ID   AC015978; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 178780 BP.
AC   AC015978;
DT   18-NOV-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-529I21 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-178780
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-178780
RA   Grewal N., Stoneking T., Hawkins M., Henley K.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-529I21";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-178780
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-NOV-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-178780
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (26-JUL-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-178780
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; c7de5415b4b2d957b33e8a92fbef8cb9.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC015978.4:1-178780; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF01518; pRNA.
CC   On Jul 26, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7631047.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu/gsc
CC   Contact: sapiens@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0529I21
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (http://bacpac.med.buffalo.edu)
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-537C24; the clone sequenced
CC   to the right is RP11-434F12.  Actual start of this clone is at base
CC   position 1 of RP11-529I21; actual end is at base position 178780 of
CC   RP11-529I21.
CC   H_NH0529I21 contains a single m13 region from 36724 to 36757.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..178780
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-529I21"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..419
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1721..2045
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   2083..2375
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   2378..2647
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   2768..2932
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2968..3406
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   3604..3661
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   3662..3708
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   3709..3997
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3998..4066
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   4534..4986
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5014..5323
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5342..5375
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5376..5673
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5674..5820
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5850..5988
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5989..6722
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   6739..7152
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7773..7902
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7906..8144
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12563..12655
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12660..15587
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16124..16510
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16521..17269
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19932..20544
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20539..20586
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20951..21352
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22248..22364
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22365..22660
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22661..22822
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24816..25098
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25261..25519
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28607..28686
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28686..29490
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32321..32765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32787..33226
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33236..33413
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33794..34058
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    34293..34573
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU035808 (NID:g3718816)"
FT   misc_feature    34331..34573
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI223026 (NID:g3805229) qg52g06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    34333..34573
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    34334..34573
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W63784 (NID:g1371385) zd30f11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    34337..34573
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    34613..34982
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU035808 (NID:g3718816)"
FT   misc_feature    34613..34853
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    34613..34893
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI223026 (NID:g3805229) qg52g06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    34613..34990
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W63784 (NID:g1371385) zd30f11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    34613..34793
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT   repeat_region   35120..35186
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35187..35481
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35482..35581
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40382..41103
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41244..41461
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   41470..41644
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41655..41775
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41770..41880
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42110..42698
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43497..43806
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44160..44248
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44361..44551
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44578..45013
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   45017..46242
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   46251..46530
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   46627..47498
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   54983..55047
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   55076..55505
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   55511..56770
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56779..56951
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56969..58247
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    58308..58459
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI866821 (NID:g5530852) tz53f11.x1"
FT   repeat_region   58484..58846
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58882..59274
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59311..60017
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60103..60218
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   61365..61651
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61922..62214
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63163..64695
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64697..64959
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67090..67403
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67969..68268
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    67971..68012
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA528147 (NID:g2270216) nh91e03.s1"
FT   repeat_region   69045..69353
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69899..69960
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69962..70215
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71352..71579
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   71824..72121
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   74373..74675
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   74712..75191
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   75192..76518
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   76519..76571
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   76907..77271
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   77641..77767
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   78867..81775
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81781..82035
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82069..82202
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82282..82436
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    84684..84740
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W79854 (NID:g1390411) zd75f03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    85738..85874
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W79854 (NID:g1390411) zd75f03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86386..86855
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA629908 (NID:g2552519) ad45d07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86386..86822
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R46501 (NID:g822446) yg51h07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86391..86737
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA583457 (NID:g2368066) nn38c11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86392..86855
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI433261 (NID:g4287937) ti32f08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86417..87149
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW536207 (NID:g7178624)"
FT   misc_feature    86421..86954
FT                   /note="similar to  EST C79968 (NID:g2520298)"
FT   misc_feature    86422..86719
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA528147 (NID:g2270216) nh91e03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..86998
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW071001 (NID:g6025999) xa32a02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..86850
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA451758 (NID:g2165427) zx38a06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..86919
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW511887 (NID:g7149965) xu66e03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..86946
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA888148 (NID:g3003823) oj14a01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..87186
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI479077 (NID:g4372245) tm30h05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..86935
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA629358 (NID:g2541745) zu74d11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..87136
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI338794 (NID:g4075721) qt53f07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..87011
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI680118 (NID:g4890300) tw65a06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..87137
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI804527 (NID:g5369999) tp60d07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..87020
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI687072 (NID:g4898366) tp92g06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..86940
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA443951 (NID:g2156626) zv51d08.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA161361 (NID:g1735597) zq39b09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..86915
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW182626 (NID:g6451086) xp96b08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..87041
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW517674 (NID:g7155756) xs86b01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..86883
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI811312 (NID:g5397878) tw38c02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86440..87128
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI539728 (NID:g4453863) tp77d11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86444..86859
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI105249 (NID:g3705164)"
FT   misc_feature    86444..86739
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW536845 (NID:g7179262)"
FT   misc_feature    86444..86845
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA964548 (NID:g4279422)"
FT   misc_feature    86444..86842
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA683697 (NID:g2671088) vm70e03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86444..87191
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI326370 (NID:g4060799) mm11e08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86444..87017
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA892044 (NID:g3018923)"
FT   misc_feature    86444..86970
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU044136 (NID:g3979611)"
FT   misc_feature    86444..86864
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI602973 (NID:g4612134)"
FT   misc_feature    86444..86889
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W15825 (NID:g1290281) mb55d10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86458..86695
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N86719 (NID:g1439921)"
FT   misc_feature    86460..87093
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA028398 (NID:g1494628) mi20b02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86461..86952
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW252151 (NID:g6595742)"
FT   misc_feature    86463..86889
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI009329 (NID:g3223161)"
FT   misc_feature    86508..86904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA102026 (NID:g1645866) zl78d09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86542..87111
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW767924 (NID:g7699937) da82d04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86547..87063
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI132322 (NID:g3602338) ue23f11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86550..86983
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW157249 (NID:g6228650) au93d08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86552..86916
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA564664 (NID:g2336303) nj25h05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86552..87119
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA270765 (NID:g1909138) va70f02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86552..87013
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA670139 (NID:g2631638) ab65a04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87095
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI815904 (NID:g5431450) au43c11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87047
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI477938 (NID:g4335549) fb49d02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87011
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW282119 (NID:g6670668) fj62e05.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW077325 (NID:g6032477) fj35g08.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW567552 (NID:g7232112) fk29c05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87017
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW154618 (NID:g6202520) fi30c04.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW019207 (NID:g5872737) fd50f03.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI588166 (NID:g4597213) fb97a11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87010
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW282016 (NID:g6670565) fj61a06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87013
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW057797 (NID:g5933436) wx04a05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87157
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI477242 (NID:g4334853) fb50h09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87020
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW157172 (NID:g6228573) au92d04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87158
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA270793 (NID:g1909123) va70b01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87119
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI884167 (NID:g5589331) fc74g02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87094
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA796830 (NID:g2859785) vp15g01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..87062
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW076697 (NID:g6031849) fj03e10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..86970
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA553171 (NID:g2323763) vl13d04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86556..86977
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW305736 (NID:g6718166) fj64c10.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL119339 (NID:g5925238)"
FT   misc_feature    86556..86979
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW272598 (NID:g6659628) xu21c11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86557..87147
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA871611 (NID:g2967056) vq38f11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86559..87274
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA209116 (NID:g1807085) mu81f02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86559..87095
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA197843 (NID:g1793477) mv04g07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86563..87174
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW453246 (NID:g6994032)"
FT   misc_feature    86563..87088
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW077196 (NID:g6032348) fj34h08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86563..86970
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW077020 (NID:g6032172) fj33h02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86565..86980
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE026505 (NID:g8319866) db27d09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86565..87008
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW782951 (NID:g7797557) db25g10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86588..86958
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE019791 (NID:g8279877) bb59e10.y1"
FT   misc_feature    86607..87124
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA167917 (NID:g1746137) ms65f06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86607..87032
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA500033 (NID:g2235000) vi96f01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86611..87289
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL042389 (NID:g5935439)"
FT   misc_feature    86643..87536
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL037531 (NID:g5928166)"
FT   misc_feature    86670..87128
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL041470 (NID:g5420821)"
FT   misc_feature    86672..87259
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA499794 (NID:g2234761) vi75d12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86676..87226
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA518219 (NID:g2258904) vi09g10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86745..87163
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW664625 (NID:g7457168) hi15h12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86746..87179
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W16945 (NID:g1291344) zb08f01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86753..87607
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA798990 (NID:g2861945) vv95g04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86763..87246
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA610408 (NID:g2458836) np91a06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    86773..87302
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW871791 (NID:g8005844) da94a08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    86775..87442
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA027603 (NID:g1493724) mi12e05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86775..87408
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W08613 (NID:g1282617) mb46e04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86820..87374
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W12493 (NID:g1286620) ma57c12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86858..87358
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA465027 (NID:g2189911) zx80e05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86867..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI958340 (NID:g5751049) fd03e01.y1"
FT   misc_feature    86867..87257
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R48841 (NID:g810867) yj65e10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86907..87289
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N25015 (NID:g1139165) yx17d11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    86916..87233
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D76754 (NID:g1596363)"
FT   misc_feature    86938..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI326332 (NID:g4060761) ml59c04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    86981..87341
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H85365 (NID:g1064339) ys71a01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    87024..87607
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI929713 (NID:g5665677) au63g02.y1"
FT   misc_feature    87027..87097
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA528147 (NID:g2270216) nh91e03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    87034..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079345 (NID:g6084100)"
FT   misc_feature    87034..87514
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI020205 (NID:g3234541) ub15f11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    87048..87536
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA578100 (NID:g2356284) nl21b05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    87068..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079421 (NID:g6084176)"
FT   misc_feature    87085..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA089112 (NID:g1634591) ml57d06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    87107..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU080898 (NID:g6085652)"
FT   misc_feature    87133..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA497992 (NID:g2233015) vi69g03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    87162..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079902 (NID:g6084657)"
FT   misc_feature    87200..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE019729 (NID:g8279813) bb58b12.y1"
FT   misc_feature    87202..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW701531 (NID:g7585664) uq87c11.y1"
FT   misc_feature    87216..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW249002 (NID:g6591995)"
FT   misc_feature    87226..87525
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA295019 (NID:g1947650)"
FT   misc_feature    87226..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW487663 (NID:g7057841)"
FT   misc_feature    87231..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA107659 (NID:g1659559) mp09e11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    87266..87420
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N86719 (NID:g1439921)"
FT   misc_feature    87272..87607
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW797502 (NID:g7849372)"
FT   misc_feature    87315..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI663194 (NID:g4766777) uk23h08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    87330..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW701584 (NID:g7585718) uq88a06.y1"
FT   misc_feature    87350..87515
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA583457 (NID:g2368066) nn38c11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    87384..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW410440 (NID:g6935981) fh06b11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    87419..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW672787 (NID:g7538022) ba01e08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    87435..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW247631 (NID:g6590624)"
FT   misc_feature    87457..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW124191 (NID:g6099721)"
FT   misc_feature    87460..87607
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE019791 (NID:g8279877) bb59e10.y1"
FT   misc_feature    87467..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI596935 (NID:g4605983) vj48a07.y1"
FT   misc_feature    87493..87606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW536845 (NID:g7179262)"
FT   misc_feature    88100..88209
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI596935 (NID:g4605983) vj48a07.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI663194 (NID:g4766777) uk23h08.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW701584 (NID:g7585718) uq88a06.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079345 (NID:g6084100)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW249002 (NID:g6591995)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079421 (NID:g6084176)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW536845 (NID:g7179262)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079902 (NID:g6084657)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU080898 (NID:g6085652)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA107659 (NID:g1659559) mp09e11.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW672787 (NID:g7538022) ba01e08.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW701531 (NID:g7585664) uq87c11.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW247631 (NID:g6590624)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW124191 (NID:g6099721)"
FT   misc_feature    88100..88398
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW410440 (NID:g6935981) fh06b11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    88100..88217
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE019729 (NID:g8279813) bb58b12.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI958340 (NID:g5751049) fd03e01.y1"
FT   misc_feature    88100..88144
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA497992 (NID:g2233015) vi69g03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    88100..88158
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI326332 (NID:g4060761) ml59c04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    88100..88202
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA089112 (NID:g1634591) ml57d06.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW487663 (NID:g7057841)"
FT   misc_feature    88290..88398
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW701584 (NID:g7585718) uq88a06.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079421 (NID:g6084176)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079902 (NID:g6084657)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI663194 (NID:g4766777) uk23h08.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI596935 (NID:g4605983) vj48a07.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079345 (NID:g6084100)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW701531 (NID:g7585664) uq87c11.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA107659 (NID:g1659559) mp09e11.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU080898 (NID:g6085652)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW672787 (NID:g7538022) ba01e08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    88290..88400
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW247631 (NID:g6590624)"
FT   misc_feature    88290..88380
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW249002 (NID:g6591995)"
FT   misc_feature    88290..88399
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW124191 (NID:g6099721)"
FT   misc_feature    88290..88390
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW536845 (NID:g7179262)"
FT   misc_feature    88704..88818
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW672787 (NID:g7538022) ba01e08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    88704..88761
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU080898 (NID:g6085652)"
FT   misc_feature    88704..88770
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA107659 (NID:g1659559) mp09e11.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW701584 (NID:g7585718) uq88a06.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079421 (NID:g6084176)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079345 (NID:g6084100)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU079902 (NID:g6084657)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI663194 (NID:g4766777) uk23h08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    88704..88763
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI596935 (NID:g4605983) vj48a07.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW701531 (NID:g7585664) uq87c11.y1"
FT   misc_feature    88704..88791
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW410440 (NID:g6935981) fh06b11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    88968..89348
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R21404 (NID:g776185) yg51h07.r1"
FT   repeat_region   89335..90455
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   90456..90634
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   90635..90920
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90921..91129
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91130..93963
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   94193..94364
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   94427..94469
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   95305..95477
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    95390..95748
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI911402 (NID:g5631138) wd16f12.x1"
FT   repeat_region   96117..96399
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96717..96854
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   96883..97458
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97460..97692
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97699..97770
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   97771..98048
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98049..98369
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98372..99377
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99378..99781
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   99782..101407
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   101410..101828
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   101829..102205
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102206..102512
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102513..107513
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107520..108209
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108238..108308
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    108695..108968
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI623223 (NID:g4648148) ts78g01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    108699..108968
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA521080 (NID:g2261623) aa72b06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    108700..108968
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA286931 (NID:g1933999) zs56e10.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI222062 (NID:g3804265) qh02c08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   108967..109253
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109399..109443
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109693..110681
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110683..111278
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    111071..111403
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI866821 (NID:g5530852) tz53f11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    111500..111688
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW800791 (NID:g7852661)"
FT   repeat_region   112046..112117
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    112210..112462
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA331861 (NID:g1984103)"
FT   misc_feature    112779..113176
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W95055 (NID:g1424403) zh48c01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    112890..113239
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI027242 (NID:g3244758) ov89a11.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA768897 (NID:g2820135) nz82f11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   112966..113028
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    113280..113319
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA768897 (NID:g2820135) nz82f11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    113280..113326
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI027242 (NID:g3244758) ov89a11.x1"
FT   repeat_region   113299..113830
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    113959..114336
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA001172 (NID:g1437238) ze48d02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    114671..115151
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW997210 (NID:g8257444)"
FT   repeat_region   114956..115044
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   115107..115186
FT                   /rpt_family="MER103"
FT   misc_feature    115806..116408
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW176288 (NID:g6442325)"
FT   repeat_region   118542..119331
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   119332..120124
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120118..120596
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120603..120733
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   120763..120898
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120916..121138
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   121175..121387
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   121388..121418
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121421..121663
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122164..122481
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   122565..122832
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   123080..123621
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   123640..125583
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    123755..123796
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA768897 (NID:g2820135) nz82f11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   125635..126630
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126660..126790
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126791..127100
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127101..127125
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127586..127700
FT                   /rpt_family="5S"
FT   repeat_region   129496..129613
FT                   /rpt_family="5S"
FT   repeat_region   130131..130828
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   130864..133262
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   misc_feature    133118..135163
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=63.1, o/e=0.70, #CpGs=139)"
FT   repeat_region   133274..133552
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   133590..133984
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   134000..134772
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   134787..135631
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   135653..136446
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   136460..137002
FT                   /rpt_family="centromeric"
