EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC011745; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 149525 BP.
AC   AC011745;
DT   18-OCT-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-329C15 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-149525
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-149525
RA   Marquis C., Maupin R., Scherger E.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-329C15";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-149525
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-OCT-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-149525
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (04-APR-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-149525
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-APR-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-149525
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JUN-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [7]
RP   1-149525
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 50591223e97ed573892713c9d240c12b.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC011745.4:1-149525; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Jun 12, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7408126.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0329C15
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-489O13; the clone sequenced
CC   to the right is RP11-256K9, 200 bp overlap.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 1 of RP11-329C15; actual end is at base
CC   position 16325 of RP11-256K9.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..149525
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-329C15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..1769
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2487..2763
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3960..4315
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   4733..4877
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4889..5028
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   5032..5133
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5120..5610
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5993..6290
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6975..7083
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   7183..7319
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7373..7984
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   7989..8725
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8840..9010
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9002..9088
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9090..10009
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10041..10172
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10181..10941
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11029..12416
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12417..13061
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13122..13740
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13745..14153
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   14151..15271
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   16066..16940
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16941..17083
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17084..18378
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18583..18822
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18825..19127
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19271..19781
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19811..20590
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20591..20904
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20905..21558
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21793..21866
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21875..22234
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22326..22504
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23097..23327
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23330..23414
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   23467..23903
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24006..24249
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24266..24410
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   24872..25074
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26609..27500
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   27616..27774
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27775..27844
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27851..28092
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   28168..29407
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   29408..29920
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   29921..30202
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   30253..30493
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30498..31500
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31505..31761
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31735..31944
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31958..32313
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32314..32788
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32782..33662
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   33663..34014
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   34017..34404
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   35030..35084
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35085..35270
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35721..35873
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45575..45776
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   45919..46164
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   46166..46980
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   46971..47300
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   47322..47789
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   47791..48048
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48050..48115
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48116..48466
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48467..48852
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48864..49770
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   49771..50026
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49899..50028
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50027..50085
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   50375..50705
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   50923..51190
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   51554..51961
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51968..52194
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52342..52441
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56028..56717
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56833..57021
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   63628..63772
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   63971..64114
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   64162..65543
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   65652..65919
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   66947..67518
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   67543..67970
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67968..68093
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68349..68959
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69072..69881
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70158..70281
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70974..71230
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71428..73367
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73352..73893
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73895..74820
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75316..75436
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   75439..75728
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76028..76315
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76316..76624
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76625..79815
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79865..83215
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83221..83324
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83545..83707
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84010..85203
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    87463..87665
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA244284 (NID:g1874987) nc06f09.s1"
FT   repeat_region   88536..88691
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88697..89002
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   89408..89614
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   92969..93640
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   93645..93920
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93959..94460
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   95400..95506
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96430..96605
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   97232..97745
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   97787..98083
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   misc_feature    98480..98615
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA244284 (NID:g1874987) nc06f09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    98503..98616
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA244317 (NID:g1875044) nc06f09.r1"
FT   repeat_region   100748..101029
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101080..101127
FT                   /rpt_family="5S"
FT   repeat_region   102257..102756
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102815..102920
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102914..102952
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102946..102984
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102978..103034
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103088..103157
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103159..103326
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103363..103442
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   103454..104180
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   105758..106106
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   106108..106450
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   107051..107125
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   107382..107650
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107693..107811
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   108095..108387
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114553..114939
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115321..115540
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116011..116151
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   117253..117491
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   118418..118673
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   118702..119224
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   119244..119515
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   119547..121586
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   121636..121948
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121970..125229
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   125244..125940
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   125948..126378
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   126425..126744
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   127491..128155
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   128158..128970
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   128998..131081
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   131082..131212
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131213..132506
FT                   /rpt_family="SVA"
FT   repeat_region   132548..133484
FT                   /rpt_family="SVA"
FT   repeat_region   133492..133659
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133664..137224
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   137318..138701
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   138702..139012
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139013..139269
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   139348..139916
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   139921..140016
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   140034..140661
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   140662..140968
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140969..141071
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   141122..141221
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   141224..141424
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   141425..141739
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141740..142244
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   142327..142447
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   142647..142840
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   143750..145975
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   145976..147252
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   147253..147372
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147385..149125
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 149525 BP; 47623 A; 28813 C; 28551 G; 44538 T; 0 other;
     gaattctctg aattttactg cagaaatttt tgtcctgttt cttacttttt cttaagaaac        60
     tctctgtttt gagccacctg gagtggagtg acccaagaac ccctgctgcc accacaatga       120
     ggaatgtgct gggttagaat tgaagccagg acagcactgt gttcagccca gggcctactg       180
     taaccaaacc ctgactactg cctttgtttg ctctacatgc tggggctcta tgataatcag       240
     gtggaaaagt cagttaagcc tatgttcttc catatgggtg gcaaaattct ctgggtccat       300
     ggttggtcca gagttgtcat ctgggagcca aggactagag tcaaatattt tacatgttga       360
     cctcggtctt ctattgcact gtgcctcagc tggcaaagaa attacaagac acagtcttcc       420
     tacacttttc tctccttttc aaaggcagag gaaccgcatt tcctggccat tgtgaactca       480
     agtccaaagg acatagtgcc aatcagctgc tgatattgct ttaggaccca acagttattt       540
     agtcagcttg tgttaaattt tgcctttctg gggtcactct tcagggcagt ggtttcccca       600
     ctgtcccagt gcaggtccag gtgtgtcatt taagatccaa ggcctttaat tgggctcccc       660
     agtggccaac tttgtgtttt attttgctgt ggaagagcta acacctatgg tgcaagctta       720
     ctccccttta tctttctcca tgtttttctc cagcagaaaa cgtcttcttc tatagccacc       780
     acaactggaa gtgagttgtt tctcacctga agccaacaaa tctcagattc ttacccaaag       840
     tttatgacat actaccttgt tactgttgtt tattcagggt ccaagcattc ttcagttaga       900
     agacaataaa tgctgtcagg attgtgttta ttattcttca aggtagcagc ttccctttta       960
     gtccaaagta tttctagaca tatcatcttg taactcagtc ctgtatagat ggcctcacaa      1020
     atctgactgc tggcctattc tgttgtggct aagctggtat tcaagataca aaacgaagtc      1080
     ttcctccact cttcccattc ttttattcta gtggaagaaa aggatctctt ttgagctgta      1140
     agctttgcag gctcaaggta gagtaagagt ggaacgagca ctcccttacc tgccccagtt      1200
     gatttcttag taggtaatgt gccataccag tttaccggct ttgagcccag tgaagtttta      1260
     ggtcttgcat gagttgcagg cattgtggcc tagagtgtct ttcaagtttg tgtgtgatcc      1320
     cttagcactc cagcctaaag tggtgagact tgtagaaact cgaattccat ccactgagat      1380
     gaacaatttt tctctggcta ggacttttta aaatactttc acagtttatg ggtattacct      1440
     gaattttgtc tgattttgct ttctgctgta atgaggtatg aataggttca aagcaaagtc      1500
     tcacaattga tctattctcc acagaatctc cctccatgtc acagctgatg gatgagtaac      1560
     aagtaacatt tgcaattcac aagtggatct tctgcctttt cagtgcctct ttcactaaca      1620
     tggagacaaa aatagaaact atgagtgctc acttaatttt gttttttatg aagatgcttt      1680
     ttctgtagat agttgttaaa ttgatatgcc tattatggta ttataagtgc aaacttctat      1740
     ttgaacatct tgatctgtcc ttattctaaa tcaactttct taaatgattg tacgttattc      1800
     taaaatgtct ttgcattgta cattataaac gtttggacac atttggcatt ctggttgtac      1860
     tggctctgga tttatgatta taatagtatt ttactctgtt aaactcacta agcaaatatt      1920
     gtataaatag aacatataaa aagtaagccc ttgatctttg ccatctcaag catatatatt      1980
     tagctgaaac attactgttc tttcactgga aaatttacct gcttgaaaat attcaaaatc      2040
     aaataactaa aatccagaaa tacaaatgca gagtctagca ccaagaatat tcaaaagagt      2100
     ttaaatctca agaaacataa tgttctggta tcatccaaaa tgtaagcacc tcaaataacc      2160
     caattttgga agattacaag ataatttatg acttgtttcc atagaggttc tcctgaacag      2220
     aaacactact cttgtcaaat agatatctcc aagtaaaatt tcaaattaca ttttttttat      2280
     agtttaaaat atcccacttt aagtcaaata aatatctgga aaattgtgta atttgataat      2340
     aagctgtctt tcagttgaac tggcttctta ttatttttga gataaaagaa tgaagcaggt      2400
     gaactctcct cctcaataca ggaatgattg cacatttaat gcctcagcat ttaattaatt      2460
     aatgtgttaa cttattaatt aattaatttt gagatggagt ctcactctgt tgcacaggct      2520
     ggcgtacagt ggcatgatct cagctcactg caacctccac ctgggttcaa gtagttctcc      2580
     tgcctcaggc tccccagtag ctaggattcc aagcgcaggt gcccagctaa tatttttgta      2640
     tttttggtgg agatggggtt tcatcatgtt ggccaggctt ttctcttaac tcctgacctt      2700
     gtgatctgcc tgccttggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc caccacgccc      2760
     ggccctcacc atttatttta atcaagatgc tagaataatg aaaacagttt taacttcagt      2820
     caaaagaagt ttatcttaag tcacaaagtt cactaaaagt ttcattgctt tatgcaggat      2880
     aattctcagt aaatagtgct aatcaagtct agctttctaa agcagatgtt ggaaaactta      2940
     cagtaaaaga gcagacagta aataacaaag actgtaccat ttggtgtctg ttgtttttat      3000
     tcacctcagg ccttgaagtg aaagtggctg aagctgcagg taacagaaaa ggggtggcca      3060
     gtaaagccct agtcagcaag ccttgtgcct cttctcattc cacacagaaa aagagccaca      3120
     cagggggaga gcatggcagg cagtcctggc tcattgccct tgctaaatag cttcctgcag      3180
     atgaggccca gtcccagcac taatttaaaa tgggtctgct ttttctactg agtaatactg      3240
     ccccagtaaa gggtgcatct gtggacccac ccctatacac atctgaggtt ctgctgcagc      3300
     ccctgataag gacacttgac aggctttaga tgagttcagg cagaagaaca tgaatgtctg      3360
     agggatttta gcatattttc tagtcactga ttgtatctta ttcctgaagg gacaagggtc      3420
     agctgagctt cttgggcagg ggcctttgat gtgctgtcct ggcagggctt ttcttgcctg      3480
     tcagatgcat ggggttttaa gatgtttaaa atagcacaaa ttcttaaacc tccaaactta      3540
     gaagcagaac ctcctcttct ctatgttacc attctgccca agtacttatt tattcatgtt      3600
     taagatttta aatttagaaa acactttgac cactttttaa ttaaaacttc cacgaattta      3660
     ttaaattctt atgttgtcag gtagtacttt tgaggcattc ctaaaaatat attatagttt      3720
     caactttttt tgtgactgtc tgcataattc atttgtgatt aaaaaaacca gtattgtaaa      3780
     tctgccaggt atggctttta gaagactttg acctattagt agcattttct gactctcaaa      3840
     atttattgta gaaaaaggga tcatgtaagt ctatcttgga gtcagattaa taactttgtg      3900
     tcatgaagaa tttagtatca aaatttacaa aaattatgca aacaagttga tatgtcctat      3960
     gtcttgttaa tctgggttgc tacaatgaat ttcatagact ggggagttta taaacaacag      4020
     gaattcattt tgtgcgttta tagacctggt ccaagatcat ggttagcata ttctttgtct      4080
     ggaaagggat agctttctgc ttaatagatg gttatctttt tcatagtgtc cttacatgac      4140
     actatgaata agaaagcccc ctgagttctt ttttatacag gcattaatcc aatttataag      4200
     gtctctttcc tcataaccta gttacttccc aagcttcgac tacaagtacc atgatatagc      4260
     aaattagatt ttatcatata catttgatgg gaacaaaaat atttggctta tagcatcagg      4320
     taaccctgag ccatatgcac ttagaagagt tgtatactac tctgtaaata ttttctggta      4380
     tcctctggtt tagaaaaaaa tggtgatttc tgatttagct atatctaagt tctaaattct      4440
     acagtctcct gcacaatttg tttaagggac agaagaaatg ttgtaggcaa attgccattc      4500
     agttttaaga cagttcttaa gaaggtatgt tatcttaata agaataggag gcaggaaaat      4560
     gacaaagtgc agaaatagat aaatcataat gagaaatggt aaaaggaact cagagacatg      4620
     gaagtaaact agaagacaaa agagtagcag gtttactaaa aacataagac tctcctgttg      4680
     ctaaaattag ccacttattt acatttggct agatacaaat ctaataagac aattttttag      4740
     agacaatgcc ttgctttgtc acccagactg gagggcatca tttggggcac actatagccc      4800
     caaattccag agctcaagca atttacccat tcttgtcttt taaatagctg gaactacaaa      4860
     cgtgtgccat catgcccatc taattttctt ttttttactt aaaatcaact gattatagat      4920
     gttaaacctg tctacagaat accttcatag caacaccaat gttaatgttt gattaaataa      4980
     ctgggtacta tggcttaatc acattgacac ttaaaactga ccatcacacc atagtcagca      5040
     attacaagga gcaaactatt gatatacata acaaactgga tgactctcca gtgaattttg      5100
     ctaagcaaga aagccatttc taaaaggtta catgtaagtc attttactat aaagacacat      5160
     gcacacatat tttattgcag tactatttag agtagcaaag acttagaacc aacccaaatg      5220
     ttcatcagtg atagactggg taaagaaact gtggcatata cgcaccatgc aatactacgc      5280
     agccataaaa cagaatgagt tcacgtcctt ttcagggaca tggatgaggc tggaaaccat      5340
     ctttcttagc aaactaacac aggaacagaa aaccaaacac tgaatgttct cactcataag      5400
     tgggagtcga acaatgagaa aacacagaca cagggagtag aacatcacac accacggcct      5460
     gtcaagggct gagaggaaag aggagggaga gcattaggaa aaatacctaa tgcatgttgg      5520
     gcttaaaacc tagatgacag gttgataggt atagcaaacc actgtggcac atgtatacct      5580
     acgtaaaaaa tctacatgtt ctgtacatgt gcctatctaa tttttatatt tcttttaaaa      5640
     aagatctccc taggttgccc aatctttcac ataatctttc acataatctt tcacataatc      5700
     tccctaggtt gcctaatctt tcacataaag tgatcctcct gcctcagtaa accaaatggg      5760
     taaattacag actctagcca cttcactcag actaattaaa caatttttaa ttcagaatat      5820
     tattttaaag tttctgttct gtgtatcatc caaaacattc tgctcattgg acaggataaa      5880
     tattttttaa gggaatctct ccaatgagca ttgttcaaat caaatgttcc cagagtggtc      5940
     acaaaagaat caattcttga tggagtgagg ttgttcagaa agacagtgac aaggcctggt      6000
     ataatggctc atgcctgtaa tcccagtgct ttgggagtct gaggcaggca gatcacctga      6060
     ggctgggagt tcaagaccag cctgaccaac atgatgaaac cctatctcta ctaaaaatat      6120
     aaaaaattaa ccaggcatgg tcacagggca cctgtaatcc cagctactca agaggctgag      6180
     agaggagaat cacttgaacc tgggagatgg aggttgcagt gacctgagat tgtgccactg      6240
     cactccaacc catggaacaa gagcaaaact ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa tatatagtga      6300
     caagaatgag aattgcaatt taaaagtaca aataggaaat caatagcttt ttctgaaagt      6360
     agagaaaata tggctgtaga caacttcaaa ggagatagta ccatttagta aaaacaaatg      6420
     ctatacattt tgtgtcttga gctctcatcc aagtagtggg tcacctctga ataaagacac      6480
     aaaaatatct gcctccagga ggtgtaaaga aaaaaaggca ctctcttgat cacaaaacaa      6540
     atgcacagaa ttagggaaga agaaagaaga acttattcca attgtgcatt tttccctcag      6600
     aaaattgtgt ctaaattgat gcctgagcag tgagaaatgt agattcacta gtgtgtgaag      6660
     ctggctcaga aaatagccaa ataggacata ttactatgct tatatgttta ttctctgatt      6720
     cttctcccta tgataaaatt tttgatggca taactctaaa caattatata aatattcaaa      6780
     agtacctgag atactcaatg taaagacaag atagctcaga tctaaatgtg acttatgaca      6840
     ttagtactta tctgacaatc atgagcagag ggtggctcag tgagtgctgg tcaaataatg      6900
     gagtctaagg tgaaagtaaa cgcagaggtt acttcagtaa tacctccaaa ataacagtgg      6960
     cacataatgg agacaagacc acccaaataa aattatgaaa aggcaatata tttcagcttt      7020
     gttccaacaa ggaaattagc caccttcact tttgttcagt gaaaactcaa aggcaagcac      7080
     agggtttaaa agccactgtt tctgcaatgt cagctgtcac agtagagaag gcgattgagg      7140
     catattgatg gacaccttgt gaagattatg gaattgccac atggactttc caataggcca      7200
     agctgaagaa atgggagcaa caaaataaat aagaataaca ttaatttata accaagataa      7260
     taaaataaat atttatgagg ccatactgat ataaattgaa taagaaagag gaaaacaaga      7320
     agtgttgtag tctcaacagt ggaccaagat gtaacagtct ctggttttat gaaatttttt      7380
     ttgactctaa acaacaaaat gagaatcagc aatgttccaa gcaaaagtaa aaaatactgc      7440
     tttagttttc tattagttta ctttctttta ttaactattg ctctgcttta caattataaa      7500
     cattttagct tttcatgagc tctgtgtgat tttcagttat caaaaacatg catttcagaa      7560
     caccttttaa aatttcaaag ttgattataa accatatttt aaagacaatt aaaaccagac      7620
     aacaattgtc tttaaatgac aaaatctcca gagtgaatac aatcaggaac acaatgagca      7680
     aagaaattca gttgttttgg gggtttacaa taacccaaca aaataacctg aactgtgatt      7740
     gatagtacat attcagacat tagagcctta gatgttccat atggttttaa aaagtacatt      7800
     aatataattc actaaactat agcatgaaga agattagaca tcacttcggc aatctcataa      7860
     acctaaacat gtcaaataat cctgtttacc ccttttctgg atacttcagg gcctctatat      7920
     agttccgaaa agctgggcaa cagggaggac aacattgaaa ttgaaatttg attttggaag      7980
     tctgccatac accagctaaa attgcttata ttcataaaac aggcaataac aaatactggt      8040
     gaggattcga ataaaatggt atctttgtac actgttggtg ggaatgtaaa ttggtacaag      8100
     cattatgaaa aaaaatttga acattccaca aaaaactaat aattgagcta ccatatgatt      8160
     cagctaccat gtatcttact gctaagcata tatcccagaa aaaaagaagt gaatatatca      8220
     aagaaatgtc cgtgatttta tgtttgttgc agcactgttt gcaatagcta agatttaaaa      8280
     acaacttaag tgtccattct tccagaagaa tgtatgaaga aaatgtgaaa catacacaca      8340
     aaagagtaca atatagacaa taaaaataaa atccagtcat ttgcaacacc atagatggaa      8400
     ataaagttat tatattttgt gaaataagcc aagtacagag agacaatgaa cacatgttca      8460
     cacttattta ggaacctaaa aataaaaaca tatttataca tagcggatgg ttgccagtgt      8520
     cttggaaagg tattgggagg gaggggaaga ggtgggaatg attaatggtt gcaaaaacat      8580
     tagaaataat taaaaatact taatacttaa tagcatacca gtgaccataa taaaataatt      8640
     gtgcattttg aaatatctta aagatataat tatattgttt tcaacacagt ggttaagtac      8700
     atgagattat ggatacccaa ttcccgtatt tcacattgca tgcctatacc atgacatctt      8760
     atgtcaccca taaatatata tacttattat atacccaaaa agttaaaatt taaaaaatat      8820
     actcataata atgttaagca taaagaaaat aacacaaaag tcaattagag atgttaatta      8880
     tatcaaaagc taaacaaatc tgaggaagtt tcagccagaa taagaaaaaa aaggagaccc      8940
     acataaataa aatcagaaat taaaaactgg atataaaatg atactacaga aattcaaagg      9000
     atcagatgag taggttgcaa aagttttctc ccattctgta ggttgcctgt tcactctgat      9060
     ggtagtttct tttgccatgc agaagctcac aacctactca tctgacaaag ggctaatatc      9120
     cagaatctac aatgaactca aacaaatata caagaaaaaa caaacaaccc catcaaaaag      9180
     tgggtgaagt atatgaacag acacttctca aaagaagaca tttatgcagc caaaaaacac      9240
     atgagaaaat gctcatcttc actggccatc agagaaatgc agatcaaaac cacaatgaga      9300
     taccatctca caccagttag aatggcaatc attaaaaagt caggaaacaa caggtgctgg      9360
     agaggatgtg gagaaataaa acacttttac actgttggtg ggactgtaaa ctagttcaac      9420
     cattgtggaa gtcagtgtgg cgattcctca gggatctaga actagaaata ccatttgacc      9480
     cagccatccc attactgggt atatacccaa aggactataa atcatgctgc tataaagaca      9540
     catgcacacg tatgtttatt gtggcactat tcacaatagc aaagacttgg aaccaactca      9600
     aatgtccatc aatgatagac aggattaaga aaatgtggca catatacacc atggaatact      9660
     atgcagccat aaaaaatgat gagttcatgt actttgcagg aacatggatg aaactggaag      9720
     ccatcattct cagcaaacta tcacaaggac aaaaaactaa acaccgcata ttctcactca      9780
     taggtgggaa ctgaacaatg agaacacttg gacacaggaa ggggagcatc acacactggg      9840
     gactgttgtg gggttggggg agtggggagg gatagcatta ggagatatac ctaatgctaa      9900
