgtattct atcttaaagg gcaatccagc cctagattat cccagatatt taacccctgc     74400
     agcaaaaagg gaaatcaagg aactagaact agaactgcat caaaaagaga aatcaaggaa     74460
     atagaactca ccatctctca gaggcagcta gatcacatag tcccaggctt tatggtacat     74520
     gctgtttatc tttcccagca aacactcccc taaagggtta ataggacaaa tggtccctgg     74580
     gctattcttc ctagaatgga ttttttgctc acataatggg actaaaactc tatctcccta     74640
     tatttagtta attactaaag tcatctattc aggttgcaaa tgatgtaatc ggttgctagg     74700
     ttatgatcct gatgtcatca ggattctttt aactaaaaag caatttgaag cagtattgcc     74760
     attattgata gatttgcaaa tagctttctc tgattacaca ggacaaatag agcacatcca     74820
     tccttctgat caactccttc atttattatc tcatatgctg gtaattttgt ccacagaaag     74880
     aggtcaatcc ccatatctaa tgttttaaca ttgtttactg atgggtctgg taaacatgga     74940
     aaagcagcag tctggtggag accacacaat tcaatcactt gatctgggtt tactagcact     75000
     cagagagctt agattggggc tctgatactg gccttggaaa ctttttgcac tcaggccata     75060
     agtagtgtac gtgactgtgc atactctatt tactacaaaa ccttgagaga ccttaattga     75120
     gtccactctg ggcccagccc tgtgtgctct ttttctttga ctttagcaat tgcttgatca     75180
     acatacacat cctattttta ttacaaacct tcgagtccac agctcactgc ctggcccatt     75240
     gacttatggc aataatgaag cagactttca tgttatgaca ttactgctta accaagccac     75300
     ccaattgcat caattttgcc accaaaattg gagaaactta tctaaataat ttccacttac     75360
     tcacagagtg gtaaaaaaat tatcctaaaa tgcacagatt gccacctcat aggcacatct     75420
     cctccttcaa caagtgttaa ccctagagga ctagagccta atcagatatg gcaaacagat     75480
     gatacataca tccctgaatc tggaaaacta agatatgtac atgtatccat tgagaccaac     75540
     acgcatttaa ttagtgcaca tgctctgcct ggagagtcaa ctcaatatgt cattaaacat     75600
     attcttttca gttttgcatt tatgggctga cccacaaaaa ttaacactga taatgctcca     75660
     gcttatgtca gttcacaatt tcaacaattt tgtcacacat ggagcatcca atattccaca     75720
     ggcattccat ataaccccaa agacaagaaa tagtaaaaca tgcccactcc tcccttaaaa     75780
     atatgctcaa ataaaagggt ggggggagta tgggtaaaga cccttcaatg ctattggcat     75840
     aaaacctaca gttttatgga aagatgtaaa cagtaatgaa tggtgcagtc ctagggaatt     75900
     attaacctgg ggaagaaggt atgcttgtgt ccacaccccc tcaggtcctc tttggatttc     75960
     agcatgacac atcaaaccat accatggcat gactaggacc caacccagta tcaggaatga     76020
     atgagtgaat cctgaaagat ccacagcccc ggacgatgaa gttaacatga atgacacaag     76080
     tgccagacat tacctggggg ctgctgaaga ggacaactca ggtggctgaa caaatcctcc     76140
     tccagacata gacactattt actccagata atttgtttct tgctatgcgt tctgtttttc     76200
     attgcaactc atgaaggata ttaatccttt tcatgctctt gctttgtctg caaactgcac     76260
     ctactaaatt tattgagctt atatcttaaa ccagcctttt ttttcacctg ggcagacact     76320
     ttctttacaa cctataataa catgactcct tcactaggag ggatagattt acccccatgg     76380
     cacccctcaa taatggcaca cattgaacta aggtgccaaa caatactaca tatcactcca     76440
     ctatcctccc actgtgtgta agttataaag gctctaacac ttactgtgta cctgcccaaa     76500
     tacaagtatg gctacatcat gggaaaggaa atgccttaac attcttagct gcaggaagcc     76560
     tcaatccagg caatgcaatc aatgccactt tcccaaacat tccttcctgt actaaagaaa     76620
     aaagccagga aagtaatgga ttccacttta gctgggaggt ctgtcacagg aaacaagccc     76680
     atagcttctg gttaggcaat tataacatcc tagacttgag cccccaatgc ctattgcagg     76740
     gcagtcttac taatgtcttc ttccatcaca gcaacaatca tagttcataa ccatatctct     76800
     ttcccctata atttgggcca atggggggat ggaatattcc agaccccaag taaagtccat     76860
     gccaccccaa gtcaccttat ggtgcctggt acatctcagc acctccctta acacttggca     76920
     tggtacctat cataattcca gtcatggcca ggtgcagtgg ctcatgcttg taatcccagc     76980
     actttgggag gccaaggagg gtggatcatg aggtcaggag attgagacaa ccctggctaa     77040
     catggtgaaa tcacgtctct actaacaata caaaaaaatt agccaggcgt gttggcaggt     77100
     gcctgtagtc ccagatactt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tgacgtgaac ctggcaggca     77160
     gagcttgcag tgagccaaga tcatgccact gcactccagc ctgggcaaca gagccagact     77220
     acatctaata ataataataa taataataat tccagttgca actatactat aacctttgtt     77280
     cataattaca ctgattactg cctttgttca taatcatact gattagatat attatgatca     77340
     ccaatcacaa tatatctaat ttcaaaatta cttgttgtgg gaagtcaggg accccaagtg     77400
     gagggatctg ctgaagccat ggcagaagaa tatggattgt gaagatttca tggacattta     77460
     ttagtcccca aaattaatac ttttataatt tcttatgtct gtctttactg caatctctaa     77520
     acataaattc taaagatttc atgaacactt atcacttcct tgatcaatac ccttgtgatt     77580
     ttctatgcct gtctttaatc tcttaatcct gtcagctcat gaggatatat gtcgcctcag     77640
     gaccatgtga taattgcctt aactgcacaa attgtgagca tgtgtgtttg aacaatatga     77700
     aatctgggca tcctgaagaa agaacaggat aacagcaatt gttcagagaa taagagagat     77760
     aaccttaaac tctgaccacc agtgagccag gcagaacaga gccgtatttc tcttctttca     77820
     aagcaaatgg gaaaaatatt gctgaattct ttttctcagc aaggaacatc cctgggaaag     77880
     agaatatgca cctggaggta taggcctata aatggccccc ttaggtgtgc ccatctctta     77940
     tggtcgaggc cataggggtg aaatagaccc cagtctccca tagcactccc aggcttatta     78000
     ggaagaggaa attcccaagt aataaatttt tggtcagacc atttgctctc aaaaccctgt     78060
     ctcctgataa gatgttgtca atgacaatgg tgcccgaaac ttcagtagta attttaattt     78120
     caccctcgtc ctgtgatcct gtgatctcac cctgcctcca tttgccttgt gatattctat     78180
     taccttgtaa agtacttgat gtctgtgacc cacacctatt cgcacacttc ctcccctttt     78240
     gaaaatccct catgaaaact tgctggtttc tgtggcttgt ggggcatcac agaacctacc     78300
     gatatgtgat gtcgccccca gatgcccagc tttaaaattt ctcttttttt ctactctgtc     78360
     cctttatttc tcaagccagc tgacacttaa ggaaaataga aaagaaccta catgaatatt     78420
     ggggcaggtt ccccaataat tattagtgtc atggtattaa ggagacaatc tgaggcattc     78480
     ctaccagtca atctgacatg caattggcaa agttcctctg ccatttccac cttagaatat     78540
     gctctgtccc aggacagaca caaaatgttt acagttacac ttatggcctt tatattctca     78600
     gctgtagtta tcctggcaac tgctagcatt gctgttgcat ctattactga gtcagtaaaa     78660
     atagctgcct ttgtagataa tctggccaac aatgtgtcta atgaattctc tctcagcaag     78720
     atatagatta aaaaaatcct tgcatgtctg cgagccctcg aggctacttt aaaatatgca     78780
     ggggaacgac aagatctact ggcattctga aagcaattaa gctgtgactg ggaacataaa     78840
     catctctatg tcacttctct accatggact caatctatac attgttgaga tgaggtagaa     78900
     cagcatctct ggggaacctt tcatgacaat ttaacagcag ttttaagcca acttaaaact     78960
     aacattttag aatcccttca caccatagac ctacacacac aacaaacagc cacaaggaag     79020
     ggtgtgcaag atcatttctc ctagttagac cccccactcc tggggaccac actttgactg     79080
     gaaaagaatg ctgctaattg tactcatgat tgttttttat tgtttgctaa ttctaagatg     79140
     caaagttaga ataagagtaa tgactgccag gacagccaca cctgacagac tggttgctga     79200
     catacctatg ctctccaatt aagaaacctg atgcagaaaa caaaaaagtg gaagaggtag     79260
     cagattgatc aagatggtag ggacaattat aagccacaaa ccttcttgga aagcctaaag     79320
     atttttgtaa aagtctcagt ataaggttat gactgaaggc aacctaatcc ataccttgtg     79380
     taaatagctt aaagtgggta caatggaagg tagagtagtt tacctaacta gcttctttac     79440
     ttgtgtggtc ctaagactaa cctttgatct aatactgcag gtgcttaatt gctttctact     79500
     cagaaactcc acgatgtcaa ttaccctcta gctgtgttta ctcatgagct ttgtcaatta     79560
     gtctttactg aataagtacc agtctcatta actggtcagg actgtttaca gtccctggtc     79620
     gcaactgttt acagcactct gcatggagtc tgtaagtggc ccagatgctc agtcgaactg     79680
     gcaaagcaga atatcatgca tcagtgtact ttattcatct gttgttgggt cagggtctgt     79740
     gggatagacc cctgcagaac ttgagtctag ttataggtct agaagtaaac agaggtgtaa     79800
     gggtggattc tgaggagact caacattata gtgcctggca actgactcgg ggaggccatc     79860
     actgttgcct cagctagctc aggctttata tcttcagaca gaactggaaa ggctgatggc     79920
     agcatgtacc tctttctttc ttgatgcaga acaacagttt tagatctgtt gaatgtcagg     79980
     gctgaatgac ctgcaacaca aacagggata aaacttgccc cttgctcatc acattgtgga     80040
     agacaaagat aagaggagaa cggtgacctt tcagacctaa gggctggctg tgacaccttc     80100
     tttgggactt tgcagtttct ggaatctcca tgcttctggg caccactaca tttcccagta     80160
     tcagctgtag aagctgctta cagtattcct gttccagctg cagcttctca tttcactggt     80220
     acttttgttg gcacctaaca ctttctgccc tctcacacct ggcaagcctg gctgtgtttt     80280
     gtggctggag cccatgcttg ctcatacacc actcaccaca cactcatgct tgcccttggc     80340
     tggtgttaaa tcttggccca taatggaagc tgagtgcagc ctgtcaggca gactgggtag     80400
     aacaagctta gcaggcctga gcaaaactca ggcacaagca ccattggcca taaaggtttt     80460
     catctggcaa aatgactccc ctaaaattcc atgaaaaaag aagcatagct agttgtgcct     80520
     tctcgtggat cttgaaatac agataattct gtgaactaca ttttggtagt tttaacctta     80580
     ttaggaaatt attattacat ttcaaaattt tttaaaaatc aaatttgaaa gttggcctta     80640
     gcattgaacc acctgatccc tcttacacag aaatatatca tgtgagaata tttttctgaa     80700
     ctatatggca ttgggcttca agttagcatc tttctaggag attatgaagc ttcttgagga     80760
     gacagaattt ctgatacctg gactttggca ttttgtactc atataatttt gtgggggaga     80820
     agcttttgct gtgcattgta ggatgattag cagcctggga agcctgagca gcctttctgg     80880
     ccttttccac taagtgtaat agtgacatcc tttttctgtg gttgaaatac tcaaatatgt     80940
     ttgtgtcttg tggaagcaga accgttgaca tttacaattc tacagagttc tgaagaagaa     81000
     attaaaaaaa aacactttaa aaattttttc aatggcttct catggtggct cacacctgta     81060
     attccagcac tttcggagat cgaggcagga ggatcacttc agatcaggag tttcagacca     81120
     gactggccaa cattgatgaa ccccatcttt actaaaaata caaaaataaa cataaaaata     81180
     aaaaaaactt agctggcacc tgtaatccca gctacttgag aggctgaggc aggagaattg     81240
     cttgaaccca gaagacggag gttagagtga gctgaaattg ccccactgca cttcagcctg     81300
     gatgacaaga acaaaacccc tctcaaaaaa agatgaaatt tcgcagaaat tttataagag     81360
     atctcatttt tctcttactt ttactaatta ctaggaaaat gtaaatcaaa actgcaatga     81420
     ggtaacatct gaggccagtc aaaatgatga ttactaaaaa cccgagaaac aatagattgt     81480
     agtaaagcag tgcagtaata ggaatgcttt tacactgttg tttgcagtgt aaatcagtac     81540
     agacattgtg gaaaactgtg tgataattca ccaagtgtct agaaccagaa acaccgctgg     81600
     actcagcaat ttcattactg ggtatgtagc acccacacac aaaaaaaagt cattctattt     81660
     taagactaca tgcatgtgta cggttattgc tttactgttg caaagacatg gaatttattc     81720
     aaatgcccat caatgacaga atggataaag aaagtgtgac acatatacat catgaaataa     81780
     tatgcagcca taaaaaggaa ggagatcatg tcctgtgcag ggagatgaat gaagctggaa     81840
     gccatcattt tcagcaaact aacacagaaa caaaaaaaca aagactgcat ttccaccttc     81900
     ttatgagggt ctgaagtttg aagacacata gacacaggga ggggcatgcc acatatctgg     81960
     ttatgtcatg gggcaggata aaaaaagagc tgcaggacaa atagctaatt aatgtggggc     82020
     tgaataccta aatgatggat taataggtgc agcgaacaat catggacatg tttatctatg     82080
     aaataaacca gcatgtcctg catatgtact ctggaacaat aataaataaa attataaaaa     82140
     gcaaaattat ataaattaac taacaataaa aaggctttct ttttgtacag gcgatgttgg     82200
     aataactttg aaatgtgtgt cacacattat ttaagacatt tcgttactac aaatcagagt     82260
     tgtcacaaac ttagttgatt gaatttcttt tatttttaga atggaatctc acactgtccc     82320
     tttggctgga gtgcagtggt gcaatcttgg gacactgaaa ccccctggtt cccaggttca     82380
     agctattatt ctgcatcagc gtcttgatta cctgagattg caggagtgca ccactgcagc     82440
     taatagggcc tatcaccata ttggccaagc ttgtctgaag cttctgacct ttcttggcct     82500
     tcaaatgcac tggaattaca agtgttagcc accatgctag tcccttcatt gaatttctaa     82560
     ttgagaaaaa atccctcttg aaaactttag tttttttata tcatattttt gatgagtttc     82620
     ttttgtttca taattcaaga aaaataatat aatttaaatt cattttcttt ttatcataaa     82680
     taaatttatt tccattaata tatagttaac agagaagatt aatttagaat gttatttttc     82740
     ttttggataa agtcagattt cagaaatttc aaaaaatcta acttgggaaa ctaattacat     82800
     ttattgatta tgatcacttt ttttttagga ttcgcttctg taagaaaatt caaaattgtt     82860
     tcaagatatg agatgtttaa ttttgtcaaa taaactttaa aagtattttc tttgaaaaaa     82920
     acatattttt cttaagctat gttttctact aataatatgt gattactttt tctaacttac     82980
     tggaaattaa ttcatgtttt cattttccct gcatcaaaaa tttacttgca atatataaga     83040
     agtaaagaac tgccagcaga gcaggtggtt ctagcgtagg tcacacgcta cgatcaatgc     83100
     tgattttcag ctgcttgtac cacgagttac tggctgtgta aaaaaacctc aaaaagatag     83160
     tagactgact gaaatacatt acatagacaa agcaataact agtgggtatt ttaaattaaa     83220
     aagctgcttt tgctcactaa taatagtttt gcttaaaatt ctattttttc ctttagaaaa     83280
     aattaactca tggatttttt gttttgacca acaagtttaa cattctgtag ccatcaggca     83340
     tataactaaa acaatttaag tcagagaata taaatttttt aaaaaatatg tatttcttaa     83400
     atgctcccct atatttagtt ttggtaactt gccacagtga gttttattta atcatatgtg     83460
     aaaaaatatt gaaactttag agtaacaagt gaaatttaat gctacaaaac tttatattta     83520
     aagtgtattc attaaaaaga tcttctaaat ccaaacattg aagttattta atgttatttt     83580
     agttaaattc taagagaggt atagctttaa aaatcattat gtgagaagag aacctttgat     83640
     tgcactttat tacttctaaa tgttcacatc aatctaacaa agtgactaac aatgttcaaa     83700
     tcttacacag aactcagaat cagggaggga ggtaatataa gtaaattaac aaataataac     83760
     ataaaattta gtttatttca agagaaaact gagggttaag aatataatta acagcagcat     83820
     tccttacaga tttttaattg gtaaatgtta atttttttat atttgtttat tttttctctg     83880
     agtatatttt ctagcacatt gctgtagttt ctagctgaac tcactgctta agaggacaga     83940
     tatttatttg tcttgggggc tgtatgtaga cagcagagtt ttctgcttga aaacatcttt     84000
     tttgttaatt tatgtaacaa ttgcattgac atatatatat gaatgaatat atgtacatac     84060
     acatatatgt atatatacat acatatatac atatatacac acatgtgtat gtatccacat     84120
     acatatgtga aaaaatatat gtgtgaaaat gtgtgaaaaa tatatatatg tgtgaaatat     84180
     atatgtgtgt gaaaaatata tatgtgaaaa taaataaatt atatatatat atatatattt     84240
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgagacaga gtctcactcc gttgcccagg ctggagtgca     84300
     ggggcgcgat ctcggctcgc tgcaaactcc gcctcctggg ttcacgccat tctcctgcct     84360
     cagcttcccg agtagccggg actacaggcg tccgtcacca cgcccggcta attttttgta     84420
     tctttagtag agacagggtt tcaccgtatt agccaggatg gtctcgatct cctgacctcg     84480
     tgatccgcac ccctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattata ggcatgagcc acagcgcctg     84540
     gccataaata tatattttaa aaagaaattt ttcttaaacc aacattcttg ttgttaaact     84600
     atttagccaa tgttttcttg tgtttaacat acatttaaaa atgtacaaga agatggctgg     84660
     tcgcggtggc tcccgcctgt aatcccagca ttttgtgagg ccgaggcgag tggatcgcga     84720
     ggtcaggaga gcgagaccat cctggctaac atggtgaaag cccgtctcta ctaacaatac     84780
     aaaaaatcag ccgggcgtgg tggcgtgggc cagctacaag agagactgag aaaggagaat     84840
     agcgtgaacc cgggagggag agcttccagt gagccgagat cacgcgactg cactccagcc     84900
     tgggcaacag agtgagactt catctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatat atatatatat     84960
     atatatatag acacacacac acacatatat gaatgaagat gtgtattaaa agttattgac     85020
     ttgcggccga tattatattt ctgatgcaca gattatttcc gtatatatac ttctccatac     85080
