EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC018677; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 103108 BP.
AC   AC018677;
DT   21-DEC-1999 (Rel. 62, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-264A13 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-103108
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-103108
RA   Ozersky P., Drone K., Wedgeworth P.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-264A13";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-103108
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (16-DEC-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-103108
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-JUL-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-103108
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 0579d1d435fcb0b0bfed0e250a7f2c22.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC018677.3:1-103108; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Jul 29, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7630919.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0264A13
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-292P9, 200 bp overlap; the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-53K10.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 99669 of RP11-292P9; actual end is at
CC   base position 103108 of RP11-264A13.
CC   A well-conserved inverted repeat extends from RP11-292P9 to 39737
CC   of RP11-264A13 with the intervening  unique sequence from base 1084
CC   to 4503. Due to the large size of the inverted repeat PCR and
CC   digest data could not confirm the orientation of the loop.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..103108
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-264A13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   497..807
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1760..1824
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   2064..2604
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   3189..3298
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   3563..3873
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3975..4063
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4120..4303
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4772..5084
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   11636..11799
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11824..12039
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12083..12119
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12366..12445
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   13243..13307
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   13408..13545
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13547..13635
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13956..14014
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    14536..14929
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI807575 (NID:g5394141) we43a10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    14536..14900
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW448974 (NID:g6989750)"
FT   misc_feature    14538..14980
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW339341 (NID:g6835888) xz89a01.x1"
FT   repeat_region   14596..14747
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    16533..16805
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA827461 (NID:g2899902) of28g01.s1"
FT   repeat_region   16668..16765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16766..17053
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17054..17655
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17727..18038
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18054..18345
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19063..19266
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   20519..20812
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22275..22455
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   22552..23757
FT                   /rpt_family="SVA"
FT   repeat_region   24382..24671
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24685..24858
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25148..25516
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25518..25903
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   25909..25975
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26444..26521
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   26903..26972
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   28311..28496
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28497..28590
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29127..29379
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29831..30017
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   30255..30636
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31048..31292
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31301..31386
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   31394..31446
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31463..31673
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32354..32548
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32556..32708
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32733..32777
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32786..33061
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   33167..33690
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33691..34012
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   34013..34024
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34037..34657
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34740..35058
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    34951..35333
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE160453 (NID:g8623174)"
FT   repeat_region   35055..35144
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36288..36738
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36739..36847
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   misc_feature    37686..37817
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA496066 (NID:g2229387) zu67a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    37716..37777
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI968777 (NID:g5765595) wt92f12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    37716..37817
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI917448 (NID:g5637303) ts84b04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    37721..37817
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI147945 (NID:g3675627) qg62a07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    37740..37817
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA860168 (NID:g2954163) ak47d02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    37850..38182
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA393129 (NID:g2046099) zt73b12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    37951..38384
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA435556 (NID:g2140470) zt73b12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38010..38383
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI917448 (NID:g5637303) ts84b04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    38010..38379
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA860168 (NID:g2954163) ak47d02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38010..38169
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI147945 (NID:g3675627) qg62a07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38010..38311
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA496066 (NID:g2229387) zu67a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    38013..38380
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA883225 (NID:g2992755) am24f10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38054..38380
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI968777 (NID:g5765595) wt92f12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    38090..38384
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI634041 (NID:g4685371) wa87b02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    38173..38384
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA635143 (NID:g2558357) af10e11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   43142..43278
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   44576..44880
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44922..45048
FT                   /rpt_family="MER94"
FT   repeat_region   45557..45734
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   45856..46224
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   46244..46276
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   46277..46557
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46558..46899
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   47186..47484
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   48127..48220
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   48325..48433
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   48441..48837
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48838..49046
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49112..49549
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49721..50749
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50750..51052
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51053..51747
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51769..51849
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   52246..52528
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53857..54150
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55376..55536
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55795..55866
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   55939..56246
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56263..56318
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   56790..57158
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   58616..58756
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   58905..58957
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   59017..59147
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59242..59338
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59341..59387
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60718..61163
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   61370..61479
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   61483..61626
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   62172..62481
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    62501..62595
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI086854 (NID:g3425277) oz86b10.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI814551 (NID:g5425766) wj74e05.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA075984 (NID:g1615853) zm75f04.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA448951 (NID:g2162971) zx07b04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    62732..62875
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI086854 (NID:g3425277) oz86b10.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI814551 (NID:g5425766) wj74e05.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA448951 (NID:g2162971) zx07b04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    62732..62870
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA075984 (NID:g1615853) zm75f04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    62751..63135
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE080382 (NID:g8470669)"
FT   repeat_region   63303..63596
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64505..65032
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65705..65826
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   66244..66411
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   misc_feature    67961..68027
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI814551 (NID:g5425766) wj74e05.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA448951 (NID:g2162971) zx07b04.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI086854 (NID:g3425277) oz86b10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   69796..70159
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   70228..70332
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   71575..71770
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72235..72269
FT                   /rpt_family="U2"
FT   repeat_region   73214..73375
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   73410..73519
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   75343..75659
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81505..81960
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   81946..82007
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   82393..82504
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83314..83467
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   86640..86725
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   87836..87990
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   88102..88252
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   88294..88605
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   89204..89256
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   89263..89345
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   90089..90305
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   90346..90471
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91779..91890
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91890..92918
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92919..93222
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93223..93622
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95201..95752
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96535..96688
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   96732..96891
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   96946..97022
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   97033..97348
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   97774..97897
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   98743..98908
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98975..99334
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99348..99653
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   99727..100026
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102081..102470
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102828..102882
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102884..103102
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 103108 BP; 31339 A; 19634 C; 20266 G; 31869 T; 0 other;
     aatccacgag tttgagctga tttatagagc acagtattac agaatggtga tttcctgttt        60
     ccggctttcc acagtgcacc aattaactaa taatgtgtat cttatccaca ggcagcagag       120
     gtcctcccct gaactattag cttcagcaac ttgctctcct gttcttgttt aaacacatga       180
     catcacttaa tcatgaattc cttcctgcag aggtttagaa caaaaaccaa tgtgaaatat       240
     ttgtcaattc catctgacct tgttaatttt gagcaactca gcaactctca tgccagcgtc       300
     ctggatgata tttgaacatg tttcaggttc cagtcataga ctatgaaaga acaaggtcca       360
     gttcacactt agttttccaa atacatagtt ctttgcattt gcatatattg ctttacattt       420
     tataaaatat gatgtactgt ctcattggat tcttccagat aaccacagtg cattacattt       480
     ataatttatt tattgattta tttggagatg gagtctcact ctgtcgtcca ggctggagtg       540
     cagtggcacg atctcagctc actgcaacct ccacctctca tgttcaaccg attctccatt       600
     ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga ctacaggtgc acatcaccac gcccagttaa       660
     tttttgcatt tttctttttt cttttttttt tagtagagat agtgtttcac catgctggcc       720
     aggatggtct tgaactcttg agctcatgat ctgcccacct tggcctccca gagtgctggg       780
     attacaggcg tgagccacct ctcccagtcc tacagttata attttaaaca tggataaaat       840
     agggtgcaga catattaaat ccaataattg gaagtggccg tttggggaac gttgcctaac       900
     gtgtagtgca tacttaatta ctagtttttt gaatggatac gtatttgtgt ttggaagtaa       960
     gaaacattgt attgttgttg ttttaataat agttgtcttt gtttatgaca tagacaggtg      1020
     ggcaagacat attaactagg tttcaaaaca gatttaaatc ccaattctgt tgttaacaag      1080
     attttatgga ataacactta tggggccaga agcaggataa gataaggtaa gcccttcctc      1140
     ccttagtgag taagatatca ttaggacaga gacatgaatg cagagagtac tgatgttgtg      1200
     gctagtggga aggcaaggcc caattctaga taagaaggaa gaaagcaaaa gtggttctgg      1260
     aatcaaggtc tgtctttcca ccatattctt ttctattatt cagctgtttc cttctctaaa      1320
     ctatatttga atttactcag ctggaaagca ggaatttcag ttccaggtac tgttttatcc      1380
     caagattttc tctgatagct tgagagtcct tttcatgcat atgttaacaa agcataatgt      1440
     gggctctata tagtaaactc aattcccttt ggatactcct gcaatcctac gcagcccaac      1500
     actctatcct gggtgccttc ttaattcctc cataataagg tattagaatc tcactatggc      1560
     tccatcaata tgaagagttg gaagtttcca tgtgctgtga aaattgtgtg ttcaactacc      1620
     cacgagatct acccaaagaa atgtcctgca ataccccaaa ctgaggtatg agactaaaat      1680
     gattaaattc ctccatgtga catccttctc gtcttctttt cccagtgact caaatcacaa      1740
     tctttgccat ttatcttcct atattagtca gggttctcca cagaaccagt acgaatagaa      1800
     tggatagatg gatagataga cagacagaca ggcaggcagg cagatagata gattgataga      1860
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatgttag ataaatagat ggatagctag agatagacag      1920
     atagatagat agatgttaga taaatagatg gatagctaga gatagacaga tggacagata      1980
     gatagacata aatatatata gatagaaata tgattgagag agatatatat atagagagag      2040
     agacggatgg gggagagaat gagagagaga cagaataaaa gagagagatg agagatagac      2100
     agaagatgac attgattata aaaattggtt cctgtgattg cagaagttga gaagtgccac      2160
     aataagccat cgcaagctgg aggaccaggg aagcctgagg tgtaattcag tcttgagtcc      2220
     aaaggcttga gaaacaaaac cgagggaatc catggtgtaa ttctcagtct gaggctaaag      2280
     gaatgagaac tgagtaggac gggtggtgca gtagggtgtg gaacactggt gtaagtccaa      2340
     agccctcagg agcaggagct ccaatgtcca aggacaggag tgggatatcc cagctcaaga      2400
     aaaagagaga atttttccct tcctctccct ttttttacag gcaatcagtg gattggagga      2460
     tgcccacttg catggggagg tcagatgttt actcagccca ccaattccaa tgttagtctc      2520
     ttacagagaa accctcacaa acacacccag aactaatatt ttcccattta tccagacatt      2580
     cgttaaccaa atcaagttga caccaccaca ctcccctttc cttaaacctc acctccagtt      2640
     aacaaatggg ttccactgat tttccttaac atgtgctcca tcatctgttt aatcttcctc      2700
     catcatctgt ttaatccaat cctactgtta ccatgtttgt tctgcttctc aaaatctcct      2760
     tgtctatcat cccctaaata ttttctctca atcacactac attgacagta gaggttttcc      2820
     aaaatttagc actgtccgtg ggtctcctga agtcaaattc ttcagtggct cccaagtgtc      2880
     tacatgacaa agagcaaaac tggtcttcac agccttctat tgtttttcct caccagcttc      2940
     cacagcctcc tccctttatg atgcaccatt ttctactagt gcatgtgaca cactgacaat      3000
     ttctatttgc aaaaattcac aattatttca tgcatccatg tatcatgcaa cttgtacaaa      3060
     aattagtttt ttccatgctg cctacaatac ccttatctac ctgcgaagac agttcaaata      3120
     tcatttctgc tgtgaaggtt ttcctaaaca tcatctcaag caccatgtag aagtgacctc      3180
     ttcactgcaa ctccttgagg tcaagggaca tgtctagctt gtctctaagg tccgagggcc      3240
     tcatgtagtg tcagatctac agtaggcact cgagagatgt ctaatggata atataaataa      3300
     agttttgagt aattgtgaaa caaatgataa ggttcttatt tgctcttcca caattaactg      3360
