EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC011302; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 178137 BP.
AC   AC011302;
DT   06-OCT-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-333E9 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-178137
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-178137
RA   Du H., Drone K., Hawkins M., Glaser E.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-333E9";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-178137
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-OCT-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-178137
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-JUN-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-178137
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 4a50e0bed5c891d2c8a19b8c1a71bfbf.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC011302.3:1-178137; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Jun 27, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7630953.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0333E09
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-461H6; the clone sequenced
CC   to the right is RP11-558M10.  Actual start of this clone is at base
CC   position 1 of RP11-333E9; actual end is at base position 178137 of
CC   RP11-333E9.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..178137
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-333E9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   29..91
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   1101..1133
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1134..1485
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   1487..1592
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1594..1685
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   1686..1982
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    2541..3309
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=67.6, o/e=0.70, #CpGs=68)"
FT   misc_feature    3198..3324
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW410892 (NID:g6936433) fh09a06.x2"
FT   repeat_region   4736..5020
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5550..5681
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    6187..6406
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW410892 (NID:g6936433) fh09a06.x2"
FT   repeat_region   7664..8063
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8293..8372
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   misc_feature    10304..10438
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW159226 (NID:g6271255) za62e03.x3"
FT   repeat_region   10437..10516
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   10889..11258
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   11299..11422
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   11419..11487
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   11659..11858
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    12087..12300
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW739708 (NID:g7650867)"
FT   misc_feature    12447..12571
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW739708 (NID:g7650867)"
FT   repeat_region   12826..12922
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   13280..13381
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   13779..14044
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14077..14502
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   14503..14779
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    18193..18542
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW839816 (NID:g7933790)"
FT   misc_feature    18226..18606
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW410893 (NID:g6936434) fh09a06.y1"
FT   misc_feature    18258..18615
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI492238 (NID:g4393241) tg13c12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    19993..20328
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW207280 (NID:g6506776)"
FT   repeat_region   22204..22432
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22878..23251
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24940..25157
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   25171..25277
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   25317..25819
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   26100..26359
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26690..27441
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27454..27767
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28990..29272
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29296..29430
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29786..29907
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30327..30544
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    30559..30723
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW159226 (NID:g6271255) za62e03.x3"
FT   misc_feature    30564..30723
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI477871 (NID:g4335482) fb57a05.y1"
FT   repeat_region   30730..30958
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    31079..31167
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI477871 (NID:g4335482) fb57a05.y1"
FT   repeat_region   31175..31391
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   31640..31850
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   32524..32822
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33226..33354
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33431..33571
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    34541..35042
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW937782 (NID:g8113210)"
FT   misc_feature    34554..34841
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW390185 (NID:g6894844)"
FT   misc_feature    34859..36588
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW888221 (NID:g8050232)"
FT   misc_feature    34863..35239
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW845253 (NID:g7940770)"
FT   misc_feature    35287..35588
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA297665 (NID:g1950019)"
FT   misc_feature    35349..35544
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW964263 (NID:g8154099)"
FT   misc_feature    35651..36165
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW964263 (NID:g8154099)"
FT   misc_feature    35896..36208
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW839838 (NID:g7933812)"
FT   misc_feature    36137..36689
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL047261 (NID:g4727208)"
FT   misc_feature    36147..36479
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA297284 (NID:g1949690)"
FT   misc_feature    36228..36429
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW839824 (NID:g7933798)"
FT   misc_feature    36461..36697
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW753007 (NID:g7667939)"
FT   misc_feature    36509..36973
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI471931 (NID:g4334021) tj79e05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    36853..36916
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA405869 (NID:g2063853) zu57a01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    36970..37434
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA405869 (NID:g2063853) zu57a01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    37028..37565
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI751251 (NID:g5129515) cn08f02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    37033..37586
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI435356 (NID:g4302610) th77e09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    37088..37585
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI097311 (NID:g3446893) qb35a10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    37089..37570
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA424767 (NID:g2106890) zw03e07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    37182..37590
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA156897 (NID:g1728577) zl20b07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    37287..37590
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI417262 (NID:g4260766) tg76g05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    37302..37576
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW023128 (NID:g5876658) df49f10.y1"
FT   misc_feature    37325..37584
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW970663 (NID:g8160508)"
FT   misc_feature    37410..37590
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA729535 (NID:g2750894) nx54d08.s1"
FT   repeat_region   44152..44362
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    44954..45063
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW739708 (NID:g7650867)"
FT   repeat_region   45077..45289
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   45774..45855
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45876..46146
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   46157..46532
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    52894..53583
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI954420 (NID:g5746730) wr49b05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    53138..53577
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW131156 (NID:g6132763) xf58f07.x1"
FT   repeat_region   53168..53441
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53713..54162
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   54175..54304
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   54322..54453
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   54495..54617
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   54870..55030
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    55967..56302
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA426490 (NID:g2106762) zw02d02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    55967..56365
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA235196 (NID:g1859682) zs37h05.r1"
FT   repeat_region   60700..61316
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61317..62612
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63238..63535
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68113..68265
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   68533..68725
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   69925..69985
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   70473..70776
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72129..72432
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72951..73091
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73297..73364
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   73785..74032
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74227..74506
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74644..74926
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75078..75383
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   76033..76342
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76602..76648
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   77340..77540
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77541..77907
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78732..79040
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81041..81066
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81067..81366
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81367..81497
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84026..85872
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85919..86616
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86984..87036
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87045..87160
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87831..88106
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97109..97264
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   97250..97434
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   97772..98358
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   98505..98685
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   98987..99308
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   99430..99654
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   99996..100359
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   100360..100509
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    100629..101120
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW961853 (NID:g8151539)"
FT   repeat_region   100975..101248
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101429..101733
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   101734..102122
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102835..102998
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102993..103049
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103050..103410
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103411..103604
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103721..104143
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104240..104324
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104325..104457
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104458..104758
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104759..105015
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105042..105181
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105684..105827
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   108566..110960
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110961..111924
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112087..112422
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   112447..112749
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   112750..113042
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113691..114296
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   114297..114518
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   115000..115051
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   115053..115097
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115145..115493
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115511..115874
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   115879..116230
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   116236..116595
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   117350..117447
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   118289..118722
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   119421..120491
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121079..121594
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   misc_feature    121512..121941
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW021862 (NID:g5875392) df29c06.y1"
FT   repeat_region   122505..122785
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   122924..123000
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    122951..123059
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW961853 (NID:g8151539)"
FT   repeat_region   123001..123235
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   123236..123532
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   123533..123718
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   123719..123819
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123831..123938
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123997..124308
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    124272..124308
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI492238 (NID:g4393241) tg13c12.x1"
FT   repeat_region   124349..124653
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128840..129032
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    129042..129101
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW739708 (NID:g7650867)"
FT   repeat_region   129104..129464
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   129666..129844
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   130029..130341
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131446..131754
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131810..133654
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133606..133655
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135271..135670
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   138075..138457
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   138459..138506
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   138508..138555
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   138560..138604
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   138606..138653
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   138753..138803
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   139101..139691
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140190..140497
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   140498..140896
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   140897..141185
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   141321..141634
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142547..142908
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142909..143171
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143172..143379
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   143410..143457
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144203..144346
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   144446..144604
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144737..145022
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   145070..145474
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   145787..145924
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   145983..146563
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   146574..147139
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147425..147550
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147732..148035
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148205..148513
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148855..149142
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   149143..149439
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149440..149491
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   149676..149926
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150798..150910
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   150911..151220
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151221..151464
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   151749..152092
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   152246..152543
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152567..152863
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   153392..153592
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   153886..154002
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   154517..155077
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    155164..155465
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI902305 (NID:g6492601)"
FT   misc_feature    155287..155472
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI902331 (NID:g6492627)"
FT   repeat_region   155637..155759
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   155760..156049
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   156050..156556
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   156612..156692
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   156751..157050
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   157054..157125
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   157126..157406
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   157452..157631
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   158038..158358
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   158890..159230
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   160141..160453
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162486..162869
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   162866..163082
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   163101..163333
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   163976..164048
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   164049..164356
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   164357..164410
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   164816..165181
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   165538..165676
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165666..165911
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166182..166483
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   166632..166837
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166876..167004
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167010..167364
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167475..167679
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   168029..168188
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   168189..168597
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   168598..168737
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   169445..169724
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   170220..170278
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   172162..172395
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   172451..172749
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   173202..173515
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   174795..175068
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   175104..175933
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   177431..177787
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   177818..177962
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 178137 BP; 53288 A; 36224 C; 35720 G; 52905 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaacc ttagtcatgt attctttcat tcattcattc acctattcat ttattcaatt        60
     gaacacttgg tgtatgccaa gctctgtgct atactccagg tgtcaagaag ctatgacagc       120
     ataaaaagaa ggtgagcgat tgtccacaat gcaggaaaaa gcccacatta gcaatgggca       180
     cagaggcaag gtaatgctgt acaatggaga ttgaggagaa gtttgtcaaa acagtggcat       240
     aaaccaacaa caacaataaa aatcagggac gtgctacctg ttcttgacaa gccagacata       300
     tcggtaaaag gtagagccca gtgacaggct gggaagcaca aggcgtgtca ccggccaccc       360
     atagaaaact tcagccttgg gtttgaggat gatagcaccc ctctaaatct cagttatcag       420
     ctggaaggga caaattaagg cattgatgga ggaagaagtt gtcaaaatct aagacatacc       480
     catgcaactg tagagtgaga ggcagagaga agagcacatt gggcccagag attgttaggc       540
     atcaggaact aaacttggca accaggtgac tatgaggaag gtgtgaagga taggcagaag       600
     gcaaggatgg cttgagtttc tactttactg actagatggg tggcaacatc attaacaagg       660
     ataaagagat gttcaagaga cagctgtttt ttgttttgtt ttgtaattta atcaatgggt       720
     ttggggcatg cccaagaaaa ggcctaaggg cattatttga ctaatccctg caactatgtc       780
     aacacatgct gaaaactaaa gctagagaag gaatgaattc ccatttatga accagtgttt       840
     cctgactatc aactctgtgg aagccaccct aggtgtgggc ggcaggtggt gaggaattcc       900
     tagacattgt gtttcttagg aggaactaag acagtccatg ctccatgcag gggaagcaac       960
     ttatttctta ggcttattcc ttccttcttc ctgacagccc ctgagagagt gctggatgta      1020
     gggcagggca tcaaatctaa agagcaggca cttctcaatt atactttttc catgcattgc      1080
     cttttaaaaa ctgcatgcct gctgggtgtg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc tagtgttaca      1140
     tgagtccgtg tgaagagacc accaaacagg ctttgtgtga gcaataaagc tctttaatca      1200
     cctgggttca ggtgggctga atctgaaaaa ggagtcagca cagggacata ggggtgggac      1260
     agttttatag gatttgggaa agtagtggaa aattacagtt aaagggggtt gttctcttgc      1320
     aggcaggggc aggggtcaca aggtactcga tggggagata atgagactca ttttccagaa      1380
     aaaggaatgc cacaaggtta actgatcagt cagggtgggg caggaacaaa tcacaatggt      1440
     ggaatgtcct cagttaaggc aggaactggc cattttcact tctctctctt tttttttttt      1500
     tttttttttt tttttgagtt ggagttttgc tcttgttatc caggctggag tgcaatggca      1560
     ccggctcacc ataacctctg cctctggggt tcttttgtgg tttcttagtt gcttcaggcc      1620
     atctggattt atatgtgcag gtcaaagggg atatgatggc ttagcttgtg ctcagaggcc      1680
     tgacacccag cactttggga ggctgagggg ggtagatcct tgaggctaag agttcgagtc      1740
     cagcctgaat aacatagtga gaccctgttt gtacaaaaat aataacaata ataataatac      1800
     aaaaattagc ccagcatggt ggcaaatgcc tgtagtcgta gctacatggg ggactgaggt      1860
     gggagaatcg cttctgcctt ggaggcggag gttacagtga gccaagatca caccaccggc      1920
     actccagcct aggcaacaga gggaagctcc atcttaaata aataaataaa taaataaata      1980
     aataaataaa aataaaagcc gctcacctgc ttcaggggca tctcaggggc atctcagcag      2040
     acaagattgg ttgtacaagt acacgatacc attgggcttg taaaaaaatt tttttctttt      2100
     tatactcaca gatgtctttt gtagatcaaa gaacacaaca ggcaaacact gtccctaagg      2160
     atatgttatc aaaatgctgg gtcaggaaga ggattgcgac taaccagagg aagagccaaa      2220
     agcagtcgct ggtgcaccct gcaagaagct ggtgccgtgg tgcctttccg ggccctgcac      2280
     actggtctga gcaccatgtt tttaccccag gtgggctctg ctgaccgaag atcctgtcct      2340
     gacctctccc caccattcca ggtctgactt atccaagaag ccaggcagcc acctcctcct      2400
     cgtcctctgc ctcctggaat agggaactac cctctgtacc ctctactttt tgccttgtct      2460
     ccaggtcact gccaccctac ccccacaccc tccccagata ataccattag accattagac      2520
     tctcccaact tcccagccct cgcccttccc ctcgaaggct ctccacgccg gagggcagcc      2580
     gttccatctt tccggcagga agactggcag ggggagggag gcgtgcgccc gggagtcctg      2640
     gagaagcggg agggcgtggc ggcggctctc acgttgcagc cctgcaggca gctcccggga      2700
     tgcttgcgag gccagtccgc tcctgcctgc acaagggcta ggaagagctg ccagaggaaa      2760
     cgctgtctga cccggagaag cgcaaactct gctccttctc tgtcccctga aaggaacgga      2820
     aacgttgcca gcgctgctta ggcgttctcc aagcgcggac tctgttgcgg ctcccaccgc      2880
     gctccctgca tctcgccctt tcctcctggg tcccgggact tctctctgac atagagccct      2940
     ccttcccaga gccgcctgcg gttcttgcag ctggagtggg tgaggcatac gcacccgggc      3000
     ctaggcgtaa tgaagacgcg agaggaaggc tgagcgcaga gcggcgcggc cagggtccct      3060
     tggcttggga ctgcgccccg tctccccggg gtggggcagg gtaggggtgt gcagaggcgt      3120
     ggacttgggg aagcctagca gcgcctgaat aaaagggcgc cggcgcgctg tgccgcgctg      3180
     agccgcgctg aaaagccgag ctgcctcgct cccggcccgg gaaagggcat ggccccggca      3240
     gactcctggc cttgacttga gcaccacggc acggtggatg atccgcgctc tgcgctcccg      3300
     tgtgcggcgg cttcccaagg ataggtgagg acccagggtg gccagggtgc ccgtgggctg      3360
     ctgtgtctgc ttgcagggag tgacgggatt tgagagacac ccaagggaaa aacagggtaa      3420
     agggcccgca tgcaggcaga ttgcactgtt ccccagcact gtttgaagtt gctaagaaat      3480
     caggaaacct gaattcctcc aattttaagt agctgaggat cagttaggga ggacagccgg      3540
     atcttgaagg aggatgcatg caggtctaat taagcccaga caacccatgc ctcctttcct      3600
     cccgcttccc aactcgcccc tcatccctct gtctctctct ctggagacct acaaccccgc      3660
     catccggcgt ttctaggaag ctgcggacgg aattcttgaa tgaagcccac tgtgctcttg      3720
     caatcggtgg gggaaaggac gcttgagggg tctcttttca ggttgctcag gctgcgacta      3780
     cttcatgtct cctattcctc ctctcttccc cagctccttc cctgcctctt tcctcctact      3840
     attacccagg cttttcctgg aaaggggaca acccaacgcc tagagtgatc tgagccatgg      3900
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg gacagtcatc cccgcagaga      3960
     gaaggggttt gatgtccgag tcccgagcgg cgacgactcg cggggccacc ccatccgcct      4020
     tccaggaaag cgcgtagttc accccgcagc cagctcgacg caacccaacg tactctggaa      4080
     gccggccagg ggcgcagggc ctccagcgcg gccactctag gttgtccgcc cagggccaag      4140
     aagaaagcag actgcctcac cacccctgct tccctgcagg gttcgcagac cgtatccggc      4200
     ggcctagctg gcgcagggcc gctttctctg cggcagagac ttgaccccgc gtcccgggga      4260
     ttagggttgg ctgggggcga gtttcctgga tcccccggga ggttggtgcc ggggtgggag      4320
     ggtggacagg gagcgggggc tgaggagtcc tctggaacgc ctgggccaag tccgcccgca      4380
     ggcacaggac gctggggact ggcgccctcg gctgcccttg ggaccaaccc agcaccaagg      4440
     tcgggcgcgc tggcaggggc ggggacaacc tgggctctga cgagagagaa aagtccgagg      4500
     acttgcagag ctgcgggagt cagtttgttc cagccctcag aggcgaagcc agacttgctt      4560
     ttttgcaaag ctaccagtgc accatcagtc cttgatgggc aactgaaggg agacgagccc      4620
     ccgggcttaa gagaataacc tttcctaggt cactcaaagg cagggaaagc tacaggtctg      4680
     gatgctcctc tcttatagaa agggttttag aatttttatt tactcttatt attacttttg      4740
     agaccaagtt tctctcttgt ttcccaggct ggagtgcaat ggcgcgatct tggctcactg      4800
     caacctccat ctcccgggtt caagcgattc tcctgcctca gcttcccgag tagctgggat      4860
     tacaggcatg caccaccacg actggcaaat tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggagcttaca      4920
     cttattggtc aggctggtat cgaactcccg acctcaggtg atccgcccac ctctgcctcc      4980
     caaaatgctg ggatggccgg cttgagccac cgcgccaggc ctgggtcttg gaacttttag      5040
     ttagcagttc gtggtcgttc agaacccggg cgaatgggca ggctgtcgtt tgttgtgcat      5100
     ccctatttac tttccatgtg tgccactgtt tttaagtgaa cgccattcaa gagatgacaa      5160
     aaatgttaga tgacatagac attgccaggg cacgaagaag atcacttcta aatgaagtag      5220
     ctgatgcaat ctaggttttc cattttttta gtgactccat ttttttttct gtttgcctga      5280
     atgtatttca ttagcaatcc cttcctgttt attgaatgat cagaggttcc cccagacttc      5340
     ctccccgatt aacagcaact ctgtatcatc cagaaaactc tctagctttt ccaagacaaa      5400
     aaaataagga tagtaaatac acccagaaat aacaggatga atctccttct agtgaatacc      5460
     tctttaagct cttcaagaag ctagaattaa aggtttgaga aatatcatta aaggaaagaa      5520
     tcaaaataaa tagttttctt gggaagtaat tttgtatttt ttagtagaga cgggatttct      5580
     ccgtgttggt tagactggtc tctacctaca gacatcaggt gatccgcccg cctcggcttc      5640
     ccgaaatgct gggatgacag gcgtgagcca ccgcgcccag cctgggtttt agagttttta      5700
     atcagcagtt cgccctcctt cagaacctgg gcgaatggac aggcgtgtgt ttgttgtgta      5760
     tataaatata taatggctta gttgttgttg gatgcagaaa cacaacattt tattatttct      5820
     tttattatgg aaacataaat acaaacctct ctttttcttg ttctctctct gtctttctgt      5880
     ttcccccact accccccgcc aatttcatac ccacaattac agaatgcaag acagatttcc      5940
     aaatcatagt atccaagcca agaatcaaga ctatattcta tagtcatgat taaagtgaat      6000
     ggtgaaaagt ttagaaaaaa accatgtttc atctttctca attcccatgg tttaagcgtc      6060
     actacaacac atcgtgtgaa gtcctgggaa gcttgaaacc ctgatgcaca attcaaattt      6120
     aaaaattgcc cacagttcgt cggtgctacc tgtgaataag cgcatctctt cgttgttcta      6180
     cctcaggtat ccgagaatca ggcaccccga caagatgccc aagcgcgcgc actggggggc      6240
     cctctctgtg gtgctgatcc tgctttgggg tcatccgcga gtggcgctgg cctgccctca      6300
     tccttgtgcc tgctacgtcc ccagcgaggt ccactgcacg ttccgatccc tggcttctgt      6360
     gcccgctggc attgctaaac atgtggaaag aatcaatttg gggtttgtac caccttcttc      6420
     ccgaaccatc ccactgtcag tgcgtgcgtc ttgatctggt tttgcaatga gtgtatgtgc      6480
     atttacttaa cttcatttgt gcatttcctc tgtgtagctc tgtcgacaat tatggagctg      6540
     cagatgggta gaatagagag gaaaagtttt agttatgcta aatacagctt ttttgatgat      6600
     tatctgacta tatcccttag ctgccactgc tgtaaggtct attaacaagc agcatgaaca      6660
     actttagagt ctgttgataa attgccttga tagcatttct ttaatatatt gtagaggtga      6720
     atgcatgaga aacacactta aacatacgaa gatgatttaa atagacttca gcaacgattt      6780
     aagaataata aaaataagca gaacatctgt gccattttat aagtcatgta gatgatagaa      6840
     ttgtgacttt aaggcaggaa aagaattcct gcagattttg gctattaaaa atgtcaacat      6900
     cttttttaaa acatatttcg atgtggtgtg ccaggtagaa ttttaatata ttggtgtcat      6960
     tttatacgca cgaaggttgt gtggacctaa gtgttaggtg ctatgaacta caggtgctca      7020
     actgcaattt taatagtcaa caatcattta gagtacttca acaaaatgta ttagctactt      7080
     tctagcatct atccccagaa caactgatta aattagtgtc tgagaaatat ccaccatgga      7140
     gatcttttaa taaaaataaa atgtccagat ttgagcaaat gcaaaataac tgtaaatgta      7200
     cctggacatc ttatagaaca aagttaaaaa aaaactttcc tctattgaca gtggtagaaa      7260
     aagagaatga aacactgaga taataagatg gaaatttctc tatcgacagt ggtagagtca      7320
     gagaatgaaa cgttgaggga gtaaggagga aacttcccta ttgacagtgg tagaattaga      7380
     caatgaaacg ttgagggaat aagatgataa tttccctaac ccatggcaac agaccattaa      7440
     atagctttct caatgaaatg ctgttagagt ttatgagttg accacctgaa catccaacca      7500
     caacgatgat agctcattgg ggaaaacagc ttggcattgc cagaggaggg aatagtaaca      7560
     tgtaagccag cttccctttt tacagtcttg taatttatca ggacacattt cttgtataat      7620
     taagtaagaa aaacggaaga ggtgctaaag cccatttgtt ttatttattt atttatttaa      7680
     ctttaagttc cacgatacat gtgcagagtg tacaggttgt tacataggta tatgtgtgcc      7740
     atggtggttt tctgcaccta ttgacccaac ctctaagttc cctcctctca cccctcaccc      7800
     gccagcagga cctggtgtat gttgttcctc tccctgtgct cctgtgttct caatgttcaa      7860
     ctcccactta cgagtgagaa catgccacat ttagttttct cttccccttg ttaattcact      7920
     gaggatgatg gcttccagct tcatccaggt ccctgaaaat aacaagatct cattcctttt      7980
     tacagcgcca tagtattcca tggtttatat gtaccacatt ctctttatcc agtctatcat      8040
     tggtggatat ttgggttggt tccttgactg ctaaagctca tttgaatcct gagagatagc      8100
