EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC011289; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 80537 BP.
AC   AC011289;
DT   06-OCT-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 8)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-59K8 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-80537
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-80537
RA   Scott K., Maupin R., Hawkins M., Doucette J.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-59K8";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-80537
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-OCT-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-80537
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; bd376dcd8e190b5342419f2b578f46b2.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC011289.4:1-80537; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Sep 30, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7630816.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0059K08
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-225B4, 200 base pair
CC   overlap; the clone sequenced to the right is RP11-133D3, 200 base
CC   pair overlap.  Actual start of this clone is at base position
CC   131033 of RP11-225B4; actual end is at base position 46233 of
CC   RP11-133D3.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..80537
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-59K8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   76..226
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   758..1035
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1038..1320
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1331..1433
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   1656..1942
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3361..3878
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4031..4314
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   4315..4633
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4634..4751
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   5017..5146
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5150..5465
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   5528..5932
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   5934..6985
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   6993..8966
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   8982..9481
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   9489..9930
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   9931..10281
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   10353..10637
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10643..11079
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11104..11712
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11776..12087
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12218..12380
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12475..13196
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15324..17075
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17043..17374
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17800..18097
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18228..19215
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   19802..19907
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20024..20117
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26699..26961
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   27068..27154
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27816..28016
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   28271..28398
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31552..31653
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31953..32211
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   32437..32678
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33758..34144
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   34393..34539
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   34681..34790
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   34804..35087
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35531..35886
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   36046..36340
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36341..36716
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   36717..36809
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37438..37596
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37779..39673
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39674..39978
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39979..40009
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40010..40460
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40461..41381
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41389..41428
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44237..45114
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   45115..45629
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45630..46004
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46437..46783
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   46962..47085
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   47086..47212
FT                   /rpt_family="T2_type"
FT   repeat_region   47213..47538
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   47706..47849
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   47851..47999
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48000..48147
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48264..48538
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48768..49040
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49081..49452
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   49504..49690
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49691..50134
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   50135..50253
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50811..51020
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57787..57932
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57971..58131
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58661..58914
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59307..65361
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66872..67217
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   67433..67781
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   68054..68367
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   68368..68726
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   68727..68854
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   69058..69215
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69747..69848
FT                   /rpt_family="MER94"
FT   repeat_region   69889..70187
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70408..70505
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70506..70584
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   70585..70748
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70749..71326
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71340..71641
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   71644..71838
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74257..74424
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   75717..75982
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78469..78575
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   78957..79257
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79378..79695
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 80537 BP; 25066 A; 14918 C; 15415 G; 25138 T; 0 other;
     cttaaacaaa actcttatga ttctatctat aggatatatg attctatcca ttagattact        60
     atagatagat aatggtatct acaggaaaat gtggatgcaa attatcagaa tctagttcta       120
     tgtgatttcc atttacaaag aagtgtgtaa aaagcagcct gactcatgct taattataaa       180
     tgtatttctg tcaagaattc ttgtgtaccc tgtgaggacg gtttcagatg tacagctttg       240
     cattgtagca aatcccattt atctgccaat aatatgaagc agaacaacct attatcccac       300
     ccactatctc aacaggcaaa aagaattgcc ttgtcatagg agacttctgc caaagaaatc       360
     acatatatat gcatatatgt aaatgcttag gtatatgtat acataaaatg taaaataaaa       420
     accatatcag ggtttgcctt atggagtaat agtctatttt ccctactttc tgaatgtgag       480
     gaaggatcac accttgttat catccatatg tgtaggacct cacctgcttc ctactccata       540
     acgggaactt tgcaaggtct cttacatgca tcttgtagtt tagatattga aggaacttgg       600
     aaagaaaggc attttctcca ggctacagag aaggaccctg agacagagct tccatcccaa       660
     gtgacaaact tatttcgtat tttgctttaa tttatcctcc atcacaattt catttttttc       720
     tcatcacccc cctaaggaaa tttttaattc ttaagtattt atttatttta gttttttaaa       780
     gagactcact ctgttcgcca ggctggagtg cactgatgca atcttggctc actacaacat       840
     ccacctccta ggatgaggca attctcctgc ttcagcctcc caagtagcgg gacttacagg       900
     tgcctgtcac cgtaactggc tattttttgc atttttagaa gagacagggt ttcaccatgt       960
     tggccaggct ggtcttggac tcttggcctc aagtgatttg cctgcctcag catcccaaag      1020
     tgttgggatt ataggtattt atttgtaaga caatatctgg ctctgtcatc catgctggag      1080
     ttcagtggta caacctcaac tcacttcaac ctttacttcc caggctcagg tgatcctccc      1140
     acttcaactt ccccagtagc tgggataaaa gattgccatg actggatatt ttctgtattt      1200
     tttgtagaga tggggtctca ctatgttgcc cagcattgcc tcaaacacct ggcctcaagt      1260
     ggtctgccca ccttgcctac caaaatgctg ggattccaga cataagcccc catgcccagc      1320
     caaaagctca acattctttt tctaattgtc tatgctccag taaaatgtta ataccatgag      1380
     catgctgcag gtcaatttat gtactgtatg tatgtctgtg ctgtatatat caacaaataa      1440
     gatgtttctt tcacccctca acatttccac tattacctcc acttgacacc ctttgccagt      1500
     tgaaaattcg tgataaacta gagtgcacag ggatccaatc atacgattct gtttgaatgc      1560
     caatgttttc cctctggaaa atttaaactc tcccagtaca atcaaggagt agaaggagta      1620
     atatttgagt aggtaaaata ttttttcagt cttttcaggt gcactggctc atgcctatac      1680
     tcctagcact ttgggaggct aaggtgggag gatcacttga gcccagaatt tgagacaagc      1740
     atgagaaaca tagtgagact gtatctccac aaaaatttta aaaattagct gcatgtggtg      1800
     gtgcacacct gtagtcccag gtacttggaa gatgaggtgg gagtatcact tgagcccagg      1860
     aatttgagac tgcggtaagt cagcagtgat catacctctg cactccatcc ttggcaacag      1920
     agcaagacct gtctctaaaa aagtaataat agtaataatt ctccaatatt atgcctagcc      1980
     ttattatatc acaataaaaa tactgcacaa aatgcggagt gaatatctct gatgagggat      2040
     taattttatt gcagaattga tcctgaaacc taacattagt atagtcaagc caaccctgaa      2100
     gataacagaa agacaaaagc aggaaaaaaa agttgtagaa aagtaaacgt agaactacaa      2160
     aatctcaaac ataattcttg cagcaagcaa tatatgacat tctaaactat atacacacac      2220
     ataaagaaga aaaagccaca agtaaatatt aagaaatggt aagaagagaa atagtaaaaa      2280
     atgtgatata tgcagtgaca tgcttgtgag ttaaatgaat ttaaaaatta aaaaatagat      2340
     attcaggatt atatagttag ttaaaattga tccagaatgg tgtacaatct gtaacccttt      2400
     ttcttgaaat aacatacaaa atgctagaga aataaaaaca agcaaaaatt acgaacttca      2460
     ccaactcagg aagcagctgg ctcagatgat tctgcaagga aaatctacta actctttaaa      2520
     taaaagttta ttccagtgct tttttaaagg tagcagaacc ctcaaaatgg catatgggaa      2580
     ttttgtgaag tagaaatgga ataaacatct gagcaggtca catatataca agcatttcac      2640
     acactctcac ctggaaaagt agacttgctc catcagtttt ttagagtgtg gtcttaaaac      2700
     ccccaacaag gatgtaaaag gtttaaattc ctctctcctt gcctgccttc ccccaacccc      2760
     tggttccatg cttcttcctc tgtccttcct tctctttccc tccctccctc tctccctttg      2820
     tttctctccc tttgtttctc tccctccctc tctctggact cccttcttct ccctccctct      2880
     ccatgtgtct ccatctctcc ctctcttctt ttctctccct cttcctttct ttctctctct      2940
     ctccctatct ctctgtctct ctttccctcc ttttcttcct ccttcacctc tgtctctccc      3000
     tctctctcct tttgtttctt tctcccctcc ctctctgtct tttttctccc tttctcttcc      3060
     tccctctctc tccctttcca tctttctttc ttactctatt tgtacccttc ttcctcttct      3120
     ctctcaccct tgtatccgtt ttccttcctt ccttctggtc cttctctctc tctttgtctc      3180
     attttctctc tctctctgtc tctctccttc tctccttgct tccctctctg tctctccaac      3240
     tctctccctc tgtttttccc tctccctctg acttcctccc tgtctctccc cctcttcctt      3300
     cctctccctt cttctgtgtc tctcactctc tctctccctc tgtgtcactc tttcccttta      3360
     atttctctct cttcctctcc tcaccttcta tcagttttgc ttcttatgct tcatatattt      3420
     ttggagctca gttattaact ccatatacat acaaacccat atcccttcct acctatacat      3480
     ctcactaatt ttttttccag taagaaatgg acttcatctt tattaacagt catcctcttc      3540
     atatctactc caatgagagt agcagaacca ctctggcttt cttctcttca gtgtcagcat      3600
     gggagaattc ttctacttta agaaacttca gcttgtatct gtatagtaaa tacatcttta      3660
     aaagaaacaa cataaggtgg ggccattctt tttaaaacca acctagcaat cagtccttta      3720
     atttgagcat tgattctgtc tttgtgcagt gcaatgtttg ctatgattgc ccttaaatat      3780
     tccatcatta atttattttc aatttgtccc atttgtttct ttattctctt gttctctcat      3840
     attcttcttt gttgagtaga ctttactatt ttattttaat tgtttcaaaa tatgtttagc      3900
     tttttaaatt tttttcagca ataaattcag cagtcataat acctatatta gattgtgagt      3960
     taaccttcaa tgcattatgc aattatattg cataaagaaa accatctcat acattaaatt      4020
     gctctgggtg agtggttctg ggtgagtcag tggctgagcg gttagttaat gtgaaggtct      4080
     aggatgttac tgcagaggac tgtagactga aaacactgtg aacataggcc acactaagtt      4140
     tattaaaaat acatttcttc tttcaataat aaatgaaaca cctaactgta accattttac      4200
     tttatacatt tttttatttt tttaactttt tgaccccttt acataacatg tcttaaaatg      4260
     aaaacgccaa gcatattttt gtttttatat ttttattcta caagcttctc tctctttttt      4320
     ttttcttggt ttgttttaga gacaggatct ccctatattg cctacactct agtacagtgg      4380
     tgcaatcatg gcttattgcc gccttgaact cctgggcaca agcaatcctc taccatcagc      4440
     ctcctgagta gctgggacta taggcacata ccaccatgcc tatgttgtct gcctgcctaa      4500
     tttttaaatt ttattttaca gacacggtct cattccattg ccaaggatgg tcttgaactc      4560
     ctggcttcaa gtgatcctcc cacctcagtc tctcagagtg ctaagattat agacataagc      4620
     cacagtgcct gacctacaag ttttttctgt ttttaaatta tttttttcct ttagttactc      4680
     tgtaaccttt ttttaaaaaa ctaagactcc aacacacatt agcttaggcc cgcacaggtc      4740
     agtatcatca agtcttcaat agaaaatagg gatttttcag ctacacaaaa gagatagtgt      4800
     ttatttctgt ggacctatgg gacaatggtt gtttatgtgg ttggtcatta gcttaaatgt      4860
     tatatgtggt gcataattgt atttataata tttattttca ataatttata atacttatat      4920
     gactttttgt cctggaagtc caaaatgtag gtcatctcta gatctgttgt tctttcagga      4980
     tagttaaggt gtttgattat tacatgattt cttcatctct ttttcgaagt ggcttcatca      5040
     ttttacattc ccattggcaa tatgtgagta attcagtttc ttcacatgcc tgctaacatt      5100
     tggtattgtc actttctttt attttagtca ttctgaatag gtgtgtgtat gtcatgcaca      5160