     cttcagtaag acctaagtga atatgttgca ctttaaatac aaagcccatg agcagaactc      3420
     ccaaaagtaa cataaatagg agttcccaat aaagctgtat tatctatatt atctgacaca      3480
     tttcatttac taggacagag cattgtaatc ctgggtcctt tagatgaaca ataactattt      3540
     ttaatttcag taagaataat taggccaggc gtggtggctc atgcctgtaa tcccaggatt      3600
     ttgggaagat aaggtaggtg gatcacgagg tcaagagatc gagaccatcc tggccaacat      3660
     ggtgaaaccc cgtttctact acaaatacaa aaattagcca gatgtggtgg cacgtgatgg      3720
     tagtcccagc tacttgggag gctgaggcag aagaattgct tgagcccagg aagcataggt      3780
     tgcagtgagc tgagatcgcc tgctgctctc cagcctggtg atagagagag actcttccat      3840
     ctaaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa atgctccaca gctaggtgat      3900
     attgttaatt gttaggtaac agttattaca gacaagaaag cctaatttac aaatccagga      3960
     caaaattgca tcgtgtggct cttgcctgta atcccagcac tatgggaggc tgaggagggt      4020
     ggatcacttt gagctcagga attcgaaacc agcctgggtt acaaatatgt ttattatata      4080
     tatacacaca cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacatgga aattagccag ctgtggtggt      4140
     gtgcaactgt agtcccagca acccgggagg ctgagccagg aggatggtat gagcctgccc      4200
     aagaggtgga gattgcagtg agccataatt gtgtcactgc cctccagcct gagcaacaga      4260
     gcaggaccta gtctcaaaac acaaaaacat aagagacaaa aaacaacaat gtctttctac      4320
     atcattgaaa ctgtttgaat gaaagcctcg gtcgactact tagtgaaatg taaaaccgtg      4380
     gacatttgga aaagaaaatg atcctacaca atatttatta aaacttcctc cctgagattg      4440
     tttttccaaa aataagtaat gtgtgtggca aaaaagttaa gagaatttca gggttacaat      4500
     cttgttaaca acagaattgg gatttaaatc tgttttgaaa cctagttaat atgtcttgcc      4560
     cacctgtcta tgtcataaac aaagacaact attattaaaa caacaacaat acaatgtttc      4620
     ttacttccaa acacaaatac gtatccattc aaaaaactag taattaagta tgcactacac      4680
     gttaggcaac gttccccaaa cggccacttc caattattgg atttaatatg tctgcaccct      4740
     attttatcca tgtttaaaat tataactgta ggactgggag aggtggctca cgcctgtaat      4800
     cccagcactc tgggaggcca aggtgggcag atcatgagct caagagttca agaccatcct      4860
     ggccagcatg gtgaaacact atctctacta aaaaaaaaag aaaaaagaaa aatgcaaaaa      4920
     ttaactgggc gtggtgatgt gcacctgtag tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggcaggag      4980
     aatggagaat cggttgaaca tgagaggtgg aggttgcagt gagctgagat cgtgccactg      5040
     cactccagcc tggacgacag agtgagactc catctccaaa taaatcaata aataaattat      5100
     aaatgtaatg cactgtggtt atctggaaga atccaatgag acagtacatc atattttata      5160
     aaatgtaaag caatatatgc aaatgcaaag aactatgtat ttggaaaact aagtgtgaac      5220
     tggaccttgt tctttcatag tctatgactg gaacctgaaa catgttcaaa tatcatccag      5280
     gacgctggca tgagagttgc tgagttgctc aaaattaaca aggtcagatg gaattgacaa      5340
     atatttcaca ttggtttttg ttctaaacct ctgcaggaag gaattcatga ttaagtgatg      5400
     tcatgtgttt aaacaagaac aggagagcaa gttgctgaag ctaatagttc aggggaggac      5460
     ctctgctgcc tgtggataag atacacatta ttagttaatt ggtgcactgt ggaaagccgg      5520
     aaacaggaaa tcaccattct gtaatactgt gctctataaa tcagctcaaa ctcgtggatt      5580
     tttgataact ttgctaaggt ctcaatgtgc tcctattttt tttttttttt ctattatact      5640
     ttaagtttta gggtacatgt gcacattgtg caggttagtt acatatgtat gcatgtgcca      5700
     tgctggtgca ccacacccac tatatctccc aatgctatcc ctccccactc cccccacccc      5760
     acaacagtcc ccagagtgtg atattcccct tcctgtgtcc atgtgatctc attgttcaat      5820
     tcccacctat gagtgagaat atgcggtgtt tggttttttg ttcttgcgat agtttactga      5880
     gaatgatatt ttccaatttc atccgtgtcc ctacaaagga cataaactca tcatttttta      5940
     tggctgcata gtattccatg gtgtatatgt gccacatttt cttaatccag tctatcattg      6000
     ttggacattt gggttggttc caagtctttg ctattgtgaa taatgccgca ataaacatac      6060
     gtgttcatgt gtctttatag cagcatgatt tatagtcctt tgggtatata cccagtaatg      6120
     ggatggctgg gtcaaatggt atttccagtt ctagatccct gaggaatcgc cacactgact      6180
     tccacaatgg ttgaactagt ttactgtccc accaacagtg taaaagtgtt cctatttctc      6240
     cacatcctct ccagcacctg ttgtttcctg actttttaat gattgccatt ctaactggtg      6300
     tgagatggta tctcattgtg gttttgattt gcatttctct gatggccagt gacgatgaac      6360
     attttttcat gtgttttttg gctgcataaa tgtcttcttt tgagaagtgt ctgttcatgt      6420
     cctttgccca ctttttgatg gggtttggtt gtttttttct tgtcaatttg tttgagttta      6480
     ttgtagattc tggatattag ccctttgtca gatgagtagg ttgcaaaaat tttctcccat      6540
     ttcataggtt gcctgttcac tctgatggta gtttcttttg ctgtgcagaa gctctttagt      6600
     ttaattagat cccatttgtc aattttgtct tttgttgcca ttgcttttgg tgttttagac      6660
     atgaagtcct tgcccatgcc tatgccctga atggtaatgc ctaggttttc ttctagggtt      6720
     tttatggttt taggtctaac atttaagtct ttaatccatc ttgaattgat ttttgtataa      6780
     ggtataagga agggatccag tttcagcttt ctacatatgg ctagccagtt ttcccagcac      6840
     catttattaa atagggaatc ctttccccat tgcttgtttt tctcaggttt gtcaaagatc      6900
     agatagttgt agatctgcgg cgttatttct gagggctctg ttctgttcca ttgatctata      6960
     tctctgtttt ggtaccagta ccatgctctt ttggttactg tagccttgta gtatagtttg      7020
     aagtcaggta gtgtgatgcc tccagctttg ttcttttggc ttaggattga cttggcgatg      7080
     caggttcttt tttggttcca tatgaacttt aaagtagttt ttttccaatt ctgtgaagaa      7140
     aggcattggt agcttgatgg ggatggcatt gaatctgcaa attaccttgg gcagtgaggc      7200
     cattttcacg atattgattc ttcctaccca tgagcaggga atgttcttcc atttgtttgt      7260
     gtcctctttt atttccttga gcagtggttt gtagttctcc ttgaagaggt ccttcacata      7320
     ccttgtaagt tggattccta ggtattttat tctctttgaa gcaactgtga atgggagttc      7380
     cctcatgact tggctctctg tctgtctgtt gttggtgtat aagaatgctt gtgatttttg      7440
     tacattgatt ttgtatcctg agactttgct gaagttgctt atcagcttaa ggagattttg      7500
     ggctgagaca atggggtttt ctagatatac aatcatgtcg tctgcaaaaa gggacaattt      7560
     gacttcctct tttcctaatt gaataccctt tatttccttc tcctgcctaa ttgccctggc      7620
     cagaacttcc aaacctatgt tgaataggag tggtgagaga gggcatccct gtcttgtgcc      7680
     agttttcaaa gggaatgctt ccagtttttg cccattcagt atgatattgg ctgtggcttt      7740
     gtcatagata gctcttatta ttttgaaata catcccatca atacctaatt tattgagagc      7800
     ttttagcatg aagtgttgtt gaattttgtc aaaggctttt tctgcatcta ttgagataat      7860
     catgtggttt ttgtctttgg ctctgtttat atgctggatt acatttattg atttgcgtat      7920
     attgaaccag ccttgcatcc cagggatgaa gcccacttga tcatggtgga taagcttttt      7980
     gatgtgctgc tggattcggt ttgccagtat tttattgagg atttttgcat caatgttcat      8040
     caaggatatt ggtctaaaat tctctttttt tgtggtgtct ctgcctggct ttggtatcag      8100
     aatgatgctg gcctcataaa atgagttagg gaggattccc tctttttcta ttgattggaa      8160
     tagtttcaga aggaatggta ccagttcctc cttgtacctc tggtagaatt cagctgtgaa      8220
     tccatctggt cctggactct ttttggttgg taagctgttg attattgcca caatttcagc      8280
     tcctgttatt ggtctattca gagattcaac ttcttcctgg tttagtcttg ggagagtgta      8340
     tgcatcaagg aatttatcca tttcttctag attttctagt ttatttgcat agaggtgttt      8400
     gtagtattct ctgatggtag tttgtatttc tgtgggatcg gtggtgatat cccctttatc      8460
     attttttatt gtgtctatta gattcttctt ttttccttta ttagtcttgc tagtggtcta      8520
     tcaattttgt tgatcctttc aaaaaaccag ctcctggatt cattaatttt tttaacggtt      8580
     ttttgtgtct ctatttcctt cagttctgct gtgatcttag ttatttcttg ccttctgcta      8640
     gcttttgaat gtgtttgctc ttgcttttct agttcttgta attgtgatgt tagggtgtca      8700
     gttttggatc tttcctgctt tctcttgggg gcatttagtg ctataaattt ccctctacac      8760
     actgctttga atgcgtccca gagattctgg tatgttgtgt ctttgttctc attggtttca      8820
     aagaacatct ttatttctgc cttcatttcg ttatgtagcc agtagtcatt caggagcagg      8880
     ttgttcagtt tccatgtagt tgagcagttt tgagtgagat tcttaatcct gagttctagt      8940
     ttgattgcac tgtggtctga gagacagttt gttataattt ctgttctttt acatttgctg      9000
     aggagagctt tacttccaag tatgtggtca attttggaat aggtgtggtg tggtgctgaa      9060
     aaaaaatgta tattctgttg atttggggtg gagagttctg tagatgtcta ttaggtctgc      9120
     ttggtgcaga gctgagttca attcctgggt atccttgttg actttctgtc tcattgatct      9180
     gtctaatgtt gacagtgggg tgttaaagtc tcccattatt aatgtgtggg agtctaggtc      9240
     tctttgtagg tcactcagga cttgctttat gaatcctggt gctcctgtat tgggtgcata      9300
     tatatttagg atagttagct cttcttgttg aattgatccc tttaccatta tgtaatggcc      9360
     ttctttgtct cttttgatcc ttgttggttt aaagtctgtt ttatcagaga ctaggattgc      9420
     aacccctgcc tttttttctt ttccatttgc ttggtagatc ttcctccatt ctgttatttt      9480
     gagcctatgt gtgtctctgc acgtgaaatg ggtttcctga atacagcaca ctgatgggtc      9540
     ttgactcttt atccaatttg ccagtctgtg tcttttaatt ggagcagtta gtccatttac      9600
     atttaaagtt aatattgtta tgtgtgaatt tgatcctgtc attatgatgt tagctggttc      9660
     ttttgctcgt tagttgatgc agtttcttcc tagtcttgat ggtctttaca ttttggcatg      9720
     attttgcagc ggctggtagc ggttgttcct ttccatgttt agcgcttcct tcaggagctc      9780
     tcttagggca ggcctggtgg tgacaaaatc tctcagcatt tgcttgtctg caaagtattt      9840
     tatttctcct tcgcttatga agcttagttt ggctggatat gaaattctgg gttgaaaatt      9900
     cttttcttta agaatgttga atattggccc ccactctctt ctggcttgta gggtttctgc      9960
     cgagagatcc actgttagtc tgatgggctc ccctttgagg gtaacccgac ctttctctct     10020
     ggctgccctt aacatttttt ccttcatttc aactttggtg aatctgacaa ttatgtgtct     10080
     tggagttgct cttctcgagg agtatctttg tagcgttctc tgtatttcct gaatctgaac     10140
     attggcctgc cttgctagat tggggaagtt ctcctggata atatcctgca gagtgttttc     10200
     caacttggtt ccattctccc catcctttca ggtacaccaa tcagacgtag atttggtctt     10260
     ttcacatagt cccatattgc ttggaggctt tgctcatttc tttttattct tttttctcta     10320
     agcttccctt ctcacttcat ttcattcatt tcatcttcca tcgctgatac cctttcttcc     10380
     agttgatcgc atcggctcct gaggcttctg cattcttcac gtagttctcg agccttggtt     10440
     ttcagctcca tcagctcctt taagcacttc tctgtattgg ttattctagt tatacattct     10500
     tctaaacctt tttcaaagtt ttcaacttct ttgcctttgg tttgaatgtc ctcccgtagc     10560
     tcagagtaat ttgatcgtct gaagccttct tctctgagct cgtcaaagtc attctccatc     10620
     cagctttgtt ccgttgctgg tgaggaactg cgttcctttg gaggaggaga gtcgctctgc     10680
     tttttagagt ttccattttt tctgttctgt tttttcccca tctttgtggt tttatctact     10740
     tttggtcttt gatgatggtg atatacagat gggtttttgg tgtggatgtc ctttctgttt     10800
     gttagttttc cttctaacag acaggaccct cagctgcagg tctgttggaa taccctgccg     10860
     tgtgaggtgt cagtgttccc ctgctggggg ttgcctccca gttaggctgc tcaggggtca     10920
     ggggtcaggg acccacttga ggaggcagtc tgcccgttct cagatctcca gctgtgcgct     10980
     gggagaacca ctgctctctt caaagctgtc agacagggac atttaagtct gcagaggtta     11040
     ctgctgtctt tttgtttgtc tgtgccctgc ccccagaggt ggagcctaca gaggcaggca     11100
     ggcctccttg agctgtggtg gggtccgccc agttcgagct tcccggctgc tttgtttacc     11160
     taagcaagcc tgggcaatgg cgggcgcccc tcccccagcc tcgctgccgc cttgcagttt     11220
     gatctcagac tgctgtgcta gcaatcagtg agactcagtg ggcgtaggac cctccgagcc     11280
     aggtgcgggt tataatctcg tggtgcgccg ttttttaagc ccgttggaaa agcgcagtat     11340
     tcgggtggga gtgacccaat tttccatgtg ccctctgtca cccctttctt tgactcagag     11400
     agggaactcc ctgacccctt ggcttcccaa gtgaggcaat gcctcgccct gcttcggctc     11460
     gcgcatggtg tgcacactca ctgacctgtg cccactgtct ggcactccct agagagatga     11520
     acccggtacc tcagatggaa atgcagaaat caccctcttc tgctccgctc acgctgggag     11580
     ctgtagaccg gagctgttcc tattcggcca tcttggctcc tccctttttt ttcttaaagg     11640
     aagaaattaa ataatctgta tttgagataa tataatcgcc aatgcaaaac aaacctaaag     11700
     acaaaataaa tctttctata actaagtaaa tctagcatga ttgcagaata caaattgcat     11760
     atatagtagc cagtcttatc tttaaataac agaaaataaa aattagaatt ataattgaaa     11820
     tactgatatg gtttggctgt gcccccaccc aattctcatc ttgagtttat agctcccata     11880
     attcccatgt gttgtgggag ggagccggtg gcagataatt gaatcatggg ggcagtttct     11940
     ccatactgtt ctcatagtaa taagtctcac aagttctggt ggttttaaag tggtttcccc     12000
     ttttgcttgg ctctcattct ctcttgcctc atgccatgta ttagtgtgtc aggttgccta     12060
     ggctacagtc ttctgtcatt cgatctagtt gttgctgtga aaggactttg cagatataaa     12120
     gtatgaacag ctgctaaaac atttgcatat tatatctgtc tatctataga ttgatttgtt     12180
     atcaggaatt cacttaagta attgtagacc ttagtaagga ggggaagatc accaacaggc     12240
     ttaaacttca caggcacaag ctgaaactat tgtccacaag tagaatttct ccttcctcct     12300
     ctttctcctc ttcttcctct ttctctctgc tctctcatcc ttctctatct tttttctttc     12360
     tttctcctca gactagcttt taaggccttt cagtgtaaag tcaggcccac ccaggttgca     12420
     taagataatc tcttttactt aaaataggct tctatttcta atcagcttcc ttttttcttg     12480
     aattcaggtg tctgtgttta tttgcaaaag ttcccgagat cctataatta gcaacctcca     12540
     tatgaatatt tttgaaacca gcccagccca catattgggt aaaactgtac ctgaaagcat     12600
     aaatgttttc aaaattgagt agaagatgat caggtattac tatccttttg gaataagaaa     12660
     agaagtcata aagtgcattt ctggcaagat aaaggtgtgt gcacaatcca ttgctatgac     12720
     ttgtaaaata ttctctacag cataaaatat tccactatag aacattcttg cctagtttgg     12780
     atgtagctgt tttttcctta gagtacagtt gctcttcatg ttttattttg aagttcatct     12840
     gtcccccaaa gtgaagaata ttgaatgcta aaatatcaac ttctagtttt actttaaaaa     12900
     gtgaaagaaa ataatcctct gaggcacatc gactgcataa tatttgcaca ttccaaaata     12960
     attaaataaa ataaatctag ctagtgtcaa tacaagagct gtttctgcaa ccaataagtt     13020
     aataataatt aggctcagac ctctatctta gtggtctgtg acccaacaca agtttttaac     13080
     tttgccaaaa tcgtgaaggt cagagaagag caaataaaca gtgaaacgga gaaagttgaa     13140
     ttacaattga acaatttgaa tattgaaagc atcataagta gtcaattaag aaggtcagtt     13200
     tttcaaaagc tttaggaaac atgaaaagta ccataaaatg tgaaatgcct ccagatactg     13260
     ctaaatgccc cctgggaggg caaaatcacc tctggtttag aaccactaat aagtaatcca     13320
     gtggctgtga aaatatcact catgtgaaac aaaatattga taagtcagtt tatcattagc     13380
     atttatactt atccatgtgt atatttgttt tcttttttct tttttacttc cttgtgtgtt     13440
     caaagacaga tgttgctctg tcacccatgc tggagtagag ccgtgcaatg aagacccact     13500
     gcagccttga actcctgggt tcaagcaatc ctcccacttc agcctgtgtt gcccaggctg     13560
     atcttgaact cctaccctca agtgatcctc ccacctcaaa gcactgggat tacaggcatg     13620
     atccacttca cctaggctgc tttcatcgtt tgttgagcca tagttccaaa agatagttat     13680
     caataacact ttggtgaata aaaacttaat aatgacagaa caggcagaaa ctccatccct     13740
     cgttcttatt gactcttgga tcattaggct gcagtaatag cctcgtagag gtatcaagaa     13800
     ggagagaaaa caggccctgc tctttgttct ttctacattc tattgaaagc tactacatta     13860
     cctttaagcc acttggattt taacctcctg gccctactcc cacagagctg cttcctgacc     13920
     tccacggaaa tggtgccttt ggttagatcc ttacataatt gtgctacctt gggcaagtcc     13980
     ctttgtctct ctaaaaataa atttctttcc ctattggttc catatttcat actttataac     14040
     ccttggttta tgtggctcag taaatgtaat cttcacttag aagtgcctca tttgctgtga     14100
     ggaggataat agcagtgatg caaaggtcat attttgcaaa ctttactgat gtgcttccgt     14160
     ttttgcattt ctgtgagcat atccttctcg ctaggcatcc tgaggcattc tgaggtatcc     14220
     agaggcctaa ggcagagaga gtggcttctg aactattgct acaaaatgca gaatatcgag     14280
     ctactgagta aagtgcaaag ggaaataaag aggccgtgtt gagctattga caagcacagg     14340
     ggtttttttt tctttctttc tttagagaca acagctgtaa agaccataat ttgttgagag     14400
     agacaaaagg attctttaag tcaaaatttc ccagattgta acctttaaga tttaacctat     14460
     tatgaggcca cacacacagt ttctctctct ttctctacat gcacacacat agacatacac     14520
     acgggcacac acatacacaa gatataacag atttcaatgt tatgccaaga gtaaagagaa     14580
     ctcaggatac aaggtaatgt tttgtaatcc tggctgcatg ttggaaatga tttgcaaaac     14640
     actatttcat gtaggacata ccccgaacag tgactgagaa tctgcatgac ccaaacatca     14700
     gcatttttta aaagcttccc tggtacagtc aagtttaaga atcactgatg ttggacaaaa     14760
     aaacaagctg tttcttccaa accagggaca tgcaggaaga agatgtggat gagagtaaaa     14820
     ctgacagtag gagcatataa cttgatctcc ttccttgggg taccgctgag atgagtttac     14880
     atgggttgag agtcacactg gtgggtggag tgctgcttgc tcttttggaa agtgggagaa     14940
     gacatttgca cagatgtccc acagcaacga gggtggccac ctgtggaggc agtatgtatg     15000
     tctgtgttag cagaagattc tactccctgt atcactgggg agaagtacag ttggcaggca     15060
     gtacagactg gtggacttcc cacggggttg ctgcaggcgg agttgcctgc taacaaccag     15120
     aggcagagca gaatgcaggg gctagcaatg gaagaggagt cgccaccaga catctagtag     15180
     cagcaagagc tcaagtgggg ctaagtccat agggaaagac cattagacct ccaacatgct     15240
     agaagagaca aaactaagaa atattccaag gcaaaaactg catatcaaat ggaggagttt     15300
     tgtggctgga tggagacaaa ccccacacag agggaacaag ccatgcacat acagggacca     15360
     gagagagccc agggccccca tcccattgta caaagtgaca ccttcataaa cttatccacc     15420
     atcttgggga agaggaaggt gagtagggct ctcaccagct gagcatctac ccaaagggtc     15480
     taaggtaccc ataagtgatt gcttaaaaca ggggtgataa gaaattccac tttactagag     15540
     cagatgtata aactgaaagg aacttgctta gcaagagact gaaatatttt aaatcggaaa     15600
     ttaggttttc tacctattgt gtgctgttta tagagaagat ttgactttcc acagaaaact     15660
     aaaaggtcat atttttaaaa tcagtatgag tagaatgtaa gttaagtgaa tgcattctat     15720
     gcgtagaatg caagttaagt ttagcaggga ggatgatgag ctattattgg tacataagtg     15780
     tgaattcctc tgctacaaag agaagtagga ggatagataa ataaattagt tactctcctc     15840
     ttttgcaaat ttggaaataa tgtgaataaa tgttcaactc tgttactgta actgttttca     15900
     agaaactcac cagcactttt attcaaaagc ttgtcattat caaaatgaaa gtgtaatcat     15960
     agatacagca gctgcgtggg aacatatttg cttcagataa tgctccaacc attaaaaaaa     16020
     aaagaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaagaa     16080
     tggcagctgt cactatgtta atctttgcat taacggcatg acaagtaatg caatccaagg     16140
     ttggcctgcc tggggtgaat gtgtgatagc tcagaatgct ggaccccctt ggcagtgacc     16200
     attgtgttgt ttaaatggca gaaaaagtca aaatatggca aggtgagaac ttgcatgtaa     16260
     taagattcct tcacatcttg gaacttttct gagatgctga agctgaggtg gccaggtcat     16320
     taaacagctc caaaggctga accagattgc ttagaaaaac ccagtgggag ccttggacat     16380
     ttattcaccc attgaataaa ggaagtctca tggaatcaga agagatgcac aacattaatc     16440
     ttgcaagata cacacgttta aaatctagaa gagacaagtg aaggtgaaaa agtgacagga     16500
     aaaatgtaag agagggactg cctaaaaaaa gagtgaatgc ccaaaataat ggatcagtaa     16560
     atagttgcat ggattcaaca agaaataagc atcaaataaa aataaataat gacagaaata     16620
     gattataacc tgtttaataa aaggactcta tgagcccagg ttatacgtta ctgtgcaatg     16680
     tcaattgata gaatgtagaa gaaatggtgg aattagaata ttgctatttc ataatgataa     16740
     ctataataat tcattcaaga aatattaatg cccggcactt tgggaggctg aggtgggaga     16800
     attgcttgag gccaggagtt caagagcagc ctgggaaatg cggcaagacc tgatctctgc     16860
     aaagacaatt aaaaattagc tgggcctgat gactgtccct gtagtcccag ctactcagga     16920
     ggctgaggta ggaggatcag ttgatcctag gagttggagg ctgcaatgag ctatgattgc     16980
     acctctgtac ttcagcctgg gcaagagagc aagaccctgc cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag     17040
     agagagagaa aaagaaatat caatagatat ttgtgtacaa tatgggtaca aatttgacga     17100
     ggaatgtaat atttacatgg ataccaaagt acctctgtac aaagttctgt tgattactac     17160
     agaaaaactt ggaatactct gccctaatga agtgatcaag atggacaagc caggagacaa     17220
     atctaccacc agacgggatg cagggcaaag aacacagaat gacatttgta gtgttcctgc     17280
     tacatatgca taatccaaat ctaatgatga gcaaacacaa gaaaaaatga cgaggcaaac     17340
     taacaggcat gaaaccttca aaaacatcaa ggtcatgaca gtccaagaaa ggctaagaga     17400
     caatttcaga ttaaaagaga catcccccca ccacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     17460
     aaaaatgcag ctaaatacaa tgcatgattc cctattgaat ctttccactg tgagggacat     17520
     tatgaggaca actggcaaac tttgaagggg atctgtggca gttaacatgc caagttttaa     17580
     gtttctgatt ttggtggctt tactgtgatt atgtaagaga atgtgcttct ttccaggaaa     17640
