EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC010726; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 176524 BP.
AC   AC010726;
DT   23-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-224C16 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-176524
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-176524
RA   Threide J., Stoneking T., Glaser E.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-224C16";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-176524
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-176524
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (15-JUL-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-176524
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; f54dbee17692395b8863c97762f5ce45.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000165246; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000279292; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC010726.4:1-176524; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000297967; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000339174; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000355905; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000382868; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000382872; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000624402; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; H0Y7G6.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:15529; NLGN4Y.
DR   InterPro; IPR000460; Nlgn.
DR   InterPro; IPR002018; CarbesteraseB.
DR   InterPro; IPR019819; Carboxylesterase_B_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR029058; AB_hydrolase.
DR   InterPro; IPR030025; NLGN4.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8NFZ3; NLGNY_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y7G6; H0Y7G6_HUMAN.
CC   On Jul 15, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7630900.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0224C16
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-312H22; the clone sequenced
CC   to the right is RP11-384N21, 200 bp overlap.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 1 of RP11-224C16; actual end is at base
CC   position 176330 of RP11-224C16.
CC   The sequence RP11-224C16 from base position 60767 to 61376 is a TA
CC   dinucleotide repeat.  The fidelity of the sequence cannot be
CC   guaranteed.  The region corresponds to restriction digest: hindiii
CC   with band size 1508 in silico, and 1506 real; ecorvi with band size
CC   6840 in silico, and 6933 real.  The region corresponds to an 1100
CC   bp PCR product from clone DNA.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..176524
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-224C16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   2127..2440
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   2504..2857
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   2895..2981
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   3742..4018
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4197..4464
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5605..5919
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6174..6337
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   6376..6795
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7415..7610
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7613..7754
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7842..7956
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7957..8127
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8155..8810
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8851..8938
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   8944..9248
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9275..9552
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   9910..10151
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11627..12081
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13216..13506
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13757..13883
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13875..13934
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13936..14297
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   19021..19918
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   19926..20855
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   20951..21135
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21362..21705
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21992..22325
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24472..24692
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   31691..31749
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   33520..33827
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   34016..34315
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   34378..34766
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   34854..35728
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35729..36009
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36046..36333
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36578..36992
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   37313..37916
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   37950..38168
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   38674..38965
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39770..40065
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40344..40695
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   40816..40879
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   42378..42423
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   43282..43426
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43476..43572
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43615..43891
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43914..44047
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45862..46026
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46140..46207
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46259..46345
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46614..46798
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46799..46868
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47140..47246
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48242..48538
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49712..50788
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   50789..50945
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   51678..51858
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   52235..52303
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52286..52366
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52378..52424
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52425..52850
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   52851..52989
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53985..54275
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55532..55831
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56402..56676
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56704..56755
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57402..57886
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   58332..58637
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59268..60385
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60398..60751
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61417..61858
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61887..62162
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62182..62488
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62630..62975
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63200..63396
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   64301..64490
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65212..65507
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65804..65855
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   66214..66572
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   67105..67318
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67319..68362
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   68339..68442
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   68443..68540
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   68541..68853
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   68854..69160
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69602..70294
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70785..70942
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   70943..71285
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   71311..71602
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   71821..72093
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72671..72964
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74332..74991
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74973..75388
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75698..76222
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   76664..77157
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   77158..77458
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   77475..77625
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   77911..77973
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77984..78295