     tctgtgtgaa gcgagtccac caacaggctt tgtgtgagca acaaggttgt ttatttcact      5220
     tgggagcatg tggactgagt tagagaaagg agtcagcaaa gggggatggg gtgggcagtt      5280
     tcataggatt taggtaggta gtggaaaatt acagtcaaag gggggttgct tttttgaagg      5340
     caggggcagg gggtcacaag gtgctcagca ggaagcatct gagacccatt gtccaggaga      5400
     aggaatttca taaggtaatg tcatcagtta aggcaggaac tgaccatttt ctcttctttt      5460
     gtggttcttc agttgccctc aggccatctg gatgtataca tgcaggcttg ggctcagagg      5520
     cctgacattc ctgtcttctt atattaataa gaaaaataaa acaaaatgat ggtgaagtat      5580
     tggggtaatg aaaatttttg ggggtggtac agagagataa tgggtgatgt ttctcagggc      5640
     tatttcaagc gggattgggg cagagtggga aattagagtg ggagagatta aactgaagaa      5700
     agattttggg gtaaggggtg atattatgga ggtgttagaa ggagcatttg tcatgtagaa      5760
     tgattgatga tggcctggat gcagttttgt atgaatagag aaactaaatg gaagacacaa      5820
     ggtctgaaaa agagaaggag aaaaacaggt attaaaggac tacgaattgg gaggacccag      5880
     gacatccaat tacagagtgc ccaagggggt tcagcataat tatttgcttg gtgtttggag      5940
     taaggaaaac tagtgtgcac atatctgtcc aattagcagg tagacacatg tagatagagg      6000
     attcacagaa gaagaagaga acttgtgcaa ggaaaaactg gaaatgcaaa gtgaaaagat      6060
     aagaaggagt actaaaagag gtgtcttgca cccagactct ttagggatct agtgagggca      6120
     gaatccatta gaggttgtaa tggggattga tggggcaact gcatacagga agaggtgtga      6180
     tttttatggt gtatgagaaa gctttgagtg tctatgcgca acctttcact gttatttaca      6240
     gagctggata taagcaaaga agaagagggc ctgggagaag agtgaaaagc aaggggaagg      6300
     tagcgaacga tggtgttaaa tacagggtaa atgtcttttt aagcaataat aactgctagt      6360
     gcttttaagt ttgtctgtat tgatagaggg cttatttgta atatggagct ggaaagccct      6420
     atttttttca ggaatgggtg taattaggct ttacatatga agagtgaagg agcatagaga      6480
     aggtgctacc caggggaatt ccagtgggtc tttgccaaga gatgcataag ggaacagcca      6540
     caggaatagt agtgtgtgtt gtgaggggtc caattatagg ggaattagag ttaatataag      6600
     gagaaaggtt ttttaagtaa gtgcggagaa gggtgtcagc ttgctgatgt gaaatgtctg      6660
     gggaggtctt gctggatctg tctagaaagt aaagaagttc ttctggaggg taaaggtgaa      6720
     tgttgttaaa aaaaaaaaag ttcagagata tagggagaaa ggagatgtta cccagtctgt      6780
     atgtaaggca gggacagctg tgtaagtgca ggaagaaagg gaaatgcaaa gccaacaatt      6840
     gtttgctaag gagggattag aaacagctaa gtgaatgaga ttgatagtgt agtggagata      6900
     gctgtggaga ggtagagggt ggcataagaa ttgcaatgag aataagaatg agtataaaag      6960
     taaagaatag gacttcatca aggtgattca ttgtccaagt gaaagtgaag agagccttgg      7020
     atgaagggtg caaagtaata gtaaaggaag catgtttgag atgtagagga gaataatggc      7080
     ttttggaggg aagtattgaa gatagaagaa tgcataagtt tggtaccacg gggtagatag      7140
     gcaagacaat ttagttgata aggcaaagat ccttgaccag actgtaagac ttgtctggtt      7200
     tttggatggg taggatagga gagttttaag gaaagtttgt aggctttaaa aggacatgtt      7260
     gtaacaggtg gatgataaca ggctttaacc cttttaaagc ctgatgtgga ctgggataag      7320
     ggcaattagt ttttaatgga tgataaaaag tacatgatca gttactaagc agggagtaga      7380
     ggtgtcccat acttatggat taaggtaggg agacacaagg ggaggatgta aagaggcttt      7440
     gaactgggga aaagggtggc aatgaagtgt ggctgtagcc caggaatagt cagggaagca      7500
     gataatttag tttaaatgtc tctacttaat aagggagctg ggaaggtggg gataactaaa      7560
     aaggagtaca taaaagaatg ttgtccatgt tggcaccaga gttggagttt taagaggctt      7620
     agaagcctga ccatcaataa ccaaaacagt tatggaggca agggaaacag gcccttgaaa      7680
     cgaaggtaat gtggagtggg tagcctccat attgatgaag aaggggatgg acttaccttc      7740
     cactgtaaga gttacctaaa gtgtctgtaa ttgtccaggc ttccgaggtg attgggcgtg      7800
     tcagtcttca accgcaaagc tgagaagatc tgggaaggag ttagtcagag atcctgacgc      7860
     cagagttcca agggctctgg gagtggttgc tgggtgattc agacagttca attgccagtg      7920
     gggtcccaca cagatgggac acaggttagg aggaatacca agcttcaggc atatcttggt      7980
     gcagtggcca gattttcagc acttgaagca agatcctggg ggaggagacc ctggaggaat      8040
     ggctgactgc tgctgtttag gcattctgaa gttcttttgt gccagagatt tggatggggt      8100
     ttctcccaaa gcagaggcaa gtaattgcga caaagaaata tgttgccact tggctgcctc      8160
     ttctttatta ttgtacactt tttaaaagca aggttaatta attcttgttg tggggtttta      8220
     gggccagatt ccaatttttg aaggttttag ctgattgagt aataaaacgc ttattgagag      8280
     taagatggcc ttctggccct tctgggtcca aggctgtaaa gcttctcagg gttgctgcca      8340
     aatgagccat gggctgggct gtgttttaat tttttccttg agtagtttct ttaagtttgt      8400
     cataattaac aggtttgtat gctgcctttt taagcccttc aactaggcag gaaatcatgt      8460
     gatctcacct agctatacct gaggaatctg cctgatagtt ccattgggga tcctctcggg      8520
     gaactactct aatgccttcc tggaggtctg gcttatgaag ccggtggttg tcagcatgag      8580
     attgggctag agaaaaaata atctttccca ttcatctgtg gagagggttt aagttaggat      8640
     gacatttaag tcactcaatg ttaaattgta ggacatagtt agatattgga attcctgtat      8700
     atatttaggg gggtctgatg agaaagagcc taaatgctga cttatttggg agaggtcagc      8760
     taaagaaaaa ggagcattaa ccttgactat gccttcagct ccagccacct ctgtaagagg      8820
     aaatttttga gcaggtgggc tagagctagt tgcagaacaa aactgtaagc cagaacaggt      8880
     gtggggaagg gaggtgacag aagtgttgta gggtggggga gcagaggctg aagaagagtt      8940
     ggagcctgat tcagcctggc agggagtgac ctgaggagaa gcagtctggg gaggaggaga      9000
     gaggtcagat gggactgtga aaaaggaaga ttcaaaagac tcagtgacac ttgggtttgg      9060
     gactgaaggg acaggcagtt tggaaagaag gaggatttgg gaagagttgc attgggaaca      9120
     gacactaggg tgggaacaaa gtgtgaaaaa tgtctggatg tcagtcacct cagaccattt      9180
     gcccattttt tgacaaaaat tatctaggtc ttgtaggatg gagaaatcaa aagtgccatt      9240
     ttctggctat ttggaaccat tgttgatttt gttttggggg ccagcaatat tgcacaagaa      9300
     aagaaggcat ttatgtttca ggtcaggtgt gagttaaaga ggttttaagt tcttgagaac      9360
     acaggctaag ggagaagaag gggaagtgga gggtggaaat ttgcctatag tgaaggaggc      9420
     aaacccagat aaaagagagg gtagagaaac agaggtgggg gaggtggtac ttgccatcca      9480
     ggggagatgg tgcttgccac ccaggggagg tggtaattgc caccaaggtg aaagatcaag      9540
     gcaagcattc ccatgttgat cagacacctc tgaaatgtgg gtgaagggtc aggcaggtgt      9600
     ccccacaatg atttagacac caagggaaga ctatcttcct gagtccatga tcagcgctgg      9660
     agttttgagt tcacaggtaa aacatgtctc ctttgtctct actagagagg aaaaataaca      9720
     agaattggaa ggacagggag attgatgggt atcaagggag gctgaaggag agtgaaaaga      9780
     ctgcttacct gatttgaagt tagtgagatg ttccttgggc tggttggtct gaggacccga      9840
     ggtcataggt ggatctcctc atggagtgag ggagaggaca ggagaccagt ctcctaaagg      9900
     agtcccttgt cccaggtctt cagcaccaaa tgtcacacgc atccatgtga agtgagtcca      9960
     ttaacaggct ttatgtgagc aacaaggctg tttatttcac ttgggtgcaa gtggactgag     10020
     tctgagaaag gagtcagcaa aggcaaatgg ggtggggcag ctttatgaga tttaggtagg     10080
     tagtggaaaa ttacagtcaa aaggaatggt tcttttgtga gtaggggtgg gatcacaggg     10140
     tccttagcag ggagcttccg agactcattg tccaggagaa ggaatttcac aaggcaatga     10200
     caggagttaa ggcaaaaact ggccattttc acttcttttg tggttcttca gttgcctcag     10260
     gccatctgga tgtatacatg caggcttagg ctcagatgcc tgacagtata ggtattggat     10320
     tatggggttc tttcttttct ttttcttttc ttttcttttc tttctttttt ttgggggggt     10380
     gggggatacg ttctagctgt gttgccctgt ctggagtgca gtagcttgat tacggcttac     10440
     tgaaggctcc accttccatc aagtggtagt tgtgccagtt gtgtgctaca atgcctggct     10500
     atttttttct ttttactatt ttataaagat gaggtcttgc tatgtttccc aggctggtct     10560
     caaacacctg gcctcaagca atcctaccta agcctcccaa agtgcttgga ttataagcat     10620
     gaacaaccat gcctggcagg cagtgtttct aaatagtatt ttcctaatgt taaaagttat     10680
     tgagcacctt ttcacatact tatttgccat ttgtatattc tcttcagtga aatatcattt     10740
     tatctcattt accagttttc tgaatggatt tagagtgtgt ttctttactg ctaagtttgg     10800
     agtattcttt tttcttaatt accagttggt tttcatacat gtctgccaat ctataattgg     10860
     ccttttcgtc ttgtgaataa gagtgtttgt cgaccaaaat gtttttaact ttgactaagt     10920
     gaaattcacc aatatttttt cttttatttg tcatgcttcc tgtgtcatct ctaagaactc     10980
     cttgcctgag cttaggcaca gtaaaagttc tcttcttgct attgtaattt ttgctaaagg     11040
     tttttacagt tttatgcttt atacttaagt ccatgatcct attagattgt atttttaatg     11100
     ctaatagatt cagaggctac atggagacaa ttgttatagg gatatattgt atactggtag     11160
     aatttgtgct tctggtgtat ttatcagcca aacagtgaac attgttctga atatgtcatt     11220
     tttcatctgt caatcttttc cctcaccttc ttctggaatc cctagtgtct attaattttt     11280
     tacctttatg ctcatgtgta cctatggtct agctccattt gcaactgaga atatgagttt     11340
     ctcattctga attattttac ttaaaataat ggcctcccat tccacccatg ttactattaa     11400
     tacaaaaaca taatttcatg gctacatgtc attctatata tataataaat atgtcatata     11460
     ttataaaata ttgtctttat tgaataattc attgatggac acaagttgat tccgtgacat     11520
     tgctattaat aatagtgctg ttataaacat acaaatgcaa gtgtcttttt gatgtaacca     11580
     tttattttcc tttgagtaga ttctcagtaa tgggattgct gtgtcaaata ctagttatac     11640
     ttagtccctt gtaaaacctc tctattgatt tccatagagg ttatactaat ttacattcac     11700
     accagctgtc tatcttcttc ttctttttct tcttcctctt cttcttcttc tcctccctcc     11760
     tcttctttct tcttcttttc cttcttcttc tgttgtattt tttttgaccg agtttcactt     11820
     ttgtcaccca ggagtgcatt ggaatgcaat ggcatgatct cagctcacag caacctccac     11880
     ctcccaggct caggtgattc tcctgcctca gcctccctgg tagctgggaa tataggcaca     11940
     catcaccctg cccagctaat ttttgtctct ttagtagaaa tgaggtttca ccattttagc     12000
     caggctggtc ttgaactcct gacctcaggt gatctgcctg cctcggcctc ccaaggtgtt     12060
     aagattacag acgtgaacca ctgcaccaag ccggtgttct ttttttcatc acacccttgc     12120
     catatattaa tttttcaaat aaattgtagg tcataagttg aggttatatc tgattctttg     12180
     tttcctatgg atatccaatt cctccagcat tatggtctgg caaatttgag gaggtttcag     12240
     cttttctttc tctgagcact tttttagcct gccctctctt gtcttgtctt atactcggac     12300
     tctcatgaca caaactatag atattttgtt ataagaccac aggtccctat gcatctactc     12360
     atatttcttc caacatactt gaccccttat ctctgtatct caaccttgaa gctatccatt     12420
     ttgtttgttt tgtcattgtt tctaaatttt ttcattgtaa gattattatt attatttatt     12480
     gttatactta aagttttagg gtacaggtgc acaacgtgca ggttagttac atatgtatac     12540
     atgttacatg ttggtgtgct gcacccgtta actcgtcatt taacattagt taaatctcct     12600
     aatgctatcc ctccacctcg ccctacccca caacaggccc cagtgtgtga tgttcccctt     12660
     cctgtgtctg agtgttttca ttgttcaatt cctacctgtg agtgagaaca tgtagtgttt     12720
     ttttttcttt tttttttttt tttgtatttg tgatagtttg ctgagaatga tggtttccag     12780
     cttcatccat gtccctttga aggacatgaa atcatccttt tttatggctt tatagtattc     12840
     catggtgtgt atgtgccaca ttttcttaat ccagtgtatc attgttggac atctggcttg     12900
     gttcccagtc tttgctactg tgaatagtgc cgcaataaac atactgtgca tgtgtcttca     12960
     tagcagcatg atttataatc ctttgactat atacccagta atgggattgc tgggtcaaat     13020
     ggtatttcta gttctagatc tcttaggaat tgccacactg gcttccacaa tgattgtact     13080
     agtctgcagt cccaccaaca gtgtaaaagt gttcctcttt ctccacatcc tctccagcac     13140
     ctattgtttc ctgacttttt gatgattgcc attctaactg gtgtgagatg gtatctagca     13200
     tgtgtctttt ggctgcataa atgtcttctt ttgagaaggg tctgttcata tcctttgcct     13260
     actttttgat ggggttgttt gttttttctt gtaaatttgt ttgagttcgt tgtagattct     13320
     ggatattagc cctttgtcat atgagtatat tgcaaaaatt ttctcccatt ttgtagggtg     13380
     cctgtttact ctgatagtag tttcttttgc tgtgcagaag ctctttagtt taattagatc     13440
     ccatttgtca attttggctt ttttgccatt gcttttggtg ttttagacat gaagtccttg     13500
     cccatgcctt tgtcctgcat ggtattacct aggttttctt ctagggtttt taaggtttca     13560
     ggtctaacat ttaggtgttt aatccatctt gaattatttt ttgtataaat tgtaaggaac     13620
     agctgcagtt tcaactttct acatacggct agccagtttt cccagcatca tttattaaat     13680
     agggaatcat ttccccattt cttgtttttg tcaggtttgt caaagatcag atggttgtag     13740
     atatgtggca ttatttctga gggctctctt ctgttccact ggtctatatc tctgttttgg     13800
     taccagtacc atgctgtttt ggttactgta cttttgtagt acagtttgaa gtcaggtagc     13860
     atgatgcctc cagcattgtt cttttagttt aggattgact tggcaatgtg ggctcttttt     13920
     tggttccata tgaactttaa agtagctttt tccagttcag ttaagaaagt ctttgataac     13980
     ttgatgagga tgacattgaa tctgtaaatt accttgtgca atatggccat tttcatgata     14040
     ttgattcttc ctacccataa gcatggaatg ttctcacatt tgtttttatc ttcttttatt     14100
     tcattgagca atggtttgta gttctccttg aagaggtact tcatgtccct tgtaagttgg     14160
     attcctaggt attttattct ctttgaagca aatgtgaatg agaattcact catgatttgg     14220
     ctctctgttt gtctgttatt ggtgtataag aatgcttgtg atttttgtac atttattttg     14280
     taccctgaga ctttgctgaa attgcctatc agcttaaggt gattttgggc tgagacgatg     14340
     gggtttctag atgtacaatc atgtcatatg caaacaagga cagtttgact tcctcttttc     14400
     ctaattgaat atttttattt ccttctcctg cctgattgcc ctggccagaa cttccaacac     14460
     tatgttgaat aggagtggtg agagagggca tccttgtctt gtgccagttt tcacatggaa     14520
     tgcttccagt ttttgcctat tcagtatgct attggctgtg ggtttgtcat agatagctct     14580
     cagtattttg agatacgtcc catcaatacc taatttattg agagttttta gcatgaaggg     14640
     ctgttgaatt ttgttaaagg ccttttctgc atctattgag ataatcatat ggtttttgtt     14700
     gttagttatg tttatatgtt ggattacatt tattgatttg cttatgttga accaggcttc     14760
     catcccaggg atgaagccca cttgatcatg gtggatcagc tttttgatgt gctgctggat     14820
     tcgttttgcc agtattttat tgaggatttt tgcatcaatg ttcatcaggg atattggtct     14880
     aaaattcctt tttttgtggt gcctctgcca ggctttggta tcaggatgat gctggcctca     14940
     taaaatgagt tagggaggat tccctctttt tctattgatt ggaatagttt cagaaggaat     15000
     ggtagcagct cctccttgta cctctggtag aattcggctg tgagttcatc tggtcctgga     15060
     ctttttttgt ttggtaagct attaattatt gcctgaattt cagagccttt tattggccta     15120
     ttcagagatt caacttcttc ctggtttagc cttgggagtg tgtacgtgtt gaggaattta     15180
     tccatttctt ctagattttc tagtttattt gcatagagtt gtttatagta ttatctgatg     15240
     ataatttgta tttctgtgta atctgtggtg atatcccctt tatcactttt attacatcta     15300
     tttgattctt ctctctttgc ttctttatta gtctttctag cttaaaaagc ttattttggc     15360
     tggatatgaa atactgggtt gaaaattctt ttctttaatg ttgaatattg gccccactct     15420
     cctctggctt atagggtttg tgcccagaga tccaccatta gtctgatggg cttccctttg     15480
     tgggtaatcc aacctctctc tggctgcaat caatattttt tccttcattt cagattcctt     15540
     catggggaat ctgacgatta tgtgtcttgc agttgctctt ttcaaggaat atatttgtgg     15600
     tggtctctgt atttcctgaa attgaatgtt ggcctgcctt gctaggctgg gtaaattctc     15660
     ctggataata tcctgaaggg tgttttctaa ctttgttcca ttctccccat cactttcagg     15720
     tacaccaatc aaaggtaggt ttggtctttt cacatagtcc gatatttcct gcaggctttg     15780
     ttcatttctt ttcactcttt ttttccgtaa tcttgtcttc ttgctttatt tcattaattt     15840
     gatgttccat cactgatatc ctttcttttg cttgatgaaa tcagctattg aagcttgcat     15900
     atgctgcacg aatttcttgt gctgtcattt taactccatc aggtcatctg tgttcttttc     15960
