EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC010874; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 114045 BP.
AC   AC010874;
DT   26-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-118K2 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-114045
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-114045
RA   Armstrong J., Drone K., Lehnert L.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-118K2";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-114045
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-114045
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-JUN-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-114045
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 9399f69cf2cfb546cfc57ec761d1c7e8.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC010874.3:1-114045; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Jun 18, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:6403821.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0118K02
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-65E7, 200 bp overlap; the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-362J16.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 135215 of RP11-65E7; actual end is at
CC   base position 114045 of RP11-118K2.
CC   The sequence RP11-118K2 contains a GT run followed an AT run from
CC   base position 22342 to 22424, the database is consistent with
CC   digest information but this area may not be accurate.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..114045
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-118K2"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   56..272
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   616..847
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   935..1734
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1732..1996
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2189..2655
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   2696..2731
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   2735..3095
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   3382..3512
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   3907..4151
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   4149..4370
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   4380..4520
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5456..5857
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   5965..6460
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6676..6850
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6851..7211
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7212..7264
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7266..7417
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   7462..8380
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   8412..8618
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   9108..9228
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   9221..9481
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   9522..9624
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   9625..10154
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10180..10644
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10827..11069
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11286..11829
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12248..13242
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13290..13860
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13837..14775
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14811..16424
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16433..16601
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16617..17953
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17942..18871
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18892..19296
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19390..20840
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20841..20920
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   20921..21274
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21297..21599
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21669..22026
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   22036..22338
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22355..22400
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   22415..22695
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22706..23947
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    23939..24125
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T41187 (NID:g648748) ya32b09.s3"
FT   misc_feature    23941..24320
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW265403 (NID:g6642219) xq52b10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    23941..24286
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA131206 (NID:g1692698) zo40e06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23941..24387
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA579215 (NID:g2357399) nf32d12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23941..24357
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW125113 (NID:g6100643)"
FT   misc_feature    23945..24169
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI366887 (NID:g4136632) qv94e01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    23945..24459
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA528702 (NID:g2270771) nf51e06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23946..24446
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI716351 (NID:g5033604)"
FT   misc_feature    23946..24317
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI129528 (NID:g3598042) qc34g02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    23947..24129
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA953318 (NID:g3117465) oq74d02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23951..24303
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA746758 (NID:g2786744) nx63f01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23951..24399
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI039891 (NID:g3279085) ox97d12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    23951..24244
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA528691 (NID:g2270760) nf51d06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23952..24442
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI352448 (NID:g4089654) qt16g09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    23953..24462
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AJ393982 (NID:g7123416)"
FT   misc_feature    23953..24219
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI000181 (NID:g3190735) os45f10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23954..24441
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T47977 (NID:g649957) yb18f11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23954..24345
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA772741 (NID:g2824524) ai54a09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23955..24442
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI735622 (NID:g5057146) at18f09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    23955..24519
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL036594 (NID:g5406134)"
FT   misc_feature    23956..24277
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA533436 (NID:g2277532) nj68a04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23956..24209
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA934472 (NID:g3091629) ny34e11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23957..24271
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D51249 (NID:g951485)"
FT   misc_feature    23960..24175
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW173789 (NID:g6439737) xp98g03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    23961..24234
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D58294 (NID:g964916)"
FT   misc_feature    23967..24359
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV031509 (NID:g4831057)"
FT   misc_feature    23967..24442
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA981504 (NID:g3159973) ua21a04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    23967..24235
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV043460 (NID:g4863125)"
FT   misc_feature    23992..24430
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA228387 (NID:g1849938) nc39f12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23995..24443
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA654041 (NID:g2590195) nt81c11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    23998..24448
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI751026 (NID:g5129378) cn07g08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    23998..24432
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW340411 (NID:g6837037) hc96g01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    24005..24434
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA131207 (NID:g1692699) zo40e07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    24022..24372
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA482937 (NID:g2211782) nf49a09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    24029..24453
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA095487 (NID:g1641072)"
FT   misc_feature    24047..24470
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA859367 (NID:g4229715)"
FT   misc_feature    24048..24444
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W94197 (NID:g1423376) ze11d12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    24063..24357
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA916885 (NID:g3056277) og32h09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    24074..24441
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA301793 (NID:g1954197)"
FT   misc_feature    24091..24462
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA208652 (NID:g1805201) mv86e12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    24113..24460
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R31002 (NID:g786845) yh60f04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    24120..24440
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R00461 (NID:g750197) ye72e12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    24130..24357
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA640404 (NID:g2565654) nt99e09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    24130..24447
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA082524 (NID:g1624757) zn41f12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    24163..24449
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW405379 (NID:g6924436)"
FT   misc_feature    24189..24365
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW384400 (NID:g6889059)"
FT   repeat_region   24497..24575
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24576..24954
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24955..26536
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30844..30961
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32495..32596
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   33284..33363
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33438..33532
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33562..34062
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34063..34367
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    34302..34364
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W94197 (NID:g1423376) ze11d12.r1"
FT   repeat_region   34368..34544
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34566..34753
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34879..35293
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   35261..35354
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   35355..35502
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   35546..35671
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   35710..35809
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   35810..36029
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36030..36492
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   37730..38156
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   38157..38413
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   38414..38489
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38490..39183
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   39184..39320
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   39659..40935
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   41365..42482
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   42485..42830
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   43631..44020
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   45273..45418
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   45613..46045
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46046..47464
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   50578..50640
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   51455..51891
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   52237..52364
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   52403..52685
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52686..52827
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   53345..53674
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   53826..54134
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55461..55566
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   55998..56130
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   56151..56265
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56270..56467
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56503..56882
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   57165..57480
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57494..57701
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   58363..58811
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58812..58855
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   58856..59252
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   59253..59326
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   59464..59868
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   59948..60103
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   60104..60700
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   60701..61077
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   61083..61820
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   61821..62049
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   62141..62392
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   62393..62820
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   62821..62980
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   63050..63325
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   63336..65285
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70904..71359
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   71374..73553
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73560..74350
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74353..74730
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74737..75188
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   80799..81249
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   81265..81325
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81348..81470
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81527..82473
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82488..82953
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83021..83409
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83672..83849
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84274..84627
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84763..84873
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84952..85171
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85304..85655
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85830..86038
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   88452..88589
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88602..88807
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88870..89030
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   89216..89335
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   89346..89684
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89737..90158
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90826..91207
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91387..91601
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91601..91738
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91739..91927
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91996..92162
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92176..92234
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92379..93898
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93899..94050
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   99337..99464
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99832..99974
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99998..100275
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100384..100568
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100550..101441
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101463..101505
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101549..102078
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102077..103204
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103204..103578
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103579..103638
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103639..103934
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103935..104279
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   104948..105025
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   misc_feature    105668..106056
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI650542 (NID:g4734521) wa92c05.x1"
FT   repeat_region   106141..106386
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106413..106559
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   106852..107371
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107919..108375
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108397..108951
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   108956..109356
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   109357..109587
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111714..111821
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111837..111912
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112167..112411
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112650..113353
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   113362..113530
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
SQ   Sequence 114045 BP; 37308 A; 20587 C; 21284 G; 34866 T; 0 other;
     cttaaaacta aaaacagtag tgcaaaataa gaaaatggta gcaaatgtaa ttaaaaatgt        60
     aagtgaaaaa atttaaaaca aatcttagtc aatcaaattg agtaataaat gaagagaata       120
     ataccatgat gtctgaatat gttttatttc ttaaatgcaa aatttggtgt tttttttaag       180
     aaaatctgtc taaagaattc actctatcaa taaatttaag gggaaatata tgattgcatc       240
     aatagatgtc aaaataaaca ttcaactaaa ataaaaattt aggtacaaat taaaaggaac       300
     tgtgaaaatt gataaataca ttttgccaca aaactaggag caaacatagt ttataatgca       360
     atacgaattt tcattgctgt cagaaaaaga ttgatagctg ccatcctcag tattattcaa       420
     caatattttt ggagatttta gctgatgcaa tgcaataagc aaatgaaaca ttcagtataa       480
     atgttgaaaa aatttttaaa cactcaaaaa taaaagtatt ctagtaattc aaaagacact       540
     tctttctgtt attagaatta agacaatttg atggtacaat tattattaat tttttgtgat       600
     caaattttta tcataaaaaa tcaatatata catttttgta tactacccta ctaaaaacag       660
     aagaaaaata tctcattcac actaataaca ccaccatcaa atactttgta ataaatttca       720
     aaaaaatggg acaaaatcta cgtgaatcta taaaatttaa tagaaaacat aaaaacaaat       780
     ctgtctaaat ggaagaacaa gccatggtct cagatgagaa gatataatac catcaaaata       840
     tgaagacctt gtaatgtaat acatttcttt actgcatcca gtaataataa ctcccaaagg       900
     agttattatt ttgggaatct tcataaaaat attattcttt ttattttact ttaagttctg       960
     agatacatgt gctgaatgtg catgtttggt acataggtat acatgtgcca tggtggtttt      1020
     ctgcacctat caacccgtca tttaggtttt aagccccata tgcattaggt atttgtccta      1080
     atgctctccc tctccttttc ccccacccac tgacaggcca cgttgtgtga tgttcccctc      1140
     cctgtgtcca tgggttctca ttgttcacct accacttatg agtgagaaca tgtggtgttt      1200
     ggttttctgt ccccatgtta gtttgctgag gatgatggtt tccagcttca tctatgtccc      1260
     tgcaaaggac atgaactcat tcttttttat ggctgcatag tgttccatgg tgtatatgtg      1320
     ccacattttc tttatccagt ctatcattgg tgggcttttg ggttggttcc aagtctttgc      1380
     tattgtaaat agtgctgaaa tgaacataca tgtgcatgtg tctttatagt agaatgattt      1440
     ataatccttt gggtatacac ccagtaatgg gattgctgga tcaaatggta tttctggttt      1500
     tagatccttg aggaattgct gcactgtctt ccacaatggt tgaactaatt tacactccca      1560
     ccaacagcgt aaaagcattc ctatttctcc acatccttgt cagcatctgc tgtttcctga      1620
     ttttttaatg atcgccattc taactggcat gagatggtac ctcactgtgg tttcaatttg      1680
     catttttcta atgaccagtg atgatgaggg ttttttcatg tttcttggcc acatgggcaa      1740
     atacttcata actaaaacac cataagcaat tgcaacaaaa gccaaaattg acaaatggga      1800
     tgtaattaaa ctaaagagct tctgctcagc aaaagaaact atcatcagag tgaacaggca      1860
     accttacaga atgggagaaa ttttttgcaa tctattcatc tgaccgaggt ctaatatcca      1920
     gaatctacaa ggtacttaaa caaatttaca agaaaaaagc aaataacccc atcaaaaagt      1980
