EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC010979; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 109394 BP.
AC   AC010979;
DT   29-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-384N21 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-109394
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-109394
RA   Scott S., Maupin R., Ozersky P.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-384N21";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-109394
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (28-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-109394
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (20-APR-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-109394
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-APR-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-109394
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-APR-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [7]
RP   1-109394
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 5861e59e2b1032163811a04e6a103e08.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000165246; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC010979.3:1-109394; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000297967; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000339174; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000355905; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000382868; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000382872; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; H0Y7G6.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:15529; NLGN4Y.
DR   InterPro; IPR000460; Nlgn.
DR   InterPro; IPR002018; CarbesteraseB.
DR   InterPro; IPR019819; Carboxylesterase_B_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR029058; AB_hydrolase.
DR   InterPro; IPR030025; NLGN4.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8NFZ3; NLGNY_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y7G6; H0Y7G6_HUMAN.
CC   On Apr 20, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:6042132.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0384N21
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-224C16; the clone sequenced
CC   to the right is RP11-235I1.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..109394
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-384N21"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   752..1038
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1858..1987
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   2202..2392
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2374..2443
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2854..2953
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3025..3188
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3189..3210
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   5729..6221
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6225..6372
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6380..6480
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6724..6838
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6923..6967
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   7219..7268
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   7779..7853
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7875..10137
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10138..10280
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   10305..10483
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11024..11100
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   11294..11551
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   11560..11595
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   13317..13360
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13404..14130
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16653..16687
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   16708..16808
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   17291..17588
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18287..18646
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   18968..19257
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19427..19522
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   19523..19979
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   19980..20067
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   20103..20158
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21-group"
FT   repeat_region   20160..20336
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   20337..20606
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21-group"
FT   repeat_region   20592..20884
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21-group"
FT   repeat_region   21711..21755
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   21767..21830
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   21843..22304
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   22473..22615
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   22616..22849
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   22852..23141
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   23153..23199
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   23209..23299
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   24180..27375
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29879..30112
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30306..30609
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30611..30921
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31071..31311
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31840..31872
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   31899..31921
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   32041..32226
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21-group"
FT   repeat_region   32227..33061
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33063..33544
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21-group"
FT   repeat_region   33661..33691
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   33692..39682
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    39369..39810
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA601227 (NID:g2434852) no14f01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    39419..39800
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA489803 (NID:g2220687) ab01g06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    39455..39804
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA804919 (NID:g2873819) nv98c10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    39497..39812
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI918674 (NID:g5638529) ts86a07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    39502..39812
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW515786 (NID:g7153868) hd88d06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    39537..39816
FT                   /note="similar to EST T94924 (NID:g728412) ye32g03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    39655..39812
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA584182 (NID:g2368791) no11a06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    39665..39821
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA214670 (NID:g1813324) zq89f11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    39667..39807
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA100325 (NID:g1646677) zl81e04.r1"
FT   repeat_region   40644..40956
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40957..41315
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41324..41348
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAT)n"
FT   repeat_region   41495..41896
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   41955..42192
FT                   /rpt_family="Other"
FT   repeat_region   42512..42803
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   42808..42827
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   42855..42976
FT                   /rpt_family="Other"
FT   repeat_region   43075..43307
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43308..43352
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   43412..43506
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43625..43795
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   43843..43988
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43992..44170
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45441..45569
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45570..45798
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47218..47506
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47761..47894
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   47909..48053
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48072..48313
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   48316..48432
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49634..49941
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50616..50656
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   51252..51274
FT                   /rpt_family="(TATATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   51275..51655
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   51656..51726
FT                   /rpt_family="(TATATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   51766..52401
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   61927..61965
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   61967..61998
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   62025..62049
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   62083..62209
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   62242..62311
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   62314..62705
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   63258..63278
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   63484..63554
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   63810..64163
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64173..64489
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64734..65025
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65622..65842
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65843..66140
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66141..66220
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66221..66260
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   66261..66401
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66423..66498
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67083..67462
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   67837..67953
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68094..68811
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69894..69949
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   70298..74629
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74630..74680
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   74681..76501
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76502..76541
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   76542..80377
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80394..80485
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80461..81203
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81198..81610
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81642..81671
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   81762..81969
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   82812..83268
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84533..84617
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   84631..84906
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    85296..85538
FT                   /note="match to EST AA578623 (NID:g2356807) nh23d02.s1"
FT   repeat_region   85783..85806
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   88423..88454
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   88609..88632
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   89182..89304
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   89305..89934
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   89935..90001
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   90002..90292
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90293..90935
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   90992..91217
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91869..92169
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93178..93516
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   93589..93670
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   93961..94084
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94160..94388
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94440..94578
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94981..95159
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   96425..96707
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97415..97694
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97754..97786
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   98368..98400
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   98623..98648
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98649..98691
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTA)n"
FT   misc_feature    98690..98814
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA214670 (NID:g1813324) zq89f11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   98692..98976
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    98926..98966
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA100325 (NID:g1646677) zl81e04.r1"
FT   repeat_region   99476..99503
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   100159..100307
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    100246..100249
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA214670 (NID:g1813324) zq89f11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   100544..100567
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   100947..100970
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   100972..101058
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   101126..101528
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101712..101765
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAT)n"
FT   repeat_region   101947..102135
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    102156..102621
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA213575 (NID:g1812194) zq93a12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    102365..102367
FT                   /note="similar to EST N89249 (NID:g1442579)"
FT   misc_feature    102503..102735
FT                   /note="similar to EST N89249 (NID:g1442579)"
FT   misc_feature    102930..103300
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA447021 (NID:g2159686) zw90e09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103173..103570
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA426331 (NID:g2107811) zw11h10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103321..103759
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW602873 (NID:g7307614)"
FT   misc_feature    103639..103909
FT                   /note="similar to EST T05291 (NID:g316443)"
FT   misc_feature    103667..104178
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI810626 (NID:g5397192) tu19a12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    103838..104312
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI459262 (NID:g4311841) tk11e09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    103874..104401
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA604226 (NID:g2445135) no87a08.s1"
FT   repeat_region   104025..104178
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   104221..104399
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   104403..104713
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   104972..105423
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   105626..105797
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107448..107538
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   107790..107994
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   108121..108238
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   108250..108556
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108882..109022
FT                   /rpt_family="(ATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   109054..109173
FT                   /rpt_family="(ATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   109302..109345
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
SQ   Sequence 109394 BP; 30370 A; 21150 C; 22954 G; 34920 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaatt gcatcattta tgtggacaga tttgactggt gtcattctgt tgctgaatca        60
     ttccaaggta tgcacttacc ttttctctct tgaaacagct tatgcaaaaa caaacaacta       120
     aatagagaag cagtttgcaa aactatattt aaaggtaaac catactccct cacccccaac       180
     tccacaaaaa tagttttatg tagagaaacc acagatggtg cagcccccaa atctggagca       240
     tcctcaggta ccttggggta ttctggagtg aaagactaaa tctcagaggc ttttggtcac       300
     acttgggtag gcatcctgat tggctagtga agaaacagct gtccctgctg tggtcagttt       360
     cagcctttcc tggaagggaa ttttccagca ttgggtgttc ctgtagatgc ttatagcaag       420
     ttatgttcaa tgaagccaac tgcatcctga tttatctgtt attcaatctg tgctgcataa       480
     taaaaaaggt ctgctttgaa aatgaaatca tgcactttgc tttattttgc ccatttgata       540
     tttcttctaa tgttgtaagc ttctcatgaa ttggcataag cagatatgtt acaaattgat       600
     ccatccagga catccttgct agtcttagct caccatagca agtcagaatg gaagacagtt       660
     gcttctcctc ccttcctctc cccatcccac ctcacatctg acatccttct cctctgagga       720
     aaaataatcc tctgttcaaa tttaaaagca tggcctggta tgatggctca tgtctgtaat       780
     ctcagcactt tgagaagcca aggcgagcag atcactggag gtcaggtatt cagtcagtga       840
     tacactctct atactaaaaa tatgcaaatt agccaggtgt ggtgtcatgc acctgtagtc       900
     ccatctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagac ttgcttgcac ctgggaggta gaggttacag       960
     tgggctaata tcatgccact ggactccagc ctaggcaaca gagtgagtct ctgaaaaaaa      1020
     gaaaaaaata tagaaaaatg ttcaagtatt tactgtccac atctttcagc tatttaacac      1080
     ttcactggga ttgtgaagtg aaatggagtg ccattattac cttgttagcc actttcaatt      1140
     tggaaaggta aaaatgtcct tcaatggcta ttgaactgcc tgcactgaat ttaaagtaca      1200
     gtttgttgga atattcgtga tgaagttgaa aaatagaatt acagattatt aggacttgaa      1260
     tgtacttgag gaatcatttg tattccctca tgtacacaag gaaatggagt cacagaaagt      1320
     ttcagggatt tatccccata cttttaaaca ctgaaatgtt cccaaaatga aatgaaatac      1380
     ttccaattgt taacatatcc gcttatgtca attcatgaca agcttacaaa attagaagaa      1440
     acatcaaatg ggcaaaataa tgtgaagtgc atgatttcat tttcaaaaca gactttttta      1500
     ttatgcagca gagatcgaat aagagataaa tcattttgat gaaaggaaca atgagagaaa      1560
     gcaaagaaag acatgtcctg cattaaaagc tgcatttgat ggtaactcat tttgttttat      1620
     gagttatgat gaatgcatct tagctgtttc taacctccct cccattccct atttttattt      1680
     gtcagttaaa gcacagcatt tttccctttt tttttgaagt gttaattaat tgcatttgtt      1740
     taatgcatct tgctgtgtct caagcatggt taacaaggga taatgccttt tttcagggat      1800
     gattccttcc tttccttacg gggctttgtc tgtgatggga actttgtgtt ttatttattt      1860
     attttctttt taagagacag ggtctaatca ggttgcacag gctggtctca aactcctggg      1920
     ctcaagggat ccttctgact gacctcttga aacattggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccgc      1980
     acttggctct atctttctgc aaaaacctag caattctaat tctctctcca tctatgtcta      2040
     gaccagggag atataatcaa gagaaaagaa acaactacct tcattagatt aagagtcaaa      2100
     agggcctaca ggcaaaaaga ctccaggacc ctcttgagtg agcctgtgca ttgaaatctt      2160
     cagcttcata gagacacaga agtccaaata ggaagttgga tttgccctat tttcttagcc      2220
     tcttctagtc tgtgaccgtt tcttagtctt tccttgtttt tcatgacctt aatagttttt      2280
     tggtattaat attatggaga atgtccacca cctggggtct gtctgatgtt ttagacaggg      2340
     atatgtgttt tggggaggaa atctgcagag atgaatcaat catttatatc actatgggca      2400
     catggatgtt ttggatatgc tttaggtttt aattcaacac tacactactg tgacttgctc      2460
     tactttatat tctttgtggc catgatgaga cactaaaaca tctattcact tgaatagcaa      2520
     gtaaatgaga ggactcaatg gcaaatgact gttatgcttt aacatatcca gttctttgta      2580
     tattttttga catttaggtt attttaatgc ctttgctcct ctaaggtatt tccttcttct      2640
     tttttttttt tttttgctcc acacccctcc ctcctctaac ttgtttccaa attcttcctt      2700
     gtaaattgtg cattcctcat tctaggggca ttacttattt tcttttgctt gcttcaaaaa      2760
     acactctgca ttggtctgta cacattttcc ctcttatatc ctttctgtaa gcatttgtat      2820