     tacactggtt attctagtta gccattcatc taaccttgtt tcaaggttta gtttccttac     16020
     aacgggttag aacatgctcc tttagctcag agaagtttgt tattacccac attttgaagc     16080
     ctacttctgt caactcgtca aactcaacct ctgtccagtt ttgttccttt gctggcaagg     16140
     agttgcgaat ctttggaggg gaagaggatt cggttttttg gaatttttcg cctttctttt     16200
     gtgatttctc cccatctttg tggttttatc taccatattt tctttgatgt tgttgaacta     16260
     catgggtttt cgttgtggat gtcctttctg ttgatgttga tgctattcct acctttttgt     16320
     tagttttcct tcaaacaggc ccctctgctg gaggttcatt ggagtttgct ggagttccac     16380
     atcagaccct gtttacctgg gtataaccag cagaggcttc agaacagcaa atattccttt     16440
     tttatccttc ctctggaagc ttcatcctac aagagaacct gccagctgcc agccagatct     16500
     ctcctatatg aggtctaatc agagatttga cttctgagta tgaggtgtct gtctgctccc     16560
     tctgggaggt gtctcccagt caggctatgc acggttcagg gacccacttg aggaggtaat     16620
     ctctctgata tcagagctga actgccatgc tgggagaatt attggtctct tcagtgctgt     16680
     caggctggaa catttaagtc tgcagtaact tggcccacag ccatcacttc cccaaggtgc     16740
     tctgtcccag ggaaatgagg attttatctg taagtccctg actggggctg cagccttttg     16800
     ttcagatatg ccttgcctac agaggtagaa tctagagagg caatcagcct tgctgatctg     16860
     cagtgggctc cgcccagttt gagcttccta gcagtgttgt ttaccgtgtg aggataaaac     16920
     tgcctactca agcctcagca aaggctaacg cccctcccca catcaagctc cagcttccca     16980
     ggtagatctc agactgccgt gctagcagtg aggattccaa accaatggac cttagcttgc     17040
     tgggctccgt gggcatggga cccacagagc caggcaccag agggaatctc ctggtctgcc     17100
     agttgcaaag accatgggaa aagtgcagta tttttgctgg agtctaccat tcttcacggt     17160
     acagactctt gtggcttccc ttggctagga aagggaaata ccccaacccc gcacgtttcc     17220
     caggtgaggc gatccctcgc cctgatttgg cttgccctcc atgggctgca cccattggcc     17280
     aatgaggtac ctcagttgga aatgcagaaa tcaccgtctt ctgcctcctc acggggagct     17340
     gcagaccgga gctattccta tttggccatc ttggaaccta tactgaaatt ttacccctta     17400
     ctgagaataa ttaccaaata aatagaataa tgcctatcat atgatcattg aaaaagcatt     17460
     cgttgtcacc tgtgaatgtt gagaaatatt ttttatgtga agagatagca ctttttgtag     17520
     gttttttgtt actttataga aatagaggcc aattattcat ttttctacat catgcattta     17580
     aaatgttact ttttaattaa aaacataatc ttgagctctt ttatgacaaa tgatatcaat     17640
     ctatttcatt cttttaaatt tctgttgtat ttctctgtac tttacacctt actttaagcg     17700
     agccctcttc tattgatgga aataaagtat ttcaatagtt acttcaaatg ttctgttttt     17760
     catttgtcag ttttttttta aataaaaaca atgcatctat ttatttattt gtttatttaa     17820
     gagacagtgc ctcactttgt ctcccacggt ggagtgaagt agtgcaatca cagctcactg     17880
     catctttgaa ctcctgggat taagtgatct tccatctcag cctctcaagt agctgtgatt     17940
     atagacaggc atgattaagt ctgacaaatt tttgatttag ttttttatac aaagagctat     18000
     gttgcacaag ctggtcccaa actcctgatc tcaagcaatc ttcccatttt ggtctcccaa     18060
     accactggaa ttacagagag gttccactat gcccagctcc tttttttttt tgaaattgta     18120
     ttttaatacc tgtctacaaa tcattttctg tacatgtagt catttgtgca ctcaatctta     18180
     gcattataac tttgaggtca gaggatataa aaaactaaat ttctaagtgt agtgtccagc     18240
     cctacagggc ttgtgggttt taaaaataaa gacataagac aaagagagag aaaaagacag     18300
     ctgggcccgg gggaccacta tcactaatgc acggagtcag gtagtggccc cgaatgcctg     18360
     gacttgctga tatgtattgt atacaaggca aggggatagg ataaggaggt gagtcatctc     18420
     aaatcattga taagttcaag caagtcacgt atccacaatg caaggggtct ctccatttgt     18480
     ggtagtcgaa gcagagaggg aggacagcat acatcagcat ttcttctgtg aacttatccg     18540
     aaagatcaaa gactttaata ctttcactaa ttttggtact gctatcttct aagaacttaa     18600
     gagaggcagc aggtgtacag gcagaacatg aaagtggaca aggggtgtga ccactgaaac     18660
     actgtaccac agggagacgt ttaagcctcc agatgactgt gggcaggcct ggctaatggc     18720
     aggcctccca caaaagctgg tggagcagag tgttctctaa ctcctccagg gaaagggaga     18780
     ctccctttct cagtctgcta agtaacaggt gccttcccgg gcactggcac tactgctaga     18840
     ccaaggtctg ctaagtaatg ggtgccttac caggcactgg tgctaccgct agaccaagga     18900
     gccctcaagc atcccttatc tgagtgtgac agatggctca cactcttgtc ttctggtcac     18960
     ttcttacaat gtcccttcag ctcttaactc tgtatggctt ggtgtttcct aggttatgaa     19020
     tataaaacag agattattat aataataaaa caaagaccaa caataccaac taatgattca     19080
     taatattcat atgtaatcag atctatatcc tatttctagt atgtcttttc ttattctaat     19140
     tattttcttt attatactgg aacagcttgt gctttcagtc tcttgcctca gcacctaggt     19200
     ggctttctac tcacaactaa gcttttctaa attttctcca aaggttttac taactgaggt     19260
     tccttatggg tctatatgtg attctctaaa tgcccatctc ttctaagtcc ttgtttgctt     19320
     gagattgtta aaatttagca aaataaaaga tgaaagatta tatctatgtt ttaattagaa     19380
     ttttaattaa gagaaaggtt atttttgcag acgtaattaa accctgctat ttccctttct     19440
     gtcatgtgcc tgataaaact attggttctt atccaatata cacaagcgtg ttcaaataaa     19500
     ataaattaaa taatagcata tgtaaacatt tacagattaa tctgagaaaa cttcccagga     19560
     ataagacata tgtctatagg ctttacatta tagatatatc tctataagct ttatatcata     19620
     taatataaag atatattata tttatatatt atatttatat tttatattat tcccaaagta     19680
     gatcaacctg agatattcta gacttttcag aaaacaaaaa ataaatcaat ggggcagcat     19740
     gttacatgat aagaccactt atgtgggtta gggtccaata agacaggtgt tagttgtcaa     19800
     gacagaaatg ttcagtgtta gaagaccatg taacaatgta tacaaactac tgaaagaaga     19860
     aatgtgtaaa ctaccagttt atataaccat gctgtcatta aaagatagtg cccatggggg     19920
     aaaaatgcac atttaggatg tatagttcct gcaacttctg ttagaaaaaa caccaaataa     19980
     ctattttgtt ttctattgat gctactaaaa gttaccaaaa cttatcagct gcaaatctga     20040
     ttggatcaaa taaaagaaac aaagtcccat caaaaaaact aaaagatata aaggagaacc     20100
     aaataaaaat gttacaatgg tccgtgatcc cagtgtagcc taactgggag gttcccccta     20160
     gtaggggcag actgacacct cacacggccg ggtactcctc tgagacaaaa catccagagg     20220
     aatgatctgg cagcaatatt tgctgctcac caatatccgc tcttctgcca cctccgctgc     20280
     tgatacccag gcaaacaagg tctggagggg acctccagca aactccaaca gaaatgcagc     20340
     tgagggtcct gactgttaga aggaaaacta acaaacagaa aggacatcca caacaaaacc     20400
     ccatctgtat gtcaccatca tcaaagacca aagctagata aaaccacaaa gatgggggaa     20460
     aaaacagagc agaaaaactg gaaactctaa aaatcagagc acctctcctc caccaaagga     20520
     acgcagctcc tcaccagcaa tggaataaag ctggacagag tatgactttg atgagttgag     20580
     agaagaaggc ttcagatgat caaactactc tatgctaaag gaggaagttc aaacccatga     20640
     caaagaagtt aaaaaccttg aaaaaaaatt agatgaatag ctaactacaa taaccaatgc     20700
     agagaagtcc ttaaaggact tgatggagct aaaaaccaag gcaggagaac tacatgagga     20760
     atgcacaagc ctcagtagct gatttgatca actggaagaa agggtatcag tgatagaaga     20820
     tcaaatgaat gaaatgaagt gagaagagaa gtttagagaa agaaaagaat aaaaagaaat     20880
     gaacaaagcc accagaaaat atgggactat gtgaaaagac caaatctaca tctgattggt     20940
     gtacctgaaa gtgatgggga gaatggaacc aagttggaaa acactctgca ggatattata     21000
     caggagaact tccccaattt agcaaggtag gccaacattc aaattcagga aatacagaga     21060
     atgccacaaa gatactcctc aagaagagca actccaagac acataattgt cagattcacc     21120
     aaagttgaaa cgaaggaaaa aatgttaagg gcagccagag agaaaggtcg ggctatccac     21180
     aaagggaagc ccatcagatt aacagatgat ctcttggcag aaactataca agccagaaga     21240
     gagtgagggc caatattcaa cattcttaaa gagaagaatt ttcaacccag tatttcatat     21300
     ttagccgaat taagcttcat aagtgaagga gaaataaaat actttacaga caagcaaatg     21360
     ctgagagatt ttgtcaccac caggccttcc ctaaaagagc tcctgaagga agcactaaac     21420
     atggaaagga acaactggac cagccactgc aaaaacatgc caaattgcaa agactatcaa     21480
     ggctaggaag aaactgcatc aactaatgag caaaataacc agctaacatc ataatgacag     21540
     gatcaaattt acacataaca atattaacct taaatggaaa tgggctaaat gcttcaagta     21600
     aaagacacag actggcaaat tggataaaga gtcaagaccc atcagtgtac tgtattcagg     21660
     aaacccagtt cacatgcaga gacacacata ggctcaaaat aaagggatgg aggaagatct     21720
     accaagcaaa tggaaaacaa aaaaaggcaa aggttgcaat cctagtctct gataaaacag     21780
     actttaaacc aacaacgatc aaaagagaca aggccattac ataatggtaa agggatcaat     21840
     tcaataagaa gagctaacta ttctaaatat atattcaccc aatacaggag caaccagatt     21900
     cataaagcaa gtccttagag acctacaaag agacttaaac tcccacacaa taataatggg     21960
     agactttaac accccactgt caatatgaga cagatcagaa agacagaaag ttaacaagga     22020
     tatccaggaa ttgaactcag ctctgcacca agtggaccta aaagacatct acagagctct     22080
     ccaacccaaa tcaacagaat atacattctt ctcagcatca cactgcactt attctaaaat     22140
     tgaccacata gtcggaagta aagcactcct cagcaaatgt aaaagagcag aaattataac     22200
     aaactgtctc tcagccagtg agaaaacatg gcacattgta aaggccattg atgctattaa     22260
     gaaactgcat caagtaatgg gcaaaataat cagcaagcat tataatgaca ggatcaaatt     22320
     cacacataac atattaacct taagtgtaaa ctggctaaat gtctcaatta aaagacacag     22380
     actggcaaat tggataaaca gtcaaaacaa tccatgtgca gtgttcagga gacccatctc     22440
     aagtgcaaag acacacatag gatcaaaata aagggatgga ggaagtcatc taccaagcaa     22500
     attgaaagaa aaaaaagcag aggttgcaat cctagtctct aataaaacag actttaaacc     22560
     aacaaagatc aaaaaagaca aagaaaagca ctatataatg ataaagagat caaagctaaa     22620
     agaagagcta actaccctaa atatatatat gcacccaatc caggaacact cagattcata     22680
     aagcaagttt ttagggaccg aaaaagagac ttagactccc acacaataat agtgcgggaa     22740
     tttcacaccc cactgacaat attagacaga tcagtgagac agagaattaa caaggatacc     22800
     caggacttga actcagctct ggaccaagca gacctaaaag acatctacag aactctccac     22860
     ccaaaatcaa cagaatatac attcttctca gcaccacacg gcacttattc taaaaattga     22920
     ccacataatt ggaagtaaaa caatccccag caactgagca acctgctcct gaatgactac     22980
     tggctaaatc gcaaaattaa ggcagaagta aagatgttct ttgaaaccaa tgagaaaaag     23040
     gacaaaatgt accagaatcc ctgggacaca tgtaaagcaa tgtgtagaaa gaaatttata     23100
     gcactaaatg cccacaagag aaagcaggaa agatctaaaa ttgacaccct aacatcacaa     23160
     ttaaaagaac aagagaaaca agaacaaacg atctcaaaag ctaacagaaa agaagaagta     23220
     actaaattca gagaagaact gaaggagata gagaaacaaa aatctcttaa aaaatcaatg     23280
     aatcgagctg gttttttgaa atgatcaaca aaatagatga ctagcaagaa tcataaagaa     23340
     gaaaagagag aagaatcaaa cagatgcaat aaaaaatgaa gggggtatca ccatcaattt     23400
     cacagaaaca catacaccct cccaagacta aaccagaaag aagtcgaatc tctgaatata     23460
     ccaataacaa ccaaaaaaag tccaggacca gagagattca ctgccaaatt ctaccagagg     23520
     tacaaagagg agctgttacc attccttctg aaactattcc aatcaacaaa gaaagaagga     23580
     atcctcccta actcatttta tgagggcaga atcatcctga tagcaaagcc tggcagagac     23640
     acaacaaaaa agtagaattt taggccaata tccgggataa acatcaatgc aaaaaccctc     23700
     agtaaaatac tatcaaaccg aatccagcag cacatcaaaa agcttatcca ccacgatcaa     23760
     gtcagcttca tccctgggat gcaaagctgg ttcaacatat gcaaatcaat ccatgtaatc     23820
     catcacataa acaaaaccaa tgacaaaaac cacattttta tctcaataga tggaaaaaag     23880
     tcctttgaca aaattcaaca gcccttcatg ctgaaaactc tcaataaact agttattgat     23940
     ggagcatatc tcaaaataat aagagctatt tatgacaaac caacagtcaa tatcatactg     24000
     aatgggcaaa aactggaagc attccctttg aaaactggca caagaaaagg atgccctctc     24060
     gccactccta ttaaacataa tattgaaaat tctggccagg gttatcaggc tagagaaata     24120
     aataaatgat atttaatcat gaatagagga agtcaaattg tctctgtttg cagatgacct     24180
     gattgtatat ttagaaaact ccaacgactc agctccaaat cttcttaagc tgataagcaa     24240
     cttcttcaaa gtctcaggat acaaaatcga tgtgtaaaaa atcacaagca ttcctgtaca     24300
     ccaataacag aaaaacagag agccaaatca tgagtcaact cacattcacc attgttacaa     24360
     agagaataaa atacctagga atgcaactta aaagggatgt gaatgacctc ttcaaggaga     24420
     actacaaacc actgctcaat gaaatgaaag aggacacaaa caaatgaaag gccattccat     24480
     gctcatagat aggaagaatc aatgtcgtga aaatggccat actgctcaaa gtaacttatg     24540
     gattctatgc tattcccatc aagctaccac tgactttctt tatagaatta aaaaaaaaaa     24600
     aaactacttt aaatttcaca ggaccaaaaa gagccctcat agccaagaca atcctaagta     24660
     aaaataacaa agctggaggc ctcacactac cttacttcaa atatactaca aggcttcagt     24720
     aaccaaaaca gcatggtact ggtaccaaac agatatatag acaaatggaa cagaatagag     24780
     gtctcagaaa taacgtcaca catctacaac catctgatct ttgacaaacc tgactaaaac     24840
     atgcaatggg gaagggattc cctatttaat gaatgttatt gggaaaactg actagccata     24900
     cgtagaaagc tgaaattgga tccattcctt tcatcttata caaaaattat ctcaaggtgg     24960
     ttaaagactt aaatgtaaga aacaaaacca taaaaaccct agaaggaaac ctaggcaata     25020
     ccattcaagt cataggcata gataaagact taatgactga aacaccaaaa acaatggcaa     25080
     caaaagccaa aattgacaaa tgggatctag ttaaactaaa gagcttctgc acagcaaaag     25140
     aaactatcat cagagtaaac aggcaaccta cagaatggga gaaaaatttt gcaatctatg     25200
     tatctgacaa agagctaata cgcaaaatgt aaaatgaaat taaacaaatt tacaagaaaa     25260
     acacaaacaa ccctattaag gagtgggcaa aggatatgaa cagacacttt tcaaaagagg     25320
     acatttcttc agccagcaaa catataaaaa tgctcatcat cactggtcat tagataaatg     25380
     caattcaaaa ccacaatgaa ataccatctc actccagtta gaatggaaat cattaaaaaa     25440
     atcagtgaac aacagatgct gggaaggatg tggagaaata ggaacacttt acactgttgt     25500
     tgggagtgta aatcagttca accatgtgaa agactgtgtg gcaattcctc aatgatctag     25560
     aactataaat accatttgac ccagcaatcc cattactggg tatatatcca aatgattgta     25620
     aatcatgcta ctataaaggc acatgcacac gtatgtttat tgcagcacta ttcacaatac     25680
     caaagactta gaaccaatcc aaatgtccat caacaataga ctgaataaag aaaatgtggc     25740
     acatgtacat catggaatac tatgtagcca gaaaatggat gagttcattt cctttgcagg     25800
     gacatggata aagctggaag ccatcattct cagcaaacta tcacaaggac agcaaatcaa     25860
     ataccacatg ttctcactca aagtggaagt tgaacaatga gaacacatgg acacagggag     25920
     ggaaacatca caaactgggg cctgttgagg ggtgggggag ctaggggagg gatagcatta     25980
     gaagaaatac ctaatgtaga tgattagttg atgggtgcag caaacctaca tggcacttgg     26040
     atatgtaaat aacaagcggg tacattgtgc atatgtaccc cagaacttaa aatataatta     26100
     aaaaaaaatt catctgatgc atccttgtgt atccatttaa aaataatttg tacttatcta     26160
     aagagtacct agattctctc aaagcactat ctacagaaag gtttctctat ttatgttata     26220
     aacgtaatat aataattcac aagggaaaat atatgttcaa gtttgcaaaa ttatgtggtc     26280
     aattttacag tgtttagaag cattagaagt catgaaaata tatgaatggg tacttgattc     26340
     atcatctata ttaaaatgtc tatatttaac tttaaaatta tattttttgg taaacaagtc     26400
     tgtatttggt aatattttct tcttatttaa tttaaatata ccatcttttg ttttgtcttc     26460
     taaccactgg tttgtgtttg atgttaacta cccttgcaat agttacaaac ctcctaaatg     26520
     actaagtgcc taaaatcaga acaagagaaa ctctggaatt tgacagacct gcatttgata     26580
     attctgtgtt agttactgtg tgcgtttgtg taatcctgga caagccattt aagcttttaa     26640
     tatccattta atacatttaa attggatcaa ggtatctatc atgggctata cgctgtcaaa     26700
     aattcctacg tttaatttct aaatcccagt accattgtat gtgactgtat ttggatacac     26760
     catccttaaa gaggtgatta atgtaaaatt aagtcatgtg gatgtgagcc cttataaagt     26820
