EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC017020; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 166403 BP.
AC   AC017020;
DT   14-DEC-1999 (Rel. 62, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-185K15 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-166403
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-166403
RA   Kyung K., Drone K., Baum D.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-185K15";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-166403
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-DEC-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-166403
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-166403
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; ff5ac76288010a990a98c6c1aa553343.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC017020.4:1-166403; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Sep 10, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7630883.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0185K15
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the right is RP11-455E3, 200 bp overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 1 of RP11-185K15;
CC   actual end is at base position 13632 of RP11-455E3.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..166403
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-185K15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   216..387
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   406..704
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   803..950
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   957..1970
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   1979..2116
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   2375..2763
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2799..3146
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   4177..4923
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   4924..5290
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   5291..5427
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   5432..5994
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   6114..6200
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   6957..7063
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   7704..7750
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   7775..7812
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   10768..11118
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11245..11714
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12690..12982
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13618..13832
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   14015..14638
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   15781..16242
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16243..16555
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16556..16779
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16893..17047
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17053..17362
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17561..17959
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18285..18862
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18863..19446
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   19447..19667
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20440..20781
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   20972..21255
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25410..25495
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25497..25816
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   25821..25898
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   25949..26101
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27319..27585
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27649..27900
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27915..28004
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28150..28410
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28411..28475
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   28476..28573
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28541..28600
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30206..30580
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   30625..30681
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   30966..31008
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31009..31367
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   31368..31468
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31903..32098
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   32707..32905
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33163..33397
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33893..34584
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34612..35091
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39532..40694
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41025..41123
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   41574..42049
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   42506..43472
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   43470..43938
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   43939..44265
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   44854..45156
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45500..45908
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   46586..46753
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   48884..48964
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   49451..49544
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49945..50208
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   50647..50728
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   50731..51086
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   51112..51168
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   51994..52733
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53393..53685
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   54130..55089
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   55606..55786
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   56059..56113
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   56229..56592
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   56658..57041
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   57271..57324
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   57325..57410
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   57811..58314
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58315..59298
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   59299..59674
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59728..61192
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61760..62148
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62160..62522
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63742..64285
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65803..66705
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   66707..67749
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   68087..68452
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   68715..72085
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   72305..72525
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   72569..73239
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   73760..74098
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   74250..75145
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   75178..75374
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75460..75847
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76048..76094
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76793..76859
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77248..77413
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   77585..77740
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78215..78516
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78517..78651
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79128..79318
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   79319..79617
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79618..79804
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   80716..80854
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   81262..82764
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84247..84580
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85587..85697
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   85977..86060
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87249..87559
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88003..88363
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   88690..89031
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89032..89342
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   89343..89492
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89662..89958
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90020..90223
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90224..90576
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   90577..90738
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92224..92338
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93950..94153
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   94211..94378
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   94989..95200
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95247..95579
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96154..96340
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   96380..96736
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96746..97040
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   97055..97485
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   97783..97841
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   97842..97936
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98142..98452
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98453..98791
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98792..98918
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   99068..99530
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   103767..103942
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   105431..105817
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   105858..106019
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   106020..106332
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107367..107625
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107979..108283
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108318..108503
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108504..108809
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108810..108919
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109509..109569
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   109570..109932
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109933..110315
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   110384..110417
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   110418..110773
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   110774..110886
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   117162..117632
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   117711..117778
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   117976..118257
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   118346..118504
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   124538..124685
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   124686..124866
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   126515..126765
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   126916..127226
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127581..127801
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   127824..128086
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   128087..128397
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128398..128521
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   130969..131135
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131231..131654
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   134633..135204
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   135480..135626
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   135653..135850
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136027..137642
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137702..137991
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137993..138463
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138461..139340
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139341..140605
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140821..140877
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   141201..141437
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   141537..141672
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   143684..143903
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   143920..143986
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   144105..144566
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   145017..145154
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   145172..145260
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   146078..146901
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147148..147240
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147273..147646
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   147704..147808
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148283..148508
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   148511..148714
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148983..149095
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149239..149533
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151688..151818
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   151740..151968
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   152416..152561
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   152547..152795
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   152993..154885
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   154899..155005
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   155017..155132
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   155133..155220
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   155277..155705
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   155713..155913
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   156100..156356
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   156835..157074
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   157313..157652
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   157731..158205
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   160042..160335
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   160598..160703
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160790..161505
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   161790..162141
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162192..162444
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162566..163006
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   163487..163537
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   163538..163716
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   163717..163816
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
SQ   Sequence 166403 BP; 51092 A; 30869 C; 32018 G; 52424 T; 0 other;
     gaattcatgg aattgtgcca ccatcaacac aaccaatatt agtccactta cattttaaca        60
     tacaaacccc tatctttttg gcccatgcat tcgtatatat atatatatat tagctttaca       120
     taatatatta tgagcatttc tcatattcat gaatgttcta caagagtatg atttacaata       180
     agtacacagt aattaaaaaa agaaatctta cttctttgat tatttattct ctgccaaaca       240
     ctttattgag taatggattg tgccatttag tcttcacaat aatcttatga aataggtact       300
     gtaattttta aagaattgga gatattatag aaggctaaat ttctggacca cagtgacatg       360
     ctcaggaagt aagtgggtgg gtgggataaa ggggtctaac tcatctttct tttttttttt       420
     tttttttttt tgacactgag tctcaactct gtcatccaga ctggagtgta gtggtacaat       480
     ttcagcttac tgtaaaccct gcccccaggc tcaagtgatt cttctgcttc agtgtcctga       540
     gtagctggga cgataggagt gcactaccac agctggctaa tgttttctat ttttttgtat       600
     agagatgggg ttttaccatg ttggccaggt gggtcttgta ttcttggact caggatctct       660
     gcctaggcct ctcaaagttc tgggattaca gatgtgtggc actgactcat ctttcttaaa       720
     acataggtct cagttaagtt gactgaccaa gcccatagtg ttgaatatta aaattgtttc       780
     cagttttgag atatgatttt catatttgta atctattgct acattaaaac atccccttaa       840
     aacttagcaa cttaattatt gacatcacag gttctgtgtg tcaggaatcc aggagcagat       900
     gagctgagtc ctctggcata gggactccta taaagttgca attaaatgtc atctgatatc       960
     aggggaaccc accccccata tttcaacgta gtttctttct atttttggtt aagtgtcggc      1020
     cagctgagaa ataaagagaa agaatacaaa gagaggaatt ttacagctgg gccacagggg      1080
     tgacataacg tgttggtagt atggtgatgt ccgcctgagc ctcaaaagta gcaaattttt      1140
     attaaggaat tcaaaagggg aggtggtgta cgaacatgga gtaggtacaa agatcacatg      1200
     cttaaaaggc aaaaaagcag aacaatgatc acatgcttct gaggaaacag gacaagggca      1260
     aagcagaact cctcataaag gtatatgttc gacagtacac atattgtctt gataaaaatc      1320
     ttaaacaaca gaaaaaagtg ttccagagca gaaaacctgt ctgaccacaa atttaccagg      1380
     gtggagtttc caaccctaat aagcctgagg gtactgcagg agaccagggc gtatctcagt      1440
     ctttatctca actgcatagg acaggcattc ccagggcagc catttataga cctcccccca      1500
     ggaatgcatt tctttcccag agttttaata ttaatattcc ttgctaggaa aagaatttag      1560
     tgataccttc cctacttgca catccattta taggttctct gcaagaagaa aaatatggct      1620
     ccttttgccc aacccctcag gcactcaaac cttataacca taaggtcttc ccttgttccc      1680
     taaagttttc tattattctg ttccttttca aggtgcactg ttttcatttg ttcaaactca      1740
     catgttttac aatcaatttg tacagttaac acaattatca cagtggtcct gagatgatgt      1800
     atatcctcag tttatgaaga taaagggatt aagagattaa agacagtcat aagaaattat      1860
     aaaattatta tttgggaact gataattgtc catgaaatct tcataattta agttcctctg      1920
     ctgcagctcc agctagtccc tccatttggg gtccctgact tcctacaaca atctgagtct      1980
     ggggttttat gtgaaaactt gactggacaa gagtctgctt ccaggcacac tgatgttgct      2040
     ttttgccaat ctcagttctt tactagctgt tgtccagaga tggcaattct tttacatgtg      2100
     gtctttattg taggacatct ccaatggtta caaaaggtgt ccctcagagg aagcaggtga      2160
     atggtgattc acaagataaa attctaatct cagtagtgat ggcccatttt ttgctgtatt      2220
     ctggtagaag taacttcctt ggtgcaatcc aagctgaagg gaaggacctg catgaggttg      2280
     taaatttcgc aagtggaaaa taatttgggg accctcatag atgctgctta tcataacaac      2340
     tagtgaatat ttgtttcttg tggggagggc agagttatgt atataaattt gggggtacaa      2400
     atgaaattac atgcatagac tgtataattg tcaagttaga actttttgag tatccatcac      2460
     ctgagtaatg aacattgtac cattaaataa gttttatcat tcatctccct tccatccact      2520
     caccctgcca agtctccatt gtctatcatt ctattgtcta agttcatctg tacccatttt      2580
     tagcacctac ttatgaataa gaacatgtgc tatttgtctt tctgtgtcta gcttgtttca      2640
     cttcagctaa caaactccat gatcctgttt ccatccatgt taatgcaaac aacatagttt      2700
     cattattttt gtggctgaat agtactgcat tctatatata tatataccag gttttgttta      2760
     tcctatattt gtaaatattt atgtatggat gtgattgttg tattagtctc ttcttatgcc      2820
     actaataaag acatacacga gactgggtaa tttataaagg aaagaggttt aatagactta      2880
     cagatccatg tgcctgggga ggcctcaaaa taatggcaga agatcatgag gagcaaagtc      2940
     atgttttaca tagtggcagg caagagagct tgtgcaggag aactcccatt tataaaacta      3000
     tcagatttca tgagacttat tcactaccat gagaacagga aactatgact acgattcaac      3060
     tatctccacc tggccctgtg cttgacacat ggagatgatt acaacttgag gtgaggtttg      3120
     ggtggggaca cagccaaacc atatcagtca tttagagata aaaacataca aagtgtgtgt      3180
     gtgtatgtgt gtttaatatg aattcatatt gtaggttgcc aatccatgat ccatttaatc      3240
     ttctttttaa tgtcacccat atttttattt agtatccacc atttatccac attggccaca      3300
     tacctcaata gaggctaaac ctgaccctag tgctctgctg aatctcagtt tgtttaaact      3360
     ggtcagcaca tggaggacat aagacccaag tagtccaatt ggaactaata ttgggattat      3420
     ggctcatcat gcataggtag gagcacttct cttctatgaa cacagtgacg tgtgcttgtg      3480
     atagctggta tgcaacagcc actttggcag tatgaaagag agcaggctga aaatgcagcc      3540
     aactccctgc aaaaggaaga ccaaaagaat ttcacaaaaa aatggagaag aagttattag      3600
     ttaaatcaac cctcaaaatt gtcctacatc tgaatttcag ctacatgcat caacatacat      3660
     tgctttttta aaagtcagtt ggagtaatat ttttccatat ttctttccat ccaaaattgt      3720
     cttactaatg aataatgttg taagaagtgg tttgccataa ttcacacatc taatacgttt      3780
     agctggttga atgaatgatg aagagagaaa taattaagaa ctccactatt ctgagatgtt      3840
     agtttgatta ttattaataa gtagttacaa aacactagtt aaattatcac caattatttc      3900
     tcaggatgca gtttctgggc tatcaaggtg tagggcagct gaaaggcaaa atgtagggtg      3960
     ttggagtgaa ttagctactt tctgatgttc tcagcaaact taaaatcaag agacaggatt      4020
     ttcctaaaat tgggccatct aaaatcagag gtgggaaata cagactttgt aagagaagtc      4080
     cattatgcct atctaatata attcaaagta tcttgaaaga tccaaattct ctctcaaccc      4140
     caagctacag tttgcaatag atgtccacta ccatgccccc ttcagttctg ccccatctgt      4200
     tcttttgtct tttctgagtt agaaatgaac cactctattc ttcaagctac tgaggtcaaa      4260
     aatagaggga gtcatcccta tctcatttct ttcttacaaa ttcttcagcc agggtcaaat      4320
     caaatccaaa ccttgacccc ttctccccac attctccatc ccaacctgat ccaagtcttc      4380
     gtcacttcta tcccaggtcg tgcaggcaac ctgccgacgg cagcttattg acaactcagc      4440
     aggcaggtgg gttttttgca aatgtagatc gtgggactgt gtcacttttc tgcttaaatc      4500
     tcttgaatgg tttctcattt tgatcaaaat aaaaattaaa cttctaattc tataaccttt      4560
     ctggtcttat tccaaattcc ttgtgttgct cattctagtc cagccataaa atcttccata      4620
     gtcttttgta acgtcattaa ttatatatag cctcctgttc tatgaattag cacttgctaa      4680
     tattttcaac ctgggttgcc atttcctata tatctgcatg gttgccctat tagatgtgaa      4740
     tgataaattg taccccgatt tgtttcaggt ctctatttaa atgtcatcta attcaaaata      4800
     tttttcttgg gttccttttc taaaataaca acttcttccc catccactgt ctaactatgc      4860
     cattttatcc tatgccactt ttctctgtat ctgtgatcat ctctagatag atgttatatc      4920
     tgttgatatg gtttggctgt gtctccaccc aaactcatct tgagttgtag ttcccataat      4980
     ctccacatgg catgggaggg aacctgtggg aggtaattaa atcatggctg caattacctc      5040
     tatgctgttc ttgtgacagt gatttctcat gagatctgaa ggttttataa ggggcttttc      5100
     ccccttttga tttgcatttc ttgctggtgc catgtgaaga aggctatgtg tccttcccct      5160
     tctgccacta ttgtaagttt cctgaggctt ccccattcct gcagaactgg gagtcaatta      5220
     aacctctttc ctttataaat tatccagtct tgagtatttc ctcatagcag tgtaagaact      5280
     aactaataca tctgttcatt tgttttcaaa tatgtgattc ccccagcagc atgggtgatg      5340
     ttatgacaaa gattgtgtct tattttctct tatttctcca gcacagggaa tagagctttt      5400
     gatatacttt ggcactcaaa aatattttta agtaaagaaa aattttctaa atctcagtat      5460
     ccacttctcc aaacatctta cacaaaaagg aaggtcattc taacactctt ttccaaatga      5520
     atagctctta ctcatattgt gtgccaacca gatcctgtgg agaggtgaaa gttctaaggc      5580
     acctggaaag gacagcttcc acaggtcact tgcaagcaaa ttctttgcag gcctcccaga      5640
     aacaaggaca tgccaatcat aacttcagta tacaatcaat caaaatctag ctcctaacac      5700
     tacacattga taatgttcac tacaagctta cctcccagat gcaaagtcaa gactttttcc      5760
     tccacctatg cagagatgtc tgcataattg actcttcctt tccaacatta tccattcaga      5820
     cttccacctc agcatacgga atatgtagta tttgtctaac ctcctacctg cccctcttcc      5880
     tccattcctc cacaccttta aggaaatgta taaatactaa acttcccgaa aacttctttg      5940
     gaaaaacagc cacagatgtg tctgtggctc gtgtttttcc cagacattcc cccagagatt      6000
     gagatgtatg cccatcactc atgttattcg tcaggagaag aagcagctgt tgatgccttt      6060
     attagagaaa atgttgacac agaaaacaaa cctgtcccaa tataccagtg catattcaac      6120
     ttagtacagg ttataacatg ggagggggat gtttaaagct ctgcaggtga tttgaataac      6180
     agctgaggtt gagaatcact acaaaatgtt ctctccctgc caaggaatat gaccaagttc      6240
     tttgtgatgt aacaggctgg ataaagaact gggctcaggg aagagtattc cactggagaa      6300
     tctcatttca aattttccag agtctggagt caatattagt attgaccatc attcaacaga      6360
     atggttggag tattgggtag tctatgcaca cccacagaga attgcatcta agagatggag      6420
     attctgagac tcaacaatca tgaagagatc tcctctattt tcagcccttt gggtgacttg      6480
     aaacatgcta gacttaaggt aattgtgtca caaaagtatg accaagcttt gccagcaccc      6540
     ctcttcattg gcagctcaag atttaagatg gtcatctctt tactctttcc acatctagta      6600
     tcccatactt ccagtcttat ttcccaatat cctcttccca aagggacatg caaattgcag      6660
     ttctcttttt tcctccccac tttggcctat agaaagacct aattgcccac ttacaatgta      6720
     tagcattgac cttgccacct gacatttacc aacattgtcc attactttta tttcatttca      6780
     ttccaattat gaaaaataga ttaagagatg gcattgtttt gattttgctt ttcttgaata      6840
     gttgagatag tgaacagctg atagacttat ttgcctgttt cttacttttt gatcccactt      6900
     ttattaagac ttttatttgc tatggagtta ctaaagcctt ctttcttcca ttttactttt      6960
     atatttttgt agagacaagg tctcactatg ttgcccaggt tctcaaactc atggcctcaa      7020
     gtaatactcc tgcttgacct accaaatcac tggcattata ggctttatca aagaagatca      7080
     agcctggcca aagtagagac ctctttctat cagccaatgt ggggtattgt tatagagcca      7140
     gagcatctgg tcactgttat gtaatggttt gtctgtctta tgaggcacaa gactagcaaa      7200
     aatgtgtggc catgtttgca ttccctgagt aacaagcaag caagttcttt tatgctcttt      7260
     cgctataaat gacttcaaag atttatttgg aaacttggaa tgatacttgc ctgagtaaag      7320
     gcctaaacgc attttacata atatgagctg gcactcactt gcccagcaaa agctatggaa      7380
     agattcatat cagttgcttt tggaaaagtt gtcctcatat tctcttggag gatctaggtg      7440
     gaaggccaat atccgcctct ttgtcatttg cacagtcatc aatattcagt gagccataca      7500
     attggaagga gtgtagaagc ttcagataat taaagtttct catcttcaga gggaaggctg      7560
     aatgaacata tattttgttg ggcagtaaca acggataagg gcaaatagaa catttgacca      7620
     gtctgtcctt agaaaattaa aaacaaaaac tatgtatgat ccagactaat ggtaaataac      7680
     ttatattcca tggacccaga ctgttttgta attaaaatgt tattagacca cagccatgcc      7740
     cacccactta gagactgtgg atacacattt ttccactacc tgactcttta tagaaaaagt      7800
     ttgccaactt cttgtctaga tgagaaaggg aagagatagg tataatgtta gcaaacacta      7860
     aggcagaatt atatgttgca aatagttgtg ctggtcctca ttttgcattc atatttgcat      7920
     atggattatg ttggttgtag tatattggta cattttatat agtttataaa tctacaaata      7980
     tataaacgac tttatacagt ttatcaacct gtaaatcttt acaatgatgg gttctttcta      8040
     tggttttata gctaagaaag tttattctaa acatggaatt agataatatt aatgtttgtt      8100
     attttatgct tgtattggag ctttctcttc tttgtttatg tgacttagga aaaaacattt      8160
     tagacatgca aaatatacat agaaaatttt tatatctaag ggtcaccagc attatgaaat      8220
     gagctaggaa gattttacat ttacattttt gaaagagttt atgaagttaa tgtattttct      8280
     ttattgaaat tttactaaac ttcacctata aaactgacca ggcatagtgc tttttggaag      8340
     gggcagaaca tatttttgac tgctatttca acacaatgga gtccctggtc acagttacca      8400
     aaatagtcaa agaatagtct atatccatag aacattatga gatgtgaaga cagaaaacag      8460
     taatggaatg tctgaggtcc atgagaggtg gaagaaacat gtcctgtata taatatcaca      8520
     ttttccattc aatcttgtgt ggtatattgc agttacaaag agaaagctat attggagttt      8580
     cacagctggc cctaacagtt taaccttagg ggatagattc tgaacagtcc tagtttctct      8640
     tagcaaaatc aattaattct ctggaccaga ttttttgggg tggtacaatt ggtgggtaaa      8700
     caaaaccaca ctactcagtt taaacttgtc ttcctgacac aacttaaaac ttaacaaatt      8760
     ttttttatta tcaaacgctt gctaatgagt ataataagct gtttgtcaca tggatggccc      8820
     caaggattgg attgtttcta gggttatttt gacatacaaa tatgaaaaga ggtgtcttta      8880
     aatatttctc ccacctaaaa atacatgttt tcagtcagaa atttcacact gtagagttga      8940
     ttaatgatta gcaaatacca tcagttccct attcaagaaa tttcaggata ggcggttgat      9000
     gccagtgaat gatattttgt gagcaaactt tccacattaa ttaggtggta gtgcttttac      9060
     aattttacca tttttaatct atccttgtaa aaaagttgat gagtaagaca cagatttgtt      9120
     gtatatcatt tcatagcagg tgagaggtaa acatggtaag tagagtgttt gccatcagat      9180
     aacaaaagac gggcaatcca ctcctgattc cagaaatatc agactgcttc ctaaagcgaa      9240
     gagaccatga gaaaattacc ttctttggaa agtagcattt catacaatac aatacaatac      9300
     aatacaatac aatacaatac aatacaatac aatacaatac agtacaatac agtacaatac      9360
     agtacaatac agaaaaaaag atcatttttg aatattttcc tgaaacatac taaaaaaaaa      9420
     aaagtctcct gaacttagaa acccttctca gaaataacca gctatctaaa cgagatttgc      9480
     tatataactt gcgtatttct atgccttctc tttcactctt tggccttcaa atacacattt      9540
     gttgttctca aattctattg tcaatcttag gaagactgaa acaataggta acaagaaaat      9600
     gaaatataat tttgcatttg aaattcagca aggtctatcc atactgtaat agctgccttc      9660
     attgtaatta atatatcata tgggtgatca ctgaagagac agaatttagt tatatgaaaa      9720
     tcacaggaat ccctatctac tgcctcaact agggagactc agtctatgaa agggacttta      9780
     aaaaaagtca gttcttattg tagtatgtgg tgtgctgtca atcttttcta gagacactgc      9840
     tctttggtct aataaaacat cgtattttat ctattgttct ttgcccatgt tttagtaaca      9900
     aatcatgagg gcaatcctat tgctccattt aaacttgcac catataataa aactactttc      9960
     ttagggggca ccctgcgttg gatattggat atatgaatat accgtgctcc aagagattca     10020
     gactttggat aattctgtcc tatcctggaa gttaaaatga tggtatctca ttacagaatc     10080
     agctgtgact gtaatgtggc ttatttaaag gggtcactta ttctttgcat ttagcagagt     10140
     tcctcacagt cagaggcaaa ccacctactt cctgtgaatc aataccatcg tataaaattt     10200
     ttaaagctcc caatttgtaa ctcatcttgt tcattgtcat gtatagatta agcagacttt     10260
     gctatccatg accccagtcc ctccttcatc ctgacggtat attaaagtca gtttctgaag     10320
     caaatgatct gagtttagag ttgaaaaatt gcatcttcat cctagatttt acaaaaattc     10380
     atggcaaggt catcatccct caagtcttcc tggaacaatg ctgtttagca attttggtcc     10440
     caaagcctta tttgttaaat cattcaaaat atcaaaattg tacttttgct cctaagactt     10500
     aaattctggg aagtgtacca ggagtcagtt agtcatagtc atttacaatt gctaaatgat     10560
     tttatttgag agtaaatctg atagctttga gaaaacatac aaatggaaat ccagagaaga     10620
     gactttgtac agaaaaacaa ctatttcaca aggaactgtg cctgatcaaa tgatattaaa     10680
     gcaacttgtc aatgagaatg tgcctctttc ctttcttctt tatgggctgc tttagaaata     10740