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   78296..78371
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   78426..78819
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   78834..79174
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79176..79787
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   79832..80000
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80066..80363
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80568..80726
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80745..81092
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81236..81630
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82232..82916
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   82965..83310
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   84010..84105
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   85947..86234
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87142..87286
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   87342..87642
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   89538..89649
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   89836..89936
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   89946..90074
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90075..90171
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90179..90330
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90359..90623
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90712..91245
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   91361..91770
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91936..92140
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92147..92189
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   92261..92755
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   93362..93413
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   93430..93518
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93527..93911
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93914..94129
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94215..94279
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   94332..94388
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96133..96427
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96580..96881
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97218..97580
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98620..98734
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   99261..99618
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   100071..100179
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102931..103199
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   104026..104076
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   104951..105349
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   108062..108425
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   108747..108786
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   108818..108981
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109477..109809
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   109810..109893
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109901..110042
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   110044..110383
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   110401..110554
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   110555..110645
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   110646..110942
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110943..111151
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   111472..111686
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111710..111981
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113055..113461
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   113872..114095
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114096..114338
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114674..115111
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   115214..115427
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   115552..115661
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115648..116115
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116544..116838
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116915..117070
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   117306..117828
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   118116..118420
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119247..119703
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   119730..119795
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   119867..120091
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   121024..121315
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121846..121963
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123450..123744
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   124248..124562
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   124720..125019
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125911..126226
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   126238..126539
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127075..127131
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128215..128511
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128850..129160
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130158..130458
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130620..130989
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131532..131863
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   131933..132235
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132766..133061
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133087..133648
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   134125..134426
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135068..135360
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135405..135713
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136857..136948
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136955..137258
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137944..138166
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   138650..138948
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   139142..139286
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   139338..139633
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139745..140019
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140152..140348
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140731..140942
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140943..141356
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   141357..141596
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141612..141805
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142019..142365
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   142834..143157
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   143504..143799
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143800..143890
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   143906..143936
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   144419..144839
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   144926..145805
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   145783..145883
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   145884..145981
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   151132..151376
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   151433..153047
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   153048..153145
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   153147..153320
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   153332..153387
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   153406..153470
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   153471..153643
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   153902..153980
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   154095..154171
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   155252..155298
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   156650..156884
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   158993..159279
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   159660..159902
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   160619..160728
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   161070..161243
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   161461..161496
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   167779..168099
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   169383..169424
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   169522..169749
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   173016..173632
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   173611..173668
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   175646..175955
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   176025..176327
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 176524 BP; 54344 A; 34139 C; 35045 G; 52996 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctct gcgaagaaaa caaggtaagg tacctaaagc ccaatgagag ccctcctgct        60
     taataatgaa agacagaaag ctgcgctttc ttcacctcac ctcccttact accccataaa       120