     tcagttgaaa tcttatggaa tactttacca cagaaaattt ctggtgtata ccaaaaaagg      2880
     gaatgaaaat agaataatgg atcccatttg cccatcattt gcttcagcaa ttataaatgc      2940
     atagcataat ctttagtatt taacctcatt tatgtttcca ttcttattat ggcatgatgc      3000
     aatttattta aagatagttt ggtgagaacc attcactccc ctggaaagga ggctgaagcc      3060
     caaaagtcaa agtggtgtgg ctcggtgggt cccatcccca ctgagtccgg caagccaaga      3120
     tccactggct tgaaatctcg ctgccagcac agcagtctta ggtcaacctg ggacactcca      3180
     gcttggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gtgggggggc ggggggggca catccaccat      3240
     tgccaaggct tgagttggca gttttacccc cacagttgta aagaaagccg cctggcagtt      3300
     caaactggtc agagctctcc acagctcatc aaggccactg tggcaagact gcccctctag      3360
     attcttcttc tctggtcagg gcatctctaa aaaaaaggca gcagctcagt caggcacata      3420
     tagttaaaac ccctatctcc ctgggacaga gcaactgggg gaaagggcag ctgtgggtgc      3480
     agcttcagca gacttaaacg tccctccctg atggctctga agagagcaaa ggatctccca      3540
     gcacagtgtt caagctctgc taagggtcag actgcctcct caaatgggtc tctgaaactt      3600
     gtgtatcctg actgggacac accacccagc gggggccaac ggacacctca tacaggagag      3660
     ctcttgctgg catctggctg gtgcccctct gggacaaaac ttttagagga aggagcaggc      3720
     agcaatcttt gctgctctgc agcctccact ggtgatacca aggcaaacag ggtgtgggat      3780
     gaacctggag caatctccag cagaactgca gcagaggggc ctgttagaat gagaactaac      3840
     aaacagaaag gaatagcaca tccactcaga ggccccatct gaaggtcacc aacatcaaaa      3900
     aacaaaggta gatgaatcca tgaagatgga gagaaaccag tgtaaaaggc tgaaaattcc      3960
     aaaaaccaga atgcctctcc tcctccaaag gatcacaact cctcacaagc aagggaacaa      4020
     aactggatgg agaatgagtt tgatgaattg acagaagtgg gcttcagaac gtgggtaata      4080
     gcaaattcct ctgagctaaa gaagcatgtt ctaacccaat gccaggaagc taagaacctt      4140
     gaagaaaggt tagatgaatt tctaactaga ataaccagat tagagaagaa cataaatgac      4200
     ctgatggagc tgaaaaacac agcatgagaa cttcatgaag cttacacaaa tatcaatagc      4260
     tgaattgatc aagtggaaga aaggatatca gagactgaag atcaactcaa tgaaataaag      4320
     caagaagata agattagaga aaaaagaatg aaaagcaacg aacaaagcct ccaagaaatg      4380
     tgggactttg tgaaaagacc aaatttaagt tgaagtggtg tacctgaaag tgacggggag      4440
     aatggaacca agttgaaaaa cactcttcag gatgttatca aggagaactt ccccaaccta      4500
     gcaaggcaag ccaacattaa aattcaggat atacagacaa caccacaaag atacttctcc      4560
     agaagagcaa caccaagata cataatcatc agattcacaa aggttgaaat gaaggaaaaa      4620
     atgttatggg cagccagaga gaaaggtcat gttacccaca aagggaagcc tgtaaggcta      4680
     atagcacatc tctcttcaga aacactgcaa gccagaagag agtgggggcc agtattcaac      4740
     attcttaaag aaaagaattt tcaacccaga atttcatatc tagccaaact aagcttcata      4800
     agggaaggag aaatacaatc ctttacagac aagcaaatgc tgagagattt tgtcactatc      4860
     aggcctgcgt tactggtgct cctgaaggaa tcagtaaata tggaaagaac aactggtacc      4920
     agtcactgca aaaacatatc aaattgtaaa gaccattgac actatgaaga aactgcatca      4980
     aataatgtgc aaaataacca gctagcatca taataacagg atcaaattca tacataacaa      5040
     tattaacctt aaatgtaaat gggctaaaag ctccaatcaa aaggcacaga ctggcaaata      5100
     ggctaaagcg ttaacactca ttggtgagct ctattcagga gactcatctc atgcaaagac      5160
     atacataggc ccaaagtaaa gggatggagg aatatttacc aagcaaatgg aaagcaaaat      5220
     aaaaaagcag gggttgcaat cctagtctct gataaaactc actttaaatc aacaaagatc      5280
     tagagactag gacattacat aatggtaaag ggatcaatgc aagaagaaga gctaactatc      5340
     ctaaatacat atgcccctag tacaggagca cacagattca taaaacaagt tcttagagac      5400
     ctacaatgag acttagaatg ccacacagta atagtgggag actttaacac cccactgtca      5460
     atattagact gaacaatgag acagaaaatt agcaaggata ttcaggactt gaactccgct      5520
     ctggatcaag ttagatcaag tggacctaac agacatctat agaagtctac atctcaaatc      5580
     aacagaatat acattcctct cagcacttca tctcaattct tctaaaattg accacataat      5640
     tggaagcaaa gcactcctca gcaaatgcaa atgaatggaa gtcataacaa acagtctctc      5700
     agactgcagt gcaatcaaat tagaactcag gattataaat cattctacta taaagacaca      5760
     tgcacacata tatgtattgc ggcactattc acaatagcac aggcttggaa ccaacccaaa      5820
     tgcccatcag tgatagacta gataaagaaa atgtggcaca tgtacaccat agaatactac      5880
     acagccataa aaaggatgag ttcatgtcct ttgcagggac ttgggtgaag ccggaagcca      5940
     tcattcttag caaactaaca aagggacaga aaaccaaaca ccacatgttc ccactcataa      6000
     gtgcaagttg aacaatgaga acacatggac acagggaggg gaacatcaca taccagggcc      6060
     tgtggtgggg gtggggggca aggatactat taagagaaat acctcatcta gatgactaga      6120
     tgacgagcta atggatgcag caaaccacta tgtcatgtat atacctatgt aacaaacctg      6180
     cacgttctgc atatgtaccc cagaatgtag agtatacata aaaaagatct ttcagtacat      6240
     tgctgtaaaa tataggaacc attttatttt atttagctgc agaatctttt ccatgcctaa      6300
     aattatcaac aataattcct ctatgtcacc aactatcaaa ttataaatgt caaaataata      6360
     ttttcatagt ttgctaactc acacaaggtc tatgcactac aatcagttga tttgtctttt      6420
     acatttcttt taactgatat agatttctta tccttttatg cacattcttg ttggaaaaaa      6480
     ctgctctttt tactctacat gaaaatgggt tttagagtcg gaaaatttag ctgtcaagtt      6540
     attttagaag gaacgtgagt attttccata atgctcagtc ttaggttacc aactccttag      6600
     gagcaaatgc tgtgtgactt ggtagtgatc tacccagaag gaatgctgct gggtaaattt      6660
     ggccagcttg tgtgacagct ctttggactc actatgtctc agtttcatct acttttaaca      6720
     gtgttttatt ttgaagatag tttctgactc tgtcacccat gctggagtgc agtgatgcaa      6780
     tcatagctcg atgcagcctt gaacttctgg gctctagaag tcttcccaca tcagcctcat      6840
     attatctagt acctggcaga gatacagatc tgatgagaaa caaagataaa ggggtgtcag      6900
     aaggtagctt ttgctgcatc atcagacacg cacacatgcg cacacacacg tgcatgcata      6960
     cacacatgtg tacgcacaca caatcaactg caattttttc ctctttacca acccacagtt      7020
     agctgaaatt atcattaggg tatttctagg ttatatgtgc acacacaacc tacttaagtt      7080
     ctgagctcaa tattctgttt tattctttcc tgttcagaag ccagcatcca tagctctggg      7140
     tctcattatt tgctttttgt cgtccagttg tgctctactg atttaaaagt tatctttaca      7200
     ttttcagttt cccagtcaat tcaagccaaa gcatatttat tgggcatcta ccatgtgcta      7260
     tggactgtga gagacttaaa gattaataac aacaaccata aaaactcatt gatatgctgg      7320
     gcattatttc tctccccatg gcctccaaat gcttggccca taattcaaaa cactacagca      7380
     acttgaaggc agcagattgt ttctcatttc agggatccac aggtttatgc cttctcaaac      7440
     aaaggtctgg taattccagg ctgcatgcag ctattcttcc tttaaagact gagaaaccat      7500
     gcatacaaca tcttttcttc cttcttcgtt tatacaattg ataattacat attgacatct      7560
     tactttgaga aagtcgtcat actggatacc gtcagtcata gaaacagaga taagattcaa      7620
     cctctgatcc caaggaaggc agactcttag taaggaagtc aaaacaataa atgaaaatgc      7680
     ccatactgca aggcatgcac atcatacatt ccataagtgg gtaaaaacat gccttggcag      7740
     cacagaatct tgctttccat ttgtgtcatt gaggacagtg cattagttat ctattgctgc      7800
     ataaaaaatt cctctaaact ttaggttaaa accgcaaaca tttttttttc ctcgtgcaat      7860
     tttctttttt ttttttttat tatactttaa gttttagggt acatttgcac attgtgcagg      7920
     ttagttacat atgtatacat gtgccatgct ggtgcactgc acccactaac tcctcatcta      7980
     gcattaggta tatctcccga tgctatccct cccccttccc cccaccccac aacagtcccc      8040
     agagtgtgat attccccttc ctgtgtacat gtgatctcac tgttcaattc ccacctatga      8100
     gtgagaatat gcggtgtttg gttttttgtt cttgcgatag tttactgaga atgatgattt      8160
     ccaatttcat ccatgtcgct acaaaggaca tgaactcatc gttttttatg gctgcatagt      8220
     attccatggt gtatatgtgc cacagtttct taatccagtc tatcattgtt ggacatttgg      8280
     gttggttcca agtctttgct attgtgaata atgccacaat aaacatacct gtgcatgtgt      8340
     ctttatagca gcatgattta tagtcctttg ggtatatacc cagtaatgag atggctgggt      8400
     cgaatggtat ttccagttct agatccctga ggaatcacca cactgacttc cacaatggtt      8460
     gaactagttt acagtcccac caacagtgta aaagtgttcc tatttctcca catcctctcc      8520
     agcacctgtt gtttcctgac tttttaatga ttgccattct atctggtgtg agatgttatc      8580
     tcattgtggt tttgatttgc atttctctga tggccagtga tgatgagcat tttttcatgt      8640
     gttttttggc tgcataaatg tcttcttttg agaagtgtct gttcgtgtcc ttcgcccact      8700
     ttttgatggg gttgtttgtt tttttcttgt caatttgttt gagttcattg tagattcgga      8760
     tattagccct ttgtcagatg agtaggttgc aaaaattttc tcccattttg taggttgcct      8820
     gttcactctg atggtagttt ctttggctgt gcagaagttc tttcgtttaa ttagatccca      8880
     tttgtcaatt ttggcttttg ttcccattgt tttcagtgtt ttagacatga agtccttgag      8940
     cctatgtact gaatggtatg gcctaggatt tcttctaggg tttttatggt tttaggtcta      9000
     acatttaggt ctttaatcca tcttgaatta atttttgtat aaggtataag gaagggatct      9060
     aatttcagct ttctacatat ggctagccag ttttcccagc accatttatt aaatagggaa      9120
     tcctttcccc ttttcttgtg tttgtcaggt ttgtcaaaga tcagatagtt gtatatatgc      9180
     ggcattattt ctgacggctc tgttctgttc cattggttta tatctctgtt ttggtaccag      9240
     taccatgctg ttttggttac tgtagccttg tagtatagtt tgaagtcagg tagcatgatg      9300
     tctgcagctt tgttcttttg gcttaggatt gactaggcaa tgcagggtct tttttggttc      9360
     catatgaact ttaaagtagt tttttccaac tctgtgaaga aagtcattgg tagcttgatg      9420
     gggatggcat tgaatctata aattaccttg gacagtatgg ccattttcac gatattgatt      9480
     cttcctaccc atgagcatgg aatgttcttc catttgttta tatcctcttt tatttcattg      9540
     agcagtggtt tgtagttctc cttgaagagg tcattcacat cccttgtaag ttggattcct      9600
     aggtatttta ttctctttga agctattgtg aatgggagtt cattcatgat ttggctctct      9660
     gtttgtctgt tattggtata agaatgcttt tgatttttgc acagtgattt tgtatcctga      9720
     gacattgctg aagttgccta tgagtttaag gagattttgg gctgaggatg atggcgtttt      9780
     ctagatatac aatcatgtca tctgcaaaca ggaacaattt gacttcctct tttcctaatc      9840
     ggataccttt tatttccttc tcctgcctaa ttgccctggc caggacttcc aacactatgt      9900
     tcagtaggag tgatgagaga gggcatccca gtcttgtgcc agtttccaaa gggaatgctt      9960
     ccagtttttg cccattcagt atgatattgg ctgtgggttt gtcatagata tctcttatta     10020
     ttttgagata ggtcccatca acacctaatt tattgagagt ttttagcgtg aagagttgtt     10080
     gaattttgtc aaaggctttt tctgcatcta ttgagataat cgtgtggttt ttgtctttgg     10140
     ctttaaaact gcaaacattt attatctcat acatttctgt tcttcaggga ttcaggagca     10200
     atgtagctgg ccagttctag ctcaggatct ctcatcattt tgtaatgaaa ttgtagacag     10260
     ggcttgcagt tttatgatgg tgtgagagaa tctcacttat gtgtgctggg caggaggctt     10320
     cagttcttgg ccacattggc ttctccctag ggctatacat gagaccttaa cagctggctt     10380
     ttctgaaagt gaggagagaa agaaggaggc taaaagggag tctaatatga aagccacaca     10440
     ctcttagaac ttgatcttgg aggtgacacc ttgtcgcttt tgcactagat ttggaggtga     10500
     aaccttgtaa ccccagaagg tgttaattgt aggtgtcaat tggccatctt ggaagctaga     10560
     ctatcacaga agctcttcca aaggaggtag cttaggagct gcatagaatt ttgtcataag     10620
     gacaaaggag aaactgtgaa caaacacata ggtacagcaa gtgttgagga tgggctgtgt     10680
     tgtgttcagt gttatcttaa gggttgagct tctgtgatga aattgaaatc agatcatttc     10740
     aggtggtgca acttgctggt aagccatgga tgttattctg taggcaatgg atgaatcata     10800
     gcaggacttt gcagaattat taaagaatat cagtttcatg atagtagagg ttgggataga     10860
     atacagaaga ttagtggtgc gagttgagat ctacttatag attcaactgg gttagagatt     10920
     gaggaaatgg ggaaggaatg aggctctgca gaggcattgg aaggatgata ctgatagaaa     10980
     tttgcaaacc gttagaggcc aagacaagaa ataaccatcc aaagttgcag ttataggtaa     11040
     aactgtccaa ttaagaaaag agaaagagtt cagaggtggg tgaaggtcaa gattattaga     11100
     tgctttggag atccttggga ctgacggata tgttatttat tattttcttg gtgattataa     11160
     ggtaattaat agaaatttag agattattgt ttttccatat tttcttgttt ggaggcattt     11220
     tttttaacct gaaattggca tttccttttt tacctgaaac atatccatta tccagacagt     11280
     ttcagtgagg cacggtggcc aaagtaggag gatgacttga gttcaggagt tggagaccag     11340
     cctgggcaac atggcaaaat gcatctctac aaaaaatata aaaattaccc aggcatgaca     11400
     gtgtacacct gtagttccag ctgtgtggta ggctgagatt ggaggatcag ttgagcctgg     11460
     aatgcagagg ctgcagtgat cccagatcat gctattacac tccagcttgg gtgacagagc     11520
     aagaccctgt gtcaaaacag aacaaaacaa acaacacaca aaacaaaaca caaaacacaa     11580
     aaacaaaaac aataaaactt tcttaaccat tctaacctaa ttataattct aagacctatc     11640
     tgtgtcctga cctcaagagc aggtacaatt attgaaaaac atttctttaa ttattcccag     11700
     ttctcttaca cctttttttt tctcacaata ggcagcatcc cctcagttgt ccagctgacc     11760
     actggaaggg ctgatacctc aggaaacaca taccctgcta ggagattctc cataggccct     11820
     gacttgttta ttgccctgct ttaggtagct ttctccttcc tcacattctg ttctcctaat     11880
     tttcttccac tgcctaataa ttgaactgac ttttctgact gtctgttcct cctgcctttg     11940
     cagttattgt aactccataa atgccaccct tgagtcactt ctcttccttc cttcctactg     12000
     tctctcttac tggcctatgt agccttgcat ctactcatgg tttgatgata atttcctttg     12060
     gagagacccc aggggcctat acgttctgcc ctcacttccc ctccaagttt cttcctgccc     12120
     ttatagctcc cctttgaaca acattgccta tatgttctgc ccaaaactca attcagtgtt     12180
     cccaaaattg tctcgtcatc ttcccaagct tacccggctc cctgctcata gcatctcctc     12240
     tcagtccctt atcttgggtt tgaatcccct ctctttccca tccccaatgt aaatcacttt     12300
     cagaaataac agttacttcc atttcttctt ctgtgataca tctctaattt ccttggtcat     12360
     atgctccctt tttctgttac tattttaatc atatcctgtc tatgacttgt acactctcta     12420
     atctattttt aaagctattc ttcatcttcc tatataattg attgtgtaag actatctcat     12480
     tcaaaattca tcaacaagtg tccactgtgc tacacgacct gccccatctc catcgtcaca     12540
     acgacagtca tcatttcttt cctctggatg gtatacttca tcttccatcc aacctgagtt     12600
     tacctaggaa tcactgcatt tcacccttgg tttcttgctt tttctcattc ttttcaggct     12660
     ctcttcaact tggaatactg ctactattcc atctccacac aatttattca ttactgaggg     12720
     ctaaaatgct gtttcttgca cttctctccc agtttcctcg ttctgcagaa ctaatttact     12780
     gattcctctc tcatcaggga cagttccttt ccaaaatcct acaacgtggg tccatgaaat     12840
     cagctagaga aaaagaggga caggatggag gctaggatta tcatgggcac tgacatactg     12900
     gcctctgggg gtaggaagac taatactccc taggaaggaa ggaaaagaac cttggagagg     12960
     actgttttat ctcagtattt cccagaagct ccaacagtgg agacttccct gggaccttca     13020
     ccccatctgc tcctaatgag cttcctgcct gtggggctcc actcagaacg ttacatccgg     13080
     tgatgcatag gacaccattt gcagaaatgt gtgcatgcgt cctggcgtgt gcgtgcttcc     13140
     tggcgtgtgc gtgcttcctg gcgtgtgcgt gcttcctggc atgtaagtgc atgtgcacat     13200
     gtggcattta ctgagcatgc atgcattgat gtgagaatgt attttcttcc tttccacgat     13260
     gaactgccac agaatggtta aagtttttca gggctgaaaa ggttgtttta gcttgaatat     13320
     gcacaaatat gtttttattg cagcaactat ttaaaatagc tctgaaagcc attattttcc     13380
     ccattccttc ttccccccaa aatttgactc tttatccaat tttccattct gtgtctttta     13440
     attggggcat ttagcctgtt tacatttaag gttattattg ttatgtgtga tttgatcctg     13500
     tcattattat gttagctggt tattttgcac attagttgat acagtttctt catagcaacc     13560
     ttggtcttta ccatttggta tgttttggca gtggctggtg ccggttgttc cttccgtatt     13620
     tagtccttcc ttcaggagct cctgtaaggc aggcctatgt tgacaaaatc cctcagcctt     13680
     tgcttgtcca taaaggattt tatttctcct ttgcatatga agcttagctt tgctggatat     13740
     gaaattctgg gttgaaaatc cttttctcta aaaatgttga atattggcct ccactctctt     13800
     tttgattgta gggtttctgc agaaagatcc actgttagtc tgatgggctt ctctttatgg     13860
     gtaacccgag ctttctctct ggctgccctt aacatctttc cttcatttca acctttgtga     13920
     atgactatta tgtatcttgg ggttgctttt ctcgaggagt atctttgtgg tgttccttat     13980
     atttcctgaa tgtgaatgtt gacctgtttt gctaggttgg gggagttctc ctggataata     14040
     tcctgaagag tgttttccag cttggttcca ttcttcctat aactttcaga tataccagtc     14100
     aaacataggt ttgctctttt tacatagtcc tgtctcacgt gcagaaatac acatacactc     14160
     aaaataaagg gatggaggac tatttagcaa gcaaatggaa agaaaagaaa ggagggcttt     14220
     caatcctagt ctctgataaa acagacttta accaacaaag atcaaagaag acaaagaagg     14280
     gcattacata atggtaaagg gatcaatgca acaagaatag ctaactgtct taaatatata     14340
     tgcgcccaac ataggagcat ctagattcat aaagcaagtt cttacaccta caaagagacc     14400
     tagactccca cacaataata gtgggagatt ttaacatccc actgtcaata ttagacagat     14460
     caatgagaca gaaaacaagg atatcaggac ttgaactcaa ctctggatga agtggacata     14520
     atagacctct acagaacttt ccaccctaaa tcaacaaaat atacattctt ctcagcacca     14580
     catcacactt attctaaaat ggaccatata attggaagta aaaaactcct cagaaaatac     14640
     aaaagaatgt aaatcataac aaacagcctg tcagacacac gtgtgatcaa attagactca     14700
     agattaagaa acttactcaa aactgcacaa ctacgtggaa actgaacaac ctgctcctga     14760
     ttgactactg ggtaaataat gaaatgaagt cagaaataaa gaagttcttt gaaatcactg     14820
     agaacaaaca cacaacatat tagatctctg ggacccagcc aaagcagtgt ttaggtggaa     14880
     atttataaca ctaaatgccc acaggagaaa atgggagaag atctaaaacc gacacactaa     14940
     catcacagtt gaaagaactg gaaaaacaag agcaaacaaa ttgcaaagct agcagtaaac     15000
     aagaaacaac taagattgta gcagagcaga aggaaagaga tacagaaaaa cccttcaaaa     15060
     aatcagtgaa tccaggagct ggttttctga agattaataa aataggtgga ccactagcaa     15120
     gactactaaa gaagaaattc agaagaataa aatagacaca acaaaaaatt atacatggcg     15180
     tatcaccact gatcccacag aaacacaggt accatcagag aatactataa acatctctat     15240
     ggaaataaac aaggaaatct agaagaaatg gataaattcc tggacacata catcttccca     15300
     ggactaaacc aggaagaagt caaatctctg aatagaccaa taacaagttc tgaatttgat     15360
     gctgtaatta atagcctatc aactaaaaaa agcacaggac cagaaggatt cacagctgaa     15420
     ttccaccaga ggtacaaaga atagctggta ccattccttt tgaaactatt cacaacaaca     15480
     gaaaaagagg gaaccctccc taactcattt tatgaggctg gcatcatcct gataccacaa     15540
     cctggcagag acacaacaga aaaataaaat ttcagacaaa tatccctgat gaacattggt     15600
     gtgaaatttt tcaataaaat actggcaaag agaatccagc agcacatcaa aaagtttata     15660
     taccacgatt gagtcgactt catcaatggg atggaagtct gaatcaatat atgaaaatca     15720
     ataaatgctg tccatcacat aaacagaacc aatgacaaaa ccacacatga ttatctcaat     15780
     gcagaaaagg cctttgaaaa aattcaatac tccttcaagc taaaaatcct caataaacta     15840
     ggtattaatg gaacgtatct ctaataagag ctatttatga caaagccata gtcaatatca     15900
     tactcagtgg gcaaaagctg gaagcattcc ctttgaaaac tggcacaaga caaggatgcc     15960
     ctctgtcacc actcctattc aacatagtat tggaagttct ggccagggca atcaggcaag     16020
     agaaagaaat agagtatatt gaagtaggaa gagaggaagt caaattgtct ctgtttgcag     16080
     atgacatgaa tgtatattta gtaagctcca ttgtctcagc cccaaaattc ccttaagctg     16140
     ataagcaact ttagcaaagt ctcaggattc aaaatcaagc tagaaaaatc acatgcattc     16200
     ctatacccca gtaatagaca aacagagagc catatcatga gtgaacttcc attcacaatt     16260
     gctacaaaga gaataaaatg cctaggaata caacttaaaa gggatgtgaa ggacctctcc     16320
     aaggagagct acaaaccact gttcaaggaa ataagagagg acacaaacaa atggaagaac     16380
     attccatact catggatttg aagaatcaat attgtgaaaa tggcaataat gccccaagta     16440
     atttatagaa tcaatgctat ccccatcaag ctaccatgac tttcttcaca gaattagaaa     16500
     aaactacctt aaatttcata tggaaccaaa aaagagcttg tgtagccaag accatcctaa     16560
     gcaaaaataa caaagttgga ggcatcaagc tacctgactt caaactatgc tacaaggccc     16620
     cagtaaccaa agcatggtac tggtaccaaa actgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     16680
     tgtgtgtaaa aaatatataa attttcaata tgtaaatata taaatacata aatatattat     16740
     attatattaa tgtgtaaata tatattcata tataaaaata tataaatata taaatttgta     16800
     gatatataaa ttctgacatt taggtttcct tcttcttagg aattccacca aaattacacg     16860
     agtaacacta tactaaattt ttacctacta tcattaaaaa ataatgactt actcaaagct     16920
     ctgacactca ttagagcagg ttgatatggt agaaaattct agccctatgc aactggagtg     16980
     atcttgatgc taagacaata tgacccaaaa ccttgtcctt tccttttggc tatatgaata     17040
     ttttctaact tttgtgaaca aaatatgtct cattttcctc atgatggtgt ttcaaaatga     17100
     attgatgggt gtttttcagt tattagtgga taggagctct cttagctcag cccttcaaaa     17160
     acttgtgttt gatgttgtaa ttttgtaaat tatctcaatg tatgcctata tgcttacaca     17220
     cataatcccc tacctaaaag atcaacctta gcttagaatt tcttcctttt tatttttttc     17280
     ctctattttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagggt cttgttctgt tgctcaggtt     17340
     ggggtgtagg agtacaatca tagctcactg cagcttttga gctcctgggc tcaggcgatc     17400
     ttcccacctc acacttcagc ctcccctgag agcacaggca tgtaccacca cacccagttg     17460
     atttaaaatc tatttttttg tacagatgca gttcctatgt tattcaggct ggtctcgaac     17520
     ttctggcctc tagtagtcct cctgcttcaa cctcctcaga gtacaggcat gaaccatcat     17580
     tcctggcccc ttactatttc tatattttac ttttagtata agtctgtgaa agaagtatat     17640
     ttctcatagt ttgttgaact gcgcagatga tgatgttgaa ggatctgcac gatggttatg     17700
     atggttgctg tcattgcact acagtgcttt ttaaaaaact gaaaatattc atttctcact     17760
     agaatagtca tacaggcatt tatttgttgc tttagaattt ggaaacttct ttttatattc     17820
     atagttgtat ttcattctgc cagcagatta ggcagattca tcctctccca ctttccagtg     17880
     gtagaaacag gtgtcctgag gcagtgaagt agttgttgga aaatcactgt ggtttgcttt     17940
     ccagggattt tcttgtcctc tgagtgcgaa agtatcataa tacatggcac attcccacag     18000
     gaagtttagg gtgtgaaaag tcaatgtatt aatatacata tgggatccac ttccactcaa     18060
     agcaaaacac attgagtcaa gtatcagagc tcagtgggtg tacatgatgg catttaattt     18120