     acatgtgata tatgaaagtg aagctttaac tgtaacttct ttttcttcca cccttggtgt      8160
     gcaaaatggc tctgtctagg aattgttttt tatacatgaa ccattttaac acatggtccc      8220
     acttgctggg attaaccacc tcatctctca aacctagcac cttggcaggt cccatgctgg      8280
     gggtaccatc agccagtcct tggtggagcc ttctaaaaag tgtggggctg atgcagatat      8340
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatggcggt      8400
     gcttcctgca cagcaggttt gggtgtttgt gttgtgtgtt gggaaggggg ataccaggct      8460
     ggaaatgagg gtggggacag tccctgcata caacctcccc aaagaggtga tttgtttaat      8520
     ggccggagac ttacagcacc aataagacta ttacttctga agttgtttgc atctcattta      8580
     cagtttctgg gatgcttttc ttcctgttca tttttaaact gaagtacttt gtaagtgcaa      8640
     aacataacta acctctaaat tacaacacca tttctgatgg tttcatttta aacaactcac      8700
     aataaagatt gactttaatg ggggaataaa acagacatac caacatgtta atgtttcttt      8760
     ttcctattga taccagtaat atctagagat agttttctgt aatattaaaa agaaaagaaa      8820
     aattttaaga ccctagagaa ttacttcact gcatcaacat ctatgccttc catctggttt      8880
     aatctgtaat aggaactaat atactattgg aaaaacatca ctaataatat tataatagca      8940
     ttgtttcaga aaaatcaatc tcaaattagg taatgagtcc agcatcttgg actttgttgg      9000
     ggaaaaaacc tgaagcaaga ccaatgtcta actgataaca ctcagagatt gatttgtgtt      9060
     ttagcagtct ggagaaaata taagactctc aaggaatgag gaattgttgg ccaagtgcta      9120
     atgaaaccta ttcccacaca gctgttttta ggattctttg tcagcattgg tctttcctgc      9180
     ttggacagac taaaagcatt tctgaaaatt gctttccaaa tatttttttt caggaaccaa      9240
     caatgtagca tccacctaga gatggattta cagactctta aatatttttc cctcgattaa      9300
     aagactggtt ttgattatga ctttctgcaa ctttgacaat gcccatactc atccgtttta      9360
     ttttaagttc tgccttgtga tattaaccag aacctatgac ataattttgc aaatattgtc      9420
     tgccataaac atttcacaga gtcagttata tattcagtga ttgtcaatca ataggtgatg      9480
     aagatagtct ggaatgtaag ccaaggggct aataagccac agaactgcac tttgtacagg      9540
     gtcatcccag tctccagttt cccagactgt ctactgattt ttagaaggat gcaaaaaggg      9600
     gacatgtata ccctcggttt ctgaaagggg gtactcaagt gattccccag gcttttgtct      9660
     gttccagaat aaccgcccct ctcccccatt ctcacatctg gcacccttgg aatctgcatc      9720
     tgcaagctct ctaatgccca ttaaaaacaa tcgggggaag atgacagtca ggcacctttc      9780
     tgagctgatg tggagcctgt cccagacttt gtgtgccctc ccaaataggg ggaattattc      9840
     agatgtgaag ggaaatcaac cagtattgat cctttgttcc tattttccct ttttctccac      9900
     cttaatagtt gtcaccaaaa ttcttaggtt acttttgaca ttcagctatc catggcttta      9960
     atatgagtca ttctgtctgt ttttctcaat atctgtctat ctatctatct atctacctac     10020
     ctatctatct gcttgtcacc tatctaccta cctaacctct atctctatca tcaatcagcc     10080
     aatctatctc tctacctaca catcatctat cagtcaatct ttgtttcatc tgtctgccta     10140
     tcacctacct atcacctatc tctaggggtt tggcccacca aagccctcta ctctccttcc     10200
     tgtcctttaa ttatttcctt catctatcta ttgatctctc tatcctatct atcatctcta     10260
     ttaatcaagc tacgtattct ccatcatcta tttatcaata atctacctac ctatcatctc     10320
     tatcaatcaa tcaatatcat ctatccattc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     10380
     tctatctatc tattatttgt ctgcctatgt atgtatgtat tatctatcta tgatactagt     10440
     tatcaacaat ggatgagttt gcccctggag aacatttggc aacatctgga gacctttttg     10500
     gtgaccacaa ctacggaatg agaacatagc acactcttga agtaaaatgt gctgaggaac     10560
     atccagctgt ttctgaccca tttcagagac tgagcctcag aaccctatct tctctgtctg     10620
     aatatctgcc tcccgtgggc tctgttcaga ttatttactc ccagggctct gttccattgg     10680
     ttggttggct agtctcctct gaatgtgcat cgtggatctc catcgtagtc ttgatcccta     10740
     ttcgcccctt agatgcttac aaaattctca accatcacat ggtaaataca gctttgaatt     10800
     gtttccccaa caccgtctct ctcagccttt gccatccagc aaatgatagc atccccccac     10860
     atggagaatc ctcccctcca agattgtcct cattctcact cccaccactc agcaatttct     10920
     gctggctctt cctctaagta catttggaaa tgttctgtat gctttcatat ttactgcctg     10980
     gttgtgaatc cagcatccct caatttctct gcaggattca cctcatttct gcctccctct     11040
     cttgcccagc tctgacaagt tctccaggta gtggccaaca ttgctgtttt aacacatact     11100
     tcaattcatg tcactccctt ccttaaaccc tccaatcact cccttttgca cttggtgtaa     11160
     ataaaacata gtccttccca tgtcttctca gctcttaggt aacctggtca cagacaatct     11220
     cacctactca cctgatacca ttatttcccc tgcttgctgt atctagagaa atcccagcat     11280
     ccaagaaatg gaaaaggatt tttttttaag atgcagtctc actttgttgc caggctggag     11340
     tgcagtgctg ctatcttggc tcactgcaac ctccacttcc tggtttcaag caattcttct     11400
     gccttggcct cccaaggtaa ctccttacct caagtgatcc acccaccttg gcctcgcaaa     11460
     gtgctgagat tacaggcatg agccacccac acgcaacctg gaaaaggatt ttggcgctga     11520
     catcaattcc cttttgtgtg ttcaccattc cagacagatt tgttctaaaa tcctaaataa     11580
     taataaacac aacacatctg cccaaagatt acctaggatt agagcaggat ttcctcacct     11640
     cagcataact gacattggga cactattatc attttggata ggatcattct ttgttttatg     11700
     ttgctgtcat gtgcattgta aaatgttgag caacttccct gaccttcacc cattagatgc     11760
     cagtagcacc tgcttccata tttgtgatca ccaaaaatct ctacacatga tgacaaatgt     11820
     tccctagaaa caaacttttc cctggttgag aactactgcc acagatagac aatagacaga     11880
     caaacaggga gacagaaaga cagacagaga ggcagacaga tgatacaatg attgatagat     11940
     agaatgataa agatagatga tagataggtt gatagataat aggatattag atgatagata     12000
     agatagatga tagactgata ctggatagga tgatagactg ataggtgata gagatagata     12060
     aaaagtaggt atgttgatag gtaggtgatt ggatgataga tagaatagat atacatatgt     12120
     agaaaggtga taggtagatg acagatagat gtgatggatg gatagataat agaagataga     12180
     tagataggat acatagatat tagatacata gatgccatag atattagata catagatgga     12240
     tggaaaaata atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     12300
     gtggtggatg aatagataca agatagataa tggaaacatg ataggataat aagcagatga     12360
     taaaatgata gctgatagat gatagagata gatgaaaggt aggtatattg gtaggtacat     12420
     gataggatga tagatagatg aaatagatat aggtacatag atagatgata gatagatgga     12480
     tagatagata cccagataca gagctggatg caatggatag ataggtaata gatggtagat     12540
     agatagtaga tagatagata gatagataca ggtgatggat gatagatata tgatagatag     12600
     aaagatggat gtgatggatg gataatagat gatagataaa tagatgtaat ggatgaatag     12660
     atatatgatt gatatataga tgatagataa taaatgcttg acagatgata ggatgatgag     12720
     agataggatt atagatagat tgatagatga taggtaggta ggtaggtagt tagatagata     12780
     gatacagaca gagagacagg tagacaaatt tgtacatgct aaggtaaggt taccaaattt     12840
     ctgcaatctt gatgtttagg actgaatcaa tctgggttgt aggggccatc gtgtgcatta     12900
     caggatgttg agcatcatct ctatagagaa caaatcaatg gccatgctat aaagcaggca     12960
     agcttggtga gtctaaggaa tagaaagatg gccaataact ctgaacttta tggcaaacag     13020
     caaaatacca gagaggtaac taattgtcca ccatggaata ttcttctaaa atgatgaggc     13080
     catgcccaag tggaccaata atgaatctcc agaaataaga tgaggcatct tggagcagag     13140
     agttaagaaa ctgaatgaat agtaagtcaa ccaataatgg agtgaaacac tgaagctgca     13200
     cccaaaacca agttcctaat caggatcaac aaaccaaaca gtgagctttt gtataaagca     13260
     atgaaaatct ctgggtgtct tcctccattg ggaatgcctt tccccaagag acctgtacat     13320
     ggtcacaccc ctttgcttct gaagccctgc ttcaaatctc agctccccag agagctctgc     13380
     cacaggcatt aacccaccaa acccctctac tctccttcct gtcctttaat tatttcctta     13440
     tgaaattcac gattacctga aatgatcttt ttcattattt ttacccttct agtcaacctt     13500
     cttgctaaca gagctgagcc cttgcctatt tggttgaccc acccagaata gtaacttgca     13560
     gacccacaaa gctcaaatta tagctgtgac tgcattgcaa gatgaatcca tgcacataga     13620
     atctgtagca gacatcgttt catattgagg gcatttcaaa cagcacctcc cttatttttc     13680
     ctttcatttc tccatctcta aaagcattag agcttgtttt cagagccagc tacatcctga     13740
     aggcacatat aaagctgacc tgtacaatgc ttttgcaatt ttttaaagta aaattcaaat     13800
     ggcatggaat tcactattgt agacgctaca attcagtgcc atttagtaca ttcatactat     13860
     tgtgtataca tcatctctat cttgttccaa acatttttaa caccccaaaa ggagatctca     13920
     tatctgttaa gcagtcatgc tctactccct ctcctcctcc agcctttggg gaccaccact     13980
     ttctttcctg tatctatgaa tttgactatt gtgaacattt catatatatg gaatcataca     14040
     atatacattt aatatacatg gagtcataca atagatcagc agtccccagc ctttttggca     14100
     ctggggacca atttcatgga agacaatttt tccacagaca gggttgggga gggggtggtt     14160
     ttgggatgac tcaaatgcat tacattgttg tgcactttat ttcttttatc attgcattgt     14220
     aatatataat gaaataaatc tacaactcac catagtgtag aatcagtggg acccctgagt     14280
     ttattttcct tcaactagac agttccatct gagggtgaca ggagacagtg acagatcatc     14340
     aggcattaga ttctcataag gagtgcacaa cctagatccc ttgcgtacac agttcagaat     14400
     agggtttgtg cttctgtgag aatctcatgc tgtcactgat ctgacaggag gtggagctca     14460
     gacagtaatg ccagaaatgg ggagtggcca taaatacaga tggggtatgg aactcaggga     14520
     atgtatttgg actagagaag cacatatggt agtcatcact ggcgggtggg tggtaattgg     14580
     aaccacacat gtgggagagg ccattgactc tgaagccaac caggaaggaa aggggcttag     14640
     gaccaagtca aggaggaccc agtcagcaaa gattcaggca gaggaggagg aggaagcagt     14700
     gactgagacc aagttatggc cggaaaggtg gagaaaattc cagaggattt catatccagg     14760
     agaccaagag gataatgtga gctcaaaagc aaacactcta tgaagtgttt actataaata     14820
     tagagagagt tataaatata gatatagtta cctagataca tacatattga ttatatatac     14880
     attgtatatt ataaatttat aaatatagag ttataaatat atagttacct agatatctac     14940
     acattgatta tatataaatt gttatgaatt tatagagtta taaatatata gttacctaga     15000
     tacatacaaa ttgattatat atacattata tattaaaaat ttatacttat aaatatatag     15060
     ttacctagat acatacatat tgattatata tttaaaaatt tataaatata tttataaata     15120
     tagatatagt tcctagatag acacatattg attatatata aattacatat tataaattta     15180
     taaatatagt tataaatata gatatagtta cctagataca tacatattga ttatatacaa     15240
     atcatatatt atgaatttat atagagttat atagttacct agatacatac atactgatta     15300
     tatataaatt atatattata aacttataaa tatagatata gttacctaga tacatatata     15360
     ttgactatat ataaattata tattataaat ttatagagtt atagatatag ttacctagat     15420
     acatgcatat tgattatata taaattatat attataactt tatagagaga gttataaata     15480
     tagatatatt tacctagaaa tatacatatt ggttatatac aaattaaata ttataaatat     15540
     agttataaat atatagttcc tagatagata catattgatt atatataaat tatatattat     15600
     aaatttataa atacatagtt ataaatatag ttacctagat acatacatat caattatata     15660
     tttatatata aatatatgtt atatatttat atataaatat atgttatata tttatatata     15720
     aatatatgtt atatatttat atataaatat atgttatata tttatatata aatatatgtt     15780
     atatatttat atataaatat atgttatata ttttaaattt agaatttaaa tttatcattt     15840
     aaatttataa atgatttata atataaatat attgatttat atatatttat aatataaaga     15900
     tgttgattat atattactta taaatatatg tttctctata aatttatata ttgttatatc     15960
     acaattttaa aaagtaaata tgatgtgata catgccagag attcttcctt ttacctgaaa     16020
     atgctttcac gggtttatat atttatatcc atatatattt atatattatt tatatatatt     16080
     tagatataaa tatacattga ttatatgtct atatatctac atataatata tttattgata     16140
     tatcaatata tgtttatata tcatgataga tatatatcta tatattatat tatatattat     16200
     atataaaata taatataaaa tataatatat ataatataat ataaaatata atatatagat     16260
     atatatctat catgataaac atatattgat ataccaatag atatatatct tatttattat     16320
     atattataca gatatatatc attataatat atatttaatc tatatataga tatataatat     16380
     ctatatttat atattatata taatatagat atatattata taattatata tattctatat     16440
     attatataga tatataatag atctctatat tatatctata tagtatatat agatatatat     16500
     agatagagag atctattata tatctatata ttatatagat atatattatg taaatatata     16560
     tctattaaga tagatacata tttgtatata ttgagataga tatatatata aatatttttt     16620
     atatataggt atatatataa agacaaaaaa caacaaaaaa tagatatgat gtgatacatg     16680
     caaagattca tccttttacc tagaaatgtt tccccagttt gtagttattt atacagattc     16740
     ttctaaactt tcacagaagg tacattgtat aatgtatatg agtgaagctg ttttctttaa     16800
     cttagaaatg ttttttaaat acctgttagt aagtatttta agatattttt aagtaaaaat     16860
     tattattaat ggttaagcag ttataaagca tccattagtt accacacagt gtactaaaac     16920
     tgtggtttaa catgccttaa aggcaactca tgtataggat tccttgttta tgggattaca     16980
     gctgggtgat aaagacgcaa acataggttt tatcctctgg ccatgtacaa ggcgtgccat     17040
     tctttggctc cttaccctat tgagtgtcta tttgcttatt tgttttagga attctgaagt     17100
     gtaaaaagga caaagcttat gaaggcggtc agttgtgtgc aatgtgcttc agtccaaaga     17160
     agttgtacaa acatgagatt cacaagctga aggacctgac ttgtctgaag ccttccatag     17220
     agtctcctct gagacagaac aggagcagga gtattgagga ggagcaaaaa caagaagaga     17280
     atggtgacag ccagctcatc ctggagaaaa tccaacttcc ccagtggagc atctctttga     17340
     atatgactga tgagcacggg aacctggtga acttggtgtg tgacatcaag aaaccaatgg     17400
     atgtgtacaa aattcacttg aaccaaacag atcctccaga tattgacata aatgcaatgg     17460
     ttgccttgga ctttgagtat ccaatgaccc aggaaaacta tgaaaatcta tggaaattga     17520
     tagcatacta cagtgaagtt cccatgaagc tacacagaga gctcatgctc agcaaacacc     17580
     ccagagtcag ctaccagtac aggcaagatg ccgatgaaga agctctttac tacacaggtg     17640
     tgagagccca gattcttgca gaaccagaat ggatcatgca gccatccata gatatccagc     17700
     tgaaccgacc tcagagtacg gccaagaagg tgctactttc ctactacaac cagtattctc     17760
     aaacaatagc caccaaagat acaaggcagg ctcggggcag aagctgggta atgattgagc     17820
     ctagtagagc tgtgcaaaaa gatcagactg tcctggaagg gggtcgatgc cagttgagct     17880
     gcaatgtgaa agcttctgag agtccatcta tcttctgggt gcttccagat ggctccatcc     17940
     tgaaagtgcc tgtggatgac ccagacagca agttctccat tctcagcagt ggctggctga     18000
     ggatcaagtc catggagcca tctgactcgg gcttgtacca gtgcattgct caagtgaggg     18060
     atgaaatgga ccgcatggta tatagggtac ttgtgcagtc tccctccact cagccagccg     18120
     agaaagacac agtgacaatt ggcaagaacc caggggagcc agtgatgttg ccttgcaatg     18180
     ctttagctat acccgaagcc caccttagct ggattcttcc aaacagaagg ataattaatg     18240
     atttggctaa cacatcacat gtatacatgc tgccaaatgg aactctttcc atcccaaagg     18300
     tccaagtcag tgacagtggt taccacagat gtgtggctgt caaccagcat ggggcagacc     18360
     atatcacggt gggaatcaca gtgaccaaga aaggttctgg ctcgccatcc aaaagaggca     18420
     gatggccagg tccaaaggct ctttccagat gagagaagac atcgtggagg atgaaggggt     18480
     ctcaggcacg ggagatgaag agaacacttc aaggagactt ctacatccaa agcaccaaga     18540
     ggcgttcctc aaaacaaagg atgatgccat caatggagat aagaaagcca agaaagggag     18600
     aagaaagctg aaactctgga agcattcaga aaaagaacca gagaccagtg ttgcagaaga     18660
     tctcagagtg tttgaatcaa gacgaaggat aaacgtggca aacaaacaga ttaatccgga     18720
     gcactgggct gatattttag ccaaagtctt tgggaaaaat ctccctacag gcacagaagt     18780
     atccccaatt attaaaacca caagttctcc attcttgagc ctagtagtca caccaccttt     18840
     gcctgctgtt tctcccccct tggcatctcc aatacagaca gcaacaagtg ctgaagaatc     18900
     ctcagcagat gtacctctac tcagcgaagg aaagcacatt ttgagtacca tttcctcagc     18960
     cagcatggga ctagaacacc acaacaatgg agttattctt gttgaacctg aagtaacaag     19020
     cacacctctg gaagaagttg ttgatgagta ttccaagaag actgaggaga tgacttccac     19080
     tgaaggcgac ctgaagggga ctgcagcctc tacacttata tctgagcctt atgaacaatc     19140
     tcctactcta cacaccttag acacagtcta tgaagagccc acccatgaag agacggaaac     19200
     agagggttgg tctgcagcag atgttggatc ctcaccagat cccacatcca gtgagtatga     19260
     gcttccattg gttgttgtct ccttggctga gtctaagcct gtgcaatact ttgacccaga     19320
     tttggagact aattcacaac cacatgagga taacataaaa gaatacagtt ttgcacacct     19380
     tactccaacc gccatcatct ggtttaatga ctctagtaca tcactgtcat ttgaggattc     19440
     tactgtaggg gaacaaggtg tcccaggcaa atcacatcta caaggaccga cagagaacat     19500
     ccagcttgtg aaaagtagtt ttagcactca agacacctta ttgattaaaa aaggtatgaa     19560
     agagatgtct cagacactac agggaggaaa tatgctagag ggagacccta cacactccag     19620
     aagttctgag aatgagggcc aagagagcaa atccatcact ttacctgact ccacactggg     19680
     tataacgagc agtacgtctc cagttaagaa gcctgcggaa accacagttg tcaccctgct     19740
     acacaaagac accacaacag aaacaactcc aaggcaaaaa gtggcttcat catccaccat     19800
     gagcactcac ccttctcgaa ggagacccaa tgggagaaaa ttacaccctc acaaattcca     19860
     ccaccggcac aagcaaaccc cacccacaac ttttgctcca ttagagactt tttctactca     19920
     accaactcaa gcaactgaca ttaagatttc aaatcaaatg gagagttctc tggttcctac     19980
     atcttgggag attaacacag ttaatacccc caaacagctg gaaatggaga agaatgtaga     20040
     gctcatatca aagggaactc cacggagaaa acacgggaag aggccaaaca aacatcgata     20100
     taccccttct acagtgagtt caagagcatc tgcatccaag cccagccctt ctccagaaaa     20160
     taaacataga aacattgtta ctcccagttc agaaactaca cttttgccta gaaatgtttc     20220
     tctgaaaact gagggcgttt atgattcctt agattacacg acaaccacca gaaaaataca     20280
     ttcatctcac cataaagtcc aagacacact tccagtcatg tataaaccca catcagatgg     20340
     aaaagaaatt caggatgatg ttgccacaaa tgttgacaaa cataaaagtg acattttagt     20400
     ccctggtgag tcaattacaa atgtcacaca aacttctcgc tccttggtct ccactatggg     20460
     agaatttaag gaagaatcct ctcctgtggg ctttccagga attccaacct ggaatccctc     20520
     aaggaaagct cagcctggga ggctacagac agacatacat gttaccactt ctggggaaac     20580
     ccctacagac cctccccttg ttaacgagct tgaggatgtg gattttactt ctgagttttt     20640
     gtcctctgtg acagtctcca caccatttca ccaggaagaa gctggttttt ccacaattct     20700
     ctcaagcata aaagtggaga tggcttcaag tcaggtagaa actaccaccc ttggtcaaga     20760
     tcatcatgaa accactgtgg ctattctcca ctctgaaact agaccacaga atcacatcct     20820
     tactgctgcc tggatgaagg agccagcatc tttgtcccct cccatgattc tcctgtcttt     20880
     gggacaaacc accaccacta agccagaact tctcagtcca agaacatctc aaatatgtaa     20940
     agattccaag gaaaatgttt tcttgaatta catggggaat ccagaaacag aagcaacccc     21000
     agtgaaaaat gaaggaacac agcgtatgtc agggccaaat gaattatcaa caccatcttc     21060
     tgaccacgat gcatttaact tgtctacaaa gctagaattg gaaaagcaag tatttgatag     21120
     taggagtcta acacgtggcc cagatagcca ccaccaggat ggaagagttc atgcttctca     21180
     tcaactaacc agaatccctg ccaaacccat cctaccaaca ggaacagtga ggctgcctga     21240
     aatgtccaca caaagcactt ccagatactt tgtaactttc cagccacctc atcacgggac     21300
     caacaaacca gaaataacta catatccttc tagggctttg ccagagagca aacagtttac     21360
     aactccaaga gtagcaagta caactcctct cctatcacac atgtccaaac ccagcatttc     21420
     tagtaagttt gctgacctaa gaactgacca atccaatggc tcctacaaag tgtttggaaa     21480
     tagcaacatc cctgaggcaa gaaactcagt tggaaagcct ctcagtccaa gaatttatca     21540
     ttattccaat ggaagactcc ctttctttac caacaggact ctttcttttt cacagttggg     21600
     agtcacccgg agaccccaga taccctcttc tcctgtccca gtaatgagag agagaaaagt     21660
     taatccaggt tcctacaata ggatatattc ccatagcacc ttccatctgg actttggcct     21720
     tccagcacct ccactgttgc acactccatg gaccatggta tcacccccaa ctaacttaca     21780
     gaatatccct atggtctcat ccacccagag ttctgtctcc tttataacat cttctgtcca     21840
     gtcctcagga agcatccacc aaagcggctc aaagttcttt gcaggaggac cgcctgcatc     21900
     caaattctgg cctcttgggg aaaagcccca aatcctcacc aagtccccac agactgtgtc     21960
     tgtcactgct gaaacggacg ctgtgttccc gtgtgaggca ataggaaaac caaagccttt     22020
     cgttacttgg acaaaagttt ccacatgtaa gatttttaag catctactct tttttgggtc     22080
     aatttttatt ttattggcta gcaatattac aatacactaa aagagcatga ggtacaaaac     22140
     ataaacacgt taggagaaat atttacaaca aatttgggga attttttttt acttgaagaa     22200
     gtgtttattt ttataatttc agcttttatt ttagatgcag gggggaacac gtgcaggttt     22260
     ctcacatggg tatattgtat gatgctgagg tttggggcac aaatgatccc attacccagg     22320
     tagtgagcat agcatccaat aggtggattt tcagcccttg ctacccctcc ctgtctcctc     22380
     tagtagcccc aagtatccat ttttcctatc tttatgtcca tgtgtaccca atctacactt     22440
     caaccagagt gtaggagaaa gttactggag tcttacttta ggcacaacca gaaactcaga     22500
     aaataaggaa ttggtaggat gagaggagtc atctgaaatc ttaaatctaa gcatgtttct     22560
     ttgcagggac aggaagtgag gaactagaat ggatgtgaga ttttaatgga gccatggaaa     22620
     tatctaataa gtcctttgga tggagaataa cccaggtttg aaatattcca taagagagac     22680
     tctcactttt ttcagttggc tccaatacaa atgccttcaa ccaccatctg agggcagagt     22740
     ggatatgaga cgtggtctgt aaatccccct tgccctttta ccagcttgca aaggtaaacc     22800
     cagcttggtc agagatcagg ttatagtctt ctaagtgcta atcaggtgct tctttgactt     22860
     gaacctagac ccagggttat gttaatcagc ttgggctgcc atgacaaagt accactaact     22920
     gggcagttta agtagcagat agttattttc tcacaattgc agattttgga agtccaagat     22980
     caaggtgttg gcaagattag ttccttgtga ggcctctctc cttggtgtgt agttgccgtc     23040
     ttcttcctat gtcatacatg atccaacttc tgtttgtctg gattctaatg tcttcttata     23100
     aagataccag ttctatcaga ttagagacca tcctattgac ctcatttaac cttaatcacc     23160
     ttggtaaaga tcctatctcc agtcatattt tgagttcctg ggggatagga ctttaatata     23220
     taaatttggg gggacacatt tcagcccata aaaatggttt atacttggaa tcctgagaca     23280
     gacattcaaa gagcagctgg cttcctaaat tgaccatctg ctttctctga atgacagaac     23340
     agtttctagg ttacagaaga aaataaaacc agagaatcac aacctggaca aaagagcatc     23400
     tttttctcct ttctctttcc ttctctctca acacaaatgt atcttcagcc ctggattctg     23460
     atcagaggat tgtgtgtatg tgtgtctgtg tctatgagtg ttttgccttc atttcgataa     23520
     tacaaaatga tttatgctgc tagcacttag ctgtactttc tttgtactgc tttatctccc     23580
     aaatgttgga agttttccag aggttcacag agactctgag cctagggcaa ttgtttactt     23640
     ctttgataag cttagcactt gaagtcatag gttttcataa tttcataatg aattttgctg     23700
     gaagtggaaa atgagggaca ccatgggtta tttattccaa aagggttatg tccttgaagg     23760
     aacccattct ccttctggga atcccattta tataaatcct taggttcctt cacaccctat     23820
     gccatttcag agcatctttg aactttgccc ctgcaccaga cattcatgca catttttctt     23880
     ctacatttcc tggaatcagc tctcaatgct ggctgctcat ttgttagcta gctcttgttt     23940
     ttagacaaaa gctatttctc tcaatggatg gccaaatgag atttgctcac atccaaaagt     24000
     gttgtaattg catgttgtgg aactacatgg catggattta tcatgccttt gttttcagat     24060
     aaactaatct cttttattga ggcatcagag aaaaatggaa ggcactttaa aattgcccca     24120
     ggaggtgtaa gaataattgg caggaggttt cagtggtcct tcccttgcat ccaaaaccaa     24180
     atgaaagaca ggcactcttg tacctctgcg tcataaaatg cctcagtggg gaggtgggac     24240
     tccataagtg agggtcagca ggttggtgtc catgaccatg cccatggtca cctgtcattc     24300
     gggagggctc aaccacaaag ctaggtggga tcttagctgc attgcctgaa aagtagggag     24360
     attatatcag cactaagcaa tacctgctct ctaagacctg gtgggctggg cagactcaac     24420
     gggctgctga tcctggtttt ggaggggaca gctgtggtct tggctgcttc tgtaaacaca     24480
     ccagagtagt gaccttttat caatgtctgt tctgtgttgg aataatccat ccactatgaa     24540
     attattttca tagtgagagc aagtaatttt gcaggtgtgt gaccaccaga tgctttgtca     24600
     gagtatgagt tccccttgag gatggaaatg atgacgagct tgcaggattt gaaagcttca     24660
     tccaaaggat gaactccaat attagagaaa gttattagta aaacagttgg aggcactggt     24720
     cagaatgaag tgaatggcac acaggacaag tccagaccca ggaaggtcca gtaacatggg     24780
     agaagaacgg aaggagttct aaaattcagg gctcccttgg gctcccctgt ttaaaaatgt     24840
     aggttttatt attatatttc attgttaaca aaagtccatg agatctgtgg aggataaagg     24900
     gggagctgta ttttccatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa acagtttcca gattaggtgg     24960
     acctagcctt cagtgcaagt aaaaagtgct ctctgaagaa caaaggaagt agagacagtt     25020
     cctgcactgg ctcccaatca agtccattta cacaaattag gaattcaaat atgtttagtt     25080
     ctgactggtc aaaatagttg agccccgatt gggtgatttc caagccccaa actggaagtc     25140
     tctggcaagt tgtttgtcaa gagatactgc tctgagaaca aacagcattt gacagctgtt     25200
     ctctcctcct gccacggttg cttggttctg ttttgtaaat ttgcggatct ctatcagtca     25260
     caggggttcc atgttatgag agcttgaggt ctcatttaca gtttcattgc atgcctgtat     25320
     ggttaggcca agtgatcagc agatgactgc cattaaaaag atagtttgtt actcagttac     25380
     caggacagag taaaacacat catgcagggc cacagaggga agcaccaggt ttggttagga     25440
     agcagagaga taggaagaaa gtgtgggcaa gcaccttttt ttgtagtttc tatgggaaga     25500
     aacaggcgcg gcttagaatt gagtattttg aaaaatgtca gcaggctctg gagcacatgg     25560
     ggctgtccct agttgtatgt tacctgaccc tgggatagtt aaggctagag gatagtgacc     25620
     tggaatcaga cagcccaata aaggaggtgg ttagggtgtg gtctctggat tgattggttt     25680
     gcatatgcaa gctgcactca caggtgtgta gtttgctatc tctagtgatt atctagcttt     25740
     gggaggggta gtttccccag ggtcagcaaa accccagatg acagagcatc agaaacacac     25800
     aattaataca gagcctgatg attgcagtct taggaggtca aacagagtgt gaaatataga     25860
     gagtatagag agtggagaga aataaggacc tatgtcccat aactccaccc actggctaga     25920
     gtggtgagag gtcagatgtc actgagaagc ctgaattcat gctcaactca agtggggaat     25980
     gaccccatca tgaccccgac cccatcagtc taaccaatct accttatttt cttttctgtc     26040
     tgttttcttt tcttttttta cttctctctc tctttccttt tattattatt attattatta     26100
     aatagagttt cactctgttg cccaggcagg agtgcagtga catgatcatg gttcactgca     26160
     gcctctatgt cccaggctca agtgatcctc ccacctcagc ttcccaagta actgggacca     26220
     aaggcacatg ccaccgcacc cagctatttt tttttttttt tttttttttg tagaaacaga     26280
     gtttagatat gtggcctagg atggtctaga actcctgggc tcaagcatcc tcctgccttg     26340
     gcctgctaag gtgctgggag taatttacct ttcttgtgga ctcaagggcc tctctgggca     26400
     ggggggctgg ccactacaag cctgggatgc ccatgcaacc agctagccca aggagttcag     26460
     gagaatagca taagcatgaa taaataaggg agaggctgtg tctctagtaa ttgagcttgt     26520
     ggaatcttag ctcaccttgg aagtggctag gactcatgcc tgcttccaga attctctata     26580
     aaacccacat ttgccctctt ttgcttgaga atggccttgt ttctgggact agtataaaaa     26640
     tgaaaaagaa aaacaaaaca ttatttttct ctatcctttt tttaaagagc atatttattt     26700
     catatgtgtg tgatgacaaa aaatctactc tcaacaattt tcaaatataa actaaattgt     26760
     tattaactat agttgccatg agtataacat cacttaagca tattcctcct aactgaactt     26820
     tacattcttt aattaatagc ttcccctttc tcctaccccc agtccctggt aacccccatt     26880
     ccactatctg tttcttcttc tatgagttca actttcttcc attgcacata taagtgagat     26940
     catgcagtat ttgtctttct gtgcctggtt tatttcactt aacctaatat cctccaggtt     27000
     catttatgtt gtggcaaatg acagaatttc ctttaaaaaa aaaagacata atggtatttc     27060
     attgtgcata tatactgcat tttctttatc cattcattta ttgatggaca cttagctgaa     27120
     ttctgaatct tggctattgt gaatagcact gttataaaca cggaagtgca gatgtctcat     27180
     aaacaaactg acatcatttc ctttggataa atacccagta gtgggattgc tagaccatag     27240
     gcagctctat tgttagtttt atgaggaacc tccatgctgt tttccacagt ggctgtacca     27300
     atttacattc tcaccaacag tgtacgaggg tgcccatttc tccacatctt caccagtgtc     27360
     tgttgttttt ggtctttttg acaatagcca ttccagcagg catgaggtga tagctcagtt     27420
     ttacatttct ttaatggtta ggacaaaaac aatctgggtg tgatggctca catctctaat     27480
     cccagccctc tgggtagcca agacagagaa tcaattgagg ccagacgttc aagagcagcc     27540
     cgggcaaaaa gtaagaccat gtctctacaa aaaaaaaata ataataaaaa aagaaaaaaa     27600
     aatggtttta attatccagg actggtggcc tgcacatgta gtcccagcta cttagaaggc     27660
     tgagtccagg aggttgagac tgcagtgggc tatgattgta cctctgcacc cccgcctggg     27720
     agacagagca aaaccctatc tctaacaaat gaaataaaca taaaaaaact tttaaaaaca     27780
     ctaaaacatt ctaccttcta cacttgcttt tgctgtctgg gtgataaagt ggagacttag     27840
     attaactaat attgctcatt tgagcattat caagaaggca cagtttatgc caaagcttac     27900
     tatgttaatt ttctccagga gttcttatga ctccgaatac caggatacaa cggtttgagg     27960
     ttctcaagaa cggtacctta gtgataagga agtttcaagt gcaagatcga ggccagtata     28020
     tgtgcaccgc cagcaacctg tacggcctgg acaggatggt ggtctttctc tgggtcaccg     28080
     tgcagcaacc tcaaatccta gcctcccact accaggacgt caccgtctac ctgggagaca     28140
     ccattacaat ggagtgtctg gcgaaaggga ccccagcccc ccaaatttcc tggatcttcc     28200
     gtgacaggag ggtgtggcaa actctgtcct ccgtggaggg ccggatcacc ctgcaccaaa     28260
     accggaccct ttccatcaag gaggcgtcct tctcagacag aggcgtctat aagtgcgtgg     28320
     ccagcaacgc aacccgggcg gacagcgtgt ccatccgcct acacgtggcg gcactgcccc     28380
     ccattatcca ccaggagaag ctgtagaaca tctcgctgcc cccggggctc agcattcaca     28440
     ttcactgcac tgccaaagct gcgcccctgc ccagcgtgct ctgggtgctc ggggatggta     28500
     cccaaatccg cccctcgcat ttcctccacc ggaacttgtt tgttttcccc aacgggacgc     28560
     tctacatctg caacctcgcg cccaaggaca gcgggcgcta tgagtgcgtg gccgccaacc     28620
     tgatcggctc cgcgcgcagt acggtgcagc tgaacgtgca gcgcgcagca gcgaacgtgc     28680
     agcgcgcagc agcgaacgtg cagcgcgctg cgcgccaacg cgcgcatcac gggcacctcc     28740
     tcgcagagga cggacgtcag gtacggaggg accctcaagc tggactgcag cgcctcgggg     28800
     gatccctggc cgcgcatcct ctggaggctg ccgtccaaga ggacgatcga cgcgcttttc     28860
     aggtaggcag ctccgcgtgg cttcctgtaa atcgctgggc tggtggcccc aacgaatata     28920
     agtccttgtt caggatgaat atgcacacac attggtccct gcgtgcgata aaattaaatg     28980
     aaattaatta gcaggacacg gtggctcacg cctataatcc cagcactttg gggccaaggc     29040
     gggcggatca gttgaggtcc ggagttcgag accagcttgg ctaacatggt gaaaccctgt     29100
     ctcaacaaac atacaaaaat ttgccggacg tggtggcgag cgtctgcagt cccagctcct     29160
     cgggaggctg aggtaagata attgcttgaa cccagaaggt ggcggttgca gtgagccaag     29220
     atcacgccac tgcacgccag cctggacgac agactgacac tctatctaaa aataataata     29280
     agttaattaa ttaagttgag acagggtgtt gctctgtcac ccagactgca gtgcagtggt     29340
     gcgatcatac ctcactgcag cctcaaactc ctgggctgaa gcgatcccct gagtagctgg     29400
     gattacaggt gtgcaccatg aggcacgact cttcttcttc ttcttcctct tctccttctt     29460
     cttcttcctc ttcttcttct tttcttcttt cttcttcttc ttcctcttct tcttcctctc     29520
     cttcttctcc ttcttcttct tcctttcttc ttcctcttct tcttcttttc tttctttctt     29580
     tttctttctt cttctttctt cttcttcctc ttctttcttc ttcttttctt ctttcttctt     29640
     cttctccttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     29700
     ctttcttctc tcttcctctt cctattcttc ttcttctttc ttcctcttcc tcctcttcct     29760
     cttcctcttc ttcttctttc ttcaatttat gtagagatgg gatctgctat gttgccaagt     29820
     atgatcttga acacttaacc tcaagcagtc ctcctgccct gacctaccaa agtgctgaga     29880
     tgacaggctt gagccaccgc gcctgaccct gtgtgtgatt tttatgcaat gacattttgt     29940
     atctctaaac ttggatctac aacgaatgct taacttcctc ttaacaaata cttaacttcc     30000
     tcctctcttg tcccattcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggaaaaa aataaatcaa gaaactgttg     30060
     ttttaatgat tatatgttta actataatgt tagggcaaac aattcagctt gcttctattt     30120
     ccattgtaga tttcaacaat atacatagat gtgttaggct ttattttaat atggcattat     30180
     tggtacaatc aaagtgtaca cattgtttta aaagcatcat taccacacca acatagtgca     30240
     cttgaaatga tacaaatgta cttgggctat gaagaaagcc accttctaat caagtaccat     30300
     cagttcccag atatacaggt ttatggcagt gcttttcaac caagggtgat tttgccccag     30360
     gacaaccctt ggcaacatcc gaagacacct ttgattatca caaatggggc ggtgggtgct     30420
     tctggtatct ggtgggtgga gcccagggac agtgctcaac accttgcagt gcacaggatg     30480
     gcccatcaca gatagtcatc catcctacct tcaatgtcca tagtgccgag gtcaagttac     30540
     tctgtcttag caggaaagat tctatctatc tatctgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     30600
     tctatctatc tatctatcta atctataatc tatccatcct tctacctatt tcatctatct     30660
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcat ctctctgtct atccatccat     30720
     tatctatggc agtcgtttgc aaccaggcat caggtgttcc ttagtcccta ggggacactt     30780
     ggtgatgtat ggagacattt ttggtcatca tgactctggg gtggagggtg tgcttctggt     30840
     atctggttgc tgcagccctg ggatcctgct caacatccta cagtgcacaa gacaccccac     30900
     cacagattag cattcatctt gccttaaatg ttaatactgc tgaggtcaag taaccctgtc     30960
     ttagcatgta agattttgtc tgtccattta gctatctatt tatccattca ttcattcctg     31020
     tatacctaac ctatcatcca tccttatctc ttgtgtatct attcattcaa tcatacaccc     31080
     atatctgtct gtctgtctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     31140
     ctgcctatct gcctgcctac ctatccctct atggcaattg cttgcaacca gggagatttt     31200
     attcccagga gatatttggc tatgtctgac aacaattttt ttggttgtca caaatgggat     31260
     gaatgttact ggcatctggt gggtggagcc cagagatgct gctcaacacc ctacagtgca     31320
     caagacagac ccaccacaaa gaatcctcca tacagcctta aatgtcccta gtactgaagc     31380
     caagaaaccc tatcttagta tgaaaatgtt ggtctatctg tctatatacc tgcttatcta     31440
     tccatccatt tctatctacc taacctatcc atccatccat tctaatgtct tatgtatcca     31500
     tctattcatc catccaccca tctctccatc catttatcca tccatccatc gatatgtatg     31560
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatc tttctatcta tctatctatc tagtctgtct actgatctag     31620
     ctagctagct agctatggta gttgtttgca accaaggaga ttttactccc aggagacatt     31680
     tggctgtgtc tggaaacatt ttttggttgt cacagatggg atggatactg ctggcatctg     31740
     gtggatggag tccagggaca ttgctcaaca ccctacagtt cataggttgg ccccatcaca     31800
     gagaatcatc taggctcaaa tgtcactagt gccaaggttg agaaaccctg agctagattc     31860
     aaaaaagggc taatatctct ttaataagtg tgtcaaaaaa tagaggacac tgacagtaga     31920
     gtaaaggtaa aatggagtcc aactcagttc acgctgctat ggtggagaat ccctggattg     31980
     tgctgtcttc ggcattcagc agctcaagca ggaaagcctc tcaccatggt gagagcaaaa     32040
     tcagtgtcca agggtttctt ctgcacattt gtatctgccc ttctaggact ctttgcagtt     32100
     caggaaaagg gctgagatgc ctttcccctg cctgtatttt atactttaga tggctgggtg     32160
     gtgctctgaa gagcttgcac aatcagtcca gaagaatcat gtaccaaata tacccaggaa     32220
     tgccttccag cttagcagat gtgctgccac taagaaaact gttttccatt gaatttggca     32280
     tggtggaggc aattttgaat ggataacagt acaagaatgc agttccacta ggatttttga     32340
     gtcattctat taatatctcc atataaatcc taaataaatt ataaactgtt atttatgtta     32400
     ctttattctt tgtaaattct gactatattc ttagtaaagt gtaattgaac aaatcatgtg     32460