     acaaaacttg ccaggatgct tcaaaagcca agtggtgcaa caagtcactt tgccaaatgt       180
     ggtctttgaa gtcaggggac tcacctcctg caaatgccat tctgtgtctg ctcatccaca       240
     caggaaactt tgcaatgaga atgtttacac tagccctcca taaagcacag agttacaacc       300
     catcaggagg tatacaatca gcaaccagga tgcactatct gctctgggct tagaggcatg       360
     tctctgcata cctgagacaa tgaatgtggt gaaagggttt tgatttccat cttgcatgtg       420
     gaatctcatt ccctcttaga cataatgagt aatggggtca tctacacctc ccttgaaaaa       480
     aaatgttctg agatcacact gtagctcctc atcctctggg aatcattgat atctgttaga       540
     tattatagaa agcaatagag ttgacagtac ccccttcccc tgtcctcaag ctaagtgata       600
     atatctggca ccctgacagg tgtcaaaatg ctttgttgat ctgacttctg gaatccattt       660
     aatccctaac tgggcttccc acaataccag tgctctgact tcagtgagat ttgtaatata       720
     cacctgtctc tgaggatggc tcaactcccc tggcccccaa ggtattccaa gtattctatc       780
     tcttctaatt tctcctgaaa ttccttaact tccattacac atcctgtaat tcagcctaga       840
     tgaccagatt cagatttgca cctgtcaatc agcctttcat gttcttaatg gagagaatgg       900
     aaaacattcc attcttacca gacaattcct ctccatgccc cagagctggc agagcaccta       960
     attgtgatgc tggataaagt gggtctccag gggcactggg cagctacagt tttgaggaca      1020
     agacccacac acagccagtg ggcctcaggg caagggcact gtggggtgta agactctacc      1080
     cagtaaaatt agagccttca aacccataac tcctccaatt tgaaacctcc aattgcctct      1140
     ggaagatact gctgctttct tctctaagaa agcacctttt gtctggtgag agtaataatt      1200
     gtgtgtggga agtcccttac cacgtggtgt tcagacattg gagaaaggga aagggagtca      1260
     tcactctgac agccaggaga gatctgtgaa gctgatggaa tttcagagtg cagggtgtcc      1320
     ttttcataca gtagacctga gtgtgtgctg ctcacattcc aaaacaaaag gacaggggag      1380
     gtgaggacct atatagagag ccactgccta tataaatcag ctttccttgc aaaccataaa      1440
     accaaggaac aatagagctg tgaaccctgg gaagcatttt gattttgtat tctttcacag      1500
     ctgtctcatt aacaaatcaa catctccagg agagcatatc ttaaatgtaa agcgaacagc      1560
     taatgttcct aaactatctc ttattttaag gccataggaa accttttatg gggagtatct      1620
     tcccaaactc ctgtacatga caaaagctct ggacagaaga tagaaagact gggtcaccct      1680
     ggaccccctc agtgaggtgg ttgggttatg ttctgttgag aaaccatgga gtgattacat      1740
     gaagaaagcc tctcctcttt actggtgtca agaaaaacat tagataagaa atggcaactg      1800
     gggaaaagag gggtgaattg ttgtttaatt tttaacacac actgcataat ctattagtat      1860
     ggttgttccc tgccacagat gtttcaagca ttaattgaat aaaggggtgg tttcaccaag      1920
     tttgtcaaag tgatttgttg tactgtttgg tgtttgaaga atcctggata ttttatctcc      1980
     aaacagaatg gtcctttgtg attggtgaga atagtttgag attacatagt catggagcct      2040
     cagaaggaca agtttgtgtt tttcaaatga ttagatccaa tctgtgggta tttggtaggt      2100
     tgccaatatg tttctttaaa tgtgtcagca gggcgcggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag      2160
     cattctggga ggccaaggct ggtggatcac ctaaggtcag gagttcacaa cacaccttgg      2220
     caacaaggta aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaatt agctggatgt agtggtgggc      2280
     accagtaatg tcagctactt gagaggctga gtcaggagaa tcgcttgaac ccaagaggtg      2340
     gaagttgcag tgacccaaga ttgcatcact gcactcgagc ctcagtaaca agagtgaaac      2400
     tctacctcaa aatttaaata aataaaaata aataaataaa taaatataaa gtgctcaggc      2460
     atcatttcta atttaagcag gcaatttctt tggaaaacca aattgttata aataaagttt      2520
     cagtgcctaa aaagaaacag cacttgaata taaaattgtc tttttaattc tcagcaagac      2580
     aaggtacttc tatagaaggg tgtgctctca atgatggagc aatggtgggc acacacctgg      2640
     acaagagagg ggatggggtt cttatccatg acgcatgtgg cccctgctgc tgtgtcattc      2700
     ccctattgtt tagggttaga tcacacaggc taaactaatt ccaactggct aatttaaaga      2760
     caatgatggg gtaagcactt tggtgggagt cagggcagag caggtagcag gtaatcagaa      2820
     tgagttaggg tggagcaggt gatcagaatg agtcgggggg gggggtaggt aaatgaaaaa      2880
     ggttgcttta caaggaattt aagtttcaaa gtagaaggca aagaattgaa catactgaca      2940
     tattaattat ctgaagagaa atttagaatt catattcaac aaaatgcaaa ggaaaccaca      3000
     tagaatcata tggaaaaact cctacaccta aaatatgctt gtgtgaaaag aaaaatatat      3060
     atattttatg ctttatgctc cattaaaaac cgctggatcc tttctcactg ttaaatctac      3120
     cattagctta aaaagttaat ctgacattat taaaaactaa gatggttaaa aatgaaacgg      3180
     gtagataaaa tacatagaac atatggttat ccactttaga attgttaggc aggttgctaa      3240
     ggagcccttg tagcaggact agtgggaatc cttgagatca tgacccatat tgccaggcat      3300
     agtccccaat gcacaggcat ggagtcttta aagttaaagt ttatttaaag aaaaacaata      3360
     atggcaacaa ctaaaatatg gtgaaagcta tacaataaaa atatataagc agaggaaaca      3420
     aagtgcaatt tatagacttg aactgattct gaaacaaaag gagaacagga ggaggagaac      3480
     aagaaagaga aggaggagaa gaaaggggca ggggagagaa agagaagaga taggaggagg      3540
     agaaggtgga agaggaaaga gagaaggatg caaaggagaa ggaagggagg gagaagtgga      3600
     aggaggagga agaggaggag aagggagagg aagacaggag aagaagagag gagaagaaag      3660
     gcgaaagaga gaaggaagaa gtggggtgaa aagaggaagg aaataggaga ataaaataaa      3720
     atagagggcc cagtgaaatt actcacccct gtaatcccaa cactttggga ggctgagctg      3780
     ggtggatcca ttgaggctag aagtttgaga ccagcctggg caacatgatg aaaccctgtc      3840
     tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gcctgatgtg attgctcaca cctctaatcc cagctactca      3900
     ggagcctgag gcaggagaca tttttgactc aggaggcaaa gtttgcaggg agccaaggtt      3960
     atgccaccac actccaatct ggctgacaga atgagacccc atctcagaaa aaaagaaact      4020
     gcaggtcctg ccatccagga agagaaagaa gagggtgagg atagggaagg tgagagaagg      4080
     aggaggaata gaatggggag aagatggagg aagaaaagaa ggagaacaag gaggaagaga      4140
     aggagcatgg ataggaagag gaaaaagatg actatcgaat gcactaattt taggtgggga      4200
     gtagtggctc atgcttgtaa tcctagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcaggtg ggtaatttga      4260
     ggtcaggagt tcaagaccaa cctggcacac atggtgaaat cttgccttta ctaaaaatac      4320
     aaaaattaac ttgttgtagt ggcacatgtc tgtaatccca gctctcagga ggctgaggca      4380
     ggagaatcgc ttgagattgg gggtcagagg ttgcagtgag cacagattga gccactgcac      4440
     tccattctgg gcaaaagagt gagaaaaaaa cccactaatt ttagaacaat tgggaatatt      4500
     tcaatgagca ccgcatcaca gaagatgata ttgaatcatt gttatttttc atatgtgtga      4560
     caatgctaaa gcagaagaaa ttcctccttt gaaaactcag gctgcaggtg tgagggaaac      4620
     taagagtaaa attgtccaaa cttgaacaaa cagaaatcaa aaaatctcag ctaaaagggc      4680
     cataggaaga atgtctaatg aggggccatg ctgttctatc cccagggcag caggtaagga      4740
     tcaatagggt aggggaatct tgaggtcaga caagaaagag aagctcacaa tgtgtggaag      4800
     agttcagcag tggatacacc aaatggataa agacaccagt acaaaagcag gacagaaaca      4860
     ggtgagatga cccatttgtg gatctataaa tagttccaaa cagctctgta cctcctcagg      4920
     caagcaggtg gaggaactgg gtgacaagaa gtctgttatt agatgaaacc atgaattcaa      4980
     gcaactcctg ttcctgaaat ggaaatcttg atgtcatgca atgtagcttt tctcaggcta      5040
     tgtataaaag caacacctga gcatataggt tccaattaaa attatgcaaa taaaatgaac      5100
     tctcacaaca caaattcatg aggattgctg actagttgct attctgagtg actctctatg      5160
     agcaggaaca attcatgccc ttatggtatt accagggagt ggatctagtc cattcctcca      5220
     tgaattgacg caatccctga gcacttactt tgaaacctat ggttctagaa gactctgcaa      5280
     aaattggcgg ataaaagaaa gaatgtgaag gccccatcag ctgagaactt caaatgagga      5340
     tataggaatg agatggacac acacaaaaag attcaaagac aacaaatgtg aaatttgaag      5400
     taatatactg aacactgcag ataaatatct ctgagttatt attttgaaga cactttataa      5460
     agactataat agatagtctt tatttgttat agacttatac tacaggtgtt cctctgtgaa      5520
     ggagaatgga ttccatgtaa tgatccttca tggggataga gagtcttaag gttaatcaca      5580
     ctgagggatt aaaaacgtag gacaggctgg gagcagtggc ttatgtctgt aatcccaaca      5640
     ctttgggaag ccaagatggc aggatcacta gagcccagga gtttgagacc agcctgtgca      5700
     acatctacaa gactcccata tctacaagaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagagcca gacatggtag      5760
     tgtgcatctg tagtcccagc tgcccatgaa gcagaggtgg gagggtcact tggactcaga      5820
     ttaaggctgc agtaaactat gatcatacca ctgcactcct gcctgggtga cagagcaaga      5880
     ccttgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaaaaa gacagatgtt gctggatgaa      5940
     aagtgggatt aggtgggtgg aagtgaggaa gcacaggaca tctttggggg aaatcacagg      6000
     gagcccatga gacagaatcc agagctgtag aagggaagtt agcacaaaca ttggcctaag      6060
     cccttctcgt aaggggctgc aatgtaaaat gaaacctttc atactacaag agactccaag      6120
     gactccttat ccagaccaat aaggagaaat ctagcagatt tggaatctta aattccttct      6180
     aagaggcaga aaatataaga cacagacaca gcggagaaga ccatgtgcag atgaaagtag      6240
     agactccagt gatataacca caagcccagg gatgcctgga gcccccagga gctgggagag      6300
     gcaggaagca tcctccctta gcatctctgg aaagaactgg ttacaattat agtgaatgga      6360
     acagctgcct ccagaaaaga taaatccaca tcacaaagcc cagaacctgg aatatgacct      6420
     tatttagaaa aacagtcttt acagatttgt aattaaagtc agatctggag atgagattat      6480
     tctggcttag gatggcctta attgaatgac cagtgtcctt ctaaggacag aagaggagac      6540
     atggaaacag aagacgatgc catgtggaac cagaggtgga gacaagtgac aaggccacag      6600
     cctagggatg cctgaagccc ccaggagcta ggacacacag gaaggatcct cccctgaagc      6660
     ctccaaaggc atgccaccct gtccacacct tgatctcaga ctcccattct ccaggacttg      6720
     gaaaggatac aatttttatt atgctaacca acaagtttgt agtaatttct tacagcagtc      6780
     ctaggaaact aaaactaagt acagatttgt gacactattg tgttgatttg cctttgcaga      6840
     gaagtaggta ctatccaggc aagggttgaa actggctgta gacagctgga ctcagagcag      6900