     atatagcttc tttaaagaaa gaagtatgca atataaaata ttgctaaatt tgttttatac     85140
     ttagtcactc acgtgtcaat atatgaagat ccatttgttt tgtagcttgc agttcaatgt     85200
     gctccaacat atgcagtcca ccactaagat ggattgatgt gtaagttgta ttcagtttta     85260
     cacagagaag catttacagt tcttacagtg atttttaaat acaccatctc aacgacttca     85320
     tctcacaata aaactgtgaa tatagacaaa gcaattttca ctatttgctg aagaagaaag     85380
     cagaaatgta tgtgaagatt atagttttta tgagtcagaa aaataatttt aaatgaagtg     85440
     ctcaattaaa acagaaaatt ctaatgtttt atttatgtaa agttctgatg acagtgtttt     85500
     gaatacactt acagtgcaca agttttttat aactaaatta atgattaaag ctgtctgcgt     85560
     ttaacacatg aaaatttaat attataccag cttacatgat tctaagaaaa tggttacaga     85620
     agcaatgtct ttaaaaatgt ttgcttaaca agtctgtagt aaagggcctg tatagtggct     85680
     caagttgctg atgtaaaagt ttaaagtact ctttcaaaat tgctgtctta acctgataga     85740
     atgaatttac ccagactgat taagagaaca atggacagaa tcattatttt tgtagcataa     85800
     gcattttttt tcttatctca tcttgtgaat cactcagtgt gcaggagtat ctgtcccctg     85860
     ttgggcccta cccactaaaa ggatttgtgg gattcaagct ggtactacct gtcacattaa     85920
     ttctgtgatc tagcaactat acataatcac ccttgtcaca aacaatattt ctgtaattga     85980
     aaacacaggt agtgatacaa acaattattg ttcaaagatg agaaacaaaa tgtgaggtaa     86040
     atattaatta ttttaaaaat attctgatag cagatactgt tgttcattct gagattactg     86100
     tgttttcaca agattttgtc agaactgcat ttgatgatac ggctagaatg tctgcaatac     86160
     catcactggc atgtttatca ctctcatcta acaacttgac aatatagttg ataatattta     86220
     tcactttttt gtttattttc aaagcacagt tgatataatc acgtatgtat gacacggtaa     86280
     atgcaattca gtatgtgaag aattagaaat ctttattttt aataatcata ctcatctttt     86340
     tttaagtatt ctgttttttt ttttaaactt ttatcccatc tgtgttaaat aagttgtgct     86400
     tatttttagg attctatgta tatttttcta aaattaggga tttttctgct acagaaaaaa     86460
     atttgttttt ctaataatgc tacgtagacc tgttagcaac attatataac aattacaatt     86520
     aggctgctaa aagtataaaa gcatttggtt aaaaataaaa aatatctgtt gaaaataaag     86580
     cagcatgcca ggtgcggtgg ctcccgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg     86640
     gcggatcacg aggtcaggag attgagacca tcctaggtaa cagagtgaaa ctcaatctgt     86700
     actaaaaaaa aatacaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aattagctgg gtgtggtgat gggctccggt     86760
     agtcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcaag agaatggtgt gaacctggga ggcggagctt     86820
     gcattgagcc aagattacgc cactgcactt tagaatgggc aacagagcaa gacttcatct     86880
     caaaaaaata aataaattaa gtaaataagt acataaataa aaataaagca gcaaaaagtc     86940
     actttttaat ggcagatcac atttttaaga tatagctatt aaataggtga atatagaaaa     87000
     cttgaatttt ggaaatgttt atactcaagt tgtttaccat tcatttatat ttttctatag     87060
     acattgatag aaattaaata gagaaatttg aataattaaa ctgtagtaaa tgattcttaa     87120
     atttctacat ttctttccct cagtggttag aaatagtttg tctttcaaat aacatctcag     87180
     cacttttcat ttatgaagac tataaaaaac actgccttac tagattgaat agattacacc     87240
     acgcagcaat tacaacctgg gaagcattcc ttttactaga atctccatat gggatgttcg     87300
     ttaatacttg gttaacagaa actattggac aaaaaagtag aatgtaagtc ctgatactga     87360
     agcccctttt gcccctctgg ttctgaattt aaaatagata gagattgcta attatactga     87420
     caagaagtga acaaggcaga tagagtataa aattcaaatt aagtccccta cctttgtgct     87480
     tggttggttg cttttgcttt atgttgtctc agcactttac tgtggcatgc gtgtctgcct     87540
     agttgctttt tctgtgggat gaacttcctc aggctatgaa ctggatattg tttatttctg     87600
     tatcagaaac ctcagaagag caaagcatat agaaacatgt tagatatctg taaaacaact     87660
     atattttgct ctgtagctac aagaaaatta tgacctttgg agcttctgtg tatactcttg     87720
     tttattccac aactactctt aagagctgta tttattgagt ggtagtaact ctaaatacat     87780
     cacataaatt acatcatata atctgcaaaa atgcattatt ctcacaagaa gacactgaat     87840
     tcttggagaa cgaagtaact tattcctcat aagttattta tgagagacca ctgattagac     87900
     tttaatcttt aatgaattgc aggttataat tgctattatt ctattgtttc taatgataac     87960
     ttttctgtga actctttatg atggtccatc tgtgaaataa gtactaatac taaatattaa     88020
     aaccaataag ttttttgaaa atagtattaa aaaatgcata taattttatt aaccaaatgt     88080
     tggtgtttat ttcaacttct ttcattatac atttaatgtt agattagtgc atcactaatg     88140
     tcttctggtc tctagagatc tccgagatga tgtgtttaga tatcattata aatttgaaga     88200
     gaaaccagca ttaaacaaga cagaagatag gaaagcgtac aatattgatc tcctaagaca     88260
     atttcaggtc atcttttaca tttagctgct ttctgactac aataatgtac ccagaagttt     88320
     ttggaaacag tttatgtaaa ttatgggtaa gatatgataa agtcatctgt acactaacta     88380
     aaatgtttaa atatatctta aaatacataa tttattaggc gtttaatatt taaacaatag     88440
     taatattcta gctgtttctc ttggtcattt ttattagtat tatcccaact gaaagaggtt     88500
     aaaattttca cagcaaagac agacagtata ttttttatat ctcatgatat aattaacttc     88560
     ttattattag atttataaat tatatataag caaaatactg aaatgtagtc atctcattga     88620
     tttaacagtt ctctaataaa gcaaatgcca agtatattgt tttatttgta tagatatttt     88680
     aatgcatctc taaagtttaa atttaaaaag atggccatgg tgctgttatc acacataata     88740
     aaaacgattt tataagcttg ggcaacgtgg caaaacactg tctctaaaaa aaatacaaga     88800
     attattctgc tgtggtggta tgagcctgta gtctcaagta cttgggaaga taacatgcca     88860
     ttttattcac tacctgttgg catttgttta aacttccttt atcatacttt taaagttaga     88920
     ctagtgtatc agttatgcct tttagcttct agagtaatat taacgcttga tattatgtat     88980
     aataatcatc tcaaagatca acattactca tcatcaaata aatgttttta ttatcaaatg     89040
     aacattttta tcactgacag gaaactacct cttcctagcc atgtaagaaa aagaaataat     89100
     atacttatat ataaatatac aacatataac tttatataat atacattttt ttgcaagctt     89160
     gtaaagtaat catatagttt ttgagccact tacaaaagtg accagtaaca tttggtcctt     89220
     ttttacattt gaaaaagccc atttaggcag gcactgtcac tcacactggt agtcttggca     89280
     ctttgtgaag ccaaggtagg cagattactg gattatagga gttcataccc agtctgggca     89340
     acatggtgat atcctgtctc tattaagatg caaaaaatta gctgagtgta atggtctgca     89400
     tcagtagtcc cagctacctg ggacaatgag gggaaaacat tgcctgagct gtgattgtgc     89460
     tgctgcactt catcctgagc aatgaagaga agtcgccccc cgacccccaa cgcacagctt     89520
     cataacatct tgattttgtt ttctttgttt cactcatttt atcaaggcct aatttgtggc     89580
     acatatgata ataaacactg tcacacaact tttaatcata tactgtagta tatagctctt     89640
     tctagtttgt aaaaaaaaaa agctgcactc cctcataaga gtttagtgtt ctttcaaaaa     89700
     agtgcttact aaatagatca gaggtaggaa gcaaaagaga tattctgatt tctgggctgc     89760
     cttctgtttc actcacagcc cctcctcttc catttattag cgtatcactt agacttcttt     89820
     taaaagtctg tatcacacct ataatgcact gactctccat tatatctctc agtttaattt     89880
     tctagattcc atagccaaac tgtaagccta ggttataagt ataatttgca tatatagttc     89940
     ttatttacct attttagttc tacagcctca catgtgactt cctcttcttt tcaaatatgt     90000
     taacaattta tttttatcag cgttctctac ttgaaacatt tttttctgca atctaggcca     90060
     cgttctgttc ttgttctttc aaattattat aacactttga gtttagtctt caaaatttta     90120
     ctcaagtatt tatgtgtgtg tgcatctatg tgtgatcatt tggaacagtt tggcaccagg     90180
     gactgttttt gtgaaggaca attttttaag actgtggttg cagggacagt ttggggaaga     90240
     ctcaagtgcc ctacatctat tatgcacttt atttatatta ttattacatt ataatattta     90300
     attaaataat tatacaactc accatcatgt agaatcagta ggagccctga acttactatc     90360
     ctgcagctag atggttctat ctggaggtga taggagacgg ttacgggtca taaggcttta     90420
     gattcttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacggag tctcgctctg tcgcccaggc     90480
     cggactgcgg actgcagtgg cgcaatctcg gctcactgca agctccactt cccgggttca     90540
     cgccattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggacta caggcacccg ccaccgcgcc     90600
     cggctaattt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac cttgttagcc aggatggtct     90660
     cgatctcctg acctcatgat ccacccgcct cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca     90720
     agagccaccg cgcctggcct agattcttat aaagagtgca aaacctaggt ttctcacgtg     90780
     cacagtaaat agtagtgttt agcttctata aaaatctaat tgatgccaag gatcttatag     90840
     aaagtggagt tcaggcggta aggtgaacca taggtaatgc tttaaataga gataaagctt     90900
     ccgtgcttgc ccaccaatca cctgctgatg tgtgacccag ttcctaacag gacagagatg     90960
     ggtactgctt ggtgacccct accttaagct aaggagtttg agatcacagt gaactataat     91020
     tgtgccactg cactctagcc tgggtaacaa aaaacaaata aacaaacaaa taaactgtct     91080
     atacagggaa aataatgtaa agaatacatt tttaaaattt gtttctttaa taatatcttt     91140
     tggtaaaatg tgaggaatca tttacaactt tgaatgtgga cattaacaaa cacaaaaatc     91200
     ttcttgatta tttggaacag tatatgaaat gaaggtgcaa atgtatatta ttgtaaaatg     91260
     tgatataaag tatattttgt tcagttttga aaaaaataat gatgtcattg aacagaatca     91320
     gaagacatta gagttgtttg tgcttatcct caaaattaac atctgctttt tctttactgt     91380
     ttttctcttt actgttttag tggtatcaga gaggtaatca agatgataac gggtttaaag     91440
     ggaaagaata ttgacaaaat acagtgactg actagaaaaa aatcagcctt attaggtgaa     91500
     taattttaga tataaaagga tctcaaagat tgttttcatc tctaaaataa attgcaattt     91560
     agtgattgaa tcatgaggag ttaatagaat aaaacttttt tttctactgt agatacctca     91620
     gaagtaaaaa agtttaagtt aatgtggtta caacagattt taacacccgc ttgtagtttc     91680
     acaaacagat tttaatctct aggcctaacc agctgatttt atctctgcac aaattgattg     91740
     ggagatgaaa tggtaaaatg tctttcaaga tgttatatgt taagtaacac atatgtcttt     91800
     cttcactttc ataacttctc acctccaagc tttctgcatt gttttgaatt tagctgccat     91860
     ttagattgta gtttgtttat aaagtcatcc ttccttctat tcacacctct gagacttgga     91920
     acagtttatt tttacccttt ttgccacttt tttttccttt ccctttccct ttccccctcc     91980
     cctccccttc ccttcccttt tccctttcct tgtcccttta tttgagacag agtctcactc     92040
     tgtcgcccag gctagaatgc tgtggcacaa tctcggccca ctgcaagctc ggcctcctgg     92100
     gttcatgtca ttctcctgcc ttggcctccc gagttgctgg gactacaggc acccgcccca     92160
     acacctggct aattttttgt atttttagta gagaggcggt tactccattt ttagccagga     92220
     tggtctcgat ctcccaacct cctgagccgc ctgccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta     92280
     caggtgtgag ccatgcaccc tgccctttct gccactctaa atccacacat ttaaagtaat     92340
     tatatatagt tattaccttt ttataattag tgagaccagt ctggccaaca gggtgaatcc     92400
     ccatctctac caaaaatatg aaaattagcc aggcatggtg gcagatgcct gtaataccag     92460
     ctactgggga ggctgagaca ggtgaatcac ttgaatcctg gaggcacagg ttgcagtgag     92520
     ctgagatgct gccattgcac tccagcttag gtgaaaagag tgaaactcca tctcaaaaaa     92580
     aaaaagacag tcaggattaa atttattaat atgtgtgcag ctcttagtgt attacctggt     92640
     ctttaagtgc tataaatatt agctgctatt attattgctt atcatatatc ttcagtttac     92700
     tcacaccaaa ttctaattaa tagcataaaa gaaagcatta gaggaataaa acagatagtt     92760
     gtgactatat ggaaccacat agccatcagg gtctgtgtca gtaatgtttt ccaatttgca     92820
     acacgtaagt gaccttttac atccacaggt tctgaaaaca cagatttctc taaacatgta     92880
     ttaaaatgtc caaaaacaaa aaataacaat acaataaaaa ctagcaaatt taaaagcaat     92940
     taccgtataa ttgtctacat aatatttaca ttttattatt tatttagaga tgagtaaact     93000
     atacagaagg atgtgtgtac gttatattta cgtactgcac cactgttcac tagaaacttg     93060
     agcagacaca aattatagta atcatgggga tcctgtagcc aatcccctac agatgccaaa     93120
     ggattactat atataaacat tttaagcttt ggtaagtaag cattgcttaa gttagttatg     93180
     acataattac cctgctggtg ttaattatca tttactcatc tatataaaca agttgagaaa     93240
     gactataatt ttttttgaga tggagtcttg ctctgttgcc caggctgcag tgcagtggca     93300
     caatttcagc tcactgaaac ctctggctct caggttctag caattctgcc tcagcctcct     93360
     gagtaactag gattacacgt aggcacaacc ataccctgca attttttttt tttttcagtt     93420
     gtgacggggt ttcaccacat tggccaggat ggcctcaatc tcttgacctt gtgatctgct     93480
     ggccttagcc ttccaaatta ctgagattac cggagtgagc caccgcgccc ggttcaaaag     93540
     attataaact ttaaaattct cattacattg ttttaatgtt tgcgcaggta acaagataat     93600
     atttgtttat attctctgtt tatgttatgt taacacagga aagcacttgc tatttaaaat     93660
     attgcctttt ggttttgcgg ccaactcaaa caattttaat atgtctggga aaatgtacaa     93720
     ttacattcag tgattatttt taatttctct gggacctgga tatgggacct tacacagtag     93780
     caatgctgat caagcaagga gtgggaatta ttattatttt atttatttat ttatttattt     93840
     tgagacaaga gtcttgctct gtagcacagg ctggagtaca gtggtgcaat cttggctcac     93900
     tgcaagctcc gactcccaga ttcacgccat tctcctgcgt cagcctccag agtagctggg     93960
     actacagaca cctgccacca agcccggcta attttttgta tttttagtag agatggcgtt     94020
     tcaccatgtt agctaggatg gtctggatct cctaacctgg tgatctgccc gcctgggtct     94080
     cccaaagtac tgggattata ggcatgagcc actgtgcctg gcttattatt cttgtattat     94140
     tcaaagatgg tagccagtga ctcagatcac tggtataaat ttgatgttgg agatgtaaca     94200
     gaattgaaaa tagaagatga taaagaaatt taaaaagtca gtgttttggt ggagagtaca     94260
     caaatgtatt tgatcacacg ctgaagtgca tgtcatagag acgagagaag agatggtgaa     94320
     atgcttgtgt acttattttt aataagcaaa tggacatgat agatgaaggt gatgagatgg     94380
     taagatatac attatgacta actcttacaa taccacatca cctcattatg tcaccagcca     94440
     ttgagagaag tgtatagaaa caaaatgtga aatttatcca taatggaata aaagtactta     94500
     cattaatggt gtttatttaa atcccgctca aggtaagctt ttagattagc ttcttactaa     94560
     taaaaaataa tttgtgtttg gcttgcgtga ttccttacaa agcatcaaca tgtgtttaat     94620
     ttttttcttt aggcttcatt taccttttct tatggaatca ttagccttaa tttatgtgaa     94680
     agagttcctt tttggtttag ttatttaaag tgtaaaatgt aatatatctg tacattagaa     94740
     tagtggttct taatatatgg atatataaaa gagcattatt tataataata attattactt     94800
     tctactcaag cactagtttg cagtatgggt tagtgaagtg gtaagtaaat cactaagaat     94860
     tagtgttaac taacaaaaat tttattaaga aagtgcttga aaatacaaat gtttttgact     94920
     gtatatgtat ttttatttga agagtagaat tacttttctg cctaaagcac aataaattac     94980
     tatgattagt acacaaattg ctggtatatt ccacattacc actggatttc acaccaaaaa     95040
     aaaagtttgt tgtccttctg gtgacttgta catggctttg catttcattc gtagagttct     95100
     tacaattggt ttggttctct attatactgc tttacatttt cctaaccata aaaatattat     95160
     ttcaaatttt aaatacacaa taaacatttt tgtagtaatt gtgagagaat tcttagtaaa     95220
     cttaaaaatc tctaatctaa atgtgcattt attatttaaa aattggctca cacaccaata     95280
     aatttgtatc acaccatgtt ctactttatc attacataag aagctttatc tctaccagat     95340
     aaaattttaa cttatagtta aaaatgtaga tcatttttag accaggtttt gtggcttata     95400
     tttgtaattc caaaaatagt aaaggccaag gcaaaaataa ccttgagggc aggtgtttgt     95460
     aacctggttt ggcaaaataa tgaagcacca tctctacaaa aagtttttaa aaattagcta     95520
     gatatggtgg ctcacaccag tgatcttagc actatatgat gccgaggtgg atggattacc     95580
     ttaagcctag agtttgaggc cagcctcagc aacattgcaa aattctgtct ctaacaaaaa     95640
     aattaaaata aataaacaaa ttaaataatt agctgagcct actgtcctct tcctatagac     95700
     ccagctcatt gggaggctaa ggcagcagga aaacatgagc ccataattta gaagctgcag     95760
     ttagctataa ttgcaccact gcattcattc cagctgtagc aatagagact ttgtctctta     95820