     tacacacaca agtatgtcca caactgtctt caaacggctt aggaaaaata aaagttcatg     17700
     gatttctttg caattattct tttcttttct tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaga     17760
     cggagtctcg ctctgtcgcc caggctggag tgcagtggtg cgatctcggc tcactgcaag     17820
     ctccgcctcc cgggttcacg ccgttctctt gcttcagcct ccctagtacc tgggactaca     17880
     ggcgcccgcc accacggcca cctaattttt tgcatttttt agtagagaca ggggtttcaa     17940
     catattagcc aggatggtct cgatctcctg acctcctgat ccgcccacct cagcctccca     18000
     aagtgttggg attacaggcg tgagccaccg cgcccggccc aatatcctcc cacttttttt     18060
     tttttttttt tttttccccc ccgagtggga gtctcgctct gtcgcccagt gtggagggca     18120
     gtggcacatc tcggctcact gcaagctctg cctcccgtgt tcacgccatt ctcctgcctc     18180
     agcctccaga gtagctggga ctacaggcgc ccgtcaccac gcccggctaa ttttttttgt     18240
     attcttggta cagacggggt ttcaccgtgt tagtcaggat ggtctcgatc tcctgacctc     18300
     gtgatccacc cgcctcatcc tcccaaagcg ctgggattac aggcgcaatt attcttaaga     18360
     ttaagagtat ttcaaaaatt ttaaaaatat attatacatg gattaaatca atgagaattt     18420
     aaaaagatgt cagaaaaata agttttgaat aaccagaaat attctgttaa tacattgttg     18480
     aaaatacata ttcagagtca ctacaaataa cttaggaaac aagtaaacct ttatgtctgc     18540
     agtaaaaaaa aaatacttgc tattcaaaga aattgaattt gtttaggagt gtgaatgaag     18600
     aaatattaca ttagaggaaa aagtactctt gttttttcac attattttta aaaaggcaag     18660
     gataaatagc tatattgaag ggacaattat cttctttaaa aatatttttt tcagagtgag     18720
     actgtttaat ctgattgaga tttttaaaaa ttgacctgca tgtatatggt acacatatta     18780
     ttcaagtcca aatagcttta catcaatgat agtgatcaaa caaattggtt tgatcgtaac     18840
     atcttgaggc acattaattt tgaatgccta gtcaggtaga gttcaaacag cctagatagg     18900
     tatctgtagc aacccctgga ggaattttta actgggcaat aaaagtatgt tagagtgatt     18960
     gtgctgtgta catcttcaat aaattgttgt gatataattt gccaagtctc ccacactgtg     19020
     gaattagtac aatccttcta tgcagagggc atcaatctag ctcagtggtt cccacccagg     19080
     ggtgacgttg tcccccaggg cacattaggc aacgtctgga ggcattttta gttgtcacca     19140
     gggagggtga tgttcctggc atcgagtgca tggaggccag ggatgctgca aaatattcac     19200
     aaggcccaag acaatcccac cacagaggat gatccagctc caaatgtcag tagcgctgtg     19260
     actgagggcc actgacctcg gttcttgtgc aaaccaccca ctttggggta agtttagcat     19320
     gggcaggtcc cagggaagtt aaaagcaaga aagccaagtg ggggtaaaca gattgttctt     19380
     tcagtggatg gagggaacag ccaatcttgc ttgggaaaca caaacacact tgctttggaa     19440
     acaaaagttt actaattata tttatgtctc tccaggttat aagatggaag cttctcacag     19500
     tggaagtttt atttgttaat tttctgaata aagctaataa aatttgtagg tatcaagacc     19560
     cacacttgga tataaactgg gtttcctttt tagactccac aaattgatgc ggagatgctg     19620
     tgagtggaag gtgatcttaa cttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagtcaa ctgcataagc     19680
     aataaagatt gttaacaaaa taaaactttg tatttttccc catatcccta caatctgtct     19740
     ctagatggaa tatttctttt tctcctggcc tttgctgtac tgattgtttt actccataag     19800
     ccttgattat gtcataggag aatttatgta gccgcaagaa acaaggaatc caacccaaat     19860
     ggaaaaccct cctggtcttt gtcactcaga attcaacatg ctgttttctt tgtccttcag     19920
     ggactaccaa cacttgtatc ttgatcatag atttcagctt actatccctt acttcctgac     19980
     ttttacattc agcttgccat atattgatag attgcaattg ccaaattttc ttttctccag     20040
     acatgccata gaatctatta agttgatttt attcttgtct gtaggacaaa ttcttctgta     20100
     ttcataatcc agtttagcag aaacttatat ttatgtctaa ccaacatcta cgtcacaaac     20160
     ttagcttctg acttttcgtg atagcttctg acagtaaggt gggccagagg aaaaaaaaat     20220
     atggaataca gaaacctaga acaaagggaa attgcaaatt cccttgaatc tgcttctgtt     20280
     gcttacttcc attagtctgt atctgcctat agctgtcatc caatttttac cttcaagctc     20340
     tttgtgtttt ctttttattc ttctttttta agaattctga accctctgcc aggagctatc     20400
     cccttccctg ccaatcagat gagcttattc tgctccttca ggtatttatt tgattcctga     20460
     accatagctc cacataaccc tacagacttg ttctaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattct     20520
     gggcgcggtg gctcacacct gtaagcacat cactttaagg ggccgaggtg ggtggatcat     20580
     gcggtcaaga gatccagaca atcctggcca acatggtgaa accctgtttc tactaaatat     20640
     acaaaaatta gctgggcatg gtggcacatg cctatagtcc tagctacgca ggaggctggg     20700
     acaggagaat tgcctgaaca cgggaggcag aggttgcagt gagttgaaat catgccactg     20760
     ccctccagcc tggcaacaga gtgagactcc atctcaaaaa taaataaata aatgaataaa     20820
     taaataaata aataaataaa taccatcagg cacctctgaa gcagtttttt cctctattaa     20880
     gcgaacaatt gaataatagc aaccttagaa gccaagtaaa tgttgccaaa acaaagtgtt     20940
     tgctttgcca gaaaatatta atgaaagcat ttcaatagca gtcataaaac aaatacctgc     21000
     aaaatgggca aaaaaacaca tcaaatatgt tttgccatcc tttcgaagca cccggttttg     21060
     cttatgctta attttttgac ctaaccacta acccagtaga tattgtgtga aattatattt     21120
     cctaactctc cctaccaccc acagaaaatt cagtaaaaag actttgtttg ccaaaaatag     21180
     gatatttgta gttaatatac acccatatcg aattatttga agttgcttag aattcaatat     21240
     gcacactggc aatctgatag aaaaggattg aaaaaatgta tatatgcact gggcacatta     21300
     caatatagct ccagcaagtc ttgatttgat gtaagccgcc tagagtataa aatatatata     21360
     tatatatata atatttatat atttatatgt atatgaatat atatttatat gtatatgaat     21420
     atatatattt acatatattt atatgtatat gaatatatat atttacatat atttatatat     21480
     atttatatgt gtataattat atatatttat atgtgtataa ttatatatat ttatatgtgt     21540
     ataagtatat atatttatat atttatatgt atatatattt atatgtattt atatgtatat     21600
     atatttatat atttatatgc atatatttat atatttatat gtgtatatat ttatatatat     21660
     ttatatgtgt atatatttat atatatttat atgtgtatat atttatatat atttatatgt     21720
     gtatatattt atatatattt atatgtatat aaatatacat acacacacac acacacacac     21780
     acatattccc actgaaattc ttatctggaa tgagtgtttt tttgaccagt tataacaact     21840
     gcaatcttga tgactgcagt cccataggat tcattcttgt atttgacaag aaatcttgtc     21900
     aaaatctatt catagatgag tcaacttgct taactgacat gaaaaaggac tacattttgt     21960
     ccaaactatg attgaattta acaataatgc ttagtcccgt atcatctatt ttaatatata     22020
     ttatgctata aaatatatct tcagaaatat ttaaaatgta accctatctg gtcttttctc     22080
     ctgacatttg taacacctaa tacttctaat aatgtaaatg ttgacaattc taccctacta     22140
     gaaatctatt ataatctata attgcatcca tgtttactta attggaagtc tttaaaatta     22200
     tgtaaatact ctaaaatttc cttcagttgt tcttaaccag ggacaatttt acacacacac     22260
     accccagctc cataccccag aagggtattt gacaatgttt ggagaaattt ttgtttgtca     22320
     ggattgaggg tgggggtgca actggcattt agttggtagg tgccagagat tctgctaaca     22380
     tcctatgatg cagaagacag ccctctcagg acaaagacaa tccagtacac atttcagtaa     22440
     tgctgaggtt gaaaacacac aatttacttt gagtgtgtgt cttctgtgga taaaacaagt     22500
     ttaatgccta aaagagatgg ctctccctct ccctctccct cctctccgtc atctccttct     22560
     cccgctttcc acggtctccc cctctccctc atctctgtct cccgctttcc acagtctcct     22620
     tctgttgcca aggctggact gtactgccgc catctcggct cactgcaacc tccctgcctg     22680
     attctcctgc ctcagcctgc tgagtgcctg ggattgcagg cacgcgccgc cacgcctgac     22740
     tggtttttgt attttttggt ggagaccggg tttccccgtg tttgccgggc tggtctccag     22800
     ctcctgacct ggagtgatct gcccgcctcg gcctcccgag gtgccggggt tgcagacgga     22860
     gtctcgctca ctcagtgctc aatgttgccc aggctggagt gcagtggcat gatcttggct     22920
     cgctacaacc cccacctccc agccgcctgc cttggcctcc cgaagtgctg agattgcagc     22980
     ctctgcccgg cagccacccg gtctaggaag tgaggagcat ctctgcctgg ccacccatcg     23040
     tctgggatgt gaggagcccc tctgcccggc cgcccagtct gggaagtgag gagcgcctct     23100
     tcccggccgc caccccgtct aggaagtgag gagtgtctct gccccaccgc caccccgtct     23160
     gggaggtgag gagcatctcc gcccggccac cccgtctgag aagtgaggag cccctctgcc     23220
     cggcggccac cccatctggg aggtgtaccc aacagcccat tgaaaacggg ccatgatgac     23280
     gatggcggtt ttgtcgaata gaaaaggggg aaatgtgggg aaaagaaaga gagatcagat     23340
     tgttactgtg tctgtgtaaa aagaagtaga cataggggac ttcattttgt tcttctgtac     23400
     taagaaaaat tcttctgcct tgggatgctg ttaatctatg accttacccc caaccccgtg     23460
     ctctctgaaa caggtgctgt gtccactcag ggttaaatgg attaagggcg gtgcaagatg     23520
     tgctttgtta aacagatgct tgaaggtggc atgctcgtta agagtcatca ccactcccta     23580
     atctcaagta cccaggtgca caaacactgc ggaagcccgc agggtcctct gcctaggaaa     23640
     accagagacc tttgttcata tgtttatctg ctgaccttct ctccactatt gtcctatgac     23700
     cctgccaaat ccccctctct gagaaacacc caagaatgat caatagatac taaaaaattt     23760
     tttaaaaaaa gtttaaaaca tcagaaaata ccttgtgaag tatattcttt aaaattaaat     23820
     gttacttatt ctgaaatatt ctacataaat atgaataaac tgaatgtgga ataagaacaa     23880
     ccagaaaact agtaaactga acacagtaga atttatgaac gtgaaggtat actgtttata     23940
     ttctgaatca gagttttcta gaaagtaata ttgtttatac atttttccag tatgtggctt     24000
     ctgttttcca aaacacacag tcaagaagtt cttacaaagg catctcagtt taatgagttt     24060
     tcaggaaaga aaatattcaa gagttaagca aaacttaatc agaaacattt gagttttatt     24120
     caatttccta taaaatgcca tatggatttc aaaattaata gtggaatcta catgacaaat     24180
     gagtaagggg tcagtctact ttctagatat taggagtact tgtcatatgt taaaagagga     24240
     actgatgttt ctcatgtcta aaattttgat agaattattt tatcatagaa tctagtcttg     24300
     gttgctcatt gagctagcat acagcaaaga tttcataggg tttaaaataa gagtgttaaa     24360
     actggggaac attttaatca aatcctcatc aataatagga caaattgaaa attattcgct     24420
     tagaatgtga cagaatgcga agtcaagaag agggcctcac ccctgcacta actctggcaa     24480
     atatttgcag tccagacata atcaggatga aatagcagac aaacccaaat ggagggacag     24540
     tctgtgaaat aactggctgc tacgctttaa ttgtgctaca accaggaaag tcaaagaaag     24600
     atgaggaatc agactgaagg agactaagag acatgaaaac tcatggcagt gcataattct     24660
     aactggctcc ttctgcctca aggcatttaa aggcagtctg accattagaa ggtagaaata     24720
     catcagtgcc catttcttga tttttaggtc ttgactgttt ctgtgtataa taatcctctt     24780
     ctggggaaat gcatgctaaa atattcagga tatgaggtat ccgattggaa acttaccctc     24840
     agatgtctta ggaaaaaaga aagctattta cattccatac tgaaattttt tgtaggtttt     24900
     tgactgcttc gaaataatat atgagtagca cgtcatctcc aaattatata tatatataaa     24960
     aattattgtt tcaaagttat gcatatatgt ttttaagggg gtaccaagtc aaccccaata     25020
     aaaccgcatg actcaagaaa aaatgatgtt caatttatcc acaccataga gtttagacac     25080
     taatataaaa tgttttcatt taaaattatt accataaaga tatcttacca ctgaataagg     25140
     gaggtacttc gtaataacta atgattggaa acaacccaaa tgcccattaa caaaatatcg     25200
     tgtaactata taatcatcac tttttagcca caaaggaatg aactactgac agatgccata     25260
     agatggatgg acctaaaacc agtatccaga ctaatagaag caatgcacaa aaaggccaca     25320
     tagtgtatta ttacattcat atgaaatatt ttgaatagag aagtcaatag aaacaaagta     25380
     aattagtggt tgcccggggc tgcgagaagg ctaggatcac tggggatgtt ggctaaaaga     25440
     gatgggattt ctttctgaca tgataaaaat attctaccat tgaccatggt aatattcaca     25500
     atgtctgtga atacacctga tgtggtaagt ctttgtgtac tcaccaaaat ctcatcttga     25560
     attgtaatcc ctaggtgttg aggggagaac atagtgggag gtgattggat catggggaca     25620
     gtttccccca tgctggttgc atgatagtaa gttatcacta gatctgatgg ttttataaga     25680
     ttttggcaag tttctccttc actcagtctt ttctctcctg ttaccatgtg gagaaggtcc     25740
     acacttcttt gccttccacc atgattgtaa atttcccgag gcctccctag ccatgcagaa     25800
     ctgtgagtca attaaacctc tttcctttgt aaattataat tttatacatt tctttataaa     25860
     ttatggtatt tctttatagc agtgtgaaaa caagactaac acaataccaa acccacagaa     25920
     ctgtgcactt taaatgagtg aattaagtgg tatacatact ctaccacagt aaaaccactg     25980
     gagaaaggag agatgggtat tctttttctt ttcttccccc ttatttcttc aatttttgtc     26040
     aactacataa tgtacactgt taatcatttg tacatttttt tgagcgtatg tcttgccact     26100
     gaatgttgct gaacttccgt tcaagtagga acagacatag ttactggcta tcaaataacc     26160
     cttcctatgt tattatccat gtttttaaaa gttatgcatc ccaagcttca ataatatgag     26220
     tgaataaatg gaaagggaat tatatgtaca tggattacat gactctaaca tttacatttg     26280
     tatttagata tttattgaag aggggaaata tagtgtattc tgttaaataa cgtgtgcctt     26340
     tatattgcgg tttacagcat ttacacattc tcagcatatg aatatttgga aatcttgtaa     26400
     atactgcttc gttcttggtt tatgtgacat gtacaaaaca tattttgtga tagtctgatt     26460
     attattggag tcccccacta gcttgcaggc tcactaagga cagggtcttt gttgttcagt     26520
     ttcattaaaa cagcaagtac tttaaaatat ttaatgaatt ataaacatat ttctatctgt     26580
     tttaatctcg tttttaaaaa attccattgc aagttctttc caggcagagt atcttttgat     26640
     tctgacattg ttcatttact cttgttttgt caccatctct gtgaatgaaa ttgaacatgg     26700
     atttgatata actaggaact tgctctgttt ttataattta aatgaaaaat cctttcattc     26760
     aaataaacac aggccttcaa ttaacaaata gtttttgcta acccctgctg ctgcattttt     26820
     ctcagtaatt cttaagtgag aatcatggta acttcaccaa tccctttatg ttaaaagcaa     26880
     ggatgttctt acgactggta agaggttgct gcaaaagtaa ttgaggtctg aaagtaacgg     26940
     caaaaaccac aattaccttt gcaccagttt aataaaaagc aatttatgaa atggccataa     27000
     caatatacgc caaaattgtc atttaaagat gtagtgtcat atattgaaac ataacttgga     27060
     tattttccag attcagtttc aaaaacaaca aaaataaaat ataactgtcc catgaaccta     27120
     ttttcatctt ttccaactct tgccctctac ggattcaatt ccatggttta aatattgacc     27180
     tctaaactag tcagccagtt tatcagattc acctttacaa cttagtcaat aactagcctt     27240
     caaaataaat agaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaagaaaag aaaagaaaag     27300
     aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaag aaagaaaaac tttccaatga cgttcttaga     27360
     gcaactgact aagtcttctc attctgtctg cacaggtctt ttctccaagt tcagcagcat     27420
     ttgtgttgta gaacaggcac aactgttttg aattgtcaca accactcact tccatcgaac     27480
     ttggcagagt ggagcatatt caaagagaaa aaaacatagg tatctggttc tgattagtgg     27540
     ttgcagtttt agaatacatc tgctatcagg tatgcacaca caaggcatgg gtaaaagcag     27600
     ctggacacta agacacaata attatatcta gggctaactt ctgtacagtg gaaattctgt     27660
     ataaccaaga gttcttccaa aaatgtaccc aggcacacac atcaatacac tgtacaaatt     27720
     cttcagattt aacctggata caataaaact tgaagatgac cgacagaatt gtgtattcct     27780
     ttgttattta aatatctgaa catctaatat ttcttggtca gtttcaggta aaaagctaca     27840
     ttaataatgt ggtttaaata tgacataata atctgagaaa aaactgtggc atattttaat     27900
     aaaactttct attgacaatg ctaatccatg taacactgaa gtgttcctct ccaaaaattc     27960
     aggatctttt attgctgaaa ggttaatcac tacaggggaa catcatgaca cccagtgacc     28020
     aaagactttc aatgctgcat aaattcttgt gtcttctgtt ctttatcaca cttataaatt     28080
     aatttgttga taagctaaat catttatgta ttgaaatatg tattactgaa ataggtaatg     28140
     tgttcatgaa tgcttttata tttttacatg tgtgcgtgaa aactatttct gaaatttgaa     28200
     aactgcagat gctaatgtgg tttgtgtgga tatgtggcat ctgcctcaac ataaccatat     28260
     gaatgtattt cttaaacaca tatactcatt tacaaagaat ctcctattct ggccgggcgc     28320
     aatggctcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggtgggcgga tcacgaggtc     28380
     aggagatcca gaccatcctg gctaacaggg tgaaaccctg tctctgctaa aaatacaaaa     28440
     atattagccg ggcgtggtgg cgggtgcctg tagtcccagc tacccgggag gcagagcttg     28500
     cagtgagccg agatcatgcc actgcactcc agcctgggcg acagagcgag atgccgtctc     28560
     aggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaactgaaac aaagaatctc ctagtctata     28620
     ctcatgatta caacacattc tgtgctagcc cacttttttt ccttttgaaa aagccgtcaa     28680
     aggaaaataa aatgaatcat ttaacttgtt gagctaataa tggacatgga ccttatttac     28740
     gtcaacatgt taggcaggac attgcatgat aagaaggagg actttatgac aggtaagttt     28800
     atttatacct gtgctgcttc cctttcattg gccaatttta cttatttccc tccgtgattt     28860
     aattactact ataaacccgg gaagctatat agtagtagtg gtgaaagaga agttcagatt     28920
     ccaaccttgt cacataatta atttgtaact ttcagcaagt tctttaagct cctgaaattc     28980
     aagtatcttt atgtgaaatg agattattct ttatttgaaa tataaaaaaa attcctacct     29040
     actccctttg ttgtgaagat tctctaccct ctgcatatgc atataccttt atatatccat     29100
     aaagtggcta gcacagggct tgcaggtttt tgtttgtttc tttgtttgtt ttgacacaag     29160
     ctctcactct gccatccagg ctggagagca gtggcatggt catagcccac tgcagcttct     29220
     actttctggg cccaagcgac attcccacct tagcctgcca agaagctggg accaaaggta     29280
     agtgcatcca cctgcagctt ataatacttt ttttgtagtg aaggggtctc actaggttgt     29340
     ccaggctggt ctcaaactcc tagcttcaag cagtccttca atatgttgat aaccgcttat     29400
     ttgcaatcca accaaaaatg cctcagacct aaatactatt acaactcttt ggacattggc     29460
     tccttgtggg tataaagtgt ctccttccaa agctcaaatc ttctctcagg aggtttgatt     29520
     cttgagacta acattcatcc cagggcccaa ggatctctca gaccaccgca aaaatcttat     29580
     gctaaacgtg gacattccat ccactaaaca tcagttgtag tcctttcttc gaatggtagg     29640
     tttctgtcac atttggacaa cccggttagg acttatagca aaacctcttt atggggcact     29700
     gcaaggatcg gcggggggga gctcttaaat tggagccttg aaatggacag tgttctaaaa     29760
     accctcaaac aagcccacgc cctggccttg ccagatctta caaagcatct ttacttgttc     29820
     atagttgaga gaagggatac agcccttgga gtcctcactc agccactggg accctcccag     29880
     tggccagcta gttacttgtc aaaaaaaagg catggggatg gctgccatgc ctctgagtgc     29940
     tagtgtgtgt ggctctcctg gttgtggagg cctccgagct aattctgggc caagcaataa     30000
     ctgtctacac cccacatcaa gtaatgaatg tcctaaactc aaaggccttt cactggatct     30060
     cacagagcca tataagcaaa tttccaacac tccttctaca ggtaccagaa ttgagtatta     30120
     ggctctgcca acccttaatg ctggcatgct gttaccaaac ccaaatgtgg agaggccact     30180
     ttaacattct tgcttggaaa ccatagatct aacctgtaat gttagaccag acctccagga     30240
     tattcccctt atagattcag aggccacacg gtacacagat ggcagtagct ttatgatagg     30300
     tggaacccaa ctgtcagggt atgctactat taacctaact gaaatcacag aatctggacc     30360
     tctgccagga agtagcacct cagcccaaaa ggctgagctc attgctctta cctgtgcctt     30420
     acaattaggg gcaggcctga ggcttaatat ttacacagac tcagcctatg tctatcatgc     30480
     agtgcatgcc catgcagcca tttggcagga aagaggactt ttaatggcct gaaatacttc     30540
     cattaaatgt gttcctgaaa tcatggcccc gttggaggca gctatgcttc ccccacaggt     30600
     cactatcatt cactgcaaag cccatcagag aagcaatgat gaaatctcta tcgggaacac     30660
     ctgggctgac aaataagtaa aagtggctgc caggtcaccc tttcaggctg tcttcattcc     30720
     tagcctaact tccctgtctc cacactataa agagggggaa gcccaaaaag ctctagaaag     30780
     aggtttctcc catacctcag agggctggct aaaaagtcct aatggcaaac tcttgctccc     30840
     aggagcctca caattgaagt ttctaaatag cgtataccaa tcaactcatc taggggctaa     30900
     ggccttccaa gatctaataa agtcactgtt caccagcacg gggatagccc aagctctatg     30960
     agccatctca caggcatgtc ccacctgagg ccaaataaac ccagagggag gacacaaacc     31020
     tccccaaatc cttcaaccca ttctaagaga ggaaccctac cccgagaaga ctggcaaata     31080
     tattttacac acatgcatca tgcaatgtgt gtatttgtta gtcaggtatt tgttagtctt     31140
     tgtagacacc ttcactggat ggataaaggc ccttcccgcc aaaactgcat gggcctcaga     31200
     agtcacctca gcccttttag accgcattct tccttgtttt aggctccctc atgccctaca     31260
     gtcagacaat ggccccactt tcatttctta aaatgaggga ccctaggtcc ctcccataac     31320
     gcgtcagaat tctgagagat acaagtcaag ttgacatttc ggtggagaca cagccaaacc     31380
     atatcaagct acgtgaaggt aaaaccaggt acgatgggtg ttcacttgat ttttggttct     31440
     catgaaattt catttcattt tttctctacg aacactacaa aacttagcca gctctggtgg     31500
     tgcacacttg taatcccagc tactcgggag gctggggcaa gagaagcact tgaaccgagg     31560
     aggtggatgt tatagtgaac cgagatggtg acactgcact ccagcctggg cctgaacaac     31620
     agtgtgagat gagaatctgt caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaagaa aaaaataatt     31680
     tttttgtttt tttcagagaa tcagtgaagc tctccagatc aaatattatc tgcatgcgtc     31740
     ttgacgtcca caatcttctg ggaaggcgga gacagccaat caaaccagaa aaagcacctc     31800