     agaccggtat ccttataaga aaaagagatg aggacacaga ggcacgacca tatgagaaca     26880
     cagggagaag acagcatcta caagccgagg agagaggcct cagaaggagt cagccctgcc     26940
     aatgccttga tcttgcactc caatgcttct gttttgaaga ctaaccagca gccattaaac     27000
     tccacaagtg ttgttgttgt tgttgtttct cttttattta ttttttattt ttatttttta     27060
     aatttcatta ttattatact ttaagtttta ggctacttgt gcacaacgtg caggtttgtt     27120
     acatatgtat acatgtccca tgttggtgtg ctgcttaata gtaaggtgaa gtttatgaaa     27180
     gtgaagtgtt acaaacacac atagcaaact ttttaggtta ctttcatttt attcactgac     27240
     attctgaaaa ctaggattac cgatgattta actcacaaca taattatttt cataaaatta     27300
     aatgtggcag tttttggaaa gttattattt ttacttttat tctttcacaa attatcaagc     27360
     cagaaaaaag tccctttctc tctagagatg acattagaat tttacatgct tctcacaaac     27420
     acgttctgta gactatatat atgtaatgtg cattttttag tattttccaa gagagtagaa     27480
     agacagaaca acaaataaaa cccctaaaca gaaaaatcaa agctcaaata catgtgattt     27540
     cacctcctct acattagtta tttgatagaa atgttttcca ttttcagttt tcaccaactt     27600
     ttcattatgg acatatttgg ggaaagttta cagctgtcct tgcactattg agtttatttt     27660
     caccctatag tttctatttt tgataaaatg ggagtacaat cagttctatt tgcgcatccc     27720
     ttatctataa atgctcccaa ctcctgatgg ataatgttaa tatgggaaaa aattaaaaag     27780
     ttaaaacata acaatataac aataaaaatc cagaaaatac agtgaaatgc ctatttatat     27840
     ggcatttaca ttgtattagg tactgtaagt aatctagaga ttatttaaag tatacaagag     27900
     gatatgcata ggttatatgg aaaaaggtat ttatctaagg gactggagca tctgaggatt     27960
     ttgctatcct caggaagtct tggagaaaat cacctgcaga tactgaggga tgactgtgca     28020
     agtttgagga aatatttaat tgtctcagag acatttttat gtctgtttct aatcagactt     28080
     caactgttat atgttcccca ctgcaacatg tttgtaataa tctctccatt ccaataggtc     28140
     ttcaacaggt ctccaattct catttatctt gcagattgtc ataagacccc actgttattg     28200
     caaaattcag tttcttttct gtgtaaagaa tctttttatt ttatttatac ttattatttt     28260
     tgttattaag tttttgagac acggttttgc tctatcaccc aagctggaat ttaagtgatt     28320
     cttcagcctc gccctccgga gtagctgtga ctgcagtcac ctgccaccat gcagagctaa     28380
     ttgtcctctg tgtagagaat cttaaaaggt aaagtttcac aggacatgaa aatataggac     28440
     aataataaag tgtttaaatt cctgcataaa acagatttga agtttcaagt gcacaggaaa     28500
     agcgttatgt ttgcaaactg aaagtattta attaaaaaga attgtaatac ttcccattgc     28560
     aaagtgttat tctttagttt ttttaaatga aattctgaaa actgaaagta tttaattaaa     28620
     aagaattgta atacttccca ttgcaaagtg ttattcttta gtttttttaa atgaaattct     28680
     acagagataa tgcacacaaa acacatcaga attttggata atatatattt aagtttagtg     28740
     attgttttta attgttctta acacaaaacc caattcattt tattatactt tctaaaatat     28800
     tctaaatgtc ttttctctta catctggttt ggttaacatc ttcttcctgg ctccacagaa     28860
     gaaaatcttc cttttctttt ataatccaat attataggtc ttcatccttc atgttctaca     28920
     aaaacaattg aactgacatc tgtggtttgc ctcacctggg ttaaatctac ctcaactctt     28980
     gctcttaatt ttgtcctggt ctcccaaaat tacaatcagt cttcttactt aatccacaaa     29040
     acatttatct accatgttgt gcaaaaaaat tctttgttct tttactgatt tttaatgcat     29100
     attacacata tttgtgtatt ttctgttatt gtagttcttt aacacttatt ttccaaaggg     29160
     ctttatctgt taatgtcaaa acattgctga catggagcaa tttatattct cttcctgaga     29220
     catctgtgga tggttgatct tgttgctgtt ttattgaacc agttatatgt ttttcttttt     29280
     tttctgtgat cgtctatact catgaacagg ctgagaaaaa gtaatgatag gttatttttt     29340
     gtctagtaat gccaaaaaaa aaaggttatt taattttctg aattaaaatc aagctcataa     29400
     tattagcagg aaagcttgtt tttcaagttt tgtctgcatg ttggtcagtt gtggctaaga     29460
     aaaagcagca aatatttgcc gcaaacattt tcagaacaga ttaagaaatg acccctcctt     29520
     gaatcactga aggaatgcaa gtatttcacc tttgaacaat acttcactca ggaggtagca     29580
     gaggactgtg gtttattagt ttatttgaaa tgtgcacgcc ttcactgttt tatcaaactg     29640
     ttgcatttta taggaaaata aaagtttgcc tgtgcactat aggggcccaa tgtttttgat     29700
     ttgatgctgt gcatgatttt ttttctctag tattaaaaga acatcacact gattctcatc     29760
     ccaaagatgt gaatactagc tagctcttta atctaatttg atttttaatc tacttcatta     29820
     tagttttagt gtcttgcatg cgtaaaaaat agttgctaaa gaatcctgaa ttcatatatg     29880
     gaaagagaaa ctagggcttt cttagatgga aagtatctac cagctaattt gataataata     29940
     ataataatat aattcctcta taaagctctt tccaaaacag tcctctctac ataaatgtct     30000
     tggtaagatt tacaaatcta tgaagaaaaa aaggtgacaa aatataatga atttatttta     30060
     aattaaatag tttggttatc tgaattttaa catatcttca tatagagctg ggtctccagg     30120
     aaacataatc tactctaggt aaagattaac tctaaatgga agatgcacca aacatgctaa     30180
     tatatatagt ttaccttttg tgcacacaaa acaaggaaac aataatgagt caaaatttat     30240
     gctttgatga aaagcactaa attccttgat ctgaatcctt ttggtaaagc taaactagac     30300
     agtatttaaa taatatgatt gacattgact accagctatg caataatgga gcaagttaaa     30360
     taaccaaagc atcctgaaat agtaacatca ttcatagaat tgttgttact ttgtgtctta     30420
     aacacactta ggtagttttt tcacatttac tgggcaggac cacacagagt atgcattcaa     30480
     gttctgttac ttgaatttaa ttcaatttga atgctttgct gtgtaaaata agggagacaa     30540
     taaataaaat taagtgggga gaggggagag agagaaataa atgtactcta gttaattgaa     30600
     tgtctcacac tgtggcatga atgaaacttg cacgtttata accaattatt ccaagtcttc     30660
     ctcaattttt cataacatat aactgtttta atataaggta gaaataacat tttgaaaaag     30720
     agaatactgt ctataagaag gaattatatc atagtaatca ttttctgtac tggtaaatag     30780
     ttcttctcta ccaattcatg aaaacttgtt taagttacag gtaaaaattc aaacaaaatg     30840
     agtgtttgca ggcagtaatg tggtgcagct tctctcttct ctctggtcac attgcaaata     30900
     taaattcaat cttgctattt ttcttgttga attacatagt ggatagagtg gtcgatgctc     30960
     aataaaattg aggcttggaa agcttctgaa atttcaacat gtttttcttc gtgccagaaa     31020
     gatggaaaaa gtaacaaaaa tataaatccc tttcctgtgt gcttgtgcta aattgtcagg     31080
     aattagcact cattttccat tcttaaagcc ctccatgaag gctatccaac tcctatttca     31140
     gggaggaaca gttaataaag gggatgctaa gaaaaaaata agcatctttt ggggctacaa     31200
     tgaacaatgg acctgaaaaa tgctgggttt ctggtttccc ccatcctctc aactaacttc     31260
     cctctttctt ctcacattca agtactgacc tatgataaca atacctctca cacttcatcc     31320
     agtttggatt tctccatttc caatgctgat tgctatttgc acatttgcag gggtttgttt     31380
     gagctgaaaa agtagtactg caggtgagtg tctactttcc agatggaaaa tctgtctacc     31440
     aaaggatcat taaactctaa agacatggag aggtatagat aaatgaaaat ggaaaattct     31500
     atggtaaatt taatgtctta ggcattttta aagtcatttt agtggacaag aaaactatgg     31560
     tgcatctata taatggaagc aaatcagcaa taaaaagcaa acaaactatt aatacatgag     31620
     aaaccttcag cacatcttaa gggtattata ctgtcaaggt gtggtgagat taagtccaat     31680
     tttaactatc ctcacgggta ccactgagga agggcccctt attcctctca tgacagcttt     31740
     aaaaagaaag tttgaccttg ttaccttcct aacttgggaa aaaaaatcaa ttaccaagcc     31800
     aaatgccaga aacatcattg caatgtagtt gcctattatg tatgtaaaaa ttctattgag     31860
     cagaaacatg atttgcttcc aacgctgaaa ggagaaacat aatttgttct ctcttatgca     31920
     cagttttgct ttctgcagtt tctgttacca aaagcacagt actattaaat aattccagag     31980
     aaatagagaa accatacttt catgactttt actatggtat tttaattatt ctactatatt     32040
     atgtattatt gttgttactc tttgaatgtg cctaattaac acattgaact tcatcatagg     32100
     tacatattca cagataaaac atagtatata cagggtttag tcctacctgt ggtctcaggc     32160
     atctgctggg gttcttggaa catacccctt atggataatc agagactact gtagcatggg     32220
     tatgctagca actcatcaat atttgtccct gcaatggttg tttgtttttt ttgtgagtga     32280
     acagttatgt cactaaatga aataattcac cttgtctgtg tgagtcattt gaaagatgta     32340
     gacatagata catatatagg taaatcttat ttctaattaa ctcagttggt tacaaatact     32400
     cacagatatc aaatagacat tctaaaattt tctccaagct gggcacagtt gctcatgctt     32460
     ataatcccag aacttttgta ggccatgttc aaagggttgt ttaagcctgg cagctcaaga     32520
     acagcctgag caacatagtg ggacttcatc tctacaaaaa taaaaataaa aaaaattaat     32580
     caggcatggt ggcacatgcc tgtagtctca gatatttggg gaccctaggt aagataattt     32640
     gatcctggga ggcccagttt gcagtgagcc atgatcactg catctgaaat tattctcact     32700
     acttatacag gataaaactc ctagctctaa tttctaattt gcttgcacac agaactacag     32760
     gcatgtaaaa ttctaggaca caggcaatgg ttgagaaaag agctaatata ccattttaac     32820
     attttaatgc tttcaggcca taagcactgc actccagagt gagatgttat ctcaaataaa     32880
     atataattaa ataaaaatga aacaaataat taaataaaat ttattcactg tgacaaacta     32940
     gtttttggag gctatctttg gtaccattct acagctctac ccaatgacaa gatttgttat     33000
     tcatctatag caatacattt ctagatgaaa atccaaaaat ggaagctttt caccatgaca     33060
     tttttaacac caccaaaatc ttacttctgc tctatgcagc ccatataata ctaaaatggc     33120
     aaatagtaat ttcctcttgg gatttttaac accagatgtt ttgtcattta ttcaaataaa     33180
     aatatgcaat ctattgtaat gtttgcaaac aatgaaacaa cttgcttatg gcctgaaagc     33240
     attaaaatgt taaaatagta tattagttat tttctcaaac atggcctaaa tcctagaatt     33300
     ttatatgcct gtagttctgt gtgcaagcaa attagaactt agggctagga gttttatcct     33360
     gtacaattag tgagtataat tttagatggc agctctcctt gaaaacagga ttctatgtcc     33420
     agaaaataga atatgaatgt ttcttggtaa aatgcaaaat taatcacatt ccatcattta     33480
     tatgaatatc atgaggctat tttctttttc cttctgggat gaggcaaaag catacctaat     33540
     aagttcaaat cattttcttc caatatatga tttgttataa tggcacatag tttctcaagt     33600
     gtaaagatat acttttagaa tcttaataat gctaaaatca tctgatattt tgttctactg     33660
     ccacaataaa tggaaaatat acttttcaaa atacaatttt atttgcttgt tttgatttat     33720
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atttatttat atgagttcgc cagagctacc     33780
     acaacaaaat gccacacact gggcagctta aacagtagaa atatatttct cacagtcctg     33840
     gaggctgcta agtataagct caatgtgtca gaggattggt tcctactgaa gtctctctcc     33900
     ttggcttgtg gacactatct tctcctcatg tcctcacatg tttgtcccta tgtgagtctc     33960
     tgtgtcctac tctcctattc ttatgaggac accagtctta ctggattggg gtccatttta     34020
     atgacttcat tccaacataa ttatctcaaa atgtcctctc ttcaaacaga gtcacattct     34080
     caggtaatcg caggttagag aacttaagtt ataattttgg ggacatataa ttgagcccat     34140
     gacattactt cagcagagag atgtgttggt tgcctcttct cacctcagtt cccatcagta     34200
     aatcaccttg ttcctctaca gaaaaactga gccaccctag gctgattgga gcacttctag     34260
     gatgtatgcc tctgggatgg gagacagata caaactcctt agtgattaga tctcctcctg     34320
     tgagatgaat cagttcttca gttggaaaga agtaacaaca aattagattg acagttaaga     34380
     attatggcat agaatggtat gtctcaaatt ctaatttgca tagatatccc ctgcagatct     34440
     tattacaagg cataacctca taaggtagct ctgggatggt tctgcatttt taacaagctc     34500
     ccaggtaagg ctgattaggc tggtccaagg tctgtacctg tcataacaca aaaacacagc     34560
     tatgtatcgt gagcattgcg gtttttggag gtttgaagtc agtctgacca gcaaactctc     34620
     cgtacttgcc caaaggttcc ggtttaattt gttttgcagt aggttgcaga attgcatcta     34680
     tcaagagtaa tgggttcagc ccaagagctg ctacttctgt ggagcctttg caagttactc     34740
     aacttttatt gcctaacatt catcatctgt gatgtggagt gattactaaa aatgttcacc     34800
     tgcagtcagg cacagtggct cacacatgta atgtcagcat ttggggagga ttgcttgagg     34860
     ccaggaattc aagactagcc tggtcaacag agtgcaacgc tgtctgtaca acaatttaaa     34920
     aaagtagcca ggtgtggtgg cacatgccta tagtctcagt cccagctact caggaggctg     34980
     aggtgagagg attacttgag tgaaggagtt ctaagctgca gtgagccatg attgcaccag     35040
     tgctctcctg cctgaacaac agaatgagac tctatctcat aaaaaaatac tcacctcaaa     35100
     gctctgatgc aaattattta ccacaatatt tgcagttttt aaaaaatcct gatatataca     35160
     gtcactaata actatttgct taactattcc tgaagaattt ttatttcttg ctattgtttt     35220
     cacatttctt tgaatggcaa aatgatctga ataatattta taataaaatc taagttgtga     35280
     tttagaacct taagtatggt tataagaaat actttatata atgcaccata ataagatcta     35340
     cagtaactac atgatgactt acactgaaat tgaaaacaag aaatcattta aatatctatt     35400
     ttatcattct ttgcacaatt ctttgcatgt tttaggtttt ctataacatg agtaattgaa     35460
     tggagcctgt tcttcagttt atagtttaaa acatatgact ttttgcaaat tactaagtgc     35520
     cctcccccta caacttacag tggaccaact tacaatttta tagctttaca gtggtgaaaa     35580
     atctacactc agtagaaatg acacttcaag tcatgtcctc atgtaataac attgtttttc     35640
     acttttgttt caagattcaa taaattacaa gagatatgca acactttact acaaagcaag     35700
     ctttgcattt gatgattttg cccaacaata ggcaaatgta aatgttccaa gaacatttaa     35760
     ggtaggcagg ggcagaacta tgatgtttgg taggttagat gtatttaatg tatcctcagc     35820
     ttacaatgtt ttcagtatac aatatgtttc tggggatgta aactcatcat aattcaagaa     35880
     gcatcttgca tacactctca gaaacttaaa atacatactt gatacacaca aataactaat     35940
     taataataag aaataggcca ttttagtata agtaaaataa gatgctgtaa tattgaaaat     36000
     tctaggctac atatagtgtc tgaaacatta cttaagttac tttggtgatt gagcaaactt     36060
     tggtacaccc ataccagggg atctacttag caagaaaaaa aaggaataaa ctattgatac     36120
     atgcaacaac atgtctggat ctccaaggat gtgtaaaaag ctggtcttcc aaagatacat     36180
     cttcagcaac ttcatttagg taacattttt gaaatgacag aagtatagaa atgaataaca     36240
     aattggtggt tgctggagct taaggcaaaa gttcgtggta gaaggaaagt gggcatggtt     36300
     ataaaagatc aacataggag atgcttttgt gaatggaatt tgacatgatt tgtgtctgtg     36360
     tctccatcca aatccaaagt tgaattgtaa ttcccaatgt tgggggaggg acctagtggg     36420
     agacgattgg atcatggaga tggatatccc ccttgttatt cttgcgatag tgagtgagtt     36480
     gtcatgagat cttgttgttt aaaagtgtgt ggcacttcct cttatgctct gtttctcctg     36540
     ctgacgtgat tttctcattt cgcctttgcc ttccgccttg attgtaagtt tactgaggcc     36600
     tcccagccat gcttgctgta cagaccgcag aactgtgagt caattaaaca tcttttcttc     36660
     ataaattacc cagtctcaga cagttcttta tagcagtgta agaatggaat aatacagaat     36720
     tgttctgtat agtggccatc tcaagaataa tatcctggtg gtgaaattat acttcagtta     36780
     tgcaagacat tacacattgg agaaaactgt tcaatagaat ctctatcata ttttaaatat     36840
     gatatcataa atatcatata tttaaatatg atatcatatt taaatatcat attttaaata     36900
     gctggaatct ccagctattt caaaagtcaa aaaaagttta acttaaaaac gtttcaaaac     36960
     tgcaataaat tgaccacagg gaaaaattta ttaactaaag ttaatgcaaa atagaaaaaa     37020
     tatttatttt ctttcaatgt tgcaaaacaa tgtctattat gagaaggcat tttcttgact     37080
     ttaaatgttt accagctaga gcttggctgg gttcctgtct cttaaataat atgttgcagt     37140
     tcacaaatgg agaccaaata ttgttatctt caggttacat ctaatctgtt ttccacctat     37200
     accttttctt attatttagc tgatgagata ctaagctgta acttgtttct ccttttctaa     37260
     ttcaattatg tgtacacttg caaagatttg ctttggcata aaggagagaa atgtaggtaa     37320
     gagtacactt tctaactgta aaatcagttt aaaaaggatc tttaaattct caagacagga     37380
     cattgagaga tgaaaccctg tctctacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     37440
     caaattagct gagcatggtg gcatgaacct gtagtccctg ttactaggga gtctgaggca     37500
     ggaggatcac gtgagcccgg gaagttgagg ctgcagtgag ccattatcaa gccactgcat     37560
     tacagcctgg gcagcagagg gagacccagt ctcaaagaca gaaggaagat atttgatttt     37620