     tcctaaatta cttcatataa ttaatataca ctaagccttt gttatgatgc tacacatcat     18180
     ttttggagtc acaagctttc aaccttcatc taactaaaag atggatatct tcattttata     18240
     ttaggtggtc tggaagccat agtagtgtta aagagcacat agggaatgtt ttagtccatt     18300
     cggattgctg taaggaaata caatagactg tgtggcttat aaataacaga catttattgc     18360
     tgagttctgg aggctgggaa ttcaagatca aggtgtggca gattcagtgt ctggtgagga     18420
     cacacatctt tgtttgttga tagtgccttt tccttgtatc ctcatgtggt ggaagggata     18480
     agggagttct ctgagttccc ttttgtaagg gcaccagtcc cattcataag gctccaacct     18540
     catgacttca tcacctccca agggcctcac ctcctgatac tatcatcttg ggggtcatga     18600
     tttcaacata ggaatttgga gtgacacaac cattcagatc atagcagaga gagtgagatg     18660
     agacttgccg aactccataa agccatatga atattttcag ttccagtcct atttccattt     18720
     tcaaatgttg agttatgaac ttgattgatg cctcctggta tttttcaaaa tgttctagag     18780
     ctctcatgat caatattaaa cctttcccat tcaaaggaca tgattatttt atgtgagtaa     18840
     tgtgttgcta tttgacaaag gagtacaact ataaataaat cttgactatc ttgatgtagg     18900
     aaataaatac acctgtcaag atatactata atgcttttgt agtcaaaaca atgatggggc     18960
     tagcattgtg actcatgctt gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggga ggtggatgac     19020
     ttgaggtcag gagttcgaga ctagcctgtc ctacatggtt aaaccgcatc tctactaaaa     19080
     atacaaaaat cagccaggca tgatggtgca tgcctgtaat ccctgatact ctggaggctg     19140
     aggaaagaga atcacttcac tccaggatgc aggggttaca gtgagccaag acggtgtcac     19200
     tgcactctag ctaggcacca gagtgagact cgatctcaaa aacaaacaaa gaaaaaatgg     19260
     tggatagaat aggatattat ttaaatgaaa actgtaaggg gagttgtatg ctctcaaatg     19320
     tcattatgca cagtctaata tgtccctttc actctgccac tctacctgct aatttgcttc     19380
     cttaattcag acttacctat taggttatta gttataatat aggttgacaa ttatgcagct     19440
     tttcttcttt accaagacct gttccaagtg ctttttatat taactcattg gtgtcaacca     19500
     ctctacccca tagtaaccat tagtattagt ttcctatctg tgctgtggta acaagttact     19560
     acagacctag tggcttcata cagttctacc actcagaagt ccaaaatgag acttaggagg     19620
     ctaaaatcaa ggtatcatca ggacttcatt atttttggaa gctctgcgag aggatacatc     19680
     tccctacctt ttcaagattc tagaaacttc ctactttcgt tggctcatag gctcctttct     19740
     ccaccttcaa tgccagtaga ctgagtcctt gttctgtcat ctttttgttt gtccctcttt     19800
     ttcccttttc tatgggcaca gtggataacc tggaatgatc tcccaatttc aaggtctgct     19860
     gactgggaat cttaattcca cctgcctctt tcattcaaat cccttttcca tgtaagacca     19920
     cacaaccgcg catattaaca catgggcatc tcagggggac cattattatg cagaccacac     19980
     agttgttatc ttcattttat agccaagaaa gacaaacaga gttaaatcac ttactcagat     20040
     tgttggtctg ctaaatggta gagctagtta aaattaggag catacgcagg gaagctaggc     20100
     agtgttgtga tcaaggccct tggcccccta aagtttcaat gaaaaatcat ggagataatc     20160
     agtgactatt actgtccact caaccgggtt gcacagaggg agagagagac caggagcctg     20220
     gctggctgat gataatgtct taccctattg ctagcagtgt tggttcctgg gttctctgca     20280
     ctgtggcttt caaaagaaca gagcagcttt ggtgacccca cttgttgtgc cataactgta     20340
     gaggccaagg ctttttatcc cctaaagttt tactgaaaaa ttactgacta ggcagaccaa     20400
     tttacaggtg aaatgacata caaacatgct taatgcagat acaaaggagc cttcagaatg     20460
     aagacgcaac ctccctgtga gatcctgaag cttatatacc aacctgagtt tacagaaaga     20520
     gtgggggctt ggatcccagt aatacagatg atgggagggg gagaagagga attctgtcga     20580
     ggagattact agaacggaga ttaacttgta aataactctt tttgaaaatt aaataatcct     20640
     tgaggacaac cttggaaaac tgtctgttga ggtgtggtgt catcttggtt tttttctgca     20700
     gtcgataagg atataacagg aaggggttaa aaacaattat tatccttgtg ggagtctgtg     20760
     tcttaggcaa ataaagaaac ttcagctact ttgggagagg tagtgggaga gggggaggtt     20820
     ggacttcttc aactcagcct gtcaaaatgc catattttgg ggtattgttt tctgagcctc     20880
     agcaggactc atacagtatt gtgggatttg gggctgagcc atggtgggac agattttccc     20940
     ctgagatcct tatgcatcca aatcagtagg tgcctgttca cgttcaacat gaaaaaactg     21000
     acacaaagca atgagtagga aattgggggg taaatgtaat gaaacaaacg tgtgttaaac     21060
     aacatttctc cataatatta aactaatgtg aagaatttag agtcaggaat ttttctggaa     21120
     agtgtaggct ccaacttcct cagagtatga tttgtaggat gctcttcccc attcactact     21180
     ccacccaaca tttctgacag ttatcagaag aaagagacct ggtataatta atcaaactca     21240
     agacatttag gtcattgttt gcttgagatt catcaggagg tcttctaacc atgctgcaaa     21300
     cactttaact catcagggct tcacagatga atttactgat tccacaaact tgtaaattgt     21360
     atttccagag ccaatgtgaa ctctctcagt tatggttttt gtcttgaaga ctgtgacttt     21420
     catttaaaat gttgtttcaa tgatgcattt tctgaactca atgaaattat gaagggacag     21480
     attttaaagt ccataacgat tttgttttat taaagctgcc aaatattttt aatatggtgt     21540
     gaagaggcac aagaaaatgt aaaccctagt taccactgag acgtcccatt gtttagtcat     21600
     ttcagcacca ctgcatagac ttccgtaata tgagaaagag acttaatatc ctagtcatga     21660
     ggagcacagg gtttagggaa aaatacatac acagatatat ctatatgttg atatacacac     21720
     acacatatac atgcacacac actcacacat acacaatcag tgacttctta tgatggttca     21780
     actaatgatt ttcaacctta tgatggtgtg aaggcaatac acattgtaga tgtccacaaa     21840
     atatttaaaa agctttattc tgagccaaat accagtgacc taggcctgtg acacagcccc     21900
     aagagatccg gagaacatgt gcctaagggg gttgagcatg attttataca ttttgtaggg     21960
     gagagaagtt acaggcagat attcatcaat tcaaggtata catttgtttc ttccaggaag     22020
     gtggcacaac ttgaagcaga ggattcccgg ttatagacag attcagaggt tttcaaattg     22080
     gctattggtt gaaggagtta agttacctaa agacctggaa tcaatagaaa ggagtgtctg     22140
     ggttaagaaa aggtgttgtg gagaccaagg tcttatgcag ataaagtctc atagttggcc     22200
     atccttagaa gcaatagatg acaaaagttt cccattcaga cccttgaaag atgctagatg     22260
     ctcatctaat cacatcaaga tgagcaaaag accagtcaag ggaagtaaac ctgaaaaact     22320
     tgttcacacc actttatccc tccttggatt agatagtgtt tgcctcatgg ttagaagatc     22380
     tcctgatgaa tcttgagcaa acaatgccct aaatgtcttg agtttgatta attatcccag     22440
     gtctctttct tctgacaatt caggtaaaga gtagaatgca gctcttcctt ataaaaggca     22500
     gctttgtgag gccatttcaa aatatatgaa agaagtatat tttggggtaa aatgctttga     22560
     tttcttttag ggcctggtat ctatcatgtg atgttacacc agagaggttg aaatttggta     22620
     tctttttgtt atcaagtgtc tgtttggttg gtcttatgat ttctgtttta atgttaattc     22680
     tggtcagttg tgcccgagtt ccaaagagag aagtgtatag tgaggcatgt ccaatcccca     22740
     tatcccctca tcgccagaag aagtttttca ggattagttt ggaatgccct tggcagagag     22800
     ggtttatatt cagttaactg gggacttaga attttaattt tggtttacag aattcactag     22860
     agactctaca tccagtaccc atataatcat tctaatttgc acttttggta caggattcaa     22920
     taaattacat gagatgctca acactttatt ataaaataga ctttctgtta gatgctttta     22980
     cccaactgta ggctaaagta agtgtactgc acatatttga aatagactag gctatgttgc     23040
     atgatatatt tggtctatgt gataaatttt tgtcttatga tattttgaac atatcatggg     23100
     tttttcagat gtaatcgcca ttgcagttcc aggaacatct gtatgtattt tatgtgtgtg     23160
     tgtgtatgtc tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtt cttcaactcc ttggacagat     23220
     ctcaaccttt cagaggcttc gttttcttct ttgtaaaatg ggaacagtgg tatttctctt     23280
     atggaatgtc attgtggagt aatttagaaa agcgtagcat tcaaccggaa accttcatag     23340
     catttattgc ctggaaaatg atgttgattt ctaggggaga taagtacttt cttatttatc     23400
     acatttcata aaaggaagga acctactttt cttgaattct aaaacacata tgtgcattgg     23460
     gaatgggaat gagaatacac ttagcaaaat gatccctctg aagacaatgg caatgtgttt     23520
     gccaagggga ttaattagac gtattttgca atactgttta tagaatggaa aacaagaaat     23580
     tgagaggagg tagttggaag tgtgcacttc tctgcagatc agccaactgg cctcagtact     23640
     ttaggtaagg gattttaatt tgtcctttgg tttacaggac aacgcagact tactgctgtt     23700
     tatattcatc aaacacacat acctgagtag cagatctcta ctctcccttt aaataaggta     23760
     attctatgga acatttttga aagcctagaa aaatgtaata cagaggtgat gtgaaagaaa     23820
     attacatcta ttgtcctgtt atcccttgac tttctctgga tataaatgtt ttccacattt     23880
     ttgcaacctt tctctgccta agctttcatt ttggggaaaa cataacagtg tatgattttc     23940
     tgtgtgttta attctaaaat tgcaaagtta atcccacacc attgtggaga taaacttttg     24000
     agtttctgtt tgaaaatttg gggatatgga aattgtcaaa tactgctgat atatatgttt     24060
     aagagaccca ggggcatgaa aacatctgga tttttaaata tattgtctgg taatcatata     24120
     atacatcgtc ctacattgag aggtaactgt ttattaatca tagtttctct tctatatttt     24180
     attattatac tttaggttct gggttacatg tgcagaacgt gcactttgta ataagtatac     24240
     atgtgccctg gtggtttgct gcacccatca gtccattacc tacattaagt atttctccta     24300
     atgttatccc tcccttaggc cctacccatt gacaggcccc agtatgtgat gttcccctcc     24360
     ctgtctccat gtattctcat tgttcagctc ccactaatga gtaagaacat gtgttgtttg     24420
     gttttctgtt cttgtgatag tttgctgaga atgatggttt ccagcttcat ccatgtcctt     24480
     gcaaaggaca taaactcatc cttttttatg tattccatgg tgtatatgtg ccatattttc     24540
     ttaattcagt ctatcattga tggacatttg ggttgtttcc aagtatttgc tattgtgaat     24600
     agtgcctcaa taaacatacg tatgcatgtg tctttattgt agaatgattt ataatctttg     24660
     gatatatgcc cagtaatggg atttctgggt caaatggtat ttccagttct agatacttga     24720
     ggaatcacca caccctcttc cgcaatggtt gaactaattt atacttccac caacagtgta     24780
     aaagtgttct tatttttccg taatgtctcc ggcatctatt gtttcctgac tttttaatga     24840
     ctgccattct aactggcgtg agatggtatc ttattttggt tttgatttgc atttctctaa     24900
     tgaccagtga tgatgactat tatttcatat gtctgttggc tacataaatg tcatcctttg     24960
     ataactctct gttcatatac tttgaccatt tttttgatgg ggtttctttt attcttatca     25020
     atttgtttaa gtgctttgta gattctggat attagccctt tgtcagatgg atagatttca     25080
     aaaattctct cccattctct aggttggctg ttcactttga tgatagtttc ttttgctgtg     25140
     cagaagctct ttagtttatt tacatcccat ttgtcaattt gacttttgtt gccattgctt     25200
     gtggggtttt ggacatgaag tctttgccca tgcctatgtc ctgaatggta ttgcccaggt     25260
     tttctttcag gaattttatg gtcctaggtc ttacatttaa atctttgatc cattttgatt     25320
     tgatttttgt aaaagatgta agaaaggggt ccagtttcag ttttctgcat agctggccag     25380
     ttttcccaac accatttatt aaatagggag tcttttcccc accacttgtg tgtgacagct     25440
     ttgtcaaaga tcagatggtt gtacctgagg cctccattct tttccattgg tctatatatc     25500
     tgttttggta cccataccat gctgatttgt ttactgtagc cttgtagtat agtttgaagt     25560
     cagttagcat gatgcctcta tctttgttct tcttgctcag gattgtctgg acaatctggc     25620
     cccttttttg gttccatatg aagtttaaag tacctttttc caagtctgtg aaaaagacag     25680
     tggtagcttg atggggatag catttaagaa attactttgg gcagtttgac cattttcaat     25740
     atattgattc ttcctatcct ttagcatgga atgcttttcc atttgtttct gtcctctctt     25800
     atttccttga acagtggttt atagttatct ttgaagaggt ccttcacatc ccttggaagt     25860
     tgtattccta ggtattttat tctctttttc acaattgtga atgggagttc actcatgatt     25920
     tggctctctg tttttctgtt atcggtgtat aggaatagtt gtgatttttg cacaggattt     25980
     tgtatcctga gactttgctg aagttgctta ttagcttagg gaggttttga gctgagacga     26040
     tgtggttttc taaataaaca atcatgtctg tgcaaacaga gacaatctga ctccctcttt     26100
     tcaaagttga atactcttta tttctttctc ttgcctgatt gccctggcca gaatttccaa     26160
     tactatgttg aacagaagtg gtgagagagg gcatccttct cttgtgacgg ttttcaaagg     26220
     gaatgcttcc agcttttgcc cttcagtatg atattggctg caggtttttc ataagtagct     26280
     ttaattattt agagatatgt ttcatcttta cttagtttat tgagagtttt tagcatgaag     26340
     tatgttgact tttttgaagc ctttttctgc atctattgag ataatctcat ggtttttgtc     26400
     attggctctg tttatgtgat ggattatgtt attgatttcc atatgttgaa ttagccttgc     26460
     atcccaggga tgaaaccatc tcaatcgtat tggataagct ttttgatgtg ctgctggatt     26520
     ctgtttacca gtattttatt gaggagtttc acattgatgt tcatcaggga tattggtctg     26580
     aaagtttatt tgtctgaagt gtctgtgcca ggttttggta tcaagatgat gctggcctca     26640
     taaaatgagt tagggaggat tccttctttt tctgctgttt ggaatagttt ccaaaggaat     26700
     ggcaccagct tctctttgta cctctggtag aactgggctg tgaatatgcc tggtcctttt     26760
     ttatttgttg gtaggctatt tattactgcc tcagtttcag aacttgttat tggtctattc     26820
     agggattcaa cttcttcctg gcttagactt tggagggtat atgtgtccag gaatttattc     26880
     atttcttata gaattactag tttatttgca tagaggtgct tataatattc tctgatggta     26940
     gtttgtattt ctgtgggatt actggtgata tcccctatgt catattttat tgagtctgtt     27000
     tgattcttct ctcttttctt ctttattaat ctggctattg gtctatctat tttgttgatc     27060
     ttttcaaaaa aaccagctac tggattcatt aatcttttga aggatttttc atgtctcgat     27120
     ctccttcagt tctgctctca tagcagttat ttcatgtctt ctgctagctt tggaatttgt     27180
     ttgctcttgc ttctctagtt gttttaattt tgatgatagg gtgtcagttt tatatctttt     27240
     ctgctttctc ttctggacat taagtgctat aaatttccct gtgaacactg ctttaaatgt     27300
     accccaaaca ttctggtacg ttatgtcttg tttctcattg gtttccaaga acatctttat     27360
     ttctgccttc atttctcgag aggggggccg aagccaggga gctaagtggt ctggatcggt     27420
     gggtcccaac ctgatagagc ccaggaaact aagattcact agcttgaaat tcttgctgcc     27480
     agaacagcag caatctgaga tccacctggg acagtggagc ttagttgggg agaggagtcc     27540
     accattgctt gagtaggtgg ttttatggcc acagtataaa caaagctgcc aggaagttca     27600
     aacttggtgg aacccactgc aactcagcaa gttggctgtg cccagacttc cagatttctc     27660
     tgctctggac agggcatctc tgtaaaaagg cagtagcccc agtcaggggc ttatagccaa     27720
     cttaaatgtc cctgtctgaa ggctctgaag acagcagcca acctcccagc atggtgttca     27780
     agctgtgcta gggtcagtct gcttcctcaa gtgggtatac tgactgaaag acacctccca     27840
     gttggggcca agagacacct catacaggag agctctgcag cgcatctggc aggttccctg     27900
     ctgggtcaaa gcttccagag gaaagaacaa gcagcaatct ttgctgcttt gcaggctctg     27960
     ctgatgacac ccaggcaatc agggtcagga gtggacctcc agcaaactct agcatactga     28020
     cagcagagca gcctgactgt tagaaggaaa agaaacaagc agaaaggatt agcatatcca     28080
     ctcaaagacc ccatccaaag gtcaccaacg tcaaagacca atggtagata aatccacaaa     28140
     gatggggaaa aaccagcaca aaaaggctga aaattccaaa aaccaggatg cctctcctcc     28200
     tccagaggat cacaactcct caccagcaag ggaacaaaac tggatggata atgagtttga     28260
     tgaactgaca gaagtagggt tcagaaggcg ggtaataaca aacaactcta agctaaagga     28320
     gcatattcta gtccaatgcc aggaagctaa gaaccttgaa aaaaggtgag tctaattgtt     28380
     aactagaata accagcttga gaagaacata aacgacatga tggagctgaa aaacacagca     28440
     cgagaatttc gtgaagcata cacaaatatc aattgctgaa ttgatcaagc agaagaaaga     28500
     atatcagtga ttgaagatca tcttaatgaa ataaagagag aagacaagat tagagaaaaa     28560
     aggataaaaa ggaatgacca aagccttcca gaaatatggg actttgtgaa aagaccaaat     28620
     ctatgcttga ttggtgtacc tgataatgac agggagaata gaaccaagct ggaaaacacc     28680
     cttcaaatat tatccagtag aacttcccca atctagcaag atagtccaag attcctattc     28740
     aggaaataca gagaacacca caaagatact ccttgagaag agcaacccca agacacattg     28800
     tcatcagatt caccaaggtt gaaatgaagg aaaaaatgtt aagggcagcc agagagaaag     28860
     gtcgggttac ttataaaggg aagcccatca gactaacagc agatctctct gcagaaaccc     28920
     tacaagccag aagagagtgg gggggtaaat attcaacatt cttaaaggaa agaattttca     28980
     acccagaatt tcatatccag ccaaattaat cttcttaagc aaaggagaaa taaaatcctt     29040
     tacagacaag cataggctga gggattttgt gactaccaga cctgccttac aagagtgcct     29100
     gaaggaagga caaataagga aagcagcaac cagtaccagc cactgcaaaa acatgccaaa     29160
     ttctaaagac cattgacact ataaagaaac tgcatcaatt aatgggcata ataaccagct     29220
     aaaatcataa tgataggatc aaattcacac ataacaatat taaccttaaa tgtaaatggg     29280
     ctaaatgtcc taattaaaag acacagactg gcaaattgga taaagagtca ggacccatca     29340
     gtgtgctata ttcaggaaac ccatctcacg tgcaaagaca cacataggct caaaataaag     29400
     ggatggagga agatctacca agcaaatgga aaacaaaaaa aggcaggggt tgctatccta     29460
     gtctctgata aaacagactt taaaccaaca aagatcaaaa gagacaaaga agggcattac     29520
     ataatggtaa agggatctat gcagcaagaa gcactgacta tcctacatag atatgcatcc     29580
     aatacaggag catccagatt cataaagtaa gttcttagag accgacaaag agacttgcac     29640
     tcccacacaa taatagtggg agactttaac agcccagtgt caatattaga cagatcaatg     29700
     agacagaaaa ttaacaagga tattcaggac ttaactcagc tctggaccaa gtggatctaa     29760
     tagacatcta cagagctctc caccccaaat caacagaata tacattcttc tcagcaccac     29820
     atcacactta ttctataatg gaccacagaa ctgcaagtaa aacactcctt agcaaatgct     29880
     ctccatccca aatcaacaga atatacattc ttctcagcac cacatcacac ttattctata     29940
     atggactaca gaactgcaag taaaacactc ctcagcaaat gcagaagaac agaaattaga     30000
     gcaaacagtc taccagacca ctgtgcaatc aaattagaac tcaggattaa gaaactcact     30060
     caaaaccaca caaatacctg gaaactgaac aacccgctcc tgaatgtctt ctataatttt     30120
     gaaagccagc ttcatatttc ctgccctagg gggatgaagt aaagtaagca gtagatctag     30180
     ttagatatat gtgttatttt gtttagcaag ggttaatttg aattttgcca ttttataaca     30240
     actgattgtg gctgggaaca tgctaatggt tatggtgact gtattcactc tttctttgct     30300
     ttgaattttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gggagatgga gttttgctct tgctgcccag     30360
     gctggagtgc aatggcacaa tcttggctta ctgcaaccac tgcctccggg ttcaagcaat     30420
     tcttctgcct cagcctcccc agtagctggg attataggca tgtaccacca cgcctggcaa     30480
     attttttgta tttttagtag agagaggttt ctccatgttg aggctggtct cgaactcctg     30540
     acctcaggtg atccacccac cttggcctcc caaagtgctc ggattacaag tgtgagccac     30600
     cacgcccaga tttttttttt ttttttttat tgtaacaggg tctcattctg tcacccagac     30660
     tgaagtgcag ttgtgccatc tcagctcact gcagctttga ccttctgtgc tcaagcaatc     30720
     ctcccacctc agcctcctga gtagctggaa ctacaggtat acaagtgtgt gccaccatgc     30780
     ttggctaatt tttttatttt tttgtagaga tggggttttg ccatgttact cagcctagtc     30840
     tggaaatcct gggcttgagc aatctgccca ccttagcctt cccaagtgct ggaaatacaa     30900
     gtgtgagcca ctgtgctcag ccttgatttg aatttgaggg atagtatagt tctgtgttac     30960
     tacacctagt agaatattag catattcagt gactttaatt agaccttagt gtaatcccca     31020
     gtaacaatct gttgccttgg atgttctgtt ttctttcttt ttttttttaa attatacttt     31080
     aagttttagg gtacatgtgc actacgtgca ggtttgttac atacgtatac atgtgccatg     31140
     ctggtgtgct acacccgtta actcgtcact taacattagc tatatctcct aatgctatcc     31200
     ctccccactc cctccacccc acaacaggtc ccagtgagtg atgttcccct tcatgtgtcc     31260
     atgtgttctc attgttcaat tcccacctat gagtgagagg atgttctgtt ttctaaaggt     31320
     atatacgaga ttcttgtatt cttttcatat tagagacccc tggccagagt aggagctgta     31380
     gaggccacag tgagcccttc aggagaatga gatacagcag agtcactgct tgtgttcttg     31440
     agatgattgg atgacaaaga gggaaatgat aatgttaact gaggaaagtc tagaactgca     31500
     ggttaccata tgtatcccat attttaaccc tcacctgttg ttccattgta tttttctatg     31560
     taagttttta cttgcagtcc tatttctttc ttatttaaaa atcatgttaa tcattggtat     31620
     tagtagcatc tttgccagat aaaaaggaaa aactaaagtg aatgctttat gacgatatgt     31680
     gggaggaaag aatgtaatag cacttgagga atattggaac tgattatata ttacatggca     31740
     gtgggtagtg tttaataaaa tgattatatt tcatagaaag cattacatct tctttgagtg     31800
     agaaacatag agataatttc atgctaccct caccctttct tttaaacata tatatatttt     31860
     ttttaaattt aagttagaat ttgagtaatt gtattaccat atatatattt tttaaattta     31920
     agttagaatt tgagtaattg tattacatgt ggtgctgttt ttctcagagg aaaaatcagc     31980
     aaattatttc aaagatatgg aggatatggt gtttctctat atccaggtgg gactgaacaa     32040
     tgtattagcc aaggaaaacc ttccctttca cccactggag gctcactgaa aatcatgtca     32100
     caaaaagcag attaatagta gaaaagcgat acatatttat taagtcatag atctgtgtaa     32160
     cacaagagcc ttcagaacga agacgcaaag ataagatgga gaccattttt ttttcttaat     32220
     ttcaactttt attttaaatt cagaggatac agccttgcta catgagaata tttcatggtg     32280
     ctgatgtata aggtactgtt gatcccaatc aatagtggta agcatagtgg ccactagcta     32340
     gcttttcaac ccataccctg ctttctcccc agtctagtag tccctgtgcc tattgttccc     32400
     atctttcttt ccagatttac tcaagctccc acttgtaact gagaacatac agtatttaat     32460
     ttcctgtatc ctgtgttaat tcatttagta tggtggcctc cagcagtatt catgtttctg     32520
     caaaggacct gattttgttc gttttcatgg ttgcatagta ttccacagtg catgtatacc     32580
     acattttctt tattccacca ctgataagca tccaggttga ctcatgcctg tttttgctat     32640
     tgtgaatatt actgcagtga acatacaact gcatgtgtct tttttgtaga aaaatttatt     32700
     ttcctctagg tatacaccca gtaatgggat tgctgggcca aatggtagtt ttgttctaag     32760
     tcctttgaga aatctccaaa ctactctcca tagtagcgta aatattttac gttctcacca     32820
     ggagtatata agcattcctt tttctctgca acctcactag cttttgttgg gttttttttg     32880
     tttttgtttt tgacttttta atagtagcca ttctgactgg tgtgagatgg tatctcattg     32940
     tggttttgat ttacatttcc ctaatgaaca gtaatgtgga gcatttttca tatgtttatt     33000
     gatacttata tgttgagaag tatatgtcca tgttcttggc acacctttta atgtggttat     33060
     tcggaaactc aatttttatg ccaagattca ggaaactgca cagccagtag aaataagatt     33120
     ggacaaaaag gccctgatct aaagctaatg ggctgagtgg ggaaacccag ccaggcctgt     33180
     ctgcctagat tcttcttggc ctttctgaac agcactttct tccttctgga tgtgggatag     33240
     gaccctctct ggaatagggg tcttaggacc tacaattcac actgttagga cagaagattt     33300
     ctttatggcc agtgtttaag aaagtcaggg ggaaagttaa ggtcatcttt tatggctgct     33360
     ttgatagaga agcggtctgg tttgtatgac ctgcctttag gaggagaggt tctagtttct     33420