     cattttgtca gagcaggctc ttccctgcct acatgttggg attatttaaa aataaaaata     32520
     tagggccttg tgtgatgcct gacacctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc caatgtgggt     32580
     ggattgcttg aggtcaggag ttcaagacca gcctgaccaa catggtgaaa ccctgtctct     32640
     actcaaaata caaaaattag cagggcatag tgcacatgcc tgtagtccca gctacttgga     32700
     agcctgaggc aggagaattg cttgaaccca gaaggtagag gtttcagtga gccaagatca     32760
     ggccactgca ctgcagcctg ggtgacaaag tgagactcca tctcaaaaaa caaaaagaaa     32820
     aacaagtatc agagctttgt ttcttgaagt caaatccctc acaatgcata gacatctgtg     32880
     gctttcagat ttgctcagtt gatttattct gatgaaaact ggattagggg tcactgttac     32940
     ggaagccata gaacgtttac atacacatgc taccataatc atttttggat tcaaactcca     33000
     agacacatta aaatgtgctt gcctgcccca cagctattaa attccttact gagttacatt     33060
     gacttcattc tcactcataa cccacaaaac agtatatttt gtcattgtta attgttgctt     33120
     ttattacaat gattaggttg aatgtaagca caagcaggct catttttgtt aagatctatg     33180
     acattgtctt agacatgtca ttagaaaaat ggaatgttgc cacatgtggt ggcacatgcc     33240
     tgtattccca gcactttggg agatgagcag aaggatcact taagtccagg agttcaaaac     33300
     cagcccagac aacatagcaa aatcctgtct ctacaaaaaa acaaaaacaa aaaagcaaaa     33360
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaacacctc cagccaggca taggcatatt     33420
     ggtatatggt tatagtccaa actactcagg aggctgagat aatagggtcc cttgagtcca     33480
     ggagatcaag actacagtta gctatgattg caccactgca ctccaccctg gatgacaaag     33540
     caagatccca attcttcaga aaaaaaagaa agtgtggcat ttaggaaata ttaaggctcc     33600
     cattacaatg tatgtgtcat ggaggattca acagggacaa ttttaaaagt gagaactttc     33660
     tcaatctttt cactggatta tccaacatgc tagttctgaa taactaaagg atacttcagt     33720
     atttatgaaa ctgttacata tataatgaag attttcctat catcctttct aggttgcctc     33780
     tattaaactg tttgtaatta ttaactcagc agtgcttaga cttcatgggg aagaatggta     33840
     caccagcctt ggggtcttag ctagtgagtg ttattcagct ttaattacaa attctagaaa     33900
     acccgttaca ccaatattgc caacttctga agagcccaat tttagccttg gaactctggg     33960
     cataaccata attacatgac cttagagttg ctttttctga ctcttgccca aaactgggat     34020
     acaacagctt aaaaaaaaaa ttgccaaaag tagaaacagt gtctaaagca ttttctccag     34080
     gaagaaatta acatctttat taggctgact cagattcatc accatctcca tgactgcagc     34140
     attttatctg attttgtttt tacattgacc tctgcaatga ctaccatgca aatacttgat     34200
     ccagacacac ttgcaggaat aggactgaca tctttgacta catttcatgt ccttgaaccc     34260
     atggtcaggc caacctaaca tcagatttaa cagggagttg ttatttgcag tcaatcactt     34320
     tccacaatct tctccaggct gtaaaaacca ttgggcattt tgcaatagca gccacgtggg     34380
     ctgatgcatc acagaaatac ctattttttg tgttattcca gtgacataac gccatggtag     34440
     agtatttggg aaactgacat cttaattgtt tttctttttt tctgtagttt tgatagtaga     34500
     atcaaggtgt ttgccaacag gaccctggtg gtgaaatcaa tgacagacaa agacgccgga     34560
     gattacctgt gtgtagctcg aaataaggtt ggtgatgact gcgtggtgct caaggtggat     34620
     gtgatgatga aaccggccaa gattgaacac aaggaggaga acgaccacaa agtcttctac     34680
     aggggtgacc tgaaagtgga ctgtgtggcc actggacttc ccaatcccga gatctcctgg     34740
     agcctcctgg atgggagtct ggtgaactcc ttcatgcagt cagatgacag tggtggacgc     34800
     accaagcact atgtggtctt caacaatggg acactctact tcagtgaagt ggggatgagg     34860
     gaggaaggag actacacctg ctttgctgaa aatcaggttg ggaaggatga gatgagagtc     34920
     agagtcaaga tggtgacacc tgccaccatc tggaacaaga cttacttggc agttcaggta     34980
     ccctatggag atgtggtcac tgtaacctgt gaggccaaag gagaacccat gcccaaggtg     35040
     acttggttgt ccccagccaa cagggtgatc cccacctcct ctgagaagta tcagatatac     35100
     caatatggca ctctccttat tcagaaagcc cagtgctctg acagcggcaa ctacacctgc     35160
     ctggtcagga acagtgccgg agaggatagg aagacagtgt ggattcacgt caacctccag     35220
     ccacccaaga tcaatggtaa ccccaacccc atcaccaccg tgtgggagat agcagccggg     35280
     ggcagtcgga aactgattga ctgcaaagct gaaggcatcc ccaccccgag ggtgttatgg     35340
     gcttttcccg agggtgtggt tctgccagat ccatactatg gaaaccggat cactgtccat     35400
     ggcaacggtt ccctggacat caggagtttg aggaagagcg actccgtcca gctggtatgc     35460
     atggcacgca acgagggagg ggaggcgagg ttgatcgtgc agctcactgt cctggagccc     35520
     atggagaaac ccatcttcca cgacccgatc agcgagaaga tcacggccat ggcgggccac     35580
     accatcagcc tcaactgctc tgccgcgggg accctgacac ccagcctggt gtgggtcctt     35640
     cccaatggca ccgatctgca gagtggacag cagctgcagc gcttctacca caaggctgac     35700
     ggcatgctac acattagcgg tctctcctcg gtggacgccg gggcctaccg ctgcgtggcc     35760
     cgcaatgccg cgggccacac ggagaggctg gtctccctga aggtgggact gaagccagaa     35820
     gcaaacaagc agtatcataa cctggtcagc atcatcaatg gtgagaccct gaagctcccc     35880
     tgcacccctc ctgcagctgg gcagggacat ttctcctgga cactccccaa tggcatgcat     35940
     ctggagggcc cccaaaccct gggacgcgtt tctcttctgg acaatggcac cctcacggtt     36000
     cgtgaggcct cggtgtttga caggggtacc tatgtatgca ggatggagac ggcgtacggc     36060
     ccttcggtca ccagcatccc cgtgattgtg atcgcctatc ctccccggat caccagcgag     36120
     cctaccccag tcatctacac ccgtcccggg aacaccgtga aactgaactg catggctatg     36180
     gggattccca aaggtgacat cacgtgggag ttaccggata agttgcatct gaaggcaggg     36240
     gttcaggctc gtctgtatgg aaacagattt cttcaccccc agggatcact gaccatccag     36300
     caggccagac ggagagacgc tggcttctac aagtgcacgg caaaaaacat tctcagcagt     36360
     gactccaaaa caacttatat ccatgtcttc tgaaatgtgg attccagaat gattgctcag     36420
     gaactgacaa caaagcgggg tttgtaaggg aagccaggct ggggaatcag agctcttaaa     36480
     taatgtgtca cagtgcatgg tggcccccgg tgggattcaa gttgaggttg atcttgatct     36540
     acaattgttg ggaaaaggaa gcaatacaga catgagtaaa agggctcagc ctcactgaga     36600
     actttctttt gtgtttacat catgccaggg gcttcattca gggtgtctgt gctctgactg     36660
     taatttttat ttttttgcaa atgtcattcg actgcctgcg taagtgtcca taggatatct     36720
     gaggaacatt caccgaaaat aagccataga catgaacaac acctcactcc cccattgaag     36780
     atgcatcgtc tagttaacct gctgcagttt ttacatgata gactttgttc cagattgaca     36840
     agtcatcttt cagttatttc ctctatcact tcaaaactcc agcttgccca ataaggattt     36900
     agaactagag tgattgttat atatataaat tatatatata taaattaaat ttatatatat     36960
     ataatttata tataatatat atattttaat tcagagttac atacatacag ctaccatttt     37020
     atatgaaaaa aacatttctt cctggaaccc actttttatg taattttttt atataaatat     37080
     ttttcctttc aaatcagatg atgagactag aaggagaaat actttctgtc tcattaaaat     37140
     taataaatga ttggtcttta caagacttgg atacattaca gcagacatgg aaatagaatt     37200
     ttaaacaatt cctctccaac ctccttcaaa ttcagtcgct actgttatgt tactttctcc     37260
     agcaaccctg cactggggaa ggctgtgata ttagatttcc ttgtatgcaa agtttttgtt     37320
     gaaagctgtg ctcagcggag gtgagaggag aggaggagaa aactgcatca tatctttcca     37380
     gaattgaatc tagagtcttc cctggaaagc ccagaaactt ctctgcagta tctgacttgt     37440
     ccatctggtc taaggtggct gcttcttccg caaccatgag ttagtctgtg tccatgaata     37500
     atacaagatc tgttatttcc atgactgctt tactgtaatt ttagggtcaa tatactgtac     37560
     atttgataat aaaatatatt ctcccaaaaa cctggcagtg atgacaatgc tattttcttt     37620
     tttttttttt taattatact ttaagttcta gggtacatgt gcacaatgtg caggttagtt     37680
     acatatgtat acatgtgcca tgctggtgcg ctgcacccac taactcgtca tctagcatta     37740
     ggtatatctc ccaatgctat ccctcccccc tacccccacc ccaaaacagt ccccagagtg     37800
     tgatattccc cttcctgtgt ccatgtgatc tcattgttca attcccacct atgagtgaaa     37860
     atatacggtg tttggtttct ctttcttgcg atagtttact gagaatgatg atttccaatt     37920
     tcatccatat ccctacaaag gacatgaact catcattttt tatggctgca tagtattcca     37980
     tggtgtatat gtgccacatt ttcttaatcc agtctatcat tgttggacat tttggttggt     38040
     tccaagtctt tgctattgtg aataatgcca caataaacat acgtgtgcat gtgtctttat     38100
     agcagcatga tttatagtcc tttgggtata tacccagtaa ggggatggct gggtcaaatg     38160
     gtatttccag ttctagatcc ctgaggaatc gccacactga cttccacagt ggttgaacta     38220
     gttgacagtc ccaccaacag tgtaaaagtg ttcctatttc tccacatcct ctccagcacc     38280
     tgttgtttcc tgacttttta atgattgcca ttgtaactgg tgtgagatgg tatctcattg     38340
     tggttttgat ttgcatttct ctgatggcca gtgatgatgg acattttttc atgtgttttt     38400
     tggctgcata aatgtcttct tttgagaagt gtctgttgat gtccttcacc cactttttga     38460
     tggggttgtt tgtttttttc ttgtaaattt gtttgagttc attgtagatt ctggatatta     38520
     gccctttgtc agatgagtag gttgtgaaag ttttctccca tgttgtaggt tgcctgttca     38580
     ctctgacggt agattctttt gctgtgcaga agctctttag tttaattaga tccaatttgt     38640
     caattttgtc ctttgttgcc attgcttttg gtgttttaga catgaagtcc ttgcccatgc     38700
     ctatgtcctg aatggtaacg cctaggtttt cttctagggt tttgatggtt ttaggtctaa     38760
     tgtttaagtc tttaatccat cttgaattga tttttgtata aggtgtaagg aagagatcca     38820
     gtttcagctt tctacatatg gctagccagt tttcccagca ccatttatta aatagggaat     38880
     cctttcccca ctgcttgttt ttctcaggtt tgccaaagat cagatagttg tagatatgcg     38940
     acattatttc tgagttctct gttctgttcc attgatctat atctctgttt tggtaccagt     39000
     accatgctgt tttggttact gtagccttgt attatagttt gaagtcaggt agtgtgatgc     39060
     ctccagcttt gttcttttgg cttaggattg atttggcgat gtgggctctt ttttggttcc     39120
     atatgaactt taaagcagtt ttttccaatt ctgtgaggaa agtaattggt agcttgatgg     39180
     ggatggcatt gaatctgtaa attacctttg gcagtatggc cattttcacg atattgattc     39240
     ttcctaccca ttagcatgga gtgttcttcc atttgtttgt atcctctttt atttccttga     39300
     gcagtggttt gtagttctcc ttgaagaggt ccttcacata ccttgtaagt tggattccta     39360
     ggtattttat tctctttgaa gcaattgtga atgggagttc actcatgatt tggctctctg     39420
     tttgtctgtt gttggtgtat aagaatgctt gtgatttttg tacattgatt ttgtatcctg     39480
     agactttgct gaagttgctt atcagcttaa ggagattttg ggctgagaca atggggtttt     39540
     ctagatatac agtcatgtcg tctgcaaaca gggacaattt gacttcctct tttcctaatt     39600
     gaataccctt tatttccttt tcctgcctaa ttgccctggc cagaacttcc aacactaggt     39660
     tgaataagag tggtgagaga gagggcatcc ctgtcttgtg ccagttttca aagggaatgc     39720
     ttccagtttt tgcccattca gtatgatatt ggctgtgggt ttgtcataga tagctcttat     39780
     tattttgaaa tacgtcccgt caatacctat tttattgaga gtttttagca tgaagagttg     39840
     ttgaattttg tcaaaggcct tttctgcatc tattgagata aacatgtggt ttctgtcttt     39900
     ggttctgttt atatgctgga ttacatttat tgatttgtgt aaattgaacc aggcttgcat     39960
     cccagggatg aagcccactt gatcatggtg aataagctta ttgatgtgct gctgggtttg     40020
     ttttgccagt attttattga ggatttttcc atcaatgctc atcaaggata ttggtctaaa     40080
     attctctttt tttgttgtgc tctgcctggc tttggtatca ggatgatgct gtcctcataa     40140
     aaagagttag ggaggattcc ctctttttct attgattgga atagtttcag agggaatggt     40200
     accagttcct ccttgtactt ctggtggaat tcggctgtga atccatctgg tcctggactc     40260
     tttttggttg gtaaactatt gattattgcc acaatttcag atcctgttat tggtctattc     40320
     ataggttcaa ctttttcctg gtttagtctt gggagagtgt atgtgtccag gaatttatcc     40380
     gtttcttcta gattttctag tttatttgca tagtggtgtt tgtagtattc tctgatggta     40440
     gtttgtattt ctgtgggatc ggtggtgtta tcccctttat cattttttat tgcatctatt     40500
     tgattcttct ctcttttttc tttattagtc ttgctagcag tctataagtt ttgttgatcc     40560
     tttcaaaaaa ccagctcctg gattcattaa ttttttgaag ggttttttgt gtctctattt     40620
     ccttcagttc tgctctgatt ttagttattt cttgccttct gctagctttt gaatgtgctc     40680
     ttgcttttct agttctttta attgtgatgt tagggtgtca aatttggatc tttcctgctt     40740
     tctcttatgg gtatttagtg ctataaattt ccctctacac actgctttga atgtgtccca     40800
     gagattctgg tatgttgggt ctttgttctc gttggtttca aagaacatct ttatttctgc     40860
     cttcatttcg ttatgtaccc agtagtcatt caggagcagg ttgttcagtt tccatgtagt     40920
     taagcagttt tgagtgagat tcttaatcct gagttctagt ttgtatgcac tgtggtctga     40980
     gagatagttt gttataattt ctgttctttt acatttgctg aggagagctt tacttccaag     41040
     tatgtggtca attttggaat aggtgctgtg gtgctgaaaa aaatgtatat tctgttgatt     41100
     tggggtggag agttctgtag atgtctatta ggtccgcttg gtgcagagcc gagttcaatt     41160
     cctgagtatc cttgttgact tgctgtctcg ttgatctgtc taatgttgac agtggggtgt     41220
     taaagtctcc cattattaat gtgtgggagt ctaagtctct ttgtaggtca ctcaggactt     41280
     gctttatgaa tcttggtgct cctgtattgg gtgcatatat atttaggata gttagctctt     41340
     cttgttgaat tgatcacttt accaatatgt aatggccttc tttgtctctt tttatctttg     41400
     ttggtttaaa gtctgtatta tgagagacta ggattgcaac ccctgccttt ttttgttttc     41460
     catttgcttg gttgatcttc ctccatcctt ttattttgag cctgtatgtg tctcgcacgt     41520
     gagatgggtt tcctgaatac agcacactga tgggtcttga ttctgtatcc aatttgccag     41580
     tctgtgtctt ttaattggag aatttagtcc atttaccttt aaagttaata ttgttatgtg     41640
     tgaatttgat cctgtcatta tgatgctagc tggttatttt gattgttagt tgatgcagtt     41700
     tcttcctagt cttgatggtc tttacaattt ggcatgattt tgcagtggct gttactggtt     41760
     gttcctttcc atgtttagcg cttccttcag gagctctttt agggcaggcc tgatggtgac     41820
     aaaatctctc agcatttgct tttctgtaaa gtattttatt tctcctttgc ttatgaagct     41880
     tagtttggct ggatatgaaa ttctgggttg aaaattcttt tctttaagaa tgttgaatat     41940
     tggcccccac tctcttctgg cttgtagggt ttctgccgag agatccgctt gaatctgaac     42000
     attggccttc cttgctagat tggggaagtt ctcctggata atatcctgca gagtgttttc     42060
     caacatggtt ccattctccc catcactttc aggtacacca atcaggcgta gatttggtct     42120
     tttcacatag tcccatattt cttggaggct ttgctcattt ctttttattc ttttttctct     42180
     aaacttccct tctcacttca tttcattcat ttcaccttcc agtactgatg ccctttcttg     42240
     ctgttgatca catcggctcc tgaggcttct gcattcttta cgtagttctt gagccttggt     42300
     tttcagctcc atcagctcct ttaagcactt ctctgtattg gttattctag ttatacattc     42360
     ttctaaagtt ttttcaaagt tttcaacttc tttgcctttg gtttgaatgt cctcccatag     42420
     ctcagaataa tttgattgtc tgaagccttc ttctctcagc tcgtcaaagt cattctccgt     42480
     ccagttttct tctgttgctg gtgaggaact gcattccttt ggaggaggag aggctctctg     42540
     ctttttagag tttccagttt ttctgttctg ttttttcgcc atctttgtgg ttttatctac     42600
     ttttggtgtt tgatgatggt gatgtacaga tgagtttttg gtgtggatgt tctttctgtt     42660
     tgttagtttt ccttctaaca gacaggacac tcagccgcag gtctgttgga atacccggct     42720
     gtgtgaggtg tcagtctgcc cctgctgggt acctcccagt taggctgctc gggggtcagg     42780
     tgtcagggac ccacttgaag aggcagtctg ccccttctca gatctccagc tgcgtgttgg     42840
     gagaaccact gctctcttca aagctgtcag acagggacat ttaagtctgc aaaggttact     42900
     gctgtctttt tgtttgtctg tgccctgccc ccagaggtgg agcctacaga ggcatgcagg     42960
     cctccttgag ctgtggtggg ctccacccag ttcaagcttc ctggctgctt tgtttaccta     43020
     agcaagcctg ggcaatggcg ggcgcccctc ccccagcctc gctgccacct tgcagtttga     43080
     tctcagactg ctgtgctagc aatcagcgag actctgtggg tgtaggaccc tccgagccag     43140
     gtgcgggata taatctcgtg gtgcaccgtt tttttaagcc cattggaaaa acgcagtatt     43200
     caggtgggag tgacccaatt ttccacgtgc catctgtcac cccttccttt gactcggaaa     43260
     ggaactccct gaccccttgc gcttcccaag tgaggcaatg ccttgccctg ctttggctgc     43320
     cacacagtgc acgcatccac tgacctgcgc ccactgtctg gcactcccca atgagatgaa     43380
     cccagtacct cagatggaaa tgcagaaatc accgtcttct gcgtcgctca cactgggagc     43440
     tgtagaccgg agctgttgct attcggccat cttcaacaat gctattttca aggacaaaag     43500
     agggtcacat taatttgggt ttccatcaga gtggttgaaa aaactgcttt catcaccttc     43560
     tctcaatgat tagcttctct acacattttt aacaggcaag gaaactgagt caaaggcaat     43620
     gcttctgatg acagatttgg caggcaggaa ggcaggattt gagtgtcagt tgcatgtagt     43680
     gacaatttca gtattcagca agacagcttg gggactgaga agcagtgctc taggaaatca     43740
     ttcaggattt ttctttttta tattgttttc aaagagacac ctgtatatac atgtatttgt     43800
     attccacaaa tatgcaaaac tgtccttctt ttgcttcccc tgagagtaag gaaaaaggca     43860
     aacaagataa atatttggga aaaatattac tgtcagcatt tcaagaaatg cagtgtcaca     43920
     aattgttaaa gaatgtcggt catggaaact aaagaatgct ggtttatttt tttttaactc     43980
     tgtggaaggc atagagcatg tctctcattc atgaatccac ttatttgctt aaatatgtct     44040
     gcacagccct tacttgtgct ggatatcaac agagcctgag gaagcagaga ggaggaggag     44100
     gaggtggtgc ttggagtgtt tatgctcaat agactggttc ttcagatggt gcagggtctc     44160
     tcaaaatgcc catgaatgac atttggggat ggatgattct ctgggcttgg gtgtcctgtg     44220
     tagggtgttg agaagtatcc ctgggctcta cctgccacat gctagcatcc ccccaccccc     44280
     aaaaagttgt gatgaccaaa atgtctctgg acattaccaa atgccccttt agagggtgca     44340
     aacttgctcc tgagagccac tgatgcggac agattagatt ggtaaataga taactgatag     44400
     atgattgata tagatagata agtgatagat agatggtaga caggtgatag ataaatgact     44460
     ggcagataca aagagataga tgataggttg ataatagata tagatagggg acaaagattg     44520
     atacagatag atgattgata gatataaata gatagtagat acagatagga gtaagatagg     44580
     tagatagata atagatggtt ggatggagga tagatagata aatgatggat ggataaatga     44640
     tggatggttg gatggatgat agatacacag ataaataaat gatggatggt tgggtggatg     44700
     ataggtatat agataaatag atgtatgttt ggatgaatta tagatagaag atagagtgac     44760
     agataatgta tggttgaata gatgatcaat aattggatag atacctatgt agatagactg     44820
     atgacagatg gttgggtgga ttagataggt agttgggtag atgatagatg tatagataaa     44880
     tagaagatgc atggttggat aggtgataga tgaatggatg gatgatagat gagagatgag     44940
     agatagagat gagagataga tagatagaga tgagagatag atacatacat acatacatac     45000
     atacatacat acatacatac acagacaaat aaatgagggt tgactggatg gataatagat     45060
     agagtttctc atgctaagga tttctccgcc tcagcagtat ggacatctgg ggcaggagga     45120
     ttctctatgg tgggactgtc ctgtgcactg tagggtgttg agcagagtcc ctgggctcca     45180
     cccacaagat gccaggagca cgcaccaccc cagtggacaa ccaaaaatgt ctctagatat     45240
     ggctacattc cctgcataag gctgtacctt tcctgattgc gaaacactgt gctaggtaaa     45300
     tacacgcagc agagggtttc agaaacatgt tcatttggac agtcttcttc agtgcatgat     45360
     gtggaaactg agatctgggg aggtaagttc acctaggtgt agagaatgtt tctgcaggac     45420
     ataccttggt aaaattttac ctggaaaaaa attggcaaaa acatcctatc aacaaaaatt     45480
     tctgcattca catgaggtga tgggctgaag aggtgtttgg aaacattaaa agtgtttcag     45540
     agagcattca gattctagaa gattaaaaaa ccaagtggga ttgtagtccc atttaaaaag     45600
     agctatattt ttatgactta gatagcattt tcactgagtc aagaatagaa gaatggctgg     45660
     gcagaatgat atgaacaaat gagaggacgt gttctcctgg ccgcaaaaag atcatgaaga     45720
     aagtgcgacc ctcaagtaaa gagacctggg gtttagtaat agatataatg taatagtggt     45780
     gcaggcccgt agtcacagct actcaggagg ctgagctagg aggattactt gagcccagga     45840
     gtttgaggct gcagtttgca aaaaaatcat ttctacctgc aacctgtcag tgcaacctta     45900
     tttgaaaaaa gagtttttgc agatgtaatc atgtgaagga cctggaaatg agattattct     45960
     ggataaggat gggttctaaa tgcaataagt gtgcctataa gagacaaatc aggggacaca     46020
     gacacagagg aggaggccat gtggagacag aggcagaaaa tggagtgaca tggcccaggg     46080
     attcctggag cccccaggat ctggaagagg taggaaggat cctcccctgg aacatccaga     46140
     gggaactgca tacaattgta gtgcattgaa cagtggcccc caaaatatat gcccatattc     46200
     tgactcccag atcctgggaa tgggacctta tttggaaata gggtctttgc aggtgtaatt     46260
     aagttaaaga tcttgagacg agttcatcct ggattagacg ggctctaaat ccaataatag     46320
     gtgtctgtcc taagagacaa aacaggagga acagacacag gagaaggcct tgtggagatg     46380
     gaggcagact ggagtgatgc agccacaagc ccagggacat ctggagcccc ccaggagctg     46440
     ggagaggcag gaaggatcct cccctagagc ctccataggg agcatggccc tgagacactt     46500
     tgatgtcaga cttctggtct ccaaaactga gaaggagtcc attctgtttt tttttttttc     46560
     tttctgaagg taacatatat ttttatttct tttcttatta ttattatact ttaagtttta     46620
     gggtacatgt gcacaatgtg caggtttgtt acatatgtat acatgtgcca tgttggtgtg     46680
     ctgcacccat taactcatca tttagcatta ggtatatcac ctaatgctat ctctcctctc     46740
     tccccacact ccaaaacagt ccccgatgtg tgatgttccc cttccggtgt ccatgtgttc     46800
     tcattattca gttcccacct atgagtgaga acatgcggtg tttggttttt gtccttgtga     46860
     cagtttgctg agaatgatgg tttccagctt catccaggtc cctacaaagg acacgaactc     46920
     atcatttttt atggctgcat attattccat ggtgtatatg tgccacattt tcttaatcca     46980
     gtctatcatt gttggacatt tgggttggtt ccaagtcttt gctattgtga atagtgccac     47040
     aataaacatg catgtgcatg tgtctttata gcagcatgat ttataatcct ttgggtatat     47100
     aaccaataat gggatggctg ggttaaatgg tatttttagc tctagatccc agaggaatag     47160
     ccacaccaac ttccacaatg gttgaactag tttacagtcc caccaacagt gtaaaagtgt     47220
     tcctatttct ccacatcctc tccagcacct gttgtttcct gactttttaa tgattgccat     47280
     tctaactggt gtgagatggt atctcattgt ggttttattt ccatttctct gatggccaat     47340
     gatgatgagc attttttcat gtgttttttc actgcataaa tgtcttgaga agtgtctgtt     47400
     catatccttc tcactttttg atggggttgt ttattttttt tcttgtaaat tagtttgagt     47460
     tcattgtaga ttctggatat tagccctttg tcagacaagt aggttgcaaa aatgttctcc     47520
     cattctatag gttgcctgtt cactctgatg gtggtttcat ttgctgagca gaagctcttt     47580
     agtttaatca gatcccattt gtctattttg gcttttgttg ccattgtttt tggtgtttta     47640
     gacatgaagt ccttgcccat gcctatgccc tgaatggaaa tgcctaggta ttcttctagg     47700
     gttttttatg gttttaggtc taacatgtaa gtctttaatc catcttgaat taatttttgt     47760
     ataaggtgta aggaagggat ccagtttcag ctttctacat atggctagcc agttttccca     47820
     gcaccatttc ttaaataagg aatcctttcc ccattgcttg tttttctcag gtttgtcaaa     47880
     gatcagatgg ttgtagatac gtggcattat ttctgaggac tctgttctgt tccattggtc     47940
     tatatctctg ttttggtacc agtaccatgc tgtttttgtt actgtagact tgcagtatag     48000
     tttgaagtca ggtagcgtgg tgcctccagc tttgttctct tttggcttag gattgacttg     48060
     gcaatgtggg ctattttttg gttccatatg aactttaaag tagatttttc caattctgtg     48120
     aagaaagtca ttggtagctt gatggggatg gaattgaatc tataaatttc cttaggcagt     48180
     gtggccattt tcatgatatt gattcttcct acccatgagc atggaatgtt cttcaagttg     48240
     tttatatcct cttttatttc attgagcagt ggtttgttgt tctccttgaa gaggtccttc     48300
     acatcccttg taagttggat tcctaggtat tttattctct ttgaagcaat cgtgtatggg     48360
     agttcactca ggatttggct ctctgtttcc ctgttattgg tgtgtaagaa tgcttgttag     48420
     ttttgcacat taattttgta tcctgagact ttgctgaaat tgcttatcag cttaaggaga     48480
     ttttgggctg agacaatggg tttttctaga aatacaatca tgtcatctgc aaacagggac     48540
     aatttgactt cctcctttcc taattgaatg ccctttattt tcttctcctg cctgattgcc     48600
     cttgccagaa cttccaacat tatgttgaat aggagtggtg agagagggca tccctgtctt     48660
     gtgccagttt tcaaagggaa tgcttccagt tttgtgcatt cggtatgata ttggctgtgg     48720
     gtttgtcata gatagctctt attattttga gatatgtccc atcaatacct aatttattgg     48780
     tagtttttag catgaaggtt gttgaatttt gtcagaggca ttttctgcat ctattgagat     48840
     aatcatgtgg tttttgtcat tggttctgtt tatatggtgg attaagttta ttgatttgca     48900
     tatgttgaac tagtcttgca tcccagggat gaagccaact tgattatggt ggaaaagctt     48960
     tttgatgtgt ttctgcattc ggtttgccag tattttattg aggattttta tattaatgtt     49020
     catcaaggat attggtctga aattctcttt ctttgtagtg tctctgccgg ctttggtatc     49080
     aggatgatgc tggcctcatt aaatgagtta gggaggattc cctgtttttc tattgattgc     49140
     aatagtttca gaaggaatag taccagctcc tccttgtatc tctggtagaa tatggctgtg     49200
     aatccatctg gtcctggact tttttggttg gtaagctatt aatcattccc tcaatttcag     49260
     agcctattat tgttctattc agagattcaa cttcttcctg gtttagtctt gggagagtgt     49320
     atgtgtcgag gaatttatcc atttcttcta gattttctac tttatttgca tagaggtgtt     49380
     tatatattct ctgatggtag tttatatttc tgtggaatca ttggcgatat cccctttgtc     49440
     attttttatt gcgtctattt gattcttctc tcttttcttc tttattagtc ttgctaatgg     49500
     tttatgaatt ttgttgatct tttcaaaaag ccagctcctg gattcaccga attttgaagg     49560
     gtttttgtgt ctctatttcc ttcagttctg ctctgatctt agttatttct tgccttctgc     49620
     tagcttatga atgtgtttgc tcttgtttct ctagttcttt taattgtgct gtttgggtgt     49680
     caattttaga tctttcctgc tttctcttgt ggacatttag tgctataaat ttcccagtag     49740
     tcattcagga gcaggttgtt cagtttccat gtagttgagc ggtttggaat gagtttctta     49800
     atcctgagtt ctagtttgat tgcactgtgg tctgagagac agtttgttat aatttctgtt     49860
     cttttgtatt tcctgaggag tgctttactt acagatatgt ggtcaatttt ggaataggtg     49920
     tggtgctgaa aagaatgtac attctgttga tttggggtgg agagttctat agatgtatat     49980
     taggtcctct tggtgcagat ctgagttcaa ttcctagata tctttcttaa ctttctgtct     50040
     cgttgatctg tctaatgttg acagtggggt attaaagtct cctattattg tgtgggagtc     50100
     taagtctctt cataggtcgc taaagacttg ttttatgaat ctgggtgctc ctgtattggg     50160
     tgcatatata tttaggatag ttagctcttc ttgttgaatt gatcccttta tcattatgta     50220
     aaggccttct ttgtctcttt tgatctttgt tggtttaaag tctattttat cagagactag     50280
     cattgcaagc tatgcctttt tttgttttcc atttgcttgg tagatcttcc tccactgctt     50340
     tattttgagc ctatgtgtgt ctctgcatgt aagatgggtt tcctgaatac agcacactga     50400
     tgggtcttta ctctttattc aagttgccag tctgtgtctt tcaattggag aatttagccc     50460
     atttacattt aagattagta ctgttatgtg tgaatttgat catgtcatta tgatgttagc     50520
     tggttatttt gctcgatagt tgaagcagtt tcttcctagc cttgaaggtc tttacaattt     50580
     ggcatgtttt tgcagtggca ttaccgggtg ttcatttcca tgttcagtgc ttccttcagg     50640
     agctctttta gggcaggcct ggttgcaaca aaatctctca gtatttgctt gtctgtaaag     50700
     gattttattt ctccttcact tatgaagctt agtttggctg gatatgaaat tctgggttga     50760
     aacttctttt ctttaatgtt gaatattggc ccccactctc ttcagtcttg tagagtttct     50820
     gctgagatat ccactgttag tctgatgggc atccctttgt gggtaacccg acattcctcc     50880
     ctggctgcac ttaatatttt ttccttcatt tcaactttgt tgaatctgac aattatgtgt     50940
     tttggagttg ctcttctcag tgagtatctt tgtggcattc tctgtatttc ctgaatttta     51000
     atgttggcct tccttgcttg attggggaag ttctcctgga tagtatcctg tagcatgttt     51060
     tccaacttgg ttccattctc ccctcatttt caggtatgcc atttagatgt agatttgctc     51120
     ttttcacata gtcccatatt tcttggaggc tttgttcttg tctttttatt catttttctc     51180
     taaacttctc ttcatgcttc atttcattca tttcatcttc catcactgat ggaagttgat     51240
     tgcattggtt actgaggctt gtgcattcat cacatagttc ttgtgccgtg gttttcagct     51300
     ccgtcaggcc ctttaaggac ttctctgcat tggttattct aattagccat tcatgtaatt     51360
     ttttttcaaa gtttttaact tctttgccat gcgttcaaac ttcctccttt agctgggagt     51420
     agtttaatct tctgaagtct tcctctctca acttgtcaaa gtcattctcc atcctgcttt     51480
     gttccattgc tggtgaggag ctgtgtccct tttgaggagg aaaggcactc tgatttttag     51540
     agtttccagt ttttttgctc tgttttttcc ccatctttgt ggttttatct acctttggtc     51600
     tttgatgatg gtgacgtaca gatggggttc tggtgtcaat gtcctttctt tttgttagtt     51660
     ttccttctaa cagtaaggac cctcagctgc aggtctgttg gagtttactg gaggtccact     51720
     ccagaccttg tttgcctggg tatcagcaat ggtggctgca gaacagtgga tattgttgaa     51780
     ccacaaatgc tgctgcctga tcgttcctct agaagttttg tcttggagga gtacccggcc     51840
     gtgtgaggtg tctgtccacc tctgctgggg gtgcgtccca gttaggctac tcagaggtca     51900
     gggacccact tgaggaggca gtctgcctgt tctcagatct caagctgcat gctgggagaa     51960
     ccactactct cttcaaagct gtcagacagg gacaattaaa tctgcagagg ttattgctgt     52020
     cctttgtttc tctgtgccct gccctcagag gtggagtcta cagaggcagg caggcctcct     52080
     tgagctgcag tgggctccac ccagttcgag cttccaggct gctttgttta cctactcaaa     52140
     cctgagcaat agcaggtgcc cctcccccag cctcgctgcc accttgcagt ttgatctcag     52200
     actgctgtgc tagcaatgag tgaggctccg tgggcatagg accctccaag ccaggtgcgg     52260
     gatataatct cctgttgtgc catttgataa gccctttgga aaagcacagt attagggtgg     52320
     gggtgaccca attttccagg tgccatctgt cacccctttc tttgactagg aaagggaatt     52380
     ccctgacctc ttgcacttcc ccagtgggcg atgcctcacc ctctttggct cacacatgtt     52440
     gtgctgcacc cactgtcctg cacccactgt ctggcactcc ctagtgagat gaacccagta     52500
     cctcagttgg aaatgcagaa atcagccatc ttctgcatcg ctcaccctgg gagctgtaga     52560
     ctggagctgt tcctattcgg ccatcttggc tccaccccca tttctgttgt ttttaagccc     52620
     ctattttgag gtgattggtt acagaagccc tgagaaataa atgcaaatat ttaaaatttt     52680
     cttgtaggga tggtcatgat gataggtact taaaacctca tgacaggtaa aataaatgat     52740
     ttaaaccagt ttgtccagaa cacaaaggtg tgatttgagc agatcattaa tcagaatcac     52800
     atatgactat tattatttgt aaataatata ctaactacaa gacagttgtt tttttccccc     52860
     taaatggcta agttctaaca tctggtatat gttcttgtaa atctgtggac acaagcaaaa     52920
     tccctagcta accatccatt gtcaccattt aattactctc aggccctcac agaaaaacaa     52980
     aacttcaatc aggctctagt ccttgaagtc tggtttgtaa ttgcaaaggc tgttcttgtt     53040
     taaatgaagc tgggctgaat gtgggacaag atgaggaaga ccccaatcct gctgctgaat     53100
     tcagtctcca agacactgaa ccccacaaga ttgttttctg cacttttgtc atttaagacc     53160
     caagtctcac ctgtaatccc agaactttgg gagaccaagg cctgcagatt gcttgagccc     53220
     aggagttcaa gaccagcctg cgcaatatag caggatcaca tctctacaga aaatacaaaa     53280
     attagctagg tgtggtggtg catgactgta gtcccaacta ctctgtagac tgaggtagga     53340
     ggatcactta agcccaagac aatgaggcta cagtgagccg agatcacacc actgcacccc     53400
     agcctgggtg atagagaaag attgtctcca aaaataaaaa atgacccaag tcttttggag     53460
     gtggaagttc agtaacagat taatgatgaa actaagaggg ctagtgttag tgagatcctg     53520
     gatggccagc acaaactgac tgctttggga aaaaaaaaaa aaagttggtt tatcttctcc     53580
     tgagaggttg ttcatcttac tttttagtag agtcttttta aaattaacct tgttagaaca     53640
     caagaaacct gtgtttcttg ttggctttat gttgtcatct cctggattga tttaaacatc     53700
     ctcaactcca agtgtcttca tttcctgggg ctgcccttgc aagtgaccac agaacctatg     53760
     gcttaaaaca aaaggaattg attctctcac agttctggag accagcagtc tgaggtgaaa     53820
     gagtggacag agctatgcta cctctggagg ttctaggaaa ggattcttcc tgcctctccc     53880
     agctcctgga ggctctaggc atctctgggc ttgttgctgc atcacttcag tgtctgcctc     53940
     catctccagg tggcttactc ctctccatct gtgtctcctt ttgtgtctct tagaaacctg     54000
     ctgtttaatc tagggccaca ctaatccagg atgatctcat cttgagatcc ttgacttaag     54060
     tatacctgca aagccctcat ttccaaataa ggttccattc acatattctg gggataggat     54120
     gtggacatat ctttttggga cactatggtt caatccatta caattgtatt ccactccttc     54180
     tggaggctct agaggaggat ccttcctgtc tctctcagct cctgtggact ctaagcataa     54240
     ttgggcttgt atctgcctca ctccagtttc tacctccatc tccacatggc cttctcctct     54300
     gtgtctgttc tcttctgtct cttttctctc tcttttttta attggagaca gaggttcact     54360
     cttgttgcct aggctggagt gcaatgtcac gattttggtt cactgaaacc tctgcctcct     54420
     gggttcaggc aattctcctt cctcagcctc ttggttttct gtaaggacat ttgtccatag     54480
     atttagggct tatctaatcc aggataatat cattttgaga tacttaagcc atttatatct     54540
     tatctaaata agttcacata agttccagag gttaggacat agacacatct ttgagggcca     54600
     ccattccacc tgctacacaa ggctctatta atatctctga cctacaattc agaatctctg     54660
     agagagaagc ctgggtgagt acgaagtgca gcaagaatat gatgaggaag tggcctcttt     54720
     agtgctggaa ttcatttgtt cctgaagtag tttggcaaaa ctatactgtg atccatcaca     54780
     tatttcttat gatttaaccc tcaatggggc aacctatttt gctaattttt atcatattgt     54840
     gtggtacctc cccccaagaa gacattagaa ccttgtgtgt tgttgaaatt ctgcatgctt     54900
     ctgttttcag atttgtggga aagaggaaaa ttataggata tttatctcat aaagccattg     54960
     tgaaaataga atatgagatt cttagaacaa agcctgtcac atcacaagta ctcagtatat     55020
     gttggttgtt tccatactta ttgctgtcat ttctccagta gtttgaagag tgatggtttc     55080
     caaagtatgt tcaagttaag cactacaacc actcttggga gagttgaatt cggatgaagc     55140
     gttcttagat atgaccacta tactggtgtg ggattagagc atcggtgtag gttcagtcct     55200
     acaccatcca acttcagctg aagcttatgc atcctaagcc atgtagcaga accagaacta     55260
     gaaaccaaaa ctagaacaaa catgtgcgct gtgctgtgtt gtgcctaacc atggagcttt     55320
     gggaaaacat ggcctatcaa acaaggtttt gagtggatgg gacacttggg aaaacatgca     55380
     caattaaact aggctttgag tggatgagga gccttggaaa agcatggctg atcaacaagg     55440
     ctttgggtgg atgaaaagac ttgggaaacc atggctgatc gaacaaggct ttgagtggat     55500
     tatgagcctt ggaaaaatat ggtccatgaa acaaagcttt gggtggatgg ggagctttgg     55560
     gaaaacatat tccatcacac aaggctttga gtggatgaag agccttggga aaacatagcc     55620
     gaccaaacaa gacttcaagt ggatgagaca aaggcttgaa tttatttcct gttctttaat     55680
     agctgtgtga atgtagatgt cctctactta aacttctgtt tctttgtgta tatcaagtgg     55740
     ggatgacacc actcatttta ccaggccatt gggaaaacca cagatatatc ataattcata     55800
     ggacaaaact tgaaagttcc attaaaaaaa gaagaaaaac actgaagctg tgtccactct     55860
     ctggtaggac agcataaatt atctgagaga aaaatgtacc ctttttttgt tttaggaaac     55920
     attctatgat gcttcctaat tatataaaca gaaaaaactt caaggactac atagttggag     55980
     ttttcagtca aggggaatta ctatatggtg ttgtctacag aaagaaagga agggctgagg     56040
     agcccaacta gacaagtagg cacctcagag agtgagtcac agactgatga tgtatcaatt     56100
     gtggctgcaa cactgtggcc caagactgac acaggaaatg cactcacctt ccatttctcc     56160
     cacttcttct ccaaagtccg atacctgccc cattgctgac ttcagcaaca agtcacctga     56220
     taggagctct gcaggggaca ttctccttgc catgcagagc tgaggatata caggaagtag     56280
     atcaggaaaa cgggtgccag gaaatctagt ataaaagcca acaattactt acaatgcttg     56340
     attgaagaca tttgtctagt ttcttttttt atcctttggg gcatttttta aaatatatat     56400
     atattttatt atactttcag ttctagggta catgtgcaca atgtgcaggt ttgttacata     56460
     aatatacatg tgctatgttg gtgtgctgca cccattaact cgtcatttac attgggtata     56520
     tctcctaatg ttatccctcc cccctccccc caccccacta caggccccgg tgtgtgatgt     56580
     tccccttcct gtgtcccagt gttctcattg ttcaattccc acctataagt gagaacatgc     56640
     agtgtttggt ttttttgtcc ttgtgatagt ttgctgagaa tgatggtttc cagcttcatc     56700
     catgttccta caaaggacat gaactcaaca ttttttatgg ctgcatacta ctccatggtg     56760
     gtgccacatt ttcttaatcc agcctctcat tgttggacat ttgggttggt tccaagtctt     56820
     tgttattgtg agcagtgcca caataaacat acatgtgcat gtgtctttat agcagcatga     56880