     gggtgaagca cataaaatta ctttaaaatt caagcaaata ttttcttaaa aataagatta      2040
     ataaggagag agaattgcct caccagatgt aaaaatttac tatacaaata tagtccatgt      2100
     gatatgatat gactctgaga cagaaataga aaaatagaac tttgaaagtt aaagattaga      2160
     gggaaataga tccaagtaca tatataatgt taggattaag ctttactcca agagacccaa      2220
     aataccagtg gctttaaaaa gaaaatgttg ctttcctcat tcatctggag aaaaaaatta      2280
     agtctggtat gcaatgctgc tgtgtcagtg atattgactc cttctatctt ttttttgtta      2340
     tattgtgtgg tctcaattct cgaggtcatt catgatccaa ggcagctgct tctgtttcat      2400
     tcatcccacc tggattacag tctgcaagaa agaaaaaaag gaaaaataag ggcaaaactc      2460
     catcctttta aggtcacttt cagagaagtc tacatgctca cctagaattt gtcttagcca      2520
     tatgtagtgc aagatcagcc cgaaatgaaa tatttatttt taggcagtca tgtgccttgc      2580
     tgacaagtag aggatatcaa actataaaag aaggggagaa cagatattga tagacaacta      2640
     tcaatctctt acacatgtat gacacggtta gcatttcaat tctgtgggga aaatgcagtg      2700
     atcatcaacc ttgaacatgc atcagaatca ctctctccct tgctggcttt taagaagaaa      2760
     gctgccatgt tgtgagctgt cttatggaga gagccacatg ggaataaact gaaagcatcc      2820
     tctgactgaa agtcagaaag aaattgaagc tcttagtcta acagcctgca agaaactgca      2880
     tattgctgaa aaccatatta gtttgaaatc agactctttc ccaggtgagc tttcagatgg      2940
     gaactcagtc ctggccaaca tcatgattgc agccttgcag aacacccaat aaagccatga      3000
     caagaacctt caccaacaat aactgagaga taataaatat gtgttgtttt aagtcactaa      3060
     gtgttggtaa tatagttagg tagcaataga aaactctatg ctagatgtta gtcatactac      3120
     tgctatttga ggcctaatta gttatttaat atattgtgtc agcacccatg gctatgtgta      3180
     acaagggaat tcatatattt ctataacctc aagtttccat agaatatatt ccatgcagac      3240
     aactttcaga tatataaaca aatttattct caatctattg cttattcatt cttctcctaa      3300
     gacaagaagg tctcctaatg gtagatggta tccattggtc catggttatt aattgcatag      3360
     aactaatggc atattctaca cctgcactgt ttaatgtaat agtcatatgg caaacgtggc      3420
     tatttatttt taaaccaggt aaaactaaat caaataaaaa ttcaattctc tatttatact      3480
     agaccttttt tctgcactcc atagccacag gtatcaatgg actcatttcc tcatcaaggc      3540
     tagtggctat cacattggag actggaatta tggggcattt taatcattat ataatttttt      3600
     atagttctgg tctatactta ggaggagagg aaagaggtat gtagagatct gtagttttcc      3660
     tcttattgtc tgcattggta ataaagctga cattttcgtc agtatcttgt atactgatac      3720
     aatattttgt atctaacttt cagttgcttt ccaccttcgg gggaaacaag aattttcatg      3780
     taatgatctc ttaaaatatg ctactgttca ttggaacaaa tatatagcaa gatccttaag      3840
     tcttaccgca tataaaagca agtgccaaat gggtttaata cctaataaga aacagaataa      3900
     tatagagtat tacatctatt ttaagatgca taattatttt tcatattata actcatttga      3960
     aatagaatgt atcttacaat ctaatgatgt cttgtaattg ctcacggata gatggcaatc      4020
     atgacatagt tgccattgcc aacacaactg tcaatttgat tgtcattttg ggtaaaataa      4080
     ctacatagct tcactccttg aaatttcatt cggtaaatca tataaaaacc acttgatgat      4140
     gaaatgagtc cattgatacc tactggtaag accaagaaaa agaacacatt aaaacttaca      4200
     gaatgggtgc ctgagtttcc taagaaaatt aagtagataa tagtgaagta actgttaatg      4260
     acaaaggggt cagtattatg tggctaaata ataaataaat aataaatcca tgactgtgag      4320
     ttgaaaaaaa aaaagattca gaacagttgg acatttggtg taaagaaatt ataacagcat      4380
     ttttttgaga cagaatctca ctctgtcacc caggctacag tgcagtggca tgattatggc      4440
     tcacttaaac ctcatacttc tgggttcaaa ggattttccc acgtcagctt tctgagtagc      4500
     tgggactaca ggcacgtgcc tgcatgctgg ggtactttaa tcaattttct ccttatgttt      4560
     ttcttttcat gaatgtacag gtgtacatta taaaaactat atctaaataa gtgttttaaa      4620
     gtctttaata aagtaataaa tgataagaaa gcattgtatc agttggactg ccagtgccat      4680
     tttctttctt tgtggtacac aaaatgagat taatcataaa acttatagta tcttagacta      4740
     aaatataaaa cataacaatg ataatgatgg taatagatat aataagagta ctaagtatta      4800
     atagtagtag atataacagt aaatagtaat attaacatta ggaggaaatt tagtaaaatg      4860
     tttatataaa cttaggataa gattgaagag aatgattagg ccagtaagtt aatccataat      4920
     gcataaagca taatatggaa attttggtta cctaaataaa tagcatttgg taaagatacc      4980
     ataaacaaag acaaaatatg aagaatggac tgagtagaaa tattggaaaa atgaatgaca      5040
     gagtaagatt taacaacact aatacagaga gctcctacaa attgaagtga aaaaaaaaac      5100
     caaataactg ttaaaatatt caattaagag gcattcttta aaaaaaccaa aactgttctt      5160
     ttatttacaa agaccataat ctagaaattt ccttcagaga gcaaagtcca aagtcctaga      5220
     taaagtctga gtgctgttag acaccccaat cacaagtaag caataaaggc cagatactac      5280
     atatttaaac aaccaatgtt tctcagtttt aggaagaaag caaaaacact gttgttcatt      5340
     tgatagggac taaaagggtg acaaaagtct tttgccaaag actttactac tttactaaat      5400
     ttttcaactc actgtaattt taaaaataaa aaatagtata atatatatag gggagtgtgg      5460
     caagttaaat atacccacag attctttgat gctactgcca ttgagaggga gatctataat      5520
     actgactttg aatttgggtg gattccctaa ctgctttgac cattacaata caacagacgc      5580
     tatgctgtgc cagattctag gcccagtcct taaaagattg gcaggctcca cttcctgccc      5640
     agcagaacac ttgcctggag ccctgaagtg ctactcctgt gccatggaga agactcgcac      5700
     aagctctgaa atgatagaaa cagcaagtga gcaagcgagt gagcgagaga gagaataact      5760
     tagatatgtg cagcttctag ccattgctga tattttggac cctccagaga taaccagctg      5820
     ttagctgaaa atcactgagt gacctcagtt gacatcatgt ctcggtagag aaacactttt      5880
     gtgaaatagt cactatttct gtggatattt atagtgacca gtaggtcgct atatctcagg      5940
     gggaagcaga gttgttgaat tttgtataca caatggaata ttattcagcc ataaaagaat      6000
     aaaatcatga cattgaaaat aaaatggatg gaagtggagg acattatttt aaggaaaata      6060
     agccaggcat agaaagacaa atatgtcatc actcatacgt gggagttaaa aaaaaaaaat      6120
     gaactcatgg agataaagag tagaacgaca gttaccagag gctgcaaagg gtagcagaga      6180
     aggggggata aagtggggat ggctaatggg tatgaaaata cagttagatg gaatgaataa      6240
     gatctggtat tcagtagcaa aatagggtga ctgtagttaa cagtaatata ttgtataatt      6300
     taaaatagca aaaagggtag aattggaatt ttcctaacac aaataaatga taaatgcttg      6360
     agataatgca taccccaatt accctgattt ggtcattata ttcctatatc aaaatatcac      6420
     acttacccca taaatatata taactattat atactcataa taataattta aaaaaaatgt      6480
     tggaaatggg aaggctttcc taattttatt ttatttgaaa tacaagccct aggatgtata      6540
     ttaattccct ggaactgcca tgtctatttg ggaagaaaat gggattttcc aaattaatag      6600
     cacctcatgt ctcattttct tgtataatac tgcttaaaga gagcttttgt ttctcaactt      6660
     ctagatagtc tgtaaagcat gacctctgta atagttttat tgaaatgctc agtctgaatt      6720
     gaatcgtggt gaaacaatta ggtgtatcca tgttgtagga attctaaaaa gtaactgccc      6780
     tggactcttc aagatgccaa aagacacgta catgtggagg aactatttct aataaaagga      6840
     gcctaacaac tgtcttagtc catttgggcc actctaacaa aataccagaa actgggtggt      6900
     ctataaataa cagatatttg tttctcaaag ttctagagac tggaaagcac aagactaaag      6960
     ctccagcata tttagcgttt ggtgaggttc cactttctgg ttgatagacg gcaccatcta      7020
     gttgtgttct cacatagtga aaggagcaaa tgaactctct taggcctttt acaagctttt      7080
     acactaaaag cacatgcgag ctctgacctc atgacctaat cacctcccaa aaggctccac      7140
     ttcctaatac aatcactttg tgggttagga tttcatccta tttgggggag acaaacattc      7200
     agaacaaagc aaaaaccaag tgcaatgcct gtttattgat tagattctgg tttgggtgtg      7260
     ggaggtgacc aggactattt tcttgaccaa actttaatga ggctgatctg agcttacttc      7320
     tcaactagga agccttgtcc ttgggctgaa aagcccagct ttagcaaata attgtgctga      7380
     gtcagcttat tgataatacc attacccttg atacctgtgg tattatatat atacagtgtg      7440
     tgtgtatata tgtattttgt atgtgtgtgt gtatatatat atataaagat tttttgttta      7500
     tggttcctgg ctcataattc ccataaccct tgctataatt tggggacatt ttatgcctca      7560
     gtagcaagcc tcggaaaaca gattctgtct ttctgacctt ccattgccct ccctccacct      7620
     gcccaaggca ggactctagt ctaattgttg agtcataaga tcattactcc agagagggtc      7680
     ctgcttcata ccctggagga agaaatgctg caagaagaga ccagaggaat ctgaaaagac      7740
     agaccttgct gggcttcccc actcagtcta ttaatattag atcaaaacct ttttgcctaa      7800
     ttacatttct gcttggttgt cactcatgcc tatccaatga agtctctata aaaggcccaa      7860
     gaggacaggg ttagcagagc tcccagatag ctgaacatat ggagattcct gggggtggtg      7920
     cacctgggga gggcatggag gctcaatgcc actacccact atatctttcc ctatgtatct      7980
     ctttgtgcct atcctttgta atatccttta taataaaatg gcaaacatag atgtttccct      8040
     gagttcggtg agctacccta gcaaattaat caaacccaaa gaggagatcc tgggaccatc      8100
     aacttgaagc tgattagtca gaagttccag agacttgact tgctgctggt gtctgaagtg      8160
     tgggacagtc ttgggatgga gcaatcaacc tgtggaacct gatgctattt ccagataaat      8220
     agtgcaggaa ttgaattgaa ggacactcag ttggtgtctg ttgcagaact gatggcttgc      8280
     ttaaaatagg aagaaccacc cctcaaccca tcgatatttg gtcacagaag tcttctgtgt      8340
     ttattgttgt gctgagagag cagaggaaaa acagtttgag ttttttgcca caatatctca      8400
     tcaagtttct cttcccctac ccttgatatc taatcaaatt ctttttagta attttctatt      8460
     cactgactct caccttgccc tttggctgtg aatcctcagc ttcccttgct gtatttgaag      8520
     ttgagctcag ttctgtactg aaatctctcc cgctactgca atggctcaaa ttaaatatgt      8580
     cttgccattt ttaacaaatg ttcagtacta tttcctttta atgggtggag ggcagctcta      8640
     cagaatattt ttgtgaattt gaagaaattt taacacatat tgtattttaa atgtgattat      8700
     tctttcagta ttttgggtgt ggtaatggtg ttttgtgtgt ctttatctta ggagatacat      8760
     gttgaatata tatatatata attttaagat atctgaaaca taatttcaaa tgatttatct      8820
     cccctcacaa atgtgtccgt gtgtgggtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgagtgtgt acatagataa      8880
     aaattatggg agcgctctca ctctagtatg catcacttgt cctgtagaat tgaaaattta      8940
     caaaataaac tgttgaagaa aacaatagtc tcttgaaaac tattaatagt tgtttatttc      9000
     atgagaaaaa cttacgaaca agaaaagaag agaaactgga tgctttcttt tcattttata      9060
     tcttattcat aatgtttaga ttttaaaaat agcattcaca tataacttac ttcatcaaat      9120
     ataatatggc attgattcta agatgaatta tcttatatac ttttaagaaa aaatattctg      9180
     tcaaatagac tatgacacaa caattcaatg gtgattgtgc atgacacaat gttttaataa      9240
     taatcccaca ctacacatga atggcttata ataatatcct gtcattgtag tggattttct      9300
     ttcatctatt cccaagatat aaaaacttat tttgccttaa gattcattgc ttgtggtgtg      9360
     attggtaaac actttacaca tgtgtctgta ataaaattta acagagcttc atttacttgt      9420
     gtgtttcttt ctttactctt ttaagtaatc tgattatttc tttgcaagaa aaatgaaact      9480
     gaactctgta ttggaaacta tacttctcct tcagattaga tttcaggaat aaagaatgta      9540
     atcacccagc tactcagaat tttgccacta gagagtcctc agccataagc tttcttcaga      9600
     attgtctttg ctatagacag ttgcaaccta cacactggga gaaaatattt ccaaaacata      9660
     tgtctggtgt ggggttaata tacaaaattt gtaaggagct aacacaactt agtagcaaaa      9720
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaga gacctgattt aaaaatgggc aaaagacctg aataaatatt      9780
     cctctataga aaagacaaaa atgagtatca gttatatgag aaggtgccca aaatcactaa      9840
     tcattaagaa aatgcaagtg aaacccacaa tgagatataa ctccaacctg ctaggatgcc      9900
     tattattaaa atataaatga caaatgctgg aaaggatggg agaaaagaga aatcttgtac      9960
     actgttgatg ggaatgtaaa ttagtatagc tattatggaa aacagtatgg aggttcctca     10020
     ataaaaataa aaccatcatt tgatccaaca tttccaactc tgaatataca tttgaaggaa     10080
     atgaaattac aatctctgga agagatgtgc acctccatgt tccttgaagc attattcaca     10140
     atagccaaga tacgtacata tatatatgat atacatgtgt gtacatgtac gtttattaca     10200
     gcactattca caatagcaaa aacttggaac caacccaaat gtccatcaat gatagactgc     10260
     attaagaaaa tgtggcacac atacaccatg gaatactatg cagccataaa aaaggatgag     10320
     ttcatgtcct ttgcggggac atggatgaag ctggaaacca tcattctcag caaactaaca     10380
     caggaacaga aaaccaaacc gcatgttctc actcatagat gggaatcgaa caatgagaac     10440
     acttggacac agggagggga atatcacaca tgggggcctg tcgtggggtg ggggtagggg     10500
     gagggatagc attaagagaa atacctgata taaatgatga gttaatgggt gcagcacacc     10560
     aacatggcac atgtatacat atgtaacaaa cctgcatgtt gtgcacatgt accctagaaa     10620
     ttaaagtata ataataaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa ctgtagcttt tttaaactca     10680
     gaaactatat atattctctt tcactgtgtg gaaatgagtg cagagttctg aaaaatagat     10740
     aatgattatt cccagatgtt tactctttcg tatgaaattt agagtcattt tatccaatct     10800
     ttaacttatt taatattgga ttttaactgg aatctttcac ttcaagttgt tcaatcaatt     10860
     ggctggcaag ttggagctga ctcagagttc agctgagtct gtgagccacg gactttggtt     10920
     cctcagtccc tccttaagcg ggtctccctg catggctgca tggattttct catggtaagt     10980
     tgcctggatt ctgtgaaaaa gaaacatgag caaaacaaac aaaagtgtta tggcttatgc     11040
     ttgaaaatca caaattgtca catttgacaa tcaaaagcag aatcaaagtt acattgtaaa     11100
     aagattgtaa gaagagattg tggcatatgg ccatttctgg atatacattc caacacacag     11160
     atttaaggtc aaattgggta aaactctctt aagattcaac taaaaagtca aataatttag     11220
     aatagccaaa aacacggaca tatagaggca tagaaaaact aagaaggagc ttagcgttca     11280
     aacataccaa aacaacatgg tactggcaaa agtatgaata aatagatcat taggacagaa     11340
     agagagccca gaggtagatc cttgtatata atattcaacc atatataaag cattatttta     11400
     ttcaaatagt gaaagatgtt tcattcaata aatggaatta gcacaagttg ttatgtatct     11460
     gggagtaaaa aaatagaact tctatggaat atcatattca gaaataaatt ccagatatat     11520
     taaatatgta aatgtaaaat ctaaagcaat aacatatttc gatattttaa attatatata     11580
     caaccaataa cctgggaggg gagaattttt taagacagga aacacagaag ctataaaaca     11640
     aaagaaagaa atgcttggct ataaaaaata atttttttct atgacaacag atgcaatata     11700
     aaaagtcaaa agataaatga taaatcagga aaaattgtat gcaaaatagg ggacagaact     11760
     tttttactga aaaggtacac atttttctag ttaaaaaaag acaaaaggct caatagaaaa     11820
     atgagaaaaa tagcaataac tattgctctc ctaggtaagc attcctggta aggatctgtg     11880
     aaaaatgata ctcttattca ttagcagtag atttataaat ttttataatc cgtttgaaaa     11940
     ggtaagcttg ttagagctat aaaaattaaa tggaaatata ccctcattcc tctgccactc     12000
     ttaatatact tggttctccc tccttcctcc cttttctgtc tgtcagttcc tccctccctt     12060
     tctctctcct tttccccctc ttttttgcta tattctctca ttcggttggt ctatttctct     12120
     ttatcttttc tctttcagca attatacatc acggaatcta tgtgatagaa atacattcac     12180
     ataaggaaaa atgcagcact tttcatattc ataaaacaca ggaagaaaac aatgtgattt     12240
     tttttctaag gtggtgaatt gcaggcaatg ttagcatgcc tctcccactt ggagagacaa     12300
     aatatggcat agagattcac actataaacg ttattccaag aagtaacaca ggaatttaac     12360
     tggaaaactg aaagaaacca cagacgcttt gaaagaagca tcaggctgca gcttagactg     12420
     tgagccaggc aaaaaactgc aaagtcgcca gagtgtgaga gggagacgac tgcctccagg     12480
     gtatacagcc ccactgggga acctgacaat acagcccaca agggaaggtc ttaatcctac     12540
     ccagcactgg aattgattta gggagcagca gggaatataa aagtaggagc agcagcagaa     12600
     agagccttgt gggcattcct tgtctccagc acagaccaag ggaagccatt cccaattctt     12660
     tgtcacaggg gactttttgg aagtcagcta gctaactcag tcagtggtca caggttgaga     12720
     aaagcttcca actaaaatac ttgctataat cttgattggg ggcaaacttc cttggctgga     12780
     accaggagac aagcaggaag tgtactgcag ccatgagtat aggagctggg tgtcctggcc     12840
     ttgcaggtgg actgggaggg gtgtggcctg aaagctgaag ttgccgtctc tgaaggaagg     12900
     cttatggttt ggtgcaactt tgagttctga gcatagactg cctggaaatt agctatctgc     12960
     tgctagcaga acactgcatg tgtgagacat gcattgccaa gtgtgtagga gatggatggg     13020
     gcttacagcc acctgctact ccccactccc tgcattagct tttctgtgca gcaggtgcag     13080
     ctattcttct ccctaaaaaa gtactccagt ggccagagaa ccaccctccc tacccccaaa     13140
     aaggcttctg cctgtcctgt acgtggaaag ccagatcaca gacctgcctg actcagcccc     13200
     catctggctt tgtccctcca cctgccctgg tagcttaata cacacacaca aacacacaca     13260
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaat tttgggatgt ctgtaacccg acccaccacc     13320
     tgagaaacca gaatacttcc ctacgtaata taaggcaagc ccaaatttca atgctattac     13380
     cacagctggg gctttttttc aagtgccacc ccctggctgg aggccaactg atacagtcca     13440
     ttacagcacc tgcaggtaga ataacactgc acctaggaag gagaaaactt atggatgacc     13500
     tcagctatca ctattgcctg caccatcctg gcaggaagtc ctgagtttgt ccatattacc     13560
     agttcattac tactaaaact ggcatttgag gaaaaatcac actaaggcta attataacca     13620
     agaatcacag agtctacacc actcccctgc cacccctatc agagctggtg ctggtagtca     13680
     gcactgggag acttgaagat ggtcacatca ctggatatct tgcaaacatt ccccagcacc     13740
     aacctagagt gtgacagccc aactgggtgg ctaagcccag agaagcatca gtattcatag     13800
     taacctggct ctcaggaaca ccccatggga caaaagaatc cagacagcag gacttaagtc     13860
     tgcttaagaa gtttcaggag aggcacagtt gtagtcctgg gctcagtggg taaagcctgt     13920
     aactctatcc caacagtcag gcagcccctg tgatcatgaa gggtcttgta gaagggaact     13980
     tctttttcct cattcaccac taaagacaca gctagggctt cccccatggt aggtcagtgt     14040
     atgtgcatgt atgtgtagac agcctttgtg gaacacttca gggtgactgc atggccaaag     14100
     gaggagcatc ctccaggttc aggcttgcac aagaactaaa gccacagtgc ctctctactt     14160
     ggaaaatcaa cattcttgta gatgtaaaga ggtggctgtg taatctgaat agccggaaca     14220
     ctaggtcaga agtgtgtctg tgaggtggat cactttgcta gtggcctgag aggggaggtg     14280
     agtttgctcc aacccttccc cctgacaaga acccaatgca ttctactgag agcttcccga     14340
     ggcatgtctg tcagtgcttg gatctttgcc caccattaca tatttcaatt agctttagcc     14400
     acaaacggtt tctactcagg gacaccacag ctactggcct gaaacctgaa ctatataatg     14460
     cagtaaatga aatcctaggg gaaaaatgaa tagatgtaca ccatggggga atgagatatg     14520
     cttcaagaga cctctgtcat tccaatcgcg taggaaacag tgaacttgct caaacactga     14580
     gcacatggct aatataacca gcaccataca aagactctgt aaccaaaaac ctcatacggt     14640
     cttcatccgt gaaagcataa agagccaaat taagctacaa caaactaaaa gcattaaagt     14700
     aatataatta agacaaaaag attacatgaa gcacagacaa atcaaaaata aactcaacaa     14760
     taatgagaag aaatactaat aatataatgt aatataataa ttataaaaat aattataaga     14820
     cacatttagg gaattacaaa atgcagtgga gaatattaac tatgaactaa aacaagtaga     14880
     agaaagaatt tcagagcaca aaagcaaggc tttcaaatta acccaattag acaaaattaa     14940
     agaaaaaagg gtcaaaataa atgaacaaaa tcttcaagaa atatgggata atgcaaaaag     15000
     gccaaaacta agaataattg gcattcttga gggagaagag aaagcaaaat gttcagaaaa     15060
     cttatttgag gaaataattg aggaaaactt ttttttagct tactagagat ttacatattc     15120
     aagcacaaga agcttaaaga actcctggga gactgattgc aaaaaggaca tcatgaaggc     15180
     ttatagtcat caagccatct aaaatcaaca taaaggaaat aattcagaga gcagtgagac     15240
     aaaagcatca agtaacctat aaaggaatac ctctcaaatt aaaagcagtc ttctcagcag     15300
     aaaccataca agccagaagg gactggggtc tcatcattag tctccttaaa cagaatagct     15360
     gtaagccaaa aattttgtgt tcagcaaaac caagtttcat aaatgaagga taaataaaat     15420
     cattttcaga caaacaaatg ctgaaggact tgtcactacc aaactagccc tacaagaaat     15480
     gttaaaaggg gttcaaaatg ttgaaacgaa agtttgatat gcaccagact agaacctcct     15540
     gaaagcataa aactcacagg gcctataaaa caataacaca acgaaaaaaa catatctagg     15600
     gaaaaattaa cataattact agaacagtat ctcatatctc aacattgaca tttaatgtaa     15660
     gtggcctaaa tactccactt aaaaggtaga gattggcaga atagattaaa aaaaaatcaa     15720
     aaccaaatat ctgtcatctt caagagattt acctaacatg caaggattta cataaagtca     15780
     cgataaaggg gtagaaagag atactccatg caaatagaaa tcaaaagcaa gcaggaatat     15840
     ctatttttgt atcagataaa acagacttta aaggaacaca agtaaaaaaa aaagacatta     15900
     ttatataatg ataaaaaatc aatttaacaa gaaagtatta caatcttaaa tttatatgca     15960
     cctaacactg gagcacccag atttataaaa caattactac tagacctaag aaaagagata     16020
     gacagcaaca cactaatagt ggaggacaac aacactccgc tgacagcact acaccgatca     16080
     ttgagacaga aagtcaacaa agaaataatg ggcttaaact atactctagg acaagtggat     16140
     ctaaagatat ttacagaaca ttttacccaa gaacttcaga acatacattc ttctcatcag     16200
     gacatggaac attctccaag atagaccaaa ttataggcta caaagtaagt atcaacacat     16260
     tttaagaaat caaataaata tcaagtaact tctcagacca cagtgaaatt aaattagaaa     16320
     tcaattccaa aaagaccctc aaaatggtag aaatgcatgg aaattaaaca atttgctcct     16380
     gaatgatttt taggttaaca atgaaaacaa agtgaagatt aaaataaatg ataattagct     16440
     ggctgtggtg gcatgcacct gtaatgtcaa ctgctccaga ggctgaggtg ggagaatcgc     16500
     ctgaacctgg gagtcagaag ttgtggtgag ccaagatcat gccactgcac tcttgcctaa     16560
     gcaaaagaga ttccatctcc aaaaataaat aaataaataa atgataagag tgacacttaa     16620
     aaaatttttt taatgcccac actgtaaata gtgacacaag atctcgaaat ttcccagaaa     16680
     cagcaaaagc aatgctaagg tgaaaatttg aagtgttaaa tgcctacatc aaaaagttta     16740
     aaagatcgca aattgacaac caaatgtcac acattaaaaa ctagagaaac aagagcaaac     16800
     taaacccaaa gctagcagaa gagaagaaac aacaaatatc agagaataac taaatgaatt     16860
     tgaaacaaaa aaatacagat caataaaata gaaagttggt tcttttacaa aacaaatttg     16920
     atagaccact agatagatta accaaaaata gaagaatcaa ataccttcaa ttagaaataa     16980
     aaatgaagac ataacaactg acaccacata aatacgaaat attatttgag accattctga     17040
     acacctttat acatacaaac tagaaaatct agagaaaatg gaaaaactcc tgaacataca     17100
     acccttctag attaaatgaa gaagaaatag aaaccctgta cagataaata acaagcaatg     17160
     tgatgaaatc aggaatttaa aaattgccaa aaaaaaccag tccattagca gataaattca     17220
     tggttgaatt ccaccagaca ttcggagaag aattggtacc aatcctactg aaactattcc     17280
     aaaagattga gaaagaaaca attttccatg gcttattctc tgaagctagt atcaccctga     17340
     tacctaaatc agaaaaggac aaaacaacaa caaaaaggaa atctacagac taatatttct     17400
     gatgaacata gatgcaaaaa tcctcaacaa agtactagct aattgaattc aacagcacat     17460
     caaaaagata atataccaag atcaagtggg tttcatccca gggatccaat gatactttaa     17520
     tatataaaag tcaatagatt tgatacatca gattaaaaag aaataaaaat ataaaccata     17580
     tgatcaactc aatagaagca gaaagacttc agtcaaattc agcatctgtt tataataaaa     17640
     actctgaaca aaccaagcat aaaagggact tacctcaaaa taataaaggc atatatgaca     17700
     aaactacagc cagattcata ctcaatgggg gaaacgttca aagcatgaac aaaccagact     17760
     ggaacaaaac aaggatgccc actctcacca cttctattca acagactact ggagtcttag     17820
     ccagagcaat cagacaagag aaagaaataa agggcatcca cattggataa gaggtagtca     17880
     aactatcagt gtttgtgaat aatatgactg tatacatagg aaactctaat gattccttca     17940