     gtttcagttt aagaatcaat tagattgatt agtccatttt cacactgcta ctaaagatat     10800
     gcctgagagt gggtaaatta taaggaaaaa gagggttaat ggactcaaaa ttccacgtgg     10860
     ctgaggaggc ctcacaatta tggtggaagg tgaatgaaga ggaaagtcac atcttacatg     10920
     gtggcaggca agagagaatg agtaccaagt gaaagggctt tccctttata aaaccatcag     10980
     atatcatgag atttatccac taccatgaga gcagtatggg gggaactgta cccatgattt     11040
     aactatctct caccaatccc tccctcaaca catgggaata tggtagctaa aattcaagat     11100
     gagatttggg tagggacaaa atgtcttctc atcctcaaat tcaaatgttg ctgtatccaa     11160
     atattccctg tttttctggg ttcaaaccaa atgtcacttc attaaacaca gagccataat     11220
     tttctttcag agataatcta atttagatac atgcacttgt atgtttattg cagtactatt     11280
     cacagcagca aacacatgga gtcaacccag gttcccgtca ctggtggatt aggtaaagaa     11340
     aatgtggtgc atatgggcca tggaatatta catagtcata aaaaataaca acatcatgtc     11400
     ctttgcagca acgtagttgt agctagaggt cattatccta agtcaattaa caaaggaatg     11460
     gaagaccaaa tgccacaggt tttcactgat aagtgggagc taaacattgg gtattcatgg     11520
     gcataaagat gggaacagta gacactggta gttactaaaa tagggaagga tggagggtgg     11580
     tgatagtaaa aaaactagct gttgggtact ctgctcaata cctgggtggg gagatcaatt     11640
     gtaccctaag tatgctatat atccaggtaa caaatctgca tatgtatgcc ctgaatcaaa     11700
     aaaaaaagtt aaaattactg ataaaaagta aacttttttc tctaaaatcc aatatgctgc     11760
     tatttgtttt ttgcaaatta catgctccat actttatctt gtataacatc tttttgtgtg     11820
     tttgcttttt aatcttaatt atattgtcag tttctatttt tcattttaga acttccagga     11880
     tattgtactg catgcaagag gtacaaagac aaatatctgc ttaatgaatt cataatttcc     11940
     ctcaatagac cctcacatat aaatttggat caaccagtaa ttatcatgaa gtttctcaaa     12000
     tatcatcagg ccatataaat aattgaagaa gtctacatca caaagagttc ctgctatcat     12060
     tatgcaagcg ctctctccct gcagtgatga aattacacac tttagatcaa cctaggagga     12120
     attcaaacat tagcaaattc atgagatgtg tttctgtttt cacctcagca ctcaatttag     12180
     ctgtgtcagt atggtctttg cttgactcac aatgccatta ctttatgcca tttacaaggc     12240
     tggtcactcc attttgcaaa atgcttgtga aatataggct ttcatgcaaa aggcattaat     12300
     aagagcagaa gtcttcatct aagacaagca attttagtcc ttaacagtaa cagggtaagc     12360
     aatggttaac aaatttgcta attgtttttc cattctttgg agctttatgt gatcttttat     12420
     taaagatact gtaattaagg ggaaaaaatg aatggccatt tttcaatatt tatcttcttt     12480
     ttgtttcatt tctctttttt tcctacagtg aaccaaaact atgaaggaag gaaggaaagg     12540
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggagggaag gagggaaaga aggaaggaag ggagggaaga     12600
     aagaaggaag aaaggaagga aggaaagaag ggagggagag agggagcaga aaggacgaaa     12660
     aagagaaaac tggggcatac tttcttaact ttttttcttt tttgaaacag ggtcttattc     12720
     tattacccag ctgggtgcag tggcataatc tcagctcact gcaggctcaa cctcctggac     12780
     tcaagctatc ctcctgcttc agcctcccat gtagctggga atacaggtgt gtatcatcat     12840
     atcttgctga tttttgtatt tttttgcaca gaccgggtct caccacattg cctaggctgg     12900
     ttttgaactc ctggacagaa gtgatctacc caccttggcc tcccaaagag ctggtaatac     12960
     tggcaggagc tgccaagccc agtcaggcta aatttaaaat atggttcagt tagactctct     13020
     tttgcaccac aagtaaacta gatagtttgt tagcctttct cactaagtaa ataacacatt     13080
     cacgtgcttg acacaatgca aaaatcctgg aagttattca tgtatcaacg ttaaatcccc     13140
     caaaacaccc cagacacact caaatgccca catgctgtca cttcacccaa gctgctatta     13200
     tgtcttaaag ggagttccta gtggtcatag cagggctgtt ttcaagcagc tccagcagtt     13260
     atcagcattc aactgttagg aatcccctgc ttcactgggc ttaccataga atgtaggatg     13320
     taaactaagc tccactttga agtctatgag gactgtgtga ctgccttctt tcctactttt     13380
     caccctaagt ctaaccatgt ctccttcact gtgatcctgc aacaccaacc ttctctctct     13440
     ctttcctgaa accataaagc taatgcatac ctcagggcct ctgattcttc cagccactgg     13500
     ctagctatca cagccctcag atcctcctgg gatgccgtct ccttaccact gagtttcagg     13560
     taccatcttc aatgactgac tgacctaaat tttcctttgg aaatttttct ttgtctctcc     13620
     ttacctgggt ttattttctt taactacatt cagcttatct aaaagaggct tgatcacata     13680
     cttttctgtt catctcttgc tagataactc cacattcagt aaaatataag atctgtgaaa     13740
     gtatagacgt cctctgtttt ctcatcattg tgtcctatta cctagaggat gcttggagct     13800
     tgggtaggga catgcagtga ataattgttg aaataattat ttgctttccc ctagactcca     13860
     tttaattgtc attgtgccca tttgtatgca taaagcattt atctaaatac acattcaaaa     13920
     catggtatca ctcttgtaag tcagttgaat gtgtattgag acatcgccta cgaaatgtaa     13980
     ataaatgctg tttgattctt cagggtttcc tcacgcaaga gctaaaggaa aacatctccc     14040
     ctgaagtttt gctgaataat aagctctcaa aaggcagatt aattgcaaaa aaatgtatac     14100
     aaattttatt aacatgtatg tgggttcatt cagaatgaaa acccaatgac acagtgaaac     14160
     cgtatttttt ttgcttaggt tcaatgaagt atggagagtt gtatagaaat aggattggat     14220
     aaaaagggtc tgatcttatg ctgatgatct gatgggggaa acctagccag gtctatctgt     14280
     ctagattctt cttgggatct ctgaggagct ctctctttct tttaggtgtg ggggcaggac     14340
     cctctctgga acaagggtct taggacctac agtcaggcaa ggtacatcag gtcatttctt     14400
     catggccaat ttttacacca aaaggtgggt gtgagtagac tcatttattt aggctttatg     14460
     gctggctgtg gggaaaaggg attctggttt ccagagcatg ccttgaggaa gagggattaa     14520
     ggtttcaatg gcacctcagg agagaatgga actgagagac aggagggcag gagaaaaact     14580
     tttgcttttg cagctgttgc tgaggtctgc gtgtaggggt attgtttgct gatccctaga     14640
     cactcattaa gtggctagtc tgttcatgtg aaccattctc atgttgtagc ctaaatcatg     14700
     gtggagctac agtaattaat aagtcactca acctaagttg caatcatcat tttccccctc     14760
     taagttaaac tgagtttcaa gatttgcttt ttagaaatgg tgcatagaat ttcattaaaa     14820
     cagaactatt ttaccagtag ggtgttattt gaacttccat cattagaatt gatactagat     14880
     aattgcatca cactgacatc caagtgttca aaaaggtaaa agacatagga ttgtactcct     14940
     tgagtgtgca gttactgggg acatacattt gcataagcta ttacagagat tcctttgtgg     15000
     tggaaattaa cttgcaattt ttttcaatga ctatttcatc tgctaaggtg tcaaatctct     15060
     ttttattctc tgcatgctac aagtaagtag agcaggcctg gtgtgattcc ttcacttatg     15120
     gtgggcagtt agcagcctgt ccagtttcac atacccaata aaaagcgtca gcctggaggt     15180
     ggatcaataa ctaatttaac ctcacaccta attcttttaa tgatgtatca atcacagccc     15240
     cttaaaacac ctgtatcaga tgaaaatcta cagctgcaga ttgaatttaa ttaatttatg     15300
     cagcattcat tttaccttaa tgaacacccc tctacgtggc ctgaatgctt acgagtatac     15360
     ataaattgca gttccaattt tctctgtcca tgaaaagtaa agacaagcaa aacaaagtaa     15420
     aaaataatta tccaactgtt aatgataggt gatgttttct tttaatcatg ggatggaggt     15480
     gggaaaagaa aagcaggaag aaaacttcaa aaaaacacct gaatagatgt aatcacctgt     15540
     gttaatcaat gtgtgagaca ttttaaatat tttaccagat gtggtcttcg agaaaagtct     15600
     gtgaagaggg aaatagattc ttacataggg aaagtggttt ctacccaaga tgacttggtt     15660
     tggaatggat cactttttct ttccattatg ctgtaatgct accctttgaa gctgatggct     15720
     ggcctgatta aacccaccaa atgtcacctg tgttgcttac ttataactgc ctatgtctag     15780
     ttagtcttac ttaaaagtga gaaccttcca tacttgattt tctgttcctg catcagtttg     15840
     ataaagataa tgacctcttc ctccatctgt gttcctgcaa aagacaagat ctctttcttt     15900
     tttatggctg tataacatcc cctggtgtat tatggtatat actatatttt ctttatccaa     15960
     tctgttattg ataaacattt aggttgattc catgtctttg ttatggtgaa taatgctgca     16020
     atgaatattc atgtgcatgt gtctttgtgg aagaatgatt tatattcatc tgggtatata     16080
     ccaagtaatg ggattgctgg gtcaaatggt agttccgttt ttagctcttt gagaagtcac     16140
     tatactgctt tccacaatga tggatttaat ttacgctctc tcggatactg tgtaagtgtt     16200
     ctcttttctt tgaaacctca ccagcatctg ctattttttg actttttttt tttttttttt     16260
     tttttttttt ttgagacgga gtctcgctct gtcccccagg ctggagtgca gtggcgcaat     16320
     ctcggctcac tgcaagctcc gccttccggg ttcacgccat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg     16380
     agtagctggg actacaggcg cccgccacta cgcccggcta actttttttt gtatttttgg     16440
     tagagatggg gtttccccgt gttagccagg ttggtctcga tatcctgacc tggtgatccg     16500
     cccgccttga cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggctgaa gccaccgcac ccagccattt     16560
     ttttgactct ttaataacag tcattttaac tggtgtgaga tggtttctct ttgtggtttt     16620
     gatttgcatt cttctaatga tcagtgatat caattttttt tttcatatga ttgttggcca     16680
     tatgtatgtc ctttttagaa aagtgtctat tcctgtcctt ttcctacttt ttaatggggt     16740
     tatttgattc tttcctgcaa atttgtttaa gttccctatt gatgctttag tatttaaaaa     16800
     tccctaagtt atagcatgtt tactgtaggg agcaaacgtc ttttacttta gtgcattggc     16860
     gtttactctg tggggtcaat gttatccttt ttgaggagag agaggatcaa gaaaaataac     16920
     taatgggtac tcatcttagg aactgggtga taaagtaatc tatataacac acctccatga     16980
     caaatgatta cctatgtcat gaacctgcac atttaccctt gaacttaaaa taacttaaaa     17040
     aaaaaaatat gtggccggac gcggttgctc acgcctgtta tcccagcact ttgtgaggca     17100
     gaggcgggcg gatcacgagg tcaggagatg gagacaatcc tggctaacag ggtgaaaccc     17160
     tgtctctact aaaaatacat aaaaaattag ccgagggcgg tggggggctc ctatagtccc     17220
     agctacttgg gagtctgaga caggagaatg gcgtgaaccc ggaaggtgaa gcttgcagtg     17280
     agccgagatg gtgccactgc actgcagcct gggtgacaga gggagactcc atctcaaaaa     17340
     acaaaacaac agcaacaaaa aatgtgccaa agtgttgcct gatgtgctac ttgtcataac     17400
     tgttgagtga aggtacttta atatttttct atagagatga aatggattga ttaaatgtta     17460
     caacctcata gtatagaatt gcatcaggga attaaaataa atgaactaga atccgtatgt     17520
     attaacatga aaataaatag tgaaatgtct tgtcagggaa aaaagaatcc ttgaatgaaa     17580
     aaaaaaagtc tgtaaaaagg ttggagacat tatggttttg ttaatggcat gttttagctt     17640
     taagggcatc cattgactat ctgccatgaa agatgaaaca ctttctagtg atgtcttcct     17700
     cgcacctaca ctctctccag ctcaccagtt ttgttggtta tattgtcatt ttgaaaaagc     17760
     aaaatctgta acagttaaat ccagtttcca aaattctttc aataatttta tcttagaact     17820
     aaattgggat ggatatgttt cacaccagca ctcatgagat caagccttct gaattttaga     17880
     ataattttcc tataatctgt ttgaatggat ttcaagagta agtagtagct cttcttcaag     17940
     aagaaaccct ggttgctgtc acatgtcttc atacttcaag gacagttgtg aagaatatat     18000
     tgtatcaaac tttacagcca ttgttccatt ctattctgac atagaacttc taggccaacc     18060
     ttctttttct ccatgttctt ctggacttcc ttttcttcct taatgccctc atctttattt     18120
     ttaacatttt gtaatatcct taagccatgg tctaatgaga aatttattgt gtagccgttt     18180
     ttctgaaaac caacttggaa ccactagagt gaagtcctga tttattctta aaaatgccac     18240
     ttctgtgaca tctttaattt tttcttctct tctcatcttc atgatgtcca acagtcatct     18300
     ggaaaaaagt tcaacatcac tgattattag agaaatgcaa atcaaaacca ccataagata     18360
     caatgtgaca ctagtcagaa tagccattat taaatgtcaa aaaataacaa ggttactggc     18420
     aaggttgcag agaaaaagga acacttacac acgttaggag tgtaaattaa ttcagccatg     18480
     tggaaatcaa tatggtgatt cctgaaagag ctaaaaacag aactactatt tgaccgagaa     18540
     atccaattac tgggtatata ctcaaataaa tataaatcct actataaaga tacatgtatc     18600
     tgcatgttca ttgcagcact attcacaagg gcaaatgcat ggaatccacc taaatgccta     18660
     tcaatgtgga ctggataaag aaaacatggt acaccatgga atactttgca gccataaata     18720
     ggaaagagat catggccttt gcaggaacaa gaatggagga ggaagccatt atctagtaaa     18780
     ctaatgcagc aatagaaagt tgcatgttct cacttgtaag tggtggctaa atgataaaaa     18840
     catggaatat ataaagggga actgttggga ttccctcagg atagtggcag aaatattaaa     18900
     aggaaatact agggaaagtt atacggaata gtcacaaacc tttttgaaag gccgaaagat     18960
     tacatagctt gtaataattg aacaggctga aggtggccag ttcttacctt agagcttagg     19020
     tcataaaata aatactaggg acaatagagg cttcctcaat taagtctgtt taccctgcct     19080
     ccattaacta agctttgagc cacatggccc tcttgcaggg aggtccacca gggacatcgc     19140
     cccttaatgg tatttacttt agaccatgga accagagctt taatcattcc tagaactact     19200
     ctcttaactg tgttaattat ctacaaatgt gtttattcaa agcttctgtt gttaattcta     19260
     tactaaataa attcctggag tgcaagctgc tcagggccac agctgccatt atttacagaa     19320
     ctgtccttgg agtgtgtgag tggcctcgga tcctcagctg gactggcaat gcagaatatc     19380
     tgtgtgtcag tgtactttat tcatccattg cagggtcaga ggtctgtgaa gcacagactc     19440
     cccacagcta gtgccctaca gcaaaaggag agctgcctca ggcaacaaca ctttggggca     19500
     tgttggaggg tacagggtgg ggggagggag agaatgagga aaaaaaaaaa ctaatgggta     19560
     ctaggcttag tagctgggtg atgaaataat ctgtacaaca aaccccatga caaaagtttc     19620
     ccgatatgag gcaccctcac atctaccccg agactaaaat aaaatttttt aaaaagggaa     19680
     tgtcaattat gcaaacattg aatcctgctt gtctttcatt gctatctaat ccaatgtaaa     19740
     acatgcttat ctttccttgt gtcacttgga gtgatttcct aaaacctatc cactgtgttt     19800
     ctggcagtat ttcagtcttt aaaattgtat tttattgtag tccaaataac cattgtcaac     19860
     ctttttcttc ttgttttttc tgtcttatga gctctcccaa cttaatttaa atcaagtgat     19920
     ctgtgatttc tgctgttttg taattttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgcttaaa     19980
     ggcatgtact tatttcaact catgttgaaa gcacaatcat gtgttgaaaa tgtgttgtag     20040
     aatatgaaga atgatactgg aagagttttc tgaaatcaat atttgcttat gtgaacatta     20100
     tttttctctc tctttttgtt gtttgtttgt ttgctttttg ttttgttttg gttttgtttt     20160
     tttttggcat gtttctcttt ccacactccc cacctgcctt ccttgcagtt tttaagctag     20220
     agttttctgg tgggtatttt gacttttact tctcttagaa cagaccactg gcaatccaca     20280
     aagactaaaa ttgaagggat ctgttctata gctgtcattt tagtttgcta ctttaaactc     20340
     cttcttgtca aatccgttat tgtttgtcct gggttccttt ttcttggatt ggatagttta     20400
     gatagttggt atagatgatt gcaaaatccc tatatcagta cgttgctgat aaagacatac     20460
     ccgagactag gtaatttgta aagaaaaaga tgataaatgg acttacagtt ctacattgtt     20520
     tgggaggcct cacaatcatg gcagaaggtg aaagacattt tacattgctg tggcaagtga     20580
     gactgagagc caagtgaaag gggtttcacc ttaaaaagcc aaaagatctc atgagactta     20640
     ttcacttcca tgaaatcatt gtggggaaaa ccatcctcac gattcaatta tttcccacca     20700
     ggtccctccc acaacccatg ggaattatgg gagctgcaag tcaggatgag atttgggtag     20760
     ggacacaacc aaaccatatc atccattaac ccattgtttc tctgtggttg tatttataat     20820
     tttgtgatga cttcctctca aacttaactt gcttcacctc aggcagtctt gtagaattgg     20880
     acatgtaagt cttacgaaaa taataggggt gacaggtttt ttttatatat tattattatt     20940
     attattatta ttattattat tattatcatt attttgagag agagtctcac tctgtggtcc     21000
     aggctggagt gtagtggtgt catctgggct cactgcaacc tccacctccc aggttcaagt     21060
     gattttcctg cctcagccta ccaagtagct gggactacag gtgcccgcca ccatacctgg     21120
     ctaatttttt gtatctttag tagatatagg gttccaccat attagccagg atggtctcaa     21180
     tttccagacc tggtgatcca cccaccttgg cctctcaaag tgctggaatt ataggcatgt     21240
     gctagcacac ctggcctggg ggtgacagtt tttttttaaa aactcagatg ttttatcaaa     21300
     aagcttatcc accaagatca agtgggcttc atccctggga tgcaaggctg gttaaatata     21360
     cacaaatcaa taaatccagc atataaacag aaccaaagac aaaaaccaca tgattatctc     21420
     aatagatgca gaaaaggcct ttgacaaaat tcaacaaccc ttcatgctaa aaactctcaa     21480
     taaattaggc attgatggga tgtatctcaa aataataaga gctatctatg gcaaacccac     21540
     agccaatatc atactgaata ggcaaaaact ggaagcattc cttttgaaaa ctggcacaag     21600
     acagggatgc cctctcttac cactcctatt caacatagtg ttggaagtcc tggccaggtc     21660
     aattaggaag aagaaggaaa taaagggtat tcaattagaa aaagaggaag ccaaattgtc     21720
     cctgtttgta gataacatga ttgtatatct caaaaacccc attgtctcag cccaaaatct     21780
     gcttaagctg ataaacaact tcagcaaagt ctcaggatac aaaatcaatg tacaaaaatc     21840
     acaagcattc ttatacacca ataacagaca aacagagagc caaatcatga ctgaactccc     21900
     attcacattt gcttcaaagg gaataaaata cctagaaatc caacttacaa aggacatgaa     21960
     ggatctcttc aaggagaact acaaaccact gctcagtgaa ataaaaaaag gatacaaaga     22020
     aatggaagaa cattccatgc tcatgggtag gaagaatcaa tatcgtgaaa atggccatac     22080
     tacccaacgt aatttataga ttcaatgcca tccccgtcaa gctaccaatg actttcttca     22140
     cagaattgga aaaaacttta aagttcatat ggaactgaaa aggagtccgc atcaccaagt     22200
     caatcctaag ccaaaagaac aaagctggag gcatcacact acatgacttc aaactatact     22260
     acaaggctat agtaaccaaa acagcatggt actggtataa aaacagagat atagatcaat     22320
     ggaacagaat agagccatca gaaataatgc tgtgtatcta caactatctg atctttgaca     22380
     aacctgagaa aaacaagcag tggggaaaag attacctatt taataaatgg tgctgggaaa     22440
     actggctggc catatgtaga aagctgaaac tggatccctt ccttacacct tatacaaaaa     22500
     tcaattcaag atggattaaa gactcaaaca ttagacctaa aaccataaaa accctagaag     22560
     aaaacctagg cattaccctt cagtacatag gcatgggcaa ggacttcatg tctaaaacaa     22620
     caaaaacaat ggcaacaaaa gccaaaattg acaaatggga tctaattaaa ctaaagagct     22680
     tctgcacagt aaaagaaact accatcagag tgaacacaca acctacaaaa tgggagaaaa     22740
     tttttgcaac ctactcatct gacaaagggc tagtatccag aatctacaat gaactcaaac     22800
     aaatttacaa gaaaaaaaca aacaacccca tcaaaaagtg ggcgaaggac atgaacagac     22860
     acttctcaaa agaagacatt tatgcagcaa aaaaattcat gagaaaatgc tcaccatcac     22920
     tggccatcag agaaatgcaa atcaaaacca caatgagata ccatctcaca ccagttagaa     22980
     tggcaatcat taaaaactca ggaaacaaca ggtgctggag aggatgtgga gaaataggaa     23040
     cacttttaca ctgttggtgg gactgtaaac tagttcaacc attgtggaag tcagtgtggc     23100
     tattcctcag ggatctagaa ctggaaatac catttgaccc agccatccca ttactgggta     23160
     tatacacaaa ggactataaa tcatgctgct gtaaagacac atgcacacgt atgtttattg     23220
     cggcactatt cacaatagca aagacttgga accaacccaa atgtccaaca atgatagact     23280
     ggattaagaa aatgtggcac atgtacacca tggaatacta tgcagccata aaaaatgatg     23340
     agttcatgtc tttgtaggga catggatgaa actggaaatc atcattctca gtaaactatc     23400
     gcaagaacaa aaaaacaaac accgcatctt ctcactcgta ggtgggaatt gaacaatgag     23460
     aacacctggg cacaggaagg ggaacatcac acaccgggga ctattgtggg gtggggggag     23520
     gggggaggga tagcattagg agatacacct aatgttaaat gatgagttaa tgggtgcagc     23580
     acaccagcat ggcactagta tacatatgta actaacctgc acattgtgca catgtaccct     23640
     aaaacttaaa gtataataat aaaaaaaaaa gtgacatgaa cacacacaca cacacacaca     23700
     cacacaaata aaataaaggg tcagccaagg actggaaaaa aaattgagat gttttttctc     23760
     gtttttgttc tcaccgatat gattttattc ggaacttccc ataagcacct ctctagaaag     23820
     atgaggcaga ggggagttta cagtcagctt tcaacattca aaacaggatt ctgaagcaag     23880
     cgatatcatc ttgatacaca ggatttgttg agaaaaggga tttacactca tccatttgta     23940
     tttatattta attactgggt attactctca aatctcaaac actttttttc tgagaactat     24000
     ttattctgat ggaacacagg ctatcattat ctaccctttc ttgagtagac ttcacaatta     24060
     gccagaaagt gtcttggtaa gtggcctgaa cttgtcatca tttcttgctt tcattgaaga     24120
     tgaagttttc ttccacttat ttgattgaga aagagattga agttaaaaat ggctttacaa     24180
     catttaacag aaatactgga tagttttaat ttaagttatc catcttagaa gaaatttctg     24240
     taaaagcttg actttttgca tgtagggatc atcttaaagt ctttcaatca tttattcaag     24300
     gaatattctc aagttccagc tctaagactg tgattaagct aagtcctgaa tatgtatcaa     24360
     tgaataaatg aacatagcca cccacatgtt agaaagagaa taatccctaa gataaacaaa     24420
     aatagagcaa agaatatggg tctatgtgct aagtaggaga ggatggtgtc tggggagggg     24480
     ttgctgtgga agatttgtga acaagatgtc ttttcagtaa atttattcaa tcttactttg     24540
     aatggcattt cccactcata atgtccctat ttctagcaga attagatttg taagcaaatt     24600
     tcccattgta ggcataaaat gtatttcttc atttgaacca ggattgagtt cttcttgaaa     24660
     cagaataagc caatctctat ttgaagagtg aacaccagct tcattcagtg cccttctctc     24720
     ttctctccat ttcagactaa ttttcaagtt actgtcctct ctcgttttag atctgatgta     24780
     tgtcactact ttggaattat ttctttacat agttggttct actgaatgga attcctgatt     24840
     tatgggcaat tctttataat gggcattata tcattttatt gaagccctgg tgttcagttt     24900
     gggagaagga gcgagtcacc ttccagacat ttttttcccc aatttaaggt cttagaaatt     24960
     gacatgatta gtcaaaaata agtaattaaa attgagttga gttacttaat aatcatgtaa     25020
     gcaccaatgt tttctgttag aaaattaagt aattaaggtg actattgatt attatggatg     25080
     ataatataaa ttcatatttc caaaaggatg agctctcatt ttttcatcta tatgtttaat     25140
     cacttaaact gaatcttgtc tactgataaa tgatgcttag atagtacata ataaacatat     25200
     tgcattgttg ggcaaattga ataaatgttg agtttgaatt attaaattga aagaaagcat     25260
     actaactaaa gaaaatgacc actctctcaa ttcctcaggc atctctaaga atacggagaa     25320
     aataaaatag ggtgtggtta ttagggccga attattattg gaccgggcat agattcagga     25380
     aaagaaaact gtgcaattta aagctatcat aactccacaa tttgaaattt accctaaaga     25440
     aatcatcaga tttaccaaaa gatttatgac tgaaaatgtt tattacaatt ttattgcatg     25500
     gttctccagg ctgtatagaa agcatggtgc tgagatctgc tcaacttctg ggtagacttc     25560
     atgaaactta caatcgtggc agaagatgca ggggaagcag ccccatatta catgactaga     25620
     gcataagaga agagccaggg agatgccaca catttttaaa caaccagatc tcacaataat     25680
     tcaccatcac aaggacagta ccaatgggaa aatccactcc catgatccaa ttgctttcca     25740
     ccaggtcaca actccaacat tggactttac agttcaacat gagatttgga tggcaacaca     25800
     gatccaaacc atatcagagg ctgagagaga tgaaaagctt tctgttattt tgagcagatg     25860
     agtaaaataa cttgatagat atacttccct aggatcacag ctaaagtcct ctgttgcacc     25920
     tgtagtgcct tcagaacaaa gttcacactt tttttttttt ttttttgagg tctcctctct     25980
     caccaggctg gagtgcagtg acatgatctc ggctgactgt gacatctgcc tcctaggttt     26040
     aagcaatcat cctgactcag tctcccaagt agcagggaca ataagtgcag gccaccatgc     26100
     cggattccat tcttcttaat atagttacct gatacattca tctgtcagag ccacccagta     26160
     tatgttccag cctttttcgt actattccta ataacctaag tgcaccatgt agtttacttc     26220
     accgtgtctc tgtgcatcct gttttgtctg actcaaaagt catttcttcc actctttaaa     26280
     tagtcaactc tgacctgtgc atttaaacaa ccaatttagg gttgcatttc ctatcctggc     26340
     actacttgga ttttatgtta gcatctcttg ctccagattg ggcgcaccca gaggaccaag     26400
     actcttctca gaggagcttg tgagaattga tgaatttaaa gaaaaaagat atagagaaga     26460
     aagtccatac acattagaaa aaaatgccaa acagagtaaa caacgggtaa aagggcaaat     26520
     cattacaaaa tgacaaaaag ggtgacttca gagcaaagcc ctttcttagc atagcaagta     26580
     ggacagacat ttatatttga taacattatt ccactctctt gctatcccac agccacctgg     26640
     ttcaagatgc agatatcatg aaatggggct atatcattta gtaggaaaga agactgtgta     26700
     acataagatt accaggtttc tcagagatgt tttgctgaac tattttttta aggatgtgga     26760
     gggagctttg aatattttat tatatatctt gtctctactg gaaacagtcc ttgttctcag     26820
     tttactggga tgcactatgc cttctctttg gaaaacagtc ttagattcta atacaagaga     26880
     gcttgggaca ttgccagagg tgaaaggctg ggctaaattt ctgtatccaa ggctctaggc     26940
     ctaaatgaga agctgtctcc tgtgctgcac agtctagttc aacagaaatg aagactgtaa     27000
     ttagggagca ttggaggaat aagccagtgt attgggcagg gccttatatt atggtgcact     27060
     gttttttttt agtatgattc acaggcaatt cctatacaca ggctcccact tacagattat     27120
     ggagatcagt taacacatat atccagagat gatccaacaa gatgatggag tattctagaa     27180
     ggatcttggt gtacacactg attttcttct attaagaaaa cactacaaaa tagggctgaa     27240
     ttaaaatgag ttgtaacagc aagtgaaatc accttgaaag attgtctaaa atgttgcatg     27300
     atttatttac aaaaagactt ttttttcaac ttttatttta gatgcagggg gtacaaattc     27360
     aggatcattg cctgggtgta tcatgtgatg ctgaagtttg aggtatggtt gttgctgtca     27420
     cccaggtact gaacatagta cccgatagtt agtttttcaa cccttgcctc cgttatccct     27480
     atctcttcta gtaacccaag tatctattgt tccaatgtgt aggtacatct attctcaatg     27540
     tttagctctc acttagaaat gagaacatgt ggtatttggg ttttcactta tcttaagtga     27600
     attaacacag gaagaaaaac ccaggtattt gggttcaaga aattctcagg tatttatttt     27660
     tttcattctg tgtaattcac ttcggatagt agtttccagc tgcatccatg ttgctgcaaa     27720
     agacatgagt ttattatttt tcacatctgt gtattattcc ttggggtata tgcacatttt     27780
     cttatccagt ccactgttga tgggcacttt ggttcattcc actattttgc tattgtaaat     27840
     agtgctatga taagtataga agtttaggtg tattttggta caagaattta tgtctctatg     27900
     taaaaatttt ttatttagtg aacttatttt ttaaagaagt tttagtttcg cagtaaattc     27960
     aggtgaaagt acaggcaatt cacatgtagc ctctgtctcc aacaacaaaa catctctttg     28020
     agagcataca acctccacca cacccttcta acatgtaagc agtcatgatt ttcagttatt     28080
     attttggatt aactatgcca ctgtcatttt ctgggagcct cctttccttg tttggctcaa     28140
     tatttttatt atattttatt tgtaaaagca attttagggt cacagcaaaa ttaagcaaaa     28200
     ggtacagaat ttccatgtgc ctctgacccc acacatgcac agcctccccc actctcaacg     28260
     tggcatttca cagtggtgca tttgtgaaaa ctgatgaact tacacatcgt tgtccctgaa     28320
     gtccataatt cacattacgg ttcactcttg gtgatgttca ttctagaggt ttgaacaaat     28380
     gtataatgac atgcatccat cattatatta ggtgggtgca aaagtaatta tgggttttgt     28440
     taatactttg gtacaataat tttgcaccaa cctaatagga tcacacagta tagtttcctt     28500
     gccttaaaaa tcctctatgc tccacctatt aaatcatcac ttattatctg aatttttact     28560
     ctagccatcc ttgtgggtgt gaagaggtat ctctttgtag atggcagatt atttagaggc     28620
     taacacttgg ttgtgtgtcc aaccaattgg acaaggctga gtattcatga ggacgatgaa     28680
     atgaatccat ttagctgcac agtgagaaga gggtatgtgc aaacagacaa gaaaacaaga     28740
     tgcacccaaa cattacaaac cacatttcaa actcttctct ttggacaact atctcataat     28800
     gcatccttgt cttaggttgc ctgactggaa gacagcatgg atgatccctt gtaaatttat     28860
     tgacattgtt gtgattccaa attcatagcc cgcaatgtta ggtgaaaagc agcagttcta     28920
     tccaggatag caagaacatt gtgttacaaa gtgattcaga ctgagaatga gaacaatttt     28980
     ggaagtatcc atgaaattca gcattccaaa ttagtttggg atatagatca ccaccatgaa     29040
     atatgtgcct ttatcaaaga tgttaagatt ctactataat ttagcataac cttctcttat     29100
     tttttctcag ggctttcata tgatgaatat ctccactccc ctaacacagc taccatcaag     29160
     agacaaaatt gagttccaga tatttataat tttcctcatc ctttccccgg aataattgtg     29220
     taagggaatg atatagtgga actaagactt taaacataat taacgactat gatttgggct     29280
     gtgaatattg aagatattat tgatgatgat gatgatgatg atgatgatga tgattatgac     29340
     cataaaaata gagtttgtca gagcattgag tacttcccag ctatcttcaa tactttgtca     29400
     tcacagtttt tcctttgtag gcagcattca cattggataa ttttattagc acctgactca     29460
     ccaggacaac cactgtctct tgcctaccca ctatctgtat ctcctttttt aataaataga     29520
     cctaaagctc actcagaaca ctgcaatgag actgtttaaa cccattaatg cccctgggtt     29580
     cccttgctgc tttgcatggc tgggactgca aactctttga tataaaaaga caaagattta     29640
     cttggaagac cttcactcct ttgctcttct tttttttcaa gactagggat tttgaagcat     29700
     ggagttgtca cgctatcttg taatcacaag gctatataag acatgaagct caagcctgga     29760
     gcctagggat atggtggctt catccttagg aaagaggaga tgagtctata tacctcagag     29820
     tatcattgag ccatcacacc aactcactgc tccgtgctaa agctggagta atgttgcttt     29880
     tctgttacct gaatctgaat gcaattttgt ctgatacatc ctgccagctg caggaatttg     29940
     cggactgttt tacaactcag gacattgaaa tagctgacat ttttctttgt gatattcaga     30000
     aatcattgaa cattttgaag agatgcataa tgaaaatgga attgcccagt cactccagac     30060
     ttctaacatt aggtgccagg taggtggcag actccctatg cagctagggg aacagggaat     30120
     ggtgaaacat agatgaaaat taaggactca catttggaca taatgagttg tgagacacac     30180
     acttgcagaa atcaaggagg aagtgggagc tcagaaaatg gatctgagaa ggagaagtca     30240
     atgcatatat aatcagcaag atgataaggt tcagttgaga ttatccatgg agactctgtg     30300
     aagagagctg agagtaccca ccacacaccc tcaggaagtc cagcacttag aaactgatta     30360
     gaggaggacc ctgtagaaag gaggatgagg ggaacactga gaagtagaag gaaaactaga     30420
     agaagttacc aaggccaaga gagaagcatt ctaggaagag atccccttta gctcccatca     30480
     aatgaggctt aaatggatgt aatagaagac gcagcatagt atctattgaa tttgccaaga     30540
     tggaatttgt aacatgatac aaatgtctct gaggatgatg ctaagtagaa aacagtttca     30600
     aacatggcat gattatttaa atagaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     30660
     tatttatgtt tctagactct gagactagta tacaccttct cttggatata ttggtttcca     30720
     aatgctgaca gttaggtggt gagatctggg gtgattcata ccttcttttt aatatatgct     30780
     atactttttt gttcttttta tacattttca atcatttctt gattaattat atgaagtgac     30840
     aaaaatagct agataatgtg gagtccattc atgtcttcat ttcaagtaat cctgttttat     30900
     tgacagacaa tacccaaaat ttgggaaatg atccattaac taatgtattt aactcagtca     30960
     tataatttat tctttttttt attagagtca tgatctcact aatattgctg atatggtttg     31020
     gctgtgtccc cacccaaatg tcatcttgaa ttgtagctcc cataatctcc acctgttacg     31080
     gggggtaccc agtgggaggt aatcaaatca tgtgggcaga tctttcccat actgttcttg     31140
     tggtagtgaa taagtcttat gagatctgat ggttttataa atgtcagttc cctgacacag     31200
     gctgtcttgc ctgctcccat ataagatgtg tcttactcct tctttgcctt ccaccatgat     31260
     tgtggagcct ctaaagctat gtggaactgt gaatacatta gccctctttt ccttggtaaa     31320
     ttaccctgtc tctggtattt ctttatagca gtatgaaaat gaactaacag atttgctcag     31380
     acttgtctca aactccagag ttcaagcaat cctcccaatt ctacctccca aagtgctgaa     31440
     ttacaggcat gagccatcat gctcagccag tcacagaatt tttgcaataa tgggtcttct     31500
     gtttttgtct tgtcctgaca tttctagatt attgcctaga gagaaattac ttcattttga     31560
     accaggtgtg ctataataaa taatgctatc taaaaaaaat ggataacttt aaactccttt     31620
     ggattcatag attgttataa ttccaacagt atcacattct tttccatctc aaaaacctgc     31680
     ctcataacaa atgctccttt tgcaggaata ttaacacagt attttttttc atcaaagaat     31740
     aacacaaaac aagaaggaca gacatgcatg tatgctttgg tatcccagat gaaaatatat     31800
     atatggtgta taggagataa tcacagcatc aaattgagaa aattatgcat ctttagtgac     31860
     ttcacgattt taagatcata gagacacatc tgtggtcaat gaggcaaaat tgacagctgc     31920
     ctgttcttgt gaataaagtt ttgttgaaac actgccaggt tcattcattt acatattgtc     31980
     tgtgtctgct ttttcatgat aaagacagag atgagtggtt gtaacagaaa ctatgttgtc     32040
     tgcaaagcct acaatacttc ctacttggtc ctttacagga aatagttgca gaactctgat     32100
     ttagagtatc tactatgtgc aaataacata ggaaaaagaa atcttttcgt gtgtttaaaa     32160
     ctcagggcag taacaaaatt atcaaaaata ctagaaaagg tttccagaag atagagagat     32220
     aatttccagc agggtgactt cagagattaa caggagaaga atgtaaatga ggcttctttc     32280
     ttaaagcaaa gttgtgaagc aaacataacc ggagaacttg gcccttttct attgagccag     32340
     tgtttcctga aggaggtgtt ccattttctt gatgagagct cctgagggca tgctcatcta     32400
     tgactaatca aatgcacatc agtccactca aggttctaag aaggtctgca gaaataaatg     32460
     cagaaattct caaatgcata agaagtcatg aaatagaggc tggggtatga tctcgtaact     32520
     atgcagaatg aagcaatatt ttgggaatag gagtgcaata ttctgggaga gttggaactt     32580
     gagagaaatt ctatgtagcc aggaaatgaa gttctagatg gatggttgaa tgttggcaaa     32640
     aaaagcagac ctcagaaact attacatcca gctggctaaa tgacccactt aaaaaatcaa     32700
     ttatatggcc aggcatggtg gctcaggcct ctaatcccag cacttttggg aggctgagga     32760
     gggtggatca tgaggtcagg agatcgagac catcctggct aacatggtga aaccctgtct     32820
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaaa attagatggt tgtggtggcg ggtacatgta gtcccagcta     32880
     ctcgggaggc tgaagtagga gaatgaaaaa aaaatacaaa aaacaaaaaa tcaatagtat     32940
     tcacttctta aaatctgtgc aacaatgttg aaatacttgc attgaaggaa catataacag     33000