     acaaagttaa cacatgaaac ccaacagtta tggtcaactt tgccccccat tgtactctta     31860
     agagcctgta tcaccgcaaa atgtgaagcc catctagccc tttcgagatt ctctttggaa     31920
     tctctttgga agatctttct tccaaactga ccttttgtta gacccaaaga gacattatct     31980
     catacagtat gttatgtccc tgggacaaac catcaaggcc atcaatcatt atcaaagtct     32040
     tcatagccca acacctggcc cctctttttc aggaaacact caccctaacc ttatgcctga     32100
     agactaggta tatcttaaaa ctctcccaca ggacaaaaag ccactggagc cagcgtggac     32160
     tggaccatac caagttctcc ttatgacccc gacagctgtt caactcaaac atcaagtgga     32220
     tttactgctc cagggtcaag gtggcaccag caccccacaa agaacgcact acctacacct     32280
     gtgaaccagt tggagacgtt tgtctattgt tcaggaggga ctcaaactca ggcaatatcc     32340
     gccttaatac ttagaagaag caaaagcaga aacccctggt aaatccatca gatcccatga     32400
     gacttactca ctatcaggag attagcacag gaaagaccgg cccccatgat tcaattacct     32460
     ccctctaggt ccctcccata acacgtcgga attctgggag atacaaatca agttgagatt     32520
     ttggtgggga cacagccaaa ccatatcaag ctacgtgaag ttaaaaccag gtactatggg     32580
     tgttcacttg atttttggtt ctcatgaaga tgtttttttc tgtgtagata gttgttaaat     32640
     tggtgtcctt ggtggggggt cagggggaca atcagtgaag cattctgttc cgtcgtcttt     32700
     ctcctcctgt agatctgtag tatattttga aatatacctt tgtagtatat tttgaagtca     32760
     ggtagtgcga tgcctccttg tgtgttcttc tatgggccca gtttctggag tcctaaagca     32820
     attacaataa taacatcaaa gatcactgat cagaaatcat cataacagat ataatcatga     32880
     tggaaaagtt ggaaatattg tgagaattac caaaatgtga cacagggaca tgaagtgggc     32940
     acatgctgtt ggaaaaatga cactgacatg cttgacggtt gccagaaaac tttaatttat     33000
     aaaaaacaca caatatctat aaacacaaaa atgtgcatca caataaaatg aggtcgacct     33060
     gtacctgcca gtacccaggt aattagttta ctaggaataa gtaataatag ctagaaaaac     33120
     tagttaaata cagaaattaa aaaaaaaaaa acaactgtct tctcaggaca caaaaacatg     33180
     gaaagatagt ccaggcttat agattgacag gattaatatt gtataattca caatactcac     33240
     caaagcgatt aacagattaa atgcaagccc taccaaacta ccaaagacat tcttcacaga     33300
     aacaggaaaa aacttataat attcatagga aaccataaaa tacctcaaat agccaaagca     33360
     atcctgagca aaaagtgaaa agctggaagc agcacactac ctgacttcaa aattttacga     33420
     caaagctata gtgaaccaag cagcatggta ccggcttaaa aacagacaca gagacaaatg     33480
     gagcagaata gagaacctga tataaagcca catgcttaca accaactcaa cttcaacaaa     33540
     gacaaaaaga acatatgatg ctgaaaagac caacatttca ataaatagca ctaggaaagc     33600
     tggatgagta tatgcagaag aatgaaacta gattcctctc tttcaccaca cacaaaaagc     33660
     aaatcaaaaa tggattaaag acttgaatct ggctgggagt ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc     33720
     ctagcacttt gggtggccga ggtgagtggg tcacttgagg tcaggggttc gagaccagcc     33780
     tggccagtat ggtgaaaccc gtctctatga aaactacaaa acttagccag ctgtggtggt     33840
     gcacacttgt aatcccagct actcgggagg ctggggcacg agaatcactt gaaccgtgga     33900
     ggtggatgtt atggtgagca gagatggtga cactgcactc cagcctgggc ctgaacaaca     33960
     gagtgagatg agactctgtc aaaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaacc     34020
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag acttgaattc atgacctgta actgaaacca ccaaaaaaca     34080
     ttggggaaat gctccaggac attggtctgg gcaaagactt cttgagtaag acctcaaaag     34140
     cacaagaatc aaagcaaaca taaactatcg ggattacatc aagttaaaaa gcttctgcat     34200
     agcaaaggaa attatcaacc aagtgaagag acaacccaca gaatggcaga aaatatttgc     34260
     aaactaccca tctgatacgg gattcataac cagaatacag aaggagctca aaaaagttaa     34320
     taacaaacaa tctgacttaa aaatggacaa ataatctgaa tagatgtttc tcaaaagaag     34380
     acacaaaaat ggccagcagg catatgaaaa catgcttatt atgaatcatc agagaaatac     34440
     aaatcaaaac cacaatgcaa tatcatctca ctccagttaa atggatttta tcaaaataca     34500
     ggcatgaaca gatgcgagca gggaggtgga gaaaggggaa cctgtgtaca ctgttggtgg     34560
     gaatgtaatt tactacagcc cctatggaga acagtatggg gttcctcaaa atcctaaaaa     34620
     tagaactagt atatgatcca agtattccac tgctggggaa agagagggag ggggagagag     34680
     aggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagatg gatagataga taaataaatt tatctgaaga     34740
     tcaaagagat atatctgcat actcatgtgt attgcagcac aagtcacaat agccaaaata     34800
     tggatttagc ctaagtgccc attgatggat gaatggatta ggcaaatgtg gcatacgtac     34860
     acaatggaat attatccagg catgaaaaga atgactggat attatgttaa atgaaataag     34920
     ccaggcacag aaaaacaaac attgcatgtt ttcactcata tatgggagct aaaaaagtgg     34980
     ttctcatgaa gatagcgact atagtgatgg ttaccagagg ccagaagggg aagcagggga     35040
     tgaaggggaa ataaaagaat ataaatgtat ttattaccac tgaactgcac ggttacaggt     35100
     gtaaagcaga tacattacat gtgtatattt tacctcaata aaaatatatt ttaaaaataa     35160
     aatcacattc ttctcaccac gtcctgctga gttattgttg gaataatgaa ttactaccac     35220
     agataagtca ggtacctaag taagtagtaa aatagagaca gcaagaatag ttcagtggaa     35280
     tgtagaacat agggaatctg gtcaggtcag ataaaatttt gctggtgttg agttaatacg     35340
     taagttctac ttaactgggc tttcccatga aacacatttc atagaaacag ctaacaatca     35400
     ttgcaatacc aagtgaacct gatcctgaaa atcatatcct ttgcaagtct caattattga     35460
     ttttagttgg gataagaact tagaaggata ggtgctgagt gttacccagg aaaaaaaggt     35520
     acaaaggata acaggagata atttgaatat ctatgtgatg tctggaaaaa gcaaaatcct     35580
     tcctaatcat tctactacgt tttgttggaa taatgaatta ccacagacat ctggtggtaa     35640
     acatgtaatt agcaacctaa agatagctag aattagccag accaggtaat tgatcccagg     35700
     aagctgaaga taactggcct atgccaggga gttcaataac cattttcctc aatgcaaaat     35760
     tccaacctca tgttagaagt attacctaat acagtagctt tcaactttat ccaagtaagt     35820
     aattaactag agataactac atgaagccag tacctggaat aaacaaattc ttctcagtac     35880
     tagttgaata aacaactagc aattactagg aaactggttg aacatagaaa gtttagtaac     35940
     cactccagtc aattctgtgt tcttactttt tttggattgt tgactaggta ctacggatat     36000
     ggtaactaga gttacctgag taagagttaa atacagaatc ctccctaaaa tgggaaaaac     36060
     tggttgaaga cagaagtata atattgcatt ctcctcaata tttctcattt cttgctggaa     36120
     taataaggtg gttctgtcaa tgggcagcag tacctaggtt attacaaagt aagaaataag     36180
     aagagatgac tagaataaat atttgatacc agaatggtga aaaaaaaacc attcttttca     36240
     aatagaaact ctaatttcct gtgtaattag tgagttacaa ttagtactgg agatatctgt     36300
     atgagatgtg gacttcattt caggggtggg gtacatactc aacagatgag ctgctgggtc     36360
     gtatggtaga tctattttga ttttccaagg aacaattata ctatttttta taacggctgt     36420
     gccaattaca cgtctgtcaa cagcatgtaa cagtgaggtg atagttcatt gtggttatca     36480
     tttgcattct ctgattatta acgatgttga gcacattttc atatacctgt tggccagttg     36540
     tgtgttttct ttctagaaat gcctattcaa gtcctttgcc tatttgttaa ccatactatt     36600
     tatttgctat tgagctatgt gagttcttta tatactttgg atattaactc attattagat     36660
     atatggttcg caaatagctt ctcccaaacc atagcgtgcc ttttcattgt gttgattgtt     36720
     ggctgtgcag aaacttttag tttccaggat gctcacttgc cctatacatt tcagctgcct     36780
     agacccccac attgtgtgaa tgtgtgagcc aattgtttag aataaactgt atctcatata     36840
     taatattatt cataaataaa tactacatgg tagtaaatac atatttatga tatataatat     36900
     tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga gtatcctgtt     36960
     tggtttagtt tctccttctc tgaggaaccc agcccgatac agatacccag ctgagctagt     37020
     gtgtttgcta atcttgacct ctggaagcca gtgctttaaa ccatgagaat gaaaaattgt     37080
     gaggcactat gtggatgctg ggagaagcat gtgagatgga aaagttgttc catggcagcc     37140
     aagaagtgaa tgatcctcaa ggtgtagcag aggaatttgt aggagagagg gatgactgac     37200
     gtcttcgtac agccctccat ccatcccagt tagcatggag ggattttagg taggacatac     37260
     agaaactggg taatgatggt agttgtggag gaacagaatg taccactgaa tgggggttcc     37320
     gggggaaaca tgtgggggaa atatcctccc ttgccacatg atctgccaaa actgaacatg     37380
     gggagtttag gaggggcgac atgtcagttt gggaactatc tttaggggtg ctaacccaaa     37440
     tctccctttc tccaactaga gcaccctgcc ttcctcatta gatgtcaccg cccccccccc     37500
     ccgcccccga cttcatccgc catgtcctga tggtgcttta tgacgtataa ggccttcctt     37560
     cccacccagg gctaccattg gctgggtagt ggagtgttga ccaatcacag ctcaggggcg     37620
     tgatcgtctc gtcctgggat cgcgagaggg gtatacacag ggaggccagg cagcctggag     37680
     ttagtcgacc gttgcgagac gttgagctgc ggcagatgag tccaaagccg agagcctcgg     37740
     gacctccggc caaggccaag gagacaggaa agaggaagtc ctcctctcag ccgagcccca     37800
     gtggcccgaa gaagaaggtg agtgaccctc ccaagctcct cctcgtcttc ccctcgcctc     37860
     tttcctcaca agaagcctct cctgtcctca cttggcacaa ccccccaacc cggcccccac     37920
     cgcttctgag gacacgtccc tgttcccagc ctcctccatc ctcgtcccta aaccagagcc     37980
     cttctgtgat ctccctgttg tccttccaga ctaccaaggt ggccgagaag ggagaagcag     38040
     ttcgtggagg gagacgcggg aagaaagggg ctgcgacaaa gatggcggcc gtgacggcac     38100
     ctgaggcgga gagcgggcca gcggcacccg gccccagcga ccagcccagc caggagctcc     38160
     ctcagcacga gctgccgccg gaggagccag tgagcgaggg gacccagcac gaccccctga     38220
     gtcaggagag cgagctggag gaaccactga gtaaggggcg cccatctact cccctatctc     38280
     cctgagcagc aactaagttt aggcccagct gccagacctc agagatctca ccagcagggt     38340
     gcttcccatg ttgatgacaa taaaatgaat gtgttgcaaa ccgatctgag tgactccgtg     38400
     ttctctgatg gtgaggaggg agggaggggg gggtaagagg tgtgtgggga gggagggagg     38460
     aagaggtggt gtgtggggag ggagggaggc agaggtggtg ggtggggagg gaggaaggaa     38520
     gaggtggtgt gtggggaggg agggaggaag aggtggtgtg tggggaggga gggaagaagt     38580
     gtgtcaggag ggaggcaggc gggaagaggt ggtgtgtagg gagggaggga gggaggcaga     38640
     ggtggtgggt gggcagggag ggaggaagag gaggtttgtg gggagggagg gaagaagtgg     38700
     tgtggggagg gaggaagggg tgggtgggga gggagtgagg aagaggtggt gtgtggggag     38760
     ggaggaagag gtggtgggtg gggagggagt gaggaagagg tggtgtgtgg ggtgggaggg     38820
     agggaggaag atgaggtgtg tggggaggga gggaggaaga ggtgtgtggg aagggatgga     38880
     ggaagaagag gtgtgtgggg agggagggag gaagaagagg tgtgtcagga gggagacagg     38940
     ggggaagacg tggtgtgtgg ggagggagac aggaatacgt ggtgtgtagg gagggaggga     39000
     ggaaaaggtg tgtggcgggg aggtaggaag aggtggtggg tcgggaggca gggaggaaca     39060
     gaaggtgggt ggggagtgag agagggagaa agaggtggtg tgtagggagg gagggaggaa     39120
     gaggtggcct gtggggaggg aggaagggtg gaagaggtgg tgtgtgggga gagagggaga     39180
     aaaaggtggt atgcagggag ggagggagga agaggtggtg tgttgggagg gagagaggaa     39240
     gaggtggcct gtggggaggg aggaaggggg gaagaggtgg tgagtgggga gcgagaaacg     39300
     aaagaaggaa ggaagaggtg ttgtgcgggg agggagggaa gtggggtctt gcgggcttga     39360
     gggcagaggg agaggtcaca gtttgccaga caggagcata aggtttgcgt catggctgag     39420
     cactggagac aaatttcccc ctcacaggat gactctgctt catttagggt ttattttttc     39480
     ttgcaatcct gccagcacaa gcaccaagta ccaggatctg gattctacct acttaggttt     39540
     cattgttaaa ataccttttc ctcaatataa actgatggta caatggtttc catctctttc     39600
     ctttcagggt cccctcccta caatctaata taattaagaa gaaaaattca aagtagagca     39660
     atatctatct acttgaaaaa agcctttttg caactgagga gacaaaaagt acatttcata     39720
     tttccatata ttagaaagac acaggtcctt tatatagtag aattcactgt atacaaatgt     39780
     atagaaacat atgtaaataa aatgtaatat acaactatat ttactgtata caaagctata     39840
     tataatatat atttacatat aaatatataa atacaaatat aggaatatgg attatatatt     39900
     tatatgtaat agaaatataa atatatattg atatagatga tatatatctg ttagaaatac     39960
     gcaggtcttt tctataaata ctggaaccta ctatataaat gtatatatta atatatgtgt     40020
     tttcttatga tttgtagatt atatatagaa atatttatat attttatgta taaatacata     40080
     tataaacaat tattcatata tgatatataa tcatttattt tagagggtaa gctgttagta     40140
     ttgttcaagc aggggtctca ggcaaaagga gaaaggaaat tatcatttta agaagaaaag     40200
     agtacaaaat tatcacgatt taatttccac ttgttaataa ttacacgggc tgaataactc     40260
     atgctcttta atcttacgat gaatagcacg ttaaactttt atgtgattct gaaaatatga     40320
     atttccatat aatgagggtt tgagatgtaa agcactaatt ttataggcag ttttcacttg     40380
     ttacgtagat tgttcttaga gctttacaga tgttaaatta atggcggctt agaagagatg     40440
     gtagcatcat ttgagaaaca ataaattagt tctgtttcat cctttccttg gtgcagtcat     40500
     ggcttcactt cattaggtta ggaagggatt tcagagcttt gcaagttgaa cttgtagctg     40560
     cctcctatgg aatcctacga aacctaggac gctgtaccac agaaacaggg cgttgcccca     40620
     tgtcccgaac accatcattt tgtggtatat ttcttttgta tttcttatat ggaattacca     40680
     tataaaaatg agcatgctag gtataactca aagcctgttt atttgcaagg ctgtattgac     40740
     cctgaacgat aaatatttgc atgttatgga tgggaaacaa gtccccataa aaagctcctg     40800
     ctgcctttta ggaaagccta tggtctgtgg ttgcagatct ctttccaaag ggaaattggt     40860
     gaactttctc ctatagtttt ttccataatg acaacataaa aacagtagta aactcatctt     40920
     gccagtggtc atttttgggt ttgggatata ttagggagca attttgcaat gtgtttcaaa     40980
     attacattca ataattaatt ttgtccacct tattttaatg ccatatttcc gttcaagctc     41040
     tgcatgtcac gacagtctgt gatgattctt ttggcattga aaaaattatc catggcactt     41100
     aaaccgtgtt tctttcatca tttcatggca gttggagctt cagctgctat ttgttgggaa     41160
     cccatcctga ctagggcttc atgttttatt gtgatgattg gcagacttac ttcactaggg     41220
     cttcatgttt tattgtgatg attggcagac ttgtgtttca ggcgttttca gatttggaaa     41280
     gttactatga ttttcaaatt ataaatgcaa aaatatcaat gaatttattt cacaaactat     41340
     tttaattcat tatagacaat aagtggttta attagaaatc aataatttaa ataatatttt     41400
     aatttgttgg agcattcaca aatactacat cttcctttaa gtctttcttt actctacatg     41460
     ttatatacac agtaaaatta gttaataaga gtgttacata ttttccctcc tcctccaact     41520
     atccacaagc tcaggcttga cataaacagt ggaatgagta aagacctgaa gtaatatagc     41580
     agcaaagctg tagttgattt ttataataaa ataatagata tcaaagcttc ctgacatttt     41640
     taggcaaatc ttcctgtgtc cctaaaggga cgttcccctt gacagcagtc atgaacaaca     41700
     ggtgatcttg aaattctcag ctgtcaaaga cagttgctgg gaaaatttga aaacaccttg     41760
     tacatattaa agagctaagc atgagatgat gtatacatac atatgtctct gtctcattag     41820
     accgcaggaa atacggcaca tggcaggaag gctcatgttg attccccttg accatgcagc     41880
     ttcctctgct cctgactcct aagaacttag ttctttcagt tacaaaattt tgcttgcctt     41940
     aggacattgg gcttcatgat atttgagagc aaatagagct tctgcccaaa taggagcagc     42000
     aatcaagtca caatctgtct cagatagcaa atgctgtcac ctgcatagag tatgggcaga     42060
     aactctctga tctgaagaga cagtgatgat ttcctgacag tttgaacaag gagaagccag     42120
     tagccccagc gagtcagcaa atactgcaac aagttttatt aggccttgtc tgaaatctta     42180
     gactaagcag agcaggcagg tctataaaat acaaaaggat attcatgatt atttcagaaa     42240
     gagcatgaag cagacacagg cattctgggt catttacagt tagttctcta ggactgagaa     42300
     gctgtatctc tccactacaa ctacaagtgt attaaaaggc tgaaaatatg aaaggatttc     42360
     tgggtcttgc attcacccta gatccctcat ccagtcattt taaaaatgga ttctaaactc     42420
     tactgcagga agagtttgca cagttagcat taatacagtc gcaggcagtt caaacagtaa     42480
     cacctttaga aattaattga ttatgctgat ttcctcagcg ttttgaaaac tggaattgat     42540
     actatcatga ctacagggtg cagattttat tggaaaaatg ttttattcct gggacgagta     42600
     actcgattgc ttatgaaaat gccaaaaaac tatgatttac ttcataatct tcagaaatgt     42660
     atgtcttgaa tgttagaaat acagtcacat agttctaaaa tacacaattt tattagacta     42720
     aaaaaatgaa gaactgaaga acagaaataa gacaaacaat attcatatga atatataagg     42780
     taattattat ttcactgcaa cttatgtata atatattcct gtaaaaagta ataccgttgc     42840
     ccaacgttat tacaatttaa catctctcct gttttttaga aaaatagaaa tgtaattact     42900
     tttattcaag tcatatgaaa tagtttatgt catcagtaaa ttttgtagtt aattattttg     42960
     caggattttc tttaaggcag cggttggtta gcagtaacta tcaactactc ttcccaagca     43020
     aacaggcaaa caaaggatta ggcttcagcc taaatattac agctctctga gtgtgtgtgg     43080
     gaggactcca aggtcacgtg gcttgactgg atacttaagc tgctcttcat cttttgggca     43140
     gttattaatt cactaaggat ttttgaatat ccgctatgtt ccagttttgt tgctaagtgt     43200
     aggggatgca aatatgactg acctgatttc tgctctccag tctagtaatg gagaaagact     43260
     cacaaaaaaa ttattacagt acactgtgct atgaatcatg ataaagggat gtgcatgctg     43320
     cactaggaat tcagagacga agcactcaac aaggcttgaa tgattcagga aaaacacttg     43380
     caagtgtccc atttcctcta tgtctaggga aacctttctt tcttaaagta ggtaattata     43440
     agaatataaa tttcctagat tctaaatctc aatattagaa aacacacttg caaataacag     43500
     gagtttgctg aggggccata tgcacagcca taacactgtt cccaacatcc atagtcaggc     43560
     catggaaccg tttaaatcaa aggaagtccc agtatacttt gcaaagattt tcttgaaact     43620
     ttgtaataga aagaatctct gctatccatc catttctgac actcacccac aatcattgat     43680
     gagaagatgg gttaatactt gcctccagtc aggtgaggca ttgaatcctt ggaatatcat     43740
     gcaatccctg aattccccaa gtaggtcaaa ttattaaggc tgggtgacag gaacatatgc     43800
     tgtccttagc ttcattctaa cggatttcaa ctgcaacatc tccggtggca aaccttcact     43860
     tttcaagatc tacatttctg attgagtcaa actggaacaa tatgccctat gatgaaaaga     43920
     aacccatact attactgtag aaatatgccc atatcaatag atttctatgt gtacagaata     43980
     caaccttcct gtacactacc ttaaaattat cttcattgtt ctggaacatg cacataatgg     44040
     attatggtga cctaaatgct aaaattaaat ttgacattgg ctgcaaaagt ctcaactgag     44100
     aagagtgcat caccacatat ttgaggaact gtaccccaaa ttgcttgttc aagtcttttc     44160
     attagaggtt tcattaaatg tcatcattac acatggcaca tatagcagga tccatatcac     44220
     cacgcataat gattttcaga aagccagtgt cgtggcagtt cagataaagc tcttggtttg     44280
     ttttctaaag agaatatcct aaagaagaat tgacagcatg catgagaaga ctttttttca     44340
     caattgtaag caatgatcaa atgtcctcat aaatgaatca ggtcagacga cagacctcag     44400
     cattgcattg cttagttggg tgaccgggaa acacagcaca tttttacttt taagagtttt     44460
     attgttacag aaaaattaag aaattctctc agcttaagaa tatcaagaag gatcctgcgt     44520
     acccacatgg tgctcaacat agtctctgaa agcccaggtc agatatcaca ttcagtttct     44580
     ttcttttttt tttttttgag atagtatttt gctcttgtca cccaggctgc agtgcaatca     44640
     tgtgatcttg gcttattgca acttccgcct ccgcagttca agccattctc ctgcctcaac     44700
     ctctcaagta gctgggatta taggtgccta ccaccacgcc cagctaattt tttgtatttt     44760
     tagtagagac agggtttcac tatgttggcc aggctggtct tgaattcctg accttaggca     44820
     atctacctgt ctctgccacc caaagtgctg ggattacagg cttcagccag ggagcccagc     44880
     ctcaggcaaa cagcctctct aagcctcagt tccttatcag cagagggact acactattta     44940
     tcatccaact tgtgacacct gggagtgaaa gagggcagga tcattagccg gtacactgag     45000
     caacaagtgt caactaaaac ttctctaggt aaatgtacag ttaccctaat taacagaaag     45060
     aagtgtattg gtccaatcag tcatttttgt tccctgagta tacattagaa tcatcctagg     45120
     agaatccatg cacacacaca cacgcactaa actggatcat ctccaaaacc ttttcaggct     45180
     ttcaaattca gagatcataa tttctgagca taaacttatg ccattgctat tggcaaagtt     45240
     gtgtaactgc aaactatttt catatctaga acacagaaat actgaatacc agtaagataa     45300
     tgactaatat tcatttagga agaatttgca gtttacaaaa cactttctca atatcatcct     45360
     ttaaaaaaaa aaatctaacc tgaagcccgt gagaagtcag gttaatttat tattatgaac     45420
     tttttgtagg agaggaaatc attgcttaca aagtgccaaa acacagattt aaattataca     45480
     aagagcaaat aaaataatta agcccatgtc ttaatgcaaa atggtggcag ataagagaag     45540
     tcaccttgcc ctcctcctgc atgggtttga attctacttc tgtttcttta ttagctcaat     45600
     aaattggttc aagtcattta acctcactaa acattatctc tattagaata atattaatcc     45660
     ttgcttcaga gtgatgccag tatttcatga ggtattacat gaaatgtctt agtactatgt     45720
     gcaataaata ttaacaatca ctgctattag tactactatt actctttctc cactctttct     45780
     ccctctttca accactctag ttactatact actatcatta ctactaatac tagaactcat     45840
     aacataatcc ctgtatgcta tgatctgaat gtttgtgtcc ctatctcttc caaattccta     45900
     tgttgaaatc ctctctccta aggtgatggc attacgaggt ggggtgtttg ggagatgatg     45960
     acataatgag ggtggggcct catgaatggg atcagtgccc ttataaaagg gaccacagag     46020
     agctcccttt ccccttctac catgtgagga cacagcaaga aagggttgtc ttcgaaccaa     46080