     aaagaaacta ttaatagaga caaagaagga cattatgtac ataattataa caaactcaat     18000
     tcaataggaa attataacaa ttacagacat atatgcacca acatcagatg tcctaaatat     18060
     atggagcata gattgaccag aattgaggga agaaatacac atctctacag tagtaatagg     18120
     agacttgggt acctcattta caatattgta cagaaaaacc acccataact tccataaaaa     18180
     actagaagac tcaaagaaaa actactattg gccaattgaa actaacagag atatataaaa     18240
     attcactcaa aaatagcagc atacattttt tctcaagtgt tcaagaaata atactgagga     18300
     taaacaaaaa gagagtctta atagatttaa aaatatttaa attgtattac gtatctgttt     18360
     tgatcacaat ggaatagaac taaatcaaaa gcagaaaaaa attgaaaatc tataaatatt     18420
     tagaaattaa acacagtttt aaacaaccaa tggaacaaag aataaattat aaggaaaatt     18480
     aaaatatatc ttgaaatgaa aataaaaact caacatatca aaacttatgg aatgcagtga     18540
     aagtagtact aagaggtgca tttatatctg aaaatgcttt tattaaaaaa taagatatca     18600
     aatccatagc ctgaatatat atctcaagga actagaagaa gaacaaacta aacacaaagc     18660
     tagcagagga aaggatataa taacaattaa agcagaaata aataattgaa aaacaatcga     18720
     gaaaactgat gaaaccaaga actggttcct caaatagatc agcaaaattg acaaaacttt     18780
     agctatattg actaagaaaa atataaatgt ctcaagtaac tgaaaacaga agtgaaagca     18840
     gatagtaaga ctgtttttat agaaataaaa aagagaacat aaatttttgt atggtaaact     18900
     acatgaaatg aacaaattcc tagaaaacca caaatatcaa aactaaacta ctaagagata     18960
     gaaaatcaca aaagacttat tagtagtcag gtgatggcat caataattac aaacatctca     19020
     acaagaaaaa gaccaggaga acataatttc actggtgaac tctaggaaac aattaaaaca     19080
     ttgacactaa caccctttaa aattttccaa aaatggaagt gtagagagca cttctaaatg     19140
     cattcagttg gtctagcatt atcccaatat caaggccaga aaaagatacc ataaaataag     19200
     aaaactataa accaaatttc taataaatac tgatgcaaaa gtccacaata acatagtagc     19260
     taacagaatc caatagcaca ctaaaaagat tatacatgta tacagttgac acttgaacaa     19320
     catggaggtt gttcaagatg taactgtatt cctaggttaa agggaaggtt caacatagaa     19380
     aaatgaacta agctgagaac aaaattcaga atgcactctc attcagaatt gccacacaag     19440
     aataaaagat ctaagaatac atctaaccag gtaggggaaa aatttctaca atgagaatta     19500
     aaaaacaata ctcaaagaaa ccagagaaga caaaaataaa tggaaaaaca ttctatgctc     19560
     atggattgga aaatacaaca ttaataaaat ggtcatactg cccaaagcaa tttacagatt     19620
     cagtgttatt cctaccaaac tacttatgat atttatcaca gaattagaaa aaaaagtatt     19680
     ttaatattta tgtgaaacca aaaagaacat gaatagccaa ggcaatccta agcagaaaag     19740
     acaaagccag aggtatcaca ttacctgaca tcaaaataca gcacagggct gcagtaacca     19800
     aaagagcatg gtactggtac aaaaacagac acagaaacca atggaacaga atatagaccc     19860
     cagaaataaa gccacacacc tacaaccatc tgatttttaa caaagttgag aaaaacaagc     19920
     aacggtaaaa ggacttcaat attcaataaa tggtgctggg ataactggct aaccatgtgc     19980
     aaaaaattga aattggataa attcctgatg ccatatacta aagtcaactc aagatggatt     20040
     aaaaacttaa atggaaaacc taaaactata caaaccctga aaaataacct gggaaatacc     20100
     attatggata taggatctga aaaaaatttt atgataaaga tgccaaaagc aattgtaaca     20160
     aaaacaaaag ttaacaaatg ggacctaatt aaactagaga gcttctgcac aacaaaataa     20220
     actatcaaca gaataaacag acagtctaca taatgggaga aaatatttgc aaactatgca     20280
     tgtgaaaaag gtctaataac tagaatctat aagaaactta aatttaaaag caaaaaacaa     20340
     acagctccat taaaaagtgg acaaagaaca caaacagccc ctttttaaaa gacatacaca     20400
     caactaacaa gtatataaaa agaggttgac atcaccgatt attagaaaaa tgcaaatcaa     20460
     aaccacaatg agatagcata tcacattagt cagaatggtt attatctaaa agtcaaaaaa     20520
     taacagatgc tgacaaggtt gtggagcaaa gggaatgctt atacactgct gatggctatg     20580
     taaattagct cagtctttgt ggaaaggagt ttggtgatct cccaaacact ataagtagaa     20640
     ttaccattta acctagcaat tccgttatta ggtatatact aaaaggaata taaattgctc     20700
     taccataaag acacaaagac atatgcatgc atatattcat cacaacacta ttcaaaatag     20760
     caaagaatgg aatcaaccta aatgcccatc aatggtaact ggataaagat aatgtggtac     20820
     atctacatca tggaatacta ttaggttagt acaaaagtaa ttgtgatgtt tgccattgaa     20880
     agtaatggca aaaactgcaa ttacttttgc accaacgtaa tatacactca taaaaaagaa     20940
     tgaaattatg tcctttgcag caacatggat agagctggag gacattatcc taagtgaact     21000
     aaaacaggaa cagaaaacca aataccacat gttctcactc ataagtgaga actaaatatt     21060
     gagtccatat aggcacaaag aagtgaacag taggcaccag ggactactag aggatggagg     21120
     aagaaagcaa ggtgagtaac aaaaaactac atatcaggtg atacccttat tacctgggtg     21180
     gcaaaataat ctgcacagca aaccctcatg acacgcaatt tccccatata acaaaactgc     21240
     tcaagtactc cttaacctaa gttacaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaaacgc     21300
     attggaaact taatccttat tgcaacagtg atgggaggtg agaactaatg gaagctgttt     21360
     agatcaagag aactccacct tcatgaatgc cttattgctg attataaaag ggcaagttta     21420
     tattttgctc tctcccatta tctctttgcc cttccaccat agaatgatgc agtgaaaaca     21480
     ccatcaacag atactaactc ctgtatcttg gacttcctaa tctctgaact gtttggaaat     21540
     aaatgtcttc atatgttatc ctgtgtgtta tattcttatg gtagcaaaaa acaaagacac     21600
     aagtcaataa tagttattag ataatcatca ttatagtgta acattgtctc acaggttcta     21660
     taatatttct atggtttgaa tgtctgtttc tctaaatgtt atgtttaaat ttgattcaca     21720
     gttttggagg tggggtctaa tgggagctgt ttttgtcaag gtggctggtc ccacgtgaat     21780
     agattgctgc cctcctttgg gaataagtga attccccctc cattagattc tatgagttct     21840
     ggttgttgaa aagaacctgc ctcccaacac tgcttctctc tcaccctgtg atctgtgcac     21900
     aatctggcca tccttcaact tccaccataa ctggaagcaa tctgaggaca tcaaccaata     21960
     cagatgccca atcttgaact ttatagccat tagaattgta agccaaataa atctattttc     22020
     ttgatattat ttaaattttt gaatgtttta agattggttt tgtgacaaca tacggtctat     22080
     ccttgagaat gatcaatgtg ctaaggaaaa aaatgtgttt tgtgcagctg ttgaatgaaa     22140
     tgttatataa atatatgtta ggtaaatttg gcgtatagtg cagattaagt tggacgtttc     22200
     tttgctgatt ttctgtctgg gagatctatt caaggttgat aattaagtgt tgaagtttcc     22260
     agatattatc atatcaggat ccatctctct gtttagctct aataatattt gctttataca     22320
     ttcaggtgct tcagtgttca atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtatat atatatatat     22380
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atttaaaatt gttatatcct     22440
     attactgaat tgacactttt acttttatca ttatattgtg attttcttgg acttgtctta     22500
     cacattttgt cttgaaatct attttgtctg atataattac tcctgcatct ttggtttata     22560
     ttgaaataaa atatttttcc attcttttat ttttagagta tgtgtgtctt aatagatgaa     22620
     gtgtgtttgt tgtaggcaac agatcacgaa gtcttgtttt ttcatctatt cagccacagt     22680
     ctgtattttt taatttttaa aaaaattttg taggtacata gtatgtgtat atattcatgg     22740
     ggtacatgat gtgttttgat acaggcatgc aatgtgaaat aagcacgtca tggagaatgg     22800
     ggtatgcatc ccctcaagca tttattcttt cagttacaaa gagtccaatt atattaagtt     22860
     atttaaaaat atacaattaa gttatttttg actatagtta ccttgtccta caaaatacta     22920
     ggtcttatta attctttcta cttttttgta ctaattaacc tccctcctaa ctcccaactc     22980
     tccactaccc ttcccagcct ctggtaagca ttcttataat atctctgtgt acaaattcaa     23040
     ttgttttcat ttttagatcc cacaagtaag tgagaacatg tgatgtttgt ctttctgttc     23100
     ctggcttatt tcacttaaca taatgatctc ccatttcatc taccttgttg caaatgactt     23160
     aatcttattc ctttttgtgg ataaatatac tctgttgtgt atatgtacca caatttcttc     23220
     atcgattcat ctgttgatgg acacttagtt tgctttcaag tcttagctat tgtgaatagt     23280
     actgaaacaa acatagaagg gcaaatatct cttttataca ctgatttgct attttcgctt     23340
     acataccaag cagtaagatg actggatcat atattagctc aatttttagt ttactgagaa     23400
     acctctacac tgttatccat agtggttgta ctaatttaca ttcccatcaa cagtttataa     23460
     agactctctt atctctacat cctcatcagc atttgttatt gcctgtattt tttatgtaat     23520
     tcattttaac tgaggtgaga tgttatctca gtagagtttt gatttgcaat tatctgataa     23580
     tcaatgatgt tgagcacctt ctcatgtgcc tgcttgtgat ttgtatgtct tctttcatga     23640
     aatttctagt caaatctttt gcccattttt tttatcagat tattagagta tttaatatag     23700
     agttgtttga gctcctcata tattctggtt cgtaatctgt tgtcaaatgg gtagtgtaca     23760
     aatattttct cacattctat gggttgtctc tttactttct tgattgtatc acttacgtgc     23820
     agaagctttc taacttgttg tgatgccatt tgtctatttt tcctttggct atctgtgctt     23880
     atagagtatt actgaagaaa tttttgccct aaacaatgtc ctggaaaatt ttcctggtag     23940
     ttttcttttc ttttttcttt gtttcaagtt gtaatcaaag cttgtatata agattacttt     24000
     attcctgcat cttctcaatt gtttcttcct tgtatttgcc cttttgcttt cctacttggc     24060
     aagatttggc tttccgttca cggatatttt tgcggtcttt gtccactttt agcctagtga     24120
     taaccacctt gctggggtga atgcctacgt ggacagttgt gccattagcc ttttcccact     24180
     gcacccgttc aatgtatgta gcatatttct tcctgtaaac cttgactact ttgccaattt     24240
     gttgaccttt atagtgtcct cgtacaacct gaacttcatc atccttttgg atgggcatgg     24300
     atcacccgtt atacttctgt ttcagctcat tggaaagagg ggaagacata atcttcccgt     24360
     gaatgtagga aggtgcattg aaatgccttt tgcgactctt ccttcagttg gaagtcacaa     24420
     agggattaaa cttcattttg gccgctccct cttcagtgat ggatgcaaaa gggaagagaa     24480
     ctacacactc ctgatagttt tcttgtagca gttatgtagt ttgagatcat agatttaagt     24540
     ctttaattca ttttggtttg attttgtata tggtgtgtat tattccattc tcatactgct     24600
     atgaagaact acctgggact gggtaattta taaagggaag aggtttaatt gactcagttc     24660
     cgcatggcca gggaggcctc aggaaactta caatcatggt agaaggcaaa ggagaagcag     24720
     gcaccttctt tacagggtgg caggatggag tgagtacaag caagggaaat gccagatgct     24780
     tataaaacca tcagacatgg tgaaactctc tatgatgaga acagcatggg ggataatgcc     24840
     tccatgatct gattacctcc acctgatcct gcccttcaca cttggtgatt acacagatta     24900
     tggggattaa atttaaggtg agattttggg tgaggacata accaaaccac atcattgtga     24960
     gagatagtta accagtttta ttattctgta taaggatatc tagttttccc agcatcattt     25020
     attgaaggac tgtctttccc tcagcatatg ttcttggtat cactgtcaaa aatggtttta     25080
     ctgtaggtgt gtggatttgt gtctgtttca ttggtttaag tgtctggtct gagttccagc     25140
     accatactat tttagttact atagttctgt attataattt gacatcagat aatgtgatta     25200
     ttccattttt gttcattttc ttcagcatac ctttggctat cctgggtctt ttgtggcttc     25260
     atatacattt tagaattagt ttttgctagt tctgtgaaaa atgaatttgt attttgatac     25320
     aggctctatt gcatctgcag atagctttgg tagtgcgtac attttaacaa tattgattct     25380
     tccaatccat gaacatggaa taattttcca ttttatggtg tcctccttaa ttttttatca     25440
     gtgttttata gtttttgata taggaatctt tcacttcttt ggttaatttc taggtattta     25500
     tgtgtggctg ttgtaaatgg gatttcttgt tttgttattt tttttcacat tgttaactac     25560
     tggcatatag aaatgttatt cattttttct acattgattt tgtatcctgt aactttactg     25620
     aatttgttta tcacttctaa taatagtttc cttgtggagt ctttagattt ttccaaatac     25680
     aagatcatat aatctgcaaa taagggcatt ttgacccttt cctttcaatt tgaatgccct     25740
     ttatatcttt ctcttgtctg attgctctag ctgggacttt cagtactatc ttaaataaca     25800
     atggtggcag tgtacgtccc tgttgtgctc cagatcttag agaaaaccct ttcagttttt     25860
     acgcgttcag tttttacgca ttcagtatta tattagccat ggcactgtca taatggattt     25920
     tattatgctg aggtatattc cttaaatttc caccatttga aggtttttat tatgaagata     25980
     tgttgaattt tatcaaatgc tttttccaca tcaattgaaa taatcatata attttttcct     26040
     ttattctgtt gatatgatgc atcatattgg ttgatttgta tatgtttaaa catctttgca     26100
     tcccagggat aaatcccacc tggtcatgat gaataaactt tcttaggtat tattgaattc     26160
     agtttgctag tatttcatta agaaattttg caacaatatt catcagaaat attgcccagt     26220
     gcttttcttt aattaaggtg tctttttata gtttgggtat cagggtaata ctggcctcat     26280
     agaataagtt tggtcttgcc ctctattttt taaaatagtt tgaacagaat tgatatgagt     26340
     ttttctttat atttttgtta gaattcagta gtgaaaccat caggccttgg gcttttcttt     26400
     actgtgagac atttcattat gtatttgatc tcattatttg ttaatggact gttcaggttt     26460
     tggatttctt tctggttaaa tcttggtaag ttgcatgtat ctagcaattt gtccctttct     26520
     ttgagatttt ccaattgttt ccaatttgtt ttaagaattc ttttaacttt cttttttcat     26580
     tgaactgctg gtcacttagg agcatattgt ttaaatttca tgtattggca tagtttcaaa     26640
     aatttctcgt tataaatttc tagttttatt ccattgttgc cagagaagat gcttgatatt     26700
     atttcaaata tttgaatatt ttaagacttg ctttgtgacc taacatattg tttatccttg     26760
     agagtcatcc atgtgttgaa gaaaagcatg tgtattctgc agctgttatg taaaatgccg     26820
     tgtaaacatc tattatatcc atttgttcta tagtacagat taattctgat tttttttatt     26880
     gattttctgt ctagaagatc tgtccggtgc tgaaagtggg ggtgtcaaag tctccagcta     26940
     ttattgtact ggagccgatc tctttcttta gctctaataa tattttctgt gtaccagggt     27000
     gttcccgtgt tgggtgacta catatttaaa attgttatat cctcttacca aattgacccc     27060
     tttatcatta tatagtgacc tactttgtct attcttatag tttttgtctt gatatctatt     27120
     ttttttctaa tataagtata gcaactcctg cttttttggg gtttgcattg gcatggaata     27180
     cagttttcca ttttttaatt ttcagattat gtgtgtctat ataggtgaaa tgtactccat     27240
     ttacacaaca gataaatgga tcttgtttct tcatccattt agccagtcta tatcttttga     27300
     ttagagtgtt tagtccattt acattaaatg ttattattga taagtaaaga cttactcctg     27360
     ccattttgtt atgtattttc tggttgtttt gtggtctatc ttttctcctt ttattctttc     27420
     ctgtctttct ctagtgaaga tgatttcctc tgatgatata atttagtttc ttgtttttta     27480
     ttatttatgt attcattgta tgttttttgg tttgaggtta ccatgaaact tgcaaatact     27540
     gtcttatagc ccattatttt aacctaaaaa cagcttaata tttgcataga gaaacaaaaa     27600
     acaagcaaaa caataactaa taaaaacttg ccttaacttt ttccttcact tttaaatttt     27660
     tgtattttct atttatattt tattgtacta tgtcttgaaa agttgtttta ggtatttttg     27720
     tttggttctt tatttagtct ttctacatat aataagagta gtttacacac cacagttaca     27780
     gtagttacag ttttacaata ttatatgttt ttctatgtag ttgatactac cagtaacttt     27840
     tgtgccatca gatgattatt tattgctcat taatgttttt tattcattta gttgaagtac     27900
     tcttctgagt atttcttgta atatgggtct tgtattgatt aaattcttca tcttgtattt     27960
     gtctgcgaaa attattattt ctttttcatg tttgaagttt acttcaccag atatactatt     28020
     ctaggggata cgtttttttc cttcagcatt ttaaatatgt catgccattc tttcctggcc     28080
     tgtaaggttt ctactgtaaa gcatacttcc agatgtattg gagctccatt gtatgttatt     28140
     tgttgctttt ctctggctgc tttaagaccc tttttttcct tgacctttag gagttagagt     28200
     attaaaagct ttgagattag tcttctttgg gttatatctg cttggggttg tataaccttc     28260
     ttgtacttgg atattgatat atttctctac atttgagatg ttgtatttta ttatcacttt     28320
     gaataaactt tctatcccta tcctttttct acctcctctt taagtccagt agctcttata     28380
     tttacccttt tgaggctatt ttctagatcc tgtcggtgtg cttcattgtt tcttcatttt     28440
     tcttttttct cctctgaatg tgtattttca aatagcttgt cttcaaagtc actaattttt     28500
     tcttcttctt gatcaattct gctattaaag actctgatgc actcttcatt atgtcaattg     28560
     cattatttaa cttctccaga atttatgcct gattctttgc aattatttta gtcagctttt     28620
     taaatttatc tgatagaatt ctgcatttct gccctccgtt atgttgaatt actttgagta     28680
     ctttgtgttc cctcaaaaca gctattttga attctctgtc tgaaaggtca catatttcta     28740
     ttttccccaa attcatttct ggtgccttat ttagcttatt ctgtgagatc atatagtcct     28800
     gaataatctg gatgcttgtg gatgtttatc tgtgtctggc tatttaagag ataggtattt     28860
     attttcatct tcacactctg tgcttagttg tacccaacat tcttgggaaa gctctcaaca     28920
     tattcaaaaa tacttgattg ttgtaatctt agctgcatgt gcattagggg gaaacccaaa     28980
     tccagtaaag ctgtggttct tgcagactta ttgaagtacc acctgaaggt cttagatgaa     29040
     attcttaaga attatctgga ttatgaggca gagactcttg ttctcttccc ttatattctc     29100
     ccaaataaat gaagtctctc tctctctctc tgtctctcca ttctgagcta cctggatctg     29160
     gtggtagggt gttacaagca cccctatgag caccacaact gagactgtgc tgggttagac     29220
     ccaaagccaa cacagcactg ggtcttgccc aaggcctgct ataaccatga cctggctacg     29280
     gcctatgttc actcaaggct ctacaatcag cagctggtga agccaccaga cttgtattct     29340
     tatcttcagg gcagtgaatt tcccaatgcc atggtggttc cagagatgac atctggaaac     29400
     cagggactat agttaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaaca aaaaaaaaac cttagaaatc     29460
     tacatggtgt tgtgttgcag agtggctgag ttggcactca aaccatgaga tacagttctt     29520
     ttctctcttc cctccccttt ccacaggcag aggagcctca ccccatatct attcccacca     29580
     taggcctatg gggattactg ccaggatacc accaatattc gctttaagcc caagggctct     29640
     tcagcaagat tgaggtaaat gttgcctggc ctatgactca cctttcaggg aagtgggctc     29700
     ctctctggcc cagagcaggc tttgtgatgc catccaagag gcaagtcctg aaatcaggga     29760
     tccaaaggcc tcacttgtgt gctatccctt tgtggcctag ctgaaatcta aggtgtgaga     29820
     caaaattttc tttactttcc cctatgtttt ttttaagcag atgaagtctc ttccaatagc     29880
     cactatagct gggaatgtgc tgtagcagaa gcaaggaatc accaaaagta aaagtctcaa     29940
     agtcttaccc aaggaccatg gcatgtacca cctgggtatc actgcttgtt attcagtgcc     30000
     cattaactct ttagtcagca ggtgatgggc ctttcccttc aaggcagtgg gtttcctttt     30060
     ggcccagggt gtgtgtagaa atgttgtcta ggatctgtca cctgaaaatg gggcctcaca     30120
     acactgaccg gttccctatt ttactgttgc ttagctggta ttcaagaggc aagaaaaagt     30180
     cctcttaccc ttctctctcc tcaagcaaaa taaaggggtt tcttttgagg tcatgagctg     30240
     cacttcatga gttgggcatg gatgacacaa ctgctctgtt agcaacccca gctggtatct     30300
     cagtaggtca cttgctcccc aaatctactg gctctgagcc tagttcagca ctaggactca     30360
     cctaggactt gcagtcctta tggcctagac tgtccttcaa attcacatag ggccccagag     30420
     cagcttagct cgaggtggtg aggcttgtca aatttcaagt gtcaattact tcaaatggaa     30480
     aattactctc agagtagggt tggtttaagt attccagcca tgttttggca tcagctgagt     30540
     tcaggtgggt tttgctttct gctctgacaa ggcagcactg agttcaaagc agtgtctcac     30600
     aattgctgca ctctcactct cccaagcaca gagattctgt ctctgcacca tgcagctgtt     30660
     gttgcaggat gggacggtgg tgacatttgt gattcagcac ttcttttcta accttctcag     30720
     tgcctctttt agtgatatga agttaaaacc aggtacttta tgtgctcacc tgttttgtgg     30780
     ttcttatgaa ggtgcttctt tttgtgtgta gatagttgtt aaatttgcgt ccttgttgga     30840
     gggatgatca gtggagcctt ctatttggcc atgttgctct gcctttctcc aaacctttct     30900
     tctttataaa ttactcaagc ctcaggtgtt tctttatggc aatactatgc agactaagac     30960
     aaaataatcc acatttatta cactatttaa tttcttttct gtttacttta ctaaaattat     31020
     tacaggtgtt ttttttaatg gttttaccct tttatatacc cttcagcaaa tttctctagt     31080
     attttattga atgcaagatt gatccctaag agtatgtgat ttttttatac ctctttcttc     31140
     ttatattgca tctcacaact gctcaaatca gtaatccttc tgacaaactt tgccgtaaaa     31200
     tgtatgtatt ctcaatcgca acaataaaac atagctttgg aaagtatttg gcaacacact     31260
     gagaagggtt ttcacaaaca tgactagtta agagtctatg tcttatggaa ttcaacatag     31320
     tcttttcatt gtagaggtcc tgtgtttacc gaggtatcta agagcaccaa atgtgctatt     31380
     ttccattttg tgtgcctggt cagtcataga agcataacca tgttaaaaag attagaaact     31440
     ttggaatgtc tctgagagta cttgaggata aaccataaat agaaggcttt ttacctggat     31500
     acagttacct agataatccc agggaaaaga gctcattcta aattcataga aaaaatgtag     31560
     ttttatataa ctatgcttgt cagcacacta atttctcttg tcaaattcag caagattgcc     31620
     ccttatagca gctgtagcta cctggcatta gtatgcctat gatttggaaa attattttcc     31680
     ctgaatattt ttcctggctt actcaaatga aagacttgtg agtgaagtaa caaattatta     31740
     atgctacatg ccataaagta aaacatattc tttttcagat ctcgatttat taatcaagaa     31800
     taaatgaatg catctgaatt atttttaaaa acctaaaatt atacagattg tactcaaatt     31860
     gagtattttc aatattctat tcaaaatata atgaaaggca tcactcttca cattaaccta     31920
     tacatttatg aggaagcagt caggttctca tatgaaatat ttaacattgt atcttgtatg     31980
     aattaaaatg aaaagtatgt cttatatatt agaaattttg catcaagttc agactggaga     32040
     gtcagctgct ttggccttat aagatagacc tcaaggggtc agattccaaa gcttgtcatt     32100
     ctctactacc tcagccaagc ttcagtcagt gttgctataa ctatgtgata gcgttccata     32160
     ttaagcacta tttattacct cttgttgatt ctcaatgact gcttgaaaac tggccttctt     32220
     taagtgttac acataaaaaa ttgagatttt gatttaatct ataatgctta tgagagcgta     32280
     ccaggcttgt gccatgctaa attaggctgt aaaaatctag ggttagaggt aacccacttt     32340
     tataatatcc agtatttatt ttgctctaga ccctcagtct ataaaaatgt atattccaaa     32400
     tgcattttaa ttgagtttgt actgttattg gttaattact taatttgttt tagtttcaaa     32460
     attagttgaa tcccactata ccaaagataa agacaaaatt gggattataa acttcttgtt     32520
     ttatagtaaa ataatgggtt gctgtggaga ttaaattatt tggggcatgc aaatcatagt     32580
     gctttacaaa cagtaatggt ggctggtgca cttctaaata taattcgctc gtctacattt     32640
     atacaaaact gttctgcctt gctttaaaag ttctaccata ggtgccttaa aatacatgct     32700
     tatactgttt cttccaggat agaaaaccca tttcggtaag ggttctatgt ctgttgtctt     32760
     actttttttt tttccaaatt tgtaaacaat tctttctttc acaaccagtt ctgaaaccca     32820
     caaaagtctt acaatgtcat tcaagatgag aaaatatctt ggaatggaca ggctcacttc     32880
     tatacttgaa gaagttgttg gagtacctgt aggcagagtc ttccactact ctgactgata     32940
     gacaagtttg cactccatca tgtatgttct aagtactcag cctctctaga ggttttcaat     33000
     cccaattatt actttttcta ctagataaga gagtttttga gagagacact gggttgacga     33060
     cagggaattg attgaaagta tgaatattaa tgagtaaatt tcccattcaa tcaatctatc     33120
     ctaaaaagta agtactgcct ccacatctgg aagtgctagc ttccaaatat aatacattgt     33180
     tccagttaaa gaaaactgag ctatcttaga gtgaaatttt ctgagttctt gcatttaaac     33240
     attcatcaac ataatgacca aatctctaat caaaggtctc cctaagctta catgtaagca     33300
     agctcgattg acttatacag agcttcttaa cagtttttag ttcctcattc ttaactgtga     33360
     acatatattc tgacttttga gaaaaattgg aatacaaaat gtcaataaaa caacaacaat     33420
     aataagaatc attgatggaa attttctgga gatgtcaata ggattctcac tgaacagtta     33480
     tcagagtact gatcagttca tgcttgggag gaaactactc aaggcaaaag aacttcccaa     33540
     taatatgaat aaaacaattt atccaaccca aagaaagtaa cagatatttg attttttgtc     33600
     taaaaacaaa caataacttg aaaaatatat gaaaataaca cttttcaaaa cgttggagtt     33660
     caggcaatgc atgacaataa ttccccaggt taccaccttc tgagagtttc ccagatgcag     33720
     ctcagagaca gggaagccag gggaagccca gcagactctc acagttgagg agatatgcct     33780
     gtaagtccag agagagcaag gtggctacag cttacaaggt agagtaactt agaggaaagg     33840
     cctacacaga gaaaacactt agaaaatcac aataggatca tcactgagta ttcatcagag     33900
     tactgtgaag ttgatgcgtg ggagaaaact actcaagaca aaagaactgc tcaaaggaat     33960
