EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC012077; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 209287 BP.
AC   AC012077;
DT   20-OCT-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 8)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-524G14 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-209287
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-209287
RA   Mulvaney E., Cordum H., Hawkins M., Swift G.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-524G14";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-209287
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-OCT-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-209287
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 23125311cc72cf149d5f5f9fb4155419.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC012077.4:1-209287; homo_sapiens.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC1734732; 11594344.
CC   On Sep 30, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7631042.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0524G14
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-51N20, 200 bp overlap; the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-240N18, 200 bp overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 195 of RP11-524G14;
CC   actual end is at base position 209093 of RP11-524G14.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..209287
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-524G14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..177
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   194..308
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   335..563
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   597..1781
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   1782..2205
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   2206..3566
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4229..4867
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5504..5738
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   11788..12050
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   12075..12410
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   12563..12918
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14475..14836
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   17817..18436
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18555..18842
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18942..18973
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18973..19683
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19690..20064
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20182..20491
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20610..21459
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21472..21772
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21806..24030
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24042..25061
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   26974..27117
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   27409..27655
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   28548..29086
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   29377..29686
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31786..38435
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38422..38571
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38542..39162
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39240..39549
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39825..40111
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   40236..40452
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   40584..41017
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42091..42461
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   42462..42558
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   43926..44020
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   44189..44346
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   45089..45206
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   45235..45580
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   45618..45693
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   45704..45789
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   45789..45863
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   45865..46137
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   46876..47386
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   47688..48358
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   48497..48638
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   49348..49525
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50405..50994
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   52797..53210
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   53286..53586
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55372..55536
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   55549..56080
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   57399..57752
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57753..57851
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   58418..58502
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   58444..59512
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   59513..60132
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60132..61184
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61225..61926
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61926..63214
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63362..63787
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   64420..64595
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64931..65123
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   65493..65632
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   65652..65819
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   65857..65927
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   65933..66001
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66002..66272
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   66273..66580
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66581..66814
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   68088..68399
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68543..68848
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69094..69489
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69490..69779
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69780..70160
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70161..70264
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70278..70336
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   70337..70644
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   70645..70934
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70935..70995
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   70996..71272
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71273..71729
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   71730..72198
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72488..72779
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72813..72891
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   72971..73144
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   73436..73588
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   73651..74359
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74850..75159
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75270..75378
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75379..75735
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   75736..76047
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   76056..77511
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77512..78354
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78364..78770
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78756..78883
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78888..79276
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   79281..79442
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   79458..79590
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79683..79890
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79897..80072
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80179..80978
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80979..81076
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   81077..81418
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   81424..82105
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   82162..82214
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   82215..83971
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   83968..84962
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85041..85136
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85139..85491
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85499..85722
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85730..86131
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86134..86215
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86216..86517
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86518..87721
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87722..88377
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   88378..88591
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   88594..88992
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   88993..89117
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   89118..89529
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   89535..89720
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89721..90030
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90031..90482
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90483..90783
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90784..92658
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93189..93295
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   93352..96720
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101299..101597
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102650..102972
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102957..103310
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103294..103629
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103631..103758
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104392..105020
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105313..106067
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106848..107148
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107680..107802
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109265..109564
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110204..110294
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110295..110642
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   110643..110718
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110741..111034
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111221..111400
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111461..111575
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   112178..115669
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115833..116497
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116498..116744
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116745..117106
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   117120..117789
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   119180..119990
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125157..125257
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125536..125925
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125927..127755
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127929..128072
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130027..130792
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131399..132448
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   132457..132534
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   132535..132915
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   136356..136475
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   136521..136737
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   136738..136878
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   136899..137325
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   137326..137971
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   137972..139258
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   139259..139452
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   139474..140230
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   140231..140584
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   140585..141227
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   141228..141599
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   141600..141696
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   141698..142393
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   142469..142530
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142523..143128
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   143129..143443
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143444..143565
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   143913..144272
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   144368..144667
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   144672..145080
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   145158..145301
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   145302..145541
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   145690..145943
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   145944..146691
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   146692..147220
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147243..147614
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147629..147698
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147759..149810
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149811..150227
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   150230..151872
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   151874..152192
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   152193..152576
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   152585..152649
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   152676..152731
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   152732..152834
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   152838..154011
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   154014..154182
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   154360..154616
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   155647..156133
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156142..156542
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156670..157370
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   157447..157625
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   157643..157838
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   159622..161312
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   161316..161655
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   161658..162069
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162312..162532
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   162533..162634
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   162857..163180
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   163265..163646
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   163647..163683
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   163684..163994
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   163995..164603
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   164604..164630
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   164857..165295
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165347..166114
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166095..166694
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166695..166754
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   166775..166940
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166962..167250
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   167294..167693
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167805..168100
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   168111..168322
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   168323..168403
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   168407..171062
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   171049..173569
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   173584..173739
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   174032..174116
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   175596..175811
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   176676..176759
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   176790..177050
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   177947..178083
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   178108..178319
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   178603..178870
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   178881..179344
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   179353..182836
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   182841..182900
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   184225..184280
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   184525..185509
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   185531..185680
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   185681..187219
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   187220..187511
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   187512..189777
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   189908..190490
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   190860..191174
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   193214..194743
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   194744..194905
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   194906..195393
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   misc_feature    195131..195551
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW902220 (NID:g8066425)"
FT   misc_feature    195197..195680
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI199588 (NID:g3752194) qi57d03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    195349..195681
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI766349 (NID:g5232858) wh60e09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    195360..195681
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW196295 (NID:g6475525) xm05h11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    195379..195681
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA450332 (NID:g2162877) zx04g10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   195502..195774
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   195775..195994
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   196038..196330
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   196333..197521
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   197506..197713
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   197730..199495
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   199507..199898
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   199899..200262
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   200269..201846
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   201847..202206
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   202208..203003
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   203562..203872
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   204514..204646
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   204658..204833
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   204877..205552
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   205550..206357
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   206347..206643
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   206644..207002
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   207003..208535
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   208536..208895
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   208896..209016
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   209020..209284
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 209287 BP; 62767 A; 38850 C; 38504 G; 69166 T; 0 other;
     atatgggttg ggtctgtctc cctgcccaaa tctcatgttg aaatgtaatc cccaatatta        60
     gaggtggggc ctgatggaaa gtgattggat tgtggagtca gtttctcctg aatggcttag       120
     caccattcct gtgtgctgct ctcacaatag tgagtgagtg agttattgcc agttagtgct       180
     gtgatgggac ttctgaattc tctcaatatt attgtattgc tgtctatgtc tctatacagg       240
     tctagtaata tttgttttat aaatttgggt gctgttgtgt tgggtgcaca tatatctaga       300
     attgttattt tttatttttt attttttttt tatttgcagc acctccccct tctcttcctc       360
     ctgctctggc cgtgtgaagt gctggcttac cctttgcctt tccccataat tatgtgtcct       420
     gaggcctccc cagatgccag tcagatgcca accctatgct tcctgtacag cctgtggaaa       480
     tatgagccaa ttaagcctct tttctttata aattacctag ccttaggttc ttctttatag       540
     ccatgcaata attatctaat atagaaaatt ggtactgagg agtgggatat tgtgactgga       600
     acttatattt aaaagggaag cagagcaaaa aagcttgaaa aatatgcagc ctgattatat       660
     ggtaggaaaa aaaggcctgt tttcagggga aaaattcaag cagactgcag aaatgtgcat       720
     aagtaaagag gagccaagta gtaatagcca agacaatggg gaaaaggcct agaaggcatt       780
     tcagagacct ttgtggcagc ctctcccatc ataggccagg aggcttagga gggaagaatg       840
     gttttgtgtg ccaggcccag gacaccactg ccctttgtgt gccaggccca ggacaccact       900
     gcagcctcag gacactgctt tccacatgcc agttattcca gctccagctc tgggtaaaag       960
     ggacccaggt acagctcaga ccactgcttc agatggtgta ggccacaaac cttggctgct      1020
     ttcacatgga gttaagcctg tggtttcaca gagagcaaga gttgaggctg gagatacttc      1080
     aactggattt cagagaatgt gtgaaaaagc ctggatgtct aggcagaagc ctgctgtagg      1140
     ggcagcaccc ttatcaagaa tctctgctat ggtagtatgg aaaagaaatg tgaggtttga      1200
     gcccccacac agtatcccaa caggggcact gcatagtgga gctgtcagaa gagggccacc      1260
     atcctccaga cccctccaga atggtagacc caatggcagc ttgctccctg cacgtggaaa      1320
     agctgcagtc actcaatgcc agtacttgag agcacttcag ctggggctga tctctgcaaa      1380
     gtcatgagta tgaagcttcc caaggccttg ggagaccatc ccttatacca gtgtgccctg      1440
     gatatgaggc atggagtcaa agtacattat tttagagttt aaggtttaat gactgccctg      1500
     ctggatttcg gacttgcata gggcctgtag cccctttctt ttggccaatt tctgccttct      1560
     ggaatgggaa tatttaccca atgcctatac tgcaattgta tcttggaagt aactaacttg      1620
     tttttgattt tacaggctca taggtggaaa gggctggcct ttcctcagat gagacttttg      1680
     agttaatgat ggaaaaagtt tacatcttgg gaattattgg gaaggcacaa ttgtattttg      1740
     aaatgtgagg acacaagatt ttggaagggc caggggtgga atgacatggt ttgaatctgt      1800
     gtgccaaccc aaatttcata ttgaaatgta atccccaatg ctggaggtga ggcctaatgg      1860
     aggatgattg gatcctgggg tcagtttctc ctgaatggtt tagcaccatc cctgtgttgc      1920
     tgttcttgtg atattgagtg attgagttat caccagatct agttgttaga aaatgtttag      1980
     cacctcccct tttcttcctc ctgttctggc catgtgaagt gctggcttcc tctttgcctt      2040
     ctgcaatgat tgtaagttac ccaaagcatc tcccgaagcc aagcagatgc cagcatcatg      2100
     ctttcagtaa agcctgtgga accacgagcc aattaaacct cttttcttca ttaattaccc      2160
     agctttaggt atttctttat agaaatgtga gaacagccta atacactgat tataaaatta      2220
     attccttcat cttgacttta gatgatttga tatcaatcag ccattttaaa accctttatg      2280
     taatatattt tcttggagat cattgggcct cttgtgtctg gatatttata tgtcttgcta      2340
     aacttggaaa gttttcatca aatattctct taaatatgtt ttctaaattt tagatttttc      2400
     tttcccatca ggaataccaa taatttataa gttcaattac cttatgtagt cttatatgtc      2460
     tcaaatgtct tgttcattct cttttattct tttttcttca tttttgtctg acagtattat      2520
     ttcaaaagac ctgccttcaa catctgaaat tcttccttct tcttggccta ctctattttt      2580
     taaagatttg tgtatatatt gcaattcctt cagttaattt tttatttcta tgttatattt      2640
     gtctttttta aagatatctg tctccttagt aaatttcttg ttcatatcct gaattgattt      2700
     tctgttttat ttgtattgga atcacatttc ttgtatttca ttgagtttct ttaaaataaa      2760
     tattttgaat tttacatcta gcatatcaaa aattgttatt tttttttgtt tagaatctat      2820
     tgctggagaa ctgtgtttct ttggcagtgt tgtaatgcct tgctttttaa tactttctgt      2880
     atctttatgt taatttatgt gcatctaaat taacagtcac ttcttatttt gcaacttaat      2940
     tttgttggag taaatttttt ttcttgaaga tatgactatg ctgtatgttg ggtagggcaa      3000
     tttgattttg cttctgggtg cgtgcattgg caaagactct gcaggatttt attaattata      3060
     aatagcattt gtttggtggc tttctgaaat gccagtttta gtagcagtgt accatgtgga      3120
     tgagcttgct gatgaccttc tttgtagcca ctgtggtgtg ggtgatgggg atagcagtgg      3180
     tcatgagaat cttttcttgt tcaaagggcc ttgctctggt gttggcagtt gttctaatgg      3240
     gttgcataag acaaccctca ggctagtagg tggtactctc aagtaagaat cagctgtagt      3300
     ggtggcagta gaacttacgc ttgacctctg ttccccagga aaaatgctct gctttccagg      3360
     tgatggattg ggctgctgac tccccaaaag cttggatcat acactctgtt tcacagagat      3420
     aggtgaagct ttgtggggct ggactgggca agcaaacaat caggtactcc tatagaagat      3480
     gtgaactcca gccttgacaa gagtggcaga agatttttca agcccctggc aaaatatttg      3540
     tgtgaggctt tattgctact gcactgaagt ctcagcgcca caggcttggt aggcagtata      3600
     acctgcttac ctctcatgcc tttgtcctgg cagggctcac tttcctgtcc tgactgtggc      3660
     cacatttaag ataatccatt aactgctgaa gtttacttct agtctgaaag gtaacccagt      3720
     gtcatagaag tcactagact tgttgctcag tactaaactt ctgcagtagc tggcagtggc      3780
     tgcactgcag tcttcaccca cagcttcaaa cacacagctt tcaggttctc ctgctttcta      3840
     tggtaacaac accgtagctc tgtatagaga gtgggacaga ccccagccta tacatgggcc      3900
     taagctccaa agacatgcaa ccagtgaaat cacagttgcc actcatagtc ccagacaggc      3960
     agcacttcag ctcacccact tcagcctcca actacagcag caacagcagc tatgcctgca      4020
     actatatgca gtgtgggaga aagggtttca ttatgtatac ataattctaa gcaaaaaggt      4080
     tgcttggaag gtaggaggag attttgcatg tcccttgaaa ggccaagcac agagtttgtg      4140
     ccactgctgg gggtggagtc atttcttaaa atgccaaaca gagagctttc aggctctgga      4200
     acgcatgcat tccagttttc tctgggccag ggactgcatt tttggtgtgc tgcactgccc      4260
     ttcccccagg gaggaaaact gtctctaggc tagattactg gggaccctga agcacctttc      4320
     ggttcagcca gtgcagtgtc actgcagctc tctaggtgga cattggggaa tgtcagcagt      4380
     agcttttaga atgtagagat ggggtgctgt agttcccagg gcaggatgca gtcccatgat      4440
     agctacactt cacaatggtg ccctgccaca gcctctcagg tccgagggga ggggtgagtg      4500
     atttagcatg agttcccagt ctggagcaat gctctcaaga ggtctccaaa ttaccactca      4560
     tactaatgcc aaggtttgtg gcagtagagg aactctcctg tggtttggat cccaacagtc      4620
     tatggcaaga atgtgaacat caaaactctc ccactcaccc tctccccaga acaccaagcc      4680
     tctacaggcg cctgaccaat tctcagaaaa gttggcttct tgtttcctcc tacttctgtg      4740
     ccttaggcat ttcccctgag ttctctgttg gactctaata ttttcttctt taatagtcta      4800
     ttcaaagtgt gattatctgt tcataatttt ggttcttttt tctggaaaaa acaggcatct      4860
     gatgtcttca gtcagccatg ttgaactgga acctcccaac atataatatt ttaaactatt      4920
     attctacaga tgtacattaa ttttttggca acatttcact attaaaaata taatactaca      4980
     ataaagagat ttgtgtttag tgtacatata tgactatttc tttataacaa agagattctt      5040
     gtaataatat ttcgttgtaa tgtatgcata tttaaaattt tgatattttt taaccaaatt      5100
     ccccaacaat gtccctactt atttatacta ccactcttga cgcacatgtg taaatatttt      5160
     attgccgtac taatcaccac tgctttttgc taattttccc aagattgaca atttaagaag      5220
     aggacctgtt tgcacatgag tgcatgtgtt tgtggtggga agaagtgaca gtgtaaaaat      5280
     caattgcttt gaatctgtct agtaggaata tctgcttggc aaggcttagt agaaactgga      5340
     ggtagagctt tgggagtatt tgaaacgtta aaaggagatg acttcacaga aattccatgc      5400
     ccaatgggtt atggttttat gtaattccaa tgtatcacta tatgtatatg atttaatatg      5460
     aggatatatt tcttaatgga gacgagattg ttaaattatt ttatcaattt ggctttacct      5520
     gaaaacagaa cttgagacaa cggtttgagg cagatggttt tggggaaagg tagttccagg      5580
     aagccaaagt gagaaggcag gagggtgaga aagaaaaaaa gtgaaagctg atatatagca      5640
     gcatgttaag agttgcttac cactgtggaa aagcggaaca taatcctgtt ggaaacccag      5700
     tgaggaataa aggaaaatgc aactcataat tgtcccccca tactctcttc ttcaattggt      5760
     ttgagggttt actctctaaa atgttaatac cctcccctcc acctcatccc acaagcacac      5820
     acttctggcc tatatttgct ggcacattga gtgagatttc tgcccttagg aaaagtctgg      5880
     agacagaaat tcagaaagaa tggattagag gtaaactttg gaaatgtgtc tgctgtagtt      5940
     tttattcaat ttctttactg tattttctca ctaagaggaa aaagacgacc tcataagtct      6000
     tgttctctaa taataacctt catttgcaaa atttgaggtt actcagtaaa aattttctaa      6060
     attctattat gctctgagat ttatagaatg tccattcaag actatagagt gagttgaact      6120
     gataataata aataacaaac aatgagacta atgaaatatt tatctcattt taggatgtca      6180
     aatacctatg ataatgcatt atccttaact gttaatcttc attagagaag ttttttaaat      6240
     agtagccaca ttagagatta ttcaaataaa ttttgtataa gtgctacatc cctgccaatt      6300
     ataaaacatg aggtaaaaca acaaggaaaa gagagctgaa aagtttaaca agtgtattca      6360
     aaatattaag gtgccactaa tgctgcctta tgtgttgcta attgtctata gcttggggta      6420
     tgaagtggca gtgttataaa gtggtttact ctttagtaag tattatttta ctccttgttg      6480
     tgggaagata ttaattcagt aagtctcttg tgaggtttag aaatagcata agcttaactt      6540
     ggttatgtcc atactttgta aattactttt tcctgctgca gagtttcctg aatatatatt      6600
     tgtcctcagt atttctgtct tatgtcatat gactaatact ctctacagag actgcttctt      6660
     ttctgaacaa atgtttaatt tataacatat ctctgagaaa agctactcat ctttgtattt      6720
     aattttcctc atatcagtta gaatctgagg cacattatgt tatttccaca ggctgtatat      6780
     gccaagcgag atgaaaagaa acagcaaaac attaagaggt ctcatatctc ccttagaaat      6840
     tttttgttcc aatacagtct ataaagtgat ggtagaagca gttgttacat attgttatta      6900
     taatttcaaa aagttgagca ataattacat ccaagtctga aattccacgg taagtctcaa      6960
     gaacccttct cttttttctc aaatcactaa catttctctc ttctctcaca taaataattt      7020
     ctgcaaccat ttttctttac aaagtctcac tagacagata tgagtaaaga agaaattgtt      7080
     ttctaaattc cataccaaac tccctgtaaa tagaagttac actatcctac cttctcaatg      7140
     cactagtaaa acatgtatta tatgcaaaca attacattat tgatagccat tctgtttcta      7200
     ccaagctgaa caaataattc ttgattctaa caaatgtaat ttcaagtata catatctcaa      7260
     tcatttttaa tattctaatg gatattagaa tattccattt taatattgag gatgacagat      7320
     cccaattcat ttctcaagtg gattgatttg ccatcttaag ggtgaaagta gtatttctta      7380
     cttaatatag agggagaaaa attttatcta ttttcctaaa aagtatattt ccaaattgct      7440
     tccttggagc tagaatcctc tgtggtttct ggcaccaaaa atttctaaca atactctaaa      7500
     agaaacatag gaaacagacg tggttatgga aaaaatagct actgtaaggt caagagtcta      7560
     acacagtccc tatctcattt tttccagcta cataaactct tctttgcaat agttttacaa      7620
     ttgcactcag aagcagttgg atatttattt aactgcacca caatggcagg tttcagggag      7680
     tactgtgact aaaactttga atatgtataa atatattttt gcagtggaga gaataattaa      7740
     gaaaaattgg gggtctggcc aagatggcag actagaaaca gctgcaatcg gaggctccca      7800
     cctagaacaa aaacagtgtg caaattctga actggcaaca gaggtatcca ggttttctca      7860
     tcaagactaa ctaggtattt gacatgaccc acggagaaca agaaaaagca gggtggtgca      7920
     atggcccacc tgggagccac acagggcaag gtgagcccca aacctcagcc aaaggaggtg      7980
     gtgagtgatt gtgctatcca gcctggaaaa ccatgttttt ttcatgaatc tgtgcaaccc      8040
     atgaatcagg agatcccaat catgagtcca tgccaccaag gcattgagtc acaacagacc      8100
     tgtgcagatt ctcaacggcc acttggctgg agaccgctta agactaccaa gttgctgggg      8160
     agaggggtgg ccattatcac ggcagctgac tgctgcctaa gacaactgag ctccccgggg      8220
     gaaggatggc catcctcaaa gcagctgcct gctgcctaag gtgactgagc tccccagggg      8280
     aggggtggca gccatactgc atactgccta agatgactga actcctggga agaggagtgg      8340
     tagccatcac tgcagctcca ggctgccatt tttttccctg atggtgccaa ggagactgga      8400
     cattttggat acaggatgga ttccccatag agcctgacac tggctgtggc aggttgtggc      8460
     cagactgcct ctttaggaca gacaccaacc tatccctcct cactgagtgg ggcctccctg      8520
     aaggaacttc aacaactcca gccaggggtt tagggacaga actttgataa ccctgggcct      8580
     gagcccctag ggggagtcat ggctatggtc tccatggaca agcacactta gtcctcccca      8640
     ttgctggctc tgaggaatct gggcatccca gacaagttgg gtttccccca gcatggcaca      8700
     ccccctccac caaggggcag ccagtgtgct tcattaagca agtcctggat cctgaggccc      8760
     ctgactgtgt gagacacccc aacaggcatc accagaaacc ttatacagga gtgttccttc      8820
     tggcattagc tctgtgcccc tcagggacag aggttccaga ggaaggagca agcaccaacc      8880
     tttgctgctc tgcagcctcc ttgggtgaca tctctaggtg caggggggag ccaggtgaat      8940
     agggcctaaa gcgaaccccc agaaaactgc agcagcccag cagaagaggg gcctgattgt      9000
     taaaaaacaa acaaacagca agcaacagca acagcatcaa taataaagtc ctcacaataa      9060
     ccccatccaa aggtcagtaa cattaaagaa caaaactaga caaactaatt aagatgagaa      9120
     gaaatcaata aaaagatgtt gaaacttcaa aaggccagag ggcccctcct cctacaaatg      9180
     atcacacctc ctctccagca agggcacaga actgggtgga ggttgagatg aattgacaga      9240
     agtaggcttc agaaggtggg taataacaaa ctttactgag ctaaaggagc atattcaaac      9300
     ccaatgcaaa gcatctaaga gccttgataa gaggtacagg agctgctaac tagaataacc      9360
     agtttagaga gaaacataaa tgacctgatg gagctgaaaa acacagcatg ggaactttgt      9420
     gatgcacaca cacaaatatc aatagccaaa ttaatcaagt ggaagaaaga atatcagaac      9480
     ttgaagacaa tcttgctgaa ataaagcagg cagacaagat tagagaaaaa agaaaaaaaa      9540
     aagtattgaa ttaaacctcc aagtactatg gaactatgtt aaaagaccaa atctacaact      9600
     gattggagta cctgaaagag atggagagaa tggaaccatg ttggaaaaca cacttcagga      9660
     tatcatccag gagaacttcc acaacctagc ataacaggcc aacatttaaa ttcaggaaat      9720
     ccagagaact ccaataagat actctttgag aaggtcacca caagacacat aatcatcagg      9780
     ttctcaaggt tgaaatgaag aaaaaaaatg tgagggacag ccagagagaa agtccaggtc      9840
     acctaaaagg aaagcccatc agacaaacag cagacctctc agcagaaacc ctacaagcca      9900
     gaaaagcgtg ggggccaata ttcaacattc ttaaacaaaa gaatttccaa cttagaattt      9960
     catgtctgac caaactaagc ttcataactg aaggaaaata aaattctctt aagacaatca     10020
     aatgctgagg gaattcacca ccatgaggcc agccttgcaa gagcttatga aggaagcact     10080
     aaataagaaa agacgaactg gtagcagcca ctgcagaaac acactgaagt acaaagacca     10140
     aagacactat gaagaaactg catcaactag tctgcaaaat gacctggtag catcatgatg     10200
     atgggatcaa attcacacat aacaatatta acatcaaatg tatatgggct aaatgctcca     10260
     atttaaagac acagaatggc aaactgtaaa agagtcaaga cccattggtg tgctgtattc     10320
     aagagactca tctcatgttg aaagacacac gtatgctcaa cataaaggga tggagaaaat     10380
     ttaccaagca aatagtagaa aaaaatcagg ggttgcaatc ctagttgctg acaaaataga     10440
     ccttaaacca acaaagatca aaaaagacaa agaagggcaa gacataatag taaaggaatt     10500
     aattcaacta gaagaactaa caatactaaa tatatatgca cccaatacag gagcacccag     10560
     atgtgtaaaa caagttttta gagacataaa aaagacagac tccttcacaa taacagtggg     10620
     agactttaac actccactgt caatattaga catatcatca agacaagaaa ctaaccagga     10680
     tatttgggac ttgaactcag ctctggatca cctaaacctg atagatatct aaagaactct     10740
     ccaccccaaa gcagcagaat atacattctt ctcagtgcca catggcactt actctaaaat     10800
     tgatcacgta gttggaagta aaacattcct cagcaaatac agaagtactt aaataatagc     10860
     aagcagtatc tcaaaccaca gttcaaccaa attagaactt aattcactca aaagcacata     10920
     aattcactca aaagcacaca acaatatggc aattgaacaa ctgatcttga aagaccccta     10980
     ggtaaataat gaaattaaga caaaaataaa gaagttcttt gaaaccaatg agaacaaaga     11040
     gacaatgtac cagaatctct gggatgcagc taaagcaata ttaagagaga aattaatagc     11100
     actgaatgcc cccatcagaa tgctagaaat atctcaaatt gacaccctaa tattatacct     11160
     gaaagaacta gcaaaccaag agcaaacaaa ccaagagcta gcaggagaca agaaataact     11220
     aagattaggg cataacagaa ggagatagag actagaaaat ccctttataa aataaatgaa     11280
     tccaggagtt atttttttaa aattaataaa atagactgct agctagactc ataaagaaga     11340
     aaagagagaa taatgaaata gacacaataa aaatgaaaaa gagaatatca acactgaccc     11400
     catagacata caaacaacca tcagagaata ctataaacac ctctaaacaa ataaactaga     11460
     aaatctacca aaaaatggat aaatttctgg acacatacac cctcccaaga ctaaaccagg     11520
     aagaaatcaa atccctgaat agattaataa cattttctga aatcaaggca gtgataaata     11580
     gactaccacc agaaaaagcc caggaccagg tggatttaca accaaaatgt accagaggta     11640
     caaagaggat ctggtactgt tataggaaat ataaagaaat tatttaggta taccgttaga     11700
     ttaaagagag tccccaggag aaaattttcc ttctaacaaa aagcagatca gaaattgatc     11760
     cctttctaac cacacacagt tcaaagacta acaaagagca ttctggaaga tcaagctgta     11820
     aaacaaagat aagcaactca ggcacacagg aggagctgcc taggtaatta ccaaagttca     11880
     catacatatg atgggctcca gtaaaaacag tgggccttaa caagcacatt cctttccctt     11940
     tctttaggca cactaagata gagaagctgg aaggttacaa ggtgggggaa gtagtggggg     12000
     atgcctgcag ctgcaagaag tttcctggaa acaggcacag aaactgcccc ctttcctttc     12060
     agcacatgca gataagcagc tcaaactaag gacctgcctg catgatcaaa gaatagggtg     12120
     ggggctgcta gaaacactgc tctatgcaga tggcccacct ggtcctaatg ggttcttcag     12180
     tccctataaa gataagatgc ccctacctca ctatttattt atacaaatcc tgatattttt     12240
     actacaacct gcaaacttgt ccaggacccc tgtctgtgac agagttgttc tttctttttg     12300
     cccattaaac tcctgctcca ctctcactct gtgtgctgca tccatgtcca tgatttcctc     12360
     agctgtgaga gcaagaacct tggtacttac ccaaaacaac aaggctgttt tagtaccatt     12420
     ccttctgaaa ctattctaaa caattgaaaa gaatggactt ctctgaaact cattttatga     12480
     ggccagcatc atcctgataa caaagcctgg cagagatata acaaataaag agaactttag     12540
     gccaatatcc ctgatgaaca tttgacatgg tttggctgtg tccccaccca aatctcatct     12600
     tgaattttca tgtgttgtgg tagggaccca gtggggggta attgaatcat gggggtaggt     12660
     ctttcctgtg tagttcttgt gataatgaat aagtcacaag ggatctgatg gttttataaa     12720
     agggggtttc cttgcacaag ctttctctct ttgcctgctg ccatccatgt aagacatgac     12780
     ttgctcctcc ttgccttctg ccataatttt gaggcctccc tggccacgtg gaactctaag     12840
     tccattaaac ctctttcttt tgtaaattgc ccagtctcaa gtatgtcctt aacaacagtg     12900