     gagaaaaggc caggctttcc cttgtctcct ggatggacat gagctgtgga agttggccag      6960
     tgactggctg taaaaaggac aggttggtgt gttgacctga cagacctaat gcaaagtcaa      7020
     acaaagcttc aaaatcaatg caccagttat tcccagcaaa attccatgaa tgcattgaaa      7080
     atcttctatg tctgtaatgt ggctgactct ggctgatggg actctttgca aagggagtat      7140
     aaaatgtgtc ttgtgttgca aaacttttta atatatctta tcatttgtgc ctttcaaaaa      7200
     ccaaagtgac tctgcagagt tggcctgtct ctacaatttg gctgaaagac agcctacggt      7260
     acccttccaa gaggtttttc ttagctgatt gattgggaag catacaggca cagccccctt      7320
     catggaagga agagtcattt tcttcaataa gtatatgact gtggctggca gattaaaggg      7380
     acactacaat ggagttattt ggattcttaa agttacccaa aaaaataagc aaagaaaatt      7440
     caaataaccc catcaaacag tggtcaaatg ccatgaacag acatttctca aaaaaagata      7500
     tacaaatggc caataaacat gatgctcaac gtgccaacaa acatgttcaa aatgccaaca      7560
     tgcaaattaa agccacaatg agatatcaac ttaccctgca agaaaggcca ctgggggagg      7620
     gatagcatta ggagatatac ctaatgctaa atgacgagtt aatgggtgca gcacaccaac      7680
     atggcagatg tatacatatg taacaaacct gcacgctgtg cacatgtacc ctaaaaccta      7740
     aagtataata ataataattt tttattaact taaaatataa taataattat tatttattat      7800
     tattatttat tattaactta aagtataaaa ataataataa attattatta tactttaggt      7860
     tttagggtac atgtgcacaa cgtgcaggtt tgttatatat gtatacatct gccatgttgg      7920
     tgtgctgcac ccattaactc gtcatttagc attaggggac tattaatcat gctgctataa      7980
     agacacatgc acacgtgtgt ttattgtggc actattcaca atagcaaaga cttggaacca      8040
     acccaaatgt ctaacaatga tagactggat taagaaaatg tggcacatat acaccatgga      8100
     atactatgca gtcataaaaa ataataaaat tttttaaaaa atcaataaat aaaataaaaa      8160
     gtcaaaaaac aataaatgtt ggtgtggata tggtgaaaag ggagtgcttg tatactgctg      8220
     ctgggaatgt aaattggtat atggaaaaga gttggagatt tctcagaaaa ctaaaagtag      8280
     acctactatt tgatccagca atctgactac tgaatatcta cccaaaggaa aagaagccat      8340
     tatatgaaaa ggacacctaa atgcatgttt attacagcag aattcacaaa tgcaagatat      8400
     ggaatcaacc taagtgacca tcaaccaatg agtaaataaa gaaaatatgg tatatataca      8460
     gcatagaata ctactcagcc ataaaaatga atgaaataat gtctttgtga tggggctgga      8520
     agccattatt ttaagtgaag taactcagga atggaaaacc aaataccata ggttctcact      8580
     tataagtgag agctaaacaa tgagtatgca aaggcataca gaatggtaaa atagacactg      8640
     gagactcaga atctgggagg gtgggaggga tgtgggggat aaataactac atattgggta      8700
     caatatacac tactcaggtg acaggtgcac taaaatctca gaccacacca ctatacaatt      8760
     caaccatgta ggcaaaaaat atttgtatcc caaaaagcta ttgaaataaa aaaactatat      8820
     attttaaaaa gttgctgcaa ctataattga tgtgatgttt acttttatgt gaccacttga      8880
     ctagaaactg gtgacaagtt gtttgcctgg acacatagac tatgtcttgt tgggaaggaa      8940
     ctcttttgtt tctttgtttt tggtacaggg tcttgctctg tcacctaggc tgaagagcag      9000
     tggtacaaaa tatagctcac tccagcctca aacttctggg ctcaagcaat cctcctgcct      9060
     cagcctcctg agtaactagg actacaggta catgacacaa tgcctggcta ttctcaaaaa      9120
     aaatttatag agatgaatct ttctatgttc ttcaggtggg tctcactatg ttgtccagac      9180
     tacaagtcat cctcctgact cagcctccca aagtgcgggg attacaggta tgagccacca      9240
     aacctagcca agggagggga attttttttt tttttttttg agatgtggtg aaaatttaca      9300
     atcagtagag ttttagtaaa gcacattgcc ctccataaca tgggtgggcc ccatccagcc      9360
     agtcgaagtt cttaagcata aagaccaatg ttttccaaag aaggaagaat tcagcatcca      9420
     gactaacata aaaattcagc ctgggtttcc agcagttaga ctcaaggctg tgttatacac      9480
     tattttcccg gtctccagcc agccagtctg ttctacacat tgttgccagc ctctggccca      9540
     atcaaataaa cctttctccc tctctgtctc tcctctctct ctgcatatat agattggtac      9600
     aaaactaatt aaaatttttg tcattaaaag taattttgca ccaatttaat acatgcatct      9660
     gtgtgtatat atgtatacct acatatacat atatgtatat gcatatgtat atgttagtat      9720
     atgtatatat gtgtatgtat gtacacatgt gtatatacac agatgtgggt gtgtgtatta      9780
     tgtgtttata tgtagtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtatatatat atatatatat atacctgtat      9840
     ttgtgtgtat ttaaatatat atatatatat acctgtattt gtgtgtattt atatatatat      9900
     atatatatct cctttgtgtt acaatcaaat gatacttagt tattgttaaa tgataattaa      9960
     attattattg actatagtca ccctgttgtg ctatcaggta ctaaatctta ttcatttttt     10020
     ctgctatttt ttgtacctgt taatcatccc aacttcccct tcaccaccac ccccactacc     10080
     cttcccagtt tttggtaagc atcattccac actctattcc catgaattcc attgttttaa     10140
     tgtttagctc ctttaataat gttaattctg ctgggtcact ttgtgtgtta gtagggaaca     10200
     gagagataca gacagagaaa ataaacagag aaagagagag agataagaga cagagataaa     10260
     gagacaaatg gaaacagctg ttttttgtat atgaagcata tatttctcat catctctaga     10320
     tgaagaattg tacatatggt aactttccag agtggttttg ttgtgcactg tcttaggtaa     10380
     cctaggacta cacattacaa tatactcttc agtctctgtt tcagagccat tgcattactc     10440
     agactttaaa gctttcacag acattgctgc cttttattct tataatattt ctctaaggtc     10500
     aaactaggtg atatttttat taccactatc atcactttct tgttgtctca tttatatatg     10560
     agaatgctga taggaacaaa accagaattt ggtcttttca cactgcctgc ttatctcttt     10620
     ttattacact gtgctggtag tattatgagg ttcctatgtg cattcaattt tgtagcatat     10680
     tgtctgatac atagtatcca gaataaacag cattaatagt aacaattaac agttcacatt     10740
     aaaatgccac tcacatttag tttaaaaaag tggatatata taaaaataag aaaacctaat     10800
     ttagtggatt atcaatgttc atacagatct cacgtgaaac tggacaaata cattaatcca     10860
     gcagctaaaa atgcaagttt ccatatgtgt tcttttccta gaaatgtatg tattgtttaa     10920
     gtcattgtgc cattttgcat gtatactctt cttggcaagt ttagagttac aatatgttta     10980
     aagacggaca tgaatctttg ataattgcgt tctctcaact gtaaggcagg tttctccaca     11040
     atcccttgag taacgcaaaa ctacattttc aagcagagtg gaactaaagt tcccactacc     11100
     catcaccctc tttataaagg cattaggcta ataccttaat aaggactctg taaatagcat     11160
     taaagaacca cttaagattt ttccttgaga gcgttgagtt ctgtgtcact gaaacatttt     11220
     gctagtaatt atttgaggga aattatcaac cgagcagaac agaagtgaaa ttcttgaagc     11280
     tacaaaatgt ttttaattta ctctagaaaa gagtccattc acaaacttgg aggtctcttt     11340
     tgcaatcttt cagtggcatt gtccttactg aacaaatgtt ctgactcatt ttaaaattat     11400
     ctttgataca gtggctgtaa tatcaccccc tcttcagagt tcttcagaag atcctttgaa     11460
     actctttttg aatttaaata tacatttaca atgtcatggt tgtaaggcag agtgctgcaa     11520
     cccttctttt tgtttctcaa gagccaggta atgttttaga attttcactc tgtatacaca     11580
     ataagcaata cagagaaaat tatgtaggta tatatacaac tggttatttt ttttttttca     11640
     acttttaagt tcagggatac acgtgcagat ttcttacata ggaaaatgtg tgtcatgggg     11700
     gtttgctgtg cagattattt catcactcag gtattcccat tagttatttt tcctgatgct     11760
     ctcacttttc ccaccctcca tcctctgata tgccccagtg tgtgttgttc ccctctatat     11820
     gtccatgagt tctcatcatt tagctcccac ttatgagaga gaacatgcag catttggatt     11880
     tctgttcttg cattagtttg caaacgataa tggcctccag ctctatctat atccctgcaa     11940
     aaaacatgag ctcattcttt tttatggctt tatagttttt catggtgtat atgtaccaca     12000
     ttttcttcat gcagtctgta attaatgtgc atttaggttg attcaatgtc attacttgtg     12060
     aatagtgctg caatgaatat aagaaccatt cttaacacac cagtaattaa aaaactgtac     12120
     caaagaggca aacatggcag ctggtcagat ttagttcact gataagattt agttcactgt     12180
     cctctgtctg aatgtatcaa aatggtctaa tttatgagta gtgattttag tagtaataat     12240
     actattaaaa ataatccaag taattgaaat ttacctgttg actcttatta atcattttac     12300
     attcattacg atatttgatt caggtgagtc cctttgtttc aactgtcatt gtaagtgcca     12360
     tccctatttg gagatttaag gaggggacta atttgattta attccataag aatagaatga     12420
     tcttttgtct aagatgttca taaaatgctt tttgggatca gctggcaatg aatgatggat     12480
     cagcagttct gagcactgtt ttattgacac tgccttctac aagacaggat ttagagaaaa     12540
     acaataggca gtacataata ccacttaatc ctcagaagga ttttagagga taaaagatgt     12600
     gtaggcaagt ttccagtagg gactgtggac ttttccctat ttgctgtttt gatcccagac     12660
     tcagccacat gtgttacctc tcccagcaca aatgcaattt tcatcacaga cacttgtcta     12720
     ctgtttgcac actgaaatac aaacaagcct aaattcatct tgcaaaaatc attcttatgt     12780
     ctaaagcaat agatatttct acataaatag atgtttacat aggttgtaca ggtatgttgt     12840
     agaatgatct atccactcaa cctcatgaat tccatagaga aaaataatcg acatggtgcc     12900
     tgctgtcatc tcaacgaggc agcagaagat gataaatcat tacatgctat ggcagaatat     12960
     gcgtgattag tttctttgca atgaagtaga acaaatctga accctcaggt caggaagtcc     13020
     agctccctca tgatctcact ggtaaaggat catcctgtgg ttattaacct ctcttttccc     13080
     ctttgctcca cacttaagag tttgaaattg aactagaaga aatcgaatag aaagagtttt     13140
     aagatttcag ccagatagaa acccttcaac tattttctct ttcacaaccc ttgctttaag     13200
     aatgtaactg acacagggtg cagtgactca caccactaat cccaacattt tgagaggcta     13260
     aggcaggagg atcgcttgag ccaaggaatt tgagacacac ctggccaaca aggaaaaaac     13320
     ccatctatac aaaaaaaaaa tttaaaaatt agccaggcat gtggcatgca cctgtagtat     13380
     cagctactca ggaggctgac atggtgggat cagctgagcc cccaggttga ggctacagtg     13440
     agccatgatc acatcactac actgcagcct gtgtaacaga gtgtgaccct gtctcaaagg     13500
     gaaaaagaga ggatttatct tggaatctac tagattcgta tgacccagca tgtggctgct     13560
     tgaatactac cacaacaact attctatgga atcggccttg taacagtcat gttttgtgtt     13620
     ggggtctatt caaacatgca gcaccataaa cctctcaaaa taaatacttt agataatact     13680
     ttctcttttg ttgccccaca ttatttttgt acagtgaaga tacatttatt agtttaaaat     13740
     taaggtaatt taaaagtttt ttattatgta aagtacacac agcctaaaat gtacaacttt     13800
