EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC018630; SV 40; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 167868 BP.
AC   AC018630;
DT   21-DEC-1999 (Rel. 62, Created)
DT   16-JAN-2006 (Rel. 86, Last updated, Version 69)
DE   Homo sapiens 12 BAC RP11-673D15 (Roswell Park Cancer Institute Human BAC
DE   Library) complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-167868
RA   Muzny D.M., Adams C., Adio-Oduola B., Ali-osman F.R., Allen C.,
RA   Alsbrooks S.L., Amaratunge H.C., Are J.R., Ayele M., Banks T., Barbaria J.,
RA   Benton J., Bimage K., Blankenburg K., Bonnin D., Bouck J., Bowie S.,
RA   Brieva M., Brown E., Brown M., Bryant N.P., Buhay C., Burch P., Burkett C.,
RA   Burrell K.L., Byrd N.C., Carron T.F., Carter M., Cavazos S.R., Chacko J.,
RA   Chavez D., Chen G., Chen R., Chen Z., Chiu D., Chowdhry I.,
RA   Christopoulos C., Cleveland C.D., Cox C., Coyle M.D., Dathorne S.R.,
RA   David R., Davila M.L., Davis C., Davy-Carroll L., Dederich D.A.,
RA   Delaney K.R., Delgado O., Denn A.L., Ding Y., Dinh H.H., Douthwaite K.J.,
RA   Draper H., Dugan-Rocha S., Durbin K.J., Earnhart C., Edgar D.,
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RA   Flagg N., Ford J., Foster P., Frantz P., Gabisi A., Gao J., Garcia A.,
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RA   Shooshtari N., Sisson I., Sodergren E., Sonaike T., Sparks A., Stanley H.,
RA   Stone H., Sutton A., Svatek A., Tabor P., Tamerisa A., Tamerisa K.,
RA   Tang H., Tansey J., Taylor C., Taylor T., Telfrod B., Thomas N., Thomas S.,
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RA   Ward-Moore S., Warren R., Washington C., Watlington S., Williams G.,
RA   Williamson A., Wleczyk R., Wooden S., Worley K., Wu C., Wu Y., Wu Y.F.,
RA   Zhou J., Zorrilla S., Kucherlapati R., Weinstock G., Gibbs R.;
RT   "Direct Submission";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-167868
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (15-DEC-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-167868
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-AUG-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-167868
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-AUG-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-167868
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-167868
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (15-MAR-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
DR   MD5; a06cff812d653576ef113d6e8e69ff1b.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000106.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270904.
DR   ENA-CON; GL877876.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000111215; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000212126; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000255374; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000256436; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000262612; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000263097; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000263247; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000273431; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000276167; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000277454; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC018630.40:1-167868; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000390675; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000574424; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000575654; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000576999; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000613831; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000614435; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; P59537.
DR   GOA; P59538.
DR   GOA; P59544.
DR   GOA; Q16378.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:18020; PRR4.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:18875; TAS2R43.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:18882; TAS2R50.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:19112; TAS2R30.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:19113; TAS2R31.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:9366; PRH1.
DR   InterPro; IPR007960; TAS2_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   InterPro; IPR026086; Pro-rich.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WU15; A0A087WU15_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WV42; A0A087WV42_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WY73; A0A087WY73_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WYF5; A0A087WYF5_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WYT0; A0A087WYT0_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WZY1; A0A087WZY1_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087X2D9; A0A087X2D9_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F5H178; F5H178_HUMAN.
CC   On Aug 30, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:22450371.
CC   INFORMATION: or email
CC   CLONE LENGTH: This sequence does not necessarily represent the
CC   entire insert of this clone. Overlapping regions of clones are only
CC   sequenced and submitted once, so the sequence for the remainder of
CC   the insert may be found in the record for the adjacent clones.
CC   Overlapping clones are noted at the beginning and end of the
CC   Features listing.
CC      STSs are identified using ePCR (Genome Res. 7:541-550) searches
CC   of a local database that includes entries from dbSTS, GDB, and
CC   local mapping efforts.
CC      Repeats are identified using RepeatMasker (A. Smit and P. Green,
CC   unpublished.) for Human and Mouse sequences.
CC      Genes and Region of sequence similarity are identified by BLAST
CC   (Nuc. Acids Res. 25:3389-3402) similarity (expect < 1e-34) to the
CC   EST and cDNA sequences. Genes demonstrate at least two exons
CC   flanked by consensus splice sites that maintained sequence
CC   continuity across the splice junctions. Sequences that are not
CC   identical matches are annotated as similar.
CC   SEQUENCING READ COVERAGE:Sequencing is completed to a minimum
CC   standard of double strand coverage with a minimum of 2 clones and 2
CC   reads with no ambiguities or 2 chemistries with a minimum of 2
CC   clones and 3 reads with no ambiguities. If the sequence quality for
CC   a region does not meet this standard, it will be indicated in the
CC   annotation as Low Coverage.
CC   QUALITY OF INDIVIDUAL BASES:This sequence meets stringent quality
CC   standards - estimated error rate less than 1 per 10,000 bases.
CC   Reports of lowest quality individual bases and measures of base
CC   quality are listed below. Description of the metrics can be found
CC   at URL:
CC   ml.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..167868
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="12"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP11-673D15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    1..2004
FT                   /function="clone overlap"
FT                   /note="overlaps bases 36931..38934 of clone AC134349"
FT   misc_feature    81383
FT                   /function="polymorphic site"
FT                   /note="AC018630,G/AC079625,A"
FT   STS             84221..84438
FT                   /standard_name="RH68584"
FT   misc_feature    85868..85892
FT                   /function="variation in subclones"
FT                   /note="homopolymeric run - majority call 25 As, two
FT                   subclones call 26 As"
FT   STS             89558..89851
FT                   /standard_name="SHGC-83138"
FT   misc_feature    93524
FT                   /function="polymorphic site"
FT                   /note="AC018630,C/AC079625,T"
FT   misc_feature    93553
FT                   /function="polymorphic site"
FT                   /note="AC018630,A/AC079625,G"
FT   STS             106812..107053
FT                   /standard_name="D12S1123"
FT   STS             121553..121811
FT                   /standard_name="D12S1409"
FT   STS             124043..124172
FT                   /standard_name="SGC33675"
FT   STS             158084..158345
FT                   /standard_name="WI-21551"
FT   misc_feature    complement(165864..167868)
FT                   /function="clone overlap"
FT                   /note="overlaps bases 171731..173735 of clone AC006518"
FT   STS             165948..166195
FT                   /standard_name="G62236"
SQ   Sequence 167868 BP; 51888 A; 28458 C; 31677 G; 55845 T; 0 other;
     aattcagctt tcacttcaac atcaatatgg aaaattttac cttacagcaa ggatgttgtg        60
     tttgaatagg agttaatttg agctgttttg gaaattatca tgttttccat aaagacagca       120
     ttgatttcat ccattagcat attgagatga tttcctcttt gacgttggtc acagaattta       180
     aaaggaacaa gaacattact gcacattcag gaatcagtta cacatagaag ttaaggtcag       240
     gaccttaaag ggaatcttga ccagtgatat taggcctact ttttaaaaca ttcagacatg       300
     ataaatttac taccattcat tttttcaata acagcaatga tatatttatt tttcccatgg       360
     acacctacat taagcttgtt gtctattttt atatttcaac atttttgtct ttgagtcctt       420
     ttaggagttg ttaaacaatc ctgaaatttc ccttacagtg ctgttaacaa ttatattttt       480
     tcaaagtcct ttggcataat gattgattaa aggaaatatc tccagtataa ttacacttgc       540
     ttataagaaa agagtatttg aaacttgaag aaaaaaaggt tagacaaatt tataatgaaa       600
     tataaataaa tatgtataat atataaggca ttattaataa atgtatatga aataactatc       660
     atagaatgaa atttattgaa gtaaaaatac attctaaatt agaataggaa agaacttgga       720
     aactattgtt taataatatg ttatataaat acaaaactgt aaatattact cttacgttac       780
     ttattttgga aaggatatga aacaatggga attttcatat tctactccta ggatgataaa       840
     tctgtaccat cattttggct gagtatggca ttatctgatt aagatgaagg atcacatcct       900
     aaacccagta tttacactct tatccgaata catatacatg cacatgcgta tcactgagtt       960
     tcagtagcta aagttgagaa gtacttggaa tgtctgtcag tcctccaaat ggataaacaa      1020
     attatggcat acttatacaa tggaatacta tacagtgatc aaaattaaca aagaagactg      1080
     acatgtttac aacagtataa tacaacaaag gaaatgaaca aatttgagct acatagataa      1140
     taatactcac agatgtgaaa ggaattatca agatggaaaa atacatttgg aatgatcttt      1200
     tacataaagt ttggaaaaaa aatttttaat acattgtaat ttgttacatt ggtgatgaaa      1260
     ctctacagtg aaatatatga atgatcatca taacaattgg gataatcagg agggaggaaa      1320
     taaaagggaa atatcaacaa gaagacgtat attgggagta tctggattgc tggcaaattc      1380
     tattttctga ccaaggtttg gtaacatcaa tgttaatgtt ataatttttt cttactgttt      1440
     ttaggtttta ttactctctg tatgttatat tccccaataa aaaaatgtta aaaaagcaaa      1500
     aacataagta catttctacg tataaattca gggtgataca gcatattctc atagatacca      1560
     ttgtaattag agtttttgct gaataaagga gaatagagca ttatggtact aagaaataca      1620
     agttaaaatt taaaactttt tttattttga gacagggtct tgctctgttg tccaggctgg      1680
     agtgcacaag tgcaatcgcg gctcaatgca acctctgcca cccgggctga agtgattctc      1740
     tcagttcagc ctccagagta gctaggacaa caggcgtgca ccaccacgcc ctgctaattt      1800
     tttctatttt tggtagagat gggattttgc catgttgccc aagctggtct tgaactcctg      1860
     tgctcaggca atccacctgc ctcagcctcc taaaatggtg ggattacagt tatgagccac      1920
     cacacctggc ccaaaagttt tcttaaatta attaaaaaag aagataagca agaactgtaa      1980
     atccaccttc ttaatgctaa tatgaatttg aaacatcaaa atttgaatat ttatgattgc      2040
     tagacacctt tattcttatt tccaatttaa ttattcataa ttcacatttc agtgtcagaa      2100
     agtcatgaat ttccaataaa ctatagtaag atggatatta catatataga cctattatgc      2160
     caaaatgtgt ctctaaatga aatatgtata ttcatattgt tagcattcta atttcacaat      2220
     actattcatg tgtacacctg cattttgggt taaatatttt gttactatat attttttggt      2280
     tctgcattag agaagaaaaa tcataggcaa atttgttaag gtgtaaaaca tatttagcat      2340
     gatctttgag tatgtttgtg catatataat gctactttga ctgctatagt aagataacag      2400
     atttagtcac catagctaag aatgtgaaaa agcatttaca agaatttggc ttgctaatga      2460
     tgctattaaa agatgaaata aaattgatat gctgtatatt gcatagagta tttgtctatt      2520
     ttcatattga aaactgcaca aaaaaaccca aaatagaatc ctaattgttg gagatcactt      2580
     ttgctatgaa tttttaaagt ataataaaat aaaaaaagca aataaatcat tgaaaataca      2640
     ttggttttac attattcttg atgaaatacc acgtgagggt atttgcctag gcctgatgct      2700
     ggaataatat aagaatcatg aggccatgaa gaagaataat attgttctct cattactttg      2760
     aagtctagta cttaaaaaac aagactgaaa tcacatttat caaatagcat tctccctttt      2820
     acctgccatc atcattatca ttatctatat ccacatctat ctcattaaat gatttatttt      2880
     tgaaatattt aaacacataa tttggaaaat aagtaatttt aaaaagatca taattattgg      2940
     aaagttacag gagtaaacag caaagtttaa gtcaagctca atacacttag atttagaaat      3000
     taagtgtagt ttattttaca atacattgct taagcaaata attatttatg gatgagctta      3060
     aactaatcct cttttcacta tgatcactat ggaaacaatt tagattttaa tggaactaaa      3120
     cctccctagt aagaaagaca aagcaaatag cacattttat gagcaagctt atatttctaa      3180
     agagagagtt ttaggaccag attgtcaaac agaggtaaga cctcagatct tctgtcacac      3240
     ttgagtgagt gatgatggag tttgaaggtt atagttctat aaccaaaact atattcacgg      3300
     atagggatta aatggtggaa ttccttagaa gcaccagatt cagttttgtt tccatgggaa      3360
     taaaagttct tcaatgtttg ataaacttgt aagtactgtt ttactctttg atcttttaaa      3420
     gattgttata aatgaagaag ccttgatttc tgcttataaa aacagtaaaa tttaaatcgt      3480
     ggaatagatt ggtggagctg tggttgagat actatatttt attaattgta atgacatttt      3540
     gagatctagt gctgctcact gaatttccct ataaggtgag tttgtggtga tgacccagca      3600
     acagacaagc tactatccaa aaaaagctac tcacatcaaa tcaatttccg gtttcttcca      3660
     agttgcagga gaatgcctag accatgattt taatctcttc tgtgaccttt gtattacaaa      3720
     aagaagaaaa ttgtgaccat tttcatgtca ggtatactaa aaatttataa aaactccttt      3780
     ttaaagaact tgtgagtagc ttcactatgc ctggctcaca ttttcattta ttgtagaggg      3840
     agtttcggtg tattgcacag gctggtcttg aactcctggg tgctcctgcc ccagccttac      3900
     aaaatgttgg gattatgggt gtgagccacc ctgcctggcc aataaagaga cttattgaaa      3960
     atattaagtt gaatatgcaa gaaggaatac aaattaatga aagtgataaa tatgtgcata      4020
     attgtaaatg aatgtttgct gtataaaata ataatgtctt gagggtgatt atataattga      4080
     taagacatat gcaaatggca aaaaatagac tggaggtaaa ggtgacagga gtaaatttac      4140
     ttgaagtagt ttttgaactt ttctatgtct atgaggagat tttgaacaat gaccctgtaa      4200
     ttttacccaa aggtatatat acagaggaat tgcatcaaat gatatatgaa agaattctct      4260
     agtagaatta ttcataactt caaaaaagaa gcagaccaaa tgtacattaa ggatgggtga      4320
     atcattacat taattccatg caacggaaca atatagagaa gtgaaaaaaa accacatgta      4380
     cttgcaacta tgtgactaaa tttcagaaac ataatgttga gtccaagaag ccacaaacaa      4440
     caagaacatg taggaatgca cctacacaga gttcaaagca ggccagacca agcgatggag      4500
     tttagggttg catacctagt tggtaaagtg tgaagaaaat taaggaaata atcaatataa      4560
     attatggata ttgcttatct caggagatgt gaagaagggt ttagggggtt ggaaagtggc      4620
     atggaggtgg acctaggctg ttttcagtgt tccttgtctt gctccacata atggttactt      4680
     gaatgtttat gatacactgc ggtatttccc atttttgttt tggttcattt ctaagtgtgc      4740
     attataattt taacataaaa agttttaatt aggagaaacg tctcatagaa attattatta      4800
     ctcgtctcat tatatactga ggggaaaaat aaactattgg tatacattct tatacaactc      4860
     taagagagtt gaagtaagaa ctttatttag ttgcaacatg aggaaatttg agatgatttt      4920
     atttgccacc ccagattttt ccaaaggatt tcttctagcc ttaattatcc acctcacatg      4980
     aacaaatctt tgccgttccc catctatttt ttcttttggc tcctgaattc ctgacacaac      5040
     aaggttgtac acatttccca cactcttggt ttagcagagt tcttttatca gttatgtttt      5100
     tctgcaagag aaacccttca aaactacatt agatatttat atatcacatg gctttggatt      5160
     ttgtttttct aaatgggttt gttggatagc tctggtgact tgagatgggc caaattctgc      5220
     atcttggagg tcgttagagt ttggccaatt tagtctggat caggtggggg gcaatctgcc      5280
     ttcattagtt tctgattctc cttctgggaa cagtgtacta gccaggtgat attctcatag      5340
     taaatggaaa gaggaagaac acccagtatg gaagctatct caaatttcta tgcaaagtgt      5400
     attaattttt tgttcatcaa agtaagttaa atgattgaac ttcaagttca ggggaaaggt      5460
     agtcagtctt cgtgtgatgg gaggatactg caagattata tatcaaaggg tctggtactc      5520
     aggaatactt ataaaattgc tgaacatttt aattaaataa taaatattta aatattagac      5580
     ttgagagaaa ctttaccaaa ggcctaagaa ttagagatat gtttgataaa taaacattat      5640
     tcgtgggctg aaaaccttga gtgggaaaat aggactaatt tcacctggac aacctcctgg      5700
     aaactgattt tttattttgg aaattatgag aaaataattc gttccattca taagtggtgt      5760
     gcacatgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtgtatttat gagcttgtga ataatgaagt tacacaaaag      5820
     tattagcagc aaccagatct tatggagtat tggcctgcct gtggttctca agtaaatctt      5880
     agatgctttt gataaaagca gtttggattc tgtgtattta aatctggcat ttaaaaaagt      5940
     ccgtattggt gatgatctta gttatgatca agctcccttt aagattttag acatttacta      6000
     tacgatctac atatcgggtt ataaaacttc ccaagcaact gaagtcgcta aagacaaatg      6060
     atggagaggt tacacaagga aaaattgcaa acactggaag tgaacatgtc cttgtttgca      6120
     tactagcaaa tgagaattca ggtttcatgt caatttcagt atgaataatt ccagcctata      6180
     acaagaacag atggtgaatg agtcagttaa tttgaattgt tttgaaaata agaatgtttt      6240
     ccataaagag agcattgaac ttatccatta gcatgccatg gtgatttctg acttgacact      6300
     ggtcacagca attaaaagta aaaagaatgt cacagcacat acacaaatca ggtgcatata      6360
     gaatttaagg tcaggatatt caagcaatca caaccagtga tattacacca gcattttaaa      6420
     aatttctttt tgtctgttca gacatgataa cttttctgcc catcattttt tccattctaa      6480
     tagtggttat atttgttatt ggaaattttg ctaatggctt catagcattg gtaaattcca      6540
     ttgagtgggt caagagacaa aagatctcct ttgttgacca aattctcact gctctggcgg      6600
     tctccagagt tggtttgctc tgggtgttat tactacattg gtatgcaact cagttgaatc      6660
     cagcttttta tagtgtagaa gtaagaatta ctgcttataa tgtctgggca gtaaccaacc      6720
     atttcagcag ctggcttgct actagcctca gcatgtttta tttgctcagg attgccaatt      6780
     tctccaacct tatttttctt cgcataaaga ggagagttaa gagtgttgtt ctggtgatac      6840
     tgttggggcc tttgctattt ttggtttgtc atctttttgt gataaacatg gatgagactg      6900
     tatggacaaa agaatatgaa ggaaacgtga cttggaagat caaattgagg agtgcaatgt      6960
     accattcaaa tatgactcta accatgctag caaactttgt acccctcact ctgaccctga      7020
     tatcttttct gctgttaatc tgttctctgt gtaaacatct caagaagatg cagctccatg      7080
     gcaaaggatc tcaagatccc agcaccaagg tccacataaa agctttgcaa actgtgacct      7140
     cctttcttct gttatgtgcc atttactttc tgtccatgat catatcagtt tgtaattttg      7200
     ggaggctgga aaagcaacct gtcttcatgt tctgccaagc tattatattc agctatcctt      7260
     caacccaccc attcatcctg attttgggaa acaagaagct aaagcagatt tttctttcag      7320
     ttttgcggca tgtgaggtac tgggtgaaag acagaagcct tcgtctccat agattcacaa      7380
     gaggggcatt gtgtgtcttc tagcagaaaa caaactggtg gtgtatgaaa cattttatat      7440
     ttcttactgg gttttctgta atatatgtat atgaataatt tccacatgta tacctagaaa      7500
     agtcttttac ctaaagttag tctagaaaag tacatatata tagatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      7560
     tgtgtgtatg aaaaactgaa gaacattgac aataacatgc tttttattgt tttttcacaa      7620
     aaactgccaa attatagaaa atatgacaaa aattcctcaa ttatgaagcc atgtttattt      7680
     catacatgta ttttatattt catttgtaga atttatatct atttataatt attaagaact      7740
     aacagcttat ctcaggaaaa atattgctct tttctattgt tatttgaatg acacaaatat      7800
     accacagtgt gcttacaatc tgttgtttta acctataact ttttgataat aaggtcgttc      7860
     aattcttaat cactaatgag gatgtatctt cagggtttta ttccattatg aattcctatt      7920
     ttatgtttag taaaaagcaa tcagaattat tgttacaaaa caatgaacac aataaaattt      7980
     gagtgagaag tatacgtata gtaaatttca tgtatgtgta ccataaacag tactgaggaa      8040
     tattagattt aatacaagta tgtgaatagc ttagaaaaaa atctctgcta taagagggat      8100
     gaaaaatcat gatcatgatc ttgattgcta ttatcagctt ccatatgcag ttagaacagt      8160
     catttcttcc agcttttcaa ttaaagaaaa actttttttg aaattgagct cagatgtaaa      8220
     ttattttagt attttttcta aagcacttct aagcccctga attgctaatt atatccttat      8280
     cttccatttt taaaattctt tctaaacttc agataagaga actccagtct tccgttttct      8340
     aaaaaaaaat ctgtcaatgt gaaaatagta taaaaattat ggaaaataat tcagtgaaac      8400
     tttttttaag tgttaaaata gtatctatga aatctatgta ttaattatgg gatttgtcct      8460
     agtgtaattt tgttgtcaat gattaaatgg aattgtcttg acatattcat taatgggaag      8520
     ttctattata agaaggaaat gtacagtctt gtttacagct aaattctaca tgactgtatt      8580
     aattcttggt gttatgaaat tttaacaatg ttgttcagac cttaagataa atcatcccca      8640
     cacctgattc atgtattttt tagaatcatg tatcttcctc agtacaatgt aagaaccata      8700
     aaagaagaga tcgtgtctgt caggctttct gttgactccc aggacctaga acccagcaca      8760
     aggaatagat ggtcaaaaat gatattttaa tgaacaaata aatgggtgga taaaatgggt      8820
     aagctgatgt ggtaaaccaa tgaaagggaa actcatcaca aaatctgcag ttgcatgagt      8880
     tcccctgttc tggtctcagg ttaagattac aggcttatcc aagcagaatc cttcctcaga      8940
     ggaaaagttt ggctattcca caattttagg ggaaatatca caataatata gtcttgatgc      9000
     agctgtatca ggtgtctgaa ttggcgacaa ggtagaacat caaaattaga tgccactatt      9060
     acaatatttt aaaaaagcat ataaaagact ttggtctatt tgcgtatgta tttttttcta      9120
     ttgtgaatta tatatttgta ttatgatatt ttctagttga ttatcatata aaaatggcat      9180
     ttcatttcaa aaaattgagt tagtaaccag ctactttact aaaatgtttt taacgtaata      9240
     cctgatatta aagtgatgac atttatatgg aaggccaatt caagacaaaa atggcaggga      9300
     catgtggaaa ttgagacaag aaccgatgtg aaacaatgtg tggtgatgtc tggtatgact      9360
     gctggcagcc acttcacagt gaggtgagag agacagcatg gtggtcatca gatgcatgca      9420
     cttgactccc agaacttttc cagaagggct acaaagggaa accacagctg gcattagtcc      9480
     atggaagaga gagagaggag ggagaatgta tctgctcagc tgtcgttagt cttctgtttc      9540
     cccttggcca gggtttccct gagttagaac taccatctct gttgttctgt cttacatcat      9600
     ccagtccctt ggtggtggtc atgaaagtca gacctcatgc ccacagtgtg gtgatgcatt      9660
     caagtcccaa atggaaggat gatctggatc aggcaaggtg ctgaccaggg gaacaggaga      9720
     tagtgaaggg aatctgagaa agcacatgtt tgtgtccaat accaccactc cttgtgccac      9780
     tgagacgtgc tcataccctc cagtcatggc tggctttatg agcatatgac ttgcacagtt      9840
     gtacagggtt ttgtgcttat aggggcttgt gcttagagtg actctatgct tggattaatg      9900
     ttctgcactt gctgtttggc ttttcagaca gagtatactt cagcattccc tctgctgaag      9960
     agggaatggt cttacactgg tcttacactg attccatagg gatttgctct cccctctcct     10020
     acaggcttgt cagagacatg cacagagtcc tataatgccc actatgcatg cctctagcag     10080
     ctttgaattc cgctggatca tctggcacag tggccagagc agcctggacc agagcctata     10140
     tcttctgtag agccctcttt agttctgggc tccatttgag accagtagcc tttagaaaca     10200
     tcgttcgtga gtcagagcaa tattctcaaa tgtggaatat gttgtctcca aaatcccagt     10260
     aggcccccaa aacatagtgt ctcttttgta gtgataggaa atatatagag agagcaaaat     10320
     gccgtttact gtaaaaaaga ttgtctcagc atgtggacta gggacactaa aaaccttaaa     10380
     acatcaccta tgttgtcggt ccctgaatct tctctgattt atctattttc ttctggtatt     10440
     ttacttctgc tcaatgttat aatattttac tatactgaag aaacttgcca tttcctgatt     10500
     attgtaccaa ctaatatatt attattggta ttattttgag acacggtctc tttctgtccc     10560
     tgaggctgga atgcagtggc aggatcacag ctcattgcag cctcaacctt ctgggcacaa     10620
     gtgattctcc cacttcggca ttgctggcag ctgggactgc aggggcacaa caccatgcct     10680
     ggctaatttt ggtatttttt gtagggctgg gatgtcaccg tgttacccag gctggtctca     10740
     aactcctggg ctcaagtgat ctgcctgtgt cggcctccta aagtgttggg attacagtca     10800
     tatgccacag ggcccggtct gtaatattat caatacatta aactggcagg atgttttaaa     10860
     aaatgtaaat taaactgaga acagaagtga catagccctg acatacaaca gtgaagcagt     10920
     gctattattc ttacaaggca aattgttttg attttccctc ataatgggtg tagattaaga     10980
     accattcacc aaatcactag ccccacaaaa agtaccagaa gctctgctct gctcagtgaa     11040
     gatagcacat cctggaaagc atttgtgagt gttgatttaa gtttatggta gtctgcattc     11100
     attcgataac ccatctggtt ttggtagagg ccagataggt taagtgaatc gggttataga     11160
     aaagactacc atcccctgta actttcaggt gttttgtcat gacagtgacc agttccattc     11220
     cttagggaat gcggttatta tattttatat attttgttgc cagtagagga gaatttcaga     11280
     ggctttccct tggtcctgct ataataatgt tccttactct acagttcacg aagaatgtga     11340
     gagtcctgcc agctgccata cgtatccatt tcaattcagg aagaggtaat aactacaaac     11400
     tgattagatc caccttggga tggacatgag ccgaagctct aggtagcatc tgaccttcaa     11460
     aactcccact gcgggctgga tgtgatggct catgcctgta gtcctagtac tttgggaggc     11520
     caaggtgtga agatcccttg agagcaggag ttccctgtgc atcatatgga aactccgtct     11580
     ctacaaaaaa ttttaaaaat tacctggcat ggtggtacat gcctatagtt ccaaatagtt     11640
     gagaagctga ggcaggagga ttgcttgagc ccaggagttc caggctgcag tgggctatga     11700
     ttgtgccact gtactccagc ttgggtaaca gagggagatg ctgtctcaga acaaaaaaaa     11760
     aggtggaagt tctcactggt gtcaaatatc aagagaaaca ggatcaaatc aataattaac     11820
     aatctttggt tcctgcttat agcaaacagg taaaattgaa agtagttaca gaaatagtat     11880
     attaactcct aacaaaacta accaatgaaa gttttattat catctccttt ttgttgttat     11940
     tttgatacgg agtctcgctc tgtctctcag gctagagtgc agtggcgtga tctcgactaa     12000
     ctataacctc tgccttctgg gttcaaatga ttctcctgct gcagtcaccg agtggctcgg     12060
     attataggtg cgtgccacca ccacctggct aatttttata tttttagtgg agacagggtt     12120
     tcaccatgtt ggccatgctg gatttgcact cctgacttca ggtgatccac ctgccttggc     12180
     ctcccaaagt gctgggatta cagccatgag ccactgcgcc cgctttttat aggtgattat     12240
     actgaggcag gagtagttgg aaaatggagt ctcagagcat agctatacca agcagggaat     12300
     atgatttcct gacctggcgt ctgactccaa gatcccctct tagaaacagt tatgctataa     12360
     aaactgaaaa gaaacaaaat ccaggattgg agactgattt taacatctat tcatcataaa     12420
     tcaataagta atcaaaaata aatagagaaa agtaaaagtg aatattcata cacagagaag     12480
     tgtaaattct tctatggaaa acatgttttt ttagtgccca aggaatagtt atacaattgt     12540
     tgaggttttt ctttttcttt ttcttttttt tttttttgag actgagtctc gctctgtcgc     12600
     ccaggctaga gtgcagtggc gccatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctccgcctc ctgggttcac     12660
     accattctct ggcctcagcc tccccgagta gctgggacta caggcgcctg ccaccatgcc     12720
     cggctaactt tggttttgta tttttagtag agacgaggtt tcaccgtgtt agccaggatg     12780
     gtctcgatct cctgacctcg tgatcagccc gcctcggcct cccaaaatgc tgggattaca     12840
     ggcgtgagcc accgtgtccg gccaaaatag ttgagtattt taattaaata actaatattt     12900
     aagtattctc aagagaataa cttagttaaa ggcctaagcc ttagagatta agtttgataa     12960
     acattgaaaa tgggctgaaa agcccgagta agaaaattaa ttttcatttt agaagttata     13020
     ggacagtaat ttttccaaac catgaggggt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtga atgtgtttgt     13080
     gttaatgagc ttgttaacaa taagttgtac aaaattatta gttagcagta accagttttc     13140
     aaggaatatt ggccttcctg ggcttcccaa gaaaaccttg gacacttttg gtagaaaagt     13200
     tgggattcac tctccataaa tctggcattg aaaaaatgat tcaacagtgg tcatgattct     13260
     agttttgacc aagctacata taacagtgta ggcatccaat gtatgattta tgtattaggt     13320
     tggaaaattt ccctaacaac tcacattgct gaacgcaaat tatggagaca ttaaacaagg     13380
     aaaaaattgc aaaatgatga ttaagtgtat gacttgattt gcatgctagc aaatgagaat     13440
     tcagctttca catcaacatc agtatgaaaa attttatctt ataacaagca tatagtattt     13500
     gaataggagt taatttgagc tgttttggaa attatcctgt tttccattaa gacagccttg     13560
     aactcattca atagcattcc ccggtgcttt cctgtttgac attagccaga gaatttaaaa     13620
     ggaacaagaa cgttattgca cagtcagaaa tcaggagcac atagaaatta aggtcaggac     13680
     cttaaaggga aacttgtcca ttggtattag gcctgcctta aaaaatgcgg acatggtatg     13740
     tttactactc atcattattt tccataacag taatggtaga atttgtattt tcccatgggc     13800
     accttcatta ggcttataga ctattttgat atttcaacat attattttct ttgagtcctt     13860
     ttaatgagtt gttaaacaat gctaaaattt gccttacagt atactgttaa ctaatcatat     13920
     tttcccaaag tcatttgaca taatgtttgg ttaaaggaaa tatgtctagt acagttacac     13980
     tctaggattg taatcctaga attgtaaatc agtgcaatta ctttgagtat ggcattatct     14040
     gattaagatg atggatcaca tctgaagacc cactattgca ctcttatcag aatacatata     14100
     cacacacatg catatcactg agttttaatt gctaaagttg acaagtctgt caaatgtcca     14160
     tgggtgataa aatggataaa taaattattg catagtcata caatagaata ctatacagca     14220
     atcaaaatga accaactaga gagacgttta taaagaatgt taataaaaag gaaaatgaac     14280
     aaatttgcac tacatagata cgagagatat taagatggaa acatgattcc gtataattac     14340
     atttatataa agtttacaaa actatatttt taatgaattg caatttatta cattgttgtc     14400
     gaaattctaa agtgagaccc aagagtgatt attgtaacaa ctggcacagt agggacggag     14460
     gaaacaaaag ggaaatgata tcaacaagaa ggtgtatatg gggagtgtct ggattgctgg     14520
     taaattctac ttcatgacca agatgtggta acatgaccct taatgctata atttttttct     14580
     atactgtacc ttcaggcttt attaatttat atatatgtta tgtttcatag taatgaaaat     14640
     attttaaaag cagaatcata taataaatga atgaatataa aataggctga aaaaacattc     14700
     ttgtagacac catggtaatt agaatttttg ctgaataaag aagaatagag cattatgata     14760
     gtaagaaatc caagataaaa ttttaaactt taaattaatt ttaaaaagga agagataaac     14820
     aggaagtcta cctccacact cttaatgtta ttcttatttt gaaacatcag attttgcaca     14880
     tctgtatttt gctagacacc tttttttctt atttccaatt tagatattta tgatcacaac     14940
     atttcaaagt ggcagaaatt agtgaatttc caatatagta atatcgatat taaatataca     15000
     ggacaatttt ctaaatttat ccctaaatga aataataata cacatatttt taccattcaa     15060
     agattataat accatgcatg tgtacacatg tgtgaggaaa aatattttga tactacaaat     15120
     tttttgaata ttacaggaga attagtagaa agataatttt gttaaggcat aaaacatatg     15180
     tagtataact acttggactg ctataataaa atcacccaga ttttgtgaca gtagctgaga     15240
     atgtaaataa gcagtagaga gaatttaact tgttaatgat gctattaaaa gatgaaatga     15300
     agcttattca ctctataatt gcaaagagta tttgtgtaag ttcataggaa agtggaacaa     15360
     aattaaacag ccaacaagag agtattcttt gctggaggtc aattttactg taatttttag     15420
     aatgtggtaa aagaaaaaaa atagcaagta aatcattgga aatgtgtcgg ttttgtatta     15480