     tgaaaatgaa ctaatacagt gaattggtac cagtagtgtg gggcactact gtaaagatac     12960
     ccaaaaatgt ggaagcaact ttgaaactgg gtaacaggca gaggctgaaa tagtttggag     13020
     agctcataag aagacaggaa aatgtgaaaa agtttgaaac ttcctagaga cttgttgaat     13080
     ggctttgatc acaatgttga taatgatatg gacaatgaaa tccaggctga ggtggtctca     13140
     gatgaagatg agaaacttgt tgggaactgg agtaaatgtg acccttgctg ttttagcaaa     13200
     gagactggga gtattttgtc cctgccccag aaatttgtgc aactttgaac ttgagggaga     13260
     tgattttggg tatctggcag aaaaacaaag tattcaagag gtgacttggg tgctggtaaa     13320
     gacattcagt tttaaaagga agacagagca taaaagttca aaaaatttgc aacctgatga     13380
     tgtgatggaa aagaaaaacc cattttatgg ggagaaattc aagccggcta cagaaacttc     13440
     cataagtaag gagaagccaa atgttaattt ccatgacaat ggggaaaatg tctccagggc     13500
     atgtcagaga ccttcacagc agcccctccc atcatgggtc cagaagccta ggatgaaaaa     13560
     atggtttcat gggatggaga caggaccccc ctgctgtgca gcctggggac ttggtgccct     13620
     gcattccaga ccctctgtgc agcctaggaa cttggtgccc tgcatcccag ccactctagc     13680
     catggagaaa agggtacaag ctccaagcct ttgcagcttc catgtggtgt tgatcctgag     13740
     ggtgcacaga agtcaagatt gaggttttgg aacctccacc tggatttcag aggatgtatg     13800
     gaaatgcctg gatgtccagg cagaagtttg ctgcaggggt gaggccctca cagagaacct     13860
     ctgtggaagg gaaatgtggg gttgaagccc ccacacagtg ttaccactgg ttgcctgact     13920
     agtggagctg tgagaagagg gccaccattc tccagacccc agaatggtaa atcccctgac     13980
     agcttgcact gtgtgcctgg aaaagccata gacactcaac accagcccat gaaagcagtc     14040
     atgagaggag ttgtaccctg caaagccaca gggtgatgct gcccaagacc atggaaaccc     14100
     acctcttgca tcagtgtgac ctggacgtga ggcttggagt caaaggagat catttttgag     14160
     ctttgaagtt tgactgcctt gctggatttt tggacactct agatccttta gcccgtttat     14220
     tttggccaat ttctcccatt tggaatggct gtatttaccc aatacctata ctcccattgt     14280
     gtctaggaag taactaactt acttttcatt ttacaggctc ataggcagaa gagacttgcc     14340
     ttgtctcaga tgagactttg gacggagggc ctttaagtta atgttgaaat gagttaagac     14400
     tctgggggac tgttgggaag gcatgattgt ttgaaacgaa aggacatgag atttgggagg     14460
     ggcaggagtg gaaggatatg gtttggctgt gttcccaccc aaatcttatc ttgaattccc     14520
     atgtattgtg ggagggaccc cgtaggaggt aattgaatga ggagggcatg tctttcccat     14580
     gtttttctca tgatggtgaa taagtcctat gagatttgat agttttataa tggggagttt     14640
     cccaaaagga gctctccctc tttgcctgct gccatccatg taaactgtga cttgctcctc     14700
     cttgcctcct tgccttctgc catgattgtg aggcctcgcc agtcatgtgg aactgtaagg     14760
     ctgttaaaca tttttctttt gtaaatttcc cagtgtcagg tacatcttta tcgcagcaag     14820
     aaaatagact aatacaacat tgatgtgaaa atcctcaata aaatacttgc aaaccgaatc     14880
     cagcagcaca tcaaaaagct tatccaccat gatcaagtta gcttcatccc ggggatgcaa     14940
     ggctacttca acatacacaa atcaataaat gtgatttatc acataaacag aactaaagac     15000
     aaaaaccaca tgattatctc aatagatgca gaaaaagcct ttgataaaat tcaacatcac     15060
     cacatgttaa aaactctcag taaactaagt attgatggaa catatttcaa aataataaga     15120
     gccatttata acaaacccac agccaatatc atgctgaata ggcaaaagct ggaagcattc     15180
     ccccttgaaa actggcacaa gacaagaatg ccctctctca ccactcctat tcaacatagt     15240
     atttcaagtt ctggccaggg cagtcaggca agagaaagac ataaaggata ttcaaatagg     15300
     gagagaggaa gtcaaactgt ctctgtttgc agatgacatg atcctatatc tagacaaccc     15360
     catcatctca gctcaaaagc tccttaagct gataagcaac ttcagcaaag tctcaggata     15420
     taaaattaat gtgcaaaaat cacatgcatt tctatacata aacaatagac aagccgagag     15480
     ccaaatcaaa aatgaacttg catttgcaat tgctacaaag agaataaagt acttaggaat     15540
     attgctaaca aaggaagtgt aagacctttt caaagaggac tacaaaccac tgctcaagga     15600
     aataagagag gacacaaaca aatggaaaaa cattccatgc tcatggatag gaagaatgaa     15660
     tatcataaaa atggccatac tttccaaagt aatttgtaga ttcaatgcta tttccattaa     15720
     actatcattg actttcttca cagaattaga aaaactactt taagttcata tggaatcaaa     15780
     aacaagccca tatagccaag acaatcctaa acaataacaa caaaggtgga ggcatcatgc     15840
     tacctgactt caaactatac tacaagccta cagtaaccaa aacagcatgg tactgggaca     15900
     aaaacagaca catagaccaa tgcaacagaa tagagaactc ataaataaga ccacacatct     15960
     acaaccatct gatctttgac aaacctgaca aaaacaggca atgggaaaat gactctctat     16020
     ttaataaatg atgctaagaa aactggctat ccatatgcag aaaattgaaa ctggacccct     16080
     tccttacatc ttatacaaaa attaaatcaa gatggattaa agatttaaat gtaaaacccc     16140
     aaacgataaa aaccctagaa gaaaatctag gcaatactat tcaggacata ggcatgggca     16200
     aatagttcat ggaaaaaaaa aatcacatgc aattgcaaca aattcaaaaa ttgagaaatg     16260
     ggatctaatt aaactaaaga tttttggaca gcaaaataaa ctctcatcac aatgaacaca     16320
     caacctatgg aatgggagaa aaatttgcaa tctatccatc tgacaaaggt cttatatcca     16380
     aaatctacaa ggaagttaaa caaatgtaca agtaagaatc aaacaacccc attaaaaagt     16440
     gggcaaagaa catgaacaga cacttctcaa aagaagacac ttatctgacc aacaaatata     16500
     tgaaaaaaag ctcaacatca ctgatcatta gagaatgcaa atcaaaacaa caatgagatg     16560
     ccatcttatg tcagtcagaa tggtgattat taaaaagtca aggaacaaca tatgctggtg     16620
     aggctatgaa aaaataggga tgcttttaca ccattgatgg gactgtaaat tagttcaacc     16680
     attgtggaag acagtgtggc aattcatcac agcctagaac cagaaatacc atttaaccca     16740
     gcagtcccat tactggatat attcctaaaa gaatataaat tattccatta taaagataca     16800
     tgcacacatc tgttaattga agcactgttc acaatagcaa agacatggaa tcaacccaaa     16860
     tgcacatcaa tgatagactg gataaagaaa acatggtaca tatacatcat ggaatactat     16920
     gcagccataa aaagaaatga gatcatgtcc tttgcagtaa catggatgga gctggaagcc     16980
     attagtctca gcaaaataac atagaaggag aaaaccaaac accccatgtt ctcacttatt     17040
     agtgggagct gaacaatgag aacacatgga cacaaagagt ggaacaatta cacactgggt     17100
     cctgtcggga gggctgggga aaagagagca tcagaataaa tagctaatgc atgcagggct     17160
     taatacctag gtgatgggtt gacaggtaca gcaaaccacc atggcacagg tttacctatg     17220
     caaaaaacct gcatgtcttg cacatgtatc ctggaactta aaataaaata taatttttta     17280
     aaaaaaggaa aattcagaaa ttgttttgat agagactttt gtggcttaac aacagatgta     17340
     tgtattcagt tgatagttta aaatactata tcctgttttc cttgatttgt gaattaaact     17400
     gtgaaagtaa atttttaatg acaatataca tactatttga tttctcttta aacttagtca     17460
     aattgtggat aatattaata tcttaaagtg atattgacag aacaagctga ctaaccacat     17520
     attattaata ttattttaaa actaaattta catagcatgt tttatatcaa gtgattattg     17580
     aatagattat ttaaagtgtt tagaattttt aaatagccag tgaaaataat ttgaaataat     17640
     agattataaa cacacacagt gcattacctt atgaaaagca agttacagac tgaaatagct     17700
     gatttggctt tttcagcagc tttttcaaat aaaatataat tataccatga ttgatattca     17760
     tttataaaaa ggatgataat attatcacac atttctactt tactgacata catctgtttt     17820
     attataaatg ggtaatggtt gttgttcaat gcttttctgc atgtttagag aagaatatat     17880
     ggtattcctt ttttattatt taaacatggt aaattaaatt gattgacatt tgaatgttaa     17940
     cctggaattt ctcatataaa ccccactttt taatgctgca ttatcacttt aactttgctt     18000
     gtttaaattt gataatattt tgttaaaaat tgcatcaata ctaatgaaca acagttgtat     18060
     acagtttttg ctgttgtttt tgtttagaat atatatgtct ggttttgata tctggataat     18120
     gctggcctta taaaaataat tggaaaatgt ttccccctct attttccaaa gtagttttct     18180
     tagcatttat attatttttt tcttaaatat ttcatagaat tcaacagtga aataggttgg     18240
     gcttcaagtt taatttgtaa gaatgtttta aataattcat tttaatagct ataagtctat     18300
     taagaaattt gattacttct tcagtgtatt ttggcattct gtgtctttca aaaaattctc     18360
     catatcatct gagtggtaaa atttagtggt ttaaattatt tttatttgtg tttttttaat     18420
     gtctgtagaa cctgtacgtt tattctttca cttgtgatgt taattatgtg tgtttctccc     18480
     atttttctct taatcagcaa aggtagactg tatcaatttt tactgcttat ttatttattt     18540
     atttatttat ttaatttatt tattttgaga tggcgtttca ctcttgtttc ccaggctgga     18600
     gtgcaatggc gcgatctctg ctcactgcaa cctctgactc ctgggttcaa gtgattctct     18660
     tgcctcagcc tcccgattag ctgagattac agtgacatgc caccacgcca gctaattttt     18720
     gtatttttag tagagatagg gttttgccat gttggccagg ctggtctcga actcctgacc     18780
     tcaggagatc ctcctgcctt ggcctcccaa cgtgatggga ttacaggcat gagccaccac     18840
     gcttgtctgc tttttttaaa acaaagccat cttttggttt cacatttgct ttactttatt     18900
     tttcaatttt tcattttatg ctcgttatat attatttcct tactaacagt ggatctctca     18960
     gcagaaactc tacttctgct tattttggat ttaatgtgat aatttttagg ttttgttggg     19020
     gtggaaacag attacttaag attttttaaa atttctaata cagcattgaa tgccactatt     19080
     ttccctataa tcattgctgt agcagcattt ccatacatat ttttatgtta tgtttttatt     19140
     tccatttaat ttgagatttt ttataatttt acttataatt tcctctttga tccatggaat     19200
     taaaacatta ttatttaatt tcctattatt tggcattttt atcagatagt ttttattgtt     19260
     tccaatttga ctgcattgta gtaaaagaat ctgtatgatt tcaatccttt aacatacact     19320
     ggactttgtt taatatccag tatataatct attttcgtga atatttccta tgaaagttaa     19380
     aaggatacgc actgtacttt gttgttgttg gatggagtgt cctataaatg tcaattagtc     19440
     tttcatggtt gataatgttg ttcaggtgtt ttgtattctt actgatcttt ctgtatactt     19500
     gttcctatcc agtacccaaa gaatagcatt tgaattttca atattacagt gattttgtcc     19560
     ctttctcctt ttagttttaa tcaggcttta tattagtaat tttgaaactg tatattgtgc     19620
     agacacatta ggattttcat gacttcttga ctggttgact ttttcattat atgaaatgac     19680
     cctggttgac tttttcatta tatgaaatga cgctgtttac tactggagtt atttcttatt     19740
     ctgaggtcta aacatttcat ttttatatca acattacagc tttcttatgc ttagggtttg     19800
     tcttatttat cattttctat gttttttggt tttaagcaaa tctattactg gttagagtca     19860
     attccttgta aacaatatat agtcaagtgt tactttttct aacagtctgt taatcctgac     19920
     ttttcataga tgtgtttata gagtttacat ttaatatact tactgacatg tatagattga     19980
     aattaatcat ttagttattt gtgttctatt tatcccgtct gttctttctg catttttcta     20040
     ttttcctgcc ttcctttgaa ttaagtagtt ttcagtattt taatttaacc accattattt     20100
     gcctcctgct tatttttagt gaccaatctt gcatttataa tataaatata atataaatta     20160
     acatacagat tttactttat tctttatgta taatatctga ctgtttaaca ctttattttc     20220
     atttgccctc ttctgactat tgtgttatta ttgtcatgga atttattacc acatatgcta     20280
     taaaatacac aatacattgc taatgttttg tgctttgggt aattttattt taaaaattgt     20340
     tcaatgagaa aatatatctt ttgtatggac ccacaaattt atttttttca acaccattca     20400
     ttttttagag cggataaaag cttccatctg gtgtcatttt tattcagtct aaagaatgtc     20460
     ctttaagagt ttatgtaact cgggtctgct gtggaggaat ttactttagg cccaacgtag     20520
     ttttacttct aaggaacaac acttgaggat ctctactgag agacatcatg tattcagaag     20580
     gtctccccat gttgcacttt ttaaaattat aagtttcatt ttaggtttag ggatacatat     20640
     gcagttttgt tatataggta aactgcatgt cattggggct tggtgtagag attattttaa     20700
     cacccaggta ataagcatag tacccaatag gtaatttttc tgattctctc cctcttccca     20760
     ccttccactt tcaagtgggc cccagtatgt gttgttcccc tctttgtgtt catgtgttct     20820
     cattgattag ctcctacttg agaatgtgtg gtatttggtt ttctgctatt gtgtgagttt     20880
     gcttaggata atggccttta gctccatcca tgttgttgca aagaacataa tctaattttt     20940
     ttctggctgt gtagtatcca atggtgcata tggaccatat ttttttaatt tagtttactg     21000
     cagataggta tttaggttga ttccatatct ttgctattgt aaatattgct gcaatgaaca     21060
     tacatgttca tatgtcttta tggtagcaca atttatatta ttttaggtat atacccaaaa     21120
     tggcattgct gggttgaacg gtgattgtgt ttcaagtcat ctgaggaatt gttatgcagg     21180
     tttccacaat gactgtacta atttacagtc ccaccagcag tgtaaaagca tgccactttc     21240
     ttcacaactt catcagcatc tgttatattt taactttaaa aaaataattg ccgttctgac     21300
     tggtgttagt atctcttttt gcttttgatt tgcatttatc taatgactag tgatgttgag     21360
     tatttttttc atacgcttgt tggccacaca tatatcttca tttgaaaagt gtctgatcat     21420
     gtcttttgcc cactttttat tttttattta ttttttttat tattattatt attttatttt     21480
     attttatttt tgagacagag tctcgctctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggtgcgatc     21540
     tcggctcact gcaagctctg cctcccaggt tcacgacctt ctcctgtctc agcctcctga     21600
     gtagctggga ctacaggcac ccaccaccac gcctggctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga     21660
     gacgggggtt tccccgtgtt agccaggata gtctccatct cctgatctca tgatctgccc     21720
     atctcggtct cctaaagtgc tggtattaca ggcgtgagcc accgcgcccg gccgcccact     21780
     ttttaatggg gtgatttgtt ttttgttttt gttgttgttg ttgttttttg gcttataaat     21840
     ttgtataagt gtcttatgga ttctggaatt tagatgtttt ctggatgcat aatttgaaaa     21900
     tattttttcc cattgcgtag gttgtttgtt tatgctgttg atagtatctt ttgctgtgca     21960
     gaagctcttt aattgagtta agtccttttt gtcaattttt gcttttgttc caattgcttt     22020
     tggtaaattc ttcataaaat ctttatcagt tcctatgtcc agaatggtat ttcttaggtt     22080
     atcttccaga gattttcgtt ttaggtttta tgtttaagta tttaatcgat cttgaattta     22140
     ttcttatatg taatgtaaga caggggtcat tttaatcttt tgcatatggc tagccagtta     22200
     tcccaggacc atttattgta tagggagtcc tttctctatt gcttgctttg atgaacgttg     22260
     tcaaagatca gatgattgta ggtatgcagc attatttcta ggctctctat tctgctccat     22320
     ttgtctatgt gtatattttg gtactagtct cttttgctta ttgtagcctt ctaatatagt     22380
     ttgaagtcaa gtaagataat gtctccagct ttgtttgttt gtttcttttt gttttgtttt     22440
     ttgcttagga ttgccttggc tattcaggct ttttttgttc catataattt ttaaaatgca     22500
     tttttgctaa ttctgtgcag aacatcattg gtggtttgat gggaatagca ttaaaactat     22560
     aatcgctttg ggcaatattg tcattttaac aatattgatt ctttcctcac atgagactgg     22620
     aatgtgtttt catttgtttg tgcagtttct tatttctcag agcagtgttt tgtagttctt     22680
     tttgtagaca taatttgcct ccctggttag ctgtattccc aggtatttag ttctttctat     22740
     ggcaattttg aatgaaatta cattcctgat ctgagtctca gcttgtatgt tgttggtgtt     22800
     cacaaatgct actaattttt gtgcactgat tttatatcct gaaactttgc tgaagttgtt     22860
     tctcacctga tggagctttt gaaccaagac tatgggattt tctggatata gagtgatgtc     22920
     atcttcaaat gaggataatc tggcttttta ttttcctatt tgggtgccat ttgtttcttt     22980
     atctttcctg attgctctgg aagggacttt cagtattatg ctgaatagga gtggtgacag     23040
     aagccatcct tatccttttt tttgttttca agaggaacgc ttccaacttt tttccattca     23100
     atataatgtt gtgtgtgggt ttgtcataga tggcttttta tattttgaag tatgttcctt     23160
     taatgccaaa tttgagagtt tttaatataa atagattctc aatgttattg aaagactttt     23220
     catctattta ggtgatcatg tggtttttat ttttagttct gtttatgtga tgaatcacat     23280
     ttattgattt gtgtatgttg aatcaacctc acatcccagg tataaagcct actttatctt     23340
     tgtggacttg tttttcttgt gctgctggat tcaatttgca ggtatttttt tgaggatttt     23400
     tgtatctttg atcataaagg atattggcct gacatttttg tttgtttggt ctctgccagg     23460
     ttttactatc agaatgatgg tggcctcata gaaagaattg gggaggagta cctgcttgta     23520
     aacgttttat aattttagta ggaaatgtta tcaattcttt atatatttgg ttgaatttgg     23580
     ctgtgaatcc atctggtcat gggctttttc tggttggtag gctttttacc actgattcaa     23640
     ttttgaaact tgttattggt ctgttcagaa attaaatttc tttctggttc aatcttgaga     23700
     atttgtacgt gtccaagaat taatttattt tttctaggtt ttcttgtttg tgtgcatata     23760
     gatgttcgta gtagtttctg agggttcttt gtaattctta atgtcctctt tggcatttca     23820
     aattgtattt atttgtaata tctctctttt ttatttatta ctcttgctag tggtctattt     23880
     tattgatttt tcaaagaata aactcctaat tcattaatct ttcatatggt ttttcatgtc     23940
     taaatttcct gcagtttggc tctgatgttg gttatttgtc atcttcttct ggctttgggg     24000
     ttgatctgct gttgattctt ttagtccttt agttgtgata ttgttgcggg aagtcaggga     24060
     ccccaaacgg agggactggc tgaagccatg gcagaataat gtggattgtg aagatttcat     24120
     ggacatttat tagttcccca aattaatgct tttataattt cttatgcctg tctttactgc     24180
     aatctctaaa cataaattgg gaagatttca tggacactta tcccttcccc aatcaatacc     24240
     cttgtgattt cctaggcctg tctttacttt aatctcttaa tcctgtcatc tcaaaagccg     24300
     aggaggatgt atgtcacctc aggaccctgt gataattgca ttaactgaac aaattgtaga     24360
     gcatgtgtgt ttgaacaata tgaaatctgg gcacctttaa aaaagaacag gataacagca     24420
     atatttagga aacaagagag ataaccttaa actctgaccg ccagtgagcc gagtagaaca     24480
     gagccatatt tctcttcttt caaaagcaaa tgggagaaat atcgctgaat tctttttctc     24540
     agcaaggaac atccctggga aagagaatac atgcctgggg gtaggtctat agacggcccc     24600
     ctgggtgtgg ccatcttcta tggtctgtag actgtagggg tgaaatagac cccagtctcc     24660
     catagtgctc ccaggcttat taggaagagg aaattcccgc ctaataaatt ttggtcagac     24720
     cggttgctct caaaaccctg tctcctgata cagatgttat caatgacaat ggtgcccaaa     24780
     acttcattag caattttaat ttcgccccag tcctctggtc ctgtgatctc gccctgcctc     24840
     catttgcctt atgatattct attaccttgt aaagtacatg atctttgtga ccaacaccct     24900
     attcgtacac tccctcccct tttgaaaatc cctaataaaa acttgctggt ttttgtggct     24960
     tgtggggcat cacggaacct accgacatgt gatgtctccc ccgaatgccc agctttaaaa     25020
     tttctctctt ttgtactctg tacctttatt tctcaaaccg gttctcataa aaataattaa     25080
     gacattgctt tcgattttag tgagaaaaat ggtcataatt gattggtata tctgtcattt     25140
     gttcaaaata gggagtaata catatggtgt atttactcac cctgcattag aaagtaatgt     25200
     atataaaact gaacatactc atccaaatgt attacataat agaattttcc tccagtgtca     25260
     tttttgctcc attatttttc taaatttaag aattttagta agtggtcatg ctattcttat     25320
     gacatcacca ataaactcac ttcacacaaa aaggcaatca ctataaaata tgaaacgagt     25380
     tgatttgatg tactactaaa taactttgcc ctcagatact cttgttctaa atattatagt     25440
     ttggtatctc cattggttcc ttttctcaat ttcccccatg attcctcttg aatttatatt     25500
     attgtcttat gctacttgta aaataatttc agtttgtctc ttttgagtct atttatccca     25560
     tttctcttcc tcctactatt tttgcttata aaattaaaac agatatttaa agctcaaatg     25620
     ttgagaagcc atgcagttaa cataagtctt tgaatttaac aatacacgct aaattatcac     25680
     cctcaagcat aacatatgcc cagatacttc gcctcttttt ccaagattag cattcaatca     25740
     ctgggctata tataatccat tttatggcca ttttgcaatg ccttaactaa agaagtaatt     25800
     acatttagtt atcaagaagt tatctgcctc attataggca atggtcattg gataatctca     25860
     ggtgtgatac ttttgcccaa cttccacagg ataaattgac atgtgagagg atggactgga     25920
     gtaactgtcc caactagttg aaaaaagaga taactaatat ttttcttatc ttttaaaaag     25980
     gcctttaaga tgtactttaa cttatataat gggcatcaaa agagatacaa gcttgatgta     26040
     aaatgcttta taaggcatat tttatgcact tatgtgtttc ttatttaaag gaaaatctgc     26100
     attactgata tgctataagg taccctccaa cacaagtgga taaaagtctg ttttgaatgc     26160
     ttggagatac ttcatatgtc ttctctttag ctctatgttt ttctattttt taaaagagtt     26220
     tattagacag aaacaaagca agaattaaca ctccaagtta acacgctttt cttggtgctt     26280
     tactataaca taacttgcag atggtgggaa gaggaggaaa ttttggatta gataataata     26340
     tttacatagc tcaggcttgt atacatttta caacatgtaa gctgtgtttg tgtttctggt     26400
     tcaattaaaa gtattttgaa aacattgcat tttttgctaa gcaatacatc ttgatggatt     26460
     aagtgaaaac attcagaaaa ccttatttgt atttcatagt gtttctatga cctccagaaa     26520
     gaaaattgaa agtatttggt agtaatttgt gaagaatcac ttttggattt tggaaagatt     26580
     ttaatagcta gatatagtgt agataaaata tttctgtaga actgctattt ccaaagaata     26640
     tctagaagat ttctggatag tttcagtaat aatgaaagag atagaaaact gtttttatcc     26700
     aaagttcaag aaaaatctat taaatgtgta ttttttctat aaataaataa gatcactttt     26760
     aataggctta ttatattttc tatgaaagct gatgacccca atatgactat tcttcatgtg     26820
     gaaatataaa atttgaaagt tgtgatgctt ttatatatgt tgatatttct agactggtaa     26880
     tcatatatac attatatata tatatgcaaa tatatttaca acaagaattt aaaaagcaaa     26940
     catttttttt catatatgaa aatatacatt gagagtatca cctactggtt aggacatgtg     27000
     atgtggagtt agactgttta gtttgaatcc tggagcaatc actccttaat tttgtgacct     27060
     tgatcaggtt gcctattttc tctatatcca gtgatcattg cgttaaatga gaaaatagaa     27120
     agcacataga aaatagctaa aatataacac aatattatta tctatatttc catggcttct     27180
     ttattattag tattatacat ttcatttgcc ttctatctcc tatctctaat attatttttt     27240
     cctaatgttt agttctcact caactattct gtgagcatgt tttctcttct accttttttt     27300
     gctgctgagg cctcattaat tgagcacact aaaaaaaaaa atcatggatg tgcacagttc     27360
     aaactgttca agaagagatt tgcaattcag ttacaaaagt gcctttttct gacagcctct     27420
     gcttgtcagt gtcttctgga tgtgcttagc gtttgagcca tgcctttcct ctttccaggc     27480
     agcccccaag caataactga gcatgaccgg tctagggcct aggtatatct gcctgatgag     27540
     atgcttcatt aaggggcagt atttgctgca ggtcactcta taggtttggt caaaaccttt     27600
     caccagagtc tgaagagtat ctacccaatt ttgcttcctc ctgcctttcc ctccatgcat     27660
     attccatcca catgcaatca taagaatatt gtattttgct tccttcccat tgtatcacac     27720
     cagacattgc taccccacac ccccaaattt cactttgaca ctccaaatct acctcagcat     27780
     ctgccttaca gggtaactga cagacaaaat tggtgactga agtgaactaa aaaagcagtt     27840
     gataagatga gaattgacaa ttagtacctt attccaggag gtatgtgagg catggagtca     27900
     ctaacacaag acgatggctc agtttctcag acattcacca gtggtgaatt gggagaaagt     27960
     ttccagtgga tgaaattgtc ttcacctatg tgatgattca gcctcttgaa aagtaaagat     28020
     gttggggaaa ttatgtgtaa aagtacagta gaatttgttg gttgcattga tgctctacaa     28080
     gagtagttaa tatacaatta aaaattaaat ctaaagacca aagggccttt ttggcagttc     28140
     accaagtggc ccttatctcc atagaggaaa aacagaaaaa ctacaaacaa agctcaggta     28200
     taatagttac agtaacaaag ctaaaatggt tactaaatac ataactgagt tctgttatgt     28260
     caaagtctgg agacttcttg agaaaatctg agaccaggac tcattgtatt ggggcaactg     28320
     agtagctagc catgaagaat tttactgctt aggcacctct gttcctcagg acccacaaca     28380
     gtgacactga ttttcataag gactacaatt cccaccatct gggaagatac tacagagctg     28440
     ttttccctgg aaggatacag ttcccctcca aaactgcacc tagatctttt gtagatgcca     28500
     ggtcaagtat tagggatgat ccacagcata aatctactat tgacattcca tggggataca     28560
     catagattta gatttttaga gtgcttgatc agtggggaca gattataaga ctagataaat     28620
     aaggctattg actttgagga cctctctcaa gatacagaat ttattgcctg tcaggttccc     28680
     tagtaaggca aacatacagc taagatagtc cctagaaaat taaagaaagt ggtcatccat     28740
     gctgagtgaa gtggaaatgt ctgatttgtg ctggcatgtg gtaaaggaag aactaaagag     28800
     cctatggaga tggaaagttt ggaatagata cattatgtga agccagaaga cctagcagag     28860
     tattatattc cactggagga cccagaggac acaccattca ttgaagccac tgagtatgca     28920
     ctgaggagag aggcactagc tttcctaaga acttgagggg tggatctcct ctgcaggctg     28980
     gggctcaatg taggataggt agtcacagag ctgggctcat taatatccat ggggatgatg     29040
     tctttcactc cttccaccca caagtaatag agatgaggtg atagtagaga tagttcaaag     29100
     agaatggcat ccctaggagt aacaagaata ttactttata tacatataaa tacatgtata     29160
     acaatataca atttatatat atatataaat tgtatattgt tgtatattat tcttgcttat     29220
     tcggttttat ttggaatata tatatatata tataattttt ttccaaataa aggaaaacag     29280
     aataaacaag aagctgaggg caaacacctc acaaaatatc ttggctgctg cccaatttca     29340
     ggactttaag gaacatagtt agccacagac tccaattttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     29400
     tttttgctga gacagggttc ttgctctgtc acctgggctg gaatgcagtg gtgcaatctt     29460
     ggttcactga aacctctgcc tcccaggctc aactgctcct cccacctcag tctcctgagt     29520
     agttgggact acaggcgcag ccacgccagg ttaattattt gtatttttta taaagacaag     29580
     gtttcaccac gttgcccagg ctgatctcga actcctgagc tcaagtgatc tgcccacctc     29640
     agcctccaaa atgctgggat taaaggcatg agccaccatg ccctgcccat gattcaatat     29700
     tcttttagaa aaatgtcagg gaagacaaaa atacttcatc tattgataaa ccatctattc     29760
     ttttagagaa gtgcatttgt gaaaataagg acatgtctga gctagacaat cattttgaag     29820
     aaattgggga taacatcaga agaagcaatg ccaaaagtac catatactcc ttcactgttc     29880
     tcaactatat ttttatcagt atcgcgtatc ccgcagatac gctcaaggcc ctaattagcc     29940
     agtatctagt taataatggt catttcatca aaggattatg ctgcttttta tatctaggaa     30000
     aaatggggag aaacacaatc tattcagtca aaattttaag gacaattttc acagaaaata     30060
     gtgtgattat cactagaacc tatgcgctcc tgagagagca caaactaata tacaacaaca     30120
     tctggcaagt tttacatctc acttggcttt aatttaatac tgtctaacaa caagaaaaat     30180
     ggaaggtatc acttaaacag caaaagacca ggtcattcca aaattgtagg tgtacccata     30240
     cctctgttga agaatacagg tctggtggga gaaaaggtat gataatatat gagttcaatg     30300
     gagagctgct ggcgtaagtg tctacaaagg actacctcat gagtccggaa ggcatatatg     30360
     tttcttctaa ggaaaacatt ctttattgct ctcaaaaatc ttgaggttta cctgtttgtt     30420
     gtaggttagt cacagtgctt cctttcccac ctttctcatt tttgttactt ccacaattat     30480
     tttcccaaat tttggggcct caaactccaa agccattttt tgattactcc ctctccttta     30540
     atcctcatat ctaattaggg atacaggaaa tatttacaaa ggcctgattt gtcactctgt     30600
     agtcatgctg aaaactcata tgtccgactg catgctagtg accagtgcca acacatgaca     30660
     atgcttcatt aagtaaatag ccgaaactga gaagcctgac ttgatctgca gtaaatgagg     30720
     tgattggttt tgaaataaaa cagcaaggac ttattgaaga aacattctgc tgaaacttct     30780
     cctcccgtat tgaactcaat tcacaggtct ttagtgtaat aaagatttgc tgcaaggata     30840
     ttaaccaggg ataaaaagca tattcttagc acagctacac tagagtctta ttttaaaaag     30900
     cctaagtcac tccagagtat gcagaaaaat atatctaaac agcatgtgtt gtatggcttt     30960
     tttcttgaat gcctgatttt ccatataggg gcttaattga aattcaaatg ttctaaactt     31020
     gatgaataaa acttaataaa catttcttta ttttatgtaa ctgaagaaaa aaatctgtca     31080
     agctgctagt ctccaaaagc attgtatcct accccaattt gtcatattga atttgatcta     31140
     gtcttttttt tttttcaaaa ttcaaatatt atcacaagca cggtgtagat caaaccttat     31200
     ttatttgatg ataagatcta gcctttgggg tttcttattc tttgaataag atgaaatggt     31260
     tctttgaatg gttccattca aagaataaga accatttgca gaaacctgca attgtttctt     31320
     ttaagatagc atctgagaac aagagcagtt tatatattct catagaatta tggaagagtc     31380
     atttgatatc atctctctgt actcactgta ttgtttttag tttacttgag cccccctgct     31440
     tctaccttgc tatgggccaa ggcaaagcta taatgctcac ccttttagta atcttggcag     31500
     ctgtcttaga aaatgaggac tttttggctg ctttctttgc atcaggtagg agcttgaggc     31560
     tttcgctgag atctgtgaac ctagaccctt gtctcagctc tagctacact actgtgtctg     31620
     cgccatattg aattcaacag tgtcaaacac aggcttccag aatactcatg atgtgggcag     31680
     aagagctgaa ttttattata ttttcaaaac ccatttgtgt acctttatat taacttttgc     31740
     tttttatttc tttttgtttt atttttattg tgtgcataca cagttatagt agctgcaaat     31800
     atttaaaggg tacatgagat actttgatac agtcatgcaa taagcaataa tcacatcatg     31860
     gataatgggg tatccagccc ctcaagcatt tattctttgt attacaacaa tccaattata     31920
     ccctttactt atttttaaat atacaactgg attattattg actatagtca tcctgttttg     31980
     ttatcaaata ctaggtctta ttttctgttt ctaattctat tttttgttcc cattaaccat     32040
     ttccacttct ccccaagact cccaatacca ttcccagctt ctaataaaca tcattatact     32100
     ctctatctcc atgagttcaa ttgttttgat ttttagctcc cacaaataag tgagtacatg     32160
     caaagttttg tcttcatgtg cttcacttat ttcactttac acaatgacct ccagttccat     32220
     ccatgttgtt gcaaatgaca gaatcacatt attttttaca gctacatagt actccattgt     32280
     gtgtaggtac tgtatattct ttatcaaatt atttgatgat gaatatttag gtttcttcca     32340
     aattctgggt attgagaaca gtgctgcaac agacatgaga gtacagatat ctcttctaga     32400
     tattgatttt tctttcttct aggtatatac ccatcaatgg gattgctgga cattatagta     32460
     gttctatttt tagttctttg aaaaacctcc aaatcattct ccatagtggt tttactaatt     32520
     tattcccaca aacaatgtac aagcattccc tttcctccag atcctcttca gcatatattg     32580
     ctgactgtct tttggataaa ggtcatttta attggaatgc gatatttcat tgtagttttg     32640
     aattgcacgt ctttgattat caataatgtt gaacaccttt tcatatgctt gtttcacatt     32700
     tgtatacctt cttttgagaa atgtctattc aaattgtttg cccattttaa aagtcagatt     32760
     attagatttt tttcctagag ttgcttatgt tccttttata ttctggtttt taatctcttg     32820
     tcagatgagt agtttgcaaa tactttttcc cattctgtgg gttttctctt cattttgttg     32880
     attgcttcct ttgctgtgca gtagcttttt aacttgacgt gatcccattt atcaattttt     32940
     gcattggttg catgtgcttg tggggtattg ttcaagaaat ttttgcccag tccaatgtcc     33000
     tagagagttt ctccaaagtt ttcttgtact agttttatag tttgaggtct tagatttaag     33060
     tatttaatgc attttgattt tatttttgta taagctgcaa gataggggtc aagttttatt     33120
     cttctgcata tggatatcac gttttccagc acgatttata gaagagactg tcatttctcc     33180
     aatgtatgtc cttggcatat ttgtggaaaa ttagttcact ctaggtctat ggatttcttt     33240
     ctcggttctc tattatgttg tattgaccta tgtttctttt tttatgcaaa taccatgcta     33300
     ttttcattgc tatagctcta tagtacaatt taaagtcagg ttatgcgatt cctccagttt     33360
     tgttctttat gctcaggata cttttggcta atataaatct tgtggatcca tataaattgt     33420
     aggattcatt gtttatgttt ctgtgaagaa tatcattggt aatttgatag ggattgcatt     33480
     gaatctgtag attgccttgt gcagtatgga cattttaaca atattgattc ttccaattca     33540
     tgaacatgga atatctttgc atgtttttgt atcctctcca atttatttcc tcagcatttt     33600
     acaattttta ttgtaaagat cttttccttc tttggttatt ttctaggtat gtaactttat     33660
     ctgtagctat tataagtgag attactttct tgatttctgt tttagattgt ttactgttca     33720
     cataagaaat gctattaagt ttacatgtaa attttgtatc ctgcaacttc actgaatttg     33780
     tttataagtt ctaatagctt tttgttggag cctttaggtt tttccaaata taactccata     33840
     tcatctgcaa ataaatatac tacttttact tcttcctttc taatttggat gttctttatt     33900
     tctttatctt ttctgattgc tctagctaag acttctgata gtgtgttgaa taacagttgt     33960
     gaaagtgggc atctttggca tgctccaggt cttaaaggaa aggctttcac ttttttccca     34020
     ttcagtatta tactagctgt gggtctgtta tatatggctt ttattatgtt gatgtatgtt     34080
     tcctctatac ctagttttct gatggcgttt atcatgaagg aattttgaac ttatcaaatg     34140
     cattttcaat attaattaaa atgatcatat ggtttttgtc tttctgttga taatgacaca     34200
     ttatattgat caatttgtat atgttgaacg acccttgcat ctctggcata aatctcactt     34260
     ggtcatttga atgattttta atgtattatc ggattggttt attagtaatt tgtcgaggat     34320
     ttttacatca ataatcatca gagatattgg cctgtacctt tctgtttttt gatatgtctt     34380
     tgactgattt tggtatctgt gtggtactgt cttcatagaa taagtttgga agtactccct     34440
     tctcctctat atttttagaa taatttgagt aggattgata ttctttaaat gtttgttaaa     34500
     ttcagcagtg aagccatcag gtctggggct tttatttact ggaagccatt ttattatggc     34560
     atcaatcttg ttacttgttg gtctgttcag gatttggatt tcttcatggt tcaaacttag     34620
     tagatcatat gtgtccagga atttacccat ttcctctaga ttttccaatt tgttggcata     34680
     cagttgctca tagtagccat aatgatcctt tgatttcagt tgtaatggct attttttaca     34740
     tctctaattt tatttacttg tgccttttct tgtttttctt agttgggcta aagatttgtc     34800
     aattgtattt atctattcaa agaccaactt ttcattttat cttttgtatt gttttcttca     34860
     tgttgaattt atttattttt gctcctattt ttattgttat ttctcttttc ctaaatttgg     34920
     ttttggcttg ctttttcttt tctaggtttt taacatgaat tgttaaatta tttatttgaa     34980
     gtttttcttc tttttttgat gtaggtattt atcactataa atttccctta ttgctttcat     35040
     tttatctcat agcttttgga atgtgttttc attatcattt gtttcaacaa atttttcaat     35100
     tttcttctta atttctttat tggcccattg accattcggg aacgtcttgt gtaatttcca     35160
     tgtgtttgta tagttttcaa tatttcttat tgatttgtag gtttatttca ttgtggtcag     35220
     ataaaatact tgatattatt ttaatttttt gaatctttta aaacttgcat tgtgacctac     35280
     catgttatcg agaataaccc atgtcctgag aagaatgtgt attctgcaac tgttggatga     35340
     aatgttctat acatatccac tggattcatt ttatctatag tgcagattaa gtcccatggt     35400
     ttttgtttgt ttgttttttc tttttctgtc tggaaggtct gtccaatgct taaagtcagg     35460
     tcttgaagtc tccagctatt attgtattga ggtctatctc tttagctctt ataatatttg     35520
     ctgtatatat ctctgtgttc cagtgttggg tgcatattta tttacaactg ttatgtcatc     35580
     ctactgaatt gactccttta atgctatgtg gtgaccttct ttgtcattca tgcagttttt     35640
     gtcttgaaat ctattttgtc tgatatacat ttagctacag ctgctctttt tttgtttcca     35700
     ttgacatgaa atatcttttt ccatcccttt acttttcacc tatgtatatc tttataagca     35760
     ttgtatgttt tttttgaagg caacagattg ttttgtcttc ctttttttat ccattcagcc     35820
     atctctgtat tttgattgaa atgtttagtc cgttttcttt taatgttttt attgataagt     35880
     aagaatttac tccttccatt ttgttatttg ttttctggta tgttttatgg tcttctcact     35940
     attcctgtct tccttttagt gaaggtgatt tccactgctg gtattattta attccttgct     36000
     gtttatattt tgtttatcta ttgtatgttt ttcaatttga ggttaccatg aggcttgcat     36060
     atactgtatt atttttactg gtgacaattt aacactgatt gcataaacaa acaagtaaga     36120
     agacaactaa taaaaagtcc acactttaag tttatcccca cctccagttt ttaacttctt     36180
     attttttctc tttatgtctt attgcaatgt ttcttgaaaa atcagttatt attttaattg     36240
     tttcattatt tagtctttct acgtaagagt gttttacaca gcaaaattac agtgttatag     36300
     tattatgtgt tttaccctgt gctattacca gtgagttttg taccttcaga tgatttttta     36360
     ttgatcatga acatgctttt tttcagattg cagaacttcc tttagcattt tttataggac     36420
     tggtctagtg ttgatgaaat ccctcagctt tcctttgtct ggaaaagttt ttctttctct     36480
     ttcatggttg aataaggctt ttgctggaca tactattcta ggataaaagt tttttttctt     36540
     catcacttaa ataagtcata ccactctcac ctctcctgta aagtttccac tgaaatgtct     36600
     gctgccagat gtattggaac tccattgtat gttattaggt tttatttttt ttctcttgct     36660
     gcttttagga ctttttttaa acctttgaca tttggaagtt tgattattaa atgctttgag     36720
     gtatttcttt ttgggttgtg ttctattact ttcttgtact taaatatgga tgtctttctc     36780
     taggtttggg aatttatctg atattatcct tttgaataag ctttttactg ctcttttttt     36840
     accttctctg taagaccagt aactcttaaa tttgctcttt tgaggttatt ttttagatct     36900
     tagatcttta ggcatgcttc ttttaatttt tttttatttt gtctcttctg actatgtatt     36960
     ttcaaacagt ctgtcttgaa gctcactatt tttttcttct gcttgatcaa ttctgttaat     37020
     aagagactga tacattattc agtatgtcaa ttgcattttt caactctaga atttctgctt     37080
     gattctattt atacatttta atctctttgt taaatttatc tgatagattt ctgaattcct     37140
     tctctgggtt attttgaatt tacttgagtt ttctcaattt gctattttga attctccatc     37200
     tgaaaagtca cgtatctctg tttctccagt attggtcctt gatgccttat ttagtttgtc     37260
     tggtgaggtc attttttctt gattggtctt gatgcttgta gatgctcatt gatgtttcag     37320
     catttaaggg ttaggcactt attgcagtct ttgcaatctg ggcttgtttg tgcttcttag     37380
     gaaggctttc taggtatttg aagaaacttg ggccccaaac tcaataatgc tgtggttctt     37440
     gcacattcac agtgacaccg ccttgctggt attgtataag gattcagaag aattctctag     37500
     attaccataa tgcagaatct cttgttctct taccttattt tctcccaaaa aaacaaagtg     37560
     tctttttctc tctctctgct gagccccctt gaactgggaa tatggggaca taagcattgc     37620
     tgtggccacc accacaggga ctctgctggt tcagacctaa agcaaacaca gcactgggac     37680
     tctctcaagg cctcctgtaa ccactatctc actaccacct aagttaactc aatgccctag     37740
     ggctttatag ttagcagttg gtaaagccag ccatgtttgt gtcccttcca tcagggctgc     37800
     aagttcttcc aggccaccgt tgtgtctaga gatgttgtct gggagccaag tattgaagta     37860
     aaaagccttg gaaatttacc tggagttcta ttctgctgca gctaagctgg tacttaaacc     37920
     acaagacaaa gtccttctca ctctttcttc cacttttcat aggcagagga gcctcccgct     37980
     gtggccagca ccacaactga ttcacagagg gtacttccag tccactgctg atgttcactt     38040
     aaatcccaaa gactctcagt caccttttga tgaatactac caagcctgga atttaccctt     38100
     cagggcagtg ggctcccctc tggcccaggt aatgtccata aacattgatg aagagagtct     38160
     aggcctggac tcagggacac caagagtggt ggtgctctac tactatagct caagtggtac     38220
     ccaaggtaca tgacaaagtc ctcattactt tttccccagt ttttctcaaa caaaaggagt     38280
     ctttaattac agcaaacatt gctgtaaatc tgctgggtta catcttaagc cagcacttct     38340
     cagagcccaa ggcccatagc atattaactg ggtattgatg ttgattattt tgggcccagg     38400
     gtctctttag tcaggaggtg atgaatcctg ccaggtatct tctttgactg ggaagccgcg     38460
     agttcaatgc aaagtccgcc agtcactgtg ctctctctgt accaagagtc ctgatttatc     38520
     tatgccttgt ggcaactacc actgagtgaa gtaggaatgg tgcaagcatt ccctcagcca     38580
     ccctaactgg tctctcatta gtgttcccct agcccacagc ctctgagtcc agcttagcac     38640
     tatgacttgc ttaggaattg ctgtctttgt gggcttcaag tttacttaga gctccagggt     38700
     actccagctg tcagtggtga agcttgccgg aactcaaact ctgagtgatg agatggcaat     38760
     tcccctctga ctagggctgg tccaactgtt tcctccattg gaggatatca gttgagtaca     38820
     gaccagttct cttttctcct gtgacagcgc agaacttagt tcaaggtgaa gcctcacaat     38880
     tgctgcactc tccctctgcc aagtgcacag gttctctgca ctgcacagct attgccatgg     38940
     gatgggaaac aaatgatgtt ggtgatttaa gattgtcttc cccgctcttt tcagtgtgtc     39000
     tttcagtgat atgaagttaa aaccaagtac tgtgctcgtt cacctaattt ttatttcttc     39060
     tgatggtgct ttctgtgtga agttgttaaa atttggtgtt tggaggggga gcagggcaaa     39120
     tgatgtaggc tactattcat ttatctttct ctgcctcttt ttcttttatt ttaaccttaa     39180
     atcgtaacct aggaaattca cagctgaaat tctatattat attattttct tcctccttgt     39240
     ttctattttt tttttttttt tttttttgaa gacagagtct cactctgttg cccaggctgg     39300
     agtgcagtgg tgcaatattg gctcactgca acctccacct ctcaagttca agccattctc     39360
     attcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggacta caggtgtggg ccacaatgcc caactaactt     39420
     gtgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcccc atgttggtca ggctggtctc gaacacctga     39480
     cctcaggtga tccacccacc ttggcctccc aaagtgttgg aattacaagc gtgagccact     39540
     gcgtccggca ttcctgtttc tatttctaca tctccacgtt ctttctccaa ctatcagaga     39600
     ggccatactt ccagagtgtg acaatcttct ttacttcaca ttgtcatctt tttggttctg     39660
     tggtttactc tggtaaaatt acagctttga gaatgtcaag aaaggcttat aacttaagct     39720
     gagcaataac ttttatgcac ttacaagaat ttagcatcat tttccttctt catggaagga     39780
     ctattgatga gaaaaacaaa aacaaacaac aatgtcttca tttgtaccat aaactaggtg     39840
     gcttataaac aacagaaatt agtttttcac tgttttgggg ccttggaatt tcaaggtcaa     39900
     ggggacagca gatttgctgt ctgataaggg cctgctttct tgatcacaga aggggcaagg     39960
     cagctctttg ggggcttctt tttttatata aggggacaaa ttccattcat gaggttcctg     40020
     ctcgcatgat ttaatcatct ccaaaaggcc tcacttcctc actttgggaa ttagatttca     40080
     agatttttgg ggagacacaa aattcatgcc aaatcaaaca gtaagaatga ccaaagtgga     40140
     gaaatacatc agaccttatc tctataccta tgtttgtaaa tctatacagt tttattttat     40200
     tttcattgac tcttgtgatc tgtttctata tttctgagcc agactgcctt agtctaattc     40260
     tggttttatc acttgtaagt atatgctttt caactagtta ataatctccc aatgcctcag     40320
     tttcccattt gtaaaatgga aatactaata gtatctgcat cataaggttg ttggaaagat     40380
     tacctgggtt aatatatgta cctacatgta aaactttaga gcagtatcta gcatatagcc     40440
     agcactagat aagaatcaac ctttcaaatc taaaatgtgt gtgtttatat gtttgtattc     40500
     atgtacatcc tatggtgatt agtaattgag gaattattta aagataactt atacaaaatc     40560
     actgatttta aatctagtgt tttcaatagc aaagacttgg aaccaaccct aatgtccatc     40620
     aatgatagac tggataaaga aaattggcac acatatacca tggaatacta tgcagccata     40680
     aaaaagaata agttcatgtc ctttgcaggg acatggatga agctggaaac catcattctc     40740
     agcaaactaa cacaggaaca gaaaaccaaa cactgcatgt tctcactcat aagtgggagc     40800
     tgaacaatga gaacatgggc acagggagaa gaacatcaca cactggggcc tgttggtggg     40860
     tggggggcta ggggagggag agcattaaga gaaataccta atgtaggtaa tgggttgatg     40920
     ggtgcagcaa accactatgg cacgtatata cctatgtaac aaacctgcat gttctgctca     40980