     aacaattttt aagtgtttgc ttcagtagta attaggaaca ctcacattgt tatgtaagcc     13860
     aatctccaga attctttctt tttttttaac ttttatttta tgttcaggca tacacatgta     13920
     ggtctgttat ttagttgata tggcttgaat ctgtgtccca acccaaatct catctccaac     13980
     tgtaatcacc agttgtgcag ggagagacat ggtgggaggt ggttggatct tgagggtagt     14040
     ttcccccatg ctgttcttgt gatagtgagg aagttctccc aagatctgat ggttcaaatg     14100
     tgacagttcc cctgctctcc ctctccttcc tgccaccttg taaagaaagc tcctacttcc     14160
     ccttcacgtt tcatcatgat tgtaagtttc ctgaggcttt ctcagccatg tggaattgag     14220
     agtcaattaa acctctttcc tttataaact acccagtctc agggtgttcc ttacagcatg     14280
     ctaaaaacaa gctgataaaa cagagaaaca taattccaaa atttactaca gtggaggccc     14340
     caatagactt aatccaagtc atgggattta gtccagaaag actttctgcc acctgatcta     14400
     atgcctcaac tccaggcaca atgaataaat gagcctgaga ggcttcaaaa atttgtttct     14460
     ttaatttagt tatgtccaag gataaattat cttccctacc cagaaggtgt cctttgtcca     14520
     tttcccatga atgatcagtc tcattgtagg aatgtggtgt gatacagaaa tcagaagtat     14580
     tccaatcgca ctgcatttgc acgcgatgtt tgagacttac tacccgatct ccaagccaaa     14640
     taacagattg tcttagatca ttaatttgat tagctaattt ttgatcgaag ccttgttgag     14700
     actccacatt tggttggaat tggcttgcca atcattaaca aaatgagccg tttgaataga     14760
     tcggtgtaat gccaacccag cagtggtggc cagtgcagtg actgtaatta ggtccatgat     14820
     cacagcgatt aaagtgaaaa caaatctctt agatctttta aaaattcgtt gtaacacttc     14880
     attaattaaa tgtactgagg gggaagattc ccaaggtctg ggtaaagtta ctggtatcta     14940
     gatttctttt tgagcttgaa ccaatattac acttttccag gagtcaaaac agaagttaac     15000
     acaggtgtgt aaatgacaat taatgcatgg gacagtttga ttgttcattc aaattttgat     15060
     atttcccact aacagcatgt aaggaggctt aacacaactc tgtataggaa tatacaggtt     15120
     ggaggtaaac aaagcagaat gtctgaatct acattgatac tgagggagaa gagtggcagt     15180
     ggccatgccc gatgtcctct gctgtaaaga agcaatctga agtgcctggg gatgccaaag     15240
     aagcagaagg gcatacctag gttgagaaga attatcataa ggccaattgg agtcccataa     15300
     aggaggattg gcatcacaaa gaggaagagg attcaaaggg gatttatcat ggtgttcaga     15360
     atcacagatg tgaggggcgg tagtggggac aacacacaga aaagtttccc ctttctatac     15420
     tcgcagtcca gacatggcaa tcaccatttt ccaaaattct tggtgttctg ggctcagaat     15480
     ggggaatatc atatgaggcc ttgtgggggg taatgccctt atgtttccat tttaagtgaa     15540
     agaatgagct gaacctccta tgcaaagtag gatgatgatc ctcatcctcc caataagaaa     15600
     taaaataagt agtctccagg cattcccttc catcagagag gcaattgttt tttaaatagc     15660
     cctttggtac cgagtctatt actaaaccat atgagtcatt ttttaatact attgcatctg     15720
     agttaacaca gtcttcccaa attaaagttt tagatgggcc ctcaaaattt ttaggacatg     15780
     tttttcctac aggtttatat tgaaagtatg gggtatctcc tattactccc cctttcattt     15840
     gtcttaaggg agacagggag aggccagtga ccaaatgtct gaattatctt gtagctcata     15900
     tctttggaag ataagcagcc tccacttgag tttctggata gacacaacca ggtgcatgtc     15960
     tgaggcaaag aggagggtat ttataaccca tagtaacatt aaatgcagtg tcttattctc     16020
     ctggttgagt gaggcaatgg tcatctgtgg ctccaggcat ccacacacta tagttagtat     16080
     ggatttctgc aggagcatcc atccaggtga gaggtcgaat gagtggagga aaaggcacat     16140
     aagcccagta agaacaattt tatgcagcag gtaaatcagt tttaggggac actagtgaga     16200
     cataaattac aaggaggaaa attattaaat aaaacctatt gtaagtgaga cccagtgctg     16260
     aaggaggaag agaagaatgg agggatgtta ttttcaagct aatagaaatg gtgagatttt     16320
     taagtttgta aggagaaaaa gaaaggtaat taggagaagt gggatgagtt agaggggtct     16380
     ctgttgctat tacggaggat tgaatcagac ccattttgat ttggcttgtc agtttctgag     16440
     gagttggccc agatctcact aggtatgagg gcagtctctg atgaggatgt ctttttcctg     16500
     gggttttcat tgtcagtatt cacatgaagt ttaagtcttc tagtggcacc cagacagggc     16560
     attgatgatc tcctggtgaa acacaagcat accttcttcc ccactttata attgttccag     16620
     cttcccagat attggtttgg gagtttttcc ataacactgg cttgccttca tttagggaga     16680
     attttttgcc tatataatgg cattcagctg cagtcagagt attgtcttta gcaacattta     16740
     gaaaatttaa agtaaataat gctgaatgta attgggagtg gggagtggtt aaattatgtt     16800
     ttcatttttc agacattttg gaaattgagt ttttaaagtg tgattggctc attccaccac     16860
     agcctgtccc tgaggattgt aagggattcc agtattatgg gaaattacac attattgcat     16920
     aaataaatca aaagccttac taatatatcc aggggtgttg cctgttttta tttgatatgg     16980
     aagacccata actgcaaagc aagaatactt atgtctttta acatgggcca tgatataagg     17040
     ctgaattgta cccttttgac catcagggcc agtgtaaggc aagataaatg tgctctggtg     17100
     aacttcatta gcttttccag cacctactag tctcatgttg gagggatgtt taagccagga     17160
     gaaaggccat aaattagaag aaataataga aacattatcc ctggtatata ctaggccctc     17220
     aaactttttt cctcaaatgt gtatggtgca ggtaggatgt tgctcagaaa ttacattaat     17280
     ccaataagtg gctttttcac cactggagcc catcccaggg ccccatatat tatctccttt     17340
     gtttaaaatg atattaggta ataaaagtaa ttgagcaatt gactcactgg ccagaatgga     17400
     aacaggaacc ttggcagaca ctgtaagttt aatctcatca gaggaatcag tattaatgag     17460
     accagtatga actgtgatac ctttagcaga ggtggatgcc ctagctaaca ccaccctcac     17520
     caaaacttga ggtaaagggc cagtgaccac catggggaca attaaaggca aagaattagg     17580
     tagtaaattt agaggaatgg tactacaggg atcgaccgcc ccacccccta ctgtggaggt     17640
     agacgagcat tgtactgaga cagaagaaga ggccgggacc catctgggtt ggccgtaggt     17700
     caatttgttt gtgctgggga atgaactggg gcctcttgaa gtggaaatgc aacattggtc     17760
     tgagtctgag gtgtcccatt tgatactggg gcctgggact ggccccactt cctgtttccc     17820
     tggttctgtg gcagggggtt tccatctata tcagacttag agtgacaact acttgccctg     17880
     tgtttacctt tatgacaacg tgggcaaaca gtagcaggag catttggcca tgttttttga     17940
     gctggcttgg ctgcttttaa gtttttaaca gtgcactttt tttgagtata accaagttga     18000
     gcacaattat agcaggctcc aagaaacgaa tcagttgagc cagtttgatt gctatccttc     18060
     atggcccatg cccacagaat agctttgtgg gtctccaatc caatgccttc acaagcttta     18120
     atatatgcag gcaacacctc atgatcaggt aaacttcatc gttttgacgg aacgcatggc     18180
     cattttacac tcatggttca cattctcaaa agttgacata cgaacgacaa tatcttgagt     18240
     gcgctcatca gagacagaat ttggaactgc attgtgtaat ttggccaaaa aatcaggata     18300
     gaatttattg tgtccctgtt taacagtagt aaaagaaaca ggagcttggc ctggggcgtg     18360
     taatttatcc caaactctca tacacagctt tgttacttgt tccgtggtga gagcatcaaa     18420
     gcctaattgg gcagtagtgt cagagtaatt attggagtct gtgaactgag atggagcaat     18480
     tagaatgcca ccagcccaat ttagctgagt ctgcagatga gcctcttctg accaccaggt     18540
     atggaactgt aaatgctgag atggagttag aacagctttt gccaaaaggc cccagtctaa     18600
     aggaagcaaa atgatctcag tagaaatagt ctgtaatacc attttaacac atggagaagt     18660
     agaatcaaac tgagtacaaa catccttgaa ttctcttaaa aaggtaagat taagcagtgt     18720
     atatggatgc acttgtatac cttgagcatt gggaggttcc agggtgacca gataagccca     18780
     cgcctctaat gcagttgttt ctttgttgtg tcataataag cattgcatgg aagtttcaag     18840
     aacaggcaca tgagacggag tcagcataga agtgacatga aaagtatatg tagataaggg     18900
     aaactgaggt taaggaggtc agactggtat gagagtgtga gaaaggggca ttgggggagc     18960
     agaagaggca ggtgcatact ggtgattatt gtcccaattc tgtgcaacca gagtggcagg     19020
     ggtatccttg tgcaaagaag gatacagaga agcaggttga gtggatggca aagtgaccag     19080
     ttgaggcatc aaaatgacag gagggtgagg ggctgtggtg gacagaagag ggcctgtaga     19140
     attgcaggta aattgcagtt tggtcccaga gtcattaggt ggctctggag acaaatcctg     19200
     caaaggtttg aagagggaag agttagcata gatatggtcc cagactgttc aagtcagggc     19260
     tgcaggagct acaagtatca gctctttgtg caaagaaata agatcatcag agtgtgatgt     19320
     taagccaaag tcaccggagt tagatattga attctcaata tcatcaggtg ggggaggagt     19380
     aggtaaaggg agaggctgag cagataacga aggccaagtg ggagagaaaa gctgaggaag     19440
     aggtagaggg tcaccagatt caggaaactg tggtaactgc agggtgtcac aggattaata     19500
     tgtcactagg atgtcacgta ccaagtccca atcaccccaa acagtgatgg gaacatagtt     19560
     tcctgtcggg accagttccc cagaattttg caccaacatg atcccatagt tccacatcta     19620
     acattgcctt ttcaggaaac aaggacagtg ttcttccact gccctgaata gagtgaccat     19680
     atttttcatg ggaacctgaa ctccacctga ttttaacaga agtttaatat accagagata     19740
     agcataatgt ttagattctg catgacccat agttacccca gacaatacac agacaactca     19800
     ccaattttca gggagcaaac aagcatttct gtggaccaga ctgatgaacg tttcaccaca     19860
     cctaccaaag ggaatcaggt tcccacatgc acttaggaaa aagaaaacca cattggtgtg     19920
     ccaaatatca gggaatccca cctccaatat ttcaatgtag gttctttcta ttttccataa     19980
     tcagactgtg atgtccacct gagccacaaa tccatcaagc ttttattaag gatctcaaaa     20040
     ggggaaggag tgtacaaaca gggagtaggt cacatgtttc agggggcaaa aaccacagca     20100
     aagatcacat gcttctgagg aaacaggaca aagggaaaaa ggcagaaact cctgataagg     20160
     gtctatgttc agcagtgcat gtattgtctt gatagacatc ttaacagaaa gtagagtttg     20220
     acagcagaga actggtgtga ccaaaaattt accaggatgg agtttcccaa tcctagtaag     20280
     cctgagggta ctgcaggaga ccaaggtgta tctcagtcct tatctcaacc acataggaca     20340
     cacattccca gagcagctgt ttatagaact tgccccagga atgcatttct ttcccagggt     20400
     cttaatatta atattatttg ctaggaaagg aatttagtga tatcttccct acttgcatgt     20460
     agggattgca tttataggct ctctgcaaga agaaaaatat ggctctgttt tgcccaatcc     20520
     cacaggcagt caggccttat ggttgtcttc ccttgttctc tgaaaatcac tgttattctg     20580
     ttctttttca aggtgcactg atttcatatt gttcaaacac acatgtttta caatcaattt     20640
     gtacagttaa cacaattatc atagtggccg tgaggtgaca tacatcctca gcttacgaag     20700