     tagaggatag aatacttgga gctcagacaa ggcctagaac aatgcctatt cttaccagct     34020
     gcacaggtca atgtcataat tcacagagca ttaggtaaag tgtttttttt gtgtgtttgt     34080
     tttttagaca gagtttcgct cttgtcaccc aggctggagt gcaatggcac gatcttggct     34140
     cactgcaacc tccacctccc gggttcaagt ggttcttctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct     34200
     gggattacag gtgcccgtca ccaagccaga ctaatttttt tgtattttta gtagagaagg     34260
     ggtttcacca tgtaggccag gctggtcttg aactcctgaa ctcaagtgat ccacccacct     34320
     cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccactg cgcctggtca ggtaaagtat     34380
     ttttagaagt ctttcctttg gattagagat aataaacctt gcataaaatg ttgtttaggt     34440
     cccacctaac aaaccttaaa aagcatggat aaagctgttt acgaaataaa actgcatccc     34500
     agaataaagc ttgagaagaa ttatagaata gaaaaatcaa caccacatca agcaagtgga     34560
     aggattgaat attatgtaga gacaagaaaa atattcaaaa agacaaatca aatctgaaaa     34620
     attaaagaat acaatgtctc agatgatatt ctggatgaat ggcagattag acattacaga     34680
     agaaaagata attgaactta aagtcttatc agcaactatc ataaatgaaa ctggaaaaaa     34740
     aggaataaaa aatgtgaact gggagaaaac tttaacctag gaaacatgtt aagtggaccc     34800
     ccaaagttgg agagtgggga cagagaaaac atttgaagaa aaatatttga aatatggtca     34860
     tgacaagcca tatgtttctg tcaagaactg taaagggtct gaaattttac tcaaacttgt     34920
     taggtgagca caattttggg ccagctgaat gggaagaaga cttgagactc ctagatcagc     34980
     aaccaagaac agtttattat tcacaacaac aatagtagtt agagtgtcac cattttttgc     35040
     actgctttct tgagccccag ttctcacagg gtgatgcaat agaaagccag ttaatatctc     35100
     ctcttacagg agagaaatct tgagtttatg aaactaacac cttttataat gggttctcta     35160
     tatgtcttcc ttttgctccg gagggaaaca gtctcaatct ttcaaggctg ttctctacac     35220
     acatccttga aatgttagtt tggaaaaagg gacacttagt acctcattca caagacatgc     35280
     agaaactcaa aaggtagtac ctcattcaca agacatgcag aaactcaaaa gatctactga     35340
     aaattatctc ccaaaattac tatctaaatt taataaaatt tgaaaagtca gttccttagg     35400
     tgcatgagtc accttttaag agttcaatag tcacatatgg ctagaaactg tcctattgac     35460
     agtgaagata tggaacattt ccattactga agaaaatact atcatataga atggttgtac     35520
     atcatataat agcaataata aggtgtaata ataatagtag ccctataaat tatgggttat     35580
     tatctgcact ttacagatga agaaactatg ccttaagaaa gtaaagcaac ttactaagtt     35640
     aatatgtcta gcaggtgtca gagtttggac tgcattaaac taatttctta tactgctttc     35700
     tataatgcct gtggcagatt gtatgttcaa gtaatgactg caacaatatt tatgatccca     35760
     catgctcttc tagatccttg ctactatcct gtcaagaagt ggagcctagg gctgggcgag     35820
     gtggctcaca cctctaatcc cagcactttg agaggttgag gcgggtggat cacgaggtca     35880
     ggagttcgag gccagcctgc ccagcatagt gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa     35940
     cttagctggt ggtgtgtact tgtaattcca gctactcagg aggctgaggc aggagaatca     36000
     cttgaaccca ggaggcagag gttgcagtgt ccttgaactt gggtgggcct ttgttactgc     36060
     ccctatggaa gtgatattac atacagtgta aatgatgata tgtaaggtta actgtatcct     36120
     tgaaaagatg tcatatcttt aacaagatga tagagcttct acatggctcc tttttgggac     36180
     aatagctcct ggaagtcact tgccaggcta tgaggaatcc caggtcacat atttatatct     36240
     tttagctgag gccattattg agttcccagg cagcagccag aattaactca tacacatgaa     36300
     ttacgaaggc ttctaaatgt ctccagcccc agtcaccttt ggattttagc ccgggagatc     36360
     cacaaaaata attatcgacc tgatctaatc ctaacttata tttcaaatca caaatagtaa     36420
     taataaaaat aagtttgttt catgttatta tgcttgggat gattccttat gcagcaataa     36480
     atcattgaaa caatgtatct tcaaaccaat tatttaaaaa cctttttttc agccaatgaa     36540
     tcaatatttg tttgctttat tcactggtgc attcaacaaa tgaatatata cgtgggtaat     36600
     ttcttgtata gcctgtgtca cattttgtag aactagaatt aaaaagaaaa agtcaattta     36660
     tggcttatat gaaaaaatat acatatttaa aaaagaaatt ttatctaagc aaaattgttt     36720
     ctcaagtagc tctgtacatt ttttatgtat tgtcatattt gggtttcata ccctagactt     36780
     ctgtctttca tttatttatt ctggttgata ggtaagttgc cttatttgca ttatttctaa     36840
     agatgtgaaa aattattatg atttttaaat gttaaagtaa acatacctca tacttttcac     36900
     taaaatgcaa aatattgtaa taaaataaat gacaaatttt tcaaagaaat gtgaagcata     36960
     gtcaataaaa catacaactt tattaaatct ctatgttcta gaatcagttt ttgcactgac     37020
     atatattcat aagacaccta gaaaatacct tgttaatttt catagattta aacatttcac     37080
     aggtttaatt ttagtaagct gacaattttc tagaggatat ttttatttgc aaatacaaat     37140
     tatttacagt taaactttga aattggatat tctttccaac ttgatcaatt cttaaagaac     37200
     tgagaaaagt ctcaaaataa aatgggttag aaatagttta tatgttattg ctttaaaatc     37260
     atttcaagta gttacaatgc actttcacag aagcatcatt ttgcctgaag catacaggag     37320
     ggacacggaa tcaggaacga acagaatgga ggcccctgga gctatgttta tagatccttg     37380
     ctcatttatt gtgcaattta ttcactatag cttaagggac aagcaagcat tcatcaccca     37440
     ctgctcccat cattttcaag gctgttcagt agataacaca aatgctaagc aaacaagtct     37500
     tttgatccat ttcaatctac ttctgatttt tcttttaggt aacaaaagtt tattgatttg     37560
     actctatcta tgtgtttcta tctctatgtc tacatctaaa atttttccat ctgtgtctct     37620
     acttacacat aaaattggaa aaaacaccac ccttggagta ttctctgaac agggacagaa     37680
     agtaaaattg tttggtacaa aagggattcc catctaagag tttgatatgt gtggagtctt     37740
     aaatagacaa aagagttagg ctggtgagag atgggaaaaa caaaacgaaa aaacagataa     37800
     gctctaagta cgcctttctt cacggttcag gtcatataga cctcttgtgc aaacaactga     37860
     caatcttcct gagcccaact atcattagac acctacaagt taggtcaccg caaccttagc     37920
     gtttttagta ctgcacaaag ccctcttcag cagacagcat aaacactatt tgataaaatt     37980
     tccaccgagc ctttgtttcc cggcagtcag tttctgttgg ccttcccatt gcctccttgc     38040
     aaactatttt cctaacaatt tttctaataa atctgccttt ctttacctac aactgtcttg     38100
     gcaaattctt ctatccccat gccaccggcc cagatagttg tcgttcacct gtaatatttt     38160
     ggtggcccat taggggactt tcttttcacg gggaactctc tcccctgtct ctttcccttt     38220
     cccaacttgg gaccctcagc agacagcgtc taagcacgag ccaattgcag gtcactgatt     38280
     ggagctacac acaggtggga ccaaaaggtg tctatgtgga agtgtctgac caccatcacc     38340
     cgttttggtc aaaggacctg agtttactta tttttttctg tctttcagca gccagtttct     38400
     tgcatccctc tggcaattaa acctgttttc cttatatatt acccagtctc aggtatttct     38460
     ttacagcagc atgagaacgg actaatacag taagatgata cagcagagag tgggatactg     38520
     ctataaaggg actgaaaaat gtggaagtaa ctttggaatt gggtaacagg cagaggttgg     38580
     aagagtttgg agggctcaga agaagacagg gagatgtggg aaaatttgga acttcctaga     38640
     gacttgttga atggttttga tcaaaatgct gatagtgata tggacaatga agtccaggct     38700
     gaggtggttt cagatggaga tgaggaactt gttggaaact ggaataaagg tgactcttgc     38760
     tatgctttat caaagagact ggtggcattt ttttgcctct gccttagaga tctgtggaac     38820
     tttgaacttg agagagatga tttagggtat ctaacagaag acatttttaa gtggcaaagt     38880
     gttcaagagg aagctgagca taaaaatttg gaaaatttgt agcctgacca tgcaatagaa     38940
     aagaaaaatc catttttatg gggagaaatt caagcaggcc acagaatttg tataagtaac     39000
     gagaagctga acattatttc ccaagctaat gggaaaaatg tctccagggt gtgtcagaga     39060
     cctccatgcc agccctctcc catcaaaggc ccagaggcct aggaggaata catggtttca     39120
     tgggcctggc ccagtgcccc cctgctctat gcagccttga gacatggtgc cctgcgtatc     39180
     agctgcttca gcttcaggtg attgtaatta cctgaggcct ccccagccat gctgaactct     39240
     gagtcaaaaa acctcttttc tttataagtt acccagtctc tggtatgtct ttattagcag     39300
     tgtgacaaca gactaataca gaggtctctg attgtctcac agctgtatgt agtagaggat     39360
     cttcacttag tgcctgagtg gctttgactc tggagaggcg gacccatgga gagacacctc     39420
     ggagatttac agccattggg gtggtaggaa gaacttgata tggcccagtc cagatggatt     39480
     ctaaaggcct ttcctcctat gcgagagttt taagatacac ccagtcctca ggcatcagtt     39540
     taggctgtgt gttctctgga aaagagggat tgggttttag actatgaaga ttttggtaat     39600
     gggtaatggt tttgatggtt tgtcctaaga gatatcacat gctgtgtgaa ataatgactt     39660
     tctggatcta acaagaggtc tgtttgtaag aagggccttc cataaagaac ttcaaatggg     39720
     ctgagatggg tttctgaatt tggggtaatg caagacctta agagggcaat agggagcaca     39780
     gcgggccgtg actgttcagt ttcctgtatt agctttgtga gatgcctttt tatggtttga     39840
     ttagcttttt ctacttttcc agaggattgt ggataccaga atgcaagcaa gtagtatttc     39900
     atttgaaggc cttagcaact tcttgttttg agaaatgaag gcagggccat tgtcttatgg     39960
     aatgagtaag ggagcccaac acagggaaga atgtggtcca aaagggccat ggtggcttct     40020
     aatgcctgtt cagttttggt gggaaaggcc tctatccccc caagtatcta caaagactag     40080
     caagtattta agttccttgc attggaggca tgtgcgtaaa atctagctgc caatcttctc     40140
     ctggtagggt ccctcatctt cgaatggagt agaggagagg aggagatttg tgggtccctt     40200
     caggattcat tttcgcagca tgtggcacaa gcctgcaaga tggctcgctg aagattgggt     40260
     tattccttta ccaataaaca gtggacttac taagttttgg agggctttgg cccccacatt     40320
     agttgatttg tgtaagcttt ttaaatgttt ccattgtgag gctcctggaa tgaaagtttg     40380
     ccgttagagc tttttagcca gctttctgag ttatgagaga agcctttcac tagagccctt     40440
     tgggtttctt tctgtgaata gtgtgagaca ggagagtggg gttaggaacc aaaactgcct     40500
     gaaggggcag cctggcagct gcttttgctt agtcatcagc tcatttgttc ccaattgaga     40560
     tttcatcact gcttccctga tgggctctgc agtgaatgat agctacctgt gcaaaaagca     40620
     aaattgtctc taacagaatc atgattacag gagcatgtct aattggagaa gtttggtctg     40680
     ttgagagttt cctttttcac caaatggctg catgggcatg tactacatga atgcctaggc     40740
     tgagtctgtg taaatattaa atctcatgcc tggtcctaat tgtaaggctt gagtaagggc     40800
     aataagttct gccttctggg ctgaggtggt gctgcctggt acgggccttg attctataac     40860
     ttcagtaagg ctaacaattg cataccctga taactgggta ccttccaaca tgaaactact     40920
     gctgtctgtg aaccaagtgg cctctagatt gattggtaag gggggtgtct tggaggtctg     40980
     ttctggtgca acaagttaaa tcaatagttt gtaagcagga gtgtttaagt ggtccatctg     41040
     catttggaga tggtaacagg gtagcaggat taagaaattg acgtggctta atgtttaatt     41100
     atggtgtttg cagtactgac tgatatctgc taattccact attagagacc cagtgaaagg     41160
     gctttgagtt taaaatattt gttacattgt gtggtgtata tattattatt tcttggccca     41220
     gagttagctt ggagaccccc ctcaactaat agggtcacag atgctagcgc atggaggaac     41280
     ggaggccagc cctgtgccaa ccaatcaggg ttctctgata actgattggt cattggaagg     41340
     gatccaatgg ctgggttagg accattttca gggtacagcc ctactcctgg ctgctttcat     41400
     gggctggcat tgagtgtctg cagcttttcc aggcacatgg tgcaagttgt tggtggatct     41460
     atcattctgg ggtctggaga acagtggccc tcttctcaga gctccactag gcagtgtccc     41520
     agtgggtact ctgtgtaggg gcttctaccc cacattttcc ttatatacta acatggcaga     41580
     ggttctccat gagggctctg gccctgcagc aaacttctgc ctgaatatcc aggcctttcc     41640
     atacatactc tgaaatctag gcagaggttt cttaacctca attcttgact tgtatgcacc     41700
     cacaggccca acaccatgtg aaagctgcca agggttgggt cttacactct ctgaagcaat     41760
     ggcctgagct gtccgttggc cccttatagc catgcctgga gtggctggga tgtagggcac     41820
     caagtcccaa ggctgtatag agtagtgggt ccctggacct ggcccaggaa accacttttc     41880
     cttcctaggc cttggagtct gtgatgggag gggctgttgt gatggtctct gacatgccct     41940
     ggagacattt accccattgt cttggtgatt aacatccagc tcctcattac ttatgcaaat     42000
     ttctgcagtg ggcttgaatt tctcttcaga aaatgggatt ttctttccta tcccatggtc     42060
     aggctgcaaa ttttccaaac ttttattctc tgcttcctct tgaatccttt gctgcttaga     42120
     aatttctttg gccagatacc ctaaatcagg tctcacaaat tcaatgttcc acagatctct     42180
     ggggcaggag caaaatgcca ccagtctctt tgcatagcaa cagtgacctt tactccagtt     42240
     cccaacaagt ttcccatctc gctctaaaac cacctcagcc tggactttat tgtccatatt     42300
     attatcagca ttttgatcaa agccatttat caagtctcta agaagttcta aactttccca     42360
     catcttcctg tcttcttctg agacctccaa attgtttcaa cctctgcctg tttcccagtt     42420
     ccgaagttgc ttccacattt ttggatatct ttataggagc actccactcc tggtaccaat     42480
     ttcctgtatt agtccattct catgctgcta acaaagacat atctgatagt gggtaattta     42540
     taaagaaaag aggtttaact gactcaccat tctgcattcg gcctcaggaa acttataatt     42600
     atggtggaag gggaagcaaa cacatccttc ttcacatggt ggcagggaga agaagactga     42660
     gtgcccagtg cagggggaag ccccttataa aaccatcaga tctcctgaga gcaggatggg     42720
     agaaaccgcc tgcatgattc atttgtcttc acctggtccc acccatgaca tatggggatt     42780
     tggagaacta taattcaaaa tgagatttgg gtgaggacac atccaaatca gactctatct     42840
     attgtttaga caaactcaga ctctgagttg gattcaggta atactaaccc taattttcaa     42900
     ctctagcttc aaggagtttc tttttcctta ctcccttaac tttccttaaa aatcaatgaa     42960
     atctactttt ttcctggctt ctttacttaa ttacagctgt aaactgcatc ctggtcatta     43020
     ctttcattgt tctgcacttc aactgccttt ttacatctgg atgcaataat attctccttt     43080
     ctccttgaac ttcactcttt aagaataagc atgccaatga ctcaaccacc ataacatagt     43140
     ctagctactg tagctaacaa ttaaagctat tactgagtcc tctgaaattt ctggtgggga     43200
     tcccagatag ttaatctatt tattaaatta gcaaatagat actcatcaag gcagtttgca     43260
     ctctatcaag cacataaaaa catgcaagcg ctggtggact caaggcagta ataccaactt     43320
     tgagatttgg gtttatctaa tcagccatat aatttaatgt cacaaaatca ataccacata     43380
     ctataggaaa aatagcataa aattttcagt aaaaacttcc ttcacttgga ttttctgaaa     43440
     agataaccaa ttagaacaat ttctaaaaac cagatgccta aacaatattt tattcttgat     43500
     gaccttgttt gtaactgtgc tttctaaatt accaatcacc aaaggaagaa gccatgaact     43560
     tcttatattt tatatttata atttacagag gtcccaaaaa catcatttaa taccagggct     43620
     tcctgctttc ccaagaaatc tagaatattt tgatctctct tgaagttgac agaaattagc     43680
     ccaatggctt tttaaaactt tattcttaga gctaactctt tttactcaat tctattacag     43740
     gctcacagta attatccaac tgcttcactt aaacagcttc atcctcttga cattaatact     43800
     attataaggg aagtaggata tggttgctat ttgcaggggg atttccaaga ttaccaccca     43860
     gataaaattt ctttatattt gtcctagtaa tctcatatac ctccatgcca cacaacaata     43920
     taccaaggta ctaggtgttt gtttgttttt cttatactct gtacagtcct tcttctttcc     43980
     tgtctccctg aattcactac atattgtcac ctttaacatg tcaggcttca tcctagttac     44040
     ttggatatct ctacaattag cattaacact taaaatgaac cttactctgc caagtcttgt     44100
     ggattacatt gtacttgaag ggactcacaa gctattaagg aaacaacatt ctctgtgtgc     44160
     caaggattgt tggttttgtt tactattagt ccctgaaagg tatgattcca tattccctat     44220
     ttatgctcag aatttcatcc cttttaacac caccttgtat cccaaattcc tgttttccca     44280
     ctcccacagg accctaaaaa gcatacacaa ggcatggtag cttcattctc tgcctattta     44340
     agtcaataca caaccaagct aaaaacataa accctctcaa aggactggtt ccctgaccca     44400
     agagaaaatc ccctgttgta ggcccccttt ttaaacaagt ccaattcaaa cattaagctt     44460
     ttttttttaa gcaacagaaa acaaacatta cttcaaccct gttggtaatg ttcctaaacc     44520
     cctttgcaac tacactgtaa ctataaattg taccaataga aaatatgtat cggggaaaat     44580
     ataatttggt accagttaga atatcaggcc tagccaacct caatgcccca aatctccaaa     44640
     ctataaacta tcacttctgt acagtgaggc cctctccaga cacttgtcct gatgtaactc     44700
     catggcaaaa tggcaaggtt atgaattccc ctaacaattg cctacaactt ctcatgctca     44760
     gcaaccccaa atctcagatt tttctagact ctcaatgctt tcagttattc tgggaaaaca     44820
     aaatccaccc aaatgcaaac tataatatcc aagccttaca gcctcttaca actgctactc     44880
     tagctacctc atacttgttc ttcaggtcag aaggccaaaa cacacttcgt ttcttcactc     44940
     taagtttaat atcttgcctt aaatctgagg aagcattctt cctccataaa caaatgcatg     45000
     tatttgtctt ccagccaact gaactagaac ttgtacacta gtttacttag tcctagacat     45060
     ccaaattgct ccttccaatc aattccttcc aataccactt tatagttcta gcagagaaaa     45120
     ctgagcaatc catctgattg ccctgttcat tggcctaggg attgccattg ggttaagcat     45180
     gggaataata ggtatgagcc tcacagccca tacttattat accctctcaa tggaacaccc     45240
     caccaagctc aaacatatct cggacaccca ggaagtcctc caaaatcagg ccaacttcat     45300
     agcacaaatt gttctccaaa atggctgtgg cataaatctg cttacaggag cccagtgggg     45360
     tatttgttta gtccttgaat aggaatgttg tgtttatgtt aatcagtcgg gaatagtgca     45420
     gaaccatgtc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacca tgtcaagctg ctgaaataga aaaaaaaaaa     45480
     agcatcacaa gcatagtctt catggatatc tactttggga tggttctcct ggttcctctc     45540
     ctttttgggg ccacaaacag gtattttatt attccttctt ttcaatcctt gtatcttcaa     45600
     cttacttgtc aaattttcta gatcttgtgg gaatgcttca atctctttat tcttttttct     45660
     ttagtctcct ttgtgtactt tcaaatagac tgtcttcaag ctcattaatt ctttctttgc     45720
     ttgatccatt ctgctaagag attctgatgc attcttctgt atgtcaattc catctttcaa     45780
     ctccataatt tctgtttgat tttttaaatt tatttcaatg tctttgttaa atttatctga     45840
     tattattcta aatttcttct ctttgttatt atgaatgagt ttcttaaaaa cagctatttt     45900
     gatttctgtg tctgaaacaa cacgtgcatc catttctctg gcattgtttc ctggtgcttt     45960
     atttagttta ttttatgaac ttattgtttc ccggatagcc ttgatgcctg tgggtgttaa     46020
     ctgttgtctg tgcatcgagt agttatgtgt ccgaaattgg tgggttcttg gtctcactga     46080
     cttcaagaat gaagccgcag accctcgtgg tgagtgttac agttcttaaa gatgtgtgtc     46140
     cggagtttgt tccttctgat gttcagacat gttcggagtt tattccttct ggtgggttcg     46200
     tggtctcgct ggattcagga gtgaagctgc ggaccttcgc ggtgagggtt acagctctta     46260
     aggtggcgcg tctggagttg ttcattcctc ctgtccggag ttgttcattc ctcccggtgg     46320
     gttcgtggtc tcgctggcct caggagtgaa gctgcagacc ttcatggtga gtgttatagc     46380
     tcataaaagc agcgtggacc caaagagtgg gcagcagcaa gatttatttc aaagagcgaa     46440
     agaacaaagc ttccacaatg tggaagggga cccgagtgga tagccactgc tggatccagc     46500
     agcctgcttt tattctctta tgtggcccca cccacaacct gctgattggt caattttaca     46560
     gagagctgat tggtccatct tgacagggtg ctgattggtg tgtttacaat ccctgagcta     46620
     gacacagcgt gctgattggt gtgtttacaa tccctgagct agacacagca tgctgattgg     46680
     tgcatttaca atcctttagc tagacataaa agttttccaa gtccccacta gattatctag     46740
     acacagagca ctgactggta cgtttacaaa ccttgagcta gacacagagt gctgattggt     46800
     gtatttacaa tcctttagct agacataaaa gttctccatg cccccacccg actcaggagc     46860
     ccagctggct ttgcctagtg gatcccgcac cagggccgcg ggtggagctg cccgccattc     46920
     ccatgccatg cacctgcatt cctcagccct tgggtggttg atgggactgg gtgctgcaga     46980
     gcagggggac ggtgcccatc agggaggctc gggccgtggg gcagcccacc gttggggggc     47040
     tcaggcatgg cgggctgcag gtcctgagcc atgctgaggc ccggcgagaa ttcaagtgca     47100
     gcgtggatgg gccggcagtg ctggggaacc cggtgcccct ccacagctgc tggcccgggt     47160
     gctaagcccc tcactgcctg gagcagcagc gctggctggc cactctgagt gtgaggccca     47220
     ctgagcccat gctcacccag aactcacgct ggcccgcaag tgtcgctccc agtttcccgc     47280
     ccgtgcctct ccctccacac ctacccgcaa gcagagggag ccggctctag cctctgccag     47340
     cccagagagg ggctcccaca gtacagaggc aggctgaagg gctcctcagg catggccaga     47400
     gtggatgccg aggccaagga ggcgctgaga gcgagcgagg gccatcagca cattgtcacc     47460
     tctcagttag gtatttactg tagtattctc agtatgtgct tgtttgtgct gtccctcttg     47520
     ggaagggttt caagacattc aaacagactt gaatgtttta atctaaacca tatgtacatt     47580
     aaggggaaca ccaaattcag taatgctgtg gttcttacag attcatggag gtaccacttc     47640
     ttggactagg atataatctg gaagaattct ctggacttct caagagagaa tcttgtttat     47700
     tttcctttct tactttcaaa caagtggaat ctctctttct atatgttgag ccacctgtag     47760
     ctgggtgtgg ggtgacacaa gcacccccat ggccaccacc actgggactg ttctaggtca     47820
     gacctgaagc cagcacagca ctgggtttta gcaaagacct gttgtaacta ctacctgctt     47880
     accacctatg ttcattcaag gtccttaggc tttaaaatta gcagctgctg aagccagcca     47940
     gacttgtgtc tttcctttca gggaaaacag tgagttcttc taggccctgg gcaggtccag     48000
     agatgctgtc tcagagccag ggactggagc caaaaactta ggaatctacc tggtactctg     48060
     ttctactgtg gctaaactag cactcaaacc acaagacaaa gtccttccga ctctcccctc     48120
     ccctttccat agttagagga gtctcatccc atggccacca ttaccacaga cccttggaga     48180
     gtactgtcag gttaccgttg atgtttccat aaattccaag agttcctcag tcatattgtg     48240
     gtgaattctg ccaggcctgg gactggcctt ttggggcagt gggctcccct gtggcccaga     48300
     gcatgtttgg aaagaccatt caagagccaa tgctttgaat cagggatccc aagctccctc     48360
     ttggtgctct tctatgctat gatctagctg gtatctaaaa tgcaagataa attccccttt     48420
     acttttccct ctgcttttct caagcaggag tctgtcctca tagccaccag agctgtgaat     48480
     gtgctgggtc tcaccagaag cttgcacacc tcagagtttc acccaaggcc catggtgtgt     48540
     aaaatttgga tcttgctact ggttattcag gaacaaagac cctttggtca acaggtgatg     48600
     aatagtgcca ggacttggtt cttcccttca aggcagcagg ttttcttctg ctccagtgtg     48660
     tttctagaaa tgtccaggat ctagggcctg gaatgggagc ctcactactc tgcccagtgc     48720
     tatatcagac tgtggctgag ctggtattca agttgcaaga caaagtcttc tttactcttt     48780
     cctctcctct cctcaaggag aaggaaggcg tcattttcat tgctgcaagc tgaactgtga     48840
     ggaatttgta gaggggtagc acaagcactc tcttagccac cctgtttatg tctcactagg     48900
     tcatgtgcca cctaagccca ctatctccaa gtccagctca gcactagggc ttgcctagaa     48960
     attacagtcc ttgtgaccta aactgccttt tatttaagac cccagagaaa ttttagccca     49020
     tggtggcaag gcttgctgaa actcaagttc ctatcactag gatgggtgaa tctaatctcc     49080
     tctgcctagg gctggtctaa atgctccctc catgggtagt tgtcagctga gtttagcaca     49140
     gttttgcttt tctgtgtgac agggaagcac tgaattcaat gcaatttctt acagttgttg     49200
     cactttgcct tccccaagtg aaacggattc tcatggccac acagccactg ccagagtatt     49260
     caggaggggt agcatcaaaa attaagactc tctttcctac cgcctttagt acctctttca     49320
     gtgatacgaa gttaacacta tgtactgtga ttgcttacct gatttttggt tcttatgaac     49380
     ttcctttttt ttatgtagat aattattaaa tttggtgttc ctgtggaggg taaaattggt     49440
     ggaggtttct atttagcctc cttgttctgc ccctttgcta gatgtttatt ttcatgtata     49500
     agagcaaagt taagcctgcc agttttgcta ttgtacaggc acatctttat agaaaaaaat     49560
     gttgcggaag ctttctttat gtgtatcatc ttctagccta cgataaacca gaagtaaaag     49620
     ctaccttcca cagcttattt tcctgtttgc aaaaaggaaa ggcagtggct agtgcatttc     49680
     gaggttaaat aaaacaattc atagtgttga ttggtgttta tatagtaacc taagaaagat     49740
     taattacaaa gaaaaataaa caaagaaata aataatagtt aattgtttaa tgtataccta     49800
     acttatcact cttcattgac ctacaactaa taattattat ttaaaacaaa caaaatagat     49860
     ttttaaaacc tgctgcttta tatgactttc atttatctaa aaacacatgg tttacgcagt     49920
     aacactgaga ttcaatcttt gataaatcac cgactaagaa aaacttctga ttcttcatgt     49980
