EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC010877; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 137229 BP.
AC   AC010877;
DT   26-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-218F6 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-137229
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-137229
RA   Harris A., Stoneking T., Hawkins M., Mulvane E.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-218F6";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-137229
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-137229
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (20-APR-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-137229
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-APR-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-137229
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-APR-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [7]
RP   1-137229
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 7213eea29dbd137120f53556bdbaf443.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000183878; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000279053; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000279938; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC010877.3:1-137229; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000329134; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000331397; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000362096; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000382893; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000382896; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000537580; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000545955; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000623120; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000624787; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; F5H3N7.
DR   GOA; F5H8B4.
DR   GOA; O14607.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:12638; UTY.
DR   InterPro; IPR001440; TPR_1.
DR   InterPro; IPR003347; JmjC_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011990; TPR-like_helical_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013026; TPR-contain_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR019734; TPR_repeat.
DR   InterPro; IPR029484; GVQW.
DR   InterPro; IPR029516; KDM6C.
DR   PDB; 3ZLI; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 3ZPO; X-ray.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087X0Y2; A0A087X0Y2_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087X248; A0A087X248_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087X2I9; A0A087X2I9_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A096LPD8; A0A096LPD8_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F5H3N7; F5H3N7_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F5H8B4; F5H8B4_HUMAN.
CC   On Apr 20, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:6175241.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0218F06
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the right is RP11-386L3, 200 base pair
CC   overlap.  Actual start of this clone is at base position 1 of
CC   RP11-218F6; actual end is at base position 1163 of RP11-386L3.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..137229
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-218F6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   12..61
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74..122
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   123..143
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   253..694
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   644..924
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1128..1293
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1320..1684
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1707..1798
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   1807..1944
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1969..2069
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   2072..2190
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2210..2416
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2417..2723
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   2724..3059
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3060..3102
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   3103..3989
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3990..4016
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   4022..4570
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4571..4766
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4767..4832
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4833..5066
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5088..5393
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5425..5727
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   5863..6500
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   6563..6839
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6916..7260
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   7430..7612
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7751..7833
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7834..8123
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8124..8260
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8594..8762
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   8905..9183
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9421..9717
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10857..10923
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   11226..11345
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   11557..11984
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   12174..12207
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   12208..12506
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12507..12576
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   12819..13035
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR50"
FT   repeat_region   13388..13645
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13696..13842
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13861..14190
FT                   /rpt_family="MER73-group"
FT   repeat_region   14199..14325
FT                   /rpt_family="MER73-group"
FT   repeat_region   14371..14609
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14629..14791
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   14792..14970
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   14971..15117
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15127..15197
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   15222..15404
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15451..15550
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15587..15706
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15707..15827
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15828..15960
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16010..16102
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16155..16260
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16294..16638
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16639..16931
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16932..16991
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16999..17062
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17124..17275
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   17454..17545
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   17719..17912
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17913..17954
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   17955..18069
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18172..18269
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18270..18570
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18722..18929
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18978..19285
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19374..19490
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19494..19644
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19704..19969
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19988..20235
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20271..20298
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   20308..20374
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   20399..20614
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20624..20697
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20719..20799
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20800..21095
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21096..21247
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21264..21725
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   21877..21995
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22002..22224
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   22244..22927
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23147..23691
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23692..23985
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   23986..24251
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24189..24304
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24611..24846
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24847..25159
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25160..25808
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25831..26118
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26119..26140
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   26141..26229
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26231..26519
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26520..26559
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   26605..26703
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   26732..27005
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27006..27743
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27748..28406
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28449..28718
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28778..28899
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28878..29779
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29868..29990
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29991..30299
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30300..30675
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30679..30977
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31015..31280
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31593..31662
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31956..33045
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33108..33133
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   33134..33280
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33281..33384
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33639..34314
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34333..34622
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34623..34936
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    34641..34645
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA740737 (NID:g2779329) ny98d10.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA809738 (NID:g2879144) nz99f03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    34641..34647
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA830429 (NID:g2903528) oc51b01.s1"
FT   repeat_region   34937..35048
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35056..35181
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35197..35239
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35284..35448
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35449..35612
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35789..35911
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35912..36058
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36078..36228
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   36265..36463
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36631..36933
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37572..37807
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   37849..38037
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38218..39164
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39610..39836
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39908..40118
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40119..41598
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   41628..41917
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41927..42195
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   42251..42311
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   42456..43399
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43444..43812
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    43913..43917
FT                   /note="match to EST AI004861 (NID:g3214371) ot59a07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   44094..46845
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46850..47129
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47151..47285
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47326..47929
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47930..48225
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48226..48471
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48552..48608
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48623..49065
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49110..49397
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49408..49436
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   49440..49881
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49896..49952
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49953..50238
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50239..50682
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50918..51151
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51182..51302
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52093..52385
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52735..53039
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    53334..53622
FT                   /note="match to EST AA744810 (NID:g2783574) ny67e02.s1"
FT   repeat_region   53540..53855
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    54511..54982
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI498366 (NID:g4390348) tm43e01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    54511..54875
FT                   /note="match to EST AA831724 (NID:g2904823) oc85d04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    54518..54810
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW139685 (NID:g6144403)"
FT   misc_feature    54615..55021
FT                   /note="match to EST AI004861 (NID:g3214371) ot59a07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    54934..55509
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL041377 (NID:g5420728)"
FT   misc_feature    54934..55398
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW636428 (NID:g7393509)"
FT   misc_feature    55100..55461
FT                   /note="similar to EST D52186 (NID:g952422)"
FT   misc_feature    55157
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI079613 (NID:g3415864) ox91d04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    55173..55516
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI079613 (NID:g3415864) ox91d04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    55175..55624
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA830429 (NID:g2903528) oc51b01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    55175..55625
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW136355 (NID:g6140488)"
FT   misc_feature    55175..55653
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI380286 (NID:g4190139) tf99g05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    55175..55484
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI634444 (NID:g4685774) ty98e07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    55175..55516
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA740737 (NID:g2779329) ny98d10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    55175..55708
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW527404 (NID:g7169818)"
FT   misc_feature    55175..55636
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA809738 (NID:g2879144) nz99f03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    55175..55494
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI656783 (NID:g4740762) tt47g10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    55176..55461
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA025264 (NID:g1489276) ze74a07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    55176..55445
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW240333 (NID:g6574156) uq34a04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    55177..55516
FT                   /note="similar to EST W96208 (NID:g1426134) ze10e02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    55177..55653
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW051651 (NID:g5913876) wx27a08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    55178..55622
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI523735 (NID:g4437870) th18g06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    55178..55784
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW536493 (NID:g7178910)"
FT   misc_feature    55178..55696
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW539593 (NID:g7182010)"
FT   misc_feature    55178..55539
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AU018441 (NID:g3373931)"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AU022715 (NID:g3387690)"
FT   misc_feature    55183..55461
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA768700 (NID:g2820008) oa69h07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    55337..55826
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI176717 (NID:g4134915)"
FT   misc_feature    55378..55792
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI346210 (NID:g4083416) qp44a07.x1"
FT   repeat_region   55455..55479
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    55598..56014
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA790402 (NID:g2850522)
FT                   vw04b08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    55641..56014
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW118736 (NID:g6087320) xd96a12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    55670..56014
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA025343 (NID:g1489330) ze74a07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    55745..56014
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA177299 (NID:g1758600)
FT                   mt22e11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    55774..56014
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA177306 (NID:g1758607)
FT                   mt22g11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    55785..56014
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI852442 (NID:g5496313)"
FT   misc_feature    55792..56014
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW558160 (NID:g7203589)"
FT   misc_feature    55845..56014
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI957364 (NID:g5750073) ul86e03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    55868..56014
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA344964 (NID:g1997222)"
FT   misc_feature    55962..56014
FT                   /note="similar to EST R64076 (NID:g835955) yi22f07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    55967..56014
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA290145 (NID:g1936526)
FT                   vb34a02.r1"
FT   repeat_region   56151..56448
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56591..56619
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    57134..57246
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA790402 (NID:g2850522)
FT                   vw04b08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    57149..57319
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI852442 (NID:g5496313)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW118736 (NID:g6087320) xd96a12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA290145 (NID:g1936526)
FT                   vb34a02.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA177299 (NID:g1758600)
FT                   mt22e11.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA177306 (NID:g1758607)
FT                   mt22g11.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI957364 (NID:g5750073) ul86e03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    57149..57321
FT                   /note="similar to EST R64076 (NID:g835955) yi22f07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    57149..57274
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA344964 (NID:g1997222)"
FT   misc_feature    57149..57276
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA025343 (NID:g1489330) ze74a07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    57149..57340
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW558160 (NID:g7203589)"
FT   misc_feature    57158..57319
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AJ399253 (NID:g7134039)"
FT   misc_feature    57168..57321
FT                   /note="similar to EST R27397 (NID:g783532) yh46b10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    57180..57319
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus norvegicus EST R47089
FT                   (NID:g807431)"
FT   misc_feature    57211..57319
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA415652 (NID:g2076127)
FT                   vc52g09.r1"
FT   repeat_region   57321..57341
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   58031..58332
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58659..59168
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   59946..60005
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   62390..62449
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    63846..63852
FT                   /note="similar to EST Z45267 (NID:g574477)"
FT   repeat_region   64707..64985
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   64986..65497
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   misc_feature    66407..66536
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus norvegicus EST R46982
FT                   (NID:g807324)"
FT   misc_feature    66410..66442
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA177299 (NID:g1758600)
FT                   mt22e11.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA177306 (NID:g1758607)
FT                   mt22g11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    66410..66536
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AJ399253 (NID:g7134039)"
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus norvegicus EST R47089
FT                   (NID:g807431)"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA290145 (NID:g1936526)
FT                   vb34a02.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA415652 (NID:g2076127)
FT                   vc52g09.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI957364 (NID:g5750073) ul86e03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    66410..66525
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI852442 (NID:g5496313)"
FT   misc_feature    66410..66514
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW118736 (NID:g6087320) xd96a12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    66411..66539
FT                   /note="similar to EST R64076 (NID:g835955) yi22f07.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to EST R27397 (NID:g783532) yh46b10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   67518..67598
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   67617..67661
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    68342..68347
FT                   /note="match to EST AI126630 (NID:g3595144) qd83b06.x1"
FT   repeat_region   68381..68527
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   68694..68985
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69241..69268
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   69962..72183
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75243..75684
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75685..75749
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   75750..76139
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76262..76854
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   76932..77230
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77598..77639
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   77682..77753
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   77813..78234
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78460..78629
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   78869..78892
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   78898..79035
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79952..80031
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   80361..80423
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80395..80523
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80521..80629
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80642..80914
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80915..80959
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   81201..81309
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82095..82382
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82383..82409
FT                   /rpt_family="(TGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   82410..82428
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82434..82559
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82560..82858
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82859..83207
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    83194..83207
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI079613 (NID:g3415864) ox91d04.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA740737 (NID:g2779329) ny98d10.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to EST W96208 (NID:g1426134) ze10e02.s1"
FT   repeat_region   83464..85179
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85214..85386
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85387..85678
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85679..86244
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86245..86530
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86531..86648
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86649..86944
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86945..87293
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    87024..87027
FT                   /note="similar to EST N93220 (NID:g1265529) zb29c10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   87299..87422
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87451..87611
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87554..88255
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    87852..87856
FT                   /note="match to EST AA890064 (NID:g3016943) aj96d06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   88341..88430
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88572..88908
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   88909..89277
FT                   /rpt_family="Harlequin"
FT   repeat_region   89273..89918
FT                   /rpt_family="Harlequin"
FT   repeat_region   89905..90857
FT                   /rpt_family="Harlequin"
FT   misc_feature    91608..91610
FT                   /note="match to EST AA229044 (NID:g1852028) nc48g11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    91815..91818
FT                   /note="match to EST AA890484 (NID:g3017363) ak12a01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    92693..92695
FT                   /note="match to EST AA837580 (NID:g2912779) oe32d06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    92693..92911
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA047338 (NID:g1525236) zl65d12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    92705..93166
FT                   /note="match to EST AA315539 (NID:g1967999)"
FT   misc_feature    92705..93263
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA220352 (NID:g1838855)
FT                   my27h12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    92716..93407
FT                   /note="match to EST AA029397 (NID:g1497024) ze94d07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    92740..93167
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW125830 (NID:g6101360)"
FT   misc_feature    92740..93308
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW141337 (NID:g6161122)"
FT   misc_feature    92753..93218
FT                   /note="match to EST W32916 (NID:g1314971) zc07e05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    92759..92848
FT                   /note="match to EST AA301799 (NID:g1954132)"
FT   misc_feature    92760..93678
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA716489 (NID:g2728763) zg64e07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    92762..93271
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI980318 (NID:g5883346)"
FT   misc_feature    92770..93670
FT                   /note="match to EST AA837580 (NID:g2912779) oe32d06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    92806..93677
FT                   /note="match to EST AA890064 (NID:g3016943) aj96d06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    92840..93684
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI419327 (NID:g4265258) tf27f09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    92844..93280
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST W34508 (NID:g1316419)
FT                   mb01c07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    92863..93541
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL048555 (NID:g4727695)"