     ggaacaggcc ctcactggac accaaacctg ctatcccctt aaccttggac ttacagcctc     46140
     caaaactcca agaaatacat ttctgttgtt tataagctac ctaccttatg gtatttttta     46200
     cagcagtttg aacaggctaa gacagtatta taggcagaat aaatgtatca gtcttttttc     46260
     acactgctat gagtacctga ctcctgtaat cgcagcactt tgagaggctg aggtgggcag     46320
     atcacctgag tccaggagtt catcaccagc ctggccaata tggcgaaacc ccatctgtac     46380
     taaaaataca aaaattagcc aggcctggtg tctcacacct gtagtcccaa ctcctcagca     46440
     ggctgaggca gaagaactgc ttgaatccag gaagcagacg ttgcagtgca ccaagattgc     46500
     atcactgaac cccagcctgg gtgagagagt gggactctgt ctccaaaaaa aaagaaatac     46560
     ccaagactgt ggtaatttat aaagaaaaga ggtttaattg actcacagtt tcatatggct     46620
     gggaaggcct caggaaactt acaatcaccg cagaaggaga aagagaattg gaagcaaata     46680
     ccttcttcgc aaggcagcag gaaagagaga gagagtgaag tgagaacagc cccttctaaa     46740
     accatcagat ctcataagaa ctcactcact atgatgagaa caaactagga aaacaaatcc     46800
     catgatccaa tcaccttcca cacgaggtcc ctcccttaat acctggggat tacagttcga     46860
     tatgagattt gtgtggggac acaaagctga ggcatatcag taagtgttcc ttcaactaaa     46920
     caagcttaat tacaatgaag ccctttgtgc tcatctttaa cctcctccca cacagtctta     46980
     aataaaacaa accacacatg aacagtcttc agggaggaca ctgcagaaaa gcagagacac     47040
     agaaatgtag caataacaaa ctctggctat ccttggcatt tatagcacaa gaacagactt     47100
     tatatagata ctcaaatgga tttacagaca taggtgactg tcagccttag agatgtgcca     47160
     ccagaagctc tcaagtcact gactagcttt aagggctaca gttggctggc agcctccaac     47220
     tgcaatgcct caagaccagc tgttgagttt atatggaagt cacactcttc ttgggggagc     47280
     tcctagccaa ggtggaatat ggttaccaac actagggtgt gtccacttct gtcttctgtg     47340
     ttgctgccct gtgaacagtc tttatgctgg agacccctgg gctggctgaa cattcctcag     47400
     agacacaatg tcacctgagg atcttcctac tgaatcgtcc tccactccca cttcccttca     47460
     cagatttcag actgcactgt ggtcaaatgc cccccaggtc caaaataaca gccccaaaca     47520
     tctccacaca tcttacacaa ccttatccaa gttgtactgt acttacttga gacacaataa     47580
     taatttttaa aaaattgtag agaaatactt tgctccaaaa ttctgttatt ttcctggttt     47640
     tctaatagtt tatttatttg aacagttcta tggagttaca aggtatgact agcttgtctt     47700
     tttaatggaa tacctatcac atatggctca ggaaaaagtg attacagatc atgctctttt     47760
     catgcaatat ttgtttagca aattaaattt gttaagccac attagctcaa tgatatgaaa     47820
     attttaataa tgttagatct ataaattgta ggaaaaatga attagaattt caaaatgtgt     47880
     ttagttccaa ggaattggat tacttgtgta tgtttcatct ggagagataa atgatgttct     47940
     aaattactgc ccatattagc cgtttaattt cattcttgtt ttagtaattt ttatttttca     48000
     acatatttaa aacattaaag ataatcaaaa agtttcatgc agagtatttc aaaatattac     48060
     tttgatctgg tgatctatat gttttagata taaatattgt taagattaag gataataaca     48120
     aaatatttgc tctatgacaa acagcagtct atactctttg catatattaa ctcatttagc     48180
     cttagacaca ttttaaagct taaatataat cattatcctc ttaacacaca ttttattgat     48240
     tattctgatc tagacagtta aatgttttta atgttaatct tgtcatgatt taggataaca     48300
     atacaataaa ctgttctgaa cacttgacaa atagtatctc atgctcctta tacatattaa     48360
     ctcatttagc ctcatacaca ttatataatt taggcataat cattatccac aaggtaaaga     48420
     ttaaggaact gagagaggta tgttgccggt gtgactagct ggagccaatg ttttgtgatg     48480
     taaaggaatt taccaagaca gttgtaagta atgaaagcca gatttattag agaaagtatg     48540
     aaaatacatt gcaagggtgc aacaggcagc acagcagaga agggactgtc tgtcaagagg     48600
     caggggctgg aggtaaattt tatacgagtg tgctggtgga ggctatgggt ggaatgaagt     48660
     catgcggttg gggttatgtg cacagggagg tagttgtgtc agtgggatgt ttgtgattgg     48720
     ctgtctctca atacagttct tctactcttc tccctcacca ggccaggggc cttcactcat     48780
     cttgaacact tccccacctg gggctccttc tttgttgttg attatcaaga ctccacaagg     48840
     tgaaacaaga ggacagaaca gaaagctcta cagattgtcc ccgcagcaaa gacaccaatt     48900
     taacaaatat ttacacagaa aaaaacacct gcatagaaca aaaaatcaag tgagctctca     48960
     aaggacctgg ttttaacttc atatgactca aagagacact gaagagattg aaaaagcagt     49020
     cctgaattac caatgctatc caccccatgt cacacagtgg tagcactgaa ctcagtgctg     49080
     ttctattaca gcagaaaaga aaatcagact gctgtcacca ctgtcaactc aacataatac     49140
     tggaagtcct agctagagca actagacgaa agaaagatgt aaagggcatc caaattggaa     49200
     aggaaaaagt caaatcatcc atatttgcag atgatataat cttgcattta gaaaaaccta     49260
     aagactgtac aaaaaaccta ttataactaa taaacaaatt cagtaaagtt gcaggatact     49320
     aaatcaacct acaaaaatca gtaggatttt tatatgccaa cagtgaacaa agtaaaaaag     49380
     aaatttcaaa agtaatccct ttataatagc cacacataaa atataatatc taggaattaa     49440
     tgaaagaagt gaaagatttc tataataaaa actataaaac attgatgaaa gaaattgaac     49500
     aggacaccaa aaaatggaaa aatatttcat gtatatggat tggaagaatc catgtaaaac     49560
     ctcctctttc ccccaaacaa cacctacaac ttacagcgct aagtgtaact attctaggat     49620
     tcttaatggc cttagaactg agccttagag ccaacagact taaaataaga ctcccgttac     49680
     acacaataac ttctctaaca tattaggatt ttactcgaat caaagcaacc tgcagattca     49740
     atgaaattct taccaaaatg ccaatgacat tcttcacaga aattgaaaaa caatcttaaa     49800
     atctaaaatt tatatggaac catgaaagac acagcatagc caaagctatc ataagcaatg     49860
     aacaaaactg gagtaatcag attacctgac ttcacattat actacatata cagctatggt     49920
     aaccaaaaca gcgtggtact ggcataaaag caggaacata gaccagtgga acagagtaga     49980
     gaacccagaa acaaatccat acacccacaa tgaactcatt tttgacaatg ttgccaagca     50040
     tatacactgg ggaaaagacg gtcttttcca taaatgttgt tgggaaaact gatatcctta     50100
     tttagaagga taaaactaga cccctatatc tcaccatata aaaaattcaa atcgaaatgg     50160
     attaaaaacg taaccataag acttcaaata attaaactcc tacaagaaaa cattgggaaa     50220
     tgtctccaag acatggtctg ggcaaaaaat ttttgagcag tactccacaa gcacaggcaa     50280
     caaaagcaaa actgaacaaa tgggatcaca tcaaggttaa aacctgctgc acagcaaagg     50340
     atgcaatcaa caaagtgaag agacaaccca cagaatggga gaaaatgctt gcaaactatc     50400
     catctgagaa gggattaata acgagaatag acaaggagct caaacagctc tctagaaaaa     50460
     aaatctaata atacaatcaa aatgtggccc aaaattttga atagacattt ctgaaaagca     50520
     gacatacaaa tggcaaataa gcatgtgaaa aggtgctcaa cgtcactgat catcagacaa     50580
     atgcaaattg aaactgcaat gagatatcat ctcacaccaa ttaaaatagc ttgtatccaa     50640
     aaaacaggca ataacaaatg ttggtgagga tgtggagaaa agggaactgc tcgttgttgg     50700
     cagacctgaa atcaggacac ccactatgga gaacagtttg aaagtttctg gctgggtgcg     50760
     gtggctcata cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggagacgggg ggcaggcaga tcacgagatc     50820
     aagtgatcgt gatcatcatg gctaacatgg gtgaaaccct gtctctacta aaaacacgca     50880
     aaaaattagc tgggcgtggt ggcgggcgcc tgtagtccca actacttggg aggctgaggc     50940
     aggagaatat catgaacctg ggaggtggag cttggagtga gccgagatcg cgccactgca     51000
     ctccaggtta ggcgatagag caagcctacc tcacaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aagtttctaa     51060
     taaaactaaa ttttaggcta ctgtatgatc cagcaatccc actactgata tatacccaaa     51120
     agaaaggaaa tcagcgtatc gaaaacacgt cttcattcca atgtatgttg tagcactgtt     51180
     tactaacatg tggaagtaag ctaagtgtcc accaacacca cctgatgaat agataaagaa     51240
     aatgtggtac atatgcacaa tggagtacta ttcaaccata aaaaggatga gattcagctg     51300
     tatgtaacat tatggattga actggagatc attattttaa gtgaaataag ccaggcacag     51360
     agagacagca tcacatgttc tcacttattt gtgggatcta aaaatcaaag caattcaact     51420
     catggggaca gtagaaggat ggttaccaga aggtaggaag gttagtgggg gctgggggga     51480
     aggtggtgat agttgagggg tacaagaaaa tagttagaat gagtaatgtc tcctgtttga     51540
     tggcacaaca gggtgactac agtcaataat aatgatacat ttcaaaataa agagtgtaat     51600
     tggattgttt acaattcagt ggataagtga ttaaggggat ggatgcccca tgtttcctga     51660
     tgtgttactg cacgttacat gcctgtattg aaacatctca ggtaccccat aaatatatac     51720
     acctactatg tacccacaaa aattgaagac aaaagaaaat tgaaaagaaa gaaattgagg     51780
     cacaaagtgg ttaagtaacc ttcccaaagt aacacagcca tagatggtag agcctggatt     51840
     tgaaccaaga aaagcaaatg cttttgcgtg aatcaagaaa agcaaatgct cacttatctt     51900
     aagccacatc agttaaacat gcagtctctg aatgtgtgta catatgtaaa tgtatcatcg     51960
     cacttgcaaa ctgagtaatt ttaaaatgaa catatatata tgtttattgt tttatttaaa     52020
     taaatgtatc agaacattaa aatccaaatg cttagagccc ttgtcaaagt actcaacttg     52080
     aataatcaag ggacattcag gctaccaata ctcagattgg caacctgccc tcactttttc     52140
     aaatgattct ctggttgtag gagagtttct ggaagcaata taatcagtta gtaagctata     52200
     taagcaagtc tgtctcagca gtcacatcta tctggtttta gacaattttt tttttctttt     52260
     ttaagataga ttcttgctct gtcagcaggc tggagtgcag tggcacgatc ttggctcact     52320
     gcaagctctg cctcctgggt tcaagcgatt ctcctacctc agcctcctga gtagatggga     52380
     ttacaggcat ctgccaccac gctggctaat ttttatattt ttagtggaga tagggcttca     52440
     ccatgtttgc aaggatggtc tcgatctact gacctcatga tccacctgtg tcattatctc     52500
     acagtgttga gattacaggt atgagccaga attttccagt tatgcttcaa tcattttgtc     52560
     agctgtcttg tagtatgtta ttgataagca tctattaagc atagagtcac atataatgta     52620
     attatgtgtc cctctgtcaa accctggacc tattaaaata tcagtgtgac tctaacacta     52680
     cactgaccta gcaagtatta catgttagac tacagcttag agaaaaagaa tacaaattac     52740
     atgaaatgtt gatcatttac ttccctacag gatattcaac aaaataccct aaacttttga     52800
     aggcaactcc aaaatagcta tctctttcat tttctggaac tatgatagag tccttattaa     52860
     ggtaccttct caactcttca gccatgccct ggaattccac tggccaggac tgagaacaga     52920
     aatcatgttg ttgtcacatg ttacctcacc ctcgggaatg gagtgggtat tattccacat     52980
     tgtcttgtac aacctactac ttaacagttt agatacctgt attgcattgg ttatcatctt     53040
     tcccactcct tagagtgcag actacctggt ttattcatta tgtccgcaat gtctatgaaa     53100
     atatcaacac acagagctct ctcagttgat attgataaac aaatacattc aggaaacaca     53160
     ttcaccaatt atgtaaacag ttggtaacct cttaacctgc attgaagaaa acacttactt     53220
     gaaagaacga gtactgatag gtgtgttaaa aaatatatcc tattacttta tagacatcct     53280
     tgccattcat gaatttaaca tttctaatat tgaagcccct ggcatgtcat aatttataaa     53340
     tttattaata ctcagattcc atcccagcat ggttgataaa aatagtgggt gagaagaagt     53400
     catttcagta aataacctaa tagcaatatc ttgtaaataa ccaaacacca atatctaata     53460
     taatctttgg tctcttatct ataactatta tgtgcagaaa tgttactcat gagtctagat     53520
     tgctgataag atgtctggaa acaaaatatg taaaaaggag tcatgtatat tacataatat     53580
     taggtaactt actatgtatg cacttaaatt attggcagct cttttattag gttatagctt     53640
     acattggtag gctttgatat aatgttttgt attaaaattt gagaaagaaa tttctacaaa     53700
     gtaaattaca aaatgctttt acctacgtgt gtgaacatat catacatata attttatata     53760
     ggtagtcaat ttttaattcc tatttgtatt taaattttaa ttcatatttc tatttaaatt     53820
     gtctatgata aacatgtatt tctttggaaa tcagaatttt tttttttttt tgagaccaag     53880
     tctcactctg tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgtgatc tcagctcact gcaacctcca     53940
     cttcctgggt tcaagggatt cccctgcctc agcctcccaa gtagctgaga ctacaggcac     54000
     ctgccaccat gcctgattaa ttttttgtat tttagtagag atggagtttc accacgttgg     54060
     ccaggatggt ctcaatctcc tgacatcatg atctgtgagc cttgacctct caaagtgccg     54120
     gaattacagg catgagccac tgagcccggc caaaactttt ttttttctta aaaaactgaa     54180
     ttccagccag aatagaaaga acttatattt gctgtgtgaa atgaacagtc catggggagt     54240
     gtctatgtat ccacacacaa acgtaattct aaagcctacc ttcctatcct aaaggttaca     54300
     ttagtagtag ctttaatttt aatatctaat gaatagatta ttatactacc taatgtagaa     54360
     atgatctcgt gttcattttt aacctttagt tcgctttgct aaaaaataaa atgaatccat     54420
     aatgtgggct taataaagta atgactattt ggtaatccag tgaacattgt aaataaaaat     54480
     taaaaacagt ctaaacaagt agctatatga ctgtttgatt ttttaaattt tggacaaatt     54540
     caaattcatc tatgtttaaa atcaataaga gctctgcaga atcaacgtaa aagatacatg     54600
     agacaagaga gaaaaaaatg acaaacacta atctaagtta ttctcttttc aatctttatc     54660
     aatttaattt tgcactgaga tttcaatcat gactcagata agtaagaagc ccttgccatg     54720
     caacacaggt agttgcaagc agatgataac atttgacctg aaaactttct gacaccttcc     54780
     tgatgttggt ctgggaaagg gtaaaacaca ggtaggtggg agaatcagct ggtttctcaa     54840
     tggattaagg ccacatgaaa ttgagacctc cttggctctt tcaacccagg gagttgtggc     54900
     ttctagctgg caattactta cctgggtctg tgatttgcaa tatccaattc tcatcagtct     54960
     gcaaggggca gactggaaac agttacagaa aaacaccttg aagacaagaa atccacttgc     55020
     aacccacctg gcatcaaatt tttgggggga ttttgaatgt aattttggag gtcacatgag     55080
     tcctattctg aaagtcatta ataaaactaa aggcaaaaat ttctaaaaat ctcctgtgct     55140
     taattgctac tatctgaggt tatttaacct tcagagctga gggctgccag gtttggtcat     55200
     gatgtgaaca ctaagaagga gagaaagtag atcccctgga atggaagtaa gagatgctaa     55260
     gtgagaatcc acaagacctt ggaaatccaa agaggacaca tggtttctgg cagctttcca     55320
     cttcctagtg ccaattccct agacatcccc gcctttctcg ggttctgtat tattattttt     55380
     taaattgaca aataaaattt tatgtatcta ttatatataa tatgttttga aatatgttta     55440
     cattgtggaa tgctactctg acttaattaa catgcattat ctcacatacc taacattttt     55500
     tgtgatgaga acacttaaaa tctacttttt tagcaagtat attctaataa tatttttcct     55560
     tatccacata taatttctgt ttttttctct cagcaaccaa agcagttgta aataagtcaa     55620
     tgaatctcag gaataaaaac attttttaaa aagacaataa ttaattattt gttctttcat     55680
     gttttgagtc gtatctaata atcacaacag tctcatttca tgcagagcag aaagtttctt     55740
     ttctccccat tttctgtggg atgttaactg ggaatattgg aaagcatccc tgagcagggc     55800
     cagcttcata ggtcgtagct ggcccagtca aacagggccc catgctcaga aggaccccat     55860
     acatggaccc caggatctgc tctgctcatg ttatatatca gtgtccccac tggatgtccc     55920
     ttaggaaacg caaattcagg ccgggcgtgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg     55980
     gaggccgagg cgggtggatc atgaggtcag gagatcgaga ccatcccggc taacaaggtg     56040
     aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagccgggc gtggtggcgg gcgcctgtag     56100
     tcccggctac tggggaggct gaggcaggag aatggcgtga acctgggagg cggatcttgc     56160
     agtgagctga gattgtgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcga cagagagaga ctccgtctca     56220
     aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaaaaa agaaaataca agttcaaaca     56280
     taaaattgct acagatttca agatggccac agcggagcca tgtatccttt cggaatttca     56340
     ctgtggcttc tagctcagac tgctgaacca cttttaccta ttctttttgt ggttttccaa     56400
     ataaggaatg catctgtgta cttttgggat attatgttat ttttgttaga aatttagtga     56460
     agatgttgta aagaacattt ttgaacgttt atgtcaatag tatatttatt tacggcttta     56520
     aagaaaatat gatccttaga ggatgtccac taaatggtga ttatactctt tcaaagatta     56580
     catttggaac ccttcacata ttaaattaaa atgaagctta taaaatcaat gtcacatttt     56640
     aaaaatgttt ctctttaata gaaataattt gatacttagt ttcaacatca tgttaaaaga     56700
     cctaaagatc atcatatatt atcagatacg ttgagtcgta aataaattat atttctaaag     56760
     gatgtctatt ttgaattatc ttttcagact gctatggtct gaatgtttgt gtcccattcc     56820
     aaaaatgtat ttgttgaatc ttatccccca caatgatggc ataaggagct ggtgcctttg     56880
     gggtgcagga ggtcctgagg gtggagcctc atgaatggga tgagtgccct tatcaaagag     56940
     gccccagaga cctccctcac cccttccacc atgtgaggat ggggcaaaag tttctatcta     57000
     taaaccagga aatagggcca cacaaaacac tatctgctag tgacttatct tggaatgctt     57060
     gcttgtcttc cagaactgtg agaaacacat ttctattgtt ataagccacc cagttttggg     57120
     tattttgtta cagcagcctg cctggacaga ctaaaacaga gaaattcttt tctgttatca     57180
     aagaaaagtc ttattttgtt ttacataata taaacatata tgtttgtata tatatttgta     57240
     atatatataa tatggtgtat atatatgtaa tacaaaattt ttgaaaatac attactcctt     57300
     ttagaaagaa tttgccctgt gttcctttag gtagtcagtt cttgaagcct atttctaata     57360
     gagggaaaat ggctatgtac aatgtaaaaa gcatttacat tagtaagatg ggtttggctt     57420
     ggaagcttta gaaactcaat tccaactagc ttaagtaaaa caaatagaaa aaggtaggtg     57480
     tagtgaggaa aggtaaaata taaaacatat tgtttgaaga ctttgaaagc taacctgctc     57540
     tgtcttatac ttatctaaaa tgccagttgc aagcactgaa atcaaataat tctaatacaa     57600
     caacagaaac actcaggaaa tcttcattat gtctattttt cagtgcaata tataatatta     57660
     tatttgcatc cacaggctca agaactgcaa ctacacctag atgcctctct ctttcttttt     57720
     tcttttcttt tttttttttt tttcctctct atctcattct cagctctgga tccctctaag     57780
     ccacctctgt tttccggctg tctctctcca catagtggca ttcacacatg acctttttca     57840
     tctcttccat cattttgtcc ctggagatgg agacctatgg gaaggaaata gcccctcttt     57900
     ctacggtttt ggagggggag ttctactcca agactgcaaa agttcctttc tctgaattcc     57960
     atggtggtct caagacaaca tattgcttaa actaagcaca gagcgcatgt tatcatgagt     58020
     tattacctta aagcccccat gtaaagggca gtgctcttgc agtgtggtca cattcccccg     58080
     aaattaaagt gcatgcatcc aatctccaca gttcattgag agtggtttgc agcatttggg     58140
     gaggaggtga caagaggagt tatcaagcag gagggagaat aagcatattg aatacacatg     58200
     acaagagatt tgttgttttt tttttttaaa aaagcaaagc atttgtaatg ttgaccaaca     58260
     agaggtattg aggtgctaag atgagaagac tggaaagtga aataacacca caaggagtgt     58320
     agactggaag aactgattag actcaaagat tctgaaatac catcctgtcc ctggagccaa     58380
     ggtgtggaca agcatccctt atccatgttg atttctcctc ctttatggga tacaggataa     58440
     aatctcctgg gagggagcac tggagaggaa aaggagccat caagctgggg cactttgttt     58500
     ctgtgctgag tgctactgta ggcacctccc agagctaaag gtttcttact ttgtagctgg     58560
     tgagcacaac cagggcatct atgtgtggct ttgcaatacc acatcatcac acttctgtaa     58620
     ttacatgtca gatgtctttc tactcactgg cctctgcatc ctggatgata agggctgaat     58680
     tctttcaact gtgtatgccc tgtatcaatg caacacttgt tatataagag atgttagatg     58740
     tttaataaat atatgataaa tggccaaata aaccagtttg aactaattac aaaggaaaat     58800
     agaagagcaa aaattagcaa attacagaaa aaatgtttta aatggtaatt aaactactat     58860
     atattcagaa tcacagtggt aatttactta aatccaacat ccaaaacaaa tatttattga     58920
     tctatactac atgccaagtg ctatgcttgg taatgagata acaaagacaa atgtgaatga     58980
     atatgatatt cttccttaca ttagaaagct gaactatttt gttttatttt tagagatgag     59040
     gtctcactat gttgtccaag ctgaagatga actcttagtc tcaagagatc ctcccagctc     59100
     agcctcttga gtgactgaga ctacagccac atgccacctc acccagctgg gagctgaact     59160
     tttaattagt tacatggata tatgatacga ggcagacagg aataaggaga aaacaagttt     59220
     aaaattttaa gagttaaatt gggccaggcg cagtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt     59280
     tggagggctg agaagggagg atcatgaggt caagagatcg agaccatcct ggccaccacc     59340
     cccagctaat ttatgtattt ttagtagagc ccgagtttca ccatgtttcc ataactatat     59400
     ttactttttg aagaagagga ctcctagagg gtcacttctt cctttttatg caatcttccc     59460
     ttggcctgtg gcaaatccta agctttggaa ttaggtacac ttggtttaga agtctcagca     59520
     aatttaaaaa tatattgtgt gatttgtaac taacctgatt tggaaatact gcaataatag     59580
     tcatttatac ttaagaaatt ctgccatgtt aagatattaa ataacttacc tgaattggag     59640
     acttgatgtc atcatattct cagattagtt tacctgctat tatttatttt tttgcactaa     59700
     atgggagagt gggttgtttt gtctgattgt gttggcataa tgaaaaatgt cttttatctg     59760
     gtgctcccat ggaaagggag aaaataatta tctttgttta cttagggcat cctcatttgt     59820
     tcttcttcaa aataaatttt cagccaaagt aacctttgac ttacatttgt ttgatttact     59880
     ttatttttag catttgaaat aacccacctg taggatagcc ttgagttatt tttatcaact     59940
     gtttctacct actcagattc acgttcgctc agttctcact gatggtgtaa gttcctcaag     60000
     ctttttactg ttgtgacaaa tacatgtgta attaatcttt ctctgagctt ttgcattcat     60060
     aattaagagg agcacctgac gttgggcata ttttaggtgg taggcaaatt tagacattaa     60120
     tgtggaagag ctcaatgctg taattctttt tctcagctct cacaatttgc aaggaagcca     60180
     tggtgctaga ctctgtgggg aactcaaaga tgagtaagtc tgggctatgg agaatattga     60240