     acaatgagtt aatgggtgca gcacaccaac atggcacacg tatacatatg taacaaacct      9960
     gcacgttgtg cacatgtacc ttaaaactta aagtataata ataataaaat ttaaaaaaag     10020
     aaattcaaag gattactact tatgcaaaga aattggaaaa tttaagttgt cactatccta     10080
     ggcaaatata acctaccaaa attaagcctg gaataaaggc aaaacataaa ctgcccaata     10140
     agaattaatg agatcaaagt tataatataa agtattttct tgcctccagc ttttttcttt     10200
     ttgcttagga ttgtgttggc aatgcaggct cttttttggt tccatatgaa ctttaaagta     10260
     gttttttcca attctgcgcc tttatagctt gatggggata gcattgaatc tacaaattac     10320
     cttgggcagt atggccattt tcatgatatt gattcttcct attcatgagc atggaatgtt     10380
     cttacattta tttgtgtcct cttttatttc attgagcagt ggtttgtagt tttccttgaa     10440
     gaggtccttc acatcccttg taagttggat tcctaggtat tttattctct ttgaagcaat     10500
     tgtgaatggg agttcactca tgatttggct ctctgtttgt ctgttattgg tgcatacaaa     10560
     tgcttgtgat ttttgcacat tgattttgta tccttagaat ttgctgaatt tgcatatcag     10620
     cttaagggga ttttggtctg agacgatggg gttttctaaa tatacaatca tgtcatctgc     10680
     aaacagggac aatttgattt cctcttttcc taatagaaga tgctttcttt ctttcttctg     10740
     tctgattgcg ctggacagaa cttccaacgc tatgttgaac aggagtgatg agagagggca     10800
     tccctgtctt gtgccagttt tcaaagggaa tgcttccagt tttgcccatt cagtatgata     10860
     ttggctgtag gtgtgccata aatagctctt attattttga gatatgtccc atcaatacct     10920
     agtttattga gagtttttag ctgactaaaa actacttaat agcgtatcag cactacttaa     10980
     tagcatacca gtgactataa taacataatt gtgcataatt gtagccttct acagtaacca     11040
     aaatagcatg gtactggtac caaacagaga tatagaccaa ctgaacagac ctgagccctc     11100
     agaaataata ccacacatct acaaccatct gatctttgac aaacctgaaa gaaacaaaaa     11160
     atggggaaag gattccctat ttaataaatg gtgctgggaa aactggctag ccatatgtag     11220
     agagctgaaa ctggatctct tctttatacc ttatacaaaa attaattcaa gatggattaa     11280
     agacttgcat gttagaccta aagccataaa aaccctagaa gaaaacctag tcaataccat     11340
     tcaggacata ggcatgggaa agggcttcat gactaaaaga ccaaaagcaa tggcaacaaa     11400
     agccaaaatt gacaaatggg atctaattaa actaaagagc ttctgcacag caaaagaaac     11460
     taccatcaga gtgaacaggc agcctacaga atggaagaaa attttgcaat ctactcttct     11520
     gacaaagggc taatatccag aatctacaaa gaactcaaac gaatttacaa gaaaaaaaca     11580
     aacaacccca tcaaaaagtg ggcaaaggat atgaacagac actcatcaaa agaagacatt     11640
     tatgcagcca acagacacat gaaaaaatgc tcatcttcac tggccatcag agaaatgcag     11700
     atcaaaacca caatgagata ccatctcaca ccagttagaa tggcaatcat taaaaagtca     11760
     ggaaacaaca gctgctggag aggatgtgga gaaataggaa cacttttaca ctgttggtgg     11820
     gactgtaaac tagttcaacc attgcggaag aaggtgtggt gattcctcag ggatctagaa     11880
     ctagaaataa catttgaccc tgccattcca ttactgggta tatacccaaa ggattataaa     11940
     acatgctgct atgaagacac atgcacatgt acatttattg ctgcactatt cacaatagca     12000
     aagacttgga accaactcaa atgtccatca atgatagact ggattaagaa aatgtggcac     12060
     atatacacca tggaatacta tgcagccata aaaaaggatg tgttcgtgtc ctttgtaggg     12120
     acatggatga aactggaaac catcattctc agcaaactgt tgcaaggata aaaaaccaaa     12180
     caccacacat tctcactcat aggtaggaac tgaacaagga gaacacttgg acacaggaag     12240
     gggtacatca cacacgggtg cctattgtga ggtggaggat ggggagcggg gtagcattag     12300
     gagatatacc taatgtaaat gatgaggtaa tgggtgcagc acaccaacat ggcacatatg     12360
     taacaaaccc gcactttgtg cacatgtacc ctagaactta aattataaaa aaaaaattgt     12420
     caggaaaaaa caggtgctgg agaggatgtg gagaaatagg aatgctttta tactgttggt     12480
     gcaagtgtaa actagtttaa ccattgtgga agacagtgtg gcgattcctc aaggatctag     12540
     aactagaaat atcctttgac ccagcgatcc cattaccggg tatatactga aaagattata     12600
     aatcatgctg ctataaagac atgagcatga gtatgttttt tgcagcacta ttcacaatag     12660
     caaagacttg gaaccaactc aaatgtctat caatgataga ctggattaag aaactgtggc     12720
     acatatacac catggaatac tatgcagcca taaaaaagaa tgagttcatg tcctttgtag     12780
     ggacatggat gagctggaaa ccatcattct gagcaaacta ttgcaaggac agaaaaccaa     12840
     acaccacatg ttctcactca taggtgggaa ttaaacaatg agaacatttc gacactgggg     12900
     cctatcatgg ggtaggggga gtggagaggg atagcattag gtgaaatacc taatgtaaat     12960
     gatgagttaa tgggtgaagc acaccaacat ggcagatgta tacatatgta ataaacctgc     13020
     agattgtgca catgtaccct agaagttaaa gtataattat atatatacac acacatatat     13080
     atatatacac acacacatat atatatataa agtatgttct taaaataaac ccaggaacta     13140
     atgtctttgc agctgaattc taccaaacat ttataaaaat taatacaagt caaattcaaa     13200
     cttttctgaa aaatagagta ggaggtaata cttttaaagt aactttacaa gacgagtact     13260
     actctaataa caaaaccaga caagaacaca tcagtgaaaa actacaggcc aatatctctt     13320
     ataaatattt atgaaaaatt tctcaacaaa atacaagcaa accaaatttc accatgcatt     13380
     agaaagatca ctcattatga ccaagttgga tttattcctt tgatgcaaga attgttcaac     13440
     atatgggtaa atcaattaat atgaaacatt gtgtcaacag aaggaaggaa taaagccaca     13500
     tgattatttt agttaactct gaaaaagcat tcgaatatat tcagcactcc caatgatgaa     13560
     acccctcaac ctgctgggta tagaaatgac atgctttaac aaaatagaat ccatatatta     13620
     caaatccaca gctagtatgt tactgaatga agaaaaacta aaagcctttc ttctaaggta     13680
     tgaaatatga aaagaatgtc gactgacaac acttactcaa gatagtactg gaaaacctag     13740
     agatatgaga tatttggaaa tgtcactttt ctggatggaa atatctgtag ctggtagctc     13800
     atttgcctgc attttcttag gcccaccggg cttattccac taatttggcc tggcaggcta     13860
     tgcttggctt atgctacttg tctggatacc atcctctaag aaagattaca agtcaggtgt     13920
     gaagcagcaa aaggtgtgtc agcaagagtg aattctggtt actgcagtca gacacgctgg     13980
     ctgctgccat gtagtgggca attccatctg ccaggtctct gcaaggctgc agctggacca     14040
     ggggtactga aagtagcttt tatgactagc actgagaaat gtggtggtgc cttgaggctt     14100
     ggagatgcca ggaaccacag tgccccagaa agaaagtcat aaccttgcct cagaagccac     14160
     agtgccccca aaataaagtc acaaacttgc ctcagggagc tcacaggtct gaggttcctg     14220
     aagaccacaa cttttttttt cttacttttt gcccataatg tgggaaccaa gggacatgtt     14280
     ttagccctgt ttgtgttaca gctttcttag atttgccatt cgataagttc caagttcttg     14340
     ttctgtgact aggaagaatg atgtatgcag acaagtgaag agtaagtagg atgagaagga     14400
     gttttattga gtgataaaac agctcagaga agacctgcag ttggtggctc agtcagggtc     14460
     tccctacaaa tgttcatctc ctagaaggga gagacttgta gcggagagct cctctctgca     14520
     ggcagaccag tccttcatct caccatcatc tatcttcttt ttgagtctgg ctgagtgtag     14580
     gctttttatg gactgcagtg aggaagaagt gagtgctgat tggtccattg gttgccatgg     14640
     gtgggctcag gaacaagcaa cacaagtttc ccttctggtc tctggaactg gttgcctgga     14700
     ccccaggctt tgggccctcc ctggcttgaa gatggggttt catctgagtt ctgtcccctt     14760
     cggtcaaaca gcctgtctgc ctcctgctgc tgtaaattgt tccgagactg ttcatgctaa     14820
     gggtcaccaa gatgcaagcc ccaggctgcc ctcagcaccc ccaccacacc actggtactc     14880
     cctcctgtgc ttgttggtgg ccaaagtctg cagagggcca aaatggcagg gggctggcct     14940
     gtcaattctg ccctgagtgt gtgcatacta ggctgggctg caacagcacc taggctcagt     15000
     gcccagcttg ctccaatact gaaggaggca tcaacactag ggagaatccc ggcagtggga     15060
     gcaagtaccc tcaagcccat ggggaggcaa aagggcattt tccaaccctg agagtgcaga     15120
     aatttccagc tttgcagtgg cagaatggca gcagcagctt tacctgggga gttaccaccc     15180
     accaactcag aaagggcact ggtcccactt gtcctccaag tggagactgg ctctgtggag     15240
     caagcagccc cagtcatgcc ctcttgcagc ctggggcagg gaatccatgt cctcactggg     15300
     cctggtttgg tgtctggggc aagggtgaca tttctgtgag atcgctcaat gcccccccac     15360
     ccagtgctca gggtggccca gggcttcccc ttacccaggt tgcatccctt ctcaggaaaa     15420
     tgctttcagg aagtgtcagt ctcagtggtc actctgatat ggggcagacc cagtgaacat     15480
     gtggctccac tcagagcctc tctcaaggca caagaacctg gcaccctcag aggtgtaagt     15540
     gccatggcca tccgatgtgg gcaccactca cacttcccac cctgggctcc tgaatcatgg     15600
     tctcagctct gcactgcagg ccagcccctg cactccatgt ggaagtaaca cactaccctt     15660
     gtaccatctc caccttgggc ccttctttgc ctgaccacgg tgctctcctg ttgataagtg     15720
     aatcaacctg actttattgc agtggcctcc agggcagtag gctcccaggg gcaggctcca     15780
     gtgactgtct tcctccttcc gaaaccatcc tagtagtggc agtgtgtgag agcagcagtg     15840
     tggggccaga gtttagagca atgaagtctc tgggcctggg aacaagtttt gtgcagtggt     15900
     gaaaggattg gagcagcacc atcagctgcc tcagggacac ggggcatggg gtcagactgc     15960
     caccactgct tctccctcag cctgtcttgc tggcaccact catgcctcac cactgcagcc     16020
     tttgtgatgg cagtagctcc tccagacagc ttgttattgc catcactaac tagagcaatc     16080
     agacaagaga acaaaatgaa agacatcaaa attggaatga aagaagaaat attgtttgca     16140
     gataaaataa tcttatattt gagaaaacct aaagtctcca ccaaaaaagt tagaacacat     16200
     gaattgacta aagttgctag atacaaagga aaacccataa aatcggtcga atttctatat     16260
     gtcaaacata aaccatctgg aaaaaaatta aaaatactat ttactatggc tacaaataaa     16320
     atccaatacc tagaaatgta cttagccaaa taagtgaatg agctctacaa taaaaacttt     16380
     aactaactga ttacataaag agagcaccaa acaagtaaaa aaaaattcat gttaatggat     16440
     tgaatttatt aatattattt aaacatctat actacccgga ctagtctact gattcagtgt     16500
     aatctctatc aaaataccag taacattttt cacagaaatt agaaaaaaaa cacttttaaa     16560
     attatatgga attacaaaaa aaaaagaaaa agaaaatatg aacaactaaa gctgttttaa     16620
     caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaga acaaaaaaaa cctgatgtca aattatacta aaaagccata     16680
     ataaccaaaa cagtagggta caaaaaaagc aataaaaaca aatacaaaaa cagatgcata     16740
     taccaatata acagaagaga gaatgcagaa atgaattatc acagctacag tgaactttca     16800
     acttgttttc aatagaggtg tgaagaacat acactgtgta gaagagagtc tctttggtaa     16860
     atgatcctgg aaaaactgaa tatctatatg cagaaaaata aaactaggcc cctatctctt     16920
     tacatataaa aatcaatcca cgcctgtagt cccagctact ggggaggctg aggcaggaga     16980
     atggcatgaa cctggtaggc ggagcttgca gtgagccaag attgtgccac tgcactccag     17040
     cttgggtaac acagcatgat tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatccaaat atactaaaga     17100
     ctaaaattta agacctcaat ctacgaagct attacaagaa aactttggaa aaaatctgaa     17160
     ggacattggt ctaggcaaaa cttttttgaa taatacctca aaatcacagt taatcaaatt     17220
     aaaaattgac aaaactgata acactaagtt gaaaatcttc tgcagagcaa aacaatatca     17280
     aaatgaagac acagctgaca gaatgagaga aactatgcaa accactcatc tgtcagggga     17340
     ttgataacca aaatgtataa ggagctcaaa caactctata taaataaatt taaaaattta     17400
     agttagatat ttacatagat atttctcaag agaaaacata caaatggcaa acagaaatat     17460
     aaaatatgct taacattatt gatcatcaaa taaattcaaa tcaaaactat gatgatagat     17520
     atattttctc accccagtta aataatttta aaaagacaag caatgataga tgctggtaac     17580
     ggtgtggaga aaaagagtac cctcgtacac actgggtgaa aatataaatt agtaacacga     17640
     atatagaaaa cagtttgaaa attcctcaaa aaaactaaaa atacacctac tacatggtca     17700
     agtaatccca ttcctgggta tatacccaaa agaaaggaaa ccggtgaatc aaagagatat     17760
     ctgccctttt atctttgttt catcactatt cactatactt aagatttgga agctatgtaa     17820
     gtatccatca gtagatgaat gggttaaaaa aattgtatac atatacacaa tggagtacta     17880
     ttcagcctta aaaataatat tctgtcattt atggcagcat atataaaact ggagatcatt     17940
     atgttaagta aaataagcca gacatagaaa gaaaatgtta cattttctca cttacttatg     18000
     gtatctaaat atcaaaatta ttgaagtcat ggagggagag agtagaagtg tggttaccag     18060
     aggttgaaag ggcagtgggg gatggtgggg agatggaaat atttactgga tacaaaaaat     18120
     aagaataaat acataaacat gacctattgc ttgatagtac aacaggggat tatagtcaat     18180
     tacaggcttt tctcatgttc taaaataact ttataatgtg ttatttatta gcttgtttgt     18240
     aacacaaaaa cataaatggt tgagggagca tttaccccat tctccatgat gtgattgtta     18300
     cacattgtgt gcctttatca aaacagctta tgtatttcac aaattataca cttacctatg     18360
     caccaataac agttaaaatt aatataattg agaaaaaaat gtaaaagtgt aatgaatttt     18420
     tacaagtaag aaaaaataag cgtttgactt tacagtcaaa ctttctttaa tattgtgtct     18480
     gattttccca ttctttattt agttctccct ttttccatct tcttcctaac cttgtttctt     18540
     cctttgaact aaaacatttt tctgcctaat ctttcaaaag acataaatat ccataaattg     18600
     gctctaaaga aatgaagatg tgtaaattac ccttaaaaat ttaaaataat tatctgagta     18660
     atgctgaatg agtgaaataa aactagaaag ctatattaaa tgagaaaaaa gactattaag     18720
     aaaataatac aaagtatttt taaaaaccag aaattatgtc accaaataat aacagaatta     18780
     ctatgcaaaa aattatcaaa cttaagaaaa atacactaaa aataaatctc aatgatctcc     18840
     aactatgata aacagaaata aatcaataag aagatacact atatgcaaag tttcaaaagt     18900
     tacagatgaa aatggaatct tcaagacaac aagagaaaag tgatatgtca tctacaagga     18960
     atatcttttg agattacctg tggattgttc aaacaaaacc tcacaggacc gaagagaatt     19020
     tgctgataca gtcaatgtgc tgaaagaatt ccatgcagaa atactataag caaaaaaact     19080
     gtatttcaaa atgaaaaaaa aaaaagtcaa aaataaccaa atgctgaaaa gaccttactc     19140
     tttagtttct gtcaagaaaa gtgaataaaa atcctaatga ctctcatttc aacaataaat     19200
     tttaacttaa cagtaaataa acattttaat aaatgtgaag tgtctactca ttacctaatt     19260
     atcttataga aagtcaaaat attttacttc atatatgata taatgttatg cttggaaaac     19320
     tgcatattct ctgccaaagg ctcttagagc tgacaaacaa cttcagcaac gtttctgagc     19380
     acaaaatcac catacaaaaa taagtagcac ttctatacac cagtaacatc caagatgaga     19440
     caaaatcaag aatgcaattc tatttataat aaacacaaaa aatcataaaa tacctaggaa     19500
     tacaattaac cagggaggta aaaagtctct atgataaata ttacaaaaca ctgctgaaag     19560
     aaatgagaga aaaacaaatc gaaaacattc tattactcat ggataggaag aatcaacact     19620
     gttaaaatgg ccacactgcc caaagcagtt tatagggtta gtgctattgc tgtcacatca     19680
     ccaatgacat tttacagcat gactttaaaa ctattataaa atatttacaa aactaacata     19740
     aagaccaaat agccaaaaca atactaggca aaaataataa ataaataaat aaataaataa     19800
     ataaataaat aaataaataa atgctggatg cattacacta accaacttta tactatactc     19860
     aatgcttcag caaccaaaac agcatggtac tggtaccaaa atagatacat agactaatga     19920
     aagaggttag agtatccggg aataaagatg tacactagca accatcagaa ttttgtcaaa     19980
     gatgacaata acaagcaatg gttaaaaaat atttagtaaa tggtgctggc atatttagct     20040
     agccatatgt agaagatgaa aactgaactg ttgcctttca tcatttacaa aaatcaactt     20100
     aagatagtat aaacactttc acgtaaaaag taaaaatata aaaactctag aagaaaacct     20160
     aagccatact attctggcca tgtgctttgg aaaatatttc atgataaaga ttccaaaagc     20220
     aatatcaaca ataacaattt gacaattagg acctaagtaa actgaggggc ttctgcacag     20280
     caaacgaata taccaacaga gtaaacaatg tatgaaatga gaaaaaaatt gtaaactatg     20340
     aatctgataa agatctcata cccaggattt agaaaacatt ttaacaaatc aataaatgaa     20400
     aagcaaacaa caatcctatt aaaaatgggc aaaagaaatt aacagacact tctcacgaaa     20460
     acctccatgt gtcgaggaaa gatataaaat gtttaacatt gctaatcatt acagaagtgt     20520
     taattaaaat cacaatgaga taatatctca catcagtctg aatgtctgag tggatattaa     20580
     taaaaagtaa ggccgggcgc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggagtgaag     20640
     acaaggggat cacgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcctgg ttaataaggt gaaacctcat     20700
     ctctactaaa agtacaaaaa atattagccg ggcgtggtgg agggcacctg gagtcccagc     20760
     tactcgggag actgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaacctggg aggcagagct tgcagtgagc     20820
     tgagatagcg ccactgctct ccatccagcc tgagcgacag agcgagactg tttcaaaaag     20880
     aaaaagtaaa caaaacaaac aaaaactaca aaacctggtg gtaacatggt gcaagaaaag     20940
     ggaaatgctt atacactgct tgttaaaatg gaaattatac atcaactgca aaatgaattt     21000
     ggatatttct aaaagcatag aaaacaaaat taacattcaa cctaaagaac ccattactgt     21060
     gtatatgccc aaatgaatat aaatcatttt accataaaga cttatgcatg catatattca     21120
     ttgcagcact attttcaaga gtaaagacat ggcatcgacc tttatgtcca taaatagtgg     21180
     aaggcataaa gaaaatgtgc tacatgtaaa tgatggaata ctacacagaa atactaagaa     21240
     caattctgtg tcatctgcag caatacagtg gtagctggaa actagtattc taagtgaatt     21300
     tatccaggga cagaaaacca aatattatgt gttctcactt ataagaggaa gccacacctt     21360
     gagaacacat ggacacaaag aataaagcta tagatatgca gacctacttg agagcagagg     21420
     ttgggagaag cttgaaaatc aaaaactaac tctcatatac tgtgctcact acctggatta     21480
     caaaatgatt tgcacaacaa accccagtgc tatttaactc tgtatcaaat ctgtacatgt     21540
     actctcaaat ttaaaatagc tacaatgttt taattcaaca gctttagagt tctatcaaac     21600
     agcatataaa aattattaaa attgtgagca gtttatgaaa aaactgcata atagaaaaag     21660
     cataaaacaa tctataggta accaaaaatg ttaatcattt agaaactgaa ttaataaaaa     21720
     tattgtagcc ataaaaaagt gtaaattcta gaacactttt tgaacttttg aatgtagaat     21780
     tatagaaaaa aattgttacc atctttatat ctctgggtat tcagaattaa tctcctactt     21840
     ataaatgaga atatgtggta gttagtatgc aaaggtattc catggtgtat atgtgtaaca     21900
     gttattcttt atttaatata ctgttgatgg atacctaagt taatttcatg tagttgctcc     21960
     tgttaattgt gctgctatgg acacaggact gtgtgtcttt ttggtggaac aatttattat     22020
     tctaaatgtg tatccagtaa ggtgattatt gggttaaatg atattccatt ttagttctct     22080
     gagaaatctc ctttccatct taggtgaatg aacatttcca ccaacagtgt ataagcacta     22140
     cctttgtttc tacagcctta gcaacattgt tgttttgact tttaaatagt ggtcattctg     22200
     actgccgtgg aatgttatat tatggttttg gtttgtgttt ctttgattaa tattgatgtt     22260
     gagccttttt aatgtttatt gactgcttgt aacataaaaa tcagaaagta aaaacacata     22320
     ggaaaagtaa catcagtagg atcacagaat gggtggatcc cacttgtata ccctctcagg     22380
     gtaacaacat ttgtcagtca tccctgggca agttttttat gtgagctttg ggatacaggt     22440
     tgtcagatag aggttgtcaa tctctgttag agcccaagac ctagaaaagc tattttaaga     22500
     aggccttcat tcacatggca aactgaaaag cgcatggttc aagttaaaga ccaggaaatt     22560
     gcccactcaa cttagtccca ctaagaattc taatgtgatc ttgtaactcc ctccaatttt     22620
     tcccagtcac tatctggaag tagtccttct catcaataga tttgaagtta catatgtcct     22680
     tttacagcca tgtaggcatg gaaaaagctt acagacatta gttttaactg cggtacctaa     22740
     agcagtttgt gactcagttc tagctctctc agctacagtc cacagttaat aatttctgca     22800
     taaaacccac aaagtgactg atgaaaattc tttcatgtat taattgagag ccacatccat     22860
     ttaccctagt gtcttctcta cttataaaag tcctgagagc aatatagttt tttaagacac     22920
     caaggagata tacatctatg caagtccttt agttacatga caaccaaagg ccaaccccac     22980
     tgcagattca gcagcggctt agtaacacaa ctacaacctc tctccattgc aatccaatgg     23040
     gagattcagt tatcccagga atccataact aggcaaaaca atgtttaaaa acctaacatc     23100
     caaattggaa agtgaaagta gaaaggttgc catttgtaaa tgacataatc ttatatatag     23160
     aaaaccatag agtacataaa ataactattt gaaataataa gaatattcag taaattagca     23220
     acatataata ttaacataca aacattggtt atactctcta gtgtatcact gatgataaac     23280
     tatcagataa aatgtagaaa gcaatcacat ttataacagt ataaaaatat taagttggtg     23340
     caaaagtgat tgtgtttttt gccattaaaa gtgcaaaagt ggtgaaaatc acaattactt     23400
     tcgtacccat ctaacagtaa atgttatcaa tgcatttaac tagaagataa aatatattaa     23460
     gatattaatt gaagaagaca caaatgacta aaaagatata ccatgttttt agatttgaag     23520
     aatattttta aaatgaaata ttatcctgaa tgatttatag atttaatgca ccatctataa     23580
     atatttcaat gatattttta cagtaataga aaacacaatt ctaaaatttg tataaaaact     23640
     acaaaagact ttaaataacc aatgaaattt taagaaaaag ctaagactag agcatcatag     23700
     tttccaattc aaaactatat ttcaaggcta agttatataa aaatgtgcat aaaaactgac     23760
     acaaaattaa tggcacagaa taaagagtct cagaataaat taatgtatat aagaccaact     23820
     aatctttaat gaggatccca ataataataa tgcagaatgt atggtctttt tgaacttgat     23880
     actgagtaaa ctatataccc acaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatatatttt     23940
     tatgtcatac caccctaaaa taatttgcaa taaaatgaag tcataatata taaaaccctg     24000
     aaaatcttag ggaaactcac accctaaagg gaagggcaat agactggcag gcttcagtac     24060
     caactaattt agatccttag gttcgtgaat ggatataggt agtatacaga cagttgttat     24120
     agtggttctt gggcaatact cagtacagtg ctgccttcag gtgtaatcag ggttgtctca     24180
     gctgtggtag ccacagtggt ggttgtatca tctttcctcc agctccatga agctcaacac     24240
     ggaaagagat agtgttgcca tatccttact ctttagttta gcaaggtcta agttcttgcc     24300
     atataatcaa gaagaataag acatgcgcat accagagaat gcaaaacaaa attgtactaa     24360
     gcaacagaaa agctctcagc agctagaagg gatgtgaaaa gcgttgccag aaatgtgatt     24420
     gtgttctgga tcttatttgt ggcaaaaaca agcaggcttc tgtgggtttc acaaaaatgg     24480
     gaggggtaaa gttccctgct ctgacccagg gatgttgcat ctgcacatgc ctaaggttag     24540
     ccatagtgac tccatctggg ttattaccca tgagtgtcta agcaaaaccc atggtgtggg     24600
     ggtgggtgtg gcaaaacgac aatgctaaag atattacaat caggtctgga tgaatgtatg     24660
     gacattttgt tgatttattg cacctgcacc taagttgagt cagtaatttc tgagcagaca     24720
     tcctggtgta aaatgaaatt cttaaccaca tttcttccct caagctacgg gggaagtgca     24780
     gatgtagtcc catgggggtt tttttctttc ccaagacccc ttctctctat cttcctagat     24840
     agcctctcac ttccttttct ctcaatagcc agtttatttg ggagaaaata aggaagaata     24900
     tcaagagtgt ctgcttgata atttagataa ttctttcaga taaatcaaac acctccaagg     24960
     cagaaccact gtgtctccaa aaccacactg ttactgggct agtggtgtct catattgcag     25020
     gtacagcttc agtgaccaaa agcttggatc acaacattga agtttcttta aatattatga     25080
     ttacagtgtg gtaggaacaa tatatggcca ttgaaactat tgagttatat ctgccctatg     25140
     gtaaatagca atgtggcagg ggcaacacac agacacacac aagacgtcaa tgtaccctgt     25200
     tataattgct ctgttttgta tatataagca gatgagccta catctctcct aagaatatat     25260
     tgtaatttta ggctgaaatt tgaatttaaa taaaatgttt atgagaacca aataattttt     25320
     acatcttttc atggttaata gtgtagaaaa tattcttagt ttattcttca tattaaaaaa     25380
     ctggtgggta atttggttat atctcaaagc cacatctttt acagattaat gaaatgcaga     25440
     cctaaacagt gatggctatt cattactgtc ataacagaag atttcttaag ccttcctact     25500
     ttgtgctgtt cagaaaatga ggtaagtttc tgtgttttat cttgtatttg agaatttgaa     25560
     accttcttgt tgcctcattt aaagtaacag tttcacttgc catttgctta aaaaataata     25620
     attgtctgca tttagaatag aaatacctat attgtggttc agttgttttt ctcaaaaaac     25680
     tatatttttc tctctataag cttgcacagc tattaagtgt ataatcgtat cttcctactc     25740
     ctacctctcc tagtagtata catgaagtaa aataacctct ttgtctaggg attcgaaccc     25800
     actcaataac tggtccctct catctggtct tttgggccag catgcacaga agacatttta     25860
     cctggattag ggtacagaag catttgtgaa gacaatgtgt ttttagccag tgtttgaaaa     25920
     accagagaga gcaggcaccc tgtgcttgta aatgtatgaa aaactgcaac agccaaagct     25980
     ttatcttccc atattgatga gatcccttgt atcatctgac ctccaaagca gagtagcaac     26040
     ctgcatactt gatgttctgg atgcttagaa tatttttgaa acaatttcca aatgcataat     26100
     atacttatga ataacgtgga ttcttccagt aatcttccta caaagatttt tccactttcc     26160
     tggcagatgt tatggctaat ctggttagaa cttttctttt ttgaatgtga aatgtttagt     26220
     attcattttt ctgggtacca atcactgact attatcattc ttgcccacat tcagatctaa     26280
     gattgctgtt ctcaagctcc ccccaatgaa gtctttgtct ccacaggacc taggttgttt     26340
     ttgcaatgaa tgaaattatc tcccaattaa aaaagaggca ttggttgaac aatgctctat     26400
     tgaattttgt aaatcatttt acaaactgca tgtgcacaca aggctccatg acaatgaatt     26460
     gccttaatcc atggttgcat attcatctct agtactctca gaaaagcaaa atggactttt     26520
     aacatgtagt cctctggcat agtgaagaaa ttaggtaatg aatttgttca tgaaacactt     26580
     taagtttaac aggcgtctaa ctcatatttt atatacagaa tatcagtctt gaaaataata     26640
     tcaaatgacc atctactata agcattgaat atactttaca tttattgggg aaagtaccct     26700
     caatattttc ttataaaatg taaacttaag atgttctcaa aggtttggca aaatgcatac     26760
     cagagaaagt tattgttacc atatgagatg tggagcaaca tgagtgcttt tgctcttaag     26820
     aatttctatc tggacaagat gaggaggaac agagtgttat actgaaagtc ctggacatgt     26880
     gtaatatctg gcactgtgtg tgtttgcact tcagaggttt tgattttaaa ttttagaatt     26940
     ttagaacata taaaattaaa tatatagatt atagaaatag aatcaagctt agaatatttt     27000
     tgagctgctg taaaacatat ttatgcttta tgttaaatat atgtagagaa ctgtctaaat     27060
     ttcaaacaaa atacaaagtt gcttcatgaa gtaaaatttt acactatcga agcacatatt     27120
     gctcctgagg gagggcactc tacgtaaatt aagggtagtc caactataaa gtgttaatca     27180
     ggtatacagt agtgtatagt aatgttatgg acattcacct tttctcatta tttactttgt     27240
     ttgtctccca gagaacatac tgtcttgcag acttaattta ttatgaaagc cccacatagg     27300
     aatgctataa gttaagtctt ccacattatt ttaagtgtac tcatttatac ttacttatgt     27360
     ttagttacaa agccacgttc cattgtgtta taactgccta caatatttag tagactagca     27420
     tggtatataa gtttgtagct taacaaccaa tggctacaca atgcatcata ggtttgttgg     27480
     ctatcacttc ttggtttgtg aaaaatgcta tccaaatgaa atatttcctt tagtatgtgc     27540
     tagacttctc ttttctgtct ctcatggttt gaaatagatc ttatctcttc ctttatggtg     27600
     tttaagagtt ttgctataaa catacacgtg catgtgtctt tatagcagca tgatttataa     27660
     tcttttgggt atatatatac ccagtaatgg gatggctggg tcaaatggta tttctggttc     27720
     tagatccctg aggaatcgcc acactgactt ccgcaatggt tgaactagtt tacatatatt     27780
     taacaaacct gcagattgtg cacatttacc caaaaactta aagtataatt taaaaaaaag     27840
     aaaaaaagaa aaaagttttg ctgcaggcta cagcaatgtt gctaagcaaa atgagcattt     27900
     gtcttactta gctgccaaac atgcaaatca gaccaactgt ttttagaagt actgtctctg     27960
     tctccacccc aacagccaca ggcatgcatg gctcaagata tattttctta cacttttccc     28020
     ttttagctaa gttgcctaga catgtccaca gaatgcaaag gcctcactga acagtcatga     28080
     aggggtggag aagagcagca ccagtctcgg cttccttagc ctctgctgtc ttagcctgca     28140
     ggaccttagc ctctgctacc tgagatgagg gagggagaaa actgcagcag tagttgtgac     28200
     cacacggggc caacagacag atgcttctca gccattgcac ccaaagaatg tttctcccct     28260
     gaccaaggaa tccaaccctg tctgaattga gggaaggaca caaggattaa aggaaccagc     28320
     ttgcactgag caaggggttc cttctccagg aacttttttt tttagtttaa agagtttttc     28380
     tcattttctc caccttttct aagtgagagg acttcccctt ccagcattct atttctgaaa     28440
     ggaaagttaa tggagaattg acccctgctg gctgattgac ccctgcaagc aaatttggca     28500
     gggcttcttt gcaacattct aaatggatac taacagcctt tgaagtatca ttttagtccc     28560
     aaatttgatt tcaagtttca ggctgaagcc ttaaatagaa ataacagatt tcggtgatcg     28620
     aaagccaggc aacaggtaca atacaaatgg gcaggatcaa ttcctgctga ctaaatcctc     28680
     caccccatgg aagaaggcta tgccccatga cataaacaag ccaaggaaac acaaaagttg     28740
     ttgacagcag gaaggcatag gtaagggcag ttaattctta ttctccaagt tttccctgct     28800
     tcatggggac atatcacatt ggtacctatg ggaggcaact gcaaatgcca tagggactca     28860
     gggataaaag gtggaaggaa agggaggatg cttgctttct ctctccatca cacattgagt     28920
     ttttgctgaa aaaaaaaaaa gaggggcaaa tgagggacac ctttattctg tatatttcag     28980
     aatgggcaac cagtttactt aaccacccca gctcatactt ctttggagtg tattctgaac     29040
     tattagtact gccttgacct tcagaatctt gagaaaaaaa aacacttcat agcactctgc     29100
     acaaaggttt tgccaaatta taatttatag caaagactgg cttgggctca ggaaacaacc     29160
     gtgtattttt ctaccatctg gcatctgaaa gtgttttgta gatgtgagga tagatggtct     29220
     gaggccccat atgtgtatgc tttctatacc ttgcaagaca atccagacct ttggcaacat     29280
     tgtaggattg acctagccct cccttttgcc atctcaggaa aggttgcaag aggcaagacc     29340
     aggaaattaa aaatgagagt cccaaaggga ctcccagcag cagagccagg tccctccagc     29400
     cctgctgtgc caagaccagc tcggctgggg agaccctaac ccagtggtgc tagaggaatt     29460
     aaagacacac acgcagaaat atagaggtgt gaagtgggaa atcagggatc tcacagcctt     29520
     cagagttgag acccccaaca gagatttacc cacatattta ttaacagcaa acaagtcatt     29580
     agcattgttt ctacagatat taaattaact agaagtatcc cttatgggaa acgaatggat     29640
     gggccgaaat aaagaaatgg gttgggctag ttaactgcgg caggaacata cccttaaggc     29700
     ataaattgca catgctattg tttgtggctt aagaatgcct ttaagtggtt ttccaccctg     29760
     ggcaggccag gtgttccttg ccgtcattcc cgtaaaccca aaaccttcca gcttgggcgt     29820