     gtcacttgat aatcttaaaa tcataggtca gaacagaatg tcagaaacgt tctgcctact     37680
     cagaatagtt gtcttctctt tcccatggtc tctcattttt agctgataca aaattgaata     37740
     aaatcatgac acctcaactc cttctagaaa tatcatggtt caactgaggt acccggtcca     37800
     tctcactgag actggttgga cagtggctgt agcccatgga gggcaagcag aagcagggtg     37860
     gggtgtctcc tgacgtggga agcacaacgg gttagggaat ttccctttcc tagccaaggg     37920
     aagctgtgaa tgaccgtacc aggaggaaga ctacactctg gcccaaatat tgcacttttc     37980
     ccacggtctt ctcaaccggc agaccaggag atgccctccg atgcctggct cagtgggtcc     38040
     cacctctacg gagcccagca aactacgatc cactagctag aaattctcac tgccaggaca     38100
     gcagtctgag gttgacctgg gatgctcgac ctagttggga gaaggggcgt cctccactgg     38160
     tgagggttga gtaggtgacg taaacaaatc ctcacagggt aaacaaagct actgggaagt     38220
     tcaaactggg tagatcccac cacagcttag caaggccagc tgcctctcta gattccacat     38280
     ctctgggcag ggcatctctg aaaaaagtgc agaagcccca gtcagggact tatgaataaa     38340
     acacctacct ccgtgggaca gagcacctgg gggaaggagt ggctgagtgc agcttcagta     38400
     gattaaacat ccctatctgc aatctctgaa gacagcagca tttctcccag cacagtgttg     38460
     gagctctgat aagggacaga ctgccttctt aagtggctgg tgatccccat gtagcctgac     38520
     tgggagacac ctccaagtac aggctgatag acatctcata caggagaggc ctggctggca     38580
     cctgtcaggt gcccctctgg gacaaagctt gcagaggaag aaaaaggcag caatctttgc     38640
     tggtctgcag actccactgg tccagtgaac ctccagcaaa ctccagaaga cctgcagtag     38700
     aggggcctga ctgttggaag aaaaagtaag aaacagaaag gaatagtgct aacgtccaca     38760
     aaaaatcacg tccacttaga gaccacatct gaagatcacc aacatcaaag accaaagata     38820
     aataagtctg caaagatggg gagaaaccag tgcaaaaaga ctgaaaagtc ccaaaaccag     38880
     aatgtttctt ctcctccaag ggaacagaac tcctttccag catgggaaca aaactggatg     38940
     gagaatgaat tggacgactg tcagaagtag gcttcagaaa gtgagtaaca aaaaactcct     39000
     tccagatata gaggttgttt taacccattg caaggaagct aagaacctta aaaaaagtta     39060
     gatgaattgc taactagaat aaccagttta gagaagaaca taaatgatct gatggagatg     39120
     aaaaacaaag cacaagaact tcaagaagca tacacaagta tcaatagctg aatcaatcaa     39180
     gcagaagaga tgacatcaga tattgaagat caactcaatg aaataaagca agaagacaaa     39240
     attagacaaa aaagaatgaa atcagatgag caaaacctcc aagaaatatg gcaatatgtg     39300
     aaaagaccaa acctacattt gattggtgta cctgaaggtg acgaggagaa tggaactaag     39360
     ttgcaaaact ctcttataga tattacccag gaaagcttcc ccaacccagc aagggaggcc     39420
     aacatcaaat tcagaaaatg cagagaacaa caaaaatata ttcctcaaga agagcaacct     39480
     caagacacat aattgtcaga ttcaccaatg ttgatggaaa tgaagaaaaa aattttaagg     39540
     gcagccagag agaaaggttg ggttacccac aaagggaagg acatcagact acagtggttc     39600
     ttatggcaga aacgctacaa accagaaaag agtgggcagc ccgcattcaa cattcttata     39660
     gaaaataatt ttcggccagg cgcggtggct cacgcatgta atcccagcac tttaggaggc     39720
     cgagatgggt ggaccacctg agatagggag ttcaagactt gcctggccag catagtgaaa     39780
     cctgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaatcagc caggcgtggt ggtgtgcacc tttaatctca     39840
     gctactcagg tggctgaggc aggagaattg cttgaaccct ggaggctgcg gttgcagtga     39900
     gccaagatca tgccattgca ttccagcctg catgacagga caagacttgt ctcgggaaaa     39960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg aatgaaaata attttcaacc cagaatttct tttttttatt     40020
     attatacttt aagttttagg gtacgtgtgc acaaggtgca ggttagttac atatgtatac     40080
     atgtgccatg ttgttgggct gcacccagta actcatcatt taatattagg tatatctcca     40140
     agtgctatcc ctcccctctc ccccaacccc acagcaggcc ccagtgtgtg atgttcccct     40200
     tcctgggtcc atgtgttctc attgttcaat tcctacctgt gagtgagaac atgcagtgtt     40260
     tggttttttg tccttgtgat agtttgctga gaatgatggt ttccagattc atccatgtcc     40320
     ctacaaagga catgaactca tcattgttta tggctgcata gtattccgtg gtgtatgtgt     40380
     gccacatttt cttaatcaag tctattattg ttggacattt gtgttggttc caagtctttg     40440
     ctattgtgaa tagtgtcata tccagtcaaa ttaagctcca taagtgaagg agaaataaaa     40500
     tcctttccaa catgcaaatg ctgagagatt ttgtcaccag gcctgcctta aaagagctct     40560
     tgaaggaagc actaaacatg aaaaagaaca aatggtacca cccactgcaa aaacatacca     40620
     cgttgtaaag accatcaagg ctgtgaagaa actgcctcaa ctaatggaca aaataatcag     40680
     ataacattat aatgtcaaga tcaaattcat acataacaat attaaccttg aatgtaaata     40740
     ggctacatgc cccaactaaa agagaaatca gataaagagt caagaaccat ccgtgtgctg     40800
     tatttaggtg acccgtctca tgtgcaaaga aacacatagg ttcacaataa aaagatgaag     40860
     gaagatttac caaacaaaca gaaagcaatg taaaacatgg gttgcaatcc tagtctctga     40920
     taaaacagac tttaaaccaa caaagatcaa aagagacaaa gaaaagcacc acataatggt     40980
     aaagggatca atgaaacaag aagagctaac tatcctaaat atatatgcac ccaatacagg     41040
     agcacccaaa ttcataaagc aagttcttag agacctacaa ggagcttgga ctcccataaa     41100
     agactttaac aacccgctgt caatattaga cacatcaacg caaaagagaa ttaaaaagga     41160
     taccaaggac ttgaactcag ctctggatca agcagaccta ataaacatct acagaagtct     41220
     ccaccaaaag tcaacagaat atacattctt ctcagcaaca catcacactt attctaaaat     41280
     ggaccacata attcgaagga aaacactcca cagcaaaggc aaaataaatg aatttatcac     41340
     aaactgtctc tcagaccaca gtgcaattaa agtagaactc aaagtgagtc catcttgaga     41400
     taatttttgt ataaggtgta aggaagggga ttaagtagga ttaagaaact cactcaaaac     41460
     tgcacgatta catggaaact gaacaacctg atcctgaata actactgggt aaataacaaa     41520
     attaaggcag aaataaagat gttcttggaa atcaatgaga aaaaaagacc aaatattcaa     41580
     gaatctctgg gtcacattta aagcagtata gagagggaaa attatagcac taaataccca     41640
     caagagaaag caagaaagat ctaaaatcaa catactaaca tcatgattaa aagaactaga     41700
     gaagcaagag caaacaaatt caaaagctag cagaagacaa gaagtaaata agatcagagc     41760
     agaactgaag gagacggaga catgaaaaac ccctcaaaaa atcaaggaat gcaggagctt     41820
     gttttttcaa aaagatcaac caaatagact gctagccaga ctaataaaga agaaaagaga     41880
     gaagtatcaa atagacacaa taaaaaatga taaagagcta tcccatagaa atactaatgc     41940
     tgaacccaca gaaatacaaa ctaccatcag agaatactat aaacacgttt atgcaaataa     42000
     actagaaaat ctagaagaaa tggataaatt cctggacaca tatacccccc caagtctaaa     42060
     ccaggaagac gtcaactctc tgaatagacc aataacaagt tctgaaattg agatactagt     42120
     taatacccta ccaaccaaaa gaagtccagg accagagaga ttaacaggtg aattctacca     42180
     gtggtacaaa gaggagatcc tactatttct tctgaaacta ctccaaacaa tagaaaaaga     42240
     gtgactcctc cctaactcat tttatgaggc cagtatcttc ctgaaaacaa aacattgcag     42300
     agacacaaca aaaaaataaa atttcaggct aatatccctg atgaacatca atacgaatat     42360
     ccttaataaa atactggcga accaaatcca gcagttcatc aaaactctta tccaacgtga     42420
     tcaagtcagc ttcatccctg ggatgcaaag ctcgtacaat atatgcaagt caatcaatgt     42480
     aatccatcac ataaacagaa ctaatggcaa aagccacatg attatctcaa tagatgcaaa     42540
     aaaagccttc gacgaaattt aagggccttc atgctgaaaa ctctcaataa actaggtatt     42600
     ggtggaacgt atctaaaagt aataagagct atttatgaca aacccacagc ccatatcata     42660
     ctgaatgagc aaaaactgga agcattcctt ttgaaaagtg gcacaagaca aggatgctct     42720
     ctctcaccac ttctattcaa cacagcattg gaagttctgg ccaggacaat caggcaagag     42780
     aaagaaagaa agtgtatact atcaggaaga gaggagtcaa attatctctg ttctcaaatg     42840
     acatgattgt atatttagaa aaccccatca tctcagcccc attctcctta agctgataca     42900
     caatttcagc aaagtctcag aatacaaaat caatgtgcaa aaaccacaag cattcctgta     42960
     caccggtaac agacagtgag ctaaatcatg agtcaactcc cattcacaat tgctaaaaga     43020
     gaataaaata cctaggaata caacttacaa gtgatgtgaa ggacctcttc aaggagaact     43080
     ataaaccact gctaaagaaa ataagagagg gcacaagtaa atggaaaaac tttccacact     43140
     catggataga aagaatacga tgaaattggc catactgcct gaagtaattt atagatttga     43200
     tactatgccc atcaagctat cattgacttt cttcacaaaa ttggaaaaaa aatatgcttt     43260
     aaatttcaca tggaaccaaa aaaagaaccc ggatagctaa gacaatccta agcaaaaaga     43320
     acaaagctgg aggcatcatg ctacctgact ttaacctgta ctacaatgct acagtaacca     43380
     aaacagcatg gtactggtac cataacagat atatagtcca atgtaacaga acagacgtct     43440
     cagaaataac accacacaac tacatccatc tgatttttga caaaccagac aaaaacaaac     43500
     catgggaaaa ggattcccta tttaataaat ggtattggga aaagtgtgta gctatatgca     43560
     gaaaagagaa actagatccc ttccttaaac cttatacaaa aattatctca agatggactc     43620
     aagccttaaa tatgagaact aaaaccataa aaaccctaga agaaaaccta ggcaataata     43680
     ttcaggacat agacatgggc aaagacttca tgactaaaac accaaaagca attgcaataa     43740
     aagccaaatg gtcaaatggg atctaattaa actagagagc ttctgcacag caaaagaaac     43800
     tatcatcaga gtgatcaggc aagctacaga atgggagaca atttttgcca tctatccatc     43860
     tgacaaagtg ctaatatgca gaatctacaa agaacttaaa caaatataca agaaaaaaca     43920
     accctatcaa aaagtggacg aaggatatga acaggcactt ctcaaaagaa aacatgtatg     43980
     tgtccaacaa acctatgaaa agatgctcat catcactgga cattagagaa atgcaaatca     44040
     aaaccacaat gagataccat ctcacaccag ttagaatggc gatcattaaa cagtcaggaa     44100
     acaacagatg ctgtagagga tgtgaagaaa taagcacggt tttacactgt tggtgggagc     44160
     gtaaattagt tcaaccattg tgaagacagt gtgacaattc ctcaaggatt taggaccaga     44220
     aataccattt gacccatgtg ggcagcaagt cacccaggtg ccgaggcaag agaccgaggg     44280
     cacgagctgt tccagtgtaa taaaatatat aaaataacag gagttatgct agatctatat     44340
     catagatatg attatatata aatatcatta atcattagtt tgtaataatt acctttattc     44400
     caatattata ataatcctcg ctctataatt ataacctaaa aaaaaaaaaa caggcctaca     44460
     gagataggag ctgagggtac atggtgagaa gtgaccagaa gacaagagtg caagccttct     44520
     attaggccta gatagggcca ccagagtgct ccttggtcta gtggtaactc ccccttttcc     44580
     aggggagttt agagaagact ctgctccacc acctcttgtg gaggtcctga catcagtcag     44640
     gcccacctgc agctacccgg aggctgtgca tcagcagtcg tgctcctggt ccgctttcat     44700
     gttccatcct gtacacctgg ctctgccttc tacatagcag tagcagaatt agtgaaagta     44760
     ttcaaagtct ctgaaatgca gaaataatgg cataagctgt ctctcctctc tctctctgcc     44820
     tcagctgcca aactgggaag ggtccctgtc tggtggacat atgactcacg tgaccttatc     44880
     aatcattgga gatgactcac actccttacc ctgccccttt tgctttgtat gcaatacata     44940
     aaagtgcagc caggcattca gggccactac tgatctccac gtcttggtgg tagttgtccc     45000
     acgggcccag ctgtcttttc ttttatctct ttgtcttgtg tctttatttc tatgatctct     45060
     cacctctgta tacagggaga aaagcccaca ggccctgtag ggctgtcccc tacagaccca     45120
     gcaatcctct tactggatat atactcagag ggttataaat catgctgcta gaaagacaca     45180
     tgcacacata tgtttattgt ggcactgttc acaatagaaa agaactagca agtaacccaa     45240
     atgcccatca atgatatact ggataatgaa aatatggcac atatacacca tggaatacta     45300
     tgcagccata aatagcaatg agttcatgtc ctttgcaggg acacggatga agctggaaac     45360
     caaaattctc agcaaactaa tacaagagca gaaaactaaa cacccatgtt ctcactcatc     45420
     agtgagagtt gagaaatgag aacacattga aacagggagg ggaacatcat atactggggc     45480
     ctctctaggc ttggggagag ggatagcatt aggagaaata tctaatgtag gtgacaggtt     45540
     aatgggtgcg gcaaaccacc atagcatatg tatacctatg taacaaacat gcacatttac     45600
     cccagatagt aaagtataat ttcaaaaaag tggtacatat acaccatgaa atgctatgca     45660
     acaatttaaa agagaaaaat catgctattt gcggcaacat tgatgtccct ggaggccatt     45720
     atcctaagca aattaatgaa acaacagaaa accaaatacc acatatgaaa cccttaagtg     45780
     ggagctaagc attaaatcat caagaaataa agatgagaac aatagacact taggactgct     45840
     aaaggagaga gggtagaggg gtacaagggc tgataattaa ttttggagtg ctatgctccc     45900
     tacctgggtg acagaattat ttgtactcca aacctcaatg tcacataata tacccaggta     45960
     acatacttct acatggacct cttgaaccta aaataaattt gaaatttttt ttaaaaaaga     46020
     gaataaaagc atactgagaa aaagaaaata gtaaaagata taatacaata aaacacacag     46080
     caacaacttt catgaagcca aaactacaag agatgtaaaa tgtcagatag aaacaaaaga     46140
     tgagaactgc actgggtatg agacagataa aacaaaaaat tagacaaaag acccacgatg     46200
     taatcaataa gatagattgt gcttgtgtgc acaaatgttg tactttatac tatattttct     46260
     caatagacag aacaaactcc ttacaaagtc ctgatggaaa aacagattta atactaagtg     46320
     gcaaaaaaaa aaattcaaac aatacccctc tcatcacaaa aatataattg gaaattatta     46380
     attaaaacag gaaagaaaat tgcagctgga attatgagat tcttgctgta ttagcctgtg     46440
     tcactatgaa agaataactg atgctgggta atttcgtcag gctatacaaa catggcacca     46500
     tcatatgctc agcttctgat gaggcctaag gaagcttact attatgatag aagtaggagg     46560
     gagagcagac acacttcatg agctgagtga gagagaaagg taacaggtgc cagctggttt     46620
     taaacaacta gctttaatag taactcatgc tcatggggaa agcaccaagc cattcatgag     46680
     gaattcatcc ctttaatata aacacttcca caaggagtaa cttccaactt ggggatcaca     46740
     tttgaacacg caatttggaa ggacacacat ccgaatcaca tcacctgcat ttgtgtaaat     46800
     tttaacaaat aaccaataaa attggttgcc tgtggagaag aggtgggaat ggagtggaag     46860
     atatgggcac agtatgtcaa gagggaatta caggacccaa ccagtaaagg aatagcctta     46920
     actgaagaaa caggaaagaa aattgcacac ctggataaac attatgggtt gaattttgta     46980
     tttttgttgt acttttgaaa tttttatgtt gaagtcttaa acactagtac atccaaaagt     47040
     ggtcttaatt gtaattcggg ttgttgttgg tgtaattagt taccgattta tgcctagtgt     47100
     tccattgttg gaatgctaag cttgtgggag ttatttaaat ccaactgcat gaggtcattg     47160
     aaaaggtctg attttcacac acaaaaagtt tggaatctca agcttaaatg ggttaagagg     47220
     aagtcttcct ggagtgagat ggattcctaa tccagtatga ctggtgctgg tgtcctgata     47280
     gaaatggaaa tttgtacaca gaaacacata cacataagaa gaggactagg gttatgttgc     47340
     cacaaaccaa ataattagca caaacttgga ggcagaggta ggaacatatt tcctagtccc     47400
     ttcagagaga gagagcatgg ccctttgacc ccttgatttc agacttttgg ccttcagaac     47460
     tgtcagaata tgaacttctg ttgtttaagc tgcctagtct gcagtacttt gtcatgatag     47520
     ccctagcaaa ctattacaag tttgggtcat ttggacactt acaaaagaaa ctttacatag     47580
     gtattataca tttaaaactg cattttcccc aggaagcttt tcaatgggat gttctctgtc     47640
     ttcatcaggg atttttagcc aacagttgaa agccactgga ataagcagat ggaatctgtc     47700
     aacctaaggt ttttcagcct cagaagattg acatgtgagg gttgcatcat tattgtgggg     47760
     ttgcactgtg aaatgtagca tgttgagaaa cattcctgat cttaaccaaa tagattccaa     47820
     ttccaataga tgtgacaatg aaaaatgtca catagaacta aaacgtcgaa gaaaggatac     47880
     tagaagcagg gaagggtagg gggaaaagga catagggaaa aatttgttga agtacacaaa     47940
     attacagcta cataggagga ataagttgta ctttctatac tactgcagga tgactacaga     48000
     tattgaatgt tcccaacaca aagaaatggt acatgtttga gacgatgtag gtatgctaac     48060
     aaccccaatg ggatcactat acattgtacg tatcagaaca tcactgtgcc atgtgaatat     48120
     atacaattat tatatctaaa ttgaaaatta atttaaaatt tttaaaaatg ttatttaaat     48180
     gtctctagag tttgttacac ttgcaggaag caaaatcacc tcagggtgaa atgactgctc     48240
     tatggaatta tgctcaggca taattttgag acagggtctc actctcttac taaggttgga     48300
     gtgcagtggt gtgaacttgg ctcactgaag cctccacctc tcaggttcct cccactgcag     48360