FT   repeat_region   137240..137317
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    139382..139726
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI825650 (NID:g5446321) wb75c02.x1"
FT   repeat_region   139663..139731
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139732..140046
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    140046..140132
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI825650 (NID:g5446321) wb75c02.x1"
FT   repeat_region   140047..140364
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141404..141707
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141741..141953
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   141954..142011
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142075..142211
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142366..142630
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   142663..142702
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142703..143261
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   143263..143524
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143560..143640
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143766..144060
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   144064..144359
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    144766..145104
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA601292 (NID:g2434917) no15c12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    144883..145089
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI819212 (NID:g5438291) wj32g06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    144906..145089
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW449736 (NID:g6990512)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA992953 (NID:g3179498) ot49a01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    144909..145089
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI825160 (NID:g5445749) wa93c01.x1"
FT   repeat_region   145164..145303
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   145439..145580
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   145582..145693
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    145618..146049
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA457268 (NID:g2179988) aa91f12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    145633..145796
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA683178 (NID:g2669069) ag94d12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    145634..145796
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA584875 (NID:g2369484) no13f12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    145813..146075
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA584875 (NID:g2369484) no13f12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    145813..146040
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA683178 (NID:g2669069) ag94d12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   146025..146134
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   146161..146206
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   146270..146540
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    146425..146544
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI825160 (NID:g5445749) wa93c01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    146425..146542
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI819212 (NID:g5438291) wj32g06.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW449736 (NID:g6990512)"
FT   misc_feature    146425..146518
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA992953 (NID:g3179498) ot49a01.s1"
FT   repeat_region   146807..147073
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    147047..147401
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T57091 (NID:g658952) yc20e10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   147523..147834
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147891..148021
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148053..148190
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148191..148254
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148343..148430
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148610..148734
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    149038..149174
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI819212 (NID:g5438291) wj32g06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    149038..149108
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW449736 (NID:g6990512)"
FT   misc_feature    149197..149641
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA489864 (NID:g2220739) ab01b04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    149743..150203
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI049287 (NID:g3297574) uc85g05.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149748..149958
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW634645 (NID:g7391726)"
FT   misc_feature    149753..149921
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW013656 (NID:g5862434)"
FT   misc_feature    149756..150093
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI082282 (NID:g3419074) ov16d03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    149757..150179
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW213006 (NID:g6519160) un98b08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149765..150223
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW916494 (NID:g8082221)"
FT   misc_feature    149767..150212
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW990486 (NID:g8186149) uf06e11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    149767..150223
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI593980 (NID:g4603028) vp03d03.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149767..150215
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW067804 (NID:g6022802) cn19d06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    149779..150223
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW020974 (NID:g5874504) df17b06.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149820..150223
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW067834 (NID:g6022832) cn19g03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    149853..150223
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI750565 (NID:g5128829) cn04a10.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149859..150223
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI751168 (NID:g5129432) cn08b05.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149901..150223
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI368388 (NID:g4147141) qy07g10.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW205019 (NID:g6504491)"
FT   misc_feature    149990..150223
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW013656 (NID:g5862434)"
FT   misc_feature    150015..150223
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW634645 (NID:g7391726)"
FT   repeat_region   150368..150581
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150602..150762
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150832..151129
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151130..151314
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151356..151491
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151510..151822
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    151734..152000
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA091962 (NID:g1638681)"
FT   misc_feature    151764..152000
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA091522 (NID:g1637481)"
FT   repeat_region   152684..153002
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   153004..153300
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    153640..153770
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI866821 (NID:g5530852) tz53f11.x1"
FT   repeat_region   153659..153935
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   154327..154587
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   154610..154827
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   154842..155090
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    155872..156383
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW303338 (NID:g6713018) xv17h04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    156084..156444
FT                   /note="similar to  EST L44523 (NID:g1048920)"
FT   repeat_region   156970..157126
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   157250..157548
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   157680..157781
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   157800..158102
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   158241..158439
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    159016..159352
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI380599 (NID:g4190452) tf95h11.x1"
FT   repeat_region   159492..160349
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160375..162238
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162679..162840
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   162945..163042
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   163134..163264
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   163344..163633
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   163877..163925
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   164530..164582
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   164681..164872
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   166133..167163
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   167224..167274
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   167275..167580
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   167581..167744
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   167772..167819
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   167888..168172
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   168174..168296
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   168297..168605
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   168606..168658
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   168664..168897
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   169526..169741
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   170115..170406
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   170404..170750
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   171014..171312
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   171531..172246
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   172288..173516
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   173517..173823
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   173824..174158
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   174178..174638
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   174639..174947
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   174948..175658
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   175665..175804
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   175895..176367
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   176435..176654
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   176735..176881
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   176882..177186
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   177187..177272
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   177937..178041
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   178040..178510
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   178552..178780
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 178780 BP; 53377 A; 36584 C; 36918 G; 51901 T; 0 other;
     gaattcggct gtgaatccat ctggtcctgg actttttttg gttggtaaag ctattaatta        60
     ttgcctcaat ttcagagcct gttattggtc tattcagaga ttcatcttct tcctggttta       120
     gtcttgggag ggtgtatgtg ttgaggaatt tatccatttc ttctggattt tctagtttat       180
     ttgtgtagag gtgtttatag tattctctga tggtagtttg tatttctgtg ggatcagtgg       240
     tgatatcccc tttgtcattt tttattgggt ctgtttgatt cttctctctt ttcttcttta       300
     ttagtcttgc tagaggtcta tcaattttgt ggatcttttc aaaaagccag ctcctggatt       360
     cactgaattt ttgaagggtt tttcgtgtct ctatttcctt cagttttgct ctggtcttac       420
     cttcaacatg cactggcaaa aactctccct gccttctcca ttgggaatgc catatgagac       480
     aacggccagc aggtggcgat gtttatttga cttgctaaga agggaaattt tccataaaaa       540
     tctggcatct ccatgtgacc ccctcaatgg ctttgctttg ttttgtttta actacagctg       600
     cagttgcaaa cgcctgaaga tggtcaatta tccataacaa gcattcatac ttgaggtgct       660
     gaaaccacaa ctttttcatg gtatttgctc agatcatgca agtgcttcaa tcgtgtattt       720
     ttttcaatat tctggtgcca tgaaaatata aatacctaaa tgaagtcttt ccagacaggt       780
     atttggtgat gggcattgat tgcagaaaag gagcattctc caaaaaagat gctaaggggg       840
     agagcaagta aaacttttgg gaagaaatat ttacctgggt gtgacaaagg gagttgaacc       900
     aaactgaaaa gaattgtatt tcacctagtt atgttaatgg acccttcagt gaattaaaca       960
     ttatttttaa tttctgcaca cttaaaaaat tgaataccac cacaaaaatg ggggaaaaga      1020
     attagatttt cacccatcag agatgaattt gaaatgctaa tatgaccacg ctagaactag      1080
     gaaaaataca taaccaggaa tatttctgga gcattcactt agtttcccat tcagtgaaat      1140
     ggttatagac aacactgtaa ttcatattgg ctggattttt cttccacaca tatcagtaca      1200
     ggcattagac tattaattga gtacttcgtt cattcgttga agctagatct agtgcccact      1260
     gtgcggtaaa gactgcacac tgtgtagccc ttcacagact aaagtagatt actttcagtt      1320
     ttttctagaa gttgttctcc cacctttggt gctagatcta aagtcaccta ccccttgatt      1380
     tctattccct tctccatgtt aataaatatt cccgacattt gaaaatttat ggagagaaac      1440
     tacaacttca ctcagactaa ttcttttaag gacacgcatt tgtccttaaa atgcatttga      1500
     acattctact gaatgccagc aatttaaact cagggtttta agcagattaa cttgaagccc      1560
     ttcttcttta tgaaataaaa agtttagcct tctagcttac acttaggatg tagacagctg      1620
     tcaagaagat cattgctcct gcaataaagg caaaatgaag gacatatcag aaatgaattc      1680
     aaattttcct gaatctgtta gaaaaccaca gttgcaggga gtgatggtta atattaggtg      1740
     tcaacttgat tggactgagg gatgccttgg tagctggtaa attattgttt ctgggtgtgt      1800
     ctgtgaggtt ttcaccagag gatattgaca ctgagttagg gggctgagag aggaagaccc      1860
     accctcaatg tggatgggca tcatctaact ggctgccagt acagctagaa caatgcaagt      1920
     ggaagaaggt gggagaagct ggcttgctgg gtcttcaggc tttcgtctgt ctcccatgct      1980
     ggatgcttca ttctcttact tctgatcttg gacctgagac tccaggttct ttggctttgg      2040
     ggctcttatt tattttatta ttattcaata ttagtagtag tatttttatt atttgagaca      2100
     agatctcact ttatcatcca ggctggagtc cagtggcatg atcttggctc actacaacct      2160
     ttgtctcccg ggttcaagtg attctcctgc cttagccttt taaataacta ggaatacaag      2220
     cactcaccac aatgcctagt gaatttttgt atttttagta gggacagtgt ttcaccatgt      2280
     tggccaagct actcttgaac tcctgactga aagcaatcca cctgccttgg cctcccaaag      2340
     tgctgggata acaggcatga gccaccatgc ccagccagct tttggactct tggacttaca      2400
     gcagtgattt gctgagggct cttgggcctt tggccacaga ctgaaagctg tactgtctgc      2460
     ctccctgcct ttgaggttgt tggagtctga ctcaactact atcagcttct gtcttcccca      2520
     gcgtgcaaac ggcctacagt gggacattgc cttgtgatgg tgtgagccaa ttctccctaa      2580
     taaactccct ttcatataga catagattct attagttctg tacctctgga gaaccctgac      2640
     taatacatag tgaaaagaat cagcctggaa tacaaggaaa ggcaggtgtt tctaaggtga      2700
     gataggatgt gtgcacatct tgccatgaac agacatggaa aacacccaaa tggataagac      2760
     acatgcaaat aaagtatcaa agggcttgac agtggactag ggtgaagtta taggatgtct      2820
     gggagacatg gccataagag aaatttgcag ctttcactga gtcttcacaa aattttcctg      2880
     gtacctacaa gggagactgg ggacaggttg agagaactga agaagcaccc tcaagatgat      2940
     gtctggggag aattgaacag cagtggagga gactcttctc catgggtctc ttgtcctcca      3000
     tatcttatgg gtgtgataag aaagaatgac aggctccgac caccctttac ccggagcatt      3060
     tctcatggtt gttgttctac tccctgttca accttgaagg aggaggtgac atattcctcc      3120
     aggacaagag caggctctgc ttattggggg ttacaaagtg gtagagtttt cccaagttct      3180
     gtgtatccct cttgtaatgc agcccacggc aggtgtaggt tcctatccaa gttcatccgc      3240
     agcacccctt tgtgatactg ataaaaaaag gttgatgttc tggcaacgac tttgctggaa      3300
     gcaagttcct ctattcttcg acctaaaagt tctgtgtctt ctgccagcat ccatagaatt      3360
     gcagcaagct attttattaa cttacaaaca ggatatactc ccagactcct catagttctt      3420
     gatgggtggc cattgtgaga aaggcaggaa gcctctcctg gcttgcagtt tgcaagtgaa      3480
     acaaaagcct ttagcttcag gaaatcctgt gtagctgaag atactataaa gccttaagaa      3540
     aataataata ataattttat tatgtattat actatatata atgaatatta tatacaatat      3600
     acacagttga tccttgaata acatgagttt aaactatgaa gatctactta tcaatggatt      3660
     tcagtatgct gttagttaag ttttagggga tttaaaatac gtgaactatt tttgagattg      3720
     agtctcactc tgtcacccag ggtggagtgc aatggtgcac ttttggccaa cggcaacatt      3780
     cctcttctgg gatcagtaaa gtttcctgtc tcagcctctt gagtagctgg ttacaggcat      3840
     gtgccaccat gcctggatac tttttgtatt gttagtagag ggtttcaaca cgtttcacca      3900
     tgttggccag gctggtcttg aacttctgac atgaagcaaa cattcacgtt ggcataccaa      3960
     agtgctagga ttctaagcat gatccaccat gcccagccta catatgaact tttaactgta      4020
     caagggattg gtgtccctaa gcctcacctt gttcaagggt caactgtata caattatata      4080
     tataatataa tcatatgtaa tatatattat ataattgcat ataatgcatt atggatacta      4140
     tatatagtta tacatatatg atgtatatta tacattatat tctatatcat atataatata      4200
     tttaagtagg taatatataa tgtatatttt ataacatata attaatattt tgttaatttt      4260
     taatataaca tactatgtaa tatatacctg tatctgtcac ctatctctct gtgtattatc      4320
     aaagtatcaa atctatcatc tacgtatctt ctatgtatca tctatatatc tatcatctat      4380
     ctattatcta ttgatctata tatctattat ctatctgcta tctatctttc ctatatctat      4440
     ctatgatgta tctatttctc tattatctat ctatctctgt atctctgtat catctatatc      4500
     atctatctat ctatctatat ctctccatgc tagtgagatg atgagaagat tacttcactt      4560
     ctgtaatatt ctttccagca tcccctaacc ccattcttat aataagacaa acaacagaca      4620
     aatctggcat tggaaatatt ccacagacta cttgaaaagt attcaagact gttgaggtca      4680
     cgataaagca agagaaggct gagaaacagc cacaaacaag tggagatggg ggagaggtga      4740
     aaagtaagtg cagcgtgatc tttcactggg atcctgtgac agaaaaaata tcattcacaa      4800
     aatgctggtg gaatctgcct aaagcctgag gtgtgcttaa gagtgcttta tcagtggtat      4860
     cggattctta gctttggaaa gtacaccata accacattag atgttaataa tgagaggaac      4920
     tggatgagag ttgtacaggg acttcctgca ctctatggca atcattcaat caagcctatt      4980
     ttaaaaattc catcttaaga aatgcacagt ctgggccggg cgcggtggct cacgcctgta      5040
     atcccagcac tttgggaggt cgaggcgggc ggatcacgag gtcaggagat cgagaccatc      5100
     ccggctaaaa cggtgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca aaaaaattag ccgggcgtag      5160
     tggcgggcgc ctgtagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcgtgaaccc      5220
     gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg agccgagatc ccgccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga      5280
     gcgagactcc gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaatgcacag tctggtatac      5340
     caaatcaaca atctaattga aaaatggaca agtagggcca ggcgcggtgg atcatgcctg      5400
     taatcccagc actttgggag gccgagacgg gcgtatcacg aggtcaggag attgagatca      5460
     tcctggctaa cagggtgaaa caccgtctct actaaaaata ctatatatat atgcaaggcg      5520
     tggttgtggg cacctgcagt cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggagg aagacatgaa      5580
     cctgggaggt ggagcttgca gtgagctgag atcgcatcac tgcactccag cctggacaac      5640
     agagcaagac tctgtataaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggacaag tagtttgaac agaaacttta      5700
     ccaaagaaga tatagagtat agtctcatga aaagatgctc aacatcttta gttaaagaaa      5760
     tggaaattac aaccacaggg aaatattact acacatgagt gagaaggtct aaaatttaaa      5820
     tcaacataca agaacaaaaa tactgaagca aaaccctaac aatatgagtg tcagtgagga      5880
     ggtggagtag cagagaaact ttctatgtta gtgatgggaa tgcagaatgg cacaggcaca      5940
     ggaaaacaga gcagtggctt cttatgaaac taaacatgta agtactattg aaacaggtga      6000
     gttccctgac cttccttgtg ggatgtgtaa caggggtgtg acatgtctct tcatctgctg      6060
     ctgctcaaac cccttctggg aagaggacca tgcagacagg caggcacagg agctggggtg      6120
     agtgactttg ggccctgatc ccatggtagc atccagcggt gggtacctgc cactcctgaa      6180
     gccccagtgg gtgtgttaca gtgctctttt agctttgcca tccacaaatg gcttatgttt      6240
     tagccatctt agtgccctgg tacccaggtt cttgtctggc atccaggaaa aatcagggca      6300
     cacagacaat ttggagaatg gtaaatatgg ggtattttat tgctagatgg aggtggctat      6360
     cagtgagatg aatggggaga tggaaagggg atggagaggg aagatgatct tccccttgag      6420
     tttggccatc ctgtggctaa cctctctgac tgcccctggt cgaactctaa atatttagct      6480
     actccttctc ttccctcctc tgctatgcca ctcttctgct gctctgctcc tctgcttgta      6540
     gagcctggag tttatatggg tacagaacag gggggtgtgt tgagccaaaa ggcaacattt      6600
     gggtgtgaaa acaggaatgc ctgttcctgt ttagggccat gggtttccag gcttgagggt      6660
     gggacttttg ttgggtaatc accctcttga acccagtatt tccctctctc ccgtccatat      6720
     cattacctga ctcaacagga cccagaagtc tcttcctaag tgttaccaaa gagaaatgaa      6780
     aattaatgtt cattttaaaa aaagcctggt actgagcatt tattgttgct ttagttgtaa      6840
     tcattaaaaa ctggaaacaa cacagatgtc ctttcaaaga tgagagggtt aagtaaaaga      6900
     aaataaaact gtagtacatg tacagaatga aacactatcc agcaacaaga aagaaatgaa      6960
     ttgctgatac atacaacaat gggggaaatc tcaactgtat taacctacat gaaaaaagcc      7020
     attgtaaata gggtgcatat tgtgttaccc agttataaaa tattctggaa aatgcactat      7080
     acaaacagac tagtggttag attagtagca cttgaaggct gacgagacag aaaggttgat      7140
     gacaaaaggt caaagaatga tgtgtagttt gaggcactac tttatgcaca gattatgttg      7200
     tcaatatgct tactattttc atcaaaactt gcaaaaccct acaaaaaaaa gaatgagttt      7260
     tactttatat ataagataat cacaattatt tttaaaatca tcattgtgag aacacacata      7320
     agaaacatat gaaacataaa acaggtgtca ggcttgcaga aataaaattt agaatattag      7380
     attttccaca attccctttg tgagtgagaa agcacgattc attttcagca tagaagagaa      7440
     aaccaaagct cagagcagtt tgaccacaag tcctcagtca cacaactgag aaatgctcaa      7500
     atgctcaaaa gtcaatacct ttctgagtat ctctctgcag ttcttaattt ctggcacaat      7560
     cataaagctt tgggggaaaa cataaaagca gagagctcaa agggtagtga aacggcaact      7620
     cacaacacat ttgttattaa aaaagctaat tagtcatatt tctttcacat tacatggggc      7680
     tgtaagactg tcagcactcg tgataacaaa aaatttattc acagacttga ggagaataaa      7740
     aatgcctcag atgaaatgta tggttttttt tgttaatttt tgtaggtaca tagtagttgt      7800
     atctatttat gggttacgtg agatattttg atacaggcat acaatgtgta ataacaaaca      7860
     tcagggcaaa ttgggtacca caccctcaat tatttgtcat ttgtgtccag ttatttgcaa      7920
     caacatggat ggaactggag gtcattatga taagtgaact gagacagatg cagaaaaaca      7980
     aactttgtat attcttgttt atttattaga gctgaaaatc aaaacaattg aactatggag      8040
     atagagggta gaaagatggt taccagagcc tgaaaagggt agttgggggg ttgtttaatg      8100
     ggtacaaaat atagttagaa ataatgaaac ctctagtatt taatgaactt tatatggcct      8160
     ttcagcaaac agatgctaaa cataccactt atatggcctt tcagtgaact gaccctaaac      8220
     ttaacatttt agaagggaat gtgcacctta aagggttata tgaacctgac tttcaagttc      8280
     tccagtgttg ggactgtatc taattcatct acttatccaa ctatattagt tttaggcatc      8340
     tatttaggtg tgttatttgt agtgtcctga aaaaggcagt tttgtggtaa aggttttcct      8400
     tagttttcta ggtttagtgg cagaacccct ttgcatttga ttaatatttt tctaccagct      8460
     gggatgacta tggaatagct gtgcattgag gctaaaagaa cttgtgattc aaaagacaga      8520
     aaggtacaca agccctgtta tcttggtatt ccagaagtag caattcagtg aatttagata      8580
     aacaatgaca ggttgagcat tttgtaaatt gtcattcctg agatcagtgg gaaccgtcca      8640
     ctctagggac cccagccttt atatgtagtc ttacttttaa aaaagtcatc aatcctggct      8700
     ttttagctga tggaaaaaaa aatccagcta gttttctggt atccatacta taattcccaa      8760
     aaagatggaa tatatttaga atatgcttat aatattcttt caacactgaa attacgatta      8820
     caacaggaca atcttcatgt agagtctcat tccatagcta ctttctcctt ggtttttcat      8880
     ttacatcaga ttctaatatt aaacagactt taaatttgtc attcaacagg acacagaagc      8940
     aaatgcagtt ctctcagtaa tcagcattat gagatttttt ttcttacaaa gaggctagtg      9000
     cttatataaa gatggctgaa gaatattttt tctaaaaaac cagctgaaaa aaagtcgtta      9060
     aggccccagt agaattcaag tacaggatta agtcaaacag ccaaacacac tcctacatgg      9120
     ataaactgtt gaatcacatt cagtgaaacc tgaaacaata aacaaaaagt ctctctaatg      9180
     ttctaaagta gtaccacaaa ttaactctcc ctatgtatac ttagtaaacc tgatgcatca      9240
     tgtcattagt taacatttgt gcattttgtt gtttatgtgc tatactttaa agaaaaaagc      9300
     aaccaaaata aaaatacatt acaaactatg ctgtttcttt ataatcaact ttttccttca      9360
     tctcccctgg cattttgtgg tatgacagtc attttaaaag taccactaaa tttgtgactt      9420
     ctttaaaaaa aaactttaaa ttctaggata catgtgcaca acatgcaggt ttgttacata      9480
     ggtatacatg tgccatgttg gttggctgca ttaaacaact cgtcatttac actaggtatt      9540
     tctcctaatg ctatccctcc tccagacacc ctacccccta taaggccctg gtgtgtgatg      9600
     ttccccaccc tgtgtccatg tgttctcact cagctcccac ctgtgagtga gaacatgcca      9660
     tgtttggttt cctgtgtttg tgatagttta cttagaatga tggtttccag cttcattcat      9720
     gtccctgcaa aggacaggaa ctcatccttt tttatggctg catagtattc cgtggtgtgt      9780
     atgtgccaca cattttctta atccagtcta tcactgatgg atatttgggt tggttccaag      9840
     tctttgttat tgttaatagt gccgcaacaa acatacctgt gcatatgtct ttatagtagc      9900
     atgatttaca atcctttggg tatataccca gtaatgggtt cactgggtca aatggtattt      9960
     ctagttctat atgcttgagg aaatgccaca ctgtcttcct caatggtcga acgaatttac     10020
     actcccaata acagtgtgaa agcattccta tttctccaca taatctgcag catctgttgt     10080
     ttcctgactt tttaatgatt gacattgtaa tttccacaag atggtatctc attgtggttt     10140
     tgatttgcat ttctctgatg accagtgatg atgagcattt tttcgtatgt ctgatggctg     10200
     cataaatgtc ttctcttgag aaatgtctgt tcatatgctt tggccacttt ttgatggggt     10260
     tgttttttct tttttcttgt aaatttattt aagtttttgt agattctgga tattagccct     10320
     ctgtcagatg ggtagattgc aaagattttc tcccattttg gaagttattt gttcactctg     10380
     atgatagttt cttttgatgt gcaaaagttc tttagtttac ttaaatccca tttgtcaatt     10440
     ttggctttcg ttttcattgc ttttgatgtt ttagtcatga agtctttccc catgcctata     10500
     tcctgaatag tattgcctag gttttcttct agggttttta tggtattagg gcttacatct     10560
     aagtctttaa tccatcgtga gttaattttt gtaaacggtg taaggaaggg atcctgtttc     10620
     agcttcctac atatggctag ccagttttcc cagcaccatt tttaaatagg gaatcctttc     10680
     cccatggctt gtttgtgtca ggtttgtcaa ggatcagatg gttgtagatg tatagtgtta     10740
     tttctgaggc ctctgttctg ttccatttgt ctagatatgt tttggtgcca gtaccatact     10800
     gttttggtta ctgtagactt gtaagatagt ttgaagtcag gtagaatgat gtctccagat     10860
     ttgtcctttt tgcttaggat tatcttggct atgtgggctt ttttttggtt ccatatgaac     10920
     tttaaagtag ttttttctaa ttctgtgacg aaatcagtgg tagcttgatg gggatagcat     10980
     tgaatctata aattattttg ggcagtatga ccattttcac gataactgat ttttcctatc     11040
     catgagcatg gaatgttgtt ccatttgttt ctgtcctctt tcattgagta gtggtttgta     11100
     gttctccttg aagaggtcct tcacatccct tgtaagttgg attgctagct attttattct     11160
     ctttctagta attctgaatg tgagttcact catgatttgg ctctctgttt gcctagtatt     11220
     cgtatatagg aatgcttctg atttttgcac attgatttca taccttgaga ctctgctgaa     11280
     ggtacttatc agcttaagga gattttgggc tgagacgatg gagttttcta aatagataat     11340
     catgtcatct gcaaacagag acaatttgac ttcctctttt cctaattgaa tacactttat     11400
     ttctttctct tgtctgattg ccctagccag aacttccaac accattttga ataggagtag     11460
     tgagagaggg catctttgtc ttgtgctagt tttcaaaggg aatgcttcca gtttttgccc     11520
     attcagtatg atattggctg tggatttgtc ataaatagct ttattatttt gaggtatgtt     11580
     caattaatac ccagtttact gagagttttt agcatgaagc ggtgtcgaat tttgtcaaaa     11640
     gccttttctt catttattga gataatcata tggtatttgt ctttgcttct gtttatatga     11700
     tggactctgt ttattgattt gcatatgttg agcagccttg catcccaggg atgaagccaa     11760
     cttgattgtg gtggataagc tttttgatgt gctgctggat tcagttttcc agtattttat     11820
     tgaagatttt cacatcaaag ttcatcaggg atattggctt aaaattctct cttttgttgt     11880
     gtctctacca ggctttggta tcagtatgat gctagcctca taaagtgagt tatggaggat     11940
     cccttccttc tctattggtt ggaatagttt cagaaggaat ggtaacagct cttctttgca     12000
     cctctggtag aattcagctg tgaatccatc tggtcctgac tttttattgt tggtagacta     12060
     ttaattattg cctcaatttc agaacctgtt attggtttat tcagagattc aacttcatcc     12120
     tggtttagtc ttgtgagggt gcatgtgtcc aggaatttat ccatttcttc tagattttct     12180
     aatttatttg tgtagaggtg tttatagtat tctccaatgg tagtttgtat ttctgtggga     12240
     ttggtggtga tatccccttt atcatttcta ttgcatctat ttgattcttc tctcttttcc     12300
     tctttattag tcttgctagt ggtctatgta ttttgttgat cttttcaaaa ctccagctct     12360
     tggattcatt gattttttcg aagggttttt gtgtctctat ctccttcagt tctgctctga     12420
     tcttagttat tgcttgcctt ctgctagctt ttgaatttgt ttgctcttgc ttcgctagct     12480
     cttttaattg tgatgttggg gtgtcgattt tagttctttc ctgctttctc ttgtgggcat     12540
     ttattggtat attagactgc tgtatgtagt ggcctttgtc tcttttgata tttgttgatt     12600
     taaagtctgt tttatcggac actaggactg caaactctgc tttttgtttt gcattattta     12660
     tttccctcta cacactgctt taaatgtgtc acagagattc tggtatgatg tgtctttgtt     12720
     ctcactggtt tcaaaggaca tctttatttc tgccctcatt tagttattta cgcagttgtc     12780
     attcaggagg aggttcttca gttcctatat agttgtgcag ttttgagtga gtttactaat     12840
     cctgagttct aatttgattg cactgtggtc tgagagacat tttcgtgtga tttctgttct     12900
     tttacattta ctgagagtgt tttgctattt tgtcaatttt acaataagtg tgatgtggtg     12960
     ctgagaagaa tgtgtattca gttgattcgt ggtggagagt tctgtaaatg tctattaagt     13020
     ccccttgttg cagagcttag ttcaagtcct ggatatcctt gttaaccttc tgtcttgttg     13080
     atctgtctaa tactgacagt ggggtgttaa actcgcccat tattgttgtg tggtagtgta     13140
     agtttcgttg taggtctcca aggacttgct ttgtaaatct gggtgctcct gtattggagc     13200
     tcctgcatgt atatttagga tagttatctc ttcctgttga attgatccct ttaccactat     13260
     gtagtgtcct actttgcctc ttttgaaatt tgttggttta atgtctgttt tatcagatac     13320
     taggattgca acctcagctt tttttttttc tttccatttg tttggtagat cttcctccat     13380
     cgctttattt tgagcctatg tgaatctttg cacataagat gggtctccag aattcagcac     13440
     actgacgggt cttgattctt tatccaattt gccagtctat gtcttttagt tggggcattt     13500
     agcccattta catttaagat taatattgtt atgtttgaat ttgatcttgt cattatgatt     13560
     tagctggtta ttttgccatt aattgatgca gtttcgtcat acagttgatg gtctttacca     13620
     tttggcatgt ttttgcagtg gctggtacca gttgttcctt tccgtgttta gtgcctcttt     13680
     caggagctct tgtaagggaa gcttggtggt gacaaaatct atcagcattt gcttgtctga     13740
     aaattctttt ctttaagaat gttgaatatt ggcacccact ctgttctggc gagtagggtt     13800
     tctgctgaga gatctgccgt tagtctcatg ggctttcctt tgtgggtaac ccaacctttc     13860
     tctctggctg accttaacat ttttcgcttg atatcaacct tggtgaatct gacaattatg     13920
     tgtcttgggg ttgctcttct tgaggagtag ctttgtgctc ttctctgtat ttcctgaatt     13980
     tgaatggttg cctgccttgc tagattggga aagttatcta ggataatatc ttgaagattg     14040
     ttttttaact tggttccact gttctcatca ctttctggta caccaatcaa atgtatattt     14100
     tgtcttttca catagtctta tatttcttgg aggctttgtt catatctttt cactcttttt     14160
     tctctaatct tgtcttctca ctttatttca ttaattttat cttcaatctc tgatatcctt     14220
     tcttccactt aattgaactg actattgaag cttgtgcttg catcatgaag ttgtcatgcc     14280
     atggttttta gctccatcac atcatttaaa attttatcta cactgtttat tctagttggc     14340
     cattcatcta accttttttc aaggttttta gcttccctgt gatgagttag aacatgctcc     14400
     tatagcttgg agaagtttgt tttacccacc ttctgaagcc tacttctgtc aactcatcaa     14460
     actcattctc cgtctagttt tgtttccttg ctggtgagga gctgtgatgc tttgcagtag     14520
     aagagacgct ctatttttcg ggattttctg cttctctgct ctggtttctt cccatctttg     14580
     tggttttatc tacctttggt ctttgatgct ggtcacctgc agatggggtt tttgtgtgga     14640
     tgtcctttgt gttgatgttg atgttatccc tttctgtttg ttaattttcc ttgtaacagt     14700
     cagacacctc agctgcaggt ctgttggtgt ttgctagagg tccattccag acgtggtttg     14760
     actgggtatc accagtggag tctgcagaac agcaaatatt gctgcctgat ccttcccctg     14820
     gaactttgtc ccagaggtgc acccacatgt ttgaggtgtc tgttggcccc tactgggagg     14880
     tgtttcccag tcaggccaca caggggtcag gtacccattt caggaggcag cctgtctgtt     14940
     ctcagagctc caaagccatg ttgagagaac cactgctctc ttcagagctg ttagacatgg     15000
     atgttaaaat ctacagaagt tgtctgttgc cttttgttct actatgccct gtccccagag     15060
     gtggaatcta tagaggcagt aggccttgct gagctgcagt gggctccacc tggtccaggc     15120
     tgcctggcct ctttgtttac actgtgagct actcaagcct cagctgtggt gatgccctcc     15180
     ccctatcaag ctgcagcatt gcacgtcaat atcagactgc tgtgctagcc atgagcaagg     15240
     ctctatgggt gtgggactca ttgagagagt catggaaggg tatctcctgg tctgccggtt     15300
     gctaagactg tgggaatagc acagtatttg gacaggagtg taccatttct ccagatacag     15360
     tctgtcacag cttcccttgg ctaggaaagg gaaatcccca actccttgtt cttcctggat     15420
     gaagtgatgc cctgccctgc tttggctctc ccttggtggg ctgtacccac tgtccaacaa     15480
     gtctcaacaa gatgaaccag gtaactcagt tggaaatgca gaaatcaccc atcttctgtg     15540
     tcgatcttgc tgggagctgc agagctgtgc ctattcggca atcttggaag tgaccaactt     15600
     gtgacttcta atatcacttt gttcacttac ctgtggttgt ttcaattatt cttctatgga     15660
     atctgtaata ttacagtttt taatattgat aaggtttttc tgctggaggc ttttcataca     15720
     ataaattgag ttttttgttt gtttgttttt tacttttttt tccagatttt gtttgttagt     15780
     tttgttttgt tttaacacca tgattatctt tcttcttttt agagtctttt tggagtctca     15840
     agtttgataa aaaactacca ataatgattt gttagaaaca aacttttgca acttttctgt     15900
     gcctcctcag agtgaatgct gtaagaccat gtattatatc ttctccagca tatagaaagg     15960
     agagctttgg tcagttcagg gtaaaactta agcagtaatg ctaacacata atatgttgtg     16020
     atttaataaa gagagataga ataataaata ccaggcatgt gattgaatga ccaagtatca     16080
     aatatagtat aacctacagc attatgattt gtgtcctatt tttttttttt ttaagttcag     16140
     gagtacatgt acaggacctg caggtttgtt acagaggcta aacatttggc atgggtgttt     16200
     gttgtacaga ttattttatc atccaactat taaacttagt atccattagt tatttttcct     16260
     gatcctctcc cctctctcaa cccccactct ttaatagacc agtgtatgtt gttccctgct     16320
     aagtgtttat gtgttctcat catttagcta ccatttaagt gagaaaatat ggcatttggt     16380
     tttctgttcc tgcattagtt ggataaggat aatggcctcc atccccatcc atgtcctttc     16440
     aaaagacaaa atctttttct ttattaaggc tgcttattat tccatggtgg gtatgcacca     16500
     cattttcttt tttgtttaaa ttttattatt attatacttt aagttttagg gtacatgtgc     16560
     acaacgtgca ggtttgttac atacgtatac atgtgccatg ctggtgcact gcacccatta     16620
     actcatcatt tatcattagg tatatctcct aatgctatcc ctcccccctc cccccacccc     16680
     acaacagtcc ccagtgtgtg atgttcccct tcctgtgtcc atgtgttctc attgttcaat     16740
     tccctcctat gagtgaaaac atgtggtgtt tgttttttgg tccttaagat catttgctga     16800
     gaatgatggt ttccagtttc atccatgtcc ctataaagga catgaactca tcatttttta     16860
     tggctgcata gtattccatg gtgtatatgt gctgcatttt cttaatccag tcaataattg     16920
     ttggacattt gggttggttc caagtctttg ctaatgtgaa tagggctgct ataaacatac     16980
     gtgtgcatgt gtctttatag cagcatgatt tctaatcctt tgggtacaca cccagtaatg     17040
     ggatgtctgg gtcaaatggt atttctagtt ctagatccct gaggaatcgc cacactgacg     17100
     tccacaatga ttgaactagt ttacagtccc accaactatt taaaagtgtt cctatttctc     17160
     cacgtcttct ccagcacatg ttgtttcctg acattttaat gagcactatt ctaactggtg     17220
     tgagatggta tcacattgtg gttttgattt gcatttctct gagggccagg accaatattc     17280
     accattctta aagaaaagaa ttttcaaccc agaattccaa atccagccaa actaaggctt     17340
     cataagtgaa ggagaaataa aatactttac agacaagcaa atgctgagag attttgtcac     17400
     caccaggcct gccctaaaag agctcttgag ggaagcgcta aacatggaaa ggaaaaacca     17460
     gtaccagcca cagcaaaaac acaccaaatt gtaaagacca tcaaggctag gaagaaactg     17520
     catcaactaa tgagcaaaat taccagctaa catcacaatg aaaggatcaa attcacacat     17580
     aacaatatta actttatatg taaatgggcc aaatgctcca attaaaagac acagataggc     17640
     aatttggata aagagtcaag acccatcagt gtgctgtatt caggaaaccc atctcacgtg     17700
     cagagacaca cataggctca aaacacaggg atggaggaag atctaccaag caaaaggaaa     17760
     ataaaaaaag gcagggattg caatcctagt ctctgataaa acagacttta aaccaacaaa     17820
     gatcaaaaga gacaaagaag accattacat gatggtaaag ggatcaattc aacaagaaga     17880
     gctaactatc ctaaatatat atgcacccaa tacaggaaca cccagattca taaagcaatt     17940
     ccttagtgac ctacaaagag acttagactc ccacacaata ataatgggag actttaacac     18000
     cccactgtca acattagaca gatcaattag acagaaagtt aacaaacata cccaagaatt     18060
     gaactcagct ctgcaccaag tggacctaat agacacgtac agaaccctcc accccaaatc     18120