     tagtttctat agctgacagg aagtcaaatt agaaaaactt gaccatgcct tacacaaatt     33060
     tccctgtctc tcttctctct agttactacc ctgccttaaa ttctaccaaa ataatttgaa     33120
     gctgtgagtt gtttttgcat acacattttt tttttttttt tggatcttgg atcactgcaa     33180
     tctccacttc ctgagttcaa tcaattctcc tgcctcagcc tcctaagtag ttgagattac     33240
     aggtgaatgc caccatgcct ggctaatttt tgtagtttta gtagagatgg gggtttcacc     33300
     atgttggtca ggctgttctt gaactcctga ctttgtgatc tgctagcttc atcctcccaa     33360
     agttctggga ttacaggcat gaaccaccac gcatggcctg cataggtctt aaacaaatga     33420
     ttattgacct catacccaaa gccagtttat aatgaacaaa cttgaggtag actaattcaa     33480
     ctaggaacac aaaattgatc cctgtataga tagaaatgat tattggaaat tctggacaat     33540
     aaactaagat ttggagtaaa aatgacaggt ctaaatattg gaaatggtaa gtaaaaatta     33600
     gatttatttg cagatactct gactgctgta aaagcatgat gatctgtttt tgaagattga     33660
     tagaactgat ttgttctaaa atattttaat accttttgta tatgccagat ataagtaata     33720
     cagtaagaaa taaaaatatt taagtggtct taaagtaata aaatatggat tgtaaaatat     33780
     gttgagatgt actctctaca ggggacaaat ttctatcagc ccatatacat atacatatat     33840
     acatatatgg gctaaatttc tgcattaaga aaagcaatgt gtcttcattt tgttttattt     33900
     ttaaattaaa ttttaagtta tggaatacat gtgtaggatg tgcaggtttg tttcataggt     33960
     aaacatgtgt catggtggtt tgcttcaact gtccttctgt cacctaggta ttcagcccca     34020
     tattcattag cgatttatct ggatgttctc cctcccccaa acccctctga caggcaccat     34080
     tgtgtattgt tcccctctat gtgtccatgt gttctcattc ttcaacttcc acttataaat     34140
     gaaaacatgc agtgtttaat tttctgttcc tgtgttagtt tgccaaggat aattgattcc     34200
     agctccatcc atgtccctgc aaaggacaag atctagttcc ttgttatggc tgcatagtat     34260
     tccatagtgt atatgtacca catcttcttt atccagtcta tatttgatga gcatttggat     34320
     tggttctatg tctttgctat tatgaagaat tctgcaatga acatacatac atgcatgtat     34380
     ctttgtaaca gaataatcta cattatttga gtatatatcc agtattggga ctgctgcatc     34440
     aaaaggtgtt tctggtccta ggtctttcag gaatcagcac actgtctacc acaatgtttg     34500
     aacaaattta cattcccacc aacagcgtaa aatcattcct atttctccac agccttgcca     34560
     gcatctgttg tttcttgagt tttttttttt ttatatctat atgtatatat gtactttaac     34620
     ttctagggta catgtacaca acgtgcaggt ttgttacata tgtattcctg tgtcatgttg     34680
     gtgtgcaccc attaactcgt catttacatt aggcatatct cctaatgtta tccctcctca     34740
     ctcccccgca ccccatgaca ggccccagtg tgtgatgttc cccttcctgt gtccaagagt     34800
     tctcattgtt caattcccac ctatgagtga gaacatgtgg tgtttggctt tttgtccttg     34860
     cgatagtttg ctgagaatga tggtttccag cttcatccat gtccctaaaa aggacatgaa     34920
     ctcatccttt tttatggctg tgtagtattc catggtgtgt atatgccaca ttttcttaat     34980
     ccattctatc attgatcgac atttgggttc gttccaagta ttggctattg tgaatagtgc     35040
     cacagtgaat ataagtgtgc atgtgtcttt atagcagcat gaattataat caaattcttc     35100
     catttgtttg tatcctcttt tattttgttg agcagtggtt tgtagttctc cttaaagagg     35160
     tccttcacat cccttctaag ttggattcct aggtatttta ttatctttga gcaattgtga     35220
     atgggatgtc acacatgatt tggctctctg tttgtctgtt attgctgtat aagaatgctt     35280
     gtgatttttg cacattgatt ttgtattctg agactttgct gaagttactt aacagcttaa     35340
     ggagaggagt tttctaaata tacaatcatg tcatctgcaa agagggacaa tttgacttcc     35400
     tctttcctaa ttgaataccc tttatttcct tctcctgtct gactgccctg ggcagaactt     35460
     ccaacactat gttgaataag agttgtgagg gagggcatcc ctgtcttgtg ccagttttca     35520
     aagggaatgc ttccagtgtt tacccattca gtataatatt ggctgtggat ttgtcataga     35580
     tagctattat tattttgaga tacgttccac caatacctaa tttattgaga gtttttagca     35640
     tgaagggctg ttgaaatttg tcaaaggcct tttctgcatc tattgagata atcctgtggt     35700
     ttttgttttt ggttctgttt atatgctgga ttacatttat tgctttgtgt atgttgaacc     35760
     agccttgcat cacaggtatg aagcccactt gatcatggtg gataagattt tgatgtacta     35820
     ctggattcag tttgccagta ttttattgag gatttttaca tcaatgttca tcatggatat     35880
     tggtctaaaa ttctcttttt gtgttgtgtc tcttccaggc tttggtatca agatgatgct     35940
     ggcctcataa aatgagttag ggaggattcc ctctttttct attgattgca atagtttcag     36000
     aagaaatggt accagttcct ccttgtacct ctggtagaat ttggctgtga atctgtctgg     36060
     tcctggactt tttttggttg gtaggctatt aattattgtc tcaatttcag aacctgatat     36120
     tgttctattt agggattcaa attcttcctg gtttagtctt gggaaggtat atgtgtccag     36180
     gaatttatcc atttcttcta gattttctag tttatttgca tagagctgtt taccatattc     36240
     tctgatggta gtttttattt ctgtgggatc agtggtgata tcccctttat catttttatt     36300
     gcatctattt gattcttctc ttttttcttc tttattagtc ttgctggtgg tctatcaatt     36360
     ttgtagatct tttcaaaaaa accagcccct ggattaattg attttttgaa aggctttttg     36420
     tgtttctatc tccttcattt ctgctatgat cttaggtctt gccttctgct accttttgaa     36480
     tgtgtttgct cttgcttctc tagttctttt aattgtgatg ttagggtgtc aatttcagat     36540
     ctttcctgct ttttcctgtg ggcatttagt ggtataagtt tccctctaca cactgctttg     36600
     aatgtatccc agatactgtg gtatgttgtg tcttttttct aattggtttc aaagaacatc     36660
     tttatttctg ccttaatttc attatgtact cagtagtcat tcaggagcag gttgtttcag     36720
     tttccatgtg gttgagcagt tttgagtgag tttcttaatc ctgagttcta gtttgattgc     36780
     actgtggtct gagagacagt ttgttataat ttctgttctt ttacatttgc taaggagtgt     36840
     tttacttcca actatgtggt caattttgga ataagtgtga tgtggtgctg agaagaatgt     36900
     atattctgtt gatatggggt ggagagttct gtagatgtct attaagtcta cttggtacag     36960
     agctgagttc aattcttgga tatgcttgtt aactttctgc cacattgatc tgtctaatgt     37020
     tgacagtggg gtgttaaaga ctcccattat tattgtgtga gagtctaagt ctctttgtat     37080
     gtctctcagg acttccttta tgaatctggc tcctcctgtg ttgggtgcat atatatttag     37140
     gatagttagc tcttcttgtt gaattgatcc ctttgctatt atgtaatggc cttctttgtc     37200
     tcttttgatc tttgttggtt taaatcctgt attgtcagag actaggatta caacccctgc     37260
     cttttattgt tttccatttg cttggtagat tttcctcctt ccctttattt tgagcctatg     37320
     tgtgtctctg cacatgagat ggatctctgg aatacagcac actgatgggt cttgactctt     37380
     tatccaattt gccagtctgt gtcttttaat tggagcattt agcccatttg caatttgcta     37440
     tgtgtgaatt tgatcctgtc attatgatgt tagctggtta ttttgctcga tagttgatgc     37500
     agtttcttcc tagcatcaat ggtctataca atttggcatg tttttgtggt gactggtact     37560
     ggtttttcct ttccatgttc agtgcttcct tcaggagctc ttgtagggca ggactggtgg     37620
     tgaaaaaaat ctctcagcat ttgcttgtct gtaagttttt tttttttctc cttcactttt     37680
     gaagcttagt ttggctggat atgaaattct gggttgaaaa tccttttctt taagaatgtt     37740
     gaacattggc caccactctc ttctagcttg tagagtttct gccgagagat ctgctgttaa     37800
     tctgatggac ttccctttgt gagtaacccg acctttctct cttactgccc ttaacatttt     37860
     ttacttcatt tcaattttgg tgaatctgac aattatgtgt cttggagttg ctcttctcga     37920
     gcagtatgtt tgtggcattc tctgtatttc ctgactttga atgttgtcct gccttgttag     37980
     attggggaag ttctcctgga taatatcctg cagagtgttt tccaacttgg ttccaatctc     38040
     cctgtcactt tcaggtacac caatcagaca tagatttggt ctttgcacat agtcccacat     38100
     ttcttggagg ctttattcat ttctttttac tcttttttct ctaaacttct cacttcattt     38160
     cattcatttg atcttcaatc actgctaccc ttttttccag ttgatcaaat ctgctactga     38220
     agtttgtgca tttgtcacat agttctttac catggttttg agttccatca ggtcatttaa     38280
     ggacttctct acactgttta ttctagttag ccatttgtct catctttttt caaggttttt     38340
     agcttctttg cagagggttc aaacttcctc tgttagcttg gagaagtttg atcatctgaa     38400
     gccttctatc aactcgtcaa agtcattctc tgtccagctt tgttccattg ctggtgagga     38460
     gctgcattcc tttggagagg gagaggcact ctgattttta gaattatcag cttttctgct     38520
     atgttttttc tccatgttta tggttttatc taccttcggt ctttgaggat ggtgacgtgt     38580
     ggctggggtt tttgtgtgga tgtcctttct gtttgttagt tttccttcta acagtcagga     38640
     ccctcagctg caggtctgtt ggagtttgct ggaggtccac tccaggccct gttttcctgg     38700
     gtagcagcag cggaggctgc agaacagcaa atatttctga acagcaaatg ttcctgcctg     38760
     atcattcctc tggaagcttc atctcagagg ggtacccggc tatgtgaggt attagtctgc     38820
     acctactgag ggatggcccc cagttagtct acttgggggt cagggagcca cttaaggagg     38880
     cagtctgata gttctcagat ctcaaactgc attctgggag aaccaatact ctcttcaaat     38940
     ctgtcagaca gggacattta agtctgcaga tgtttcttct gccttttatc cggctatgcc     39000
     ctgtccccag aggtggagtc tacagaggca ggcaggcccc cttgagctgt ggtgggctcc     39060
     accaatttcg agcttcctgg ccattttgtt tacctactca agcttcagca atggtgggca     39120
     tccctccccc agccttgctg ctgccttgcg gtttgatctc agactgctgt gctagcaatg     39180
     agtgaggctc tgtgggcatg ggaccctcca agccatgtgc aggatataat ctcctggtgt     39240
     gccattttct aagactgctg gaaaactgca gtattagggt ggtagtgacc caattttcca     39300
     ggtgccatct gtcacagctt cccttggcta ggaaagggaa ttccctgacc ctttgtgatt     39360
     cccaggtgaa gtgatgcctt gccctgattt agctcacact cgctgggctg cacccactgt     39420
     cctgcaccca ctgtctgaca aggccccatg agatgaaccc agtacttcaa ttggaaatgc     39480
     agaaatcact ggtcttctgc gtcactcatg ctaggagctg tagattggag ctgttcctat     39540
     tcagccatct tggaaccacc ctctctttcc tgagttttta atgattgcaa ttctgactgg     39600
     catgagatgg tatctcattg tggttttgat tttcatttac ctaatgatca gtgatgttga     39660
     gcattttttc atgtactttt tggccacata aatgtcttct tttgagaact gtctgttcat     39720
     gtcctttaat caaattttaa tgcagttgtt tgttttcttc tcgtgaattt gattaagttt     39780
     cttgtagatt ctggatataa gatctttgtc agatgaatag gttgcaaaag ttttctccca     39840
     ttacataggt tgtctgttca atctgataat agtttctttt gttgtgaaga agctctttag     39900
     tttaattaca tcccatttgg tcaatgtttg cttgggttgc aattgctttt gaggttttta     39960
     tcataaaata tttgcccatg cctatgtctt aaacagtatt gcctagcttt ttatagtttt     40020
     gggctttaca ttgaggtctt taatccatct tgatttgatt tttgcataag atataaggaa     40080
     gcagtctagt ttcaatcttc tgcatatgac tagtcagttt tcccagcacc atttgcttgt     40140
     ttttgtcagg ttggtttaaa atcaattggt tgtaaatgtt ttgtcttatt tctgagatct     40200
     ctattctgtt ccactggtct ataaattact ttgggctgta tgaccattac catgatattg     40260
     attcgtccta cctatgggca tgaaatattt atgtcctttc tgatttcctt gtagttctcc     40320
     ttgaagaggt ccttcacttc ccttggtagc tgtatttcta gatattttac tattttctta     40380
     gcaattgtga atgggagttc attcatgatt tggctctctt cctgtctatt tttggtgtgt     40440
     agaaatgcta gtcatttttg cacactgatt ttgtatcctg agaatttgct gaagtttctt     40500
     atcagcttaa gaagcttttt gcctgagaca gtggagtttt ctagatatgg gatcatgtcc     40560
     tcttcaaaca gagacaattt tacctcctct cttcctgttt gaatagcctt tttttttttc     40620
     tcttgcctga ttgacctgga cagaacttcc aatactatgt tgaatacaag tggcgaggga     40680
     aggtgtcctt ttctatgaca ttaatagact agatcgtctt cccctctgag tctataggcc     40740
     agctaaaata tgaatataaa taaataatat aacaataaat aaatattcta tatataacac     40800
     acacacgcgt gtgcacacac acacatatat atgcatatgt atatatatgt acatgtgtat     40860
     atatatgtac atatatatgt acatatatat atgtacatat atatgtacat atatatatgt     40920
     acatatatat gtacatatat atatgtacat atatatatat gtatgtgcat atatatatat     40980
     atgtagagag agacagattg agagagagag agagagagac agccatgggg aactattaag     41040
     tttttgtgtg gggaaatgac atgatccgat ttttgtttca gaaaattctc tctgactctt     41100
     tagaaaaaac tctgactgca gagactagaa cacattatag ctgatgtgtc ctagagccag     41160
     aaaggccaaa aaggaggaag tgtttgctgt aaagaggaaa attttttaaa aattctacat     41220
     cctaattctg aaaaatgagg acatatgttt ttagttaaat ccctctgatg tcctaggagc     41280
     cttaaaaagt tcaaggaaca tctaggatgg ctatgggctc ctaggaaatg ttctttctcg     41340
     atgatcttta tatatggaaa tacatgtttc cttctgcaag ttcatgaggg aggctctatg     41400
     ccagtctagg gcatgtctac gtgactccca gaagcaagtg gtagaacgac cctcattttg     41460
     agttctgaaa ttcctgctct tgcaatcagt gctcgactca gaggccaggg tatttctcta     41520
     aaaatataaa ccatagcatg ctctctgctg ctaagcctat tgatgtttga ccaggtcctt     41580
     gcccactcac tgcctggaca aaggtgaacg ttgagacaga ggtaaagtaa gaattcaatt     41640
     actgcaggca actgagcaag gaagaaagga gatatttctc aaagccacct ccttgaaact     41700
     tcagaggctg gggtttttaa gttgatttgg caagcagagg tatgaggagg agggtgctgc     41760
     tgattggtct gagatgaatt cagaggggtg ttgactgtct ttatgcactg aatcaattcc     41820
     tgggaagaga ggaagtcaca acactagtca gttccttggt tgggtttaca ggccactggt     41880
     ctggttgatg tcagttgacc aatttgcaag acaggtctaa aaatatctca aaggccagtt     41940
     ttaggtttac aatacctctt gttactgcaa gttactgtgg aaggcaagct gggaaacagt     42000
     gacaggttat cgttcactct gcctggaata tagcagaaaa gttttcaggg gtgatagttc     42060
     cagtaatcaa agctgcctga gacccctttg gcaagctaaa attctggaag ctattaaata     42120
     gttctgcaag atctaagaat cattgttctt taaaacaaaa caaaaaaaaa tgtccattaa     42180
     tcttgcaagc agcctgccca ggggctagga cagcaagaca atcaattatt ggtgactacc     42240
     atttattaaa ttactatgaa caatcaatca tacatggagg aggaaaatat cagagagaaa     42300
     ggaaaatatg ttgctgaaaa tcatgcacct accataattt taattttgtg gtcttttaat     42360
     tccgtgaagg cagtttcaga cctctccaac aatgtgcagc tatttgtaaa atacaatgga     42420
     aacacttagc cctggtttat gtaactctat tttttgacct gattgtctta tcctttacac     42480
     tgtctttgtc cactataaaa gctgacttca gaaacttcat ggaaatgttt tgttatgaaa     42540
     aaattatgca tggatttaca tttttgttgt ttttttcaca aagataaact cttactagct     42600
     tgtaataaca tgtgtgaaca gagtcaagtt tgaggcttta agaaagacaa gacatcagtt     42660
     tgaaaagagc ccctatcaga acaatatgca ttccactaca attaaagaaa gaacaaacat     42720
     caaatttatg gtgaggtttg ggtggaagaa gggtgaaatc atggatgttt tatgaaagat     42780
     ttatcaggaa aatgcagcaa agaaaccagc agtttacaaa tggacaactc attttaagaa     42840
     gggataagat aatgttgaag ataaagcttg cagtgtaaga tcatccacat aaatttgaaa     42900
     ggaaacatta atcttgaatg tgccctaatt aaaaaggacc cgatgattaa aaacagaaac     42960
     aatagccaac accatagaca tctcaactga ctcagcttac acaattctaa ctgaaaaatt     43020
     aaagttgagc aaactttcca gaagatgggt gccaaaattg ttgcatatgg atcagctgaa     43080
     gacaagagca gagctttcca tggaaatttt aaacatgtga cattaagttt ctgaagcatt     43140
     tgtctgaaga atcattacag gagagaaaac atagctttac tagtaccatc ctgaaggcaa     43200
     aacacaatca gagcaatggc tatgaagaga tggaaagggt tccatcaacg caaaaatgga     43260
     tgagacaaga acaaagatcg tggcaacagt ttttttgaat gatcaaggca ttttacttgt     43320
     agacattttg gaaggacaaa ggacaataac atctgcttat tatggaagta tttgagaaaa     43380
     ttagccaaag atttagcaga aagatgccca agaaaacttc accagagagc cctcctccac     43440
     cactgcaatg cttctataca gagctcagtc ctgcagaccc tgactcagtg atgaatgaat     43500
     aatgtacacc catacagata ttatgcctgt cagtctggct gagggtccag gctacttaca     43560
     gactgcaagg cgtgtgctgt cagccataga ccccgacttg ctggccttct gacatttatt     43620
     cagtacacat taaatgatga aagtctccag taaataccat tagagggtaa tcatcctgac     43680
     caccttactc acccctcgct ccaagattgc tatcctgccc acaagtgatc aaaggttagt     43740
     tttagaacca catgagtaac aagctattta gataaactac tctatattcc tatgtttatt     43800
     ccccttgctg tagctcaaag aggattaggc tgccctcagc cataactatc gtgaagcttt     43860
     tgcaaaacct tttggccttc taagaaggtt tgtgttttaa tttatagttt tccccatcat     43920
     tctgactgaa cccctacact tctactcatt cctctcatga aacgagggaa attctgtaag     43980
     agtttcaatg agaaataatt aggcatccat cttaccatct gatctggttc cttttgactt     44040
     ctattttgtc aaaggacacc gatttttctt cagttaatta tgtaaaaaat atgacattga     44100
     catgggcaaa ttccaagggt ctcagttcct tagggatgaa ctaaaatggc tgatattatc     44160
     acttacagaa cttgaacttg atggagatta agttgagaaa taaagtgtaa ttttttaact     44220
     tttatatttt aattccattt ttccatgaac tttttgaagt cccctgatat gtaactgcag     44280
     aggaattctt tatatgtatt caacaaataa gccacttccc actgacaggc ctttaccctg     44340
     gctgtacctt tcacctggag agagaactgt cttacccaat tccagccctg acttcacaaa     44400
     ggatcacact tggacatggg atatttctca gggtctgtct cttctggttt tcttctagcc     44460
     aagtcttaaa tctctccact acatagcatc cagaactatt tttcttttct atgctttatt     44520
     tagaagagtg ttcattgttt attttttcca ttgctacttt caaatctgcc tgtgtgagta     44580
     aacagtggca aagaagatat cctctttccc acagattgtg caactaagaa aggacatctt     44640
     cataactaca aaataagtga atgaaggaca agctagacaa tttctcacca gcttctccat     44700
     gtggtcttcc aaaagaaatt attgataaag tcctgctaac ttcctacttc tactttttaa     44760
     ctccatttcc aaatgtagtt tgtgatatga cttgggaggc cttgtgatgt aagcattact     44820
     cacaatatct catttttata tttttggtgg ctgttttgtt tttttttttg tgttgagaaa     44880
     aactcttact ccatcaccca ggctggagtt caatggtgca atctcagctc actgcaactt     44940
     ctgcctccca tgttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcacac tgagtagctg ggactgtggg     45000
     tatgccccac cacacctctc taatttttgt attttttact agagatgggg ttttatcatg     45060
     ttagccaggt tggtctcaaa ctcctgacct caggtgatcc actcgcctca gcctcccaaa     45120
     gttctggcat tacaggcatg agccaccaca tctggcctta gtggctgttt tgaatacata     45180
     gatccataag agtgttttag catgaactct gcaaaagcaa tatgccattg tctctcccat     45240
     ttacctgtaa gtaaaaaagg acagttccat gttctttgtg tcactcaaaa atagcatctc     45300
     tggtattgtg tgtgtttttt gggagtctat agatcatgat aaacagcaga gatggaaaat     45360
     caacatttga ttcccacttt cccttccaat ggcagcactg tttagcctgt attcacagaa     45420
     tatctgcctg tgaatcctga ctgttctatc tctcccatga ggtacaccat acagtctagt     45480
     catttctgtc atttgtcctt gtaatgtgtt gaataatctc tccattcaga caagtccacc     45540
     cagaacctgt agatgggaac ttatatggaa aaggggtcgt tacagatgaa attcagttga     45600
     agattttgtg attagggtga gtcttcaatg ccatgacttt ataaaagaag agaagataca     45660
     cagaggagaa gaccacatgg aaatggagat accagctgga gtgatgatgc cacaagcaaa     45720
     ggacaactgg aatcaacagg agcggaatag ggaaaataga tcctttccct agagcctctg     45780
     gagggaactt gaccctatct actccttgat ctcagacttc ttgtctccag aagtgagaga     45840
     atatttatct gttgtttatg ttacacagcc tttggtaaat agtaatggaa tctttaggaa     45900
     atgaatactg atctgtggta taattataaa ttttactcca tatctcacct cttttatgaa     45960
     cacttacatt tgacttttag ttccaattac tgaataaaag acttggtaat caaggtagtc     46020
     aaatagagga tggaaattca gatactgtcc tgcaagtgag ggagattttg tttagaggag     46080
     tgagccactt gaaattccac tccttaggtg agataatgag tcccccagag agctctccca     46140
     gacccctggg ttaataagca catgttaaag gtgaactata ggtattcctc ctctaacatg     46200
     ggccttccat gaatgagtag actgtataag tgcctccgat attggtgggt aggtagatgt     46260
     tcctagttca ttttcaaaca gataaataag tttttaaaat taattttagt aaagggagaa     46320
     ataacctcta atggtaaatt ctaagagact tatgtctgta atgggtacgt cagaagatgc     46380
     ctacattaat tttgttaaat tgatgacctt ccaagccaga gttaaagtat cctaaaatgc     46440
     cgagatgaag ataattaaac tatgaagttt tgaggaggta tatataacgt tctatttcct     46500
     aataagtagg aattagaaga ccaaaataaa gaatcatttg attttgcatt tttttagtga     46560
     agttatgaga aattagtgta agagaagaag ttctcaaagc agtgcccaca ttatcaaaat     46620
     cagtctcacc tgaaacctag ttagaaaagc atattctcaa gtcccacccc aagcagactt     46680
     gctaaatcaa acactctgga ttaggaccca gaaacttgca cttaaacaaa ctttactaga     46740
     gatgcagatg cacagcctct gctagaataa ggctaacatg aaaccattta cttttccagc     46800
     tctgtgagta gtttcacaga gaatgtgaca actatataaa aagattataa tttttacttt     46860
     ttggagagtt gaatcagtaa ccttcaaata gtttcttaaa gagacagact attgggaaat     46920
     ctgcatttta ttattaaatc ttagtgataa caagttgtca gtgagtaaat ttaatgtggc     46980
     caaaacctgg ctggggaaaa tggctgcagg agagcccatt gctaatcatg tccccaggga     47040
     aaacctggaa tcagtgctga gttttgccaa cctgaaggag ttgatagtag ccttgtccct     47100
     aaattggctg cacagtctgc tttagaggag aaattaacat gttccaaaag gatgacttca     47160
     attttcattt ggagccacac cctgggagat gcaaagccat gtgtctctgt tgaatataca     47220
     ggtgacctgg agaaggagtg tgggtgaact ccagagaaac agtgaaaatt ttactctccc     47280
     ttctctcttg atttccagaa aagaatgaga ccactatgct ccatgtcccc aatttccaaa     47340
     gcttatttag atttcaaaaa tgatttgaag acccagccat gtgtgttgca agaagcctat     47400
     tgactttact actggtgaca gtcctggccc tagtgaaaaa ggaagcaaca caaaattaag     47460
     ttatcccctc aataatgaca gaattgcaat cagagaatga aatttgtttt ctcatctgat     47520
     tatacccaaa aggctacatt cagatgagcc atctctccat tttgcagaag agaaaatctt     47580
     ataaaatgtt tatgtgaggg tgttgaggga gttctttgac acaggagagt cattggatag     47640
     caggaaagca gatgtgaaag ttagacttct gagtaaagtg agaatgaaga taagatagac     47700
     ttgaaacagg atatttcgag aaaattgaaa tgcaaaagtg aatcctttcc tttgacttat     47760
     ttataataga aaacaaaata aagagaatct tagaaatctt gaatattcac atttagttta     47820
     agtaaataat aaaatatttt ccagaaactt gtaaataaca tagaaacata acatagcatt     47880
     ttctctctgt ctttctctct ctgtatccct gtctctctgt ttctctctgt atttctatct     47940
     ctctttctct aacacacacc tgtccattta atataggtag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     48000
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag gaaggaagga agaaagaaag     48060
     gttgagtggg gtatttacaa tgtggtacat ttgattttga ctgtttttga cattcttatt     48120
     ctgaaaaatg atataacttt gaaattaatt atgtttacac acccatacat actcttcaca     48180
     taggcaattg gtgtgaaaat gtgtccagtg agtctaaaaa taataaaact gtgtaatgtg     48240
     aaatgtggag gagcattgta gaatgcatat taaaacaaaa taaccataaa gatagattct     48300
     agcacagaat gcctggattc caatcctttg ataggatttc aaagtgaaat gagataaaat     48360
     gactggagag agagaatgat gataacttta gacactaagg caattcccag gatgtgttca     48420
     gtgtgacaca ttgcacatgg accttaagca aatgcacaat ggtcagttgg gctcagggga     48480
     tttctagggt ggactagccc tagcttgggt ttagaagaag cttgacagag cctctctcct     48540
     agccatacat ctatcaatct gggaacagca aaaatgcact cagtgggatt taggactttt     48600
     ccccaaagca ttagagacac agagctctat cggtcatctc tgaattctct gagttcccat     48660
     gtcttgtctt aagattcttg ttggtttggc ttcttttttc ttgctttgtc caataattcc     48720
     accagcttct tacgttcttg gttaatgaag taacccatga ctatctcagc actcaagttt     48780
     gtccctattg attgatacct gtaacttcta gctatctgat ttttccacaa atcccccaat     48840
     acacatctac accagttttt gaatctactt tttttttttt ctccaaggtt accaatgacc     48900
     tcaggaaatg cagtcagatc caattatctc ctcttagtcc accactggca ttacagtatt     48960
     tgactctatt cacccgcatc tcagtttcaa ggcgtagctc tgtggcttta aatctgttcg     49020
     ccttcttcat tgacttcagt ttatccaaca atttttataa gtcagcattt cccaaagctg     49080
     tgcttgaatt cagcctgtgc ctctaaactc tgctttctgt gggttcccaa tcatccctat     49140
     agcttctacc atgagttctt tgctgctaag tccctaatat gtgtttcttt gctctcattt     49200
     ctaaaagcca aacacttaca cctgtaactc agcacttcta aaattaaatt cgtgactgcc     49260
     ttctctattt ttgcagtctg gattgattat cagtgttctc tagtttaata ataaacccat     49320
     ggaataccgc ggagccataa aacaataatt ttattaggta aatatatatt aatcatattt     49380
     ttattttaaa atacatgctg agttagcaca ttgcatttat tttcaggaat gtctgtaaaa     49440
     cacttttaaa ttctttcttt ctttttggag atggagtttt gctgttgccc agcgtgtagt     49500
     gcagtagtgg gaatctcagc tcactgaaat ctctgtttgt tgggagacaa tcaatgagac     49560
     cagtgtccag tgtgtatcag gaatggtggc atgctttcta ttactggtct cctcatttgt     49620
     gtgcattcac ccctcacact ttccttattc taaaaagtct tttataaatc ttgaagttct     49680
     tcaccttttg cagcccaggg ccatttctcc aggtttgcag cacaagtgat gcagcagacc     49740
     atcaagggag acatccagta atgcgtgagt acgtcttctg ccctgaattc tactctgcta     49800
     ccacttgggt gaattaagtt gcctacaatg atggtacccc tagatctagt gactcagcca     49860
     actcaagcac aggagtatga ttacattcac ctgggatagt gattctgaca tgcagccaag     49920
     ataatggatc taccaccatg aaggaagagc cattaaacaa tggctagtag gccaaatccc     49980
     tctggccatc tgttccttta gggaccactg actaggaata tattttcata tttttgaaat     50040
     gattgggaaa ataatcaaaa ggaggctcat gtttcatgat gataaaaatt atacaacata     50100
     caaatttcag tgtgcataaa tgggaacact accatatttg tttatcttca tattgcctgt     50160
     agccgccttc tccatatgac agcaaggttg agtagttgca gcagagactt cacccatctt     50220
     caaggttttc tcacctctca ctctcaaggt tttgtgcaca atgtatgaaa tatttgctca     50280
     tgacttttcc tactttctta aacattttgg tttctacttg gttttaaaga agatcaacct     50340
     tggccctgga tttcctagtt aaatatagac aacctagatt aattgtatca taacattatc     50400
     tcccctaagc tgtctgatgg gccaggaatg ttgcagtaag taaactcatg catcttttct     50460
     ggacatgaat caagaagcag tgaacttgga agggaccttg ggccatcaag ggagttagct     50520
     ttaagatgac tgaaacaaca gcaggtaggg cagtgtgagg aaaaaaacca agcacttggt     50580
     tcataaagga gttgctggat gaagttttcc ctgaaggatg accaaccttt gaactttcca     50640
     tttagtgttg tcagaactag tagataatat aacatgacca gttgtattta aattttagat     50700
     aaacaacaga gaactcttca gtataagtgt tgtaaaaata agtaactcaa aatcaaagct     50760
     gttggaactt tttttttttt tttgaaactt aaaggaatgt ggttatggga actaagtctc     50820
     ctgacaggca gctttaacct aggcagcttc aacctttgtt ctgctgatca tagaataccc     50880
     tttgctttac ctacattgtc ttgtaaaata ttgtgaatta ctaaagggca acagagaaga     50940
     tcccttccca ctgcactgtt gattttcctt gtgaattaac ttatctcttg cttctcatgc     51000
     acaaagatct cacaattacc acattatcta agatgaaata ttaaatatac ttttaattta     51060
     gaaaagggaa ggaaagcagc tgtaagttag ctgtatgtaa gtttgaccaa attgatgaaa     51120
     ctcttttata ccggattctg atccttttga tgattttagg ttgacagtat gttgtatgtt     51180
     agtgtgtatt tacatgtgta tatatgtata ggtacatata ttcatatata tgtgtgcatg     51240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcactaagc tcttatttgt tcccctactg actgttttta     51300
     tttatttgga taacatcttg aacctcttgt tactacctgt tattactgtt cagaagtttg     51360
     gcagcaaaag cagatgttga actcaattaa taattctaac cttacataaa tgctaaactt     51420
     tcagtagata aacttggacc cattatgtat ttttagagaa gaagtcatgt gccaaaacac     51480
     ctagatgtgt taacttttca gcgaaacctt atcagaatca cttatcaaag aaaatatgtg     51540
     gcacaactcc ctggacttgc catttaaaaa cccacgatct ttatatgtaa tatgtatata     51600
     taatacatat ttatttaacc catgaattat atgtaaggtg tttcactaac agactttctt     51660
     tctataatca accatatttc ttggtatcaa ggtatatcct gtagcctgat tttcatgtcc     51720
     cataactttt gagtgggtaa ttgtaactga tcatagctca ttatgcagtc ttctggaggc     51780
     tgctgttttt caacatttta tccaatgaat atttgcataa aaagagtaga ctaaatatcc     51840
     caattttgct taaaaaatgc acacagaatt caggaggtga agagtcacag ggataagaag     51900
     ccacacttag tctatgtaaa taattcattt ggttgaggga aaggagatga atgaataaaa     51960
     acaatctaac tctggagaat aattctcata cataaatgga tgaagaatat gaacagacac     52020
     ttctcaaaag aggatattta tgcatgcgac caacacgaaa agaagctcat catcactgat     52080
     aattagagaa gtgcaaatca gaactacaat gaaataccat ctaattgcag ttagaacagt     52140
     gaccattaaa aactcaggaa acaacagaag ctggagagga tgtggggaaa taggaatgct     52200
     tttacactgt ttgtaggagt gtaaattagt tcaaccacta tggaaaactg tgtggtaatt     52260
     cctcaaagat ctagaatgag aaataccatt tgacccacca atctcattac tgagtatgta     52320
     cccaagggat tataaatcat tctactataa agacacatgc acacacatat ttactgcagt     52380
     actatttaca atagcaaaga cttggaacca atccaaatgc caatcaatga tagaatggat     52440
     taaaaaaaag tggcacattt acaacatgga atactatgca gccataaaaa agaatgagtt     52500
     catgcctttt tcaggaacat ggatgaagat ggaagccatc attctcagca aactaacaca     52560
     ggaacagaaa accaaacacc tcatgttctc actcatgggt gggagttgaa caatgagaac     52620
     atattgacac aggaagggga acatcatact ggggtctgtc ggggggtggg ggtcaagggc     52680
     agggagagga tttggacaaa tacctaatgc ctgtggggca taaaacctag acggattttc     52740
     atagaatatg cattgctgat ggcctgaaat gatcttgtaa aagccaaggt ttcaaacttg     52800
     atagctctaa gttatttaag gtaacatgta acagcaaagt atttattacc agcagaaatt     52860
     gtttctccaa aggaaaataa attatatata agactccatt aaaatagaat agtttttaaa     52920
     agaagaataa aaggggtagt atacagaaac attgagttat aacaaatttt ggcttctata     52980
     tatactgatg gctctcaaat agaaatattt cacgtaccta gatgtgtgca tgtgtaagag     53040
     tgtctgcctg tgttctgtct gatgttttca agttaatttg tctgaatgtt ttgtaaaatt     53100
     aaaataaaat attataataa gtccattgtt tcattgctta aatacacaat atttaatagg     53160
     attagttaag aaaaaaaagc ttccattaat tgaaaatacg tttgaagagt acaaggaaaa     53220
     ggagagtttc tcttctgaga caaacatttc ttatctcaaa aatgggaagt aattagggct     53280
     ttgggatttt gttaggtaaa tttatattaa tcatattttc attttaaaaa tatatgctga     53340
     gttagcacat cacatttatt ttcagaaact tctataaaac ccttttaatt gctttcttta     53400
     tttcgtttct gagatggaag tttgctgtca cccagcgtgg agtgccgtgg tgggatctca     53460
     gatctctgca atctctgcct tctgggttca aggcattctg cttcagcctc ctgagtagct     53520
     aggattacag gcatatgcca ccactcctag ctaattttgt atttttagta gagatgggat     53580
     ttcaccgtgt ttgccaggct gatcttgaac tcctgacctc aaatgatgca cccgccttag     53640
     cctccaaaag tgccaggatt acaaatgtgg gccactgcac ctggcccaaa gacttttaat     53700
     ttcaattatt ccatttttca gatacatgta tgtgtgtgtc tctgtgaagt ctgtatgacg     53760
     gtatatatgt ctgcatctat gtacatatta ttatacagat actcatgggt acagggttgg     53820
     ggatgaggga tgggattact ttttcagagg tcatatggtt tattatacag ccacgctgtg     53880
     atatttcctt atctttctaa ttaataatac cttcaaatgt gcacaagaac aacagcaaga     53940
     tctctgcaaa atcatggtga gaatttatca gtttgcaaat ttaatgaaca agtttcaaag     54000
     agtgtatttt gaggatttta aatggtttaa agatttcaca cttcagcgat ttctctttca     54060
     ttgtcacaaa taatgtaagt tttctcataa atatgtaaaa atgttaaaaa tgtatatgat     54120
     gagtacaaag gttactattg tgtagtaatt tgatgaagac atagagtgct cagatatttg     54180
     attaagcatc attctgggcg agtccctgag ggtgtttctg gctgaaatta gcatttgaat     54240
     tggtacatcg ggtaaagcat attatcttcc ctattgtggg tgcacatcat ctttcccatg     54300
     gaagacctga atataataaa agactgagta agaattattt ctctctgcct gactgttttg     54360
     gaactaaggc actggtcttc ttcctgcctt caaaattgat attgtactga aaataacatc     54420
     attgactctg ctgattcttt ggcttttgga ttgacactgg aacttgcact tgcagctcta     54480
     cagggtctct agtcaaaaga ctggaattca caccattggc ttccttgagt ttcacacctt     54540
     cagacaggaa atcatgccag cagctttctt gagtctcaaa ccttcaaact cagactgtaa     54600
     ctcatacccg cagctctcct gggtttcggg ccttcaggct tagacaaact cacactctca     54660
     gatctcctgg gtctcaggcc ttcagactca gactggaact gacacagttg tctctgctgg     54720
     atctcaggcc tttactctca gactgaaact aacaccctct gctcttctgg gtctcaggcc     54780
     ttccgaccca gactggaatt cacacccttg gttctcctgg atcttgggcc ttcagaccca     54840
     ggtggaactc ataccattgg ctctcttggg tcacaggcct tcagattaga actcacacct     54900
     tcagctctcc tggatctcag gccttcagat gtagactgga acttacactg ctggctctcc     54960
     tggttttcag gccttcatgc cagaactcat accatgggct tccctagctt tctagctttc     55020
     ccactgcaca tctagggact tcactccctc cacaatcata tgaaccaatt ctttatagtt     55080
     aatgtctcta actggccatt aaataaatga taagtatgtt atgtactatt tctaagaaaa     55140
     aaatgtgatt tctaaggaaa atgtttcatt attacttacc agtaatacct ctaattcaaa     55200
     tgagagtata tctgactttt aatgctgata ggctattaat tcaatttata ttcaaaacat     55260