     cctcccgagt agagtacctg ggattacagg tacacattac caccggctaa ttttttgaat     48420
     ttttcataga gatgaggtct tgccatgttg ccagtctgct ttcaaactcc taggctcaag     48480
     caatcctcct gcctcagcct ccctaagttc tgggattata ggtatgagtc accataccat     48540
     cctgtgtttt cctttctttt taatatgtac aagctgattc ttggtagact ttcagagtga     48600
     gagaaatctc tggttgcttc agtgggcttt gcataaccac cctttgcttc tcataggcct     48660
     gatgtagtta tttgaggacc atctatttac tgcatttcta cattttattt catgtcttcc     48720
     tatattatag taacattttt acaaatttaa aatatattat tgttttaatt tgtataaatg     48780
     tacagtgtac aagctcaatt ttgttacatg aacatgttgc atagttgtaa gtcagggctt     48840
     ccaatttacc gatcacctga atagtgtaca tgatatccat taagtaattt ttcatctccc     48900
     cccctctctc agcctcccac cttccaagtg tccaatatct attattctac tccctatgtc     48960
     cattgtggac attacttagc taccgcttct aagtgagaat atgtagattt gtctttctgt     49020
     ttttgagttg ttttccttag gttatttacc catgataaaa tatttttaaa acaagactac     49080
     tgtattagtc tgttctcaca ctgttaataa agacacaccc aagactgggt aatttacaaa     49140
     ggcaataagt ttaatagact cacagttcca gatggatggg gaggcctcac aatcatggca     49200
     gaatgtgaat gaagagcaag gtcatgtctt tcatggcttc aggcaagaga gcttgtgctg     49260
     tcttaaaagg taacttcccc ttataaaacc atcagatctc atgagactta atcactatca     49320
     ggataagagc atgtgaaaga cctgcctcca tgattcattt atctcccacc aggaccctac     49380
     catgacacaa tgaaattatg ggaactacaa tgcaagatga aatttgggta gggacacagc     49440
     caagctatat caactactta ttagtcaatt tggtcaacca atgagcaaga aaataaccct     49500
     ttatttttta atttttttaa ttttttattt tttttagagg agtctcgctc tgtcactcag     49560
     gctgaagtac agcggcttga tctcagctga ccgcaacttc tgccacatgg gttcaggcga     49620
     ttctcctgcc tcaccctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggt gtaatccagc taatttttgt     49680
     atttttagta tgccaggtcc atcccgtaga tcctggcaaa gaaacgcact aaaggagtac     49740
     tcagtgaaag agcagccaag ggactcccaa agagtgagca gtttcgataa gctggaactg     49800
     ctggagctgc tagtttttat ttagtacaga catgatgctg aaagcctgaa gccaacacaa     49860
     tctgtgggta attaacatta ttgttccccc tttctgggag tagtctcatg tgaggatgat     49920
     caaagattga ttcctggtta acataagtaa acaagcctct ttatgctaag ttctcctata     49980
     ttttcttgta cctattcctc acccgtctgc ttcaggtaag agaaaagctg ccttcacctt     50040
     actcttccct gaagctgtgc agagccttct gaccattcag aaggcctgct aatttctctg     50100
     tagtgtctcc caccactctg accaatcccc catattagta gaggcagggt ttcatcacgt     50160
     tggtcattct gctctggaat tcctgacctc atgttctgcc tgcctcagcc tcccaaagtg     50220
     ctgggattac aggcatgagc caccatgcct ggccaaaaat aaccattttt aaaaacgtgt     50280
     agtaactagt tgatatacac ttcaccatca tgttaacttc aaaggcttgc ataacttaaa     50340
     tgatttgaat taagtagggt ttttaattaa atgttatcta aaatgactct atcatggtaa     50400
     tttactttgc ttgagaaaat atcaataata tcagatgtag tatctatggg aaactgtcat     50460
     tctctggttc tctatgtggt ttttcttcac tcatttactt tctacgtgac atatttgtga     50520
     gactcacagt caaaaagaga tcccttcagt ttgatagtaa tttgtgactt acagggttta     50580
     ttttactaaa gaactcgttt caaaattcta tttaagaagt ttgtccttcc atgtcaaaca     50640
     ctgttccaaa tggaggcata taatctccac caaataataa ttgaactatt taaggcatcc     50700
     ctttcatcat gcttttttcc tttcgatttt cgttaatttg atggtaagct atactaccta     50760
     tgaagaggca caggacatca cacccagctt tttgttttta tatatgcagt tgggagtaca     50820
     gggagatagg gagtagaatg atagacattg gacacttgga agggtgagag gctgggaggt     50880
     gtgggaggtt gaaaaattac ttaatgggta caatgtacac tgttcaggtg atgggcacac     50940
     tggaagtcct gacttcacaa ctatgccaca tgtccatgta acaaaattga ttttgtaccc     51000
     cgtacattta tacaaataaa aacagaaacg ttttaaatat tgtttaaaaa gttactttaa     51060
     gtactaaagt ctcagtttcc cttgacgcta aaagcataca atgcttctgt aattaataat     51120
     gcttttattc ttccatcagt tttataaaga tgaagtcatc catgggtgtc ctattttcac     51180
     gttgttccca cagatccttt tgtctgttat aaagtagaga taaataccag catcaaaaac     51240
     ttaaggaaaa atggaggtgt ttacttgtag atagatagct cttttttttt tttttgcatt     51300
     tctgtgaaaa tcaagtgaaa aactaccaag ttataaatta gttttccaac ctgtttcatc     51360
     agtacaaaca atctgtgaaa tttctaaggg aaagtcaact ttctcacata caaccacata     51420
     tctcaaaact atagagcatt gtcttgtttt cttttctttc atccaaaaat ttactacgtg     51480
     gatatgatca cctaattgct gatatttgat tgctctaaac caagaccgta agttgtttaa     51540
     aaaggtggtt atgttaatat gttttgatta ttttcattca attgttttaa ctggtctaat     51600
     tacccatatt aatcaaatgg tacatttcaa atctaactta ttagaaaata tggattcctt     51660
     aagaaaaatc aattatatag gaggtcacaa agttatggat ttcttaagta aaattagtta     51720
     tctagaaggt cactttcata ggaaatatat gtatatttta aagatactgg tgtaaatgtc     51780
     agatatgaat tgaacttatt tctttacaac taattggtat gtgtcaaaaa aatctttaca     51840
     aatcttcata atagtaatgg aagcaaaaaa atatatattt tcattttgtt ttttactttc     51900
     tttaatttat gtcatttata tcagtagtcc aatttatttt aggacctggg aacacaaatt     51960
     tatatttctt tttaaactga atgcaataac aagataaata tgattacata tttcttccag     52020
     aagaaatctc acataaaact ctaatttcaa tttatagcat tttcaaccac atacttcatt     52080
     aatactacac tacagaccag catttgcaaa aataaaagct ggttataaga aaaaaaaagt     52140
     tattgtggat tttacataac cattagggtc attaagaatg acagatagga tttttgcctc     52200
     aatgttcatc aaggatattt gtctaaaatt ctcttttttg gttgtgtctc tacccagctt     52260
     tggtatcagg atgattctgg cctcataaca tgagttacgg aggattccct ctttttctat     52320
     tgattggaat attttcagaa ggaatggtac cagttcctcc ttgtacctct ggtagaattc     52380
     agctgtgaat ccatctggta ctggactctt tttggttggt aagctattga ttattgtcac     52440
     aattcagaga ctgttattgg tctattcaga gattcaaatt cttcctggct agtgttggga     52500
     gagtgtatgt gtcaaggaat ttatccattt cttctagatt ttctagttta tttgtgtaga     52560
     actgtttgta gtattctctg atggtagttt gtatttctgt gggattggtg gtgatatccc     52620
     ctttatcatt ttttattgca tctatttgat tcttctatct ttttttcttt attagtcttg     52680
     ctagcagtct atcaattttg ttgatccttt caaaaaacca gctcctggat tcattaattt     52740
     tttgaagggt tttttgtgtc tccatttcct tcagttctgc tctgatttta gttatttttt     52800
     gccttctgct agcttttgaa tgtgtttgct ctagcttttg tagttctttt aattgtaatg     52860
     ttagggtgtc aattttggat cttttctgct ttgtcttgtg ggaatttagt gctatgaatt     52920
     tccctctaca aactactttg attgtgtccc agagattctg gtatgttgtg tctttgttct     52980
     cattggtttc aaagaacatc tttatttctg ccttcatttc gttatgtaac cagtagtcat     53040
     tcaggagcag gttgttcagt ttccatgtag ttgagcagtt ttgagtgagt ttcttaatcc     53100
     tgaattctag tttgattgca ctgtggtctg agagatagtt tgttataatt tctcttcttt     53160
     tacatttgct gaggagagct ttatttccaa caatgtggtc aattttggaa taggtgtggt     53220
     gtggtgctga aaaaaatgta tattctgttg atttggagtg gagagttctg tagatgtcta     53280
     ttaggtccgc ttggtgcaga gctgaattca attcctgtgt atccttttta actttctgtc     53340
     tcactgatct gtctaatgtt gacaatgggg tgttaaagtc tcccattatt attgtgtggg     53400
     agtctaagtc tctttgtagg tcactcagga cttgctttat gaatctgggt gctcctgtat     53460
     tgggtgcata tatatttagg atagttagct cttcttgttg aattgatcct ttaccattct     53520
     gtaatggcct tctttgtctc ttttgatctt tgttggttta aagtctgttt tatcagagac     53580
     taggattgca acccctgcct tttttggttt tctatttgct tggtagatct tcctccatcc     53640
     ttttattttg agcctatgtg tgtctctgca tgtgagatgg gtttcctgaa cataacacac     53700
     agatgggtct tgtctcttta tctaatttgc cagtctgtgt cttttaattg gagcattaag     53760
     tccatttaca tttaaagtta atattgttat gtgtgaattt gaacctgtca ttatgatgtt     53820
     agctggttat tttgcgtgtt agttgatgcc gtttcttcct agtctcgatg gtcttcacat     53880
     tttggcatga ttttgcagca gctggtacca gttgttcctt tccatgctta gtgctttctt     53940
     caggagctct tttagggcag gcctggtggt gacaaaatct ctcagcattt gcttgtctgt     54000
     aaagtatttt atttctcctt cacttatgaa gcttagtttg gctggatatg aaattcaggg     54060
     ttgaaaatta ttctctttaa gaatgttgaa tattggcccc cactctcttc cggcttgtag     54120
     aatttctgcc gtgagattcg ccgttagtct gatgcgcttc cctttgtggg taacccgacc     54180
     tgtctgtctg gctgccctta acactttttc cttcatttca actttggtga atctgacaat     54240
     tatgtgtctt ggagttgctc ttctcgagga gtatctttgt ggcattctct gtatttcctg     54300
     aatctgaatg ttggcctgcc ttgctagatt ggggaagttc tcctggataa tatcctgcag     54360
     agtgttttcc aacttggttc cattctcctt gtcactttca ggtatgtcaa tgagatgtag     54420
     atttggtctt ttcacatagt cccatatttc ttggaagctt tgtttgtttc tttttattct     54480
     tttttctcta aacttccctt cttgcttcat ttcattcatt tcatcttcca tcactgatac     54540
     cctttcttcc agttgatcgc atcggctcct gaggcttctg aattcttcac atagttctcg     54600
     tggtttggct ttcagctcca tcagctcctt taagcccttc tctgtattgg ttattctagt     54660
     tatacattcg tctatatttt tttcaaagtt tttcacttcc ttgcctttgg tttgaatttc     54720
     cacctgtagc tcatagtttg atcgtctgaa gccttcttct ctcaactcgt caaagtcatt     54780
     ctctgtccag ctttgttcca ttgctggtga ggaactgcaa tcctttgaaa gaggaaaagt     54840
     gctctgcttt ttagagtttc cagtttttct gctctgtttt ttccctatct ttgtggtttt     54900
     gtctactttt ggtctttgat gatggtgagg tacagatggg tttttggtgt ggatgtcctt     54960
     tctctttgtt agttttcctt ctaacagaca ggaccctcag ctgcagatct gttggagttt     55020
     gctagaggtc cactccagac cctgtttacc tgggtatcag cagtggtgtc tgcagaacag     55080
     tggtttattg tgaaccacga atgctgctga atgatcattc ctctggaagt tttgtctcag     55140
     aggtgtacgc ggccgtgtac attgtcagtc tgcacctact ggggtgtgcc tcaaaaatct     55200
     tcaataaaat actgacaagc tgagtccagc agcacatcaa aaagcttatc caccatgatc     55260
     aagtgggctt catccctggg atgcaagacg ggttcagtat acgcaaatca ataaatgtaa     55320
     tccagcataa aaagagaacc aaagacaaaa accacatgat tatctgaata gatgcagaaa     55380
     aggcctttga caaattcaac aaccttcatg ctaaaaactc tccataagta ggtattgata     55440
     ggatgtatct caaaataata acagctacct atgacaaatc cacagccaat gtcatactga     55500
     atggacaaac tggaagcatt ccctttgaaa tctggcacaa gacaggtatg ccctctctca     55560
     ccactcctat tcaacatagt gttggaagtt ctggccaggg caattaggca ggagaaggaa     55620
     atcaagggta ctcaattagt aaaagaggaa gtcaaattga ccctgtttgc agatgacatg     55680
     attgtatatc tagaaaaccc cattgactca gcccaaaatc tccttaagct gataagcaac     55740
     ttcagcaaag tctcaggata caaaatcaat gtgcaaaaat cacaagcatt cttaaacacc     55800
     aataacagtc aaacagagag ccaaatcgtg agtgaactcc cattcacaat tgcttcaaag     55860
     agaataaaat acctaggaat ccaacttaca atggacgtga aggatctctt caaggagaac     55920
     tacaaaccac tgctcaatga aattaaagag gatacaaaga aatggaagaa cattccatgc     55980
     tcatgggtag gaagagtcaa tatcatgaaa atggccatac tgccaaaggt aatttataga     56040
     ttcaatgcca tcccattcaa gctaccaatg actttcttca cagaattgga aaaaacttct     56100
     ttaaagttca tatggaacca aaaaagagcc ctcatcacca agtcaatctt aaggcaaaag     56160
     accaaagctg gaggcatcat gctacctgcc ttcaaactat actacaaagc tacagtaacc     56220
     aaaacagcat ggtactggta ccaaaacaga gatatagatc aatagaacag aatagagccc     56280
     tcagaaataa cgctgcaaat ctacaactat ctgctctttg acaaacctga gaaaaacaag     56340
     caatggggaa aggattccct atttaataaa cggtgctggg aaaactgtca agccatatgt     56400
     agaaagctga aactggatcc cttccttaca ccttatacaa aaatcaattc aagatggatt     56460
     aaagacttaa atgttagacc taaagccata aaaaccctag aagaaaacct aggcattacc     56520
     attcaggaca taggcacggc aaggacttca tgtccaaaac accgaaagca atggcaacaa     56580
     aagccaaaat tgacaaatgg gatctaatta aactaaagcg cttctgcgca gcaagggaaa     56640
     gtaccatcag agtgaacagg taacccacaa aatgggagaa aatattcgca acctactcat     56700
     ctgacaaagg gctaatatcc agaatctaca atgaactcaa acaaattgac aagaaaaaaa     56760
     caaacaaccc catcaaaaag tgggcgaagg acatgaacag acacttctca aaagaagaca     56820
     tttatgcggc caaaaaaaca catgaaaaaa tgctcaccat cactgcccat cagagaaatg     56880
     caaatcaaaa tcacaatgag atatcatcta acaccaatta gaatggtgat cattaaaatt     56940
     caggaaacaa caggtgctgg agaggagtgg agaaatagga acacttttat actgttggtg     57000
     ggactgtaaa ctagttcaac cattgtggaa gtcagtatgg tgattcctta gggatctaga     57060
     actagaaata ccatttgacc cagccatccc attactgggt atataaccaa aggactacaa     57120
     atcatgctgc tataaagaca catgcacacg tatttttatt gtggcactat tctcaatagc     57180
     aaagacttgg aaccaacccg aatgtccaac aatgatagac tggattaaga aaatgtggca     57240
     catgtacacc ttggattact acacagccat aaaaaatgat gagttcatgg cctttgtagg     57300
     gacatggatg aaattggaaa tcatcattct cagtaaacta tcacaagaac aaaaaaccaa     57360
     acaccgcata ttctctctca taggtaggaa ttgaacagtg agaacacatg gacacaggaa     57420
     ggggaacatc acactctggg gactgttttg gggtgggagg aggggggagg gatagcattg     57480
     ggagatatac ctagtgctag atggcgagtt agtgggtgca gcgcaccagc ttggcacatt     57540
     tatgcatatg taactaacct gcacattgtg cacatgtacc ctaaaacttc aagtataatt     57600
     aaaaaaaaca ttaaaaataa taataataaa aaagaatgac aggtgatcca aaatacaacc     57660
     tccctcagac taatacaaat ttatcttatt ttaaaatact agtggagtat cattttgaaa     57720
     actattttcg tagattatca catactcttg taaatgcttt cttgtatatt atctagaata     57780
     ctgtttgggc gttatggctt atgcctgaaa tcacggcact ttggcaggct gaggtgggag     57840
     gattgcttga gttcaaaacc agatggaaac atagtgagac ccccgtcaca aacaacaaca     57900
     aaatatatag ctgggtgtga tgtcctgtgc ctcttcatag gtagtatgtt tttttaaaaa     57960
     atggtgggat gggtgcagtt gttcttgcct ttagtcccag ctactctgga ggctgaggag     58020
     agagaattat ttcagctcag aaagtcaagg cagcagtgag ctgtgtttgc accagggcac     58080
     tctagcctgc ataacagagt gaaatcctgt ctccaaaata gaaaataaaa atacaattct     58140
     acccaagaac tggagccaag ctggtatcat ttataaaata tggaataccg tttgtgcttt     58200
     atatacttgg gatgtatatt acattttccc cacatctttc tgaagacttc ccagtgatcg     58260
     gatgtcaaaa gtctattttt tgacactttt attttctttg tcttttatga gtcatgttcc     58320
     aggataaagt gggttttgga tcaaaatgaa gttgattcag tgactggatt catcacaaat     58380
     acactgaatt gaattgtgca aattacctag cttataataa ttcggacatg tgtaaaatta     58440
     tgaggatttt acaaatcata ttctgttcct tttattgaat taagaacaga gattgttctt     58500
     aatttatcca tgattgttgt aggaattaga actattaatt gaaaagcatc cactaaggtc     58560
     actgaccttg tccagccact gatacaggag aaattgtaac tatcattgtg atttccatat     58620
     gattttccct ataattccct ttacttatca aagttaagaa cacagtggct catacctctc     58680
     atcccagcat tttgagagga tgaagcagga agattgcttg cagccagaaa ttcagaagca     58740
     gcctgggcaa catagaatag accctgtctc tgtaaaaatt tttataatta ccagtgcatg     58800
     gtggtgtgta cctgtagtcc ctgctccttg ggaagctgag gcaggacaat tctttgagcc     58860
     caagagtttg aggctgcagt gagctatgat cacaccactg cactccagcc tgggtaatac     58920
     accttgtctc ttaatttttg tttaaattaa caaataattc ccaattcaat aatgagttga     58980
     attattatat cttctctgtg aatttctata ctttatccta tgttgtagtc actgatgata     59040
     gccataaata tttctggtat aagaaaatac acatacctca attttcatga aatttgacct     59100
     aaaaatctct gcagttgctt ttaaggacta aaggtgatac caatattttt aaagcatgaa     59160