     aacagaatat acattctttt cagcaccaca ccacacctac tccaaaattg accacacagt     18180
     tggaagtaaa gcactcctca gcaaatgtaa aaaaacagaa attatatgaa actctctttc     18240
     agactacagt gcaatcaaac tataactcag gattaagaaa ctcactcaaa accacacagc     18300
     tacatggaaa ctgaacaacc tgctcatgaa tgactactgc atagataatg aaatgaaggc     18360
     agaaataaag atgttctctg aaaccaagga gaacaaagac acaacgtacc agaatctctg     18420
     ggacacattc aaagcagtgt gtagagggaa atttatagca ctaaatgccc acaagagaaa     18480
     gcaagaaata tctaaaattg acaccctaac atcataatta aaagaactag aaaagcaaga     18540
     gcaagcatat ccaaaagcta gcagaaggca agaaataact aagatcagag cagaattgaa     18600
     ggaaatagag acacaaaaaa cccttcaaaa attaatgaat ccaggagctg gttttttgaa     18660
     aggatcaaca aaattgatag accattagca agactaataa agaagaaaag agagaagaat     18720
     cagatagacg caatacaaaa taataaagaa gctatcacca ccgatcccac agaaatacaa     18780
     actaccatta gagaatacta caaacacctc tacgcaaata aactagaaaa tctagaagaa     18840
     atggataaat tcctcgacac atacactctc ccaagactaa atcaggaaga agttgaatct     18900
     ctgaatagac aaataacagg ctctgaaatt gtggcaataa tcagtagctt gccaaccaaa     18960
     aagagtccag caccagatgg attcacagcc taattctacc agaggtacaa ggaggaactg     19020
     gtaccattcc ttctgaaact gttccaatca atagaaaaag tgggaatcct ccctaactca     19080
     ttttatgagg ccagcatcat cctgatacca aagcctggca gagaaacaac caaaaaagaa     19140
     aattttagac caatatcctt gatgaatatc aatgcaaaaa ttctcaataa aatactggca     19200
     aaccgaaacc agcaacaatt caaaaagctt atccaccatg atcaagtggg cttcatccct     19260
     gggatgcaag actggttcaa cacatgaaaa tcaataaacg taatccagta tgcaaacaga     19320
     accaaagaca aaaaacacat gattatctca atagatgcag aaaagccctt caacaaaatt     19380
     caacaactct tcacgctaaa aactctcaat aaattaggta ttgatgggac gtatctcaaa     19440
     ataataagag ctatctttga caaacccaca gccaatatca tactgaatgg acaaaaactg     19500
     gaagcattcc ctttgaaaac cagcacaaga cagggatgac gtctctcacc actcctattc     19560
     aacatagtgt tggaagttct ggccagggaa atcaggcagg agaaggaaat aaagggcatt     19620
     caattaggaa aagaggaagt caaattgtcc ctgtttgcag atgacatgat tgtatatcta     19680
     gaaaacccca tcgtctgagc ccaaaatctc cggaagctga taagcaactt cagcaaagtc     19740
     tcaggataca aaatcaatgt acaaaaatca caagcattct tgtacaccaa taacagacaa     19800
     acagagagcc aaatcatgag tgaactccca ttcacaattg cttcaaagag aataaaatac     19860
     ctggggatcc aacttacaag ggatgtgaag gaactcttca aggagaacta caaaccactg     19920
     ctcaatgaaa taacagagat atagaccaat ggaacagaac agagccctca gaaataaggc     19980
     cgcatatcta caactatctg atctttgaca aacctgagaa aaacaagcaa tggggaaagg     20040
     attccctatt taataaattg tgctgggaaa actggctagc catatgtaga aagctgaaac     20100
     tggatccctt ctttacacct tgtacaaaaa ttaattcaag atggattaaa gacttaaatg     20160
     ttagacataa aaccataaaa accccagaag aaaacctagg caataccatt caggacatag     20220
     gcatgggcaa ggacttcatg tctaaatcac caaaagcaat ggcaacagaa gccaaaattg     20280
     acaattggga tctaattaaa gagcttctgc acagcaaaag aaactaccat cagagtgaac     20340
     aggcaaccta cagaatggga gaaaatttct gcaacctact cgtctgacaa agggctaata     20400
     tccagagtct acaatgaact caaacaaatt tacaggaaaa aaacaaacaa ccccatcaaa     20460
     aagtgggcaa aggatatgaa cagacatttc tcgaaagaag acatttatgc agccaaaaaa     20520
     cacatgaaaa aatgctcagc accacatttt ctttatccag tccatcactg atgaacagtt     20580
     gggttgtgtc ttattataat gactcctcat ggtttccagc ataggttaga tgaagaatga     20640
     aaaatcctac ttggttcaac cagcatttat gaaaaacttt caacaagcat caggtgccta     20700
     ccaagtctaa tccatttttt tcccagaact tgatgacgtc tgagatattg tcccgatttt     20760
     atacatgttg gacttccaga atgattatta gctgggtcct ctgtttatca ccacacatgc     20820
     tgagggttgc ttggaagtga gagaggattt ggcccaaatt gtggtctttc tccaaaatat     20880
     tttgttgttg ttttctaatt ttggatattt gctgcaacca cactttgtca ttgaaattgc     20940
     tgcagtttct ccagcccagg tgcccatcag tcaacaagta gataaagaaa ctagtataca     21000
     cacaatgaaa cactactcag tcataaaaag gaattaatta atggcattca cagcaatctg     21060
     gatgggattg gagactatca attgtaagtg atgtaactca ggaatggaaa accaaacatc     21120
     gtatgttctc actcataagt gggggctaag ctatgatgac acaaaagaat aacaaagact     21180
     taatggactc aggggagaaa gggtgggaag ggggtgaggg ataaaaggct acaagttggg     21240
     tacagcatat actgcttagg caatgggtgc acaaatgtct cacaaatcac cactaaagaa     21300
     cttacttatg tatacaaata ccacctgttc cccaaaaacc tatgaaaatg aaaaattaaa     21360
     agaaaagaaa agaaaagctt gagatttcaa actgtcacat gctggtcgat ttcattctta     21420
     actcattgtc ccatttttct aatgctgact tgctatggat atatgtttgt atgtttttaa     21480
     gtatttgtaa gtacagaaaa atgaaagaac aataatgaaa tcccagtagc caccatctag     21540
     aattaaaaaa tgcaaatatt acctttccat ttagatattt atatttaaaa aatgattaca     21600
     ggattatccc tttagactta tgctaaatct gtctccctcc ttcaccagaa aatcattttc     21660
     atgaatcagc cttgtaacat tccagtgcaa atgagaacac tttcaaaata ctaatacatg     21720
     gaaccatcaa tcataggatt tctctttgtt ttttacattc aaatgaatca ttattctgct     21780
     tacaaacatt ttcacacaac attaaatcat atacaatagc tcttgttcat tcacttcaac     21840
     tgctgagaaa atttttatcc attctttgtt acatgtataa ctataaattt gtccatttct     21900
     ttttttatat ataacatgtt gctttttttc tgttttctct tcctcctatt ttgttttttt     21960
     attggtgcca tctcttagat tgataatgtt catcagcctt tttttccctt atattggtct     22020
     ggaatttcac tttcattttt aaacactcca tctttaataa tggttaattc taaaatgtta     22080
     acatatttgt atatgtatat gattaaccag tatctctaat tttcttctag ataacaagtc     22140
     ataaaacact ataaacatca ccttcatctt ctttcatgca gtatttttca atatattaaa     22200
     tctgcctttt tacatactcc acaaaattaa acattttatt tactagtatg gctacaaaaa     22260
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagacc tagtatttga taccataaca gggggactgc agtcaataat     22320
     aattaattgt acattttaaa ataactaaaa caggccaggc attgcaggca ttgtggttca     22380
     tgcttgtaac cctgctattt tgggaggctg aggttggcag atcagcagag gtcaagagtt     22440
     caagactagc ctggccaaca cagagaaaac ccatctctac taaaaataca caaattagcc     22500
     tggcatggtg gcaggtacct ataatcccac ttactttgga ggctgaggca gaagaaatgc     22560
     ttgaaccagg gagacagaag ttgcagtgag ccaagattgc accactgtac tccagcttgg     22620
     gtgacagagc gagactccat ctccaaataa aataaataaa tgaacaaata attgaattga     22680
     ttggcacaca aaagataaat atccaaggat tggatagaca attttgcatg ctgtgactat     22740
     tacacattgc gtgcctgtac caaaatatct cttgtaacac cataaaatat atgtccctac     22800
     tatgtaccta caaaaattaa aaaataaatt ttttaaagta catttactac catagttact     22860
     agtttctggc ttagtattgc ttcttacatc acaacttact ttatttatgc atccaattgt     22920
     catgattttg aagcatattt tctggaaatt gtttttatta gggtcatatt ggcagcacat     22980
     gatctgtatg cctgggtgtc taaaaatatt ttcttgggtc ctgaatcttg aatgatattt     23040
     aaatgtttag atatttaaag gtttagaatt ctttgttaat atttatttct atgcaacttt     23100
     ttaaagatac ctatatattc tgtagtcttg catttactgg agttgtgtat atttttattt     23160
     ctttatatat aatttgcctt tctacatcaa agctttagct ccctgttaca atttagagtg     23220
     ttattttatc ttctaagctg acccttggaa ttactcttcc ttgcttttga ggtcagtgat     23280
     ggctttaacg ttccctgccc cccctcagta ttccgtagtt tttgcagttg cacagggatt     23340
     cctgcatcag acaggatgtg atacaacact agcttaattg aggccctgat ttgtgttttc     23400
     tttttgttta gacttcatga accttaattt gtacctacct atgctgtctg gcttttcttt     23460
     agcagcgact gtgtttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaag aagatttata aagccaaggc     23520
     aatctaggtc actgctctcc aggaatgctc ttgaggaatg tttagtatac tcagatacac     23580
     taataattac atatgtgttt ttgacacagt gcaatcattt ctaccgcagt gcatagacag     23640
     tgcattaaga cagagaaaca tctgcctacc aaatacctgg ggaagaaaat atgtttactt     23700
     ttgaaagaca gttgaactca gttactcagg gtgttgttac tggaggaagt gaggccagtt     23760
     cgacctctgg acaggttact tttttgcaaa agttcctttg gctttctgag tctcagtttt     23820
     cttgcattgt tacacagatg gcaactgtgt gccccaagtg agctcctccc catgttaaag     23880
     tagataatgc cctggagaca ttacctaaca cataggaagg gcttgctaca acttagcaat     23940
     tgtgatgttt caagggagtg atatttgggc tcagtggtgc aatatggaca gcagtgagca     24000
     agtggaggaa atgggaacat gttgatccat ggagatggac aagcagatag aaatgcacaa     24060
     caatgttggg catggtaggc agagatgtga tatctatatc ttctatttgc ttcagcaata     24120
     tttgctatat ttgcacattc acatcttatt tcctaaagcc cagggcagtc aaggctgtga     24180
     actgcaaata atagcattat tctactgcaa ataatagcat tataatatta atgttaatat     24240
     gcatgttcag atttatttgc aattggcatg gcaattgtta catgtcctga aaaataataa     24300
     gggagtgaca tttgtattgg agaggttaga ttatattcaa gggaaaaaac ttaagacaaa     24360
     acaattcaaa tgttcactct tgtgtgtaca cacacataca cacacacacc cctttacaga     24420
     gatggtccaa ggtaaggagc atagtttctc atagaaggga aataaaaata cactcttata     24480
     tcttcatgat agttattttt ccagatgtgt cctggctgga accaatctct gtaggattaa     24540
     tagtttcctt gagcacaata aaaattgtaa tttcttaaaa ctttcctcat attatttatt     24600
     ttttaatgtg acaaataaaa attatataac tatttagggt gtgctatgtg atctaaagaa     24660
     ttttaaagga tctagctggt gctttaattc tttaagaaac tgaaaatcat gtacatctca     24720
     aaatatgatt tttatactaa gggatgaaga ggagttggca tatgaaatgt gcgtttaggg     24780
     attcttccat aatgttgtgt tttaaaggtg gtactgctgg gcatggtggc tcatgcctct     24840
     aatcccagga ctttggaagg ccaaggtgag cagatcacag ggtcaggagg tggagaccat     24900
     cttggtcaac acggtgaagc cccatctcta ctaaactaca aaaaattagc cgggcatggt     24960
     ggcccacacc tgtaatccca gctaataggg aggctgaggc aggggaatca cttgaaccca     25020
     ggaggtggag gttgcagtga gccgaggtca tgccactgca tgccagcctg gtgacagagc     25080
     aagactccat ctcaaaaatt aaactaaact aaactaaact aaactaaaca actaaactaa     25140
     actaaactaa actaaactaa actagtaaaa taaaataaag gtggtgctgt ttgctggggc     25200
     acttcaaacc gaggcttatt cttataatta aatgtctagg atggtgcttt ttaagacctc     25260
     tttgaaatat gtattcattt caagctaatt aacatgcact acattatata cttttcattt     25320
     atttaatgtt agaacactta aatctattat tgtagccatt ttcaagagta caatacgttg     25380
     ttattagata taacattgta tcaggtagtg ttagaccctt aacatagtgt gatgccacta     25440
     tgttgtacaa tagatttctt tgagttattc ttcctgttta actaaaagtt tgtatttttg     25500
     accaatgtct ctccaggcca ccaaccacaa tgtgccacaa actctgagac acatttaaag     25560
     tggtgtttag agaaaaactg atagcactaa atgcccaaaa gagaaagcag gaaagatcta     25620
     aaattgacac cctaacatca aaattaaaag aactagttta gtgagagcaa acgaatacaa     25680
     aacctagcag aagacataaa ataactatga tcagagcaga actgaagaag acagagacac     25740
     aaaaaccttt caaaaatcaa taaatccgta agctggtttt ttgaaaagat caacaatata     25800
     gatagaccac tagccagact aacaaagaag aaaagagaga aaaatcacat agatgcaata     25860
     aaaaatgaca tagggaatat cattgctgat catcagataa tactctgaac acctctatgc     25920
     aaatacacta gaaaatctaa aagaaatgga taaattcctg gacacataca ccctcccaag     25980
     tttaagccag gaagaagtta aatccatgaa tagtctatta acaattctga aattgaggca     26040
     gtaactgata gcctaccaag aaagaaaatt caggaccaga cagattcata gccaaatttt     26100
     atcagacata acaagaggca ctcataccct tccttctgat attattacaa aaaatgcaaa     26160
     aggaggaaat ccttcataaa tcatgttatg aggccagcat catcctgata ataaaacctg     26220
     gcagagacac accaaaaaaa gaaaatttca ggccagtatc cctgatgaac attgatgtga     26280
     aaatcctcaa taaaatactg gcaaactcaa tccagcagca catcataaag cttatccacc     26340
     acgatcatgt cagctttatc cctgaaatgc aaagatggtt caacatatgc aaatcaataa     26400
     acctaatgca ccaaataaac agaaccagtg acaaaaacca catgattatg tcaatagatg     26460
     cagaaaaggc attcatcaaa attcaacacc gctttatgat aaaaactctc aataaagtag     26520
     aaatgtacag aatatatctc aaaacaataa gagctactta tgccaaaccc actgccaata     26580
     tactgatggg caaaaactgg aagaattccc tttgaaaact ggtacaagac aaggatgcac     26640
     tctctctcca ctcttattca acctagtatt tgaagcttct ggccagggta atcagggaag     26700
     aaaaagaaat aagggacatt caaatcacaa gcgaggaagt caaattgtct ctgtttgcag     26760
     atgacatgat tgtacactta gaaaacccat catctcagca taaaatctcc ttaagctggt     26820
     aagcaacttc agctaagcct caggattcaa aatcaatgtg caaaaatcac aagctttcct     26880
     acacacaata agagagaaca gaaagacaaa tcatgagtaa actcccattc acaattgcta     26940
     ctaagagaat aaaatacctc ggaatacaac taacaaggga tgtgaagaac ctattcaagg     27000
     agaacttcaa accacagctg aaggaaataa gagagataaa aagagatgaa aaataaaaag     27060
     cttccatgct catggataga agaatcaata ttggaaaaat ggccatactg cccaaagtaa     27120
     tttatagatt caatgctatc atcatcaagc tatcattaat tttcttcaca taattggaaa     27180
     aagaaagcta ctttgaagtt caaatgaaac caaaaaagag cctgcataga caagacaatc     27240
     ttaagcaaaa agaatgaatc tggaggcatc acgctacctg acttcaaact acattacaag     27300
     gccacagtaa gcaaaacagc atggtacttg taccgaaaca gatatataga ccaatagaac     27360
     agaacagtgg cctcagaaat aataccacac atctactacc atgtgacatc tactaccatg     27420
     tgatatttga caatcttgaa acaagcaggc aatggggaaa agattttccc tttaataaat     27480
     ggtattggga aaactggcta gccatatgca gataacagaa actggacccc atcctttcac     27540
     cttatgcaaa agtcaactga aggcggatta acgacttaca cgtaagaatt aaaaccataa     27600
     aattcctaga agcaaacgca ggcaatacca ttcaggacat aagcatgtgc aaaaccaaaa     27660
     caccaaaagc aatggtataa aagccaaaat tgacaaatgg gatctaatta aactaaagag     27720
     cttcagcaca gcaaaataaa ttatcctcag tgtgaacaga caacctacag aatgggtgaa     27780
     aaatcttgca atctatctat ctgaaacaag actaacatcc tgaatctaca gggaacttaa     27840
     acaagtttac aagaagaaac caaacaacct catcaaacag tgggcaaagg atatgaacag     27900
     acacttctca aaagaagact ttgatgcagc caacaaacat atgaaaaaat gcttatcatc     27960
     actcattatt tgagaaatac aaatcaaaac cacagtgaga taccatctca ctccagttag     28020
     aatggcgatc attaaaaagt cagaaaacag cagatgctgg agaggatgtg gagaaatacg     28080
     aaggctttta cagtgttggt gggcgtgtta attatttaac ccttgtggaa gacagtgtgg     28140
     tgattcttca aggatctaga actagaatta ccatttgacc cagcaatctg attactgggc     28200
     atataaccga aggactataa atcattctac tataaagaca catgcatatg tatgtttatc     28260
     acagcactat tcacagtagt gaagacttag aaccaaccca aatgtgcatc aatgatagac     28320
     tggataaaga aaagctggca catatacacc atggaacagt atgcagccac aaaaatggat     28380
     gagttcatgt cttttgcagc gacatgaatg aagctggaaa ccatcattct cagcaaacta     28440
     tcagaaaaat agaaaaccaa acaccacagg ttctcatttt tacatgagag ttgaacaatg     28500
     ggaacccatg gacacagaga ggaaaacata acatggtggt gggtggtggg atagtgtaga     28560
     gataacatta ggaaaaatat ctaatgtaga tgatgggttg atgggcgctt ttctctaatg     28620
     accagtgatg atgagcattt tttcatatgt ctgttggctg cataaatgtc ttcttttgag     28680
     aagtgtgaac agacgctttt caaaagacat acaggcagcc aaaaaactta ttttaaaaag     28740
     ctcaatatta ttgattatta aagaaacacg aatcaaaaga gcaatgagat atcatctcct     28800
     atctgtcaga atggttatta tcataaagta aaataataat atatgcaggt gaggttatag     28860
     agaccaagga ataattatgc actgttggta ggaatgtaaa ttagttcaac tgttgtgcaa     28920
     agcagtaggg caattcctca aagactggaa agcagaacta ctgttcaacc cagccatccc     28980
     attactggat acatacccag aggaatataa atcactctac cacacagaca cacgaatgca     29040
     aatgttcact gcggactatt cacaacagaa gacatggaat taacctaact acccattaat     29100
     gacagattga attaaagaaa atgtggtaca tgcccacagg gaatactatg cagagattaa     29160
     aaaaaataca attatgcctt ttgagggaac atggatggag ctggaggata ttatctttag     29220
     caaactaatg taggaaaagt aaaccaaata ccacatgttt tcactagaag tgggagctaa     29280
     ctgatgacaa ctcatgaaca caaagaaggg aaccatagac atgagaccta cttgagggtg     29340
     gaaggtggga aaagagagag cagcaggaaa aatagctatt aattactaga cttaatacct     29400
     gggtgatgaa ataatctgta caacaatgcc ccatgacacg agtttaccta cataacaaag     29460
     tttcacatgt acccctgaac ctaaaataaa taataattta cgaaacagga taataggcaa     29520
     catttccgtt tgaatttcca aaatgatggc actgaacaat ctgaactctg cttttatttg     29580
     gtgccgcagt tcagccagaa gggggcgcac ggctgcctca ccttgaccat gggggtcttg     29640
     cagttcttct ggctgccagc agggggagca tgagtccgcc ttttctgacc ctgggagcac     29700
     catcgggttc agctcgtgtt gcccgagggc tacagctgcc ttctcctcag tacagaccag     29760
     agcaacaccg ccttgctgag ggacagctgg aggctgactg ctgaaatcag ggaccagtgg     29820
     aagggcttcg tgtggaaaat taaacaataa aaatcaaatg gctttaatgc aacccaacgt     29880
     ccttccccac acccaaggtg tggccacaat gccaggtcca tacagtggcc tcctgacaca     29940
     aatgtatcat ctgtcatata acatctgtaa tagaaatata acatctgtaa ataattatat     30000
     cacccataat acagatgtga catttgtaat actaatgtaa cacctgaaat actgatctaa     30060
     cacccgtgat aacactgtaa cattcataac agcaataaaa cactcataat accagtatag     30120
     catccgaaat acaaatatga catccctaat actgatctaa gagccataat acaattgtaa     30180
     ctctcataac accaatatgc aatccacaat acaaatgaaa catccataac acttatataa     30240
     cccttgtaat gctttcctga cacctgtaat acaactgtaa cactaataat accaatacac     30300
     cattcagaat tccaatatat catcctgcgg tacaaatata acaactgaaa tactgaagtg     30360
     acacctataa tattaacaac acccataatg acactgtgac attcataaca gcaataaaac     30420
     actcataata ccagtatagc atccgaaata caaatataac atctgtaata ctgatctaag     30480
     acccataata caattgtaac tctcataaca ccaatatgca atccacagta caaatgaaac     30540
     atccataatg cttatataac gcttgtaatg ctgtcctgac acctgtaata caactgtaac     30600
     actaataata ccaatacacc attcagaatt ccaatatatc atactgaggt acaaatatac     30660
     ctgaaacact gaagtgacac ctgtaatatt aacacccata ataataatac aacatttgta     30720
     atacaaatag aacaaccaga atactgatgt aacacccaca gttactgata taacactcat     30780
     cataaagatg taacaccagt aatactgaca taacattcct actcttatgg gggcacttgg     30840
     tttcacggct tccactaagc tggatttggg gaggatttgg cctctataat gaagtttaat     30900
     gttgttgtct ctgcagtagt gacaaggtat ggacatggtt gtttttatta aaagtagttt     30960
     acttctcaat aattttatac ttctaggaaa cttccaatag ctgttagtat aatcttttct     31020
     ctcagaatct ccagtggttt ctgctgtgcc agatttgaac ctttatgcaa aatatcccag     31080
     gggttttatg aaaagtgagg acactctcca aggataccat cacataacta ttaaatcagg     31140
     aaatacaggg ttagtaatgg taatggtaat gacaaaatat tcatttacaa ttacaaattt     31200
     catcctgtca ccctcctgat ttaattttgc ccatggtttc ccactgacct tagaagaaga     31260
     accatagaat gcaccatggc tgcagacccc aagttctcct aactgtttct cttacccatt     31320
     cagcctgctc aactgcctgg agtctcgtct gctttcaact gtgggaacac aggattttgg     31380
     gtgtctcagg aattttatgt gcaatctctc aatctattca cccagtgccc accattatct     31440
     aattgtccaa ggctttgtcc agctaagact ttaaagtcag aggttctgat atctaactgt     31500
     agaaaagcta ataatgcact gtttctaaag ataaaaagaa gttcattatt tgttaatgga     31560
     tgagatcact ctcaacttat aaatcaagga aataatagtt aatgaaatga aagtccatgt     31620
     ttgggataat tagtaaagaa aaaatcttag tgctgaagac aaataacaca agtaaatatt     31680
     gaaattacat tagaatttat tggacagact attaccgtgt tatcttcctt aactgtgtgt     31740
     tattagctcc aagttatgtt aggtttaaat acttacattt tatgtagtct gtcagtacat     31800
     ttaacagaaa aaaaagtcct agcacacatc atgacaattt atataaatat ttgtaaacct     31860
     ccttaactgt acagtgtgaa gtaaataaag taagcttagt tatttacata gatgaattat     31920
     taatatttaa atattgaaat actgtgaggg tatgtaatta tgtcacagtt ttggtatgga     31980
     aatggggcat ttgtgtatcc atgtaccccg ttaacttaat aacttccctt cttacttcct     32040
     gctgcatgat aaattttggg cccatgaagg ctgagggaca aactgtcacc tttattggaa     32100
     actttagtcc agcatgaaag ttttaatttc aaaacattat ttcctgccag atattttatt     32160
     ttctcttcta aggaaaaaat gctccccagc agtattgtta ccttagctgt tcttcaggtg     32220
     gacctggaca ggactaattt taccacaaag aacctcatga ctatgagaaa agcgaaagta     32280
     tgaaacactt catggaataa aacttatata ttttactgtt catattttta tgtgcttgat     32340
     atacatgtct ttctggtgaa ttgtatttct ccattttgta actggatttt ttttattgtt     32400
     gttgttgctg agttatgcaa gttcttcata tattgtggat aacagactgt ttttacatac     32460
     gtaacatgga aaccttcctt tctgtaacac gtcttttcat tttcttgata gtgacttttg     32520
     atgcacaaaa atgtttaatt ttgagaaaat gttttcttta gttttctgca cttttgatat     32580
     cagatctaag aaaccactgc taaatccaag gttatgaaga tttattctta tgttttcttc     32640
     tagagtttat gtttttccct ctactatgta ggctttgaac cattatgagt taattttctg     32700
     ttgtgagaaa agagtacagt ttctttgtct gagtgtggta gtcagttgaa taacagcatt     32760
     tgttgtattt actgatcttg cctacatgtc aaaaatccat tgaccataga ggtattgttg     32820
     gatttaacat tcagttccat tgaactctga gtatgtcctt atgccagtat tatgctgtta     32880
     tgatgactgc tgcttagccg taatatttga aattgagaaa tacgagcctc caagttgctt     32940
     tctgttctta agaatatttt ggctattcag gattccttga agtttatgtg agtgttagaa     33000
     ctggcttgct catttctacc aaaaggactt tggtattttc ataggaatta taatgaattt     33060
     gtagattgct ttgtgcagta ttgtcacata aaaatcatct tctagtccag aaacattgag     33120
     tgtctttata tttatttaat gtttctggaa tttatttcag cagtatttca taatttttca     33180
     tgtctaattc ttgcaccttg gttaaatata gtcttgaaca cattatagtc atcgattttt     33240
     tgttgttgct ttttgcgata gggccttatt cttttgccca ggtgggaata tgcttgtgca     33300
     atcatagctc actgcagctt caaatacctt gacttgacaa ttctcccacc ttggcctccc     33360
     aaaatactgg aattagaggt ataagccacc acactcagcc tgttgttttt ttgctttctg     33420
     ttttgaaagt tgaaaaggat gaattgcttc ataatcaacg aaaacacagt actttgaatt     33480
     gcccagaaga cataacgcac aagaactcta agttgtataa ttgacttgtt gacgatctgg     33540
     gtaaagttca attacttatt aaaatttgga cttggtaaca ttccaaaatt gtctttaaat     33600
     aaacttctta aattgtaaca atacaaaaat gacaagacaa gacatattta tacaacattg     33660
     aagtttataa aagcacttaa aaattttcaa ctcatattct tttttctttc tttcttctct     33720
     ctttctccct ttctttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctccctctct     33780
     ctctctctct ctctttcttt ctttctttct ttcacagggt ctcacttttt ctcgagggtg     33840
     gactgcaatg gtgccatcat ggctaactga agtctgcagc ctctcaatcc tgagctcctt     33900
     ttatctttct acctttgcct cagccacaat acctggacaa ttttattggt gtgtgagtgc     33960
     agagatgatg gtttgccatg ttgtctgggt tcatctcaaa cctctgtgct gaagtgatgt     34020
     gcctgcttga cttcccaatg tgctgagatt ataggcatta ataaaacact ttttgcatta     34080
     gggtcattaa aagtaaatca atgtttcggc taaggtatga aaataactat aatgcaattt     34140
     tttgtataac tccatcaatg ctatgggcag ccacaacata aaaatagttt tattaacaag     34200
     caactaaata cataaaaaca cttggcaaaa ttgtttaatt gtagtacatg tttattattt     34260
     ctagttttca gcattttcta gatcgttttt cattttaaaa attgtatcca taggataaag     34320
     caaaaccacc tatgaattgc catatttgtt tatttctgca tttgtgaaaa tgtcctcaat     34380
     ttgttgacat tgcaaacaaa tttcaactct gttatgaaaa aaacagaaga caaccttctt     34440
     agcaattaat tttatagtta catttcatac agtgaatgta ctacctgtga aaaagtacaa     34500
     actcaactgc tggtcttaaa cactgaaaag agtttccagt tgattaaaat gtattttatt     34560
     atatcaatat attgtattta taaaacatca attgtattta catacaatct agaaagttta     34620
     cagctgtcag aaattctagt gcagtttcag atgaaatggg aatttaaaaa tccctgtgga     34680
     gctgtaggtg tagtaaaatg tgtaggtaaa atatgtgcat gctcttgaca gtacttatga     34740
     agggatgtct ctcaaactga cctcaatggt tttcttctca gcaaattgac ctgggccact     34800
     caacaagggt ttcattattg ctgatgtctg ttcatgttct tttataaaaa aattatgact     34860
     caaaagatat ttatatgaca tcatggggtt agggctttca aaagcactgg aagttttctc     34920
     ttcttcatcc attacgtttt aaagtaattc tactttgatt tctcagaaac ttgaagagtt     34980
     tcttgttagc cccatagcca ctgcagccag gtcccaatgt agcagcacag cctcaactcc     35040
     aaggctgtcc ctcccccagc tgcctgcatc tgtggcttcc agggcagggg gaaagattcc     35100
     agcctcttgt ttttttgaga aataaaattg ttgtcttaat ttcattttta catggtttat     35160
     tgctagtgaa tagaaataga ttttgtggcc gggtgcagtg ggtcacacct gtaatctcag     35220
     cactttagga ggccaaggcg ggcacaccac ctgaggtcag gactttgaga ccagtctgac     35280
     caacatggag aaatccagtc tctactagaa atacaaaatt agccatgcat ggtgcggcat     35340
     gtctgaattg cagctactca ggaggctgag gcaggatagc cactcaaacc caggaaatgg     35400
     aggttgtggt gagccaagat catgccattg cattccaccc tgggcaacaa cagcataacg     35460
     ccataaaaag gaaaaaaaaa agatttcatt tgttgaaatt ttctcctgtt attttgctta     35520
     atttgtttac tagatttcat aatttctaga tggttcctca tggttttctg tgtatgagat     35580
     ctgtgagtag ttttactttt ctcttttgca tatgaatggt tgtgtgtgtg taaatataca     35640
     tatataagta tatctatata gttgacctac tgggacttct agtaaggggt ttaatatagt     35700
     taagcatcag tgcagtgttc ctcatcttaa agccttggtt ctcaacaatt tagatgattg     35760
     ttatgggttt tgcataaaga cgttttagca cgtgaaaaaa atttgaacca cagtttattg     35820
     gatttttaat tgttaaatat gctgtcttta ctttctgtaa aagtcgagac aaacatggtt     35880
     ccatcatttg atttacataa tatattgaaa agggatggca ttggaatggt aaaaattctt     35940
     tgattttctg agaaaatttc ttaaatattg tggtctataa tgtcttcgct gtgtaaaaaa     36000
     ttccatgtac tattatttgg ttaaacttta tgatgtctat aattatcaga ttcagtaata     36060
     tttagttttt tatgctagtg atatcatatg tttaattcaa tactcacttg ggcttagaaa     36120
     gaggtatgac tgcttgtatt cttatgggta taaggggtta gaggttagag tcatagagga     36180
     tgtatttaaa gttttttaag cataatgggg taaccttaag gataggatag aaacggagga     36240
     ttaggatatg gtttacaatt gcagaacaac ttcagtatta gactgagggt taacgctgga     36300
     cttgagataa gatttagtgc tgtggtagga ttacggttgc agttagagtt aagattaggg     36360
     ttatgggcta gggttagggt tgacttcagg gttaaggttc ataatcaggg ttagaggtta     36420
     ggtttggggt tgggttatgc ttaggtttag cataaaaagc caggcttaca gttagaggtt     36480
     aggaattagg atcatggcca gggttagggt tggtgttaag ggttagtgtg agggtaaggg     36540
     ttagagtgtt agtgttaggt ttcagtgttt gggttaatat ttagcattag gatggggctt     36600
     atggtcatat tcagagttag ggttcagggt tcagggttag ggttcagggt tattgttaag     36660
     gttaatgttc atcatttttg gctagatgtt agtgttagtg ttggacatac gattaggact     36720
     ttgtatttag gttcagcatg agagtgctgg gtctgttttg aggttgaggt tagtggtcat     36780
     gattaggttt acacttaggt ttgggtttac agtttaggac tagggttaga gtttagtgtc     36840
     agcgttttgt ttattgttag ggttaggggt gagcatttat ggttagtgtt ggtattatgg     36900
     tttttctaga gttaggggct aagattaggt ttaggtttag ggtttaggtt taattatggt     36960
     tacaggtttt gttttagggc tagggttagt gttaatggtt agggtttatg atctatggtt     37020
     aaggttatga ttaggttcag tgtttagggt aagagttatt tttgggttta gtgccaaggt     37080
     taagattatg ttagaattat gttcgtttta ctgttaggat aagggtattg gggttagtgt     37140
     ttagtctgag tttcagagtt atgggatgca tttaaagtta tcttaagtgt ttttgggatt     37200
     tcagatttta tagttagaat tagggttagg tttaggtggt agtgtaaggg ttcgcattac     37260
     ggtttggatt aaggttaggt ttaggattca gaatgagggt taaaagtagg gtgagcgtta     37320
     tgtttagtgt tagtgttatg attaaagtgt ttggtttagt gttaaatttt agggttaggg     37380
     tttagtgctg gtttacagtt taacgttggg tacctggttg tggtttagtt agggttagga     37440
     tgatctttaa agtgtttggc taaagcattt ggctaaagat taggattagg gttagtgtta     37500
     gggttagagt agggcttggg attgggtgtt agtgttagag ttagggttta tggtttggct     37560
     aatgtttaga gtatttttta gggtgagttt tacagttagg gttaggattt gggcttagga     37620
     atctctgttt agagtaaggt aaggtttatg tttatatttg gggttgtgtt catgaaggtg     37680
     tagggttaac ggtaaaagct ttaggaatag tggtaagggt tgggcataca tttggtgttg     37740
     gtgttagtgt tgaagttagg gttaggattt ggggtaggta ttagggattg agttttctgt     37800
     tagtgttagg gtttaggatt agtgttaggg attagcgttt gtgttagtgt tacagttagc     37860
     gactaaggtt tagtttagca tttagggtta gggttttggt taatggttag gattatgggt     37920
     tatgattaca atttatgaaa tgattaggat tatggttagg ttttagtttt agagacatgg     37980
     tttaggctta tttttaggga tgggtttaga gttaggttac ttttagtgtt aaagttcagg     38040
     atttacgatt ttacagttag gattggtgtt attgttaggg ttatgtgttg agcttatggt     38100
     taggttcact tcttcagtgt ttcattgtta gcattaagat tacttataaa aataagagat     38160
     tggctttggg ttaaggtttc aaggttagtt ttagagttaa gttagggtta gtatttaggg     38220
     taaggattac ctttaggtta ccagatagag taagttttag ggttagggct agaggatatg     38280
     ggttaaaatt tagggttagg gttagcttta ggatatagaa tttgtgtcag gggttagtgt     38340
     tagggttggt gtttagtgtt actgttcgtg ttttcattgg gcttgttgat atggttctgt     38400
     tggtgttata gaaaggagat ggtgttagaa ttaggattat gtttagaatt attgtttaat     38460
     gttactgtta acattagggt aggagtaggt tatgctttag ggttatagtt atcgttagtg     38520
     tttaaattta gattaagggg ttaaggttat gtttagaatt atgattacag ttagggttat     38580
     gattattggt tagaattagg gttagggttt gcatcagggt acaaattggg taacacatta     38640
     gggttagagt taatgttact atttaggctt agggttaggg gttatggtta ggtgtagggt     38700
     tagggttggg ctaaagatta atgttaggat tagggtttgg gttttatgta acagctaggt     38760
     ttaggttttg ggtaggtgta gggttagggt tgtaataaga gttctaggat tggacttagg     38820
     gtttagtatt agacttaata tgagtgttat gttcctgttc agaaagcagg tttaggagct     38880
     agaatttagg actaggtgtt aggtgttgtg gttagtgtta ggggtaatat tttagggtta     38940
     acattagctt ttaatggata gagatagggt tttttgttta ggattagtgt ttttgtctta     39000
     gggttagggc tttagggtta gggttttagt cttagggttt aagttcatgt ttatgtaatg     39060
     tttggattac ccttgggtta gggttattat cagggtcagg gtcaaattca ggtttagctg     39120
     ttagagttag gatttagagt tgggatttgt tttggggctt cggttttggt gagtggttag     39180
     gcatagggtt gatgttgggg tcaagtttga ggcttgaggt tgctgttagt gttagggatc     39240
     ctggattagg attaggggta gaagcagggt taaggttaat gttatgatta agtttaggtt     39300
     tagggaggca ctgggcagct gggtactgta ttaggtcatc aatctggttt gcagaaggga     39360
     ggactaagac ttgcacccag aacttttctg tgtctgagcg cagggccatc ttaatgctcc     39420
     ttgtagagcc tagtagattt ggagcagaaa ggaagctgct ttctgaggcc acagcttttc     39480
     taaatgtcaa cccagagttg accaaatcca cagtagtttg tttttgagtg tgataggtgt     39540
     tttgaggtag tctctggaag gcccaaagga agggaaggta gtgacagctt acaccacaga     39600
     tacagtttgg taaaccttag aggtaacagt ggaaataatt aaatgctggt ggccaagcag     39660
     ccacaagtgg agctctgtgt accagccata agtggagact gacttggcac attctcctgc     39720
     accagcagga gaaagcaacc tgcagattct gactccagtc tctagcgcta cagttgcgtg     39780
     agatgtggaa tgacagcaga atttaaaatc agcagaattc caaggtgttt ggcctattaa     39840
     atcctggaaa ggctgttgag attgatggtt gtggcagttc ctgtctcaag agggaggctg     39900
     aggcccgtga ctggtgagcc tggttcatgt ggcctggtat gactgggcta aatgttgtgg     39960
     ccacttccat actttacagt ccttgttgta gcacatatga gctgtgctcc tccctccagg     40020
     cctgtgtcca ttaggggcca cagggatcag gttcccaggg catgaagctc tcctttgtct     40080
     gggagctgag accaggttgg ctccaggcag gtgcccagtg aggactgaat ataggggatg     40140
     catgagaaga gggagagaag tcccccgaat cacatgctct ccttgttgaa acagctagat     40200
     tgtgaaaaaa tccactctac aaacatgggc tcacttttct attcactgct gtagttgaga     40260
     ctgggcagag gctgccacaa ccactgtggt ccctggcact tgcctaccct ctccacttgg     40320
     ctgtcctgac ccttcctctt gctccgccaa ctcttatgcc tcctgcccct tttaacctca     40380
     tggaaatgca agtcaaaacc acagtaagat atcacttcac atccattata attccaaaaa     40440
     acaaacaaac aaacaaaagc taacagttgt tgaaaggaag tgggaaaatt tgaaagtaaa     40500
     atgcttccac tgctgtggga agtagtttgg tggttctgca agtgctaaat ataaaattac     40560
     caaagaacgc agaaaatcca ctccaagcta tacacacaaa atgtaaaaca ggtattcaaa     40620
     caaaagctgt atacatatgt tcatagcagc attcacaata actaaaatgt ggaaagaaac     40680
     caaataaata ttcaccaaca aaaagtaaga agcaaaatgt agtatatcca tacaatggca     40740
     taatgttcag ctgtaaaaag gattacaaca ctaatgctac aatgtggaga aatttcaaaa     40800
     ccattttgat ttaagaagtt gaagacaaaa ttcacatact gtatgatttt atttatataa     40860
     aatttagaat aggtaaatcc atagagacaa aaagcagatt actggttgct aggtgtcaga     40920
     aagaggacag attgggtagt agctccttaa taggtagggt tttttctttt ctggatgatg     40980
     aaaacagttt ggaacttaga ggtggttgtt gcatacaaat gtgcatgtcc taaggatcac     41040
     taaagaattc attaagaaac agttaatttt atattatgtg aaggaacttc acctcactaa     41100
     aaagacaaaa cttcttcctc agcattccac agagtgctct cagaatgggg ttctggtccc     41160
     tccacagtcc agaactgcct ggggccaggc ccaccacata ctaggcatgt actccagcca     41220
     cactgtccac cagctcctcg acctgttacc agtgaaagta tctgttactg ctgtcaaatc     41280
     tatcatggtc tgcagtaaca tcaactcttg cctcctcaga agaaagaatt tggctgaggg     41340
     gaataaagta gcaaaagaga ctgagaaaag tttcacagca aacgtggatg tttatttaaa     41400
     aagttttagc gtaagaaaaa atggaaagtg cagttggaag agatccaagt gggtgactgg     41460
     aatatataac atacataaga cttgcaaata ttttgtccca tgctgttggt ttccttttaa     41520
     ctagacagtg tcctttgatg caccaaagtg tttagttttg atgaaattcg attgatctat     41580
     cttttctttt gttttatgtt cattcagtga taaagccaag aaatcattta caaatccaca     41640
     gccaataaac acctaaacca ccatgggatt accactttat ccccattgga atatctattt     41700
     ttgttaagga aaagtttgag agtatgtgga gaaattggaa cccttataca ttgccagtga     41760
     gaatgagaaa ttgtggtaac ggttgcacag tgtgagcata gttaatgcta ctgaactata     41820
     cattcaaaga tgtttgaaat ggtaaatttg tttatgtatg ttttatcaca ttcaacaaaa     41880
     gcttcctcag aagttgtcct aaaatagtta catgtgtgat gaaagaagac actcctctct     41940
     tatcatgagt agaagcctat ttagttattc atgctgttat acacattcct agctcttccg     42000
     cacgaccagc atgatctcat caagcagaat gagtcccttc tcacccagcc catttgtgtt     42060
     tctttccatc attgcattct cctattcaac tcactacctg cctgctacaa accactgtaa     42120
     attacaaatc tatttaccgt ttctgtagac atttcttctc tgtaatgcaa cagaaatgaa     42180
     atcacacaat atgtcatctc ctcagagtgg cttttatcac ttagctttat gtatacctga     42240
     tgcttccatg gctttgcatg acttcataaa tcactctttt tcttttaatg aatagtatca     42300
     cattttatga atttatctgg cttggttaat attgaagggt atcctgtttc cttaaagtat     42360
     ttggccattg tcaagagagc agttatacat aaatgcatgt ggtttttggt tagatgcgag     42420
     tttccaaatc tgttgtctaa atacctaagt gtgcaattgt tagcctatat gatgagatca     42480
     tgttttcctt tggaaaaaac tgccaaactg tggcagaaga aaacagccat attttaaggt     42540
     tgttgtacaa ttatgcattc catcagcaat gaatgagatt ttctgttgca gttttgatta     42600
     tatttaaaaa gatatttaga catagtatag ctgtttagtg ctctcattct tatgttaatt     42660
     tgccttcccc agatgacaat tgttgttaag cattattttg ctgttattgc ttgttcatta     42720
     atctatgatt gctgccaaaa aacatgcatg tattgtgcca cagaaaatca atttttaaaa     42780
     acacattata agctctactt ggtaaaaact cagaacatta tgctggtcca catagtcatt     42840
     tatcctgcta ttttttctaa ttttatggtt actacaataa aatagtgaac tgcagctact     42900
     aagacaacgt ggtgtattag tgtgatgctt cactttgttg agatctcttt caatcaaatt     42960
     atttctttac agatgtcagg ggagcaacag gaatttctag agcacaagct agtttctgtt     43020
     ggaattgaca aaaagctctg atttcaactt cagtacctat cttgcagtgt tgaatcattg     43080
     acaaagatta gaactatgaa ggttttggtt cttaaatctg cttctacaaa agtaagccaa     43140
     aatttgaaat cacatgtgtt tggtctgtta gtttttcatc tttcacaaaa cattccactg     43200
     tatcagaatg aaatttgaag actgagattc atttaataat ggtttactaa cttttgtctc     43260
     tttttgcatt tagacgtcac aaataaaaca tctgataatt tcagcagtac acattttaaa     43320
     taacaaaagc cagaaagaat gatagatgaa attaattcca ggaatttata atgacttgtt     43380
     atttggtttt tacttattgc tgtcactgtg ttttctatct tcagcatact aaaataataa     43440
     tgaattctac caatcattct aaaataactg cctaataaag caattgaata gttttgtttg     43500
     tttgtttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgagat ggagtctcac tctgttccca tggctggagt     43560
     gcaatggcgt gatctaggct ctggtaatgt cagctttccg ggttcatgca attctcctgt     43620
     ctcagcctcc tggagatcag ggattacagg agtccaccac cactcctggc taatttttta     43680
     tatttttagt agagagcttg tttcatcatg tcgatcagga tgatctcaaa tacctgacct     43740
     aaggacatcc acttggctta gcctcctaaa gtgctcagat tacaggtgca agccaccatc     43800
     tctggccaag cccattattt tatctcttta tgggacaagt gtaggttgaa aactgtcttt     43860
     tctaatactt gccaaggcct caagattgtt acaataaaaa taaaacttcc aaccaaagga     43920
     tacttgttgg catagataaa attaagaaaa cctgagaaag aaaacagcca gcttctggct     43980
     gtttcctgga gatcatgcct aatgtctggg gaacgcttgc accctggagg aagggtagag     44040
     ctggggtagg ttggaatagt ctttggagcc actgccactc tggcagccac tgttgttcct     44100
     cagaaaatgg cttggagctt cagccttcag cagatgaaac aggggcttag cgatcagtat     44160
     ttcgtttgcc tgttttccat ctccatatct tgtttggtga ggtatctatt caggtcttta     44220
     cctattaatt gggtcaactt atttctttgt atatttcgca tgaaagtcac ttttcagata     44280
     tgtttcctag acttttctca gcccgcatct tattttttgg ttcttctaat tgaatcatat     44340
     tttttgtttt gttttgttcc ttttttactt ttttgttttt tgcttttttt gagatggagc     44400
     ctcactctgt cacccaggct ggggtggaaa ggcatgattt tggcccaatg caacatctgt     44460
     ctcccgggtg taagggattc ttctgtctca gcctcctgag taattgaatt acatatgcct     44520
     tccaacaagc ccatctattt tttttttttt tttttttttg gattttaata gcgacaatgt     44580
     ggcagtcagt tactatagga tgaaatgaag gggagtgaat gcagaaatga agacaaagac     44640
     aaaaaagttc tgttttaaaa gaagagtcag ggggcttatt ccttccaggg agcaaaggtc     44700
     ctgagcttct acaggacttc gtattgacta ggcagaatca atagggagga aaggtaatta     44760
     ttggtcagct gctcgattta tcgcaatctc acgtacttgc ttgctttata ctacaggctt     44820
     cagttgttcc tgtatataaa accacaagga aagctgtgct tggggcatga ctgccctcag     44880
     cattccttct ggcaccagag gtggtgtatc agtttgccaa catcctgctt tcatgagaag     44940