     taggggccat tatgaacgtg tcacagtgct gcagaggttt tgtttatggc cagttttggg     29880
     gccagtttat ggctagattt tggggggctt gctcccaaca ctgcttctct aggtatcctc     29940
     caacttctcc atccagcttc agcctttcac ttgcccactt ctagaaatcc tcttttgaaa     30000
     caagccccag tctccctctt tcccctccaa catacaccca gtgaatttgg gcatagtaag     30060
     gtccaggtct tttttttcct acaggactca gagcaaactg aggatcttgg caggttttca     30120
     gatgaccctg ctagagaaat aaatgctttc caaatttcac tcaaatattt gaactctcct     30180
     agatagatgt tatgttcttt ttttttgttt tgttttttgt ttcttttttt ttttggagac     30240
     ggggtctcgt tctggtgcga tattggctca ttgaaagctc cacctcctag gttcatgcca     30300
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gactacaggc actgaccacc atacctggct     30360
     aactttttgt atttttacta gagatgggat ttcaccatgt tagccaggat ggtcttgatc     30420
     tcctgacctc gtgatctgcc cacctcggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcatgagc     30480
     cactgcaccc ggccgatgtt aagttacttt tgaatcagac cctgatggac actgagaaat     30540
     agggcactct gtaagcaaca gagaaatttg aggatgagct tggcataaca catagcataa     30600
     gggaagggga aaaacattat ccaactggaa tagaagcagt accaatggat gaccctaaat     30660
     gggatcccaa tgacaagatg aaagactgga agaggagaca ctttcaagtg tgtataatga     30720
     aaggcttatg tagaactagt accaagccac ttaattatac taagttgtcc atgattgacc     30780
     aaggatttga taaacatccc actgccttac tgttaaggta atggagcatt ggtaaagtgc     30840
     ccctctttat ctcctaactt agttgaggga caactagccc agaccaattc tggtatcaga     30900
     agaagctaca aaaacaggtc ctggatctgg atagtacttt agagaacctc ctgaaatagc     30960
     caccattgta ttttataata aaaacggaga ggcccagaaa agagagaaaa aacaggaaag     31020
     aataagaaga cttaatggct gccaagtaat ccccacaaac ttcagaattc ccagggtgca     31080
     cctggtaact gttaaagata tggcaaaaac agttatttat cttctaaagt ttaactacct     31140
     ccatacaaag tttaatttat tttgtcaggg tgaaacaact caggtaaaat gtttctgtta     31200
     gtacgtttca cttcttatct ctgtaatctt tggcaataaa ttatttcctt ttacaataca     31260
     catgtttaac ctatgcatac ataactgtat aaaacgtgtt tctctctgac ttagcagcca     31320
     caaaattcca aatggtcaga caatgggagc ttcagatgat ggctccactt actaggaacc     31380
     cttagataga catctgggag aaatctgact gctgctttcc ctgtcagcag gaagtagctt     31440
     aagactggtg gtcatccaaa ttctaacagc aattagatgt acctcttcag gaagggcaaa     31500
     tgatatagga gagagatacg gtaatgctgg atagaaaaaa ttggtctctg gtgaggtctc     31560
     tccatcctct ggcctatggc aatggaccta ggtcaggaca ggcactcctg tttttatgcc     31620
     caaatattgc atttcccaag aacaccatgt ccagccatgc cctccatcct gtgcctataa     31680
     taaccctgag accctagtgg gcacacacac aagtggctgg atgtttagaa gaacacacta     31740
     gcagaagaac acacaggtgg ctggacactg agaggagcag aggaatggaa gagcacaaca     31800
     acagtcactg gcaggccatc aagatgcaga aggacactaa caatgaagga aatttggctg     31860
     gggttgttgg aggatagttc agccactgag cagcctgact ccaggggaaa accacctttt     31920
     cactgtatcc cccttctggc ttcctattta tctgtagtaa tatggtttgg ctgtgtcccc     31980
     gcccaaatct caacttgaat ttttctccca gaattcctat gtatggtggg agggacccag     32040
     ggggaggtaa ttgaatcatg gggtcttgtc gtcctgtgtt attctcatga tagtaaataa     32100
     atctcagaag atttgatggg cttatcatgg gtttctgctt atgcttcttc ctcattctct     32160
     cttgcagcta ccatgtaaga agtgcctttc acctcccact atgattctga tgcctcccca     32220
     gccatgtgga actggaagtt taattaaacc tctgtgtctc tttccagtct cagatatgtt     32280
     tccttattag cagcatgaaa atgggctaat acagtaaatt ggtaccagta gagtggggtg     32340
     ttgctgaaaa gatactcaaa aatgtggaag cagctttgga gctgggtatc aggctgaggt     32400
     tggaacagtt tggagggctc agaagaagac aagaaaatgt gggaaagttt ggaacttcct     32460
     agagacttgt tgaatggctt tgacaaaaat gctaatagtg atataaacaa taaagtccag     32520
     gctgaggtaa tctcagatga gatgagaaac ttgggaactg gagcaaaggt gacttgcatt     32580
     atgttttagc aaagagacta gtggaatttt ccccctgccc tagagacgtg aaattttgaa     32640
     cttcagagag ataatttagg gtgtctggct gaagaaattt ctaaatgaca aaacattcaa     32700
     aaggtgactt gggtgctgtt aaaaacattc cattttaaaa gggaaacaga gaaaaaaatc     32760
     agaaaatttg cagactgatg atgcagtaag cccttggtgc cctgtgtccc agctgcacca     32820
     gacattgcta aatggggaaa aggtacagct tgatccatgg tttcagaatg tacaagcctc     32880
     aaacctaggt agtttcatgt gatgttgaac ctgcaggtgc actgaagtca agaattgagg     32940
     ttttggagcc taaacctaga tttcagaaga tgtatgaaaa cacgtggatg cccaggaaaa     33000
     agtttgcttc agaggcatgt ccctcatgga gaacctctgc tatggcagtg tgaaagtgaa     33060
     acgtagggtc aaagcccaca cacagagtct ctactggggc actgcctagt agagctgtga     33120
     aaagagagcc actgccctcc atatcccaga atggtaaatc cattgacagc ttgcactgtg     33180
     cacctggaaa agccacagac actcagggcc agcccgtgaa agcagccagg agggaggctg     33240
     taccctgcaa agccacaggg gtggaggtgc ccgagactat gggaacccat ctcttgcacc     33300
     tatgtgacct ggatgggaga cctggaatca aaggtgatta ttttaaaact ttaaaatgtc     33360
     actgccctgc tggatttcag acttctgtag ggcctgtaac ccatttgttt tggccaattt     33420
     ctccaatatg gatgactcta tttatccaat acctgtatcc ccattgtatc taggaagtaa     33480
     ctagcttgct taaaatttca cagggtcata ggcagaagga acttgacttc tctcagatga     33540
     gactttggag tgtggacttt tgggttaata ctaaaatgac ttaagacttt aggggactgt     33600
     tgggaaaaca taattgttgt tgaaatgtga gaacatgaga tatggagggg ccaggagtgg     33660
     aatgatatgg tttggctgtg tcttaactca aatctcaact tgaattgtat ctcccataat     33720
     gcccacatga tgtagtaggc acccagggcg atgtaattga atcactgggg ccagtctttc     33780
     ttgtgttatt ctcatgctag taaataagtc tcaggagatc taataggttt atcagcggtt     33840
     tgcgctttta ctttctcctc attttctctt gccaccacca tgtaagaagt acctttctca     33900
     tcccatcatg attctgaaga cttcccagcc atgtggaact gtatatccaa ttaaacctgt     33960
     ttttcttccc agtctttggt atgtctttat caaaagtatg aaaatggact aataaatgca     34020
     gagagctata ttcatcattt aagaaaaact tggactcatt atgcaagccc atgtgtgatt     34080
     caatttttct actaccttag gggaagaact ccaggacaca ggtcctctgt ccttgcaata     34140
     aggcagaggg tctaattgac ctgatttata tgagttgcct acaggcataa aactaaaaaa     34200
     gcacactgta acacatgccc actggaactt caggagctgt aaacattcac cttaagatac     34260
     taccatgggt tggaagccca cacttcacat gacctgccca tctgcttctt cccttagggg     34320
     ttttgagtag cagggcacca aagaagtaag ccgtatcccc atcacatgcc ctgtaagggg     34380
     gtcaagggaa ctttttccat ttcaaaatga aataaaataa gtggaaagac ctaccaaaag     34440
     aacatgctgc aactacacat cagataatat atcaaacact gtgcttcctc aacttgcagc     34500
     atgttaagat catttgcttt ccttagttct atgagaatat aaattcaatt atgggcagtt     34560
     tttacccagt tccattaagg taacttgtac tttcatgtaa aaacacacat ttgtttaatt     34620
     tagtggaaag ctgaatcatt cctacagttg atgtccaaaa tcaaccacaa tgcttggggc     34680
     tttcttatct tctggcaaat attctcaccc tctttctcaa tctctctctc aggtgaataa     34740
     acattagtgg aataacttgt ctctagggca tctatgtaca gaacatcaac actaacatat     34800
     actagttcac ctgaggtttt aaaaaagaca agcaatcagt acctcatgag cctgtccact     34860
     gctaactcca agaaagagtc cacctgcaat attagcaact acactattgt cttcagggac     34920
     atctgcagat gggcacttga actgtcatct aagaaaggaa aaacactgac cacttctgta     34980
     aggaaagttg aattacagta ttctcctttt ttaagtctat ctctctctct tttttatttt     35040
     ttattttgtg agacagagtc tcactctgtc accaggctgg attgcagcct cctgagtagc     35100
     tgggattaca ggcaccaaca accactccca ggtaatattt gcatttttag tagagatgga     35160
     gattcactgc attggccagg ctggtctcat ctggttccag acctcagatg atcctccctc     35220
     cttggcctcc taaactgctg ggattacagg cataaaccac catgtctgac ctttaatgga     35280
     ttaattcaat gttcttggat aattgaatgg atgaattcaa atgttcttgg cattgaagat     35340
     aaggtagtac cattcataat ttaactactt gtttgaaaaa cctttaggac actaaagatt     35400
     atcatgtaaa gtaaattttt agagattctc tgttttctct agttacattc acttatcttt     35460
     aactcatctg tatctccaat attaaatatc tggatctgtt ttaagtgtgt ctttggaacc     35520
     acagtaaggt tctctaggcc taaacacaca taaggttttt tttttttttt caccctgtga     35580
     aaatgaagag taatgcagag agaaaaaaat ttctctcagc ttgtttatgt catttagaga     35640
     taaaccaaac aatgcttttt attagaacat gaatttcagg cagtttacat caaaatgtaa     35700
     ggccaggcct ctttctaaaa tggggggagg gggaaggcta ccattaggag atatacctaa     35760
     tgtaaatgaa gagttaatgg gtgcagcaca ccaacatgat gcctgtatac atatgtaaca     35820
     aacctgcaca tgggcacatg taccctagaa cttaaggtat aataaaaaca aaacaaaaca     35880
     aaaactgact gcttctttac aacatgtcca tccaaagggg ttattttcat gagagttttt     35940
     cttcttacat atccaactat ttaaaatcat ttaatttttt tctctagaag agagaatgct     36000
     gctttttata tacatagttt ctgtagatta ttgcaattac tatttcagtg tactggaaaa     36060
     aagcatctat ttttgttact attcttaatt acttattata cttctgagag cagagagaag     36120
     tgcaacatca atcataatat tgaacaaaaa aacaatttga aggttttaat gcaatatttc     36180
     taggtctaag aaaggccagg ttaattgtgg ggtaggtcta taaaggaaat caagtggcga     36240
     tgcctttctg tacaaggtac tgacctgagt attatcctct cttttccatg gtgccatcac     36300
     aattttatgt tcatatgtaa aatgaaggtc aaattttata aaaatttgta cattcttaat     36360
     tactgcataa gtacacactt cagattatcc ccatctctac aatttttgtt ttgttttgtt     36420
     tctacaaact atcgagtagg aaaacacaaa gtcctttctt tgaggaatat taggcaatat     36480
     tgaatatatt agtctacatc tttagcattt tttaaaaatt ttctaccaca ccgtaggtgg     36540
     cctcaattta ggaggctgga aacccttgtc ttttaaacac aagatctaaa aactgttggt     36600
     tgacatacgt ggttctttga ggaaaacggg atgatatttg gaacatgtag gaaatgcctg     36660
     tactcattaa tgatgaagag cttgagacaa taagctggca aaaagattat atcttaaatt     36720
     tttaaagaat caggttggtc aacaaaggtg taactaaatt tcctgttggc tgaagcagag     36780
     tgtaaaacac atggattcta ctgaaaatga aggttctcaa ttgtgtgtaa gcatgtccca     36840
     gatgaaagga caaaaacaca aaaagtagat agctaattta gagtctcaga tcctttgtat     36900
     ctgcaaaata tatatatata tatatgagag agagaaaaac tctcagaaaa cctacagcaa     36960
     acttctgtgt cacagctatg ataatttgct ttgtcacatt tccaaagcat ccctttatac     37020
     catagcccat cagaaaattg tctttaccaa acctttgttt tatctgccaa tggcctttct     37080
     agactttccc tggctaaaaa agacagggtg ctatggcatt gccaatagtt taggggccat     37140
     gcggcattca gcttaatgct gcccttgtgc agataaaaga gggatggttc ataataaaat     37200
     tatattttat atttctattt tctgactcag aagctagtgc ctgtttttct tggcaaaacc     37260
     atgcacattg tgcaagtaaa taatgctgct attcatagac aggtgtagtt ctataatctc     37320
     acatcaaaaa tagccccaaa acagagtcta ctaacctagg taggagactt ggcataggta     37380
     gaattacaac taggatcagt tgtaactctg ttgcaattat acaacaactg gggtcagtta     37440
     taactgaaat tctactacct atgataacaa tgtggaaaac agatactttt aaaaaaattt     37500
     tttaactata ctttgagttc tagggtacat gtgcacaaag tgcaggtttg ttatatatgt     37560
     atacatgtgc catgttggtg tgctgcaccc attaactggt catttacatt aggtatatct     37620
     cctatgcttt ccctcccccc ttctcccacc ccccaacggg ccccggtgcg tgatgttccc     37680
     ctgcctgtgt ccaagtgttc gcaatgttca attcccatct atgagtgaga acatgaggtg     37740
     tttggttctt tgtccttgcg atagtttgct gagaatgatg gtttccagct tcatccatgt     37800
     cctaaaaagg gacatgaact catcattttt ctggctgcgt attagttcat ggtgtatatg     37860
     tgccacaatt tcttaatcca gtctatcatt gttggacatt tgggttggtt ccaagtcttt     37920
     gctattgtga atagtgccgc aataaacata cgtgtgcatg tgtctttata gcagcatgat     37980
     ttatagtcct ttgggtatat attcagtaat gggatggctg ggtcaaatgg tatttctagt     38040
     tctagatctc tgaggaatcg ccacactgac ttccacaatg gttgaactag tttacattcc     38100
     taccaacagt gtaaaagtgt tcctatttct ccacatcctc cccagtacct cttgtttcct     38160
     gactttttaa tgaccgccat tctaactggt gtgagatggt atctcattgt ggttttgatt     38220
     tgcatttcta tgacagccag tgatgatgag cattttttta tacatcagtt ggtggcataa     38280
     atgtcttctt ttcagaagtg tctgttcata tccttcgtcc actttctgat ggggttgttc     38340
     atttttttct tgcaaatttg tttgagttct ttgaagattc tggatattag ccctttgtca     38400
     catgtgtaga ttgcaaaaat tttctcccat tctgtaggtt gcctgttcac tctgatggta     38460
     gtttcttttg ctgtgcagaa gatctttagt ttaattacat cccatttgtc aattttggct     38520
     tttgttgcca ttgcttttgg tgttttagac atgaagtcct tgcccatgcc tatgtcctga     38580
     atggtattgc ctaggttttc ttctagggtt tttatggttt tagatctaac atttaagtct     38640
     ttaatccatc ttgaattaat ttttgtataa cgtgtaaggc agggatccag tttctgcttt     38700
     ctacatatgg ctagccagtt ttcccaacac catttattaa acagggaatc ctttccccca     38760
     tttcatgttt ttatcagttt tgtcaaagat cagatggttg tagatgtgta gtattatttc     38820
     tgagggctct ttcctgttcc attggtctgt atgtctgttt tggtaccagt accatgctgt     38880
     tttcgtttct gtagccttgc agaatagttt gaagtcaggt agtgtgatgc ctccagcttt     38940
     gttcttttgg cttaggattg acttggcaat gcgggctgtt ttttggttcc atacgaattt     39000
     taaagtagct tttttccaat tctgtgaaga aagtcattgg tagcttgatg aggatcgcac     39060
     tgaatctata aattaccttg ggcagtatgg ccattttcac aatattgatt cttcctatcc     39120
     atgagcatgg gatgtccttc catttgtttt tgtcctcttt tacttcattg aggagtggtt     39180
     tgtagttatc cttgaagagg tccttcaaat cccttgtaac ttggattgct gtgtatttta     39240
     ttctctttga agcaattgtg aatgggagtt cactcatgat ttggctctct gtctgttact     39300
     gatgcagaag aatgcttgtg atttttgcac attgattttg tatgctgaga ctttgctgaa     39360
     gttgcttatc aggttaagca gattttgggc tgagaggatg gggctttcta aatttacaat     39420
     catgccatct gtaaacaggg acaatttgat ttcctctttt cctaattgag gaaatttctt     39480
     tctttctcct gcctgactgt cctggccaga atttccaaca ctatgttgaa taggagtggt     39540
     gagagagggc atccctgtct tgtgccagtt ttcaaaggga atgcttccag tttttgccca     39600
     ttctgtatga tattggctgt gggtttgtca tagatagctc ttattattta gagatactcc     39660
     catcaatacc taaattattg agagttttta gcatgaaggg ctgttgaatt tagtcaaagg     39720
     ccttttctgc atctattgag ataatcatgt ggtttttgtc tttggttgtg tttatatgct     39780
     ggattaggtt tattgatttg catatgttga accagccttg catcccaggg atgaagccca     39840
     cttgatcatg gtggataagc tttttgatgt gctgctggat tcggtttgcc agtattttat     39900
     tgaggatttt tgcatcgatg tttatcaggg atattggtct aaaattctct ttttttgttg     39960
     tgtctctgcc cggctttggt atcaggatga tgatggtctc ataaaatgag ttatggagga     40020
     ttccctctct ttctattgat tgaaacagtt tcagaatgaa tggtaccagc tcctccttgt     40080
     acctctagta gaattcgact gtgaatcctt ctggtcctgg actttttttg gttggtaggc     40140
     tattaattat tgcctcaatt tcagatcctg ttattggtct attcagggat tcaacttctt     40200
     cctcatttag tcctgggaag gtggatgcgt ccaggaattt atccacttcc tctagatttt     40260
     ctagtttatt ggcaaagagg tgttatagta ttctctgatg gtagtttgta tttctgtggg     40320
     attggtggtg atatcccctt tatcattttt tattgcaact atttgattct tctctctatt     40380
     cttccttatt agtcttgcta gcagtctatc aattttgctg ttcttttcaa aaaaccagct     40440
     cctggattca ttgatttttt caagggtttt tttgtgtctc tatttccttc agttctgctc     40500
     tgatcttagt tatttcttgc cttctgctag cttttggatg agtttgctct tgcttttcta     40560
     gttcttttaa ttgtgatgtt ggatgtcaat tttagatctt tccaactttc tcttgtggca     40620
     tttagtgcta taaatttccc tctacacact gttttaaatg tgtcccagaa attctggtac     40680
     attgtgtctt tgttctcatt ggtttcaaag aacatcttta tttctacctt catttcgtta     40740
     tatatccagt agtcgttcag gagtaggttg ttcagtttcc atgtagttga gaggttttga     40800
     gtgagtttct caatcctgca ttctagtttg attgcactgg ggtctgagag acagtttgtt     40860
     ataatttctg ttattttaca tttgttaagg agtgctttac ttccaactat gtggtcagtt     40920
     ttggaataag tgctaagtgg tgctgagaag aatgtatatt ctgttgattt ggggtggaga     40980
     gttctgtaga tgtctattag gtccacttgg tgcagagctg tgttcaattc ctggatacct     41040
     tgttaacttt ttgtctcatt gacctgtcta atgttcacag tggggtgtta aagtctcccg     41100
     ttattattgt atgggagtct aagtcccttt gtagatctct aaggacttcc tttataaatc     41160
     tgggtgctca tgtattgggt gcatatatat ttaggatagt tacctcttct tgttgaattg     41220
     atccctttac cgttatgtaa tggccttgtc tcttttgatt tttgttggtt taaagtctgt     41280
     tttataagag actgcgattg caacccctgc ctttttttgt tttccatttg cttggtagat     41340
     ctttctccat ccctttattt tgagctgatg tgtgtctctg catgtgagat ggatctcctg     41400
     aatacagcac actgataggt cttgattctt tacccagttt gctagtctgg gtcttttaat     41460
     aggagcattt agcccattta ccttttaggt taattttgct ttgtgtgaat ttgatcctgt     41520
     cattatgatg ttagctggtt attttgcttg ttagttgatg cagtttcttc ccagcatcaa     41580
     tggtctttac aatttggcgt gtttttgcag tggctggtac tggttgttcc tttaaatgtt     41640
     tagtgcttcc ttaaggagct cttgtagagc aggctttgcg ctgacaaaat ctcctagcat     41700
     ttgcttgtct gtaaagtatt ttatttctcc ttcacttatg aagcttagtt tggctggata     41760
     tgatattctg ggttgaaaat tcttttcttt aagaatgttg aatattggcc cccactctct     41820
     tttggcttgt agagtttctg atgagagatc tgctgttagt ctgttgggct tcccttgtgg     41880
     gtaacccgac ctttctctcc ggctgccctt aatatttttt cctttatttc aacttttgtg     41940
     aatctgacaa gtatgtggct tgcagttgct cttcttgagt agtatcttag tggtgttctg     42000
     catatctcct gaagataaat gttggcctgc cttgctaggt tggggaagtt ctcctgggta     42060
     atatcctgat gggtgttttc caacttgatt ccattttccc cgtcactttc aggtacacca     42120
     atcagatgta gatttggtct tttcacatag tcccatattt cttggagcct tttttcattt     42180
     ctttttactc ttttttctct aaacttctca tttcatttaa ttcattgatc tttaatcact     42240
     gatacccttt cttccagttg attatctcct gaagcttgtg tattcatcac gtagctctta     42300
     tgccatggtt ttcagctctg tcatgtcatt gaagcacttc tctacactga ttattctagt     42360
     tagccattcg tctaattttt tttcaaggtt tttagcttct ttgtgttggg ttcaaacttc     42420
     cttctttagc ttggagaagt ttgatcatct gaagtcttct tctctcaact cgtcaaaatc     42480
     attctccatt cagctttgtt ccatttctgg tgaggagctg cattcctttg gaggaggaga     42540
     ggtgctctga tttttagaat tttcagcttt tctgctctgt tttttcccca actttgtggt     42600
     ttgatctacc tttggtcttt gatgatggtg atgtacagat ggggttttgg tgtggatatc     42660
     ctttgtgttt gttagttttc cttctaacag tcaggaccct cagctgcaga tctgttggag     42720
     tttcctgaag gtccactcca gaccaggttt gcctggttat cagcagcgga ggttgcagaa     42780
     cagcggatat tggtgaacag caaatgttgc tgcctgatcg ttcctctgga agcttcatct     42840
     cagaggggta cccggccatg tgaggtgtca gtctgcacct actggggggt gcctcccagt     42900
     taggttactt gggggtctgt gagccacttg aggaggaatt tctgcccatt ctcagatctc     42960
     aaactccgtg ctgggagaac cgctactccc ttcaaagctg tgagacaggg acatttaagt     43020
     ctgcagaggt ttctgctgcc atttgttcag ctatgccctg tccccagagg tggtctacag     43080
     aggcaggctg gcctccttga gctgcagtgg gctccaccca gtttgagttt cccatgtcct     43140
     ttgtttacct actcaatcct cagctatggt gggtgcccct tgcccagtct cactgatgct     43200
     ttgcagttcc atctcagact gctgtgctag caatgagtga ggctctgtgg gcatgggacc     43260
     ctctgattca ggtgcgtgat ataatctcct ggtatgtcat ttgctaagac cattggaaaa     43320
     gtgcagtatt atgggggggg ggtgacccaa ttatccaggt gctgtctgtt accctttccc     43380
     ttgactggga aagggaattc cctgacccct tgcacttctc ggtgaggtga tgcctcgccc     43440
     tgcttcagct cacactcagt gggctgcacc cactgtcctg tccccagtgt ccaatgagcc     43500
     ccagtgagat gaacctggta cctcagttgg aaatgcagaa atcacccatc ttctgcatcg     43560
     ctcatgctgg gaactgtaga ctggagctgt tcctatttgg ccatcttgga actgctaaaa     43620
     cagatacatg cttgcgcaaa atagcatcac ttgaatttct tagcagtggc actaatgtta     43680
     atctattcta cagccataaa atattcacgc tgtagaagtt gtttcaggat ggaaaaccct     43740
     tggctttatt aaatattgaa atatatcttc atggccagca gccatgtgtg aagcagctgc     43800
     aaccatccca aatatccaga tcctgggctt gtattctctg caccacctca tcttcacccc     43860
     cttctgttgc atcttgagct ggattcatct tctcttctat gttccaaaat ggttgtttta     43920
     ctctgcagac gggaactttg cattcttgct cctaatccag catagtatag ccatcattta     43980
     tcctgtggac tgtctgctgt ttgaatagaa ctgtaggtga gatgaaaatt tgagaaacca     44040
     gactggtttg catgtcatgg aggacacctg cactgccttg tgcatctgta cagtgtactc     44100
     agatattcaa atccattcct ctgagttatt tgatacatta aaattgtctc ttcttttttg     44160
     acaagagtct gttttgtggc tttacttttg gtgtcttatc caggatggac tgtgacctgt     44220
     cttagtttct ccaagttttt gcagatgggc tcatttttgc ctgcaagtgc tatggtagag     44280
     agtctgcttt tttggcctgg ccaagttttt atactgggag gtcttatttc ttaaatttgc     44340
     agagtgttcc aatctgccat gtcaacaaag ttttgagaca tataattctt atgtttgcag     44400
     gcattgatta agccttttcc ataggctctg ctcttgctgg tagaaaaggt cctggttgaa     44460
     gttgagaact gtgtacttgc ctgttggttg gatcttcttc ttctatgctt gattgttgtt     44520
     ctagcttttt ttatacttgc ggctttcagg atggaattgt gatttttcat gatttgccag     44580
     tagaccatac ttctggaaat aacagttgtg gccatggact ataaattctt ccatgggcaa     44640
     agtgacaaca agttgcttgc caaactgtct gggtgactcc aatggtttag cagggctaat     44700
     ggtcctctac ggtgccccat ggttactgca gccaagtgtc cagtataagg acaccttgtg     44760
     ggataaggac accttgtggg ataagtggct gctatgacat tagagttttg tgacatcact     44820
     aaagcaatga gcagtactgc ctctggcatt aaccattttt tgaactttag aaacatccaa     44880
     taagcaccag gacatagatg ggaaatctga ttctgaggta atcctgttgg ctttatgggt     44940
     ttctcttcta ctaacattgt ttgaaaaaaa ttgttttcca tcccaagtgc tttgatgggg     45000
     ttaatttttt tgtcttgaag caggaagatg ctacaggaca attagtgatt ataggacaaa     45060
     aataattctc ttagaaaacc cccaaaatat gtctggcttt tcaaatcaga cataagagat     45120
     ataattttct gcttttcttc tctcgtttat tgcctaataa gtgactttaa aatgggtaac     45180
     tatcttacag ttctgaagtc tagaggagca gaaacataat gttgactagt ttttgttttt     45240
     gtgtctatgt gagttgtctc tcaagctgga tgtggcagtg tacttaccat gccattaaat     45300
     ggtcaatcct ttcttgtttg agtcttattc ttccatgctc ttacatgtgc caatgatata     45360
     gggttaagag ccatccatat acaaatattt tacagtaatt cccctagtaa aagtattata     45420
     tgcatacaaa gtcaaactca gacattttaa gcacaatgag aaaacaaaca gaaacaaaac     45480
     aatccaaaaa cacatgattt tctatcttct ctggtacttg gtaattttag atctatgtct     45540
     tttttttttt taaacaggaa atttctgaaa caacctaatt gtctgtggta aataccaagg     45600
     atcttagtct cacagccaag tggatcaagg ctgtggatac acacacccat agaatgagtt     45660
     tagagcagga gtttaataga caaaaagaac agctcttcag catagagagg agccctgagt     45720
     aggttgccaa gctgtgctaa aatctcaggg tttttgtaaa tgggctaatg aggagggcac     45780
     tagtgaggag aggatgtctt atcctcataa aacctgatga tttagttgga accaggtatg     45840
     ctttctgtat agagcagagt ctttatcaac tctcacctta ttccctgatc aggtaggcag     45900
     actttcagtc tctgttgctc tgtgctgctt tgtgttgctt atctgggaga gagagtttgt     45960
     gtgtctattc ccagacatct taacagctgc aggtatctct cacacttcca cttctagatt     46020
     cgctattgtg tctataagga aaggaatgta cttattaaca cccactgttt ttactgggac     46080
     ccatttgtag gagtgtgaag tttggtgatt acccaagtga tctctctcat tctgtgctca     46140
     aggtgtttat ctgtgattta cagtagactt attctttgtt gagttgcccg catttctaga     46200
     ttaatattgg cttccactaa ggaaagacaa agagtttgtc ctggggccat gaggatgcag     46260
     gcctccatgt aggtagggta aaatatttct acctaataaa ggagtgggac tttcaggcat     46320
     aataaaggag tcctgtgtaa ataatatgtc cccccaacta caaataagta gtggagaaaa     46380
     atatcaagtt agagtctttt ttaagacacc caccattgtt gtgacatggg aagaggagag     46440
     gcatggattg gtgaggagaa cagaaagact ggctccagaa tccagtggga ggcttgccct     46500
     cctcccttca atttccatta tcacccagga ctcctgagca gtaatggatg tttgaaccat     46560
     tggaaccagg ggtttcagcc ccagaaccca tcagtcctgc tggagcatct gtgagaatga     46620
     ttccgtactc actgacctct gtcttggtgg tcagtagtgc aatctccagt ggtcttcacc     46680
     acaaaagtgg tcaaggtggc tttttcttgt ggcttgggca attcttctta aagtgccctg     46740
     gctttaacac tggtaacagg tagcaatcag tggaagttcc tgggggatcc tggactctgc     46800
     aagtctgcaa agcagccact agagcctcag cctttctctt gttcttcctg tttttctcgt     46860
     gggcctcctc ccagtcctat tgtaagagaa caatgaggcc acattcagga ggttcttcaa     46920
     gatacaatct ggtcctatag cctgtttctg tagctttttt ctaatatcag gaactgcctg     46980
     cttttcggct gcagtaaggg tttggcatag gagcagcata acatccctcc acttgagatt     47040
     gaacactaag ttaaattttg aaaggtctcc aaattcctag ccaggtcatc agaagatcag     47100
     cccaagtctc cctctatttt cctaaggtcc tataatgaaa ggagaacatg tgttttagtg     47160
     gtgacccttc catctggcat ttcttatagg ggtaggagtg aagcagggga aatggtgagc     47220
     tttggacctg gtggaggtgg gggagatttt ggtgcagttg gaggggaccc tggataagag     47280
     acactgaaat aactcgggca cacatagaat gcaaaggtct gcacttgcaa aggtctgggt     47340
     tttctccaca gggcaaagaa agcctgttca tatcaaactt tggatcattt gctgtcccat     47400
     ctacacaaaa gatctaattg ttggataaaa ttagaatcaa ggctcctttc agctggccag     47460
     gtctctttat tcctgagaca gtaagaaggc cacaccattg tgcaaaagaa aatgagctgt     47520
     ttttgttcaa agttccaggg tcaaaggagt ctcaatgttt cagaatgcac tctagagaag     47580
     tgcaagctga agatggcttg tcatccatca aaaaaagaga caaaagaaga ggcatccttg     47640
     tgtctcttgg ttctttttaa tgtgacccag attgaaggag atgaccattg ggggactccc     47700
     cctgacctcc ctccttggta tctgggtccc aacaccataa ttcccatctc atgattgcag     47760
     gtgtaaccct caaacatggt acagagaggt gaagtcagct ggacttcctg ggtcagtgag     47820
     tggggacttg gggaactttt ctatctagct agaggattgt aaatgcacca atcagcactc     47880
     tgtgtctagc taaaggattg caaatgcacc aatcagcact ctgtaaaatg gaccaaccag     47940
     cactctgtaa atggaccaat caactctctg taaaatggga caatcagcag gatatgcacg     48000
     gtgccaaata agggaataaa agctggccac ttgagtcagc agcggcaaac actgggatcc     48060
     ccttccaggc tgtggaaact ttgatctttc actcttcaca ataaatcttg ctgctgctca     48120
     gtctttgggt ctgcactacc tttatgagct gtaactctca ccatgagcat ctgtgtcttc     48180
     aatcttgaag tcagcaagac aaagaaccca ctgggaggaa caaataactc tgaaagctcc     48240
     acctttaaga gctgtaacac tcactgtgaa ggtctgtgtc ttcactactg aagtcaccat     48300
     aaccatgaac ccactggaag gaagaaactc tggacacatc tgaacatctg aaggaggaaa     48360
     ctccggacat accatcttta agaactgtaa cactcaccat aagtgtctgc agcttcattc     48420
     ttgaagtcag ccaggaaccc accggaagga accaattcta gacacagaac cacaggacct     48480
     aatcaatggg gctagtaact tttacccatg tgacatcagt cctttttcta ataatagggt     48540
     aattatcctc tgacctccta gacctgtgtg acttgtgtgg ctccttgata gatgagcctt     48600
     ggcagagatt atgtaatagt tgcatttaag caagacccct taaaagaggg agtgtactga     48660
     actgagaatg tttaggttct agttaacttc cagataaaaa aaatcccctt tctatttaga     48720
     tgccattctt gttgtaggca gtataggtgt ctcaagagga cataagtgtc aaatgatggt     48780
     cttcctgcta atgcagagag tattaagact aaaatttcgt tttggaagat atgttactct     48840
     ttactgctaa aaagaggact aaaaggcttt tggcaaaggg cagacaagat tccccatgga     48900
     gaggattccc attccacgat gtggcactgt aagcactgaa ataccaggca gtaactgtct     48960
     ccatatgctc tctaaacaaa ggatggagag ggaagtttaa cttgtagcta cctgtcccca     49020
     cagcacacct cctagaagaa aaaaggcaat tcacctcata gagggactat ccagtctgac     49080
     tagtcagtgc tggcttctca catggaaagc aacaacaaca acaacaaaaa gaggctaggt     49140
     agagaaaggg gtgttcagtg atggttgttt gggaaggagg agtaacctcc tacccaaccc     49200
     caggaagtgt tattattagc agttaaacag tctttgagat ttggtataaa tcctcctgac     49260
     tgcagaaagt cacaaaaaat tgcaatccct ttacctgcat tcctggttac taagcctgct     49320
     taattgagtt atttcactgc tctgtaaaag atcctgtggc attgcatcca gagaagggat     49380
     gggagacacg atgatctcaa aaagtaaagg aggaaaataa catttgcaat aggaaatctt     49440
     tgagatactg tggctgacac ccggttgggt agttgggagg ctggggtcag tccagaaacc     49500
     tttgaataac actggggtgt agccatggcc agaaattctc agttaatcca agacctattc     49560
     aagctccatg caacagccaa gctctccacg aaaataaact ggttttgaca aagactacat     49620
     tcccagcacc ctgagggcac taagggattg actaggtcct tcccagtaag cctcacatct     49680
     gagtcttcaa gactagccct tgtggttagt cagccatcag atgcttgatg gtttttgata     49740
     gttcttttag ttaataaaaa ctgagtgcat gctagctgcg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc     49800