     tgtatcccag aacttaagta taattttaaa aaaagaaaaa gaaagaaaga aaaaaatcat     41040
     acagtgacac tggattaaat atatatatat atatttactt aaaaataaaa ataaaaataa     41100
     aatctggtgt ttttacttat ttatttaaaa ttacaattgt aactcccaat tggataaggg     41160
     cactttttct gattaaaaaa gtgaatacgt gttttcccag aaagagcagg cacaacaagg     41220
     ttacataggc aggagtggaa aaggaggcac tttatataga attaataagt ggggtgcctt     41280
     gaagtcatgc tttctagagg acaggcagat aggaattaac taattttaaa aatattgtgc     41340
     atactgctag ttatcataga agaacaagtt caaacaatga tatctcaagt atcagcttat     41400
     cactataaca ttaaggaatc aaagtacaga agaaaacaga aggacaaaat ctgttctagt     41460
     tcagaaatat aacataggga tttaatcatg ttttcttatg taacaactaa taatttttgt     41520
     aacactaact gaggattttg caaaatccag tactatgata ttgtaaaaat agcttgatta     41580
     tttataactg tgattatatt cacttgaatg aataccccat tttagatatt tcctttttaa     41640
     ttagagagta aacaatgcaa aacaaaaatc atcaaatttg gttgtatgtg gaattaaaaa     41700
     taccttatac ttgagagaac acagtagcta aaattaatct ccttgctaat tttaaaaata     41760
     aattatattc aaattaaatt caaatgtcct atgttgggta tggcttttaa tggaggcatt     41820
     actttcggat gtccagacca taaatatttt ctttaaaaac ttttaatcaa ccctgagata     41880
     ccaagaagaa taaaatttat ttttttctgt gacaaactga attacagatg tgtttatttg     41940
     cattagtggg tgataagaaa aaatagcttt caacacctta gaaaacacaa gtatagttac     42000
     aagtgcccca aataaataaa ttaaagaaaa agcatttcaa aaacaacgtg aattataatg     42060
     aagagacagg aatattgagt gaattcaaga tgtggaccca gaaaatctga gacaggtctc     42120
     tgttaattta gaaagtttat tttgtgaagg ttgaagacac gcccatgata cagcctcagg     42180
     aggtcccgat gacatgtgcc caaggtggtc agagaacagc ttggtttttt acattttagg     42240
     tagacatgag acatcaatca atatatgtaa aaaccacatt ggttctgtct ggaaaggcag     42300
     gataacttaa agcaaaggca ggaaaacttg aagtggggag ggggcttccg ggtcacaggt     42360
     aggtgagagg caaaagttgc attcttttgg aattttggat tagcctttcc aaaggaggca     42420
     atcagatatg catttatctc agtgagcaaa gggataactt tgaatagaat gggaggcagg     42480
     tttgccctaa gcagttccaa gcttgaattt tccctttagc tttgttattg tgggagccca     42540
     agatattttc ctttcacaaa aataacgttg tgcaaaatgt ctttcagaaa caatatgggt     42600
     tttatatgtg taagtaaaaa agagcatata gtatcagaga ttatcttttg cctccattaa     42660
     atatttccag ttggagattt tctttacttt gcccctgcct ctatattttc tatcaactcc     42720
     ttctgccagc ctcatgaata tctgtgctcc atattctaat tatacgctct gctccaggtg     42780
     aagcccctta tgcatattat tgatgtccat attactaaga tcagtaatcg gtttacctag     42840
     aacttattta tacatttata tctacacttt aatgaatttt gttcatttac ccagttatgc     42900
     tgttttctta tgaaccataa agctcagaaa tatggagcaa agaaaagatg atggtagaaa     42960
     taaaagtgct tccccgatag gtattttgat tcctcctatc ttgttcttag atctgttagc     43020
     aagtgttccc taaaatctcc aacattcaat actctcacaa gcttatttta aacagtcttc     43080
     acttctgacc tgtaaacaga aaaaaaaatt gcgagagaaa aataattcta aacattctta     43140
     ctttaaacat gcattgttgt ttctcagatg aagttcttag aatcataatt tgcagaagag     43200
     tttatcttaa aactttaagc tatcatattg atcatatctc attaaaaaca cattttcttt     43260
     caaagtcttg aaatgctagc aagcttgtag gttcatattt tactttatct tattcccttt     43320
     gaactctccc aagtaattta atttcttaaa ttcaccttga gcaaactatt ttttgctatc     43380
     tgccagaaag cagctaccat aatccaagac catggtgggc aatgtgattt ctctaaagat     43440
     aaattcattc ttattatctg atcacctctg gaggatgaat tccccatgct gtatgaatct     43500
     agaatattat tcattaaacc tattgagcct gcaacatgat caaatacagg tagtacctgt     43560
     ataaaaccag tggaactgtt ggagtcagga aaatatagtt cagttcacca caggatattc     43620
     caatgactat aaattaatca gcttgccttt agtacctcct ccagatccca agagagacaa     43680
     tacaaagtag gcaaaaattg atttgggcct aagtttagaa atatctcatt tttggtagat     43740
     tcaaactttg taatggtagt ttaaaaagac gttttcacaa ttcccatatt tctaaaataa     43800
     ttttagactt atctgaattt ttgtatttaa atatcttgaa gttcagaatt gaggattatt     43860
     tgacttaggt taaaattttt atttatacca cctatatagt agagataatt caaagcttct     43920
     tgtcagggtt ttagattcca agcttatgct gctgctgact cagtgaccag agagagtttc     43980
     ttaaactttt cagcctccat tttctcatgc ataaaataag tagtatagca ggagtgatac     44040
     tttaattatt taacagccag tattatatag gcactggcca ataaacataa tttcaatcag     44100
     aatagatact agccaacagg tgtaaatcag gttaagtcag ctggctttat aaattgtatt     44160
     caaaaggaag tcattatact aaggctagaa atgaagtttc atctcctatg acatatttta     44220
     cttattgtga atggcttctt aaaatagtat gttgagagga acagtgaagt catatttggc     44280
     ttctgaggag agatattgct ctgataaatt agccacattt tccagatgta taggaaagtg     44340
     aagtggtgtt tgtagtgctc tattgtaaca tttctggtgt taaaaacttg cttagaggct     44400
     gcttaatctt aacacacaat tctagcttat ttggtttctg agattagagc acagtgtcaa     44460
     ctgagagtaa tatcacgcct caggaggtgt ttagaaatct ggagttgtta agtagctaag     44520
     ggctaataat ttttaatatt ctgtaaactt ttagatagcc ccacacacct gaaaacattg     44580
     ttttatccta aatgtcataa tgccccctgc tggtcaacac tgctatagtt taatagaagt     44640
     ttaatagaag aagcaataca gaaaataagg aagggggctg ctgtaagttt atataatgac     44700
     tttcttgaaa agtagcacta ataggaagag aaaaagcaga aaaaaataca atgagaaaac     44760
     atatacaata aatcaaaatg cacaatataa gataatttaa tataagcaca ttagtctaca     44820
     aacattggca agtccttgaa atagtacatt attacaatac tggagaataa ttgattatca     44880
     cattgattgt cttgagttat caaatgatta atttatatat gtgtaaggta agagtataga     44940
     gtagtttgta atacatcttc caacaaattt catgcaaaac gagtaacaga cattttaaaa     45000
     ggtttcgatg tttcaaagaa actccagaaa atatggtcat ctacaattgc tcttcatttt     45060
     gcagaggagt ttgttaaaaa atgaattgat tccctactct tgttcacacc tcaaatcact     45120
     acaaacttgc tttcactcta tttatctgaa tctgctttca ccaagttact aataaactct     45180
     ctagagctaa aggcaatgga caattcctat ggaatgattc caacatttga tacttgtgaa     45240
     aggaaaataa atcttgggat ttcaaaatca ctaagccaaa ggggaaaatc aatgtgggaa     45300
     ctggaaatct atctcccatt ttattcctaa ataagatact tataaagata gaatagctat     45360
     atacctccct cacaattttc ccactaggaa atgccttgtg agtctcaaga tctttatcta     45420
     aaatggttct gttgaatttt accctgacaa tataaattga tagcttatct tcacaggtgc     45480
     aacacaaaag atagaatgct gtattctgtc tgctcacctg agacaaatgt atatctgatt     45540
     acttcctctg atataaaaat gcagatttac tgagccagac aaaggcataa gtgactatgc     45600
     tacacctctc tcgaatttaa attgtgtatt cagtgaaagg ctaatccaag actcaaaaga     45660
     atgcaacttt tttctcttat ctacccacaa cttttttaac tgtcttcctc tttccccata     45720
     tccacccttt accctataaa tattaaagcc ctcaaaatca tctttggaga caggcacaga     45780
     catgcttctc aggcatgcat ccttaacctt ggcaaaatct ttctaaactg actgagagca     45840
     gcctcagata cttttggttt acatactatt ggcctcttct ttctgcctga gatatctttg     45900
     tccttgattt caacatcatt attcttttgt tattttttaa ttaaattctt ggttctctca     45960
     ttctctatct ccattgtgag tgctttttgt atctgccaca gaattaacca tgaacctctc     46020
     ttctcctttt acttttgtgt gctttctggg caatattatc cattgatgct tcaagtagca     46080
     cttacatatt ataattcaca tcttcatttt gagtcttaac cactcttctg gactctacta     46140
     ataaaagctt aagtctcctc atatctagat ctttacttca actgcagagg cataatccag     46200
     agaccacctt gacatgtcat atgtctatga aagttgtgta atacaataaa tagtaacttc     46260
     ttaaagaact gaatcaccta atactttgta agccaatgtg gcttgaaaac ctcttataaa     46320
     ttttagttaa aaaacaagaa tgacatcaat ggaacaacct ttccaaatat atcagcttct     46380
     tagagctttc tgacatttca gccatgtatt agtcaaagtg acatgatatt tagaagaaga     46440
     tttgtttatt tcaggctttg ataatttcct gtaaactaac tggcatttgg catcacatag     46500
     ctgaaagggg catcagttta aagattacag gataaatcat ttgggaacat tagtcacttt     46560
     ctgagtcaca tagctattta cgtaattcta taaatgtatt tctaataact acctgttcaa     46620
     tgaaaatatt atctaactct ggtttccttt tatggattga taattactct ataatatctt     46680
     aataattagg tagctaatat gctatcatgc tatttccttt tgcatatatt tttacctttt     46740
     atgaaataga tttcctcctt atgtacaaat ttataagtgc ataatcatag gcaagatgtg     46800
     actttactga ctaaatctgg tatctacctt ttttaactgc ctgatatttt gtaaatttat     46860
     tttttactta catactgtga tggttaatat tcagtgtcaa cttgattgga ttgaaggatg     46920
     caaagtattg ttcctgggta tttctgtgag ggtgttacca aaagagatta acatttgagt     46980
     cagtggactg gaagaggcag acccaccctc aatctgggtg ggcaccatct aatcatctgc     47040
     cagtatggct agaatagagc aggcagaaga aagtggaata aagagacttg ctgagtcttc     47100
     tggccttcat ctatctccca tgctggatgc ttcctgccct cgaacatcag actccaagtg     47160
     cttcagcttt tggactcaga cttataccag tgatttgcca gggtgaaggc tgcatagtca     47220
     gcttccctcc ttttgaggtt ctgggattca gactggcttc cttgctcctt agcttgcaga     47280
     gtgccccggg gattcacctt gtgattgtgt gagtcaatac tccttaataa actccctttc     47340
     atatatacat aaaccctatt agttctgtcc ctttagaaaa ccctaataca catacttatt     47400
     atttacttat ttttttcagt gtcttttgga aaggatgtca tgagaaattt catatttatt     47460
     gctaacttgc atgttgccag aaatgtccta aaattgtttt acagattttt tataatcttt     47520
     gtctactttt gttgttgttt ttctgcctag ctagtcatta aatgcacaaa tttataggct     47580
     gtaatatatg tttattggtc aaaattgaag tactaacaat tacaacccgg tagttctaaa     47640
     aggctattct agtgacctaa catcataaaa actatttgta aatagtttct cagttgactt     47700
     tctgactcat acctcattgg ctgtcttttc tcactcttct tggctatata ctctttctct     47760
     tgctgctttg aatgtttaag tgtcccaagg tagagttcta ggacttctct atctacattc     47820
     atttactagg tcatctaatt cagccccatg gtttacaaaa caccctgtct tcatgattcc     47880
     tgaattcata tttccagaac agaccctgcc cttgaaattc acattacaat attcaaccgg     47940
     atacccaaaa gcttcagtta tacatataaa agtgacttta aatttaactt atctgcaact     48000
     aaatctttga tttccttcta aatttgctct gttaacaggt tgtcaaagtt cagtaaatga     48060
     tattattaac tcattcaggt tgtcaggcca aaacatttga gaagatcctt gacccctttc     48120
     tttttctcat cccccaaatc cagtccattc tcaaggccat tgggctcagc cttcaaagtg     48180
     tatcacaaat ctgattactt gtcactacct ccactgttac caccctaacc caagccacca     48240
     tcatatttta cacagaaaac ttcaagagcc tcctaactgt tcttccgttg cttactcttg     48300
     accctcttga ctatctattt tcaacatagc aattacacca atcacgttaa aacataaggc     48360
     tttcagtatc tgtgacacaa taggttctct cactgtaggc ccttggaaca tcgtttttat     48420
     tatttgaaat attatttacc ccagtcatgt tctattggtt aaaagctgta cttcccttgg     48480
     ctgtcagctt ggcatctgta ttagtcaatt gtccagaggg acagaactaa tagaacatat     48540
     gtatatgtga aacgtagttt atagagagaa ttggctcaca caatcacaag gcaaagtccc     48600
     atgatagacc atctgcaagg tggaaaagaa agcagccact agtagatttg tctgagttaa     48660
     gactaacaat ttattgtatt atctctagac tttttttgtt aaggaaatgg gaaaagagat     48720
     aaatggtgtg ccatgaattg aagactataa tatttcaaat aaccaacttt cccacttcca     48780
     tttccaaaca taaccccatc tgaaagttaa acatatcctt cctttataga caatcgaacc     48840
     tctattatgt tccattagtt aaaattcaaa agtataattg cctttatgta tagttcattg     48900
     tggacaaagt atcgtcttgt atatatatgc caatgaatgg atcctgagac atctaatgaa     48960
     ttcttgccat tttgaatata gaagccatat attatgttat ttttttacct ttataagagc     49020
     atgacattta taaaaacatt taatctagta tgaaaacata aggtagaatg ctggtccatt     49080
     cctttgttat aattgtttgc tttgaatctc agattaagtt aattacattt ttcatttcat     49140
     agtgtactac tgttaataca tgaattactc ttctatttac tattaacatt ttctctttct     49200
     taccgtgttc tttcaatcta ccctccataa gactacttac ctattgaaaa aacctctaga     49260
     aaaaccagtg ttttaggaaa taagcatttt tttttacttt acttaaatga tttcatgctt     49320
     tgatctttat ttttgccaac tttcagtgag ttccttgtaa tattctagag attattaatg     49380
     ctttgccagt gattaatatt gcaaatatct tctcccactc aaccatcttt ctcttaattt     49440
     tgattatggc atcttttgca gaatagatat cttgagttta acatagtcaa atctaataat     49500
     gtttatcttt atgtttggtg cttttaaggc tttgccaata ataactttat ccatgtcttc     49560
     ttctggaata caggctcttc aggtttttat tgcatgttcc tttacatgcc aaagaaactg     49620
     accttggctt tttctgttct cacagcagga tcacaaaact cttgacaggt cctctgtgcc     49680
     ttatcgatcc acagacacca tagagacatc tttaacatcc tgccaactcc acactctttc     49740
     aaagttctac tcaacaattt atcaaactag tgtcctcccc cataaatgtc ctacagttca     49800
     cacaaaagac actagcctct tgagggaggc ctttacaatt ttcattgaca tcagtccttt     49860
     caagttactc catgcagcta aaataaagcc atcttttctc aatgtgttac catgtaacct     49920
     aagagaacct tgcccctgct tgtggtctcc tttcctttac agggttcact caatataagc     49980
     tttctccata actcacagac ttacccacta agataggaag ggtattccta catgtgcaca     50040
     tagctgacca aagatgtgat ctctgaatct caagtagtct tcattccctt taagctgatt     50100
     gattgaacaa aggaaataga catcacattc taggctcttt caatttgaaa ttatatgact     50160
     taacatatca caattcccat aaatgtattt cattcacatt ttatcgaatt aacaatagta     50220
     gctcctacaa ttatgcataa ctagttattt agcagggctc caatatggta tacaagtaca     50280
     aacaaaattg gaacttaagc ttacggagat ctgaaagttc ccttgggtta accttttaag     50340
     gaaagagatt atgcaggatt actttcaaag ggacttcaac aatttcactt aaacatttca     50400
     tttttgtttg aaatacttct tccatgccct taaaaaaata gcacttgaac ataaatttaa     50460
     tttatttagt aaggctattt ttacttcctg cagaaagggt acacttgcca gaagttttgc     50520
     catgacagta cactgaacaa aggagacgac agggtcattt ataacctgac gcgtccaccc     50580
     tactgctgtg tccggtttcc attggctgga aggagacctc acattctgtg tttgtcccaa     50640
     ctggctagca acttagaact ttttaaaaga ggcaaaagga gaggagaaca aaggaaggag     50700
     gaagtaactt gtggaatgct gagaagggta aaaacacttt taagtaagga agaggaacag     50760
     gctatgacct aatgcttgct tggaccagta taagcatgcc agggcaaata tttaggctaa     50820
     attgtgggag ctaagaacat aaagtacatt gatttcttta tgacggctag cagatatttc     50880
     agaatgttag cacaggtatt tgaatacatt ttgcttctaa gagaagttac tatttattcc     50940
     taattagacg gggaggaaag tctttgaaga ggaacctcta ctttaatttt tacaattttc     51000
     atttttattt catggtattt tccatttaaa aactgatcat tatctaagac tagtttcatc     51060
     ataaaagagt tttgttttgc tcaggaagca caatctacta gaaggaggtt attactttat     51120
     gatcaagtag tcaccaaact cttctcttgc tgctaaacaa caaattatgt attgaatgcc     51180
     atcctaagta agcttataaa tctctgcccc cattctggaa tagttgcctt ttgtagagga     51240
     cacatacaat gaataaaatc cctacaaatt atggacccat ttcaccaaca gtggaaacca     51300
     ttctaacttg aacatacaca ctcccacata cacatctgtg catgcacaca cacaccacac     51360
     accacacaca cacacataca catcatgttt aaagaacatt ttcattgctt tgaacatttt     51420
     ttcctatgta acttctcttc agactttatc taaaaacctg gcatcccttt aaacttatta     51480
     atactttttc catcttggga acttgagaga atcccaaaga ttttttatct tattacagaa     51540
     atttaagttt cacagaaaga ttctaaatat tttatattag ccaaccattt aaagaagact     51600
     cttcaactga agatatacaa aattccttaa aatgagttgc tttgattaac caaatcagcc     51660
     tctttagaaa tgttttattc aaattacatt taaatgtcta tgcttcatag gcaaatgctt     51720
     tagacacagc aaattcacca taactttgcc tgtccttata cacacatcta ccacataaca     51780
     gggcctccag caaggaaaag taataaacag attcaagaag gaactctttg tagtcaaaag     51840
     ctgtttctga cctatgctgc atattcacgg gcaaaatgaa caaatctgat atttgatgat     51900
     atatttgcta gaatctggta ccatataagg aacttgttca tatattactg acatagcaat     51960
     ttcaatatga gttgtcctgt ccttctacat atacctgcca cataatatgt actgtagatc     52020
     acaattatac acttcttgct ctcaggcact tttaggtcta ggttgcatat tccatataaa     52080
     agatggcatg tgtgaccgct gatgttctct tgctcttatc aagaacatca gactgtttac     52140
     tgagctttct gaactttcct gaatcaacaa catagataag tcctctatat cacccagttt     52200
     ttaagataat ttcaaaggtt ttcatgtaat ttctaaagca taggtattta tgttcatacc     52260
     ataaacaaaa gcccttgaaa aggttcatta catttttaat tgcacccatt attggtgcaa     52320
     ttgaattgca ccaattaatt gcaatactag gttccctttc cccattttgt gctatgctgt     52380
     tttttacaga gatcccatcc aacaaatgag attctacttt gaatgcacca caagaagata     52440
     ttttttgctt tttgctacat acctattttg agctcataaa gcaatttctg tttctcatga     52500
     ctcattaatt aaattaaatt gaaaatgtca atacctaaaa tttccaatgc ttccctcata     52560
     tttttaaaca acttgcaacc ctattgtcct ctcttaacag ttataaacag accattcctt     52620
     aaaatatatc tgtaccaaat atgaagactt aatgatgtcc aggagagttt atacatgagt     52680
     cctcagaact ttacaataaa caactcctta acagggtttt cttttttaat cttacaattc     52740
     ataaaccaca tccacaaaag aacagctttg atttataaaa tttcacttct tctgtcatca     52800
     ggtcaggata tgttcagtta tgagtaatag caaactcaaa gaatatggct aaacagagaa     52860
     gaatttattt ttatgacatg aaaagaagcc cagtggcagg aagttcaggg ttgttaatga     52920
     gattcaccaa tgccaacagg gagccaagat ctttccaact ttcaattctg cttatcttag     52980
     agtgtaaagg ctttcatgct caagggtatc cagtagtcat ataagacctg ctggctttaa     53040
     aaccagttag acaggcaaaa gggcaaaagg tgaaatgatg aagagattct tcctagagac     53100
     atgttgcctt tttattaaaa atggatttcc tccccagaaa ttcctgccta tatctcattg     53160
     actagaattg tgtcacaaat tcactgcagc ttcaagggag gctgggaaat taggtatttc     53220
     tatttggact cattgacagc ctaaataaac ttgaagttct tttaataaag aatggagtag     53280
     tggttcgagc gcaacggctt acacctgtaa tcccagcact tgggaggctg aagcaggagg     53340
     atcacgtgag tccaggagtt tgaggccagc ctaggcaaca tagcaagacc ccgtctctac     53400
     aaaaaataaa ataaaataaa attagccagg tgtggtggca tgcgtctgta gttccagcca     53460
     cttgggaggc tgaggtgaga ggatcacctg atcctgggaa gcctgtgcta caataagcca     53520
     ggactgtgcc actgcactct agcctagtca acgtaatacg accctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa     53580
     aaaaaacgtc attgactttg ggtagggcca tcaataattt gattattttg aaattacaat     53640
     gaagtgatat aacaatggta gagacttaca tattaaaaat ttatggcatt tcttcccctt     53700
     atgtaaacat cagccagcca cgtatcaaag cctgtagcat gccacaaata tataaatagt     53760
     tggggattat agatgtagtt taaaggtact tcatattcct gtcctttgtc tttgacatgt     53820
     agaagatagt tgacattggt agatacattg cattcatcag gaattgatct tcagtagcct     53880
     ttattttcct ttcctatcac agacactata ggaaatcatg acctttcata aggtctttat     53940
     atcagagatt gtcaaacttc aaaatctttc catgtctact tgcatttctt tgcatatatt     54000
     gtatataatt attgagtata tattgattct ttctatgtca gaataaggca cacctgaaaa     54060
     tttataattc tttactttaa cgagtcaata tttacaagat tctatttctt tcaacttatg     54120
     caggcaacaa taatgattat tctataatgt gggagcaaaa caaattatga catagtatat     54180
     cctgaaattt acataccagt aatttaacag agcctctgtt atatttttca atttcaagac     54240
     atttcaaacc catgtggttc atctaatttt aatgctgaaa ttctgtgatc attgacagaa     54300
     tattcctgat agaaaacaga ttatctatca gccagctcct ctagacttta ctaatgtagt     54360
     tacatgaaaa agtgtctcta catcatgctg attatataat ttttataaaa catctttata     54420
     attaaaaaat aaaatatcta cataaactta tttttattca agccaaaaac aaaatacctt     54480
     aaaatggata ccatatttgc aattttatct atcatttgaa gtttcattgt ataactaaaa     54540
     gacacactac tcaaaattga tgtagtcttg cacattgtta taggtccctg tcctgtctta     54600
     gattttcttg tactttgcca agagaaaatc caataaatgt aattcctaca atttgcaaac     54660
     acatcatact attaaattta actgctaaga gtttttctta tggttgggat ttagatagga     54720
     tagaaaagat cttttatctt gggttcacac atgaaaaatc agacaaatta aaacttaccc     54780
     catagggcta atgaagagtg gtgaatttaa caatgtcttg atgaactgaa tcccagaaag     54840
     aaacaagccc ttggtgtgta aactgagatt catggtagct tttatacctg gggcaggcag     54900
     ctagggtgga gaggatcata cttgccatta ataggcagac tatgctggga aaaaggaaat     54960
     caaacatgct taaacaacag tggccaaatc atgaagaaaa tgaataatat tttactctgc     55020
     atcaaataag tagtttaatt gagatacttt cagaggagag aaattgtaca ttggaactta     55080
     tagattcatt tattgttttg gagagtctat atatatttgg gctgattagt tacaatttac     55140
     ttaaaaagta gtagagtcca agatggaaca ggaaaataat aaaactttta tttcatgaag     55200
     agagtaaatt tcacaaagat gcatataaaa ataactttat gccacaattt ttcaatttat     55260
     tgaagtttaa ctgacataca atgaaaaaca tatcttaagt atgcagtcag ataaaatttt     55320
     aatatatatg tgtatatttg acatatattt acatatatac acatgcacat agttatggac     55380
     ggaattgcat ccctcccaaa ttcatatgtt gaaactctaa tccacaatat gagtgtattt     55440
     ggagatgtag catttaaaga gttaaagtta aatggggcct taatccaata tggctgatgt     55500
     ccttataaga agaagagata ccagggatgc tatcttagaa ttggcaaata ttccagatac     55560
     tattcctgag taacaaataa ctcaaaatct tagtggctta aaacaaaatt atagtgctca     55620
     aacatttgca atttgtgcag catgtgactg agattagctc atctctgctc tacttggcat     55680
     aaggtggaat gatttaaagt atggatttgg gggctggatt tatctaaagg cttgtgtatt     55740
     catatgttta gtagttgatg tgtgctgctg gttgagacct atgtctattc tatgttacct     55800
     gggcttcctc accacatggt gagtgggtga caaggactac cattccaaaa taaagaggaa     55860
     gatagaaacc ataatgcatt ttataattgt attggaggtc aaagcagtat gacttccatc     55920
     acattatatt ttttgaggca aaagcatagg cctgcctagg ttaaagggaa ggggaagtat     55980
     attatacccc ttaatgaaga gtagcaaaat tctagaagaa cataagagaa tggatctctg     56040
     atctaaatga tgtgacaatt tttgaaaaat acaatatgcc gtagcaattt tctgcatttg     56100
     aagtaaaatc ttcaaacatg tgtatattaa ttaatttgga gtaaccctga gaagtgggac     56160
     caaaaattga agtggaaaaa aagcaaactt attattttga gatcatacat tttttatatt     56220
     tttgaatttt aaacataatc ttcaagcaga cttttaaaaa ttatgcaaat aatactggca     56280
     ttgctaagta caagtattac tggaagtcaa tgcatacaca aattgtgaaa gaaactgcta     56340
     gttttataaa tggatagaat caattctact gctctgattt tacaaatgag ataatagcta     56400
     cccattaatg gtggccatct gctggaattg tcagatatta tctacatttt cagatcattg     56460
     ctgaaatgct tgctcagttg cttactacac agaactgctg tgctcataga tatatactta     56520
     cattgttgct ctcaggccac agtgtcatat accatatgca aaatgttttc agaacagcag     56580
     tagagaactg tagagaatgc gataaaaggt caacttaatt cgttaacttt atagaaacag     56640
     gcaatgtgat tagtagggct gatctctaga agcaattaat aaagtttact tgccttgtgg     56700
     aattcattag gctccttcac cttcttcttg acttcagagc cctgtcaaag ggatggtttc     56760
     ttttctgacc ctattttcat ttccaaaaca gcaattaaag gtttgtctga ttttaatcaa     56820
     tatagtaaca tgacaaatgt acctagaagc ttctaggata tcaatgtaaa gtacttcatc     56880
     ccatatttcc ttctttcatt aagagatgtg atatttaaaa ctaataaggt gatttgggaa     56940
     gaaaaatata gaaaaaaggg catggatagt agtgtaaata taaaaggcct aaaaagtgtg     57000
     actagtgaga tgtagggggt tagtaataga agaaaacact tcagtttcac tatacaaagg     57060
     gtaatcatac tactctgtac tatatcagca gttctcatgc tattacaagt tttttttttt     57120
     tcctccccct aggtaactag cacatttact atcatgggtg acaatttttt gagttatggc     57180
     tggagaacct gacttgtgaa agctcccttc attgtgctgg aagaaactca gcagtgtgtc     57240
     ccagagaaga atccacacca gttgcatcca tttctcaaca gtgtaagcaa tttctaaagg     57300
     aagtgtttgg cagtaccgta ggtagatgtt ggaaaataag ttaatgcaat tctatgccaa     57360
     gctgagttaa ttcagcactg caaacttaca taattaggtg tgaaccctaa atacctgaga     57420
     caggtctcag tcaatttcag aagtttaaga agtttatttt gccaaagtta aggatgagtg     57480
     cccacaacac aacctcagga ggtgctgacg acatgtgctc aagatggtca aagcgcaact     57540
     tggttttata cattttaggg agataggaga catcattcaa tttatgtaag atgtacattg     57600
     cttccatcca taaaggcagg acaactccaa gtgaggagga ggcatccaag gtagataaga     57660
     gacaaaagtg gcattatttt aagtttctga ttactcttcc caaaggaagt aatcagatat     57720
     ccatttatct cagtgagcag aggaatgact ttgaatagaa tgggaggcag gtttgcccta     57780
     agaagttccc agcttgactt ttccctttag cttagtgatt ttggggtccc aagatttatt     57840
     tttgtttcac ataggtaata ataaccaata attggttgtt ttttgttggc atatatggct     57900
     taaaatttta agtgaagtag aagcatttag aaatatcagc ttactgttac ctaaaatgga     57960
     gatattaaat aagagagtat tctaccattt tcccattcta cagccaatat ttcatattat     58020
     ccaatcaatt cagacaaatg ggacataatt actcaaatta ttttgaaaat acaattttta     58080
     attactaaat gacacaaaac agtttttttt tactttttca atgactagta aaacactatt     58140
     tatagaaata gatatataca tgtcaaagaa cactgtattt aatacactta aagccattcc     58200
     agtggtttct tgtgtggttt tgtgaaataa aataatttta acatatttac ttatttaaat     58260
     atttaacatg gtaaaatatt atcttttaat atttgatgga agaaatttca tttcaggatc     58320
     aatattaaat gttacatatg atttactttt caagtcccaa agtttttatt aaatggccat     58380
     attgtagtgt ctgttgttcc cttctttgtg tccgtggagg gggtgctcag gcatggcagg     58440
     ctgcaggtcc tgagccctgc cccacgggga ggcagctgag gcccagcgag aattctagtg     58500
     caccctccgc agcttctggc ccctctctgc cccgtggcct gagcttccct gaagggttcc     58560
     acccctgctc tgcagcgccc tgtctcatca actgcccaag ggctgaggag tgcaggagct     58620
     ggcgtgcagc tccgcccacg gctccagcaa cggatcacta ggtgaagcca gctgggctcc     58680
     tgagtcgggt ggggacttgg agaactttta tgtctagcta gaagattgta aatacaccaa     58740
     tcagcactct gtgtctagct aaaagattgt aaatgcacca atcagcactc tgtgtctagc     58800
     taaaggtttg taaatgcacc aatcagtgct ctgtctagct aatctagtgg ggacttggaa     58860
     acctttagtg tctagcaaaa ggattgtaaa tgcaccaatc agcactctgt gtctagctca     58920
     aggttcgtaa atgcaccaat cagcaccctg tcaaaatgga ccaatcagct ctctgtaaaa     58980
     tgggccaatc agctctctgt aaaatggacc aatcagcagg atgttggtgg ggtcagataa     59040
     gggaataaaa gcaggctgtg caaaccagca gcggcaacgc gctggggtcc tcttccacac     59100
     tgtggaagat tggttctttc gctctttgca ataaatcttg ttgctgctca ctctttgggt     59160
     cggcactgcc tttatgaact gtaacactca ctgcgaaagt ctgcagcttc actcctgagg     59220
     ccagtgagac cacaaaccca ctgggaggaa tgaacaactc cagacgggat gaacaaacaa     59280
     ttccagatgt gccaccttaa gagatgtaat actcaccgtg aaggtctgca gcttcactcc     59340
     tgaagccagc gagaccatga acccaccaga aggaagaaac tctgaatatg tccgaacatc     59400
     agaaggaaca aattccagac acactatctt taaactgtaa cactcaccag cgagggtctg     59460
     cggcttcatt cttgaagtca gtgagaccaa gaacccacca atttcggaca cactacctta     59520
     cttaaaatta tgctacaagg ctacagtaac caaaacaaca tggtactggt acaagaagac     59580
     acatacagga caatagaaca gaatagagag cccagaaata ataccacacc cccacaacta     59640
     tctgatcttc aacaaacctg accaaaaaaa ggaaaatatt ttctattaaa caaatagtgc     59700
     tgggataact ggctagccat atggtgaaga ttgaaactgg acctcttcct tacaccatat     59760
     gcagaaatta actcaaatgg cttaaagact taaatgtaaa actctaaact ataaaaacca     59820
     tggaagacaa cctagtcaat accattcagg acataggcac aggcaggaat ttcatgatga     59880
     agacaccaaa agcaattgca acaaaaacag aaatttaaaa attagatcta attaaactaa     59940
     agagcttctg cacagcaaat gaaaactatc aacagagtaa acagactata gaatgagatc     60000
     attatttttg caaactatgc gtccaacaaa gatcaatatc cagcatctat gcggacctta     60060
     aacaaattta caagaaaaaa aaacccataa caaagtgggc aaaggacaaa cagacatttt     60120
     ctaaaataat actagtttac tttaatattt ttcttttgca ttgacctttg gttaaagtga     60180
     ttactgtgtg tctttgagat ggttgttctc tataggatct cacaagattc tctgaaattt     60240
     tgtttaaaat ttgacctctc tggtgaggtt ggaaaatttt ttatgcacaa catcttcaaa     60300
     tatgctttgc aagttgcttg ctttcactct ctttcagtgt tgccaatgtg tcatagcttt     60360
     ggtctctact taatgctata tttatcagaa aattttctga ttcttttttt tttctttatt     60420
     tttgtatgac ttagttgatt caaataccca ctcttcaaac tgtgagattc tttcctctgc     60480
     tttacgtatt ctgctgttaa tactttcaat tgtaatatga aattattgta gtgagttttt     60540
     cagttctaga agatcagctt ggttctttct taaaataact tttttgtctg tgagtttttg     60600
     tattattttc ctggattctt tggattggat ttcaacttaa tcctaaatct ctatgatctt     60660
     cattgccatc aagattccaa ttcctatgtc tgacatttaa gccacttaag gctggttaag     60720
     aaccattgct ggggtgctag ttcagtcatt tggaggtaaa agacaatggc ttttttagtt     60780
     gccagagatc ttgtactggt tctgtatgaa tgttccttta atttttgaag tcactgtctt     60840
     ctgaatgggg cttttagctt ttatattact ttatgccctt cagtgtttga ctgtgatata     60900
     agttgggttc agtcaggtgg cttcatttct agataatttc atggggccca ggctcagctc     60960
     agcaccactg ggctgcatgc tccatccgtg aagagctggg accagaccta ctgctttgtt     61020
     gtcttacgcc ttgaggttaa ccacatgcta agctggaggg gccaaggtgt tcccagtcca     61080
     ctggccatga cactcaaatt ggaggtgcca aagaaagtgc tttataggca cagtagcagt     61140
     gagatctgtt ttcatacaca tatgtcagca gcagtggggc agcaatgtag catatcctgt     61200
     gcaaacattt ttgtgtgtgt gtgcgtcctc agctggcttt gatatctggg taatgctggt     61260
     ctcatataat gaatttgaaa gtgtattctt ctctccaaat ttttcagagt ttgagccaga     61320
     gtcatgttca ttcttatgta aatgttcagt agaattcatc agtgaagcca ttttgtctag     61380
     gacttttctt gctgtgaggt ttttgattat gaattatcaa tatatgtaca tttttattct     61440
     tctttattgt tttgataagt tatgtgtatc taggaatttg tccatttcat ttattcagtt     61500
     tgttggcata ccattgttca tagaacatta ttttaagcct tatatttact aaatctttat     61560
     tttatttatt ccatttattt tatgaagtca gtagtaatgt acccactttc aatgctcatt     61620
     ttagtagctt gaaaaatctc ttttcttatt agttaactta cctaaatgtt tcacaacttt     61680
     gtttatgttt ttgaggaaca aacttttgga tacatggatt tttctatatt gtttttctat     61740
     tttctccttt taatttctct gctcttatct ttattatgta ttttttctac tacttttggg     61800
     tttagtttct tctttttgta gttccttaac atatgaagtt atgttgttga tttcagatct     61860
     ttcttctttg atttaatgca attatttaca ggtacaaatt tttcccttag caatgctttt     61920
     gctgcactct tcttatttac agttctgtct accctcattc tatggtattg attccacaaa     61980
     tagtattttt aatatattct gtgcccacca acatgtgttt ataatttttt atttatccta     62040
     tataaaataa aaagtgaagt tacaaataaa aattacaaca atactggttt ttgtatttac     62100
     tcatgtattt acctttggtg aagatattta tattttcata aatctttaat ttattatcta     62160
     gcatcatttt atttcaacct gagagacttt ctttagcaat tcatgtaagg aaggtctagt     62220
     gaaaatagca tttttcagtt ttggtttaca tgagaatgtc taaattttct tcaatttgaa     62280
     gggcaatttt gtcaaatata aaatatctca ttagacagtt tttttcttct atactttaaa     62340
     tgcatcattc cattgtctct gttctccaat gtttctactg agaaatctgc tgcatttttt     62400
     attgaaaaat atatacccat tgtatataag tccctttcct cttgctgctt taatattctt     62460
     cctttgtttt tgccttctga tagttcgatt atcatgtatc ttattgtggg tctttatggg     62520
     tttacttaca tagagtttgt ttagcttctt ggatttgatg ctttatgtct ttcctcaaat     62580
     atgcaaaatt ttgggccatt ctttcttaaa ataagcactc ttcccctttc tctgtctata     62640
     ttttcctaga actcccatag tgcaaatatt gttttgctta atggtgttct atattttttt     62700
     aggctctgtt cacatttctt catccttaat tttccttttg atcctcagac aggaaattat     62760
     caaatatctt atcttttatt tcattaatta tttctttaac ctgtttgagc ctgctgctca     62820
     ttctctcagg gaaattttta aatatggtgt tatattttta tcttcaaaat ttttgtgtgg     62880
     ttcctcttca taatttatat ttcttattgg tattctcatt tatagattat tttcctggtt     62940
     ttccttagtc ctttgtttat gttttttatt agctctttga ttatatttat aattgtttta     63000
     tgtttttttg gctggtaagt cagatgtgtg tctatttttc agaaaagatt tctgctattt     63060
     tattttcttc ctttgaacag ggcatgttta tgtttctgtg tatgcctgtg gatatatttt     63120
     gttgaaagtt gggcattttt ttaaaaaaat cagtcacctc tcctagtctt tttgaactgg     63180
     ctctgtgcct ggaaaatatc cttcactaat tagctgggca tgttctaggc tgtgttagat     63240
     caggttgtcc aaaaaaacag gaccattagg agatacacac acacacacac acacacacac     63300
     acacacacac acaggcaaaa tttataagat attggcttac agtattatgg cttacaaaat     63360
     tattggctta cagaattatg gagaccaaga agtcctgcaa tcttccacat gcaagctggc     63420
     aacccaggaa tgttggtggt gcactttgaa ggcctgagag ccagagagcc aatggtgtag     63480
     attctggtcc aaatttgaag acctgagaat taggagcacc aagggcagga ggatattgat     63540
     gtcccagagc aagcagtcag acagagagtg aattcaagct tactttgcct ttttgttctg     63600
     ttaaggctct caagaattag ataatgccac ctatgttagt gatggcaatc ttctttactc     63660
     acatcaccaa ttcaaatgct aatctcttcc agaagcaccc ttagagatat gcttaaaaat     63720
     aatgtttaag aagttatttg ggcatgtcat aacccagtca atttgacaca taatatcacc     63780
     catcatatat gtcttgtgat tagccaaatt ggaatgatta aggtctctca gacattttct     63840
     aagtatacat ctttactggc ctgtgtgtgg ctttttgatt ctctatatac atggctactt     63900
     ttaaatgtct taatcttcta aagtgtttta cctcagcctc ctcttgggcc ttagatcatc     63960
     tattccaagt ctccacccat catctcttgc tgcaggcatc tgtgggtctt gctcactttg     64020
     aagattttcc aataagggcc cactgcttct ccctgcctat aatctgaatt acgcaaaata     64080
     gagaccagtt acttaaacac ccagacaggt tagaacatta taaatgaaat ctgctctact     64140
     accttccatt tgaagaatgg cattggtaac tgggatgctg ccttatattg tttgttgtag     64200
     ggctccacct ataatctctt actccagaca tttgttggtg tgtgtccccc ttcatgttcc     64260
     tgggcagtgc ctgtgtttct ctttgcccca ggcttgagtt atgccacttc acctcccccc     64320
     tactggagat ctgagttatg caatacaaag acaagttatt cagaaagccc tcagacatat     64380
     tagaaagtag caaataaggt tgaacttgta acctttaaat ttgggaggca aagacgagag     64440
     tttcacttga ggtcaggagt acgagaccag cttggtcaac atggtgaaaa cccatctcta     64500
     ttaaaaatat gaaaattagc ctggcatggt ggtggctgcc tgtaatccca gctactcagg     64560
     aggccgaggc aggagagttg cttgaacctg ggaggttcaa ataagtagcc aataaggtct     64620
     gctctactct ctctggctca agggagggaa ttggaaatta gatagccaca ccatgctgga     64680
     cagggtgtag gacatggtgg ccagaaatgc aatgaaattt cctactgttt ttaaaatggc     64740
     ttttaaaaaa atgagtattt gctttgttgc tgtagacctc tgattgtttc ccaggcctcc     64800
     aataaggtaa tttaaaccat tttattttct tttgttttgc ttttgatgtc ttaatggggt     64860
     cttggatctt ccttgtctgt tgttttgctg acaacattac ttattaggtt gattttaaac     64920
     taatgatgat aataatgatc ttgacattta tggagtgcaa atcccatgtt taattgcctt     64980
     acatgcatta tctcgtttaa tcttcacaat attattagtg tattttattt taaaaatctc     65040
     tctgaagcat ggagaattta agtaaacatc ccaagtacac ttatatagta agtgataaaa     65100
     ccacaaatct tatttaagca ttcctgatac tgcacccatt gtgctaatga ctagaagata     65160
     tttttcttaa ggaaatgata atcaaattta catgtaaaat ataatataca caagttatta     65220
     tcagtgcaca gaagagcaaa caatcagtta aatttatttt tttccagagt taaaaaatga     65280
     tatttgtgct gctacacttt attctagaac cacagaatct ctctcaacac aatagtctag     65340
     ccacatcttc atcagtcaat cagaaataat agttgggtta tacacatttt tcaccttata     65400
     aaatataaca atatttatga tttttagagt cattataaat cttttataaa attctgaaat     65460
     acatggaagc tatagctaaa ccaaatggaa gtctttggat tccagaacac ttgacatcaa     65520
     gtcatgactc tgccacttgc tcgttgtatg gttagcagca agatattttt tctctctgat     65580
     ttttaatttt catatttaaa tttggctaag agtacttgcc tcttaaaact gtgttgctgg     65640
     tattaccaga gtgtggtata attaaaatat atatttgctt tttgtcacca gtttctcaca     65700
     cagtacatca aaagcccttg caattttctg agtgataaaa gcatcttttg atattcacaa     65760
     caggtccctt ttgaccgtac ctgagtttat gcgaacaagg taactcattg tgggaactta     65820
     gataatattt tcaagggagg gactggccat gcaggtgatt agagggttga aacctttagc     65880
     accatccacc aacctccagg gatgggagga gggatgatga ttgagttcag aattgaatat     65940
     tcccgataca aagaaataat aaatatttga gtttatggat atgtgaatta ctctaatttg     66000
     aaccaattac caatgattta atcaatcatg cctattttac aaggccttga taaaaatctt     66060
     ttaacaatga gttttggaga gattctgaat tggtaaacac aatggatgca tatatgctgg     66120
     gagagtggca tgccagaaga agtcatgaaa gttttccctt cgtccccatt tccttgtcct     66180
     gtgaatgtct tccttttggc tattcctagt tggttttctt tataataaaa ttgcaatcac     66240
     aagtacagca ctttcctgag ttctgtgcat aattcttttt tttttctttt tttttttttt     66300
     gagacagagt ctcactttgt cgcctaggct ggagtgcagt gacgtgatct ccgctcacta     66360
     caaactcgcc tcccaggttc aagcaactct cctgcctcgg cctcctgagt agctgggatt     66420
     acaggcagcc accaccaggc caggctaact tccatatttt tagtagagat gggttttcac     66480
     catgttgacc aggctggtct catactgctg acctcaagtg aacctctcgt ctttgcctcc     66540
     caaagtgctg ggattacagg agtgagccac tgcgcctggc tttctgtgcc taattctatc     66600
     agataattga acttgaggag agattcatgg gaactctcaa atctgtagta agctaggtag     66660
     agtgcagtta acttgggctg atgtcttgtg gtggtgatca ttttgtggga ctgagccctc     66720
     agcctgtggg ttctctattg accctgggca gttagtatca aaattaaatt gatttgcagg     66780
     atgcctagat ggtattggag agttgaacat tgctgaaaaa gcttcatata cagataaaaa     66840
     taataaagtg ctaagttgat tttctggtag atcatagatg cttaataaat catggttaat     66900
     atcaccttca gatgatttag gaagtaacca attatttaag cattcctata tgtcctgaaa     66960
     tgctctgagt aggggtgttt tatcaagagt gttctcttat gctataaata gatatataat     67020
     ttcaaaatga aaagacagcc aaataaaaat gttctcatta aaattaaact gaatataatt     67080
     tgaaaataat tattgtacag ggtactggat atagacttat atacaacttc agaaggtaat     67140
     ttaaaaacta tattgttaat aataaatcgc ttaattacca tttctttatg gcttatagaa     67200
     atagaatatg aaaaatgttt aatgtttaat gtcttaaaat gttaaaaatg tttaatgctt     67260
     taaaacgtat aaatgtttgg attctgaata aatgagagta cacattaaaa tttgagtaca     67320
     ttctttaaaa caattattct caaccaagag ttaggaggaa gtttgaagca tattataata     67380
     atctgggatt ttttttttcc agtccacagc tcttggagac tctattgtct cccaaagtgg     67440
     tggagttcct ttcattatca cctccaccca tcatcctacc ttctattcct ttagagaatc     67500
     actggcattc taaaggtttg ttactgaaag aaatacatta tatctcttac atatatagag     67560
     gttgtaagga agctgataat tactatgcct gtgtttgaca ttctatgact tataaatgag     67620
     ggaaaccaac cctcaagtac ttacaaggtg tagtcacaag gagaaaatat aattacaata     67680
     tctttaaata tcaagattta aggaacaagt acttgtatat gtgaatattt atgcatcttt     67740
     aataaacgat caacttgtat ttcctccaat tgacatattt aaattatttg aactcataaa     67800
     gaaaatgaca tcatattttc tgttccttta aataatattg catagttcca ctgtaagagt     67860
     aaatatcact aaactttttt ttaggtatat aagaataact tacagtaaat aaattctgga     67920
     aaccaacctc tttcatagta acatttgaaa agtagagggc aaagttagta tacgttacct     67980
     gaaaacttgt agttgtgaaa tgtttaagtc tagatattgt ccattaacag tattccctag     68040
     ttacttcttt ttctgctaca tttaatactg ctgcttctgt tatagttttt tttttacttt     68100
     tttttttttt tttttttttg agaatgaatc tccctctgtt gcccagtctg gagtgtagtg     68160
     gcatgatctt ggctcactgc aacctccacc tcccaagtta aagcaattct actgcctcag     68220
     cctcccgagt agctgggatt acagtcatgc accactgcgc ctgtctaatt tttgtatttt     68280
     tggtagagat ggggtttcac catgttggcc aggctggtct cgaactcctg acctcaggtg     68340
     agctgcctgc ctcagcctcc caaagtgttg ggattactgc atgagccact ggactcagcc     68400
     attttttctt ttacttttat cctttagtcc aagccaaact gaaaaaaagt ccaaactgaa     68460
     tagtacttga taatgtatca aactctgtct caaaattgta tattatacca accctgatac     68520
     tgagttaata agaaaaacat gaccaggagt ggtggctcac acttgtaatc ccagcatttt     68580
     gggaggccga ggcaggcaga tcacctgagg tcgggagttc gagaccagcc tgaccaacat     68640
     ggagaaacct cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aattagccag gcgttgtggc gcacatctgt     68700
     gatcccagct acttgggcgg gtgaggcagg agaattgctt gaacccagga ggcggaggtt     68760
     gcagtgagca gagatcatgc cattgcactc cagcctgggc aatgagagcg aaactccatc     68820
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt ggtcataaga tatcattata ttactattat     68880
     agcaaattta tcaaatatta tggctttgta ggagatgtgt tgtgactttt ggcacaaaac     68940
     aaataaatga ttaattatca ttggaaaata aatcatctag agttgtgtct attgttcttt     69000
     agaacatttt tatagcacct taaaaaacac cttttatttt agttacagta ggtacatatt     69060
     aaaaatattt acatgagtat attgggcctg aaaagtgacc atagtaccca ataggtactt     69120
     tttcaactca tggcccccat cccccatgcc cccaagtatt ccatcatctc tactgcactc     69180