FT   misc_feature    92879..93315
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus norvegicus EST AI112633
FT                   (NID:g3512582)"
FT   misc_feature    92883..93686
FT                   /note="match to EST AA890484 (NID:g3017363) ak12a01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    92886..93686
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI192094 (NID:g3743303) qa06c04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    92903..93674
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI814256 (NID:g5425471) wj70g09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    92908..93685
FT                   /note="match to EST AI126630 (NID:g3595144) qd83b06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    92915..93679
FT                   /note="match to EST AI057570 (NID:g3331436) oy31b01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    92924..93675
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI760879 (NID:g5176546) wi09e05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    92928..93668
FT                   /note="match to EST AA632149 (NID:g2555563) np74g02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    92944..93220
FT                   /note="match to EST AA301799 (NID:g1954132)"
FT   misc_feature    92949..93289
FT                   /note="match to EST AA372064 (NID:g2024404)"
FT   misc_feature    92957..93437
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW121552 (NID:g6096885)"
FT   misc_feature    92972..92973
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI185299 (NID:g3735937) qe36c04.s1"
FT                   /note="match to EST AA843688 (NID:g2933044) ak01d06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    92988..93058
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA643395 (NID:g2568613) nr59h03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    92989..93671
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI337867 (NID:g4074794) qt34b12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93002..93671
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus sp. EST AA799492 (NID:g2862447)"
FT   misc_feature    93007..93498
FT                   /note="match to EST W49827 (NID:g1338121) zc50b12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    93012..93686
FT                   /note="match to EST AA843688 (NID:g2933044) ak01d06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93044..93482
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus norvegicus EST AI071208
FT                   (NID:g3397423)"
FT   misc_feature    93068..93686
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI266288 (NID:g3884446) qx69h12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93101..93686
FT                   /note="match to EST AA861938 (NID:g2952562) aj80b07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93106..93680
FT                   /note="similar to EST N93220 (NID:g1265529) zb29c10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93116..93686
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI610599 (NID:g4619766) tp19f07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93116..93214
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI719321 (NID:g5036577) as40c07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93132..93686
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI597638 (NID:g4606686) tn15h08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93145..93673
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI185299 (NID:g3735937) qe36c04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93146..93686
FT                   /note="match to EST AA861538 (NID:g2953678) ak18g01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93184..93671
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI338078 (NID:g4075005) qt40g08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93185..93670
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA875494 (NID:g4231372)"
FT   misc_feature    93193..93673
FT                   /note="match to EST AI186017 (NID:g3736655) qe45g04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93200..93684
FT                   /note="match to EST AA229044 (NID:g1852028) nc48g11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    93207..93686
FT                   /note="similar to EST H06487 (NID:g870019) yl78c02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93207..93678
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA643395 (NID:g2568613) nr59h03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93208..93441
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA349311 (NID:g2001547)"
FT   misc_feature    93214..93686
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI088833 (NID:g3427892) qa08d05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93236..93428
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus sp. EST AA893051 (NID:g3019930)"
FT   misc_feature    93239..93671
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AU019451 (NID:g3375035)"
FT   misc_feature    93245..93674
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA209125 (NID:g1807078)
FT                   mu81c04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    93250..93686
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI705364 (NID:g4993264)"
FT   misc_feature    93258..93671
FT                   /note="match to EST AA005388 (NID:g1447850) zh88h08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93258..93681
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI095154 (NID:g3434130) oy19b05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93263..93689
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA903675 (NID:g3038798) ok53g09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93274..93607
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA037017 (NID:g1510092) zk33g08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93285..93673
FT                   /note="match to EST AA158100 (NID:g1732919) zo43h02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    93287..93681
FT                   /note="similar to EST T92259 (NID:g724172) ye18f04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93288..93685
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI244510 (NID:g3839907) qk14b10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93289..93686
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA530006 (NID:g2272712)
FT                   vj14h05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    93289..93671
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AU020650 (NID:g3376234)"
FT   misc_feature    93292..93671
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus sp. EST AA891534 (NID:g3018413)"
FT   misc_feature    93295..93674
FT                   /note="match to EST AI090788 (NID:g3429847) qa65h02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93296..93572
FT                   /note="match to EST AA029553 (NID:g1496975) ze96e11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    93307..93686
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus norvegicus EST AI111402
FT                   (NID:g3511444)"
FT   misc_feature    93308..93671
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI371531 (NID:g4150284) qy07e07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93308..93686
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW327605 (NID:g6798100) dq01a08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    93328..93675
FT                   /note="match to EST AA483762 (NID:g2212575) ne91d09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93334..93679
FT                   /note="match to EST W72155 (NID:g1382622) zd70g08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93351..93675
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI719321 (NID:g5036577) as40c07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93353..93684
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI419328 (NID:g4265259) tf27f10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93353..93686
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW166719 (NID:g6398244) xg27h12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93354..93689
FT                   /note="match to EST AA813159 (NID:g2883144) ai74h07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93362..93675
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI918211 (NID:g5638066) tn08f02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93366..93677
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA874315 (NID:g2979004)
FT                   vx79f10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    93367..93681
FT                   /note="match to EST AA229110 (NID:g1852076) nc48g11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93367..93671
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV108114 (NID:g5255662)"
FT   misc_feature    93393..93685
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI706065 (NID:g4993965)"
FT   misc_feature    93416..93668
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI190093 (NID:g3741302) qd48b12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93442..93687
FT                   /note="similar to EST N73274 (NID:g1230378) za09a07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93448..93683
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI862688 (NID:g5526795) wj27g05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    93448..93686
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA189256 (NID:g1776856)
FT                   mu52h11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   93683..95387
FT                   /rpt_family="Harlequin"
FT   misc_feature    93871
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA037017 (NID:g1510092) zk33g08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    94417..94433
FT                   /note="match to EST W72155 (NID:g1382622) zd70g08.s1"
FT   repeat_region   95512..95849
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   95871..96099
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96113..96144
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   96159..96695
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96697..96995
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97018..97207
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97218..97277
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97297..97511
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97509..97832
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97833..97862
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   97866..98187
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98188..98300
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98301..98606
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98607..99455
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99456..99747
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   99748..100191
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100184..100227
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100236..100646
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100661..100867
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100868..100907
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   100908..101000
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101001..101215
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101216..101612
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   101630..102359
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102362..103026
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103049..103141
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103179..103322
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103386..103483
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    103573..103980
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW295471 (NID:g6702107)"
FT   misc_feature    103639..103980
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI240945 (NID:g3836342) qk01d03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    103816..103980
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA611135 (NID:g2461333)
FT                   vo61g07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103839..103980
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AJ399253 (NID:g7134039)"
FT   misc_feature    103839..103960
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus norvegicus EST R46982
FT                   (NID:g807324)"
FT                   /note="similar to Rattus norvegicus EST R47089
FT                   (NID:g807431)"
FT   misc_feature    103839..103944
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA290145 (NID:g1936526)
FT                   vb34a02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103839..103895
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA415652 (NID:g2076127)
FT                   vc52g09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103839..104051
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI957364 (NID:g5750073) ul86e03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    103906..103980
FT                   /note="similar to EST H08974 (NID:g873796) yl96b07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103919..103980
FT                   /note="match to EST AA029424 (NID:g1496967) ze96d10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   104155..104291
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   104292..104318
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   104319..104389
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   104605..104913
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    105089..105276
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA611135 (NID:g2461333)
FT                   vo61g07.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to EST R14781 (NID:g769054) yf92h12.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to EST H08974 (NID:g873796) yl96b07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    105089..105295
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AJ399253 (NID:g7134039)"
FT   misc_feature    105089..105198
FT                   /note="match to EST AA029424 (NID:g1496967) ze96d10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    105089..105287
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI240945 (NID:g3836342) qk01d03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    105089..105229
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW295471 (NID:g6702107)"
FT   misc_feature    105153..105276
FT                   /note="similar to EST Z45267 (NID:g574477)"
FT   repeat_region   105437..105755
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    105525
FT                   /note="match to EST AA029424 (NID:g1496967) ze96d10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   106415..106726
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107024..107321
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108577..108710
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108719..108826
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    109009..109123
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL042265 (NID:g5421608)"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA611135 (NID:g2461333)
FT                   vo61g07.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to EST Z45267 (NID:g574477)"
FT   misc_feature    109009..109114
FT                   /note="similar to EST R14781 (NID:g769054) yf92h12.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to EST H08974 (NID:g873796) yl96b07.r1"
FT   repeat_region   109951..110036
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   110063..111059
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    111009..111011
FT                   /note="similar to EST R14781 (NID:g769054) yf92h12.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to EST H08974 (NID:g873796) yl96b07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    111531..111679
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL042265 (NID:g5421608)"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA611135 (NID:g2461333)
FT                   vo61g07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    111531..111623
FT                   /note="similar to EST Z45267 (NID:g574477)"
FT   misc_feature    111534..111679
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA880719 (NID:g2989702)
FT                   vx30e08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    112122..112123
FT                   /note="match to EST AA330221 (NID:g1982486)"
FT   misc_feature    112168..112244
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI509826 (NID:g4408742) vx30e08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    112170..112244
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL042265 (NID:g5421608)"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA880719 (NID:g2989702)
FT                   vx30e08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    112314..112382
FT                   /note="match to EST AA330221 (NID:g1982486)"
FT   misc_feature    112318..112382
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL042265 (NID:g5421608)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI509826 (NID:g4408742) vx30e08.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA880719 (NID:g2989702)
FT                   vx30e08.r1"
FT   repeat_region   112832..112957
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113365..113423
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   113482..114101
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    113610..113621
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI088833 (NID:g3427892) qa08d05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    113610..113622
FT                   /note="similar to EST N73274 (NID:g1230378) za09a07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   114102..114407
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114408..114468
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114469..114765
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114766..115338
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115441..115751
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116069..116370
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116389..116816
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116825..116930
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116939..117234
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   117275..117445
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   117446..117742
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   117743..118238
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   118243..118535
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   118571..118613
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   118614..118906
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   118907..119268
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   119269..119909
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   119910..120287
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120308..120566
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120570..121058
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121099..121188
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121254..121421
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121463..121768
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121818..121936
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   121937..122240
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   122245..122941
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   122946..122984
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   123040..123087
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   123086..123145
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   123146..123434
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   123435..123541
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   123542..123746
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   123747..124010
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   124011..124290
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   124291..124356
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   124357..124853
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   124861..125135
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125220..125322
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   125331..127435
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   127439..127528
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   127548..127991
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   127998..128163
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128420..128714
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    128647..128694
FT                   /note="match to EST AA744810 (NID:g2783574) ny67e02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    128836..128984
FT                   /note="match to EST AA508186 (NID:g2243186) nh60d05.s1"
FT   repeat_region   129249..129557
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    129686..129892
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI806428 (NID:g5392994) wf27h10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    129687..129894
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL042265 (NID:g5421608)"
FT   misc_feature    129687..129826
FT                   /note="match to EST AA330221 (NID:g1982486)"
FT   misc_feature    129687..129821
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI509826 (NID:g4408742) vx30e08.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to Mus musculus EST AA880719 (NID:g2989702)
FT                   vx30e08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    129687..129892
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW083667 (NID:g6038819) xc50b01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    129696..129894
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW602300 (NID:g7307039)"
FT   misc_feature    129701..129892
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA773639 (NID:g2825210) af75b07.r1"
FT   repeat_region   130203..130264
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   130268..130354
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   130375..130509
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   misc_feature    130733..130837
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW083667 (NID:g6038819) xc50b01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    130733..130838
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA773639 (NID:g2825210) af75b07.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI806428 (NID:g5392994) wf27h10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   131987..132157
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    132353..132484
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA773639 (NID:g2825210) af75b07.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI806428 (NID:g5392994) wf27h10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   133146..133175
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   134079..134380
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134740..134805
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   135054..135090
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   135681..135822
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136368..137229
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 137229 BP; 45559 A; 26035 C; 25901 G; 39734 T; 0 other;
     gaattcagga ctgatctcat tactgcactc cagcctaggc aacacagcga gagcctatcc        60
     ccgccccatg caaaataata ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa       120
     tagagagaga gagagagaga gaggaatgta tattctggta aactgttctg tgtaagttaa       180
     ggccaaatgc tcagtagtgt ttccaagtcc agtgtttcct aattgatctg gctggctttt       240
     ccaaccattc attatttcct aagtgatctg tctggttgtt tcattcattc attatttaaa       300
     ccaaggtact aaagtcctct actattcttg tgttgctatt tctcccttca atgtcatgat       360
     ttttgcttca tacatttaag agccgtgcta ttaggtacat atataattgt gtatcttgtt       420
     gatgaattgg cccatttatc attatatatt gtccttcatt atctcttatg aaagttttcc       480
     tcttaagtct gttttgtctg acaagagtat acccacctct ggtcctttca gtctcccatt       540
     tgcatggaat atcttctaat ctttcacttt tactctatgt aaaaactcta ttttgtgatt       600
     ctcttataga cagaatattg ctgggtattt tttgaaaaca ttaagccaat ctgtatcttt       660
     taattagagc attcaatcaa attccattta aagtaattac ttttagtata ggacttactg       720
     ctatttttgc attggttcct gtaaatcttg tagctttgta tatccacact ctcttattgc       780
     tttcatttgt gtttcactgt tttttaatat agtaatgttt ttattcccta ctcaaatctc       840
     tttgtgcata atctgtgtac attttctttg tgattaacat tgtaattaaa taaaacatct       900
     taaaattaca acaatctact ttaagataac ttaaatcata catagaaacc ctactaggga       960
     catctctgta ctctgatgac ataaatgaac tccttaatac tacatatcca ttaacataat      1020
     cagcaattac ttttttaaaa aaaaagttat gccaagagat ttgtgcacct acattacagt      1080
     actgaagact ctatttgttc ctatatttaa agttaaaaag gagtttgttt tcagatggtt      1140
     tcatgttgct gtttgcaatt ctttcactta aacttgaaag gctctcttta ccatttcttg      1200
     tgcactagtg tagaattcaa tttttttttt gtctgggaaa gtcttaactt ctcccttatt      1260
     tttgaagaac agttttccaa atacaatatt cttcttatcc aggaggtttt aaaaaaaaat      1320
     gttgctttaa attttctcta tttgtgactt ctgtcacttt acttttgtgt tttagtaggt      1380
     ctgtttacat ttatcccaat tggaattctc agagcttctt gattatgtta taaccatttc      1440
     tgtcctcaga actgaaaact tttcagtcac tatccaaaaa gtctaacatt cttttctatt      1500
     ttattttctg ttgtgactct cataatacat gtgttccatt tgttggtgtc tcatagcccc      1560
     taattttttt gttctctttt cttcattttt atttttcatt ttgcctctct aatttaacaa      1620
     tttcaaatat cttctctttc agttcagtaa tttttttctt tattctgatt gatacactgt      1680
     tgttccacta aaccgacttt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ctttctcttt ctttcttctc      1740
     tctccttcct tccttctccc ctcccctccc ctcccctccc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc      1800
     ctttcctttc ctttttcttt ctctcttttt tttgacaggg tatcggactt tatcaccaca      1860
     aacttgaatg tagtggtgca atcatagctc aatgcaacct tgacttcctg ggctgaggga      1920
     tctttcctct tcagagcagc tgggcacatg tcaccacatg tgatagtgtt tttgtagaga      1980
     tgtggtcttc cttgttttct agactgctct caaactcttg gttagcttca gcaatcctcc      2040
     tgcctcagcc ttgccaagtg ctgggattat ttgcataaag ctgccaaaga accagccttg      2100
     caaattattt aactcagttt ttgtagtatt ccattccaga atttctgttc gagtcatctt      2160
     agtttctaac gttttattca tattttcatt cctttgttgt tactttcatt tctgaacaaa      2220
     ataccaacat atcaaattca acagcacatt aaaagagtca cacaccataa tcaaatgaaa      2280
     tttattcctg ttagggaaga attattaacc atataggaac aaatcaatgt actatcctac      2340
     attaatagaa tgaggggaaa aaaacatgaa tatctcagtt gttgcagaat agtacttgat      2400
     aaaatttagc atattaggtt aggcacagtg gttcacatct gtaacccaag caatttagaa      2460
     agcagaggtg ggaggaatgc ttgaggacaa gagttcaaaa ccatcttggg caacatagtg      2520
     agaccctgtt tctaccaaaa aagaaaaaat taaaatttag ccagttatgg tggcttcagc      2580
     ctgtagtcct atctttttgg aaggctaagg caggaagatt tcttaagccc aggagtttga      2640
     ggctgcagta agctaggatc aaaccactac cttccagcaa caaagggtaa caaagtaaaa      2700
     ctgtttctaa ataaataaat aaatgaataa atttaacaca ttttttgatt aaaatatagt      2760
     taggaataca agaaagccat ctcaatatca tcaagaccat aaatgaaaag cccacaatta      2820
     ggtaatatta aatggtgaaa gacttaaaaa ccttccttct agaatcaaaa caaagaaaaa      2880
     acactcttgc catcctattc ataccacact gaagtcctaa ccagagcagt cagtcaagag      2940
     aaggaaggta ggggagaggg ggtaagggga agagcagggt catacaaatt gaaaacgaag      3000
     aaaagttatc acagtgcatt gatgacatgc tcttataggt agaaagccct taggatttta      3060
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caaactctta gagaaaagaa      3120
     ccaagtttaa caaagttgca ggatacaaaa ttaacacaaa gaaaactgtg tgtttctatt      3180
     tattaacaat gaacaatcaa aaatggaaac ctagagaaaa tttcatttac aatatgtata      3240
     accttaacca ttaaaaagat aaaagactca ttcacagaaa agtataagtt gttgaaaaat      3300
     attaaaagac ataaattcat ggaaagacat cttttattca cgacctgaag agctaatatt      3360
     cctaatatat catacccaaa aagatcgaga ttcaatacaa tgcctatcag aatccctcca      3420
     caaaaaatct taaagttcaa atggaatgtt aatgaactct aaacagccaa aacaatcttt      3480
     taaaaaagaa caaatttaga caactcttca tttgaaataa cttccttatc tcaaaactta      3540
     ctgcaaagct acagtaatca gaagtgatag tggcataaag acagacatat agaccattgt      3600
     taaccaacag agtacagaga taaccacagc atacgcagtc acatgatcct ctaaaagggt      3660
     gccaagacca tccaatgtta aaaacagtct taacaacaac atagtgttgg ggaaactgga      3720
     tacccacatg gaaacaaatg tagctggaac cttatcctac attatacaca aaatcaactc      3780
     tcacaaagga tttaaggctc aaatataaga cctacaacta taaaataacc aaaagaaaac      3840
     atggaggata gacattagga cattgcattt ggtaataact acttgactat atgccaaagc      3900
     cacaggaaag aaaagcaaaa acagacaaat gggacatcat acttaatttc tgagaatcaa      3960
     agacaacaat cagcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattcc      4020
     caaaacaaat aatgtaaaaa tgtgcaaaaa acttgaagaa acattgctta aaactgaatg      4080
     tacaaatggc caacaattgt aaaaaaaaag atgttcaaaa ttaccattac agaaatagaa      4140
     atcaaaacta aattgggata tcagcaccca aatattagga tggccactat aataccaaaa      4200
     gaattaaaaa aaaaaggaat tacaagattt ggtgaggatg tggagaaatt aaaacctttg      4260
     tacagtgttg gtcacaccat atgatgttgc aattacaata gaaaatggaa tataagtacc      4320
     atttgatcca gcaatgccaa ttcagggtat gtaacaaaaa caaatgaaag caggatttta      4380
     gagccatgtt tatagccata ctattcacaa tagtcaagag gcaaaagaaa cattaatatt      4440
     cactgacagg taaataaata caacaagaca tgatgtatat atacaataga atattattca      4500
     gccttatata atattcactc tgtcacatgc aacagtaagg atggattttt gaggacataa      4560
     aagtgaaata ggctgggtgt ggtggctcat gcctgtattc ccagcacttt gggaggctga      4620
     ggcaggtgga tcatgaggtc aggagatcga gaccatactg gctaacatgg tgaaacaccg      4680