     ttcttgacga aatattatgt gagggtattt gtctaggcct gatgctgaga ataatacaag     15540
     aattgtgccg ggcatggtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagc actctgggag accgaggctg     15600
     gtggatcacc tgaggtcagg atttccagac tggcctggcc aatatagtga aaacccatct     15660
     cttctaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggcgt gatggcgggc acctgtaatc ccagctactt     15720
     gggaggctga ggcaggataa tcaattgaac cagggaggca gaggctgcag tgagccaata     15780
     ttgcgccatt gcactgcagc ctgggtgaca agagtgaagc tccatgtcaa aaaaaaaaat     15840
     cgtaaatcca tgagaaagaa taatagtgtt ctcccactac ccttaactct agtacattga     15900
     aaagaagacc caaatcacat ttatcaaata acattctccc ttttagctga cattatcatc     15960
     attattataa tcatctacat ttacatctat cttattaaat gatttatttt tgaaatattt     16020
     acatacataa tttggacaac gtttacataa gttctaagag atatcattgt gggaaattta     16080
     cgttagtaaa cagcaaagtt caagtcaagt tgaatacatt tagatttaga aagttaagtg     16140
     tagtgcagtt taaaatacat tgctgaagaa aacaattata gatgatatta aactaatcca     16200
     aggaacacta taaaaagatt ttgattttag tataaataaa attgcttaat aagaaaaata     16260
     aataaaccat ttcatgatca agctcttatt tctaaagaga ggattttagg gctaaacaaa     16320
     tcaaataagt aagccctccc ccacatcttc tctatttcat gtaggtaatg atggagttca     16380
     aaggcacaga gccccatttc tacaacataa gcaaagtgaa aattaattca tggaatacaa     16440
     tgacatagct gtggttgatg aactatattt tatctattgc aatgatattt tgaaatgcag     16500
     tgctactcat tgagtttcct tgtgaggaga ttgtgtggcg aggacccagc aagacaagct     16560
     actatcccaa aaaagctact tatatgaact tcatttccgg tttctttcaa attgaaggta     16620
     aattccaaga tgaagctttt attctattct ctgaccaaag tgttggaaaa agaaggaatt     16680
     tgttaccatt ttcatttcta acatactaaa acagaaaaca aaaaacccca aaatcaaaaa     16740
     cacttttaaa aagaacatgg cgttaagatt agtttgttca gtttccctgt agaaaataat     16800
     ttatggaaag ataataaaag attattctga acactaaaac aagaaaacta aaaaatgaat     16860
     tatcaatatt gagaatccaa tagacagagt taaccagtta gatggagtag aagagataat     16920
     tagtgaattg gaagatagct acaaagaatg aagcactgag agaaagatgg aaaatataag     16980
     actagagggt aacaaattca tgctacagtt ggaatatgta acatacttct ggagttctgt     17040
     aagattagag gagagaaaat agagcaagag aaaatacaaa gttgtactga aaatacaaag     17100
     ttgaacatgc aagaagcaat aaaattaatg acaatgaaaa ataagtgtgt aattctaaat     17160
     aaatgttgcc tgtagaaaac aatagtgtct tgttggatta attgtataat tgataagata     17220
     tatgcaaata gcaataaaga gactggagat aaagtgacag gaataaattt agtcaaactg     17280
     ttttgggctt ttctatgtct gtgagtagaa tttgaatatc ataatcaagg accgtataaa     17340
     tctacaccca gatatatata cacaaaggaa ttgtagcaaa tgatatgtga aagaatgttc     17400
     attgtagcat tattaataat agctcaaaaa taagctgccc aaatatatat caaataaaga     17460
     tggataaata attacagtaa aatcataaaa tggaaaaata tacagaagtg aaaataaatg     17520
     aatcacatgt acatgcaacc atgtgattaa atttcagata cataatgttg agtccaggaa     17580
     gccatgaata aggacatata ggattgcacc tatacacagt tcaaagcaga ccaaacgaag     17640
     ctattgagtt tagggttgca tgctttgttc gtaaagtaca aagaaaataa aaaaagatca     17700
     ttataaatta tggatgtact tatcataaga ggtgtgaaga aaggtgtagg ggattggaaa     17760
     gtggcattga ggtaaaccta gcctcttagc aatgttccat gtctcgccct acataatggt     17820
     tacatgagtg tttatgatac attgctatgt tttccatttt tgttttggcc catttctaag     17880
     tgtgtagtct agttataaaa attattaatt aggagaaatt ttccatgaaa attattatta     17940
     ccctgctcat tatatactga agggaaaaat ccactatttg tatacattca tgtataactc     18000
     taagagattt taagaagaaa ctttctgatt ttagttgcaa cttttggaaa tttgacatga     18060
     tgtttcctgc caaccccaga tttttcaaca ggtttttctt ttaggtttaa ttattgactt     18120
     catatgacaa aactttgaca ttctccaact atttttccct tgtatcctga attcctgaca     18180
     caacaagtgt ggacatattt cccacacttt tggtttagca gaatacctat gtcacttatg     18240
     tttttctgca agagaaaatc ctccaaaact acattagata tttgtatctc atatgtcttt     18300
     ggatttcatt tttctaagct gggtttgatg gatggctgtg gtgattggag atgggccacg     18360
     tactgcatct tgaagataga gtttggatga tttaggctag atcaggcagt ggcattctga     18420
     ctccattagt ttctcattct tcttctggga acagtgtaat agccagatga tgtccttatg     18480
     gtaaatggaa aagagcaaga aactccaatg tggaagccat cttaaatctc tgtgtaaagt     18540
     ctactaattt cctgttcatt gaagcaagtt acaggagtgc acacgcatat atatatgtgt     18600
     gtatatgtgt gcatgtgtat gaataacaac actgaccata aattatgaag ccgagtacat     18660
     ttcacatata tatgtatgtt tattatatga tagtttattg tatgatattt catttgaaga     18720
     attatctcta tttataatta agaacatata gcttttatca gcaaattatt gctgttttcc     18780
     attgtaattt gtaccacatg tatgaactta actatcattg tttgaacatc taattttttg     18840
     gatggtaaag acattcaact ctaaatcaat gaggagaatg tatctttggg gtaggtttta     18900
     tttcattatg aattcttatt ttatgttgtt gttagataat gatgcacaca attaaatttg     18960
     agtgacaaac atacgtagag taaattttgt atatgtatac caaaaacagt actaaagaat     19020
     actagattta taccagtatg tgaatagctt agaaaaaaaa ttcgtttgta taataggaat     19080
     gaagaaacat aatcatgatc atttcagtgc tgttataatt ttttatgtgt agttagaaaa     19140
     gagatttctt ccacttttta attaaagaaa gccttttttg aagttgacat ctgatgtcaa     19200
     gtatttccat ttaatttgct tagccacctc tgagcccctg aatttccaat tatctccttt     19260
     gtctcccatt cctaatattc ctcaaaaaaa ttcaaatatt ccttctctta aaaaaaactc     19320
     aatgtaaaga gggtatagaa actatggatc ataactgaat gaaacattct gcaaatatta     19380
     caaattatct gtctaatcaa tatattgatg ataggaaacg tattaatgat atgttttatt     19440
     gggggtgggc agtgagctga ggatcctcag gcatctcttt ctatttttat tttgtttctc     19500
     tacgtagttt ctccagcatt tggctctagg tgccaagggc acatgtgaca agaaggtgcc     19560
     agctttataa accttggaac ttcttctgtg tcagttctga gacatacagt ttactaaaac     19620
     acatcatgaa ggcctgtttt gaagagaagg ggaataagac tgcatctgtt catatgaggt     19680
     atgtcgaagc acttggatat gttttcaaac caccaatctt gatcatttag aaatgtgctc     19740
     ccttttccaa tttcatcctg ataaaaatgt atgatctctg gacgttgcca atattcccct     19800
     ccattccatc atgagccgtt ctctgtaatt cagaatctgt ggactaagct gtaaaactaa     19860
     tgactgtcaa tctattctac gtgaaatagt gggccaaaga aaaaggaaaa catgataagc     19920
     agtaaaaata tatacacaac attttttgct tacactaatg atcaaataac acccatagga     19980
     ccaaacctcc cacagatact ttctataaat tctggataaa atatttaaaa aaaaaacagc     20040
     catctgaagg caatggagaa tgaacaaaat aggccgatac tgaaaagcag ttgacacttg     20100
     gaagaaggaa atagcaagga gtgagtttcc tgattttata gctggcccta gtgtgcacca     20160
     ggcagaggac taaaacgtca gtaaaaaagc tgtagagtta ctgggttgaa gtaacagagg     20220
     actgagttta gggtaacatg agccgcagga gatcaggaga aaatctgaga aaggagaagt     20280
     ccagaaaagg ggagccccag cttctgacta taaactatcc aaagctttgt ctggtcccta     20340
     caccacacat gtataggcag acttcatgaa gcccagctaa aataataaaa ttgatttcag     20400
     ttatcatcaa gcacagtgag gacagaaata gcaacaaaac acattacttt aggcaaagat     20460
     actcttttct tgaaaaccca aactacattc cattaccttt cataacagtc atattccttg     20520
     tccattcttg tttctaccat ggttctaact cctactttta ttcattacat taatcaaagt     20580
     aattctcttt caaagaggaa actggaagtt atgtaattga ggactattaa aaataagtat     20640
     tttggcagat gtgcaaaatt ctcaagcaca tatattacaa ctttctatag tcatatacat     20700
     cctttttaca cttgcttgaa ttggcataca aaactcccat gtttgttaat gtaatccaaa     20760
     caaatagcca gtccataaaa tataaaagtt acatttagtt atttatttat ataacccgtg     20820
     attggtgacc acatttcagt attccatctt aactagtaat tatccaaaga ttttcatgaa     20880
     gtcactgaat ctaatattag tctaaggtct tgaactagga atcttggaaa ttaaatttaa     20940
     gacaataggc tacagaaaat aattactgtc aatatgtgga atttttcata atttgtattc     21000
     agtttgtttg aaaacataat tttacatttt ttggtatttt aacattatgt gggcatatta     21060
     gtttacctta tcagtaaaca ggtatgggaa gtttaggaat ttcttttttt ttaatgtatt     21120
     tttaagtttt gtggatatat agtaggtctg tattgagtac acgggatgtg ttgatacagg     21180
     catgcaaaga gtaataatca cataagaatg gggtagccat cccctcaaac atttactctt     21240
     ttttgttaca aacaatccag ttatactctt ttagttacgt taaaatgtac agctaaatta     21300
     tcattgacta tagtcactct gctgtggtat caaatagtag gtctcattca ctctttctat     21360
     tttttttttt tggtagccat taaccagcca caccttccct ttagccccca ctacctttcc     21420
     tagcctttgt taaccatcta tgtactctct atgtccacga gttcaattgt tttgattttt     21480
     agataccaca gatgagtgag aaagtgcaat gcttgccttt ctgcacaaac attgcagtta     21540
     ttttttactt attcaactta acataataat ctccaattcc atccgtattg ctgcaaatga     21600
     caggatctca ttttttaaat ggctgaatag tactccactg tgtatatgta ccacattctc     21660
     tctccctctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagatg gagtctcgct ctgtctccag     21720
     gctggagtgc agtggcgcaa tctcggctca ctgcaacttc agcctcccag gttcaagtgg     21780
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtcgctgg gactacaggc gccagccacc acgcccagct     21840
     aatttttttg tatttttagt agcgatgggg tttcaccatg ttggccagga tggtctcaat     21900
     ctcttgacct catgatccac ccacctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta ccggtgtcag     21960
     ccaccgcccc cggccatacc accttctctt tatctattca tctgttgctg gacactttga     22020
     ttgcttccaa atcttggcta ttgtgaacag tgctacaaca aacatgggag tgtggatacc     22080
     tgtttgatac acttacttcc tttcttttgg gtatataccc accagcgaga ttgctggatc     22140
     atatggtaac tctaatttta gtcttttgag aaacctttaa actgttttcc atagtggttt     22200
     tactaattta tattcccacc tgcggtgtac agtggttccc gtttctccac atcctcacca     22260
     gcatttgtta ctacctgtct tttgtatata agctgtttta actgggatga gatgatatct     22320
     tattttagtt ttgatttgca tttctctgat gatcaatgat gttgagcacc ttttcacatg     22380
     tctgtttgac attcgtatat cttgttttga gaaatgacta tccaaatatt tcacccattt     22440
     ttttgatcag attgttagat tttttttcct atacagttgt ttaagctcct tttatattct     22500
     ggttattaat cccttgccag atgagtagtt tgcaaatatt ttctcctatt ctgtggattg     22560
     tctcttcact ttgttgatca tacctttgct gtgcagaagt attttttaac ttgatgtgat     22620
     cccaattgtg cattttttac ttggttgcct gtacttgtag ggtattacta cttaagaaat     22680
     ttttgctcaa accaatgtcc tggggagttt ctctgatgtt ttcttatggg agcttcatgg     22740
     tttgagatct taatcataca tctttaatcc attttgattt gatatttgta tagatatatg     22800
     ggcctagttt cattcttctg catatggata ttcagttgtc ccagcaccat ttattgaaga     22860
     gactgtcttt ttccagtgta cgttcttggc atctttttca aaaatgagtt cactgtaggt     22920
     gtgtgggttt gtttccgagt tgtctgttct gttccatcgt tctatgtgtc agttttaatg     22980
     ccagtacatg ctgttttggt ttctgtagcc tcagtagtaa gtatcatatg aagtcaagta     23040
     acatgattcc ttcagttttg ttcttttttc ttaggatagt tttggctatt ctgggtcagt     23100
     tgtggctcta tataaatttt aggattgttt tctctatttc tgtgaagaat gtttttggta     23160
     ttttgatagg aattgcattg aatctgtaga ttctttgggt agtatggcca ttttaacaat     23220
     gttgatactt ctaatccatg aacatggact atcttttctt tttttgggtg tccttttcca     23280
     tttctttcat tagagtttta tagttttcat tatagagcta tttcatctct ttggctgagt     23340
     taattttcag gtatttaatt ttatgtgtga cctttgtaag tgggattact tttttgattt     23400
     tgttttcaaa ttgttcacta ttggcatgta gaaatactac taatttttta tgttaattgt     23460
     gtattctgca aatttactga gtttgtttat caattctaat agtttttggt acagtcttca     23520
     ggttttacaa atataagatc atattgttta caaacaagcg taatttgact tgttcctttc     23580
     ctatgtggat gctctttatt tttcttgagt gattgctcca gccagagctt ctactattat     23640
     gttgaataat agtagtgaat gtgagcattc ttgtcatgtt ccagatctta gaggaaagcc     23700
     ttttagtttt tcccaattta gtatgatact agttgtgggt ctttttatgt gatttttatt     23760
     atgttgagat tttccttcta tatccagttt tctgagggtt tttatcatga aggaatgttg     23820
     aatcttatca aatgcttttt cagcattaat taaaacgttt atatggttct tgaccttcat     23880
     tctgtatata tgatgtatca cattgattga tttgtgtatg ttgaactatc cttgcatcct     23940
     agggataaat cccacttgtt catgaggaaa tatcttttta atgtattatt taatttggtt     24000
     cactagtata gtattgagac tttggaatca atattcatca gagatatgtg cttgttgttt     24060
     tcctttttag atgtgtcttt gtctggtttt ggtatcaggg taacaagaat ttcaagaatg     24120
     agcctggaag tattccctct tcctctgttt ttcagaatag tttgtgtagg attggtatca     24180
     gttattcttt aaatgtttgg tagaattcag ctctaaagcc atctgctccc aggctttgtt     24240
     ttttgttttt tgtttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttttcta aagtgggaga ctttttattg     24300
     cagaattaat ctcattacct gtttttggtc ttatcaggtt ttggatttct tcatggttca     24360
     atctttgtag gttgtatgtg cctgggaatt tttccatttt tttagagatt tcaatttatt     24420
     ggcatatagt tgctcatagt agtcactaat aattctttga atttcagtgg tatcagttgt     24480
     aatatctctg ctttcatgtc tgattttatt aattttgatc tttttttctt ggtcggcctg     24540
     aacgtttgtc aatgttgttt aacttttcaa gaaaacaggt ttttgtttca ttgatctttt     24600
     gtattgtttt cttcatttca atttcattta tttctgctgt aatttttatt atttgtgttc     24660
     ttctactaat tttgggcttg ggttactctt gttttttcag ttatttaaga tacacattta     24720
     ggttgtttat ttcaagtttt tcttcttttc tgatgtaggc ccttatagct ataaatttcc     24780
     ttcttagtat tgctttcgct gtatttcata gattttggta tgttgtgttt ccactatcat     24840
     ttgtttctag cattttttca atttcctttt aaatttcttt gatgacctac tggtcattca     24900
     ggagcatatt gtttcatttc catgtgtctg tatagtttcc aaaattcctc ttgttattga     24960
     gttctagttt tattccattg tggtcagagt tgatgcttgg taatatttca attttttgga     25020
     ttgttcaaga cttgttttgt gatctaacat atggtctatc cttgagaaaa atccatgtgc     25080
     tgaggaaaag aatgtttatt ctgaaacttt tggatgaaat gttatgtaaa tatctgtaat     25140
     caatttgttc tatactgcag attaagtctg atgtttcttt gttgattttc tgtctggagg     25200
     atctgtctga tgctgaaagt ggagtgttga agtctccatc tattattgta ttgaggcttt     25260
     ctctttgctt tggtctaata gtatttgctt tatatatctg ggtgctccag tgttgagtgc     25320
     atatatattt acaattgcaa tatcattttg atgaattgac ccctttatca ttatatggtg     25380
     acctttatct cctcatagtt tttgtcctga actctatttt gtctaatact tgtataggta     25440
     ctccactttt tttggcttcc attgccatga attatctttt tccatcccgt tgttttcttt     25500
     ctgtgcatgt ctttatagac aaagtgtgtt tcttagaggc aacagattgg tgttttgttt     25560
     gtttgtttgt ttttccattt agccagacta tgtcttttga ttggagagtt tagcccattt     25620
     acattcaatg ttagtattgg tagttaggac ttacttttgt cattttgtta tttgttttct     25680
     ggttatgttg tggtctgctc ttctttcttt cctaccttcc tatttttctt tagtgaaggt     25740
     tattttctct ggtgatataa tatagttttt tgctttttat gtttgtgtat ccattctatg     25800
     ctttttggtt tgagattacc atgaggcttg caaatactac cctctaaccc attatttcaa     25860
     gctgataaca acttagcact gttcgcataa gcaaacaaac aagcacaaaa acaaaacaaa     25920
     tgaagactct gcaccttaac tccatcttct tcatttttaa ctttctgttt tcactattta     25980
     tttcttattg tactgtgtat gtattcaaag gttgttgtgg ctattatttt tttaattata     26040
     ctttaacttc tgggatacat gtgcagaacg tgcaggtttg ttacatcggt gtacatgtgc     26100
     catggtggtt tgctgcaccc atcaacccgt catctacatt agatatttct cctaatgcta     26160
     tccctagccc ccctcaccct aaaaggccca gttgtgtgac gttccctgtg tcctccctgt     26220
     gtccatgtgt tctcattgtt tagctcccaa ttatgagtga taatgtggtg tttggttttc     26280
     tgttcctgtg ttagtttgct gagaatgatg gtttccagct tcatccaggt ccctgcaaag     26340
     gacatgaact catccttttt tatggctgca tagtattcca tggtacatat gtgccacatt     26400
     ttctttatac agtctatatt tgatgggcat ttgggttggt cccaggtctt tgctcttgtg     26460
     aacaatgctg caataaacat acatgtgcat gtgtctttat agtagaataa tttataatcc     26520
     tttgggtatg tacccagtaa tgggattgct gggtcaaatg gtatttctgg ttctagatcc     26580
     ttgaggaatc accacactgt tttccccaat ggttgaacta atttgcactc ccaccaacag     26640
     tgtaaaagca ttcctatttc tccacctact ctccagcatc tgttgtttcc tgacttttta     26700
     atgatcacca ttctgtcatg agatggtatc tcattgtggt tttgatttgc atttctctaa     26760
     tgagcagtga tgatgagctt ctttctttcc catattttct tgggaacata aatgtcttct     26820
     tttgagaagt gtctgctcat atcctccacc cactttttga tggggttgtt tgtttaatag     26880
     attgcaaaaa ttttctccca ttctgtaggt tgcctgtcac tccgatgata gtttcttttg     26940
     ctgtgcagaa gctctttagt ttaattagat tccatttgta cattttgtct tttgttgcaa     27000
     ttgcttttgg tgtttcagtc atgaagtctt tgctcatgcc tacgtcctga atggtattgc     27060
     ctaggttttc ttctagggtt tttatggttt tggatattac atttaagttt ttaatccacc     27120
     ctgaattaat ttttgtataa tgtgtaagga aggggtccag tttcagtttt ctgcctaagg     27180
     ctagccagtt tgcccaacac catttatcaa atagggaatc cattccctca ctgcttgttt     27240
     tttgtcaggt ttgtcaaaat cagatggttg tagatgtgtg gcattatttc tgaggcctct     27300
     gttctgttcc attggtctat atatctgttt tggtaccagt accatgctgt tttggttact     27360
     gtagacttgt agtatacttt gaagccaggt agtgtgatgc ctcctgcttt gttctttttg     27420
     cttaggattg tcttggctac acgggctctt ttttggttcc atgtgaattt ctaagtagtg     27480
     ttttccaatt ctttgaagaa agtcaatggt atgaaatgtt tttccatgtg tttgtgtcct     27540
     ctcttatttc cttgagaagt ggtttgttgt tctccttgaa gagatctttc acatctcttc     27600
     ttagctgtat tcctaggtat tttattctct ttgtagcaat tgtgaaatgg agttcactca     27660
     tgatttggct ctctgtttgt ctgttattgg tgtataggaa tgcttgtgaa ttttgcatgt     27720
     tgatttttta tcctgagact gctgaaattg cttatcagct taaggagatt tggggctgag     27780
     atgatgggtt tttctaaata tacaatcctg tcatctgcaa acagagacag tttgacttcc     27840
     tttctttcta tttgaatacc ctttatttct ttctcttcct gattgtcctg gccagaattt     27900
     ccaatactat gttgaacagg agtggtgaga gatggcatcc ttgttttgtg ccgattttca     27960
     aagggaatgc ttcccgtttt tgcccattca gtatattggc tgtgggtttg tcataaatag     28020
     cacttaatat tttgagatac attccatcag tacctagttt cttgagtgtt tttagcatga     28080
     aggcatgttg aattttatca aaggcctttt ctgcatctgt tgagataatc atgtggtttt     28140
     tgtcattggt tctgtttatg tgatggatta tgtttattga tttgcatatg ttgaaccagc     28200
     cttgcatccc agggttgaag acgacttgat cttggtggat aagccttttt atatgctgct     28260
     ggatttggct tgccagtatt ttattgagga ttttcgcatc gatgttcatc aaggatattg     28320
     gcctaaaatt ttctcttttt gctgtgtctc tatcaggttt tggaatcagg atgatgctgg     28380
     cctcataaaa tgagttaagg agtagtccct ctttttccag tgttttgaat agtttcagaa     28440
     agaatggtac catctcctct ttgtacctct ggtagaattt ggttgtgaat atgtctgttc     28500
     ctggactttt tttggttgct aggctattaa ttactgtctc agtttcagaa cttgttattg     28560
     gtctattcag ggatttgact tcttcctggt ttagacttgg gatgttgtat gtgtccagta     28620
     ttttatccat ttcttctaaa ttttctagcg tatttgcata gaggtgttta tagtattctc     28680
     tgatgatagt ttgtatttct ctgaagtcag tggtaatatc tcctttatta ttttttattg     28740
     tgtctattgg attattctct cttttcttct ttactagtct ggctagctgt ctttctattt     28800
     tgttgaactt ttcaaaaaac cagctcctgg attcattgat tttctgaagg gttttaggtg     28860
     tttctatctc cttcagttgt gctctgacct tagttatctc ttgtcttctg ctagctttta     28920
     aatttgtttg ctcttgcttc tccagttctt ttaattgtga tgctagggtg tcaactttag     28980
     atctttccca ctttctcctg tgggcattta gtgctataaa tttccctcta aacactgctt     29040
     tagctgtgtc ccagagattc tggtacattt tgtctttgtt ctcattggtt tcaaagaact     29100
     tatttatttc tgtcttaata tcgttattta ctcagtagtc attcaagagc aagttgttca     29160
     gtttccatgt agttgtgcag ttctgagtga gtttctgaat cctgagttct aatttgattg     29220
     cactgtggta tgagagactg tttgttatga tttattttgt tttgcatttg ctgaggagtg     29280
     tttcacttcc acttatgtgg tcagttttag aattagtgtg atgtggtgct gagaagaatg     29340
     tgtattctgt tgatttgagg tggagagttc tgtagatgtc tattaggtca gcttggtcca     29400
     gagctgagtt caagtcctaa tatccttgtt aattttctgt ctcattgatc tgtctaatat     29460
     tgactgtggg gtgttaaagt ctctcactat tattgtgtgg gagtctaagt ctctttgtag     29520
     gtctctaaga acttgcttta tgaatctggg tgcccctgta ttgggtgcac atatatttag     29580
     gatagttagc tcttcttgtt gcgttgattc ctttaccatt atgtaattct cctctttgtc     29640
     ttttttgacc tttgttggtt taaagtctgt tttatcagag tctaggattg ccacccctgc     29700
     tttcttttgc tttccatttg tgtggtaaat attcctccat ccctttatgt tgagactatt     29760
     tgtgtctttg cacatgagat gggtttcctg aatacagcac aacaatgggt cttgactcta     29820
     ttcaatttgc tggtctgtgc cttttaattg gggtattttt cccatttaca tttaaggtta     29880
     atattgttat gtgtgatttt tttcctataa ttatgatgct agctggttat tttgcttcat     29940
     tagttgatgt agtttcttca tagtgccaat ggtctttaca atttggtgtt tttctgaagt     30000
     ggctggtact ggtttttcct ttccacattt agtgcttgct tcagaagctc ttgtgaggca     30060
     ggcctggtgg taacaaaatc tcttagcatt tgcttgtctg taaggatttt atttctcctt     30120
     caactatgaa gctttttggc ttgctatgaa attctgggtt gaaaatcctt ttcttgaaga     30180
     atgtccccac tctcttccgg cttgtagggt ttctgccagg agatctgctg ttagtctgat     30240
     gggcttctct ttttggtgac tcagcctttc tttctggctg ttcttaacat tttttccttc     30300
     atttcaacct tggtgaatct gactattatg tatttttggg tgctcttctc aaggagtatc     30360
     tttgtggtgt tctctgtatt ccctgaattt gaatgttggc cagtcttgct aagttgggta     30420
     agttctcctg gataatatcc tgaagagtgt tttccaactt tgttccatta tccccatctc     30480
     tttcaggtac accagtgaat cataggtttg gtcttttcac atagtccaat atttcttgag     30540
     gctttgtttg ttccttttca ttcttttttc tctaatctca tcttcatgca ttatttcatt     30600
     aaattgatct tcaatgtctg atatcctttc ttccgcttga ttggttcacc tattgatatt     30660
     tgtgtatgct tcacaaagtt ctcatgctgt gcttttcagc tccatcaggt catttatgtt     30720
     cttttctaaa ctggttattc caggtagcaa ttgctctaac cttttttcaa ggttcttggc     30780
     tcccttgcat tgggttagac catgcttctt tatctcagtt gagtttatta cccaccttct     30840
     gaagcctact tgtgtcaatt catcaaactc attctctgtc cagttttgtt cccttgctgg     30900
     tgaggagttg tgatcctttg gaagagaaga ggcttccggt ttttggaatt ttcagccttt     30960
     tttgccctgg tttttcctca tcatcatgga tttttctacc tttggtcttt gatgttggtg     31020
     atcttcagat ggggtctctg tgtgtacatc ctttttgttg atgttgatgc tattcctttt     31080
     tgtttgttga ttttccttct aacagtcagg gtcctctgct gcaagtctgc tgtagtttgc     31140
     tggaggtcca ctccagacct tgtttgcctg ggtatcacca gtggaggctg caaaacagca     31200
     aatattgctg cctgttcctt cctctggaag cttcatccca gagggttacc cgccagatgt     31260
     caggcagagc tctcctgtat gaggtttctg tccaccattg ctgggagatg tctcccagta     31320
     aggaggcaca gaggtcaggg acccacttaa ggaggcactc tgtcctttag cagagctcaa     31380
     gtgctgtgct gggagatctg ctgctctttt cagagtgtca ggcaggaaag tttatgtctg     31440
     ctgatgctgc tcccacagct gccccttctc ccaggtgctc tgtcccaggg agatgagagt     31500
     tttatctata agcccctgac tggggctgct gcctttcttt cagagatgcc ctgaccagag     31560
     aggaagagtc tagagaggca gtttggctac agtggttgtg cagagctgct gtgggctcca     31620
     cccagtttga acttcctggt ggctttgttt acaccgtaag gggaaaattg cctactcaag     31680
     ccccagtaat ggcggacatc cttcccttga ctaagctcaa gcatcccagg ttgacttcag     31740
     actgctaaac tagcagtgag aatgtcaaac cagtggatct tagcttgctg ggctccaagg     31800
     aggtgggatc cactgagcta gacaacttgg cttcctggct tcagccccct ttccagggga     31860
     ctgaatggtt ctgtcttgct ggcattccag gcaccactgg ggtatgacaa aaaacttctg     31920
     cagctagctt ggtgtctgcc caaatgatcg ctcagtttta tgcttgagac ccatggccct     31980
     ggtggcataa acactggagg aaatctcctg gtttgtgggt tacgaagacc atggggaaag     32040
     tgtagtatct gggccagaat acgtcgtccc tcactgcatg gtcccttaca gcttcccttg     32100
     gctaggagag ggagttcccc gaccccttgc acttcccggg tgaggcaaca ccacaccctc     32160
     cttcggctca tcctccgtgg gcttcacccg ctgtctaacc agtcccagtg agatgagcca     32220
     tgtaactcag ttggaaatgc agaaatcacc caccttttgt gttgatcttg ctgggatttg     32280
     cagactggag ctgttcctat taggacattt tgccagccac tccactattt tttttcatta     32340
     ttacttcatc atttagtttt tctatttaag tgatgtttat gcaccacatt tacagtgtta     32400
     tattagtctg tgttttctgt ctccttacta ttacccgtac gttttatagc ttcaagtgat     32460
     tacttattgc ccattaatgt ccttttcttt ctgactgaag taatccgttt gaaatttttc     32520
     taggacagat ctggtgctga tgaaatcact cagcttttgt tggtctggaa aagtctttat     32580
     ttctctttca cgtttgaagg atattttctc cagttacact attctaggct gaaagttttc     32640
     ttccttcagc acttttaata tgtcatacca ctctctgcac ttttaatatg tcataccact     32700
     ctctcctggc ctttttccac tgaaaagtct gctgccacat gtagtggagc tccattgtac     32760
     attatttgtt ccttttcttt tgctgctttc agaatccttt ctttatcctt gagcttaggg     32820
     aaattgatta ttaaattctt tgaggtagtc ttcttcaatt ttacccagca ttgttttttg     32880
     agaaaaacca ttaattccta tcaaattgca gtagtccctt ttttgaaatc aattgaccat     32940
     gaatgttggt gttaatttct ggactctcag ttgtgtttca ttgttctttt tgtctaccct     33000
     aatgcgagta ccatagaatc ctgattcgtg cagctttgaa ggaagctttg aaatcagaaa     33060
     gtgtaatcct ccaaatttgt tattttttaa caatttcttt ttgtgatctt gtcacttggc     33120
     atttccagac acattttagg agtagttttc cactttctgt gataaaacat ctgctgggat     33180
     ttgataggga ttgcactgaa tatataactg caatctataa agactctccc tgtgctggat     33240
     ttcagttcag ctggtcattc ttgcttgtac aactctgtga caaattgaaa atataatttt     33300
     ggccttttat ttctcttatc ttaattgtag cagaaggtat catgcttttc tgaaccttgt     33360
     gcattctgcc caaaaatgga agttctcagc catgtgtggt tgttcacacc tgtatgcaag     33420
     cactttggga ggccaagatg aggggaccac ttgagaacag gagttgaaga ccagactggg     33480
     caacataggg agactctgtc tcaacaaaaa aattaataaa ttagctgggt gttgtgatgc     33540
     atgcctgtag acacagctac tccagaagct gaggtgggag gacacaaatg tttgagactg     33600
     gagtgagctg tgatcaagcc attgcactcc agcctgggtg acgagtaaga ccctgtcttt     33660
     ctcgctcccc taccccaaaa aagaaggtct cactggttat cttttatgta tcaagtaaca     33720
     cacgatcata caaaaaatta ataattcttg gttcctgcct gtactagaca gataaaattg     33780
     aaagcagtta tacaactagt atactaactc ctcataaaga ctacctgaag agaatattat     33840
     tatcatttgc attttacaga tgattatacc aaggcagaga gtagttgtca aatgaagtct     33900
     cagaccatat ttgaagcaga aaatctgctt tcctgtcttg gcagtctgac tccacaatct     33960
     tctgttagaa acaattatac tgtaaaaatg gaaaagaaat aaaatccaag attggagact     34020
     gattttaaca tcgattcctc ttaaaccatt aagtaatcaa aaataaatta aatagagaaa     34080
     aataaaacca aatattcata tatgaagatc tagactcttc aatggaaaac gtgtttttta     34140
     agtagcccac aatagttaca caattgctga gtattttaac taaaaaatta atatttaaca     34200
     attaagtaaa ctcaagagaa aaacttagtc aaaggtctca gcatgagaga taagtttgaa     34260
     aaatattgaa aatgggttga aaagcccaaa tgggaaaata gggctatttt tacctggatg     34320
     atgtccctga aattaatttt ccattttgga aattatagga caacaatttc ttctatccat     34380
     gagtgagtga gtatgtgtgt atgggtttga gtgtgtttgt attaatgagc ttcttaagaa     34440
     taagttatgg ccgggcgcgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg     34500
     cgggcggatc acgaggtcag gagatcgaga ccatcctggc taacacggtg aaaccccgtc     34560
     tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagccgggc gtggtggtgg gcgcctgtaa tcccagctac     34620
     tcgggaggct gaggcaggag aatggcatga acccaagagg cggagcttgc agtgagccgg     34680
     gatagcacca ctgcagtcca gcttgggcga aagagtgaga ctccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa     34740
     aaaaaaaaaa agaataagtt attcaaaagt attaggagca accaggtttt aagaattatt     34800
     ggcctttctg agattcccaa gaaaaacttg aatccttttg gtaggaaaag tttggattca     34860
     ctctacatat tactcacgtt gaaaaattaa atttactttg gtgatgatcc tagttatgtc     34920
     caagctccct ttaccaggtt atacaaccag tgtgtcatct ctgtattagg ttgtaaaatt     34980
     tctctaacaa ctgaagttgc tgaacacaaa ttgtggagag gttaaacaaa gaagtaagtg     35040
     cagaacaatt aaaaaactct tcattggcat gctagtagat gagaaatcac ttttcacttc     35100
     aacaccaata tggaaaattt tatcttacag caaggacgtt gtgtttgaat aggagttaat     35160
     ttgagctgtt ttggaaatca tcatgttttc cataaagaca gcattgattt catccactgg     35220
     catattgaga tgctttcctg tttgacattg gtcacagaat ttaaaaagga acaaggacat     35280
     tcctgcaaat tcaggaatca ggtacacata gatgttaagg tcaagacctt aaaggaaatc     35340
     ttgaccagtg atatcaggct tgcctttaaa aaaattcaga catgataaat ttactaccaa     35400
     tcattttttc atcaacaata atatatttat attttcccat ggacacctac attaaactta     35460
     tagactcttt ttatttttca actttttttc tttgagtcct tttaagagtt gttaaacaat     35520
     cctgaaattt cccttactgt atgctgttaa ctaattatat tttttcaaag tcatctgaca     35580
     caatgattga ttaaaggaag tatctccagt ataattacag ttacttataa caagagtatt     35640
     tgaaatttga agaaaaaggt tagacaattt ataatgaaat ataaataaat atgtataata     35700
     tataaggcat tattaataag tgtatatgaa atagtcatag aatgaaaaag attaatgtaa     35760
     ttcattgaag taaacataca ttctgaataa gaatagaaaa ggacttggaa aatattgttt     35820
     aataatattt tatataaata caaaaatgta tatattagcc caacattatt tattttggaa     35880
     aggatatgac acaatgggaa ttttcataca ctactcctag aattataaat ctgtgccatc     35940
     atttcggctg agtatggcat tatctcatta aggtgaagga tcatatccta agatcaagta     36000
     tttacactct tatcagaata catatacata cacatgcata tcactgagtt ttaatagcta     36060
     aagttgagaa gtcctccaaa tgtctcagtc ctccaaatgg ataaagaaat tgtggcatac     36120
     ttatacagtg gaatactata cagtgatcaa aattaacaaa caagactgac atgtttacaa     36180
     cagaataata caacaaagaa aatgaacaaa tttgagctac atagataata atacagatgt     36240
     gagaggaatt atcaagatgg aaaaatacat ttactgtaat ctcattgacg taaagtttga     36300
     aaaactttat ttttaataca ttgtcattca ttacattggt gataaaaccc tacagtgaaa     36360
     catatgagtg atcatcatat gagtgatcat cataacaatt tgggatagtc agaagggagg     36420
     aaaatatcaa caagaagaca tatatcggga gtatctggat tgctagcaaa ttctattttc     36480
     ttcctttttt tttttttttt ttttttactc tttcatttgg atcttatctg tgcgaagtat     36540
     ctttgactgt gttggtcacc gttgaatcaa atatctaaat aaagtgaatc tggaacatcc     36600
     tagtgtccac atcaaaagca ctcaatgaag ttggatgggg gagtggtagt ggtggtacag     36660
     caacagggta gcctagttag gttgcacaag cccatctaaa cacgtgtgat tatctgatta     36720
     gaaccaggaa actggttact agaaaaagta atttagtgaa ctgtagaaag aaaatattac     36780
     atattgaagc acctcacaat gacttaacac caattttatt tgaggaattt ctttaggtgt     36840
     taaaatacaa taaacagcca cagtaacagt aatgccacta acattcttga gcatttattg     36900
     tgtgcttaga aatttgtgta tgaattcatt taatatagtc ctatggctta acacgagatt     36960
     ttgttcattt tttttatatt ttatttattt atttattttt attttacttt aagttctagg     37020
     gtacatgtgc acaatgtgca ggtttgttac atatggatac atgtgcttgt tggtgtgctg     37080
     cacccattaa ctcgtcattt acattaggta tatctcctaa tgctatccct ccctcctccc     37140
     cccaccccac aacaggcccc agagtgtgat gttccccacc ctgtatccaa gtgttctcgt     37200
     tgttcagttc ccacctatga gtgagaacac gtggagtttg gttttctgtc cttgcgatag     37260