     atgttattgt acatgtttgc tacatgttta gctcacactg taaatgacaa catgcggtat     69240
     tcggttttct attcctgtgt taatttgctt acagttatgg acttcagttc catttgtgtt     69300
     gctgcaaaga aaataatttc atactttttt atggctatgt agtattccat ggtatatatg     69360
     taccacattt tccttatcaa gtacaccatt gatgggcact gaggttgatt ctatgtcttt     69420
     actattgtga atagcatgat aatgaacata cacgtgcatg tatctttatg gtataataat     69480
     ctatttcctg gtcaggcgcg gtgcttcatg cctgtgatcc cagcactttg ggaggccaag     69540
     gttggcagat catctgaggt caggagttca agacgagcct ggccaacatg gtgaaaccct     69600
     gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagctgg gcatgatggc gggcgcctgt aatcccagct     69660
     actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaatttctt gaacccggga ggtggaggtt gcagtgaggt     69720
     aagatcacgc cattgcactc cagcccaggc gacaagagtg aaactccgtt taaaaaaaag     69780
     ttatattcct ggggcatata accagtaata gggcagctgg gtcaaatggt agctgtgttt     69840
     taagttttaa aataaatctc caacatgctt tccacagagg ctgaactaat ttacattctc     69900
     atgaagagta tacatgtgct cccttttctc ggcagcctcg ccagggtttt tcattgtttt     69960
     agtttttaat aatagccatt ctcactggtg taagatggta tctcattgtg gttttgattt     70020
     gcatttctct aatgaaaggt gatgatggtc ttacttcata tgtttattga ctgcttgtat     70080
     gtattcttat cagaggtgtc tctttatgtc ctttgttcat ttttaacgaa gttatttgtt     70140
     ttttgcttgt tgatttgttt caaaagaaac aaaaaataga gtaatcagac aacctacata     70200
     atggtagaaa atatttgaaa gctgtacatc tgacacgggt ctaatatcca aaatctataa     70260
     gaaagtagtt tgtcttggct aacaagaaaa ttcaagctgg gaactgctca gggccaacct     70320
     gtctcccatt ctattcaaag tcatccctct tctcactgag ataaatgcat atccgattgc     70380
     ctcctctgga aaggctaatc agaaactcaa aagagtgcaa ccattttttc tcacctacct     70440
     gtgacctgga aaccccttcc ccactttgag ttgtctcacc tttctggact gaaccaatgt     70500
     tcattttatg tgtattgatg tattaagtct ccataaaatg tataaaacca agctgtgctc     70560
     tgaccacctg gggcacatgt cgtcagtacc tcttgaggct atgtcatgga cacacatcct     70620
     caactttggc aaaataaaca ttcgttttct tttttttttt ttttttttga gatggagtct     70680
     cgctctgtca cccaggctgg agtacagtgg catgatctca gcttactgca acctccacct     70740
     cggaggcttc aagtgatttt gctgcctcag cctccccagt agctgggact gcaggtatgt     70800
     gcaaccatgc ccagctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccatgttagc     70860
     caggatggtc tcgatctccc caccctggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcattgag     70920
     ccactgtgcc cagctcaatg gcaaaataaa ctttctaagt taactcaaac ctgcctcaaa     70980
     ttttgggggt tcacaggtca ttttacagga acccatattt cttggaggtt ttagtcattt     71040
     ttcttaattt ttgttagact gagttgattc aaagagctga ccatcaaact cggagattct     71100
     tttctcagct tgttctattc ttttagtaat acttttgatt tattatgaat tgttttttag     71160
     taaatatttt tagctccaga agttcagttt ggttttgtct taaaatggtt gttttatctt     71220
     tcatctcttg agtcatttta ctggattttt tagattcatt agattgggtt tttcactcat     71280
     gtctgtgtga agagaccacc aaacaggctt tgtgtgagca acaaggctgc ttatttcacc     71340
     tgggtgcagg cgggctgagt ccgaaaagag agtcagggaa gggagatagg ggtggggccg     71400
     ttttataaga tttgggtagg taaaggaaaa ttacagtcaa aggggggttg ttctctggcg     71460
     ggcaggggtg ggggtcaaca aggtgctcag tgggggagct tttgagccag gatgagccag     71520
     gagaaggaat ttcacaaggt aatgtcatca gttaaggcac ggactggcca ttttcacttc     71580
     ttttgtggtg gaatgtcatc agttaaggca ggaacaggcc atttaaattt cacttctttt     71640
     gtgattcttc agttacttca ggccatccgg atgtatacgt gcaggtcaca ggggatatga     71700
     tgacttagct tgggctcaga ggcccgacag ggtttctatt tacttctgaa tccctatgtg     71760
     tttttttgac atctggactc taaattccat ttctgacatc tcagtcattt ctgattggtt     71820
     aagaaccact gctgggaaaa tcgtggactg atttgtgggt aataagacac cttggacttc     71880
     taatttccag agttcttaca ctgattcttt ctcatctggg atggttggta tttttttaac     71940
     tgtagtgtga gttgagtata gtcagttggc ttcatttctg gatgcattca gagggctagg     72000
     gatctgtaca gaaactttat atgtgggtaa gttcttgcac ttggttttac aggtctatat     72060
     attagcagga taaattttgg gtgttgtagt ttgggctgca atccagaata tggtgctcaa     72120
     gagtaatgac tggtagttag gttaataccc agccatgcag ctcttttgta cttccttgca     72180
     tttgcagtta tgctctctga tggggagaag agagagatta ccccatcaca agtttcacac     72240
     ctggaccttg atgggggcct ctcagatcat tggcactgta gccacgtttc ttctgttagg     72300
     ttcaggggct gcagcagaaa gatatgctac actctctgga ctggttcttt gaagggatgc     72360
     atgccctatt cccaccctag atcaggagcc tgcacatctt ttccaactca ttgctctgag     72420
     ggtgagtgat ctcagtgctc tgagtgatct tgggggcccc aagatatttt cttttcacac     72480
     tataatcttt tctttttgag acagagtctc tctgtgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc     72540
     acgatcttgg cttactgcaa gctccgcctc ctgggttcac accattctcc tgcctcagcc     72600
     tcccaagtag ctgggactca ggcgccagcc accacgcccg gctaattttt tgtttttgtt     72660
     ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccgtgttggc caggatggtc tcgatctcct gacctcgtga     72720
     tccgcccgcc tccgcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccact gcgcctggcc     72780
     tcacgctaaa atctcttata ataactatta tgtagtcttc taattcgttt ctttgcttca     72840
     atcactgtct cctcctagtc tttctccaat gtagcagtca gaataattat taagcaatat     72900
     taatctctat ttaaatgtct aattatcaat ctttccaaga tacaatatat gaaaagattt     72960
     tctgtcattt ctcaattctc ttaatcctct ttacaatttt tttcaaatca catatgaaac     73020
     ctgacatata ttttcttata tttttgtcta tcttgctaaa acgtaagctc tgtgagagca     73080
     ggaactttgt tagttcagtt cactgctata cttctgaatc tatcataatt tctgaggcat     73140
     aatacattta ttacctcaac atcttattat gaaaatttcc aaagatacag taaagttgaa     73200
     taaatttaac aatgagcact catatatatt actaccacta atattttact tttaaagttg     73260
     atttgggagg ttaattttgt ggtctaaaaa acgtattctt acatgttgta agcaaaaagg     73320
     gcaagtacta ttatgtccaa gttacaaata atgaaactaa gtttcaaata aggaaatcag     73380
     ccactttcta gtttagtact ttacagagct ccatatattt atagcatgta tcgtgacctt     73440
     ggtgacacac agtagtcacc tggaaagctt tataaacatt ggtgactggg ttttactccc     73500
     agagatcttg acataatgaa tctgggcttg aaaagtttgg aaacctccct aagtaattcc     73560
     aatgtgcatt taaggttgag aacccctgtg ttagtatttt tttagtggtt agtaaattaa     73620
     tgctgaataa accatttttt ctatgacagc ttgagttcta attgcgatgc catacaattc     73680
     acccatttga attgtacagt caaggattat tagtatattt tcagaaacgt gcagtcagca     73740
     ctataatttt cagtcacttc acatcttatt tccattcaat ctcctaccca ccagcccctg     73800
     gtaaccacta gtcagatttc ctcctctata ggtttttttt ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt     73860
     tttgctagac atctcatata aataaatcat ataatatgtg gtctgttgta actggcttct     73920
     ttcacttggt atgttttcaa agttcagccg tggtttggca tgtatcagta gattgttcct     73980
     ttttatggct aaatgatatt ttattctatg aatatgccac attttgctta ttcattcatc     74040
     agttgatgga catttaagaa gttttcactt tttggctgtt atgtataatg ctgctaaaaa     74100
     catttatata taaattttca tgtaaacata tgctttcaat tttttttaat gtatacctag     74160
     gagtagaatt gatggaccgt atggtaaccc tatgattaac cttttaagga agtttttttc     74220
     taaagcagct gtgccatttt acattctcct tagaatgcta taaaggttcc cattttgccc     74280
     catcctcact tatgcttata attatatgta tttttttatt ataaccatcc tgggtgggtg     74340
     tgaagtggca gctcaatgtt agttgttcaa cacatatttg ttggatgaat gtatctagaa     74400
     agattagaag tactggactg tttccttaaa agattatttg cctttgatta aataccagaa     74460
     caggtagctc ttgactttct gatcctctct ggtttttctg acccatgatg acttccatat     74520
     ttttcttgcc tttctcatat ttgagttcca gtgaggcaac ttctttccat accatttgga     74580
     aagctgatgc aagagtcact tatatggatt cctcaagctc tcacttctgc tacttatgaa     74640
     aacctaaacc taagcttctt gcattcactt tttactacct caggttgtat cagggaacag     74700
     agagactcaa tgtgcctgta gaaaggaggt gagaatcatg tctttatttg agcaaacaat     74760
     aatgagacct ggatgccatg ctggctattg caatccaatc tttaaccata taagtacata     74820
     tggacgaaac acttatctta taaaggacag gccaggcacg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc     74880
     cagcactttg ggaggctgag gtgggtggat cacaaggtca ggagttcaag accgtcctag     74940
     ccaatatggt gaaacaccgt ctctactaaa aagacaaaaa ttagctgggc gtggtggtgc     75000
     acgcctgtag tcccaggtac tcaggaggct gaagcaggag aatctcttga acccaggagg     75060
     cggaagatgc agtgagctga gatcatgcca ctgcactcca acctgggtga cagagcaaga     75120
     tgccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agaaagaaag aaaggacaaa gcttttcgta     75180
     agagatattg aaaaatgaga gtgccttgtg caatgcattc acacttaaca tgctcatcta     75240
     aacacatatc agactttgat gttttctact tttgtttaaa cttttatttt caatgcaggt     75300
     ttgttataca aataaattgt gtaccacagg gatttcatgt acatagcact tcatttccca     75360
     ggtaataggc acagtagctg cattagtcca ttttcacact gctataaatg acttccttga     75420
     gactgggcag tttattaaga aaagaggttt aattgactca cagttctgta tggctgagaa     75480
     agcttccaaa aatttacaat cacagcagaa tgtgaagggc aaacaaacac cttcttcaca     75540
     aggcagcagg agacagagca aagggggaag agccctttat aaaaccatca gatctcttga     75600
     gaactcacta tcatgagaac agtatgatga aaactgcccc cataatctaa tcacctccca     75660
     ccagctctct ccctcaatac ctggggattg gaattccagt tgagatttgg gtggggacac     75720
     aaagccaaac catattccac ccctggtcct tcctaaatct catgctcctt tcacatttca     75780
     aaatcaatca tgtcttccta tcagtctccc caaagtctta actcattcca gcattatccc     75840
     aaaagtccaa agccaaagtc tcatctgaga caaggaaagt cccttccgcc tataaactgt     75900
     aaaatcaaaa gcaagtttgt tacttccaag atacaatgtg gttacaggca ttggataaat     75960
     attcccattt taattgaaag aaattggcca aaacaaaggg gctaaaggcc ccatgcaatt     76020
     ccaatccaaa atccagtggg gcagtcattg aatccttttc ttccttcaac ttttatttta     76080
     tgttccagga tacatgtgca agatgtgcag gtttgttaca taggtaaaca agtgccatgg     76140
     tagtttgctt cacagatcca cctatcacct tagtaataag cccagcatgc attatctatt     76200
     cttcctgatg atcttccttc ccctaccctc actcccaata ggccccagtg tgtgttgttc     76260
     cccccaatat atccatgtgt tcttatcatt cagctcccac ttgtaagtga gaatatgcag     76320
     tgtttgtttt tttgttcctg cattagtttg cagtcaatcc atgtccctgc aaaggacata     76380
     atcatgtttc ttattatggc cgtatagtat tccatggtgt atatgtacca cattttttaa     76440
     atccagtcta tcattgatgg gcattaaggt tgattccatg tctttgctat tgtgaatagt     76500
     gctgcaattg acatacacgt gcatgtatct ttataataga atgatttata ttcctttggg     76560
     tatatgccca gtaatgggat tcctgggtca aatggtactt ctgcctttag gtttttgagg     76620
     aattgccata ctgtcttcta caatggttga actaatttac actctcacca acggtgtaaa     76680
     aatgttcttt ttattctgca actttgccag catctgtagt ttcttgacat tttaatcatt     76740
     gccattctga ctggtatgaa atggtatctc ctgtggtttt gatttgcatt tctctaatga     76800
     tcagtaatgt tgagcttttt ttcatgtatt tattggccac acaaatgtct ttttttgaga     76860
     agtgtctgtt catgtctgct catgtccttt gccccctttt taatagggtt acttgttttt     76920
     tcttctaaat ttgtttcagt ttcttctaga cgctgactat taaacctttg tcagatggat     76980
     ctattgaaac agaattctct cattctgtag gttgtttgtt cactctgatg ataatttctt     77040
     tttttggaca gaacctcttt agtttaacta tatcctgttt gtcaattttt gcttttgtca     77100
     caattgcttt tggcatttac ataacgaaat ctttgccact gcctatatcc tgaatagtat     77160
     tgcctagatt ttcttctaga cttttacagt tttgggtttt acatttaagt ctataatcca     77220
     tctttcactg ctttttgtat atgcagtaag gaaggggtgc agtttcagtt ttctgcatag     77280
     gactagtcag tttttccaga accatttatt aaatagggaa tcctttccca atcccttgtt     77340
     ttcgttaggc ttatcaaaga tcagatgatc gtaggtatat gatcttattt ctgagttctg     77400
     tattctgttc catttccatg tgtctctttt tgtaccagta ccatgacgct ctggttactg     77460
     taaccttgta gtattgtttg aagttgtata gcatgatgcc tccagattta tacacaaatc     77520
     aataaatgtg aattcattac ataaacagaa ctaaaggcaa aaaccacatg attatctcaa     77580
     tagatgcaga aaaagccttt gataaaattt aacatccctt tatgttaaaa tctctcaata     77640
     aactaggtat tgaaggaaca tatctccaaa taaaaaaagc aatatatgac aagcccacag     77700
     ccagtatcat actgaatgga aaactctgga agcatgaccc tggaaaactg gcccaggaca     77760
     aggatgccct ctctcaccac tcctattcaa catagtattg gaagttctgg ccagggcaac     77820
     caggcaagag aaagaaataa agggtattca aatagggata gaggaagtca aattattttt     77880
     gtttgtaaat aacatgatcc tatatctaga aaaccccatc atctcaggct aaaatcttct     77940
     taagctgata agcaacttca gcaaagtctc aggattcaaa atctatgcaa aaattgctaa     78000
     catttctata ctccaacaac aggcaagtgg agagacaaat cataaattaa ctctcagtca     78060
     caattgctac aaagagaata aaatgtctaa gaacacagct aacaagggaa gtgtaggacc     78120
     ttttcaagga gaactgcaaa ccactgctca aggaattcag agagagcaca aataaatggg     78180
     aaaaacattc catgctatgg atagaaagaa tcaatatcat gaaaacggcc atactgccca     78240
     aagtaattta tagatttaag gctatttcca ttaagctatg attaacattc tccacagaat     78300
     ttgaagaaat tattttaaaa gtcatatgga accaaaaaaa atccctaata gccatggcat     78360
     tcattaaata ttaaagcccc aaaataatat catttgactc cttgtctcac gtcaagcaca     78420
     tgctgatgcg aagactgggt tcccaagacc tgggcagctc cacccctgtg gctttgcagg     78480
     gttcagcccc tgtggctgtt ctcatgagct gacattgagt gcctgcggct tttccaggtg     78540
     catggtgcaa gctgttggta gatctaccat tctggattct gaaggatagt tcccctcttc     78600
     tcacaactcc actaggtagt gccccagatg ggactctgtg tgggacctct gacctcacat     78660
     ttcctttctg cactgcccta acagatgtgc tccatgaggc ctccacccct ggatcagacc     78720
     tctgcctaga catccaggcg ttttcataca tcctctgaaa tttaggtgga aaatgggact     78780
     tttgagttga tgctggaatt agttaagaca ttttgggatt attggacata tattgcattt     78840
     agctatgtga gaagaacata agatttgggg ggctaggagt agaggaatat agtttggata     78900
     ttttcccctc caaatctcat atcaaaatat gatctccaag tttggagttg ggctctcatg     78960
     gtaggtgttt gggtcataag aggattcttc atgaatggct tgatgccctc tctacagtaa     79020
     gtgagttcat attagatgcg gttgttaaag agactgggat caccgtattc tttctccctt     79080
     taatgccatg tggcatgcct gctccccttt taccttccac catgagtgta agcatcctaa     79140
     ggctctcacc agaagcaaat gtgatcacta tgcttcttct atagcctgta gaactgtgag     79200
     ccaaataaac ttcttttctt tataaattac ctagcctcag gtatttcttt agagcaatgc     79260
     acaatggact aacacagaag ggaatgctgc atctggtttc tcttggacat ggccttatgc     79320
     ccctttcctc tttacttatt ctgatctgta tcctttttct gtaacaaaca ataacaataa     79380
     gaataacagc ttctaatgca gtgattcaga atgtaaaagt ggacttggga acgcccaaca     79440
     caaatatttg aaaattataa atatttgtgg ttaaaacaga ttgactgaac caggtttttc     79500
     actgtggtag aagaaaaata caaatataaa atgtgttaaa tcaagaatga accctgggga     79560
     atggactggt attagaggta ttagtataaa atatttctat ctgtgtatct gtgtgtctgt     79620
     ctatttatct atctatgtat ctatctatcc atctgaacat attcatgaaa gtgtatgtgt     79680
     acatgtacat atgtgtatta acaggcatat attttctatc cctagcactg agacaaccta     79740
     gaagcaaagt cattccaaca gcaatgggca caactaacac ctaaattttg atttctagta     79800
     ctattctata aggaacgagg gttccctgac agaagcatct gatttctggc ctgctgcagt     79860
     atgggtccaa aataaactta gaacatcttg ataggttggg aatgtggtac aatgagagag     79920
     gttctacctt gaaaaatgtg tcactgtcaa atctgggcaa tttaatacca aagtaagtat     79980
     agtaataaat tataaaccag tggataaatt ataaaaacct acgagttcat cctattaata     80040
     aatagataca taaatagaat atcaaggaat aacctataaa tagaattaga aaattataat     80100
     tttgtaacta ttacaaaaga gggttcatgc aaaataggca ctaattctca gagaatattt     80160
     tgggttttta aaaatttttt tacttcaata gcttctgggg tacaaatgct tttggctaca     80220
     aagatagatt atattgtggt aaattctgag gttttaatgc aactctcacc taaatagtgt     80280
     ttattatacc caatatgtag tcttttatcc ctcaaatctc ttcctctctc ccacgtctgt     80340
     gtctccaaag ctcattatat cactgtgtat gcctttgcat tctcatagct tagctcacac     80400
     ttataaggga gaacatatag tacttggcct accaaatttc actcagaata gtggcctcca     80460
     gctccatcaa agctgctgca aaagacaata tttttctttt tatggctgag tagtattcca     80520
     tagtgtaaat ataccccatt ttttaaaatc cactaattgg ttgatgaaca cttagattgg     80580
     ttttatatct ttgcaattgt aaattgtgct gcaataaaca ttcttgtgca tgtggctttt     80640
     tcatatgatg acttattttc ctttgggtag ataccaagta gtaagaatcc tggattgaat     80700
     ggtagatcta cttttagttc tttaaagaat ctttacactg ttttcgatag tttgtactaa     80760
     tgtacattcc caccagcagt ttagaagaat acccctttca ccacatccat gccaacatct     80820
     ttttttcttt caacttttta ataatgatca ttcttacagg aatatggtgg tattttattg     80880
     tggttttaat ttgcatttcc ctgataatta atgatgctga gcatttttta tatgtttgtt     80940
     ttccacttgg ttatcttttg agaaatgttt attcatgttg tgaaaggaaa ataaatcttg     81000
     ggaccccaaa ttactacagt aaagggaaaa gtcaagctgg aagctgctta aagaaaacct     81060
     gactcccatt ctattcaaag tcatccctct gctcactgag ataaatgcat tatctgattg     81120
     ccttctttgg aaaggctaaa caaaaactca aaaaaaaaaa aaatgcaacc acttgtttct     81180
     cacctactaa tgacctggaa atctccttca tgctttgagt tgtctctcct gaaccaacat     81240
     acaacttaca catattgatt gatgtctcat caaaaatgta taaaacccat ccgtgccctc     81300
     atcaccttcg gcaattctcc tcacaacctc ctgaggctgc atcatgggca tgcatcctta     81360
     attttggcaa aataaacttt gtaagttgac tgagacctgt ctcacatatt ttcagtttgt     81420
     atttggtgac caacggaagg aactctgagt ggaggtggtc ctgacctttg acaaatctct     81480
     tatgggggct tggtaccagc ttgagctatc tttatggctc aaacctataa gacaatttgc     81540
     tgaggcttgg aagctaccct ccctccagag gacctctagt ctcccaaaat ttgcttgaaa     81600
     tcgacagttt attttgctgt atatctcctt ctctggagtt ttacttgctt ccaacaatga     81660
     aggcaagatt tcctgcttcc atgaggatgc aaagcagata actcttttct ggagtttgag     81720
     ctcacttcta aaagggaagg caagttggag gttatttttt ctgcttctag gatggtagag     81780
     agcagtcctc agcctgagac gcatccccat gtaagtagct tagttggggt ttggtctcag     81840
     ctaaagttaa gattaacaac cagctggtct taatttctca ttaccattac agtgctcaat     81900
     catttctttg ttttgcttaa ctgctttttt tgttgttgtt gttgttacct gtttgtttct     81960
     gttttggttg ttgttttcag tctttttccc attgggtttt accagctcta tctgacttta     82020
     tcaaatctga aggaaagttc caaattattg ggaagaagac atctgaagtg gctaaatttc     82080
     tgccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtggg gtgtggagga aaacggccag caaaagaaat     82140
     aagggaagat ttatattatg actacttaag gggctttatt tacataacaa ggccaccttt     82200
     ttgctagcca agccaaactg aaagagcaat ggctgttgcc ccatgctgca gttccatagc     82260
     taaggttctg gttgcccttt tttttttttt ttgtccacca ggacagcctg tcttggttcc     82320
     taaatcaagc cctttctagt ttgatactcg ttacttttaa aatattagca attcgttcta     82380
     gctaaaatat agcaaataga tttaaaaaca ttttttaaag gaacgcaatg gttaaaagcc     82440
     agcttaaagt taacatccaa gatgtgtctg tgtatgggtg catgtgtgtg tttgtattaa     82500
     aaggtcttca ttttttttct ttttctctcc ttggaccttg tctttttttt tggaacaaaa     82560
     gtttttttct tctcagctga ctgaattatg tttctccatt tacttctgct gtctctcctt     82620
     tctcttgcca ccctctgctg catgagggac ctaaaatagt ttataatagc ctggaatttc     82680
     ttaaagaaaa aaaaaatggg gggagattgt gccagactcc cttttggggc gtaacctctg     82740
     tttttcttta tggtactcca agtgtgtaaa cagacaagtt tggctcagat attaaactgc     82800
     ttgtgttagc tgatttttga ctaaaatagt tattacaaca gaagctattc ttgagttttt     82860
     aaagaagagt gtagtttaga cacttaaaag tttttgttta aaataatttt tttcagtgca     82920
     ctgtaaaagc aacatgtggt ctaccctcat aataattctc cctttttgga gccccaggat     82980
     tcaatgtggg ctctgcctag agcttaggga tccaatgaaa agatagatag tccctatcta     83040
     aaaacaaatg ggtctcctta tacaatccta tatttctata atttcatgtt tgatttggca     83100
     tctatcttta atctttctct agcaccacaa gactctctct gtactttgag atgtaaattt     83160
     tgctatctga tttttcacca aagagttcct ttaatatgaa catttagggc tatctagctg     83220
     acaattgcct agggcaataa aataggttat caaaaaattg gaaatctaaa ataggagaaa     83280
     aaatagaggt ctaaatttat aagatctact tctatctaca tgtctaatac atctgtgcat     83340
     ttatgtgtca tgtatatgat gtttcatact aaaaatgtat aaagaagttc taattaattt     83400
     gcttacaaaa gcttaaatca aatactttgt cagaaaaata gaggctttga gcctaatgct     83460
     ttttaaagtt cacatgactt aagtaaatct ttattaaata agctggtttt tagaattttt     83520
     aatgaaatag aattagaaat ggcttcagaa ttgtcaatgc acattattta tctctgctat     83580
     atatcaaaat ttgtcatgag gtttataaag ctataaatgc agctcaaaag aaaattatac     83640
     ttgtttatgt aaaatttaat aaataacagt taatactgtt tggttaatga aaatagctaa     83700
     atccggagtt aacggcaaaa aaaattatct aaacttaaat ttattactga ggaaaacctg     83760
     aaattcacag gttataaaca tagacaacaa ggaaataact ttaaataatt atcccagttt     83820
     tcataagtaa tctgggtaaa ctatttttaa aaactaatta attaggtaaa tgtaatggaa     83880
     taaatgcttt tagataatct tgccttataa tttaaaatct aaagttacat taagataaat     83940
     aatagatatt cattcaatgt ctaggccatt tgtattttta tgtaacagaa cacagttgga     84000
     gaaactggtt attttaccaa ggttttgact ggaatagagt gctttcttct aaggaatcaa     84060
     acttgactta tagagccaat aaaagcccct tgagaaatct ggccttatac cttgtctaca     84120
     cagtccctgt acagggctcc ttatctgtac taagtaaaga atgtcacttt ctgacaggcc     84180
     tgggagctcc aaattatctt gggatctcaa gagcagagga atttacccga ctcataggta     84240
     tttgatgtta caaagccatg gcttggctcg actttaaaaa agttttatct gagatttctt     84300
     ctatggaacg aagtttcatc aaagccaatt tttaaaaagc ccatttaaaa aataattatt     84360
     cttcctgcac ttttctataa tcagaccaag tataataaag caagtaaaat agaattgaaa     84420
     aatgggaaac tgaagagaga aaaattatgt ttcaaaaact atagcaaact tgttagattc     84480
     tagtcttgcc taatgttttt acatttttat tattttgtac agtttggact gaattctaat     84540
     ttttcctggc tataagtctc caaaataaca tttttatatt ttttccttct ttcttttctt     84600
     ttccctcaat ttttttctaa tttgaaatca ttgaatatta agctgtgctt tcttaaatcc     84660
     ctgcaaacag aagccataca acttaaactg cagaagaaaa taacagcaac ctatttacat     84720
     gtataagcca cttttatacc tacctactaa tgtatggcag agtaatatgg cctatatcaa     84780
     ctttccagga tttctatttt ttgttcattt ttttttctct ctttctccct ctattatctc     84840
     ttcctagaac attggacttc acaacctgct aaaaatgagt ttgtctaata acatgggacc     84900
     tacccatcta gaaataaacc accctggcca tgagaaataa gaggaaacct gagaccagag     84960
     acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat ttctctgaaa     85020
     cactttataa aggggagaaa tataaaagga aaatgaatct tgggcctcaa aataactaca     85080
     ctaaagggaa aagtcagact ggaaactgct tagggcaaat ctgactccca ttctatacaa     85140
     agtcacccct ctgctcactg agataaatgc atatctgatt gcctcctttg gaaaggctaa     85200
     tcaggaaatc aaagaaatgc aactgtttgt ccttcaccca cttatgacct ggaaacccca     85260
     gccctgcttt gagttgttcc acctttctgg gctgaaccaa tgtacaactt atatatgttg     85320
     attgatgtct tatgtctccc taaaaatgta taaaaccaag ttgtgctctt atcaccttgg     85380
     gcacatgtca ctgggacctc ctgaggctgt gtcatgggca catgtcctta actttggcaa     85440
     aagaaacttt ccaaattgac tgagaactgt ctcagatatt ttgagttcac aatgtcaatt     85500
     gccaactttt taacggcatt atttgttttt ttcttgctaa tttgttaaag tttcttgtag     85560
     attctggaca ctagttcttt gtttaccata tagtttgcaa atattttctc ccattctgtg     85620
     tgttgtctgt ttttttctga tgataatttc tttggctttg cagaagcttt ttaattaaat     85680
     ttggtcccac gtatttattt ttgtttttgt tgcatttgct ttcaggggct gatatggttt     85740
     gagtctgtgt tcccaccaaa tctcatgtca aattgtaatc tccagtgttg gaggcatgaa     85800
     tggattaaca tcaccctttc agtgctactc ttgtgatagt gagtgagtgt tgagtgagtg     85860
     agtgagtgag tgagtgactt attggatgat ctggtaattt aaaatcatgt agtccctctt     85920
     ccctccctct ctttctcctg cttcagccat gagaagtgct ggcttcccct tcacttgtca     85980
     ccatgattgt aagttccctg aggctttcct agaagattat gctgccatga ttttatacag     86040
     cttgcagaac catgagtcaa ttaaacctct tttctttata aattacccag tctcaggtat     86100
     ttctttatga caatgcaaga ttgaactaat aaaggaaatt ggtaccaagg agtgtggcat     86160
     tgctatcaag atacgtgaaa atgcagaagc aatgttggaa ttatgtaaca gtcatgctgg     86220
     gttcagtggc tcatgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccgaggtggg tggatcacga     86280
     ggtcaggaga ttgagaccat cctggctaac acggtgaaac cctgtctcta ctaaaaatac     86340
     aaaaaaatta gccggacgtg gtggtggaca cctgtagtcc cagctacttg ggaggctgag     86400
     gcaggagaat ggcatgaacc cagcaggcgg agcttgcagt gagctgagat catgccactg     86460
     cactccaggc tgggcgacag agagagattc catctaaaaa aaaaaataga aaaaaaagag     86520
     tctggagggc ttagaagaag acaggaaaat gagggaaaat ttggaacttc ctagagactg     86580
     cttaaactgg gatcaaaatg ctgatggtaa tatggaccgt gaaagccagg ctaaggaggt     86640
     ctcagatgaa gatgaggaac tttttgagaa ctggagctaa ggtcactttt gttatgcctt     86700
     agcaaagaag ctgaaggaat tttgcccctg ccctaggatt ttgagaaact ttgaacttga     86760
     gagagttgag atagatgatt tagtgtattg ggtggaagaa atttctgagc agcagagtgt     86820
     ccaaaatgtg acctggctgc ttctaaccac ctaagtttat acatgtgaac agacaaatgg     86880
     cctgagactg gaacttatat ttaaaaggga agcagaggat aaaagtttgg aaaatttgca     86940
     gctcacttag gtgatagaaa agaaaagcca attttcaggg gagtaattca agcaggctgt     87000
     agaaatcagc ataactaaaa ggaaggcaag cagttatatc taagacaatg gggaaaaggc     87060
     caacaaagcg tttcagattc cttcattgca gcccctttaa ttacatgccc tgagacttag     87120
     gagggaataa tgatttccag ggctggtccc agggccccac tgccctatgc agcctcaaga     87180
     cactgttccc tgcatgctag ttacttcagt tccagccatc cagccatagc tcaaaggagt     87240
     tcaggtaaaa ctcagggtgc tgcttcagag ggtgcaagcc ataagccttg gcagctttca     87300
     tgtggtgttg aagcctgtgg gtgcacagag tgcaagagtt gagaatttgg agccttcacc     87360
     tagatttcag aagatgtatg gaaaagcctg aatgtctagg cagaagcctg ctgcagtggc     87420
     agagccttat gggcaacctc taataaagaa gcattaaggg gaaatgtagg gttgtatccc     87480
     ctacctggag tccccactga ggcattgcct agcagagatg tcaaaagagg accagcatcc     87540
     tccagatccc agaatggttg atatgctggc agcttgcact gtgcttctgg aaaagctgca     87600
     gagcctgtaa gaagcagctg tgggggctga acctggaaat tcacaagtgt ggggctgtcc     87660
     aaggccttgg gagcacaccc tttgcaccag tatgccctgt atgtgagaca tggagtcaaa     87720
     gtgttaccag gaggtccttg ctcccagagc tcccaagatg gcggtgggtc acttccaaaa     87780
     tggccacggg ccacttccaa gatggtagca agcctcgtgt tctctgacat ggggttcttg     87840
     gcctcacgga ttccaacgaa agaaatcttg ggccatgcag tgagtgttat agctctatta     87900
     gaagctgtgg gtcacggaag agaaccgtgg aacccagtga ctagtgttca gcttgattag     87960
     aatgaacccg ggcacttagc agtgcaggaa caatggcaag cctttagccc aatcagaagc     88020
     agcaatgggc gcctcactgg atcaggagca cagtgaacac cctgcctcat ctggacggat     88080
     ggaagtcagc ggtgggtctg cgagggcagc aaacagcagt ggtggacagc gagcgaaagc     88140
     tcagcttaag ccgtaacaaa cacggaccag aagagtgcag ttgcaagatt taatagagtg     88200
     aaatagagtg aaaacagctc tcatacaaag ggaggggacc caaagagggt agctgttgcg     88260
     ggcttgaatg cctgggttta tgtcccaatc attgtccctc ccactgtgct ctcaggtgat     88320
     agatgattgg ctatttcttt acctcctgtt tttgcctaat tagcatttta gtgagctaga     88380
     ttattttgga gctttaaggt ttaatgactg ccctgttggg ttttggactt catgggtcct     88440
     gcagctcctt tctttggcca actcttccac tttaaaatgg aagtatctat caaatgcttg     88500
     tatcaccatt gtatcttgga agtaaataac ttgtttttga ttttagaggc gtataggtgg     88560
     aagacacttg tcttatctca gatgagactc ttttcactcg cgtccatgtg aagagaccac     88620
     caaacaggct ttgtgtgagc aacgaggctg tttatttcac ctgggtgcag gtgggctgag     88680
     tccaaaaaga gagtcagcaa agggagatag gggtggggcc gttttatagg atttgggtag     88740
     ggagtggaaa attacagtca aagggggttt ttctctgact ggcaggggca ggggacacaa     88800
     ggtggtcagt aggggagctt ttgagccagg atgaaccagg agaaggaatt tcacaaggta     88860
     atgccatcag ttaaggcagg aacaggccat tttcacttct tttgtgattc ttcagttact     88920
     tcaggcaatc tggatataca catgcaggtc acaggggata tgatggctta gcttgggctc     88980
     agtggcctga taactttaaa ctttagactt ttgagttaat gctggaatga gttaagattc     89040
     tggggaactg ttgaggagga ataattgtat tttgaaatgt gagaaggaca ggagatttgg     89100
     agaggccaca gtcagaataa taaggtttgg atctgtgttt ccccaaatct catgtctaat     89160
     tgtaagcccc agttttgaag gtgggacctg gtgggaggtg actggatcat gggggcaaag     89220
     ttctcataaa ttgtctagca ccatttcctc agtgctgttc ttatgatagg gagtgagtta     89280
     ttatgagatc tgcttgttta aaagggtgta gcacctcttt gctttcttcc tcctactcca     89340
     gccttgtgtt gtgctggctc ccatttcaac tttttccatg agtgtaagtt ccctgaggtc     89400
     ttcccagaag ctgatgtcac catgcttcct gtacagtatg cagaaccaag agccaatgag     89460
     gcctcttttc tttataaatg ttctggcctc aggtatttct ttatcacaat gggagaagag     89520
     actaatacag gaaattggtc atgaattctc tgcttaggcc aatatccaga agagtttttc     89580
     caaggatata ttctagaatt gttatggttt caggtcttag atttacatct ttcattcatc     89640
     ttgagttgat ttttgtataa ggtgaaagat aggtatccag tttcattctt ctacatgtgg     89700
     ctagccagtt ttcttttgtc tttctttgtt tttttgtttg tttgtttctg agatggagtc     89760
     ttgctctgtt gctcaggctg gaatgtcgtg gcatgatctt ggctcactgc aacctctgcc     89820
     tcccaggatc aagcaatcct accgcgtcag cctcctaagt agctgggatt acaggcacat     89880
     gccaccacac ccggctaatt ttttatattt ttagtagaga cagggtttca ccatgttggc     89940
     caggctggtc tcgaactcct gatcccaggt gatccacctg cctcagactc ccaaagtgct     90000
     tggattacag gtgtgagcca ccgcacccag gctggctcgt gagttttcta agcacaattt     90060
     attaaataga atgccttttc tctattttat gtttttgtat gttatatcaa atatcagttg     90120
     tttataagta tctgacctta ttcctgagta ttctcttctg tttcactggt ctgtgtgcct     90180
     acttttataa aagtatcatg ctattttggt aaatacagcc ttgtaatata acttgtagtc     90240
     tggttgtgta atatttccaa atatgttctc tttccttagc attcctttgc ctattaaggc     90300
     tcttttttga ttccatataa attttaagat tgttttgtct agttctgtaa aaaataatgt     90360
     tggtatcttg atggaaattg catttaatct gtagattgct ttgggcagtg tggtgatttt     90420
     cagaatattg attgagtttc tatccatgag catcagatgc atctacattt gtttgtgtca     90480
     tctttttttt gttttgtttt gtttttgaga tggtgtctca ttctgtcgcc catgttggtg     90540
     tgcggtagca tgatcttggc tcactgaaac ctccgtctcc tgggtttaag tgattctcct     90600
     gcctcagcct cctgagtagc tgggactaca ggcgtgtgcc accatgcccg gctaattttt     90660
     tgtagtttta gtagagacag ggtttcactg tgttagccca gatggtcttg atctcctgac     90720
     ctcgtgatct gtctgcctca tcctccgaaa gttctgggat tacaggcgtg agccactgtg     90780
     cccaacctgt catctcagtt ttcttccagc aatgttttgt atttctcctt ctacagattc     90840
     ttcactttct tgtttactta tattcctaga tatttttata ttttttcagc tattgtaaaa     90900
     gagacttctt gatttgattt tcagcttggt cactgttggt gtatagcagt gccattgatt     90960
     tgtgtacatt gattttacat cctgtgactt cactatattt gtttatcgaa tctaggattc     91020
     ttttggagga atctttaggg ttttataggt ataaaattat atcattagca aatggcgata     91080
     gtttcacttt ctcttttcca attgggatgc cctatgtttt ttatcctgcc ggattgctct     91140
     ggccagaact tccagtactc tgttgaacag aagtggtcta agtgggtatc cttttcttat     91200
     tccagttctt agggtaaatc attatattca gtgtgatgtt ggctgtgggt ttgtcatata     91260
     tggcttttat tattttgaga taagttcatt ctatgcctag tttgttgagt gtttttatca     91320
     taaagtgata caagatttta tggtgctttt tctgcttata tttagataat tgtataattc     91380
     tttttagttc tgtctatgtg atgtgtcaca tttgttgact tgtgtatgtt aagccatcct     91440
     tgtatgcctg agatgaaaca taattgatca tggcatatta tctttttggt gtgctgttgg     91500
     attaggttaa ctagtatttc tttgagaatt tttgcattta tgttcatgaa gaaaatttgt     91560
     ctgtagtttc ctttttttgt tatgctcact actggtttag gtatgagggt gatactgggt     91620
     tcatagaata acttagagaa gattacctct ttctcaatcc tttggaatag tttcagtaga     91680
     attggtacta attcttcttt gagtgtctga taaaatgtag ctctagattt atctggccat     91740
     gggcttattt ttttcttggc attttaaaaa aattactgat taaatcttgc tgcttgttat     91800
     tggtttgttc agggttgcta ttctttcctc ctttattcta ggagggtagt atgtttccag     91860
     gactttatct atttcctcta gattttctag tttgtgtaca tagaaatgtt cacagtagtc     91920
     ttgaatggtc ttttgtattt ctatattatg ttggttgtat gtatttctat attgtgttga     91980
     tattgtatgt tggctgtaaa gtctccagtt tcatttcact atagctcatt tgaaattctc     92040
     ttatatattg gttaatctag ccaacggctt atcaattttg tttcttttca aagaagcagc     92100
     tttttgttct attgatcttt tgggattttt tgttttaatt tcatttagtt ctgctctaat     92160
     ctttatttct tttcatatgt tagctttgga tttgttttgc tcttgtttct ctagtttctt     92220
     gaggtgtgaa attaggtagt cagtttgtgt cctttcagac tttttgatgt aggcatttag     92280
     cactgcaaat gctcttagca gtgcttttgc tgttttgtag ggattttcat aacttttgtc     92340
     actattatca ttcattttga tgtttacatt tttaaatttt catcttgaca ttattgttaa     92400
     cctaaaaatt atttaggagg agattgttta atttccatgg atttgtggtt tcttttggag     92460
     ttgatttttt attctatttt actgtggtct gagaagatat ttgatataat tttaattttt     92520
     taaaatttat tgagacttgt tttgtggcca atcatatgat gtatctcaaa gaatgttcta     92580
     tgtgctgatg agaagaattc atattctgta gctctttgat aggatattct gtaaatatgt     92640
     gttaggttct gtctcagata cttttcagtt tacactagct aatattggca acaatattgt     92700
     tttgagtgtt gtttatatat gtagtcataa agctcacagc tcacatttat ttgggggaat     92760
     atgtattttt ttcattaaac acacgaaata taaacaatga aaatttattt taatattgat     92820
     acatcttgaa tttcataatg gggcagaata agttaggtta gatggcaata ctgactggat     92880
     cccttgtttg aagccctgca ggctccatcc ctagcaccct tctgtgtcag cacctaactc     92940
     ttttgcaaga taagcagtcc cacaggatac cagcagagtg caagatagtt acaaggttct     93000
     gatacctgat ataggtccag gaaaaagaac aaaaactcct tattcctgat gtatcttctc     93060
     caatatccag ccaatctgca caagaatccc aagaaattaa tagctacaaa tttctgcctt     93120
     ggagctaaga attttctttt tctttctttg tcctacttgc tcaggtgggc tcaaggttta     93180
     gcttatagtg actgttttct cattttaaca gtaaaacaca cctttacgtg caggttttat     93240
     atgctaataa cacatgtgat gtatgttaga gtttgtagat gctgagtgca tgtgccaact     93300
     gcagatctgc ctttgcatag cttacctcac cagtatttta taaatatgta gggagagggt     93360
     caatatggct gactagaagc agctaatgtg tgccgtcctc atggagagaa gaaacagtag     93420
     tgagtaaata ctataccttc cactaaaaca ttcaggtgaa cacaatggga ttcattaaga     93480
     aaacaacttg acccacagag aatggagaga aacaagactg aacaactgcc aacaaagaag     93540
     tggcactaag acaagggagt ccccgcgatg gggaaatggc aagtgagtga gaaatctcag     93600
     ggacccacac ttttttatgt atctttgcca ctgttgggtc aggagattct ctcaggagcc     93660
     cattcagcca gggccttcag actgctatga agagctacgt ggagtctgga tagagccacc     93720
     actcaagcac acacagtgtc ctgggagcct tggatcctgg gcttcacagc attagtagct     93780
     gcagttccag caaaggggga ggttaggctc tcttacatac cctggggaaa ggggctgaac     93840
     ccgaagggct aagcagcgcc agtctgaagg ctttgcttcc actctacttc agagaataaa     93900
     gaccactaat ttgggactcc agccacctcc tactggaact ctgaggccag taatagctcc     93960
     acacttccct gggacaaagt tcccagaggg aggggtggga tgtcatcttt gttagctctc     94020
     atgcttttct gtctgttacc ttcatactct ggagattctg aggtaactag ggtctttctg     94080
     ggacccccaa cacattgaag ctgccttaca aaaaagcatc cagactgttt ttaatgcagg     94140
     cctttatccc cgttctcctc actggccagg acctccagat ctgagaatcc agccattcct     94200
     tgctggagtt cttgggccat cagcagctct gaacctccct gagacagaga ccccaaaggg     94260
     aggagtgggt tgccatcttt acttatttac atactttgcc actgttgcct tcagcctctg     94320
     gagaatccat ggcgactaga gctcggcaca gacccccagt gcagtgcagc tgccccacag     94380
     aaaagtggcc tgactgttcc ccatgcaggt ccctgtccac acttgtcctt actgtgcagg     94440
     acctcctgac ctgggactcc agcctaaccc ctgtccttgc cttctccaag gaggaaatcc     94500
     cagattcaat ccacagcccc tccaccattg cagctgcagt agtactgcct taattgcctt     94560
     caagctggga aaagaacaaa gacaatagtc attacactgg cacctccagt acagtgcagc     94620
     cagcatacat agaggagtcc agtctctctt ccctggaagc ccccatgccc cctcttcacc     94680
     aggtaggtcc cctggctcag gaatgcagaa cagccacccc aaccattgct gagcataccc     94740
     actggtagtg gctctgagtt tctgtgggta ggagctccca gagccaactg acagcccctc     94800
     tgccactgcc acagcagtgg atctgtccca tctgacctca gtcggcagaa gaaacaaaga     94860
     gcttgagggc ttcacctggg cttacagcac atctcagcca acatatggag aacaaccctg     94920
     tctctcttct ctgtaagccc tagacaccct tctccctgac aatgacagcc cctagctcag     94980
     gccagcagta aagctacccg gactcactgg ctgaatactc ccagtagcaa tggctctgcc     95040
     tttctcatag gtggagctcc cagggaagac agaaatccct tttgccattg cctctccagt     95100
     gaaactgccc atgctgccct tggactaagg aaacagcaaa gatcctgagt gccttatcca     95160
     tacctcaagc aagctgtagt tgccctaagg agaggccagg ctgtctccca cagatcacac     95220
     acactccact gcttatcacc aggaagtgac cccagtttgg gcccacagtg cagccacccc     95280
     attcttagcc aatcacactg attgactgaa gctttacatc tctcttggtt ggagccccag     95340
     aacaagtgga gtagcattga ccacaactgc tgctaagctc cctttccctg ctgcttccaa     95400
     gctggggagg aaaaatgaag cctgagatta ttccagggct tgggtgtgca gcccgaaact     95460
     gctaagctga gatctgtaac cagcactcaa atgggagagg agaccacatt ttcagagcat     95520
     taagagagaa tgtagctgca atcaagagaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaagaa aaacaggagt     95580
     cacataacag aaccagcact tacttactaa ccattatgcc taagcagcac ctactggatc     95640
     acacaccaaa acttaaacac caaaactaca ttctaagcat accttccttt gaaaccaaag     95700
     acaagaattc agtttctgat aaaggccatg tacagagctt caaccatctg aaaacaccaa     95760
     gaaaaggagt gtactgacta ctcaatttac actgcagtta aagaaacacc cacaagtgca     95820
     gatgagaaaa ataccaacac aataactggc aactcaaaat gccaaagtgt ttcctttcct     95880
     caaaatgact acagtagttc cccagcaagg gttctcagct gagctgagat ggctgaaata     95940
     tcagaagtag agttcagaat atggatagaa atgaagatca ttgagattca ggagaacatg     96000
     aaaattcaat ccaaggaaga aaaggatcac aaaaaatgat ggaggatctt atagataaaa     96060
     cagttagtat taaaaaagaa ccaaactagt ctgatagagc taagaacaca ctataagaat     96120
     ttcataatga aattgcaagt atgaacagca gactagacca agctgcagag ataaactcag     96180
     agcttgaaga caagctctct gaaataagac agaaataaaa atgaaaaaaa ataaaataaa     96240
     aaggaacaaa caaaacctct gataaatatg ggattacata atgagataaa atctatgact     96300
     tattggagta tgtacttgaa agaaatgagg agaaagcaag caacttagaa aacatatttc     96360
     aggatattgt ccataaaaac attcacaaac tcgctgggga ggccaacatt caaattcagg     96420
     aaatgcagag aacccctaca agatactaca caagaagacc atcaccaaga catctaatca     96480
     tgaggcattc caaggacaaa atgaaagaaa aaatatggca tgaggcagtt acaaagggca     96540
     agtcacctac aaagagaacc ccatcaggct aacagcagat ctttcagcag aaattctata     96600
     agccagaaaa gatgaggggc ctgtactcaa cattcttaaa gaaaaaatct taaacaagga     96660
     atttcatatt cagccaaata aacttagtag gtgaaggaga aataagctcc ttattagata     96720
     tccatacaat actagttgga ggcttcaaca ctccattgaa agtattagac agaaccaagc     96780
     agaaaaataa caaaggtact caggacctga actcaacact tgaccacatg gatctaatag     96840
     acatctgcag aactcttcat ccaaaaacaa caaattgtac attattctca tcaccacata     96900
     gcacatacac caaacttgac catataatca gacataaaat aatcctcata aaattttaaa     96960
     aaaatgaaat cataccagtc acactctcag accacagcac aatagaaata gaattcaata     97020
     caaagaaaat tgctcaaaac catacaatta catggaaatt aatcaacctc ctcctgattg     97080
     acttttgggt aaataatgga attaaggcag aaatcaagtt ttttgaaact aatgagaaca     97140