     aaacaattaa aattactgta gtcttagctt agcaataatt ataaaagtat agagtacatt     95880
     ataacttgat ttaacaactc tttcagcatt atgttaaaat atgttaataa aatgttactg     95940
     aactagaaaa aggttgataa gaattttcag agacctgcac acaattgtat ttgatttaca     96000
     tctttgactt gactgtgaaa ttaaagtcac agagctttat cagtcaatct gatatttgta     96060
     ctgtcttagt ccattttcaa gctaaagaca tatgctagac tggacaattt ataaaagaaa     96120
     gagaggttta aggaactgac agttccacat gactggggag gcctcagaat cacgatagaa     96180
     ggaaaagagg agcaattaac gtcttacaca gttggcagca ggcaaagaga gagcttctgc     96240
     aaggaaactg atgtttcaag catcagatat aatgagactt actcactgtc acaagaacag     96300
     cacaaaaaaa tctgcctcca tgattcaatt accccccatc tcattcctcc caccacatgt     96360
     aaaaattcaa ctggggtggg gacacagtca aaccatatca ttccaaccct ggcccctccc     96420
     aaatctcatt tcctcacatt tcaaaaccag tcatgctttt ccaatagtcc tgcaatgcct     96480
     caactcactt cagcactaac tcaatagtca aagtccaata tctcatctga gacaaggcag     96540
     gttctttctc cctatgagcc tgtaaaattg atagcaagtt agttacttct tagatatagt     96600
     agggtacagg cattggaaaa gtacagccat tccaaatgtg agaagctgac tggaataaag     96660
     gggctacagc ccccatgaaa gtctaaaatc caaggaggca gtacaattta aagcttcaga     96720
     atgatcttca agagctgggt tcccatggtc ttgtgcacct gcacccatga ggctttgcag     96780
     ggtacagcct tcctcccaac tgtttccacc agctggcatt gagtatctgt ggcttctcca     96840
     ggcacaaaat tcaagctgtc agtggatcta ctattctggg gtctggaaga tggaggccct     96900
     cctgtgtcca gaattggtgg gttcttggtc tcactgactt caagaatgaa gctgcggacc     96960
     ctcgcgatga gtgttacagt tcttaaagtc ggcgtgtccg gagtttgttc cttctgatgt     97020
     tcagatgtgt tcggagtttc ttatttctgg tgggttcatg gtcttgctgg ctcaggagtg     97080
     aagctgcaga cctttgcggt gagtgttaca gctcttaagg cgacatgtct ggagttgttt     97140
     gttcctccct gtgggctcgt gggctcgctg gcttcaggag tgaagctgca ggcctttgcg     97200
     gtgagtgtta cagctcatat aggcagtgtg gaccaaaaga gtgagcagta ggaagactta     97260
     ttgcaaagag cgaaagaaca aaccttccac agcgtggaac ccgagccggt tgccactgct     97320
     ggcgagggca gcctgctttt attctcttat ctggccccac ccacatcctg ctgattggta     97380
     gagccgaggg gtgtgttttg acagggtgct gattggtgag tttacaatcc cagagctaga     97440
     cgcaaaggtt ctccacatcc ccaccagatt agctagatac tgagtgtcca cacaaaggtg     97500
     ctccaagtcc ccaccagagt agctagatac agagtgtcga ttggtgcatt cacaaaccct     97560
     gagctagaca cagggtgctg attggtgtat ttacaatccc tgagctacac ataaaggttc     97620
     tccacgtccc caccagactc aggagcccag ctggcttcac ccagtggatc ccgcaccggg     97680
     gctgcaggtg gagctgcctg ccagtcccgc gccgtgcgcc cgcactcctc atcccttggg     97740
     tggtcaatag gactgggtgc cctggagcag ggggcggcgc tcatcggtga ggctggggcc     97800
     gcacaggagc ccagggaggg ggtaggaggc tcaggcatgg cgggctgcag gtcccgagcc     97860
     ctgccccgcg gcaaggcagc taaggccggg cgagaaatcg aacgcagcgc ccgtgggctg     97920
     gcactgctgg gggacccaat acaccctccg cagccgctgg ctcgggtgct aatcccctca     97980
     ttgcccaggg cggcagggcg ggccggctgc tctgagtgtg gggcccgcca agcccacgcc     98040
     cacccggaac tccagctggc ccgcaagcgc cgcgcgcagc cccggttccc gctggcgcct     98100
     ctccctgcac acccccctgc aagctgaggg agccggctcc ggccttggcc agcccagaat     98160
     ggggctccca cagtgcagcg ggggctgaag ggctcctcaa gtgccgccaa agtgggagcc     98220
     caggcagagg aggcgccgag agcgagcgag ggctgtgagg actgccggca cgctgtcacc     98280
     tctcactcct ttaacagctc tgcaatcatc gcctgtgttg ctacctgtct tttcaatggt     98340
     taaaatactg ctgctgatga cggggatcag gtatagctgc tgggtcacag aatttatgtg     98400
     ataggtagca ccaccctctt tgagttccac aaatcttttt ggtgggcgtg gtccagcagg     98460
     agctgatatt cccactcagg aagtgcttta caagctgaga taagaaaaaa tgctttctcg     98520
     gaaagagtta tataagatgg tataatatta aaattttcat gtgttaatca tggacttagc     98580
     cttaatcatt acaagtttac ttactataaa acttttgggc ctaaaataag tgtatttaat     98640
     taattgtcat cagaacttta tataaataaa acattagggt tttctcactt ttaattgagc     98700
     acttcatata aagttattgt tgtgactcat aaaactgtaa ccttcacata aataactgct     98760
     ttattcctca gtaaatagca ataatttatt tgtcttgtgt atttaaaatc actgtaagga     98820
     ctataaattc ttccctattt tgtgtaaaac ataatgcagc ttacacatca attcatctta     98880
     gagatggatt gcataaatta gagcacattg aactgcaagt tatgtagcta caaatcagaa     98940
     ttaaacagat cttcatatac tgacaggtgt ttgactaaat acaaaacaaa gttaataatg     99000
     ctgtatattg tatattttca tttgtgtaaa aaataaccaa atagctacat gcatggatta     99060
     gtgcacatac agacataatc tctggaccag gaatataata ttggtggcaa gttaataatt     99120
     tgcggtacat atcctcttat gtatttggaa ttatatttta accccataaa actgttagct     99180
     aaatagttta acaacagcag tgtttgtttc aaaaaactct tttgaaaata tgtatttact     99240
     atgtcaatac aatagttaaa taaattaaga aaaaggtgtt tttcaaaagt aaactctttc     99300
     ctctataaag aacccacaag acaaataaag atctgaactt ttaagcagtg agtttagcta     99360
     gaaaatccta caatgtgcta gaaaatgtac tcccacagat aaaaatataa atataatttc     99420
     acatttacta attaaaggtc tatactgaat gctgctgtta attatatatt taacattcag     99480
     ttttctcttg aaataaacta aattttatgt tattatttgt taatttactt acattacctc     99540
     aaacttgttt tagttctgtg taagatttca acattactac cctctttgtg ggactgatgt     99600
     ggtatttaga agcaataaaa tgcactcaaa tgttctcttc tcatgtcacg atttttaaac     99660
     cataactttc ttagaattta actaaaataa cattaagcaa cttcaatttg tgggttatga     99720
     aaaacttttt aatgcataca ttttaaatat aaacttttta tagtattaca tttgactcct     99780
     cattactcta aattttcagt attttttcac atgtgattaa aacaactcac tgtgttaagt     99840
     taccaaagcc aactataggg gagcattaaa taaatatata ttaaataaat tgtattctcc     99900
     aactaaaatt gttttaatta tatacctgat ggctacagaa tgttaaaata gttgacaaaa     99960
     aaaaacccat gagttgattt tatctaaatg agaaaataga atttcacaca aaactatgat    100020
     taatgaacaa aagcagcttt ataatttaaa atactcacta gctattgttt tgtctgtgta    100080
     atatatttca gccaaacagt ctactatctt tttaagattt ttttacacag ccaatagctg    100140
     gtgctacaag tagctcaaaa gcagaattga tggtgtttgg tgagcgacag actggaacag    100200
     ccagctcggc tggcagttgt ttacttctta aatattgcag gtgagctttt tatgcaggga    100260
     agatgaaaca atcaattaat ttctagtaag tcagaaaaag taatcacagt attatttgta    100320
     gaaaatatag gtaaaaaaat tcttttcaaa gaaaatattt tatttgacat aattaaacac    100380
     ctcattgtat cttgaaacaa atttgaattt tcttacataa gcaattccta aaaaaacccc    100440
     aagtaaaatc aataaatgta attattttcc cagagtagat ttttaaagaa atttctaaaa    100500
     cctgagaaat ttacccaaaa gaaaaataac attctaaatt aacctactct tttaatcaca    100560
     taaaaatgga aataaattca tttaaaatat aaaaaggcat taaagcttta ttatttttca    100620
     tgaattatga gatatataaa ctcataaaaa tatgatataa aaataaattt ttgcaagatg    100680
     tatgtttttc tcaattataa attcaaccaa gtgccaggca cggtggttca catctgtagt    100740
     cccagcatgt tctgaggata aggtacgcaa attacttgag gtcaggagtt agagaagagt    100800
     ctgtagaata tggggaaacc ccatcagctg tggttgtgtc tgccagtaat ctcagctaat    100860
     caagaggctg aggaagatta atcacttgaa actgtgagtc aggtggttgc agggtgccaa    100920
     gattgcaccc tgcactccag ccaaagggac agtgtgagat atcattctaa aaataaaagg    100980
     gaagaaattc aatcaactaa gaattgaaat acactattta cttttcaatg cagtttgtca    101040
     aaaactgatt tgtaattatt ttaaaaaaat atcttaacgc tgggtatggt gccatgcaca    101100
     agtaattcaa gctattcagg aaactgaggc aggagaatca cttgaaccca ggggtcagag    101160
     attgcagtga gtcaagatcg caccacttca ctccagtctg gcaacagaga gagatgccat    101220
     atttaaataa aaaaaaaaag tcttcagtaa agtgtggcac atatttaaaa gttactataa    101280
     actctacaaa aataaatccc ttcttatttt taattttatc ttatattaaa ttccatggta    101340
     catatgcagg acatgcaggt ttatttcaca attaaccacg tgccatggtt gttgactgca    101400
     gatatcaacc cattacatag gtagtatgcc ccacgtgatt tagctattta tcctgaatct    101460
     cttttatccc cccggcagac ccaagtgcgt gttttttccc tccctgtgtg tatgtgtctt    101520
     caatgttcag ttcccatgca tgagtgtgaa catgcagtgt tttttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt    101580
     ttgtttctgt gttagcttac tgaggatatc ggcttcctgc ttcatccatg ccccttcaca    101640
     ggacataatt tcattccttt ttatggctgc atatagtttc attgtgtata tgtaccacgt    101700
     tttctttatt caggctgttg ttgataggca tttgggttaa ttccatgttt ttgttactgc    101760
     gagtagctct gtagtaaaca tacatatgca tgtatccttg taatagaata gcttgttttt    101820
     ggaagagtat atatccagta atgtaattgc tgagtacagt ggtatttctg gttctagata    101880
     cttgatgaat catcacacac tttttcacag tgtgtactga tttgcattct gaacaacaat    101940
     ataaaagtat tcctatcatt gcactgcctc actatcatct gttgtttctt ggctttttag    102000
     taatcaccat tttgactggc ctcagatggt atctcattgc agcttagttg tgcatttccc    102060
     taataattca tgatggtgag ctttttgaga taaagaccaa taactctttt cttacccaaa    102120
     tgaggcctct tatagcagct cttcaacatc catttaacct gtgtttttaa cactatcctg    102180
     caaaaggaaa agtattatag gcttaactta catgataatg atagaaaatt acaggatgtt    102240
     agaagagcaa agagttagag caaagtgaga tctcatgtaa attttgtgca aaatttttaa    102300
     aagcaagttc ctatttcttc tttagaactc tctagaatag taaatttcat cagttttgtt    102360
     tccacaagat acaaacatat ttgcgtatct ctaccatgga aaaatagttt actattgcac    102420
     ttagtggaag aggccagaaa tgctactcat aatcctatgg agtgcagcaa aagttcctca    102480
     caaaaagaaa ttacatgagt acaaaatgtc aaaatccaag aataagaaat tctgttacat    102540
     cagtaaactt tataatctac cagaaaaatg ccaatctgaa cctcaatgcc atatatttta    102600
     gaaatatatt ctcatagaat aaaaagagta agagagtgta agtaagagag attaggtgac    102660
     ccaatgcaaa tgccagtgag ccgaggtcac accactgcac accagcctgg gtgacacagt    102720
     gagactgtga cacacacaca catacacaca gatacacaca cacaatttat ctatctatct    102780
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat gtatctatat ctcaaattgt aggacactca    102840
     attatcaata tttcaagatc cagtagatgt aaggcactta aacacaagta gctatgcttc    102900
     ttttgtcatg gaattttggt ggagtcacct tgccggatgg aaaccactgt ggccagtagt    102960
     gcctttgcct cagttttgct aaggcctgct aagcttgtta tacccactct gcctgagagg    103020
     ctgccttccc cttgcattat aggcatggat ttaacacctg ccaagggcaa atgtggcata    103080
     gagtggcaag gggtgtatga gcgagtgtgg gcatcagcca ctacacacag ccaggcatgc    103140
     cagctgtggc agggcaggaa atttcaggtg ccaagagaag tgccatctca ctgagaagct    103200
     gcagctggat caggcattct gcaagcagct ttcatagctt atactaagga atggagttgt    103260
     gcccagaagt ttgaagatgc cagaaacttc aaagccctaa agaaaatgtc acagccctgg    103320
     ctttgagagt gcctaggtct gtgcaccctg aagggtcata gctctcgtct tatttttgtc    103380
     ttccacaatg tgatgagcaa ggtatatctt ttttttcccc cagtttgtgt tacaactctt    103440
     tcagcttcac cattcagctt atctcaaata attgttctgc attcaggaat aaagacatag    103500
     atggacaatt aaagagtgtg caatgtaaag agaagctgta gtgaatgaga gaacacagaa    103560
     aagcccctca ttgggtagct cctccacaca agccagatgt cccgatgagt gtccatctct    103620
     cagcaaagag agtgggtagc tcctctctaa aggcagggtg tcagtgatta ctatccggct    103680
     ctcagcagag aggagaacct ggagcgggta tcttctccat ccagctggtc atcttgccca    103740
     gttttaagct ccgtgcagag agaaggccct gcagtgggga aatcctcata tctggtggtc    103800
     ccaacatcta agtttcagca tagaagagat cttggagtag gtagcttatc cgtctatctg    103860
     gctgctctgt tatctcccta gctctcagca aagtctgtgg tgggtagctc cagtgtgctg    103920
     ttgaaagttc tgatgcctcc ttagctctca gcagagagaa ggcccttcag tgggtcagtc    103980
     ctctccgcag ctggttggta gtctgtcaag tcttccagtg tggctgaatc cagtaatttt    104040
     acatcattca aagaaaataa agtgcttgct gattggatta ttgggcagca atttccttaa    104100
     taaaagtaaa tttactttta ttaattttaa agtaaattta aataaaaatt actttaaatt    104160
     taattaaagt aaatttactt aataaagcaa tttacttaat aaaagtaaaa tcatttccca    104220
     ttcttgtcca tcagcctatg ccccagactt caagatgtca ctggcttgaa ggtggagctt    104280
     cggtggggag caacgaattt atgcccagga gcctgtgatg gttaatactg agtgtcaact    104340
     taaccggact gagacttaca gagtattaat cctgggtgtg tctgtgtgag tgttgcccaa    104400
     aacagattaa catttgagtc agtgggctga ctcaacctta atctggaggg cacaatctat    104460
     tcagcttcca gtaaacataa aacaggcaaa aaacgtaaaa aggcgagatg gactaacatc    104520
     ttgcctacat ctttctcctg tgctggatgc tgtctgccct cacatggctg actccaactt    104580
     gctcaatttt ggtactcaga ttggctctcg ttgattctca gcttgctgac agcctattgt    104640
     gggacattgt gatcacgtaa gttcatactt aataaactct tctatagata ttagttctgt    104700
     ccctgtgaaa gaatcctgac taatacagat gttggtaaca gaaatggttc tagaggaaca    104760
     gaacattaaa aataaagttc tttcattggt tttggaggtt ttgaagttgg ctgtttaata    104820
     taatttgatg caaaaagtct gtggactcta cttctaataa tatggagaac actgatagtc    104880
     cttggtggaa accatttaga gacttatgca aaataaatta atttggcact cctgattcac    104940
     tgattgtgag aatcaaggag tttagtgatt ctatacataa tacctttgac catatgtgga    105000
     gaaccaaaga acacagtgaa gctgcttggt agctcctaag ttcagtgaac aatatgatga    105060
     aagaaaatga tgaactcagg gatactgtct cccaacttca gaagcagata ctgaggctca    105120
     aatctgctaa ttttgccctg agtgagaatc ttatcatttg tagagcaaga gctaaaattg    105180
     tggaaaagca gacacaggct cttatcatgt gagtcactga cctgcaataa aagatgcatg    105240
     cacagcctca ccaggtgtct actgttatag tgagggcatt gattgaaaaa gaaacagacc    105300
     ctgtaaatca taatagagat gtgtaggaga accctgatga atctggtgac agtgagtggt    105360
     taactctgat gaactttttt ttttttttgg tgccagaaag aatggcttcc tcatctcaag    105420
     aagtggcaac atccccttta tgatccatac tgccatcagc ctttccaact ctgtctgaag    105480
     aaagaaactg tgcactggct gaggcaacag tgttttccac ccctgaggca gtttccagga    105540
     aagataatat catttctcct cagaagccat ccccaacacc tccatttgtt tctagaccta    105600
     taagtagatt aaagttctgg tgggctccta gaggtgaggt ggagagtgtg acccatgaag    105660
     tggtgtgcta cactcaaaaa gaactgttag agttatctca tttatttgaa cagaaatctg    105720
     gaggacaggt atgagcatga atattaagtg taggggataa tgggggaaga ggaatcatgg    105780
     aaatgtatca gactgaattt attgagtaga gcccactaag cagggaattt gcatttaatg    105840
     ttgctgctta ggtagttaaa aaaattctaa tagttgattt tcctggttag ctgaaatatg    105900
     gattaaaaga tgtcccactg tgagtgagct ggaaatgcct agtctccgtt ggcttaatgt    105960
     agagagagag atctggaggc ttagggaaat tgggatggcg gagtggattc atctccttag    106020
     actttactca ttccactttg gagggtctgg aagagatgcc ctttaccaat gccttgtgaa    106080
     atagatttgt gagggaagga cttgcatctg taaatagccc tgtaatttct cttctgtgta    106140
     tgtcagattt aatggtggga aacacaatca ctcaacggca aaatttaaat aggatgagaa    106200
     aagttggatc cccaggtggc aggcgccaag tggcagtact caaccatcaa aggcaaggtg    106260
     ggtgtaaata agggaagtgg caattacaat aatgtgactc ctatggagct ctggcattaa    106320
     ctaattaatc aaggtgttcc tggaagtgaa attgagagaa agcctactgc attcacactt    106380
     aagttaaaca aacagataac ttttgggtca aataaaaaaa cagactactt tgaattataa    106440
     aagcagagta ttacagcccc ttccccaatc agtttccaaa ctagagccag tttaaagacc    106500
     aagaacccct tgaaagaaag agacaccagt ttcccttgag gaatgacccc actgcattac    106560
     tgaaaatata atcgtggtca cacaattaaa gtaggagctt aaggaggtca ggtaatgaat    106620