     tttgctcaga atgatggttt ctagcttcat ccacgtccct acaagggacg tgaactcatc     37320
     attttttatg gctgcatagt attccatggt gtatatgtgc cacattttct ttatccagtc     37380
     tatcattgat gggcatttgg gttggttcca agtctttgct attgtgaata gtgctgcaat     37440
     aaacatatgt gcatgtgtct ttatagcagc atgatttata atccttcgtt tatatatcca     37500
     gtaatgggat ggctgggtca aatggcattt ctagttctat atccctgagg aatcgccaca     37560
     ctgtcttcca caatgtttga actagtttac agtctcacca gtagtgtaaa ttgttcctat     37620
     ttctccacat cctctccagc acctgttgtt tcctgacttt ttaatgattg ccattctaac     37680
     tggtgtgaga tagtatctca ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt tctctgatgg ccagcgatga     37740
     tgagcatttt ttcgtgtgtc ttttagctgc ataaatgtat tcttttgaga agtgtctgtt     37800
     catatccttc acccacttgt tgatggggtt gtttgatttt tttcttgtaa atttgtttaa     37860
     gttctttgta gattctggat attagccctt tgtcagatgg gtagattgta aaaattttct     37920
     ccttctgtag gttgcctgtt cactgtgaca gtagtttctt ttgctgtgca gaagctcttt     37980
     attttaatta gatcccattt gtcaattttg gcttttgttg ccattgcttt tggtgtttta     38040
     gccatgaagt ccttgcccat gcctgtgtcc tgaatggtat tgcctaggtt tacttctagg     38100
     gtttttatgg ttttaggtcc aacatttaag tctttaatcc atcctgaatt aatttttgta     38160
     taaggtgtaa ggaatggatc cagtttcagc tttctacata tggctagcca gttttccagc     38220
     accatttatt aaatagggaa tcctttcccc atttcttgtt tttgtcaggt ttgccaaaga     38280
     tcagatggtt gtagatgtgt catattattt gtgagggctc tgttctgttc cattggtcta     38340
     tatctctgtt ttggtaccag caccatgctg ttttggttac tatagccttg tagtatagtt     38400
     tgaagtcagg tagcgtgatg cctccacctt tgttcttttg gcttaggatt gtcttggcaa     38460
     tgcaggctct tttttggttc catatgaact ttaaagtagt ttttttccaa ttctgtgaag     38520
     aaagtcattg ttagcttgat ggggatggca ttgaatctat aaattacctt gggaagtatg     38580
     gccattttca tgatattgat tcttcctatc catgagcatg gaatgttctt ccatttgttt     38640
     gtatcctctt ttatttcatt gagcagtggt ttgtagttct tgaagatttc cttcacatcc     38700
     cttgtaagtt ggattcttag gtattttatt ctctttgaag caattgtgaa tgggagttca     38760
     ctcatgattt ggctctctgt ttgtctgtta ttggtgtata agaatgtttg tgatttttgc     38820
     acattgattt tgtatcctga gactttgctg aagttgctta tcagcttaag gagattttgg     38880
     gcagagaaga ttaggttttc taaatataca atggcaaatt ctattttctt accaaggtat     38940
     ggtaacatca attttaacct tataattttt tatcttactg tttattagtt gttattactc     39000
     tgtatctgta tgttttgctc cacaataaaa aatgttaaaa aagcagaaac ctaaagtaca     39060
     tttctaagtg taaaattagg gtgatgcagc atattcttat agatatcatt gtaattagag     39120
     tttttgctga ataaagaata gaggattatg gtactaagaa atccaagtta aaatttaaaa     39180
     cttttctatt tttattttga gacaggatct gactctgttg tccaggctgg agtgcacaag     39240
     aacaatcttg gctcaatgca gcctctgtca ccttggctca agtgattctc ccatcttagc     39300
     ctccagagta gctaggacaa caggcgtgca ccactacgcc ctgctaattt tttctatttt     39360
     tttgtagaga catggttttt ccatgttgcc caggcaggtc ttgaactcct gtgcttaggc     39420
     aatccacctg cctcagcctc ccaaatgatg ggattacagg tgtgagccac cacacctggc     39480
     ccaaaacatt acttaaatta attcacacaa aagaagagat aggcaagaat tgttaatcca     39540
     ctttcttagt gctaatatga atttgaaaca tcaaaatttg aatatccatg attgatagac     39600
     accttttttc ttatttccaa tttaattatt tttgatacac atttgaaagt gtaagaaatt     39660
     caggaattta caataaatta tagtacgatg gatattaaat atattaaatt aaatgtatta     39720
     aaaatgtgtc tctaaatgaa atatttatat tcacattgtt agcattctaa tttcactata     39780
     ctattcctgt gtacaccagt gtgttgggta aaattttttg ttactataaa ttttttggct     39840
     gtccattaga gaaaaaaatc atagaaaggc aaatttttta aggtataaaa aataatttag     39900
     cctgatcttt gagtatgttt gtgcacatat aatgctactt tgactgctgt agtaaaataa     39960
     tccagattta gtcaccatag ctaagaatga gaaaaagcat ttgtgatagt ttgctgagaa     40020
     tgccgtcatt ttttgataaa gttttaagta ctgttttact atttgatgtt ttaaagattg     40080
     ttaaaaacta agaagtgttg atttctgcta ataaaaacag cttaaaattt aaatcatgga     40140
     atagaatggt ggagctgtgg tggagatact ttgtcttatt aattgaaatg acattttgag     40200
     atccagtgct gctcactgaa tttccctgtg aggagagttt gtggtgatga ccccacaaca     40260
     gacaagctac tatccaaaaa aactcctcac atcaaatcaa tttccagttt cttccaagtt     40320
     gcaggaggat gcctagacct tggttttatt ctcttctttg accaaagtat tacaaaagga     40380
     agaaaatcat taccattttc atgtcaggag ggtggcatgg agatggactt agcctatttt     40440
     cagtgttcca tctcttgccc tttataaggg ttagttgact gtttatgatg cattccggta     40500
     tttcccattt ttgttttggt tcatttctaa gtgtgcatta taattttaat attaaagttt     40560
     ttgattagga gaaatgtctc atagaaatta ttattactca tctgattata tactgaaggg     40620
     aaaaatcaat tagttgtata tacattctta tacaactcta agatagttga aataggaact     40680
     ttcttattta gttgcatcat gaggaaattt gagatgatgt tatctgccaa gcgcagatct     40740
     ctccaaagga tttcttctag ccttaattat ccacctcaca ggacaaacct ttgccattcc     40800
     ccatctactt tttctttcgg ctcctcaatt cctgacacaa caaagttgta catatttccc     40860
     acactcttgg tttagcagag ttcttttatc agttatgttt ttctgcaaga gaagaccctc     40920
     taaaacatta gacatatata tctcacatgt ctttggattt catttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt     40980
     ttctgttttt tgagatggag tctcactctg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcactatc     41040
     ttggctcact gcaacctcca cctccagggt tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc acccttctga     41100
     gtagatggga ctacaggcac actccactga gcccacctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag     41160
     atggggtttc accatgttgg ccaggatggt ctcaatctct tgacctcgtg atctgccctc     41220
     ctcagcctcc tccacacctg gcctggattt catttttcta agctgggttt gatggatggc     41280
     tctggtgatt tgagatgggc caaattcggc atcttggaga tagagtttgg ccaatttagt     41340
     ctggatcagg tgggggcaat ctgacttcat tactttctca ttctccttct gggaacagtg     41400
     tacttgcgag gcgatattct catggtaaat ggaaagagga agaatcccca gtatggaagc     41460
     catctcaaat ctctatgcaa agtgtagtaa ttttctgttt atcaaagtaa gttaaatgat     41520
     tgaactccaa gttcagggga aaggtagtca gtcttcctgt gataggagga tactgcaaga     41580
     tgatatacca aagggtcggg tactcaggaa ttcttataaa atggctaaat attttatata     41640
     ataataaata tttaaacatt agacttgaga gaaactttac caaaggccta agaattagag     41700
     atatgtttga taaataaata ttattcttgg gctgaaaact cttgagtggg aaaatagggc     41760
     taatttcatc tggacaactt cttggaaact cattttttat tttggaaatt ttgagaaaat     41820
     aatttgttcc attcataagt ggtgtgcaca tgcgtgtatt tgtgttcata tttatgagct     41880
     tgtgaataat gaagttatac aaaagtatta gcagcaacca aatcttatgg agtattggcc     41940
     tgcctgtggt tctcaagaaa atcttagatg cttttgataa aagcagtttg gattctgtgt     42000
     atacaaatct ggcattttaa aaagtccata ttggtaatga tcttagttgt gaccaagctc     42060
     cctttaagac tttagacatt tgctatatga tctatgtatt gggttataaa acttcccaaa     42120
     caactgaagt tgctaaacac aaatgatgga gaggttacac aaagaaaaat tgcaaactct     42180
     gaaagagagt acgttcttat ttgtgtacta gcaaatgagg attcaggttt ccagtcaatt     42240
     tcagtatgaa taattccagc ctgtaacaag aacaaacagt gaatgaatga gttaatttga     42300
     gttgtttgaa aataagaatg ttttccataa agagatcatt gaactcatta gttaacacgc     42360
     catggtgatt tctggcttga cactggtcac aacatttaaa agtaaaaaga atgacccagc     42420
     agatttacaa attaggtgca tatagaattt aaggtcagga tattcaagca atcacaacca     42480
     gtgatattac attgagaggt gaagccagct ggacttcctg ggtggagtgg agatttgcaa     42540
     gaatttggct tgctaatgat gctattaaaa gataaactaa agttgatata ctgtattatt     42600
     gcatagacta tttgtccatg ttagtgttca aaaatgccaa aaaaaatccc aaaatagaat     42660
     cctaattgtt ggaggtcgtg tttcttatcg aattttaaaa tgtagtaaaa gaaaaaaaag     42720
     caaataaatc gttgaaaata tgttggtttt acattattct tgatgaaata ccatgtgagg     42780
     gtacttgtct aggcctaatg ctgagaatca tagaagaatc gtgaggccat gaggaagaat     42840
     aatagtgttc tctcatcacg ctgagctcca gtacttagaa acaagcctga aatcacattt     42900
     accaaatagc attctccctt tcacctgcca tcatcattct cttcatcatc tatatcttca     42960
     tctatctcat gaaatgattt gtttttgaaa tatttaaata cataatttgg aaaataagta     43020
     attttaaaaa gatcatcatt gtgggaaagt tacaatagta aacagcaaag ttcaagtcaa     43080
     gctccaatac atttagattt agaaattaag tgtagtttat tttacagtac attgcttaag     43140
     caaataatta tttatggatg accgtcagtg aatcctcctt tcactatgct catgatagaa     43200
     acaatttaat tttcgtgtaa ataaaattcc ttaataagaa agatacagca aataacacat     43260
     tttttgagca cgcttttatt tctaaagagc ggattttagg accaaactgt caaacagagg     43320
     taagacccca gatcttctgt cacacttgag tgagtgatga tggagttaga aggttgtagt     43380
     tctataacca aaactatatt catggatagg attaaatggt ggaattccac agaagcacca     43440
     gattcagttt tgtttccatg ggacttaaag tctacttata tcagatgtcc ttcatttgtt     43500
     gataaactcg taagtaatgt tttactattt gatattttaa tgattgttat aaactaagaa     43560
     attttgattt ttgctaatta aaacagcata gggcaggcgc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc     43620
     ccagcacttt gggaggccta ggtgggcgga tcatcaggtc aggagatcca gaccatactg     43680
     gggaacacgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacgaaa aaattagccg agcgtggtgg     43740
     tgggtgcctg tagtcccagc tacttgggag gctggggcag gagaatggcg tgaaccccgg     43800
     ggacagagct tgcagtgagc cgagatcgcg ccgctgcact ccagcctggg agacaacgag     43860
     actccgtctc aaaaacaaca acaacaacaa caaaaaaaac aaaaaccgca taaaatttaa     43920
     ataatggaat agaatgatgg agctgtggtt gagattctat atgtaattaa tgacattttg     43980
     agatccagtg ctgctcattg aatttccctg tgaaaagagt ttgtggtgat gacccagcaa     44040
     cagataagct actatccaaa aaaagctatt gacatgaaat caatttccag ttttttccga     44100
     gtttcatgag gctgcctaga tcctgctttt actctcttct ttgaccaaag tattacaaaa     44160
     ataaaaatat cattaccatt ttcatgtcag gtatactaaa agtttaaaaa aacttttttt     44220
     aataacttga ttttaggaat attggtttag tttctccgtt agaaaacgat ttatataagg     44280
     agaacaaaaa gttcatttct acctctaaaa caataagaca aaaaaaaggg tcatcaattt     44340
     tgagaatcca atagcgttaa caaccagtta aacataagaa agaattagtg aattggaaga     44400
     taactaccca gaatgaagca taaagagatc aagaggtaga aaatataagg ctagagggcc     44460
     acagacagtg aagctacaat cagaacaact aacatacttc tgcagttcca gaagattaga     44520
     agagagcaaa tggggcagaa gcaatgtgga gatttttcca aaagtgataa agtatatcag     44580
     ttcatatatt tttagaaact atcagacttc agacacgata actaaaacca aattaacata     44640
     aaatgacagg acatcaaaga ccaatagaaa acctgaaaag taactagagg aaaagataga     44700
     ttatgttaaa gggaataact gtctaaacga caagctgatt ttcaacagac aaaaataaag     44760
     ctagagttca atggattcat gtcttcagtg tatttcaaaa gtagaataga tcttgataaa     44820
     cagaaattta aaatatatct tttcagataa aagaaaaatt attattatta ttatttttgt     44880
     tggtagagtt ggattctcac tctgttgtcc acgctggagt tcagtggtag gatcatggct     44940
     tactgcagtc tggaactcct gggctcaaac catcctccca cctcagcctt gtgagtagct     45000
     tcactatgcc tgactaactt tttcattcat tgtagaggca gttttgctgt gttgcacagg     45060
     ctggtcttga actcctgggt gctcctgccc cagccttaca aaatgttggg attatgggtg     45120
     tgagctaccc tgcctggcca ataaagggtc ttattgaaaa tattaagttg aatatgcaag     45180
     aaggaataca aattaatgaa agtggtaaat atgtgcataa ttctaaatga atgtttagaa     45240
     aataataatg tcttgttggg gtaattatac aattgataag acatatgcaa atggcaaaaa     45300
     atagaatgga ggtaaaggtg acaggagtaa gtttagttaa attattttct gaacttttct     45360
     atgtctatga ggagattttg aacaatgata atataattct actcataggt atatatgcaa     45420
     aggaattgta tcaaatgata tatgaaagaa tgttctagta gaattattca taactgttca     45480
     aaaaagaaac tggccaaata catattaagg ttggatgaat cattacagta attccatgca     45540
     atggaacaat atagagaagt gaaaaaaaat cacatgtgct tgcaactatg tgactaaatt     45600
     tcagaaacat aatgttgagt tcaggaagcc acaaacaaga ggaacatgta ggattgcacc     45660
     tatacagcgt tcaaagtagg ctagaccaag cgatggagtt tagggttgca tacctagttg     45720
     gtaaagtatg aagaaaattg aggaaataac cattataaat tatggatatt gcttatatca     45780
     ggagatgcga agaagggttt agggacttgg aaagtggaat ggaggtggat ctagcctgtt     45840
     ttaggtgttc cttgtcttgc ccttcatcat agttacttga gtgtttatga tacactgtgg     45900
     aatttcccag ttttgtattg gttcatttct aagtgcgcat tataacttta atatacaaat     45960
     ttgtaattag gagaaatata gaaattatta ttactcatct cattatatac cgaagggaaa     46020
     tatcaaatat ttgtatacat tcttacacaa ttctaagata gttgaaatag gaactttctt     46080
     atttagttgc aacataagaa aatttgagat gatgttatct gccaccccca gatctttcca     46140
     aaggatttct tctagcctta attatccatc tcacaggaca aacctttgcc attccccatc     46200
     tattttttct tttggctcct gaattcctga cacaacaagg atgtacatat ttcccacact     46260
     cttggtttag cagagttctt ttatcagtta tgtttttgtg caggagaaaa ccctccaaac     46320
     ctacattaga tatttatatc tcacatgtcg tttgacgtcg ggtttttttt tttttttttt     46380
     ttttttttga cagagtcttg gtctgtcact caggctgggg tgcagtggcg tgatctcagt     46440
     ttactgcaac ctccgcctcc ggggttcacg ccattctcct gcctcagcct cctgagtagc     46500
     tggggctaca ggcccacacc accatgccct gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagacggg     46560
     gtttcaccat gttggccagg atggtctcca tctcttgacc tcataatctg ccttcctcag     46620
     ccttgcctgc actggacctg gattttattt ttctaagcca ggtttggtgg atggctgtcg     46680
     tgatttgaga tgggccaaat tctgcatctt ggaggacgtt agagttttgc caatttagtc     46740
     tggatcaggt ggcggcaatc tgacttcaat agtttctcat tcttcttctg ggaacagtgt     46800
     actagccagg cgatattctc atggtaaatg gaaagaggaa gaatccccag tatggaagcc     46860
     atctcaaatc tctatggaaa gaggaagaat ccccagtatg gaagccatct caaatctcta     46920
     tgcaaactgt agtaattttt tgtttatcaa aataagtgaa atgattgaat tccaagttca     46980
     ggggtaaggt agtcagtctt cctgtgatag gaggatactg caggattcta tatcaaaggg     47040
     tctggtactc aggaattgtt ataaaattgc taaatatttt gtataataat aaatatttaa     47100
     acattagact tgagacgaac tttaccaagt cctaagaatt agagatatgt ttgataaata     47160
     aatattattc atgggctgaa aacccgggaa aataggacta atttcatctg cacagcctct     47220
     tggaaactca ttttttattt tggaaattac aagaaaataa tttgttccat tcataagtgg     47280
     tgtgcacgtg tgtatttgtg tgcatattta tgagtttgtg aataatgaag ttatacgaaa     47340
     gtattagcag caaccagatc ttatggagga ttggcctgcc tgtggttctc aagaaaatct     47400
     gagatgcctt tgataaaagc agttaggatt ctgtgtattt aaatctgtga tttaaaaaag     47460
     tccgcattgg tgatgatctt agttatgacc aagctccctt tgagaattta gacatttact     47520
     ggatgatata tatattaagt tacaaaactt ccctaacaac tgaagtcact aaagataaat     47580
     gatggagagt ttacacaagg aaaaattgca aacactgaaa gtgaatatgt ccctatttgc     47640
     atactagcaa atgaggattc aggtctcacg tcaatttcag tgtgaataat tccagcctat     47700
     aacaagaaca gacagtgaat gaatgagtta atttgagttg tttgaaaata ggaatgtttt     47760
     ccataaagag atcattgaac tcatcagtta acatgccatg gttatttctg gcttgacact     47820
     ggtcacaaca attaaaagta aaaagaatgt cacagcacat tcacaaatca ggtgcatata     47880
     gaatttaagg tcaggatatt caagcaatca cacccagttt tattagattg agagatgaag     47940
     ccagctatac ttcctgaatc ttgtggggac ttggagaacg tttctgaagc tagcaagggg     48000
     attgtaaaat gcaccaatca gcgcactgta aaaccacagc aatcagcgct ctgtagctag     48060
     caagaggatt gtaaaatgca ccaatcgctc taaaatgcac caatcaacag gatcctaaaa     48120
     gtagccagtc ggagggagga ttgataaaag ggcactctga taggacaaaa aaggaaaatg     48180
     ggaggggaca aataagggaa taaaagctca tggcttcagc cagccgcggc aacctacctg     48240
     ggttgccttt cactctgtgg aagctttgtc ctttctctct tctcaataaa ccttgctgtt     48300
     gctcactctt tgggtccaca ccatctttaa gagcagcaac actcaccgtg aaggtcagtg     48360
     gctccctttt gaagtcagcg agaccacgaa cccacctgca ggaaccaatt ccggacacaa     48420
     caccagcatt taaaaaaatt ttttttgtct gttcagacat gataactttt ctacccatca     48480
     ttttttccag tctggtagtg gttacatttg ttattggaaa ttttgctaat ggcttcatag     48540
     cactggtaaa ttccattgag tggttcaaga gacaaaagat ctcctttgct gaccaaattc     48600
     tcactgctct ggcggtctcc agagttggtt tgctctgggt attattatta aactggtatt     48660
     caactgtgtt gaatccagct tttaatagtg tagaagtaag aactactgct tataatatct     48720
     gggcagtgat caaccatttc agcaactggc ttgctactac cctcagcata ttttatttgc     48780
     tcaagattgc caatttctcc aactttattt ttcttcactt aaagaggaga gttaagagtg     48840
     tcattctggt gatgttgttg gggcctttgc tatttttggc ttgtcatctt tttgtgataa     48900
     acatgaatga gattgtgcgg acaaaagaat ttgaaggaaa catgacttgg aagatcaaat     48960
     tgaagagtgc aatgtacttt tcaaatatga ctgtaaccat ggtagcaaac ttagtaccct     49020
     tcactctgac cctactatct tttatgctgt taatctgttc tttgtgtaaa catctcaaga     49080
     agatgcagct ccatggtaaa ggatctcaag atcccagcac caaggtccac ataaaagctt     49140
     tgcaaactgt gatctccttc ctcttgttat gtgccattta ctttctgtcc ataatgatat     49200
     cagtttggag ttttggaagt ctggaaaaca aacctgtctt catgttctgc aaagctatta     49260
     gattcagcta tccttcaatc cacccattca tcctgatttg gggaaacaag aagctaaagc     49320
     agacttttct ttcagttttt tggcaaatga ggtactgggt gaaaggagag aagacttcat     49380
     ctccatagat tcacgagagg ggcattgtgt atcttctagc aggaaacaaa ctggtggtgt     49440
     atgaaacatt ttatatttct tactggtttt tctatactgt atgtgtatga ataatttcca     49500
     aacgtatacc tagaaaagtc tttgacccaa tggcagtcta gaaaatatat atatatatat     49560
     atatatatat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atttgtgtat gaaaacttaa cattgacaac     49620
     aacatgctct tttctgtttt ttcatacaaa ctgccaaatt atacaaaata tgacaaaaac     49680
     ttcttagaat tttgaagcca tgtttatttc attcatgtat tttttatttc atttgtagaa     49740
     tttgcaatgt ctatttataa ttattaagaa gtaagagctt atccccggaa aaatattgct     49800
     cttttctatt gttatttgaa ccacaggaat ataccacatt gtgcttagaa ttcattgctt     49860
     gaacctcaaa tttattggat ggtaaggtca ttcaattcta aatcaataat gaggatgtat     49920
     cctcggtgtt ttattccatt atgaatttct attttatgtt tagtaaaaag caatgagaat     49980
     tattgttaga aaacaatgca cacaatagaa tttgagtgag aagcatatgc agagtaaatt     50040
     taatgtatgt ctaccataag cggtactgag gaatattaga tttcatatgt gaatagctta     50100
     ggaaaaaatt ccttctctaa taaagggatg aaacatcatg atcatgatct tgattggtat     50160
     catcagttat gcatatgcag ttagaaacgt catttcttcc gcttttgaat taaagaaaat     50220
     ctgtttttga agttgagatc tcatgtaaat tattttagta ttctttctaa agcactttta     50280
     agcccctgat ttgctaatta tatccttacc ttccgtttgt aaaattcctt ctaaacttca     50340
     gataagagaa ctcaaatcct ctctttttga aaaataaaat caatgtaaat atagtataga     50400
     aattgtggaa aatatttcag tcaaactttt tgtaaatgtt aaaatagtat ctgtgaaccc     50460
     tatgtattaa ttatgggatg agccgtaact ttgtaatttt gtcatcaatg atgaaatgaa     50520
     agggtgttga catattcttt aataggaagt tctattataa gaaagaaatg tacagtcctg     50580
     ttcacagcta aattctatta cgttcattaa tactttaatg aacaaataaa tgggtggcta     50640
     aaatgggtaa gctgatgtgg taaaccaatg aaaaggaaac tcatcacaaa atctgcagtt     50700
     gcatgaattc ccctgttccg gtctcaggtt aagattacag gcttatccaa gcagaatcct     50760
     tcctctaagg aaaagtttgg ctattccaca attttagggg aaatatcaca ataatatagt     50820
     cttgatgcag ctgtatcagg tgtctgagtt ggagacaagg tagaacatca aaattagatg     50880
     gcacctatta caatagtttg aaaaatcata taaacaactt tggtctattt gaattttttt     50940
     tctattgtga attatatatt tgtattatga tattttctag ttgactattt aaataaaatg     51000
     gcatttcatt tcaaaaaatt gagttagtaa ccagctactt taccaaaatg tttttaatgt     51060
     aatacctgtt attaaagtgc taacatttat ttagaagtca aattcaagac aaaaatggca     51120
     aggacgtgtg gaaattgaga caggaagaaa tgtgaaacaa tgtgtggtga tgtctggtat     51180
     ggctctgctg gcagccactt cacagtgagg tgagagagac agcatgacgg tcatcagatg     51240
     cgtgtacttg gcttccagca ctttttccag aagggctaca gggggaaacc acagctggca     51300
     ttagtccgtg gaagtgagag aggagggaga atgtatctgc tcggctgtca ttagtcttct     51360
     atttcttatt ggtcagggtt tccttgaggc agaactatca tctctgttgt tctgtcttcc     51420
     atcatccagt cccttggtgg tggtcatgaa agtcatacct tatgcccaca gtgtggtgat     51480
     gcattcaagt cccaaatgga atgatgacct ggatcgggca aggtactagc caggggaata     51540
     ggacatagtg aagggaatct aagaaagcac atgtttgtgt ccaataccat cactccttgt     51600
     gccactgagg cgtgctcata ccctccagtc atggctggct ttatgagcat atgacgtcca     51660
     cagttgcata gggttttgtg cttataggga cttgtgttta gagggactct atgcttggat     51720
     taatgttctc cacttgctgt tttgtttttc acacagagga tactcctctg ctgaagaggg     51780
     aatgttcttg cactaattcc atagggattt gctctcctgt ctcctacagg cttgtcagag     51840
     acatgcacag agtcctataa tgaccactat gtatgtttct agcatctttg aatcctgctg     51900
     gatcatctgg cacagtggcc agagcagctt ggagcagagt ccatatcttc tgtagagccc     51960
     acttttgttc tggattctgc ttgagaccag tagcctggga aacttcatta atgagtcaga     52020
     gctatattct caaatgtgga atatgttgtc tccaaaatcc caataggccc ccaaaatact     52080
     gggtctcttt tgtagtgata ggaaatttat agagagagca acatgccata tactgtaaaa     52140
     aagattgttt caacgtgtgg tctagggaca ctgaatgctt taaaacatca cctatgctgt     52200
     aggtccctga atcttctcag gttgatttct tttcttctgg tattttactt ccattcatcg     52260
     ttagagtatt ttactatagt taagaaactt gccacttcct gattattgta ccaagtaata     52320
     tattattatt attattgcta ttattttgag acagggtctc attctgtccc tgaggctgga     52380
     gttcagtggc aggatcacag ctcattacag cctcaacctt ctgggctcaa gtgattcccc     52440
     cacctctgca ttgctagcag ctgggactgc aggggcacaa catcacgcct ggctaatttt     52500
     tgtattttct gtagggctag gatttcaccg tgttacccag gctggtctca aactcctggg     52560
     ctcaaatgat cttcccgtgt cggcctccta aaatgatggc attacagtca tgtgccacag     52620
     ggcctggtct gtaatattat taatatatta aataatcacg atgttttaaa aaatgtaaat     52680
     taaactgaga acagaagtga catagccatg atataaaaca gtgacagtgt tattattatt     52740
     ataaaacgag gcaaattgtt ttgatttttc ctcataatgg gtgtagatta agaaccattc     52800
     accaaatcac aagcccggta aaaagtacca gaagctctgc tctgcttagt gaagacagca     52860
     catcctggaa agcatttgtg agtgtttatt taagttcatg gtagtctgca ttgattctgt     52920
     aatccatctg gttttggtag aggccagata ggttaagtga atcaggttat agaaaggact     52980
     accatcccct gtaacttgca agtgttttgt catggcagtg accagttcca ttccttaggg     53040
     aatgcggtta ttatattttg tacattgtgt tgccagtaga ggagaatttc agaggcttcc     53100
     ctttggtcct gctataataa tgtcccttac tccacagttc acgaataatg tgagtgtcct     53160
     gccagctgcc atgcatatcc atttcagtta cactttcagg aagaggtaat aactacaaac     53220
     tgattagctc caccttggga tggacatgag ccaaagctct aggtagcatc tgaccttcag     53280
     aaactctcaa tgcaggctgg atgtcatggc tcatgcctgt agtcctacta ctttgggagg     53340
     ccaaggtggg aggacccctt gagagcagga gttccctttg caacatatgg aaactccatc     53400
     tctacaaaaa atttaaaaaa ttagctggca tgttggtgca tgcctatagt cccaaatact     53460
     tgggaagctg aggcaggagg attgcttgag cccaggagtt caaggctgca gtgggctatg     53520
     attgtgccac tgtactccag cttgggtaac agagggagac tgtgtctcag aagaaaaaaa     53580
     aaaaacaagt ttaacttctc actggtatct taaatatcaa gtaaaacagt atcgaatcga     53640
     taatgaacaa tctttggttc ctgcctataa gaggtaaact tgaaagtagt aatacaaata     53700
     gtatattaac tcctaacaaa attaaccaaa gacagttgta ttttcatcgc cctttgttgg     53760
     tggtggtggt gtttttgaga tggagtttgc acggtctccc cactggagtg gagtggcatg     53820
     atctcaacta actacaaccc cccactcctg ggttccaatg atttttctgc cacagccacc     53880
     tgagtagctg ggattttatg catgtgccac cacacctggc tactttttgt atttttagtg     53940
     gagacagggt ttcaccgtgt tggccatgct ggtttcaaac tcctgacctc aggtgatgca     54000
     cctgcctcag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcctga gccaccgcac ccggcctatc     54060
     gtctcctttt tataggtaat tatactgagg caggcagtag ttgtaaaatg gagtctcaca     54120
     tcatagttat atgaagcagg gaatctggtt tcctgtcttg gcagtctgac ttcaagatcc     54180
     cctcttagaa accattatac tataaaaact gaaaagaaat aaaatccaag attggagact     54240
     gattttaaca tctattttaa accatttcat aatcaaaaat aaattaaata gggaaaaata     54300
     aacctgaata ttcatacaca gagaagtgta gactcttcaa tggaacacgt tttttaagtg     54360
     tccgaggaat agttataaaa ttgctgaata ttttcattaa ataactaaga tttaagtatt     54420
     agactcaaga gaaaaactta gtcaaaggcc taagcatgag acattaagct tgataaacat     54480
     tgaaaatgcg ctgaaaagcc caagtaagaa aattaatttt tcattttaga aattatagga     54540
     caataattta ctcaaccatg aggggtgtgt gtgtgggggg gggaatgtgt ttatgttaat     54600
     gagcttgtta acaataagtt atacaaaact attagttaac agcaaccaga ttttaaggaa     54660
     tattggcctt cctgggcttc caaagaaaac cttggatgct tttagtagga aaatttagga     54720
     ttcactttcc ataaacctgg cattgaaaaa atgaatcaac agtggtcatg actctagttt     54780
     tgaccaagct acatataaca gtgcaggcat ccaatgtatg atctatgtat tagtttggaa     54840
     aatttcccta acaaccgaca ttgctgaaca caaattatag acaggttaaa caaggaaaaa     54900
     atttcaaaat gatgaataag aatatgactt gatttgtatg cctggaattg agaattcagg     54960
     tttcacttca acatcagtat gagacatttt ataacaagga catagtattt gaatatgagt     55020
     cagtttcagc tgttttggaa attatcatat tttccgttaa gtcagccctg aactcattca     55080
     atagcatgcc ccggtgcttt ccgttttgac attagtcaga gaatttaaaa ggaaccagaa     55140
     cattactgca caatcagaaa tcaggtacac atagaaatta aggtcaggac cttaaaggga     55200
     atcttgtcca ttaggccttg atattaggcc tgccttaaaa aaattcagac atggtatgtt     55260
     tactactaac catttttttc cataacagta atggtagaat ttgtattttc ccatgggcac     55320
     cttcattgta cttaaagact attttgatat ttcaacatat tattttcttt gagtcctttt     55380
     aaggagttgt taaacaatgc tgaaatttgc cttacagtat gctgttaaca aatcatattt     55440
     ctcaaagtca tttgacataa tgattggtta aaggaaatat gtctagcata attatacttg     55500
     ttcataacaa aacagtattt aaaacttgaa gaaaaatatt aggaaaagta ataaagaata     55560
     tgaataaggg ttgggtgtcg tggctgatag ctgtaatccc agcacttcgg gaggccaagg     55620
     tgggtggatc acgaggtcag gacatcaaga ccatcctggc taacacggtg aaaccctgtc     55680
     tctacaaaaa ataccaagaa aaaaaaaatt agctgggtgt gatggcaggc ccctgtaatc     55740
     ccaagtattc aggaggctga tgcaggagaa tggcgtgatt ctgggaggca gagcttgcag     55800
     tgagccaaga tcatgccact gcactccagc ctgggcaaca gagcaagact ctgtctccaa     55860
     aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaaa agaatatgaa taaataaata aataaataaa tgaaatatgt     55920
     aattcattat taataaatgt gcatgaagtc atggtcatgg aatttaaaaa gagtaacaat     55980
     ttttgaatta agaatacatt ctgaaacata atagaaaaag gcttataaaa tgttaggttt     56040
     aataatgttt catataaata ttaaaggtaa aaattattct gatgttactt attttggaaa     56100
     gcttatgaag taatgggaat tttcatacac tgctcctaga attgtaaatc agagcagtta     56160
     gtttgtctga gtatggcatt atctgattaa gatgatggat cacatctgaa gacccagtat     56220
     ttgtatcctt atcagaatac atatagacac acatgcatat cactgagttt taatagctaa     56280
     gttgagaagt ctatcaaatg tccatcagtg attaaatgga taagtaaatt atggcatact     56340
     tgtacaatag tatactatac agcaatcaaa atgaactgtt ggaagcaagt gctcagagta     56400
     gacaaaagaa accaacactt cgacagaaaa tttctcagca aggcatcttt actttggcag     56460
     aagggtgcag aagggtgctg cttgtgcccg ttacaatccc aagagcccac ggaacaaagg     56520
     agggaaggag tttttaatcc taacacagtt cctgtttctg tgtccttctc ctgttggctg     56580
     gggttggacc gtgctatcta aactgatcct gattggctaa gacttaaact tttccaaata     56640
     gggtaaatgc aggatttgca aaaagaagga ggggtgtgag gtaggattga tttacaacat     56700
     ttgcaactgt tggccagaag gttgagtctt tgaagggaac ttaattgtcc cagcagaacc     56760
     aactagagca acatgtttac aaagaacata aataaaaagg aaaatgaaca aatttgaact     56820
     tcatagatat gagaggaatt attaggtttg aaaaatgatt cagtataatt ccacttatat     56880
     aaagtttaca aaaatatatt tttaataaat tgaaatttat tacactggtg gtgaaattct     56940
     aaagtgagac atatgaatga ttatcataac aattgggatg gtagggatgg aggaaacaaa     57000
     agggaaatgt tatcaacaag aaggcgtata tggagagtgt ctggattgct ggtgaattct     57060
     actttatgac catgatgtgg aatcatgact cttaatgcta taagtttttt ctttactgta     57120
     catttagacc ttattacttt atatatatat gtatgttatg tttcacaata ataaaaatat     57180
     ttaaaaagta gaaacataca ctaaatgaat gaatgtaaaa taggctgaaa aaacatattc     57240
     ttatagacat cattgtaatt agaatttttg ctgaataaag aagaatacag cattatgata     57300
     gtaagaaatc caagaaaaat tttaaacttt tctttaattt aaaaaaggaa gaggtaagca     57360
     ggaagtctac ctccactttc ttaatgttat tcttaccttg aaacatcaga ttttgagcat     57420
     ctgtattttg ctagacacct tttttcttct ttccaattta attatttatg ataacatttc     57480
     aaagttgcag aaagtagtga atttccaata aattatagtt atacagacat taaatataca     57540
     tgacaatttt tctaaattta tccctaaata aaataattat acacattttt taccattcaa     57600
     agattttaat accatgcatg tgtacacatg tgtgaaaaaa tattttgata ttacaaattt     57660
     tttgaatatt caagaaaaat tcatagaaag ataattttgt taagccttaa aacatatgta     57720
     gtgtaactac tttgactgct ataataaaat cacccagatt ttgtgaccat agctgagaat     57780
     gaaattaagc agttgagaga atttaacttg ttagtgatgc tattaaaaga tgaaatgaag     57840
     cttatacact tcataattgc acagagtatt tgtgtaagtt catatggaag tggaacaaaa     57900
     ttaaacagcc agaacaagag tattctttgc tggaggtcac ttttggcata atttttagaa     57960
     tgcaatagaa gaaaaaaata gcaagtaaat cactggaaat atgttggttt tatgttattc     58020
     ttgatgaaat gctagttgag ggtatttgtc aaggcctgat tctgagaata atatcggaat     58080
     tatgctgggc aaagtggctc atgtctgtaa tcccagcact ctaggaggcc aaggctggcc     58140
     gatcacctga ggtcaagagt tccagaccag cctggccaac atgatgaaac cccatctcta     58200
     caaaaaataa aaaaaaattg ctgggtgtgg ttgcagccac ctgtaatctc agatacttgg     58260
     gaggctgagg caggagaatc gattgaacca gggaggcagc tgttgccgtg agccaagatt     58320
     gtgccattga actccagact gggtgacaag agagaatttc catctcgaaa aaaaaaattg     58380
     tgtatctatg aggaagaata atagtgttct cccaccaacc ttaactctaa tgcttttaaa     58440
     agaaaaccaa aatcacattt attaaataac attctacctt ttagctgaca tcatcattat     58500
     catcatctac atttacatct gtcttattaa atgatttatt tttgaaatat ttacatacat     58560
     aatttggtta atgtctgcat aatttctaag agatatcatt gtaggaaagt tatattagta     58620
     aacagcaaag ttcaagtcag gctgaataca tttagattta gaaagttaag tgtagtgtag     58680
     tttaaaatac aatgcttaag gaaacaatta taaattatat taaactaatc catgtaacac     58740
     tatgaaaaga ttttgatttt agtataaata aaattgctta ataggaaaaa taaataaacc     58800
     atttcatgat caagctctta tttataaagt aaggatgtta gggctaaata aatcaaagag     58860
     aagtaacccc tcccccatat cttctctatt tcacttaggt aatgatgaaa tttaaaggca     58920