     tttctactaa aaatacaaaa attagctggg ttggtggcac atgcttgtaa tcccagctac      4740
     tcgggaggct gaggcaggag aattgagcca ctgcactcca gcctgagaca gagtgagact      4800
     ccatctccaa aataaataaa taaaaaaata aagtgaaata agccagtcat taaacaaaca      4860
     aaataactct gattcttata tgagataact aaagtagtca aacttataaa agcagaaaga      4920
     atggtgctta ctggggctac agctgtggag aaatttgggt acagtttcag cattgcagga      4980
     tgaaaaagct cttgacatct gttgcacaac aatgtgggta tacttaacac tactgtagta      5040
     tacactttaa aaatggctaa aatagttgta aaacaaaaaa gtccacggag tgcgatggct      5100
     catgcctgta atcccagcac tttgcgaggc tgaggcaggc ggatcacctg aggtcaggag      5160
     ttctagacca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa ccccatctct acaaaaatac aaaacttagc      5220
     taggcatgat gagaggtgcc tgtaatccca gctactcagg aggctgaggt gggagaattg      5280
     cttgaatcca ggaggcagag gttgcagtga gctgagattg taccattgca ctccagctgg      5340
     gtgactaagc agggttctgt ttaaaaaaca acaacaacag taacaacaaa aaagacaaac      5400
     aaaaaccaag tccagtgaca tgtaactatt tattttttgg cataacttcg agagatgaaa      5460
     agagctgagt gacgctgcta taaccgaact cctacaattc tcatctttca tattttggtg      5520
     aacagcattt ctcagaactt atgttcataa agatctcaaa tggtaagatt tgagactaaa      5580
     ccttatttaa atctaacaag gggtaatact caccatccaa gtatatatga atccaggaaa      5640
     agcaccattg atttcattta agatatgttt ccagtaaaaa ttagttaaat tttcatcaaa      5700
     atttagaata ttcattcaaa ttattttttg agacatagaa tatgcgatag atttccagag      5760
     aataaagggc ataaattcct gtgctccgag aacataaagt caagacaaag gactctagta      5820
     gtagtagtat atcatacttc agaaagaaaa aactgcaact tagttgccag tgaaaacctc      5880
     taagagtgac agaaaagaat ctaaagaggt gagggagtaa tttacattga tattcagtgt      5940
     ataccaggta aagaggaact aagactggag agccctaaag cagaatatct agcatgttgg      6000
     aggaagagaa agccaaccaa tgtggcctga tatacatgaa caacagacaa ggaaatagtt      6060
     atggtaataa aggtcaagtg aaggtagatt agataaagtc ttatcagctt ttgtgagaac      6120
     tttcatagaa tgtgatgaga aaccattaaa gtatatctag gtgaggtaaa agaagactga      6180
     gtttttttat tttaagtttt taaagttttt ataattttta agaattatca tcccaactgc      6240
     ttctatgatt atgtgacaaa actgccaaca acaaaaagca aaaataaaag ctgttatagg      6300
     ttcttttcat aatccagaat atggatgata aatggcttgt acctggatgg agacggcaat      6360
     aagtaatcat attctatatt tgtatttaca tttatagcca cataatttgc tggtacactg      6420
     aatatgattt actagaaacc aaagggtgtc aagaaagact aaagattttt ggcttgaaca      6480
     acttatgaat ggagattgtc tagtgtgata cagagaaaga tatattgagg tttgttttat      6540
     tcacactttt taattgtaaa tattttttct tgagtcaggg tcttgctcta ttgcacagac      6600
     tgtagtgcag tggcacaaac acatttcatt gcagcctcga ccttctgggc ttaagaagat      6660
     tgaggttctc agcttcccga gtagctgacg ctatgggtgt gtgccaccac accagctaat      6720
     ttttttattt ttttcttctt ttagagatga ggtcttgcca tgttgcctag gtatgtctca      6780
     aatgcttggg ctcaagcaat actcctgcct cagcctccca aagagctaag attacaggca      6840
     ctacactcag ctttacagta tacttagaat aagaaattca ttactttcta taaggaaaag      6900
     ttagcacacc acagtttatg atcacaggaa aaaaatttat ttcaacttac ataactattt      6960
     ttgttacaga tcagtataag actatcaata aaagtttcaa ccataaaaat aaaatatatt      7020
     ctgataaaat tctatggtaa catgaaaaat aaatattagt cgaagcagaa aaagaaacaa      7080
     tataaaacat tcaactttgt caaaggacag tttgccattt tttaaaatga acaatggttg      7140
     acaacaaatt agtgttattt agattccttt gaatatattt aaatataata aaaacacttt      7200
     atttaaagaa ttaatactta gaaatgccag agattatacc tttggtattt atattcatga      7260
     caatttttaa acattatctt aatatacaaa gatattagga gtggcacaat tactaataaa      7320
     cacccaggac atatcttttg ataaatatgt gtatacctta tggtaaacat atatctcagg      7380
     agtgaaatta acaggtcttg atacaattga tttaaaacta tttgctaaat ttcacagtgg      7440
     ttatacaaat cttcactttc accagcagta tctgagagtt tttactgttg cctatctttg      7500
     ccaatattta atacttttgt ttgtttcata ttagtcattt tcctaaatat gcagtattca      7560
     ctctgatttt tagttgtact tcctgtatga ataatgagga acagcctctt tttttttttc      7620
     cacttagcta tttacatgtg aacacactct ttactgatag actgcttagt tggtttttct      7680
     ttttctttct tgatttctct gggtattttt ttgttttctt ggtcttccat atatagctta      7740
     gatacagtac acaagttcta tgtcagattt ctgtattttg agtatttttt ccaatgtgca      7800
     ccttgtcttt tcactctctt aaaagtatat tttggccagg catggtggct cacatctata      7860
     atcctagctc tcactatagg aagccaaggt agggagatca cttgagctca agagataaag      7920
     accagcctgg gcaacatggc aaaaccctgt ctctgcaaac aaacattaac caggtgtggt      7980
     ggcacacacc ttcagtccca gctacttgag aggttggggc agaagaatcg ctggagccca      8040
     gaaagcagag gttgcagtga gacatgattg cgccactgca ttccagtatg ggtgacaaag      8100
     tgagatcctg tctcaaagaa aaagagagta tattttgatg aagagaaatt gttaatctta      8160
     atagagttct aactatcaac cttttcttat gaagttacta ctttttgtgt ctaaaaaact      8220
     tttgtctatt ataatccaag gtcataaaga tgtttcctta aattgataat taaataaaat      8280
     atccatcaca acagaatgat aatatactga ggtacaatgg aaccatataa cctataaaca      8340
     atattaagca aaggaagtca gaaacaacaa agtatatatt gtaagcacaa catattattt      8400
     tgatataaag tgcaaaaaga gacacacttt tgatatgaaa aaatcacaaa attatcactt      8460
     tggagggtgg aggaagagta ggaagtgggg gaggggggag ataaaaaagg gtttttaagt      8520
     aactgttctt aaaacagtta cagtttagta acttgctcaa gttgatgttc agtttcatca      8580
     tgtggatact tatgcatagt agaaagagaa cctgctttag agacagatac atatgagttt      8640
     gaattctagt tttgcaactt actacttcta tgaccttaca aagaatactg gatagaaatg      8700
     aagttatctg tatcagtggt ttaacactgc ctacaacata aagtagtttt gaagattaaa      8760
     tgtgaacata ctcaacctat caagcaaagt ccttgaacat ccttaacact atttccccaa      8820
     tataaaccat aagcagcatg gtatttataa ttaagacgaa actgtgttaa acaaacttgt      8880
     aaaagaaaat tcaatttaat tagggtatta gttatccata actaacatat taccccaaaa      8940
     cttagctgct ttaaacagca tacacgtagt atgtcaagtt taagtaggtc agaaatctgg      9000
     agtcttgctg ggttctctct cagctgtctg ttacaaggtt ataattgagg ttttagcagg      9060
     ggttgttgcc gtctcaaggt tcaaatgaaa gaggattcag tttcaagctc aatcaagtag      9120
     ttttagaggg actcagttcc ttgaagatta ttgaactgag ggcctcagct cctcactaac      9180
     tgtgcatttc tgagaaagat attatacaaa ggctgactac caggaggcag agggtcactg      9240
     ggagaaattt tacaagatgt ctactacaat aagcatagat cattccactg ttaaatgtag      9300
     aaatgaaaat catgtatttg agagttacct ccactgaagt aaaactacca tatgattaag      9360
     catatcatta ctttaagaaa aactgtaata cttcataaca attaaaaatt atgtatatgt      9420
     ggccgggcgc agtggctcac acctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggcaggtgga      9480
     tcacaaggtt aggagttcaa gaccaacctg gtcaagatgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa      9540
     aactacaaaa attagccagg catatggcgg gtgcttttaa tcccaaatac tagggagggt      9600
     gaggcagaga attgcttgca cttgggaggc ggacgttgca gtgagccgag atcatgtcag      9660
     agcactccag cctgggcagc aaagcgagat ttggtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatta      9720
     tgtatacgca tatagtgcat tcttccagag tccataaaaa gacaccaaac tggtgatgcg      9780
     tttactaatt tcaacacttt caaaaattaa agtttactct caaagccaga gatgaaaatg      9840
     tcttccctcc tgcgagtatt tctgtggtct tggtaaagca aaaaaatcca tttatctgta      9900
     aaatttaaag ggcaaagttt taacttattt tttctatcat ttttattatt ttacaaacaa      9960
     taagaacaag catcacagtc tacaactgaa taacatcatt tcaaaactta tcaagtcata     10020
     ggcactgaaa ttacctttaa gtacaggcaa aaccgctttc catcttatga taccaaaagt     10080
     gtcaattttt gatatcatgc tcaatttagt ttgcactcca ccttcctccc acctccaaaa     10140
     tgtactcctt tgttgcagct tatgaggtgg cacgcagcag taaaatacaa atccaatcta     10200
     atttgttgtt gggcctcaga gacctgtttg tgtggatttt ttttaagtat aggcagtgtt     10260
     ttcttactta aaacataaca atcatttgca aacctctttt attatgatta ttactttaat     10320
     tactaacctt ttctacttct ctagaaatat ttaaacagct ccaaccttgc tgctgccagg     10380
     cctcttccct aaacagcttg ctggggactg aaggctgttt acagtggtcc acttttcaca     10440
     atatcctggg tccagcgaga aggggcatca ctcctattcc aagagtgaag gaaagcccat     10500
     gccccagcct gtccacagcc actcttcttc ccatttgcct ccgtgccaag cctaggcacg     10560
     tcaaggaact acggagttcc aggtgtctgc cacagtacca ggctaaaccg aggaccctca     10620
     tgcctgcatt tatgcacaca cccaccgcat gggagttggg tcatcgtgac gattccagtg     10680
     cttctcccga cggcctccac cggagaagtg tcaggcctcc tcctggacac ctacctagcg     10740
     acctctgccc tctaccacct tcaccagcta agcatccggg acaatgccgc ttctgcacac     10800
     aaacagccct ccttcagtga tagatgcaag acctggatgt gcctgcaagc ttccaagttc     10860
     tcctcccagt tccctcccct ttccttccag ttctcctctc cttcccagtt tcctcctctt     10920
     tcctgtgcct tcgcttagta tgtacttccc atcgaggccc gccttgtatt tcctggatct     10980
     ggtctccagg agagcttggt aacaagtaaa cccacaagca tcatagctcc agtctggcac     11040
     cacaacatgc caggcacaaa gatggcgctg cccaggcggt taaaggagat cttgtgacgc     11100
     ctcttcacag aaaccagagg gcaggcttac acaagaaaca tggtaaatta gggtaacatc     11160
     gctttcagtt caaaagctcc catatattgg aaatggcaat attacttttg ggggaactta     11220
     ctgcgactgc gtgtgcagcg tgcctaacca tgctcaaaaa ggtctttcaa gtaagtttga     11280
     ctgggatggc gaaagaaggg cgtgaccaga ggagggagca tagaggagag gtcataggag     11340
     ttgggcaaac atttcctaca gcttattcgt gttgccaatg attgtttgca gtgtgcctca     11400
     gctgcccctt catgtcaatt catgttattt gttgagcttc ctgtgtgcat aggtttggac     11460
     cctccagttt cccatgttag tcactcattt cctcttatga aggtactgca gaagcttacc     11520
     aattctcatg ttaatacttg ctttgtttca ctcatttcca tgtgaagaga ccaccaaaag     11580
     gctttgtgtg agcaacaagg ctatttcacc tgggtgcagg tgggctgagt ctgaaaaaag     11640
     agtcagaaaa gggagatggg ggtggggctg ttttataaga tttgggtggg tagtggaaaa     11700
     ttacagtcaa agggggttgt tctctagcag gcaggggtgg gggtcaaaag gtggggagct     11760
     tttgagctgg gatgagccag gagaaggaat ttgacaaggt catgtcatca gttaaggcag     11820
     ggactggcca ttttcacttc ttttgtggtg gaatgtcatc agttaaggca agaacagtcc     11880
     attttcactt cttctgtgat tcttcagtta cttcaggcca tctggatgta tacatgcagg     11940
     tcacagggga tatgatggct tagcttgggc tcagaggtct gacactttgt tttcttgttt     12000
     tatttttcct cggccattca ttaatttctt gaacatactg gaaatctcgt tagtgccatc     12060
     caatgagggt acatacagat gtacaatgac atcagggagc aactcgcttg aaatcaaggc     12120
     cagttcatga gcagaagaca tgcatttgta gcacaagtct tgagcttcaa tgacttggac     12180
     taattgctct gctgtggcag tcctgaattt cttattttat tttttttctt ttttgaaatg     12240
     gactcttgct ctgttgccca ggctggaatg caatggtctg atctcagctc cctgcaacct     12300
     ctgccaccac cattcaagtg attctcctcc ctcagcttcc tgagtggctg aaattatagg     12360
     ctcgcaccac cacgcctggc taattttagt agaaacagag tttcaccatg ttgggccagg     12420
     ctggtctcaa actcctgacc tcaggtgatc tgcccacctt ggccttacaa tgtgttggga     12480
     ttacaggcat gagccaccat gcccagtctc ttaataattc tttgacaagt agccctccat     12540
     ttttattttg cactggacct tacaaattat gtagccattt gtgcctggga taagacagtt     12600
     gccaaaaacc atgattgaaa tcacagtaag ttctgtgaca gaaatgagta cagtaaggag     12660
     ttacagatat ggcaggagac tgactagaaa taataggaat ttttgagggg agtcacacat     12720
     gaagacaagt taatccacag aactgataat ggttaaatca agagatacag accaccctag     12780
     ttattttggc tcaaataatt taacataaat aatggataat tacataactg aaaaagcaaa     12840
     aaaaaccact gcagtttatc atagaggtaa cagcaagaga agaatgaact agagctctgg     12900
     gagcaaagaa gaggttgaaa ttactgtaat ttagacattt ataaggaggt ccttgtgaag     12960
     ctaaaatgca cacatccgag aagtgatcaa caactggcag attctgatgt ctttggaggg     13020
     agaagacaga cctcaaaagg cgatgctgcc atgtgcaaga aatactgtac tttaactgct     13080
     catattggaa ggtcctacgg ttgttcctct gtgaactaca tattcttcat aagcctggaa     13140
     agaaaaaacg tggagcagtg gtaaacagct tacatcctga cacaaagcat tccagtgtgg     13200
     agagctggac attttggaaa caacatggtt gaaagggcat tcactcctgt taaacatccc     13260
     acagagtgag gatatatcat tgctaaaata gtgttagaaa acctgctgtg ggttcagagt     13320
     tttgtactaa aaaaagtttc ccagccaatt tacaaattta tatgtaagaa agaaatgttt     13380
     acgggcatca accacaatgt cataacaagg aattacaaaa cttcacccct cctcaaaaac     13440
     aatagaaaaa atggtagtga aagaaaaact ttcagattta acattttcag aactgtagac     13500
     actaaccaaa agcttgttag gaacacaatc agtgcttact gaagaaaaac agccaaatct     13560
     tggtaagaat agtaagcagt gtggcattta acacacccat tgcaacccaa ctcaagcaat     13620
     agccttgaaa ataatagtct gcattctagg taggagtacc aaatggaaga gaatgaaaga     13680
     attatgattt ggaaagagtt atcctcagtt gaactgtctg atggctccct ggaggagtgg     13740
     ctgaaaaagt ttgcctttat catacctaac ttagaactca cacagtagta taaaagccac     13800
     tatgtagggt tgttgcctgg aaatatttag aggcaactgt tttggttgca cctacctaag     13860
     tgtcttaaaa tacactttgg atttgtttta atgaggttaa aacaaacatg gagacacaaa     13920
     tgactaccat ataaaaagaa atttgcacac tcacagatct ctagaaataa gagacactgc     13980
     ataccatgga agggcacatg gggaagcacc atggtcagtg aattgttaag cacagcaatg     14040
     gagaaatgtt gacaagagac tttattgttg ttttcacaag aaggaatgaa tcagggtaaa     14100
     gagtttaatt ttaataattt tgataatttc agtgagttct agggacaggg gctatgtcta     14160
     gtttcctgtt ccctagccct ggagtgatta acagagtctg aatttattga cttatatata     14220
     gagggacact cctgcgaatg gtcttttatt atcactaaaa attgcctaat cttgggagac     14280
     tcagtctctc cagcatcagc aagaccccaa gatgtcacag catcagaaca aaatggcatg     14340
     ctttatacac aggaattgat aagaagtgct gcaagcaata ggttaaccaa agttgtgggg     14400
     aaaaaagact aaagagatga cctatgttta aaaaaggctt tgtaaaatat ctacatatta     14460
     ccagaaatgt agaagaacat gtgcaggtac ctactcagaa aagggcttca agggaaatat     14520
     cctctcatct atgcctgata ttaaggctct tcacgagaat gaagtagagg ctaaggcaga     14580
     ctaacttcat ggttaaatac gaaaggcatt cttaagatcg cacactgaga ctgggtgtgg     14640
     cagctcatgc ctataatccc agcactttgg gaggccaaga ccagcatatc agttgaggcc     14700
     aggagtttga gaccagcctg gcctacatag tggaacctca tctctactaa aaatagaaaa     14760
     gaaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga ggaagaagag gaagaagaag aagggggaga     14820
     agaaggggga gaagaagggg gagaagaagg gggagaagaa gggggagaag aagaagaaga     14880
     agaggaagag gaagaggaag aggaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga     14940
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga gagccaggaa aggagccagg tgtggtggca     15000
     tgcacctgta gtcccagctg agcaggagta ggaggttgca gtgagccaag atcacaccac     15060
     tgtacttcag catgggcaaa aaagtgagac tccatcacaa caacaacaac aacaaaacaa     15120
     caacacaaaa aacaaaaaaa aaaacaacaa caccacagta gaaagaacag aatggaaaag     15180
     aagaagaaga aaaaagatca cacactgaga tatttggatc tcacacccta aaggaggaga     15240
     ttaacttgat ttccagagct tctcatgtta tgtgtcccat tttcaacaga agtataggag     15300
     gcatgcaaag aagcagaata tattactaaa acacaaggag aaaagcacac agaaacaact     15360
     gttccaatga agcccaggtg atggacttac tagacaagta tttttgtaaa gatttctgga     15420
     ttttattcct tatgttgtat cttatttgaa ttttttcagc tgacaaataa ctttgaattc     15480
     ttttatcata tgcaacatat ttcgaagtat atatatatat tgcggaatga ttacatctag     15540
     ctaattaaca ggcatgagcc actgcgccct gctgggtgtt tttttttttt tttttttttt     15600
     tttaagataa agttttgcca tgttacccaa attggtcttg agctcaagca atcctcctac     15660
     ctcagcctcc ttagtaactg ggactatagg catgcaccac cacaccttaa tttttgtgtt     15720
     tttaaagttt tcaaaagttc ttcctgttat tgatttctag ttttatacca ctgaggtcca     15780
     aacagtacaa ttacctgatt gaatatatca tttcaatctt cttaaatata tgatttcagt     15840
     cttctgcata tgttgttttg gaggctaaaa gatggtctat cctggagaaa gtttcatgca     15900
     gttgtgaaaa atgtatattc tgcaactatt ggatagaata ttgtgtaaat gtgttcagtc     15960
     agtaataaaa tatctgataa gcgagaggct attgtctttg caggtcttta aactaaatca     16020
     gtaataaaat gtctctcatc aaagaaaagc ccaggacctg gtttaactgt agaatcccac     16080
     caagcattta aaaagaacta attagacacg aaaaataaat ttcaaggtat ctattgcaaa     16140
     gcatattgac tttgtttggt ctagagtaca gttcaaagcc agcatgtttt tgttaatttt     16200
     ttatctggat gatctgttcc ttgctgaaag tggtatgttg aaatctcgca ttactgtatt     16260
     tgctgtattt cagtatttag tgtatttcag tctgtctctc acttttttct ctttcactga     16320
     tatttgcttt atatatttag atgctcttat agtgggtgca tatatattta taattgtcat     16380
     ctcctctgcc tgtattaccc tttattgtta tataataacc ttgtctcttt ataatatttt     16440
     ttagttaagc atattttact gagttatata gtaagttata tacatatagt tactcctgtt     16500
     ctttttttgt tttccacttg caaggaactt ttttcccatt cctttacttg tagtctatat     16560
     atgttcttac atatgaagta agtctcatag acactatgta atctgaattt ttaaaaatcc     16620
     acttagccac tctgcatctt ttttttgaga tggagtctcg ctttgttgcc caggctggag     16680
     tgcagtagca tgatcttggc tcactcactg caacctctgc ctcccgggtt caagggattc     16740
     tcctgcctca gcatcccaag tagctgggac tacaggcacg tgccaccacg cctggctaat     16800
     tttttgtatt tttaatagag acagggtttc accatgttag ccaggatggt cttgatctcc     16860
     tgaccttgtg atctgcccac ctcggcctcc taaagtgctg agattacagg catgagccac     16920
     tgtgcccagc tgccactctg catcttttta taggagaatt caatcaagtg accttcaagg     16980
     tttgtattat tattattatt tattattttg agatggagtc ccactctgtc atccaggctg     17040
     gagtgcagtt gtgccatctc ggtgaaacag tgagaagtgg aggttcacta gtctggttgt     17100
     ctaaagtgtt atcaaactcg tcatctcagg accaagaaaa ttaaggagtg tggacacaaa     17160
     gggtgaggct gcagcataag tttaatacgt gaaagaagac aactctccag atccaagagc     17220
     attccttggt gggttgccag gttatagctg aatacaaaag cttttataag aatccactct     17280
     ttgcagctgt ttaagtagct ttcttatctg taaaactgtc tgcaactttc tgcacaattc     17340
     cctctgtatc tctccagctg tgggatgtct ccaggtaagg acaaagctcg gctctttgtt     17400
     tctgtaactg tgggcttgtt ttaagcagtc ccctctctcc tttccctgtg taagatccca     17460
     ctaagcccac tgtctacgtg tctgaagaga gggaaacttt ttcctgggag ctccctaatc     17520
     atacaaagaa caaagagctt ctatgatgta tgttgacctt gccagtctga ctgcttatct     17580
     ataagtgcag atgttaccca gagtttctca aactgctcta catttgcttg taactgtgat     17640
     tttcaggcag gcagcttctg cagtctgagt tttttcccca ggttgctttt tgttagaaga     17700
     aaaaaatata tatatatatt ttttgagaca aagtttccat cttgtcaccc aggctggtgt     17760
     gcaatggcac aatctcggct cactgcaact tccacctccc aagttccagc ggttttcctg     17820
     cctcagcctc tcaagtagct ggaattatag ttgcctgcca ccgcacccag ctaatttttg     17880
     tacttttttt aagtagagat gaggtttcac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaagaa     17940
     aaagaaaaag aaaaagagac ggggtttcac catgttgacc aggctgatct caaattcctg     18000
     acttcaggga atccgccacc tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gttagctact     18060
     atgcctggcc gagaaatgat ttattgagct tccttttatt agaaaagttc ttgccaaaga     18120
     ctgtctgctc taaccatcta cctaggtggt ctctttttac ctcgtctctc atcagctcac     18180
     tgcatcctcc gcctcctgga ttcaagcaat tctcctgctt cagccttcca aatagctggg     18240
     attcaggcgt gtatcaccgc gcctgactat ttgtttattt atttatttta gatggagtct     18300
     cgcgctgtca cctaggctgg agtacagcgg cgcgatctcg gctcagtgca acctccgcct     18360
     cccaggttca agtgattctc ctgtctcagc ctctcgagta gctgggacta caggcatgtg     18420
     ccaccatgcc cagctaattt ttaaaatttt tttaatagag acgaggtttc accatattgg     18480
     ccaggctgat ctcaaactcc tgacgtcatg atccgcccgc ctcggttccc aaagtgctgg     18540
     gattacaggc atgagccacc gcgcctggct tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgtattt     18600
     ttataagaga cggagtttta ccaggttggc cagactggtc tttaactact gacctcgggt     18660
     aatttgcttg cttccaccac ccaaagtgct gggattatag gtgtggtcca ctgcacctgg     18720
     gttcaagtta attattgaga gttgagaact tatgctattt tgttaattgt tttctgttgt     18780
     tttgtaggtc cttttttctt tcttcctctc ttactgtctt cctttgtgat taaataatgt     18840
     tcgctagtat tattatttaa tttcttcata gttattttta gtgtatctat tatagatttt     18900
     ggctttgagg ttaccatgag gcttagaaaa agagtctgat attgttgtaa aaggttttta     18960
     aaactagtaa cgtggtgggg cacggtggct cacgcctgga atcccagcac ttcatgaggc     19020
     tgaggggggc aggtcacctg aggtcagggg tttgagagac tagcctggcc aacatgggga     19080
     aaccccatct ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta tccgggtgtg gtggtgcatg cctgtaatcc     19140
     cagctactca ggatgctgag gcaagagaat cacttgaact tgggaggtgg aggttgtgat     19200
     gagccaagac tgcaccattg cattccagcc tgggcaacaa gagcaaaact ccatcttaaa     19260
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaaactagt aacaacctaa ctttgattac cagaaaaaaa     19320
     aagttctaca ctttaactcc acccacattt tgaattatga tgcaaaaatt tacttttttt     19380
     ttttggagac agtgtctcac atctgtcacc tgtggtgcag ttgtgtgatc atggctcact     19440
     gcagccttca acttccctgg ctgtgatttt cccatctcag actcccaaat taaccaccat     19500
     gcctggctaa attttttaga tttttagtaa acacagattt caccatgtgg ctcaggatgg     19560
     tctcgaatcc ttggattcaa ggaatctgcc catcttggcc tcccaaaatg ttgtgattac     19620
     aagcacatgc caccatgccc ggcctacatc tgtttattgt gcacagcacc attaggcgat     19680
     tagaatattc tgagtttgac tacatttatt ttaatcagag ttttaaatct ttagatgttt     19740
     ttgtgtttct tatttgtact cttcctttca gattaaagaa ctccattagc atatcttgta     19800
     taacaggtct aatgatgata aactttctaa acttttgttt gtctgggaaa acatgtatct     19860
     ctcttcattt ctgaaagaaa gctttgcttc ttggttggca cttgttttct tcagcacttt     19920
     aaatacatta attatctcac tccctgtggg cccataatat ttctagatgt attagaagtt     19980
     ccttatgctt ttttcttgct gcttttagga tcctctcttt tttgttgact tttggcagtt     20040
     tgattgcaat atgttttata ctaactttgt ttggattgaa tctgaatgat gatgttttta     20100
     tcctgcacct aaatattttt atcattcttc aggtttgaca agtattcttc tattatattt     20160
     taaaataagc catctaccca tttgtcttca tatatctctc ttgaaatcct gtgacctaaa     20220
     catttgttct tttgatgttt actgtacatc ccataaccta gttttgttgc ttttattaaa     20280
     tcaataaata ataaatttgc ctgaagttat ttatatttat atataatatt tatttatata     20340
     catatttatg caatatatat aaaatatata tataaagcag gagaatcact tttcactcta     20400
     ttttctaata gctggtcttt gaactcactg attattactt ctgctagatc aattcttctg     20460
     ctgatgctct ctgttgcaat ttttatttta tttgccatat ttccaattcc aagattttca     20520
     ttttatttgt ttataaactg tctgttaaat ttctctgcta aatttcaaaa ttatttatct     20580
     gttttattga agtttactgt tctgccttaa aacatgtgtc ttcgctgaga tcatgccact     20640
     gcattccagc ctgggcgaca gagtgagaat tcatctcaaa aaaacaaata gaaaaaagca     20700
     acacagttct tcctggtctg aattctttgt taggctaatc atatatattt agcaactgca     20760
     ttttattttg tccatttggt gcatgtcatg tctctgttat tttatttttt ttagacagag     20820
     tctcactata tggcccaggc tggagcgcag tggtgcaatc tcagctcact gcaacctccg     20880
     cctcctgggt tcaagtgatt ttcctgcctc agcctcccaa gcagctggga ctgcagatat     20940
     atgccaccac acctggctaa tttttttgta tttttagtag agacagggtt tcaccatgtt     21000
     ggtcaggctg gtctcgaact cctgacctca aatgatctgc ccacctcagc ctcccaaagt     21060
     gctcggatta taggcatgaa ccaccacatc ctgcttctct gattattttt gattcatgtg     21120
     gttgtgcatc aatgtctgtt tgttgaggaa gtgggtattt attccagtct taaaactata     21180
     gttttgtctg tgaccatctt tttcctagca ggcctgtcca tatattctga acacactatc     21240
     tgttgtgtcc ctaagttctt gactgtaggg gttcaatcag gttggtggga aaaatattaa     21300
     agatagtaat agccctaaac cttcgtggaa ggctgaaaag tttgcagagc tttagtaact     21360
     gttatggctg aagcgaacct gatccttacc ttaagtaaat agcttaaagt gagtacaaag     21420
     gaatgtgggg agtttatcta actagcttgt ttactcatgt cgtcttaaga ctaacctttg     21480
     atcattcatg ggtgcatgat tgctctctct ggggtagggg tgactaggtc aattatcctc     21540
     tagtggtgtt tactcatgaa ctttgtcaat taatctttac tgaataaatg caagtctcat     21600
     tgattgatcg aggccacact gcaactaagt ggtccagatg ctcagctgaa caggcaaagc     21660
     aggataacta tgtgtcagtg tactttactc atacatcatt aggtcagggt ctgcagaaca     21720
     gacccccaca cttgatgact gctgccatca cagcactaag tgaacctcaa gtccatgaca     21780
     accatgctta atgcaaacca agttacaatt ctatgacctc tgatgctggc ttagcacctg     21840
     attagaatca gtcgacaatc agagcttatt gattacgtgg gtagctgggt aagaagtcaa     21900
     ccctgtaaga cctgtggatc atgtttcctc aagtgtgatg ctgttggtca atctctttgg     21960
     tgcagcatct ccattggcca caatacagac caaccatcat taggtgtgtc caatctttta     22020
     gctgccttgg accacactga aagaacaatt gtcttgggac acacataaaa cacatgaacg     22080
     ctaatgatag ctgattaact aaaaataaaa taattttaaa aagttctgtg cataaatctc     22140
     ataatgtttt aagaaaggtt acagatttgt gttgggccat tcagagccac atgcagcctg     22200
     tgggccatgg gttggacaag cttgatcaaa attcatatac tggtagcagc aagctgactt     22260
     tactccccat cccccaaaga aaaccaagaa gaaatatata ccagccagat tatcaccagc     22320
     attatcttag aactcaaata taaagatgaa acagtttgcc agaccacaga caagtaaaaa     22380
     aatttcaagc agatggtaaa agaattggcc ttccatatgt ataaggcgcc tccccaaatc     22440
     tgcctggcac cacttaagca tacagaaaat ttcttcatga ctcatatttt gcagtcttta     22500
     ctgcaaaaat tgagattgaa gtggataacc atcttgggtt ctctggcagg agacctcttc     22560
     ctacctcaac ccatagaaag catcagaagt gtatgaaggg agacattcct tgaggaaagc     22620
     cagagaaaag gggagaaggt gggactacca tccacaggcc tgctgtaact ctgctgtcag     22680
     aaggatcacg ctataagata tttgttgccc aggtcccctg ggcacaaaca ctgagccagc     22740
     cttctgacac taatgaaata tccttttagg cgtctcctaa tttgttatgg gtgacagtct     22800
     gattgtttac tagaaacatg gcatgacagg acttaatgta ccatctggcc aaaaaggaat     22860
     cagttaacat tgagggggaa aagaaagatg accaacaggt aaattacaaa gaatctctaa     22920
     gcaaacatat ctaagattgg attaaataac tactccttcc cggcaataac atagatgtat     22980
     atcaataaga aatgacagca aaaaggaacc atgaccttcc catacaaagc aagaaagcaa     23040
     cgactacacc taatgggaca ggatatgtga actctttgac caagaattca aaatattatc     23100
     ttttatgact ataaagttga tgggagaaag aaagagaaaa aaaattaatt caaaataaca     23160
     gttttaaggg aatgtagtcc aagataacac agaaaaataa caacaattag agaaagttaa     23220
     taaaaagatg gaaataattt aaaagtcaaa cagaaatctt gaaactaaga aatacatttg     23280
     ttgtactgaa aaacttacta gaggatatta acagcataaa gcaagctgag caaagaatca     23340
     gtgagcttaa aaacaggcta cctgaaaata cacaaagaag aaaaaatgaa aagaaatgaa     23400
     gatcccttaa aagacagaaa attagctcaa aatgaattct aagaattatt atggttcaac     23460
     agggaattga gaaggaggta gaggtagaaa acttattcag ataataacag aaaagttttc     23520
     aaaatgtgac aaagataaat attcaggtac aggaaggtca gagatcacca aaccaattca     23580
     atcaaaataa gactatcccc atgcaaataa taatcaaatt ctcaaaggtc aaggacagcg     23640
     aatccctcaa gaagtaagac aacagaagca aataacataa aagggaattt tggttgggca     23700
     cagtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggtca aggcaggtgg ctcactagag     23760
     gccaggagtt caagaccagc ctggccaaca tagtgaaacc ccatttctac taaaaagtat     23820
     gaaagttagt tgggtgtgtt gacatacgcc tgtaatctta gctgctcagg aggctgaggc     23880
     atgagtatca catcagcctg ggaggtggat atttcagtga agtgagattg tgccactgca     23940
     ctccagcctg ggcaacagag tgaaactctg tcccagaaaa gaaaaggaat ttcagttcat     24000
     ctggcaacag atttctcaat ggaaaccatg ggccaggaag gaatgttttt aaagtgatga     24060
     aagacaaaaa atgcaattaa agaatactgt attcagcaaa actgtaattt aaatttgaaa     24120
     gaaaaagtct tccccagatc aagaagaaaa aaaacaagag agaatttagc accaccagaa     24180
     tgtgataatt cacccatatc aggctcatct tacaagaaat gctaaaggga gtgcttcaat     24240
     ctgaaagaaa aaaaacacta acttgcaaca agaaaatatt tgcagatata aaacccactg     24300
     ttaaaattat tataacacaa accaatacca aatactctaa ataatactat cattccagtg     24360
     gacaatccac tcacaactct ataaagacca gaagacaact atatcaaaat ctactcataa     24420
     ctataaaggt cagaagacaa atatatcaaa atcaaataat aatagctaca gcaacctgtt     24480
     aagatatagg caatataaaa atatgagaaa acacttttaa gttaggagaa atgcagttaa     24540
     attgaagagg ttgtttttca tctttggggt atttttaacg tcttgcttgt tatcagtgat     24600
     aagttgtctt aagcctcatt gtaaatacta tgcataaacc tagaagggat ttaccaaaat     24660
     taaaagcaat gaattaagac ataatatcag agcaatttat ttaaccacaa aaaaaaagga     24720
     agggaagaga gaggagctac aaaacaagaa aaatacatga caaaatggca gtagtgaagt     24780
     ttttacttat ctattataat acttaaagca aatggactca attgtttaat tataatgcct     24840
     agagtgggct gggtatggtg actcacacct gtaatcacaa cactttggga ggctgaggaa     24900
     ggcagattac ttaagcccag gtgttggaga ctaggtggga caaaatgatg taatgctgtc     24960
     actacaaaaa atacaaaaat tagccaggtg tggaagttgt gcctgtagtc ccagctactc     25020
     agtatgctcg ggtgggatga ctgcttgagc ccaggagatt gaggctgcag tatgtggaca     25080
     ttatgccact gcacttctgc atgtgtgaca gagcaagacc ctgtctcaaa aaaataaaaa     25140
     ataaattaaa taaaataaaa aagcatagat tggctgaata aagatatagg gcccagtgat     25200
     atgctgccta caataaacct acatcaccta caaagacaca tacagactga atgtgatagg     25260
     ctggaaaatt atattccgtg gaactggaaa ctgaaaagga ggaggaacac ctatagttat     25320
     atagataaag tagaccacaa atcaaaggct gtgcaaagag acaaagaatg tgactatata     25380
     ataattaagg ggtcaattca gaagagacta taacaatttt aagggtcttt gcaaccaaca     25440
     ttgagatccc aagggtataa agcaaacagt aataaattta aagggagagg tagattccaa     25500
     tacaacaata ttagagggct ataatgtccc cactctcagg aatgagcaga tgattctgac     25560
     aggaaatcaa aaaataaata ttggagtaaa actacacatt agaccaaata ggcataattg     25620
     acatttacaa ttcacccaac agtagctaaa tgtatgttct ttccattagg aaacaaagca     25680
     ttctccagaa tagaccacat cataggctgc aaaacaagtc tcaacaaatt catataagta     25740
     ggactcatag caagtacttt tgctgacaac attgaaataa aactagaaac aattcaacag     25800
     taataatcaa gctgagccct aaatcaatgt cagtcccatt tataatagct ataaccacaa     25860
     caaaaaatgc ctgtaagtac gttattcaag gattgaaaga tctctgcaag gagaactaca     25920
     aaacctagag gaaaagaatt catagatgac acaaacaaat ggaaaagcat ctcatgttaa     25980
     tggatttaaa gaatcgacat tgttaaaatg accatattgc caaaacaatc gatagattca     26040
     atgaaatttc cactaacata ccaaggtcat ctttcacagg tacagagaaa acaattctaa     26100
     aattcacatg caccaaacaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aagacagtca aatggctaac     26160
     acagttctaa gtaaaaagaa ctaaactgga ggcagcatat taccaaatat caaattatgc     26220
     tacaaggttt ctggatgcag tggatcacac ctgtaatccc agcactttgg aaggctgagg     26280
     tgggcagatc acttgagctc aggagttcaa gaccaacctg ggcaaaaagt gaggccccat     26340
     ctctagaaaa aaaaaataca aaaatgagct gggcatggtg gtgcatgcct gtggtcccag     26400
     ccacttggga ggctgaggtg ggaggatggc ttgagcctgg gaggcaaagt ttgcagtgag     26460
     ctgagaatgc accagtgcac tctaacctgg gtaacagagc tagaccttat ctcaaaaaat     26520
     acatatatat gtataatata taatatatat tatatatatt ttgagcttat tacatcattt     26580
     tgccccacct agtctccaat atattatata tatatttaca tacagacata taaaatctac     26640
     atataatata tagacatata cacacatata tttatataca cacatatatg tgtgtgtata     26700
     tatgtgtgtg tgtacacaca cacacacaca catatactac aaggctgtag caactgaaac     26760
     agcatgacac cattataaaa aatagacata tggatcaatg gaacaaaact gaggacccag     26820