     ggagatttag cttaggttgg acttacagag tgtcctatgc atcccaggac tcctcttgga    106680
     gtcattttcc cggtgctaga atgcataatt ggcatagaca tacttagcag ctggcagaac    106740
     cccacatttg ctccctgatg tgtagggtga gggctactac actgaaaaag ttcaaatgga    106800
     agccaataga gctgcctata cataaaaaat agtaaatcaa aaacaatatc acattcctga    106860
     gaggactgca aagattagtg ccaacatcaa ggacttcaaa gatgcagcag tggtaattac    106920
     cagcaccttt tccttcaacg ctttcatttg gactgtgtag aagacagatg gatcttggag    106980
     aacaacagtg gattatcaaa acttaactaa gttatgactc aaattgcagc tgctttacca    107040
     gatgtagttt tattgtttga gcaaattaat acatctcccg gtaactggta tgcagccatt    107100
     gacatggaaa atgcctcttt ctttattaat aactataagg cccaacagaa gaaatttgcc    107160
     ttcagctgac aaggccagca atataccttt actgtcctac ctcagaggta tatcagctct    107220
     ctgtcttcat gtcagaatct tattcagaga gaacttgatt gcttttcatt tctgtaagat    107280
     atcacactgg tccatataat taatgacatt atgctgatat gatccagtga gcaagaagta    107340
     gcaagaacac tggacttatt ggtgagacat ttttgtacca gaggatggga aatgaatctg    107400
     actaaaattc agagacctcc tacctcagta atattcctag gggtccagtc ttgtggagcc    107460
     tatcaaaata ttccttctaa ggtaaagaat aagttgctgc attaggcacc tcctacaacc    107520
     aagaaagagg cacagtgctt agtaggacta tttggatttt ggatgcaaca tatttttcat    107580
     ttggatgtgt cactctggcc cacttatcga gtgacccaaa ggctgccagc ttccagtggc    107640
     atccagaact ggagaagtct ctgcaacagg tgcagtctgc tgggcaaact cctctgccac    107700
     ttgggccacg tgacccacat attcgatggt gcttgatgtg tcagtggcag ataggaatgc    107760
     tatttggaac ccttgccagg cttccacagg tgaatcacag cacagccctc taggattttg    107820
     caacaatgcc ctgccatctt ctgtagacaa atattctgct ttggagagac agctcttggc    107880
     ccattactgg gctttggtga aaactgaacg tttgactatg ggtcatcaaa tcactgtgtg    107940
     agctgaactg cctatcataa actgtgtgct ttcaaaccca tctactcata aagtgggttg    108000
     tgcacaggaa catttcatta tcaattggaa gtggtatata tgtgacaagg cttgagcagg    108060
     tcctaaggca cagtaagtta catgagaaag tggctcaaat gcccatggtc tccactccgg    108120
     ccatggcacc ttctctcctc cagcctgcat cgatggccta atgggaagtt atttatgatc    108180
     agttgacaga ggaactaaca ctgggacctg gttcacaagt ggttctgcac aatatgcagc    108240
     caccacccaa aagtggacag ctgaagcact acagctcctt tctaggacat ccctgaagga    108300
     cagcggtgaa gatacatctt cccagagggt aaaacttcaa gcagtgaacc tggttgttca    108360
     ctttgcattg aaggagaaac agccaaatat gtgtttatat actgattaat gggccttagt    108420
     caatggtttg tctggaggtc tggcacttgg aagaagcatg attagaatat tggcaacaaa    108480
     gaaatttggg gaaaagataa gtggatgggt cattctgagt ggtgaaaaac tgaagatact    108540
     tctattttat gtgagtactc accaacgagt gacctcagca gagaaagtgt ttagtaatca    108600
     agcagataga atgacccatt gtgtggacac cactctgcct ctttccccag cctggcattg    108660
     cccaatgggc ccatgaacaa ggtggccatg ttggcaggaa tggaggttac acatggactc    108720
     agcaacatgg gcttctactc actaaggctg acctggctat ggcctctgat gagtgcccaa    108780
     tttgccagca gcagagacca acactgagcc catgttatgg gacaatttct cagggtgatc    108840
     agacagctac atgatggcag gttgaatata ttggacctct tccatcatgg aaagggcaaa    108900
     ggtttgtcct cactggaata aatttttaca tttctcatgg ctttgcctat tctgcatgca    108960
     atgcgtccac gaagactacc atcagtggac tcacaaaatg ctttattcat catcatgtta    109020
     ttccacgctg catttcctct gaacaaggca ctcactttaa agctaaagaa gtgtggcagt    109080
     tggcttctcc tcattaaatt ctctggtgtt accatgcttt ttatcatcct gaagcagcta    109140
     gataaataga atggtaaaat ggctctttga agttacaatt acaatgccaa ttatgagaga    109200
     atactttgaa gggcctgtgg caaagttctc cagaagacca tgtgtgctgt gaatcagcat    109260
     ccaatatgtt gtactgtttc tctcacagca agaattcatg ggtccaaaaa tcaagggttg    109320
     taagtagaaa tgtcaccact caccatcacc ccaagagatc cactagcaac atttttgctt    109380
     tctgtttcca agacgttaag ttctgttggc ctagagatct tagttccaga gggaggaatg    109440
     ctgccaccag aagacacggc catgattcca ttaaactgga agttaagatt gacacccaaa    109500
     cactttggcc ttctcctacc tttgagtcaa cagtctaaga aggaaagtac agtgttgact    109560
     gaggtgattg atgcaaacta tcaaggagga aatcagtcta ctgctccaca atttaggtaa    109620
     ggaagagtat gaagggaata gagaagatac attaggatgt gtcttagtat tactatgacc    109680
     tgtgattaag gtcaatagga aactacaaga gcccaatcct ggcaggacta caaatggttc    109740
     agatccttca ggaattaagg tttgggtcac aaatcaggaa aaaaaaatga cctgctgaat    109800
     accttactga aggcaaagaa aatgcagaat ggggagtaga agccagtcat ccataccacc    109860
     tgaaaacacg tgaccagctg cagaaatgag gactttaatt gtcttaagta tttcctcctt    109920
     cttttgctaa aaaaaaaagt ttgtgcatat gtatacatgt agtaagaaaa tatcttcatt    109980
     ttttctttcc ttttattatg tgacataaga tatattgact tcatatcatc atttgagtat    110040
     aggtaacttt acataatagt gttcgggttg gagattggtg tgttcctgat tgtatgaagg    110100
     atagttctat tatgttaggt gtaaatatga ctcatttttg tattatgtta ggtgtaatta    110160
     taacctcatt tttgtcttta tttgaagagt atgtattatc tcaggagatg tctatagatt    110220
     caacttgaaa aagggtgaac atatgacggt taatactgtg tgtcaatttc actggattga    110280
     gggatacaaa gtattaatct ggggcatgtc tcttggtagt ttcccaaaaa tggattaaca    110340
     tttgagtcag ggggctgggg aagacaaacc taccttaatc tggtgggcac aatcgaatca    110400
     gcttctagcg aatgtaaagc agacagaaac atgagaaaag gtgagatggg cctcgcctcg    110460
     aaagcctcca tgtttcccct gtgctggatg ctccttaccc tcagacacca gactccaact    110520
     acttcagttt tgggacttgg agtttttctc cttgttcctc agctagcaaa cagcctattg    110580
     tgatcatgta agttaatact tcataacctc caatatatgg acatattgta ccctttgtat    110640
     gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatctctac atatatagag atacatatat atatacacac    110700
     atatatatga tacacacaca taaagtgatg acaaagtata caattttttg tatgtattct    110760
     caaaaaacat tctttgaata aatactaaaa ctgtaaatct tattttaata agtcagctga    110820
     tttgagagtc ataaaataaa ctaattctgt acaaaaaact cacatatata cgtgtctgtg    110880
     tgtgtgttta aatggtccat aatgatctct gtaaacaaac actccaaagg tactcatgtt    110940
     tctatttagt tactgtcaag gctctagaat ctacatcaga ggagttgctt aataaatagt    111000
     tatgaattag tatatactat ttatttcttt aagaatagag gtatattatg tcttcttaga    111060
     aaatgacaat ttaaactttc acacagattt aggaaatact gtttctgtaa tcatggtaaa    111120
     atgtaaccat ttaaatcagt tataaaatta agcaatctat aacgtaactg cctcagtgaa    111180
     atagctttta caaataataa taacaataat aatattaaag cagtgccagc actttgaaaa    111240
     attagtaagt aaagcacagt aaatatacct ctttcgctac aagttttgcc tgaataactc    111300
     ttttctacaa ataatgtcag cttctgtaca ctacttaata ttgtccgatg ccttgatttc    111360
     atgctgtctg catttttcca agaatgtgtc taaatagcat agctctccct tagtatatta    111420
     ggggaaaaaa ttatgtcttt ttactttagg cattgaatag caatttatta attttggagg    111480
     aaaagaaagc tctatacgag tagaagttct gctagtggag aaaactctag catcagttac    111540
     atagccaaca ggtcaggtgc taaatgagaa caacttgagc attataaatg tggataacta    111600
     ccatattgct acctgctaac gttctgaaac aaatttctga ttcaaacata aagattttac    111660
     attgcatgaa ttcacctcct ttttggactt accttaatat tttcacatat ttttcttctc    111720
     acattaattt cctcattcat ttatctttaa tttatcttat tgtctaatat gcatttttgt    111780
     gaatgcattt atcttttatt atcttagaaa aagatggaag ataaataatt ctgataaaag    111840
     atacccacta tgcaaacttc tataaaatat tttttaagca gtggaagata cttgagtatt    111900
     tattctactc aacaatttta gcaaaagcga aaattctcta actccagcta taatctttga    111960
     aagcttggtt tttatttggc ttgcttattg taatatctta gcaactttca tgtcataaga    112020
     caatgtgtat gcacaatgtg aatgcataac atagtgtgcc aaagcacagg tgtgcccgtg    112080
     ttttacgtat accttcaagc tctagtcaag attagatcta tcccaaaggc ccttgattga    112140
     gttttctccc ttgttacccc cgaaatagag actgcctaga gttttaattt tctatattag    112200
     tggtttacag aaatattgaa aaagcaatgg gaaaaatagc agaaaataag aaaatatatg    112260
     gtttagtttg tagtcattta ttaactaaac tgacttcact ttactaatgc ttaccctaac    112320
     ttgaatgaac taaacattac ataagctttt gaaaatcctt ctgatataag aaaccaaaaa    112380
     ttgagttaag aaatcttcaa atgtgatatc aaataattct aaatgtgtgt ttttaaaata    112440
     attttcttga gagattgttc aacactctta atttttcaaa ggtgcctaat actctagctt    112500
     ataggatatt tagcagcatt tctaaactct cagtactaga tgctagtaac aagcttacca    112560
     attccacttc cagtcataaa ccaggcttag agtgaaatct aacgtgaaat ctactgacct    112620
     ataaaatccc tagacaatca cagggactgt ctgttacttc tatgagctca tcatctataa    112680
     tggtttccct tccacagcct gctccagcca cagggacctg gctaattttt aaacaattaa    112740
     gcaggcttcc accagggatc atcatactgg ttgaacttcc tgcatgttta catgattatt    112800
     tccttattat tttatttaga tatttacttg aaagtcactt ttaagcaaat tattgtacat    112860
     ttgttttata taaaaccaaa atatactata tactgatctt gcctcatata ttttatatgg    112920
     aatatagaac ttcaattaat aaaaagcaaa caaaaaactc tataatataa ccactaaaac    112980
     aaaaatctaa catctaaaat ccaaaattcg aggtacaaca cataatttaa gtattttaaa    113040
     caaaatttta agagaaaaaa catacatctc atagatacaa ataaactaca agaatagaaa    113100
     acaatcaatg tttcatagat aaaaatgaaa agtgcaagga aggcaacttc aaaccattta    113160
     aagaaaactc atacctttcc taagcagcct ggacctttga aataaatagc tcatattagc    113220
     caagttaaca tgtaatcaag agagacaatt ataaaattgc aattttttgt gtgtatttcc    113280
     attctgcctc ctaagcacag atgaaggctt ataaaaattg aaatccacat tttccatgtg    113340
     aggccctgaa tcctgcttct ggaaggagta aagaagccct tatatgctaa attattgtgt    113400
     ttttttctag tctatctagg ggatacatga agaattgatg aaacacattt atttctgttt    113460
     tgtctaacat agaattcact cttggttgaa aatgccagaa attggtcata aaactttaag    113520
     ttgctgagaa caaagaaaac agtttttata caacagacaa actataaaaa ggagcaaaag    113580
     ttgaagagac ctttatttgc aaaaatctga atattcaaaa gcagtttaat gtattgaaag    113640
     atttagaaaa tcatgtccat gctcaagaca gaaaacattc tcaaaaagta tataaaacaa    113700
     taggtgttaa ttctcaattt tacctatagc ttcaatgtga gaagaaaatg aaggctaaga    113760
     cagaattata agcaatcctc ctgagagtta aagaagaatg ttaatacaga tttagttttt    113820
     acaagtgata gttttaacat tgctcttatt caaaacacta atggaatgca agctaaggtt    113880
     ttaataacta agaaaatacc ttggagaaat gaagaaaacc tataattcag agtcagcacg    113940
     tttcaacttt tcaaatatag ttttctgcaa aataaaaaca taaaaaccaa tagaaacgta    114000
     tgcctaatgt aaagtaaatg cagaaactga aaatattcta aattttattg acaaagaatt    114060
     taaaacaaca gttttaagtt gtgtaaaaga aaaaatgaca gaaccaatga aagaaaacta    114120
     tgagagcatc agtgagaaaa aatatgtaaa aaaaatgaaa aatttgagat aaagagtaca    114180
     aagaccgaaa gaaaattgac aataaaggag tttcacaaca gacctgagct ggaaagtatt    114240
     cagtcaattt taagcaatga aaactgaaat aacccagtct gataaataaa aaaaaattaa    114300
     gtgaaaaaat actaagaagt taatagaaca ctatgagcta taccaataca tgcaatatgg    114360
     acacctcata aatacagaaa aagaagaggc aaaaaaaaat ctgaaagcaa agatgactga    114420
     atatttccca aacttaatta gaaatcagaa tctaaaattt aaagaaggac aaaatcttca    114480
     actgtaatat agtcaacgat agccacatca agaaacatta tagtcagtca agtgctaaga    114540
     caaagaaaat tgtaaaacca gaaagcgata agcaacttgt tatgttcaag ggaatcttga    114600
     ttaaaattaa cagatgattg ttcagcagaa accatggaag tcataaggta gtaggatatc    114660
     aaagttttaa tagaaaaaat actatcaaac ctgaaatctg taactggtaa aatgttacat    114720
     gagcaaaaat gcctggataa aggaaagtta aaggaatttg ttactaacct tctctaaaag    114780
     agaaaattac tattataacc ctggcaaagt tttctattac tgaacactca gtgtttacac    114840
     atataatctg agataataat ataaattgaa aagaatggaa aagcacaaaa gcagcacatt    114900
     tttatattgt ttaaattaaa ctttaggtta ttgaaacaag ttagtattat taaaagtagg    114960
     ctattttaaa tttacaatag taattgaagt cccaaatata accaattata atataaaaaa    115020
     tacaattttt tttctaaatt aaccacattt taaaaataaa caaaggagaa ttaaggataa    115080
     aataaaataa taaaatattg aaagcaaata agtaaatctc agagtaagta atgttttact    115140
     tgtaataact ttaaatatga gctcttgcat aaaaagtcaa agactggcac aaatgcatcc    115200
     ttagataaaa attaatgtat atgatttatc tgaaagtctt tctttatgtg taaagacaca    115260
     gaggccaaaa gtaagatgat acaaggttct gggaaaagca tgacaagtga ctacagagca    115320
     ctatatatct gtctcttcaa ctacacaata ggtgcagtgt cagaattggt atgatcctat    115380
     tattttggaa ttccagagtc tatctgaagg tttacagctt ccaaaacaag atttgtaaac    115440
     aataattaaa ttttatcaat tttatagcat agataaacaa cagctattta ttctttatta    115500
     actaccgctg tggtatgctg ccttgaaaac acctctggag cagcttgaaa gagacatgat    115560
     aaacagaaag gaccctgcca tttaaatgtc aggaggactt gtgcacctat tgctgcttct    115620
     gattatagag gtcccaagat agatgaatag ccgttgtttc atttctgaaa gcttttgcag    115680
     ccttttcctc ctcctactca agcaactttc aaaatattta gagagccaga atatttttcc    115740
     tcattttact ttttttcctt ttaagaggtc agacatttat gtacaaaaac attcaaaagt    115800
     aaatatatat aaataaaaac atgataaata agcaacttaa ccatatcttc ctcagatggt    115860
     gcaggctcaa aaaagacaca agaagttcag taggactgat ttccaggaca gaaagagcct    115920
     gcattataaa taaacaaaac cctagccaat catagagtaa gaaaatctga ttttaaaatt    115980
     acagcatttt catatgtaaa tgcccttttt cagcgttaac aaaatcactt accataaagt    116040
     gaaatagaaa attagggctc attctaagaa aaaaaaaata actaacacaa gcttttccta    116100
     cacagtccaa atggcaggct tactaaaaat tatttttttt taaattaatg atcttaggaa    116160
     ggtaatagaa taaacaaaaa agcacagaga gtcatgaaca aataaattat taataaagag    116220
     agagtaaaat tatttttaaa actaaaaaaa tttctagata tgcaaagtga aacaactgaa    116280
     ataaaaattc actacagaca tttaaaagca gacttgagca gatagaacat aatatcagca    116340
     aacctaaaga aagagcaatt gaaattatta aggaaggaag agaaaaaaat atataaagaa    116400
     atgtgaacag agcctaaaac atgtgggaca ccatcaagca gccttactta cacattttgg    116460
     aagttcaaag ataagagaca aagaatcaga gagactattt taaaaaatag tggccaagga    116520
     tgtcacaagt gtgaggaaat aaataaacat ccaagaagct caataaactc caagtaagat    116580
     aaactcaaag aaacacactc aaacttcctt gataattcaa tatttctaaa caaagacaaa    116640
     gagaaccttg aaagcagcaa aagaagtgac tagtcatgta cagaggaccc tcaaaaataa    116700
     aaagtggatt tcttatctaa aaattcgagg ccagaaagca atgggctaat atattccaag    116760
     tgatgtaata gaacaaattc aaacagaaat tttatgttct aagtgtccat caaaactgag    116820
     agggaaatta tgacattttc agataaaagc tgatgtcttt taccaccgga ctacccttta    116880
     agaaatgctt tatggggtac ttcatggcaa aatgaacact agacagcagt atgaataaat    116940
     aaatattaag gtaaagataa atacataagc aattaacaat atatatatat aaattaacaa    117000
     tgtgcacctt cacaagtgat tctccacata atttaaaaca cacacaaaca tatgtgtgta    117060
     tatatatata aaatatatat agtattatat tatctatatt tatatatata ttcactaact    117120
     tgtgtttttg acatacagtg cataaaggta taattttgag aactcagtaa gtaaagtaat    117180
     ggaggccatt ctatatagga gtaaggattt ttatgttatt gaatgtaaat tagagtgact    117240
     ttaacaatgt tataacttta gaatgttcaa tataatggtt agagcaactg taaaggaaag    117300
     agtaacaggc aggtagaaag ctttctgcac tacaccagag tagcagcggt ggatttagct    117360
     tctctcatgt gagaagcaag ctatcttggc accatgagac caagcccaag ctcttccacc    117420