     ttggccagcc tctagggaga atggaattga gagacagcag gtcaggaaag ggtcagagat     33480
     aaaccttctg cctctgaggc tgttgaagtc ttcattttgt ggtatcattc tctgaacccc     33540
     aacaacacac attgttttaa cttcatacaa aacacttaga tcagttgggt ccaaacatgg     33600
     gtttatacac tgtgtggcaa aagtatggtc cttccctcta ctccaaaggg aacaaatgaa     33660
     atttattatt tatttattta tttatttatt tttattatac tttaagtttt agggtacatg     33720
     tgcacaacgt gcaggtttgg tacatatgca tacatgtgct atgttagtgt actgcaccca     33780
     tttactcttc atttaacatt aggtatatct cctagtgcta ttcctatccc ctccccccac     33840
     cccacaacag gccccagtgt gtgatgttcc ccttcctgtg tccatgtgtt ctcattgttc     33900
     agttcccacc tgtgagtgag aacatgtggt gtttggtttt ttgtccttga gatagtttgc     33960
     tgagaatcta acggtttcca gcttcatcca tgtctctaca aaggacatga actcatcatt     34020
     ttttatggct gcatagtatt caggggtgta tatgcgccac attttcttaa tccagtctat     34080
     cattgttgga catttgggtt ggttccaagt ctttgctatt gtgaatagtg cagcaataaa     34140
     cacacgtgtt catgtgtctt tatagcagca tgttttataa tcctctgggt ttatacccag     34200
     taatgggatg gctgggtcaa atgttatttc tagttctaga tccctgagga atcaccacac     34260
     tgacttccac aatggttgaa ctagtttata gtaccaccaa cagtgcaaaa gtgttcctat     34320
     ttctgcacat cctctccagc atctgttgtt tctgactttt taatattcgc cattctaatt     34380
     gttgtgagat ggtatctcat tgtggttttg atttgcattt ctctgatggc cagtgatgat     34440
     gagcattttt tcacgtttct gttggtggca taaatatctt cttttgagaa gtgtctgttc     34500
     atattctttg cctactttct gatggggttg tttgttttct tcttgtaaat ttgtttgagt     34560
     tcattgtagt atctggatat tagccctttg ttagatgagt agattgcaaa aattttctcc     34620
     cattttgtag gttgcctgtt cactctgatg gtaatttctt tggctgtgca gaagttcttt     34680
     agtttaatta gatcccattt gtcaattttg gctattgttc ccattgtttt cagtgtttta     34740
     gacatgaagt ccttgctctt gcctatgtac tgaatggtat ggcctaggat ttcttctagg     34800
     gtttttatgg ttttaggtct aacatttagg tctttaatcc atcttgaatt aatttttgta     34860
     taaggtataa ggaagggatc taatttcagc tttctacata tggctagcca gttttcccag     34920
     caccatttat taaataggga atcctttccc cttttcttgt gtttgtcagg tttgtcaaag     34980
     atcagatagt tgtatatatg cgacattatt tctgacggct ctgttctgtt ccattggttt     35040
     atatctctgt tttggtacca gtaccatgct gttttggtta ctgtagcctt gtagtatagt     35100
     ttgaagtcag gtagcatgat gtctgcagct ttgttctttt ggcttaggat tgactaggca     35160
     atgcagggtc ttttttggtt ccacatgaac tttaaagtag ttttttccaa ctctgtgaag     35220
     aaagtcattg atagcttgat ggggatggca ttgaatctat aaattaccct ggacagtatg     35280
     gccattttca cgatattgat tcttcctgcc catgagcatg gaatgttctt ccatttgttt     35340
     atatcctctt ttatttcatt gagcagtggt ttgtagttct ccttgaagag gtcattcaca     35400
     tcccttgtaa gttggattcc taggtatttt attctctttg aagctattgt gaatgggagt     35460
     tcattcatga tttggctctc tgtttgtctg ttattggtat aagaatgctt ttgatttttg     35520
     cacagtgatt ttgtatcctg agacattgct gaagttgcct atgagtttaa ggagattttg     35580
     ggctgaggat gatggcgttt tctagatata caatcatgtc atctgcaaac aggaacaatt     35640
     taacttcctc ttttcctaat cgaataccct ttatttcctt ctcctgcctg attgccctgg     35700
     ccagaacttc caacactatg ttgaatagga gtggtgagag agggcatctt tgtcttgtgc     35760
     cagttttcaa agggaatgct tccagttttt gcccattcag tatgatattg gctgtgggtt     35820
     tgtcatagat agctcttatc attttgagat atgtcccacc aataccgaat ttattgagag     35880
     tttttagcat gaaagttgtt gagttttgtc aaaggccttt tctgcatcta ttgagataat     35940
     catatgattt ttgtcattgg ttctctttat atgctgtatt aggttttttg atttgtgcat     36000
     gttgaatcag ccttgcatcc cagggatgaa gcccacttga tcatggtgga taaatttttg     36060
     atgtgctgct agattcagtt tgccagtatt ttattgagga tttttgccta ggtgttcatc     36120
     aaggatgttg gtctaaaatt ctcttttttt gttgtgactc tgccaggctt tgttgtcagg     36180
     atgatgctgg cctcataaaa tgagttaggg aggatttcct ctttttctat tgattgcatt     36240
     agtttcagaa gcaatggtaa caggtcctcc ttgtacctgt ggtagaattc ggctgtgaat     36300
     ccatctggtc ctggactttt tttgcttggt aagctattaa taattgccgc aattgcagag     36360
     cctgttattg gtctattcag agattcaact tctttctggt ttagtcttgg gaggttgtat     36420
     gtgtctagga atttatccat ttcttctaga ttttctaatt tatttgcgta gagttgttta     36480
     tggtattctc tgatggtagt ttgtatttct gtgggatcgg tggtgatatc ccctttatca     36540
     tttttcattg caactatttg attcttctct cttttcttct ttattagtct tgctaacggt     36600
     ctgtcagttt tgttgatctt ttcaaaaaac gagctcctgg attcattgat tttttgaagg     36660
     gttttttgtg tctctatttc cttcagttct gctctgatct tagttatttc ttgccttctg     36720
     ccagcttttg aatgtgtttg ctcttgcttt tgtagttctt ttaattgtga tgttagggtg     36780
     tcaattttag atttttcctg ctttctcttg tgggcattta gtgctataaa tttccctcta     36840
     cacactgctt tgaatgtgtc ccagagattc tggtaggtag tgtctttgtt ctcattggtt     36900
     tcaaagaaca tctttatttc tgccttcatt tccttatgta cccagtagcc attcaggggc     36960
     aggttgttca gtttccatgg agttgagcag ctttgagtga gtttcttaat cctgagttat     37020
     attttgattg cactgtggtc tgagagacag tttgttatga tttctattct ttcacatttt     37080
     ttgaggagtg ctttacttcc aactatgtgg tcaattttgg aataggtgtg gtgtggtgct     37140
     gaaaataatg tatattctgt tgatttgggt tggagagttc tgtagatatc tattaggtcc     37200
     acttggtaca gaggtgtgtt cagttcctgg atatcctgtt tagtttctgt gtggctgatc     37260
     tgtgtaatgt tgacagtggg gtgttaaact ctctcattat tattgtgtgg gagtgtaagt     37320
     ctctgtaggt ctctaaggac ttgctttatg aatctgggtg cccctgtatt gggtgcatat     37380
     gtatttagga tagttagctc ttcttgttga attgacccct ttaccattat gtaatggcct     37440
     tcttcgtctc ttttgattgt gttggtttaa agtctgtttt atcagagact aggattgcaa     37500
     cccctggctt tttttgtttt ccatttgctt ggtagatctt cctccttccc tttgttttga     37560
     gcctatctgt gtctgtgcac atgagctggg tttcctgaat acagcacact gataggtctt     37620
     gactgtttat ctaatttgcc agtctgtgtc ttttaattgg agcatttggc ccatttacat     37680
     ttaagattag ccttgttatg tatgaatttg atcctgtcat tatgttagct ggttattttg     37740
     ctcattagtt gatgcagttt cttcgtatcc ttgacggtct ttacaatttg gcatgttttt     37800
     gcagtggctg gtaccagttg ttcctttcca tgtttagtgc ttccttcaaa agctcttgta     37860
     gggcaggcct ggtggtgaca aaatctctca gcatttgctt gtctataaag gttttatttc     37920
     cccttcactt gtgaagctta gtttggctgg atatgaaatt ctgagttgaa aattcttttc     37980
     tttaaggatg ttgaatattg gcccccactc tcttctggct tgtagggttt ctgtcaagag     38040
     atcagctgtt agtctgatgg gcttcccttt gtgggtaacc caacctttct ctctggctgc     38100
     ccttaacatt tttctttcat ttcaaccttg gtgaatctga aaattatgtg tcttggagtt     38160
     gctcttcttg gggagtatct ttgtggcgtt ctctgtattt cctgaatttg aatattggcc     38220
     tgccttgcta gattggggaa cttctcctgg ataatatcct gcagagtgtt ttcccacttg     38280
     gttccattct ccccgtcact ttcaagtaca tcaatcagat gtagatttgg tcttttcaca     38340
     tagttccata tttcttggag gcttttctct tttcttttta ttcttttttc tctaaacttc     38400
     tcttctgact tcattgcatt catttgatct tccatcactg ataccccttc ttccagttga     38460
     tcacatcggc tactgaggct tatgcatttg tcatgtagtt cttgtactgt ggttttcagc     38520
     tccatcagct cctttaagga cttctctgca ttggttattc ttgtatccat tcgtctattt     38580
     ttttttcaag gtttttaact tctttgccat gggttcaaac tttctccttt agctcagagt     38640
     agtttgattg tctgtagcct tcttctctca atttgtcaaa gtcattctcc atccagcttt     38700
     gttccattgc tggtgatgtg ctgcattcct tcagaggagg agaggcactc tgatttttag     38760
     agtttcctgt ttttctgttc ggtttttttc cccatctttg tggttttatc taccttcggt     38820
     ctttgatgat ggtgacatac agatggggtt ttggtgtgga tgtcctttct gtttgttagt     38880
     tttccttcta acaatcagga ccctcagtag caggcctgtt ggaatttgct ggaggtccac     38940
     tccagaccct gtttgcctga gtatcagcag tggaggctgc acaacagtgg atattggtga     39000
     acagcaaatg ttgctgcctg attgttcccc tggaagtttt gtctcagaag agtacccagc     39060
     tatgtgaggt gtcagtctgc ccctactagg ggttgcctcc cagataggct actcgggggt     39120
     cagggaccta cttaagaagg cagtctatcc attctcagat ctccagctgg gtgctgggag     39180
     aaccactact ctcttccaag ctgtcagaca gggatattta agtctgcaga gttttgtgct     39240
     gccttttgtt tggctatgcc cttcccccag gggtggagtc tgcagagaca ggcaggcctt     39300
     cttgaagtgt ggtgggcccc acccagttcg agctttttgg ctgctttgtt tacctactca     39360
     agcctgagaa agcgtgggta cccctccccc agcctcactg ccaccttgta gtttgatctc     39420
     agactgctgt gctagcaatg agtgaggact ttgtgggtgt aggaccctcc gagccaggcg     39480
     caggatataa tcttctggtg tgctgtttgc taagaccatt ggaaatgcac agtattaggg     39540
     tgggagtgac ctgattttcc aggtgcggtc tgtcatccct ttctttgact aggaaaggga     39600
     gttccctgac cccttgcact tcccaggtga ggcgatgcct caccctgctt tggctcatgc     39660
     tcggtgtgct gcacccactt tctgacactc cccagtgaga tgaaccccgt acctcagttg     39720
     gaaatgcagt aatcacccat gttctgcatc gcttatgctg gaagctgtgg actggagctg     39780
     ttcctattcg gccatcttgg ctccaccccc catgaagttt attttggaga aagttaactc     39840
     agaacagaag gacctaggga tatcagagag ttgagatggg gcaagggcct gggctccctg     39900
     tctgtcctga caaagttaga acagaaggac ccagagacat cagagagtgg agtgagggtg     39960
     agggcctagg ctccttgttt gtaagggaat tgtctacact gtgcatacta atgatcatca     40020
     gctttcttgt ccttccttca aagttgaaag tcaccgtact ccttcaagtc catcctggag     40080
     gatccctttc ttcataaact gaactggcca agaaaagtat tccataattg gtatttaaag     40140
     gccatttggg cctattactt atgtactgta caatatgttc acctgctgag gagggaaccc     40200
     tggctatcca cacagacctg attcttaagt gagaaaagac agtcttaaat cctagatatt     40260
     cttgagaagg cttcaataag aaactcattt taaaaattga aaaaataatc atctggaggt     40320
     agcacacaca ccaaccaagg aaacagggac aaaattaatc tgtaacctgt aggaaataca     40380
     ctgaagtagt gactcataaa aaaatgggaa ttctattaaa atgtaacata ttacacaaat     40440
     taaagtatcc tattggagag agaatgtgag gagatctcca atggataaaa cttcagttag     40500
     agagagtgat agcaaaggga aaggaacaaa tatggagact ctaggaatct gacattcaaa     40560
     gagtattttc aggaaggatg acagagaata caaataagca aaagtgactt acattcaaat     40620
     agtgtttaaa aagtaatccc agcgttattg tgtaacagtg ctgaaataaa tgtatctgta     40680
     catgtgtctt catagttgaa tgatttataa tcctttttgt atatacccag taatgggatt     40740
     gctggatcaa atggtatgtc tcattctagg tccttgagga atcaccacgt tgtgttccac     40800
     aacagttgaa ctaatttata ctcccaccag cagtgtaaaa gcattcccat ttctccacat     40860
     cctctctagc atctgttgtt tcctgacatt ttaatgatcg ccattctaac tggcatgaga     40920
     ttgtatctca ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt tatctaatac accatgaaat atatgcagcc     40980
     atgaaaaagg atgagttcgt gtcctttgca gggacataga tgaagctgga aaccatcatt     41040
     ctcagcaaac taatacaaga acagaaaacc aaacaccaca tgttcttact catgagtagg     41100
     agttgaacaa tgagaacaca tggacacagg gaggggaaca tcacacacca gggcctgtca     41160
     tgtggtgggg agtaggggga gagatagtat taggagaaat acctagtgtt gatgacgcgt     41220
     tgatgggtgc agcaagccac cataccatat gtatacatat gtaacaatcc tgcacattct     41280
     gcccatgtac cccagaactt aaaatgataa taataataat tgccatcatc atcatcatca     41340
     tcatcatccc agcattgagg gatctacact tccaggctta ggaaacaaca tcagggttca     41400
     tcacagtgaa agaattgaaa ctccaaactc caaaagcaca ttgtgagatt tcagaagagc     41460
     aaatatgtgg gaaagaccat aagagcttga aggctgtatt agtccattct tgtactgaca     41520
     caaatacccg agattggata atttataaag aaaagaggtt taattggctc atggtttttt     41580
     aaactgcaca ggaagcatga tagcgtctgt ggtggcctca ggaatgtttc aatcatggca     41640
     gaaagtgaaa gcaaagcagg ttcatcttat gtggctagag caagaagagg agagagacag     41700
     aacatgctac aaaattttat acaaccagat ctcctgagaa ttcacttact atacagtacc     41760
     aagggggata tacagtatca ttctagagaa ctctgccctc catgatgcca tcacctcccg     41820
     ccaggcacca tctccaacac tggggattag aattcaatat gagatttggg tgaggataca     41880
     gatgcaaacc gtctcaagaa tttgtaattt catagaatgc ttcatgtttt caccaaatgt     41940
     taaaaatata gaaactttca ttattctaag aaaaaataat tttaccacat agaactctta     42000
     tcttggagca gctctttgtg ggcaggcaga gtcaaagcat ttacgctgat gtatcatttc     42060
     aaaaaattta cctttcatgc ttcccttctt ggaaagatgt gtgatcgtgt gttccttcaa     42120
     acagtggaat aaatgatgaa tacaaagatg gagaatctaa gaaacagtgg ccttcacaga     42180
     agacagctga agtaattaag acatcagatt attgcctgga gcaggctggg acatctgaca     42240
     tcctagagtt aaactttgag gagaatgaac ataaaagaaa aggaagtaag ccatttgacc     42300
     aggtagaaat agtactcgag atgggcttta gtccagaaaa attgaacaat atacacacag     42360
     acaagcatga aatgaaaacc tgaagcagtt attgtctcca gataaaacag gaggtgattc     42420
     aatgaaggag atttaattgg ggtagaaggc ttagttcagg agtgattagt tcaggagtaa     42480
     ttgcacagtt acagtaaagt tgaagagaga aggctgggta cagtggatca tacctgtagt     42540
     cccagcactt tgggcggcca agacaggcag atctctttag cccaagactt ggagaccagc     42600
     ccgggcaata tggcaaaacc ccatctctac agaaaaaaaa atgaaaaaat tagccagtat     42660
     ggtggcactt gcctgtagtc ctagttatgg cagagtctga ggtgggagga tgttttgaac     42720
     ctgggaagtc ggggttgcag tgagttgtga ttgtaccatt gcactgcagc ctgggcaaca     42780
     gagcaagacc ctgtctctaa aaacaacaac aaacaaacaa acaaacacgg ggcaaataga     42840
     gtgggggttg cccataggta attaataggt aatatctaaa aacaatatat caagaaaaaa     42900
     tagcatgaac tatttcttag taatatcaag aagatatttg aaggagagaa gctaagaaat     42960
     ctgaaagcat ttgccttcta gcaagtgtgg tcctgggatg tcgtatgctg tgcaagaaag     43020
     tgctgttgtg caaataacac ctgtagtagt tcgactttta aaaattcatg catgcgggac     43080
     catcctggct aacacggtga aacccatctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agctgggcat     43140
     ggtggcagga gtctgtagtc cctgctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac     43200
     ctgggaggtg gagcttacag taagcagaga tcgcgccact gccctccagc ctgggtgaca     43260
     gagggagact ccatcacaaa aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaaaca aagaaaaaaa     43320
     accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acacctcacg catgcctttc tttgtttcca     43380
     aagaaacaag tagttttata ctacttacat attatggtag aatgatttat aatcttttgg     43440
     ctatatactc agtaatggga ttacttggtc aaatggtatt tctactattc tttgtttcca     43500
     aagaaaggca tggtatggaa atggtttcca acagttggag aaacaaattt tttttccaaa     43560
     agaaaaatga taaggccaag attgaatggt atgtgaatgt gaatatgata gttaaaagca     43620
     ttatttctca aatgtacctt cccattggaa tcagctggag aatgtaataa gtattaatgc     43680
     ctgtgctatg gtcctccaga gatactgact tgcttggtct gcaatgcaga ccgggcagtg     43740
     agattttttt cagttcttct tagggattgt gagatacagc agagtttagg aagcatggat     43800
     ctaggtttgc tcagattctt actttcattt aaaaatctgt atctgggcac aatgggtcat     43860
     acctgcaatc ccagaacatt gtactgggtg gaggtggcag gatcatttgt atccaagagc     43920
     tccagacaag cctgggcaac atagtgaaac cccatctgta tggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     43980
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaagaaa aaaattagcc aagtgtaata gttcatgcct atgttctcag     44040
     ctattcagga ggctaaggta ggaggatcac ttgagccttg gaggtcatgg ctgcagtcag     44100
     ctgagatcac accaccacac tctagcctgt acaacagagt gagaccctgt ctcaaacaaa     44160
     caaacaaaaa ttacgcagtg tactcttcaa caagataaag tggtttcagt aataaactac     44220
     taataatatg atgatttaga ttgagcaaac ttcacttagt catttctttt ttattatctg     44280
     atatgttctt tataaaaagt tttaattgct taaaaatgac ctaatgcttc tcccaagctt     44340
     cctttttttt ttctctctct cttaactgaa gtcacagaat gttctccttt gtggagtgct     44400
     aaacaacatt aagaaattat tagctttaag gacattctaa gagtaaggtt ataaacctaa     44460
     aacccctaaa aggtaaaaga aaattgaaga ggcagtacaa agactgtcct ctctcaaagg     44520
     gtcccttctc atggaaatag gctgctattc caggtcagtg ggaggtgatc ctatgggaag     44580
     cccattgtgt atggcccatg gcaccattcc agcttaattg ttccaattcc tcctgtttct     44640
     ctgactgcac atgaggttaa attaaatata attttctcag tttgcatttc ccaggcagtc     44700
     atcctaagtg gcttcttgaa ggcggtctgt gcattccgct atctaattct gtgatgtcct     44760
     ttaactcgag ggccagtgac atgattatca gctctagaag ttcattctgt ggtcagagat     44820
     gcttgtgcag tggccatttt ctttcattat gatctggcct ttcccaagct tcagaagtga     44880
     agagaattga ctttcctact aatgagcatt ggcacttagg aagtgaatac tttatctttt     44940
     gcagctagtg tgttctacat ttcttcagtg tacctcctgc ctggtaaata tcagattatt     45000
     tgttgaccat ctctcagggt atagttcttt gtgttattaa atgagaacct agtggcttac     45060
     aaagcattgg cttttgagga gccactttta tcctagatga taactcaaat ccatacagtg     45120
     ctgatattta cagctgggag atgacattgt cttatctttg ggtctattgc tcaaatttct     45180
     gatttcagca ggacttactc actggctgcc ttctgtcttg gggatgcctt tgatctgtct     45240
     tgccttgggg gaccctccct ctgacctgga ttagcagcct atttccacaa gaatggaccc     45300
     tctgagagag gacagtcttc gtactggctc ttccgatttt cctttatctg ttatgggttt     45360
     tgggtttata aatttactct tagaatgtcc ttaaagctaa taatttttta acgttcttta     45420
     gcatattact aaaagctatt catctgcttg agagactgag gaaggagtgt tgcttgagcc     45480
     tgaaagattg aggctgcagt gagctgtgat cctgccactg cactccagtc tgggtgacag     45540
     agaaagacct tgtctcaaaa aaataaaaag gacaggtaca atagctcatg catgtaatcc     45600
     cagtactttg aggggctgag gcaggaggat tgctttaggc cagagttcta gaccagcctg     45660
     caacataggg agatccatct cttcaaaaca taaaaaatta attagacatg atggcacatg     45720
     cctgtagtcc cagcttcttg aggggttgag accagcagga ggatttctag ggcctaggag     45780
     ttccaggatg caatgagcaa tacttatgtg gttaatacat attgaaacca gttgttggag     45840
     aattagtatg tgttctccca caaattcagt atgtttttgt aatggtccaa ctaattcaaa     45900
     tggtataaac ataatataag caaattattt tatgttgttt gtttaaaaac ctttttgact     45960
     gaatcagtct atgacgcttt agtatttgaa gttgtgggca gaacttagtc ttaagatagc     46020
     actcaccttg gtgatagatt tccatggagg gaatttttgc cagatgttaa tttagcctga     46080
     agatgttata gatgtggaca gtcacgccct ctaagtctgg ggtgggctaa ttgaaaagaa     46140
     catgcaggaa ccaggcttgt taagggataa acatagggga aatggaacaa ttatggcaga     46200
     gattgaattg ggtttaattg ggttaggaag agtgaaagaa tagattttaa taagaggtct     46260
     ggaaatagcc aagaaaccca cttattgtag aaaatgtgtg acatctgatt accgtagtga     46320
     aagaaagatc ccccttcaaa aatcctatct atacagaaag aagtggtagg taaaaggaaa     46380
     tcttcccatg gatgtattta agaaaaacag tggggaggtc tgagatttca aagggccatg     46440
     gttcagatta taattcaaaa gagaggcaag tgatagttcc cctcttcttg ggtttcagga     46500
     agggggaaga tttggccact tgtgaaataa ttttggagct tctataacct tgagcctttc     46560
     ttcttatttt ttcctggact tgagacataa ggggattgat aagatgggac cagagaaaaa     46620
     gcaggttttg aaatgccttt tttgattctg ttcatttctg gaattcttca tcatggtcct     46680
     taaagagtac atatttgttc ctgatacaca acatgcagtg gtctattaat gaagctttat     46740
     ttcctcagct aggttgcctc ctccattaat ttgtgggatt ttagatgaaa acttacttga     46800
     actgtggttt tctctgtgtt tgtgaatgga aggacatgtt tgtctttgac cttcctttag     46860
     tttcacatct tagtcttaat atttaagtag ctttgtttca gacagagaag gaccatgcgt     46920
     tcagttgctg ggactgctct ctaggttaga ggctttctgg tcttggggaa gattccccac     46980
     aaactaagca agtggcatag atgcttaata ttctaagtga gagaagcact agagtttttt     47040
     attcattact tgtgagcgca gatgtggcct ctggggaagc tcagctgagg tggtctcatg     47100
     ttccaccaaa ggtcaccaga gagagatggc caggaagaca ggaagacttg tctcacctgg     47160
     gagggtatgg caacagctat gcaagacctc ttgttggaga tatgtgacat tcattcattt     47220
     atttattttt tgaaacatag tttcattctt tcacccaggc tgaagtacag tggcacgatc     47280
     agggctcact gcaacttccc tgtctcgagc tcaagccatt ctcccacctc agcctcctga     47340
     gtagctagga cagcaggcag gtaccactct gtccaggtaa tttttaaaat ctttttagaa     47400
     acaaggtatt gccatgttgc ccaggctggt ctggaactcc taggctccac tcccgcattg     47460
     gcctccaaaa gtgctggtat tgcagggatg agccttggtg cctggcccat ttattcttaa     47520
     gtacttatgc tcagggcagg tcttccaagg gaagaaaaga acagccagat aagactcgta     47580
     tgagatagct gaggaggcgg catttcatcc ttctatgcat atcctcctta tccacaagca     47640
     gaatgctgtc ctacaaccat tgctgtcccc attaggtcat gataggtaga catgcaggtg     47700
     atgaccacag actggcagtt agccaaggat tctcagtgtt gcacgttgca tgggtgagtg     47760
     tgtgtgacgg atgcctctgg cagtttggtg gaaaattggt acgttttgta aaaatgatat     47820
     gtttaagtct tctaataagg taaatactca taagaggaag tcagttttat tgaaatagtt     47880
     agcacatata ttaatattaa tatttaaggc caggtgcatt gactcattct tgtaaatccc     47940
     agcatttggg gatgctgagg tgagaagatc tcttgaggcc aggagttcaa gttgccagcc     48000
     tggacaacaa agggagacta tttctacaaa caataaaata aaaaaaaata aaagatatat     48060
     ttaaactggg ctgtagtaat acatgtgtat ctttattgta tattaagtag ctggatctac     48120
     ttatgaggtt catactagtc acaatttctt agtacaattg agtttaaaca atattttggg     48180
     gtatttgtcc taccaacatt gataatggaa gaaaatacta aatttcagtg cacggtaatg     48240
     aaactaaaca tgtaattcct ttttcccatt gcagttagta gaacccatag aatgtatcta     48300
     aagacaccta ggtggcaaaa ggtaaatgct tgagggtatg ataccccatt ctccatgatg     48360
     tgattgcata cctgtatcaa aatatctcat gtacctcata aatatatata catgctgtgt     48420
     acccacaaaa ataaataaag aggaaacttg gatgggattg ggatttttga tgttagggtg     48480
     gagaacgtct gcattgagga ttgtgtagag ggaagagttt tgatttatta tacccgtttc     48540
     tttaaaaaaa caaaacaaaa ccaaaaaaaa cctgcatgtg atgtgaggaa ttttgccaga     48600