     aagagacaag atagttgaat ctctgggaaa cagctatgtc agtgttaaag ggaaatttat     97200
     aacaagaaac acccacatca gaaagctgga aagatctcaa attaacaacc taacgtcaca     97260
     actggaagaa gtaaagaagc aagagcaaac caaccccaga gctacaaaac gacaagaaat     97320
     aaccaaaata aggctgaatt gaaggagact gaggcttaaa aatccatgca caatcaacaa     97380
     aaccaagagt tggtttttag aaaataaatt ataagactga ccactagtta gactaataaa     97440
     gaagaaaaga gagaagataa aaataaacac aattagaaag aatgaagcca ttaccagtga     97500
     ccccacagaa ataccaataa ctatcagaga ctaccatgaa cacctctatg cacaaaaact     97560
     agaaaatcta gaagaaacag gtaaactcct ggacacatac acccttcaaa atctgaaaca     97620
     gaaaacactg aatccctgaa taggccaata taaagctctg aaattaaaat agtaataaat     97680
     gtactaacaa cccaaaaagg cctagaacca gatggattca cagtcaagtt ataccaggta     97740
     tacaaagaaa atctggtacc attcctaatg aaactattct taagaaaatg aggagggacc     97800
     cctccctaac tcattctatg aggccagcat catctcaata tcaataccgg acagagacac     97860
     acacaaaaat gaaaacttaa ggccaatatt cttgataaac atagatgcaa agattctcaa     97920
     caaaatatta gcaaatcaaa tccagcagca tatcaaaaag ctaatccacc atgatccagt     97980
     aatctttatc cctgagatgc aatgttggtt caacatacaa aaatcactaa atttaattca     98040
     tcacgtaaac agtgctaaag aaaaatacat atgattttct cagtagatgc agaaatggct     98100
     ttcaataaaa ttcaaaatcc cttcatgtaa aaaaacgatc aataaactat gcattaaaga     98160
     aacatacttt aaaataataa cagctatcta tgacaaaccc accggcaaca tcatactgaa     98220
     tggcaaaagc tgaaagcatt ttgatttata gctagcacaa gacaaggata ccctctttca     98280
     ccaccactat tccacatagt acaaaagtcc tgaccaggca atcagacaag aagaaaaact     98340
     aaaagacatc caaataggat gagaggaagt caaactatcc ctttttgcag atgacatgat     98400
     tctatgtctt aaagcacccc atagtctctt cacaaaagct ctgagagctg ataaacaact     98460
     tcagcaacat ttaaagatac aaaataaaca tatagaaatc agtagcattc ccgtactcca     98520
     acaacatcca agccaggagc caaatcaggc acgcaatcac attcacaatt gccacaaatt     98580
     agataaaata tctagtgata cagctaacca gggaggtgaa agatctctac aataaaaata     98640
     acaaaccact gctcaaagaa atcagagaca acacaaacaa atttaaaaaa atatatgctc     98700
     atgggtagga agaattaata tctttaaaat ggccatactg ccaaaaccaa cttacagatt     98760
     cgaaagttat tcttatcaaa ctgccaataa cattcttcac aaaattagta aatgctattt     98820
     taaaattcat atgaaacaaa aaagaagcct gcatagccaa atcaatcttt agcagaaaga     98880
     agaaaggtga aggcattatg ttacccaaat tcaaactata ctatagggtt aaagtaacca     98940
     aaacagcatg gtactggtaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaagaa aaaaacagaa acagagaaca     99000
     atggaacaca acagacagct cagcaataat gccacatacc tacaatgatc tcatctttga     99060
     caaaggtgac aaaaacattc aatggggaaa ggactctctt caataaatag tgccgagata     99120
     actggctagc catatgcaga agattgaaac tggatccctt ccttacacta tacataaaaa     99180
     tcaactcaag atggattaaa gagttaaatg taacagctaa aattataaaa tcaacataag     99240
     ataaccaagg aaataccatt ctggaaatag aaactggcaa agatttcatt acaaagacac     99300
     caaaagccat tacaacaaaa gcaaaaatgg ataaatatga tctaattaaa ctaatgagct     99360
     tctgcacagc aaaagaaact atgaacagag taacagacaa cctacagaat gggagaaaat     99420
     tttgcaaact ctcatctgac aaaggtctaa tatccagtat ctagaaagaa cttaaattta     99480
     taagcaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaacaaca acaaaaaaca ttaaaaagtg ggcaaaggac     99540
     ataaacagac acttttcaaa agaagacata catgtggcca agaagcatat gaacaaaagc     99600
     tcagtatcgc tgatcattgg agaaataaaa atcaaaacca caatgagata ccatctcacc     99660
     cagtaagaat ggctaatcat taaaaagaca aaaaataaca gatgctggca aggttgcaga     99720
     gaaaagggat cacttttacc ctgctgttgg gagtgtgaat tagtttaatt attgtggaaa     99780
     agagtgtgct gattcctcga agacctaaaa acagaactat cattttcccc atcaaactca     99840
     ttactggcta tatacccaaa ggaatataat acattgttct accataaaga catacgtatg     99900
     tgtgtgttca tcgcagcact atccccaata tcaaagacat ttaagcaacc taaacgcatg     99960
     cacatcaaca gtagactgga cagaaaaatg tggtacctat aggccgtgga atactatgca    100020
     gccatacaaa gaatgacata attttctttt cagtagcttg ggtagagctg gagaccatta    100080
     ttcttagcaa actaatgcag gaatggaaaa tcaaatacca cttgttctcc cttatatgta    100140
     ggagctaaat aatgacaaca catagaaacc aagaggctaa cagcagacac tggagcctac    100200
     tcgagggtgg agggtgggag gagggagagg atcagaaaaa aaagatctat caggtactag    100260
     tcttagtatc tcggtgataa aataatctgt acaccaaatc cccatgacat gtgttcacct    100320
     atacaacaaa cctgcaaatg tacccctgaa cctaaaataa aagttaaaag aacaaataca    100380
     aataagcata aataaataaa taaatatgta ggtatgtatg tacaaatccc atacaaggaa    100440
     ttcctcttaa ggcgatagct gctgtctctc cccttggcag ccagcatact ctcagagtat    100500
     gctttctgtt tacaataagc ttctctgcct actcttactt tgaatttgct ctcaaattgt    100560
     tttgtgcggt taaatcaaga acttgaactg gcccactgac aacaatagca gtgatgcata    100620
     gtaaattagc atttgtttta cttgcaatgt gaatcagaca ataatgcttt ccttagacac    100680
     aatcattgca tcattcatca ttcacaatgg aaataatgtt tcatgaagtt gtgttttgtt    100740
     gtggttaaag ctcatattat catttcgtga atccaaatat tctatatttt acttttctta    100800
     ttttattact ccttgattct tcacatactg ccgtctttaa aaattgttaa ctaatattta    100860
     tgattgtgta gtcctacgga gcccaagaga ttttcctcat tgtattactt atttatcttt    100920
     tcttcctttt cctttgcgaa aaatgatctg aaactattat ttatctttta tgattaactt    100980
     accaaatatt cttgctactg aaccagcttt tttgttgttg ttgtttaaaa gtgggcacgg    101040
     ggatttttct taaaaataat tttatgactt aatcctctaa caaatatttt cattttaagt    101100
     ggataccctt tctaatatat ataaatttta aagatcagca tctttgcaaa cttcctttta    101160
     gtttaacata cattttccct tacaagttca attttgtatt tttgtcttta ttttattcct    101220
     ttgttttttt attctatgta ttgtcgtcag gaccagataa cctgctgtct tccatcctct    101280
     taaaaaaagc aattagtcgg ccgatcgcag tgtctcttgc ctgtaatccc agctctttgg    101340
     gaggcgaagg cgggcggatc acgaggtcag gagatcgaga ccatcctggc taacacggtg    101400
     aaaccccatc tctacttaaa aaacatacaa aaaattagac gggcgtggtg gcgggcgcct    101460
     gtagtcccag ctactccgga agctgaggca ggaaaatggc aagctccggg aagcggagct    101520
     tgcagtgagc cgagatcgcc actccagcct ggccgacaga gcgagactcc atcttaaaaa    101580
     aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaagca attagttctg atttagtgtt ttcatccttc tttataatta    101640
     taatctgcat tgcttttctt atttattatt ttctaactcc catgtatagt cactatatat    101700
     aactatataa ttgttgtttc cttatagatt cagttatgtc caaagctatc acttttctac    101760
     attttttttt tttgcaattt cagtgtgaaa tcaaatgttc cagcttttct gtgaatcccc    101820
     atatttcttt tagataagct aaatctctga gatttgagcc cactgaaata tattctgatt    101880
     tgatccttct gttttagcag gttatatgct atgttccttt attcttttcc aatatctttg    101940
     cttgacatta gtcttaataa aatatttatg taccaggcat ctccaaagtt tctttcttta    102000
     tttgttaata tatttgcttt tgtaattttg atccaatatt ttttcagagg ggatgtaaga    102060
     cggcttacat aaatacatgc aattcacaca tcattcattt gcatgttctc acaacctcta    102120
     ggagaaaata tgaaaactgc ctttctgcta catactgtac tagtgctggg acatttgaat    102180
     attgtaatga taagaaccag aatttattat aacaataaga acagaaaagg cagagggagg    102240
     aagataaatc aaaatggctt aatttacttt attctatatt attttaatag ggatagtgta    102300
     taaattatca acttaaaaat atctttcatt ttttaaaaaa aaatttgcct ggaagttttc    102360
     agtaagttat cttttggtca aattatcctc ttgagactat ttttgggcac ccatcaagct    102420
     tacttaacca aaagtttcca tgcttatttt aatcttagag ctgtacattg aatattcaaa    102480
     ctatactcct gtctgaaacc tttattgcat tcttaaaatg catgtttatc cttttcttct    102540
     tcacatactg aaataaaata agcaacaaaa atgattgcaa taatttgcca aaagtgttta    102600
     aataaggaaa atatgatcta ttcagataga tgtcttgtgc ttttttaaaa ttatgaaaca    102660
     acctgaagct taaagaaaat ttgcaagtat agtacaaata actttttcta taatctattt    102720
     gagagtgaaa tgctgactga tgatgcccca tgaaccccag ctcttgtttt gtgcagattt    102780
     cctatcaaca aggacaatgg atcacagtac aactatcaac attgggaaat taacctaaac    102840
     acaatcctaa cagctaatca tcagacccca ttgaagttgt gtcaaatgtc caaataacac    102900
     cctttctagt gaaatgattc gtttcagaat atacacattc actttattta tcatatttcc    102960
     ttattctcct tctttggttt tcatgatctt ggcactatgg aaaagtacag acaagttaca    103020
     ttgtagtttg tctctcgatt tgggtttatt tgatggtttc ttataatttg attcaggcca    103080
     tgtatctttt gtagcattat cctgggagaa atattgtttt ctttttactg tgatcaatga    103140
     ggtggcatgc cattttaatt agttttatca ctaatgatgt ttattttgat catttaatag    103200
     agtattcaca agacttctcc actgtaaact ttgtgttttt acctctttgt aatcataaag    103260
     tattttaata atttaatgga tgtaaatatc ccattcttta tctaatgttt gatttattct    103320
     ttattaattt atatagttat ggtttcataa ttttgtaatt tatttagtgg gttataatat    103380
     gctacaataa ttatttattt taatgctcaa attgtctgat tcagcagtag gagacccttt    103440
     aaactgcctc caatatcctt ttgatacatc cccatcattt cttaagcatg tccttcttta    103500
     ccagaatcag aatatgtatg aggattttct tgtgctctcc gtgccccaga tctagaatta    103560
     tccttgctcc aagaaattct gtttcttttt agaggaaaat ggtgttttga aactgatatc    103620
     tggatgctaa ttcaatccca aacctcacca ccacagggtt cagtctaata ttatctcttt    103680
     tcttatttct aattctcttt ttcagcaagg agaaataagg gtcatgtaaa tatatttact    103740
     tacctagtta ctcctcctct gtgtaaccaa tcccctgtgg ctaccactgt catctttctc    103800
     actaactaat tgctctatta atactcctgt cgattttcgg ctcttgaagc aaatatgagg    103860
     ataaactcaa atatcttgtt tttaaatttc catgctgact catttttaat aacttcttac    103920
     acagaaactt ttcaaatatt cttaatatct gaagaaacca cactttctct tttctgctcg    103980
     ttcatatttt atctctctaa gaaaatataa gggagtttat tacactagct ggaatattca    104040
     ctagctagat ctctattata tggaaattat attattcaga actcacagga tcctttcttg    104100
     aagaataact tgggactttt ccagtccata gcattttgta tatgttcatg taacatattt    104160
     gtagcaaatt tttcctgctt ttgcactggg atattttcat acgtttttgt tgatattata    104220
     tattccaagg tgttatctat tccaatggaa acatgaggtt tctcaatttt taagatcatc    104280
     ttatgtatgg aacactcttt gatttagttt tttctagact atggcacgtg gagcttacta    104340
     tttctaaaag taaccattct ctaggttaaa taaggggtat ataatttagg gatttttcca    104400
     gagattattt accaattaca aaggggagga agagattcca ttacagtggg agaaatataa    104460
     tagacacaac tgcaatgaag tggtaaaagt taatcagtat taaaatcagt attagaacaa    104520
     attgacatcc tgtgcctcat gatgtgatgc catgaggaaa atatacatga cttctctgag    104580
     gttctggcta aaaacacaca agctcactct aatcatgaga aaacaatcag acaaatcaaa    104640
     agtgagagca atttacaaaa cagctctgaa ttttttaaaa atgttaatgc catgagaaag    104700
     aaaatgtttg gagaagtctt ctaaattaac agagacaaaa gaaagcatga caactaaatg    104760
     caatgctcaa tcctgaattg actcatgaat taaaaaaatc atattttaaa tatattattg    104820
     ggaaaaatca gtgaaatttt tataaactgt cgagttgcca ataccttata ctatgtttaa    104880
     attttcttta tttgaaattg tataatagtt atgtaaaaca atatccttgc tcttagaaga    104940
     cagatgctag cagtattagg gataaagtgt catgaaagtt gcaaattact ctcaatggct    105000
     tgagaaaaaa taattatata agttatatat actttcatat ataatatatt aattatatat    105060
     acttacatat atttatatat ttaagcccac acagagtcac aaatacatgc atgcacaaat    105120
     atacaaagga gaaagaaaga aatcaagcaa aatggtgaaa ctgggtgaaa gatgtacact    105180
     ttctacattt tttctgtggc ttaaaaatgt attaaataaa atttaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa    105240
     tgaaaaaata tattctgttt tattcaaaaa ccctgtaaaa atccattttt atttgttttt    105300
     aatcaccttt atctgttggt gggaattaca gttagtacaa tcactgtgga gaacagtgtg    105360
     gaggttaagc agaaaactaa aaagagctgc catacaatcc agcaatccca ctcctaggta    105420
     tatactcaaa agaaaggaaa tcagtatgtt gaggagatat ctgggctctc acatttattc    105480
     cagcatgatt tacaatagcc aagatttgga agcaacctat atccatcaac agatgaatga    105540
     ataaagaaaa tgcgttatgt atacacaatg aagtgctatt tagccattac aaaaaaatga    105600
     gatcctgtca tttgcaatag catggatgga actggaggtc attatgctaa gtgaaataag    105660
     ccaggcacag aaagacaaat attacatgtt ttcacttatt tgtgggatct aaaactcaaa    105720
     acaatcgaac tcatggagat acagagtaga aagatgatta ctagaagcta tgaagggtag    105780
     tgggagggtg gaggataagt gagaatgatt aacggataca aaaatagtta gaaataataa    105840
     ataagtccta gtatttggta gcataacacg gtgaatatgg taaaaaatta attgtacatt    105900
     ttaaaataac taagagtata attagatttt ttgtaacaca aaggataaat gcttgagttg    105960
     atgaatattc cattttctct ggtgtaatta ttatgcattg tatgcctgta tcatatctca    106020
     tgtatcccat aaatatatat atctactatg tatccacaaa aattaaacac ataaataaaa    106080
     tactttctta tatccaccct aaattttata agtgacatct gaaacttctt tcttcttctt    106140
     ctttctttga tcaatgtgtg tactagctag ttataattct ctgaataatt tttacatgcc    106200
     taatgacata aattacttct ttgcttccat ttcagaatct tcacatgttt taagctataa    106260
     gatgcataac taacaactaa actgaaaatc atataaacat aaatatacat tggagcaata    106320
     ttaatatttt taattttaaa aattgaaaat ataaacttat aatcatatta cattaagaaa    106380
     ctctaaggac taaatttcct ctttcctatc ctcagaatat gaattagttt taaaattaaa    106440
     tactgaaaat catataaaca taaatataca tcggagcaat atttttttaa tttaatattt    106500
     ttaattttaa aaattgaaaa tataaattta taatcatatt acattaagac ctctaaggac    106560
     taaatttcct ctttcctatc ctcagaatat gaattagttt taaaattaaa tactgatttg    106620
     aaaaaacatg ctttgaaaga agaattagaa taaatagaga aaacagtgac aattttctca    106680
     ttacaggtaa taaacttgat attttttgtt ttttagtcta cgtactattt gaagatctga    106740
     agattatatt agccatcttg gcagatatta aatgaataac gcaaatacta gcttcttagt    106800
     tcagctttgt ttctttaagg aaaacaaggt tcttagacat cttaaacttt tttttttttt    106860
     tttttgagat gcagtttcgc tcttgttgcc caggctggag tgcaatgacg cgatctcggc    106920
     tcaccgcaat ctccgcctcc cgggttcaag cgattcttct gcctctcagc ctcccgagta    106980
     gctgggatta caggcatgtg ccaccacgcc cggctaattt tgtattttta gtagagacgg    107040
     tgtttcccca tgttgatcag gctggtctca aactcctgac ctcaggtgat ctgcccgcct    107100
     cggcttccca aagtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccactg cgcccggcta gacatcttaa    107160
     acttttataa aaaaaaattt gtttgtgttt ttgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtat gtatgttgag    107220
     gatgaggctc tctttcagac ttccatatat actttcttct atttagcttt taaaaacata    107280
     tttgtacatt taatttatct gctattatat ctaagtatgt taatttatat tttatgtaaa    107340
     tgatagtgtt tttcatttta ttattattca ttttattttg tatgtcattt cagaggtcag    107400
     tcttatttgg aaaaaataca ttactaatgt ttaggatcac tctgaattct agttcagctt    107460
     ttgggggttt tagcaatcat ttggagctat tctttgtgta ccatgactgt tcagtgacta    107520
     tttattgaac accccaaaat tacagtgtta tatggtatgg aagttataga acaaagaaga    107580
     tatgaagctt caaagaattt gccctccgtt tacccaagta tcctctgaga aaaaaacaat    107640
     ttagctgcac aatatagacc agacatttta gtgtactatt aatatatgtt cattataaaa    107700
     atttaatacg gaaaaacata atgaagaaaa caaaaatccc cctaacttct agcacctaga    107760
     gtaactacta aaaacacttt ggaaaatata gttctaaata tcaattgata ttaatctctc    107820
     tctctctttc tccgtcccta tctatctaca tattttcttc ctctacagag atacccaagt    107880
     gcaattttat attaatagct tcacactaca caaactgtca tgcattttgc ctttaagcat    107940
     taaattattt ttggtatata acttagatat cagtaacaca aatctatttt attattttta    108000
     aagcctatag ttttcatagc tatacagata tatatatata ttctaaatct cttttcaatg    108060
     attaccaata gatgcttagg ctcttatctt ttttctatta tttttttctg tggccatttt    108120
     tggcatatag atattttcat atgtgatcaa tgaccactaa tataaattcc ttgaagagta    108180
     ttgcttgctc aaatctaacc caattttaaa tactattata ctaaaatgtt ttcgggtata    108240
     taaatttacg cttcacattt cttgaccgac actaattatt tctatttttc tttagtcttt    108300
     gacaacatgc catgccattt tacatttcta ttattcacat tctcatttaa aaagcccttt    108360
     taatgtcaag gtattttttg ataactggct gattaatatg gccagttatg ttgttttgtc    108420
     ctttgatata ttctcaatca tatttgttaa attatacatt ttctggctgg taagatttat    108480
     ttacacgtct cttaatgtat tctagaccat atttgcatta atatttttga gattttatgt    108540
     ggcttatttt ctcatttttt gctttcatca tcaaggtttt tttatacaga attaaagtaa    108600
     aataggatga gaagatgtca ttcaactatg tgttgtggaa tagtttaaat agcatagaca    108660
     ttatctattc cttagtaatt ttaagaatag tcttatgtta acatctgggt ctaccctgta    108720
     tttgtggggt aaagtgacat attgtcaatg tgtttattct tttccattta gtttattttt    108780
     tctctttttt gctctaagtg gtttaattca ttaattcaca gtgttgttcg aatgaataat    108840
     ttaaatttcc actatttctg tatttataca ttgttctcat atttttttat ttgtatctta    108900
     ggacattaag agattatatg ttgtgtattt taataaagca tttctctctt ttataatttt    108960
     atttattttc tattttctaa ttcattaatg tcttcctact tctctcctta attatgaatt    109020
     gatttttttt taaatttctt gcattagttt catcatgcat ttattctgtt ttggggggaa    109080
     tatcatttat aaggttatga atttaatcta atgatagctt tagcctattc ccataaatct    109140
     tgttaaatac tgatttaatt ttatcattat ctacatctag aatctttact aaggaacatt    109200
     tcaagtacca aaactgattg gcaaaagcca tgtgaggtac tatgttaaaa atagtagggg    109260
     gtaaggccgg gcgcaatggc tcatgcttgt aataccagca ctttgggagt ctgaggcggg    109320
     ggggatcacc tgaggtcagc agtttgagac cagcctggcc aacatgacga aaccccgtct    109380
     ctgctaaaaa tacaaaaatt agcctggtgt gatggcggaa gcctgtaatc acagctactt    109440
     gggaggctaa ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac tcgggatctg gagtttgcag tgagctgaga    109500
     tggcaccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagcgagact ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa    109560
     aaaagtaggg gtttagtgaa acatagcact atgtctttcg tgaaagtgga agtggtgtat    109620
     taccggtatc aggtttgtaa gagatgggct atctccatgc tgatattctt cattcacagt    109680
     tttgatgtca ttcttaatct aattattaaa ataaagttga tttttgtgat agagtatttt    109740
     cagactcagt tcacgacctc tgcctcacac cctctttgct gccgcagtga ttgtggacat    109800
     tttttctcaa gttttaaaca ctttttttct tttctttctt acctttcctt ttctttttcc    109860
     ctccctccct ccctccctgt cttccttcat tccttccctc cttttctccc tcactctctc    109920
     ctaatatccc tctctacttc cttcctttct ttccttcata aagtggtatg acatgggcct    109980
     tgatcaatga ggaacaatat tggttcaaac agaaatgaca ttggctgcaa atatttggta    110040
     ctggttgacc aatgcacgca agcttaaatt tatggttatt tttgctcccc acatgatttc    110100
     ttcattcatt tacacttcat ttgtccagga cgtgtgtaaa agtttcttta aactgttttt    110160
     ttatttattg ccttacacat ctgtatattt aagtttcttt tggattctgg aaaattcgca    110220
     accagtattg cttttaatat ttcttctcca tttttttttt ctattatctt ctactgttac    110280
     tctctttaga tttacagtca tgggccacat aacagtattt cagccaatga tggacctcat    110340
     atgcaaaggt ggtcccataa aatcataata ccatattttt actgtaactt tcatatgttt    110400
     agatatgttt agaaacacaa atacttctta ccaatgtttt ccaattgcct atagtattca    110460
     gtagagtaac acactgttca ggtctgtagt ctaggacaat aggccatacc atgtaggcta    110520
     gttatacact agactatata acatctaggt ttatgtaagt acaataatgt ttgcacaatg    110580
     atgaaatctc ctaatgatgc atttctcaga gtgtatccct atcattaaat gacacgtaat    110640
     tgtacattga cactttctca ttactgtcat tacttttaac ctggctttct tacattccat    110700
     ccccatatat ttttgtgctg cagtctggat atatataatc ttcttttttt ttttgagtcg    110760
     gagtttcact cttgctgccc aggctggagt gcaatggcgc gatatccact cactgcaacc    110820
     tccgcctccc gggttcaagc cattctccta cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggattcagg    110880
     catgtgccac catgcccggt taattttgta tttttagtag agacggggtt tctccatgtt    110940
     ggtcaggctg gtctcaaact tccaacctca ggtgatttgt ccgccttggt ctccctaagt    111000
     ggtgggatta caggtgtgag ccactgtgcc tggccaagat atatatctaa agatatctat    111060
     ctatctagat atttaatcta ctaatctatc tagatattta atctatctag ataattaaat    111120
     gtctatctat ttaattatta gtagataatt aatatctact aatatttaaa ccatcaattg    111180
     atattttatt tttttccaca gagatcttat cccaatcaga atacttttca tttctagaaa    111240
     ttctattgtt ttcccaattt ttctgccctt gttggtctct ttttccttgt tcattttttt    111300
     atttcatcat tcattcattt attttattag ctttttcaaa catagctagg ttatgttctg    111360
     tatgtgatat tacttaaatc tgaagttttt ggtcatctaa atatgttttt ctttctttgt    111420
     gtggttattt cagataacta gttctttgat ttatttgttt tttttgtatt tttagtagag    111480
     atggggtttt gccatgttgg ccagggtggt cttgaactcc tgacctcagg tgatccaccc    111540
     tctgggatta caggcatgag ccattgtgcc tggccctgta ttttcttata tagttcatac    111600
     attcctattc tagtttcaga tgggctttca tgtccctcct tgtagagatt tttctaatat    111660
     ataaggagct cagaaataaa gtacatacca gtgatcattc acccaggatg tgcttcattt    111720
     ttagttgcag agacttttag aatatcttat attccatgct gcttgaaaaa tatttgctct    111780
     ttgaaataaa tagaacattt aaaaaaggcc agatgtgcaa atatagacca aacctcttcc    111840
     tttcaaacat taaaaattcc caaagtattt catgaatatt cttataacca tatggcaaaa    111900
     tgctgaatac tcaaatatgc acatgtagaa agatgtgaca acaatgtgtt ggctaaagtg    111960
     aaactgatag tttatgatgg agtctaaagc tcaaactttc tttaatgtct ttattattaa    112020
     atattttcat ttccaaaaat tctcttaaaa tatccagttg tctattccat tatataagac    112080
     ataaataaaa ttgttgaatg atattaatcc ttagtgtgat tctggtggaa atggattcca    112140
     tagagtcttt ttagttaatg aattaagaac aaccatcata ctcaaatatg ttttccaaat    112200
     ttttagactt cttttcttcc ttgggaacac caaatattct tgggtttggt catttaacat    112260
     aatcccaaat ggtttttctt gtctctgtct ccttcggttc ttctctgatc tcagttattt    112320
     cttgtcttct tctagctttt caatttgttt gctcttgctt ctccatttct ttcaattgtg    112380
     atgttagagt gtcaatttta gatctttctc actttttcct gtgggtattt agtgctataa    112440
     attttcctgt aaacactgct ttagctgtgt cccagagatt ctggtacatt gtgtctttgt    112500
     tctcattggt ttcaaataac ttatttattt ctgccttaat tttgttatgt acccagtagt    112560
     cattcaggag caggttgttc agtttccatg ttgttgtgca gttttgagtg aatttcttaa    112620
     tcatgaattc taattagatt gcactgtggt ctgagagact gtttgttatg atttccattc    112680
     ttttgcattt gctgaggagt gttttgcttc caattatgag gtcaatttta caataagtgt    112740
     gatgtggtga tgagaagaac gtttattctg ttgatttgcg gtggagagtt ctctagatgt    112800
     ctattaggtc cacttggtcc agagctgagt tcaagtcttg aatatctttg ttgattttcg    112860
     acaatggggt gttagagtct cccactatta ttgtgaggga gtctaagtct ctttgtaggt    112920
     ctctaagaac ttgctttaca aatctggggg ctcctgtatt gggtgcgtac atatttagga    112980
     tatttagctc ttcttgttgc attgatccct ttaccattac ataatgccct tctttgtctc    113040
     ttttgatctt tgttggttta aagtctgttt tatcagagac tagatttgta acccctgctt    113100
     tttttttttt tgctttccat ttgcttggta aatattcttc catcccttta ttttgagcct    113160
     atgtgtgtct ttgcatgtga gatgggtctc ctgaatacag cacaccaatg ggtcttgact    113220
     ctttatccag tttgcaagtc tgtatcttaa ttggggcatg tagcctgttt acatttaagg    113280
     ttaatattgt tatgtgtgaa tttgatcctg tcattatgat gctagctggt tattttgccc    113340
     attagttgat gcagtttctt catagtgtcg atgatcttta caatttgata tgtttttgca    113400
     gtggctggta ccagtttttt ctttccatat ttagtgcttc cttcaggagc tcttgtaagg    113460
     caggcctggt agtgacaaaa tctctcagca tttgcttgtc tgtaaaggat tttatttctc    113520
     cttcatttat gaagcttagt ttggctggat atgagattct gggttgaaca ttcttttctt    113580
     taagaatgtc aagtaatggc ccccactctc ctggcttgta cagtttctga caggagatcc    113640
     actgttagtc tgatgggctt ccctttgagg gtaacccgac ctttctctct ggctgccctt    113700
     aacatttttt cctgcatttc aaccttgctg aatctgacaa ttatatgtct tggggttgct    113760
     tttctcgagg agtatctttg ttgtgttctc tgtatttcct gaatttgaat gttagcctgt    113820
     cttggtaggt cggggaagtt ctcctggata atattctata aagtgttttc caacttgctt    113880
     ccattctccc tgtcactttt aggtacacca gtcaaacaca ggtttgttct tttcacatag    113940
     tcccatattt cttggaggct ttgttcattc cctttcattc ttttttctct attcttgtct    114000
     tcacgcttta tttcattaag ttggtcttca atctcagata ttctttcttc cacttgatcg    114060
     atttggctat cgatactttg tgtatgcttc atgaagttct cgtgctgtgt gtttcagctc    114120
     catcagtcat ttatgttctt ctctaaactg attattctag ttagcaattc ctctaacgtt    114180
     ttatcaagtt tccttgaatt gggttagaac atgctccttt agcttagagg agtttgttat    114240
     tacccacctt ctgaggccta cttctgtcaa ttcatcaact gattctctgc ctggttttgt    114300
     tcccttgttg gcaaggagtt ctgatccttt gaaggagaag agacattctg gttttttgaa    114360
     ttttcagcct ttttgcgctg ccttttcctt atctttgtgt atttatctac ctttggtctt    114420
     tgatgttggt gacatttgga tgggattttt gtgtggatgt cctttttgtt tatgttgagg    114480
     ctattccttt catttctttc tgtttgttaa ttttccctct accagtcagg cccctctgct    114540
     gcatgtctgt tgtagtttgc tggaggtcca ctccagaccc tgtttgcctg ggtatcacta    114600
     gtggaggctg cagaacagca aagattgctg cctgttcctt cctctggaag cttcattcca    114660
     gaggggcacc caccagatgc cagctggagc tctcctgtat gagggatctg ttgattccag    114720
     ctgggaggtg tctgctactc aggaggcaca gttgtcaggg acccacttga ggaggcagtc    114780
     taccccttat cagagcttga gcgctgttct gggagatcca ctgctctctt cagagccagc    114840
     aggcagggac gtttaagtct gctgaagctg cgcccacagc cgccccttac cccaggtgct    114900
     ctgtcccagg gagatgggag ttttatctat aagccactga ctggggctgc tgcctttctt    114960
     tcagagatgc cctgtccaga gaggaggaat ctagagagac agtctggcta cagcagcttt    115020
     gctgagctgt ggttgcctcc tctcagttca aacttccagg cagctttgat tacactgtaa    115080
     gtgtaaacta ccttcagact gctctggtgg cagtgagaat ttcaagccag tggatcttac    115140
     ctttctgggc tccatggggg tgggatgtgc tgaggcagac tacttggctt cctggcttca    115200
     gtctcctttt caggggagtg aacggttctg tctcattggc attcctggtg cctctggggt    115260
     atgaaaataa actcctgtag ctagctgtct gcctaaatgg ctgcccagtt ttgtgcttga    115320
     aaccaagggc tctggtggtg caggcactta ggggaatctc ctggtctgcg ggttgtgaag    115380
     actgtgggaa aagcatagtt tctgggccgg aatgcaccat tcctcatggc acaacccctc    115440
     acggcttccc ttggttaagg gagggagttc cccaacccct tgcacttccc aggtgaggca    115500
     atgccccacc ctgcttctgc tcaccctctg tgggctgcac ccactgtcta atcagttcaa    115560
     atgagacgag ctgtgtacct catttggaaa ttcagaaatc accctcttct gcattgatct    115620
     tgtcggaagc tgcagaccgg aggtgttcct attcagccat tttgccagct cagaaagatg    115680
     tttcttatta ggattcattg aaactacctg aagaaagcct ccagatttaa tttgaataag    115740
     agtttttgtg aaaataattt ggtaagaagc agaaaataga gggaacatgt ttgcaaacaa    115800
     aatttagaag tttaattttt attttaattt actttttaaa ttggcaagta ataattgtac    115860
     atattcatgg agtacatagt ggtattttga tacatataat gtatagtgat cagatcagtg    115920
     tagttaacat atccatcaat ttaaatatat attatttctt tgtgttggaa attttcaata    115980
     ttctgcttct agttatttga aaataatacg ttattgttaa catcctacat tggtatagaa    116040
     cactgcagat tattgctcct atctcattat aattttgctt cctttaacaa aactctttct    116100
     atctctttct ttcccacacc cttcaaagcc tctagtattc tctgttctac tttttacttc    116160
     tgtgaaatct tgtttttttt agcttccaca tatgagtgag aacatgtggt gtttaacttt    116220
     ctgtttctgc cttatgtcac ccaacataac gtcctctagt tccactcatt ttgccacaaa    116280
     tgacagggtt tcagtctctc ttatggctga atatctctcc attgtgtata tataccacag    116340
     gtcctttatt tattcatctt ttgctgtaca cctatgttga ctccatattt tggtcattgt    116400
     gaacaaaaat gagggtgcag acatcttttt gatgtaatga tgtcctttac tttggatgca    116460
     ttttcagtag tgggattgct gaatcatgag ctggttttgc agtggcatga tctgggctca    116520
     gtgcaacctc cgcctcctgg gttagatcaa ttctcttgcc tcagcctccc aagttgttgg    116580
     gattacaggt gcccaccacc atgccaagct aatttttgta tttttagtag agatggggtt    116640
     tctccatgtt gcccaggctg gtcccaaact cctgacctca agtgattcac ctgcttcagc    116700
     ctcccaaagt gcagaaatta caagtgtgag ccactgcgct tgacctattt gtagttttct    116760
     gagcaaccta caaaatgctc tccttagcac tacgccactc cacattccca ccaatagtgt    116820
     ataacagttt cattttctct gcatcctcaa cagaactcgt tattttttgt ctttttaata    116880
     atagccaacc taacaggagt gagatcatac ctcattgtgc tcctgacttg caacttcctg    116940
     atgattagtg atgctgagaa tcttttcata tattttctag cctttcatac atcttcccct    117000
     gggaaacatc tgttcagatt atttgtccat tttttaatca gactgttttt ttgtttgttt    117060
     tttttttttt tttttgctgt tgagacattt gagttccttg tatattatct tttgcagaat    117120
     tacatttagg tcattgatct atgtttgagt ttatttgtgt acagagtgag gagagagtgt    117180
     agtttcattg ttctgcatat agatatctag tttccctggc accatttatt gaagagactg    117240
     tgctttcccc aatgagtgtt cttggcaact ttgtcaaaaa tcaattggct atcaatattt    117300
     ggatcaattt ttggatcctc tattctgttt cattggttat atgtctgttt ttatgacagt    117360
     cccatgctat tctggttatt gtagctttgt agtatatttt gatgtctgtt agtgtgatac    117420
     ctccagcttt gttcaatttg ctgaggattg tattggctat gtgaggtctt ttgtggttct    117480
     atacaaattt taataacttt ctttctattt ctgtgaagaa tgttacttgt atcttgatag    117540
     agattgcatt taatctgtag attgcattgg gtagtatctt cattttaaat actagttctg    117600
     ccaatctata agcacaggat gtctttttat ttgtttgtgt cctcttcaat ttcttgcatt    117660
     attaacataa tttttcttat aatttttcta acttacttgg ttaaatttat tcctggaatt    117720
     tttttttttt taaatagcta tcatgaatga gactgttttc ttgatatctt ttttggcttg    117780
     ttcattgttc aaggactttt cttgattgaa caaacttatt taagcactta gatttcttcc    117840
     ttatttaatt tttaataaaa acatatgctc ttgaaagcat agagaactta tcatactaaa    117900
     aaggcagttt taaaatttct aaaaatgtaa tgcacaattg atgcatatga aatgtggtaa    117960
     aatgtcacca acatgcaact aaacttttta aaattatcaa cgtttttgtc tttaaaaaac    118020
     ataagaagtt atttatctta gctaaaatgt acatactcag ggttagaaag tgcacctttt    118080
     tttaatccta tgtgtacctt ttcttttttt tttagagttt ttgtttttac tgttttaaga    118140
     tgaaaacttc ttattataag gtcaatatta atgttaattg ttgcataaaa accattttgt    118200
     tccatttatc aataaaccac aatactactt aggtgttagt tgcaatgata cttcatgaag    118260
     gagtaaatac agctttccct acagctctga agctcatata tttctatcag tttataaata    118320
     ctgatgttaa tactctctct cccccatttc taagagattt ctccatgaac ccaaaactta    118380
     tttttctgtg tgaaaattag gtggctatac agattggaaa aaaaatcaac cgaaacataa    118440
     agaaaagttt ttgaacaatg tttttcatgc tcataaaaag tgtggccaag tatcagaatt    118500
     agtttttcca cttggcataa atatttgata ttcttaatat tatgtgtgct cacttgttgt    118560
     tggactttca tattctttaa cattaaaaaa tggagatcag ctcttttctg caatttagtt    118620
     atgctattct gaaacagaaa atgattttga taagacaata atttgggaac tcttttagca    118680
     attagtggca gtaaataaaa ctaataatca ttgttgttca ggaactgaat ttgtttacaa    118740
     taatattttt tcaaactcag cccaaagaag ccatttcact tttgcctagt gacttattaa    118800
     taagatacat attattatac ataccaatgt tcagattgtc ttaaaatgct ttcaaataga    118860
     atgcaaattt ttgcaacaac aaaaaattac acaaacaagc ctctatgatt gtgtaaataa    118920
     agtgtctcta caagtggggc acaaataagc ctatttagcc accattctgg aggagttgct    118980
     tattccttta tctaatttgc ttaccaaaat tttaattatg gctcatcaaa tgtgcttggt    119040
     aaatcaagtt ctgcttatca taagggttac atttaatcag aactatggtc cgtcataaaa    119100
     gagcctgtat ttaccaaatt aatgcataat attcacaaga aaccaccaat aataaacaaa    119160
     ttaaaaaata ctgttgaggg atggctggca gtatggccga ataggatcag ctcctgcctg    119220
     cagttcccag caagatcaat gcagaaggca agttattacc tggttcatct cactgggact    119280
     ggttagacag tgggtacaac ccacgaagag tgagcaaaag cagtctgggg tattgcctca    119340
     ggctgggaag tgcaagggtt caaggaactc cctcccttag ccaagggaaa ccatgaggga    119400
     ctgtgccttg aagaaaggtg cattccagcc cagacactac acttttccca tggtcttcac    119460
     aacctgcaga caaggagatt ccctcgggtg cctacaccac caggaccctg ggtttcaagc    119520
     acaaaacagg gtggctgttt gggcagacac caagctagct gcaggagatt tttttaatac    119580
     cccagtgtca cctggaatgc cagcaaggca agacagtacg gttcactccc ctggaaaggg    119640
     ggctgaagct agaaagccaa gtggtctagc tgagcaaatc ccaccaatac agagctcagc    119700
     aacctaagat ccactaactt gaaattctcg ctgccagcac agcagtctga agttgacctg    119760
     ggatgctaga gcttggtggg tggaggggca tccaccatta ctgaggactt gagtaggtga    119820
     ttttcccctc acaatgtaac caaagccgcc aagcaggtca aactgagtgg agcccgctgc    119880
     agttcagcaa agctgctgta gccagactgc ctctctagat tccacctctc tgggcagggc    119940
     acttctgaaa gaaaggcagc agccccactc aggggcttat agataaaact agagcttggt    120000
     ggagggaagg gcagccacca ttactaaggc ttgaataggt ggttttcccc tcacagtgta    120060
     agcaaagcct ccaagcagtt caaatggggc agacccaatt gcagctccac aaagctgctg    120120
     tagtcacact gcctctctag attcctcctc tctgggcagg gtatctctga aagaaaggca    120180
     gcagccccag tcagggcctt atagatgaaa ctcacatctc cctgagacag agcatctgga    120240
     ggaagtggtg gctgtgggtg cagcttcagc agacttaaac tttcctgcct gctggctccg    120300
     aggagagcag cagatctccc agcacagtaa gtgagctctg ttaagggaca gactgcctcc    120360
     tacagtgggt ccctgaccgc catgcctcct gactgggaga caccacccag caggggtcaa    120420
     cagacacctc atacaagaga gtgctagctg gcatctggca ggtggccctc tgggatgaag    120480
     cttccagagg aaggaagagg cagcaatctt tgctgttctg cagctgccac tggtgatacc    120540
     caggcaaaca gggtctggag tggaactcca gcaaactcca gcagacctgc agcagagagg    120600
     cctaactatt agaaggaaaa ctaacaaaca gaaaagaata gcatcaacat caacaaaaag    120660
     ggcatccaca caaaaacccc atttgaaagt taccaacatc aaaaaccaaa ggtagataaa    120720
     tccacaaaga tgaggaaaaa ccagcacaaa aaggctgaaa attcaaaaaa acagaatgtc    120780
     tcttcttctt caaagaatca caattgcttg ccagcaaggg aacaaaactg gacaaagaat    120840
     gagtctgatg aattgacaaa agtaggcttc aggaggtggg taataacaaa ctcctgcaag    120900
     ctaaaggagc atgttctaac ccaatgcaag gaagctaaga acctggaaaa aaatgagggg    120960
     aactgctaac tagaataacc agtttgatga agctgaaaaa cacagtatga gaacttcgtg    121020
     aagcatacac aagtatcaat agccaaatcg atcaagtgga agaaaggata tcagaaatta    121080
     aagatcaact taatgaaata tagcctgaag acaagattag agaaaaaaaa atgaaaagga    121140
     atgaaaatag cttccgagaa atatgggact atgtgcaaag accaaaccta tgtttgattg    121200
     gtgtacctga aagtgacagg gagaatggaa gcaagttgga aaacactctt caggatatta    121260
     tccaggagaa cttccccaac ctaccaagac aggccaacat tcaaattcag gaaatacaga    121320
     gaacaccaca aaggtaatcc tcgagaagag caacagaaag acatataatc atcagattta    121380
     ccaaggttga aatgaaggaa aaaatgttat gggaagccag aaggaaggtc aggttaccca    121440
     caaagggaag atcatcagac taacagcagg tctctctgca gaaaccctac aagacagaag    121500
     agagtgaggg ccaatattca acattcttaa agaaagaatt ttcaacccag aatctcatat    121560
     ccagccaaac taagcttcat aaatgaagga gaaataaaat ccttttcaga caagtgaatg    121620
     ctgagagatt ttgtcaccac caggcctgcc ttacaagagc tcctgaagga agaactaaat    121680
     atagacagaa aaaaactggt actagccact gcaaaaacac accaaattgt aaagaccatt    121740
     gacagtatga agaaacaatc tcaactaatg ggcaaaataa cgagctagca tcataatgac    121800
     agggtcaaat gcacacataa cgatattaac tttaaatgta aacaggctaa ctgccccaat    121860
     taaaagacac agactggcaa attggatagc gtcaagaccc attggtgtgt tgtattcggg    121920
     agacccatct cacatgcaaa ggcacacata ggctcaaaat aaagggatag aagaatactt    121980
     accatgcaaa tggaaaggaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggaggga ttgcaattct agtctctgat    122040
     aaaacaggct tccaaccaac agagatcaaa aacgacaaag aagggcatta cataatggta    122100
     aagggatcaa tgcaacaaga agagctaaat atcctaaata tatatgcact caatacagga    122160
     gcccccagat tcataaagca agttcttaga gacctacaaa gagacttaga ctccctaaca    122220
     ataatagtgg gagactgtaa cactccacta tcaatattag acagatcaag gagccggaaa    122280
     attaacaagg atattcagga cttgaactca gctctggacc aagtggacct aatagacatc    122340
     tacagaactc tttaccccaa atcaacagaa tatacattct tctcagcacc cgaccgcact    122400
     tattataaaa ttgaccacat aattggaagt aaaacactcc ttagcaaatg caaaagaatg    122460
     gaaatcataa cagtctctca gaccacagtt taatcaaatt agaactcagg attaagaaac    122520
     tcactcaaaa ctgcacaact acatggaaac tgaataatct gctcctgaat tactactggg    122580
     tacattagga aattaaggca gaaataaata atttctttga aaacaatgag aacggagaca    122640
     caacatatca gaatatctgt gacactggta atgcagtgtt tacaaggaaa tttatagcac    122700
     taattgccca caggagaaag cgggaaagat ctaaaatcaa caccataaca tcacaatgaa    122760
     cagaagtgga gaagcaagag caaacaaatt caaaagctag cagaagacaa gaaataacta    122820
     agatgagagc agagctgaag gagatagagt catgacaaat tcttcaaaaa attaatgaat    122880
     ccaggttttt gaaaagatta acaaaataga tagaccatta gaaagactaa taaagaagaa    122940
     aagagagaag aatcaaatta atacattaaa aaatgataaa cgggatatca ccactgatcc    123000
     cacagaaata ccaactacca tcagagaaca ctataaacac ctctctgcaa ataaactaga    123060
     aaatctagga gaaatggatg aattcctgga cacatacacc ctcccaagac taaaccagga    123120
     agaagtcaaa tcactgaata gaccaataac aagttctgaa agtgagacag taattaatag    123180
     cctaccaacg aagaaaagcc caggaccagg cagattcaca gacgaattct accagacgta    123240
     taaagaggag ctggaacatt acttctgaaa ctattccaaa aagtaggaaa aagggattcc    123300
     tccctaactc attttatgag gccagcatca tcctgatacc aaaacctggt aaagacacaa    123360
     caacaacaac aaaaatttca ggccaatatc cctgatgtat tttgatgcga agatcctcaa    123420
     taaaatactg gcaaaccaaa tccagcagca catcaaaaag cttatccatc cacaatcaag    123480
     cctacttcat ccctgggttg ccaggctggt tcaacataca cagatcaata aacgtaatcc    123540
     atcatataaa cagaaccaat gacaaaaacc acatgattat ctcaatagat gcagaaaatg    123600
     cctttgacaa aattcaacat tccttaatgc taaaaactct caataaacta ggtattgatg    123660
     gaaagtatct caaaataata agagctattt atgacaaacc cacagccaat attatactga    123720
     atgggcaaaa attggaagca tttcctttga aaaccggcaa aagacaagga tgccctctct    123780
     caccactact attcaacata gtattggaag ttctggccag ggtaatcagg caaaagaaag    123840
     aaataaaggc attcaaatag gaagagagga agtcaaattg tctctgtttg cagatgacat    123900
     gatagtatat ttagaaaaac cccatcatct caacccaaaa tctctttaag ctgataagca    123960
     acttcagcaa agtctcagga tacaaaatca atgtgcaaat atcacaaaca ttcctataca    124020
     ccaatagtag gcaaccagag agccaaatca tgagtgaact actattcaca attgctacaa    124080
     agagaataaa atatctagga atacaacttc caaaggatgt gaaggaactc ttcaaggaga    124140
     actacaaact gctgctcagg gaaataagag aggacacaaa caaatggaaa aacattccat    124200
     gctcatggat aggaagaatc aatatcgtga aaatggccat actgcccaaa gtaatttata    124260
     aattctttgc tatccccatc aagataccat tggctttctt catagaatta gataaaaact    124320
     actttaaatt tcatatggaa gcaaaaaaag agcccatata gccaagacaa tcctaagcca    124380
     aaagaacaaa actggaggca tcacactacc tgacttcaaa ctatactata aggctaccat    124440
     aaccaaaaca gcatggtact gctaccaaaa cagatgtgta gagcaatgga acagaacaga    124500
     gtcctcagca ataatgccac acatctacaa ccatctgaca aacctgacaa aaacaagcaa    124560
     tagagaaagg attccctatg taataaatgg tgttaggaaa actggctagc catatacaga    124620
     aaactaatac tggacccctt ccttacacct tatacaaaaa tttactcaag atggattaaa    124680
     gacttaaatg taagacctaa aaccataaaa accttagaag aaaacctagg caataccatt    124740
     caggacatag gcatgggcaa agacttcatg actaaaacac caaaagcaat ggtaacaaat    124800
     gccaaaattg acaaacggga tctaattaaa ctaaagagct tctgtgcagc aaaagaaact    124860
     gtcatcagag tgaacaggca acctagagaa tgtgagaaaa tttttgcaat ctctccatct    124920
     gacaaaggac taatacccag aatctacaag gaagttaaac aaatttacaa gaaaaaaaca    124980
     aacaacccca tcaaaaggtg ggcaaagtat atgaacagac atttctcaaa agaagacgtt    125040
     tatgcagcca agaaacatat gaaaaaaagc tcatcatcac tggtcattag agaaatgcaa    125100