     tttatattct ttgggtatat acctagtaat tggatggctg ggtcaagtgc tatttctagt     56940
     tctaaatcct tgaggaatcc ccacactgtc ttccacaatg gttgaaccag tttacagtcc     57000
     caccaatagg gtaaaagtgt tcctattcct ccacatcctc tccagcacct gttgtttctt     57060
     gactttttaa tgattgccat actaaatggt gtgagatgat atcttactgt ggttttgatt     57120
     tgcatttctc cgatggccag tgatgaccat tttctgatgt gtcttttggc tgcataaatg     57180
     tcttctttta gaagtgtctg ttcacattct tcgcccactt tttgatgggg ttgtttcttt     57240
     ttttcttcta aatttgttag agttctttgt agattctgga tattagctct ttgtcagatg     57300
     agtagattga aaaaattttc tgccactgtg taggttgcct ggtcactctg atggtaattt     57360
     cttctgctgt gcagaacctc tttagtttag ttagatccca tttgtcaatt ctggcttctg     57420
     ttgccattgc ttttggtgtc ttagacatga agtccttgcc catgcctatg tcctgaatgg     57480
     tattgcctgg cttttcttct agggttttta tggttttaga tctaacatgt aagtctttaa     57540
     tccatcttga attaattttt gtatgagatg taaggaaggg atccagtttc agctttctac     57600
     atatggctag ccaattttcc cagcaccatt tgttaaatag ggaatccttt ccccgtttct     57660
     tgtttttgtc aggtttgtca aagatcagat agtggtagat gtgtggtatt atttctgagg     57720
     gctctgttct gttccatagg tctatatctc tgtcttggta ccagtaccat gctgtttcgg     57780
     ttactgtagc cttgtagtat agtttgaagt caggtagtgt gatgcctcca gctttgttct     57840
     tttggcttag gattgacgtg ccaatgcggg ctctttttta gttccatatg aactttgaag     57900
     tagttttttt ccaattctgt gaagaaagtc attggtagct tgatggggat gacattgagt     57960
     ctataaatta ccttgggcag tatggccatt ttcctgatat tgattcttcc tacccgtgag     58020
     catggaaagt tcttccactt gtttgtgtcc tctttcattt cattgagcag tggtttgtag     58080
     ttctccttga agaagtcctt cacatccctt gtaagttgga ttcctacata ttttattctc     58140
     tttgaagcag ttgtgaatgg gagttcactc atgatttggc tgtctctctg ttattggtgt     58200
     ataagaatgc ttgtgatttt tgcacattaa ttttgtatcc tgagactctg ctgaaattgc     58260
     ttatcagctt aaggagattt tgggctgaga tgatggggtt ttccagaaat acaatcatgt     58320
     aatctgcaaa tagggacaat ttgactacct tttttcctaa gtgaataccc tctatttctt     58380
     tctcctgcct gattgctctg gccagaaatt ccaacactat gttgaacaaa agtggtgaga     58440
     gtgggcatcc ctgttttgtg ccagttttcc aaggcaatgc ttccagtttt tgcgcattca     58500
     gtatgatatt ggctatgggt ttgtcataaa tagctctatt attttgagat acgtcccatc     58560
     aatacctaat ttattgagag tttttgcatg aagggctgct gaattttgtc aaaggccttt     58620
     tctgcaccta ttgagataat catgtggttt ttgtctttgg ctgtgtttat atgctggatt     58680
     acatttatta agttgtgtat attgtaccag ccttgcatcc cagggatgaa gcccacttga     58740
     tcatggtgga taagcttttt gatgtactgc tggattcggt ttgccagtat tttattgagg     58800
     atttttgcat caatgttcat caaggatatt ggtctaaaat tctctttttt agttgtgtct     58860
     ctgccaggct ttggtatcag gatgatgctg gcctcatcaa atgagttagg gaggattccc     58920
     tctttttcta ttgattggaa tagtttcaga aggaatggta gcagttcctc cttgtacctc     58980
     tggtagaatt cggccatgga tccatctggt cgtgtacttt tttttgttgg taagctatta     59040
     attattgcct aaatttcaga gccttttatt ggtctattca gagattcaac ttcttcctgg     59100
     tttagacttt ggagggtgta tgtgtcgagt aatttatcca tttcttctag attttctagt     59160
     ttattttcat tgaggtgttt atattattct ctgatggtag tttgtatttc tgtgggatcg     59220
     gtggtgatat cccctttatc attttttatt gggtctatta gattcttttc tcttttcttc     59280
     ctttttagtc ttgctagtgg tctatcaatt ttgttgatct tttcaaaaaa ctagcacctg     59340
     gattcattga ttttttgaag gggttttgtg tctctatctc cttcagttct gctctgatct     59400
     tagttatttc ttgccttctg ctagcttttg aatgtgtttg gtcttgcttt tctagttctt     59460
     ttaattgtga tattagggtg tcaattttgg gtctttcgtg ctttctcttg tgggcattta     59520
     gtgctagaaa tttccctcta cacactgctt tgaatgagtc ccagagattc tggtatgttg     59580
     tgtctttgtt ctagctggtt tcaaagaaca tctttatttc tggttttata tccttatgta     59640
     tccaatagtc attcaggagc aggttgttca gtttccacgt atttgagtgt ttttcagtgg     59700
     gtttcctaat cctgaggtct aatttgattg cactgtggtc tgagagacca cttgttataa     59760
     tttctgttct tttgtatttg ctgaggagtg ctgtacttcc aactacgttg tcaattttgg     59820
     aataggtgca gcatggtgct gagaagaatg tatattctgt tgatttgggg tggagatttc     59880
     tgtagatgtc tattaggtcc actgggtgca gagctgaatt tacttcctgg atatccttgt     59940
     tacctttctc tttcattgat ctgtctattg ttgacagtgg agtgttaaag tctcccatta     60000
     ttattgtgtg ggagtctaag tctctttttc agttcactaa ggacttgctt tatgaatctg     60060
     ggtgctcctg tattgggtgc atatatattt aggatagtta gctcttcttg ttgaattgat     60120
     ccctttatca ttatgtaatg gcctgctttg tctcttttga tctttgttga tttaaagtcc     60180
     gttttatcag agactagcat tgcaagctat gccttttttt gttttccatt ttcttggtag     60240
     atcttcctcc atccctttat tttgagccta tgtgtgtctc tgcacgtgag atgggtttcc     60300
     tgaatacaac acaatgattg gtcttgactc tttatccaat ttgccagtct gtgtctttta     60360
     attggaacat ttagcccatt ttcatttaac gttaatattg ttatgtgtga atttgatcct     60420
     gtcattatga tgttagctgg ttattttgct cagtagttga tgcagtttct tcctagcatc     60480
     aatggtgttt acaatcagcc atttttctgc catggctggt actgattttt cctttccatg     60540
     tttagtgctt cgttcagcag ctcttttagg gcaggcctgg ttgtgacaga atctctcagc     60600
     atttgcttgc ctgtacagga ttttatttct ccttcactta tgaagcttag tttggctgga     60660
     tatgaaattc tagtttgaaa attcttttct ttaagaatgt tgtttttctc aggtttgtca     60720
     aagatcagat agttgtagat atgtggcttt atttctgagg actctgtcct gttccattga     60780
     tctatatctc tgttttcgta ccagtaccat gctgttttgg ttactgtaac cttgtagtat     60840
     agtttcaagt caggtagtgt gatgcctcca gctttgtttt ttggcttagg gttggcttgg     60900
     cggtgtgggc tcttttttgg ttctatatga actttaaagt agttttctcc aattctgtga     60960
     agaaagtcat tggtagcttg atgggaatgg cattgaatct gtaaattacc ttgggcagta     61020
     tggccatttt cacgatatta attcttccta cccatgagca tggaatattc ttccaattgt     61080
     ttgtatcctc ttttatttcc ttgagcagtg gtttgtagtt ctccttgaag aggacattca     61140
     catcccttgt aagttggatt cctaggtatt ttattctctt tgaagcaact gtgaatggga     61200
     gttcactcat gattaggctc tctgtttgtt tgtctgtcat tggtgtatga gaatgtttgt     61260
     gatctttgta cattgatttt gtatcctgag actttgctga agtttcttat cagcttatct     61320
     ttgacaaaac tgagaaaaac aagcaatggg gaaaggattc cctatttaat acatggtgct     61380
     gggaaaactg gctagccata tgtagaaagc tgaaactgga tcccttcctt acaccttata     61440
     caaaaatcaa ttcaagatgg attaaggact taaacgttag acctaaagcc atcaaaaccc     61500
     tagaaggaaa cctaggcaat accattcagg acataggcat gggcaaggac ttcatgtcta     61560
     aaacaccaaa agcaatggca acaaaagaca aaattgacaa atgggatcta attaaactaa     61620
     atagcttctg tgcagcaaaa gaaactacca tcagagtgaa caggcaacct acaaaatggg     61680
     agaaaatttt cgcaacctac tcatctgaca aagggctaat atccagaata tacaatgaac     61740
     tcaaaccaat ttacaagaaa aaaaacaaca acgctatcaa aaagtgggca aaggacatga     61800
     acagacacct ctcaaaagaa gacatttatg cagccaaaaa acacatgaaa aaatgctcac     61860
     catcactagc catcagagaa atgcaaatca aaaccacaat gagataccct ctcacaccag     61920
     ttagaatggc tatcattcaa aagtcaggaa acaacaagtg ctggagagga tgtggagaaa     61980
     tgggaacact tttacactgt tggtgggact gtaaagtagt tcaaccattg tggaagtcag     62040
     tgtggcgatt cctcagggat ctagaactag taataccatt tgacccagtc atcccattac     62100
     tgggtatata cccaaaggac tgtaaatcat gctgctttaa agtcacatgc acacatatgt     62160
     ttattgcggc attattcaca atagcaaaga cttggaacca acccaaatgt ccaacaatga     62220
     tagactggat taagaaaatg tggcacatat acaccatgga atactatgca gccataaaaa     62280
     atgatgagtt catgtccttt gtagggacat ggatgaaatt ggaaatcatc attctcagta     62340
     aactatggca agaacagaca accaaacacc acatattctc actcataggt gggaattgaa     62400
     caatgagaac acatggatac aggaagggga acatcacact ctggtgactg ttgtggggtg     62460
     gggggagggg gaggatagca tttggagata tgcctaatgc tagatgacga gttagtgtgt     62520
     ccagcacacc agcatggcac atgtatacat atgtaactaa cctgcacatt gtgcacatgt     62580
     accctaaaac tttaagtata ataataaata aataaaaaga ttaaaaaaaa gagaatgttg     62640
     aatattagcc cccactctct tctgtcttgc agagattctg ctgacagatc agcttttagt     62700
     ctgatgggct tccctttgtg ggcaacccga cctttctctc tggctgccct taacattttt     62760
     tctttcattt cagctttggt gaatctgaca attatgtgtc ttggagttgc tcttctcgag     62820
     gagtatcttt gtggcactct ctgtatttcc caaatgtgaa tgttggcctg ccttgctaga     62880
     ttggggaagt tctcctgggt gatatcctgc agagtgtttt ccaacttggt tccattctcc     62940
     ctgtcacttt cagttacacc aattagacat agatttgttc tttcacgtag ccccatattt     63000
     cttggagtct ttttcattta tttaattctt ttttctctaa acttctcttc tcacttcatt     63060
     tcattcattt gatcttcaat cactgatacc ctttcttcca gttgactgaa acaggtactg     63120
     aagcttgtgc attcatcatg taattctggt cccgtggttt tcagctccat caggttcttt     63180
     aaggacttct ctgcattggt tattctagtt agccatttgt ctaatctttt ttttttcttt     63240
     tttattatta ttatacgtta agttttaggg tacatgtgca caatgtgcag gttagttaca     63300
     tatgtataca tgtgccatgc tggtgtgctg cacccattaa ctcgtcattt agcattagat     63360
     atatctccta atgctatccc tccccgctcc ccccacccca caacagcccc catagtgtga     63420
     tgtttccctc ctgtgtccat gtgttctcat tgttcaattc ccatctatga atgagaacat     63480
     gtggtgtttg gttttttgtc cttgcgatat tttactgaga atgatgatgt ctaatctttt     63540
     ttcaaggttg ttaacttctt tgcaatgggt tcgaacttcc tcctttagct tcgagaagtt     63600
     tgatgatctg acgtcttctt ctctcaactc atcagagtca ttctccatcc agctttgttc     63660
     cattgctggt gaggagctgc gttcctttgg aggaggagag gtgctcttga tttgtagaat     63720
     tttcagtttt tctgttctat ttcttcccca tgtttgtggt tttatctacc tttagtcttt     63780
     ggtgatggtg acgtacagat ggggttttgg tgtggatgtc ctttctgttt gttagttttc     63840
     cttctaacag tcagggccct cagctgcagg tctgttacag tttgctggag gtccactcca     63900
     caccctgttt acctgggtat cagcagagta ggctgcagaa cagggaatat tgctgaacag     63960
     caaatgttac tatctgatca ttcctctgga ggatttgtct cagaggcgta cacagacgtg     64020
     tgagatgtca gtctaccact acttgggaat gcttccccca taggctactg gggggtcagg     64080
     gacccatttg aggaggcagt ttgtccattc tcagatctca aactctatgc tgggagagcc     64140
     tctaatctct tcaaagctgt caaacaggga catttaagtc tgcagaggtt tctgctgcct     64200
     tttgtttggc tatgccctgc ccccagaggt ggagtctaca gaagcaggca ggcctccttg     64260
     agctgcagtg ggctccaccc agtttgagct tcctggccac tttgcttact tactcaagcc     64320
     tcagctatgg tgggcactcc tcccccagcc tcagtgccac cttgctgttt gatctcagac     64380
     tgctgtgcta gcaatgagca aggttctgtg tatgtgagcc cctctgagcc atgcttggga     64440
     tataatctcc tggtgtgcct tttgctaaga ccattcgaaa agtgcagtac tagggtggga     64500
     gtgacctgat tttccacgta ctgtctgtca cagctttgct tggctatgaa agggaattcc     64560
     ctgacctctt gcactttctg ggtgaggcga tatttcaccc tgctttggtt cacccttggt     64620
     gtgctgcacc cactgtcctg cacccactga cagacaagcc ccagtgagat gaacacagta     64680
     cctcagttgg aaatgcagaa atcacctatc ttctctgtca ctcacgctgg gagctacaga     64740
     ctggagctgt tcctattcag ccatgttgga accacaccat ctagtttctt caatgctgtg     64800
     cgtatattga cctagccagt gcctgatcat gggtagatac taaaaaaagt attgggtggc     64860
     tataataaag gtatgtcaat tttctcttgg gctgggagat gactctgaag tgacttcatt     64920
     ttgtcttctt ctggggaagg gcttgggttc tgagcttcat ggcagtaata aggattacat     64980
     ggactactat atttaaaatt ccttctaaac tttttcccat ttctgctcaa ttttcattct     65040
     ccaatatttg caaaacttaa agttccatga cacaaagcaa ccttgggttg gtggtgtgtt     65100
     ggggcatgaa gaaagatctg ctttctcttc tgttgatgaa gactttgaaa gggaagaaca     65160
     acaaccttag taaacataat agaaagatct gagagattat caaaatccag atgaagaagg     65220
     taaacagtgc ctgtggacca tttgaagtac tgggaaggac cgtaaatctg cttgacactc     65280
     aacttgactc agagtatgca gtcatttagt taagggtagt ccctggaagg ctggaaaaac     65340
     tggaaatcct tagattggag tataaaacct ttatttcatg tcttccacat aaaggggtct     65400
     cataaataag gatgctcctt tcccactgta attttttctt tgattccagg aaagcatcca     65460
     ctgccattta acccaatatt atgcttatct gctggatatc ttcagggata catgttttta     65520
     ggtttttgtg atactcatag aatgccataa ggataagaaa tgattcctgc cattattctg     65580
     tctcccttcc cacctgaaac ccactcaaat gaactatggt atggtaagaa aagcaagggt     65640
     tatcttcata tgggcttttc acagtatccc aattctgtgc gcatgtgggc aaacgagtag     65700
     aaacatatgc aaatatccat ggtattgtct aagcttttta tgaccaagtg atttttgaga     65760
     acaatgtgga aattctatgt attcctttac cctttatatc tgttgtatgg tactgtcact     65820
     gtttattttc tttatactcc aatgtctttt ttcttcccct ccttttactt acccaatttt     65880
     cttctttttc tatcttcaaa ccattctttt ctctcttcac tcatgaatcc ctctatcttc     65940
     aactataact tttatatatt gaaggatttt agttatgttt ctaacttttt cctgagttct     66000
     gtttctgctt gattttctgc aacttgctgc ctctctctct ctctattcac tatcatcttc     66060
     cactgtgttc caaactgcat tcaccatctg acacaaatta gatcatgttc ccaatgagct     66120
     gctttctcag ataaggagga aattaaacag attcactcat gaccatataa aatgtttaga     66180
     ccagtgaaat taagcagaca tgatgtaaat tttatccaag cagaagactc aagacattct     66240
     ttaaccctgt acctccggct gtccaccatg aggacagcat gaaatgcttc tttggcttcc     66300
     aaataggaat ccagcacggc tgaacccagc agagcccaac tgagctgtag ttgacctgta     66360
     gccatctttt cacacaggca catttattgt tgaattggag ctatttgtta ctgaagcaga     66420
     agctgaaata tacaccatct ttcttccaaa tttagctttt ccttctttga tatttctgtt     66480
     aatgccacca cgtctttcag ttcataaacc taaacttttt tgtgacattt actctctctt     66540
     gctttccttt caatcactca ccaagatatt ttgagatgcc tttgtaacat tgactttatc     66600
     cttctatttt tccctattac ttgtctatca ctgccctggt gctgatacca aatttgagat     66660
     ctcacttgga ttattgctga ttttgtctac taaactcttc accttaatgc attcaacaca     66720
     caataccact aagctagtct tctgctgtag aattccagct atgctacttc agtgaaaaat     66780
     cctcagattg gatcttcaaa tttacacaat taactccaca ctttggatta gtaatcaagg     66840
     gctttgacta cttttcaagt cttccatttc attttttact ccatgtttta acacaaggat     66900
     tcttattgtc aaccaacaat ttgcaaccct ctatcaaaga cttttctcac catcactatc     66960
     atcttcatca tcatcacaac catcaccatc atcaccatca tcattgatat catcatcatc     67020
     atcctgttta tcaactgcaa ggtcactcct cttactcctc tctccctttc accaccacac     67080
     tttcaggcca tgcaggctta gatggacatc agtcgaggta aaattttgca aaagcttccc     67140
     tttggaaata aagctttgcc tctttgaaaa tcatagagct tgtaaaagat ttctttgtgt     67200
     ttcttgctgt caccttgctc acagaattca gtcaacattt actgatatgt agcatgagat     67260
     aagcactgag tgagacagtg taatgaaaag tgaattgcat gggattccta tatcccagtg     67320
     aacttacaat acatatacag acattaattg taacatgata agaaaagcat cagaggatgt     67380
     atgtacaagg gataaaagtt atgaaaacaa ttagaagaga attatcagtt gttgaaaaat     67440
     atttaaaaaa tggtacttgt ttgtttattt tctttttttg aaagtttatt ttattaatat     67500
     attttttaga aattgggtat ggggagagta tcccaggatc agtgagcagc tatgtgtata     67560
     actctcagat gcatcatttt ctatctcctg tcttcattcc ttctcacatt tatggccttt     67620
     gacttttctc tgatggtgat ttaaaagtta atgttccctg ttatattact ttcccctaca     67680
     ttcctgactt actccctcta gagttctcaa aaactgcctt tgctcattat ataggtcacc     67740
     caaatgactc aggccctccc tctgggaggt tgcccttctc tgaaacatcc cagtagaacg     67800
     atttaggtac tctcccaaag attatagaaa gcccaaagct acttcctatt gtgaggtgct     67860
     tcagtgggag aaaggtgaat aattgttatc atagccactg ggttgcaatg tgcctcttct     67920
     tgtttcaatc tccagcttct ggcaaaattc tccatcaact ctacctgccg aagtatgacc     67980
     ttggaagcct tctgtctcaa agattggcta aatttgtccc aatctcaaat tcatcttctc     68040
     tccttcatct tccaaattca atactgatga taataattgg tatctatcta gagtcttgac     68100
     agccttggcc agtttccata tattacttat ttgattatca caaccaccct gcaaagttag     68160
     tgccaatacc actgctccca ttttacatag taggaagttg aggcacagtg agtttgaaca     68220
     gcttgccttt ggtcattcag ttctaagatg gcagaattac tattccatct tcttaccttc     68280
     ctaatgagaa ctttagaaag tctgtgcttt atattcatgt tcctcttcta tcgtatgaga     68340
     acttcaaaat ctaggaaatt cctgctctac tttgcattat cttaacctct gtacaacctc     68400
     atcacgtgaa catggaacag aacataatga aagtcaatat catacaggat ggggcatatg     68460
     aggacaataa aacttcaaat atcaccactc cttaaggcaa tggaaatgtc aaaccctgat     68520
     aaatctcttc accagtggtt cttaattttg gatgcacttt gaaatcattg aagggtttaa     68580
     gaaatttgat gtcgataaca tctctctctt cccattaccc cactgttagg aattcaaatt     68640
     caattagttt agggaatgtt tggggtgttg gtatttgtgc aagctccctg tgattctaat     68700
     aatcagccaa gattgagaac ttctgttcta gcttgcatct ctgtagactt cactctactt     68760
     ccttactttc attctaagaa ctttagatcc aatcttgctt gaagctccaa ccttttattc     68820
     cttcagctgt tagctgtcaa ctctgatttc caatcactat gctgagctga gccatcaaca     68880
     tccttacttt gcctgaacct cttccatgca caccagcatg ggtcatatgc caccctttgc     68940
     aaagtcaaaa aggctcattg acattttagt ttacttgccc aaaagaacaa ttttctttct     69000
     aaatggaatt atttgccacc ttagtgcact ggtttaaatg gtatttttcc ttctaaagtg     69060
     aaactagcct gagaatatat gtcatttcag ccatttgaaa aatagttatt agtctgggat     69120
     aagtagatag aatatatagt atataataaa aacatataaa tataaaatgt aagtataaag     69180
     ttatacacat gtgtatgagt gtgtgtgtgt atgaatagat tcaagattga gggactcatt     69240
     tttgagacta ctattaaatc cattgtaaaa taacctgcta aatcctttat tacaccaaca     69300
     ccgaaatctc acactgtact tactactgcc tattttagtg cacaccataa aaatagcata     69360
     cctggcacct ttagcattca ttaaacccag ttaaaggatt tcatctgagc acgcatgtca     69420
     tctgtttata aaaagcttcc taggtgtaaa agggaatacc acactcctga atattatcca     69480
     acttgtcgga cacatcttaa tgtagcctga attattcact cttattttaa aagtcttttt     69540
     ctatttctct ttggaagtta tgaaataaca gatgcagaaa tgaagagatg ggattccaag     69600
     tggagagatg gataacccaa acagtcacat gtaggaggga aaacataatt tgggggacat     69660
     tttcaagcac aaataataaa ttaaaaagaa atcttagttt tttgtttgac acattcctcc     69720
     cttttgagtg cacaagaaaa catgcgttaa agaagcagtt tgccataatg tagcctggac     69780
     ctacatctga ctcccagtta ttgaattgcc catttacttg acctgcaaca tcaatggcaa     69840
     tgcaactgct ctgaggcaga ggtggctacc tgtccaccaa gcaccatgca ctgcctgcca     69900
     tattgaatgt aaatcctgag gtaaagacta catttcccat gcttccttgc actgaggtgg     69960
     catcttgtga tgaattccca ccaattaagt gatatgataa attcctgcca gtggagtgtt     70020
     gtgatgaatt cccacaaatg ctgtgtgttc tttccaggct caggagtaaa taagcaagga     70080
     tggttttcta cctctttgtt ctaattaccc attcagtaaa aattacaagg cactagggga     70140
     taggaaggac aaggtgggaa gaacttgagt tcttgaatga attcagagca ccttcaaagg     70200
     ttgtccacag aggcgctgta ttatcctact ataccttatc ttcttatcct cactgctgcc     70260
     atacctgttg agaaacactc ctgcccttga catcagaaag caatacttat caaagtatgc     70320
     ttctgctaga ctgaggttta ttttacccat ggtatatttc cacaaagcca caaatgtttt     70380
     catatttaaa tgaaataata tttgtgaaag gctcctctag aaatgatata taaatactat     70440
     ctattattgt tatatatgtg tgtatgtgtg tatttttttg tctttttttt gagatggagt     70500
     ctcctgtcac ccaggctggg tgcagtggtg caatctcgac tcaccacaac ctccacctcc     70560
     caggttcaag caattctcct gcctcactca gcctcctgag tagctgggat tacaggcatg     70620
     cactaccatg actggctatt tttttttttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcacca     70680
     tataggctac ggtggtctca acctcctgac cttgtgattt gcctgcctca gccttccaaa     70740
     gtgctggaat tacaggcgtg agccaccatg cccagccatt attattatta tttcttggat     70800
     gcaatgatgt taatagcata actccaattt acacaatgaa ttgtaatttt ttaaaagcat     70860
     tcccttatac tgccatttaa agtgtataac aatactgtag gctgaacatt atttctttat     70920
     tccagattag aggactagga ttcatgggat tatgcatcaa cttaagttct gcccacaagt     70980
     aagtgataga gaaatgtcat ctgcagccca gacaagtgtc cctgttacaa tttagttgga     71040
     ttactaatca gagcatagat tacaattttt tacaagtccc tattcacaat cttaagactc     71100
     ttagccctct ttatcattta agagatttct aaataagtat attttatatt ttaaaaaagt     71160
     aataaaagag attggagaat agtgaagcac tgtgagtgga atttagcttc aactttctgt     71220
     tatgaaaaag aaatatggac atgtggattt tggaagaatg aaagcaaagc tatttttcac     71280
     tgatgttcag caacatgagt tttaagacaa taagaaaaaa caagccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     71340
     aactaagagt ttccacatat aacaggagac tcacacagtc ttttttcatt attttatgtt     71400
     atataagctt ttgtgaaata tgtcaacata atgcaatctt acattttctg ggcctagctg     71460
     aagggttgaa gtttttagtt ttttcctcaa gatttggctt tgaatcatta taaaaatagc     71520
     ttacgtgtat aaacattttc tatcttactt tctggatgat ggaaggaggc tgagtttcat     71580
     tttaagtaag tatttaaagg aagagataaa aaatgatttt cagatgactg tattaaaacc     71640
     cactgcagtt ttatttttta ttgttgattc tggaaaggtg agacttttat taggccagga     71700
     tttaaactaa tagaaaaaaa aaaaaccact gatatttttc tacagaaaat actgccttta     71760
     atacattctc agagaaagat aatctgtctt gatgtccccc ttgctgaagc aagagcagac     71820
     acaaaaccta ccgtggatcc aggtggctgg aggacaagtg ggagcaggag aaggagagga     71880
     ggaagaggaa gaaaggaaga ggaagagtag gagaaggaga aggagaagaa ggaggaggag     71940
     gagaggagga ggaagagaag gaaagggcag aggaaaggga agaggagagg gaggagacaa     72000
     gaagattata ctcctttgta gttatcaaat tagaagttgt taaaatgata gcaattcttg     72060
     ggaaacatgg aggtaaaata tgcactctca taggctggca cagtgacaat ataaatggaa     72120
     aaaacctctt tttttgtttt gttttgtttt tttgagacaa gagtctcact ctgttgccag     72180
     gctggagtgc aatggtgcga tctcggctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcctag tttcaagtga     72240
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc acgtagctga gattacaggc acccgccact atgcccagct     72300
     aatttttgca ttttagtaga gatgggattt cattatgttg gtcaggctag tctcaagttc     72360
     ctgacctcag gtgatcagac cacctcagcc ttccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc     72420
     cactgtgccc agtgaaaaaa actctttgaa gggcacttag gaaggagaat tggcccctgc     72480
     ttggagagga aaaacaagtt tccagcattt tcacatgcat agctggaact agcttctatc     72540
     tttgtgaaaa gcctttattt catagtgtaa ctgttataaa taataagaca tagaaatata     72600
     ttagaatgta atattctaca taatgtaata tatattggaa tagaaaagaa tgaataaata     72660
     aaagttattt gcaatatcat ttatcaaaga taaatattct gaacatgccc agattttggt     72720
     tagtgtgtat gcacactatg taattgcagt ttggattata aatcagatca tgtggtttaa     72780
     agttcacctc cgcccccaaa accccaatat gtcctttgca tagctcaaca tcagtcagcc     72840
     tcatcctagg gatgtatgga tgtgtcacta agtatttaat cctatcttgg gggacttcta     72900
     gactgtttca caactttgcc cacctctgca aagaattccc agagtctctg aaattccgag     72960
     atatggaatg gccacagtga agtgtatgag catgtttaag gctcttgcaa aacatttcca     73020
     aaatgccttt caaagagctt tttccagttt atattgtcac catgccagcc agcctatgag     73080
     agtccacatt ttatttccat atttctcaga tgaattacta tcattttaac aactcgcatt     73140
     ttgataacca caaagcagta tgctcttctt ctctcctccc tctcctcttc tctttcctct     73200
     tcactctcct cattctcttc ctcctttctc ctcctcctcc tcctcttctt gcaggagcac     73260
     agataatcac ttaaaaagag atcttggtta ttttttgttt gggtgttggt atttgtgcaa     73320
     actccctgga gattctaacg ttcagccaag attgagtact gctgttctat cttgtgtctt     73380
     tgtagacttc actctacctc cttactttta ttataagatg aaatcttaga tagaatcttt     73440
     agatgcaatc ttacaccaaa ctctcattcc cacaaatggg aggagtaaac ctccaaattc     73500
     caatcactat actgagttga gccatcaaca tccctacttt gcctcaactt attttatgct     73560
     caccagcact gagacacact ctactttttg caaagtcgct tgtgtcaatg acctcctatt     73620
     cctcttcctc ttcatccttc tttcttcttc cttcttcttt ccttctcccc ctcctctttt     73680
     tactcctcct cctcaccccc ttcttctttg ccaaactacc taatttggcc atctcttgga     73740
     agactttcat ttcttggttt gtccttacat ttccttttta aaaattttaa ctgacatagt     73800
     ataatgtatg gagtacatag tgatgttttg atacatatga tgtatactga tcagattaca     73860
     gtaattatcg tgttcatcat ctcaaacata tgtcatttct ttgtgtgggg aacattcagt     73920
     tcccactttc taactatagg aaactatata tttttattac tatagtcatt ctacagggat     73980
     atagaacact agaacttatt ctttctgtct agctgtaatt ttgtatcatt tatctactga     74040
     gctgctcagg cttagtttgc tgagtagtaa gaattaatct acatagcaag ccttaaatat     74100
     agcaaataca taaaaaggca ttaatattgt tctaaatata acaaatattt tgttcacagt     74160
     tgtcgtttat tctattttgt ttatgaaact gcatttttgg aatgcacagt agtgttaaat     74220
     tgtttaagca aactatcaca aggacagaaa accaaacacc acatgttctc actcataagt     74280
     ggaaattgaa caatgagaac acttagtcac aggaagagga acatcacaca ccagagcctg     74340
     tcatggggtc gggggagcag ggagggatag cattaggaga aatgcctaac gtaaatgatg     74400
     agttaatggg tgcagcacac caaagtggca catgtatgca tatgtaacaa acctgcatgt     74460
     tgtgcacatg taccctagaa cttaaagtat aataataata aaaaaaattg tttgtggctg     74520
     ttatctttta tttttccttt gttattcact cttctttgta tttagaaagt cactcttctt     74580
     tctgatatga gatattgccc agatgtcttt tataatattt ttcattttta attatcagaa     74640
     tttggccagg agcagtggct cacacctgta atcctagcag ttgaggaggc taagctggaa     74700
     ggattgcttg aggccaagaa tttagaccag tctggacaat acagtgaaac catctctacc     74760
     atttttttta attaggtgga tgtgttggca tatgcctgta gtccccccta cttggcaaac     74820
     agaggtagga ggattgcttg aacccagaag ttgggggatg cattgagtta tgattgtgct     74880
     actgcactct aatatggggg ataaagcaag accttgtttc taaaaatata taatacatat     74940
     aagtatatat atatatataa tatatattat gtatacgtat atgaacttaa agcattagga     75000
     actcacttga gtatatggtg tgaaaccaag atctaacttt gttttacctg aatattaaac     75060
     cacttattct aatatcatgt attagtctgt tttcatgctg ctatgaagaa atacccgaga     75120
     ctggataatt tataaaaaaa gaggtttcat tgactcacag ttccacatgg ctggagaggc     75180
     ctcaggaaaa ttataatcat agaggaaggc acctcttcac agggtgggag gagagaatga     75240
     gagctgaaca aagggggaaa aactccttat aagaccagga cccacaatga ttcaattatc     75300
     tcccaccggg tccctaccat gacatgtggg gattacggga actgcaatta aagataagat     75360
     ttgggttgaa gcatagccaa accgtcttgt accatgtgtt aagtaattta ttatttcctc     75420
     agtgaccaca tatgtcactc acattaaaca tccatgtgag tttctgttct ctgttttatt     75480
     ttagggtgtc ttaacaatat attttaatat gataacccat gctttcttat attttccata     75540
     ttgttatatg tattcatact aatttttgcc tttagataaa tttcatttac taaatgttta     75600
     tcaccaaaag tcattgagat tttaattgaa tttcttttaa aagataaatc aaacttttag     75660
     tatgtattct ttataatatt gtgtttcatc atggaaggtc atatatattt ccaggttttc     75720
     agcatctttg tagaagcctt gaacactttt gctaaacttt cttgggaagc tcttgtttat     75780
     ttgcatcatt ttgagctgag ctacttaatt catcatattg cctgtgaaaa agtatagctt     75840
     tctctctctt cccattgtta tttctatggc ttctttttct tgttttattc taccggctac     75900
     ttttcaaagc cgtagttcac aatgtttctg attcttagag aagaaaaatg tctgtagaac     75960
     agccttttgt aggtaatgcc cagaagtctg gttctgattt tagcagactg tctaaaaaat     76020
     aaaacaacaa ggggccgggc gcggtggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc     76080
     gaggtgggcg gatcacgagg tcaggagatc gagaccatcc tggctaacat ggtgaaaccc     76140
     cgtctctact aaaaatataa aaaattagcc aggcgtggta gcgggcgcct gtagtcccag     76200
     ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc gtgaacccgg gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag     76260
     ccgagatcac gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagagc gagactccgt ctcaaaaata     76320
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa acaaggactt ctctgttcaa gaaaatatgc     76380
     accctgtggc tgaaagaaaa ttctcatgac gttgaagaat cttcccaagt ctagattact     76440
     aagtgtgctc tgtttttgaa agggttgttg aaattgaaca agggcatcct cacaccttta     76500
     tgcataagtg gtgctttgga atgggctcat tctgacttta aggaactaac catgaaacat     76560
     gcaggaattg tgcgagccat ctctccaact gtttgtagct ttagtgggag aatttatgcc     76620
     atggaaattg gctaaaacca ctaatcagta tgtgtgtgta ttttgagagc tgatttactt     76680
     agcacactat ctattatata gataatctca tccatgcctt tatttaataa ggggcatatt     76740
     ctacacacca aacaagttag aaagacatta ataaaaattt caataatgaa ggcaaagttt     76800
     caatgaataa ttacaccaac aaccaattga taatacagtt atgatcagta ccataaatgt     76860
     cagatgctgt catagagttt ataaaacaga tgtgtggtga aatctggtgc aagatttccc     76920
     aaggaaatga tgtgtcgact ttcaccatgc catttttcag gactcttgat ctatcacata     76980
     aatatataaa cagttttttc ctaactggat ttgcctgcat cacattcagg gaaagcatat     77040
     tttattttaa gagcttacca caatcaatag agctcacttc tgtgtgtatg tccaggcctc     77100
     aggattaagt agttaaagat tgactgatgg gagggagatc tgagatggaa agaacaagat     77160
     agagcattga gaacagaata tgtaggagag tctctgccat ctcttctgaa aggtttgcca     77220
     tttcaagatt tcccaggttt gctttctcac agataaagtg accaccaagt ctggtcgttt     77280
     ggtgttgaga tacataatta tctgtgtgtg acagattgct ccccagaaaa caaaatgaaa     77340
     gaattccatt gtatatgtgg accacattta ctttatccaa tcagtcactg atgggcattt     77400
     aagttgattc catgactttg ctattgtaga tagtgctaca atgaacattc aggtacatgt     77460
     gtctttatgg aagaatgatt tatattcctc tgcgtatata cccagtaatg ggattgctgg     77520
     gtcaaaagga atttctgctt actgtgcagc cataaaaaag aatgagatta tgtcttttgc     77580
     aggaacatgg atggagctgg aggctattat ccttagcaaa ctaacacaag aacagaaaac     77640
     caaatactgc atgttctcac tgataagtgg gaggtaaatg ataagaaatt atgaacacaa     77700
     agaaggaaac aacagacact gggttctact tgagggggga gggtgggagg aaggagatga     77760
     aagagggaga gaggaaggga gaggagcaga aaagataact gttgggtact gggtttaata     77820
     agtgagtgat gaaataatct gcacaacatt ccccccaaca caagtttacc attgcaacaa     77880
     accttcacat gtaccctcaa acctaaagca caagtttaaa aaactaatga atttcacatg     77940
     gtatgaaagg aaatgaaata aaagtgtaac ttggagtaat tcatattctc taactttcca     78000
     cccaaattct acacacattt aagtaggttc tacttattta agtaggttct tggaatttgt     78060
     acccctccat gatggccttt ttgttttgag tttgtcaata acccaagtgc caacatgttt     78120
     acttgaccaa acattcttta tgttaccttt atgcaataga agcaccattt atctattgtg     78180
     tttgctgtta agatagctga tgaaatacca gtacaacatg tttatgaatg agttgctttt     78240
     aattgaactg aaactttagt tcttagcaac agaattccaa gtatagttga ccctacatga     78300
     cagtttaaac aaacaggaat gtggtaaatc aatgttgttt catatatttt agtttcagtc     78360
     atttacaatt ttccatattg attgaataac taccacccaa catcattcac cgtttgatgg     78420
     aggaaatgag acagatgaac cagtgagtgt tgacaggcta aatgacctcc tatacgctta     78480
     ttagcagagg tagattaggg ggctgcaaag tgaataaatt tgggttagaa atggggtctc     78540
     agaagaaaat tcactcaaga atggctataa tttgtacaag cccctttagc agagaattgt     78600
     cagcttgagc cagacccagg gatgtggttc tctagggtga ttttgggaaa gaatgagtgg     78660
     ttccgtttgg cttaaagatg ggttgtatgg ggcttggggt ggaagaaaat gctggaagta     78720
     ttatgctaca ttttattttt tattttactt atttattttt agagacagtt tattgctgtc     78780
     agtcaggctg gagtgcagtg gcttgatcat agcttaccgg agccttgacc tccttcactt     78840
     tagtgatcct ccaatctcag cctcccaagt agctgggact acaggtgcac actaccatgc     78900
     ttggttaact tttttaaatt ttgtggaagc agtgttttac tatgttgccc aggctggcct     78960
     caaactcctg gcctcaagcg attctcccac cttggcttcc caaaatgctg atattatagc     79020
     tgtcatccac tattcccagc ccctatacta cattttaaaa taggttccat attggaatga     79080
     atttgataaa tatggaattg ttgcagggat tttgtttagt taagcaaggt actgtggggc     79140
     atgtaatcag taaggaattt taaaaaatta aaatgggcat ggtgacttag attgatctgc     79200
     attagaaaaa attaatttgc ctcttcataa aaaatagtta ggcagcaatt gtcagatcag     79260
     tgaggatttt caggaaaatt aataagggat tcagttgaat tgatttccat taggcaaaat     79320
     taattggcct cctggtcaaa attagttagg aggtgattat catgatttag acaaagatta     79380
     ataaaagttt tatataaagt ggttctagag aaaatagaaa ttagggaaga tagtggcaaa     79440
     atatgacaga gcttctctag aatttggtga ttgtctgcct gtaaaagagg gaatatcagc     79500
     ctcaaaaaat atttgaactt gagtgactat gagtaacatg tctcattcaa ccagggtgag     79560
     gaggttgaaa aggggactgt ttttctagat aatgaattgg aagtatcata caaatagtta     79620
     aaaataacaa ccgaaatcca ttcaatatca ccagattcag aaacaatcac atcaagatgt     79680
     tttttccttt ctgttatttt aaagttcagt ttctttagct gttcaatatt tattagtatg     79740
     tttgaagcca tagatgcaaa gagaagaaag cttagacttt taggacaaaa atgaaactgt     79800
     agccaggtac aaaaagaatt tggagacaca gagcaaagtg ttgaaggaag taaactggga     79860
     gtttttattt gggttttgag atccaattat tataatccca agcctgcact gattgcaaat     79920
     tgctaaaagg tttattagcc tcctataaaa ccttccttaa ttagcccaaa ctgaggcaat     79980
     gcagcttcaa acaagaaaat ctgcctttgt caaaaagtgc acacaaatca acttagagaa     80040
     ccgcaggcca gaaacagtcc aagctggctt gcaaaactga accttttact gctgagaccc     80100
     cactgtgatt catggcccat ggggtcatcc agcaggaatt gggggcacca cagcccactg     80160
     caaggaaagc ccagaaatca tggctccctg tgggtattca caacaaagac tcacagaggt     80220
     atggagacaa cctcagggtg cagcttttac tgagtccatg gacatgattc agactctgct     80280
     tctcctgctg tcagccacaa aatcagcaca agaaaaatta agaaaggtta aaaaaatcgc     80340
     gtttgctttg caagagaggg gagactcaat gtgttcagtt ttcatcatca caaatggtat     80400
     atgttcaatg agatgaagga aattctcatt agttgaaagg tttaattgat cttggtgcag     80460
     ccttatgccc acaaaacaac ctgccactgc caattaattt gccaggataa ataaagcaag     80520
     ctaggcccgt tcaggcttgg tgcatggctt cagtgttaag ggtggagccc acaaaagctt     80580
     gcacttctcc caaatctctt taaagctctt tccacatgcc tatagaatga atcacgctgg     80640
     agctgaaatc tctagtaagt gcactagtaa agtaagaggt cgagatgtat tatatagctg     80700
     tatgcagtta cagtccatca gaatttttat tttatttttt ggtaactgta acgatgggag     80760
     cacaaaggaa ggtcaggcag aacaagaagt actgccataa gatttgaaac accttcatta     80820
     taattttctc attttattag aagatgtgta ttaacaaaag tcatgcaaca acacataact     80880
     agatgaagcc tggataagaa aacattcagg aagacagcag agaatcctat aatcaaagtg     80940
     ataagagggc attattaagg caaaaaataa tccaaataat atatataaac acttaccaat     81000
     attgttgcgg tgtacagtgt tgatgttaaa gaaatgttcg acaaccacat taaaaaatag     81060
     gcaaacagcc aggcacagtt gctcatgcct gtaatcccag caatttggta ggctggggca     81120