     aatcactttg ggatctctag agattgggag tttgtgacca agctggccaa catggtgaga     49860
     ccccgtttct actaaaaata caaaaatgag tcgggcatgg aggctgaggc agaagaattg     49920
     ctggaaccca ggaggcagag gttgttgcag tgaacggaga tcatgccacg gcagtcagcc     49980
     tgagtggcaa agtgagactc cgtataaaaa aacaaaaaaa acaaaaaact gaggacaaga     50040
     agccagaaaa attaaagtag atgttcactc ctgtactcac ctttcaggga atacaccttt     50100
     aaatcctggg tgggcccatg aaatgaagca accttacact ttatacttga agtatatact     50160
     ttatacttaa agggttaagt ataaaatgaa ctgtagaaag gagaaaaggt gagttaaaag     50220
     gcaatataat taatgtatct cttagaaaaa taaaatgctt gctaatttag ttgggactac     50280
     atgtgctttc tttacagagc agaggttttt gtgttttttg tttgtttgtt ttctttttta     50340
     tcagatctca caccattccc tgaacacata agcagactat taatctgttg ctctgtgttg     50400
     cttatctggg agggagcatt tctgtgactg ttcccagaca tcttcttgca gctgcagaca     50460
     ttccttcccc tttctgcttc tagcttctac attgtagtgt gcctaaaggg aaagggatgt     50520
     acatattaaa ggccactgtt tttactggag ccgattatat ggtgtgaagt tcggtgatta     50580
     cccagcagac actccctcct tctgtgctca agctgtttat ccatgattta cagcctgaat     50640
     ttccatgctg ccctttctta ggaaagaagt gatttctttc aatggtgtaa gttagaaaag     50700
     gagctatttc tgaagttttt ttgttagaaa agttttcttc tggctactct ctttaccctg     50760
     tgtaccaaaa taatttcttt ctacttccta taacattgcc acagccaaaa cttcagttca     50820
     ttcagaaaac tagctattta taaagatagt ctgattgtca taaaatctat ttataataaa     50880
     atattctggt tagtcagaaa attgctcaca ataatattaa acaaacacaa attattatta     50940
     aataaacaac aaataataat aatattcacc tcaatggaaa tttatcatga agttggaaaa     51000
     gacagacatc aattcttcta atagccaatc gtgagaaatt acttgcataa ttattcttca     51060
     gataaacaac ctctggcttc catgacaaaa ttccttcaca taaatatttc tcacacaggg     51120
     tttaggttcc attattcttc tatttagggg gctatctgtg ttagcttaca gcatttagca     51180
     acaaagaaaa tgagttgtca cattgtcaga gcagcattat tttgaagtgt ggcatatacc     51240
     caataaaagc cctaaaagac tatcagggag ctggagaaga gcagttctgt gatctacctc     51300
     atctgattca ttgatatgtc attaagaaat tgtcttcctt actttgatga tctattctat     51360
     tactattaac gggatgtctc tcagggacag gagagagaaa aactttattt tacaattgag     51420
     aaacggctcc tgtgggttta caaatattcc tcatacggtg ttttcttaat gtcatagatt     51480
     cttaagaact attatttgaa gaagagcaga aatactgatt agtcataagt ttgcttttca     51540
     cttatgtgtt tcattttctg atttttgtct gagtgtgtta atttgaagaa ctagtgtttg     51600
     tgcaatgaaa tcttttcctc agattggtct attttgctgt tataatttct gattgtattt     51660
     aaaaaatgct tgtagtaatt atttttatct caagaagctc agcttggatc tttcttaaaa     51720
     taggatttta atctccctgt gagaatgaat tgttccacta tatgaattaa ctgtcttgaa     51780
     ttatttcaac tttctgctca atctcaacta atttattgct attctgattg tgaattctat     51840
     ctctgtaatt tcagaaagta cagactgatt gagagtcatt actagacagc tggtgtgctc     51900
     cttttgaagt aaagggaccc tcctaactta ctgaaaatcc tgagtacttg tgctggctct     51960
     tcttagcaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccacaaac agataacact tcgtatcaat aagaatagac     52020
     attatttaaa aatatgaaaa ttatggaagc tagcaagact tcagaaaaaa agaaatactt     52080
     agacccagtt gatgcaatgt aaattcctac agtcaaagtg gaaagtagtc tggaaatatc     52140
     tcaaagaagt caaaacagag ggatcattaa acctaccaat cccattcctt agtaaataat     52200
     aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataaataaa tggtgataca agaaaaaaat     52260
     ttgttttcct tcttggcttt taaataacaa acacttgaaa tcaaattagt tgtttttaaa     52320
     agctagatta atgaagaaaa tatggatgaa catatggtaa atatggtcta tgtagaccat     52380
     aaaatactat acaaccattt acagtaaaat tgggtccttt ggagcaacat ggatggagat     52440
     gttgcaagat cacttgggcc actgcgatga ctgcctctat ctgatatgag agtcactaga     52500
     tgccaagagt gggactaagc actaccccaa attattccaa gttttcccct atgaatgcaa     52560
     cagactagat aacatttcca agtaccaaaa tgaattatgg gagaagtgga atattaatga     52620
     aagattgaag aatccagaac ataaattctt agccattaat gtacattata gcccaatcat     52680
     ggatataatg tacattaatg tacaaaatat aatgtacaaa atataatcag agcccagata     52740
     gcctctgggg ctgtctatag ttgagtcaac aataactttg ttaacaagaa gaaagcccta     52800
     tgtagtgcct gcccaagggg actgagtagt ctatgagcaa tctttttgga agttaacagt     52860
     tggccctgga aaaaggcaca agatttagat cctgccaact tttataggag taactgaatt     52920
     gatgtaacaa tgttttccat ttaattaaca gagacaggat aacttaacta ttttcccaga     52980
     agaagacgtt aagggtatcg tttgttcaac tgtaggcatt tatttcacat aaacgtctcc     53040
     tccataagaa tgtggaagtc ttatcacatt taatcccatt gcatttagca gattctgatt     53100
     tcaacttcta aatttaatct aaggaaacac tttcaaatgg gccttttttt tttttttcta     53160
     aatccaaggg tgagtacatt ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat     53220
     ttatttttat tatactctaa gttttagggt acttgtgcac attgtgcagg ttagttacat     53280
     atgtatacat gtgccatgct ggtgcgctgc acccactaac gtgtcatcta gcattaggta     53340
     tatctcccaa tgctatccct cccccctccc ccgaccccac cacagtcccc agagtgtgat     53400
     attccccttc ctgtgtccat gtgatctcat tgttcaattc ccacctatga gtgagaatat     53460
     gcggtgtttg gtttttagtt cttgcgatag tttactgaga atgatggttt ccaatttcat     53520
     ccatgtccct acaaaggaca tgaactcatc attttttatg gctgcatagt attccatggt     53580
     gtatatgtgc cacattttct taatccagtc tatcattgtt ggacatttgg gttggttcca     53640
     agtctttgct attgtgaata gtgccgcaat aaacatacgt gtgcatgtgt ctttatagca     53700
     gcatgattta tagtcctttg ggtatatacc cagtaatggg atggctgggt caaatggtat     53760
     ttctagttct agatccctga ggaatcgcca cactgacttc cacaatggct gaactagttt     53820
     acagtcccac caacagtgta aaagtgttcc tatttctcca catcctctcc agcacctgtt     53880
     gtttcctgac tttttaatga ttgccattct aactggtgtg agatgatata tcatagtggt     53940
     tttgatttgc atttctctga tggccagtga tgatgagcat ttcttcatgt gttttttggc     54000
     tgcataaatg tcttcttttg agaagtgtct gttcatgtcc ttcgcccact ttttgatggg     54060
     gttgtttgtt tttttcttgt aaatttgttt gagttcattg tagattctgg atattagccc     54120
     tttgtcagat gagtaggttg cgaaaatttt ctcccatgtt gtaggttgcc tgttcactct     54180
     gatggtagtt tcttttgctg tgcagaagct cttgagttta attagatccc atttgtcaat     54240
     tttggctttt gttgccattg cttttggtgt tttggacatg aagtccttgc ccacgcctat     54300
     gtcctgaatg gtaatgccta ggttttcttc tagggttttt atggttttag gtctaacgtt     54360
     taaatcttta atccatcttg aattgatttt tgtataaggt gtaaggaagg gatccagttt     54420
     cagctttcta catatggcta gccagttttc ccaacaccat ttattaaata gggaatcctt     54480
     tccccattgc ttgtttttct caggtttgtc aaagatcaga tagttgtaga tatgcggcat     54540
     tatttctgag ggctctgttc tgttccattg atctatatct ctgttttggt accagtacca     54600
     tgctgttttg gttactgtag ccttgtagta tagtttgaag tcaggtagtg tgatgcctcc     54660
     agctttgttc ttttggctta ggattgactt ggcgatgcgg gctctttttt ggttccatat     54720
     gaacttttaa gtagtttttt ccaattctgt gaagaaagtc attggtagct tgatggggat     54780
     ggcattgaat ctgtaaatta ccttgggcag tatggccatt ttcacgatat tgattcttcc     54840
     tacccatgag catggaatgt tcttccattt gtttgtgtcc tcttttattt ccttgagcag     54900
     tggtttgtag ttctccttga agaggtcctt cacatccctt gtaagttgga ttcctaggta     54960
     ttttattctc tttgaagcaa ttgtgaatgg gagttcactc atgatttggc tctctgtttg     55020
     tctgttgttg gtgtataaga atgcttgtga tttttgtaca ttgattttgc atcctgagac     55080
     tttgctgaag ttgcttatca gcttaaggag attttgggct gagacgatgg ggttttctag     55140
     ataaacaatc atgtcgtctg caaacaggga caatttgact tcctcttttc ctaattgaat     55200
     accctttatt tccttctcct gcctgattgc cctggccaga acttccaaca ctatgttgaa     55260
     taggagcggt gagagagggc atccctgtct tgtgccagtt ttcaaaggga atgcttccag     55320
     tttttgccca ttcagtatga tattggctgt gggtttgtca tagatagctc ttattattcg     55380
     gaaatacgtc ccatcaatac ctaatttatt gagagttttt agcatgaagg gttgttgact     55440
     tttgtcaaag gctttttctg catctattga gataatcatg tggtttttgt ctttggctct     55500
     gtttatatgc tggattacat ttattgattt gcgtatattg aaccagcctt gcatcccagg     55560
     gatgaagccc acttgatcat ggtggataag ctttttgatg tgctgctgga ttcagtttgc     55620
     cagtatttta ttgaggattt ttgcatcaat gttcatcaag gatattggtc taaaattctc     55680
     ttttttggtt gtgtctctgc ccggctttgg tatcagaatg atgctggcct cataaaatga     55740
     gttagggagg attccctctt tttctattga ttggaatagt ttcagaagga atggtaccag     55800
     ttcctccttt tacctctggt agaattcggc tgtgaatcca tctggtcctg gactcttttt     55860
     ggttggtaaa ctattgatta ttgccccaat ttcagagcct gttattggtc tattcagaga     55920
     ttcaacttct tcctggttta gtcttgggag agtgtatgtg tcgaggaatg tatccatttc     55980
     ttctagattt tctagtttat ttgcataggg gtttttatag tattctctga ccacatactg     56040
     ggaagtaaag cgctcctcag caaatgcaaa agaacagaaa ttattacaaa ctatctctca     56100
     gaccgcagtg caatcaaact agaactcagg attaagaatc tcactcaaag ccgctcaact     56160
     acatggaaac tgaacaacct gctcctgaat gactactggg tacataatga aatgaaggca     56220
     gaaataaaga tgttctttga aaccaacgag aacaaagaca ccacatacca gaatctctgg     56280
     gacgcattca aagcagtgtg tagagggaaa tttatagcac taaacgccta caagagaaag     56340
     caggaaagat ccaaaattga caccctaaca tcacaattaa aagaactaga aaagcaagag     56400
     caaacacatt caaaagctgg cagaagccaa gaaataacta aaatcagagc agaactgaag     56460
     gaaatagaga cacaaaaaac ccttcaagaa atcaatgaat ccaggagctg gttttttgaa     56520
     aggatcaaca aaattgatag actgctagca agactaataa agaaaaaaag agagaagaat     56580
     caaatagaca caataaaaaa tgataaaggg gatatcacca ccgatcccac agaaatacaa     56640
     actaccatca gagaatacta caaacacctc tacgcaaata aactagaaaa tctagaagaa     56700
     atggatacat tcctcaaatg ggccttaagc acaattgaaa tacaggcctg gagaagcaaa     56760
     caggtgagtg gttagcatgt ccaacttttg actcttctga gctgggcacc tgagtatgtg     56820
     attgttggcc ttttcttttc tgaagcttcc aagaacatag ttacataaac ctgtagtaag     56880
     ggcctcacaa agaggagtca aaagactgtg ttttaattgt taaagggtta agtataaaat     56940
     gaactgtagg aaggagaaaa ggtgagttaa aaggcaatat aattaatgta tctcttagaa     57000
     aaataaaagc acttggtaac aatactccac ttctgtttta ttccatttcc atgggaattc     57060
     tgtgttgtac ttattctaga tagtttctgc tcaaagaggg cagaaatatt aggtctcaaa     57120
     gtggaaatga tctatttgaa gttagaaata ttcatgagta tcaaaaattt agaactatct     57180
     attagatcat gaggatgcca ggtctggaag gtctctcaag aagccagtat tgtaacccca     57240
     tacagagggt gtaacaacag tataatctgc agtgcacaag tatgcctctt cttacaacca     57300
     ggtctaaagg taaaagtagc ccccacaaac aaaatttttc tgacctgata aagaattcta     57360
     actattcagg gatggagcca agatggccaa ataggaacag ctccagtcta cagtgcccag     57420
     tgtgagtgat gcagaagaca ggtgatttct gcatttccaa ctgaggtaca gggttcatct     57480
     cactgtggag tgtcagagag tgggtacagg acagtgggtg aagtgcactg agcatgagct     57540
     gaagcagggc gagttattgc ctcacatggg aagtgcaaag ggtcagggaa ttccctttcc     57600
     tagtcaaaga aaggggtgac agatggcacc tggaaaattg ggtcactcac accctaatat     57660
     tgcacttttc caacagtctt agcaaatggc acaccaggag attatatccc acacatgatt     57720
     cagagggtcc tatgcccatg gagcctcacc tattgctagc acagcagtct gagatcaaac     57780
     tgcaaggctg cagtgagact gggggagggg cgcccaccat tgcaaaggct tgagtaggta     57840
     aacaaagtgg ctgggaagct tgaattgggt ggagcccacc acagctcaag gaggcctgcc     57900
     tgtctctgta gactccacct ctgggggcag ggcatagcca aacaaaaggc agtagaaacc     57960
     tctacagact taaatttccc tgtctgacat ctttgaagag agtagtgttt ctcctagcat     58020
     gcagctggag atctgagaac agagagactg cctcctcaag tgggtccctg acccccaagt     58080
     agcctaactg ggaggcaacc cccagtaggg gaagactgac accttaaatg gctgggtacc     58140
     cctctgagac aaaacttcca gaggagtgat aaggcagcaa catttgctgt tcaccaatat     58200
     ccgctgttct gcagcctcca ctgctgatac tcaggcaaac agggtctgga gtggacctcc     58260
     agcaaactcc aacagacctg cagctgaggg tcctgactgt tagaaggaaa actaacaaac     58320
     acaaaggaca tccacaccaa aaccccatct gtacgtcacc atcatcaaag accaaaggta     58380
     gatcaaacca caaagatggg gaaaaaacag agcagaaaaa ctggaaactc taaaagtcag     58440
     agtgcctctc ctcctccaaa ggaatgaagc tcctcaccag caatggaaca aagctggacg     58500
     gagaatgact ttgatgagtt gagggaagaa ggcttcagac gatcaaacta ctctgagcta     58560
     aaggaggaag ttcgaaccca tggcaaagta gttaaaaacc ttgaaaaaaa aactatacaa     58620
     atagctaact agaataagca atgccgagaa gtgcttaaag gagctaatgg agctgaaaac     58680
     catggcacaa gaactacatg atgaatgcag aagcctcagt agctgattcg atcaactgga     58740
     agaaaggcta tcagtgatag aaaatcaaat gaatgaaatg aagtgagaag agaagtttag     58800
     ataaaaaaga ataaaaagaa acaaagcctc caagaaatat gggactatgt gaaaagacca     58860
     aatctacatc tgattagtgt acatgaaagt gactgggaga gtggaatcaa cttggaaaac     58920
     actctacagg atattatcca ggagaacttc cccaatctag caaggcaggc caatattcaa     58980
     attcaggaaa tacagagaac accacaaata cttctcgaga agaccaactc caagacacat     59040
     aattgtcaga ttcaccaaag ttgaaatgaa ggaaaaaatg ttaagggcag ccagagagaa     59100
     aggtcaggtt acccacaaag ggaagcccat cagactaaga gtggctctct tggcagaaac     59160
     tctgcaagcc agaagagagt gggggtaaat attcaacatc cttaaagaaa agaattttca     59220
     acccagaatt tcatatccag ccaaactaag cttcataagt gaaggagaaa taaaatactt     59280
     tacagacaag gaaatgctga gagattttgt cacctagaag agctcctgaa ggaagcacta     59340
     aacatggaaa agaacaatcg gtagcagcca ctgcaaaaac atgtcaaatt gtaaagacca     59400
     ttgaggatat gaagaaactg catcaactaa agggcaaaat aaccagctaa catcataatg     59460
     gcaggatcaa attcacatat aacaatatta accttaaatg taaatgggct aaatgctcca     59520
     attaaaacac acaaactggc aaattggata aagagtcaag ccccatcagt atgctgtatg     59580
     caggaaaccc ttctcacgtg cagagacaca cataggctca aaataaaggg atggaggaag     59640
     aaccaacaaa aaccaaaaga gacaaagaag gccattacat agtgttaaag ggatcaattc     59700
     aacaagaaga gctaactacc ctaaatgtat atgcacccaa tacaggagaa cccagattca     59760
     taaagcaagt cctcagagac caataaagag acttagactc ccacacaata ataatgggag     59820
     actttaacac cccactgtca acattagaca gatcaacgag acagaaagtt aacaaggata     59880
     cccaggaatt gaactcagct ctgcaccaag cagacctaat agacccctac agaactctcc     59940
     accccaaatc aacagaatat acattctttt cagcaccaca ccatacctat tacaaaattg     60000
     accacatagt tggaagtaaa gcactcctca gcaaacataa aagaatagaa attaacaaac     60060
     tctctctgag accacagtgc aatcaaacta gagctcagga ttaagaaact cactcaaaac     60120
     cacccaacta catggaaaca gaacaacatg ctcctgaatg actactgggt acataatgaa     60180
     atgaaggcag aaataaagat gttctttgaa accaacaaga acaaagacac aatataccag     60240
     aatcttaggg acacattcaa agcagtgtgt agagggaaat ttatagcact aaatgcccac     60300
     aagaaaaagc aggaaagatc taaaattgac accctaacat cacaattaaa agaactagag     60360
     aagcaagagc aaacactttc aaaagctagc agaaggcaag aaataactaa gatcagagta     60420
     gaactgaagg aaatatagac tcaataaacc cttaaaaaaa tcaatgaatc caggagctgg     60480
     ttttttaaga aggtgaacaa aattgataga ccactagcaa gactaataaa ggaaaaaaga     60540
     gagaagaatc aaatagatgc aatcagaaat gataaagggg atatcaccac cgatcccaca     60600
     gaaatacaaa ctacatcaga gaatactata aacacctcta cacaaatata ctagaaaatc     60660
     tagaagaaac ggataaattc cttgacacat acactctccc aagactaaac caggaagaag     60720
     ttgaatctct gaagagacca ataacatgct ctgaaattga ggcaataatt aatagtttac     60780
     caatcaaaaa aagtccagga ccagatggat tcacagccaa attctaccag aggtacaagg     60840
     aggagctggt accattcctt ctgaaactat tccaatcaac agaaaaagag gcaatcctcc     60900
     ctaactcatt ttatgagacc agcgtcatcc tgataccaaa acctggcaga gacacaacaa     60960
     aaaaagagaa ttttagacca atatccctga agaacatcga ttcaaaaatc ctcgataaaa     61020
     tactggcaaa ccgaatccag cagcacatca aaaagctatc caccatgatc aagtgggctt     61080
     catccctggg acgcaagcct ggttcaacat atgcaaatca ataaacataa cgcaacatat     61140
     aaacagaaac aatgacaaaa accacatgat tatctcaata gatgcagaaa aggcctttgg     61200
     gaaaattcaa caacgcttca tggtaaaaac tctcaattaa ctaggtattc atgggatgta     61260
     tctcaaaata ataagagcta tctatgacaa acccacagtc aatatcatac tgaatgggca     61320
     aaaactggaa gcattccctt tgaaaactgg gacaagacag ttttcacgac tcctattcaa     61380
     catagtgttg gaagttctgg ccagagcatt caggcaggag aaggaaataa atggtattca     61440
     attaggaaaa gaggaagtga aattttccct gtttgcagat gacatgattg catatctaga     61500
     aaaccccatc atctcagccc aaaatctcct taagctgata ggcaatttaa gcaaagtctc     61560
     aggatacaaa atcaatgtgc aaaagtcaca agcattctta tacaccagta acagacaaac     61620
     agagagccaa atcatgagtg aactcccatt cacaattgct tcaaagagaa tataatacct     61680
     aggaatccaa cttacaaagg aagtgatgga cctcttcaag gagaactaca aaccactgct     61740
     caatgaaata aaagaggata caaagaaatg gaagaacttc ccatgctcat gggtaggaag     61800
     aatcaatatc gtgaaaatgg ccatactgcc caaggtaatt tatagattca atgccatccc     61860
     tgtcaatcta ccaatgactt tcttcacaga attggaaaat aactacttta aagttcatat     61920
     agaaccaaaa aagtgcccac attgccaagt caatcctaag ccaaaagaac aaagctggag     61980
     gcatcatgct acctgacttc aaagtatatt acaaggctac agtaaccaaa acagcatggt     62040
     actgttacca aaacagagat atagaccaac agaacagaac agagccctga gaaataatga     62100
     cgcatatctg caactatctg atctttgaca aacctgacaa atacaagaaa tggggaaagg     62160
     attccttatt tagtaaatgg tgctaggaaa actggctagc catatgtaga aagctgaaac     62220
     tggatccctt ccttacacct tatacaaaag ttaattcaag atggattaaa gacttaaatg     62280
     ttagacctaa aaccataaaa actctagaag aaaaccaagg cacaaccatt taggacatag     62340
     gcatgcacga ggacttcatg tctaacacac caaagcaatg gcaacaaaag ccaaaattga     62400
     caaatgggat ctaattaaac taaaaagctg ctgcacagca aaagaaacta ccaccagagt     62460
     gaacaggcaa cctacagaat gggagaaaat ttttccaatc tactcaaatg acaaagggct     62520
     aatatccaga atctacaatg aactcaaaca aatttacaag aaaaaaacaa aaaccccatc     62580
     aaaaagtggg tgaaggatat gaacagacac ttttcaaaag aagacattta tgcagccaaa     62640
     agacacatga aaaaatgttc accatcactg gccatcagag atatgcaaat caaaccacaa     62700
     tgagatacaa tctcacacca gttagaatag cgatcattaa aaagtcagga aacaacaggt     62760
     gttggagagg acatggagaa ataggaacac ttttacactg ttggtgggac tgtaaactag     62820
     ttcaaccatt gtggaagtca gtgtgattcc tcagggatct agaactagaa atatcatttg     62880
     acccagccat accattactg ggtatatacc ccaaggatta taaaacatgc tgctataaag     62940
     acacatgcac atgtacattt attgcagcac tattcacaat agcaaagact tggaaccaag     63000
     ccaaatgtcc aacaatgaca gactagatta agaaaatgtg gcacatatac acagggaata     63060
     ttatgcagcc ataaaaaaat gatgagttca tgtcctttat agggacatgg atgaagctgg     63120
     aaaccatcat tctcagcaaa ctatcacaaa gacaaaaaac caaacactgc atgttctcac     63180
     tcataggtgg gaattgaaca atgagaacac atggacaaag gaaggggaac atcagacact     63240
     ggggcctgta gtggggtggg aggagtgggg agggatacca ttaggagata tacctaatgt     63300
     taaatgacga gttaatgggt gcagcacacc aacatgacac atgtatacat atgtaacaaa     63360
     cctgcatatt gtacacatgt accctaaaac ttaaagtata ataataagaa attctaacta     63420
     tttatttaat atcagcatgc agtcagatac agctttaaac tattggtcct catccccagg     63480
     gctatctgat acactttcta aatgttcttg aatgtacaca cagaagttag tcttaattat     63540
     tttgcaaggt tcccataatc aatcataagt aaatatgatg agaagttagg cagaaaaata     63600
     aataatatgt tgtcaatcct gtctagtttc tgagaataaa tcaggttaca taactgcctc     63660
     attcaaaagg tagcattgca aatgagctag taatctgcat gtgaagaagg ccctcaaatt     63720
     ttaataagag ccatttctat ggaaataaaa gaaatacata gtttaacatt tgaccaattt     63780
     attaagttgt caaactaaaa gcattattat ttacagagaa ggaatatagt ggtggtataa     63840
     tacttttttt gcctctttta agaggaatag tgtaggagtg ttttcacgga gaccaaatca     63900
     gaaacacaga cacacataaa cacgcacaca cacgtgcgcg cacacacaca catctatata     63960
     tatatatatg cactaacttg gtaagtttag cccaagaagc acatagcatt cagcctaaat     64020
     ggtggaaagt aataaaaact cagaaacagt gggcagtaca agaatctaac agcttgtgta     64080
     ctggagtttt taaattatca tactctctca agttatgctt cttttattat tattattagc     64140
     tttatatatt attttttatt ttaattatcc tctttcaagt tcctgtattt ataaagacaa     64200
     ataatagcaa gggcaagttg ttcaaaaatt tagttctttt tttattctct ttgcctgagt     64260
     atttgcattg aatgatacaa tgaaagttat ttgttataaa ggctcctctt aaattggctt     64320
     tgctggaact ttgtttaatt aggattatag attagacttt ccaaagcctt gacctaagcc     64380
     aatgttttgt gtgtgcctgc atatatttgt gttaattgga taaacttctc tactgagggt     64440
     cccaggataa tttggagatc ctgggcctgt cagaaaagta catgatttaa tcatcagagt     64500
     tcagggagcc tgtagaggaa tcccataaac aaaaaataga gatagatttt ccaatggtct     64560
     tttaaaaagc tgtataagtc aactttgatt tttaaagcag tctctttata tctgaaagta     64620
     tgccattgca gaaaaaaact ttggtaagat aacaactgct tataacggca ttttataagt     64680
     ctaatggaat gtatgcaaat aattacactg ctacatatta agtatagtta aatatagtcc     64740
     tcattttctg ggggtatctg gtagagacag aaaaagacac tccaactttt ctcgaagtaa     64800
     tcaatcttat tcaactttta taaattgcaa atagcttaaa agaaaaaata tcattgaaaa     64860
     caaaccaaga ataataaact aattcaacaa aaagttatga gagtttagta taatattctg     64920
     ttagttttgt caataaaatt tactctcttt ctgattaaca ttgaatcaat aatcctcagg     64980
     tatattttag ttctccatga cagaacagtc ctgaaagctt ttggctccat tccaatggca     65040
     caattctaac gttatcaggg acccattctt aacttatcag gaacacattc tttagtatac     65100
     tccttagagt tttgtagctg tttacatact gccctataaa aaatcaaaga aaaggagtga     65160
     ttgttgatga taaaattgtt aaaatctcta tgattataaa caaaatcaac tataagtctc     65220
     ggttacatat atggcataca aatattttga ataatatttg taattacaac tgataacata     65280
     tactaagaac aattatagga cacatagtaa tgggaaatct gtatgaatat agctcagaga     65340
     agcttaagca gcattatatt gctatagttc acaatacttt ctatatacaa ttaatatacc     65400
     agataagcaa aatatgcctt ttttggactt caggctacct catattcaga aaacgaataa     65460
     atagatcaat aagaggcttg atttagaata tgacttttaa agctttttaa atatatacat     65520
     tttaaacatt tgatgttaca aaacccagaa aaagatatct taaataccta agaaaagttt     65580
     ttactttgtt atatggtaga catatttttt ttgaagggaa aaactggtca aataaaataa     65640
     tgtgagagag agaatctgta tttcttccca ttttctttat catttatcca aaggaaaaca     65700
     aaattattat cttttactat atcataaata tccagtttaa aaaagtaagc aaaattttac     65760
     atttgcctta gtttactacg ttaaacttga ttgatagtat aaccttataa acaaatgtat     65820
     tcagcattct ttagtttgct tataaagtaa gattctataa acctacgata attttttata     65880
     acttctgtgg aacagttgac aatctctgta aaaacaactt taaagaaatt taaaaaaaag     65940
     tgttttaaaa gtttccttat aaaaaccaaa ggcaaaaatt ttggttgcat attactgtaa     66000
     ttgtattgta aggttttata taaagaaaaa tcattaaagc cccttaactt caggaaaact     66060
     gctcccagcc acagaatttt tttattaata aaaatttgtt acaaaatttt ttgtaactgt     66120
     aaagccagat tttacaagca gattatgaga aagaaagaaa agaaaggaaa acacctaaag     66180
     tgaccaaaag ttaagtataa actatggggt cactttctgt agtatttttg tttacttacc     66240
     tcaagaatca atatataaaa attaggtcag ctgttaatat ttagttcaat ttttgaaagg     66300
     aaaaaattgg ggactctcag tgttccaggt agatgacttt cccagatagg agggtgaaac     66360
     aagaggtgca gcgtgtagaa gaaatcagtg ttcatacaga aatttatgca ttcacaaatt     66420
     caaataaaca gtgtgcttca aaatgagtcc caaatcaata gtttggatag gtccttgaaa     66480
     cctcttccca agctctgaat tgctccatgg acagctgagt ctcagtcaag caaagagctt     66540
     cagtggtgct gcacttgaca ataaatacaa aggcataaaa cattcaaata gctttttgag     66600
     gaacctatag tcaaaaattg caggaccata gtgacactct aagagaggca gaaggtggcc     66660
     aaatatttat tgagatcata tagcttactt ccaaatgtag ccatcttttt agaggtcact     66720
     ttcttcttta gaagtgtgtt gaaggaagta aggtaaagag gaggtttgcc aaaccagaaa     66780
     ccatttctgt cagttgttga gaattttctg aaaattctca tcaaagagtc agccaggcat     66840
     aagcagctgt cactcctagg tgccctcatt tttgttcaat aaagtaatat gtcaggtgca     66900
     gagtaatcca cagtgtgcag ctcttctgca tatgggctac agctattgtg attagaatgc     66960
     agattcagtc actttctgct tgcagagtca aattgacaag agtgatatac agaaactcta     67020
     gtaaacagca agttctgctt taatttcaaa actagcctag aggaataagt gcaggctttc     67080
     tgtcttttta gggtatgatt ttacatttgg aacagaaagg gagtactttt aaaaggggcc     67140
     taacctaatg gtcattcaga tgagggaagg gggaagggag caggtggggt ttataccggc     67200
     tagcctactg ccttatctac agagcaattt accaggagat tgttggcatt ttcctaagtc     67260
     gggatacttc tggtgataaa ctgactgata ttttttaacg tattctgctc atgggagtgt     67320
     gtttcataga aatttagtgt tttatcttca gacagtctcc tggtaggtaa gagttctttt     67380
     taggaactgt aagagagtaa ctagccctgt agaaatcatc tactgaaagg tagataaaag     67440
     gctacatctg cctttctaaa tggccaacta ggaagtggag aactaaagaa ataagaaaat     67500
     aagagaaaga aaaaaataca ccatctcagc aaaatgtgag tagacttcaa attatactac     67560
     aaggctttag ttatcaaaac agcatgatgc tgatataaaa aaaatggcac acagaacaat     67620
     gaaactgaat acagaacaca aaaacaagga caaatactca ctgccaattc cttattgaca     67680
     aagcaaacaa aaatataaat tggggaaagg acaccctatt caacaaatga tgctgggaat     67740
     actggcaagc cacatataga agaataaaac tggatcccat ctctcacccc atgcaaaaat     67800
     caactcaaga tggatcaaag actcaaatct aagaccaaaa actataaaca ttcttgaaga     67860
     taacatcaga aaaatcttgt agacattggc ttaggcaaat aactcatgat taagacccaa     67920
     aaccaaatgc aaccaaaaca aaactaaata aatgggacct aattaaacta ttcctccaca     67980
     tcctctccag tatttttttt cctgacttta atgatcacca ttctaactgg cataagatga     68040
     tatctcattg tggttttgat ttgcagtcct ctaatgacaa gtaatgatga gctacagctt     68100
     tgtcagtcac actagtttta ttattttctc ccgaaaatat cagagacttt gaaggagaac     68160
     attataagcc taacacaatc caagaaattc tgtggttttg cttcttgaaa tgcacaaaac     68220
     aacaccacag agatagaagg aatgctaagt atcagccatt catgacacaa ccagagaaat     68280
     ttcatcagac ttcaaagaaa agataaaaaa tcagagacct agaaattgcc tgaaatgtaa     68340
     ttaacaatat gtcaaaaaga acaaagaaaa cctacagctg tgtaatatat tcatggaatt     68400
     taaaatatca atacaaaatt gcaacagcat aactaatctg gtagaagaat taaatggcca     68460
     tctcaaatac agtttatatg aatttaacca attagaagaa caacaataaa catggaaaaa     68520
     tgaaataacc atgtctatta atggatgcct taatttgtaa aaatacacca attataaaag     68580
     tacacaaaag ataagaaaga gacaaagaag cagaaaagtt atcagaattt ttattgttca     68640
     cattccaaag tttagaaaaa atatgaactc acagatttag aaactcaatg atcatatcaa     68700
     gattaatttt aaaagttaat agtcctagat gcattttaat caagttataa aaagtaaaat     68760
     ttaaaaagta atgttaaatc tgtcagtggg aaaactcatc ccacataagt gagctctatc     68820
     tgggtaattc ccagtatttc taacaggatt ctacaaagac aggagataat gtgatgccat     68880
     attaaaagtg ctaagataaa atttaaaata ctgctaccta agagtagtct agactgcaaa     68940
     gctcttcctc ggatatgaaa aaaggcacaa atagattttt aagtgaacgt cttaagcctt     69000
     tcttaaaagt caatctgtta gataattaac ttccagattc attttttttc tcttgaaaat     69060
     tatttgtgtc tcactcttca aaagaagaca tttatgcagc caaaaaacat aggacaaaag     69120
     ctcatcatta ctggtcatta gagaaaggca aatcaaaacc acaatgagat accacctcat     69180
     gccagttaaa tggctatcat taaagtcagg aaaaaacaga tgctggagag gatgtggaga     69240
     aacaagaacg cttttacacg ttggcgggaa tgtaaattaa ttcaaccatt atggaagaca     69300
     gtgtggtgat ttctccagga tttagaatca gaaaaaccat ttgacagagc aatcccatta     69360
     atgggtatat acccaaagga atataaatca ttctactata aagacacatg aacatgtatg     69420
     tttattgagg cattgttcac aatagcaaag acttggaacc aacccaaatg cccatcaaag     69480
     atagactgga taaaggaaat gtggcacata tacaccatgg aatactatgc agccataaaa     69540
     aaggatgagt tcatgttctt ttcagagaca tggatgaagc tggaaaccat cattctcagc     69600
     taactaacac aggaacagaa aaccaaacac tgcacattct cactcagaag tgggaattga     69660
     acgatgagaa cacatggaca cagggagggg aacattatac atgggggcct gttgcggggg     69720
     taggggacta ggggtaagat agcattagga gaaataccat catctaccta atgtagatga     69780