     tttactttgc atataaattg cctcttgaat atttccacat aaatcagaat tataatttac     50040
     aacccagaat aaaatggact aaatatattt acttattctt tctctgacag aaaagctgcc     50100
     taaacagaaa caccattgaa gaaaaaagag attgcagtct tctctgtttc tgccatgttg     50160
     aagcttggat atattgcttt tgtgtcttct gtagaagaaa tcatttgatt tgtttatttc     50220
     ttttctctgc aatatgtgaa aagtaaatgt tggtggtgtc tagtttattt taaaaaaaat     50280
     agtgcattcc tcaatgcagt tggaagggct aagatttaaa taacattgaa aattataact     50340
     gcaataaagc agaattcctg acttttctat tgtccagtaa gttctgttga tttcctctgt     50400
     gatatctttg gcaggcagag tctcccttca ttattctaaa tttggtgaaa taaaaattgt     50460
     attagttttt aataaaatta tgtatctggg tacagaattt ttttgggtag gaactgtcaa     50520
     cagtgtctct acatctctat ctatctatgt atctatctat atctatgtct atatctatct     50580
     gtctatctat ctatatctcc cctattaatt ttctttttct agagaactct aattaatata     50640
     gtgatgcatt ttggactgtg ctataaaaaa tattaggggg cagcccatag tgtagctcta     50700
     tttgttgcca ctctggttct actcaagaaa ctattagact tcctctcctt tcatgtggac     50760
     taacagatgt tttacacttc cagtttatac gtaagtctta cttatttgaa gttttcattc     50820
     aactaaatga ttccactgat tactttctat ttataataaa tctgttaatc actacaggga     50880
     acacagacat aagtaagatc atctagagtc tcaaaatgct cagatactag ctgggatgaa     50940
     gttggaggtg gatctataag gtgggagtgg aaggaaggct gataagtaaa aaaatgtaaa     51000
     aataaaaaat caggatggag acaagtggca cgtaaaaatg tacaaaatga tatggaaaca     51060
     aatgaagaca tgattgcatc taattagagg gatcaaaagt gctttcatta aagaggtggt     51120
     cagatactat tgcagaattt tgacatgtga cattcagggt ggggatataa gacattctaa     51180
     aaggatggag ttaaatatgc atggacaaag caaaacatga ggcagaaagc acccagtatg     51240
     tctgtggtgt gatgctttgt agagaatcta gcagattaga caattaaaac cctgaaaata     51300
     tagtttgaaa caaaatgata agagtcttga atagaaaatt gaggaattct gagttaattt     51360
     tataattagc tgtggagcaa tgaatgtgtt tgagtaggtc aatacttact gaaaggaaat     51420
     tatgctgata gcagggtggt ataatttata agttgggagg cagaagacat ggagatcagt     51480
     taaaaacctc ttacaatagc acatgactga gtcaatcaag cctgaatttg agtggtggca     51540
     gaggaaacgg agaagaataa agagtttttt tgtggaaact gaaatcaata caattcaaca     51600
     actgtttggc tataaggaat agtagatagg gtggaatcaa agatgataaa gagatctcaa     51660
     gcctggttag agctgttaga ataaactaaa tatcaggaaa atgaattacc ttgagcacaa     51720
     aaatggggat ttcaattttc aaaatgttga atttgttgtg ctcatgaggt agaaataatc     51780
     agtgaagcag ttggatgtgt aggtctcctg atctagagac atgttaggac agaagataga     51840
     gatataagag tcatttacat agaggtgata gttgaagcta tggatctaga tatattttct     51900
     gattaataga ttctaaaaca aaatgtgaat aaaatcttaa gaaatataca gaagtagtag     51960
     aatccatatt gcgggtaaga gtcatcagga catatctagc aaacgtctaa atagctcatg     52020
     cgatgggcac acaaagtgta tttgtgtgag taaaatttga ggaaacagct tggatagaat     52080
     ttggcatgtc catcaaactg gtgagctctt ccaatagtag tcttctgtca gggaggctta     52140
     aaaaccctat gcttgatcca gtaacaatac ttagttaatt taggtaataa taatctaagt     52200
     aaaacattgt gtcctcagta tgaattttga gaagtggtaa agtctacttg ttaagaatat     52260
     agtttctaga gccaaagtgt gtgggtttga attcctgcct gtcacttact agctgggtta     52320
     ctttgagcaa gtatcttaac ttctctgctt cttagtatct tcattattat tattattatt     52380
     attattatta ttattattat tattaagaca gggtctggct ctgtcaccca agatggagcg     52440
     cagtggcgct atctcggctc actccaacct ctgtctttgg gctcaaacca tcctcctacc     52500
     ccagcctctc aaatagctgg gactacaaga gtgcacaacc atgcccggct aatttttgaa     52560
     tttttggtag agatgggaat tcaccatgtt gaccaggctc gtcttgaact cctgagccca     52620
     agtgatccac atgcctcagc ctctcaaagt gctgggatta caggcgtgaa caaccacacc     52680
     tggctgtctt attatcttta aatgtataat tgggaaaata atactacacc agaagttagt     52740
     tgtagtaatt taaaaagtta aaatacagta agtatataag acagttcttg agacttgtta     52800
     agtccttaac aaatgtttgc cattattatg tttagtctcc tcaccctaat tcagttagat     52860
     tgtctgagac ctatggagag atctttcaat gaatgttctt taagatatag acacacaaga     52920
     ataattctta ggaatttcca taacaaattg tgaaagaaat aaggagttac tcttcatcac     52980
     actgccatgc aaacgttttt agctttggca actgaaagat aactgttgtg cctagcagat     53040
     aaagtagaaa gactacaata aaccagaaaa gcaggggcgt tgtatcagtg gcaacagtct     53100
     gttctatggt actgaagtaa tgcctgctgc agtaggcaga gcggcaacca ttagaattag     53160
     agaactactg tacttagctg aatggcagtg attattatgt agcacctaat agaataatgc     53220
     ggatacatta ggagtggagc actcataagg ttttctgaaa aattatcggg gcactcattg     53280
     tagggagact ggagtaaacc ttgtcagcaa atgtgataat aagatagtgc aatttgtgtc     53340
     atatatattt agcaggctga cagagtaaga gaagctgcag aaggatacag aagaatcagt     53400
     cagatagaaa tgaggagagt atagtattat agaaggcaaa gtaagagaaa ttcctggaag     53460
     tatggcatta tcaacagggt caaatgctgc agaaatgtca agaagaatga ataccaacaa     53520
     aggtgattgg atccggaaac cggaaactca tttgtagtat ctcataaggc agtttcagta     53580
     gagcagtggt gtaaagagac tgattgtaaa aagcataatt ataaacgggt ggtgagaaag     53640
     tgaagaaaat tggtgtggaa tcttctctgg aggaaatgtg gaactatgaa aaatatacaa     53700
     gatagtacgt tgaagaggtg ataggagttt gtaaatgatt ttttggttta ggaagagctg     53760
     agccatgttt gtagataaag aaggaaaacc tgacacaggg agattttaaa aattcaagga     53820
     ataggggccg ggcgcggtga ctcacgccct taatcccagc accttggggg gccgaggcag     53880
     gtggatcacg aggtcaggag ttcgagacca gcctggggcc aatatggtga aaccctgcct     53940
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggaat ggtgtcgcgc gcctgtagtc ccagctactt     54000
     gggaagctga ggcagaagaa ccgcttgaac ctgagaggcg gaggttgcag tgagccgaga     54060
     tcgcgtcact gcactccagt ctgggcgaca gagcaagtct ctgtctcaaa aaaataaata     54120
     aataaataaa taaataaagg aatagaaaga ctaataaata gaatataata ccaaagagag     54180
     aggcaggtaa aagcttcatt attttatatg tatctattct agttgaaagg aacagagtct     54240
     ctcaatgact agttcaagtt ataagcataa tgtaaggaga catatgcaga aacatgtact     54300
     gagactcata aaaagcccaa aagacattgg tcatatttca cagagatagg aatcatagca     54360
     tatttctgag actatattat ggtctgtcaa agactattct agaaatctct gcagcaattt     54420
     cgaatggatt ttcaatttaa tgttcaatta ttaatttaac tcaggtactc ttctggtttt     54480
     tgatatttta tttgtatcta ttcatgtcat attctatgca ttgatttttt accccattca     54540
     atatatttct tatttgagct gatattaacc agatttacta tgcataactc accatacccc     54600
     aatatcccca aatttgtttt tttcatgaat tcattttgtg tgtaagattg atgtcctaca     54660
     aaattagccc caatttactc aaaatttccg tgtgcttatc attttgaccc attaacttta     54720
     ttatttctca tggtccttct tgcctttttg cccctctttg tgcatagttt cagtcttact     54780
     tccccatatt aactatccca ttctctttgg actcctagtt taagttcctt aaaacataat     54840
     ctgattggac cagtttatct atatttagcc agaattattt gttttgtcgt ctcatgggct     54900
     actgattagt ataggaaatg gcttttcttg gtcaagtgac catttgtagt ctaatctcct     54960
     gttttggcgt actggttgta gagaagcata aaatgaaaca tcatgtggga agaacataat     55020
     caagaaaata ccaggggtca cttcctccag caggagtctt gctcgcaatc gtgcgtagaa     55080
     tgagctttga cctagtaggc attatgcttg gctgattgaa aacatctgtg aattaaataa     55140
     attaacacag aaaacctaaa tctacttctg aagtgatttt gtcttttcct ctttattttc     55200
     atcaatagtg tcttagctta catattattt tcatctctta ttaggacctt tgctaacttg     55260
     cctaactgtt tctgatcttt tcttcatgat aacctattgt ccaaattaat ttttgagttt     55320
     tattttaaaa acacataata gataacataa ctctcctatt caatatattt aatgtcaatg     55380
     aaagttagca tgttgaagtg cgatgtgtat tctattcact tgacgtgtag ttgtttaaaa     55440
     atgttcttca agtaatagat tactgttatc atcctccatt atatacaagg atattgatac     55500
     tcagaaaatt caaataatct gagcagatga ataaagttag taagtgttgc aactggaatg     55560
     taaaccaata tttattgatt ctgataccaa ttcaatattt attattttaa actctagcct     55620
     acacaacttt ccattgtctg cagaaagaag ttcaacattc ctacaaattc atacatagtt     55680
     cttgacaatt ttccccaagc cacatttaga ggctcatttt tttcctcttt ctctcatcat     55740
     gtggctaccc ttcaatataa tcatactaaa cttcttgcag tttcataaat acaccacttt     55800
     aaaaatatat ctcctgttta ttccaaacat cctaggctgg aaatgttcaa atgacaaaat     55860
     tcaaagttat ttgtagtgtg atatttttag tactacggta actggaaata tatatctcca     55920
     gatattcctt gcaactacgg ttatgtcggc tatagtagac agaattctag ctgctctctc     55980
     tggccccaag atttcattct tggttactga atcaaatatt aatctaggta tggttgcgaa     56040
     gccattttat aggtgtaatt taagtcttaa gttaatggac attaatatat ggtgattatc     56100
     tgagtgaaca cgacccaagc aagtgagccc ctcctttctt ttaaaatatt taattgacaa     56160
     agattgtatg cattagaagt gtaaaacatg atgttttgat atatgcatat attttgcaat     56220
     aattgttgca atcaaataaa ttaatacatc tatcaacaca gataggatcc attaggttcc     56280
     cagaacatga tagtcttata cctggaagtt tatacacttt gaccatcctt cattccctcc     56340
     aaaccccagc tcttagcacc cacattctgc cctctgtttc tgtaagtttg acttttttag     56400
     attccacatg tatgtgagat tatacaatat ttttctttat gtgtctagct tattttggct     56460
     agcataaagc aaaacatttt gtttaaatgt agaaaagaat atcgaaaggc tttgaagcag     56520
     gagaaagatt taatggactc acatttctgg ctttgaagag gagcaggacc gtgtgcaagg     56580
     actagagagt ggcttctagg acttaagagt gacccctgac tgacagccat tacggaaatg     56640
     tggacctatg tcttacaacc tcatgaagct aaattttgcc aacaacctga atgagctaga     56700
     attacatagg tttccaaacc ctccaaacct gaactcagac tgacattttg atgccagcct     56760
     tgtaatatgc tgagcagaga aatcaactat gacatgacag atttctgaac tacataaatg     56820
     cgggctaaaa agtgaatgtt gttttaaacc gtagtaactt gttatgtagt aatagaaagc     56880
     tatcatagag tcaaattaag ttttactaat aagttgcagt tacataagat ttgagggctg     56940
     aaataaggca tagaccttcc aaaataactt ttgccatttt ctggctggca aacaatgtat     57000
     gtgaagattc tgttgttcaa tttccagttt tagcaatgaa agtggcagtt acagcaataa     57060
     taatggacta acatttttta atctgtttat aagcatcatg agtgttgaga aaaatacagg     57120
     ctatcatggt ggctagattt cacatttcat ttcctagaca gtcatgttcc cagacaggac     57180
     aaggtttgtc tgcttgttct tgtggtccaa taacaagacg cagacagact gggaaagaag     57240
     ggagtttatt tctccaactg gctacagaca gaaggtcgga gtaactcacc agaccaacta     57300
     aaagttacaa ggtttttctt cagtgctcat ataaattcag accatatgcc tatgtgtgag     57360
     agtgcacctg caagccaaag tgtttcaccc tgtttaatct ttaactaggg gctgggatct     57420
     gaaaaatttc tttagagctt tggaagaatt acttaatcta aagtggatcc tggtacaagg     57480
     tgtacaaagt gtgtaagaac ttttccatta ttttaatcaa actctaagtt ctgagaagcc     57540
     caggtggggt gttaaatgcc ttgttttaca ttctagcctt tgttctaagg tgctagtttc     57600
     tccagttctt tagtgtttaa cttacacttt tatcagagta actgaagggt gttggtgaag     57660
     gctgacctct ctggttcctc atggcgaccc ggcctaccac agttgtagta attatagtag     57720
     tagtcatagc ttcctaaaca ttctttctaa tccctggatc atggcttcaa taagattaca     57780
     ttaaagctca tgttttaggg ccaagctttc tgattcctta cctttgtgat tatgatgaag     57840
     gtagtagtga ttctgatata ttttcttagg agtagtaggt attgtttctg gaggtacagc     57900
     cttaatcttt actctctaat tcttgcagta acctcataaa tactaaattt attatgttca     57960
     atttcttttt tttaagtgac ttctattacc taaactgagc cctgattgat actacagtgc     58020
     ttgatactag aagtaattat aggcaataaa acttcaaaat tggtaatcta gtattggtta     58080
     tctggccttg gcatgtataa agctatgaca atcctgttac tattggaaaa tgtatcactg     58140
     ttagttcata ggacacagtg gcaaatagtt acggttttac tgataactgt aatgaatagc     58200
     aattgtgata gactgttatt tttggaatga ataatctagg tttgagggtt agatgtttgt     58260
     ttctgaccat agtagagagt ttaatgaaag aaaatgctga cttcaggctt ataaattttt     58320
     ggcttaggat ttctaccttg aacctgcact ggcttatggc agagataatg aaacagaaat     58380
     ctcagtgacc atacacaaca aggaatacaa acttcgcaaa aatagtttgg aaaaatcact     58440
     gaacaaatgt ataatggcat ctctcagcaa acaaaaatat gtaatccctt aggaataaga     58500
     aaatatgatt tccagaattg ccaaattatg atattcaaaa tatacagttc caaacaacag     58560
     caacaataat aaaattacaa agcataccaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaaatg aaacacatag     58620
     cccactcaca ggaaaaaaaa ttgacaaaaa ccatctctga ggaagcccaa acatttgaat     58680
     ttatagtaaa atacgttaaa taaaatgtct gaaatatgct caaagagcaa aaggaaagca     58740
     tagaaaatga atttaaggta tttggaagaa cgatgtctga acaaacagca aacgtcagaa     58800
     aagagataga aagagctttc agatagtgga acctatgaag gttcctggag ggtggtgtat     58860
     tagtccattc tcacactgat ataaagacgt acctgaggct gggtaattta tttagaaaac     58920
     aggtttaatt ggctcatgtt tctgtggtct gtacaggctt ctgttcctgg ggaggcctca     58980
     gaaagcttat aatcgtggtg gaaggtgaag gggaagcagg cattgttttc acatggtcag     59040
     agcaggagac agagagagag aagggggagg tgctacacac ttttgaataa ccagatctca     59100
     tgagaactct atcatgagac agcactaggt ggatggtgct aaacccatag aaatcaaccc     59160
     cataatccaa ttacctgcca ccaggcccca actccaacac tggggattgc aattcaacat     59220
     gagatttgag tggggacaca gaaccaaatt atcagatggc acacctggtg agggcatgaa     59280
     agctttgtac tcctttccat atgctttgcc atatgcatct ttttataaga tgctagccac     59340
     agaggtgagc tggcttgggt agaataaggt tccaactgag ccacatagtt tcaggtcatg     59400
     acgaccacac ttggccacat ttgtcctgtt ggttgaaccc agtgggcctc tctgccatgg     59460
     ccaatctttt gggatatcct ttataataag atggaaaata taagtaaatg tttccctggg     59520
     ttctgtaagc tgatctagca aattgatcaa accaaaggag ggggttacgg gatctctgat     59580
     ttataaccag ttggtaagat gtacaggtaa aacaacctgg agcttgcaat tggcatgtga     59640
     agggggaata cagtcgtggg gattgagacc tcagcttgtg ggatctgaga ctatattcaa     59700
     gtagacattg tcagaataga acggaattag aggaaaccta gctgatgtga actgtagaag     59760
     tgattgctag cttgttggtg gagagaaatc cccacacatt ttgtcacaga agtcttctgt     59820
     gttgattgtt gttgatgaga gaatagaaac tgcactttga gtttgtgtgt gagttttttc     59880
     tactctcaac tgagtcaatg gggtttacta gaatagtcct ggctcacaga aacagatggt     59940
     ttgggatgag aaagaataaa agggtggtga taaggaatct ttgattcctt aggggacatg     60000
     tggtcaccat ggtttggagc catggatgtg ttgcaattag ttactaaagg taaaatttac     60060
     cagtggaatt cagagatgaa cctagctccc atggacttgg ttctgtaaac caaaaataaa     60120
     ataataaggt ccccccaacc atatgcatga atcactctct ttggccaagg gaattccaaa     60180
     gttaacctga gaaacttgtt caggccatga tggtaaggtg aagccagaca tgactcatta     60240
     caccctcctc ccttttggaa ctactgatag aacagactct ttaagtctaa taagagatat     60300
     ttacaatcta ttctgtctga agcctgctac ctagaggctt catctgcatg acaaaacctt     60360
     tgtctctaaa accccttatc ataacccaga cattcctttc tatcaataat tgctcttcca     60420
     accaattgcc agtcagaaaa tctttgagtc cgcctatgac ttgaaagccc tccacttcca     60480
     attgtccccc ctttctggac caaaccaatg tacatcctaa atgtattgat tgataactta     60540
     tttctccata aaatgtgtaa gaccaattta tggccagacc acccttggac acatgttctc     60600
     aggacctcct gagggctgtg tcacaggcct ttggttactc atgtttggct cagaataaat     60660
     ctcctcagag attttacaga tattaaattt tttcacaaca gttcactaga tgcattaaaa     60720
     gatacaacct attagttaaa aaaaaagcaa aacattcaag cccttggttg ttatctgtga     60780
     aagctgaaat gaaactaaaa gagagtactg agtaagacct ttattctatc acaagcacag     60840
     atttcagtga gtctgagctt tagccactag cctctaagct gatgcccaag gtaaaaatta     60900
     tgcagggaca acagacagta cttctaagac ctgtggttac taagaaggta gtcaatgtgg     60960
     gggaagggaa aaaccaagta atgattggaa ccagtgggta tagtgtgaaa aaaaattgtt     61020
     tcattttgta aatctgtatc atcaaatttc tgagaagcct ttactaaaat ggattgtgag     61080
     agtgtaactg gccagtgggt ttttcttgtc tgttgcccag agtgagcaaa tttatcaaga     61140
     cagggaaatg ccaatagaga aagagtttaa ctcatgcaga gctggctgaa caggagaatg     61200
     gagtgttatt attactcaaa tcagtctccc tgaaagttca gagactgagt ttattttaag     61260
     aataacttgg ggggtagcgg agagtaagtg gggagtgctg atttgttggg tcagagataa     61320
     agtcataggg aatcaaggct gtcttcttgt gctgagtcag attatggatt gtggccacaa     61380
     gaccagatga gccagcttat tgatctgggt tgtgccagct gatctattga ggacagggtc     61440
     tgcaaaatat ctcaagcact gatcttgggt tttacaatag tgatgttatc tccaggagca     61500
     attttgggag gttcctcatc ttgcagccag aacctgcatg acttctcaac cataatttct     61560
     aattgtgtag ctaatttgct agccctgcaa agcagtctag tccccagcca ggaagggagt     61620
     ttgttttgga aaataagctg ttatcatctt tgtttgaaag ttaaactata gactcagttt     61680
     tcccaaagtt agttcagcct atgcccagcc caggaatgga caaggacagc ttagagacaa     61740
     gaagcaagat ggagtcagtt aggtcgatct ctttcactgt cataattttc tcagttataa     61800
     ttttttcaaa ggcagtttca ctggggacct aaagctttct tacacaagag gggataaact     61860
     gatctggggg tggagaagag aagttcctag gactagaata taaaaatgta aaggttgata     61920
     taattataaa ggttggaatg ctttaacagg ttttatgtaa agaagttgtg tctcctttag     61980
     ctaaacattt tatgaaactg gatattatat ctgagtgggg aacacttttc ctacctagta     62040
     tcataaaaca aaaaccagtt gataaagtcc taatggaggt tacagttggg aaagtaagag     62100
     ttgataaaat gaaaagttta taggcgagtt tgtacatgtg aacatgattt atatgaagtg     62160
     gtagtgtctc ctttacttga ttgtataatg agcatggaca ttgtatctga atgggaaatc     62220
     tcctacccag ttgtgtaaaa tagaagaaat ataaatatgc caatttagca atattaattg     62280
     gacatcatgt taaacagaaa tcagcaagat tttctgagcc cacagaatgt agaatagaag     62340
     ctggagttct ggtaggaata aactctccct ttaatagccc tctgttcagt gagagaaaag     62400
     aaaaatagct cagagcaatc tgaactgtgt gaggtatgca gaaccaagag aaaatgagta     62460
     caggatttta gtcatctccc tctgctcaca cttatgcctg gagaaaattt ttaaaagtca     62520
     ttttgtttct gaatagctgt ctcacccatt atttttatgt tcctggaatt cgtgataaaa     62580
     agaacaatgt atagctgatc aatagcttat gtaattttaa tgtaaattcc ggggaaacaa     62640
     ctcagaaact gactcttctt ttctttacaa atccacctgt aactgctgcc aattgaagtt     62700
     gtcctgccat attcaggaca atatgaatct atgctctcag gttgcaaatt ctcaattttg     62760
     gacccaataa aatctctact tttgttaatt ttgccccagc ttcttccatt taggtcaaca     62820
     agtgttagca gaggtagagc ttatggcaaa agtgggtgag tgcctctctg tgatgattac     62880
     ctggaagttt ggattaaaat ctttttactt gcaggacatt tggtgcttta ctatgggaca     62940
     ttaagtgaag ctacccttta tgattgaaat gaagctaccc ttcattttat aaacctcgaa     63000
     taccaaacta tcttgggtga tgtcagagaa atactctaac atagtagcag tggccagaag     63060
     agtttcataa taaaactgaa attgtttata cagaatcttg ttacctgggg aatccaaaaa     63120
     gaagatactc ttgagaagga aacctctttt tccctagaaa tgactaagaa actgtgtcca     63180
     aagctgctgg attctatcaa aagtttgaaa gtgccctata aacaaccctc ttctgactaa     63240
     caaagagctg cttgggatgt aaatgacaat tctgaggtga acagatgaca tcctatttgg     63300
     aaggatgcca gtctgattaa agaaggtaat gcccacttgc tcactgctag cgcagcagtc     63360
     tgagatcgac ctgctaggca gcagcctggc agggaagggg cgtccgccat ggctgaggct     63420
     tgagtagata aacaaatgag gcttgagtag gtaaacaaag cctccggaga agctcgaact     63480
     ggacggaccc cacctctggg ggcagggcat agctaaacac aaggcagcag aaacatctgc     63540
     agacttaaac gtccccgtct gatagctctg aaaagagttg gggttctccc agcatggtat     63600
     ttgagtactg agaatggaca gactgcctcc tcaagtgggt ccctcacgcc caagtagcct     63660
     aactgggaga cacctcccag tagggaccga ctgacaactc atacaagcgg gtgcccctct     63720
     gggacaaagc ttctagagga gggatcatcc agcaatattt gctgttctgc agcctccact     63780
     ggtgataccc aggcaaacag tgtctggagt ggacctccag caaactccaa cagacctgca     63840
     gctgagcgac ctgactgtta caaggaaaac taacaaacag aagggaatag cataaacatc     63900
     aacaaaaagg acatccacac caaaacccca tctataggtc accagcatca tcatcaaaga     63960
     ccaaaggtag ataaatccac aaagactggg agaaaccaga gcagaaaagc tgaaaattct     64020
     aaaaaccaca gggcctcttc tcctccaaag gatcgcagct cctcaccagc aacggaacaa     64080
     acctggatgg agaatgactt cgacaagctg acaaaagtag gcttcagaag gtcagtaata     64140
     acaaacttct ccgagctaaa ggaggatgtt tgaaaccatt gcaaggaagc taaaaacctt     64200
     gaaaaaagat tggacgaatg gttacctaga ataaacagta tagagaagac cttaaatgac     64260
     ctgatggagc tgaaaaccat agcataagaa ctatgtgaca aaggcacaag cttcagtagc     64320
     cgattcgatc aagtggaaga aagggtatca gtgattgaag atcaaatgaa tgaaataaag     64380
     cgagaagaga agtatagaga aaaaaaagta aaaagaaatg aacaaagctt ccaagaaata     64440
     tgggactatg tgaaaagacc aaatctacgt ttgattggtg tacctgaagt aacggggaga     64500
     atggaaccaa gttagaaaac actcctcaga atattatcca ggagaacttc cccagtctag     64560
     caatgcaggc caacattcaa attcaggaaa tacagagaac accacaaaga tactcctcgt     64620
     caagagcaac cccaagacac ataattgtta gattcaccaa ggttgaaatg aaggaaaaaa     64680
     tgttaagggc agccagagag aaaggtgggg tcacccacaa agggaagccc atcagaccaa     64740
     cagaggatct cttggcacaa actctacaag ccagaaggta gtggggggcc aatattcaac     64800
     attcttaaat aaaagaattt tcaacccaga atttcatatc caaccaaact aagcttcata     64860
     aatgaaggag aaataaaatc ctttacagag aagcaaaggc tgagagattt tgtcaccacc     64920
     gggcctgcct tagaagagct cctgaaagaa gcaataaaca tggaaagtaa caaccagtac     64980
     cagccactgc aaaaacatac caaattgtaa agaccattga tgctaggaag aaactgcatc     65040
     aattaatggg caaaataacc agctaacatc ataatgacag gatcaaattc ccacataacc     65100
     atattaatct taaatgtaaa tgggctaaat gccccaatta aaagacacag actggcaaat     65160
     tgggtaaaga gtcaagaccc atcactgtgc tgtattcagg agacccatct cacatgcaga     65220
     gaaacacata ggctcaaaat aaagggatgg agaaagagtt accaagcaaa tggaaaacaa     65280
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaga aaaagcaggg gatgcaatcc gtctctgata     65340
     atatagactt taaaccaaca aagatcaaaa gagacaaaca aggctattac ataatggtaa     65400
     agggatcaat tcaacaagaa gagccaacta tcctaaatat agatgcaccc agtacaggag     65460
     cacccagatt cataaagcaa gtccttagag acctacaaag agacttagac tcccacacaa     65520
     taataatggg agactttaac accccactgg caatattaga cagatcaacc agacagaagg     65580
     ttaacaagga tatccaggac ttgaactcag ctctgcacca agcggacata atagacatct     65640
     acagaactct ccaccccaat caacagaata tacattcttc tcagcaccac attgcactta     65700
     ttccaaaatt gaccacatag ttggaagtaa agcactcctc agcaaattaa aagaccagaa     65760
     atcacaacaa actgtctctc agaccacagt gcaatcaaat tagaactcag gattaagaaa     65820
     ctcactcaaa accgcacaac tacatggaaa ctgattaact tgctcctgaa agactacagg     65880
     gtaaataatg ggacacattt aaagcagtgt gtagagggaa atttatagca ctaaatgccc     65940