     gcagatcact tgaggttcag cagttcaaga ccagcctggc caagatggtg agacccgact     81180
     ctattaaaaa tataaaaatt agctgggcat ggtgacacat gcctgtaatc ccaaccacat     81240
     gggaggctaa ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaac ctgggaggct gaggttgcaa tgagctaaga     81300
     tcatgcttct gcacttcaga ctgggtgaca gagcaagaaa ctatttcaaa aaataaagga     81360
     aaaaaatggg aaaaggatat gaacagacac atctaaaaag aacacataca cacatatgac     81420
     aacaaacata taaaaaaact ccatattact aatcatcaga gaaatgcaaa ttaaaatcac     81480
     aatgaaatac catctcagct taaggagact ttggactgag atgatggggt tttctagata     81540
     aacaatcatg tcatttgcaa acagggacaa tttgacttcc actttttcta attgaatacc     81600
     tttttctctt tctcctgcct gattgccctg gccaggactt ccaacactat gttgaatagg     81660
     agtggtgaga gagggcatcc ctctcttgtg ccagttttca aagggaaagc ttccagtttt     81720
     ttcccattca gtatgatatt ggttgtgggt ttgtgatagc tagctcttat tattttgaga     81780
     tatgtcccat caatacctaa tttattgaga gtttttaaca tgaagtgttg ttgaattttg     81840
     ttaaaggtct tttctgcatc tattgagata atcatgtgtt tttttgtcat tggttctgtt     81900
     tatatgctgg attatgttta ttgatttgca tatgttgaac cagccttgca tcccagggat     81960
     gaagcccact tgatcatggt ggataagctt tttgatgtgc tgctggattc ggtttaccag     82020
     tattttattg aggatttttg cttcaatgtt catcagggat attggtctaa aattctcctt     82080
     ttttcttgtg tctctgcctg gctttggtat caggatgatg tgggcctcat caaatgagtt     82140
     acagaggagt ccctcctttt ctattgattg gaatagtttc agaaggaata gtaccagctc     82200
     ttgtttgtac ctttggtaga attaggctgt gaatccatct ggtcctggag ttttttcggc     82260
     tggtaagcta ttaattattg cctcaatttt agagcctgtt attggcctat tcagagattc     82320
     aacttcttcc tggtttagtc ttgggagagt gtatgtgtca aggaatttat ccatttcttc     82380
     tagattttct agccttattt gtgtagaggt gtttatagta ttctctgatg gtagtttgta     82440
     tttctgtggg atcggtggtg atatcccctt tatcattttt tattgcatct atttgattcc     82500
     cctctctttt cttcttatca gtcttgtgag cagtctatca attttgttga tcttttcaaa     82560
     aagccagctc ctggattcat tgattgtttg aaggtttttt ctgtctccat ctccttcagt     82620
     tctgctctga tcttagttat ttcttgcctt ctgctagctt ttgaatgtgt ttgctcttgc     82680
     ttccctagtt cttttaattg tgatgttagg gtgtcaattt tagatctttt ctgctttctc     82740
     ttgtgggcat ttggtgctat aaatttccct ctacacactg ctttgaatgt gtcccagaga     82800
     ttctggtatg ctgtgtcttt tttcccattg gtttcaaaga acatctttat ttctcgcttg     82860
     atttcattat gtacccagta gtcattcagg agcgagtttt tcagtttcca cgtagccgag     82920
     tggttttgaa tgagtttctt aatcctgagt tctagtttga ttgcaatgtg gtctgaaaga     82980
     ctgttataat ttcttttctt ttacatttgc tgaggagtgc tttacttcca actatgtggt     83040
     caattttgga ataagtgcag tgtggtgctg agaagaatgt gtattctgtt gatttggggt     83100
     ggagagttct gtagttgtct attaggtccg cttgctacag acctaagttc acttcgggga     83160
     tatccttctt aactttctgt cttgttgatc catctaatgt tgacagtggg gtgttaaagt     83220
     ctcccattat tattgtgtgg gagtctaagt ctcttgctag gtctctaagg acttgcttta     83280
     tgaatctggg tgctcctgta ttgggtgcat atatatttag gatagttagc tcttcttgtt     83340
     gaattgatcc ctttaccatt atgtaatggc cttctttgtc tcttttcaac tttgttgatt     83400
     aaaagtctgt tttatcagag actaggattg caacctgtgc ctttgtttgt tttccatttt     83460
     cttggtaggt cttcctccat ccctttattt tgagcctatg tgtgtctctg caagtgagat     83520
     ggttttcctg aatacagcac actggtgggt cttgactctt tacccaattt gacagtctgt     83580
     gtcttctagt tggtgcattt agcccattta catttaaggt taatattgtt atgtgtgaat     83640
     ttgatcctgt cattatgatg ttagttggtt attttgctca ttagttggtg caatttcttc     83700
     ctagcctcga tggtcttttc aatttggcat gtttttgcag tggctggtac cggttgctcc     83760
     tttctatgtt tagtgcttcc ttcaggagct cttttagagc aggcctggtg gtgacaaaat     83820
     ctcagcattt gcttgtctgt aaaggatttt atttctcctt cacttatgaa tcttagtttg     83880
     gctggatatg aaattctggg ttgaaaatta ttttctttaa aaatggtgaa tattagcacc     83940
     aactctcttc tgtcttgtag agtttctgcc aagagatcag ctgttagtct gttgggtttc     84000
     cctttgtgtg taatctgata tttcatctca ggatacaaaa tcaatgtgca aaaatcacaa     84060
     gcatcgtaca tatctataac agacaaacag agggccaaat catgagtgaa ctccaattca     84120
     caattgcttc aaagagaata aaatacctag gaatccaact tacaagggaa atgaaggacc     84180
     tcttcaagga gaactacaaa ccactgctca atgaagtaaa agagaataca aaccaatgga     84240
     agaacattcc atgctcgtga ctaggaagaa tcaatatcgg aaaatggcca tactgcccaa     84300
     ggtaatttat agattcaatg ccatccctat caagctacca atgactttct tcacagaatt     84360
     ggaaaaaact actttaaagt tcatatgaac caaaaaagag cccgcattac caagtcaatc     84420
     ctaagccaaa agaacaaagc tggaggcatc aaactacctg acttcaaact atactacaag     84480
     gctacagtaa ccaaaacagc atggtactgg taccaaaaga gagatataga cccatggaac     84540
     agaacagagc catcagaagt aatgccacat atctacaacc atctgatctt tgacaaacct     84600
     gacaaaaaca agaagtgtgg aaaggattcc ctatttaata aatggtgctg ggacaactgg     84660
     ctagccatat gtagaaagct gaaactggat cccttcctta taccttatac aaaagttaat     84720
     tcaagatgga ttaaagactt acatgttaga cctaaagcca taaaaaccct agaagaaaac     84780
     ctaggcaata ccattcagga cataggcatg ggcaaggact tcatgtctaa aacaccaaaa     84840
     gcaatggcaa caaaagccaa aattgacaaa tgagatctaa ttaaactaaa gagcttctgc     84900
     acagaaaaag aaactaccat cagagtgaac aggcaactta tagaatgaga gaaaaatttt     84960
     gcaatctact catctgacaa agggctaata tccagaatct acaatgaacg ccaacaaatt     85020
     tccaagaaaa aaacaaacaa cctcatcgaa aagtgggcaa agagtatgaa cagacatttc     85080
     tcaaaagaag acgttttatg cagccaacag acacattaaa aaaatgttca tcatcactgg     85140
     ccatcagaga aatgcaaatc aaaaccacaa ttagttacca tctcacacca gttagagtgg     85200
     tgatccttaa aaaatcagga aacaacaggt gctggagagg atgtggagaa ataagaacac     85260
     ttttgccctg ttggtgggac tgtaaactag ttcaaccatg tggaattcag tgtggtgatt     85320
     cctcagggat ctagaagtag aaataccatt tgacccagca atcccattac tgggtatata     85380
     cccaaaggat tataaatcat gctgctataa agacacatgc acacgtatgt ttattgtggc     85440
     actgctcaca atagcaaaga cttgaaacca acccaaatgt cgaacaatga tagactggat     85500
     taagaaaatg tggcacatat acaccatgga atactatgca gccataaaaa atgatttcgt     85560
     gtactttgta gggacatgga tgaagctgga aaccatcatt ctcagcaaac tatcacagga     85620
     caaaaaacca aacaccgcat gttctcactc attggtggga attgaacaat gagaacacat     85680
     ggacacagaa aggggaaaac atcatacact ggggcctgtt gtggggtgga ggaagcgggg     85740
     agggatagct ttaggagata tacttaatgt taaatgacga gttactggtt gcagcacacc     85800
     aacatggcac atgtatacat atgtaactaa cctgcacatt gtgcacatgt accctaaaac     85860
     gtaaagtata attttttaaa aaaggatatg aatggggaaa acaaatgaga aaaaagtaat     85920
     accatctcat acctgtctca tatttccgat atgattaata agtcagaaag caacagatcc     85980
     tcacaagatt gcagaggaaa gggaacactt acatggttgg tggaaatgta aattaggcca     86040
     gcttctgtgg aaagccgttt tgagatttgt caaaaaacaa aaacagaact accattcgac     86100
     ccagcaatcc cattactctg tatatgctca aaggaatata cattgttcta ccataaagac     86160
     acatgcatgt gtatgctcat tgcaccacta ttcaaaatag caaagatatg ggatcaactt     86220
     agatgcctct taagagcaga ctgaataaag aaaatgtggt gaatatacac tttggaatac     86280
     cattaaacca ctaaaataat gagatcatgt tctttgcagc tacatggatg gagctggaaa     86340
     ccattattct aagtgaatta acacgggaac aggaaacaaa ataccgcatg ttctcactta     86400
     taagtgggag ctaagcattg agtacacatg gacagaaatg tgggaacaat atacaccaac     86460
     acctacttga gggtggaggg tggggatcag aaaactacct atgggatact acacttctta     86520
     cctgggtgac aaaataatct gtacacaaaa aacctatacg tgcaatttat ctatttaaca     86580
     aacctgtaca tgaactctct gatcctaaaa tagaagacgg agagaaaaat aaataaataa     86640
     ataagtaaac atataagatt tagatgaatg ctatatttta caacaaatga aatacatata     86700
     ctattagcaa tgcagaaata aagtttttgt tcaattgtgc attgaacaat tataaggtga     86760
     tttctgcaaa agataaggct acaaaatatg tcggtttttc gcagaggtca ttgaaaaact     86820
     actaagataa tattaacata ttttatataa atgtagaaaa gtatagaaaa tatttcattc     86880
     caatgtatat tccattttaa tattatatat ataatgtcat atttctagat gttttatatg     86940
     tttcaaggta gatatagata ttggtataac aaagatacat aagttttcat ggctcaatag     87000
     ttcatttctt tttagcaccg agtaatactc cattgttgat aaactgatga tgaggaagcc     87060
     catacatgca taggcacggg ggtctgggga actctcagta ccttgtgttc agttttgcta     87120
     tgaacttaaa actgctgtag aaaataaagt ttatttaaaa atatttacca atcaagctaa     87180
     attatgaaaa aataaatttt gttaaatcta aaatatttac cttctcaaaa aatgtataat     87240
     gtcatctcct ttgctgagac aaaggggaaa aattaattat tttctaagaa gtgtgggtag     87300
     gaagactctc ctctttaggt ctctaaaacc tttttgtctg ttccttctgt atgagcagaa     87360
     ctttggttgc ctggcttccc ccatcactag gccatgtggc cagacaaaag aaagagcaaa     87420
     ttcctgaatt aagtattagt tccttcccct gctattggag ccatggtgga gtgaaaagtg     87480
     ctttttacaa tggaaaggtg caatgttgag tcaaactttt ctatttattc agttgacatc     87540
     ctctgaagaa gcaccatagt aaagcttgtg cttctgcaga acgtggacta aaattagaat     87600
     aaatgtgcag ttcctgctgg tgtatgtcca gcattagatg tccctcatgg ataaacttac     87660
     caaagagaaa cagaaatctg agtatttaat acatctatct taaaagcaaa acccaattat     87720
     caccagtttt aaatttccct ctttaagaga atttcaaaaa caattacata tgatatatat     87780
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atatatatac tttttttttt     87840
     agagtttggc ttgttgccca ggctggagtg cagtggtgtg atcttggctc actgcaactt     87900
     ccacctctgg agttcaaatg atattcctgc ctcggcctcc tgggattaca agcacccacc     87960
     accacacccg gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagatggg gtttctccat attggccagg     88020
     cttgcctcaa actcttgacc tcaggtgatc ggcctgcctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga     88080
     tacaagcatg agccaccatg ccaggccaaa aaatgcgatt atattttgaa aaaatactca     88140
     gattccctat tgttttattt gtaagcattg ttgtatccat gtgacttatg tctgattcct     88200
     cagaagtaga ccctgagtgg aagggctccc aagaaacctg taggaatgtt ggtggaacca     88260
     tccagggtgg gggaggggag aaacataaat caagcaaggt gggatctcag gccaagttgt     88320
     agggaatgaa agtttcattt tgcatgactt aaatcagtgc ctgcacacaa tcttttacac     88380
     attttaaaaa cagttaatga agatgatcaa ataggaacag ttccagtcta cagcttccag     88440
     tgtgagcgat gcagaagacg ggtgatttct gcatttccaa ctgtggtacc aggttcatct     88500
     cactggggag tgttggaaag tgggtgcagg acagtgggtg cagtgcattg agtgtgagct     88560
     caagaagggc aagacaacac ctcacccagg aagcacaagg ggtcagggaa ttccctttcc     88620
     tagtcaaaga aaggggtgat ggacagcacc tggaaaatca ggtcactccc accctaatac     88680
     tgtgcttttc caatggtctt agcaaatggc acatcaggag attatatccc atggctggct     88740
     cagagggtcc tatgcccacg gagtcttgct cattgctagc acagcagtct gagatcaaac     88800
     agcaaggtgg cagtgaggct gagggagggg cgtccaccat tgctgaggct tgagtaggta     88860
     aacaaagcag ctgggaagct cgaactgggt aaagcccacc gcagctcaag gaggcctgcc     88920
     tgtctctgta gaccccgtct ctgggagcaa ggcatagcca aacaaaaggc agcagaaacc     88980
     tctgcagact taaatttccc tgtctgacag ctttgaagag agtagtggtt ctcccagcat     89040
     gcagctggag acctgagaat ggacagactg cctcctcaaa tgtgtccctg acccctgagt     89100
     agcctaactg ggaggcattc ccagtagagg cagatggaca cctcacacag ctgggtactt     89160
     ctctgagaca aaacttccag aggaatgatc agacagcaac atttgctgtt caccaatata     89220
     tgctgttctg tagcctccac tgctgacacc caggtaaaca gatcctggag tggacctcca     89280
     gcaaactcca acagatcttc agctgagggt cctgactgtt agaaggaaaa ctaacaaaca     89340
     gaaaggagat ccacaccaaa actccatctg taggtcacca tcatcaagga ccaaaggtag     89400
     ataaaaccac aaagatgggg aataaacaga gcagcaaaac tggaaactct aaaaatcaga     89460
     gcacctctcc tcctccaaag gaacagagct cctcaccagc aatggaacaa agctggatgg     89520
     agaatgactt tgacacattg agaaaataag tcttcagaag attaaactac tccaagctaa     89580
     aggaggaagt tcaaacccat ggcaaagaag ttaaaaagct ttaaaaaaaa tcagatgaat     89640
     ggataactag aataaccaat gcagagaagt ccttaaagga cctgatggag ctgaaaacca     89700
     tggcaagaga actacgtgac gaatgcacaa gactcagtag ctgatttgat caactggaaa     89760
     aaagggtatc agtgatggaa gatcaaatga atgaaatgaa gtaagaagag aaatttagag     89820
     aaaaaagaag aaaaagaaat gaacaatgcc ttcaagaaat atgggacaat gtgaaaagac     89880
     caaatctaca tcagattggt gtacctgaaa atgacgggga gaacggaaca aagttggaaa     89940
     acactctgca gtatattacc caggagaact tccccaatct agcaaggcag gccaacattc     90000
     aaatttggga aatacagaga atgccacaaa gatactcctc aagaagagca actccaagac     90060
     acataattgt cagattcacc aaagctgaaa tgaaggaaaa aatattaagc gcagccagag     90120
     agaaaggtcg ggttgcccac agagggaagg ccatcagact aacaactgat ctctcagcag     90180
     aaactctaca atccagaaga cagtggggac caatattcaa cattcttaaa gaaaagaatt     90240
     ttcaacccag aatttcatat ccagccaaac tacgcttcat aagtgaaaga gaaataaaat     90300
     cctttacaga caagcaaatg ctggaagatt ttgtcaccac taggcttgcc ttacaagagc     90360
     tctgaaggaa gcaataaaca tggaaaggaa caactggtac cagccactgc aaaaacatgc     90420
     caaattgcaa agaccatcga ggctaggaag aaactacatc aactaacaag caaaataacc     90480
     agctaacatc ataatgacag gatcaaattc acacataaca atattaacct taaatgtaaa     90540
     tgggctaaat tctccaatta aaagacacag actggaaaat tggatagagt caagacccat     90600
     cagtgtgctg tgttcaggac acccaactca cgtgcagaga cacacatagg cttaaaataa     90660
     agggatggag gaagaactat caagcaaatg gaaaacaaaa aaaggcatgg gttgcaatcc     90720
     tagtctctga taaaacggac tttaaaccaa caaagaacaa aagggacaaa gaaggccatt     90780
     acctaaaggt aaagggagca attcaaaaag aagagctatc taccctaact acatatgcac     90840
     ccaatacagg agcacccaga ctcacaaagc aagtccttag agacctagca agagacttag     90900
     actcccacac aataataatg ggagatttta acaccccact gtcaacatta gacagatcaa     90960
     catgacagaa agttaagaag gatatccagg aattgaattc agctctgcac ccaggagacc     91020
     taatagacgt ctacagaact ttccatgcca aatcaacaga atgtatattc ttctcagcgc     91080
     cacaccacac ttattccaaa attgaccaca tagttggaag taaagctctc ctcagcaaat     91140
     acaaaagaac agaaattatt gcagtctttt agatcatatt gcaatcaaac tagaaatcag     91200
     gattaaactc actcaaaacc gctcaactac atggaaactg aacaacctgc tcctgaatga     91260
     ctactgggta cataacgaaa tgaaggcaga aataaagatg ttctttgaaa ccaatgagaa     91320
     aaaagaaaca acatacaaga atctctggga cacattcaaa gcagtgtgta gagggaaatt     91380
     tatagcacca aatgcccaca agaaaaagca ggaaagatct aaaattgaca ccctaatatc     91440
     acaattaaaa gaactaggga agcaagagca aacacattca aaagctagca gaaggcaaga     91500
     aataactaaa atcagagcag aactgaagga aatagagaca caaaaaaccc ttcaaaaaat     91560
     caatgaatcc aggagctggt tttttgaaaa gatcaacaac attgatagac aactagcaag     91620
     actaataaag aagaaaacag agatgaatta aatagacgca ataaaaaatg ataaagggga     91680
     tatcaccact gatcccacag aaatacaaac taccatcaga gaatactata aacacctcta     91740
     tgcaaataag ctagaaaatc tagaagaaat gggtaaattt ctcaacacat acaccttccc     91800
     aagactaaac caggaataag ttgaatctct gaatagatca ataacaggct ctgaaattga     91860
     ggcaataatt aacagattac caaccaaaaa aatttcagga acagatggat tcacagatga     91920
     tttctaccag aggcacaagg aggagctggt accattcctt ctgaaactat tccaatcaat     91980
     agaaaaagag gaaaacctcc ctaactcatt ttatgaggcc aatatcatcc tgataccaaa     92040
     cctggcagag acataagaaa aaaagagaat tttagacaaa tatccctgaa gaacatcgat     92100
     gcaaaaatcc tcaataaaat actggcaaac tgaatccagc agcatatcaa aaagcttatc     92160
     ccccacaata aagttggctt catccttggg atgcaaggtt tgttcaacat acgtaaatca     92220
     ataaacatag tccagcatat aaacagaacc aacgacagaa aaactcatta ttatctcaat     92280
     agacgcagaa aagaccatta acaaaattca acaacacttc atgctaaaaa ctctcaataa     92340
     atttggtatt gatgggacgc atctcaaaat aataagagct agctgtgaca aacccttagc     92400
     caatatcata ctgaatgggc aaaaactgga agaattctct ttgcaatttg gcacaagaca     92460
     tggatgccct ctctctcacc actcctattc aacatagtgt tggaagttct ggccagggca     92520
     attaggcagg agaaggaaat aaaaggtatt cgattaggaa aagaggaagt aaaattgtcc     92580
     ctgtttgcag acgacatgac tgtatatcta gaaaacccca ttgtctcagc ccaaagtctc     92640
     cttaagctga taagcaactt cagcaaagtc tcaggataca aaatcaatct acaaaaatca     92700
     caagcattct tatacaccaa caacagacaa acagagagcc aaatcatgag tgaactccca     92760
     ttcacaattg cttcaaagac aataaaatac ctaggaatcc aacttacaag ggatgtgaat     92820
     gacctcttca aggagaacta caaaccactg ctcaaggaaa taaaagatga tagaaacaaa     92880
     tggaagaaca ttccgtgttc atgtgtagga agaatcaata tcgtgaaaat ggccatactg     92940
     tcaaaggtaa tttacagatt caatgccatt tccatcaagc taccaatgac tttcttcaca     93000
     gaattggaaa aatctacctt aaagttcata tggaaccaaa aaatagccca cattgccaaa     93060
     tcaatcctaa gccaaaagga caaagctgga gacatcacac tacctgactt caaactgtac     93120
     tacaaatcta cagtaaccaa aacagcatgg tactggtatc aaaacagaga tatagatcaa     93180
     tggaactgaa cagagccctg agaaataatg ccgcatatct acaactatct gatctttgac     93240
     aaacctgaca aaaacaagca atggggaaag gattccctat ttaataaatg gtgctgggaa     93300
     aactggctag ccatatgtag aaagctgaaa ctggatccct tccttacacc ttatacaaaa     93360
     atcaattcaa gtggattaaa gatgtaaacg ttagacctaa aaccatcaaa accctagaag     93420
     aaaacctagg caataccatt caggacatag gcatggacaa ggacttcatg tctaaaacac     93480
     caaaagcaat ggcaacaaaa gccaaaattg acaaatggta tctaattaaa ctaaagagct     93540
     tctgcacagc aaaagaaact accatcagag tgaacaggca acctacaaaa tgggagaaaa     93600
     ttttcacaac ctacttatct gacaaagggc taatatccag aatatacaat gaactcaaac     93660
     aaatttacaa gaaaaaaaca gacaacccca tcaaaaagtg ggcgaaggac atgaacagac     93720
     acttctcaaa agaagacatt tatgcagcca taaaacacat gaaaaaatac tcaccatcac     93780
     tggccatcag agaaatgcaa atcaaaacca caatgagata ccatctcaca ccacttagaa     93840
     tggctatcat taaaaagtca ggaaacaaca ggttctggag aggatgtgga gaaataggaa     93900
     cacttttaca ccattggcag gacgtaaact agttcaacca ttgtggaagt cagtttggcg     93960
     atgcctcagg gatctagaac tagaaatacc atttgaccca gccatcccat tactgggtat     94020
     atacccaaag gattataaat catgctgcta taaagacaca tgcacatgca tgtttattgt     94080
     ggcactattc acaatagcaa agacttggaa ccaacccaaa tgtccaacga tgatagactg     94140
     gattatgaaa atgtggcaca tatacaccat ggaatactat gcagtcataa aaaatgatga     94200
     agtcatgtcc ttcataggga catggatgaa attggaaatc atcattgtca gtaaactatc     94260
     gcaagaacaa aaaaacaaac accacatatt ctcactcata ggtgggaatt gaacaatgag     94320
     atcacatgga cacaggaagg ggaacatcac actctgggga ctgttgtggg gtggggggga     94380
     ggggggaggg atagcattgg tagatatacc taatgctaga tgatgagtta gtgggtgcag     94440
     cacaccacca tggcacatgt atacatatgt aactaacctg cacattgtgc acatgtaccc     94500
     taaaacttaa agtataataa taatacatta aaaaataaaa ataaaaactc tcaataaatt     94560
     aggtatccac gggacgtatc tcaaaataat aagagctagc tatgacaaac ccacagccaa     94620
     tatcatactg aatgggcaaa aactggaagc attctctttg caatttggca caagacaggg     94680
     atgctctctc tcaccacttc tattcaacat agtgttggaa gttctggcca ggtgaatcag     94740
     gcaggagaag aaaataaatc atattcaatt aggagaagag gaagtcaaat tgtccctgtt     94800
     tgcagatgac gtgattgtat atctagaaaa ccccatcatc tccgtcgaaa atctccttaa     94860
     tctgataggc aatttcagca aagtctcagg atacaaaatc aatgtgcaaa aatcacaaac     94920
     agtcttatac accaataaca gacaaacaga gagccaaatc atgagtgaac tcccattcac     94980
     aattgcttca aagacaataa aatacctagg aatccaactt acaagggatg tgaaggacct     95040
     cttcaagaag aactacaaac cactgctcaa ggaaataaaa gaggacacaa acaaatggaa     95100
     gaacattcca tgctcatggg taggaagaat caatatcgtg aaaatggcca tactgcccaa     95160
     ggtaatttac agattcaacg ccatccccat caagctacaa atgactttct tctaagaatt     95220
     ggaaaaaact actttaaagt tcatatggaa ctgaaaaaga gcccacattt ccaagtcaat     95280
     cctaaacgaa aagaacaaag ctggaggcat cacgctacct gacttcaaac tatacttcat     95340
     gtctgctgta accaaaacag catggtactg ataccaaaac agagatatag actaatggaa     95400
     cagaaaagag ccctcagaaa caatgccacg tatctacaac tatctgatct ttgacaaacc     95460
     tgacaaaaac aagcaatagg gaaaggattc cctatttaat aaatgattct gggaaaattg     95520
     gctagccata tgtagaaagc tgaaactgga tgccttcctt acaccttata caaaaattaa     95580
     ttcaagatgg gttaaagatt taaatgtttg acctaaaacc ataaaaaccc tagaagaaaa     95640
     cctaggcaat accattcagg acataggcat gggcaaagac ttcatgtcta aaacaccaaa     95700
     agcaatggca acaaaagcca aaattgacaa atgagatcta cttaaactaa agagcttctg     95760
     cacagcaaaa gaaacaacca tcagaatgaa caggcaaccc acagaatggg agaaagtttt     95820
     tgcaatctac tcatctgaca aagggctaat atccagaatc tacaatgaac tcaaacaaat     95880
     ttacaagaaa aaaaaaccaa ccccaacaaa aagtgggtga aggatatgaa caggcacttc     95940
     tcaaaagaag acatttatgc agccaaaaaa cacgtgaaaa aatgttcatc accactggcc     96000
     gtcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccacaatg agataccatc tcacaccagt tagaatgttg     96060
     attattaaaa atcaggaaat aacagatgct ggagaggacg tgaagaaata ggaacacttt     96120
     tacactgttg gtgagactgt aaactagttc aaccattgtg gaagtcagtg tggtagttcc     96180
     ccaggggtct agaactagaa ataccatttg acccagccat cccattaatg ggtatatacc     96240
     cataggatta taaaacatgc tgctataaag atacatgtac acgtatgttt attgtggtac     96300
     cattcataat agcaaagact tggaaccaac ccaaatgccc aaaaatcata gactggatta     96360
     agaatatttg gcacatatac accatggaat agtatgcaga cataaaaaat gatgaggtcc     96420
     tgtcctttgt agggacatgt atgaagctgg aaaccatcac tcttagcaaa ctatcacaag     96480
     gacaaaaacc agacaccaca tgttttcact cataggtggg aattgaacaa tgagaacccc     96540
     tgaacacagg aaggggaaca tcacacactg agacctgttg tagggtgtgg ggagcaggta     96600
     gggatagcat taggagatat acctaatgtt aaatgacgag ttgatgggta cagccaaaca     96660
     acatggaaca tatatacata tgtaactaac cagcacattg ttcacatata tcctaaaact     96720
     taacatattt ttttttaaaa aaagcaggaa acagaaataa gaatggaagg atctccaaga     96780
     tattactaaa taaaagacag gaaaatgtaa aaaaaaatct tgttttataa ttagctttat     96840
     aatgcacaat cacacatttg gcagatttat gtagcgccta aattttccac tttgaatcac     96900
     tatcatgcca attatattaa agagatattc ctgaaaaaaa taaaaaaaaa aaacacagtt     96960
     accatcattt tatctcagca ttctgtgtgc aattaacagc aattttctca taattaacta     97020
     atggattctc ttcatgagtt cactcccaaa ttgttggcca tatctggtat ctagcctaga     97080
     atccatcatt tctgcacaga aagataaatg tgggggtctg tcctaccaat gctgacccaa     97140
     tgaagtatga ataatgtgca ctgacacaaa taatctgttt tgccagtcga gcggagctaa     97200
     gaggctgctt acagactcca agcagagtgc tgtaaagagt agcagctgca acaagctagt     97260
     tagataaact accccaaatt cctttgtatc tactttaatc tgtttaacta aaggtaaaag     97320
     gactaggctg ccttcagcca aatatattac taaagttatg caaactctca ggccttccaa     97380
     gagggtttgt ggctattata actaaaattt ttcccagcag ccggactgaa ctcccagtat     97440
     aaaatttcag tttttttcca atttgttgat atattactcc attcctccct cataaatttt     97500
     catgctaagt tttctaaagc ttggtcccta aattatgtcc taggtataga agaaccaaga     97560
     acaggtaata tatcatgttc cttagcccac atgtggttat ctggacctgt tatatggtct     97620
     tgtcttgctg atcacctagt tttattcttg aaaagtaagt tcccttgaat ctacttttcc     97680
     aaacctttac tcattctatg gtctttgtaa aaaggatttc tgcacttttc atagtactgc     97740
     agagctacat cttgaattat aaacacacat gtaaaatcat ctgcataaac tttataaaat     97800
     ttatcaggga aaaaagaatg gggagaaatg aaaataaatc aacctcacag gacactcaac     97860
     attcatccta agggcagcct atccccttga ccttcttcgt catagttgtt tggtgcctct     97920
     tgtcctagaa tcacataaac cgtagattag agttccctta actgctctgt agataacgac     97980
     ttcaacgtta tgaaacaagt tttccctttg agattttttt tcaggtcctg catactgatg     98040
     aaactactaa tgccagctgg tctgaaggat accacaagaa gctaactcac caaagaatgc     98100
     agtttccata tcctgaggat tttatgctcc ttaccctaag cagtcaatga ccctaatttc     98160
     ccagcctctt atcctctaca atcccctgaa aaactacagc tcagaactcc acaaggagac     98220
     agatttgagg gtttcctccc attttctcac tcagtgtcct acaattatta agctctttct     98280
     ctgctgcaaa ccctgctgtc tcagagtatt ggttttttta ctgtacagtg gacattcgga     98340
     cccagtggtc ccataacaca tagttcaaga cagatgttgt tgagtaagtc aggtcctgct     98400
     tgtatgcaca caaagtttca aaagagagaa ggctgtaaga tttcttcatt ggctacaaat     98460
     aaaatgtctt agaaaaaatc ccatgttact tacttcagtc ttcccagtgg ttatcaaaat     98520
     gtggtacctg gaccaccctc atcagcatca cctgggaatt tgttagaaat gcaaattcta     98580
     aaatccttcc ttagacccaa taaatgagaa agagtgggat ccagctttgt gtgtttcaac     98640
     aagccctcct tagttctaat cctctctcaa cattgagaac cactggttag gactacaatt     98700
     tctctcacca aatctcattc agatcatgac ctaattagca aacaagacta cgagtcattc     98760
     ctggaccgac ctgacctttt tctttatata taccaaagct ttctgtgttt cagctgacta     98820
     aatgagtgga attcagtatg gagcagccag tttatgagga cactgtgagg atttaacata     98880
     ttacggtggg gttgcagatt aaatccacac agggacttaa aaaaaatgga aacattacaa     98940
     tataagatac agagatgaaa cacttccagg ctttaagaaa atgtaaggct gagcacagtg     99000
     gcttatgcct gtaaatctaa gcactttggg agactaagga cagaggattg cttggggcca     99060
     ggagtttaga ctagacttga ggctagttaa ggcaaaaaag tgaaaccttt tgtctacaaa     99120
     aaaaaaaaaa aactaaaaat ttacttgggt gtgatgtcat gtgcctgttg tcccagctac     99180
     tgggtaggct gaggcaggag gatgacgtga gcccaggagt ttgaggttgt agtgagccat     99240
     gattgcacca ttgctctcca gccaggggaa cagagcaagg tcctgtctgt aaaataataa     99300
     taataaaatt ttacaaagaa caaaagagga tatctaacaa aattgaaaga atggtatcag     99360
     aatataactt gggcaaggta taactatata aataagaaga ggtagtggtc cacagcctac     99420
     tttctaaacc tctgagcagt caatgatccc aatttcctga cctcttatcc tctacaatcc     99480
     cctgaaaaac tacagctcag aactccacag ggagacagat ttgagggttt cctcccattt     99540
     tctcactcag tgtcctacaa ttattaagct ctttctctgc tgcaaacccc gctgtctcag     99600
     agtattggtt tttttactgc acagtggaca ttcagaccca gtggtcctat aacacatagt     99660
     tcaagacagc tgttgttggg taagtcaggt cctgcttgta tgtctcccca ttcagcgagc     99720
     tgcaaataac aacatacacc tgtaaatcag agtcaagtga gtttcattaa tgactaactc     99780
     aaggctcctt taacctattt acaaccaaga cggtggccca ctgtgagtct catgagtctc     99840
     acagtgggcc gccatctttg ttgtaaatag gttaatgact ccaaggatca ttttttcaga     99900
     cttggactct ctttcatggt gaatgtgttt tatagcattc ctttttacaa aaatgtaatg     99960
     aaaactactg ataatgaaca ctgacaatga atgctcaaat aattttcaaa catgtatttg    100020
     aggctgtaac tgtaatataa aacagaaatg taacagaaaa gcaacttctc ttattttaaa    100080
     acactacggc attttaatag gtaaatggta agttagggat ggaaaaaaag acccacaggt    100140
     ttgctttaga tagaatcatt gagatagata ccagaactgc caacacttgt gtgttgtgtt    100200
     ggcaactcaa atagcagcag gaggatttcc atagatagtg ttttccaaag tggtgactag    100260
     ttcttgatca ggttctgatc gaagcaactg actgcagtcc tctgtttcca ctggtttgct    100320
     ttcttgtgaa tttcatcttg tgaattaaaa ctgttcaaac gtggatggaa ctggaggtca    100380
     ttacattaag tgagataagc cagtcactgg agaacagcac atattctcac tcctgtttgg    100440
     gaactcaaaa aagtggagct catgtagata gaatgtagaa tggggattac cagagtctgg    100500
     ggagagaagt ctcacagtgg gccaccatca tgagtctcaa aatgggctgc catcttagtg    100560
     gtaaataggt taatagagac ttgctttagt ccttgatgaa acccacttga atatgtgttg    100620
     aatacctaga atagacagcc acagtaggtg tccattaatt tcaaaaatta gtatttgcaa    100680
     gcaaatttat tcagatgaga agtcttcatg aaaactaacc ttcttgggta agcaggatga    100740
     agctgtttgt gagtataaca gtgagtcatt gaatgaatat attcctacct aatagattat    100800
     aacatgtcct agcttattga ggcaaattat aaaaatatta ttaagaacaa ccatttatca    100860
     cacaatgttt ggactattgc aaatttcttg tttcttgctg tcaaaattaa atctatggca    100920
     tgtactcaat gatccttcat ggagggaact ccccttacta tttttaattt tcagtttatt    100980
     tttaacagac aaataataat ttcatgtatt tatgcattaa aaggtgattt tttacacatt    101040
     tatacattgt ggatttaata cactcacctc attgtgcaac agatcaccag aacttatcct    101100
     tcctgtctaa ttgaaacttt gtaccctttg aaaaatatac acggcatatc cccatcctct    101160
     accatccacc attctactct ctagttctgt gtgtttgact tttttagttt ccacatatga    101220
     gggaggttat gcaatttttg ttttcctgcc aacttccggg gcatggaatg gtatgtggat    101280
     ggcagacata ccccaaattg gctacagagc tctgaggaga aaccttgaag acaacttaag    101340
     ggcattttgg aatctggctc tgaggcacac agcaggctta atgggtcttt aatcacaacc    101400
     attggagaac caggataata ttcctccctg cctttgtcca cttgggcttc tataataaaa    101460
     tatcatgcac tgagtggcta aagcaacaat catcaatttc tcatgcttct ggagagcgga    101520
     agtccaagat atggatgtca gcagacccag tggctggaaa ggactctctt tttggttttc    101580
     agatggctac cttcttgtgt ctgcaaatga tggtggggga gagagggtgg agaacaagct    101640
     ctcttgtctc tctgattata aaggcactaa tcccatcatg agggctccat tctcatgacc    101700
     tgtttttcaa agtccccatc ttcaaatacc atctgtctta gtcttacagg ctgctataat    101760
     gaatacacta taaaatgggt ggcttataag caacataaat ttattccttc cagttctgga    101820
     ggctggaagt ccaagatcaa gttgtggcag gtttagtgtc tggtgaggac tgttctccta    101880
     gttcacggat ggtgctatgt ccattctggt ttatagatga cattatgttc ttcctgtgtc    101940
     ctcacatggt ggaaagggtg agggagctct ctggttccct ttttataacg aaactcattc    102000
     catccatgag gctccatcct tatgacctca ccacctccca aaagcaccac ctcctaacac    102060
     gatcaccttg gaggtgaaaa ttccaatatg tgaaatttgg agggcagata ttcagatcat    102120
     aggaccatga tagtaaaaat tgggattcca aaacatataa atttggggaa gttgagataa    102180
     acattcattc cattgcatcc cctacctgcc ctgtgtaaag agaatgcatg cctattgaat    102240
     tcagatgcct gcctatctaa ctggcatttt ctcttgcggg gtatggatgg tacacatgcc    102300
     ccaactggct acagagctgt gggcagaaag cttgaaagca gcttgagggc attttggaat    102360
     ctggctctga ggcacacagc agacttaatg agtctttaat gacaaccaga gacttggagg    102420
     tggagggtga ttttctacac agcagatgag aatgaacttc tctccaacat ttgtttggat    102480
     gaagcaactc aagccatcca tgagatcaaa tgcccgggcc tgtcaatacc cagctgattg    102540
     gaaagtcttc tgggaaagaa tgaaccttct cattccccat ctggcaggct tctgatgcca    102600
     ctgcaccatt ggaggttcct aaaatgctca tcaacacaat tcactggcag ctcattttac    102660
     ctaggatttg accctcaaca ttactgagtt gggggagaga aactttccac ctctcaggta    102720
     ggagaccaga attgggccat gaacaaagga agtgggaagc cctgccatct gtagcaatgg    102780
     gactggtttc ttgggaaaaa cttggtttta caaggtttag aaaatctgct catcaaaact    102840
     accatctcat ccagcaatcc cactcactgt gtatctaccc acaggaaaat aaatcattct    102900
     atccaaaaga tacctgcact cacccgttta tcatagcact agtcacaata gcaaagatat    102960
     ggaatcaacc taagttgact cctctcaaaa tgtaagtgtc catcagtgca tgaatggata    103020
     aagaaaatgt ggcatatata cacaccatgt gtattaatct gttctcacac tgctgataaa    103080
     gacataccca agactgggta atttataaag gaaagaggtt ttaatggact tacagttcta    103140
     tatggctggg gaggccttat agtcatggca gaagagcagg gtatgtctta catggcatca    103200
     ggcaagaaga gaatgagaac caagcaaaaa gtgaaacccc ttataaaacc atcagatctc    103260
     gtgagattta ttcactacta tgtagacatt atgagggaga ctgccccctt gattcaatta    103320
     tctcctactg gatctctcct gcaacacatg ggcattatgg cagctacaat tcaagatgat    103380
     atttgtgtgg ggacacagcc aaaccatatc tccacggaat attacacagc cctccaaatg    103440
     aattaaatca tgacttttgc agcaacatgg atagaactgg aggatattat cctaagtgaa    103500
     acaactcaaa aacagagaga taaacacccc atattctcac ttataagtgg gagctaaaca    103560
     ttgtgtagac atggacatag acagtggaat aagagacatt ggggtttggg agtaagtatg    103620
     ttattactgg aaagaacatg cccacatttt tactatgagt agtacagatt gagtttacag    103680
     ggataataca tttctttttg aacatggatc aaaaatattt ttgcaagata tagaactaat    103740
     ctaactgtcc attaaccaat gagtggataa gactatgtgg ataccatgga atactactca    103800
     gctataaaag cgaatgaaat aatgtcttct acagcaactt ggatagaact gggggccact    103860
     attctaagtg aagtaactca agaatggaaa accaaacatt gtatgttctc acctataggt    103920
     gggaactaaa ctatgaggat gcaaaggcat aagaatgata taatggactt caaggactca    103980
     gggaggtggg aaggctggga gtggggtgag ggataaaaga ctacatattg ggcacagtgt    104040
     acactgcttg gatggtaggc acacaaaaat ctcaggaatc accagtaatg aatgtaacac    104100
     gtaaccttaa accacctgta ttccccacaa ctattaaaat aaaaacaaaa agtattaaaa    104160
     aaattttttt tggcacattt tgagtaccaa gcactaaatt atttattttt tgtagtagtt    104220
     tattttattt attacttatt ttatttccgt aggtttttgg ggaactggtg gtgtttgact    104280
     acatgagtaa gttctttcat ggtgatctgt gagatttggg tacatgttca tagcagcaca    104340
     attcacaatt gcaaaaatat gaaaccagcc caaatgctca tcaatcagtt agtgaataaa    104400
     gaaattgtgg ttaatacgta ccgtggaata ctactcagca ataaaaagga atgaaagggc    104460
     tgggcgcggt ggttcacacc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggcaaaggc agccagatga    104520
     tgaggtcaag agatcaagac tctcctggca acaagttgaa accccatctc tactaaaaat    104580
     agaaaaattt gctgggcatg gtggtgcgcg ttggtagtcc cagctgcttg ggaggctgag    104640
     gcaggagaat cacttgaacc tgggaggcag aggtggcagt gaggcaagat tgcaccactg    104700
     cactccagtc tggcaacaga gcgagacact gtcttaaaaa agaaagaaag aaagaaaagg    104760
     aatgaacgaa ggcactcacc gcaacctgga tggaattgga gatcattatt ccaagtgaac    104820
     aagtgaagta actcaggaat agaaaacaaa cattgtaagt ttcactcaca agcaggagct    104880
     aagctgtgag gatgcaaagg catgagaatg atacaatgga ctttggagac ttgggagaaa    104940
     gggtgggaag gggtgaggaa ttaaatatta cgaattgggt acagtgtata ctgcttgggc    105000
     gatgggtgca ccaaacacta atttaaaagc aaatggcata tatgagtaga aagttttcat    105060
     tttgtaagtg gaaaatgagt tctgaagatg gatggtgatg gttgcacaat aacatgaata    105120
     tatttaacac tacttcaggg tacacttaaa aatggtgaag ataatagctt ttgcattatg    105180
     ttcatgcaat tttaaaaata tacagtacca aaaaatggtc ctttcctcct cttaggataa    105240
     tggtagacat acatcaatgc atacatttta ctctgaagtc acttgcaaga tagcctgcta    105300
     aatgatttca agtccctctt gctggttcaa tgagaagcag agaaaataac catgttccta    105360
     tatcacagta gaggacatgc aaactgcagc tgattgatat cacaggccat accaaggaga    105420