     agggagtaag tgtggagagc ctaaggcaca taccatagct gctccttcac acaactttta    117480
     ctacaccagt ggcaacgaag tggaagaggc tcatccatac ttagcacctg gtgaagcact    117540
     ggaggcagaa aaatgtaact atgggaagac cccactgaaa taaagttggc acagcaacta    117600
     ccctaaatcg gtctctttct ttacggattc ccaatagtta gaggttgaaa cttttgttta    117660
     cacaagacaa gacaaaaaag agaagacaga gtatttggtt cagtggaaag gttatgacaa    117720
     acgggatgac acttgggaac cagagcagca cattgtgaac tgtgaaaaat gtttctaagt    117780
     ctttaacaga tgacagactg aaaatcagaa aacaaagaca cagatcaaaa caagtagaac    117840
     tttttcaaac aatgcccaaa aaaaaagaac ttccagatct accaacacca acttttctaa    117900
     taactctcct aatatgttat taactggcaa acaccacaag gcctaaaaca gccagtgatt    117960
     tgctgccagc cacaacgtta ggaaaaatgc agcttcacct ctctttcacc caaagaatat    118020
     ggagatagta aattcaacta tcaagacact tgcacatcag agccccttta gcagcaagaa    118080
     cagagtgact gacattcagg aacctgagac actaaaccct attgcaccag attagcagga    118140
     cacagtggtg ttcaacgtgg cagtagagaa gcctgtcaga gctttatcag atcccagtgc    118200
     aggaccagtt ggaatagaaa aaaggccact gatacatgca ctattgtctc agatgtctgg    118260
     ctcagttact actgcatcca tggtcacagg ctcagctaac aaggaaggta tattggtatt    118320
     aatggactca ttaacagcca acagaagaac aaatatgcat acacctgtta cacagaagaa    118380
     caaatatgca tacacctatt acaagagtga gaggcgggca aagaaaggtt attgataata    118440
     aaagagacca gccttttatg tagaggatgc atgtcaccag aaggctaaca gaaagtgcca    118500
     gcagatacag agacattgta gtgaggaaag aggatggatt cacctagata ttggtatcaa    118560
     ctagattgac aggagaaaac acactgaatg cagaagtaat gaaagaaatc atgaatgctc    118620
     tgaatatggc tgctccagat gatagcaaac ttgtgctgtt cagcacagct ggcagtgtct    118680
     tttgctgtgg tcttgatttt gggtacttcg tgaagcattt aacaaatgac agaaagagaa    118740
     caagcattga aatggtggac aatatcaaga atgttttcga caatttcatt caatttaaaa    118800
     agtcaactgt tgtatcagtc aatgggcccg cgattggact gggtgcatcc atactgcctc    118860
     tttgtcactt gatttgggct aatgacagct ttggtttcaa accccttata caacatttgg    118920
     acagagttca gatggctttc tagtgttaca tttcccaaga tgatgggtga agcatctgcc    118980
     aataaaatgt tgattgatgt gtgaaagctg acaatacagg aggcatgtgc caaacacctg    119040
     gtttctcagg tgttttggac agcaactttc acccaagagg ttatggttca aattaatgag    119100
     tttgtctcat gtaatccagt agtgctggag gaatgtaagg cccttgctag ctgtaatatt    119160
     aagatggagt ttgaacaaat ggctgagaaa gaatgttaaa tgctgaagaa aatctggggc    119220
     tcagcccatg ggatataata tatgttagtg taagtgcaaa aaaaaatgat gaattttaat    119280
     tatcagtctg tctgctcagg gcacaataac cgagctgaga agaagacatc attagctgca    119340
     agatgcccta atccacctgc atatcccaaa acaattctcc caatatctaa gtcttggaaa    119400
     cagaactgga aatgtcaaag ctatttattt aatattatga atgaaatttt aagtactgta    119460
     actttaaaat aaataatgaa gcaacttctt tgtcaaaatg tcataatttt atgcacatat    119520
     aagcccaaat ataaaatcag actggtgaac acttggctgt tctttcaaat tctaattttt    119580
     atccatgact actactctat aaaaaaaaca aaattgtgat taattagatt tgaaatacaa    119640
     aaaacttaat aatttttttt tattttttac tctagaatgc agaatttaat ggggtatgag    119700
     gcagcctctt cccctttccc caaaatagag acacagaaac atctgagatg gtgcttttga    119760
     ctttatagtg gaacaaatac cacagagaca caaaattcca aattaaaagc ctaatatttt    119820
     aggataaaca tttccaacac aaaattcact gatgatttct ctcccaaact gaaataggat    119880
     gcaatttatg ctgagatttc aattgaattt ctttttcttt ataaatgtct agtgtttacc    119940
     cagttaactt gaagaaatct ttatctctct aaaacaaaac ttgtacaata ttagtgcatc    120000
     atgaaatcat ttaggtagaa ttatccaagt gttaatgttt agaatatata cttttgggtt    120060
     aactttgagt atgttctatt taataagtta aaattctgga cacattatta aaggcagaaa    120120
     tttctttcaa agagaagaaa agatacctac actatatctg acatttaaat tactggtgtt    120180
     tgcttttatg tgcacactat ttcttagaac actctacatg ttcagccatc gagaagctct    120240
     ggcatcttgt cctcttggat ttttatggag actccattat gtaggtatga ttgaataatc    120300
     cactggctga tggtgatcaa cgtcaccttt atcacaggga cagagttagg tgaatgagtg    120360
     agtgatggtt gagcacagcc actgcacaca gctagccata ttggctatga tggatgagca    120420
     gttccaggtg ctggcacagg ggccagctcc ctaaagttct ttggctgaat ttggcatacc    120480
     aaaagctgtt tcctctccag ggacggggaa atgcagtgga atccagaagc ttagaaatgt    120540
     cagaaattgc acagccccaa agagggtgtc acaacactgt cttgggaaag gtttaggtct    120600
     gagttccttt agggccaaag ctctgctgtc ccttattttt gtggtaagca acaatgtggc    120660
     aacctggggg ttgtgagttt cagtcctgtt tgtgttacta atttttcagt tttgccattc    120720
     agtcctgagt ccttgtccca tgtccaggaa aaatgaggta tgtgaacaac taaaaaataa    120780
     tcaaggtaaa tatgtgcttt attgagtgac agtacagttt gcagtggatg taaagcaggc    120840
     agctcctttt tacaagcagg acctactttc atctgtgcag ccctcagtga cgagtagaac    120900
     cagagtgagg agctccaatc tgcaggcagt ttgtgctgac atctctgcag tcctcagtat    120960
     ggatgagatg cagagtggca agcttttatc tgcaggaagg ttgttgagac gttgctacag    121020
     cccttaatgg agaggagacg tatctaactg caggcctgta atgccagcaa ttgcacaact    121080
     ctcagtggag aggagaccga cagtggttag ctccaatttg caagcaagtt atccatgatc    121140
     tccctaactc tggagttcat atgggcttaa gtaggcagaa gtactgtgct gattggtcag    121200
     tggtgctatt ggtgggccca gaaagagaca taacttttca ttctcatctc cagaacatgc    121260
     agcccagccc ccagtcttca gaaaatccat ggcttgaaga tggagtttta atgagaaact    121320
     gcttctttct gcctagatgc ctgtctgtct cctgctacag ttaatggtac caaggctatt    121380
     tttgcaaaga caaacctcca ggcccatacc aactccttga gtctcctatg ctcactgagg    121440
     ccaaaagact agagaaaact aatgtggcat acggtttttg tttcagtaca acctcaagtg    121500
     taagcacacc tggtcaggtc atgacagcac ctgggcttag ctaaaaattt tcttcaacat    121560
     tcaaggggac actaggatct gggagaggcc aggcaatggg atttcagagc ctttgtagga    121620
     aggatggctt tccagtcccc agaaagcaca gggatgcctg agtctgcagc atggctaggc    121680
     agctgcaact gtgcctgagt aggtgaggtt tctgctaatt ccacttggat gtgggtgtgg    121740
     cttctctctg ttcttggttc ccaccagctt cacagagtga agagccctgg ctgcccctcc    121800
     ctcactacac ctggcatctt ttctgcagcc cctctaaata ggctgcttct gccagtaccc    121860
     gcagcaactc tcctattcca aaataatgca gggtgaccct gggagtccct gcacacttat    121920
     caagtcttgt ctttttatta acaagcccca acctgaagca gtcagttatt agcatataaa    121980
     aagacatcac tttggagatt ccaaagaact caggatttct atgccagaaa acagagacaa    122040
     acaccaaata tatttcacaa tcttatagct acttaaaaga aaccctagga ctagagtcct    122100
     gggtagaatt ccactgtcga attctaccaa atgatctaag aattaaaaca atttattctc    122160
     tttttcaaag tcatttattt taaaagaaga aagtgcaggt tgaacattgc taacacaaaa    122220
     acattaaatg tactccagtg tgaaacttga gtgatgacat gacacaagtg gaaagctcca    122280
     cagaatattt cttcacacag ctttgtttta tgcacaaaac acattaaatt taccttcatg    122340
     atgtgggaga gaaaaacagg aaactaggaa gggttcttgg taaaactctt ttaagcacag    122400
     aaacagactg aaaagttaag ttgcaggcaa ctgtaagaga actagaagag gagggtagca    122460
     aaagacatgt tcacagctgc aataatcaga aaacaggaaa gaacatgaaa atgcctttgt    122520
     cgtttttgcc taaaacatat gcacagctgc acagataggg gaggaaggcc acatgtagag    122580
     atacctttgt cattcacata atcagcaggc ttcaaaaagt agacaattct gtctttgtgg    122640
     gcatgatacc tagtaggctc tagtgggctc tgctgggaca cttttctaat ttgaatatgt    122700
     tttgacctgt gagccaagtg tttctgattc atcccttcag cttctgcttt ttcctgatgc    122760
     aatgccccaa acaaagcttt tatttcatcc tctgatttgt cccgggtcag gtcctgaacc    122820
     aagctgatta ctgctttctt caagatagct cacatgcaac tcagaatatt tctttctttc    122880
     cagttcacaa aaacctcaga cccagcatta cagttggaaa gtctcatggg tcccttcttt    122940
     aatgtgaaca gctttcttct tttgattatt aaacttctgt cctatctgaa ctttatgtgt    123000
     agtttcctta attatcttgg tcatgaaaca acacttcagc atgttattgg tcccaggcca    123060
     aggtatcaga ccaagctttc actttagctg ctgcttggtc cagggcaaag gatgaaggcc    123120
     aagctaagtt gtatctataa atcattactt aacctcctga agaatcccca gccaaagtgc    123180
     agggccaggc tgagtaatgt ttctccaaga ccactaagca catttctttc gttttctgtc    123240
     tttattaacc ctgaagccca gccttatagt aggcacacaa cttacacccc acctccactg    123300
     taaagagctt tttactttca cttataaaac ttttgcttca acctgtttgc atccatgctc    123360
     cttaattttc ttggccatga gacaaagaga tctgcttgac acctcacaat gagagattgc    123420
     tacattgtgg tgcattaatg agatggcaac aaatgaagtg tgggaattga gatctgggat    123480
     gcattagtct tactggacca tctgggaaac tggccccaca ctgtgatgaa cactcttgga    123540
     ggcagtccaa catgtagtag tcaccaacac aggatggaaa gggtcaaggt agctacattt    123600
     tgatgcctta gccattcttc ctaaggtacc ctggcttacc tcactgagag gagtttacag    123660
     gtgaatgtca aatatcttgg attttatagg cctgtaattg ggtcactagt ctttgtcttt    123720
     cttttgcatc atctcttttt gctgtggctg ttcctgagtc ctgtcataaa agatagagaa    123780
     ggctatgccc acgaagtttc ccaaggtagt gtacaattcc agagcctgcc tctgaagttt    123840
     tcttctgata ttagtaggtg cctgagtaat aaacttgcct tttaagacta tcaatgtatt    123900
     aattgattga ggagctacaa aagtgtgttt catgaacgtc cctctttgcc ttttcataaa    123960
     ggctgaaaaa tttttatctg gtttctgatt caatatggtc cctttgagta ccttttgtat    124020
     tttacgctgg ctgtagacaa cgtgcagttg tccctgaatc tctcttgttg catgtagggc    124080
     tgtctgtttc tcagaagcag tttgagtttg gctggtccta ggccacacta ttattttagc    124140
     tcttgaatga tccagggcca agttcctgag ccaagctgaa tcacttctga gtcactactt    124200
     tagctcctaa tttgtcccac gtcaaagtcc ctggaaaagt tcagtagcgc tttcttcaag    124260
     aatagttagg acattctgtt tcttcccatt ccataaaaaa catcagacac ttccttatcg    124320
     tggacaactc actttcctcc acaagaagtt aacttattaa acatttgcta caatctcatc    124380
     attttcattc atggctctta atttcttggc ctttagataa aaaaaaatct atgtgacacc    124440
     tcagaatgag aaactgatac actgtggtgc gttgggggac agcaactatg ttttttttgc    124500
     atgagctgga aaaagattaa ttaaaaagtg actaggagtg cacctccaaa ctatttacat    124560
     tcacttctga ggcttgttgt cctcagggtt ttctttttta atttctcaag agcacacaaa    124620
     acactgggcc agtgtcagtt aaaacccaat aaaatggcta ccatccttac aaggctcagg    124680
     agataggcct gctgggaaac actctggcaa tccccgttta cccttaggtg tcaaaaatgt    124740
     tgcctctgtt ccaattcagt cttctttcat gcaggaccta gtcatcatgt ggggctgaaa    124800
     gaaaatctag aaaaactgaa ggtttctggt taagactaca ccacagtgtt acctgaaagc    124860
     ctcaggacta actacagttt ctgacagccc ataattatgt tgccaccaaa aattccagaa    124920
     atttctgttg catttttttt ctttttgtga ctattatata ttctatttcc tctttgtatg    124980
     aatgttgaaa cctggagata taatcttatg gggtaatgtc agctggtgtg ttagtaatta    125040
     gaaatataat taaaagagat gctattttgt gatttttttg gaaccagaaa gaactcaaat    125100
     tgtactctta aaaattttta tttggtgagt gtctttttgt ccccctgtga cagatattca    125160
     tggcactcta tggaaagata tacattcaga agaaagtttt tctttttgtt ggttatttct    125220
     ctgtaaaaag ctcagcattg ccatataaat ctaaacagtt tctttattga gacacattaa    125280
     tctttttttc tgcagagaca cgaactgtgg ggacagccta tagagttttc cccttctttt    125340
     tctaaatttt ggctacaaaa accttggagt cagagttttc atctaacatt ttagatctta    125400
     ccatgtcacc tagtgtgatg aaatttttct ctgtaggaag acttgtcagt actttgccca    125460
     aaaccctgag gttttcaact cctctctcta ctgtgcctct ctaacagtaa taagactcca    125520
     tgccctatct gtaaacagaa aatatccact ttcaatagtt ggcagaaagt tgcctttgag    125580
     agacatattc tagctccggg cttttctctc tctctctgct ttgagatgga gtctcattct    125640
     gttgcctagg ctgtagcaca gtcatgcaat ctcggctatt gtaatctcca ccttccgagt    125700
     tcaagtgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcctga gcagcagtga ttacaggtgc acaccaccat    125760
     gcccagctaa tttttgtaat ttttgtatag atgacgtttc accatattgg tcaggctgat    125820
     ctcgaacttc tgacctcatg acctgcccac ctctgcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg    125880
     catgagccac cgcacccggc cacttagtgc tattttaaga agaccagcca ttcaagtcct    125940
     acatttttgg aggcatgtat tctgcttcca gcagcaatgg catttaaact aaaagagaat    126000
     tttatgtttc aaagtcaatc gatctcattt tctggaattt caagatttta ctagggcaac    126060
     agcaaagaaa gacagaaata gtattgaaca tccactgtgc aaaaggtcct tgctcaaatc    126120
     aaactaccca taatctttct taggttgcca agctaccttt ggaatcttct gggttgagta    126180
     tgcttaggag accaacaaag gatcactagt ggagagctaa cgccttgtgc aggtgaacat    126240
     tacttctcct tcttactagc tcctctggaa ccatgggtga agattatgat tgtatccatg    126300
     gaggacaact atgatagttg ccagatccat aaaagacaag aaaaatgaaa aaacaatgaa    126360
     cacactttct atctttcttt tcactcaggg tttttcaaaa agaggaaaga gactgtggga    126420
     ttctttctct ttctatatat tttgaaaggt cataaacctt ctgcattctg gacttctcta    126480
     ggttgcattc agaaacactg gaatttattt gaccatgtga ctctgaaaaa aaagtggttt    126540
     tgtttgtttg ttttggcaaa agggcattgc tatcttacca gctccagaca ggcaggcctg    126600
     gcttcctgag ggaagtgttc attttaatac tattcaacaa ctagatcttt tctcaagatg    126660
     ggaaaaaaaa aaccactttg aaattttcta tgtttaagct tactttgatt ttggagacaa    126720
     cccagatcat cataaacatt gtaaaattga ctgccctctt ggcagtcata tcaggcaagt    126780
     ttaaaacaat aatttattaa agtcagagac aaacccctca ggaaccctca aatgtgactt    126840
     ctaaatgccc tacctgccac ccttatgcag gccctccaac agccatttca tcagcttttc    126900
     ttcttgtgcc accaaggaaa cttccaactt cactgctgcc cctgcaggaa ataatcgata    126960
     gatgtggtgc tactagagtt caagttttct tctcatttca gggccttaca caaatagcag    127020
     gaaacaagca agtcctctga tgaccctgat tcatatacag aggcatttca aagcataacc    127080
     caagtgttca atcttacttg taaaatacta cattactcct aaagcaatcc ctaaatgtta    127140
     cagtaaagca ggcagcttta tagatagcag aattttttat agaggaaatg tgtgtttctt    127200
     acagccagcc aaaattcaag aagaagggag ggtgaaaggg gaaaaaaaag ttaaacaaat    127260
     agcaaaatgt ttatttctaa taagaaagga aacagcgttt cttgaaaacc caattgacat    127320
     cttggtgatc ttgtagatga gtgaaaaaaa aaatctaata agcatactgg aaggtttatg    127380
     agggaacagg gccatacttc ttaattactc taagatactg ataacagatt aaaactagat    127440
     gaaaattatt tagcctttac ctccagaatt acttggatcc tctgtatcac aatggctgta    127500
     gagcctggga cccattattc ctgctgaaca atcaggggaa aacacatttg attggtgaca    127560
     aatgtcactg gggtcatttt tactttcact ggtctccacc acaggctgga caaagttaag    127620
     tatattcttc ttactgcctg tgcaatccct ttgaaagtgt cctggcttgt cacaccagta    127680
     gaaattagca ggtgcacctt ggtaattctg caacttgtag gcctgtaatg tagccgtagt    127740
     acctctttca ttctcttatg acccccctgg attttctggg actcctcgtt ccaggtcttc    127800
     ttgtaaaaga ctgaaaaatc caccccagga ggctgtccac agtgctgagt catcccatgg    127860
     cctgcttttg tggttttctt ctgatatcag gggctgcctg agaaataaac atgtatttta    127920
     acattatctg tctgttgatg gatttaggag gtagagaggt atgtttcact aaagcttctc    127980
     tgactttcca aagagcctaa gagattttta tctggtttgt gattcaacaa cgatagttta    128040
     gattatttaa gaggtttttt tctagttctt tggaagcctg ctaatatgca cataagaaag    128100
     tgttttctta tccacttatc catgggatca ctcagacatc aattagggtt ttcaaaaagc    128160
     actgttttcg tatgtattgg aaatagtaat tcatctcttt tttactaaat ttttccttca    128220