     cagagcccca tttctacaac ataagcaaaa tgaaaattaa ttctttgaat acaacaacgt     58980
     agctgtggtt ggtgaaatat attttatcta ttgcaatgat attttgagag gtagttctgg     59040
     tcattgagtt tgcctgttag cagagtttgt ggtgatgacc cagcaacaga caagctaata     59100
     tccaaaaaaa gctactcaca tcaacttaat ttctagtttc tttcaaattg aaggtaaatt     59160
     ccagaacaaa gcttttattc tattctctca gcaaactatt gggaaatgaa gaaaaccact     59220
     accattttct tttctaacat actaaaacaa aaagccaaaa acccaaaact caaaaatgct     59280
     tttaaaaaga acatggtgtt aagagtagtt tgttcagttt ctccctagaa aatgatttat     59340
     ggaaggagaa taaaagatta ttctgaacac taaaagaata agactgaaaa aaatgaatta     59400
     tcaatattga gaatccaata gacagagtta accagttaga tgcagtagaa gagagaataa     59460
     gtgaattaga agatagctac acagaatgaa gcacagagag aaagagatgg aaatatacaa     59520
     agctagaggg taacacattg aggctacagt cacaacacct aacatacttc tggagttctg     59580
     taacagtaga ggggagaaaa tagagcaaca aaatgttgca aggagttttc caaaagtgat     59640
     aaaatgtatg cctccatgta ttttttgtaa tctcaaactt caggcatgat gacttaaatc     59700
     aaattaacat aaaataatac aggacacaaa agaccaatag aaaatctgaa aagtagctag     59760
     aggttgaaga tagagtatgt tgaaaagaac tgcattctga atacaacctg attttaacag     59820
     aaaatatgga agcaggaatg caatggaatc atgggaatca tgtcttcagt gtgtttccaa     59880
     agagtagtag accttcaaaa acagaaattg aaaatgatat ttttcagata aaataaaatt     59940
     actgaaaata caaagttgaa catgcaagga gcaataaaaa ttaatgacaa tgaaaaataa     60000
     gtgtgtaatt ctaaataaat gttgactgta taaaatagtg tcttcctgga ttgaatgtat     60060
     aatcgataag atatatgcaa atagcaataa agagactgga gataaaggtg acagaaataa     60120
     atttagtcaa actatgtttt tggctttttt atgtctgtga ggagaatgtg aacgtttatc     60180
     aaggaccctg taatttcaca cccaggtata tatatgcata agaattgtag caaatgatat     60240
     gtgaaagaat gctcattgta gcattattca taatagctca aaaacaagct gcctaaatat     60300
     atatcaaata aggatggata aataattaca gtaaaatcat aaaatgaaaa gttatacaga     60360
     agcgaaaaga agtggatcac atgtacatgc aactgtgggg ttaaatttca tatacataat     60420
     attgattcca ggaagccatg aataagaaca tataggattg cacctataaa catttcaaag     60480
     tgggccaaac caagctattg agtttagggt tgcatagctt gttggtaaag taaaaagaaa     60540
     atttaaaaaa agatgatcat aaattatgga tgttgcttat cacaggagat atgaagaaag     60600
     gtatagggga aatggaaagt ggcattgagg taaacctagg cttttagcaa tgttccatgt     60660
     cttgccctac atgaaggtta catgagtgtt tatgacacat tgctatgttt tccatttttg     60720
     ttttggctca tttctaagtg tgcagtctag ttataatata aaaattatta atcaggagaa     60780
     agattccatg aaaattatta ttactctgct cattatatac cgaagggaaa aattcactat     60840
     ttttatacat ttatgtataa ctctaagcga ttttaagtag aaactttctg attttagttg     60900
     cacctttctg aaacttgaca tgatgttacc tgccaatccc agatttttca ataggttttt     60960
     cttttaggtt taattatcca cttcatgtga caaaactttg acattctctg tctatttttc     61020
     ccttgaatcc tgaattcctg acacaacaag ggtggacatg tttcccatac tcttggttta     61080
     gcagagtgcc tttatcactt aggtttttct gcaagagaaa atcctccaaa actgctttag     61140
     atatttgtgt ctcatatgtc tttgaatttc atttttctaa gctagatttg gtggatggct     61200
     ctggtgactg gagacgggcc atgtactgca tcttgaagct agtttggctg atttagtgta     61260
     gataaggcag tggcattctg actccattag tttctcattc ttcttatggg aacagttatt     61320
     ggccagatga tgtcctcacg gtaaatggaa aagagcaaga aactccagta tggaagccgt     61380
     cttaaatctc tgcgtaaagt ctactagttt gctgttcact gaagcaaatt acatgagtga     61440
     attcagagtc aatggtcaag gtagtcaccc tgcctgtggt gggagggtgc tgcaggatta     61500
     tatgaaaaag tgtagggcac ttcgaaatat ttacaaaatt gctgaatatt ttaattacat     61560
     aattaatatt taaacaaaaa acagacttga gactaaattt atcaatggcc taagcatgag     61620
     aaacatgttt gataaatatt attcattgtc tgacaaccct gagtggaata cgagtaattc     61680
     cacctggatg acctcctgga aactcatttt ccatttgggg aattataaga aaataattcc     61740
     ttccatcccc taaaggtgtg agtgcatgtg tgtctatgtg tttaggagct tattaacaat     61800
     gatgtcatat caatttattg gttatcagaa accagatttt caggtgtatc ggcctcccag     61860
     ggctttccaa gataaccttg gatgattctg ataaaaggtt tagaatctgg tatttaaatc     61920
     tggcataaaa ataaatccat attggtgtga tcctagttat gaccaagctc ctttaacaat     61980
     ttagacattt actgtatgat atatgtattt ggttttaaaa tttccctaag aaacaactga     62040
     agatgctgga ttcaaattat ggagaggtta aacaaggaaa aaaattgcaa aacaatgaca     62100
     aagaatatgg ctttatttgc atactaacac atgaaaattc acttttcact tcaacatgag     62160
     tataaaaaaa ttcagcatgt agcagggaca gatagtatat gaagaggagt gaatctgagc     62220
     tgttttgaga ataacaatat tttctatttc tatgaagaca gctttgaact catccattag     62280
     cataggctgg tgctttcctg ttgacattag tcacagaatt taaaggcaga aaatgttatt     62340
     gcacatttag taatcaagtg tttatcgaag ttaatgtttg gatattaagg gtatcagaac     62400
     cagtgttatt aagactgcaa tttttttctt tttgtctgtt caaacatggt atattttctg     62460
     ctcatcattt tatcaattct ggtagtgttt gcatttgttc ttggaaattt ttccaatggc     62520
     ttcatagctc tagtaaatgt cattgactgg gttaagacac gaaagatctc ctcagctgac     62580
     caaatcctca ctgctctggt ggtctccaga attggtttac tctgggtcat attattacat     62640
     tggtatgcaa atgtgtttaa ttcagcttta tatagttcag aagtaggagc tgttgcttct     62700
     aatatctcag caataatcaa ccatttcagc atctggcttg ctgctagcct cagcatattt     62760
     tatttgctca agattgccaa tttctccaac cttatttttc tccacctaaa gaagagaatt     62820
     aggagtgttg ttctggtgat actgttgggt cccttggtat ttttgatttg taatcttgct     62880
     gtgataacca tggatgacag tgtgtggaca aaagaatatg aaggaaatgt gacttggaag     62940
     atcaaattga ggaatgcaat acacctttca aacttgactg taagcacact agcaaacctc     63000
     atacccttca ttctgaccct aatatgtttt ctgctgttaa tctgttctct gcataaacat     63060
     ctcaagaaga tgcagctcca tggcaaagga tctcaagatc tcagcaccaa ggtccacata     63120
     aaagctttgc aaactgtgat ctccttcctc atgttatatg ccatttactt tctgtatcta     63180
     atcacattaa cctggaatct ttgaacacag cagaacaaac ttgtattcct gctttgccaa     63240
     actcttggaa tcatgtatcc ttcattccac tcattcttcc tgattatggg aagcaggaaa     63300
     ctaaaacaga cgtttctttc agttttatgt caggtcacat gcttagtgaa aggacagcaa     63360
     ccctcaactc catagattca caaggggtgc atcgtgtgtc ttctagcaga aaacaaactg     63420
     atgatgtctt gaacatttta tatttctatc agtttttcca tagtgtatgt atttgagtaa     63480
     tttcagaata gatatctata aaagtcttac atatatatat ggttgtatat gtgtgcatgt     63540
     gtataaataa caacattgac cataaactat gaagctgagt atatttcaca tatacaatgt     63600
     atgtatattt tcttatagtt cattgtataa tatttcattt gaagatttta ttttctcttt     63660
     ttaaaattag gatcttacag cttttatcag gaaattattg ctgttttcca ttgcaatttg     63720
     tatcacatat atgtacttaa ctatcattgg tgaaccccta attgtttgga tggtaaagaa     63780
     gtttaatatt aaatcaatga tgagaatgta tctttggggt aggttttatt tcattaggaa     63840
     ttcttatttt acgtttggta gaaagcaaat agaattgtta gctaatgatg cacacaataa     63900
     aattttagtg acaaagatat gtagagtaag ttttatttat atataccaaa aacagtacta     63960
     aagaatacta aatttaatac aagtatgtgc atagcctaga ataaaaatca tttctataat     64020
     aggaatgaaa aaacatgatc atgatccttt cagtgctgtt ataatttttt atgtgtagtt     64080
     agaaaagtca cttattccac tttttgaatt aaaggaaacc ttttgtgaag ttgacatctg     64140
     atgtcaagta tttccattta ttttcttagc cacctctgag ctcctgaatt tccaattttc     64200
     tcctttgtct cccattccta atattcctca aaaaaactca aatattctct atcttaaaaa     64260
     aagtcccaaa gagagtatag aaactataga tgataatcaa atgaaacttt cttcaaatgt     64320
     taaatgttaa actttcgtta aatgttaaaa attatctgtg aaatctatat attgatgata     64380
     ggaaatgtat taatgatatg ttttattata atggtgtaaa tggtgaaatg acacaaagtg     64440
     tgttgatgta tccattgata ccaagttcta ttataagaag gaaatgtaca gccttgctga     64500
     acagctaaat tctgcatgac tgtgttaatt cttggtgtta tgagatttta acattgttat     64560
     gtaaaactta aaataagtca actcctcatc tgatatatat atatatatta catccacata     64620
     tatatgtatc agatccacat ctgatatata tatacacaca cattttattt atcatgcatc     64680
     ttccctagta caatgtaatc accataaaaa gagaggtcat atctgtcttg ctttgtctgg     64740
     actcacggga tctaaaagcc agcacaaaga atagttggtc aaaaatgata cgttaatgaa     64800
     cacattagtg gttggataaa tggataattt gatgtggtaa accagtgaaa acgaaactct     64860
     tgacaaaatc tgcagttgct tgaattttct agtttcaggt tgaggttata ggcttatcaa     64920
     agaagaagca tttctcagag caaaagtttg gctattcccc aattctaggg gaagtatcac     64980
     tgtaatatag ctttgatgca gctatatcag gtgtgtgaag tagagacaag gtggaatgtc     65040
     aaaattagat ggcacttatt gtaatacttt ttgaaaagca tataaaggat tctggtatat     65100
     ttgcacaggg ccaggttcag ctgtgagtgc cagctgctcg gggttagcag accccatcac     65160
     aagaatgtta gggaacttcc cagcagctgc caaacacact cttgttttta gggaacatct     65220
     ctttctccct cagtatgact tatgctgcct tcaatgcttt gctgatacaa aagaagtgaa     65280
     cacaaaagaa atgaaaaaaa aaaaaagcta gcaaactttg caactggtta agctgtttgt     65340
     aaatgtaccc aatcactttc tactgtgaat gatatatttg tattatgata ttttctagct     65400
     ggttactata tacacaaaga tggcatttcg cttttaaaaa ttgagttagt aacgagtcac     65460
     ctttcttaca cattatttat atatatattt tagtatcctt tctaaatgaa tgttttaatt     65520
     gccatattat aaatgcatgg aaaagtgatg caactgaatg tatatcttag ctttgggtgt     65580
     ctagaactag agccagtgtc tgagtttaca gtgatgacat ttatttggga aggcaagtcc     65640
     agggtagcaa tgaggggtaa atgtggaaac tgaggcaaaa gaagatgtaa aaccatgtat     65700
     catgatgttg acatgacttt gccgttgtca cttcacaatg aggtgagaca gacagcatgg     65760
     tgatcatcag atacatgcac ttggctcccg gtacttttcc agaagggtta caaggggaaa     65820
     ccacagcaaa tattagtcca tggaagagag aaaagggaga atgtatccta gctgtctttt     65880
     gttttctatt tacctttggc caaagttatt ttgtggcaga actaccatct ttgcttttct     65940
     tccttacatt atccaacccc ttggtggctg tttgggaaag tcagactaac caataccccc     66000
     atttttctaa gagatacttg ttttgttttt tttttaattt tttgtctctt ttcctcgccc     66060
     ctttccctat gtttcccact ttctacttaa ctttttagaa atgcacaaaa ctgtttacta     66120
     tcccctcacc agacagtccc ttcgggcaag ttcatctaac tatgtgctcc aagagggatc     66180
     tctccttgag acttgacagt tgatttgcag acaaaagtat gccctcatgg aactctcacc     66240
     tccagcggtt ccccttagac ctcacaccca ttaggagggg atgtggagag gatgctcagg     66300
     tggccacttt tacaactgct gtcctgctca tttccctccc tactttataa aaatgtccac     66360
     tttctgctcc aaaggtgaag tgtcacatta gaaggcagga tgctttatgc tccttcccca     66420
     aaactaatct ccaaataagt tctctatttt tgtatcagac tgtgctcttt ttaattagac     66480
     tttacatgaa gtgagcaact aagcttttct gttacaagac ttcatgccca cagatacatt     66540
     caagtcccag atggaaaggt gatctggatc aggcaaggtg ctgaccatgg gaacaggaga     66600
     gagtcaaggg aatctgagga agcacatgtt tgtgtccaat atagtcccct ccttgtgcca     66660
     ctcagatgtg ctcatgccct ccaactgtgg ctggttttat aagcagatgc cttgtgtagt     66720
     tgcacgcagt cttgtgcttg aggggctttt tgcttggatt aatgttctgc acttgcattt     66780
     ttatttttca gacagcagat actcctccgc tgaagaggga atagttctgc agtaattccc     66840
     taggggtttg ctttctcctc tcctacgggc ttgatggaga caggcacaga gtcctataat     66900
     gcccacgatg catgcctcta gcagctttga attctgctgg atcatctgac tcaatgggca     66960
     gagcaggttg ggccacagcc tatacctgct gtagagatat cttatgttct ggattccact     67020
     tgaaaccact agtctttgca ttcattctgt aacccatctg gttttggcag aggctaggta     67080
     ggttaactga acagggattt aaaaaggact ttattaacaa gtcagagcaa tatcctctat     67140
     tgtggtattt gtggactcca aaaccccaag agagtcaata aacactgtgc ttctctttta     67200
     gtgataagaa gtatttatag ggcaacaggc cacttacttt aaaaaggatg tttctgctgg     67260
     gcatggtggc tcacccctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccaaggtggg cagatcactt     67320
     gaggccatga gtttgagacc agcctggcta acatggtgaa accaggtctc tactttaaaa     67380
     aaaaaaaaaa ttgccaggca tggtagcaca tggctgtaaa tacagctagt aaggaggctg     67440
     aaggatttga actgattgaa cccaggaggc gaagtttgca gtgagccgag atggcaccag     67500
     tgcactctag cctgggcaac agagcaagac tctgtctcaa aaataaatat ataaataaat     67560
     aaatggattt ttcgacatgt agaccaggaa tatgagacct taaaaacaat atctatgttg     67620
     caggtttcca aatattatca ggtgtatctc tttctgctag tattttattt ctatttaacg     67680
     ttcaagtatt ttactatatt tagggacctt tccatttcct ggttattgca ccaattactg     67740
     taacattatt aataaattaa catgatgttt tgcaaaatgt aaattaaact gagagcagaa     67800
     gtgacatcgc cctgacataa aacagtgaag cagcactttc gttcttacca aacaaaggcc     67860
     aactgtttta atctcccgac ccacccgtgg gtgaaaaaca agaaatattc acttaatcga     67920
     gagccacatg caaagtgcca gaagctctgc tctgctcagg gaagatacca catcctagag     67980
     agcatttgta agtagtgatt taaatttatg gaactctgcc ctcattttat aatgtatctg     68040
     attttggtag aggccattta ggttaagtgg agagggatgt aaaaagacta ccatcccctg     68100
     taactttcaa gtgttttgtc atggtagtga tcaattccat tccttggaga atgtgattat     68160
     tatttttcaa tccttgttgc cagtggagga gaatttcgca ggcttcgcct tggtcctgct     68220
     ctaatagtgt cccttactct gcaggtcagg aagaaggtga gagtcctgcc agctgccatg     68280
     tttgtccatt tcaattacat gttcaggaag aggtaataac agcaaactga ttagatccac     68340
     cttgggatgt acatgagtca aaaatctagg tagcatctga ccttcaaaaa ctcccagtgc     68400
     aggcttggta tgatggctct tgcttgcaat cccggaactt tggtaggcac agttgggaat     68460
     atctattgag gccaggagtt ccagaccacc ctgggctaca tggtgagagc ttgtctctac     68520
     aaaaactaaa aaaagaaaaa acaacaacaa aaattagttt ggcatggtgg tgctcacctg     68580
     tagtcccagt tacacagaag gatgaggcag gatactccct tgaacctgaa aacaatatgc     68640
     gagtcagttg ctggtggcat ccagaatcca gttaaaaaga gtgaggcctg gttcaaaagt     68700
     aatgaattta tttcaaacct agcttgggga aggggcacaa agagtcctgc ctttaagtgt     68760
     accacttcac ctttggagca gaaagcagac acttttataa ggtaaggggg gttattgagc     68820
     aagggtagag ggtcctcctg caagcttggt gccttttcta ccatgcaggg gtctgtccag     68880
     cagaccctga ctcaatgaca gaggaataac atacaccgac atgtatgttt tgcttgtcag     68940
     tccagccgag catccgggcc acttaacaga ctctaaggaa gagtgctgtc agctgccgcc     69000
     ccaacttgct ggccttcttg gcatttattt agaacacatt aaatgacaaa aactttgagt     69060
     caacaccatt agagggtaat caactctgtc accttccccc aggagagcaa tcctgcctgt     69120
     gagtgatgaa aggttagctt taggactacc tgagtaaaca agctctttag ataaactact     69180
     ctacattcct ttgtgtctgt gcccaaagtg ctctggctct ggcaaagaga ctggctgcct     69240
     tcagccaaac tatctgaagt tatgcaaaaa cttttggtct tccaagaagg tctttttttt     69300
     attttataat tttccctacc attctgactg aacccctgca ctaccagata gttgaattgg     69360
     cacctgcctt tgcagaaata cattataaaa gtggccaagt aggtatgctt tccatatgcc     69420
     ctcctgttgg atgaaagtcc ttaggtaatt cctagagtgg agcagagcct ggaatttcct     69480
     ggtccacttc ctggaggtaa aaattctgtg gtgggtgtgt ttggtctgca aattgactgt     69540
     cagttctcag gagagattgg tctcggagca catagttaga aaaatgtgcc ctgcagggaa     69600
     tgtctagtga gtgggggtga aaggttctat ttgcatttat gaatggctaa gcaggataca     69660
     gggaacaaag ggaaagggga gagaagagaa aataataata aaaatcataa ttcattctct     69720
     ttttcttaga aaaaaatggg gcaatctgtt acaaaccctg gaattcaagg ctgtagtgag     69780
     taatgatcat gccactgtac tagatacagc ctgggtgaca gattgagact gtctctctga     69840
     aaaagccaac gcaaataaca cagaaaacaa aagaaaatta aaaagaaaat ctcctactcc     69900
     atctcatgga ccacagtgtc ttttgggtac ctagataatt agtgttagtt caggctctgc     69960
     tggggtggcc aatatctggt ttactggtgg caatttcata cgagtctgca gcaacgtcaa     70020
     gtcttgcctc cccagaggaa ggaattcaac tgaggggcat aagtaagaag agactgaagg     70080
     aagtttctga gcaggaatgg aagtttatta aaaagagagc aggaaagaaa ggaagagact     70140
     ttattggaag tctcttggaa gacacttgga agagaccaca gcgggcactt tggagatcaa     70200
     gtgcagtgtt agatctttga cttgtggttt tatatgttgg tatacttctg gggtcttgtg     70260
     ttccttttcc catgattcag ccccttaggg tgggctgctc acatgtgtgg tagcctgcta     70320
     acactttgga ggtgagcatg cgcagtgtgt ttactggagt tgtacacatg cttgcctgag     70380
     gcattcttcc cttttttggt ggaatgccca cagaaggtca tattccacca ttttctctct     70440
     taacacgcat gccttagcct actcacccta ttcctgagct gctgactacc aattttaagc     70500
     gtttttattt attgtgaaat tgcctctccc tggcgcctgt gaccaattat tatttttaga     70560
     gaggcagggt gtcaactgcc agggcatcag ctgatggcca cctgacattc cttgtgggtg     70620
     gtgggagccc tcttctgccc cactcatgcc tgactaacta cgtactgtaa aagccctata     70680
     cctaaaagtc tcagatggta tggatgtgtg tcctttcctc tgggtactgt ttatctagga     70740
     aatggctgca ggtctttgag aaagcatcat ataaatacat tctgaatatt ctgtggtgaa     70800
     ttttcagcat ctgttatcaa ggggacttaa gcttcccttc aattattgaa ttcttgttct     70860
     tggaattggc tcagtcctga caactggttg aggtttcttg attttccact tcaaaggccg     70920
     acctcaggaa tgagcttttc agctccattt tgctcttggt ttataagtat ttatcaaagt     70980
     gtgaagcctc ttcaactatt ggcttatgaa ctcattccaa tgaagctact gctgtcatcg     71040
     tttcattgat tctgacgttt ccaagatcac cagagtctat gttgccaagg ttagtcttca     71100
     tgttgcatgc tctattagcc acattgaacg tagtttattt gcatttcagg atgatgccct     71160
     ttcctgattt tatctttgtt cactgggcac cactccactt ctcattctcc tttgctagtt     71220
     gtcttttgtc tctaaactga aaacatgaga ttgcccaaga tctcaattct acaatctctg     71280
     caatgatgcc tgttgtgttg gtgatctcat gtattctcct tactgacaat gtagccaaat     71340
     cagttaacag acaagcgtaa gggtgattat ccatttatat taattattta ttcacacatc     71400
     ttggcatata gcacattatg taaatatttt tccttcaaat gtcaaattta catttagaag     71460
     taacagtacc aggttggatg ctgtggctca agcctgtaat tgagcacctt gggaggttta     71520
     ggtagacaga tttcttgagc acaattattg gagaccaacc taggaaacat ggtgaaaccc     71580
     agtctctagc aaaaatatga caattagcta ggtgaggtgg tgtccacctg cagtcctagc     71640
     tacctgggag gctaaggtgg gaggatagct tgaggctggg agctgtagag agcagtggag     71700
     agcagtgagc caatccgaaa ccactgcact ccagttgggg ctacagagtg agaccatgtc     71760
     tcaaaaaatg aaaaatagaa gtaataatac caaaaatcta agggaaaaga tggagtatta     71820
     ataatatttt tgcttgaatt tccactaaat cagagtgagg gtgacccacc atctaattta     71880
     gttttattta aaatagcatt atacatattg atagattact atgcagggga ttattattat     71940
     tatagaaata atgatctaag tagagaaata tacagatgga attatggttg attaacccac     72000
     ttatattact tgcagttgta caggtagtat gttttagtat cttagttact aatctcacct     72060
     tttacgtata gctctataat caaatatgag ttattttttg tgtatggtat gaaataagaa     72120
     tataaattta tctttatgca tgtcctccaa atgtctttca gacctccaaa tggataaaca     72180
     aattgtggca tacttataca atggaatact atacagtgat caaaattaat gaactagaca     72240
     gacatgttta caacagaata atacaacaaa gaaaatgaac aaatttgagc tacatagata     72300
     ataatactca caaatgtgag aggaattatc aagatggaaa aatacattca gtataatctc     72360
     atttacataa agttcaagaa aaatattttt aatatattgt aatttgttac attggtgata     72420
     aaactctaca gtgaaacata tgagtgatca tcataacaat tgggataatc aggagggagg     72480
     agataaacgg gaaatatcag caagaagaca tatattggga gtgtctggat tactggcaaa     72540
     ttctattttc tgaccaaggt gtggtaacat cgatgttaat gttataattt tttctcttac     72600
     tgtttattag gttttattat gctccatatg taagttatgc tccccaataa aaaaaaaaag     72660
     ttaaaaaagc agaaacataa aatacattcc tacatataaa attagggtga tacagcatat     72720
     tcttatagat accattgtta ttagagtatt tgctgaataa aggagaatag agcattatgg     72780
     tactaagaaa tccaagttaa aatttaaaat ttttcttatt gttttgagac agggtctctc     72840
     tctgttgccc aggctggagt gcacaagcag aatcttggct cagtgcaacc tctgctatcc     72900
     aggctcaagt aattctccca tctcagcttc cagagtagct aggacaacag gcgtgcacca     72960
     ccacgccctg ctaatttttt ctgtttttgg tagagacagg gttttggcat gtttcccagg     73020
     ctggacttga actcctgtgc tcaggcaatc caactgcctc agccttccaa aatgctggga     73080
     ttacagatgt gagccactag acctgccctg aaacttttct taaattaata tttttttaaa     73140
     aagaagacat aagcaagaac tgtaaatcca ccttcttaat gctaatatga atttgaaaca     73200
     tcaaaacttg aatatttatg acagctaaac accttttttc ttatttccaa tttaattatt     73260
     tataatacac atgtcaaagt gtcacaaagt catgaatttc caataaatta tagtatgatg     73320
     gaggttaaat atatagacct attatcccaa aatgtgtctc taaatgaaat atttgtattc     73380
     atattgttag cattctaatt tcacaatact aatcatgtgt acacctgtgt gttgggtaaa     73440
     atattttgtt aatataaatt ttttgattct gcattggaga aaaaaatcat agaaaggcaa     73500
     atttgttaag gtataaaaca tatttagcat gatctttgag catgtttgtg catatataat     73560
     gctactttca ctgctatagt aaaatgatcc agatttagtc accatagcta agaatgtgaa     73620
     aaaggcttgc aagaatttgg cttgctaatg atgctattaa aagatgaaat gaagttgata     73680
     tactgtatta ttgcagagag tatttttcta tattcatatt gaaaaatgcc caaaaagccc     73740
     caaaatagaa tcctaattat tggatgtcac ttttgctatg aatttttaaa atgtagtaaa     73800
     agaaaaagaa gcaaagaaat tcttgaaaat atgttggttt tacattattc ttgatgaact     73860
     accacatgag gatacttctc taggcctgat gctgagaatc atagaagaaa catgaggcca     73920
     tgaggaagaa tagtagggtt ctctcactac cctgaactcc agtacttaaa aaacaagatg     73980
     gaaatcacat ttatcaaata gcattctccc ttttacctgc cataattatt atcatcatca     74040
     tctatatata catctatctc attaaatgat atatttttga aatatttaaa tacataattt     74100
     ggaaaataag taatttttaa aagaccatca ttgtgggaaa gttacaggag taaacagcaa     74160
     agcttagtca tgctcaatac atgtagattt agaaattaag tatagcttat tttacaatat     74220
     attgcttaag caaataatta tttatagatg agcttaaact aatctttgtt tcattatgat     74280
     cactatagaa acaatttaga ttttagtgta actaaaacta accagtaaga aggacaaagc     74340
     aaatgataca ttttatgagc tagcttttat ttctaagaga ggattttagg accaaatagt     74400
     caaacagagt taagacctca gatcttctgt cacacttgtg tgagtgatgg tggagttcga     74460
     aagttatagt tctataaaca aaactatact cacggatagg gattaaatgg tggaattctt     74520
     tagaaacacc agattcagtt ttgtttccat gagacttaaa gttcttcaat ctttcataaa     74580
     cttgtatgta ctgttttact ctttgatctt ttaaagattg ttataaatga agaagtcttg     74640
     atttctgcta ataaaaacag agtaaaattt aaatcatgga atagaaaggt ggagctgtgg     74700
     ttgagatatt atattttatt aattgtaatg acattttgag atccagtgct gctcactgaa     74760
     tttccctgtg aggagagttt gtggtgatga cccagcaaca gacaagctac tatccaaaaa     74820
     aagctactca catcaaatca atttccagtt tcttccaagt tgcaggagaa tgcgtagacc     74880
     ataattttaa tctcttctgt gacctaagta ttacaaaaag aagaaaatca ctacaatttt     74940
     catgtcaggt gtgctaaaaa tttacaaaaa ctatttttta agaagttggt gttataaata     75000
     ctttgtttag tttctccatt aaaaaatgat ttatagcaag agaataaaag ttcatttcta     75060
     cccctaaaac aataagataa aaaagagtaa tgaatattga gaatccaata gacagagttg     75120
     agaaccagtt aaacataaga aagaattagt gaattggaag ataactgccc agaatgaagc     75180
     ataaagagac caagaggtag aaaatataag gctagagggt cagagacatt gaagctacaa     75240
     tcagaacaac taacatactt ctgcagttcc agaagattag aagagagaaa atgggccaga     75300
     agcattgtgg agatttttcc aaaagtggta aagtgtatca gttcatatat ttttagaaac     75360
     catcaaactt cagacaagat aactaaaacc aaattaatat aaaatgacag gacatcaaag     75420
     accaataaaa aacctgaaag gtaactaaag gaaaagacag attatgttaa agggaataac     75480
     tgtctaaatg acaacctgat tttcaacaga caaaaatgaa gctagaattc aatggaatca     75540
     tgccttcagt gcatttcaaa agtagaatag accttgataa acagaaactt aaaatgatat     75600
     ttttttcaga taatagaaaa attattatta ttatcagtat tattctatgt ggagttggag     75660
     tctcaatctg gtgtccaggc tggagttcag tggtaggatc atggcttact gcagtctgga     75720
     actcccggga tcaaaccatc ctcccacctc agccttgtga gtagcttcct tatgcctggc     75780
     tttttcattt attgtagaca cagtttcgct gtgttgcaca ggctggtctt gaactcctgg     75840
     gtgttcctga ctcagcctta caaaatgttg agattatggg tgtgagccac cctgccttgc     75900
     caataaaagg actttttgaa actattaaat tgaatatgca aaaaggaata caaattaatg     75960
     aagtggtaaa tatgtgcata attctaaatg aatgtttact gcataaaata ataatgtctt     76020
     gttggggtaa ttatataatt gataagatac atgcaaatgg caaaaaatag aatggaggta     76080
     aagctgacag gagtacattt agttaaatta tcttttaaac ttttctatgt ctatgaggat     76140
     attttgcaca atgaccctgt aattctactc aaaggtatat atacagagga attgcatcaa     76200
     atgatatatg aaagaatgct ctagtagaat tattcgtaac tgttcaaaaa agaagctggc     76260
     caaatatata ttaaggatag atcaatcatt acagtaaatc cacacaatgg aacagtatag     76320
     agaagtgaaa aaaaatcaca tgtacttgca actatgtgac taaatttcag aaacacaatg     76380
     ttgagtccaa gaagccacaa acaagaagaa catgtaggat tgcacctaca cgcagtgcaa     76440
     agcaggccag accaagcgat ggagtttagg gttgcatacc tagttggtaa agtgtaaaga     76500
     aaattaagga aataatcacc ataaattttg gatattgctt atctcaggag gtatgaagaa     76560
     atgtttaggg acttggaaag tggcatggag gtggacctag gttgtgtttg gtgttccttg     76620
     tcttgcctgc atcatggtta cttgaatgtt tatgatacac tgcggtattt cccatttttg     76680
     ttttggttca tttctaagtg tgcattataa ttttaatgta aaatgtttaa ttaggagata     76740
     tgtctcatag aaattattat tattcatctc attatatact gatggcaata ataaactatt     76800
     tgtatacatt gttatacaac tctaagggag ttgaagtgag cactttctta tttagttgca     76860
     acgtgaggaa atttgagatg atgttatcct ccaaccccag aactttccaa tggatttctt     76920
     ctagccttaa ttatcgacct cacaagaaca aacctttgca atttcccatc tgtttttgct     76980
     tttggctcct gaattcctga cacaacaagg ttgtacatat ttcccacact cttggtttag     77040
     cagagttgat ttatcagtta tgtttttctg caagagaaaa accctccaaa ctacattaga     77100
     tgtttatatc tcacatgttg ttggatttca ttttttttaa gctgggtttg gtggatggct     77160
     ctgtttattt gaaatggacc aaattctgaa tcttggtagt agttagagtt tggccaattt     77220
     ggtctggatc aggtgggggc aatctgactt cattagtttc tcactctcct tctgggaaca     77280
     gtgtactagc caggtgatat tctcatggta aatggaaaga ggaagaatcc ccattatgga     77340
     agccatctga aatctctatg caaagtgtag taattttctg tttatcaaag caagttaaat     77400
     ggttgtactc caagttcagg ggcaaggtag tcagccttct cagtgatggc aggatactgc     77460
     aagactatat atcaaagggt tgggtactca ggaattctta tacaattgct aaatgttttg     77520
     tatagtaata aatatttaaa cattagtctt gagagaaact ttaccaaagg cctaagaatt     77580
     agagatatgt ttgataaata aatattattc atgagctgaa agccctgagt gggaaaatag     77640
     gactaacttc acctagacaa cctcctggaa actccttttt ttattttgga actgatgaga     77700
     aaataatttg ttccattcgt gagtggtgtg cacatgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtatttatg     77760
     agcttgtgaa taatgaagtt atacaaacgt attagcagca accagattct gaggttctcc     77820
     agaaaatctt agatattttt gataaaagca gtttggattc tgtgtattta aatctgtcat     77880
     ttaaaaaagt ccatataggt gatgaactta attatgacca agctcctttt aagaatttag     77940
     acatttacta tatgatctct gtattgggtt ataaaacttc cctaacaact gaagtcacta     78000
     aagacaaatg atggagaggt tacacaagga aaaattgcaa acactgaaag tgaatatgtc     78060
     cttgtttgca tactagcaaa tgagaattca ggtttcatgt caacttcagt atgaataatt     78120
     ccagcctata acaaggacag acagtgaatg aatgggttaa tttgagttgt tttgaaaata     78180
     agaatatttt ccataaagag agcgttgaac ttacccatta gcatgccatg gtgatttctg     78240
     gcttgacact ggtcacagca attaaaagta aaaagaatgt cacagcacat acacaaatca     78300
     ggtgcatata gaatttaagg tcaggatatt caagcaatca caaccagtga tattacacca     78360
     gcattttaaa aatttctttt tgtctgttca gacatgataa cttttctgcc catcattttt     78420
     tccattctaa tagtggttac atttgtgatt ggaaattttg ctaatggctt catagcattg     78480
     gtaaattcca ttgagtggtt caagagacaa aagatctctt ttgctgacca aattctcact     78540
     gctctggcag tctccagagt tggtttactc tgggtattag tattaaattg gtatgcaact     78600
     gagttgaatc cagcttttaa cagtatagaa gtaagaatta ctgcttacaa tgtctgggca     78660
     gtaatcaacc atttcagcaa ctggcttgct actagcctca gcatatttta tttgctcaag     78720
     attgccaatt tctccaacct tatttttctt cacttaaaga ggagagttaa gagtgttgtt     78780
     ctggtgatac tattggggcc tttgctattt ttggtttgtc atctttttgt gataaacatg     78840
     aatcagatta tatggacaaa agaatatgaa ggaaacatga cttggaagat caaactgagg     78900
     agtgcaatgt acctttcaaa tacaacggta accatcctag caaacttagt tcccttcact     78960
     ctgaccctga tatcttttct gctgttaatc tgttctctgt gtaaacatct caaaaagatg     79020
     cagctccatg gcaaaggatc tcaagatccc agcatgaagg tccacataaa agctttgcaa     79080
     actgtgacct ccttcctctt gttatgtgcc atttactttc tgtccataat catgtcagtt     79140
     tggagttttg agagtctgga aaacaaacct gtcttcatgt tctgcgaagc tattgcattc     79200
     agctatcctt caacccaccc attcatcctg atttggggaa acaagaagct aaagcagact     79260
     tttctttcag ttttgtggca tgtgaggtac tgggtgaaag gagagaagcc ttcatcttca     79320
     tagattcaca agagcagcat tgtgtatctt ctagcagaaa acaaacgtgt tatatgaagc     79380
     attttatatt tcttactgtg ttttctgtaa tgtatgtata tgaataactt tcaagcatgt     79440
     acctagaaaa gtcttttacc taacgttagt ctaaaaaagt gcgtatgtat atatatgtat     79500
     ttttgtgtgt atgtttgtat gaaaaacaaa agaacattga cagtgacata ctcttttttg     79560
     ttttttcaca caaactgcca aattatacaa aatatgacaa aaattcttaa gaattatgaa     79620
     tccataccta tttcatttat gtattttata tttcatttga ataatttatg atctatattt     79680
     ataattatta agaactatca gcttatctca ggaaagacat tgctgttttc tattgttatt     79740
     tgaaccacac aaatatacca cagtgtgctt cgaattcatt gtttgaacct gtaacttttt     79800
     ggatggtaag gtcattcaat tctaaatcaa taataaggat gtgtctttga ggttttattc     79860
     cattatgaat tcctatttta tgtttagtaa aaagcaatca gaattattga tagaaaacaa     79920
     tgcacacaat aaaatttgag tgacaagcat atgtagagta agtttcaact atgtctacca     79980
     taaacagttc tgaggaatat tagatttaat acaagcatgt gaatagctta gaaaacaatc     80040
     tcttctataa tagggatgaa aaatcatgat tgtgatcttg attgctatta tcagtttcca     80100
     tatgtagtta gaaaagtcat ttcttccagc ttttggatta aagaaaagct ttttttttga     80160
     agttgagagg tgatgtaaac tattttagta tttttttcta aagcactttt aagcccctga     80220
     attgttaatt atacccttac cttccattta taaaattcct tctaaacttc aggtaacaga     80280
     acccaaatct tccttattct aaaaaaaaac tatcaatgta aaaatagtat agaaattatg     80340
     gaaaataaat caatgaaatt tttgtaaatg ttaaaatggc atctatgaaa tctatgtttt     80400
     aattatagaa tgtgctttac agttataatt ttgttgtcaa tgatgaaatg aaagtggttg     80460
     acatattcat taataggaag ttctattatg agatggaaat gtacagtctt gttcacagct     80520
     aaattctaca tgactgtatt aattttggtg ttatgaaatt ttaaaaatgt gatttaaacc     80580
     ttaagataaa tcatccccac atgtgattta tgtgtttttt taaaatcatg tatcttcctc     80640
     agtacaatgt aagaactgta aaatcagatc agagatgatc tcatctctgt cttgctttct     80700
     gttgaatgta agatcagaga gcaagatgat ctcatctctt tcttgctttc tgttgactcc     80760