     ggtggggaac gtgaaactca ctagttgaaa acattctata ctgaggtaat ttttttatgt     48660
     caaaaagaaa gtgaagagtg tggcagatta aaatcttcat gttatttgca ttttacaagc     48720
     ttggaagtct caatatcaat tattattgac tgctatttac tgcaattttt gacacaaaac     48780
     atacttcatt ttaatgaact ttgccttgtt tgaatgttcg taagactttg gagggagttt     48840
     tagaaagaga tagttgcctt tgatccctga agtatattat ttggtctatc ctgattctgt     48900
     ctcttgactt tgcacttgtc tttcctgaac tctgtttaaa agaagctttt ttttatgcct     48960
     cttttcttcc ttcctattct aatatgagat acagaggttt ttatgggtaa catcttgtct     49020
     atatgccaga ttgtggaagc cttggttgtt acccagggat ggaaggtctg atctcagtta     49080
     agttctgacc ctaggataag aagcccctct ggagtaactg actcagtggg gtagagccta     49140
     ttttcacaaa ttaatattcc tgtctgggga tggcagtgaa aacattttgg gcagtgggtg     49200
     gaaatgataa tgttcaagcc tgaagatgaa gtttgccttt tctcggagct tgtacagtgt     49260
     catactccgg aaataaactg tgtgggaaag gtggtgttta gtaacctaga gctgtacacc     49320
     ttgcaaggcc ctcatcttgt cattctgcac tgtaagaagc acatgaagaa agagtgtagg     49380
     ctgtcagaga gagcgtcaca ctgaagtagg cacttcttac atacagctgt ctgcctaaaa     49440
     tagagtaact ttagcaaata ggatctgtga tatagaaatt ggaaactcta gccagggttg     49500
     tgaaaaatgg agctggggtc acaggtggtg gactggaaaa cgttctgaag aaactcagct     49560
     ttttggatat tgtacagttc attaggggag ctatgagaag cagttatgaa gctccttatg     49620
     aacgaaacgt agaggccggg tgcattggct cacacctgta atcccagcgc tttcggaggc     49680
     tgaggcgggc agatcatgag gtcaggtgat tgagaccatc ctggccaaca tggtgaagcc     49740
     ccggctctac taaaaacaca aaaattagct gggagtggtg ttgcatgcct gtaatcacag     49800
     ctacacagaa ggctgaggca ggagaatcgc ttgaaccagg gagttagtag ttgcagtgaa     49860
     ccgagatcac accactgcat tccagcctag caacagagga aatctctgtc ttaaaaaaag     49920
     aaacaaagaa acaaaaacaa agaaagagac atagaaacat acccatcagt gttactcagg     49980
     agggttctgg ttcctgtttt gcacttggca gtacacactt gttcttgtcc acattatcct     50040
     ccatctgtcc acatgatcaa ccatctgcag tcccaccacc agccaagggt cgtgccaggt     50100
     cagaagtact actccaggtc aaactgtgtt attttgaaat ggagttattt gttattgttg     50160
     ttcttactca aactagcagt tttcctttgt agaagaactc ggtttccact ctgggttaaa     50220
     tatttcgttt atgtgatcaa gattatctct gtccatcaga tacagcagtg agaaaccctt     50280
     ttataggaaa tggggttaaa agtgacagga tatctataat tgtttatttt gtttgctaaa     50340
     ttgcaggtaa atatattcgc agaactagtt ttgataacct ttttaaaaat aggcttattt     50400
     gacgttggct gaaactaaga ctctagaact ttactgctac atcaatgaat gacaagtctc     50460
     tctattcagc atgaaatccc tgcagacaaa aaccacaggg actacatcat gaaggctatg     50520
     agaattttat ggtggaaacc tgagtgaagc aggtggtaga agaatctaat gtagtaccat     50580
     gcccacagga gatgatctaa gaatgccctc acacctaacc ttgcaagttt tctaccttct     50640
     gtgtcttggt ttcctctaat ttctttgtct cttttctccc ttttaattta atagggtttg     50700
     ctgaagactt tctctcttcc aaggtcaagt gttagtcatc tctgggcttt gccgttagat     50760
     actcatcata gtctaacaat gaatgtaagc actgaggaag taagtaatgg tgacaatgtg     50820
     gatgttcctt ttggtatcat ttttctcatg ctctgtaaat cttggtggtc tcatattcat     50880
     attattgaat accaatgctt aacccctctc tgccgtcttt acagaagtcc cctggtctac     50940
     ctctctctac gtgtctaaaa ttgtagaatt gtcttctaga cactctattg caaattccct     51000
     tctgcacaag cccaacattt cacagaagga gcaggtgggg ggcaatgaaa gagagcatgg     51060
     ctcaattgta gcaattgaaa ggcaagcttt gtctcatcag ctgcagtgtt tactacttga     51120
     ggatgggaat ttgattggtg tatctttaca ttttatcaaa gtgggtttca ccatggaagc     51180
     attcagtggt acctcagtga ataattataa ttagctagga tttctttgga ggatatttat     51240
     tgttctaaat ttgtatatat ttatatgtac atactgtatt agttcatttt catgctgctg     51300
     ataaagacat aactgagact gggtaattta taaagtaaaa gaggtttaat aaactcatag     51360
     ttctttgtgg ttgggaggcc tcacagtcct ggcaaaaggc aagggaagaa caaaggcaca     51420
     tcttacatgg caacaggcaa aaagagagag cttgtgcagg ggaactcctc tttaaaaaac     51480
     catcagatct tgtgacctca tagttcacat gagaacatga caatgaataa gtcatgggtg     51540
     gaaactgccc ccatgtttca attatctccc actgggtccc tccccttaca tgtgggaatt     51600
     atgagagcta caattctaga tgagatttgt gtggagacac agccaaacca tgtcacatac     51660
     atatgcatat ctttatgtag gggatcttta tgtaaggtat gtgaatacag gtgtgtatat     51720
     tcatatactc ttgtactttc tcaaacacat accatagaat gtgtaataat gtgtctggaa     51780
     ttggtgggtt cttggtctca ctgacttcaa gaatgaagct gcggaccctc gcggtgagtg     51840
     ttatagctct taaggtggcg cgtctggagt ctgtcccttc tgatgttcag atgtgttcag     51900
     agtttcttcc ttctggtggg ttcgtggtct cgctggctca ggagtgaagc tgcagacctt     51960
     cgcggtgagt gttacagctc ttaagatagt gcatctggag ttgttcatta ctcctggtgg     52020
     gctcgtggtc ttgctgggct caggagtgaa gctgcagatc ttcacagtga gtgttacagc     52080
     tcataaaagc agcgtggacc caaagagtga gcagtagcaa gatttattgc aaagagcaaa     52140
     agagcaaagc ttccacagtg tggaagggga cccgagtggg ttgccaatgc tggctcaggc     52200
     agcctgcttt tattctctta tctggcccca cccacatcct gctaattgta gagccgagtg     52260
     gcctgttttg tcagggcgct gattggtgca tttacagtgc ctgagctaga tacaaaggtt     52320
     ctccatgtcc ccatcagatt agttagatac agagtttcga cacacaggtt ctccaaggcc     52380
     ccaccagagc agctagatac agagtgtcga ttggttcatt cacaaacctt gagctaaaca     52440
     cagggtgctg attggtgtat ttacaatcct cgagctagat acagagtgcc gattggtgta     52500
     tttacaatcc ctgagctaga cataaaggtt ctccacgtcc tcaccagagc agctagatac     52560
     agagtgtcga ctggtgcact cacaaacctt gagctaaaca cagggtgctg attggtgtat     52620
     ttacaatccc tgagctagat ataaagactc tccacgtcct cacaagagca gctagataca     52680
     gtgtcgattg gtgcactcac aaaccttgag ctaaacacag ggtgctgact gatgtattta     52740
     caatccctga gctacatata aagattctcc acgtccccac cagactcagg aacccagctg     52800
     gcttcaccta gtggatccca caccgaggct gcaggtggag ctccctgcca gtcctgcacc     52860
     atgcgctcac attcctcagc ccttgggtgg tcgatgggac taggcgctgt ggagcatggg     52920
     gtggtgctcc ttggggaggc tcgggccgca caggagccca tggagtgggt gggaggctca     52980
     gacatggtgg gctgcaggtc ctgagccctg ccgcatggga aggcagctga ggcccagcta     53040
     gaaattgagt gcagcgccag tgggccagca ctgctggggg actcagtaca ccctctgctg     53100
     ccactggccc gagtgctaag tcccccattg cccggggcca gcagcgctgg ccggctgctc     53160
     cgagtgcggg gcccgccaag cccacgccca cccggaactc cagctggccc acaagtgctg     53220
     cacgcagccc cagttcctgc tcactcctct ccctccacac ctccctgcaa gctgaaggag     53280
     tgggctccag ccttggccag cccagaaaag ggctcccaca gtgcagtgga ggggctgaag     53340
     ggcccctcaa atgccaccaa agtgggagcc caggcagggg aggtgacgag agccagcgag     53400
     ggctctgagg actgccagca tgctgtcacc tctcaatccc ccctctaaac aggacacccc     53460
     aactgctgtt gggaatttgg ccaatgaccg ctttggctac ttcctgctgc ataggggtga     53520
     agaaggggcc ctgaagttgt ggtatccttc agaggggaac tctctaggcc aggggaagtg     53580
     ccagcaagtc ggtccagggg tcctcggtag aagttgttag ttgaactcat ttggggttcc     53640
     atttgtaaga ccatctgtag cttgatggcc tcaattctag aggaaacaaa cttgacaaga     53700
     aggttaaaaa tacagggccc aaaggcgagt aacagcaaga tggctgccac aggacctaga     53760
     aaggggagaa gccatgttgc ccaactccag aggttggtat aagaatttga aaggcgttgt     53820
     ctgatttcag aagccttttc cagtaaacgc cgggcagcat ctcgtactat ccctgattag     53880
     ttagtgtaaa aacaacactc ttcccctaag aaggtgcaga gtcctccttt ctcagcagtg     53940
     aggcagtcta gacctcggcg gttttggaga gtcactgctg ccaaagagtc tatttgggat     54000
     tgtaaagtaa gaagattttg ttatttcttg caaactatct gacaaatcgt ttgagagtgt     54060
     gtggtagtag gataatgaag ttgatagacc agctattctg gttcctgtag cagtagccat     54120
     tcctaacact ataagtaggg gtattagttg tacggctctg cgctgacgga cttgagcttt     54180
     gaggggtact gataaggtct gatttcctgg gacaatgtta atgttaggac ttagaaagac     54240
     taaggtgcat gtgcctgtcc agttagtggg gaggcagata taggttgaca ttccacataa     54300
     gaagaatatg ccttggctgg gtagacagaa ctggttatgt atgttaaaaa aggtgtgtga     54360
     gtttgttgtt ttcattttcc catactccta gagtacttgc caaggtacct ccagtgagca     54420
     gctggaaagg ggtgttggga gaaaactgag tggctccctg tgttctattt tcccatcgga     54480
     gaaaaaaatg ttttgtatcc actaggaacc atctgataga gtgattgaaa gaggggatga     54540
     gaaggcattc actagtggta ggggcgctgt tgcagggagt ccaggggtga ttggtcatgc     54600
     agggagtatg tttgccattg caaaacctgg actgtttgtt caccagggag gaggtgatga     54660
     ttttgggggg cactgagaag cagagaaggc atcagaatgg agctgtttgg gtgactcaaa     54720
     agttactatg atcatttgga gcttgaagtt gtaaggtgta attacactga tgcgttggta     54780
     ggtgccgcag aggcaggcct gataacaggt tgcattggat gcataaaggg gcttggaaag     54840
     ttaagatagt gttcgtggtt acaaggcttt tcattgcttg tgtaataggt gaggttggaa     54900
     atgtaagaac ataaaatttg ggttgcacgt cctgttaggg tacttttggt cccatcagat     54960
     attgggaagt cagccaatga ttgcatattt agaagttgga aagggtcttt tccttcgtaa     55020
     cgagggtgga aggtcaagtt ggtaaagacc cagttttttg caggaatggg agtggcaacg     55080
     taggcagagg ttgatagaga gatacacagc caacagtcat ttgccaggga agtattggac     55140
     tggtttaaca gagtgtgagt taagttgaga gtcttgtaga ggtaattagg agctagtgaa     55200
     aggggagggg tgattgtatg aggtttccaa ggaagcagga gggatacaca ggcaaagagc     55260
     aaataggaag gtaaagaggg tgctccagaa aatgagatca ttttatctag tctgagttag     55320
     aggtaggagt aaattactgt caaaaggaag gaagatagaa aggaggttga tgtgattagg     55380
     attttcattc tggcaggagc tagagtatat tgtcctatca caaagagtat ggttagtgtg     55440
     ctgttttcac ttatcttttt taaggaggaa gaggtctttc ctcaggatca gtggtaggag     55500
     cctttttagt ctgggatgtt tccttctgaa ataagaggtg caagtcctcc aacggttcgc     55560
     aggtgtatcg aagctggtct ggctgatctt gggactcctg agctgatgat ccagcaggtt     55620
     cctcaggaga tgtccaaagt ttaactcggg tgtggtgaat ccaagtttcc actcctgcca     55680
     tgttaactgc aatgggagta gagaggatta tagagtatgg tccttcccac aaagagtcca     55740
     tagatgggga ggtagaggga agagatttga ccaacactag atctcctggt tgaaacaact     55800
     ctgttccctg ttctctgtga catccttcag gtagattttt aaggttttgt tgatattttg     55860
     ccaaagttat atctttgaca aagttggcca tttcctgatt gagtaggagg tcatttgtga     55920
     gaaaaggtcg cccatacagc atttcatatg gactgagccc tattttgtgg ggagaatttc     55980
     gaattctcaa caaggccatg ggcaaaagag taggccatgg gaggtgagtt tcttgtgtta     56040
     gtttccttaa gtgcctcttg agtgtttgat ttgccttctc aaccttccca gaggattgtg     56100
     gcctccagga gcaatgaagg cgatattgta tccctagtgc cttggagatt ccctgagtta     56160
     tcgtggcttt aaaagctgga acattctcac tctgtaagct ttggggaagc ctgaatctag     56220
     gaattattag gactttaatc acttcctgag ccttctctgt cttgtaagag aaagcttcta     56280
     tccaatttgt aaaggtatca acacagacca acaagtattg aaatcccttt gacttaggca     56340
     tatgggagaa gtctaactgc cagtcctctc cgggatagtg acctattctt tgttccccca     56400
     caggggcctt atgatatacc aagggataat tcttttggca cacctcacag gctttgacta     56460
     cctgtcagat ggtctggagg agatttggcc ctgtaaatag ggatttggcc atttgattag     56520
     tgttttcaat acccatatga aaagtttggt ggagggtctt aagtattttc cactggctgc     56580
     cttccggtat aagtaccttt ccttcttctg tcaccaacca ccctgaaggg agaaaactat     56640
     gcccccatga aagtccccat tctgtttcag tccgggaata ctggggcttc atctcctgga     56700
     gggggttgtt ccataccaag ggtccttcca taggcatttc taatgggaca ttcctcctgg     56760
     cagcagcttt gacctcagca tctgcctgat ggtttccttc tgccttttct ccttcacctt     56820
     tctgatggct ttgtcagtgt aagattccca cctctttgtg ttttttcact gtgtgactgg     56880
     gcgggcattt ttttgccctt tcagattgtc cttccaatgc ccagacttca gggttgattc     56940
     cctcctcaag taggggacaa caaatgggta aattgttccc catattcatg tagataatag     57000
     ctccagcctt ggctaatata tccctcccta ataagggtgt gggactttca ggcataacaa     57060
     gaaaggcatg tgaaaagagc agagtctccc aattacaact gaggagatgg gagaaatacc     57120
     tgattacagg ctgccccagg attcctcaga tggtaactga ccttgaggac agtcgtccag     57180
     gacaggagat taacactgag aaggctgtgc cagtatccag gaggaagtca atttcctggt     57240
     catcaatagt taaacatacc tggggctcag tgagggtgat gacatgagct ggtgctagcc     57300
     cctggcaccc tcattccttc tgttggatca tctggttggg ggcttctgac ccagggaaac     57360
     ttcatcctct ggggcagtgc accttccagt gattgcctcg gcatagtgga cacggacgag     57420
     ggggcagctt gtttcttatt ggacaatctt ttttaaaatg tcgtagtaaa ccgcactgat     57480
     aacaagccct accaggtgat tggcctgctc cattttctga cctctctgaa ccaccaaagt     57540
     ttgtttgtct gagggccatg actaaggctg tggcctttct ctgatctcgc ttttcctttt     57600
     gggcctgttc ttcttggtcc ctattataga acactgaggt tgccaggttt aataatgtct     57660
     ctagattttg ttcagggccc agggcttgct tttggagctt tctcctgata tctgcagctg     57720
     atggattggg taataaacat atcttttaga atcaattgac cctcaagtga ttcaggtgac     57780
     aggggagtat attttcttaa ggcctctcgt agccgctcga ggaaggcaga aggtttttct     57840
     tcctttccct gggttatggt agatatcatt gaataattca tgggcttttt tctaattctc     57900
     cttagtcctt ccagaacaca ggtcaataga tgtttacaac tccagtcccc atgatctgag     57960
     tcaaggtccc agtggggatc cgtactgggg atggcttgct gaccagtagg gaatttgtcc     58020
     ctttcttcag ctgtcattct atcatttact tgactaagac accaggtatc tccaaactcc     58080
     taggctgcag ctaaagccgc attcttttca ttaaaggcca gggtttgaac tatcagtagc     58140
     atgacatctc tccaagtgag gtcaaaggtt tgccctagat gctgtaggac atctatgtac     58200
     ctatcaggat catctgaaaa cttccccagg tctgccttga tctgctttaa atcagagagg     58260
     gagaagggga catatacccg ggttgggcca aattcccctc ctgctacaga ttgaagggga     58320
     cataaccgac agcccggggg tttttgtggt cctttggaga tttctttgct tgtttccttc     58380
     cgggcagggg agattagagg aggagtatca ataataggaa ggggagctat agggaggcta     58440
     ggatataggg gtaagctgag gggtcctcct ctgggatgta aattgcaagc tttgcatagt     58500
     tgtgtattct ccctcaatga aaagaaagct cggacataag gcatttcact ccatttgcct     58560
     tccctcttac agaaaagatc aagctgcagg atagtattgt aatttgtact tccctcaggt     58620
     ggccattttt ccccatcaga aagagaatat tggggccagg ccgcagtgca gaaaaaaaat     58680
     gagctgcctc tttttcaggg tttgtgggtc aaattggtcc caatggctta ggatgcattt     58740
     caagggtgag cctgttgatg cctgagtgtt tcccatctga aagacaaaat tacccgcagt     58800
     tttggtttgt tttgtttctc tccctgtcca agaacccgca acggtccctg gaccctgctg     58860
     atcggaatag ttgcactcac tgacgcagca acagaaacac tagttttcct cccagaccac     58920
     atggaggacc gaggaaggtc ggatttagtg gtccttactg acgcaatgtt gaaaacctgc     58980
     acccttgctt gtcctcctag accacaagga ggaccgactg agaaaaatcg gatttagtgg     59040
     cccttaccaa cgcatcctca aaaacctgtt agagtcctaa gcgttctcct gttagtatta     59100
     ggactttacc cctgtcctat aaagatgtta tgccccaaaa atgaaatgga gggccatacc     59160
     ctgagggagg gaagggatct tcatggttgg aagagtgaca ccttttgtcc tcacttatag     59220
     gaaggataca atttctgagg ctccccatat cctagcttca ggaataactt ttgttaggcc     59280
     tgttagtctg aggagggatc ctaaaattcc aggtagtccc cactatgatg gggccttggg     59340
     caaaaactgt atctttctga ttggtgagcc cgggtgccta aagaagataa cagagtcctg     59400
     gagtttatac tagaagtcat tcttatagga gaaacaagaa aagcaccaga ggcaggtagc     59460
     aatttttaga agcgggtcta gactcagaag agaggcgaga ggaagtttgt ctggcaggca     59520
     ttgggaccca gagggcaagg gtcagtatag ataggataga taggcgagtc tcgcttgggc     59580
     gacatgcttg agagttccgc tcatggctgc agggtcaacc aacatgttgt tgggaccccg     59640
     gagatgcatg gctttcctct ctgtcgaccc tcggctcagc ccagaagtac agaaaaagca     59700
     gaagctggtt ctaggtaaaa caacggtccc aactccaaag agttgggggt tgttagagag     59760
     ccctttccca gaaagcctga cacccgcgtc tttagtctgg cagccacact agttgccttt     59820
     aactggctga caggtgcctg gtatttagcc cccgaattct aaggaaagat aggacaatat     59880
     agcaagcgaa aggggtccaa tggtactcac tgcttggcga taggtgatgg tctcaccgct     59940
     tggcgattgt ctcaccgctt ggcaataggc gatggtctca ctgcttggcg ataggcaaaa     60000
     gtcccttcgt ggtcaccaaa atgtgtctgg aattgctggg ttcttggtct cactgacttc     60060
     aagaatgaag ctgcggaccc tcatggtgag tgttacagct cttaaggtgg cacgtctgga     60120
     gtctgtccct tctgatgttc agatgtgttc agagtttctt ccttctggtg ggttcgtggt     60180
     ctcgctggct caggagtgaa gctgcagacc ttcgcagtga atgttacagc tcttaaggta     60240
     gcgcgtctgg agttgttcgt ttctcccggt gggctcgtgg tctcgctggg ctcaggagtg     60300
     aagctgcaga tcttcttcac ggtgagtgtt acagctcaca aaagcagcgt ggacccaaag     60360
     agtgagcagt agcaagattt attgcaaaga gcgaaaaaac taaccttcca cagtgtggaa     60420
     gaggaccgga gcgagttgcc aatgctggct cgggcagcct gcttttattc tcttatctgg     60480
     ccccatccac atcctgctga ttggtagagc cgagtggcct gttttgtcag ggtgctgctt     60540
     ggcgcgttta caatccctga gctagataca aatgttctcc acgtccccat cagattagtt     60600
     agatacagag tttcgacaca catgttctcc aaggccccac cagagcagct agatacagag     60660
     tgtcgattgc ttcattcaca aaccttgagc taaacagagg gtgctgattg gtgtatttac     60720
     aatccttgag ctagatagag agtgccgatt ggtgtattta caatccctga gctagataca     60780
     gagtgccgat tggtgtattt acaatccctg agctagacat aaaggttctc cacgtcctca     60840
     ccagagcagc tagatacaga gtgttgattg gtgaactcac aaaccttgag ctaaacacag     60900
     ggtgctgatt ggtgtattta caatccctga gctagatata aagactctcc acgtcctcac     60960
     cggagcagct agatacagag tttcgattgg tgcactcaaa tcttgagcta aacacagggt     61020
     gctgactggt gtatttacaa tccctgagct agatataaag actctccacg tcctcacaag     61080
     agcagctaga tacagtgtcg attggtgcac tcacaaacct tgagctaaac acagggtgct     61140
     gactgatgta tttacaatcc ctgatctaga tatacagatt ctccacgtcc ccaccagact     61200
     caggagccca gctggcttca cctagtggat cccgcactgg ggctacacgt ggagctgact     61260
     gccagtcctg cgccatgcgc tggcattcct cagcccttgg gtggtcaatg ggactgggtg     61320
     ccgtggagca gggttggtgc tcgtcgggga ggctcgggcc acacaggagc ccatggagtg     61380
     ggtgggaggc tcagacatgg cgggctgcag gtcccgagcc ctgccccgtg ggaaggcagc     61440
     tgaggcctgg ctagaaatcc agcgcagcgc cggtgggcca gcgctgctgg ggtactcagt     61500
     ataccctcca cagccactgg cccagatgct aagtccccca ttgcctgggg ccagcagggc     61560
     tggccggctg ctccgagtgc ggggccagcc aagcccacgc ccacccagaa ctccagctgg     61620
     cctgcaagca cagcaggcag ccccggttcc cgctcacgcc tctccctcca cacctcccta     61680
     caagctgaag gagtgggctc cagccttgtc cagcccagaa aagggctccc acagtgcagt     61740
     gggggtactg aagggctcct caaatgccac caaagtggga gcccaggcag gggaggtgcc     61800
     aagagcaagc aacggctcta aggactgcca gcaatgctgt cacctctcaa taatatccct     61860
     gaattacatc tgctactccg ctgctctacc catctaacaa gtaagtgatg gagacattga     61920
     tggttctatt agtcagggtt ctctggaggg acagaactaa taggagatgt atatatatat     61980
     atatatatat atatatatcg ctaaccctta ccataacata tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc     62040
     tgtgtgtgta aaggatatac aaatatacat acaactaata ggatatatgt atgtgtgttt     62100
     atatagataa tatctatgtt tttatataaa tatatataaa ttatgtatat gaatataaca     62160
     aaatatatat ttatatatag tatatataaa cacacacaca gatatatatc ctattagtga     62220
     taagtgataa agagtagtgt ttatatatat acatatataa taaattcttc tttatatata     62280
     tatacacatc tatatttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tccatatata tatataagtt tattaagcag     62340
     tatgaactca cgggatctca aggtcccaca cagtagacga tctgcaagct gaggagcgag     62400
     gaagccagtt agagttccaa agctgaagaa tttggagtct gatgttccag ggcaggaaga     62460
     atcaagcaca ggacagatgt agacttggag ggtaaggcag tcttgtcttt tcacgttttt     62520
     ctgcctgctt tataatttct ggcagctgat gagatggtgc ctacccgctt gagtgtgggt     62580
     ctgccttccc cagcccactg actcaaatgt taatttcctt tgacaacacc ctcacagaga     62640
     cacctgggat cagtactgtg catccatcaa tccaatcaag ttgacactca gcattaacca     62700
     tcacaatggt gtacaactga ctggagttaa agtgagagtc aggctttgaa tcatagtcgt     62760
     aaaactgcac aaattctctg ccccatacta cctcccagac acataataca tgcaggagta     62820
     ggtgtttttg tgcctgttat agtgcatttg agcctgttgt tctttacttt gctcttgtgt     62880
     cagaccatct ctccaaaaac agatgatcag catcatacac aactggtagt attgattatc     62940
     tgcagcataa agcatggaac atgggatttt cagggaatgg agtaggaaaa attcctgaac     63000
     ctaagcagct taatacctta atatttcact tggttagttt gaatacatat acttctacac     63060
     acacacacat gaaattacat ggataatata agctttaatg tattgtatat ataatataaa     63120
     tctctctaac ctccaaaaat gtatatatcc aaactatttg tcaatttctc tctctctttc     63180
     ccccctcttg ctctttccac atatttatgt ataaaacagt ttttcaaact aaccaactga     63240
     aatattaagc tcctatgtta tatatataat atatatttct gcaaataacc aaaatatcaa     63300
     agcaattaag ctcctgtttc atgtatctat tgtatataga tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtaca     63360
     tgtatacagt atttctccaa actaagcaac tgaaaaatat taagctccta tgtcttacat     63420
     atataaaata tttattcaaa taagcaagca aaatattagg ctattaagct cctatgaata     63480
     atgttttatt ttattctata taaatagaat aatatgaata tgtttcatat tattctgtat     63540
     attatatata tatacacagc aggttagttt gaagacatgt atgcatatat taaaatctac     63600
     tttataattt gatatataat aagttaagta caaactttca tgaaatatgt atgagaagaa     63660
     ggaagactat ttttatagta cgattagtac agtgaattct ggggaaaaag taaatactca     63720
     tttcaaatcc tcatgtacaa ttcaaataaa caaaaatctg gtggcatgtt tacagcctgc     63780
     taatatagat tatgtggtgt tggaaaacat tttattttta caagtaccta gtaggtgtat     63840