     atcaaaacca caatgagata ccatggaact gctaatcttt atcaatgttt ctagcgtata    125160
     atccaaaact atcattatta attttgtttc tcaaattttt tcagatttgg tcattggagc    125220
     tgctctttca tgttggctcc tgtgtctttt tagcatgagt cctttctccc ttcctccctc    125280
     cctccctccc tcccttcctt tcttccttcc ttcttccttc cctctttctt tcctttctaa    125340
     gccgcctttg tgtactgagc cagaaagaat atgtatgagt gcatgtatgc taacccatac    125400
     ataaatacat acatctatag ttatttctgt atttatatat tcatgtctat gttaacttaa    125460
     acactgatat ttctcagcta gttatacccc acggggttta ttcttccctt cctggtttat    125520
     tgtatctagt caaaacactg gttgccaaag ttacttaggt ttgttatttt tctcttcaac    125580
     cccttcagtg aagttatgtt atacatttat aatacagttg ggttcatttt tcttgtctgc    125640
     aatccatcct gggatttcct gacatcctgc ttttgttttt attcttttcc aatttccata    125700
     aagttcatct tttgtattgt acagttctat gggttttgaa aaatgcttag tcctgtatcc    125760
     accaccgtag tgccatgcaa aacagctcca tcttcctaac attttcctgc gtggcctgtt    125820
     tgtagtcaag caatcttcct tctcacaatc cttggtaact gcagatctgt ttatcattcc    125880
     tgtagttttg cctttaccca aatgcctttc aaattggata atacaacact taccaaaatg    125940
     tatatcagat ttagccatac tgttgtgtga atcaaccgtt cctttttcat gctgagtatt    126000
     attacattct atggatatac tacaggttgt ttatccattc acctgttgaa gcgtgtcttg    126060
     gttcttcctt ttgtgattat aaaaaaagtg ctataaatat gtgtttgcat gcctttagta    126120
     aatagaagtt tccaattctt tttgttaaat atctaagagt ggaattactg gatgatatga    126180
     taaatgtata tttacatatg taaaaagttg ctaaaccatt ttcagaagtg gctgaacaat    126240
     tttgcatacc atctagcaac taaagttgct gttaacatgc ataatttcca gaattttatc    126300
     ttgtcaggtg tgtgtatgtt tgtcttgttg ccattctaat ccttgtgtag taccttgtgg    126360
     ttttaatttg catttcgcta ataactaatg atgttgagca ttttttcata tgctttcaca    126420
     tacctatttt ggtgaagtgt ctttttagac ttttaaaaaa tttattaaat ttattaaaat    126480
     ttattaattt tgtcgctttt ttccttattg ttgacttttt agagttattt atatattgtg    126540
     catgtaagat tttattggat atgttatttg atttgcaaat actttctctt agtgtgtgtg    126600
     ttacctcttc attctcctta cagtgtcttt tacagagcaa agtattctaa tcttgacaaa    126660
     gcctaattta acatttttaa agtagatcat gctttgcatt ttatctttaa atcttattgt    126720
     taaactaaag attttgtata ttgcctcatg tttgctttta aatgttttat agttttgtta    126780
     tacattttgg taaattacat atttcagtta atttttggat aatgtatcag gtatatgctg    126840
     tggtttatta ttttgcatag ggatttacaa ctgatacagc aatatttatt gaaaaaaatt    126900
     ctttattaaa ttattgaatt tttgtaaaaa gaagcaataa atgatattca tataagccta    126960
     tttctcaact gtctattcta ttctgttgat gtgtatgttt atcttttttc caataccaca    127020
     ctgtcttaat tattataatt ttataataag tcctgaaatt ggatagtggg agccctttag    127080
     cttttttctt ctttttctga gttgatttag ctattgtagt tcctttgttt tgccatatat    127140
     attttagaat cagcttctga tatctgaata aaagcttgct gagattatga tagaaatatc    127200
     gttaagtgca tatagcaaat gagaaaaaag gacatcttaa caatattgca tcttctaatt    127260
     catgaacatg aaaaatatct ttttcatctc tattgattta gatatttgac ttctttcact    127320
     agtgttttgt aagtttcagt gcagacattc ttcacatgtt atgttaaatt tatacccaag    127380
     tacttaatta tatttagtac tactgtaact gatgtcattt aaaaacttca aattccaagt    127440
     attaattgct gtaatataat aatatgattg atttctgtat attttccttg tattacgaga    127500
     ccttgctaag ttcacttatg agatctaaga actttttgta cattttgtat gttgatggac    127560
     atgtcctctg aaaatagaag cagttttgtt tcttagtata cactctgtat gtcaattctt    127620
     cattttgtct tattttgcag gcgaagatcc ccaatgtgat actaataggc gtagtgaaag    127680
     cagatatttg tcttgaccct gatgttacaa tagcattcat tctttcacca ttatgtatag    127740
     atgttagctg tagatacgtt aaatgttatt taataggctg tttccttctc actgcattta    127800
     actttaagtg aaagattatc tgtctaaact ttcatcttct gtccaattta agtgacaata    127860
     aaagttctaa tcatatttta aatttggaag tagctatttc tagttatgtt attaaaactt    127920
     tccataaacc tgttgctctg catccgaacc agaatttgat cttgtcaggt atctgtgtgg    127980
     tttgttttgt tgctactctt atacttgtgt agtgcattgt ggtttaattt gtatttccct    128040
     aataaccaat ggtgtcgagc atttttatat gtttccatat atctctattt attaagtaga    128100
     acaatataat ctacttaata aaaaaaatct gataaaactt taagtaagaa aaacaactct    128160
     ttatatgcag ttcctgttta ggaagttata atttaagggt aaggccttaa atataccatc    128220
     ccctacaatt tattcagaac ttttagtttg agtacacatt gcttcctaca cattttattt    128280
     atgtatttat ttctctttcc aatgtgtagt tttctgtttt ttaaatataa ctggttaaaa    128340
     ttgtcaagta ttgatatttg atcagagaat ctagaagtag agatgaaaaa gacctattga    128400
     gtctcattcc actgtgaaaa tgcattgacc acccaactgt atttcatcaa tataaagcta    128460
     tagttgggtc tattattccc tgcagaaaga atgccagagg ggcttttctt atttggaaaa    128520
     atattttttt cacacgtatt actatttcat cctatcatgc ttttgcattt gggaggtaaa    128580
     ttgaaaagaa agataaattc tttagcaaat gtttcttctc aggataattt ctttaaatat    128640
     cttttaccat aaagaagtca ttaagactat cacagaaagt ttcaacttct ctattacatg    128700
     aatttattat tacttagggg tttagaaaaa tctcaaacag aacaatctct gcaagcagag    128760
     attagttttg tgagaaacta atgaatagtt atgcatgaag caataaatgg aagtaagcgt    128820
     aggtcagaga tgtttgtgag agaaatgaca tctagaatga gctgaagtag aaagaacctt    128880
     ttagttatct caaggtgagt tgatctttat gaaatgtttg ctatttgaag ctttatttga    128940
     agataccatt ctccaattca caggaaggaa taactttagg attaggctga gtaagtggct    129000
     gagttataag accaagtgta ccaatggcaa gtaaattaat ctgcagttct agaatgtggt    129060
     cagatcaatt tacaatatct atgtacatag attgacagac tacagatgca tcccctggtg    129120
     gaaacctctc acatgaatcc aggcaaacaa caggaagcag atacatgcat cgtgtagtca    129180
     gtttaccaca ggactactga ctagaacttg atcaagacca tttctttctg cttgcctgtg    129240
     acttcataat agtcaacata gcttaatgaa ttagttataa tacttaaata cacaaagtgg    129300
     aatggcaagt ttaattattt ttttattatc catagtattt gaaagcagtc aagatccttt    129360
     atgtgttact actctataag ttagcaatga cattaatgaa atttatatag ccaattaggg    129420
     agatatagcc agttatatga aagcatatcc tcactgttct gtatgtaaca aggctgtgat    129480
     gtgaataaag atactttcac aatgcctgaa atgcctccca gctctcttct ttttcattct    129540
     ttataccaca acctttaccc cagttaaaaa ctcaatgtta aatatgtatt atatgtatat    129600
     atatttatac ataatgttct catttggtaa aaacattata tattcttttt tttaactagc    129660
     acaaaaccac catgtataat cttgaaatcc tacttgttaa acctatattt aattttataa    129720
     ctttttttct gtagaaaaaa aggcattttt ttgaaacata agacatatga tggtagacag    129780
     taaattgctt tagcctagaa aacaaaacta aaatggtaac tttctaaagg agtttttaga    129840
     actgtatgaa atttggtttc atacaggaaa ctttcattga atcaaaagat gagaaatatc    129900
     ttccatggga gatataatca gtgtactgac agctttgata tgtagcagct aaattattag    129960
     ttcctcagat gaaccaaatg tgtaagcatt actacctttg taatacaatg gtaaaagttc    130020
     agtttatggt cattagagaa atgcaaatca aaactacact tagataccat ctcacgccag    130080
     ttagaatggc gatcattaaa aagtcaggaa acaacagatg ctggagaggc tgcagagaaa    130140
     taagagtggt tttacactgt tggttagaaa gtaaattagc tcaacaactg tgccagacaa    130200
     tatggcgatt cctcaaggat ctagaaccag aaataccttt tgacccagca atcccattac    130260
     tgggtataat acccaaaggg atataaatca ttctattata aagatacatg cacacataca    130320
     tttattgtag caatattcac aatagcaaag acttggaacc aacccaaatc accatcaatg    130380
     atagactgga taaaaaaatg tggtacatat acaccatgga atactatgca gccataaaaa    130440
     ggaatgagat catgtccttt gcaggcacat ggatgaagct ggaagccatc atcctcagca    130500
     aactaacaca ggaacagaaa aataaaccat aggttctcac tcataagtgg gagttgaaca    130560
     atgagaacac atggacacag ggaagggaac aacacacact ggggcctgtc ggaggggggt    130620
     gtggcagagg gtaaagcatc aaatcaaata gctcatgcat gtggtgttta atacctaggt    130680
     gatgggttgg taggtgcagc aaaccaccat ggcacaggtt tacctatgta acaaacctgc    130740
     acattctgca catgtacccc agaacctaaa ataaaataaa tttaaaaaaa aagaaaaaaa    130800
     atactgttat gttttggtgt taatataatt cctttcatag tagataatta attaaaaatt    130860
     ataagcctgg gtgattaggt gaattgttct tgattctgac cctcttcaga agtgatgggg    130920
     atttttttgt cagttttatt cttgttgaca ctctcatctc aggtccacgc tgatttataa    130980
     aatcaatcat ttcttcattt tagggctaat ataaaaatac aaggaagtat ttctcatatg    131040
     taatatacat ataccatata cagtgtatat atactctgta tgttatatat acttttaatg    131100
     aatttatctg ttgagttatt ctaattttag agagaaaatt gatcactaaa ttaaaaagtc    131160
     tacaaaataa attatggtta tagttgagat atgccccatt ggatatcttg aagctcctcc    131220
     ctagcccatt actttaggta gataataatt tatctccttt cccgtgattt ggatgattct    131280
     ggggaaaaaa acagttgaga tacattttct aaactcaaat tgcaaattgt gagaaatcta    131340
     ttgtcttaat aaataacatt tgaaaaataa aggttttttt tgttattagt taaattgatt    131400
     taagatggta ctgagaggtg ataacgtgct agcagccctc actcactctc agcacctcct    131460
     cggcctcggc gtctgctcta gccatgtttg aggagtcctt cagcccaccg ctgcgctgtg    131520
     gtagcccctc tctgggctgg tcaaggctgg agccagctcc ctctgcttgt ggggaggtgc    131580
     ggagggagag gtgcgggcag gaacccgggc tgcgcgtggt gctcatgggc cagcgcaagt    131640
     cccgggtggg cgcagactca gcgagcccca tactcagagc gaccccgggc attgaggggc    131700
     ttagcacccg ggccagcagc tgcggagggg gcgctgggtc ccccagcact gctggcccac    131760
     ccgcaccacg ctctaatgct cgtggggcct ctgccacctt cccgcagggc agggcttggg    131820
     acctggcagc ccgccatgcc cgagcccccc tgcggtgggt tcccgcacgg cccaagcctc    131880
     ccccacaggt gctgccccct gctccatggt gcccagtccc atcaacctcc caagggctga    131940
     ggagtgcggg cgcacggtgc gggactggcc ggcagctctg cccacgtccc ctgtgtgaga    132000
     tccattaggt aaagccagct gggctcctga atcaggtggg gacttggaga acttttaagt    132060
     ctagctaaag gtttgtaaat gcaccaatca gcactttgtg tctaactcaa ggtttgtaaa    132120
     tgcaccaatc agcactttgt gtctagctca agatttgtaa atgcacaaat cagcactgtg    132180
     tctagctaca ggtttctaaa cgcaccaatc agtgctctgt gactagctaa tctagtgggg    132240
     acttggaaaa cttttatgtc tagctagagg gttgtaaatg caccaatcag cactctgtgt    132300
     agctcaggga ttgtaaacac aacaatcagc accctatcaa aatggaccaa tcagctctcc    132360
     tctgtaaaat ggaccaatca gctctctgta aaatggacca atcagtagga tgtgggtggg    132420
     gcctgataag gaaataaaag caggctgcgg gggcagcagt ggcaacccgc tggggtcccc    132480
     cttccacact gtgggagctt tgttctttcc ctctttgcaa taaatcttgc tgctgctcac    132540
     tgcttgggtc tgctctgcct ttatgagctg taacactgac tgcaaagctc tgcagcttca    132600
     ctcctgaggg cagcttcact cctgagggca gcttcactcc tgaggacaac aagaccatga    132660
     acccaccagg aggaatggac aactccagat gcactgcctt aatagctgta acactcatcg    132720
     tgaaggtctg cagcttcact cctgaggcca gcgagaccac gaacccacca gaaggaagaa    132780
     actctggaca catctgaata tctgaaggaa aaaactcccg acacaccatc tttaagaact    132840
     gtgacactca ccgtgagggt cagcggcttc attcttgaag tcagtgagac caggaaccca    132900
     ccaattccgg tcacagtact gtgtttaaaa cttagaaaaa acattaagag ccagaataaa    132960
     gacaaagtta tccacatatg ttgtgaaatg ttacacaaac aatatagtca atggacaaaa    133020
     tctgaaaaca ctacttattt ctacttattg gtaacctttc ataactcata gctctgctat    133080
     ctttaagtta gtaaattatc tataacttgt agtaataatt aatatatctg gaatttaccc    133140
     actagcataa gtaatgtgta atttttcatt ttaaagtctt caaccaacaa ataacattga    133200
     tataaggcat ttttgtattg gaaggttact ctatttctga atgatgaata accagattaa    133260
     agcttggata gactaaaccc cattggaaat tatactcagt aaaatttaga aaaaatactt    133320
     gaaaaataaa tgaaaatata taaaaatcaa actttttaaa aattatgaaa gcataaatct    133380
     gctgaatata atttcaactt ttaaaagtat agaacccact ttttctcatg cctttttttt    133440
     ctcttcaagt tactaccttt ggtcaatcat gagcaatgtt cttgaatatt gaaaacacat    133500
     tttagaaatt atgtctttct tgaccttttg aagatatttt cccattaaga acaaataaat    133560
     aaacctagtg agtaattatt tatgtaattt ataggaaata acatttttct tcttttatgt    133620
     ttatattttg ataaaacagt ttgaatcagc ttctaaaggt gtattttcac tcttttagca    133680
     agattaatta ccattttatt ccattctctt ctttatacat gttagttttc tccttttttt    133740
     cttttcccca atataatata tttacttagt ccattaattt ttcaatggtc tgttcattgt    133800
     tttctttttt atgtgatctt ctcattccct caatactagc tgtacatttt gaaaatataa    133860
     atgtttggta tataataaat attatatggg aaaacataaa agcagtctcc ttgaaaacag    133920
     tttttaaata tgtaataaag acctaggaca accttatatt ctctcaatta tcatactgac    133980
     agaaaaaata gaatttcata aaacatataa ttttttcttg gcagagtaaa tcagtaatat    134040
     gaagacatat tttaatttgt ttttgaatca aaaagaaacc gagttaaaat tttatcaact    134100
     tttaaaaatc atttctgaaa gcaagcatca actgagacta aaaaatctac acaagtagat    134160
     tgttcacatt gcattttact gtataatcac agttcaattt gtggctaatt taactgcgtt    134220
     atgaacttca tacatgaata agagccaaaa gctgaaataa atagttcctt gatatgactt    134280
     ctcaacttaa catgagccag aaatgcaatg aacgatttga aatatgctag aattatcaaa    134340
     acctggttag tgttacttaa tatgggacca catattttgg acaaggtgat aatgataatt    134400
     ttaaaataca tgatttttaa cgttgcttac agttatatga ggtttctcag gttatttaaa    134460
     gtgaatataa gtatgatcac catttctatt cttttattgt tttctttgtt attttatgtg    134520
     cgtatatttt tattatcgca gtatttttca attaccagaa tattttaaaa taaattacat    134580
     tataaatatt gaacaagcaa atatacattt actcacctaa ggcttttttc taaatttgtg    134640
     cttggagttt aaaaataaac atgggagaaa aaattcaaaa taggaacgca aggaatgcaa    134700
     cattgatttt aaatgtttta tactctcaca aagtagtttg tgcaagtgtc acagacactg    134760
     aatagctaaa atgcataatt gcaacctctt tgtgaaaaac aactaaattt taaagccaga    134820
     acaaagagac aacctggaaa gctgtaatca gaattgtagg atgaaggtta cgttatttaa    134880
     cctacttctc taggctctat agcatatttt attcattcta taacttcact agttgggata    134940
     agagattatc tccagaaaat atgcataatt gtggcttagt cagagactat atgaaacaat    135000
     atgccttaat gtcaatgcca caatattctg atttggcagt gcttttatga gctatcttac    135060
     aggtacaaag aagatatatc ttcatacagt tagtaaattg ctacttctta tgaacttttg    135120
     catgtttttc ttaaataaat tggtttgcct cttgattaaa atgaaatatc aaagtctgtt    135180
     cagattataa gcttacttta ttataatagg tttttaattt ctaattttct tgcttctaca    135240
     gagagaactt tgtatttatt gttaccctat gaattgtgaa aaacacacac acacattttt    135300
     taaaaattaa tggatgcatg tttcttgatt aacaagagca cttgattcag gtatacataa    135360
     tacacagtta cgtttatttt attatttttt caagtcattt ttgttatttt tacttttatc    135420
     ttggatttgt atgtgtgtat gtgtttgtgc attttcaaac agacagcatt ttcaatagtc    135480
     atttgtattg aaaaatcatt cacatatatt ttctgtgtat attttggttt gattcataga    135540
     gttaagtgtt ctacaaaagt gccttagctc tttaacaggt actcatttaa gtgaacacca    135600
     ctgtataatt tgttagtctc ctgtgatgat tcaagatgtt cctcacattc tggtttgaaa    135660
     aggaataatt tgcatatatt tttagagttg aacatgctga gatgtagaga ataagatgtt    135720
     gtctactaag acattcatta catatactag ttttaagaat catttttaag ttcaaaattt    135780
     aacatagtgc aagataataa ctatgttgag agctactact gcagttcaga tgcttttact    135840
     ttaatatctt ttatgcaatt tgcaaagaca cttttttgaa aacaaagcct gctactggat    135900
     ttaccaaaga agaaatttat tatttaaaag cgactatatc tcacattagt agatcaaaag    135960
     atttcacata ttttcactat cttttatgga atagaatttt gaatgtttta ccttaagact    136020
     ttttctaatc aattttcagt aacttgaaaa acatctaaaa caattccaag aaaggaaatg    136080
     tcacctttac taacactttt ctccaaatgc atttcttcca aagtcatttc taattaatat    136140
     atatatttct aattatacat ttaatgtatg ctcattttag aaaagtagaa aataaaaaca    136200
     taaagaatac aatccaacaa cagagaaatt ggcacatata ataattttgc gtatatttcc    136260
     cattatattt ccattaaaat atgttgaaat aattagaact atgctccacg tgcagtttgt    136320
     tttttgaaaa cttgcataaa caagatcatt gtctgggact ttgtccctgg ttcctgagag    136380
     gtaacttcta aacccctgga gtttttcaaa tgacagaagg tttttgttat tcattgtggg    136440
     atctggaacc aacctaagtt tatgctaatg aggtgcatcg tgtcagaaca ctaaatagtt    136500
     tatggtaata aaatgaccag cagaatgggg gctggtcata aaagaaaaag caaaacacca    136560
     tcagagagtt ggggctttgg gctacttgat atctttgtct aacctccaga gaatggaatg    136620
     aggctgaaga ttgagctcaa ataaccaatt atttggtcag tcatacctat ataatgaagc    136680
     cctccaaaaa tatggaaact aaagctcagg tgagttttct tggctggcaa tgcactgtgg    136740
     aaaccaaaat taaaattcta aggccccaag ccatctgaat ggacttcctc ctcagacagg    136800
     gctcttaaaa tttaacttga aagactggtt caggccatga tcgaaaatag gggtcagaca    136860
     tccttattat acctctctgg cattaatatc aacacagatt ttaagtctga taaaaaacat    136920
     tttacaatct attctctcta aagcctgcta cctagaggct tcatctgcat gataaaactt    136980
     tcacctccac aaccttattg caacccagac attcctttct attgatctca ggtatttgga    137040
     taaactcaac caattgtcaa tcagaaaaat tttagatttc cctataagct ggaagacgcc    137100
     ccacttcaag tccacttttc tggaccaaac acatgtattt cataaatgta tttgattgaa    137160
     gtctcatgcc tccctaaaat gtataaaact aagctgcatc ctgaccacct tgggcacatg    137220
     ttctcaggac ctactgaggg ctgtgtcatg ggccgtggcc actcatattt gactcaggat    137280
     aaatctcttc aaatatttta cagattttga cgcttttcat cgataataat ttggcaccca    137340
     aacacgtggg gcctcagaga agactcagga ctccaaagga gttgcccaaa ctcagagcta    137400
     agttatcagc aggggcccat tgaagcctcc acgactttga gcttctcctc tggtggaact    137460
     gctaagtcct cctgagccca gaacctccct ttgatgaaag gtccttgatt tattctgagc    137520
     ttttattttt gctcttctag gaagttgttg tttaaggatc ctaattgtag ttcagaggtg    137580
     cattttaaag ggtcttctcc attgcttttt ctcccgaaat taatcttgat ttggcttggc    137640
     tgggcgcatt tgcatgagga actgtactgt tgttttcata agtaaatgag actgagttta    137700
     ctcagcttgg aaaagaaagg gcattttgtt ccttccagct gaaaggcacc ctgggttact    137760
     gggggcctcg tgggattgtc tggggtgttg accctccgtg atttacagca gccgtacagg    137820
     gaacccccaa tgaaattagt tcaaaacagg ctcgtcctgc aagtgtatac aggagctggt    137880
     tgcttcatac tttgggccct gctgaagggg cttagacctc tggagaggga aagatacatg    137940
     taagagggca gcaataactc agtggttaat tttacaggat atctggggtg tcaatttttc    138000
     ttactggaaa cctctatggc cgcagcgcct ttgcctgagt ttttgtccta cctccaggaa    138060
     taatgaggta tgcaagcaag tgaaaggtga agaagaagag ttttatttga tgttagaaca    138120
     gctcagagga gtgggtagct cctctctata gacaggttgc ccagtgaaac gttcagatct    138180
     tagcagagag gaggctctag agagggtgac tcctctctgc agcaagtcat tttgacattg    138240
     ctgcaggtct ctgaagctct caacagagaa ggtagcacct ctttcatggc aggttgtctc    138300
     tgcagctctc tgcagctggt catcccatca tctccagcca tcagcagaga gggtactcct    138360
     ttctgcagct ggttgtctgc ccgtcctctg ctctcttcat cctctggcca tcctctgccc    138420
     tgctctggct gagcccaggg cttttataaa cctcagaggg aaggaagtgc atgctgattg    138480
     gtccatgggc agccatgggt gggcccagaa gaggcacctg agtccccact ccagtcctca    138540
     ggactggtag cccagccccc agccttcatg ccctccctag cctgaatgtg gggccttact    138600
     ggggaccagg cctcttctgc ccaggaacca gtttgcttcc tgctgtcatt catggcccct    138660
     ggggctcagc ccaaagcctg ctctgaaatt ggagaaggtg cccggagagg agagtggtca    138720
     ggcaggtgga agcagacatc cctgagcctg cagggatgag ggggtccttc ctggggcctc    138780
     tgagggcgca ggctgcagag atgcctgggt cctgtgtcta ggagggcggc cgcagctgca    138840
     cctgggagct cccgccccac caactgaaaa ggggtagggc tccctccctc ttgtcaccgg    138900
     ctcctgcctt cttcctggaa cagaacgcct aggtctgcag ccacaggtgc ataggctgca    138960
     gctgcacggg gaaagcagat ctggcctgtt cctggctccg ccaagagcac tcagaggctt    139020
     ggatccatag ctgcagtttg ggtaggtgca gccccgccca ggagggtggg gctcctgctt    139080
     gctctgtaaa ggaggactgg gtctgcagca gccctttggg gtttgggcag ctgcagtagc    139140
     acaaggaact cccttcccaa ctcagaaggg gcagggcttg aactcactcc gtagagtgtg    139200
     taggcctagc tgggtttccc tgctgcagcc ggcatgatgg cagcagccag taccatcact    139260
     aacacacatt tcaacccact gcacaaaagc cctaggccat agctcagttc cttgtaaaaa    139320
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagtgggaaa cagtctaaga atgggggggg aaaaaaaaag    139380
     aatgaccctc ctttgggtca ctccattggt tttatgacac ctctacttgc cagagttcat    139440
     ataaaatgga agtattatgg tctttgtgca catttacgtt gaggaaaaat acccctaagg    139500
     tagatctgca aactatagag ttcctaagtt ctgtttttct ctatttttct tttctgcctg    139560
     ctttaaatct gctctttttc tactgcaata aaaaccattg tttggattta acaggttttt    139620
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt ttgcaagttg gtgaatttgt atttatctca cggttctgaa    139680
     gtaaaagcta taggatctct gtgatctgcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg    139740
     tgtgcgtata tttaaaatgc ctttataatt tctataatta tatgtttaat tgacaattaa    139800
     atccatttta atttttttct agcacaccag actttttttc tttgtaaatt ttggtatctg    139860
     atttttacct aagagttgtt tcctttaata ttcagagtta aggctattta gctgacaact    139920
     gcctaaggtg gtgaatcagg ttatcaagaa tttgaaagcc tatgatagga gaaaaaaaaa    139980
     aagaaaaaag aaaaggggtc ttatgaatct ataagattca tcatgcctaa tatgtctatg    140040
     tgtttatgtg ctgtgtaaat aatatttcac tactaaaaat atataaaagt gctctaatta    140100
     attggcttaa aaataaaaga atctaaatca aatacttaaa agaaaagcct aactaaatgc    140160
     tttttcaagt tcacatgact taagtaaaat ctttaataaa taagttggcc ttaaagttat    140220
     aggtaaaata tgtattagtc cgtttttatg ttgctgataa agacatactt gagactggga    140280
     agtaaaagag gtttaattgg acttacagtt ccacatggct ggagaggcct cagagtcatg    140340
     gcaggaggca aaagacattt cttacatggt ggcagcaaga gaaaatgagc tagaagcaaa    140400
     agtgaaaact gctgataagc ccatcagatc tcgtgagact tattcactgt cacaagaata    140460
     acacatgaaa gaccagcctc catgattcaa ttatctcccc ctgggtccct cccacaacaa    140520
     gtgggaattc tgggagatac aattcaagtt gagatttgag tggggacaca cccaaaacat    140580
     atcaaataat attagaaatt tcttaagaat cgatagcatt tttatttcca tttgttgatc    140640
     aagtggtttc atgcttactc ctgtagaata ctatacgatt tgccataagg gttatataag    140700
     tataataccc agcccaagac acaatgatct ttgcttgcat aatttttgat aaataagaca    140760
     tggaatgttg ttggtttaat gaaaacagct aaatcttgag gtattggtaa aaaataccct    140820
     tatatttaac tttaagtttc tgaagtaaat acctgaaatt cacaggtgta aaaacagtta    140880
     acaaagaaat aactttaaat attgagtatc acagtttttg taagtaatct aggtaaatga    140940
     ttaatattga ataaattaat cagttaaatg taatttaata aatgcttgta aacaaacgtc    141000
     ataatttagg atctcaaagt tattaattga tatcaggtat ctgagtaatt tccaatttaa    141060
     aaattataga aaaccatttt tttaaaaaag ttcttattaa aaggcaaata tctttgtcta    141120
     attaaaggct tatttaaagg ttatgtataa aacaaggtaa aagttaccat aaaataagag    141180
     atgtaaagaa agttaaagat ataaagaagt atttttggta aagaagatgt gaaccctgaa    141240
     aatctgagac aggtctcagt taatttagga agtttatttt gacaagattg agaatgtgca    141300
     cgcaggacac agcctcagga ggtcctgatg acatgtgcca aggtagtcag aacacagttt    141360
     ggttttatag attctaggga gatatgagac atcaatcaac atatgcaaga tgaacactgg    141420
     tccagtctgg aaaggcggga caactcaaag taaaagcagg atgactcaaa gtggagaagg    141480
     ggcttccagg tcacaggtag ataagagaca aatggttgtg ttcttttgag tttctgatta    141540
     gcctctccaa agcaggcaat caggtatgca tttatcccag tgagaagagg ggtgactttg    141600
     aaaagaatgg gaggcaggtt gggtctaagc agttcccagc ttgacttttc ccttagctta    141660
     gtgatttggg gaccccaaga ttttattcct ttcacaattt ctttcttttt aaaaattttt    141720
     tgaagaaagc attttagaag aaaatgagtc tctggtctca ggtttcttct gatctcacat    141780
     ggctaggatg gtttattcct agacaggtag gtcatgagtt attaggaaag ctcgttttta    141840
     tcaggttgtg aagtcatgtc ctaggaagag aacgtagggg aaggaaggaa taaaaacaac    141900
     aagcaaaaga acaatactgg aaaatcaata taggccacaa aactctgaag tgcattcatc    141960
     attaggcagg tatgaaagtg gcttatgtac gtaaataggc tgctgttatt ttcttctaaa    142020
     atttaagttg tctagctata gtttgtaggg cttaatgaaa gcacagctta gttttcaatg    142080
     gtttcaagtt aggaaaaatt gggggaaaag gaaaagaaag aagaaaaaat gaaaatatta    142140
     ttttaaagat ttgttgtcag gaaaaattat aattcagccc aaactgtaga aaataataaa    142200
     aactgaaaaa tgttagacaa gactaggatc taacaacagg tgtattgtag tttttgaaac    142260
     ataatttttc tctctcctgt ttcccatttt tactaaagtc aaattatggt agaatcaatt    142320
     tgctttatta tacttggcca tattatttgt ataaagtgca gcaaggataa ttatttttta    142380
     tataggctta tttacattgg ctttgatgga acttggttca atagaaaaaa tctcatgaga    142440
     cttttttctt ttttttatat taaaagcatt tatttatttt actttaattc ttctaaaaaa    142500
     tgggatacat gtgcagaaca tgtaggtttg ccattcagta atattaaata cattcacata    142560
     attgtgcaac caatctgtta agctttttca tcttgcaaat ctgaaactct atacccagta    142620
     attacaactg cccatttttc ccttcttgag cccctggcaa ccaccatttt accttatgtt    142680
     tctataaatt tgactagttc atatgcttca tttaagtgga gctatatggt atatgcattt    142740
     ttgtgacttg tgtattttgc ttagcataac atcctcaagg ttcatctatg ttgtgtaatg    142800
     tgtcattttt ttttaaggct aatattttct tatatggaca taccacattt tgtttaatcc    142860
     tatatgcata tgacattaag atcgcttcac gttttgttca ttataaataa cactgctata    142920
     aatgtgggtg tacaaatatc tctttgagat cctacttaaa attcttttgg atatatactc    142980
     agaagtggta ttgcttgatc ctatggtaat atttgtaatt ttctgaggaa tcaccataat    143040
     gtgtttcaca ttggctgtac aacttttcat tcccaccaac agtgcagagg tgatctgatt    143100
     tttccacatc ctcatcaatg tttgttactt tttgtttttc tttttctctt tttttttgag    143160
     agggagcttc actcttgttg cccaggcaat aagattgtgc aatggcacaa tcttggctca    143220
     ctgcaacctc cacctcctgg gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc aagtagctgg    143280
     gattacaggc atgcaccacc acgcccggct aattttttgt atttagtaga gatggggttt    143340
     caccatgttg gtcaggctgg tcttgaactc ctgacctcag gtgatccacc tgcctaggcc    143400
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcatgagc catcgagtcc agccactttt tattttcttt    143460
     aaaataacta ttctgatggg tgtgaagtaa tatctcattg tggttttgat ttgcatttcc    143520
     ttagtgactg gtgatatgat catctctttt cttatggttg ttggctttct ttattaattt    143580
     tttattctat atacattttt ctcctttttg aatttgttcc aaatgtattt attctatgta    143640
     catttttctc ctttttgagt ttgttccaca tgtatttatt aattattgat tatctcagga    143700
     ttttgtaggg ttttgggcac ttacatgact caaagtaaga tattatctgg gtggtacact    143760
     aaattatttt atgactatac aaacctgctt caaaatatat ttaaccttat agttttaagg    143820
     ccatgttcta tacagtgatt tctaacattc ccagtatgaa tattcttatt ttattttact    143880
     tattatgaaa atatgtttta aaatataaat attgctgtgg tttgaatatg tatcccaaag    143940
     tttatgtgtt tgaaacttaa cccccaaatt tatatgttga tcatgtatag atggacgtag    144000
     ggccttttgg aggtaattag ggttagatgg ggtcctgagt gtgggatcct catgatgggt    144060
     tagtgacttt attggaagaa aaggagagac ctgagctggc acactcttgc cctctggtga    144120
     tgtgatgccc tccaccattt tacaattcag caagaaggca cctaccagat gccggtgcca    144180
     tgcttgtaga tgtcccaggc tccagaactg tgagttaaat gaaagtattt tatatataaa    144240
     ttatctagtc tatggaataa tgttatggca acagaaaatt actaacaagt gtatttagag    144300
     aataaggtac aaacccaggt atcccatgaa aaaacaaatg ttaactctct tagtcttttt    144360
     aggctggtgg gtagctcata tatgacagaa atttgtttct tacaattttg gagagggggg    144420
     taatgtccaa gatgaaggca tcagcagatt tggtgtctaa tgagggccca ctttctcata    144480
     ggtggccacc ttttcactgt aaactcacat accagaagtg atggggaatc tctcttggat    144540
     ctcttttata agggcactag tctcattcat gacagtttta cccccatacc tcctactact    144600
     ataaacttga gggttaggat ttgaacatat gaattttgcg gagaatacaa acattcaaat    144660
     catagcattt tcccctgatg cccctgaatt tttgtctttc ttacctacaa aatacattca    144720
     tgacatcacc aaagccccaa aagtcttcac ttcttccagc gccaacacaa aactgtaaag    144780
     tacaaagtct catctgaata tcatctaaat tgtttgtggg tgaaattcaa ggtaagtttt    144840
     attctgtgaa acattgctct ccaacagtga aattgtaaag tcaaacatgt tatgtgcttc    144900
     caaaatacag tggttaaaca gacataggat aagcattctt attccaaaat ggagaaatat    144960
     aagagaataa aaactaatag tttccaaata agtatgaaat acaatagggc aaataatttt    145020
     aaattttaca gcttgagaat aatcttcttt ggtttagtgc ttgccctcca ggccaactgg    145080
     aaattggaga tgggcacacc ttccagacat actgggtcag ggcccaacct tctcttctgg    145140
     acacactgga gttgggatcc taccttttag atacactggg atgtgtggac ctgccccaat    145200
     gcaaagggtg gccccaccac catgttagat ctctgtagtc atcccaattc tgatgtgaat    145260
     ttgtgtttga gttgtatgcc catggatcct ccaggctgga atcatggatg ggattaatgt    145320
     ctataaaagg cttcggagag ctgcctcttt ctttctgccc tttcaccatg ttagggcacc    145380
     tagtcagcat caaccctgag aagagggccc taaacagaca actgacatgc tcatgctttg    145440
     aacttcaact tctcagcctc caaaactatg agaaataaat attatttatg gattatgcaa    145500
     tctgtggtat tttgtgacag aagcatgaaa gaaccgagac actaggacta tggtgtttcc    145560
     tagtttctgc tttttcttaa atttgtgtcc agcaacacat actcatcact gggggaaaat    145620
     ttttcatgtc tgcattctcc tttatgatat tttctgtaaa tttcagtctt ctctattttt    145680
     ctttgtacat tttttattgt ggtaaaatgt acataactta aaacttacta ttttaactat    145740
     ttttaagtgt atagttcagt ggcattgagt gtattcatct tgttgttcat ccatcactac    145800
     atccatctcc agaaattttt cttcctctca ggttaaaacc caatgtccct taaacagtaa    145860
     ctcaccattt tcccctacta acaactgctg ggaagcattg ttctattttt cttctttata    145920
     gatttgacta ctctagttac ctctgaggac taagctctga ttttttatct tgcccaaatt    145980
     cctttctaag gggtctgggg agtcatgccc tacaaaccat aaattttcat tagatgggtt    146040
     ttatttaacc ctgtatattg tgacttactt tccaaactga ctctggcata acaagggaac    146100
     aatctaagca ttttacccca aaatatattt ccttatacct agaaattgcc cttcaaagtc    146160
     tcttggaaaa attcatgttc tatagagaat atcttttccc ctttgttttc tctcctttct    146220
     ttccgataca ggtgataatc aactaaaagc caggaaccct tttaggttca ataagaaaca    146280
     ttttacaacc tgctctctct ctctccgaag tctgctatct gagagattcc tctgcacaat    146340
     aaaacttggt ctccacaatc ctttatctta acctgaacat tcctttccat taatcccagg    146400
     tcttcagata aactcaacca attgtcagcc agaaaatgtt taaatttacc aatagcctgg    146460
     aagcccctgc tttgagttgt cccacttttc tgaaccaaac caatgtattt cttaggtgta    146520
     tttgatgtct cttgccttct taaaatatat aaaaccaagc tgtaccccga ccaccttggg    146580
     cacatgtttt caggacctcc tgagggctgt gtcttgggcc atggtcactt atatttggct    146640
     cagaatgaat ctcttaaaat attttactga gttagactct tttcatcgac acctcatata    146700
     actctattct gttgttactg gcttatttta ctaagtctta cacactgtat ttaaggttca    146760
     tctatgttgt ggtatgtgtc agaatttcct gtctttttag gattaacaag tattctcttt    146820
     tatgtttata ccacattttg tgtattcatt catctatgaa tgaacacttg ccttgcttcc    146880
     gttttttggc taatgtaaat aatgctgtcc taaacataaa tgtgcaaata tttatttgaa    146940
     cattgcttta aatccttttg gatatatact gaggaataaa agtgctttaa tatatagtaa    147000
     ttctatgtta cattatttga ggattggcca tacggttttc atagggtctt cactgtttta    147060
     cattcttttc agcagtccaa aagggtttca ccacattatt accaatattt gttattttct    147120
     gttgtgtgta tgcctgtgtg tgtgtttcat aatagtcatt aaaatgagtg ttagttggtt    147180
     tatcattaag gtttacattt gcatatctct aaggattcgt taccatattg tttatcctta    147240
     ctattgtact ggctattttg gatattctgc cttttcatat aaactttagg atcaagttgc    147300
     tgataaccac caaataactt gcagagatta ttgggaagaa ctcacatctt taaaatattt    147360
     gtctcctatc tatgaacagc aaatatttcc aaatatacta agttcttcac tgattttgtt    147420
     caacacagtt tgtaaatttc ctgtaaaaat cttgtacaca ttttgttaga attataccta    147480
     aacatttcat tttggagcat gctaacgtaa ttggtattgt attttaaaat tcaggttgtt    147540
     cttgttcgtt gctggtatat aggaaagtaa ttgtttttta tattaatctt tcattatatc    147600
     ctgcaacctt gctataatca ctaatcaggc caggcatggt gactcttgcc tataattcca    147660
     gctgctaagg atgctgaagt gggaatatag attgagcctg ataatctctc tctctacaca    147720
     cacacacaca cacacacaca catacacaca cacacacaat tccaaggatg aaacccactt    147780
     gataataata aattatttat ttgacatgct gttggattga atttgctagt attttgttga    147840
     ggattttgca tctgtgttca tcaagggtat tggtctgtgc tatccttttg gctgttgttg    147900
     ttgtatcact gcctggtttt ggtacaaagg tgatactgga tttgtagaat aagttataga    147960
     gggatccctc ctcttcaatt ttgttgaaat tattttggta tcagcttttc tatatacatt    148020
     tggttaaaaa ctggctgtga gtctgtctgg tcctggcctt ttatttgctg gaagattttt    148080
     tattactaat ttgatttcat tgctcaatat ggatctgttc agagtttctt tcttcctggt    148140
     tcagtcttgg aggttgtatg tttccagcaa aatatccatt tcttctaggt tttccagttt    148200
     gtgcatgtag agatgttcac aggattctct gatgatctat tgtatttttg tgatatcaat    148260
     tgtaatgtca cctttatcat ttcttttctc tttttttcct agtttagtct agctcgcagt    148320
     cagtcaatat tgttttttct ttcaaagaac cagatatact gtttcaaaga aacagattat    148380
     ttggatggtt tttttaaatt taattctgct gcattctctg ttaattcttt ttttccccta    148440
     gcttttggtt ttatttgttc ttccttttct attttcttat gatgcaaccc tacattgtta    148500
     atttaaaata tttttagctt tttgatgtag gtgtttaatg ctataaactt gttctgagca    148560
     ctggttttgc tgtatcccag ctgttttggt gtgttttgtc tcttttcatt cttgttaaaa    148620
     aaaattgttg atttctgtct taatttcatt gtttaaccag gagacattca ggagcaagtt    148680
     ctttagtttc catgtacttg tttagttttt aagagttctt cttggaattg atttctaatt    148740
     ttttccactg tggtcaaagt ggatgcttga catgattttg atgtttttga atttattgag    148800
     atttggtttt ttaccatgca tgtggtaaat ttcaggggat attctgtgca caggtgaaaa    148860
     gaatatgtat tgtgtggttt gggagtaaaa tgttctgtaa atgtctatta ggtatatttg    148920
     gtcagtagtc cagtttatat ccagagttgc tttgttgatt ttctgcatca ttaatctggc    148980
     tagtgatgtc agtttggtgt tgatatccac tattattatt gtactgttgt taatctgttt    149040
     tcttaggttg ggtcgtacta gttttaatct gggtgctctg gtgttgggtg catatatatt    149100
     tagaatagtt aaaactttct gttgcgtaga aacctttatg ttataatggc cttctttgtc    149160
     ttgttttctg ctgttggcct aaaatctgtt ttatccaata taataaagat tactcctgat    149220
     cacatttatt ttgcatttgt gtgatttttt ttttcccacc cttttacttt gagtcctaac    149280
     gtaccttgaa acagtacatg gatctcttgt agacagcaga tggttgggtc ttattatcat    149340
     ttttttaaat ccaatttgcc agtctctatc ttttaagtaa gccattaagg ccattttcat    149400
     tcaagatcaa tattgatgtg tgaagttttg ttcctaaagt agtgagatgt ttgcaagtga    149460
     gatgttttaa ttctgtttca attctgcagg tttttttaat aagatctatg agttttatag    149520
     ctgtgtgtgc ttttctgatg gtgattgtta tccttatgtt tccatgttta aaactccttt    149580
     aagcatttct tgtaggaatg gtcttgtggt gacatatttc cttagagttt acttgtctga    149640
     gaatgactac atttctcctt cgtttatgaa gcttagtttg acagcacaga aaattattag    149700
     ctgatattct tttcttcttc tctaaggagg ctaaaaatag gtccccaatc tctcctggct    149760
     attagggttt ctggtgacaa ttctgctgtt aatcagaaaa gttttacttt tggattagtg    149820
     cattctaaca tggctgtaaa aaataccaga gactggatag gttataaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    149880
     agaggtttaa ttgcctcatg gttgcatggt tacatgatac tggtatctta tcactcctgg    149940
     aaaggcctca ggaaacctcc aatcatggtg aaaggcaaag gggaagcagg cttggcttat    150000
     atgtccagag tgggagtaat agagagagga ggaaggtgcc aaaatctttt aaacaaccag    150060
     atcttagaag aactcactat cacaagaaaa gcaccaaaag gatggtgctc tcattcatga    150120
     gaaaccactg ccatgatcca gttacctccc accaggccct tcctcaaaca ctggtggcta    150180
     caattctaca tgagatttag gtgaggaaac agatccaaac aatatcatcc tgccaatggc    150240
     ccctccaaat ctcatgtttt tctcacgtgt caaaatacag tcatgccttt ccaacagtcc    150300
     cccaaagact taacttattc cagcattaat gcaaaagttc acagtcccaa gtctcatatg    150360
     agacaaggct agtcccttcc acctatgtga ttgcaaaata aaagaaaaaa aagtcagtta    150420
     cttgcaagat acaatggagg gataggcatt ggctaaatag tcctgttcca aaagggagaa    150480
     atcaaccaaa agaaagagga tataggctcc atgcaagtct taaacccaga agagcagtca    150540
     ttaaatttta aagctccaaa ataacctcct ttgactccat gctccacatc caggacatac    150600
     tgatgctagg ggtgggctcc cacatccttg ggcagctcta cccctgtggc tttgcaggga    150660
     acagcctgtg cagctgctct catgggctgg tgctgagtac ctgtggcttt ttcaggtgca    150720
     tggtacaagc tgtcagtggc tctactattc cacgatctgg aagacagtgg tcatcttgtc    150780
     acagcttcac taggcagtgt ctcagtgtgg actctgtgtg ggggatccaa cctgacattt    150840
     cccctcccac tgccctagta gaggttctct atgagggctc tgcccctgca gcaggtttct    150900
     acctggacat ctagactttt gcacacatcc tctgaaatct agtagtagac tccctagact    150960
     cagctcttgc actctatgga ccgtatttaa ctctatggac tctatttaac accttgtagc    151020
     aactgtcaag gcttataggt tgcaccctct gcagcagcag catgagttgt accttggccc    151080
     cttttggcca tggctggagc tggaaaggct tggatacagg gatcagtgtc ctgaggtcgt    151140
     acagggtggc ggggccctgg gcttggccct ccaaaccatc ttttcctctt aagcctctgg    151200
     tcatgtgatg ggaagggctg ccatgaaggt ctgtgaaatg gctttgaggc cttttcccct    151260
     ttgtcttggc tattagcatt tgcaatcttt ttagttatgc aaatttctgc agcctgcttg    151320
     aattcctccc atgaaaatgg gcttttcttt tctaatgcat gaccaagctg caaagtttca    151380
     aaattttatg ctctgcttcc cttttaaata tatgctccag tttttcatca ttgctttgct    151440
     cacacttatg aacataggct gttagacatg gccaggtcat accttgaatg ctttgctgct    151500
     tagaaattta ttccaccaaa taccctaaac catcactctc aagttcaaag ttttacagat    151560
     ccttagggca ggtgcacagt gccaccaggt tcgttgctaa tgcataacaa aagtgatctt    151620
     tgctccactt cccaataagt tcctcatccc catctgagac ctcgtcagcc aggacttcat    151680
     tgtccatatc actataggca ttttggtcac aacaatttaa caagtcccta agaatttcca    151740
     agttttccct catgtttgtc ttcttctgag ccctccacaa tcttccaaca tctgcccatt    151800
     atccagttcc aacattgctt tgatagtttt agaaatctct atagcagtgt cccactactt    151860
     ggtaccaatt ttttgtatta gtgtgttctc acattgctat aaagaaatac ctgacactgg    151920
     gtaatttata aagaaaaaaa cttaattggc tcacagttct gcaagctgta caggtagcat    151980
     gatgctgaca tctgcttggc ttctggagag gcctcaggaa actttcaatc atgacagaag    152040
     gtaaagggga agcaggcaca tcttacatgg ccagagcagg agcaagagag agaggcagaa    152100
     actgccacac ccttttaaac aatcagttct cataaaaagt cgctttcaca agaatagcaa    152160
     caaggggata gtggtaaacc attcatgagc aatgtgatgg ttaatactga gtgtcaactt    152220
     gattggattg agggatacaa attattagcc ctggatgtgt ctgtgtgggt gttgccaaaa    152280
     gagattaaca tttgattcag tgggctgggg aaggcagatc cacccttaat ctggtgggca    152340
     caatctaatc agcttccagt gaacataaag caggcaggaa aacatgaaga aacgagaggg    152400
     gcgagcctcc cagcctacat ctttctccca tgctggatgc ttcctgctct tgaacatcag    152460
     actccaagtt cttcaatttt gggactcgga ctggctctcc gtgctcctca gcttgcagac    152520
     agcctattct gagaccttgt gatcatgtaa gttaatatgg aatatattat atatatgtta    152580
     tataggagct gtgccaaaat gaccactgtc ttcctgaccc tggaatagta aagccactga    152640
     cagcttgtat agttttatat atatgtatag ttatatatat atatatatat cctattagtt    152700
     ctatccctct gagagaaccc tgactaatac aagacacttc tgccataatc caattacctc    152760
     ccacagaccg caacttcaac actgagggtt atagtttcac gagatttgga tgaggacaca    152820
     gattcaaacc atataaactt tataggtgtt ttgacccttt tctctggctg cctttaagaa    152880
     tttttctgta ccattgacct tggatagtct gataactaca tgccttgttc atgtgtgtat    152940
     ttttataata tcttgaaggt tttctttaaa attcttgtat ctgcacaact gcttctctag    153000
     agagattagg gaagttttct tgaattacta ttttttttag atggcttact ttttattctc    153060
     tctcaggaat gtctataagt cataggtttg atcactttac ataattctat atttctcaaa    153120
     gctttgtttt ttaaattatt ttttctttat tttgtttgtc ttaattcaaa aactggtctt    153180