     caggacctag aacccagcaa caagaataga tggtcaaaaa tgatatttta atgaacaaat     80820
     aaatgggtgg ataaaatggg taagctgatg tggtaaacca atgaaaggga aactcatcac     80880
     aaaatctgca gttgcatgaa ttcccctgtt ctgttctcag gttaaggtta caggcttatc     80940
     caagcagaat ccttccgcag aggaaaagtt tggctattcc acaattttag gggaaatatg     81000
     acaataatat agtcttgatg caactgtatc aggtgtctga attggagaca aggtagaaca     81060
     tcaaaattag atggcgccta ttacaatatt tttagaaagc gtataaacaa ccttggtcta     81120
     tttgaatatg tatttttttc tattgtgaat tatatatttg tattatgata ttttctagtt     81180
     gattattatt taaacaaaaa tggcatttca ttttaaaaat tgagttagta accagctact     81240
     ttactaaaat gttttttatg tattacctgt tattaaggtg atgacattta tttagaaatc     81300
     aagttcaaga caaaaatggc aaggatatgt ggaaattgag acaggaacaa atgtgaaaca     81360
     atgtgtggtg atgtctggta tggctctgct ggcagccact tcacagtgag gtgagagaga     81420
     cagcatgacg gtcatcagat gcgtacactt ggctcccagc acttttccag aagggctaca     81480
     aggggaaacc acagccggca ttagtccagg gatgagagag aggagggaga atggagaatg     81540
     tatctgctca gttgtcttct gtatttgatt tcccattggc cattgtttcc ctgaggcaga     81600
     actaccatct ctgctgttct gccttccatc atccagtccc taggtggagg ttgtgaaagt     81660
     cagacctcat gcccacagtg tggtgttcca ttcaagtccc aaatggaagg atgatctgga     81720
     tcaggcaagg tgctggccag gggaatagga gatagtgaag ggaatctaag aaagcacatg     81780
     tctgtgtcca ataccaccac tctttgtgcc gctcagatgt actcatgccc tccagtcatg     81840
     gctggcttta tgagcatatg acttgcacag ttgcacagag gatactcctc tgctgaagag     81900
     ggaatggtct tgcactaatt ccatagggat ttgctctccc ctctcccaca ggcttgtcag     81960
     agacgtgcac agagtcctat aatgcccact atgtatgcct ctaacagctt tgaattctgc     82020
     tggatcattt ggctcagtgg ccatagcagt ttggatcaga acctatatct gctgtagagc     82080
     cctcttttgt tctgggctcc atttgagacc agtagcctat agaaacttca ttaatgagtc     82140
     agagcaatat tctcaaatgt ggaatatgtt ggctccaaaa tcccagtagg cccccaaaac     82200
     actgtgtctc ttttgtagtg ataggaaata tagagagaga gcaacatgcc gtttacttta     82260
     aaaaagattg ttttgacatg tggactaggg acactgaaaa cctgaaaaca tcacctatgt     82320
     tgtcagtccc tgaatcttca catatctctt ttcttctggt attttacttc cattcaatgt     82380
     tatagtattt tacaatatta agaatcttgc ctcttcctgt ttattttacc aaataatata     82440
     taattattat ttgagacagg gtctcattct gtccatgagg ctggagtgca gtggcaggat     82500
     catagctcat tgcagcctca accttctggg ctcagttgat tctccctcct cagcattgct     82560
     agcagctggg actgcaggga cacaccacct tgcctggcta attttggtat tttttgtagg     82620
     gctgggattt caccatgtta cccaggctgg tttcaaactc ctgggcccaa gtcagcctcc     82680
     taaagtgctg gaattacaat catgtgccac agggcccggg ctgtaatatt attaatatat     82740
     taaattagca tgatgttttt aaaaaaatgt aaattaaaca gagaacagaa gtgacatagt     82800
     cctgacataa aacagtgaag cagtgctatt attcttacaa tacaaggcaa attgtcttga     82860
     ttttccctca taaagggtgt agattaacaa atattcacca aatgacgagc cccgtaaaaa     82920
     gtgccagaag ctatgctctg ctctgtgaag acagtacatc ctagaaagca tttgtgagtg     82980
     ttgattgaag tttatggtaa tctgcactca ttctataatc catctggttt tggtagaggc     83040
     cagataggtt aagtgaatcc ggttatagaa aggactacca tcccctgtaa cttgcaagtg     83100
     ttttgtcacg gcagtgacca gttccattcc ttagggaatg cggttattat attttataca     83160
     ttgggttgcc agcagtggag aatttcagag gcttcaactt ggtcctgcta taataatgtc     83220
     ccttactcta cagttcacga agaatgtgaa agtcctgcca gctgccatac gtatccagtt     83280
     caattacacg ttcaggaaga ggtagtaact acaaactgat tagatccacc ttgggatgga     83340
     catgagacaa aactctaggt agcatctgac cttcaaaacc tccccctgca ggctggatgt     83400
     gatggctcat gcctgtagtc ttagtagttt gggaggccaa ggtgggagaa tcccttgaga     83460
     gcaggagttc cctttgcaac atatggaaac tccatgtcta caaaaaattg aaaaattagc     83520
     tggcgtggtg ctgcatgcct atagttccaa atacttggga aactgaggca ggaggattgc     83580
     ttgagcccag ggtttcaagg ctgtagtggg ctatgatcct gccactgtac tccagcttgg     83640
     gtaacagagg gagactctgt ctaagaagaa aaaaaaaaaa aagtgaaagt tcttactggt     83700
     gtcttaaata tcaagtaaaa caggttcaaa tcaataatta acaatctttg gttcctgcct     83760
     atagcaaaaa ggtaaaatgg aaagcagtta tacaaatagt atgttaactc ataagaaaac     83820
     tagccaaaga cagatttatt atcatctgct ttttttgttg ttgttttctc gagacggagt     83880
     ctagctctgt ctcccaggct ggtgtgcagt ggtgtgatct cgactaacta caacctccac     83940
     ctcctgggtt caaatgattc ttttgctgca gccatctgag tacctgggat tacagacggg     84000
     caccaccaca cctggctaat ttttgcattt ctagtggata tagagtttca ccatgttggc     84060
     catactggtc ttgaagtcct aacctcaggt gatccacctg cctcagcctg ccaaattgct     84120
     gggagccacg ggcctggcca atcatctgct ttttataggt gataatactg aggcagggag     84180
     tagttgtaaa atggagtctc agatcatagc tataccaagc agggaatctg gtttcctgtc     84240
     ctggcagtct gactccaaga tcccctctta gaaaccatca tactgtaaaa actgaaagga     84300
     aataaaaatc caagattgga gactgatttt aacatctatt catctaaacc attaagtaat     84360
     caaaaatgaa ttaaatagag gaaaatacaa ctgactattc atacacagag aagtgtagac     84420
     tcttcaatgg aaaacatgtt ttttaagtgc ccaaggaata gttataaaat tgctgagtat     84480
     tttaattaaa caactaatat ttaagtatta ggctcaagag aataatttag tcaaagtcct     84540
     aaatatgaga ggctaagttt gataaagatt gaaaatgcac tgaaaagccc aagtaagaaa     84600
     attatttttt cattttagaa attataggac aataatattt cccaactatg aggtgtgtgt     84660
     atgtgtgtgt gtgaacgtgt ttgtgttaat gagcttgtta acaataagtt atacaaaatt     84720
     attagttggc agcaacgaga tttttaggaa tattggcctt cctgggcttc ccaagaaaac     84780
     cttggatgct tttggtagga aaagttagga ctcactaaat ctggcacaga aaaggtgaat     84840
     caacagtggt cgtgattcta gttttgaccg agctgcatat aacagtgtag gcatctgatg     84900
     taggatctat gtattaggtt agaaaatttc ccttacaact gccattgctc agcacaaatt     84960
     atagagaggt taaacaagga ataaatggca aaatgatgaa taagaatatg acctgatttg     85020
     catgctggca aatgagaatt cagcttttac ttcaacatca gcatgaaaca ttttatctta     85080
     taacaaggtc acagcatttg aataggagtt aatttgagct gttttggaaa ttatcatgtt     85140
     ttccattaag acagccttga actcattcag tagcatggcc cggtgcgttc ctgcttgaca     85200
     ttagtcagag aatttaaaag gaacaagaac attactgcac aatcagaaat caggtgcaca     85260
     tagaaattaa ggtcaggacc ttaaagggaa tattgcccat tgatattagg cctgccttaa     85320
     aaaaattcag acatggtatg tttactactc atcattatta tccataacag taatggtaga     85380
     atttgtattt tcccataggc accttcatta cacttatata cttatttgat atttcaacat     85440
     attattttct ttgggtcctt ttaagtagtt gttaaacaat gctgaaagtt gccttacagt     85500
     atgctgttaa ctaatcatat tttctcaaag tcatttggca taatatttgg ttaaaagaag     85560
     tatgtctagt ataattacat gtgttcataa caaaagagca tcctggctaa cactctacta     85620
     aaaatacaaa aaataagcca ggcctgatgg caggcgcctg tagtcccagc tactccggag     85680
     gttgaggcaa gagaatggca tgaacctggg agatggagct tgcagtgagg cagagcttgc     85740
     agtgaggcgg agcttgcagt gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag gcggagcttg cagtgaggca     85800
     gagcttgcag tgagccgaga tctcgccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagcaagact     85860
     ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaacatc agattctgag catctgtatt     85920
     acactagaca cctttttttc ttatttccaa tttcattatt tatgataaca tttcaaagag     85980
     gcagaaatta gtgaatttcc aataaattat agtaatatag atattaaata cacaggacaa     86040
     tttttataaa tttatctcta aatgaaataa ttatgcccat ttttaccatt caaagattat     86100
     accatgcatg tgtacacata tgtgaggaaa aatattttga tagtacaaag tttttgaata     86160
     ttagagaaga attagtagaa agataatttt gttgaggcat aaagcatatt tagtgtaact     86220
     actttgactg ctgtaataaa atcacccaga ttttgtgaca gtagctgaga ttaaaaataa     86280
     acagtagaga gaatttcact tgttaataat gctattaaaa gatgaagctt atacacttta     86340
     taattgcaca gagtatttgt gtaagttcat ataaaagtgg aataaaatta aacagccaaa     86400
     aagagagtat tctttgctag aggtcacttt tggggtaatt tttagaatgt ggtaaaagaa     86460
     aaaatatctt gcaaatcatt agaaatatgt tgattttgtg ttactcttga tgaaatacta     86520
     tgtgagggta tttgtctagg cctgattctg agaataatat aagaatcgag ccaggcacca     86580
     tggctcatgg ttgtaatccc agcactttgg aagttgagac tggtggatca cctgaggtca     86640
     ggagttccag accagcctgg ccaatatagt gaaacccact gtctactaaa aatataaaaa     86700
     ttagctggat gtgatggaca gcacctgtaa tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggcaggag     86760
     aatcaattga accttggagg cggaggttgc agttagctga gattgtgcca ttgcactgca     86820
     gcctgggtga caagagcgaa actccatctc acacacacac acacacaaaa tgtaaagcca     86880
     tgaggatgaa taatagtgtt ctcccaccac ccttaactct agtgctttga aaagaagact     86940
     cgaatcacaa ttatttagta acattctccc tttcaggtga catcatcatc attattatca     87000
     tcatctacat ttacatctgt cttattaaat gatttatttc tgaaatattt acatacataa     87060
     tttgggtaat gtctatgtaa tttccaagag atatcattgt gggaaagtta cattagtaaa     87120
     cagcaaagtt catgtcaggc tgaatacatt gagatttaga aagttaagtg tagtgtagtg     87180
     tagtttaaaa tacattgctt aagaaaacaa ttatagatga tattaaacta atccaaggaa     87240
     cactataaaa agattttgat tttagtataa ataaaattgc ttagtaagaa aaataaataa     87300
     accatttcat gatcaagctc ttatttctaa agagaggatt ttagggctaa ataaatcaaa     87360
     cagaagtaag ctctccccca catcttgtct atatcatttg gataatgatg taattcaaag     87420
     gcacagagca ccttttcaac aacataagca aagtgaaaat tatgtcatgg aatacaatga     87480
     tgtatctgtg gttaatgaac tatattttat ctattgcaat gatattttga aatccagtgc     87540
     tgctctttga gttccctttg agcagagttt gtggtgggga cccagcaaca gacaagctaa     87600
     tatccaaaaa aagctactca catcaactta atttccagtt tctttcaaat tgaaggtaaa     87660
     ttctaacaca aagcttttat tctattctct gactaaagtg ttgggaaaag aagaaaattg     87720
     ttaccgtttt catttctaac atactaaaac aaaaaacaaa aaatcaaaaa aatcagaaac     87780
     atttttaaaa agaacagagt gttaagagta gtttgttcag ttttcctata gaaaataatg     87840
     ttcagaaaga gaataaaaga ttattctgaa cactaaaaca ataagactaa aaaaatgaaa     87900
     tatcagtact gagaatccaa tagaaagagt caaccagtta gagcacgaga agagataatt     87960
     agtgaattag aagatagcta cacagaatga agcatagaga gaaagaaatg gaaaatgcaa     88020
     ggctagaggg taacacactg atgctatcat caaaacacct aacatacttg tagagttctg     88080
     taagattaga ggagagaaaa cagagcgaga gaaatgttgc agggattttt ccaaaagtga     88140
     aaatgtatcc cagcatatat ctttagtaat cacaaacttc aggcatgata actaaaatca     88200
     agttaacaaa aaataataca ggacaccaaa gaccagtaga aaatctgaaa agtagctaga     88260
     ggtagaagat agagtatgtt gataagaatt gcattctaaa tacaacctga ttttaacaga     88320
     aaatatggaa ggaggaattc aaaggaatca tgtcttcagt gtgtttccaa agagtagtag     88380
     accttcataa acagaaattg aaaatgatat ttttcagata taataaaaat tactgaaaat     88440
     acaaagttga acatgcaagg agcaataaaa attaatgacg aaaaataagt gtgtaattct     88500
     aaataaatgt tgactgtata aaacaatatt gtcttgttgg attaaacgta taattgataa     88560
     gatatatgca aatagcaata aagagactgg agataaaggt gacaggaata aatttagtca     88620
     aactgtgttt tgggcttttc tatgtctgtg aggagaattt gaatgtcata atcaaggacc     88680
     ctgtaattct acacccagct atataaatgc aaaggaattg tagcaaatga tatgtgaaag     88740
     aatgctcatt gtagaattat tctaacagct cagaaaagaa gctgcccata tgtacatcaa     88800
     ataaggatga ataaataatt acaataaaat cataaaatga aaaaacatag agaagtgaaa     88860
     agaaatgaat cacatgtaca tgcagttatg tgattacatt tcagatccat aatgttgagc     88920
     acaggaagcc atgaatacga acatatagga ttgtatctat acagagttcc aagcagacca     88980
     aaccaagcta ttgagtttag ggttgcatac ctagttggta aagtataaag aaaaatttta     89040
     aaaaatgatc atcataaatt atggacgttg cgtattacag gaggtgtgaa gaaaggtgta     89100
     gagggatgga aacacattga ggtaaaccta ggctgttagc aacattccat gtcttgccct     89160
     acctgatggt tacatgagtg tttatgacat attgctatgt tttccatttt tgttttggct     89220
     catttctaag tgtgcagtct agttataata taaaaattat taatcagaag aaatgttcca     89280
     tgaaaattat tattactctg ctcattatat accaaaggga aaaatacact gtatacattc     89340
     atgtacagct ctaaaagatt ttaattagaa aatttttgat tttagttgtg actactgaaa     89400
     atttgacaag atgtttcctg ccaaccccag atttttcagt agatatttct tctagtttta     89460
     attatctact tcatgtgaca aaacattgac attttccatc tatttttccc ttggatcctg     89520
     aattcctgac acaacagggg tggacatgtt tcccacacgc ttggcttagc agaataccta     89580
     tatcacttaa gtttttctgc aagagaaaat cctccaaaac tgcattagat atttgtgtct     89640
     catatgtctt tggatttcat ttttgtcagc taggtttggt ggatggctgt ggtgattgga     89700
     gatgggccac attctgcatc ttgaagctac tttggctgat ttaggctgga taaagcagtg     89760
     gcattctgac tccattagtt tctcattctt cttctgggaa cagtgtactc accagatgat     89820
     gttctcacgg tgaatggaaa agagcaagaa actccaatat ggaaaccgtc ttaaatctct     89880
     gtgtaaagtc tactaatttc ctgttcactg aagcaaatta catgagtgaa ttcagagtcc     89940
     aagttccagg tagtcaccct gcctgtggtg ggaggatact gcaggattat atgacaaagt     90000
     gtagcgtact tagaaatatt tgcaaaattg ctgactgttt taattaaata attaatattt     90060
     aaacaaaaaa cagacttgag aataaattta ccaaaggcct atgttgggca caggccccca     90120
     aatctggcca taaactggcc ccagtaaact ggccataaat aaaatctctg cagcactgtg     90180
     acatgttcgt gatggccatg acacccatgc tgaaggttgt gagtttacca gaatgagagc     90240
     aaggaacacc tggcccaccc agggcaggaa accacttaag ggtattcctg agccacaaac     90300
     aatagcatga gcgatctgca ccttaaggac atattcctgc tgcagataac tcgccagacc     90360
     catccctttg tttcggccca tcccattgtt tcccctgaag aatactttca gttaatctat     90420
     aatctataga aacaatgctt atcactggct tactgtcaat aaatatgtgg gtaaatctct     90480
     gtttggggct ctcagctctg aaggctgtga gacccctgat ttcccactcc acacactata     90540
     tttctgtgtg tgtcttaatt cctctggcgc cacaggatta gggtctccac aaccgagctg     90600
     gtcttggcag gcccaagcat gagaaacatg tttgataaat attattcatt gtctgacaac     90660
     cctgagtgga atatgactaa ttccacctag atgacctcct ggggaaactc gttttccaat     90720
     tggggattta taagaaaata attcattgca tctgctaagt gtgtcagtgc atgtgtgtct     90780
     atgtattgag gagcttatta acaatgatgt catataaatg tattggttat cagaaaccag     90840
     attttaaggt gtattggcct cccaggactt tccaaaataa tcttggatga tattgataaa     90900
     aggtttagat tctggtatta aacaaaccat attggtatta tcctagttat gaccaagctc     90960
     cttaaacaat ttaaacctgt actgtatgat atgtgtattg ggttttaaaa tttccctatg     91020
     taacaactga cgatgctgga cacaaattat ggagaggtta gcaaggacaa caattgcaaa     91080
     acaattaaaa aaatgccttt atttgcatac taacacatga gaatttactt ttcacttcat     91140
     cctcaatata aaatatttca gcatatagta agacagacag tgtatgaaga ggagtgaatt     91200
     tgagctgttt tgagaataag aatattttct atttctataa agacagcttt gaattcatcc     91260
     attagcatat gatggtgctt tcctgttgaa attagtcatg aatttaaagg cagaaaatgt     91320
     tactacacat ttaaaagtca agtgtttatc gacattaagg tctggatatt aagggaatca     91380
     caaccagtgt tattaaggct gcattttttc tttcttttca tttgttcaaa catgatatgt     91440
     tttctgctca tcattttatc aattctggta gtgtttgcat ttgttcttgg aaatgttgcc     91500
     aatggcttca tagctctagt aggtgtcctt gagtgggtta agacacaaaa gatctcatca     91560
     gctgaccaaa tttctcactg ctctggtggt gtccagagtt ggtttactct gggtcatatt     91620
     attacattgg tatgcaactg tgtttaattt ggcttcacat agattagaag taagaatttt     91680
     tggttctaat gtctcagcaa taaccaagca tttcagcatc tgggtgttac tagcctcagc     91740
     atatttcatt tgctcaagac tgccaatttc tccaacctta tttttctcca cctaaagaaa     91800
     aggattaaga atgttggttt ggtgatgctg ttggggccct tggtattttt catttgtaat     91860
     cttgctctga taaccacggg tgagagtgtg tggacaaaag aatatgaagg aaatttgtct     91920
     tggatgatca aattgaggaa tgcaatacag ctttcaaact tgactgtaac catgccagca     91980
     aacgtcacac cctgcactct gacactaata tcttttctgc tgttaatcta ttctccatgt     92040
     aaacatgtca agaagatgca gctccatggc aaaggatctc aacatctcag caccaaggtg     92100
     cacataaaag ctttgcaaac tgtgatctcc ttccttatgt tatttgccat ttactttctg     92160
     tgtctaatca catcaacttg gaatcctagg actcagcaga gcaaacttgt attcctgctt     92220
     taccaaactc ttggattcat gtatcttttg ttccactcat tcatcctgac tatgggaagt     92280
     aggaagccaa aacagacctt tctttcagct ttgtgacagg tgaaatgctg agtgaaagga     92340
     cagaaaccct caactccata gattcacaaa gggagcattg tgtatctttt agctgaaaac     92400
     aaactgacgg tatctggaac attttatatt tccattcgtt tttccttagt gtatatattt     92460
     gaataatttc aaaacagata cctagaaaag tcatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     92520
     atctatacac acacacacac atatatgtgt gtgggtatat gtgtgcatgt gtgtgaataa     92580
     caacattgac cacaaattat gaagccgagt atatttcaca tatatatgta ggtatatttt     92640
     atgatagttc atcctatggt atttcatgtg aagaatttat tacctctatt tataattagg     92700
     aacttacagc ttttatcagg aaatcattgt tgttttccat tgtaatttgt accacatata     92760
     tgtacttaac tatcattgtt tgaacctcta attttttgga tggtaaaaac attcaattct     92820
     aaattaatga tgagaatgga tctttggggt aggttttatt tcattatgaa ttcttatttt     92880
     atatttatta taaagcaaat agaatggttg ttagctaatg atgcacacaa taaaatttga     92940
     gtgacaaaca tacatacata agtagagtaa attttgtatg tgtataccaa aaactgttct     93000
     aaaggatact ggatttaata gtagtatgtg aatagattag aaaaaaatca tttctataat     93060
     aggaatgaag atacatgatc atgatacttt cagtgctgtt ataatttttt aatgtgtagt     93120
     tagaaaagtt gtttcttcca ctttttgaat taaagaaaac cttttttttt ttgaaattga     93180
     catctgatgt caagtatttc catttatttt gcttagccac ctctgagccc ttgaatttcc     93240
     aattttccct ttgtctccca ttcttaatat ttctcaaaaa aattcaatta ttccctctct     93300
     taaaataaac tcaatgtaaa cagggtatat aaactatgga tcacaattga atgaaacatt     93360
     ctgcaaatat tgaaaattat ctgtctaatc tatatattga tgataggaaa tgtattaatc     93420
     atatgtttca ttgtgggtgg gcagtgagct gaggctcctc aagcatctct ttctattttt     93480
     attttgtttc ttgacatagg ttctccagca tttggctcaa ggccccaagg gcacatgtga     93540
     caagaaggcg ccagcttttt aaacattgga agttcttctg tgtcagttct gtgacagaac     93600
     atttacttaa cacatcatga aggctagttt ggatgtggag gggaatagac tccatctatc     93660
     catatgaggt gagtcaaagc acttagacgt gttttcaaac cactaatctt gatgattcag     93720
     aaatgtgctc ccttttccaa tttcatcctg atacaaatgt atcatctccg gatgatgcca     93780
     atattctccc caattccatc atgagctgtt ctctataatt cagaatctgt agactaagtt     93840
     gtaaaactaa tgactgtcaa tgtattctac atgaaatagt gggccaaaga aagagggaaa     93900
     catgataagt agaaaaatat acatacaaca tttttttctt acactaaaga tcaaataaaa     93960
     cccataggac caagcctccc acagatactt tttataaatt ctggataaaa tatttaaaaa     94020
     aacagccatt cattggcaat ggagaatgaa caaaataggc agatactaga gagaggtcag     94080
     cacttggaag aagggaatag caaggagtga gtttcctgat tttatagctg gccctagtgt     94140
     gcaccaggca gaggactaaa acgtcagaag aaaactgtag acttactggg ttgaagtaac     94200
     agaggactga gtttggcata acacgagcag caggaggtca ggagaaaatc tgagaaagga     94260
     gaaggccaga aaaggggagc cccaacttct gaatataaac tatccaaagc tttgtctggt     94320
     ccctatacca tgcatgtata gggcagactt catgtagccc agctaaaata attaaattga     94380
     gatttcagtt atcatcaagc acagtgaaga cagagatagc aacaaaacat attactttag     94440
     gcaaagatac tctattcttg aaaacctaaa ctacattcca ttacctttca taacagtcat     94500
     attccttgtc cattctggtt tctaccttgg ttctaactcc tacttttatt aattacacta     94560
     atcaaagtaa ttctctttca aggagaaaac tggaagttat gtaattgaag actattaaaa     94620
     ataactattt tggcagatgt gcaaaattct caagcgcata tattacaact ttctatagtc     94680
     atatacatcc tttttacact tgcttgaatt ggtctacaaa acccccatgt ttcatagtgt     94740
     aatccaaaca aatagccact ccataaaata taagaataaa agttatattt atttattata     94800
     taacctttga ttggtgacca catttcagta ttccaactta actagaaatt atctgaagat     94860
     tttcatcaac tcactgaatt taatattagt ctaaggtctt aaattgcacc aggaatcttg     94920
     gaaattaaat ttaagctgat aggctagaga aaataattac tgtcaatatg tggagttttt     94980
     cataatttgt attcagttta tttgaaagca taattttaca ttttttggta ttttaacatt     95040
     atgtggacat attaatttac cttatcagta aacagatata ggaagtttag gaatttcttt     95100
     ttttaaaatg tatttttaag tttcgtggat acatactagg tgcatacatt tattgggtac     95160
     atgagatgtg ttgatacagg catgcaatgt cacataatga agaatggggt agccatcccc     95220
     tcaaacattt actctttttt gttacaaaca attcagttat actctttcag tcattttaaa     95280
     atgtacaact gaattatcat tgattatagt caccctgctg tgctatcaaa tagtaggtct     95340
     tattaattct ttctattttt tttttttttt ggtaaccatt aaccagccac tccttccctt     95400
     tagcctccac tacctttccc agcctttgtt tagcatccat gtactctcta tgtccatgcc     95460
     ttctgtgcaa acattgcagt tgtttctgat gtattcaact taacataata atctccaatt     95520
     ctatccatat attgctgcaa atgacaggat ctcatttttt aatggctcaa ttgtactcca     95580
     ttgtgtatat gtaccatatt atctttatct attaatctgt tgctggacac tcaggttgct     95640
     tccaaatcat ggctattgtg aacagtgcta caacaaacat gggagtgtag atacctgttt     95700
     gatacactta tttcctttct tttgggtata tacacaccag tgagattggt ggaacatatg     95760
     gtagctctaa tttttgtctt ttaagaaaac tttcaatggt tttccatagt ggttttacta     95820
     atttatattc ccacctgagg tgtagaatgg ttcccgtttc tccacatctt caccagcact     95880
     tgttacatgc cttttggata taagctgttt taacggggtt gagatgatat ctatctcatt     95940
     ttagttttgg tttgcatttc tctgatggtc aatgatgttg agcacctttt caccttttca     96000
     tatgtgtgtt tgacatttgt atatcttctt ttgagaaatg catattcaaa tctttcaccc     96060
     attgtttgat cagattgtta gatttttttt ttcctataca gttgttaaag ctccttttat     96120
     attctggtta ttaatccctt gtgagatgag tagtttgcaa atattttctc ccattctgtg     96180
     ggttgtctct ttactttgtt gattgtaccc tttgctgtgc agaagtattt tttaacttga     96240
     tgtcatccca attgtgcatt tttgacttgg ttccctgtgc ttgtggggta ttactactca     96300
     agaaattttt gctcaaacca atgtcctggg gagtttctct gaagttttct tatgggagct     96360
     tcatggtttg aggtcttaaa gatacatctt taatccattt tgatttgata tttgtataga     96420
     tatatgggac tagtttcatt cttctgcata gggatattca gttgtcccag caccatttat     96480
     tgaagagact gtctttttcc agtgtacgtt cttggcatct ttttcaaaaa tgagttcact     96540
     gtaggtgtgt ggatttgttt ccaagttgtc tattctattc cgttggtcta tgtgtctgtc     96600
     ttaatgccag taacatgctg ttttggttac tacagcctct gtagtataat atgaagtcag     96660
     gtaacatgat tcctccactt ttgttctttt ttcttaggat acttttggct attctgggtc     96720
     agttgtggct ccatataaat tttaggattg ttttctctat gtctgtgaag aatgttttta     96780
     gtattttgat aggaattaca ttgaatctgt agattctttg ggtagtatgg ccattttaac     96840
     aatgttgata cttctaatcc atggacatgg accatctttt cttttgttgg gtgtcctttt     96900
     caatttcttg cattagtgtt ttatagtttt cattatagag atctttcatc tctttggttg     96960
     agttaatctt cagctattta attttatgtg tggcttttgt gagtgggatt aattttttga     97020
     ttttgttttc agattgttca ctattgacat atagaaatac tactaatttt tatgttaatt     97080
     gtgtatactg caaatttatt gagtttgttt atcaattcta atagtttttt ggtacagtct     97140
     tcaggtttta taaatataag atcatattgt ttgaaaacag ggataatttg gcttattctt     97200
     ttcctatgtg gatgctcttt atttattttt cttgcatgat tgctctagct agagcttcta     97260
     ctattatgtt gaatagcagc agtgattgtg agcatttttg gcatgttcca gatcttagag     97320
     gaaagtcttt tagtttttcc caattcagta tgatactagt tgtgggtctt tctatatgat     97380
     ttttattatg tttagatttt ccttctatat tcagatttct gagggttttt atcatgaagg     97440
     aatattgaat tttatcaaat gctttttcag cattaattta aatgatcata tggttcttgt     97500
     cctacattct gttgatatga tgtattacat tgattgattt tgatttgtgt atgttgaacc     97560
     acccttgcat ctcagggata aatcccactt ggccatgagg aattatcttt ttaatgtatt     97620
     atttaatttg attcgctagt atattgttga gactttagca tcaatgttca tcagggatat     97680
     ttacttgtag ttttcctttt tcaatgtgtc tttgtctggt tttggtatca gggtaataag     97740
     attttcaaga ataagcctgg gccgggcctg gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg     97800
     ggaggctgag ttcggtggat cacgaggtca ggagatcaag accatcctgg ctaacacagt     97860
     gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa tttagccggg cgtggtggtg ggcgcctgta     97920
     gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacccgggag gtggcgcttg     97980
     cagtgagtgg agagcatgcc actgaactcc agcctgggtg acagagtgag actctgcctc     98040
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaatga gcctggaagt agtccctctt tctctatttt     98100
     ttcagaagag tttgagtagg attggcatca gttctttaaa tgtttggtag aattcagatc     98160
     taaagccgtc tgctcccagg cttttttttt tttttttttt taaactggga gacattttat     98220
     tgcagaattt atctcattac ctgtttttgg tcttatcagg ttttgggctt ctttatggtt     98280
     cgatctttgt aggttgtatg tgtctaggaa tttgtccatt tgttttagag attccaattt     98340
     attgatatat agttgttcat actagtcact aatatttctt tgaatttctg ttgtatcagt     98400
     tgtaatatct ccattttcat ctctgatttt attaatttgg atcttttttt cttagtctgc     98460
     ctaaacgttt gtcaatgttg tttaactttt caagaaaaca agtttttgtt tcattgatct     98520
     tttgtattgt tttcttcatt tcaatttcat ttatttctgc tgtaattttt attatttgtg     98580
     ttctactaat tttgggtttg ggttactttt gtttttctag ttctttaaga tacacaatta     98640
     ggttgtttat ttgaattttt cttcttttct gatgtaggct tttatagctg taaatttcct     98700
     tcttagtatt gtttttgctg tatttcatag attttggtat gttttgtttc cactatcatt     98760
     tgtttctagc aattttccat ttccttttaa atttatttgt tgacctactg gtcattcagg     98820
     agcatattgt ttcatttcca tgtgtttata tagtttccaa aattattctt gttattgatt     98880
     tctagtttta tcccattgtg gccagagttg atgcttggca atatttcagt tttttggatt     98940
     gtttaagact tgttttgtga tctaacatat ggtctatcct tgagaaaaat ccatgtgctg     99000
     aggaaaagaa tgtttattct gcaacttttg ggtgaaatgt tacgtaagta tctaataatc     99060
     agtttgttcc atagtgcaga ttaagtctga tgtttctttg ttgattttct gtctggagga     99120
     tctgtccaat gctgaaagtg gaatgttgaa gtctccatct attattgaat tgaggctttt     99180
     ctctttgctt tgctctaata atatttgctt tatatatctg ggtgctccag tgttgagtgc     99240
     acatatattt acaattgcta tatccttttg gtgaattgac ccttttatcg ttatatggtg     99300
     accttcttta tgtcctcata gtttttgtct tgaaaactat tttgtctaat attagtatag     99360
     gtactctact tttttgtttt tttttttttt tttttttttg gtttgcattg acatggaata     99420
     tctttttcca tccctttatt ttctctctgt gcatgtcttt ataggcaaag tgtgtttctt     99480
     agaggcaaca gattggagtt tttttttgtt ttgtttttcc atttagccaa actatgtctt     99540
     ttgattggag agtttagtcc attttcattc aacgttatta ctggtagtaa ggtcttactt     99600
     ctgtcatttt attatttctt ttctggttat gttgtagtct gctattcttt ctttccttcc     99660
     ttcctatttt tcattagtga aggttatttt ctctggtgat atgatatagt ttcttgcttt     99720
     ttattttttt gtgtatccat tctatgctgt taggtttgag attaccatga ggcttgcaaa     99780
     tgctatcttc taacccatca tttcaagcta ataaccactt agtactgttt acataagcaa     99840
     acaaacaagc acaaaaacaa aacaaatgag gactctgcac cttaactcca tcttctcagg     99900
     ttttaacttt ttgttttcac tattaatatc ttattgtact gtctatgtct tcaaagcctg     99960
     ttgtagctat tttttaaaat tatactttaa gttctggggt acatgtgcag aacacgcagg    100020
     gttgttacat aggtatacat gtgccatggt ggtttgctgc acccatcaac ccgtcatcta    100080
     cattaggtat ttctcctaat gctatcccta gctccccacc ctccaaaagg cccaggtgtg    100140
     tgatgttccc ctccctgtgt ctgtgtgttc tcactgttca attcccactt atgagtgata    100200
     acatgtggtg tttggttttc tgttcctgtg ttagtttgct gagaatgctg atttccagct    100260
     tcatccatgt ccctgcaaag gacatgaact catcatgaac agatgattat actgaggcac    100320
     agagtagtta taagatgaag tctcagagca tagctatgtg aagcagaaaa tctggtttcc    100380
     tgtcttggca gtttgactcc aaaatcctct cttagaaaca attatacttt ttaaatggaa    100440
     aagaaataaa atccaagatt ggagactgat tttaacatct attcctctta atcctttaag    100500
     taatcaaaaa taaattaaac ggagaaaaat gaaaccaaat attcatatac aaagaactct    100560
     agactcttca gtgagaaaca tgtgtttttc aagtcaccca aaatagttac acaattgctg    100620
     agtattttaa ttaaacaata aatatttaag tattaactgg gctctagaga aaaacttagt    100680
     caaaggcctc agcatgagcg ataagtttga taaatattga aaatggtctg aaaagcccaa    100740
     gtggaaaagc agggctattt ctacctggat gatgtccctg taattaattt tccattttgg    100800
     aaattagagg acagaaattc cttctatcca tgagggggtg agtatgtatg tatgtgtgta    100860
     tgtttgtgaa tgtgtttgta tgaatgagct tgtaaacaat aagttataca aaagtattag    100920
     tagccaccag gatttaagga ttattggcct ttctgaggtt cccaagaaaa ccttaaatgc    100980
     ttttggtagg aaaagacggg attcattcta catattactg gcgttgaaaa tataaatcta    101040
     ctttggtgat gatcctagtt atgcccaagc tccctttacc aggtaataaa accaatgtgt    101100
     catctgtgta ttgggttgtt aaattgctga acacaaatta tggagagttt aaacaaggaa    101160
     aaaattgcag aacatttaaa aaactcttca ttggcatgct agtagatgag aattcaggtt    101220
     ttacttcaac aacgatgtgg aaaattttat cttacagcaa ggacattgtg tttgaacaag    101280
     agttaatttg agctgttttg gaaattatca tattttccat aaagagagca ttgattacat    101340
     ccgttggcct attgagatgc tttcctgttt gacattggtc acagaattta aaaggaaaaa    101400
     caacattact gcacacttag gaatcaggaa tagaagtaaa agtcaggtaa agggaatctc    101460
     gtcaggatat caggcctgcc tttaaaaaaa ttcagacatg ataagtttac taccaatcat    101520
     tttttcaata acaacaataa tatatttata ttttcccatg gacacctaca ttaagcttgt    101580
     agactatttt tatatttcaa tatttttttc tttgagtcct tttaagagtt gttcaacaat    101640
     cctgaaatat cccttacagt atgctgttaa ctaattatat tttttcaaag tcatttgaca    101700
     taatgattga ttaaaggaaa tatctccagt ataagtacac ttgcttataa caaaagagta    101760
     tttgaaattg acattactta ttttggaaag gatacgacac aatgggaatt ttcatacacc    101820
     actcctagaa ttataaatct gtgacatcat ttcggccgag tatggcatta tctgattaag    101880
     atgaaggatc acatcctaag acccagcatt tatactctta tcagaataca tatacattca    101940
     catgcatatc actgagtttc aatagctaaa gttgagaagt cctccaaatg tctatcagtc    102000
     ctccaaatga ataaacaaat tgtggcatac ttatacaatg gaatactata cagtgatcaa    102060
     aattaacaaa caagactgac atgtttacaa cagaataata caacagagaa aatgaacaaa    102120
     tttgagctac ataaataata atacagatat gagaagaatt atcaagatgg aaaaatacat    102180
     ttagtataat ctcatttaca taaagtttga aaaacattct ttttaataat tgtaatttat    102240
     tacattggtg ataaaactct gtagtgaaac atatgagtga tcatcataac aactgggata    102300
     gtcaagaagg aggaaaatgt cagcaagaag acatatattg ggattatctg gatggctggc    102360
     aaattctttt ttcttgccaa tgtgtggtaa catccatgtt aacgttacaa ttttttctct    102420
     ttctgtttct gttgtgttat tactctctat gtgtatgtta tgctccacaa taaaaaatgt    102480
     taaaaaagca gaaacataaa gtatatttct aagtataaaa ttagggtgat acagcatatt    102540