     agtttgctgt ctgctcatag actctccagt cattactgaa ttggtcacaa ccctcattct     45000
     tttgacctcc aacgtctcct cctttttgtt tttgaattag ttgagtaaag gtaattgcag     45060
     actgtgcagc tctcaattgc tatttggtgg tccagctgat tttacagaca atagacataa     45120
     aatggagaca caataatatc actctgataa tcacagaaaa gacattgagg tgctgtttgg     45180
     aggagatcca aagcttaagg ctctctaaac cctgctggaa taccacccaa gtttttaaag     45240
     agggctgaaa tacttgaatg tttattcaaa ttaaggattt tactttgtaa atcattcata     45300
     tcaaaagtaa catttgatgt gaaagccccc tgcaaatggg actttacaag gtttcattga     45360
     tattcacgtt agttttattc caaattggtt aaacaaatac aagtatagtt aaaatgagaa     45420
     tgcaattgct gctgcaacta caaactttgt acttgttttc ctagccacag aactatagtc     45480
     tttaacattg ctacctccat ttgtatctcc gtgtttcatt tatttttaag catccatgcc     45540
     tggttggctg cacacatcct attttcttca tatttagctg tttgaatgga gctgtgcatt     45600
     gctactaagg acaccacaac agaagtgatt aatgtaccta aggagacttt cacaaaaatt     45660
     atcatgccta aggttctaca agcactatga gtaagctgag taagaaaaag atttacaaaa     45720
     tgtaaaccag aggtggccac ggaagactca gacagattta caagaatccg taattggggg     45780
     ttgcaaccta gaattattag ggtggatatg ctgcatgttt ttattgtgct acaattaagg     45840
     gaattatacg gttgaaagga atcacaagtc aaatgggcat cgtttacctt aatttttttt     45900
     ttgctgctaa aaaaatgtaa ggtttaaaaa cacaaattgc aaattgagtg gtaatatttt     45960
     ctacaaaagt aacattaaaa ctgtgttgag cagaattact ataattaaat agtgttccga     46020
     cacaaaagct gccatccata aaggggagtg ctgccttccc tatcaactcc tgaactggaa     46080
     ctgtcttcct tgataatgtc attgaggaaa ggtggtctaa agcctgttcc aagcaaggtc     46140
     tgctgcacat tgggattgaa tcccagtgag atgtagtgaa gagatgctaa agtttcttca     46200
     ccagtgtcag tgaagtttat gccatgaggt cggattctca tggcataatg tcctacaaaa     46260
     tgttgatata acataggatt gatgagcatg tttttgtgta aaactttcca ctggtaatga     46320
     gaaacaagct gtttttgttt gatagaaggc acagagaagg caaatgaagg cttatccttc     46380
     acatgtaagg gtatagtaag aaaagaattt taaagatcta ctcctatgag agaccagtcc     46440
     cttggaatgg ctgccaggaa ttgcagacct tgttgtaatg cacacattga tttaatctgt     46500
     gcattagtag ctctgaaatc atgtagcaat ttgctggcaa aattgtctct tctttatata     46560
     ctaaacattt gctgaaactt tacacttgtt ctcacactac ttaatcattt aaattgcgtg     46620
     tatgtattcc aactaagttt tcaaagagga atgtctttct tcctgttggg aataaagatt     46680
     ctgctgttta ccttactttt gtctttcacc ctccattgtt ctagattttt ccctgtatac     46740
     ttttagactg gctgtagtaa ataccctgtt catcttcaaa tctttctgtt gcctgaaaag     46800
     ctgccaaatt ttctgccaaa tatagaattg ggtttaggag taatgtggca tctttctgca     46860
     taaaatgaaa cacctctgtt agatttcaga atgtctctat atatctatca gagtaatcag     46920
     ataacttgac tagatgtata tttatttatt tttaatcctg caataaaaag gaaacctgaa     46980
     gtttagtagt accatctggc attttctgca gggcctacag tgaaggtggg ggtttattgg     47040
     gtggcacagg gagagaaact catgatagga atattggaaa gcccttaaaa gaggggcagg     47100
     tagggtgttt aaaagttgca tttaagggct acctaggggt ttgtctctct gattttggga     47160
     aattatcttc tgtaaccttg cttgacaaga ctgccaaaag gccagaaaat attttacaat     47220
     gcttacaaag gtctgggtta tcgcctaagg taaagaaagc ttgtccatca gaaactcata     47280
     ctaatggctc tttcatctga aaaagagacc tgataattat atactattaa aataaacttt     47340
     tatctcagaa ggccacatct ttttgtctta gagctagtgt aatttccatg cctttgtgca     47400
     gtataatata agccatattt ttttctcaga gcctcgaagg taaagaaatt ccagtgtttc     47460
     agaatgcact ggagaaaagt gcagactgaa gatagtttta ctggcagcag ctgatatttg     47520
     gttaatgcca tcaactgtgt ggtactgtgt tgggttacta ctgcctctac agttgactga     47580
     atgttcctaa tatacagagt taaaaggcaa gggaggatga ggcagatgcc aagaataaac     47640
     aaaaacccac caatgagggt tttgaattcc ccaaaggttg agaaccattt tccaaacaag     47700
     gaatccggga accatctgga caaagtccga actggaacat gggccaactt gtgcatttta     47760
     gctgtggatt ttatgacagc ttggccatta ttatcaattt ctaggcaaca gttggttaaa     47820
     ttaaatgttt acatactttc tttgaggcta agagataagc taatttattt tgatatatag     47880
     catttttttg tgttgcttgt attgtcaata aatttagtgc ccttgacgtt tcattggtta     47940
     taatttctag gactgcctgt aaccttatga tgtggttgag catatagatt ttggtacgat     48000
     acccccatga cccatcttgc acccaagtag ctggcccata atatttaatg attttttcag     48060
     gaggccattt attatctttg tagtcttctg tgtttacact ttttcacatt tgtgtttagt     48120
     tttgtgatta tgtatttttt tagtttcttt aacttttact ataaactgga taccctaaga     48180
     gttccccttg ctttagagga attaaaaaga gggatggctt gattgtttct aacacacatg     48240
     cccctgtcca tttagccagc agttgccgat atgcccatgc tccacagacc caatataggc     48300
     cagagggtgc tttccaagca tttggagtct ttagctgatg ccaagagtgg cttagggtag     48360
     agaatcaaga gaaagcattt ggatctggta agtaggagtc gttctgggca tttctcccta     48420
     gagttctgtt tttagtctta tcataatact gttgtcctag gcaggttgtt tttcctgctg     48480
     cctctgtgaa aagcctttcc ccattaggcg atacagtact ttccaattat ggaggttttt     48540
     aacaaccaaa cactggctaa ggctgtgggt tcactggcat ggttaggtga agtgaagtta     48600
     cttgtggcat caatttctta gcctcccata gcaactggtc ccccatatca gttttttgac     48660
     atgcgtagca tgaggaaatt cctaagctgc cagctatgtt tttacttagt tgagtaaata     48720
     agtttttggt tgatgaagga aactcagtca ctgactgatc aaaatgctta cagaatgact     48780
     tataaacccg gaatttcagg gttggatgca tttgagtcct tctattcttt ttggcaatta     48840
     gtagtagaac tccaaggtct gctccttgtc tattaaccca taatagtgtc atctgtcctg     48900
     tagaccaaaa agatagctct ggctttagga aagtaaaatt taaaggagta catgtccttg     48960
     tcttagaatt tggtttggtt ggcatactac ttagcagaag agtccttcct gaatataagt     49020
     gttggagctg tgttagcata gaacactgaa tattacagtc tgggcatccg atttgtgttt     49080
     tttcatacag atgtttaggt ctgcttctgc taagcctctt ttgtgttaaa ccattgcaga     49140
     cagcttctgt tttttttagg attaggaaca tatgcagcat ggcaggaatt aaagtacaag     49200
     gaaataggcc ccttatagga gggtgaggtt tcttttgttt gagctataag tttttttttc     49260
     ttttctgatt taatatgtac ctcaaaccag aattcacagg gtaagggctc agggtcataa     49320
     gatacataca gctgattatt tcctcagtca tagactgaac aggtggtctg gttgtatgtg     49380
     catgtcccta acttggtttc tgtacattca tagtaggtat ggtacagtag agttttaact     49440
     atggtatttt ttaccgaggt agtgtgtaca cagtgtgggc atccctctaa agatttttcc     49500
     ccttctagca taggcagaaa tgatagcaac atcagtgtat gtattagaaa catgcttaca     49560
     ctacacgtgg gcatgggaaa ccttcctctg ggcatagaca tttgcagcat ttgcagtaat     49620
     aacaaagcaa cagaaaaatc agtattaaca taattataat gagggttata aattgtgttc     49680
     atatttactt attcagagat ggccctctta gctttggccg tgtgtggact actcaacttc     49740
     caggatggct agcctgctgt cagacaacag ccaccatcca cctttaatat atatatatat     49800
     atatattgtt tttctgacaa aaccaagttt tttactgaag agtaattggg tagctccagc     49860
     caagggggct ctataaggag aggaattgct aaagtttttt cttcaggtaa agccttgatc     49920
     attgctgcct gcctagcctc tcggtctgcc tttctattgc cctgtgtctc agcttttccc     49980
     aatttggtgt cctttgcaat gaatgacagc cactttctct ggagcctata tggcttttaa     50040
     taattgtaaa tttttttctt tggcctttag tagtcaaaac tcctctatct ttgtatactg     50100
     ccccatgggt gtgcaggatt gtaaaagtat atcttgaatc agtatatatg tttctttttt     50160
     tttcagtata tatgtttact ttttttcttg gccaataatg gtgctctggt taatgctatt     50220
     aatttagcct tctgagcaga agtcccagaa ggtaaggcct gagcctggac caccgagtgt     50280
     tggatcagta ctgtataccc tgcatattgt accccatctc ttatgaaact gctaccatca     50340
     gtgaagtatt taacatctga gctctccaag gggatatatc tgagatcttc ctggctctag     50400
     aagactttgt ccaccgtatt tatgcaacag tggggaagtt cctgccagca gtgaggcaac     50460
     ccactgtcct ttcaatcccg tttctccaca ggcagcaggg tagctggatt taaggtattt     50520
     acagtctcta gtgttatctg ggtattttca tacagaagcc cttgatactt tagcatttta     50580
     gaattggaca gtcaatgatg tcctctttgc tccattaagg tgattacagc atgtgagtcc     50640
     tgaactatta acttttgacc tagggctagc ttgttggcat cttctataag gattgcagta     50700
     gctgccaacg ccctgaagca gtggggccaa cctaaggcca ccaagtccag tcttttgggt     50760
     aagtatgcta ccagctgatg ccaagaaccc aacaattgag ctaagagtcc gactgtcatt     50820
     cccttttgtt tatccacata caaaaggaag ggctttttta catctggcaa ccctagcacc     50880
     ggagtttgga tgagagcttc ctttatacct ttcaaggccc tttcttgttt ctttttccat     50940
     aggaggggcc ctctttttct ttttctttgg tagtctcata taagggcctt gctgtaaggg     51000
     agaagtttgg aatccaggtt cggcagaatc ccgctacacc tagaaatttc ctgagctgct     51060
     gccttgtaac tggggtgggc aatgcacgca cagcctcctt gcatgcactt ttaagtctgc     51120
     gctggccttg ggataccatg aattctagat attcaacctc caaaatcaga cttttgcctt     51180
     gtccttggac acttagtaac cagcttcaca aagcaggtga agaaggctct ctgttcctta     51240
     gaggtatttc tccctcgtgg gggcagcgaa gagcaaatca tcaatgtgtt gtaatagcac     51300
     acaattgtca ctaggtggcg caaaagcctc aaggtcggaa gccaaagcct cgtcgaaaat     51360
     agtgggagaa ttcttaaacc cttgcggcag ccttgtccag gtatactgcg attgtctcca     51420
     ctagaaggca aatataggct gattttgggg agcaagtctc aagcaaaaga aagcatgcct     51480
     taagtccaga cacgtgaacc aggcggcgtc agcaggaatc tgtcccagca ttgtgtatgg     51540
     gttgggtact atggcatgga tagtgacagt ggccttgttt acctcctgga ggtcctgcag     51600
     tggcctgtat tcaccatttg gcttgcgcac agacaacaga ggagtattcc aggaagactt     51660
     tcattttatt ataatcccat gtttataggg ccgatttaaa tgtttcgtta tgtcatcaat     51720
     tgcctctctg ggtggggggt gttgacggac tagtaccggg gcagcatgag atttaagctt     51780
     tattatcact gggggtctgt ttgcaacaag tccagggggg ttgtcctcag cgcatacacc     51840
     tggtacctcg aaaagcattc cccacgtatt gtgtaggtca ggctctggca gcctcctggt     51900
     acacagttta tagagccgcc attcctcagt ttttgggaca gttagagtca ataccattgc     51960
     ctttggcttc cctatctcca gggtcatatc ccctttaggt gtaaaggaaa cctgtgcctg     52020
     cagtttctgg aggaagtctc tttccaataa gggcactgga cattttggca tgtatagaaa     52080
     gtcatgctga attcttgtcc cccaataaca catctcttga atttgtagag aggtctcctg     52140
     tctttggccc cagtagcccg tatgacagta ggacagtttt ttgtggggca gttaattgga     52200
     tgagttacca cagagaaatc agcaccagta ttgaccaaaa aattcattaa tcggccctgt     52260
     acttccatgg agaatatagg ctccctgggg cctaaaagga tgaagcctgg tctgtcttag     52320
     tcttctaaat ttttggcccc cactaagctg atcagatcaa gatctgcctt tgaagcacca     52380
     cgactagcaa ccgaaagttg cactcgggtg ttagacaatt gaccgtcatc ttcatttttt     52440
     tttttttaat cggggcactc atttttccag tggcccattt gcctgtatct tgcacattgg     52500
     ttcctgtcca accgggactg gctttcctct cccggtcttg tctgccctct tccttggcct     52560
     ctgcctcagc tataccctct agcaaatcca gggttaattt ctgttagtgc agtagctata     52620
     aattgagctg tcttttggtt tttattttta tttatttttt ctttctttct gcctcttctt     52680
     tctggtttac atatattttg tttgctgttt tcaggagttt actaatattt tttcctgcaa     52740
     agctttccag cttctgaaac ttttgattta tgactccctg agcttgcccg ataaaggtca     52800
     tatttatcat aatttggttt ttaggagcct ccagaataac tggagtgtac agtctatatg     52860
     cctcccaaag ccttttatgg aatgcacttg ggcttttctc agaattttgg ctcacttctg     52920
     atattttact tgtatttatt tccttccttt ctcctgcttt atcccattta ggagtgcctt     52980
     tctatatagc ggcagccatt ccatgttcct tgcctcattt ggttcccagt tagggttctc     53040
     atttgggtat cactccacgg tgaactggtg agggttaggg gtggtctctg gggctcccct     53100
     tctaaacaga tcagagctgc cggattaact cttttatgct cctctgtatt aaatgaagtt     53160
     agcaaaagtt attcacaatc tggccaggtc aggttatgcg tgttaataac agaatttacc     53220
     aaatcaataa gagcctgaga cttttctgta taggaggggg tgggctgttt ccaatttaag     53280
     agatcagtag tggagaaagg ctgataaaca taaagcctag ggccaccttg tatctgcctc     53340
     tggtcatcat aaacttgtgt cctggtttct caaagtggca tctgcaaatc ccagggtcgg     53400
     cctgagtgga gatgcccagc tgcctcaccc agtccatttt ttggttgttt ttctctaaca     53460
     ggggtttctg ttcctctggg tgtggggaca ctgagcctca cttttctctg agcctgactc     53520
     tccggatgat cctgactctg cctcctgctt tattctgacc aaagatgagt agactggcac     53580
     atatggggca gacattccct ttcatcaggt ggaacctgaa gaactggttt tggctaaggc     53640
     ttcaaggatt ccctttccag ggagatgcta ggggctttag tttcctctgc ttcctttggt     53700
     tgggctgctc gagccactaa tgccttgcaa tatccctcta ggcaaggctg cagccacttg     53760
     gggtgagttt gtgccacatt gagccaagag tatatacaga aactggtctg ggtatcctgg     53820
     ttgtccttca actccagtga ccaccttaaa catgcagtca attcataccc tgtctattgt     53880
     accttcagag ggccagccct cattgaaagc aggccaggct atctcacagt atgttcttaa     53940
     attttgagca tccagtttta tgctataatc acctctaaat ccttttgaaa attctttatt     54000
     gtgcactcca atggagttca tttatacact tttcctttca ttttctccct tgtggtgcac     54060
     tttcactttt acttttactc tcaggttcac cataccgggt cctattacag gagttttgga     54120
     cactgcttag ccaggaacat gccttcacct cttacagcct gctgcagcca tggagctggt     54180
     cctatcagtc atacagaatg ttctggttct gattttcccc acaattgcct cagagaacac     54240
     agcccacact aagggctctg tgcctccccc acgtcactcc ccacattggc ctcttccaag     54300
     accatttctt tcacccactt ttacacacct cccccaccca aggactcctc attggatgaa     54360
     atgagcctct ctcatgtccc aggtgaaact aattaggctt ccacattcac acacatacac     54420
     acaccactcc taccctagga ctcctcatgg gacaaaatga gcctctcttg tgtcccggtt     54480
     aggtccacac acacccactc ccagttgggg ttgcaagcca ctcttgccac cctgccagca     54540
     aactcttcct tgctgcactt gcctctctat cagccctttt tctccaccag tgaaccactt     54600
     ttactctgtt aggggaatat gaggttcatc caaattggca ggccactcct accacaccca     54660
     gccactctgg gttggattag tggtcagtca ctgggaggtg atcaagctcc atttcctccc     54720
     tatgggaggg gctttcctgc cttgggcagt ttctccttac cacagttcct gaagtgctag     54780
     tattgtcctg cagctttttc tgcagtttct ttgcactact gggtaggctg ccaggatgca     54840
     gggagagctg gtctctgtct gggtgaagca cctccatggt gcaccttgca tgctgggtct     54900
     cccccagccc tggggctcta gtcccacagg caaaggagac agtaaatctg tcatctccaa     54960
     tccctgtatg ggccaccaga aatgtttcag gataatttag gaatcagaga gactaagggg     55020
     ttgagaagga tttattatta ttatttatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta     55080
     tttaggtgca ctggcccagt cagattaaca ttcaaaaatg actgagcccc caaacaagga     55140
     gtcaagttac cttttaagca tttcataagg ctgggggaga tctgtgtggg ggaacatatt     55200
     acagaagtga gaaacaaaga cagttattca gttgagactt gtgttacacc atttgttcct     55260
     tttcaagaaa aaacatgttt tacaacttga gtttatctgt ctagtgacct tgcagctgca     55320
     cagctagaga aacaggtctt cacaatgact gggaaaggga gaaataaggc tcactagcca     55380
     gacagaaaaa caggcagtta attcttaaag tactccacct ctttctgttt ctcaggggga     55440
     attgagtctt cttacataca agtgagtttt tgcttataca ttctttaatt tattttaatt     55500
     cttgtcacat tggttctttg aaaggacaaa taaaattgag agaccgttag caagattaac     55560
     caagacaaga agagaaaaaa atccaaataa cctcactaag aaatgaaaca ggggatatta     55620
     caagtgacac cactgaaata ataaagatca ttcatgggta ctatgaacac cttaaggcac     55680
     ataaactaga aaatctagaa gagatggata aattcctgga aaaatacaaa tgtcctagct     55740
     taaatcagga agaattatat gcctaaacag accaatagca agtagcaaga ttgaaatggt     55800
     aatttaaaaa ttaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatccaagga ccagacagat tcacagcaga     55860
     attctaccag acattcaaag aagaattgat accaatcctt tcacactatt ctacaagata     55920
     gagaaagaag gaacactccc taattcattc tatgaacacg gcatcacccc aatactaaaa     55980
     ccatgaaagg acataaccaa aaaagaaaac tacagaccaa tatccttgag gaacacagat     56040
     gccaaaatcc ttaacaaaat actggctaac cgaatccaac aatgtgtcaa aaagataatc     56100
     caccataatc aaatgggttt cataccaggg aaacaggaat ggtttaacat atgcatgtca     56160
     gtaaacgtga tacaccacat gaacagaatt aaagacaaaa ctcacatgaa catatcaaca     56220
     gatgcatcaa caaaataggc atacaaggga catatattaa tgtaataaaa gccatctatg     56280
     actaacccac agccaacata atactgaatg gggaaaaggt gaaagcattc cctctgagaa     56340
     ctggaacaag atgaggatgc ccactctcac cactcctctt caaaatagta tgggaagtcc     56400
     tagccagagc aatcagaaaa aagaaggaga ggaaatctaa atcggtaaag aggaagtcaa     56460
     actgtcacta gttgctgatg atatgatctt tcaccttgaa aaccctatgg actcccctag     56520
     aaagctccta gaactgataa aagaattcag gaaagtttcc agatacaaga ttaatataca     56580
     caaatcagta gctcttctct acaccaacag ctaccaagca gagaatcaca tcaagaactc     56640
     tacccctttc acaatagctg caaaaaaaca aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaca aacaaaaact     56700
     taggaatata tctagcaaag gaattgaaag acctctacaa tgaaaattgc aaaacactgc     56760
     tgaaagaaat catagatgta gccaagtatg gtgccgcaca cctgtaatca gctactcagg     56820
     agagtgaggc aggagaatcg cttgaacgca gaaggcagag gttgtggtga gccaagatca     56880
     tgccattgca ctcccatctt ggcgacaaga gtgaaactcc ctcagaacaa acaaaaacaa     56940
     aaacaaaaaa acacacacac aacaaagaaa agaaatcata gatgacacag acaaatggaa     57000
     actcaccccc atgactatgg attggcagaa tcaatattgt gaaaattacc tttctgttaa     57060
     aggcaatcta caaattcaac gcaatctaca aaaacaattc taaaattcat gtggaaccaa     57120
     atgagagccg catagtcaaa ctaagactaa gcaaaaagaa tgaacctgga agcaacacac     57180
     ctcttgattt caaactgtac aataaggaca tagttaccaa aacagaatgg tagtggttta     57240
     aagctaggca catagaccaa tggaacagaa gagagaacct agaaactaac ccaaatactt     57300
     acagccaact gatcttcgac aaagtaaatg aaaacataaa gtggggaaag gacacccttt     57360
     tcaacacatg atattgcgat aatttgtgag ccacacgtag gagaataaaa ctggattctc     57420
     atctctcact ttatacaaaa ggctactcaa gatagatgaa ggacttaaac ctaattcctg     57480
     aaactataaa aattctagaa gataacactg gataaaccct tctagacact ggcataagca     57540
     aggatgtcat gacaaagaac ccaaaagcaa atgcaataaa aacagataaa cagagataaa     57600
     tagctgggac ctaattaaac taaagagctt ttgcatggca aagggaacag tcagcagagt     57660
     aaatagacaa ccacagagtg ggagaaaatc ttcacaatct gtacatctga aagaggacta     57720
     atatccagaa tctacaacaa atcagtaaga aatctaaaac aaatcagtaa gaaaaaaaca     57780
     agcaacccca tcaaaaatgg gctaaggaca tgaatagaca gttttcaaaa gaagatatac     57840
     aaatggctaa caaacataaa taaaaatgcc caccatcact aatgatcagg gacattcaaa     57900
     tcaaaaccaa aatgcaatac caccttacct catgcaaaca aaaaataaaa taaaagtaga     57960
     tgttgccacg gatgcagtaa acacggaaca cttctacact gctggtggga atgtaaacta     58020
     gtacagccac tgtgaaaaac aatgtggaga ttccttaaag aactaaaagt agaactacca     58080
     tttgatccag cattcccact actaggtatc tacccagagg aaaatagtca ttatttgaaa     58140
     aacatacttg cacacgcatg tctattgcag cataatccac aaaatcgtgg aaccaaccca     58200
     ggtgcccatc aatcaaaaag tggataaaga aactgtggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     58260
     tgtgtgtgta tatggtgtgc gtatatatat atggtgtgtg tgtgtatata tatatggtgt     58320
     gtgtatatat atggtgtgta tatatatatg gtgtgtatat atatatggtg tatatatatg     58380
     gtatatatat gtggtatata catatgtgat atatatatgt ggtgtatata tatgtgtgtg     58440
     tgtatacata tatatgtgtg tatatatata tatacacaca catatatata tatatgatgg     58500
     aatactacat agtcatagaa aggaatgaat taacatcatt tgcaatgacc tgaatgagat     58560
     tggagactat agttctaagt gatgtaaccc aggaatggaa aactcaacat cgtatgttct     58620
     cactgatatg taggagctaa gctatgagga cacaaaggca cgacaatgat gcaatggact     58680
     ttggggactt tgggagaaaa gtgggaggga ggtgaacaat aaaagactat gagtatggtg     58740
     cagtgtatac ttcttgggta atatgtgcac cataatctca caaatcacca ctaaggaact     58800
     tactcatgta accaaatacc atctgtaccc caacaactta tagaaaaata aagttaaaat     58860
     aacaaatgaa aaataaacta taacacacca ggaaagcgaa gagacaagcc acaaaatggg     58920
     aaaaaaaatt gaaaactatc catctgacaa aggattaata accacaatat ataaggagct     58980
     caaacaactc tacaagaaaa aatccaataa cctggtcaaa aatggcaaaa aagacttcaa     59040
     tatatattcc tccaaagaag acatacaaat ggcaaatagg catatgaata ggtgctcaac     59100
     atcattgata gagaaaggca aatagaaact gcagtgcaat atcatctcac tggagttaaa     59160
     atggcttata ttcaaaatac aggaaataac aaatgctagg gagaatttag agaaaaggga     59220
     accctcatat attgctaggg ggaatgtaaa ttagtataat cactataaag aacatcacta     59280
     atgtttttta tagttttgag gtttttttat gttttgatgt tcctcaaaaa tctaaaaatt     59340
     gagctaccac attatctagc aatcctactg ttgggtatat acccaaaaga aaggaaatca     59400
     gtatgttgag atatctgtac tcctgtgttt gttgcagcac tatttataat agctaagatt     59460
     tggaagtaac ctgagtgtcc atcaagaatg gattaaaaaa tgtggtagat atacacaatg     59520
     gagtaccatt cagccttaaa aaagaatgag aaccagtcat ctgcaagacc atggatggaa     59580
     ctgggaatca ttatgttaag tgaaatagcc aggcacagaa agacaaacat catatatcct     59640
     cacttatttg tgggatctca aaatcaaccc acttgaactc atgaacatag agcatagaag     59700
     gatgattacc agaggctggg aaggatattg gggagatagg gtgaggtggg cattgttcat     59760
     gggtacaaaa aataattaga atgaacgaca gttgctattt gatagcacaa tagggcgact     59820
     atagtcaata ataatgtaat tgtacatttt aaaataactt aaagagtgta attagattgt     59880
     tcacaactca aaaataaatg tttgagggga tggatgtccc attctttgtg atgtgattgt     59940
     ttaactttgt atgtctgtgt caaatcatct cgtgtatgtt ataaatatat acacttatgt     60000
     acctacgaaa attaaaaatt aaaaaattat aagacacttg actcaatttg aattttgtgt     60060
     aagtaaggta attatttgta taaatatctt ccaatacttg cttaaacata ttacatacaa     60120
     atatgcaaat attgcgtagc catactaaaa agttattcat tgcttatccc agttttaaac     60180
     tttactgttg tttcttatat tttctttcag tgaatctgaa acatccatta tagaagtatc     60240
     atgggattta tggtaacatt gtacagacat ggggaaaaaa gaatgaaaga aaaatcctta     60300
     gaggtcatat gggttggtaa gagtataaaa gaaaactgag tcccatatga tacattaaaa     60360
     acagaaatca ggatgtacat ctcagctctc accaggagat gtggcaacca gattgtcctt     60420
     gggctgaggg ggacgtcgct gagcactctc agagacagac aatgcaaatc aagttcattc     60480
     tcactgtgct tgcttaccct tcaaaattgt gttaagtccc taagtatata tataatcatg     60540
     agtagttgtg ggaaaaacaa caccattaaa tgtaccagaa caaaagactg ctcacaaata     60600
     ctgcagatgt ttagatcaga tgtctgaagc aaagaaaggg agtataataa aaaataattt     60660
     aaagaaaatg gagctcaata aatctgtttc ttcatcgtta tgataatgtc aaatctgttg     60720
     aaattttttt aaaatgacat gatttgtcta cagatctttg tgctctggct taaattaaat     60780
     gtatatacaa cttatataat aaaatactga ggtgtttcat tattatattg ataatttctt     60840
     gttcacaatc attttggtga tattcaataa acagcactgt gagacctatg gctggatatc     60900
     aacaacataa agtgattatg acagtttcat gggacagatg aaggaaggtt ggtttgtgca     60960
     gtggcaatac ttggcaacct gagaaactga tttcacaatt ttagaaaagt attattcttt     61020
     ctaactagat atttccatga aaagaacctt gtgaaatgca gaaatgccaa aagaataatt     61080
     gtaataacca aagaactaaa atacgtctaa atttctctga caatttaatt taatgcagga     61140
     tgaagccaga ataacattgt ttactaacat agatattcat gatctcaata catttaattc     61200
     ttagctcgtt gaggaaaaaa gtagtagagc tgctattgca gagacaaaag acagaaaaca     61260
     ggggaggggc ttgatcacaa ttcatgttac aatttttgga aacttctaaa aatcctgcct     61320
     ggtgataggt ttttcttatc tcattattta agaatatatg agcaggcagg gcatggtggc     61380
     tcaaatctgt aatgccaaca ctttgggagg tcaattttgg aggaccgttt cagaccagga     61440
     gttcaagact agcctgggca acatagaaga ccctgtctct acaatttctt tttaaattag     61500
     cccactgtgg tggcatgtgc ctgtagtccc agccactagg aaggctgagg tgggaaaatt     61560
     gcttgagctc aggtgtttga atctggactg atctatgact gtgccactgt actccagcaa     61620
     gaatgacaga tctagatcct gtgtaaaaaa atgtacatat tgtatatatt gtcaatgacc     61680
     agtcacaggt cttacaatgc tgtttataca gtatggtaaa aatggtgttg ataaagaaat     61740
     tatcacaata ataataataa taataatcat aatcataatc ataataataa aaaaaatagc     61800
     ccagtgtgtt attttattat gtaagttgtt cataaattta atataaatga tgtagatcta     61860
     cagtaatgga gatgtgtaga caaatcatgt catttgtttt ttaaatctca acataataga     61920
     attttttctt tttttgggat ggagtctcac tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggctc     61980
     aatctcagcc cactgcaacc tctaccaccc tggttcaagt gactcccctg cctcagcctc     62040
     ctgagtagct gggattacag gttcctgcca ctgtgcctgg ctaatttttg tatttttaat     62100
     agagacgagg tttcaccatc ttggccaggc tggtcttaaa ttcctgacct tgtgatccac     62160
     tggccctggg ctcccaacgt gctgggatta caggtgtgag tcactgcacc cagccaacgt     62220
     ttctttttta aagtgtgcaa gctctttgac caacatgtcc ctgtgcatca ctgtaataag     62280
     atacccagag caactgtttc taccgtggat ttgggaggag attaagacac atcctttcta     62340
     ctttggatgc tcttatcagg atcaggggag gtccctgcac tctgattttc tctctcttaa     62400
     atgtgcaaag tacagagatt tttatcatga ataattttaa tagaaattaa aaattccatc     62460
     atattcaggg acatgcaggt tttgtattca tcatgtttct tcttgatatt tttaggccct     62520
     ggccagctgc aaatgaataa tctctaccat catcattgtt ttcctttgtg ttttaatctt     62580
     tcctgattcc attctctcta ccttttattt tgaagaagaa gacaccaaaa aatcctgtca     62640
     ctaccaaatg caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaaaacaaa ttacaaatag taacatttac     62700
     aagtcacatt tgtgaatata tgttttaatt agaaaactgc aattctaaac tttcagagga     62760
     aatggtagta atataaaaca gggacatttt tgtaataagg aactcatatt cttaatattt     62820
     tacaaattat tattctctca tcaccaaata gtgttaccta aagtaatata taaccaattt     62880
     aataagttta gttttaaaaa acacaaaatt ataaaacaat taatacaata tttgaaatcg     62940
     tgatgcatat tgccagcctt ctggtaaagt tctattaact ctacaaaaaa tttataaatg     63000
     gcagacgata catttccaga tagttttgtg gcaatcaaaa aagaattgat ttattagcaa     63060
     tttttatatc actttgtgaa aaaatattat ttgtgataag tatcattatt tttatttatt     63120
     taaaacagct catgtattaa gaaatcatac tttagatggg gccaagctgg tcgattagaa     63180
     gcagctgtgg cccgtggctc tcacggagag caatgaaaac tgtgagtgaa ttctacacct     63240
     tcaattgagg tacccaggct cttgcattgt gactgactag gcagacagct cgacccacag     63300
     acagtgagga aaagcaagtg gggcgatggc ccacacaggt gtggcacgag ctgggggagc     63360
     actcactcgc agccaagtga ggcggtgagt gattgtgcga ctttgtctgg caaaccatgc     63420
     ttctcccacg gatctttgca acctgtagat caggagatcc cctcgtaggc ccaggcacca     63480
     tggcttgggt ctgaaacaca gagctgtgtg gagtctcagc ctagtgctcg ctggctcact     63540
     ggggcatgca tggaaatcca ggagttttgc atactctgcc ccgagaattc cagcaaagtg     63600
     ggagacatat ccatgcattc ccctagtaag ggggctgaat ccagcgagcc aagtggcatc     63660
     attctgtggg ccccactccc acagcacgtc acaagttaag acccactgac ttagaattcc     63720
     agctggccag cggcagcagg ctggaaacag ctggagatgg acccagttcc cggagggagg     63780
     gaggggcagc cactgttatc tgtggtttga gttggccgct gtagcccgct ggcaccaagg     63840
     accaggagga gctccccata acacagcaca ggtgctgtgc ctgaatgtgg ccagtctgct     63900
     tctttaagtg aggcctcaat ccatccctcc tcactagaca ggacctcccc atcagatatt     63960
     tagccgctct agccagagtt ctatggacag aactctgatt tctccctggg atgaagtccc     64020
     cagggagatg gatagctgct gtctccccag ttcagccaac ctagcctttc cagcctgatg     64080
     tctctagaga ttcccagggg tcagcacagc acacctactc tgccaagggg cagccagact     64140
     gcttctttaa gcagtccctg atcctgttcc tcctgactgg gcaagacctc ccaaaagggg     64200
     tctccagaca cctcctacag gagcgttcca gctggcatca agtcagtacc cccttggaat     64260
     ggtgctcaca gagaaaggac catactgcca tctttgctgt tttgcagcct tcactggtga     64320
     tacctccagg tgcaggagag actgaggtga ctaagatcca gagtggaccc cctgaaaacc     64380
     acagcagccc taggaagagt ggtctggctg ttaaaaacaa acagaaagca acaacatcaa     64440
     caaaaaagat cccacaaaaa ccccattcaa gggtcagcaa catcaaggat caaaggtaga     64500
     taagcccaca aagatgagaa ggcatcaaca caaaaatgtt aaaaactcaa aaaggcacaa     64560
     tgcctcttct cttctaaatg acaacaacac atccctagta agggtgcaga actggccaga     64620
     tgctgagatg gctgaattga caaaagtagg ctttagaagg tgggtaataa aaaacttcac     64680
     taagctgaag gagcagtgca ggagctgata accagaatat tcagtttaag gggaatataa     64740
     ctgacctgac agagctgaaa aacacaacat gagaacttca caatgcaacc ataagtatca     64800
     ttaggagaat aggccaagtg gaggaaacaa tctcaaagct tgaaaactgt ctctctgata     64860
     taagacagga agagaagaat agaaaaaaaa gaacaaaaag aatgaacaaa aacttcaaga     64920
     aatatgtgat tatgtaaaaa gactgaacct gagactgata cagatacatt gatccaccat     64980
     gatcaagatg gcttcatcct cgggttacaa ggttgcttca acaaagccaa atctataaat     65040
     gtaattcatc acataagcag aagtaaacac aaaaacagtg tgattatctc aatagataca     65100
     gaaaatgcct tcaataaaac tcaacatccc ttcatgtcaa aaactctcaa taaactagct     65160
     actgaaggat catacctcaa aatagtaaga tccatacatg acaaacccac agccaatatc     65220
     atactgaatg ggcaaaattt gaaactattc tccttgaaaa caggcacaag acaaggatgg     65280
     cctctctcac cagttttatt caacatagta ttgaaacttc tggccagggc aattgggcag     65340
     gagaaagaaa taaaggtatt taaataggaa gagagcaagt caaattatct ttgtctgcag     65400
     atgacatgat cctgtgtcta gaaaacccca tcatctcagc cccaaacctt cttaagctga     65460
     taaaccactt tagcaaagtc tcaggataca aaatcaatat gcaaaagtca ctagcattcc     65520
     aatacaccaa caacaggcaa gcagagagcc aaacatgaat gaacttcttt cacaattgct     65580
     acaaagagaa taaaatacct aggaatatag ctaacatgag aaatgaagga cctcttcaag     65640
     gaggactaca aaccactgct cagagaaatc agagaggaca caaacaaatg gagaaacatt     65700
     ccatgttcat gggtaggaag aattaattca taaaaatggc cacactgccc aaagtaattt     65760
     gtaaaagaat tcaatgctat tcccattaaa ctaccattga tattcttcac agaattagaa     65820
     gaaactattt taaaattctt atggaacaaa aaagagccca aatagtcaaa acaattctaa     65880
     gcaaaaagaa caaagctgga ggcatcacac tacccaactt caaactacac tataaggata     65940
     cagtaaccaa aacagcacgg tacttgaacg aacacagaca tatagaccaa ttgaacagaa     66000
     tagggaactc aggaataaga ccatacacat gcaagcatgt ggtgacaaat ctgacaaaca     66060
     caagcaacag ggaagggatg ctttatttaa taaattgtgt ttcgaaaata ggctagccat     66120
     atgcaggaaa ctgaaactgt atgtcttcct tacaccttac acaagaatta actgaagatg     66180
     aattaaagac ttaagcataa tacctaaaac cataaaaact ccaggagaaa acctaggcaa     66240
     catcatttag gacataggca tgggcaaaga cttcatgact aaaacaggaa aaacaatggt     66300
     aacaaaagcc agaattgaca aacgggatct aattaaacta aagagcttct gcacagcaga     66360
     agaaactatc atcagagtga ataggcaacc tacacaatgt gagaaaattt ttgcaatcta     66420
     tccatctgac agagggctaa tatgcagaat ccagaatcta caaagaactt aaacaaattt     66480
     acaagaaaaa aacaatccca tcaaaatgtg ggcaaaggaa acaagaggac acttctcaaa     66540
     agaagtcatt tatgcggcca aaaaacattt gaaaaaaaaa aacctcatca tcattggtca     66600
     ttagagaaac gcaaatcaaa accacaatga aataccattt cacaccagtt agaatggtga     66660
     ttattaaaaa gtcaggaaac aacagatgct ggacagggcg tggaaaatac gaacgctttt     66720
     acactgttag tgggagtttt aattagttca aaatttgtgg aagtcagtgt agcagttcct     66780
     aaaggatcta aaaccaaaaa taccatttga cccagcaatc ccattactgg gtatataccg     66840
     aaaggagtat aagtcattct tctgtaaaga cacgtgaaca catgtttatt tcagcactgt     66900
     tcacaatagc aaagacttgg aaccaatcca aatgccgatc aataatagac tggataaaga     66960
     aaatgtggca aatatatacc atggaatact atgcagccat aaaacgggat aagtttctgt     67020
     cctttccagg gacaaggatg aagctgaaaa ccgtcatgct tagcaaacta gtataagaaa     67080
     agaaaaccaa gccaggcacc aaggctcaca cctgtaatcc cagaactttg agaggctgaa     67140
     gcgtgcagat cacctgaggt cgggagtttg agaccagcct gaccaacatg gagaaaccct     67200
     gtctctacta aaaatgcaaa aaattagcca ggcaccgtgg cgcatgccgg taatcccagc     67260
     tacctgtgag gctgagtcag gaggatagct tgaacctggg aggcagacgc tgcaatgagc     67320
     caagattgtg ccattgcacc ccagcctggg caacaagagc gaaactccat cgaaaaaaag     67380
     aaaaggaaga aaagaaaaaa aaagaaaacc aaaaaccaca tgttctcact cataagtgtg     67440
     agttggacaa tacaagagaa cacatggaca caagcagggg aacatcacac actagggctg     67500
     gtctgagggt ggggggctgg gggcggaata gctttaggag aaatacctaa tgtagatgac     67560
     tggttgatgg gtgcagcaaa ccaccatggc atgtctatac ctatgtaaca aacctgcacg     67620
     ccctgcccat gtatcccaga acttaaagta taattttaaa aactttacat aaatgcaaaa     67680
     gtctggtata gctaatatac cataatgaaa tgtcaactat aatcccagct caaagagaac     67740
     accataaaat tatgaaggct tttccataaa tctctaaatt tatgtcctca taagattata     67800
     tttctatttc ttcttaaata atttccttat tttagctatg atttagtgat agtaagatgg     67860
     taactatgag gagaaagttc taacactcca ttgagaaaat tctgcctcat ttcaatgcac     67920
     acctgagtct taagcagtca cttccttttc cttttctttt cttttctttt tttttttttt     67980
     tttttttttt ttttttttga gacagaattt ctctctgtca cccaggctgc agtgcagtca     68040
     tgaaatctca gctcactgca agctccacct cccgggttta tgccattctc ctgcctcagc     68100
     ctcccgagta gctgggacta taggctcctg tcaccacatc tggctaattt tttgcatttt     68160
     tagtagagat ggagtttcac tatgttagcc aggatggtct caatctcctg acctcatgat     68220
     ccaattgctt cgaccccact aagtgctggg attacatgag tgagccacta ctaccgacct     68280
     aaccagccac ttctaatgca gctgaataat agatactcac ccaactcagt ctaagaattg     68340
     aatccatgta tgggagataa ggcccccaag gagtggtaat aagcggggaa tgccatcagc     68400
     tcatcttcct tcaggcctgt atttgtcatt gtcacttgaa gaagcaggac agccctggca     68460
     ctgggattgt tagaaacaga cagtatcaaa gggaaaactg aactctccta atttttgaaa     68520
     aacagcagat aggaaacaga tgggctccaa cgttttccat gtgtgaggtc attgtcccag     68580
     gtagccttgc tcaggaccac atttcttctc agcaaaacag aagtcaaaca atatttctac     68640
     cttccaggag aatagaactt aatgtcagat tttctcatgg atttccacaa gttcaagaaa     68700
     gtttcatggt cttcatttat ttcttcttta gtggtcttag ggtcacctag aaatataagc     68760
     tactttgttg gaatttggaa gataactcat gctccaaaag tacttaaaag atgtgctttt     68820
     tcccctggga acagatccct aagtcaaggc atcttgcagg ggaaacagaa tgtaggctgc     68880
     ttttcacctg tcacgtagta ggcctggtat atttatcaag ggcagaaaaa aacctcaatt     68940
     acaggcagaa ttgatgactg agatgcacat tgtccttctt tatatatctg attttgacat     69000
     aaatttccag gaacttgtgt tttccatgcc atcccttttt cttttttctt tttttttttt     69060
     tttttttttt ttttgagaca gtctcgcttt gtcaccctgg ctggagtgca gtggtgtgat     69120
     ctcggctcac tgcaagctcc gcctcctggg ttcacaaaat tctcctgcct cagccttcca     69180
     agttgctggg actacaggca cccaccacca tgcccagcta tttttttgta ttttttagta     69240
     gagatggggt ttcactgtgt tagccaggat ggtctcaatc tcctgacctt gtgatccacc     69300
     cgcctcggcc tcccagagtg ttgggattac aggcgtgagc caccatgccc ggcccatccc     69360
     atcccttttt gttatcttct gtctctagtc atggggatat tttattttgc aaactagaat     69420
     gcccacttct tggcaacaga cacatttttt gctttgtgac acccaccaac caaacctgaa     69480
     atataacttt aaccttaatc ctgattataa ctgcacattt atgatttttt taaatacaaa     69540
     tacacttgtt gttatgatgg tagcttttct tcccataaac ctatatttct tagtgcagag     69600
     caacagctca gcctgtttgg gtttggcatg gtgtgtcccc atgcattgtt tttgattctg     69660
     taacaaaaaa atattccagt tggcttcatt ttggacaccc tcactctctg acttctactc     69720
     tctgcaaata caattctgct tgaactctct gactggatcc agtctatcat tagctgccat     69780
     aaatacaacc tcaatactca atctttgttt tttcttagct ctttatttgt tcatttaatt     69840
     gccttattta aagtttctct atttcttctt ttgaaacttt ccttggtcac tgctcacaga     69900
     aaaaaaaaat aaagctctcg actaagaatc ctacacctag catatttatg tatcaaaaat     69960
     tgaggattgc ttgagttcag gagttcaaga cagacctggg caacacaatg agacctcatc     70020
     tctgctaaaa ataatatata tatatatata ttagccaggt gtggtggtgt gcaccagtag     70080
     tctctcggct acttgggagg ctgaggtgag agaattgctc gagctcagga gatctaggct     70140
     acagtgagct gtgattgtgc cactgaactc cagcctgagt gagagttagg tcttgtctca     70200
     aacaaagaaa caaaacaaca acaacaccaa tacagaacct tagggaatct aataaaaaag     70260
     tagtttgggt caatctttgc tattttaaat tcctgttttt tccatacatt ctaatgcaag     70320
     gtaaatgaaa gcactggtga gacccagcct ggaggggctt gccctaagct tagtgtttgt     70380
     tatctctggg caacccctac aaaatttcca gagacatctg gtgtgtggaa taagccaatg     70440
     tcagcatctc agaaaaggtt ttcactttag gccttcctga atcaagagcc taagagtatt     70500
     gggatctacc aggagcatat tgtgctctgt taaacatttt ccatgagtga cctgggcaca     70560
     gggttgtctc taggatgtag gtgcttggtt accagagttc taagttctgt tggggtctgt     70620
     cacaaaggaa gtaagatcac tttttcaaag tttcatcctc tggctccttg ctttcctcca     70680
     taaaacccat ctaaaatgac cttctgggct actgactgct cactatccct gcgtgtcaac     70740
     tctttagctg tgcacaatta tgcaagaaca gccctcctca cttccctgaa aagacctgaa     70800
     tgaagccagg gtctcaggtt tgaggtcata gatctgggta agaacctagt atttcttatt     70860
     agttctgtga cactagaaaa gttattgtag gttttggggc ctttcaacct gtacagtggg     70920
     taatatgcca gcatctccct agggaactca tcgggtgtgt atgagataag acctgtaaaa     70980
     ctcatggtgt ggcatcccat gtagacaatg cacgcattta gagataaaat aattataaga     71040
     aggaatggga ggtaacatag aatacaacac aagcaggcct gtgtccagca ctgtgatatt     71100
     ggaaagtcgc ttcccctctc agcctcattt ttcattctac actagtaaga atttgaggtg     71160
     aaatgaaatt cacatgttgt catcctctga cattattctt tttagagcct tctcattata     71220
     ttcagaatca gacccatgtc cctcattttg gcctatgtgg ttggcagact ataggaaggc     71280
     tcataacact aaggggtctg cagctcactt ctgacaaatg gaatgcaata aatgtgatat     71340
     gataacattt ctgtcttaga ttggctgtta cagcaaagat agaatgagcc gcttatcaac     71400
     agtacaatgt tcttcaatgt tctttctcac agttctggag gacagaagtt gaagatcaga     71460
     atgccagcat ggtcgagctc tagtgagaac tctctcttct gagtttcaga ctgtagtctt     71520
     tacattctat atttgcctga cagatagtgg aggatggagt tctctgggtt ttttgttgtg     71580
     ttttgttttg ttttgtttat agagccagta atactgttcc tgaggctttc acctcatttt     71640
     ctcctcgtct ctttcttctg tgttttgtcc ctcaatctat ttctctcatt cttctactta     71700
     ctctgcccat tgttttctct cccattttct gccaatgtct ttctctttct ctttcaatgt     71760