     aaataaaatc acgtatatac agctactaat attcaagtcg acaaatatat gcaatgggga     26880
     aaggacaccc tattcaataa atggtgctaa gaaaacagaa tagccaagtg cagaagaatg     26940
     aacctagacc cacatctctc actacataca aaacctaact caaaatggat taaaacttaa     27000
     atatatcaat tttctgcata tggctagcca gttctcccag caccatttag taacagagaa     27060
     ccctttcccc gttgcttgtt tttgtcaggt ttgtcaaaga tcagatggtt gtagatgtgc     27120
     agtcttattt ccgaaatctt tattctgttc cattggagta tgtgtctgtt tttgtaccag     27180
     taccatgctg ttttggttac tatatccttg tagtgtagtt ggaacttggg tagcatgatg     27240
     tctccagctt ttttatttct gcttaggact gtcttagcta tacagcctct ttttggcttc     27300
     catatgattt taaaatatgt tttccaatta tctgaagaat gtcaatggta gtttaatggg     27360
     agtagcattg aatctataca ttactttgag aagtatggtt attttcacaa tactcatttt     27420
     tcttatcctc aagcgtggaa tgtttctcca tttgtttgtg tcctctgtga tttccttgaa     27480
     tagtcgttgg tagttctcct tgaagaggac ctttaattct cttgttagct gtattccttg     27540
     atattttatt gtttgtagca attgtgatat gggagttcat tcattatttg gctctcagct     27600
     tgcctgctgt tggtgtaaag gaatgcttgt gacttttttg cacattgatt tcatatcctg     27660
     agatgttgct gaagttgctt atcagcttca aaagattttg ggctgagatg aaggggtttt     27720
     ctagatatag gatcatgtca tctcctggaa actacagatg ctggcaaggc tgcagagaaa     27780
     taggaatact tttacattgt tggtaggaat gtaaattagt ccaaccattg tggaagacag     27840
     tgaggcaatt cctaaaagac ctagaaacag aaataccttt tgacatagca atcccattac     27900
     tggatatata cccaaagaaa tataagtcat tctattctta agatacatgc atttgcatgt     27960
     tcattgtagc actattcaca atagcaaaaa gatggaatca acagaaatgc ccatcaataa     28020
     tagattggat gaagaaaatg tagtatatat ataccataga atactatgca accataaata     28080
     ggaattatgt catgtccttt gcagggacat ggatggagct ggacaccatt atcctcagca     28140
     aagtaacaaa ggaacagaaa gccaaagtct gcatgttctc acttataagt gggaggtgaa     28200
     caatgtgaac acatagacaa agggagggta atacattggg gtctgttggt ggatggatgt     28260
     gagggaagga gagcatcagg aaaaatagct agtgcacgct aggctaaata cctaggtgat     28320
     gggttgacag gtgcagcaaa tcaccatggc acatgattat atatgtaaca aacctgcaca     28380
     tcatgcacat gaatacagaa cttaaatgta aagctaaaaa ctattttaaa agtgtatttt     28440
     ctttgtgttc tctctgtcac ccaggctgga gtacagtggt gcaatcttgg ctcactccaa     28500
     cctccacctc ctgagttcaa gcaattcttg tgcctcagtc tccagagtag ctgggatgac     28560
     gggcgtgcac caccatgccc agctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggtctcacca     28620
     tgctggccag tctgctctca aactcctgac ttcacttgat ccacccacct cagcctccca     28680
     aagtgctggg attacagggt tgagccattg caactggcct attaaaatct tgaagacaac     28740
     tcagaagctt tggcccaggc aaatgatgta tgactaagac ctcaaaagca agttcaacaa     28800
     aaacaaaata aacaaatgag aattaaacta aaaatttctg cacagtaaac gcaataatgc     28860
     agtgaacagt ttacaccatg ggagaaaata tttgaaaaca atggactaat atccataaac     28920
     cacaaggaac tcaaactatt caacaataaa aaaatgtaac ctcgctaaaa attgggaaaa     28980
     gaagatgaac agctagtgtt taaaagaaaa catacaaatg gccaggaagc atgtgaaaat     29040
     gctgaacctc atgaagcatc agggaaataa aaattaaaat cacaacaaga tactatcttc     29100
     caccagtcag aatcagtatt attaaaaagt caaagaataa caaatgttgg tgagaatttg     29160
     gagaaaagag aatgcttata tactcttggt gggaatgtat atttttacaa cctctatgga     29220
     aaaccatatg gcaatatctc aaagatctaa aaataaaact aaaatttgat ccagtcatct     29280
     tattactgaa tatccaccca aaggaatata aataattata tcaaaaagat actgcacttg     29340
     tatgcttatc acagcaccat tcacagtagc aaagatgtga aaccaaacta agtgttcatc     29400
     aatggatgac tgaataaaaa aatctacaaa tataccatgg aaaaatgccg agccataaaa     29460
     aaagaatgaa atatcttttt gcagcagggc agatggaact ggaggctaag tgaaataact     29520
     gagaaacaga aagtcaaata ctacattttt acgtataagt gggcgctaaa taatgtgtac     29580
     acatggacat agagtgtgta atgattggca taggagaatc agaaaggtgg gcaagtggga     29640
     gggaagtaag ggatgagaag ttacctactg tatacaatgt acactattga ggtgatgggt     29700
     acactaaaag cccaaacgtt attatatcta atatgtttat gtaacaaaac tgcacttgta     29760
     tgccctaaac ctataaaaaa tttaaaataa gaaaaattat aaacccaaat agactaaagt     29820
     acatatgaaa atataagagg cagctaaaat acttgggtta aaagtagatg aatacttctt     29880
     gtgcaacaag ggatccattt ggaaaatgac aaaattacct tcatgtctta gactgaacat     29940
     aagaataaac tccaaacaaa cttgcaatta aaatataaaa agtaaaacag ggtcgggcac     30000
     agtggctcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggtgggcggc tcacctgagg     30060
     tcaagagttc gaaaccagcc tggcaatgta gagaccccat ctctaataaa aatacaaaaa     30120
     ttagctgagc atggtgccat gcagctgtaa tcccagctac taaggaggct gaggcaggag     30180
     aattgcttga acctgggagg tggaggttgc agtgagccgg gattgcatca ctgccctctg     30240
     gtctaggtgt cagagtgagg ctccatctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     30300
     taaaacataa aaatgttaga gaaaacagat taatgtccat taatcttttt gtcaaaatgt     30360
     ttttttacaa acctagttag aacaagtcaa aatccagaag aaataaaact aagaattgat     30420
     aaatttgact accttaaaca gtaagtttgt acaggaaaac agcaccatac acaaatcaag     30480
     aaaccactga caaaatggga aataacattc ataacatgta tcacagtaaa agcactagga     30540
     tatctaattt gtaaagaact cacatgttaa ggggctaagg acaaaaacct ggcaggaaaa     30600
     aaaagggaaa gttaggcaaa cagaaaatta attacgtaag atatcaaaac agtcactgaa     30660
     caaatttaaa aaaatcgagg ctgggtgcgg cggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg     30720
     gaggccaaag cgggtggatc atgaggtcag gagttcaaga ccagcctggc caagatggtg     30780
     aaaccctgtc tctattaaaa atacaaaaat tagctggatg tggtggcagg tgccagtaat     30840
     cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaaaaaa atttcctaat ccaggaggtg gaggttgcag     30900
     agagctgaga tcatgccatt gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagtgagact ccatctcaaa     30960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaattc aaaaacatga cttatagaat gcaaattaga gccaggtgtg     31020
     taacacctgt aacaccagca tgttgggagg tggaggtggg agaattgctt gtgaccagga     31080
     atttgagcca gcctgtgcaa tgttgtaaga ccctatctct acaaaataat atttaaaaac     31140
     taaccagcat agcacatgtc tttagttcaa gctcctcagg aggttgaggc agaatggttt     31200
     gagttcagga gtttgagcct agcagtgaat tatcacagtg ccacagcact cgatcatgag     31260
     tgacagaatg agactgtctc tgtaaacatt tttaaaaata aaaaatgaca tacaaattta     31320
     acatatttta cctatttgac ttacaaaatt aaaatatatg gaagcatagt ctctggtaag     31380
     gctcttggca aacagaaact ttcctatgtt gttagtgaaa atagaaatgc atattggtaa     31440
     aacagtgctg gagaaaaaac tgggactaaa atttgccctc tgatccaata attgtgctgc     31500
     tgaaagtttg tggtaaacat atatctcaat gataaggaaa tacataatga caaagatata     31560
     cagtacagca gtatttgtat aattgtatat taaaactact caaatgttca tttacaagag     31620
     agtagttgga tgaattataa tacttccaca caatggagta ctttatatcc ataaacaata     31680
     gtgagaaaga tctctactaa ccaatctgaa gtaatttgaa aaatatactg ttaaatgaac     31740
     aggatgtata gtatgctacc tttcatgtaa ggaggaaggg gatgaaaaaa tgtacacgta     31800
     tctgtcacat atgtagaaga aatacagaaa gtataaacca gaaactaagg ggataagtta     31860
     gtttcagtgg atggatgaga aaggaagaga aagaaataag gaatagtcat tgggtagtag     31920
     atatgagtag ggagtgacac ttctctgtca tttctccttt aatgttatat aatgcccttg     31980
     tttttgttgt tgtttttact gttgttgttt taacaaatct gttgtatctg atactccttt     32040
     ctgcttttgc tttccatttg agtgatttat attttcccat tcctttacta tgagtctgta     32100
     gctgccttta gctctcaata taggtctttt gcaggcagga gattgttggg tcttactttt     32160
     tcaatccagt ttgacacttt atcttttaag tggagcactt aggctattta cattcaaggt     32220
     taatacagat acatgaggtt ttgttcctgt tacagtgtta gctagttgtt ttggagtgtc     32280
     aataggatct gttttggagt gtttaaagga tctgtgaact ttgtacttat atattgtttt     32340
     tatgatggtg agtatcattc ttttgttttc atgtttagaa cttctttgat aattccttgt     32400
     aggccttttc tattggtgat gaactcctaa gcatttgttt gtctgggaaa tactttattt     32460
     ctcttccatt tatgaagctt agtttggcag aatataaaat tcttgatggg gtattatatt     32520
     tttcattaag gaagataaaa atagcccctt ttcattctgg cttgtagggt ttctgcttag     32580
     cagcctgctg ttaatctgat gggatttcct ttataaaaga ttgaaatttc tctctcgcca     32640
     cccttaggat tttttccttc acatttatgt tgaacagtct catgactaaa tgacttggtg     32700
     aggttcttct tggaatttat cttccaggaa ttctctgggc ttcttgtagt cagatgccta     32760
     aatctctccc aaagcctgag tttttctgaa ttattctttt aattaggttt tgcatacttt     32820
     ttactttttc ttcttctcct tctataatat ctaagtcata ggtttgaatg ctttacataa     32880
     tcttattttc tgaggctttg ttcattgtca aaattctttt ttcttaactt ttgtctgact     32940
     aggttaattt gaaagacatg tctttgagtt ctgaaatatg ttctcccact tggtctagcc     33000
     tattgttaaa tatttcagct gtatttagta attcctttca tgaatacacc ctaagttatt     33060
     ttcatgattt gtgtcagttt ttagctttct cttggatctc attaagcttt atttatttat     33120
     gtatttattt attgagacag ggtctcactt tgtcgtccag gctggagtgc agtggcacaa     33180
     tcttggccca ctgcaacctc tatcctctgg gttcaagcaa ttctccagcc tcagcctcct     33240
     gagtagctaa gattataggt gtgcaccacc atgcctggct tctcattgag ctttaaaatc     33300
     agaattttga attatctggt atttcaaaga tttcattttg gttaaaattc actgctggag     33360
     agttagtgtg attctttgca aatgctgtaa cactcttttc taagtacact tttggagttt     33420
     ttctttgttt ctcatcagga taattttttt ctttttcttt tttgtattca ctcttgtttg     33480
     gccaggaatc aactgtccct catccccatc ccaccctggt cacacacacc cctttgggag     33540
     gtgtctataa tgtatgatgt tgtctttgac tttggttctg tgctttcagt gggaaagtct     33600
     atacaagttg caagagtatt cactgttcaa tgttcagtcc agtaggtggc acagataata     33660
     actgttgcca gtgtagatgt gtgcatactc gatgcctgtt tactcagaga aactctctat     33720
     tgcctcaggc aattggctga tctgtgaaat gcacagtgat ctgagctccc tgcttagccc     33780
     cacatatggg tttggctggc acaacatggg cagggctgaa ccagaaaggc ccgtctacaa     33840
     gtcccccaat gacaggcaaa agcattagtt ctgaggggaa ggggttctgc tgtacagctc     33900
     ctagtggcca gaggtgtgtc taggcatgga gttgtgaaac ctctgctgcc ccaagttctg     33960
     ccccaaattt aggctgaggt cagcctaaat ttataatcta ggagtgggtg ctccaagtgc     34020
     ctgaagacat gtcttggtgt caagtgaaga gagctctttt gcactgagat ctttgcaatg     34080
     gagggaagtt ttggcccatg ctcccaattg aggcaagcag aagtggggtc ggcctccctc     34140
     tcattcttca gaagtggtga ggcatgcttt gcccacaagc caggggagta ggctgagaca     34200
     tctagcagta acacaaacag acaggttcca ggtcacaaag ctttccctgg ctgcaagtct     34260
     ctgcccagga gaaacctcag cttttgccac tcttctcttg cttcagttct acagcggtgt     34320
     cttcgtctca gccttggatc tggaaaaatg cctagagctt ttcctggtgc ctctttcttc     34380
     ctctctgcct ctcaacctct ccactggtta actcccaggc ttggaagaaa caaggtgttc     34440
     tcccttggcc tgagatccac agatccataa tggaataata agtcacagaa ggggactctc     34500
     tgtcctcact ggagcttcac tcacttttat cagctgaatg ctgtcattgg gtttggttac     34560
     caaccctttc ctctgcagaa tctgtggtgt ccttcagtgt attctgttct ggtgaattat     34620
     cattttcttt tccttttttt tttttttttt ttgagacaaa gtctcactct cttgcccagg     34680
     ctatactgca gtagctcaat cttcggctca ctgaaacctc cacctcttgg gttcaagcga     34740
     ttctcctacc tcaacctcct gagtagctgg gattacaaga atgtaccacc atacccagct     34800
     aatttttgta ttttttaagt agagacaggg tctcactgtg ttggccacgc tggtcttgaa     34860
     ctcctgacct caggtgatct gcccaccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg     34920
     agccactgtg cctggccctc attttcttta tcatattaaa gcttacagaa tttatattta     34980
     cacatgattt ttgctatttc caagtggctg aggcacgtta aaagcctcta atctgccttt     35040
     tgggaaaata tctgtttttc aaattttaag aagagtttaa gaagggttga tgtaaatttt     35100
     tctttaaata tttggttaca ttcatccatg aagccatgta gtcctgggcc tttcttattg     35160
     tgagtttttg attactgatt ccttattgga attaactgaa ggacaccaca gatcctgcag     35220
     aggagaaagt tggtaagcaa acgtaatgac agtaatcttt ttgttactct gtttttttat     35280
     gtcagccagg ctggttactc acgcctgtaa tcccagcaca gtggaaggct gaggcaggag     35340
     gatcacctga gctcaggagt tctagggcag cttgaacatg tccaatccca cctccatgaa     35400
     aattagcctg gcacgtgcct aagcaagact gtctccagga aaaaaaaagt ttctaagttt     35460
     ttatcattca atcttggtac tttatgtgtt tatataaatt tatcaatttc ttctatgtta     35520
     tttagtttat tggcaaataa ttgctcactg cagtcccctt tgatcccttt catatctcag     35580
     ccattcattg tgatgtctcc tctcttattt cttacttgag cctttttttt tcttagtgtg     35640
     gctaagaatt agttttattt ttcaaaaagt taacagtttt attgattctt tctattcttc     35700
     tattctctga tttctgggta aactttgtta tttcaattta ttattgcttc actgctaagt     35760
     ttgaactttg ttttcttctg aattactcag tatgttgtat tttcattttc atttgttttg     35820
     agcttttttc cccacttttc ctgttattga ctttttgttt ctatagtgat cagaaaatat     35880
     atctcactat gttctcaatc ttcctaaatt ttaacttgtc aagtcttttt ttttttaaag     35940
     ttttctgtgt aaatgttgaa cccatttttg aggggtatta aagtctactg ctattattat     36000
     cattctgtgc attttttctt ctgatctctt atcacttgct ttatgtttag aagttctaca     36060
     catacacaca cccccccaca catatataca tatgtataaa gaaatattta tatatgtaga     36120
     tgcgtctata tatctatatg tacagacaag gatatacaca taaataagga tgtgtaaata     36180
     tatgtatgta gatgctaaat atagatatat agatacttct acatacatga aggtttcttt     36240
     aggctgaact taaaaaacat catgaacaat cctcccacca cctcctcctg agtaggtgaa     36300
     attaaagaaa tgcaccacaa cgcctgccta atttttgtat tttttggtag agatgggggt     36360
     ctcactgttt cccaggcaga tcttgaactc ctggactcaa gtgatccacc tgcctgaact     36420
     tcccaaagtg ttgggattac aggcatgagc cattgtgcct ggcctaattt tttaaaaaaa     36480
     acatatcacc aaatggacaa gttatcccac tgtcagataa cgttatcaca ttgtcagaaa     36540
     atgaaggaga ggaaaaagat aacgaaagga aaacagagct catctgggta acaggaagta     36600
     gaagatattt gcttataaaa ggagaaaccg ggctgtgcac agtggctcac ggctgtaatc     36660
     ccagcacttt gggagtccga ggcaggagaa tcatgaggtc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg     36720
     gccaatatgg tggaaccccg tctctcctaa aaatacaaaa attagccagg catggtggca     36780
     ggcgcctata atcccagcta cttgggaggc tgaggcagga aaattgcttg aacctgggag     36840
     gcggcggttg cagtgagcca agataaccac tccagcctgg gtaacagagc atgactctgt     36900
     ctttaaaaaa aaaaacaacc aaaaaacaaa aaacaggaga aatcagattc agagaagtaa     36960
     aataccatat atccttaaca ttgctgtcct tgccttcccc agggtgttgc tgaaaatgtc     37020
     agactcaaat ttggatagca gcaagaattt ctctgagggg gaagtagatg ataaggaaag     37080
     tatgattttg acattggtgc cagttaaaga tgatccaact atggaacaaa tgaaaccaag     37140
     ttgtttcttc aatttctgat gtcaaactgg agaaatttaa gaaatacaat caaggtcatc     37200
     tacttcaaac aaatgaacaa tttacagtgc cacaaaaaac tagatgaaaa atactagcac     37260
     ttcccttgcc attttgcctc ccattaataa ggtgtgttgg gaccctttgt gggattgctg     37320
     tcaacaactc agtttgagta ctaaaggcaa gaaaacagaa gttagtctga ggctccatag     37380
     gcatgcttac cctgaacaac agcaagatat gcttgaaatg tcacaagacc agattacagc     37440
     aacgttcgag gaaacgcaag gcagtaaccg agagagcacg gcttcagaaa agttatgagg     37500
     tgaatgagag agcagaagag aataatacag ttgaagtggt aacttaagcg cagggagcca     37560
     tattggcgtc aagttttggc caataaaagg tggccaactg ttcaaattgt gttcaaataa     37620
     ggcaaatgct gagctgtgac caatccagct gtttctgtac ctcacttctg ttttctgtaa     37680
     gtcactttct ttttctgtcc ataaatcttc ttccaccacg tagctgcatt tgagcatcag     37740
     agcctacact ggctaggaag actgctctaa actttatgaa tttattaatt gttctttgct     37800
     cagttaattg ttttaaacac ataggtaggt acttgtattg ctcttttgtt gttttctatt     37860
     ttatcgttct tttgaccctc ttctctggct gtctctgtac ttgttgattt ttggtgtgta     37920
     tgtttagtga cataaagtta attcttttcc cttttttctt tctgcatttc ctattggtat     37980
     tttctttgtg gttactctag aagcttacat aaaacatctt atatcttaag ctgataactg     38040
     aactataatt gcatcaacac ttttaccttt cctctgcttt tattacattt tacattttta     38100
     tatggtgttc gttcattatt atgatttatg ttagaacatt attatatatg cctatatatt     38160
     tacctttatc aaggagttgt ttcagtgttg ctgtttagct tcattggttt caacctaatt     38220
     ccctttagca ttccttgtaa ggtaatttca gtgatgatga ataccaccaa cttttgtctg     38280
     aaacctcttc atttctcttt tatttcagga cagttttgct gcgtttcaca ttattggttg     38340
     gcatttttct cccaacactt taaataaata attccactat cttctggcct gcaaggtttc     38400
     agctgacaat tctattgata gttgtatgga gatttcctgc atatgacaaa ttgcattttt     38460
     cttgctgctt tcaaatttct atttggtttg gacttttgac catttaatga taatgtatct     38520
     tggtgtagac ttgtggttca cctgatttgg tatcttttga gtatcatgaa tcttggtcca     38580
     tttctttccc cagaatgagg agttttgagc catgattcct tcaaataaac tatctttttt     38640
     ctttctcctt ccacgtaaaa ttctcataat gtgctatgtt gactggcaac gtaagtggtg     38700
     ttcatgagtc agacactttc cttagtctct tcattcttta ctccttttgc tcttgggtgg     38760
     ctaatttcaa attttatgtt ttaagagttc acatttcttt cttctgtgtg attaattctg     38820
     ttgcccactc tacttaattc ttaaaatttc agttatcgta tttttcagtt ccagaatgtt     38880
     tttttttcct cataaccatc tttgtgtcat tctttttgtg taacactttc ctgatttaat     38940
     tatctgtgtg tgttctcttg tatctcactc aactttttta caatgactat ttttaattgt     39000
     caggcaacac atagatctcc atttctttat tgttggttgc tagaggtatg ttttattctt     39060
     tttattgtgt cttatttttt gactcttcat gttctgtaca gctttgtgtt tgtgtgcatg     39120
     catttgaaga aacagttctc tgtctcgttt tttttgactg gctttcatta ggaaatatat     39180
     ttttaagtcc tcccaatgag aagttctgga tctttctccc tatttgccct gggcattctt     39240
     gttttgttag ctgttttcaa aaacctgtaa tatcttcctc ttaaaaacaa ttgtgattgc     39300
     attataccta tctgatgtgt gaagtgagac agaaattgaa cttttagttg gcacaaagga     39360
     atgctttggg ggtatacact gctcctttcc ctttctgggt aagaaccctc aggcatgcat     39420
     cactttctaa ttttacatac ttatgctagc tgtaaaaata tgcctctctc cttagcagcc     39480
     ctgggcatcc atactgtgtc aattctttca gtgctctctg ggagataaga cagaagctag     39540
     aacctcaaaa agtgtaccga aagaccaagg acactgaatc tgccacaaac tctcttttcc     39600
     ttcacccatc tatttttgct gtgagctgtc ctgaaacttg gaaaacaagc taaactaggt     39660
     aaaagaatac tgttcttcct attcatttca gtgcagctgg tatcagtttg tgattgtcca     39720
     gggtactgca aatgcttaaa ggactctgag cttctcaaaa aggaattttg atagttttaa     39780
     atctgtttat gtgagggaaa caacatctga aacttcctat attactgtct ggctgatttg     39840
     acaataattt aaaataaggt atgtaaatag tttaacaagc aattacaaat ctcttgaaat     39900
     gagtaataaa tttcagcaaa aaaatgagta ataaaaacac ctaatttaac tacagaaata     39960
     aaaaatacag gaattagaat aaaagtgtat tggctcaata gtagaatgta taatacagag     40020
     gaaaaatttc agtgacaaag acagaacttc ctgtttattc tagctgaaca tgaaagagaa     40080
     aataagctga aaaaagtgaa gagagttgtg ggacctgttg tttcaggaac cttatggtgt     40140
     tgcttttctg gccagaaacc tctgtgggtg gtggtgcttt tgcccaagtt ttgctcaggc     40200
     ctgctgggct tgctccaccc actcagcctg gaaggctaca cttggctcac attactggca     40260
     tggatcccag gcctgccaag ggccagccag atgtggagcg gcaaggggtg tttgaccaag     40320
     ccagtgtggc gactggctac tgcacatagt caagcatgct ggctgctgca caaggatggg     40380
     cagctgtagg tgccggcata ggcaccagct ctctgtgagg gtgcagttga agcaggcaca     40440
     ccacaagcaa cttccacagc tgcagtgaca acaggaagct tggagactcc cgaaaccaca     40500
     aggtcctgaa gagagattca caaccctggc tcaaggagct cccaggtctg gactctctga     40560
     agggctacag ctcttctctc ctcttcactc acaaggtagt gagcaatggg cgtgttagcc     40620
     ctgtttgttt tacagctttc agccccacca tccagcagct cccaagttct tctcctttgg     40680
     cagggaagaa tgaggaacgt ggacaaatgg aaggagaaca agacaaagag aagctttatt     40740
     gagtgacaga atagccctgg atcaggaagc tcctctctgg atgcaggtct tctggtcatc     40800
     tctgcagctc tcagcagaga tgaggccctg gagtgggtag ctcctttctg cagctggtca     40860
     cctgatgtct gctcagctct gcctgaaccc agggctttta tgggccgcag aagggaggaa     40920
     gtgaatgccg actggtccat gggtggccat ggggaggcct ggaaaaggca ccacaagttc     40980
     acattggggt ttgcaggact ggcaggccag ttcccaccct tcaggtcctc cctggcctga     41040
     aggtggggcc tcaccagggg cccaccccct tgcactcagg aacatgtctg cctcctgctg     41100
     cctttcatgg cacccaggat gtatatatca aggaacacct gcaggtcagt gcaagctgcc     41160
     ctcagccccc catcagcttc cctcttatgc tcatcagtgc ccaaagttca gagtgggcca     41220
     agaaggtgga aggctggcat gtcagtgctg ccttgagcat gagcacagct ggccgggctg     41280
     acacaatgcc aagtcttggc cccaaccttg ctctgagatc agaataggca cttgggagct     41340
     gggagaggcc aggcagcagg agcagacacc tccaagcctg tgggggaggg atccttcctg     41400
     ggcccctgag agtgcagaga tgtctggctc tgcagctgtg ggaaggctca agagcacagg     41460
     gaggcccagg tccacagcca tgacttgggt ggctgcagct gcactgggaa actcccaccc     41520
     catcaacttg gaagtgggag ggcggcgccc ccacttgtcc tcagctccca gtggccctgt     41580
     ggagtgtgca gctcaggcag taagtaactc aaacatcaac attaagacat aagtcaaaca     41640
     tcaacaaatt taaaagaact gaaataatac acagtgtatt ttctgagcaa agtcaaacca     41700
     aagtggaaat cggtattata caaaaataaa gcctccccac tccccaccac ttgggaatta     41760
     aacagttcta aatacattga tctaagagaa aatcctaaag gaaattttta aaatacataa     41820
     aactgaataa aaattaaaat acaacatatc aaaatatgca ggctattagc tgtgaaaagg     41880
     gagttatttc actaaatgcg tgtatagaaa gagagaatta ttattatttg agacaaggtc     41940
     ccactctgtt gcctaggctg gagggcagtg gcacaatcac agctcactgc aggctcaagg     42000
     aagcctactg cctcaatttc ctgagaagct gcaactatag gcatacaaca tcatgcctgt     42060
     ctaatgtttt agttttttat agagttgagg tctcattata ttgtccaggc cagtcctgaa     42120
     ctcctgggct caagcaatcc tgctgccttg gactcacaaa gtactgggtt tacaggcatg     42180
     aggtattgtg cctggttgaa aacagtttaa attaactgaa gtaactataa aaagtaacta     42240
     aagaatgaag agcaaaacaa actcaaaagg ggctgtgggt gagaggggga agaaaaatcg     42300
     atgaaatgtg gggaaaaaca gtagaataaa taaaagaaaa ttttgcttta aaaaaacttg     42360
     tgagtgaaat cacaaaatat caataaggaa taaaatacat tactgcagat actatactac     42420
     tgaaattata ataaaaatac catggggaat tctgtaactt aaaagaaaca attcttcaaa     42480
     actcacaatc tggcaagtca atcaagatat aagagaaaat ctgaatagtc tgtgacaact     42540
     aaagacaatg aatttttact ttaaaagtcc aaaaaagaag acccagaata gtatggcatc     42600
     actagataat tcggccaagt attttaggaa ttaacatcaa gtttacacaa tgtcttcaga     42660
     aactgggcag aacacttctc aattcaaaat aaggcctttc ttacactgac acaaaactat     42720
     aaaaagacaa tataaacaca gaaaacatca agagtactca ggtacatagg tataataatc     42780
     aacgacattt tcacaagcta agctcagcaa atacaaaatt aaatacgcat gcaacacaaa     42840
     cagttgggat aaggttcatc tacgtaaagc tacttcaaca ttgaaaatca gttaatgtaa     42900
     tctaataaaa agaaaagtca tatggttgtt atcaacagat gcagaaaaat gagagcactt     42960
     gaaagtttca acactcaatg gtaaaacctg ctaggaaact aagaatagga tattcttaat     43020
     aaagagcatt tccttataaa actacagcta atatcatact gctaagaaat ttttttaaaa     43080
     aaaagattgg atacaataga aagcaagagt gtccattttc atcattctta tttaacacaa     43140
     tactggaaat tccaactgct gtgataaagt aagaaaaata aacacatgaa caacatatag     43200
     aaagggagga aataacactt ctttcttgca gactgtacac atggaaaatg taaaacaatt     43260
     tacaaaaatc ttttttgaac taatgaatga gttctgcatg atcagaggat attaaataaa     43320
     cagaaaaaag tcaatcatca ttctgtagac taaagatgaa catgtggaga tggaaattaa     43380
     aaacccaata ccacttacat ctctcaaaaa gaaatgaaga agccttcatg atggccgact     43440
     aggggcattt gctttctcca ataagagaac caaagtgagt aatcatgcat gaactagatc     43500
     atccaagaga gagcactgga aaagaggtga tacctaaagc aaacaagaat taggtgaggc     43560
     agcctgcttg gccaggatgg gctgggtgct gagagacttt ccaacaaggt caggggtcag     43620
     tgatctccag ggatccatgt tcataccagg tatctctgta attctagcca ctggagagct     43680
     aaccccactc agtgggccct gaaactaaca tagggagctg cagagagata gtaggatggt     43740
     actgccttta agcatatagc ctgtgcagca tccctcacat tccttgagac ctaagcagtt     43800
     acagcaaggc acactctttg gaacatcatc ccaaacagac cagggaccat ctttgaagcc     43860
     cacaggaatc agggctgagg tgcaaggaat gcatgtgctg ctgactctgg aatttaggta     43920
     taaccaacca tgggctacct gggacaaagg tatgtccgag atgcaaagaa agtgccattc     43980
     tagagccatg cccccaacag actccctact gttctggagc ccagcagtgc tggggctgag     44040
     gtgcaacaga aaagacggct gctgtcccca agacgtagtt gtgagcacta ccagagctga     44100
     ggcatgagta gcacatgtgc tcccaacatg tgagccaaag ctgctatcac tgaaaccagt     44160
     attgcctgcc tagtggcagg gcaatggcat gaatgctgcc accattcacc taagcattct     44220
     gccagtggcc tgagaatccc tctaacccct gctttccagg cccagcacat gtacacacta     44280
     tcagtcctca ggaaaaccca gcctgagcag gtttaatccc ctacctatgc ccgaggaaag     44340
     tctggatctt gggtgtgacc cagctcagtc caccaatgtt gacccctgaa cactccttgt     44400
     gggggactca ggctgggtct tatccacctg gttgctataa ccacagctga tacctatatg     44460
     tgtgtatcag atgtaggcct ggagactggc ctcatgagct cactgcagcc tgatacacac     44520
     tgcttgaggc atccttccac tgtcactgcc agcgccatca tccatgccac atcaggtgtc     44580
     cagaggccca agaacctacc tacatgccaa gctcacagct gccactatca gcatcagaat     44640
     aagtcacctg ggggcccaag cactggcctc cttggacaca ctaacactgg tgccactgca     44700
     ggtcacactg aagcccaaag agacaattgt tgagtgcact gctgccacca ctagggccta     44760
     aagatgggcc agtctggcat cccagtccca ggtaaaactg cactacagcc tccaatacta     44820
     actgcacccg cagagccagt gaaaaagtct cagataccac tgatgctctt tacaatcaaa     44880
     gaaatcatac agagactatc ctactgcatg aacccagaat caaagccaaa gtgccttacc     44940
     caaccaatgc cacagattca tcctcagaaa tatgtccttc tctatgaaag ggaattaaga     45000
     aaattggaag tgattgatac accagttatg cagatatcaa tgaaaagaca catgagaaag     45060
     caagttaata tgacatttcc aaaggacata ataattctcc aggaatagat ccaaataaaa     45120
     aatatataca caaaacggca gaacaagacg gtagtaattg taaagaagct cagaaagaag     45180
     aacattttaa aacacatgtt taaaaaatca aaatcaaaaa caagtcagtt catgaatgag     45240
     aagtatacca aaaagacacg tcattaaaaa gaactaaatc aattctggaa ctgaagaatt     45300
     ctttgaatga agtacacact aggtttggaa gcagcaagaa ttggctagat caaacagaag     45360
     aaaaaaaaac ctcagaactt gaaaacaagt cttttggaat cagcaaacca ggcaaacatt     45420
     tttaaaagaa tgaaaaagaa ttacaaaatc tttacaatat ataggacacc acaaagtgac     45480
     caaataaata aattactggt atctcggcat atgaaaagat aacaaaaggt tcacaacctg     45540
     tttagcaaaa taataaatga aacttcccaa gtctagcaag agatttacat atccagatac     45600
     aggagatccc acgatcccct cagatgcgac acaaaaaaaa tcttctccat ggcacattat     45660
     agtgaaactg tctaaagtca attacaaaga gaaaattcta agaacatcaa gagaaaagtg     45720
     tctcgttatc aataaaagaa atcccagtag acgaacagac tgctcagcag aaaccttgca     45780
     ggaaaggtta gaataagacg atataaccaa agtaatgaaa gaaaacacct gtcagcccag     45840
     aatgctatat ccagttcaat tttccttcat aaatgcagga gaaataaagt cttccccaga     45900
     taagcaaaca ctgagggaat tcatcaccac tagatgaatc ctaccagaat tgctcaaggg     45960
     agttctaaat ctgaaaatga aagaacaata tttgtcatca taaaaacaca tcaaggtata     46020
     aaactcaatt ataagaaaac atacaaatag gaaaggactc aaatggtacc actacagata     46080
     actgccaaat cacaatagca ataagagaaa aggaaagaaa taggaataca caaaatcaaa     46140
     aaacaacagt atgacaggta cagaacctca cataccaaca tatcaataac cttaaatata     46200
     agtggactaa attccacact ttataaaata tatagactct atggattaaa aaatatcatc     46260
     cacttatatg ctctctacag gaaactcact atacctgaaa agtcagcaca cagactgaaa     46320
     gtaacggagg gaaaatagca tatgcaagcc agaagtaagc aggagtagcc atactttaag     46380
     ccacaggcag gtaaaaaaaa aaaaagacaa agaaggtcat tacatacatt atataatgat     46440
     aaaggaatca atccagcaag aagaaataac agttccatat acatgcaacc agtactggaa     46500
     cacccaggtt cataaagcaa atattaattg atctaaggag agatatttca atgcaagaac     46560
     agtgggcaac ttcaatcccc acttgcatta gaccagtcat ccagacagaa aatcaacaat     46620
     aaaacactgg acttaagaac agacattgga ctaaaagtac ctaacagaaa cctacagaat     46680
     ggtttacccc aaaattgcag agagcatact cttttctcat cagcacatga aagatcctct     46740
     aggacagacc atgctgagcc acaaaacact tctgaaaaaa ttttagagag ccaaaatcac     46800
     atcaagtata ttctaggacc acagtggaat agaacaagaa attaagattg agctcagtgg     46860
     ctcatgcctg taatctcaat actttgggag tccaaggcag gaggactgtg taagctccgg     46920
     agttcgagac cagtatgagc aacatagcta gaccttgtct ctattaaaaa tttaaatcag     46980
     ctgggcatgg tgacttgtgc ctatagtcac agctgctcag ggagctgagg tgggaggatt     47040
     gcttgagacc agtggtcaag gctgcagtga gccatgaata acccactgca gtccagagca     47100
     agacactgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat taacattaaa aaattaaaaa ggctgggcat     47160
     ggtgggtcac atctgtaaag ctggcacttt gggaagctga agtgagataa tcgcttgagc     47220
     ccaggagttc aagaccagcc tcataagtga gacgctaact caatttaaaa aactgaaaac     47280
     aaaaaaccat aaaaccacac aatagcaaca agaaaacccc cacaaaaaac tagaaattaa     47340
     tagcaatagg aactgtggaa actatacata catggcaatt aaataacatt ctctttaaca     47400
     acaaccactg gtcaatgaag aaataaagat taaaatgaaa aaaatttaaa tgaatgaaaa     47460
     tggaaacaac acaccaaaat atatatatat aacaaaggca agtaaaaaag agaaatgtgt     47520
     aacaataagt gcttacatca aaatagtaca aagatctcaa ctatgcaatc gaatgatgca     47580
     cttattagaa aaacaagaat caaccaaccc aaaaatagca gaagaaaaga aataaaggtg     47640
     acagcaaaac taacagaaaa agagactaaa aaagaataca aaggatcaat caacacaaag     47700
     ttcgttcttg aaaagacaaa actgataaac cactagctaa gctaaccaag gaaagaagca     47760
     agaagaccaa ataaaattag aagtaaaaaa ggaaacatta catctgatac tagagaaata     47820
     gaaaagatca tgagacatta ttatgaacaa gtataaacta attgcaaaaa cttagaagta     47880
     atggatggat ttctggaaac atataaacta gctaggatga atcaagaata gcggggcatg     47940
     gtgactcatg cttgtaaatc ccagtacttt gggaggctga ggcaggtgga tcatgaggtc     48000
     aggagttcaa gatcagcctg gccaagacgg tgaaaccctg tttctactaa acacacaaaa     48060
     attagctggg catctgtaac ccagctacta gggagacaga ggaagggaac tgcttgaacc     48120
     tgcgaggcgg aggttgcagt gagctgagat cgtgacactg tactccagcc tgggtgacag     48180
     agtgagattc catgtcaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca aaaaacaatc aagaataaat     48240
     aaaaaaacgc tgaagaataa aaagtagtga tattcattca atattcacaa gtatctcaac     48300
     aaagaaaagc ccaagactaa atggattcac tgctgaattc taccaattat gtaacaaaga     48360
     attaacagca atcttcctat ttcaaaacac tgagtaggaa ggaattacac ttaacgcatt     48420
     ctataagacc agctttatct gataccaaaa ccagaaaaca cacaacaaaa atctatatac     48480
     cattaacctt gaaaaatgta tcccctgctc ttggctcaga ggaattaatg tccttaaatt     48540
     gaacataccg ccccaaacca gaaaacacac aacaaaaaag aaaactacac actattatcc     48600
     ctgataaatt gcatcgaatt gcatcccatg ctcacggatc caaggaatta atgtcaataa     48660
     attgaacatt ctgctcaaag caatctatag attcaatcca atccccactg aaatatcaat     48720
     gtcatttttc acagacatag ataaaacaat cctaaaattc atgtggaact agtaacaaaa     48780
     ctggctgaat agccaaagca atccacagca aaaagagaca tcatactacc tgacataaaa     48840
     atatattaca ggctacaata gccaaaagag catactattg atataaaaag acacatagat     48900
     cactggaagc aaattggata acccaagaat aaatccagat atttatggcc aagtgacttt     48960
     tttttaaaca aagatgaaaa tacatttgaa aaaggacact atctttagta aacagtggtg     49020
     ggagaaattg taggtccaaa tgcaatagaa tgaaactcga tccctttact taatgaatta     49080