     tgttttatga cttctactaa aatatagacg tgaagaagac agagttaaga ccctagaaga     55320
     gtttaccacc attcaggagg gagatgtggg cacagtgggc catactacca agactaaaga     55380
     acacctaaac cattccacgt ctcagtagct aaccccaaac caagctttag tatatgtgcc     55440
     catgttctga gtctgaatcc caaacaagct cattggttgg aaatgtgttt attatgtctg     55500
     tctctattta attctattct ttctcattcc tttggaagag aagaaagatt agtggtgcaa     55560
     gatgaatgcc aagttgagaa ctacttgact gatattgcac cacttcccca ggaaatgctt     55620
     agcaatgtct agagacaata ttgtttcttg tcataattga agagaaaagg aattactgat     55680
     taaaagacag ggatggtgct aaacatccta caatgctcag aacaaacccc caaaactgaa     55740
     aattgtctgg tctcaagtgt caatactgtt gatcttgaga aactctactg ctgactcaca     55800
     gtggaggaaa cagcaaaaca gaattaataa aaaccttaat taatatgatg ctggtaagaa     55860
     atctaatcag aatttgaaca tcatatcttg cacttattaa ttcatttttt aattatgttt     55920
     tggcttttta tttttatttt ttgaatacat ccttacagag cttcatttat attctagagc     55980
     ctggatatac aaagctaagt aaaatgctca tgcaacactt gaagttcacc agagaaagta     56040
     tatgcatgac aacatgtatt agggtactcc agagaaacag agcaaataag ggatagatag     56100
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagacag acagatagat atagatagat     56160
     gtagagatag atagatggaa agatagaaag atataaatag atatagagat agttataaac     56220
     agacagtagt attagtctgt tttcacactg ctataaaaat actacctgag actgggtaat     56280
     ttatagagga aagtggtata attgactcac agttctgcat ggctggggag gcctcaggac     56340
     acttacaatc atggcagaag gaaaagggaa agcaaggtat gtcttacata gtagtaagag     56400
     agagagaaag caaagggaag tgccacactt taaaaccatc agctctcatg agaactcact     56460
     cccaatcaca agcacagcat ggaagaaact gccttcataa tctgatcacc tcctaccata     56520
     accatccctt agcacatggg gattacaatt caagatgagg tttggatggg gacatggagt     56580
     ccagccatat cagatagata tcaaacatag atatagagat agagagctct aaatagacag     56640
     aaatagatac atagatacag agatatagag atagatagat aaagatatgt aaattaagag     56700
     ataaatgata gatagattta tgatatattg ctgcatgcta ctatgaaggc tgagaattcc     56760
     catgacctgc tatcagcaat gcatacccag gaaacctggc cttgaaattc agcctgagtt     56820
     tgaaggtttg ataatgaggg gagtcaatgg tataaatacc agcccaagag caagagaagg     56880
     tgagatgaga tgtcccagct taagcagtaa gtcagaaaaa aagggatgat tcctagtttc     56940
     tcctctcttt gttctattga ggctctcaat ggattggatg attatgggtg gatcttcatt     57000
     attcagttga ccaattcaaa tgctaatttc atccagaaac aatgaatgct gatttcatcc     57060
     ttccacaatg taagtttcct gaagcatctc tctctccatc cctatccctg tatctatttc     57120
     tatatctatt tatatctatt ttcctatctc tacaactatc tatctgtagc tatctcagta     57180
     tctatttcta tacctattat atctatcttt ctatctctac atcaacctat ttctctatct     57240
     gtctgtctgt ctgtctatct atctagctag ctatctattt atctatctct tattggcttt     57300
     ctctggagta ccctgactaa tacatcctca cagacacacc cagaaataat gctcaacgta     57360
     ggcaacccat agcccagtta actgtacaca agtcaaaaca aactatccca tcatacacac     57420
     tacaatactg taggatgaaa tcatgggaca tccccagact ctaggaattc aggacaagga     57480
     tttacttcta ggatagcctg gatatcttca gaggtggtgt aaagggtgca gaccctgggg     57540
     gatcagagaa tattagacag aaaaggaaat cagagggaga caggatagca aataaaagcc     57600
     cagtgcatca ggaaaaggtg agtgtgttct gatacgtgga aaagccagtg tggctaaagt     57660
     caagttagaa atcaatttca atagaatgtt gagctaaaga cagggaatgt gaccatggct     57720
     gtggttgtga ttggcagctt ggaaaattca catagtgatt aaagacaaca cttttaagaa     57780
     gtttgtctgt gaccttgtaa gacaagggtc atcaaaaatg tagtgagata ttacagcacc     57840
     ccagttaaaa tagctattat caaaaagaca aaaaataatg atcgtgcaat ggatgtggaa     57900
     aaaaggaact cttgttctct gttggtggga atgtaaaata gtataactgc tagggagaac     57960
     caatcacatg ggagttcctc aacaagctgt aattaagact accataagat ctagcaattc     58020
     caatgctaag tatttgccct aaagaaagga aaacagtata ttaaaagaat atctgtagtg     58080
     ccatgatttt gtagcagggc tcacaataga caaagtgcaa aatcaaccta aatgtccctc     58140
     aatgaatggg taaagaaaac gtggtataca tacataatga aatatgattt taccattaaa     58200
     aaaaatgaaa tactgtcatt tgtggcaaca gggatggaac tggaggtcag tatgttaagg     58260
     aaaataaacc agacacagaa aggcaaatat tgcatgttcg caatcacatg tgagtattgg     58320
     gggaacctgt ccccaatatt tcaatgtagg ttctttctat ttttcctaag tgttggctgg     58380
     tctcaataat aaagagaaag agcacaaaca gcaattttac aactgggcca ctgggggtga     58440
     catcacatat tggtaggtct gtgatgtcca cctgagctgc aaaaccagca agtttttatt     58500
     tgggatttta aaaggggatg aggtgtatga acagggaata ggtcacatgc ttcaaggggc     58560
     aaaaggcaga gcaaagatca catgcttctg aggaaacagg accagggcaa aaagagaaac     58620
     tactgataag agtttatgtt cagtggtgca tgtattgtct tgatagacat cttaacagaa     58680
     aacagggttg gagagcagag aactggtatg acctcaaatt taccagggct ggggtttccc     58740
     aatcctagta agcctaagga tactgcagga gactagggag tatctcagtc cttatctcaa     58800
     ctgcagagga cagacaaccc cagagcaact gtttacagac ctccctcagg aaagcagttc     58860
     ttttcctagg gtcttaatat attccttgct aggaaaataa tttagtgata tctctcctac     58920
     ctgcacatct gtttataggc tctctgcaag aaggaaaata tggctttttt tgcctgctcc     58980
     cacacagtca gacattatgg ctatcttccc tttttctcta aaatcactgt tattctgttc     59040
     ttattcgagg tgcacggatt tcatattgtt taaacacatg ttttacaatc aatttgtaca     59100
     gttaacaaaa tcatcacagg gtcctgagat gacatacatc ctcagcttat gaagataaga     59160
     ggattaagag attaaagtaa aacaggcaaa gtaaattata aaagtattat cagggaagtg     59220
     ataaatgtcc atgaaatctt cacaatttat gttcctctgc tgcagctcca gctggtccct     59280
     ctgttcagtg tccctgactt cccacaacat ttgagagctg aagaagtgga tctaatgtag     59340
     atagagaata gaataatagg taccagaggc tggaaagtgt aggggggagg agggaataaa     59400
     gacaagtttg ttaacaatac aaaaaatata gttagatgga agcaataagt tctagtcttt     59460
     gataatgagt agggaaagta taattaacaa gaacttattg tatgttttta aatagctaga     59520
     agagaatgat tgaaatgttc ctaacacaca caaaaaaaga taagcattta aaaagataga     59580
     tacaccaatc accctgattt gatcattaca catcataaac aggtatcaaa atctcacttt     59640
     gaccaccaaa atatatacaa ctactataca tcaaaatatt ttaaaaacac aagtgtcaac     59700
     ataaactttt tcctttttta attttaatat tattgtactt taagttttag ggtacatatg     59760
     cacaatgtgc aggttagtta catatgtata catgtgccat gctggtgtgc tgcacccatt     59820
     aactcctcat ttagcattag gtatatctcc taatgctatc cctcccccct gcccccaccc     59880
     cagaactgtc cccagagtgt gatcttcccc ttcgtgtgtc catgtgttct tattgttcaa     59940
     ttcccatcta ttagtgagaa catgtggtgt ttggcttttt gtccttgcga tagtttactg     60000
     agaatgatga tttccaattt catccatgtc cctacaaagg acatgaactc atcatttttt     60060
     atggctgcat agtgttccat ggtgtatatg tggcacattt tcttaatcca ctctatcatt     60120
     gttggacatt tgggttggct ccaagtcttt gctattgtaa atagagtgac aataaacata     60180
     cgtgtgcatg tgtctttata gcagcatgat ttatagtccc ttgggtatat acccagtaat     60240
     gggatggctg agtcaaatgg tatttccagt tctagatccc tgaggaattg ccacactgac     60300
     ttcgacaatg gctgaactag tttacagtcc caccaacagt gtcaaagcgt tcctatttct     60360
     ccacatcctc tccagcactt gttgtttcct gactttttaa tgattgccat tctaactggt     60420
     gtgagatggt atctcattgt ggttttgatt tgcatttctc tgatggccag tgatggtgag     60480
     cattttttct tgtgcttttt ggctgcctaa acgtcttctt ttgagaagtg tctcttcatg     60540
     tccttcaccc actttttaat ggggttgttt gtttttttct tgcaaattta tttgagttca     60600
     ttgtagattc tgaatatttg ccctttgtca gatgagtagg ttgtgaaaat tttctcccgt     60660
     tttgtaggtt gcctgttcac tctgatggta gtttctttta ctgtgcagaa gctctttagt     60720
     ttaattagat cccatttgtc aattttgtct tttgttgcca ttgcttttgg tgttttcgat     60780
     atgaagtcct tgcccatgcc tatgtcctga atggtaatgc ctaggttttc ttctagggtt     60840
     tttatggttt taggtctaat gtttaagtct ttaatccatc ttgacttaat ttttgtataa     60900
     ggtataagga aaggattcca tttcagcttt ctacatatgg ctaaccagtt ttcccagcac     60960
     catttatgaa atagggaatc ctttacccat agcttgtttt tctcaggttt gtcaaatatc     61020
     agatagttgt agataagtgg cgttatttct tagagttctg ttctgttcca ttgatctata     61080
     tctctgtttt ggtaccagta ccatgctgtt ttggttactg tagccttgta gtattgtttg     61140
     aagtcaggta gcatgatgcc tccattttgt tcttttggct taggattgac ttttttcttt     61200
     tattttgtat taatacaggg aaaaatggag ttggcttttt gagttggctc atctcaattt     61260
     ttggatagct tgcaaatatt ttcatcagcc tttacaagga gtgagacagg catgtttatg     61320
     cttttctgaa gctgcatgtt gaaatttaga tacgtcttca tgtctctaac aaatattctg     61380
     gatatttgga gttggctttg tgttgggaaa gagctgaaca ggttgggaaa gagctgaatc     61440
     aataaacaga gatttcagca aaggggcagc tgagacagtt gttgttggct ctgcaatatc     61500
     tgttcttgtg tgcaggatct ggctctcccc taagactcaa gtcttgtttt tatatctgaa     61560
     tgaaaaatgt ctggcattct taggagattg tttcgttcct ttcatgagtt ttacagattg     61620
     agcttgtctt ctacatactt aacacttctg cctttgaaca gctttgcttt gcttcattca     61680
     gaggcacttg caaatgagat gcctctccat cagtctcttc ctctcaaata tctctgtgct     61740
     actttttaaa atttcctgaa tatggtaaac ataggggtct agtttcattc ttctgtatat     61800
     cagtagcaag ttttgtcagc accagttatt gaatagtgtt cttttcccat ttacttttgt     61860
     tgtcactgca aaagatcaga cgaatgtagg tgagtggtgt tataacttgg gtctctattc     61920
     catttatcta tgtacctatt tttctaccag tactattctg ttttggttac tatagccttg     61980
     tagtataatt tgaagttggg taatatgatt cctccagctt tgtctctttt gcttacaata     62040
     gctttcatat tcaacctctt ttttagttcc atatgaattt tagaattgat tttcctaatt     62100
     atgtgaagca taatattggt aatttgatag gcattgtgat gaatatgtga tgaatccatg     62160
     aacatgggat ttttttacac cacagaatac tacattgcca taaaaagaat gaaattatgt     62220
     ttttcacagc aatatagaag gactgagcta ttatgtgaat taaaataact cagtaaatca     62280
     aacactgcaa gttctctctt ataagtgaga gctaaacagt gggtacatat ggtcataaag     62340
     atggaaataa tatacccagg ttactccaaa tgggaaagtg ggagggagcg aggactagaa     62400
     aactacttat tgggtactat gttcactact ctgttgggtg atgggttcac tggaagccca     62460
     tatcccacca ttacacaata cctccttgta acaaacctgc acatgtactc tcaaatataa     62520
     aattttaaaa atgttcccga gaaaacaagc caataatgag gaagaaatcc cacaaagaat     62580
     gaaaaacaat caaaccttat tatcccagca cccccctcct ccacctggtg cccttagcct     62640
     tctccctggt gcccctagcc ttctcccatg tgatcctgat gcctcacctg ctggcatctc     62700
     cccatctcca acagccaggt gtgttctact gtgcttcctc atcaaagact tctcaagatc     62760
     tgtttgtaca gcctccaagt gcagccaaac ctagaagagc agatggtccc tcatttaaac     62820
     atagggaaat aagttgcctg atttatatcc ctgacaagtg acctaaatat aagacacagg     62880
     ttttattttt agactagaca aatcaatgtt accaagaatg ttgttttaaa attcttaagt     62940
     gtatgtctgt tatatattgt attcccaatt attgcatctt agaataaatg taattatgta     63000
     gaaattagag aaagagagac acaaagatat atggatataa cctatcctca atgtgatgag     63060
     gaagataaag taaaaatata atatcggtga aaatataaaa agctacagat aatatcagga     63120
     agtgcagctt ttgttagcat tctttcaaaa ggcattgttt taaaactttt agcctagact     63180
     tcatcaaatc taatgcacaa gaataattga cagtcataag atcaagtaca agacactgaa     63240
     aatttaaaat ccatctcctg agttatcaaa gaaatattaa actgtgattt cactcaggat     63300
     gaaggtgaga ttaatttagt ttttacttca gtaactgtcc tgtatttatt tgagaaaata     63360
     tcacagatat tgtcagcttt tttccccctc aaaggagaat gatactgggt ttaaaaaatt     63420
     aaaaaacctg taaaaaataa aaataaaaaa taatcagagc tgtaaggtga caaaaaactt     63480
     ttatctattt ttttttgttt ttttttttgg tttttaattt taacttgctt ttaaattaaa     63540
     ttcaaagtca tgcacataca tgggaagaaa atctcaaaaa aaaaatcagt atacaatgga     63600
     gtataaaact gtgaaaatcc agactatcaa ctctttctat accctctgtg tattgttctg     63660
     gtgtacaccc atctgtgttt agttgtatct gtgaatgtgt atatatgtat gtatctacag     63720
     gtctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatattt aggtatgtca tttttcataa     63780
     ttggagaata ttatacacaa tattttgtac cttatttttt atttaaaaag cttattttgc     63840
     aaaactcaaa tctgcaaact tcaattatag cttcaaagta atcctttgta tggaacctat     63900
     actttatttt acaagtccct gattatgtcc acttgggttg tttctagcct ttcataaata     63960
     atgtccaaat gaacatttgt gtctgcaggg ctttgcacat atttcaatgt atgcgtagtg     64020
     tacatatcta gcttttcaat tgctgtatca attttgtttc caaagaggct gtcccagttt     64080
     acattctgac caatagccat gtgagtgagt ctgttttacc cgtatctttg ccattacact     64140
     acatatttca aaacattttg aaacaacagg ctaagaagaa tttttgctga tttaatttac     64200
     catttaatat tacagatatt attgaacaac ttttaatatg tttgtaagta agtggtgttt     64260
     atttttctgt gaaatctgtt ctatcccacc tggctgccag ttaccatatt cttaactcat     64320
     ataggattta tgtaattaaa ggtgtgttaa gagagtaagg gaataaagga tgaacttgaa     64380
     atcaccatca aggcatttta aaggaatata cctttatttc agagctttca caaattttga     64440
     ggataaaaat tccatatatt acataaatac tatcattcac aaggccttaa acactatgat     64500
     aggacttgcc ccgctggaca tgaagaaact gcaggaggaa tgaataactg ctaggaatct     64560
     atatcttttg tttgccttgc ttagtgcaaa gagtatctca gaagatagac tgaaatattc     64620
     cttatggact caaaacaata attagaggca tctggttaat ctaatcttct agaagcttaa     64680
     gaccagtagc agcaatacta ttactaatta gtaaaatgtt atttttcttg atttgatttg     64740
     tttctagtct aactaaaatg atgttgaata catttcagga ggaaagattt tagtattacc     64800
     cacctgggtt ttaaaggcta gctggtttag taaagatcca tattttagga aaacctaaat     64860
     aaccaaggca gtatttgaga tgttgctcta gattttttga cttggcattt ctcttctgct     64920
     ccctggaggg accagcatgg ggcatggtgc agagtcagag ccagaaatga cacgaacagt     64980
     tccaaaactt gaatggaaga gagctatccc taaacccatc cctattgtgt ctgtgcccaa     65040
     atattaactt gctttaagct ctttctccca atttgagaat aaattagaat tataaggaaa     65100
     cagataagct ttcaggaatt aattaataaa tatggcctgc atcaaaaata gttttcaaat     65160
     aataagagtt aaaatccatc taaaaaatgt tgcaaagaac aaagccattc tttcccactt     65220
     tcccctctat gatctttcag ctattttcag atgcagcagt tgcagtgttt atgccaaaga     65280
     caagtttgct cttacaaaag taatcttttt gtaggtaaaa acacactact aactcctttt     65340
     ataaattacc ctggaaagct ggggccaaag ttgtccaatg gcaaggaata gctttcccat     65400
     gtaatagtgg atcataagtg atggaaccaa gacaagccct ttatttccaa aactttactc     65460
     tttcccatgc cttgttgctt acataagaca tattcccaat tcaagagcca caggatttac     65520
     ataggttttt gtgatgtgtt gacaaggaga aactctcaaa agaaaaaatg ttctttggta     65580
     aacattcagt cctactttta aaactgttat atttccaaat acttggggta aaaggatgaa     65640
     tggattaaga ccaggagaaa aaaaaatgag catatatttt attccttaaa atttttacag     65700
     ataaaaaatc caaaatagac agatgctgca aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaaagag     65760
     tatccaaatg gttgataaac aatttttaaa ggttattcta cgattgcagg atctggccag     65820
     cagcccgcaa tgcaacaggg ctctctcttc attcccaggc agatcggcag gttgagaaat     65880
     aatagataca caaaagatag tgaaagctgg gtccacgggt tcaccgcctt ctggtcccat     65940
     ggtgccaaca atgcactgga tataccagca tttattatta agtttagtga gggcggcggg     66000
     gggcggggta ggttagtgag ggatttaggg tcattaatta tgaggtgaga tggtcacatg     66060
     gggatgaagt aattctttaa cataacattt gtatgtagaa gtacagtaca tttgtatgta     66120
     gaagtacagt atacagagat aagaatttac aatatagtgt gtgcatcagt aatttctaac     66180
     agagccttaa aacagaaaca caatctttcc ataacatgtg attagcaaga tattaatcag     66240
     cagtaacaat tgcaacaaaa gctggttaca aataatccat ggaaacagga cgtgaagcta     66300
     gacaactggt tagaccagaa attctcagaa gagagtatgc cttaacccta aagaggccta     66360
     gaagagtcac cggcaagatg agagtgttta tagccctatc ttatccatag ggacaggtgt     66420
     cccccatgcg tccatttata aactctccac aagggtcgca ttccattccc aaagctatga     66480
     acacctgctt ttctgggata ggaatcttgg tgatgtgaaa tctgcctgac tgcatgtcca     66540
     ttcataggct ctctgcaggg ggaagcacat cacgtgctgt tggcttgttc gggcagtcca     66600
     acctggcatt gtctatacac aatccagcat gcaattctgt atttacagta atcaggagca     66660
     tttcatcttt tattccatag caacagtttc agggggtctc cctacctctc cctctttcct     66720
     ctgatttaaa tgaaccatag caatcatagc ttggcactga tcacaattgg attgaagaat     66780
     ttttttccaa ttttacacgt gaacaataaa ccaatagcac aaatcataca cagaagaaaa     66840
     ttaatgatag tggatcctcc caaagatttt acccattgaa tggggttgag attagataat     66900
     ccctcagaga taccgtctaa aatttcagca ccaggtaaag cagttaagag tgcttgagag     66960
     gcctcaaaaa tctgttcttt tagcttgctt atgtctaaag ttaaattatc ttcacttcct     67020
     tgtaaatggc gttctactga ttcccaactg tgaacagact cattatattg aaatagagtt     67080
     atacaaaaat cagaagtatt ccaaacacat tgcatttgta atctatgttc taaactcata     67140
     attctatctc ccatccatat aacagtttgt tgtagatcat taatttgatt agttaacttt     67200
     tgatcaacac ctgactgaga attccacatc caagaagatt ttttttttga catttatccc     67260
     acaaaattaa cagtttgaat acattgatgt aatgcaactc cagcagtagc agcagtcgca     67320
     gtaacagcaa tcaagtccat tattatttca attaatttaa aaataaatca tttactcctt     67380
     ttaagaattt tctgtagaat attgttaata acctggatag agggggaaga ttcccaagac     67440
     ctatgtaagt ctacagggag ccaaatacct tatctggctc tgactattaa aatactatga     67500
     tttgattaaa ggatgaatca atacaagtat acaagtaaca acacaggtaa ttatgttggt     67560
     ttctgaatga agatgcatct ttcctactaa taacatatat ggtggtttaa cacaactttt     67620
     aagtggtata tagatagtat acatattttg aggtgacaag gtggatttac ttataacact     67680
     ttctccagcc caaactctca taccagtcat agctcttgtt agtctccata attctgaatg     67740
     ttcaggtcct aagtggggaa caatgagcct tggctttgaa gggcaacccc cgcccctttc     67800
     cacttcagag gaaaaaagga gttaaatctg tgatataata ggggacggtt gtcactactt     67860
     ttttgataca taataaaata gagaaaatgt tgacaatctc tgtgaccttg agagcaatca     67920
     ttagtaatat gacctttggg agtccaacca acaatggtgt agtgagaaga attaaataac     67980
     acagttcctt ctgagctaac acaatctttc catattaatt tgtcagcatt tgaagacaag     68040
     tagagaggac ataacttata ttgaggtgtg tgaatataat cacatatcct aaaggcttat     68100
     attgggatgt gtgaatataa tcagtgattc ctgttttgat ttgccttaga ggttttaatg     68160
     agagtcctga taccaagtgt cctaaaggaa ggacagagtg accagatgat agtgtgacag     68220
     cccaaatttg aatatctaac aagagacatc cattagtgga tcacaggcac aaaggtggac     68280
     acctaaaacg taaagtgata ttgaaagggg ttccttcttc tcaaggttgg gcaggacaat     68340
     gatcatctac agaaccaggc atccaaatac tatcattaac atagaactcg atgggagcat     68400
     ccatccatat catggcttga ataagaagag gaaaaggaat ataggccaaa tatatagttt     68460
     ttaacagtct gtggagggac agagggtaga aggatcagtg ttgtcaggag gaggcagagg     68520
     ttgagctgga cctggatcac tggagacaag ttgttcagtg tgactgactg gatcgtctgt     68580
     tgtaaaggag ttagtgtggt cattttcttc tttttgatga ttggatatgc tagttgtttc     68640
     ttgctgtggt gctttttcag caaatttttc tgtctcgttg ttgcatgcat tttcaggaca     68700
     caattttagg tgtgtagcag gaatccaaac aggagattga tgttcacctg gggaaacaca     68760
     agcatagcct cttccccacg ttaaaataga aacttttgac catatattag attgaacatc     68820
     tttccatcat acttctcttc cttagtttac tgtaggacag ttaccagaga aatgtttttt     68880
     ggcagcagta acagaactag atttaggaat attaagaaaa tttaacgtga gcaatgctaa     68940
     gtttagttgt atgtggtggg tagacaactg cttatccctc tctttttgtt tcagtaattg     69000
     taattttaaa gttctgttac ttctttctac aatagcttgg ccctctgggt tgtaaggaat     69060
     accagtaata tgtttaacat gccactgatc aagaaaattt ttaaaagctt tactgcaata     69120
     ggctggagca ttttctgttt tgagctcatt aggaattccc ataactgcaa aacatgaaaa     69180
     catatgtttt ttaacatgag atgtggcttc tttggtttga caggtagccc agatgaaatt     69240
     ggaaaaagtg tcaactgtga catgttcata agctaatttt ccaaaagaag gaatatgagt     69300
     aatatccatt tgctggataa cattaggaga aagtcctcag tgattaactc caggagattg     69360
     tgtgggtaag acaaaaacct gacatcgaga acagtgttgt acaacttgtt tagcttgttt     69420
     tcaactgaga gaatctttac gtttaagacc tgacgcatta gtatgagtga gttgatgaaa     69480
     ttgttctgca tctgtaatag ctagagaaac tagagtatca actttatgat taccactggc     69540
     taaaggtcca ggcaagttag tatgagaacg tatgtgagtg atgaaaaaag ggtggttttg     69600
     gtttctgaca gttttctgta acaaagagaa caaggaaaac agattagggt cagcaatatt     69660
     tttcatggta gctgtttcta ttgccttagt ggcatggact acatatgctg agtcagaaac     69720
     aatattaaga agctgatcaa aatcctgtaa tgcagagata acagcaaaca actcggcttt     69780
     ttgagcagaa gtgtatggaa tagaaatgac tttatctttt ggtcctacat accctgcctt     69840
     tccattactg ggtccatcag taaaaatggt aacggctgtt tctagtggtg atgaatgagt     69900
     atgttttggt agaatacagg aagtatttct tagaaattga aagaattttg acttaggcaa     69960
     atgattatca atagtgccaa tgaagtcagc cagactagtc tgccagcaca aagatgtaga     70020
     aaaggcattt ttaatctcat tttttgtcaa aaagaccaca atggtgtttg gatcaaagcc     70080
     ggaaatttta atgatatgtt gaggtcctaa cccaattaaa gtggctattt gatcaagata     70140
     tattgaaaga gttttagaga ctgaattagg aagaaatacc cattcaaata gagaatcatt     70200
     ttgtactgta aggcccgtag gagagtggat ggaaggaaaa cctaaaaatc ataaaggcaa     70260
     acttgggtca atacgagaga cttttgcctc tctcactctt tgttctacaa aagacaactc     70320
     ttgttttgct ggctcagata gagagtgaga acggtttaaa tctctatctc ctgataaagt     70380
     ggcaaataga tgagataatg cataagtagg gatgcctagg gttggtctga gataattggt     70440
     gtcacctagt aatttttgaa aataatttaa ggtgttttaa ttgtcagtat aaagttggac     70500
     tttttggggc ttaatggaga aatcttctag ctgaattcct aagtacagaa aaggagtggt     70560
     ttgttgaatt ttatcaggag caatgtggag tcctgcattg gcaacagcta attttaaaga     70620
     ggtaaaacat tgaattaatt tatctttagt aggggcagca atcagtatat catccataaa     70680
     atgaagaatg taattatttt ttaaagtctg tcagataggt tgtaacacag taccgacaaa     70740
     caactgacaa atagtaggac tgttaattat tccttgaggt agaactttcc attgctatct     70800
     agctgtggga gctgaattgt taatggaagg tatagtgaaa gcaaattttt cacagtctga     70860
     cttgtctaaa ggaatatgaa aaaaacactc cttaaagtca atgataatta aaggccattc     70920
     cttaggaatc atggaagagg agggatactg gattgtaaca cacccatagg tttaataact     70980
     gcattaacgg ctcttaagtc tgttaccatc ttccattttc ctgacttttt ttgtacaaca     71040
     aacaggagag ttccatggag acaaggaggt ctcaatagtg tttgtttgta gtaaatcatt     71100
     aacaatttca attaaagcct ccaatttgtg tttcgacagt ggccactgct ctactcaaac     71160
     aagtgactca cacatccgtt gtaaagggat tggcagggga ggctcagcag tgacagcacc     71220
     taaaagggta ttcaagtcct gatttgttaa gttttcagga gggttccaag ggctctttaa     71280
     ttccctctcc attaactcct aatcatcttc caggaaaaaa aattcatttt atacattttg     71340
     tttttgttag cttcactata atttgataaa gggatagaca tctcagcccc ccattgttgc     71400
     agtaaatcac atccctataa atttatggga attggagtaa tataatgttg aacagtgccc     71460
     atttggtcat caggtcctgt acaaggaaat ataagagagc tttggtatac atcagatgac     71520
     tttccaactc ccactaaatt ggttgaagag ggctgttttg gccaagagga aggccactga     71580
     ttagcagtga ttatagaaat atcagcccca gtgtcaacta aacctgcaaa cttttttcag     71640
     gaaattttaa tagtacaggt gggatggtga gaagaaatag tattaaccca ataagcagct     71700
     ttgttttgtt taaaggtatt ttctacacct cttgtgtgag tagcagattc tgtggagggg     71760
     cacagttcag ggagaagtag taatagagca atgcattctc ctggttcaat gaaaatggga     71820
     gattttgtag aaataaccaa acatatttca tctgaagtgt tggcatggat aaggccagta     71880
     tgaacaatta caccttttaa ggctaatgaa gctctgccca gaattaaacc aatatgattt     71940
     ttaggtaaag gccctttaac tccagtagga gcaaggacag gttgttcttc agggagtaaa     72000
     gacaaaggga gagtactaca taagtctatt gagtcctctc ctgtggtgca ggtggatggg     72060
     cattgtactg ggacaagagg agggggtaat tggcattggg ttgtgggtat agaatttaag     72120
     gtaatgtctg tggcactgtt tgtacttgag tctgcggcat ttctggtgca gttatagggg     72180
     tagccacagg gagggggaac gaaaccccgg agccctgatt gggattgggg cttgaggctg     72240
     gcccctcccc ctgtttccct gaaatggaaa gggattaaaa acagtgttga ccacattaaa     72300
     aggaggcaac agattaccat aatatcaaat ttagattgac aagaactcat tcaatgttta     72360
     ccttttttac accgtgggca aatagtacta ggtgtttttt gtaaatttgg agtttgtgga     72420
     gcaggttgtt ggggattagc attaagtaaa ggacacgatt ttttaaagtg tcctactccc     72480
     ccacatttgt agcaagtacc aagaaaagta ttgggcacac ctgttgtagg aacattgaga     72540
     ataacagcag cagcttttaa agatgaggtc atggcttgag ccctgagcat agctttatga     72600
     gtttcagaac caataccatc acaggctcta atgtaggaag gaatgatggc atcatcaggt     72660
     gtgttttggg ttttacgacg taatggtcat atggcagcct gacacttagt gttagcattt     72720
     tcaagcgcca taagtcggat aaccacatct cttgctctag tatcagaaat agccttttca     72780
     gcagcatctg tgagttaagc catgaaatca ggatagggtt cagaaggacc ttgtttaata     72840
     gcactaaaag ataaaggggc cttgcctgtg tcttgaatac attctcatgc tcgtaaacac     72900
     acttgagtta cctgagttaa aatacgttga ctatattcca attgtcgagc aagtatattc     72960
     cacaaatcac tagtacccat aagcatatca taaggcactt cagtctcatt ttcaaaattt     73020
     atcgaagttt gaatcatggc ctcttctgac cacaatatct taaattgtag gaatcaagaa     73080
     ggggtaagag aagcatgagc taacaaattc cagtcaatag gaacaagttg tttttcagtg     73140
     gtaagggaat gtagaacagt tttaacataa ggagaatttg gtccatattg atcacaagca     73200
     gctttaaaat ccttaaggag ttgtacagag aaagattcat aatatcaccg gcctttagct     73260
     gtgccttttc cccaccctcc tgcaccttca cacttagagg ctatggctat ggggagctgc     73320
     cagacatcca aaccactaga agccatagct ctacacattg cctcctgaat agaagtgcgg     73380
     acaggtctag caggggcaga agaagagaga gaaggagagt gggagctcca ggatgtggag     73440
     tggggggaag cagggttcca cgtctctgaa agaaggggtc ccggagcgtc aaaagaaaca     73500
     gtgggcttaa aagaggggag tggtccaaaa ggatgagagg aatgagaaac agaccattca     73560
     gaagaatgac acacgtcctc ctctggcaga gggggcaaca gcttagtaga agaagagtta     73620
     acatatacag gttccatgat aggaggtgga gggaggggat catcaccatg ttcctcctct     73680
     tggggagaaa acaaggagaa attagattct tcttcatcat cagaaagagt actagtaagg     73740
     gggtcatcta cccgaagtta aaggggaggt tcaccatcca cgttaacttc tggcagttga     73800
     agaggattac cagactgaaa aggaagtaaa gcaacacaaa taagagccca gtcagtccaa     73860
     acagaaatag gaagtaaaac accatctctc atgaattggc agagtgtggc accaactcta     73920
     tcccagtcta acaggtccat agaacctttg tcagggaacc aaggacaata tttttcaata     73980
     gtctgaaata agagaacaag attattggaa tcagccttga ttccaccctg tttaagaaga     74040
     agtttcataa aagacggata agcctggtgt ttaaactgtg attgtcccat gataaccctg     74100
     gaatattacc agttgacaaa cccaaaaaga ggggagagtt ggaaaaagcg tacccagaga     74160
     ccttaccatt gagactgaag actagtcatc actagtgcac tcggagtgca ctgaatggag     74220
     gaacaaagaa ggccacgttg ggtgtcagat attgtgggat ctggtcaaca gcctgaaatg     74280
     caatggagtg ctctttttgt ttccaggcag atcggcaggt tgagaaataa tagatacaca     74340
     caagatagtg aaagctgggt ccggggagtc accgccttct ggtcccacag tgccaacaat     74400
     gcactggata taccagcatt tattattaag tttagtgagg gtgggggtag gttactgagg     74460
     gatttagggt catttgatta tgaggtgaga tggtcacatg gggatgaagt aattatttaa     74520
     cataacattt gtatgtaaaa gtacagtaca tttatatgca gaagtacagt atacagagat     74580
     aagaacttac aatatagtgt gtgtgtcagt aatttctaac agaggcttaa aacagaaaca     74640
     caatctttcc ataacctatg attagcaaga tattaatcag cagtaacaat tgcaacaaaa     74700
     gccggttaca aacaatacat ggaaacagga tgtgaagcta gacaactggt tagaccagaa     74760
     attctcagaa gggagtatgt cttaacccta aagaggccta gaagagctgc agcaagatga     74820
     gggtgtttat agccctatct tatccatatg gacaggtgtc ccccatgcat ctgtttatag     74880
     gctctccaca agggtcacat tccattccca aagctatgaa catctgcttt tctgggatag     74940
     gaatcttggt gatgtgaaag ctccctgact gcacatccat tcataggctc tctgcagggg     75000
     gaagcacatc acctgctgtt ggctcattct ggcagtccaa cctggcattg tttttacaca     75060
     atcctgcatg taattttgta tttacaatta tcaggagcat ttcatctttt attccatagt     75120
     aatagtttca gggggtctcc ctatattcta cttgattagt ttcaggcagg gaaaagaaat     75180
     gaaaaccact ggctaacata atggctagaa tttgaaaata agggcaatat caaatgttgg     75240
     agaaaatgta gaccaactga aaatcacact cacatctgct ggaaatgaaa attgggcagc     75300
     tactttggaa aaactggtac cttacccaaa atttaaacat acaactattt gtgacccagc     75360
     aatttcatac ccagaaaaac tagctaaata cattcactga aatagatgta ttaactccca     75420
     aaaaactcca cagctagtca aatggcctct catatcaata tgaagaaaca gcttatgctg     75480
     tatttataca aggaaatact ctaaagtaat aggaaaatac aaacaacaac tacacaaaaa     75540
     atatgaataa atctctaaac aatgttaact aaaagccacc agaaacaaaa tgttaaatac     75600
     tatccagttt tctttaaata aagtcacaac atatgcaaag ctaatcagtg ttgctaaaat     75660
     cagtcttgtg cctgtgctca gagtaggtgg taactatagg aggttgagca caagttactg     75720
     ggtgctggaa atgtccagtt tcttaatctg aatgctggtg acatgatttt tctattcagg     75780
     caaattcatc aagctgcata tattggtctt tgcatttttc tcaatgtaca tgatacacca     75840
     atcaaaagtt tctgaagccc aaaagagaga gggcaaagta ttttggagga agggaaacaa     75900
     tttataaaat gactacacag ggggagataa cctcagctga acatatttta cgtggtaaag     75960
     tgaaaagaaa aaaaaaacct cagagtttgt gtagagcttc ctttctttaa aggtagttta     76020
     tttctatttc tattttagct agaatgcttt tctcattgac aaataaaaat tgtatacact     76080
     taccatgtac atcaaactac atgagaaaaa ggtaaatgtt ggagtgattt attttcacat     76140
     gcaaaggcaa tgtttcagat aaaagacaat ctttattaag actttaattc aaagctgtct     76200
     ggaaaataat ttgggtcttt ctccatgatc ttctcccagc tcctcactgt gtccttctca     76260
     tagcatttga taatgcattg aacatatgtg ccagttacta aactatatat atacatatat     76320
     atatagtata tataatatat atatatatag cgacctctct ggtttggttt tatgcttatt     76380
     gctatctcca tggttgcttt gacaactctt tgtcttatca caattgcctt tcaagtcttt     76440
     ttctaatttt cttcttgtcc taagagcttt tagatcctcc ggacaggtga aactgtttct     76500
     gtggtttgca cccacaaaca cctattttat gcctcctttc cttgtctccc tagagaaacc     76560
     acaaagtttt gcaggacatc ctcaccaaag ctgttaccca ttgcctgatc catagatgac     76620
     atctcaaatt gtgttgagtt aatagaagat ttaaacgtca aacaataagt tggcaaattg     76680
     tacaaagtga agaagaattt gcttttaaac aggagtctgc atatgagctt tgcgaaccaa     76740
     atagaattca gtgcatctat tttaatcttc atgctgggga tatccccatg tatatacata     76800
     tgtatatatg catatacatg tatatacata tgtatatatg catatacatg tatatacatg     76860
     tgtatatgta tacatatatg tacatataca tatgtgtata tgtatataca tatgtgtatg     76920
     tacacatata tgtgtagatg tatatgcata tgtgtatgta cacatatatg tgtagatgta     76980
     tatacatatg tgtatgtaca cttatatgtg tagatgtata tacatatgta tatgtacaca     77040
     tatatatgta tatgtatata catgtgtatg tacacatata tgtgtatatg tatatacatg     77100
     tgtatgtaca catatatgtg tatatgtata tacatctgta tatgtacaca tatatgtgta     77160
     tatgtatata catgtgtaga tgtatataca tatgtatatg tatatgcaga aactcaccag     77220
     gcttgcacct tcttgtcttc atcagtgggt cctacttcat gaagctaaga cccatgttct     77280
     acagtgtcgc agctcaaagg gcacatgctt tgtttaatgc tctgctattg tggccttgaa     77340
     atcctttatt tagaaacact gggacattca ttttcatttt tcctgaaccc cataaattgt     77400
     gtaggtggtc ctgttcatca caaatataaa aatatgttgc caagcaacat gaaaaagtct     77460
     aaatgccatt tttttttttc taaagacaag gtctaaagca gaaggaaaga ttcattttgg     77520