     atatttgtgg gttatatgag ctatttcaat ataggcatac aatgataaaa atcacattaa     63900
     aataaatggg gtacacatca cctcaagcat ttatcgttta tttgttttac aggctttcat     63960
     ttatactttt agttatttaa aaatatgcag taaattagtg ttgactgcag ataccctatt     64020
     gtgctatgaa atactagatc ttcttcattc tgtctcacta tatttttgtg cctattaacc     64080
     atccccactt ctctatccct cccattactc tccccagcct atggtaacca tcattctatt     64140
     ctctgtctcc ctgaaggcaa ctggaaggct atttttcttt ttttcttttt cttttttttt     64200
     ttgagacaga gtctccctct gtcacccaga atgatgtcgc ccagtgatgc agtctaggtt     64260
     ccctgcaacc tgccccttgt gggttcaagt gtttttccag tctcagcctc ccaagcagct     64320
     gggattacag gtgcacacca cctcgcccac ctaatttttg gtggtttttt tttgtagaca     64380
     cagggtttca ccatgttggc caggctggtc tcgaactcct tacctcgtga tccacccacc     64440
     taggcctccc aaagtgctgg aattacaggc gtgagccacc acacctggcc tgaaagacat     64500
     atttttaaag gataggctgg aaggttgcat tgactttcgc tgtttctggc tcactaaatc     64560
     ctgctatttt ctgcagtagg gattgctaca cttacgttat gctttcctac tgcagagaag     64620
     gacattctgt tcccactggg ctcctatact gcctctacag tcggctttgg agataacagc     64680
     ctgaggcgtc agagcgtctt ggtggtgaaa gcatcttaag atgtcactgg cacggctggg     64740
     tgctgtggct cacgcctgta atgctagcat tttggaaggc tgaggcgggc ggatcacgaa     64800
     gtcaagagat tgagaccatc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ccatctctac caaaaataca     64860
     aaaattagct cggcagtgcc tgtagtccca gctactcggg aggctgaggc aggagaattg     64920
     ctttaacctg ggagcagagg ttgcagtaag ccgagatcga gcaactgcac ttcagtctgg     64980
     cgactgagct agactcggtc tcaaataagg gggttaaaaa aaaaagaggt cactggtaca     65040
     agcccttgtt ttgcagtgga aggagatgaa gtccaggcca ctatatgatg ggccagagag     65100
     cacgtggctt attagtgacc acggctatag tggctcaagt tccctggctg ctggccatgg     65160
     ctggcaggat cccggggctt ttctgcctaa tacgtgggtc tgttgccttg ggtgtgttgc     65220
     attgggcttg tcgcataatc atggagaaat agattttctc ttcaattttt aaatccaaga     65280
     tattttggca gcacatggga aaataaagtc attgagtaag aaaacctata cagatgagca     65340
     tcttttgatt aaattttcat tataaaataa tcacagtcac aaaacctgaa tcaaaacgta     65400
     tacacagata atcatcttaa agagtaaaaa ataatcaggt acatagtatt gtactcactg     65460
     acagaccagg aaagagcatt cccactgttt ttgtatatca gtgtgagttt gcttcctgtc     65520
     tcctacctcg cagagaaatg tacttcctca ggattcggtt ttcagaatgc ccttgctatg     65580
     ttatttcagg acaaacatag ttctgagcaa tatattgttt agttttaccc ttatgtaaat     65640
     gaaaatcaca ctatttgtag tgttttatgg cttggctttt atgtttgagg ttttcccatt     65700
     ttggtccata tatctgtatt ttattcattt tttactgttg tgtaaagctt tctgctttaa     65760
     tatgccaaca tttatttatt cattgtccta tttatggata tctggattgt cgtaactttt     65820
     tttgcaatta caatttgggt tgcattgtcc ccagcaaact aatgcaggga cagaaaacca     65880
     aacactgcat gttctcactt ataagtggca gctcaacgat gataacatgt gaacacatgt     65940
     gggtggagaa caacacataa tgtggcctgt ctggggattt gggaggaggg agaacatcag     66000
     gaagaataac taatggatgc tgggattaat acctaggtga tgggttgatt cgtgcagcaa     66060
     ataaacatgg cacatgttta cctgtgtaac aaacctacaa atcctgcaca tttaccatga     66120
     aaattaaaat aaaagttgaa gaaaaaatat tggggctgca atggacattt ctgtacatat     66180
     tttctgatgc aaatatttta gaaaccctat agaggatgga tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg     66240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctactttcac cataggattc tgtatcttct actttctaat     66300
     gtgatttaaa attgttttgc agtggggttg cacagaggct cagcatcatt gcatgggagt     66360
     tctagttgct ccagatcttt cttcagtagt tgatatcatt gtatcaaatt tttattaata     66420
     ctattctgat ttcatctgca tttcaccaat aatgaatggc attgagcctc ttgtcctatg     66480
     ttgaggctat ctgtagatgt gaggacttct tccttgatac ggatttatgg tggaggaatc     66540
     aatcaccaaa gatggctctg agtgtaggct gaatgactaa aaatataatg atctagttat     66600
     ctaaatataa aacaaaattg tttaagcaat ttgggggatt ggagaatgag agttttagga     66660
     gaaccataag atatctatct gactatattc ttcaagacaa gatagtcatg gcagtacagg     66720
     catggtggca cataacattt tgtcacctgg cactacacga gtgtgcttcc atgaccttga     66780
     ggatatatat gactttgagt ttggtgagac agatgaacac aaagcccaga gaatctgcaa     66840
     attatttgac ttagatttag atattgtgtt tggaaaacat ttgacacaga aaatcaagca     66900
     ttagcaagca tttattattt gcttgtgtta gctttagtta tgcagatgat gaataataag     66960
     aaaaaaagca tcacaggtag ggatagatac tgtcatgaaa atttaagctt ctcatgggca     67020
     ggaactcatt cttaacccca ctatgtgccc ttactaagcg cagtgatctt tatgggatac     67080
     ttctatgatc tgaagacttg tgtccttcca gaatccacat gttgacattg taaacccaaa     67140
     gtgatggtgc taggaggtag gggctttgga gctgccgaga tgttgagagt ggatgccacg     67200
     tgaatggcat taatgacatt ttaaaagata ccccagggac attacttgct cctcccctct     67260
     tttccaaagt cataaggaaa agtcagccct ctaggcattg ggccctcacc atacactgaa     67320
     tctaccatat cttgatttcg gatttccagt ctccagaact gtgagcaatg aatctctatg     67380
     gtgtataagc cccaccacca cccgccccaa cgacactcac cccaggctat gatattttgt     67440
     tacagcagcc tgaatggact aacccaactt ctgtgctttg ctgttgtctt atttctttgg     67500
     tcagtgtagg atcttgctgt ccgcatagtt tgctctagaa agatggatgc tctattccta     67560
     atggtgtatt tggccttcct atctatggaa tattctccta tccaatcagt cttggtaaca     67620
     tataaatgat taactctacc cttgggtata gttttggttc tgctaagtcc cctgctgaaa     67680
     attctggttt ctaccattat ggctcatgca tgttcctgac ccattaaact tcagtggaag     67740
     aatagaaatg gagagggagg tgatggagtt gatatcttaa actgcaatat ggtgcaagcc     67800
     catcttgcag ataatatatt tggtgtcttc cttatctttt taagagcggc cttgctatgt     67860
     tgcctagcct aaaatcaaac tcctgggcaa gtgatgcttg tggctcagcc tcccaattac     67920
     ctggcattac agacatgtac caccatgcct ggccacgttt ttactctcca attacttaat     67980
     atatagtaaa gctaatggtt cacagtggtt catttttttg tgtgtattcc aataacattt     68040
     tatttattta ttaccttgaa catattcaat atttatttga caagttttta taattttaac     68100
     attttttttt aattcatgtg gtatgagtgt aagttttttt ctctgggtgt attggatggt     68160
     gctgaggttt gaggtgcaga tgattctgtc atacacctat ggagcatggt acacaatagg     68220
     tagttttcca actttaccct ctctgtcacc cctatttagt agtcctgagt ttctgttatt     68280
     gctttatgtt catgagtatc caatgtttag ttcccactta taagtgagaa catgtggtat     68340
     ttaactttct gtttctgcat taatttactt aggataatgg cttccagctg catccatgtt     68400
     cctgcagagg acatgatttt gtttgttttt atggctgaat agtattccat ggtatgtatg     68460
     tatcacatat tctttattca aaccaccatt gatgggcact taggttgatt ccatgtctgc     68520
     tattgtgaat agtgctgtaa ttagcatacg tgtgcatttg tcttttttgt tagaatgatt     68580
     tattttcatt tatatatata tataaaacaa ttaatgggat tgctaggtct gtggtagttc     68640
     ctcttaagtt ccttgagaaa tctccatact gttttacaca atggctaatt cacattctca     68700
     ccaacagtat atgtagcctt ctcttctctg cagcctcaaa gacacctgtt gtttttgatg     68760
     ttttatgaac agcctttctg actggtgtga gtttttgatt tgcatttctc tggtacaaaa     68820
     tggtggattt tgaaatgaga tttgatttct aaattttata gaaactgcat agatgactgc     68880
     aaagaactct ttaagatatg acaaaagaca aattagattg taatctcctt tatacaggac     68940
     aagaaataaa gaggagaata ttaaaatatg tacacataca aaagtagatg aattggcgat     69000
     tgttggtgtt ggatgcatgt taagcagggt gaaggaggtg tgtgtgcatg cattcgtggc     69060
     catgtgttga gagtgggcat ccatgtaggt aacagcagag agctttgggg ttcagaaaaa     69120
     aagataagtc acatcccact caggtaccct aaaatgttgt cttctctaga aatgaaagaa     69180
     gagggaagcc agagatgtct gtagcttgca tagttttggg aatagctatt ctagactttg     69240
     tcagtgaaca gcatagaagg attgttgttc aagcccagtt atttgggcaa ggatcagatt     69300
     ctgttgcttt tgttttctgg atgctccata atgaatgtga gatagaagca gatgtctcaa     69360
     gtgcttcttg ttctcagaaa cctcctgaca gcagacatct cagtgggccc agaccttcag     69420
     tgtgtctgta agtaaaacac aggggagggt gctctttctg atttatctta ctattttaat     69480
     gcaattacaa agcttcctat tttctaatat attccaagcc tttgaaagac aaggccataa     69540
     acacccagga tatctgattt tattcatgat aagacccaaa taccaaaata cctatgatca     69600
     gggctcacct taattaagta tgtatcttaa aattaaacca atctcagttt gaggaattca     69660
     tacttttgga agaaatttat tacagttttt gttctgaaca ttatattatg ataggcttga     69720
     atagtgtgag ccttgctata attacaacct gagtcacaat aacttccctg cagaggatga     69780
     tttaaaatac ccaatcaatt tatgaactgg tcaaaaatgc cattctgagg tatttttttt     69840
     tatgcagtct ttgcagagaa gacatgccat atagtccttc ttcattccca aagcatatat     69900
     atatatacgt atatacacac acacatatac atatacatat aaatatacag tgaagttagt     69960
     ttttaccttt gttatcaata ttttttatcc atcaaaaatt ttataaatga tttgtggcat     70020
     ccccttttta tcttaggaaa attaaaaatc tctctatcaa cttatctatg aataaccaca     70080
     tttcatccct tgtgaaatcc attttagttt gtgaaactca catgggagat cttttatttt     70140
     ttgcccgcaa ggatgtaggc tggttaaatt tacagagatt ctttaatgat gataatgtac     70200
     atttgactga tatcaataag aaatattgat attattaata tcaacatttt ttgcaatgct     70260
     aaaaatttac aagttgtcga attatttaat tatttatttt tattatacat taagttctgg     70320
     gatacatgtg cagaatatgc aggtttgtta cataggtata catgtaccgt ggtagtttac     70380
     tgcacctttc aacccatcat ctaggtttta agcctttaaa acctttaagc atttggtact     70440
     tgtcccagtg ctatctttac cttgcacccc atcccccaag aagccccggt gtgtgatgtt     70500
     ccacttctcc atgttcatgt gttctcattg ttcaactccc atttatgagt gagaacatgt     70560
     ggtttttgct tttctgatcc tctgtttgct gagaataatc atttccagct tcatccatgt     70620
     ccctgcaaag gacattaact cattcttatt tatggctgca tagtattcca tggtgtatgt     70680
     gtgccacatt ttctgtatcc agtctatcat tgatgggcat ttggtttggt tccatgactt     70740
     tgctattgta aataggaatg caataaatgt gcatgtacat gtgtctttat aatagaatga     70800
     tcaataatcc tttgggtatg tacccagtaa tgggattgct cagttaaatg gtatttccag     70860
     ttctagatcc ttgaggaatc gcgacactgt cttctacaac ggttgaatta atcgacacta     70920
     ccaccaacag tgtaaaacat tctatttctc cacatcctct ccaacatctg ttgtttcctg     70980
     actttgaatg attgccattc taactggggt gagatggtat ctcattgtgg ttttgatttg     71040
     catttctcta atgaccagtg atgataagct ttttttcgta tgtttgttga ctgcacaaat     71100
     gtcctctttt gagaagtatc tgttcataaa ccttacactt tttgatgggg ttgtttgttt     71160
     tcttcttgta aatttgttaa agtttcttgt agattctgga tattagccct ttgtcagatg     71220
     gctagattgc aaaaactttc tcccattgcc tgttaactct gatgatagtt ccttttgctg     71280
     tgcagaggct ctttaattag atctcatttg tcaatttttg ctttgtttca attgtttttg     71340
     gtgttttagt catgaagtct ttgcccatgc ctatgtcctg aatggtattg cctacatttt     71400
     cttctagttt tatgattttt tctcttatgg ttaggtcttt aatccatctt gagttaattt     71460
     ttgtataagg tgttaagaaa gggttcagtt ttagttttct gcatatggct agccagtttt     71520
     cccaatacca tttattaaat aggacatcct ttcttcattg cttgtttttt ttcagatttg     71580
     ttgaagttca gatggttgta gatgtgggtg ttatttctga ggcctctgtt ctgttccatt     71640
     ggtctatata tttgttttct taccagtacc gtgctgtttt ggttactgta cccttgtagt     71700
     gcagtttgaa gtcaggtagc atgatgcctc tagctttgtt ctttttgctt aggactttct     71760
     tggccatata agctcttttt tagttccacc cgaaatttat ggtgtttttc tccttttttt     71820
     ttaatactgt gaagaaagtc actgttcgct tgatgagaat agcgttgaat ttaaaaacta     71880
     ctttgggcag tttggccatt ttcacaatat tgattcctcc tatccatgag catgtaatgt     71940
     ttttccattt gtgggtgtcc tttcttattt tcttgagcag tggtttgtag ttctctttga     72000
     agaggtcctt cacttccctt gtaagttgtt ttcctgggta ctttattctc tttgtagcaa     72060
     ctgtgaatgg gagttcactc atgatttgtc tctctgattg tccattattg gtgtatagga     72120
     atgcttgtga tttttgcaca ttgattttgt atcctgagat tttgctgaag ttgcttacca     72180
     gcttaagggg atttggggct gagacaatgc aattttctaa atattcaatc atgttatctg     72240
     gaaacagaga taatttgact tcctctcctg ctatttggat atcctttatt ttttctcttg     72300
     cctgactgcc ctggccagaa ctttcaatac tatgttgaat aagagtggtg agagagggca     72360
     tccttgtttg tgctgatttt ccaagggaat gcttccagct tttaccaatt cagtatgatg     72420
     ttggctatgg gtttgtcata aatagcactc attattttga tatatgttcc atcaatacct     72480
     agtttattga gtgtttttag catgacgttg tgttgaaatt tattgaaggc cttttctgca     72540
     tctattggga taatcacatg tttttttgtc attgtttctg tttatgtgat ggattatgtt     72600
     gattgatttg cttatgttga accagccttg tatcccaagg gatgaacccg acttgatcat     72660
     ggtggataaa ccttttgatg tgctgctgga tttggtttgc cagcatttta ttgaggattt     72720
     ttgcactgat gttcatcagg aatatttgca tgaaatttca tttttctgtt gtatctttgt     72780
     cagttcatgg tattaggatg atgctggcct cataaaatga gttagggagg agtccctgtt     72840
     tttctattgt ttggaatcat ttcagaagaa atggtaccag ctcctgtttg tattgttggt     72900
     agaattcagc tgtgaatctg tctggtcctg ggctttttcc acttggtagt ctattaatta     72960
     ccgccttaat ttcagaactt gttattggtc tattcaggga ttcagcttct tcctggttta     73020
     ttcttgggag agtgtatgtg tccaggaatt tatccatttc ttttggtatt tccgtagagg     73080
     tgtttatagt attctgtgtt ggtagtttgc atttctgtgc gatcagtagt gatatcccct     73140
     ttaatgtttt tattgtgtct atttgatact tttctctttt attttttatt agtctggcta     73200
     gcaatacatc tattttgtta attttttcca aaaatcagct ttttgattca ctgattttct     73260
     tgaaggattt tttttatgtc tttatcttct tcagttctgc tccagtctta gttctttctt     73320
     gtcttccact aggttttaaa tttgtttact cttgcttgaa tagttctttt aattgcaatg     73380
     ttagggggtt gattttacat ctttcttgct ttctcttgtg gtcatttagt gctctaaatt     73440
     tccatttgaa cactgcttta aatgtgtctt agagattctg gtacattgta tctttgttct     73500
     tatcagtttc aaagaactta tttatttctg ctttaatttc cttatttacc cggtagtcat     73560
     tcaggagcaa gttgttcagt ttccatgtag ttgtgtgggt ttgagtaagt atcttaatcc     73620
     tgggttcgaa tttgattaca ctgttgtctg agagatggtt cgttatggtt ttcattctct     73680
     tgcatttgcg aggagtgttt tacttccaat tttgtagtcc actttagaat aagtgtgatg     73740
     tggtgctgag aagaatgtat attctgttga ttggggtgaa gagttacata ggtgtctctt     73800
     aggtctgctt ggtccggagc tgagttcaag tcctgaatat atttgttaat tttttgtctc     73860
     attgatctgt ctaatattga cagtgttgtg gtaaaatctc ccactattat tgtgttggag     73920
     tatacttaaa cacaatatta ttgtgtttgt aggtctctaa gaacttgttt tatgaatctg     73980
     ggtgctcctg tattgggtgc atatatattt atgatagtta gctcttcttg ttgcattgat     74040
     ccatttacca ttatttgatg cccttctttg tctcttttga tctctgttgt cttaaagtct     74100
     gttttatcag aggctaggat tactacccct gcttttcttt gctttccgtt tgcttggtaa     74160
     atattccttc attctgttat tctgagccta tgttttactt tgcctgtcag attggtctcc     74220
     taaatacaat acaccaaagg gtcttgaccc attattcaat ttgccagtct gtgtctttta     74280
     attggggcat ttagcccatt tacatgtaat tttaatcttg ttatgtgtga atttgatcct     74340
     gtcattatga tgatagctga ttatcttgca tattagttga tgctgtttct ttatagtgtc     74400
     attagtcttt acattttggg agtttttgca gtggtatttt ggtagttttt gcagtagctg     74460
     atatcttttt ttttttcttt tttttttttt gccccatatt tagtacatcc ttcaggagct     74520
     cttaaaggca gtcctggtgg tcagaaaatc cctcaacatt tgcttttctg taaaggattt     74580
     tatttctccc tcaattatga aacttagttt gtctggatgt gaaattctgt ttgtttgttt     74640
     gtttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt taagaatggt gaatattggc     74700
     ctgcactctc ttctggcttg tagggtttct gcagtgatat ctgctgttag tttgataggc     74760
     tctcttttgt aggtagcctg ctctttctct cgggatgctg ttaacatttt ttcctttgtt     74820
     tcaaccttgg tgaatctgac tattatttgt cttggagttg ctcttctcaa ggagtatctt     74880
     tgtggtgttt tctttatttc ctgaatttca atgttggact tcttgctagg ctggacaagt     74940
     tctcctggat aatatcctga agtgtgtttt ctaactggtt ccattctcct actcactttc     75000
     aagtacacca gtcaaacata ggtttgatgt tttcacatag tcccgtattt cttggaggct     75060
     ttgttaattc cttttcattc attttttctg taatcttgtc ttcacatttt attttattaa     75120
     gttgatcatc aatctctgat atactttctt tcccttgatc gattcagcta ttggtacttg     75180
     tgtatgcctc aggaagttct cgtgctttgt ttttcagcta tatcatgtca tttatattct     75240
     tctctaaact ggttattcta gctagaagtt cttgtaacct tttatgaaga ttcttagctt     75300
     ccttacatgg ggttagaaca tgctccctta gctcagagga gtttgttatt tcacaccatc     75360
     tgaagcctac ttcagtcagt ttgtcaaact cattctctgt tcggttttgt tctcttgctg     75420
     gtgaggagtg atgatccttt ggaagagaag agggattctg gtttttggaa ttttcagaat     75480
     ttttgaactg ttttattttt catcttcatg aatttatcta actttgatct ttgatgttgg     75540
     tgaccctcag atgggatttt tgcatgggtg tcttttttgt tgatgttgat gttattgctt     75600
     tctgttcgtt tgttttcttt ctaacagtca ggccgctctg ctgcaggtca gctggagttt     75660
     attgaaggtc cactccagac cctgttttcc tggctatcac cagcagaagc tgcagaacag     75720
     caaagattgc tgtcttctcc ttcctctgga agcttcttcc cagaggggta gccacctgat     75780
     gtcaaccaga gctctcctat atgaggtgtc cattgaaccc agctgggagg tgtctctcag     75840
     tcaggaagca cctgggttag ggacccactt gagcaggcag tctgtccctt agtagagcac     75900
     aagttctgtg ctgggagatc ttctgctctc tttcaagcca taggtaggca catttaagtt     75960
     tgctgaagct gcacccatag ccatccctta ctccaggtgc tgtgtcccag ggagatggga     76020
     attttatcta taagccccta actggtgctg ctgcctttct ttcagagatg ccctgcccag     76080
     agaagaggag tatagagagc cagtctggct acagcagctt tgctgagctg tggtgggttc     76140
     cacccggttt gaacttctcg gaggcttatt tacactatga ggggaatact gcctactgaa     76200
     gcctcagtga tgccagacac ccctccctgc accacattca agtgtcccag gtcaacttca     76260
     gactgctgtg ctagcagtga gaatttcaag ccattggatc ttagcttact gggctccgag     76320
     agggtgagat cagctgagca agacaacttg gctccctgac ctcagccccc tttttagggg     76380
     agagaacagt tctgtctcac tgcggttcca ggcagaactg gggcatggaa gaaacaaaaa     76440
     caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaaa actcctgctg ctagctcagt gtctgcccaa atggctgccc     76500
     agtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttattta tttatttatt ttactttaag ttctagggta     76560
     catgtgcaca acatgcaggt ttgatacatg ggtatatatg tgccacattg gcttgctgca     76620
     cccatcaatt catcctttac attaggtatt tctcctaatg ctatccctcc ccaagcccct     76680
     cagtgcctga caggcctcca tgtgtgacgt tccccaccct gtgcccaaat gatctcattg     76740
     ttcagtttcc acctatgaat gagaacatgt ggtgtttggt gttctgttct tgtgacagtt     76800
     tactgaggat gatggtttcc agcttcatct acgtccctgc aaaggacatg atctcatcct     76860
     tttttatggc tgcatagtat tccatggtgt ataagtccca cattttctta atccgtctat     76920
     cattgatgga catttgggtt ggttccaagt ctttgctatt gtgaattctg ctgcaataaa     76980
     catatgtgtt catgtgtctt tataggagca tgatttataa tcctttgggt atatacctag     77040
     taatgggatt gctgggtcaa atggtaaatc tagttcttga tctttgagga atcatcacac     77100
     tgtcttccac aatggttgaa ataatttacg ctcccaccaa cagtgtaaaa tgttactatt     77160
     actccacatc ctctccagca tctgttgttc actgacgttt taatgactgc cattctaact     77220
     ggtgtgaatg gtatctcatt gtggttttga tttgtgtttc tctaatgacc agtgaagatg     77280
     agcatttttt catgtgcctg ttgctatata gatgtattct tttgagaagt gtctgttcat     77340
     atcctttgcc cactttttgt tggggttgtt tgctttttct tgtaaatttg actttgagtt     77400
     gtttgtagat tctggatatt aaccctttgt cagatgggta gattgcaaca attttctccc     77460
     attctgtagg ttgcctgttc tctgtggtgg tagtttcttt tgccatgcag aagctcttta     77520
     gtttaattag atcccatttg tctattttgg gttttgttgc cattgctttt ggtattttag     77580
     tcgtgaagtc cttgcccatg cctttgtcct caatggcatt gtctaggatt cttctaggat     77640
     ttttatggtt ttaggttaac atttaagtct ttaatccatt ttgaattaat ttttgtgtaa     77700
     ggtgtaagga agggatccag tttcagcttt ctacatatgg ctagccagtt ttcctaccac     77760
     tgtttgttaa atagggaatc tttttcccat ttcttgtttt tgtcaggttt gtcaaacatt     77820
     agatggttgt agatgtgtgt gttatttctg aggcctctgt tctgttccat tggtctatat     77880
     atctgttttg taccagtacc atgccatttt ggttactgta ggattgtagt atagtttgaa     77940
     gtcaggtagt gtgatgcctc caccttcatt ctttttgctt aggattgtct tggcaatgca     78000
     ggctcttttt tggtttcata tgtactttaa agcagttttt ttgtttccaa ttctgtgaag     78060
     aaagtcattg gcagcttgat ggggatggca ttgaatctat aaattacttt cggcaatatg     78120
     gccattttca tgatatttat tcttcctatc catgagcatg gaatattctt ccatttgtct     78180
     ttgtcctctt ttatttcatt gagcagtggt ttgtagttct ccttgaacag gtccttcaca     78240
     tcccttttaa gttgtattcc taggtatttt attctttttg tggcaattgt gaatgggagt     78300
     tcacgcatga tttggctctc tgtttgtctg tgaatggtgt atgtaattga ttttgtatcc     78360
     tgagactttg ctgaaattgc ttatcagctt aaggagactt ggctttgaga taatggggtt     78420
     ttctaaatat atgatcatgt catctccaaa caggtacaat ttgacttcct catttcctaa     78480
     ttgaatatcc tttatttctc tctcttgcct gattgccctg gccagaactt ccaacactat     78540
     attgaatagg agtggtgaga gagggcatcc ttgtttgtgc tggttttcaa aggaatgctt     78600
     ccagtttttg cccattcagt atgatattga ttgtgggttt gtaaaaaaat agctcttatt     78660
     atcttgagat atgtttcatc aatacctcgt tattattttg agatatgttt catcaatatc     78720
     tagcttattg agaattttta gcttgaaggc tgttgaattt tgtcaaaggc cttttatgca     78780
     tctattgaga taatcatgtg cttttgacat cggttctgtt tatgtgatgg atgacgttca     78840
     atgtatatgt tgaaccagcc ttacatccca gggatgaagc caactagatt gtggtggata     78900
     agctttttga tgtgctgctg gattcagttt gccagtattt tactgaggat attcacatta     78960
     aagttcatca gggatattgg tctaaaattc tcttttttgt tgttgtgcct ctgccaggct     79020
     ttgctatcag gaagttcttg gcctcataaa ataagatagg gagaattccc tctttttcta     79080