     gtatttattt ccctgtcttt ctactgcatc cctcaagttc agaaaacaag atccagagtt     71820
     atgagctgcc tatgcagtgg cctacacaac agagaatgag ggagtgccca ggccccagga     71880
     aacactcagg ctctcagtct acactgaatc tggacaatac ccatatgagt gtgcttggaa     71940
     tctaatcctc tcacagctca gcttcagctg agagcacagc cccagcttca tggagcccca     72000
     tgtgcaggca accagcaaag ctgtgtccag attctggtcc acataaattg tgagatagta     72060
     agaatttgtt gttaaagatg ctaagtttgg ggagaatgtt gtcagagaga agcagatcac     72120
     tgtcttattc ttctaggtcc cagagtcctc cttccctctc cttttctctt ccccaggctc     72180
     cctctagccc tgccggcctc tttctctcat cctctgccaa agtcacttct gcctgcattt     72240
     ctctgcacca ggagtggcat ctcactgaca ctgtatcccc agagttgtgc agggctggtc     72300
     atctgttgcc acagagaggc atttgggtcc ctagaatgct atggctcccc gccctgcctt     72360
     tcaacatcct actttatttt aattatagca tttactcttc atttacttgt acttgcttta     72420
     gggtttttgt ccatatatcc tcagactgca ggcttcttga gttggggaaa gggccactca     72480
     atcatttctc agcaccacat gctgggccca tcatggcact tagcacagat ttagttctgt     72540
     gacagggtcg ctgagtgaat aaatgaggaa atgtctaacc tccttgtctg cttctgatca     72600
     cctcataatg gtatatttat ttcttttaag aaaaacaata attatagttg atagtaaaat     72660
     ataaatggca aaattagtat aatttctgaa gtcttctgtt cagtatttgt gatagctttt     72720
     attatgtaat tatccctatt attattttat gttttataac ttttacataa atattgatct     72780
     tcagaaaaac ctgttttaac tgagttgtga caaaaaattt tatattctat ctacaaatct     72840
     tctatagttt aataattgta ttattgtttt tatgaatgat tttgaccctg atattttgga     72900
     aagaggaatt ctacaagttt cctagcaggt caggccaatc acattttgtc atccaggatt     72960
     tagcatctga tgttccatct aacaggtgta caagttgata tgtcaagtaa ccctaagcca     73020
     tatgtgccct aaataattct aaattatttg atgaatattt aattttcttg tttagttttt     73080
     aaaaatcgtt aattataact tgttagttca tgtgcaactc tgaactcatg cactagattt     73140
     gaattctgca gttgcttacc aatctgggtc atgggaaagg tggatactta ggtgaaacaa     73200
     acaatttggg aatgtgtgac agctcagaaa ataatttcat attaaaaaac tagaaggaga     73260
     agtcaatagt tgggcaaaag atgagatatt agaatcataa ggggcaggag ggagagcaac     73320
     atgcaaggag gcaacagaag gacaaggagg agacacattt actaaaaaat gtgtctggtt     73380
     tttgttgctt ctgattgtaa atttttcatc tttagacatc tttagcaata gaatattttc     73440
     gtggagcaat gtctcattca taattatgtg tacagtcttc ttggctcatt atatgtacca     73500
     actagaaata cttcccattg gacctgaaga ttctttgtct ttctaaagtg cctctcaaag     73560
     gaagaatgtt tgtctcgtca acattcatta atgtggtcat taaaggttca aataatcatt     73620
     gaactaatgg tattcagaga aataagtgta agaattgtaa ttaaagtata tataagtacc     73680
     aatactttta tcctaaaatg aagagtattt ggagaacagt ttgtgtgtaa tcctgtgcac     73740
     ctaatgtctc agccctaatc caatggttgg ccataactta aagcagaaaa atgcctatga     73800
     ctccagtggg tataaaacaa gagaaaacat gctgtatgga ttaaagatgt tttcttaaga     73860
     tgaaaaaaag tgaaaggaaa atgtaaccag tttcacagta actgacagca acgtttatcc     73920
     aaattaatgc tgatcaaggg aaaaccacta actgttctct ctgtgaggtt ggctgaaaca     73980
     ataggcacaa aggtcctatg cctatggtct accctcagat tgttcttaaa aaaaatgact     74040
     ttacacatta taatacatga cagtaacaca aggatagcac aatgggatga agatggcctg     74100
     attctaccaa gaatgtcaac gaaatagggt ctacaaaatc taggtaccaa actgataata     74160
     aatagctgca gaacccaaca gaaagagaac agagttcagc tcttgtgatg acttagcaca     74220
     taatcatgca cttgaaaagt caggaaaagc aagggaaagg cgaccttcat gggtggtgca     74280
     catagtcaag gctgccacct atggcagtgg gtagttcaga atatatttca gtggaatctt     74340
     catgtgacca tgaaaattag cagaccacct gaggtaagtg ccttattcaa atataccatt     74400
     ttttaaatct tttataacat aaatttgctg tgccttttat gtttatgtat acaaatgttg     74460
     actatagtgt tacaattgct tacagtattc agcatagtaa catgctgtcc aggtttgtag     74520
     tttaggagca ataggctata ccatatagtc taggtctcca atgggctata ccacctaggt     74580
     ttgtgtaagt acattctatg atgttcacac agtaataata ctacacaatg gtgcatttct     74640
     caatatatat cctcattatt aaaaatgcat ggttgtataa aaaataaaat ggatgttgaa     74700
     agagtgaagt tgctatgtat tgtttcataa catgtaaccc caaaacttta tggcataaaa     74760
     tcacaatatt tattacctga atttctgtag atgagaaatt caagaacaat tatcctggtg     74820
     gttgtgcccc aggccatctc atgtggttac agtcagattt caattggggc tgtcatccaa     74880
     actcttgaca gcaactagaa gatccacttt caactttgct aacattcatg gcctgcaagt     74940
     tggtggggtt tttaattgaa ggtctcaggt tctctccaca tagatatttt tgtagggatg     75000
     attgactgtt ctcaccaaat agtggctggt ttctttcaga gagagtggct taggaaaaac     75060
     aatgcattag tggcaaaatc ttttatgacc tagactcaga agtcacacat ggacacttct     75120
     gtcaccttct attcaccaga aaggattttt aagcttgaca taccttcaag aagaaaagaa     75180
     ttagggtcta tgaaaggact tcaataagtt tgtgaaaaaa tgaaagtaaa acacaaaaat     75240
     aaaatatata aactttattt ctcaacatta gcttcatcaa gtcaagttca agacactttt     75300
     ataagcaata ataccagcct tcagtctatc cccacaaaaa gtaaggtcct gggaatttaa     75360
     caatgtcagg aaagtctctt ttacattatt aactgtagaa aatgggtgtc ttttaaagct     75420
     gttttaaaat cagaagagaa aaagaagttg gagggagcca aatcagggtt aaaaggtgga     75480
     tgcttaataa ttttccatgg caagtccagc aaaattgtcc tttgattttt tttaatgaga     75540
     ggaaagagga ggaacattgt tgtggtggtg aagaattcta tggtaaaatt ttctggaaat     75600
     atttccccta acgctttggg taactgtctc aaaatactcc ataatagcat gttttattgc     75660
     attatgtatt gttttgtttt gtttttggcc ctctagaaag ccaacaggca aaatgccttg     75720
     agcaccctga cactgttgct atgagctttg ttctagacca gtaacctttt gctgagactg     75780
     gaccactttc acttcttggt agccgttgct ttatttctgt tttatgttga aaatttcatg     75840
     gaacagctgt gtttgacttc ctcacacaat tatttgaaga aatgcctcaa gatcttaata     75900
     acatttatgt acaatttcag ttgaaagctc tgttcttgtc tgcagctgat ctaggaacaa     75960
     gagttttcta atctattgag tggaaaaatt ctcaaaattg tgtgaattta agagatggcc     76020
     atggtgttga ctgttgttta taccgttgtc attcctaaac tgttgtttat accgttgtca     76080
     ctcctaaagc acggcatgaa caagattaat ttcttttctg gtgagttaat gtgaattgtc     76140
     ttccactgtg ggctttatct tcaacaccta atcatccctt cttaaaatga gttattcatt     76200
     tgtatgcttg tgaatgtcgg ggggcattgt ccccataaat tgttataaag aattagttat     76260
     tttactattc tttcacccaa aatggccata aatttgatgt tttttcttgc tttaatttta     76320
     gtagaattca tgctgctcta atacgatctc ttttcaaatt ggtgtcttag tttccttatt     76380
     ataattcccc aaattagatc ctgttcagac atgttataac aaagttagta aaagtttatt     76440
     tagttgcaaa atatttttga agtctatgca gaatttattc tcaatatgca tttctcatga     76500
     actttttgaa gatccttcat actttttgaa gagtttcaaa taatttttga atgtatattt     76560
     aaactattac aagaaaatta tctatagaac caaatttcag atttatcaag tttgtgatag     76620
     gtataataac caatggaaat atcaaatggg cagcttagct attgaaatag aattagagtt     76680
     aaatgattat agaagtattc agtaaagacc tgcaggtatt gaaaagcatt aaaaattttg     76740
     aaataaaata acaggattat atgtaccatt taagaggaga gatatcagga aaaaataaga     76800
     acagggagaa gaacctataa tagcaaatgt tatgtaaaat ttaaggatag tgaagccatt     76860
     gctgttcttc tccatagcag cgttgacatc tctttgttaa cagtatcact gaaactcctg     76920
     cttccatttc caaaatcctg tctttctgaa gcagagtttt tttccagtga cagcaatcaa     76980
     aacaaaatta tgaagtagac tggacataag caccacattt tgagtgtcac agtctcccat     77040
     caccgtcaaa tggaactgac tagttgcagg aaaactagct cagggctctc actgattcta     77100
     cattacagtg agttgtataa ttatttcatt atatattaca atgcaatata ataaagtatg     77160
     aaataaacgt aatgtgcttg agtcatcctg aaactgtccc cctgcccagt ccatggataa     77220
     gttgtcttcc acgaaactag tccctagtgc tgaaaagact ggggagtgct gcaatataga     77280
     aagaaaaatt taaagagagg aaaacacaaa atctataaca gctttaataa tatatgcact     77340
     aatgctgtac agaatacact aatttcattc atttatttaa gtatcaacca atacatacag     77400
     accagtacaa atgcctgtaa ttgttttagg agaacattga atgaaacagc aagagagaaa     77460
     gatagcaaat taaaaatata cgtgtatgat tatcagagaa agacccccat ctctataaac     77520
     aaaaatctac atgtgcacgt caagttgtaa tgagtactaa gaacaaaaaa gaagaatgag     77580
     agaagaaaga gacagataca ttaattcatg tagaatgatc aaggaagttt gtctgggatt     77640
     acagtggtta acattgcagg ttttagagtc agacagatgc cagtttttat cctggctctg     77700
     tgtctcgtag ctgggtgtcc catggacaat ttattccact tttaaatctc agttttcaaa     77760
     tttctaattt ctaaatgttt attagaaata aaagcacatg aacaaactaa acatacataa     77820
     agaatcaagc acagaaaact gatgagggtg tataatgaat caagaataat ggttataaaa     77880
     atggagataa taaatttgtc aaacttatta gacaattctg aagattagaa gatgaatata     77940
     cataaagaat tttgcatgtc atgtggcata acactcatgg taactacaat tattatcctc     78000
     atattactaa aggaaaatat gtgtcgttct tgggcattaa aaaagctgtg ggccgtactt     78060
     tttcaaatta tgcaaacaca taaagattca tttttatgtt aaacagttct tcctttaaca     78120
     tttttaaaag agatttcttg aaagcatatg tcaaaaatct catgtaatgc tttctgcttc     78180
     ttaaccaaag tttagagaaa cttaacaatg aaacttttaa aatgtagtta cattacataa     78240
     actatttaag gcaagaataa gcacaacagc tttaacttct taaatatgct taagcatttc     78300
     aactaaaaaa ttatttcttt caaattcaca ggaatctgtt tagaaaaatt ttaactagga     78360
     aaagttggaa ttctaaagta aacagtgcct aaggccataa agttttttat ggcttttaat     78420
     ttcaatgtca acgaggggga aaaaaacatt ctctgaaatt tgcttttatt ccattaaaga     78480
     cttatttttt tattaccagc aatacagagt gactcaggtt gaatcttgaa ggtaaactgt     78540
     aacttaattt taagttttgg ctaattttta aggatttctc agtcacctat catgatttca     78600
     tctcagaaac caagatctca atttcatata gacatttgga atattaaaat agaaggataa     78660
     tgcttcaaaa taatattcat gtagaggctt gcatatgtgg accaggaatc ttcatgtatt     78720
     acaaagttta tgagaacata acaaatgctg atacacacat ttaagtctga aacaaaaatt     78780
     tacaacaaac aaaattgtaa caaatcaaga aaattctgtg ggttacacat tttatgtcta     78840
     aaaatacagg tattaaacac tcaaggatgg atagaagaat aaatcacaag agaaaacaga     78900
     aaatatctag agacaaatta aaaatatgaa ataccaaaag ttaagacata catcaaaagc     78960
     agtagcataa gagaaaaatt tatagttata aatgattata aaaagtaaga tatcaaatca     79020
     acaacttaac tatatagcta atgaactaaa aacagaggga aaaagaggga acaactaaaa     79080
     gctagcaaaa taaaaaatga taaagatagc agtggaaata agtgaaagag aatagaaaaa     79140
     tatcaaaata caacaaaacc aagtttgttc tctgaaaaag ttcaacaaaa ctgacaaacc     79200
     tttaactaga ttgactaaga aaaaaagaat actcaaatta caaaactcaa aaataaaatg     79260
     gattcattac taccaaattt ttggagtaaa aaaagaatgt aggagggtac cataagaaac     79320
     tgtacactta aaaattgaat aacataaata aaacgaacaa attcctagaa acaaaaaacc     79380
     cactaagact gaatatgaaa agttgaataa acctattcag aaaggagatt ccgcaagaag     79440
     actgcatcag taatcaaaaa cccagcaaca aagaaaagcc tggaccagac ggcttcactg     79500
     ttgaattcta cccaacattt aatgcagaat taacaccagt ttttctcaag ctttttcaaa     79560
     acgttgaaga ggaggtaaca ttttctaact tattctatga ggctagaatt accctgacac     79620
     caagccagaa aaagacacta taagaaaact acaaacatcc cttacaaatg ctgattcaaa     79680
     aatcctcaac aaaataccag caattgaaat ttatcagtac attaaaagga ttacacacta     79740
     tgaatgagta tagttgactc ctgaaataaa attatgttcc aacacatgaa aatcagttta     79800
     atatcacatt aacataaaga aggaaaaaac cctcatgtga tcattttaat caaataaaag     79860
     aatttgtcaa aatttaaccc acaatcataa aaatatactt aataagctat aaaaataaat     79920
     aaaatatcga tgtaatgtta tattaaaaaa tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     79980
     cacacacaca cacacacagc taaccttatg gtgaaagact gacagatttt actctaagag     80040
     caaaaacaag gatgcctgtt ttcactactt ctatttaata tagtactgaa gattctaatt     80100
     agttaaaaca aaaaggcaag taaaagagtg aaagatattc caatttttga aaaagtaaaa     80160
     ttatctgttc gcagatgaca taatcttata tgttaaaaat cttctagttt ctgtgagtta     80220
     aactgtcaga tgcagtaaat aaaattcagc aaaactgcag gatagaaaat caatacacac     80280
     aaattagttg tatttctgca ataataataa actatgtgaa gaagaaatca agacaacagt     80340
     ataatttatg atagcatcaa aacaataaca tattaggaac aaacttaacc aaggaaatga     80400
     aaaacctgta cagcaaaaac tataaacatt gcagaaaaat attaaagatg atacaaataa     80460
     atgaaaagac gtcatgtgtt tattatggat tggaagacaa aaccttgtca agatgccatt     80520
     gttatcaata gtcatccatg aattcaataa aatcactata aaaattccaa tatttgcaaa     80580
     aatagaaaaa cctgttctaa aattcagatg agatttcaaa aaaccccaag tagccaaatc     80640
     aatcttaaaa actaacaaaa ttagaggact aacacctcct ggtttcaaac ttactgcaac     80700
     gcttcagtac ccaagacaat gttgtaccgg catagagaca gacagaaaga ccaatgcaat     80760
     agaaataaag aaccaaaaca tatggtcatg atttttaaca aggtagtcaa aactattcaa     80820
     tgggaaagga cagtatttta aaaacggtgt taacaaatga atatttacat gaaaaacaac     80880
     gaagttcaac ccttacttta caccacataa aaaacttaat ttaaaataga ccaaacatct     80940
     aattgtaagt gctgaaacta taaaaccctt agaaaaaaac ataggaaaag agtttcataa     81000
     catagaatct ggcaataatt tcttggatat gtcagtgaaa gcatagacaa caacaaaaac     81060
     aacaatacac aaaaataact tcatcatagt gaaaagcttt tgtgtatctg agatacaatc     81120
     aatagattga aaatacaatt cacggagggg gagaaaatat tcacacattt atgtatttca     81180
     caagtaatta atatccaggc tatataaaga cctcagaaac aacaacaaaa caatcaaatt     81240
     taaacatgag caaaggtttt aaaatacaca tttctttaaa gaagatatac aaatgaccag     81300
     taagcacagt ataaggagcc cagcatcagt aatcatgaga aaaaagtaaa tccaaaccac     81360
     aatgtcatac caactgacac atgtaagtat agctaccatc aaaaaaacca ccagcagcaa     81420
     actaaaacaa acaacaaagc tccagaaagc agcaaatgct ggatgtggag aagtcaggac     81480
     tcctgcactc tgctggtggg aaagtaagat ggcacagcca ctgtggaaaa cagtaatcac     81540
     tatgtgatcc agtaattcga catctgggcc tataccccag aaaactgaaa gtgggaattt     81600
     gaacacccat gttcgtagca gcattcagaa tagccaaagg gtagaaaaag cccaaaggtc     81660
     catctacaga tgaatggata agcaaatgtg agccatacac acaatgacat attattcagc     81720
     attaaaaaga aaagaaattt taatacatcc tacaacataa accttgaaaa gattaaaaca     81780
     aaaaatgcaa atactccatg cttttcactt ttataacaaa cctacaacgg ttaaattcat     81840
     agacacagga agtgggatgt ggtttccagg ggataggggg aagggaaacg ggagctattg     81900
     ttctgtggat acagtgtttc actttgggat gataaaacag atttgaaaat ggatagcggt     81960
     gatagttgca cagcaatgta tttgtaccta atgtacttaa attttctatt acacatattt     82020
     taccacagta aaaaattagc aaatatttaa aaatctatgt gttgctttga actgtttctt     82080
     tacatccctt gtccattttt caatttgact gctagtcttt taataattta ggatatatat     82140
     atattacgta aattagcttt ttgtctgtca cgtatgttgc agatctattt ccacagtcta     82200
     tgagtcattt gaagtatttt tctctcatag aaagtttgaa tttttatgga gtcaactgca     82260
     tcagtcttct attcaaagac ttatttatgg gtatagtctt tcagtttagg acgataaaga     82320
     agttgtagat acggattaag gagatggttt tacaacactg tgaatatact gaactgtgca     82380
     tttaaacatg gaaaaaatag taagttttat gttatatata ttttaccacc aaaaaagggt     82440
     caggcttaga tgtttatagg ttaggggttt gttgtacctt taacatttat tcccctccag     82500
     ggctttactt tataaaacac ccacacaaga aaagtagata ctgacttcac aaatctcatt     82560
     acaagtccca cagcagaggc tgccttggaa aacagaggtg gaaaaagtca cagaaacttg     82620
     aggtcaatgt gagacctccc atcccctact cagaaatcag atgagggaat gcatgcatgc     82680
     aggctgagct ggatagatga gatggggtgg gcagaacagt cctccaatca gcctagacct     82740
     taagtgctct cacgtgctct caggcatgta tcaaaccaag aaagcaggct aggaggataa     82800
     cacatctacc tttatacagg gagctatgaa atatctgaga tgagcaagtg attcacaagg     82860
     agacagaagc agtatgacct ttaccctgtg acccggttca attatttcag gctctcatta     82920
     accaggcgag ctcctctttc tctcagaggt aggtaaactt gagggggtaa agtaggattt     82980
     gggatttggg gataatggaa aagaaagcct ggtaatattt cttctatctc tgttttaaat     83040
     aaaaagtaaa acataaatgc cctttctcag ggcccaaatg ttaggcaaaa acaatgtttg     83100
     tcatctcagt acacacatgg tcatttattt tttccctctg catgttgtgc gctttttcag     83160
     tttataatgt ccctgatcca cttgtctcat actagctgca aacaaggaaa ctgaatgtca     83220
     caccaggtgg ccagcatttc tgtgaagggc agaaaccggg gcagccaaac agctggcaga     83280
     ggccagctag taagtacctg atgcccactc cgtagaggac tccacactta aaagaccaaa     83340
     taagcaagtg tcaggctgac tcacttgtta tccccccaaa taaaaaaata aaagtaaccc     83400
     ctccagggaa agtgtgtgtg tacatgccaa agtacatgca cacagttaca tgcaaagggg     83460
     aaagtctggg aaggaagaaa acccacccct gaacacaagt tacttgtggg gaaggggcag     83520
     gtgaagccaa ctgtcagcat ttcttacctt ttcaacagat gagcttgcat gaattttggt     83580
     aatttctcat aaaaaggcaa ttttcactcc ttgggtgatc acccaggtct ttcaaaactg     83640
     agccaccaac aaccacctgt accacttgac aggaagccaa ataatggctt ccatcaaagc     83700
     tcagccctcc cacccacctc ccagtcctgt cccatgcagg ggggtactgg actgctgggg     83760
     tccaagggtc caggccaaac ccaacccaca gattgttggt gaaaccagca ttcatccaag     83820
     ggcctttccg caacttgggc catgtgctca ctgcataagt atgcctgtgc ttgttcccct     83880
     aggacaaaga ctcccttttc ttacagctgg aatgaggggt ggggagattt catggtgtcc     83940
     tgtacaggtt ggatgttaat ctgatgtggt gctcttggag aagcttgcct gagtcaggtg     84000
     ctttctcatc ctgtggtgtg tgcttcccct tcaagctgca gaagtccctg aaggtaagtg     84060
     ctaatgcaac ccccatctac tggtgagcag aggtcaggtg atctgcagcc gtccaagcag     84120
     ctgctaagtg accaacaggc tggatctgca tctcacttgc agaggccctg cgtggctgct     84180
     gtggctgccc tgagactcgt tctgcctcct cttccctcca cagctctccc agcttctacc     84240
     cacagctgtg ctccaggtga gaaacactta tggatgcacc agggtgtaac tactcagact     84300
     tctgcatgca gaagggcccc tgatccatgc tgtttccata tccaagccca aacttgtcta     84360
     gagcttcagc aaatccaagc cctctgaatt ccctgcaaga ccaaactgag ccctacaacc     84420
     gccactacac tgattagctg ccagcccctg ctccctcctg ggcccctgtc tatagtgttc     84480
     tgaagtccta caagaatgtt gagttcctaa gccaactctc acccaaacag gtaaacaacc     84540
     aggggcctcc aggggtagag aacctagcca gacaggttct gctgcctgta gacttgatgt     84600
     ccttccccca caacatgcca tgcttgccag gctggaaggg ggtctccaga tacttgggaa     84660
     atctgggcct gtagctggca tatggagaag aggcctggaa aagcactact cctgtccatg     84720
     aagcccccag atggaaccag gtaattggga aatacatggg taccaagcct aatccacatt     84780
     cagacccgat gggaactgca gcagggactc gccctctgtg caactctggg tgtaccactt     84840
     cagaaggacc atctgatccc atgtgtcatt ggagatacta catgtgggca ggttccagtg     84900
     gttgcttcag ctgaaccttc ccaaccaggt ccacacaaaa acatttcata tgggggcaca     84960
     cctgggtggg caagcacacc cctcagagag tgagagccac tgaggagggc tgtcacagag     85020
     gccccttttc ctgctctgag aacaggttaa gggagtatgg gggacctctg ccacctccta     85080
     gctgcttcca ggagccactt ctttcaagat gaggcactct cctgcttgcc tgttgccatt     85140
     tggctgcaaa aggccattgc caacattcaa tgaagaaaaa gaaaggggcc tcacctgttt     85200
     tccctgacac acctgaggca ggtgggtatg cccagggttc ctgcggtaga acctgtacat     85260
     ctgccgaccc ccaggctatg ctggcttcat tttatctgtg tgatgagggt ggggtgggaa     85320
     ttaccaagag gtaattacac aggccaccga caaattctac aagagctagg tagaaaagca     85380
     ctgtcttgtc aggctgccca gcacccagct cacacacaca catctcttga cagcttcccc     85440
     aaagcaggct ttgaagtcca ggctccccag gaagcctggg gtggagactc tgccaggcta     85500
     aaggacctat ccccaaaggt gacaccctca ccagtctcat cctgacaatc ttggattatt     85560
     tttgccctga agttttgaag tgggagacag agagacagca gacagtgtgt attaaccacc     85620
     tttccagaga gcatcagccc tccagactgg ggcaggtaag acctccactt gtgtgttttt     85680
     ctcactgatt gccagatggg ggaaacagca cttgtgagca tctgcctgtc tccccaggtc     85740
     ctgttcagaa accccatctt tgcctttgga gagactgccc cgagcacaca ggcccagcaa     85800
     ccaccatcta tggcccccag gacctaataa ccttctacat agggttcagt gcatgtgagc     85860
     agacactgga cttgattcct gcccaacagt ccctgccaga taccccatgc ccacctcatt     85920
     aagagaatga agacacacgt tcacacccag tccatcatgg tgatagagtg gctggggtcc     85980
     tactttgcca cccttcaatg ctggttcata atcagctgtc tgaccacgtt cctaccctga     86040
     ggtaggactt tgggacattg tccaccaggg tcactgacca cttttaaagt tccagaaaca     86100
     gagggccagc tattcccctg gaagtttgct acatgggata agccaaggct tgccttcagg     86160
     aacaggtttc ccatcacata gctgcccaag tcccagggca tccatacgtt catgtgaata     86220
     ctacttgcca catccacagc ccatgccaac ccctcctgga gccagccgaa tgcttgttac     86280
     tgggcatgtg ataagcccag acagcttcag ccttgcagga caactaaggg catctagcag     86340
     cagtagccag agagcctaaa gaaagaagtt agaggtgaaa ccagatgtta tgagagtact     86400
     ttagtaggca aaatcgcata ctataaaaat gctttaaaat acatcaggag aagatgagaa     86460
     gacacaaatg aacaattgcg tagtgacaca gggctgtcag aacacaaaaa agaatccaca     86520
     tagtttccat cctttcccca agaaaaggaa agctctaggc cacctcctcc tcagcacact     86580
     cctcaaactc ctcctcctca gccttggcat cctggtactg ctaattttca gacaccaggt     86640
     cattcatgtt gctctcagcc tcagtgaact ccatctcatc caagccctcg cccgtgtacc     86700
     agtggaggaa gaccttgcac ttgaacattg ctgtaatctc ttctgagaca tgcttgaaga     86760
     tttcctggat aacaatgctg ttgcccatga aggtggccaa catttttagc ccctggggtg     86820
     ggatgtgaca gatggctgtt tttacgttgt gggggagcca gtcagcaaag tagctgctgt     86880
     tttattttga atgttgaaca tttgtccatc cacctccctc atgggcatgc aacccctgaa     86940
     aatggcagcc accattaggt agcagccatg acaggggcag ccatcatatt cttagcataa     87000
     aacatctgct gagtaagctc agccacagtc agggcctggt aatgctggct gccccggctg     87060
     gtcagtgggg caaagccagg catgaagaaa tgcagcctgg gaaatgggac catgttcaca     87120
     gacagcttct gtaggtcagc attcagctga cctgggaagc ccaggcacat ggtgacccca     87180
     ctcatggtag cagataacag gtggttcatg tcaccatagg taggtgtggg cagttttagg     87240
     gttctggaat agatgtcata tagagcttca ttatctatgc aaaaggtctt atctgcattt     87300
     tctatgagtt tctatggtgg actgacaggg tggcattgta gagttccacc atggtgtctg     87360
     acaccttggg cgaggacagg atgctgaatg tgtttatgat cctgtctgaa tactcctccc     87420
     agatcttact aacgagaagg gtacccatcc cagatgcagt tcccctaccc agggagtggg     87480
     tcagctggaa accctgcagg cattcacagc tctcacactg ctttcagaca atgtccatcg     87540
     ctgactccat cagctccgca ccttctgtat agtgcccctt ggccttgttt caagccccac     87600
     actgacctgt atgacagtac agtcagtcac ttgagtgcca ggtgtatggt catcagtggt     87660
     caccaccaca atgcaaaatg gaccaagtgt cacatgtgag gtgaaagcac cattcatcct     87720
     tcaggtggag caaatgaaac cccgtaccgc agagttacag gacagcagcc tcccctttta     87780
     gaaattaagt caggactcaa aactcagaca tgctaagaga cctcgctgta ggtggctcct     87840
     acctattttc agggaagaga gtagccacgg ccccagctca gctccctgca gggagtttat     87900
     aacactagct cctcaccttg aggagacgcc tggggcttcc tcccgaagcc catttaggag     87960
     aggcagattg agccattggg agaataggag gatgttcagg ggccctggct gcacaattcc     88020
     cacagctatg accttcagga actactagat gagctgctcc ggctaaggag ccgcaccgca     88080
     gtcctcactc gcagctcacc aaagatgagg ttgtcggcct gaagatgagc ccgaagggcc     88140
     ccgagcgcag agagtccatg gtgaccggct ccaggtccac gagcacagcg cagggcacgt     88200
     accagccacc tgagtgggac aggagggtat tagcgagggg gagggccgcc gttcccagga     88260
     tggcgatcgg agaaggtctg ggttctcacc gctggcctcg ttgtagtaca cgttgatgcg     88320
     ctacagctgc aggttgctct ccccgtggta ggtgccagcg gagtcaatgg gatgttcatc     88380
     agagatcacc ccccagaact acaagagatt gggtggggtc agacagacca gggctgagtc     88440
     acggaggcca gggagctgga ggcgccccag cccctctcct agctcctcta ccacccccac     88500
     cctcatccgc aaccacatcc ctaggctgcc gtgtccctgg ggtccacccc tgccgactag     88560
     tcagcctccc agttccactg cgtccccggc agggagccca ggggctgcaa ttcaggggca     88620
     ccgcccaagc cactgccact gccaacatct tccctggcca cccagtaggc cggagctggg     88680
     acctcagagc cccggatgcc aaccttggca ccgatcttct tcccgcactg ccgggtctgc     88740
     gtgagcgcaa tctccctcat ggccaaggcg ggattagggc ggcaggagaa atgcgagaag     88800
     gaagagcaga tgtgcagcga cccagcccgc cctctgccaa catttaaata gaccctcgcc     88860
     cgcctccctc aacctcggat tgggctccca gaataagcaa cagctttact tccacacagg     88920
     tgtacccacc tgtgagtccc ttggagctga acgtctgctg gggagctcag gtggccttgc     88980
     tgtggtcctt tccacgttgg ggaaagctgg tcagctggag aacttcctcc ctcgtcttta     89040
     ctaagattaa atccctagct gacatgaaac tgaattttcc tcccatgtgg gaggggaagc     89100
     ctcttatttc agtattcaca gagtgccttg cacctatcct agactgatga catatttttg     89160
     tacttgatga gtcttttcat ctattgggag atctgtggta ggaaaggcct tccatatgta     89220
     aacacaacaa gacttaatgg taagttttac tttggagcag ttcaaaccct cagtaagtta     89280
     tgggtgttag agatattagg catttgattt agcatgagtc ttctttagag taggattagc     89340
     cctttcacct ttccagagga ctgcggtctt tacgcagagt gaaagtaata ctggattcct     89400
     aaagctgagg ataggtgttg ggatacactg aaaatggacc attgtcactt tgcaggcttt     89460
     tagattactc agactgataa gttatttctt ctggcaacga tctaaccagt gaaggtatca     89520
     gtaagagtta gcaaatattt gaatctcctg cagaaagaca tctgagtaaa ttagagttgc     89580
     cagttctcac ctggatagat tcatcaatat tggacacgtt taactggaga aggagaaaat     89640
     tgctggcctt tgggacatgt caggcgcaga gctcacaggg gtgagccacc tgttttattg     89700
     tcttgaaaag atttacccct ataaacaaat gagatattaa cagaaacaaa gaatctcttc     89760
     taggatgaaa ataatcataa agtgctgaat tatattccta tgattggtac ttggcattag     89820
     taatttatta ccatcgttca gcgggccaga ggggtcctgg actgaactgc aatccctggc     89880
     ccaattttgt acttcttcag agtattctga ccctatgttc tgtgaatgct aatcagcaca     89940
     cccatagctt aattggcctt ttcagtccag gggccttgac tgcagcatct accagggcat     90000
     ttccttttac atggtccgtc tctgttttga tgacctctgc aattaattat agtcagtttt     90060
     ggcagcaaaa cagcattcta agaagctaaa aatctgaatg atgttctatg gaaaagccct     90120
     tgggagccag gggtagttac ccattccaaa ttgcagcgta agaatgaagc actaaaaaat     90180
     catagttgga atcagtgtaa gtgttaacgt ttaaatgctt taccaactgc aggggcctag     90240
     taagttcaat taactcagct ttctgagctg aggtagaggc cagcaatgct tgtgccttga     90300
     ttctcttgtg ctaataagta tatctagctc ttctgttttc cctgatgcaa aaaagaactt     90360
     gcgtctgtta accactcttc cttgggatgg tcaaggggca aggggctcat ctcttgtaag     90420
     tctggcctcc tagaataaat ttgttttata acctgtgaca tgattttgct gtgtccccag     90480
     tcaaatctta tcttgaattg tagctcccat aattcccata tatcatggca gtgacccagg     90540
     gggaggtaat tgaattgggg gatgagtctt tcccatgctg ttctcgtgac agtgaataag     90600
     cctcatgaga tctaatggtt tgtttattta tttatttatt tattttattt tttttatttt     90660
     tgagacatag tctttctctg ctgcccaggc tagaacgcaa tagcatgatc tcagctccct     90720
     gcaacttctg acttccaagt tccagctatt ctcctgtctc agcctcctga gtagctgaga     90780
     ttacaggtgc ccaccaccat gcctggctaa tttttgtagt tttagtacag atgggatttc     90840
     accatgtttg ccaggctggt ctcaaactcc tgacctcagg tgatccacca ccttggcctc     90900
     ccaaaatgat gggattacag ctggtggctt tataaaaggg agtttcccta cacaatctct     90960
     tttgcctgct gccatgtaag agatgtgact ttgctcctca tttgccttct gccgtgagtg     91020
     tgaggcctcc acaatcatgt agaactgtga gtcaattaaa cctcttttct ttataaatta     91080
     cccagcctca gatatgtgtt tattagtagc atgagaatag actgatacaa cctgtatgcc     91140
     agaaaggctg ggagcacctg tggactctgg cagataagta gctgtgttta tggtttgaca     91200
     ggctttaaga gttatgtctg gagtgtctag caattaggcc tgataccttc ataaatattc     91260
     tcctattatc cactggtgcc atttagcttc taggaagacc ttcccttgat gtggggtcaa     91320
     aaacctgtag gtgctgtcct aatgttagtt tattagtttt acctactaga aaagttgtag     91380
     cagcaatagc tctaagacat taagaccacc ctgaggccac ctggtctatc tgcttagaaa     91440
     attaggttac tggccttgga atattcccca gttttgtgac aagattaccg aaggcctatg     91500
     ccttgctttt tggccacata aagcacaaat ggttgatcca acctggggac tcccacaact     91560
     gcagcagagc ccaatttctc cttaaaagta ttgaagtttt gcttgtagct ctaattacat     91620
     tctaggagct ctaaatcttt ctctttagtg tatcatataa gggttggcta catgtccaaa     91680
     tctgggtacc cataagtagc agtacccagc catctcctaa aacagcccaa cagtcatttc     91740
     ttggactggg accctcacat gactaaaata actttttatc ttctagggat gttgatcagt     91800
     tccaaaggtt aagacagatt ccaaatattt aagtctttca gtcaaaatct gagccctgta     91860
     tggtgatatc ttatatttgc aaattcccag gaaatttacc aatttaacag ttttattatt     91920
     tgagtcttct ttagttggac tagcaatgag caagtcacct gcatactgaa taattgtgtc     91980
     ctttgcaatc gtagatttct taagtcctta gctagagcat tttctaataa gtgggggcta     92040
     tcccagaacc cttcagagat gcctgtccag gttaattttg aggctgaatg catatacaga     92100
     tcagtccatt ctaaggcaaa catattgtga aactggatgc actgaaatgc agaaaaattc     92160
     atctttcagg tttaagaatg taaaccactt tgcatcccct gggacttggg taagtattgg     92220
     ggacaatgag gtgtatggag acaactgcgt ttattaatgc tgtaaggttt ctgacaaatc     92280
     tgtattttcc atcaggcttt tcatctggta acatgcaagt attgtaagga gactctcatg     92340
     gccttaataa ctcatatgac aataatatgg cgataagggt ttgaatttcc cctcatgctt     92400
     ctcgccttaa aatgtattgt ctcttctgag ggtgaggagc actaggctga agttggattt     92460
     gaatgtggga ggtgtttagt gcatttccca gagcttgtgt ggcccaaacc ttaggattta     92520
     cttgagacaa cagctcaggt ggtaaatgtg acagctcatt cttaacttct ttttcccctg     92580
     aggggtcagg aacaaaagta acactttctc tgctttatga tctgtgaagg tgaccatgac     92640
     atagtctcct gattcaataa acctctcccc agtaagaggt caggcattca gacagtacta     92700
     aaaaggcagg tgagaaacac agaatccctg gaggacaact tagaagataa gaaaagcagt     92760
     gtttttgggc ttgtccatcg tgagaagaca ggagccaatt gtatttactc aggacggagt     92820
     catctgttcc catacttaat aagaagttaa taatcctacc ttccacttca agagtcggct     92880
     gaggctcttc catctctcga taggtaatag tccaatgaga gcagatgcag gaagtatcag     92940
     gccctaccac ttttggatct gctgggtgct gatgatggct cccttggaag cacagtgtat     93000
     ttccttcggc agtggctgac cttcttacag aagtcacatt gatttatatc caaggcatag     93060
     tgggccagag gcacagactg ggacttttac cttctcactt cctctgtgac ggccaggggt     93120
     taagggggct gcctctgaag gggtggagag cacaaggctg tagctagaag ctggcctctt     93180
     gggaggtttg ctttattttg tttcctctgc cctattcctg tgatggaaaa ctgcaaaagc     93240
     caagtctaac agctgaccca tgggagtctg ggtccctaag cactccctaa ggctgctttc     93300
     agcggcttcc tgcagatatc agaagcagac tgggctataa aataaactcc tagcaatgtc     93360
     gcaatgcctg tcccttcttg gagtcgggca gtgttagtgt atttcctcaa ggtctaagtt     93420
     atccaccctt gtaataaagc taggtattca tcttctccct gagcaatttt ccagatttat     93480
     aaaaattaaa aagttacatc atgcattttt ttattccttc aaggagtcaa atgatcataa     93540
     ttttttctct gtatatccca ctttcttcct aattgatttc ccttttctag atcctaattc     93600
     tcttttggtt cctgctcagg cactgttgtg cctcctactt gatagttgcc atgtctctgg     93660
     ttgcaggctg ccgccctatt agcatgtgct ctagtcactc ccataatacg ctgcttttct     93720
     atcatgtgtc aggtaaacat aaatgtatgc aaatcttgcc tggtcagatc atacttcaag     93780
     gttagcctct taaatttgtc tatgaatttt cctggaacct ctgaaagctg tttcagtttt     93840
     tccttgcatg tggctgattc agacatagaa aagggtacat atagctatat agtgtcccta     93900
     ttatcatttg ccacttccca gagagggcaa agattcaact ttgccagctg ataagagacc     93960
     ccagggcatg ttgttctggt gaagctcggg tgttttcagg tatctatgta agataggact     94020
     cgaagggcag ggcaaagatg atgtctggac acgagattac cctggaaaac tagaaggaat     94080
     taataacatg ttgcacacct caccagaact ggaaggagcc tgactgcgtt cttatggggt     94140
     gcttggactg gcagtgcaga gttcagcctc agctaagaaa agcctgatat taagaggcac     94200
     ttgcattgaa aaggtaatca attatgtgcc gtccctattt tgtcttttct tccatcaaac     94260
     atatacaagc tgattttaat tttttaatcc tgaccaagca tcagagatgc ctgtgtataa     94320
     tgtatttcct ccccttcact ttctcttcta taaaacaaat taagctgcaa aagaatgagt     94380
     cagaccaaac aggggaaatg ggaaggctgt aacttgtata ttgaaatgta ttagtccgtt     94440
     ttcacactgc tatgacaaaa ctgacacact ttcagggaaa aaatgacatg ctgggtttag     94500
     aaagtagggt ccagctgccc tataccagct cttcaaagat gatcttatgc ttaagaaata     94560
     agagaaaact cttaagcaaa cgtctcatgt tctccatatt gatgctaatt gtttgcagag     94620
     ggttgtcata aaagaggttg tcactaaaca ggcatatctg atcttatcat gtaagactgt     94680
     taaatgccac atttcaactt ctagtcataa tgatggagag gttactgctg atcttttctg     94740
     ataattaagg taaaaaatac taggttccaa gacacctctt ttcttcagtg tcacttggac     94800
     cagtggcaaa ttaaataagc aatcagctaa aagtcagagg attattgagg aaagtaaaag     94860
     ctaaactgtt ttggtcctct ttcatggggc agcctacaga ctactacaaa acagaggcag     94920
     tgagccgaaa ggtgacaaga tgcagagcac tcaggtgagg gacagagagc accaggtgga     94980
     cagtccaaaa agagaaagtg gcaaacatct tgtttagcca agtccattcc tctcaacata     95040
     ccccagagcc tctaaccttg tgagcttggc gtttaatctg agtatgacac ccccaggtct     95100
     ctaacttttt gggctaagtc tctcccccta acattatgca ctagggcctc tcactttagt     95160
     agtagtggat aatcattctt gcctgccaga atggcttcac gactctaaaa gatggcctgc     95220
     ttgccaggtg attgattctg tatggattgt tttccttgga gtgggggtct tgtcttggtg     95280
     tcccttcaag gtgttgctga aagatgttgc tggaaaagag ggtcctgata ctgaccacaa     95340
     agtaggattc ttagatcttg tgtaggaaaa aattgaggtg aatcagagag cacagtgaaa     95400
     gaagcaagat tattataagt gactccattg cagagttggg catcgtcaga aaacaaaagc     95460
     aggaatgcat tgtcttttat gagtatctct acttataagt aagtataaag agaaacagtt     95520
     attaataaac ttggaaggtg cagatgtatt cactaaagtc aggagctatt ggttttaaca     95580
     atgatcatta ccccattgac ctaagctagc tcattaatat tatctttaag gaaaaaatgc     95640
     tgcacaccta ggatatttat acatttttca ggcttggtgg aaactgtctt gtatggccat     95700
     aaatactctg caactgtaat ttgtggccag cttaaaaatg tggctatttt cagaccataa     95760
     atattaacct tctagatgct ttgtgagtac ctaggtactc atattaagat agagtattcc     95820
     agttatgttt attaaattag aagcttggta accatgactt cctctaacaa agcaagccta     95880
     ctgctcaagg ataaaattta tttctcagga attttgtgca ttttgtttga tggaatttga     95940
     tatatttacc aaaatggcag aaaagagtga aattagtcct caaagatttc tcaggattag     96000
     atataaagta aacaaaatga ttatagttaa tatgcaagtt gatacaattg atattcaaaa     96060
     gaaattttgt tagaaacatg agatttttat ttatatttat ttaattattg ttattatttt     96120
     gagacagagt ctttctctgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt gcaccgtctc ggctcactga     96180
     aacctccgcc tctgaggttc aagtgattct cctgcctcag cctctcaagt agctacaatt     96240
     acagacatgc atcaccacac ccagttaatt tttgtatctt tagtagagat ggggtttgtc     96300
     tctgttggcc gggctggtct caaacacctg acagcaaatg atctgtccat gttggcctcc     96360
     caaattactg ggattacagg catgagccac cgcttccagt cacaatgagg tttttaagta     96420
     attctaactg atttcctgct gttgagcagg gagctgagca aattcaacag atcgtgagcc     96480
     tcaagtagga gaagactgag gccaaactct ggaacacatg tgattaatta cgtataattg     96540
     aaaccaaatc aaatttaata aggcttttag tttcaagatg tttccatcat tttgaaatgt     96600
     ggtgttattc agtggaaaag aaaaataatg tttatctcca gagtaaagaa cagggttccc     96660
     tgcagggatt gattaactga gagctatggc tcaggattaa aaattctttt tccccttata     96720
     aattaaaaat taatttttaa gcctccagtc accaaatgga cccctcttct tggataagga     96780
     ccttccaaag ttaacctgaa aagcaagttc aagccatggg tcacgcatac ctcattatac     96840
     tctcctcccc ttggttttaa ttttaatttt gatttttaat ttatttttgt gggtacacag     96900
     ttggtgtata tatttatagg ggtacatgac atactttgat acaggcatgc agtgagtaat     96960
     acataataaa aaatgggcta tctatcccct tgagcaatta tagcttgtgt tataaagaat     97020
     ccagttatac tcttttagtt tttataaaat gtatagttaa attattattt actgtaatca     97080
     cccagttgtg ctatcaaata ctgccttatt cattctttct aacaattttt tgtacccatt     97140
     tagcatcccc actatccttc tcttccccca ctgcccttcc cagcctcagg taacccccct     97200
     tatactctct atctctatga catcaattgt ttcaaatttt agcagtcaca aataagtgag     97260
     aacatgtgac atttgttttt cctgtgcctg acttatttca cttaacataa agactttcag     97320
     tttcgtttac gttattgcaa atgacagact ctcattcttt cttatagctg aatagtattc     97380
     cattgtgtat atgtaccaca ttttctctag ccagtcatcg ttgattgacg tttaggtgtc     97440
     ttccaaatct tggctattac cagcatttgt ttttgactga cttctggata aaagccacct     97500
     tactggagtg aaatgatatc tcatttttgg tttgatttgc atttctataa taatcagtaa     97560
     tgtggagaat cttttcattt gcctgtttgc catttgtatg tcttcttttc ataaatgtct     97620
     atttaaattt tttgtccact ctttaattag gttactacat atttttctat agaatttttt     97680
     taactcaata taatgtagtg tattagtctg tttctgcact gctattaaaa aaaaaacaga     97740
     gactggatta tttattaatc tatttattca ttgagattaa gtcttgctcc atcacccagg     97800
     ctggagtgaa gtggtgcgat ctcggctcac tgcaacctcc cctctggggt ccaagcaatt     97860
     atctgcctca gcctcctgag gagctgggat tacaggcacc agccaccatg cccagctatt     97920
     ttctttattt ttagtagaga ctgtgtttca ccatcttggc caggctggtc ttgaactcct     97980
     gaccctgtga tccaccgacc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattataggc gtgagctact     98040
     gtgcctggtg agattgggta atttttaagg aaataggttt aattgactca catggctggg     98100
     gaggcctcag gagacttaca atcatggcag acagggaagc aggcaccttt acatgacagc     98160
     aggtgagaca gcctgtatgc gaagcaaaag gggaagagcc cctcataaaa ccgtcagatc     98220
     tcatgagaac tcattatcag aagaagagca tggaggaaac cacttccatg atccaatcac     98280
     cttctcacct tctaccaggt cactccctca acacctggag attaattcaa tatgagattt     98340
     gggtggggac acaaagccta accgtatcat gtggttataa attgcttttc acatgggtaa     98400
     tttacaaatg tttcctccta ttctgtgggt tttctcttca cttcgtttat tgtttccttc     98460
     actttaaaaa agctttctga cttgctgtaa ttccatttgt ccatgtttgc ttttgtggtc     98520
     tgtgcatatg gggcactact taagaaattt ttgcccaaac caatgcttta aagagtttcc     98580
     ccattttttt gtgtgtgaaa ctttgatagt ttgaggtgtt aagtttaaat ctttaattat     98640