     ataacaggag taagagaata aaataagaca ggtgtaagaa attatgaaaa aattatttgg     20760
     gaactggtaa atgtccatga aatctttaca atttacgttt ctctgctaca gctccagcag     20820
     gtccctctgt taggggtccc tgacttcctg caacaacatg gatcaagatt tttagtttat     20880
     atgatcccca tgtttcttga agctacaaca tgcaagtaaa aaatgaactg atcctgaggg     20940
     agtgtcaaaa ctagagctca tggaaaaaac acatttaaaa acctcctaca aaggaatacc     21000
     ctcattacaa actgcacaca attcccactg ataaaaccct cctgaagata agttcacaat     21060
     caaaaatcac aatatatgtg aagtcacaac ccaatgctca tgaaggccaa aatgaagatc     21120
     aaaaggcaca acaaaattcc cactgataaa accctcctga agatgagttc acaaaaatca     21180
     caatacatgt gaagttccaa accaatgctc aggattgtca aaaggcacaa acagcaatat     21240
     aatcacaata acataataca taattaggtt tggattatga aaagcattta gaatagaagg     21300
     agcacaagag ataagaggaa gatactgtaa ataaacaaca gatggatttg aaataaatat     21360
     gagaacttat agaagtaaaa accaagccat agaacctaaa cctcaatagg taaattaaag     21420
     accagattac acgtgactaa actgagaaag aaatgaatgg ggagatgtga aaaatcactt     21480
     agaatgcagc acataaatat caacagatag attgtatcaa agtgtgtttg agagagaagg     21540
     agggtacatg gaagagattc aggatacaat gactaaaatg tgttggagaa taacagcatt     21600
     ctgaggataa ggaataaaca atattccaaa agataatgat ggcaatattc cagaatcata     21660
     tgaaacagga atatatgagt catgaaaaaa gtgaactcca agtaggagaa ataaaggcaa     21720
     gtccacaccc cagcatatca aactgaaatt caagaaaggg caagtgaaaa cctaccaaag     21780
     caactagaat aaacaaaata tggtatacaa ccagataata ataggagcag tacagcttag     21840
     agtaggaata tatatatata tatatatatg tatgtatatt ctctctctat atatatatat     21900
     gtagatatag atatatatat atatatagag agagagagag agagagatag caaatgtata     21960
     tagttctatt tatgaataca cacacatact tcaacaaaac aatcagtaaa aggaaaaaat     22020
     ctccatagaa cacattaaat gaaaagaata gtatttcaat aaagaaaaac acctgaatga     22080
     ccaattacac atgaaaaggc atcttttttt cctggtcagg gaaattcaat ttaaaacagc     22140
     tatgagactc cactaaaatt gacaaaaaga aaagttacaa tatcaagaag agaggaagac     22200
     aagaagccaa aggtgatccc ttgctctgtt ggagggagtg tgaattggtg aaacaacttt     22260
     gagacactgt cttgaaacct caggataatt gaacatgtgt tcagactacc agtcagcttt     22320
     ctacttgagg gaagctcgag ttatgtgtgc agtgtcattg acaagaatgc ctagagtaac     22380
     ttgcgtggaa taatgaaaag ttagaaactg ccaacattgt aataatcaat aagatgaata     22440
     aactacagtt gtagttatca gttcacttaa tctcaaagtt aactataaat gaagaatgac     22500
     cttcagaatg aaacatttac ttaaatttga caaatgaacc tctatcttta tatctattat     22560
     ctgtctttat gtctatctat atatctatta tctatctatt tatatatcta cctgtctact     22620
     tgtataccta cctattatct atgtatccaa tattccatct attctatcat ctattattta     22680
     tgtcatttgt tgacctatca tctatctact ctatcatcta tcatgttgcc caaatacaga     22740
     atgaaatatt tacttaaatt tgacaaatga acctctatct ttatatctat tatctatctt     22800
     tatatctatc tatatatcca tctattatct atttatctat ctacctgtct acttgtatac     22860
     ctacctatta tctatgtatc caatattcca tctattctat catctattat ttatgtcatt     22920
     tattgaccta tcatctatct actctatcat ctattctatg atctatcatc tacctatctt     22980
     ttcatctatc atctacctgt ttatctgtct gtcttctatt ttgtatctac catctatcta     23040
     tatctactta taaatatagg taaacacata ggcattgtaa tgataagaca atccagagca     23100
     attacaaaac taaattaact agagtccact gggaaggaag gggtggaaaa taaaaggggt     23160
     gtacataggg gatttgaaaa tatttcttta gcatataatt gtattctgaa aaccaacata     23220
     aagaagacat gaggggaata tggtaatgct attcacatta ctcctccctc catctcctcc     23280
     tcacacccgc aaagtcccta cgccttatcc cagttgcatg gctgcattcc acaacatcca     23340
     aatcctgaca ctgtctccct caaaaaaata ctattgggac atggaaacaa ctacagatat     23400
     aattttccta ctgtgaaaag ttcttcctaa gtttcaagaa taaaaagaaa tatccaattc     23460
     acaattggtt tgttttcctt tcattcattt cacttttttt ttcctaaatg ggatatgttt     23520
     aaatacacat aaaaaaaaca aataggagag gccatcctat ttgaaactat tatttattca     23580
     tttactgtat tttagaaata aggcccccag gaatcttggg catatgtgaa aacacatatg     23640
     cttacaaact tagataatga gattcagtca tggcaattag gttgcattta aaattcctag     23700
     cgtcaagtgt aagagtctaa gtactcactt tttgaaagta acacactttt atctctgtgc     23760
     attgtctcta gtattcctaa gtcagtctct ttctttgcca tggtttaact ttgtagtctg     23820
     gtctttccat tctttcccca gagtagggta atcttaagag ttggggtgat taacatctct     23880
     aataatttgt atagcataat gtagttaaac atttttctta ggatagtgaa tgtgcaaaga     23940
     aaatggaaga tcaacagagg agagaaacgt tgctagctgt catggtttcc ctttcaggca     24000
     ttaatcatta ttgcttgaga agaaagttag acttttattg ccaaaatatt taactaaatg     24060
     tcacatatgt gtgtgtgcat gcgtgtgtgt gtgtagtgta tgtgtatgta tacacacaaa     24120
     acacccacat acccataagt atatatagat atgcatacac acctatatat atgcacacat     24180
     aaatatgtat acacctatat atgcatatag ttctctctca gagatataga tagacagaca     24240
     gatacataga tggatagata gatagataga cagacagata tagatgtgga tagaatagat     24300
     ggtagataaa taggatagat ggaatagaag attgagatag atatggatgg aatagatacc     24360
     tcgataacat gagatagata gaatagatag atacatatag atcagataga gagattaaat     24420
     agagatagat gtgacacaca tacatgcata tatacagatc tttagagttc atgtcaggca     24480
     gctttctgaa gataatctat gtattaactt cacaattaaa tcttcacaac agccatgagt     24540
     tagaagatac cattataaca acattgcaca aaggactgtt gcccaaagag gcaagttacc     24600
     cgacttcccc cagctagcaa aaagtgcagg agtgatgtga acccagcctg tgtggtctgt     24660
     agctccttct tctgaaccac tatgtgctat tggaagttgc catttcttta gttttcctga     24720
     agtgcaaggt ggcactacaa gtggatacca atgtgcatag aaatattcac agcaatcctt     24780
     cctactgaat ttattattcc actcccaaag ccaatcatca atatagaaat ttaacattca     24840
     tccctgccat tctatgtatt taaccaaatc tcttccatat gacagttgca tttttacttc     24900
     caagccgctg gaggagatga aggatcctct gtagtttctc ttgctggcaa taagagttgc     24960
     aaaagcaaac ttttgaatgc atctaagtta atcaccaaag agtggcatta gtagtcctgg     25020
     ttccatttaa gtaggtcctg tataggatgt tctttatgta atgaatattt taagtcctat     25080
     cattactatt ctcatgtaca ttcatcatta tccacaagta atggaaaagc tttttctggc     25140
     tccccaagta ctgtgtgctc atttcagaat atctaatgct cctaatgcat tccttaatga     25200
     tgactccagt gtgtgatgag gaacaggggt tttggaactc agaaagccag catgtcattg     25260
     cacactcatc tttagtggag gccccttgcc tagtttgaaa tgcaatcctg atacatacag     25320
     ctcaaaatac ctagcctttc tgcttcaggt tattcaaacc caatgaaatt ctgatatcgt     25380
     tttaaagata actgttgcac ataaaaagtc acttctgatt tttgtatgag gaagataatg     25440
     attgcacata ataaaccacc tatgactttt tttattatta tactttaagt tttagggtac     25500
     atgtgcacaa tgtgcaggtc agttacatat gtatacatgt tccatgctgg tgtgctgcac     25560
     ccattaacac gtcatttagc attaggtata tctactgaga atgatgattt caaatttcat     25620
     ccatgtccct acaaaggaca tgaactcatc attttttatg gctgcatagt attccatggt     25680
     gtatatgtgc cacattttct taatccagtc tatcattgtt ggacatttgg gttggtacca     25740
     agtctttgct attgtgagta gtgccgcaat aaacatacgt gtgcatgtgt ctttatagca     25800
     gcatgattta tagtcctttg ggtatatacc cagtaatgag atgctgggtc aaatggtgtt     25860
     tctagttcta gatccctgag taatcgccac actgacttcc acaatggttg aactagttta     25920
     cagtcccacc aacagtgtaa aagtgttcct atttctccaa atcctctcca gcacctgttc     25980
     tttcctgact ttttaatgat ttttattcta actggtgtga gatggtatct cattgtggtt     26040
     ttgatttgca tttctctgat ggccagtgat ggtgtgcatt ttttcatgtg tcttttggct     26100
     gcataaatgt cttattttga gaagtgtctg ttcatatcct ttgcctgttt ttcgatgggg     26160
     ttgtttgttt ttttcttgtc aatttgtttg agttcattgt agattctgga tattagccct     26220
     ttgtcagatg agtaggttgc aaaaattttc tcccattttg taggttgcct gttcactctg     26280
     acggtagttt cttttgctgt gcagaagctc tttagtttaa ttagatccca tttgtcaatt     26340
     ttggcttttg ttgccattgc ttttggtgtt ttagacatga agtccttgcc catacctatg     26400
     tcctgaatgg taatgcctag gttttcttct atggttttta tagttttagg tctaacgttt     26460
     aagtatttga tccatcttga attaattttt gtataaggtg taaggaaggg atccagtttc     26520
     aactttctac atatggctag ccagttttcc cagcaccatt tattaaatag ggaatccttt     26580
     ccccattgct tgtttttctc aggtttgtca aagatcagat agttgtagat atgcggcatt     26640
     atttctgagg gctctgttgt gttccattga tctataactc tgttttggta tcagtaccat     26700
     gctgttttgg ttactgtagc cttgtagtat aatttgaagt caagtagagt gacgcctcca     26760
     gctttgttct tttggcttag gattgacttg gtgatgccag cccttttttg gttccatatg     26820
     aactttaaag tatttttttc caattctgtg aagaaagtca ttggtagctt gatggggatg     26880
     gcattgaatc tgtaaattac ctttggcagt atgatcattt tcatgatatt gattcttcct     26940
     acccatgagc atggaatgtt cttccatttc tttgtatcct cttttatttc attgagcagt     27000
     ggtgtgtagt tctccttgaa gaggtccttc atgtcacttg tgagttggat tcctaagtat     27060
     tttattgtct ttgaagcaat tgtgaatggg agttcactca tgatttcgct ctctgtttgt     27120
     ctgttattgg tatataagaa tgtttgtgat tcttgtacat tgattttgta tcctgagact     27180
     ttgctgaagt tgcttatcag cttaaggata ttttgggctg agacgatggg gttctctaga     27240
     tatgcaatca tgtcatctga aaacagggac aatctgactt ccccttttcc taattgaata     27300
     cgtttgattt ccttctcctg cctaactgcc ctggccagaa cttccaacac tatgtcaaac     27360
     aggagtggtg agagagggca tccctctatt gtgccagttt tcaaaggaac tgcttccagt     27420
     ttttgcccat tcagtatgct attggctgtg tgtttgtcat agatagctct taatattttg     27480
     agatatgtcc catcaatacc taatttattg agagttttta gcatgaagtg ttgttgaatt     27540
     ttgtcaaagg ccttttctgc atctattgag ataatcacgt ggtttttgtc tttggttctg     27600
     tttatatgct ggattacatt tattgatttg tgtatattga accagccttg catcccaggg     27660