     caagctctga aattctttct tgtgcttagt ctagtctact gttaaagctt tccactgtat    153240
     ttggaagttt cttaagtgat ttttttttta attttgagaa gttctctttg ttgtttttcc    153300
     tttatcatgt cttcctttat ttcctcaatt gctttcatga tgtctttgtg ttaattttca    153360
     accttctctt ggacgtcatt atacttcctt gtaattcatg ctttgaatac atcatctgtc    153420
     atttctgagt tttaaatgtt tttagggtct gttgctagag agttagtatg atttcttggt    153480
     gttgtgacta cattctggtt tttcatgatg ccagaatttt tatgctgctt ctttctcatc    153540
     tggagaagtt ggcacttctt tttgaattta tttttgcttg gatggtctct tctctctctc    153600
     tctctttccc cctctctctc cctgtctctc tctctccacc cccgcccccc ccaaccctta    153660
     atatatatat tcttctttta gggagtgtga ctatagagta tgtcgggtac agccttttgt    153720
     ctttgctcct atagctattt gcacttctgt cagcaggctt tttcttggtc tgtgcagttt    153780
     gacctgcagg ccagtaggtg atgcttatgc ttaagacgca atagaggcag gagccactct    153840
     gtgtgtattt gatttgtgtt taacttgaag tattttctac tttccttagg tgatgcgctg    153900
     cacattggaa tgcctactac cctcagcttc gggttcagtg tggtgggggg aacacagcgg    153960
     agcagagcgt gactccctga cttcctcaca gtttcctcag tgacaagcac agatgactgg    154020
     ggtggctggg ggagctcctg gtgagatgca ctgaggtcat tgcatggggt gaatgattgt    154080
     tccagctcca tgtgctagat atgcaggaat gtgattagct tttctatcac actcctgtcc    154140
     cactgcttat gattcagatt cacacttttg tctaccttca ggctacagtg tagctgagac    154200
     acatggaaat gcctgtactg tagcattctg tgggagtggt ttcaggatgg aacctcttca    154260
     ctcagcccag tacagacagc tttatggctc acctcttctc caatgtcgca aggctgctgc    154320
     tttgtgctga ggagggtagg ggctccacct tttgacccac gcacgtgggc agcagttgtg    154380
     atggtatccg ctagttgggc tggcctgacc tcctggtggg tagtcaggtg ccaggagtcg    154440
     tggaccaggt tagataactt cttgactttc aggcccctaa gtggcccact ggatggcata    154500
     tatgagtcca gaaggggcta gaccaggatt atatcagccc agaatttagg agctgctgtg    154560
     attaggaggg atggattggt ctctgggtca ctgacagaac agtcaggtta gggcagggag    154620
     aatgctcagg cagtggaagt cagagggaag atcacaggcc ttagaggctg ggctgcaggt    154680
     gaaatggtca ggaaagagca ggatggctgt actgtgagct tcttactggg aaagttagga    154740
     ccccatggct ggggtagtga aaactggcag ctgcggggca tatggcctgc ttgcagtttc    154800
     ctgccataga agtggcactg ggtttcacca ttgggagcat gtaaagttgc ctggcctacc    154860
     cataccctcc ctggtcctag ggtggcaggg gtggacagag gcagcagtga catatgccca    154920
     ggatggccta tcagtggccc tggaagttca gctatagcca cagtcttcag atggggacag    154980
     ggtgggtgca ctgggagact gttactgtgt aagtaagctc cacctggaaa agagctacaa    155040
     aggcaagggg tcacgcagtg tgcagtctgc cttcttctcc acactgtggc tgcaggttct    155100
     gtcttacatg catgcaaaaa tgccccacct cctcattaca ttcctagcct gtggttggca    155160
     gtggcagagg caggtgtggt agcacttagg ctctcagagg aatgctgagc tgtggtcaca    155220
     gtgttcaact tggggaaggg gagctgcact gcaccacaag gttgtcactg aagcaggcaa    155280
     gccctgcatg ggaagaagcc acagaggtgg gggatcatgc attgcatagt ctgcccatgc    155340
     ctctgtgccc tgattttggt atctactttg acagtgccta aaagtgccct gcctccatgt    155400
     tccctgcctg gcccatggat agcagaggca aaggcagcag tgtcagaggc tgcagagagc    155460
     atattaccag cctctgggag ttaagcttca gttgcagtgt tcaggtgggg atggggctgg    155520
     tgtgctggag gcctgtctcc aaagcagact aacccaattt ggtggggttc aatagaggtg    155580
     aagggtcatg taatgtgtca tccgcctgct gctttgtaca atgggagtgg catctgtcct    155640
     gagggtagta tctgtcctgg gagtgtgcaa aagtgcttgg cctctctcct tggcaaggca    155700
     gtggtggctg gcatggagct gcttgggtat caaaagcttg ttgattccat gtgggcttga    155760
     gcagtacctt tgctcagtct ccaggcagct ccccatttca atctggagac ccgctggggg    155820
     agaggggtta aaaaggactc tcctgtcatg agggttgtaa aggtccatga tggaagtgtg    155880
     gaaccccttg ggtctctcac tcactcaccc cttccatatg ttaggaggcc tctcccaggt    155940
     tcacaccagt actggctctt caggctgcgt agcttcactc tcctctgctt tctatggttc    156000
     ccaatgcttc cctggtgaat ttaaggatac tcccttagac aatccactgg aagtgccaat    156060
     atgtacttac tattttaatt cttctccatg atataggcac tcactagctg tttctagtca    156120
     gccatcttga acagggatag cttctcccat atttagtgtg agacctgctc cagcttctgg    156180
     aggtaaattt aactcacatt agtatggtgt acctgctttc actgggtcct cctggagttt    156240
     taactatcag acttgtacac acaaagcctt aagcaattta tcaattatag cttgtgtttt    156300
     cctactccat cactgttacc tgttgtggtt tttgcttatg agtttcttct ccaataagct    156360
     ctgactctta gtaagcctat ctgcctctcc aatcttggga gcaatggttt tccctgtgtc    156420
     cttgcatttc ttatttatcc ggaagagtag tacatttttc aggcttctta atttttttcc    156480
     ttgctagaaa gaagtggcat cttccaagct ccttacatgc agaactggaa aacaaaagcc    156540
     ctattttcag aattgtcatg cacagaatat gttctttaat ttcattttca catgtcaaaa    156600
     tctaatgtta attgttataa gaaatattag ttaatgaaat atttgtttta tattttctcc    156660
     agactttttc atttcatata aatattatca tatatgtggt ctttgtgact gccttctttt    156720
     gcctaacatt acgttttcaa aatttatcta gtatgtatca gtatgctatt cccttttatg    156780
     gttaaataat attccaccgt atgcctacat aacagtctgt ttatctgatc atcttttgta    156840
     tgaatatttg atttctttcc acttttgagc tattatttat aatactgatg tgaacactca    156900
     tgtaaaacat tttcagtgga cacaagtttt tatttctctt gagtatatat ctaaagtgga    156960
     atgcagaata ggtgggttat gtggtaagta tatgtaaaat ttagaataac tttcagagtg    157020
     ttttacaaag tacctgctac attttacatt tttacaacca atatgtgaga gttctgattt    157080
     ttccacatct tcaccaacac ttgtttttgt ttttttttta aattataggc ttcctctatg    157140
     aaatggttac tcatctttgt tttcgttttc atttccctga tgactaacaa tattggatat    157200
     ctttttatgt gtgaattggt cattttatat acaatttgaa gaaatgttta ttaatgtttt    157260
     tgcctgtatt atttgtcttt ttattattca gttgtatgag ttctccaaat aatcttgacg    157320
     caagtctctc atcagattca tgatctgcaa atattgtctt ccattctgtg tgtaaacatc    157380
     tttataatct caactttatt tggactaatg tctaaaatgg ctatcaatgt aagacataag    157440
     catttgcctc caagaatttg tatcttgaaa ctaaattacc aacatggtag tattaagagg    157500
     tgcggccatt aggaagtgat gaaattgagg aaggaagtct tcagggattg gattggggct    157560
     ttataaaaaa ggcttgagga atgggttcac tatcctctgc ttctctgcca tatgataata    157620
     caatgttcat ccccttgctg tccttcctat cccttccatc atgtgaggat atctagatga    157680
     tgccatgtgt aaggaacagg cctttactag aaaccaaata taccagtgtc tggagattgg    157740
     acttttcagc ttccagaact gtgaggaaat aaatttctgt tctttataaa ttatctagtc    157800
     tcaagtgttt tgttatagca gcatgaactg acaagataat attcttacac aaattaatat    157860
     aaagctagat gggtgggaca catgagaaca atttaccaat aagtagtttt aaataaaata    157920
     ctgagaaaat gaattcctca gttaaataaa aataacatac aaagatctat gtgtgtgtat    157980
     atataatatc tatccatatc tatataaact tgactttaca tatacacaag gaaaatatgt    158040
     tgtaagattc catgtggagt tgcatttcaa gaaaatattt agtttaagct aagttataaa    158100
     gagcaatgtt agataacata cacatcttat aatagtctgt aatcgtattt cctttcatta    158160
     cagataaaac ttgaaatttg agaaagtatt attgcaaaat gtgaaatatg ctaatgtgaa    158220
     ggtgcctgaa tgaattgttc aagagctgtc ttattggaaa aataaattta actacatctt    158280
     tattaactta agcatagtat actgaaattt gcttacagca gtcaactctg agcaattctt    158340
     ctggccaaaa tgtaatgaca atgctttact tctattatct gagattgaaa caaattctgc    158400
     ccataatttc tgggtgataa aaagctaaga gttttaaaat taagcagatt tcatttgaca    158460
     actgagctga aattttgagt cagccctaaa ctccaatctg ctatgtcctt ttcacttttg    158520
     gtgacctttt actatgcttt aactttagtg ccttaacttg gtaaaattga aagaagaaca    158580
     aaataaatgt tgtgagagaa acttgatttc tctatattat aatttgattg taaaataatc    158640
     acattaatga ttctaagtcc cttaataatt gatttactag cagatatatt atcaagcaaa    158700
     cactagttaa tgttactttg tcacatataa ttacaatgca aattaaacat acacaacgca    158760
     tgccctcaag gaatttatat accacaacag acataatcac aaagatacac ataaatgtat    158820
     atacatcata tgaccaaatt tatatttttg tgttgaaatt attagtaata taataaatat    158880
     acaaatcaag tattatttct ataatgtata aggttattaa ttttaactag catagtaccc    158940
     atgttatttt tgttttgaga cacatgtatc atatattact gaagtataac aacatgaaac    159000
     agaggacaga actatatttt tgatacatta tattcatagc ttaaatgtag cttatttttt    159060
     ggatgtatgc ttatttattt gagaatctat ctttttgttc caagaaagta gttttggact    159120
     catgctacag ctcatcaatt aattgcatga atgtgatatg cagtttttgt gcgccttaaa    159180
     atttaaatta tgcagtatat atgtcaaatg atctgcaaac taaatatgaa agcaatatta    159240
     catataattt aggacaacta taagacactt tttatagtgt gtttttttaa tataaactct    159300
     gttaacagga ctaactaaaa atacctaatc tttgctcttc acaaaaataa tgtcaattat    159360
     gtcctgtcca tgtccaaatt ctatatatca cgtgtcacaa gaaaattcaa tattctttaa    159420
     aaagttaccc atagattgtg tctattatac acaaacaact gttgatgtct gaatatttta    159480
     ttgctataat aattgtggat gccttttaat acattaaaat aaaatgtttt aatattaatt    159540
     taatgttaat gttaatgaaa tgttttaata ttaatattaa taaaatgttt tagtattgat    159600
     ttaatgtatt aataatacat taacaaaaca aagatgccta tttttgccac ttctattcaa    159660
     caaagtaatg gaagttttag ctagaacaat taggccaaaa aaagaaaaaa gacgaaataa    159720
     aagacttcca agttggaaaa gaaaaagtaa ctatttttta ttgaagatga cataacccat    159780
     atatagataa ccctaaagat tcccaaaaaa actcttagaa ctaatcaatt tagcaaaatt    159840
     gcaagataaa aaaataaccc acaaatatca gtggctattc tatatactac caacaaaaaa    159900
     tctgagaaga aaatcaagac aacgcgtcat ttaaaatagc atcagaaata ataaaactac    159960
     ttaggaataa actttaaaat aagaggtgaa aaacttgtac actcaaaact aaaaatattg    160020
     ctgaattaaa ttgaaaaaga cacaaataaa taggaagata tcttgtgttc atggatttaa    160080
     agacttcata ttgttaagat gttgcagtac tacccaaaga aatgtgagaa ttaaatgaaa    160140
     tccttttcaa aatcccagta aagattttgc agaaatagaa atatacatct taaaattaat    160200
     atgaaatttc aagggatacc aaacagctaa agcaatattg aaagaaaatt ggagctctta    160260
     tactttctga tagcaaatat attacaaaac taaagcaatc aaaacagtct gggactggca    160320
     taaagaaaga tatatagatc aatagaattg aacagagatt atagaaaaaa attgcataat    160380
     gttcatatga tttttgacaa ggatgccaag acccattcaa tggggaaaaa agtgttttca    160440
     acagatgttg agaaaactga gtatctacat aaaaaagaat aataaagtag ggcccttact    160500
     ttatatataa aaaaaattaa aaatgtaaga aaaacatata tttaaacact aaaactataa    160560
     aactttagaa gaacatataa ggacatgatt tgtgacactg gatttggtaa tgatatcttg    160620
     aatggcacat caaaagcata gtaaacaaaa ggaaaaaagg atgaattagg ttacatcaaa    160680
     attaagtttt ttggcatcaa agagtactat caacagaagg aaaagtcaat ccagagaatg    160740
     ggagaaaata tttgcaaatt atatataaca tgttagtatc cagaatatgt aaagaacacc    160800
     tagaatttaa caacttaaaa acaacaacaa caaaaaaaac aaattataaa atgggtaaaa    160860
     ggcttgaata gacattgaag atacaaatgg ccaataagca cataacatgt ttgatatcac    160920
     taattattag ggaaatgcac ataaaaaccg taatgagatc acacattaca cccattataa    160980
     tgattatctc caaaacaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaca aaaaacagaa aatacttgga    161040
     gaaattggaa tacttgtgca ctgccattag aaatgtaatg tattgcagct gctgcaaaac    161100
     acagtttggt agttcttcaa aaaattaagt atagaattac catatgatgt agtaattcca    161160
     cttctgggta tatcagcaaa agagttgaaa tcatggactc aatcagatat ttgtacaccc    161220
     atgttcatag cagcagtatt tacaagagtc aaaaggtgga aacaacccaa atgtccattc    161280
     acagactaat gaatacacaa aatgtggtat atatggtagt ttctcagtat ctatggggga    161340
     ttggttttag ggacttttgt ggataccaaa atccacttat ggatgcctaa gtccctaata    161400
     taaaatgatg tagtatttgc atttaacata tgcacatgct cttttgtatt tttaatcatc    161460
     tctagattac ttataattcc ccatacaatg taagtgcaat gtaaataatt gttatattct    161520
     actgtttaga aaataatgtc aaggaaaaat tatttttaca tgctcagtac agaggcattt    161580
     atccattttt tcaaaatatt cttgatctat ggcaatttga acctatggat gcggaaccca    161640
     aaaatatgga gggtctaata tatgaacaat gcaatattat tcagccttga agaggaagac    161700
     agttctgaca catgctacaa catggataaa tcttaaatac attgcctaag acttagtgag    161760
     ataagctagt cataaaagga caaatacact tatatttggt atagaagtac taaagtagtc    161820
     aaattcatac agacagaaag tagaatggta gttgccaggg gatgggtgta ggagaaatgg    161880
     gtaattattg tttaataggt aaattctcag tttttgaatg taaaaagttc tagaggtaga    161940
     tggtggtgat gtttccacaa caatgtacat taacaagatt tccattaaca atatagttaa    162000
     tgccactgaa ctgtacactt aaaaatggtt agaatgggaa attttatatt agcatatctc    162060
     actacaattt ttaaaaagta aatgacaaaa aataaacgat ttcatgaaac aaattattgg    162120
     ttaagacaat tagagttaat ttacaacata tttataggtc aggttctcag ataaatgtac    162180
     atataggcag ttctaatata ttaacatttc ctttctcatt aatagtcatt tattgtttat    162240
     tgaggctatt tctaaatatc agggcccaaa tacactagta gtaatactaa ttcttcattt    162300
     cttttactat tttactaagg gccagtcact ctctgaagtg cttaaaagta ctaatcctaa    162360
     ttatttttca aaagtaacct gggtaagtat tattattatt tctattttac aaatgaagaa    162420
     actcaggcag agaaaagata aatcatttaa acacagtcac acagagcgta aatggattga    162480
     tgatttaaga ccaatgactc tgcagaacct ttcctcttaa caactctgat atcttatgta    162540
     gtcctttcat catccacatt gataggtaca cttacacttc ttttccaaat aaactgaggt    162600
     attggagttt aaataacttg tctgaaatca tacatgttca ggatctatat tcatgcgtat    162660
     ttgactctga aaacctggct cttaaattac caacaatact acaattctcc aacttgcaaa    162720
     gagtttattt atgtctcaca cagccccagg atgaactcaa gaccacagaa tatcccagtt    162780
     tttaaccaga gtattgacca caatgaaaat aaagaaaaaa tttgaaaaat aaacggtagc    162840
     ggtagatctc ataagtaaat caaataattt gttccttaaa tatagataga tacatcacta    162900
     acatgcctaa aaatttgaaa aaagaagaaa gcaaaaaata cgcacatgaa aaatataaat    162960
     ggggaagtga acactgatac agaagaagaa aaaatgatat aataacataa ttaattcaag    163020
     tttataaaaa taatatcaaa gatgatatag atgaaatacc tgattttttt gggaaatata    163080
     aaatgacaaa attgtttctt taaaaagcta gaaaatctaa acagacaaat tgtcattgga    163140
     gaaaacagtt ttgaaaaagt agtcaaagaa ctacttaaaa cttattagtc atggaatgtc    163200
     tttgtaggtc aattatctta aatctttaga atacagatga atccagtatt attttaactc    163260
     tttctgtgat gggctgaatt gtgtgccccc aatattcaga tgttaaatct ctaacactcc    163320
     atatctcaga atgtgactat tcagatgtag cccctaaagc tgtaattaag tcaaaatgag    163380
     gccacttgtg cgaagcctaa tttaatctga ccagtgttct tatacgaaga gaaaatttgc    163440
     acacacagag tgacagcaag aaaatgtggg cacagatgaa agatcatgtg aggacacagc    163500
     aagatgacag ccattgtcag ccaaggagtg aggacttaga aaaaagtaaa cttgtagatt    163560
     ccttgatctt atacttctat ccctctagaa ctgtgagaaa taaatttatc ttgtttaatc    163620
     catccaactc tttggtacgt tgctattgat acagctccga tgagtggagg aacaccaggg    163680
     ctcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgagacgga gtctcgctct gttgcccagg    163740
     ctggagtgca gtggcgcgat ctcggctcac tgcaagctcc gcctcccggg ttcacgccat    163800
     tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtagctggg actacaggcg cccgccacta cacccggcta    163860
     attttttgta tttttttagt agagacgggg tttcaccttg ttagccagga tggtctcgat    163920
     ctcctgacct catgatccac ccgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcgtgag    163980
     ccaccgcgcc cggcccccag ggctcttgtt tcgtgggaat tgggtaaaat gacatggaca    164040
     cctgtggagt gattttaagg agtggagagt ttaataggca agaaagaagg gagaagaaag    164100
     aaggaagaag ctcccctgta cagacagagg gaggggttcc caaagccaag agaggagacc    164160
     ccatgtgcaa cagaaaagtg gctacttata tgagtaggct ggaggaggtg gtgtctgatt    164220
     tgcatagggc tcaggggatt ggtttgacca ggcatgtcat tcacatagcc catgaaaaag    164280
     ctggcccttc cgccctagcc ttttattatg caaatgcagt gcgccatgat gttctacaca    164340
     tggggatatg ttggggaggc catgttgcca gacacatgtt ggggcaaggg caagaaggcg    164400
     acaggaattg ccatgtttgg gcagacccag tttctaatgg ccagcatttg catatcaaag    164460
     gtggccagcc tgactctaag aaccagtgct ttcctgctag acaagaaaca tttctggagc    164520
     tgctttaaaa gaaacaacaa cttcccaagg acctcttttc ctctttatct gcctaagata    164580
     atttcttaat aactcctata acattatgac aaccttagca aactaacaca gttgcagaac    164640
     acgaataaaa aaaattgcaa acatttattt taaagctcac ataatattga tagcaaaact    164700
     gacatagcaa atagataaaa aagaaaaatg cagtacaatt tcagatgcaa aaccttaaat    164760
     aaaatatcag ctagaaaagg tttagtctta ggtaaatatt taacatactt tatcatacta    164820
     atcaaaagcc agtagataaa aatcataaaa tgagaagagt gatattcagc aagatggaga    164880
     gttaggagct ggtgcactca tatctcctta tgacaacaat aattttgcag gcatccatgg    164940
     acaaaagtgc atttgtggaa acattaggac tgaggtagga ggttgtgaaa ctctggtggc    165000
     acctcggacc taggaatgcc tttttaagag gcaagaccca tgccccagtg ctagactcaa    165060
     aaaccattgt cctgatgcca aacctggaaa cagccttatt tccctgtgga cttgtctaca    165120
     gcactatttt accttgtttc tgtgaccaaa actatctgcc aaaggcccag gaggagtcat    165180
     gcacactagt gtcactgggg aaggccttct gacttcagtt ccacggtaga tactaaaatg    165240
     gtttgcaaac ttagccccag tccttcttac tgcagtttga gagcagctct gcctgaagga    165300
     atgcatgcct gtccatgccc ctgtagccag gccagctggc attggcccca cagcagatcc    165360
     tgagatagct ctgcaactca gcccagcccc tctaagttgc agtttgagag cagttctttc    165420
     cacactgcgg agggacctag agaaaaattc actcagcatt gcctctgtag gcaagcctac    165480
     tgaccttggc cccactgtga atcttaaaac agccctgtaa attgactcca gctcatgtca    165540
     gctatggtct gagaacagtc ctgctttccc aggaagccac tagaatacaa atccacttct    165600
     gacaccaatg gcaggcttat aggcctcagt catggctaca gacttgaacc agtcctggac    165660
     tcagttcaaa gcccttccag ccatggtcta gggtcggtat tatctgtctg aggattctca    165720
     gaattaccca gcataagccc tcccagagac ctagaagaag cagtacccgt tcatcacctg    165780
     gaaacaggaa aaccatctgc agattttgaa gtagatcctt attccagtgc cagatctgct    165840
     gaccaaagac ctggagtcag tccagtccac tcaaaaaaca tataggattc atactcccta    165900
     gagcccctgg taacaggccc actaagtgca aattccaatg caaaaccagc agcagtcaca    165960
     tgacctggtt caaacaccac ttggccacaa tcttggagat aatccaataa gcacaggaaa    166020
     tcaacaggag aaggtcttca tctgccaaaa gtagtctgta aatactgaaa gaagtgtttg    166080
     ctcattcaaa tgcatagaac aaatggacct aagagatata tatggaacat tttatccaat    166140
     agcagtagca caaatttttt tctcaagtat atatggaatc ttcatcagaa tatatcatat    166200
     tttgggccac aaaacaacct ttaacaaatt taagaatatt gtaatcatat cacatatctt    166260
     ttatgaccac tatgttataa aactagaaat caccaatagc agaaatgttg taaaattcag    166320
     aaatgtgtga aaattaaaca acttgttcct aaacaactga gggccaaaaa ataaattaaa    166380
     agcaagttta aaaccattat aagaacacca aaaatggaaa cataacatac aaaaacttaa    166440
     aagattcggc ataagcagtt ctaagagtaa aatttgtagc aataaatgcc ttcattaaga    166500
     aaaaaaagat ctcaaataac agtcaaattt tgcacctcaa gaaaaagaag aacttagcta    166560
     aaaggataaa gaagaaaatg taaacatcag aacaaaaata aaatagacac aagaaagaca    166620
     atagaaaaga tcaataaaac caagagttgg ttttttgaaa agaagaaatc tgacaaacct    166680
     ttaggtagac taactgtatt agttcattct tgcattgcta caaagaaata cctgagactt    166740
     ggtaatttat aaaggcaata caatgaaatt ataggcaatc caatttctgg ttacatgccc    166800
     aaaagaaatg aaattagtat gtcaaagtga tatctggatt cccatgttca ttgagcttta    166860
     ttcacagtgg ctaagctatg gaatccatcc aagtgttcac tgatggataa atggatacag    166920
     aaaatgttta tatatatata tataatattt catatatata attttttttt gacatggggt    166980
     cttgctctgt cacccaggct ggagtgcaat ggcacgatct tgactcactg caacctccac    167040
     ctcccaggtt caagcgattc tcccgcctca gcctcttaag tagctgggat tacaggtgtg    167100
     caccaccacg caaagctaat tttttgtatt tttagtagag acagggtttc accatgttgg    167160
     ccaggctggt cttgaactcc tgaccttgtg atctgcccac ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg    167220
     ggattacagg catgagccac cgcaccccgc atataatttc atatatatat atgtgtgtgt    167280
     gtgtgtttat cacaatgtgt atgtatacaa acaataaata ttattcagct taaaacagga    167340
     aaaagacatt tcatttctga cagcatggag atattattgc taagtgcaac atgctagaca    167400
     cagaagaacc aatactgtat gatctcattt atatgtggaa tctaaaaaag tgaaacactt    167460
     agagagtgga actgtgtttc ccaggtgctg ggggtgggga aaatgtggag atattggtca    167520
     aatggcacaa atttccagtt ataaaataaa caacttctaa gaatctaatg tacagcatgg    167580
     gtggtgaagg atattgtaat taatttcatt atgataatca ttattcaata tatacatata    167640
     tcagattatc acactgtaca ccttgaatat atacaatctt catttgtcaa ttaaatgttt    167700
     ttttaaattt aaaaacttac aaacccaaaa acacacagtg ttcttaaaaa atatctgaag    167760
     atattttaca aaagtcaaat tacaatgtag ttccaattat gtttttcaag atggctaact    167820
     cgggccatct aatgcctctt ctcctcagaa agaaaatcaa atttactggt gaatggaaaa    167880
     gttccaaatg gaaaactgag agaagagacc cagggcctat tggagagcct acaggaagaa    167940
     gcccagatgc agaaaaggga agcagcaaga gtctagccga gatcaacccc tggggaactc    168000
     agagccccat ggaaaggttc tgtgggagtg cttctttgct cccctcaccc ctgtgacaat    168060
     ctgctgactg ccaaactgtt ggggagcccc tctgcctttg taacctaggg caacgctatt    168120
     gacgccttgc cagaaggtgg ggggtgtgtg ggagaaagga gaacatccgg aagaatagct    168180
     aatggatgct gagcttaata cctaggtgat gggatgatct gtgcagcaaa cctccatggc    168240
     acacgtttac cgatctaaca aacctgcaca tcctgcacaa gtaaccttga acttaaaaat    168300
     ataagttgga aattaaaaaa aatcatgttt tgcactgtaa ctatatacaa tttttatttg    168360
     tatatttgta taatttaatt atacctcaat aaatctgaaa aaataaaaaa gtgtcttcgc    168420
     atgtcctttc cctggtattt tatggggctg tttgtttttc acttgttaat ttaaattcct    168480
     tgtcgattct ggacattgaa cctctgacag atgcttggtt taccaatatt ttaccctatc    168540
     gtctaagttg tctctttatt ctgttgacaa ttattttgct gtgcagaagc tcttttattt    168600
     aattagatcc catttgtcaa ttattgtttt tgttgcattt gcttttggat tcatcatcat    168660
     gaaatctttc ccagggtcta tgcttagaat ggtatttctt aagttatctt ctagggtttt    168720
     tatggtttta ggtgctacat ttaagtcttt attccacttc gagttgattc tttatatggt    168780
     gttaggaagg ggtccagttt caatcttctg catatggcta gccagttatc tagtaccacg    168840
     tattaactag tgagtccttt tcctgattgc ttatttttgt tggctttgtt gaacatcaga    168900
     tagttgtagg tgtaaggctt tatttctagg ttctctattc tgttctactg gtgtatgcat    168960
     cttttactgt accagggtca tgctgttttg gttattgtag ccttatggta taatttgaag    169020
     ttgggtaata tggtgactcc agctttgttc tttttgcata ggattgcctt ggctattcag    169080
     gctctttttt tgttccatat gaattttaaa atgttttttt ttctgattct gtaaagtaag    169140
     taattgttag tttgatagga ataccattga atctgtaaat tgctttgggc agtatgacta    169200
     ttttaacaat gttaattctc cctatccatg aacatgggat gtttttccat ttgtttgtgt    169260
     cctatctgat ttctttaagc agtgtttcat aattctcatt atagtgatat tttactttcc    169320
     tggtttgcta tattgcttgg tattttactc tttttgtgtc tattgtgaaa ggaattgtgt    169380
     tgatttggct ttcagcttgg atgttgctgt tgtacaggca tggtactgat tactgtacat    169440
     tcattctgta tcccaaaact tttctgaagt tttttatcag atcaaggcac ttttgcccag    169500
     aaactatgag gtttctaggt acacaagtat attgtctgtg aacaagaatt gtttggcttc    169560
     ctgtcgtcat atttgaatgc cttttattta tttatgtggc ctaattgctg tggctaagac    169620
     ctccagtact atgttgaata ggaggggtga gagatggcat ccttgtcttt ctgtttctca    169680
     agggtaatgc ttccagcatg tgcccattca gtgtagtgtt ggctgtagtt ttttttatag    169740
     atggctctta ttatttttaa gtatatttct ttaatgtcta gtttgttgat ggtttttaac    169800
     atgaaggaat gttgagtttt atcaaaagcc ttttctgcat atattgatat gattatgtgg    169860
     tttttgttct tagctctgtt aatgtgatga atcacattta tttatttgaa tatgttgaaa    169920
     caatcttgca tacttgggat aaagcctact tgaccagaat ggattagctt tttgatgttc    169980
     tgctggatta ggtttgctac cattttgttg aagatatttg catccacatt catcaagcat    170040
     attgatctaa attttttttt aattgtgtgt ctactaggtt ttggtatcag gatgatgctg    170100
     gcctcataga atgagttagg aaggagtccc tccttctcaa ttttctgaaa tagttttagc    170160
     agaaatggta ccagctcttc tttgtacatc tcatagaatt tggctgtgaa cccatctggt    170220
     ctcgggctgt ttctggatat tctgcttttt attactgaat cagttttaga actcattatt    170280
     gacctgttca ggaattgaat atcttcctgg ttctatcttg tgaggttgta catttccagg    170340
     aatttatcca tttttttcca gattttctag tttccatgca tagagatgtt catagtactc    170400
     tctgattttt tttttttttc tgtgtggtca gtggtaatgt ccccttttct catttctgaa    170460
     tttgtttatt tagatctttt tgttcttgtt agtctagata gcagtctatt ttattcatta    170520
     tataaaacta tcttgcattc atttatgttt tgtgtggttt tcacctctta atttctttca    170580
     gttcagctct gattacggtt atttatttta ttctgctagc tttggggttg gtttgctgtt    170640
     gtttctctgg ttcctttagg tgtaatgtta ggttgttaat tcgttatatt tttaactttt    170700
     ttatgtgaac atttagtgct agaaacttcc ctcttactgc tttgactgtg tctcagagat    170760
     cctgttacgt tgtatctttg ttcttatatg tttaaaataa tttctttatt tctgccttaa    170820
     ttttattgtg tacccaaaag tcattcagga gtaggttgtt taatttccat aaaattgtgc    170880
     tgttttgggt gattttctta gtattgtttt ctatttttat tgtgctatgg tccaagagta    170940
     cagttggtat gacttcagtt attatgaatt tgctgtggat tgttttatgg cagattgtgt    171000
     ggattatttt agagtatgtg ccatgtgcag ctgagaataa tgtatattct gttcttgtgg    171060
     tgacaaaatc ccttagcatt tgcttgtctg aaaaggacct tatttctcct ttggttatga    171120
     agcttagttt tgctggatat gaaattgtga gaattttctt tttaggaatg tcgaatatag    171180
     gtacacgagc tcttctggct tctagagttt ctgtggaaag gcctgctgtt agtctaatgc    171240
     agttcccttg gtaggtgact ttccccttct ctagctgact ttaacatttt ttctttcatt    171300
     tcaaccttgg aaaatctcat gactatgagt attgcataca gtcttcttga gtagtacctc    171360
     acagggattt tctgcttttc ctgtagttga atgttggcat ctctaatgag gttggagaat    171420
     atatcatgca caatatcctc aaatatgttt tccaagttgc ttgtttcctc tcctctttca    171480
     gggacaccta tgagtttgta gatttggtct cctttcgtaa tctcatgttt ctggaaggct    171540
     ttgttattct tctatattgt tttttcttta tttttgtctg agtgagttac tttggagatc    171600
     tggtttttaa gctctgagat tttttttcct cagcttcatc aattcttctg ttagcatttg    171660
     agattttatt ttgaaactct ttaactgagt ttttcagctc tgtcatatca gtttggttcc    171720
     tacaaaatgg caatttcctt tttcatctct tgtattattt aattatattc cttagaatcc    171780
     ttggattggt tttcaacttt ttcctgtgtc tcaatgatct tcattcccat ctgttttctg    171840
     atttctattt ctgtcagttc agccatttca gtctggttaa gaaccattgc tgggaaacta    171900
     gtgtgatcat ttggaggtaa gaagacgctg gctttttgag ttgccagagt tcttgcactg    171960
     gttctttctc atctgtgtgg gttatggtcc ttcaatcttt gaatgtactg tccttccaat    172020
     tagtttattt gcttttatct tctttgttgc ccctgggggt ttgattgtgg aataaaatga    172080
     gttcagttga atggttttgt ttctggaaga ttttagggga ccaaagctca gttcagcact    172140
     cctgggctac cactggaaga cttgtatggg acaactcact agctatgttc tccagcactt    172200
     cgaaattagg aacctactgt actggaagta ccaaagagtt cctggacttc tggctaaaat    172260
     actccaataa gtggtgtcag aaaaagtgct tcactggggc agtggcagtg gggtccaggc    172320
     tcatttgccc atgacagcag cagtggcagt gcagtggctt gcatgcttgt tgaatggggc    172380
     agggctctgg catgcatggg gattccatcc tccatgtctg tgttcatagc agcagcagtg    172440
     gcagtgtgaa ccagagtgaa gaggatgggg caactggtgt ccatgtgcat gttcactctg    172500
     gcagccatgt tggtgcagat gcaggacact ggcagagttc aaggctgcca gcctccatgc    172560
     acatgttcac accagcagcg gcagtggcag catggggtgg agatggggga tgaggacatt    172620
     tgcctctgtg cctgagtttg ctcctccaat ggcagaaggg ttgcgggggt gtgctcattt    172680
     tggcagcagt ggcataatgg ggtgcatgca cacacgtaca ccagtgggga gaggaggcaa    172740
     ggtccaccca tgagtgcact ggagacagca aagtgatggg gcagtagcta tcagcaaatg    172800
     catgctcgca aatttgcttg ggggaggatc ttacgggagg tggtgcaggt ggggatgctg    172860
     tgtgttggtt agggctgctc tgctggagct ctgcaacagt caggtggagt tttccagtga    172920
     aagagctata atgcaggctc ccggtaggca ccctggttgg gcatccaagg ctgtactgca    172980
     agcaagtgca gcctggctgg tgccctggga gaagccagaa gacaagggat tgattatatc    173040
     tgactgggcc catttcacag gcgagactcc ccctgctctg atcaggtcca atagttcccc    173100
     catgactaaa ttctcctagg gaagcttgtt gagcattgag gggatgggca tccctggcct    173160
     tgctccattg cagacattcc tgtaccaaac tgtttgggct ctgaatagcc tggaatcctg    173220
     cccctgacac ctttctaaga agctctccct ggcatctcaa gtgtctgtag gggttgtggg    173280
     tatcctgctg ccaggattcc agaggtccct ggtgagaggg ggttacttca cacctcctca    173340
     actcatccct tccccaggat ttgtcggggg ccagtaatga gtcccagtgt atggaagcct    173400
     cctttagggg tcccagctac ctccctcttc atcccagcaa gtgggcccta tttccatcca    173460
     ctctcagtgc cttctctctg aagatctgct catagtgtac cagtcttttg gatgtcccag    173520
     tccctcagtg acagatgttc ctcctggctg tgtgtagtct gccatcttgg cccctacaaa    173580
     aaactgaact ttactttcct attttacatg tttatcacag tcttgacttt tgttcattct    173640
     caatgataaa aaaattaaaa cgaaatgtta tgccactgaa aatttgtcca atttgaatat    173700
     atttcatcaa aagtataaaa aagtacatat atattttaat agcttttaat attaaaactt    173760
     taatatttat aaagaatatt tgtgtatttt caatatttag attttacaga agaaaacata    173820
     tgtaacttct aggctagtat ttacagaagg aaatgtatta ctaagagcaa ttcttaagat    173880
     gtaaatagaa tggattctct taaagtgtac tttaatgtga cataaagatt gatattaaga    173940
     gttttaaaat gcgtaataca taatttcaaa aattaaaaag cagacatggt aatgtcatta    174000
     tttaccaatg ccaagggcct tcacagcaat ttcatttagt gctcaaatct ttgtaataca    174060
     gtaattatta tcctcacaga tgaacagatt caggttcaga gagtttaagt gacctgaact    174120
     aagacaaata attttattcc aaagttttaa cttctatttt aaatatatct tcatgttcca    174180
     ttttattagt ctattgtttc tcttctattc ttgttatatt ctcagccatt cagagttata    174240
     gtttaatctt tcccattaat ttacgccttt aaactagata atgaatcatt ccacttcttt    174300
     atcagggttc aacagaatgt accacacata atactattta taatattatt tctaatcaca    174360
     tactgcgtgt ggagaacata ttactcattg ttttgtgccc ccataggtta gatattctgc    174420
     tgtaactttt atttattatt caatcaggag aaaagcagct aaattttata tacaattcag    174480
     tgatcctcaa acatattgtg aaagctaaaa tgtaaaagga ctaatattaa attcctgata    174540
     actaaaaaat cagcatagta tatataagcc tttggggaca tgaaataaag gaacatgttt    174600
     aaaacgtgag gaaatgagtt gtatcctaca cataataatg acagaggttt ttcccattgc    174660
     atttgaatat aaagttttgc tttctagatg ttttaaaggt tttcagcagc tgatttaact    174720
     atccttgaga gaaaaactaa tgctctaact ctatcagact tttttagcct catactgact    174780
     ctgcttctta atgtgtggtc ttaaatttgc taaatcaatt gattaagctt aaagaaaatt    174840
     taatttaaaa tgagagagag caaaattagc actggtgaag gcctgctgac ttactggccc    174900
     agcatattta agtacactga cttatgtggt tagagttgaa tattggccaa atgaaatttt    174960
     atgaactcaa gaaaattaca gccactaact ctaagggtat tatattcact aaatgtagtc    175020
     tttagatcaa tggcaccctt gtgtccagta aatggaccag actgtttaaa tattggctca    175080
     tatcctttat catgtgtgac tggattatga tactaatttc ctcagtaaag acttctcaat    175140
     ataaatttaa gtaatttcta actaggttta atatccacaa tatatatttt ttaaatcctt    175200
     gagtgtatat agcaccgttc aaatgaaaag tttttggtac ttctcaggca ttatttcatt    175260
     tactttcaca atttcccgct ggacaatgtc atttgcactg aattgaggat ggggcaccaa    175320
     tatttgctgt ttctgctcct gcttctctac atctaagtcg attagagagt aagatcacat    175380
     gaaattggga agtaagattg ttttgttaat taatttctgc ttacattgca tggatttata    175440
     ctgataagaa atatgtatga gacaaggtgc tgtgtattgt ggtagatatc aaagttggac    175500
     acaaataaaa acataaaaaa cgcagatagt gtgttacaga atatgctatg gcaaaattca    175560
     caagtgaatt caggtagcga gtcagcaagc tctaacagaa gacattggtt tgaacctgga    175620
     atctacaatt agtaactgtg tgaacttgag tgcattttta accatttact tccttgattc    175680
     ttagacttaa gttatgtaga agaggaaaaa caatgcctcg ctaagtgact tgcatgaata    175740
     ttgaaataga tagtatgtgg aaatatttaa cacagtgcct ggcacagaga agggacctaa    175800
     taaatgtaga tgaatctgac gttttctagt agatgaaatc agcatataga tagatatagc    175860
     tttaaggata agtaaaattt caccagaggg agttgagaga atattattct agggagaaag    175920
     aaaagcatgt ggagtagtgt agaagtataa aaacacagaa cacttctagg aatttttttt    175980
     ttttttcaat agaggctaga gagagttaag ttggatagtt aggctgaggt tagatcatgg    176040
     gatttggacc ttccatatta cttagaggaa agctactgaa catatttgaa catggaagaa    176100
     ttataatgag aatgggattg gttgatagga agggttgaac aaagcaagac tgattattaa    176160
     gctaatataa taagtagttc aattatgaat gcttaaggcc tgaaagagga agttggaaat    176220
     gtaagaataa atattgatca aaattaaaga taacaattac tggtaatttt tacatagatt    176280
     taaggcccag tcccttacct taaaaaagca cactaggatc tggccctgcc tatcttacta    176340
     ggcgtattta tcccctgccc ctccactgtt cctctctgca ggtttcaagc agaacaattt    176400
     ctttccggca gcttaaatat gctgtcctca tccacatggt ctcctttcat tctgaaatag    176460
     ttttcatctc cttacccaac tgaaagtttt tatttgtttc tcaaatttta gttcaggcat    176520
     tggattcttt taaggtcttc cctaccatcc cagattagaa tttgattttc ctctttgcta    176580
     catcttgccc ttctctataa ctttttaata cttattatat tgcatttgcc atattctgtg    176640
     tgatattgcc attgccacac tccttttaaa ttttttttca aacacctggt ttcaagcaat    176700
     tctcctgcct tggctttcca aagcgcttgg attacaggca tgagtcactg cacccaaccg    176760
     tcctttttac tttttaaatc atgataacta ataataatga ttactaatca tttactacgt    176820
     accaatacat tgttataagc actttaaatg tattggttca tataatctta atcttaaaca    176880
     aacctttgat ttcataataa ttgttatctc catttaatag ttaactaaaa aaaaaaaacc    176940
     tcaagcaaag ggagaataag tatctagccc aatgttttac atatagaaaa cagtggagcc    177000
     caagtattca agctcaaata ctctggatcc agagcctttt ctgttaacta taaaatgctg    177060
     cctctcttag ataaaactat aaaacataaa ggatataaag aaattgacca aagtcatgcc    177120
     ttggttaata attatagtta gaaagcagaa gaattaggca tcaaatgtga aacaattgtg    177180
     aagtggaagg agaacatggc tagtgcagtg ttgtgcaacc gaatgaaatg tttttaaaat    177240
     aatcagtatt tgaaaaagac taacaggaca agagaaatag ttgttaatag ataaagtaga    177300
     tcctgaaaga agtgaagaca gagaggaaca agagaacata attaattctc acaatgtata    177360
     agtccaatta ttcctcagaa acagaaaaga gcatattgaa ggaaaatgca tggaaatgtt    177420
     gtaatggaag tgtgcccaaa acactgatgc gcaaacatat tattgtctca gaaaagttgt    177480
     agaaggatta tgtgctaaaa gtgatgaaga caggtcagat tgggaattta agaaaaaaag    177540
     aaatggcttg ggaacatttc cgtggggaat gaaaacaaag gccataaggc ttgtaatgtg    177600
     ctgtacgagt catgaaaaat tgactgaaaa tcttacagat agagagatgg tgaatagtac    177660
     gaaaatctaa gttctagctc tgtagtgtca gaagtgaaag ataaagtaat aggaaataat    177720
     actttttaaa attaattaaa tggtaaaaat gttatcgggt ttatgagcat gacctgtttt    177780
     agtccccaga gataataaca taggaagaag taaaaggaag attctgaaga gtccttgagt    177840
     cattgaaaaa aatgaaagac tacacaggag attgttgagt tatggtagca aaataaagag    177900
     aagataccat agctgtattg tttagactct aaagtactta ggctctgggc acaaggtgca    177960
     taaggtgaac ctgaaatacc ttgtcattcc agaaaccata gaaatgatca aaaaccacta    178020
     gagttatgtt agaaaaggtc ttaagagcca acctggataa attcccactg gaaaaatatg    178080
     agaagttctc ttaactacca aaaagagtaa taattgaaag cgatttaagt atgtcaaata    178140
     ttgtcaagac tattagctca taatatattt tttaaaagcc tcattgttca cttgtgaagg    178200
     attttaggca acacctcatt attttgaaat cctgcactgc aattaagaca aagaagcaat    178260
     tactctgctt tttctatgca ctcagtgcct cagtattacc aagtactagt tgagaaaaag    178320
     cgagtgtttt gttcacataa tgtccctgtt gtgtagctgt gcttgcccta tacaaatagc    178380
     taaatataat gtctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaaa tagtcaaact    178440
     tgtcagccaa atctaataat gacaagaaat acaaggcaga gagaaacaca tgaggcagta    178500
     ttataaggag gctaacttta gacattggaa aacccaataa aaacaactgg gttacttcag    178560
     taaaacaaga gaaaaagaga gagggataga gggaggaggg agtgagaaaa gagagatgga    178620
     gagagaaggt aaatatttga agtcttggaa tatacatcaa caatcaaatt gattgatctg    178680
     atttggctat aaactaaaaa atcattttaa aatataacaa aataagataa ataagaacct    178740
     tgattggata tttgttaata tttagaagtt atttttagtg tttcaagtat aataatagga    178800
     tattttatgt ttttaaaaaa cacttgtatt ttagagaaac atacagaaat aattacagat    178860
     aaaataatat agaagaaagt gccaagatgg ttgactagaa gcagctagtg tgtaccactg    178920
     tcacagagag gagatagagt ggtgcataaa tactagctct agtgttcaag tggattgtcc    178980
     aggaggccat gttgtgattc ctgaaggaag caatggtgac ccacggagga cagagaggag    179040
     tgaggctgcc cacctgagat tggcatggag catggggagg ctccctattg tggggaatgg    179100
     gtgagtgagc aagaggccca agggacacac acttctgcta taaacctttg taatcttagg    179160
     cataagagat cctaactgac cccctggacc cccagacaaa catggagaga cagctgcatg    179220
     gaaactgggc agagccactt ctcaggccct catggagccc cataggactt ggatccctaa    179280
     gcaccctggt gcaagttttt gtagccctgg cagttaggga ggccaggctc tctttcacaa    179340
     acccagcatg cctagacaaa tgcataataa cagtgggaca tttcaacatt tcaccaacag    179400
     cattagagac atctttgagg taaaaactaa caaagaagtt ctggacttaa atttaagact    179460
     tgaacaattg gacaaaatag acatctacag aacacaccac ccaccaacaa cagaatatat    179520
     attctactca tcttcacatg gaatgtatta taggatcaat cacatgttca atctcagtaa    179580
     attgaaaaaa ttaaaatcat acctagcaca ctcaaatcac agtgcaataa aaagaaaaat    179640
     aaatatcaag atgatatctt aaaatgacaa aaagtcatgg aaattaaaca acttcgtcct    179700
     gaataactaa tgagtgaaca tttaaattaa agcagaaata caaaatattt gaaattaatc    179760
     aaaatgtgaa cacaatctac caacacctct gggatgcagc taaggcagtg ttaagaggaa    179820
     aatttatagc actaaatgcc ttcatcagga tgctagaaag ctctcaaatt aatgttttaa    179880
     ctttgtacct aaagtaacta gaggaaaaaa aaaacacaca aaaaccaata ccaaagcaag    179940
     aagaaaaaaa tgaataatta aaataagaac tgaattaaat tgagatgcaa gcattcatgc    180000
     aaatgattaa tgaaaccaag tgtagattta aaaaaataaa caagattgat aaacttccag    180060
     ctagattaac aaataaaata gagagaagat ccaaataagt ataatcagaa atgataagga    180120
     tgacactacc attgatccca tatagttgaa aaagatcttc atagaatgct atttaacaac    180180
     actatgcaca caaattagaa aatctagaag aaattgataa atttctagaa cacacatttt    180240
     cacaaaattg aatcggaaga tttaaaacct gcatagacca aaattgaatc ctgaaattaa    180300
     atcatcaata aaaatcctgg caaccaaaag aagtcctggg ccagacaaat tcatagctga    180360
     gttctacgag acataaaaga actggtacca atcctaatga aactattaca aaaaaatcga    180420
     ggtggagagg ctcctcccta tctgattcta tgaagccagc attagcttaa tacccaaatc    180480
     tggcagagac acaatgaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacttga ggccagtatc tctgatgaac    180540
     acagataaaa aagtccataa caaaatacta gcaaaccaaa ttcagcagca catcaaaatg    180600
     ttaatacatc acaaccaata aggctttctt tgtggaatgc aagattgttt tgacatatgg    180660
     aaattattaa ctgattcacc acctcaacag aattaaaaac aaaatcatat gttctctcaa    180720
     tagaagaagt gaaaactttc aataatgtcc attatccctt catgataaaa agacccaaca    180780
     aactaggcaa caaaagaaca tacttcaaaa taataagagc catatatggc aagccaatat    180840
     catactgaag ggcaaaagct gaagcaatct accttaagaa ctgcaacaag acaaggatgc    180900
     ccactctcac cactcctaca ctcccaccac tcctacttta acattgtact ggaagcccta    180960
     gccagagcaa tcaggcaaga gaaagaatta aaagacatcc aaattggaaa aaaaaaagaa    181020
     gacaaattat ctctctttgt tggagataag attctgtaac tagaaaagcc taatgacccc    181080
     accaaaaggc tactagaact gttacatgac tttagtaggt tttactatac aaaatcaatg    181140
     tacaaaaatc agtagtatat ttatacacta ataatgtcca ggttgagagt taaatcaaga    181200
     gcacaatacc atttatacta ggcagaaata aaatgaaata cctagcagta cacataatca    181260