     aaaaaatcac ttccaggctg ggcacagagt gcaatcctag cactctggaa ggctgaggtg     49140
     agaagatcac ttgaacagca gttcgagacc agcttggcca acatgatgaa accccgtctc     49200
     tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gccaggtgtg gtggtagatg ccagtagttc cagcagcatg     49260
     ggaagcagag gaaggagaac tgcttgaacc caggaggtgg agattgcagt gagccacgat     49320
     cgtgccactg tactccagcc tgggtgactg gagcaagact ccatctcaaa aaatacaaaa     49380
     taaaataaaa taaaaaatat aaaaaataaa taaaataaaa taaaataata aaataaggta     49440
     aaataacctc cagatggatc agacttaaag acctaaaagt atactactac tagaagaaac     49500
     acagggaaaa cactacagaa cactgaccta ggctaagatt ttatggctaa gagctcaaaa     49560
     gcacagccaa caaaaacaaa aataaacaaa tggtactata ttaaactaaa aagcttctgc     49620
     acagctaagg aaacaatcac tggagtgaac agacaaccca cagaagggga aaaaatattt     49680
     gcaaaccatt cgtctgacaa gagacaaata atatccagaa aatacaagct catacaactc     49740
     atttataaaa acaatcccat tagaaggtag gcaaattaca tgaatggata attctcaaag     49800
     acatacagac tgccaaaagg catttaaaac tgctcaacat gtctaagcat gaggatattc     49860
     aaatcaaaac cataatgaga ttaaaaaaaa atcacaaaaa ttaaataatg tcatttggag     49920
     aaaatgaatg gaagtggagt tcattagttt acttttttcg agacagaatc ttgccctgtc     49980
     tcccaggcta gcggcagtgg cacaatcaag gatcactgca tccttgacct tccaggctca     50040
     agagatcctt caacttccgc ctcccgggta ggtggcaata cagacacacg ccattacacc     50100
     cagctaattt gtgtattttt tgcagaggtg gaatttcacc aggttaccca ggatgatctc     50160
     aaattcctgg gctcaagtaa tccacctgtc ttggctccca aactgctggg attacaggta     50220
     tgagccactg agcctggccc aagtatatta tgttaagtga aacaacctaa ctgtggaaag     50280
     gtaaacattg cgtgctctca ttcatatgtg ggggctaaaa aaaagatttt gtaaaggtag     50340
     agagtagaat gatagttacc agaggctgag aaggatagat ggctgggagg gagctgataa     50400
     agacaagtag gttaatgggt acaaacatac agttagataa aatgtattat gttttatcat     50460
     tcaacagcag tatagatgaa tgactgtagt taataacaat gtatatttca agggagaaat     50520
     agaaaaggac ttgaattttc cccaactcat agataaggta agtcctgaaa gtaatggaca     50580
     ctcaaaatat tccgatttaa taattacaca ttctatatat gtaacaacat atcacatgta     50640
     cccccatata tatgggaaat attatcaact taaaaaataa aataatctgt aggtataaga     50700
     tctgtaaagg atctgcatac tgatcattat aaaagctaat gaaaaaaacc aacaaggact     50760
     taaatagaga gaaacaccat atggactggg atactcaaca tattaaagat gccaattttc     50820
     ttaattttat taacctgtta cttacattgc aagcatattt atgtagatat gtattctaga     50880
     tattagaaca ctgttgttta tatagttagc acaacatatc aaaatcataa taaggttttc     50940
     tgtagcccta gacaagctta ttctaaaatt tatatagaaa ggcaaagact ctacaatagg     51000
     taaaacaata tttaaaaaga ataaagaatt gctttgtcca atattaagac ctattatata     51060
     accacagtaa tgaagatagt gaagcactgg cacaaagatg aacagatata aaaatgaaac     51120
     agtctagaaa acacaaaaat caaccaacac aaattcactc tactgatacc tttgagttag     51180
     aaacaaatgg tcctggagct tagacacaaa atgtaaaaac aaaacaatat tgctgtatgc     51240
     cttacgattt atagaaaaaa ttaactcaaa atggattatg aatataaacg taaaatctaa     51300
     aaaattaatc cacagggaaa tatctttgag ttctaggtat aagtacctta tttcactgaa     51360
     gctgctcagg ttaacatcac agcaaccttg cactaacccg aagagatctc tttttctatc     51420
     ttttcagaat aatatagaca tggttttcaa aatatttact cttcctgatc ttttagctcg     51480
     ttttccctcc cctttatgtg atgccacaag gtggacttgt actctcctca cttgtagatt     51540
     cactaacttg catttctaaa tttgagattc acatatccat ctgttccttt ctaaatcaat     51600
     taacatcact tagatgtcac tataatcttc tgctctgtcc tttctggatt gtgtcttgtt     51660
     agaaggacac ttctccacca ggaagataat gggatctgtg aactttattc cttaaaatgt     51720
     ttccaaaatt tgtgccttta cttccattcc acaaaatgaa aattccaagt actaagcatt     51780
     tcttccctgg acttttagtc ttagatatat tcccctggga tatgtgtaaa gaacaaatgc     51840
     agcattgaaa caaatgggag tgtgacagaa gaaagatttt gcaaacttat tgattctttt     51900
     atataaaacc agtcaatagc tctgttacta actacaagaa cagtcagaaa gtcttaacat     51960
     gactgaggag ttttgcacca tcagatccct tctccagtta cctgtttacg cagctaatgt     52020
     cttagttatg acaaagaacg tgaggtcccc aaacattcat gttatgaagt gtgaatgtag     52080
     atgacttaat acttttcttt tttttgagat ggagtctccc tctgtcaccc aggctggagt     52140
     gcagtggtac ggtctcagct cactgcaagc tctgcctccc aggttcaagt gattttcctg     52200
     cctcagcctc ccaagaagct ggcagtacag gcatgcgcca ccatgcctgg ctaatttttg     52260
     tacttttatg agaagggatt tcgctatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcaaact cctgaccaca     52320
     ggtgacttcg gcctgcctca gcctcccaaa atgctggggt tacaggtgtg agccacagtg     52380
     tccagacaac tcttgaacac aaactgtaat agtactcttt ttgttattta tttccatgta     52440
     tgtcccatat tagatggtaa aagccttgtg catatggagt gtagaggaca agttcacatc     52500
     ttttccatat ttgtctatta ggagaagcta attagaacat gtcttaaata aaaatatgtc     52560
     atagtaactt aatggctaac aaaaaggctc aaatatttag gaggaataga ctctttacac     52620
     taaaattatg taatcacaat cttaagttga tatatactag tatcttgaac atcctagttt     52680
     gcaatttatt actttggaaa agcagccaag gtttatatta aaatacagaa gcatgctggg     52740
     tgcagtggct cacacctata atcctagcac tttgggaggt tgacacgggt caacctgagg     52800
     tcatgagttt gagaccagcc tgcctaacat ggcaaaaccc cttctctact aaaaaataca     52860
     aaaaattagc ccagtggggt ggcctgtaat cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga     52920
     atcgcttgaa cccaagaggc agtggttgca gtaagccgag actgtgccac tgcactccag     52980
     cctaggcaac aagagtaaaa ctctgtctca ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     53040
     cagaagccga gatttctggt aacaaccaga ttaagcaagc cacattatat atacatggca     53100
     gaaatgcaaa tcaatctaag aaaacttcat gtttaattgc tgagaaaaag gatatggctg     53160
     ttttccacat agttcttgtt ttcttttggg aaaagtatct gttttatgca actactggat     53220
     tattttctga acaatgtgtg tgctataaat ttcttttatt gaaaggcatg taggtagggt     53280
     cagcttgagc aacttcacac ctccagcagt aaaaaggaca acaaaaagaa tctttttttt     53340
     ttaaatctcc aaaatgcaac ttacaaaggt gataaattga ttacagtaga taacagaact     53400
     tcatttatct agattaattc caaactagtg atatatttga ttttcagttt tggttttctg     53460
     cctatttaaa gagtgtaagc ttctgaaaag tattactctc aatggataat ccaaatatgc     53520
     attagaaaac atgtaaaagg gctaggtgca gtggctcatg cctgtaatct cagcatttgg     53580
     ggagactgag gaaggtggat catgaggaca ggagttcgag accagcctgg ctaatatggt     53640
     gaaaccttgt ttctactaaa aatacaaaaa aaattagctg ggtgtggtga tgcacacctg     53700
     tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgtgacag aagagcttga acccaggagc ttgaacccag     53760
     gaggcagagg ttgcagtgag ccaagatcac tccactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacagact     53820
     gagattccat ctcaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaacaaca ataacaaaag aagtgtaaaa     53880
     gataaacagg taaagtcatt ttcatgacta ggtcaattct gtaaattcaa catatagtaa     53940
     tcctagccat aaatcatctt aaagagttaa gacataagat gttacgttag taatacaaaa     54000
     caaccggtta agaaaagttc aggtatagct ctggtattct agatgtttcc tgatggttga     54060
     tctgtagttt ttgtttgaga ggggtaaaaa aaagtcctga attttaatct caatgatttc     54120
     tgaacaagaa aatttacaag aaaattacaa aaatatcagc atttaaaata tctagaagta     54180
     cttatgattt ttcttcctta attacaaatt gcattttttt ttctgaaatt aggtatgtga     54240
     tgattactgc taacagattt caactaccta acttaataaa atatcttcat gagttttcta     54300
     acaactattt ctaggaagcc aaaatattcc aaacttgtct gaagaaagta ctgcaataat     54360
     gcaatgatca agacatttca cctgataaga ctataacttc ccttttgata tttaaatagc     54420
     ttctattaaa gcattctatg attcttcact aaagttctct ggaaagctgt tacaaagaag     54480
     aatgtgatta aataaaaatg cttcagaaag gagaggtaga aaagacaagt attattatca     54540
     aatgagttaa tattaaatta gcaaattttt catatgaaat acaagtttta atagaactta     54600
     ttacaattta ctagcgatat agatttttta atactttcct ccccttcacc ccaaaccatg     54660
     ttgtacaagc aggacagtat agcatttcaa agtcatctag ctttaaaaaa ataagtcact     54720
     tatttgttct ctaaaagagg ttatcattct gaatctcttt tccataagaa actcttaatt     54780
     ataaacaaca tttatcaaat ctatataatg tttcctttaa aatatttact tcactgacta     54840
     tatgttttct actgttataa aatacaattt tccagcaatt atttatgggc tatcactatg     54900
     gtgactacaa cttaataaat cacactaaaa gacatttact ttaaaaacag caaacttccg     54960
     taatacttta taataggcac ctcaaaaact accatagatg taaaaaataa aacttttaaa     55020
     atctatacaa ttatatatcg aggtttctgt atatattata catgtgtgta cacatacaca     55080
     cacatataaa atacatataa tcattaggtt tgaaaatgaa caaaaagtgg attttttcag     55140
     aaagtctttt ttaaactcaa acattgggaa accctttaaa catttaacaa ttttaataaa     55200
     aatttctgta taatactaag cagttttatc tacacatata aaatgtaata ggagtagtgt     55260
     ttaaaactac agaactcctt agtatttaat ggcagttacg tctggaaaaa aacaacattc     55320
     cattcacaaa tattttcagg caataaatac gtatttataa atagtgtaaa tctgtatcaa     55380
     gtttagaaac aaaaatcaca aatctgaagt ttatttcttt gtctatgtgc aatccattat     55440
     ctttgtatat gggctattaa tatttaaaaa aattattttg gaaccacaaa tgtaatcatc     55500
     atggcctcaa aacacacaaa aacataaagc agtaaaaaac ttcctcagat aatagtacac     55560
     attttttaaa agctgatcga ggagagattt aaatttgcta tcttatgaag aaatgaccag     55620
     ctaggaaagt gtttttaact aaggaaaatt ctgcagggtt aaaatacaaa tgaatattaa     55680
     ttcatcagcc cagaaataga gaaacataaa aaaggctatc ttcaaatcag tattctgtgt     55740
     cactttgaca gtttgtcata cgtacacaaa acatatgatt aatattattt ttctgaagta     55800
     cagctggatc agcatgttaa gtcctgaagc agaggcagca ctgtgtccag ttgcttgaca     55860
     tactattctt ggaaggttgc atagacatag cttttagtca acagttttat gaaacagcta     55920
     caaaaccagt ggtgcagaaa tttcctgaag agcagaaata atctcattta atattcatgg     55980
     aactatatca agatgaggat gataatgaaa gagcctagaa ataaaagtta agattttgtt     56040
     atataaatcc ttaatagtgt ttgctagctt atgactataa aagacagcct ttttatgaag     56100
     tgagtttaca agatacatga aatctcaaca gtttcctaag agagatgctc ttttcttttt     56160
     tttctttttg agacagagtt ttgctcttgt tgcccagact ggagtgcaat ggcgcgatct     56220
     cggctcaccg caacccctgc ctcttggatt caagcaattc tcgtgcctca gcctccgagt     56280
     agctgggatt ataaacatcc accaccttgc atggccaatt ttgtattttt agtagagatg     56340
     gggtttctcc atgttggtta ggctggtctt gaactcctga cctcaggtga tctgcccgcc     56400
     ttggactccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc atgagacact gtgctcagtt gagatgctct     56460
     tactttcttc attagaatca gttaagagtg cggcgctatt acctccattt ttcatcattt     56520
     agtgaacaac gtttggaata ctgttaaaag ttaaccaatt ttttagattg ctaaaagaaa     56580
     agttgtgtgg aaaaataatt ttaaagtaaa ttaaaatttc actagcaatt ggcttatgaa     56640
     aatgccacag ctagatgaca ctgaacatat ttttcatgag gcttatatat catataatct     56700
     agtcaagcaa gctccatcaa gtagtgctat caggcaaact cttctggaat ctttaaacca     56760
     caaagtacat gaaaaaaacc cacacatttc tttcagataa ttactacaga agaattaagt     56820
     aacctacatg tacaaaggtt ttataagtta tgtaagtaac ataaaaacta aaaaatattc     56880
     taaaaacata cagacattta caaatgtaat tagtgtaact attctttggg ggcattctca     56940
     ctgagaagca aaaatggtaa taaacagttt catatagaaa aactaacgtg aaatacgagg     57000
     atggctacta atatttttcc ttacaaagta tatactgcac caatggaaaa tttaagtttc     57060
     ttcttaacac atttttatca gttagcaaag tcaaagacca ttgctttaaa cccacctaat     57120
     taagtgtact cacgtgttaa tgacttacta gtgtaaattg atcataaact tggattaggt     57180
     cctccatttt gtactgttcg agcaccacaa aattttccaa acttttgctt gtttttcgtg     57240
     cacaatcatg gcaatgtact atgtaggttt tttgagtatt gctttcatta gtgacaaaaa     57300
     gcagattaaa aacctccacc tatattaaat aaataaataa acaaaaagta ttggacagtg     57360
     atatctgaat ttatttcagc actttaacca tggggattct acttcacatg gaactggaca     57420
     atgatttttg gttaaatcca agtacttaaa aaaacaaaac aagactatgg ttgtgagttt     57480
     gagacactag gttttgtttt gtagcacacc cagagaaaag gataatgtta gatatttaga     57540
     gattgtcttt aaagaaatta aatagtcatt atgaccattc actaaagtgt aattcaaggt     57600
     ttgataaagg tcagtgtatt tttattttac caaaatacca gtgcaccatc agataaaagt     57660
     gaccattatt tgcttttcac ttttctgtga gagtactcat agttgttctg tgtctgaagg     57720
     actgcgttcc ccaaatgact gagtccacag tcattcattt ttgatgtcta gggcacatta     57780
     ttgtggttaa ttttcactga agctaaaact acaattaaaa aaacttggaa tatgcatgta     57840
     atgtgatatt tttcaagata atgaaactga taggtgaata acaaaaagtg ttttaagcct     57900
     catattaaaa aaagtacaaa caaaagtgta ttcatgaaca ttaatctaac aagagaaaac     57960
     atgtctttca atttcttagt caagcatctt cagacttctg cttgatttct tcagttaaaa     58020
     aagccaaatt ggccgggcgc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccga     58080
     ggcgggcgga tcacgaggtc aggagatcga gaccatcccg gctaaaacgg tgaaaccccg     58140
     tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aattagccgg gcgtagtggc gggcgcctgt agtcccagct     58200
     acttgggagg ctgaggcagg aggatggcgt gaacccggga ggcggagctt gcagtgagcc     58260
     gagatcccgc cactgcactc cagcctgggc gacagagcga gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa     58320
     aaaaaaaaaa aagccaaatc ctcattatct taagtcactt taaacagctg ttaaaattcc     58380
     tgagttcatg aagctctcta ttactatcaa caggagtaac agtgctctag caagctaggc     58440
     agcaaattta ggattcttct acttgtcata attcccagat tggatcaact gtgctggtaa     58500
     ttttacaact taataaacac ttttgaacat ctcccttttt tttacattct taaggttatg     58560
     ttctagtcta ggactttcat taatacctcc taagaccatt ctaatagcgt ccacactgac     58620
     ttgtttgctt tctatctcca ctctatccaa ttatcagctg ttgggagcag gatccccaaa     58680
     atctggccat aaactggccc caaaactggc cataaacaga atctctgcag cactgtgaca     58740
     tgttcatgat ggccattacg cccatgctgg acgactgtgg gtttacagga atgagggcaa     58800
     ggaacacctg gccggcccag ggtggaaaac cacttaaagc cattcttaag tcacaaacaa     58860
     tagcattagc gatctgtgcc ttaagaacat gctcctgctg cagttaacta gcccaaccta     58920
     ttcctttaat tcagcccatc ccttgatttc ccataaggga tacttttagt taattttata     58980
     tctatacaaa caatgctaat gactggcttg ctgttaataa atatgtgggt aaatctctgt     59040
     tcgggctctc agctgtggag gctgtgagac ccctgatttc ccacttcaca cctctatatt     59100
     tctgtgtgtg tctttaatcc ctctatataa gctgggttag ggcctcccca accaagctgg     59160
     tctcggcaag tggtgcccat tcgtgggggc tcgaatccag gttgaaggga cgatggagtg     59220
     atggtcgcaa tggaaaacta gctggaggac acccgagtac tcttaaagca atccccgtgg     59280
     tgagtatgaa ggggagcttg gaagtatcag ggtaacaacg agacaagtgt ggggtgtggt     59340
     tcattccacc ttggaacttt ttcacactga tcatgaggag ggagagtata gtgaaataac     59400
     agaagaggtt acagagcatg tttatgtacc agctaaagct aaagcggcca aggaaggtga     59460
     ggttcatccc tacccttctg caccccctat tatcttgaag aaaaagaccc tccagatctt     59520
     tcttttccag aggacactgg gtgaaaagta gttgccccag tgactgtttg ggcagcgcct     59580
     tgagcaaccg ctcttagttc tattcaggcg ggaattcagc aagctagatg agagggtgat     59640
     atagaggctt ggcagttccc tgttagaatg caccccctag atcaacaggg aaatattata     59700
     gctacatttg agccttttcc ttttaaatta ctcaaagaat ttaaacaagc tataaatcag     59760
     tatggaccag gttctccttt tgtaatggga ctactgaaga atgttgctgt ttttaaagaa     59820
     tgttgctgtt ttcagtagga tgaaaactac ttacttgtct aactccttac tcgagcttgt     59880
     cttactcctg cttagttctt acaatttaaa acttggtggg cagatgaagc ttccattcag     59940
     gctgctcaca atgccccggc ccaacctcaa attaatgtaa ctgcagacca gcttttgggg     60000
     gttggtggct gggctggttt agatgcacaa ctggtcatgc gggatgatgc cacagaacag     60060
     cttagaggag tgtgcattag agcttgggaa aaaatcactt caggtgggaa acaataccct     60120
     gcctttagtg ctataaaaca gggaccaaga gaaccatatg tggattttat agcttggtta     60180
     caggagtctc ttaaaaagat gattgcagat ttggctgctc agtatatagt gttgcagtaa     60240
     tcagctttcg acaatgctaa tcccaactgc caggctgctc tgagacctat cagagggaaa     60300
     gcacatttag ttgatgatat caaggcctgt gacagtatca gaggtaatct gcataaagct     60360
     actttgttgg cacaggcaat ggcaggactg agagtggata aaggaaatac tccatttcct     60420
     ggagcttgtt ttaactgtgg gaagcacggt cacactaaaa aacaatgtag aaaaaaatca     60480
     gcgagtcagg ctgccagacg ggaaaaaaga taactgctga tcctgaaata tgtccaaaat     60540
     gtaaaaaagg aaaacattgg gctaatcatt gtcactctaa gtttgataaa gaagggaacc     60600
     tgatttcggg aaacgccatg agaggcccat cccaagccct gttctaaact ggggcatttc     60660
     cagctcaggc cattccctta cccccatata acgtctgtcc cccgccacag ctggtagtac     60720
     tgcagtagat ttatgctgca caaaagctgt gagctttctg cctcgggaac cccctcaaaa     60780
     ggtcaatagg agtctgtgga cccttgccag tggggataat aggattcctt ttaggaaggt     60840
     ctagtttagg tttaaaaggg gtacaaatac attagtcatt gattcagatt actaagggga     60900
     aattcaaatt gttataccta cttctgttcc ctggaaagca gagccaggag agcgtatagc     60960
     acagctcctg attgtgccat atgtgggaat gggaaaaagt gaaattaaat gaacaggagg     61020
     atttggaagc acaaataaac aaggcaaagc agcttatttg gtgaatcaaa ttactgataa     61080
     acgtcctacc tgtaaagtaa ctattcaggg aagagaattt aaaggtttgg tagatacagg     61140
     agcggacatt tcaatcattt ctatacagca ctggccatcc acgtgcccag ttcaaaccgc     61200
     tcaatttaac atagttggac ttggtaaagt ccctgtagta tatcaaagta gttatatttt     61260
     gcattgtgaa gggcccgatg gacaacctgg ggctattcaa ccaattataa cttctgtacc     61320
     tatatattta tggggaagag atttattaca acaatgggga gcacaagttc taatttcaga     61380
     acaattatat agccctcaaa gtcaacatac aatgcataaa atgggttatg tccctggtat     61440
     gggactagaa gaaaatttgc aaggtttgaa agaaccactt caagtggaaa gacaaaattc     61500
     ttgccaaaga ttaggaaata atttttgata gtggccattg ttaagcctct agaacctata     61560
     cgtttaaaat ggttaacaga taagccaatt tagatagaac aatggctgct aagtaaagag     61620
     aaactggagg ctttagagaa attagttact gaacaattag aaaacaggca catagctcca     61680
     acattttccc cttcgaattc tccagttttc ctaattaaaa aaagatcagg taaatggaga     61740
     atgctgactt aagagccatc aattcagtta tacaacctga gagcattaca gccaggattg     61800
     ccttctcctg ctataattcc aaaaaattgg catttaatag tcacagattt aaaagactgt     61860
     ttctttacta cccctttagc tgagcaagac tgaatggttt gcatttacaa tttctgcggt     61920
     aaacaacctg cagcctaagc gttatcactg gaaagtgttg tcacaaggca tgttaaacag     61980
     tccaacaatt tgccagaagt atgtagggca agcaattgaa cctactcgta aaaaattttc     62040
     agtgttatat tatgcactat atggatgata tcctttgtgc tgcccccact cgagaaatat     62100
     tactccaatg ttatgatcac ttgcaaaatg tgatttctca tgctggctta attaatagct     62160
     cctgacaaaa ttcagactac tccctactcc tacttgggga ccttagtaaa tgacactacc     62220
     attgtgccac agaaagtaac catatgtagg gatcaattta aaacattaaa ttactttcaa     62280
     aaattactag aggacattaa ttggatacaa cctgctctag gcattgctac ctatgctatg     62340
     agtaatctgt tttctatcct tagatgaaat cctagtctca ctagccctca gcaattaaca     62400
     aaggaggctg agacagagtt acaagtgact gagaagcaag tcaataaagc tcaaataaat     62460
     agaatagatc cagagaagac tctatattta caaatgtttt caactcggca ttcacctact     62520
     ggtgttattg tccaagaaca ggacttagta gagtggcttt ttcttccact ttttctttcc     62580
     atttaggaaa atgtcaataa ttttcctaaa acaaagctgt ttcagttttt gaaattaact     62640
     aattggattc tccctaaaat aactaaattt aaaccaattg aaggtgctga gaatgttttc     62700
     acagatgggt ctagtaacgg taaagcttct tattttggat taaaaggtaa agttttccag     62760
     acgccctata ctgcagctca aaaagtggag ctggtagcgg taattgaggt attgactgct     62820
     tttgatatgc ctgttagtat gatttctgat tctacatacg tggttcattc cacacagtta     62880
     actgaaaatg ctcagttacg acttcataca gatgaacaac tgatgacttt attttctcaa     62940
     ctgcaaacag cagttagaag tagaatgcac cctttttaca tcactcacat tagggctcat     63000
     acgcctcttc caggaccttt gaagggaatc aaatggctga tcacctagtt gctaatgcaa     63060
     tatctaatgc tagacacttt cacaatttaa cccatgttaa tgcctctagt ctcaaacaca     63120
     gatacagcat tacctggaaa gaagctaaag ctattatcca gcgatgccca acttgccaaa     63180
     tggtacattc ttcatctttt acaggaggag ttaatccttg aggattggaa cctaactctc     63240
     tttcgcaaat ggatgtcaca tgttccctcg tttgggaagc tagcttacgt acatgtatgc     63300
     atggacacct tttctcactt tgtctgggct acatgccaat caggagagtc ttctgcctgt     63360
     gttaaacgtc atcttttgca gtgttttgcg gtgatgggca ttccagcttc tactacaaca     63420
     ataatgcccc aggttatact agccaagctc tagctacatt tttctctatg tggaatatta     63480
     aacgcattac tggtatccca tacaattctc aaggacaagc catagtggaa agaatgaatc     63540
     tctccctaaa acagcagttg caaaagcaga ctgagggaga cagagaatat ggaaccccac     63600
     agatgcaact gaatctagca ttattaactt taaatttttt gagcctgccc aaaggccaga     63660
     tgttatcagc agctgaacag catctacaga aaccagctgt aaagacagaa gcagaacaac     63720
     tgatttggtg aagagatctg attacaaaaa gttgggaaat aggtaaaata ataacttggg     63780
     gtagaggtta tgcttgtgtt tctccaggcc aaaattacag ccaattctga caccatcaag     63840
     acacctgaaa ccttatcatg agccagatgc cgaggaagag actccgggag gatcctgagg     63900
     atcccccggt tacagccatg ttgagactga cactgaggag gaccccaact gtcatgagca     63960
     acacccgtcg aacacagcca accccctggg gacagaccaa gaagctgtca tagacggcag     64020
     aagaaaacct ggggaaagca ggacaaccag tcacaatgag taatttaatg gtagctatga     64080
     tagtggttat catcactgct gtgagtattc cttcaataat ggctgacaca gagaacaatt     64140
     atacttactg ggcatattta tcaatcttgg ctggcaataa tgcctggatg caatcactct     64200
     atgacacagt tacacacgct ttctgatctc agtatttacc ataataaatg tgctcctata     64260
     attgaggcat actgccccca aaaacttatt tgtaaacaca attggatctt gccagaaata     64320
     atgaacatac ttgtttggga agattgcact gcagaacagg cagaggtgct gcacaacaat     64380
     tcctatggaa tcatcattga ttgatccact gaggggatgt ttagcttgaa ttgcacctct     64440
     cagtctgtgt gccatggcca cactatgttc agctggtctg aacaaaacgg tcagatggta     64500
     gtgatgataa gaagtacacc aaaagttcct attatctgga actatggcag tatagtggca     64560
     cctcaacctc aaatgatatg gctcattgta ggagctaaac ataaggattt gtagaaacta     64620
     ttaatagctc ttaataagat caaaatttgg gaaagaataa aaaagcatct agaaagacac     64680
     tctacaaact tgtctttgga tattgcaaaa ttaaagaacg aatatttaaa acatcccagg     64740
     cacacctgac cttaatgcca ggaactggag tgcttaaaag ctgcagacag attagcagct     64800
     ggtaacccat taaaatggat caaaacactg ggaagctttg tgacttcaat gatgattatg     64860
     cttttaatct gtgttgtttg tctttgtcta gtctgcagat gtggatcctg actcctgcga     64920
     gaaatagctc actgtgacaa agctgccctt gcttttattg atttgcaaat caaaggaggg     64980
     ggacatgttg ggagcaggcc ccctaaacct ggtcataaac tggccccaaa actggccaga     65040
     agcagaatct ctgcagcatt gtgacatgtt catgatggcc acaacaccca cgctggaaga     65100
     ctgtggattt acgggaatga gggcaaggaa cgcctggccc acccagggtg gaaaaccgct     65160
     taaaggcatt cttaagccac aaacaatagc attagtgatc tgtgccttaa ggacatgctc     65220
     ctgctgcagt taactagccc aacctattcc tttaattcgg cccatccctt cgtttcccat     65280
     aagagatact tttagttaag ttaatatcca tagaaacaat gctaatgact ggcttgctgt     65340
     taataaatac gtgggtaaat ctctgttcga ggctttcagc tctgaaggct gtgaggcccc     65400
     tgatttccca cttcacatct ctgtatttct gtctgtgtgt ctttaattcc tctatgtaag     65460
     ctgggtcagg gtctccccag ccgagctaga ctcggcaatc aaccaccgtt ttttctgaaa     65520
     cacataacat agtcctctgc tcagaaactt aaaagttttc gtttatgtca ggatatatat     65580
     catattcctt aaaatgaatc aagatgattt gcaaactaca gacacagcct accctgatgg     65640
     actttaagaa tttgccatct actttccagc cacattgaaa taattaatta ccctttactg     65700
     aatacactac tccttttccc atccaatgtt cataaagcct aatgatgttc tataaatctc     65760
     caattattgc tatttttgtc tgctgcaatc agaatattct tcaagaactc aaatgttaag     65820
     tttgtgtgct tgcaaggaga aaaacagcag aaaaataatt ttcctcagtg tttctgtagt     65880
     agtttgtatt tatatttaac ctcatattca tcagttagat gtgcattaca atgtgttgtt     65940
     tatagtttgc ctctgcaagc agaatgtaaa cttctccagg gcaagcaaca catgcttatt     66000
     ctgcacatct tgtaagcctt agtcagaaga gaaaagtcaa taatgattta tgaaatgaac     66060
     cagaaaggac ttcatcctga tctgcctgaa tattgaatta aatcctgttt gtaggcatct     66120
     gtgtacttgc tatagactct tcctagttta aagtgagatg attatcattt ggataaggat     66180
     ttactaaata aattctttat ttagtagatc tcctttattt aggagatact tttaatagat     66240
     ctagttagtg aaatattgta tcagatgaga acttagccta atagttttaa tagtcaattt     66300
     caatcaaaag cattacataa aagtataggt aaatttaaaa taaagcaaca acaattcaaa     66360
     acctagagaa tccaaaacaa aacaactatc agtagaaaca gttactcacc tcacaaatgc     66420
     tacagtaatg agctggttca tcatttgtcc gcccatgcca tataacctct tttcctgctg     66480
     caacaagagc ttctctcaat gtctgatatt gcttcagaat tttcaaaaga caatacctat     66540
     tgtgggaaaa aactatttgt gagagtaact actgaatatt ttacataaaa ggtataccaa     66600
     ttagaaataa ctttgtgaat ctgggttcta aagtctattc acatggtaat ttttcttttc     66660
     ctcaaatttt caaatgtgca tgctggacga tgacaatatt aaaatattta aagttgagaa     66720
     taactgacat ttgactataa aaatgcaatg atcataatct acaataaact catccctaat     66780
     taaagatata ttatttattt gggctctaat ttggacaagt aaaataactt ttgtaagagt     66840
     caacttcttc atctttgaaa taaaagttca gaattacagg ttggaatttt tatgattata     66900
     gaaaggcaag aaggttgcct ataccctcac aagcagttat ataatagatt ttaaaacttt     66960
     ggcaccacag cagataatta tctatgaata tggtcactac aagatacaaa gttagttcca     67020
     atataataac aaagaaaaaa aagtattact tgctgaattt taatttgaaa atggtatagt     67080
     agaatccttc attattattc acactgactt ttcttataat ttataccttt cctacacata     67140
     cttgtgagga taacaatata ttgcaaacaa ttacaaatac tgctgatttt cctgtaattt     67200
     gctgtcactg ctcaaaactg cctgctaaag tttctgtgaa tctaagtttt tcaaagcaga     67260
     ggtggtatag gtgatactct aaggcacatt tcaactctaa acttatctta gaaagcatga     67320
     tatgggttta ataaaaatgc cattaacacc ttttgtaaac atataacctc ctggaatcag     67380
     gagagtctga gctaatttgg agcttgttgc tctgttacac tacagatacg gacttgaaat     67440
     tatcagtata tggattacat accaaatatt tggggggaaa atgatcatat tatcagtatg     67500
     taaaattatt ttccacatct gtttattatc tttctttccc atgagtgtaa gcatcatgag     67560
     catgaggctt tatctgtttt agttttgtaa actgttgtgg gactaaataa caacagttaa     67620
     attttacaat atacattaag ttttatataa atttaaattt acgtaaaatt ttacaatata     67680
     cattaatggc agttttaatt tccttcattt atattttctt gccatttgtt acttgccagg     67740
     ttaaactatt acttgttatg tttcttttcc ttacttttta aatcagaatt cctcctataa     67800
     gtaaccctgg ggcaaaatca ttagggatat tacatacaaa atatgctaac ttattttaaa     67860
     acataagtac agcaatataa gcctaatgtg gcacgacaaa ttccttaagt atcatataaa     67920
     atacataatt ttcagtttgc ctttagcaat tatgcctact tagaaacaat gccatatttc     67980
     tgtctatatt tgaatttcac caggaaagtc ttattgtgag tttttgtgtg tatgaaagat     68040
     gtgccagggg agacaagtaa aaaattcagt tcctgtcaaa aagtaagaat ataaaccaca     68100
     ctggatctgt ggcacctact gatgtcttcc tgccatccct cttctacatg atttcacttc     68160
     tgggtatagg gatattactg catatgtttt caaaatagtg cttcaaaaca tgtcatattt     68220
     cacaagaaaa taatgcctca aattttatga atttgtgttt ttgcaaattc aaccgtgttt     68280
     ccaaatgaga aaataaactg ccacaaagag gcagcaatca tgaaggctta gtaccataca     68340
     caagacatgg aattggtact ttacattaga tatgccacac aattctcgta acagctcagt     68400
     gcaagaagca tccataccca ttttactaag tgggaaatgt gggagtcaaa aaggtaaagt     68460
     ttgcatgatg ttacaaggct atttaattag ggattaggga tttccaaact aagtaatttc     68520
     aggcttcctc ttactatgtc ttccatactc tcttctgctc accatctgtc aatttttgta     68580
     cctactcacc ccaccaccct gtgccattgt catgaagata aaatccttgg ggctaaaaca     68640
     acattacgtt cccccaaata atgagggtta gttttttctt tttttagatg gagttttttt     68700
     tttttttttt tttgagatgg agtttcgctc ttgttaccca ggctggagcg aaatggcgtg     68760
     atcttggctc atgcaacctc tgcctcctgg gctcaagcaa cactcctgcc tcaggctccc     68820
     aagtagttgc gattacaggt gcccgccacc atgcccagtg aatttctgta tttttagtaa     68880
     aaacggggtt gcacaatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcaaact cctgacctca ggtgatctgc     68940
     ttgccttggt ctcccaaaat gctgggatta caggcgtgag ccaccatacg tgaccataat     69000
     gaagcttatt ctgtgcaatc agtttggttc tatttgtttc tcaacagatg aactttcatt     69060
     tccagtaatt ctcattattt tgacaattac atcacagttt ttattgtatt actttatact     69120
     cagttttgaa atttcatata aaaacgaggc aaaacactac aaaggaatag cgctttgttg     69180
     ctagaagtaa acactaagaa tgaatagtat ttctatagac actacagaaa caaatagctg     69240
     aatattacta atataaaata ataatattgt cattatatat tacaacagcc attccagaag     69300
     gagactctct ggaatgatgg tggagaatta taagacccaa aagtgaaatc ttaaaagctg     69360
     actgctgtta tattaacaat attgaataac tcaattgtga ttgctccatg ttctgatgta     69420
     ttctccttca aagaaatttt tattgcttac caattcagaa ggcagcagta ggaaatgaat     69480
     aaagaacaac aacaattttg agaggtagag gcttttaagg agaccacata aatgagaatc     69540
     tgattcaatt aaagggcatg gaagaataca tagaaagtaa tagtattaag ggaaagaata     69600
     tttaaaagat tcaagataaa tttcaagact tgttttaaca taaactgtct gctttggcta     69660
     atccttgaaa cagatttcat ctgaagagaa ctgaatggct tataaagagt cacaaaaatg     69720
     tagtgttgac atttcttcct tttgctcaat ttgaatagat ttaccctata acaattacaa     69780
     attcaattta aaaaatataa aggaagggaa atgaataggc atattgtggc cttctgttaa     69840
     ggcataacac accaggaata ctgagacgcc taaaaggcca caggatttag acaaaatcac     69900
     tttgttaaag ttatatattt tacaataatc tgctctgaag aaaagtggga aaaaaataga     69960
     agctggctgg ttacataggt acacacatgc catggtggtt ggctgcacac atcaaccggt     70020
     cacctacatt aggtatttat cctaatgcta ttcctcccct aaccccccac tcccgacagg     70080
     ccctggtgtg tgatgttccc ctccgtgtcc atgtgatctc aatgttcaac tcccacttag     70140
     gagtgagaac acgcagtgtt tggttttctg ttcttgtgtt agtttgctga gaatgatggt     70200
     tcccagcttc attcatgtaa ctgtaaaggg catgaactaa tccttttttt tggctgcaca     70260
     gtatttcatg gtgtgtatgt gccacgtttt ctttatccag actattattg atgggcatgt     70320
     gggttggttc caagtctttg ttattgtgaa cagtgctgca ataaatatat gtgcatgtgt     70380
     ttttacaata gaataattta taatcctttg ggtatgtacc cagtaatgga attgttgggt     70440
     caaatagtat ttatcattct agatccttga ggaaccacca cactgttttc cacaatggct     70500
     gaactaattt acactcccgc caacagtata aaaacgtttc tatttctcca cctacttgtg     70560
     agcatcggtt gtttcctgac tttttaatga tcaccattct acgcggtgtg agatggtatc     70620
     tcactgtggt tttgatttgc atttctctaa tgatcagtga tgataagctt tttttcatgt     70680
     ctgttggcca catatctttt gaaaagtctc tgtttatatc cttagcccac tttttgaagt     70740
     ttttttttct tgtaaatttg taaagttcct tgtagattcc agatattagc cctttgtcag     70800
     atggatagat tgcaaaaatt tttctcccat tctgtaggat gcctattgat tttgctgtgg     70860
     agaaaactct ttagtttaat tagatcccat ttgtcaattt tgacttttgt tgacattgct     70920
     tttggtgttt tagtcataaa gtctttgccc atgcctatgt cctgaatggt attgcctagg     70980
     ttttcttcca gggtttttat ggtttttggt cttacgttta agtctttaat ccatatgagt     71040
     taattttgta taaggtgtaa aaaaggggtc cagtttcagt tttctgcata tggctagcca     71100
     gttttcccaa caccatttat taaatagggc atacttccct tattgcttgt ttttgtcagg     71160
     tgtgtcaaga tcagatggtt gtagatgtga ggcgttattt ctgaggcttc tgttcggttt     71220