     aatggatctt tttttgcagt tgcagcatag taatgtagaa ttcagggcta tcgatatttc     77580
     actatttatt tattgagata aggtcttgct gtgtaaccca ggctggagtg cagtgctaca     77640
     atcataggtc actgaacctt caacctcctg gtctcatgtg accttcctgc cccagcctgc     77700
     caaagcactg ggattatagg catgcacaac tgcacctggc ctctgacatt gtacaattta     77760
     gtatttcaca cttgtcatac caagacccta agcatatttt aaaacaaaaa aaatctcaaa     77820
     aatggaaaga gtattatctg caactaagca ctaaaaagga catcatctag ccattgcatc     77880
     tttatagaac caacaaagag agcatctagg caaatactac atttgcgatc tcacaataag     77940
     agttacatag ctcagagcca gaaccatgtt gagatgtaat catccatttc taagctcagt     78000
     cactgcttaa aatttaaact aattttctct gccttcaaac ctcatcggta aactggatct     78060
     catgggtaag acaatcctac tacaaatcat ctgaatgaca atgtagtaag tcaaactcat     78120
     atagaaaata aaaacccata tacatctcat atatgtttag aatctttaaa taatataata     78180
     tagtatattt tatattacat ataacagatt gtacttttta tttattttta ttttttggag     78240
     acagagtctt tttctgttgc acaggctgga gtgccatggt ggattttggc ttactgccac     78300
     ctacacctcc cagtacaagc gattcttctg cctcagcctc ccacatacct gggattacag     78360
     gcatctgtga ccatgctcag ctaatttttg tatttctagt agagatggga ttttgccatg     78420
     ttggccagac tggtcttgaa ctcccaacca caagtgatct ctctgcctgg gcctcccaaa     78480
     ttgctgatat taaaggcatc ttccaccatg gctagctaat ttttgtattt ctagtagaga     78540
     caggatttca ccatgttggc caggctggtc tgaaactcct aaactcaagt gacctctctg     78600
     ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct aggattacag gtgtaggcca ccatgccctg cctgtacttt     78660
     atattttagt tgaggagtaa atgtttctgt ttatcttgaa aatggcggtg catgagtttt     78720
     aaataataca acaaaaaaat catgttaaat ccaattgtat ttgtgcttgt cccacaggtt     78780
     tctgtgatct ttagagccat tttataatga tcttctcaga aagtatcatt cgttacactc     78840
     tccatctttc aaggttccct cattacctaa ggagacagta tgaaggtctg aaaattgcta     78900
     atgatttaaa catctttata tctttcttgc atgtttcttt ttctttctgt atttcagtgt     78960
     ataccactca ctcagagaag ggttgcccta ttagagcctt taagaacaat ggtgaattta     79020
     agaattggat gttgaaatat tcaatttaac aataaatttt aaaatttaaa atttatttgg     79080
     attttctcct ttaatttgat tagctataac aaagacaatt ttgctggtgt gttagtctgt     79140
     tctcacacta ctgaggctgg gtgatttata aaggaagggg atttaattgg ctcacagttc     79200
     ttcaggccag taggtctcag aaaacttact gtcttggcag aaaacaagtg gggaggcagg     79260
     aacattttac atgtctggag caggaggaag agagagtgag gagggaggtg ccacacactt     79320
     ttttttttat ttattttgag acagagtctc actctgttga ccaggctgga gtgcattggc     79380
     tggatctcag ctcactgcaa gttctgcctc ccaggttttt attccattct cctgcctcag     79440
     cctcccaagt agctggaact agaggcatcc accaccacgc cccactaatt tttttgtatt     79500
     tttagtagag actgggtttc accgtgttag ccagaatggt ctcattctcc tgagaccatg     79560
     atccaccagc ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg aatgagccac cacacccatc     79620
     tggtgccaca cacttttaaa caaccagatc tcatgagaaa tccatcatga gactgcacta     79680
     gggggttggt gctaaaccat tagaaaccac ccacatgctc caatcatctc ccaccaagct     79740
     tcaactccaa cactggggat tacaatttaa catgaaattt gtgtggggac acgtagccaa     79800
     actaaatgag ctggagtcag atacaaactg tgtgtctctc aacagcagca gcacttacga     79860
     atttctttaa gtatttggtc atctctaact gtgtaaatag aaagctatat agcttacata     79920
     agtttaacac aaggtagtat ccataatact catcaagatg tgtatatgga gacatggtat     79980
     cctctcttta ttcttgttat tattagaaga aagtctttgc tttctggtta agtggttcag     80040
     atttatttaa agcaatatgt ggggtgtttg tttctcggtg gcaggaacct gtggcagatg     80100
     tccatttgaa ctgtatttca gtgcagtaat atccataatt cactgtttca gattattgtg     80160
     gtttagctgt atggatgtcc aaggctgata aatcccttaa ttttaagtga gatttctata     80220
     agattggttt tccatactat acttcatgtt ctatggtatc aacaacaaat tgcaaaatct     80280
     cttgtctttc ttacatgtgg gtttatttca gaaatagtac aatagacact agatgatgaa     80340
     acatgaaact tttactaaaa ccatactgtg tgaagttttc tgttattcag gaagaataca     80400
     acaaagcctt gtcacatcag ttaaactgag aagtgtcata gcatgcatta aattgagtat     80460
     tgtatagaag ctaatgattg tgattattat ttcttagaat aatataagga aaccccaaga     80520
     attcctgtat tcagattttg tcttgatttg gaagagattg agctatttcc tgcattggta     80580
     aggactgaat tgctccagtt catttgttgt tgtttttttg tatttgtttt tgttttttct     80640
     tgaaatcgta ggataaatgt gcctggcaga aaaaaagtgg agaattgttt cacaagtgtg     80700
     acatctatgg ctcattcaca atccctagtt gcttcttaaa atatagatta acagacctca     80760
     tttctaaggc ttctgactca gcaggtctga aacagtgcct gagaattcaa atctctaaga     80820
     agtaacaagt tatgtggctg atggcagagg gatctgagca gaacaacctt tcattatctt     80880
     tcctagtata gccagatttc ccactagcac agcgtgcttc cttgtttaat gtgaatctgt     80940
     ttcatctcat gtttctcaaa tacttggtat ttcttgggaa ccagagcatc tctataattc     81000
     agaatgttga tcaggaccag tggctggaat atctcagttt ggccacctga aacacactca     81060
     tgacccaggc agagaagtgg gaatcccatt gcaagatcta gcaatttcca aaagggtggg     81120
     agcagggagc taatgggatt gttgccactt atcagatctg tcctttgcat tgtaatgcat     81180
     ggaggtggtg gtttctttcc attgtgtgtg accagagcag gcaagaacca cccactatct     81240
     ggccccaaca ctagtagtct cctcccatta acaattgcta caaagacaat aaaatactta     81300
     ggaatacaac ttacagaaga tgagaaggac ctcttcaagg tgaactacaa accactggtc     81360
     aaggaaataa gagaggatac aaacaaatag aaaaatattc tgtgcttatg gataggaaga     81420
     atcaatattg tgaagatggc tatactgccc aaagtaattt atagattcaa tgctattccc     81480
     accaagctac cactgaattt cttcacagaa ttagaaaaat aaaatttaaa tttcatatgg     81540
     aaccaaaaaa gaccttgtat agtcaagata atcttaagca aaaaggacaa attgggaggc     81600
     accatgctcc ctgacttcaa actatactcc aaggctaagg taaccaaaac aggatggtac     81660
     tgataccaaa acagatatat agaccaatgg aacagaacag aggcctcaga aataacacta     81720
     cacatctaca atcatctgat ctttgacaaa cctgacaaaa acaagcgatg aggaaaggac     81780
     tccctattta ataaatggtg ttgggaaaac tggctagcca taagcagaaa actgaaactg     81840
     gaccccttcc ttacacccta tataaaagtt agctaaagat ggtttaaaga tttaaacata     81900
     agacctaaag ccatgaaatc cctagaagaa aacctaggca atgccattca ggacataggc     81960
     atgggcaaac actttatgac taaaacacca aaagcaatgg caacaaaagc caaaattgac     82020
     aaatggaatc taattaaact aaaaagtttc tgtgcagcaa aagaaactat catcagtgta     82080
     aacaggcaac ctacagcatg ggagaaaatt tttgcaacct atccatctgg ctaatatcca     82140
     taatctacaa gaaacataca aatttacaaa acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     82200
     aacctcattg aaaagtgggc aaaggatatg aacagacatt tctcaaaaga agacattaat     82260
     gcagccaaaa atcatgaaaa aatcttatca tcactggtta ttagagaagt gcaaatcaaa     82320
     gcctcaatga gataccgtct cacaccagtt agaatggtga tcactaaaaa gtcaggaaac     82380
     aacaggtgct ggagaagatg cggagaaata ggaacacttt tacactgttg gtaggactgt     82440
     aaactagttc aaccattgtg gaagacagtg tggcgattcc tcaaagatct agaaccagaa     82500
     ataccatttg acccagcaat cccattagtg ggtatatact taagggagca taaatcattc     82560
     ttctataaag acaaaggcac acagatattt actgcagcac tattcacaat agcaaatact     82620
     tggaaccaac ccaaatgccc atcaatgata gacgagataa agaaaaagtg gcacatatac     82680
     accatggaat actatgcaga cataagaaaa caatgagttc atatcctttg cagggacatg     82740
     gatgaagctg caaaccacct ctctatggct tccatttcta atgtttagat gtgctttcat     82800
     cttgaattgt acatgtgtgt attcatgcat gtgctaatgg tccagaagtg ttcaaataac     82860
     ttcttctgat tcctttcata agttataata tgtggatacc atgtttggtg tgagactagt     82920
     tacttgattt acattcttgg ttatgaaaag agaagctgag tggttcaatg gggcttatat     82980
     gcttagatgt ccaaacactt attgatatcc ccacataaaa tattataatg aggattagac     83040
     catatatgct cttttttttt ccattttttt cacgtaatat gtagtatgtt tttttctttc     83100
     agtggcccca ttacatatca tcatatgaat atgctattta ttcaatttac atatgatcac     83160
     atgtttagtt aatttacata ttattgcata ttttgattgc ttctaattta taggtattat     83220
     aaataaatga ctatgactgt ccaggtagta agacaaatca gttactatat atctcacact     83280
     tcctgtagga aatatttggt tacttggtca gaaacaaaga ctcaatttca ataacctaat     83340
     tgctttaaag aaacattcta gaacattctc agtctcacca ggagtgtatg atatgccagt     83400
     tacttagata aaaatctgtt catacttttc ttaccataag gcatgtgatt gtttctcatg     83460
     gttaagagcc acctactttt tctattctaa tctgtatctg ttgagtatta ttttgttcta     83520
     gtgttagata ttttcgactt actggttaat aagtgctctt ataagctgac aaactccttt     83580
     accatgtcta cttttatatc tactacagtt ttttttattt tgtgcaatag tatttctaat     83640
     aaatttgttt aaaaaattat atcatccgaa actattctaa tcaattataa ttgaagtatt     83700
     atgacctctg aggatctcac tttggtctct gacttataat tcttgctatt ccttttataa     83760
     ataactcttt gtataaagat atgagtgctt ttataatcat cacagctata gtttggcaat     83820
     gaaaaacttc ccatagttcc ctcttgcatc atttatttaa cctatattta gagtcaaaaa     83880
     gaaaaagaga aaaagtgtaa agattgactt actcaagaaa tgagttcatt acattttata     83940
     tgtgtttgtg tgacatactt tgcaatgatg tgagttcttg aagatggcta accatggctt     84000
     tttaaaaatg tattaactta tttgtttggt ttatttaaga aagtctgact actttagtat     84060
     tattttctca cagccttcta cttttttcac ttgtattgta tgtgctattt attttctgtt     84120
     ctatttaaaa ttgattagaa gagtttagat aacattcaaa tcagctagag tatgaaagag     84180
     tacatcccag cggaggtttc taggactaaa attcatgaga tcaaataagt ataaaaaaac     84240
     aataaaatgg tttgaatatt tgtgtcccac caaaattcat tagaatagta ttaggaggta     84300
     aggcctttgg aaggagatta ggtcatgagg gtggtacact tattattggg attactgccc     84360
     ttataagaag agattcaaga gctaactcac tctttccacc acatgaggac acagggagaa     84420
     gacagctgct tataaccaaa aaaattgccc tcaccaataa ctcatccatg ctgacccctg     84480
     acctcagacc ttcagcctgc aaaactgtga gaaataaatg ttatttcagc tgcccagttt     84540
     atggttattt tgttatagca gttctgaatg aactaagaca atgactcatt ccagaagtct     84600
     tccaggtaaa cgttcacact gatcattagt atatcaaagt ccttgaccgc tcttggtgat     84660
     ggagcagatt ttatttgtcc atgaagctct tgtacgctgt atacatagtg tgtatgtgaa     84720
     tgtgtgaaag caaaacacct attaaactca ggagagttca tcagcatcca tggaacattt     84780
     tgagaaatgt ttttctatac tgtattcacc caatatgctc aaaatttccc tcatgcttca     84840
     ttaaaaaaag aagcaagata tattaaaata tctagcctcc aagaaaatca atgtatactt     84900
     aaaaatatat atagtaagtt ttgttgcaat attaaaggtt ctcatatttc accatgtcca     84960
     gattgcattg ctttatacta ccataaggct taggcatctt aacaaggaat aatttcatca     85020
     atattcctac aggttcctgc tagaagagaa agagtttcat aagcagggta tctttttcct     85080
     tctgcaggaa tggcctttct tcatacctga aaatcaactt gtaaccggac accaccgatg     85140
     atttttttaa tatgttcatc ttttaaaaga aaaagcttaa tgagaaaaat aaggcagaat     85200
     tctttaactc acccaggtgc tattcattac ttatcttatg tttcttaacc ttaaggcaat     85260
     ttccttagca attttatttc cagtatgcca ttagaaaaaa gatcgaatca ctgtttcaat     85320
     tctattatgc ataggattct tgcaacacag accagcaagt gttcctagag agtggtgcag     85380
     aggaacctaa actattcagc aaaatcctat gggaaaagct gagtgttaac agaaaattca     85440
     ttatgcccta attctgacag cttgcctttt tagaaatgcg agagaaaact cttttaaatc     85500
     agattgtgct ttggagcacg gatggatgca aaggtaagct atagcagcat tctccaaata     85560
     tagcaggcat tgtaataacc tgaacagccc cccttctcaa ggtcctgatt cctttaagtc     85620
     aggggcaggg ccttagaatc tgtatttcta acaggtttcc agctgaggct gatgctgctg     85680
     accacacttt gagaaccccc aaagcagata aattcttaag actcctcaaa gagataggat     85740
     ctagtcctga tgtgctaaat tatttcttct ttgaagttat caagtcatga ttagagtggg     85800
     gcagaaatct cccatagacc tatagaatta tgtatcttaa tatgactgta gttattttgc     85860
     acatgaattc tttgttattg cccccttcaa tatcctagtg ggattaattg ttgctttcac     85920
     aaagttaaca ttttatctta caggaggaat attctgtgtg cttttataga agtctccatc     85980
     tacaccatgg aatattatgc agctgtaaaa aaggattagt tcatatattt tgaagggaca     86040
     cggatgcagc tggaaaccat atgttactgc cttacagttt ctatcataat tagccattag     86100
     ggttatcttg agtagctgta aatattcaaa ggcaacactg tacctagaac tatatttgga     86160
     agaataccag aaggtatgtg tgaaataaaa agaatatata atgctctcta atgcaaatca     86220
     cctcttgctg gcatatagaa actaagtttt aattagatca aagactgaga ttcaaagcca     86280
     tgattactgg aataatggac acattataaa tatgcattaa atgctttttt tttttctctc     86340
     agcacattat aatgggagat ctctgtattt ctatttatgt tgtcaatttg gttgcactgt     86400
     tgattactat tatatttaaa cctaaaaata ctgtgggtaa tgattaactg gatacacgga     86460
     ataaaagcgt aattgtggat ggatatgagt agtgtaagat ggacctgttg ttaagaatac     86520
     tttttatttt aatgttgaaa tcactcaaag aactcatgat tttcatttaa atttagtaga     86580
     ataaaaatga tatggctgct ggcatggcac taaaattgtg aatatgccct taaatgaaaa     86640
     ttgctcatgt aagcaaaagt gggtgtactt ggaaatcaga atgtaggaat gcaattttga     86700
     aaaccgtaat aaacactcga tttaagagac agctttacat tcactcatac atcatgttaa     86760
     agagaattag tgtagaaaaa gaagttcacc ataaaaacta acaattcaaa tacacaatct     86820
     atgtattatg ggaggtttaa cctcgcaaaa gtatccttta attgagtgca catcagacta     86880
     tttaagagca aattaataat gatgaactta tgattacata aaaacatcag tttttttttt     86940
     tttttccaga gggtctatca atagatatac acaatggagt agtaacaaat aataaatcac     87000
     aggtagatat tccaacctga ataaatttat cagcataaca ctaaattttt aaaaaggaaa     87060
     atcaaagaac aatttgtcca gtatgatcat acttacataa atatcaaaac atgaaaacta     87120
     gtgtgatata tttatattat caatatattt acatataaat atctatatac aaatatgcac     87180
     atatatttaa aaaaatattt aatatagata aatatgtaag cgacagagat ataaataaac     87240
     ctagaaaagg ccaggggtgg tggctcatgt ctataatccc agcgcttttg taggctgtgg     87300
     agggagaaac acttgagacc aggagtctgg gaccaagcta ggaaacagag tcaactccat     87360
     gtctacagaa ataaaaataa aaataattag ctgggtgcag ttgtgcatac ttgcagtctc     87420
     agctgtttgg gaggcttatg tcataaggtt acttgagctc agaggttgga ggttgcagtg     87480
     ggccatgatc gcaccactgc tttctagcca gagaccctgt tacctcccct accaaaacaa     87540
     aataaaacaa acaaaaaaat gaaaagcaaa ttacttaatc agaaggagtt ctcagaccaa     87600
     aatgtgccac ttccaaggga cttgagttga atgatgatat ttacctaaat gaattcaaga     87660
     cagaagaagg gaaggtagga aaaactatcc ctaagggaag aaatgggaga acataaaaag     87720
     gcagatttct tgtagaataa ataaatgcag tgagatgagt ggaagtcatg cagagaaata     87780
     tcaagaaaga agacagaaaa gatgttagtc agtgaggata acaacattgt aggttactat     87840
     ggagctcata ctgacgtaag caaaacatag gcctgggtta ttttgtttaa tgtctttttt     87900
     ttaaatattg ttgatagaaa tgtatgtgct tatcaatata aagggtagat taaaacactg     87960
     atatgtgatc atgctataac tgtcaatggt atgtaaggat ggtgtattag tctatttcca     88020
     ggctgctaat aaagacatac ccaaggctgg gtaatttata aaggaaagtt gtttaattta     88080
     ctcacagttc agcatgactg aggaggcctc aggaaattta agattatggc agaagatgaa     88140
     gcagtcttct tcttcttctc aagatggcag gaagaagaat gatgcaagag gagctaccaa     88200
     agactcataa aaccatcaga tgtgaaaact cacttagtat catgccaaca gcatgaggga     88260
     aaccacctcc atgatccaat cacttccaca tagtctcctt ttacacaaga cgattacggt     88320
     gattatagag attataattg ggacacaaag cctaaccata ttagatggta actgtaaaat     88380
     tagaaaatcc agcatgctct aaaaaaaagc cataaccaat aatttttcta agagtttaag     88440
     attataaaat ataatcctta tgttcatcct ttacacccct ggaggattgt attttataat     88500
     tttaactgtt tagagcaaaa ttataatatt acaaaatggt tgatgactat agtcacagaa     88560
     aaagtaagta agccagcaga atttctgtaa aaaaaatgaa attaaagcat ggaaacaatg     88620
     aggcccaaaa agttatcata tgtcaccgag aaactctgac cctgtgaaag caggaactga     88680
     aaccttgatt agcaacatta ttcacaatga ggaaaaagtg aaaacaaccc aaatctctat     88740
     caacagatga atggataaac aaattgtggc ctttccataa aatagaatat tattcagcct     88800
     taaaacggag tgcagtactg atacatgcag aaatgtgaat gagctctgaa aacaccgggc     88860
     tcagtgaaat aagtcagaca cagaaggcca catattgtgt gattccattt ctatgaaata     88920
     gccaggtttg catgggagaa ccatagagac agaaagttga tttgtggttg ttaggaacta     88980
     ggggtgagga tggtgtggga ggtgatgagt gactgttgca tggatatggg gttctttttt     89040
     tttttttatt tttgagtcac agtcttgttc tgtcacccag aaaggcagtg gcatgatctc     89100
     agcagactgt aacctccacc tccgaggttc aagtgattct catgcctcag cctccctact     89160
     agctgggatt actggcatat gccatcacac cttgctaatt ttttttcttt ttttctggca     89220
     ttttcagtag agacagagtt ttgccatgta ggcaaggctg ttctccaact cctgacctca     89280
     ggtgatccac ccacctcagc ctcccaagtg ctaactccca ggcgtgaacc accaagctgg     89340
     gcctgagatt tctttttaag gtgatgaaaa tattcaagaa ccaaataaag gtgatggttg     89400
     cattacattg tgaaaacatt aaaagtcaca gaagtgtaca ctttaaaatg gttaatttta     89460
     tattatgtga attttatctc cacccaaaaa aagaatgaaa ctcttctgtg taataaaaat     89520
     agtctgaaac aaaaccttgt aatctttgta acatataagg agtacaggta aatgtctgta     89580
     taacttttta aaaaaattct aagacaaagg aaaaagaatg cttgccgcac tcataaaatg     89640
     ccagagattt ggtggaatgt tgttgttcac acctctattc ccagcatttt gggaggccaa     89700
     ggttggagga ttgactgatt tcaggagttg aagaccagcc tggccaacat ggcaaaaccc     89760
     catctctact aaaaatacaa aattagccag catgttggca catgcttgta atcccagcta     89820
     cttggggggc tgaggcagga gaatcacttg agcccaggag gcaaaggttg cagtgagcca     89880
     agatcacact actgcaatcc agcctggaca agaacactaa aactctgtct caattaaaaa     89940
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc cagagagttc caggatggtt ttattctaaa taaattaagc     90000
     cttatttatg ttttaacact ttgtttgaag ataactatag attttcccaa aagtttccca     90060
     actagtatag agagttccgt tcaccttttg gaatgctttt tctaacgtta acatcttttg     90120
     tcatcatagt gaaattataa aaccaggaaa ttatcactga tagaatgctg tcaactgaac     90180
     tacagatcta agtaaaattc tgacaatttt atccctagtg ttctgtagtt gtcctttttc     90240
     acactgctgt ggagatacta cctgagactg gtaattcata aagaaaagag gtttaattga     90300
     cttttaattc tgcatggttg gcgaggcctc aggaaatgta taatcatagc agaaggggaa     90360
     ggaaggcata tcttacatgg cagcaggaga tagatcagag ataactgaca tttttaaaag     90420
     catcagatcc tgtaagaagt ccctcactat catgagagca acattgtata attacccatg     90480
     tgatctaatc gttacccacc aagaccctcc ctcaataagt ggggattaca attcaagatg     90540
     agatttgggg gggggacaca gagccaaacc acatcatgtt ctcttacaga aatgacccaa     90600
     tccaggattg ctcattgtat ttaattgtga tagctccata ctctcctaca atcagtgaca     90660
     gtttcacatt tattcctagc attttatgac cttgatgctc ttgaacagct gttgccagat     90720
     accttgtatc ctgtctcttg ggcaatttaa aaatatgtaa agacctcaaa aaaagaaatt     90780
     gggtatttaa agatcaaggt actcatctga gaaatgtttg gcacaggaat gggcagaaat     90840
     aaatgacaaa aaaaaaccac tctcaaaaat tacaaatacc aattatttaa atgatatgta     90900
     gttaagctgc ggacatgaac aaggtctcta aaacatggta cagtccaaga agttcagata     90960
     gtgaatggaa gctaacaggg agcacaggaa aaagagagat ttgcgtatat catgccatga     91020
     ggaccatttg cagtgggtga gggatgaggc tctctagagt agtttagatg tagctcttag     91080
     cttagcatct catcggggtg acatgacaag gccacctttg tcatggccct gctttgcttg     91140
     ttaatatatc aagtgttcct taaacccagt ctcctcaaaa actaggaaca cccagtcctc     91200
     ccttgcactt gctccatgtt cactaactct tgactttaat ttctatattt gtattattgc     91260
     cttggggatc acctctcccc agtaaattgc tggcccacta caatctctga gcccaattct     91320
     ccctcatggc atgctttttt accaatgtta ttttatcact gaatattttc agtttcttct     91380
     ctgaatatac tttatctctg tgatatttgt ctaacgcaaa tccaacttat tttggagtag     91440
     atgataattg ctataaatca taagaaaatg ttctcttatt tgattatacc atactccttt     91500
     attcatttgt tgttatagca catttatttt agcatgaata tgctctgatt cttgccccat     91560
     ttctactacc tgtaactctt tcttgggtta ttgatgtgct taaacatgac cagtcatttc     91620
     acagcaaaga tatttgcagg ttgattattt ttgtctcaat gtgtacttgt caatagtata     91680
     tgctataatg cctctagttt catcagggta ctctgtacta gagaacattc ttcatgggat     91740
     ttgtggatgt tttttattat ttatcagttg taccttcata attcaaattg atcaccctag     91800
     gctttgaagt aaatcattca acatcctatg agaaagctta ggaatcctca agacagtggt     91860
     agtttcaaag gcacaccaca tgttagttct ccttccaaat ccattattta aaatttccca     91920
     ggaaaataaa tgtagagaga aagtagagtg agatgtgaaa atctcccaga gttttcaatt     91980
     gcatacactg ggcatcccat tgttcaataa ctccagctca taccaaaatt tggtctggac     92040
     aaattttgcc gagagaaact atttgcaaac atttcctagg ataagaatgt aagactgtat     92100
     ggtatagttc acttttctat ttctttacat catcttccct tttgctatgt tcttgcaggg     92160
     aaggatggtt gctaaagata ctcagaagag ttcctttcat caaggacact aaaacgtgtt     92220
     cttgtggtag ctcacatctg tagtctcagc gctctggtag gctgatgcag gaagattcct     92280
     tgaatcaaag agtttaaggc cagcccaaac aacacaacaa gaccccatct ctaccaaaca     92340
     acaggcactt ttatagtaca cactgctgca aaaatgtaga cgaaagctca tttcgcattc     92400
     ataacaatgt gtgacacgaa gaagcattta ccttccagta gaatttgtgt tgagtgtttt     92460
     tacttgatcc acaaataaac taccaggcag aggtccaact ttctctcttc ctttcccact     92520
     tacatctgag atgacataga aaagaagaca gatatatttt acaacataaa ataaaatctt     92580
     tctccctctc tgcctactct gcaaataaat catttgtatt ttcaggaaaa cactcatgta     92640
     taaatgacta taacagttta gttgcccaat gctgagagtt taaacttcca atggagatag     92700
     ccttttagca tagaaggttt taaaattcat aactgaaata tcagtatctc atcagtttac     92760
     agaaggtatg gcctctggga gaatatcata attttccaaa atttgtatgg agctgaaagc     92820
     accttgtcta agaaattgcc cataatatac aaaaacacaa ttaaaaatgt ggacctaaaa     92880
     atggacttgc agagcatgca gccttggaaa agagatggtg ataaatataa aaatattaag     92940
     atagaaaata gttttaccac atctataatc agcaccaaat ttcacttgta ctaaagtaat     93000
     agaatgagct gtgttaccaa aaacattgtt atcacaatat aggtgtaaga tatttgaaaa     93060
     aggagaggat tttttaaaaa tccagcttca tttggagtat atctttgata cacagccatt     93120
     gaatcaatct ctttaaacca tacaaaatga aaacattgaa tgcacaaaca taaatgcatc     93180
     cagtttcata atatcctgta agtactctca cattcctgag acctgctggg ctttgaaaga     93240
     gtaggttaat tcctctgtct catcacaatg ttgggggaaa atgttgtgac ttaaatgtgg     93300
     atatcctatt tatctcctgt tgggaaggaa gtatttacat gtattgtgaa gctttgaaat     93360
     gatgaattac aatggttaga ggaaaatata gtgcctgggt tccaccactg ggcagacaaa     93420
     ttaccataat gctgtgtgag taacacttta taaatgtatt tgtcccacag gagcagtttc     93480
     actgctccgg taatatgatt cactgcatgt aacagattag gtgaaatcta cttatatttt     93540
     caggaacttg tgtgaaataa ctaacttaac ctatctgaaa actgtattaa atttttcaaa     93600
     tcttgtaagt gctctctagg actacaaaat gagaactact gggctttcat tgggacaaca     93660
     caactggtat acagaggaac atcacagtct cctaccacaa atcatcataa aacaagccca     93720
     ttaagttgta tgctttacat agaaaaattg tgtggcacac atttcataga attatctaca     93780
     catatgcatg tggtcttgtg tcaaaaaagt tgttccgtat tgaagctgct gtcccagctc     93840
     agaaaatatc taaaccaatt tgtctgaatg tttcattaac tgatggatct taatgcttaa     93900
     tgctgtattt tggcttctta agatccactg catatgccat cactgcttct gtcttcatct     93960
     gtgggggttg ctgtgacaga ataacataac ctggatgaat tttaaaaaca catgtaattc     94020
     ttagaattct ggaggctgag atgtctgaga tcagggtgcc atgagggtaa ggttctggag     94080
     agggccttct gtagagtttg taaacagcca ccttttttct cactgtatcc tcacatggcc     94140
     aagtggaaga gagataaaga aagaggaaaa gagaaagaga aagggaaaaa gagaaagaga     94200
     aagaaattga aagagaaagc tcttgtgttt cttcttaaaa gtacactaat cccatcacag     94260
     gctacaccct tatggtctgc tcacctccaa atttccccca cctcctaatc tcatcacact     94320
     ggggattagg gtttcaacat atgcatgctg gaggaataca aacactcagt ctatagcagc     94380
     aggggaattg tctccctttc attgtgtgaa attgagtgct aaggtagacc aagtcaactc     94440
     tctccacttt agaaagccca gtgagacaaa tgtggtctct ggccaaggag caggtatttg     94500
     acttgtctcc ctagtcaggg tattacctct tgtgcaaggg aggagcatga aactgatggc     94560
     tcatgcctca tcactgcata ctggtgtggt gacaaatggc ttccaggagc ctctataaat     94620
     atctttgtat gcactggatc ccaagtcttt atcactacac taaggtggat tttgtatctt     94680
     ttcaatttat ttctcccaaa ttccaaaatg agcttcaatt gctttggact aaaacccata     94740
     ctgatacaga tgttccccca aagcaggtgt gtggcaggag gtaggaataa acatttgaag     94800
     ttaaattcca tactgtttat ctaatgagta ttaatttcat ccaaaaaatg acaataaact     94860
     ttataaggaa ttaataatct cattctcagg ttgtctttta agacagggac aatatccaga     94920
     aaagacactg gactaaatgc caaattctat cagtttttta aaaataatgt ttcattttta     94980
     attaattgtt ttttctgaat ttattatttt ttttagagaa ggatcttgtc ttgctgccca     95040
     ggctggagtg cagtgacatc atcacagttc actgcagcct tgccctcctc agctcaaggg     95100
     atcctcctgc cttggcctcc cacgtagtag ggactacagg tggacaactc catgtcaaga     95160
     taataatttt tctttttttg gtaaagacag ggttttgcca aataaatttt ggcacaaaga     95220
     atgctgtttg gtggtgtggt tatgtatgta ttagtccgtt ttcttgctac tgataaaggc     95280
     atatctgaga cagataagaa aaagatgttt aatggactta cagttccata tggatgggga     95340
     ggcctcatga tggaatgcaa ggaggagcaa gccacatctt aaatgaatga tggtgaataa     95400
     aaagaccttc tgcagggaac ttcccctttt tcaaaccatc agctctcact agacttattt     95460
     cccattatga gaacagcaca ggaaaaacct gccccacatg attcaattac ctcttacttg     95520
     gtccctccca taacatgtgt gaattcaaga tgagatttgg gtaaggacac agcctaaccc     95580
     ccatgcctga tatctatcta tgtatctatc tatgtatcta tctatgtatc tatctgtcta     95640
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatcatct atctatgtat ctatgcatct atgtatctat     95700
     gtatctatct atctatcatc tactatctat gtatctatct atgtatctat gtatctatct     95760
     atcatctatc tatgtatcta tctatgcatc tgtctatcta tcatctacta tctatgtatc     95820
     tatctatcta tgtatcatct atctgtctat gtatgaatta gggtgattca ggaaatagca     95880
     gatataagac cttggtagaa acaagagctc taggtagagt tttggagaac tcttgtgttc     95940
     tttgatgcaa atctattctc acctgggaaa gagaaaaatc ctactcctca tctaccattt     96000
     tccatgaggg gtttaatctt ttgttcccct taaaacaaaa agctgaaatt catcgaatat     96060
     gtgattttta atatatgtta tgatatatga catatatgaa tatgatatat ataggaaaaa     96120
     tcatatatat tatttttaat atatattagg acatatgata tatattacat aggttttcat     96180
     ccacagttcc tgggtcataa gtcccaaaac ccttgctata ttttggagtg cttttgtcct     96240
     cagaagcaga cttcagaaaa caatctcttc ctcactgaac ttctcctgcc ttccttccac     96300
     ctgcccaaag caagactcta acattttccc aacttctgat ccatagtcca gtgtgttatt     96360
     ttttgcccca ttgaccctct gatatgattt ggttgtgtcc aaccccacag tctcaccttg     96420
     aattttactt cccatagtcc ccatgtgtca tgggagggac ctggtgggag gtaattgaat     96480
     cacttatgct cttcttatga tagtgagtga gttctcaaag aacggatgat tttataagag     96540
     actttttacc cttttgctca gcacttctct ctcttgccac caagtgaata aggacatgtt     96600
     tgcttcctgt tctgccatga ttggaagttt tatgagtcct ccctagccat gtggacctat     96660
     gagtcaatta aacctctttc ctttataaat tacacagtct tgggtatttc ttcacagtta     96720
     catgggaatg gactaagata tcctccttcc cctaactgtc ttgctgtggg acttaagaca     96780
     tttatttcag aatgtagcct gttccttacc ctggaggaag cactactgca cagagaggcc     96840
     aagagggatc tgaacagata ggtcttgctc tgtcccctta ctcagcctac tagtgttaga     96900
     taatagcctt tttgtacaat cacgtttcta cttgtttgtc aatcatgcct atcaatgaaa     96960
     tctccataaa aagaccaaga agattgtatt tgtagacctt ctagagagct gaacacaggg     97020
     aggctggcag gcaggtggac aagaactcac ccatgtgcct ggagtgtggt gcacgacaaa     97080
     ctctgtgggg acagacactg ctgtgctcgg cacctgccca gactttgcca tatgtatctc     97140
     ttcatgtgac tctttgtgtc ctttaaaata tcttatataa taaaccacga agtgtaagta     97200
     agtatttttc tgagttctgt gacccactcc aggaaattaa tccaatccaa gagagggtcg     97260
     ttggaatgct cccaacttga agcatatttg gagaagttct ggagacccac acttgtgact     97320
     gtgcagatgg agttagctgt cttctatgac tgaggtggtg tcccctgcag aactgcttgc     97380
     ttgcttggtg tgtgggtgga aacccccaaa catttgttca tagacagctt ctatgttgat     97440
     tgtcattgca gtgtgagagc agagaaaaac actttgagtt tgtgtgagag tttgtttttt     97500
     atcttgagaa aatttagatt aacatttgaa attcggagtg tactctggtt gggctggtca     97560
     acaggtgtgc catttttgtc ttccagtaaa tttcagcttt ctgttttgag ggggacaatg     97620
     gaattaaact acaatagaaa attgcaagag aagaatggaa ttagaatctc atggttctct     97680
     ttccaaggcg agaataggta tgtggcaaaa cccaccaaaa cactttagac tctagagata     97740
     atttctataa tactagtgtc atatacctgt tgtttctcag gtcatctcaa ttcaggtcat     97800
     cattgtctct tgctccaatt attgtgaaag actcctaatt gacaacctgc aggactatga     97860
     gccagtaaac ctctcttttt ttgtaaatta cccagtatct tgtattgttt tataatagtt     97920
     caagaatgta ctagtatccc tgccaaatgt gagctgtaga ttgtcaaaca ccatgaatta     97980
     aaaaactaca gaggtgatcc aagtaggagg aggtgagatt gtagatgctg tccatggcac     98040
     agtcatcacc acacagtgaa aagagcttat tggaggcata ttaaagataa ggatgatcta     98100
     agactaataa ccaggtttgg aacatatggc agacagaata caaatgtgca taccctaatc     98160
     cttggaacct gtgaatagtt gatctttctt gccaaaaggg agtttgtgga tgtgattaag     98220
     ttaaggatgt tgaaatcaga agttgatcct agactatcca ggtggtccag tgtcatcaga     98280
     aaagtcctta taagaggaag gcagtagggt cagagtaaga gagagatttg aagatgctat     98340
     tgatcttaca gaaggagaag aaaatcatga accagaaaat tctggtggcc tctatgcact     98400
     ggaagtgaca tggaacagat tcttccttat agttttcaga aagggacagt gctgtattag     98460
     ctgtttttca tgttgcttat aaagaatgag taatttacaa agaaaaagag gttgagtgga     98520
     ctcacagttc catgtgctta gggacacctc acaatcatgg tggaaggaaa aaggaacatc     98580
     ttacatgtga caacaagaga atttgtacag gaaatctccc ctttataaaa ctaacaggtc     98640
     tcatgagact tattcactat catgagaatg gcatgggaaa gtctcaccca catgattcaa     98700
     ttgcctccca ctgggtccct tccacaacat gtgagaatta caggagctac agttcagatg     98760
     aaatttgggt ggggacagag acaaatcata tgaactgcac taccaactcc ttgatgttaa     98820
     accaagtcag actttcatct ccaaaacagt aagatagtac atgggtgttg tttaaagccc     98880
     ctgagtttgt ggtagttggt tactgcagcc actggaaaaa aaatacagga caggtgaggg     98940
     gagagatagc aggatgactc ccaggttata gagaacaact acttgtttgg tagatctctt     99000
     accttgtcct tcgaaggagg agcacttcta ggaatagaga cactttctct tttgcacaca     99060
     ctgcatttgt aaccatacca gagcaatctg gttcaacttt tatgtagaaa ggttgtgaat     99120
     tgtttttcag ttgtcctgga tccccagttt aaggtcacat aacctgggca ttccaaaatg     99180
     aaccaaggtg ggacttaagt cccacaagga atggggactg cattaagaag caaacactca     99240
     cggtgggatt cagggtccaa tcagattgag ccctgatttc accctgtggc agaatccact     99300
     aagttgattc ctctcagcat tgcctcattg caagatccaa tcagataatg ctttattatt     99360
     ccatgcttat aaaacccaac ctatccccat attagagaga cagatttgaa catttccttc     99420
     tgtctcctca ccagttgact cacagtaaaa cttttctttt ctcaaaagcc aatgccatgg     99480
     aattggcttc tttctgcatc agaaaagagc ccatttattg ctcagtaaca catttgagag     99540
     ggaaataggt ggtagacaaa tggctagata tccagagttc tgagaccagg tctgacctgg     99600
     gagcagagaa gagctgatgt ttaagctgtt tgacgatggg tctgaatgga tttatgatgg     99660
     ctttctggcc ttagaaaaac aaaatagttg tatgtgtgtg agattttttt caattgggtg     99720
     tgcaagtctt tcagacaaca gccaacatac acaccatcct tgtagatggt tcagatggac     99780