     ctcatagata ccattgtaat tagagttttt gctgaataaa ggagaataga gcattatggt    102600
     actaagaaat ccaaattaaa atttaaaact tttctttttt tattttgaga cagcgtctca    102660
     ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcacaagcg caatcttggc tcaatgcaac ctccgccacc    102720
     tgggctcaag tgattctccc atctcagcct cctgaatatc taggacaaca ggtgtgcacc    102780
     accacaccct gctgattttt tctatttttt tttagaggca aggttttgcc atgttgccca    102840
     ggctgggctt gaactcttgt gctcaggcaa tccacctccc tcagcctttc aaaatgctgg    102900
     gattataggt gtgagccacc acacctgacc taaaactttt cttaaattaa ttttaaaaaa    102960
     ggagagataa gcaagaactg taaatccacc ttcttaatgc taatatgaat ttgaaacatc    103020
     aaaatttgaa tatttattat tgatagacac tttttatttc caatttgatt atttatgata    103080
     cacatttgaa agtgttagaa attcatgaat ttccaataaa ttatactacg atggatatta    103140
     aattaaataa atatatccaa aaatgtgtct ctaaatgaaa tatttatact catattttta    103200
     gcattttaat ttcacaatac tattcacatg tacacctgta agttgggtta aatattttgt    103260
     tactataaat tttttggctc tacattagag aaaaatacca tagaaaggca aattttttaa    103320
     cgtataaaac atatttagca tgatctttga gtatgtttgt gcatatataa ttcaactttg    103380
     actgctatag taaaatgatc cagatttagt caccatagct aagaagggga aaaagcattt    103440
     gcaagaattt ggcttgctaa tgatgctatt aaaagataaa ctaaagttga tatactgtat    103500
     tattgcatag actatttgtc catgttagtg ttcaaaaatg ccaaaaaaaa tcccaaaata    103560
     gaatcctaat tgttggaggt cgtgtttctt atcgaatttt aaaatgtagt aaaagaaaaa    103620
     aaagcaaata aatcgttgaa aatatgttgg ttttacatta ttcttgatga aataccatgt    103680
     gagggtactt gtctaggcct aatgctgaga atcatagaag aatcatgagg ccatgaggaa    103740
     gaatagtagt gttctctcat cacgctgagc tccagtactt agaaacaagc ctgaaatcac    103800
     actgatcaaa tagcattctc cctttcacct gccatcatca ttatcatcat cgtctatatc    103860
     ttcatctata tcatgaagtg gtttgttttt gaaatattta aatacataat ttggaaaata    103920
     agtaatttta aaaagatcat cattgtggga aagttacaat agtaaacagc aaagttcaag    103980
     tcaagctcca atacatttag atttagaaat taagtgtagt ttattttaca atacattgct    104040
     tatgcaaata attatttatg gatgaccttc aatgaatcct cctttcacta tgatcatgat    104100
     agaaacaatt cagattttcg tgtaaataaa attccttaat aagaaagata aagcgagtaa    104160
     cacatttttt gagcacgctt ttatttctaa agagcggatt ttaggaccaa actgtcaaac    104220
     agaggtaaga ccccagatct tctgtcacac ttgagtgagt gatgatggag ttagaaggtt    104280
     gtagttctat aaccaaaact atattcatgg ataggattaa atggtggaat tccatagaag    104340
     caccagattc agttttgttt ccatgggact taaagtctac ttatgtcaga tgtccttcat    104400
     tttttgataa actcgtaagt actgttttac tatttgatct ttcaatgatt gttataaact    104460
     aagaagtttt gatttctgct aattaaaaca gcatagggcg ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg    104520
     taatcccagc acttcgggag gccgaggtgg gtggatcacg aggtcaggag atggagacca    104580
     tcctggcgaa cacagtaaaa ccctgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaatta gccaggcgtt    104640
     gtggcaggct cctgtagtcc cagctactcc ggaggctgag gcaggagaat ggcgtgaacc    104700
     cgggggacag agcttgcagt gagccgagat cgcgccactg cactccagcc tgggagacag    104760
     cgacactccg tctcaaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaagcaaaa acagcgtaaa atttaaatca    104820
     tggaatagag tggtggagct gtggttgaga tgctctattt aattaatttt aatgacattt    104880
     tgagatccag tgctgctcat tgaatttgcc tgtgaaaaga gtttgtggtg atgacccagc    104940
     aacagataag atactatcca aaaaaagcta ctgacatcaa atcaatttcc agtttcttct    105000
     aagttgcagg agaatgccta gatcttgctt ttattctctt ctttgaccaa agtattacaa    105060
     aaagaaaaat atggttacca ttttcatgtc aggtatacta aaagtttaaa aaaactcttt    105120
     ttttaataac ttggttttag gaatacttgg tttagtttct ccgttagaaa aatgatttat    105180
     ataaggagaa caaaagttca tttctacttc taaaacaata agacaaaaac aaaaagagta    105240
     atcaattttg agaatccaat agagttaaaa accagttaaa cataagaaag aattagtgaa    105300
     tttgaagata actacccaga atgaagataa agagacgaat agatagaaaa tataaggcta    105360
     gagggtcaga gacagtgaag ctacaatcag aacaactaac atacttctgc agttcccgaa    105420
     aattagaaga gaacaaatgg ggcagaagca atgtggagat ttttccaaaa gtgataaagt    105480
     atatcagttc atatattttt agaaactatc agacttcaga cacgataact aaaaccaaat    105540
     taacataaaa tgacaggaca tcaaagacca atagaaaacc tgaaaagtaa ctagaggaaa    105600
     agatagatta tgttaaaggg aataactgtc taaacgacaa gctgattttc aacagacaaa    105660
     aataaagcta gagttcaatg gattcatgtc ttcagtgtat ttcaaaagta gaatagatct    105720
     tgataaacag aaacttaaaa tacatctttt cagatagaag aaaaattatt attaatatta    105780
     ttattattat ttttgttggt agagttggag tctcactctg ttatccaggc tggagttcag    105840
     tggtaggatc atggcttact gcagtctgga actcctgggc tcaaaccatc ctcccacctc    105900
     agccttgtga gtagcttcac tatgcctgac taactttttc attcattgta gaggcagttt    105960
     tactgtgttg cacaggctgg tcttgaactc ctgggtgctc ctgccccagc cttacaaaat    106020
     gttgggatta tgggtgtgag ctaccctgcc tggccaataa agggtcttat tgaaaatatt    106080
     aagttgaata tgcaagaagg aatacaaatt aatgaaagtg gtaaatatgt gcataattct    106140
     aaatgaatgt ttagaaaata ataatgtctt gttggggtaa ttatacaatt gataagacat    106200
     atgcaaatgg caaaaaatag aatggaggta aaggtgacag gagtaagttt agttaaatta    106260
     ttttctgaac ttttctatgt ctatgaggag attttgaaca atgataatat aattctactc    106320
     ataggtatat atgcaaagga attgtatcaa atgatatatg aaagaatgtt ctagtagaat    106380
     tattcataac tgttcaaaaa agaaactggc caaatacata ttaaggttgg atgaatcatt    106440
     acagtaattc catgcaatgg aacaatatag agaagtgaaa aaaaatcaca tgtgcttgca    106500
     actatgtgac taaatttcag aaacataatg ttgagttcag gaagccacaa acaagaggaa    106560
     catgtaggat tgcacctata cagcgttcaa agtaggctag accaagcgat ggagtttagg    106620
     gttgcatacc tagttggtaa agtatgaaga aaattgagga aataaccatt ataaattatg    106680
     gatattgctt atatcaggag atgcgaagaa gggtttaggg acttggaaag tggaatggag    106740
     gtggatctag cctgttttag gtgttccttg tcttgccctg catcatggtt acttgagtgt    106800
     ttatgataca ctgtggtatt tcccattttt gtattggttc atttctaagt gcgcattata    106860
     actttaatat acaaatttgt aattaggaga aatatctcat agaaattatt attactcgtc    106920
     tcattatata ctgaagggaa atatcaatta tttgtataca ttcctataca actctaagat    106980
     agttgaaata ggaactttct tatttagttg caacatgagg aaatttgaga tgatgttatc    107040
     tgccaccccc agatctttcc aaaggatttc ttctagcctt aattatcgac ctcacaggac    107100
     aaacctttgc cattccccat ctattttttc tttcggctcc tgaattcctg acacaacaag    107160
     gttgtacata tttcccacac tcttggttta agagttcttt tatcagttat gtttctctgc    107220
     aggagaagac ccttcaaaac tacattagat atttatatct cacatgtcgt ttgatgttgg    107280
     ttttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tttgacagag tcttgctgtg    107340
     tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcataatc tcagttcact gcaacctccg cctcccgggt    107400
     tcatgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga atacaggtgc acaccaccat    107460
     gccctgctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag atggggtttc accatgttgg ccaggatggt    107520
     ctccatctct tgacctcgta atctgccttc ctcaacctcg cctgcgctgg gcctggattt    107580
     tatttttcta agctgggttt ggtggatggc tgtggtgatt tgagatgggc caaattctac    107640
     atcttggagg acgttagagt tttgccaatt taatctggat caggtggcag caatctcacg    107700
     tcattagttt ctcattcttc ttctgggaac agtgtactag ataggccata ctcttatggt    107760
     aaatggaaag aagaagaatc cccagtatgg aagccatctc aaatctctat gcaaactgta    107820
     gtaattttct gtttatcaaa gtaagtgaaa tgattgaact ccaagttcag gggcaaggta    107880
     gtcagtcttc ctgtgatagg atactgcagg attatatatc aaagggtctg gtactgagga    107940
     attcttataa aattgctaaa tattttttat aataatattt aaacattaga cttgagagaa    108000
     actttaccaa gtcctaagaa ttagagataa tgtttttgat aaataaatat tattcatggg    108060
     ctgaaaaccc tgagtgggaa aataggacta atttcatctg cacagcctct tggaaactca    108120
     ttttttattt tggaaattac aagaaaataa tttgttccat tcataagtgg tgtgcacatg    108180
     tgtatatttg tgtgcatatt tatgagtttg tgaataatga agttatacga aagtgttagc    108240
     agcaaccaga tcttatggag tagtggcctg cctgtggttc tcaagaaaat ctgagatgcc    108300
     tttgataaaa gcagttagga ttctgtgtat ttaaatctgt gatttaaaaa agtccgcatt    108360
     ggtgatgatc ttagttatga ccaagctccc tttgagaatt tagatattta ctatatgata    108420
     tatatattga gttacaaaac ttccctaaca actgaagtca ctaaagataa atgatggaga    108480
     ggttacacaa ggaaaaattg caaacactga aagtgaatat gtccctattt gcgtactagc    108540
     aaatgaggat tcaggtttca cgtcaatttc agtgtgaata attccagcct ataacaagaa    108600
     cagacagtga atgaatgagt taatttgagt tgtttgaaaa taagaatgtt ttccataaag    108660
     agatcattga actcatcagt taacatgcca tggttatttc tggcttgaca ctggtcacaa    108720
     caattaaaag taaaaagaat gtcacagcac attcacaaat caggtgcata tagaatttaa    108780
     ggtcaggata ttcaagcaat cacacccagt tatattacat tgagagatga agcgagctat    108840
     actttctgaa tcgagtgggg acttggagaa cgtttctgta gctagcaagg ggattgtaaa    108900
     atgcaccaaa cagtgcactg taaaaccaca gcaatcagcg ctctgtagct agcaagagga    108960
     ttgtaaaatg caccaatcgc tctaaaatac accaagcaac aggatcctaa aagtagccaa    109020
     tggcagggag gattgaaaaa agggcactct gataggacaa aaaaaggaaa atgggagggg    109080
     acaaataagg gaataaaagc tcatggcttc agccagcagc agcaacctgc ctgggtcgcc    109140
     ttcctcccgg tggaagcttt gtcctttctc tcttctcaat aaaccttgct gttgctcact    109200
     ctttgggtcc atgccatctt taagagcagc aacactcacc gtgaaggtcg gtggctccat    109260
     ttttgaagtc agggagacca cgaacccacc tgcaggaacc aactccggac acaacaccag    109320
     cattaaaaca attttttttt gtctgttcag acatgacaac ttttataccc atcatttttt    109380
     ccagtgtggt agtggttcta tttgttattg gaaattttgc taatggcttc atagcattgg    109440
     taaattccat tgagcgggtc aagagacaaa agatctcttt tgctgaccag attctcactg    109500
     ctctggcggt ctccagagtt ggtttgctct gggtattatt attaaattgg tattcaactg    109560
     tgtttaatcc agctttttat agtgtagaag taagaactac tgcttataat gtctgggcag    109620
     taaccggcca tttcagcaac tggcttgcta ctagcctcag catattttat ttgctcaaga    109680
     ttgccaattt ctccaacctt atttttcttc acttaaagag gagagttaag agtgtcattc    109740
     tggtgatgct gttggggcct ttactatttt tggcttgtca actttttgtg ataaacatga    109800
     aagagattgt acggacaaaa gaatatgaag gaaacttgac ttggaagatc aaattgagga    109860
     gtgcagtgta cctttcagat gcgactgtaa ccacgctagg aaacttagtg cccttcactc    109920
     tgaccctgct atgttttttg ctgttaatct gttctctgtg taaacatctc aagaagatgc    109980
     agctccatgg taaaggatct caagatccca gcaccaaggt ccacataaaa gctttgcaaa    110040
     ctgtgatctt tttcctcttg ttatgtgccg tttactttct gtccataatg atatcagttt    110100
     ggagttttgg gagtctggaa aacaaacctg tcttcatgtt ctgcaaagct attagattca    110160
     gctatccttc aatccaccca ttcatcctga tttggggaaa caagaagcta aagcagactt    110220
     ttctttcagt tttgcggcaa gtgaggtact gggtgaaagg agagaagcct tcatctccat    110280
     agattcatga gaggggcatt gtgtgtcttc tagcagaaaa caaactggtg gtgtatgaaa    110340
     cattttatat ttcttactgg tttttctata ctgtatgtgt atgaataatt tcccaacgta    110400
     tacctagaaa agcctttgac ctaatattag tctagaaaaa aaaatatata tatgtgtgtg    110460
     tttatgtgtg tatgaaaact taagaacatt gacaataaca tgctcttttc tgtttttttc    110520
     atacaaactg ccaaattata caaaatatga caaaaatttc ttagaatttt gaagccatgt    110580
     atatttcatt catgtatttt atatttcatt tgtagaattt atgatgtcta tttataatta    110640
     ttaagaagta acagcttatc ccaggataaa tattgctctt ttctattgtt atttgaacca    110700
     caggaataca ccacattgtg cttagaattc attgcttgaa cctcgaattt attggatggt    110760
     aaagtcattc aattctaaat caataatgag gatgtatctt tggtgtttta ttccattatg    110820
     aatttctatt ttatgtttag taaaaagcaa tgagaattat tgttagaaaa gaatgcacac    110880
     agtagaattt gagtgagaag catatgcaga gtaaatttaa tgtatgtcta ccataagcgg    110940
     tactgaggaa tattagattt catatgtgaa tagcttagga aaaaatccct tctctaataa    111000
     agggatgaaa tatcatgatc atgatctgga ttggtatcat cagttatgca tatgcagtta    111060
     gaaacgtcat ttcttccgct tttgaattaa agaaaagctg tttttgaagt tgagatctca    111120
     tgcaaattat tttagtattc tttctaaagc acttttaagc ccctgaattg ctaattatat    111180
     ccttaccttc catttatgaa attccttcta aacttcagat aagagaactc aaatcctctc    111240
     tttttgaaaa ataaaatcaa tgtaaatata atatataaat tgtggaaaat atttcagtca    111300
     aactttttgt aaatgttaaa aaagtatcta tgaaatctgt gtattaatta tgagatgagc    111360
     cttaacgttg taattttgtc atcaatgatg aaatgaaagg gtgttgacat attctttaat    111420
     aggaagttct attataagaa agaaatgtac agtcttgttc acagctaaat tctacttgac    111480
     tgtattaatt cttggtgtta tgaaatttaa acaatgtgat ttaaacctta agatgaatca    111540
     tccccccacc tgatttgtgt atttttttaa tcatatatct tcctcagtac aatgtaagga    111600
     ctgtaaaaaa agagataatg tctgtcttgc tttctgttga ctcccaggaa ctcgaaacca    111660
     gcaccaagaa tagatggtca aaaatgatac tttaatgaac aaataaatgg gtggctaaaa    111720
     tggataagtt gatgtggtaa accagtgaaa aggaaactca cacaaaatct gcagttgcat    111780
     gaattcccct gttccagtct caggttaaga ttacaggctt atccaagcag aatccttctc    111840
     ctaaggaaaa gtttggctat tccacaattt taggggaaat atgacaataa tatagtcttg    111900
     atgcagctgt atcaggtgtc tgagttggag acaaggtaga acaccaaaat tagatggcac    111960
     ctattataat agtttgaaaa atcatataaa caactttggt ctatttgaat atgtattttt    112020
     ttctattgtc aattatttgt attatgatat tttctagttg attatttaaa caaaaatgac    112080
     atttcatttc aaaaaattga gttagtaacc agctacttta ccaaaatgtt tttaatgtaa    112140
     tacctgttat tgaagtgcta ccatttattt agaagtcaag ttcaagacaa aaatggcaag    112200
     gacgtgtgga aattgagacc ggaacaaatg tgaaacaatg tgtggtgatg tctggtatga    112260
     ccctgatggc agccacttca cagtgaggtg agagagacag catgatggtc atcagatgca    112320
     tgtacttggc ttccagcact tttccagaag ggctacaagg ggaaaccaca gctggcatta    112380
     gtccatggaa gagagagagg agggagaatg tatctgctca tctgtcatta gtcttctatt    112440
     tcctattggt cagggtttcc ttgaggcaga actatcatct ctgctgttct gtcttacatc    112500
     atccagtccc ttggtggtgg tcatgaaagt cagacctcat gcccacagtg tggtgatgca    112560
     ttcaagtccc aaatagaagg atgacctgga tcaggcaagg tgctggccag gggaattgga    112620
     catagtgaag agaatctgag aaagcacatg tttgtgtcca gtaccgccac tccttgtgcc    112680
     actgaggcgt gctcataccc tccagtcatg gctggcttta tgagcatatg acgtccacag    112740
     ttgcataggg ttttgtgctt atagggactt gtgcttagag ggactctatg cttggattaa    112800
     tattctgcac ttgctatttt gtttgtcaga cagaggatac ttgtctgctg aagagagaat    112860
     ggtcttacac taattccata gggatttgct ctcccctctc caacaggctt gtcagagaca    112920
     tgcacagagt cctataatga ccactatgta tgttctagca tctttgaatc ctgctggatc    112980
     atctggctca gtggccagag cagcttggag cagagtctat atcttctgta gagccctcat    113040
     ttgttctgga ttccacttga gaccagcagc ctgggaaact tcattaatga gtcagagcaa    113100
     tattctcaaa tgtggaatat gttgtctcca aaatcccaat aggcccccaa aacattgtgt    113160
     ctcttttgta gtgataggaa atttatagag agagcaacat gccatatact gtaaaaaaga    113220
     ttgtttcaac gtgtggtcta gggacactga atgctttaaa acatcaccta tgctgtaggt    113280
     ccctgaatct tctcaggttg atttcttttc ttctggtatt ttacttccat tcatcgttag    113340
     agtattttac tatagttaag aaacttgcca cttcctgatt attgtaccaa gtaatatatt    113400
     attattatta ttgctattat tttgagacag ggtctcattc tgtccctgag gctggagttc    113460
     agtggcagga tcacagctca ttacagcctc aaccttctgg gctcaagtga ttcccccacc    113520
     tctgcattgc tagcagctgg gactgcaggg gcacaacatc acgcctggct aatttttgta    113580
     ttttctgtag ggctaggatt tcacagtgtt acccaggctg gtctcaaaat cctgggctca    113640
     aatgatcttc ccgtgtcggc ctcctaaaat gatgggatta cagtcatgtg ccacagggcc    113700
     tggtctgtaa tattattaat atattaaata atcacgatgt tttaaaaaat gtaaattaaa    113760
     cagaagtgac atagccgtga tataaaacag tgacacagtg ttattattat gatacaaggc    113820
     aaattgtttt gatttttcct cataatgggt gtagattaag aaccattcag caaatcacaa    113880
     gcccagtaaa aagtaccaga agctctgctc tgcttagtga agacagcaca tcctggaaag    113940
     catttgtgag tgttgattta agtttctggt agtctgcatt cattctataa cccgtctggt    114000
     tttgatagag gccagatagg tttagtgaat cggcttatag aaaggactac catcccctgt    114060
     aactttcaag tgttttgtca cggcactgac cagttccatt ccttagggaa tgcggttatt    114120
     atattttata tattttgttg ccagtagagg agaatttcag aggcttccct ttggtcctgc    114180
     tataataatg tcctttactc tacagttcac gaagaatgtg agtcctgccg gctgccatac    114240
     atatctattt caattatact ttcaggaaga ggtagtaact acaaactgat tagctccacc    114300
     ttggaatgga catgagccga agctctaggt agtatctgac cttcaaaaac tccccctgca    114360
     ggctggatgt gatggctcat gcctgcagtc ctagcacttt gggaggcgaa ggtgggagga    114420
     tcccttgaga gcaggagttc ccttcacaac atgtggaaac tccgtctgta caaaaaattt    114480
     aaaaaattag ctggtgtgtt ggtgcatgcc tatagttcca aatacttggg aagctgaggc    114540
     aggaggattg cttgagcgca ggagttccag gctgcagtgg actatgatcc tgccactgta    114600
     ctccagcttg ggtaacagag ggagactgtg tctcagaaga agaaaaaaaa acaagtataa    114660
     gttctcaccg gtatcttaaa catcaagtaa aacagtatcg agtaaaacaa aaaactaaaa    114720
     actccaaaag tcaaaaacac ttttaaaaag aacatggtgt taagagtagt ttgttcagtt    114780
     tccccataga aaatgattta tggaaggaga ataaaagatt attctgaaca ctaaaacaat    114840
     aagactgaaa aaatgaatta tcaatattga gaatccaata gacagagtta accagttgga    114900
     tacagtacaa gagagaataa gtgaattgga agatagctac acagaatgaa gcatagaagg    114960
     gaagagatgg aaatacacag agctagaggg taacacattg atgctacaga cagaacacct    115020
     aacatacttc tggagttctg taagattaga ggagagaaaa tagagcaaga gaaatgttgc    115080
     aaggattttt ccaaaaggta taaaatgtat ccctgaatat atttttagta atctcaaact    115140
     tcaggcatga taactaaaac caaattaaca taaaataata caggacgcaa aagaccaata    115200
     gaaaatctga aaagtagcta gaggtagaag atagagtatg ttgaaaagaa ctgtattcta    115260
     aatacaacct gattttaaca gaaaacatgg aagcaggaat tcaatggatt aatgggaatc    115320
     atgtcttcaa tgtgtttcca aagagtagta gaccttcata aacagaaatt gaaaatgata    115380
     tttttcagat aaaataaaat tactgaaaat acaaagttga acacgcaagg agcattacaa    115440
     attaatgaca atccatgctg gctaacacgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaataaaaaa    115500
     aaattagcct ggcgtggtgg cgggcacctg cagtcccagc tactccggag gctgaggcag    115560
     gagaatggct aaacccggaa ggcggagctt tcagtgagca gagatcgtgc cactgcactc    115620
     cagcctgggt gacagggaga ctatgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattaa tgacaatgaa    115680
     aactaagtgt gtaattctaa ataaatgttg actatataaa acaatagtgt cttcttggat    115740
     tgaatgtata attgataaga tatatgcaaa tagcaataaa gaggctggag ataaaggtaa    115800
     caggaataaa tttagtcaaa ctgtgttttg ggcttttcta tgtctgtgag aagaatttga    115860
     acatcataat caaggaccct gtaattctac acccagatat atatacacag aggaattgta    115920
     gcaaatgata tgtgaaagaa tgttcattgt agcattattc ataaaagctc aaaaaataag    115980
     ctgtccaaat atatatcaaa taaggatgga taaataatta cagtaaaatc aaaaaatgaa    116040
     aaaaatatag agaagtgaaa agatatggat cacatgtaca tgcaatgatg gggttaaatt    116100
     ttggatacaa aatgttgatt ccaggaagcc atgaataaga acatatagga ttgcacctat    116160
     acatagatca aatcaggcca aaccaagcta ttgagtttag ggtcgaatac cttattggta    116220
     aagtataaag aatattaaaa aaagaccatc ataaattagg gatgttgctt atcacaggag    116280
     acatgaagaa aggtgtaggg aattagaaag tggcattgag gtaaacttag gctcttagca    116340
     atgttccatg tcttgcccta catgatggtt acatgagtgt ttatgacaca ttgctatgtt    116400
     ttccattttt gttttggttc atttctaagt gtgcagtcta gctatatgat aaaaattatt    116460
     aattaggaga aatggtccat gaaaattatt attactctgc tcattatata ctgaagggaa    116520
     aaatccacta tttgtataca ttcatgtgta actctaagag attttaagta gaaactttct    116580
     gattttagtt gcaactttag gaaacttgac atgatgttac ctgccaacca cagatttctg    116640
     aataggtttt tcttttaggt ttaattaccc acttcatatg acaaaacttg gacattctct    116700
     attttttcct tcgatcctga attcctgaca caacaatggt gggcatattt cccacactcc    116760
     tgatttagca gaatacctac atcacttatg tttttctgca agagaaaact gagttagata    116820
     attgtgtatc attatgtctt tggattacat ttttctaacc taggtttggt ggatggctct    116880
     ggtgattgga gatgggccac gtactgcatc ttgccgctag tttggctgat ttagggtaga    116940
     taaggcagtg gcattctgac tccattagtt tctctttctt cttctgggaa cagtgtgcta    117000
     gccagatgat gtcctcatgg ttagtggaaa agagcaggaa acttcaatat ggaagccatc    117060
     ttaaatctct gtaaattcta ctaatttcct gttgactgaa gcaaattacg tgagtgaatt    117120
     cagagtccaa ggtcaaggta gtcaccctgc ctgaggtggg agggtactgc aggattatgt    117180
     gacaaagagt agggtactta gaaatattta caaaattgct gaacatttta attaaataat    117240
     taatgtttaa acaaaacaga cttgagtgta aatataccaa aggcctaagc ttgagaaaca    117300
     tgtttgataa atattattca ttgtctgaca gccctgagtt ggaaaataag actaatacca    117360
     cctggatgag ttcctggaaa ctcattttcc atttggggaa ttataagaaa ataattcctt    117420
     ccatgcccta agggtgtgag tgcatgtgtg tctatgtgtt taggagctta ttaacaatga    117480
     tgtcatatca atttattggt tatcagaaac cagattttaa agtgtatcag cctcccaggg    117540
     atttccaaga taatcttgga tgattttgat aaaaggttta gaatctggta tttaaatctg    117600
     gcataaaaat aagtccatat tggtatgatc ctagttatga ccaagctcct ttaacaattt    117660
     agacatttac tatatgatat atgtattggg ttttacaatt tccctatgga acaactgaag    117720
     atgctgtata caaattatgg agaggttaaa caaggaaaaa aattgcaaaa caatgaaaaa    117780
     taatatgcct ttctttgcat actaacacat gagaattcat tttccacttc aacctcagta    117840
     taaaaaagta cagcatatag caaggagaga atgtatatga agaggagtga atttgagctg    117900
     ttttgagaat aatgaccttt tctatttcta taaagacagt tttgaattca tctattagca    117960
     tatgctggtg cttgcctgtt gacactagtc actgaattta aaggcagaaa atgttattgc    118020
     acatttagta atcaagtgtt catcgaagtt aacatctgga tgttaaagga ctcagaacaa    118080
     gtgttactaa gcctgcattt ttttatctgt tcaaacatga tgtgttttct gctcatcatt    118140
     tcatcaattc tggtagtgtt tgcatttgtt cttggaaatg ttgccaatgg cttcatagcc    118200
     ctagtaaatg tcattgactg ggttaacaca cgaaagatct cctcagctga gcaaattctc    118260
     actgctctgg tggtctccag aattggttta ctctgggtca tgttattcct ttggtatgca    118320
     actgtgttta attctgcttt atatggttta gaagtaagaa ttgttgcttc taatgcctgg    118380
     gctgtaacga accatttcag catgtggctt gctgctagcc tcagcatatt ttgtttgctc    118440
     aagattgcca atttctccaa ccttatttct ctccacctaa agaagagaat taagagtgtt    118500
     gttctggtga tactgttggg gcccttggta tttctgattt gtaatcttgc tgtgataacc    118560
     atggatgaga gagtgtggac aaaagaatat gaaggaaatg tgacttggaa gatcaaattg    118620
     aggaatgcaa tacacctttc aagcttgact gtaactactc tagcaaacct catacccttt    118680
     actctgagcc taatatgttt tctgctgtta atctgttctc tttgtaaaca tctcaagaag    118740
     atgcggctcc atagcaaagg atctcaagat cccagcacca aggtccatat aaaagctttg    118800
     caaactgtga cctccttcct catgttattt gccatttact ttctgtgtat aatcacatca    118860
     acttggaatc ttaggacaca gcagagcaaa cttgtactcc tgctttgcca aactgttgca    118920
     atcatgtatc cttcattcca ctcattcatc ctgattatgg gaagtaggaa gctaaaacag    118980
     acctttcttt cagttttgtg gcagatgaca cgctgagtga aagaagagaa accctcaact    119040
     ccatagattc acaaggggag catcgtgggt cttctagcag aaaacaaact gatggtgtct    119100
     ggaacatttt atatttctat cagtttttcc atagtgtttg tatgtgagta atttcaaaac    119160
     agatacctag aaaagtcata tatatattta tgggtgtata tgtgtgcatg tgtgtgaata    119220
     acaacgttga ccataaatta tgaagctgag tatatttcac atatatagta tttatatttt    119280
     attatagttc attgtatagt atttcatttg aagaatttat tatctctctt tataattaag    119340
     aacgtacagc ttttatgaag aaatcatttc tcttttccat tgtaatttgt accacatata    119400
     tgtgcttaac tatcattggt gaacctctaa ttttttggat ggtaaagaca ttcaatttta    119460
     aatcaatgat aagaatggat ctttggggta ggttttattt cattatgaat tcttatttta    119520
     tgcttagtag aaagcaaata gaattgttgt tagttaatga tgcacacaat aaaattggag    119580
     tgaaaaacat atgtagagta aattttgtat atgtatacca aaacagtact aaagaatact    119640
     agatttaata ccagtatgtg aatagcctag aataaaaatc atttctataa taggaatgaa    119700
     gaaacatgct gatgatcatt tcagtgctgt tataattttt ttatctgtag ttagaaaagt    119760
     cattgcttcc actttttgaa ttaaaggaaa ccttttgtga agttgacatc tgatgtcaag    119820
     tatttccatt tgtttttctt agccaccttg agcccctgaa tttccaattt tctcctttgt    119880
     ctcccattcc taatattcct caaaaaaact caaatattct ctatcttaaa aaaacaggcc    119940
     aatcaaagga gggtatagaa actatagaag ataatcaaat gaaactttcc tcaaatgtta    120000
     aaaattatgt aaaaattaca taaaaatctg tgaaatctat ataattgata ggaaatgtat    120060
     taatgatatg tattattata atggtgtaaa tggtgaaatt acacagtgtg ttgatgtatc    120120
     cattgatacc aagttctatt ataagaagga aatgtacagc cttgttgaag agctaaattc    120180
     tgtgtgactg tgttaattct tggtgttatg aaattttaac attattatgt agaacttaaa    120240
     ataagttaac tccacatcat atatatatct atgtatctat atctatatct atagacatat    120300
     atatatatat atatatatat atatcgctta tcatacgtcc tccctagtac aatgtaatca    120360
     ccataaaaag agaggtcata tctgtctcgc tttctcttga ctcacaggac ctaaaagcca    120420
     gcacaaagaa tagttggtca aaaatgatat gttaatgaac acataagtga ttggataaat    120480
     ggataatttg atgtggtaaa tcagtgaaaa tgaagctcat cataaaatct gcagttgctt    120540
     gaattttcta ttttcaggtt gaggttatag gctttttgaa gaagaagcat ttctcagagc    120600
     aaaagtttgg ctagtccaca attctagggg aaatatcact gtaatatagc tttgatgcag    120660
     ctatatcagg tgtgtgaagt agagacaagg tggaacgtca aaattagatg gcacttattc    120720
     taatgctttt tgaaaagcat attaaagatt ttggtatatt tgcacagggt cagggtcacc    120780
     tgtgagtgcc agctgctcgg ggctagcaga ccccatgaca agaatgttag ggaacttccc    120840
     agcagctgcc aaacacactt ttgtttttag ggaacgtctc tttctccttc agtatgactt    120900
     atgctgcctt caatgctttg ctgatacaaa agaagtaaac tcaaaagaag taaaaataaa    120960
     agctagcaaa ctttgcaact gattaagttg gttggaaatg tacctaatca ctttctacta    121020
     tgaatgatat atttgtatta tgatattttc tagctggtta tcatatacac aaaaaggcat    121080
     ttcattttta aaaattgagt ttgtaaccag tcacctttct tacacattat ttgtatattt    121140
     ttttagtatc ctttctaaat gaatgtttta attgccatgt tataaacgca tggaaaagtg    121200
     atgcaactga atgtatatct tagcttttgg tgtctaaaac tagagccaat gtctgagttt    121260
     acagtgatga catttatttg ggaaggcaag tccagggcag caatgagggg taaatgtgga    121320
     aactgaggca aaagaagatg taaaaccatg tgtcgtgatg ttgatatgat tttgctggtg    121380
     gccacttcac aattagtgag acagacagca tggtggtcat cagatgcatg cacttggctc    121440
     tccatacttt tccagaaggg ttacaagggg aagccacaac aaatattagt ccgtggaaga    121500
     gagaaaaggg agaatgtatc ctagctgtct tctgtcttct atttcccttt ggccaaagtt    121560
     tgtttgaggc agaactacca tctttgcttt tcttccttac attatccaac cccttggtgg    121620
     ctgtttggga aagtcacact aaccaatacc cccatttttc taagagatag ttttttttta    121680
     atttattttt tctcttttcc tctccccttt ccctatgttt ccccgctttc tacttaactt    121740
     tttagacatg cacatagaac tgtttacttt ccccccacca gacagtccct tcgggcgagt    121800
     tcatctaact atgtgctcca cgagggatct ctccttgaga cttgacagtt gatttgcaga    121860
     caaaagtatg ccctcatgga actctcacct ccaggggttc cccttagacc tcacatccat    121920
     taggagggga tgtggaaagg atgcccacgt ggccactttt acaactgctg tcctgctcat    121980
     ttccttccct actttataaa acgttcactt tctgctccaa agatgaagtg tcacgttgga    122040
     aggcaggatg ctttgtgccc cttccagcaa gctaacttcc aaataaattc tctattttta    122100
     tatcagacct tgttcttgtt aattagactt tacatgaagt gagcaactaa gcttttctgt    122160
     tacaagactt catgcccaca gatacattca agtcccaggt ggaaggatga tctagatcag    122220
     gcaaggtgct gaccatggga acaggagaca gtcaagggaa tctgaggaag cacatgtttg    122280
     tgtccaatat agtcccctcc ttgtgccact cagatgtgct catgccctcc aactgtggct    122340
     ggttttataa gcagatgcct tgtgtagttg cacggggtct tgtgcttgag gggctttttg    122400
     cttggattaa tgttctgcac ttgcattttt atttttcaga cagcggataa tcctccactg    122460
     aagagggaat agttctgcag taattcccta ggggtttgct ttctcctctc ctacgggctt    122520
     gatggagaca ggcacagagt cctatgatgc ccacgttgca tgcctctagc agctttgaat    122580
     tctgctggat catctggcac aatgggccga gcaggttggg ccagaccctg tatctgctgt    122640
     agagatatta tatgttctgg attccacttg aaaccaggag tctttgcatt cattctgtaa    122700
     cccatctggt tttggcagag gctaggtagg ttaactgaac agggatttaa aaaggacttt    122760
     attaacacat cagagcaata tcctctactg tggtattttt ggactccaaa atccctagag    122820
     gctcaataaa cgccgtgctt ctcttttagt gataggaagt atataggaag ccatttacct    122880
     taaacaggat gtttctgctc ggcatggtgg ttcacgcctg taataccagc actttgggag    122940
     accaacgcag gcagatcact ggaggccagg agtttgagac tagcctgagc aacatggtga    123000
     aaccccatct ctacttaaaa aaaaatacaa aaaaatttag ccaggcatgg tggccaatgc    123060
     ccgtaaaccc agctactcag gaggctgaag gatttgaatt gattgaaccc aggaggcgaa    123120
     gtttgcagtg agccgggatt gcaacactgc attccggcct gggcaacaga gcgagactct    123180
     atctcaaata taaataaata aattaattaa ttgatttttc aacatgtgga ccaggaatat    123240
     gggacccctg aaaacaatat ctgcgttggt gttctctaaa tattttcagg catgtctctt    123300
     tcttctgata ttttatttct atttaatgtt taagtatttt actataatta ggtaactttc    123360
     catttcctgg ttattgtacc aattaccgta acattattaa tatattaaat taacatgatg    123420
     ttttccaaaa tgtaaattaa actgagagca gaagtgacaa agccctgaca taaaacagtg    123480
     aagcagtgct cttgttttta ccacacaaag gccaattgtt ttaatctgct gacccaccca    123540
     tgggtgtaaa ataagaaaca ttcactaaat caagagccac atgcaaactg ccaggagctc    123600
     tgctctgctc agggaagata ccacatccta gagagcattt gtaagtagtg atttaaattt    123660
     atggaaatct gcattcattt tatagtgtat ctggttttgg tagaggccag ataggttaag    123720
     tggataggca tataaaaaga ctaccatccc ctgcaacttt caagtgtttt gtcatggtag    123780
     tgatcaattc cattccttgg agaatgtgat tattattttt caatcattgt tgccagtgga    123840
     ggagaatttc acaggcttcc ccttggttct gctctaataa tgtccctgac tctacaggtc    123900
     aggaagaaag tgagagtcct gccagctgcc atgtgtgtcc attacacatt caagaagagg    123960
     caataacggc aaactgatta gatccacctt gggatggaca tgagtcaaaa ctctaggtag    124020
     catctgacct tcaaaactcc ctctgcaggc tgggtatgat ggctcatgcc cgcagtcccc    124080
     gcacttttgg aggcggaggt gggaatatct cttgaggccc agagttgcag accaccttgg    124140
     gctacacagt gacagcctgt ctgtacaaaa actaaaaaac agaaaaaaca acaacaaaaa    124200
     attagtttgg catggtggta ctcacctgta gtcccagtta cccagaaaga tgagacagga    124260