     cattcatcta tgtatctgtt ttggtaccag taccatgctg ttttggttac tgtagccttg     71280
     tagtatagtt caaagtcagg tagtgtgatg tttccagctt tgttcttttt gcttaggatt     71340
     gccttggcta tgtgggctat tttttggttc cgtataaaat ttacaagtag ttttttctaa     71400
     ttctgtgaag aaagtcagtg gtagcttgat ggggatagca ctgaagctat aaattaattt     71460
     gggcagtatg gccattttct caatgttgat tcttcctatc catgagcatc gaatgttttt     71520
     ccatttgttt gtgtcctctc ttattccgtt aagcactggt tttgtagttc tacttgaaga     71580
     ggtccttcac atcccttgta agttgtattc ctaggtatta aattctcttt gtagccgttg     71640
     tgaatgggga gttcattcat gatttggctc tctattactg gtgtacagga atgcctgtat     71700
     ttttgcacat tgacttttct ttcctgaaac tttgctgaag ttgcttatca gctttgggag     71760
     atttggggct gagatgatgg ggttttctaa atatacaatc atgtcatctg caaacagaga     71820
     caatttgact tcctcttttc caaactgaat accctttatt tctttctcct gcctgattgc     71880
     cctggccaga acttccaacc ctatgttgaa taggagtggt gagagagggc atccttgtct     71940
     tgtgctggtt ttcaaaggga atgcttccag tttttggtca ttcagtatga tattgctcat     72000
     tcagtttatc ataaatagct cgattatttt gagatacgtt ccatcaatac ctcgtttact     72060
     gggagttgtg aaggggtgtt gaattttgtt gaaggccttt tctgcattta ttgagataat     72120
     catgtgtttt ttgtcattgg ttcttttatg tgatggatta cgtttattga tttgtgtatg     72180
     ttggccgggc gcggtggctc acgctttcag aaagaatggt accagctcct ctttgtacct     72240
     ctgatagaat ttggctgtga atttgtctgg tgctgagttt tttttggttg atagggtatt     72300
     aattactgcc tcaatttcag aacttgttat tggtctattc atggattcga ttttcttcct     72360
     gatttagtct tgggagggtg tatatgtcca ggaatttatt ccttttttct agattttcta     72420
     gtttatttgc atagaggtgt ttatagtatt ctctgattgt ggtttgcatt tctatgggat     72480
     cagcggtgat ctccccttta tcattattta ttgcatctat ctgattcttt ttccttatta     72540
     gtctggatag tggtctattt tatggatctt ttcaaaaaat cagctcctgg attcattaat     72600
     tttttgaaga gttttttgtg tttctatctt ctttagtcct gctgtgaagt tcccgcctta     72660
     gttacttctt gtcttctgct ggcttttgaa tttgtttgct cttgcttctc tagttcttta     72720
     attgtgatgt tagtgtgttg aagttagatt tttcctgctt tctcctgtgg gtattcagtg     72780
     ctaaaaattt ccctctatac aacgctttag ctgtgtccca gagattctgg tatgttgtgc     72840
     ctttgttctc attggtttca aagaacttct ttattttttt ccttaatttc gttatttacc     72900
     cagtagtcat tcaggaacag gttgttcagt ttccatgtat ttgtggggtt ttgagtgagt     72960
     ttctaaaacc tgagttctaa tttgattgca ctgtggtctc agagactgtt aagatttcca     73020
     ttctttttca ttttctgagg tgtgttttac tttcaattat gtggtcagtt tcaaagtaag     73080
     tgcaatgtgg tgctgagaag aatgtatatt ctgttgattt ggggtggaga gttccataga     73140
     tgtctgttag gtctgcttgg tccagagctg agttcaaagt ccggaatatc cttgttaatt     73200
     ttctgtcttg gtgatctaat actgacagtg gggtattaag gccttccact attactgtca     73260
     ctactattat tgtgtgggaa tctaagtctc tttgtaggtc tctaagaact tactttataa     73320
     atccaggtgc tcttgtattg gctgtatata tatgtaggaa agttagctct tctggttgca     73380
     ttgatccctt taccaatatg taatgccctt ctttctttct tttgatcttt gttggtttaa     73440
     agtctgtttt atcagagact aggattgcaa cccctccttt tatctgattt ccatttgttt     73500
     gctaaatctt cctccatctc tctctttttt tttgatccta agtgtgtctc agcacaggag     73560
     atgggttctc ctgaatacag cacactgata ggtcttgact gtctatccaa tttgccagtc     73620
     tgtgtctttt taattgggac atttagtcca ctatcattta aggttaatat tgttatgtgt     73680
     gaatttgatc ctgtcattat aatgctagcc catttagtta atgcagtttc ttcatagtgt     73740
     cgatggtcta cagaatttgg tatgttttcg cagtggttag ttccagttgt tcctttctat     73800
     atttagtgct tccttcggga gctcttttaa ggcaggcctg gtggtgacaa aatctctcag     73860
     catttgcttg tttgtaaatg attctgtttt ctcccttgct tatgaagctt agtttggctg     73920
     gatatgaaat tctgtggata tgaaattctg tgaaaactac ttaagaacgt tgaatattgg     73980
     cccccactct cttttggctc atagggtttc tgcagagaga tccaatgtta gtctgatggg     74040
     attctctttg tgggtaacct gaccattctc tgtggctgcc cttaacattt tttccttcat     74100
     ttcaaccttg gtgaatctga tgattatgtg tcttggggtt gctctctcga agagtatctt     74160
     tgtggtgttc tctgggtatt tcctgaattt gaatgttggg ctgtcttgct agcttggaga     74220
     agttctcctg gataatatcc tggagagtgt tttacaactt ggttccactc tcccccgtca     74280
     ctttcaggtg tatcaatcaa atgtatgttc ggtcttttca catagtccca tatttcttgc     74340
     agactttgtt tattcctttt cattcttttt tctctaatct tgccttcaca tgttatttca     74400
     ttaagttgtt ttcaatctct gatatgattt cttccacttg atcgattcag ctattgatat     74460
     ttgtgtaagc ttcacgaagt tcccgtgctg tgtttttcag ctccatcagg tcacttatgt     74520
     tcttctttaa actggttgtt cttgttagca attcgtctaa ccttttttca aggttcttag     74580
     cttccttgct ttgggttaga atatgctcct ttagctcaca ggaatttgtt attacccacc     74640
     ttctgaagcc tacttctgtc agttcatcaa actcatgctc tgtccagttt tgttcccttg     74700
     ctggtgagga gctgtgatcc tttggaggag aagaggtgtt ctggtttttg gaattttcag     74760
     cctttttggg ctggtttttc ctcgtcttca ctgatttatc taattttgat ctttgatgtt     74820
     ggtcaccttc agatggggtt tctgtttgga tgttcttttt gttgatgttg atgctattcc     74880
     tttctgcttg ttagttttcc ttctaatatt cacctctgtt gcaggtttgc tggagtttgc     74940
     tggaggtcca ctccagacct tgttcacctg ggtatcacca gcgaaggctg cagaacagca     75000
     aagactgctg cctgctcctt cctctggaag ctttgtccca gagcggcact catcagatgc     75060
     cagctggagc tctgctctat gaaatgtctg tcaatccctg ctgggaggtg tctcctagtc     75120
     aggaggcatg gggttcaggg acctacttgg ggaggcagtc tatcccttag cagagcttga     75180
     gcactgtgct gggagatctg ctggtctctt cagagccaac tggcagggaa ctgtttaagt     75240
     gtgccacccc ttcccccagg tgctatgtcc cagtgagatg ggagttctat ctataagccc     75300
     ctgattggtg ttgctgcctt tctttcagag atgccctgcc cagagaggag gaatctagag     75360
     aggcagtcta tagcggcttt gtcgagctgc agtggattct gtccattctg acctttccag     75420
     aggctttgtt tacgctgtga ggggaaaact gcctactcaa gcctcagtaa tggcagacac     75480
     ccctccccac accaagctcc agtgtcccag gtttacttca gactgctgtg ctggcagcga     75540
     gaatttcaag ccagtggatc ttagcttcct gggctccatg ggctctgcta agctagacga     75600
     cttgactccc tggcttcagc cccctttcca ggggattgaa ctgttttgtc ttggtggccc     75660
     ttccaggctc cactgtgggc atgaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca     75720
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaaaaact gcagctagct cagtgtctgc ccaaatggcc     75780
     gcccagtttt gtgcttgaaa cccagggccc tggtggtgta ggcacctgag ggaatcctct     75840
     gggtctgtgg gttgaagatt gagaaaagca tagtatctga gccaagtgca tgattcctca     75900
     tggtacagtc cctcacggct tcccttggct cagcaaggga gttccctgac cccttcccgg     75960
     atgaggcaac gccccactct gctttggctc cgcctctgtg ggctgcaccc cctttctaac     76020
     cagtcccagt gagatgagga gggtgtctca gtgagaaatg cagaaatctg ccttctgcat     76080
     tgatctcact aggagttgta gaccagagct gttcctattc ggccattttg ccagccacct     76140
     cctagagtca aatcaatttt attttttaag actttttttt agttgtttgg ataaaagaat     76200
     atatgaaaag gcgtggaata aaaatggctt ctgcattgaa agaaaagaac aaataaggtt     76260
     ttgcggcaaa ataagtaatc aaggaaatga ctgtgttctt ggcatgctgc ttcaacaggg     76320
     atgatcttat agccaacaca ataagcctta gcatttgcat tgtcactggg ctcattcaac     76380
     ctaagctatc ttcagtagac tttcccctct aaagagcacg tacattttga ttttacctat     76440
     cctcataatg accatttgct cattttaata ggaaaacgca cacccgtggg tagggattta     76500
     agatgctaat gagacatatg acatatgaac aagtatcttg aggacccaga ggaccaccca     76560
     caacatgctt actaggaaca tctttctgac ctccttacaa ataatcatgt aagattccca     76620
     tacagggagt ctccctcagg ccagtttcat acctataagc agcccatcct ctctcagggt     76680
     gtcatctctc tttttctcag ggtgtattct ctctattctg tacctaaatt tcaacatact     76740
     ctttttcttt tgcaaagaat tactctatgc cacacccctt ttgctgtgtg tctcttgttt     76800
     acattatttt aatctaagaa gacaaaaacc aaggtatcac aataaccatc aacagtttca     76860
     ctaaacattt gataaccctg acaattctat ttgaaataca ttgtgcattc tattctacat     76920
     agtgtacatg tctgggtgtg gtagctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggtggaa     76980
     gtgggggtat cccttgagct caggagtttg agactaacct cggcaacaca gaaaaaccct     77040
     ttgtttacca aaaataaaaa aaattagccg gtgtggtggc aggcacttgt ggtcccagtt     77100
     acttgggagt ctaaggtggt aggattgctt gagcctggga ggtagagatg gcagtgaacc     77160
     aagattatgt cagtgcacat aagcctgggt gacagtgaga ccttgtctca aaaacaaaca     77220
     aacaaaaaaa cctctaatct acatagggta cacagtgtat tctaacttaa tcaataacct     77280
     atttgtacaa tgataagaca cttaagatga tgaggactgt ggatagcaaa gacaacaggc     77340
     tagagaaatg aaggcttcta aaaagagatg ctttagagtt ggattttatt cagagtagag     77400
     gataaaatat acttgaaata aaatacgctt gtaatattag aataaggaaa agtattgatt     77460
     agaaataaaa atatcaaaat aaaacaactt taaaatgtaa caatgagggg ctttattttc     77520
     ctgggcaatt gatgcacact acagatttat aaataaatat gttaggaaat gaggaaattc     77580
     aggtatacaa aaaaggaagc tgagatttaa atacaaacag tatggctcta gtgtctatgt     77640
     atccattact ttgtagtaaa ctagtttctt tggagcaaat cctgggcctg agtttcctca     77700
     cctataaaaa gagaataatg acacctattt tataataata ctatgaagag taagataata     77760
     agaatgagag tgttaacata catacagtaa gcagaataac aactacatcc acctccctaa     77820
     caaggatgtc cacatcttaa ttcccataat ctgtgattat gtgatgcagc aaggcaaagg     77880
     aaattaaatt tgcagatgaa tttaaggtat ctcatcagct gaccttgaaa tctgacaatt     77940
     atcctgtatt atctggctag gtccaatata atggcaaggg gccataaaaa taaaagaggg     78000
     aaacagaagc attagtgtca gaatgatgca atgtgagaaa gacatgatca gactctgcag     78060
     gtttcaaaga cagaaggggt ccataaatca aggaatgtag acagtctcaa gaagctagaa     78120
     aaagcaagcc aacagattct tccttacaat tgcttcctag atctctaaga taataaattt     78180
     atgtgttagg tcaggaaatc tgtagtattt tgttaaagta gcaatataaa actattatga     78240
     tatgcaaaag gtttaaaaat ttgtactcaa taaatgagaa acatattatc tgaactcagt     78300
     atgaaaaatt cctaaacaca gttaaaataa ttacaattat taaagtttag tttttgactt     78360
     tgaaaaagtt gtggcataag tgccacctga aattttagta gttcacacat tgaaaacatg     78420
     tttagaccat tctctactat caggcccaaa taatttctga aaaatcatgt aagatattgt     78480
     tactatttat tacttttgca gaaaaggaag ctagaattat agaagtttag taactggcca     78540
     tgagactcca agacaaagaa gtgaagaaac caagattata tgcagatcgg actccagggc     78600
     ttggatttct caccactgtt ctattctgtt ctccttttaa cacttttttg tgacattaaa     78660
     tagaacatct cccaagtcta caaagttaaa gacagacaaa taacagttgt tacatcataa     78720
     gaagcataac gaacgaaagt acatttacgt ttaagacagc aaattttaaa agtgaaatat     78780
     aagtaatgct ttaaatgata gtcaaaggat atgtaacaaa cgaactttat gttgatttct     78840
     ttggaattga actgtttaaa tttccgaaaa ttaattaatt aattaattta ttggcatagt     78900
     ttcactctgt cattgaggct cagtgcagtg acttggctca ctgctgtgac ctataccttc     78960
     tgggctcaag tgattctccc ttttcagcct cctgagtagc tgagaccaca ggtgcacagc     79020
     accacacctg ggtaagaaaa attacttttt aactactagt ttgtgtattt ttaactacta     79080
     gtttgtgtta ctttttaact actagtttat gtattgaatt ctacaataca taattatttg     79140
     ggggatcact aaggatggat ttttaaaact atgtattcta aaaagaatga tttctacttt     79200
     aattcctgtc tgacatactc ccctgaatta aagatttcct aaagttcaac ttttcagaag     79260
     aaaatgtgat acttactatt gttttggatg gatttccaag tggcctcata tttatcatgg     79320
     tgctttaaat agcaaaaaac aaactaacct attgttgcat aacccagaat taataatgtg     79380
     gttaactgat aataaggtta gttaacctcc ctctaaagtt tttatttttt actatgcttc     79440
     tcacagctag tcttatttat tattgtagca gatcacatct gccatttaac tacacaaaga     79500
     aggtcctttt aaattacact gaaaaatcta accagtacct gcagccttat cacttaattc     79560
     ctttcaagga ttctgttcaa agaaatgctt ttaatagtaa agcataatga atacacaagt     79620
     ctcatgaaaa cgaaaagtca cagagctata taaagaatac acagaccaaa acaatacatt     79680
     tcaagtatct gaaactatca ataagttgca aaaagtgagg atttcctttc actttcgata     79740
     aagtcatttt aaaattaaaa tcaagagtag aaatctttat tttgatgaac acagataaag     79800
     ggcaggaaca aatacctttt cactaatttt tttaagcttt aaggtaaatt tagtaacatc     79860
     tcataataca aaatgaaaat tatatactat atgtaataaa catttttatc acagcaatat     79920
     tatagtttta tttgcctgat tatatcacag caatatatta tatataaaat tttaaatatt     79980
     taaatatatt tttataaaaa atattatgta cataaaaata tatttatata tgacacagca     80040
     acattgtatc acagcaactg ttgtggatac aatcaggaaa atactacact gcaacattat     80100
     ttccactact tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtct aacctgtatc aaatacaagg aaatgaacca     80160
     gatagataaa aaaataggga acattctaaa aacaactggc ttgtttcttt taaatctgtt     80220
     tcttaaagaa agaatgtatt agaaagggtt cttacatact taaaaaagac taaacagata     80280
     caacaaccga gtactaaatt taatgggaac cttaagtaaa cctgaactga gaataagaat     80340
     ggattctgaa aagaagcaag atctttatca ggtatttttc ctaatgctat ccctccccta     80400
     gcccccgact ccttgacagg cccttccctg tgtccatgtg ttcttactga ttaactccca     80460
     cttatgagtg agaacatgca gtgtttggta ttctgttgtt gtgttagttt gctgagaatg     80520
     atgtagatga caggttcacg ggtgcagcaa accaccatgg catgtgtata cctatgtaac     80580
     aaacctgcat gttctgcaga tgtacctcca aacttgaagt ataataataa aaaaataaat     80640
     aggccaggtg cagtggctcc cagcactttg ggaggctgag gtgggcagat cacctgaggt     80700
     tgggagttcg agaccagcct gaccaacatg gagaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa     80760
     aattagctgc caggcatggt ggtgggcaac tgtaatccca gctacgaggg acgctgaggc     80820
     aggagaatca cttgaaccca ggaatcggag gtgcggtgag ctgagatcac gccattgcac     80880
     tccagcttgg gcaacaagag caaaactctg tctcaaaaaa ataaataaat aaataaataa     80940
     ataaataaaa ataaaaaaaa taagtgaaga agcaagactt ttaaaaaggc cgttttttaa     81000
     tagggtgtaa attttatcta gatataatat aatgttttta attttcttag gtataacaat     81060
     ggtatggtgg ctatgaaagg aaattactgt attaaagatg cagagatgaa ttatttgggg     81120
     tcgcatacaa tatatgtaat gtaatttcac ctagttcacc taaacatgtt tatgtgagca     81180
     tattaatata gaaagcctac aaataaacac ggcaaaaact taactgataa aagcaggtga     81240
     atgttctatc agcatgcagc gtactatctc cctaactttt ctgtaggttt gaaaaattcc     81300
     aaaatacaat atctggggga aagtattcat atgtatattg ggaaagtgta gctattggca     81360
     aatttgatat atttaaaaat gcatcttaat atagaaaaac tgtaggagtt gaataaatta     81420
     aaacgaggtt agtcaatcta ctaatgtagt acttaatgca gtccttccat ggtgttatga     81480
     aaatagctaa gagttcagaa acgtcagtat tcatcacctt atcaacaact atttagtact     81540
     ctagcctata tttcagactc cttaagcaat agatgtgtac ataaacctga tcttttaaca     81600
     gaaattttta cttaaacatt ctttgaagat ttaaattcta catgtctaaa agccaagatg     81660
     ataagtacta ctctctacaa ctaactcatt tgtcttcctt atcctttagc ttcaatctca     81720
     gtgacaggca taaacgatgc ctgagtgaag cacgccaaag tccagcaatt ctgattcctc     81780
     atttttccta ttctttaaca gaaatactct ttcaggttct gttcctcact aagattttct     81840
     aatgttttct ctctctcagg gcaattacaa actagtacac ggaatgcctc agttagcttc     81900
     ctcctttaaa tctgaagttc tgcatttcca aagctttttc taacatcagt atccaacttc     81960
     tcaaagttgt cactgtcttg aactgaagtc atgtgtcaca attattaaga agtgttttca     82020
     tattagaaag atatattttt aaatactttg tctctaacta ggtacatgat ataaggctac     82080
     aataattgag ataaggctgg gtgcagtggc tcaagcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg     82140
     ctgaagcaga cagaccattt gaagtcagga gttttgagcc ctgtcttgat gacatgatga     82200
     aatcctttct ctacataaaa aagaaaaaaa ttgctgggca tggtggtatg ttcctgtggt     82260
     cctagctact aagtggggct gaggtggaag gatcactcga acctgggagg ttctggctac     82320
     agtgaaccct aatcatacca ctgcactgta gcctgggtaa cagagcaaga ccctgtatca     82380
     aaaatgaatg aatgaatgaa taaataaata agtagagaaa ggaagaaaga tataaaactt     82440
     ccccaaactg cagaagaaaa gcatattcga attcattatg cccaaaaacc ccaaataaac     82500
     taagcatcaa aagatctttg ccaggacaca ttatttaatt gcttaaaatc aaagacaacg     82560
     gctgggcgtg gtggctcacg cctataatcc cagcaccttg ggaagctgag gcgggcggat     82620
     cacgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcccgg ctaacacggt gaaacctcgt ctctactaaa     82680
     aatacaaaaa attagctggg cgtggttgca gcccagctgc aacctgtagt cccggctact     82740
     ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc gtcaacccgg aaggcagagc ttgcagtgag     82800
     ctgagatccc gtcactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacagagc gagactcgtc tcaaaaaacc     82860
     ccccccaaaa aaaacaaaga caaagagagt tttgaaaata gcaagagaag aacaaaccat     82920
     cacatttaag ggaatcagca gaaactttac aaaccagaga agactgtggt aatattaaga     82980
     gtaagaaaaa acaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca aaaacaaatc tgccctcaaa aaataatatg     83040
     ctcagcaaaa ttatccttta aaattaaagg agacgtaaag tctttctcag acacacaaaa     83100
     ctgagtgagt tagcagtaga tctgccttaa cagaaatgct taaagaagtt cttcaaattg     83160
     aaacaaacac atgctaaaaa gcaaagcaaa aacacagaaa aacataactc tgaatataag     83220
     ttcatgaaca cataaaaatt aatgcaacac cgtacaagtg gtgaacaagg ttattcttaa     83280
     ccttaataca agagttagaa gattaaaatg tgttaataca atgttaaaag aggcaaacta     83340
     attttaagag cataaaatgt gtgttatctg cgggcagtaa aaatgttgtg ttttgtacgt     83400
     gattcaaatt aagttgtttt caatttaaaa tagaagggtt aactacaata tactttagaa     83460
     gggaacaaga gggccataaa ggacactcca gttatcatca cccctgcagg aacaccaaac     83520
     tgatcaacta tttacacacg aaagcacctt catcagaagc aaaactcagg taagcaatca     83580
     ccgtacctag ttttgacaca atatttttta aaaagcactg aaggaggtag aaaagacact     83640
     ttcgaatcac tgacatcacc catccccaaa ccccgtcagt gactgtgttg agcaaagaac     83700
     gtgtgcatgg gggaaagaga gctgtgactg ctggactttg cattgaaact ctgtgctgcc     83760
     ttggttcagt gaaaagcaac atgaggaaaa attctgctgg tacccactgg gggagcattt     83820
     agaccagatc tagccagaga actgtccttc ccagcagtca gaacctgagt tctagctagt     83880
     cccatcacta cggactaatg tgctcttggg tactaaatga acataaaagt cagtatctgc     83940
     cacaaagact gtagttctca ggcaagtcct agtgctgtac cgggctcaga gccattggac     84000
     ttgaggtgca tgtgaccaag tgagagacca gtgagggaag ccaagggagt aactgtgtca     84060
     cccttcccca gttctaggca gcactgcttg cagctcttgg agagactctt tcctttcatt     84120
     tggggagaaa aaggtgaata aagaggactt tgtcatgcaa catgaatacc agctctgcca     84180
     gagtagaaca gggcgccatc atgcagagtc ctgaggctcc ctttccaggc catacttcct     84240
     ggatgacatt tctagacata ccctgggcca gaaaagaact cactcctttg aaggagagga     84300
     gaagacccag ttctggcaag attcaacatc tgcaggctac agaggccttg ggtcttgaag     84360
     tatcagccat accttgacag tatttgtcac aatccttagc tgagacctcg ggccatgctg     84420
     gcttcaggtg tgacccagta tattctcaac aggggtggcc atgaggaaat attccttctg     84480
     tttgaggaaa ggagagggaa gaggtaaacg ggactttgtc ttgcagtttg ggcactagtg     84540
     tggccacagt tgggtagagc acaaagcagg ttcctggggg cccccaattt caggtgttgg     84600
     cacttggatg gcattctgga cccactctaa gaaaaaagga gcctgctggc ctaaagagag     84660
     agatccaaat ctgactgcat tcagcataag ctgactgaag agcccttggg ccttccgtga     84720
     acttcggtgg agccaggcag aactttctgt gactctggga gtacagaaac catgtggaca     84780
     gactacttct gcaagaagta gagggaagag tggggcagac tttgtcttgt aagtttgggt     84840
     accaactcat actcagtaga agagagcacc aggtagaatc ctaacattcc agactcaagg     84900
     ccttgtctct caggtggcat ttctaaactc ccccttggct ggggagaagc ctgatgtctt     84960
     caaaggaagg acacattcct ggctgcattc accatctgct aattgatgta ggtggggaaa     85020
     taacagaagg agccaggcag tggtcaccct ggggctttgg gttagagcca gtgcgctgtg     85080
     ctgggtttgg gtctgaacca gtgcagtccc tgtggtgatg gccacaaggg tgcttgtgtc     85140
     acctgtccct cagctccagg agtctcagca tggtgaaagt ctagagttaa aatggtgaaa     85200
     gtctctgcct ccatttgttt gaagaaaagt aagggaagag aacaagagtg tatacctggt     85260
     aatgcagaga attctactga atcattccca agaccatgaa ggcagtaact ctatgagttc     85320
     ataaaaatca cagtgttact gggcttgggg tgccccttag gcagatacgg ctgcagcaac     85380
     caaagatttt tttctttaga gatggagttt cacactgttg cctgggctcg agtgcaatgg     85440
     catgaccttg actcactgca acctctacct cccaggttca accgattctc ctgcctcagg     85500
     atccccagag tagctgggat tacagatgcc cacgaccatg ccaggtaatt tttttatttt     85560
     tagcagagat gggatttcac tatgttggcc aggttgatct cgaactcctg acctcatgat     85620
     ctacctgctt tggacttcca aagggctggg attacaagca tgagccacca tatccggcct     85680
     gaccaaagat ttagattaca acatcaaatc gcctttgaat acctagaaaa ccttcctcta     85740
     agaaagacag gtagaagcag tcccagacat gaagactaca ataaataact cctcaatgcc     85800
     cagacattga caaacatcca catctgcgac aatccagaga aacatgatat atccaaatta     85860
     agtaaggcac caggggtcag tcccagagag acaagagatc catgaccttt cagacaaata     85920
     attcaaaaca gctgttttga ggaaccacaa ctgtatgtaa cataacagag agaaggaatt     85980
     ttctattaga taaatttgac aaagagatta aaaagagtca agtagaaatt ctagagttaa     86040
     aaaaatgcaa ctgacacact gaagaatgca tcagagattt ctaatagcag aattgatcag     86100
     aagaatcagt aagcttgaaa acaggctatt tgaaaatata ctatcgggga gacaaaataa     86160
     aaaagattaa agcacaccta caagctctat aaagagtgtt aaaaaggcaa atctaagagt     86220
     tattggcatt aaagaggaga tagaggccag gcatggtggc tcacagctgt aatgccagca     86280
     ctttgggggc tgaggtgggc agatcacctg aggtcaggac accaggcctg gccaacatag     86340
     tgaaacccca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attagttggg catggtggca tgtgcctgga     86400
     gtcccagcta tgtgggaggc tgaggcaggg gactcacttg aacccaggag gtggaggttg     86460
     cagtgagctt ggattgcgct actgcattcc agcctatgca acaagaacaa aactctgtct     86520
     caaaaaaaaa ggagacagag agcaacatca gggtagaaag tttattgaaa gggaaaatgg     86580
     agaacttccc aaagcaagag aaaggtatca atattcaagt acaacaacgt cacagaatac     86640
     caagcacatt ttttggtttt tgagatggag tgtcactctg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag     86700
     tggcaccgtg ttggctcact gcaacctccg tctcctggct tcaagcaatt atcctacctc     86760
     agcctcccaa ttagccggga ttacaggcgc ccaccaccac gcccagctaa tttttgtatt     86820
     ttttttagta gaaatggggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggct gtcttgaact cctgaattca     86880
     ggtgatccgt ctgccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcatggg ccactacaca     86940
     cagccaacca agcagattta accccaataa gatgatctta ggcctttaag aataaaatta     87000
     ccaaagatca aagacaaagg aaagacctaa aagcagtgac aggggaaaca agtaacatac     87060
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagctcc aaaacgtttg tcagcagact tcctggtgaa atccctaaaa     87120
     gccaggagag agcagcatga catacttaaa gtgcttaagg agaaaaattt ccagaatagt     87180
     atatccagca aaaatatcaa acacaaagga gaaatacttc tgacaaacaa aagatgaagg     87240
     atatcaccaa taccagactc gctctacaag aaatgctaac aggagttctt caagtaccaa     87300
     atttaactac aaaaagtttt caagatacag acaatatagt aagatataaa tagaaacaac     87360
     agaaagttta aaagggggat gaaattaaag tgtgaattcc tttagttttc tctttgcttg     87420
     tttttgcaat cagtgttaag ttgtcatcag tatcaccaga gaaaatcacc ttcataaaaa     87480
     gggagacagc aaggaaagaa aaaacacaga atgatgaaac aaaaatacag ttacaggagt     87540
     aattcctttt ccataacatt gaatgtaaat gaactaagct ctccaatcaa aagaaataga     87600
     gtggctgagt gcagaattaa aaagatgcaa caacatactg tctacaagaa actgaaacta     87660
     cagagactga aaagaaaggg atgaaaagag atattctatg caaacaaaaa tgagcaaaga     87720
     acaggagtgg ctgtatttat gccacaaaac tgatttcaaa ataaaaccta ttaagaacaa     87780
     agaaagtcat tatataatga taaaggggtc aattcaataa gagggtttaa caattgcaaa     87840
     catatatgca cccaacactg tagcacacag atatacatat atgtatatat atgcaaatat     87900
     tatgagaact aaaggaagat atagatccca gtacaacaat ggctagagac ttcaacaccc     87960
     tgctttcagc gtagggcaag tcagatcatt cagacagaaa atgaaccaag cagcattgga     88020
     cttagtatgc attatagacc aaatggacct gacatatatt tacagaacat ttcatctaat     88080
     ggctgcggaa tacacattct tctcctcagc atatgcatca ttctcaaggc cagaccacat     88140
     gataggccaa aaaacaagtc ttaaaacatt aaaaacaaaa tgaaacaata tgaaatatct     88200
     tctctgacca taatggaata aaactagaca tcagtaacaa gcagaacttt tgaaagtata     88260
     aaagcaactg gaaaatttgt tggggaaaat ttttcaactg gaaaaacaat tataattttc     88320
     caattgtttt tatagtttca aacattctag aatggacaga aggccaataa agagattaag     88380
     aataaaattt aaaaactgct tcaaacaagt aacaataaaa acacaacata atgagggaag     88440
     agagagagac cctctcatat tgttttatac tcagtactta tttaaaaaac aaaaaaaaac     88500
     aaggaagtaa aatcaaagac aggcagcctg gcaccaggcc tgaaaccagg cctgggcctg     88560
     cctggcgtaa acccagtagt taaaaatcaa ctcataactt agaaactgat gttattcata     88620
     gattccagac attgtataga agaacactgt gaaactccct gccttgttct gtttctctct     88680
     gaccaccggt gcatgcagcc cctgtcatgt accccttgct tgctcaaatc tatcatgacc     88740
     ctttcaagtg aaatgcttag agttgtgagc ccttaaaagg gacaggaatt gctcactggg     88800
     ggagctcaga ttttaaggca gtagcttgct gatactccca gctgaataaa gcccttcctt     88860
     ctacaactcg gtatctgaga ggctttatca gcggctcatc ctgctacatt tcttggttcc     88920
     ctgaccggga aacatgataa ctgacagacg gccgaggcag ccccttaggc ctgccctgcg     88980
     gagcatccct gcaggggact ccggccagcc tgagtgacgc aatccaaaga gcgctcccgg     89040
     gaaagaaatt gcctgggtgg aacgcctagc caaagcagcg cgtagcaggc ccctgcagag     89100
     gatcagcaca gtggctgaac accaggaagg aactggcact tggagtctgg acatctgaaa     89160
     cttggtaaga ctagtctttg gaacttgcca cactccacct gagtggaagc gtggcctcat     89220
     cacccatggt gtgcctgtat tagcactttt gttccggttt tgacttggct tgacttggta     89280
     agaccagtct ttggaacctg ccccattcca tcggagtgga agcatggcct gatcacccat     89340
     ggagtgcctg cattggcact tttgttctgg ttttgacttg agttagattg catgatactt     89400
     tggttttggt tctgatctgg cttggatttc tagatactct gattttggtt ttgattttgg     89460
     tttggtgtaa actgcaaaag tgtgtgtgtg ccctttttac ctgttctttg ttttgtggtg     89520
     tgcatgtggt gtcagcttag tgttttgtct tgaagaagca taggccaggc acaaataaga     89580
     ccaccccact aggaactatg ttaaaaaaat tttcaagaaa gaatttaaag gagattacgg     89640
     tgttactgtg acactaggaa aacttagaac tttgtgtgaa atagactggc cagcattaga     89700
     ggtgggttgg ccatcagaag gaagcttgga caggtaggtc ccttgtttca aaggtatgac     89760
     acaaggtaac ctgtaagcca aggcacccag accagtttcc gtacatagac agttacagct     89820
     ggttttagac ccacttcccc ggcccctaac agtagttaag agaacagcag cataagcggc     89880
     tggcagaggc aaggaaaaac cagcagagag aaaacgaggc catctatatc aattctaagt     89940
     taatttagac taaacaaggt ctagcaaaag ataattaaaa tctcaaactt acaaggtttt     90000
     cagtaaaagt gaagtttgct aaaagttaac agtataacgt atcatggtaa cttctaatct     90060
     tgtggcctta gacagtctag tccaaagaca taaagaaagt ttgctttgaa aaaaaggggt     90120
     ggaggcagaa tttatgtaag aagagtgtta tatactaaat tcttgtcccg aaataaatta     90180
     actggctgtt taaagaaaaa aaaagtttgt aataagtgaa agttgagaca tgttgaaaaa     90240
     ttgtctgtga aagttgtgaa agacaaaaaa gttataaaaa aatttttatg caaaaaatgt     90300
     tgtataattt aaaagtaata aggcctcctg agtactactg aagaaacagt ttatgtgcaa     90360
     ggtgtataaa aaaagtaaaa tataccttta gtaaaaagat taaaaggagg cataagaatg     90420
     tagattttta cctacattaa aaggttaaaa aaattattgt tttgaaagtt taagcaagtt     90480
     ttaaaatgtt aattataaaa aaaattctgt gtgtaaccat attagctaaa gttaaaaaag     90540
     tatcatccag tttctctgtg aactacacat taaagtaaaa atgcaacagg tttctcttaa     90600
     agcatcaacc tgctctttaa caaaaattat aaaaggttaa aaagagtcta taaaatctta     90660
     ccttatggtc aaacataaaa aattggataa atatgtctac aaggttttat taaaattaag     90720
     tttaacatta acacactaat ataaaggtaa aattcagctt atctggtata aaagtcatac     90780
     aagaagcatt attaaatata aaatggtgtt tagctttctt tggtctaaaa actaataaaa     90840
     ataggtgcta aaggaaacat tcattttact agaggatcat agaagttaaa gacttaaaat     90900
     gaactttggc aattaagaca gcataccaag atgcaaatgc ctagctgaaa tagatcaaat     90960
     attccatctg cacattaaac aaaagcagtt gttatgcttg tgcacatggt aggccagagg     91020
     ccctgattgt cccccttccg ctaaggtggt cctccagtcg accaggtgtg ggctgcatgg     91080
     tagctctttt acagaattct acagcctgga gtaataagtc atgccaagct ctctctgcta     91140
     tatcccagaa tccctgcggg tctgcccctg agggccatcc agcttctgtc tcccaacact     91200
     aagttcactt cttgtctctc atggcaagga ggagacttag cattccttgg agacctgaag     91260
     ggatgcagtg agcttaacaa ttttcaagag cttatcaatc agtcacccct tgttcaaccc     91320
     tcagtggatg tgtagtgata ttgtggtgga cctttactgg gcactctgct gaataactag     91380
     agtggcactt gtgcattagt ccatttagct atccctttta ccctggcatt taatcaacca     91440
     gagggaaaaa aaaataagac atcataaagc gagagaagcc ccttataagt ctttcaactc     91500
     tcgcatctat ttagatgcaa ttagagccct gcaaaaaata ccagatcaat ttaaagcttg     91560
     aaatcaaata gttacagtat ttaagtcaat attttaatag atgacagtcg ataaaaacgt     91620
     aaattagata aactacatct tttacaacaa acagcaacaa gcttttcacg agttaaaaag     91680
     aggaactcat gtcagcccca gccctgaggc tacctgacct gacaaaactc tttacacagt     91740
     atgtgtcaga aagagaaaaa atggcagttg gagttttaac ccagactgta gggtcctggc     91800
     caaggccagt ggcctacctc tcaaaacaac tagatagggt ttccaaaggc tggcccccat     91860
     gtccaaaggc cctggtagca acggtcctgt tagcataaga agcaaataag ctaactctta     91920
     ggcaaaacct aaagttcccc catgctgtag tgattttaat aaataccaaa ggacaccatt     91980
     agctaatgaa tgctagacta actagatacc aaagcttgct ctgtgaaaat gcccgcataa     92040
     tcactgaagt ttgcaacacc ctaaaccccg ccaccttgct cctggtatca gagagcccag     92100
     ttaaacataa ctgtgtaaaa gtattggact cagtttattc tagaaggccc aacctgcaag     92160
     accatcctta aacatcagta gactaggagc tgtacatgga tgagagcagc ttcgccagtc     92220
     cctgcaaagt gactctgaaa aagacgacta gccctgctcc agtcacaccc ggaagctgac     92280
     tggtctacgc agagccaagg catgaggaaa actgtcctag gacttatttt ccttataaca     92340
     tagacctgtg tagtaaaagc ttccactgct tcttcccaca caggcgactg ccttcagtgc     92400
     atacatcagg ccactgaggt aagagaaaag attgctacag tcctattatt ttatggttat     92460
     tataagtgta ccaggactct aaaagaaact tgtttatata atgctattct atccaaggta     92520
     tgtagcccag ggaataacca acctaatgca tgttatgacc cattttaagc ctcccatgat     92580
     cacagttttt aaaataaaat taaggactgg tccttttcta ggtgacacaa gtaaggtaat     92640
     agctaggata gaaaaaagaa aggtccccaa aaatgtaacc ttaaaatttg acacttggga     92700
     ggtgcttgtg tgcctggtgc gggagctatg gggcccaggg attgtgtttg aagtagtgct     92760
     tctaccaaca tgtcccatgg ttccagcgct ggttttgacc gccacattac cattttttca     92820
     cccgagggtc ggctctacca agtagaatat gcttttaagg ctattaacca gggtggcctt     92880
     acatcagtag ctgtcagagg ttaagactgt gtagtaattg tcccacagaa gaaagtacct     92940
     gacaaattat tggattccag cacagtgact cccttattca agataactga aaacattggt     93000
     tgtgttatga ccggaatgac agctgacagc agatcccagg tacagagggc acgctatgag     93060
     gcagctaact ggaaatacaa gtatggctat gaaattcctg tggacatgct gtgtaaaaga     93120
     attgccgata tttctcaggt ctacacacgg aatgctgaaa tgaggcctct tggttgttgt     93180
     atgattttaa ttggtataga tgaagagcaa ggccctcagg tatgtaagtg tgatcctgca     93240
     ggttactatt gtgggtgtaa agccactgca gtgggagtta aacaaactga gtcaaccagc     93300
     ttcctagaaa aaaaagtgaa gaagaaattt gactggacat ttgaacagac tttggaaact     93360