     actgtgtttc tttcctgact atagggtacc agttgttcat cttaaaaatt ctttgctccc    128280
     ggcaatgctg cctgtttttc agcagcagca gcagcagcag ttaaaatttg gcctaaaagt    128340
     ctcacaacat ttctgcacat tagattaaac acttggttta aattttgaaa agcctgtgta    128400
     tgtctatcag ggtcatcaga gaacttgcct aagtcctact ttattggttt aatgttactg    128460
     caatgataag gaaatttaaa ttagttccac catgttcatt gggcatttgc tatacaggca    128520
     agagcaaagt tggaggtttc ttaaggtagc acaaccagag gagtttctat atggctattg    128580
     gtagccccag ataaagaagg cagatagggc actcagaaat agcatctgag ggttctccag    128640
     agatttctct ctctgacttt tgaaaattat gtattgtaca cttgctttgt atggctaata    128700
     aaaaggcaaa gtaaattcca caatgcttac aaaattcaca ttttctttaa gggcaaaaga    128760
     gccttagttg ccagatagta ttgaaactat tcttctttga gaaggcccag gcctcctctt    128820
     tgtaaaatgg ccactttgtt gtcaacagaa tataagctgt tttttaaatg tatatgtata    128880
     tgtatatgta tatgtatatt tacatttatc tgtattttga aatagagtct cattctgttg    128940
     accaagcttt agtgcaatgg cacaatcttg tctcagtgca acatctgcct cgggggttca    129000
     agggattctc ctggctcagc ttcctgagta tcttggagta aagacacctg ccaccacatt    129060
     catctaattt ttgtatttgt agcagagatg ggattttacc atgctgacca gtcaatctgc    129120
     ccaccttgcc ctcccaaagt gttgggacta caggtgtgag ccacaacacc tggcttaagc    129180
     tttttttttt aatttagagt ctcagggttg atggaattcc agtgtttcca aatgcatatc    129240
     attggaattc actctgcaga tgcatcgttg ccatctagaa atggagggga gacaaggtgt    129300
     ccttgagacc tcttcctgtt ttgttgtgat acagggtaaa tagaaattgt tacggtaccc    129360
     ttcttctact tcctctgtct cgtctgggtc tgaaaatcta tcatacatgc ttcccataaa    129420
     tgaaacaaca acctttactc aaggatttgg ggagagctaa tctgcttact agccatgctt    129480
     acctgcatga agcatctact ctgttttcag ggagatgtta tttagtagta gaatttgtgc    129540
     aagacttttt aatggagaaa atgtcctcct actaacttgc ttttcctatg tgcccagaga    129600
     aacatcagaa tctcagagaa tgagagagat tgactttcaa acattttaaa tcccaaatta    129660
     agaaaatgga gaataggtgc ctcaaaagag tgcaaaagct gaatggctgg tccttcatta    129720
     gatggggaca gcaaagaggt taaaatctgc ccttcaacag tgtcttcctc ccaacagtta    129780
     aagtggaggc tgcctgctta cagatagaac atggggccta atcactgcta gaggaacatt    129840
     gttgggaaaa taattaggaa accataagtt ttggacaatg acttgccaag gctttcaata    129900
     gaaaagaaat ctcacttcac taggaggtat tgtaaggcta gaaatgctag gttaaaaatc    129960
     ctgactcctg gccagacatg gtggctcaca actgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggtcaag    130020
     gcaggtgaat cacctgagga caaaagttta agaccagcct ggccaacacg gtaaaaaccc    130080
     atctgtacta aaaatacaaa aaaatccagg catggtggtg ggcaccttta atcacagcta    130140
     ctcagaaggc tgaggcagga gaaccacttg aatctgggag gtggaggttg tagtaagcca    130200
     agatcccacc attgcactcc atcctggatg ccaagagcaa aaactccatc aagaaaaaaa    130260
     aagaaaaaag aaagaaagaa caataattct gactccaaac tcacttcagc caaaagttag    130320
     aaagacagtt cagggtttga tcagttgtct ccagtgtatg cccccaatca ggcaaaattt    130380
     aacttgtctc atgatataac tgttctatgg aaaaccataa tatctcttaa aaatccaaat    130440
     taaaaaaaga gtattcactt tggatgaaat atcctcccat acagtgccat aaaactctat    130500
     cattgttgga cagaaaggcc cttaataggt aaatatttat actgaattct tgaattgccc    130560
     ttgtttcagg gaaatcacaa aaacaaacct ttctgaatta cattcctgct taagtcattg    130620
     agtgactcta ctcagcaaaa ttttatacct aggctgtaaa aatgcccaga gcattccata    130680
     caaaaaatgg ataaaagaca taatagctgt gagaagcaaa atggtaaatt taatagacaa    130740
     aaactggaag tccttgtgct aacagcctga tgagctgtta gggactggaa ctagtctaag    130800
     ggcaatcaga ttacagagtt gtaacctcag tgagaaactt gcagtttccc taggatctcc    130860
     tttatgtccc atgtggtagc caggctcttc atgaaagaaa actagattga aaaaaaaaca    130920
     aacacgtttt tgaaatgaat gtaaaagatt aaagatccat tcttaccctc ttatgaatta    130980
     tttgtttctc agcccatgca ccaatatatg ttgtagtccc accaatgcac caagatttag    131040
     tagtatccct tcgtatgata ttatacccaa agatttttgt attacatcca aaaaaattaa    131100
     gaagctatgg caccaaagat gagattaaaa caaaagagaa gagtaaaaga aaagctctct    131160
     cctagtaaaa agagaggccc aactgcgttt tctactatga ggctgggttt cagggttata    131220
     ataaagtggg aagagaaaga aatgtgctta gtcagtgggc tgttttgaag aacatgtgat    131280
     tcagcttggc ccagggtctt tgcctgagat taattaaaaa gcttagccca ggaggcttgc    131340
     acagaaataa tcagggactg aagtcataat ttacagtggc tgttcagctt atcccatgac    131400
     ctaacaggag ctgatgtgaa agcttggccc aaaaatttgg cccaggccta attaataact    131460
     aaaataatga ttcatagagg cccagctcac agtccaaaaa gaaaaaatca atgccaacca    131520
     gaacccactc tgtttatgtt tccaaatgaa gaagaaactg cttcctgaga gcccactgat    131580
     tataaaaagg acaaggatat ttttatgcca ggcctagttt tcttatttga atgaatcaga    131640
     atttgtgaaa gatttttatc tgaatggatt gaaggttctt ctgcctataa acacacaggt    131700
     gcatctctag gtacaacacc catgtgttag ttatcttatt gaagtctgca acctgattta    131760
     tttttcaggc tgcttagtgt agtatgtata aatgatgcag tgacctctag gctgggggtt    131820
     tcccaggaac aattccttgc tgtcccccta agtcaagcta gctttctcct ctcagaaaca    131880
     ttctagagaa ccccctgaat gtggctagtt cagacttaca atagggaaca aaaacaagca    131940
     tagcagaaaa agagaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaacaga gactctaaag accacaatac    132000
     aggtctataa aatgtgggtc cctgagggca cccgataact gttatcagtt tggcaagaca    132060
     ggacacttaa caagaaatgc tgagacaaca aaggaaacca acttaacact gtccaacttg    132120
     ttgtggtaac cactgaaagg agtgctgttt ccagaggcat acatcagtag gcccaggatc    132180
     agtctcacaa atgctctagc aggactaata attcatagat atcaattcct cagctctaag    132240
     agctgccata ctcctcaagg gccatactcc ttaggagcct tgagtgattc ttgaggtggg    132300
     agggaggaag gtagaattcc ctctggaagc tggagcaagt ctttttgttc tcctctccaa    132360
     tctaggtctt ctatccttcc attatgtgac aaatgattga tgtgtcagca aagaacttta    132420
     cccaatattt tctcagctca cagttatagt tggaacgacc ttctatttac tcatgccaat    132480
     ttagtcactt ctgaaagtcc cactttatta ctaggtagag atattctggc ctatacagga    132540
     ggcatcatct taatggctcc aggacaaatg ctttgtctcc ccttagtgga aatcaatatt    132600
     aactaggtag agatatttcg gcccatatag aagccactat cttaatggct ccggacaaaa    132660
     tctttttctc cccttagcgg aaatcagtat taatgaaaag gtgtgggata gcaagaaaaa    132720
     aattactgaa ctacagccac tacatgcatc aatatttacc ttagggatcc cactattctt    132780
     tctagccagg ggcagtattt cccaaagcca taaggtagaa aaatgctaga agacattata    132840
     aataagctat agaagaaaga cctccttaga ccccacatca gtctttaaaa aactgcaaat    132900
     attaggagaa tattaggagt agagaaaccc aatgaggatt ggaggctagt taagaacact    132960
     tgtctcacta ttgaggcagt ttttccactc tatctggttg ttcttaattc ttgtactttt    133020
     ctaactcaaa ttcccaagag aactgaatgg tttaaagttt tagacctgaa ggatgccttt    133080
     tttattttta tcattgcacc ctggcttcca atacctcttt tcctttgaga atctgtccaa    133140
     acaggataca cagttaacat ggaaagtatt gccacagggg tttaagaaag cctccacctg    133200
     ttttagtaga cattatcaag agacctctct gagttctctc atcctcaggt taaagtttta    133260
     cagtttgaca ttctcctctg tgccccaact gagaaggctt ctcaattata tagcaagcag    133320
     aggttatgaa gaattacaat gtaagctcag ctttgtcaga cctcagtgaa gtacttaggc    133380
     ctggtcctat cagaagaaac tagagcatta gtcaaggaga agatttagcc catttcctct    133440
     ttttcttctc ctccatctct aaaactaaga ggatttgggg gcattatcga tatttgcaga    133500
     ttgtggatac ccatgtatgg taaactaggt aaccctttat atcacgttat aaaataaact    133560
     caagcagcta tagctaactt tctaatctgg gcacttgaag ctcaaaatac ctttaatcag    133620
     ttaaaacaag ccttactcaa agtacctacc ttcagttttc ccataaatta gacatttaaa    133680
     ttttatgctt cacaaaagaa atggatggcc ttgagagttt caactcagac ccatgatcca    133740
     gacaagcagt tggtaagtta cctaagccag gatctcaacc tgctgcctga agaataaaca    133800
     gactgcctcc aagcagttga gtagcactgt tggacatgct ggtgttggaa gttacaaagt    133860
     taacgatggg gaataatttt actgtttaca ccccacataa tttaggagaa ttgctatcct    133920
     ctaaagaatg tttttggata atagagaatc ttttcctaaa atatcaagct ttgccgctga    133980
     aaaatttgta gtttggttaa caacctgact ttgcttgaac ccaggaaatt tcttcacaga    134040
     aataactgaa gaacctgaat atgattgtgt tgggaacaag ccccccaaaa tctggccaaa    134100
     aactggcccc aaaactggcc acagacaaaa tctctgcagc attgtgacat gttcatgatg    134160
     gccataaagc ccactctgga agtttgtggg tttacaggaa tgagggcaag gaatacctca    134220
     cctgcccagt atggaaaacc acttaaaggc attcttaagt cacaaataat agcatgcatg    134280
     atctgtgcat taaggacatg ctcctgctgc atttatctag cccaacctat tcctttaatt    134340
     ctgcccatct gtatgtttcc cataagggag acttttagtt aatttaatat ctatagaaac    134400
     aatgctaatg actggcttgc tcttaataaa tatgtgggta aatctttgtt tgaggctctc    134460
     ggctctgaag gctgtgagac cccatttccc aaatcacacc tctatatttc tgtgtgtgtg    134520
     tccttaattc ctctagcacc actgggtgag ggtttccctg actgagctgg tcttggcaag    134580
     tggcgtccat catgggggct tgaatccagg ttgaagcatc accagagtga tggtttgaga    134640
     aggtggaact agctggagga cacccgagta ctcttaaaac aatccccgtg gtgagtaata    134700
     aggggagctc agaagcatca gggtaacaat gggagaagtg tgaggtgtgt ttcgttccac    134760
     cttggaactt tttcatactg atggtgagga ggaaggagaa tatagggaag taacagaaga    134820
     ggttacagag catgtttatt tgccagctaa agctaaagtg gcaaaggaag gagaggttca    134880
     tccctatact tctgcacacc ctcattatta ttatgaagaa aaagaccctc catatctttc    134940
     ttttctggag gacactgggc aaaaagtatt tgccaccatg actgttcaag cagcaccttg    135000
     agtgaccact cttagttcta tttaggcagg aattcaacaa gctagatggg agggtgattt    135060
     agaagcttgg cagttccctg ttagaataca ccaccgagat caacagggaa atgttatagc    135120
     tacatttgag ccttttcctt tcaaattact caaataattt aaacaagcta taaatcagta    135180
     tggaccaggt tctccttttg taataggact gttaaagaat gttgctgttt ccagtcagat    135240
     gattcctact gactgagatg ctcttactcg agcttgtcta actcctgttc agttcctaca    135300
     atttaaaact tggtgggcag atgaagcttc cattcaggct gctcacaatg cccatgccca    135360
     acattaaatt aatataactg cagaccaact ttgggggttg gcggctgggc tgattcagat    135420
     gcacaactgg tcatgcagga tgatgacata gaacagctta gaggagtgtg cattagagct    135480
     tgggaaaaaa atcacttcat gtggagaaca atatccttcc tttagtgcta taaaacaggg    135540
     acccaaagaa cacatacact gattttatag ctctgttaca ggagtctctt aaaaagatga    135600
     ctgcagattt ggctgctcag catatagtgt tgcagttatt agctttcagt aatgctaatc    135660
     ctgattgcca ggctgctctg tgacctatca cagggaaagc acatttagtt gattatatca    135720
     aggcctgtta tggtatcaga agcaatctgc ataaagctac tttgttggca caggaaatgg    135780
     caggactgag agtggataaa ggaaatactc catttcatgg agcttcttta aactgtggga    135840
     agcatggtca tactaaaaaa gaatgtagaa aaaatcagcg agtcaggcca caagatagga    135900
     gaaaaaagaa aactgctgag catgaaatat gtccaaaaca tataaaagga caacattgta    135960
     ctaatcagtg tcactctaag tttgataaag aagggaaccc aatttcagga aatgccatgg    136020
     ggtgcccatc ccgggccctg ttctaaactg gggcatttct agctcaggct cttccctcac    136080
     ctctgtataa tgtctgtcca ctgccacagc tggtagtgcc ccagtagatt tatgctgcac    136140
     aaaagctgtg aggcttctgc ctggggaact gccacaaaag gtcccaacag gagtctgtgg    136200
     acccttgcta gcagggacaa taggattact tctaggcagc tcttgtttaa gtttaaaagg    136260
     ggtataaata catacaggag tcattgattc agattataat ggggaaattg aaattgttat    136320
     atctacttct gttccctgaa aagcagagcc aggagagtgt atagcacagc tcttgattgt    136380
     gctgtatatg ggaatgggaa aatgtgaaat taaatgaaca caaggacttg gaagcacaaa    136440
     taaacaaggc aaagcacctt attgggtaaa tcaaattact gataaacatc gtacctgtga    136500
     aataactatt gagggaaaga aatttaaaga tgtggtagat acagtagtgg acatttcagt    136560
     catttctcta cagcactggc catccagatg gccaattcaa cccgctcatt ttaacagagt    136620
     tggagttggt aaagcccctg aagtatatca aagtagttct attttgcttt gtgaagggcc    136680
     tgatggacaa cctgggacta ttccaccaat tataactttg gtacctataa atgtatgtgg    136740
     aggatattta ttaaaacaat ggggagcaca agttctaatt ccagaacaat tatatagccc    136800
     tcaaagtcca catatggtgc atgaaatggg gtatgttcct ggtatgagac tataaaaaaa    136860
     ctgcaagggt tgaaacaaaa tcttcaagtg gaaagacaaa ttcttgccaa agattaggaa    136920
     acaatttttc atggcggcca ttgttaagcc tccagaagct atatctttaa aatggttaag    136980
     agataagcca atttggatag aacaatggct gctatataaa gagaaactgg aggctctaga    137040
     gaaattagtt actgaacaat tagaaaatgg gcacatagct ccaacatttt ccccttggaa    137100
     ttctccagtt ttcataatta agaaaaaatc aggtaaatgg agaatgttaa ctgacgtaag    137160
     agctatcaat tcagttatac aacctatggg agcattacag ccaggattgc cttctcctgc    137220
     tataattcca aaaagaattg gcctttaata gtcatagatt taaaagactg tttcttaact    137280
     atccccttag ctgagcatga ctgtgaatgg tttgcattta caattcctgt ggtaaacaat    137340
     ctgcagcctg ctaagcgttt tcattgtttt acagatgggc ctggtaatgg taaagcttct    137400
     tattcttggt agaaaagtaa actttttcag aagccctata cttcagctca aaaagaggaa    137460
     cttgtagctg taattgaagt atttactgct tctgatatgc ctattaatgt gatttctgat    137520
     tcttcatagg tatttcattc cacacagtta attgaaaagg ctcagttatg atttgataca    137580
     gatgaacaaa tgatgccttt atttacccaa ctgcaaacag cagttagaag tagaatgcac    137640
     cctttttaca tcactcacac tagggctata cacctcttac aggacctttg actgaaggga    137700
     atcaaatggc taatcacctc attgctaatg cagtatctaa ttctagacac tttcacaatt    137760
     taacccatgt taatgccttg tctcaaatgc agatacagca ttacctggaa ataagttaag    137820
     ctattatcca gtgatgccca agttgccaaa tcgtacattc atcatctttt ataggaggag    137880
     ttaatcatcg aagattggaa cctaactctc tttggcaaat gaatatcaca cttgtttcct    137940
     catttgggag actagctttt gtacatatat gtgtgtacac attttctcac tttttctggg    138000
     ctatgtgcaa atcaggtgag tcttctgact gtgttaaaca tcaatttttg cagtgttttg    138060
     tggtgatggg cattccagct tctactaaaa cagttaatgc cccaggctgt actatccaaa    138120
     ctctagctac atttttctct atgtggaata ctaaacacat tactggtatc ccatacaatt    138180
     ctcaaggaca agccatagtg gaaagaatga atctttccct aaaaacagca gttgcaaaag    138240
     cagaaagggg gaaatggaga atatggaacc ccatagatgc aactgaatct agcattatta    138300
     gctttaattt ttttgagcct gtccaaaggc cagatgttat cagcagctga acagcatctc    138360
     cagaaaccac ctgcaaagac agaagcagaa caactgattt ggtggagaga tacaataacg    138420
     aaattgggaa ataggtaaaa taataactgg gggtggaggt tatgcttgtg tttctccagg    138480
     ccaaaatcaa caaccaattt ggacaccatg aagacacctg aaaccttatc atgagccaga    138540
     tgccaaggaa gagactccgt gaggatcccg aggatccccc agttgcagcc acatcaagga    138600
     tgcctctgag gaacacccca actgtcatga gcaacacctg ttgaacacag ccactgacct    138660
     ggggacagat caagaaggtg tcaaagatgg cggaagaaaa cctgaggaaa gcagtacaac    138720
     cagtcacaat gagtaattta atggtagcta tcatagcagt tatcaccact gctgtgagta    138780
     ttccttcaac aaaggctgac acagagaaca attatgctta ttgggcatat ttatcaatcc    138840
     tgtctggtaa taatgcctgg atatagtcac tctatgccac agttacacat gccttctgat    138900
     ctcagtattt tacataataa atctgcccct ataattgagg catactgccc tcaaaaacct    138960
     atttgtaaaa aaatagaacc tggacagaaa taatgaatgt aattgtttag gaaaatttct    139020