     ttgattggaa tagtttcaga aggaattgta ccagcttctc tttgtacctc tggtagaatt     79140
     cagctgtgaa tctgtctggt cctggacttt ttttggttgg taggctatta attgttgcct     79200
     caatttcaga gcctgttatt ggtctattca gattccattt cttcctggtt tagtcttggg     79260
     agggtgtatg tgtccaggaa tttatctatt tcttctagat tttctaactt atttgtgtgg     79320
     aggtgtttac agtattctct gatggtagtt tgtatttctg tgggatcagt ggtgacgtcc     79380
     tttttatctt tttttattgc atctatttga ttcttctctc tttttttctt tattagtctt     79440
     gctatcagtc tatcaatttt gttgatcttt tcaaaaaacc agttcctgga ttcattcatt     79500
     ttttgaagga ttttttgtgt ctttatctct ttcaattctg cttggatctt agttatttct     79560
     tgccttctgc tagcttttga atttgttctt gcttctctag ttcttttaat tctgatgtta     79620
     gggtgtcgat tttagatctt tcctgctttc ccttgtgggc atttagtgct ataaatttcc     79680
     ctctacacac cattttaaat gtttcccaca gattctggta cattgtgtct ttgttctcac     79740
     tagtttcaaa taacatcctt atttctgcct tcatttcatt atttacccag tagtcattca     79800
     ggagcaagtt gttcaattcc caaatagttg tgcagtttca agtgagtttc ttaatcctga     79860
     gttctaattt gattgcaatg tggtatgaga aacagtttat tgtgatttct gttgttctgc     79920
     atttgctgag gagtgctgta cttccaatta tgtggtgaat tttagaataa gtatgatgtg     79980
     gtgctgagaa gaatagacat tttgttgatt tggagtgtag agttctgtag atgtctatta     80040
     ggtctggttt ttgcagagct gagttcggtt cctggatatc cttgttaacc tcctgtttca     80100
     ttgatctgtc taatattgac agtggggtgt taaagtctcc cattaacatt gtgtgggagt     80160
     ctaagtctct ttgtaggtct ctaaggactt gctttacgaa tctgggtgct cttgtattgg     80220
     gtgtatatat atttacgata gttagctctt cttgttgaat tgatcccttt accattatat     80280
     aatggccttc tttgtctctt ttgatctttg ttggtttcaa gtctgtttta tcatagacta     80340
     ggattgcaac ccctgctttt ttcttcttct tctttacgtt tttttttttt tttttttttt     80400
     gctttctatt tgcttggtag atcttcctcc atctttttat tttgagtcta tttgagtctt     80460
     tgcacgtgag atgggtctcc tggatccact ccagacgctg tgtgcctgag tatcactagg     80520
     agaggctgca gaacagcaaa taattctgcc tgattcttcc tctggaagct ttgtttcaga     80580
     ggggcacaag ccagatgcca gttggagctc ttctgtataa agtgtctgtc gacccatcct     80640
     gggaggtgtc tcccagtcag gaggcaaggg ggtcagggac ccacttgaga aggcagtctc     80700
     ttccttagca tagctcaaat gctgtgcctg gagatccact gctctcctca gagcagttta     80760
     attctgctga agctatgccc aaagctgtcc ctttccctag gtgctctgtt tcagagagat     80820
     ggatgttttt ttctataagt ccctgactgg tgctgctgcc tttctttcag agttgccctg     80880
     ccagtgagga acaatctaga gaggcagtct ggccacagat gctttgctgc actctggtgg     80940
     gttctgatga aatttcgggc tgcttttttt taatctgtga ggggaaaacc tcctactgga     81000
     gcctcagtaa tggcagacaa ccctccccct accaagcttg agtgtctcag gtggacttca     81060
     gagtagtgtg ctgccaggga gaatttcaag acattggatc ttagcttgct gggctccatg     81120
     agggtggaat ctgctgaaca agaccacttg gcttcctggc ttcagccccc attccagggg     81180
     aatgaaaggt tctgtctcac tggattatga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactcc tgcagctagc     81240
     tcagtgttgg cccaaatgat cgcccagttt cgtgcttgaa aacaagggcc ttggtggtat     81300
     aggcacctta gggaatctcc cggtctacag gttgtaaaaa ctgtgggaaa aacatagtat     81360
     ctgggctatg tcacagtccc tcatggtttc catttgctag gggaggaagg tacctgtcgc     81420
     cgtgcacttc ccaggtgagt cagtgcccca tcctacttct gctcaccctc catgggacac     81480
     atccactctc taaccagttc caatgagatg aactgagtac ctcagttgga aatgcagaaa     81540
     tcacctgcct tctgatttgt ctcactagaa gctgcagaat agagctgttc atatgtggcc     81600
     atcctgccag atcctcccta atttatatgt tagtatattt tcacacacac tcacacacat     81660
     acacacatac atggcagcac taaattatat tctctaaatg tacctacaga tacttaatca     81720
     tttgcacagc cactatcatt ttatgcttga tggcttagac aagtaactct cacttgtggg     81780
     tggttttggc caccaggggt cattcagcac tgtctggaga cattttccac agttaaaact     81840
     gggtaggagg tgccaccatc atctagtgag ttgaaactgg gaatgctgca aaataccata     81900
     cagtttagag gcggcatctc tacaacaaag aatcatatgg ttcacaaatc attatcattg     81960
     tgctgagatg cggcaatgct gagcttcaga ctatagcaat tttttgcaaa tttgctaaat     82020
     ttcaaaaaat gaaggaataa aaaaagatag ctctcaacct gtgggtattg tgaatgccta     82080
     acttagactt aggaagcgta caggtgccct tgggcttgtc ttctttgtct gctgctagtt     82140
     tataattgtt cactgcccat caggaccttg tgggttatag atttagatag aggaaggatt     82200
     tgatcataca ggtgggtcag tcataaccaa tatgtgagtc acagtctcac tcacattgag     82260
     tttgagaatt taaggcatgg gctggaattc ctcatggaac tgacattata aacctgggaa     82320
     gaaatctacc cactgaattc cacttgagct gtctgtttca gcaactgttc aatactttga     82380
     ggttacatac tatctcattt aatcccaacc tgggatagtg tgtaatacca aattctttac     82440
     agctacatgg gattaaatta ggtagtatgt gaaattccaa atagtaaatt ggtaaagtga     82500
     tgcctaatga atttgaatga gctgctgcca gcctacttag tactaacagt gagctaatag     82560
     caccttgtgt ccctgtaccc agaagtcttt cttgcaggac tgtagcgaac atgtcagcat     82620
     gttgtctacg ttgactggac atcttctgtt ctcttcagcc tttgcctgtg tatgctcctg     82680
     tcctgctctg cacaatttaa tgaagcaggt gggacacact agtttaccct tttagtagtc     82740
     tgcatagatt gacttgcttc cctcagttca cagagatagc ttcccaggat acagatttat     82800
     ctgaattaca agttgatggc ttcattgttc acaatagcaa agacatggaa tcaacctaaa     82860
     tgcccatcag cggcagactg gataaagaaa atgtggttca tatgtaccat ggaatagtat     82920
     gtagtcataa taaaagaatg agattatgtc ctttgaagga atatggatgg aactcgaggc     82980
     tattatcctt agcaaattaa tgcagaaaca gtaaaccaca tacttcatat tctctcttat     83040
     aagttggagc tagaaatgag aacttacgaa cacaaagaag gaaacaatag aaaaaggagc     83100
     atattggagg gtgggcagtg gtaggaggta gaagattagg aaaaatattt attgggaatg     83160
     aggccttgta tctgggtgat gaaataatca gtacaactaa tgcctgtgac ataagtttac     83220
     ctgtatggca aacttgcaca cctacccctg aagccaaaat aaaagttata aaaaaggtga     83280
     tggtctcacc tattctcttg gggaaggctc caaaagtaac agctacctct agttaaaaat     83340
     cttctggtta aaaaaagaag caaccaaaca cgacatcact ctttgttttt cttgtctgtc     83400
     tcttaattat tcagaaatgg gattgctgca tggcagacat ccgaatgttg tctacagtac     83460
     aattcagagt tagtagcaaa cacctaaatc agccatttga tgagatgcta tttgtcactt     83520
     tcaaagttac aatccagatt ttcagtgcat tttcatccaa ctctgttgaa cttttcccag     83580
     gatgtcatgt actatggaat ttccccccag taggtattat tgttctgtga tagatccagt     83640
     tccaatatgt tttattaaaa agaaaaagcc atgtgatgta ttttgttcaa ttgattactt     83700
     aaatgaaatg gataactatt ttctgatgca aatgctctga gtaacccaca aattcctcag     83760
     aaacacattt gcatactttg agatgaagaa cactctaaat gcaccctcct tgtgacacct     83820
     agtgaaacgt tttctgtccc tagaggatca tttgacatac tgtccattgc tgcacaacat     83880
     tcttttattg tcacaggagc agcgatttcc ctagggatag tcatattatc cttgtaggga     83940
     ccaattgagg tggtgaccct ttaaaagttg actccagtct taatgggaaa gtaactcaaa     84000
     tgtagcctta gatttttaaa tgggatacag ggtgaagagg ataccctctc aggcatgcag     84060
     cagcttactg caaagtcagg ataattgcat caacactttt agttatgaaa gaagtcttca     84120
     agagaccagc actgaagcat gtacttgaaa tgcaccatct tgtacagttt tttttttttt     84180
     tacaagaaac tgagattcag aacagtgaag tatgtagcct aaatatatat gtgcacttga     84240
     gtagaacaag gaaaattcgt gtccaaagtc tacactcttt tcatttgatg attttcccct     84300
     tgtggcctga taaatatcca catcacaatg acaggatggc ctggatgcat gcttctattt     84360
     tgctcctact ggaaaacttt tagatctgca tgcatatccc cttaggaaag agtgaaaatt     84420
     gccttaaaca tttgagaaaa agttcttttg ataacccgtc tggtaaacaa tagtgaaatt     84480
     ggtaggtgtc attattatca cttgcataac ctgtacaatt cttgaacgtc ggtttgttca     84540
     ttcaacatag atgtgatgag tgttttctaa atgtcaggca ttgtttctgg tgataggata     84600
     tacagccagg attaagaaaa gtgatggaca ctaggcatgg tgactgacgc gtgttatccc     84660
     aacactttga aagtttgatt gaggaggatc tctttaggcc agcctggata acatagagac     84720
     acctatgtct acaaaaattc caatgaattg cccggacata ctggtgcatg cttgtagtcc     84780
     cagctactcg ggaggctgag gtgggaggtt ggctttagcc caggagttgg aggctgcagt     84840
     gagctgtgat agcaccactg ccctgcagct ttggcaatat ggcaagacac catctgtaaa     84900
     aaaaaataat aataataaag acaagttatg tttttgctat tgtcgactat gtggagatgg     84960
     cactatacac attcatatac aaatgaatag gaatttcata gagagatgtt gtggatttca     85020
     tggaagagcc agccagtgtt ctaggtgatc attgtgtggc ttcattattc ttgtctgctt     85080
     tctccctcct ttaggttgca ttggagtttt cgaaagactt atctttctgc aggctcgcct     85140
     ctgagctttg tctccttgga gccacctcac ttagacagct tcggatgtgg atgcagattt     85200
     gaaccatgtt gcgtccccag ggactgctat ggctcccttt gttgttcacc tctgtctgtg     85260
     tcatgttaaa ctccaatgtt cttctgtgga taactgctct tgccatcaag ttcaccctca     85320
     ttgacagcca agcacagtat ccagttgtca acacaaatta tggtaaaatc cagggcctaa     85380
     gaacaccatt acccagtgag atcttgggtc cagtggagca gtacttaggg gtcccctatg     85440
     cctcaccccc aactggagag aggcggtttc agccaccaga atccccatcc tcctggactg     85500
     gcatccgaaa tgctactcag ttttctgctg tgtgccccca gcacctggat gaaagattct     85560
     tattgcatga catgctgccc atctggttta ccaccagttt ggatactttg atgacctatg     85620
     ttcaagatca aaatgaagac tgcctttact taaacatcta tgtgcccatg gaagatggtg     85680
     agtacctcac tggaacagaa aacaatactt cttgtgcagt gtgtggagag atttaccagg     85740
     agggttttat aatgtctctt gcatgatctt ttctataacc tgtttatttt attttaattt     85800
     atttttcata ttccaaatgc aattcttgca gcagcttacc acatgttcca cttgtatata     85860
     ttgggacatc tactggatgg acaaaactat aaataatgac tttattttca tatattacct     85920
     aattaatgtt ttataatttt atttgcagat gaaaattaac atgagcatat agtgttgcat     85980
     gttatacctg aatcatctgt aaaggaatga atccatagaa aaaataatag aattaagtac     86040
     actaccatgc tccagtttac aaactgaaag atagagaaaa tggttctttc tgccataatg     86100
     acttgagata ttagcacctt ttttgagttt tgaaagaaaa actttatttt ttttaatata     86160
     caagcatgag gtagttcata caatgatagg atttcattgt ttagaatcca ttttcttaat     86220
     gtaaatttgg actttgtttt cttccaagat ccactacgat caaatgacaa aatatagtca     86280
     gatgattcta gctacattag acgtgatgtg tttatatttt taaaaatttc ctcttttttc     86340
     tataaaacac caatgaaagt ctgtaaacac aaaaacattt aatatattaa cctaatgtta     86400
     gtaaaacatg aatagtttta tgtctgtata gatttcaaat tcagatttcc tcgaagaata     86460
     accaaagtta tgccacagtg gtatcatatt tcccggttag catttccata tgccattttt     86520
     agatgaggag aaaggacaac agagaacaaa atatacctgg aaagaaagga aataatttgt     86580
     gagaataata gacatatcta atgtagaaac tagagcttgt cttttgcata aagctcttcg     86640
     tggagaatgt gataaatttc ttttatggag aatttttttc ttctcattgt tctttacact     86700
     ttaatacctg gaaaatattt ttcagtaaaa tttggctgaa agtattaaat aaacaattac     86760
     attaattcat tgatctccaa aattatattg catctgtcag attactctct ctccaggtaa     86820
     ttgctagtta gtctaagtag agcgtcatta aaaactagac cagggttgtg tgccattgag     86880
     attacaaatt gccattgaga ttacaaggaa cagttcagag taaaaaagta aaggaccctg     86940
     cttcatcata ttagtggttt ctagaatatt gcccttgtca ttagggtgac agatctccca     87000
     atcatctcat aaaatccagg tctgaatgtg actgaaggag tcaaactgac gtttggatgc     87060
     tgtacttcca tggggtgttc tgtgctgtct ctgtgcctaa tagtcccctt tgtgcatgtg     87120
     tgtgatgaga aagagctgtc aaaatctatt agggttctca tttgagcagc cacctgggtt     87180
     gagatctttc tcataaagga actattcaaa ccaaaagtaa aaagaatgga atacaaaaat     87240
     tcagagaaaa accccaaaca ggacaaagta ttacaattgc ttttataata cattggatat     87300
     gctagagtct aggacctggt gattttatag agctagcctt ggcaacaatg aatgcacttc     87360
     aaataggatg cctcctcata taggatgttg gatggaatga gaccacccat gaaaaaaatc     87420
     aatagcttcc atgacagcag agccctgtag gtacaattgt gtggatggag accacaaaca     87480
     gggtggacgt ttcattgtga ttcagtattg aattgtaatt tggggagtat aactctgtga     87540
     aaaatgctat tcagtgaaaa agtaatccaa atttcataat aaacccagtt ccacttctat     87600
     tctttagtct ttttgaagca atatgcgcat acgatcttga aaagggaatc agaaatttaa     87660
     tagtgactga aaaggtagaa taaatctccc cacaatgtgt aaactttaaa attttgcttg     87720
     tgagagttca aagctacagc cctgcatgtt tacacaaacc acaagtcaca gactatcgag     87780
     ttaggagggt tttttgtttg tttcctcggt tgtttttgta tctctatcaa ctcgataggc     87840
     aatacaaaga cttagatatt taattattgt tcattcacta agtgaatgaa ctctgcattc     87900
     ataacaacct actgaaatgt tggcatcacg ctgattctct ccaaaggcct tctcttaggc     87960
     agtatctgaa ttcatatcag tgcttttgtt tagcaggata gaaatattat tatctggaat     88020
     tcagaattct actctgacca cttagaatct ctactttttt tgtttagctt tgtctttctg     88080
     ccttgatcat atttgctaaa actttcacat tcttaatttc ataaaatgtg tacatttatt     88140
     aaaaatgcaa aaacagactt tatttcagtt aagtacttat tcttaaattt aagaaataac     88200
     ttggatgaga agtgttggac atttctttgt agtacaatag tttcatgaaa cataaattgt     88260
     ttttcggtag aaagcagtat tttttataat tcccttcaaa taaatcacat cttgctgaag     88320
     ttgagtcttt tcgttcaaat tgtcatcatg atctactaag cttagtcttg agtctttata     88380
     cctaattaca aatttctata tttgtaatta gctatgccat acaaatttat ttagatttta     88440
     tatattataa atttctttat tgtctagatg acaggttaat taacttaaat tgcatattta     88500
     acattttgat aggtgctcaa gtaaggtcaa aatcaaagcc agtcagaagc tctagtagga     88560
     cacatgggat attgctcaca aggaagagtt ggagaccgca tccgcatggt gtgtgtgtat     88620
     gtgtgtgtgt gtttgagagt ttgtgtctac atgtgtcaga gagaaagagc cagaggaaaa     88680
     gagggggtaa ctgagtgact attttgaaga agcagtgcag aatatggctt ggtagcttga     88740
     ttaaacaaaa ctgatgaaag tcaagctgag aagttccaat ctcacatact aagttcatgt     88800
     cagttcatac atgagagcat ggcactacaa tttgagactt ctcttggtca ccaaggagac     88860
     tgaacacaga aagacaagct atggaaacgc ttcaggtttt taatgagaac ccttggtatt     88920
     gaagtgaggt taaaaagtaa cggaaaaata aaagacacat tttgaagtag ttgctcacac     88980
     aagatattgt attaaatata aagcttggaa gagaaaaagc cgtaagttga gtccagggtg     89040
     tcttggggaa tggacagagc caaggaacca cttccggagt gatttacacc tgtgctttct     89100
     ctctgtatcc ttggacatac atcttaaggt cttattcttg aatgatttca gggcaaaaag     89160
     cccttccatt cttcataaag gtgtgtccgg aattggtggg ttcttggtct cactgacttc     89220
     acgaatgaag ctgccgaccc tcgcggtgag tgttacaact cttaaagatg gtgtgtccag     89280
     agtttgttcc ttcagatact cagatgtgtc tggaatttct tccttctggt gggttcgtgg     89340
     tcttgctgac ttcaggaatg aagctgcaga ccttcgtggt gagtgttaca gctcttagag     89400
     gcagcgcgtc tggagttgtt ggttccttcc ggagtagttc atccctcccg gtgggttcct     89460
     ggtctcactg gcttcagcag tgaagctgca gaccttccca gtgagtgtca caactcttaa     89520
     aggcagcgcg tctgcagttc ttcattcctt cctgtgagtt cgtggtctcg ctgacctcgg     89580
     gagtgaagct gcagaccttt gtgaaggtga gtgttacatc tcataaagct gcgggaccca     89640
     caaaaagtga gcagcagcaa gatttattgc aaacagcaaa acgaccttcc accgtgtgga     89700
     aaaggacacc agcagattgg cgctgtgtgc tttgggcagc ctgcttccat tcccttatct     89760
     ggccccaccc acattctgct gattggtcca ttttacagag agctgattgg tccattttga     89820
     cagagtggtg catgtacaat ccctgagcta gacacagagt gctgattggt gcatttacaa     89880
     tcctctagct aggcataaaa gttctccaag tccccaccag attagctaga tatagagtgc     89940
     cgattgctgc acatacaatc ctccagctag acgtaaaagt tctccaattc ccagtcagcc     90000
     tggtgtctca gcctgtgatc ccagcacttt gggaagcgag gtgggcggat cacgaggtca     90060
     ggagaggaga ccatcctggc caacacattg aaaccccgtt tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa     90120
     attagccggg tatggtggca cgcgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga     90180
     gaatggtgtt aacctaggag gctgagtttg cagtaagccg agatctcgcc acagcactcc     90240
     agcttgggtg atagagagca aggctcaatc ttaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagttctgca     90300
     attccccagc cgactcagga gcccagctgg ctttacctag tggatcccgc gctggggcct     90360
     gccagtcccg tgccccgcgc ctgcactcct cagcccttgg gctgtcaatg ggagtgggcc     90420
     ctgcagagca gggggcggtg cccgttgggg aggctggggc tgcgcaggag cccaccgttg     90480
     ggggggctag ggcatggcgg gctgcagatc ctgagccctg tcccacaggg aggtggctga     90540
     ggcctaggga taattggagc tccaagcggg cgggccggca gtgctggggg acccagcgca     90600
     acctccgctg ctcctggccc gagtgctaag cccctttctg ccctggcctg ccactccgag     90660
     tgctgcccgc ggagtggggg cccgccgagc ccgggcccac ccagaactcg cgctggcccg     90720
     caagcgccgc gcacagccca gttcctgccc acacctcttg acctctcctt ccacgcctca     90780
     ccgcaagcag agtgagcggg ctcccgcctg ggccagtcca gagaggggct ttcatagtgt     90840
     ggtgtgggct gaagggctcc tcaagcgcag ctggaatgga cgccgaggcc taggaggtgc     90900
     gagggagggc tgctagcacg ttgtcacctc tcaatgggac tgaaaaccct gggaaatata     90960
     aagaaaaaat ataaatggaa gtcattattg cccaggtgcg gtggctcata cctctaatct     91020
     ttagtaggcg gaggtgagtg gatcacttaa ggtcaggagt ttctgatcag cctggcctca     91080
     ggaggctgag acagcggaat tgcttgaacc tgagaggcag agggaggttg cagtgaccca     91140
     agattacacc actgcactcc agccttcgtg acatagtgag acactgtctc aaaaaaagaa     91200
     aacagaaaag aaggaaagtc actatcattg tcttttcatt gtaggataac agcaaatgcc     91260
     attgtgattt ctagagaagt gaaattctgt ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tgctagcaat     91320
     acaatcgaaa aaggaagcta tttaaaaaag agcagataat tgaatgcaag gtgtccctat     91380
     catctttttt ccccaagatg aaacctgcga ctttgaattc tattacttaa gtaaacatgc     91440
     cacgattagt gattgaagac ctattcggtg aagcttggag ctttatgatg aaatataaac     91500
     agacgtgaca tggacattga cctgtagaaa tttggacagt tagtaaacgt agaggtagat     91560
     gataagccac agcatcctag tgaaggaaca aagaaagttc tgtgacagct cagggacaag     91620
     ttatgttttg aggaaatctt gatggaatct ataaatggtt gagctgtgtc ctgaagaata     91680
     tttgggctat agaagggatt catctattaa gcatctgttg actggaactt ttgaacacac     91740
     aaatctatgt taagcagctt ggcgccaatc gttgctgttg ttactacttg ggtgttaagt     91800
     gtggcatggt aacagaagct ctgctttacc acgtgctctt tctgtcagtg ccatataata     91860
     aaagttattt tatttttatt cttatttttt tttatttaga gacagggtct tgctctgtca     91920
     cccaggctga agtgcagtgg tgcaatcgta gctcactgca gcctcgactt tctgggttca     91980
     aagaattctt tcatctcaga tttctgagta gctgggacta caggtgcact ccaccacacc     92040
     tggctaatat tttgattttt tattttgtat aaataaaaaa tttatacaaa ttgttgctct     92100
     ggctggtctt gggctcaagt gctctcccac ctcggcctgc caaaatgctg gaactactgg     92160
     cataagccat tggactggga ccataaatgt ttttatgtta tccatagctg ctcaccatgg     92220
     cactttgtgg ggtagacaag ctacctaaga tgaaagggtg gcagatgaac gacagggaaa     92280
     gaagctagaa agtcaactgg ctttgctagt gtttttacaa aaaaatgcat tcgcttccct     92340
     tgtagacagc actggatgta attcaagata taatttatag cacggttttc atccttgaat     92400
     atctcccatc ttttcaggaa gtcgtacaaa cttttctggc attctgcgtt agtgaaaggg     92460
     tgttggacta tgtccagctg gtagaaaata acctagcctc aatctggcat tgagggaaaa     92520
     attgaaattt attagaaggg tggtgagata tccaaattta ctgcaaaagt cgagaaatca     92580
     gattgggaga agggcagata tgcagctaga ctttagaggc acctggaaga aatgagttaa     92640
     aggacatcac caatcttatg tctggttctt tgcttctttc tggaaataga cttgctttac     92700
     gtggtgagtg agagggttct ctgcagtttt cactacatgc attttgtttt tctcagtacc     92760
     accagtgaag gacaaagttc cataattcca tactaaaaat ccctgggcag agttttaatt     92820
     ggctcagttg acgcaatagt aagaagtgat aaaactgggc tgctcctggg tataacagtt     92880
     ggcaggggga gaaggacagt tcttaccaca aggtgtctgg aatgagcagg cactgcttca     92940
     cttcactgtc caaaatattt ttgaggagca gttatatgcc aggcaagctt tagaggctga     93000
     gatttcaagt ttacaagcat ttctaatttt gagtgatagg tacttgtagg cagaagaatc     93060
     atggtccttg agagatgtgc atggccttcc tcctcccttc acctgtcatt gctggaacct     93120
     cggaataggt tgctaggcat ggcacctgac ttcttcaata ctctgcctta agtattgact     93180
     tcaaatggca aaggggaatt aaggttgtag acggaattat gtttgctaac cagcagacct     93240
     tccaatagag agaattatcc tcagttacat aactgagcac ggtatattaa cagaagccct     93300
     ccaatgtgga tgcagaaggc tcaagaggag atcagagttg gagtaaagca gcatgtaaaa     93360
     gagatacctg gacattgctg gctttgagta tgagagagcc aggagaaagg aatgtaggca     93420
     gcagcgtttg gaagctagag aggcagggaa actgattctt ccttagcgct tccagaaagg     93480
     agcccaacag ccctgctgac acctcaattc tatccccatg gaagaaactg tctcttggaa     93540
     gaaactttac ctctggaaga aaccctagcc ccatagaaga aactctgaag aaactgtaaa     93600
     agaataaatg tttgttgttc caagcttact aaatttgtgg agatttgtga tagtggtaat     93660
     agaaaactaa ggaagagttt tatcaccctt taatatgatt tgaaattcat aatgaagtat     93720
     tactctgaaa acgaagttca gagtcactga agtcattagg ttttgagcct tctgacccca     93780
     agtccgttct gggattctac ttccaataat ttctagttga aaacactctt gggcacttgg     93840
     agctttctgt cttcctcaag aatgtcgagg agacaataca gatgactctt ttagggcaga     93900
     tatttttcag atttttaaaa aatttctctt ctaaactttg agtgagagtt accctgtccc     93960
     tgagcgggat cttgcactgt tacccaggct ctagtgcagt ggcacagaag ctcactgcat     94020
     cctcaaattc ctgggcacaa gtgattctac cacctcagcc tcatgagtgt ctgggactac     94080
     aggctgatac tgtattaagc ttcagagaag aagcatgtcc aggttcctgc aaattagaaa     94140
     atggtagcag atatatatat ttttttttca agaaggagtt ttgctcttat tgcccaggtt     94200
     ggggtacagt ggtgtgatct ccactcacag caacctctgc ctcccaggtt gaagtgattc     94260
     tcctgcctca gcctcctgag ttgctgggat tacaggcatg tgccaccatg cccagctaat     94320