     atataattga aattagtaca aggaaatcgg gaagatgggc agtctagctc aatagaatga     60300
     acacacattt tgtagggcta ccctgatttc tcacctagaa gcttccagca gcctatatcc     60360
     actcaagctc cctgcaatcc acccacctca tagcactcag agtgatgtca cccaaaggca     60420
     catccgatca cctcatttcc ccctggggca aggactctct gttgacttag gataatgtgg     60480
     cccaaatttc tcagcatgca ttacaaggcc ccatttgacg tagccctact tgtggcacac     60540
     catggggaca catttcaact ctgtgcccct ctctgaattg ttcttgctgt tgtttttact     60600
     atcctctgct ttcaccttca tcctctttcc aactcctgtt tatatttaag tctcagcatg     60660
     aatatcaaat tggagagaaa cctttgggaa cccacgaggt tgtaggttga cacccactgt     60720
     attgatttca tgttactact ttgatgaagg acctttaagt tagtggctta aaacagcatg     60780
     tgtttatcat cttccagctc tagaggtcct aagagtctgg tctaaaatga atatgtccat     60840
     gctcactctc tccagaggtt ccagggaaga atccatttcc ttaccttttt gggtttctgg     60900
     agggtgccca gacttcttgg ttcctgaccc cttgcttgat ttctaaagct gtaagcacag     60960
     catcttcaaa tctctctaac tctggctctc ctacctctct ctttccctta caaggacact     61020
     tgtaatgacc ttgggccttg tcaggtcatc taggattatt tcctcatctc aaggtcctta     61080
     attgcaccta cgaagttcct tttgacatag agggtctcct agtcacaggt tccaggtact     61140
     agaatgtgga catctttgtg gggagtggag agactgctgc aatagtacag ccacttaact     61200
     gaaattctgc aatgttaaga cattgaataa tttacctgaa tttgagactt gatgtcatca     61260
     tattctcaaa tgagtttacc tgttgttatt tattttttgc actaaatgag agtcaaacac     61320
     accctcatgg gggctctcat ggcctctgtg acctgctctt ggaggcactt atgaatctca     61380
     tgagcacagg ttctttgtat cttgtcctct ccaagtccga gtgcctagcc aagcacctgg     61440
     tgcccagtta gttgctaaat caattcattg tttaataaaa aacagacttg ggtgtaaatc     61500
     ctggctctga gatgcatttt taatgagata ctgggataca tacttgaact ctccaatcct     61560
     ctgttttctt ctctgtcaag tgggatggtt atacccacct tgcagggtga tgtgaagatt     61620
     aactgaccgt gtcacctctg tagatcccag tacagggtag acacaaacac ccctgaaaga     61680
     cttataaaat gccagtgccc aacacgaatc tctgaagact gattcagcct atgcaaaccg     61740
     taggaatcgc cattcttatt tctgtcactg gtgctgtcat ttgtaatcag accagttgca     61800
     gggttgtaat caaactgcta ctgagaccac aaaattgggg tgagagagaa gattaattgc     61860
     actgaagaaa ccttttgaga aaaatgtgct caattaaaat tccgattaag tcttcaagta     61920
     tttttcagat ggggacaaag gccatttaag gtggtttaca aaggaaaaaa caaacaaaca     61980
     aaatgattag gattatgaga atgtataact ggcaaagggc ctgagagaat ggtggatgag     62040
     gtccctgcca ggtggagaat ttgcatacct ttaatagtgt gacactctac ttttgctgtt     62100
     gggtctgtgg aatcccaagt tttataagtg gaatgatttc tttctttaca gtatataggg     62160
     acacttttaa attttatttt taattttatt tatttattta ttagctggag tctggctctg     62220
     tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tggcataatc tcggctcact gaaagctcta cctcccgagt     62280
     taacaccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccta gtagctggga ctatgggcac ccaccaccac     62340
     acccaactaa tttttcgtat ttctagtaga gatggagttt caccgtgtta gccaggatgg     62400
     actcaacctc ctgacctcat gatctgccca cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag     62460
     gcatgagcca ccacacccag ccttaatctt ctttttttaa gaatgtaacc aatttaccta     62520
     gaagtttgct gaagaaatca gaaagcagtc attcggggca gtaacactgg gttatgactt     62580
     catggcccag ctaaggtata cacagtacat ttttcccaaa agtacgtgaa aacagagtgt     62640
     tgaggactgt ctgtacaaac tgtggcaagg tcagcattct ctcctgtaaa atatttacaa     62700
     ggtgttcaat aattaagggt gaataatgca gattgttttt gttctttaga agtggattct     62760
     tcctttcaat gttcacgaac tggcccagaa cctacttcaa gtatccatca ccaacagcaa     62820
     aatcagagaa aatcacttag tctccaattt ttcctccagg gaaggcctca ttaatgtaac     62880
     aaaggcacat ttcctgtttg aagaaatcag caagtgctga tttcaacatt tcctaaaata     62940
     taatgagcat tgccacgttc tttagatcct gtctctctta tcagaccaga tagatgttta     63000
     agtgctctgt acattatgtg tttgatgaaa gcattgacca ggatccctcc tgatgcagcc     63060
     tcacaatgca ctgtgatcca aaagctccct gtacttgttc agtgttttcc tgcaatgttc     63120
     agatctcatg ttgattatgc gaagcaagtc actgatgcag tttagtagca ataataattc     63180
     ctgaaattta tgtggctaat aatttggagt gtatgtaagg tttttaacat gtactctctt     63240
     attctatcct tcaagtcctt ttgtaagtta ggtaggactg gttttattgt gaccctttaa     63300
     tgtttttgtt tttcttgaga cggtgtctca ctctgttgcc caggctggag ggcagtggta     63360
     cgatattggc tcactgaaac cttccagctc ctaggttcaa acaagtctcc tgcctcagcc     63420
     tcctgagtag ctgggattac aggtgtgcac catcacaact acctaatttt tgtattttta     63480
     gtagtgatgg ggttttgctt tgttggtcag gctggtcttg aactgctgac ctcaaatgat     63540
     ctgcctgcct tggtctccaa ggtgctggaa ttacaagcat gagccaccat gcccggtccc     63600
     ttttatgttt ttatcagaga agtgattgga aagattttat gtgatgtcca cacctcggtg     63660
     accaagatta tcctgcatgg tagtgggaac caattctggt aaccaagtct cttaactttt     63720
     caatctaatg ttctattttg tttctccatt ttgttctgat gtctttgtat ccaaacacat     63780
     ttgaaagttg gttggttgag aattcattat ctctaggata tacttcagct gactgatttc     63840
     caaataccaa tgtgctcgct gtgctaatgc agtgaatatt tgtaggatgg aaagggtgta     63900
     cttccttgga attttttctt gtttttccct ctagtgcaaa tattaagctt caggtaatat     63960
     ggaggatgta tgttttcata cagcagaagg tacttttcta taatcctatt acaatattat     64020
     gtagacttca caatgtaaag ggaacagatg gccacccatg ctgagtggtc ttaaattgtc     64080
     aaagtccagt acagacagat aaggcttgca gtaggtagac atgcatcttc tggtttagct     64140
     aggaacagat tgtgtaagct cccagaggca gggaattctc tggtttgctc actgccgtgg     64200
     ctcagtacct gccacactgc cagccttttt gtgggcacta tgtaatatgt gtgaaatgaa     64260
     tagatatgat gcaaggtggc atctgttgaa ctgaccctaa attggggcca gtgtaacagt     64320
     gatttttttt tttttaatca atcaaaagaa aaaaaagaag ctgggccctt catactcagt     64380
     aacctcggca aaatcacata gctggttggg ccccagctgt gactgtggtc catgtgtcta     64440
     gcactgtccc ctaactatac cccacgctgg ataaaatgcc catcttccct gtcaatccct     64500
     tttatgtggc agacagaaga atgacaccca aagctgccct taccctaatt cccagaacct     64560
     gtccagaagt aaacttacct ggcaaaaggg attctgtaga tgtgattacg ttaaaggtct     64620
     gagataggag gatgatccca tattatccaa gtggacccta actaagtaca tgaatcttga     64680
     aaaatggaca cctttcctgg attctgttta ccatggctgg tttggagatg tagcaaccac     64740
     atgccagggg agcacaaagg cttctaggaa agcagctccc cactgacagc agcaaagaaa     64800
     agggggcatc tgccctgtaa cctgtggaac tgaattctct gaacagctga ctgagcaagg     64860
     agacacattc tcccccagag cctccagaaa gagacgcagc cctgccgacc cctggatttt     64920
     ccccagtgag acccatacca gactttggac tgtcagactg tatgacaaca cgtttgtctt     64980
     gtttgaaggg gttaaagtta tagcaattta ttataacagc aatagcaaac tattgctgtt     65040
     aagtaaacat ggcatatttc tagtttgttt gtttgggata ataactattc agaaaattgg     65100
     ggtaattact tgagtccatt gaggaggaga gaaattgttg acacaaacat gtaatacttt     65160
     gtaaggagaa tattgaataa ctgacactta ctataggttc tacaagaaac attctacatg     65220
     tttaggagga tattttaacc tatttcagaa ctaaaaagaa ggaaggatga atatttcctt     65280
     gataccagat ggtgactgtc aaaccatacg aaatctatga ctgaaatact tacgaagcat     65340
     ttagcagaaa agagtgagag tgcgggaaga ctagggatga tgtagcaaag gaagaagcat     65400
     gaaggggaat taaaataaac cccctgccaa gtagggacat gatcaagtat atatgttccc     65460
     atgaaagaag aggctggtgg gagaatgttg tttgaggtgg taccatgggg gatggtggtt     65520
     ctgacctatc agctggggtt ggggaggctg cctgaaggtc acccttaggt agagacagga     65580
     ggatctgagt tcgtgaagcc atgtgttgaa gcaactcaat gatagatggc tgtgggtcac     65640
     ccagggcttg gcacacctgg gtctgaacac atggcctggg gtcttgatat ggtttgggtg     65700
     tgtccatgtt atgggaggga cctggtggga gataactgaa tcatgggggc agtttccccc     65760
     atcccatact gttcttctca tagtgaataa gtatcatgac ttctgatggt tttataagag     65820
     acttttataa aataccagtg cccaagatga atctccgaag actaattcag tctgtgcaaa     65880
     ccatagacgt cactattcct atttctgtca ctggtgctgt catttgtaat cacgcctgtt     65940
     gcagggtcat aatcaaactg ctattgagac cataaaattg gggtgggaga gaagtatttc     66000
     aataaacaag tgattgagat agatgtccat aaaattgacc aaaagatgaa aaaaaaaatc     66060
     cattgtgaga aatccaacat atgtatgctg gctctggtaa aaatatatat tttatattaa     66120
     aataaatttg ttccaggggc aatctcaacc acttattagc agacagatct ttgggcaact     66180
     ttgtctttct gagagaaggt tatgagagaa ttaaatgaga cactatattt gagggaaagt     66240
     ctacttcatg agtgtatggt ctgtgcattt gcatgtggct ccactatcca aggagcctca     66300
     ccattggttt aatgctctgc tgccaacatc ttaatattct ccatactttc tgaacaagag     66360
     gccctgcatt tttattttgc acaggaccca gaagttatat gcctagttct ggcacctcgc     66420
     accagcatgg tgcaacagaa tcgtttcaca catggctatt tcttgccttc tttcctgctg     66480
     gaatccctgt gatatgctat tatgcttgca tttgccactg ctgaaaccgg agcccccaga     66540
     agcttttttg ggcacttgtc aggagcctgt tgctatagga actgttaaaa acaggccctg     66600
     tgcctttgta accaatatgc taccaacaac attggacaac cttctttagt cccactattg     66660
     aggtaggtgg aggagtgtcg ggtccattcc caccactgag aagggagaga gatacacaac     66720
     agatgtttgt tgagtgttag ctctgccaag ggtgggacat accaggagag acacaagtcc     66780
     ctgtcctttc agtgggtatt ttggtaatta ggaaacagga gacatgacca aggaagaacc     66840
     actgcataag aaagctatgg aagttcccta tacctggtgc agaaataaac atggcaagag     66900
     tgggttccaa ctgtgtcggg tcacatctca aaagaggatt ttcctatgga aattgctatg     66960
     ctggtgactg agtctgtaat ttagttgcag ttcagaataa ataggctctt gagagctgac     67020
     ccaaatcaat gtagttgcat gcatttttat aatcaaatag agtagctatt tattcaaagc     67080
     ctatttattc tgagttctaa ataattgtaa atggatgatc caggagtcag gatttgagcc     67140
     ataattcatt tctgaataat gtatgatgaa aaaaaaatct catgaaatcc ttgacagcaa     67200
     actgttatag agtccttcac ttatcagttg aaagattata gcttagaaaa tattcagtat     67260
     ctaatgctgt atgttttcaa atagaacact aatgatttgg aaactacatg gcaaaataaa     67320
     acacttacat ttcataaaag ctctcagagc ccagcttctt atgatgtaag gaatgaaagt     67380
     tccctaaatg acaatctttt tcaatttctt aagtgggaga taaagcataa ttggtgtcac     67440
     tgcttgccag ggctccatta catatcctga ctacatcatt ggaacataaa atatgtcatt     67500
     ccctttgcaa atcctggtga catacatgag aacatctctg agttgtgggc taacctcccc     67560
     tatcataatc agagggcttt gttcctccag aacataggag tgcaactgta acatgatttt     67620
     tatggtatac gatggaacac tgcaaataat ttatttgtaa cctttacata ctcaggaatt     67680
     tagacctaac ttaaatttca gtttgtaata acttgtgtgt ctaatattaa aatgctgatt     67740
     tttacccaag gtaaattgac tgattcagag catgtcaagt tgtacctatc tgtttagagt     67800
     cttttcaggt attaaaaata ttatctttta tgtaattgtg tgcagcttga agtctgtgag     67860
     acttatttac tgagatttgg atagtcaata acatgtcagt tatattgtct gaatgttaat     67920
     gcctgtagtt acgagatgct tctttatttt attcatctag gtcctcctag ccagcagttt     67980
     catgcccata catgcatgat tgaagccagc ggaatacaaa gggcagataa agttattaaa     68040
     actgaggaat taccctcctc tgatactaat atgtttcttt taaaacattc aattttataa     68100
     ttattttaat ggctccaaaa tgtatgtttt ttcctcataa atagctttgt ttctctttaa     68160
     gagggaaaaa tacagagaca gtggtaactt acgaagatct tgtgaatgag aatgattgga     68220
     ctgtgatgct cttgttttca tctttaaaat atatatttct ttttgttgtt gttagcagtg     68280
     aacgattttt tttccaccta gtaaagtcat actcacagcc cctcttaagt agagttacac     68340
     caccgtaagg gtgggaaaaa gcttcagggc tccacaccct tgtcttcctc cagacaatgc     68400
     agcatagttt ccttccagcc tgcccttggc acactcccgt cgaaggctct ccacttaacc     68460
     agacacattg atcatcagaa tgccaaaacc tgttttgttt aaggagagcg ctcctcactt     68520
     ggggctggca cttaagacag gatgtcaatt cgtttaggga aatttagaca tgggcatcca     68580
     cctaaagtct gcactatgtg acccagcttc cttctgtgat ctacacacgg tttgttctga     68640
     acattcacca ttctactcaa ggcagctcct ctgcagcaca gacacatgtt caacatgaac     68700
     attttatact caaatatggt atctaattta caaatgccac agatgtatat tttataacca     68760
     aatatgccat ctaatgtata ccaaaaccat acattttata atcaaataca gtagctattt     68820
     aacagacaca agagatatgt attttataat cacataaagt atctgtttag ctcataccag     68880
     agatatacat tgtatcatca aatgtagtaa ctatttaata cattactgga aatatgcatc     68940
     ttataatgaa atggaatagc tatttagcac atacagagat atatatttta aaatcaaaga     69000
     gagtatctgt tagcacatac cagagatatg tattttataa tcagagtatc tgtctaacat     69060
     gtaccagata tatgtatttt ttaatcaaat gtagtacctg tttaacacat gccagagata     69120
     tatattttat aatcaaataa gcacatactg gagatatgaa ttttataata aagtatctgt     69180
     ttagcatata tctaataaag tttcacataa atcagagatc atacatatat tcaggatgaa     69240
     taaatcacat attttataaa tatattatat atttattaat aacgagtaca cacaaagtgc     69300
     tttaacattc attcattcat tcattcaccc actcactttt agggcccagg acatggacat     69360
     agagtagttt ttctccgtgt ccctattatg ccagctcaag gaattgatga tctcacaaca     69420
     aaagaaccgt gttttaagaa ctccttggct aatagaatcg aggcagtgtc tctgttctga     69480
     tctcatctgt ccttatgatt gtcttttctt gagctttcct gacctttgga attctttctt     69540
     ttctctctag tgcaaaacat aacaggcttc aggtaatatg agaacgtatg ctttgataca     69600
     gcagaaggta atgggtttaa agtagaaaat tcaacatatt tgggcactgt catttgaaat     69660
     acttaatgaa atgttgaatt gacaagtata attactttgc cacttaataa attggaatat     69720
     ttttcctcga tgtccctatt acaccagtct ttcacttgca aattaagaac ctttctgtct     69780
     tagaagggga agcaagtggt agaggctcca ggttctcttc caatatacac ttcttcttcc     69840
     ttagtaaagg aatcccaatt tttatctgga cctatggctg tacagctagg ttatatatcc     69900
     cagcttccct tggagttagg tgtggccatt tatttcactg tcgggcaatg acaggtgagc     69960
     tgaataactg tgggacttac agtacaagga aggttgtata cttttccatt tttcctgtta     70020
     cccaaaactt agatacgatt actggagctc cagcagctat tgttcatcat gaggtcaagg     70080
     atcacaccct gaagatggcc aaatagtgag ctggaaatac caaagtccta aatgatttga     70140
     ggagtctacc ttaccagccg gccctctata ttcctgttac cagacaaaag tagtaaaact     70200
     tttgttatta ttgtatacaa cagaattcaa tcctatctgc tgtaggggtt cttacttcca     70260
     attttccacg tgaggaaatt gagatacaga gatgtcaatc tacttcactc aagtcaccaa     70320
     acttggaagg gggcaacttc cccaggatgg tccttaatat ttctattttt cctatccctg     70380
     ttgctccatt ttgcccttta gttcttttca atgcatttta attgcccttt agttcttttc     70440
     aattttcaaa caatgcattc ctcgtgttat tccggtccag ccccagtgcc acatcatggg     70500
     tgtgtgacag gaagactagc aatgtttaaa agggcatgag tgaggaatca gagtttctag     70560
     tgaacttacc atgatgtgat tgagtacttt ggacaggaag agagtgacag ccacaattaa     70620
     acagcaggaa atgcacaggc ccagaactat gaggaagatg gaaagtgacc cacccaagcc     70680
     ccttgaccct ggacaatgtc ccaggacagt gtcttgctga tcatgtgact gtgcatagga     70740
     ggcacatcat aattacttgt agagttgaac cttatatctt cagacagcat tcagttttct     70800
     tctgttgttt aatggagtct gcaataaagg ggcctcgtgc acatgaccaa cagagagcca     70860
     cagaagcctt gcattgttta taacaccaga aagggacaat ttgcaagtcc tgttctctgt     70920
     ttaacactaa ttcttcttaa gtctgatcac ctcccacagt ctaatagggt ttttatgatg     70980
     agttatttct ttcctttcca tttttcagga aagtgtgaat gttgctttaa atgcagtgtt     71040
     tttctgtggg tataaacttt ttatgtgatt taaattacat aaaaatttca gtcgtgctga     71100
     agacacctct catattctag actttggtgt tttcgtagag ctcaggtttt catctgtttg     71160
     ttgtcttcgg ttgtttcacc gaagtgagga aggtggaggt ggctgaaggg gaaaagggac     71220
     ttaatgttac ttatatttgt ggcactgagt caggaaaggc cgagaaaatg gaactaagcc     71280
     aatgggggtg aagtctactc tctgcttgtg acttgttaaa tacacagacc ttatttctaa     71340
     attgtttctc cttgtttcta aattgcagat attagtggat tttattaagg tatatttatg     71400
     gatccaatat gtgcattaaa atttatttat caatcactta gaagcatcat accttaataa     71460
     gacttaagat taacttcaac catggcaaat accagtatga gtccttttga aaccctctac     71520
     cagtacttta aaatgacgtg atgtctttga aaattttttt atttttattt ttttaaccgg     71580
     ggcaatatgg caaaaaccca tttctacaaa aattacggaa gtatggtggc atgtacctgc     71640
     agtcccagct gcttgggaag ctgaggtggg aggattacct gagtttgggg aggttgtggt     71700
     tgcagtgagc tatcattaca ccactacact ctggcctggg caacagaggg aaacccagaa     71760
     aaaaagaaaa ttgcttttta aaaacatatt attttaaaag ttcctgtagt tttctgtggc     71820
     ttcaccttat gactatttta gcaccttact tatagtacat attcattaat aaatgtatca     71880
     gtgaataaat ggaaataaat tgaagtttag tcctagattt ttcactaata atttttcttt     71940
     actaaatatg aactctttcc aatggtagaa taagccccag gaatgtttac atatttaggc     72000
     catgttttca cagattcttg tcaatttgga ataaaaatga gaattttcaa gaggaattat     72060
     taactcattt gttttaagag agagaattag cgttggcagg tgactaaaat accagaatag     72120
     aatcatctcc agaactgaca gatgcagatc agaagaaaag ctgtaggatt tcgcattgtt     72180
     tcttttcatt tgagttggaa ttcaagtaat attttgactc tgtagtatta caagattgtt     72240
     tcttggcttt ttggctaaga ttaagtgtat gctataacag gaacatgaaa atgcaacatt     72300
     gtattaccct agtccatgtg gattttgcat tctgggtcat ttttcctttc attattgata     72360
     cttctgtcag aaagagaatt gtggaatact ccatgtaact gtgcttttat atgagattga     72420
     tactgtggtc cttaggctcc tatttcctca tggcttagac tttttatatg gaaatgcagc     72480
     tctgtcactg tcatagcaca cagtggtagc tggccttgcc accagctaga tttggcttga     72540
     tggaaacctg aatatcaatt tctagttatt atgaaataga cactcttatt cttcagtgac     72600
     ttttaagaat tttttttgaa ttatctgttt aatttttgaa acatgttagt cttccaggga     72660
     ctattttcta tatggtgttc ataggtgatc atatgctaaa taacccttta gagccttctc     72720
     aaaattagat atttggagtc atcattttta atcatccttc tgcaaaaact aagaagcaat     72780
     ccaccaagaa tcaatactta gtagaggtta gtatgtcagg tttctcaatc tttcttgtag     72840
     attgtatttt tacttgtgtt tctttgattt aaatatctca tctgtctctt ctctacacca     72900
     taagtgggag attctcacct gtgtccaagg aggtgggtgt ctctttgtct ctttctcttc     72960
     tactctagga attgttaatc aagactattg tcaggtgtgg ctacctgtag gctatctcat     73020
     gaaaaaaagg gagatatgtt tgcaaatatg aaattattgt tcaaatcaca tttacttctc     73080
     tctcacccct gataaatcaa tgctaatttg ccctgcccca tagagcatcc ctgaatttta     73140
     cagtgtgtga gaaaaaactt gaagtgaaaa gacaactcta tccctttttc ctgtatattc     73200
     tatagcagta gtattctctg taaagtatca gatagtaagt actttcatca ttgtctctgt     73260
     cagcacacct actcagctgc accattgtag agggaagcag cagcaggcag tatctcaaca     73320
     aaaggtcctg gccatgtgcc agtaaaactt tatttacaga agcagatggt gtgccatagt     73380
     ttacctccct atagcaagga aaactgcaag cctcagtttc ctcttctgta acatgaggga     73440
     actgaatata ggagcatgac ctttctgcct tatagggttc ttgtaaacag catattcaat     73500
     tatacatgca aaatcacttt taaattatta cgccctgtgc catcgtattt ataataatta     73560
     tagatagcaa catcttattc attcttccag caaagtattt tttatttact tgtttttttg     73620
     agaaaaatat accttaagaa aatggagcac ttcattgaag ttctatcaga aacataatcc     73680
     cagcatctat cacacatcca gacaaacact gaacactcag ggaaagtttg aagaatgaat     73740
     aaactggccc ttccagtaga ggttaaccca tcaggtcctt tgttttaagt tgctcactca     73800
     cattatataa tagcagttgc ttgaattcac aaaacatgtt ctcaagaggt actcctaacg     73860
     tatcgatata taaagcaaag tttaacaagt actgccagat gtttagcctg tttaggtgta     73920
     acatgtggac ttatctcttt agaattgatt ccattaattt tagttttcaa aactatactt     73980
     tcagagaaca atcacagatg tcaaccacac aattgggcat gagctttttg ttgagctgtt     74040
     gcttatttat gtgtcttagg actcaagcat tgacttgaat gtggagcaca cagagaatgt     74100
     ggtcaaagat tagagaaaag aacagtaggt ctagcagtgg gactcagagg tggtcactgt     74160
     acggcatcta atgagtatga ttttgaaacc atcttgccct ggaattttta tgtacttgcc     74220
     ttcccttttt ctttgaggat gatggcgcta tgtgatgaaa actgacaaac acacaggaaa     74280
     actctaacag ggtggactgg cagttacttt tctttaggac aattctgggg ctgcagaagc     74340
     tcatggcagt agctaccagc atgtaaaatg ctgtcaatga agcaaggagt tgggaatgtc     74400
     tcacagccat atgttgtgaa cagccagata attcacggac agaattattt gtgcaagatt     74460
     ttaaattatc agtagagcac aagatacaaa atatttccac ttttaatttg aaggttgaag     74520