     aggccacact tggattgcat tttcctgtca ccatggatgt tctattaaag agatattagc    105480
     agaaatccat tcttaaaaaa cgtgttcatt tctttttcca gcactttaaa ttgaaggaac    105540
     acattttctc aatgggaaag ctctaagata tgtgccccca ggcaagcaag tcttggatat    105600
     attactaaaa gttgcattgg ccaatgtggg tggagccctc tggatacaga tgagagtctt    105660
     gggaatttaa agtctacata tttttattta atctttacat cagtattgat aacagtccat    105720
     tgttatctgt gtttttcagc ctaggtgact ggtacaactc accactggtc acccagtcag    105780
     aaaacgtgca ttcaggattc aaacccaatt agcttgcctt aagagcctaa aaattcttgc    105840
     cagtttcctg gtctctgctc aggtgaaaaa cagccatttc ttggtgtctt cacaagatgc    105900
     attatcacac tcttcttcct cacatattag gtgatttcac agaggtgcaa cctggagtta    105960
     agtattttta agtgcctctt atgtatttct gtcctcatca cattacattt aaatcaatcc    106020
     aataatatgt attgacttaa aacacatcac tgttgggggc ccattccaag atggctgagt    106080
     aggaacagct ctggtctgca actcccagca taatcaacac agaagacagg tgatttttgc    106140
     atttccaact gaggtacctg atttatctca ttgagactgg ttggacagtg ggtgcagccc    106200
     acagagggtg ggctgaagca gggtgaggtt ttatctcacc caggaagcac aaggggttgg    106260
     gagatttccc tttcctagcc aagggaatct gtgacagact gtacctggaa aaatggtaca    106320
     ctacgcccaa atactgcact tttccaacag tcttagcaac cagcagacca ggagattctc    106380
     tcccatgcct ggatcagtgg gtcccatgcc taaggaccct tgcttaatgc taatgcagca    106440
     gtctgactga gattgacctc cgaggctgca gccaggtggg gggaggggcg tccaccattg    106500
     ctgaggcttg agtaggtaaa caaagtggct tggaatctca aactgggcag agcccactgc    106560
     agctcagcaa gacctattgc ctctatagac tccacctctg tgggcaggga atagctgaac    106620
     aaaaggcagc agaaacttct gcagacttaa aagtccctgc ctgaaagctc tgaagagagc    106680
     agtagttctc ccagcatggc ttttgagctc tgagaatgca cagacttgct cttcaagtgg    106740
     gtccctgatc actgtgtagc ctaactggga gacacctccc agtaggagct gacagacacc    106800
     tcatacacct agagggtgcc cctttgggac aaagcttcca gaggaaggat cagacagtaa    106860
     tatttgctgt tctgcagctt ccactggtga tacccaggaa aacagggtct ggaatggacc    106920
     ttcagcaaac tccaatggac ctgcagcaga gggacctgac tgatagaagg aaaaccaaca    106980
     agcagaaagg aatagcatca acatcaacaa aaaggacatc cacaccaaaa ccccatctgt    107040
     aggacatcaa catcaaagac caaaggtaga caaaaccaca aagatgggga gaaactagag    107100
     cataaaagct gaaaattcta aaaaccagag agcctctcct cctccaaagg attgcagctc    107160
     ctccccagca atggaacaaa gcaggacaga gaatggcttt gatgagttga cagaagcaag    107220
     cttcagaaag ttggtaataa caaacttctc cagctaaagg agcatgttca aacccataac    107280
     aagaaagcta aaaaccttga aaaaagatta gatgaatggc taactggaat aaacagtgta    107340
     gagaagacat taaatgaccc gatggagctg aaaaccatgg tatgagaact tcgtgatgca    107400
     tgcacaagct tcaataactc atttgatcaa tgaaagaaag gatataaggg aaggaagatc    107460
     aaattaatga aataaagtga gaagacaaga ttagaaaaaa aaaagtaaaa agaaacaaaa    107520
     cttccaagaa ataaggggct atgtgaaaag accaaatcta catttcatca gtgtacctga    107580
     aagtggaggg gagaatggaa tcaagttgga aaacactctg caggatatta tccaggagaa    107640
     cttccctaac ctagcaaggc aggccaacat tcaaattcag gaaatacaga gaataccaca    107700
     aagatactcc tcgagaacag cagaaccaag acacataatt gtcaaattca ccatggtaga    107760
     aatgaaggaa aaaatgttaa gggcagccag agagaaaggt caggttaccc acaacagtaa    107820
     gccctttgga ctaacagcag atctctcagc agaaaccatg gaatccagaa gagagtgggg    107880
     gccaatattc aacattctta aagaaaagaa ttttcaactc agaatttcat attcagccaa    107940
     actaagcttc ataagtgaag gagaaataaa atcctttaca gacaagcaaa tgatgacaga    108000
     tttcgtcacc accaggcttg ccttacaaga gcacctgaag gaagcactga acatggaaag    108060
     gaataactgg taccagccac tgcaaaaaca tgccaaactg taaagaccat tgatgctatg    108120
     aagaagctgc atcaattaat gggcaaaata accagctaac atcataatga caggataaaa    108180
     ttcacacaaa ataatattga ccttaaattg taaatgagct aaatgcccca gttagagtca    108240
     cagactggca aattagatat agagtcaaga cccatcagtg tgctgtattc aggagaccca    108300
     tctcatgtgc agagacacat ataggctcaa actaaaggga agtaggaaca tctaccaaga    108360
     aaatggaaag caaaaaaagc aggggttgca atcctagtct ctgataaaac agactttaaa    108420
     ccaacaaaga tcaagaaaca aagaaagtca tcatctaatg gtaaagggat caattcaaca    108480
     agaagagcta actatcctaa atatatatgc acccaacagg agcatatata ttcattcata    108540
     tgcttatctt atcatattca tataaagatt catacagcaa gtctttagag acctacaagg    108600
     agacttagac tcccatacaa taataatgag agactttaac accccactgt caatatgaaa    108660
     cagatcaatg agaagtgaag aaggttgaca aagatatcca ggacttgaac tcagctctgt    108720
     gacaagtgga cctaatagac atctacagaa ctctccaccc cagatcaaca gaatatacat    108780
     tcttctcagc gccatatcac agttattcta aaattgacca cataattgga agtaaagcac    108840
     tcctcagcaa atgtaaaata acagaaatca caaaaactgt ctctcagacc acagtccaat    108900
     caaattagaa ctcaggatta agaaactcac tcaaaactgc acaactatat ggaaactgaa    108960
     caaccggctc ctgaatgact actaggtaaa taacaaaatg aaggcagaaa taatgaggtt    109020
     ccttgaaacc agtgagaaca aagacacaat gcaccagaat ctctgggaca cacttaaagc    109080
     actgtacaga gggaaattta tagcactaaa tgccctcatg aggaagcagg aaagataaaa    109140
     aatttacacc ctaacatcac aattaaaaga actggagaag caagagcaaa caaattcaga    109200
     agctagcaga aggcaagaag taactaagat cagagcagaa ctaaaggaga tagagacaca    109260
     aaacaccatt caaaaaatca atgaatccag aaactggtgt tttgaaaaga tcaacaaaat    109320
     tgatagactg ctagcaagac taataaagaa aaaaggagag aagaatcaaa tagaagaaat    109380
     ataaaatgat aaaggggata tcaccaccga tcccacagaa atacaaacta ccatcagaga    109440
     atactataaa cacctctaca caaacgaact agaaaatcta gaagaaatgg ataaattcct    109500
     ggacacatac accctgccaa tactaaacca ggaagaagtt gaatatctga acagatcaat    109560
     agcaggctct gaaattgagg caatagttaa tagcctaacc accaaaaaaa gtccaggacc    109620
     agacagattc acagtcaaat tctaccagat gtacaaacag gagctggcac cattccttct    109680
     gaaagtattc ctgtcaactg aaaagaggga atcctcccta attcatttta tgaggccagc    109740
     atcatcctga taccaaagcc tggcagagac acaacaacaa aaaaagggaa cttaagacct    109800
     atatccctga tgaatattga tgcaaaaatc ctcaataaaa tactggcaaa ccaaatccag    109860
     cagcacatca aaaagcttat ccaccacagt caagtcagtt tcaccccagg gatgcaaggc    109920
     tgcttcaaca tacacaaatc aataaatgta tcccatcaca taaacagaac caatgacaaa    109980
     aaacatacga ttatctcaat ggatgcagaa aaagcctttg ataaaattca acagcccttc    110040
     aggctataaa ctcttaataa actacgtatt gatggaatga atttcaaaat aatcagagct    110100
     atttatggca aacccacagc ctagcatttg aagttctttc cagggcaatc aggcaagaga    110160
     aagagatagt gtattcaatt aggaaaagag gaagtcaaat tgtcccagtt tgcagatgat    110220
     atgattgtat atttagaaaa ccccattgtt tcaggccaaa atttcctcaa gctgataagc    110280
     acttcagcaa agtctcagga tacaaaatca atgtgcaaaa accacaagca ttcctttgca    110340
     ccaataacag acaaacagag agctaaatca tcagtaaact cccatttcca attgctacaa    110400
     agagaataaa atacctagga atccaactta caagggatgg gaaggatctc ttcaagaact    110460
     acaaaccact gctcaataaa agaaaagagg acaaaaacaa atggaagaac attccatact    110520
     catggataag aagaatcaat aacatgaaaa tggccatact gcacaaggta atttatagat    110580
     tcaatgccat ccccatcaat ctaccaatga ctttcttcac agagttggaa aaaaaactac    110640
     tttaaactac atatggaacc aaaaaagaca ctgcatagcc caagaaaatc ctaagcaaaa    110700
     agaacaaagc tggaggcatc atgctacctg acttcaaact atactacaag actatagtaa    110760
     ccaaaacagc atggtaatgg tacgaaaaca gagatataga ccaatggaag agaacagagc    110820
     cctcagaaac aaagccacat atctacaact acctgatctt tgacaaacct gacaaaaaca    110880
     agaaatgggg aatggattcc ctatttaata aatggtgctg ggaaaactgg ctagctatgt    110940
     gtagaaaaat gaagctgaat caaaagaagc aaccatcaga gtgaacaggc aacctacaga    111000
     atgggagaaa atttttgcaa tctacccatc tgacaaaggg ctaatatcca gaatctacag    111060
     agaacttaaa caaattttca agaaaaagaa aaccattaaa acgtgggcaa aggatataaa    111120
     cagacacttc tcaaagaaga catttatgca gccaacagac atgtgaaaaa atgctcatca    111180
     tcactagtca tccaagaaat gttaatcaaa accacaatga gatactatgt cacaccaatt    111240
     aggatggcga tcattaaaaa gtcagcaaac tgcagatgtt ggagaggatg tggagaaata    111300
     ggaatgcttt tacactgttg gtgggagagt aaattagttc aaccattgtg gaagacagtg    111360
     tggcaattcc tcaaggatct agaacttgaa ataccttttg acccagcaat cccattactg    111420
     ggtatatacc caaaggatta catattatgc taagataaag acacatgcac acgtatgttt    111480
     atttgacaat attcacaata gcaaagactt ggaaccaacg taaatgtcca tcaatgatag    111540
     actggattaa gaaaatgtgg cacatataca tcatgggata ctatacagcc ataagatagg    111600
     atgaattcac gtcctttgca gggacatgga tgaagctgga aaccatcatt ttcagcaatc    111660
     tatcacaagg acaggaaacc aaacaccaca tgttctcact cataggtggg aatcgaacaa    111720
     tgagaacact tgaacacagt ggggagaatg tcacacacca gggcctgttg gggagtgggg    111780
     tctgggggag ggatagcatt aggagaaata cctaatgtaa atgatgactt gatgggtgca    111840
     gccaaccaat atggcacatg tatacctagg tatcaaaact gcacgttatg cacatgtacc    111900
     ctagaactta aagtataata aaaataataa taaaatatca gtgttcatgt caaagctaca    111960
     gatatataga caacactgtt actgactgta cagactgcac cctgtggagg gaaatgaagc    112020
     tacagcagac aaagatacac aggtaatgga cacaagggga gtttggaaaa ttgtcttctt    112080
     tccctggggc tgctataaca aaacactacg gacttgaggc ttattaacag cagctattta    112140
     tgtctcacag ctggaattcc aagatcaaag tgtgccagat gcaatgtctg gtgataacca    112200
     gcttctttat tcacagacag tgacttcttg ctgtgtcctt acatggtgga aggtgcaaga    112260
     gagctctttg gagtcccttt ttataagggc actcatccca ctcatgaggc accgcctcca    112320
     caacctcatt atctctcaaa ggctccatct cccaacacca tgatcttgag tgttagaatt    112380
     ttcacacaga aaatttggag gacacaaaca ttcacaccat agattagtaa tataaaaaat    112440
     gaatagggtc agggcagcag ctcacagctg taattccagc actttggggg gctgaagtgg    112500
     gcagatcact tgaggtcagg agtttgagac cagcctagtt aatatggtga aaccctatct    112560
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaactc agccaggtgt ggttgcacct gccagtgttt cagctactca    112620
     ggaggctgaa caggagaatc acttgagcct gggaggtggt ggttgcaatg agacaagatt    112680
     gagacaacta cactccggtc tgagcaacaa agcaagacta ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    112740
     aaaaaaaaag ccaggttcgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcaatttgg gaggctgagg    112800
     caggtggctc acaaggtctg gagatagaga ccatcctggc taacatggtg aaaccccgtc    112860
     tgtaccaaaa acacaaaaat tagccaggca tggtggtgag tgcctatagt tccagctact    112920
     tgggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa cctgggaggt gaagattgca gtgagccaac    112980
     attgtgctgc tgcactccag cctgggcaaa agagtgagac ttcatctcaa aaaaaaaaaa    113040
     aagtgaataa atcatataga aagaaaaaga agaagagctg ttaattcagt aaaaggaact    113100
     tggtaacatt tcaggaacaa aatggcttta gagttgggac ttccaatgtg tgggcattca    113160
     gcatacagag atggggccag agaggaaaat gatagtgagg tcagagagga tgggaggaga    113220
     taagtaaagc aaaaggatag aaccaaaagg aaaagcagaa tcgagtctag gggagaaggg    113280
     aacttggaaa agcagaggca ttaacctctc tataactttg tgaataactc tttgtatttg    113340
     tctgacctgg gaaaaagttc cagagcaacc actttcaagc ttgggcaaat ttctcaatta    113400
     ctctaagtct catcttttct tttctttact tttgtttttt ggtttttaca gttgtttgca    113460
     caagagtagc aaccatccag agtggggtgc atggagtaaa ctcagaaaaa gtcatgcttt    113520
     aaaaaaatgc ttagtccaat ggctatcatc gaatatgctc attaggaaat aacaaaatac    113580
     aacaaaaatt tgaaggtatg gagttgactg atgatctaaa gagtcagcca tgtgtaatta    113640
     taaaagttta cagacctgag atttatgaat attttgtttg tttctaagta cagttgattt    113700
     tcattattat aaattttgtc tttctgaact tgcctgctca ctaaaacttt gtaacctcga    113760
     aatcaatatg acacttttgc agtcatttgc agagacacac agaaagctgg aaaaaaaatg    113820
     caaattgctc aaagtgcatg ttcccagcta aagtgggacc tggccattcc ctaccttctt    113880
     gtttcagctg tcatacttta aacaagtgga attattgcag tccattgagt accatgtgtt    113940
     ttgcatgttt gtgctttttg ttggtgattt tgctgtttaa aatggcttga agaacagagc    114000
     tgaaaggttg cctggggtcc ctagtataaa aagactgcaa tgtgcctcac agagaaaatc    114060
     tctgtgttac agaagcatta ctcaggcatg agccatggtg ctgctggaca tgagttcagt    114120
     gtgaatgagt caacaatatc tactcagaaa tattttctta aacataaaca tacataaaac    114180
     aagatcatgt attgactgat tgatgaaaat gttgtgaccg gatatcatag aaacctaatc    114240
     ttgtatttcc cctaggagag agagtttatg atttgctaag tcagtgttta tggtgatttt    114300
     ttttgtttgt ttgtttttgg agatggagac ttgctctgtt gccaggatgg agtgcactga    114360
     cacgatcttg gctcactgca acctcggact ccatggttca agcgattctc ctgcctcagc    114420
     ctcctgagta gctgggatta caggcatgcc ccccatgccc atctaatttt tgtattttca    114480
     gtagagatgg ggtttcacca tgttggccag gatggtctac aactatcaca aatactgaga    114540
     attcaatgta atttcaattt ttatttctac tgaaataaat tggggatctc aatcaaccta    114600
     ggagcctgtt gggtttgccc attgctgaat tgctgatgat tgttccaatg ctgggattat    114660
     aataggcatt tgattaacat taggtttata catcaggtga gtaaggagga gactggcttc    114720
     attaatacca catagtcacc atgcaaaagt atcacattta ttagggaagt gtgacactgg    114780
     catggagaaa tcaaatgaat aaaattccta tagtaaatca tggctgaaca taatgtaaaa    114840
     tagtcattat agaaaagaaa ttataattac ttctccaata ttccgtacaa taacactcta    114900
     ggaaggcaat cacattacta gtattgattt tgaccaattg tcttttccag tcattaaaat    114960
     gaatgacaac cacaaaacct aaagtatgca tacacttctt gtattatttt tctgtggctg    115020
     ttgtaacaaa ttactacaat ctgggtggat tgtggaacca gccaaaatgc ccctcaatca    115080
     ataggttggc aaagaaacta caaaatacac acacacgcac acacacacac acatacacac    115140
     acacaccatg gaatactact cagccataaa aaagaataaa ttaatggcat ttgcagcagc    115200
     ctggatggga ttagaaaaga ttattctaaa tgaagtcact caggaatgga aaaccaagca    115260
     tcatatgttc tcactcataa gtaggagcta agctatgagg atgcaaaggc ataaaaatga    115320
     taaaatggac actggggact tgggaaaaag ggaagggggt gagggataaa atgttacaaa    115380
     ttgggttcag tgtatattgc tctgatgatg ggtgcaccaa aatctcacaa atcaccactg    115440
     aataacttat gtaactagat accacctgtt cccccaaaac ctacggaaat gaaaaaaaaa    115500
     atttaaaaag atagcaggaa tttgttctct caaacttctg gaagccagaa gccaaaatca    115560
     aggtgtgagc agcaacacac cctctctgga gactcaaaga gagaatcttt tctttgcctc    115620
     ttctgacttc tggtgccttt tgatgttctg tcttttgtcc acatcactcc aacatctacc    115680
     tccatggtca catcacctcc tcttcttctg tctttcttgc cctttttgca tattttattt    115740
     aagccaccca gtttatgtca tttgacatgc attagaggta ggtctgtcca aataatccaa    115800
     gatgatgtcc tcatctcaag acttttagct taattacatc tacaaagaac ctaatgccat    115860
     agaaggtcac attcacagtg tctcagtcag ttcaggatcc tataataaaa cgccttaagc    115920
     tgggtgtctt gagcaacaaa tgttatttcc catagttctg gagcctggga agatgaaggt    115980
     gctgacaaat ctggtgtcta ctgaggctct tcttcctctt tcctggtctg cagatggtgc    116040
     tatctctctg taccttcaca cagaggacag agggagctct gagtcttttt ctcttcttat    116100
     aaagacacta atcccatcat gcaggtgcca ccctcatgat ctcatctaaa cctgcatagc    116160
     tcccacaggc cccacctact aagaccatcc cattggggat tagggcttcc acatatggac    116220
     ttggggagga tgtgctgtat tagttcattc ttaagctgct aataaagaca atccagatac    116280
     taggtcattt ataaagtaaa aaggttaatt gactcacagt tccacatggc tgatgaggcc    116340
     tcacaatcat gacagaaggc aaggaagagc aaagccatat ctttctgtta cctggcggca    116400
     agaaagaggg cttgtgcagg ggaactccca tttataaaac catcagctct catgaaactt    116460
     actcactatt ctgagaacag tatgagcaaa gcttttccca tgaatcaatt atctccacct    116520
     ggtcctactc ttaacatgtg ggaattagta caatttaagg tgaggtttga gtggggacac    116580
     tgccaaacca tatcacatgc attctgtaac ttcaaccagg ggttagaaca tgtactctga    116640
     aatttagacc aaggataaaa catagacttt cattctgagg gccatttaac tttctacact    116700
     tctatacaga gaaccatcaa gttagaagaa agcagcaaat gccattggga ttttacacaa    116760
     aactagagag aacagccaca taaatgcaaa gtaaaacaaa gtagatctga acttctctgg    116820
     ttggcaactt gggagtattt tgtttcagtg acataccaaa ttcctatctt tgcatgttcc    116880
     cagaattgag ttcaaatgac attaatacta caaaagctca tacaatgact attggtagca    116940
     gtgaaaaaga atgtggtaat ttaaaatttg cattaggttg aaatgctatg gaaaacacct    117000
     gaggaagtct tatcatcttt gctgcaaaat tgtgggtgac agacaaggaa tataaatcat    117060
     aacatcttat tcaaagataa taaatgcacc aactcaacta agacaaactg atgacaagcc    117120
     aaaatactct agaaggaaaa gaaggtaaca tctgaacatg atctcagctg agaaaagtac    117180
     acttggaaag ggcatatatt tagctgtttc aaatgctcca tttccggata aagcacatgt    117240
     ttaaatgttt ggttgacatg aattaaaagc aagtgctcaa tgtggtactc tataaggtag    117300
     gtttctgaat cttatttata tgatgccaaa tgcattcatt cattgacaaa ttcattcact    117360
     gaacagatgc tcacaatgta ttcattgtat gccagtgcta ttctgggcaa tgctgagaag    117420
     tgtggataaa taggacatac aaacttcaca tttagggtaa ctgaatctag atgtgctcca    117480
     gcaaaagtgt aaggttcatt tgtcttctgt ctcctaggaa gtagttgaga gccgaattat    117540
     tactaagaag gaacattgca accccaccaa agttcatgca tacacaaata catctgctta    117600
     ctgaaaataa tacatccagt gaacagggtc catattggtc aaaatttttc tctcttacct    117660
     tggaaaaaat tagactccta atgttaactg ggcaaagatt tgcttctttc aagatcttac    117720
     atttagattc atggccactg gttgaactgt gttgtactgt gagctcatag ctcgtactac    117780
     caatgtgtca atccttagca aaaactttta ttaataacta tgcttgtgct gtcctagcct    117840
     tccagtggcc ataggtgatt gacattggta agagggggat gcaagtgatt gaagtagagc    117900
     tgggggcatt gttgcagttt ccattgctat tgctctgtgt ggttttaatt caagggcatt    117960
     tgtttgggga aaaagcagtg ttaacatctt gaatttgata ctccctagtg aactagctgt    118020
     gaattaacag gttttacact gtaagaaagt gaaaagaaac atgagcaata acactcaagg    118080
     agtttaggca tgtcttagaa gaacacaaaa agaaagagat cagttaagag ttaattttgt    118140
     ggaatagata gtgctctagg catgtcggtt ttctcccaac caaaagtcaa caatccatca    118200
     aagcacaggg cagcatataa ctgttgggaa gtgcatgtat tctgacatca gttaggaagt    118260
     gtccatatgg tagtgggtgg catattggcc cccaaaatac atgtccacat cctaatagca    118320
     ggtatagagg gatgagacct tatttggaaa tagggttttg aagctgcaat taagttaata    118380
     atttagtgat gagattattc tagatttaga gggctctctt aaatccaatg acaggtgttc    118440
     ctgtaagaga cagaagagga gacaccaata cagaagagaa gtctgcatgg agatggaggc    118500
     aggactggag tgatgtggcc acaagcccag ggaagcctga agtcccccag aaactgggag    118560
     aggcaggaag gattctcttg tagagcctac aaagggaaca ccaccctgag acaccttgat    118620
     ttcagatttc tggtgcccag aactggtaga gaatacattt ctgttgttta agcctcctgg    118680
     tctgtggcac ttttgttaca gcagccccag aaaactcaaa cacaacactc tgggtgtgtg    118740
     ctcctgcagt aacttccata tacctctcac aggagaggaa ggggattatt cttccaacaa    118800
     gatggagact tgcacacacg ccttggagac acagaggaag caaaaagcac agaacagtac    118860
     tgagaggctt cacagacccc tgggagctcc tcctcaggtg gtaaaatgcc acagcaatac    118920
     cttacaatgg gcacagaatt gtaacataag gagtgatctt cttttctgag gagccaaggc    118980
     caagaaaact gattcttgct gaaaaagaaa gcatttccaa tgcacatcag actcaaataa    119040
     ttcttgaaaa ccgatatgaa ttattttagc atgttgcttt catgaactaa gttcttgtct    119100
     tcattttgta accccttaaa attctcaaag actactctca gagttgttaa agctgaaaaa    119160
     gcttaactat acatataaac actgtcatat gtcaaaggga tttttcagct tataaagcat    119220
     gctcactagg gctttgttca tgaaatacat tcagttgcac ttcaccctgg aaacagaatc    119280
     tcttatccct gaatcagaag ggacgtagac acatgaagtc tcagggagaa aagagccatg    119340
     ttgtatatca tgctaaatta acaagttttg gcacttgtat ttttctatct tttttttttt    119400
     aacaagactt ttttaaaaaa atacttaaag ttctggggta cgtgtgcaga atgcgcagat    119460
     ttgttgcata agtatacatg cagcagggtg gtttgcacac ccatcaacct gttatctaca    119520
     ttaggtcttt ctcttaatgt tatccatccc ccaacccccc acacccaata gtccctggtg    119580
     tgtgatgtta ccctccctgt gtccatgtgt tctcattgtt cagctcccac ttatgagtga    119640
     caatatgcag tgtttggttt tctgttcttg tgttagtttg ctgagaatga tggtttctag    119700
     cttcatccat gttcctgcaa aggatatgaa ctaatccttt tttatgactg catagtattc    119760
     catggtgtat atatgccaca ttttctttat ccagtctatc attgatggac attttggttg    119820
     gttccaagtc tttgctattg tgaatagtgc cgaataaaca tacttgtgca tgtgtcttta    119880
     tagtagcatg atttataatc ctttaggcat atacccagta atgggactgc tgggtcaaat    119940
     agtatttcta gttctagatc cttgaggaat tgctacaatg tcttccacaa ttgttggact    120000
     aatttacact gccgccaaca gtgtaaaagt gttcctgttt ctccacatcc tctccagcac    120060
     ctgttgtttc ctgacttttt aatgatcacc actctaactg gcatgagatg gtatcgtatt    120120
     gtggttttga tttgcatttc tctaataacc actgatgatg agtttttttt atatgttcgt    120180
     tggctgcata aatgtcttct tttgagatgt gtctgttcat atcctttgcc cactgtttga    120240
     tggggttgtt tttttttttc ttgaaaattt gtttgagttc tttgtagatt ctggatcata    120300
     gccctttttc agatgtatag actgcaaaat tttttcccat tctgtaggtt gcctgttcac    120360
     tccgatgata gtttcttttg ccgtgtggaa gctctttagt ttaattagat gccatttgcc    120420
     cattttgact tttgttccca ttgcatttgg tgttttagtc atgaagtctt tgcttatgcc    120480
     tatgtcctga agttttgacc cttgtatttc tcacaggaaa agaaggaaca cgaaagataa    120540
     ggatttgggt ggtagcactc atttttatat ggattgtggg atggatgaac tctactggag    120600
     atgattataa atacagtttg tcttttaaac cagagtttta tgaattcaca taatgcttta    120660
     tttacctctt ctggaggagt ctgtggtctc ctttcctcct cagattcttg gtagtgggaa    120720
     actgctcaga tgtcctgagc aaagtgatca aattccaaag cccagaattt aaggaagctg    120780
     acagcaagcc acagggagga gaagtggtta aagaaaggga agattccaaa aagacagcca    120840
     cttagcacac caattcagtg tcattggtgc cagaatcctt ttcactgttg gtgatgggct    120900
     tttgagaaaa gtgtttcaaa ttgaagaatt tgaggtgttc taaaaatggg tttcaaaaga    120960
     aagtggaata gacatgaaaa gattccctta tccatttgtg attgtcaatt atcccgctga    121020
     tctatgtgcg ggtcttgata tacacagcct tcagggactt gctgcaaaca aaacctactg    121080
     tgatggttaa tactgagtgt caacttgatt gattgaagga tgcaaagtat tgttcctggg    121140
     tgttgccaaa gaagttaaca tttgagtcag tggactgggc aaggcagacc caacctcaat    121200
     ctaggtgggc accatctaat cagctgccag caaaagtagg ataaagcagg taggagaaga    121260
     tggaaaagca ggcttgctta ctcttctgga cttcatcttt ctcctatgct ggatgcttct    121320
     tgcactcgaa tatcagactc caagttcttg gacttacacc agtggtttgc tagggcctct    121380
     tgggtcttca gccacagaga gaccgctgca ctgttggctt ccctactttt gaggttttag    121440
     gattcagact ggcttccttg ctcctcagct tggataaggc ctgttgtggg acttcacttt    121500
     gtgatggtgt gagtcaatac tccttaataa actacctttt gtgtatacat ctatcctatt    121560
     agttctccct ctccagagaa cactgattaa tccaactaca cagaggtcat ttggccacat    121620
     ccaggaagaa ctaccagcaa aaccagccca ggaccagtca actgcaagtc ccagtgctgt    121680
     ggaaatcagg ggtctccaga gacagagcac cccacatctg aaagggctga gacagacagc    121740
     tcttggccac tctaggattc agtgattcac agtgagtatc ctgaaactct gataaaacaa    121800
     tgcgtccctg tctcttctga gtgaaatctc ttatggagtt aagtttacaa gcatctgttt    121860
     atttggctac actgtgaatg ttaaacagtt tttagaggtt atctgaataa ttggcacaag    121920
     taaaataaaa tgaaataaaa ttcattcatc aattcaccca ttcaacagat gcttaccaaa    121980
     ggtcatcaca tgcccagcat tttcctggtc actggtcata caacagatac cttatggact    122040
     ttacagagca gtaaaagatt catttaagaa aaccacagaa aatttgtact taaaatttgt    122100
     ataagttcaa caaaggaaaa taattgagtt ctgtgaaaaa gaagagcttg gggagattat    122160
     tgaataggca ggagaaagac cagagtgaag gtgatggtgg aattggcttc tattctggct    122220
     tggatggtgc ccaaaggaca tgtcctctta gcctcacacc atttacagaa tgtagtgcag    122280
     cctctttaat agagttacct aatctaccct cctgaaaaat aatgcttaca ccatttggca    122340
     tagcaagttg aacatcatct atcccagaca ctgctatttc aaaggtgaaa ggaaacagga    122400
     acactctgaa gacttcaatc taaagtgaaa gagtactcgt tgacattaaa ggcaaggttt    122460
     acatttccct ctgtaggaaa tgtactcccc agagatctcc ttggtttttt gcatctttta    122520
     ttttgagaca gtcttgttct gtcacccagg ctggagtgca gtggcatgat ctcacctcct    122580
     gggttcaaat aattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggaatgcag gtgcgcacca    122640
     ccatggctgg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcaccttg ttggccaggt    122700
     tgatcctgaa cttctgacct caagtgatct tcctgcctta gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat    122760
     tacaggtggg agccaccaca cctggacagt tctttgcatc tctattcaat tatctctgca    122820
     cctatcaatg tatagatcaa catgtataaa agctcctatc aatgtataga taaccttaga    122880
     aaataataga ggacatttaa tagtgaagtc ataggagatg cggttctttt actgagcagg    122940
     atattttcag ggttcatcca tattgtagcc ctgtgagaac tgcaattctt tttatggctg    123000
     tgatatgctt tggatttgtg tccccaccca aatctcatat tgaattgtaa tgcctaatgc    123060
     caggtgattg gatcgtgggg gtgaatcttt catgaatggt ctaacactat cccccttcct    123120
     attgtatagt gagagagttc tcacagcatc tgattgttta aaagtgtgtg gcactgcccc    123180
     gctctctctt ttgttcctgc tctggccacg taagatactc aggagttcct gcttcggctg    123240
     ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gtccaggcgg gtggatcaca    123300
     aggttaggag atcaagacca tcctggctaa cagggtgaaa cccagtctct actaaaaata    123360
     caaaaaatta gccgggctag gtggcacgca gctgtaatcc cagctgcgcg ggaggctgag    123420
     gcaggagaat ggcacgaacc cgggaggcgg agtttgcagt gagccgagat cgcgctactg    123480
     cgctccaact ggtagacaga gtgagactca gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagagttcct    123540
     gcttcccctt caccttctac catgattgaa attttcctgg ggcctcccca gaagccaagc    123600
     agaaaccatc atgcttcctg tgcagcctgt agaacggtga gccaattcaa cttcttttct    123660
     ttataaatta cccagtctca ggtatttctt tatagcagtg tgaaaatggc ctaatatagg    123720
     ctgaataaga tttccttcta tagacggacc atcttttctt aattcactcc tctgctgata    123780
     gacatctgga tggttttcac tttttggcta ttgtaaatac aacagctgtg tatttgagat    123840
     gatgaaaaag tccggaacta gagagtgctg atgcttgcac aactttctgg atggacttaa    123900
     tgccacttta gaatggttcc aatagtaaat atgatgttta tatgtgtaaa caaaggtgag    123960
     gaaattgcaa acgtttgcat tttagacgga gataatagcc gggtgtggtg gctcagcttg    124020
     taatcccagc acgttgggaa gtggcgggcg gatcatcagg tcagtaaatc gagaccgtcc    124080
     tggctaacac ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaaatacaa aaaaaaaaaa aattagcctg    124140
     gcgtggtggc gagctcctgt agtcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggaagg agaatggcat    124200
     gaacccggga ggtggagctt gcagtgagcc gagattgtac cactgcactc tggcctgggt    124260
     gacagcaaaa ctctgtctcc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga gagagagaga    124320
     taataaaaga cataagaatg aacagacagg ccaggaacag tgacttactc ctgtaatccc    124380
     agcactttgg gaggccgagg caggcggatt gcctgaggcc gggagttcta gatcagtcta    124440
     actaacatgg tgaaaccctg tctctactaa aaatacaaga aatacccaga cgtggttgca    124500
     ggtgcttgta attccagctg cttgggaggc cgagacagga gaatcgctgt attaactggg    124560
     aggtacaggt tgcagagggc tgagattgtg ccaatgcact ctatgctggg aaacagagtg    124620
     agactctatc tccaaaaaaa aaaagacaaa gaattccctt acataatgtc aatctcttca    124680
     ataacatgct ggtcactctg gaaaaataaa gaaagaataa atagcttgta acagcttcca    124740
     gacagctagt gccccagtgt gctatcactc cttctgtctg tgtctctgtt tctctctctc    124800
     tctctgtctg tctcacatac acacccactg tttctctttc tcttttttct ttccttctct    124860
     ctctctttct cattctgtct ctctcactgt ttctttcttt ctgtttttct atttgttttc    124920
     ctcattctct ctctctggca ctgactctct gtctcttttt cttacagaca taagccttct    124980
     gtttctaact ctctctctgt cttcctttct ttctcttgct ctccctcttt ttccttctct    125040
     ttctcagtct ttctttcttt tgttctcaat ttttcttttt cttcctctct ctctctctct    125100
     ctctgtcttt ctctgtttct gtctttctct gtctctgtcc tctatgtcac ttgcatcatc    125160
     cacaacatgg agatgatctg aaactcccat ctcagcacac ccagtcaaca ccttcccaca    125220
     tggaaacaca ccctaactct gagccttccc ttgatgtctc acaaagctgc tctgatctga    125280
     cattcatctc atcaatttga tcatccccct acccacctca gctccattat gctggcctcc    125340
     cagacttcac tcttcggtct tagtgcgggg tctctctttt ctgtgctgct ctttgtttcc    125400
     gccacctcca gtttgaggag tctctggttt attttttatt atgtaaattt ttaatccatc    125460
     tttagagcct tagttagtgc aagctcctcc taaaatatct cttcatttcc ctaaatcaga    125520
     attcatctct ctcccctctc cactcccacc atggtgtctg tttatgaccc ctcttactga    125580
     acttatagtc tttaattcct tattggttgc atatacacca ctttttccaa ctagatgctg    125640
     atatactgaa aaatagaaat aattttttct cttctttgtg acctcagctt ttacaatatc    125700
     ctttgaggtt aggtttgaat atatgtattt ttacatacat atattctggc tttcacggtc    125760
     tttttcttgg gggagcaaaa aacaagacaa tataattcaa ttagaaacat gattgaaaat    125820
     gacatttcat tgaaactgga accaaaaata agcatgattt cacttccttg aacagcaaaa    125880
     atgaagcaac ctcttagcta aatttctcac acctcagaga ggggaagtgt cgtcagtcct    125940
     tctgagttaa accctgagga gacatagcca tacagtcttc cactgggtgc ctctgagggg    126000
     ccgctgggct ctcagaaact tggcaggcct atgtcccttt acttgccttg attcattgaa    126060
     agcatgtgaa gtttggatca gatgttgtgg aagcagatta aacacaagtg aacagatccc    126120
     aacttcggtt tttggtaaaa cttcaaactg tgaaaatgtg tggggttatg aagagctgaa    126180
     cactgtgttg ctccttggat gacaatagtt acttgatttc atgcatattt tattattagt    126240
     catggactac acgaaaattt gcctcaaaat caaagacggg accagaatct agctatacta    126300
     cctgataata gtccataatg ttgatacttt gtttatatgc acacacacac acacatatca    126360
     atatatacac atatatatat actatgaata cacacaagca tgtacacaca catataggta    126420
     ctatatatac acacagatgt actatcttta tatatacaaa catatacaca catgtacttt    126480
     atatatacac acatacagat gtatgatata taaccacata cacacatata taagtacttt    126540
     atacatacac atacatatgt acacacatat gtattgtgta tgtacacata tgtactaata    126600
     tatacacatg tactatatga acatgtatac atatatgtac tacacccatg tatgtacttt    126660
     atatatgaac acatacatat acaagtagtt catatatacc catacacata taatgtagtc    126720
     tatataagca cacacactta tgtacacata tgtgttcttt atatgcacac atatttacca    126780
     atatatacat atatgctata tacacaaata cagatacata tatactgtaa tatatgacat    126840
     atattgttat actgtgtgta tagtacatag gtatgtgtgt atgcctatat ataaagtaat    126900
     atatatggat gtataagtgt gtttgtatat gtatatgtgt atgtatatat atgcacatat    126960
     gctgtgtaca caggcacaca cacatacacc catatatatt actttatata tacatacaaa    127020
     cataagtatg cactatatat gcatacacat atacacacac aaatatattt gtaccgtata    127080
     acacacatat atagacatat gtactatata taacacatat atacatgtgt atcatatata    127140
     cacatacata cacacataca tgtactatat agacacacag aagtacaata taaacacaca    127200
     tatgtgtact acttatacac atatatacac acacccatat acatgcacca cgctctctct    127260
     atatatatac acacacacac gcacacacaa ttaacatgga actgtaggat tttatatgta    127320
     tatgtaaaac agcataaaca ctgtatttat attaaacagt atatatagta tgtatttgta    127380
     aatattaatg tttcagtgaa tttcaattta tatcagaatt tgtctttcca aataaagttc    127440
     tgaaattctg ctcaagaaat atttgtggct gtaaatcatc taaatggggt caaattatgt    127500
     taaaggattt atgggatgca ttcatgtcat cccaagctct tagtgtgatg aaataatgcc    127560
     ttttataaag ctgcccttag gaaacgaaaa ttgacacaaa cttgtaattt atacctggtt    127620
     ctcaactcgt tacggccagt gcattttctc tggttatctc tgatgttgtt aatattctaa    127680
     atctgccaga tgttttttct agtaggagag ggggtaaata aaattcaggc tggatttgag    127740
     tattacccta ggacctggga aaagaccaac ttatatgaat tcaacctgtc ttctagatat    127800
     gaatgagctg aacaaccttt attatgttct tatagaactt ttgatatttt tttctgacta    127860
     ttcagtgtat ggaagtaacc tcctatgatt aaacttctac cgtagaccag cggtatttat    127920
     tacaaaggtt atatgtattg gcttttattc aaagagctta tttactgaaa tgtcaaaaca    127980
     atttcctata aggttatttt agctggaaga caaactcaca tcttctacat aagagatgtt    128040
     gtctaagact tcaccataga gtgaggctga catttttctc caggtatgag acaagatgac    128100
     ctacaagcca agtggccaaa aaaatgattt tcttcattta ctcccatgat atcatatttg    128160
     gagaaaactt gctctaatga atattctagg tgtgttcata ttaaatcctg gataagttcc    128220
     actcgaagcc ccattctgtg aatgacaaac agtggatgct tttctcagta tataaaaagg    128280
     agggattggg gtaaggggat ataccttggg ttcattgttc attctgttat catatgtcca    128340
     acattcatgc actgtctttc ttttgcccct tgctgaattg gtcacagaac gctgactctt    128400
     ttatttcctc cagagatgaa tgaaagacta agtaaaggaa taatcaaaca aagtaattca    128460
     cacaagactt ctttgtatgc atcgactttg ttgagaatgt ttagagaata agggagacat    128520
     gaatagccaa tctacacaga tggctaaaat ttgggtatac aatattcttt tcctataagt    128580
     tctttttagt ccctctgcta ctgatgattt gtcattggcc ccaccattca gggatatccc    128640
     cagcatccaa ttatttgtct tctctcccct cttccactcc ctcctcccaa gcaggagcaa    128700
     aacaaaacaa acacaaaata aaaccagaga gacttcttac tctatttgtg cactgtaatc    128760
     cccactactc tctacattgt atctttttag acctacatgg cttctgtaac agagtagcag    128820
     tgccaagaga gcagcagtgt cagctttggc actgttgaca tttggggctg catgattccc    128880
     tggtggggca tccttgtgtg ctgtatgttg ttgagcagtg tccctgggct tcacccacca    128940
     gatgtcagga ccaactctcc acccagggaa gacgtttcca ggcattgcca gtgtcccctg    129000
     agggcaaagt gaactgcaat tggaaaccac tgtgatgaca gattagatag atagatagat    129060
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agagatatgg tttggacgtg    129120
     tccccaccca aatcttatct tgaattttag cacccataat tcccaactct tgtgggaggg    129180
     acttgattgg agataattga atcaacaggc agtttccccc atactgttct tgtgatagtg    129240
     aataagtctc aggggatctg atgttttaat aagaagaaac cctttctctt agctctcgtt    129300
     ctttctctta gctgctgcca agtaagatgt gtcttttgcc ttcctccgtg attgtgaagc    129360
     ctccccagcc atgtggaact gtgagtccat taaacctctt tttctttata atttacccca    129420
     cctcaggtat gtctttatca gcagtgtgaa aatggactaa tacaaatgga tagatagata    129480
     aatagataat taacagatat atagataaat agtaataatg atgaccaaat agatgataga    129540
     gggatagata tatcgatgat agatagatga cgaatatgtg gacaaaaaca tagagagata    129600
     aataaataga taatagacaa gcacacagag tctttcatgc taaggcagga ttttgcagtt    129660