     tttaatttga tttttttatg tggcaagaaa tatggttcta gtttcattct tctgcctatg     98700
     gcttgccagt tttcccagcc ctacttatta cagaaactgt cttatttttt gttgtatgtt     98760
     cttagcactt ctgttgaaaa taagtttagt ttagctgcat gagtttgttt ctaagttctc     98820
     tatttcattc cttgggtctt tatgttctat ttttattcta gcatcatgct gttttaatta     98880
     ctatagcttg atggtataat ttaaaaccag gtaatgggat tcctccattt ttgttttata     98940
     tactcagcat agctttgact atcatggtgt tttgtggttc catatacatt gcagaagttt     99000
     tttctatttc tgtgaggaat gtcattgtta tttagataga gatggcatga aatgtataga     99060
     ttcctttgga ttgtatggac atttttaaaa atactgattc ttccaacctg tgaacaaata     99120
     aatatctttc cattttttgt gtcctctttc atttctttta tcagtattct acaattttaa     99180
     ttgttgagaa cttttatttc tttggtaaat tcgcacacat tttgttttat ttatggctgt     99240
     tgcaaatagg attactcttc tgaattcttt ttcagtttgt tgatggttgg catatagaaa     99300
     tcctactgat ttgtatatgt tgattttgta ttctgcaaat ttactgaagt tatcacttct     99360
     aacagttttt tggtggatat attaggccat tctcacattg ctataaaaat agttggtgac     99420
     tggttaattt ataaagaaaa taggtttaat tggctcatgt ttctagaggc tgtacagaaa     99480
     gcatagccct ggcccctgct tctggggatg cctctgacaa ctgacaaggt gaagaaaaaa     99540
     tccggtgctt gcacatcaca tggtaagtgc aaaggcaaag ggaaagtgct acgcacttgt     99600
     agatgaccag ctctcatgaa aacttactgt tgtgggaatg gcaccaaagc aaatgatgcc     99660
     aaactcttca tggaaatcct gccctcatga ttccatcacc tcccaactag gcccacttcc     99720
     aacgttgagg tttacatttc aatataagat tttggtggga acacacaccc aaactatatc     99780
     attttgcccc tggccatttc aaatctcata tccttctcat atttcagaat acaatcatga     99840
     cttcccaata atccccaaag tcttaactca tttcagactt aactcaaaag tcaaaagtct     99900
     catctaagac aaagctagtt ccttcctcct ataagcctat aaaataaaaa caagttaggt     99960
     aattcgaaga cataaattgg gtatagacat tgggtaaata ttcctattct aaaaggaaga    100020
     aatcagttaa aagaaagggg ctgcaggacc catgcatgtc tgaaacccag aatgggagtt    100080
     attgaattgt aagactccaa aataattatt tttgactctg tgtcccattt ccaggacaca    100140
     ctaatgcttt gggaagtttc aaccttgtgt ctttgcatgg tttagccccc atggctgctc    100200
     tcacgggctg ttactgtgtg cctctagctt ttccaggtgc aaggtgcaag ctgtacagga    100260
     tctaccattc tggagtctgg tggacagtga tcctctcctc acagatctac taggtcatgc    100320
     cccattaggg agcccacatg gggactgtaa ccccacattt cttctctgca ttgatttagt    100380
     agaggttctc catgagggct cccctctgca acatgcttct gcctgcacac cttggctttt    100440
     tcatacatcc tttttgaaat aaaagtggaa gctccaaatt ctcaactgtt gcattttgta    100500
     cacccacagg cctaacacca catgaaagct agcaaggctt atggattgca ccttctgaag    100560
     cagtgagtat agttgtaact gggccaattt gagctacacc tggagcatga gcagtggcca    100620
     ggattcaggg agccatgttc caaggctact caaggcagca ggtgctgggt ctgatctcag    100680
     aaactattgt cttcttttag gccccagggt ctgtgatggg gggctggctt ttagaattct    100740
     aaaatgcctt caattcctct ttcccattgt cttggctatc aacaattgct tttttttttt    100800
     gggttgtaca aatatctcta acaagtggtt gctccatagc ctgcttgagt tcctctctta    100860
     taaaagctat ttatttttct gacacttaac tagactacaa acttctcaag cttttacact    100920
     atgcttccat caaaagtata agttacaaat ttttgttttg ttttgttttt ttgctccaac    100980
     atgtgaacac aggttgatag aagcagccag gacacatctt gaatgctttg ctgcttagac    101040
     atttttccaa cagaaaccct aaatcatcac tttcaaattc aaacttctgt atatccctag    101100
     ggcatgacag acattcagac aaccattttg ctaagatgac atgcataact tttgcttcag    101160
     acctaataag tttctaattt tcatctgaga actcctcagc tcagccttca ctgtccagat    101220
     cactatcagc attatggtca cagccataca accaggctct aagaagatct caactttccc    101280
     taattattct ggcttcttct gtgtcctaca gactcctcca acttttgcct gtttatccaa    101340
     taacaaagtt aattccacat tttcaagtat tcttataaca attttccaca atttggtgcc    101400
     aattttctct atttatctat ttttgcatca ctataaatac ctgagactgg aaaatttatt    101460
     tttaaaaaag gaggtttaag cggcttgtgt ctctacaggc tatagagaag atatagcact    101520
     agcatacact tctgggaagg cctctggaac tttacagtca tggcagaagt ttaagcagaa    101580
     tcttgcatat cacagggcaa aaggcaggag caaaaaacag agaggtgagt tgttacacac    101640
     ttttaaataa ccagatctta tgggaactca ctcactatca tgaggatagt accaaatggg    101700
     atggtgctag gccatttgtg agtaatccac ccagatggtt aaatcacctt tcatcaggcc    101760
     cacctccaac atcgacaatt acatttaaat atgagatttg ggagaggata catattaaaa    101820
     ctctatcaga tgagtcttta tattttttca aatataaaat tatatcatca gcaaaaaaga    101880
     taatttgact tattttccaa ttgggatggc ttttattact ttctcttgtc tgattgctcc    101940
     agataggact ttcagaatta tgttgaataa ccatggtaaa aatggatatt cttgtcatct    102000
     tcgagatttt agaggaaagg cttttagttt tttccccacc aagtatgata ctagctgtgg    102060
     gtctgtcaca tataactttt attatgttga ggtatcattc catacccagt tttcaaaggg    102120
     cttttaatta ttaaggaatg ttaaatttta tcaaatgatt tttagcatag ttgaagtgat    102180
     tatatgggtt ttgtccctca ttctgttttt ttgtttttgt ttttgttttt tttttacgcc    102240
     gtctccttct ttcacccaag ctggagtgca atggcatgat cttggctcac ggcaacctcc    102300
     actttccagg ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct cagcctcctg agtagctgaa attacgggtg    102360
     cctaccatgg cgcctggcta atttttgcat tttttgtaga tatggggttt tgccatcttg    102420
     gccagtctgg ttttgaactc ctgacctcag gtgattcacc cacctcagct tcccaaagtg    102480
     ctgggattac aggcatgagc cactgcacct ggtcgcttca ttgtgtttat atgatatatc    102540
     acattgatta atttgcatgt tgcactatct ttgcatgtct gggataaatc ccacttgccc    102600
     atgatggatt atctattatg taattattat tatgtatatt atctattatg taaatatatt    102660
     atgtaattat acataaatat aattatttat gtattgttta attcaggttt ccaggttttt    102720
     tgcaaatgtt tgcatcatta ttctcatata ttggcccgta gtttgctctt ttaatgtgtc    102780
     tttgtctggt tttgatatca gtttaatact agcctcaaag aatgagtttg aaaatgttct    102840
     ttccttctct attttatgcc tggtcctgca gactttttta ttatggcttt aattttgtta    102900
     tttattattg gtctgttcac gttttttatt ttttcctagt tcaatcttgg taagttgttt    102960
     gtgtccaaga attgatttcc tctaggtttt ctaatttgtt ggcatacaat tgctcacatt    103020
     agccactaat gatcctttga ttttctgaag cgttacttgt aatgtctctt tatcaactct    103080
     gattttatta atttggtatc ttctcagttc ttcagttagc ctctgtaagt atttgtcaat    103140
     tgttttactt ttcaaaaaag tcaacatttt gtttcattga ttttttgcat tgttttcttc    103200
     attttaactt tatttccact ctaatcttta ttatttcttt gcttctaatt ttgagtttgg    103260
     tttggccttt ttattctatt taattaagat atattgttag gttattttaa ggttttctaa    103320
     tttttatgta tgcacttata gttttaaatt ttccttttta ttagtacctc ttttactata    103380
     ttctataggt tttgccatgc tatgtttcca ttatcatttg tttcaagaaa tttttctact    103440
     ttctttttaa cttttttatt gacctactga ttattcagtg gcatattgtt taattttcaa    103500
     gtgtttgtat agtttctgaa attctttttt ttttttttat cgatttctag ttttattcca    103560
     ttgtggtcag agaaaatcct tgatattact tcaatttttt gaatgttttt agatacgtta    103620
     cctaagttat ggtctaccct tgagatcaaa ccatgtactg aggagaagaa tgtgtattct    103680
     gtagctgttg gatgaaattt tctgtaaata tctattaggt taatttgtac tatagtgcag    103740
     attaagtctg atgtttcttt gttgattttc tgtctggaag gtctatccaa tgactaaagt    103800
     tgggtgttga agtgtccagc cattattgta ttgtggtctc tttctttaca tctcttataa    103860
     tatttgcttc atttatatag gtgctttagt gttgggtgca tatatatttc cagttattac    103920
     atcttcttga ttaattgacc cctttattat tatataatga ccttcttaat ctcctcttac    103980
     agtcttttgt tgaaatctat ttttgtctgg taaaagtata gctatttctg ctttttttgt    104040
     ttctattggc atggaataac ttttactatg cttttatttt cagtctaaat gcatctttat    104100
     aggtaaagta ttttttttta ggtcacagat tattgtcttg tgcctctatc cattaatcca    104160
     ttatttgtct tttgattgga gtatttggtt catttacatt caaacttagt attgataagc    104220
     acttactcct gccattttgt tatttgtttt ctgattgatt tttgtcctct catccttctt    104280
     ttctttcttc cagtcttcct tttagtgaag gtgatttctc ctgtaatata atataatttc    104340
     ttccttttta ctttttgtac aactgtgata tgctttttaa tttgaaatta tgattaggct    104400
     tgaaaataac atcttataac acatcgtttt agactgtgaa caatttaacc ctgattgcat    104460
     aaacaaagaa acaagcagag caactaacaa aaactttaca ctttgatttc attgccattc    104520
     ttttaaactt tttgtggttt ctcttcattc ccgattttac tgtctatatc ttggaaatat    104580
     cttgtagtta tttttgtaat tggtttattg cttactgttt ctatttgaga tttttgcaca    104640
     acataattac catgttataa tattctgtgt ttttccgtgt gctattacta gtgagttttg    104700
     taccttcaga tgatttctta ttgctcattc actttttttt tttcaggtta agaactccct    104760
     ttagcatttc ttgcaggaca tgtctggtgt taatgaaatc cctcggtttt tgtttctcca    104820
     gaaaagttct tatttctcca tcaagtttaa aggatgtttt tgccagatac attattctaa    104880
     agtaaaagtc tttttttctc ttcaggtttt taaaaatggc atgccattct ctcagcctgt    104940
     aaattttccc ctgaaaggtc tgctgtcaga tctactggag ttccactgaa tgttatttgt    105000
     ctctcttctc tcactgcttt tcgattcatt tctttatcct taacctttgg gagtttagtt    105060
     aagtgccttg aggtggtctt ctttgggcta tatctgcttg atgttctgta actttctttt    105120
     actcaaatgt tgatatcgaa tgctgggaaa ttgtttaata ttatttaaca ctatttcttt    105180
     aaataaatgt ttaactcatc tcttttcaat ctcctcttta aggccaataa ctcttagatt    105240
     tgctattttg aggctaattt ttaggttttg gcagcatgct ttatttttta ttcttttttg    105300
     tctcctctga ctttatattt tcaaatagtc tgacttcaag ttcactaaat ctatcttctt    105360
     cttgatcaat tgttttaagt aattcttcag tatgacaact gcattttcat ttcttttttt    105420
     tttttttttg ctttattctt tttatttcaa tctcattgtt aaatttatct gatagaattt    105480
     ggaatttttc gctgtgtcct attgcatttc tttgaattac ctcaaccagc tattttggat    105540
     ttcctttatg aaaggtcaca tatctctgtt tctccaggat ttgtccctgg caccttattt    105600
     agcttgtttg gtgaggccgt gttttcctgg atggtcttga tacttgtaga tgttcatcta    105660
     tatctgggca ttgaagagtt tcctactgta gtcttgaaag tctgggcttg tttgtgccca    105720
     ttatacttgg gaatgctttc caggtattca aagagacttg ggtcccaacc gaataacaca    105780
     gtagtttatg taaacacata caggtactgc cttggttgcc ttggattcac atcaggaaaa    105840
     attctcttga tttatcaagt agagtccctt gttctcttcc cttactttct ctcaaaccag    105900
     catagtctct ctctctgtgc ttaggcatgt ggagctggtg ttgcagcaac atgagaaacc    105960
     ctgtggccac cagcacaaag actgtgctgg ttcacatctc aggtaggcac agaacttgag    106020
     tctcacccaa ggcccattct aaccactact tagctaccat ataagtttac tcaaagccct    106080
     aggactctat gattaataga tggcaaagcc agccagattt gtgtctctgc ctacagcgtg    106140
     gcaagttccc tgtagccatg agggggtccc tagatgctag ggagccagag attaaagtat    106200
     agaatcttca aaatttacct gctcttctat tttactgtag ctaacctggc atttagggca    106260
     taaaacaaag tattttctac ccttctttcc tctgtctgca ggcagaggag tctcttctat    106320
     gactgccaac accaccggcc catggggtag ttctgccaaa tcatcatcaa tttctcactt    106380
     aaagcccaag gactctttag ttagcttgtg ataaattctg caatgcctgg gactcgacct    106440
     ttggcccagg gcaagtacag aaatgctgac caagacctta ggtctggact cagggactct    106500
     acgaatctgc ttggtgctct aacccactgt ggctgagctg gtatatgagg tgcaacacag    106560
     cgttcccttt actttccccc ctgcttgtct caaatggaag aagtctttca ccatagctac    106620
     cacagttgga aatgtgctgg gtcacacctg aagttagcac ttctcagagc cctataccca    106680
     tggtgtatca ctgggtatta cctgggtatc actgtttttt attctgggta cagaggttct    106740
     ttagtcagca ggtgatgaat tctgccaggt ctttactgac atggcagcac tgactttaat    106800
     gttaagtcct tcagtcattg tgctcttcct ctcccaaatt cacaagtttc tctgtgctgt    106860
     gtggctgctg ctgggtgggg gtagggggag tggtattgtg accactccct tagctgctct    106920
     gactggtgtc tcagtagtcc acattctccc caggctccac attgcactcg ctctgagcca    106980
     agctcagcag tatgacttgc ctaataattg aagtccttgt ggcctagact gccccttaag    107040
     ttctcttagg gtccaatagc tcttcgactc atgtggcaag gcttgtaaag actcaagctc    107100
     ccaacattga gatgggagat tttcatcttg ctagggcaaa tcaaaatgtt ctattggcag    107160
     atgtcagctg agtacaatct gggtctgctt tttactgtga cagggtagta ctgagtttat    107220
     ttcaaagcct cacaatctgt gctctccctt tcccaaacat acaatctctg caccacgtgg    107280
     ccactactgg tggttgaaaa agaggtggca tcagtgtttc tagactgtca tttttttgtc    107340
     ttctccaaag tctctttcag tgatatgaag ttaataccag gtactgtgat tgcttgcctc    107400
     atttttggtc cctttgatag tgcttcttga atataataag ttgtgaaaat ttggtgtttg    107460
     ggtatggggg acaagtgacg tagacttcta ttctgtcttc ttggtctctg ccttaaattt    107520
     tttagattca ggaagtactt ttgcaggttt gttacatgga tatattgtgt aatgctgagc    107580
     tatgtgggat attactgatc ccattaccaa ggtaatgagc atagtactca tagtttctca    107640
     ccccctgccc tcctccttcc ctccttcatc tagtagttct cagtgtcaat tgctgacatc    107700
     tttatattca tgtttagatc ccacttacag gcaagaacat gtggtacttg gttttccatt    107760
     cctgtattaa ttttcttagg ataatggcct acagatgcat ccatgttgct gcacaggact    107820
     tgattgtatt ctttttaatg tgtgcatagt attttatggt gttggatatt tctatccaat    107880
     ttttgattca cacgtaagtt aatttcatgc cttccctaat gtgaatagca atatgatgac    107940
     atacaagtgc atttggggtt tctttttaaa aattttttaa ttttcttttg gatatatgct    108000
     caataatgga atttgtggtt taatggtact tctgttttaa attctctgaa aaatctccaa    108060
     actgcttttc acagtgggaa aactaattta caccacagta cataagcatt ttattttctc    108120
     tgaagtctaa ccagaattta taatttttta ctttttctta gtagccatac tgaataatat    108180
     gagaagttat cttacattga tttgcatttc tctgattatt agtgatgttg aacattaaga    108240
     aaaccatgcc attaaaacat tggcaaggga cataagcaga cacttctcaa aagaagacat    108300
     atgagtggga ttcttattct atcgcaataa gctgtctttc ttttgaaaaa tacaaaatca    108360
     gaccatttga aaattccctt taattgtagt gattgacagt atgcttcccc ttctctatct    108420
     cattttctta ttcgtgaatt ttttatgatc attatgaatc cactcagcag agtaacctcc    108480
     gttcttaatc tgtgtgaatt gtgctgatga gctagtcagc tctcttaaaa tcaccaacaa    108540
     gggttttaaa tttcctagtt agtaatatat ttttggcatg ccacaggata ctcttagtac    108600
     gatgtcttct gatccacgca ttatggattg tggtgattag ttttttagat ttctataagc    108660
     tttgaaatta agaggtatat atctaaaata aattggactt catactcttt ccacgtttat    108720
     tgggtttgtt aattattcca tagaaaacag ttgaaagact tttgtagaat tcaattctgt    108780
     tttaccatat ttagggttaa aagaagggaa ttatattgat gtaactgaga gactgaatta    108840
     acctgtcatc acatgtgatt tttctggagt tttttaatgt tagtgacatc attttcaata    108900
     tgtcaatgcc tagcttgggt ttctagggga gacatgagta gctagtacta tccgtctaaa    108960
     atataatgac aagtggagtt gaatctccca gttcttgaat ctgtgctggt cacaatgact    109020
     tgctttacca ataggatgca gcagaagtca aattctagga cctccaagcc taggtcataa    109080
     gaagctttgt agtatttctc tgtgtgtctt gggaccaact accatgttct gaggactcca    109140
     ggtaacatgg agaggccaga taggcaccac acacaacagc caataggcac tgtcagccat    109200
     gtgagtaacc catctaggct cttcagccta gttgagtttt caggtaactt cagtagcagc    109260
     aaccaatagc agctgcaaga caaactccaa aacagaactg ttgtagctcc catcaaccca    109320
     caaaaccttg agaaataatg ttatttaaaa ttactaaata aaaataacaa taaaaatatt    109380
     aaacaataaa taattcctta agttttggaa tggcttgcta ttcagcaaca gagagctaga    109440
     ataagttcta aatatttcac aatactgaat gagtataagt ttagtcgtgt aatatacttc    109500
     tatattttaa agccattgac atttctggac agagtgtgaa agtgagcact gatcaaatgg    109560
     ttcccaagag aagttgccta ttctatctca aaatcatcat ttaccaaagg gagctgtatt    109620
     ttgcttttgg aaaatacact tttaaaagtt catttgaaaa gaaaactaac aattgtttag    109680
     aaaggcacat gctacagtcc caccaacagt gtaaaagtgt tcctatttct ccacatcctc    109740
     tccagcacct gttgtttcct gactttttaa tgattgccat tctaactggt gtgagatggt    109800
     atctcactgt ggttttgatt tgcatttctc tgatggccag tgatgatgaa cattttttca    109860
     tgtgtttttt gcctgcataa atgtcttttt ttgagaagtg tctgttcatg tccttcgccc    109920
     actttttgat ggggtggttt gtttttttct tgtaaatttg tttgagttca ttgtagattc    109980
     tggatattag ccctttgtca gatgagtagg ttgtgaaaat tttctcccat tttgtaggtt    110040
     gcctgttcac tctgatggta gttgcttttg ctgcgcagaa gctctttagt ttaattagat    110100
     ccgatttgtc aattttggct tttgttgcca ttgctttttg tgttttagac atgaagtcct    110160
     tgcccatgcc tatgtcctga atggtaatgc ctagattttc ttctagggtt tttatggttt    110220
     taggtctaac gtttaagtct ttaatccatc ttgaattgat ttttctataa ggtgtaagga    110280
     agggatccaa tttcagcttt ctacatatgg ctagccagtt ttcccagcac catttattaa    110340
     atagggaatc ctttccccat tgcttgtttt tctcaggttt gtcaaagatc agatagttgt    110400
     agctatgcag cattatttct gagggctctg ttctgttcca ttgttctata tctctgtttt    110460
     ggtaccggta ccatgttgtt ttgcttactg tagccttgta gtatagtttg aagtcaggta    110520
     gtgtgatgcc tccagctttg ttcttttggc ttaggattga cttggtgatg cgggctcttt    110580
     tttggttcca tatgaacttt aaagtagttt tttccaattc tgtgaagaaa gtcattggta    110640
     gcttgatggg gatggcattg aatctgtaaa ttaccttggg ctttcaacca ttgtggaagt    110700
     cagtgtggcg attcctcagg gatctagaac tagaaataac atttgaccca gccatcccac    110760
     tactgggtat atacccaaag gactataaat catgctgcta taaagacaca tgcacacgta    110820
     tgtttattgc ggcattattc acaacagcaa agacttggag ccaacccaaa tgtccaacaa    110880
     tgatagactg gattaagaaa atgtggcaca tatacaccac ggaatactat gcagccataa    110940
     aaaatgatgg gttcatgtcc tttgtaggga catggatgaa actggaaatc atcattctca    111000
     gtaaactatc acaagaacaa aaaaccaaac actgcatatt ctcactcata ggtgagaatt    111060
     gaacaatgag atcacatgga cacaggaagg ggaatatcac actctgggga ctgtggtggg    111120
     gtgggggggt ggggagggat agcattggga gatataccta atgctagatg acgagttagt    111180
     gggtgcagcg caccagcatg gcacatgtat acatgtgtaa ctaacctgca caatgtgcac    111240
     atgtacccta aaacttaaag tataataaaa taaataaata aataaataaa ttaaaaaaaa    111300
     agaaaggcac atgctatttt gaaaaaacat ttgagagaat cagaaaagtg taaactttaa    111360
     gcctctaatc atatttgtat gctatttaac ccataaatat gaagtctgat ggcaaatatg    111420
     tttatgttac actgactttt gcataaataa gttaaacaaa cagttttctt tttaagtgat    111480
     agggcttata ataggtataa tgttaagatg gctgcagtga atgggctcat caccataata    111540
     atattttctc tttaatactt ttatggaata ttaagtgaga accagagagt ctaaaactgg    111600
     gttacatagc agtaataaaa tcagagtgac acttaatttg cagcagcaag attggaattc    111660
     ttgctgttga ggttggtggt agcaaactca attatgggtg gtttctgctt catgcttagg    111720
     tggtgtgttg aaagatttcc tctttagaat tttcaaacac ttcctgagta gagctgttta    111780
     aaataaaaac aaaaccctct gattttgaat ttagccaatt tatttttaaa atttgtacat    111840
     atgtttctaa tttttaaact gtggctttca tgtagacaga aattatatct tatacctctt    111900
     tttcttcggc agtggtgtga ctggcaccta gttgaattgc caagtttctt gaataagtaa    111960
     agtaaaatta taccagaagt aaactcttac atgtatcaac tttactcaga aaatatattg    112020
     ctaagtaaga cgtatgaatc aattcactca cttatttaac aaacatttat taagtgacta    112080
     cattatgcta tgagctagga atatggcaat aaacaaatct caccttgcct caaacttcag    112140
     tggatccaga agtctctaga agtttaattc tttctcaatc agcaattcct cttcactgaa    112200
     gacttgacaa gaaggtttga gaaggcaaga gtgtgtgaac tcagcagatg tttgtgatgc    112260
     acctactgtg tgccagaagc tgtagtgtca aagaatctac ctgtctccta ggaaaggtga    112320
     acactaaaaa cattatttta agcaacaaaa aaaattccaa gtatgccaag tgatggcgag    112380
     agaaagcact gggtcccaag agtataatgg gcactgagcc tagtgtgggg tccaggcatc    112440
     cctggcattg tgccctccta ggtcatggtt gtccctcctt gttgctcctg ctgtcctctt    112500
     cagttacatg ttatgtgctg cttgatgctc tgcattgatg tccacagggc tcagatttcc    112560
     ctagtggagt gcttgggcca ttcttgtcat atggctctga agactttgtt cacagcgtgt    112620
     acttgccaga tggggaagcc agagatctgg ggtcctctgt tgaggccact ctcaccccaa    112680
     ttatcttccc tgacatacct aacagatgaa gctcaggtga gcgatgaatg tcaggccaca    112740
     atgtggacca tgtacaattc ttcaagttcc agctttaact ctctttctta tttctctctt    112800
     atgacagtat atttagatgg aagtaaatga aaataatgtc attaggggat aagattaaaa    112860
     tatatcccac ttgcaaaaaa agaagtagat tatttgtgaa ctgcagtact ttatttttag    112920
     tgagaaatca ccttaaaact tggaaactgg atacaagata attatttcat tctgcaaatg    112980
     tttagtagaa aactatatgc caggactgtg ctaggcacta gggatacatg gttgaatatt    113040
     tagtataaga tgccttgcag tttcatataa atggctaatg cagcatatac agtgtggtaa    113100
     aaatagactt ctgagatgca cagaagacag gcattaaagg gtatttaaat tgtggataaa    113160
     tgtgtttgga tgtttcactc agggctgttg aagtttttta agatcagtgg tctcagagtc    113220
     ttggtgtttt caggctctgc taagtacttt gtttctagct gattattggc caccattact    113280
     gatcatcaac tggctctgtc tgatccagct actccaccac tgggtacata cacaaaggaa    113340
     aagaaataaa attattagaa agatacctgt acttgcatgt ttcctgcaac actattcaca    113400
     gtagcacaga tacaaatcaa cctaaatacc catcaacaga ttattggaga aagaaaatgt    113460
     agaaaatata cacaatgaaa taatgttcag gaataaaaaa gaataaaatc ataacttctg    113520
     gagacacatg aatggaactg gaggccatta ttgtaagtga aaccagccag acacagagta    113580
     aacattgtat ttctcacgca taagtggatg cttaaagatg tctaggtatt gatgtagata    113640
     gtggaatgat aatggagact cagcagggtg aggggatgga aggggtgaat agtgggaaat    113700
     tacttaatgg ttacaatgtc cattattccg gtaatggata ccctaaaagc cctgacttca    113760
     ccactatgta atccatgctt agagcaaaat tacaacttgt aacccataaa tttatacccc    113820
     aaaagtatta gacctctctc tcttctcttc tgtcataagt ctcagagctc agtgatcccc    113880
     ttggatctcc tcagcctgct aagttttgac tttcctacct aacgtgattt tgggcagaca    113940
     taggagagtg tttcaggaag atgctctcag acacactgct tctgaagcaa catcagaggc    114000
     tctcctggtg gcctttatct attcactgct tttagcaagg aataaatcat ctgtgtctaa    114060
     aatttaaaaa actgtgtttc ccacctacca tacagacctg acagaagaga ttttagaatt    114120
     ttaaggaaac agctttttcc tgaaccaaac ggacacagta gtgcaaaggc caatgtcaca    114180
     taagtacctt ttccccatct gtaacataac tctcagatgc tattcccaca gctggaatca    114240
     gtacaatgtt gtgactgagg tactggaaaa gcctatgagc tcattatcat ttgaacacat    114300
     gaataacata aaatttaggc agaattttat ctgaaaggaa tatttacaca agttttagtt    114360
     aacagattta tattgtggtt atttcaaaca ataaaaatca gcttcttatg ttgcaagcta    114420
     gaaatatgta caataacaca tggtcttgat tatctcacct gatgaattga agattaaagc    114480
     aaaataggga actttgtgaa agtttctgtt taactttgcc ttataatgac ttcaaactgt    114540
     tgtgcatata tagagaactc ctgactgaag agacattttt ggactattgt gctatgttta    114600
     ttattgtaac tttttaagat ctggaggaac acacatttag tctcagttgg cccagtaaat    114660
     gtttaggaat cagcttatgt gttatgtgct gagtactgaa gcaacagtag agacaagggc    114720
     actgccctca cagagtctgg gggagaaaac ctgatggagt gtggcatgga acactctggg    114780
     agcatcccag gatgccaaaa gtgcacacag atggaacaca tgccttagaa tgggggaggg    114840
     tcaggcaagg agaattgtca ggaaaaaaca aggaaagatc tgcagcaata gaaacacact    114900
     tgagaaattc atggggaatg aaaagagaat gggtgagcag cagcagagtg tcaagaagga    114960
     aaccaagaag gagcagccaa aatgttgatg gagaatgagg agaaagaagg tgacactgaa    115020
     gccaaggaga ggaaagtgtt tcaacatttc tggaaaacaa aatcacatga tctgtcttaa    115080
     tgttgctgtt ttatgagtca tatagccaca ttccaggttc tgagatgtcc agcaatagag    115140
     atgtttcttt tagtttgctt aacccagcat ttgccagaat aatctgggct cagtgtgagt    115200
     gtgtgcaagt gtgtgtgtgt atgagtgtgc atgcacctgt gggttccact aatatctcac    115260
     tgaggctagt gttctataca acacaatttt ttaaacactg gttttatcca tcctatgttc    115320
     agctgcagca atacttacaa agatcaactt tgatcatgtg tcttagttac taaagaaaat    115380
     ataacaaact aatgaataaa gcccaccctg cagtggctcc ttactacctg tacagtatag    115440
     cccaactggc ttggcctggg tgccctgtac tgacctggct gtactgctgt ctgcctgctc    115500
     ttttgtatcc cctttcctcc tggagaaagt agggatgctc tgagctttgg ccagcattga    115560
     acctgtgtcc ttcttctaaa gtggaccatg ttttcttgag tccactttaa tctcttttaa    115620
     gggcatagat caaataattt atattatttc ctctcctttt ctcccctacc aatctccata    115680
     caaagagctg aactttcctt aaagcttttg gtcaggtttc actctgtatg cagttttcct    115740
     gccacttctg caatgtacac actgtactgg tacataaatt atgctatacc atgccaggtt    115800
     tttcatttat gtatcacttt atatcatctt tttttcttag agcttacttc acttatttat    115860
     tcaatctttc acaatataat tgtatgtcat ataatgttat atttattttc attggtattt    115920
     gtataccttt tctgtaaaat agagcctttc taaatagatc ttcattaatg ttgaaagaac    115980
     aaagttttaa gtcttggtct cagccaaaat gaggtccccg aatatccagg agggcatgaa    116040
     acacttgcat tgttgcacaa gatattatta cagagaaaga gaaacatgtg taatggaaaa    116100
     ttgctaactt tgcctcaggg agatcaggct gattcactga gaaagtttaa attagtttag    116160
     aaagcacagt cctgagtttt ctaggagaag gagaaaagtt agtatagggc ataagaagta    116220
     atgcccaatt caaaaagtta gaaagatctc atattaacaa cctaacatca taactgaaag    116280
     aattagaata gcaagaggaa atcaaccaca aagcttgcag aggataagaa ataactaaaa    116340
     tcacagctga attggaaaaa aaattgagac ataaaaaact gttcaaatgg tcacttaatc    116400
     aacgttttct gaaaaaaatt aataggatag ataggcacta gctagatgaa taaagaagaa    116460
     aagagagaag attcaaataa acgtaattat aaatgatgaa ggtaatgtta ccactgaccc    116520
     cacagaaata aaaataacaa tcaacaacta ctacgaacac ctctacacac tcaaacaaaa    116580
     aaccctagaa gagatgaata aattcctgga cacatacacc ttctaaagac tgaaccagga    116640
     agaaattcag tctctgaaca gacaaataat gagctccaaa aattgaatca gtagtaaaca    116700
     gcctaccaac caaggaaaaa aataaagccc aggacctgat agattaactg tcaaatttta    116760
     acatatgtac aaattagagc tagtaccatt cctactaaaa ctatttcaag aaatagtgaa    116820
     ggagggactt cttcccaact tcttctataa ggccagcatc atcctgatac caaagcctgg    116880
     cagtgacaca acaaaaaagg aaagcttcag gccagtatcc ttgatgaatg tccattcaat    116940
     aatctacaac aaaatccttg caaagtgaat ccagcaacat atcaaaaggg taattcacca    117000
     cagtgaatta ggcttcttcc ctggaatgga aggttgttct ataatgggca aatcaataaa    117060
     atgtgattca taacataaat aaaactaaag acaataacca tatgatggtc tgaatagata    117120
     cagaaaaggc tttcagtaaa attcaacaat gtttcacatt aaaaactctc aataagtgag    117180
     gtattgaagg aacatacctc aaaataataa agccacctat gacaaactca cagccaacat    117240
     tatgctaaat gggcgaaatc tggaagcatt ctccctgaaa cccacacaag cacacaagac    117300
     aaggatgtgc tctctcacca ctcctattca acatagtgtt agaagtcctt gctggagcaa    117360
     tcagagaaga gaaagaaata aaggttatta aaaaaagaaa taaagggtat gtaaatagaa    117420
     agagaagtcc aactacctct gtttgcagac aacataattc tctatctaaa acctatagtt    117480
     gtgacccaaa atgctccgta agctgataaa caacttccac gtggtttcag tgtacaaaat    117540
     caatgtacaa aatttgctag cattcctata cacgaagaag agccaaactg agagacaaac    117600
     cagaaaggca attgtattca cgattttcac aaaaagaata aaatacctag aaatacagct    117660
     aaccagggag gtgaaagatc tctgcaatga aaattacaaa acactgctca aagaagtcac    117720
     acgagacaca aagaaatgga aaattattcc atgttaatgg agagaaagaa ctgatatcat    117780
     ttaaatcacc atactgccca aagctcttcc tatgaaacta ccaatgacaa gcttcatgga    117840
     actagaaaaa gctatttaaa aatgtatata gaaccaagaa agaacttaaa tagccaaggc    117900
     aatcctaagc aaaagaacaa agcttgaggc atcacattac gggacttcaa acgatactac    117960
     agcactacag taaccaaaac agcagggcac ccgtacaaaa acagaggcac acaccaatgg    118020
     aacagcgtag agagcccaga aataagaccg cacacctaca actatctaat gtttgacaaa    118080
     gctggcaaaa acaagcaatg gggaaaagtc tccctataca ataagtgttg ctgggatagc    118140
     tggctagcca tacgtagaag actgaagctg gacctcttcc ttacactcta cacaaaaatc    118200
     aactcaagat ggattaaaga cttaaatgca aaacccaaaa ctataagagc cctggaagac    118260
     aacctaggca ataccatcct ggacataaaa acaggcaaag atttcatgat aaagacacca    118320
     aaaacaatta caacaaatgc aaatattgac aagtggggtc taattaaact taaaagcctc    118380
     tgctcagcaa aagaaattat cgatagagtg aagagacaac ctacagaata agaaaacata    118440
     tttacaaact atgtatctga caaaggtcta atattcaaca tagagaactt aaataaattt    118500
     acaagagaaa aacaaacaac cctattaaag agttgccaaa taattgtcta ctcgtgtcct    118560
     tagcctactt ttttatggga tttttttttt ctttctaatt tgtttgagct tgttgtagat    118620
     cctggatatt agtcttttgt cagatataca gattgtgaag attttctccc agtctgtaga    118680
     ttgtctgctt actctgctga ctgttccttt agtcgtgaaa aagctcttta gtttaattaa    118740
     atcccaccta tttatctttg tttttcttgc atttgctttt gggttcttgg tcatgaaatc    118800
     cttgcctaag ccaatgtcta gaatgttttt tgatgtcatc ttctagaatt ttttaagttt    118860
     caggtcttag atttaagtcg ttgatccatc tcgtgttgat ttttgtagaa ggtgagacat    118920
     gaagatccag tttcattctc ctacatgtgg cttgccaatt atcccagcac catttgttaa    118980
     gtagggcgtt ctttccccac tctgtttctg tttactttgt gaaagatcag atggctgtaa    119040
     atatttgggt taatttctgg gttgtctatt atgtttcatt tgtctatgtg cttactttta    119100
     taccagaacc atgctgtttt ggtgactatg gtcttatgct atagtttgaa atcaggtaat    119160
     gtgatgtctt ctaatttgtt ctttttgctt agcattgctt tggctatgcg ggctcttttt    119220
     tgaattctag aattgttttt tgtagttctg tgaagaatga tggtggtatt ttgatggcaa    119280
     ttgcattgaa tttgtagatt gcttttggca atatggtcat acaaaattct tagaagatat    119340
     acaaatggcc aacaaatata tgaaaaaatg ctcaacatca ctaataatca gggaaatgca    119400
     aattacaacc attatgcgat accaccttac tcccacaaga atggtcataa tcaaaaaata    119460
     aaaacataat agatgttggt gtgagtgtgg tgaaaaggga acacttctac actgctggtg    119520
     ggaatgtaag gtagtacaat cactatggaa aactgtgtgg agattcctta aagaactgaa    119580
     aggagaagaa ccatttgacc ccacaatccc actactggct atgtacccag aggaaaaaaa    119640
     gaagttatta tacaaaaaag atgcttgcac atgcatattt atagcagcac aatttgcaat    119700
     tgcaaaaatg tacaaccaat ccaattgccc gtcagtcaat gagtggataa agaaactggg    119760
     gtatagatgt aggatggagc actactcagc cataaaaaga aattaatcaa tggcaatttc    119820
     agcaacctgg atgggattga agactattaa ctcaagtgaa gtaatggaat ggaaaaccaa    119880
     acatcttaca ttctcactta taagagggag ctaagctata aggaggcaaa ggcataagaa    119940
     taacacaatg gactttaagg actcacgggg aaaggggtaa aaggggtgag ggacaaaggg    120000
     atacaaattt ggttcagtat atactgatga ggtgatggat gtaccaaaat tttacaaatc    120060
     accaataaat aacttactaa tgtaaccaaa taccacctgt tgtcccaaaa cctatggaaa    120120
     taaaaaacaa tttaaaaagt gggcaaaaga catgaatact tttcaaaaga atacatacat    120180
     gtgaccaaca accatagaat acaaagctca atatcaccga tcactagaga aattcaaatt    120240
     aaacgcacag tgagacacca tctcacacca gccataatgg ccattattaa gaagtcaaaa    120300
     aataacagac actggcaagg ttgtggagaa aaacaataca tacactgttg gttggaatgt    120360
     gtattggtcc caccgttgtg gagagcagta tggtaattcc tcgaaagagc taaaagcaga    120420
     accatcactt gacccagtaa tctcatcact gggaatatac ccagagttat ataaattgtt    120480
     ctatcataaa gtcacaagca agtacatgtt tattgcagca ctattcagaa aagtaaagat    120540
     atggaatcaa cctaaatgcc catcaatgac agattgaata aagataatgt gggacaagat    120600
     aatggagcaa aagttaaata ttaaatttga attcaactga acatggacac aaacaatggt    120660
     cactgagaca tggaacaagt tgtgtgagcc ccttgaggca ttcattcagt gctctttcag    120720
     agaaatagtt attgaaaaac aacagacatt tcaaaaacaa ttgcaccacc acgccgggct    120780
     aatttttgta tttttagtag agatggggtt ttaccagttt ggccaggctg gtcttgaaca    120840
     cctgacctca agtgatgcac cagccttggc ctccaaaggt gctgggacta caggcttgtg    120900
     aaggtatgct tttgatgacc attttgtatt ccttgagccc agtcaagaag ggcccacatg    120960
     actgggcctc atgttaaaca acttttaaga agaagagcta gtttccaaga ccacgccgaa    121020
     gcttcatggg acctctcttc atctgtacat ggactagtgg ccaactctgg aggccaggta    121080
     gttgcttccc catctggtga tgaatcctcc attatctggt gaatatatat atgtgtgtgc    121140
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtagtaca cacatacata tgtatatgta    121200
     tatattatat ataatatgtc ttttcccttc tccccttccc atcacaattt gtttattata    121260
     tcattggctt attagatgat ttgtttatta tatctgtgtt gccatatact tgggataaag    121320
     tctgtttacc cttaaaagta ttgtgtgttt cttttcttct ctccttacac attttccaca    121380
     cagaacacac atatgtacca tggaatacta tgcagctact tgttctcact tataagtggg    121440
     agctaaataa tgagaactta ggaacacaaa gaaggaaaca acacacactg ggttctactt    121500
     gatggaggag ggtgggagga gggagaggaa cagaaaagat aacaatggag tactgggctt    121560
     aatacctggg ttatgaaata acctgtataa caagcccctg tgatatgagt ttatctatgt    121620
     aacaaacctt cacacgtacc cctgaacata caattgaaaa aaattaaatc cttcatgaaa    121680
     gctataagat ctgttcctgt gtgtttgtat gtctatatct gttacatgta tgtgacactt    121740
     tgtaaataaa gctagttctt acatcattag taaaatagaa atggctttac aattatcagt    121800
     taaatataat taggtacttg ctttatttaa ctgtgagctt gtgtcttttg ttgagagttt    121860
     ctggattcag ggggtctcga taggtgtcca tcatgaagtc tggagacatg ttctctgtgt    121920
     cttgaccagc agttacaagc cggaatcaag cccaattagt ctgttctttc tatgcttttc    121980
     ctattttgct tcctggctat tttaggaggg attggatcct ccaggtatag ccttcacggc    122040
     tctgtcttta gtcctaatgg actcaggcag agtctgatct tcatagtttt cctgggtgcc    122100
     atggggctac ttgggaccta gaattaccag gggaagacat tagtgatgct acctgtgtca    122160
     tagttccaaa attctgttcc gtaatttaaa accttaaagt catgttaaat taagtaatag    122220
     ataattataa aatgtcttga gtcatttgta agctaaaata atgaaatagt caccactaaa    122280
     aattaggtct atatgccatg atatactact tgtatatggt atagaaaacc taaatatctt    122340
     tggttctgtt aataaacaat aatttgaaga actatatttc tttacaagta taaaatggtt    122400
     tctatctaaa aatactgata taagacagtt gaaaatcact ttttagggtt ttcactgaaa    122460
     attggggtta ctaagactta attactagat atgagagaaa caattctgta atcagactgt    122520
     atgaaaaagc aagatatgat tctttattgt tattattatt attattttag accgagtcct    122580
     gttctgttgc ccaggctggc atgcagtggc atgatctcag ctcactgcaa actctgcctc    122640
     ctgggttcaa gcgattcacc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctaggattac aggtgctcac    122700
     caccacactg ggctaatttt tgtattttta gtacagacag ggtttcacca tgttggccag    122760
     gctggtctca atccctagac ctcaactgat gcacctgtct tggcctccca aagtgctggg    122820
     attacagact tgtgaagata aacttttgat tagaaaactt ataaaggcaa aaaatgtgtt    122880
     ttaatttttt taagttactt aaggtttcaa attgaagaag taaaaaatag atacaactag    122940
     ataaatagag aaagttgggg gaaaatctaa agcataggct cacaaaaatc tgggattcaa    123000
     agatgacaca tttgataaat ttatttataa aattttatta aatgaacttc agaggcctgg    123060
     tgtggtgggt cactcctgta aataataaaa ttttcttgtc aactgtgtct atgaaaattt    123120
     aaaatcattt ctacagtaaa ttgcttaatt gtgaggcatt tcaaattctg aaaactttac    123180
     aagcttgcaa aattatagaa tactgtatct ttaaggagtt tcatgaaagg atggaaaagg    123240
     tcctgagaag tattcttgaa tacagatttt tgacaacgtt agaatcatat catttgaaca    123300
     gggtaagaat tcccagaact ttaatgaaga ctgattggtt tataaaacta ctacagcaaa    123360
     cagagtaaaa atcaattgaa taccaagaaa atagtttgtc agattttcat gccaaatcag    123420
     ccagtactta aattgtctag ataaagtatt tgaatgaact ctatattcca agtcaaatta    123480
     tctatgataa tccctgatta gtcactgtta tgcacctaag ttgaagaaac agtccaatgt    123540
     taaacgtaca gaaccaggac atcttctacg tccttcctgg ttctgaaagc ttttcttatt    123600
     gaaagttctt cattctgatt cttggctgca aaggtaacac aagatggcag aaagaaggct    123660
     ccactgatct tccctcctgc aaggacacca gatgcacaac tattaacgtc tacatagaaa    123720
     atacattcat aagaaccaaa aatcagttga gtactcaaag tacctggttt taacttcata    123780
     tcactgaaag aggcaccatt tcctcaccac cagcagtgat ggcgtggtgc agagatcaac    123840
     tctgggttct gcaggaggga gaacacagaa attttaagac attgaactct gtgctgccct    123900
     gttagaccag aaaggaaaac caaaccaaat gcagctaaag cccatccaca gagggattat    123960
     ttaaaccagc cctggccaga ggggaatgag atttcggtgg ttggaacttg agcatttgga    124020
     aatctgggta ctgagggctc cagagctcca tgtatctaag aaaacttgaa aggcagccta    124080
     ggccatcagg actgcaactc ttaggtgagg cctagggctg aactggaccc aggaacagtc    124140
     aactaaggtg ggaggtcatg caacatactg agacaccagc tggggcagcc aaaggggttc    124200
     tggaattatc actctcctaa taccaggctg cacagcttat agctccaaaa gggaccccat    124260
     ccttctgctt gaggagagga ggaaaaagag tagggaggac tttgtcttcc atcctggata    124320
     ccagctcaac cacagcaaga tagtgcactg gtcagagtcc tgagtcctcc tttccaggct    124380
     ctggctccta gacattccaa gacacacccc gggccagaag gaaacctgct gccttgaagg    124440
     aaagaaccca gtgctggcag catttatcac ctgcaaactt aacaaccttt gggccctgaa    124500
     taaccagcag ccatacccag atactacatc aagaggcttg tgtgagcctc atagacttac    124560
     tagatttagg tgagattcag cacattacaa gctgtggtat ctaaggggca aaactccttt    124620
     tgcttgggaa aggcagaggg aaaagtaaag gggacttttt catgccactt aagtaccggc    124680
     aaggccagag gtgggtagag caccaagaaa ggttttggga tccctgattc taggacttga    124740
     ttcttggttg gcatatatga acctgcccag ggccagtggg gagaccagtg gcctgaaaac    124800
     ggcaagtccc agtccaggca atattcatca caagcggaaa agaggatttg ggccttaaag    124860
     gaacaaaggt ggtaacatgg cagtactcct tgtggcctgg ggtgcttggg gctactctgc    124920
     ctttggaaaa ggaaaggagg taataggaag ggctgtgtct tgtggtttga atgccagctc    124980
     agctggaatg caatagaatg tccggtggac ttctgaaatt tttgacttta ctccctgact    125040
     tccgaatggc acttctggac ccagccaggg actgaggaaa ctcgctgccc tgaaggaaag    125100
     agcacagata tggctggctt tgccacctgc taattgcaga gaccaaaggc cttgagtgaa    125160
     catagacagt tgtcagaaag tgcgtgcagc aggacttgag caagacccgg tgctatgcca    125220
     gcttcaggtc tgacccaggg cagccagtgg tggcggccag gggtgctcgt gtcattctcc    125280
     tcccaacttt aggtggctta gaatagagag aaagactctg tatctttgag ggaaaataag    125340
     gttagagaac aagagtctct ggctactaat ccagaaaatt ttcctggata ttgtccaaga    125400
     ctgtcaaggt ggtacatcaa tgagactgca aaaattacag cactattggg tatacggtgc    125460
     cccctaaagc agatatggct tagatcacaa cacctgcctt ttcaaatatg tggaaatcct    125520