     tgcgttgatg ggtgtagcaa accaccatag cacgtttatc tatgtagcaa acctgctcat     69840
     tctgcacatg tatcccagaa cttaaagtat atatatataa attctccaaa aaataaaaaa     69900
     taaaaatttt aagaaagcac aacacaccag acaatccctt ctacggctgc taggatgatt     69960
     ataatataac aatgcttata tgctaaagat tgtatgaacc aagccaagca aattagagag     70020
     atcaaaaatt aagccaggtg aatagcttac ctatggtaat caaatagcct atttaatctt     70080
     ctgtaactgt gtttctataa gactcaatct atccaggtgc aaaagtagtg tcaacactga     70140
     taagcatcta ctttcatata ggtacatctg ctgtcttttg attaccattt actttgaata     70200
     tttttaatcc tttcaccctc atattttggt gtactgaaat ctaaagatag ctattatctt     70260
     ggcatcaaat tattgggttt ttttcctttt ttattttact tatttttatt ttttaccact     70320
     tctattacat taggtctttt ggttcaaaaa ataaaatcca ggtacactta attatttatt     70380
     gttaacaact tgctacagca attttatttt taaattttgc ctgacttttg cagttcttgt     70440
     tttgctttat tccaatttta cttccttgat tttgtttttg ctgttgtcta attccagttg     70500
     tataccgtat ctattttttt tgttgctttt gtatatgtaa tgcagaattt tttgtgataa     70560
     caaggaatat tacctaaaat gtcttgtaat attctaattt aagaagatat tattttattt     70620
     gaagattaac atggttttta catcccctca cacattttat agtattaatg ttctactata     70680
     tatcaattta tattcagaat ccattgagca attctttaca ggtgtatctt attgaaactt     70740
     tttaaattct catcccagag ttactagtat ttaaattaga taataattat ttactgtagg     70800
     ttttcctata ttatattttt tccaaaaaat attataattt catgtttttt tatcattgat     70860
     ttgtttcaaa cagtaaaact ggttaggaaa ttattgtaaa gatattcaca aggagatgaa     70920
     catgcacaac tttttttctc tttaaatgtg ctttttaaat atcaaacaaa gagcttttca     70980
     ggttagagta ttctgagcta gcaattcctt atttctttag caccttcaat atgtcatttc     71040
     attttctcct tacttggtga tttcttttat aaagtgaggt gataacctaa tagaagataa     71100
     gtgatatgta gcaagtttct cctatagctg ttttacattt atttttatct tttactgttt     71160
     acaatttcat tataatgctc cttggagtat aagatttttt atcttgtttt ttttgagttt     71220
     catgaatttc tgagttaata tttctcttag cattttagat ggtttgaaca gtatatttca     71280
     atgcattttc tgcttttttg tctttctctt ctgtcttggg tatttcataa tttgtctttt     71340
     catacaattg acagtaacct ccccacaaca ctcttacttt aattattttc caaatgcttt     71400
     tgttattgtt gttggtgttt caattggctg aacaaacctg gagaacagtt taggccacaa     71460
     ggactgcaag tctttggtga gcccaagtgc tggcttggtc ccagagacag tggactggag     71520
     ggaacatgca acctgctgag acaccagctg ggacagtcaa ggatgtgctg gcatcacccc     71580
     tccactaacc ctaggctgca cagctcatcg ctttaaaaaa gaccccttca ctccacttat     71640
     ggagaggcga ggggaagagt ggggaggatt gtcttctatg ttggatacca gctcagccac     71700
     agcaggatag gatatgggtc agtcatgagg cccccattcc agaccccagc tcctgaacac     71760
     atcctgggct ggaaggaaac ctgttgcttt caagggaaga acccattcct ggcagcattc     71820
     atcacctgct acctgaagag cccttggacc ttgattaacc atcagcaaga tccaggtact     71880
     acactgaagg tgttgggtga aactgggaaa ctcagcacat tcccagctgt catggctact     71940
     ggctgaaacc ccttccagtt aagaaaagca gagggaaaag caaaagggac tttgttgtat     72000
     atatcagata tcagcttaac cacaggagat tagagcacca agtaggctct tgggtctctc     72060
     attctaagac ttgtctattg aatggaattt ctagaccttc cttgggccag agggatgccc     72120
     acagcccaga aggttaagtc tcaggccagg aagcattcac taagaattga ttaagaagcc     72180
     cttgtgcctg aagggtaaat tgatggtagg ctggcaatac tctccatggg tgtttggtca     72240
     tgatagctac aaggtgagac tcctctgtct ttgcaaatgg gagagaatac taggaaggac     72300
     tgtgtctaat agtttgagtt tcagctaagc catagtgctg tagaacacta agtagacatc     72360
     taaggttttt gactagtctc taacttctgg aatgtccctc tggacatggc tggggactga     72420
     ggaactagct accctaatag gaaggacttg tcttgcaact aggtctggct ggcttttcaa     72480
     cctgcttact gtagacccca agggacttga gcaaccatag gccatagtca gagtgtggtt     72540
     acagcagccc ttgggtgaga cacagtattg tgctggtctg acgtctgatg cagagcagtc     72600
     ctggtagtgg aggccacagg ggtgcttctt ttacaccacc agaagctctg ggtggcttag     72660
     aacaaagaga gactgttcat ttgggagaac gtaagaaaga taacaagtgt atctgcctgg     72720
     taatccagag aattcttcca gaacttgtgc aagaccatca aggcggcacc tctatgagtc     72780
     tgcaaaacca ccgtgttact gggtttgggg agccccctaa agcagataca gttcagatca     72840
     taacagccaa ttcctttaaa atatctgaaa agcctcctca aagaaagagg ggtacaaata     72900
     gactcagagg aagaaggcta ttatagatac tgaactcttc catgcccaaa caccaacaaa     72960
     tctttataaa tattaacaac attcaggaaa acatgacctc attaaatgaa ctaaacaaag     73020
     caccagtgac caattctgaa gaaacagagc tatgtgaggg ttcaaacaga gaattcaaaa     73080
     ttgcggtttt gaggaaacaa agatattgag gaaaacacac atataaaatc ataattctat     73140
     cagataaatt taacagaata gaataaatat aagagaatgg aataaaaaag agtcaagcag     73200
     aaattctgga tctgtaaaat acagtcgaaa tgtgggagga tacctcagag tctcttaata     73260
     gcaggattga ttaagaagaa gaaagaatta gtgagcttga aaacacatta tttgaaaata     73320
     cattcagaga aaacaacaat aacaaaaaac aatatcagcg aaaatagatt tttagacaaa     73380
     aactatcaaa agagataaag aaggattcta tataataata aagttgtcaa ttcagaaaaa     73440
     tgacgtggca attttaatta tatatgtgca aacactggag cacccagata cacaaagcaa     73500
     atattattag agataaagaa agagataagc cctgatacaa taatacctgg agactttaac     73560
     atcgcacttt cagcattgga cagatctttc agacagaaaa ccaacaaaca ttgaatttaa     73620
     tcttcactag atacagaatg aatctaatag atatttacag aacatttcat ccagtggctg     73680
     ctgaatacat gtttttttct aagcatatgg agcattctca agcataaagt gtttgttgga     73740
     taaacagttt taaaacatgc aataaatgaa atcatgtcaa gcatcttctg aatatagtaa     73800
     gattggatta caatgtaata acaagataaa ttttggaaat tatacaaata cttggacatt     73860
     catcaatgtg ctgctgaatg acaagtgggt caataaaatt agtaaaagaa ataatatcat     73920
     ggagcacaaa taaataatat tgaaaaaata aagaccaatg aaacaacatt tttttgtaaa     73980
     gtttaatgca attgacaaac cattagctag accagctaag aaaaaaagtg aaaacataaa     74040
     taaataaaat cagtgatgaa aaaggaaaca ttatagatta ctgcagaaat tcaaaggatc     74100
     actagaggct actatgagca aatatatgcc aaaaattaag aaaatcttaa agaaacagac     74160
     aaattattaa acatatatta cttaccagga ttgagccatg aaaaaattca aaacattatc     74220
     agaccaataa caagtgacag gattgaagct gtaataaaaa ttcttcaagt aaagaaaagc     74280
     ccaggaccca atggctttgc agcttaattt taccaaacat attaaaagta ctgatcccag     74340
     ttctactcaa actattccag aaaacacagg tggatacact ttcaaactaa ttctataagg     74400
     ttagttgtac cctggcacta aaagcaaaga cacataaccc cacaaaaaat cttacacacc     74460
     aatatatctg ataaatatgc aaaaatcttc aataaaatac tagcaaacca aatgtaataa     74520
     tacattaaaa gggtaattca tcatgacgaa ttggaactca tttctgggat tcaaggatag     74580
     ttcagcatat gcaaatcaat caatgtaata catcatatca acagaatgaa gagcaaaaat     74640
     tatttgttca tttcaattga tgccataaaa gcatttgata aaattcaaca tatcttcaga     74700
     taaaaattct aagaagaact gaggattgaa ggaacatact tccacataat aaaaactata     74760
     tataacagaa cgacagttca tattatcctt aatggtgtaa aactggaagt ctttcctcta     74820
     tccattataa ttattaatgg ctaattgcca ctgtcctgac tgaagatttc tttgggtctc     74880
     ttattttgtg ttctagtaaa cacagttgtt caggaaaatt aaaagttttc tattcatttt     74940
     gttttggaat attctgctca cccttcttct taataacttg acactgtttt tgttgcagtt     75000
     ttcttatatg atgataacta tcttccattc aaaatagatg tttttcttga ctttacatag     75060
     ttctccccaa ataatatttt ctcctgtccc aaaattttaa cacattgcat gtatgccctt     75120
     acttcgcttc cactgcctcc tctcaatatt atgtatgtaa taaaatgtca tctctgctta     75180
     agtaacttaa tccaaaccat tacacctttt ctgagttcct ctgtcccagt ttgctcaatc     75240
     ttgcctgtgt ttcttccacc tagttctgaa taacatgctg tatttcctcc attacttcca     75300
     gatcttacac ataaatatat aaatgggcta aagattgctt cagtatactg gtgtccaaat     75360
     tgtttatttt tgatggtgga ctaagagctg ttagctaaaa ccccactgga ttgagaaaga     75420
     aatttccata cattcacgtt ttttttggag acagaggctt gctctgtcac ccaggctgga     75480
     gtgcagtgac actatcttgg ctcactgcaa gttccgcctc ccaggttcac accattctcc     75540
     tgcctcagcc tccccagtag ctgggactac aggcacccac gaccacacct ggctaatttt     75600
     ttgtattttt tagtagagat ggggtttcac tgtgttagcc aggatggtct tgatctcctg     75660
     acctcgtgat tcagccacct tggcttccca aagtgctggg attacaggtg tgagccaccc     75720
     cacctggcca acatccaagt attcttaagt aaccataatt actacacttt agtcattcaa     75780
     ttttttaggt gtgtaatctt gcaaattatt gcacagtagt tgctgctgat aaaagcaaag     75840
     tcttaattaa acatgcccaa acaagttctc aactcaaggc ctttgaaact attatttttg     75900
     taggcatgtg ggacaacata agtgagatat gcttccactt ggaccctcat ttgacccaga     75960
     aattacctta ttcaacatcc taattggaaa acctgtacct aaattctctg tacatctcat     76020
     ctgttaactg gatcatatgg taggtcaatt tttagttttt aaaagaaact ccaaactgat     76080
     ctgtacagtg gttgtattaa tttacatttt gaccaacagt gtacaagggt ttccttttct     76140
     ccacatcctt actagcatct gttactgcgt atctttggat ataaggcatt ttaaatgggg     76200
     tgatacctta ttgtcatttt gatttgaatt tgtctgatta tcagtgatgc tcagcacctt     76260
     tttctatgca tgtatgctct ctatatatct gcttttaagt aatacctatt taggacaggc     76320
     acagtagctc atgcctgtaa tcacagcatt ttgggaagct aaggtgggct gaccacatga     76380
     ggtcaggaat tcaagagcag cccagccaaa atggtgaaac ctcatttcta ctaaaaataa     76440
     aaattagctg ggcattatgg caggtgtttg aatgtctcag ctactcaaga ggctgaggaa     76500
     agagaatcac ttgaaccccg gaagcagagg ttgtagtgag ctgagattgc cccactgcat     76560
     tccagcctgg tggacaaaaa aagattctgt cattaaaaaa aaaagaaaag aaaaaagaga     76620
     aaaataaagt ttatttaaat attgtgccaa tcttttgatc aaattttttt gtgtatagaa     76680
     ttgatagaat tgtttgagct ctttatattt cctggttatt aatttttttt gttggatagg     76740
     tagtttaaaa atattttctc caattttgtg ggttatctct tcactttgtc gattgtatcc     76800
     tttgctataa agaagctttt taacttgtga ccccatttgt ccattttttt tccctcataa     76860
     ttgcttgagc ttgcagggta tagctcaaga gatgtttgcc cagacctatg tcctagagaa     76920
     gttccccaat gtgttcttat gctagtttca taggtttaga tcttacattt aaggctttaa     76980
     tccattttat tttgattttt tcttacggca agagatgtgg gactggtttt attcctttgc     77040
     atgtgcatat ccagtttctt ggcactattt atttaagaga ctgtattttc cctagtgtat     77100
     gttcttggca cctttgttga aaattagtat tctgtaggta tgaagatttg cttctcaagt     77160
     ctctattttg ttccattggt ctatgtgtcc atgtttatac cagtgcaatg gtgttttagc     77220
     tagtataatt ctgtagcata atttaaagtt aggtaatgct gttcctccag ttttgttctt     77280
     tctgcttagg atggctttgg ttattctggg tctttgtagt tccaactaaa tttttggatt     77340
     tttaagattc tacttctgtg aagaatgttg ttggtatttc tatagggatt gcattaactg     77400
     tttggattgc tttgggtagt atgaagattt taacaatatt aattcttcca aaccatgaac     77460
     atgaaatatt tttccatttt tttgtgtcct tttcaatttt ttttatcaat gttttgtacc     77520
     ttttattata gagatacttt ataactctgg gaaagttaat tcctaggtat ttaattttat     77580
     gtgtggctat tgtaaatggg attacttttt atttcttttc acattgttca ttgttggcat     77640
     atagaaatgc tactgatttt gcatgttgat tttgtatctg acaactttac tgaatttgtt     77700
     taccatttct catagtttac ttgtcaagtg tttaggtttt actacatata aaatcacatt     77760
     atcagaaaat aaaaataact tgacttcttt aaaatctgag taccctttat atttttctct     77820
     tgtcttgttg ctctggctaa aactgacagt actaagttga ataacagtgg taacagtggg     77880
     aactcttgtt atgtcccgga tcttagtata atacaagctg tggatctgtc atatatggct     77940
     tttatgttga ggtatgttcc ttcaatctct aatgtctttg aggattttta tcatgaatat     78000
     gtttatttta taaaatgctt ctttagtatc aattgaaatg atcatacgct ttttactctt     78060
     tactctgtta atatgatgta tcatgttgat tgatttgtgt acattgagct gtccttgtat     78120
     cactggaata aataccactt ggtcttgaca aatgattttt ctaatatatt gttgtatttg     78180
     gtttcctagt gttttgttga gaatttttgc atcaatattt attagaggta ttgccccatg     78240
     gttttttatt tttgatgtgt cattgtctgt ttctgtgtta gcataatact ggtgttgagg     78300
     aattagtttg aaagtatttc cttcttctct atttttcaga atagtgtgaa cagaattggt     78360
     attagttctt cattaaatgt tcagtgaaat ttagcagtga agctaccagg acccgagctt     78420
     tttttactgg aatatttttt ttttattatg gcttcaatcg caccatttat tattagtcca     78480
     tttagattta aaatttctta ctaagtcaat attgttaact ttgaatgtat ctagcaattt     78540
     gtcagtttct tccagatttt tgaatttatt aatatatact tgcttatact actcactaat     78600
     aatgctttga atttctatag tatcagttgt aattcattct tttatatata gctggtgcta     78660
     tttactttga actctttttt ccttagtctg actaaaggtt tttcaatctt aaactaaaaa     78720
     ctttgtattt atctttttca ttgctttcta ttttcatttt tatttattta tttgtgttct     78780
     aatctttatc actttatttc ttcttctaat tttggcttag atttgctatg ctttcctagt     78840
     atttcaagat gtatcatcag attatttgaa gtgtttttgt tttttgatgt aggtgctcat     78900
     agtaataaac tttcctctga gtactgcttt tgctgaatct cacagggttt ggtagattgt     78960
     gttttcatta tcatttgttt caaaaaagtt ttcaatcttc ttctgaatct cttcattgac     79020
     ccacctgtca tttagaagca tattatttaa ttttcagtta tttgtatagt ttcaaaaaat     79080
     tacttgttat taatttctag ttttattcca ttgatgagaa gatgcttcat ataatttcaa     79140
     ttttttaaaa tgttttgaga catgatttgc tacctaaggt atagtctatc cttgagaatg     79200
     atccatgtgc tgagtaaaag gatatatatt ctgaagctct tagataaaat tatctctaaa     79260
     taactattaa atttatttgg tctatagtgg agattaatta tgactttttt gtgttgttga     79320
     ttttctgtct ggaaaatcta tctaatctta acagtggggg gctgaggtct ccagctatta     79380
     ttgtattgga ccctatttct ctctgtggct gtaatgtatg tattatatat ctctttgctc     79440
     cagtgttggg ttcatatatc tttaaaattg ttgtatcttc ttgctgaact tactccttta     79500
     ttattacata gtgagcttct ttgtctcata tagtctggtc ttgaaattta ttttgtctgg     79560
     taaaagtaag tgattcttgg acctttcttg tttccaatga catgaaatat attttcacat     79620
     cactttattt tcaggctatg tgtattttta taggcaaagt gtatttctta taggcaactg     79680
     gcgagtgtct tattttttca tacattcagc cagtctattt taattggata gttgagtcca     79740
     cttacgttca atgatattat tgattattat gaacttatac cctgccattt tgtggtttgt     79800
     tttctgggtt tttgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     79860
     tgtgtgtggt ctttttctcc ttttttcttt tattgctgtc tttctctagc gaagataaga     79920
     gtctctggtg atatgattta attttctgct tttcattttt tgcattttta aaatattttt     79980
     ttgtttgagg ttaccatgag acttgcaaat gctatcttat agcccattat ttcaacctga     80040
     tatcactatt tgcataaact aacaagcaaa aagaaaacta ataaaaactc agattaactt     80100
     cagcttccac ccaacttttc ttacttgtta cttctattta tattttactc tactgtgtcc     80160
     taaaatgttg tgattattac ttttttttta ttgcttagtt tttccactta ggataacagt     80220
     agtttacaca ctgtagttag agtgttatta tatcctgtgt tttcctccat acttattttt     80280
     atccataagt tttgtacctt caggtgattg ttgattgttc cttaacactt ttttctttct     80340
     gactgaagta ctccctttag gtttgcttgt agaatgcatc tggtattcat gaaatcccat     80400
     agcttttgtt tgctgaaaaa gtctttacat cttctttata tgtgaaagat attttcacca     80460
     gctatactat tctaggataa aaatggattc atttgtcctt ttttttcttt cagcacttca     80520
     aatatgtcat gacattcttt cttgttctgc aaagtttcca ctaacaagtc tgctgccaga     80580
     catgttggag caccattgta ggtttttttt tgtttttttt tttttctctc ttgctgcttt     80640
     taagatcctt tatccttgac ctttaggagt ttgattatta aattccctga agtagtctta     80700
     tttgggttaa gtcgtcttgg tgtctataac cttcttgtat ttgaatgttg atttcttcct     80760
     gtaggtttgc aatagttttc tgttactatt cctttgtata aactttctac ccctatcttt     80820
     ttctctacct cctctttaag gccaataact ccagaggcta ctttctagat gctgtaggca     80880
     tgctttatta ttttcttttt tttctctgac tgtatatttt ctgtttgcct atcttcaagc     80940
     tcactaagtc tttcttctgt ttcatccatt atattaatac atctctgatg tattcttctg     81000
     tatgccaatt ttatctttta gctctggaat ttctgcttaa ttattttaat accccattat     81060
     tctcatggaa ttctgaattt attctccgtg ttatatcaaa tttctttgcg tttcaacact     81120
     ggtcttcaaa ttctctgtct gaaatgtcat gtacttctgt tcctccagga ttgatcccca     81180
     gtaccttatt gagttcattt agttgggcca cattttcctg aatggtactg atgctactag     81240
     atattctaag gtgcctgggt attgaagagc taggtatcta ttgccatctt tactatatgg     81300
     gcttatttat agtcttcttt tctgagatgc ctttccagat attggaaaag acttggatgt     81360
     tgtgatctac actgtgtttg ctttaggaag taccacaagc ccccaaactc tgtggctctt     81420
     ctggagttgt tagacgtact gccttaacag tcttggacag aatctgggag acttatctgg     81480
     attaccagac agacaatttt tttctcttta cttagtttct cccaaacata cagagtctct     81540
     ccctatgttc tgagtcatct aaagctagtc atggagtgac acaagtaccc ctgtggccac     81600
     catcactgtg attatgctgg gtcagaactg aagccagcac agtgctgggt ctcacccaag     81660
     gcctgctata accactccct ggttactgcc tatgttaatt caagggcttg gggctccaca     81720
     attagcaggt agcaaaggca ggcctttgtt cttccattta gggcagaggt tccccagatc     81780
     ccatgtgtgt cagaagtgcc atcgtggagt cagggctgga ttcaaaaacc ttagaagtct     81840
     agttggtact ctacggtatt gaggctgcca cccaaaccac aagttgcagt tgtttccact     81900
     cttccctcta ctttccaaag gcagaaattt cttatccctt agttaccact actaccctgc     81960
     caaaaggact actgccagac taccacagat gttttcttca ggcttgaggt cttttaggtt     82020
     agcttttggt gaatgctgcc tggcacagga ttcacccttc agggcagtgg gcctctttct     82080
     gggtcaggga aggtccagaa atgccatcca agagtcaagt cttggaatca ggtactctaa     82140
     gagctcactt tgtgcttagc acctgtggca gtgttggtat ctaaaatgca agacgtcaaa     82200
     gtccccttta agtttctctc cacttttcta gagtagaagt tgttttgccc cattgccact     82260
     acagtctaca gttggttatg tgctacattt ctcctgaagc tagcaagtct cagagcatca     82320
     ctcaaggccc ttaatgtagt acctgggtat cactgctgtt cattcagagc ccaaggtttc     82380
     ttcagtgagc aggcaataaa tgttgactgg actgagtcct ttccttcaag gcatcaggtt     82440
     cccttccggc ccagagtgtg tcaagaaatg ccatctggga ggtaagacca aaaatggcag     82500
     gctcaaaact ctgtacggta ccttaacctg ctgtggctga actggtgtgc taagtgcaaa     82560
     acaaagtctt ttgtatcctt tcatgctctc cccttaagtg aaggatagga gccttttttg     82620
     gagccatgag ctaaaaagct tggggttagc acagaggtga tgccaggact ctcttttctg     82680
     ccttagctgg tgcctcttgt tccagtcaac tccactgttt ctgggcctac ttcagcaaca     82740
     ggacttactt aagagatgca gtggcttaga atactattca agtttactta gataccaaga     82800
     gcattttggc cctctatgga gaggtttgtg ggcagtcaag ttcagaccac taggactgga     82860
     gattctcttg tagctaggga tggtttcaat gctccttctg tgggtgggca tcagctgact     82920
     ttgttctgat tttcttctct cctttaatag gacagcacta agttcactgc cttgcaatta     82980
     ctgtgttgtt tctacatcag tgcccacaga tactttctgc ctacacagtt gctaccaggg     83040
     attagggaga ggtggctttg gtgattcagg gatggttttg ttgttcttgc ttgtttgttt     83100
     tttgtttttg tttcaaatct tcagtgcctc tttcagtgat atgaagttaa aatcagttac     83160
     tgtaagtgat cacctgattt tttggttctt acgaaggtgt gtagtttttt gtttgttttt     83220
     cttttatgtg tagataattg gtaacttgat gttcttgggg tgagggggag ggctgtaatc     83280
     agtggagctt tctatttcca ccattttgtt tcttttctct ccaaattttt atttattgat     83340
     tgaactttaa attttgtata tgcatagttt tccaatattt ttatttgttc ctgcattttt     83400
     gggatttctt ttacatctaa ggagtgtttt ataataatca tgtttaattc tgtttcagga     83460
     aattcatttt tgtaattttt taaaagatgt attaatattc tttattagtt ttattaatat     83520
     tctttatctg attatatgtt tgcattgagt cttacagact ggtttaggtt tgaagttttt     83580
     ctctattagg cttttgtgct gaagatattg cctttgggat tacagttttg tgagttctaa     83640
     gtaggtctcc tggctaaact tggtgcacaa taaaaactga attttacagt ccagttacca     83700
     ggagaactag tagactggag ttctatctgt atcctgggga gatctgttcg tctccaaggt     83760
     catggacttt gggggctggc actaagacaa atattttctt catgacttgc aaacagtggg     83820
     gttttcagca tttgtgctga aaggtgtggc tatctatgat agttgggaga actactctta     83880
     tgtacagaca ggtccctggg cctttcatat tgcctcattc ttttactgag ccatgctaga     83940
     attgacatac aatgttatgt catcaaagac taagatatct aaaccttctt ctggcatcaa     84000
     aattaggata tctattgaga taatcatgtg gtttttatct ttggttctgt ttaaatgctg     84060
     gattacattt attgatttgc atatattgaa ccagccttgc atcccaggga tgaagcccac     84120
     ttgatcatgg tggataagct ttttgatgtg ctgctggatt cggtttgcaa gtattttatt     84180
     gaggattttt gcatcaatgt tcatcaagga tattggtcta aaatacgctt ttttggctgt     84240
     gtctctgccc agctttggta tcaggatgat gctggcctca caaaatgagt tagggaggat     84300
     tccctgtttt tctattgatt ggaatagttt cagaaggaat ggtaccagtt cctccttgta     84360
     cctctggtag aattcggctg tgaatccatc tggtcctgga ctctttttgg ttggtaagta     84420
     attgattatt gccacaattc cgctcctgtt attggtctat ttagagattc aacttcttcc     84480
     tggtttagtc ctgggagagt gtatgtgtcg aggaatttat ccatttcttc tagattttct     84540
     agtttatttg catagaggtg tttgtagtat tctctgatgg tagtttgttt ctctgtggga     84600
     tcggtggtga tatccccttt atcatttttt attgcatcta tttgattctt ctctcttttc     84660
     ttctttatta gtcttgctag cagtctatca attttgttga tccttgcaac aaaccagctc     84720
     ctggattcgt taattttttg aggggttttt tgtgtctcta tttccttcag ttctgctctg     84780
     attttagtta tttcttgcct tctgctagct tttgaatgtg tttgctcttg cttttctagt     84840
     tcttttaatt gtgatgttag ggtgtcaatt ttggatcttt cctgctttct cttgtgggca     84900
     tttagtgcta taaatttccc tctacacact gatttgaatg tgtcccagag attctggtat     84960
     gttgtgtctt tgttctcatc ggttcaaaga acatttttat ttctgccttc atttcattat     85020
     gtacccagta gtcattcagg agcaggttgt tcagtttcca tgtagttgag tggttttgag     85080
     tgagattctt aatcctgagt tctagtttga ttgcactgtg gtctgagaga tagtttgtta     85140
     taatttgtgt tcttttacat ttgctgagga gagctttact tccaactatg tggtcaattt     85200
     tggaataggt gtggtgaagg cctttgacaa aattcaacaa ctcttcatgc taaaaactct     85260
     caataaatta ggtattgatg ggatgtatct caaaataata agagctatct atgacaaacc     85320
     cacagccaat atcatactga atgggcaaaa actggaaaca ttccctttga aaactggcac     85380
     aagacaggga tgccctctct caccactcct attcaacata gtgttggaag ttctggccag     85440
     ggcaattagg caggagaagg aaataaaggg tattcaatta ggaaaagagg aagtcaaatt     85500
     gtccctgttt gcagacgaca tgattgtata tgtagaaaac cccattgtct cagcccaaaa     85560
     tctccttaag ctgataagca acttcagcaa agtctcagga tacaaaatca atgtacaaaa     85620
     attacaagca ttcttataca ccaacaacag acaaacagcc aaatcatgag tgaactccca     85680
     ttcacaattg cttcaaagag aataaaatac ctaggaatcc aacttacaag ggatgtgaag     85740
     gacctcaagg agaactacaa accactgctc aaggaaataa aaaaggatac aaacaaatgg     85800
     aagaacattc catgctcatg ggtaagaaga atcaatatcg tcaaaatggc catactgccc     85860
     aaagtaattt acagattcaa tgccatcccc atcaagctac taatgacttt cttcacagaa     85920
     ctggaaaaaa actactttaa agttcatatg gaaccaaaaa agagcccgca ttgccaagtc     85980
     aatcctgagc caaaagaaca aagctggagg catcacacta cctgacttca aactatacta     86040
     caaggctaca gtaaccaaaa cagcatggta ctggtaccaa aacagagatg tagatcaatg     86100
     gaacagaata gagccctcag aaataatgcc acatatctac gactatctga tctttgacaa     86160
     acctgagaaa aacaagcaat ggggaaagga ttccctattt aataattggt gctgggaaaa     86220
     ctggctagcc atatgtagaa agctgaaact ggatcccttc cttacacctt ttacaaaaat     86280
     cagttcaaga tggattaaag acttaaatgt tagacctaaa atcataaaaa ccctagaaga     86340
     aaacctaggc attaccattc aggacatagg catgggcaag gacttcatgc ctaaaacaca     86400
     aaaagcaatg gcaacaaaag ccaaaattga aaaatgggat ctaagtaaac taaagagctt     86460
     ctgcacagca aaagaaacta caatcagagt gaaaaggcaa cctacaaaat gggagaaaat     86520
     tttcgcaacc tactcatctc acaaagggct aatatctaga atctacaatg aactcaaaca     86580
     aatttacaag aaaaaaacaa acaaccccat caaaaagtgg tcaaaggaca tgaacagaca     86640
     cttctcaaaa gaagacattt atgcagtcaa aaaacacatg aaaaaatgct caccatcact     86700
     ggccatcaga gaaatgcaaa tcaaagccac aatgagatac catttcacac cagttagaat     86760
     ggcaatcatc aaaaagtcag gaaacaacag gtgctggaga ggatgtggag aaataggaac     86820
     acttttacac tgttagtggg actgtaaact ggttcaacca ttgtggaagt cagtgtggcg     86880
     atttctcagg gatctagaag tagaaatact atttgaccca gccatcctat tactgggtat     86940
     atacccaaag gatataaatc atgctgctat aaagacacat gcacacgtat gtttattgcg     87000
     gcattattca caatagcaaa gacttggaac caacccaaat gtccaacaat gatagactga     87060
     attaagaaaa tgtggcacat atacaccatg gaatactatg cagccataaa aaatgatgag     87120
     ttcatgtcct ttgtagggac atggatgaaa ttggaaatca tcattctcag taaactatcg     87180
     caagaacaaa aaaccaaaca gcgcatattc tcactcatag gtgggaattg aacaatgaga     87240
     acacatggac acaggaaagg gaacatcaca ctctggggac tgttgtgggg tggggggaag     87300
     aggggaggga tagcattgtg agatatacct aatgctagat gacgagtcag tgggtgcagc     87360
     acaccagcat ggcacatgta tacatatgta actaacctgc acattgtgca catgtaccct     87420
     aaaacttaaa gtataataat aataaataaa taaacaaata aataaaattt aagaaaatta     87480
     ggatgtgtcc tggtgtcttt tggagttacc aatcctgctc tgaggctgtg gcagagaggg     87540
     gctggattct atttacatac ttgtttcaag attcacagtg catccaaagt gagggtataa     87600
     atctgtagga cacagctgga cctgattctc caatggcttc atagcaggca aaatatctta     87660
     tgtatctgca aacaacaaaa atagagatca aatattgaga tctatatata tattagagga     87720
     ctgactgaaa gtcaccagtg aacaagtttg gtaagaaatc ccgtgtgttg tttcttaggt     87780
     tttaaatttt cccagagtat agctggggga gctgaaattg agattaagat caaaaacaaa     87840
     aactattttg tacaccatct tgagatggtg gcttttttga tataacacca agaaatttct     87900
     tttgcaggca aaattgctca caaataccag ttaagagatg ctgttgtcaa tctaatcagt     87960
     taccttccag aatattcttt ggcttaaggg acttcaagac tatctagttg taacttataa     88020
     taattctcta ttgatacaga gtaaatttgg gactttggca gtgaagctaa cacagagact     88080
     catcagtaac tgctgacaga tggaagcagg caagcttgtc tgggtttatt gcttaggtgt     88140
     tcgctacaca ggcatagaaa ctctgcctac cacagaatgg acctgctctt gaatagagag     88200
     gcaagccaat cctggtggca cagatagatg agttcccttt aggctcctga ggggagaaaa     88260
     aatacctgaa acgatgcctt aaaaaggaga gaatctattt tacaaaataa catcagggtc     88320
     cactgccaag acaagggtca gcaggcagat ttcattctgt ttaggctcta ctgcacatga     88380
     ttcttctgca tcttgtagaa gatagttttg tgattaggct cccagaatac atgtgaattt     88440
     acccagccaa aggggctact cttgagtcca aattaaagag aacaaatggc atgtctgcca     88500
     catgaatgtt tatttgcagt ctcaaaaatc atagttcttg ggctacacca gcattttaca     88560
     aatctcacag ctgaatccca atcactttat caagaaataa agaaacttat gtccgtggat     88620
     gggtgcagaa ttcttctgtt ttgaagagac acaaaatggt gacctcatat ttcaccatct     88680
     tgcttttatc atcctctatc ttctattttt aacagctaaa atgttattgt acaatgaaca     88740
     caaagatttg ccatttaact taatatcaaa actattcact ctgcaccatg tctgacaatc     88800
     agcagtttct atgtgtgtga ggttatatgt ttgtgtgggg gtgtaattga tgtacagtgg     88860
     tgagaagcaa aagataaacc aaatccctat gaaatcttta tgtcctttga aacactttta     88920
     agttaaaaca gctttactgt gatttgtaat gtcctaagca gcagtgcaaa gacatgagag     88980
     ctttatacac tatgttgtaa ctctccatat gtaaatagca tggggctgtt ccaatgtgat     89040
     tttatttctg atatcttcac cttttttttc ttaagctgac actgtcattt ctgagttttc     89100
     ttacataatg ataattatct gcatttaaaa tacatgttat ccttaacttt cagttgtttt     89160
     tcccaatgtt ttctcctctt caacaaagtg tctaccctgt aagcatatga ctttatctca     89220
     ccactcctac ctccttccag tgatacaaat ttgatctctg cctaagagtc tttatccaag     89280
     acgtgacacc atttcttaag aggtcctctg tcctagctca cccattattt cctgtgtttc     89340
     ttccttctag ctctgaacaa tatactctat ttcttccatt actgccaatc tgatatagaa     89400
     aaaactgata aataagtcaa aacaaccact gtgtagcatc tcttaagttg tttatttttt     89460
     ttaaccgcag actgagagct gttagctcaa attttactgg cacaagagac aaaattttgc     89520
     acatctagct atgtttaaat gagtttcaat gagtagaatg tagacattag attttcttgg     89580
     tgtgcaaatt cataaacttg gctcagcatt tgctgaatat taaataaatg attttattat     89640
     atgatgctaa gccagcatta gaagtagagc ttttaaaact taatttctgg aagggttttg     89700
     aagcaccatc acagtgacat acatcttctt aaactcttgt cttatccaga aataacctta     89760
     cttaattcag ctttactgaa ttgaaaaatc tgcaccttta tcctgtgtac aatctcaatt     89820