     ttgcagaaca ggcagaggtg ctgcacaatg attcctatgg aatcattatt gattgatccc    139080
     ctaaggggat gtttctcttg aattgcacct ctcagtctgc gtgccatggc cacattatgt    139140
     tcagcttgcc tgaacaaaat ggtaggatgg tagaaatgat aagaagtatg gcaagagttc    139200
     ctattttctg gaaccatggt ggtatagtta cgcctcaacc tcaaatgata tggcctgctg    139260
     taggagctaa acataaggat ttgtggaaac cattaatacc tcttaataag atcaaaattt    139320
     gtgaaagaat gaaaaagcat atattgcaaa attaaaagaa caaatattta aagcatccca    139380
     ggcacacctg accttaatgt caggaaccgg agtgcttaaa ggagctgcag acagattagc    139440
     agctggtaac ccattaaaat ggatcaaaac acttggaagc tctgtgattt caataatggt    139500
     tgtgctttta atctgtgttg tttttgtttg tatagtctgt agatgtggat cctgactcct    139560
     gcaagaagta gctcaccatg acaaagctgc ctttgctttt atcaatttga aaattaaaga    139620
     agggagcatg ttgagaacaa gccccccaca aatctggcca taaactggac ccaaaactgg    139680
     ccataaacaa aatctctcca gcactgatat gtgcatgatg gccataaagc caacactgga    139740
     aagttatagg tttatgggaa tgagggcaag gaacaccttg cctgcccagt gcagaaaacc    139800
     acttaaaggc attgttaaac acaaacaata gcattcatga tctgtgcctt aaggacatga    139860
     tcctgctgca gttaactagc tcaacctatt ccttcaattt ggcccatcct ttcattaccc    139920
     ataagggata ctttttgtta attcgatatc tatagaaata atgctaatga ctggcttgct    139980
     gttaataaat atgtgagtaa atatctgttt gaggctctca gctctgaagg ctgtgaggcc    140040
     tctgatttcc cacttcacac ctctttattt ctgtgtgtgt gtttaattcc actactgcca    140100
     ctgggttagg gtctcaccaa ctgagctggt ctcagcatga ttgttaacag agagtagtga    140160
     aaacttacac agccagagag gacctcaaag aaactccctt agtaaatgta gaaatggagc    140220
     tttttcctaa aacaagaaac accaaagtta gggtatgcag tagtcccttt gaattatatt    140280
     actgagaata tgcctctctt accaggcacc agagttcaaa tcactgagtt acttgccctt    140340
     gtgagaacac tcaaatgaag caaaaaaaga aaaaagaaat gtttataata tttatactgg    140400
     ttttaaatat gcttttctga tcatctatga ccatgccact ttgtggaaag aaatacattt    140460
     tctgacagtc actcattaag tatcatcagg atatacatag atttttctcc tgtttttctt    140520
     tcatggaaag tagtagtact acattgtaga agacacaagt aggggactga taaagcagcc    140580
     aagaaaaata gattgagaaa ccagagagcc aaacaaacaa acaacaacaa caacaaaaaa    140640
     aacaattttg caatatactg gaagtctctc ttgtcttaga aagcttcatt agagaaataa    140700
     agcctcagta ttcccatgca aagatagaat ggaccacttt tgaaagatac atttttcagc    140760
     actctaaata tttataattg cattatgagc cttcagccag tgaaatgttt ttaatgtcct    140820
     ccaccaagtt ttgacttata aaacaacaag aaaaaaaaac tactgaaaag agtcaaacag    140880
     attcttaata cttttgaaac ctgccttaaa aataatcttc ttgggccagg tgcagtggtt    140940
     catgcctgta accccagcac tttgggaagc caaggcgggc agatcacaag ggctggagat    141000
     tgagaccatc ctggctaaca tggtgaaaac tcatgtctac taaaaataca aaaaaaaaaa    141060
     aaaaaaatag ctgggcatgg tagtatgtac ctgtagtccc agttattcag gaggctgagg    141120
     taggagaatc acttgaaccc aggaggcagg agttgcagtg agcccagttt gcatgaccgc    141180
     actccagcct ggcagacaga gcatgacttc atctcaaaaa taataataat ctcaaaagac    141240
     agtttctatc cctgctgctc aatatctgaa aagctatcta gggaaagatt gagagaagaa    141300
     cttcatttat atgacagata aagtgtgcat ttattacctc ctgatatgta ttaaaaaccc    141360
     acaaaatatt gcagacttgt ggtgagtaaa gaatgtcact tgctaacagg cccaggattt    141420
     tcatgttttt ggacctcaag aagagtaaag tttgcccaac tcataggtat ttgaaagtaa    141480
     aacccatagt tgttcttggc tttaagagtg cttatcagag tttcctcctg aagaacagtt    141540
     tcgtaaaagc caatttagag agactattta aaaataatta tttttgctgc actttatgca    141600
     aatacttagg ttaaatataa aattatagtt cattttacta ttttcaactc aggcctaaca    141660
     tactttgttt atttacagta ataagaaatg aagagagaaa aattatgttt aaatcttttc    141720
     ttttttcttt tttttgcgat gaagtttcac tcttgtttac cagactggag ggccaatggc    141780
     actatctcgg ctcaccacaa cctctgcctc ttgagttcac atgattctca tgactcagcc    141840
     tcccaagtag ctgggattac aggcatgtga caccatgcct ggataacttt gtatttttag    141900
     tagagacggt gtttctatgt gttggtcagg ctgatcttga tcttgaagtg ctgggattac    141960
     aggtgtgagc tacctcaact agcctacatg tttcaaatct tatcatatgt ttgccattat    142020
     attctcatct cattagttgt ctttagcatt tgcctatatt ttaggctatc cctgttgatc    142080
     cctgtgagcc agccagaaat ctctagctgc agctaggttg aaaatataaa aatattaata    142140
     ttgcaaaata tgtaaacata tatttgttat gggcaattac cctacaaagc ttgccaggta    142200
     atgagagtat atagttgact cataattcag ggggtttttt gttttggggg acaagaccaa    142260
     ggaagctaag ccaagccaag ccccatgcac ccaaaacttg ttaagcatat ctatagctat    142320
     tagttataag ggcatgtcag cagcctcaga atttttaagc tatccttttc ctcacctcgt    142380
     ctcattttaa cactttatat tttgataacc aagattgttt catctcacat agaggcaatc    142440
     aaacaaattg tactgcaaac gaaaccactt atgtaaacac cgtggttttg aaaaacctta    142500
     ccctaacctc agtgtgaact ccagctgttg tatttcctta caagatgacc cttcctagca    142560
     aaaagtagct agaaagatca atcctcaatc tccctaacag caattagtgt tttcacacct    142620
     gcaggggaca atgagagaga aacttagtag gtgtcattgg taaaacttct ttaaacagag    142680
     atgcagccta gaaatgtaca gcgtttccaa tgtacaatct tccgttgcct tggtagataa    142740
     cccagatctt tgtaagtatt gtaaaactgt ctctgagctt tggccatcat agaaagcagg    142800
     catacaaaag ataatgcccc aaagtcagag acacaaaccc ttggtaaacc cttaaattct    142860
     acttctaaat gccctacccg cacctctttt ataggctttc taatgtccat gtcatcagtt    142920
     tctctccctg ttccaccctg taaaccatca atttcaatgt gggccctgta gaaaatgcca    142980
     aaaaaacgtg gtactactag atttcaagtt ctcttttcat tgcagggcct tagaaaaata    143040
     aatgtaaatc tagtcgagtt ctctgatgac tctaatagat atatagaggc attccaaaat    143100
     ctaacacagg tatttcattg tatgtggaga catgctacgt taatcctaaa ccaaagctgc    143160
     agaaaaattg gcagctttac tagcagcaaa agcatttgaa gatgaacaac atatttacta    143220
     tacccagcct aaaagtataa agggaaagaa atctagaaaa acggatggtg aaagacaaaa    143280
     ctaaggtgaa cagatagcat aatctttatt cccaacagga aaaaagacag tgctctttga    143340
     aaacataatt ggaatccccg tcatttgata gaggagtgga aaagaataaa aatttagaat    143400
     gcatgtacag gaatgctagt aaaagaacag tgccaaacct cttaattact ctaagataaa    143460
     cataatagat taaaacttga tgagaatccc tcaatcttta tggaaaggct gagagagggt    143520
     gagtaaaacg cacctctgta ttttctgact cagttgagca ccagttaatc ttaagaaaga    143580
     agtttatttt tcaggcagtc ttgatttaaa aaaaaaaaaa gctacaaagc aggtcacatg    143640
     accggataat gtactagttt tagcagtgca acaagatgta acaattcttt tttgttttag    143700
     atattgctca gagcaacaca tacacatatg tactactcag tatatgtaag tgtatatata    143760
     cagtctggtt tgtgtatata gatatatgta taaatacaca tagcatgtgt gtgtgtatat    143820
     atatatatgt atatgcacac acacatatac acacacacac acacctacac agacacacaa    143880
     tttagaagat taaggagcat gaacacatgg gtaaagtttg aggaaaactt taatatgcaa    143940
     aagaagagat catttcacca gcagaaatat gggcccacat gagttgcaaa ctatgaggca    144000
     agtgtttaaa atttttataa actgaaaaga gaaagggatg ttcttagttt gtcagctatc    144060
     ttatacaatg tgtcttagcc ttggtcttgg accagtaaga aagcatagcc taagaccttg    144120
     gtctgggacc aataggaggc tgaagtgata attcatagag actgctcagg atagcccaag    144180
     aagacttaaa aatgcaaatg aaagactggc ttgtgagttt ggcccaggat cagtcaggag    144240
     cttaagtgat aattcttaga agctggactt attgtctgaa caataacaac aacaaataga    144300
     gcgaatgaga acccactgaa gcttgctgaa tttatgcctg tgaaaggaga ataaaatttt    144360
     ctcattgtgg gtgtggggca ctgattatac aaaggacaaa aatattctat gccacacctc    144420
     tttctttcat ctgtgtaagc ctgagttttg tgcaagtttt tttttttttt tttccagaat    144480
     ggactggagg ttcttccgtc tgtgtagctg caggaatatg ttcaggcagt agccactgtg    144540
     ttaggtcctg tatcagtggt ttcagcttaa tttcttttaa ggctgattgt tgtgttatgt    144600
     ttggttgagg cactgacata tctgcttggg gctctctgga aacccttgcc ttgcttttta    144660
     cctaagagaa gctagctaac ttttctcagt ctcccctcag aaataaagaa cctaactgct    144720
     ttagggagat taagtgttga tctttctggc tactctctgc tgcagagggg tgtttgtaaa    144780
     aaacagcagt tagaatttat ttcagacatt gtttcagagt cctcagaaga taggtgattt    144840
     tatgtgtggt cttacttgca ttattactat ttggagttga cagcctcaag gaaaaaaaat    144900
     agagttacta aaggacatgt attgtaacaa gacaagttgg ctaaggacag cttaagtgtc    144960
     ccaagcctgg tgacacaccc ttataactga tggctacagt tatgcctgct aagatttagg    145020
     tatatggaac tcagctttaa ttaaaaaaat acaaacaagc ctctgtatta tgggaaccat    145080
     atttattttc atcaactggc aggatttgta ggatttttgc caagaattat atataatatt    145140
     gtaacaaatt tttaaattac tcattacttt ctgtttactt tgatctaaag tcaaagatta    145200
     ttaattggct catgggattc agcagggtta gtttaaaatg taggcaacaa cttaaaaaca    145260
     acttatgaga acttatgaga ctatgcatta atgacagaag tacaataagt tttgaaacat    145320
     attatttctc ttcagttcat atttttgtaa aaaaatatca tgatagaact aaattgtttg    145380
     gaaaatagat gtcagtcttc cacttggcct agttttataa agtgcaggca agaataatta    145440
     cctttacatt tttttttcaa ttggctttca tggaactccg ttctgcaagg aatctcagga    145500
     agttttaaag ctgagaccag ccatgagctt gtacccttaa atactgagct gggtaaactc    145560
     ctctcttatt gagttaccaa aagcatgggg ttgttttgag gcttttgaga aagtgatatt    145620
     ctctacctac cacaggttca gaaccctgaa tgggaatggt gtagacaagg tttaaagcca    145680
     tttttttccc taagggactt tacgttgttt attgaagtca agctttattc tttttttttt    145740
     ctttccagag gaagtcttgc tcttgtcacc taggctggaa tgcaatggtg tgatctcagc    145800
     tcactgcaac ctctgcctct caggttcaag tgattatcct gcctcagcct cccaagtaga    145860
     cggggttaca tgtgctcacc accacaccag gctaattttt ttttttttgt atttttagta    145920
     gagatggggt ttcaccatgt tggtcaggct ggtcttgaac tactgacctc aggcaatcca    145980
     cccccgcctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt gagccaccat gccctgcctc    146040
     aagctttatt ctttaaagag aaacatatcc tttcagtcaa agcctcagta aaataaccag    146100
     tttttttcca gttttgtttt gttaaaacaa attttttttt tgcactgatg caaacaacta    146160
     tattgctgta agttaagaaa agcaaaaatt agttaccaag tattagagaa aacagggagg    146220
     gaaaaataaa atatttttat attttttaca atagtatact ttaatcagtt gttgaacact    146280
     gttgcctgca caaaagaaag ttcccttaac cctgaaaaac aaaatacaca gaaatatttg    146340
     aagtcaatgt tgaaaaaatg gcttcagtgt ttttagtcca ttttcttaag cttttcatga    146400
     gttttgttaa tatctaatta taaacctgca tttgagagca gctgttaaag tcctacagct    146460
     aattataaac catttttaga aaaggattaa aacaattgtc tgtaaatgac agaatgccta    146520
     aagtggttac agacactcgt tgacaaaaaa tggctatttt tatggtttac aatggctaaa    146580
     cataataatt ttgattaagt ttgatagcct ttttagacct tagaactttg acaccgcata    146640
     tggctacaaa acttatgtta atattattta ctaaaatgta acctgaagaa aattaaaatt    146700
     agcttggtaa ccacatgtat ttaaacaacc taaatgcata aggttgttaa atacttttaa    146760
     aaatacatgt taaagacgtg tttgaaatgg gagccctctg tagcatttaa aatcgaggac    146820
     tcagaaagga caactctgta acaaaaattt gtttttgaaa tgcctgccaa atatgtacga    146880
     aatttaaaac atttactgtt ataaaatata aagattatca taagtcattt gttttgccaa    146940
     aataaattta aaaatttgaa gtgacaaaaa gctactgtta ttagccttta tattacataa    147000
     aaatcttgtt ctagagtgga aacagatttt actgttgcat tagtccacta ttaaatttac    147060
     cgctattctt ttttttttcc tttgtttgtt tgagacagag gctcactcta tcacccagct    147120
     tggggtggca cagtctcagc tcactgcaag ctccacctcc caggttcagg ccattctcct    147180
     tcatcagcct ccatctcttg acctcatgat ctgcctgcct cagcctccca aagtgctggg    147240
     attacaggcg tgagccactg tgccagtcca atttactgct atttttaaat taaaccttat    147300
     agacaaattt atcttaatca gtttaacaac gaggtgaggt tttcataaac tttttaaaac    147360
     cctttaacaa ctctttacac attttgctaa agagcagatt agcatctcaa gaaaaccgcg    147420
     ctgcactttt atttcaatgc ttcacttata gagtaaccat ataatatatc cctttttatt    147480
     taatgtgttc agacagcatt ttcttttgca agattaacat gtacagttgt tcttccatct    147540
     gcttaaatct ttagctttat gtgatttgat ttaagagaag tctttatctc taagataaat    147600
     gagcatttac atgccatttt ataaatttta ctatatttta cttttcttat acaccttaca    147660
     tgaaaattta attttagtag tctcaatcac atgttataat ggtaacattt tgtaattttt    147720
     cacttgaatg taaaacatgg taagttgttt taattgtgtg ctaagtgcag ataaaggctg    147780
     actctctcag cttacttaga ggtgtgatta cttttatatg tccccaggct ataccaatag    147840
     tgaagcaggc aagcctatgg ttttcaaagg acaaagaagt agtttacatc cttcaaacaa    147900
     ttaggaaact tacatttttt acctgcataa tatagaccac atattaacat ctggaagaca    147960
     tttgcatttt atcaataatc ttggaggctg tttttttttt tcaaacagag cctcgctgtg    148020
     ttgccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcatgatct cagctcattg cactgcctca gcctcccaag    148080
     tagctagaat tacaggtgcc aaccaccatg cctagctaat ttttgtattt ttaggagaga    148140
     caggatttca ccaccttggc cagtctggac ttgaactcct gacctcgtga tccacctgcc    148200
     ttggcctcct gaagttcttt gattacaggt atgagccacc atgcctggca gagggtgctt    148260
     tatttttaaa aagttaaagt cacatgaact gaaagctacc acagccttta tttttccttt    148320
     tcataatatt ttggtcaagt ggctatcttt tcttaagcta atgaattaga gatcttttaa    148380
     taaaaataat gtatacataa ccaaacaaac caacagaaaa tatactagtt atacaatttt    148440
     ttgttttcca tttttctcat cagattattc acctatggag gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    148500
     gtgtgtgtgt tttgagatgg agtcttgctc tgtcactgag gctggagtac aatggcagaa    148560
     tcttggctca ttgcaacctc tgcctcctgg gctcaattaa ttttcctgcc tcagcctccc    148620
     aagtagctga gactacaggc acccacccag ataatttttg tatttttagt acagatgggg    148680
     tttcaccatg ttgcccagcc tggtcttgaa ctcctgacct taagtgatct acttgcctta    148740
     ggatcccaaa gtactggggg tgaggccttt taaggacaag gttactaatg cagttatcag    148800
     ggcttaataa acaagcatag ctttaagaaa aacacagatt atgagagggg cttattcacc    148860
     tcttattcca gggtctttat aaactaagaa ggggaaggaa tgtgcttatt ctgcaggctg    148920
     tcttggagaa tgtgtgactc accttggctt gggaatttgg cttgagatca atcagaaacc    148980
     tttccccaaa atgttggtcc agtagcaatc agagctgatg tgatgattac tggaggctgt    149040
     tcagcttgtc ataaaatcta tacgcagcta aaatgaaagt ttggcccaca actttaaagc    149100
     agcacaaatc aagggacgaa atacttaata gaagacaaat cagaattaag aaacaaacaa    149160
     acaaacaagc aaacaacaac aacaacaaca acaaaatagt gactgcccgg aaaccactgg    149220
     atcccactgt gttaatgtcc acaaacagaa gaaattcttt ttatggagcc cattgattat    149280
     gcaaaagtca aagtcatttt tatgtcaggc ctagttccct tagacgtgtg agccagagtt    149340
     tctgcaagtt tttatttaag tgggtgaaag attctcctat ctttggagcc atgggtttat    149400
     ctgcaataat aactccatgt actaattttt gttggtgcct gcagcttatt tttcaagact    149460
     ggttttacgt gttgttgaaa ataaggcact gacccattag ctgggatttt atgggaaact    149520
     ttcttttgct gtttatctag agcaaatcag ctaaattcct tcactgtatg aataagtaag    149580
     gcctggattg gagaggagaa caaaatgatt cattgcaatg tttagaagaa agtttgcttt    149640
     tttttttcct ctagccaccc aaattacttg ggactcctaa atagcaatgg tagttagagc    149700
     cattgaagct caaaaattga gaaccagcac agatgagttc tgcctgatca tctgaagact    149760
     ggtcctggat atggtgacct atgtctctaa acaaagggag tctttcagtg gtctccatca    149820