     agaacaaaca aaatccatat gtaagacaca atgcaaaaag aaagaagaat aaacactatt     59220
     atctgtgtta gtattatctt aggagaaaat tcaatgcagt tacctatttc ttattattat     59280
     tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattatactt tacgttttag ggtacatatg     59340
     cacaatatgc aggttagtta caaatgtata aatgtgccaa gctggtgtgc tgcttccatt     59400
     aactcgtcat ttagcattag gtatatccct aatgctatcc ctcccccatc cccccacccc     59460
     acaacagtcc acagagtgtg atgttcccct tcctgtgtcc atgtgttctc attgttcaat     59520
     tcccacctaa gagtgagaat atacggtgtt tggttttttg tccttgagat agtttgctga     59580
     gaatgatgat ttccaatttc atccatgtcc ctacaaagga catgaagtca taatttttta     59640
     tggctgcaga gtaatccatg gtatatatgt gccacatttt cttaatccag tctatcattg     59700
     ttggacattc gggttggttc caagtctttg ctattgtgaa tagtgccgca ataaaaatac     59760
     gtgtgcatgt gtctttatag cagcatgatt tatagtcctt tgggtatata cccagtaatg     59820
     ggagggccgg atcaattggt atttccagtt ctagatccct gaggaatcgc cacactgact     59880
     tccacaatgg ttgaactagt ttacagtccc accaacagtg taaaagtgtt cctatttctc     59940
     cacatcctct ccagcacctg ttgtttcctg acgttttaat gattgccatt ctaactggtg     60000
     tgagatgata tctcattgtg attttgattt tcatttctct gatgggcagt gatggtgagc     60060
     attttttcat gagttttttg gctccataac tgtcttcatt tgagaagtgt ctgttcatat     60120
     ccttcaccca ctttttgatg gggttgtttg tttttttctt gtaaatttgt ttgagttcat     60180
     tgtagattct ggatattagc cctttgtcag atgagtaggt tgcaaatatt ttctcccatt     60240
     ttgtagttgc cttttcactc tgatggtact ttcttttgct gtgcacaagc tctttagttt     60300
     aattagatcc catttgtcaa ttttggcttt tgttgccatt gctttcggtg ttttagactt     60360
     gaagtccttc cccatgccta tgtcccgaat ggtaatgcct aggttttctt ctagggtttt     60420
     tatggtttta ggtctaacat ttaagtcttt aatccatctt gaattaattt ttgtataagg     60480
     tgtaaggaag ggatccagtt tcagctttct acatatcgct agccagtttt cccagcacca     60540
     tttattaaat agggtaaact tttgccattg tttgtttttg tcaggtttgt caaagatccg     60600
     atagttgtag atatgtggtg ttatttctga ggtctctgtt ctgttccatt gatctatctc     60660
     tgtttggtac cagtaccatg ctgatgcggg ctcttttttg attccatatg aactttaaag     60720
     tagttttttc caattctgtg aagaaagtca ttggcagctt gatggggatg gcattgaatc     60780
     tgtaaattac ctttggcagt atggccattt tcacgatatt gattcttcct acccatgagc     60840
     atggaatgtt cctccattac tttgtatcct ctttaatttc attgagcagt ggtttgtagt     60900
     tctccttgaa gaggtccttc acgtcccttg taagttggat tcctaggtat attattctct     60960
     ttgaagcaat tatgaatggg agttcactca cgatttggct ctctgttggt ctgttattgg     61020
     tgtataagaa tgtttgtgat ttttgtacat tcattttgta tcctgagact ttgctgaagt     61080
     tgcttatcag cttaaggaga ttttgggctg agacaatggg gttttctaga aatacaatca     61140
     tgtcatctgc aaacagggac aatttgactt cttcttttcc taattgaata acctttactt     61200
     ccttctcctg cctaattgcc ctggccagaa cttccaacac tatgttgaaa aggagtggtg     61260
     agaggccgtc cctgtcttgt gccagatttc aaagggaatg cttccagttt ttgcccattc     61320
     agtatgatat tggctgtggg tttgtcatag atagctctta ttattttgag atacgtccca     61380
     tctttaccta ctttattgag agtttttagc aggaagagtt gttgaatttc atcaaaggcc     61440
     ttttctgcat ctattaagat aatcatgtgg tttttgtctt tggttctgtt tatatgctgg     61500
     attacattta atgatttgtg tatattgaac cagccttgcg tcccagggat gaagcccact     61560
     tgatcatgtt ggataagctt tttgatgtgc tgctggattc agtttaccag tattttattg     61620
     aggatttttg catcaatgtt catcaaggat attggtctaa aattctcttt tttggttgtg     61680
     tctctgcctg gctttggtgt cagtatgacg ctggcctcat aaaatgagtt agggaggatt     61740
     tcctcttttt ctattgattg gaatagtttc aaaaggaatg gtaccagttc ctccttgtac     61800
     ctctggtaga attcggctgt gaatccatct ggtcctggac tcttttttgt tgttaagcta     61860
     ttgattactg ccatgatttc agagcctgtt gttggcccat tcagagattc aacttcttcc     61920
     ttgtttagtc ttgggagggt gtatgtgtgg aggaatttat ccatttcttg tagattttct     61980
     agtttattat tcgtagaggt gtttgtagta ttctctgatg gtagtttgta tttctgtggg     62040
     attggtggtg atatcccctt tatcattttt tattgtgtct atttgattct tctctctttt     62100
     ctcctatatt agtcttgcta gcggtctatc aattttgttg gacctttcaa aaaaccagcg     62160
     cctggattca ttaatttttt gaagggtttt ctgtatctct agtcccttca gttctgctct     62220
     gagtttagtt attttttgcc ttctgctagc ttttgaatgt gttttctctt gcttttgtag     62280
     ttcttttaat tgtgatgtta gggtgtcaat tttggatctt tcctgctttg tcttgtgggc     62340
     atttagtgct ataaatttcc ctctacacac tgctttgaat gtgtcccaga gattctggta     62400
     tgttgtgtct ttgttctcat tggtttcaaa gaacatcttt atttctgcct tcatttcgtt     62460
     atgtaaccag tagtcattca ggagcaggtt gttcagtttc catgtagttg agtggttttg     62520
     agtgagtttc ttaatcctga gttctagttt gattgtactg tggtctgaga gacacgttgt     62580
     tataatttct attcttttac atttgctgag gaaagcttta cgtccaagta tgtggtcaat     62640
     tttggaatag gtgtggtgtg gtgctgaaaa gaatgtatat tctgttgatt tggggtggag     62700
     agttctgtag atgtctatta ggtccacttg gtgcagatct gagttcaatt cctgggtatc     62760
     cttgttgact ttctgtctcg ttgatctgtc taatgttggc agtggggtgt taaagtctcc     62820
     cattattatt gtgtgggagt ctaagtctct ttgtaggtca ctcaggactt gctttatgaa     62880
     tctgggtgct cctgtattgg gtgcatatat atttaggata tttagctctt cttgttgaat     62940
     tgatcccctt accattctgt aatggccttc tttgtctctt ttgatctttg ttggtttaaa     63000
     gtctgtttta tcagagacta ggattgcaac ccctgccttt tttggttttc tatttgcttg     63060
     gtagatcttc ctccatcctt ttattttgag tctgtgtgtg tctctgcacg tgagatggtt     63120
     ttcctgaata cagcatactg atgggtcttg actctttatc caatttgcca gtctgtgtct     63180
     tttaattgga gcatttagtc catttacatt taaagttaat attattatgt gtgaatttga     63240
     acctgtcatt atgatgttag ctggttattt tgctcgttag tgatgcagtt tcttcctagc     63300
     cttgatggta tttaaaattt ggcatgattt tgcagcagct ggtatcggtt gttcctttcc     63360
     atgtttagtg cttccttcag gagctctttt agggcaggac tggtggtgac aaaatctctc     63420
     agcatttgct tgtctgtaaa gtattttatt tctccttcac ttatgaagct tagtttggct     63480
     ggatatgaaa ttcagggttg aaagttcttt tttttaagaa tgttgaatat tgacccccaa     63540
     tctcttctgg cttgtagact ttctgccgag agatccgctg ttaatctgat gggcttccct     63600
     ttgagggtaa cctgacctgt ctgtctggct gcgcttaaca ttttttcctt catttcaact     63660
     ttagtgaatc ggacaattag gtgtcttgga attgctcttc tcgaggagta tctttgttgt     63720
     gttctgtgta ttttctgaat ctgaatgttg gcctgccttg ctagattcgg gaagttctcc     63780
     tgcataactt cctgcagagt gttttccaac ttggttccat tctccccgtc actttcaggt     63840
     acaccaatta gatgtagatt tggtattttc acatagtctc atgtttcttg gaggctgtgt     63900
     ttttttcttt ttattctttt ttctctaatc tttccttctc gcttcatttc attcatttta     63960
     tcttccatcg ctgatacctt ttctaccagt tgatcgcata ggcttctgca gcttctgcat     64020
     tcttcacgta gttcttgagc cttggctttc agctccatca tctcctttaa gcacttctct     64080
     gtattggtta ttctagttat acagtagtct aaatttttta caaagttttt atcttctttg     64140
     cctttggttt gaatttcctc ctgtagctcg gaatagtttg attgtctgaa gctttcttct     64200
     ctcaactcat caaagtcatt ctccatccag ctttattcca ttgctggtga ggaactgcat     64260
     tcttttggat gaggggaggt gctctgcttt ttagagtttc cagtttttct actctgtttt     64320
     ttccccatct ttgtggtttt atctactttt ggtctttgat gatggtgatg tacagatggg     64380
     tttttggtgt ggatgtcctt tctgtttgtt agttttcttt ctaacataca ggaccctcag     64440
     ctgcaggtct gttggagttt gctagaggtc ccctccagac cctgtttgcc tgggtaccag     64500
     cagcggtggc tgcagaacag cggattttca tgaactgtga atgctgctgt ctgatcgttc     64560
     ctctggaagt tttgtcttag tggagtacct gaccatgtga ggtgtcagtc tgaccctact     64620
     ggggggtatc tcccagttag gctgcttggg ggtcagtggt cagggaccca cttgaggagg     64680
     cagtctgccc attctcagat ctcaagctgc gtgctgggag aaccactgct ctcttcacag     64740
     ctgtcagaca gggacattta agtctgcaga ggttactgct gcctttttgt ttgtctgtgc     64800
     cctgccccca gagatggagc ctacagaggc aggcaggctt ccttgagctg tggtgggttc     64860
     cacccagttc cagtttccca gctggtttgt ttacctaagc aagcctgggc aatggcgggt     64920
     gcccctccca cagcctcact gccttgaagt ttgatctcag actgttgtga tagcaatcag     64980
     tgagactcca tgggcatagg accctccgag ccatgtgtgg gatataatct cctggtgcac     65040
     cgtcttttaa gcctgtcgga aaagtgcagt attagggtgg gagtgaccca gttttccagg     65100
     tgccgtctgt ctcccctttc tttgactagg aaagggaact ccctgacccc ttacacttcc     65160
     caagtgaagc aatgcctcac cctgcttggg ctcatgcaca gtgtgctgca cacactgtcc     65220
     tgcacccact gtctggcact ccctattaag ctgaacctgt tacctcagat ggaaatgcag     65280
     aaatcaccca tcttctgcat tgctcaagct gggagctgta gaccggagct gctcctattt     65340
     ggccatcttg gctccagccc ccacagatac ctatttctaa tgcagggttt tgtgacaaca     65400
     aaaggaattg tacatgtaca atgtacaatc tccacaagta caaatgaata attgtacaac     65460
     ttccaaaatt ccatttagcc tatatatgac aactagagga attactgagt tgataaatgt     65520
     tatagtgtgg agtaaaaatt ctgcagatta tgtgcctaat acattacctg gtttaatgtt     65580
     tacaaatgtt tagaaatgct gtaaatgttt atatattcta taaatgttta taaattatag     65640
     tttataaagt caaaagctta aggcagaaat taagtttcag tatctgctgt gagttgaact     65700
     gtgtgatttc tttccttttt ctttctgcaa aaatgatcac aaccaaaacg gcacatgtaa     65760
     atttcctgac atttagtcat tagaaattgc tttgtacttc attttaatat ctgacatata     65820
     atccataatg tcacagaata tggcagattt tggggtctcc cccttgttta gtattttatt     65880
     tataaaataa aattttggaa gttgtatttt atatatggtc taatgaacaa tttgaactct     65940
     gagtaaactt tttgatgttc aagtttacct tgcactttat atgttagaag ttctgaaata     66000
     tgctatgaga atccccttcc agggtaagtc ccaaaattcc ttgatagatg cagattctca     66060
     atgaagccaa cattaagcta cttccaggga cctaccgggt ccaccttcca agctgcttgg     66120
     ttctaatgag gccgaggcca tgtgtgccat acagtggttc ctcacagctg cctctctgat     66180
     cacctaagtc agctcccctt ttatatctca cacaagtggc tttaactcaa agaacataag     66240
     tttgacatct gactggaaga ttagctggaa aaaaatgtaa gtttaggttt ctgagctgtt     66300
     cagtcaagaa gaaaagaagg agatcataat aaacatttag agattaatac atgttcaaag     66360
     agacaactca agttttcatc cacagctaga ggtacctttt gcaccttctg tgactgcaga     66420
     agccagatat taatgaaaag tcacagctgg tcagactagg gatcaatgtc atgctcactt     66480
     cacagcttct attcagacac atgacttatc tttactcaga aacaaatcat tacaaatgct     66540
     ggtgcctgct gtacagctat tgtggcagca aatgtctttt tttattttct tcccatttct     66600
     ttattctcta tctcaataag caacaatccc tacaagcagc tgactttcat ataacagagt     66660
     cagcattaca tatttaccaa cttggcaaca ttcaggctct gtgtgtccat atggatctta     66720
     gaagtatttt cactacctca ctatctcaca attggtcagc tacattgatg ctgatggagc     66780
     tggaagctta gtaggtagca atatttgagg tacatgtgta aagattgatg cttgccacag     66840
     aatggatgat aaagactaag tctttgttat caaataccac agactaggtg gattaaaaaa     66900
     aaaaaaacag aaatttgttt tttcatagtc ctggaggctg gaattctaag atcaaggtat     66960
     gggctgctct gtttcctcct aaggcctccc tcctggactt gcagactcta tcttctccct     67020
     gtgtcctcac atggttgtcc ctctctgttt gtgccctaat ctttttataa ggacacctgt     67080
     cctgtaggat tagggcccat cctaatgatc tcatttaagc ttaattatct cttaaaaagc     67140
     cctgtcttta aatacagtcc cctcgggggt aagagcttca acatgaattt tagggagaca     67200
     caaagcagcc cataccagtc catgaaaggt cagtattcta aacgctctgt gaaatatctt     67260
     atcatccaca accatgcagc atacccttca tttcacctgg aagtaaaagt gaacagaaat     67320
     tcgtattctt actactatac acgctggcag actttgcttg gtgcccagtg ggagaaaagc     67380
     ttaccacttg ttttgtttac agaacaaaca ccttttgctt gtaagctctg tcacccagca     67440
     gatttactgt tgtgttaagt gcatataaca gatcatgatt ctgataggat tagtagaaag     67500
     ccccactagg atcattataa ttaaatctct catttgtgta aggaaatgtt atgccatctt     67560
     tgcagtcttc tcattttgga taaaagctgc ctgcttttta aagggtcctg gtagagattg     67620
     ttcagctcac tatcagagtc ctgttgtcag tcatgcatct tgaggtacac atcagaaagt     67680
     gggtgttttc catcccaaga aagaagtgag cccatggaca ccattatgaa ggggaattag     67740
     ctgtataaag tagggatcag acaagtctag cagacataaa ttgtttgaaa aagcaaaatg     67800
     ttcacattta ccaatgtgcc ttctcttgca tgtgacctcc tcattaccac aaggaaagat     67860
     aaaaatgatc atgtgtttct ccagtgaaac agaactaata ggagataagt aattggatag     67920
     atgaacacac ggatagctag ctagatggat ggatggatgg atgaatggat agatggatgg     67980
     atggatggat gaatcataga tggatagatg aatgaataaa tgaatgaatg aatggaaaga     68040
     tggatgaatg actaaacaga cagacagata ggtgatgaat agatagatag tatgatagat     68100
     attctttatt ataataagtg tctcacatgg ttatagaggc ttagaagtcc cacaacctgc     68160
     tgactggaaa ctgagaacca gaaaaccctg taatgtaatt cagtccaagt ctgaaggtga     68220
     tgatatctga ggtcaggagg aaatggatat tctagcttaa aaatagagac tgaattcacc     68280
     cttcctctgg cattttgttc cggctggaca ctcaacaaac tggatgaggc ctattgactc     68340
     tggtgagggt ggatcttctt tacccactgt gtcagtcttc tctcacactg ctatagggat     68400
     gtatcaaaga ctaggtaatt tataaaggaa aaaggtataa ttaactccca gttctacatg     68460
     cctggggagg cctcacaatc atgatggaag ttgaatgagg agaaaagtca catcttacat     68520
     tgcaggagaa aagactgtat gcagggaaac tcccccttat aaaaccatca gatctcatga     68580
     aacttactat cacaagaatg acatgggaaa gacctggatg tcatgattca attacttccc     68640
     agcaggtccc tcccacaact ctcaggaatt atgggagcta taattcaagg atgagtttaa     68700
     ggtgggaaca cagtgaaacc atatcaccca gtctactgat tctaatgcta atgtcttcca     68760
     gaaacactct cagagacgct cacaaataat gttttaccag ctgtctgtgc atccgttagg     68820
     tcagctaagc tgacacattc aattagccat tacatcaggt aacaaagaaa tgacatattt     68880
     acaccagatt tagatagaaa gacatactct acaaatcatg cttacattat taggaccatt     68940
     ttattgctcc aaaacaatga gatatgagga gataaaatga tgcttattgc agtgtagcaa     69000
     cagaatggat gttcagaagg acaactgggt gtttactgga acaaataaaa cctacctgca     69060
     gccagagaaa catcacaggt ggcatataga gaagtaataa ttagatcaat tcctagattt     69120
     ttcatcagta acattaagaa gtcatacaat gcaaatgatg aaagaaattt tctgtcaata     69180
     taaaattcaa aaacagtaaa gaatatcctt caaaacattg taccagtaag tgcacgttta     69240
     aacagaaaag tcctgagaca gtgtatccgc catggtagca taatagaaat tttatgagtg     69300
     ggagaaatgg atgacagtaa aatgaaaaca ttgcaatgtg tatactcaga aacaaggaaa     69360
     gatagataga tgatagatag atagatagac agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     69420
     atagatagat agatagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagat agatagaata     69480
     tattatgggg taccaaaatg cagggcccaa aaatgtgtaa aatatatgtg tgaatgtaat     69540
     aaacctaata tccatggatt acgatgttct gtgatattga agtctgtctt ctgaaacatg     69600
     tatgattcag aaacatcatt tcccatccca tcccctttat ttttcattta ttggttcact     69660
     tggctatcat tttgtacaca gaccaatact ggagtctctg tcctcaaaat atctttctaa     69720
     ctgttatgca ttaggggaga acctttggat aaccatatgt tccaggtacc tgggccaatt     69780
     ctggtgtata cctcttgttc cagcataaga ggtaatagtt atttctctcc aacaggtgtt     69840
     ccagtatgta tattacaaat tcattctgtg gaaaaacacc aggattgacc gggtgaggtg     69900
     gctcacacct ataatcccag cactttggga ggctgaggtc ggtggatcac gaggtcagga     69960