     gactcctttg gacctataac caatatgcga gtccgttgct ggccgcatgc agtgtccagt    124320
     taacaaaagt gaggtctggt acaaaagtaa tgaatttatt ccaaacctag cttggggaag    124380
     gagcacaaag tgtcttgcct ttaagtgtac cacttcacct ttggagcaga aagcagacac    124440
     ttttataagg taaggaggga tactgagcaa gggtagaggg tcctcatgca ggcttggtgc    124500
     cttatctatc agacagttga attggtgcct tcctgtgcag aagtaacttg taaaagtggc    124560
     caagtgggta tgctttcaat atgcccttct gttgggtgaa agtcctcagg caactcccag    124620
     agtggagcac agtctggaag ttccaagtcc atttcctgga ggtaaacatt ccttggtggg    124680
     tgtgctttgg tctgcaaatt gactgtcaat tctcagaaga gatctgtctt gctgcacata    124740
     gttagaagaa cgtgccctgc agggaatgtc tagtgagtgg gggtgaaagg ttatatttgc    124800
     atttatgaag ggctaagcag gaaacaggga acaaaaggaa aggggagata agagaaaata    124860
     ataataaaaa aatagtaact cattccctgt ttcttagaaa aaatggggca ctctgttaca    124920
     aacccaggaa ttcaaggctg tagtgagtta tgatttgcca ctgtactaca tacctcctaa    124980
     gtgaaggatt gagactgtgt atctaaaaaa cccaaatgca aataacacac acacaaaaag    125040
     aaaattttaa aaaatctccc acttcatctc atggactgca gtgtcttttg agtacccaga    125100
     tattactgtt agttcaggct ctgttggagt ggccaatatc tggtttactg gaggcaattt    125160
     ggtacgagtc tgcagcaact tcaagtctaa cctcctcaga agaaagaatt caactgaggg    125220
     gcataaggcg gaaaaagaga ctgagggaag tttctgagca gcaatggaag tttattaaaa    125280
     agatttagag caggaaagaa aggaaagtac acttggaaga gaccacagtg ggcattttgg    125340
     aggtcaagtg cagtgttaga cctttgactt gtggttttat atgttggtat acttctgggg    125400
     tcttgtgttc cttttcccac gattcttccc ttagggtctt gtgttccttt tcccatgatt    125460
     cagcccctta gggtgggctg ctcacatgtg tggtggcctg ctaacacttt ggaggtgagc    125520
     atgcgcagtg tgtttactgg agttgtacac atgcttgcat gaggcattct tccctttttt    125580
     ggtggaatgc ccccagaagg ttgttttcta cccttttctc tcttaacacg tatgcctcag    125640
     cctactcgcc ctattcctga gctgctgact agcaatttta agcatcttta cttattgtga    125700
     aattgcctct ccctggtgcc tgtgagcaat tatcattttt agagaggcag tgtgacaact    125760
     gccaggccat cacctgatgg ccacctgaca ttcctggtgg gtggtgagag ccttcttctg    125820
     ccccgctcat gcctgactaa ctatctactg taagagccct atacctaaaa gtctcagatg    125880
     gtgtggatgt gtgtcctttc ctctgggtac tgttatctgg gaaatggcta caggtctttg    125940
     agaaagcacc gtatgaatac gtcctgaata ttcttgtggt gaattttcag catccttttc    126000
     aaggggactt acactttcct tcaattattg aattcttgtt ctcggaattg gctcagtcct    126060
     gacaacaggt tgaggttctt tgattttcca cttcaaaggc tgacctcagg aatcagtttt    126120
     tcagcctttg aagtgaaaag gcttgctctt ggtttataag tatttttcaa agtatgaagc    126180
     ctctttaact attggcttat gaactcattc caagaagctg atgctgtcat cagttcattg    126240
     attctgacat ttgcaagatc accagagagt ctatgttccc aaggttagtc atcatgttgc    126300
     atgctctatt agctgcattg aacttagttt atttagattt caggatgctg ccctctcctg    126360
     attttatcct tatccactgg gcactacttc tcaatctcct ttgctagttc tcttttgtct    126420
     ctaaactgaa aatatcagac tgcccaaggt ctcaattctt caatctctac aatgatgcct    126480
     gttgtgttgg tgatctcatg taatctcttt actgacaatg tagccaagtg attcaacaga    126540
     caggaataag gctgattatc catttatatt atttatttat tcacgcatgt tggcatatag    126600
     cacattatgt aaatattttt ccttcaaatg tcaaatgtac attttgaagt aacagtacca    126660
     gggtggatgc tgtggcttaa gcctgtaatt gagcaccttg ggaggcttag gcaggcagat    126720
     ttcttgagcc caattattgg agaccaacct gggaaacatg gtgaaaccca gtctctagta    126780
     aaaatacaac aattagccag gtatagtggt gtccacctgt agtcctagct acttgggagg    126840
     ccaaggtggg aaacagattg aggctgggag ctatagattg cagttagcca atctcaaacc    126900
     actgcactcc agtttaggct ccagagtgag accatgtctc aaaaaataaa aatctaggga    126960
     gaatcaataa tatttttgct tgaatttcca ctaaatgaga ttgagggtag cccagcatct    127020
     aatttagttt tatttaaaat agtaatttta atatcaatag attgataggc aggggattat    127080
     tattattata gacataatga tctaagtaga gaaatacaca gatagaatta tggttgatta    127140
     acccacttgt attacttgca attgtacagt tagtatgttt tagtatctta gttactaatc    127200
     tcacttttta catttagctc tataatcaat taaatatgag ttattttttg tgtatggtgt    127260
     gaaataagaa tagaaattta tctttatgca tgtggatatt caatgttctc agtatcattt    127320
     gttgaaaaaa tgattaattc ctattgaact gcagtggtac catttttgaa atcaattacc    127380
     atcaatgtca gtgttaattt ctggactctc agttgtgttt cattgttctt ttgtctactg    127440
     taatgccagt accacagaat tctgattagt gcagctttgt agttagcttt gaaaccagaa    127500
     agtgtaatcc tccaaatgtg ttattttatc aagatttatt ttggtgatct ggtcactggg    127560
     tattttcaga tatattttag gactggtttt tcactttttg caaaacaggc ttgttgggat    127620
     ttgataggga ttgcactgag tatataagtt gacccttcac ctgcaaagac tctccttgtg    127680
     ctggatttca gttcagctgg ccctccttgc ttgtacaact ctgtgatgaa ttgaatatat    127740
     aatttttgcc ttttattact cttatcctag ttgttgcaga aggatatctt gcctttctga    127800
     accttctgta ttctgctcaa aaatggaagt tctcagctag gtgcagttca cgcctgtatc    127860
     caagcatttt gggagaccaa ggtgggaaga tcgtatgagc ccatgttttc aagaccatac    127920
     tgggcaacat agggagaccc catttctaca aaaaaactga aaaattagct ggctgtgttg    127980
     gtgcacgccc atagtcacag ctactccaga agctgaggtg ggaggatctc ttgagcccag    128040
     gagtacaaag ctgtagtgaa ctaccactgc actccagcct aggcgacaga gcaacatcct    128100
     ttctcaaaac aaaaaaggaa aagtggaagt tttcactggt atcttttaag tatcaagtaa    128160
     cacagaatcg aaagaataac taataatcct cggttcctgc ctgcactgaa catgtaaaat    128220
     tgaaagcagt tatacatata ctatactagc acctcataag gactacccag agtattatta    128280
     tcatctgcgt tttatacata attatactga ggtagagaga attcgtaaaa tggagtctca    128340
     gatcatagct atataaagca gaaaatctgg cttcctgtcc tggcagactg actccaagat    128400
     cttctcctag aaacaattat actataacaa ctggaaagaa ataatatcca atattgaaga    128460
     ccgattttta acatctattc atcttaaacc attaaataat aaaaaataca ttagagaaaa    128520
     ataaaagtga aaattcacat acagagaagt gtaggctctt caatggaata cacatgtttt    128580
     ttaagtgccc aaggaatatt tacaaaattg ctaaatattt taattaaaca attcatattt    128640
     aaatattaac tagactcaag aaaatgactt actcaaaagc ctaagcatga gacacaagtt    128700
     tataaatatt gaaaatgggc tgaaaacatg attgggaaat tagggctatt tcaacttgga    128760
     tgacctgcct gaaattcatt ttccattttg gaaattacag gacaataatt cctcccatcc    128820
     atgaggagca tgtatgtgtg tgggcacata agtttgtgtt aatgagcttg ttaagaataa    128880
     agttatacaa aagtattagt tagcagcaac cagattttaa ggaatgttgg ccttcctggg    128940
     cttcccaaga aaaccttgga gtcttttaat aagaaaactt tggattctgt ctacataaat    129000
     ctgacattga aaaaataaat tcacagtggt catgattctg gttatgacca agttccatat    129060
     gacagtttag acatccaatg taggaattat gagttgggtt ttaaaatttc cataacaact    129120
     gacattgctg aacacaaatt atggagaggt taaacaagga aaaatattgc aaaacaatga    129180
     aggaaaatat gtctgtattt gcatgctagc aaatgagaat tcacctttca cttcaacaac    129240
     agcatgaaaa atttcatctt atagccagga catagtgttt gaatagaaat ttaattgagc    129300
     tgttttggga attattgtgt tctccataaa gacagcctca aactcatcca ttagcacacc    129360
     ctggtgcttt cctgtttgac actggtcaga gaatgtaaaa ggaaaaagaa cattactgca    129420
     cattcagaaa tcaggtgcac atagaattta aggtcaggac cttacagaga atcttgtcca    129480
     gtgataatac gcctgcctta aaaaaattca gacatggtag gtttattacc aatctttttt    129540
     tgtgctagta atggtagaat ttattttttc ctgtggacac ctacgttaaa cttatagact    129600
     acttttacat tttaacattt ttttcctttg agttctttta ggagttgtta aacaatcctg    129660
     aaatttccct tacaatatgc tacaaactaa tcataatttc tcaaattcat ttgacataat    129720
     gattgattaa agaaatatgt gtagtataat tacacctgct cataacaaga gtatttgaaa    129780
     cttcaagaaa aaatagagaa attaataaag aaatatgaat aaatatatgg aatatataat    129840
     tcattcttaa taaatgtgca tgaaatcagt catgtaatta aaaagcaaca taattttttg    129900
     aactaaaaat acattctgaa ttataataga aaaatgtttc taaaatgtta actttaataa    129960
     tagtgtatgt aaatatcagt gtaaaattta atctgatgtt actaattttg gaaaggatat    130020
     gacacaatag aaattttcat acactactct taggattata aagtacaatt actttggctg    130080
     aatatggcat tacctgatta aggcgaagta ttttttattg taccacactt tagaatgtgg    130140
     taaaatgaaa caatatcaag taaatcattg ggaatatgtt ggttttaagt tattcttgat    130200
     gaaatattac ctgagggtgt ttgtctagac ctgatactga gaataatata agaattataa    130260
     ggccatgaag aaaaattaaa atagtgttct cccattgccc tgaattccag cacttaggaa    130320
     acatgattga agtcacattt acagaataaa atagtccctt ttagctgaca tcaacatcat    130380
     catcaatcat ctacacctat ctcattaaat gatttatttt tcattgtaca tgattttgat    130440
     aatgtctaag acatttttaa aagattatca ttttgggaaa tttgcattag taaaagcaaa    130500
     gctcaagtca agctgaatac atttagattt agaaattaag tgaagtttag tttaaaatgc    130560
     attgcttaag caagtaattg tagatgacct taaactaatc cattgaaggc tataagaaag    130620
     agtttgattt tagtgtaaat aaaattcctt aattagaaag gcaattaaac tgtttcatga    130680
     tcaagctctt attcctaaag agaggatttt agattaaata aatcaaacag aagtaagccc    130740
     tcacatcttc tctatctcgc ttgggtaatg atggagttca aagtcacaga gccccatttc    130800
     tacaacataa acaaagtaaa aattagttca taaaatagaa tgatgtagtt gtggtttagg    130860
     gactattttt tatttattgg aattgcattt tgagatccaa agctgcttat tgaatttcca    130920
     tatgaggaga gtttgtgtga ggacccagca acagacaagc tgttttccag aaaaagctac    130980
     tcacatcaaa ttaatatccg gtttctttaa aattgcagga acatggctag accaagcttt    131040
     tattctatta tctgaccaga gttgggaata gaagaaaatt gttactattt tcatggctag    131100
     agtactaaca actccagaaa aatacaaggc tggagggtaa gagacactga cgctatggtc    131160
     agaatatcta acatacttct ggagttctgg aggattagag atgagaaatg gggcaaaagc    131220
     aatgtttggg aaatttttcc aaaaatgatg aaatgtatat atttccatct ctatatattt    131280
     aggagccatc aaattttgga caagataact aaaaaattta aaataaaatg acacaggaca    131340
     tcaaagacca atagaaaatc tgaaaagtag ctagaggtga aaggtagatt atgttaaaaa    131400
     gagccacatt ctaaataaca aactgatttt caacagaaaa tatgaaagcg ggaattcaat    131460
     ggaatcatat cttcagtgtg tttccaagga acagtagact tttatagaca gaaattaaaa    131520
     atgatatttt ttcagataaa atataaacta ccaaaaatac aaaattgagc atgcaagaag    131580
     gaataaaaat taatgaaaat gataaatatg tacataatta taagtgaatg tttaccatct    131640
     aaaataatag tatcttcttg ttggactaaa ggtgtaattg ataagatata tgcaaatagt    131700
     aataaagaga ctggagttac agaaataaat ttagttaaag tattttttgg acttttctat    131760
     gtctgtgggc agaatttgta catcttaatc aaggacccta taattctata cctaggcata    131820
     tatgcaaagg aattgtagca aatgtatatg aaagaatgct catagtagca ttattcataa    131880
     tagttcataa aagaagctgt ccaagtatat atcaactaag gatagataat tatagtaaat    131940
     tcataaaatt aaacaatata gagaaatgaa aagaaataaa tcacatgtac atgcatctgt    132000
     ctgattaaat ttcagattca taatgttaag tccaggaagc catgaataag aacatatagg    132060
     attgcaccta tacacagttc aaagcaggcc aaaccaagct attgagttta gggttgcata    132120
     ccttgttgat aaagtataaa gaaaatcaag gaaatgatca tcacaaataa tggatattgc    132180
     ttacctcagg agatatgaag aaaggtatag aggcttggaa agtgtcatgg aggtggaact    132240
     aggctgtttg cagtgttcct tgtcttgccc tacatgatgg ttactcgact gtttatgata    132300
     cattgctcta tttcccagtt ttccagtttt gttttggcac atttctatgt atgcattata    132360
     attttaatat aaaaattttg aattaggaga aatgtctcat agaaattatt aatcttctca    132420
     ttacgtacta aggggaaaag aaactactta tatgcattct tatacaactc tagagagttg    132480
     aagtagaaac tttcttattt tagttacaac ttgtagaaat ttgacatcat gtcacctgcc    132540
     aaccccgtat ttttccgtag ctttatttca gtttttttct ttcagcttta attatgcacc    132600
     tcacatgaca aaactttgat attcctcatc tatttttccc ttggcttcag gattcttgac    132660
     acaacaaggg tagacatatt tcccactctc ttggcttagc aaagtatttc tatcatttag    132720
     catcatttta aaaagaaact tctccaaaac tacattagat atttatatct cacatgtctt    132780
     tagattccat tttcctaagc tgggtttggg tggatcactc tggtaatttg agatgggcca    132840
     tgttctgcat cttgaagtta gagtttggcc aatttaggct acatctggag ggggtgatct    132900
     cattctcatt ctgcttctgg gaatggtgta ctagtgtggg gatgtgcttg tggtaaatgg    132960
     agaagagcaa gaaactccaa tgtggaagcc atctcaaaga cgtatacaaa atttactaat    133020
     ttccagttca tcaaagcaaa ttacatgagt gagctcagat tccaaggtca aggtagtcac    133080
     cctgcctatg gcaggaggac actgcaagat aatatatcaa aggatgaggg agtcaagagt    133140
     atttacaaaa cagctgaata gtttaattaa ataattaata tttaaacatt aaatagactt    133200
     gagagtaact ttaccaaagg cctaagcatg agaaatatgt ttgataaata ttattctggt    133260
     ctgaaaaccc tgagtgggaa aacagaacta attccacctg gatgaccttc tggaaactca    133320
     ttttttcatt tttttaaatt aaaagaaaat aattccttcc aaccccaatg ggtttaagtg    133380
     tgtgtttttg tgtttatgag cttgttaaca ataaagtcat ataaaagtat tggttagcag    133440
     caacctgatt ttaaggcgta ttggccttct tgtggttccc aagaaaacct tggatgattt    133500
     tgataaaagg tttgggttct gtatatttaa atctagcatt aaaaaataaa tccatattta    133560
     tacgatccta ggtatgacca agctctttta acagtttaga catttactgt atgacatatg    133620
     tattgggttt taaaatttcc ctatgaaaca actgaaaatg ctgaatacaa attatggaga    133680
     ggttaaacaa ggaaaaacat tgcaaaacaa tgaaaaagaa tatgtctttt tttgcatact    133740
     agcaaacggg aattcacctt tcacttcaac atcagtttta aaaatttcag cgtatagcaa    133800
     gaacagacag tggaatagga ttcaatttca gctattttgg gaataagaaa attttccata    133860
     aatgcagcat tgaactcatc cattagcata tgctggtgct tttctgttga cattagtcaa    133920
     ataatttaga agcacaaaga atattattac acatttagga atgaagtgta tatccaattt    133980
     aaggtctaga tattaaagga atcacaatct gtgttattag gcctgcattt ttcctttctt    134040
     tttgtctctt cagacatgtt aaaatttcta cttatcattt tgtcaactct gtgtgtttgc    134100
     attcgttctt ggaaatttgt ctccacaaaa atgttaaaat tagcaggctt ggtggtgcat    134160
     gcctgtagtt ccagttactt ggcaagctga ggcaggaagg caagagtatc acttgtgtcc    134220
     aggagttcaa gactacggcg aggtatgatt gtgccactgc actccagctt gggtgagaga    134280
     gcaagagcct gtctcagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa aggagaaaag aaatggaagt    134340
     tttcactggc accttctaaa tatctagtaa cacaggatca aatcagtaac taaccatctt    134400
     tgttttttcc tgtcccagac aggtaaaatg gaaagcagtt atacaaatgc tatactaact    134460
     cctcacaaag actacccaaa gataatatta tcatctgtgt tttttggtga tcatactgag    134520
     gcagagagca gttgtgaaat ggagtctcag aatcgtcggt atatgaagca gaaaaactgg    134580
     tttcctctct tggcagtctg actccaagat ctcttagaaa caattatact gtaaaaacct    134640
     gaaaaagaag taaaaaacaa gattggagac taatactaac atctattctt cttaatagca    134700
     taatcaaaaa taaattaaac agaaaaataa aagtgaatat tcataccaag ggaagtctag    134760
     agtcttcagt ggaaaataca tattttttaa taagtgccca aggaatattt taaaaattgc    134820
     tgaatatttt aattaaacaa ttcatattta aatattagct agattcgaga gaataactta    134880
     ttcaaaagct taagcacgag agataagttt ataaatattg aaaattgact gaaaagggtg    134940
     agagggaaaa tagggctatt tcaacctgga cgacttgcct gaaattggtt ttccattttg    135000
     gaaattacag cacaataatt cctcccatcc atgaggggcg tgtatgcatg tgtgtgtttg    135060
     tgttaatgag cttgttaaca atagacttat acaaacatat tagcagcaag cagattttaa    135120
     agagtattgg cctttttgca ctttccaaga aaaccttgga ttcttttgat aagaaaactt    135180
     tggattctgt ttacataaat ctgacattta aaaaatcaat ccacagtggt catgattcta    135240
     gttacaacaa agttcctttt aacaatttag atatccaatg taggaactat gtgttgcttt    135300
     ttaaaatttc cctaacaact gacattgctg aacacaaatt atggagaggt taaacaagga    135360
     aaagtactac aaaacaagga aacagaatat gtctttattt gcatgctagc aaatgagaac    135420
     tcatttttca cttcaacatc agtatgaaaa atttcatctt atagccagga catagtgttt    135480
     gaatagaagt taatttgaac tgttttagaa attatcatgt tttccataaa gacagcattg    135540
     aattcattca ttagcatgcc ctggtgcttt cctgtttgac actggtcaga gaatttaaaa    135600
     agaacaagag cgttaatgca cattcagaaa tcaggtgcac atagaattta atgtcaggac    135660
     cttaaaggga atcttatcca atgatattag gcctgcctta aaaagaattc agacatgata    135720
     tgttgatacc aatcatgttt tccatactgg taatggtaga atttgtgttt taccatggac    135780
     agctattatt aaacttatag actattttta tattttaata ttttttcttt gtttcctttt    135840
     aggagttgtt aaacaatcct gaaatttccc ctacaatatg ccatgaacta atcatatttt    135900
     ctcaaagtca tttgacgtaa tgattgatta aaggaaatat ctccagtata attacacttg    135960
     ttcataacaa aaaagtattt gaaacttcaa gaaaaaatta gaaaaattaa taatgaaata    136020
     tgaacaaata aatgtatgaa atatataatt aatccctaat aaatgtgcat gaaattatag    136080
     tcatagaatt aagagtgatg taatttttca actaaagatg cattctgaat tataatagaa    136140
     aaaggtttgt aaaatgttaa gtttaataat attttattta tttttgagac agtctcactt    136200
     cgtggtctag gttggagtgc agtggtgtga tctcagctca ccgcaacctc cgcctccggg    136260
     ttcactcaat tctcctgcct cagcctcctg aatagctggg attacaggtg tgcatcacca    136320
     caccaggcta atttttgtat ttttagtatt ttttgtattt tagtattttt tcaccatctt    136380
     ggccaggctg gccttgaact ccatacctga ggttattcac ccaccttggc ttcccaaagt    136440
     gctgggatta caggcgtgag ccaccgtgcc tggccaagtt taattatatt ttatataaat    136500
     atgaaagtgc aaaaattact ctactaattt tggagagcat atgaagcagt gggaattttc    136560
     atacactgct cctaggatta taaatcagtg caattacttt gtctgagtgt gacattattt    136620
     gaataagatg aaggatcaca tcctaagacc caggatttgc actcatatca gaatacatat    136680
     acaagtatat atcgctgagt tttaatagct aaagttgaga agtctcccaa atgaccatca    136740
     gtaataaaat ggataaataa attatgacat acttacagaa tgctatacag caatcaaaat    136800
     gaacaaacta gagggacatg tttacaaaga atatatatga aaaggaaagt gaataaattt    136860
     gatttacatg gatagcatag taatatatac agatataata gtaattatta acatcaaaaa    136920
     cattcaatat aatcacattt atatgaaatt tgcaagaata tttttgtatt tttgcaaata    136980
     aattcttata attgcttata aaagaaatta taaattctta taactcctta ccaaagaaat    137040
     tataacattt tataaaagaa attataactt ctcataaaag aaattttatt ttaagttttt    137100
     ataattctta taatttgaaa taaattctta taatttatta cattggtggc aaaactgtaa    137160
     agcgaaacat ataagtgatt atcataactg ggatacttgg gagggaggaa acaaaaggga    137220
     aatcatatca acaagaaagc atatatgggg aatgtcttca ttgctggcaa attctacttt    137280
     ttgacgaaag tgtggaatat gagtgttaat gttacattct tttttccttt tactgtgcat    137340
     ttaggtttta ttgctttccc tacatatgtt aggttcccga ataatgaaaa tattttaaaa    137400
     gcagaaatat taagtaaatt aatgaatata aaactaggct gaaacaatat attcttacat    137460
     gtaccatcgt aattagagtt ttgctgaata aagaatacag cattatagta gtaagaaata    137520
     gggataaaat tttatacttt taaaaattaa tttaaaaaag aaagatataa gcaggaagtg    137580
     tacatccaca ttcttaatgc taatcttaat ttgaaacaat agattttgaa caactatatt    137640
     gcaatagact tttttcttgt ttccaattta attattcatg atacacgttt caaattggca    137700
     gcaattaggg aatttttcat aaggtacaaa tattaaagta tgtaggacta tagatattaa    137760
     gtgtatagga caatttttgc tacatttatc cctaaatgaa ataattatac tcatgttgtt    137820
     cccattcaaa gatcacaata ctatgcatgt gcacagcata tgtgttgggg aaaatatttt    137880
     gttactataa atttttcaac tgtattagag aagaaaacat agaaagataa ctgttaagct    137940
     ataaaacata tttagtgtaa tctttgagtg tgcttgtgta tatgtagtat tactttgact    138000
     gctatagtaa aataacccag atttagtgac agtagctgag attgtaaata agcagttgag    138060
     agaattttgc ctgctaatga tactattaaa agataaaata cagtttgtat gctatataat    138120
     tgtatagagg atttgtatat atgaagttca tatgaaagta cagtgaaaat taaacagccc    138180
     aaaggagaat actctttgtt gtagggcact tttgtcatga ttttcagaat gtggtaaaag    138240
     aaaaaaaaat agccagtaaa tcattggaaa tacattggtt ttaacttatt cttaatgaaa    138300
     tactgtctga ggatctttgt ctgtgcctga tgctgagaat aatataagaa acaagttcat    138360
     gagcccatca ccctgaaacg cagcacttag aaaacatgat tgaagtcaca tttatagaag    138420
     agcatggccc cttttaactg acattatcat catcaccaat catcatctat atctatctca    138480
     ttaaatgatt tatttttgaa atgtttacat aaataatttg gataatgtct aataaatgtt    138540
     taaaagatta ttattatggg aaagttagat tagaaaatgg aaaatttcaa gttgaaccaa    138600
     atacattttt aagtatagtt tagtttaaaa tacattgctt aagcaaatca ttatagataa    138660
     ccttaaactg atcttaggaa cactatagga aagatttagt tgcggtgtta ataaaattcc    138720
     ttaattagaa agataaataa gccacttcat gatcaagctc ttacttctaa agtgaaggtt    138780
     ttattttatt tattttttaa cctttccaca ttttattgac aaagaattaa tagtataaat    138840
     tacgtttata ttgcaaagtt tatttatgga aatttgatac gtgtacttct actccttttt    138900
     acaccttaca tgaatattta aataattgat ttataacact ccctgatgcc aggtaaagta    138960
     aagcctaatc gcagttcaga aactcacatg tacaacaaat ttaactttct ggatattttt    139020
     aaaactcagc ttaatttccc taggtgctcc attaacctga tggcagaaat taaatcttaa    139080
     gcaactctgg gttctcccac aagcacactt tgcttcagag ttgtgctgaa gttttgagga    139140
     ggatgggagg aggcaaggag gtgtccagtc ctttgtgcat ctatcccctg gcattctccc    139200
     atcctgcccc aagtcatcag cccacacagg ttgctggcac atctaaagtg agaattttag    139260
     gactaaataa atcaaataga agtaagccct cacatcttct atatctcacc tgatagtgaa    139320
     gaagtttgaa ggtacagagc tccacttctg ctaataaaaa aagagtaaaa tttaatttgt    139380
     aaaatagaat ggtgtagcta gggttgaggt gctataattt atttattgga atggcatctt    139440
     gagatccagc acagctcatt gaatttccct gtggggagag tttgtggtga agactcatca    139500
     acagacaagc tgctatcccc ccctaaaaaa aaaagctact aacatcacat caatttccag    139560
     gttcttccaa cttgcggaag gatgtgtaga ccaagctttt attctatttt gtgaccaaag    139620
     tcttgggaaa agaagaaaat tgttagcatt ttcatgtcaa gcatacgaaa aacaaaaaaa    139680
     caaagccaac caactgaaca aagaacccaa ctttttttaa aaaacttggt ggtaagagtg    139740
     ctttgttctg cttctccata gataatgatt tatagaagga gaacaaaata taatttctgc    139800
     tactaaaaca ataatagcaa aaaataaata atcaatattg agaatccaat agacagagtt    139860
     aacaaccagt tagacataga agagagaatt agtgaattgg aagacaacta taaagaaaga    139920
     agcctaaaga gaccacaaga caaagaatgc caagctaaga ggataagagg cattgatgct    139980
     acaatcagag catctaacat acttctggat ttctggaaga ttaaaaggga taaaataggg    140040
     cagaatcaat gttgtggaga ttttcccaaa agtgataaaa tgtattaatc catatatttt    140100
     tagtaaccat caaaggtcag acaagataac taaaaacaaa ttaacataaa atgtcacaag    140160
     acatcaaaga ccagtagaaa atctgaaaag tagccagagg aaaagataga ttattttaaa    140220
     aggaacaact ttctaaatga caacctgatt ttcaacagaa aaatggaaag tagaattcaa    140280
     tggaatcatg tctttagtgt gtttcaaaag aatagaggac cttcataaac agaaatccaa    140340
     atgatatttt tcagataaaa aatattgaaa atacaaggtt aagcatgcaa gaaggaataa    140400
     aaattaacag aaatgataaa tatgtgcata attctaaatg aatgttgact gaataaaata    140460
     atagcgtctt gctgagttaa atatattatt gataagatat atgcaaatag cgataaagag    140520
     actggaggta aaggtgacag gaacaaattt agataaatta ttttttgcac ttttctatgt    140580
     ctgtgaggat aatttgaaca ccacatttaa tgaccccata ataggaattg catcaaatga    140640
     tatgtgaaat aatgctgata gtagtattat tcataatagc tcaaaaatag actgcccaaa    140700
     tatatattaa ctaaggatga ttgaatgata tgaaagatta cagtaaatcc atacagtgga    140760
     acagtatata gaggtgaaaa gaaatgaatc acatgtacat gcaactatgt aactaaattt    140820
     cagaaacatg atatctagtg caagaagcca tgaacaagaa gaacacacag gactgcacct    140880
     atacacagtt caaagcagga cagaccaagc tgtggagttt agggttgtga acctagctgg    140940
     taaagtataa agaaattcaa gcaaatgatc atcatagatt atgaatattg cttatctcag    141000
     gagatgtgaa taaaggttta ggggcttgga aagtggcctg gaagtggacc tagtctgttt    141060
     gcagtgttcc atgtcttatc ctgcatgatg gttacataag tgtttatgat acattgctct    141120
     tacctatttt tgttttggcc catttctaag tgtgcattat aattttattt aaaaaattac    141180
     aaattgggag aaatgtcacg taaaaattat taattgctct gctcattata tacctagggg    141240
     gaaaatccac catttacgta cattcttata caactcaaga gagctaaagt gaattcttat    141300
     tttagttgca aaatggagaa atttgagatg ctgttaccta cagcctccag atctttccaa    141360
     aagttttctt ctagttttag atattcacct catattacaa aaactttgat atttccaacc    141420
     tatttttcct ttggctcctg aatttctgac acaacaaggg cgcacatatt tctcaaactc    141480
     ttggattagc agagtaccta tatcacttag ctttttctgc aaaagaaact tctccaaaac    141540
     cacattagat atttatatct cacatgtttt tggattctgt tttcttaagc tggggtttgg    141600
     tggatggctc tggtgatttg agatggtcca agttttgcct cttggatcta gttagagttt    141660
     ggccgattta aggctggatc aggcaggagc catatgattc catgagttac tcattcttat    141720
     tctgggaaca gtgtgttagt gtggacatgt tctcattata aaccggaaag gaacaagaaa    141780
     gcctaatgtg gaggtcatct caaatttcga tgtaaagtgt agtaattttc tgttcatcaa    141840
     agcaaattac atgatcgaac tcagagccct agtgcaaggt tgtcactatg cctgtggtgg    141900
     gaggacactg caaaattatg tgacaaaggt ctggtactca ggaatgttta caagcttgca    141960
     ggtagcatta ccaaaagcct aagcatgaga gatatgtttc atgaatatta ttcattggct    142020
     gaaaatctgg catgggaaaa ataggactaa ttccaccagg acgagctcct ggaaactcat    142080
     tttccatgtc ataagttaca agaaagcaat tccttccatc cttgaagagt gaaagtgtgt    142140
     gtgtgtctgt gtgtgtgttt atgagcttgt taatagtgat gccatataga agtattggtt    142200
     aacagcaacc aaattataag gagtattggc tttcctgtgg tttccaagaa aatcttaggt    142260
     gattttgata aaaagtttag attctgtgta tttaaatctg gctttaaaaa taaatccata    142320
     gtgattttga tcctagattt caccaggctc ttttaacaat atattttttg tgtcatctat    142380
     gtactgggta ttaaaatttc cccaacaact gaagggctga acacaaatta tggaaaggtg    142440
     aaacaaggaa aaaattgcaa agcaatgaaa gaggatatgt ctttatttga atgctagcaa    142500
     atgagaattc agctttccct tcaacatcag tatgaaaaat ttcagcctat agcaagaata    142560
     gagactttat gaataagaat taatttgagt tgttttggga ctaacagtat ttcccataaa    142620
     ggcagcattg aactcattca ttagtttaag ctggtgcttt tctgttgaca ttgttcacag    142680
     aatttaaaag tataaagaat gttattggac attcaggaat caagtgcata tttaacttaa    142740
     agtcttgaat atcagaggag tcaccatcag tgacattagg cctgaatttt ttacttgctt    142800
     ttttgtttag acatgatgag ttttctacac attgtttttt ccattctagt agtggttgca    142860
     tttattcttg gaaattttgc caatggcttt atagcactga taaatttcat tgcctgggtc    142920
     aagagacaaa agatctcctc agctgatcaa attattgctg ctctggcagt ctccagagtt    142980
     ggtttgctct gggtaatatt attacattgg tattcaactg tgttgaatcc aacttcatct    143040
     aatttaaaag taataatttt tatttctaat gcctgggcag taaccaatca tttcagcatc    143100
     tggcttgcta ctagcctcag catattttat ttgctcaaga tcgtcaattt ctccagactt    143160
     atttttcatc acttaaaaag gaaggctaag agtgtagttc tggtgatagt gttggggtct    143220
     ttgttctttt tggtttgtca ccttgtgatg aaacacacgt atataaatgt gtggacagaa    143280
     gaatgtgaag gaaacgtaac ttggaagatc aaactgagga atgcaatgca cctttccaac    143340
     ttgactgtag ccatgctagc aaacttgata ccattcactc tgaccctgat atcttttctg    143400
     ctgttaatct actctctgtg taaacatctg aagaagatgc agctccatgg caaaggatct    143460
     caagatccca gcaccaagat ccacataaaa gctctgcaaa ctgtgacctc cttcctcata    143520
     ttacttgcca tttactttct gtgtctaatc atatcgtttt ggaattttaa gatgcgacca    143580
     aaagaaattg tcttaatgct ttgccaagct tttggaatca tatatccatc attccactca    143640
     ttcattctga tttgggggaa caagacgcta aagcagacct ttctttcagt tttgtggcag    143700
     gtgacttgct gggcaaaagg acagaaccag tcaactccat agattcacaa gaggtgcatt    143760
     gtgtgttttc tagcagaaaa caaattgatg gtgtctggaa cattttatat ttcccacaag    143820
     tttttccgta gtctatgtat ttgagtaatt tccaaaagtt gacatagaaa agtcttttac    143880
     ctaagtttat tatataaaag tatatatata taatatacat ttgcgtgtgt gtgtatgtct    143940
     gaatgtatat gaaaatttaa tatttaccat aacatacctt taatcaactt ttcatataaa    144000
     ctgttcagtt ataccaaagt aggataagaa atttctcaga attatgaacc catgtgtatt    144060
     tcacacattt ttttatatga tatttcattt gaggaattta tgatctctat ttataattaa    144120
     gaactgacag cttatatcag aaaatcattg ctgtttttcg ttgtaaaatc attgctgttt    144180
     ttcgttgtaa tttgtatcac gtatatgtac catagtgtgt ttaactgttt aactatcatt    144240
     gtttgaacct ctaatttttt ggatggtaag gacatttaat tctaaatcga tgagaatgtg    144300
     tctttggggt aggttttttt gttttttttt taatcatgaa ttcttttttt cttttttttg    144360
     agatggagtc ttgccctgtt gtccaggctg gaatgcagta gcacaatctt ggctcaccac    144420
     aacgttcacc tctggggttc aagtgatttc catgcgtcag cctcctgagt ggctgggact    144480
     ccaggcatgc gctaccacac gtggctaatt ttttgtattt ttcttttttt ttttagtaga    144540
     gatggggttt caccatgctg gccaggctgg tctcgaactc ttgacctcaa gtgatccact    144600
     gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattata gacattcatg atgaattctt attttatgtt    144660
     taatataaag caaatacaat tattgttaga taacaatgca caaaataaaa ttcaagggtg    144720
     aaaaatatat ctagtgtaca tttttatgtg tatcaaaagc aatactgagg aatattatat    144780
     ttaatatagt atgttaatag cttagaaaaa atcatttcta taaaaaggat gaagaaacat    144840
     gatcatgagc tcttttcagt gctgttataa gtttccatac gcaattagaa aagtcatctc    144900
     ttccagtttt tgaattaaac aaaaaccttt ttgaagttga gatctgatgt tatatatttc    144960
     agttttttgt ctaagccacc tctgagctcc tgaattgtca atttcctcct ttatcttcca    145020
     tccttaaaat tcctcaaaaa gctcaaattt tccttacttt aaaaagaagc tcaatctaaa    145080
     gagggtatag aaactatggc atctatgaaa tctatatatt aatgatagga aatgtcttaa    145140
     agatatgttt tattataatc ttggtgtaaa taatgaaatg agagaaagtg tgttgacata    145200
     ttcactaata gcaagttcta ttacaagaag aaaatgtata acctagttca acagctaaat    145260
     tctgtgtgac tgtattaatt tctggtgtta tgcaatttta acaatattat ctaaacctta    145320
     agataaatca tctccacatc tgatttgttt gtttatcata tatcttacct ggtacaatgt    145380
     aaataccata aaagtagaga tcatatagat cttgcttact gtagactccc aagacataaa    145440
     gatagcacat agaataggta ttgaaaaatg atactttgat gaacaagtta attggtgaat    145500
     gaatgaatat gaactatatt ggggtggtga accaatgaaa atgtaacaca tcacaaaatc    145560
     tacagttggg tgcacatttc tgttctggtt tcagattgaa gttacaggat tatccaagaa    145620
     gaagaagaat ttctcagagc aaaagtttgg ctattccaca attctagggg aaatatcact    145680
     ataatatagc agtgatgcag ctatatcaga tgtgtgacac aaagacaaag tggaaaataa    145740
     aaagatggca tttattacaa tactttttac taagcatata aaagattttt gtataagtgc    145800
     acatatcttt tctattgcga atgatatatt tatattgtgg tatttctagc tggttattat    145860
     ataaacaaaa atgacatttc atttaaaaaa tttagttacc aactatctta ctaaaatata    145920
     atctttattt agtattttta atatcctttc taaatgacca ctttaatcac catattataa    145980
     actgatggaa aaatgaatga ataataatta taacactgaa tgaatatctt atcaggggtc    146040
     tagaagtaga gcaaatgtct gatattaaag tgatgacatt tatttggaag gaggtccact    146100
     gcagaaatgg ctgggacatg tggaaattga gtcaagagaa gatgtgacac tatgtgctgt    146160