     tgtgagggtc tttatctgtt atgcaaaatt gcacaataaa gattgttgtg tggtatttac     89880
     agccataatg aatttgtttt tctttactac ttctcatatc atttattctt caacaatcat     89940
     tctacctctg ttagctcaca ggtgcattgc tacattcaaa tatttacata tcatgttatt     90000
     tttaaaagcc aaaatgacac cttttcagca tttacaattt tcttggttat ttaaacccct     90060
     ccagctttat tcaggagctg ttaaatattg ataagataga ggcttgttgc tatatgcttt     90120
     caagtgcaat ttctcttgaa attttctcac ctggagtttc catggtaagt tgctaagagg     90180
     tatcacctag acttttaagt gcattatagg atacacccca ctaaggagct gtctttccct     90240
     tctctccctc tttatcacgg gagacagaga gaaggaaaag aaggagactg caggaagaag     90300
     acagagaaaa gaaaatacaa taaagataca aagagaaaaa cctatgataa aagacttgcc     90360
     gtgagagctg cacttcttaa ttctctctca ggagttctct tctcctagac cagaagggac     90420
     ccatgataga gtctttgttt tccatgtgat tattgggaat tctaagcaat gagttagcag     90480
     aacaaggact atgggtgggc tgtctgctaa cggtttgtta gtcaagtttg agttagaaag     90540
     aacatcagaa gacaaaactg ggctatgatg atggccacag tgttggaacc ttctgccaca     90600
     aaaatatgag taggacttaa gccttagaac ctcggaagcc aattcaaggc tgacatggtg     90660
     agtctcagga tgagataaac tatggaccat gggatgccag agcactttct cttgtgaggc     90720
     acaggagggc actgtgtggg actggctcaa ctcacttttc ttgcttctgc tcaagatgaa     90780
     aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaggaa gaagtttaaa gatgaagaca agggagaaca tttggattaa     90840
     gtcagaagga gtagtgcttt ggccacagcc aaaaccgaag ctagcccact tggacatgct     90900
     gtgctccagg attctgccta ccagcctgtc cctggcccat tggtgtcccc aagaagtcaa     90960
     tatcctgacc ttctaaagca cagtaagtaa gtagaatccc tatctttacg gtcaggtcca     91020
     gcacaagcat taccaaatat caatatgaag cttttatctt cagacttttc tatcagagta     91080
     gcactaaggc actattgttg aggtggttgt tctgaggatt tctgcgaatt aacaacagag     91140
     tagctagccc attggccctt tgaggataca gcagcttata ttaagttaat caagataatg     91200
     cctagaacag agatgggtaa gtgatgacct caaatttgtc caagaaggaa ggaagcttca     91260
     aggacagtgg ccctgaacct ctgagaattc ctgaaacctt ggaattttgg cagccaacca     91320
     gaaatgggtc taatcagttc caggacagga cacagcctgc ccttagcaat gctaaatctt     91380
     aaatgcttgt ggtctaccca ccatcccaca acctcttcta gaggccaaag cagaaaggta     91440
     acctgcctct ttgttgtgac tgtgctctta cgtggcttct cagtccagcc ttgacagaca     91500
     gcttcaggca tacatgggtc aggttacaga agcagttcca catagaagcc cttagcctat     91560
     atccatcaga ctggggcctg caggagcaag cattactggc tattgaatac acgaaaaggc     91620
     tgcatatatc tttggctttt actctctgca tgcattgaat cccttttgtc attaggattc     91680
     ataaaaacag gatcctacag tcttggtgcc ctgtgttctt aaagttgtgc catctttctt     91740
     ccagctgtga aatggtccct ctgcaaaaag aatgttctaa caaatttttt tcttccacca     91800
     ccatccttgc atgtgtaaat ctttattctg cccatcaatc ctaaaatctg actctaatac     91860
     caaaggctct tttgtctttt tacaaagact tcttaatgtt attttcctcc aatactagac     91920
     actggccatt cttacccttg ccttaagatg caaattaaag actgttgtgc cagcctttcc     91980
     caatacagct tttgtctcca catgagcagg gctgcttttt caatgaatga cattttcgcc     92040
     agaccatagg gaattaccag gtgaacaaac ttccctttgc ttctgtaacc tatctcataa     92100
     actgtgtatg taatcaagac ctcatgatgc taaattaaat ttcttgtctt gtacttctct     92160
     ttagtgatct cagagaatgg taaaccactt tctgtaatca tagggtcccc ttaaaaagaa     92220
     agaaagaaaa catgaaacaa aagaaacaag gacacatccc agaatactat ttttagcatc     92280
     tttgggcagg aattagacaa caaaggactt cagaggtttt gctgcccatc tgggtctact     92340
     gcttgggtcc agtcaggtta tactcccagc cttgttgcag tggcttcatg tcctatgaaa     92400
     gcctgaccca tgaccactct gctttgaggt cttgagctgc tttcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga     92460
     cattttggtt gaataaatat tcaaatatta tgcctaccaa ataggttggc ctggagtttg     92520
     actgtactgc acctatgacc aaaaaagact agaagcgtgt ctgggttttg cactctcaga     92580
     ccaaacaacc ctaatcttac agaatttggt cagaagcagg gaggcctagc tgtatgattc     92640
     aagtgagtac agaataagag aagttaaaga ctctagagaa gggagtggtg gaggcatatt     92700
     atccctttgc aggtagcagg ttattttggg gtggcttgct aacacccttc ccatcctcgc     92760
     caagctgggc aattagaaca aggtagaacc agcagttctg ttatctattt cacaaaggct     92820
     atagctggat agaaaagaga gagagggtct gaaaagagac ttgtccagat aatgccttgg     92880
     tcatttgggg tcaaaggtag ctgtaggacc cttgccactg tggctaccta ccaggtcttc     92940
     attcctataa acataatact tttcaataca gtcatgtgcc aatgactaag ttcaatgatt     93000
     ggaatatata caatggaggt ctcataagat tataatgcaa ctaaaaaatt cctattgttt     93060
     agtgatgcca tagcggctct gaggtagcat cgcatccctc aagtttttgt ggtgacactg     93120
     gtgtaaacaa ctgattgcac tgccaattgt ttgagtctag catacatatt acatacatac     93180
     aatacataat tcttattaat gataacaacc atccatgtac tggtatgtac tgtactgact     93240
     atactgtatt ttcactatta tttagcatat actcctactc tttacaaaaa aaaaaagtta     93300
     agtataagac atatcaggag atattccagt acaggaaata tttcagtagg aggcattgtt     93360
     aacataggag gtgacccctg catgtgtgtt actgccctgt agaccatcca gtggaacaag     93420
     atgtggaggg ggtgacaata atattgaaga ccctgtctct gcataataca aggctaatgt     93480
     gtgtgctcat gctttatatt ttaaaaaatg atttacatgg aaaaaattaa gtaaccatta     93540
     taagagcaga tacaagctta tattattgaa tataaaatta atgtttattc atctgtataa     93600
     tacatttatt ttaacctaaa tttcatttaa agagggtcaa gcatgggcat ggtggctcac     93660
     acccacagtc ccagcacttt gggaggttga ggtgaggaat gcttgtgcat aggtattcaa     93720
     gaacaacttg ggaagcaggg caaggtccta tttatacaaa aactataata attagccagt     93780
     gtaattacag tgactgtaat tccagctact agggaggctg aatctggtag gttgaggtag     93840
     cagtgggtta tgactgcatc tctgtactgc agcttgggtg acaaagtgag actttacctt     93900
     aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa accctaaata aaatttttaa aaagaaaaaa taaaatttaa     93960
     aaaatctaaa ctttaaacaa aaattaaaag tttgtaaagt aaaaagttac agtagcagag     94020
     gttcatttac tattaaagaa aggtagtttt aataaatgta tatattctaa gcatacaata     94080
     tttatgtcat agtagtttac actaatgtcc ttggccttta tattaatttg ccaattattg     94140
     actcatccag aacaattttc agtcctaaaa tctgcatttt aggacatgca tttaagtatg     94200
     ttccctaaac agttatacca cattgtactc cttccaaaat atttttagta taccttttca     94260
     gtatttcata tgtttagata ataaatacca ttgtgttata actgcctaca atatttagta     94320
     tagtaacctg ctatgtaagt ttatagtcta caaatctata ccatatagtg tggtatacca     94380
     tgtagtgcaa ggtatcctgt cttgtttgtg aatgtactct aaaatgttca gccaattaca     94440
     gaattgctcc acaatgcatt caagtcatta attgatgctt gagtgtattt ttaactagcc     94500
     tgaattggta gaaatgtgag tgagagaatt ttgtcttact tcttccctta gcgcacacac     94560
     ttgctgtaaa ttcggggaag ttaatttgtc atattatccc ttctgtgatc atttctcatt     94620
     gatgtagtat aaagaaatag agaatgtgga aggacctatc aaaggaacat gatgcaacca     94680
     cacttgaaat acaatatcaa cagatgtggt tcctcctcca gcagcacagt ataaaacatg     94740
     ttgccttgtc ttctttgaca gaaacatgaa tttaatattt accaactgta gtcagtggtc     94800
     agtcatgaac actagcacta cttccagaca cccatccact ttctatttat tttggaagca     94860
     atctgcattt tacacttata ttgcatatgc aattccatgg ctatgcttgg tacttactga     94920
     atttgttgca aacctcgttg aaaaggaaat ggtgataaca tgcactagct caagtataga     94980
     gtggagatgc tttattctgc tcatcttttt actacattat ttccaacctc ttctcgtgct     95040
     cttgacttta aaggcagcag agtagttctt ttggaaattg tactacttga ttaaaaaaaa     95100
     aataggatgc agagtattgc cacctaacct ggatttcctc ggttatactg tgtttcctag     95160
     tttatccttg ttcttaactc cagtttctaa tattagatat ctgcctctct accaagtgga     95220
     gtattagaat ctcaagaagc ttctctaggc cacaggttat atgccattgg actttattga     95280
     cttcctctga gtacagagtt aaaggctgtt atgaaataga ccatagttta ggtacaaggt     95340
     agtactcagt tcaatatgat atttgtggac atttagaaaa caaaaggttg tgatacaaaa     95400
     cgagttagtg ggttcagcgc accagcatgg cacatgtata catatgtaac taacctgcac     95460
     aatgtgcaca tgtaacctaa aacttaaagt ataatttaaa aaaaaagtca gagttattgt     95520
     ttctgatgca caggctagtt ctgtcttccc tttacataac tatggtggta tctgcaaagg     95580
     aaaaatgttg aaagtctggg agacatatgg ttgtatgatc tcatgctaaa tatgcttaga     95640
     aaagagtcta gcccatgtat agcacagtcc ctgtatctaa ctctacttgc tacgcaaata     95700
     gtatggaaac aagttatttc tttttctaga atggtatctt ctggcatttt tgagcagtgt     95760
     cactgtagat ccctgagaaa ctggtacagc aaagagtgag taaggccaga taacatgtta     95820
     ttaaatatta caatgtatct ctctggccta gtgtcatacc tggaaccatt cacatcacat     95880
     aaaataaaaa agccagattt tggctgtgta ttgtttttca ccactctcct gttcattacc     95940
     tttcatctta tatacctaaa tatattctgg cttttgttcc taaaaaattt tgagactatg     96000
     gcctcctgct tctgctccgg cagagtgtgg ccatcattca cactttagac tatctgctgt     96060
     tttaatagaa ctgtgtatgg gatgaaaatt ttagaaggta aaccagtctg cactggaact     96120
     tctttattac ataccacaga aggcatcttt actgacttgt ccacatgctc agtgtagtga     96180
     gtatgagtgg attattttaa tccactcctc taggtcactt ggaaaaagga cattgtctgt     96240
     ctggttttgg caccaaagtc tcttatgtgt aagtcttggt gtgactcttt gccaagaagc     96300
     tcagtgcctc atcccaatgc tgctttatgt gttgtacgtg tgcaaatgtg actcatatac     96360
     agtagtagaa agaagcaaaa aacaaagtga aaccccatga aatccatgtg gactttgaca     96420
     ctactgcagt acaactgcat taatgtgatt ggtagtgcac caagaagcag tacaaatagg     96480
     taaaagctct attcaactct gttgtaacta cttaaacatc cacacgtaaa tgaaagggca     96540
     tagctatgct ttaatacata ttattatggt cacttaaatt tgaatttaat gaaaatgttt     96600
     atgtgaccat ttttttagtg atttatagtt gtaaagaaat aatcttattt ctttgattgt     96660
     ataaaaacag gtagacggtg gctagctaca ggccaaaatt tctcaacccc ttgtctgagg     96720
     aatcaataaa gaaagacata attatatttc aataaatatc tgtttcacaa ttctgtattt     96780
     cttttgcctc tgtactttgt gctttagttg ttaaagtctt ataaaacaac taaataggtt     96840
     tgtctttctg tgtttttttg gaaatttctc tttaccctct tcctttaata actaaacctt     96900
     gtttctcctc cagttttcca aatgatgata atcacttgat gtcaatataa atgttttatt     96960
     tgtctttcaa tattttatct catataattt ttccttatct ctataacttt cacatctgtt     97020
     aaggatatgg ccttaatatt ctacaactat ttcctctcaa ttatgtacat atagtaaaat     97080
     tccaactatg tgtatgcatt gccatctggt ccataattac tttttatatg ttcctgtgtc     97140
     ccagcactcc gcaatcatgc ctgtattctc gtcttcaata atatgctgtc attcctccat     97200
     tactgccaac atatgatgta taaataacta atatacaaat gagccaatga gggattctgt     97260
     ttgtttactg gtcaccaagt aacttatttt tttcactgca gcctaaccct tccagaagca     97320
     aagctattgt tttatatatc cagttatatt tataaaggaa gtcaaaataa acagatttta     97380
     gccattatat tcttttggtt tgaaatgccc caaaaacttt gctaaatatg tgtttcagat     97440
     aaaatagaaa cttttctgcg caaccccaag accagcagtg aacttggaac tttgggatgt     97500
     aaattccttt tatatcccaa tgtaatggtc ttttcagcaa cattacttag atataatttc     97560
     tctttgactc tcttctttat tcaaaatcac cttaacctat ttagcacttg aatgataatt     97620
     cctgcacctc aactctcttc agtctcatac tgtgagagtc ttttcctctc atccaacaat     97680
     ctgaaataaa aattgtgtgt gttacttcct cccatggtca tttttttttt gatgaccagc     97740
     acccatccag caatacttct atgcattgct tcatacaggt aaattgccaa aattaaatgt     97800
     tcacccatgt tgttcttttt ttaaaagctc aaacagcata ttttttatca tttagccttt     97860
     ttctgctttt tataccccaa aagattcatc accaggcatc tattggccat tgatgagaaa     97920
     aagccttgct actattgacc ttcaaggtgc aattgctgtt ttaattctct cactcactct     97980
     cactgctggg ttgccaagtg gcatcaccca gacaaatcag acccatctag aatatgacta     98040
     cctggaagtc ttttgccctc ctcccattca ggatgatggc tccttttctg ggagaggtaa     98100
     tagagaagag aaactagaga caaattacaa aaaggagaac cagttaaatg aagccttaac     98160
     accattcggt gagagctact cttttcatca gtctcttcca caaatgctct ctaaattttg     98220
     ttactagaag gcagcaacct caatgtcagg gttcaaggtg ttattattgg gaatttccat     98280
     catggttaaa gtgatgggtt agcaggacta tgggtgagct atctacttac agcgagtgtg     98340
     tcaaattggg gtcagacaga aagagcagca aggaactaaa ctgggccatg gtgatgacat     98400
     tagaaagtca gcatctcctg gcacaactgt gtaagcatgg caactgtctt gggctctctg     98460
     aaatcaatcc aaaacccacc tggtgagtta ctagatgaca gatcgtgggg accctctaca     98520
     gccagagcac tcttcaacct ggaatacaaa atagggaact gcaaaatctg gctttttgta     98580
     ctctttttct caatgattag agagatgaaa agataacgaa aaggtgaggg tagggatacc     98640
     aggaagcagt tggacaaggc agaaggaaca acaatgcagc tatatccaca agaaaatcca     98700
     gcactgtgaa ctgtgccttg gctatttgct cctgctcctt cacctctgcc tggctcacaa     98760
     tcatctccta gaagcaaaaa ttccttaaag cacagtcacg aagcagtatt tcgtctttat     98820
     ttccaggtcc agctgaaata taaccacatt taaataatgc ggttttcaat aattttcttt     98880
     atcagaacct cccatcagag tccaagggca gaatttgttg aagtgagtgt tttgacagga     98940
     tctaagaaag agtatcagga cagctcaggg accctatagg gcactggagg caccaggtga     99000
     gtaaaacaac atgatatgta aaacaaagac ataggttact gctgacatgg gctatggcca     99060
     gggtggaaag aggcttcaag gactgtgaaa actaaccttt gtacatttcc aaaattgtga     99120
     tattttggaa gccaagcagg agctgttctg ataggtttca ggataacggc ctgccatcct     99180
     ggagttgctg atgaaatgcc tgtcattccc tatacaaaga aaggctgttt gcaggcttac     99240
     ttaccattca cttgcctgcc cacgtatgca gaagtacaga atgggagtga gaaggaagga     99300
     gtcaggtgac ctttcaggtt gttggtacga tgctctggtt tgctttgttg tgctgacttg     99360
     gagagaaagc ttagcacacg attctgggta tagaagcctt aatgcctaag cagctcctgg     99420
     cttaggttca ctgccctgag aactgcagaa gcatagacaa catgtttttt catgcaagtg     99480
     aaagctgtaa aaacctataa ccttaatagc atgaatgtat tgattcactt atatcatctt     99540
     gctcaaaagc agagcaggat tttaccacct tgatattatg agtacttagg atgttgccac     99600
     ttatttttca gctgtgaaaa tgtccactgc agaatgcagc atcttctaga aaaccttcct     99660
     gacaagtttc tttcctccat cactgtctca gggtatgaga tttttagttt gctgacaaat     99720
     ctcttttgtc tgctgacaac tacttctatg aatctttccg cataccagac cctgacaaaa     99780
     ttcacccata tactaaaggt cccaataaga aactcctagc cccagctttc cccaatgtac     99840
     ctctgtctcc acaaaacctg ggctactact gtactgaatt acatttcctc cccaccaaat     99900
     aagatgccgg taaacaatct ttcatttgct tctgtaatcc attttacaaa ctgtatttat     99960
     aatcaaggcc ccaggatgct agatggaccc aacattcagt cccatttcta atgcccattt    100020
     ctaatgcagt aagggcaagg gactttgcaa atatgggatt ccttgacaaa gacagagaaa    100080
     aatagaaaga aaaacaaaca agaacacatc ctataataca ttcattacta tggcatatat    100140
     gaacatgaat ggggtagtaa aagcccctac agatgtctgc tttgtatctg ggtctgctct    100200
     gtgagtccat ctgagttatt tccagaccca ggacagttac attatgtcct gagcaagccc    100260
     aaagtacagc cacctgcttt gagatttacc cttttattgt gcccctccct taaagctctt    100320
     atcattattt tttgatcagc cagggaatgt cctgtgtcag gtcttgagtt ggttgataag    100380
     cagtggctct aagaaaggtc agctaagttg ggctggtaca ctctcagccc tttgacatct    100440
     cctaatatat tggcctagca ggaaaaacag tcagagacaa agcaggagtg tacctgagat    100500
     gaagcggaat ttaagaattg gaagctcaaa ccctgacact tcctggcaca cacactgagc    100560
     tacgaagtat tgtgtaatct ctaaggtcag gcttctgggt tcctgagaga ctcacagtgg    100620
     aagacaactg caagtcaggt gcaggggtcc tctgtcttct gcaatgggaa gaaaggcact    100680
     tctggaattt tctactcaac ttttcccctg tattacgtaa aataggatta agaagcaaaa    100740
     aaaaaaattt ttttagacgg agtctcacta ggttgcccag gctggagtgc agttgcacaa    100800
     tctcggctcg ctgcaacttc tttctcctga gttcaagtga ttctcctggc tcagcctccc    100860
     cagtagctag gattacaggc acatgtcacc acacctggct aatttttata ttttcagtac    100920
     agacaggttt tcaccatgtt ggccagactg gctggtctcg atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc    100980
     gcccgcctca gcctcccaaa gtgccaggat taaagacata agccaccaca tacatcccca    101040
     taaaaagcaa attttgagca aagttgtatc ttatcaacca ggattcagat tggagaccac    101100
     ctggtaatac tgagtgctgt atgcttttgc tttcaaccag catcatcaca aatgtcttcc    101160
     aaagccagga tccctctaaa cacttgcttc cctccactga tatgcactgt gaccccaaaa    101220
     tggtggagca gagagttagt ggcatctcag tccttcaaat gtgcaccact attattgtac    101280
     agtagcaagg gactaccaag tatgggcaga ttcttgacat catacacttg gactacttac    101340
     tttagacttc ttttctcctg aatacaattc actgccagtt gacagacatc cacaaagttt    101400
     gaaaataggg actgtgtgac ccaacttatg acacagtctg aattactgtt ggcatgatca    101460
     ttgctattgc tctcaagata atgcaatgat ttttcattag ttgagaactc tgtgcagaaa    101520
     aaataaaata aaaatatatt acttcaaatt actaactttt cttcatgaga agcagccaga    101580
     atggaaacac aaaattccca cagaacataa ttggtattct atgcttttga gagtaactgc    101640
     cagtccaagg aaagtgatta caatgtgatt gaattttttt aaagcatggc atgttgtagc    101700
     agttgtaagt tagcatgcct tcattatgtt tgtgtcattg ctgaggtaaa tattctactt    101760
     cactgccagt cctgtgagtc tagcatatat atatacacac atacagatac acatatgcac    101820
     acacacatta aaatacatat gtatttatat ataaaaatat ataatatata aatatataaa    101880
     tgtatatatg tattttatat atattaaata tataaatata aaaaacataa aatatatctc    101940
     atatataata gaatagtatt atttaatata ttatacatat ttatatataa aatatattat    102000
     ctattatata tgatataaaa catattttaa tatatattta tatataaaat aattacctgt    102060
     tattaagttt tatgtatgga acatttatat atttacataa tacaatatat aacatatatt    102120
     tatatatata aatgctcaat acataaaatt taataataaa atgtaactat tttaacaaca    102180
     aatgacttac atattgccta tatcatactt ttttattatt accctagaat atgtttcttc    102240
     tattttttat tttaaatttt agattttgtg gatacatagt aggtatatat atttatgggg    102300
     aaaattacat attttgttac agggatgcag agagtgataa tcacaataat aaggaatgcg    102360
     acatacatcc cctcaggcat ttatcttttg tattggcaac agttcaatta aagtgtttta    102420
     gtaattttaa acatacagtt aaattattat taaatatagc cattctgttg tgctatcaaa    102480
     tactaggtcc tgttcttcct ttctaattat ttttgtaccc atccccccct cgcacatcat    102540
     ccccactacc catccgagcc tctggcaacc atctttctac tctttatctc cattagtcca    102600
     attattttga tttttagatc ccacaaataa gtgagaacat gtgatgcttg acctctagtt    102660
     tcatccatgt ttcaaataac agaatctcat tttctttatg cataaatagt actccactcc    102720
     attgtaccac attttcttga tccggtcatc tattaaacag gaatgtaaaa tagtacattc    102780
     ctggtgaatc actgatcatc agggaaatgc aacatcaaca tcattaatca tctgggaaat    102840
     gcacattaaa attacaggga gataccatct catgcctgtt aaaatggctt gtagcaaaaa    102900
     gacaggtaat aacaactggc ttatagccaa aagacaggca ataacaactg gcttatagcc    102960
     aaaagacagg caataacaac tggcttatag ccaaaagaca ggcaataaga atttctgaca    103020
     aggatgtgga caaagacagg caataacaat tggcttatag ccaaaaggat gtggagaaag    103080
     gcaataaaaa ttggcttata gccaaaagac aggaataaca atttctgaca aggatgtgga    103140
     gaagatggaa ctttgtatga acagttttga ggtctctcaa aaaactaaaa atagagatac    103200
     catatggtca actaatccca ttgctgggta tacactcaaa agaaagaaaa tcagtgtgtt    103260
     gaagagtttg ttatagcact gttcaccatt gctaatatct gaaagcaacc tgtgcctatc    103320
     aacagaataa acttctatta ttatttaagt taagttgatg ttagcctcac acagattctt    103380
     cagcaactat tccagtagaa tacattgttg tcatgggaga taacagctgc acacctgtca    103440
     ttcaaagatg taagacagct ccacacctgt ttacttgaaa agctttcagt aagacaaggt    103500
     gtgaaggtgg aaagtggcta tattgacatg taacacagta caggcctagt acaacatgca    103560
     tgtttgtagc tcagttttta taatgttgta aatgtaaaaa aaaaattaaa aacattcata    103620
     agaatgtaca gaaataagat attgtttgtg caccagtaca atatacttgt attataattt    103680
     taagttaaat tattagaata taaattttaa cagaatttcc aagtttatgg agtgaaaaat    103740
     ctacagtatc tggtaagttt ttgaagaatg acactttata agataaattt aatgcagcct    103800
     aagtatatag tatttataat gcatagtagt gtacagcagg gcactgggcc ttcacattca    103860
     tttaccattc actcactgac ttacccagaa catctttctg tcctgcattc ttctctcatt    103920
     gtaagtactc tatataggtg taccatattt cacatcctac ataacatgtt tactgtactt    103980
     tttaaatttt tacacatgct tagatgtaaa aatactactt tgttataatt ggcttcaata    104040
     tttagtatag taataaatag gattgcagcc tacaatggat aggctatatg ttataacttt    104100
     ggcatgtagt aggctatatt tatttgtgaa agtaaactct aaattgttca ctcaataatg    104160
     gaattgccaa aaatgccttt aaatcattaa aaaatgcttt aatgtatttg taattagttt    104220
     gcattggtgg tgccagtggg agaatgggaa gcttgtctta ctttttcctt caatccacac    104280
     actttctgta gccccagagt agttaattta tagtatttat tttcttagat gatgcattac    104340
     tagggctttt ataagggaaa gaggaagtgg caggaactcc cagagaaaca gggtgtaacc    104400
     acactaaaaa attgaaaagc agttgctctg gtttctcttc tagcaggatg ctatataaca    104460
     tgcttttttt tcttacctct atagaccttt gaattcaata gcaaatattt tctgcaggac    104520
     tcctccatgt catctaggtt cagacactca cccagcatct ctttattcag gcatcaacct    104580
     gtactctgca tgtacattgc atgtacatct accacaatgt ttggtccttg gtgatgttgt    104640
     cgaacctatc tatagaagga acaggtggtc aaatgttaat atgcttttca acttgttcca    104700
     ctagtgtatt aaatagatgc attttatcca tatacactag cctcaatgta ttctctctct    104760
     ctctttcctt ttattgtcta ttagatgaac aaaccgaggc agaatatctt gcccctagga    104820
     ttcctgtctg taaaaaccaa cagtagcatt ttcatttgtt cctgggacat tacagaaaat    104880
     ggggggcact tgctcaagag atttcccacc gtgaacactg agaaagaatc catgttcaaa    104940
     acttagaact acattactgt aggcttctag gggtttctgg ggatagcagc taggaatgga    105000
     tgagggaaaa tcttaaactg gattatctca ggtatggaag gttaagttat tctatcctgc    105060
     cctgcttctc actctattct gcctattcct tttctttggt ttcagtattg aatgcaagac    105120
     agtattccct ttgctaagtg tactgctggt ctagaaaata tttagtaata tgcagattgt    105180
     ctagcaggat gatttttagg ggttcacatt ttctagttta taagatcttt ccctggaaac    105240
     atctctttcc caatattaga tattggccaa tatccaagtt gcagctttga aaccttagga    105300
     agtctctttg gaccacagtg cttatgtaga ttgcctttct tcagaggaga tgcagagaaa    105360
     tgcttgggaa atgcatttcc cccatcttga catctaattt agaacaaaaa tattttctca    105420
     cctagaaaaa tattgtttcc tttgaaagga gacagttctc agtcttcttt gcaacttcct    105480
     attaaccaat gactgctttc ttactttacc ctattcaaac tgttttcctg catgggagag    105540
     ttgtgccttt tttcaacctc aattaccttt ctgaaatgta aagggaaagg gaaagctttc    105600
     tgacttaatt ataataactc taggctctgg caatgtgtgt ttgattcttt ctggagataa    105660
     agtacactac catgtgtttc ttcctcttga gagcagtaaa aagtggagtg ggagccattg    105720
     agatgagaga aaaaggaaat cataactctc tgatgtattt tgtgctggtg atttctccat    105780
     cagggagaca agcttgagct taattactgt ccaatggagt taaacccctt ggctggggaa    105840
     ggggaaatct cccatggcat gtggcagaat atgccagcca gatgccctgg gtgccttggg    105900
     tcatgcatcc cagcccagca gggaggggag aagtgaaaaa ctgctgctca ctagtccgtc    105960
     ttgtaaaagg aatgaaggcc atgtaaagga cccagacccc ttaagctcag atgttcgaag    106020
     ataaaaaggc ttacaaacca cagtgagagg ttttgattcc ctattttcct caccacttct    106080
     tcaggcccca catggcatgc ctaaaaatat cgcaggacat ttccttagtt cagctaaaga    106140
     taagatcctt gtctcataac cacaaaaatt tagtctcaca gatggtttga aaggtgagta    106200
     aagcaaggct ttattgggtg aaattttttt aaaaaaggaa aaatagggac tctccacaag    106260
     gctagagttc ctctcatttg cttcccgcct cacagtttga atcccaggtt ttacacagga    106320
     ataggagggg caaggcttct ccccactgca aatgtcatga acttccgtgg ctccatctca    106380
     gtgtgcattc ctcccagtgt gcaggttcgc tgacattttg caagaaaccc cctcacaact    106440
     ttctgtctca gcataaaatc agaataaagc tatcattctt tcttgtggtc tttagtgcag    106500
     ctctctttct aaagtcctaa aagataaaga caaatgcaat agaaattgcc acacattgct    106560
     tcagtaatgt tcacaaaacc ataatgtttt agaagccact cctctctttt tttcccctaa    106620
     gttggataca tatttagagt atccatgaga caaattacag gaatacaagc tgtctcaaat    106680
     cattaaaacc acatgggcat cccacccaga aagctggcta agtgacttgg tgtcaccttg    106740
     ttcacagcag aagttgtagt ctacagcctc tattcttgcc accaaacttt tgatttccaa    106800
     tgagaattaa aagcccacag ttccagcatg caggccacat gtctgaaaac aacctttaaa    106860
     actacaaccc agaacaaagg aagggactgt gattcttaga gaagtaagtg cttttcaact    106920
     tcaaatctca ggccaagcat aggctcattt aggaatttgg tgccactagc atgaggcaaa    106980
     acatatatta gagaagactc actctgaaat aaaaccatgt aacaggtttt taccagagaa    107040
     actaagtgac ctaggctgag taggcaaaat gagcccagca gcccccagtc aaacttgggc    107100
     aaaaaagtca ccagccaata agtttttctg tgacactcac aaggctaaag tttattttcc    107160
     cctgtggata aagcagtttt tatgaaaaga aaatagtaaa ataactattt cattggtctc    107220
     ttttttcata atcaagataa tcttgaatta gttaacagca taaaaatttt tatatcaaca    107280
     ctagtagcaa agtcagccaa ttcaaactaa gcaaaaaata catatgtaag caaaagtatg    107340
     tatactttat agttgtagac ttttaaaaat aacgatttgt ggaccagaca ctatggctct    107400
     cacctgtact cccagaactt ggggagcctg cggcaggcag atcacttgat cttgggagtt    107460
     caaaaccagc ctggccaatg gtatgaaacc tgtctctaaa aaaaaaatac taaaaattag    107520
     ccagatatgg tagcatgtgc ctatagtccc agctgctcag gaggctgagg catgataatc    107580
     acttgaaccc aggaggcaga ggttttagta agccaaaatt gcaccactgt actctattcc    107640
     aggtgacaga tgaacatggt cctgacataa agcaatacaa ataaaaacaa aataactatt    107700
     tgagcactat acatgaaatg tttcttgatg taatttggcc attcaatata aaatgtgcac    107760
     taaaacaggc catcctttgt aactagatga agtctaagaa aacttggcaa acaatgttta    107820
     agagtttcat tttgataatt tcaatgtcat ttctcttttg gtaagtttct ctagttcagg    107880
     gagatatttg atggattgct gattaaaaat cagttctctg gtgccttgtc tttgttttga    107940
     ttttcatttt aaattatttg tttctcatcg gtacagctac agagagaatt tttaaatcca    108000
     gacttttaaa aatcacaaac tttatcaatg aatcttgagt ccctagaaag aagtattatg    108060
     acaccagagt agagatggag acagtttttg ggtgttttgt tttgttttga gacagagtct    108120
     caccctttca ccaggcagga gtgcagtgcc acaatcttgg ctcactgcaa cctccacctc    108180
     cagggttcaa attattctcc tgcctcaccc tcccgagtag ctgggactgc aggtgtgcac    108240
     caccatggcc agctaatttt tatattttta gtagagatgg ggattcacct tgtgggccag    108300
     agtggcttcg aagtcttgac ctcataatct gcctaccttg gcttcccaaa gtgctggaat    108360
     aataggcgtg agccacagta catggctgag agttttaaga gagatgaaat ggggtggttc    108420
     caagatggcc aaataggaac agctccaatc tacaggtcca agcctgagcg acacagaaga    108480
     cgggtgattt ctacatttcc aactgaggta ccaggttcat ctcactgagg cttgtcagcc    108540
     agtgggggca gaacagtggg tgcagcccac gcagcatgag ccaaatcagg gtgagatatc    108600
     gcctcacccg ggaagtgcaa ggggtaaggg aattcccttt cctagccaaa ggaatccgtg    108660
     acagacagca cctggaaaat tgggtcactt ccacgctaac aaagtttttc caatggtctt    108720
     agcaaacggt acaaaaggag attataccag gcgcctggct tggagggtcc cacacccaca    108780
     gagccttgct catggttagc acagcagtct gagatccagc tgcaaggctg cagcaaggct    108840
     gggggagggg cgcccaccat tgctggttgg taaacaaagc agccaggaag ctcaaaatgg    108900
     gtgaagcaca cttcagctca aggaggcctc cctgcctctg tagactccac ctctggaggc    108960
     aggacatagt caaacaaaag gcagcagaag cctctgcaga cttaaatgtc cctgtctgac    109020
     agcgtcaagg agagtagtgg ttctccaagc atggagtttg agttctgaga atggacacag    109080
     tgcctcctca agagggtccc tgaccccctg aacaccaagt agcctaactg ggaggcaccc    109140
     ccccagtagg ggcagactga cacttcacat ggctgggtac ccctctgaga ggaagcttcc    109200
     agaggaacga tcaggcagta gcatttgctg ttcagcaata ttcactgttc tgcagcctct    109260
     gctgctgata cccaggcaaa cagggtctgg agtagacctc cagcaaattc caatagacct    109320
     gcaactgagg gtcctgactg ttagaaggaa aactaacaaa cagaaaggac gtccacacca    109380
     aaacctcatc tgtacatcac catcatcaaa gaccaaaggt tgataaaacc acaaagatgg    109440
     ggaaaaaaca gagctgaaaa gctgaaaatt ctaaaaatca aaatgccact ccctctccaa    109500
     aggaacacag ctccatgcca gcaaaggaac aaagctagat ggaaaatgac tttgacgagt    109560
     tgagagaaaa aggcttcaga agatcaaact tctctgagct aaaggaggaa gttcgaatgc    109620
     atggcaaaga aactaacaac cttgaagaaa gattagatga atagctaact agaataaaca    109680
     gtgtagagaa atccttaaat gacctgacgg agctgaaaac catggcatga gaactacgtg    109740