     gcaattacat gcctgtctac tgttctatca attgatttca aaccttcaga aatagaagtt     93420
     ggagtagtga cagttgaaaa tcctaaattc aggattctta cagaagcaga gattgatgct     93480
     catcttgttg ctctagcaga gagagactaa acattgttgt tagtttacca gatccgtgat     93540
     gccacttacc tgtgtgtttg gtaacaacaa acaaatatca tggaggtccc tggattgaaa     93600
     aaagagcctc tcccactcct cctaccaccg aagtggttag gactctatat aaataaaaac     93660
     aaggcttttg gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatttg acacttgtgc tgctactgat agtaagcagc     93720
     atagaataag atgcggtgct ctaaatcaca cacacacaaa aaaagttaca cagtaaaaaa     93780
     taagtatatc tgtcaagaat catatttatg taagatgtgt gtaattacta gtcttgtgtc     93840
     atctagactt agaaaaaaga tgaaaaagat ccttagctgc aaaaaaagag aaggcagccc     93900
     ctcctgcatg aatagaggct gcaacccctt gaaattaata attacaaatc ccttaaaccc     93960
     aaggtagaaa aaaggagaac acatatctct aggcatcaat aagaaaagac taagtcctag     94020
     cataaacatc ctaataaaag gagaggttca aagatgctct ccagaaccag tatttcagac     94080
     tttctatgat aaactaaatg tgcccgtacc agagactcca agaaaaacca gaaatttgtt     94140
     tttgcaatta gccgagcatg tagcccagtc tctaaatgtc acttcatgtt atgtttgtag     94200
     aaaaactaat aagagatcaa tggccataag aaacccaaga attagtgcct acagacccag     94260
     ttcctgatga attcctggcc caaaagaatc accctgatca tctctaagtt ctaaaagtct     94320
     taattattag acaatattgc atagctaaaa acgaaaagaa ttcactcatt ctgtaaggtg     94380
     acttagttgt gtaaggcaaa aactgtataa tagtaccgca aaaaaaaaaa aaacccacca     94440
     aaaacagtta catggtggag ttccaattac acagaaaaag atccattcag taaatttcca     94500
     aagttgcaga ctatttaggc ccacccagaa ttccaccggg actggacggc ccccaccagg     94560
     ttatactaga tatgcagaca cacagcttat gctaagctgc ctgatcagtg gacaggtagc     94620
     tgtgtatttg gcaccattaa gccatctttc ttctcactgc ccataaaaac agtgaacttc     94680
     taggcttccc agtctgcttc ctgagaaaaa tgaagcatag ccataggtga ttagaaagat     94740
     aatgaatggc cccctgaatc atacaatact atagacccgt cacttagcat aagatggctc     94800
     acgaggatat cgaaccccat ctacatgctc aaccgaatca tagggttaca agctgtttta     94860
     gaaattatta ctaataaaac cgatcaagtc ttgactgttc ctgcccagca agagactctg     94920
     atgaaaaata ctatctatca aaatagacta gctcttgact acttgctagc agctgaagga     94980
     gaagtttgta gaaaatttaa ccttactaat tgttgtctac acatagatga tcagaggcaa     95040
     gtagttgagg atatagttaa agagataaca aaactggcac atgtacctgt gcaagtgtgg     95100
     cacagactca atccaggagc catgtttaga aattagttcc cagcaataaa aggatttaaa     95160
     ctctaagagt aataatagta ataaaaacct gcttactgct cccttgtttg ctacctgtac     95220
     ttctttaaat atataaaagc ttcatcgcta ccttagttca ccaaaatgct tcagcacaag     95280
     tgtactatat aaatcactat caatctattg cacaaaaaga cataagtagc aaaaataaaa     95340
     gtgagaactc ccactaataa aaaagtgaga ttctcaaagg ggggaaatga gggaagagag     95400
     agaccctctc atattgtttt atactcagta cctgttttaa aaaacaaaaa agtaaaacca     95460
     aagacaggca gcctggcgcc aggcccgaaa ccaggcctgg gcctgcctgg cctaaacccc     95520
     gtagttaaaa atcagctcat aacttagaac caatgttatt catagattcc agacattgta     95580
     tagaagaaca ctgtgaaact ccctgccttg ttctgtttct ctctgtccgt tggtgcatgc     95640
     agcccgtcat gtaccccttg cttgctcaaa tcaaccacaa ccctttcatg tgaaatcctt     95700
     acagttgtga gcccttaaaa aggacaggaa ttgctcatgc aaggaactcg gattttaagg     95760
     cagtagcttg ccaatactcc cagctgaata aagcccttcc ttctacaact acgtctctga     95820
     gaagttttgt ctgcggctcg tcctgctacc ataacaaatc ctacgggaga taaatctaaa     95880
     actgtctcta gacaaagaaa ggtcatcacc tagtaacaag tgggtccatt caactggaaa     95940
     gtgtaactat cagaaatata tctggcaccc caacatcaga gtacctacac atatataaag     96000
     aaaatattga cagatatgaa ggaggatgtt tatggcaata caaaaatata gtaggggaat     96060
     tcaacaccta ctttagaata atgtataaag cacccagacc cacccacctg gcaaaaaaaa     96120
     ataaaaaaaa ataaataaaa aaaacaatag ctgacttgaa ccagtactaa caggaaagtt     96180
     tatgactata agtgcctaca gcaaaaaaga aaaacttcca atgaaacaac ctaaaaatgc     96240
     atcttaaaca agtagaaaaa aggagcaaat caaaccaaag ttagaagaaa aataaagatt     96300
     agagtagaaa taaatgaaga aaacaaaata aaagatcaat gcaacaaaaa gttcattttc     96360
     taaaaggaca atattgacca actcttagct agactaacaa caacaaaaaa aaagcaggag     96420
     actcaaataa atacaatcag agaggataaa agagatatta caactgataa atgtagaatt     96480
     acaaagaatc cctacaggct attactggca actatatata ccaataaatt agaaaacctg     96540
     taagaaacag acacattaca tatacaatta caacttgcca agactgaact aaaagaaata     96600
     caaaatctga acagaccagt aataagttaa caagaatgaa gccataataa aaagtctcac     96660
     agaaaagccc aggacctgat ggcttcactg ttaaagtttt ttgtttttgt tttttttagg     96720
     tggagtctca cccttgctca gactggagtg aagtggcatg atcttggctc accgtaacct     96780
     ctgcctcctg ggttcaagca attctcctgc ctcagcctct caagtagctg gcatgatagg     96840
     catctgccac tatgcctggc taacttttgt attttcagta gtgacagggt ttcaccatgt     96900
     tggccaggct ggtgttgaac tcctgacctc aggcgataca cctacctcag cctcccaaag     96960
     tgctgggatt acagacgtga gccaccgtgg ttggcctcac tgctgaaact tacataattt     97020
     tttttttttt tgagacggag tctcactctg ttgccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgcgacct     97080
     tggctcactg caacctccga ctcccgggtt caagcgattt ctcctgcctc agcctcctga     97140
     gtagctggga ttacaggcac gtgccaccat acctggccaa tttttttatt tttagtagag     97200
     ccaggatgct ctccatctcc acccgcctca gcttcccaaa gtgctgggac tgcaggtgtg     97260
     agccaccgcc ctcggctgaa ttttaccaaa catttaaaga actaacacca atcctactca     97320
     aactgttctg aaaaagagga ggaagagata cttctaaacc cattgtatga ggccagtatt     97380
     actcatatat caaaaccaga caaagacaat taaaaagaga aagtactggg cagtataaac     97440
     acaggccaaa atccttaaca aaatataagc aaaccaggtt caaaaacaca ttaaaaagac     97500
     cattcatcat actatgcagc cataaaatgg aacaagataa tgtccttgca tggacatgga     97560
     atccattatc ccctgccaac caatgcagga acagaaaacc aaacaccaca tgttcttact     97620
     tataagtggg agctgaacaa tgtgaacaca gggaggggaa caacacacac tggggctttt     97680
     tggagggcgt ggagaaggga gagcatcagg aaaaatagct aatgcatgct aggcttaata     97740
     ccagggtgac gggttgacag ttgcagcaga tcaccatgac acatgtttac ctatgcaaca     97800
     aacctgcaca tcctgcacat gtactcaaga actaacataa aataaaataa aataaaataa     97860
     aaactattca tcatgaccaa gtggaattta tcacagggat gcaaggatag tccaatatat     97920
     gcaaatcaat cagtatatca tatcaacaga atgaaggaca aaaccatatg atcatttcaa     97980
     ataattctga agacacattt gataaaattc aacatccctt catgataaaa actaatgaaa     98040
     aactggatat agaaagaaca gaccttcgac atgataaaaa ccatatatta atacaacaga     98100
     cacagctagt agcacactga atagggaaaa actgaaagcc tttcctttaa gagctggaac     98160
     acaacaagga tgaccacttt taccactaac aaaactaaga accagtcttt taaatccata     98220
     aacaaaactg acaaagaaaa aaagagagaa gactccaaca aaattagaaa agaagacatt     98280
     ataaaagata ttcagaaaca ggccgggtgc ggtggctcac atctgtaatt ccagaacttt     98340
     gggaggccaa gatgggcttc aaacacaagg tcaggagttc gagaccaccc tgaccaacat     98400
     ggtgaaactt gttctactaa aaatacaaaa attagccagg tgtggtggtg tgcgcctgta     98460
     gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc cgaggcagga gaattgcttg aacctgggag gtggaggttg     98520
     ccatgagcca aggtcacgcc cctgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagggag actctgtctt     98580
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaag aaaagaaaag gaaaaagata ttcagaaata     98640
     taaagcatca aagggattat aatgaacaat aatatggcaa aaactagata atccagaaga     98700
     tatgaacaaa ttctaagaaa cacgctatac ctagcaaatc tgcatcaaga agaaatagga     98760
     atgctgaaca gaccagtaac aaataaggtg ctttaattag tgattaaaat tcccctaaca     98820
     aagaaaagcc cagaaccaga tggctttgtg ggtgaattcc aataaacatt caaagaaaaa     98880
     tacctatttt ccaaaaaata gaagaaagaa gacttctaaa ctcattttat gaggtcaaca     98940
     ccaccataat atcaatggca gacaaagatg ttacaagaaa ataagatgat aggccaacat     99000
     tcctattgaa cactggtaga aaaatcctcg gtaaaatact aacaaataga attgagcagc     99060
     atattaaaag gatcataaac cctgaaaaag tgaatttatc ctcgggaaat aataatggtg     99120
     tgacataggc aaataaatgt gatataccat actaacagaa aaaaaggtaa aactacatga     99180
     ttatctaaac agatctagaa aacgcatttg acaaagttca aactctattg atatttaaaa     99240
     ctttcaacaa aataggtaca gaaggaatgg atctcatggt taatgctgta tggaaaaagt     99300
     acacagctaa catcataatc actgtgggca gaaatgaaaa gctttcctcc taaaccctaa     99360
     gtaagaatgc tcattcttgg catctgttta gaatctaata ctgtatgttg tagccagaca     99420
     attagataag aaaaataaat aaatggcatt caaaattttt ttttttgagg cggagtctca     99480
     ctctgtccag gttgtagtat agtggcatga ttttggttca ttgcaatctc tgcctcctga     99540
     gttcaagcaa ttatcctgcc tcagcttccc aagtagagta gctgagacca aaggcatgca     99600
     ccaccattcc cagctaattt ttgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttaacc atgttggcca     99660
     gaatggtctt gatctcttga cctcgttatc tgcccacctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga     99720
     ttgtaggcgt gagccaccgc acctggccat ggtgttcaaa ttttaagtga agaagtataa     99780
     ttacctgtat ttgcagatac caattctcta tgtagaaaac tgtagagact caacaaagaa     99840
     aactgttaga attaataatt cagaaaagat tcaggaaaca gaattagcat gtaaaaatca     99900
     actgcacttt atatagaaaa atcaaactac taaaaagaaa aaaaaatgaa gaaaacaatc     99960
     cattcatagt agcaacaaaa agatatcttg gtaataaacg taaccaaaga agtgaaacat    100020
     ttgtacattg aaaactacaa aacactgata cggaaaatta aaggcacaca taaatgaaaa    100080
     acatctgtac tcatggtttg aaagtattaa tataaatact gttaaaatgt ccatattacc    100140
     cacagtaatc cacaaattca atgtaatctc aagcaaaagg ccaactacat tgaatctgtg    100200
     gattgctgtg ggtagtatgc aattttagaa gagagaaagt cttctaaaat tcacatgaaa    100260
     tcacaaaaga cttccaacag ctaaagtaat cttggggaag aaaaacaaag ctagaggcat    100320
     caagtgacct gatttcaaaa cgtacctcaa aggtatagca ataaaaacaa cagggtactg    100380
     gcataaacac agatatacag accaaaagaa aagaacagag acctcagaaa tacataacta    100440
     tgaacaactg ctctctgaca agggtaccaa gaataaacat ggggaaagaa aaatgtcttc    100500
     aataaactgt aatggaaaaa ctgcattgtt tgatacagaa ttataaaact caactgtcat    100560
     ctcatattat acacaaaaac catctcaaaa tggcttaaag gccaagactc aaactgaaaa    100620
     agtactagaa gaacacagag aaaaacactg cttacttcag gttaaatgaa ataaataaga    100680
     ctcagaaagg caaacacttc attatctcac tttatgcatg tacaatctaa aaacatcaaa    100740
     ctcacagaag cacaatgttg aacgatgact gtaaggaaag aaatatggaa agatgccggt    100800
     caagtggtcc atgtttcagt tatgcagaaa gaataggttc agggtatgta acatacaaga    100860
     tgatgactgt accagtctgt atagtattgc tataaagaaa tacctgaggc tgggggccct    100920
     ggctcacgcc tgttatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggc aggtggatcg cctgaggtca    100980
     ggaactcaag accagcctgg ccaacatagt gaaaccatgt ctgtattaaa aatacaaaaa    101040
     aatcagccag gcatggtcgt gggcccctgt aatcccagct acttgggagg ctgaggcagg    101100
     agaatcactt gaacccggga ggcagaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatcccgc cattgcaccc    101160
     cagcctggga aacgagagtg aaaactgtct taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaatacct    101220
     gagctgacac tgggtaattt ttaaagaaaa gaggattatc tggctcacaa tagtgcaaac    101280
     tataaaagaa gaatgacact gttatctggt tctgatgaga gattcagata gcttccacta    101340
     atggcagaag gccaggaatg ggaggagaga gcagagatca tatagcaaga caaggaacag    101400
     aagagcagag gcaatgggct ctttttagta acaactctat caggaactaa cagtgtgaga    101460
     actcactcac acccgcagct acagagaagc attaatttac tcatgagaga tccctcccca    101520
     taacccaaac actccccagg agacccccac ttctaacact gggatcaaat gttagcattg    101580
     aatttagggg aacaaacact gaaactatag cattatctct gtgcccccac tcaaatttca    101640
     tgtacttttc aaacctaaaa tacaataatt actttccatt agtcccgaaa agtcttaact    101700
     tgttcctgca ccaactcgaa agtccagtct cacctgagat gcaaggcaat ttccttatag    101760
     ctgtgaactt gcaaaataaa aaatgagtta ttcacttcca agatataatt gaacagacat    101820
     tggttaacaa tccttttctg aaaaggatca ataagccaag aagggagtaa cagcccctat    101880
     gcaagcctga aaactagcag ggcacacatt gagtcttcaa gcttcaaagt aatttttctt    101940
     gactccatgt cccatatatt ggacatactg gtgtgagcag taggctccca aagccttaag    102000
     ctgctccact cacgtggctt tgctgcgcac aggccatatg actgctctca tgggttaaag    102060
     ttgaatttct gcagtttttc cagtctggac ttgtgggctg ccactggcat tatcaacctg    102120
     atgtgtgtag aactgtggcc ctgctcccac acctccattg ggcagtgtcc taccagaggt    102180
     ctctctgtgg agtttctgtt cctgtggtag gcttctgtgt ggcagcatcc aggtttctaa    102240
     tatatcctct gaaatctagg tagaagctgc caaggttcca tggctcttgt actgtaggca    102300
     acacagactt aacacctgtg gaagtcatca aggcttaaag tttaagttct ctgcagtggt    102360
     gcaggatggg tagaacagca tcctgaggtg gctcagggca gcaatgccct ggcttgtccc    102420
     tccctacttt ccacgccttt ctgttctccc cagtctccag gattgtgagg agaggggcag    102480
     acttcaacat ttctgaaatg cttttaggga ctttttccaa tgggcttgaa gattagcacc    102540
     tggctccctt ttagtcatgc taatctctct accaagtgct tgctctcagc acccttggac    102600
     tcctttcctg aaaatgctct ttcctattac atttcctttc caaattttac aatctgcttg    102660
     ccttttaatt gtaatttcca cctttagttc attcatttgc tgctggttta gatggtaagc    102720
     tgttaaaagt agccacgtaa cttattcaaa gtttgctgcc tagaaatttt ttctgccccc    102780
     taccctaggt catcaccgtt aagttcagct tcccaccaag ccctagggca atggaaacac    102840
     agccaggttc tctgctgcag agtaacaagg gtgacttttg ctccagttcc cagtaagttc    102900
     atcatttcca tctgagatct catcagcaag tcttttactt tctctatcag cattttggcg    102960
     agaaacagtt taccaatccc caagaagctc caaactttcc cttgtcttct ggacttgtga    103020
     gccctcatca gaatcaccca ttcattacaa tacaaacttt tcctagcctg gtccttcaac    103080
     tctttcaacc tctgcctatt acccagttgc aaatctgctt ctgcattttc agctatattt    103140
     ggcaaaaagt ggtatcccat ttttaaataa tgattttctg tctcagtcca tttaatgttg    103200
     ctataaagaa atgcccaagg cagggtaata atataaagga aagaggttta tatggctcac    103260
     agttctgcaa gctgtacaag aaatatggga ccagcatctg cttctggtga gggctttgga    103320
     aggggaaggg gaactggtac atacagagat catatggcaa gagaagcaaa gagaggtgcc    103380
     agtactttca tattcatata tatgtttatc aaatcatcag gctgtacatc ttaaatgtat    103440
     acaatttgca ctataaacta taccttaata taaacataaa aaataagcaa caaaaattat    103500
     tttaaaatag taaaacaagt tgtcctggga aatcagtttt atcagaatta cgagaaaata    103560
     gagagttgta aatttaccag tgtatattca tgtacatctt tattcctctc taaattgtaa    103620
     taaacacaag tgactatctg taagggaagg caatatttta atcttatgag attttataac    103680
     acttatgaat atataagatt atttacatct tattacattt tgccaagact tctggactgc    103740
     tgatatcatt taatgtcaac agaattcttt tgaaaaaaat actgaatggc taccaatacc    103800
     cccaaagaga aactgcagca gtttcagaag gcacttactt aatcatttca aaaagctttg    103860
     gatctgagac tttgatattt cgtgccatat tccaggaaag atgcaccatg ggtactggtg    103920
     acttcacact tttcaatttg ttccattcat accgttccac tgccaattta tactggcagg    103980
     ctagaaggaa aaaagcaaca gtcataaagt aacccaaagt aatagaacac atgaagataa    104040
     ccatcattta tcacctctca ggtgacaact gcaataccaa ttctgaaaac cttgaaacac    104100
     cgtaagacta ttatgttttg tgataacttt ggttaaaaaa aaacctaacg taaagagcag    104160
     tcacaatatg cgagacattg tgctaggttc ttttaacatc ttatctcatt ttatcctttc    104220
     aaggccttca tttggtagaa gaagaaagtg gtttggtaga aggaaaaagt gaaagcctga    104280
     gagaaaaaca aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaataaaac ttgcccaaag tcataaagtt    104340
     agcaatgtag agacatggtc tatttcaggt ctttctagct cttaaggcca gattatttat    104400
     ttatgtatat taaatactat gacattttag ggctgcacat atgctatatt acataaactg    104460
     aaaattctaa tgaacaacta caatacttta ctcaataaag ggcttccttt acaaaaacaa    104520
     aatctagcac tctaaaatat aaaaagtata tcttacattt ctgcaaagaa aatcatttat    104580
     atttttaaaa aatctgtgtt cttgggctgg gcacagtggc tcacgcctgt aatctcagcg    104640
     ctttgaaagg cccaggtggg cggaccatga gttcaggaga tcaagacaat cctggctaac    104700
     acggtgaaac cctgtctcca ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag ttgggcgtgg tggcagatgt    104760
     ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcatgaaccc gggaggtgga    104820
     gcttgcagtg agccgagatt gcaccactgc actctagcct gggcgacaga gtgagactcc    104880
     atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagtgttct tggattgcca tttttgagct    104940
     gaatttaatt tctgtattaa aaattggtat ttttttccta caagagatac tatttctatt    105000
     ttcagtgagt tattttctac tagtaaaata atacctacta ggtaatcctt taaaatataa    105060
     accttgttgg tgttattatt cagaatacct gtaagtggac caacattcca ggcaatgtta    105120
     ttgcaccagc caacagcttg aacccaatgc acagtgcctg catttatcca gaccaaatct    105180
     ccaggtcgct gaataaatct atacacaggg acatttgctt cataaagatc ttcaaggttg    105240
     ggccaccaag aactcattaa aaaattcaaa ttatttctga aaaagaaaat aatgaaaatc    105300
     aggttgaaag gtgttttatt tctgaaaaag aaaataatga aaaatcaact tgaaaattaa    105360
     tcaagttaaa aaaagattta acaagagtta aaaaaaatgc ttcaagtttt tattccatta    105420
     atactttgta tcacagggct aggtgtggtg gctcacacat gtaatcccag cactttggga    105480
     ggctgtggca ggcagatcac ttgaggtcag aagttcgaaa ccagcctggc caatacaatg    105540
     aaaccctgtc tctactatac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gccaaacact    105600
     gtggcacatg cctgtaatcc cagatactcg tgagggtgag gcacgagaat tacttcaacc    105660
     tgggaggagg aggttgcagt gagccaagat tgcaccattg cactcctgcc taggcaacag    105720
     agagagactc taccacaaac aaaacaaaaa acaaacaaat taaaaaagac tttgcatcac    105780
     aaaagcattg caacatgaat tgcctctttc atttccggtt ggaggcttgg gctagggtcc    105840
     tgagaaaaat taattgcagg tgaatagtga tagacttatc caaagatcaa ctactatcag    105900
     cttaaactta ctgttcaaaa gtctacaaat taatatttaa atttctaatt acagttaaac    105960
     atactgattt ttaatttttt caataagaaa tattttgact catctttttt ttttaactaa    106020
     aaaaacctct taatactctg agatctctaa aaaggaaaac tctagttaga aatcacatga    106080
     agtcatttaa aatcttaatc ataattactg tggcagatat aagaaccagg accttctctc    106140
     aattcctgag tcaggggtga gaaggagagc agaaatcatc ctctactgct gttctgaatc    106200
     ctaggcagga aaggggagta aggacagaat gtctatttgc ataagctttt aggaattagt    106260
     tgacttaagg cagctgaaaa aactaccaga agaagccata tacacatata caaaccacca    106320
     ctggcaccaa tacaaacaga caaaattatg aagttttaat ataaaagtct catttttttg    106380
     ttactctcct tcaccagatt ttccgtattg ttgcccaggt gtggtggctc acacctgtaa    106440
     taccagcact ttgggaggcc caggagggag gatcagttga ggtcaggagt tcaagaccag    106500
     cctagccaac atggtgaaac cctagctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc cgggggcttg    106560
     gggcaggggg cggggtgtgc ggtgctgcat gcctataatc ccagctactc aggagggtga    106620
     gcaggagaat ttcttgcact tgggagtcgg acgttgcagt gagctgagat cgtgccactg    106680
     cactccagcc tggtgggcag agcaaaactc tgtatcaaaa aaaaaatttt gtttttttca    106740
     atattgtgat gtactgcaca gtaactacat tgttttctat taagaattta gtaaaatatt    106800
     tcaaattaag ttttctcaag aggaagaaat tcacatagta gaaaatgttt cagatttaag    106860
     aactgatttt gctttgtttc tatattttat ctttaaaaaa tgataacaat ctggagttgt    106920
     ctatatgaaa tcttactccg tttcatttta ttctcctaaa attgcttttg actttagcag    106980
     aggttagcaa ttcaaggaat aaaaaattac agttttccat aacttttttt ttttttttat    107040
     gtggagacag agtcttgccc ttttgttcag gccagagtgc aatggtgcaa tttcagctca    107100
     ctgcaacttc tgcttcccgg ttccagcaat tcttctgcct cagcctccca aatagctggg    107160
     actacaggta cacatgacca tgacctgcta tttttgcatt tttgtggaga tagggtttca    107220
     ccatgttgac caggctggtc ttgaactcct gacctcaaat gatcagccct cctcggcctt    107280
     ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcatgagcca ctgtgcccag cccgtttccc ataaacttta    107340
     aaaagcttgc cagtaaatgg gaagcaaaat gaaaaaagaa aggaaaagga aaaaattata    107400
     agcatagcac aagtcttacc ttatcttact cgtatactac caatataaaa ttagagaaaa    107460
     ttttgtatta aaaaaaaagc agcaaagcca ataaaggcag acagtatctt tttcaaaagt    107520
     tcagaacaac agttaattat atatagggtg atactttata caaaataaaa ttacaaggaa    107580
     actgcaaaga ggactgcaaa gtttttgaat cttaggataa atgaatcatt ttaacttcat    107640
     atttttatta tttccaatct ttaacttttt agatatcaca tttttttccc caacaatcat    107700
     taacctaagg tcacttctct gttcagaaag gaaaaaagct aaatcctgaa aatgccagtt    107760
     cccactcagg aaaaatgaac aaaagtcatt atatttaaat gtaataagaa ctgcaatata    107820
     catcctcaca gttttaagaa aaaaattctt tatgtagcac gatagggatt cccctgtata    107880
     gatttctttt tcccttgttt gcccctgctg tttctgtgta tttggagttt cctaggttca    107940
     gaacaaagag ttcagatgaa agtgttactg ataagtttta aatgttaaaa aattccatct    108000
     ttgctatgct gaggaaacct tttgcattag acaacaaagg caataaaaag ggattatttc    108060
     ttgccagtag gtaagaaaat taaccttatg tttttaataa gatgaacttt ttaccaaata    108120
     aaatgtaaag acattccaaa aggttaaagt agaaattact ttgtgaaaca tgcatattaa    108180
     ctgattaaaa tgtaaacctc atatataatt ctctaggaat tctatttttt tacagtatgt    108240
     tttagtatgt aatacagttc cagttatgtc tgtatttttc cactaatatc tttaccaact    108300
     ctaaaaaaca aattctgtga ttcctttgtt attgatattt ttagcccaaa ttacaaagat    108360
     acacaaaatt gagttactag gctctaaggg tgccttattt tataattccc cataatttct    108420
     aaaaacaatc gtaagtaaaa tttttcttta aggcacactt gtcaaatctg gaaaaatgca    108480
     taaatttttt acattaacat aaaaaacaat ttactctctt atcaattcac acctattacc    108540
     acggcagaga ctagttcacg gcatctttca gtttgcttct ttgttttgag acagggtctc    108600
     actcttgtca cctacgacag aatgccatag catgatcatg gctcactgca gcctcaacct    108660
     ccgaggctca tctcagtatc ctgagtatga agaactataa gtgcaggcta attgttgtgg    108720
     ttttgccacg ttgcttaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctaggct caagacatcc atctgcctca    108780
     gcatctccaa gtgctgagat tgcaggcata agacactgtg cttagcatga catcttttca    108840
     ttaagtattt agataacata aaagatttga aatcaaatca ttttaaaaaa attctgctga    108900
     gcagtaagta aaaactgata gtttcatgaa gaaactcagc tttgcacttt gtcctttatg    108960
     cctattttct catagttact taaatgaaag tttagttcag aaacctactt ttcacagaag    109020
     tcattcagaa caccccaata atcttcaggt acaacaaacc attcacaatc tcctggacca    109080
     atatttatgt taacagagca gaagttgtta ttttcttggt gacctgaaaa gtaaaagaaa    109140
     atgtaagtca caattgtagc ataaattaaa tggagaaatg tgcctttaaa ttactggata    109200
     gttttgagga ctgagcgaaa aatacatgct tagaactttg aacagaacat aatatgcaat    109260
     acatattagc tatagtcatt agtagttcct tctctataaa cgacttctca attctcgcaa    109320
     atagtagcag aaaccttatt aagaaaggta tagtgttcaa aatgtaacct gtctcctacc    109380
     actcttggct cctaccacat gtcaaatgtt agcatataat gtaaagaatc ataactcttc    109440
     cacaatgagt aggtggatgg cactgcccat ggcaagggct ttaaaaatac aaattagaaa    109500
     tactaggaca ccacaggcac ctacccatgg tgaaagagtt agaaacattt acattacata    109560
     ccatatagat aatcttagct tatgatctat cagcaatccc aatattttag aacacattaa    109620
     agatcatatc agaatatgaa gtgtattata gcaggcatca tttatactaa tgtaatactg    109680
     gaataaaatc tacctataca gaaattcaga acaatgtttc tttaaattat atctggcaaa    109740
     caaaaacata ctacatttcc tctaaggaat tccttaacag ttccacagga tactgttgaa    109800
     gtactaatgt tatacaaaga aacaaaaaaa cccaaacact tgagagacaa aatgacaagg    109860
     agataatcta ttaaaagttt ggttattccc ctgctagatt ttaaaagaaa aatgacattt    109920
     ttcatttcat gcaatttatt tcattttcac tgtgaaaatg taaggtgttt caatatctat    109980
     gttcatttgt attgtattat tcattggcag acttgtgaaa aatatcttat catatgccag    110040
     tctcatcaac ctgttgaaca taagttccat gaattttgtc agaaacagag actgaatatc    110100
     ctcacttgtc taaaaaaagc aggtcaatga tttagatatg atgaagctgt attgctattt    110160
     ttagagctct gagttgaggt ggaaattttt ctgaagaagt accaccttct gccactgtta    110220
     ttgaccactt actggccacg gaaattttgc tgcaggcttc aaaacatttc ttgataagtt    110280
     caacctaaaa attacaaagc aaagagaact tacctgtgaa acttttagga taataaatca    110340
     ttctgaagac aaaagaaatt ttttgaattg caaatagtat caagctgctt ttatatgcta    110400
     cttcttaagc tactaaaaac aagtaagaag ctacatctcc agtaccatac acatttgcaa    110460
     atatgtactt ctttaggttc aaaatataat tacagcagca ttttccaaat ctcaacaaaa    110520
     gtgcaggaaa atgtgcttat ttcaaaagcc atttgtacta ctgtgaggtt ttccaactaa    110580
     aggtgcaact gaccttcaat tggaaaaaat taatctgcaa tgtaatgaaa cccaaaaaga    110640
     aaataactca aaaggaaaaa aaatctaact ctataagtgc ctttaagaca attaatatac    110700
     tcaagaaaat atgctcaaag tttgacatca gtacatggca gtattgatcc acttgaaaag    110760
     acatttttga agatctcact accacagaac aactttaaca gatgtacatt tgtagttaat    110820
     cttgatgaca caagaacaca gtatttgagc cccaatgaag tggagtatta tttcctccaa    110880
     aataattcca ttcttttaac tagtaaacaa aaaaaatgca tccgttattt attatgattt    110940
     tcatcaataa aaatccataa aaaatagttt ttttttaata gaatacctac aaaatatcgc    111000
     caattgaacc tctcggcttg catagtttaa aatatttagt atctagccct ttaaagaaat    111060
     gtttgtaaat aaatgacgca tgaaaaaaaa aaaagaaatg tttgcttaaa attagacagt    111120
     ttttggatta cattttctaa aaaaaaaaag cgcatcacgt tttcagtatt gtcaatgaaa    111180
     tttttattat acataacttc agtaaactgg ttcataatac attgttctca ctgtaattgt    111240
     ggtgaaaacc tctgaaaaac attgttaacc tgttgtcatt cctacaactc agaaacttag    111300
     agtccctttc ccagtttaca tttttccgat tgttttttca tataaaaatg atggaaaaac    111360
     aataccctga gctcaatttt aagagtaata tgaacatttt cacctataat aaagaatttt    111420
     aaaatctttt tggctttaga agtataaatg acaatgtgct ctctatgcct gctccgcatg    111480
     ataaactcaa ttttttcaat catgtaagat atgttagtca ttaaaatcac ctggtgtccg    111540
     actccctgga actttcatat acagttgtac tgtattcatg cccagaatgg tatgcccaac    111600
     atgggttaga agatttcctg ctgacaccac acgcgcaaaa gcaggaagtt tagtcagttc    111660
     atgtaactgc aacttccacc tgcaataaat taacagatta agagtaaaaa ctcgtaagaa    111720
     tcaccacatc ctcaaaaacc ctgtgattca atcagaaaaa tacttaaatc aataaatatt    111780
     ttacctgtat agtcagtaga actaaagcgt ttaacttatt ccaaaaataa gtcttaagac    111840
     aaacacagat tactgaaaaa aaaaatcata aattgtataa cctactaaat aaaagaaaca    111900
     atttactttc tatttataaa gttgtattaa tagagagggt actttggttt tcttaagaag    111960
     aataacattc taattgtaaa actttgtcaa aatgatttca gaattttagg gttattaggt    112020
     aaaactaaca tgtcaacata aaaaaacaag aaacaaagag agagagataa ttaggaatag    112080
     aaaaaaaaca gttctctaga caattcccaa ttctgcaata ccctcattga ttcagttcat    112140
     ggaaatagca ctagggcagg gagacttact ttttgttatc agagaggtca atgttggtcc    112200
     caaattttat ggttttaaaa ggtcctttcc ttctccttcc agaacttaaa aaaagagaga    112260
     atatgaaatc catgtatttt agacagaaat gttgagtggg tgctaaaagt tacttacttc    112320
     tctgaagatg tggattcgtt atctgaatga tctttgtgtt gtgttctttt ctcattttct    112380
     tccttcaggt taagaaaaaa atattcatac ttagtatcct ctaacaggct atcacttcta    112440
     ttatacaaat tatactcatc tacatgagca gtattgacta tttttgagaa ataagttttt    112500
     acaggcacat ttcacagaaa atatcttcta taatcacatt aaattaagtc acaggaaaag    112560
     tcaaagtcca gttcacggta ctcaacatcc tccatcatct acaaaattaa tatgaaattc    112620
     aggtattata ctaatttata agaaaagcat gtattcattc atattttact ttggaccaag    112680
     gaattttcta aatggtaaat taatttcatt taaaatgata tcaagagaat atgagagaga    112740
     actaaaaatg aaaacaagga caacatacaa aagcttacta attatatatt aaaacaaaaa    112800
     aagatgtaag aaagcactta agaagacaga attcttcctt cttttttttt gagccggagc    112860
     ctcactctgt tgcctaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgtaatct cagctcactg caacctctgc    112920
     ctcctgggtt cgaggaagtt tcctgcctca gtctccctcc gatgcctcag cctccctcca    112980
     attctctttt gtaataaaga aaaagcgttg ttttgttttt ccctgtagac actgttttat    113040
     gagaaagaat ctgtagattc ttatacttgg gccaaagaca agataatgaa gaaaaacctg    113100
     aagccaaaag tactgagggg tataactact aatgttaatt ataagtgcca agtagcaaag    113160
     ccatggcaca tattctaaac tggcagaaat acatttgcat ccatatgaaa atatgtacag    113220
     agtgagcaat gttaagatcc tctatctctg attatagtat catatttagt taccctggct    113280
     ttctctgtgg gtgaatcaca ttaacaaaac taagggcata tggacgaagt tcttcacagg    113340
     ctaaattttc aatgcaaaga gttctatata aataataaaa cattttcaca tttttattta    113400
     acatttgtaa taaaaaatta aatgctgaac ttaaaatgtt tgttattctc tccagaaata    113460
     tttcaagaat atgcaatgag aaaatgtttc tgggaggact ggaaatccac atgtaaaaga    113520
     atgaagttgg acctctatct cataatgtac agaaaaatta actcaaaatg aatgtgacct    113580
     aaatataaga tatcacacaa aactcatgca aaaaaaaaaa attagtacat ctgtataact    113640
     atgggttagg caatagtttc ttagcaatga caaaaacaaa tgaagtccaa gaaatgcaaa    113700
     taattaaact ctatcaaaat taaaattttt gtacttcaaa ggacactaac agaaaaagtg    113760
     aaaggactac tcacagaaaa gaaaaaagta ttgacacatt taatacttga gaaggaattt    113820
     ttagcaagaa taagcatgca tataatttac ggttcaataa taaaaagaaa aatagccaaa    113880
     ttaaaaaatg ggcaaaggaa ataaacatgc atttcaccaa agaaaatata cccattaaca    113940
     atatgttaat gaaaagatgc ttaacaaata accatttggg aaaagacaaa atgaaatatt    114000
     acttcaaaac taatagtatg gttagaatca aaaggagatg gtatataagc atcagagaag    114060
     atggagaaat gggaaactta taaattaaga ataaaaatgt aggccaggca cagtggctca    114120
     tgcttgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggctg aggtaggtgg atcatatgag gccaggaatt    114180
     caagacaagc atggtcaaca tgatgaaacc ctgtctctgc taaaaataca aaaaacaatt    114240
     agtcaggcat gatggtgtgt gcctaaaatt ccagatactt gggagactaa ggcaggagaa    114300
     ttgattgaac ccaggaggca gaggctgcag tgaggtgagt tatcaccatt gcactccaac    114360
     ctgatgactc agtgagactg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaatgt aaaatgatgt    114420
     agccatttga aaattaatct gacagttcct taatagaata aacaatgagg ccgggttcgg    114480
     tggcttacac ctgtaatccc agcattttgg gaggccaagc tggatgaatt attagaggtc    114540
     aatagtttga gaccagcctg ggcaacatgg tgaaatcttt tccctactaa gaacacagga    114600
     attagccacg cgtggtggtg cacacttgta gtcccagcta ctcaggaagc tgagggagga    114660
     gaattgcttg aactcaggaa gtagaggtta cagtgagcca agatagtacc actgcactcc    114720
     agcctgggca acaaagtgag actgtcaata aaaaacaaac aaaaaccccc cagagtaaac    114780
     aatgagttat tacaccacat aatctagcat ctatacaagg gaaatgaggg tatatgttcc    114840
     cacacaaata ctgtttataa gtattcataa tagcattact cggaatacct acgaggcaga    114900
     gcagaaacaa cctaaatgtt cataaactga tgacagagtt cctccaccaa aaacggttta    114960
     tacccagaca atgtaatatt gtcattaaaa gagaagtggt ttagtgatac atgctgcaaa    115020
     tgaatagacc ttgaaaatct tatgctaaaa aataaaaaag aaaccagtca aaaagacatg    115080
     atatcatccc atacacacac acacactcaa cacaggcaaa tctacagata taagcaggca    115140
     ggtggttgct tgaattcttg gagttggggg aaatgtgact gtggatggtt atgggctttc    115200
     atttgggaat aaaaaaaatt tgtaaaattt attatgataa tgattgcaca cctatgaggt    115260
     acgctaaaaa ccactgaact gtatacttta tatgtgtaaa ctgtatatta tgtaaattat    115320