     acatagccaa tgagaacatc ttggagaaca tcaatgttta aggcaccaac tataagtcac     99840
     acagtgtatt ttttattata ctttaagttg tagggtacat gtgcacaatg tgcaggtttg     99900
     ttacatatgt acactagtgc tgtgttagtt tgcagcaccc attaactcat catttacatt     99960
     aggtatttct cctaatgcta tatccctccc ccaaaacccc accccatgtc agaccccagt    100020
     gtgtgatgtt ccctgtcctg tgtccaagtg ttctcattgt taaattccca cctatgagtg    100080
     agaacatgca gtgtttttgg ctttctgccc ttgtgataat ttgctaagaa tgatggtttc    100140
     cagcttcatc catgtgccta caaaggacat gaactcatca ctttttatgg ctgcacagta    100200
     ttccatggtg tatatgtcca acattttctt aatccagtct attattgttc gacatttggg    100260
     ttggttccaa gtctgtgtta ttgtgaatag tgccgcaata aacatacatg tgcatgtgtc    100320
     tttatagtag aatgatttat aatcctttgg gtatatacct agtaatggga tggctgggtc    100380
     aaatggcatt tctggttcta gatccttgag gaatcaccac actgtcttcc acaatggttg    100440
     aactagttta cactcccatc aactatgtga aaacgttcct atttctccac accctcacca    100500
     gcacttgttg tttcctgact ttttaatgat tgccattcta actggtgtga gatgttatgt    100560
     cattgtggtt ttggttagca tttctctgat ggccagtgat gatgagcatt tttttcctgt    100620
     gtctgctggc tgcataaatg tcttttgaaa atgtctgttc atatcctttt tccatttttt    100680
     gatggggttg tttgatattt tcttgtaaat ttaagttatt tgtagattct ggatattagc    100740
     cctttgtcag atggatagat tgtaaaaatt ttcccccatt ctgtaggttg cctgttcact    100800
     ctgatggtag tttattttgc tgtgcagaag ctctttggtt taattagatc tcatttttca    100860
     attttggctt tcgtggccat tgttttggtg ttttagtcag gaagtccttg tccacgccta    100920
     tgtcctgaat gatattgcct aggttttctt ctcaggtttt catggtttta gatctaagat    100980
     ttaagtcttt aatccacctt gaattaattt ttgtagaagg tgtaaggaag ggatccagtt    101040
     tcatctttct acatatggct agccagtttt cccagcacca tttattaaat agggaatcct    101100
     ttccccattg cttgtttttc tcaggtttgt caaagatcag atagttgtag atatgtggca    101160
     ttatttctga gggctctgtt ctgttccatt gatctatatc tctgttttgg taccagtacc    101220
     atgctgtttt ggttactgtg gccttgtaat atagtttgaa gataggtagc gtgatgcttc    101280
     cagctttgtt gtttttcctt aggattgcct tggcaatgca ggctcttttt ttgttccata    101340
     tgaactttat agtaattttt tttcaatttt tgaagaaagt cattggtaaa ttgatgagaa    101400
     tggcattgaa tctataaatt gccttgggca gtatgaccat tttcacaata ttgatttttc    101460
     ctatccatga gcatggaatg ttcttctatt tgtttctgtc ctcttttatt tcattgacta    101520
     gtggtttcta gctcttcttg aataggtcct tcacatatcc tgtaagttgg attcctaggt    101580
     attttattct ctttgaagca actgtgaatg ggagttcact catgatttgg ctctctgtct    101640
     gttattggtg tttaagaatg cttgtgattt tcacacattg attttgtatc ctgagagttg    101700
     gctgaagttg cttatcatct cagggagatt taaggctgag acgatgggat tttctaaata    101760
     tacaatcatg tcatctgcag gcaaggacaa tttgacttcc tcttttccta attgaatact    101820
     ctttatttct ttatcttgcc tgattgccct ggccagaact tccaacacta tgttgaatag    101880
     gattgttgag agagggtata cctgacttgt gccagttttc aaagggaatg cttccagttt    101940
     ttgcccattc agtatgatac tggctgtggg tctgtcacaa atgcctctta ttattttgaa    102000
     atatgttcca tcaataccta ttttattgag agtttttagt atgaagcgct gttgaatttt    102060
     ttgaaggcct ttctgcatct attgagataa tcatgggttt ttgtctttgg ttccgtttat    102120
     gtgatagatt acatttattg atttgcatat gttgaaccag ccttacattc cagggacgaa    102180
     gcccacttaa ttttggtgga taagcttttt tatgtgccct ctatttttat tgattggaat    102240
     agtttcagaa ggaatggtac cagctcctct ccgtacctct gctagaattc agctgtgaat    102300
     ccatctggtc ctggaatttt ttttggttgg taggctacta attgttacct caatttcaga    102360
     gcctgttatt ggtttattca gcaattcaac ttcttcctga tttagtgttg tgtgggtgca    102420
     tgtgtccaga aatttattca tttcttatag attttctagt taatttaatt tgtgtagagg    102480
     tgtttacagt attctgtgat ggtagtttgt atttctgtgc aatcattggt gatatcccct    102540
     ttatcatttt taattgcatc tatttgatta ttttcttttc ttattagtct tgctagtggt    102600
     ctatcaattt tgttgatctt ttcaaaactg tattttcaca ctgtattttt tacttcagat    102660
     atcattgcat tttcctctgg ttcctgcaca tattttaatc tatcagtctt tctttctcct    102720
     tttcaacatg attcctggtt ttctataacc gttgctaagt gctttgcatt ttaaataaat    102780
     tgccacttat tttcttagta tgacttccat cagtcacatt agtgagagtc attgcagagg    102840
     agataggaaa gaacacaatc caaagagcat ttagtataga agagaagccg gagctatgac    102900
     aaggagagtg tagagaagaa aaaattcata cctgggcacc agtctatgga gatgctacaa    102960
     aatcaccaag gggggtgttt tcttccattt tgttttccta tgcgttgctg attttaggtt    103020
     tgttgaataa tgaacccaag tctggttatg catgtactca tttccaaaca aaatctagtg    103080
     tgggggctgg tgcaggattg gggagcactt gaaagtgggc atttttttta ttcctaacac    103140
     catttatgca catgacacta tttgagtaga ttcagcctcc tttatacctg ggaaacgact    103200
     ccctctccag taagccccag tttccagaaa gcactattgt ataatatcca actcaatctg    103260
     atcaataaca ttgctagcct cagccttgaa catccatgga tttatagacc ttgaaataaa    103320
     agacattctg taggttctaa agttgtctat attttctcat cctaagaaaa aaagaaaagt    103380
     ggcaaagaag gaaggggaga gggtagaagg aaagaaagag caggaagagg gctggtcata    103440
     acacttagcc tccatggcta agaaagttca gttccagcct gaaacctctt tggcatgttg    103500
     aatgatgttc tgcttctatg agttcatgtt tacactggac tatcttattg ttttaggatg    103560
     cttatagctg agcctaaatt gttattccat tacttgagta ctgaggtttc atgaagtaat    103620
     tggaacacaa aagtccacta acagattgct tctgttattg ttctaatctg agcagtgttg    103680
     agttttcctt cttctgttaa tgctctaacc tgagcagtgt tgagtttttc ttctttctag    103740
     gacagacatt ggcaattgat ggtgctaatc caacccagac tacttctgtt tttgtaaatg    103800
     aagttttatg gacaagaaat catatcattt gttaacacat tgcctatggc tcttttcatg    103860
     ctgcagaagt agattttaaa aattgtagag aacctatggc caaaagagcc taaaatacat    103920
     gccctctggc ccttcacaaa aaccactggt tagtccctgc tatataagat caacaatttt    103980
     gtgtaacaaa gtgggtagca aaacagattc ctcatcagtg atatgcttca gatattactg    104040
     tttaatattt tcatgactaa tatgatattg gctaaataag aaaataattg agagaaaatt    104100
     acaggccctc tactaatccc taaaggaaat attcaacaga gagaaaggaa gaaaagaaac    104160
     aggaggaagg gagaaagagg aaggaaggga gaaagtgaga gaggaggaaa gaaaggcagg    104220
     gaaggatgga gggagggaag gaaggaagga ggaaaggaag gaaggaaaga aggaaagaag    104280
     aaaggaatga aggaaggaag gaaagaaaaa gggagagtgg gaagagagga aggaaggaag    104340
     aaagaaaaag gaaaaaagga aggaaggagg gagggagaga tggaaagata aaaggacaat    104400
     gggaagagag gaagatagga aggaaggaac aaaggaatga aggaaagaag ggagaaaggg    104460
     aaggagaaaa ggaaggaagg aaggaggaag ggaaggaaga aagaatggag ggaatgaagg    104520
     aaagatggaa ggaaagaagg aagaagggag gcaggaagca aggaaggaag gaaagaagga    104580
     ataagggaga gaaggagtga gggatggcag aaatgaggaa gggaagaaag aaaggggaga    104640
     aggaagaaca gatggaggga gaactggaga gacggaagga agaaagggag gtgaggaaga    104700
     aaggagggag gggaggaaga acgggcggaa gtaaggaaga aaagaaggaa gaaagaaaaa    104760
     ggaaagaagg aataaagaag ggaagaaaag aaggaaggaa ggaaggacaa agggaggaaa    104820
     gaaaggaggg agggaaggaa gtaaaaacgg aatgaagaaa tgaagaaatg aataaaggag    104880
     ggagggagag aaggaagaaa ggaaaaaggg aaggaaggag ggagggaaga aggaaggagg    104940
     gctagaaaga ggaaaggatg gagggaataa agaagggagg aagggaggaa ggaaggaaga    105000
     aaaaaaggaa ggaaggaaga aaaaaaggaa ggaaggaaga agggagggag gggagaaggg    105060
     agatgccata caaaaagcag tgcgaccatg tgggaggaat aagttctacc ctaaataaga    105120
     gcaataaaat acgcaagaaa aagtatttac ttccataatg taaatgtctt tctacacata    105180
     aaatatctgt ctggaccacc agttgtatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaactactg atgtttacat    105240
     acagggtttc tttcagtatt ctgactccaa tttcattctt aacatttttt tctctgtgat    105300
     ataagactaa ttaagcctaa catttgctgt tcttgggaaa gatggttatt tcaaccatat    105360
     ctaataacat cttatgggtc ttcagaattg aagaagagct atattttcat ctgaatatgt    105420
     tgatatattt taatatggtt aggatttgtg tccccagcca aatctcattt tgaattgtaa    105480
     tccctataat tactataatc tccatgtatc aaaggagaga cttagtagag gtaatagggt    105540
     tatgggggaa ttttcccccg tgccaatctc acaatggtga atgagttctt atgagatcta    105600
     atggttttat aaggggctct ttccccttag ctcaggaggt tttctttccg tcaccttatg    105660
     aagaaggtgt cttacttccc ctatgcctcc tgccatgatt gtaaaattct tgaggcctcc    105720
     ccagccatgc taaactgtga gtccattaaa cttctctctt tataaattgc ccagtctcag    105780
     gcagttcttt gtaacaatat gaaagtagag taatatattc agctagaatt tggatggtag    105840
     ttctccgtat gtgcagcgat atagtttggc tctgtgagcc taccaaaata tcacgttgag    105900
     ttttcatacc cagtgttggg ggatgggcct gctgggatgt gattgaatca cggggctgga    105960
     tttctccttt gccgttctca tgatggagtt cttatgagat cttgttgttt gaaagtgtgg    106020
     gccagttgct gttgctcatg cctgtaatcc tagcgttttg agaggctgag gcgggcagat    106080
     cgcctgaggt caggagttcg agaccagacc ggacaacatg gcaaaacccc atctctacta    106140
     aaaataccaa aaaattagcc aggtgtggtg gcaggaacct gtaatcccag ctacttggga    106200
     ggctgaggca ggagaattgc ctgaacccag gagccaaagg ctacagtgag ctgagattgt    106260
     gccactgcac tccagcctcg gtgataagag tgaaactcta tcagaaggaa agaaagaaag    106320
     aaagaaagaa aagaaggaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    106380
     gaaagaaaga ggaaatgtgt cacatttgaa atttgattac ataagtatgt taacacaacc    106440
     cacttcagcc cttcactgaa aataacctgc tggatttcat acctacattt ctgggacata    106500
     cacagcatga aagcacttgt gtatttttcc taggtcagac ctacaaattt taatgattta    106560
     atattgcctc taatgagtta agaaacagtg actacctttc cacagcagtt tccagttgct    106620
     atccaagttt caatgtaggc tatgtcaata ctgagaagtg aatatcagtt cagagaactt    106680
     tgctagatat ctttcttttt tctgtttttt ttctttcacc ttctgctctt cacatgataa    106740
     taaccttcct tcaataatgt ggaacaatac aatagctgtt cttcagcaat gtttctgcca    106800
     gactttaaca accataatct ttagtaccaa attcaaaaag aattacactt tcaacattga    106860
     aagaattaca ctttcaaaat tgtgcagtgg cacaatctta acgaggtcat ggagtgaata    106920
     tttatatgta tttttcttca tttgtcatga acatcctaac tgtttcatat caccagacta    106980
     tcaaaatctg tcatattaaa atgcatatta gaaaatttaa tattcatagt ataatggata    107040
     atttttttcc atttctggaa aatatacagt tggaattaat tatccaatag tgatatttta    107100
     aaaaaaactt cacttaatct gtgaaaataa gtgagtaact acagaaaaat acacatgggg    107160
     cctgagactg gagtatgggg tgaaaataag acaaatgtgt caagtataat gcaagattag    107220
     agtgagaagt ctgcagtaaa cttagaccag accacgtgtt ctttttcatc aagtctgcct    107280
     taggcactga taactctgaa catggtcctt catgtctaca aacttccttg ttctccattg    107340
     ttcttgttac aaaattaaat ttctaatgaa gaaatacaca aacattactg aaaaacgtag    107400
     aagacaacaa atataaataa agtcatatgg catgattttg gatgagattt ttcagtattc    107460
     ttaacatatt aaaactttta gacttaagct atcatgtttg acacaacaat aaagagaacc    107520
     acagtggaat tttgttccat tctttagatt aaaaagttat ttttctactc atctggaagg    107580
     agaaacatac aagcatagtc atggcaattt gagaaagaag atcaatagag taagagaggg    107640
     agatttgaaa tatcttggta taaatttcaa attattaaaa tactgttgta ttataatagc    107700
     tgtatggtga ctgattatgc caaaatgaag tagacaaaag aaaaaacaaa tgaaaacaca    107760
     aaaaaagcca aagagaatta gattatcttg taatgcaaag ttataagcat ttggattaac    107820
     tcttcaggaa aaaaatcatt tcttatctaa ttgaacctca ggattaaata tagttattag    107880
     gagtcactct tccagttcaa gaaaaaatat tactctcatc ctaataaaca aaacaataga    107940
     catttattta aaagatcttt tagtcaaaat ttttatgatt ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt    108000
     tttgagatgg attctctatc tgttgcccag gttggagtgc aatgttgtaa tcttggctca    108060
     ctgcaagctc cgcctcctgg gttcttgcca ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gactcgctgg    108120
     gactacaggc atccaccacc atgcctagct aattttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt    108180
     ttcaccatgt tatccaggat ggtcttgatc tcctgacctt gtgattcacc cacctcggcc    108240
     tcccaaagtg ttgggattac aggtgtgagc caccatgctg ggccaaaaaa ttacgttttt    108300
     ttagaaaact tttgtggttt tttaggtttg ttttggtttt gttttgagac agggtcttgc    108360
     tctgttgtcc atgttagagt gtagttgtac agttgtagct cactctagac ttgaactccc    108420
     agcctcaagg gatcctacca cctcaacctc cagagtggct tgcactacta gcatgctcag    108480
     ctaattttta aagatatttt tatgccgggt gtgatggctc atgtctgtaa tcccaacact    108540
     ttaggaggct gaggtgggca gattacctaa ggtcagaagc ttgagaccag cctggagaag    108600
     atggtgaaac cccatctcta gtaaaaatac gaaaactagc tgggcatggt ggcacatgcc    108660
     tgtaatccca gctactaaag aggctgaggc aggagaattg cttgagcctg ggagttgggt    108720
     gttgtagtga gccaagatca tgtgactgca ctccagcatg gctatcggag tgagattctg    108780
     tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagaagaag gggctcacta agttgcctag gcttgtcttg    108840
     aagtactggc cccaggcaat cttcctgcct tggcctccca aaatgctggg attataggcg    108900
     tgaggccctg tgcctagctt aaaaatgtaa ttaaagttca ggaaacaatg aaacacctat    108960
     aaactgaatt caaaaagtaa caagatctat ataagaaaga aaacacacct gactattttc    109020
     attttggatt tggagaggca gaggaagctg ctaatgtggt aaagaagaca ctagctaaac    109080
     tttttataag gtgcagtgac cacaggcagg taggcatgtc agtttagaca actgaggagt    109140
     gctagtctgt gaacggatcc tcatccacct gcaaactgct tcccaaacat ctctacagag    109200
     ggtagagtga tagtatgtca aatatggtgc atacaggagg agagagctgg gaagcatagc    109260
     tcctcaggca caatctaccc caagttcatg gcagcctctc tcagaaggtt gaggtcaggg    109320
     aaggagaact taatgaaacg ctgcatggac atctctgacc tttacaggat ataagacaat    109380
     agccctccaa acattgaagg cagtgtcaca aggtggagaa aattctcttg gtgtacagaa    109440
     agctgggcat gacagacaga gcaaatagat actccagcaa ttctcacaaa atgacattga    109500
     gattttccat gaaaaaatcc agaaataaat acatcccaaa ttttaaagta catgttgtcc    109560
     taagtagcat gtattagtcc attatcacag tactataaag acactacctg agactgggta    109620
     attaaaaaga gaaaaaaagc ttaattgact cacatttcca tatggcaggg aagcctcagg    109680
     aaacttacat tcatggcaga aggcaaagca ggcacatctt acatggcggc aggagagaga    109740
     gagcatgcaa gcagcggaaa ggctagatgc tcataaaacc atcagatccc atgagaactc    109800
     actatcacaa taacaacatg ggaagccacc cccctcgatc caatcacttt ccaccaggtt    109860
     tctctccata aacacatgca gattacgatt caagatgaga tttgggtagg gacaaaaatc    109920
     ctaaccatat catagcagga tgaaatctcc catcattact ctctatcctg ccagggacag    109980
     gaatcatctt tctcttcagt atatctgttc tgtagacaat taggagtcat ctcagttatt    110040
     ggagtcattg ccctggtatg gagtgcttat ggtcaaataa tctttatttt ccttagtaat    110100
     ggccccaaag tataagacta gacatgctgg catattatta taattgttac ctttttttat    110160
     caattctctc actgtcccta atttataaat taaacttatc ataagtatat agctataaga    110220
     aaaaatatag tatctatagc gttcagtatt atcttcagtt tcagggatcc acatgggcct    110280
     tcaaacatat cacccataat aaggggaaat tactgaagta taatttttta aatgttgact    110340
     aggatatgtt aaagataaat attgaattct ctacagtcat actttcagca gaactttctg    110400
     agatgacaga agatgggtta gtgtcttgga aatgctacaa caaaaatacc agagactggg    110460
     tagctcataa atgacactaa catatttctc atagtttggg aggctggaag tccaaaatta    110520
     agacagcctc agattcagcg tctggtgagg acttgcttcc tgcttcatag atggcacctt    110580
     cttgtgttct cacatagtag aaggggtgag ggagctctct ggagtacctt ttatgagatt    110640
     tctaatccca ctcacaaggc ccactttcac gacctcatca cctcccaaag gacacacatt    110700
     ctaatatcat caccttgacg gttatctttc aacacaggaa ttaagtggga ggacacaaat    110760
     atttagtcta tagaagtatt gcattgttca atatggtagc catcagcaac cttggatagt    110820
     gaaagcttga aatgtggcta gtgtgagata ggggctgatt tttgacattg ctatttaatt    110880
     ctactttctt tttttattgt tattatactt taagttttag ggtacaggtg cacaatgtgc    110940
     aggttagtta cttatgtaca catgtgccat tgtggtgtgc tgcacccagt aactcgtcat    111000
     ttaacattag gcatatctcc aaatattatt cctctcccct cccccacccc agcaacaggc    111060
     cccagtgtgt gaagttaccc ttcctgtgtc catgtgttct cattgttcaa atcccaccta    111120
     tgggtgagaa cacacggtgt ttggtttttt gtccttgtga tagtttgctg agaatggtgg    111180
     tttccagctt catccatgtc ctacaaagga catgaactca tcatttttta tggctctata    111240
     gtattccatg ttgtatatgg ccacattttc ttaatccagt ctatcattgt tggacatctg    111300
     gattggctcc aagtctttgc tattgtgaat agtgccacaa taaacatacg tgtgcatctg    111360
     tctttatagt agcatgattt acaatccttt gggtatatac ccagtaatag gatgactggg    111420
     tcaaatggta tttctagttc tagatccctg aggaatcgcc acactgattt ccacaatggt    111480
     tgaactagtt tacagtccca ccaacagtgt aaaactgttc ctatttctcc acatcctctc    111540
     cagcacctgt tgtttcctga ctttttaatg atcaccattc taactggtgt gagatggtat    111600
     ctcattgtgg ttttgatttg catctctctg atggccagtg atgaggagca ttttttcatg    111660
     tgtcttttga ctgcaaaaat atcttctttt gagaagtgtc tgttcatatc ctttcaccaa    111720
     tttttgatgg ggttgtttgt tattttcttg taaatttatt tgggtttctt gtagatactg    111780
     gatatgagcc ctttgtcaga tgagtagatt gcaaaaattg tctcccattc tgcatgttgc    111840
     ctgttcactc tgatggtagt ttcttttgct gtgcagatgc tctttggttt aattagatcc    111900
     catttgacaa ttttggcttc tgttgccatt gcttttggtg ttttagacat gaagtatata    111960
     tccatgccta cgtcctgaat gatattgcct aggttttctt ctagggtttt tatggtttta    112020
     gttgtaatat ttaagtcttt aatccatctt gaattaattt ttgtagaaag tgtaaggaag    112080
     ggatccagtt tcagctttcc acatatggtt agccagcttt cccagcgcca tttgttgaat    112140
     agggaatctt ttccccattg cttgtttttg tcaggtttgt caaagatcag atggttgcag    112200
     atatatgata ttatttctga gggctctgtt ctgttccatt ggtctatatc tctgttttgg    112260
     tacaagtacc atgctgtttt ggttactgta gccttgtagt atagtttgaa gtcaggtagc    112320
     gtgatgcctc cagctttgct cttttggctt aggattgact tggcaatgcg ggctcttttt    112380
     tggttccata tgaaatttaa agtaattttt tccaatactg tgaagaaagt cattggtagc    112440
     ttgatggaga tggcattgaa tctataaatt accttgggca gtgtggtcat tttcacaata    112500
     ttgattcttc ctacccatga gcatggaatg tttttctatt tctttgtatc ctcttttatt    112560
     tcattgagca gtggtttgta attctccttg aagtgtccct cacatccctt gtaagttgga    112620
     ttcctaggta ctatattctc tttgaagcaa ttgtgaatgg gagttcactc atgatctggc    112680
     tctctgtttg tctattattg atgtataaga atgcttctga tttttgcaca ttgattttgt    112740
     atgctgagat tttgctgaat ttgcatatca gcttaaggag tttttggact gagatgatgg    112800
     agttttctag atatacaatc atgtcatctg caaacaggaa caatttgact tcctcttttc    112860
     ctaattgaat accctttatt tccttctcct gtctgattac cctggtcaga acttccaaca    112920
     ctacgttgaa tagcagcggt gagagaaggc atccctgtct tgtgccagtt ttcaagggaa    112980
     tgcttccagt ttttgcacat tcagtatgat attggctgtg ggtttgtcat agatagctct    113040
     tattactttg agatatgtcc catcaacacc taatttattg agagttttta gtatgaaggg    113100
     ttgttgaatt ttgtcaaaga ccttttctgc atctattgag ataaccatgt ggtttttgtc    113160
     attggttctg tttatatgct ggattatgtt tattgatttg tgtatgttga accagccttg    113220
     cataccaggg ataaagctca cttgatcaca gtggataagc tttttgatgt gctgttggat    113280
     ttggtttggc agtatttttc tgaggatttt ggcattgatg ttcatcaggg atattggtct    113340
     aaaattctat ttttttttgt tgtgtctctg ccaggctttg gtatcaggat gatgctgacc    113400
     tcataaaatg agttagggag gattccctct ttttctattg attgcaatag tttcagaagg    113460
     aatggtacca gctcctcctt gtatctctgg tagaattcgg cagtgaatcc atctggtcct    113520
     ggactttttt tgtttggaaa actattaatt attgcctcaa tttcagagtc tgttattgat    113580
     ctattcagag gttaaacttc ttcctggttt actcttggga gggtgtatgt gtggaggaat    113640
     ttatccattt tttctaggtt ttctagttca tttgcatagc gatgtttaca gtattctctg    113700
     attgttgttt gtatttctgt gggattcgtg gtgatatccc ctttatcatt ttttgttgtg    113760
     tctatttgat tcttctctct tttcttgttt attagtcttg ctagcagtct atcaattttg    113820
     ttgaactttc caaaaaacca gctcctggat tcattaattt tttgaagggt tttttgtgtc    113880
     tctatttctt tcagttctgc tctgatctta gttatttctt gccttctgct agcttttgaa    113940
     tgtttgctct tgtttctcta gttattttaa ttgtgatgtt agggagtcag tttaatatat    114000
     ttcctgcttt ctcttgtggg catttagtgc tataagtttc cctctacaca ctgttttgaa    114060
     tgtgtcccag agattctggt atgttgtgtc tttgttctca ttggtttcaa agaacatctt    114120
     catttctgcc ttcatttctt tatgtaccca gtagtcattc aggagcaggt tgtttcagtt    114180
     tccatgtagt cgagcagttt tgagtgagtt tcttaatcct gagttccagt ttgattgggc    114240
     tgtggtctga gagaaagttt gttgtaattt gtgttctttt acatttgctg aggagtgctt    114300
     tacttccaac tatgttgtca attttggaat aggtgtggtg tcctgttgaa aagaatgtat    114360
     attctcttga gttggggtgg agagttctgt agatgtctat tagatccacc tggtgcagag    114420
     ctgagttcga ttcctggata tccttgttaa ctttctctct cattgatctg tctaatgttg    114480
     acagtgggat gttaaagtct cccattatta ttgtgtagga gtctaagtct ctttgtaggt    114540
     ttctaaggac ttgctttagg aatctaggtg ctcctgtatt gggttaatac atatttaaga    114600
     tagttagctc tccttgttga attgatccct ttaccattat gtaatgacct ttttggcatt    114660
     tttaatattt gttggtttaa attctgtttt atcagagact aggattacaa cccctgcttt    114720
     ttttttgttt tccatttgct tggtaggtct tcctccatcc ctttattttg agcttatgtg    114780
     agtctctgca cgtgagatgg gtttcctgaa tacagcacac tgatgggtct tgactcttta    114840
     tccagtttgc cagtctgtgt ctttcaattg gaccatttaa cccacttaca tttaaggtta    114900
     atattgttat gtgtgaatat gttcctgtct ttatgatatt agctggttat tttgctcgtc    114960
     agttgatgca gtttctttct agtcttgatg atctttacaa tttggtatat ttttgcagtg    115020
     gctggtactg gtttttcctt tccatgttta gtgcttcctt caggagctct tttagggcag    115080
     gcctggtggt gacaaaatct ctcagcattt gcttgtctgt aaaggatttt atttctcctt    115140
     cacttatgaa gctgagtttg gctgaatatg aaattctgga tatgaaaatt attttcttta    115200
     agaatgttga atattgccac ccactctctt ctggtttgta gagtttctgc cgagagatcc    115260
     gctgttagtc cgttgggctt ccctttgtgg gtgacccgac ctttctctct ggctctcctt    115320
     aacatttttt ccttcatttc aactttggtg aatctgaaaa ttatgtgtct tggagttgcc    115380
     cttttcgagg agtatctttg tggcattctg tatgtttcct gaatttgaat gttggcctgc    115440
     cttgctagat tgggaaagtt ctcctggata atatcctgca gatgttttcc aacttggttt    115500
     cattctcccc atcactttca ggtacatcaa tcagatgtag atttgatctt ttcacatagt    115560
     cccatatttc ttggaggctg ggttcatttc tttctattct tttttcttta aacttatctt    115620
     cttgcttcat ttcattcatt tgatttccac cactgatacc ctttcttcca gttgatcgaa    115680
     tcagttactg aggcttgtgc attcatcaca tagttcttgt gccttggttt tcagctccat    115740
     caagtccttc aaggacctct ctgcattcgt tattctagtt agccattcga ctgaattttt    115800
     tttcaacgtt tttaacttct ttgccattgg tttgaacttc ctcctttagc tcagagtagt    115860
     tcaataatcc taagccacct tctctcaact catcaaagtc attttctgtc cagcttcctt    115920
     ccgttgctgg tgaggagctg tgctcctttg gagtaggata ggcactctga tttttagagt    115980
     ttccagtttt tttgctcttt attttccctg tctttgtggt tttatctaca tttggtcttt    116040
     gatgatagtg atgtgcagat ggaattttga tgtggatgtc ctttctcttg gttactgttc    116100
     cttctaacag tcaggaccct cagctgcagg actgttggag tttgctggag gtcaactcca    116160
     gatcctgttt gcctgggtat cagcagtggc ggctgcataa cagagtatat tggtgaacag    116220
     caaatgttgc tgcctgatca ttcctctgga agttttgtct cagaggagta cctggccatg    116280
     tgaggtgtca gtctgcccta ctgggggatg cctccaagtt aggctactca ggcgtcaggc    116340
     acccacttga ggaggcagtc tgtccgttct caaatctcca gctgcatgct gggagaacca    116400
     ctactctctt caaagctgtc agacagggac atttaagtct gcagaggttt ctgctgcctt    116460
     ttgtttggct atgccctgcc cccaggggtg gagtctacag atgcaggcag gcctccttga    116520
     gctgcagtgg gctccaccaa gttcgagctt cctggctgct ttgtttacct acccaagcct    116580
     tggccatggc tggtgcccct cccccagcct cactgcagcc ttgcaatttg atctcagact    116640
     gctgtgctag caatgagtga ggctctgtga gcataggacc ctcagagcca tgcacgggat    116700
     atagtctcct ggtgtgcagt ttgctaagac cattggaaaa gtgcagtatt agggtgggat    116760
     agacccaatt ttccaggtgc tgtctgtcac ccatttcttt gactaggaaa gggaatttcc    116820
     tgatcccctg cacttcctgg gtgagacaat gcctcgccct tcttcagctc atactcggtg    116880
     tgctgcaccc attgtcctgc acctgctttc tgacacttcc cagtgggatg aacctggtac    116940
     ctcagttgga aatggagaaa tcatttgtct tctgtgtcac tcatgctggg acctgttgac    117000
     tggagctatt cctattcagc catcttgaat ccaccctcta attctacttt cttctattat    117060
     ccatatatga ctaacaggta ccatattgga gagtacagct ccaggttaga ggtgggcaaa    117120
     cattttctat taaataccag gcagtaggag gggtctatag gagggttgtc caacacctgg    117180
     gccacagacc tgtgctgtgg tcacaaagca ggacagtggt ggggaaggaa gcaaagcttc    117240
     atctgtattt acagccactc ctcatcactc acattactgt ctgtctgagc tctgcctcct    117300
     ttcagatcag cagcagcatt agattcttaa aggagtgcaa accctattat gaaacatgca    117360
     tgcgagggat ctaggttgtg tatgtcttac aagaatctaa tgactgatga tctgtcacca    117420
     tcacccatca cctccagatg gggccacctc attgcaggaa aacaagctta aggctcccac    117480
     tgattctaca ttatggggaa ttgtagaatt atttcattat aaaaataaac ctcatgataa    117540
     atgtcgtgct tgaattatcc caaaaccatc caccccagcc cagtccattt tcttccatga    117600
     aactggtccc tggttccaaa aagattgggg acagttgttc tagtttttgg tttatagatt    117660
     gagaggcaaa atcaaggata tcatgttggt aaacatgtaa ctatttaaag tcacccattt    117720
     aaaaatatag aaacccttct tagctagtag atgacacaaa acaaggtagt gggctagagc    117780
     tttgctatag aataatcact aatatatgta tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgcaga    117840
     tgtgcatatt cacgtatatg tatatatgta tatgtatgta tgcatgcatg cacatacata    117900
     tatgtatttg tacatacata tatgtgtgta tactttttta gtagagaaga ttaaatcaca    117960
     tactaagtgc ataagtattc ttatactgct aataaagata taactgagaa tgggtaattt    118020
     acaaaggaaa gaggtttagt gggctcacag ttccacatcc aaaaagagca tgtgcaccag    118080
     gactcccatt tataaaacca gcagaactag tgacacttat tcactatcac aagaaaaata    118140
     tggggaaaat tgcatccatc atttaattaa ttatctccac ctgacactgc tcttgacgtg    118200
     tggagattat tacaattcaa agtgagattt gggtggagat gcagccaaac gatgccagta    118260
     agaaagaatt aatccaaagg aaggtatgaa aagagtaatg gaataataca aaacagatgg    118320
     aaagaactat ggtagaatta tacctaactg aaattcacac tcacattttg gtggaatagt    118380
     aaatgggaag actacttttt tgaagcacct agagtatttt ttgtaaggta agacatatga    118440
     tgatgccaca accaaacact tcctcaccta gatatttatt caagaggaat gaaactacaa    118500
     gtcctcgaga gaggagccaa gatggccgaa taggaacacc tcctgtctag agctcccagc    118560
     atgagcaacg cagaagatgg gtgatttctg catttccatc tgagttacca ggttcatctc    118620
     actagagagt tccagacagt gggcacaggt cagtgggtgc acacaccgtg tgcaagccaa    118680
     agaagtgtga ggcattgcct cactcaggaa atgaaggggg tcagggagtt ccctttccta    118740
     gtcaaagaaa ggggtgacag atggcacctg gaagatcagg tcactcccac ctgaatactg    118800
     cgcttttcca atgggctcaa aaaatggcac accaggagat tgtgtcccgc acctggctgg    118860
     gaggaaccta tgcccacgga gtctcactga ttgctagcac agcagtctca gatcaaactg    118920
     caagacggca atgaggctgg ggtaggggcg cccgtcattg cccaggcttg cttaggtaaa    118980
     caaagcagcc aggaagctcg aactgggtgg agcccaccac agctcaagga ggcctgcctg    119040
     cctctgtagg ctccacctct gggggaaggg cacagacaaa caaaaagaca gcagtaacct    119100
     ctgcagactt aagtgtccct gtctgacagc tttgaagaga gcagtggttc tcccagcatg    119160
     cagctggaga tctgagaatg ggcagactgc ctccttaagt gtgtccctga accctgaccc    119220
     cagagcagct taactaggag acaccaccta gcaggggcag actgacacct cacacggcca    119280
     ggtactccaa cagacatgca gctgagggtc ctgtctttta gaaggaaaac taacaaacac    119340
     aagggacatc cacaccaaaa acccatctgt acatcaccat catcaaagac aaaaagtaga    119400
     taaaaccaca aagatgggga aaaaacagag cagaaaaact ggaaactcta aaaagcagag    119460
     tgcctctctt cctccaaagg aacgcagttc ctcaccagga acggaacaaa gctggacgga    119520
     gaatgaattt gacgggctga gagaataagg cttcagatga tcaaattact ccaagctacg    119580
     ggatgacgtt caaaacaaag gcaaagaagt tgaaaacttt gaaaaaaatt tagaagaatg    119640
     tataactaga ataaccaatg cagagaagtg cctaaaggag ctgatggagc tgaaagccaa    119700
     ggctcgagaa ctacatgaag aatgcagaag actcaggagc caatgcaatc aactggaaga    119760
     aagggtatga gcgatggaag atgaaatgaa tgaaatgaag caagaaggga attttagaga    119820
     aaaaaagaat aaaaagaaat gagcagagcc tcatttgtga ctatgtgaaa agaccaaatc    119880
     tacatctgat tggtgtacct gaaagtgacg gggagaatgg aaccaagttg gaaaacactc    119940
     tgcaggatat tatctaggag aatttcccca atctagcaag gcaggccaac attcagattc    120000
     aggaaataca gagaatgcca caaagatact cctcaaaaag agcaactcca agacacataa    120060
     ttttcagatt caccaaagtt gaaatgaagg aagaaatgtt aagggcagcc agagagaaag    120120
     gttgggtcac ccacaaaggg aagctcaacg gactaacagc ggatctctcg gcagaaactc    120180
     tacaagccag aagagagtgg gtggcaatat tcaacattct taaagaaaag aattttcata    120240
     tccagaattt catatccagc caaactaagt tcataagtga aggagaaata agatccttta    120300
     cagacaagca aatgctgaga gattttgtca ccaccaggcc tgccataaaa gagctcctga    120360
     aggaagcgct aaacatggaa aggaacaact ggtaccagcc gctgcaaaat catgccaaaa    120420
     tgtaaagacc atcgagacta ggaaaaactg catcaactaa tgagaaaaat aaccagctaa    120480
     catcataatg aaggatcaaa ttcacacata acaatattaa ctttaaatgt aaaaggacta    120540
     aatgctccaa ttaaaagaca cagactggca aattggataa agagtcaaga cccatcagtg    120600
     tgctgtattc aggaaaccca tctcacgtgc agatacacaa ataggctcaa aataaagtga    120660
     tggaggaaga tctaccaagc aaatggaaaa caaaaaaagg caagggttgc aatcctagtc    120720
     tctgataaaa cagactttaa accaacaagg atcaaaagag acaaagaagg ccattacata    120780
     atggtaaagg gatcaattca acaagaagaa ctaactatcc taaatatata tgcacccaaa    120840
     acaggagcac ccagattcat aaagcaagtc ctgaatgacc tacaaagaga catagactcc    120900
     cacacattaa taatgggaga ctttaacatc ccactgtcaa cattagacag atcaatgaga    120960
     cagaaagtca acaaggatac ccaggaattg aactcagctc tgcaccaagc agacctaata    121020
     gacatctaca gaactctcca ccccaaatca atagaatata cattcttttc agcagcacac    121080
     cacacctatt ccaaaactga ccacacactt ggaagtaaag ctctcctcag caaatgtaaa    121140
     agaacagaaa ttataacaaa ctatctctca gaacacagtg caatcaaact agaactcagg    121200
     attaagaatc tcactcaaaa ctgctcaact acatggaaac tgaacaacct gctcctgaat    121260
     gactactggg tacataacga aatgaaggca gaaataaaga tgttctttga aaccaatgag    121320
     aacaaagaca caacatacca gaatctctgg gacacattgg aagcattgtg tagagggaaa    121380
     tttatagcac taaatgccca caagagaaag caggaaagat ctaaaattga caccttaata    121440
     tcacaattaa aagaactaga aaaccaagat caaacacatt caaaagctag cagaaggcag    121500
     gaaataacta aaatcagagc agaactgaag gaaatagaga cacaaaaaac cctttaaaaa    121560
     attaatgaat ccaggagctg gttttttgaa aggatcaaca aaattgatag acttctagca    121620
     agactaacaa agaaaaaaag agagaaaaat caaatagaca caataaaaaa tgataaaagg    121680
     gatatcagca ctgatcccac agaaatacaa actaccatga gagaatacta caaacacttc    121740
     tacacaaata aactaggaaa tctagaagaa atggataaat tcctcaacat atacactctc    121800
     ccaagactaa accaggaaga agttgaatct ctgaatagac caataacagg ctctgaaatt    121860
     gtggcagtaa tcaatagctt accaaccaaa aagagtccag gaccagatgg attcacagcc    121920
     gaattctacc agaggtacaa ggaggaactg gtaccattcc ttctgaaact attccaatca    121980