     ttttgtagag atgaggtttc accatgttag tcaggctggt ctcaaactgc tgacctcaag     94380
     tgatccacaa agaaacaatg aaaaaaaaat cccctattag atttacatta caattttcag     94440
     ccaccatgac tggctagttt ttaaattttt ttaaagagtt gtagccttcc aggctggtct     94500
     ggaactccta gcctcaagtg atcctcccat ctcaggctcc agaattctgg gattacagac     94560
     ataagccacc atgctcaggg acattctgca aatttgacat tttgcattag gttaatatag     94620
     ccccaaggca aattgtccta aacagcatat tccacagata cactattttg acacaggaaa     94680
     gtaataaagg gtcatttaaa ttttttttca gacagctatg acagatttcc agagatgatg     94740
     gctttgaatg acttataaca aaatacccaa atggttcttt catcatctgc ctccatagag     94800
     tttcacttgt gatggtggct gcacctttac atttcttatt ttcctactta caaacactgc     94860
     tgacaaaatc ttctgagctc tccattcctt ccagctacaa cttaacctgt ggtctctgct     94920
     gggcaaagtg actcaccttt tgaatgtacg ccttgtttac tcctccagcc aaaacttgtt     94980
     tgctggagtt ggaatgccag tttatcccct tagcagatca ttatgggcaa gtgactcagc     95040
     tttcatggga cacagtgccc ttatgtctaa aatagaggta gctgagaggt ttaaggttat     95100
     aatccatata aaatgcttag tatccagcac atacaagcac cctgtaatct gatgttagtg     95160
     caatatcagt aataatagaa aacagaactt gacaatttca gcaaaattgc atgtgcatag     95220
     tgggtctggt atgtgtatta atccaggcat aataaatgct gatcatctgt gacatagctg     95280
     tttactgttg tagtggaggg gtaagctgaa gaggtaagac caacagccca ttatttctgg     95340
     tggtttctag tatggtttta acaaatggga atttcaggaa aagtaacact ttttaaaaga     95400
     gctgactgtt atcattctgc tttattcctg attttagtct ttttgagctc ctgttgtcaa     95460
     atggattttg agcatatgtg aattagataa attattcacc atgaaaggat tagaataaca     95520
     ttttggaaaa tgcccttaaa ctatcaagtg gcaataacac tactctttgt gtgtgatatt     95580
     aaagagaaat taattctcat tttcttgttg tctagacaca caaagtccaa ttgtatgcat     95640
     gtaatcacaa aatctaggtg aaaattgaaa actatgttaa cagagtgaga ccgatgtttt     95700
     aaccaatcaa catcgacatg caactaggtg acaattatta aattactcca gttttcatct     95760
     gtcagtttga tgtttgacat tgtgtagaca tagcttgcca gtaaagataa ttatgaaaga     95820
     ttattaaata aagatctccc tgacatggat taattgaaaa gtatttagta ttttttttaa     95880
     gcacagttaa actggggtgg atttctgata gcatgtttct ctcccagcac aaaaagcttt     95940
     cagcaatttg aatattgagt aataatctta ttgagggttt ggaaattatg tgtgttttga     96000
     ataatattat tggtagtatt tggtagtatg aattatgcct gtttgaataa ttaagaagta     96060
     gcttttccta atgaagaaca ttttccatta catacataat cttccagtac atgaatttta     96120
     attcaattta caatttagat tcttgtcata atttgaacaa tagattacct agaatataat     96180
     aaaaatcaaa ttttcatata gtacatatca taatttttat cttagaaatt gtcagagata     96240
     gaaactttag gtacatctag tccattggaa tatttggcca tttaaaacaa ttagcttttt     96300
     atttatttgt ggagtcttgc ttcctaagat gttgtagtct aatttttgtc aattaatatt     96360
     gctgatttga atactgttat ttattttgga tactacttta gccaagctat ttactattta     96420
     ttcatttttt attttggaga catagtcttg ctctgttgcc caagttggag tgcagtgtgg     96480
     tgcagtatcc acaacctctg tctcccaggt tcaagagatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccac     96540
     gtagctggga ctacaggtat ctgccaccac gtccagcaaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag     96600
     atgggtttca ccgtgttggc caggcttgtt ttgaacttct gacctcaggt aatcagccca     96660
     ccttggcctc ccagagtgct gggattacag gtatgagcca ccatgccttg cctagccaag     96720
     ccatttaaac ttttaaatat ttagtgtcat cacttattaa aaataagact aatatgatta     96780
     taggtcctct gatttttttt tagaattata gtgatatggg agtaaataaa tatatacgaa     96840
     ataattataa aatagaaaag attagtgcat tcttagaact ttaatgtcat gttaattgaa     96900
     tgttaatcca atgactttat ctttcatttc aagattcctt gcctgaatga agtagtggaa     96960
     gcccttgttg acaataggtc ctatcttcct attccgcttt ttggttttcc taaaccaggt     97020
     tgtttacata atgactaagt ttaacatttt ctctttatgt ttaagcatct ctttccttgg     97080
     tgcaatcaca gccaaactgc agtgaaaaca aacagaaatt gagaggttgt gagctccaga     97140
     tttcagagcc acagagagtt tgtgagatca aaaaataaat ttattgtgag gtcaataaat     97200
     aaattagacc tacctaaatc acacagtcag tttaaggcaa tggaaccaga gggaaagact     97260
     ccaaaagagt gacctatcta tggaatagct actggtaaaa tgaagcaaca atgagacagt     97320
     gtagtctcca ccttattatt tcaatctaat gttctgtatt gaggttcaga gaagcaggtc     97380
     caggtttcca caaattaaaa agtggaggat tgctcctgta atcccagtac tttgggagcc     97440
     taggttgggg cttcgcttga gcccaggagt ttaggccagc ctgggcaaca tgactaaacc     97500
     ctgtccctac cagaaaaatg aaaagagttg ggcatggtgg cactggcctg tagtcctagc     97560
     tacttacagg gctgaggtgg gaggatcact tgaggctagg agatcaaggc tgcagtgagc     97620
     caagaccaca gcagggcact ccagcctggg tgacacagta agaccctgta tctaaaaaag     97680
     aaataaagga aaaatatttc cctgttagat tttacatacc tgatgatgac tttaatggtg     97740
     aaggtaagca ttggtgtgtg tgtttgtttg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgaatg gtgttgaagg     97800
     aagcccatag gaaaagtacc cataatttat tcaagatcaa gtatgttaca gttttcttgg     97860
     caaatgccaa gttataaaac acataaacca ctctacaacc tcttcttccc taaaacccca     97920
     aacatcttga agtctccttc aagccagata tcctcttggt cctctgtgca agttgtctgc     97980
     acagtcctca ggtttgtctt tgggtaagtc cctgttgcca tcacaaagaa agaacacagc     98040
     aggtattgat ttgtctcaga caaaggagct cttctggtgg gtttcaacaa gatatgaaaa     98100
     ttctaggttc atgaacactc cctttttctt ccttaaaaat aatattttta gctacattct     98160
     actccactct gtcttttatg acataatcat tcactcaacc agggaacacc cactatttgc     98220
     ctaacatcct atctgcctat cacatatgga ctttagcctc cagttagacc aatgatgcta     98280
     ttgatctcct aatcccaatg tatactcttt ggatattttc atctcttttc cattgcttat     98340
     tatctttaga gacattttag gtagctcatt taaaaattat taataaataa atcattattt     98400
     gcaattagca tagacaagga cttaggtgag tgttaagtgg gtatgcagag agatctaacc     98460
     ccactgctgg aaaaagtgag tgggaaagtc ccattgatat gtgacccaac taaaccaaca     98520
     ttctataaaa agcacaaagc cttcagcgac tgctttagga tttcagggga aggaaaatgg     98580
     aggcaaatgt gaaagttgag ttgatgtctt catttctttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt     98640
     ttttttgttt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt ttttgagaca     98700
     gagtctcact cttgataacc aggctggagt gcaatgggat gatctcagct cactgaaacc     98760
     tccacctcct gggttcaagc gattctgctg cctcagcctc ctgagtaacc gggactacaa     98820
     gcctctgcca ccatgccctg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagatgggg tttcaccatg     98880
     ttggcccagc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct caggcaatcc acccacctca gcctcccaaa     98940
     gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg aactaccaca cctggccgaa agtggatgtt ttctgtggcg     99000
     gttccttgat agaaaggttt tcatccagtc ttgagatgaa tatacagagt gtaaacacat     99060
     ggttgtgcag tgaggaaatg ctgtctatgt ttcctaaaac tgaggttctt gtttattgct     99120
     tctttagctg cacaaagaca taacacatgc aaaattgggg agaaaggaga gataaaacta     99180
     tgacaaagct ggaggcaatg tgcaatgatg ttgtaattta acatgcaaag tactcacttt     99240
     agtatttttt acattgttac actgtgacat tgcaggattc ataagtggaa tttcatccaa     99300
     atttattcta atgcatattt ttttctactt agcagactat acaatatggt taaatcaaag     99360
     aacatgaggt tttgttctta ccaaattcaa aaatactttt tatcacctgt tgtttaaatc     99420
     attaacacaa aagatttcag tctcccacaa atttctaatg tagtaaaatc ctttcataat     99480
     tttatattca aaatatatta attcagatga ctagtatgaa atcaatgaaa tcaagttata     99540
     atttgcatgt ttctaaaatg tttaaattta aaaatggaaa agtaagccct aaaaaactgc     99600
     aggtttctca agaatattaa aatgttaaca aattatttaa ttttgagcta aaatcagata     99660
     ataatgggaa cagatttcac cactgcacat tctacaggga tgtttgcatt ttatacttgt     99720
     tttgttttgt tttataggag gagattttgg tatattaaat ataatactag acatttacct     99780
     ggacataaat ggtagaatca acttagactc taatcacaga atgataacat cttccaagta     99840
     gaaggagctt ttggggtcat ttaaccaaaa ctctttcacc ttacactatt tccatgttca     99900
     tgttaacctt ttggtactct aagaagagat gaactatcat ttcttaagtt ctagaagttg     99960
     aatttaatta tgattttaca aatctgccat ctccagtaga tggtaaatgc tttgaagacc    100020
     cagagcattt ttgagataaa ataatgagtt atatatttta ttgcatgaaa caaatgaatg    100080
     aacctgtaat gcctggccac cacctatttt ttttgaacct gaacaatgaa gatgtttgcg    100140
     gctttttctc ttcattatgg gttgagaggg taggggaggg atataattag gagaaatacc    100200
     taatgtaggt gaaggattca tgggtgcagc aaaccaccag ggcacatata tacctatgca    100260
     gcaaaactgc acgttctgca catgtaaccc agaattaaaa gtataattga aaaaaggcat    100320
     taaagaaagg gaaaggttgg tgatgtttac ctgagcactc tcacaaacag agatgaagca    100380
     gttttgaatg ttaccttcct cttctaacat atagttctga aagtcttaga aaacatgtta    100440
     ttttattcct tccaggtagt cttttgcaag catcctcctc agtgtcaagc atttattctc    100500
     atgcatccca ttatgtgtta tgaatacacc cagagtttat gtgaaatttt tttatttttt    100560
     attttttggc aaatgtatta aactcttggt ttgtatattt tgaactggaa gccacatttt    100620
     tgtaatactt taaaagcaaa atattttata atatgcttta gaaattaaaa gaaaatagga    100680
     tacctccatt tcctatgaca aactctcagc atacagcaag gcaaagctat ttgctgctga    100740
     agctcaattt ttccctgcag atgctgaatg tacaagaatt aacagccaag ccaggaccct    100800
     gtttacctta tgtttccctg aaatgccaag cccatgaggt gttacaagga gggaagacag    100860
     catacaaaca tgatagaatg actaataagc taattggttt atagttttga gaaagcagtt    100920
     ggttgcctat gttttttttt tttttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gtgaagaaat    100980
     atttgtattt catttaagtg caactaattt ctatttaaat ttaagctgcc atatgtatct    101040
     actggctata gcattagagt gtttagcctt agcaacctcc ttattactat atactttttc    101100
     tttttctttc taacactttt taaaatatac tttaagttat gggatccatg tacagaacat    101160
     acaggtttgt tacaaggcca taagcctgcc atggtggttt gctgcaccca tcaacacgtc    101220
     atctacatta ggtatttctt ctgatgctat ccctcccgta gccccccata caccaacagg    101280
     cctcagtgtg ggatgttcct ctccctgtgt ccatgtgttc tcattgttca gttcctactt    101340
     atgagtgaga acatgcagtg tttggttttc tgttcttgtg ttagtttgct gagaatgatg    101400
     gtttccagct tcatccatgt ccctgcaaag gacatgaaat tatccttttt tatggctgca    101460
     cagtattcca tggtgtatat gtgtcacatt ttctttatct aatctatcat tgatggacat    101520
     ttggattgcc tatttttaaa tgcagtgagc tataatttga ttgaatgcag aaggaatcat    101580
     ttccaagaaa ttaaagttcg aaggttggaa aataaccgag ttcatcgtta gggaaagctt    101640
     attctaaaac ttcggataaa atgagcttcc tcttacattt tattcaactt aagatcttgt    101700
     agttacttat aatcatcatt atcatcatca aaaacatcat cagaatcatc accatcatca    101760
     ttatctaaat ttgagtagcc atcagaagat attgtgagtt cctgacttga gaaggattaa    101820
     tttctttgag attttatact gttattttaa gactgtggag catgggttag atctgtgttt    101880
     taaaaacttt gacagaccac attattggta atagttttct cttagcatgg gttttgagtt    101940
     gacttgtgtt acagttgaat tgtgcgtctc aaaaaaaagt tatgttgata tcttaacatc    102000
     tggttcctag gaaattcacc ttatttggaa atatggtttc tgcaaatgca gtcaagttca    102060
     gatgagttca tactgtgtta gggaagattc taaacccaat atgattagcg tccttgtaag    102120
     aagagacaga cacaggaaag gcagagccac gcgcgggccc agccctgcaa atctctagaa    102180
     ggtgacgata ttctttaaaa cacttcgaaa tcattggaag aaaattacaa ctgggctctg    102240
     cctcctggcc tggggatgta attagctgta tagaaaacac tgtgataacc tactaaggag    102300
     agtagcctat caagaagctc aggtgtttgg caatcaactc atttctccaa atgcacaagt    102360
     gaagaaggca actgtttttc tcaatcctgc agcttgcaaa ggcaaagcca gaacttgatt    102420
     tgaaaaaaat gctgccctga ttttacatat atccaggatg gatatgtcta ttattagggc    102480
     aggttatgag ggataagtca aggaactcct ggaactgatg ttaaacacag ttgtgatcat    102540
     tgttgtaaga ggagatggga cactgaagga ggatgttact ggagttcttc aaagaacaga    102600
     tgaggctacc ttcagtaaga ttcccattgg atttatccca ctgggacgga ccagtagttt    102660
     gagtcatacc ctctttgctg aacgtggaaa caaagtccaa catataactg atgccacatt    102720
     tgccattgtg aaaggaaaga cagttccact tgatgtcttg cagatgcaag gtgaaaagga    102780
     atagcctgtg tttgcagtga ctggccttcg atggggaccc ttcagagatg ttggcatcaa    102840
     agttagcaag tactggtatc ttgcgcctct aaaaatcaaa gcagctcact ttttcagcac    102900
     tctcaaagag tggcctcaga ctcaccaagc ctatatttta cacacggcac ctacagagag    102960
     atctcccagt gaaccagaat agacccctgt gcaaaggcct tctttttaca gaagaatatt    103020
     acaaagtctt acatcctact gggcacaacc ggagcatgcc ctttcccaag atgtgagccc    103080
     agagatctgg aaagatgtgc agctgtccac cattgaacta tccatcacaa cacagaaaaa    103140
     tcagcttgac ctgccaagcg aagaagattt tatgaacatc tgaattgaac gaacaccatc    103200
     agcaaaggag actttataac tacaggaact cgaaaggttt gaaaccgcaa gctgcacatc    103260
     gaaggcacag tgtctccaag ccagccagtg cactttgctt gttgccaatg gagctggggg    103320
     ctcttttggc atagacagtg aagagtgtga tgtgaagcct gtggaggtga aactgctccc    103380
     caggaagctg cagcttttct atgatcccag gaagagagaa tagatgctgg caagccccac    103440
     ccagaaagca ggcagaagac aagtgctctg agaccatact ttaggccacc agcaggacca    103500
     aaagggaaca gatgcctcaa ccatcccaac agtgttgtca gagtgtccca agggcttttt    103560
     catggcaagt agcctctggc cttctccagc agtgcttccc aaagtatact ctgtcacctg    103620
     ttttgcaatc aggttttgtt agggcatatt ttattttggt gtgatggttg accctcctaa    103680
     acacggactt tcctcagact ggttcaagat ggaaaaggac tttcttctgt tttctcccaa    103740
     agtgcaacca cagtgcagag cccacagtgg gcttaggctg cctgggcctt tccattctgg    103800
     ttctgtcttt tgaccatgct cagaattctg gggaaaatgc cttccttccc tggtgacctt    103860
     ttcctgtttc taggcttctc cacaagtgct gctattttgt gagctctggc tcctgtttag    103920
     cttttatatc agttctatcc tcagtccaga aatgtatatg aggttgtgtc ccccttcagc    103980
     catggcaaca atattgtaaa atgctagttt ttattttttt aggtagtgct ttctaaatgg    104040
     tttgcatgag agctacctgg ggtacatgtt gaaaattgat ttatttggag tccacaccaa    104100
     atctaataac tcattttggg gataaggccc aggaatctgc attttttaaa agttggccac    104160
     cctttccagg tgattctgta agttgtccct caatgcactt ggagaaatag tgttttaaag    104220
     cagtggtcca caaagtattc tgcttgtgtg cccccagaag tattttgaaa aatcatgtat    104280
     tcccttaccc atctaagttg atatctaaga ttgttcatgg gacattaaat agttgacata    104340
     atttgtattt gctgctttca cgtaaatatt ggtattttaa aataaaaact gttatatcaa    104400
     aaaaaaagaa gaagatatgc aacgacaaag acaaaaacaa ggagaacacc atgtgaggat    104460
     ggaagtaaag attgaagtga ttcatcccta aactagggag cactgttgaa aactatgagg    104520
     aactaagaac agaagcatga agcatgaagc acaatccaag acagaagcat gaaatggatt    104580
     ttccttcaga gcctctgaaa ggaagcatct taattttgga ctctgctcca gaacagtgag    104640
     agactataag tttttgttgt ttcaagtcag caagtttgtg gtaattagtt acaaagtccc    104700
     agaaatgaat gcagtctgga ttaggtatat tctgtatata taagctgcct aagaatgcca    104760
     gaagccagaa gaggtggtgt ctgcatttct ggttcctaaa atcctctctc agtacccact    104820
     gttctgtccg tggcaaagct ctcctgacac atttttagcc tttaggctat gtcctatttc    104880
     ccctgtccac tagggaagta gttcttgaat tcccgcctcc caaggctggc attttaccaa    104940
     gtgaaagaca ctgcctttgt gcaactccct cccctttgag tgtagggagg aaataggatt    105000
     tccttctgtc tcatggaata tgatagaggt aatggaacac cacttccatg attacgttat    105060
     ataagcatat aaatgtgtct tcctagcata ccctttctgt tgcattcttg gtttccatgc    105120
     tttgatgaaa tgagcaacca tgttgaacag gtgcaaatgt caagaagctg acagctgcct    105180
     ctgaacaaca gcctgcaagg aacagaggca ttcagtccag cagtccacag gacattgaac    105240
     tctgcaaaca agcgtgtatg tttggaagtg aatcttccta tgtcagcttt aaaatgagac    105300
     cccagctcag gccaacacct tcatcagtaa gagacttcaa agcagtgggt ccagctgagc    105360
     tagtgcctag attcccaata agcaaaaact gtgataaagt aaatacatta atttgaagct    105420
     gtttaagcct actggcccca cccagtctct tcccaaccct ggagagtaca tttcaatcta    105480
     ggtgtctctt tccactggat atagacattg gttggcatgc agctaaaatc aggccaatat    105540
     gcatagttgc atattaatta aatttgtggt tatttgttag aaagtagtca ataactgtgg    105600
     cataataagc aaaaagtgga tttcagctga gtacagtagc ttgcacctgt aatctcagct    105660
     acttgggagg ctcaggtggg agaattgctt gaggccagga ggttgaggct gcagtgagct    105720
     atggtagcgc caatgcaatc atagttcact gaagctatga gcctgggaga caaagcaaga    105780
     ccttctattt aaaaaaatac atggatttca aaagttggac agattgtaac ccaaattcta    105840
     catagatacc atgtctccaa tggagggata tatattttta ggttttgcaa tcttaggaat    105900
     agttggcaag tgaaagaaat tctggttaaa ttgacttaag ggaaaagaag agattttcag    105960
     cctcccttta ctagcagtac atttaattta gaaaatagtg tcctcaggtt taatcattgc    106020
     cgttaggaac ctggcacttt ggtgccatgt ttcttctttt ggctttctca gagacgctgt    106080
     ctttgtgtgg tggtaggcag tcaacagcat ttccttgtat gccattgttt cctcagaaag    106140
     caaattggcc cagtaactgt gcatattggc ctaattttag ttgcatgcca accaatgtct    106200
     atatccaatg gaaagagaca cttagattga aatggcctct ccagggttgg gaagagaccg    106260
     ggtgggtcca gtaggcttaa gctggatgca agtaagattg ctccccagag gaaaattgaa    106320
     tgctaggtaa gcaaaactca ttgatgtcca ttgtcattgc tcaaactgca aatagtccca    106380
     aggaagaaag aatggcatgg gtgcttcatg gacgagacta acttggggga aaaatcttac    106440
     ctaggatgtt tctttttttt tagctgaaaa gaagcacttg gacattcaga aatgagaaaa    106500
     cttgtttatt agctgctgtt gttggtttgt aaacagctgt agcttttagt gacatataga    106560
     aataacatga caggaacaga tgaggatatt tctattatga tgttatacag gcagttctat    106620
     gttgggagtc atcctcctgg ggcaatcctg gatctggaag ctgtcagctg gtggcaaatt    106680
     agagatagct tgagatttaa tgccagatgg gaaacatgac ctcaaatgaa ttagggtctt    106740
     tagtcctggg tgtaatatgc tgtgcctgac atctctttta agagttctaa ctgaaagttt    106800
     aggtttactg tagaataagc caatttgggg agctcatctt gtgaacatga aaatgaattt    106860
     ggacaaattt caacctaagc ctttagcaca gttaaagttt ggaaagagtt tcattgtaga    106920
     gcgttaggca attggctgac aaaagagcat ccagtttttt ctcaaggaat tctgcaaaaa    106980
     gcaaaggagg tcctactcag ccatcctcct ttttcagctt agtggacttg tttgtgagat    107040
     tgtgctgtga atgggttctc aggctggtga taaaacctca tcttcaattc ttgtgcagct    107100
     ttgtataagt ccaaagaggc accactatat ccttactaca tgaagtgtca ttgggttgtt    107160
     tgttaatgtt tgtttccata tgggccccag gcattagcaa acatgtagtt tattcattta    107220
     tttattcact cagtgaatat ttattgaacc taatctaatt ttcaggccat tttgctaaat    107280
     gacatcctat cacttttatt gaaagccata gaggggaaat tgcacaacta actggaacca    107340
     tttagtataa tcattgcaat tatgcagcaa gctggggagg tatgagaaca tctgggagga    107400
     gtatgtatcc gagactgaga gagtgaaaat gcagtaagga gaaatttgac gaatgagtca    107460
     ctgaccaaat tgctgggagg aaggtcattt caggcaaaga gaagagtgtg ttcaaagctg    107520
     aagtctagag cctgacatta atatcgattc tcttagctaa gttgtttatg aaactgaagt    107580
     ttgtgaattt gaagcctgaa atgtctgaag tgtagtcaat gtatggtcag ttaatctcag    107640
     agcacatcct tcagtcatca gtggaactag agataatata ttgacatatg tgctctaatg    107700
     aaagctgaga agctcaaccg ggacaagtgt ttatctaaaa gggggtctga cctcctttta    107760
     gaaatgggaa gcaagtgtgg acagcataac ccatagacca aatcattcac actttctgtc    107820
     ggtttttacc aaagggttta atggaacaca aatacaccca tttatttacg tagtgtctgt    107880
     gactgttttc acactacaaa ggcaaagttg agttgttgca agagaccatg tggcctgcaa    107940
     agtctacaat acatacaatc ttacccttta ttttaaaaag tgttctgaca cctgatgtaa    108000
     aggactggct tcatgaagtc aagtggagat cttctaagtt accatataga catgaaagga    108060
     agagtacaga agttccatga tgtacagcag tggtttacaa attggctatg aatgttttcc    108120
     aaatgcagat tcctgggctc tatccaggct tccagtgaat cacaaaatct gaggataggg    108180
     cccaacaatt tgcattgtag tggccttgta ggtgatattg atggcaaaaa tttgaaaatt    108240
     ggacctgaat tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgtga cggagtctca ctctgttgtc    108300
     caggctggag gacagtggcg caaatttggc tcagtgcaag ctctgcctcc catgttcaca    108360
     ccattctcct gcttcagcat cctgagtagc tgggaactac aggcacccac cacccccggc    108420
     taatttttta tattttttta gtagagacgg ggtttctcca tgttagccag gatggtctcg    108480
     atctcctgac ctcatgatcc acccacctcg gcctcccaaa gtgttggtat tacaggtgtg    108540
     agccaccgca cctggcctga aatatttttt aatccaaata taaacagata ctcctttctg    108600
     ccattaataa acaattaggg aaaaaaaaag ataaaagcct gtttttaaga ccattgtcca    108660
     tatggcttac acaagataac ttcctgaagt gacctctaag acgaaatagt tgcaaagtat    108720
     ttctgtgttc aattaaatta aagcgtgggc aaaaagaaat tattagttgt agatatttaa    108780
     aatcaaatca gtttaaacaa aacactgtca acacagcagc caaagaacat aatcaatcaa    108840
     aagatgaata aatatacaca gttatacagc actactacta cataatgatg attatgatgg    108900
     tgatgatgag gatggtgatg aggaggatgg tgatgatggt gatgatgatg atggttatga    108960
     tgatggtgat ggtgataata tggttgatga ggatggtaaa agtgttggtg attttgatga    109020
     tgttggtgta gaggatggtg aagccatgct aatatgttga tgctgatggt gatgatggtg    109080
     ttggtgatga ggatgctgaa ggttacggtg atgatgacca gatgacgatg gtgctgctga    109140
     tgacagtgat gatggtgatg gtcatgatga tgacagcaat gaagataaca aatactgtga    109200
     tgattgtttt ggtgataata gtaataactg tagtgatggc ctgtttctac attgcaatct    109260
     ctatttctcc cccagtctcc atacaaacag aaccacctta gagacatttc aaacttacca    109320
     tattcaaaat gcagctgctg cttttgatac aatgaatgcc cttctgtcgc atttttacta    109380
     tcttaggaga attc                                                      109394