     gttcgagacc agactggccc acatagcgaa accttgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaatta     70020
     gccgggcatt gtgttgtatg cctgtaatcc cagccactca ggaagccaag gcaggagaat     70080
     tgcctgaact ggggagacag aggttgcagt gagccaagat catgccccta cactccagcc     70140
     tgggtgatag agggaggctt cttctcagaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaaggg aagggaaggg     70200
     aagggaaggg aagggaaggg aagggaaggg aagggaaagg aagagaaggg aagggaaagg     70260
     agaagcaaag caaagcaaag caaagcaaag caaagatgaa aaacacaaac attaactttg     70320
     caattccaaa tggttgaaat caaatccctt cagtttatct gggactcatt aaaaactgtt     70380
     agaattttag atgaaatcga ctaggctggc cagactcaat agctcatgcc cgtagtttca     70440
     gcattttggg aggtcaaagt gggagaattg cttgaaacca ggagtttgag aacagactag     70500
     acaactgtac tagtcctttc tcatgctact aataaagaca tgcccaagac tgggtaatgt     70560
     ataaagaaaa gaggtttatt ggctgcataa atgtcttctt ttgagaagtg gctgttcatg     70620
     tcctttgccc acatttttat gggcttgttt ttttcttgta aatttgtttg agttcattgt     70680
     agattctgga tattagccgt ttgtcagatg agtaggttgc gaaaattttc ttcaaccatt     70740
     gtggaagtca gtgtggtgat tcttcaggga tctagaacta gaaataccat ttgacccagc     70800
     catcccatta ctgggtatat acccaaagga ctataaatca tgctgctata aagacacatg     70860
     cacacgtatg tttattgcag cactattcac aatagcaaag acttggaacc aacccaaatg     70920
     tccaacaatg atagactgga ttaagaaaat gtggcacata tacaccatgg aatactatcc     70980
     agccataaaa aatgatgagt tcatgtcctt tgtagtgaca tggatgaaat tggaaatcat     71040
     gattctcagt aaactattgc aagaacaaaa aaccaaacac cgcatattct ccctcatagg     71100
     tgggaactga acaatgagaa cacatggaca caggaagggg aacatcacac tctggggaat     71160
     gttgtggggt tgggggagga gggaggggta gcaatgggag atatacctaa tgctagatga     71220
     caagttagtg ggtgcagcgc accagcatgg cacatgtata tatgtaacta acctgcacgt     71280
     tgtgcacatg taccctaaaa cttaaagtac aataataaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaaa     71340
     aaaaaaagag gtttaattga cagttccatg tggctgggga ggcctcagga aacttacagt     71400
     catggtgcag ggggaagcaa acacatcctc cttcacatgg tggcagcaag aagtccagat     71460
     caattgggag aaaagtccct ataaaaccat cagatcttgt gaaaactcac tcactatcac     71520
     aagaacagca tgagtgtaac ccgtcattaa attacattcc accaggtctc tcccagggca     71580
     tgggattatg agaattacaa ttctagatag atttgggtgg ggacacagtc aaaccatatc     71640
     agaaacatag caagacccat tctctacaaa aatacaaaaa ctagctgctt gtggtggctc     71700
     atgtctgtag tccgagctac ctggtaggaa ggtgaagtgg gaggatcact tgagcccagg     71760
     aggcagaggt tggagtgagc tgggttcaca ccactgcact ccagcatgag cgacagagag     71820
     agatcctgcc ccaaaaaata catacataaa taaataaata attaattagt gaggcagaat     71880
     atggtccctc ttaatgttgc ctgtatatca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     71940
     cacacacata tattttctac caccaaagcc tctcaccact ctcattactg aatgaagaaa     72000
     tagactatga agaagaggac cttcatcatt tgatcatagt aatataagcc tatcttgtgg     72060
     ccaaaaacta gctgtcatac cccagacaaa agattcttag ttgcatgagt tggacttcaa     72120
     actatctcca agttccatac gtccttttca gtgtaagaaa cttatcatta tttttccttc     72180
     acaaatttag atatacattc caaatatttt aaaggaagga aagtggttat ttttaaacct     72240
     tttttattac agggaaattg aatcaaaata gtaggcagca atgtaaaatg atttgtctga     72300
     aagaggtttt aataaaacat gtggcattag taacagcaat agctgtgaaa gcttttttga     72360
     gtaattcttg acaattccat accacaaagt ccagctcctc ttcctttgct gcagagcttt     72420
     ttaaagtcag acatgaatca gagttctaga agcactgata ccagttggtg aagtcctgtg     72480
     acatgtttta ttattctgct tggaaaagaa aaaggaccct taaaatagaa attggtgaga     72540
     ggaccactca tcagtgctca gctagtatta ctctatgaat tatgcacgta attttcttta     72600
     taggttttac ataatcgtcc cattttgagc aaaaatgtga actgaccagc aaaaatgtta     72660
     aacatccaaa aaaaaaagaa aggaagaaag gaagaagaac gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     72720
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaaaagaga aagaaaagaa     72780
     agaaagagag aaagaaagct gaacacagta ttaagggaaa caacttgaat gaatttctga     72840
     gtttgggatt gcaatcttgt aggtctcaga caacattgct ggttggcaga gggttcacag     72900
     tctgcgatta atttataata tatcaaagct gcatgagtct gtatgaatac atacaactgg     72960
     tgtccatggt ttctgctcac ttctacaaga ctcgatgtcc ttaggagagc aaactgatac     73020
     ttttatatat gcttaattaa catgatagga aaagctttta ttttttccct attcaatata     73080
     tccttataat tagacactac tacaattaat ttttcacctg taaagtaata gcttttgttt     73140
     aaagctagat aattaaatct gaatacaatt tgtggttgca gaatctagaa aaacaagacc     73200
     ccccttttaa atttatgcat tagtttattt tataaaaata tactctaaac attataaact     73260
     catttctaga atgtttgcct atttgcttga aatgtattgg ataatatatt ccatttcaca     73320
     ggatactatt tcttctcaga tctctatttt ggttttacat agatttgttt ccagtttaaa     73380
     aaaatcattc agttaaagta atgatggctt cttatttcta gcagaaagaa taacatttat     73440
     ctaaaacaaa ttttataaaa tacaaaaata gcatttattt cattgagtaa acaaactttt     73500
     ttatatttta agataaatct caagtaccaa acttttagaa tctgaacatt tcattatttg     73560
     tacatcaaaa taacattatg taaaaattcc atgtaaaaat atattatacc ctgaaagtct     73620
     aacaaaacca cttagtcact cttttgcact aaataacata tagataggtt tttaatcttg     73680
     caattatgta ataaaataag ggtgtctatc ctgtaaacaa accaagatga gttattttga     73740
     ctccaaggaa atgagatgtt ttaaaataaa tgtaattatt tgttggagat aaatgaacat     73800
     gacactcaaa aaaaccttta attttctgat ctcccttgtc attttgtgtc atgcgtttaa     73860
     tgagaagagc tgatagatgt caaattttct agatgctcat aagactgaat aatacagtgg     73920
     gttttttttt taacctgaag tattttagta aatgaattca ggtcacaaag cttccattgt     73980
     gtttgccatt tatagtaaca gaggccgata ctgtatgtga attgaagttc tgcttatttt     74040
     tttaacctgt acaggtaata ataataattg ttattatata caacacaatt aataatcatt     74100
     attatacaaa tgtataattg cattatataa ggatatatta tacaatgaca aataatataa     74160
     ttataacata atatattgta ttacataagt atctgtaata taatacacat aataatataa     74220
     caatattata tacttacata tgatgatcat tatagaaaca acaaatatct cttgaacatt     74280
     tatcttatac tcgtcgtttc aaagtatgtt atatgaattt gcacttttaa tcttcactac     74340
     aaatatataa ggtgaaggaa agtatagttc aaatttaaaa ataagaaaac atagaaacag     74400
     agagctagat aaactgctgg agataccgac cttcatcaca tacagagatt tgatatcata     74460
     attgaattcc ttttcatgat taaaaaagtt gctatatcat gatttacatc tatgaaaaat     74520
     gcaagtaatt atcatttact ctttgcccag aaaattccta cagttgagtt gttcaatcaa     74580
     caaactgtat tgattgaact gcagaaagaa tagccagtca tgctatcgta agtttatctt     74640
     atgggtgtaa cttttccctt gcatctcact ttatcattaa ttgcctaaaa tgcaaccatt     74700
     atctgtattt atttcattat gtttaacaca tcagaagaat acctacttat gagaattgtg     74760
     caaaaagaga acaaagatca caaaaagatt tgacctgtgt agctatttga agacctaatg     74820
     gtgccgtttt tgtgaatgat ggctttccaa acttattccc tgataaacct gtggtttaac     74880
     aatttggcat aacctatttg ttgtagccat aacttggtgt atgattaaac atgaattttt     74940
     aatttggtag ttgtggtgca aactgctgag atactgaaat acaatattaa agcaagtcag     75000
     aaacttcacc ctacaatcta tttgttatcc tctaatttta cagagcatgc tcatttcctc     75060
     ttcatgttat ttccaatcaa ctacatgcta tgtaaaggaa agttgggcct tacaaagaag     75120
     caaatacctg ttttcactgt ttgggggctt ctgtgaactg tttctaattt atccattaga     75180
     ccttgcaatg gagaaatgaa agaaaagaaa taattttgaa attgggttga ccaaacagag     75240
     gaataaaata gattcaaatt ttagtttatt cttaagcaga aataaccaat caggtaatat     75300
     gaatgtgccc atattatgct gtagcataat gtagacataa ttttggcttg acttttgatg     75360
     gtaaaagtta acaggcacaa aagtaatata gctattaagg gacttggaga gtaggtgggg     75420
     caaacaaggc aaaaataaaa gtgtagatat aatgcaggtc agtgtccatc tagtcagtgt     75480
     agccaagatg gaagagaata cagtagaaaa gaaatcccag acattatacc aggcatagaa     75540
     gttgaggcag aagaagaaaa cctgaacaag aagccctgga acctgccccc tgcctccagg     75600
     gcagaaagaa caatagcaca atgtggctga tttcacagtg agaatgaaac agtttgctgc     75660
     ttaaggtgtt ttgttgttgt tgttgttttt ttctgtttgt ttgtttgttt gttttcctca     75720
     ctctgtcacc aggctggagt gcagtggtga tttcggctca ctgcaacctc tccctcccag     75780
     gttcaagtga ttctcctgcc tcagcctcca gagtagctgg gactactggt gagtgccacc     75840
     aggcccagct aatttttgta tttttagtag atgcagaatt tcaccatgtt gactaggatg     75900
     acctctatat cctgacctca tgatctgccc tcctcgacct cacaaagtgc tgggattaca     75960
     ggattgagcc accatgccgg gcctgctgct tgagttttaa ccatacttct tcatgttggt     76020
     agctgactta agatatgctt cattttcttc gaaattaaca agtgtttggc aaggatgaat     76080
     gaaaagatag attcaataga tagatagata gatagataga tgagataggt ggatagattg     76140
     atagaataga tagattagat agatgagtta gagagagaga gagattacac agattagaca     76200
     gacaaatgag atggacagag agatatgtag gtagatagat gcatagatag atatagatac     76260
     ataggtggat aatagatgga aatatacatg atagatagat agaaaataga tagaaatata     76320
     catgacaggt ggatgcataa atggtagaca tagtagagat agatatatga tagatagata     76380
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tgatagatga tagatagata gatagataga     76440
     tagatataac agatgaatgg attaataaat aaagagcata gatggatgca taaatatgca     76500
     gacagatgcc agataggtag atgatagata tgattgttag atatgatgga tgaatgtata     76560
     gatagatatg atggagggaa atatagtctg attgatatgt gtacttatat accttattaa     76620
     ataaaggtct tcaatacaca aattatttat cttttcatag ttcatttaac aaaagagcct     76680
     atgattatag tactgttcta gagattgctt tatctaaaaa acaatctaaa tattaatcta     76740
     ataccactca ggtggtttct ctctgtgaaa aagtcctaat tcaatgaata ttcagagaac     76800
     acatggtcca atgatcaacc acagagaaag aggattttat attcaaataa gacagattaa     76860
     tagttagata gatagatagt agttaaattt ttacatcaac caatataatg tgacttaaaa     76920
     tttgactttt cattaatcta taaatctgtt atgccttttt tcaaagaagg gtatttgcca     76980
     aaaactgact agatattgag ttgttgaata aaacctttca tattttgata tgacatatga     77040
     aaaagtaaga gcaatattga tatgataact gtttatagag ggtcactgga gctccaggtg     77100
     ctgctcagca ggtagtggaa aatcagggta attatgatat gatgggtgac ctcaactgtc     77160
     ataattccgt gaaaatcaac accaaaaaca aagcaggata caaaaacgtc ctctacggaa     77220
     ataattcaga ttatgaatct ggaatcactc tgtcccaaat cttaggaaaa ttatgttcat     77280
     atgtatctta catcagagac aatacagaca gaataatttc ataaccttca ggtcaaacat     77340
     gtttattaac tgaaataaac gaaaaaactt agtggcattt taattttaaa tttgcttaat     77400
     tggtccataa ataaaaatat aattaactct aagtacttgc atgaaatgtg aatatgtatg     77460
     atgacagaaa ttaaaacgaa acccttgtca gagtttaaaa tgccatagaa ttaaacataa     77520
     ataaaatttt cttctggagg tttttttttt tttgttcttc acaaggagta atgataccta     77580
     tcagtaagat gttaaatttc tctaacataa tacacaattt tatttataat taaaaaatta     77640
     ttgtttgttt atcagagaag ctccaaatgt aaattgctta tttttaaaat tgtttaaatt     77700
     gtagccccag tttgctctgt aaagggctct ttgacccatg cgtttgccag aggaatatca     77760
     cttatctttc aaatctaatt gaattttaaa ttctttttag aaacatttta atctcacatt     77820
     tatatttgga taatgttttc atgatagaaa gtatctaaat agaaatatgt ctatacttat     77880
     actacactta tatctatatt atatatagtg tatatataga gtaatttgta tgtataggag     77940
     ctatatagta ttaataatgt tatattttca tattttagtc agaacttaat atgtatatat     78000
     aatatgcttt tattttttta gatatataga agaaaaattg gagaataaag gaattaaggt     78060
     gaaacagaca ttattgagag gtttttattt gtttaaaaca tacgtgtttg atactttgga     78120
     gtttagtatt tatttcttca ctgaaataat tcttcttcca tatggccatt aaaataaatg     78180
     aataaatgtc aatttattga gtcaatagtt ttaattttct taatgttaaa aatgatttta     78240
     caattaatga ccatttcact tgaattagaa gtgaaagtta ataaggtaag gtttttataa     78300
     caaaaattat tttaagacaa agttaaaatt taaaaataga ataacaatga ctctaaactc     78360
     taagttgttt cccaaactac aataatattt ttagcgaagg tagaggggta aaaatatatg     78420
     tgttttattg ttctgtaaga ctaaaataag aaatcaaaat atgatttgtt atgtaataaa     78480
     gtatttattc tacttagatc caattctcat ctccgaatag atttttggta ttttatagtt     78540
     cctattaaca aaagtaaaat tctagctggc caaacaactt acccttagtg gttttctttt     78600
     ccttaaacac acaaacatct ttaagcaaca ctgcttattc aaaaatttat taatgtaata     78660
     actatatttt aaatatgaat atgtattaca taacataagt aattattaaa tactggtaac     78720
     taataacttg gtcaattcaa tacaatttaa ttattgataa tttgtaaatt attaaagaac     78780
     tatgtgcatc aaatatatgt tgtatcaaga agacactatc actaatcgta atacaactta     78840
     acaaagaaaa atattttttc acaaaacacc ttgtcgtcat agaataaaac atgcataaac     78900
     actgtaacat ggatgtactg tattaaaaat taatgtggta attcttactg cttgtgttct     78960
     tttttttttt tttttttttt gagatggagt ctcgctgtgc tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt     79020
     ggcgcgatct tggctcactt caagctccgc cttccgtgtt cacaccattc tcctgcctca     79080
     gcctacccag taggtgggaa cacaggcgcc caccaccaca cccggctaat ttttcgtatt     79140
     tttagtagag acggggtttc acggcgttag ccaggatggt ctcgatttac tgacgtgatc     79200
     cgcccccctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggaa ttacaggcat gagccaccgc gcccggcctc     79260
     ttatgttctt aatagtatgt gatgtgtttt cttgaattct taattcacca tttccaactg     79320
     aaatttgagt taatacattt accaatactt gtcttagggg ttatttcgtt tttaatgttt     79380
     ttttgtttat gtttttgtgt gttttttttt ttgagacgga gtctccctct gtcgcccagg     79440
     ctggagtgca gtggcacaat ctcagctaac tgcaacagcc acttcccggg ttcaagcaat     79500
     actgcagcct cagcctccca agtaactggg attgcagacc ggcaccatca tgaccagcta     79560
     attttttgta cttttgttag tgaggaggtt tcgccatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcaaaac     79620
     tcctggcctt aattgatctg cctgcctcga cctcccaaag tactgtaatt acaggcttga     79680
     gccaccgcac ccagcctagc ttttaaattt tgaaaacata aaaaatagca atattttatg     79740
     caatttgaga gagtaagtgt gccagtgtct attatcaaag gtatttggtt ttggaagttg     79800
     aactgtaatt tgaatcaata agtaagatac tgttatttga tttgagaacc cacaggtaaa     79860
     ttatgtgatt tgaaaatttg caaaagtgca ttactcttct tttgaatttt agttaataat     79920
     tgacaaagta cctgttagca gagatatctg aacattgaaa ttttgtttga catataagct     79980
     aataagtata gaaatgttat ttggaattgg gttaatatat gtaccagacc ttgatatgat     80040
     cttactttgt gttgtcactt ttatttagga attcaaatag taaatatact gctgttattt     80100
     ggacattgaa attgggttaa acttgaattt aaatctatgt atacctgtat accagtgtga     80160
     caaagaattt gagccagtaa gtgcacaatt gtgagttatc tgccttgttt gtattatgaa     80220
     atttaaaaat aaacctgaac taataattaa ccaatattat ttccatttgg aactaataat     80280
     aagtgtactt actggaactt attggtgtta ttggaaaata acaataaatt tgggggtgaa     80340
     ttcagattct ctggaatctt gtctaattta tttttctggt tactctcaga aataatttca     80400
     gaaatgagtg tgacatcttt ccctgctgac tgaaaccact aactttccac acaagggtaa     80460
     tatatatata ggacattaca cctcgtcacc ttattctgtg aatgctattc atgttttaac     80520
     aattccattg acttaat                                                    80537