     aaaagcttaa agatctttac aagaagcaca aacatgttga aagaaatcag atatgacaca    181320
     aaaagataga aaaatatccc gtgcttatgg attaaaatgg ctatatggcc caaagcaatt    181380
     tacagattca acactattcc tatcaaacta caaaagtcat tcatcacaga attaggaaaa    181440
     gctattcaaa aactcatatg gaaccaaaaa aagagcctga ataaacaaag caatcctaag    181500
     caaaagaacg aagctagagg gatcatatta cctgacttca aaccatagta tataaggcta    181560
     tagtagccaa aatagcctgg tattggtata aaaacagaaa catagacaaa tggaacagaa    181620
     tataaaaccc agacataaag ccttacacac gcaaccattt gatatttgac aagccaagaa    181680
     acacaagcaa tgggaaaagg actccctatt caataaatgg tgttgtgaca agtggctata    181740
     cagaagaatg aaactgaacc cttacctttt acaatataca aaaattaact caggtaggat    181800
     taaagattca aatgaaaaat atcaaaatat aaaaattcaa aaaaaaccta ggaaatgccc    181860
     ttctcaatat cagccttggc aaagaatttt tgcctatgtc ttcaaaagaa actacagcaa    181920
     aaaatattga caagtgggac ctaattaaac taaatagctc ctgcacagca aaataaatta    181980
     tcaacaaagc aaacagccaa cctgcagaat agaagaaaat attcacaaac tatgcatctg    182040
     acgaaagact aatatcaaga atctatacaa aatttaaaca aattaacaag caaaaaaaac    182100
     accattaaat gggcaaagga tatgaacaga catttctcaa aaaagacata aacagccaac    182160
     aaacatataa aaatgttcca cataactgat cattagagaa atgcaaatca aatccacaac    182220
     gatataccat ctcacaccac tccaaatggc tatttttgag aaattaaaat aacaagtaag    182280
     atcctcgaga ggctgaagag aaaaaggaaa cacttatgca ctgttggtga gagtgtataa    182340
     attagttaaa tcattgggaa atcagtgtgg cgattcctca aagaacttga agcagagctc    182400
     ctgtttgacc cagcaatccc attactggat atgtactcaa aggaaaatag ataattatat    182460
     caaaagtcac atgcatacat gtgttaattg ctttgctatt cacaatacca aagaacggaa    182520
     tcaatctaga tgtccattaa tggtggatga taaagaaaat gtggtatata tacaccatgg    182580
     aatactgcat agccatataa aagaataaaa tcatgtcatt tgcagcaata tgaatagagc    182640
     tggaggttaa agccaatgaa cacaggaaga gaaaactaaa tcctgcatgt tcacacttac    182700
     aaatgggagc caaacattga gcagccagag acataaacat gggaacaata gacactgcta    182760
     actagtagtc tggggaggga ggggcatatg gtttaaaaaa aactacctat tggatactat    182820
     gctcactact tgggtgcaaa tacccatgca acaaatctgc acaggtactc cctataccta    182880
     aaataaaagt tgagaaaaaa tattttataa actctgatca caaaaattat aaaaaataaa    182940
     taatatggtg tctctaaaat aatctggcaa agggtaggga aaacttgcca aggttaaatg    183000
     actcacctga agtcacacag ccagtgtaag ccagaaaatt taacccaggg agacaaagaa    183060
     taaggagatc tctgtgtaat ttcaagatta ggcaatgaga ggacagagaa attggcctgc    183120
     ctgtatcatc agagcttaac tagacaacta gacaaataca tactgaatat ttgaataaaa    183180
     tttttcatgt caacctagct tccaggttaa acactgagaa agatattcta gcaatgtaat    183240
     caaataatag agacctcaat aaataaacta tttgcttctt aaatatatta aatatatttt    183300
     cctttattca agtatgagtc aacattttga aaaacaacaa tatataatcc ataaaaagat    183360
     cccataacat taataaaaga atcacctctt aagagaaaat aagaattatc aaaattattt    183420
     acaaaagaaa attaaaaaat ggactacatg ttctggtctc tagtaaatac atgaaattac    183480
     ttatactgtg aaaaatgtga caaatgagaa ggaaaagaaa tgtatacagg gaggctgtgt    183540
     agaaactaaa acctgtaaca aaactaaaat tcacaagata aacagttgag gaaaaccaac    183600
     atttagaaaa tcaaaatgat tatgatgccg aggcatttag tgcaaactaa agacactttc    183660
     tcataatgca gagaaaatga ctgaaaatta tgagagaaaa tatgacaaaa acaatagatc    183720
     cagtctacaa ctagttagtg tccccgaggg aaataagtca aatcaatata gcagaaacaa    183780
     aaatagagta taatccaata cattttttta acaattgcaa aaggtgtaag ccaaaatgat    183840
     aaaaaaaaat acagccaata aaataatact tgcataaatt gggtaacaaa aaaaattcca    183900
     acaaaaatta tgtgaaaact tcaagccata atatcacaaa attagcatac taatttagga    183960
     cagaataata attgcttaat tttgtaaagc ctaataaaat gtgaattaca agtcaaatgg    184020
     taaattgata tgattcaatg tttataatca catagacatt tcgaagtcat ttgcttataa    184080
     aagtcatgag atcatttgta agtgaaatga gacaaacagg aatttgcctc cttacctata    184140
     tgtgtcctcg aaatagtcat taattgctat ttctttaagc aaaagaactc tgcaattata    184200
     agttggtttc taagattttt aaaattttgt ttttattgac aaataattgt atatatttat    184260
     ggggtacaat gcattttttg cataatagat caacatcagt gcaatgtttt gatatgtgta    184320
     tgattcttga gattttaaat aaattataca gctagatcag aaagttgtct cctcattttt    184380
     gcaagataaa agctcaattc aaccttgagt aactgaagaa caatgctgag atgaaagttt    184440
     cttaaaagat gtctttccct gaagcaatca ataatgaatg ttgtaagagt ctttctctag    184500
     gtttcatgtt tttaatgttt taatttttaa tttttgtggg aacacagtag atgtatataa    184560
     ttgtgaagta catgagatgt tttcatgcaa gtatgcaagg cataagattc acatcatgga    184620
     gaataagcta tccatttacg caagcattta tcctttctgt tacaaataat ccaattatac    184680
     tattttactt attttaaaat gtacaattaa cttattattg actaaagtca ctctgttgtg    184740
     cgaccaaata atctctctta ttcattctaa ctatactttt tggatccatt aactgtctcc    184800
     acctccccca cagcccccca ctaccctctc cagactctga taaccattct tctactctct    184860
     gtgtccattt ctattatttt gatttttaga tcccacaagc aagtgagaac atgcaatgtt    184920
     tatctttctg tgcctggctt atttcactta acataattat ctccatttgc atccacattg    184980
     gtgcaaataa cagaatctca ttatttttta tagctgaata gtactccact gggctccacc    185040
     gtgtatatat accacattgt ctttatctat tcatctgcca atggacattt aggttgcttc    185100
     caagtcatag ctattgtgaa cagtgctgca acaaccatgg gagttcagat aagtctctga    185160
     tatactgtct ttcttttggg tatacaccca gcagtgggat tgctgggtca tataatatct    185220
     ctgtttttag ttttttcctt caaactgttc tccatagtga ttgtactaat ttacattccc    185280
     accaacagtg taggaggctt cccttatcgc cacatccttg ccagcatgta ttattgcctg    185340
     tcttttggat attagccatt ttaactaggg tgagatgata tctcattgta gttttgattt    185400
     gcatttatct gatgatcaat aatgttgagt aacttttcat atgcctattt ttctttggta    185460
     ggtatgtttc tgttgagaaa tatttataca aatattttac ctattctttt tgttgatgtt    185520
     gttgttgttg ttgagacgga gtctcgctct aatgctgagg ctggagtgca gtggcgtgat    185580
     cttggctcac tgcaacctct gcctcctggc ttcaagcgat tccactgcct cagactcgtg    185640
     agtagctggt attacaggcg cccaccacca cacctgacta tgtcattttt cttactatag    185700
     ctctgtggta taatttgaag tgaggtaatg tgattcttcc agttttgttc tgttgattag    185760
     aatagcttta gctattctgg gtcttttgtg gttccatata cattttggga tagtttcttt    185820
     ctatttctgt gaagaatttc actggtattt gataaggatt tctttgattc tgtagatttc    185880
     tttgggtagt atggacattt gaacaatata gattcttcca ctccatgaac atggaatatt    185940
     ttttagtatg cttttcaatt tcttttttca gtgatttata gttgttacta tagacatagt    186000
     ttactttttt gttaattctt aggtatttaa ttgtatttgt ggctatcata aatgtgattg    186060
     cttttttatt tctttttcag actctactgt ttacagagag aaatactact aatttttgta    186120
     cgttgatttt tgtatcctgc aaattcactg aatttgttta tcaattttaa tagttttttg    186180
     tgtagttttt aggtttttta aaatataaaa tcatatcatt tgaaaacaat ttgacctttt    186240
     ctattccgat ttatgtcctt tatttccttc ttttgcctga ttactctagt taggacttcc    186300
     aggactatgc tgaataacac tggtgaaagt gggcatcctt gttgtgtttt aaatcttaga    186360
     ggaaaggctt tcagtttctc ccccattcag tttgatacca cctgtaggtc tgtaatatat    186420
     ggcttttatt atgttgagaa atgtttcttc tatacccagt ttttgagggt tttattatga    186480
     aagtatgttg aattttatca aatgcttttt cagcattaat taaaaaatga tgatgtgttt    186540
     tttagtcttt attctgttga cacagtgtat cacattttag tccctggaat aaatcccaat    186600
     aggtaatgat gaatgatttt ttaaatgtaa agttgaattt catttgttag tattttgttg    186660
     aggatttttt gcatcaatat gaatcagcga tattggccaa tagttttctt tctttttttt    186720
     ctttttttaa tatgtgtcta gttttggtat taaggcagta ctggcctcat agaatgagtt    186780
     tggaagtatt ccctcctcct ctattttttg gaatagtttg agtaggatta gtattagttt    186840
     ttctttatat tttggtagaa ttcagtagtg aaaccatcaa gtccagggct tgttttttac    186900
     tgggaaattt ttattatgcc ttctatcaca ttgcatttta ttggtctgtt cagctttcgg    186960
     atttcttcct agtttaatct tggtaggttg tacgtgtcca ggaatgtgtc aatttctttt    187020
     agcttttcca agtttttagt agattgttgc tcatagtaga cagtagtgat tttttgtaca    187080
     atttctgtac aatttctaca gtatcagttg taatgtaact tttttcattt ctgattttat    187140
     tcatttggat cttctctttt tttcttagtt actcttgcta atggtttgtc aattttgttt    187200
     aactttaaaa aaaacatact tttatttttg tgagatggag tctcactctg tcacccaagc    187260
     tagagtgcag tggtgcaatc ttgcctcact gcagcctctg cctcctgggt tcaagagact    187320
     ctcctgcctc agcctcccta gtagctggga ttacaggcac ccaccaccat gtccagttaa    187380
     tttttgtatt tttagtagag atggggtttc actatattgg ccaggctggt cttgaattcc    187440
     tgacctcaat tgatctgcct gccttggctt cccaaggtgc taggattaca ggcatgagcc    187500
     actgtgcctg gactaatctt tttgttttat ttatctttgg tatgtttcta aaatttcaat    187560
     ttcttttgtt tctgctctca cctttctcat tgctttttct tctactaatt ttgggtttgg    187620
     cttgctcttg cttttctagt tctttagctt ggatcattgt atatctgaag ttttccctct    187680
     tttttggtgt tggcatttat agctataaaa tttcctccta gtactgcttc tcttttatca    187740
     cataggtttt gttatatttt gtttttatta tcatttgttt ccagaaattt tttaatttcc    187800
     ttcttaattt tttgtggagc caatggtcat tcagtggcat attgtttatt ttacatgtat    187860
     ttgtatcact tacaaaattt cttgttatta atttccattg gttttattcc attgtggtta    187920
     gagtatatgc ttaatattat ttatattttt gaatgattta agacttgtga cctaatatat    187980
     ggtttaacat tgagaataat ccatgttttg aggaaagaat gtgtattcca cagttgttga    188040
     atgaaatgtt ctgtaactat cttttagaac catgtgatct acagtgcata ttgttttatg    188100
     tttctttgtt gattttatgt ttggaaaatg tgttcaatgc tgaaggtgag ctgttgaagt    188160
     cttcagctat tattgcattg gggtatatca ctgtcttgtg ttttaacatt atttgcttta    188220
     tatatctggg tgctctactg ttggatgcat atatacttaa aattgttata tccccttgct    188280
     gaattgacct ctttgccatt atatagtgac cttctttgtc tcttcttgta gtttttgtct    188340
     tgaaatctgt tttgtctgat ataaatatag ctaattatgc tcgtatttgg gtttcatggc    188400
     atggaatagc tccttttatc cctttatttt cagtctgtgt gtctttagag gtaaagcatg    188460
     tttcttgtgg gcatcagtta atggatttta ttttttcatc gattaagcta gtgtatgtct    188520
     tttgattgga gagtttagcc catttacata caatgttatt attgataagt aaggacttaa    188580
     tcctgccatt ttcttattat ttttctagtt gttttatatg ctcttctctt tcttctcttt    188640
     ccttcctcta ttcctctagt gaaggtgatt tttctctggt gatatgattt agtttcttgc    188700
     tttttctgtg tttcataatc aattgtatat ttttatttga gtttaccatg aggcttgcaa    188760
     atactatctt ataacccatt attttaacct gataacaact taacactgtt tgtataatga    188820
     aacaataaga aaaaaagaaa cttaagaaaa actctacact ttaactttgt ccacccactt    188880
     tttagttttt ttgttgttgt ttctgtttac atgttattat actatgtctt gaaaagttct    188940
     tgtagttatt attttggatc acttcatcat ttagtctttc tacttaggat aagagtattt    189000
     tacacaccac agttacagtg ttaatgatag tctgtatttt tctgtatact tattactatc    189060
     cgtgagtatt gcatcgtcag ataattagtt attgttcttt aatattcttt tttttctgat    189120
     tgaagtactc ctttctgcat ttcttgtatg aaaagtctgg ggttgatgac attagcagct    189180
     tttgattttc tggaaaagtt gctattcctc ttttggtttt gaaggatatt ttccctggac    189240
     atactcttct agggtaaaag ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttctcttca gccctttaaa    189300
     tatgtcaaac cagtctctct tggcctctaa ggtttccact gaaaagtctc ctgccagcca    189360
     gacatattgg agctccattg catgttgttt cttttatctt gttgctttta ggatcatttc    189420
     tttatccttt gtctttggga gtttgattat taaatgcctt gaggtagtct tcttgggtta    189480
     aatctgcttg acgttctata accttcttgt gttcagatat tgatacttta catttacaaa    189540
     attgtctgtt cttattcctt tgaataaact ttctacccct atctctttct tttcccctgt    189600
     ctttaaggaa ataactctta agtttgccct tttgaggttg ttttctagat cctataagca    189660
     tgtttcattg ttgttttatt acttttactt tcatctcgtg tgaccatgta ttttcaaata    189720
     gcctgtattc aagctcattt attttttctt ctattagctc agttctgtta ttaaaagtca    189780
     ccaaagcagc tacagctaaa atcattttct gattttctga tttcatctct gatcattttc    189840
     cagtagctaa ttgccttttt aacggaggta ttgctcctca caagaaggca ttagctgctg    189900
     gcatctgccc acagaccctg acccaaatga cagatgaata aaacatacac tgacacacag    189960
     atactctgtt ttgccagtcc tgctgcatgt ccgaccacct gcgcaccaag aaaggattgt    190020
     caatgtggct ggccttgagc agctcgcact cagggcattt atttagtata caattaacaa    190080
     cagacgctct gagtcaacac acttgtggag aattaacatg gttaagagag tagttctagg    190140
     aatgattaaa gctctggtac ctctgttgaa ggtaaatacc attagggggc aatatcccta    190200
     gtcgacctcc cccgccccag ggccatttgg ctcaaaggtt agttaatgca ggtaggataa    190260
     atagacataa ctggggaagc ctctatcgtc cctagtattt accctatgac ctaatgctct    190320
     aaggtaagaa ccagctgcct tcagcctatt caattattac aagataggta acctttcagc    190380
     ctttccaaac ataaaatcaa caaagaaaca aaaggtttgt gactattcct gcaactttcc    190440
     ttaatatttc cctttaatat ttctgccacc atcctgagtg aatcccaaca tttcactgca    190500
     gaacctctgc ttgatttttt taattatttc aatctttttg ttaaatttat cttatagaat    190560
     tttaaattcc ttctgtgtgt tatattgagt atttttgagt tttctcaaca tagatatttt    190620
     gaattctctg tctgaaagct cacgtatttg tgcctttttc aggatttgtg tttttgctgg    190680
     tgttttattt atttggtgaa atcgtgtttt tctggatagt gttgatgcta gtaggtgttc    190740
     tttgatgtct tggcattgaa gagtttggta tttattgtaa tcttcactgt ctgggcttgt    190800
     ttgtatctgc ccttcttggg aaagctttcc agatatttga aagaatttgc atattgtgat    190860
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgagatgga gtctcactct gtcacccagg ctggagtgca    190920
     gtggcacgat ctcggcccac tgcaagctcc acctcccagg ttcacaccat tctcctacca    190980
     cagcctcccg agtagctggg actacaggca cccgccacca tacccggcta tttttttttc    191040
     ttttttttgt atgtttagga gagatggggt gttcaccatg ttagctgggt tggtctcgat    191100
     ctcctgacct cgtgatccac ccgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctaggatta caggcgtgag    191160
     ccactgcacc cagctgcatg ttgtgatttt agctgtagct gctttggtga gcatttcaag    191220
     ttcagtaaca ctgtggttct ttcacatcca tagaggcact attttaatgg tgtttgacaa    191280
     gatccggaag aattttctgg attactaggc agagatctga ttctcttacc ttgctttctc    191340
     ccaaataaat ggagtctctc tgtctgttcc gaaacaccat tgctggggtt ggagagacac    191400
     aagcattgct gtggccacca tcactgtgac tatgctggat cagacctgaa gtcagcacag    191460
     cactggatct tgccctagtt ctgctgtaac cacgacctgg ctactgccta tgttcgctca    191520
     aggccctggt gctctacaat caccaggtgg caaagccagc caggccattc tccttccctt    191580
     catggtggca agttcattca ttcaggctcc aggtgaatcc agatgtgctg cctgggagtg    191640
     aggcactaga gtaaaagatc ttagaagtct tcctggtttt ctgttttact gtggctgagc    191700
     tggcacccaa gccacaagat gcagtccttc gcaatcttcc ctccacttta taaaggcaga    191760
     ggagcctctc tctgtagcca ctgccatctc aggccacggg gagttccgcg agatgccacc    191820
     aatattccct taaggcccaa aggcccttca gtcagctttt ggtaagtgct gtctggcctg    191880
     gaactcaccc tttaggggag tgggcctctc tgtctcaggg caggtccaga gttgctgtcc    191940
     aagagtcaag tcctgaaatt gtggaccccc aatagcccac ttgatgctct ggcaccctat    192000
     gtccatgctg gtacctaaga tgcaagacaa agtcccctct acttttccct cttcttttct    192060
     caagcaaaag aagttttgcc accagagctg gtaatgtgtt gagtctcaac tgaagccagc    192120
     aagtctcagg ggctcgccaa ggccctagct atagtacctg ggtatcattg ttggttattc    192180
     agggcctagg ggctcttcag ttagtaggtt ataaatgctg gcaggactgg atccttttct    192240
     tctgggacag aagtggcttc ccttctctcc cagagtgtgt ctataagtgt cctctggccg    192300
     ctaggtcctg gaagagaggc ctcattactc tgactggtac cctatcttac tgtgcctgcg    192360
     ctgggtagcc aagatgcaag acaacatcct ccccattctt tcttctcctc tcttcaagtg    192420
     gaaaaagaaa tctcttttgg agccctgaac tcttctgcct ggggtcagtg gaggggtgat    192480
     gccagcactc ccttaccttc cccaagcagt gtcttagtag gtctcatgcc ctcttcagtc    192540
     cactctctct gggcccagtt tagccctagg tctcatctaa cagttgcagt ccctatggcc    192600
     tagattccct tttaagttga cttagagacc aagagcactt tggaccacag tggagagact    192660
     tgtgggaact caagttccaa ctgctggaat tggtgattcc cctctggcta gggctgcttt    192720
     aaatgctccc tacttgggca ggcattagct gagtttggtc cagctttcct ttctgctcta    192780
     acagggcagc accaagttca gtgattcaca atttctgtgt tctccctctt ccagcaccca    192840
     gagagactct gcatcaagct gccactgcta ggtggtgggg tgagggtgac gtcaataatt    192900
     caagagactg ttttttctat ttcttcagtg tccccttcag caatacagag ttaaatctca    192960
     gtattatgag gcctcacctg atttttggtt cttatgaatg tgttttttat tttctgtgta    193020
     aacaattttt aaaccgatgt ccttgtacaa gggatggtct gtggagtctt ttattctgcc    193080
     atcttgctcc taagactaaa attcagaatc catacaatta gtatatttct ttcttttcag    193140
     aaagtacata cacttctgtt gtttgtttct cctgaaatta gttttgacat cattcttttt    193200
     aagttgtttt tatttttaat ttttgtaggt atgtatcagg tgtatatatt tatatttatg    193260
     agacatgtga gatattttgg tacaggcatg caatgcataa tagttacacc atggagaatg    193320
     gggtatccat cacgtgaagc atttattttt tgtgttacaa acaatccaat caaagtcttt    193380
     tagttgtttt taaatttaca gtgaaagtat tactgactac aatcatcctg ttgtgttatc    193440
     aaatatgagg tcttattcat tctttctaat tattgttttc tacacactaa ccatctccaa    193500
     attctcccta cccctccact acccttccca gcttactctt ctggtaagca tccttctagt    193560
     ctctatttcc attagttcaa ttgtttagat ttttagatcc cacaaacgag aacatgcagt    193620
     gtttgtattt ctgtgcctgg catatttcac ttaagataat gatcttcagt tctattcata    193680
     ttgttgcaat gacaatatct cattcttttt tatggttgaa tagtactcca ttgtatgtag    193740
     gtaccacatt ttcctcatcc attcatctgc tggtggacac ttaggttgct ttcacatctt    193800
     ggctattgtg agcagagctg caaaaaacat ggaattgcag atatgttttc aatatactga    193860
     tttccttttt ttggggggga gaagggggta tataaccagc cgtaggattg ctggataata    193920
     tggtagctct atttttagtt tttcgagaaa ccttaaaatt gtttcttata gtggttatac    193980
     taattaacat tcgcgccaac agtgtacaag tgtttccttg tttccacatt cttgccagca    194040
     tttattatcg gttgacttat agataaaagc cattttaaca ggggtgagat actgtctctt    194100
     tgtaatattg atttgcattt ctgtgatgat aaatgatggt gagcaccttt ttcatatgac    194160
     tgtttgccat tttgatgtct tcttttgaga aatgtatatc caaatatttt gcccattttt    194220
     atattggatt gttagatctc ttcctatgta attttttgac ctccttaaat attcttgtta    194280
     ttaatcctct gtcagaagtg tagtttgcag atgttttctc tcattctgtg ggttttttca    194340
     tcactttgtt aatggtttcc tttgccctgc agaagcattt taacttgatg tgatctcatt    194400
     taaccatatt tgttttgttt gcctgtgctt gtggggtatt gctcaagaca tttttgccca    194460
     aatcaatgtt ttggagagtt ttcccaatgt gtataatttt agtagtttca taatttgggg    194520
     tcttagattt atggctttaa tacattttcc ttggattttt taaggtgaga gatgggggtc    194580
     aagttttatt tttctgcata tggataccca gttttctcag caacatgtat tgaaaatact    194640
     gtcttctccc caatgaatat tcttagtgcc tttgtcaaaa attagttcac tgtaggtctg    194700
     tggatttgta tatgggttct ctattctttt ctacagatct atgtgtaggg aaaagaaaga    194760
     gagatcagac tgttactgtg tctatgtaga aagcgaagac ataagagact ccattttgaa    194820
     aaatacctgt actttaaatg attgctttgc tgagatgttg ttaatttgta gctttgcccc    194880
     agccactttg acccaatcac tttgacccaa cctggagctc acaaaaacat gtgttgtatg    194940
     aaatcaagat ttaagggatc tagggctgtg caggacatgc cttgttaaca aaatgtttac    195000
     aagcagtata cctggtaaaa gtcatcgcca ttctctagtc ttaataaacc aggggcacag    195060
     tgcactgcgg aaagccgcag ggacctctgc ccttgaaagc tgggtattgt ccaaggtttc    195120
     tccccatgtg atagtctgaa atatggcctc gtgggatgag aaagacctga ccgtccccca    195180
     gcccgacacc cgtaaagggt ctgtgctgaa gtggattagt aaaagaggaa agcctcttgc    195240
     agttgagata gaggaaagcc actgtctgct gcctgcccct gagaactgaa tgtctcggta    195300
     taaaacctga ttgtacattt gttcagttct gagataagag aaaaaccacc ctatggtggg    195360
     aggtgagaca tgtttgcggc aatgctgcct tgttattctt tactctgctg agatgtttgg    195420
     gtggaaagaa acataaatct ggcttacgta cacgtccagt catagtacct tcccttgaac    195480
     ttaattatga cgtagattct attgctcaca tgtttgttgc tgaccttctc cttatgatca    195540
     ccctgccctc ctacgacatt cctttttact gaaataatga aaataataat caataaaaac    195600
     tgagggaact cagagaccag tgctggtgca ggtcctttgt atgctgagtg ccggtaccct    195660
     gggcccactg ttgtttctct atactttgtc tctgtgtctt atttctcttt ctcagtctct    195720
     cgtcccacct gactagaaat acccacaggt gtgcaggggc aggccatccc ttcatctatg    195780
     tgtgtatttt ttattccagt cccatgccat ttgtttacta caccccgtag tataatttga    195840
     agttcagtta cgtgattcct ctgttttttg tttgtttgtt tgttttgttt tttccttttt    195900
     gctcaggata cctttggctc ttctgggtct tttttcattg tttgtgaatt ttaggatatt    195960
     tttccctgtt tctgtgaaaa atgtcattgg tattattatt attattatta ttattattat    196020
     tattattatt attattattt tgagatggag tctctctctg tcacccaggc tggagttcag    196080
     tggcactatc ttggctcaat gcaacctccg cctcctgggt tcaagtgatt ctcttgcctc    196140
     agcctcccca gtagctggga ctacaggtgc atgccaccat ggctggttaa attttttttt    196200
     tttttgtatt tttagtagag acggggtttc accatgttag ccaggatggt ctccatctgc    196260
     tgacttcatg actcgcctgc ctcgacctcc ccaagtgctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac    196320
     catgcccagc catcactggt attttaatag agactgcatt gaatctgcag attgcttttg    196380
     atagtgtagg cattttaaac atattgatac ttccaatcca tgaacatgga atatctttcc    196440
     atttttttgt gtgtgctcat caatgtcttt catcagcatt ttattgtttt tattgtagag    196500
     atccttcact tctttggtta attcttaggt atttaattta gttgtggtta ttgtaaatgt    196560
     gattaatttt ttaattcttt tttagattgt tcactgttgg gatatagaat tgctgctaat    196620
     ttttgtttgt tggttttatg tctttcaagt taactgaata tgtttatggg ttctaatagt    196680
     tttcttagtg gagtttgcag gattttccaa gtataaaatt atatcatcaa cctacaagga    196740
     taatttgact tattcctttt caatgtagat gctctttatt tttttctctt gtctgatttc    196800
     tctagttata acttccagta ctatgttgaa ttacattggt gaaagtgggc atccttgtca    196860
     tgatccagat ctaagaggag ggatttcagt ttttccacat tcagaataat actacatgtg    196920
     ggtctgacat atgtggcttg tattttgttc aggtattctc cttctatatc cagtgtcttg    196980
     agagttttat catgaagaaa tgtagaactt tatcccatgt gtttttagta tcaattgaaa    197040
     tgattatatg gtttttgttc ctcattatgt ttttatgatg tgtcatattg attgataaca    197100
     tatgttgaac cacacttgca tcactgggat aaatcccact tggtcatgat gaatcatatc    197160
     tttaatgtat tgttgaattc agtttggtaa tgttttgttg gggatttttt gcatcattat    197220
     tcatcagaga tattggcctg cagttttctt tttttgatgt gtgtttggtt ttggtatcag    197280
     tgtagtactg gccttgtaga ataagtttgg aagtattccc tcctcctcag ttttatggaa    197340
     ttatttgtgt agaattaata ttaattcttc ttccaattat tggtaaagtc attaggccct    197400
     gggctgttat ggactggaag actttttatt atggctttaa tctcattact tgtaattggt    197460
     ctgctcaggt tttggatttc ttcacaggtc aatcttggta ggctgtatgt gtctagaagt    197520
     tgcttagagt agccagaaat gatgttttca atttctgtgg tatctgttat aatgtctcat    197580
     ttttcatctc tgatttttat ttggttattc tctttttgtc ttagactggc tagagttttg    197640
     tcaattttat gattttacaa aatctacttt tgtttcattg atcttttgta cttttttctt    197700
     tgtttcagct ccaacctttt ttattatttt aataaaaact ctacacttta actatgctcc    197760
     cactttataa cattttttgt tttcctttat gtcttattgt actgtcataa aaagttgctg    197820
     tagttattat ttttaacttt ttaatcattt agtcttttta cttaagagaa gtttacacac    197880
     cacaatttca gcattatatt attctgtttt tttctgtgta cttactatta acagtcagct    197940
     ttgtaccttc agatgattac ttgcttatta acatccattt cctccagatt tatgaactcc    198000
     attagaattt cttctgggca ggcctgttgt tgataaaatc cctcagcttg tgtttgtcta    198060
     ggaaggtctt tctttctcct tcatgcttaa aggatttttt tttttttttt ttttttgcaa    198120
     gatatagtgt tctagtgcaa tagtttttta tccctctgta ctttatgtta tggtgcttcc    198180
     tccttgcttg tatggtttcc attgaaaact ctgctgcttg atgtatcaga gctccactgt    198240
     atgttctttg tttcttttct cttgttgctt ttaggatcct tttttatcct tgacttttgc    198300
     aagtttcatt attaaatgtg tgaagtagtg ttctttgagt taaacctgct tggtattcca    198360
     aaatcttctt gtacttgaat ttcaatatct ttaggtatgg gaagttatct gttattaaac    198420
     tttctacctt tatctctttc tgtacctctt ctttaaggca agtaactctt agatttgcac    198480
     tttgaaggct gtttactatg tcttctaggc atgcttcatt gttttttatt cctgtttttg    198540
     tctcctctga ctgtgttttc aaatactctg tctgcaagct cactaaattt tcttctgctt    198600
     gattaattct gctactaaga gactctgatg tattttctgc catgttattt gcatttttca    198660
     actctcaaat ttctgtttga ttgtttttaa ttatttcaat ctctgttaaa tttacctgat    198720
     aaaattctga attccttcat tgtattattt tgaatttctt tgagttttct caacataggt    198780
     atgttgaatt ctatgtccga aaaattatat atttctgttt ctcctggatt ggtccctggt    198840
     gcctcattta gttcatttgg tgaggtcaag attttctact gggtgttaat ggttgtagat    198900
     attcattggt tcctgggcat tgaagagttg tatgtttatt gtagtcttca cagtctgggc    198960
     ttgttaatac ctgctcttct tgggaaggct tttatgtatt caaagggact tgggccccaa    199020
     gcccaataaa actagctatt gcagaatcat agaggtacca ccttggtgtc ttgaataata    199080
     tgtggaagaa ttctttggat taccaagaaa agactcttct ttgtgcttat gttctcctaa    199140
     agaaatagag tctttctgca ctgagccacc tgatactgga gatgtgatga tgcaagcacc    199200
     cttgtagcca ccacaacaga ctgtgcttgg tcagatctga agctagcaca gcactgggcc    199260
     ttacccaagg cccttattgt caaggcagcc tgtttcccga ggccctgggc atgtccagat    199320
     atgctgtccg gaaaccaggg gttggtctaa aaaaccttag caatttacgt ggtattttat    199380
     tttactgtgg ctaaactagc actctaatca caatatgaag tccttcccat tcttccatcc    199440
     acattacata gccagaggag cctctctctg tggccactaa tgccacctat ccaggaagga    199500
     ttctggcagg ccagtggcct cctctgtggc ccagagcagg tccagaaatg ctgtccaaga    199560
     gcccaggccc agaggcatgg accccaagaa cctgcatgtt gctctaccct actgtggctg    199620
     agctgctacc tagggtgcaa gacaaaatcc cccttaattt tttctgttca ttttcccaaa    199680
     cagaaggaag ctttcatcac agcaactaca tctaggagta tactgggtca cccatgaagc    199740
     cagcatatct cagagaccaa ggcccatggt gtactcacta ggtatttctt ctggttattc    199800
     agggcccaag ggctctttat tcagcaagtg ctgtatccta caaggactgg atccttccct    199860
     tcaaagcagc aggttccctt ttgtaccagt gtggtctatg atatagtttg gctgtgtccc    199920
     catacaaatc tcattttgaa ttttagctcc cataaataat ccccacaagt tgtgggagga    199980
     acccagtggg aggtaattga attacggggt tcggtttttt tccatgcttt tctcatgata    200040
     atgaataagt ctcagcagat ctgatggttt tataagggca gttcccctgc acacgctctt    200100
     gcctgcatcc atgtaagaca tgccttttct cctcctttgc tttttgtgat gattgtgaga    200160
     ccttcccagc catgtgaaac tgtgagtcca ttgagccttt tgttctttat aaatcgccct    200220
     gtctcaggta tttcttcata acagtataga aatggactaa tagagtactt ggtactggta    200280
     gagtggggta gtgttataag gatacccgaa aacgtggaag caactttgga actgggtaac    200340
     aggcagcagt ggaaagagtt tggagggctc agaagaagac aggaaaatgt ggataagttt    200400
     ggaaccccct agagactctg agggatcaga agacaggaag atgtgggaaa atttggatct    200460
     tcctagagaa gtgttgaatg gctttgacca aaatgctaat agtgatatgg acaataaagt    200520
     ccaggctgag gtgggctcag atggagatga ggaatttatt gggaactgga gcaaaggtta    200580
     ctcttgctat aaaaatagac tggtggcatt ttgcctcagc cctagagacc tgtggaattt    200640
     tgaacttgag agagataatt tagggtatct gggagaataa atttctaagc agcaaaatgt    200700
     tcaagaggaa gcatagcatc aaagtttgag aaatttgtag cctgacaatg cagtagaaaa    200760
     gaaaaaccca tttcctggag agaaattcaa aatggcagaa gaaatttgcg taagtaatga    200820
     gaagccaaat gctaattgcc aaggcaatag gaaaaatctc ttcagggcct gttagagacc    200880
     ttcgtggcag cccctctcat tacagaccca agggcctagg aggaagaagt ggtttgctgg    200940
     gctggatcca gggccccact gctgttagca gcctcaggac ttaatgccct gcatcccaga    201000
     tgctccagcc atggctaaat ggggccaagg tacagcttag gctgtggctt cagaaggtga    201060
     aagacccaca cctgggcagc ttcaacatgg tgttgagcct gcaggtgcac agaagtcaat    201120
     taattgaggt ttgggaacct ccacctagat ttcagaggat gtatgcaaag gcctggatat    201180
     ccaggcagaa atttgctgca aaggtggaac cctcatggag aacctctgct aggacagttc    201240
     agaaggaaaa tgtgggtttg gagcccccaa acagagtccc cactgggtca ctgcctagtg    201300
     gagctgcgaa aagaggccca ccatcctcca gaccccagaa tggtagatcc tcggtcagct    201360
     tgcaccatgt gcctagaaaa gccatagaca ctcagtgcca gcctgtgaaa gcagccaaaa    201420
     ggggggatgt atcttgcaaa gccacagagg cagaactgcc caaggccatg gcctcttgca    201480
     tcagtgtgat ctggttgtga gacatggagt caaaggagat cattttgcag ccttatgatt    201540
     tgactgcccc actggatttt ggactcacat ggggcctgta gccccttcat ttttcaaatt    201600
     tcctccattt gcaatggttg tatctaccca atgcctctac ccctattgta tctacaaagt    201660
     aactaacttg cttttgattt tacaggctca tagatggaag agacttgctt ggtctcagat    201720
     ggggttttgg aatgtggaca tttgaatgaa tgctgaaatg agataagaca ctgggggact    201780
     gttggaaggg caaaattgtg ttttgaattg cgagaacatg agatttggga gaagccagtg    201840
     gcagaataat atggtttggc tgtgtcccca cccaaatctc atcttgaatt ttacctccca    201900
     taatccctgc atgtggtggg aggggtccag tgggaggtaa ttaaatcatg ggggtgggtt    201960
     tttcctgtgc tgttctcgtg atactgaata agtctcagga gatctgatgg ttttacaagg    202020
     gtagttcccc tgcacacact cttgcctacc accatgaaag atgtgtcttt gttcttactt    202080
     caatttctgc catgattttg aggcctcccc agccatgtgg aactgtgatt ccattgaaat    202140
     ttttttcttt ataaattacc cattctttgg tgtttcttca tagcagtatg aaaatgaact    202200
     aatacaatct gtaaatgttt ttcaggagct agagcctgta atgggggcct catgactcta    202260
     ccttgtgccc tatcttactg tggctgactt ggtattcaag acacaaaaca aagcccactt    202320
     tactctttgt tcttctctcc ttaagcaaaa ggaatgagtc aagttcatgg ctgtgaactc    202380
     tactgtctga agttgtggaa gggatgttcc aaatataccc ttagctgcac catttggttt    202440
     ctcctaacat catgtgccac cctacttcat tggctctaag cctggcttag aactaagagt    202500
     tgtttaaaaa ttgtggtcct tgtgtcctag actgcctttc aagtttacct aggatgccag    202560
     agaactttag catacagtgg tgaggcttgc tgagaaactc aaattctgac cactgggatg    202620
     ggtgattccc cactggctac cgtgtgtgtg ctggctgagc gcagtgtaac tatattctcc    202680
     actgtgacaa ggcagcactg agttcagtgt aaacttcccc attttctgta ccctttcttc    202740
     ccaaagtgca cagattctct ctctgtatag ctcagctact gccagtggat ggaggagggg    202800
     tggcattgga cagtcaagac tgtttctcct cccctttgta atgctttttt cagtaatatg    202860
     aatatgagtt taaaaccatt acttggattg ctcacctgga ttttgattct aatgatggtg    202920
     gttttctgtg tgcagatctt tgttaaaatt agtgttccaa tgggaatgat gaatgacatg    202980
     ggcttctgtt ctgctatctt gcttgaacca ctcatctttc tgttttgatt tctgtttttt    203040
     ctttttcttt tctttttttt tatttttgat tctgggcaat ttcacaaatc caccagcatc    203100
     tgtgccacaa tgcagaggtc acaatttata ccgtcgtaaa aatacaagat tttcaagcag    203160
     ctgtttatgt ttcaatatta atgtatattt agaaacagct tttatgattt aataaaatgt    203220
     taaaatttat tttatagcac tgttacctag ttgtgcatac ttcgacattg cttttctatt    203280
     ttggaaatgg tagcacctag atttaggtga aactggttat catcattgct aatatttctc    203340
     ttgacttatg acaataacaa ttacttttca aaaacccagt taaacaactt taaaaatcgt    203400
     atcttgacag tttgaggtgc atgtgatgtt ataaatttct ggttcttatt aacatgaagt    203460
     aaacacactc tatcttatct cccatagatc agattataac taaaatctct ggacaaaata    203520
     ctaaaagcaa ttattgaaaa tcttaaaaaa taagaataag gggccgggcg cggtggctca    203580
     cgcctataat cccagcactt tgggaggccg gggcgtgcag atcacgaggt caggagatca    203640
     agaccatcct ggctaacacg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aaaattagcc    203700
     gggcatggtg gcagacgcct gtagtcccag cttcttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggt    203760
     gtgaacctgg gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag ccgagattgc gtcagtgcac tccagcctag    203820
     gtgacagagc aagactccgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aataaggaca    203880
     ggcagactgg atagaaatat gaaaattgtg tgattatatg ggagtaagtt acctgtgttt    203940
     ttgttgtttt gttaagtttt atttttgttt tgattagctt tcatctctca tattgtccag    204000
     tgcagactac catatctccc aaaatgacaa taaagaatga acagaaatag cacagactaa    204060
     aacagtttgt ctttagtaag aaaactatat atggtgtccc atgtgagaat agtttttgtg    204120
     ttttgtttta tttttgttaa cttcctagaa ctccctcaag tgagccccag taatgaaggc    204180
     gaagcaatag cggggtggca gtgggcatga aagcactaaa gattctatct tgctgctttt    204240
     cccacaaatg tatgtatttc caaaaggggt atgacagctg tgagaagaaa tatccttggc    204300
     tttttaatca gaccatcaag aaatcgaatc actgaaaact agatagtttg agggaaatca    204360
     ttgaaaaaaa aaaggtatga gaggaataga tacattaaat atgtatataa tgtcctgaac    204420
     ttgtctttaa gttgaacatg catagaaata actggaataa acataggtaa actttgagaa    204480
     ctagagcaca gtatacatga cttgttccag actagcccca aagtgggata aacataggac    204540
     aaatcagaag agcagcggaa aaacatttaa cattaaacaa atatttaaaa cacaacccac    204600
     agaagggagt caggacttct ggtttgaacc taaacagttt gactactata taaaacaaca    204660
     aaaacaaaaa aaaaatcaac attttccaga aaattttaat aggacacaga gtctcctaac    204720
     ataatattta acatgtccaa gatacaattt cagattattt gacatataaa gaacaacaaa    204780
     aaaaacccac ttaactcccg tgggacaaga caattatcag acaccaacct tgatgtttag    204840
     aaatgtaatt gcattaaata aaataaaaca gtgaagaaag agaaccaaat agaaatttta    204900
     gtgctaaaaa gtaccctcaa attacaagag agatgtgata acagaatggc ataacagaaa    204960
     atagactcag tgaatttcca gaaaggtcca tagaaattat tctatatgaa aatcaaaaat    205020
     taagatagat ttaaaaatta tgaacaaagc ttcaggggtc aatgtgacaa tataaaaaat    205080
     ctagcattta tatattttga gtttgattat tatataaaga gaggagcaag agactcttgt    205140
     aaaagaatat ttgaaaatat gtctgacaat ttctcaattt ttctgaaatg tatacatttc    205200
     caggtccaag aagctcagca aaccataaga agggtaaatt cacaggaaac tatgcacaaa    205260
     cacatcatag tcaaataagt taaagatttt aaaaaaatct tgaaaggagc ctaagaagca    205320
     cattacacat gtgcaaagta caattttatt gacaatttct catcacacac caggaagatg    205380
     agaaaactgt agactaacat ttacagagtg cttcaagaaa agagctgaaa acaaagaatt    205440
     ctatcttcat aaaacatatt attcaagaca tgagataaaa acatattcca tgtaaagaaa    205500
     agtcaaaaga gagaatctgt agctatacta atatctgata aaatatactc tatttgtcca    205560
     tttctgcttt tgttgcaatt gcttttggca tctctgtcat gatatctttg tctgtgccta    205620
     tgtcctgaat ggtattgact aggttgtctt ccagggattg aatagttttg gatttttcat    205680
     ttaagtcttt aagccacctt gagttaattt ttgtatatgg tgtaaagaag gggtccagtt    205740
     taaatcttct gcatgtggct tgtcagagaa tcatttactc attgcttgtt tttgtcaggt    205800
     ttgtcaaaga taagacagtt gtaagtgtgt ggtcatatac ctgggtcctc tattctgttc    205860
     tattggtcta tgtgtctgtt tttgtaccag tactatgcca ttttggttac tgtagccctg    205920
     tagtatagtt tgaagccatg taggatgatg cctccagctt tggtcatttg tttagggttg    205980
     tcttggctat aagggctctt tgttgttttc atacaaattt taaaatagtt tttttctagt    206040
     tctgtgaaga atctcaatgg tagtttaata gacatagcat taaatctatg aattgctttg    206100
     ggcagaatgg ccatttcaag gattttgatt cttcctttcc attagcacca aatgtttttc    206160
     catttgctta tgtcctctct gatttcttag agcagtggtg tagttctctt tgtagagatc    206220
     tttcacctcc ctggtcagct atattcctag atattttatt ctttttgtgg caattgtgta    206280
     tgggagttca ttcctgattt ggctcttggc ttgcctgttg ttagtatata gaaatgctag    206340
     tgagtttgcc cattaatgat agaatggata gagaaaatgt ggtacatata catcaaggaa    206400
     tactatgcaa ccatacaaaa tgagatcatg tcctttgcat ggacatggat ggaactggag    206460
     gccagtatct ttagcaaaca caggaaaagg acagaaaacc aaatttcaca tgttctcact    206520
     tgtatgtgtg agttaaatga tgataaaaca tgaacacaca gagggggaca aacacacttg    206580
     ggccttttgg atggtgaagg gtgggaggtg ggagaggatc agaaaaaaat aactaatggg    206640
     tactgatatg gtttgactgt gaccccaccc acatctcatc ttgaattgta gcacccataa    206700
     ctcccatggg ttgtgaaagg agcatggtgg gagataattg aatcataggg gcaggccttt    206760
     cccatgctat cctcatgatg gtgaataagt cttatgagat ccaatggttt cacaaagggg    206820
     attttccatg ctcaagttat cttctcttct ctgctgccat gtgagatgtg cctttcaccc    206880
     tctgcaaggg ttgtgaggcc cccacaacca catagaactt tgagtccatt aaatctgttt    206940
     cttttggaaa ttgcccagtc tcaggtatgt cattatcagc agcatgaaaa cggactaata    207000
     cagccagtat tggggtgctg ctgcaaagat accagaagat gtggaagcaa atttgtaact    207060
     aagtaactgg gagatgttgg aacagtttgg agggcttaaa agaagataga aaaacgtgga    207120
     aaagtttgga acttcccaga ggcttgttga atgactttga caaaatgttg ataatgacat    207180
     agacaatgaa atccaggctg aggtggtctc agatggaaat gaagaaattg ttggaaacta    207240
     gagcaaaggt gattcttgtt atattttagc aaagagactg gtggcatttt gcccctgccc    207300
     tagagatttg tggaactttg aacttgagag agataattta ggctatctgg tggaagaaat    207360
     ttctaaacag caaagcattc aagaggtgac ttgggtgctg ttaaaggcat tcagttttat    207420
     aagagaggca gagcataaaa gtttgaaaaa tttgcagcct gacaatgtga tagaaaattc    207480
     aattttctga ggagtaattc aagacagctg aagaaacttg cataagtaag gaggagctga    207540
     atgttaatcc ccaagacaat gtcactagga catgtcagcg gtcttcatgg aagcccctcc    207600
     catcacaagc ttggaggcct aggaggaaaa aaatggtttt gtgggcctgg cccaggatcc    207660
     ctgtacaagc ctagggtctt ggtgccctgt gtctcagctg ctccagccaa aagggtccaa    207720
     catagagctc aggctgtggc ttgagaggat tcaagcccca agccttggca gcttccacat    207780
     gatattgagc ttgcaagtgc acagaagtct ggaaatgggg tttgggaacg tctgcctaga    207840
     tttcagagga tggatggaaa tgcctgggtg tccaggcaga agtttgctgc agaggtgggg    207900
     ccctcatgga gaatctctgc tagggcagtg cagaagggaa atagggggct ggagccacta    207960
     cacaaaatcc ccactgggac actgcctagt ggagctgtga aaagaggccc accatcttcc    208020
     agaaccccaa atggtagatc catagacagc ttacaccatg cacctggaaa agctgcagac    208080
     agtcaacacc agcccttgaa agcagcttgg agggaagctg taccctgcaa agccacaggg    208140
     gcagagctgc ctaagatcat ggaaccgatc tcttgcatca gcatgaacca gatgtgagac    208200
     atggagagaa agcagatcat tttggaactt taaaatttga cagcgatttt ggacttgcat    208260
     ggggcctgta gctcctttgt tttggccaat ttttctcatt tgaaacaggt gaatttcacc    208320
     aaagcctgta cccccattgt atttaggaag taactaactt gccttcgatt atacaggctc    208380
     ataggtggaa gagacttgcc ttatcttcga tgagactttg gattgtggaa ttctgagttc    208440
     atgctgaaat gaattaaggc cttggggact gttgggaacg cattaatggt tttgagatct    208500
     aaggacatga gatttcggag ggcccagggg tggaataata tggtttggct gtgttgctgc    208560
     ccaaatctca tcttgaatta tagctcccat aattctcaca tattgtggga gggacccagt    208620
     gggagataat tgaatcatgg ggccaggtct ttaccatgct attctcatga tagtgaatga    208680
     gtctaatgag atctgatggt tttataaagg ggagttttgc tacacaagtt ctcttctctt    208740
     gtttgccacc atgtgaaata tgcctttcac cttccaccat aattgtgtgg cctccccagc    208800
     cacgtggaac tgttagtcta ttaaacctct ttattttgta tattgcccag tctttacata    208860
     tgtctttatc ggcagccaga aaatggactc atacaggcac caggcttaat aactgggtga    208920
     tgaaataatc tgtacaataa attctcatgg tacaaattta cttatgtaac aaacctgcac    208980
     atgtacccct aaactataat aaaagttcaa aataaagcaa gaaataatag actttaagtt    209040
     aaaaactatc aggcaaatga aaggtcacta catactaata tgaggttgaa ttcatcaaga    209100
     agatataata ataatatata tgcatggaaa aatataaaat ctaaatatat aaagcaaata    209160
     ttaatagatc tgaatagaaa gatagactac aatacaaaaa tagaggattt caatactacc    209220
     ctttcaacaa tagacagagt agagagaaaa tcaaaaagga aatactggat ttgaactaca    209280
     ctttaaa                                                              209287