     aatatttatt gttttgacgg ttgtttccag aaactttgct ggaatctgca tgcctgaata     74580
     aatgtgtggt tgtcctgagt gattcagctt acgagagcat aaatcaggag taagaggtat     74640
     cacaggtgca tatctgagca gtggtcatca aggattgtga aggagctggt atcattaaaa     74700
     tttaatcagg tcatttaata aactgctgtg tattttccta gtcatttttc caatcagaac     74760
     aagctaacaa gattgaatat aatttagaag aagggttttt gattctttga gactgcaatc     74820
     attaactcca gagtaaatta gaacactctt caatttaatg agccagattg cccttctttt     74880
     tattaagtta aataaatcag aagagctgtt acttaagctt gtatatcttt taatattttc     74940
     tgttgaaact tacatgaatt tttaaatcat tgatgacagc ttctgttgac aatatgaaat     75000
     aattttggaa gcggtctttt tccttttggt tattatccta ttccagaatt tgatatttat     75060
     acctaaggca atcaggaaaa aaaaaaagaa agttctgaaa cagaatcaga tattttgggg     75120
     tctatttttt gcaaaacacc ctctttaaga ttataccttt atataaccag ctatatttta     75180
     tgtatatacc taggggtaca tatataaaca cacatatata caaatatata tatatacatg     75240
     catatacaca tatgaataat atgtgtaata taacacacat aagacatagt atatcataat     75300
     ctttatattc ttttaaaaac aatgacaata tgcaaattat cctttttttt tttttttttt     75360
     tttcaggtgg agtcttgctc tgttgcccag gctggagtga agtggctgga tcgaagtggc     75420
     tggatcttgg ctcactgcaa tgtccactta ccaggttcaa acgattctcc tatctcagcc     75480
     tccctactag ctgggattgc aggcacatac cactacaccc ggctagtttt ttgtattttt     75540
     ggtatagttg gggtttctca atgttgtcca ggctggtgtc aaactcctgg tctcaagtga     75600
     tcctccctcc tcagcctctc aaagttctgg gactataggc ctcagccacc acacctggct     75660
     cagagcaatt ttattctatt ttatttattt atttatttta ttttatttta ttattattat     75720
     actttaagtt ttagggtaca tgtccacaat gtgcaggtta gttacatatg tataaatgtg     75780
     ccatgctggt gtgctgcacc tattaactcg tcatttagca ttaggtgtat ctcctaatgc     75840
     tatccctccc cgctcccccc accctacaac agtctccaga gtgtgatgtt ccccttcctg     75900
     tgtccacgtg ttctcattgt tcaattccca cctatgagtg agaacatgtg gtgtttggtt     75960
     ttttgtcctt acaatagttt actgagaatg atgatttcca atttcttcca tgtccctgca     76020
     aaggacatga actcatcatt ttttatggct gcatagtatt ccatggtgta tatgtgccac     76080
     attttcttaa tccagtctat cattgttgga catttgggtt gcttccaagt ctttgctatt     76140
     gtgaatagtg tcgcaataaa catacgtgtg catgtgtctt tatagcagca tgatttatag     76200
     tcctttgggt atatacccag taatgggatg gctgggtcaa atggtatttt tagtttgaga     76260
     tccctgagga atcgccacaa tgacttccac aatggttgaa ctagtttaca gtcccaccaa     76320
     cagtgtaaaa gtgttcctat ttctccacat cctctccagc acctgttgtt tcctgacttt     76380
     ttaatgattg cctttctaac tggtgtgaga tgatatctca ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt     76440
     tctctgatgg ccagtgatga tgaacatttt ttcatgtgtt ttttggctgc ataaatgtgt     76500
     tcttttgaga agtgtctgtt catgtccttc gcccactttt tgatggggtt gtttgttttt     76560
     ttcttgtaaa tttgtttgag ttcattgtag attctagata ttagcccttt gtcagatgag     76620
     taggttgcga aaattttctc ccattttgta ggttgcctgt tcactctgat ggtagtttct     76680
     tttgctgtgc agaagctctt tagtttaatt agatcccatt tgtcaatttt gtcttttgtt     76740
     gccattgctt ttggtgtttt agacatgaag tccttgccca tgcctatgtc ctgaatggta     76800
     atgcctagtt tttcttctat ggtttttatg gttttaggtc taatgtttaa gtctttaatc     76860
     catcttgaat tgatttttgt ataaggtgta aggaagggat ccagtttcag ctttctacat     76920
     atggctagcc agttctccca gaaccattta ttaaataggg aatcctttcc ccacggcttg     76980
     tttttctcag gttcatcaaa gatcagatag ttgtagatat gcggcgttat ttctgagggc     77040
     tctgttctgt tccattgatc tatatctctg ttttggtacc agtaccatgc tgttttggtt     77100
     acagtagcct tgtagtatag tttgaagtca ggtagcatga tgcctccagc tttgttctct     77160
     tggcttagga ttgacttggt gatgtgggct cttcttttga ttccatatga attttaaagt     77220
     agttttttcc aattctgtga agaaagtaat cggtagcttg gtggagatgg cattgaatct     77280
     ataaattacg ttgggaagta tggccatttt catgatattg attcttccta cccatgagca     77340
     tggaatgttc ttccatttct ttgtatcatc ttttatttca ttgagcagtg gtttgtagtt     77400
     ctccttgaag aggtccttca tgtcccttct aggttggatt cctaggtatt ttattctctt     77460
     tgaagcaatt gtgaaaggga gttcactgat gatttggctc tgtgtttgtc tattattggt     77520
     gtataagaat gcttgtgatt tttgtttatt gattttgtat cctgagactt tgctgaagtt     77580
     gcttatcagc ttaaggagat tttgggctga gacaatgggg ttttctagat atgcaatcat     77640
     gtcctttgca aacagggaca atttgacttc ctcttttcct aattgaatac cctttatttc     77700
     cttctcctgc ctaattgccc tgaccagaac ttccaaccct atgttgaata ggagtggtga     77760
     gagagggcat ccctgtcttg tgccagtttt caaagggaat gcttccagtt tttgcccatt     77820
     cagtatgata ttggctgtgg ctttgtcata gatagctctt attattttga gatacgtcac     77880
     atcaatacct aatttattga gagtttttaa catgaatcgt tgttgaattt tgtcaaaggc     77940
     cttttctgca tctattgaga taatcatgtg gtttttgtct ttagttctgt ttatatgctg     78000
     gattacattt attgatttgc atatattgaa ccagccttgc atctcacgga tggagcccac     78060
     ttgattattg tggataagct ttttgatgtg ctgctggatt tggtttgcca gtgttttatt     78120
     gaggatattt gcatcaatgt tcatcaagga tattggtcta caattctctt tttttgttgt     78180
     gtctctgcct ggctttggta tcaggatgat ggtggcctca taaaatgagt tagggaggat     78240
     tccctctttt tctattgatt ggaatagttt cagaaggaat ggtactaatt cctccttgta     78300
     tctctggtag aattctgctg tgaatccatc cggtccagga ttctttttgg ttgctaagct     78360
     gttgattatt gccaaaattt cagagcctgt tattcgtcta ttcagagatt gaacttcttc     78420
     ctggtttagt cttgggaggg tgtatgtgtt gaggaattta tcaatttctt ctagattttc     78480
     tagttaattt gcatagaggt gtttgtagta ttctctgatg gtagtttgta tttctgtggg     78540
     atcagtggtc atatcctctt tatcattttt tattgtgtct atttgattct tctctctttt     78600
     cttctttatt agtcttgcta gcagtctatc aattctgttg atccttccaa aaaaccagct     78660
     cctggattca ttattttttt tgaagaaatt ttgtgtctcc atttccttca gttctgctct     78720
     gatgttagat atttcttgcc ttctgctagc ttttgaatgt gtttgctctt gcttttgtag     78780
     ttcttttaat tgtgatgtta ggttgtcact tttggatctt tcctgctttc ttttgtgggc     78840
     atttagtgct ataaatgtcc ctctacacac tgctttgaat gtgtcccaga gattctggta     78900
     tgttgtgtct ttcttctggt tggtttcaaa gaacatcttt atttctgcct tcatttcgtt     78960
     atgtacccag tagtcattca ggagcaggtt gttcagtttc catgtagttg agcggttttg     79020
     agtgagtttc ttaatcctga gttctagttt gattgcactg tggtctgaga gacagtttgt     79080
     tataattttt gatcttttac atttgctgag gagtgcttta cttccaagta tgtggtcaat     79140
     tttggaatag gtgtggtgtg gtgctgaaaa aactgtatgt tctgttgatt tgcagtggag     79200
     agttctgtag atgtctatta ggtccacttg gtgcagagct gagttcaatt cctgggtatc     79260
     cttgttgact ttctgtctcc ttgatctgtc taatgttgac agtggggtgt taaagtctcc     79320
     cattatcatt gtgtgggagt ctaagtctct ttgtaggtca ctcagggcta gccttattaa     79380
     tctggactcc tgtattgagt acatatatat ttaggatagt tagctctttt tgttgaattg     79440
     atcccttttc cattatgtaa cggccttctt tgcctctttt gatctttgtt ggtttaaagt     79500
     ctgttttatc agagactagg attacaaccc ctgccttttt ttgttttcca tttgcttggt     79560
     agatcttcct ccatcctttt attttaagcc tatgtgtgtc tctgcacgtg agatgggttt     79620
     cctgaatgca gcacactgat gggtgttgac tctttatcca attttccagt ctgtgtcttt     79680
     taattggagc atttagtcca tttacattta aagttaatat tgttatgtgt gaatttgatc     79740
     ctgtcattat gatgttagct ggttattttg cttgttagtt gatgcagttt cttcctagcc     79800
     tcgatggtct ttacattttg gcatgatttt gcagtggctg gtaccggttg ttcctttcca     79860
     tgtttagtgc ttccttcagc agctctttta gggcaggcct ggtggtgaca aaatctctca     79920
     gcatttgctt ctctgtaaaa tattttattt ctccttcact tatgaagctt agtttggctg     79980
     gatatgaaat tctaggttaa aaattctttt ctttaagaat gttgaatatt ggcccccact     80040
     ctcttctggc ttgtagagtt tctaccgaga gatgcactgt tagtctgatg ggtttctctt     80100
     tgtgggtatc ccaacctttc tctctgactg cccttaatat tttttccttc atttcaactt     80160
     tggtgaatct gacaattatg tgccttggag tttctcttct cgtggagtat ctttgtgatg     80220
     ttctctgtat tttctgaatc tgaatgttgg cctgccttgc tagtttgggg aagttctcct     80280
     ggataatatc ctgcatagtg ttttccaact tggttccatt ctccccgtca ctttccagta     80340
     caccaatcag aggtagattt ggtcttttca catagtccca tatttcttga aggctttgtt     80400
     catttctttt tattcttttt tctctaaact tctgttctcg cttcatttca ttcatttcat     80460
     gttccatcac tgataccctt tcttccagtt gatcacattg gctcctgagg cttctgcatt     80520
     cttcatgtca ttctcgagcc ttagctttca gctccatcaa ctcctttaag tacttctctg     80580
     tattggttat tctagttata catttgtcta aatttttttc aaagttttca gcttctttgc     80640
     ctgtggtttg aatttcctcc tgtagctcag agaagtttga tcgtctgaag gcttcttctc     80700
     tcagttcatc gaagtcagtc tctgtctacc tttgttccat tgctagtgag gagctgcatt     80760
     cctttgcagg aggagaggca tgcggctttt tagagtttcc agtttttctg ctctgttttt     80820
     tccccatctt tgtggtttta tctacttttc atctttgatg atggtgatat acagatgcgt     80880
     ttttggtgtg gatgtccttc ctgaaaatgt accaaacatt agaacacata ggtggctata     80940
     acatgcaact gaaaacatag tataaaaccc caaaccaatg catgcaacca aaaacatagt     81000
     acaaaatcac aaaccactgc aaatccattc atgtattcag tttttagtgt gtgaggaggg     81060
     ctttacaaag actgtcagct acaaacaact taatggtgaa atgtaaggaa tgatattgtg     81120
     gtaagccatg tgatctcctt cagctccttc tctcagtttc tgagtgttaa ggatgttgta     81180
     tttgaaagca gacactcctg ctcttttacc acacacgaat tctagttaag cacctggttc     81240
     ccagttggga gaaaaatgat gacaatctcc tctgttttaa agacacatgt caaagctaca     81300
     tatctgtgaa tgacaaccta atcaaagccc cttctgtttc ctaattttta aatgcttact     81360
     ttaggaggaa agatcttggt actctaaaat aagcacaaca tgctgaccta cactgagata     81420
     ttttaaggtt aagacatcaa tagaaatata attgtaaatc ctagtgggct tttctaccag     81480
     ttgttaagca ggtattcata ttctgttcat ctttgaaaat atgtggttag gtgggctgac     81540
     tttcctgtcc accactcctg tggtcagaaa ttcacatata gcttttgact cccccagaac     81600
     ttactactaa gagcctaccg ttgactggaa gacataccaa taagaataca acagtccatt     81660
     aggacatatt ttgtatgtta tgtaaattat acactgtatt ctcacagtca agtaagctac     81720
     agaaaagaaa atactattaa gaaaatcata aggaagataa aatatattca ctgtttattt     81780
     agtgaaagtg gatcatcata aggatttttg tcctcatctt cacattgact atgctgagga     81840
     ggtggaggaa gaggagggtt ggtcttgctg tctcaggggt ggcagagaca gaagacatag     81900
     aggaagtcta agggaaggca ggagaggcag gtcacatggt gtacttttac taaataaatc     81960
     cacatggacc ctcatagttc aaacccgttt tgttcaaggg tgaagtgtac actgactcta     82020
     agtagggtcc tttagcagca ggtaatagac cctggctgtg ttaagtcata cagagcaggt     82080
     actggaagca tatgatgtga acatttccta ctattggcag ctggtaggag aacaggcttc     82140
     taaaactcag ctatttggca acaggttggc catcctaggt cactgtggtt gccactgttt     82200
     ctaaggtgac attgactttc ctcaaccatt ctctgtccca tggtggcttc cttttcaggc     82260
     acaggtcagg tgatcagagt ccattttcca gtggcatgac acacacctta ggtcctcagg     82320
     gatatgtgcc cttgcttgtg ccacataaag ttgcaatggt ttccttaact attccactag     82380
     tgctggaata atcaccatga ttataagtcc tccccaacca tgtgaaacag tgagcttatt     82440
     aaacctcttt cttttttaaa tttcccagtc tcaggcatgc ctttttcagc agtattgaaa     82500
     tggatacaca aacgtttgtt cctccagtcc tgatcaaagt ctttaaccat gggttgtcta     82560
     tttctcaaat tgttcctctc ctatcctgtg gcacagatta gcctgagagc ctggttcctt     82620
     cagttctaga gctacggggg cacagctaag tcatggaaac acccatgctt catgttaaga     82680
     tcatgccaca cattctccat ggcacctaaa tggtggccct ccattttcca tgttcctcaa     82740
     tttacccaaa gaacctatcc tcttcagttt ttcaaggaca ttgactattc accaaaatta     82800
     ttccttatca ctttcttaat gacattgtct aattccaata aagtgtctca tttccttgca     82860
     ctaagtaata attcacatat taaaaataaa cacaaatact acagagtaat aataaaatca     82920
     aaagtcttga tagattttct aaaaagaatt tgattagaaa cttccaacaa taactgtctg     82980
     aaacctgttt tgcattataa acttttcagc attttattca aagcaatttt ctttaattaa     83040
     aaacttaaca gtgtaatcaa aaacaccttg atacaaaaat tcaattttcc tcttacttgg     83100
     ggggagaaag gggcttgttt cagtctcatc aggtttgcca gggacaatca gaataaaaac     83160
     tctgaaattt aagctgtagg atattgctct acaggtaaat atacactatt tttataatct     83220
     aggttttctt atcacagata caattaccaa taacatgaaa atcagtagga aaaatttaaa     83280
     cttcagaaat tacctccacc tatacactag attagggttt ctcagccttg gtactgctga     83340
     cagttggggc catgacttct tagtttttgg gggcagtcca gtgcattcca agacatttaa     83400
     aatcatttct ggcctctacc caccagacac cagcagcacc actcagacgt gataaccaaa     83460
     aatgtctggg tataatatct ttccatatgg ataactacta gactagatta agggaatctg     83520
     ttttatgtca attatacatt tgggtactta agtttttctc cactatttta atatatttca     83580
     ttacctccat ctttctaagc aaataagaga tttaacttaa tattgcagat tagagccaag     83640
     atggctgaat aggaacagct ccggtctaca gtgtgagtga cgcagaagac gggtgatttc     83700
     tgcacttcca tctgaggtac cgggttcatc tcattaggga gtgccagaca gtgggagcag     83760
     gacagtgggt gcagtgcacc atgcttgagc cgaagcaggg tgaggaactg cctcactcag     83820
     gaagcacaag gggtcaggaa gttccctttc tactgcactt ttccaacggg cttaaaaaac     83880
     ggcacaccag gagattatat cccacaactg gctcagaggg tcttatgccc atggagtatc     83940
     gctgattgct agcacagcag tctgagatca aactgcaagg cagcagcgag gctgggggag     84000
     aggcacccac cattgcccag gcttgcttag gtaaacaaag cagccaggaa gctcgaactg     84060
     gttggagccc accacagctc aaggaagcct gcctgcctct gtaggctcca cctctggggg     84120
     cagggcatgg acaaacaaaa agacagctgt aacctctgca gacttaaatg tccctgtctg     84180
     acagctttga agagagcagt ggttctccca gcatgcagct ggagatctga gaatgggcag     84240
     aatgccttct caagtgggtc cctgacccct gatccccgag cagcctaact gggaggcacc     84300
     ccccagtaga ggcagactga cacctcacac ggttgggtac tcctctgaga caaaacttcc     84360
     agaggaacga tcagacagca gcattcacgg ttcacaaaaa tctgctgttc tgcagccact     84420
     gctgctgata cccaggcaaa tagggtcagg agtggacctc tagcaaactc caacagacct     84480
     gcagctgagg gtcctatctg ttagaaggaa aactaacaaa caggaaggac atccacacca     84540
     aaaacccatc tgtacatcac catggtcaaa ggccaaaagt agataaaacc acaaagatgg     84600
     ggaaaaaaca gagcagaaaa actggaaact ctaaaaagca gagtgcctct cctcctgcaa     84660
     aggaacacag ctcctcacca gcaatggaac aaagctggat ggagaatgac tttgatgagt     84720
     tgagagaaga aggcttcaga cgatcaaact actccaagct acaggaggaa attcaaacca     84780
     caggcaaata agttgaaaac tttgaaaaaa atttagacaa atatataact agaataacta     84840
     atacagagaa gtgcttaaag gagctgatgg agctgaaagc taaggctcga gaactacagg     84900
     aagaatgcag aagcctcagg agccgatgtg atcaactgga agaaagggta tcagtgatgg     84960
     aagaggaaat gaatgaaatg aagtgagaag ggaagtatag agaaaaaaag aataaaaaga     85020
     aacgaacaaa gcctccaaga aatatgggac tatgtgaaaa gaccaaatct acgtctgatt     85080
     ggtgtactgg aaagtgatgg ggagaatgga accaagttgg aaaacactct gcaggatatt     85140
     atccaggaga acttccccaa tctagcaagg caggccaaca ttcagattca ggaaatacag     85200
     agaatgccac aaagacactc ctcgagaaga gaaactccaa gacacataat tgtcagattc     85260
     accaaagttg aaatgaagga aaaaatgtta agggcagtca gagagaaagg ttgggatacc     85320
     cacaaaggga agcccatcag actaacagcg gatctctcgg cagaaactac aagccagaag     85380
     agagtggggg ccaatattca acattcttaa agaaaataat tttcaaccca gaatttcata     85440
     tccagccaaa ctaagcttca taagtgaagg agaaataaaa tcctttacag agaagcaaat     85500
     gctgagagat tttgtcacca ccaggcctgc cctaaaagag ttcctgaagg aagcactaaa     85560
     catggaaagg aacaactggt accagctgct gaaacatcct gccaaattgt aaagaccatc     85620
     aaggctagga agaaactgca tcaactaaca agcaaaataa ccagctaaca tcataatgac     85680
     aggatcaaat tcacacataa caatattaac tttaaatgta aatggacaaa atgctccaat     85740
     taaaagacac agactggaaa attggatata gagtcaagac ccatcagtgt gctgcattca     85800
     ggaaacccat ctcacgtgca gagacacaga taggcttaaa ataaaaggat ggaggaagat     85860
     ctaccaagca aatggaaaac aaaaaaaggc aggtgttgca atcctagtct ctgataaaac     85920
     agactttaaa ccaacaaaga tcaaaagaga caaagaaggc cgttacataa tggaaaaggg     85980
     atcaattcaa caagaagagc taactatcct aaatatatat gtacccaata caggagcacc     86040
     caaattaata aggcaagccc tgagtgactt acaaagagac ttagactccc acacaatgat     86100
     aatgggagac tttaacaccc cactgtcaac attagacaga tcaaggagac agaaggttaa     86160
     caaggatacc caggaattga actcagctct gcaccaagtg gacctaatag acatctacag     86220
     aactctccac tgcaaatcaa cagaatatac atttttttca gcaccacacc acacctattc     86280
     caaaattgac cacatacttg gaagtaaatc tgtcctcagc aaatgtaaaa gatcagaaat     86340
     tataacgaac tgtctctcac accacagtgc aatcagacta gaactcagga ttaagaaact     86400
     cactcaaaac cgctcaacta catggaaact ggacaaactg ctcctgaatg actactgggt     86460
     acataatgaa atgaaggcag aaataaagat gttctttgaa actgagaaca aagacacaac     86520
     ataccagaat ctctgggacc catccaatct ttctggaata taaccttttt aatcaggtaa     86580
     tcaaatacat atgtgcacat atttacttat atttatatta cctgtaatat ttttgaggtt     86640
     tttattccat ttatttgtta aaattctcat ggtacaatta aatatttcca cagtcaccaa     86700
     tggatcacat tctgcagttt gaaaacattc taatgcaaac ttgaacaaca cagacactga     86760
     aattctaaac ttgtgtttaa aagactttac aaaaaatata gcatctaaaa ataattagta     86820
     ctgtatttga aataatatcc ttttctttct cctcttaact ttgtcttaga tacatttttt     86880
     aaaactttat gactactgag tatctcatag aaataatttc tactctaaag tatgattttt     86940
     tttttctatt tatattgtgt ttaactatgt gacatacgag tgctagggct aaaaaaccat     87000
     tagtttatat atttcgccta tataaagcca ctaaaatggt gatagtaatt tcatgatgaa     87060
     attttttaat caactggtta tataaaccaa aatgtattct tattttttag ccacattgtg     87120
     gacattcaga taaagaaaat atacctgtaa gtatgcaaaa actttatatc taatgtaggt     87180
     caccatcatg ttgcaaaaat aaacataaaa tcaattggct aaacttgtcc ttgaacattt     87240
     agtatcccgg actaatagta tggaaatgtg caatttattt tattttcatt tgttgttttt     87300
     attttacata caataataca caatatcttg tattttaaat tgtgtttgac aatgtcttca     87360
     ctatctgtca gtgaaatata attaacttac agtgaaaaaa agaatgcata ttgagttaga     87420
     atttgctgtc aacattttaa aatatttaaa atattttaaa tgttttaaaa atatattaat     87480
     ttaaaatatt ttaaactttt tgtgatttaa aaatatttaa atttaaaatt taaaatattg     87540
     ccaacatttt aaatgtttta aaaatattta aatttaaaat ttttaaaaat gttttaaaga     87600
     tctttctaca atttatattc tatattgatc tatcatattt gcttagttgc tacaattcac     87660
     tggttggcct ccatatcatc ttaaacagtg ccattaaatt attgactata gctgggaaga     87720
     ttgagagggt accaacttag ttttaattta cattttaaaa tatcagtgat ttgcaaaata     87780
     tttctatgga ttagaaagat cagaaagaag gtatttaatc attactttct ggtctattcc     87840
     ataaatattt attgtgaatt tgctttgtgc caggcagaat ttgtactgga tagttgatgt     87900
     gtaggtgtga acaaataaag caggttcatg acttcatgga atatttgttg tactgggtga     87960
     gaaagcagta acaagtaaat gagtcaataa acaaggttca aagtgggaat ttcattaaat     88020
     tacaaaaata aatacaatag aatagtctat tgtgctatag actgatgggg aagatagcct     88080
     cataaaaagc aaagcaggat tagtgccacc ctccctccca atggtatcct tgcattaatt     88140
     caaataatga ttttatttcc tcaagaggtt tattgccatt tgctgggaag ttactctatt     88200
     tttgctattg taatgcacat cttcaacgac tttgatatga ataacacctg ctcaatcata     88260
     agcagctacc ttttttctta atttttaaat aagttttaga aacaaggcct tgttctgtta     88320
     ctgaagctgg agtgcagtgg cactatgcag tgaatgcata gctcattgta accttgaatt     88380
     cctgagctca agtgattctc ctgcctcaac cttctgagtg tctgggctta gagggacatg     88440
     ccactacacc cagctaattt aatttttaat ttttttaact tttatttttt gtagagacat     88500
     ggtcttgctg tgtttcccag gttggtcttg aactcctgga agaattaaag ggatcctccc     88560
     accttggcct tccaaagtgc tgagattaca gacatgtgcc atggcttggc tgctgttttg     88620
     aagacattgt tagagatatt agctcacagt cattttgtct tgtctggtag tggaggtgct     88680
     atagggactg atctctagaa gattttcctt ttggattagt ttaataagct tttggcacaa     88740
     ataatgtaga atcacagata ataaaattca taataaattt taaatgtatt ttttgatgtt     88800
     gtttgtgagg attgtttgta atactctggg tgccatatca gagagattga cactatcccc     88860