     acaagagaaa gcaggaaagg cctaaaatcg acaccctaat actacaatta aaagaactag     66000
     agaagcaaga gcaaacaaat tcaaaagcta gcagaaggca agaaataact aagatcagag     66060
     caaaactgaa ggagatagag atacaaaaaa cccttcaaaa aaatcaatgt atccagaagc     66120
     tgttttttta aaagatcaac aaaattgata gacttctagc aagattaata aagaagaaaa     66180
     tagagaagaa tcaaatagac acaataaaaa atgataaagg agttatcacc actgatctca     66240
     cagaaataca aactaacatc agggaatact ataaacacct ctacacaaat aaactagaaa     66300
     atctagaaga aatggataaa ttcattgcca catacaccct cccaagacta aaccaggaag     66360
     aagttgaatc tctgaatcta ccaataacag gctctgaaat tgaggcaata attaatagcc     66420
     taccaatcaa aaaaagtcca ggaccagacg gattcacagc tgaattctac cagaggtaca     66480
     aagaggagct gataccattc cttctgaaac tattccaata atagagaaag agagaatcct     66540
     ccctaactca ttttatgagg ccagcatcat cctgatacca aagcctggca gagacacaac     66600
     aaaaaaaagg agaattttag accaatatcc ctgatgaaca ttgatgcgaa aattttcaat     66660
     aaaatactgg caaaccaaat ccagcagcac atcaaaaagc ttatccacca tgatcaagtg     66720
     ggcttcatcc ctgggatgca aggctgattc aacatacaca aatcaataga tgtaatccat     66780
     cacataaaca gaaccaacga caaaaaccac gattatctca acagctgcag aaaaggcctt     66840
     tgacaaaatt caacatccct tcatgctaaa aagtctcaat aaacaaggta ttgatgggac     66900
     atatctcaaa ataataagag ctatttatga caaaccaaca gccaatatca tactgaatgg     66960
     gcaaaaactg gaagcattcc ctttgaaaac tggcacaaga cagggatgcc ctctctcacc     67020
     actcctattc aacatagtgt tggaagctct ggccacggca atcaggcagg agaaagaaat     67080
     aaagggcaat tagttaaaga ggaagtcaaa ttgtccctgt ttgcagatga catgactgta     67140
     tatttagaaa accccactgt ctcatcccaa aatctcctta ggctgataag caacctctgc     67200
     agagtctcag gatacaaaat caatgtgcaa aaatcacaag cattcctata caccaataac     67260
     agacaaacaa agggccaaat catgagtgaa ctcccattca caattgctac aaagagaata     67320
     aaatacctag gaatccatcc tacaagggat gtgaaggacc tcttcaagga gacctgcaga     67380
     ccactgctta atgaaataaa agaggataca aacaaatgga agaacattcc atgctcatgg     67440
     ataggaagaa tcaatatagt gaaaatggcc atactgccca aggtaattta tagattcaat     67500
     gccatcccca tcaagctatc aatgactgtc ttcacacaac tgggtaaaac tactttaaag     67560
     tttgtatgga accaaaaaag agcctgcatc gccaagacaa tcctaagcaa aaagaacaaa     67620
     gctggaggca tcacattacc tgacttcaaa ctatagtaca aggctacagt aaccaaaaca     67680
     gcatggtatt ggtaccaaaa cagagataga ccaatggaac agaacagagg cctcagaaat     67740
     aacaccacac atctacaacc atctgatctt tgacaaaccc gacaaaaaca agaaatgggg     67800
     aaaagactcc ctatttaata aatggtgctg ggaaaactgg ctagccatat gcagaaagct     67860
     gaaactgtat cccttcctta caccttatac aaaacttaat tcaagatgta ttaaagacta     67920
     aaattttaga cctaaaacca taaaagcctt agaagaaaac ctagcaaata ccattcagga     67980
     catagacatg ggcaagggct tcatgaataa aacaccaaaa acaatggcaa caaaagccaa     68040
     aatagataaa tggggtctaa ttaaactaaa gagcttctgc actgcaaaag aaactaccat     68100
     cagagtgaac aggcaaccta cagaatggga gaaaattttg gcaatctacc catctaacaa     68160
     agggctaatc tccagaatct acaaagaact taaacaaatt tataagaaaa aaacaacccc     68220
     atcaaaaagt gggcaaagga tatgaacaga catttctcaa aagaagacat ttatgcagcc     68280
     aacagacaca tgaaaaaatg ctcatcatca ctggtcatca gagaaatgca aatcaaaacc     68340
     acaatgagat accatctcac accagttaga atggtgatca ttaaaaagtc aggaaacgac     68400
     agatactcaa aaggatgtgg agaaatagga atgcttttac gctgttggtt ggagtgcaaa     68460
     ctagttcaac cactgtggaa gacagtgtgg agattcctca aggatctaga actagaatac     68520
     catttaaccc agccatccca ttactgggta tatgcccaaa ggattataaa tcatgctact     68580
     ataaagacac atgcacatgt attcttattg cagcactatt cacaatagca aaaacttgaa     68640
     accaacccaa atgtctacca atgatagact ggattaagaa aatgtggcac atatacacca     68700
     tggaatacta tgcagccata aaaaaggacg agttcatgtc ctttgcaggg acatggatga     68760
     tgctagaagc catcattctg agcaaactat cacaaggaca gaaaaccaaa caccacatgt     68820
     tctcactcat aggtgggaat tgatcaatga gaacacttgg acacagggcg ggggacatca     68880
     cacatggggg cctgtcatgg gatggggggc agggggaggg atagtattag aagaaatagc     68940
     taatgtaaat gactagttaa ttggtgcaac aaaccaacac ggcacatgta tacctatgta     69000
     acacatctgt actttgtgca catgtaccct agaacttaaa ataaaataat aaaaaaaaat     69060
     tcttatgccc taaatcaagt caaatatgat agactgatat agagattatt tttacaggaa     69120
     atgcaccaat aaaacgaaca agtttaacaa caacaataaa aaaaggtaac agcaacaaca     69180
     aaataaccct ggtgggatga actgcattct gtaaaataaa taaattaata aataataaaa     69240
     gcccctgtgc ttgggttttt attgattcat gggcagtggc caatggctgg gccacatgat     69300
     caggcagaag ggcaatgaaa atctggctta ttaatgggat gcccatatga ccttatggaa     69360
     atttgaggag ttcattaaag tagaacatgt ctatgcttat cagaatagcc ccttttcagg     69420
     ttcagaacgt aattagaatt gacaagctga tatccatcca ccatgcgatc ccttgaagtg     69480
     gctgcctggg tccatgaaat gagtggatat aggcatattt cagcaattaa gagatgaact     69540
     taatctagac atgtttctct tacaccctat tagacacata acaacaataa aaattcttat     69600
     gtatgccagc aaggagacag agcctgccaa tggttatgtg gcagattccc tggtgggaag     69660
     gccataaaac tagctggcaa gtgggactga agctggtaga cctgagggag ctacaaatgg     69720
     gtcttgacag gaagaaacag gttctggact aggctttgat tatcctgtgg aagatgcaaa     69780
     tgttcagagt gttgtaagaa aaccagaaca gaagatattg catagatgtg aatgggcaag     69840
     catcattact tcaggctgag agacccacca tacaggcaat aacgttcaac agtgggcaaa     69900
     gatatctcct ttcagagtaa tagtttgata gaaaagtgaa acaggcaatg aaaacattgg     69960
     ctgcctaaaa caaggggaga taaaagaata acggaatggc ttatgaatgt gagcacaggg     70020
     cttcataaat gtgtgaccac actcaacgta agtggggtta agggaaggtt cccattggtt     70080
     agattccttc acatttctgt ggtttttgtg aagaggggat gggaaagaat gccagtgtga     70140
     ctatgtgacc cttgccaaga gaggagtata ttaatacaag gactatactt tttccctaca     70200
     taacctcaaa aaaatatttc tcctgtttga tgcagtggtt ctaggaccag ggcagtaaaa     70260
     acaagtgctg aaagcagaga cgatttttaa gaaagaaact ataactatgt attaaagctt     70320
     tatgtcagaa tttcaaaagg ccagatgtgg gtggatgttg ccttcaccac atctggcaaa     70380
     attggagtta acagtgaatg tagctacatt ttctggaggt aacaatagct atctaaatgt     70440
     gaatggactg aggaggaggt acctgctaga ctagtgcttg caacgtagat caacacgact     70500
     gcttattcta atgtctcatc caaaggtgga agtctgagta ttaatggaga gatggaataa     70560
     tagctgaggg taaagggatg aataaatggg ttttgaattg agggaaatcc tatattactt     70620
     taaaacctca aaagaggctt aaagaaagat tatattgtct cttagctcaa gtatgccaga     70680
     tgcctgaaag ggtgaagcta tgtttgctaa gaccactgct gcttttgtat cctgccaaga     70740
     ttgaatgaat atctgtaaac attaatggcc ttaccctgga agagattcat gcaatataat     70800
     ggactgaact aatgattata tgggattcta gaatttggta gtgtcctctg agttgtatgt     70860
     ccttttgatg taagggattt gaatttgaag accaggggca gtctgtgata ttgtaaaata     70920
     catatttagt cttcaatctt gtttccagca atacaacttc taaaatcttt agaaactcca     70980
     aagtgatgtc tttgtatatg ctaataagtt gactgatgac tggcatcccc aaggtagctt     71040
     caggatagga gctggttacg ggaaacacta aggcaggatt agagggttga gagatttccc     71100
     caaattccag gggctaaaga ctaccatgat caccaatagc caatggttta atcaatcatg     71160
     cctatataat aaagccttca taaaaactca aaaggacagg gtctggggag cttctgaata     71220
     gttgaacata tgtaatttcc tgaatgatgg tatgccagga gagccataaa aactccacac     71280
     ccctcccaca tgcctagcct tatgaatata tttatgtgca tcttttgcaa tattctttat     71340
     aataaagtgg taaacataaa aaagagaaat tagaaaaaca aacaaaacag gaactcagaa     71400
     gatgaaaagt acaataattg aattaaaaat tcactaaaag gattcaacaa ctttgagcag     71460
     gcagaaaaat gaatcagcaa aattgaagat aatttaaatg aactagtgtg aggaatatag     71520
     agaaaaaata atgaaagaaa cgaacagaaa ctgaagtaaa tgtcaaacat caaaaagtgt     71580
     attaacatat acattatggg aatgccagaa ggagaagaga aatgggaaaa taaaatattt     71640
     aaataaataa ctaatggatg aaaagttaaa tatgataaaa tatatgaatc tacacaccaa     71700
     agaagctaaa tgaacttcaa ataggaaaaa ctaagagact cacattgaaa cacattacaa     71760
     tcgaactgtt ggaatctaag acaaagagac ctcttgaaag tggcaagata gaaatgattc     71820
     atttcacata aagaaatctc caattagatt aacaaatgat tttttattag aatccataaa     71880
     ggcaagcaag aggtgagatg acatatttaa agttctaaag acataaaact ggcaacaaaa     71940
     attctatact tcacaaaact attcttcaaa aataaaggat aattaaaata taactagata     72000
     agcaaaagct gacacagatt attaattgta gaacttccct gcaagaaata ctaaagggaa     72060
     tactttaggc taaaataaaa gaacactaga caaaaacttc aaggtatatg aagaaataaa     72120
     gaacactggt aaaagtaact atataggtaa atatgaaagg tggtattatc atactttggg     72180
     tttgtgactc ctttatttct tctacaattt aaagtctaaa ttaataaaat tttaattata     72240
     aatctatgtt aaaggaaaca taatatgtaa gaatacgatc tgtgactatt aaaatacaaa     72300
     agaagaatga aggagatata tagtagcagt ttttatacta ctgaaattaa gttggtatta     72360
     ttcaaactaa gttgtcttaa gtttaatatg ctaattgtat tctccatggt aaccaataag     72420
     aaacaagtaa aatgtataaa gaaaagaaag aagaaaatca aaatggtgaa ccattaaaat     72480
     tttaaaaagt aaaaataaag cagtaatgga ggagtagaat gaatataaga catacagaaa     72540
     acaaatatct agatggcaaa ggtaagcccc ttcaaatcaa aaattacttt aaatattaac     72600
     agattaaact ctctaattga aaggcagata ttggcataaa tgatggagaa acgtgattta     72660
     tttatatgct ggctataagt gacacacttt agttacaaat gcacaaagag gttgaaatta     72720
     aaagaatgga aaaagatttt tcatgaaaat agaaatcaaa gtgagctggg gtggctatat     72780
     tattgcaaag aaaacagact taaagtaaaa aagaagttac aaacacaaag aggatataca     72840
     ctggtaaaag gcaaaatgtg gcaagaagat atagcaatta taaacatata tgaacccaac     72900
     aacagacttc agtgctccgt gttcaataac ggatagaaca accagacaga actttaataa     72960
     ggaagtagag gacttgaata atactataaa actattagac cttaaagata tatactgaat     73020
     attccacccc aaacgaccat acattctttt caaatgcatg cagaaaatct gtagaacaga     73080
     tcatatttta ggccgcaaac aatttttaat aaattttaaa atattgccat catataaaat     73140
     attttatgat tataacggaa tacaattaga aatcaatacc taaagaaaat ctaaaaactt     73200
     cataattatg cagaaattaa accaaaacct ctcaaacaac taaaacatta aagaataaat     73260
     cataagggta attggaaaat gttaagaaat atgcaaaaca atctatcaaa acttatgaga     73320
     tgcagccaaa gcactgctga gaaatctata gctgcaaatg cttaaataaa aaaaaaaatt     73380
     aaaatctcca ttcaacaacg taactgtatg cctaaaaact ataaaaagaa cagcaaacta     73440
     aaccaaatat tagcagagga aagaaataat aaatattagc agggaggtaa atgtaacaga     73500
     taatagaaaa gcaacagaga aaattaatga aactgaaagt ttttgaaaag atattgacta     73560
     agaaaaagaa gacaaattaa tacaataaaa agtaaaagga taacattatt atcaacttca     73620
     taaaaataaa aggattaaaa aacattatga gcatttacat atcagaaaat tgactaacct     73680
     agatgatata aactcacttt tagaaagata aactaccaaa actgacacaa gaataaatag     73740
     gaaatatgaa gagaacagta aaaagtaaac atattaaatt gttaatcaag aacctccaaa     73800
     catataaaat tccaagatag atcagatggg ttcattggta aattctacca gacgtttaag     73860
     aaacaattgg cactaattcc tttgaaactt ttcaaaaaag tggaagagca ggaaatagtt     73920
     ttaaactcat tctgtgagac taacattacc gcaccccaaa gccatataaa gacaatacaa     73980
     caaaactaca ggctagtttc tttttgacta taaatttaaa aatcctaagc ataatattag     74040
     aaaacctaat tcaacagcat attagaagga ttatacataa tatctaagtg gtatttatct     74100
     caaaaatcca agagtgatta aatatatgaa attcaatcac tgtaatacac tatactaaca     74160
     gaccaaagaa ataaagccac attatctgaa ttgatacaga atatgcattg aataaaatac     74220
     aatatccttt caggataaag acattcaaaa actaagaatg gaagaaaatg ttcccaagat     74280
     taaataaata ccataaacga aatacccaca gctaatatcg tactcatttg tgaaacactg     74340
     aaagctcttc tgaggattcc tgctttagcc atttctattc atcatagtcc tggaagccct     74400
     aacaaggaga ttatgcagga aaaaaaccta caagcaccca aattggaaac tacatggaaa     74460
     attatctgtt ttcgcaggtg acctaacatt atatgtagaa aaccctaaat attacacaaa     74520
     aaataatctg tcagagataa tagacaaatg tatcaaagtt tcagaataca tagttaccat     74580
     tcaaaaatca gttgtatttg tatacagtaa caattaaaaa attattctat tttcaatagc     74640
     atcaaaaaga ataaaatact tatgaataaa cttagccaag aaggtaaagg acatacatca     74700
     aaaaaccata aaacattact gaaagaaatt agggactgtg atggttaata ttgaatgtca     74760
     acttgattgg attgaaggat gcaaagtatc ggtcctggct gtgtctgtga gggtattgcc     74820
     aaatgagatt aacatttgag tcagtggact gaaaaaggca gacccaccct caacatgggt     74880
     gggcacaatc taatcagttg ccagtgcaac cagaataaaa gcaggcagag gaatgtgaaa     74940
     agacaagtct ggtttagtct tgtgtcctac atctttcttc agtggtggat gctccctgcc     75000
     cttgaacatc agactctaag ttcttcagct ttgggactca aactagctta cttgctctgc     75060
     ggcttgcaga tggcctactg tgggacctca ccttgttatt gtgtgagtca atactcctta     75120
     ataaactcct ctttatatat acatctatcc tattagttct atccctccag agaaccctga     75180
     ctaatacaaa ttttggtacc agaagtggtt ctagagcaat agaatatcaa gatggagtta     75240
     ttttgttggt tttggggttt ctggagttgg ctacttaata tggattaggc ctcaaaatgc     75300
     taaggactct acttctaact gtatgaagaa cactgatagt ccttaccgtg aactgtttgg     75360
     agagttatgc ataatgaaca catttgatac ttctgatttc actgctcatg agaggcaagg     75420
     aggttagtta ctctacataa tacctttgat catatgtgga gaaccaagga tataataaag     75480
     ttggttggtt gcttctgagt tcactggaaa gggatgaaag aaaatgatga actcaaggat     75540
     tccaactcct ggcttcagaa gcagacacgg agccttaaac cttctaagac tgctctgagt     75600
     gagagtatta tctcttgtag gaaaagaact gaaattgtgg aaaatcagac acaagttctt     75660
     atcatgtaag cagctgacct gcaacaaaag gtgcatgcac agcctttcca ggtgtctact     75720
     gttaaagtga gggcattgat tcaaaaagaa tgggaccctg aaacttagaa tgggaatgtg     75780
     tgagaggacc ctgatgaggc tggggacatt gagcttgtaa actctgatga gacttttttg     75840
     ccagaaaaca aaaaacagct tccctatccc cagtagtggc aacatccccc ctgccccaac     75900
     ccatgctgcc atcagccttt ccacctttgt ctgaggagat aaaccctgca ctgcctgagg     75960
     caacaatgat ggcctcccct gaggcagttg tcagcaagac aatgctgatt ctcctcagga     76020
     gccaccccca acacccctgt ttgcatctag tcctgtaact agactaaagt cctggctggg     76080
     ccccagaggt gaggttcaga gtgtgacaca cgaggaggta cactacactc caaaagaact     76140
     gattgagttt tctaattttt ataagcagaa atctggagaa caggcatggg aatggatatt     76200
     aaaggcgtgc aataatggtg gaaggaacat agaattggat caggctgaat ttattgattt     76260
     gggcccacta agcaggggct ttgcattcaa tgttgcagtt tggggaatta aaaaaggttc     76320
     caatagttta tttgcttggt tagctaaaat gtggattaaa agatggcata ttgtgaatga     76380
     gctggaaatg cctgatcttc cttggtttaa tgtggaggaa gggatccaaa ggcttggtga     76440
     gatttggatg caggagtgga ttagtaaatt tagacctact catcctagct gggagggttc     76500
     agaagatata cccttgacca atattttgtt aaatagattt gtgaggacag tacctgcatc     76560
     cttgaagagc tctgttattg ctcttctctg tatgccagat cttgcagtag gaaccacagt     76620
     cactcaacta caaaatggga ataattggat cccgaggtgg cagaggccaa gtggcagcac     76680
     tcaaacgtca aaggcaaggt gggcataggt acgataatgg aaagcaaagg cagagcagca     76740
     atcagaatag tctgactctt gtagagctct ggcattggct aattaatcac agtggtccta     76800
     gaagtgaaat tcacaggaag cctactgcac tcttacttaa tttatataag cagaaaactt     76860
     ccaggccaag tgaacaaaag acaaatttga attataaaaa tagagaatca tggcgcctcc     76920
     atcaatttcc agacttgaac cattttacag acccagaacc acttgaatga aggggaagcc     76980
     agttcccctt ggggaaggac cccactacac taccaacaat ttatgctgtt aatttttctt     77040
     ccatctttta ccaaggagac ctccagcctt ttaccagggt aactatgcat tggggaaagg     77100
     gaaataatca gaccttacaa ggactggaca cagtctctga cctgatgttg attcccaggg     77160
     acccaaacgt cattgtcgtc ctctagtaaa agtaggggct tatggaggtc aggtaattaa     77220
     tggagattta gctgaggtct gacttacagt aggtccagtg ggttcccaga ctcatcctgt     77280
     tgtcattttc ccagtgccag aatgcataat tggcatagat atactgagca gctggcagaa     77340
     tcaccacatt gggtccctga ctggtagggt gaggactatt atggtggaaa aagccaaatg     77400
     gaagccatta gagctgcctc tacctagaga aatagtaaat caaaaacaat attgcatccc     77460
     tggaggaatt gcagagatta ccactaccat caagaacttg aaagacgcag ggtggtgatt     77520
     cccaccacat ccccattcaa ctttcttatt tggcctatgc agaaaacagg tggggcttgc     77580
     agaaagacag tgaataattg taagcctaac caagtggtga ctcaaattgc agctgctgta     77640
     ccagatgtgg tttcattgct tgagcaaatt aacacatgtc ccagtacctg gaatgcaggc     77700
     attgacttgg caaatggttt tttctccatc actgtccata aggcccatca gaagcaattt     77760
     gcctttagct ggcaaggcca gtaacataac tttactgtcc tacctgaggg gtacatcagc     77820
     tctctggctt tgtgtcatca ttttgtttga agagctcttg attccttttc cctaccacaa     77880
     gattgatcca ttacattgat gacattatgc tggctggatc cagtgagcaa aaagtagcaa     77940
     acacactgga cttattggga gacgtttgtg tgcaagagga tgggaaataa atctgactaa     78000
     aattcaggga ccttctatct cagtaaaata tctaggggtt atggggtgtg gggtctgtca     78060
     agatattcct tctaaattga aggatgagtt gctgcatttg gcccctccta caaccaagaa     78120
     agaggcacaa cctatttaga ttttgaatac aacacattcc tcatctggga gtgttactct     78180
     ggctcattta tcaagtaacc aaaaaagctg ccagttttga gtggggtcca gaagaggaga     78240
     aagctctgca acaggttcag gctgctgtgc aagctgctct gccacttggg ccatatgacc     78300
     cagcagatcc aatagtgctt gaggtgtcag tggcagatag aggtgctgtt tggagccttt     78360
     ggcaggtccc cataggtgaa tcacagcaga ggcctctagg attttggagc aaggccttgc     78420
     catcttctgc agataacgac tctccttttg agagacagct cttggcctgt tactgcgctt     78480
     tggtagaaac tgaacgtttg gatatgggtc atcaagttac catgagacct gaagtgctta     78540
     tcataaactg cgtgctttct gacccatcta gccataaagt ggggcatgca cagcagcatt     78600
     ccatcatcaa atgaaagtgg tacatatgtg ataagactag agcaagtcct gagggcacaa     78660
     gtaggttaca tgaggaagtg gctcaaatgc ccatggtccc catccctgcc accctgtctt     78720
     ctctccccca gcctgcactg atggcctcat gtggagttcc ctatgatcag ttgacagagg     78780
     aagagaagac aagggcctgg tttacagatg gttctgcaca atatgcaggc gctacctgaa     78840
     catggacagc tgcagcactg tagtcccttt ctcagacatc cttgaaggaa agtggcagag     78900
     ggaaatcttc tcagagggca gaaccttgag cagtgcacct cattgtgcac tttgcttgga     78960
     acaagaaata gccaaatgct taattatata ctgattaatg agctgtagcc aatggtttgc     79020
     ccggatggtc aaggacttgg aataagcatg attggaaaat tggtgacaaa agaattttgg     79080
     gaagaggtat gtggatggac ctctctgagt ggtcaaaaat tgtgaagaca tttgtatctc     79140
     atgtaagtgc tcaccgaagg gtgacctgag caggggagga ttttaataat caagtggata     79200
     ggatgactca ttctgtggat accactcagc ctctttcccc agacactcct gtcatcgccc     79260
     aatggtccca tgaacaaagg ggccatggtg gcagggatgg aggttatgca tggattcagc     79320
     aacatggact tccacttacc aaggtgacct ggctatggcc actgctgagt gcccaatttg     79380
     ccagcagcag agaccaacac tgatccctcg atatggcacc attccttggg taattagcca     79440
     gctacttggt gataggttga ttacattgga cctcttcaat catggaaggg gcagaggttt     79500
     gtcctcactg gaacagacac ttactccgga tatgagtttg cctatcctgc acacaatgct     79560
     tttgcgaaga ctacatccat ggattcacga aggtcttatc taccatcatg gcattccaca     79620
     tagcactgcc tctgatcaag acactcacct tacagctaaa gaagtgtggc agtgggctca     79680
     tgctcatgga attcactggt tttaccatgt tccccatcat cctgaagcag ctggattaat     79740
     aggatggtgg aatggccttt tgaagtcaca attacaatgc cgactaggtg acaatactct     79800
     gcagggctgg ggaaaagttc ttcagaaggc tgtgtgtgct ctgaatcagc atccaatata     79860
     tggtactgtt tctcccgtag ccaggattca tgggtccagg aatcaagggg tggaagtgga     79920
     agtggcacca ttcatcatca cttctagtga cccactagca aaatttttgc ttcctgtttc     79980
     ctcgacatca tgttctgctg gacttaaggt tgtagttctg atggaggaat gctgccacca     80040
     ggagacacaa caacaatttc attgaactgt acattaagat tgccacttgg ccactttggg     80100
     atccttctac ctctatgtca acaggctaag aagagaatta cagtgttgtc tggggtgact     80160
     gaccagggct atcaagttaa aatcagtcta ctactccaca gtggaggtga ggaagagtat     80220
     gtgtggaata cagaaacatt tttagggtat ctcttagtat taccatgccc tgtgattaag     80280
     gtcaatggga aattacaaca gtccaatcca ggcaggacta caaatggccc agacctttca     80340
     ggaatgaagg ttttggtcat tgcaccaggt gaaaaaacac aacctgctaa agtgtgtgct     80400
     gaaggtaaag ggaatacaga atgggtagta gagaaaagcg gtcatcaaaa ttagctacaa     80460
     ccacgtgacc agttgcagaa tcaaggactg taattgtcat gagtattttc ttcttatttt     80520
     gttaagaaca tgtttgtgca tgtatacact gtactaagaa aatatcttca atttatttcc     80580
     tttttatttt atcatgtgac ataagattta ttgacttcat atcaacattt aagtgttatt     80640
     aactatgtaa tagcatttgt gttagcgatt ggtgcatttc ctactgtaca aaagacagtt     80700
     gtattatgtt aggtgtaatt atgaccttat tattgtcttt acttaagatt atgtatgatt     80760
     tcagatgtgt atgagttcaa gttgacaagg ggtggacttg tgatggttaa tgttgagggt     80820
     caacttgatt ggatcgagga tgcaaagtat tgctcctgag tgtgtctgtg agggtgttgc     80880
     caaaggagat taacatttga ataattggat tgggaaaggc agatccaccc tcaatatggg     80940
     tgggcacaat ctaatcagct gccagtgcag ccagaataaa agcaggcaaa agaaaatgaa     81000
     aagactagac tagtttagtc ttctggccta catctttctc ccatgctgga agcttcctgc     81060
     ccttgaacgt cagactccaa gttcttcagc tttgggaacc ggactagctt ccttgctcct     81120
     cagcttgcag acttcttatt gtgagacctc accttgtgat tgtgtgaatc agtattccct     81180
     aataaattcc cctttacata tacatctatc ctattaggtc tgtccctcta gagaacccta     81240
     atagatacac aaaaagtaaa tgaaaagaca tctgtgttgt taagaggaca atagtcccca     81300
     aagcgacata caggttcaat acaatttgat ttttctttaa tatataattt tttttaatag     81360
     agatgtggtc tatgttgccc aggctgtcct gaactcctgg gctcaagcaa tcttcctgcc     81420
     ttcacctccc aaagtgctaa gattgcaaac atggtccaca atgcccagcc cacaattttt     81480
     taatggcctt ttaaaaaaat gcatgatttt aaaaatagaa ttatctattc caaaattcac     81540
     atggattttc atgataccct gaatagcaaa aagtaatctc aaaaagaaac acaagaaaca     81600
     aagtggagga ctcacatgtc ctgatttcaa aacttactat agtacacaaa acatagtatg     81660
     gttctcacat agggatatac aaaaaggcca agagaataga aatgagagct cggaagtaaa     81720
     ccttcgcata tatcactaat tgatttataa caaagtgcca aggctattca atgtggaagg     81780
     aaagttgttc aacaaatgga gctgataaaa ctggatatgc aaatgtattg aatgacgtga     81840
     aatctttact ttacagcgta tctgaaaata gctcaaaatg aatgaaagac ctaaattgaa     81900
     gaggtgagac tccaaaattc ttagtagaaa tcataggaac aaattttcat gaccctttat     81960
     ttggcaatag ttacttaaat atcataccaa aactacaatt aagagaaaaa aaaggtaaat     82020