     gagctggcac tgctgacatt tgggggtgga tgattctctg tggtgggggt gtcctgtgca    129720
     ctgtagggtg tcgagtaaca tcttgggctc caaccaccag gagttagtga gaccactcag    129780
     ttgtgacacc gaaaaatatc tccagacatt gccaagtgtc ccctggcatg gaacaaaatc    129840
     tccctacctt ggagaccatt attccacaac tcatagagct ctctcactca tcatacacag    129900
     catttgtgtg accattttta ttgtttctca aaattatgac ctgattgtct caattgtttt    129960
     gataaaattg acgttgtgaa tgtctccaag agtcttaggt tcatttccca ccttagaaac    130020
     aaaataaagg ccaggtgcag tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agaactttgg gaggccgaga    130080
     caggccagtc acttgaggtc aggagtttgt gaccagcttg gccaacatag tgaaaccctg    130140
     tcgctacaaa aaaaatacaa aaattagctg ggtctggtgt cccatgacta taatctcagc    130200
     tacttaggag gccaaggcag gagaatcact tgaacctgga agacagaggc tgcagcgggc    130260
     tgagatctca ccactgtact ccagccggga tgatagagtg aggctctgtc tcaaaaacaa    130320
     acacaaaaac aaaaaacaaa ataaggtgag tccctatcca tttcattttg aagaattttc    130380
     tacatttctt attttaattt tgcatgacca caaacacatc taattcaggt ttgtacttga    130440
     atgtgtgttg atggaagaat taaaaaatag cacttagcaa atttcacaaa gcccacacat    130500
     gttacacagc tatgtaggtt aatcaaactt ccttaaaaat ttcaaactaa ttatatgtat    130560
     ctaccctctt tttgcacacc aaagaacatg cttccaggaa agccatgcaa cccaatttca    130620
     gatattattg tcagtgctga aattgatcta atttcttcca ggatgaaaga agtccactgc    130680
     atgtgccttg gtcctacagt taaatctgca tggccatttc cataccaatt ggttgggcat    130740
     atcttctgac cacaaaggat ggttaggatc tgggaataat tgactcaatc cactgtggat    130800
     ctccagattg agttatttaa tgcataaagc aacaccttct gcaacctacc aactcaggtg    130860
     tatatttatc aactacgtgt atgcatggtc tctatgttac agagttgagt tagacatagc    130920
     tttactagtt gtggaaacat tattcacaaa ggaagacttt caatatggtt gcattgaaaa    130980
     ttcagggact ttggaaaaat cacgtactct ccaattttat tcctgtctaa atgtcactta    131040
     aatgaagaca gagccattga gcaacccctc acaagggaaa gtaatctcat ttttgcactg    131100
     aataactatt ggatgcttgc tgggctcaaa aagtgtttga tcctcaaaga attctgatgt    131160
     tataactttg aatattcatg ctcttttact aggttgttag tacataaaat aaagtagtat    131220
     tttacccaaa acctgtgttc aaagattttg ttatcttttt taatgcaaga aaacacacgc    131280
     atacatacac acatacttac ctaatacata cacacacaca tatatatata tacacataca    131340
     catatatata tacacatacc tatatgtgta cgcaaatata catatgtgtg tttgcattta    131400
     ggcacttatg tgtatttttt tcttgcgtta aaaagggata gcataggcca ggcgctgtgg    131460
     ctcacttctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggagg gcaaatcacg aggtcaggag    131520
     attgagacca tcctggataa cacagtgaaa cgctgtctct actaaaaaaa aattcaaaaa    131580
     aattagctgg gcgtggtggt gggtgcctgt agtcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg    131640
     agaatggcat gaacccagga ggaggagctt gcagtgagcg gagatcgagc aactgcactc    131700
     cagcctgggt gactgagcaa gtctctgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggatag    131760
     catatatatt ggtaaattgg caaagagcaa tctaaataca gaatgaaaaa tataaaatga    131820
     agataaatca caagaattcc tatacagcaa taataggcaa acagtgagct aaatcatgag    131880
     tgaactccca ttcacaatta ctacaaaaag aataaaaaat aaaaaataaa aaaagaataa    131940
     aatacctagg aatccaactt acaaggaatt tgaaggacct ctttaaggag aagtacaaac    132000
     cgctgctcaa taaaataaaa gagggcacaa acaaatggaa gaacattcca tgctcatgga    132060
     taggaagaat caatatcatg aaaatagcca tatttataga ttcaatgcca tccccatcaa    132120
     gctaccaacg actttcttca gggaattgga aaaaactact tcaaagttca tatggagcca    132180
     aaaaagagcc ctcatagcca agacaatcct aagcaaaaag aacaaagctg taggcatcat    132240
     actacctgac ttcaaactac tctacaaggc tacagcaacc aaaacagcct ggtactggta    132300
     cccaaacaga tgtatagacc aatggaatag aacagaggcc tcagaaataa caccatacat    132360
     ctacaaccat ctgatctttg acaaacctga caaaaacaag aaatggggaa tggattccct    132420
     atttaataaa tggtgctggg aaaactggct agcaatatgt agaaagctga aactggatcc    132480
     cttccataca ccatacacaa aaattaactc aagatggatt aaagacttaa atgtaagacc    132540
     taataccata aaaaccctag aagaaaacct aggcaatacc attcaggaca taggtatagg    132600
     caaagacttg atgaataaaa cacaaaagca atggcaacaa aagccaaacc agacaaatgg    132660
     gatctaatta aactaaagaa cttccataca gcaaaagaaa ctatcattgg agtgaacagg    132720
     caacctagag aatagcagaa attttttgca atctacccat cagacaaagg gctaatatcc    132780
     agactctaca gagaacttaa acaaatttac aagaaaaaag caaacaaccc catcaaaaag    132840
     tggcaaagga tatgaacaga cacctctcaa aagatgatat ttattcagcc aacagacaca    132900
     tgaaaaaagg ctcatcatca ctggtcatca gagaaatgca agtcaaaacc acaatgagat    132960
     acattctcat gccagttaga atagtggtca ttaaaaagtc aggaaacaac agatgctgga    133020
     gaggatgtgg aaaaatagga atgcttttgc actgttggtg ggagtgtaaa ctagttcaac    133080
     cattgtggaa gacagtgtgg tgattcctca aggatctaga attagaaata ccatttgacc    133140
     caatgagctc attactgggt atatacctaa aggattataa atcatgcagc actattcaca    133200
     atagcaaagt tttggaacca acctgaatat acatccagga tagactggat taagaaaata    133260
     tggcatatac acaccatgga atactatgca gccataaaaa aggatgagtt catgtccttt    133320
     gcaggaacat ggatgaagat gggaaccatt attctaagca agctatcaca aggacagagc    133380
     accaaatact gcatgttctc actcacagat gggagttgaa caatgaaagc acatggacac    133440
     aaggtgggga acttcacaca ccggggcctg tcagggtatg ggaagctggg gaagggatag    133500
     ataatttcta attatattta cattgggaga aatacataat gtaaatgaca agatgatggg    133560
     tgcggcaaac caacatggca catgtatacc tatataacaa acatgcacat tgtgcacttt    133620
     taccctagaa cttaaagtat aattataata aaaaaggaaa ataagttctt aggttgtctg    133680
     ctaaggggtg agcacagagt ttattctatc agttcaacta atagtcaact aatagctatt    133740
     actaatgctg agtgggttga ggcatctctt cctttcacct gctttccaat gaagtctgtg    133800
     gtgttcttta taattggcta gccacatgga ggtctatggc ctataaaggg atcaatgata    133860
     atgtccttag aactaggcta ttatcccaga ctgcctagac accaattctt ccagtgtctc    133920
     aaaatgaaaa tgagcacatg cttgtaatat tctctgcttt ggaacctaaa agttggcttt    133980
     tgatatggat ttttttaatg aaaaacttca gccaaacaac ttgtaggtta catgtcactt    134040
     tgtaaacaag tgtgctaggt ggaagagctg gaattaaaca gattcaatcc tttatctatg    134100
     ggacatctca gaattttata aattcagcta tgtctgagga aaccatcaaa gcataaacta    134160
     gagcattgaa cacaatcagg gatgggtcaa atgtataaac tctttgattt tgggaaatag    134220
     ctctatatag ccctcatatt atgaaggcaa actgtatcta atttggccaa aagtaagtga    134280
     aagagctctc atgctctgat ggatgatgta aaagatggct gatgtggaat gtgtgcaaac    134340
     atcttaagtt cttggtgctc ttcccaacat tgtcttctga gttatgttta gtctgagaca    134400
     tatgattaaa ctgttacttt gcctgtatac ttctctgtct tggacatatg tacccccagg    134460
     tgctctaaat atgcccagga caggtgggga ggccaacaac tatctgcatt ctgctgccag    134520
     attaatctta tgaaaatacc actttgatca acttaaggta ggaaaagccc ttaatcaccc    134580
     tcctgcacca acaggaagaa ataaacacta cacaatccat catttaaagc ccacggtact    134640
     aaggcttcaa tacctctttt aaattatcct ccatttcttt ccaaacaaat atttccccag    134700
     gaaagttgcc tatcattgtt tataaagact gcctcttaac tagacttgga cttgagaaag    134760
     agacaagcta agtgaaatca acatctcctt ataggaatgc atgaactgaa tgggctttta    134820
     tattcttata agatttcccc ccctttttcc cctaaagttt caatgaatgg aagtgaactc    134880
     ctgtgactat cttaccacag cacggaagaa tttaatacaa aggttacttg tgttggcttc    134940
     tcttcaagag ggtttattgt tgaaatgtca aaacaatttc ctataagatt atttcagctg    135000
     gaagtcaagc ctttgatgat acaatcacat tgttgtacct atccagaagt ctcatggctg    135060
     ggatgaggca agcagtgagg aagtcatgta aagaatcagg gattgtcagt acagttcaga    135120
     aacagagaga ctctggagag ccagagaaca tgagtaggaa gcttgtacct atggttgtga    135180
     ggtctgcagt tgctaacagt cctgaagaca aaaccagagc ccacccgtat tttagaacag    135240
     gagcatcatt catcatcaaa atatcttcag gtgggggcta aagtaacccc accttgaatg    135300
     ctaatccacc atgttgactt ctgattgacc ctagttctgg gcaggcctct aagatttcta    135360
     ttctatctac tgttccttgt gttaagagaa tgtccttgcc ataaatcctg cccacaaaac    135420
     aatcatccta tacacccctt accccatggt atataagccc tgggttattt ggcagtaatg    135480
     gtatagaaat ccacttgacc tgtctgccac acaagacaca aacatgggtt ctgtttctaa    135540
     gtaccaatta agtgtttttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttttc taagaaacta gatgtgtcag    135600
     cttatttctt tggcatctca gctttcttgg gcttttgggg ataggtttgc acagacttgc    135660
     ccattatgga tgaggtgttt gggaacacct catcccaaaa ttcaagccag gaggacaaaa    135720
     ggtgaagaca gtatcagaga tgcaaaaccc aaccaccaaa ccaatagtct agtccaccaa    135780
     gagatatccc attaacccac aaacccagaa aggtttaggt aagacatttg ggctgagagg    135840
     tgagtgtctc atgttaaggt caactatgtg taatggcaca tctgcagaat aatgccagtc    135900
     aaagtgtgca ctgccttctg ctctgaagtc catacagtca ggggacatta catccattct    135960
     ctccgtccaa tgtgagctga gttcctccat gatctaaccc tatcacatca ccttcatctt    136020
     cttgtctgat tgtctgattg ttatgaacaa tcagaacaag cctcatgaag ttaatcatgg    136080
     tctatgtagc agcaatagcc ccaagcccca acctcctcca gaccctccaa aacacctagg    136140
     atggagacca tgaattctca ttaacttatt ccagcaaatt caagatattc caatggacat    136200
     gcccatcttg aacacatggg caaatgaaca ctgttagatc ctggagttgt ttagcataaa    136260
     atacagaaaa tttgccttta cctaggagat agaactttga aaataaaagg agctctgaag    136320
     atgaaccagg attcattcca tcatttctcc aaatgaggac tctaacacca acagggttaa    136380
     caagtgagtc ttggtgatat tgcttgatca gagacaagcc aggagaaatt ctccagaaat    136440
     cctgtcagct cctaaacagc tcttggagat ccaactctat tacactatag gactggtatt    136500
     tcttgagggc tgttaggggg aaagccgatg taactgttgt ggctaacaag catgactcat    136560
     tgggtgtaat cacaaagcaa ttttattttg tctcttacta gctctttcat atatattcac    136620
     tggggcttag agagtaggga gagttttgtt ggcctctgga ggaaatgaca gccagcccca    136680
     taacttttct ttaagcacat gctctctttc tccctccctc tttccttcct tccctctctt    136740
     tccttttctc ctctctttct ccatcccttc cttcctctgt ttatccattt gttcctctct    136800
     gtatggctct ctgtccttct ttctctttct cccttaccct cttctctttc tctcttttac    136860
     tttctcctcc tcctactcct tctatctctc tgtctttctc cttcctccat tcgtatatct    136920
     ctaactatct catctctctc tcccagtctg cactccctct cccttatctc ttctctcttt    136980
     ctccatttct cctttctatt taccattcct tcctctttct ctctcaccgt ctttccctct    137040
     ctttctcttc cttacttctc tttctcccct ctgcttccta tttttctttc tttctctctc    137100
     cttctcctcc ttctttttct ccccttccct cccctctctc tttctttgtt tggtcctttt    137160
     tatatttttc catttccccc cttcttattc tctcctttcc tctctctttc ttcctctttt    137220
     tctctctttc tgactctgcc tcactcttcc tccctccttt cattttttcc tttctccttt    137280
     cctttccttt tcttcccttt ctctctcctt ccctcccttc ctttcttcct tccttccctt    137340
     cttccttcct tcctctctct tctttcatcc ctctgtcttt ctcctttctt ctctcttcct    137400
     tcctttcctt gtctccctct ctcttcctcc attcttctct ctccccttcc cttaattttt    137460
     tccctccctc catacaaaag gtgtgtgtcc tatcagcatc ttccacatcc acttgggaat    137520
     cattaagtca gaggaggata ttaagagaag gcaactttga gcttcttttc attccaccca    137580
     gtggcatagg cccaagtgca ggaggagagg aaacctgctt ggctcatgtg acgagctctt    137640
     tctagtgtaa ctgtagcaat gatagataga agtccttatt tctccccaag ccccctgtag    137700
     acattgcagc aggttcctaa cccagtggga agggacatgc atgacttact cttcaaaggc    137760
     ttcaaagtca tcatctagga gaccctgaga aggatgggct gagaaacaat gaactctgag    137820
     ctgttatgca atatcagggt tgcttatgta gccctatgga ggctgcacaa atttctggct    137880
     acattcgcct gtgaccttgc agtttttgtc atcttatgct atgactgggg gttgcagctg    137940
     ctggatgtaa gtacagccaa aaataccaac attgacactc acaggccgct gaggacctta    138000
     aaccataaca tctctggctg ctggtgtagg tattgtgcct tatcaaggaa ggggcatcat    138060
     ttcagtggcc tgaacagaag ttcaactaag tttcaatggg ctaaaataag ggtctctgca    138120
     agaatggttc ttctggatgc tccacgaatg aatctatttt cttgcttttt ccagcttcta    138180
     gaggttgctg tattccttgg cttgtggtgc cttcttcctt cttccaccat gccaacttct    138240
     actctccttg tcacatctcc tttttctctt tctctgaatc caagtcttcc ttctataaga    138300
     agcattgaga atacattgaa cccacccaaa caatccagaa taatctcccc atctcaagat    138360
     ttttaacttg atcccatctg caaagtcagc tttaccacat aaatcaacat attcattgga    138420
     catggacacc tttggggcca ttatcctgtc taccacatga ggattaagat atggacatct    138480
     ctggggccat tattctgtct attacatggg gattaggatg cagacatctt tggagacatt    138540
     attttgtcca ccacatgcag attagaatgt ggacatcttt gggaccatta gtctgtctac    138600
     cacatgggga ttagaatgag gacatctctg gaggcattat tctgtctccg acataaggat    138660
     taggatatag acatctttgg gcacaatatt ctgtctatat ggggattaga atgtggacat    138720
     tttgggggcc attttttttt ctgtctactg cacagggatt aagacatgga cattttgggg    138780
     tggccattat tcatctgacc acaatgggag agttttcctg ctgagttagt attcattcct    138840
     gcattgcagt gaggctaaga ccaaggagat ttttctcttc taaaaatatg acctgaagac    138900
     atccaactct ttttcctgag gagcaatctc agatgcacct tcaaggagag ccccaattcc    138960
     tctcaagcac tgatggagac tgccctaggt gaaggtgaag aaaatttgac ataggggaga    139020
     aaaagaatgt cttaatatct gtggttttta acaaagacag ggtacacatt ttctctttgt    139080
     ttttctaact ttagatgaat attaatggga taaaagtgca acttttttac atgcatagat    139140
     tgcataatga tcaaggcagg gtttttagta atccatttca ttgtacccat taactaattt    139200
     ttcataattc tcctcccacc tccttacgct tttgagtctc catcatctca ttccattctt    139260
     ttcatccaca tataacatat tttaacttcc acttatgagt gagaacatgt gacatttgtc    139320
     tttctgggtc tggctttgtc cacttaggat aatggcctcc agttccatcc aagtagctac    139380
     aaaagacata gctttatttt tctcacggtg gaatagtatt ccattttgtg tacatgtacc    139440
     atatttactg tatccaatct gccattgata gacacttcca ttgattccgt atctttgtta    139500
     ttgtgaatgg tactgcaata aacatacaag cacaggtatc tttttgatac aatgatttat    139560
     tttcctttgg gtagataccc agtcgtggga ttgctggatg gaatagtact tttattttca    139620
     gttctttgag aaatctccat attgtgttcc atagaggttg tactaactta cattcacacc    139680
     agcaaaggat acccatttta gatgcttaat atcctcagaa acttgttaac aaaaggacat    139740
     tcacaaccat caaatttgag tattattcca tgactggatt catgttatca gcagcattta    139800
     tgccaatatt tgggcctatg atcaacctct gatgagttat atcaaactat gttgggatgt    139860
     aactgatgaa gaaaatagga tgaaagatta atgctcagcc caggaagcag tttagccatg    139920
     gggttgattg aattcaccat tgtgagagct gcaggtgaac tgcccacctc cagctataga    139980
     gaaacataaa atgaagatac tattacaatt gggaataatt gcgccattgt ggtgattttg    140040
     tctcctcttc tgagggacca cttgatacct tgttttactc cttaggtctc tccttgcctt    140100
     acctggacct gttcacttct gtagacctgg aggtaaagaa tttaaccttg ttcaaggaga    140160
     ggtgtgggct ttggccttgg ctggaattta accttgctca gagagaggtc tgggcttttg    140220
     cattggctct agaacttgac atctaagcct ttggaatggg tgccaaacaa agacaggagt    140280
     gtatttgttt ctgtaggggt gttggttcac actgggcagt ctaacaatgt gatttggagt    140340
     gagggtagcc acatccatta gtaacaatgg gattcaggtt ccatggtatt ggtagacctt    140400
     cagtgaggct ggagaatgat cagccacata gacaattagt caatcacaat gaagcctctg    140460
     taaacactga accccaaggc tcaggtgata tgcccggtga tatagtttgg atatgcttca    140520
     aatctcatgt tgaaatgtga ttcccgaggt tggcagtggg acatggttgg aggtgattgg    140580
     atcctgcggg tggatttttc aggaacggtt tagcactatt ccccttggta ctgtccttgt    140640
     gatagtgagt gtgtcctcat gagatctggt catttaaaag tgtctagccc ctcctcattc    140700
     tctcattcct gcttccacca tgtgagacaa ctgctccccc ttcaccccta ccatgactga    140760
     aagcctcctg agaagcagat gctggcatcc tgcttcctgt acagcctgca gaattgtgag    140820
     caattaaacc tcttttcttt ataaattacc cagactccat ttattcttta taacaaggca    140880
     ggaatagact actacaccca agttggcaat acttcatgca tgttgtcata tattgatgcc    140940
     tagaaaccaa cacttctctg actccaaggg gagaggataa tagaagctct gtttggtact    141000
     tggcttggac ctctatccca tgcacctctt tcatttgctg actgtgatct gtcatcctct    141060
     cactgtaata aaccacaaat gtgagtgtaa cagcttccag tgagttctgt cagtccttct    141120
     agggaactgt caaacttgag ggtagttttg ggaactcctc tcaacctgca actggtgtcc    141180
     aaagtgagag tggtcttgtg gaagagcccc ctcctctgag agctcacttt cttgcttgtt    141240
     ttactggcct tatgatatct ctctgccttg gctgacccaa gtagtgtgtt agtccttcag    141300
     aaggacagcc gtctagggaa ggtggttcac acctataatc ccagcatttt ggaaggccaa    141360
     agtgggagga tcaccagagc tcaggagttc gagaccatcc tgagcaatat agtgaaaccc    141420
     tgtctctaca aaaataaaaa taaaaatatt agccaggcat gattgcacac acctgtagtc    141480
     ccagttactt gggaggctga ggtggaagga tcacttgagc ccatgagttt gagtctgcag    141540
     tgacctatga ttacaccact gtactccagc ctgggtgaca acagagtgaa accatctcta    141600
     agacataaag aaagaactaa aagagaaaag aaaagaagga aggcaggaag gaaggaagaa    141660
     aggaaggaag gaaggagtga gggagggagg gagggaggga aaaaagaaag aagggagaga    141720
     gagggagaaa gagaaggaag gagagtagga aaaaggaagg aaggaatgaa gagaggaaag    141780
     aagagaaaga agaaagaatg aaggaagata aaaagacaga aagaagggag agagggaggg    141840
     agggaaggaa agtacaaaaa agaaggaaga aagaaggaag gaaggaagga aaaaagagaa    141900
     aaagaaagac agaaagaaag agagaaagaa aggagagagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    141960
     aaggaagaca gagaaaaaaa gaaagaaaca aacaaacaaa gagaaagaaa aaagagagaa    142020
     agaaagagag aaagaaagaa aggaaaagaa agaaagagag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    142080
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agagaaagaa agaaggaagg aaaggaagga    142140
     aggaaggaaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaagaa agaaagaggg ggaatagaga agtccatcat    142200
     ggtgtgtttg caagcccttt gcttttctac ctgccctgtc tgtctttaat gaaataactc    142260
     ttttggtcag gatctgagcc atgagtatgc tgcagttagc taaaccaaga cttcccttcc    142320
     acattgtgct ggcagcgatc ccacagacga ctgtggggcc caagaaagac aggtgagtta    142380
     atatcactct ctatccttac caggaaccag ggcctgatac aggcatcagc tctggaggtt    142440
     caggcagaat actttgccaa gagaaatcac acctagaatt tggcctggaa aacctctata    142500
     cttgtttctg actctttgaa tgttatcatg aaaatatttt ctagccatat tccaacaata    142560
     gaatattatc cagccttaaa aaagaaagaa gctttgacac acactgcagt gtggatgaac    142620
     cttgaaaaca ctaagctcag tgaaagaaac tcttcaccaa ggaccacata tggtatgatt    142680
     ccattgatag gaaatgttca gaataagcaa atccatagac agaaagcaga ttagtagttg    142740
     ccaagggatg tgggatcagg agtaattgga gaaattgcaa ggatagctaa agagtgtgga    142800
     atttcttgtt gaattgatga gaatgttcta aagttgattg tggtgattgc tgcacagcta    142860
     tgaacgtcct aaaaatgatt gctttgtata ctttaaatgg gagaactggg ccggatgtgg    142920
     tagctcacac ctgtaatccc cgtactttgg gaggctgagg tgggaggatc acctgagccc    142980
     aggagtttaa ggccagccgg ggcaatatag caagacccaa aaacaacaaa attaggcaag    143040
     catgctggca catgctggta gttccagctt cttggtaggc tgaggtgggg ggatcacttc    143100
     agtccaggat gttgaggctg cagtgagcca taatcgtgcc actgccctct agcctggatg    143160
     acagagtaag aacacatgga cataggaagg ggaacatcac acaccgaagc ctgttgtggt    143220
     gtggggagag gggggaggga tagcattagg agatatacct aatgttaaat gacaagttaa    143280
     tgggtgcagc acaccagcat ggcacatgta tacataggta acaaacctgc acattgtgca    143340
     catgtaccct aaaacttaaa gtataataaa aaataaaaat aaaaaataaa ataaaataaa    143400
     aataagaaat aaatgggtga attgtgtggt atgcaaatta tatcccaaaa tagctgtttc    143460
     aaaaaaaaac ataatgagcc tttcttctcc tctgtccata ctagttactg agccctatct    143520
     gtctctggac atcagacgcc acatctctcc tcctaggtgc tctcacacac tgcaattttc    143580
     tgccacaaac cacaaaactg cctaggattg ccaaatgtat gctcatttat acataattta    143640
     cactccatgt acttccacat agaatcaaag gatttgatgt ggcttataat aaaatcacat    143700
     gaacatacgg ttgctaaaac taagtgtcaa gaaacaccac aaagcaggta tgaaaaaaga    143760
     gagacaattt ttttctggag cctaaagaaa ttctcatcat aatcttctaa gcctcctaaa    143820
     actacaaacc tgaaaatccc ctggttcttc ccatattatt gaggtttaca gatgtttcct    143880
     tgagatatca aggacactgt gcttcccatt gcaaaatgtt taaaatttcc gcaaagctga    143940
     cctgtatatt tacatagtaa aaaatattta acacccttta tgtccttccc tggaataaaa    144000
     tctcacaact ccctctaact tgtggaatta aatgcaagtt catgcaagaa atgaattcca    144060
     aatgaatctt ggaaattatc aatgatttaa ctttaatcat taaagttaaa aacttttaat    144120
     atcttaaaag ttattaaaca tgccttcatg tcgcagctgt gaatcttctt gttacaaaat    144180
     tatcaatgat ttataacaat gcatcttgaa agttatttaa tgcatgcctt catgttgcag    144240
     ctgaaaaaaa atgatgccaa cagaaatgac tttcataaag acagatagct aacaaaatac    144300
     agagcagaga tatcagcctg gatctaccac actttcacta catccttgtg agttatttca    144360
     acttgacacc aaacattttc taacttgagt gaagactaca ttagaaataa tgcttaaaga    144420
     gcatttaaaa gcaaattcaa ttatgttatt tgtgtccatt tacggggtac aatgcaattt    144480
     tcttacaggc atagattgca tagtggtgaa gtcaaggctt ttagggcatc catcatgtga    144540
     gtaatgtact tcgcacccat taagtcattt ctcatgcatc ctatcttccc actccttcac    144600
     ctttctcagc acttgtcatc atagctaaca atttaatttt tgtttaatgg agattgtttg    144660
     gtcagtccca ggcatataat aagaaatatt tgtcctaatt ttgataatat aaagcagtca    144720
     tggtttaaga cctgcttctt agttttttca gctactatag cagattatca taaactgagt    144780
     tgcttataaa cagaaatata ttgcttacag ttatagaagc tgggaagtcc aagatcaagg    144840
     tgtggcagat tcagtgtctg gtggggaccc acttcctggt tcatagatgg caccttcttg    144900
     ctgtgacgtc acatggtgga aggagtgagg gagctctctg gggtcccttt tataaagaca    144960
     ctagtcccat tcatgaggct acaccacctt atgagtctca gaggactcaa ccataacacc    145020
     atacttggcc aataacttag acttatcttt tgctggtgag ggtactactt ttgtttgcta    145080
     cagttgcttc aaagtttcac agacttggag gcttaaaaat cagaaatatg tctttttatg    145140
     tatctgaagg ctggaaatct gagatcaagg tgtaggcaga gctggttgct cttgaaacct    145200
     ctcacctcag cttgcagaca taatcttttc catgtgtctt cacgtggttg tccctctatg    145260
     tgtgcctttg tcatttcctt ttcttataag gataccagtt ctattggatc agggcccact    145320
     ctagtgacct cattttactc taagtacctc ttgaaagacc ctgtgttcaa atgcagtcat    145380
     ttcagtcata gcatcttgaa ccgtatcttt aaatcaggtc ctggggttta ggcttcaatg    145440
     tataaattta gcagggacac aagtcagtcc ataagtggta ggtagggagg tagagcagtg    145500
     aatgaacagc gtttctactg gaaatgcccc aagaagaaag gtgatgtttg ccattgtcct    145560
     tctaggtcac ctctcctaga ttctagcacc tttctgtggt cacaccaact gatgggctag    145620
     agagtcacca gttacaagct agataaatgc tgtacttaga ccaggtcttt atgatacaaa    145680
     ataatagacg actgtggatg tttaaattat tgtgtccaac ctctacatgg tctcccacaa    145740
     tgaaagtgat tctgagccct ttgaagctcc agaatccatg gctagacctt catgtaggga    145800
     ttggtgtcat ccaatcagat ttaggagaaa agagtgaggt ccctgcagaa gagggactgc    145860
     agcctccaat gccttcagac tcaagctgca acatcagtcc ttccctgggt ctccagcttg    145920
     caggtggctc tcatccattc tttctgactg ctgtgtaata tttcatagtg tgaatagtca    145980
     attgtaggaa tcagaattca aagatggctg ccaagacttt gggccctgat gagcacacag    146040
     attgttcagt caaacatgaa tctgggtgtt actgtgatgg gattttgcag acatcgttaa    146100
     tgttccaaat aagtggaccc taagaaaggg agcttgacct aatcacatga gctatctaaa    146160
     cctgggccta gagtcagaca cagggaagtc agacatccaa agtagcagtg aaattcccct    146220
     gatgactttg cagataaaaa aactgccatg ttgtggaaag ggccatgggg ccactacctg    146280
     tagaagctga gaatggctct ggctaacagc tagaaacatg ttggagacac actccttcag    146340
     cctctaggaa ctcaattctg ccaacaacca gggagctgag aagaaggcac ccagcttcag    146400
     atgacactgc aaccctgaca acacatgatt tcagcctggg gagaccctca gtagagaact    146460
     cagccaggac atgttcagat atctaatgta tagcactctg agatgataaa tggggattgt    146520
     ttcaagccac caagtttata atttgttatg tagtagtaaa aaatacacac aaccaatgtg    146580
     gtgattcctc aaagatctgg aaccagaaat accatttgat ccagcaatat cattactggg    146640
     tatataccaa aaggatcata aatcattctg ttacaaagat acatgtgtgc atattactat    146700
     tcacaatagc aaagacatgg aatcaatcca aatgcccatc aatgatagac tgaataaaga    146760
     aaacatggta catataaacc atggaatact atgcagccat gaaaaggaat tgtcctttgc    146820
     agggacatgg atggagctgg aagccattat cctcagcaaa tgaatgcagg aacagaaaac    146880
     caaacatggc atgttctcac aagtgggaca gaaacaatga gaatggacac aaggagggga    146940
     acaatatata ctgggaacta ttgggggagc agggggaggg agagcaccaa gaaaaatagt    147000
     taacacatgc tgggcttaat acctaggtgt tgggttgata ggtgcggcaa accaccatgg    147060
     cacacattta ccgatgtaac aaacctgtac atcctccaca tgtaccctag aaatcaaaat    147120
     taaaattaaa attaaaaaag agaaaatgca taaaagcata aaaaagtcta ccagtctgtc    147180
     tgctggacct atctaataaa tctagtatta taagaagatc catagatttt tcaagccatc    147240
     taagagtatt ttgtaaatca tggcttggtg cccgagacta ttgtgttctt tcagaagttc    147300
     agattttggc ttgttatttg attgaggaaa acttctacta ttcacctgct ttatattgtt    147360
     aatttagact tgagtatcag taaagtatat cagtttctga agggcatgtg gcatgtgagg    147420
     aaactttttc tgcagacatg agatctcatt acattgccta ggttggtcac gaaatcctga    147480
     gctcaagcga tcctcccacc tgagtttccc aaagtgttgg gattagaggc atgaaccagt    147540
     gcacccagcc aagataactt ttgaggtgac ttataagagg ctgtggaaga attttatttt    147600
     agaattgtct attttattta tttctgaatt atcactatta ttattataat cattattatt    147660
     ttgtatttgg taaggttata tttgattttg taaatatgtt tatattccat atgttttata    147720
     aagggaaaac tggctgggct cagtggctca agcctgtaat cccagaactt tcggatgtca    147780
     aggcaggagg atcacaaggt caggagattg agaccatccc agccaacatg gtgaaacccc    147840
     gcctctacta aaaatacaaa aagaaattag ctgggcatcg tgatgggtgc ctgtagtccc    147900
     agctattcag gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcgtgaactt gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg    147960
     agttgagatt gcaccacagc actccagcct gggcaacaga ctgagactca gtctcaaaaa    148020
     aaaaaaaaag aagaagtaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag attacaagaa aaaaaaaaat    148080
     caatgctgct aaaagagaat acattgatgc tatgatgctt aatccttatt tttaataagt    148140
     tactttttga atattattgc tgtcgtacct tcagccaaat ttgctaaaat gtgagcgaac    148200
     acaaggccag gtgcaatggc tcatgtctgt aatcccagaa ctttggggag ccaaggcagg    148260
     aggatcactt gagcccagga gttcgagacc agcctgggca acatagtgaa actccatctc    148320
     tacaaagaat taaagaaaag tttagctggg aacaatggtg tgagcctgtc gtcccagcta    148380
     ctcaggagcc tgatgtggga ggattgcttg aacccaggag cctttccagt ctccagtgag    148440
     ctatgattgc accactgccc attagactgt gtgacagagt gagaccctga cttttacaag    148500
     gaaaaaagta aaatgtagaa gaacacataa agtcagcagg gccagttcac atgaagtaat    148560
     gcaccaacca ttaccactaa gacatctcaa gacataatca taatattagc caacaaatag    148620
     gacttttcac tagtaggatg ctttcttcat ttctatgtgc aggggtagag aacatagcct    148680
     tatggtgtct tctagttctc aaatttcatc tgcaattcca tactttagcc aatggggaat    148740
     tgctaaaaca ttttggaaat gagaactggc aagagcaaaa cagcaattta ggaagactga    148800
     tctatgaaga tcccatcaaa taactttgtg gatggagaca gtggagggca tggggtctac    148860
     atctgttttg tgttgctata gcagaatact caagacttgg gtaatttata aaaaacagaa    148920
     atttattcct tcagttctgg aagcaggaaa gtcaaagatc agggtgatgg catcttgcaa    148980
     ggaccttctt gtggcattct cccatggtgg aagggagaag agcaagagag gaaccaagct    149040
     ccctttctct catttatttt attaatctgc tcataaagat gaagccctca tgacttaaac    149100
     atcttccaaa agccccaccc ccaagcactg aagattaagg ggttttgttg ttgttgtttt    149160
     gagatactgt ctcactctgt cacccaggct agagtgcagt ggtgctatct cagctcactg    149220
     cagcctctga ctcctgggtc caagctattc tcctgcctca accacctgag tagctgaggt    149280
     tacatgtatg aaccaccatg cctgtagttt ttatattttt agtagagatg gggtttcacc    149340
     atgttgtcca ggctggtctt gaactcctga cctcaagtga tctgcctgcc tcaggctccc    149400
     aaagtgctga gattacaggc atgagccact gtgcccagcc aggataaagt tttaacatat    149460
     acattttggg agatacattc agaccatggc acagggtaac ttcttagaaa ttgatcatgt    149520
     gtgatcttga catttcaagt gtgggcatct ggacataatt attagcactc aaaaattata    149580
     aaggggattg tctggtttaa agaagtgtgg tcatcaccat tcatgtttag ttgaagaata    149640
     ttgaaaatat caaaaataat aatacattct cactaggctc atgtttataa tcccagaact    149700
     ttggtaggct gaaccaggag gatcatttga gaccaggaat ttgaagtctg cctggaaaac    149760
     acagacacct agttttttaa aaaagttttt ttaaaaaaaa cttatgaagg agtggtgaca    149820
     tacacctgta gttttagcta gttgagaggc tgaggccaga ggatagcttg agttctggag    149880
     ttccaggctg cactgaacta taattgtgtc actgcaatct agcctgtttc acaagaaaag    149940
     aaaccctaat tttatcagca aggtcaaaca atttatttaa ttgtggaagc atacatagta    150000
     ataatgaaga aataatctaa tcaggacaca gtttaatcaa actccttaga tgtctggctt    150060
     ctttaaaaaa ataacctgaa gtgtacccaa gtttgattct ggaaaatatg atactttctt    150120
     tttataaaaa caggactcag atatctcttt atgtcagaga tggatgccaa atatatctag    150180
     aaaacaatat tttgatgagt tagctataaa tttaaaaata gaaataaaat catctactta    150240
     taacatttta agaaaatctg aagaaaatag ttctttgcaa aatttgtttt gtgtttgaca    150300
     gaagtgaaat gtttgaatat atttggttca ctctaatcag taagatttaa caacttctat    150360
     catctagtac tattttccaa gaaaaacaaa ataatttcat attatccagg acagcatttt    150420
     tctaacataa aaagtcatag gactgcaggt taaaattaag cttttacttg aaatctctta    150480
     ttcacatttt tatttcaggt gtcttctgat attcgtttaa aaaatgtaaa gatgacaatg    150540
     agcatgagtt tttaaaatgc tagttacaat agttgcaatc ttaacaaaat ggtctgggtt    150600
     ggaattattt acttcagtag agacaatgaa atgatacaag aataatagct gaagaagtct    150660
     tagatatggc ttgcttttct atttgatgta gatggaacct gaccctcaga gacgctcatg    150720
     tcaccgcaga gataagaaaa aaaaagaatc acaagctttt tcaattcatg ctacatcact    150780
     aagtcactca tgaattacaa taatcccctc ttatctttag tgttactttc tgcagtttaa    150840
     cttatcatgg cagactgaag tctgtagata ttaaatggaa tattccagaa ataaacaata    150900
     cattttaata tttatttatt tatttattat ttatttattc tgacagagtc tcactctatt    150960
     gcctaagctg gagtgcagtg gcaccacttt ggctcactgc aaattctgag tcccaggttc    151020
     aagtgattct catgcctcag cctcctaaat agctgggatt acaggcacac accaccacac    151080
     ctggatagtt tttgtatttt tagtagagac agggtttcac catgttggtc aggctggtcc    151140
     tgaactcttg acctcaggta atccacctgc ctcagcctcc caaagtgttg ggattacagg    151200
     catgagccac catgcctggc ctcacaatgc atacatttta aactatgcac cattctgagt    151260
     attgtggtga aatttcacac catcatgctt cattccattg agggagaagt tgtttctttg    151320
     tccagggtat ctatgcttta tacaccaccc acttaccagt catcactacc atctgctcct    151380
     aacatccctg ccttgatacc atggcccagt gacccaaaat cacccaaagt ggaagccact    151440
     ccttctacgg tatcatcaga aggtatttta gagcagtaaa ctaggaccag atgaatcgaa    151500
     ggggttaaat ctcactgttt agagtgaacc aaatatactc aaacacttca cttctgccaa    151560
     acataaaaca cattttgcaa agaatgattt ccttcaggtt ctcttaaatt ttgcactagg    151620
     gccattttag ttctatgttc ttacatttag agttactcat caaaatattg ttttccagat    151680
     atctttgatg tccaagagac atttgggttc tgtttttaca aaggagaaca tcccattttc    151740
     cagaattcat gctacatcac taagtcattc atctcacttc atctcataat gttcattctg    151800
     taggctttta tcattgcata tcatcaccga agaaaggtga gtaaaatgca gtaagaaatt    151860
     ttgatggaaa gagaccacat ttatacaact tttattatgt catattgcta tgattgttct    151920
     attatgagtt cttgcaattc atctcttagt gtgcctaatt tataaattaa atttcatcat    151980
     gagtttattt gtgtagaaaa aacctagtat atgaagggtt tggatactat ccacacttta    152040
     atgcattcat tgggggtctt gaaacatatg cccctgaaga caagaaagaa ctgtagcact    152100
     gaaatactca aaaaggccag tcacagatgc tgagtttaac attcatgttc ttagtcatga    152160
     tatacttagt gaatcaacac tatttccatt tcaaattcta ctgttgaatt atttgccact    152220
     ttcgccatta aaagtaatag caacaggcca ggtgcggtgg ctcatgtttc taatcccagc    152280
     actttgggag accaagacgg gtggatcatg aggtcaggag atcaagacca tcctggctac    152340
     cacagtgaaa ccctatctct actaaaaata caaaaactga gctgggggtg gtggtgggca    152400
     cctgtagtcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gcaggagaat ggcatgaacc tgggaagtgg    152460
     agcttgcagt gagccgagat cacgccactg cccaccaggc tggacaacag agcaagactc    152520
     cgtctcagag aaaaaaaaaa aaagtaattg caacaaccgc aatgcctttt ttttttcctt    152580
     ttttgagatg aattctcatt ccattgccca ggctggagtg tagtgacaca atctcactca    152640
     ctgcaacctc tacctcctgg cttcaagcag tcttccagcc tcagcctccc aagtagctgg    152700
     gactacagac acacgacacc acaccccagc taatttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt    152760
     ttcccatgat ggccaggctt gtctcgaact tccgagttca ggtaatccac ccatcttggc    152820
     ctcccaaagc acgggattac aagcctaagc cacaactcct ggccaaaaac tgcaatgatt    152880
     tttgcaacaa cctaatagtt tttgttcatc tcaaaacaaa cttcacacaa tggttataat    152940
     tcctagattt cagttcactg tcttcctcag cttcctccct tagaactcta tggtttttaa    153000
     cctaaatgta ctgcagaaac ctaagagcta cagagaaaat agcactacat attctttcaa    153060
     cagctcttct gggcttccaa tgaataatga ctttatacca aaaaaatcat ctgagttttt    153120
     atgaaaaagt tggaaggaaa tggagaatga gaagattggt gacttttcat ttaaaattta    153180
     tttccttgga atgttatgtg ttgcgagaaa tctcaaatcc tgttttttca agtgaaaaaa    153240
     agggagataa gagaagtggg gtgaaaaaag actttagaga agatagaatc agtgtcagcc    153300
     atatcttctt ccccagtgga gaagaaatca tctcttttaa aatccatgtg ctataatgag    153360
     aacacaggcc agattttgtg tagcaacaca ttttctggcc acatcaattc cacttttgag    153420
     actttgggac ttgggctgag ccactattgt cttcctactt cctcaacttg cagatggcct    153480
     attgtggaac ctcaccttgt gatcgtgtga gccaatgctc cttcataaac tctcttttat    153540
     atacacatag atcctattag gtttgtccca ctggagaaca ctgactaata cacaaaccta    153600
     cttagcaaaa aaaatagtct agttaagaaa gcagaacagt gcattatata atgcagatta    153660
     caaatgctat tgactggctt atggtagact ttcatgttag tggactttca atgtactatt    153720
     tgagggcttc ctgttttcct gaacttctcc aaatataaac acatcttcaa acaaagtgaa    153780