     aaagctggac agggttaaga cagcttcttc caaatgcctg gacaaggctt tgtcaagtgt    149880
     tccagcttgc cacactggta gtaatttgca agtgtattta gggattatag atcaactgtc    149940
     ctataaagtg tccactaatg cctcttttgt tctcttgtgc ctctactcat tttcctggcc    150000
     tctttctcct gtttctcatt gtggcatacg gaggaagtaa atccaagaag gttttccatt    150060
     gtactctctg attctacaga ctactttgta gttttcccta aaattaacag ctgcttgaca    150120
     aataacttta tcttttaaga ttatctgtgt ctcagttgaa ttagagaaat aaaaagatgt    150180
     gtttcactaa agttttctca aactttccaa aaaggatgat aaatttttat cttgtttctg    150240
     attcaacaag aatgttttag agtaattaaa atgtttattt ctgttatttg caagtctttt    150300
     aatatgcaca ttaaaaagtg tttttttttt tttttcattt accttagcac cactagggct    150360
     ccaattcaga ttttcaaaaa tcattgtttc tcttccaatt ggaaatgggg tcacagtttc    150420
     tattttacta ttttgtttac tcttgacttt tttttttaat ttgactggtt gcagaatact    150480
     tcttgttcat ttccaaatct ctctactgcc tttagcactg cctgtttctt gacaaaagtt    150540
     aggatatagc tttaaagtag tgtagcacta ctacacataa gatgaaacac ttgggttgat    150600
     ttttagaagc ctcatatact tattaaggtc atcagataac ttccttaagt cttttttatt    150660
     taatttattt aaagttcttt tgtgagaaaa aaaaatttga acgttagtag catgaagttc    150720
     attgagcatt ttctgcccca ctgaagttgt aaactttttg ggtgacacaa ctgaagaaac    150780
     tgataatatg ggtgctgggg gtcttttata agcgaggcag atagagcacc caaaagttgc    150840
     atttgagaat tcctcaaaag tttataaatc tgccatttgt agacttgctt tcaatggtta    150900
     ccaagaaatc aggttcattt tacaaagctt acaaagatct cagttgtctg gaatagcaag    150960
     tgaagatgtt gtcattggat accattgaaa ttatgttttt tccaagaagt tcagaactct    151020
     tgcttataaa atgtccaagt ctttgtgcaa aatgatataa gccacttttt ttctccagag    151080
     tctcagagtc aaagaagttc tcatgttaaa aaataaacag gggagtatag actgcatgca    151140
     gttttttacc aggtagaaat agagaggata ttttctaaac ccttcagttg tagttgtgga    151200
     gacctggtat ttaaatatcc caatttaatt atttttgaaa gtttcactct tctactaggt    151260
     aattttagct tatatggaca ccatcattct aacggcttca ggacaaagct ttgtctcccc    151320
     ttagttaaaa ccaatgttaa tccagaggtc tggccacatc aaggaaaaat ttgcagagct    151380
     gcaactgcta tacttgtcca gattagcctt aagagtttta ttttattttt ttaccctagc    151440
     gttaggcaat atcttttata gacaaaaggt agaaaatggc tgccatcaga gataacctaa    151500
     aggccaaata cttccttaaa ctctgcaacg tcttaacaac acccaaatat tagaggtaca    151560
     gaaacacagt gaagaatgga ggctggatca gaacctctgt ctcattaata aggctgttga    151620
     aaacccaaaa cattagtaaa ggagagaatt aatcccatct ccttctttcc cattcccaaa    151680
     acactcaaac atctaaaagg atcattggac attataagtt tttgaggatg atggatacca    151740
     aggtttggtg aaacagctat ttctttatat tatcttataa aagaatctca agcagcttcg    151800
     gctttcttcc tgacatagga aactaaaact caaatacctt aaccagatca aacaaacctg    151860
     acaaaaagca ctggccctca gtgtacccac aaataagtca ttgcatcttt atgtcttata    151920
     aaagagaagg gatagcttag gagttttaac tcaagcttga gatttggccc agcaaccact    151980
     aagttacata aacatagagc ttgactgggt ggctaaagca tagacaagtt gcctccaagc    152040
     agttgtagtg gtggccttgc atgtactgca agccagtaag ttgagcatgg ggaatgttct    152100
     aactgattac accgcacgta atgtagggtg tcctctaaag gaagtctctg gataacagat    152160
     aatcaccttg tcaaagatca aactttgctt ctaaggaatc tacagttcca ttaaaaaacc    152220
     cataacctat tccctttcct ttaagaagta acctgaacaa cctgaacatg actgtaaaca    152280
     ggtagtagtg aaaatctgcg cagccagaaa gaacctaaaa ctaatttctt tagaaaaatt    152340
     gtctgaactt tctttagagg gaaaagttat tttgtaaaac aaaatacctc taaggcagtg    152400
     tgtgcaatat tcaccctgat ttatattctt gacagcatgc ctctctgaca aagcacaaga    152460
     cttattagct atgttcattg tcttttaacc atttagagaa aaaggcagtg gacacatact    152520
     gattctaggt atgcttcttc tggctctcta tgcccatgcc actatttagg aaaaaaaaaa    152580
     gacatttcct gactgctaat gggtcttaca ttaaatatca ccaggaaata gattagtgtc    152640
     ctcagttttt cttttttctt ctttctttct gggaagtagc agtaatatat tacagaggac    152700
     accagaaaat gattaataaa atagccaaaa gcaaaaaaat aggttgccaa gtcagtagca    152760
     aaaagagccc aagttcccag aatatttaaa gcctttctta tttgggaaag cattatagaa    152820
     gaaataaagc ctcagtatct ccctgaaaag atagaatggg ctacttctgg agaatcaatt    152880
     tttcagactg ttgtatggtt acaaatgaaa ggcagaaaac cccacttgtc agcatccagt    152940
     cagtggaaag ttcttaatgt ccttcagcaa acttttcact ttacaaagaa cataacttat    153000
     caactgatcc agagaatgtt ctccagtaaa aatctactga aaatagtcaa acagtttgta    153060
     aatgcatgtg aaatatacct taaaaataat ccccccaaca gatagcttct cctccctcaa    153120
     gctcaaaaaa aaatggaaag aaacctaggg gaaggttggc agatagactt tacccataca    153180
     cccaaaacat agaaaaccca gtatctgctg gtataggtag acagtatccc taactgtatg    153240
     gaggcatttt tatgtagaag agaaaaatcc tttgaggtag taaaagaaat attttaaaaa    153300
     ataattcttt gctctggcct ccctcagtgc ctccaaaaca acaatggctc ctcatttaaa    153360
     gcaaccatta cccagtgaat ttcaagagct ctgggcatag aatataatct tcattgtgcc    153420
     tggagaccac agtcttcaga aaaggggaag aaaataaatt atatcatcaa gagattcctc    153480
     aggaagcttc ctcaagaaac tcacctcttt tcaattactc tttttcatgg ccttagtgac    153540
     agtgaagtac atcgctacaa agctggcttt gaactacttt aaatttatta tgtatgacct    153600
     tctcttaaca ttgatatttt agtagatgag tgacttctga attttttaaa catataaact    153660
     ccctgacccc actttcaaga ggaatgaaaa catcatcaga agtacaaccc caaaaatcca    153720
     aatccccctg tattcaaccc agaagagttg gtactggggt agactcctcc tctttctctc    153780
     ctgtccctac accccagttg ggagggacct aacactattc ttctccttac tccctcagct    153840
     gtgaagatgg tggaaattga ctcgtattta tttcactcga gtgaaagcct ggaaaccagt    153900
     gaaagcagtc cctgacagtc tagaagtatt ataataaaaa tcagataaaa attatctaat    153960
     acacaatact tatagaaatt acatttctta ctttacctct tgcagtgggg ttataaactg    154020
     aagcaccttc tgagtaaagc atcaaacaga gagtctcaat taccataata ttttacttaa    154080
     tcattatcat tatagcaaaa atagtagtga caaataaaaa ataaacatga agattttgtt    154140
     actgtcaggt ttactaacat tcactgttag acgtagcact gacatgcacc ccaaggtccc    154200
     tacaatatta gccattgccc atctatacaa gaagacaaac ttctagtttt gccttgaaaa    154260
     attttatcag atttaaaaca gacgctttaa ttatatgaac tcaatatatt agtattctat    154320
     tggttagttt cacctttaac aattaagcac ttgagaggga tgaatggaat cttgtatgga    154380
     atcactttta actccatcca gaaagacata tttctcgaat gtaagactca aactcttagg    154440
     ctaggtgaag ttgatagaat aatagcaaac aactttctct gctttagagg caaaaggaac    154500
     cacacttgga gaatctcaaa tatggcaacg ccatcttgta attgctgaga gtgtggagat    154560
     ctggagagta aaagtgcagg tgacctcaaa ccttgggaaa gactatgaaa aaacattaac    154620
     aatctaacca gacttttcct ttggtatttc tagtagaaat tattacccat aggcagaaat    154680
     gctgcctctt tccaacatta ttatcagata ataaataata cttgtttcca accaaatgtg    154740
     cccacagatg gaatcctgaa cgcttgtata atattttata atggtggcat cctacatgta    154800
     tgcaggagaa ctggaaacat ctaaactaat aacccctgta atgaggatta ccaaagatac    154860
     tgggcagaac atgctgtgtc tctgattttc tgaaactcca cctgccaaaa agattattcc    154920
     aaaccagcag gcagaattcc aaacaacaca ctgagtaact gtactgaata tggacattac    154980
     acctcctctt agacatagga ggagtaaact tacaaggtac aaactaaatc tagcaagaac    155040
     cctcacaaat gacaacttag aaccatctgt ttaggaaatg gggctttacc ttctctgtgg    155100
     cccctggcta catttaatcc tccctagaca ctaaacggga acaggtacta taataatagt    155160
     gaccctggta tgttattttt atatttcacc aaaatgacac catcatctgg tgacattttc    155220
     agtcgagact ctttttcaga gtagattctc ttgcacacac aaaaataaat ctcttgtctc    155280
     tatgccgtca catggagttt tgagggagag aattgaggaa aatatgcaca ttataatcct    155340
     atactgtgaa aattaaaatt gaaacatgca agatcaggag gcctatttga tttctctgta    155400
     tacttttctt gaaacactag ccattagtat tttcatcata atgcaacaag ggtggaagtc    155460
     aactgtagaa gccacagatg cccaatgcca attggtaaat ctcctagcct cagagataat    155520
     gaagaataat taaactctgg atgccttttt ggcctgagta gagaatgcct atgcactatt    155580
     caatgagaca tgctgcttct gaatcagcac ttttagtcag gtaaaaatat aaagaaataa    155640
     atacaagtgc taaatgacct acttaaaatc gtcagtggac tgagagaaag tgaggactct    155700
     gttcccgttg gctacgatct tttcttaata gatttaagtc ttctctttag acctaactag    155760
     cttctttgct aagacctctt ttccttgtat atgtggtgtt aatgtttgga ccatctatac    155820
     tcaatggtat aaccagaatt atgtcttctc atctagtggc tatcaagctc caaatgttga    155880
     tgtgtggatt cacttatcta ctgaggacac ttataccagc cccagaagag accctaactt    155940
     ctgtaactta gataatactt atctttagaa aaaaggaacc agaaatattg tcactccatt    156000
     tttttttaat tgagataaag tctcgccatg tcacccatgc tggagtacaa tgacatgatc    156060
     tcacctcact gcaacctctg cctcctgggt tcaagcaatt ctcctgcccc agcctccggg    156120
     gtagctaaga ttataggtgt gtgtaccaca cctggctaat tttttgtacc tttagtagag    156180
     aaggggtttc accatgttgg ccaggctggt ctcaaactcc ttagctcatg atccaccctc    156240
     ctcagcctcc caaagtgatc ggattacagg cataaggcac tgcacccagc ccatcactcc    156300
     actttcctaa cagcagttag tgtctccatt cctgagagag aaaataagag agaaatgtta    156360
     agcagttgtg gtggattatt ggtaaaatat ctggaagcag agaaaaagcc tgataaaatc    156420
     aagctgcagg cactgataag aaaactggat caaacattgg cccatttata tgttttgttt    156480
     gcttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttaaaaaagg ccaaacatag acacaccttt cttgtttcta    156540
     agaaaagcct gcaagtactc tggtgagaga gcaaggttcg acataaaaat tcctgtgttc    156600
     tttgtgcaga cagtaggctt ccaggaaaga atctattctt tgtctgtggg catgtacaca    156660
     gttggcttca gtgggttatg ctgggcactt ttctttctat ttttgaacat gcttttcact    156720
     gggagctgag tttctatgaa tcatcacttc agcctctgat tggtctcagg ctaagatctc    156780
     aggccaaggt ttaactttac ctcctttttg gccctgggcc aaggtgccag gcaaatctga    156840
     gtggtctcca tgaataatca tttcagctcc cggttagttc tgggtcaaac tctgagaaaa    156900
     tcttagtcat tctgtttcaa accagtcatc acatttcttc tcctctgagc ttatacaaac    156960
     ctccaaccct gcctcatagt gggtaatcta cctgggcccc actctccact gcagagagct    157020
     tattaaactt ttactcaaat gatacccttt gtgttcaaga tttttaattt tttggatgtg    157080
     agaaaacaaa ataaaaacct gggtgatacc ttacaaaaag aatcttctac attgtgtgtg    157140
     gtgaatttgt gagactgcaa gagtactaaa atttactttt ttttcaggag taaagccctg    157200
     tttatcctgg agctagtaac ataatcatgc ccttgtgcat gagaatataa atctcttttg    157260
     tttcagagtc tcaggattaa aagaatccca gttcttcagt acacacttga gaaaagtgca    157320
     atctaaagat ggtttattat ctggaaaagg aaaaagcaga ggcattcctc cctcttcttc    157380
     cttcttttca aagtgaccca gggagaagag agtgatagaa agggcatccc gtttctccac    157440
     tttctttaca tcctctgggt cacagcaacc attagaggtg gagcctataa atgcaagcat    157500
     aattttcacc catgtatctg gaggggctag tctacagaag tatcatcctc acttttctga    157560
     ggctagaact ctttaccctt ctgcattttc tagactcact tggatcataa atcccccagg    157620
     gtattctaag tttgtgggag agactatgca gcagttggat ttcagtgaga tctcttaacg    157680
     gagagagtgt ttctaacacc catttctgcc ttctgtagct atggctctag tcaaactatg    157740
     gatttccaaa taatgagcca attgactact acccatgtaa ttctcctttt tagttgttaa    157800
     aatgccaatg taactcattt tagaaaaact atcttaataa cataaaaata gaatgactat    157860
     ctttcctcta atggggacag cagttaggcc tgaatttttc acttaaggtt tttttttttt    157920
     ttctgggtta ttgaaaaaga attttttctg tgtgtaagtg aggcatggag cctgattttg    157980
     aaaaaaggaa caaagaagag agaggtatta ggagactaga gggtttgtac aaagagctaa    158040
     tacaatgaac acatatggag aaataaatcc cactaggtgg tgctataagg tttgaatgtt    158100
     ggtaaaaact gacttcaatt tttttttttt ccaggcagaa gttagaaaaa gagaattagg    158160
     gctttgtagg ctgttcgcat agtatggctt ctactacaag aaaacgatct taaaaaccat    158220
     ggaatatttt atttctcatt ttccccacaa ggcctttcta ctggatccct gatgttcata    158280
     agtcagagga aggttttcac ttacctctgc ttccagctgt cccccagtga ggtgatggtg    158340
     ctcagtgtgt gctgagcaga acgcaggtct cgtcctctaa agcagccgat gttgaacacg    158400
     tgggagcctc catggtcaga aaaggtggca tcacctgcac cctgtggttg tcatgatgtg    158460
     ggaaccatgc gccccctcct ggcttacctg tggcaccaaa taaaggcaga gttcagattg    158520
     ttcagtgcca tcattttgga aattcaaatg gaaatggaac ttattcttgt gtgcgtgtgt    158580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt taattatgaa agaatcatta actggaaacc    158640
     acaggaaata aaatgaaaac ggttgcaaac tttccaactt atataaagtt ttccttaaca    158700
     tagtcctgag atttaaaata taaaaatata caaattctta aagaaagtac aaaaagaaag    158760
     gtatgtgacc ttgggtttgg tcatgagttt taacatatga catcaaagtc gattcataac    158820
     agaaaaaata attagcaata tagactttct catattaaaa gtttattctc tgtgaaaaaa    158880
     tctagttcag gaaatagaca agccatagcc gagaagaaat atcttcaaaa tacagaacta    158940
     agtaataact ttaactcaaa atatacaaag attcttgaag ctcaacaata atatagacta    159000
     cccaattaaa atagtaaaga gctgagcaga tcacatcacc gatgaatata cacagatggc    159060
     aagcaaacag aaacatgtac aacttcatat atcattaagg gactaaaaat taccacaacg    159120
     agatggtgtg gcctatctat atttgttaga actgctaaac cgtttttaaa ccatggcaaa    159180
     tgaattgctg gaggaaaaaa cagcatttca ttcatggctg ctggtacaga aattatgaaa    159240
     aatacagaaa ttatgaaaaa ttatgagaaa tcatgatggt acagaaatta tgaaagatgg    159300
     tgttgaaaac cagaatatgc cccccaatat atgactatag gaaaccagaa tatgccacca    159360
     caaaataagc ctcttgggta taaaaatcat tttgaaccta ttattttaag aaaatgcaga    159420
     cacaagagaa ctgaaaacag agcagaactt atccatttgt aaagaaaatg cacatctact    159480
     aaggaaatct tcattttaat ggagtctccc tctcagtacc aataagagaa tgatgactaa    159540
     atcaatagag gctcttctta aacacttcca gaagcaccct cacaaatata cccagaaatg    159600
     gtactttacc agctatgtgt gttcccttaa tcttgtaaac tgaacatcta aaatttacaa    159660
     tcacaatttt tatgcctgat ttgtggctaa aattttagaa ctaaagctat aagatatctg    159720
     tttagatcta tctgtatatg tgtttgcata tgttttctat aggtgatatt ttcaaatctc    159780
     tggatggcat tgcaaacaat ttctaaaatc atttaaaagt gttctaaatt ggcttcaaaa    159840
     aagtaagata ttttaagtaa aatattaaca aaacactcag aaaatataga aactgatcca    159900
     aatgtttttc aagtgcagat tattttgata aacctcaggt aagttgcact attttaataa    159960
     ttttgactta ctaaaacaag tatgttttca gaattttcac tattaaataa taaaacagac    160020
     atacattttt atactgtttt gttacctgtc aaataaacta atattatatt cagcagatat    160080
     ttaaaatctt taaagttata tttgatttta attaagttgt cattattatg accaacatta    160140
     ttgtagtaat aattatgttt tacagtatat ctaataattt ataaaatctt tctagtgatt    160200
     tgctacctta aagttatggt aagtaaaaga tgtttattaa atttctagaa tgtttataaa    160260
     tgagataaaa tgctaaactt ttcattattc aacataaatt gaaccatata tatttgtagc    160320
     ttcttatttt cacagagaga ctgaagatat tttgatctat ttaaaaacat tattttctgc    160380
     aagaatgaga cattgcctca ttattataga gaaaacatat gcctctagaa attatgagat    160440
     ggtgtattta taaattatca atctactatg gaatgctagc atttgataaa cagtatgaaa    160500
     tgagcagtat acaaaatata caaataagaa aatatgctta aactttcttg gttatatttg    160560
     tattggtaaa atattatctt ttcaaaaact ttatggaatt c                        160601