     atacatttct tttgtagaca acacaccgcc cttttctgtt tgtattcagt caaagcagac     88920
     tgcccttttg aaaatgctca tctttcaatg tgcatgatag attaataaaa tagctatact     88980
     caagaataaa aagaagtttc aataaaatac cattcaaaaa cttacaatca aatggctagg     89040
     cttattctgg gtcataaaaa gtgggaacat tcccattaaa tcagggataa ggcttgagtg     89100
     cctgacatcc ctgctattcc acacaactgt tctgcaagac ttagaaaatg gagcaaaaaa     89160
     gaaaaagaaa aactaataaa ataaaaaata gtggaatcat tactgttagt ccaaactgca     89220
     ccattttgta agttcctcgc tattttgcaa accttgcaag aatgtgagtc caaactgcac     89280
     ttttatgtaa aagctcccca ctatggtgca gaccttggtt aaagtgaaac atttcacagg     89340
     gattctaagc tttgtaacag cttagaacac acatcctcac accctctagc aaatacctca     89400
     ttttgcttaa ttctccagtt ttcccgcata tcctgccctt taaactgcac caattaattt     89460
     acactctttg aagcctaaaa gcttgtgcac cactaatttt tttcccacaa gtataaaaac     89520
     atcatttcca ttcttggaac atcccatgga aaagtaatca aagccaaaca actggtttaa     89580
     ctacatgtat tgcatttttc cattgacgag ggatcttgac attctgtaga atttttgcag     89640
     tttatgaacc acgaatcagt cacagtatct aatatatttc ttacttactt ctctacaacc     89700
     ttgcctacaa tggctattat atgaatttct aacccagtaa acaaataatg tgaagaatta     89760
     atattatttg tgaagttcac ttattcaagg tcaataaaat tccatttagt atgcagctta     89820
     agaactcatg aagatttaca tacgttatct agtcacatcc attatctagt caaatagaga     89880
     gtgagcagat ttatttttat tatatttgta ttcacgtatt caagaagtat tgaagttgct     89940
     agggtctgca tgtgttaaat aagacgaaca aggttctcat ggagtttaca ttttctgagt     90000
     ggtgagggta ggaagatttc agaggatata aaatatgaga aaagggaaaa aatcttaatg     90060
     gcagaattat aagaaaaaat tctaacatag tggttctcaa atggggcagt gtcactccct     90120
     gggggatatt tgacaatgtc tgtagtcatt tttggttttt atacctgaaa gcagactacc     90180
     accagcttcc agtgggtagt agagaccagg gatgcttcta agcatcctcc aattcacagg     90240
     ttagctccca ccacaaagaa ttatccagag acaaatgtca gtagtgctga aggggagaaa     90300
     ctctgctttc acacttgact tccataaatg atgtctctct ttttgttttt atttttattt     90360
     ttattttaag ttcttgtgta catatacatg atgtgcaggt ttgttacaca ggcaatcatg     90420
     tgccatggtg gtttgctgca cctatcaacc catcacctag gtattaagcc cctctcacgc     90480
     atgcaatata gatagtatca ctgctttgtt atttacacta ttcaacttga atttaacaaa     90540
     tactgttcaa atgattcctt gaaaagaatt atttttattt tatgttgctt tctagattta     90600
     taaataaaaa caatatttat aagtttaatt taaagaggct aaaataagcc acattttaaa     90660
     atgtgtagtt taatacatcg acattaagtt caaatcagta gtgtttgcag aagcactttg     90720
     aatgtaaagt aaatattagt atttcaacca aggaatgtgc atgccagtat gttttctttt     90780
     tgtctagttt tctctctttt taaaatttgg actggatcat ctcatcaaat tcctgtcaaa     90840
     attaatatac attgaatgat aacaactgca tttagtattg tggttgttat ttgaattgtt     90900
     ttaatcatcc taggaaagat tattaagaag actttctatt tttgtaacaa tatgaaactg     90960
     gttttaattt gacttagttt catctttata gaaatcatat aaaaaatgag tgtttcaatc     91020
     tttacctaat tcatatgact taaggaagtt aaaaataaga taaaataaaa caaaaacctc     91080
     taagatgaaa caaaatttga tttcctcaaa tatttgatac taaaatatgt caaggacaaa     91140
     atttgaaagc acttgtcaat taagataaaa tgtcagtgga gctattccca tcatgaatat     91200
     ttataagggg aatgataaag aatccacatg tatttgaaat gcactcacaa catgtttttt     91260
     gaagtacaaa gataccaaat tgtttagcaa aactctgaca tccttttttt ttggtcattg     91320
     acagaacaag tcagcataaa taaataaaaa tgtagagaat ttgagcaatg tgaccaataa     91380
     tgttggttaa tagatgcaaa ttaatcaaag tgctcttttg gttttagcaa gtgtatacat     91440
     gttggttcac cataaaggaa catgttaggc aataaatgaa atatactaaa cttaaaaaaa     91500
     taataaaaat tttgaaaata ttctttcacc tgaacaaatg aaaataaaca cacaggcata     91560
     atttgataat gttattgtaa caataatgtt cctgctccca ccaaagcagc agcaaactga     91620
     caactgggaa attagcctca ctcacccaaa taagaggaca ttaagcaccc tcagagagga     91680
     aacacagagc ctattaaact ttgcctctct ccttcttccc tatcatacta cccccagcca     91740
     gttccttcaa aaacacttat ctgaaatatc ttttaaaatt tctagagtag ttttaggttt     91800
     acaggtaagt tgaacagaaa atagagttcc ctatacctcc tgccctgaca catgcacagt     91860
     caccccagca ttgccacatt attatcatct aaagtccata ctttagatta gggttcactc     91920
     ttggtgttgt acaatctatg agtcttgaca aatgcataat ggaatgcctc cactaacatt     91980
     ataggaccat accaaagagt ttcatggccc taaaaatcct ctgtgctcta gctattgatc     92040
     ccttcctccc cactaacctt tggcatgtat tgatcttttt accactgtct ccatggttct     92100
     gtaccatgaa gtttcataga gttggaattt catagagttg gaatcacatt gtatgcagcc     92160
     ttttcagtat tggcttcttc agatcggttt atttcactga gtaatatgca tttgacattt     92220
     ctacatgact ttttataact tgatagctga ttattttaaa gcagtgaata atattctgct     92280
     ttctgaatgt tcggcagctt atttatccat tcatctcctg aaggatatct tggttgcttt     92340
     caagtttgac aatgatgact aaagccacta taatcatctg aatgcaggat tttgtgtaga     92400
     catgttttca gttcatttgg atgaatactt aggagtgtgg ttgctgaatc tcatggttag     92460
     agtatgccta gttttgtaag aagctgtcaa actttcttct aaagtgatca taccattctg     92520
     catttccatg atcaatcgct aaataagggt ttttgttgct tcacgtcctt gttagcattt     92580
     gatgttgaat tgttttggat tttcaccatt gtaggtgtgt atgctatctt gttgttttaa     92640
     tttgcaactc ctgaatgata tatgatgttg agcatctttt tatatacttc tttcatataa     92700
     catctgtatc tcatctttgt tgaggtatct attaagggcc tttctccatt ttttaagaaa     92760
     gttgtctatt ttcttcttgt ttaatttcaa gacattttta atatattgta gatagcagac     92820
     ctttatcaag tatgtatttt gcaaatattt tcttccagtc tgctgtttgt attctcgttc     92880
     tatccataat gtattttgca gagcagaatt tttttaaatt ttttcttttt ttcctttttt     92940
     tttgcagatg gggtcttact ctctcaggca gacttgagtg cagtgttatg atctcagctc     93000
     actgcaacct ccccctccct ggttaaagcg attcttctgc ctcagcctct caagtagctg     93060
     ggaatagagg cacatgccac catgcctggc aaattttggt attttagtag aattggggta     93120
     tcaccatatt gagcaggctg gtctcaagca cctgacattg agatctgcct gccttggcct     93180
     ccaaaagtgc tgggataaca ggtataagcc actgcacccg gctgcaattt tttaatttta     93240
     gtgaagtctc gttcatcaat tttttcttta atgggtcatg cctttggtgt tgtatctaaa     93300
     aagtcatagt taaactcaag tagtttagat tttctccagt gttattttct aggagcttga     93360
     tagtacctag gcctgtgatc tgttttgaat tgatttctgg aagagtataa ggtgtgtatc     93420
     tagatttgct tttcacatgt ggatgatcaa ttatttgttc cagctccatt tgttgaaaga     93480
     ccatcttttc tccattgcat tgcctttgct actttgtcaa agataatttg tctatgttta     93540
     tgggggtcaa tttctaaaga tctctatatt gttttcttca ctgatttgtc tattcttttg     93600
     ccaatatcac actgtcttaa ttgtaaagca ttttcttact catgtattta tttatatttt     93660
     gaccatttct acaatcttat ctatgtattt tgttcagtgc atcaaaaagt aaatatgctt     93720
     aaataaataa ttatagttaa agaggaaaag aaagtaccaa ctatgttcat taggaaccat     93780
     gttgataatg gagcatgatt ggcaaacaag acattggcac ttggtggcat taataatcag     93840
     aaatcactaa atattgaagt gtatagaata cagttaatat gtatttagag gaaagttcat     93900
     attcataaga gttttccaca tgaaacaaat aaataaaaat atattctctc aacttacttt     93960
     gttacaaata ggaaacaaaa actggacaaa gctgaaaagc acaatgaact aagtatcaat     94020
     aaatgtggga attaatgagt tagaataaaa tctgaatctt taaaagaaaa ccataaatga     94080
     caagttaaga taaatgtgac agctgaatat ataacctatt tctctgctcc tgacacaaga     94140
     aagaaaaatt aaacaaggaa aatgtaagaa aataataaag atcattatat attatgcggt     94200
     gtggcataaa ctatttttat tgaatagctg atttttcaca attcagttcc tctaatgcca     94260
     aattctccta aggcaagtta ttactttttc atattctcag tttgccaaat ttgccaaaaa     94320
     catgtttaag gaattcatct taaatatagt gaatgaattt gagttatttt tcctcactaa     94380
     gtctttccta atgaagggtt cttatccaaa ccacacaata taaaaattat tttaatcttc     94440
     tttttttaca actagtagtg gcaggtgcac agaagaaagg tcattgctgt agggattaat     94500
     tctctcaaac aacctgtgtt gagaggagct acatggactt aatcactttt tgtgggtata     94560
     ttcttcttcc atatcattga ataataaata tttaactcta aaattttcaa ataaattcat     94620
     attaaaacaa tagaattttt tatctatgat atagtggtat tagactatca agtattatta     94680
     atcatatcag ctattatact ttagggaggg ttttttttta aaacctatta aatcctttaa     94740
     tcaaccaaga gtactccaaa acatgtaaga aattgtcaga taaatacaca aagtgcatac     94800
     cacgggactg ataaacaaat tacaataata gaaatcaaaa catggcaact gacacagttg     94860
     tgaatttctt gaggtggtaa atacttacaa tcctctcatc atccttgtaa ggcagatgtg     94920
     acaatctctg ctttgcacag gaaatatttg agaataaaga ttattagagt ggataagaaa     94980
     tactctatat ttaatctcac taagcaatgg cagagtaaga atttgaatcc taatctctgt     95040
     aactccatcc aaaccttcat tactttccat actgtcagac taagaataag tcaaggatat     95100
     aataaaaaat gtcacataag atcattttaa atacaaacag gcagagtctg tacataaatg     95160
     cacagaagca tctttacaga gagttttgag tatgcagaga ctaattgtcc accaacagat     95220
     gaatgaataa agcaaatgtg acactgattc acaatacagt actatttggc tataaaagag     95280
     aataagatcc tgtcatttgc aacaatatgg atggaactgg caatcattat gttaaatgaa     95340
     ataagtcagg tacagaaaga caaacatcac atgttcttat ttatttgtgg gatctaaaaa     95400
     ctaaaacagt tgaactcatg gagacaagga gtagaaggat ggttactaga ggctgggaaa     95460
     ggtagttcag gggtagagga gatgaagata gttaatggat atcaaaaaaa taggaagaat     95520
     gaataagacc tagtatttga tagcacaaca gagtgactac agaacataat aatttaattg     95580
     tgcattttaa gataaccaaa agaatacaat tggatcattt ataacacaaa ggaaaaatgc     95640
     ttgaggaaat ggatacctta ttttccataa tgtgattatg atgtattgca tgcttatagc     95700
     aaaatatctc atgtacccca taaatacata catgtgtcca caaaaattta aaatgtatta     95760
     aaaaataaaa taatcaatat aatattttaa aatatgcaca ggttgtctct aatgactagt     95820
     tctgccattt cttacagatc agtctaattt ttcttgttat atgttagctt tatatatata     95880
     tatttatata tcataaaaag agaaaactaa aatacataat accagaaaat taaatcaatg     95940
     tgtaattaaa tctttaaatc aatatgtaga caaaactgta taaaatataa caaggaggca     96000
     aaaaaagaaa ttaaaaattt aggcatgaga aattgaatag gacagagaaa agatattaaa     96060
     caattttaag gcaacactat gtgcaaatcc ccaaagacaa attagaaaat attagagaaa     96120
     tatcattaga aaatataaat tatcaaaatt acacctatag ttaaagttgg aatgtgtata     96180
     aatcaataaa gaaaaaaatg gaaaggcaaa acaaaaaaaa aaggaaatta cattcgagag     96240
     tctgggatca cacagagtac attgtaactc aaataaaaaa ataaaatcaa tttatgcctt     96300
     gcatatgcac acacatacac agtgggaacc cattgtattg tcagactctt gatctgatga     96360
     atacagagtg gaaaggcata gtacatttca gtgcatttaa ctcttgcacc ttgcttttaa     96420
     ctctttttca gaaagctaaa atgtagaaca gatacaaagg gagctgttct atttggaaag     96480
     gagaattgtg ggtgggagag aaggcaggac agcaagtgga acatcaccta ctgttctcag     96540
     ttgcttggca gaacctcaac cctcattaaa tccacttcat tgcctcttcc acaactgcac     96600
     ctgaacagcc atatatagct ggagaaaaac tcacaaccca gtggatcagt ctctttaaag     96660
     acaatatcat tattttcaag ggggctttcc tgagcttatt tacttcccta aatacccaaa     96720
     gcattcagtc atcaaaattg atttcatgct ggaaccacct aggtagtttt aaaagacact     96780
     gacgctgggg tcgcaatccc caaaaaaatt cttaggaaat tggtcttggg tgtggcccgg     96840
     gcatgccgat tattaaaata gttctgatta attccagagg caaatttgag agaagcttac     96900
     ttagaaatca cttggagatg ttactgaaat acagattttg acttttttga tgtggggcaa     96960
     ttcttcattt ctaacaagct tcaagtcaca ccgatgttgc tggtctatag accacattct     97020
     gaatagcagg gacctagagt cttatttctc accttctcct gtctcctcag aaatgtccaa     97080
     tagtccttct gtcttccatt ctcactctaa gtgcatgacc ttggttccca ttttactagg     97140
     aaaatccaag cccatcagta gggagatttt acaagctctg acctccaccc tacccaccta     97200
     caagcccatc atgcccacat actctgcctt cactcctgtg acttcaaacc acctttgttc     97260
     ctatctaatg aaagcaccca tcttttacag cagagtggac ctctctatct ctttgacaaa     97320
     tctccctctc tctgtcatca cctcatcacc aaggatgaga ctactacatt cagaagcatg     97380
     ctagaaccct ataatcctaa cagaaagcaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaagaaagg     97440
     aaagaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggcagg ccagccagag gggaggggag     97500
     gggtcacctc ttctgtaagg agcaatatgg agggagggag ggagggagag agggaaggag     97560
     gagaggggag gggggtcacc tgtcccgtaa ggagcaatat ggagtgaggg agggagggag     97620
     ggaaagaggg gaggggaggg gaggggaaag aaggagggaa ggaaaaaaga aaggggggaa     97680
     gggatggagg gagggagaga ggaaggaagg aaggaggaag ggagggaagg aagtaaggaa     97740
     ggaatctctt tcttatcaca atttcatttt ctaaatcagg ttttcttcac aactgaccag     97800
     tgaacatgac gtttttctca gtcaccaatg accttcacat tgctgcatgt aatgctaatc     97860
     tcagccctga gctgactgaa cctacaccag tgtgtgaatt aataagtatt ctttctcagg     97920
     caaaaggaga gagaatggaa ataaagtatc atgggcagag gaaggtagta ggagaattga     97980
     ctgcatcatc tgaaaggagt catagtttta agtggtcttg aataattaaa aaactcaaaa     98040
     aaacttattc caagttgttt ttaattctac tgagggcagg taaagaaatt taatattaaa     98100
     aggtacagaa cataaaaaag attgaggatt gtcttattac agtcaaggaa aaggaagtgg     98160
     gagaaaatgg atgaatgaaa tcttagaagg aatagggcca gattttgaca gacttttctc     98220
     cacaaaggag aagttaagct aaaatgaagg gacacagctt tgcccagtga taccaaaatt     98280
     tggagggtga aaagtgttta aagattatgc aaattgcact gacatttgca agcaacaatg     98340
     cgtgtattcc tttagcaata taggggaaaa tatctcaggt aggtctcaac cttttatttt     98400
     ggaaaaatct ttagtttaat atgattgaag ttgtatatat atacacatat gtgtggtatt     98460
     atttatgtat acatattcta atgaaatcgt cctatttgga ctacaatgaa aaccagtagt     98520
     tctttcctat acacttctcc atttctggca ctgcaaatgc aggcatttta actattatag     98580
     ctgttttttg aagatattta ctttcttttt taaaaatacc cagaattttt tattttttgt     98640
     ttcaaaaatt atctagctat tacttattgg tttatctctc ttatcatttc cactactact     98700
     ttgcctcttc tactccctct ccgcttataa tgaacacaag aattggctaa atcaagtata     98760
     ctttgtttat gttattaagg ctgtatttca attgttcaca gtcaaaccat gtgataaaca     98820
     attattgcat tcctttctat taaagttctt ttgttttcct tggagtaagc aattaccttt     98880
     tgtttacttc tgtaattttt atgtattttc ttgaattgtc tccgcttcta ccacagaaat     98940
     atatgcctgt tttcaaaaga aacagaaaca cctgtgtctt cttggaccac tgaattcact     99000
     gggtccggac atgctgcata gttttgatat tttaatttct tgtcaccata tttctctcgt     99060
     aatttcttta gtttctcact tgtgttggca ctactacatc tttacgctca gtccttttct     99120
     attttggtaa agcacaccct ttagtaattt cctcagaaaa gatgatacat ttttcagact     99180
     ttatatctga aaatatttgt agtgtatact catatttgac tggtaaattt acctggcctt     99240
     gtataatatt ctaggtggaa aataattttc acctaggttg tttaaagaat tgttttattg     99300
     gctcctaccc tcaagcattt tttttgcaaa attcctttat ttatttattt atttttattt     99360
     gttttattta tttttttgag acagagtctc actccatagc caggctgtac tgcaatggtg     99420
     cgatctctgc tcactgtgac ctccgcctcc tggattcaag tgattctact gcctcagcct     99480
     cccaagtagc tgggactaca ggcatgtacc accatgccta gctaattttt gtatttttgg     99540
     tagagacaag gtttcatcat gttggccagg atagtctcca tcccttgact tcatgatctg     99600
     ccagctttgg cctcccaaag ggctgggatt acaggcatga gccactgtgc ctgatcagtt     99660
     aaattcttta tatacaatca ttaaccactt ggttgttttt cctctttttc accaattgct     99720
     gacagtaaga attcctctct caagaaattt accaacgcaa aggaaacaaa tttagatgct     99780
     gacagtgatg gtcaccttgt gaaatagcaa gatctttagt gaattattgt accataaagg     99840
     tcaccattag aaaacaagag ctaccaattg acattttagt gtgtcactct caacatggaa     99900
     tgagctgtcc atgcagacca gatagttgac acaggtttta acatgatata tagactaagg     99960
     caaacaaaat agagatttaa gaggaaagaa aaagagactc agaggaaaaa ggaaaaccac    100020
     ccttaaggga gaatatcttt gctatttctt cttttttctc ttctgacgtt aggtgcttag    100080
     tgcattaatt ttgagccttc tatctttaca aatataaaag agaaagtgaa ttttatggta    100140
     taaaatatta aagtacaaaa gatttgagtt tatggacaaa ggtaaggaac atgttctaaa    100200
     ataaaatcag catagagctc agacatgtta gactattaag tgagcctcac tctgacattt    100260
     tgcctagtgc tgagtgctac taataatttc atacagtcaa aacaaagtct ggaaccatca    100320
     acattcctcc ttgaatcatt tcttgcttta ttaggacatg ttctgaccct gggtttaaaa    100380
     taggagatct ccaagtggtg cttgtgggag aaccctttat gcaaaagaga gatgcttctt    100440
     tcttgagaca tttccaatta gaatcggcta catagcttat gtaacatttt tcagggatcc    100500
     atgtccctaa gcctataaac aatactagcc agaccagtta cagtgtgcta aaagtggatc    100560
     ataaaaactt ggtaataata tctcccacta gaaaatacaa ttatagtatt ttcctggagg    100620
     tctgacatgt gcaagcttac aggtaaattt cccaagtcac ctttctttct cttccttggt    100680
     gcccccagtt aaacaagaaa aagaattcct aaactgctgt tagccttttc tttactaagg    100740
     gttttaagat tttggcgttg agatattttt tcctaaacta ggttttttaa attgaacatt    100800
     aaaaaatata aagtatgagc agagattttg agtgttcata taattttagg aagttaggtg    100860
     agctattatt aatatttaag atatgcacac aagaaaacaa taataaaagt gtgctgtgaa    100920
     tggcttagca agcagtaggc acttgtctaa tagaaaaatt atttagagat tgagaggtag    100980
     ctctgaatgc atcctgtgtg cttgttaatc attattttga aaagtctgga gacatggtcc    101040
     ctattgcctt taaatttctt tacataggta atagcataat ttctgacaaa gggtaagtgt    101100
     tttcagttta ataatcatag caatttcttt tgagctatta ccctattctt agacaatatt    101160
     ccaaaaatag tcctcacagg tttcagactg taacacctgc aaaccagatg aacacccccg    101220
     taacagttgt atgcattggg aaatgttatt ctcaaaaaac aataacttct gaaattaaat    101280
     tgagtgtggg gtaaatgaat cactatactt ctgagtgagg aaaagttgta taaatcaatg    101340
     gtactctcta agtaatatat gagagtggac actcaatctg tttcacatta agtttggggc    101400
     caggagagtg ggtttgggtt aggagtagag attaatgata ctgtgtatat gtcctactct    101460
     gtgggttaat agctcagtgt tcactgggga agtcagtgat agaaagcagt ggacattgca    101520
     tgtaaagtta gatattttga aagcatgttc aatagaaatt agttaagtac tccagtgtgc    101580
     atgattaaat aagtcttttg gggtaaacta gtaaactgtc tgaaaaggaa atgaaagaaa    101640
     aatgaaatga attataagca acaatggcag aaacaactat agactatgtt gtgaccaggg    101700
     cttgtgccaa gtggggccaa aacacttctg tgtcctttat atgtaattct tctcactttc    101760
     ttgtgtcatc caatcagtat ttgtcagggc tggtacctat aaagaatgat acttgagtcc    101820
     tcaaatagga gagtaaatta gtcaagagaa agtccaaggc tggtgggaat ggggtcttgg    101880
     aagtgagaac agtgaggaga actaactgga gaggagggta gaattatggg aatatgatgg    101940
     tgagcaacgg caaagccatc cctgtcttta ttgggatgca gccatatggg gagaaacaga    102000
     cacattttca aaagctacta caacatcata tgatgaatgt ctgaagatgt aagtacatgt    102060
     gagttcacct gaaaggtccc tgatatggtt tagctctgta tccctgccca aatctcacat    102120
     cgaattgtaa ttcccaatgt ggggagaggg agctggtgga agatgattgg accatgatag    102180
     tggatttccc attgctgttc tcatgatagt aagtcagttc tcacaaaaac tgattgttta    102240
     aaagtgggta gtacttccac tttttctctg tctctctgtt tctcctcctc tgccatatta    102300
     agacttgctt gcttcacctt tgcccgctgc catgattgta agtttactga ggccttccag    102360
     ccatgcttcc tttacagcct gtggaactat gcataagtta aacctctttt cttcataaat    102420
     tatccagtct caggtagttg tttatagctg tgtgagaatg gactaataca gccactaaat    102480
     tagttacagg tgtaagtcaa acttcatgaa gaaactgaca tctatcagga gacaggaatt    102540
     tgaaaaggag cagatgaaaa gtggcagcaa atatttaaaa agtacttcta ttttggaaaa    102600
     gatgatgttt ccttgtgatt tgaaatagga attggcatga catatgtgat aatccagaga    102660
     aaagaatacg gaagaaatgg ataaatactg aatagcagaa catccagaca aaagaaaaca    102720
     ttcaaaggcc tttgaccttt aaagaacagg tttaactgaa tatgacactt ggggatctcc    102780
     agaaaataga tcctgaaaga ccatcagtat catcttctat cacccactgc aacagactga    102840
     atgtttatgt caccaaaatt cctatgttga aaccataacc cctggccagg tgtagtagct    102900
     cacccctgta atcccagaat tttgagaggc agtttgtctt acctttggaa ggcaaaggca    102960
     agtggattgc ttgagatgag gagttcaaga ccagactagg caacacagtg aaactccttc    103020
     cctactaaaa atgcaaaaat taaccaggca gtgtgacaca tgccttcagt cccagctact    103080
     tggggagctg aggtggaaag atgaattc                                       103108