     tcccaagaaa gatagctacg aataacccca cacagtgaag tctacaatta atgctcatct    125580
     tttttttaaa aaaaatcttt ttttcacatc ttatgtggtg ctgcatgcca aagttttaat    125640
     gtccagacac tgaagaacat ctgctagcat tgtcaccatc caggaaaaca tgacctcaca    125700
     aagtgaatga agtaaggcat cagcgacaaa tcctggagaa aaagagatat gtaatctttc    125760
     agacagaaaa ttcaaaatag ctgtattttt aaaaactcac agaaatctaa gataacaaag    125820
     taaagaaatt ccaaatttta tcagctaaac tcaacaaaga gattgaaata gttacaacaa    125880
     attaagcaaa aattcaggag ctggaaaatg caactggcat gctgaagaat gcattaaagc    125940
     catttaacag cagaatggat ccagcagaag aaatggtgaa cttgaagaca ggctatgtga    126000
     aaatatatat ttagaagaga caaaagaaaa agaataaaaa caacaaataa tgcctacaag    126060
     atctggaaaa tagcctcaca aagataggcc taagagttat tggttttaaa gaagacgtat    126120
     agaaagagac agggatagga aaatttattc aaagggataa taatagaaaa cttccaaacc    126180
     tagagaaaga tatccaaatc caatcacaga aatattatag aacattaaac agattaaatt    126240
     ctaaaaagac tacttcaaaa cattccatag ccagttttca aaaagtcaaa gaaaaagaaa    126300
     agttctaaaa aagaaagaca aaagaaagaa ataatataca ggagagctcc aacacatcag    126360
     gcagcagact ttacagagga aaccctgccg gccaggagaa agaagcaata aatatttaaa    126420
     gcactaaaga aaatagcttt accttagaat agcatataca gcgaaaatgt ccttcaaata    126480
     ataagaagaa atactgactt ttccagacaa acaaaagttg aaggatttca tcaataccat    126540
     gactgtccta caaggaatgc tgaagggagt acttcaatca ggaagaaaag gacattaatg    126600
     agcaagaaat aatcaactga aggtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatcc    126660
     tcattgataa tggtaactat acaaaataaa acaatattat aacactatag ctgtggtgtg    126720
     taaactactc attctaagta ggaagactga ataataaacc aaacaaaagt aataactaca    126780
     agaacgtttc agccgggtgc agtggctcac gcctgtaatt ccagaacttt gggaggccaa    126840
     ggcgggggaa tcacgaggtc aggagatcga gatcgtcctg gctaacaaga tgaaacccct    126900
     tttctactaa aaatacaaaa aattagccgg gcctggtgct gggcgcctgt agtcccagct    126960
     actcgggaga ctgaggcagg agaatggtgt gaaccaggta ggcggagctt gcagtgagcc    127020
     gagatcgagc cattgcactc cagcctgggc aagagagcaa gactccgtct caaaaaaaac    127080
     aaaaaacaaa aaacagaaaa caaaaaacaa aaacaaaata aaaaggaacg tttcaaaaca    127140
     tagtacaaaa aaatataaat agaaaaaaca aaaaggcaaa aagtgaaggg atgagcacac    127200
     ccgtcctgag gggcctgttg tgatggaagc tcgggagccg ggtgaaggcc tggagcgtga    127260
     gcagaagggg gccgcccgga cagcccaaag actgggcatg ggacggagac ctctggctcc    127320
     cccgagcagg agcagcacgg cgccttggcc gtcctgcggg aggccaggcc accggcgacg    127380
     gcaggaggct ctaggaggcc agaggaaggc acagaggggt ggccagcagt gctcagaaaa    127440
     atagaagagg agagcagccc tgccactggc gagcgcttgg ggatcctgga tccaagccca    127500
     gcagccccgg ggtggcaatg acgcctggag tcgagcgggg cgtggctgtg ccgggctctt    127560
     gaggcatcca ggcccctctg ccagcgccta cagccatatc accctgtcca gtctcgtctg    127620
     acctcggaag ctaagtaggg tgggtcctgg ttagtacctg gatgggagga cgcccaggaa    127680
     tgttgggtgc tgtaggcttt tgtcctcccc ctccctccct ctttccccct tttgtcgcca    127740
     tgcttcacaa acttccccta actctgctcc cacttttcct ctcacctgcg gccccaaagc    127800
     aacccgggac ctcctcgtgg ggttccaccg ctgcagcacc gccaggcaac agcatcccac    127860
     atcctccttc ttgctgcagc cccaccaggt gcccggctcc agccgtggca ggacggtata    127920
     tgttccctga ggtgacccgt gtcttcacgc tcccgggacg cccaggcaat tcaatttact    127980
     catctggcac catgcaatag ttcaagccgg tgggggaagt ggcggccagg gacagaggtc    128040
     ccacagacac catccaaaac ctctgctcct ggacctatgg gctgctttcc ccaggggaag    128100
     gacattgcct tcgccagtca cgaggcaatc cgtctctgtg cacccggatt cccattggca    128160
     ccgtcttcgt gtcaactcca gtcctgagga cacgagagag acccaggcct cggcccggtc    128220
     ggcacgctct gcgccagggc tcccaccaga gggaaggacg cactctccaa atctcggtgc    128280
     ccactgcacc aagaagatag ggagtagcca acaaaaggac cctatgaaac gcaccccaaa    128340
     agcaagcaac caatccaagc aaaaatacgt ctcagggttc tgttggtcct cttgcatggg    128400
     cggcctgccc acctgttccc gccaggctca agcaccctcc accctacccc tgctggaagg    128460
     agccctgtct acgagagcag agagctccct ctcccaggct ttaatgctct ggctctctag    128520
     ttctgtcacc ctctctctat ttctctcctg ctccctccat ctcatgctct ttctgtcacc    128580
     ttctctctct ttctttctcc ctctcattcc tgtctctctc tctctctcta gctctctctc    128640
     cctcagtttc tatctctcca tccctctttc ccttgatctc cttcaagctg tctatctgta    128700
     tctttgtgta tctgtgtgtg tctctgtgtg cccgcgagcg tgcatccatg tgtgtctgtg    128760
     ggggtggggg tgggtttctt cttggtgctg gtgaggtgtg tctggctgtc catcagcctc    128820
     tctctcccgc aatcagtcgg ctagctccag tggcagcgcg gggcaaagca gctcccccca    128880
     ctcacttggc catgggccat gtccttgtcc ggacaagcga ccctgttagg gacgttgtaa    128940
     gagaaagggc ccatggggct aggccacctg ttcacccttg agcagccctg gcagcactgg    129000
     gtgggtgagg agagaggggg ccttgcagga ggggcggcga gggaaccaaa acaatccctc    129060
     cgtggcaagg aggacagaag ggtatccctg actcctggga gcacaagctc agcaagcccg    129120
     atgtggtgga agcttgggag ttcatgagcc tggggaagcc ctgaagcgtc ggaggaatgg    129180
     agaccaacca gagagcccga agtctgtgca gcggatggac acctctggcg tcctcactca    129240
     gcagcagggc ggcgccgaga tggtccagtg catggccttg tctgctatgg ctggagcccc    129300
     ttggaagccg gcagaaggtg cagcgcggtg gcccacagtg ctccggcgtg gagggggaga    129360
     gcagccgagc agcaggcgag gagtggctta gagttgtccc gatccaagcc gcgtggcttt    129420
     ggagtggcgg taatgcctgg agtctggcgg gcatggtggg ccaggctctt gtgtcagcca    129480
     ggtatcactg cgggtgtcta aggccttacc gccctgagac acctgatctc tggcctgtga    129540
     cgctaagcag ggtggggcct ggttcagtac ttggaagaga gaccgcctgg gaatacaagg    129600
     tgctgtaggc ttttggcttc ccgctccctc tttctccctt ttgtgcccta cttcccaacc    129660
     actccctgac tctgctaccc attttccacc tgcctgcgtc cccaccgcac accaggacct    129720
     cctcgtacac cgccgggcag cagcatccca cctcttctgc cttgctgcag ctccacaagg    129780
     tccccagctc taggcagggc ggggcaggcc agcaccagac cccaaaggcg caggcccagg    129840
     ttccctgcca tgctggttgt cttcctgctc caggaaggcc taggtaattt aattcactca    129900
     tctggcgccg ccgcaaacgc ccgaggctgg ggaaggggtg ggcaggggca gagggtccca    129960
     cagacgccag ccaagacctc ctccagaacg cacgggctgc tttttccagg gaagaacatt    130020
     gcctttgcca gctaccaggg aaacatcctt gtgaacccgg attcccatgg ccaccaactt    130080
     cgtgtaaact cctgttgtga ggacacgaga gacacccagg cctcaggcaa ggattccctg    130140
     gcttgcaccc agggtgcctg tctcacccac gggggcaccc taaagtgtca agaaggcagc    130200
     gggggatggg agctggcttt aaaggggacg ttgaggcagt ccgtggaaaa acttctcagg    130260
     gaagacagtg cattccgggc agcccctgcg gcgggctggg gggccctgga gtccctgtct    130320
     tgcacaaagg ttgtgtgtct cgccctcagg gggcacccca tagcaacaac aattcccctg    130380
     gggaaaagta ccccgcttga aagacacgcc ccctgggtgc aagccaggga ctccacgacc    130440
     accccgagtc cggcacagac actgccggga aggcactgtt ctccatggga ttgttttccc    130500
     tcccgactgc ctcaacgtct cctttcaagc ctggcctcct gttcccttcc cccgcaggta    130560
     ttcatgctgc cttggggtgg cccccgtggg cgagactctt accctgggtg caagccaggg    130620
     actccatgaa accctcggcc cggcgcaggg gccgccagga aggcactgtc gtccgtggga    130680
     gaatcccagc ctcgaggttg ttttccccgg gctgcctcaa tgtccccctt gaagcctgaa    130740
     gtgctgtccc cttcccccag gggactactt gccgctttgg ggtgcactta gtgggagaga    130800
     cacgcaccct gggaggaagc cagggactgc cgggaaggaa ttgccatcat gggaggaaac    130860
     cggctggccg catttttcgc cgtgctgcct cagcgtcctc tttaaagcct ggcgtcttgt    130920
     tcccttccct gggaggcctt cttaccactt tggggtgccc ctgtgggaac gacacgcacc    130980
     atgggtgcaa gccagggact acacgatccc tccgggccca gcgcaggggt tgccgggaag    131040
     gctctgtcgt gcgtgggaag acaccatccc tcctcttttt ttcccgtact gcttcaacta    131100
     tgcctttcaa ccctgatgtc ctgtgccctt cccccggtgg ccttcttgcc tctttgtggt    131160
     gcgccccgtg ggtgagacat gcaagctggg tgcaagccag ggactccacg cagctcctgg    131220
     gcccaccgca gaggctgccg ggaaggcaat gtcgtccatg agcggacccc agtatccccg    131280
     cttttttccc cggggctgcc tgaacgtccc ccttcaagcc tgacgtgctg tacccttccc    131340
     cggggaacat tcttttcgct ttggggtgcc ccccatgggg gagacactca ccctgggtgc    131400
     aaaccaggga atcaacaacc atccccatgc agggcaaagg ggctgccaga aaggcactgt    131460
     catccgtggg aagtttttac cccggactgc ctcaacgtcc cctttcaagc ccggcgtccc    131520
     gtttccttcc cccggaggcc ttcttgaggc tttgaggtgt cccccgtgag tgcgacatgc    131580
     accctgggtg cagccaggga ctccacgacg accccgggcc tggtgcaggg actgccggaa    131640
     aggcactgtc gtctgtggga cgtccgcggc ccgctgcttt tttccccgtg ctacctcaac    131700
     gttccgtttc aggcctggcg ccctcttccc ttccaacaga ggccttcttg gtgctttggg    131760
     gtgcttcccg tggaagcgac acgcaacctg ggtgcaagcc agcgactcca gaaccccact    131820
     gggcagggcg agaggctgcc gcgaaggcac tgtcgttcga aggaccctgg cttactgctt    131880
     atttccctgg attgcctcaa agtccccttt taagcctaac atcctgtccc cttcccccgg    131940
     ggaccttctt gcctctttgg ggtgcctcct gagggcgaga tgcacactct tgagtacaag    132000
     ccagggactc tacgacaccg ccaggaccgg cgcagggctg tcgggaaggc actgttatcc    132060
     ctgggatcac ctcagcctcg ccgctttttt ctctgggcta cctaaaggtc cccgttcaag    132120
     gctgatttcc tgttgccttc cactggggga cttttactgc tttggggtgc tcactgtggg    132180
     cgcgacacgc accccaggtg taggccaggg actccacgac caccccgggc ccggtgcagg    132240
     ggctgctggg cagacacggt tgtccttggg tggacactgg accgccgctt ttttccggga    132300
     ctgcctcaac taaacttttc aaccctggcg tctggtaccc ttcccccggg gcctccttga    132360
     tgctttgtgg tgccacccct gggcgagaca cacacccggg atgcaagcca gggacgccaa    132420
     gacctccccg gcccagcgaa tgggcagcca ggaaggcact gtcgtccgtg ggagaaccag    132480
     cgtcacggtt ttttacccta ggctacctca acgtccccct tcaagtctga cgtgctgtcc    132540
     ccttcccctg ggggcctgtt tgaagctttg gggtgcctcc cgtgggcgag acacgcatcc    132600
     tgggtgcaag acagggactc cacgctcccc cagggcccta cgcatgggct gccaggaagg    132660
     cactgtcatc catgggagga acccggctag cctcttttct ctccgtgctg cctcagcgtc    132720
     cccattaaag cctgtcttcc tgttccgttc ccccggaggc ctacttgcga ctttggggtg    132780
     caaccccttt gccggacacg gaggggttgt tgagtcccag tcttacaccc aggggcccat    132840
     ggggggcacc ccaaagcagc gagtagcttc tcaggggaag gagacagcac gtcaggttcg    132900
     aaggtggacg ttgaggcagc ctggggaata aagaggggat gctggggttc tgccatggat    132960
     aacacggtct tccaggcagc ctctgcggtg ggtctgggaa tatcgtggag tccctggctt    133020
     gcacgcaagg tgcctgtctc gcccacaggg ggcaccacaa agcggcaaga aggccaccgt    133080
     gggaaggata tgggacgcca gggttgaaag ggatagccga gtcagtccgg ggaaaaacgc    133140
     cgcggactag ggtcgtctga gggcagacag tgccttgccg gcagccccta tgttgggccg    133200
     gggtggtctt ggagtccctg gcttgtaccg agggtgctgg tcgcgcccat gggggcaccc    133260
     catgtctaag cgcgacacgc acgctgggtg caagtgaggg actccacgat tccccggggc    133320
     caggcgcagg ggctgccagg aacgcaatgt catccatggg atgaccccgg ccagccgctt    133380
     ttcctccagg gcagcctcaa tgtctcattt aaagcctagc tgcctgttcc ctttcccggg    133440
     gggccttctt tccgctttgg ggtgcccccc atggggaaga agcgtatcct gtgtgcaaga    133500
     caaggactcc acgactcccc cgggcccagc gtaggggctg ccgggaaggc acgactgccg    133560
     ggaaggcact atcgtccgtg ggaggacccc ggccacccgc gtttttctcc gtgccgcctc    133620
     aacgttccat ttcaagcctg gcgtcatgtt tccttcccct aaagtccttc ttgcctctgg    133680
     ggtgcctccc gtggaagaga agcgcactct aggtgcaagc cagggactca acaacacaca    133740
     cgggttcagc gcaggggctg ctgggaagac actgtcgtct gtgggactac cctagcctcg    133800
     ccgctgtttt ccccaggctg cgtgaacgta tccttcaagc ctgacatgct gtccccttct    133860
     cccgcgggcc tttttgccgc tttagggtgc tccgcgtggg cgcgacacgc agcctgggtg    133920
     cgagctaggg actccacgtc ccccaccccc atgtttcggc gcagcggaga ccgggaaggc    133980
     actgtcaacc gtgcggtgac tctgacccgc cgcttttttc cccgtgctgc ctcatcgtcc    134040
     ggtttcaagc ctggcgtcct gttccattct ttcagaggtt ttcttgccgc tttggggtgc    134100
     ctcccccgtg ggcacgacac ataccctggg tgcaagccag ggactacacg acttctccgg    134160
     gcgtgatgca gaggctgcca tgaaggcaca gtcctccgtg gaaagttttt cccggtactg    134220
     cctcaacgtc ccctttcgtt tcactggagg ccttcttgcc actttggggc gcccagcgtg    134280
     ggcgcaacac gcacattagc tgcaagccag ggactccacg accaccccaa gcccggcgca    134340
     gggtctgccg ggaagggact gtcatcggtg ggaggactgc ggcccaccgc ttttttcccc    134400
     gtgctgcctc aatgtcccct ttcaagcctg gcatcatgtt cccttccccc acaagcattc    134460
     ttgccacttt ggggttcccc cgtgggtgcg acactcaccc tgggtgcaag ctaggaactc    134520
     catgaccgtc ccgggccagg cacacgggct ggggaaacgc acggttgtct gtgggagtaa    134580
     accggcctgc tgctttttcc ctcgtgcttc ctcaacgtcc cctttcaagc ctggcgtcct    134640
     gtttcgtttt cccgcaggcc tacttgccgc tttggcgtgt ccccactaga tgcgacacgc    134700
     accctgggtg caagccaggg acttcacgac ttcccctggc gcggtgttgg gggggctact    134760
     gaaaaggcac tgtagtgcgc gggaagtttt tccccagcgt gcctcaacgt cgccttacag    134820
     gcctggcatc ctgtttcctt ccccgtgggc cttctggccg ctttggggtg tccctcttcg    134880
     gccagacacc catcctgggt gcaagcctgg gactccgcga ccacccggtc ccggcgcagg    134940
     ggctgatgtt aagtaaggca ctgtcgttca tggtaggacc ccagcctcgc cgcttctttc    135000
     ctcggactaa ctcaacgtcc cccttcaagc ttgatgtgct gtccctttcc ccccgccccg    135060
     ggggccttct tgtcgctttg gggagcccca gtgggcgaga cacgcaccct gggtgcaagc    135120
     cagggactcc accattttcc cgggccaggt gcacgcgctg ccgggaaggc actgttgttc    135180
     atgggaagac cccagcctct acgctgcacc cagggaagtc gtggagtccc tggcttgcat    135240
     ccaggctgag tgtcgcgccc acggggggca ccccaaagcg gcaaagaagg cctccggggg    135300
     aaggaagttg gatgccaggc ttgtaaggag agatcaacgg ggaaaaaagc ggcgaagcca    135360
     gggactcaat gacacaagca ggcctggaac aggggcttcc gggaaggccc tgccgtctgt    135420
     gggacaaccc cagcctcgct gcttttatcc ccaggctgcc tcaactttcc cgttcaggcc    135480
     tgatgtgctg tccccttccc cgaggtcctt cttgcagctt tgtggtgcta cccatgggtg    135540
     agacacgcac cctgggtgca agccagggac tccacgaccc tcctcccgac acatacaccg    135600
     tcccgatgca ggggctgcga gaaaggcact gtcatccatg ggacgcccac ggctcgccgc    135660
     ttttttcctc atgctgtctg aacttcctct ttcaagcttg gcatcctgtt tctttccacc    135720
     tatggcctac ttgccgcttg gaggcacccc cccacccccc caactgtgga cgagtcacgc    135780
     accctggatg caagccaggg actctacgac ttccctggtt ctggcacaga ggctgctggg    135840
     aaggctctgt cctccgtggg aagttttttc ctggactgcc tcaacgtccc ctttcaagcc    135900
     ttgcgtcctg ttcccttccc ctggggacct tcttgacgct ttggggtgcc ccccatgggc    135960
     aagacacgtc cgctgggtgg cagcaaggta ctccacgacc accgggcact tgactcgggg    136020
     gctgcaggaa aggcactatc gtccgtggga ggactccagc cttaccactt ttttcctcgg    136080
     gctgcctcaa tgtcctcctt cacgaagact gacatgctct ccccttcctt ccggggcttt    136140
     cttgacgttt tgggttatcc ccgtgggcga gaaacgcacc ctgagtgcac accaggtatc    136200
     cacggtccct cggttccggc gcagaggctg ctgggaagac actgtcgtcc gtgggaggat    136260
     ccctgcccac cgctttttcc ctgtgctgcc tcagaagtct tctttcaagc ctggcatctt    136320
     gttcccttcc tttaggggct ttcgtgttgc tttgagatgc ccccttgggc gtgacccgca    136380
     gctgggtgca aggcagaagc tccaccactc gcctggcccg gagcagggtc tgccaggaag    136440
     gcactgttgc catgggaagt ttttccttgt actgtctcaa cgtccccttt caagcctgga    136500
     gctctgttcc cgtcccccgg gggtcttctt gccgctttga agtgcccccc ataggcctga    136560
     cacggaccct gggtgcaaga cagggactcc acgaccaccc cggccccaac acaggggctg    136620
     ccaggaaggc actgccatct gttgaacgac cccggcccgc cttttttttt ttttttccgt    136680
     gttgcctcaa tgtcccctat taagattggc gtcctgttcc cttcccccag aggccttctt    136740
     gccactttgg ggtgtcccca tgagcacggc atgccccctg ggtgcaagtc aaggactcca    136800
     cgacttccca aatcccggcc cagggtcggc tggacaggca ctgttttccg tgggaagttt    136860
     tttcccggac tgcctcatct tcccctttaa aggctgtccc tcctgttcct ttccctcggg    136920
     ggttttcttg acgctttctg gtgcccctcg tgggggtgac acgcaccctg ggtgtaagcc    136980
     agggactgca cgacccccgc ggtttctgtt cttatttatg gtaaaagtag ggaactctgc    137040
     ttatgcacat caacggaatc attattatac gcagacgatt tggacgtcga aggagagaaa    137100
     ccttggtgag gggtagggga taaaacagga gggggaaggg aaggaggcac agtagttcac    137160
     tctggagtgt tttctagcct ggggtgagtg gggcgacacg gagggcaact caggaaacaa    137220
     gctgattcca gaaaagacac cgggcatgat ggcgagcgtc tgcagtccca gctacccggt    137280
     ggaggtgggc gggggaggca gaagaatcgc ttgaacctca ttggctcacc tttcgaatta    137340
     ccagcgaagg ctttctcacc aagtttttgt cacactcttt ccccaccagt taccccttcc    137400
     tgaagattcg ctcatggacc cctggggaag atagtggtct gccttatgac caaaagactg    137460
     gaaaattttg agtgctttct atcagggccg ttgcctggca tgcatgcact cacccccaaa    137520
     gtcccgctgt ttatccacct ttctctctgg ggcaaaaggc ctctccgagg ccgacacaac    137580
     acgatagtac acagaatctt accgcactcg ctcctgcgtc gtgggcgcac ttggcagagt    137640
     gaaacaagga acttggcgct caacagagga ggcagcatct cttatcgagt gggagggacc    137700
     tgcctcactc atccgcctcg ccccgctcaa cgacctcttc aggatgcact tgcaaacacc    137760
     gtggtggcgg ttatacgaga ggccacttgg ggttggcaca acccgccacc attttgtctc    137820
     gggcagtctg gagcactcct ggatcaccac aaaggccctg gtcgtgtcaa ccctctcgca    137880
     tcccagaaag ggcagcatga tgtttggtag ggacatgccc catggccccg gagaggtgca    137940
     gtgtccaccc gcaaggcaac aaccacagga agccagagca aaggtgcccg ctgtgtcaga    138000
     ggaccccacc aatcttcttg aagtcacgag gctcaaggcg tgagggcagc gaggtcaccg    138060
     caaattccct gccccatgcc tcccaacaca ctacccgtga gtggggaaga gagacaaggg    138120
     gcccgacaag cagaagaaga agaactcttc cattaactgt gtatttccat cctttgcttc    138180
     tcgtggctta ctcccagcct gggagagcgt aaagtcacca catccatcgt gaaaagccca    138240
     ataatgggcg gtggttgagc tggggtcagt cttgaagaaa ctgatgagca taacagccca    138300
     gccaggctca ctccgggata gggacagcag acaatttaag gtggaatgcc tgacattcac    138360
     agcgaagagc caacagagtg gggttgttct gaccaccctg tgcccgcagc cgggagcaca    138420
     ctggtcacgg gagcccgagc tgccttccct gccagggtca aaggcccaga aacctggggc    138480
     accacggaca gttatgacac taggatgcgt gagagcaggc acacaggtcc cagcaatcag    138540
     ctaaaactgg aacagggccg gttagctggg ttaccagtat accagagctt cacacgcatc    138600
     tagaggccca atgtaattgc caggcagcgt gtcagcaaca acctggtggc ccaaaatgtc    138660
     gactcagagt gaaagatata ccttgcctgg tggaggggtg tcgagtcagt gaccacacca    138720
     cctgagcaga aacgcgtgac ctggacatct ttcccaaaaa aaggccacca tggcagccag    138780
     acacggaaca cccagggccc tctggttgac cccaggacac acacaggagc agcactgggc    138840
     cagggacaaa ctcctggtta cccgtacaat gcaggggctg gcccattttt ccagagctag    138900
     actgggagtt atttttggct ggcccctagc atgactggat cacatgaggg accaaagcct    138960
     ggccaggtgc cacctcttgg accacatgca tgctcaggga ccgctctcca actctgcatg    139020
     gggacttcaa aaaaaagatc agggcagagg gactagggct tggcaggtgc atcagacctg    139080
     cactggcctg ccactgggcc gggaagggca tccccagcca ccagcgccat gcccaatacg    139140
     tccttgtgga tctcgggcca agcctcagga gttgtggcat gctgttcgac cagccagggc    139200
     agccccacac tgccctgggg cacggaagca ccgcgacagc ctcccccagc aaagccctgg    139260
     actgccagct ctgactcaca agtgacgcgc cagagtccca gatggcaggg cagcccatga    139320
     ctgggaaacc caaaccatga gtcgaagtct ttttgaggcc gaaaacgcag cccctcctcc    139380
     ccaacttcac agaaaccgtt ctccaaacgt gtctctgcat agactgcgac tgagtcaaaa    139440
     gacaacccgt ggcgcatgag agtttgaaga tgcatctcgg actgagaaag aagaaatggg    139500
     acttggttgc aggtcggtta ggacacagta agatacagaa tgaggagagt cttctagaat    139560
     ccagacaaag acggaggaag ggagggagag agggaatgga gaaaagagac agacggagga    139620
     aagcaaggag ggagggaagg gagcagcgag ggagggcgga aagaaggaaa tgagaaccag    139680
     agagagagag gatttttaaa atctagacaa agaaatataa agaaagagag aggccgggcg    139740
     cggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcag gggcgggtgg atcacaaggt    139800
     gaggagattg agaccatcct ggctaacaag gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa    139860
     aaaattagcc ggacgccatg gcaggcgcct gtagtcccag ctaccctgga ggctgaagca    139920
     ggagaatggc gtgaacccgg gaggtggagc ttgcagtgag tagagatccc accacgcatg    139980
     ccactgcact ccagcctggg cgacagagac tccgtcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    140040
     aaaaaagaga aagagacata gcaagggaag aaaaatgaaa gagatgaaga aggaggaaat    140100
     aaatgaagga aagccaggcg gaaaaaacag agagaggaaa gaaaaaagaa agaagaaaat    140160
     gtaaaagaac aaaagacaga gaagaagaat gaaagaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    140220
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaaggaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaactgg agaaataaac    140280
     tttaagaaag aaatgaaagg agaaagatag atgaaaaaaa ctaaaaaaat agtaaaacta    140340
     tttttctaaa aaactctaaa aaactctaaa aaaatagccg agggcggtgg ggggcggggt    140400
     gggtggggga tcggtggcta tgatgcactt tccactttac caatatgctg gctggggaaa    140460
     gacaaatatt aaacataact taacggtaaa aactgactat ggcggcttag ccaaggtact    140520
     tgagtttccc taaggaggga gggagagagg aagaggaaag ctgccggcat gaaggagaga    140580
     aaccgaggtg agggggaggg gacaaaacag gacggggaag ggaaggaggc acagtagttc    140640
     actctggaat gttttctagc ctggggtggg tggggggaca cggagggcaa ctcaggaaac    140700
     aagctgattc tggaaaagac accgaattca tagtgttgcc atccctgctt tgaaaggtgt    140760
     gaagtgcatg ctgcttcctc cacactcatt cagttaatcc tgagaaatgt cttttagtcc    140820
     caaacgcctg acatctacct gctttcacaa catctgggga gaatcagaaa agtccccact    140880
     aaagaaaagg cctagggtgg aactgccgtc tgtaaaaccc aggcagaaga gtccacgcgg    140940
     gtcaaacaca caaagaatag gaagcaactg atgaagaaga tcaacaatct ggcccagcca    141000
     gaatctccag aggttttcta ggcaacgatg gaggggatga acggatggag gtagggcggg    141060
     cctctgaggg ttggggtagg actgagggga gcagagagaa gacacactca ccccttacca    141120
     tgggcgggcg gccacggcat cctgtgagcc tcctagactt caaaaacggt gacagctaga    141180
     tgacacgaga cgacaacgga tggaagtgtc agcccggcgc cctttcagga gctcccaaca    141240
     actaatccac cacagccctt gcgggggaag aagcaccatg gctcgggaaa acatggagaa    141300
     acacatgtgc ctatgcacgt gcacacgcac accatatccc acaatataga cacgtttata    141360
     ccgtgataat gagagagccc atttctagtg caaaagaagc agtctgggct tggcggccca    141420
     agccagtaac cccagcactt tgggaggcca aggcgggaag aacacctgag gtcaagagtt    141480
     ccaaaccagt ctggtcaaca tggcaaaacc ccgtctttaa gaaaaacgca aaaattagat    141540
     gagcatggtg gtgggcacct gtaatcccag ctcctcagga ggctgaggca agatactcac    141600
     ttgaactcag gaggtggagg ttgcagtgag ctgagatctc acaactgcac tccagcctgg    141660
     gcaacagagg aagactccat cgcaaaaaaa aaaaaaataa taataaataa taaataaata    141720
     aataaataaa ttgattccac ctttaaatgt atgcactgtt aagattacgc agatagctta    141780
     gaaggtatat aagctttata cacatttgta attttgagtc aatctggtga tattatcagg    141840
     ccgtctccct gtaagtggtc acagaaataa aaactccctt tttttagttc atctgtatgt    141900
     cattatcagg tcgggagaat aagcagcccc accctcagtt tggtctggga acaattacac    141960
     tccagcctgg gtgacagagg gagattttgt ctcagaaaag aaacaagaaa accatttttt    142020
     aaaaaatcga agataattag cggggcattg tgctgtgctg tggctcattc ccatgcctgt    142080
     aggcccagct actctggagg ctgaggcaga ggaatattgc tttgagccta gcagttcaag    142140
     gtcacagtaa gctatggtcc taccactgca ttccagcctc ggcgacacag gaaggccccg    142200
     tttctaaaaa atacatgaat aaatgaatag atgaatgtaa aaaaatgcaa ggaggtggca    142260
     gagcacggga aggcttgact cattcctaaa cactagagca gaaaaacagg accatccatg    142320
     tgagacataa gctattccaa atcacagtgg aataagcaag tggaagagca aggccctgcc    142380
     attatctgca gataaccatt ctttctatcc agctagcctc tggctattag tagaaaccaa    142440
     atgcccaacc atggggccac gaagttacca tgtgagctga gccgctcatc acacactggg    142500
     cgtaagtggg tgtgcacagc agcactccag catgacacag aaatgctgtg gacctgattg    142560
     ggtccgaaca gatcctgaag cacaagtaag ttccatgaga aagtggccca aatgcccatg    142620
     atgcctagtc aagaaatgag ccgagttaag aaattacaca tagccgggcg cagtggctca    142680
     tgcctgtaat cttatcactt tgtgttgggg aaaccagccc tacaccagcc agcaggtacc    142740
     acgagtccag cagagacaaa ggagttgtaa agagaaaaaa ataaatgttt aaaaggcggg    142800
     tccaggggac cggagcatct gaggcttgtt cacagcccag agctctcgag ctctgctgaa    142860
     tttgttggtt tacaagctct ttgttcttag ggcagatggg aggggtagaa agggataagg    142920
     tagaggatta atcagtgtca ctcaataaga tgtgtagcag cagttttttg tgaatttcct    142980
     tgagcaaagg cgtgtgtcta aactactcaa gatctttaac ttatcaggac tgaaatgggt    143040
     gtgagtgggt ttcaggagga gccaacacgt ttggttatac tccactgctt caaaggaggt    143100
     atctcccttg ccaacctgtg gaatgcctct gagctgttat gctttcaggg cataaagaca    143160
     tgaaggcaat aaggagatat ttctcctcag aggccaccca tggctccaca tggatgtctc    143220
     atacagggga gaccaaccca tctggcaccc cagaaactct cacactttga gaggctgaga    143280
     tgggtggatc acttgaggtc aggagtttga gaccagcctg gtgaccacag caaaaccctg    143340
     tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attagtcagg tgcagtgatg ccagccaata gtccctgcta    143400
     ctcgggaggc taaggcagga aaatcgcttg aacctgggag gtagagtttg cagtgagcca    143460
     caagtgcacc actgtgctcc agcctgggtg acacagtgag actttgtctc aaaaccaaca    143520
     aaaacttaat ttaatttaat taaaaaaaga aagtacacgt aaaattatac atagctgggt    143580
     gcagtggctc acacctgtaa tctcagcaat tagggagcct gagacaggtg gatcagtttg    143640
     tagcatcatt gctgccttga aaggacagag aagtatgttt atgtcactgt tggttttatt    143700
     tttttttcct tttttaccgg aaacacttac tttttatatt attattatta ttatcattat    143760
     tattattttg gatagggagt ttcgctcttg ttgcccaggc tggagagtaa cggtgcaatg    143820
     ttagctcact gaaacctctg tctcccgggt tcaagtaatt ccctttcctt ggcctcccga    143880
     gtagctggga ttacaggcaa gtgccactat gcccagctaa cttggtattt ttagtagaga    143940
     cagggtttct ccatgttggt caggctaatc tcgaacgtcc aacgtcagga atgtccggtg    144000
     attcgcctgc atcagactcc ataaatgcta ggattacagg catcagccac tgcatctggc    144060
     ctcttttttt ttttttttta agatggagtc tcactctgtt gcccaggctg gaatgtagtg    144120
     gtgctatctc agctcactgc aagcttcatc tcacagtttc aatcaattct cctgcctcag    144180
     cctcccaagt agctgggatt acaggcgcac accaccatgc ctggctaatt ttttgtattt    144240
     ttagtagaga tacgttttca ccacatcggc caggctggac ttgaactcct gatctcttga    144300
     tccacctgcc tctgcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc atgagccaca gtgcccggca    144360
     tgtatattca tttttttaac tgatcaaaga acaatcagaa ccactcatca gggtggcaat    144420
     tcccttggca acaagggagg gagaaacttg gaggtggggg tgggggcagt ggagaagaca    144480
     cagctgcctt gggctgtgcc caggtgccat gagctttctt cctccttgag gcctcggttt    144540
     tcagagtaac aatggctgct aggtgatgcc cattaggtga atagggtggc atatgccaat    144600
     gagagtgtca gcccgcaatg aattggcatc acccggagtg gggaaaggag gggaaggatg    144660
     gaagtcccca cagtacactg ggtcacagca ccctcgcagg cagtccccat aactaatcaa    144720
     ccagggcccc tggggggggg acacagccta agtccccacc catcagatca tctggaactt    144780
     ccatccaaat accgactgga aattctctca gtcaagctcc aaacctaaaa gaatcactgc    144840
     cacacccacc aggactaaca caacttttaa aagaatcatt tctgtgtttt aggtgcatcc    144900
     gtgtatttct gtacaacaaa attatttatt ttaaatgtta ctagtttttt gcttcttacg    144960
     tgtacagtct catgatagat agacaagggg actcttcagt ccagagtcca tgaggccaga    145020
     agctgacatc ctcagttctt attcagaatg aatttaaaca agccagccaa gcgccctgcc    145080
     atgaaactcc tggaaagaca agcgattaag aaaagaaaag aaaaacaaag taaaaaacaa    145140
     acaaacaaac aaaaaacaat gccgtcagga gcagtagctc atgcctttaa tccccgcact    145200
     ttgggagcct gagagcgggt ggattccttg attccaggca atcaagacca gccttggcaa    145260
     catggtgaaa cctcatctct tcaaaaatac aaaaattagc tggcttcata atttggactc    145320
     aaaattaata aataaatagt ttgaaattta aaatgtaaaa atatcttaat tgctgtattc    145380
     tgttattttt gcatcctatc gtgagaagga cataatatag gtattatctg tctctctgtt    145440
     tgcaacaggg tctcgctctg tctgtagccc aggatggagt gcagtgacat catcatggct    145500
     cactgcagcc tcaaccaccc cagggtcagg tgattctccc acttcagcct cctgagtagc    145560
     taagacccca ggcatgcacc tcaggttttg gctgtgttgt ccaaggcttg tctcgagctc    145620
     ccaggctcaa gagatcctgc cgccttggcc tcccaaagtg ttggggtttc aggcttgagt    145680
     cgccgcaccc agcctgactt aatacatctg gtctcactac gtcctgacta catgcccttg    145740
     aagaactcaa gagagttagc aagagacttt cagcattctc tccataaacc agtgaggtgg    145800
     atggcggctg agtgtcctgg gctcctgtgg ttttaggtgg ccatgcgtag aggatagatt    145860
     tcaaatgttt ccagagaggt gggagccaca gtcattcggg gcatccaagc ttgggataca    145920
     gtttctgaca gcatcttaag ggccaggaag ggccaggatc tgccaaggct ggtgttccac    145980
     ggtggggaca atggaaccca aggtagaggg agccatccat ccacactgag ctccagccct    146040
     agaccccacc atgcagatta agtcagaagg aacagtcctt cctcctacac gccacatccc    146100
     tccactcaac ttgggagcag atctgttttc caaacatgag gtgactctct gtttgaaatg    146160
     aatcacaagg ggcccagctt tcttgagtcg gcaggataaa gaagtcattc tgtgacatag    146220
     aatgagatat gcctcgaatc tagactctcc agttaaaacc aatgatggtg gccaggtgca    146280
     gtgcctcatg actgtcatcc cagcacttcg ggaggtcaag gctggcagat cacgaagtca    146340
     ggattgtgag atcagcctgg ccaatatggt gaaatcctgt atttactaaa aaaacaaagg    146400
     ttagctggat agggtagcac gcacctgtaa tttctgctac tcggggggct gaggcaggag    146460
     aatcgctgga agcaaggagg tggagattgc agccagccga gaccatgcca ccgccttggc    146520
     gacagaagga gacaccattt acctagaggg ataaaagaac aacagggtcc gcaccaggat    146580
     ggaagttccc taggcagtga gggagagagg gaggggcctc cagaagggaa ggagagaaag    146640
     cagttgcccc aggctctgtg aagtggccag gcggccctca gtgccacctt taaataacag    146700
     tggccacttt caataacagt ggcctttcaa taacagtggt cactaggtga tgacctactt    146760
     ttaaaaaaag caaaacaaaa catttatttt gaaaaattgc aatttaggct gggcgcggtg    146820
     actcacacct gttatcccag cactttggga gactgaggca ggcagatccc tgaaggtcag    146880
     cctgggcaac atggtgaaac cctgtctcta ctaaaaaaac aaaagttagg tgagcagggt    146940
     ggcatacacc tgtaatccca gctactcagg aggctgtggc aggagaattg ctggaaccag    147000
     ggaggtggag attgcagcca gccaaaaaaa ccccacagcc tgggctacag aacaagactc    147060
     tatttaaaat aaattagtaa ataaataagt gaacgaatat atgtaaaaag aaaaatgcaa    147120
     ggaaatggcg gaactcggga aggctcccct cattcctaaa gaccagagca gaaaaacagg    147180
     accatcaagt tcagacacag gccattttga atctgttgtc accatgctca attggtgcca    147240
     aagaagggta ggcttctgtg ccacccatct gtcatcacca cccttgtcaa atataattgc    147300
     agggtcacga ctgcacagag atctctcaac ccactgaatg catccgtatt tttatgagcc    147360
     ccgttgggag aataaacagg atatttagaa aagtactcat cgtgcgttat ttggtctccc    147420
     atgtctcttg tgaaaccaaa caaatttatg ggccattttt ttttctttcc agcacttgac    147480
     catccataca gtacctaaat aaaagaagaa tgaatgcatt ttatgaaaca aggagaaaaa    147540
     caacgaagcg aaagtctcag aggcttgtga tacacagggg tatacagaat gaggagactt    147600
     ccagaatcca aacaaagaca gacggaggga tgggaggaaa cgaattgaga aaagagacac    147660
     acaaaaagat gaagaaaaat aaatgcaaag aaaaagagac agagatgtaa agggaagaaa    147720
     gataaagaaa atagaaagac agagaaacag aaaaagagaa taagaaatga cagaaagaag    147780
     ggaggaagaa aaagagagag aagaaagaga aagaaaagaa agaaaatgaa agaaagaaag    147840
     aggaagaaaa aagaaaaata aaggaaataa aaaagagaga agtgcatcaa ggtttacacc    147900
     tgtaatccca acactttggg agtttgacat ggaagaattg tttgaaccca ccattttgag    147960
     accagccctg acaatacagt gagaccatgc ctctacttaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa    148020
     ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaatata ataatgttag ccgggcatga    148080
     tggcaggcgc ctgtactttc agctcctttg gagcctgagg tgggagcatc ccttgggctc    148140
     gggaggtgga ggctgcgttg ggccttggtc aggtaatgca ctgcagcgtg ttgtccaggc    148200
     tggtcttgaa ctcctgaact ctagccaact gcctgcctca gcctccgaaa ttgcacctgc    148260
     catattcaac ggccctgggg gtatcagtga cagactttag taagcatggt tgttatgcca    148320
     tattgcccag gttggtcttg aacttgaacc cgggaatttg aggctacggt gagccaaggt    148380
     catgccactg tactgcagtc tgggtgataa agcaagaccc catctctaaa tatctaatta    148440
     ataaaaacaa taacaataat ataaacaata atacaaataa ataacaaaca acagcaataa    148500
     taataaacaa actagtgaga gtgaaaaata taaaaataaa aaaggtaatt tagatcacaa    148560
     ttaattgcag taatttcaag gagttatttc tttaacctgt ctctcttact ttctgaaaca    148620
     gggtctttct ctgtcactca ggctggaggg caatggcgtg atcatggctc actgcagctt    148680
     cgacatccca gaatcaagct attcctgcaa tctcagccac ttggaaggct gagatggcaa    148740
     gaacacctgc gggagcccag gaaggttgag gctgtgatga gccgagaatg caatctcaca    148800
     ctccaacttt tcaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaga attagaagga gaagaagtaa acataaaaca    148860
     acagcaactt cagtgtgtag aaaggggagt aagaaaagta aaaggaaaaa gaaaaacaaa    148920
     atgaagagca gctgaaaata ctgtggaaac agttggagag gaagaaatga cgtggtgaaa    148980
     gagcagcctc tagtggatgc aggtggtagt gctgctgacc agagttaccc gttctacctt    149040
     aacaatccca agttgacggt caagtccagc gctcgccgat gacatcttat ggacccaggg    149100
     ctcgcggaag gacccagttg gaactttatc acaccaagcc ggcccacctt tgctgccatc    149160
     taactccgcc gacctgcccg cagttcccca ctctccgctg gttgaccggg gcagcggaga    149220
     gaggaggaaa gcacaaaggc agtgactggt tcatatccca tcgccgcgcg cctggggtgg    149280
     ggagaggggc cgtgacccca tcggccacca ctgggcacgc gtgaacacta ctcggacagg    149340
     aaccgcaggg gcacaccctc ggacaaccac tcctgagtca ttctcaccag gctcggtgaa    149400
     tccaatctca gcccctggag gagttcccag cggggtgcga ggaggaggtg gaatcggaga    149460
     ggtggaagga ggagcagggg agccacctct acctcagcaa cccctggcgc ggcaccttgg    149520
     aaagcccgag ggtggggacg tgagcctccc aatgcacagc gggcgccgat gagctctcgc    149580
     gagagacacc cactgcgtga tccggggctc aggggtgggt gggcatgagc gggccaggga    149640
     agaggttctc gggaacagga gaaaggaagg aaggtatatg tcaagggctg aattacacag    149700
     gacacaccac atcacacacc acatcaccag gtcctccgca cacgggtgca gagagccttg    149760
     tgtggaggtc tgactttcaa tagatagcag cgagggagct gctctgctcc atggaaaacc    149820
     ctgacccaga agcaggacgt ctgcgaatag tttagcatca ggttccccac aaacacgtta    149880
     tgtgatgggt cagggggtga ccgcctttct ggcagcagcc cgtttcccag gatgggggtt    149940
     tctctgcacc ggatcccggt ttccggagca cggcaggaca tgcgcccagc gcggggcgga    150000
     gcggcacacc ggaggggact gcagaagact gcctacccga ggccaacaaa ggttccgtgg    150060
     cgctgcctta tcattcctca tgggcgggat tcttagagtc cttcagtcct aatcccgctt    150120
     atagtagctt taccccattg gctcctcaga caaggacata caccaaatgt ctgaacctgt    150180
     gatttctcta ctaatgagca ggattaccat gggaacaaca catgggcaac aacacatggg    150240
     gaacacacgc agtaaaacta acctgtctca catgggtcta accataatgc tttccagggc    150300
     atgcgcaccg ctctcaggtg aatccattcc agtctgcctt gtccttcgca aagaaaagag    150360
     agctctgcag gggcggtggc tcatgcctgt aatcccagca atttgggagg ttgaggaggg    150420
     ccgatcatct gagatcagga gttcaagatc agcttggcca acatagtgaa accctgtctc    150480
     tataaaaata caaaaattag ccgggcatga tggcgggtgc ctgtaatccc agctacccag    150540
     gaggctgaag tgggagaatc gcttgaaccc ggggaggcgg atgcctcccg cttgaacccg    150600
     gcaggcgcac atgccaccat gctgggctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagaa acagggtttc    150660
     accatgttgg ccaggctggt tttgaactcc tgacctcaag caatctgcct gcgttagcct    150720
     cccaaagtgt tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accgcaccca gcgtatgtgt atagagctcc    150780
     tcgagaggaa agcctctatt attaccattg caacagtaga aaaagtaaag cttttttttt    150840
     ttcttttgag taagagtttc actcttgttg cccagaatgc agtgcaatgg cctgatctca    150900
     gcttactgaa acctctgcct cccaggttca agctattctc cggcgttggc ctctcaggaa    150960
     ggtgggatta caggcatgtg ccaccacacc tggctaattt tgtattttta ggagagacag    151020
     agtttcacca tgttggtcag gctattctcg aactcctgac ctcaggtgat acacctgcct    151080
     cggtctccca aaatgctggg atcacaggca tgagccactg tgtctagctt ttttttcttt    151140
     tctttttttt tgaaatagtg tctccatcta tttcctaggc tggaacacag ggacataatc    151200
     ctagttcact gcagcatcaa actcctagag ctcaagcaat cctccagtct cagcctccca    151260
     agggctagga ttataggtgc acgccactac acctaggtat tttttgtttt ttgttttttt    151320
     tctttttcta cacaaaaatg tctcaacatg gatttttttt ttttcttttt tggcagagat    151380
     gctgtctcac tatgttgccc agggtggtct caaactcccc gcctcaaacc atccttccac    151440
     ctaagcctct ataagtgcta ggattacagg catgagccac tgaacccagc cccaataatt    151500
     tttattttat tttattttat tttattttat tttttttttg aggcagagtc ttgctctgtc    151560
     aaccaggctt gtgtgcagtg gtgtactctc agctcactgc aacctctgcc tcccaggttc    151620
     aaacagtcct cctgcctcag cctcttgagt aactagaatt actcacgcat gccaccacac    151680
     ctggctaatt ttttttattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccatgtgggc caagctggtc    151740
     tcaaactcct gacctcaagt gatccacctg ccgtggcctc tcaaagtgct gggattatgg    151800
     gtgtgagcca ccacacgtgg ctcccaagaa ctctctaaag gcacctagtg tcacaagaac    151860
     agatagctaa actgtatctg aaaaagtggc tcaagtgggg aaatttttgg cagatttggg    151920
     gaaacttagg gcaaatttta aacatgaggc cttttgtcag atcacctaca ttctttggat    151980
     tcaatgtggg tttgtcacag atgcttggtg tgacaaattg catggcttct accacttcat    152040
     ttgatcagcc tcctattgac tttcagctaa gtgctgcaga attgcttctc agattgtatc    152100
     tttccgcaag acaaagctat ttcacagtct ctaactgtcc cattttgtgg ctgttaattt    152160