     atagaaaaag agggaatcct ccctaactca ttttatgatg ctagcatcat cctgatacca    122040
     aagctgggca gagacacaac caaaaaagaa ttttagacca atatccttga agaacattga    122100
     tgcaaaaatc ctcaataaaa tactggcaaa ctgaatctag cagcacatca aaaagcttat    122160
     ccacaatgat caagtgggct tcatccctgg gatgcaaggc tggttcaata tatgcaaatc    122220
     aataaatgta atccagcata taaacacaac caaagacaaa aaccacagga ttatctcaat    122280
     agatgcagaa aaggcctttg ataaaattca acaactcttc atgttaaaaa ctctcaataa    122340
     attaagtatt tcttggatgc atctcaaaat aataagagct atctatgaca aacccacagc    122400
     caatatcata ctgaatgggc aaaaactgga agcattccct ttgaaaactg gcacaagaca    122460
     gggatgccct ctctcaccac tcctattcaa cataatgttg gaagttctgg ccagggcaat    122520
     taggcaggag aaggaaataa agggtattca attaagaaaa gagatagtca aattgtccct    122580
     gttttcagac aacatgattg tatatctaga aaaccccatt gtctcagccc aaaatcttaa    122640
     gctgataaac aacttcagca aagtctcagg atacaaaatc agtgtgcaaa aatcaaaagc    122700
     attcttatac accaataaca gacaaacaga gagccaaatc atgagtgaac tcccattcac    122760
     aattgcttca aagaaaataa aatacctagg aatccaactt acaagggatg tgaaggacct    122820
     cttcaaagag aactacaaac cactgctcaa ggaaataaaa gaggatagaa atggaagaac    122880
     attccatgct catgggtagg aagaatcaat atcgtgaaaa tggccatact gcccaaggta    122940
     atttatagat tcaatgccat ccccatcaag ctaccaatga ctttcttcac agaattggaa    123000
     aaaactactt taaagttcat atggaaccaa aaaagagcct gcattgccaa gtcaatcctg    123060
     agccaaaaaa aacaaacctg gaggcatcac actacctgac ttcaaactat actacaaggc    123120
     tatagtaacc aaaacagcat ggtactggta ccgaaacaga gatatagatc aatggaacag    123180
     aacagagccc tcagaaataa cgccacatat ctacaactat ctgatctttg acaaacctga    123240
     gaaaaacaag caatggggaa atgattccct atttaataaa tggtgctggg aaaactggct    123300
     agccatatgt agaaagctga aactggatca tttccttaca ccttatacaa aaatcaattc    123360
     aagatggatt aaagacttaa acgttagacc taaaaccata acaaccctag aagaaaacct    123420
     atgcattacc attcaggaca taggcatggg caaggacttc atgtctaaaa cacaaaaagc    123480
     aatggcaacc aaagccaaaa ttgacaaatg ggatctaatt aaactaaaga gcttctgcac    123540
     agcaaaagaa actaccaaca gagtgaacag gcaacctaca aaatgggaga aaattttcac    123600
     aacctactca tctgacaaag ggctaatatc cagaatctac aatgaactct aacaaattta    123660
     caagaaaaaa acaaacaacc ccatcaaaaa gtgggccaag gatatgaaca gacacttctc    123720
     aaaagaagac acttatgcag ccaaaaaacg catgaaaaaa tggtcaccat cactggccat    123780
     aagagaaatg caaatcaaaa ccacaatgag ataccatctc acaccagtta gaatggcgat    123840
     cattaaaaag tcaggaaaca acagatgctg gagaggatgt ggagaaatag gaatgctttt    123900
     acactgttgg tgggactgta aactagttca accactgtgg aagtcagtgt ggcgattcct    123960
     cagggatcta gaactagaaa taccatttga cccagccacg ccattactgg gtatataccc    124020
     aaaggactta aatcatgctg ctatgagtac acatgcactt gtatgtttac tgtggcatta    124080
     ttcacattag caaagacttg gaaccaaccc aaatgtccaa caatgataga ctggattaag    124140
     aaaatgtggc acatatacac gatggaatac tatgcaacca taaaaaatga tgagttcatg    124200
     tcctttgtag ggacatggat gaaattggaa atcattattc tcagtaaact atcacaataa    124260
     cagaaaacca aacaccgcat attctcactc ataggtggga attgaacaat gagaacacat    124320
     ggacacagga agaggaacat cacactctca ggactgttgt gggttgtggg gagcggggag    124380
     ggatagcatt gggagatata cttaatgcta gatgatgaac tagtgggtgc agtgcaccag    124440
     catggcacac gtatacatat gtaactaacc tgcacattgt gcacatgtac cctaaaagtt    124500
     aaagtataat aataaaaaat taaaaattaa aaagaaaaag aaaaagaatc tacaagtcct    124560
     cacagagact ctttgagaat gtctacgaca ggtttattcg tagtaaagaa aaacaggaaa    124620
     caacccatat gtctatgaaa agggaaatgc ataaagaaat tgtaatagat ttacacaatg    124680
     aatactgtag tacttcattt tcatgctcct gataaagaca tacctgagac tgggtacttt    124740
     attacaaaaa aaaataaaaa ggtttaatgg actcacagtt ccacatggct gggaaggcct    124800
     cacaatcata gtagaaggct tacatggtgg cagagaagag tgataatgag agccaagtga    124860
     aaggggtttc ctcaaatact attcatcaac aaaagccaat ggaaaaatag gggcccatct    124920
     tgttaaatgt ttagaaattg gacacaccag tataatcact acacaagtca aaacctggaa    124980
     taaaatgagc aaccttgaaa tgcccctcat gtccttccta aggagactaa ttttgcttcc    125040
     ttttaaagat ttctgtattt tccaaacatt ctacaatgaa tgtaaacatt tttaaataag    125100
     tgtttctcag taagttcttt gtttttaagt aattctgtac ccttttttcc tagaattgac    125160
     atcctctgct actttgctta taagaactga catatttaaa ataaaatatt atcttttaaa    125220
     tgattatcct agaattgtcc tctgaagcaa tctggaataa aagtaaagat ttaatttaat    125280
     gtctctgaac tttaatttct aatttgaatc taggctggag caaatagatt ctaaaaaaca    125340
     aattttaaca caaattaata ttgtttctca tatcatctca taatgatttg atgatttatc    125400
     ctatccttaa tgactttgta tctctgaaaa atacattaat ggaaatggat tttcctgatt    125460
     atttcaggga agtatttgga aggcagcata ttttagtgac actctgaata atctccacta    125520
     taccctctat gttacccagg acaacagctg ctacagaaag aaatttcttt gtaccaccca    125580
     cctttgttca gccagaaact ttaaaaagag tgctttgatt ggtctctctg acctactttt    125640
     gtgtaggtgt ccaaacaacg taaattccca aagtcatggg ccttgggcaa ctatacagga    125700
     ctttccaatt ggtcctcata actttaggca gggtcccacc tccactatgc tagattcata    125760
     taagactatt tttcctagaa atatgcaagg atattgcccc tttcactttg gattgtctct    125820
     cagttatgga agtgcctggc tgttttgtat tccaaaatat aatatgtaag cagttcattt    125880
     aatgacatta tgaagtttca gagttgtgca atgcaaagag ggactgtgca caggacattt    125940
     ggacttaaaa ttttgtctgt cacccactct agttctatca gtagttcaca gcacccattt    126000
     ttaagaatca ttactacatc aggatctatc cagaaaaatc agcatcctta cctggtcagt    126060
     ggctgatgtc accctgatag gtaacctgcc tcccaggcct tgcttccctc tttactttgg    126120
     acataagaga ttcacaggat tgttttcagt gcttggcttt aaatagtgtg tcctgtttcc    126180
     tgaccctttc attcatttca gccacattct tttctccagc taacacccat agttatgatc    126240
     tatagactgg cagcttcctg acattggacc tcaattctga gtcttttcag agtcaaaaga    126300
     accctcatga aagaccacct ggcatacatg tgtatcaagt tccagaaggg acccttgact    126360
     gacctaacac acttccttct tcatttttat gccttctcat gcaccatcag taagttctct    126420
     tgattctgaa atctatatat gtgtacatgt gtgagtacat atttttgtct ttgtactttg    126480
     ttttgttctt ttttcaaatt tgtgcatttc cttaattttt actgccacca cccaatttca    126540
     taccattgtc ttcttctgcc cggctgttgt agtagactct caacaaggca tctcaaatcc    126600
     ccttatactc acctcaaatc cattctcttc aaggcagcct gacttaaaat tctaaaaaaa    126660
     aacttggatt gggccacttc cctgcttaaa atcttgcaat tattttatta tttatttaac    126720
     attggaatag cccaaaatgt ttagaatgga atatgtagcc tctacttcat taatcttgct    126780
     cctgattctg tcccttagaa cattgtacta taatgataaa atgttcctaa agagacaagc    126840
     aagcgtaaaa gtggagtaac ttaaaatgtt tttgtaggat ttaaagcaat ttctactgtt    126900
     attttgatag ctggattttt tttggagaca gactctcact gtgtcatgca ggctggagtg    126960
     cagtagtgca atcatagctt actgcagtgt ccaactcctg ggatgaagca atcctcccac    127020
     ctcagcctcc aggttagctg ggtctacaga cacaggtcac tatgcccagc tcatttaaaa    127080
     aatatttttg gtagaggtga ggtctcacta ttttgccccg tgctcaggga ctctttctgt    127140
     cagggttgag cacctaggct caactgatca tccagccttg gcctctcaaa atgctgagat    127200
     aacaggtgtg aactaccact cacagcttga tagctaaaat tttaactttg tgatagtatt    127260
     ttctcaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaag tgtggaatat cctgctccca atttcctgac    127320
     tcaagggaat tagattatag tttagattta aaaaaaaata cggaacatat ttggaatgct    127380
     attgcatcga ttctatagag aaactgtagg ttcatcacag aattagaaag atttcctctc    127440
     tcctaccttc ttgtctatct gattacacca ctccattagc ctgttctcac aaccagggac    127500
     atggtcactt ttcaccattt atactgtcca aatgagaaat ggaagcttat taaaataaaa    127560
     taaaaaattt actcaccaga tttcctagat ctgtcataac caggtacagc agactgggta    127620
     gcttaaaacc aaccgaaatt tattctctcc cattctgggg gctgcaaatc caagatcagg    127680
     gtgtccccag gattcattcc tcctgagccc cctctccttc acttatagat gttgccttct    127740
     gcctgtgtcc tcagaggatt gttcctttgt gtgtgtctgc gtcctcatct cctcttttca    127800
     tgatgtgtct tagtctattt catgctgcta taacacaata ccataaaatc agtggctaat    127860
     aaaaaatagc cattaattaa cccacagtgc tggaggctgg aagtctgaga tgaaggtgtg    127920
     ggcagggctc attcctcctg aggcctccct ccttggctgg tagattcaat cttctccctg    127980
     tgtcctcatg tggtgtttcc tctgtgcatg tctgtgttct catctcctct aataaagaca    128040
     ccagtcctag aggattagag tctgccctac tgagctcatt gtatcctttt tttttttttt    128100
     tttttttttt ttttgagatg gagtctcgct ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtggcgcg    128160
     atctcggctc actgcaaact ccgcctcttg ggttcacgcc attctcctgc ctcaacctct    128220
     ggagtagctg gaactacagg cgcccgctac cacgcccggc taatattttg tatttttagt    128280
     agaaactggg tttcactgtg ttagccaggg tggtctcaat ctcctgacct tgtgatccac    128340
     ccgcctcgcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcgtgagc caccaaccgc gcccggcatg    128400
     agctcattgt accttaatca cctctgtaaa gactgtattt gcaaatacaa tcacatacta    128460
     aaattctggg gattaggact tccacacatg agttttaggg gataaaattc agcctgtaat    128520
     aagcacttta aatatgagtg cagttcccga taccctctta cacagcctat ccctctgtgt    128580
     tactagagtg ttctgatcac cgatgttggc cagacatcga tcttttctat tggcctgaat    128640
     tcctatgaat atgcagaaac aactaatttt gtcatcagag tattctaaaa gtattaagtg    128700
     gggttggatg cacgagtctg agtgtttcct agattgtcaa tgaatgtcag tgagccttca    128760
     tcaacatttc ctcttctatg ttcacttttc taaaacactg actgagaaag tgtcttaaaa    128820
     ctttagacat gggtagattt atttgccaaa ccccaggtct ctggagagca cattacatta    128880
     aaacctgaaa aaaaattagc cacgtttcag aagcaaattt tatttttaag gaaagtcaga    128940
     aaaatatatt catcatttga tagttggact cttgccaccg gtgggttact tgaagtacta    129000
     ttattaatag aatcacaaaa tcacaattca gatcaagccc agtttaattc aagccatgag    129060
     actttggaga agatactgac ctagtcactg ggattagaaa attaattaaa cataaagtga    129120
     actcacttct atctgttgga taagtttaga gagaacacct ttactaattt atagcagcat    129180
     aacagagaaa tgccagtttt gggaaagaaa aaagctcact accacaacct taaattgtta    129240
     gcaataacat ctcaacaagt caaaaccaca gttcttttgc gcatcctgta ggctagttag    129300
     tattattcag gattaagtgc atggttgatg aaaaccatga tccactggac agtatttaca    129360
     gcaggacttc tttctacttt aaatactgag gtttttacat tttatttaga aagtttatct    129420
     gcccaccttc ccccatccta ccgtctgttc tcacttgatt cctatcataa tcctgaattg    129480
     gttgaatcac aattagttgc catggagatg actgcaatgt cacaaacaag attctgactt    129540
     caagtgggga atgaacagta ggcattctga actcttcaca aatgaaatct tgtcattatg    129600
     caaatagcct tcaaatactc aagtgtgacc caaaatgcat aattttcttt tgtgggattt    129660
     ttttttcttc ctttggtgta gaaattacat tatcacctac taaattcatt tctaaaagga    129720
     aaatgccatg gaatttcaaa gatacatttt aggttgaaac atcctcatat ataacaatta    129780
     aacatcatca acatgctata gagatcattt tagaaaatgc agtgatttgt ccaaatttaa    129840
     ccagataatc tttccccatt cagaagagta acagcaatca tactaaataa ttgccagatt    129900
     atgggtttaa aattaaggaa cttacaatag atatgaaata ttcctaactt ggcttctgag    129960
     attatattag ttgctgatca ctctcacata gtgcctaaat tctgaccaaa gatagacatt    130020
     tgggtaatag ataaattgat aagtgttaga tatatataga taatacatga caggaatagg    130080
     ttgatagatt atagatgata gaaagattag atagatgata gatgatagac agatgataaa    130140
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata catacataca tacatacata catacataca    130200
     tacatacata gaaaaaatga tgtaatgatg tttagggctc catgaaaatc ttcttcgacc    130260
     aaaatacatc tgaataaatg tggaatagca tctaaatttt ccatgtgaat cagtctttaa    130320
     aataaacaga aaaagaatgg ggataatagt gactaagaat ccacttgcag atataatttc    130380
     aattactgta tatgtgttca ttgagttctc acaacaaaat tggtcatgtt gctggtagac    130440
     aaaatatcta caggacatgc agctttggga aatttttttg taaacaccta actgttatat    130500
     tctatgacta gaaatgttgt cacatctctg aatcttggag tttctgtcaa acggactggg    130560
     gtgggtaaat tttacacaga ggataggtcc cctaaatatt ccctggtaac agacaccttg    130620
     atgcagagtt tcgggactct tagaggatgg actcatgaaa tactatagga taggtattga    130680
     taggtgagat accataagat aagaatacta taggataggt attatctgtt agttctttta    130740
     aaacagatta aagtgacttc catcataacc acatagttga tttccattgt tgttaatact    130800
     taaagataca gggacttttg tgttgaagta agtggggaaa tctgttagag agagaataga    130860
     ctagcataga aagttattca tatttcttta caagagccat tcaggaaggt tgggagaggt    130920
     gggaaaatgt ctgagggttc atgtacctat tacaaaaaca ccattcactt ttatttattt    130980
     atttagagac aaagagttgt tctgtttacc aggctggagt gcagtggttc agtaacagct    131040
     cactgcagat ttgagctcct gggcttaagt gatcctttta cccttagtct cctaagtaac    131100
     taggactact ggcacaagtc accacaacct gataacatta ccattcttaa gctattgatg    131160
     actgctcttt gaggtcatga aagttacagt gaagggtcac ccaaatctac catgttggca    131220
     tgcatctctc tatttgtcca ttctcacatt gttataaaca aatgcctcag actgtttttt    131280
     aatagagaat agagaggtaa ttggctcaca gttctccagg ctgtacagga aacttgatgc    131340
     tcatgtctgc tcagcttctg gggaagcctc aggaaaatta taatcctggc ggaagaaaaa    131400
     gagggagcag ggacattaca tggccagagc aggagtaaga gagaaaaggg ggatgtgcca    131460
     ctcacatttt aaaccaccag ctctcgtgag aagccactca ctatctccaa tacagcacca    131520
     aagaagtggt gctaaactat tcaccagaaa tccaccccca tgatccaatt acctcccacc    131580
     aggctccacc tccaaaattg ggaattacaa ttccacatga atttcaggca gagacacaga    131640
     tccaagctct atcaacatct taggaattgt accctgtgtg ttggtactgg attagccctg    131700
     tcatcagcca gtaataagga caccatccaa ggcaagaatt aacaggatgt gtctgtagtg    131760
     ccagctgggg ccctcactgt ttcctcttac atctgttctg tttagggagc agagcccttg    131820
     gcccacatgg tgaggatggc aggatgcctg cttcaacagc ctatgacatc actggccaac    131880
     attggcctct catgactgat tgcctgtgcc tgtgtggaaa ggagaccttc taagaaagtc    131940
     attactcagt attccagaga tctgttctcc tctgatgcca ttagggtcaa aaacagtacc    132000
     tactacttcc accccatggc tcctggatgc caggatgact gcttcaccag cctatgccat    132060
     cactggccaa catcaaggga acaaggaaaa tcagtcagct ggtggtggat ttccttggct    132120
     cctggaaagt tagaaatgca cttcaatttc gtgaggaggt tgcacactgt cttctacaat    132180
     ggttgaacta atttatgctc ccaaaaacag tgtaaaagtg tccctatttc tcccctgcct    132240
     caccaatatc tgctgtttcc tgacttttaa tattcacgat tctaactggc attgagatga    132300
     tatctaattg tgattttgtt tgcatttctt taatgacctg ttataaggac ctttttttca    132360
     tggttagctg cataaatgtc ttcttttgag aagtgtttgt ttatatcctt tgcccacttt    132420
     tggatggggt tgtttcttgt aaatttgttt aagttcactg tatattctgg atgttagaac    132480
     tttgtcagat aagtagcttg taaaatgttt ctcccattct gtaggttgcc tgttcacgct    132540
     gatgatagtt tctttcacta tgcagaagct ctttacctta attagatccc atttttcaat    132600
     tttggctttc gttgacattg cttttggtgt tttaatcata aagtatttgc ccatacctat    132660
     gtcttgagtg gcatttccta ggttttcttc tagggttttt acggttttag gtcttacggt    132720
     taaatctcta atccatctta agttaatttt tgtaaaagat gtaaggaaga gatacagttt    132780
     cagttttctg catatggcta accagttttc cacatatggc tagccagttt tcccaacacc    132840
     atttattgaa cagggaatca tttttccatt gcttgttttg tcaggcttct caaagatcag    132900
     atgattgtag atgtgtggtt ttatttctgt tccattcatc tatatatctg ttttggtacc    132960
     aataccatgt tgttttggtt actgtagcct tttagtattg cttgaagtga ggtaatgtga    133020
     tgcctctagc tttcttcttc ttgcttagaa ttctcttggc tatatgagtt cttttttggt    133080
     tttatgtgaa atttaaagta gtttttttct aattctgtga agaaagtcaa tggtagctta    133140
     ataagaatag cactgaatct ataaattcct ttgggtagta tggctatttt catgatattg    133200
     attcttccta tacatgagca tggaatattt ttccatttgc ttgtgtcctc tcttatttcc    133260
     ttcagcagtg atttgtaatc ctgcttgaag agtttttcat gttccttgta aagctttatt    133320
     cctaggtgtt ttattatctt tacagcagtt atgaatggag gttcaatagt gatttggctc    133380
     tctgcttttc tattattggt atataggaat gtctgtgatt tttacacatt gattttgtat    133440
     cctgagattt tgctgaagtt gagtatcggc ttatggagtt ttgtggctga aacaatggtt    133500
     ttttttttaa atatacaatc aggtcatctg caaatagaga caatttgact tcctttcttc    133560
     ctgtttgaat acactttaat tttttatctt gcctgattcc cctggccaga ccttccaatt    133620
     ctatgtatag gagtgatgag agaggatatc cttgccttgt gccagttttc aaagggaata    133680
     cttacagatt ttgttcatct agtatgatac tggctgtggg actgtcataa gtagctccta    133740
     tcattttgag gtgtgtttca tcaataccta gtttattgag agtttttaac ataaagggct    133800
     gttgaatttt atcaaaacct ttctgcatct attaaaataa ccatggtttt ttatcattgg    133860
     ttctcattat gtgatggatt atgtttattg atttgcatat gttgaaccag cctttcatct    133920
     gagggatgaa gccaagttga tcatggtgga taagcttttt gatgtgctgc tggacttggt    133980
     ttgctagtac ttcattgagg attttcacat cgatgttcat cagggatatt ggcctgaaat    134040
     tttccttttt tgttgtgcct ctgccaggtt ttggtatcag gatgatgctg gcctcataaa    134100
     ttaagtttgg gaggagtccc aaacattcct ttcaaaagga atgttactag tttctctggt    134160
     agaatttggc tgtgaatcca tctggtcttc ggcttttttg tttttgtttt tgtttttggt    134220
     cagtaggcta ttaactagtg cctcaatttc agaacttgtt attggtctat ttagggattc    134280
     aatttcttcc tggtttagtc ttggaagggt gtgtggatcc aggaatttat ccatttcttc    134340
     tagattttct agtttatttg cataaaggtt tatagtattc tctgatggta ggttgtattt    134400
     ctgtgggatc agtgatgata tcccccatat cattctttag tgtgtctctc ttgtcttctt    134460
     tattagtcta ggtagtgttc tatctatttt gttaatcttt caaaaaccag ctcctggatt    134520
     cattgatttt tttgaaggta tttttcatgt ctctatctcc ttcagttctg ctctgatctt    134580
     ggttatttat tgtcttctgc tgaagtattg ctcctcacaa gacagcatta tctgcagggg    134640
     tctgcccaca taccatgatc caaatgaccg atgaatacaa cctacactga cacacagata    134700
     ttgtgttttg ccagtcctgc tgagtgtctg accacctgca caccaagaga ggtttgtcac    134760
     tgtggctggc cttgagcagc tcacactcca gacattcatg tagcatacaa ttaacaacag    134820
     aagtgctgag tcaacacgct tgtggataat taacatgatt atgagagtag ttctatgaat    134880
     gattaaggct cagttaccac aaactaacct aaataccatt agggggcaat ttccctgatt    134940
     gtcctgccca ctgagtgggc cagctggctc aaagtttagt taatggagtt agggtaaaca    135000
     gacttaactg gggaagcctc tattacccct agtatttacc ctgtgaccta atgctctaag    135060
     gtaaaaactg gctgccttca gcctgttcaa tcatttcaag ctatgtgacc tctcagcctt    135120
     ccaaaatgtt tgtgactatt ccttataact ttccttaata tttctcttta atatttctgc    135180
     caccatcctg aatgaatccc aacattctgc tagcttcaaa tttgtttgct tttgcttctc    135240
     ttcttctaat tgtgatgtaa aggtgtcaat tttagatctt tccaggtttc tgatgtggcc    135300
     atttagtgct ataaatttcc ctctaaacag ctgtgtccca gagattctgg tacatggtct    135360
     ctttgttctc attggtttca aagaacttat ttatttctgc cttaatttca ttatttacgc    135420
     agtggtcatt caggagcagg ttgttcaatt tgtacatagt cgtgcagttt ttgagttagt    135480
     aatggcctcc caaaatgtct acatccgaaa gctagaaggt gtgaatgtgt ggcataacct    135540
     ggcagaaaag actatgcaga tgtgattaat aatcctgaga tgtggagaca accctggatt    135600
     atctggtact aatgtactca caagagattt gttgttgtca ttgttgctct tgtttgagac    135660
     cttgtctcac tattttggcc atgctggggt acagttgggc aaccatggct cattgcatct    135720
     tcacactttc atactcaagc tatcctcacc ccacagcctc ccaaatagct gagactatgg    135780
     atacctgtca ctatgctcag ctaatttttt attttttgca gagatggcat tttgctatgc    135840
     tgcccaggct tgctttcact cttaaaacag acccatgtcc ttcaaggctc ctctgtgaaa    135900
     aatgacactg gttcttaact gattcattag cttttcaggc taagtcatca aaagaggaaa    135960
     cccactgctt tattgtccct aatgcctcat cttgctgggt gaacattaaa agaaacattt    136020
     acagttgtgg ataagctttt tgatgtgctg ctggatttga tttgccaata ttttattgag    136080
     gatttttgca tcaatgttca tcagggatgt tggcctgaaa gtttttttgt ttgtttgttt    136140
     gtttgtttgt ttttattgtg tgtctgccag gttttggtgt caagatgacg ctggcctcat    136200
     aaagtaagtt aaagaggagt ccctgttttt ctattgtttg gaatagtttc agaaggcatg    136260
     ttaccatctc ctctttgtac ctctggtaga attctgctgt gaatttgctt ggtccaggga    136320
     atttttttgg ttgataggct attaattact gcctcaattt cagaacttgt ttttggtcta    136380
     ttcaaggatt agccttcttc ctggtttagt tttgggatgg tgtatgtttc caggaattta    136440
     tccatttctt ctagattttc tagtttattt atatagaggt atttacagta ttctctgatg    136500
     atagtttcta tttctgtggg atcagtggtg acatcccctt tatcattttt actgtatcta    136560
     tttgattatt ctctcttttc ttctttatta gtctgggtag cagtctatct atttttgtta    136620
     atcttctcaa aaaaaacagc tcctggttca ttgatttttg aagagatttt atctctctag    136680
     ctccttcagt tctgctctga tcttagttat ttcttatctt cttctagctt ttgaatttgt    136740
     ttgctcttgc ttctttagtt attttaattc taatattagg gtgtcaattt tagatcttta    136800
     ccacttcctc ctgtgggcat atggtgctat aaatttccct ctaaacactg cttttagctg    136860
     tgtcccagag attgtgggag gttttgactt tgttctcatc agtttcaaaa aactgtttta    136920
     tttctgcctt aattttgtta tttactcagt agtcattcag gaacaggttg ttttgtttcc    136980
     atgtagttgt gcagttttga gtgagtttct taatcctgag ttctaatttt tttgcacagt    137040
     ggtctgagac actgtttgtg atggattcca ttcttttgca tttgatgaag agtatttttc    137100
     ctcgaattat gtggttaatt ttagaataag tgtgatgtgg tgctgaggag aatgtatatt    137160
     ctgctgattt gaggtggagg ttctgtagat gtctattaga ttggcttggt ccagagttga    137220
     attcaagtcc tgaatatctt tgttaatttt ctgtctcgat gatctttcta atattgacag    137280
     tggggtgtta aagtctccca ctattgttga aggttgagtc tcccactatt attggtgtct    137340
     aagtctcttt gtaggtctct aagaacttgc tttatgaatc tgggtgctcc tgaattgagg    137400
     gcatatatat ttaagatagt tggctcttct tgttgcattg atccctttgc cattatgtaa    137460
     tgcccttctt tgtctttttt gatcttgttg gttgaaagtc tgttttatta gagattgtca    137520
     ttgcaacccc tgctttttat tgcttttcac ttcgtaaata ttcctccatc actttattct    137580
     gagcctatgt atattgttcc acatgagatg ggtcgcctga gtacaccaca ccaattagtc    137640
     tttattatat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat tcattcattc    137700
     atttatttat ttagagatgg agtcactctg tagcccaggc tggagtgcaa tggtgcaatc    137760
     tctgctcact tcaagctccg cctcctgggt tcctgtcatt ctcctgcctc agcctcctga    137820
     atagctggga ctacaggtgc ctgacaccct gcctggctaa ttttttgcat ttttcgtagg    137880
     gacagggttt caccatgtta gccaggatgg tctcgatctc ctgacctcgt gatcgacctg    137940
     cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gttactacag gcataagcca ctgcgcctgg cccacaccaa    138000
     ctggtcttga ctctttatct aatttgccag tctgtatctt ctaattgggt catttattgt    138060
     atgtatattt aaggctaata ttactgtgtg tgaacttgat cctgtcatta taatgctagc    138120
     tggttatttt gctccttaat tgatggagtt tcttgatatt gtcaatgttc tttacaattt    138180
     ggtatgtttt cacaatgacc ggtaccaatt tttcctttcc atatttagtg ctttctttgg    138240
     gaactcttgt gaggcaggct tggcggtgac aaaatctctc agcatgtgct tgtctgtaaa    138300
     ggattttatt tttcctttgc ttatgaagct taagtttgtc tggatatgga attctgcgtt    138360
     aaaaattatt ttccttaaga atgttgaata ttggcccgcc actgtattct ctcttgtagg    138420
     gtttcttcaa agagatctgc tgttagtctg actggcttct cttcattcat gggatgcaag    138480
     tctggttcaa ggtatgcaaa tcaataaaca taatccatca cataatataa ccaatgacaa    138540
     aaaccacatc attaggtcaa tagatgcaga aaaggccttt gataaaattc agcaccccat    138600
     catgcgaaaa cctctaagta aactagctat tgatggaatg tattttaaaa taataagagc    138660
     tatttatgac aaacccacaa tcaatatcac actaaatggg caaaagctgg aagcatttca    138720
     tttgaaaacc cgcacaagac aaggatcttc tctctcacca ctcttattca acatcatatt    138780
     ggaaattctg gccaaagcaa tcagtcaaga gaaagaaata aagggtattc aaacaggaag    138840
     aaaggaagtc aaattgtctc tgttggcagg tgacatgact gtatatttaa aaatccccat    138900
     catctcaacc tcaaatctcc gcaagctgat aagcaacttc agcaaaatct caggatacaa    138960
     aatcaatgtg caaaaatcac aagcattcct atacatacac caataataga ccaacagaga    139020
     gctaaatcat gagtgaactc tcattcaaag ttgctacaaa gataataaaa tacctaagaa    139080
     tacaacttac aagggatgtg aaggactttc tcaagaagaa ctacaaagca ttgctcaagg    139140
     aaataagaga ggacacaagc aaatagaaaa atattccatg ctcatggcta ggaagaatca    139200
     atattgtgaa aatgggcata ctgcccaaag taatttattg ttgtccccat caagatacca    139260
     ttgactttct ttatagaatt agaagaaaac gactttaaat ttcacatgga actgaaaaag    139320
     agctcatata gacaagacaa tcctgattta ataaatggtg ttgagaaaac tggttagcca    139380
     tactcagaaa aatgaaactg gactccttta ttatacatta tacaaaaact aactcaaggc    139440
     agattaaaga cttaaacata aaacctaaaa ccatggaaac cttagaagaa agccttggct    139500
     atactattca ggacatagcc atgggcaaat atttcatggc taaaacaaca aaagtaattg    139560
     caacaaatac cagaattgac aaatgggatc taattaaatg aaagagcttc tgcacagcaa    139620
     aagaaactat catcagactg aacaggcaac ctatagaatg gtagaaaatt tttgcaatct    139680
     atccatctga aaaagggtaa ataaccagaa cctacaaaga acttaaagaa attttcaaaa    139740
     caaacaaaca aacaatgcca tcaaaaagtg gacgaaggat ataaacatac tcttctcaaa    139800
     agaagacatt tatacagcca acaaacatat gaagataagc tcatcgtcac ttgtcattat    139860
     agaaatgcaa atcaaagcca caataagata tcatgtcaca ccagttcgaa tggtgatcat    139920
     taaaaattca ggaaacaaca gatgctgaaa aggatttgga aaaataagaa tagtttcaca    139980
     ctgttggtgg gagtgtaaat tagttcaacc attgtggaag acagtgtgga aatttttcaa    140040
     ggatctggaa ctagaaatac catttgatcc agcattccat tactggatat atatccaaag    140100
     gattataaat catttaacta taaagacaca tgcacaggta tgtttactgc agtactgttc    140160
     acaatagcaa agactcggaa caaacacaaa tgcccatcaa tgatagaatg gataaagaaa    140220
     atgtgtcatg tatacatcat ggaatactat gcagccatca aaaaggatga gttcatgtct    140280
     tttgcaggca catggatgaa gctgtaagcc atcattctca gcaaactaac acaggaacag    140340
     aaaaccaaac atggcatgtt ctcactcata agtaggagtt gaaccatgag aacacatgga    140400
     cacagggagg ggaacatcac acaatggggc ctgtccagga gtagggggct aaggtaggga    140460
     tagcattagg agaaatacct aatgtagata gtgagttgat gggtgtagca gatcaccatg    140520
     acacgtgtat acctgtgtaa caaacctgca cattctgcat atgtatccca aaacttaaag    140580
     tataatttaa aaagtaaaaa aagaagcatt taccaatgac caaactttat cctgtaatca    140640
     attgtttata tctaaactga ggagtttggc gtcctttctg atttttgttt agctattttt    140700
     ccaaactgac atgctattta catatcctaa ctcatcttaa aaagttgttt cagatgtgac    140760
     taaagaaaag aaaaaagtct caaatatcaa tgaaagattg caaatattag catgcagttt    140820
     atattcaacc acttttgaac tataaaccaa agtggcaatt tcttgtagtt caacctagaa    140880
     ataatttatt aacttagaac tcacttggtg tttatgtttc ctttccatag tagagtggga    140940
     attgaaagag atgagaaatg gacactttag tttcattttc tgaactgctt tgtatttaat    141000
     tcagtaagta atggtttgtt gattcactga ctcactcgtg ctatgaggat ttatggatat    141060
     tcattgtgta tccacaaatg tactatattg tgtgactacc atagagaaga aaactatgcg    141120
     ttaaataaaa atctgatgtg aactggtttt agccatgttc aaaaagaggt gattaactca    141180
     gaaaacttag cacagcacca gtgttagtcc attctcacag tattaataaa gacatgtctg    141240
     aggctgggta atttataaag aaagatgttt aattgactca caattaggca tggctgaaga    141300
     ggcatctgga aacttaaaat tatggcagaa gagggagcaa acacaccttt cttcatatgg    141360
     caacaacaaa aaaaaatttc ctggcaacag ggggaaaagc gccttgtaac ttataaaacc    141420
     atcaaatatc atgagaaatt gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg    141480
     gatgggtggg tggatgggtg catagataga tggatcgatt gatggatgag tggtaacact    141540
     agtacaagaa caacagcatg agactaacca gcctcatgat tcaattatct cccaccagtt    141600
     tcttcccagg acatgtgggg attataggaa ttcaagatga gatttgagag gggacacagc    141660
     caaaccatat caacaccatt cttgagaact tcaccactgg tgttgtaaag ttttgactaa    141720
     actctcagag tattttaaag agcccataga agacatgctt agtttttttt ttttttttct    141780
     tttttagaaa aattcttggt taacaactgg aaggttatta cagcatgaaa aagtcatgct    141840
     ggatataaag aatttcctaa ctaaaagtat gatatccgta gaaaacacat ttaaatgttc    141900
     attttccagg agagggttaa tctctacata ctttctcata gagtagagac atctcaagtt    141960
     ttatttgttg catcctgtga ttctcctcca atgcatcaca tttttatttc cctgtccctg    142020
     tggggaaaaa taaagataga gaatgaagca cttttacaac ttcgattaac tttacacaga    142080
     aggatgagat catgtatttg gaaggtaaac ttgggatttc taggttgatg agtgtgttta    142140
     gtaacacctt aaggaataat gaccccacta taaaaagtgg ttaagcaatg ggataatgtc    142200
     tccaactctt tatttgctgg gagataaaaa attctaatga tgtttattat attttataat    142260
     ggatttagtg gctgactaat tgtgttttga ttttctggga ttagggctta gtgccataat    142320
     ggtaatttaa tttcttctga tttctgactc cactgtggtt ttcaactact caatttcttc    142380
     tgagcaccag catctaggtt cttttgaggt taatgtgaat gcaacctcaa aatatagaag    142440
     caatctgaat atagacattt tgcagaagtt tttatttttg gctaaatgtt aagtgtatat    142500
     tttcctatag taaatgctgc tgaccgcaaa ggaaaaaagt ggattttcag aagaaagtgt    142560
     ttgaaacctg tcttggcttt aataagtatc atctctcctc tgtaactcaa attcctttaa    142620
     atgcaaatga agaagaaatt cctttaaatg caaatgaaga agaaattaga aaatggacta    142680
     catttgccaa agtctattcc agtgccatca aatatttgat gtggagtaca ataagtaagt    142740
     tagagaattc ccaaatttac actttaagca gtagaaattt tggtacagat agatttggga    142800
     gcataaacaa ctcaatatcc tagcatactg aatgtctggc cctcaaagag caggtatatg    142860
     gaatggatac ttgcttaaat caaactcctg gtcctacttt atgtccctat tctagttctc    142920
     ttatttccat cctcaatgag tttagcattt cgtttgttca ctattttatt catttattat    142980
     tcattttcta tatttatttt gtcttcctat agcatctcaa atcctttgtg gaaaagagaa    143040
     agcggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggata gatagagagc aggtggatga    143100
     atgtggggat ggatgaatgg atggatggat gaatggatgg atgggatgga tgaattgatg    143160
     aagagatgtg tgaataaata ggtagatgga ttgacaaaag gaaacaggtg tggatggatg    143220
     atggatggat ggagagttgg ttgatgaata tggagatgga tgaatgaatt gatgaagaga    143280
     aaagcaggtg gagaaatgta tacttacgta agtgaatctt ttgaataacc actgtatact    143340
     accacatggt cattttattt ccagtccttc ttttccacta tgtcaccatc aacattgcca    143400
     ttgctttagt ttggttcttt attcctcagc tcaaactatt tcttatccct gaaatgtctt    143460
     ttctctgaga aacctttttt tttttttgtg cccttctttt gatttatcag aatttagaca    143520
     ctcccttttt tctatgtata aatcatcttg gatgaaactg aacatctcac accttttgta    143580
     atctttcaat ctcctttaac aaagagtggg tcactttgag gctcttgttt tggtatcatc    143640
     tcagaattcc agatgccaga catagtgttt tgcacactgc agtaatagaa gctagcattt    143700
     atgtttttcc tacaatccac ccagtctgtt atatgtactt caagtatctt gtgtctttaa    143760
     tcctcataaa aatcataagt ggtaggtgct attgtgattc tcattttaca cttaagaagc    143820
     ctgaggttca gacatgttca gtgacttgcc tatcacaatg ctgacaagtg atgggataga    143880
     atgaaacaaa ggtagtttga ctctgtagat gatccttggg catttttaat gggaataata    143940
     tcttcccaaa ggggatgaaa attaattcct gggaggtgac aaaatcattt attttatgta    144000
     tgaagctcag agatacatac acagataagg agtatacaag tttgtatggg tgtaggttag    144060
     aaaaaaaatg tgtaaaatac tacttagtgg gcaatgaccc caatctggag tgtgaactgc    144120
     cctactgact tgattcaaac ccatagaaca catcaaagat ggcaggatat cacttccata    144180