     atggagccca cttgatcatg gtggataagc tttttgatgt gctgctggat tcagtttgcc     27720
     agtattttgt tgaggacttt tgcatcaagt tcatcaagga tattggtcta aaattccctt     27780
     tttttgtggt gtctctgcca ggctttggta tcaggatgat gctggcctca taaaatgagt     27840
     taaggaggat tccctctttt tctattgatt gcaatagttt cagatggaat ggtaccagtt     27900
     ggtagaattg tacctctggt agaattcggc tgtgaatcca tcttgtcctg gactcttttt     27960
     tgttggtaag ctattgatta ttgccacaat ttcagagcct gttattggtc tattcagaga     28020
     ttcaacttct tcctggttta gtcttgggag ggtgtatgtg tcaaggaatt tatccatttc     28080
     ttctagattt tctagtttac ttgcatagag gtgtttgtag tgttctctga tggtagtttg     28140
     tatttctgtg ggattggtgg tgatatcccc tttatcattc tttattgcat ctatttgatt     28200
     cttctctttt cttctttatt agtcttgcta gcagtctatc aattttgttg atcgtttcaa     28260
     aaaaccagct cccggattca ttaatttttt gaagggtttt ttgtgtctct atttccttca     28320
     gttctgctct gattttagtt atttcttgcc ttctgctaac ttttgaatat gtttgctctt     28380
     gcttttctag ttcttttact tgtgatgtta gggtgtcaat tttggatctt tcctgctttc     28440
     tcttgtaggc atttagtgct ataaatttcc ctctatgcac tgctttgaat atgacccaga     28500
     gattctgata tgttgtgtct ttgttctcat tggtttcaaa gaacatcttt atttctgcct     28560
     tcatttcatt atgtacccag tagtcattca ggagcaggtt gttcagtttc catgtagttg     28620
     agcggttttg agtgagtttc ttaatcctga gttgtagttt gattgtactg cagtctgaga     28680
     gacagtttgt tgtaatttct gttcttttat ttgtgaggag agctttactt ccaactacgt     28740
     ggtcaatttt ggaataggtg tggtgtggtg ctgaaaaaaa tgtatattct gttgatttgg     28800
     ggtggagagt tctgtagatg tctattaggt ctgcttggtg cagaggtgag ttcaattcct     28860
     gtgtatcttt gttaactttc tgcctcgttg tctagtgttg accgtggggt gttaaagtct     28920
     cccaatatta ttgtgtggga gtctaagtct ctttgtaggt cactcaggac ttgttttatg     28980
     aatctgggtg ctcctgtatt gggtgcatat atatttagga tagttagctc ttcttgttga     29040
     attgatccct ttacattatg taaaggcctt ctttgtctct tttgatcttt gttggtttaa     29100
     agtctgtttt atcagagact aggattgcca cccctgcctt tttttgtttt ccattggctt     29160
     ggcagatctt cctccatccc tttattttga gccaatgtgt gtctctgcaa gtgagatggg     29220
     tctcctgaat acagcacact gatgggtctt gagtctttat ccaatttgcc agtctgtgtc     29280
     gtttaattgg agcatgtagt ccatttacat ttaaagttaa tatttttatg tgtgaatttg     29340
     atcctgtcat tatgatgcta gctggttatt tttctcatta gttgatgcag tttcttccta     29400
     gtctcaatgg tctttacatt ttggcatgat tttgcagctg ctggtaccat ttgttccttt     29460
     ccatgtttag tgcttctttc aggagctctt ttagggcagg cctggtggtg acaaaatcac     29520
     tcagcatttg cttgtctgta aagtatttta tttctccttc acttatgaag cttagtttgg     29580
     ctggatatga aattctgggt tgaaaattct tttctttaag aatgttgaat gttggccccc     29640
     actctcttct ggcttgtaga gtttctgccg agagatccgc tgttagtctg atgggcttcc     29700
     ctttgtgggt aaaccaacct ttctctctgg ctgcccttaa cattttttcc ttcatttcaa     29760
     ctttggtgag tctgacaatt atgtgtcttg gagttgctct tctcaaagag tatctttgtg     29820
     gtgttgtctg tatttcccga atctgaatgt tagcctgcct tgctagattg gggaagttct     29880
     cctggataat atccttcaga gtgttttcca acttggttcc attctcccca tcactttcag     29940
     gtacaccaat aagatgtaga tttggtatct tcacatggtc ccatatttct tggaggcttt     30000
     gttcgtttct ttttattctt ttttctctaa acttcccttc tcacttcatt tcattcagtt     30060
     catcttccag cactgatacc ctttcttcca gttgactgca ttggctcctg aggcttctgc     30120
     attcttcacg tagttcttga gccttggctt tcagctccat cagctccttt aagcacttct     30180
     ctgtattggt tattctagtt ttacaattgt ctaaattttt ttcaaagttt ttaacttctt     30240
     tgcctttggt ttgaatttcc tcctgtagct tggagtagtt tgatagtctg aagtcttcct     30300
     gtctcaactc gttaaagtca ttctccatcc agctttgttc cattgctggt gaggaactgc     30360
     gttcctttgg aggaggagag gcgctctgct ttttagagtt tccagttttt ctgctctgtt     30420
     ttttccccat ctttgtggtt ttatctactt ttggtcatta atgatgcaga tgtacagatg     30480
     gtttttggtg tggatgtcct ttctgtttgt tagttttcct tctaacagac aggaccctca     30540
     ggtgcaggtc tgttggagtt tgctagaggt ccactctaga ccctgtttgc ctgggtatca     30600
     gcagtggtgg ctgcagaaca gtggattttc atgaaccgtg aatgctgctg tctgatcgtt     30660
     cctctgcgtg ttttgtctca gaagagtacc tggctgtgtg aggtgtcagt ctgcccctac     30720
     tgggtggtgc cttccagtta ggatgctcag gggtcaggag acagggaccc acttgaggag     30780
     gcagtctgcc cattctcaga tctccagctg catgctggga gaaccactgc tctcttcaaa     30840
     gctgtcagcc atggacattt aagtctgcag aggttactgc tgtcttttta tttgtctgtg     30900
     ccctgccccc agaggtggat cctacagagg caggtaggcc tccttgagct gtggtggtct     30960
     ccatgctgtt ccagcttcct ggctgttttg tttacctaag caagactggg caatggtggg     31020
     cacccctccc ccagccttgc tgccaccttg cagtttgatc tcagactgct gtgctagcaa     31080
     ttagtgagac tctgtgggga taggaccctc tgtgccagct gcaggatata atctcctggt     31140
     gcaccatttt ttaagcccat cagaaaagca cagtattagg gtgggagtga cccgattttc     31200
     caggtgccat ctgtcacccc tttctttgac taggaaaggg aactccctga ccccttgcac     31260
     ttcctgagtg gggtaatgcc tcactctgct tcggctcatg cacagtgcac tgcacccact     31320
     gtcccgcacc cactgtctgc cactccctag tgagatgaac ccggtacctc agatgaaaat     31380
     gcggaaatca cccgtcttct gcgtcactcg tgctgggagc tgtaactgga gctcttccta     31440
     ttcggccatc ttggctgacc cacctctgat ttttgtatga gcaaacacaa gatcgaaaaa     31500
     tgagaagcca ctttcaaatc attcagacct tgacatatct gaggagattt aatataaaaa     31560
     taattagttg caagttgaag tgaggtcctg cttgtctaaa tggggagtgg taatgcaaat     31620
     gagtctgatt tttttcccaa cgtgtgtgta aagcattgtt agacacagta aaagccttgg     31680
     gtttttactg ggttggattt cttagaagta aacctttaca caaggatttg ggtgcaagta     31740
     attcactgat taaaaaacca gttgctccca tgtcaggtgg tctctggctt tgggatcctt     31800
     ttggtagaga gataagagat aaatttttag aagaagcaac tcattgtcaa ccaaggatca     31860
     atttccagag caatggagtg gctgtgaact gttctccaga gcaatgaagc agctgttaac     31920
     tgtgagtagt cccacttcca acagtcaatg cgaattgacc ctttaaagag tattctcagg     31980
     gaacagaaac agcatctcca tccctactaa ttcttgaaaa tagacatctc tttaaccatc     32040
     tatttaaaat aatatccctc tttattctgt gatgcctaat aaaacccact tggaaacttt     32100
     agtatgttaa aatcagatta ggtaatggtt tactatgcaa actgtaactg tacttactaa     32160
     aggtcatagt tgctaaatct ttcacctata tcctaagtat caggtaaggg tttgtaaata     32220
     cagtgatttt tttcccttaa gatttattgg tatgatttcc aaatctgtgg tagaatttgc     32280
     acatgtgttt cctttgctta caaatcctca cacttagcag gagctgatgc ttagaaaaat     32340
     gatttctcaa taagcagttg agctggattt attagcaggt tttataaatc aagtgcataa     32400
     tatatagttt aaacttcaga aaccacagat ttatgtatcc ttgcagtaaa tcatgagaat     32460
     aagtatccac taagtcctta ttttaagcta atctggtcaa ttgctgggta aatacttcac     32520
     atcttttaat ccttttcata tcaataacta gaactcatta tttcagtaaa tatttgttga     32580
     tttattttta ccctaaatac cctaaaaaca ttgcacaaag gacttttgcc caaatgtctg     32640
     catttggaga agtttggaaa cttggctgta tattaacagt tacaaaagat agctaatgct     32700
     atcaacataa gaatgaatga aaaatgtaca ataataatat tgaatcccat acttaacgga     32760
     taagacagag tttaaatgaa ctcagcttcc attctcaaaa aggcattatt taataataat     32820
     tatatggtaa taagtcatca tttataattg tgtggtgttt ataattgact tagcacctta     32880
     tgtgtgcttc ttaattttgt tctgatggta ggaagtaggt tgcatatacg ttaaaaaaat     32940
     attaatgaga ccaagcctca gacattcaat gaggcttgaa ttcaacattc aatgaggttg     33000
     tcattcaaag ccaacatcac tgagatagcc tgtcggtagt ctcttttctc caggttttgg     33060
     catccagccc tcctgtgaca acgatcttaa catgtgttag catggatgtg aatgttaatt     33120
     gcatgaggca aatgttctct atggccactt tgatttctct gttcaaagtc tgtgtgtaca     33180
     caaataatca tactaaagat tcaaactgaa attctatttg tttatacctt cctccataat     33240
     catggaaggg gacaacgtta aaacaagccc cacctctagt tgacacaaac cacttttaca     33300
     ggttttaatg ccacttttct tttagtatta tgtaaattcc caattgtcag agaatgttgg     33360
     ccaagtttca tttattctag aagacacagg ctaatgccta tttgctttac aatggtggag     33420
     cttgttcaat tgctgtcata cagtcattaa aaaaaaaaaa gacatgtcaa cacatcgact     33480
     tcatattctt ttcttttctt tcttcttctt tctttttctt tttttttttt tttttttttt     33540
     tttttttttg aggcagggtc taactctgtc acctaggctg tagtgcagtt gtgcgatctt     33600
     ggctcactgc aactttcacc tcccaggttc aagtgattct cctgccttac cctcctgaat     33660
     agctgggatt acaggtgtgc accaccatgc tcagctaatt tttgtatttt taatagagat     33720
     agggttacac gttcttggcc agactggtct caaactcctc acctctggtg actgacctgc     33780
     cttggcctcc caaagtgttg ggattatagg cgtgagccag ggtgcccatc tttgatttca     33840
     ttttctataa tggattaaac actttgttaa tattattgaa cacaaaagta acattttata     33900
     attttgatca ttgattaata acaatatgga aaagccccat gcaagagaat catcaaagaa     33960
     aaggtttcta ttagatccta taaataacaa actagccatt taaaaagaag aaactggcca     34020
     gacatggtgt attatacctg taatcccagc actctgggaa gctgaggtga tgggatcata     34080
     agatcaggag atcaagaaca tcctggctaa catggtgaaa ccctgtcttt actaaaaata     34140
     caaaaaatta gctgggcgtg ctggtaggca cctgtagtcc cagctactct ggaggctgag     34200
     gcaggagaat cgcttgaact caggaggcgg aggctgcagt gagctgagat cgcaccactg     34260
     tactacagcc tgggtgacag agcaagactc cctctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattcta     34320
     catacacgta catcacttta aaaaatactt cttggattcc agcttgtgat aaaatgctgt     34380
     attcattggc ttgagctgcc attaaaaaaa aatcacagac tggacagctt aaacaacata     34440
     aatttatttt ctcatatttc tgggagctgg aagttaaaca tcaaggtgta ggcagggctg     34500
     attcctcctg aggcctccct ccgttgcttg tagatgccat cttttccttg tgtcctcaaa     34560