     tcgacttcat aaaaattaac ttttgtatat caaaggacac tatcaagata atgaaaacac     82080
     aacccacaga attgaagaat atatttgcag ataatatctt aagatttaac atctagaata     82140
     tataaagaac tcttacaaaa aggtaactca attaaaaatg gtcaaagtac ttcaacagac     82200
     attgttccac agaagatata taaatggcta ataagcatat gaaaatattc ttagcatcat     82260
     tagtcttatg aaaatgcaaa tcaaaactac aatgagatac cactccccac ccactagaat     82320
     ggctactaaa aaatattcaa aaataacatc aattgtaatg gatgtgggga aattggaact     82380
     ttttgcatta cttgtgcaaa tgcaaaatgt tgcagcctcc atcaaaagca gagtttgaga     82440
     gttcctcaaa aagttaaaat gtagaattac catgagggac tcaaactgat agttgtacat     82500
     gaatgtgcat agtaacatta ttcacaatag tcaataggtg gaaataacct gtgtgcatca     82560
     atggatgaat ggataaaaaa tgtatattta tataatagaa tattattcag gcattaaaag     82620
     ggatgaagtt ttgatacaca ctgcaacata gataaacctt aaaaacatct attttaaata     82680
     aagtaagcca gacacaaaag gacaaaaatg aaccatgtaa aacagacaaa aatgtagaga     82740
     tagaaaacag aggtttccag tggttggcag gaaaagcact ggagatttat tgcttaacag     82800
     gtttatagta tttgcttagt gtgatgaaaa atttctagaa atatacagtg gttttggtgc     82860
     agaatattgt gaatttgttg aataccactg aattgtacag ttaaaaatgg ttcaaatgga     82920
     acattttatg tcatatttta ccacatcaaa aaatgtataa tctctgaaag aagagtaaac     82980
     atctgaacag gcgagttaat tttgaaacaa ccaagaagaa agcatactta gaactccaca     83040
     aactgcaatt atatatgtat tgtcagacat gaaatataga gtaggtaagc acaaaatgtt     83100
     taaagaataa aaggtgaaat tacaaagatc atttagtaag aaaatatcag aaaacaacag     83160
     gcatacttga acaaagtgaa acttcctgaa atgaaaaact atatattcag tgtaataaca     83220
     aaactcaaat ccagggatta aatggcagat tgcaattttc actagaaaat aaatttgaag     83280
     aacttattca gagtgcagtt aaagatataa gatggaaaat ataaaaaaga ggttaaaaga     83340
     aatggaagat agactgagaa tgtgtaacat ttgactgatt aggtttacca agagaaaatg     83400
     aaaaagaaaa atgaaataca aaaatcaaaa ctgaaaaaaa aattgtggct tccatttcta     83460
     ataatagtca tatggatatt ccagaaataa taaaaaaaaa ttagatttaa gatataatac     83520
     atagatttaa ttagattaca tttaattgat tagatttaag atataataat agatttaaga     83580
     tatataagat ataaatgtat tatatcttaa atctaatctt actaaattta aaatcgtttg     83640
     taaaaactat tgtggagata tttctagaaa tttcaagaca ccaaatgaat tgcgtatgtg     83700
     ataaatataa ataaatcatc actaggtatg ttctaataaa atttcagaac accaaagatg     83760
     aagataaatt ttaaaagtag ccagaggaaa aaggtgaatt acctttaaaa ggttacagtt     83820
     taacaagaag tctgactttt caactacaaa gattttcaga ataatatctt cagtatgctg     83880
     aatgaagttt taaaaagcag ctgccaaaag agttttaaac tgtgtaggta tatttcaaga     83940
     ctaaagggaa atgaaaacat ttgtagataa tgaaatctgt aattaccaac tgaacttaag     84000
     gatatgcttc aagtggaaga aaagtaaatt gaaatggagg gtctgagatg taagagagaa     84060
     tgagaaataa ataaaatagt aaatatataa ataaatctag atgaacactg actgcaaaaa     84120
     gctacaataa tgataacatc tttgggcatt taaaaagata attaaaataa gtaagaggag     84180
     tgacaaattc tttgggaggt gattaaattg aatgaaggta ttctaaggta cttgcacagt     84240
     cacaaggggt gaaaaaaggt tttgtttata gtaagacttt gtcaagtagg catatgtaat     84300
     ttccaggtta cccataaaaa attcaaaaca gaaagtgaaa tttccaaatt agtagagaaa     84360
     aaaatgacat aataaaaatt attcaattca aaatgaggca aaaaagaaga gacaaagaaa     84420
     cacaggatat ttagtacaaa taaaaatcac aacataatac agttcattaa aactcaaatt     84480
     tgttagtaat tccattgatt atatatgaat tatgtgttcc atttatgaag caaaatatca     84540
     gaagaaaaat ccacccatat actgttttaa agaaacattt aagacataag aatacagaaa     84600
     gtttggcagt aaatgaatca aaaatgaaat aatgagtcta tgtgaagata atcaatgttc     84660
     actgaaatat tagggtgaaa tgctgatgga gaactttata atagatatac caggtctata     84720
     acacctgagc ctaatcaaat gtaacaccat aaaagtgaaa tatccagaca ctatccacca     84780
     ggttatagga aatgcaaagc aaaagaatat taaaagacat aaagatgact caatcttgca     84840
     attccagaac atgggaactt ctaaaagata aattgtttta atcaatatgt agtaaaaagg     84900
     gaaagggaac tgttactgaa taaaagtgac atcgtgacca aatgtaataa ctttggacac     84960
     tgcttgaaga aaccaactat aaaaattcat attgagtcag tcaagaacat gtttatattg     85020
     actggaattt tattacttta aggattagta ttaatttttc agtgtagtaa tggattgtag     85080
     ttatagtaaa aaaaagttct tatttttgaa atttacattg aattattgat gaataaaatt     85140
     atgtgatatt tggaattttc tttaacataa ttttcattat taataataaa atcatgaaaa     85200
     ggaacaactc ttgttgaatg cacatttgaa ctctgttgaa gcaggcattt ctgacctagg     85260
     gggaaaaaaa cataaaagag aagattttta tgtgataaat acaggtggtt gccaggggct     85320
     gccgggtggg gaaaatgggg agatgttagt caaatggtac aaagtttcag ttgtgcagga     85380
     tgagtaaata agctctggag atccagtgta caacatgatg actatagtta ataatactgt     85440
     attatatact taaaattttc tgagtagatt tgaaacgttc tcgccataca cacacagaaa     85500
     agggtaactg tgaggtgatg aatacgtatt caagctaatc acgtaattag ctcgattgtg     85560
     gtatttattt cacaatgtat aagtaaatta ataaatcaca ttgtactcaa ctatatatat     85620
     tttttgtcaa ttatacctca ataaagctgg ggaaaatgta aaaataaata aataaataac     85680
     cgagaaaacc caaacatcca taaatgaaaa tgataccaaa cctggcgcca ctttttacaa     85740
     tggatgtaaa agtcaagagt taaaatcttt aacatgcatg cttactatgt cgaaagatca     85800
     cgtacatgaa aacaaacata ctttattgtg atttttttga atgtaagcga tgaaaatcta     85860
     tcataaaata gcttatgtaa aacagggaat gtagcaacct gtataataga ggaagactaa     85920
     gagtagtttc ggtttcaggc ctgacaatac caagatattc aaaagctgtt ttctgtttgg     85980
     ctctccctca ttcttttggc tctgcttcac tttgtgaact gtgtgttgcc tcattctctt     86040
     ctcctacatg tgagtttccc tcatgtggcc tataagaagt tggaagacag agcaatacat     86100
     atccatggaa aaatataaat gattagcaat aatgttggtt caattatagt tatttaatac     86160
     attccaactt tgcttgacta tgagaaataa tgctatagac acatatttaa ttatgtagca     86220
     gtgttgtgaa agtgccttca gatatataaa tgcaatgtct ttttttattg tctacaattg     86280
     atttgacttt tattttagga cctgttcatg accctattag atagcaataa aaataataaa     86340
     agccaccccc cacccaaggt tgaatataat cctgtaatct cattttactc caataactta     86400
     aactatctct ttaggtaatt cagttcatgt ctccttggaa gacccaagta cctcagtttt     86460
     tagtgttctg cctccctctt cttgatcctc tctcagatgg cttgtgggta tgtttagaac     86520
     tgaagtgcgt gtggcttatg tgaccctccg ggcaataaaa gggatatggg atgtcctgca     86580
     ttcttatgga accctttgga cttccgttgt tctctctgga tactcagcag tttgtgctgc     86640
     ttcctagaat gatgagtgct ggtgtgcaac tggtctcatt tgccctccta tgtgtgatgt     86700
     gctgcaccta cttgttgagc ttatgttctt ggatattggc ccctaatctt gaattcccaa     86760
     ttcatgatac tttctcttca ttacaatccc aggtttctac tgctccaaaa gtgtcctatc     86820
     aactccacat agcatcctca gtgaggtaca ctgaaacatc taagtcccaa ttttccaggc     86880
     catatggaat cagaaacttt gactcaggtt catcaaacta tttatctaat acctgcacct     86940
     caacatcata gctcaaacat tgtgttgaaa gtaagggcat gtgaggattc ttctagaggt     87000
     ttgcagcctc tgcctagtgt gtcaataatc ttaatgttta catccatctg actcctccac     87060
     ctctatctat ttgttctagt aggggtttgt gaaagtcctg gtgtctaatc tcctaaccct     87120
     atttgtgtct caatttttct tcccagaatt tcctggaaca agaatgaact atatttcttt     87180
     tcttttccca tcttggtaat attgttattt gaaactttat aatcaaatca attaagtctg     87240
     cctcttaatt tcttaaatgg gagataaagt tactaaacta tttcctcttg tctgagcttt     87300
     aacaataatt cccttgctaa ataatttaag aaagtcaatt ttgacactca tgactaatca     87360
     aggaaattga tcacatttag ccaaagaaat ttgattcctg agaggactgg aggtacaaag     87420
     ttgcaaataa acagttttta agaaaggagg agaatatttg aatgttttaa cttttctaaa     87480
     atacaattta ctataagggg acacttgaaa atattgctac atgaaaggag aggcagatga     87540
     ggatggtact ttttatgatt taaataaaaa gtggaggatc gtgcttaatt ttggtttttg     87600
     tgatttatca taagtcatat cacactgaac tctaattact ttatcaatat gaaaattata     87660
     cagtaatagt tcaggcagac aagtaaaaca agcatgtagg ataaactgat ctgaggactt     87720
     gaagtaattt ccatcgtagc ataaggcaga tactttttca gtgccctgaa tgttgtttat     87780
     tatggatact agtaataatt cttctgagtg tatcaaaatc accagtagag cactgatgaa     87840
     aagtgatact aatagatagg agtaggtaag ggagttttct tatggaaagg agtgagaatg     87900
     aaaggtaaat atagaaaaaa taaagataga ggaaaaagat tatgacataa catttcagat     87960
     aatcaaatga gattgaaaac aaagattata taattctacc acatagccag tgaaattcta     88020
     acttttaacc atagcttctt ccaactgttt cagctgaatc cttgacatca attcttctga     88080
     ttcactgtta tccaaaatga tctgtaaata cttagtttgc ctattcagtt aatattcagc     88140
     tggacacctt ttccagagtt caatctctta ttttttcatt ttcccgttag tgccctctat     88200
     ttggatactc atcttaagta ttttgtatta ttgttttatt atgcatagca tttctggttc     88260
     aaaatcatca tcttcaattt gaacggataa ttccaacatc acatcgcttg acattctcac     88320
     tagtaagttt atcctaccca ctatcagatc tagcactata gcaaaatgat gagccaacaa     88380
     ctcaaacctg attattatga atccaattac tggcattttt cagtctgtct agttctagct     88440
     caatgttttt tctcccccaa acaatgtata gattcaaaga aatcctaatc aaaattacag     88500
     ccagctgttt ttgaaattga ccagatgatt attaatttat atgtacttgc aaagggttaa     88560
     aaatagccag gatagcttga ggatgaaaat tatgctttat ttaaaaagat atgataatta     88620
     agatggtgtg attttttaaa taagaatagg acaatgaagg aaataaaaat tccagagccc     88680
     aaaaacagac ctacataaag tcatctgatt tacttcaaag gtgacacatc agaatagtgg     88740
     ggtaagaaat ttccattcaa aaaatgatgc tgtactaatt gaatatccac atattttaaa     88800
     aaattgacat tttttaatgc cgtagaattt gaagagtgaa aagaataaaa aatcttttca     88860
     gaactggagg ggaaaaaaaa gcagctctat tgttaataag tctgggagga caggcagaga     88920
     gaaagtcaga tatagtctca aaaaaatgta acattgtttc ttccaaggtc ttgcaacagt     88980
     tgtgacattc aataagggcc acctctttgg gtgaccactg ctttcttact atcgacatat     89040
     ccagaccaga ttttctattt ttgtgtgtta ctagggaaaa cccaattgct tttgtcagta     89100
     accaatcccc agttaatctg tacttatttt aatccatcct cagaaataac aaccatactt     89160
     ccattagact gccctcagaa tccttcagtg gtaactcaaa ctttgcaaaa gacacttcct     89220
     tctatcttgt cagatgacat tccactagtc ctctgaaata cccttccctt ccagtgagtc     89280
     aataaatctg attttgtcac actacaggct tgttcctgtt gatctttaac aggagtttgg     89340
     acactctaaa tatgaaatgt aaaatgagaa acttctggaa tataacatag aaaaatgtct     89400
     ttatgacctt gaaataggca acaacttatt aaaaagaaaa caaataaaac aaatcacact     89460
     agcagcaaag agaacaattg ataatttgta ctacattaaa attcagaatt tcttttcacc     89520
     aaaacacagc ataaagcaaa agaaaatgca agccaaaaat gcatgcaacc caacatttga     89580
     aatgtttaac cggaaatgtc tattatggac aaagttactt gtgtccataa tgtatacaaa     89640
     ttttctagaa attaataaga gacagtcaac ctaataggaa aatgaaaaca gactttttga     89700
     ggcaatttgg aaagaggata tcagtatcgg cgagattggt aaaattactt tgtagaactg     89760
     ttcatgaact attaaacctg aatatctgca taggttttga accagcactt ccaatcatgg     89820
     gtctattaac tacagaaatg ggtacgtatg tgcaccagaa ggcaagtgcc aaaccatcta     89880
     tagcacaaca ggtcctaaca tccagaaact agaaattact gtaattgcca ttaacaataa     89940
     aatgagccaa agaacatgtt tatttgcagg agatgtaaca caatggaata ctatgaatga     90000
     tcaatagagg aaaaagtgct actacatgca ataacataga tgaatttcac aaatatatta     90060
     ttgaacaaca aaaatgctag tcacaagata atacatactg tatgattcga ttaatatgaa     90120
     tttcaaaaac agacaaaagt aacttacaat gttagaaaag agggtggcaa tagtgatagg     90180
     tatggggcac aaagagagct tagatactgg aagaaattca atatgtattg acttaaatgg     90240
     ccaattcagc tacctgcaca tttatggttt ggtaacatta ctgtctgtag gttattcgtt     90300
     ttttagatac taatttttta aaggacagtt aagcacagac aggaggcaat tcacaaccct     90360
     ggtacaaaga aaatggcaaa aaccaaagtg agtctatata attgagagat tctcagttcc     90420
     caaagtgtat tcaatatttt cttttcattg tcacccatat aaaataagac tttatatgtg     90480
     agagattatc tgggaagtga caggacagtt gaggttttcc ctgggagatt tttcaatcat     90540
     tactgggtga atagggcact ttaggtatgt tgattaagaa taaaaggaaa aaaaattgca     90600
     cagcatttct ctaacgtttg catctaatct gttaaacttt agctgagttt tgcaagattg     90660
     tcatctggga ataccacctc aaaaaagtag ttgattaaca taatctcttg attaattcag     90720
     aggtgtgaat cccaatccct tagcaaatga attggtaggt aacgattaat gatcaggaaa     90780
     aagacaggaa attgggcaaa atgtgaaaaa aaaattagta cctacatcag tttgctagga     90840
     ctgccataac aaagtaccac agactaagag gctttaacaa gagaaatata tttactttca     90900
     gttctgaggg ctacaagtct gaggtgaagg tgttggcaga gttatttatg ttggcagaat     90960
     tgcctgtttg tcttgcagat ggctgtcttc ttgtgtcttc acatgttctc tctgtgtgta     91020
     cctgtgtcct aatttcctct actgataaag ataacagtca catagaatta gagcttgttg     91080
     aagtgacctc atgtaacctc aattaccaat ataaaggcct tactttcaaa tacaatcata     91140
     tcctggagta ctggggttta ggacttcaac atattaattt tagggagaca aagttcatgc     91200
     tgtaacatta catataactt tacattgaaa attaatgtaa aaatagccca taattatttt     91260
     ttaaattatt tttaaacatt gttcaagagt agttatgccc ataaaagtgg aaatcatcat     91320
     gtcaaggcaa acaaattgac aaaaatctaa gtgagcaaac acaattgaag atacctcctt     91380
     agttactgtt atagattgaa tcgtgtcccc tttccacaaa ttgatatgtc gaagctttaa     91440
     cctcgtatgt tatatttgga cataggatca ttaaagagat aattaagata aagtgagggc     91500
     ctaagggtga agccctaatc cattagcact gttgtcctta tataaaaagg aagaaaatgc     91560
     acagagagag agagagagag agagagaaag atagagagag agagagaaag gcaatgttag     91620
     cacccagaaa gaaaatggcc atccacaagc taaagaaata aagaggcctc aggagaaacc     91680
     aaccctgcta gcaccttcat cctgaacttc caccctcaag aacagtgaga aataaatttg     91740
     tcttagtcca tggcaggtga ataaaacata atatcttaga ctgggtaatt tataaataat     91800
     ataaatttaa ttgtcacaga tgtggaggtt ggggagccca agattaagga gtcaacagtt     91860
     ttggtgtctg gtcagggctg gctcctcata gccactgttt tcctcacaga atactcttgt     91920
     ggcagaaaat atgtgaatac tgagtcctca catgacaaaa ggagcaaaag gataaagggc     91980
     aaaaaagagt aaagcctgtg tcctcacacg gcagaagaga tggaccagca aaaaggagct     92040
     aatgtgctca ctacaacctc tcttataagt gttctgtgca taagggtaga gcaatcactt     92100
     ccacaaaagt ccttcctttt aatactatta cattggctat taggttccaa catatgaatt     92160
     ttcaaatcac agcattgtta tttaaggcat ctagtcattg gtgttttatt atgcagtgct     92220
     agcagactaa tacagttacc caaatatatt tagtttcctt ttcacagggt attatgtatg     92280
     gaaagcacat gttcaaataa gggagaggac tggcacatca ccaagatttt gagttttgtt     92340
     taatgatttc attattcttt tttatatcac gcattcaatt ttctttttta aaaaaattta     92400
     tttgaggttc agggttacat gtgcatattt tttatatagg taaagtcatg tcatgggggt     92460
     ttgatgtaca gattatttca ttactcaggt actatgctta gaactcaata gttacttttt     92520
     ttctgctccc ctccctcctc ccattcccca ccccctggta ggttgcagtg tctgttgttc     92580
     ccctttttat gtccaggtgt tctacttatc agtgaaaaac atgtgatatt taattttctg     92640
     ttcctgcatt agttttctaa ggatagtggc ctccagctcc atctatgtta cttcaaagga     92700
     catgatcttg ttctttattg tggatgcata gtattcaatg gtgactaggc accatatttt     92760
     ctttatccag ttttcattga ttggcattaa ggttgatact acgtctttgc tattgtgaat     92820
     aaggctgaaa agaacttaca catgcatgtg tctttatgat agaatgattt attttccttt     92880
     gggtatatac tcagtaatga gattgctggg tcaaatggta gttctgtttt tagctctttg     92940
     aagaatcacc acactgcttt ccacaatgct tgaattaatc tatactccca taaacgctat     93000
     ataattgatc tattttctct gcaacctcat catcatctct tggtttttga ctctttaaca     93060
     acaccctttc tgattcgtat gagatggcat ctcactgtgg ttttgatttg catttctcta     93120
     atgctcagtt atgttgagct tttttcctat gattgttggc cacatgtatg tcttcttttg     93180
     aaaagtgtct gttcatatac tttgcccact ttttaatggg gttgataatt tttttcttgt     93240
     aaatttgtgt aagttctcta tacatgctgg ctattggacc tttttcaaat gcataatttg     93300
     caagtatttt ctcccattct gtaagttgtc tgttattctg ttgatagttt cttttgctgt     93360
     gcagaagctc tttagtttaa ttagatccta tttgtcattt ttacttttgt tgcaattgct     93420
     tttgggttct tcatcataaa acatttgcca atttctttgt ctagattggt gttgcctagc     93480
     ttgtcttcca gggtttttat agcttttgct tttatattta tgtctttaat gtatctttag     93540
     ttaatttttg tatatgttat aaggaagggg tcaagttttg atattctgca aatggctagc     93600
     cagttatccc accaccattt attgaataga aagtcctttc cccattgttt gcttttgtta     93660
     gctttgtcaa agatcagatg attgtacgtg tgtgacctta tttctgggtt ctcaattcta     93720
     ttccattggt ctatgtgcct gattttgtac aagtaccatg ttgttttggt tattgtagcc     93780
     atgcagtaga gtttaaagac aggtactatg aggcctccag ctttgctctt tctgcttagg     93840
     attaccttgg ctaatcaggc tcttttttgg tttcatttta attttaaaac aatatttttt     93900
     gagatggagt ttcactcttg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcaa tggcacaatg ttggctcact     93960
     gcagcctccg cctcccaggt tcaagtgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga     94020
     ttacaggcat gagccactgc acctggccaa caattttttt tctagttctg tgaagaatgt     94080
     cattagtagt ttgatagaaa tacaactgaa tctataaact gctttgggca gtatggacat     94140
     tttaatgata ttgatttttc ctactcatga gcatggaatg tatttccatt tgtttgtgtc     94200
     atctctgatt tccttgaaca gtgttttgta tttatcattg tagagatctt tcacctccct     94260
     cattagctat attcttaggc attttattct tattgtgtca attgtgcatg gtattgtatt     94320
     gcattcatga tttggctatc agtatggcta ttgttggtgt ataggaatgc taatgatttt     94380
     tgtacattga ttttgtatcc tgactttgct gaaggtgttt atcagcttaa ggatcttttg     94440
     gcctgacagt atgggttttt ctagatatag aatcatgtca tctgcaatca gggatatttt     94500
     gacttccttt cttcctattt ggatgtcttt cattcttttc tcttccttga ttatttgggc     94560
     catgacttcc aatggtatgt taaataggag tggtgagatg gcatccttgt cttgtgccag     94620
     ttttcaagag gaatgcttcc agcttttgtc cattcagtat gattgttgac tgtgggtttc     94680
     ccacagatgg ctcttattat tttaaggtat tttccctcaa tacctatgtt gttgtaagtt     94740
     ttaatatgaa gaaatgctga gttttaatga aaactttttc tgtatctatt cagataatca     94800
     tgcagttgtt gtacttctgt ttacgtggtg aattgtgtta ttgatttata tatgttgaac     94860
     aatcttgctt cctagggata aaatctaatt tattgtggca gattcacttt ttgatgtgct     94920
     ttggtttgcc agtattttgt tgaggacttt gcatcaatgt tcatcaagga tattgacctg     94980
     aagtttcttt cttgtggtga ctctgacagg atttggaatc aggataatgt tggcttcaca     95040
     gaatgaattg tggaggagtt cctcctcttc agttttctgg aatagttaca agagaaatgg     95100
     ttccagttct tctctgtaca tattgtagaa ttgggctttg aatccatctt gtccagggct     95160
     tttctagggg gtgtggggat gtggtaggct atgactgatt caatttaaga gctcattatt     95220
     ggtctgttca ggaatgtaat ttcttccagg ttcagtcttg ggagggtgta tatatccagg     95280
     aatttatcca attcttctag attttttagt ctgtgtgcat agaggtattc ataagagtct     95340
     tagtaatggt tgttctgtgg gggcagttgt aatatctcct ttgtaatttc tgattgtgtt     95400
     tatttggatt gtctctcttt tcttctttat tagtctagct ggtggtctat ctatcttata     95460
     aattttttca aataatctag ctcctggctt tggttgtctt ttgaatggtt tttcatatct     95520
     caaactcctt cagtttactt ctcattttgg ttacttcttg tcatctccta gctttgggat     95580
     tagtttgctc ttgcttctct agttctttta gttgtgccgt gaggtagtta atttgagatc     95640
     tttctaattt tttgatgtca gcatttagtg ctgtgagttt ccctcttaac cctgctttag     95700
     ctttgtccca gagattctgg tatatcttta ttctcattag tttcaaatac ttcttgattt     95760
     ctgccttaat ttaattattt acccaaaagt aattcaggag tagattgttt aatttccatg     95820
     ttattccatg gttttgagtg attttttttt tagtctcaaa ttctattttt attgtgctgt     95880
     ggtccaagag agtggttggt atgattttgg ttttttgcat ctgttgagga ttttttaatg     95940
     tctaatcgtg ttgcaacttt tagagtatgt gccatctaca gatgaaaaga atatatattc     96000
     catagttttg gagtagagag ttctgtagat gtctatcaag tccatttgat ccagttttga     96060
     gttcaggtcc tgaatatctt aattttctgc ctcgatgatc tgtctaatac tgtcagtggt     96120
     gtgttaaagt ctcccattat tattattatg tgaaagtcta aatttctttg aaggtctcta     96180
     aagaattgtt ttatgagtct aggtacttct gtgttggatg catatatatt tagaatagtt     96240
     aagtcttctt gttgaattga accctttatc atgatgtgct accctttttt gtcttttttg     96300
     ttctttgttg gtttaaattc taattttgtc tgaaattaca attgcaaccc atgctttttt     96360
     ctgttttcca tttgcttggt tgattttttt atccctttat tttaagtcta tcagtgtcac     96420
     tgcatgtcac atggcttgct tgaaggcagc atacattggg ccttgcttct ttatccagct     96480
     tgccactctg tgtcatttaa ttaaggcatt tagtccactt gcatttaagg ttagtattga     96540
     ttatctgtgg atttgatctt gtcattgtat tgttagttgt ttgttatgcc tacttgtttg     96600
     tggttgcttt atagtgtcac tggtctgttc atttaagtgt gtttttgtag tggctggtaa     96660
     tggtctttcc tttccaggtt taatgcttca ttcaggagct cttgtaaggc aggtctggtg     96720
     gtaactactt ttttcagcat ttgttcatgt gaaatggatc ttatttatcc tttggccaga     96780
     tataaaattc tgagttgaaa tttattttct ttaagaagat ttaatatagg cccccaatct     96840
     gttttggctt gtagggtttc tgctgagagg tctgctatta atctgatggg cttctttttg     96900
     taagtgatct gtcacttctc tctgattccc ttaatttttt ttgttcttgt tgtttcggcc     96960
     ttagacaatc tgatgtttat gtgccttgag gataatcttt tgaaatattt tgtgggagtt     97020
     ctctgcattt cctcaatttt aaggttggcc tctctatcta ggttaggaaa gttctcatgt     97080
     atgctaacct aaaatatatt ttccatgttg cttacacttg cctcatctct ttcagggatg     97140
     ccaatgagtt gtagattcaa tctctttaca caatcctgta tttctcagat gttttgttca     97200
     tttcttttta ttcttttttt aaaaaactat tttctgactg tcttatttct gaaagccagt     97260
     cttcaagctc acagattctt tactcagttt ggtgtattct gctgttaata cttgcaattt     97320
     cattaggaaa tacttataga gtgtttttta gtgcagtaac atcagttaca ttatttttta     97380
     tactggctat tttttctgtc agctcctgta tcattttact gtgattctta gcttccttag     97440
     attgggtttc aacattcccc tgaatattga tgatcttcat tcctgttcat attctgattt     97500
     atatttctgt catttcagct atctcagttt ggttaagaat tcttgctgta gaatgagtat     97560
     gatcatttgg aggaaagaag gcactctggc tttttgaggt gtcagagttc ttttgctggg     97620
     tctttctcat ctttgtgggt tgatgtttta ttcagtcttt gaagtagctg ttttttggtt     97680
     aagatttttc cttttttcct acttgaaaac cttgagggtt tggttatggt ataaggtagg     97740
     ttcagtcatc tggtttcatg actggaagct tttaggggcc aagtttcatc ttaggactcc     97800
     tgaactgggt gttctaactc tgggagactg atatccagcc ccagatttta cctcttcccc     97860
     ctcaaaggtt aagaacctgc tgtgctggag agaccaaagt gcttttggac ttctggtcac     97920
     aacattctaa tgagtggtgt cagacaaagc acttcacagg gcagtggaag ctggatccat     97980
     cttaattcac atgtggcagc aatagcatca gtggcagcac aggacaggag tgttgcatgc     98040