     acaaatgcac aagcttcggt agctgattca atcaactgga agaaagggta tcagtgattg    109800
     aagatcaact gaatgaaatg aagcaagaag agaagtttag agaaaaaaga gtaaaaagaa    109860
     atgaataaag cctccaagaa atatgggact atgtgaaaag accaaatcta cgtctgattg    109920
     gtatacctga aactaacgag gagaatggaa ccaagttgaa aaacactctg caggatatta    109980
     tccaggagaa cttccacaac ctagcaaggc aggccaacgt tcaaattcaa gaaatacaca    110040
     gaacgctaca aagatggaga agagaaacta caagacacat aattgtcaga ttcatcaaag    110100
     ttgaaatgaa ggaaaaaata ttaagggcag cccagagaga aaggtcgggt taccggcaaa    110160
     gggaagcctg tcagactaac aacggacctc ttggcagaaa ctctacaagc cagaagagag    110220
     tgggggccaa tattcaacat tcctaaagaa aagaattttc aacccagaat atcatatcca    110280
     gccaaactaa gcttcataag tgaaggagaa ataaaatcct ttacaaacaa gcaaaggctg    110340
     agagattgtg tcaccacaag gcctgcccta ctagagctcc tgaaggaagc actaaacatg    110400
     gaaaggaaca accggtatca gccactgcaa aaacatgcaa aattgtaaag cccttcgatg    110460
     ctaggaagaa actacatcaa ctaacgagca aaacaaacag ctaacatcat aacgacagga    110520
     tcaaatttac gtataacaat attaccctaa aaggtaaatg ggctaaatgc tcctattaaa    110580
     agacacagac tagcaaactg gataaagagt caagacccat cagtgtactg taatcgagag    110640
     acccatttca catgcagaga cacacatcag ctcaaaataa agggatggaa gaagatctac    110700
     caagcaaatg gaaaacacaa aaaggcaggg gttgcaatcc tagtctctga taaaacagac    110760
     tttaaaccaa caaagatcaa aagtgaaaaa gaaggccatt acataacggt aaaggcatca    110820
     ttcaacaaga acaggtaact atcctaaata tatatgcacc caatacagga gcacctagat    110880
     tcataaagca agtccttaga gacctacaaa gagacttaga ctgcacacag taataatggg    110940
     agacttcaac accccactgt caacattaaa cagatcaacg agacagaaat ttaacaagga    111000
     tatccaggaa ttgaactcag ctctgcacag aactcagttc tgtaatagat atctacagaa    111060
     ctctccaccc caaatcaaca gaatgtacat tattctcagc accacattgc acttatttca    111120
     aatttcacca catagttgga agtaaagcac tcctcagcaa atgtaaaaga acagaaattg    111180
     tcagaaaccg tttctcagac cacagtgcaa tcaaactaga actcaggatt aagaaactga    111240
     ctcaaaacca cacaactaca tggaaactga ataacttgct cctgaatgac tactgggtac    111300
     ataacgaaat gaaggcagaa ataaagatgt tctttgaaac aagaacaacg agaacaaaga    111360
     cacaacatac cagaatctct gggacacgtt taaagcagtg tgtagaggga aatttatagc    111420
     accaaaagcc cacaagagaa agcaggaaag atctaaaatt gacatcctaa catcacaatt    111480
     aaaagaacta aagaagcaag agcaaacaca ttcaaaagct agcagaagtc aggaaataac    111540
     taagatcaga gcagaactga aggaaataga gacaaaaaac ccttcaaaaa atcaatgaat    111600
     ccaggagctg cttttttgaa aagatcaaca aaattgatag actgctagca agattaataa    111660
     agaagaaaag agagaagaat caaatagatt caataaaaaa tgataaagag gatatcacca    111720
     ccgatcccac agaaatacaa actaccatca gacaatacta taaacacctc tatgcaaata    111780
     aactagaaaa tctagaagaa atggataaac tcctcaaaac atacaccctc tcaagacaaa    111840
     accaggaaga agttgaatct ctgaatagac caatagcagg ctctgaaatt gaggcaataa    111900
     ttaatagttt accaaccaaa aaaagtccag gaccagatag attcacagct gaattctacc    111960
     agaggtacaa gaaggagctg gtaccattcc ttctgaaact attccaatca atagaaaaag    112020
     agggactcct tcctaactca ttttatgagg ccagcatcat cctgatacca aagcctggca    112080
     gagacacaac aaaaaaagag aattttagac caatatccct gatgaacatt gatgcaaaaa    112140
     tcctcaataa aatacttgcc aaacaaatcc agcagcacat caaaaagctt atccaccatg    112200
     atcaagtggg cttcatccct gggatgcaag gctggatcaa catactcaaa tcaataaatg    112260
     taatccagca tataaacaga accagtgaca aaaaccatgt gattatctca atagatgcag    112320
     aaaaagcctt tgacaaaatt caacaaccct tcatgctaaa aactctcaat aaattaagta    112380
     ttgatgggat gtatttcaaa ataataagag ctatctatga caaacccaca gccaatatca    112440
     tactgaatgg gcaaaaactg gaagcattcc ctttgaaaac tggcacaaga caaggatgcc    112500
     ctttctcacc actcctattc aacatagtgt tggaagttct ggccagggca atcaggcagg    112560
     agaaggaaat aaagggtatt ctattaggaa aagaggaagt caaattgtcc ctttttgcac    112620
     atgacatgat tgtatatcta gaaaacccca tcatctcagc ccaaaatctc cttagctgat    112680
     ggggaacttc agcaaagtct caggatacaa aatcaatgtg caaaaatcac aagcattctt    112740
     atgcaccaat aacaaagaga gagccaaatc atgagtgaac tccaattcac aattgcttca    112800
     aagagaataa aatacctagg aatccaactt acaagggatg tgagggacct cttcaaggaa    112860
     aactacaaac cactgctcaa caaaataaaa gaggatacaa aaaatggaag aacattccat    112920
     gctcatgggt aggaagaatc aatatcatga aaatggccat actgcccaag gtaatttata    112980
     gattcaatgc catccacatc aagctaataa tgactttctt cacagaattg gaaaaaaatt    113040
     actttaaagt tcatatggaa ccaaaaaaga gtctgcattg ccaagtcaat cctaagccaa    113100
     aagaacaaag ctggaggcat catgctacct gacttcaaac tatactacaa ggctatagta    113160
     accaaaacaa catggtactg gtaccaaaac agagatacag accaacagaa cagaacagag    113220
     ccctcagaaa taatgctgca tatctagtca tctgatcttt gacaaacctg acaaaaacaa    113280
     gaaatgggga aaggattccc tgtttaataa atggtgctgg gaaaactggc tagccatatg    113340
     tagaaagctg aaactggatc ccttccttac accttataca aaaattaatt caagatggat    113400
     taaagactta cacgttagac ctaaaaccat taaaacccta gaagaaaacc taggcaatac    113460
     cattcaggac ataggcatgg gcaaggactt catatctaaa actccaaaag caatggcaac    113520
     aaaagccaaa attgacaaat gggatctact taaactaaag aacttctgca cagcaaaaga    113580
     gactactatc agagtgaaca ggcaacctac agaatgggag aaaattttcg caacctactc    113640
     atctgacaaa gggccaatat ccagaatcta caataaactc aaacaaattt acaagaaaaa    113700
     aacaaacagc cccatcaaaa attgagtgaa ggatatgaac agacacttct caaaagaaga    113760
     catttatgca gccaaaagac acatgaaaaa atgctcatca tcactggcca tcagagaaat    113820
     gcaaatcaaa accacaatga gataccatct cacatcagtt agaatggtga tcattaaaaa    113880
     gtcaggaaac aacaggtgct ggagaggatg tggagaaata ggaacacttt tacactgctg    113940
     gtgggactgt aaactagttc aaccattgtg gaagtcactg tggcaattcc tcagggatct    114000
     tgaactagaa ataccatttg acccagccat cccattactg ggtatatacc caaaggatat    114060
     aaatcatgct gctataaaga cacatgcaca cgtatatttg ttgcagcact attcacaata    114120
     gcaaagactt ggaaccaacc caaatgttca acaatgatag actggattaa gaaaatgtgg    114180
     cacatataca ccatggaata ctatggaggc ataaaaaatg atgagttcat gtcctttgta    114240
     gggacatgga tgaaactgga aaccatcatt ctcagcaaac tatcacaagg acaaaaaacc    114300
     aaacaccgca tgttctcact cataggtggg tattgaacaa tgagaacaca tggacacagg    114360
     aaggggaaca tcgcacactg gggcctgttg tggggtgggt ggaggtggga gtgatagcat    114420
     taagagatat acctaatgtt aaatgaggag ttgatgggtg cagcacacta acatggcaca    114480
     tgtatgtata tgtaactaac ctgcacgttg tgcacaagta ccctaaaact taaagtataa    114540
     ttaaaaagaa aaaagaaaat gtggcacata tacaccatgg aatactatgc agtcataaaa    114600
     aacgatgagt tcatgtcctt tgtatggaca tggatgcatc tggaaaccat cattctcagc    114660
     aaactatcac aaggacaaaa aaccaaacac tgcatgttct cactcatagg tgggaattga    114720
     acaatgagaa cacttggaca caggaaggag accatcacac accagggcct gtcgtggggt    114780
     gggtggatgg gggagggata gcattaggag ataaagctaa tgtaaaagac aagttaatgg    114840
     gtgcagcaca ccaacatggc acatgtatac atatgtaaca aacctgcacg ttgtgcacat    114900
     gtaccctaga acttaaagta taataaatta aaaaataaat aaataaaaga gagatgaaat    114960
     gaaaaggaga agcaagcaaa gaagaaaaga agttgtctgc accattttat tttattttcc    115020
     tagttaatgg agtatctttg ttccaactga gcatacaggt caactaattt acaggtttta    115080
     catggctttt gcttagacaa ccaaagtctt ctcccatttg gggccaaata ttgttacaca    115140
     gactgaaaat acacatagtt aaacaaaagt cagcattaga ttagactgag ttataagtgg    115200
     tttcagcttt ttagtattgc ttttattctg tgagacatga acccaaagaa aattcaaaat    115260
     ctaacctgac caggatccca tttttttttg tttgtttgct tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    115320
     tgcaacttcc acctcttgga ttcaagcaat tctcctgcct cagcctcctg agtagctggg    115380
     actacaggcc tgtgccacca tgcctggcta atatttgtat ttttagtaca gactgggttt    115440
     caccatgttg gccaggctag tctcgacctc ctgacctcaa atgatctgcc caccttggcc    115500
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc cactgtgccc cactgatcct ctagattttg    115560
     gcttgaatcc acagtcctgg aaaagggtgg aactgaaact cacaatcata ggccacaatg    115620
     gtgagaaacc aaaacccata atacccataa caaaacactt ctagtgtggg gcataagccc    115680
     acaattctaa aatgcaaggg tggtttcaac cttataatcc tataatgaga tcaaacacaa    115740
     gtaaaggtac aggcatacat tttaataagg tacttaccag aaggcatcta atatgaaagc    115800
     agtgtctttt gccataggag attagacctg agggggcctc agggaacata aaagacactt    115860
     aagagcatca cagtgcagaa tcaaaaactc cacaccaagc ctctagagaa actaatgtag    115920
     atggtcacta agggttggtg aaatgggcct gcatttcacc aaggagcttc agcaccccag    115980
     ataggtttag tctcatctaa ggtgccaggc tgttattgag caaaaaagtg tttgctactt    116040
     aacacattag aagacaatac catgacactt tgtttttgag aaaagaaatg ctttctattt    116100
     caagtccact caaaagaaga caaaaatatc aagctcaaat atatcttctt gtactggctt    116160
     aaaacactat ttttataaaa aatattcaga aggtgaatac tgaaattaac aggagactgg    116220
     ctggaagaaa aagaaagtct ggaaagtcct tgggtatgtg tgcttattgt ttatgttgca    116280
     tgtgggcctt acgtgaaagt ttgaaaaaac ttcttacaaa atatttggtg gaaatttggg    116340
     ttttgacatc agcaagcttg ttctgctaag attcactaga ctgccttcat cttttggggt    116400
     cttccttatt gtccttcagg aaaggaaata gttgccactt ttgaggattt gaagctcagg    116460
     atttttcttt tactttatct acataaaaag catactaata taatttttta ttccttagag    116520
     taggtagaag tggaatggca acaatggaga tgagacaaat atgtctccaa atggaatggc    116580
     tactactact ttgatttgtt tttaataatg ttatacggga atatagaaaa agatgctgaa    116640
     agtatgaaaa ctttcaccag cattccataa tctctccaaa aataaaaccc ccaatttact    116700
     ttgtatgtat tggaaaacac aaataacctc atagaaatgg aataaggtga ggtgagattt    116760
     atgtctatca ggtaagagaa aaagagtaga ttgtcataga ataaagagtt tatttcatat    116820
     ttgaacttaa aatagtgagg gcagcacacc aaaaatagaa aacaaaccca ggcaaagctg    116880
     acaaaaaggc tcttatagct ttagttgtat tgtaggacta caaaaggaat agagtaatct    116940
     tctaaatttt gaagaaatac atttgtgagc caatataatc ttctattctc atcttgggta    117000
     aaataaaagg aaaatcttga gtccagattt ctcagtgtta caacaacaga aatttccttt    117060
     catagaaaaa aataaagaag tcccaaaagg taaatgtagt aaaaacattc tgtaaattac    117120
     attgaggact tactgtaaaa aatatatata tattctcctg ttcaagtcat tcagtaaatg    117180
     ataaattatt ataaatatat agatagtcta gaaatactaa cacaatattt ttaaaatcat    117240
     atgtcaatag tctttttttt tttttgagaa ggagtctctc tgtcaccagg ctagagtgca    117300
     gtggcacaaa ctcggttcat tgcaacctct gcctcccggg ttcaagagat tctcctgcct    117360
     gagcctccta agtagctggg attacagaca caccccacca cacccagcta atttttcgat    117420
     ttttaccatg ttggtcaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct tgtgatctgc ctgcctcagc    117480
     ctctcaaagt gaacaatctt ttcaaaatgt agcactgtat ctttcttctt ttacagattc    117540
     ccaagagaaa gaaagctgag aaagaactgt tctctgttca atccgacaag tcacacagat    117600
     ttctcatgat ttccaagaga catcttgtgt cctccaattg ttgaatatcc aagagctcct    117660
     ccctatttca gagtgacata tataaacccc cagaaagcat ctgggatgct gaacatcagt    117720
     ttgtttcttt gtgcaaaaat tagtattaga aagaggacac atcaaatagc atgacctcag    117780
     gattagtcta ccattctctt ctggtattca atacaggtca ctttctaaat ccctaagaga    117840
     aagtggcaat tggagtatga ttgctgcttc ttgcttcaat aatctcacaa atctattttg    117900
     ctatagcaat aatttatcta attattttct cttaacttgg tcatttaaca gaagtagcta    117960
     tggtatgctc aagagaaata cagccttcca aaaccattgc agccacctgg gcatttcact    118020
     cagtttgcca gtcaatttga tcctgcattg ttcataacag aatttgtagt ctatgactcc    118080
     tactctcatc cctagtcctc tggttttccc atgaaacctg aaaaaacaca atttagtgtg    118140
     caatccccag gtgtgcaaaa atttagaact acaacacacc aggaaaggag gagcttcaac    118200
     tcatgagcaa gtgcatggtc ttgaacttct tcctggacac ttttaaccag gaaaaccaca    118260
     gccaaaggaa aacctcaaaa tcaatgccta ctgtcatgct agagatatgt ctccaatttc    118320
     aatcagagca gtggactgga actcctctac taactcaaga aaaaagacct ccaaaacttt    118380
     aaacttggcc agggtgaaat ggcagattct ctgtagtgag aaaagaaaac agttaggcag    118440
     ttagggtgca tcctggataa agctccttta acagagaaac agcctgaaaa atcaggctgc    118500
     agggacagat aagggtgcta gcacaggaaa ctggcccaga gacatgcatg caactgtact    118560
     agtaaaggaa caaggtgcaa tatagaatgc ctcagtcctt tgtaccatag acatgctcac    118620
     agctcaaatg aaaaaagaat aaggcctgac atagaaacac ctcagttctt tgtgcctcag    118680
     aaatgcctga gctacactga taagagagaa gccctaacat agaaaagcct ttgcctttgg    118740
     tataaccatc aggctcccag aaaatagtat cttcttttgt gggcatgtat acggtggggt    118800
     gtggtgggct ctagtggaac tttctttttt ttttggacat gctttggact gtgatcccag    118860
     cctctgtgaa tcaccacttc agtccctgat tggtcccagg tcaagctcca gtattaaaaa    118920
     tactgcactc attcatacca ggcagaagtc cccacagccc aagcttagta gcactttcaa    118980
     caagacttcc cagagatcaa tcagcacatt tccacccttc ccagttcatt aaaatcttga    119040
     acttagcctc actgttggca aacatctcaa gccccctctc tccatcgcag agagcttttt    119100
     ttccccactt attaaatttt cactacaacc tcacccttgt ttccagactt cttaattttc    119160
     tttatcatga aaaaaagaac tcctgatgat acctcacaac aagggactgc tactttgtgg    119220
     tgcattggtg agactgtaac atctttggtt cattggccag gaaaaagacc catcaaaaga    119280
     gtgagtagaa gtggattctt aactttttac tttcatttct gacatttctc agcctcagta    119340
     ttttcaagag taagtgaaac actgggcccc tgtcagccag ttaaaagcca gtagtgtggc    119400
     tgcaagccct aaaagactaa ggagacaggt gtgctggaga ggattttgcc aatcccattt    119460
     taccttaaaa tgttgagaat gttggctgtg tttcaattta attttctttc actgactgct    119520
     atggctgttg gctctgtggc ttcataacct aaaggcccat ggactggccc tattggctga    119580
     tagtatttca gggagttttc actaggattt ccagcctttc ccattgcatt tgctttcttt    119640
     cttttcatta ctattatggc ttctatccct tctttaagta caaagttgtg aatatttttg    119700
     caacctgaga atataatctt cttgggtaaa atcagctgtt tcttagtaat caggaatgta    119760
     attcaaagag ttactgattt tgtgattttc tagaaacaat aggaacttaa tgttttagtc    119820
     taatttttca cctttaaggg cctttttgcc tcaataataa acattgatgg cactgaatgg    119880
     gaagatattc cactgagtga atacccttct atttgttttt ttttctttcc tccctgtaag    119940
     aattcagcac tgctcaatga atctaaatgc ctcctttatt tttttttgag acaagttaat    120000
     tttcttttgc tgcaaggcat actgtgggga caggtttgtc aagccccaaa tatctctttc    120060
     taaattctgt ctggaaagaa tttggaatca aagttaccta acatttcaaa ccttacagct    120120
     ccacatagtg gagtgggatt ttcctctgtg gggagccttg ttgacccctc acaccaaatc    120180
     tttactttcc caattattct tcctcctaca ttcctctaac agtgatcaga ctccataact    120240
     gatctatagg cagaaaactt tcactttcag aagtcaagag gaagctgctc ttcagagcag    120300
     tacccatcaa agaaaaaata cccatttatt cctatgttct ttcaggtacc tgttctgcat    120360
     ccagctacac tggcttttaa ataaacaatg gattttatat ttgggaatca attcatccat    120420
     tttctctagg atttcactat ttcactaggg acatggcaaa ggaagccagg gacagtatta    120480
     agacactctt cattaaaggg cctccccaaa ttcaactact acataatccc tcccaggctc    120540
     ctggaatacc tcgggagcat ttttgaaatg aggaatcacc agcagagagc tagggtatca    120600
     tgcacataaa catgattact cttgccagct agttcctcca gatccatgga tgaaggtcat    120660
     gattgaattc atggatgaca ctatgatggt caccaggcct cagaggacat ttaagggaag    120720
     aaattatggg agacactttt tctattttct ttcctccttg ggtaattact tcaaatgaaa    120780
     aagaaactaa ggtacacctt cttttcctct ctcttttaga tgagtaacaa accatcttca    120840
     gcctgcagtc ttctcaaatg cattctgaaa cactaaaact gctgtgaccc tcagactcta    120900
     agaaaaaaat tcctcatttt ttttgcacaa gattgttgcc atcttaccaa ctgcaggaag    120960
     ggcagaaggt ctggcctcct gagagaagtg ttaatttcaa tactatccaa caactagatc    121020
     tttctgctaa tgggagagaa aatgatccaa gtttccatat gtacaagctt tcttttcctt    121080
     gtgagacaac ccagattttt ataagcattg taaaattgac cctgccctct tggcagtcat    121140
     atcagacaaa cctacaaatg ataattcccc aaagtcagaa agacaaattc ctggggaacc    121200
     ctctaatgca ccttctggat gccctacctg atccccttac ctggggttcc atttaccatt    121260
     ttatgagatc ctctggatat gccacctaag taacacaccc aacttcactg ttgcccttac    121320
     aagaaatgtc tgatggacat ggtgctacta tacttaaact ttcttttcca tttcaggacc    121380
     ttagacaaat aaagggggac ctaggcaagt tttctatgat ccagatagat atgtagaggc    121440
     cttccaaaat ttaacccaag tgtttgatcc tacctggaga gatgctatgt tacttctaaa    121500
     ccaaacccta actgtcagaa atacaggcag gcctacaaga agcagaaata ttcagagaca    121560
     acatatctcc tgtagcagtc taaaagtcta caaggaaaga tatctagaag aagatatgct    121620
     aaaagagcaa agcaaggcca ggcgtagtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag    121680
     gctgaggcgg gcgaatcatg aagtcagaag atctagacca tcctagctaa tatggttaaa    121740
     ccctgtctct actaataata caaaaaaaat tagctgggtg tggtggtggg cacctttagt    121800
     cccaactact cgggaggctg aggtaggaga atggcatgaa cccaggtggc agaggttgca    121860
     gtgagccaag atcccaccac tgcactccag cctgggcaag agtgtgagac tctgtctcaa    121920
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaagaaa aagaaaaaga aaagagagag    121980
     agagaggaaa ggaaggtgaa caaatagcaa aatctccatt cccaataggg aggaaggcag    122040
     tgcccctttg aacctgtaat tggaattcca ttaattatgt agatgagcgg aaaagaaaac    122100
     actttctaat gtgcatacag gaaggcctat gagggactat agccagacat tttcattact    122160
     ctcagctatc catgatatat caaaagccag atgaaaatct gtcagctttt gtgtaaaggt    122220
     ggagagaagc ttcagtgaaa cacatctctc tgtattttga ttctgttaaa agacagttaa    122280
     tcctaaaaga aaagtaagac aagttcaaac aggccacctg ttcaaacagc accctagaga    122340
     acttcctaaa agtggctacc taagtctttt acaaggagct aggaggaggt ccaggagaaa    122400
     aaagaacaga ggctccagtg gcctcattat aggcctaaaa aatccaggat tcatgaggtg    122460
     tgcctgctaa ctgctaccaa tgtggaaagc caggacatgt tagcaagaac tgctgtgaca    122520
     aaaaaaggaa gccatcttga ctctgttcag cctatgatgg ggtccactgg aagtaaaact    122580
     gtcccaggaa acataaacca gcaggtctgt gggtgcagtc tcccagatag tacagcaaga    122640
     tggagaagtc ccaagactca gttcccttgc accaacggct caagctgcca tcactatcca    122700
     ggagcactgg gtgattctgg agatggaagg gagaaaggta gacttctttc tggacactgg    122760
     agtttgtctc tctgttctcc tttctaatct aggccttcta ttctcccata gcacaaatgt    122820
     ggtgagcatt tccaaaaaaa attccttagc tatctctttc taagaccttt gtcatagtta    122880
     gggaaacctg ctatttaccc atgtttttta aaaccatgct tgacagtcac aattcttaac    122940
     taggtagaga tatcccagcc tatatgtgag ccagcatcct aatgactcca gaacaaagtc    123000
     tttatcttca tttcatggaa acctgtatta acccagaagt atgggcaact ccagaaaaaa    123060
     ttggctgggc tagtcattgt accagtacag attcacctta agtatcccac ttattttact    123120
     aaatatctcc taaagtcaga atctaggaaa gggctaaaag ccttcattga taacctaaaa    123180
     gcacagggct ttcttaggcc ctgaaacaac ccttgcaaca ccccaaaatt aaaagggcgg    123240
     aaacacaata ggaaatggag gctagttcag gacttctatc tcattaatga ggctgtggtt    123300
     acacatcatc tgctagttcc taatccttat atattgctaa ctttgaggga atccaaagtt    123360
     tcacagttct agacctgaag aatgcctttt tctgaatacc attgcaccct gactctcaat    123420
     acttgtttgc cttcaaagat tccccaaaag accacccagt taacctgcat ggtgctgcct    123480
     cagggattct gagacacctc tcacttgttt gttttggcat ttccaaaaga cctctctgaa    123540
     ttctctcatc ttcagattaa aattttacag tatgttgatg acattctact ttgtgtctca    123600
     attgacaggg ctttgcagga aggcactaaa gctattctta atttcctagg tgacagaggg    123660
     tataagattt caaaatctaa tgctcagctt tgtcaaattt cagtaaagta tctagaggag    123720
     atcagaacat tgggtgaaga gagaattaag tggaaaattt ccccttttcc cctttccaag    123780
     cccctcagct aggtggcttt ttgggcatta taggtttctg caggttgtgg atactggggt    123840
     acagcaaaat accttgcctc ctacatggct ttgtgaaaga aactcagaaa gctaaaattc    123900
     actccctgac ctgagaacct gagtttcaaa aggcttttaa ccaattaaaa caagccttac    123960
     ttaaagcacc tgtcaccagc cttcccataa gaaattcatt taatctttat gcctcagaaa    124020
     ggaaagggat agccttggca gtttttactc aggcccaatg tccagcccag tagccagtca    124080
     gttacctaag caagaagatc aacttggtgg ccaaaggata cctagcttgc ctctaagcag    124140
     tttcagtagt ggccttgttt gtttcagtaa ctaataaggt gaccatgggg aatgtcttaa    124200
     ctgttcacac acccgtcatg tagcaggact gctgcactct aaaggaagat gctggctagc    124260
     agaaaattgc cttctcaaat attaagcttt gctgctggag ggatctgaag ttcagtgaaa    124320
     aacctatcct tgcctaaact cagccaactt cctcccagag aaaactaaac aagctgaaca    124380
     tgactgtgaa cagatagtag tccaaaccta agaagccatg caggacctta aagaacttcc    124440
     ctagaaaacc cagactagac cacttttaat aatgacacct cttttgtaga acaaggaacc    124500
     caagaagcag catatactca tggaacaata gcaaccctgg gtgaaattat tgatggtatg    124560
     tctctctcac aggcgccagt gctcaattag ctgagttaat ttgccctcat gagggtgctc    124620
     aaactaagga aaggaaaggt cgtaagcatt tatacttatt ctagatatgc ttttctggtt    124680
     tttcatgcct ttttggaaag aaaaacactc actaactcct aatggttatc ccatgaaata    124740
     ccatcaggaa gttgacagaa tgttgtcctg tttttctttc acagagaatg gcagtaatat    124800
     attgcagagt ttaccagaag tggatagata acatcactga gggaaacaga ctagcagatt    124860
     aagcaactta gtcagcaaca aaaagattag agtgatgtta cacactcgaa gctcttccaa    124920
     agtgggaatt ttccaaagag aaaataaagc ctcagtattt ccctgcaaag atagaatagg    124980
     ctacttctga aggatacatt tttcagtcct tggatggtta cagtggatgg aaggaaaatt    125040
     ccacttgtca tcctccagtc agtgaaaagt tcctgatgtc ctttaccaag gttttcactt    125100
     aggaaatgat aaaacctacc aagtaggcca gagattgttc tcaaataaaa atatgataaa    125160
     aacagtaaaa cagattttta atacttgtga aacctgcctt aaaaataatt ccctctagag    125220
     atggcttctc tgccagagct caacttcact aactaggtaa agacatttcc atgccaaaca    125280
     gaaaagggct cttagtaaaa gcagtaatca atgagataat tactctcttt gaactccctc    125340
     aacacttcca aagagacaat ggcccctcat ttaaagcaac tattacccaa ggtgtctcaa    125400
     gagacctggg catacaatgc tatcttcatt gggcctggag accacagtct tcagaaaaga    125460
     cggagaaaat aaataatatt attaaaagac ttaccaggaa gctgtctcaa gcaactaact    125520
     ctctcggatt actcttcttt tcatggcctt aatctggatg agaaacacct ttttaaactt    125580
     gttgagtcac tttaaaaatg gtatatggac aggcttaaat aaacaagatt tctcattaga    125640
     tcaggaactt atgaaatggt taaacatata acctccctaa tccacttcca atgtgaatta    125700
     aaactattat cagaattcca tccgtgagaa ctgcacctaa ctcgttttaa cccagaagac    125760
     ttggtactgg ttaaggctct tccctttttt tccctgtcta gacccagttg ggagggacct    125820
     tatactgtcc tcctctccaa ccgctcagtg gtgaagtttg caggaatcaa ctcttggatt    125880
     catcatgatc tagtcacagc ttggaaagca gagacagcag cccctaacaa tcaagaaaaa    125940
     tttaaatgag taaaacttca gaaggaaatt atctactaca tcatacttat aggaattatt    126000
     ttgcttactt ttttttttca gtagggtttt acactgtggc accttctgag tggaatattg    126060
     accagagtct caacagccat aaacttttgc tgaattatta tccttatagc agaaatagta    126120
     gtcacagatt agattatgtt actatcaagt ttactaacat tcactgttaa atggagcaac    126180
     gtttcacacc ccttggctct tacaaaatca acaatcactc atctacacaa aaagactaat    126240
     ttctgggttt gccctaattg ttgagttcaa tatcagtgag ggatcttttg ctgtttcaga    126300
     actcactgtt agctctacct ttatacatta tagactttca aggtataaat agaacatggt    126360
     atgagtgcac ttttgactcc agttgaaaga tacatccctc cagggtaaga aattggccaa    126420
     gctttcactt cagcccgtga ctgttcccag gcctaggttc tgggccaagc tgagtaggct    126480
     tctccaagac aggctgcaga gcagacagca cattcttccc tttctcagtt catagaaacc    126540
     cttgactcag ccttatattg ggcaatcctc ttaggcctcc tctccagtgt aaagagcttt    126600
     ttgttgttgt tattaaactt ttgccacgac ttcacacttg tgtctacact ccttaatttt    126660
     cttggttgtg agacaaagat ctctgggtct actcacaatg agagacaagg agagactgct    126720
     acattgtctt gcattggcaa aactgtaaca gtagcatctc agtcccaaga gcagttttat    126780
     ctgctaaagt tcagagccac caagagtagg catagtacat cctggggagg actcatccca    126840
     aaagtaatgc agtagaacag gcttttgtgc cacaagcaaa gaggcaattt ttatgtaccc    126900
     aggcaatttt aagtgaccca gagtagtaaa ttcaaatatt ttagtacact gagtaactga    126960
     gtaggtgcag aaggcaggct tctcaaattt ttttatccaa aatacagttt tattcaaaca    127020
     gaagacagtc taatataaat gataaccatg ctctgctgaa gcaagaatag gtaatgaaat    127080
     tctgcaatta cagtaaactc ttctgcttaa aaaagcagtg gattatatga gttgctgata    127140
     aagtgctaga ggataaagaa gggtaagatg atatagacaa ggccaggatc tggctatttt    127200
     gggaaacagg aacagctcta gatgtggctg aaggccatat agacatattt gatatttaat    127260
     aaactaaagt gttattttct tttgctcagt atatcccagg gctttggaca agaataactt    127320
     gagtgtcact acttataaaa tcaggcgata tcaatttgga atgaaggata acttacttct    127380
     acatctagcc aagctaagct agggtataac ttcactagcc aagttagatg caggcagtga    127440
     actacatagt ctgctgtaag tatatttttt gttagattat ataactatat tttgccagca    127500
     cagaggagac cctgaactag ttgcccacta gaaggccagt tctggggttt tcgtgaattg    127560
     gaaaggataa ttaatgtgtt tagtctgtgg gctgtcttgg agattatgtg actcaacttt    127620
     gcctgggatg aatcaagggg acaagtgaaa atttatagag gttgattagc ttggtcagga    127680
     cctattagga gctgaagtaa aaacttgccc caagaccttg gcccaggacc aatcagaggc    127740
     tgaagtgata attcatataa ggccaattct cagtccaaga aaaggaaact gcccactgaa    127800
     actactaaag cccactgtgt tcatgccaaa aaaaggggaa gacacttttt actgagagac    127860
     cactgactat acaaagggca aagtcatcat tatgccaggt cttgttccct atctgaatga    127920
     gctgaaagtt tgggtaaatt tttatccagt tggactggtg gtacttttat tttgcagctg    127980
     caggcatgtc tccaggcaaa acatcctgtg ttactttcct tatctgtgcc cacaggttga    128040
     tttacattcc aggctgcttt ttatgtgttg tggtgatgag gcattgactt acaggttggg    128100
     ggctgaggac ccttcccttg ctatctacct aacacaagcc aactaacttg tttcagtccc    128160
     ccctcagtag tagagacaat aattgctgtt agggaaattg ggtcttgatc tttttggcta    128220
     cttcctgctg gaaagtagtg ttgtatagga aacagcagct tctggggcca gtttaagggt    128280
     cctcagaaga gaggcacatc catacatggt ctcaattgaa ttatcctttg gagctcgata    128340
     gtttttaggt gagagggaat aattcaagtt atagtaagta tgcaagctcc aaacattaac    128400
     agaaaacata aaaaagagag gtcctagtag aagagctaac caggtccaaa atgaagacga    128460
     atccattcaa aagggactgt accaactgga aacagagttt tagtttgtcc ttaatttgtt    128520
     aataattgta atttggtttt gacgcatttg taaatttttc ttttcctgac tggaactgtt    128580
     gacccagaaa cagtatgttt tatttaagac tgcacaggcg ccccctactt tagtcataaa    128640
     gacattaaga gtttgtttat tttgctttac accaagtcta aaaaatgtag ggattattgt    128700
     tgggcttcta tggctgctac agttgctttc cacccttgta ccatgacaga aatattagga    128760
     accgatattt caaaaaggac atatcaccaa actaaaatag tcctgtggct attgcatgtc    128820
     ctagttctgt tttttttttt aacattaaat caaattgtca catgtatgtc cttttcagtt    128880
     ttctgtttta gttaaatttt catatgatag cataaggata agtaatcttt agttttgctg    128940
     tgtgtaagag aatgcactct ctctaaaaaa aaaataaaaa aatgtattaa aaaaataaaa    129000
     aaatcccaga ttggggattt cacccggcaa tgctaccgtg atagaggggt ttaaaaataa    129060
     cagagtggaa accactgcca ctatagtgta tgttcctttt tagtgcctgg ggaggattaa    129120
     gtgtagccgg gagtcaaaaa taaagtcaag tcccattccc tggagaaata gttctatgct    129180
     gtagtttagg gagattttag ctggatttag ttcaggcctt taaggtcacc ttccctacat    129240
     ttaatgggag tattctcaag ataagtatat ttatacaagt ataagcatcc atggtaccat    129300
     tttgaacttt acgtgttgga tggaaaactt ttttggcaaa tatatattta agattatgaa    129360
     cacaatatgt cctggctagt atcttagata acccttttta caggggttat tgttccagat    129420
     atcccctgtc cattcacaaa tttgcagagt actaccatta ttaaatatta tacaagagtc    129480
     tggaatttca tgtgtgggca aattttggaa agaccatatg ttatttatta cctgataata    129540
     cagttggcag ggggtggcat ttttgcccag ggtagcaatt cccagtgaga attccacctg    129600
     ggaagtttgg ctagattgtt agagaaattt ccataatcta gcccaatgtt tgctattacc    129660
     cttgtttctt cttagtctct agatcactgt gcttttagca attataagca tagtgttgca    129720