     cttgatgaag cagtataaaa agaaataaag gacaggtgac atgagcccaa atggtcaatg    115380
     aagaagcccc aagccctcac acttccctat gtaaaaaaat ttaaaactac ctaatgtagg    115440
     ggctgggtgt ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacctt gggaggccga ggcggacaga    115500
     tcacgaggtc aggagatcaa caccatcctg gctaacacgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa    115560
     aaatacaaaa aagttagccg ggtgtggtgg catgtgcctg tggtcccagt tatttgggag    115620
     gctgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaacccggg aggcggagct tgtagtgagc tgagatcacg    115680
     ccactgcact gcagcctggg tgacaaagcg agactctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaccaaaaaa    115740
     acaaaacaaa actacctaac ataacctgat ggaatctatg gaaaacaatc acagatctac    115800
     agcatccagg taaacaactt agaaaaagtc acactcaaat cagtgggaaa tactatagtg    115860
     ttttttactt gtgcttgcct cactccatca aaggcctggt acagtgttgc tacaaaagag    115920
     gtgtcaattt cgttcctaat ttgttccctc aaaagagaga accttatctg taacattcta    115980
     attcatctaa ggactgtcta aaatactggt ctctgttttg cctaatacta atgcttctca    116040
     aaaacttttt aaaaattcaa tttactgact gggcgcagtg gctcacacct ataatcccag    116100
     cactttggga ggccgagacg ggcagatcac gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta    116160
     acacagtgaa accccatctc tactaaaaac acaaaaaatt agccaggagt ggtggtgggc    116220
     acctatagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcagaagaa tcgctagaac ctgggaggcg    116280
     gagcttgcag tgagccgaga tcatgccgct gcactccagc ttgggtgaca gagtgagact    116340
     ccatctcacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttccatttat catgctcaga gcctagattt    116400
     atcatgagac cctggacaaa gacactgtaa gaacacaaca atgtatctta taaatagtaa    116460
     cgcaaaaata ataacgaaat attagtaaga tgaattcaga aacacgttat agaaagtttg    116520
     tatgtaatga actagtgggt tttcctcctg aaattcttga atgattaaca acatattaaa    116580
     atcagtcaat ttaacacaca ttaataaaat gaagaaaaaa ctcacatgat catctcaact    116640
     gataagaaat acaatttcac aaaattcaat atccttatat atgagaaaaa tattctacaa    116700
     actaggcaca aatggtaagg tcttcaacat aataaaggcc atatatgaaa aacacataac    116760
     tttgaaccta ggaaggactg acagcttttc ttctaagatc aagaccaaga taaggactta    116820
     cagtttggaa aactaaatac tgttaacatg tcaatattac caaaagtgac ccacagattc    116880
     aatgtaacct ctatcaaaat accaacaaca atttttgcag gattaaaaaa ttcatcttgg    116940
     ctgggcacag tggctcacgc ctgtaatctc agcactttgg gaagccaagg tgggcagatc    117000
     atgaggtcag gagatccaga ccaccctggc taacacggtg aaatcccgtc tctactaaaa    117060
     atacaaaaat attaggtgga tgtggtggca caggcggtaa tcccagctac tcgggaggct    117120
     gaggcaggtg aatggcatga acccaggagg cagagcttgc agtgagccga gatcgcacca    117180
     ctgtgctcta gcctgggcga cagagtgaga ctccgtcccc aaaaaaaaaa aaaattaatc    117240
     ttaaggaagt tcaatagaaa aatgatcttg aaaaacacta cttgacttaa aaccatacta    117300
     taaggttaca tacagtaacc aaaacagtat ggtactgctg ttttgacaca ttgtcagacc    117360
     aactgagcag aacagaaaac acagaaataa agccatagac ctacaactgt taatcttcaa    117420
     caacaccgat aaaaatgagc aatgcggccg ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc    117480
     actttgggag accgaggcgg gcggatcacg aggtcaggag atcgagacca tcctggctaa    117540
     cacggtgaaa ccccgtctct actgaaaata caaaaaatta gccgggcgtg gtagcgggcg    117600
     cctgtagtcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat ggcgtgaacc cgggaggcgg    117660
     agcttgcagt gagccgagat cgcgccactg cactccagcc tgggcgacag agcaagactc    117720
     tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagagcaatg cagaaaggac tccctattca actaacagtg    117780
     ctgggtggaa taacttgcta gccacacaca gagaatgaaa ctggatcctt acctttcacc    117840
     acatataaaa attaactcaa gatggactaa atatttaaat gtacgatgtc aaactataaa    117900
     aaaagaaaac ctagaaaata cccttctcaa cgctggtttt gcaaaacaat ttttaactat    117960
     gtccctaaat gcaactgcaa caaaaatgaa aattgataag tgggacccaa ttcaggtatg    118020
     gagcttcagc acagcaaaat aaacaaacaa aaactatcaa cagagtaaac agacaagcta    118080
     caaaatggga taaattattg gtgaactatg catctgacca aggtctaata tccagaatct    118140
     acaaagaact taacaaatca acaagcaaaa aacaaatgac cgcactaaaa aatggacaaa    118200
     ggttatgaaa agggtatgtc tactaaaaag aggacattac agggccgggc gcggtggctc    118260
     acgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcgggcg gatcacgagg tcaggagatc    118320
     gagaccatcc tagctaacac agtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaaataca aaaaattagc    118380
     cgggcgtggt ggcgggcgcc tgtagtccca gctacgcggg aggctgaggc aggagaatgg    118440
     cgtgaacccg ggaggcggag cttgcagtga gccgagatcg cgccactgca ctccagcctg    118500
     ggcgacagag cgagactccg tctcaaaaaa aaaaagagga catataattt gttttctgct    118560
     aggagaaaaa aaaaaaaaac atacaagtgg cagccaaaaa atgggaaaaa tgtggctggg    118620
     catggtggct catgtaattg cagcactttg ggaggctgag gcgggcgggt catctggggt    118680
     tgggagtttg agaccaccct gaccaatgtg gagaaaccct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa    118740
     attagcgggg tgtggtggca catgcctgta ataccagcta ctcgggaagc tgaggcagaa    118800
     gaatcgcttg aacctgggag ggggttgcag tgagctggag atcgtgcaat tgcactccag    118860
     tctgggcaac aagaatgaaa gtccgtctca gaaaaaaaaa aggaaagtgt tcaatcatca    118920
     ctaattatca aagaattgca aatcaaaatc gcaatgagat actatctcac attagtcaga    118980
     atgactacta ttaaaaatag ccaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aaaaaaaccc aacacatgct    119040
     ggcgaggatg tgaagaaaat ggaaggctta tacgctgttc atgggtatat aaattagttt    119100
     agccactgtg gaaagcagtt tggagaattc tcaaagaacc taaaatagag ctaccatttg    119160
     acccagcaat ctcattactg ggtatctacc cagtggaaaa cagagcattc tacaaaaata    119220
     gacatgcact cttttgttca tcatcattgc gctattcaca atagcaaatg tggcaagcca    119280
     ggtctcatta acagctgaac aggcaggcct ccatcacaac tgtttcagca ctgactgagt    119340
     ggttaattta aatgttaaaa gctgaaagag tcagtgccct cacataaagg ctggaatgta    119400
     acaaaagtcc atcaagagtt ttgcccaggc cttttctggg ccttgtagat aacaagataa    119460
     caaattctta acagaatctg tttaggatta aatgagtttt gattggggat ctgaagaaac    119520
     tccccagacc tacacaaaca agttttattg gtggtctaaa gaaactccct aaacctccac    119580
     gatttagcag gaaacaggat aaaggtcttc agcacctgga cacatctaga ttaagtaaat    119640
     ttactgaggc tccagaggaa ggtcttcaaa actgagaccc ctcggttata aattagaagc    119700
     tgttgatcac ttatgagttt agatgaatgc acactacaca ttgacatata acttagaaag    119760
     tataagctct agaatacttt gtaattttcc tggctttttc cctgtacccg gttacttcag    119820
     aaataaatgc tcttctttcc cagtttatct gcatctcatt actggcccat gagaataagc    119880
     agcccaatca tcggtttcgt ctgggaacac aaagacataa aatcaactta ggtgctcatc    119940
     agtgttggat tggataaaga aaatgtggtg tatacagaca atggaacact atggagtcaa    120000
     aaaaagaaca aaatgatgtc ctttgcagca acatggatgt agctggtggc cataattcta    120060
     agtgaattta ctcagaaaca gaagaccaag tgttgcagtt tctcccttat aagtgggagc    120120
     taaacactga gtacatatgg acataaatgt gagctagatg tgagaggaaa ggaggtgggg    120180
     catgagctaa aaactactta ttgtggggta ctatgttcac ctcctgggag tattaaaccc    120240
     aagtgacaaa tctgcacata aaccctctgt ctttaaaata gaagatgtat tttacaaata    120300
     aagaaagggc caggcgcagg tggatcacga agtcaggaga ttgagaccat actggctaac    120360
     acagttaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag ctggaagtgg tggcgggcac    120420
     ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcctgaaccc aggaggtgga    120480
     gcttgcagtg agccgagatt gtgccactgc actccagccg gggtgacaga gcaagactct    120540
     atctcaagaa agaaaatgaa caaaaacgaa cacttcttaa tttcaaaatt taatacaata    120600
     ctatagcaat caaaatagtg tagtagtaac ataaagacag acatacggac caataaaaga    120660
     gaacacagaa tcaagacaaa aactcttgtg tgatttttga cgagactgcc aagaccattg    120720
     agcaggagaa aggtcagtct tctgaacaaa tgggattgga aaaacgagat atttacatgc    120780
     aaaaaaccaa agttggttct ttatcttgga tcacatacaa aattaacttg aaatagatca    120840
     gagactcaaa cgtaagagtt aaaactataa aattgtgaga acaagagaaa atgctgtgac    120900
     atggtattcg gccatgattt cttaaacttc aaaagaatgt gtcaacaaag taagtaaata    120960
     aactggactt cacaaaaatt aaaaatttat caaatgacac tattaccaaa acagcaaaat    121020
     tacaataaac aaaattggag aaaatacttg taaaacattg taaatcattg caaatacttg    121080
     taaattctct tgggcaacgc cagtgggaat taacatggtg cgggcactga gcagaacaat    121140
     atagtcgtcc tttaaaaagt tcagcaagta attaccacac aatccagcgg ctgtagagac    121200
     tagaacacgt aatttacatc aattttcaga gcagctgtac tcaacacagt aactcaaatg    121260
     tgcatagata aacaaaatgt ggtacatact taatggagtt actattcagt cataaaaaat    121320
     agtaaaatta tactgctaaa aacacagatg aacctgccca agaaagccag atatgaaagg    121380
     acaaatactt tatgatccca cttacatgag caacccagaa tttgtgaaac gtattttgaa    121440
     agaatgtgaa aaagagatga cagggcgcag tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agcactctgg    121500
     gggaccaagg cagggagatc acctgaggtc gaaagtttga gaccaacttg accaacgtgg    121560
     agaaaccccg tctttactaa aaatacaaaa ttagctgggt gtggtggcgc atgcctgtaa    121620
     tcccagctac tggggaggct gaggcaggag aatagcttga agccaggagg cagaggttgc    121680
     agtgagctga gatcacacca ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa caagagcaaa actccatctc    121740
     aaaaacaaat aacaacaaaa aaacaaaaca gagattatta aggggttggg gaggaaactg    121800
     taaaaggaaa ctatcttatt actaagctaa agggaaaagt ccagctggga actgcttagg    121860
     acaattctgc ctcccattct attcaaagcc accccactgc tcaccgagat aaatgtatat    121920
     ctgactgcct cctttggaga ggctaatcag gaactcaaaa gaatacaacc attttttctc    121980
     ttacctacct atggcctgaa gaccacctcc ccagaaatga gttgtccctc atttccacac    122040
     ctaaccaatg gttcatctta catatattga tgtttcatgt ctccctaaaa tgtacaaaac    122100
     ccaactaccc tcatcacctt gggcatatgt cgacaggacc tcctgaggct gtgttatggg    122160
     tgtgtgtcct caatcttggc aaaataaaac cttctaaatt aaattaactg agacctctct    122220
     tgagattttt ggggttcata ctgaggtaac caaagaggga ttttgagtgg aggtgcctct    122280
     gacctttcac gaatctccta ctggtgcttg gtaccagctt aagctatctt tatgcactat    122340
     accaacacga caattcgctg aggcatggaa gaagcccctc cagagaatcc ctgatctccc    122400
     aaaatttgtt cgagatccga agtttatttt gctgtacaac ttattttatt ttattttgag    122460
     ttttacttgc ttctaacaca aggaaggcat gcctttcctg cttccatgat gatggaaggc    122520
     aggtaactcc tttatggagt ttgtattctc ttccaacagg gaagatgagt tgttcttcgt    122580
     tttcttttct ttttttttta acccgcttct aggatggtat agagcaatta tcagcctgag    122640
     acccacccat aggtaagtaa ctgaactgtg gtttgctttg gctaaagatt aacaaccagc    122700
     tggtcttaat ttctccttac catcagagca ctcagtaatc atataaactg tgtgatcatt    122760
     tgttttgctt aactgttttg ttgttgtttg tttctgtttt tgttgttttt tcggtctttt    122820
     tcccactgga tttgatcaac tctatatgac ttgatcaaat ccaaaggaag ttccaaattg    122880
     tggggaaaaa aagcctctga agtgactaaa ttcccacggg acagacagag agaaaaaaaa    122940
     agatggcgcg gtagaggaag aaaaacggct agcaaaagga aaaagaaaaa gaggagaaac    123000
     tcttttgatt ttggctacta tagggctttg ttgatgtaaa agtccacctt tttgcaagcc    123060
     aggccaaaag gacagagcaa tggctgtatt tctgaaatag cagcagtttg ccctatttga    123120
     aatatcgtaa tgagatttta aaagattttt ttttagatgg aagtttgctc catcacccag    123180
     gctggattgc agtggcacag tctcggctca ctgcaacctg cgcctcctgg tatcaagtga    123240
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctga cattacaggc acatgatacc atgcccggca    123300
     aattttcgta ttttcagtag agatggggtt ttgccatgtt ggtcaggttg gtcttcaaat    123360
     cctgacctca ggtgatctgc ctgccctgtc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcatgag    123420
     ccaacacacc cggctgcttg tgtgctcttt aataaagaag acactggtat tagtttaata    123480
     aaaatagtta catcttgaat ttagtaagac tgccataact tctaatcttt tggcttcaag    123540
     cagtccacag gtagtagggc ttactttaga aaagagatgt tactgttttt gtttcaaagt    123600
     taaactataa actaacttcc tccaaagtta gtttggccta caccccagga atgaacaagg    123660
     acagtgtgga gattagaagc aagatggtgt caattaggcg aaatcttttt cactgtctcc    123720
     attataattt tgcaatggtg gtctcataac tttaaataat tacagttgtg gtttttataa    123780
     ataatctagc taaacaatta aagtaactgt aataggataa atacttgcag acaaatttgt    123840
     caaaatttag aatctaaagt taaattaaat aacatgtttt attatttgct tattttccaa    123900
     taaaaatata tttgtaggaa aatatccatt ctagaaaaaa gggtgtcttt ttaaaaaggt    123960
     gaacaatttt ttatctgatt caaagcttag gttatgtata aaacaaagta agccgggcac    124020
     gatggctcac acctgtaatc ccagcacttt gagaggccgg gcaggtggat cacctgaggt    124080
     caggagttca agactagcct ggccaacatg gtgaaaaccc gtctgtacta aaaatataaa    124140
     aattatcagg gcatgatagt gtatgcctgt aatcccagct acttgggaag ctgaggcaga    124200
     agaattgctt gaacctggaa gacaaaggct gcagtgagcc aagatcgtgc cattgcactc    124260
     cagcctggat agcagagtga aactgtctca aataataata ataataataa taatagtaat    124320
     aatagtaata ataataataa taataataat aataatgtaa aaggaaccag caaataaaag    124380
     aggtaaaaag aaattttata aaaataaaga gattttgttt tggtaagaaa gcttaaagag    124440
     aaataatttc atatgagaaa gaatcttgta tggtaaattt agtcctaagt aaaacaactg    124500
     gttgtttaag aaagagggat gttcaggata aaccagagag tgaagtatat cacgacccat    124560
     ctgcataagt cacaataaga ggatttatta aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaacccaac    124620
     tttcatatga tcaagttgtc tatgattaaa cggaaattac aatggtcttt ctagagattg    124680
     ggtttgatat aaaaaaacaa aaaacactta tacattaaag gattggtttg taaaacaatg    124740
     aaattttcat aaggggttga cttactctta ataaattata agagattttt aactcaaagt    124800
     tcaacttcta ttgcatcttg cttgttttgg ttttctatcc ccttttaaaa ggcaaaatta    124860
     ggctaggcgc agtagcttac acctataatc acagcacttt gggaggctga ggcgggcgga    124920
     tcacgaggtt aagagatcaa gaccatcctg ccaccatgtg aagccccatc tcaggtaaaa    124980
     atataaaaat tagctgggtg tgatggtgca tgcctgtagt ctcagctact cgactggctg    125040
     aggcagaaaa attgaacctg ggaggtagag attgcagtga gctgagatca tgccatcaca    125100
     ctgcagcctg gggacagagt gaaactccat ctcaaccacc accaccaaca ccaacaacaa    125160
     aggcacataa tagtaatact ccccttcaat tcattttcag ctcagacaag tttgtttttc    125220
     ttctgaaatt ttcttctgag ggttctgttt gttgtggtct gatgctaaca atgtattctt    125280
     aaagatctaa agaaaatgtt tttttccaac agaatattct gtgacaggaa cagaggtcgt    125340
     ttcttttgcc ttttggtaac tggcctaaca gagtttacat tttatcaaaa taattcctat    125400
     gccattatta ttaagtttgg tttgcttagg aaaaactgag attagaaaca agtttcttta    125460
     aattaaggtt atatgtcctt gtatcttgct gtatgtgctt ttaaagtctt tgtgatgttg    125520
     agttatagag ctttgactcc tggtctaaaa acagagtcct gctgaggctt aaacactgaa    125580
     gcctcatctt caagctggta aaagatgcca accaaaataa actgcattcc tgagaaacag    125640
     gtccagaaat taaagctatt caactcctga aggcccaagg actattgcaa aagaggtatg    125700
     tgagatttta agggacaatt ttgaaagata agagaaactc agttcctgta taaattaacc    125760
     attaatgtca aagacacact gatacaagac tagcatatgt gccctatgtc agattaacaa    125820
     ggatttcttg aagcattaac catctcctta agaaagatta taaaggagta tggaatttat    125880
     aacaagatca aaatgaaaat tatacagatt gtttataaaa ttttggataa caaatttaat    125940
     tggtttcatg ctgtttttat aagggctcat tgtttgtaaa gttaagtatc ctcaatcaaa    126000
     taatgaaggt ttcacctttt ttttaaaaaa attattgagt tatcactctg gttaaattaa    126060
     tgatttattt tacaatgacc tctgatccta ttttgtaata tcaagtactt taaatcttta    126120
     atatctgaca aattttccaa tatcaaatga taacttctgt ctttttctga cctaattagt    126180
     cctttaaaat attaataggt ttcctaacat ccaaaaacga catatttggc ttatttggcg    126240
     taagaattct ataggaagca ttgtcaaata taaaatggtg cttggctttc ttggggctgc    126300
     atttgttatg gtgttccaaa attatgggaa actcctataa ttctgttatg tgtaaatgta    126360
     cattattagt aacacttata atagttatgt taaattattg tgtgccacag agataacaca    126420
     ttttcttgtc aattgtgtct ttgactatga ctgctctaaa acttttagtc atccacagac    126480
     aattgttgtc tttatttggt cctctttaga aggttgtttt ataatcagct ataaactcta    126540
     acaggtgctc ttgaatgcaa gtttctgata acttggagac tgtgacatga gaatacagaa    126600
     aaaactttca ggattcatgg agagctgaaa tgtttgtgaa tatcaagcag aacaggaatt    126660
     acctgcatgg actaaactaa tagaattcga agtaatcttt taaactcttt gcttaaaatg    126720
     ttgctgatcc tttgtttctc agagtcaaga aaactttcaa gttaacaatt gagtactctt    126780
     atgaagaaaa tttgcagcaa atttgtttct gatttctcca aaatttgaaa actatttgaa    126840
     agtattctta acaattatgg caatacaatt atttgcataa gtgaaataaa aatgttttca    126900
     ttgttaagag gacacaatgg aagaaactgg ttattttacc aaggctttga ctgaaatggt    126960
     gtgctttcct taaaggagtc aaatgtgact tatggagtca ataaaattcc cttgggaaat    127020
     ctggcctcat acctttttct gcatggtccc tgtagagagt tactgtcctg tggtaagtaa    127080
     agaatgtcac tttctgacag gcctaggagc cccaatatta tcttggaaaa tcaagagtag    127140
     aggaattcaa ccaactcata ggtattaata gcacaaatgc aaggctgggc tcagctttaa    127200
     aaaagtctta gctgagacta cttctatgaa acaaagttcc gtcaaagcca attaaaaaaa    127260
     gaagcctatt ggaaaaataa ctattcttgt ggcactttat acaaataata tcgccaaata    127320
     gaataaagaa aatagatcct accatgattt gtctttaatg ggaaattgga gaaagaaaaa    127380
     atgtttcaaa aacgatagta aacctgttgc tagagtctag tattgccaaa tttttaaata    127440
     ggaataaacc atcctagcca tgaaagatca gacaaaacct gacaccagag actcattttc    127500
     ttctgaaatg ctttctccaa aatatttttt gtttttaatg agggaaatgt gaaaggaaaa    127560
     tatcttgggt acgtgaaatc actatgctaa agggaaaggt caagctgggt actgtttagg    127620
     gcaaacctgc ctccattcta tttaaagtca cccctctatt tactgagcca aatgtacacc    127680
     tgattgcctc ctttggagag gctaatcata aactcaaaag aatacaacca tttgtctctt    127740
     acctacctgt ggcctggaag acccctcact actttgagtt gtcccacctt tctggactga    127800
     accaatgttc atcttatata tgttgattaa tgtcttatgt ctccctaaaa tgtaaaatca    127860
     aactgtgctc tgaccacctt ggggaaatgt cgtcaggact tctggaggct gtgtcacatg    127920
     aacacatcct caaccttggc aaaataaact ttctaaatta tctgagacct gtctcagatt    127980
     ttcatggttc attaactaat gatgagttat tgtttcatgg ggtcagagtt tcagtttcag    128040
     atgataaaaa ggtgctccag atgcatagtg gttttggctg cacaataaca tgaataacca    128100
     atgccacgga atttaacaaa aattgttaaa tcattacttt tctgtttacc atataataaa    128160
     aaatcctaaa aatatactat tttcacagca gaatcagatt cctgtgatat caatgtgatg    128220
     aaaacataaa atgaggtcag aattttaaac attttctgga ggtcaatgat attaacaaat    128280
     tataaatttg aaactttcaa caacatattt ttcagccata aaactttcat taagttttaa    128340
     ggaacagctt tataaaaaag ttagttttct acattctttc atctgatata gtaaaatgca    128400
     gttcgatttt ataatttcat ttattttctt tttttgagat gaagtctcac tctgtcaacc    128460
     aggctggagt gcagtggcac aatctcagtt cactgcaacc tctgcctcct ggtttcaagt    128520
     gattctcctc cctcagactt aagagcagct tggaatacag gcacccgcca ccacacaggg    128580
     ctaatttttg tatttttgta gagatgggtt ttaccatgtt ggctaggccg gtcttgaact    128640
     cctgacccca agtgatccgc ctgcctcagc ctcccaaatt ggtggtttta caggcatgag    128700
     ccattgcacc tggccaaatt tgtaatttaa aggggccata ttaagaacaa acaattcaaa    128760
     caaatatttg agaaatataa ttgtggttgc atatgcttaa ctattttctt aatttttttg    128820
     aaaaaattca aaaactctta tttctaacaa ttctgtttct cctcatttac tattaggtgt    128880
     tttactaacc actgtcctgt ttaagatact gtttttcaat tttccatgta tttttgacac    128940
     atttctgtaa atttcttcta caattgtttt agagatgaca agtaatagag gaagactgct    129000
     aatgcttcca aagaaaaatt atccagataa agtaaaatat gaacatctct tcatggctga    129060
     gtaaatacct gagctgacca gataattttc ttcatattaa gtatcattct gcaaacagta    129120
     agtaggctta gtttatcatt aaaataaaaa attccaaaaa taaggtagat gtaaagtagg    129180
     aactttattt ctccattagc aatgtgtgtt ttacatactg taattttgct tacattttta    129240
     aaagtttacc gggcatggtg gctcacacct gtaatcccag cactttggga tgctgaggca    129300
     agcagaccac ctgaggtcag gagttcaaga caagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccctgtc    129360
     tctacaaaaa tacaaaaatt agttgggcat gatggcaggt gcctgtaatt ccagctattc    129420
     gggaggctga ggtgggagaa tcgcttgaac ccaggaggcg gaggctgcag tgagctgaga    129480
     tcacaccatt gcattccagc ctgggtgaga gagaatgaga ctctgtctca aaaacaataa    129540
     aaaataataa aataaaataa aagtttaata atctatgagc actttaaaaa catactatta    129600
     acagtatgca ctagacaata attatgaaag taatatgcac tattaaaaaa tagcaacaat    129660
     taaaaaagga agaaagaaaa acttactctc aatgattcct ggaaggagga agcctggtat    129720
     tgtgcgtatt tggcaattgt agtatgagat ctattgcttt cacaacgcca gattttcttt    129780
     gttccagtgg gatcccagtt ttcatctgct ggttgcagca actgtgtcct cacttctacc    129840
     atatgttcat tgttagcttc taccaaagtt ttggtagaga aaagtccaag atctttaaaa    129900
     ataataagtt ttgttaatca gtaaagttgt attcagttca attaaaatgt caaagtattt    129960
     ttaaaaactt tatcagtttc ccttaagagg gctccaacca tttggtatca gagttacaca    130020
     gcaggtcctt gaagctctgg ctatataacc atcatgtcag ggtgtagagg gtggcaacat    130080
     ttataaacat aatctaattt tacttatatt taatactcag aacttcttca actatgtaac    130140
     ctaaatattg tatgttggat aatgatacca aatataaatc taaaataaaa atccaccaca    130200
     atattatgtt tcaaaaacaa tagtaaacct gttgctagag tctagtattg ctgagtattt    130260
     ttcataatag ggataaacca tcctagcatg aaagatcaga caaaacctga caccggagac    130320
     tcattttctt caagtgcttt ctccaaaagt tttttttttt ttaaaaaggg gaaatgtgaa    130380
     aggaaaatat cttgggtacc tgaaatcact atcctaaagg gaaaggtcaa actgggtact    130440
     gcttagggca aacctgcctc cattctattc aaagtcactc ctctgtttac tgagctaaat    130500
     gtatatctgt tattatccgt atatatctgt atatgatatc tatattatca cttgcatcag    130560
     tgctaaagat gcttgctcat gcacaagagg tataaaattg agtgagaaag aaagataaca    130620
     cacattaaaa taaagactca gaatgttggg ggaaaaaatc agtgagtttc tgtcagtgtt    130680
     ataaaagttt aaagatagta aaatatatat tcaatcttgg ttttaagctt acctaattta    130740
     agagctccag caaggccacg tattactgta acagggtttt ttggatttgt acaaaattga    130800
     tgtaatggag gaaagaaagc atcacgttta ttttccaact gtaaaagcaa aatattttgt    130860
     taggtctcag ataaatgaca aaatatacct cagatttgtg cctttaataa aatgattaaa    130920
     tacaatactt caaatttgtg agtttttttc catcaatctg gctattaaaa atctgcagtg    130980
     catcctaacc tttgatatta tgttgctaca tattacagta ttgtatcatt tgtcttgtca    131040
     ggaaagtgtg gaggtaatag ctaaaaaaaa ccctctcttt taaaaattac attttaaatt    131100
     tgattcactt taaaactgtt acctatctct tataccacag tgatttataa aattctttta    131160
     aattagttga gttgttcgaa agtatttccc aagcatattt tttgagttat cttctattgc    131220
     ttcttaaatg agacaacagg tagaagagac atttaaagtt taaaatcaaa ctgttttata    131280
     aactattaac aaaactttta gagaataaaa accacaacag gcaaacctta aatttgtatt    131340
     tattgcctca aagtttcaac tgaaacgctt atttttagtc tctcttccat gactcttcta    131400
     ataccatcgt caataaattt caactaggta aaaaattaat attgaacatc tgtccaaaga    131460
     aaggccagta tctccaaaat cctctcgtac agatctgttt cgagatcatt ctaattactg    131520
     tatcttcata ttttaggtta agattcttta acttgtgaag gagaatgaaa aagttgggtg    131580
     acacaaactc ttcagaagga aaaatacata aaaattattt tgatgaaagc cacagcagct    131640
     ttatcaaatg cttacgttgc taaatagtaa aaaaagccac ttaaattcca atggaaattt    131700
     tatacccaca tgtatttatg taaaactttt aaataacatg tattcataat cacttttata    131760
     tcctcaacca gtttttatga agctagaaaa aaattccttt attaaagaaa tgtaacattc    131820
     aacaggtata cataactagc agtgtcagaa ttcagattta gaaccatgtt tactaaaagc    131880
     ttaccctgga acaattatct tttgctactc tcatataatc ccagtcaata tttgagaagg    131940
     ccttaatttt tctagacaaa atctgtttgc atatctggtg gtcaagaacc ttttctgtca    132000
     aaggccagat aataaatatt tttggcttta tgggcaacct agtctcttta gcaaactctg    132060
     tcaatgtact gcaaatgcaa tcataaagac agtaactaaa taaataagca tagttatgtt    132120
     ccaatagaat tttattttca aaagcaggtt ggtgggcagc acttcgagta agagcattca    132180
     tttgttaagt gccctgaaat ataaacatgt tcttctgaaa tattaaacct ttgagagtaa    132240
     agtctatgct ccctaaggca atctggcttg atttaaagaa tacatcgatt ttctacaaga    132300
     cacattagtt cagactctcg atttatttat aagttactca atgcggactc acgtaaatac    132360
     taggtgtggg tggattcaac ttgtcctttg gcaagggtgg gtatggtgaa gttggtggtc    132420
     ttggaggtgg acatttatct aacaaaatgc agctattaga caagccattt ttacctggat    132480
     tcctttaaaa agaagcagaa gaaatgtatc agttacatat ttattttaaa actagaaaaa    132540
     aaagaaaatc tgaattaaaa gtcaggcata aggcattcac taaaatacaa acagtgtaag    132600
     atattcagat ccattaaaca aaaaattgag gactattaaa tttcagcaga tgtgttataa    132660
     aagctaaaca aaatatacta cacagagtgc atgagctaaa caaaatacac tacagagtac    132720
     ataaagtgtt gacaaaattc ctcgttattc attttccaat ttgctttctc atatcaaaca    132780
     ttaatataaa ctcaaatttc tctccaacat gtgccaccgt taaatgttct ccataaaatg    132840
     ataaaacagt tgatcaagaa gtgatttacg tatccttaat atcatagtat atctcctttc    132900
     tgacactgca tcttagtaat tatttctaga ataccattgt gacaactttc aaatccagaa    132960
     agctcattag tttcatcctc aagacttgtt ttctgtggaa ttagcaaata atgagattcc    133020
     atttactaaa ctttcacatc ttataatttt aagtgaagtg tgtagttgct ctgtgttgtc    133080
     acactgttca taatcattac ttaacagtat ttggattttt cctttaatga aaggtatagt    133140
     atttgttaaa ttattaatat aaattcttaa aatatggtaa aattacttcc ataatccaat    133200
     tcttctttta gtatgcaaat aagaagtata ttcctaaacc ttaatatttt aacaaattca    133260
     gaaaattggc aagcctttca aattattcaa gctgtctcac ctaattatta aaattctaaa    133320
     ataatcaatg cattaaaata tcaaaggaat gagctcttaa aaatgttaat atttcagaca    133380
     aaaatctgaa aactctgttt tggaaagtaa aaaatacatt acatcagtaa ccgcatttat    133440
     ttcagaatca attatgtttt tatttcaata tatagaataa taaaagctga agcaaaagct    133500
     tgttttgctt tattttccta cacagaaaaa aactttcaag tcatgcctct gtggttggac    133560
     taataaaaat gaaactttga aatgcaacat atacactttt aagatgtcat agtaaacagc    133620
     tgttagggtg tataaccttt ttaaacaact aaaaaggtct tatgcatttt taagttatga    133680
     attaggttag aaatttgact tctctatttt ttaaataaaa aatgtgcaaa tatctattaa    133740
     acatttacat ttaactacct attacattct aaagtagtat ctagatttca gtctctctcc    133800
     acaaagcata atgacccata ggtttagtta taaatgatac atgttaagct ttaaaactta    133860
     aatacggaac tgaacctaat tcataaactc cttagaattt ctgttttaaa cacatagaat    133920
     atactttgtg aagagacaat tcaagtattc tcactatacc agtacttaat tgtactaaat    133980
     ttggtgaagt atttaattgt actagaaatt tctttatgtt aatttcttgt agtatcaaaa    134040
     attatttgaa caaccacctc cgtaaaaaaa gagactatgc agggtgcggt ggctcacgcc    134100
     cgtaatccca gcactttggg aggcagaggt gggcggatga cctgaggttg ggagtttggg    134160
     accagcctga ccacgatgta gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaat taggtgggtg    134220
     tggtggcggt ggcctgcaat cccagctaca tgggaggctg aggcgggaaa atcacttgaa    134280
     cctgggaggc agaggttgca gtgagccgag acagtgccat tgcactccag cctggctgac    134340
     aagaacgaaa ctctgtctga aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa caacaacaac aacaacaaaa    134400
     caataagact aagaaattgg gatttactgt agaattctgt tgttgtaatt tctacagtct    134460
     ataaaagaaa aaacagtgga tatataggaa gctaaagcaa tggaaaatat agatacctaa    134520
     atgtgaaaaa agaaagaaaa agatgaggca tgagcagaag agtcatgatt caatcactaa    134580
     cacatgatat cacttaattt atttgaattc agttttctcc ccagaatgga tgctattatc    134640
     aactgactga attggtgtgc acatagaaac tatcatttct cattctggct ttttctctac    134700
     aactcagaat aattttattc ccaactttag aatccatcct tttattctct ttctttctgt    134760
     gattgttttc tttttctttc ttaatttctc tcttattttc tttttggtat gttaccttca    134820
     ctagcaaatt ggaagctaca tttattggaa tagtgtttca gccacagata cttacaatat    134880
     tttaaagata cactatttac agcttttaaa aataaaatta tccatttctg gtaaggtaaa    134940
     gtccttttac cttgtctaac ccaaaaataa ctctttaaga acgcatttta ttataaagtg    135000
     attgtttata tacacctcaa aatgagatag attaaaatct atagtccatt aagaaatata    135060
     aaacatatca atttatttaa ttattatttt gcaaaaaaat tatcatcact actccattac    135120
     tgctccccaa ggttgtcgca atcataaatt atatacaagc aagaaatttt gatttcatct    135180
     tagacgctga tcagttaata tacatttaat ggctgacaca cgatggtttc taataaaata    135240
     atctaaatgc ctgagagtct aatcaatgct tagatacagt catagagaaa aaacacgtga    135300
     catcttaaga tctcacagta tgaggaaaag agttatataa tcgtgaagca aaaattgttt    135360
     tcaaatttga agtttaaaaa ctttttaata aaatgaccaa agtagattaa aaataatgtt    135420
     tagattgtct agttataggt tatttatttt ctgttaattt gcatctaatt tcagaaagct    135480
     cttttatgaa tctaataaaa ccaatatatt attgttaaaa tttcgaggtt taggtactaa    135540
     aaatatagaa gtaatacagt atgtgtttta ggcatgcgaa atgactttca cttacatttt    135600
     atactcttct atacagaaca tttataagag ttaagataac ttattaagat ttaattttat    135660
     tgtgtttaaa gtctatgtta ggtttgtctt tgaggcagtc caaactctgt aaaactgact    135720
     gtgataatga ttgcacacat ctggtaatct gctaaaacca aatgaactgt aaacactaca    135780
     tgaccaaacc gtatagtatg tgaattatat ctcaataaag ctgttttttt aaaaaggtgg    135840
     attaggctct ttgaggtaat cgatgtgttg gcttaatatc aaagaaagtg ttcctgattc    135900
     ttttttgagg gaagggaatg aaaaccaatt tttaaacaaa catgtgaacc cccattgctt    135960
     aaaacagtag cacaatatag caagtcttac cagactgcct gcattctccg tgcatttcct    136020
     gtctctcctg aaactatgta acttctagac tctgacaaaa tgttttctaa aatgtaagca    136080
     aagactagcc ttaataatca gtaaggccta ttcctactct taacattcta cagctctaac    136140
     taaaaaggaa acaaacaata ggatattcca ggctttgctg ttccctatgt gaggacttcc    136200
     cttattgtct ttcaattccc agaatgaggt ttatcacaga gaaactgatg atcctaataa    136260
     ccaataaagg tttgtaacac tagaaaaaga cataatctcg cagataaagc agttcacaga    136320
     aaaatgtttt ccatatctaa tacagtgata agataaaacc agtgtttcca caatggccaa    136380
     ataggaacag ctccagtcgg cagctcccag cgagaccaac acagaaagag ggtgatttct    136440
     gcatttccaa ctgaggtacc cagtttatct cactgggact ggtaagacag tgggtgcagc    136500
     ccacagaggg caaacagaag cagggtgggg gcaccacccc actcaggaag tgcaaagagc    136560
     ccagggacct ccctccctca gccaagggaa gctatgaggg actgtgctat ctggcccaga    136620
     tattataatt ttaccagttt ttgcaatccg cagatgagga gattccctcg tgtgcttata    136680
     ccacaagggt cctgggtttc aagcacaaaa ctgagcggct gtttgggcag acacggagct    136740
     agttgcagga gttttctttg caccccactg gtgcccaaaa cccaagagaa acagaaccat    136800
     tcactccact ggaaaaggag ctgaagccag gcagccaagt ggtctcactc agcaatgccc    136860
     agcaaactaa gatctactgg cttgaaattc tcactgccag cacagcagtc ttaagtcaac    136920
     ctgggaatga ctaagcttgg tacagggaga ggcatctgct ttcctggggc ttcagcaggc    136980
     agttttccct ttggcagtgc taaggaggcc aggcggtttg gattgggtgg aattcatcac    137040
     agcgcagcca agaggctggg gccagactgc ctctcaagat tcctcctcac tgggtagggc    137100
     atctctgaaa gagaggcagc tgccccactc aggggctttc agataaaact ctcatctccc    137160
     tgggacagaa cacctggggg aaggggtggc tgtgggcaca gcttcaacgg gcttaaactt    137220
     ttgtgtctg                                                            137229