     atgagttacc taggacaatg gcttctatct ttctactaga gtttcttctg ctggctgtgg    144240
     ctaaaatata ttgtcgtatg gagagatcta caagacaaga aacagatgct gacctcttgc    144300
     caatagccag caatgaaatg agccattttc tctaattatc tgcagggaac tgaatcctgc    144360
     caacatagac atgagctcaa aagaagatcc caccacattc aagacttcct gtgtcttgtg    144420
     gtcagcacct tgactgcatc cttgggagac cctgaagcac aagacccatc taagctatca    144480
     ctggagtcct gacccacaga aattgtcaaa taaatatgtg ttgcttaagc tgagaatgtt    144540
     gcagttacat gttacacaac aatagactat gaatccaagc agtttaaaat acttggttta    144600
     gacacataag aaaaacccaa ggtagctact gtggagcctg tgtattagta tgttttcact    144660
     tcacatgaga ttagctaaat gaattccagc cagacttaaa atttatgttt gaagatactt    144720
     gagttaaagg atgaggagat cacagatttt cctggttgag gagctagcac tgtgcatttt    144780
     aaaatccttt ccaagaacag ctacaggcaa tagtggagct gatttgttta tagagtgaaa    144840
     tgtgggaaac ttcaggataa atatattgaa taatgattag ctagttggct ggcaaggctg    144900
     atgttttatt ttggtgtcca gctggactct ggtcagtccc ctgcccagag gttcatgaat    144960
     gcacagacag atgactctca ggtacaaatt tatgtctatc catttgtgat ctccttattg    145020
     agggtgggtc tgcgtttact agtccactga ctcaaatgtt aattttcttt ggccacaacc    145080
     tcacctacac acccagcaac aatactttgc atcattcaat ctaatcaagt tggcactctc    145140
     tgttaaccat ctcatgactg catcatatct agaatgtctg tgttccccca aaattcttat    145200
     tttgaaccct aactctcagg gtgatggtgt tgggaggtgg gccttaaaga caattgtgtc    145260
     caccagccat agctacaaga aacaggactg taaagtgtag ttctgtcttg tattagttta    145320
     gattgaggtg agatgagaag aaattatgag agccatgggt aggcaagcaa ataatgttac    145380
     aatagaggac tggtgagaat taaggaagca gagagggtac ttataacaac aaattttgtg    145440
     ttttcctagt ctgcctagga tgaggacttg gctgctgcat tttagctaac ctgtctcctg    145500
     gacaaatccc tggctgggac tcacaaaatc catcccactc tttattctat accttgaatc    145560
     agaccttctt cttactaaca gggtaaacag aatcttattg agacatctgg ctaatgtcta    145620
     tagcttatct gcatagaaat gtgactgtaa atccatccac cagcaaaatg aatgtgtaca    145680
     aggtgtgagc agcattccat gacaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag aagaaataaa aaaaaatagg    145740
     taatgagaaa ataactgcaa gggattgaaa ataattttca agctctgcta cagctattta    145800
     cattaggata tgagcctggt aaagaggcta tttgtcaact cacctatgca tttatgcgaa    145860
     gaaagtaaac agaactgata ttaggagagg cagccccatg gtgattttta aactgtggca    145920
     acatgtgcgt tttcaaccat gcatttgtga ttttcggaga tcagggagcc ccagttttaa    145980
     gaatgaagct ctttttcttt attgcagctc cttgaactcc acacttttct ataatggatt    146040
     ctttttatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattatact ttaagttcta    146100
     ggttacatgt gcacaacatg caggtttgtt acataggtat acatgtgcca ttttgatttg    146160
     ctgcacccgt caattcatca tttacattag gtatttctcc taatgttatc tcttcctcaa    146220
     tcacccatcc cacaacaggc cccaatgtgt gatgttcctc tccctgtgtc catgtgttct    146280
     caatgttcac ctcacactta tgagtgagaa catgcagtgt ttggttttct atccttgtga    146340
     taatttgctg aggatgatgg ttttcagctt catccatgtt cctgcaaagg acatgaacac    146400
     atcctttttg atggctgcat agtattccat ggtgtataca tgccacattt tctttatcca    146460
     gtctattatc gatggacata tgagttggtt ccaagtcttt gctattgtga atagtgccac    146520
     aataaacata catgtgcatg tgcatgtgtc tttatcatag aatgatgtat aatcctttgg    146580
     gtatataccc agtaatggga ttgctggatc aaatggtatt tctagttcta gatccttgag    146640
     gaatggccac actgtcttcc acaatagttg aactagttga cactcccacc aaccatgtat    146700
     aaactttcct agttctccac agcctctcca gcatttgttt ttcctgactt tttaatgatt    146760
     gccattgtaa ctggcatgag atggtatcta attgtggttt agatgtgcat ttctctaatg    146820
     accagtgacg acgagcattt tttcttatgt ctgttggctg cataaatgtc ttatcttgag    146880
     aagtgtctgt tcattttttt taaagtaact aattcattca tttttaaaaa tatttttagt    146940
     cttttctcct acatggtttc taatccactg tgaaaattaa ggttaatttt aagctctgcc    147000
     tgatgagata aaaagaatgg cagacatgac tttttgtgtg tgaccaacta tttcaataag    147060
     aaatggtcta atgaactgaa agagatagat tggaatgcag ctatacagag aactcactca    147120
     gtatatttag tgatgttcac attagctatt tgcatcagaa aagtatataa atcatacctg    147180
     tccagataag tgagtgatta cagatgaaca cacccacaga accactacca aagtcaaaat    147240
     ttaagcgctg catgcatctc caagcaccca catccattct cagactgcta taaggaccta    147300
     ctctagactg ggtaatttat gaaggaaagg ggctgaatgg tctctttcct ttataaattc    147360
     agggctaggg agacctcagg aaacttacaa tcatggcaga aagagaatca aacacatcct    147420
     tcttcatata gtggcagcaa ggagaagtgc tgtatgaaag ggggtaaatc tgcttataaa    147480
     atgatcagat ctcatgaaaa ctcatttaac tatcatgaga aaagtatgaa gataaccgcc    147540
     cccatgattc aattacctct cactgtgtcc ctctcatgac atgtgtagat tatgggaact    147600
     ccaattcaag aaaagatttt tgtgggaaca caaccaaacc atatcaattc acctccatat    147660
     tcccttccaa taattacgac aacccaatgc caaaataatt acattttaat accatcaatt    147720
     gggtttgtcc attctcaaac tctacataaa tggaataata cagcatttat tattctgaat    147780
     agcttctttt gttaatatgt ttctgagacc tagccacatg gatgtataga ctgggttgta    147840
     tattcatttt tttctctcta tacactattc tgttttatga caaatgtggc cttacagagg    147900
     actggtacag ttgacttagt gataaatatc aacatcagta ttatgttggc tcttcaaagg    147960
     agaatgattg catcagtcat tgtaaataaa cacaaatact agcctttctt atttgctttt    148020
     agcacttggg gtcaggctaa gaaaacgtgg tgtcaattat tctattcaat taaggatcca    148080
     aaaaatgtac cacattgtaa acaaacattc cattatggaa atctgatgag agaaaataga    148140
     tcacatttat atcttcacta gtctcttgcc ccacctagtt tcaaaacact aggcacatca    148200
     agtttcagaa ctctccatat ggataggaat gagctgaaaa tcaggccacg tgtaaagcca    148260
     tgatttcagg aaagaaaaaa atggaagcag gcatgttaca tcgtaagagt gggagcaagg    148320
     ctggggaaga tgcctcatat ttttaaacaa ccagatcttg tgagaactca ctcactatcc    148380
     caaagacagc accaagtcat gagagatcca tccccatgtc ccactcccat cctcctaaga    148440
     ggctgcacct ccaatattgg gaattacaat tcaatatgag aactgaatgg ggcgtccaga    148500
     ctgtatcatg tgtgcattgg gcatttgaat gtccaaggtg tgaagtgctg gttaaaatcc    148560
     tttgcccatt tcttaattgg gttgttagcc tctcacttat tgatttacag gagcacattg    148620
     tatatacaga acatgtgtgc cttttgttat ttaaacaggt tgcaaatacc atctctgggt    148680
     atggcctttt cactctcatc atggtatttc atgatcagtg caccttgctc atttatcttt    148740
     tccttttaac agtagtgctt ttcatgtcca atttaagatg cctttgaaaa ttctcccctt    148800
     cttcatggct ctctaatgtt gttaatcttc ttacttgcat gtttctcttt gttatctgta    148860
     gattgggtag tttgaagcaa caacatgttt ctagaagcag aactgtgatc agatagtatt    148920
     ttgattaaac tagaagtgtt cctcaattct ttatttgtat tatttattta tttacattgg    148980
     atattgacaa attactattg tatatatatt tgtgaggtaa aaactgatgc tgtgatgcat    149040
     atatatccag agaaatgatt gagtgaagct aattaacatc atgttcatca cctcagttct    149100
     tattgttaac ccctcctgtc taacagaacc atcataccct tagaccagta tttccccatg    149160
     tcccctcctc cctttcttta cttcttttta catgaacttt attctcctgt tgtatgtagt    149220
     gaaaccaact gaacttaatt tctttctttt tctttttgag atgggatctt gctctgttgc    149280
     ccaggctgga ctgcagtggt ccaatcttag ctcactgcag gcttgaccct ctgggctcaa    149340
     ttgatccccc acctcagcct ctcaactagc taacactacc aggtgtgtgc caccatatcc    149400
     acctaatttt tgtacttttt tgtggaagta agttttcagt atgttttcca ggctggtctg    149460
     gaaatcttag atgatgctcc ctcttcagcc tctcaaagtg ctgtgattac agctgtgagc    149520
     cactgcacct ggcttaatta attcctttat gttaagcctt tcccctttag taaaatacac    149580
     tgattctttt catacagaac cattatcagt cacttaaaac ttagtacaaa taagttataa    149640
     aattcatctc atttctatga tgttaggaat ataaacacta tgaaataaaa atttactgtg    149700
     cacctattaa ggggaggaaa gaggaccaaa agtcaagtta gagaaaataa aaaataattt    149760
     cagcgacttc gataatggac aactctccaa atcttgaaat atactgctag tcaaataaga    149820
     tcaaatcatt aattcaatag cagttcttat aatatgagta agaactatta gtataatgaa    149880
     gacagcaaca attcagtaag cactcttcat tgttaaatac tgacatgtga gaattcattg    149940
     ccttcagaac tcacctgact atagttcata actttgcttc cacagatgaa caaaaaactc    150000
     atacaagttt tcatgctagc atagattgtc ctatataaag taagaatggc attataaagt    150060
     gatgtatata ggagtaatta atctgattta ttttaatctg taagtctata ccaaattctg    150120
     attcttatga aaaataaatt atgattctat gtaaaattcc tgataatatt cagtttggac    150180
     ttctattaca tcacattttc ttagctaaat tattttaatg agtgctttac ttaaatatga    150240
     ttctttaatg aagaaaatct gagtaaacat atttttatat aaacaaaatg aataagcatt    150300
     ggcaaagaaa acataactta ttaattcaag gttacacatg cttttcaggg atacattcac    150360
     taatgcacaa agtcattgaa aaatattttt attgttctgt taaaaaacat taggtttttg    150420
     gattacattt taaatcagat taaaattgat cagcttttgc tctggcaaat aataaaatat    150480
     gtagcaaggc taaaagatta atttttggtg accattacaa acaataaatg taaggatgga    150540
     ataagagata tattcctatc ttcatctata ttcaaatcta cccttatggg aaacttgagt    150600
     gaggtccact acttttatat ttacagatgc taggttatat atgaattacg tatgcctgcc    150660
     aaaaatgtac aatttaaggc ttgcatttgc acctggacac ctttatttat ttttcaaatt    150720
     cagcctaaaa tgaatttcac cctgaatgtc atcagtgaat ttttttaaag gatattggca    150780
     gaaaaggaat aacaggggtg atagagattc attctagtga cagaatgggc tttcaataaa    150840
     tagaaaaaag taatgtgaga gaaatataca aacaccattt tatctgatgt gtcccacttg    150900
     gagaaattgc tttattatca atatgtgtag ttgtaaaata atcttgcaca gattaaaatt    150960
     tcagaagaca gaatgttttt gtgtatctgc tcaattcaaa gttgccttca agggagctag    151020
     aagactgaag caattttcca ggcaatcagt tggaatttcc ctgtttcacc taaaggagaa    151080
     aacagaaata cttgaaatct attatgtctt tttcaagttg gtcattaggg tgattactct    151140
     gatttatgaa gtaccctctt tggaaacttt agtccttcca ctctatttcc ttttatgtca    151200
     ggaattttta gcccaatggc tctttttaag tcttatcatt gcaaatagaa aaagatggaa    151260
     agacatttgt aaaaagaaca aggaagggag gcattggaag acatgaagaa tagtctttga    151320
     attttagctt tggaaaagat taacaggaat gaggcaaagt ccatttgcaa ggagggaact    151380
     tccagctgtg gccagaaaga ctgctggatg cctgcagaat ggcctacttt gttctgatga    151440
     gagactgcat aaggctatct tataggggtc acataaccat ggccattagg aagaagtatt    151500
     ttttaaatga gttttgcaga ttaaataaat gaaagatgtc ggacattttc atcttcaacc    151560
     aatcaagtag tatcattcag ggaccatgtt tagtgcaggt cagcagccct aaccgttgca    151620
     tttttcatga gtcaattgta tgtaattgta tacatttata cactagccag caatgtaggc    151680
     atagttactt agtctggtcc tactgctata gcaaaacagc ttagactgga taatgtacaa    151740
     agaacaggtt atcttggggc agacatccat ccaatgaaag gggatgctat ctcggggccg    151800
     gcgtgtatct ggttagggag gcgtttggaa tgtttctgac tggaaatgtc atttgtgatt    151860
     tatcgtcata gcattaagct gatacccttt ggacttagag actttttgat caagatgaac    151920
     gttagaatga tagtgatcat tcaagatggt aatgcttccg ctctgtcaat ccagacccta    151980
     tagttataaa aaggatgggg gcagtgtatt ctttctggct ccttcctgct gacaagggaa    152040
     tggagagatt tcaggactca gattgactgt aagagtttcc atctgtagat gattttgggt    152100
     agttgtctat gaaatggcca cgatcctgtt aaaaatcttt gaaaaagttt aattaggcac    152160
     aggaagaaca ttagtcctag aagtattatt aggagagggc ccagaaatgg gatgatccat    152220
     gctatgattt tgtttccaaa ccaagaatct atttggttgt tttggtactt ccttagcttt    152280
     ttagcccttt ctttaagtct ttcatcagca gtgtctcttc ctaggcccag tcgattgaga    152340
     tagaaacaac attcctcact taatgaaagg gagaggtgca agtttggaaa gacccatgca    152400
     ttattttctg ttagtaacca ttattcctgc tatgagaata ataagaaaaa cactacagta    152460
     attgagattt ttgtcagata ttccacctga gggtagtaca gtatgtagtt ctactgcaaa    152520
     tagtagagta aagcaattcc cagaagggtg gcataataaa tcttacgagg agaggtagga    152580
     atgatgaaaa ctattttatg agacaggggt gagactgaat aagatgagta gttctcagtt    152640
     acttattttt tatgattttc aacttaagat ttcctatttt tttacattga tatttaggac    152700
     attcctttgg gctgtcagag gttgcttcat cagctttcca ggctttgact caagtgtgat    152760
     gtatttggga gttgattcct gtaacatata ctgtcttaat taccctgagt tccactgact    152820
     cactagatgt gggggcaaag gatactgggc accctcaatt attagttgtt ggtgccagca    152880
     ttaaagagat ttccttctgt gatggtctgg tcgggtggag gcaggatctg ctgaaatatc    152940
     tagttttcag tttatgggcc tttaaaaaag cacagattat cttggaaaat tgtcaccaga    153000
     aaaattagaa tttaatttaa actgtagaaa ataataaaaa ttgagaagca ttaggcaaca    153060
     ttagaattta acaagtgtgt tacagttctt gaaacataat tttctctctc cagttttcca    153120
     tttttattaa aaggtaaatt atggtaggac tgatttactt tactatactt tgttaattat    153180
     ttgcatacag tgcaggaaga ataattattt gttacacagg ccttttaaat gtgcattgat    153240
     ggaattttgt tccatagaag aaatctgaca taagactttt taaaggtgag tcaagccatg    153300
     gaatttacca ttaaatacct atgtgttgcc tctggaggga tcaacataac ttggggttcc    153360
     tggcctgtaa gaaagtgaca ttctttactt cccacagatc agaaaccctg tacaggaact    153420
     gtgtacacaa aatatgagga cagttttcta agggctttat tggcttcata aggcaagttt    153480
     cattcctcaa agaaagaaca ctattacagt caaaaccttg gtaaaattac cagtttctcc    153540
     aattgcatcc tgttagaaat gaaaacagat tattatggca tttaggcaaa caactgtatc    153600
     actataactt aataatattc acagatagtt tccaaattct ggagaaaatc aggtagagag    153660
     aaacaagtat gctccaaatt ttgttcacag gagtatacta aattattaaa agctgttaat    153720
     agctctaaaa agaagtttct ttgtcttttg aaagcaaaac aaaatgtttg caatatttta    153780
     agcaaacata aaaaagatcc tccagtctcc tattagttca gttcaggagg ttaatttgta    153840
     tcctgcctga tattaatgaa cattttagct cttcaagagt cctgaatgtt tttccttgat    153900
     tccaatgtta taatatgcaa acttatgaga aatctgtatt aaagaacact ttttagagct    153960
     ttatagctga ttatgaaacc accttcaaaa gagaaccaaa ataagacaac aattgttcat    154020
     ggatgacaaa aagtattagg gtagccaaaa ttaaatttac aattgacaag gatatctgtt    154080
     gcctttgtgg cacacaataa ctttaccata gcaattataa ttattactga taatgtacac    154140
     aaagatatat cagaaatata gcagtgtctt acaactttgg aacacatacc aataatgtat    154200
     ttgtacaaat atagcccaaa gaaatccaaa caccatttta tatttgacaa tgcttcctgt    154260
     atgattttat accaaataag ccaaacttta actttatatt agtgtgctat taatgttaaa    154320
     ctcaatttgt aataaaacct tgtagacaca tttacccaat tttcatgttt gacaataggt    154380
     aggacttttg tagacccatt taaataaact ctttataatt tttgtcaaag agcacattag    154440
     tgctttaaga aaaacccttt gtgcttctat tttaatgctt aatttacaga aaaactggat    154500
     gataccccgt aactttagcc aatgtgttta cacagaattt cctttagaat taaccttcca    154560
     aaattgctta aaccttcatt tttatgttgt tcaacttaaa acaattcttt aatcttttaa    154620
     tcttggtaaa aatccacatt tgcatgcctt cttacaatct ttctactaaa agtatatgca    154680
     aagtgtgttt ctcaatagta ttaaatacat gtcacagtgt taacttttag caacctttaa    154740
     ttagttggta agtttggggt tttaatttaa ttatgcacta ggtggagagc ctaggaccta    154800
     gatagaagtg cagataaggt cttcttccag catttaactc tatgtgtcct agatttttac    154860
     ctcactgaaa acatgcaagc tgtaaagcta ggaattacca ttttagaggc ctaatcactt    154920
     ttaaattgta ccacacttct tggataaatt cccttttata aaatttttaa tcactttcat    154980
     agacaatctc agacatgcct caactatact gtatttaaca cagtttatag tttagctttg    155040
     aaacaaacat gataacagtc ctttcccaga acaaactacc ttcaggtctg tggaacagac    155100
     tgttttaagg ccacaagatt agaagttatg gtattttact aaatagttca agatgtagct    155160
     accttcatta aaccaatatt aatgtttaat ttatttaaaa attatacaag caaagattat    155220
     gtatatatgt atatatgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatgtat atgtatatat atatgtattt    155280
     tttgtgctaa tttcccaatt ggattaccgg cctttgggtg aggcccttta agaacaggcc    155340
     taggaaaaca gctttcagca gctttcaggg cctaataaac aagcatagct ggaaaacaga    155400
     gacggatttt gggaggtact tactcaattc taattccagg gattccataa ggaaaacaga    155460
     gattttttcc ataatgggat ttgtggtgcc ttttctgttt cctcaaggag tcccaggcca    155520
     ggataagtca ttttagggtt tttcatgctt gcaccaagag tggcaagaca gagtggagaa    155580
     aactaattca gttcactgag aattaacctt ttccaggaaa acaagattta tgaagaggaa    155640
     aacataaaag cttttgaata tactcatagc ttcaatatca attttaatga agctgagtgc    155700
     tctttttcat taggggtgag agtggaggtt agaattatgt aaatatcatg ccaagttaag    155760
     ttaaaggatt gggttatgtg caggaattcc ctgtgataat tagagggatt ttcagagaaa    155820
     catcacagat gctgttcact ctgtgacaaa tcagacatgg agaaaggcac aagaaaatga    155880
     gcaatgcctg cagccagaca tttccctgag agggagaatg gccaaggtgg tttgactggt    155940
     agtatttgaa tgggcaatgg cagagaagag ggagagtggc agtttgggct ggaaggcttg    156000
     agggcaagag gggtcagtga ggcggagagt ttggacaggt aaggagtgga tgcaggggga    156060
     ggagaatatg gagggggttc atctgcagag tcaaaaggag atttggagga aagagagacc    156120
     tggagagggt tttcattaag aagaaggatt tcacgaaggg tgcaagcttg acacagggtg    156180
     ggttgggatt taaggtagaa gaaatcctga atatagagaa cctcttgtca tttgtcattt    156240
     ctggttatga agttgtcaag tttcctgaga atctgaaagt taaaggtgcc attttcaggc    156300
     cattggctgt cattaactaa tctttaccag ggccaggcca tggtgcaata aaaaaaccaa    156360
     atgctttggc ttcatttttc ccataagaca cgtttggtga ggctgtgaag gaaacagccc    156420
     agtggagaga acatttgaca cctttgtggg ctggtaagga gaaaacgagg ctgtcagttt    156480
     ttgatctaga catccccaga gaaaagacag agacccagaa tcctcttccc aaagaggatg    156540
     ttcaagctga gatgaaactg gacatcccca agatttcttc tagcttagaa gcactggtcc    156600
     tctgaggact gggatggcag accttagttt cctgggtacc ataagaaaac cagaggaggg    156660
     cagatcttac cagtcagctg cattagtgtc tgatattgga tgttctagtt ggaatcagca    156720
     aagttccttt tagactgttg ccacacaagg aaagagagaa ggaaggatga atgaaatact    156780
     cattgcaggt ggtcagaggt ggattcccaa gacctgaagg ttttgaaaac ccactgcagg    156840
     agacgtttat ggcagggttg gaatgtctcc agccagaggg gaggttatct cagggctggc    156900
     atatctctgg tcaggtgggt ttggaatgtt tctggttgaa gatgtcattt gtgatttatg    156960
     gtcatgctga ccttagccat caggctgttg ccctctggat ttagatggtt tttgatcaag    157020
     gtgaacttta gaatgatggc acttgtccaa gttggcaatg cttctgctct atcatataca    157080
     gtatgtttta tatattatat aaaacatata ttaagacttg tgatatatat tacaacagtt    157140
     ttaatccata taatgtaata caactgcatc taaaacatgc tgtttgtaat tcatataaat    157200
     atataagtat atatataagt atgcatatat atatagacaa ttactatata tggtataaat    157260
     atatattgtg taagtaaata tatatgtatg cagtaattat atatgtatat gtagtcatca    157320
     ttgacttaat gatgggaata cgttctgaga aatgggtcat tagatttcat cattgtgcac    157380
     ctcataatgc ctttcacaaa cctaaaaggg gtagttacta ctcactcagg ctgtatggta    157440
     cagcctacta ctgctcctag cctgcaaacc ttcacagcat tttactgtac tgaatattgt    157500
     aggcaactgt aacacaatgg taagtatttg tgtaactaaa catacctaaa ccaagaaaag    157560
     atacattgaa aacatggtgt tataacctta cgggatcata attatctata cagtctattg    157620
     ttactaaaat atcattatat ggtacatgat tgtatattta tatttatata tatgcataaa    157680
     acgaagagta cctcttagat tcatttttct aacattatat ggattaaaat tgttgatgaa    157740
     aagagtcaaa ctctgtaaaa tatttgaaga gatttattct gagccaaata tgactgacca    157800
     tgtcccatga catagccctt aggataccct gagaatatac agcttggttt tatacatttt    157860
     agggggactt gagatatcag tcaaatacat ttaagatata cattcatttt gttcagaaat    157920
     gtgggacaac tcaaagttgg tagggggctt tccaggttat agatagattt aaaattttat    157980
     tatcaataaa aaggaatatc taggtttgaa taagaggtcg tggagaataa cgtttcatca    158040
     tacaaatgag acctccaggt agcaaggccc cagagagaat agactgtaaa tgtttcttat    158100
     cagacttaag gtttctgtta atgttaaatg ctggtcagct tttcctgaaa aaaaggaaaa    158160
     gggagcaggg tataataagg catgtctcac ccagcttcca gtcatttgct ctggcataca    158220
     ggaggaagtt gatgcaaatg tttgggcagg gttgggggtg tgtgcttaat tttgatgtta    158280
     accacaattt ttcacaattt ttttcaagat gtgaatttgg ggagacacat gcatacccta    158340
     gcacatttga tacctctatt ttctaggtac agaaggaaag ttacaaaggt taaataaact    158400
     gcctaaaatt acacagctca cctgcaggaa aaataattgc ataccagatc tgtctgactc    158460
     taaaccagac cgatgtgata ttcaatttta atctataata tacatataat atataaatat    158520
     agaatataaa tgtttttgta tttaaatata tagtttacat gtgtgtatat atgtatatac    158580
     acatatttta tatatataat ataatatata attatatata atatataaaa ttatatataa    158640
     tatacaaaat ccacacatgt ataaaacatt cttatcagaa ctcatgtaga ttattacaac    158700
     cataatcctt ggagtttata ttgagagtta tttaattcac ttccaagagc tatatttttt    158760
     tgttctatga tcccacagag tgtatatgag tgtgtgcatg catgcacact atttctctgg    158820
     aaccctttca gctgttttcc catgaaaatt gaagtcacac agagttggtg ccatgggatg    158880
     actattgttg cccctccagt attggtgcca gcctctggaa tttaccagtc tctgtacttc    158940
     ttgcatgccc agtaaatgaa caatgatgta gcacctagaa ggcataccag tggttctgca    159000
     gctattgtgt gcagcaaaca caacaaaacc ttcagaacag ccttttaact ccaaacaact    159060
     gtcgtttgaa ttagaaacaa aaagagaaaa ttatgaatac tttaatgcta agatcatcat    159120
     ctggaagaaa actgaagaga tgaattgaca tttaatgcat tttccagtat aatttatgtc    159180
     aatttaatat gaacatttta attcatgtaa aacttttttc tgttttcttt ttcagtagct    159240
     tttgccccat tcaagtagag acctgacttt gtccacactg tggaagctca atctcttcac    159300
     tgagttgaca gaacaaagac ctagaaatat ttttccagga atcttagaat tgttaactac    159360
     actctggcct gtcatatttt tctgtaaaag aacagaaaac tgctttaaga gatgcaaaag    159420
     aagataaatg tgaatgacac tgttaacatt taaaattaag ggaaaggcca gtacagacca    159480
     gcaatagaaa tgattgtcct tttctctgac agttaaatga agaactttgt ctatactcct    159540
     tctgtgattt aaatgtaatt tatcttttat ttaatccttg gaggaatttt catttgtcta    159600
     catggaaagc ataagttcta gcttcagttt tcaggactgt agctggactc aggtgtggca    159660
     ataaatgatc gcaaatggat tcttggtggg taaagtctta ttagcacaat ggctcagaca    159720
     tgctgaaaac aaagattttt aaaattcaag caggctgaga tggagaaaag tatacttaat    159780
     caaattcaca actctaagta atacataata atgttatatt tttagataaa gcactatctt    159840
     ttgaaaagga aatttaaaag ttttgctcta aacacatcta taaatactga aaataattgt    159900
     tgtttaatgt aaaccttggt aaatagagac aagtcatctt actgcattac agacccaaca    159960
     gccttcagtg aaaatgttac aatgttttgt ttcattttgt tttgtttttc tcttggtgca    160020
     ctgaaacatg ctctgcaggg agggtgccat ggctgatgcc tataatccca gtactttggg    160080
     aggccaaggc agggggcatc acctgaggtc aggagattga gaccagactg gccatggtgg    160140
     tacactgtct ctagcaggaa tacaaaaaat ttagccaggc atggtggcat gtgcctgtag    160200
     tccaagctac tggggaagtt gaaacaggag aattgcttga accctggtgg cagaggttgc    160260
     agtgagctga attagtgcca atgcactcta tctagtctgg gtaacagagc aagactccat    160320
     ctcaaaataa ataaacagga ggaagcatac tctgcaattt tccctgaaca tgttctactg    160380
     tcagatctgc tctggagcat ttgatcaact catttcatta ctaacccagc atttcttgtt    160440
     cctgtaagtg ttagatgaaa ctaacccaaa tgttcaattt tgcaggcaaa ggatcacctt    160500
     ggttagttga gcctaagatg gcaaaaacaa agcagttgcc tggctgaatt tattacattt    160560
     agacttattt attatgttac tttacatttt tatttaaggc tagagaacat aggttataca    160620
     attctgattc tttggaaaat gttgacactt attttatgcc tagaacatgg ttaaattttc    160680
     taaaatgtac atcttaaaag gaaaagatta tttgtggatg taaagttcag tgtatatctt    160740
     atgacacatt tttattaatt gtattgttca aatgtaacat ctctacttct gaaaccaact    160800
     ttgcaaaatt gtaactgagg aaattatgac actaaaataa atcataacta accaactcct    160860
     tcttgcttct gacctttaag ctgtccttgt tcattctggg acataggctg aactaacttt    160920
     aggaaggaat tttgttcatg gtttgactct gaaacaaaat tgataatagc cctttcccaa    160980
     aaatacccca ttcttgtctg gggaccagtc tgttttgtag gaataacaaa ataggtaaaa    161040
     aattagaaac aacactgtag gagtcatgta gtctctggaa gagtctgaac ctaccccaaa    161100
     ttgttcttgg ggataatatc actgcagtaa aacctaagat cagtgcttga gttgttttca    161160
     gaccctgaac gggatggatt aactgacatc actcagactg gtaatatggc tcacccaatt    161220
     ctgccatccc acccagggag agaaaacagc aagaaaacct cacttcaaac ctcttttatt    161280
     ctatctccaa cctgaccaat caggtcactc cccactttcc aagcccctac tcaccaaatt    161340
     atctttaaaa ctctgatccc tgaatgctcc aggagaatga cttgagtaat aataaaacac    161400
     cagtctccca tgaaggctgt tgtaaataaa ataccatttc tccattgcaa ttcccctgtc    161460
     ttgaaacatc agctctgtct aggcagcagg caaggtgaac acatttatta tttgacagtt    161520
     tgatctcttc aatttctaaa ctttttcctt atagacaaaa ttgttactga agctttgtct    161580
     gtcatacttg gtatggtttg atgctatatt gttgggttcc acatgtcttc ataatgggca    161640
     aactttctta ttctataatt ttcttattta gaatatacca tcatccttga aaggttattt    161700
     acagattgtt tattcaaatt ctatgtagtc agacaataaa attgctaccc caaagcaggc    161760
     acctcttaga aaggatagag caataattaa acatagaaga aaaaaagaca tattagactt    161820
     tgtcaatggt aaattattta cttatgaaag cacactgtta ataaaccata aaaataagcc    161880
     aaagactgag aggtaaacat tggcaataca tgtttatgat caaggacttc aatcaagaat    161940
     acataaaaac taaaacatca ataaaaaaga aaagatatcc attgaaaaat gagcaaatat    162000
     tttagacatg actaaagaaa atatagaatt ggccaataaa tgccataaaa agctgctcaa    162060
     catgattagt catcagaata tacaaaataa aaccatgaaa acataacttt ccaccaactg    162120
     taaggactga aatttaaaaa aaaatactag ttgaatagat ttgtacttcc ccacattgcc    162180
     aatgaacacc agcattttct tataaaacca cacatactga ccctataatt tatacttcta    162240
     tgcttaatat tgacctaaga gaaataatat gtttatgtcc acaaaaagac ttcagcaaga    162300
     atattcataa aatctttatt tctaataagc aaagactgta aataatgcaa atgccatcaa    162360
     cagaagaatg ggggtatact catacaataa aatattactc agcactgaaa aggagcaaat    162420
     cactgatgta ttgaacaata tagagaggga gatatggcca tattagatgc atttgaactt    162480
     caatgcaaaa aatctaatca tgttgatgga aatgagaaaa cttgctgcct atatttgatg    162540
     gtggagatag actgggagta gtcattaaca gagcaggagc atcaccgtat tggccaatca    162600
     ccaccattct aaagtttacc ttgatcaaaa ccagcctaaa tccaaagggc atcggcataa    162660
     tgactaagct cagcatggcc ataaaccaca aatgacatct ctgaccagaa acattcctac    162720
     cataagataa acactttcct aactagagac agaccaaccc taagataacc tcctctctaa    162780
     ccagagacat gccaaccctg ccataaactt ctcccccacc cagaaacact taaagatctt    162840
     gataagcctg ctcaccctaa aacataccta tactcactct gtgggggaga gcacctctga    162900
     acaaaatcta ccagaaaccc ctctcaggtt aatttctcca gaataaactt gtctttgatt    162960
     gtggatccac tttttgtgtt tctttcctct tcctttaact gatacatttg gtgccaaagc    163020
     caaggatggg tgttgggggc agaggctctc ttggaaccca ggaagcagag gacagcagct    163080
     actcatcttg ctggatcctg aaagtctctg gccactgatc caatcttgtc tctcacttca    163140
     cttttctgca atttgaatga ggaggacaag taacctgaag gggactgtga ggctcaggct    163200
     ggggctgctc cccagtgggt tctcacaaac ctcaagcctc aggaacccac ctgtgaccac    163260
     ctgcaatggc tttcactctc ttccctcctt ctccctaatc cttgcttctc tctctttttt    163320
     atctctctct ctctttctca taaatctcca gaccaagagg ctttttggca attccagctg    163380
     gaacatccaa catcagacac taattgagcc aactggtaag atctgcccta tcctcattat    163440
     ctcgcagtac cctggaaagt caggtctgcc aaccaggtcc tcagagtgag aggtgaagcc    163500
     agctgggctt ctgggttggg tagggacttg gagaactttt ctgtctagct aaaggattgt    163560
     aaatgtacca atcagtgctt tgtgtctagc taaaagtttg taagtgcatc aatcagcact    163620
     cggtaaaaat ggaccaatca gcactctgta aaatggatga aaagctctcg ttaaatggac    163680
     cgatcagcag gatgtggatt gggcaaatta agggaataaa agcaggccac ccaagtcagc    163740
     agcggcaatt ggctcgggtc cccttccatg ctttggaagc tttgttcttt cactcttcac    163800
     aataaatctt gctgctgctg actcttgggg tctgtgctga ctttatgagc tgcaacactc    163860
     actgtgaagg tcttcagctt cactcttatg gtcagtgaga tgacagaccc accagaagga    163920
     atgaacaact ctggacgccc tgcctttatg aactgtaaca ctcactggaa aggtctgtgg    163980
     cttcactcct gaagtcagtg agactacaaa gccaccagaa ggaagaaact ccagccacat    164040
     ctggacatca gaaggaacaa actctggaca caccatcttt aagaacagta acactcaccg    164100
     caagtgtcca ccgcttcatt cttgaagtca gcgagaccaa gaacccacca attccaaaca    164160
     cattttggca accaagaagg aaccatcacc cattgctaag tggtgagact attgtctatt    164220
     gccaattggt gagtaccatc ggaccccttt tgcttgctat tctgtcctat atttccttag    164280
     aattcagggg ctaaatactg gcacctgtca gccagttaaa agtgactagc atggccacca    164340
     cactaaaaac atgggtgtca ggttttctgg gaaaggtatc tttaacaacc cccgactctt    164400
     tggagttggg agtgttggtt tacctggaac cagcttcttc ttgtgctgta cttccgggct    164460
     gagctgaggg tcaacagaga ggaaagccat tcagctccag ggtcccaaca acaagttggt    164520
     tgaccctgtg accatgagtg gaactctcaa agtcatgttg cccaagcgag tctcacccat    164580
     ctatcttatc tatcctgacc cttgactcct gtgtcctaat gcctgccagg caaatgtcct    164640
     cttgcctctc ttctctgaat ctagtcctgc ttctaaaaaa acactccttg tctctggttt    164700
     tttctacgtt ctcctataag aatgatttct agtataaact ccaggactct gttaccttct    164760
     ttatgcacct gggctcacca atcagaaaga tataattttt ctcaaagctc catcacagga    164820
     gggactatct ggaattttag aattcctcct ctgacaagca ggcctaacaa aagctattct    164880
     tgaaactagg atatgggtag cctcagaaat tgtatccttc ctattcatgt aaatgaggac    164940
     aaaatgtgtc actcttccaa ctctggagat cctttccctc cctcagggta tggccctcca    165000
     cttcattttg ggggcataat atctttacag gacatgggta agatcccaat actaacagga    165060
     gagtgcctag gagtctagca gctttttgag gacgtgtcac taagggccac taaatccgat    165120
     ttgtattggt cctctttgtg gtctaggagg acagacaagg tgcaggtttt ggagaatgga    165180
     tcagtaagag ccactaaata tgaccttcct gggtcctcct tgtggtctag gagcaaaact    165240
     agtgtttctg ccgctgcatc agtgagtgca actattccta tcagcagggt ccagggactg    165300
     ttgcaggttc ttggggaaaa ggtgttactg ctgctgtgtc agtgagcaca actattccaa    165360
     tcagcaggtc catggactgt cacaggttct tgggcagggg gagaaacaaa caaaccaaag    165420
     ccacagttgt ttttatcttt cagataggaa acactcaagc atccacaggc tcacccttga    165480
     aatgcatcct aagccactgg caccaatttg atccacaaac cctgaaaaag aggtggctca    165540
     ttttttttct gtgctatggt ctggccccaa tattctctct ctgatgggta aaaatggcca    165600
     cctgagggaa gtataaatta taatattatc ctgcaacttg accttttcta taagagggaa    165660
     ggcaaatgga gtgaaatacc ttatgtccaa gctttctttt cattgaaaga aaatacacaa    165720
     ctatgcaatg tttacaattt acatcccaca ggaggacctt tcagcttacg ctcatatcct    165780
     agcctcccta tagctcccct tcctattaat gacaatcctc ctctaatctc ccctgcccag    165840
     aaggaaataa gcaaagaaat ctccaaagga ccacaaaacc tcccgggcta tcagttatgt    165900
     ccccttcaag ctgtaggggg aggcaaattt ggcccaactc aagtacatgt ccccttcccc    165960
     ttctctgact taaagcagat taaggcagac ctggtgaaat tttcagatga ttctgaaagt    166020
     tacacagatg tcctataggg tctagggcaa accgtcaatc tcacttggag agatgtcatg    166080
     ttattgttag ataaaaccct ggactttaat gaaaagaatg tggctttagc tgcagcccaa    166140
     tagttcagag atacctggta ccttagtcaa gtaaatgata caatgatggc caaaaaaagg    166200
     gatgaattcc ctaccagtca gcaagccatc cccagtatga atccccacag agaccttgac    166260
     ttagatcatg gggactggag tcacaaacat ctgttgacct gtgttctagg aggactaagg    166320
     agtattagga aatagcccat gaattaatca atgatgttca ccataactca gggaaaggaa    166380
     gaaaatcctt ctgccttcca tga                                            166403