     aatgtgtgat atgactctgc tgacgaccac ttcacaatga tgtgagagag acagcatggt    146220
     ggttatcaga tgcatgcact tggctcccag gactttttca gaagggctgc gagaggacaa    146280
     cacagccagc attagcccat ggaagcaaca gaggacggag aatatatctg ctcagctgtc    146340
     ttctgtcttc tatttcccac tggccagggt ttccctgagg cagaactacc atctctgctg    146400
     ttctgctttc catcatccaa tcccttgatg gaggttatga aagtcagacc tcatgcccac    146460
     aatgtggtga tccattcaag tcccaaatgg aagggtgatg tgggtcaggc aaggtgctga    146520
     ccaggggaat aggagacagt caagtaaatc tgaggaagca catgtttgtg tcccatgcag    146580
     tccactcctt gtgccattca gatgtgctca tgccctccaa tcatggctga ctatgagcat    146640
     ataatttcca ctgttgcaca gggtcttgtg cttagagacg cacacgctta gaagggcttt    146700
     atacatgggt taattttctg cacctgctgt tttgtttttg agacagaggg cactcctctg    146760
     ctaaagaggg aatggtcttg cactaattgg ctaggggttt gctctcccct ctcctgtggg    146820
     cttgtgagaa gcatgcacag agtcttataa tgcccactat gcatgcatgc ctctagcggg    146880
     tttgaattct gctggattat ctgtcacaat gagcacagca gcttggacta gagcctacat    146940
     ttgctagagg cattttttgt tctagttcca cttgagacca gtagcctttg gcaacttcat    147000
     tagtgaatca gagcagtatc ctcaaatgtg gaatacgttg gctcccaaat cccagtaggc    147060
     ccaacaaata ttgtgtctca tttttagtga caggaaatag atgtatagag agcaacatgc    147120
     tgtttacttt aaaagggtgt ttcagcatgt ggactaggag cactggaccc ctaaaatcat    147180
     catctatgtt ataggtcact gaatcttctt gttcatcttt cttcttctgg tatttagttc    147240
     tgttcaatgt tatggtattt tactatattt gagaaactca tcacttcctg cttatgggta    147300
     acagttaatg caatattatt aatatattga gttagcatga tgttttgcaa aatgccaatt    147360
     aaactgaaaa cagaagtgac gtagccatga cataaaacag tgaagcagtg cttttgttct    147420
     tacctcacca aaacaaatca ttttgatttt ctctcccaat cgatgtagat taaaaagcat    147480
     tcaccaaatc aaacgcctca tacaaagaac cagaaaccat gttttctcag tgaaggtacc    147540
     acatcctaga gagcatctgc aagtgtgatt taagtttatg ctaatgtgca ttcatctgat    147600
     aatccatctg gctttggcag aagccagata ggttaacaga atagggatca aaaatggaca    147660
     accacctcct ggaacttttg agttttttgt catgtcggtg accaattcta ttccttggac    147720
     aatgcggtta gtatgtttta ctcattttct tgccagaaga ggagaattac cgaggactct    147780
     ttttggtcct acttacagta atgtccctta atatacaggt ctggaagcaa tgtgagagtt    147840
     ctgctagctg ttgaaactgt taatttcatt taacattctg gaagagataa taaatataaa    147900
     cccattacat ccaccttagg ttgaacatga gccaaagctt tatgcagcat ctgactttca    147960
     aaaactcata ctccaggact ggtgaggtgg ctcacacctg taatccaaac aatttgggag    148020
     gctgaggtgg gaggagcact tgaggccagg agttccagat cagcctgggc aagacagcaa    148080
     gaccctgttt gttaaagaaa ataaactgat tgtagtactg cgtgcctgta gttccaacta    148140
     cccaggaagt tctggcaggg ggatcagttt agcccaggaa tttgagtctg cagtaagcta    148200
     tgattgtgcc atttcactcc agcctgggct gcactctagc ctgggcaacc aaacaagact    148260
     ctgtctctaa aaacaaaaaa aaacgaacaa ccgaaaacaa agcctcccac tccattctgt    148320
     gaaacacagt gtcttttttt agttctcaaa tattattagt gttagttcag gccccatgtt    148380
     taaaattctg agagtatgga tatatgtcct ttcctctggg tactgttatg gctacaggtg    148440
     aaatggctac aggtgcttga gaaagggtca agtgaatatt tcctgaatat ttttgtggtg    148500
     aatcttcagt gttgtttacc gagggcatgt aagctttcct tcaatcattg aactctgctt    148560
     ctctgaactg gctcagtcca gagaactggc taagggtttt tgattttcaa tgtcaaaggc    148620
     tgacctcagg agtcagcttt tgcaactctt gtcccctctt ggtttataat tatttagcaa    148680
     agtatgaggc ctcttcaact atcggtccat caacccattt aaatgaggct gttactgtca    148740
     ccactccatt aaatctgaca tttgcaagat caccgataag tctgtgttgc caatggttag    148800
     ttttcatgtt gcatgctcta tgagcagcac tgaacctggt ttatttgcat ttcaggatgc    148860
     tgccctctcc tgattttatc cttgttcact ggcacaattt cttagtctcc tttgctagtt    148920
     cttcctcttg tctgtaaact gaaaatatca gattgcccaa ggtctaaatt cttcaatctc    148980
     taatcaatta tgtctggttt ttttggtgat ctcatgcagt ctccttacag ataatgtagc    149040
     cacatggttc aatagagagg aataaggctg attattcata tatgttattt atttatatac    149100
     atatagttac atatatcaaa ttatgtaacc ctttttttca aatgtcaaag ttacatttaa    149160
     aagtcacaat actaaaaatc tatggagaag gtcggagcat caataatgtt tttacttgaa    149220
     tttctgctaa atcagagtga tggtgaccag atagctaatt aagttttatt taaaatagcc    149280
     atgtagattg ataggcaggg gattatcatt atagaaaaaa atgatataag taaggaaata    149340
     tacagataga ataatgattg attaacccat tttgacttat tgtacttggt acagttaatg    149400
     tcttagtatc tcagtaatct gtttttatat ttttctctat gatcaattaa ttatgagtta    149460
     atttttatat atggtatgaa ataatggtct acactcatgt ttttatcatt ctgtttttac    149520
     tcccacttct taggtaagtt catctagtca taaccttagt tactttctgt gtgctgttga    149580
     tgccaatatt taattcttca gctcagaagt caatcctggt ctctagaatc ctttctctaa    149640
     gaagtcattt gacatcttca tttggatgtc gtaacaagaa cttgaactaa catgtccaaa    149700
     tcaaaatagt gatcttccct ctagtctcca gcgttgtttc ttctatagcc tttccctctt    149760
     ctgttaatga ccacttcagt ctttcagatg cttagaccaa aaacacggag ttaacatttt    149820
     ctctctttca gaactcatct ctaaggcatc agcaaatttt gttggttcta ccctcttgtt    149880
     ggttctaccc tcaaaaacat acagaatcca atcccttgtc atcacttttg ccatactcat    149940
     ctaaactgct gccataccta gccaagataa ttgccatcaa ctcctaatta ttctttctag    150000
     ttctgcacat cattttctcc tgatgtactc tcaagatagc agccaaagag agcctatgaa    150060
     gatgcaaatt tgatcatgcc attcttcagc tttagatttt tcagtggctt ctcatctcat    150120
     tagagtaagg ccaaaatcct tacaaagtcc tataatcatt tgaatgatcg gattttgtct    150180
     gcctgtctgt cctaaaatgc ctggctatcc catgctagca acactggact ttgtgtaatt    150240
     tcttgaatgt accaagaatt gcctcaggga cttcgtactt gtgtcccttc ttctcggaat    150300
     gctctttctc agaaatcaac actaaacact atcactcatc aaacatcact gaatcattga    150360
     ggcctccttg atttgatctt tgtatatggt gataaatagg catctagttt catttttctg    150420
     caaatggata tccaattttc ccagcaccat ttagtgaaga gactgtcctt tccccagagt    150480
     atgttcttgg cacctttgtc atgagttctc tataggtgtg gatttgtttc cacattctct    150540
     attctatttc gctgctctat gtgtctgttt ttatgccagt accatgctgt tttggttact    150600
     atagctctgt aatatacttt gaagtcaggt gatgtgattc ctccagtttt gttctttttg    150660
     ctcaggataa ctttggctat tctgagacat ccgtatattt tcagaagcca ttaaaattta    150720
     gatgagataa ctaaaaccaa ttaaaaacaa atgccacagg atatcaaaga ccaatcgaaa    150780
     atctgaaaag taggtagagg aaaaacttta tgtaaaaaga aacaactgtc taaatgacaa    150840
     tcttattttc aacagacaaa attgaagcta gaattcaatg gaatcatgtc ttcagtgtgt    150900
     ttcaaaacca tagcggactt taacaaatag aaattcaaaa gaatattttt tagataaaag    150960
     gaaaattact aaaaatataa agctgaacat gcatgaagga ataataaata atagaagtgg    151020
     taaatatgtg cataagtcta aataaatttt gactgtataa agtggtggtg tctttttggg    151080
     ttaagtattt aataagatat atagaaatag ccatatatag tctgtaagta aaggtatcaa    151140
     aaagtgaatt tagttaattt aaattcggaa ttttctatgt ctgtgaagag aatttgaaag    151200
     ctatatttga tgaccctgta attatctttc tatgtatata tccaaaggaa atgaatcaaa    151260
     tgatatatga aagaatggtc atactagaat tattcataac tcttcaaaaa agaaaccccc    151320
     caaatatgta tcaactaaag atgaatgaat cattacaaca cattcataca atggaataat    151380
     atagagaagt gaaaagaaat gaatcacata aagatgcaag tatgtgagta aatttcagaa    151440
     acgtaaaggt gagtccaaga agccatgaac aggaacatac aggactacac ctacatatgg    151500
     cttaaaggtt taaagtaggt aaaaccgtat catagagttt agggttgcat acctagttgt    151560
     taatgtataa agaaaatcaa ggccaggcgc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt    151620
     gggaggccga ggcgggtgga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc aagaccaacc tggccaacat    151680
     ggcaaaaccc tgtctgtact aaaaatacaa aaagttagct gggtgtggtg gcatgcgcct    151740
     gtagtcccag ctacttggaa ggctgaggga ggagaattgc ttgaacccgg gaggtggagg    151800
     ttgcagtgag ctgagatcgc gccactgcac tcctgcctgg gtgatagagc gagactctgt    151860
     ctcaaaaaaa aagaaaatca aggaaatgat cattctaaat tatggctatt gctctcctca    151920
     gggtatgtga agaaaggtgt aggggcttgg agagtggcat ggaggtggac ctaggctatt    151980
     tgcaatgtga catgttttgc cctgcttgat ggttgcatga gtgtttatga cacattgcta    152040
     tgtttaccat cttagttttc acccatttct aagtgtgcat tataattgta tttaaaaatt    152100
     attaactgga aaaatgctcc ataaagaata ttaattattc tgctcattgt ataccttgca    152160
     aaaaattcac catttataca catttttata caactcttag agagttgaag taggaacttt    152220
     attttagctg caacatatgg aaatttcaga tgatgctacc tgcagcacac aaatcctttc    152280
     aaacattttt ttattacctt taattatcta cctcacatga caaaactttg ccactcccca    152340
     tctatttttc ttttggctcc tgaattcctg acaaaacagg ggcaaatata tttccccaca    152400
     ctcttggtgt agcatagtag ctgtaccagt taggtttttc tactagagaa accctccaaa    152460
     actacgttag atatttttat ctcatatatc tttggattca ggttttctaa gctgggtttg    152520
     gtggatagct ctggtgactt gagatgggcc aagttctgca tcttggagct agttagactt    152580
     tggccaattt aggatggatc aagtgcaggc aaactgactc cattagtttt cattctcatt    152640
     ctgaaaacag tgtactagcc aggtgataat ctcatgatca atggaaaaga gcaagaaacc    152700
     ccaatatgga agccatctca aacctcggtg tgaaatctac caattttctg ttcatcaaag    152760
     aaagttgtgt gagtgagctc cgagtccagg ggacagataa tcaacctgct tatggtggga    152820
     ggatactgca aaattatgtg tcatagggtg tggtactcag gaatatttac aaaattgttg    152880
     aacattttaa ttaaataata aatacttaaa cattaaatag acttgagagt aagtttacca    152940
     aatgcttaag catgaaagat atgtttgatg tttgatacat ttttttgggg ggggtctgaa    153000
     aaccctcagt tttcactggg aaaataggac taatttcacg tggatggcct ccaggagact    153060
     tacttcccat tttggaaagt ataagaaaat aattccttcc atctcttagg ggtgtcacag    153120
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctttctg tgtttgtatc tatttatgaa catggtaaca    153180
     ataaattcac acaaaagtat tgggttagca gcaaccagat tttaaggtgt tttggtcttc    153240
     ttatggttcc caagaaaacc ttggatgatt ttgatttaaa agtttggatt ctgtctgttt    153300
     aaatgtagca taaatagtaa atccgttatg gtggtgatcc tagttatgac taaggtcttt    153360
     taaagaactt agacatttac tgtatgaacg atggactcgg gggtaaaatt tccctatcta    153420
     acagctgaag ttgctgaaca caaattacgt atcggttaaa caaggaaaac attgcaaaat    153480
     attgaaagag aatatgtctt tatttgcatg ctggtaaatg aaaatttagg tttcacttca    153540
     acttcattat gaataattca agcccatcac aagaacggac attgaatgaa tgagttaatt    153600
     tgagctgttt tgaaaataag aatgttttcc gtaaagatga catcaaactc atccattagc    153660
     ataagctggt actttcttgt ttgacactgg tcacagtgtt taaaagtaaa aagaatgtta    153720
     ctgcacattc agaaatcaga tgcacataaa atttaaggtc agagtattaa agaaatcaca    153780
     accagtgata ttaggcttgc attttctttc tttttttctg ctcagatatg ataacttttc    153840
     tatacatttt tttttcaatt ctaataatgg ttttatttgt tctcggaaac tttgccaatg    153900
     gcttcatagc actggtaaat ttcattgact gggtgaagag aaaaaagatc tcctcagctg    153960
     accaaattct cactgctctg gcggtctcca gaattggttt gctctgggca ttattattaa    154020
     attggtattt aactgtgttg aatccagctt tttatagtgt agaattaaga attacttctt    154080
     ataatgcctg ggttgtaacc aaccatttca gcatgtggct tgctgctaac ctcagcatat    154140
     tttatttgct caagattgcc aatttctcca accttctttt tcttcattta aagaggagag    154200
     ttaggagtgt cattctggtg atactgttgg ggactttgat atttttggtt tgtcatcttc    154260
     ttgtggcaaa catggatgag agtatgtggg cagaagaata tgaaggaaac atgactggga    154320
     agatgaaatt gaggaataca gtacatcttt catatttgac tgtaactacc ctatggagct    154380
     tcataccctt tactctgtcc ctgatatctt ttctgatgct aatctgttct ctgtgtaaac    154440
     atctcaagaa gatgcagctc catggagaag gatcgcaaga tctcagcacc aaggtccaca    154500
     taaaagcttt gcaaactctg atctccttcc tcttgttatg tgccattttc tttctattcc    154560
     taatcgtttc ggtttggagt cctaggaggc tgcggaatga cccggttgtc atggttagca    154620
     aggctgttgg aaacatatat cttgcattcg actcattcat cctaatttgg agaaccaaga    154680
     agctaaaaca cacctttctt ttgattttgt gtcagattag gtgctgagta aaagacctga    154740
     aactctcaac tctctagatt cacaagtggg acattgtgtg tgtattctag gagaaaacaa    154800
     actgatagtg tctggaacat tttatacttt ttactgtttt ttctgtagtg tatgtttttg    154860
     agtattttct gaaagcatac ctagaaaagt cttttaccta aagttagtct aaaagtgtat    154920
     ctatgtgtgt gcatctgtat atgaaagact taaaagacat tgacaataac ataatgttaa    154980
     tcatattttc acaagatgcc aaattataga aaatatggta agaagttttt cagaatcatg    155040
     aacccatgta tatttcacat atacatttca tattatcatg tttcacttga aaactgtgtg    155100
     atctttactt ataattgtta agaagtgaca cattatctca aaatctttgc tcttttccac    155160
     tgatttttac cacacatatg taccacagtg tgcttaaaca tctaaatttt ttgatagtaa    155220
     gcacactcaa ttctaaatca ataatgaggt ttcatctttg gggtagtttt tatttcatca    155280
     tgaattctaa ttttatgttt agtttatagc cagcataatt attttcagaa aaagatgcac    155340
     agaataatat tcaaggatga caaatatatt tagaacacat tttgtatatg tctaccataa    155400
     acagtactga ggaataatag acttaataca aatatgtgaa catttgagaa aaaagtcatt    155460
     tctataataa ggatgaagaa agaaacaccg tgatgactta tgttgtcata agtctcaaca    155520
     tgcagttaga aaagtcattt cttccagttt ttgagttaaa gaaaaccttt tttgaagttg    155580
     agatctgatg tcaagtattt caggtttttt tttctaaacc acctcagagt ccctgaattg    155640
     ccaatgatct cctctatctt ccatacttga aattcttttt aaacttcaca taaaagaact    155700
     tgagtcttcc ctaccttaga aaaatactct atgtaaaaat agtatagaaa ttataaaaat    155760
     catttgaatt aaactttttg caaatgttaa aatggcatct atgaaatcta tgtattaatg    155820
     atagaaaaca tctaaaatat atgttgtatt ataatctagt tgcaaataat acaatgagac    155880
     agtgtgttga tatattcagt aatagcaagt tctattatag gaagaaaatg tataacatca    155940
     ttaaacaatt aaattctata aactgtatta attcttggag ttatgaaatt ttaacaatat    156000
     tatctaaacc ttgggacaaa tcatctctac atctgattta gttatttgtt tgtttatcat    156060
     atatctttcc tggtacaatg taagcaccat aaaagcagag atcatataga tcttgcttac    156120
     tgttgactcc cagggcctaa aagacaacac atagaatagg tatttaagaa tattttgatg    156180
     aacaagtaaa ttggtgaata aagcagtaaa ctaactatat gggagtggca aaccaatgaa    156240
     aatgaaactt catcacaaaa tccaaagttg cataaatttt tattttctgg tttcaacttg    156300
     aggttacaga attatctaag aagaagtatt tctcagagca gaagtatggc cattatacaa    156360
     ttgtagggga aataccactc taagatagcc ctgatgaagc catattcgat gtgtgatggg    156420
     aagataatgt ggaacatcaa aatcagcttg tacctattgt gatacatttt aaaaagcaca    156480
     tcaatataaa agattttggt atctttgcat acaatttttc agttgtgaat gatatatttg    156540
     tattgtgata tttccagctg gttagtgtat aaacaaaaat ggcatttcat taaaaaaaac    156600
     tgagttagtt accaactacc ttactaaaac gtgactttta tagaatattt taaaaccctt    156660
     tctaaatgaa catttaaatt gccatattaa aaacccacag aaaaatgcat aaataacaat    156720
     tataacacta aacgagtatc ttagccttgg gtgtctagaa ctagagccaa tgtctgatgt    156780
     taaagtgata acatttattt ggaagataag tccagggcag caatggccag gacatgtgga    156840
     aattgaggca aagcaaatgt gaaaccatgt cttgtgatgt atgatatgac tctgctgatg    156900
     accacttcac aatgagatga gagagacagc atggtggtca tcagatgcgt ggacttgact    156960
     cccagtactt ttccagaagg gctgcaaggg gaaaccacag ccggcattag tccacggaag    157020
     agaaagagaa gagaaaatgt atctgctcag ctgtcttctg tcttctattt cccattggcc    157080
     agggtttccc tgaggcagaa ctaccatctc tgctgttctg cgttccatca tccagtccct    157140
     tggtggtagt tatgaaagcc aaacctcatg cccccagtgt ggtgttccat tgaagtccca    157200
     aatggaagga tgatctggat caagcaaggt gctgaccaag aaaagagaag acagtcaaga    157260
     taatctgagg aaggatatgt ttgtgggcaa tactgtccac tccttgtgca actcagattg    157320
     gctcatgccc tccaatcatg gctggcttta taggcatatg acttcacagt tgcacagggt    157380
     cttgtgctta gaagtgctta tgcttagagg ggctttatgc ttggattaat cttctgcact    157440
     tgctgttttg tttttcagac agaaggtagt cctctgctgg agaaggaata gtcttccact    157500
     aattcgctag gagtttgctc tccccactcc tatgggcttg tgagaggcat gcacagagtc    157560
     ctataatgcc cactatgcat gcctgtagca actttgaatt ctgttacatc atctggcaca    157620
     atggccaagc aacttgggcc agactctata tctgctatag agcccgtttt tgtttcgggt    157680
     ttgacttgag acaagcagcc cttgcaaact cctttagtga gtcagagaaa tatccttaaa    157740
     tgtggtatat gttgaattca aaaccccaat aagcccccat aaaactgtat ttccctttta    157800
     gtgataggaa gtatatatat atagggcaac atgccattta ctgtaaaaag gatgttttga    157860
     caaaaggacc agaagcattg gacccctata aacttcatct atgttatagg tctttgaatc    157920
     tgctgaagtt tatgtctctt cttccagtat tttacttctg ttcaatgtta taatatttta    157980
     ctatacttaa ggaacttgcc acttcctgct tatgggtacc actttatgta atattattaa    158040
     tatattgaat taacatgatg ttttgcaaaa tgtcaattaa actgaaagca gaagtgacag    158100
     ccctgacaga aaacagtgaa gcagtgttct tgtttttacc acaccaaagc aaattgtttt    158160
     gattttcctc cacaatgtgt gtagattaaa aagcattagc taaatcaaaa gccgcataca    158220
     aagtgctgga aaccacattc tgctcagtga agataccaca tcctagagcg aatgtgcaag    158280
     tgtgacttaa gtttatgcta atgtgcattc atcctataat ccatctggtt ttgacagagg    158340
     ccagttaggt taactgaata aagatataaa atggacgacc gccccctgga acttttgagt    158400
     tttttgttgt ggcagcgacc aattctgttt cctggagaat gcagttatta tgttttattc    158460
     attttattgc caggaaagta gaatttcaga agcctcccct tggtcctgct tacaataatg    158520
     tcccttggta tacaggtcag gaagaaatgt aagagtcctg acagctgttg aacctgtcaa    158580
     cttcaattac actttcagga aggggtaact acgatgaact cattagaacc cctttgggtt    158640
     ggacatgggc caaagctcta tgtaccatct gatcttcaaa aactcatact ccagtcctat    158700
     tgaggcagct catacctgta atcctaataa tttaggaggc cgaagtggga ggatcacttt    158760
     aggctgagag tttcagatca gccttggcaa catagtaaga atctgtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    158820
     aaattagttg tttgtggtag tgtgtgcctg tagttacagc tacccagaag actcaggcag    158880
     gaggattgct ttagcccagg aattcgagtt tgcagtgagc tatgatggtg tcattgcact    158940
     ccagcctggg caatcaagca agatcttgtc tctaaaaaga aacaaacaaa aacaacaaac    159000
     aaaagcccaa aaagggcctg gtgcggtggc tcatgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggtgg    159060
     ctgagtggtt ggatcacttg aggtcaggag ttcgagatca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa    159120
     ccccacctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ccaggtgtgg tggtgttgca cctgtaatcc    159180
     aagccacttg ggaggctgag gcatgagaat cacttgaacc cgggaggcag aggttgcagt    159240
     gagctgagat catgccactg aactccagcc tgggcgacag agcgagtctc cacctcaaaa    159300
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatccagaag taaaaatttg ccaccgtatc ccatggacca    159360
     ctgtgtcttt tggggtaccc agatattagt gttagttcag gctccaaact taaaagtctc    159420
     agataatatg gacgtgtgtt ctgttctctg aggactgttt tctggggaat agctacaggt    159480
     ctttgagaaa gcaacatatg atacatcctg agtgttcttg cagtgcattt tcaatgtcca    159540
     tcatcaagag gacttaagat tcccttcaat cattgaattc tgcttctctg aattggctca    159600
     gccctgagaa ctggctgagg gttttccatt ttcaatgtta aaggctgacc tcaggaatca    159660
     gctttttcaa ctctttcccc ctcttggttt ataattattt agcaaagtat gaagcctctt    159720
     caactattgg cctatcaacc catttcaata aggctgttgt caccacttca ttgaatctga    159780
     catttggaag atcaccaggg agtctgtgtt gccaatggtc ggtcttcatg ttgcatgctc    159840
     tgtgagcagt actgaatata gtttatttgc attccaggat gctgccctct cctgattttt    159900
     tccttattta ctgggcacca cttctcagtc tcctttgcta gttctctctt gtctctaaat    159960
     tgaaaatatc acactgccca aggtctcagt tcttcaacct ttaatcaatc gggcttgttt    160020
     tgttggtgat ctcatggagt ctccttactg ataatgtagc caaatggttc aatagagagg    160080
     aataaggctg attattcata tgtatttata tatattattt atttatgtac atctatttac    160140
     atatttctca ttatataaag cttttttctt caaatgtcag ttacatttaa aagtaacatg    160200
     accaaaaatc tagggagaat gtgggaggat caataatgtt ttcacttgag tttctgccta    160260
     ttcagagtga tagtgactca gtatctaatt tagttttatt taaaatagca atgtaaatat    160320
     tgatagattg ataggcaggg gataatcatt atggacataa tgatctaagt aaagaaatac    160380
     atagatagaa ttatgattga ttaacccatt ttttatttct tgcatttggt acagttagtg    160440
     tctcagtatc gcagtaatca tagttcttaa gtttttgctc catgatcaat gaattatgag    160500
     ttaatttttg tgtgtggtat aaaataaggg tctaaattta tgttttttct ttctcttttg    160560
     gctcttactt tttaggtaag ttcatctggt catggcctta ctttctgtgt gctgatgatg    160620
     tgaacattta atccttcagc tcagaaccca accctggtct ccagaatcct ttctctaata    160680
     gcatatttga catcttcatt tggatgtctg acaagaactt agaactaagt tgtctaaacc    160740
     aaattactca tctttccttc catccccaaa tctgtttctc ctacagtctt tccttttgtt    160800
     aatgaagact tcagactttc agatatttag acaaaaaaca tagagtccac gttttctctc    160860
     cttcacatct catctcagca aattttatag actctgtctt caaaaacata cagaatccaa    160920
     tcccttgtcg tcacttctgc catactcatc taaatttctg catttcttgc caagataatt    160980
     gctatcaact cctaataatt ttttctagtt ctgcacattc ccctgatgta ttctcaatgt    161040
     agcagccaga gagagcctgc aaaagtgcaa atttgatcat gctgttcttc tgctccagat    161100
     ttttcagtgg cttctcaact cattcagagt aaggccaaaa tccttacgaa gtcctataat    161160
     catttgaatg atctgttttt gtctgcctgt ctgtcctaaa acacacctgg ctcatcccat    161220
     gctagcaaca ttggcctttg tgtcacttct tgaatatgcc aagcattgcc tcagggactt    161280
     catacttgtg tcctttcttc ttggaatgct ctttctcaga tatcaacact aaacactacc    161340
     actcctcaaa tatcactaaa tcactaaatc aatcctgcct tatttaaaga gaaatctcac    161400
     ttctctctgc agttttaaat tttttttaga ttttatttta ggttcagagg tatatgtgca    161460
     ggtttgttat ataagtaaat tgcatggcat gggaacttgc tgtatagatt atttcatcac    161520
     tggggtgata agcagagtac ctgataggta actttttgat cctcaccccc ctcctgccct    161580
     ccgtcttcaa gtgggccctg gtgtctgtag ctcccttctt tgtgtccata tgtatttaat    161640
     gtttagctcc cacttgtaag tgagaacatg tggtacttgc tttgctgttt ctgttttaca    161700
     ttcccaccag cagtataaaa gcattccctt tcatcacaac cttgacagag tctgtttttg    161760
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgttttgt aataggcatt ctgaggggtg tgagaggtta    161820
     tctcgttgtg gttttgattt gcatttcttt aatgattcat tcatattgag cattttttca    161880
     tatgcttgtt ggctgtgtgt atgtcttcac ttgaaaattg tctatgcctt ttattcattt    161940
     ttaaatggag gtgtttgttt tttgctcgca aaatcaagtt ccttatagat tctgaatagg    162000
     actttgtcag atgcatagtt agcaaaatat tttctcccat tctgcaggtt gtctgtttac    162060
     tctgttgata atttcttttc ttgtgcagaa actctttagt ttaattaagt ttcatttatc    162120
     aatttctgtt tttgttgcaa ttgcttttgg catctttgtc atgaactctt tgccaggtcc    162180
     tatgtccaga aaggtatttc ctaggttatt tttcaggtgt tatttttctt tttacagttt    162240
     taggttttac attttagtat ttaatccagc ttgctttgat ttttgtatat gtattaggaa    162300
     agtatccagt ttgaatcttc tgcatgtgac tagccagtta tctcagcatt atttgttgaa    162360
     tagggggtct gtccccattg cttgtttttc ttaactttgt tgaagatcag atggctgtag    162420
     gtgggtggca ttatttctgg gctctctatt ccatttcctt ggtctatgtg cctgtttttg    162480
     taccattgcc atgctgcttt ggttactgtt gccttgcagt gtggttcaaa gttaggtaat    162540
     gtgcctccag cttgttcttt ttccttggga ttgccatggc tatttgggct ctttcttttt    162600
     ttttttttta ttccatatga actttaaaat agtttttttc tactttggtg aagaatgtca    162660
     ctggtagttt gtcagaaata gcactgaatc tgtaaattgc tttaggcagc atgggcattt    162720
     tagcagtatt gattctttct atccatgagc tcggaatctt tttccacttg tctgtgtcat    162780
     atttgatttc tgtgagcaat gttttgtaat actctttgta gcgatatttc acctccctgg    162840
     tcagctgtat tcctctatat gttgtattcc tttgctgcta ttgtgaaagg gattgctttc    162900
     tttatttgtc tctgtttgga tgttgttgat atataggaat gttactaatt tttgtacatt    162960
     gatttttgta tcctgagaat ttgctgagtt tgtttgtaag atcaaggaga ttttgggcaa    163020
     atactgttgg gatttctagg tataggatta cattgtctgc aaacagggat agtttgactt    163080
     cttctcttcc tacttagatg acttttattt ctttctgttg cctgattgct ttggccagga    163140
     cttccagtaa ttgattaaga gtggtgaggg aagatatcct tgtcttgttc ctatcttcca    163200
     ggggaatact tccagttttg ctcattcggt atgatgtggc tttgtttgtc ataggtggtg    163260
     cttattattg tgaagtatat accttcaatt cctagtttgt tgagagtttt taatatgaag    163320
     agatgttgaa tttattgaaa gccttttctg catctatcga gatgataatg cgattttcgt    163380
     taattagttc tgcttatgtg atgaagcaca cttattgatc tgcatatgct gaaacaacct    163440
     tgtatgttag tgataaagcc tacttgatta tggtggatta gctttttgat gtgctgctgg    163500
     attcagtttg ctagtatttt ttgagtactt tttcatctgt gtttattaag gatattggtc    163560
     tgaagttttc tattttttgt tgtgtctctg aaaagtttag gtattagggt gctgctggct    163620
     ttatagaatg agttatggag gagtcccttt tcctcagttt cttagaatag gttctgtata    163680
     aatcatacca gtgctttgtt atacatttga tagaattcag ctgtgaatct gtctggtcct    163740
     gggctttttt tggttggcag gcttcttatt actgattcaa ttttggaact catcatcggt    163800
     ttatttaggg atgcaatttc ttcttagttc agtcttggag gttgtatatg cccgggaatt    163860
     tatgcatttc ttctaggttt tctagcttgt atgcatagag gtgttgatag tagtttgtga    163920
     aggttgtttg catttcagtg gggtcagtgg taatgtcccc tttgtcattt ctgaaagtgt    163980
     tcatttgtat attctctctt ttttctttat cattgtggct agtgttctat ctatcttaat    164040
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaactcctc agcccactga tcttttgtat gattttatgc attgcaattt    164100
     ccttcacttc agctctgatg ttggttattc cttgtcttct gttagctttg gcattggttt    164160
     gctcatggtt gtctaggtct ttttgttggg atgttaggtt gttaatttga gatctttcta    164220
     acttttcaat gtgggcattt agtgctacaa actttcctct taacactgcc ttagctatat    164280
     cccagaaatt ctggtatgtt gtatcttttt tctcattagt ttcaaagaat ttcttggttt    164340
     ctgccttaat ttcatatgta cccaaaattc attcaggaga gggttgttta atttccatgt    164400
     aattatatgg ttttaagcta ttgtcttagt atttacttac atttttatag ggctgtggtc    164460
     caagaacgtg actggtatat tttttgttgt tttgtatttg ctaggaattg ttttatgtta    164520
     gattgtgtgg ttcattttag attacatgcc atgtacagat gagaagaatg tgtgttctgt    164580
     tcttttgggg tgaactgttc tgtggtggtc tattaggttc gtttggtcaa gtgtttagtt    164640
     cagattctga gtacctttgt cagttttctg tcttgatcat ctgtctaatg ctgtctgtgg    164700
     ggtgttgaat tctcccacta gtgttgtgtg tttatctaag tcttttcata ggtctctaag    164760
     aacttgcatt atgaatctgg gtgttcctat gttggctgca tatatattca gaatagttag    164820
     gtcttctcgt gaattgagtc ttttacttta cataatgccc ttccttgtct tttttgatct    164880
     ttgttgattt aaagactttt tttatgaaat tagaatagta actctgtttt tttttttcta    164940
     ttttttattt gcttggtaga tttttcttca ttcctttact tcgagcctat gcgtatcatt    165000
     acacgtgaga tgggtctctt aaggacagca taccattagg ctacgctttt ttatccaacc    165060
     tgccactctt tgctctttaa ctggggcaat tagccttttt acattcgagg ttagtgttga    165120
     tatgtgaaga tttgattgtt tcatcatgtt gttagctggt tattatgcag attgggttgt    165180
     gtggttactt tatagtgtta ctggtctatg tacttaagtg tatttgtgtt gtcagtgaag    165240
     atcttttctt tccatgttta gtactccctt caggacccct tgtgaggcac ggctggtggt    165300
     aatgaaatcc cttagcattt gcttgtctga aaagatctta tttccccttc acttatgaag    165360
     cttagtttgg gtggatacga aattcttgat taaaaattct ttttaaaaaa caaaactgct    165420
     gaatgtaagc ccccattctc tttctgtttg tagggcttct actaaaaggt ccattgttag    165480
     cctgatgggg ttccctttgt aggtgatctg tcctttctct tccagttgac tttagcattt    165540
     tttcttttat tttgagcttg gagaagctga tgactatgtg ccttggggat ggtcttcttg    165600
     tgagttttta gttcagtcag atcagtttgg ttccttcgtt gattctttcc ccagcttgct    165660
     caattatgcc gtgaatactt tccattgtgt tctgaaattc ttgatgttag tttttcagtt    165720
     ctgtcagaac actttttttt cttttttaaa ataaccgttt tgtatttcaa cttctgcatc    165780
     attttattgc attccttaaa aactttggat ttggttttta ctttctcctg aatctcattg    165840
     atcttcattc ccatccatat tctgaattct atttctgtca tttctgcctt ttcagcctgg    165900
     tcaagaacca ttgctgctga actagtgtgg ttgtttggag gtaagaagac attctctggc    165960
     ttttcgtgtt gccagagttc ttgtgctaat tctttctcat ctgtgtgggc tgatgttcct    166020
     tgaatctttg aaattgctgt actttggatg ggttcttttt ttttctttta tcttctttga    166080
     tacccttggg ggtttgattt cggaataagg tgggtttcat ttactagctt tgtttatggt    166140
     agattttggg ggtgccaagg atcagctcag cactcccgcg ctgaatgccg taactctggg    166200
     aggctagtat tgggcccctg gctttgctct ctttcccctt aaggttggga atctgctatg    166260
     ctggaagggc tattgtgttc ctggattgct ggttacgata ctctgaagga tggtgccagc    166320
     ctaagcactt tgttgggcag tggcattgtg gctcatcctt gttcacacat gccagcagca    166380
     tcagtagtgt ggcagagtac acactcgtag actggggtgg ggtgcaggtg gatccaaggc    166440
     tgctagcctc tatatggaca ttggcagtag cctaaattca tctttatgca tgagaatatt    166500
     cattttgtct agcatcattt attgataaaa atgattctta tttaattgaa atggtatggt    166560
     ttttgaaatt agctgataat aaatgttgtt actaatttgt ggactcttaa ttgtgtttca    166620
     ttattcttgt ctatagtatt aaaaatgcca gtgtcctgat gattagtcca gcttttagca    166680
     aactttgaaa tgagaaactg taatcccccc actttgttct ttttaaatta tttctctagg    166740
     tgctcttgtc acttggcatt tccagataca ttttaggagt agttttttat ggtctaccaa    166800
     aaaagcccgc cagaatttga tagagattgc attaaatata taagttgact cttcacctat    166860
     aaagactctc cttgtgctgg attttagttt agctggccct ccttgtttgc acagctctcc    166920
     gatgaattga aaatataatt ttggcctttt atttatctta tcctagctgc tgcagaagaa    166980
     tattttgcct gctggaacct gctgtatcta ctcaagagtg gaagttttca caggtaactt    167040
     ctacatatca agtaacacag gatcaaatga aaacctagca acacttggtt tctgcctgta    167100
     tcagacaggt gaaattgcaa gcagttatac aagtagtgta ctaacttctc ataaagccta    167160
     ctcaaggagg gtattgttat tgtgtgcgtt ttacagatgg ctatcctaag gctgatagta    167220
     gttgtaaaat atagtctaag ttcatatcta tatgaaacag agtatctggg tttctgtcct    167280
     ggccatcaga cttgaagatc atttcttaga aacaattata ttatcaaaac tgaaaagaaa    167340
     tacaatccaa ggttggagtc ttattttagc atctattaat cttaagccat taagtaatca    167400
     aaaataaatt aaaaagaaaa aaatatattc aaatatcaca tgtagagaag tctagtttct    167460
     tcagtggaaa acacatgttt tttaagtgct caaggaatat ttacaaaatt gcttaatatt    167520
     tttaattaaa taattaatat ttaaagactt aatagaccca aaaggataac ttacttatag    167580
     acctaagcat gagagatcag tttgataaat attgaaaatg ggctaaaaag catgagtggg    167640
     aaaataagga cttttcaacc tacatgacct ccctgaaatt tattcttcat tttgaaaatt    167700
     ataggacaat aatttctccc atccatgtgg tgtgtgtgtg ggcgggcggg gggggtgggt    167760
     tgtggtgctt tgtacgtgtt aattggcttg ttaccaataa ggttatacag aggtattagc    167820
     agcaaccaga ttttaaagag tactggcctt cctggggttc ccaaaaaa                 167868