     tctgtatttg cttcttccta ggtagttaaa gaatcagcgc ttttctctgg agtcagtctt    153840
     cttactgaca ttaattcttc atctactttg ttatttgcag tgtgtctgta aacttcataa    153900
     agagagtgaa tgtgtcatcc atgtgatcat tgtattcttg gccccaagca aaatgtctat    153960
     ggcagagaag gttctctgaa aacagattat tacaaaaata aacagaaaag ccttataata    154020
     tcctggtact gaactgaatt taggaatgct aagccatcct gcagaaaaca ttaaatgagt    154080
     cttaaaaaaa tctgctgtaa tggaaatccc aaaacttttc ttagttgtcc attatgatag    154140
     aaacttaatt ctcgatttaa ttctctccca cattatcctg aggtttagcc agagctcata    154200
     tttcataatg atgtcaagtc ataaagaaga gactgtatta ttacacaccc attaaccaat    154260
     ttaaacacag ctcttttatg attaaaaaca gctatcaaca tagcatttga ctcttacctt    154320
     ttaagaagaa cccattgcat ttcatggtga accctcctga acctagtgga ttgtatgaga    154380
     agccccttta gccagaaaaa gaagtgaatt ctggagtcaa acatctacaa aatgatgctc    154440
     tgtccattgg gaattcttct tgtattgtag atacctcttt gtatgcatag atagaatggt    154500
     tgtatctaca aaccttaaaa caaaattcta agtcccctcc ccttgagatc tgattggact    154560
     cttcctctgg gcaagcgcat tccatttttc aggaataatc tgaaaaatgt gttcaggcca    154620
     tgaaggggaa gttgggcatc cctcatgata ccctcctcca ttttggaatt actgaaagaa    154680
     cagactctaa taaggaacat ttacagttta ttctctgaag cctgttacct ggaggcttcc    154740
     tctgcatcat aaaacctagg tctccacagc ccctgaccgt aacccagaca ttcctttcta    154800
     tcgataataa ttctttcaac caattgccag tcgtaaaatc tttaaatcta cccatgacct    154860
     ggaagttccc acttcaagtt gtcctgccat tctgaaccga accaatggac atctgatacg    154920
     tattgattaa tttctcatgt ctccctaaaa tgtataaaac caagctgtag cccgaccacc    154980
     ttgggcacac atactcagga tctcctgagg catgcgcatc cttaaccttg gcaaaataaa    155040
     ctttctaaat tgcttgaaac ctgtctcaga aaattttcat ttgcatatcc atggatggaa    155100
     gtggattcaa atccacatta gtaaccagag gtgtggattg aggtcaggac tcttgttggt    155160
     ttccatgaag atctcctgca ccttatcccc cctctttccc catcctccaa tcctaggttt    155220
     cctctcttca atctttagac atagattaga ttgtgtcatc tgctcacctc tggacaaatg    155280
     atgggaacac aacaaactct ctggattatt ccaaacagaa cattccccag agctgacata    155340
     gggatgatgt gtgcatgtac atgtacagga ctccagtagg aaaaacaaaa gaatggctga    155400
     taaacaaagc tccttctctc taaagttatt tggttagagc acttcataac tatctacttt    155460
     ccagggaact cccaggtaat tgaggagaac ccttagggcc ttatttaaag aatttagata    155520
     ttgttgaaca tgtgggacat ggtttaagag gaaaatgtga tatgagtaat cacacatctt    155580
     atcttgcttt ggtttaagaa gtaggatccc cataattact cattttctat tctgaatatt    155640
     accacaaagt ggtctccatt cagaccccaa gagaaggatt ttggacctca tgtaaggaag    155700
     aattcagggt aaatctatag agcaaagtga aagcaagttt attaagaaag taaaggcatg    155760
     gccaggcatg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc caacactttg ggaggccaag gcaggtgaat    155820
     tacctgaggt cagcgttcaa gaccagcctg gccaatgtgg cgaaactctg tttctacaca    155880
     aaaattacct gggtgtggtg gggcacactg tagtctcagc tacttgggag gctgaggcag    155940
     aatcattcaa acccaggagg tggaggttgc agtgagccga gagagcgcta ctgtactcca    156000
     gcctgagtga cagagcaaga ctctatctca aaaaaagaaa aaaagaaaag gagtaaagaa    156060
     tggctattct ataggcacag cagcagcttg gtctgctgga caaaggatac ttatagttat    156120
     ttattgatta tatgctaaac aaggggtgga atattcatta tttttctggg aaaggggtgg    156180
     acaattccca gaactgaggg tttctctccc ttttagacca tatagggtaa tttccagatg    156240
     ttgccatagc atctgtaaac ggtcatgttg ctggtgggag agtctcttag tatgctaatg    156300
     aattataatt agagtataaa gagcagtgag aatgaccaga gattgctttt gtttccatct    156360
     tggatttggt ggcttttggc tggcttcttt accacatgct gttttatcag caagacctgt    156420
     atcttgtgcc agcctcctat cccatcctgt gacttagaat gcctcacctc ctgggaatgc    156480
     agcccagtag gtcttggcct cgtattaccc agaccatatt caagatggag tcgccctggt    156540
     tcaaacacct ctgacatgag tactttcctt agatccctcc ctcctaccaa taaatgaagg    156600
     ctttctcagt acaaggtgga cgctcctcat ctgaaaatcc aaaatccaaa atgttctaaa    156660
     atctttaact tttggaatgc tgacctgaca tcggattttc tgcatgtatg gctgagagac    156720
     tgacaactta cacctttgct tcctctttca tttttttact ttctttcaga caaggtctca    156780
     ccctgtttcc caccatggct gtagtgcagt ggtgtgacaa tagctcacta caacctccac    156840
     ctcctgggtt caagagatcc tcccacctca ccctcctaag tagctgggac tacagctgtg    156900
     taccatcaca ccatgctaat ttttgcattt tttgttgaga tgggattttg caatgttgcc    156960
     tgggctggtc ttgtacccct gggttcaaat gttccaccca ccttggtctc ctgaagtgct    157020
     gggattacag gtgtgagcta ccacacccag tcaacctttt ctttctgatg tttcagtata    157080
     aacaaacttt gtctcatgca caaaattatt taaaaatttt gtataggttg ggtgcagtgg    157140
     ataatgccta taaccccagc actttgggag gctgaagtgg gaggacagct tgagcttagg    157200
     agtttgagac cagcctgggc aacataacaa aaccccattt ctggaaaaaa ttaaaaatat    157260
     aggcctggtg gcatgtgcct gtagtcccag ctactgggaa ggctgaggtt caagggtcac    157320
     ttgggcccag gagattgagg ctgacatgaa ctgtggctgc accactgcac cacagctcgg    157380
     gtgacagtga gatcctgact ctaaaagtat aatgatgata ataataaaaa taacagtatt    157440
     gtatatgaaa atgtatacaa tacaatagtc tatgtgttta aagtatatat taaacataaa    157500
     ttaattttat gcttgtactt atgtcttatc cccaagacat ctccttatgc atatgcaaat    157560
     attccagaaa ctgaacaaat ctgagatctg ccactgcttc tggtcccaag catctcagat    157620
     aagggaaact cggcatgtgg tagtgaaaat gctaagtgta ggtggaggat gtcttgcttt    157680
     ccatgagatg gtgcattctg aagtggacat aagcccaggt gggactctgg gcatcccaac    157740
     gatggaattt ccccacattc ctactcatgg ccctcacccc atgtcttctt tagagttttc    157800
     tgagcatcag ggaaatccga tgtaacggca atcatcagca cccatccctt gcaaataaca    157860
     caaataacct catctgccta tcatctcacc agatgccact tgtcccagga tgagctgaca    157920
     tgccacttct gcaaggaaca cagcattgtt gatgctaaaa atggcgaaac aacaaaatga    157980
     aaaaatcttg cttcttctta aactcctctt gaaaaactaa atcaaacctg tgagtctggc    158040
     agggcatggt gtctcaagcc tagaatccaa gcactttggg aggctgaggc tggtggatca    158100
     cttgagatca gactgaggct ggtggagttt gagaccagcc tgggcaacat gacaaaatgc    158160
     agtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagctg gacatggtgc caggtagctg tagccctggc    158220
     tacttggagg gctgaggtgg gagaatcact tgagcctggg aggtcaaggc tctagtaagc    158280
     catgaatgtg ccactgcact ctagcctgag caacagagca agatcctgtc tcaaaacaaa    158340
     caaacaaaca aacaaaaatc ctgtggatca tcctgtgggg tgctgtgatc atgactctag    158400
     gatatgagac agatatgtac cttgaccacc aataatccca ttgccaccat gggcaacatg    158460
     caaatgaagg gactctgagg ctggctaaga attttgttct tgaagctatg attgcagatg    158520
     actggaggag gaatcataac agtaataata ataataataa ctcttgactt caaaggatca    158580
     ggcaagaaaa aagagagttc tacaacagca gaagtttctt tgcattaagc tgttgggagg    158640
     gaggactgga gggagggagg acagccatct ccattgctgc tgcatggtac agcttaggct    158700
     atcatcacca ggtgttttat tccccataca ctagtaaact gaactttgca acgacaaata    158760
     tttgtgggaa gaaaaggatt ttaaagatag aaattgaaaa caacaacctg ggtcagagga    158820
     gtgagaaatc tacatcaatt caaatgcaga ggacatccca cccagtgttc actggtaaat    158880
     cagagaggct gtattcatct gttttcatgc tgctgataaa gacatagctg agactgggca    158940
     atttacaaaa gaaagaggtt taatggactc acagttccat gttgctgggg aggcctgatg    159000
     gatcatggct catatgatgg cagacaagag aagagaattt gtgtggggaa actccccttt    159060
     ataaaatcat cagatcttgt gagacttatt cactatcatg agactagcac gggaaagacc    159120
     cgcccctgtg attcaattac ctcccactgg gtcgttccca caacacgtga gaattgtagg    159180
     agctacaatt caagatgaga ttttggtaaa gacacagcca aaccatatca gaggctaaat    159240
     ttgagctgtg tcttcatgtc agggtcttac tccacagttt gtttgtcctc attccttctg    159300
     caaaccctgg aggtactcag ccataaggat gcatctcggg gacccttcct tgctccagtt    159360
     gagttctgca cattgtcatt tgctatgatg atgggtccag cccctacagc aactccagga    159420
     cacaggtcca gacagccttg ggtgcagaag atgccagagg cttgagacta gatttaacac    159480
     aagtgaaaac atctggaagc atgtcctgct tcccctttga gttttgaaga gccaaggaaa    159540
     attactgtca tgcatcttca aagaggataa atgaaagttg gcatgcatgg gcatatcatt    159600
     gcatacaaaa atgcaatgct tcctccaggt caccaatagg gaaagtgaga cataacccta    159660
     tgcatagtct ttctagatgg attgatggaa acaacatctg tattgcataa tgtgtcacta    159720
     gatgcaataa aaataacctc agaaacatct cttggaccat ctcagaataa agcacttgga    159780
     aacgctcagt gggcacatgc tttgataagc aatctagctt tccttttaga aatcttataa    159840
     catcaacctt accatcattt agagaggagg acatctaaaa acgttgggca aattcttggg    159900
     ctctgaactt gatcagtcca ttgaagaaac acgctgactt agagtgtcac ttcctagaat    159960
     ttacaaaaaa ataattcttg ctttgttaaa cagcatcaca ttctgcactt gtactgttct    160020
     actattttca catcaaccca tgcatgtctc ttccaaacat gacctcactt gcttgggtgt    160080
     tggtgggtct ttgaacgtcc gtagcaaatg atttcaaaat cactttctca ccaaggatcc    160140
     taagaatctg gatgaaattg gaaatcatca ttctcagtaa actatctcaa gaacaaaaaa    160200
     ccaaacaccg catattctct ctcataggtg ggaattgaac aatgagaaca catggacaca    160260
     ggaaggggaa catcacactc tggggactgt tgtggggtgg ggggaagggg gagggatagc    160320
     actaggagat atacctaatg ctagatgacg agttagtggg tgcagcgcac cagcatggca    160380
     catgtataca tatgtgacta atctgcacat tgtgcacatg taccctaaaa cttgaagtat    160440
     aataataaaa aaaggggggg aggcagtgaa gaagaggaga aaaagcatct gcaattatca    160500
     ttcccccgca tataatcaca aaacatacta atgtgtttaa gttgatgtgg gagttaccat    160560
     gcatttcctg atcttacctc attgcaaaac atcttttctt tcctttcttc cttttctttc    160620
     tttttccttc cttcctgctg gcttttcttg ctcttttttc tttcctcttc ctttttcctc    160680
     tttcttcctt tcccctccct ctctttctcc ctctctcctt ccttctttct cttttttctt    160740
     tttctttctt tcttcttttt cttttctttc tttatttctt tcctttcttt tttctctctc    160800
     tttcttttgc tttatttcta ttttctttcc tctcctttgt gctcttcctt cctttcccat    160860
     ccctctcttt ctccctctct gtatccttcc ttccttcctt ctctctcttt ctttctcttt    160920
     atttcttttt tctttcccct tcctttttgc tctttcttcc tttcccctcc ctctctttct    160980
     ccctctctct ccttccttcc ttcctccctc cttccccctt ccctccctct cttctctttt    161040
     cccttcactt cccttctctt ctcccttccc ttcttttctc tccttccttc cccccctttc    161100
     tttctttctc tctcttttct ttgtgtcttt ctctctcttt tttccttctt ctttcattct    161160
     tcttcccttt ttctttcttt cttcctttcc cacttctctt tttccccctc aattttcctt    161220
     ccctcccttc cttctttcct tccttcctgc cttcctccct tcctgccttc ctccctccct    161280
     ctcttcctcc ctccccctcc ttccctccat ctccctctct cctccctttc ttttatattc    161340
     ttttttctct tttcttcttt ctttctttct ttcattcttt cttgcttgct tgcttgcttt    161400
     ctctctcttt ccttttcctt tttgttcttt cttcctttac cttccctttc tttctctctc    161460
     tctatccttc cttccttcct ctctccttca ctctcttctc tcttctcttc tctccttcct    161520
     tccttccttt cctctttgtc tttctttttt ctctctttct tttttttctt tcttcttcct    161580
     tttttcttct ttctgtcttc ctttcccctc cttctctttt tccctctctc aatttcccct    161640
     cccttccttt cttcctgcct tcctgccttc cttcctccct ccccctcctt cgctcctccc    161700
     cctccttccc tccctccccc ttcctccccc ctttctttta tattctttta ttttctcttt    161760
     tctttcttct tcctttttct ctctttcact ttcttttctt tcttctgttt ctctctttct    161820
     ttcttccttt cccctacctc tctttctctc cctcccttct tccctccctt catccgtctc    161880
     tgtctttctc ccttcctctt ccttcccttc tcttcccttc ccctccctcc ctcccaccct    161940
     ccctcccttc cttcttttcc ctctgtattc ctttttcttc tttccttcct ttctttctct    162000
     ttcttccttt gccttttctc ttttattctt tctccctttc tgcctttctc gtgtacctcc    162060
     ctcccttcgt ttcccctttc tttcttattt ccttccttgc ttgctttctg ccttcctttt    162120
     tttttttcca gagcccctgt tagtatcttg aagaaccaga cccttgcaga atagcctggg    162180
     agaaatgttg ctgtaccatt aatgtctccc atgtttttta ctacagtctt catgaattcc    162240
     acagtaaact ccaatttcaa acttcctctt gagttttcga tccacctagt gactgtcctg    162300
     catgctcaac acaaagatca tatgacactg cattatctca accctccaga ttatccattc    162360
     ccaggatctc ctatttctca aaatttttac ctgaagcttt catctctctt tctctaacat    162420
     aataatctct ctattttatt ttctctttcc caccagaagc caatcaccta ctttgattga    162480
     ataattatta tgaactgaat taaacccttt tgctccaaat tcatgggttt cagcagtata    162540
     aatcctcatg tgagattatg tgaagacaaa gccttcaggg aggtgattgg gtttaggtaa    162600
     aatcataaga gaggggtgtt aatctgatat ggctggtgaa tttataagaa gaggaaaaca    162660
     tttcagagtt ctccatctgc acaaacacag aaggacaaac tgtgaagaca tggtgagaag    162720
     acaacatcta caagtcaatg agggaggcct caggaagaac cagccttgcc cacaccttga    162780
     tctcagatgt ccagcttcct ggactgtaga agagtaaatg tctgttgttt aagcctccct    162840
     gtctatggca ttctgtgata gcagtcttat aaggagagga gatgaggaca cagacacagg    162900
     cacagagaca accatgtaat gacacaggga aaagatgatg tctacaaagt aaggggagag    162960
     gcctcaggag gaaccttccc tgcctacacc ttgatcttgg atgttcagct tcaaggattg    163020
     tgggagaatc aatatctatt atttctaagc cacccagtct atggtattct gttatagtat    163080
     cctgaaatac actaagatat ctcattagaa gataagatga ggacacagac acacacagag    163140
     ggatgaccct gtgaggatac aaccctgtga ggacacaagg agaaggtggc atctacaagc    163200
     caaggagcag gtctcaggag aaaccagccc tgggtacacc ttgatcttag acttccagct    163260
     tcaaggactg tgggagaatc agtgtctgtt gtttgagcca tcgggtctgt aggactttgt    163320
     tacgatagcc ctaatggatg gatatgctgt tctttaagcc tgtggccatc accattcctc    163380
     tcctctgtca ccaccctcaa ccaggccttc atcaactgca gcacagctca taaatagttc    163440
     cgaaaagatt cttctgagct ttccatgggc tcactgccca tggaaattga gctgattgag    163500
     cttcagagtt tttttttatg ttcaattata tgcaagttat gtgggattcc actctatggt    163560
     gcagaagtgg aataaagatg actcttttaa tcagtttcat ttccttctaa agttgtggtt    163620
     gctgttcatt tttttttctt taaacattct ttgaacaatt taccaccctt ttgccaaagc    163680
     tttcatcatt ttccatttct ccctagactc ctatcttctc cagatctgag ttcaccatag    163740
     cctgcatctc agctgcaagt ctacaagccg gctcttcttg gaattgaggt ctaagaacac    163800
     tggagatttt tcggagtcca tggaagtatt aaaaaatgca actcaagtgc attcatggct    163860
     tggtcttgct agatgaggtg acttattcta cagtaacaga aacatactat ctaaactaga    163920
     gttttagttt ctcagtcgtt taatgtgtat ctcatgtcta gagctgttca aagtacagat    163980
     gctcctcaac tttaacaata gggctacacc ccataaaccc attataagtt gaaaatagtg    164040
     taagtctagg ctgcacacag tggctcgtga ctgaagtcca ggaactttgg aaggcagaga    164100
     tgggagaatc acttgagccc agaagttaga gaccagactg tgcaacatac tgagactctg    164160
     tctctgcaaa agaaaaaaaa aatgaactgg gcatagcggt acacacctgt agtccaactt    164220
     gggaggctga ggcagaagga tcacttgagt accggaggtt gaggctgcag tgagctatga    164280
     ctgtaccgct gtcctccagc ctggggaaca gagtgagaca ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa    164340
     aaagaaagaa agaaaagaaa aaactcaaat tgtaagtcta aaatgcattt aatacaccta    164400
     ccctaatgaa tcctgataca aagattctat taagctgttt atttgggtgg ggagcaagga    164460
     agaacaaaca gaaattggag aaatgagcta gagagtggag aaagtccttg gtcatcttta    164520
     ccaagcaggt gaccaccatg gataaccagg gtgaagtccc tggctgaagt aagctccaat    164580
     ttcaaacttc ctcttgagta tttcaaacca cctagccact gtcctgcagt ctcaacacaa    164640
     agatcatgtg atactgcatc atctcaactc tccaaattat ccattcccag gctctcctat    164700
     ttctcaaaaa ttttacatga agctcttatg tctctttctc taatttaata ctctctacat    164760
     ttttattccc tctttcccac cagaagccaa tcatctactt tggttgaata attactatga    164820
     gctgaattat gcccttttgc ccaaaattca tgggtttaag ccagaaaacc ccatgtgaga    164880
     ttatgtgaaa acagagcctt taggaggtga ttgtgtttag gtaaaatcat aagagaggag    164940
     tcttaatctt tataagaaga gtaaccattt cagagttctc cctctgcaca cacacagagg    165000
     gacaaccacc tgaggataca gggagaagat agtgactaca atctacaagc caagcagaga    165060
     agcctcaaga ggaagcagcc ctgcccacac cttaatctca gacttatagc ctccgtgacc    165120
     ctgagagaat caatatctgt tgtttacaag ccactcagtc tatggtattc tgtgatagca    165180
     gactgaaatg gactaagaca cttcataaaa agagatcagg atgcataagg attcataaga    165240
     agagatcagc ttttccaaag ctgcaagctt tggaaagaga acagaatact ctttccagct    165300
     gtgggatggg tgaatgagag tacttgccct tcaacactca ttagtcctta gctgagggca    165360
     gttctttgtg ggacctccta gattctcggc actctggctt gactaacaca tgtccaacta    165420
     tcaggctccc ccggtcacat aaagacctca agcaaaggag cacaggggca ccctgttgga    165480
     agcattaggg tcagcgtgtg ctataatata atgcaggaag gatgtgacat tacagatcag    165540
     tgagcaaatg aggaactatt caataaatag agctgaggca attggttttc catatggaaa    165600
     aaaatgaaag caatatgaac cctccctcca ctacacatat acatatttcc agatggatta    165660
     aagttaaacc tctagaaaga aatataggaa aaatatctct ctcatcttgg agtccaaaag    165720
     cattctttct taaagacaca aaaatattaa ctgttgaagg aaatgccatg ctaacaactt    165780
     acccataaga acttttgttt ttcaaaagac tccataaata aaatgaaaag gaaatgccaa    165840
     tataggagaa aaactgcaca aagccttcag aaaagaagat atcaaatgat ttatatccag    165900
     acatatacaa accttgagat acatagaaaa gatacaactt cttagaaaac tcagaaagtc    165960
     aaagaggagg tattacacgc aagtgacctc aaaatgttgg aaatgatgct tgattttgtt    166020
     aattcaggga aagataaaac cacaatgtga taaatatctt atccatttaa ttagcaaaag    166080
     tttcaatttt ctgaaaattc aagcattgaa gagaatctag ctcaacagag agtacttaga    166140
     taatgatatt ggctgtgcaa attaatacta actctggaaa atttttttcc ttgagacaga    166200
     gtcttgctct gtcccccagg ctgagcaggt aggagtgcat tggcacaatc tcagctcact    166260
     gcaacctctg cctcccaggt tcaaagaatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga    166320
     ctacaggcaa gcaccaccac acccagctag ttttgtattt ttagtagaaa cagggtttca    166380
     ccatgttggc caggctggtc ttgaactcct aacaacttca agtgatctgc ctgcctcggc    166440
     ctcccaaagt gctgggatta taagtgaagc accatcccca gctgaaaact atttttacat    166500
     catctctcag ctacattcac atgcctatgc ttcagcactt cttcccctga ctggatatca    166560
     taggtaaaca cttgcagtca tgcctccaaa cacacgtatt atatggtgtc cttgttggta    166620
     aatagtcacc cctggaaggg atccaaatac ccatggacag gaaaatgtac aaatataatg    166680
     tggtccactc attcaatggg gtattttgta gccaaaaaaa aaaaatgaag aaaaagaatg    166740
     aaatacagac acatgcaaca atatgaataa atgtaagcaa aagaaactgg agtgaaaaag    166800
     gacatccaca aaactattac caagtataac actatttttg ttgttttctg ttttggtttc    166860
     ttgtataatt tattatttta ttttatttta ttttaagttc tggagtacat gtgcagggat    166920
     gtgaacgttt gttacatagg taaatgggtg ccatagtggt ctgcttcacc tgtcaaccca    166980
     tcacctaggt attaagccca gaatgccttt ttgtataaat ttaaggggtg taattttgtt    167040
     acatcgacat attccatagt gataaagtat tggctttttg tgtgaccatc acccaaataa    167100
     cttacattgt acccatcaag agctttctca tccctcacac ccctcccacc cttccaagtc    167160
     cccaacgact attattccac acactgtcca tgtgcacaca ttatttggct cccacttata    167220
     aatgaaaaca tgaagtattt ggctttctgt ttctgtgttg tttcacccaa gacacaagta    167280
     tggcccctag ttccatctga tgctgtaaaa gacattattt tattcttttt tatgactaag    167340
     tactattcaa ttgtatatat atatatgtgt gtgtatatat tatgtgtgta tatatgtata    167400
     tatacatata catgtataca tatatgtgtg catatatagg tatatataca tataaatgta    167460
     tacatatatg tgtgtgtata tacataccac attttcttta tccaatcatt cacgctaaag    167520
     ttgattccat gtctttgcta ttgtgaatat gctgtaataa acatgtgaat gctcagtgtc    167580
     tttttgatat gatgatttct ttccctttgg gaaaacaccc agtactggga ttgctgggtg    167640
     gaatggtagt tctgtgatac cattttttaa agtgtcaaat gaagcaaatt ctatattacc    167700
     tattaagaat atagatgtat gtctaattta aaatcaaata tgtgtatcta cacaaataca    167760
     cacacagttt agacttatta gaatatatag taacataatt tttaaaataa ggaaatgata    167820
     aaatctaaat tcaggatagt ggtgaatgcc aggtagaaac agagaataag ggatgaagca    167880
     gagaaaaaaa aaacagataa atacaagata ttgttaataa cataattctc atgctgaaca    167940
     gtaggtattt tacagttcat tatattatta tgcctgacat acttcatatt ttgtatatgg    168000
     caaatactgc atttaaaata gaacaaacgc tgggcatagt gattcatgcc tgtaatccta    168060
     gcactttggg aggccaaggc aggaggacca tgtgaagtca gaagttcaag gccagcaggg    168120
     gtaacatggc aagacctaat ctctacaaaa aattttttta aaaaagccag gcatggtggc    168180
     acaagttttg tattggccca ttcttacatt gctataaaga aatacctgag actggataat    168240
     ttctaagaaa agaggtttaa ctggtttgcg gttctgcagg ctgtacaggc agcacagtgg    168300
     cttctgcttc tggggaggcc tcaggaaact tacaatcatg gtggaaggaa aggggaagca    168360
     ggcgtctcaa atgacagaag caggagcaag agcggggtgg gaggtgctac acactttcaa    168420
     acaaccagat ctcgtgagaa ctcaccataa cacaaacagc actaggggga tggtgctaac    168480
     ccgttcatga gaaaccgccc ctatgatcca atcacctccc accaggctcc acctccaaca    168540
     ctgggaatta cagttcagca tgagatttgg gcaggaacac acatccaaac tagatcacac    168600
     ttgtagcccc agctactcag aaggctgagg caggaggatt gcttgagccc aggagttcaa    168660
     ggctacagtg agctatggtt gtgccactgc actccagtct ggataacaga gcaagacctt    168720
     atttcttaaa aagaaaatta aatagataaa ttaattaaat agaagaaact gttctttaca    168780
     aatgtaaata gcaatagcat tcttgcaaac ttttaatctg ttatatgtat gcatcttgtg    168840
     aggtctaatt atgttgaaga agtgctgccc aaatcacaga gtacccagaa aattgtcctt    168900
     ctattaccat tctgtttgtt cccgttcaat gctcaatatg agagtgtgag ttgaatattt    168960
     ctgtaaaaca atacattttc ttactaataa acttttgatt ttttaaggat aaatatgatg    169020
     agacataaca tatttgaagt ttctcatcta cgtagaaaat gatggctgga aaaaaatgaa    169080
     aacaaagtaa aatgtctttg ctcatgaaaa actttagaaa gagttgttat atatcaagag    169140
     cgctgtcagc ttcaaatcac ctttagagag aatggagggc atggccttaa gaaaaacctg    169200
     ccaaaatatc tgacgcaatt caccaggaaa cattcacatg aatttgtagt cgggtttgcc    169260
     atttactgta atactaccag cttcctattt acattctgaa atggattgcg atagacacat    169320
     gaagggcctt tacaagagct tgtcaatttc tatttctttc attgtgtctg ccttctaata    169380
     ttcatgaaac ctaacccaca ttgtattttt ctatgtttct attgtattta ataataaaaa    169440
     tataagccaa gtgcagtggc tcacacctat aattccagca ctttcggagg ctgaggtggg    169500
     aggactacct aagcctcaga gttcgagacc agacttggct acatagggag accttgcctc    169560
     tgccaaaaat tttaaaagat agctcagcat ggtggcacat gcctgtgatc ccacctaggt    169620
     tgaggtggga aaatcgcttg agcctgacag tttgaggctg cagtgagcta tgatcgtacc    169680
     actgcactca gcttgggtga cagagtgaaa ccttgtctca aaaataataa taatggcaac    169740
     atgaactaat aataaaacac acatttaaag aaaaataaca aaaatgtaag cactgattca    169800
     ttttctatac tttataatat ggcttcagag ctgatctggt acagatacta gcttaccctg    169860
     ggatgcttta gagaggaaaa ctataaaggg gtttgaactg aatttcaaaa gagaaattta    169920
     gaaatgaaga ggaagaatat ctgggagcaa agagagaaga catgcataag ttacaactga    169980
     atacatgact ttggaattca gagttggtta tgaacaaggt gtcatgagat gactggggga    170040
     aatggcttgc tttaagtagg ggacagcaga aggaatgggg gaatttgtaa gccagatgta    170100
     gcagttccca tatggcaaat cagaatgtag ggagacacga gagactccag ttatggggta    170160
     gcaggagaga aagcagtgtg tgaggtggac tgtgcgagcg gcagattgga cttgggagtg    170220
     gttgagttct cttcaaagca ggctctgagg tggaatttag ttcaccagat gcttattaca    170280
     aatgctgatt attggaaagg agaattgcat ttgacatgag gctgtgtggt ccagaaaaat    170340
     gtctttcttt cttgagtgat ggcttatgca ctatgcctga gccacaataa attttacctc    170400
     ctgcattttt cttccaagaa gtcaggcagc tcattagctg ccaaaaagga aggttttgtc    170460
     ccattctgac ttctctggtt agtggagaga acacttgcaa atttccaaat tgtccctttg    170520
     aaactttcta ggagtgtcac attgattata gatagaaaag tgagaaggat aataggtgag    170580
     tcaacagatt atagatgatt agatagatga gatagttaat agatattaga gatggataaa    170640
     tgatagagat agatggtaga ttagacatat gatatgatat gatatgatat gatatgatat    170700
     gatatgatat gatatgatgt gatatgatat gatatgagga tagatggatg gatggatgtt    170760
     ggatggatgg atgatggatt gatggatgga tggatggaga gactgacaga cagaagaata    170820
     gatagataca atagttggat acatacatag atatgacata tagatagata gatgagatac    170880
     acagatatag atgatagcta tatagatatg atacatggat agatacatga gatacataga    170940
     tatagatgga tagatacata gatatgatag atgatagata catagatatg atggacagat    171000
     gaggtgcata gatatagata gatacataga tgtgatatat ggatagatga gatacataga    171060
     tatagattga tatatatgat ggatggattg gtacatagat atgatggata gataagatgc    171120
     atagatatag atgatagata catagatatg atatatggat agatgagata catggaagat    171180
     atatgggtac aaagattatc aaataaatgg atggttgata gactgataga tatagatagg    171240
     tagatatata gctagataga tgtagcttgt tacgaacact tgaaattctt attccaagtg    171300
     ccaattcctc accttcctca atcaggccca cttcagtgac acttaatcat tagaaatgtt    171360
     gcaactggca tgtggttgga ggttggttct taatggggaa gggccatgag tagtgggcaa    171420
     acaagagaga aaaggaaccc agaaatgcag aggacatggc agtgaagctg tttcatgtct    171480
     tgtacacttc ggcaagccat cctccctcct ccatggcaaa gggcatctga ggtcgtgtag    171540
     gagacaagga gcaccagggg gaaagagtgg caatgacaag ttggcactgg ctaggaggtg    171600
     ctgtggaaac aggagcagga gcacagctgt gatgaggcaa cagctgacac agtgtggttt    171660
     ggatgaagct tgtgtggcca ggagattgtg ggctggttaa aggggaccaa gagagtgaaa    171720
     atgaatagaa tgaagccagg agttgggata tgccttgagc aacacctcac ccagtctttc    171780
     attttccttc tggaaacact gaaaaaaaat aaactggcag gaaaaacaaa tgtttcacca    171840
     cctggctttc ccaatttatt ttgcatgaat tgcatgcatt gtttttgata tcatccctgt    171900
     gactgaattc actagtgatg gtttcagaag gaaaatagtt tgatggtctg gaaaggaaaa    171960
     aatgaataga aaaaatcact taaaataatg gatctagcat taaccttctt caatctctct    172020
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tactctttaa gaaattaata gaaagcaaat    172080
     aacaaaataa ttccctctaa ataatgtaga aaaaaagctt atgatctaac agagggattt    172140
     tgtagatatt atcagacaaa atgagacatg gtctctttct ctctgccacc caggctggag    172200
     tgcagtgctg caatcatagc tcactgcagc ctcaacttcc tgggctcaag caatcctccc    172260
     acctcagcct cccaagtagc ctgggaccac agatgtgtac cactctgcgt ggcattattt    172320
     ttttgagaga tggagtgtca ccatgttgtc aaggcaggtc ctgaactgct gtctcaagca    172380
     atactcccac atcaggtttg aaataaagaa aagagaatag caagaattaa ttacacaatc    172440
     agccttctat tctgtgtatt caaactctca tggatcagaa atatggaaaa aaaaaacatc    172500
     tgaactaaac aagtacagat tttctttgtc atcattccat aaataattca gcatagccac    172560
     tatttacata acatttacag tgcatttggt agtataggta atctagaaat gatttaaagt    172620
     atacaagagg tttgcacagg ttatacacaa gtattacaca attttatatc aggatcttga    172680
     acatccatgg gttttagtac ctctgggagc tggtggaatc aatcccccat gaataccaag    172740
     ggaaaactgt atttcacagg caaatctgtc tgtttctatt aggtgaggac tatgtgataa    172800
     gaatagctgg taacatttaa caatcctccc cctacctgta cagcagatgg aaggccaatt    172860
     acttttgcta ttcatgacta tgatgtagag aacatttcct gtctgagttg agattttcac    172920
     tctaaagaag cacatttgct tattactaaa ctctccaggt ccagttaaga gcatgactct    172980
     atcctcaaat atgatataca acctaccttt ataaaaaatc agttcataac tgtcccctag    173040
     cccaagggca gggtctatat ggtgatggta aggaactcaa aaggcttctc ccaaactcat    173100
     tcctgccaag aaggagacac ggtagctgct aatctgagag tcacatgacc agaacatttt    173160
     aggtcaatcc gtatttaaga tattctctca ggcaggtcat cgtggctcac agctgtattc    173220
     caagcacttt gggacaccaa agtgggagaa ttgtttaaga ccaggagctt gagcccagaa    173280
     gctcaagacc aggctgggca acacagtgag cccccatctc taaaaaaata aaacaaaaat    173340
     aatcagctgg gcatgctggt gcatgactat actaccagct ccttgggagg ctgatgtggg    173400
     aggatcactt tagcctagga ggtctaggct gcagtgggct gtgattacac cactgcactt    173460
     cagcctgagt gatggagaaa gaccctgtct caaaaaaaaa gaaagaagga aagaaggaag    173520
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagggaagg agggagggag    173580
     ggagggaggg tgggagggag ggaggcagga aagtctcatt ttacctatac ggagaaaaaa    173640
     aaggaaagat tggaattgct caaagaagag aaagatggaa taggaagaga aagaaatgga    173700
     tgaagatgtg cacttattga atcctaagtc acaccaaaca tataacaaaa aatagcaaac    173760
     acatataaca aatcttactc tatagatgag gagatgcagg tttaaagagc aactggaaag    173820
     cagatggcgt aggaataaaa gatgagttcc aagacaagac ctccaatgtg agttttcctg    173880
     gctttaacat ctatctttct cccatactgc cttaggcctt tggtgtgtgg gttgagcttg    173940
     gttgggaaaa tatggccacc atattgctgg gaaagccacc aagagtggac tgttaccaat    174000
     atccaaggga catgagtcac ttcacatttt ctttcctctt gactttaaat actcagtgct    174060
     ttaatttcag accaaaattt attttttttt tccagagggt gaaggatcct aaaatattgt    174120
     tgcctttgct ccataaaccc aatattttag aagagtaatt caaagagaag tgtcattaaa    174180
     tgattactcc atagtggaaa gcctcaattg ccctctgttt gccttagggg aagaccacaa    174240
     aacaaaagat gacagccaac caatcatcac catccctgtg gcagttctga gccttggtca    174300
     tgccacatgt accctccaga tagcacacat ttctcatggg gcagcctggg tgggtgatgg    174360
     gaaagtaaag ccacttgttc caacacattc ccagaagtat taatttttga aaatgatgca    174420
     tgtgtaattt aaaaataaat attcacccac agtagagtca acaggaatgt cagtatgtca    174480
     cgatctccta tacttatttc tactgcaaat aagagaggga aaaattgcaa agcctgagat    174540
     acacatttat aaatgataat ataattatcc tcctccaata atcaggatgt tatagtcaaa    174600
     aaaaaaatac gctgtcaatg ttcaactcac taggttatat aggcagtata ggcaggtatg    174660
     tatttaaatt tattcaaagg tgataaaagg ggattcaaac gtaagaacta atgaggatga    174720
     atgttataca atattctcac ctgagatgaa aagagaacta agtttgaaga tattggactt    174780
     taattgaaga catagctggg tgcggtgact cacacctgta atcccagccc tttgagaggc    174840
     caaggtgggc atatcaattg aacccaggag tttaacagct tgggcaatgt agcaaaaccc    174900
     cacgtctact aaaaatgcaa aaattagctg gcgtggtagt gcgtacctct attctcagct    174960
     acttaggagg ctgaggctgg aggataacta gcacccagga ggcagaggtt gcagtgagct    175020
     gcactccaac ctgagtgaca gcatgagacc ctgtctcaaa aaataaaata gacacattct    175080
     ataaggtata aggacacagg tattgggcga aggatatgaa cagacacttc tcaaaagaag    175140
     atatttatgc agccaaaaaa cacatgaaaa aatgctcatc atcactggcc atcagagaaa    175200
     tacaaatcga aaccacaatg agataccaca tgaaaccagt tagaatggag atcattaaaa    175260
     agtcaggaaa caacaggcac tggagaggat gtggagaaat aggaacactt ttacactgtt    175320
     ggtgggactg taaattagtt caaccattgt ggaagttggt gtggtgattc ctcggggacc    175380
     tagagctaga aataccattt gacccagcca tctcattact gcatatatac ccaaaggatt    175440
     ataaatcatg ctgctataaa gacacatgca cacgtatgtt tattgtggca ctattcacaa    175500
     tagcaaagac ttggaaccaa cccaaatgtc caacaatgat agactggata aagaaatgtg    175560
     gcacatatac accatggaat actatgcagc catcaaaaat gaagagttca tgtcctttgt    175620
     agggacatgg atgaagctgg aaaccatcat tctcagcaaa ctatcacaag gacaaaaaac    175680
     caaacaccac atgttctcac tcataggtgg gaactgaaca ataagaacac atggacacag    175740
     taagaggaac atcacacacc agggactgtt gtggggtgga gggagggggt aaggatagca    175800
     ccaggagata tacccaatgc taaataatga gttaatgggt gcagcacacc aacatggcac    175860
     atgtatacat atgtaataag cctgcatgtt gtgcacatgt accctaaaac ttaaagtata    175920
     ataataataa aaataaaaat aaaaataaat ttaaaaaaag gacacaggta ttaattatta    175980
     tactccatta aactcctatt cattgtatct aggatttaat cttttgctta attttaccag    176040
     gagatatgaa gaactcatag gaaagcagaa aatgtatctg tagaaaaaaa aaaggatata    176100
     agaaaataaa ttaatccaca agtatttagt caacgtggac gctgattaat ttgggagagt    176160
     tataaaacat aacccacagc ctccaagaat taaaatattg cagcttactt tttttaaaca    176220
     ttcatattgt atttttattg tctctaacat ataccagata tgaccacata agtaacataa    176280
     aactgagatt tctatacgta tcaattaaca ttgaagacta acaagcttta ctgatgatag    176340
     aatccatttt tttcttcaac ttttaaacac aaagtatcca aataattgca taatttaatc    176400
     tcaaacatta agattaaact tcacattatc aagatgaaat taattaatta tgtgaagtac    176460
     tgtttctgta ttaatatatg tgataaggct attcctatcc ctcagcagga attttcactt    176520
     agaagtagaa aattattttc gtttaaacct tgaaaagatg aactctgccc tcattcttat    176580
     cgaaagataa tattgctatg aagatagaga ttcttcttgc ctatgcaaaa tataaccaaa    176640
     tagaaattac tatagaaagt catatgacat agttaaaaag ttcacgtttc atacaaagga    176700
     aatttgaatc ttcatctccc attatctttg catccaaggc tgacctcagg gctgggctgg    176760
     ctacctataa ctttggttct gtcaaaagat agggattatc attgaaacca aatggattta    176820
     aagatccaag aactgtggaa atgggactca aaggaattcc agctctgtgt gaactacacg    176880
     tattcaagct aatgtgaact gcaattttca taatgttgga tacacagtat ttcaaaatta    176940
     cccaaggcaa gtgtccagac agaagttctg gctaatttta accggttatg caagaaagaa    177000
     aatggaaata ggtcaagaat ttctgaagac agaaggagaa aaaaaagctc tgttgatttt    177060
     tacagtcaac tgtgtgtgtc ctagaaaaac tcgagcatac tggtccttgt agctcctcag    177120
     caaagtaatt ttatataagg ataattttga tgatacagat actgcataca ttcagcaaac    177180
     acttactgag cccctgctac caatctatgt cctgtctcta cataattgtt ggtggtaggg    177240
     tccatgtttt ttggagggat taacattgta cttctctgag gtcatatatt ccaagagagg    177300
     cttttgacca aatgctgttc aatcaaagct aaccatgagt ggttccattc cttctgccat    177360
     gtgtgggttg agcataggca tacaacacca ctttgtctaa aggcacataa ggttagattt    177420
     tctggggtgc tatattagtc tgctctcatg cttctaataa atacatgcct gagactgggt    177480
     aatttataaa ggaaagaagt ttaatgaacc cagctctaca tggctgggaa ggccttgcaa    177540
     tcatggcaga aggtgaaggg gaaggaagat gtatcttaca tggtggcagg caagggggta    177600
     tgagaagggg agctggtttt tttagaaaac catctgattt tataagactt attcgctata    177660
     aaaagaacag caggggaaaa acccacaccc atgattcaat catctcccac caggtccctc    177720
     tcacaacaca tggagataat tacaattcaa ggtgagattt gggtagggat acagctaaac    177780
     catatcaggt gctattagga aatgtttctt ctcccacctg ggcatggcgg cttacacctg    177840
     cagccccatc actttgggag gatcatttga accaaagagg cagaggttgc aggagccaag    177900
     atggggctgc tgcactccag cttgggtaaa agaataagac tctgtctcaa aagaaaaaaa    177960
     aagtacctct ctctttcttg ccagctgcag acactatcag gctggttggg acacctggcc    178020
     tctatctaaa gagcatcagt ggagtcagca tgtaggcaga gttaacatta agagccagag    178080
     tctcatcagc ccatgcctag caccttctta tcatgtgcat ccctattgtg tgaattc       178137