     atatttagtt tccaaagtct ggtatttttc ctctgctctt aaagcacagg gaggtttttt    129780
     tttaaattag cttaagaacg tgagttttac ctttggggtg tgtgtctttt tgagtggagt    129840
     taaaaatgct ttcatacaat gttttattta tacctattaa atccttaatt gttaaatata    129900
     aagcctgcag aggaaacact aagatagtga gtcccagagt attaaagagt tatttggtgt    129960
     tattaaactg agaaaatgat taagggcaaa cttagcaatc agccttgctg tatagatgag    130020
     caatggctga tactatgtgg tccaaaggat gtgaagcatt actacatcta acagtgaatg    130080
     ttagtaaatt tggtagtaac aaaatcttca tgtttatttt tatgttgact attatacctg    130140
     ctataagaat aatgactaag caaaagatta tggcaattga gactcctatc tgctatttca    130200
     tttagaaggt gccacagtat aaagtcctac tgcaaaaagc aaagtaagca ccacaatttc    130260
     tgtaagtatg atgtaataaa tttctattta aaatcttaat tacatggata tataatttcc    130320
     tcttgggggt ctttgtggtt acaaatgtaa tcacgtggat tggtagaatc ttactacaag    130380
     tatacattaa aggaaagttt tagtatttga caacacatct caagaaaaag gtagaaatga    130440
     ctaaatgtat ctgataaggt aaagttgata ttgagctgaa cagatagttc ttagtaactt    130500
     aatcattttt tgtaattttt gatggaattt tctggctttt tgaaactaat atttgaaatg    130560
     cttttttggg ctgtcagggg tcattccccc tgcattccaa gactttattc cagtgtgatg    130620
     aatctatgag ttgagtccca caatctttac caccgagcaa gggtggagaa agatggtgtg    130680
     aggtccctac cagttggaac atagagagtg aaaaaaaggg aaaagccttt gcaagtatca    130740
     actctcctga gttgaacaga ggtggcacta gttttgggga ttttattttg atagcttttt    130800
     taatttctgc tagaagtagg acagggagat tacatattta aaaatataga agtttcttga    130860
     tataaagtta ttggtaagga aaggctgtcc atacactatt ttaaaagggc tccaccccaa    130920
     ccttaaatgg gtgttctttc cccacattaa gactacagga aggagagcaa ttcaggggaa    130980
     atgagttttt tgagaaactt ccctaagtgt cttttaatgg tatcatgttt tttttatctt    131040
     ccctgaatac tggtctccta gcacaataaa ggtcatattg tggccagacg tggtggctca    131100
     tgcctgtaat cccatcactt tgggaggccg agctgggcga atcactaggt caagagattg    131160
     agaccaacct ggacaacatg gtgaaaccct gtctctattg aaaatgcaaa aattcctctc    131220
     cctctccctc tccttcttcg gtctccctct gttgccgagg ctggactgtg ttgccgaggc    131280
     tggactgtat tgccgtggtc tcggctcgct gtagcctccc tgccctgggc tcccgtggtt    131340
     cccctgcctc ggcctgccaa gtgcctggga ttggaggcgc gcgccgcctg gcctgactgg    131400
     tttttgtatt tttggggaga cagggttttg ccctgttgac tgggctggtc tctggctcct    131460
     gacatcgagt ggtctgcccg cctcagcctc ctggggtgct gggattgcag aaagagtctc    131520
     actcactcaa tgctcagtgt tgcccaggct ggagtgccag tggcgtgatc tcggctcgct    131580
     gcaacctcca ccttccaacc acctgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctaagat tgcagcctct    131640
     gcctggccac caccccgtct gggaagtgag gagtgtctct gcctggccac ccatcgtctg    131700
     ggatgtgcag agcccctctg cccggctgcc ccatctggga agtgaggagt gcctatgccc    131760
     ggctgccccg tctgggaagt gaggagagcc tctgcctggc cgccaccccg tctgggaagt    131820
     gaggagcgtc tctgcctggc cacccatcat ctgggatgtg agaagcacct cttcccagcc    131880
     accccatctg tgatgtgagg agtgcctatg cccggccgcc accccatctg ggaggtgagg    131940
     agcacgtctg cctggccgcc ccttctggga ggtgaggagc gcctctgccc ggccgcccga    132000
     tctgggaagt gaggagcgcc tctgcccaga cgccaccacg tctgggaagt gaggagcatc    132060
     tctgcccggc cgcccatcat cggggatgtg aggagcgcct atgcccggcc gccccgtctg    132120
     agaactgagg agcgcctctg cccggctgcc ctgctgggat gtgaggagcg cctctgccca    132180
     gccgtcaccc cgtctgggag gcgaggagcg cctctgcccg ggcgccctgt ctgggaggtg    132240
     ggtgcctctg cccggccacc ctgtctggaa ggtgaggggt gactctgctc ggccgccacc    132300
     ccatctggga agagaggagc acctctgccc ggccgccgcc ctgtctggga agtgaggggc    132360
     gcctctgccc ggccgccctt cgtctgggag gtgaggagca cctctgccag gccaccccgt    132420
     ctgggaggtg aggggcgcct ctgcctggcc gccccgcctg ggaagtgagg agcgtctctg    132480
     cctggccgcc ctttgtctgg gaggtgggga gcacctctgc ccagccgccc aatctgggaa    132540
     atgggcacct ctgcccggcc gccctgcctg cgaggtgagg ggcgtctctg cccggccgcc    132600
     ccgcctggga ggtgaggggc gcctctgcct ggctgccctt catctgggag gtggggagcg    132660
     cctctgcctg gccaccctat ctgggaagtg ggcgcctctg cccagctgcc ccatctggga    132720
     ggtgagggga gtctatgcct ggccaccccg cctgggagtt ggggagcgcc tctgcctggc    132780
     cgcccatctt ctgggaggtg aggagcacct ctgcccagcc acccatcatc tgggaggtga    132840
     ggagcacctc tgcccggcca ccaccctgtc tggggagtga ggtgcgcctc tgtctggcca    132900
     cccctgtctg ggaagtgacg agcgccaggc cgccccatct gggaagtgta cccaacagct    132960
     ccgaagagac agagaccatc aagaacgggc catgatgacg atggcggttt tgccgaaaag    133020
     aaaaggggga aatgtgggga aaagaaagag agatcagatt tttactgtgt ctgtgcagaa    133080
     agaagtagac ataggagaca ccactttgtt ctgtactaag aaaaattctt ctgcctgggg    133140
     atgctgttaa tctataacca tacccccaac cccgtgctct ctgaaacatg tgctgtgtca    133200
     actcagggtt aaatggatta agggcggtgc aagatgtgct ttgttaaaca gatgcttaaa    133260
     ggcagcatgc tcgttaagag tcatcaccac tccctaatct caagtaccca gggacacaaa    133320
     cacagccgaa ggccgcagga acctctgcct aggaaaagca gagacctttg ttcacgtgtt    133380
     tatctgctga ccttctctcc actattatcc tatgaccctg ccacatcccc ctctctgaga    133440
     aacacccaag aatgatcaat aaatactaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaatgcaa    133500
     acattactgg gtgtggtagt gtgaacctgt agtcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggctgg    133560
     agaatcgctt gaacctggga ggtggaagtt ccagtgagcc gagatcatgc cagtacactc    133620
     cagcctgggt gacagagtaa gactccgtct aaaaaaaaag gtcatattgc atgcttagtg    133680
     cttttgggac cctcagggta acacccactt taaatgaggg gctattgtca cttcggaggt    133740
     atttaggtag tccaaagtgt gaaattattt tattgactat tgtttttatc accttagagg    133800
     ccttttctgt tagacatgga aatgctctta cctggttagt gaaggtatcc acccacccca    133860
     ggaggtactg aatctccttt atctttggca tatagggaaa agccatttgg cagttatccc    133920
     ttggacaact tcccattttt tgagttgcag ggggtggggg gaaaaagcca attgttgaag    133980
     ggattgtttt tgaggcaggt gtcacaagca ttaacaatgt gtttgactgt tttggtagat    134040
     ttttacctga ggacaatctc tgggcaagtt gatattttat catttcccaa ctgagaagat    134100
     aaggatctta agaacttttc acttactgga tgatgggaag taaggtttgc cattctctga    134160
     ttacaaccat cctgagggct aaagagtgta taatcaaggg gtagcccata ttttctttga    134220
     aggggaatac tgaggtttta tttttctcat ggagctctcc caaattagag aagcttcaag    134280
     ggcacaggta ccttgggtgt tgttgctgct gacttatctg tattttgtta tcagctactt    134340
     tatctatccc cttatggtgt cctttgcaat gcaatgctgc cacttcctac tgaaggaaaa    134400
     ctgaggacaa caatctattt aaataggaga cccattaaca gtcataaaat gtctttcttt    134460
     ccaaatagcg gcatgcgcat ggagatctat gaaaacatac ttggaatcag tatatgtctt    134520
     atctgccttt cttttgctta gttcaattac ccttatgagg tcaatgaatt aagctaattg    134580
     agcacttgta cctgatgaag gagatgtggt tttagtaaag ttattcagga tgactattgc    134640
     atactctgcc ctatgggttt ctcattctac aaaataactt ccatctgtaa aaagagtaca    134700
     gtctgagttt tctagcagaa tttccctgag gtcttctgag gcctcatatg tttgtatcac    134760
     tatttgttca taatcatgtt tatgttctcc agtttccctt cagaagaaag tgactgggtt    134820
     taggcaaaga caggtcttca gctgaactgc agatccttcc aacagcaaag cttaatattt    134880
     gaggaggtga ttatttgtta gccagagaat tcctttaaag gacagcagtc ctgctacatt    134940
     atgggggcat gtaaacagct aagtcattcc ccatgtcacc tcagtagctt ctggcacaag    135000
     caaggcctcc actaaaacta cagtcggggc aagccagcca tcctttagtc cccagtttaa    135060
     attccttgtt taggtaatca actgactgct ggctggacct taggctgatg taaaactgtc    135120
     atggctatcc cctttccttc tgagacaaag ataaaatgca ttctttatag gaagagtgag    135180
     gacaattact ttaaataagg cttgctttca atgattgaaa gcattttgag ccttgtttcc    135240
     aaattaggga gttttagctg cttgagtttc tttcataagg tgttattaac agcagttatt    135300
     ttactatacc caagtatcca caatctatgg aaaactgtaa tgccccaaaa ttcttttagc    135360
     tgtttcatgg tttggggaag gagaaaaaac tctataggct tactagtctt ttttccccaa    135420
     tattttgttc ccttctgaca aaattagacc taagtacctt agattttact gaagtttgtc    135480
     agaggtaagg ttcagattta gaaatttttt accttgtata tgctagaaaa ttaagaagaa    135540
     cctcaatacc ttcttaaaaa agacccacag ctggagcaca gaggaaaata ttatttacat    135600
     attgtgaaag tttaatctaa gaataacaga acttagaaag tcttttgata atgcttcccc    135660
     aaacaagtgg gggttgtctc agaacccttg atgcagtact gtccacatta actgggtaga    135720
     ctggctgcag ggatcctcca aagcaaacaa gtatggggtg tcaaggtgca atggtatgca    135780
     gaaaaaagcc tttttaaggt ccaaaattgt gaaccattta gttccctcag gtatttgagt    135840
     tagcaaaata taagaattag aaactatcag atagatcgaa actacagctt tattaatgag    135900
     atgaagtctt aaactagcct tcattctcca ctgggtttct gtatctctaa tattgggatg    135960
     ttgcaagagc tgttgcaaag tctgagaatg tactattatt ttaaattatt aataatggct    136020
     tgtagttctt ttctagcttc tggctataga aggatactgc ttctgcttag gaaaagaagt    136080
     gatgacttta cagtgaatct ggactggagt ggctgtagcc cagcctcttt aacattgctt    136140
     tttactaaaa aagagacaaa gagtctgtac gggagctata aatacgatgg cttccataca    136200
     agctagaata tctctacata tttaaggagt cagactctca ggcataatta aaaacacatg    136260
     agtaaataac aagtctcccc agctacaact aagagactgt gaaaaatatc aggttaagaa    136320
     ctttccaaag atgcctacca gggttgtgac atgagagaag gggaggcctg gattgacaaa    136380
     gaatgcaaag agactggctc ctgattccag gttccaaaag gaagtctacc tttctctctt    136440
     ttacctccaa aattacccgg agcttctgga gagtgatggc agtttgagcc actaaagctg    136500
     ggaaattgag cactaggacc ctgtaatcct gctgaattat tttggagact gggtctagac    136560
     cttgtgagct acatatcaaa ggaaaatttg acttctagta gtctttacca ctggctggac    136620
     agggttgagg tggcttattc ctgctatctg gaaaatccat tttgaagtgt ccttgtttgc    136680
     cacattggta gcagttagaa gacgcaactc agggattctg aattttatat tcctgtaatg    136740
     tggccactag agcctctcgt ttttgttgta ttttctcact ttctcctggg cctcctccca    136800
     gtctctgctg tatgagacca aagtagcccc tttctagaga ttatctagag agctatctgg    136860
     acctatgacc agtttcttca acatcttttt gatataagaa gctggttgta taataaactt    136920
     gttttttttt aaattaattg tctctcaact aaattaggat atagataggt gtgttttact    136980
     aatgcctgtc tcagcctttc tataaaggct acggagtttt tccatctgat tttttgattt    137040
     attatgaaga gcttatatta attaagaggt ttgatcctgg aaggcctttt caagccttcc    137100
     agtatgcata tcagataatt cttttccatt catttataga aatattggga ttccaattgg    137160
     gattttcaag gggtattgca tcctttccta ttgggaatga aaattttgct accttctcac    137220
     cctcttcttt cattagaaga aattttgcta ccttctcacc ctcccttctg ctagattttt    137280
     cccttgcaaa cttttagaca aactctaggg gatgtgttgt tcatctccaa atgtttctgc    137340
     tgcctgtaaa cctgcctgct tttctgcaac agttaggttt gacttaaaag tattatagca    137400
     tttttctaca taagattaaa cacttgggtt aaattttggc aagcctgtat atatccatca    137460
     gcatcattag aaaacttgcc caggttcccc tttatttatc tataatcctt caataagaat    137520
     ggaacacaaa tcctaaagca ctatggacat gtgacatttt ctgctatggc aagagttaaa    137580
     gagggaattt cttaagtgac acaactgggg cagctaataa tttggttatt aagatcccag    137640
     aataagtgag acagggcacc ctgaaattcc atttggggtt ccctgagggt ttgtctcttt    137700
     gactttgggg aactgtcctt tctaggcttc ccttacatgg ttgcaaaaag gtcagggtta    137760
     actgtacaat gattacaaac attgagttgt ttcacaggac aatgtaagcc tgtacatagg    137820
     gaagctcaga ccattttccc taccacctag agaaaatatc tagttgttaa ataatataga    137880
     aatcaagact tcctttagaa ggctaagttt attcatttcc aatatggtaa tattgtttta    137940
     taagccttat gggcaataga atataagcga ttttattttc aggattttag gtccaaagga    138000
     gtttcaggga ttcagaatgc agtcaagggg agtacagact gcaaatggtt tattacccaa    138060
     ctaaaaaaag aggaaaaaac aatgagttta tcaatactct tccttctact ggtgtccccc    138120
     agagtgaaga aagagagaaa gtgcatttcc cttctcctcc ttctccctct cctgtgggtc    138180
     ctggtgactg tcatgaatgc tgtcctatga atgcaagtgt gaccttcacc caagaaccca    138240
     gaggagctgg taggcaagac tagtcatgcc catctgcata agcccttggt tttctgccct    138300
     actggaatct tagacccact cagcccaaaa ggcttctaag gtactccaca cgcctggaag    138360
     agataatgta gtatttggac tctggcaata cttttttaat gaaggaagtg ttttaatacc    138420
     atccctgcta tggtaccggt taaaaatcag aatcccacaa aataggaggg actaacttcc    138480
     aaacgtaaat tttcttttat gtttacatcc caaagtagtc gaatgcagaa tgggtgcttc    138540
     aaaaaaagca tacaaattaa atagcttccc ttccattgat gacatcatta ttgaagcaaa    138600
     gtctgtcttt tcaggatggc tttctctcgg ctgttgaaag tagagttttc ttgtctacaa    138660
     ataggagatg ggcctgatta ccgatagaca aaagtaaaag gggctgggca tgatggctca    138720
     tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggctggtgg atcaccagag gtccagagtt    138780
     caagactagc ctgaacagca tggagaaacc ccatctctac taaaaataca aacaaaatta    138840
     gccaggtgag gtggcacatg cctgtaatcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gcaggaaaat    138900
     cacttacacc tgggagatgg aggttgcact gagccaagat tatgccactg cacccagcct    138960
     gggcaacaaa agtgaaattc catctcggaa aaaagaaaaa aagaaaaaaa aagtaaaagg    139020
     aaaaaggaat tgggaaacta gtcgtttgtg gtagagtgct gacaagactc cacatggaga    139080
     aaaatttcac tccactaggt ggtgatgtag ggttagatat gtgagataaa actctgactt    139140
     caaattcttt tcaggaaaaa gtttgaaaga gaggtttggg gtttaatagg ctttcccata    139200
     gcatgctccc cagaataaga aaattaattt atctcatata gaaactttag attcattgga    139260
     ctatgctgga agcatcctcc tcagaataag aaaattaatt tatctcatat agaaactaga    139320
     ttcattggat tgtgctggaa gcatcctccc cagaataaga aaattaattt atctcatata    139380
     gaatctttag attcattgga ttgtgctgga ctcttataca gaataaaaaa caatacaaat    139440
     agaagaatat tcactcagga agaactatta tcccacatgg tgccatgagt gtctattatt    139500
     aagggataga agggtcctta taaggtaaga atttagatgg aaatttgaat ccctttgttt    139560
     ctaggaaacc acaaaaataa caattttttt gaattacatt tgtaattatt aagacactga    139620
     ctaactctac ccagcaggat tatatcccta gcttgcaaaa acactcacaa cactgaatac    139680
     aaaataggga ttagagacaa gatatccaca agaaaaaaaa gaatatgtga cgagaaaaga    139740
     ctagaagttt ttttgctgac accctgatgg gctgttggga gctagatgtt agtccaaaga    139800
     ccctcaggta acaccaagat atagccccag ctggaaatct tcagttggcc tagaacctcc    139860
     tttcaatccc acatcatggc taggccctct gtgaaaggaa actggattgg aatagacaag    139920
     aagcctcaga aatgaaagta aagggttaaa gttaaaaata tgcttttatt caactttctg    139980
     atgaattctt ttattctcga tcaatgtacc aaaatatgtt gcagtctcac caatgcacca    140040
     agatttagca gtctttcatt gtttgagata atcgtcagag tttttttttt aatccaagac    140100
     aataaaggag tgcaggcaaa aggataacgt agaagcagaa gtttaataag caaaaagaga    140160
     aaactttttg tgagcagtgg ctgaggcctg aattggtttc ccactatgag gccagttcta    140220
     ggatttttat agactggaaa ggataaggaa tgtgcttagt cttggataac agcttggcct    140280
     gggaccctgg tctgaagcca actggagagc ttggcccagt gccaatcagg gtctaaagtg    140340
     ataattcaca gaggccagaa ttgctgtcca caaaagaaaa taaaactacc cagtggaacc    140400
     tgctggaacc atcatgccca tgtccacaaa aagagaaaaa aaaaatgtcc tgatcatgct    140460
     gactccacaa aaataggatt tttatgccat gccttcttca cttaccttag tgagcctaag    140520
     gtttgcataa gttcttatcc aaatgggcca gaggttctgt ttttttttgt gtgtgccagc    140580
     cacaaacatg tctccaggca cagcaccctg tgctagtttt cttatctgtg ccttcagctt    140640
     gatttgtttt ttccaggctg cttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgtgag atgggagtct    140700
     cgctctgtgt ccaggctgga gtgcagcggc gtgattctcg gctcactaaa atctccgact    140760
     ccctggttca agcaattctc ctgcctcagc ttcccgagta gctgggatta caggcaggcg    140820
     acaacacgcc cagctaattt ttgtattttt agtagagaca aggtttcacc atgttagcca    140880
     ggatgatttt gatatcctga ccccgtgatc tgccctcctc agcttcccaa agtgtgggga    140940
     ttacaggcct gagccaccac acccagctcc aggctccttt tatgttttat ggaaatgagg    141000
     cactgacatt ccctgctctg gaggatctct ggggaccctt ttctttctat ataactaagg    141060
     ccagctaact attttcattt tgagaactca ctatcacaaa aagagcaaag ggatgtatgt    141120
     gctcccatta tcacattacc tgttaaaagg ccccttctct tatattcttt attacaattt    141180
     gacattatat tttggcagaa acataaatcc agaccatatt atactacccc tgaccccttc    141240
     caaatttcac atggcaaaat acagttgtta tctatttcca agagtctttc tagtgttaac    141300
     tctttttggc attaatttaa aaggtccaca gtcaaaagtt tcatttgaga aaagacaagt    141360
     tatatctgcc tatgagcttg taaaaaaaaa attatatact gataggatac aatggggata    141420
     caggggctgg ccgtggtggc tcatacttgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccaaggcagg    141480
     gggatcatga ggtcaagaaa tcgagactat cctggctaac caacatggtg aaacccatct    141540
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggcac agtggcacac gtctgtagtc ccagctactc    141600
     aggaggctga ggcagaagaa tcgcttgaac ctgggaggca gaggttgcaa caagccgaga    141660
     tcgtgccact gcactccagc ccgagagtga gactcccagg ctcactctca aaaaaaaaaa    141720
     aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaagataca atgagggtac aggagttggg taaatacatt    141780
     tgttctcaaa gaaataaatt agcccaaaca aaggtataaa agccccatgc aagttctaaa    141840
     gctagcaaag caattattaa atttcaaagt tccaaaataa ttttttgact ccatatctca    141900
     tatctaggcc acactgatgt aagagatggg ctctcaaggc cttgagtagc tccacctctg    141960
     tggatctaga ggccacagcc cccacaactg ctttcatggg caaacattga gtgcctgaag    142020
     ctttttcaga tgcatagatt aagctgtcag tgcatctaac attttggtgc ttggagggca    142080
     gtggccttct catagcgcca ctaagcagtg cctcagtggg gactctgtgt tgggactcca    142140
     accccgtatg tcctctctac actgaccttg taaaggttct ccatgaggcc tcagcccctg    142200
     aagtggactt atggacatct aggcattttt atacactact ctgaccttgc agaggtaaca    142260
     ttatttatga aaatcaattt taaataacga taaataatat tgaaaaaata actatgctct    142320
     tttatttaca agtggagagt tcagcattta caacagagta tctagagctc tcatttcttt    142380
     ggactgttgc ttggcacact accaatcaca gtaatacagt tataactcaa cagttgcgag    142440
     ggccatgtgg attccatagg gtttcacttt ttcttttgct tctaactact acacacaaac    142500
     acacacacac acacacagac acacaaattg gtgatgtgtc agacatggta catagtgagt    142560
     aaacttgtgt ttaactcagt aaatgtttgt gtatattgtg caataacatg ataactgttc    142620
     acagaatata aaatacaggg tgacctcagc aatatggtgg aaaaagtggt cacccattta    142680
     tatcccctga cgacaatgat tctgtaccca tccatacaaa gaagtatctt tcttgctctg    142740
     tgggagtctt gggattcaag taggtggttg tgaaactctg gtggagccca aggcctaaaa    142800
     acggagatat tgggagtgca gacatatacc cgtgtggcag attattcatt ctaatttatt    142860
     ctatttattc caatttattg taatccgaat ggctactttg gctcagctac agccttatat    142920
     gttcttgaca ctgtgactga aaccataggt caagaaaggg tcacatgaac tagagcgtag    142980
     gcaaaaagat ttttctgtat ccctaccttt gtcttggcag taaacccaaa tatcattcta    143040
     taacttgact gcaaattctt tctccaccgt gatcctagct taatagtgct cacataagga    143100
     cccaaaggga aatgcccatc tgtgccatca gaacaagcta gcctttcttt atgccacaac    143160
     agtttctgtt gggatgatgc tattatggct ccagacccct ctgctacagt cacatagtta    143220
     ctgtcatttt tgaaaatggc tatgagatgt acctggatag tcttgcagtt ctgtcaccat    143280
     gcgtactcac aatggtacac agtgagtaaa tttattaaag tttgggcaat tttgtggcac    143340
     acagagatat tatctagtag tgtctctgca gataacactc tatactagac cccactgtga    143400
     atcttgaatg aagtctgtaa attagctgca ggtattctta ccttcaacgt gagagtggtc    143460
     ccgttaatac tggtacccac cagaaggcag tttattccat gacatgtgca gctagcttag    143520
     acttatcagc ctttgctata aacaaaacaa aactttgtat ttcaagtcaa gactatctca    143580
     gccatagact gaagtagtgt ggttatcctg gggacttatt caaacttaaa taaagccctt    143640
     ctagaaatcc aaactaagcc acatctgtca gtgaactcaa aacagagcta ctttctgcaa    143700
     acctaaagat gagtccagac ttgaactttg aagtaattgt ggggtaaagg gatccctaat    143760
     acagcatggc tgctctacca aaaagcagca aaactgcttc tttaagtagg tccctgattc    143820
     tattccaccc aatagggtaa gaccttccaa gtagaatccc cagccacttt ctacagccaa    143880
     gtttgagtgg gtaacaaacc aatacccatc tggggtaaaa ctcctggaag aaggggcatg    143940
     ttggcatctt tgttgttttt cagtcttcac aggtgatacc tctaagtaca gaaaatctca    144000
     cacaactaga gtctgaagaa gacctctagc aaacttcagc agccctcaga aagagtggtg    144060
     aaactgttaa aagaaaaaca aacaaacaga aaacaacaat aataaaacca cgtccaaaaa    144120
     tcagcaatgt cattgtaggt agataagccc acaaagatgg gaaaaagagc aacacaaaaa    144180
     tgaagaaact caaaaagtca cagtgtttat ttttctccaa atgacaacaa cacatcttca    144240
     gcaagggtca gaactgtaat gagtgtgaga tggctgaatc aaaaaaagta ggcttcagaa    144300
     tgtaaataaa aataaacttt gcttagcaaa aggaatatag tgtaacccaa tgcaaagaag    144360
     ctaagaatta taatataaca aaacaggagc taacaactaa aacatcagat ctagaaagaa    144420
     atataaccga cctgattaag ctgaaaagca tactaaaaaa tctttacaat gcaatcacaa    144480
     gtattatagt attagtagaa atattaaaat aatagactga gtagagaaaa gaatgtcaga    144540
     gcttaaagaa tacctttatg aaataagaca ggcagaatat atacagagaa aataattaaa    144600
     aagaacaaaa cttcttagaa atattaaatt atctaaagtg aacaaatgta gaactgatta    144660
     aggtatctga aagagtggag aatgaaacca atttggataa catacttcag gatatttcac    144720
     agtaggagtt ccccaaccta gcaaagtagg ctaacgttca aattgagaaa atgcagaaga    144780
     ccccagaaag atactccatg agaagacaag gttcaataca tacaatcatc agatattcaa    144840
     agataaaaat gaaaaagaaa atgttaaaag ccaccagagt gaaagaccag gtcacctaca    144900
     tagggaagac catcacacac agcaagcctc tcagcagaaa ccttacaagc cagaagagat    144960
     taggggccaa tattcaacat gctttaaaaa gaaatgaacc tagaatttta catctggcca    145020
     aatgaagctt cataagtgaa ggagaaaata agattccctt cagacaagca aatgctgaga    145080
     gaattggtaa gcatcagacc tgatttatga gagcccctaa acaaaacact aattgtggaa    145140
     aaaaaattac caaccactac aaaagacact aagtgaacac aacagggaca ccataaaaca    145200
     gcctcataaa caactctgca aaataaaaag tgagcataat tataacagaa taaaatttac    145260
     gcataacaat actaacctta aatgtaaatg agttatctgc cccaatttaa aaacccaaca    145320
     tggcaggttg aataaaaaac caaaatccat tagtatgctg tcttcaagaa acctgtttta    145380
     taggcaaaga cacatatagg ctgaaaataa aaaaatagag aaaaatttac caaccaattg    145440
     gaaaacagaa aaaaaaaaac aggggttgca atcctagttt gtttaaaagt tgcttcaact    145500
     ttaaactaat aaagacttaa aaaaaaacac acacacatac acaaagaagg gcattacata    145560
     atgttgaaaa gttaaattca acaagcaaag ttaactattc taaatatata tgctcacact    145620
     acagaaggac tcacatttat aaaacacgtt gttagagatc ttcaaagaga cttagactct    145680
     aactcaataa gtgtgagacc ttaacatccc atggaacata tgagagagat cattgagaca    145740
     gaaaattatc aacaatattt aggacatgaa ctcagtccta aatcaactgt acctaagaga    145800
     tatcttagga actctgaata tacattctta tcataaccac atggaactta ctctaaaatt    145860
     agttacctaa tcagaagtaa aatagttttc agcagatgca aaaagactga aattataaca    145920
     aatagtctct cagaggacaa ttacagagtg caacagccac tacagaacac caaacaggtt    145980
     ggcgcataag taattacgtt tttttcattg ttgaaatttg ttgtttgata ccagaattta    146040
     ttatttaata aatgtggtta tcattatcat gcgcatttca ctttgtgttt ctttgttact    146100
     tattacttga tgtttatttt agactatgca aataatgtta cacaaaaaac aaatttgagg    146160
     aattttctta ttcaagttca aaatgggtca caaagcagta gagaaatttt gtaacattaa    146220
     caatgcattt gccccagcaa ctgctaatga ccgtacagag cagtggttgt ttgagaagtt    146280
     ttgtagagga gactagggcc ttaaagatga gaagtgaagt ggccagccat cagaagttta    146340
     caatgaccaa ttcaaaacta ttattgaagc tgatcctctt acaacttcat aagaagccac    146400
     tacagccact actaaacaca ctgaagtaaa cagaacagtg agttgccaag aactcaatgt    146460
     caaccattct atagtaattt ggcacttaaa gcaaattgga aaggtgagaa agctctgtaa    146520
     gtgggtgact catgaactat ttaaaaggta atttttaagt gtcatcttct cttattctac    146580
     aaaacaacca tttctcaatt aagttgtgac gtgcaatgag aactcgattt tatataacaa    146640
     ccagcaaaga ccagctcagt ggttggatgc agaagaggct ccaataaact tccgaaaggt    146700
     taacttacac caaacaaagg tcatggtaac tgtctgatgc tctgctggcc ttatctacta    146760
     tagctttctg aatctcaatg aaactattac atctgagaag catgcttagc aaatcaataa    146820
     aatgcaccaa aaactgcaat gcctgcagcc tcactggtca acaaaaaagg ctcaattttt    146880
     tttctatgac aatgcttaac tacacattga acaaacaatg attgaaaagt taaacaattt    146940
     gggctacgaa gttttgcctc atccatcaca ttcatctgat atcttgccga ctgactaact    147000
     accacttcaa gcgtcttgat aacttttgac agggcaaatg attctacaac cagcaaaatg    147060
     aagaaaatgc tttccaagac attactgaat tctgaagcat aaatttttat gctacagaca    147120
     taaaaaaaat ttcttattgg caaaaatgtg ttgattgtaa tggtatttat tttgattaag    147180
     aaagatgtgt ttaagcctag ttataataat ttaaaattca caatctaaaa ctgcaattac    147240
     ttgccctcca actcagaacc caatatccaa aaatttatgc aaagccatac aactatgtag    147300
     aaattgagca acatgctcct cagggattag gagtaaataa taaaattcag gcagaaatta    147360
     aaattttgag actctatctt aaatgcaaga aacatctcaa gttaacctaa catcactatg    147420
     aaaaggactg gagaaccaag agcaaagaaa acccaaagct agcagaaaaa aaataaacaa    147480
     ataaccaaga tcaaagctga acttgcagtg ttcagacgac aggagtcaca aaaacgtcaa    147540
     aatatcaacc aattaggaga ctttcttgaa aaaaaaaaaa agacttctac ctagactaaa    147600
     gaataagaaa aagaaatttc aaagaaacac aataaaaaat tatgagagat atggccatta    147660
     gagaatacca caaacacctc tatgtactaa actaaacaaa tctagaaaaa aattagataa    147720
     atttctgaac atatataccc tcccaagctt gagcctgaaa gaaattgaat tcctaaagag    147780
     aacaataaca cattctaaat ttaaggcagt aataaattgc ctctgaaaaa acaaacaaac    147840
     aaaaatgcat tacctgatag agttgcaggt gaattctacc agaagtagaa agaagagctg    147900
     gtaccatttt tctgatacta tttcaaaaac ttgaaaagga gacattactc cctaactcat    147960
     tcaatgaggc cacaattacc atgataccaa aacctgactg agatacaaca acaacaacaa    148020
     caacaaaaag cttagactaa taactttgat gaaaattgat gaaaaaatta tcaacaaaat    148080
     accgatcaac tgaatcaagc agcacatcaa aaagattatc ctccacgatc aagtatgttt    148140
     taaagagtat cctccataat caaatgtgtt ttatttccca gatgcaaggt tggttcaaca    148200
     tacataaatt aataaatatt tgaatttatt aatattcaga ttaacaaatc taaaggcaaa    148260
     aaccaaataa ttatcgtgat acaggcagaa aaggcctttg ataaaattta atattccttc    148320
     acgttaaaaa ctctcagtga actagacatt gaagaaacat atctcaaaat aataagaaac    148380
     ctgcatgata aatccataga caatatcaca cctaatgggc aaaagctgga agcaatctcc    148440
     ttgaaaactg gcccaagaca tcgatgtgct ctctcagcag tcttatttga atcagtattg    148500
     aaagctctga tcagagcaat cgacaagaga gaaaaataaa ctatctttaa atataaagag    148560
     agtatgttaa attgtctttg tttccagatg acataatctt acgtatagaa aaacccaatc    148620
     atctcagccc caaagatttt aagctgaaaa gcaactgcag caaagtctca gcatacaaaa    148680
     tcagtgtata aaattgctac gatttctata caccaacaac agtcaagcca aaaacaaaat    148740
     cagaaacaaa tttccattca caattatatc aaaaagaata aaatacctag gaacagctaa    148800
     caaaggaaac gaaggagctc ttcaaggtga actacaaaac actgctcaaa acaatcagag    148860
     gacaaaaaca aatgtaagaa cattttattc tcgtgcacag acagaatcaa cattgtaaaa    148920
     acggccatac tgtccaaagt aatttataga ttaaatgcta tttgcattaa actaccattg    148980
     acatcattaa gagaattaga agaaactatt ttaaaattta tatgaaataa aaaagagccc    149040
     aaatagccaa ggcaatacta agaaaaaaga agaaagccag aggcatcaca ttattcaacc    149100
     tcatactgta ccacaaggtt acagttaaaa tattaaagtc atcaggagta ggtggaaaag    149160
     cataagagat tcaattgatg ttaacagaat gtggttactg aaggggactg agaagcacaa    149220
     tacagtctct atgattagac aacccaaaga gacacaaaac aagaaccata aattgattaa    149280
     aattttatgc tggtttgcct aaaatattta cacatcaatt ccactgaatt cttacaatga    149340
     atgaatggca ttagatgtta tagtcacctt ttgaaagaac agaaaatacc aaggcagata    149400
     acttgttcaa ctcaatcagt tttaggatgc aaaagcagct gcatattgca aaaaagagcc    149460
     aggtactaga cttattaaac caatctgaag aagagtaaag ttagagaaat ttgtctactg    149520
     tatag                                                                149525