     atacttacat gtttttcaac tacttattct ggttttctgt ttatgaaagc tttaacctgt    152220
     gctattttga gggaaatact gatgcatatc taaactttaa gagtgttttt caccctggct    152280
     gcagacactt ggtgaataat ttttcaggtg atagaaaaac ccatcatcat gagaatgtag    152340
     caacttttat tttgcagtaa ctgttaaaac tgtagctgtg gtgctcagta aaatgggacc    152400
     tttcccttgt aggtgtttgg ggaggagtga agtcctgtcc tccattttgt tagtaacctg    152460
     cttatgggtg ggccattatc acccagaaag gaaagggata ccatggtatg cagttacacg    152520
     gagctgcagc aagagcaaaa aaaagaaatt ccctcatgtc tccaatgcag agctggcatt    152580
     tatacctcta acccaggcag ggcccacaaa tctctggcag ctgtgagcac ctgttttgtt    152640
     tctgccttct tccagttggc aattttggct tttgggtttt gggttttttt gtttttttct    152700
     tttttgagac agagtctcac tctgttgccc agtctggagt gtagtgtagt gatctgggct    152760
     cacttcaagc tctgtctccc gggttcacgc cattatcctg cctcagcctc ctaagtagct    152820
     gggactatag gcactcacca ccacgcccag ctaatttttt tttttttttt tttttttgta    152880
     tttttagtag agacgggatt tcaccatgtt agccaggatg atctcaatct tctgacctca    152940
     tgatccacct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgt tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc actgcaccca    153000
     gccttttttt tttttttttt tagacagact ttcacttcgt caccgggctg gagtgcagtg    153060
     gtgtgatctt ggctcactgc agcctctgcc tcctgggtcc aagtaatcct cttgtttcag    153120
     cctcccaatt agctgggatt aagttgcgca ccaccacaga cagctgattt ttgtattttt    153180
     agtagagatg gggttttgcc gtgctgccca ggctaatctc gacttcgtga tctcaagtga    153240
     tccgcccacc tcagcccacc tcaaagtgct gtgactacag gtgtcagtca ccttgcctgg    153300
     tctgttgaca atatgggggg catgtaaaat atctgcagcc ctttagccag taaaacacag    153360
     aagactgtag tatgtggctt ctccattctc cctctttctc tgctctccta aatattaaag    153420
     ggttctcctt ttgccaagcc cagtggcaaa gcctcaggaa gggtggaggt atcagaagca    153480
     tccaaaggga tcccatcaag tagctctaag tcactctcat tcaccccatt ggaagttcct    153540
     gccatcctgt atgccctgga agcttcctaa tgcaggcaga taatatcctt ggtgtgctgt    153600
     tagtgtggag actccctcat ctttgctctt ctgcttgaga aaaaaaactg actggttacg    153660
     gtggctcatg cctgtaatct caacaatttg ggaggccgag gcaggtggat cacttaaggt    153720
     caggagttcg agaccagcct gaccaacatg gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa    153780
     ggttagccag gcatggtggc agatgcctgt aatcccagca actcaagagg ctgaggcaga    153840
     agaatcactc aaacccggga ggcagaggtt gccatgagcc aagatcacat cactgcattc    153900
     cagcctgggc aacagaacaa gactctgcct aaaaatatat agaaatataa tataacatac    153960
     aaatatatta tatttatata tataaatttt taaataaatg aatagaattc atcacctaac    154020
     ttctaaagct acttctctgg atgaaattct gggcacttag gagtcagcag tggtatattg    154080
     agtgtatggc tcttgctcac aggtgcttct tttctgtccc atggcaggca gcacaaaatg    154140
     aaggctcctg caaagctaag agctcctttt gcccacggat caggagcaaa gtttgcagct    154200
     acactgtcgg ctgtgtttgg atgttagcag ttagtttagc tttgcgtctt cagaacgatt    154260
     gttcttagct actttaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aagaaaatga aagaaaagaa aacttaaaat    154320
     gttcttcatt gatcattcag gagcatactg tttaatttcc atgtaattgt acaatttcaa    154380
     aagttcgcct tgttgttgac ttctagtttt attccactgt ggtcaggaaa gatactcaat    154440
     ataatttcaa taattttaaa tttgttgaga cttgttttgt ggcctaacat atggtagaat    154500
     agaccagaat agggagaata tctcttgtgc tgatgaagga atgtgttttc tgcatctgtt    154560
     ggatgaaatg ttttgtaaat atctctttgt tagcctaaaa tgtagttgct ttttttgttt    154620
     ttctttgaga cagagtctct gctgcccagg ctggagagca gtagcatgat cttgactcag    154680
     tgcaacctcc agctcccacg ttcaagcaat tctcatgcct cagcctccca agtagctgga    154740
     attacagatg cccgccacca cacccagcta atttttgtac ttttagtaga gacagtgttt    154800
     taccatgttg gccacgctgg tctcaaaata cacaaaaaat atatatattt tttcctttct    154860
     tcccctctta attgttcatc cttgtaattt ggtggatttg tgtagtgata aagtttgatt    154920
     cttgtctctt tctcctttgt gtatgtgttc taccgttgag ttttatactt tttttgtgtg    154980
     ttttcttgat agtaattatc atttcacttg cagatgtggg actcccttga gaatttcttg    155040
     taaagctggt ctagtggtga tgaattctgt cagtttttgc ttgtctgaga catttcaggc    155100
     ctttagcttc aggaactgat tctagttccc tgtcctgtgg cgacaaatag aaacagatcc    155160
     ctggtaccat tcttaggtac aaagccagct agatatgagc agataagaaa atcaaatcct    155220
     tctattttgc cagggattaa ttcattccca ggattgtaaa tattacattt cacttttcat    155280
     ctcacagaac cgtgagactg gaagttgagc tgggcagcct gcccagcaag acattatgat    155340
     gtatgcaaca caatgaacta ctaaagaagt gtctttaaag gtatttacag cacatagctt    155400
     ttttttcttt taattttgct gctctttatt tgcagtagca ggtaaggaat taagaaagca    155460
     aaaataagtg ctttgactag gtcttttgcc tttgaaagta gcattcgtaa aatcccctct    155520
     tcttttttat tcgtataaac ttcacccaat tcaatctgcc cctcccccca gcccatctgt    155580
     gttcacatgc tgttcttgct gctctcagtt tttaaaagct tattccaaaa ttacatgaaa    155640
     gtaaccacat tttgacaaaa tcagaattct ggtaggaatg gcttaccaca aggctgttga    155700
     aagacgccca gcaaaacttt agtacttttt atttcaacct ctctcggtta aacctacaat    155760
     ttggtagttg atattattac ctccctttgg caggcctgtg tctctgcctt ggagaaataa    155820
     caaagtccaa agtagtcttc tcattcaaag atgtggcaaa tgaaggctgt tttgatcttt    155880
     atgtattagc atttgggttt taatctttct ggggctcctg acagactatt cctttaaatt    155940
     tattatataa ttctaaaata ttggacacat ttgtttcaag catctgtcaa tatccttact    156000
     attttcattc cacttcccac tgccctcaat agtcattagg tcctactgat ttttatctcc    156060
     taagtatttg tcaaatctgt cttctctgta tgtattgttc cttatataac tgcatctcca    156120
     ttgtcactgt gctgctttgg actatctttt cttgtctaga tcagtgcctg aattatatta    156180
     tgagcttcgt aaagttgtat caatgaatga atgattcata atctgggcac tgcattctaa    156240
     cacttaactg aaaaaaaatc ttagatctat cttccatgta aaagcatatc taaaatgcaa    156300
     atcttaattt gataatctcc agcttaataa aactcttaga tggctcccag acgtccccca    156360
     aaccatctct catttcactg atcaaaaaaa atttaaaatt ttaaaactaa aaaaaaattg    156420
     aacactttat tggtcaaaaa acaaaaacaa aaatgatctc ggagcgtacc tcactcacac    156480
     cccaccctgc tctgttcccc tctcccaccc ccagcctaca gggaccatcc aataacccct    156540
     tctttgctac ataaccctta ccctccttct tcaatactca tactttctcc ttagaaacct    156600
     cccccccact tccgggcaac agtagattct ttcttgctta tgttttttgt aatgacatca    156660
     gccatttaga actcatgatg tgcctaggcc ccactatctg cctctccaca gatcttgctc    156720
     agacaattct tcaggattta gtcacagatc caaagtaagg agctagaagg gagcttcagg    156780
     cttggttttt ttgggttgaa gctagaaagc taatctatgt tgaatgcaaa acaaaccaag    156840
     taatagccaa cctatacatc ctaggaatat cgattgcttt ttatttttgc tcccagccat    156900
     tctctccaca ggactctctc cttctttaca tttcttttaa acacagtata ttaacacaac    156960
     actgtgtgag aaatgggatt cagaaaacca agatacaggt ctccttccgc tatgctatga    157020
     gtcagccatg aaaactctct gggcctcact gactgaattg taatatctga ctttaatgag    157080
     gattatattc attgaactct gaggtcctgt ccatttctta caccctgatg caaagaccgc    157140
     agagaacttc taacccagat gtttttaact aggcttcttg tatgtctggg aagatgatga    157200
     aagaacttca aggggatcac gagctcctta aattctatct aaaatccaag gccaggtgcc    157260
     gtgcctcacg cctataatcc cagcactttg ggagaccgag atgggtggat tgcttgagct    157320
     caggagttca agaccagcct gggaaatatg gtgaaacccc ttatctatta aaatacaaaa    157380
     taatcagcct agtgtagtgg tgcatgcctg tagtcccaac tactcaggag gttgagacac    157440
     aagaattgct tgaaccctgg aggtggagaa cgttgcagtg agctgagatc atgccactgc    157500
     actccagcct gggagacaaa cagaaactct gtccaaaaaa taaataaatg aatgaatgaa    157560
     tgaataaata aataagtaaa attaattata tgtaaaatcc tatgtcagat ggctgcatca    157620
     ccttggccca cggagggggt tttcttttct ttttttctct tccaaggtaa tgatagtcta    157680
     tagctcactg ctgccttggc cgcctgggct caagcagtca tcccacctca gcctcctgag    157740
     tagctaggat aaaaagcaca ctccaccctg cccagtgaat taaaaaaaaa aaaaatgaag    157800
     ctgggcacag tggttcatgc cgtgaatccc agaattttga gtggccaagt caagaagact    157860
     gattgggtcc aggagttcaa gaagctgaga aatatacaga ccccatttct actagtaaaa    157920
     aaataaaaaa taaaaacatt agttgggccc agtggcattc acctgtagtg ccagccactt    157980
     atgagtctga ggcagaggat tacttgaact gagcagttca aggctgcatt gagctatgat    158040
     tgtggctttg gactgagcct tggtgacacc acaagactct gtcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    158100
     aagaggctac aggtaagaaa gtacttggat aacactaaaa agttaaactc gtgacattgg    158160
     accttatgaa atgtgtgtta cccagagctg tttatagtat gataggtccc tcctagatag    158220
     tattcaaggt ttaatacaga aacagagcaa gactctgttt cagaaataaa ataaagtaaa    158280
     atagctggcc atcgtggctt gcacctgcag taccagctgc tcaggaggtt gaggcaggag    158340
     gatgtcttga gcccagagag ttaggggcta cagtgagcta tgatcatgcc actgtactcc    158400
     agcctacatg acagaggaag acgctgtctc taaaaaaaat gataacaaaa gtaactaaaa    158460
     aagaactctg ggccccacct gagagattca tattcatttg ctttatcaca gggtcatgga    158520
     acctgtccca gtatcctaaa agccgcctca gtgagttaac aaaagtactg gtattgaaag    158580
     agatgtcaac atgctgtgac aaagagaagt ctcctctgtg aggctgggaa gtggggccaa    158640
     atgaggtttt tttttttttt tgaggagctg atttaggaca actaaaatgg ttgtcagaga    158700
     gcacaagaat ctaaggaagg cttgagacca tgaaactgtg gtggcctcag ctggtgcttc    158760
     tgtgcgcttt ctcctctctc agcatggtgg aatcagaagc agagaaggca gatggcggga    158820
     tgactcaaag ttcgggtttt atcagagagg aggagtagga ggagagtgtg taaggcagat    158880
     caaggagtgt tattaagggg ctcaggtcct agaccgtggg cctagcaggt aggccatgag    158940
     ggtcatgagg gatggggaag atgcatcgca aagggccctg agaaccaggg gaatatgcaa    159000
     caccaggggc ctggcagttc caggagagta gaaggtctag caagaatgcc catgcacctg    159060
     tgaaggagag aagcaaggct aggaggctgc agagagtgaa taatttagag gtgaactttc    159120
     tactggacag caaatccctc aatgccatcc caatggagaa ctaagataaa aaatactctg    159180
     ccgtgaaaat gccttacatg gtcataatta tgagtcgtaa aattcctttt tcagctgaaa    159240
     atgacctgca gcttcattta ccattttatg ctttggatgt catgttacat ctagaagcaa    159300
     taccctctcc cattgcaagt caaagtaaaa ctaggaaatg ttcagtggaa aggaaaaaaa    159360
     aaaaaacaca gaagacaaaa aaacagcaat aaaataaagc tgcaaaccca aagcactagg    159420
     aaaggaaagg gaaaaaaacc ttcaatatag acaagctttc atgttgtgtg atctgtgaaa    159480
     atgtatagaa atgcttatca gcttaaggag attttgggct gagacaatgg ggttttctag    159540
     atatacaatc atgtcatctg caaacagaga taatttgact tcctcttttc cgaattaaat    159600
     accctttatt tccttctctt gcctaattgc cctggccaga acttgcaaca ctatgttgaa    159660
     taggagtggt gagagaggga atccctgtct tgtgccagtt ttcaaaggga atgcttccag    159720
     tttttgccca ttcagtagga tattggctgt gggtttgtca tagatagctc ttattaattt    159780
     gagatccatc ccatcaatac caaatttatt gagagatttt agcatgaagc attgttgaat    159840
     ttggtcaaag gccttttctg catctattga gataatcacg tggtttttgt cattggttct    159900
     gtttatatgc tggattacat ttattgattt gtgtatattg aaccagcctt gcatcccagg    159960
     gatgaagccc acttgatcat gggggataag ctttttgatg ggctgctgga ttcagtttgc    160020
     caatatttta atgaagattt ttgcatcaat gttcatcaag gatattggtc taaaattctc    160080
     ttttttggtt gtgtctctgc tcggctttgg tatcaggatg atgctggcct cataaaatga    160140
     gttagggagg attccttctt tttctattga ttggaatagt ttcagaagga aaggtaccaa    160200
     ttcctccttg tacctctagt agaatttggc tgtgaatcca tctggtcctg gactcttttt    160260
     ggttggtaag ctattgatta ttgccacaat ttcagagcct gttattggtc tattcagaga    160320
     ttcaacttct tcctggttta gtctcaggat acaaaatcaa tgtatacatc aatgtacaaa    160380
     atcaatgtat aaaaatcaca agcattctta tacactaata acagacaaac aaagagccaa    160440
     atcatgagtg aactcccatt cacaattgct tcaaagaaaa taaaatacct aggaatccaa    160500
     cttccaaggg atgtgaagga cctcttcaag gagaactaca aaccactgct caatgaaata    160560
     aaagaggata caaacaaatg gaagaacatt ccatgctcat gggaaggaag aatcaatatc    160620
     ctgaaaatgg ccatactgcc caaggtaatt tgtagattca atgccatccc catcaagcta    160680
     ccagtgactt tcttcacaga attggaaaaa attaccttaa agttcatatg ggaccaaaaa    160740
     agagcccgca tcaccaagtc aatcctaagc cagaagaaca aagctcgata catcacgcta    160800
     cctgacttca aactctacta caaggctaca gtaaccaaaa cagcatggta ctggtaccaa    160860
     aacagagata cagatcaatg gaacagaaca gagccctcag aaataatgcc gtatatctac    160920
     aactatctga tctttgacaa acctgagaaa aataagcaat ggggaaagga ttccctattt    160980
     aataaatggt gctgggaaaa ttggctagcc atatgtagaa agctgaaact gcatcccttc    161040
     tttacacctt atatgaaaat taaatcaata tggattaaag acttaaacgt tagacataaa    161100
     accataaaaa ccctagaaga aaacctaggc attactattc aggacatagg catgggcaag    161160
     gacttaatgt ctaaaacacc gaaagcaatg gcaacaaaag ccaaaattga caaatgggat    161220
     ctaattaaac taaagagctt ctgcacagca aaagaaacta ccatcagcgt gaacaggcaa    161280
     cctacaaaat gggagaaaat ttttgcaacc tactcatctg acaaagggct aatacccaga    161340
     atctacaatg aactcaaaca aatttacaag aaaaaaacaa acaaccccat caaaaactgg    161400
     gcgaaggaca tgagcagaca cttctcaaaa gaagacattt atgcagccaa aaaacacatg    161460
     aaaaaatgct caccatcact ggacatcaga gaaatgcaaa tcaaaaccac aatgagatac    161520
     catctcacac cagttagaat ggcaatcatg aaaaagtcag gaaacaacag gtgctggaga    161580
     ggatgtggag aaataggaac aattttacac tgttggtggg actgtgaact agttcaacca    161640
     ttgtggaagt cagtgtggcg attcctcagg gatctagaac tagaaatacc atttgaccca    161700
     gccatcccat tactaggtat atacccaaag gaccgtaaat catgctgcta taaagacaca    161760
     tgcacatgtg tgattattgt ggcactattc acaatagcaa agacttggaa ccaacccaaa    161820
     tgtccaacaa tgatagactg gattaagaaa atgtggcaca tatacaccat ggaatactag    161880
     gcagccataa aaaaatgatg agttcatgtc ctttgtaggg acatggatga aattggaaat    161940
     catcattctc agtaaactat cacaagaaca aaaaaccaaa cactgcatat tctcactcat    162000
     aggtgggaat tgaacaatga gaacacaagg acacaggaag gggaacatca cactctgggg    162060
     actgtggtgg ggtggggggg ggggggtgtg gggagggata gcattaggag atatacctaa    162120
     aactaaatga cgagttaatg ggtgcagcac accagcatgg cacatgtatg catatgtaac    162180
     taacctgcac attttgcaca tgtaccctaa aacttaaagt ataataataa gaagaagaaa    162240
     aagaaaatgt atagaattgt taccatacca aaaaattccc aaagtgcttt acttgccagc    162300
     cactggaagg aagtagaaat tcccactcag gttgttactt ttaattgtca ttccctttat    162360
     gttgtttcct aaaataccaa caggcattct agagatgatt taccaagatg gcttaatgag    162420
     gtgtcagatg agtacctgta cccatgagcc cctttacctg aggcctcctt atgcaaattt    162480
     gatggactct tctgagcccc actagattaa aaaaacagac ataattggag cagctgggct    162540
     ggaagcacag ctgggccatc cccttaaaga ccagactcta gaaccacgtg ctcttgcttg    162600
     ccccaggttt ctccccactg ttgatattca tagctgcagc ccacctggac ctgagtcttt    162660
     ttcagatggt ctccacatca gtgcttgtta gcattcatgt gcacacagat cacctgtgca    162720
     acttgtgaaa atacagattc agactcagtg gctggggtgg agactctgga tcaatgtgtc    162780
     taacaagccc ccgggtgatg catatggtcg tcagatggtc ctagtcccac actaggagga    162840
     gctatttaga gcctgtaaaa tagctactcc cctatccagt gtttgagtcc cagaattctg    162900
     gattctgcca gcactcagat gcttctggga catgatgctt cctgttcatc ttgggtcaac    162960
     acgtcagaaa ggatttccta tattgagctg agatccgtct acctaggact cacattcaca    163020
     tggcctactt ctggaccttg gattttatgt agcaggctta aggccttaga aagtggctgg    163080
     aatgtccctc aagtattttt ttcaggcaaa acgtgccagg tcctctggct gttatttttt    163140
     aatttttttt agagactggg tctcatcatg tttccaggct ggtctcaaat tcctgggctt    163200
     aagttatcct cctgcctcac gctcccaaat tgctgagatt acaggcataa gccaccatac    163260
     ctggtcttgg ctaatcttct tatgctatgg tttggtcatt ctggtcattt ctttcttttc    163320
     atttttatta attaatttac ttatttattt atttattttt tgagatggag tttcactctt    163380
     gttgcccagg ctggagtgca atggcatgat ctgggctcac tgcaacctcc gcctcccaga    163440
     ttcaagcaat tcccatgcct cagcctcccg agtagccggg attacagatg cccagaacca    163500
     ccattttgta ttttggtaga gacggggatt caccatgttg accacgctgg cctcaaactt    163560
     ctgacttcag gcgatccacc tgcctcagcc tccaaaagtg ctgtcattac aggcgtgagt    163620
     caccacaccc agccatagtc atttccttct gatcctgctc tgtgtgtctt taggcctctc    163680
     ctcttgtgat atctatgctg caaaagtagc ttggaactgt caccacctct cacttacaga    163740
     cagtctttat gtgactcagg ttgtacttgc tgtcagccat catccttaat gccattttta    163800
     cacatgctgt ggatcagcca catttcttcc tagtcagtaa aaattataat aattatactt    163860
     aacactcatg agaattagta tagtaagatg gttaagaaca taggctctgg aatgagactg    163920
     cctagtggga agcactgtga ttagtaccat gtgttatata tcaccatcat catcatcatc    163980
     atcatcatca tcttccatca ccatcactat caccaccatc atcatcacca tcaccatcac    164040
     tatcaccacc atcagcatca tcatcatcac catcaccacc atcaagatca tcacatcacc    164100
     atcaacacca tcaccatcac catcaccatc actatcacta ccagtattac catcaccatc    164160
     attaccattg ctataaccat cataccaaaa tcaccatcac caccatcacc aacatcatca    164220
     ccataaccaa tcatcaccat catttccacc accatcatta ccataatgac gatcaccatc    164280
     accaccatca ccatcaccac catcatcact gtcaccacca tcatcatcac catcactgta    164340
     accaccacat catcatacca tcaccatcat cactatcatc accatcatca ccaccaccat    164400
     catcaccatc accataatca ccagcaccat caccatcacc catcaccatc accaccatca    164460
     tcttcatcac caccttcata ccatcaccat tatcaccacc accaccacca ccatcatcat    164520
     caccataagt aagcactttg cctacattaa ctgatttaat tctcataata acgtcataat    164580
     gttttacaag tgaggaagtg ggacttcaca agattatgtt ttgtgctgag ggtaacattg    164640
     acaagaatct aaaccttggc agggtccttt ggttgatttt gtttatgttg ttgagcaaag    164700
     tgcaagatgg tatctgttcc tgctattcat aaatttcatc ttttagtcag cactttaccc    164760
     ttattttaca ctatcttttg gattcctggt tctgtcatct caaatgttcc tgcttctagc    164820
     ttcatgctct ctgtcatatt gtaagaaaaa tatgtatctt cacctagatc atacacaagg    164880
     tcagaggcca tgtggcaact cctacagatt ctgctcactg aggccagatg gtgcacatct    164940
     cctgaagctc cctgagcctg cagtcatgta acccactcag agaagcctag ggagtgttca    165000
     ggcatgattt gtatttgaac attgcatttg gttcctggga aacatatttc ctccctgctt    165060
     tcaggcctcc attccagaat attttccaag atggacagct ccctccaaat ttatgtttgc    165120
     tgaaatcaat cctctgggca gggccagatg tgaggtacaa atagaaagca gggtctgcag    165180
     aacacacatc ccagaggaga taatgaccag ttgatctctg tgaatagtta aatctagaag    165240
     actatctgtg ggcttcaggg ctccctgcct ctgaatccag cagtgcaaat gcaagcctct    165300
     atggtccccc taaaccatag gtggctgagt agccatgggg ttgccagcat ttctataaag    165360
     gaagagctca gggcagcaat ctcatcagag gggaggctgg ggctggcctt gaatgtaaat    165420
     tgtatgtata tttggggcaa tttgcaagga gggggtgccc tgtaagagat tacatgagct    165480
     aaattcctca cataaaccca ttttgtgcca ctgctgctgt gccaactgac cagaaagcct    165540
     ggactgattt ctcccctctc tcctttcctt gttgtgttct ctgaccctgg gtgattaatg    165600
     taacctagct atgttcaatt acccatcctt gtcacaatgt caggatgtct gcctcctgtc    165660
     cctggtgctc ttcttggatt cctgtgagcc atgacaatgg gagcctcgcg aatttggagg    165720
     agagtagtgg gccctgggtc tgccatcagt ctgggctccc taatcacacg attgtcactg    165780
     gagcctgcct gagctctgaa gttccaaaac aagcttgcag ggaacattct tccatcccaa    165840
     tatatttccg tcatgaaatc gtcaagcaaa ccctgaatgc tttctgttgg tgcggtcagg    165900
     gagaagtgct gtccctctaa tactagagca gtcagtggcc atttgctgac tgagactaac    165960
     agcagatcta gaatgatttg gagaaggctg tctttgatct cttagaactg catgtggccc    166020
     tagcagtgtg catgtttttg ggacagtggt tcccccacaa gccatgaaaa ctgaagggac    166080
     aggtggggga gctccagcca gtaatgggaa gtgtctcaaa cgttagcgaa gttgttgtgg    166140
     gaagtcaggg accccaaatg gagggaccag ctgaagccat ggcagaagaa cacagattgt    166200
     gaagatttca tggacattta ttagttcccc aaattaatac ttttgtaatt tcttatacct    166260
     gtctttactg cagtctctaa acataaattg taaagatttc atggacactt atcacttccc    166320
     caatcaatac ccttgtgatt tcctatgcct gtcattattt taatcgctta atcctgtcag    166380
     ctgaggagga tgtatatcac ctcaggaccc tgtaataatt gcattaactg cacaaattgt    166440
     acagcatgtg tgtttgagca atatgaaatt tgggcacctt gaaaaaaaga acaggataag    166500
     agcaatgttc ggtgagccgg gtggaacaga gccatatttc tcttctttca aaggcaaatg    166560
     ggagaaataa cactgaattc tttttctcag caaggaatat ccctgagaaa gagaatgcga    166620
     acctgggggt gggtctctga actggccccc caggcgtgga catctcttat ggtcgagact    166680
     gcagggaaaa aaatagaccc cagtctccca tagtgctccc aggctcatta ggaagaggaa    166740
     attcctgcct aataaatttt ggtcagaccg gttgatctca aaatcctgtc tcctgataag    166800
     atgttatcaa tgacaatggt gcccgaatct tcattagcta ttttaatttt gccccggtca    166860
     tgtggtcctg tgatctcacc ctgcctccta cttgccttgt gatattctat taccttgtaa    166920
     agtacttgat ttctgtgacc cacacctatt cgcacactcc ctcccctttt gaaattccct    166980
     tataaaaact tgctggtttt tgtggcttgt gggatatcac agaacctact gacatgtgat    167040
     gtcttccctg gatgcccagc tttaaaattt attttgtact ctgtcccttt atttctcaag    167100
     ctggatgaaa cttaaggaaa atagaaaaga acctacgtga atatcagggc agattcctcg    167160
     atatgaagtg atcttgaatc tctgatatac aggggctgat atggacacat tattctcaag    167220
     aaaacaatgg tttagggcat ggtctcaagc tctatctagg ttgaaatttt gtctggcgtg    167280
     ttggctcaca tttgtaatcc cagtactttg ggaggccaag gaaggaggat cgcttaagct    167340
     cagaagtttg agaccagtct gagcaacata gcaagacact atctctacaa aaaatttaaa    167400
     aattagttgg gcatggcggc acttacctgt agtcccaaat actgagaagg ctgaggcaaa    167460
     aggatcacct gatcccagga ggttgaggtt gtgatgagct gtgatcatgc cacagcactc    167520
     cagcctgggt aacagagtaa gaccctgcct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    167580
     ttaccagctc tatgatctag cacaatttat ttgagttttg caggcctcaa agataataat    167640
     tggacttacc ttattggtta tgacaactaa aaaaataata catgaaaagt gcttaaaaca    167700
     gttcctggca tttagtaaga gctttgtaag tattaactat tattagtacc ataatcatct    167760
     ttattgccac tatttactgg gtgtttaata tgtaccagac atgtttaagc acatacagta    167820
     cattcattat tagcttattg aacgtcactt tctttgactg tttgttagat tttgcggggg    167880
     gcgggggttg ttgttttttg agatggagtc tcaatctgtc actcagacag gtatgcagtg    167940
     gtgtgatctc agctcactgc agcacaggtt caagcagttt tccttgttca gcctcccaag    168000
     tagctaggac tacaggtgta tgccaccaca cctggctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga    168060
     cagggtttca ccatgttgaa caggctggtc tttaactcct gaccttaaat gatcagcaca    168120
     cttcaacctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcttgagaca ttgtgcctgg ctgaactaca    168180
     ctttgaagta ggggttaacc cctttgcttc agttgaggaa actaaaaatg ggagagttta    168240
     gtaacctgca caaagttaaa cctgcaagta attggagtca aaatctgaat caagggtttt    168300
     ttgttaattt tttgttttgg agacaggacc ttgccatgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg    168360
     gtgcaatcac aactcccttt agcttcaacc tcctgggctc aagtgatcct cctacctcag    168420
     cctcctgagt atctgggaca agaagcatgc accaacacac ctggctaatt tttttttaat    168480
     aaaaaataaa acagggtttc attatgttgt cctggctggt ctcgaactcc tgagttcaag    168540
     tgatctgcca cccaccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt accggcatga gccaccatgt    168600
     ctggcatgga attgagtttt cctaactcca gagttatgtt gttattgccc tctgctattg    168660
     tccatagtaa cagccatatt aatgagtact tcccatttgc tgagtagggt gctgagcact    168720
     ttacatatct catttcattt aatgttcaca ataatcctat gaggtagatt ctcttgttag    168780
     tcccatttta cagatgaggt aaccaaggtt cagagaagct aagcagcctc cacaaattta    168840
     tacagtgaag aaagccagca tttaaatcca ggcctgcctg actctaaaat cggttctact    168900
     gagtttggct ggcaaacagg taagcagtat gctcccagga ggatggtaac agtgattggt    168960
     gatccatgac atctgggatc cactgaaact cggggctaga gtttgcctaa tcagccctat    169020
     tttctgagct atcgttaggg acaattttca tttttttcag atgcttcatt tccttgcagc    169080
     ttctgaaagc tgctgatttg ctcagattaa gaccagcttc tgtgcctttc acatctcaga    169140
     ttgttgtgta cgtgctcaag tgtatggatg aatcataaac agtccaggag gccctggggt    169200
     actatgcaaa gtttttgcca cattgctgtg ggaggaatct gtctttcttg actgaacact    169260
     taaggttacg tgactgcaag attccaaatg tgcatttcaa catcaggttg tgatggggca    169320
     acttgttttg tgatgaatag cactatagta gaacatattc tatagacaag ggattcttgg    169380
     gcagggatgc atggtggggc ttcagaggct ctgggaacat tctgtatatg tgtgtgcatt    169440
     ttactggaga gagagctcct aatttttata atattctcaa aggacttcat gactcaaaaa    169500
     aatcattaaa aagccattgt tctctggcca ggtgcagtgg ctctgactgt aatcccagca    169560
     ctttgggagg ccgagaaggg ccgttcacgt gagaccagac tggcctaaat agtgaaaccc    169620
     catctgcact aaaaatacaa tttgctgcat gtggctgcac atgcctgtaa tcccagctac    169680
     tcatggggct gaggcaggag aatagctgga actcgggagg tggaggttgc agtgagcaga    169740
     gttcagggct cccatctgct tttgcagaat cagaaactgt gatcactgca agggttgagg    169800
     ggagggtgca ggggaccgaa gcgggagagc ctaaggctgg agggacaata gctcaccctg    169860
     gaatgttttc aaatttggtg gagatgactc aggaaacaag ttgactctga aaatgtcaac    169920
     catcattcag tgttattgtg tctttgaaag gtgggcgttt cctggttttt cctccacact    169980
     catcagtata cttctaggaa gtgccactta gtttcataca atttacatgt acctagtttt    170040
     gctgcatctg gagagattca gggcagttcc tgttaatgag aagtcccagg gtggagctac    170100
     aatgcactct ccattgtgaa ccctaataac ttgagacagg tctcagtgaa tttagaaagt    170160
     atatttggcc aagtttgggg acacatgcct gtgacacagt ttcaggaggt tctgaggacg    170220
     tgtgcctaag gtcatcagaa cagtttggtt ttatacattc taggaacaca ggagacatca    170280
     atcaatgtgt gcaagattaa cattggtttg gtctgcaaag gcaggacaat ttgaagcaaa    170340
     agcaggaatt ctcaaagtga ggaggggact tctgggtcat acgtagttga gaaacaaatg    170400
     gtttcaatga caaaatactt atgattgact gcagaactgg aggcaaaatc ttcatattta    170460
     tattagttct ccttgttcat actatatctt ttggagggat ttcaaaaggc tcagatgcgc    170520
     attgcacatg tggaagattt gtatcagagc cgagcaaact caagattaag aaacctcaat    170580
     cttttagaag taggttacat gcaaacctgt ccaacatttg tctcagagag aaaactgtct    170640
     tttttatatt ggatgagtaa tttatctgcc attcacctga aaagaaaaat tactaccgtt    170700
     ttcccaggct atttctgtac aaaaatcttt gaaaaataac ctggaaaagg agagatatgt    170760
     gacataaaaa tagcaaaaca acaaactcta aaagactact ggagaattat atctcagcag    170820
     catgaatcct ttccattaaa tattacacta agcaatcttc tgatgtaaaa gatccattga    170880
     agattttcaa catgaagact aactttggtt gttttgtgtt gtgagaatgt taaagattgt    170940
     aagagacagg aataaatacc attaccaaag actttaggga cattagagaa aggaaagttg    171000
     ttggatattt ttctttttcc tttccttttt tttttttttt ttgagatgga gtttctctgt    171060
     ctcctaggct ggagtgcaat ggcacgatct cagctcactg caacttcaac ttccacagtt    171120
     cagctgattc tcctgtatca tagctgggac tacaggctcc tgccaccctg cccagctaat    171180
     ttttgttttt ttttttcagt aaagacagag tttcaccatg ttggcgagcc ttgtctgaaa    171240
     ctcctgatag caggtgatcc acctgcattg gcctcccaaa atgcagggat tactggcata    171300
     aaccactgcg ccacatacca gaaatgaaag ttctatctgt gaagtgatgt aattctggct    171360
     gggtgaatga caggtgagaa gaaatgaaaa taaaacacaa ttgaacatat ttagaataca    171420
     gtgaaattag ttggcttatt ggaaatagtt aaatgactac caatgtaaat agcatattta    171480
     ttgtgaatga attgctaatc tagatttgag agataaaatc attattttta caacacagaa    171540
     acataaactg catttccata taccaacaat aaatttgaga gtaaattaag aaaacaattg    171600
     tttgcaacaa cattgaaata acataatgct cagcaataaa tttaataagg aggtacaaaa    171660
     cttgtacaat gaaaaataca agataagaat atatatgaaa taaactaaga aatacttaaa    171720
     taagtggcaa ggaattccat gtttatggac tggaagcctt aataaagtta aaatgacaat    171780
     attagccaaa gtagtgtaca gagtattgta atcccaattt tttatttttt ccaacttttc    171840
     ttctgcacaa acagaatagc ccattctaaa attcatatga aatttgaagg tgctctgaat    171900
     atccaaaata atcttgaaaa acagaacaaa gctaggtggc tcacatttta aacttcagaa    171960
     cataaaaagc tactgtaatt aaaagtttga cactggcata aaagcaatga tagagataaa    172020
     attaataaat agataactct gaaaaaaata ccttgcataa attgttaatt gtcttttgac    172080
     aagggtgcct aaaccattat gtaaaggaaa tgacagtttg ttcaacaagt gatgctggga    172140
     aaacaagtcc aagtttaaac cagtaagttt aaatcttttc cacattccat gtaaaaaaat    172200
     taaacaaaaa tagattcaag acataaaaac aactgttaaa actttagtgg tttctgatag    172260
     ttgttgttat ttatgtgagg tcagtactac catgaacaac tttatacaca caatgtgtaa    172320
     aacttagaag agataggtgc attcctagac acacacacac cctcccaaga ctaagctagg    172380
     aagacactgg tttcctaaat ggaccaataa caagttttga aattgaatca gtaatacata    172440
     gcttgtaaat caaaaaaagc cctggacctt atgaatttcc agccaaattc taccaaatgt    172500
     acagagaaga gctggtacaa ttcctacaga aaccatccca aaaaaggagg agaatttcct    172560
     ccccaactca ttctatgagg ccagcattat cttgacatga aaacctgaca gagacacaag    172620
     tatagaaaac tttaggccaa cgttcttgat gaacatcaac acaaaaggtc tgaacaaaat    172680
     atttgtaaac tgaatccagc agcacatcaa aaagatagtc atcatggtca agtaggctgc    172740
     ctttctaaga tgcaaggttg gttcagcata tgcaaatcag taaacgtaat gcatcacata    172800
     gacagtatta aaaagaaaac atgattatct caatatatgc aggaaataat aagagccacc    172860
     tataacaaac ccacagccaa cattctgctg aatgggcaaa agctgggagc attccctttg    172920
     aaaaccagta caaggcaaga atgccctctc tcaccatttc tattcaacat agtattggaa    172980
     gtcctgacca gaacaatcag gcaacataaa aaaagtaaag agcatccaaa taggaaaaga    173040
     gaaagtcaaa ctatctctgt ttgcagataa taggattcta tatctagaaa accctgtagt    173100
     tacaactcta aaacttcttt agtcaataaa caacttcagc aaagtttcaa gatgcaaaat    173160
     caatgtgcaa aaatcactag catttctctc caccaaagat agcaaccctg acgcaaaatc    173220
     agaaaggcca tcccattcac aactgccaca aaaataataa aatatcaagg aatacaacta    173280
     accagggagg tgaaagagct ctacaatgag aattgcaaaa cactgcttgg agaaatcaga    173340
     gaagacacaa acaaaaggaa aaacatccca tgttcatgga taggaagatc caatatgact    173400
     caaatggcta tactggacaa agtaatttac agattcaatg ttattccttt caaattacca    173460
     atgaaattat ttacagagct agacaaaact attttaaaat tcatataaaa ccaaaagact    173520
     gggagtgctg cctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggca ggcggatcat    173580
     gacatcagat tgagaccatc ctggctaaca cagtgaaact ccgtctctac taaaaataca    173640
     aaaaattact gggtatagtg gtgggcacct gtagtcccag tgactcagga ggctgaggca    173700
     ggaaaatggc atgaacccag gaggtggagc ttgcagtgag ctgagatcct gaaattccac    173760
     tccagcctgg gcaacagagt aagactctgt gggaaaaaaa caaaacaaaa cagaacaaaa    173820
     aaaccagcac aaatagatga ggcaatttta agcaaaaaga gcaaagctgg aggtatcacg    173880
     ttacctgact tcaaactact ctacaaggct acaggaacca aagccgcatg atactgatac    173940
     aaatacaggc acatagagaa atggaactga atagagaacc cagaaataag gctgcacatc    174000
     tgtgaccatg tgataatcga caaagctgac caaaacaagc aataagaaaa agatttctta    174060
     ttcaataaac tgtgctttga taactggtta gccatatgtg gaagactgaa gccagacccc    174120
     ttctttacac catatacaat aaataaaaaa tgaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata    174180
     aataaataaa ttcaagattg attgaagact taaatataaa actgaaaagt ataaaacccc    174240
     agacgacaat ccaggcaata caatcctgga tacaggaacg tgctaagatt tcatgacaaa    174300
     aacaccaaaa gcaatagtaa gaaaagcaaa cattgacaag taagatctaa ttaaactaca    174360
     gagcttttgc atagcagaaa ataaaactat caatggagta aacagagaac ctagtgagtg    174420
     gaagaaagca tttgcaagtt acacatctga aaaagatcta ctatctcagc atctataagg    174480
     aatttaaatt tacaataaaa gaaacctcat taaaaagtgg gcaaaggacc tgaatagaca    174540
     cttttcaaaa gaagacaaac atatcgccaa caagtgtatt aaaaaaacct cagcatcacc    174600
     gatcattaga gaaatgaaaa ttaaaaccac agtgagacgg ccaggttcgg tggctcatgc    174660
     ctgcaatccc agcactttgg aagactgagg caggcagatc acgaggtcaa gagattgaga    174720
     ccatcttgac caacatggtg aatccctatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagttgggtg    174780
     tggtggcatg cgcctgttgt cccagctgtt cagaaggctg aggcaagaga ctcgcttgaa    174840
     cctaggaaac agaggttgca gtgagctgag atcatgccac tgcactccag cctggtcaca    174900
     gagtgagact ccatcccaaa aaagaaaaaa agaaagaaag aaagaaacca caatgagatg    174960
     tcatctcaca ctagtcagaa tggctatagt taaagggtca aacaataaat gtgggcaagg    175020
     ttgtagagaa aagggaactt atacactgtt ggtgcaagtg taaattagtt caaccattat    175080
     ggaaagcagc ttggcaattc ctcaaagagc taacagcaga acttccattc aatagtcctg    175140
     cttgcaatcc cattgctgcg tatattccca aagaaataga aattatccca ccataaagac    175200
     acctacatgt aaatgttcat tgcagctgta ttcacaatag caaagatgga atcaatccaa    175260
     atactatcag taacagatta gattaagaaa atgcaccaca tacatgttat ggaatactaa    175320
     gcagccataa aacaaagaga ttatgtcatt tgcggcaaca tggatgtagc tggagggtat    175380
     tacctttagc gaacaaacac aggaacagag aaccaaatac tgcatgttca cagttgtaag    175440
     tgggaactaa ataagaactt aggaactcaa agaggaaaac aaaagacatt ggggtccatt    175500
     taaagttaga gggttggagg agggtgagaa acagaaaaga tagctatatg gtactgggct    175560
     taatacctgg gtgatgaaat catatgtaca gtgaacccct gtgacatatg tttactatgt    175620
     aacaaacctt cacgtctacc cccaaaccta ctgtaaaagt tttaaaaagt taaacttaaa    175680
     aaactcttag gaaaaagcat atgcaaaaat cttataacat taaatttgct gattgtttct    175740
     tgactgttac accaaaagca taggccacaa aatgaaaaac agataaattg gacttgatta    175800
     aaatgtcaat cctttatatt tttttgatat gaaaaacacc ctgttgttca tgttttctga    175860
     taccaaaaaa actcacttct actaaaattt ggtacaaaaa gcatgaacaa caaagtgaaa    175920
     agacaatcag caaataggag aaaagatttg caaatcacat atctgactag gtacataagg    175980
     tataatataa tgagcagaat atataaagaa cttctaagac tcaacaacaa aacaaaacaa    176040
     caacagtatt tataaaaagg gagaggactt gaatctatat tgggtcaata agcctacaga    176100
     aaaatgctca gcatcaccag tcatgaagga catgcacatc aaaaccacaa taaggtacca    176160
     cgttacatct attaaggtgg ctatattaaa accaaaacaa caaaaatgaa aaagaacagg    176220
     tactggctag gatgtgggtg aagtggaacc ctggtgcatg gctggtgaga atggtttatc    176280
     aactgtgacc agtggtttat caactgtgac caatagtttg gcagtatatc agaaagttct    176340
     atatagaatt accgtatgtt tcagcaacag gtggaacact tccatatgtt tcaactacag    176400
     gtgtattcaa aataattaca tgcaaggacg taatctgcaa cctctgcctc tgggacttaa    176460
     gtgattctcg tccctcagtt tcccgaatag ctgggaacta caaggatgca ccaccatgcc    176520
     cagctaattt ttaaattttt agtagagaca gggttttgcc atgttgccca gactggtctt    176580
     gaactcctga gcttaagtga tatgcccatc tctacctccc agactttcgg gattacaggt    176640
     gtgagccacc atgctaacac ctctgttatt caatttaaga actgcatgca cagatgtgtt    176700
     tgggtttttc aattttattc acttatggac tgatactttc acacctattt ttatagccac    176760
     atcatttaca gtataaaagg taaaaacaaa tccagatatc ttctaagaga taaacacata    176820
     aagaaaatgt ggtatagata cacaacagaa tattatttag cctaaacatg aatgcaatcc    176880
     tgctgggcat ggtggcttat gcttattatc tcaggacttt gggaggcaaa gatgagagga    176940
     tgtcttgagc ctgggaattt cagacccgcc tgagcaacat agcaaaattc catctctaca    177000
     cgtagtacaa aaatttgctg gccttgatgg tgtgtgccta cagtcccaga cacaggggaa    177060
     gtccatgtga atcagaagga tcacttgagc ctggggaggt tgaagcagca gtgagtcacg    177120
     attgcattgc tgtgcactcc agtttgggtg aagaaagaga ctccatctca aaaaaaaaaa    177180
     aaaaaatgca atgctgatac acgctacaac atggatgaaa cttgaagaca ttatactatg    177240
     taaaacaagc caaatacaac aggataaata tttaatgtca aattttttgt gtaggggaat    177300
     gtcatatgag gctggcccat tctgaggaag agcagactgt tgggatgtta gaatactgat    177360
     ggctcatgtt tacaaaccag gtaatggttc gcaaagctgg aaggcaaatt ctgctgtggt    177420
     acccatccat ctcaattgat tgttctgagc cctggagctg ttatcttgtg ctttccaagg    177480
     ctgaagttct gtgcagacat atttctatgc ctcatctggg gagcagaaag ttgcatgggg    177540
     tataaggagc agcagtgatg gccagaaata gctctgagtc ttccaagtct ggctgccggt    177600
     tactgtcttt gcagagttcc acacaggaga ttgacacagt gttttaatcg ggtcacactc    177660
     tgtttcctct ggtgcaggac agaagcttgc tgttgccaac aagggccagc attgaaataa    177720
     ggtgagtgga agaacagagg gttctctaaa ccataccaga gatggctgag aaaggccccc    177780
     tgtgcagaca ctgccatgac aacccaaaag ggctctgtcc catatattaa cacacatata    177840
     gatattgata tagaggtaga tatttgttct attccttcta ttcctctgaa taagtctaat    177900
     gcaaactgta actagcaaaa gactgcgtaa attaccaaaa acgtactaac aagaaaagtc    177960
     gagaatcaga tggcttcact gatgaattgt tttaaacatt aaaagttgta aatccaattt    178020
     ttctcactct aacaattgca attagtcaat gcaatatacc aactcagtag aatgaatttt    178080
     agaaaaaaaa gatcatctca attgatgaag aaaaaatttg aaacaatcca aaacattttt    178140
     ataagagcac ctggtaaact agatatagac taaaacttcc tcaacataaa aaaaggtacc    178200
     tataaaaaac tcaaaagtac cattatatgc aatggtgaaa gactaaaaac tttctcctta    178260
     agatcaggaa caagacaagg atagttgcgt tcatcacttc tgatcaaaat tgcaatacaa    178320
     atcaggtcag aataattgag caatacaaga aaagaaacat tccaaatgga aaagaaataa    178380
     gcttatttct acatatagat attataattt tatgtatata attaaaatcc taagtaataa    178440
     taaaactgtt aacactaata atcaaattct gcaaagttgt agaataggag gtcaatatat    178500
     acacattaat ggaatagaat taagggtcag gaaatatatc catacatgta attttttttt    178560
     tttttttttt ttttgagacg gagtttcact cttgttgtcc agactggagt gcaatggcgt    178620
     gatatcaact tatggcaacc tccaccttct gggttcaagg attatcctgc ctcagcctcc    178680
     cgagtagctg ggattacagg catgcaccac catgcccggc taattttata tttttagtag    178740
     agacagggtt tcaccatgtt ggtcaggctg gtctgaattc                          178780