     tctttggtag tgacagggtg ttattgtgtg cttggttgct ggcttctgtg caggcgttca     98100
     cagcagtgtt gatggcagta cagctcagtg ggggtaggga tcccccacca gtcatggtgc     98160
     acatgttcat gctgatgtca gcatggggct accatgcttg agagtgcagt attaggtgca     98220
     ccctctctgt gcacactggt ggcagtagcc actctgagtg ggggcaggtc tgctgttttc     98280
     catgcctagt ttcacaccag cagtagagtt gcttcagaag tgcggcaatg gttggggcag     98340
     ggttggcagg ctccatgcct gctaactctc caaaaacaat ggccatgcag tgtaggtggg     98400
     tgtgtgtgca ctcacttctg caacagtgac acagcagggt gcatgtgcac tccagcactg     98460
     gcagagtgtg ctaggtcttt ccatgcacat acatgctgcc aaagcaatgg gggaagctgg     98520
     ttgtgagtga gtggctgcag ggaaagtggc atgggggagg ctgcagtagg ggagggaaag     98580
     ggtggactgg tgcacgtctg tggggtcaac ctattggagc actctgcctg tcagacacaa     98640
     tctgcctgca caggagctat gatatgggcc cccaaagtta cctgggggct gcactataag     98700
     aagacacagc caggctgggg actcagaaga ggcaagcaga ctgaggggtg ttggggcggg     98760
     ggaggtgccc cgacttatgg acaccaccac catgcagagt tcaggaccaa cactttgctt     98820
     agggcaaaaa tctcccatgg gagcatgtgg agccttgggg gatggaatcc ctggccatgc     98880
     tccactacag atgcgcccac accaaagcct ctggactctg cactggctgg agttctgtcc     98940
     cctaccactt ctctaagcag ctttctctgc caactcaagt gtccatagtc atagaggggt     99000
     ctccgcctgc caggattcca gaggtctttg gggaaagtgg gttgctcctt ggcagttcaa     99060
     gtaattggct gcctcagtca ctgggggctg ggaatgagtc cctgtgcatg gtagcccctt     99120
     gcaggattcc cagcttcctc ccgcttcggg ctagcttctg tgtctttcct ccatccactc     99180
     tcagtgcctt cccctctgaa gatctgttag gagtgcacca gtcatcccca tccctctgtg     99240
     gcagctgttc cacttggcta agtctagtca gccatcttga tcaaatccac cagaaaactc     99300
     tataaaaatc tatgctgagt aattatgata ggatccttga ttctggcaat cccactttta     99360
     ggtatttatt caaaagaaat gataacatat gtccatacaa atacctgtac acatatgttc     99420
     attataactt tattgtaaca gccaaatacc ccagcagcca gcccccaacc agtaccaggg     99480
     accacccaaa ctcccgtttt tgatttttga tacatacttt catcgaaatg ttggtaaaat     99540
     aaacatagtg tctctagtgg gataaaactt tcacacaatg tatagatatg tatgtgtgta     99600
     tatatatata cacacataca tattcatatt tatacatata tgctttttat gtatacataa     99660
     aagatcttta caaaaacaag taaaaattga cataactatt ttaaaataaa ataaaactaa     99720
     gaaaagcaaa atataataaa taaaaacatg gattatcata agtgattatt tcattacaaa     99780
     atattttaaa ttgggtatat taaaattgca agacgaaatt ttttctactt tgatagagta     99840
     actggtagtg gacttgccct cctttcagaa aaaattacaa aactggaaaa tacagataaa     99900
     atactgtttg cagatattgg caaacatgca gcacagaact gtaatcagtg aagaagggtt     99960
     aaaagaaggt aagcaccaca atatcccaaa cagagaaata ggaaaggtaa actcaggtaa    100020
     ataccagtaa tctccctgga ttgaaaagat cagaattaaa attctggaaa gtttagataa    100080
     actttggaat ttgtagagta ctggaggtga aggaatagca cagagaaaga gcttcacaaa    100140
     tctgaataga aaagccgttg aatttttcct caataaaaag ctgtgcatgc ataaggtgaa    100200
     attccacaag ttaaaacaga caacagctgg aaagtcctga cttgaataat tcccagaaat    100260
     tacaaagggt gggaagacat ttaaactcta accaatacgt tgaaaaactc atttaatcct    100320
     tctctacgga aaaatctgtc agactttatc tgaccaatca ggttgataga tttttctgta    100380
     gcgaaggatt aaactgatct gtaagtaata tagctgcctg tctaaatata attcaaatct    100440
     tgctaatgta ggacaacaaa tatagacact caataccata atattcacag acacctacta    100500
     tacagtgaaa aattattaga tatgcaaaga agccaaaaat tatgacccat aaaatgatgg    100560
     ataaacatat gccatgctaa caacagcaag aagaaagatg tagtaactat attaatttca    100620
     gacaagacag atttgagaat aaggaaaaat attaaaagta aagaagggca ttacataatg    100680
     agaaaggaat caattctcca aaagatataa aaattcttaa tatgtatgtg cttaacaatg    100740
     agcattgaat atgtgaaaaa agaagtgaca gaaatgaaag gagaaataga aaaatctact    100800
     ttcatatagt tggagatttc aacacactcc actatcatta tgacagattc agaattcata    100860
     aaatcagtat ggccatattt gaacagaata gtatctttaa taaactaaat ctaacggaaa    100920
     tttatagaaa aatttattca aaaacagaaa aacaaacatt tttcttaagc ttatattaaa    100980
     catttaccaa cttagaaagt attctgggcc ataaaactca ccttaattaa tttaaattaa    101040
     tagcaatcat acaaagtatg ctttcagacc ataataaaat gaaactagaa atcagtgact    101100
     gaaagttaca tggaaaacat ccaaaatact tggagagtaa acgacacact ttaaaataac    101160
     atatatatct aataagaagg gtgaagacaa ttttagaaca tatttttaaa tatctcaaat    101220
     ggaaattatt gacttttgta gaatagaacc aaggcagtac ttagagggaa atgtatagca    101280
     tttaatgcat atactacaaa agaagacaga actataatca gcaatcaaat ttccaatgta    101340
     gaaaactagg gaaatagcaa attaaatcca aagcatgcag aagaaaagtc aacattagaa    101400
     attataaaaa gagcagaaat caatgaaatt gaaaacagga acccagccaa caaaataaag    101460
     attatgagat tttgatcctg tcatcatgtt gttagctggt ttcttgtttt caatttcatt    101520
     gatttctatt atttctaatg tttacttttg tatacccagg ggagtatatg ttgttctatt    101580
     ataaagacac atgcaagcat gcgttcatta cagcactatt cacaacagca aggacacgga    101640
     atcaacctaa atgtccatca ataatagact gaataaagtg tgttacgtat ataccatgga    101700
     atactatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttttttttt ataggattaa aaaagaatga gatcatgccc    101760
     tttgcaggga cagggatgga gctggaggcc attattctta gcaaactaac acaggaacaa    101820
     aaaaacaaat atcacatgtt ctcacttata agtgggagct aactgatgag aacacatgga    101880
     caaataaaga ggaacaacac acacggagag tagaagatgg taggagggag ataatcagga    101940
     aatatcagta atgattactg gccttaatac ctggatgatg aagtaatctg tagaacacac    102000
     ctttatgaca caagtttacc tatataacaa acctgcaaat gtacccctga acttaaaaca    102060
     attaagttaa aaaataaata tgaacccgga atggaaatgg tcgaaatgcc tgacttaaat    102120
     cgcatagagt gaaaagctgg attaaaagac aagacttaac tgtctgttat ctttatgaaa    102180
     cccatctcac atgtaatgac accaacaggc tcaaagaaaa gaaatgaaga aagatcttct    102240
     atgcaaatta aaaacaaaga agagcaggag tcactattgc tatgtcagat aaagcagact    102300
     ttaaatcaac aacaattaag aacaacaaag acattactta attacaaagg ttttaattca    102360
     acaagaatac ttaactatct taaatatatc tgtactcagc cttggagcac ccagactcat    102420
     aaaagaattt tttttttatt tacaaaaagc ctaaacacac acacacagta atagtgggag    102480
     acttcaacac ccccctgaca gcattagaca gatcatcaag gtggaaattc tgaaattaaa    102540
     ctttacactt gaccaactgg acctaataaa catctacaga actccagcca ataactacag    102600
     aatatgcatt attttcatct gcatacagaa catattctaa gattaaccac ctgtttggtt    102660
     ataaagcaag tctcaaaaat ttaaaatatt gaaatcatat caagcatact cttgaccaca    102720
     gtgcaataaa aatagaaatc aatatcaaga acatctctca aaactacaca gatacatgga    102780
     atataaacaa cttgctcctg aataactctt gggtgaacaa caaaattaag gcagaagtaa    102840
     aaaaaaataa aataaatgaa aacagagaca aaaattaaca aatcttcgag atacagctaa    102900
     agcaatgtta agtggaaaat ttacagtgcc aaatgccttc attaaaaagt tagaaagatc    102960
     tcaaattaat aacctaacac tgcacctaga gaaactagaa aaaaagaaac taatcagctc    103020
     caaagctagc agaagaaaag aaataactaa aattagagaa cttaataaaa ttgagataca    103080
     ataatccata aaaagatcaa taaaactgag ttgcttctgc aaaaaacaaa tgagattgat    103140
     agaccaaaca taagattgat agactaacaa agtaaaaaaa aaaagagaga gaagattcaa    103200
     ataatccctt gcatcagtgt gtcctagata aggaacatgg agtctaaaga gattattttg    103260
     gatctttaag atttaatgac tgccctgctg tgtttgggac tcacgtgggg cctgtagccc    103320
     ctctgttttg gctgatttct cccttttgga atgggaatat ttacccaatg cctgtatcct    103380
     cattgtatct tggaagtaac caacttattt tttattttac agcctcatag gtagaaggaa    103440
     ctaggctcat cttagatgag attttgggct tttgagttaa tgatgaaatg agttaagact    103500
     tttggaggac tgtttggaag acatgattat attttgcaat gtgagaaaga tgagactttg    103560
     gagggggcag gggcagaatg atatggtttg gctctgtgtc ccaccgaaat cttatgttta    103620
     attgtaatcc ccaatgttgg cccagcaccg tggctcaagc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg    103680
     gaggtcgagg caggcagatc acttgaggtc aggagtttga gaccaccttg accaaaatgg    103740
     tgaaaccctg tctctactaa aaatgcaaaa attagctggg tgtagtagcg aacgtctata    103800
     gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaggcagga gaatcacttg aacctgggaa acggaggttg    103860
     cagtgagcca agatcgtgcc accgaactcc agcctaggtg acagagtgag actccgtctc    103920
     aaaacaaaac aaaatccccc atgttggaga tggggcctgg tgggtagtga ttaaatcatg    103980
     ggggcagatt tcttgtcggt gctgttctca tgatagtgac tgaattctca cgatatctgg    104040
     ttgtttaaaa gtgtgtggca cctccccttc tctctcttcc tctatctcca gccatgtgaa    104100
     gggctgcctc ccccttcacc ttctatcttg attgtaagtt ccctgaggcc tccccaaaag    104160
     ctgatgccac catgctttct gtacagcctg tggatccata agccaattaa acctctattt    104220
     tttgtaaatt acccagtctc aggtagttct ttacagcaat gagagaaggg actaatacaa    104280
     ggatggaaga gacaaaacca cgagagttcc tctatatcac tcaccatgtt ttgtagcaca    104340
     ctgcatactt ttatcatatc agttattgct ctgtattgta acatggggtt tgcctatctg    104400
     tttgactcat ggtgttttag gtcaaggtgt ggtatggatt tctagtgtgc agtaatatct    104460
     aatggagttt tcgctccctt caggtacaca ggataattat actttccttt atccttaggc    104520
     tggagatggt gccacagtta tggctaattg gtttaaaaaa atcagttcca gtcttttctt    104580
     cccctgacat gttatcacat atacatattc taaatggtgt agcttcaaga gagtgaaaag    104640
     tctatcagcc tctgtccctg ggtgattgtg cagagcctcc gaaatttggc agcttctgta    104700
     actgcagcat agcccaacct acttggatga attaaaaaaa aaattaacct tactttcatt    104760
     gtagatgtgg aaacagtaaa ataaaataag acattttaat atagctggga aggatggtaa    104820
     ccatattata caatcacaag aaatttggaa taactgtcat gtttcacaaa ttattcatca    104880
     gaacatggaa caaatgaact tgtagccaaa aagaagttag aaagcaaagt aaaaaatgaa    104940
     aatgttatta gactggtgcg aaagtaattg tgttttttgc aacaatttca ttgcaaaaac    105000
     ctcaattact tttgcgccaa cctaatggta attgtgttag ttgttatttg ttgtgtttgg    105060
     catagtatta taagtgaaag aagaactctg aaaataattg gttagtttca aagcgaataa    105120
     taataatgga aatagaaaag tccagaaatt ctagaccttc cagtgtttaa aagactactt    105180
     ctgagctcca aatataaaag ataagagtga taagacttta aggaatgaat gcccaataaa    105240
     acgtttaatc tgatttaagt ttcctctggg aaaagttttc ttaagagtgt ggcacctaat    105300
     aaaaactttt aatttaataa agtaactcag aacaaaaatc ccattaagtg tgtggccttc    105360
     caagagaccg tactaacagc ctcatctcaa ggcagtcccc attaaattga gggagagaag    105420
     ggaggttcac aaagtgtctc tctctctctc tgtctctctc tctatatata tatgtgatat    105480
     attatatata ataaaactaa agataaatat gtaatatata aatatataac aaataataaa    105540
     atgaaaatat atagcatagt gtaatccata atatttttat aatttatata atattggaga    105600
     atataacttg aaaagaactg gagctatagc tactgatttt tttgccataa gaatatgttt    105660
     attttggaag tgattttaat tctttagcca caatgtccct atatttttac attacccctt    105720
     atttttccat actatttata cattagatac agaatttgtt agaagttaaa agggaaaaac    105780
     acattctttt gctgaacaat agctcattat atttaactta aaaattatta gcttgttgaa    105840
     tatcaaaact tgaagctgct gggaatcaca tttattctta ggttccaaaa tagttctgag    105900
     ttctcagtag gaaaccatct tttataaact ataacaaaac tctcatctca aaattaaata    105960
     ctataaattg acacaactat atctatattg aatgtcttta taatatccag aaacctactg    106020
     gctttttaga aatacaatga aaatagattt acattctggc tttataaatc aatttttatt    106080
     ttagaaaatt ttaaacatat agagaatact atatgaaaca ccacatattc aacatcttta    106140
     atatcattta accaataatg ttctagtata tatctctaaa attcacacct aaagaaaaca    106200
     cagaaaacat gtttatcact tattaacatt taataataat ttctacaata aagtatcact    106260
     gagcctattt ctccaatttc ttcataaaca ttttttacag atgttttttc aaatcagaat    106320
     ccaaagaggc tctgcacatg ccatattcct ggagtgtttc ctaagtgtac ttgactctgt    106380
     atgttcactg tatttgttgg aaaaagtcac tggtactcct gagatcagca gggatcagca    106440
     tcatctggga acttgttaga aattaagttc tcaggaaaca ccccaaacct attgaacctg    106500
     aaactctaga gttaagagcc cagcaatatg ctgatgcatg ctaaagttta aaacctacta    106560
     ctatagttct acacactcaa gattttatag attgtatttt catgatacca tctaatatgt    106620
     tgatctatct cccgtatgtc atacagattg tggttctcag gtacaattgt ttggtaatga    106680
     aaattcatat atagtgggtt tctttaactt tccatagaat catatacaaa gattcataat    106740
     gtcctgttgt ctccttttac agtgataaaa agtttgatca gtaagtcaag tgtgccagct    106800
     tcattcatca attcattatt aaattatcca ttagcttttc acataatagt ttcagcatcc    106860
     atttatgatc atttctcaaa tctgtgattt cactagaatt tgcaaaatgg gactatacta    106920
     attctttcaa tttgttattt gttagcagaa gcaattttta aaaacatttt gcactgtttg    106980
     gttaccctga ggaacaattt gtacaagaga agcaggaaaa ctgcctgact ctttcctttg    107040
     ccagtttcca aaactggttc cacagaaacc tgcaaactga agttgttttt tcaaatcaac    107100
     ataattaatt catgaatttg caatatattt tatgtgtttc tatccactgc agttattatt    107160
     acttttgatg ctcatattat ctgaactttg gctagcagga aactctttag gcatctgaat    107220
     ccttttaaca tgatgcaaat catttctttt tatagcttcc ctgttttctg gcatgacaac    107280
     atgctccagg ctcattttgt acatattgtt caccacaccc tttttttttt tattatttct    107340
     ccaagactct ctggttgcct taattggaaa aatcatagag ttcatcattg caaatttagg    107400
     gcaactcatc acatatatgt ttgtcttttt tttttcacag tagaaatcaa gaaaatagat    107460
     ttatagattt tagaatttat atcataaatt cttactgata ttttccattt aaaattagga    107520
     gttcagagta taagtatctg tttaattata ctgaaagtct tagcttccaa tgacattaac    107580
     acaaatattt atttgctttc tctggcaata tctacagaaa agtttccaaa taaaatgatc    107640
     aatattgtta gtaaaaatat aatcataagt cagtttaatg tttctttgca ttttcttttg    107700
     tccttaggat aatccctact aaggatacgt agataattca ttttaaagtc atttgaaata    107760
     attatctgtg agtataggcc tccaacgaga tacacagttc agatgatata atttttgtat    107820
     tttattttta agtactgatg tttcattttg atttcatttt gtttataatg tgtaagacat    107880
     ttatatacta ccaaagtcaa atgtataagc atggtaaact gtcttccatt tccatcccct    107940
     gcaccctgtc cctaccactt tttatttagg tgaacttttt gctaatttat tttagtatta    108000
     ccttattttt tgtaaagaaa aaataaacaa atatgtatag atatagatat gcccatcttt    108060
     cttaagtgca agttagcaaa ctgtacaaat tgttatgcat gtgccctttc tcactttgta    108120
     acgtgttttg gatgtcattc cataatagta tacagaagtc ttccttattt ctttttacat    108180
     ttgcacagta tttaattgtt tggctgctca attgttttct taaacagtcc cctgttactg    108240
     gacattcaga ttgtttccag ttgtttgcag tgacaaaact agtgctgtaa gcaataatta    108300
     tgtgtataca tatttttata ttttttgcta gatggctttg agatagattc ttagaagtgg    108360
     actcagagtc aaaagtaaat aaacgtgttt ggccattgtg atggttaata ttaagtgtca    108420
     acttgattgg attgaaggat gcaaagtatt gtttctgggt gttgccagga tagattaaca    108480
     tttgcatcag tgggctggga gagcaagatt cactcttact caggaaaaca cacccacaat    108540
     gtgggtgggc accattcaat tgcctgccag tgtggctaga aaaagcagga gaagaaggtg    108600
     gaagaagctg acttgctgag tcttccagcc ttcatctttc ttctgtgctg gatgcttcct    108660
     actcttaaat gtgagagtcc aagttagttg gcttttggac tcttgaactt atactagtgg    108720
     cttgccaggg gctctcggac cttcagacac agactggagg ctgtattgct agcttcccta    108780
     cttttgagat tctgggactt ggacatagcc actacgggct tccttgctgc tcaacttgca    108840
     gacagcctat tatgggacat caccttgtta ctgtgtgagt catgtctcct cataaactcc    108900
     ctttcatata tacatgtatc ctgttagttc tgtccctcta gataacccta ataaagccat    108960
     cctacaaaaa tgtgatggac cctcacccaa aatttggttt ggatatcaag gctgatggtg    109020
     ccacatatgc accaagaggg tataaaaagt tctattactc acacaatgag tttttctgag    109080
     aagaacaggg caatgtctca aacataaata aggatgcctt gagaaagtgg agaaaggaga    109140
     ccagtttgtt ttttatggta gctgggagtg gggttaggga aagaactact gcataggggt    109200
     tagcacttgt gtgttttgaa cttcctactg acaccaaagg taagagcatc gaggcttcct    109260
     catcagcttg cccagatgtg tgtggaaggg caagtgggag ttgttgggct taaaagttgt    109320
     ctgctgtcca ttacaaaaac ttgagtcaga ccctttttgt tagatcttga caaattctac    109380
     tccaaagtgg ttgtaccctt ttgtagtgcc ggattgccta ttttttccat agctttgtcc    109440
     ccaaaaaaca aaacaaacaa actaacaaac aaactatgtg gtcaagcttt tgaattgtta    109500
     ataatctgat aagtgagaaa tggaatgacc atgtaatttt aatgttaatg tattctggta    109560
     gcttgtatac atttttatat gtttaagccg tggctaatat gcccttatct tatgcctatt    109620
     ttctgtaagg ctattactgt tttcttctct ttttttacaa gctgtttgta tattattgac    109680
     actgtttttc tgttatataa cttacataat ttttttaatt tatttttttg ctgatggtgc    109740
     tttctttctg atgaaagatt ttttaattaa atgttatcaa acttactagt attttctctt    109800
     acagaatctg aattttggtc tctactaaga aaataactct tctaaatttg catctgaggt    109860
     tattatatat ttttatgtac tttattcatc cattaggaat tctatattgt ctctattaat    109920
     ctcctcctag acatatctat gcattttaac actgtttaaa taataacaca taaaactaaa    109980
     agtggagtta tccagtgtcc ataataaaat ctaccaatta ctttggtaaa atgggtctag    110040
     aaatcaggtg gagctcagca ataataagaa aactgattaa tcgtgcccat ctgactcatt    110100
     ttacgttaaa cctaatggtt tatttaactg acagctagtg tctcctttta ggatgatttg    110160
     aacagtaatt tagtgtaatt tgagcttgag aaggtactga tgatataaca gaaagatgtg    110220
     ggttcatcaa ttggtagcta tatttaggat gattttatgg tattccaaaa ttctgtactt    110280
     ttgggggatt ttgttgcctg aagtgaatgt ggtataaaga agctgtcatt aaatcttagt    110340
     gattcaagga aacccaatct tatataactt gccaaggaat acatagccaa atagtattca    110400
     atctctgagg aaaaacagct gtgttttgac attttgcata aactttgaaa gtaaaacaaa    110460
     aaatatttgc ttaaactgtc ctttcagatg ctcagagtac ttattgtttc aaaagttttt    110520
     ttctaaaaca tgatgctgtg tgttcttttg ctttaaagca ggcatttggt aattttgaca    110580
     tggtattata aaaatttact tttgagtcac ctagcttcag aaatctccta aacaatttac    110640
     atgtgaaaaa cacacttaca caagtgaagt gagttacatt acaacaaacc ttttctacta    110700
     gcattccctt ttaagagcaa gaaaaaaaat gaagtttggc aacatgattt aacagctgca    110760
     tatagtattt atgctaaaga aatcacatag cagattttca gttacccaca gaaggaagtc    110820
     caaggagagc acacaattaa gctacacaga taatcatctc aaccatgagt ttcaaccatc    110880
     tgagctgtca gtaattagcc aatttttatt tcactactac cctggctatt ctccccagga    110940
     acattacaag agatattcaa taatgacgaa caacagtgaa ttattagtaa catgaaatat    111000
     tccatattct gaatgaatat tgtatattaa ttcttaaatg agaaacatga tatatcaatg    111060
     aacaacaaga gatagaaatt gttgatagga caaatttaat ataaacactt tgcttgaagg    111120
     atagaaagga gcttatgtgg gatggagcag cgtactcaaa aggacaaata gctaaacatt    111180
     ctcataattt cttccacaat aaaataatgc aatctttcca tgaacacact ttattttcta    111240
     tgtttccata gcctaaacgc attatttgaa acggccattg atgtatgaag actcggaagt    111300
     aatcatgtga ctattataat ttatagcaaa tgttgaatgg acagttttag aacactttgt    111360
     agtgtttttg tgatccataa tatatggcta tcttcaaagt tagcaattac ttcttgcact    111420
     ttttttctgc ttgtgaagac ttcaaattga tcctttttct aatatttagt tcatctccca    111480
     aataattact taacttttat cagcagcatc ttttttgtct taattggttc atgatactat    111540
     gtcaaaaagt gatttaaaaa tctttcagtg tcagaaatgt aataaggagg ggtggaaatt    111600
     atgctaaact gtattttact acaaaggtca tagtttcact tccaaaatac cattgctgct    111660
     ctgctgcagt taattatttc cattcaaaaa tgtaaggcca agcttttgat ttgtgtcaag    111720
     cttttgaatt gttaataatc tgacaagtga gaaatggaat caccatgcaa ttttaatgtt    111780
     aatgtatttt gtgaggttgt atacattttc atatgtttaa gctgtggcta atatgctctt    111840
     atgcctattt tcctataagg ctattgctgt tttcttcttt ttttacaagc tctttgtata    111900
     ttattgatat taactatttt tctattatat aactaacatg attcttaaat tttttttgct    111960
     gatggtgttt tctttctgac aaaagacttc ttaaatgtta tcaaacttat taatattttc    112020
     tcttacagaa tctgaatttt aagaagaaaa tattcatttc tcacaggtaa taggttaaat    112080
     catccttgcc ttcttctact actggtattg tgtttcactt aacttttcaa tcttttcaac    112140
     ctctgatctg cttgaaacac atcaaggtgt atggtgtgag gaacagatca aattttgact    112200
     tttgtgtttt gctgctgtgt agttccaaca tcactaattt aaaaagccca tcctttctcc    112260
     taattgttgt gagatgtcat atttgtcata tataactttt ttttatttct tgactgtttt    112320
     tttctcttcc actgatccac gtaactatgt atatgcaaat actccactga tttaataaaa    112380
     gaaacatgat aatatatttt gacatttggt aggatttacc ctcctatcaa cattgctatt    112440
     tttcaaggtc ctcctaagta ttcttacttg ttggttttat caaatgaatc ctaaaaccta    112500
     ggctcataaa aatgcttgat ggcattttta ttggaatagt ctcacattta ggtaactcaa    112560
     ggaaaattga cataataatg ttgattcttt attttcaaga ccacagtatt ctactaattt    112620
     tgaaaacatt tgtaccacta aagatatcag aaacttcctt tgcaaaaatt ataactgaga    112680
     caatttttac agtgaaagag atatgacata actgactcca cctagcttcg aaccttaaag    112740
     ttgtccttca ttcttgggag taggccaaac tatctttggg agaaacttag tttatggttt    112800
     agaaacaaag acaataatag ccctttccca aaacaaattc ccttcctgcc tggggactac    112860
     actgcctttg caagactaac agattagtca caaaattaga aattatggtt taggaatcat    112920
     gtagctggag gctgcaagat tcttaacctc cccaaattgc tcctggagat aacatcacta    112980
     ttgtgaaatg taagatcact gcttgacata ttttgcagac tttgcattcg atgtaccagc    113040
     aggcactatc cagattaatc aactagcttg tctggtcttg tggcccctca tccagcaact    113100
     gactcaggtc aagaggacag ctttaactcc ctaagatttc atctccaacc tgaccagtca    113160
     gaactcctgt caaactatct tcaaaaattc cagtccctga attctcaggg agactgattt    113220
     gagtaataat aaaactttgg tttcctacac agctcgctct gtgtgaatta ctctttcttt    113280
     cttgcagctc ccctgtctta ataaatcagc tccgtctaga cagtgggcaa ggtgaatctg    113340
     ttgggtggtt acaagactat ttaagtcctc actttatgtc tttgataggt tcatggaaac    113400
     agctacatta aatgaaacaa cgtatataac aaaaccattt tttttctctt catcattatg    113460
     ttattcaagg acctgctgta tgttgcttca cttaatgttg cagtttccaa gaacctatcc    113520
     atgatattga caacatacat tacatacgaa gcatggagtt taacatgaag agtgtgtgtt    113580
     ctacatgagg gaaggagaaa gaaccacaca tttggtaaca acaagacggc aatcctgcat    113640
     gaacttctgt ggccacctac attccgtttt cctctatttc tgggaacaca ggggaatttt    113700
     ttttccatct catgcagttt agtggggtta tctgctacga cgacatgagc atgtattttg    113760
     actaatacat aagaactgta tattttcttt tttataactc tggtgccctg tacattgtat    113820
     agacaattag aaaatatgta ttaaaagaat aaaagtaatc atattagaaa ttccagcagt    113880
     attatcccat ggactcacat aatttttcca ttgtaaatac agttaaatat tcaaagttgt    113940
     attatatatt agtttttcat taacctacaa ttttcttaac acttctaaat ttgaatctga    114000
     gattattata catttttctg tactttattc atccattagg aattc                    114045