     gggtccttcc tctgtgtagg tctgtgtcct catgttctct tcttataagg gcaccattcc     34620
     tgttggatta gggcccactc tagtgacctc atgttacctt aatcacgtac ttaaaaaccc     34680
     tattgccaaa cacagtcaca ttctaaagtc ctaggggtta gggattcaat atataaattg     34740
     ttcaagaaaa caattcagct cacagctgcg catgtacaag ttttcctgat ccacccactg     34800
     aatgaagcta tggaatcagg acaggagtta tgggatggct atttgaggac tctaaaaatg     34860
     aaatggctac tacctactta tgagaatggc ccaaatttac aaccctgatc aaaccaaatg     34920
     ttgctgagga cacagagcaa caagaactct cattcattgc tggtgggaat gccaaacatt     34980
     acagccactt tggaagacaa tttgcacatg tcttacaaag ccaatcatag tcttatgata     35040
     atatctagga attgtgctcc taggtattta ccaaaatgaa ttaaagactt atgttcaaac     35100
     aaaactgcac attaatattt atagcagctt tatacataat tgccagatct tggaaacaac     35160
     caagatgccc ttcagtagat gaacagagaa gtaaactgtg ttaagtgcag acaatgcaat     35220
     atcactcctc cctaaaaaga aatgagctat caaaccagta gagatgtgga ggaatcttga     35280
     gtatgactca gtggaacaag acaatgtgga aagtctacag actgacagtc taactatagg     35340
     acactctgga aaaggcagga attatgggat cagtaaacag atcagtgctt gacaggattt     35400
     tgagggatgg agggaatagg cagaacacag aggattttta aggcagtgaa aatgcatgag     35460
     actgtaatgg tggatccatg tcattataca tttgtcaaaa cccacacgct gcacaacact     35520
     aatgaaccct aatgtaaact aatgtgaatc ctaatgtaaa ctgtgaactt tggatgacag     35580
     tgatgtgtcc atgtaggttg ataaattgta atgtaccatc tgttgcatga tgttaattga     35640
     aggggaagct attcatacat ggggcagtgg gaagatttcc cacttaactt tgcaatgaaa     35700
     ctaaaataac tataaaacag aatgcctagg cagggcacag tgacacatgc ctgtaatcct     35760
     agactgtgca agcccaaggc ggacagatca caaggtcaag agatcgagac catcctagcc     35820
     aacatggtga aactgcgtat ctgctaaaac tacaaaaatt agctagctgt ggtggtacac     35880
     acctgtagtt ccagctattc agagcctgaa gcaggagaat tgcttgcact caggaggtgg     35940
     aggttgcagt gggccaagat tgtcccacct gcactccagc ctggcgacac aggaaggttc     36000
     catctcaaat agtaataata ataataataa taataatgcc tatttgctga acacagtgcc     36060
     tcatgctcat aatcctagca ctttgggatg cagaatcata tggatcactt gaggccggga     36120
     atccaagacc atgctggcca acatggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaac acaaaaatta     36180
     actaggcatg gtggaacatg cctgtaatcc cagctactgg ggaggctgag gcataggaat     36240
     cacttgaatc tgggaggcag aggctgcagt gagccaagat cacatcactg cactccagac     36300
     tgggcaacag aggacattcc acctaaaaaa aaatacaata aattttaaaa accctattaa     36360
     ttataaaaca acaacagcaa caaaaattaa atgcatccca ttcagaaatt gtaatgtgtt     36420
     aaaatcagat taggtaatag ctttttgtag ctaattgtaa ttgaacttac ttaagattac     36480
     agttgctatg acacaggaga cagattgaag aagatgacca gagttccaat tcacaccaag     36540
     tcagcaatga gctcgttatt gtttttcttt tgtgatctga aacagtttgg ctctatgtcc     36600
     ccaccaaata tcatatcaaa ttgaaagccc ggtgttggag gtggggccca gtggtaggtg     36660
     actggatctc ataggggtga tttctcaaga atggtttagt atcatcctct ctgtgccatt     36720
     cttatggtac tatctcagtt ttcatgagat ctgcttgctt aaaagtgtgc agcacttttc     36780
     cgattgcctt ggtcctgctc ctgctgtgtt aagtcacctg cttctacttt gccttctgcc     36840
     atgagtaaaa gctccctgaa gcctcccaag aagcagatgc tgccatgctt cccatacagc     36900
     ctgtagaacc atgagccaat taaacctctt ttctttataa attacccagt ctcaggtatt     36960
     tatttatagc agcatgagga aggactaatg cagggtccct catcctgaat tcaatgcacc     37020
     aacaaaccag gaactgagcc cattggcaca ggcagagagg atgacagaag cacttgtact     37080
     ggcttgggga tcaggaaaga ggtgttgtac cattcagaca gggtgcagaa actctgattc     37140
     ttctctttta cttttgatct tttcctctgt tttcatcttt gctttctttt gtaccagcct     37200
     ttgcttgatc ctgtaacagg aaaggagtga gaaagagccc acaggtacct cagtagttga     37260
     ctacaagcaa ggttagttcc tttctgttca aaagaggtgt actatttcaa cagacaatgt     37320
     agtcatttct taaaggttat ctgcaatgtg gaatctaaaa tcacagccac aaactttttg     37380
     tgtgttctta aggaaaatgc attgctctat gtgacactca caatgtttag ttttgtttac     37440
     ttacttgact tttttagcat catgcatttg gaaaacatca gttgattaat ttatgcagat     37500
     ttttgatatg tggaaatatt tcattataca gggcccaaaa gtcatatttg ttaatgacat     37560
     cagcaatttg atttgaaaat attttgctac agggagttct cagtagtcaa tgaaagtttt     37620
     ccaaaaatct gatttttcct tgaagtgaag ggctcacttt attcaattct gaattaccat     37680
     ggtgagtcca tcgacattcc ttcaaatgtt ttcactcttc catgaaaaca gcagccactt     37740
     cagcatgcaa ctgaagcaac gtcacacttg cttttctgaa aaacagccat cacacttcag     37800
     tatgcagcag aagtgctcac aagcagtttc catttcaccg tagagattat taacaagaca     37860
     tacatagaag agctgtgtaa aattttactg tttcctccaa accactctta agcgaatcat     37920
     ccatttctct tcgtttctga gacagcaaga tggctgctca taccttttgg tgtcactgtt     37980
     ttgatttgtt ttaaggcacc agtagcttta ctcatcactg ttttgtcact gaagtggata     38040
     tgtcagcatt caggaaaagg cacatgacat gaatatgtta tgaaaattgt tttgacctct     38100
     gggttttgaa tcccctcata ggatcttggg gactccaagg ttctgaaaac cacactttga     38160
     taattactac tctagcctac tataaatgtt tataattgtg gacaattaca gatttgattt     38220
     tgatatgttc tgttagtgca gcttatcctg ttgcaactat gaatgatttg tgaaccacaa     38280
     ctactcccaa gtatgtttga cccattgatt tcttacttta ctaagaactt tgtttccacc     38340
     aaggtgtgtg ttttataaga cagcaaagca aataattcca ttttcacatt agatcagcat     38400
     tcacaacaag catagagttg caagtataat ttaaaaactt gcaaagctct aattttattc     38460
     cataaactag ctatttaaaa aacttcacca ttattagaag tacctccatt gaaattctat     38520
     atctgtcctt tgatgttata aacagaaaac tgatgacatt catgtgcttg tgaaggtgaa     38580
     gctcttttgc tagcggagcc aacatgctaa cagccatcac ttcactttcc gtatatgaac     38640
     aagaacattt ggaaataaaa agcagggaaa ttaggcaggc tatggtggct catgtctcta     38700
     atcccagcac tttgggaggc tgaggcagtc agatcacttg aggtcaggag ttggaggcca     38760
     gcctggctaa tatggtgtaa ctccgtctct aataaaaata caaaaattat ccaagcatgg     38820
     ttgtacatgc ctgtagtcct acctactcag gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcttgaacct     38880
     gagagatgga gattgcagtg agtggagatc atactactgc actccagtct gtgtgacaca     38940
     gcaagactgt tttaggaaaa aaaaatttaa aagagggaaa ttaatatctg atagtcattc     39000
     tatctaaatt aaaaggaaat aacaacatga attacaaagc agctaggata agagcattta     39060
     gatatgtgca ttaactggaa cattgttttt cagcatatat ttcctgtata cctaacctat     39120
     aatgtcctac tgccatgctg aagtttaacc tgatggcttt aaatacattt cttgggcagt     39180
     ggtaccagcc atgggtcaac taacaaatat accagatggc cagaagtact gaacctcatt     39240
     gtgaacaaac agaagccaac agcacctagg tttttctgtc cttgcacaat tggctgtatc     39300
     aatgaggccc ctacacactg tctttatata gcagcgttaa tcactttgca ccaggaaaag     39360
     tttaggacaa gaggttattt gctagtattt cagaggtaac caggggaagt gagaactcgg     39420
     aaaaccatgt ctgcattcta tatactacta gagaacacca agcaagccga ctctgcaact     39480
     tcacagaaga gctctacctg acctctctca gctttccaaa gtgcaactat gaataataac     39540
     atcgttaact ataatgcaat ccataaccaa ggctaaactg aagaggcttc tgagacaacc     39600
     agcaaacaca tgcacatttt gaatgtgcaa gaaacatgtc cctaaaacca agaagtatga     39660
     ctaccaaatg aagtaaaagg attgcaagaa gtctacaatg tcatggaatt ctctaaatta     39720
     atggttaata acatttgggg gaaaggatga taatcagcat ttgagtgtct tcttttcttt     39780
     tctttccttt ttttgagaca gaatctagct ctgtcaccca ggctggggtg aagtagtgca     39840
     atctcatctc actgcaacct ctgcctccta ggttcaaaca attattgtgc ctcagcctcc     39900
     acagtatctg ggattacagg cacccactac cacacccagc taattttctt tgtatttttt     39960
     ttagagatgg agttttgaca tgttggccag attggtcccg aactcccgac ctcaagtgat     40020
     ctgcctgcct tggcctccca aagtgctggg ataacaggca taagcaccca ggagaatttg     40080
     agaacttgag aatttgctac catttgagaa ttttctgagt gttatgaaca gcctccctgg     40140
     aagaatgcag ctctctataa atactatcca ccaaaattca gagtccaaag agatcctgaa     40200
     gtctataatc tcccaatctc tactgtttgg atctcccaaa aaagtaattc ttcaatggtg     40260
     gttctatttc ttcttgggat cactgtggaa ttttgtgagt tatttttgtg tgtgttgtta     40320
     ttattgttat actaatttat ttttgctatt tacatttagt ggacaaatgc ctggaatgag     40380
     aaaatgttta agaacataca tacatgaaac aaaacaacaa aagaattgta tcatttccca     40440
     tacaattttg aaatatcctt ctgggtattt atgtatatat aaaacctgtc aatgatgacc     40500
     tgaatctaaa tctagcatct aactccattt tatatgtaaa cccaagcact tttttgcaca     40560
     tttgaacttt ccaagaaaca gctgccaagt aattaaagga aaaattatag tttatttatt     40620
     tggaaactta ccaagagttg ttaatagttt cagaaaattt caacactgct tgtggtattt     40680
     gagtccctgg cacaaagaat tcaccatccc caccccatac tcctaagatt tgtccagggt     40740
     gcttacaact atcaaaaaca gctgatttga tgtgtacata taaatatctg agcagtttct     40800
     tgtgtcatgc agtgaaaata catacattat attattgcaa attactttcc acttatttct     40860
     tctttgaatt gcaattagga aacttcatag agctttggag aataattata tattatgcat     40920
     gtaaactatt tgtgcctgat acttagtaaa cactacgctc tataaaatta gctgtcatta     40980
     acatcattat tattatgaat ataaatgtgt gagaacaagt ggtgtatttt aagtatttgt     41040
     tatataagtg ggaaatttgt gtctctgaaa gtttggaaga attgttctag gaaaaatcca     41100
     gtttgagaag tttaaggaaa attgtcttta actgagatgc atggtgttaa gatctacctt     41160
     taaaagatag gcttgtttta cttctattgc cttaaatgtg ccatgttttt gacatcattg     41220
     aaatgcttcc tcaacctaga aaagtagtcc taactgtgct tgtaatttta gatgatttta     41280
     aactttttcc cttgttccat tcagtacata cagtccatct cctccatatt tactgagtgt     41340
     tgacagaatg gacaaccgtt tacagagaag tcttttgcct ccaacattaa atgacatgtt     41400
     tgctcaaaca aaagcaaatt cacagagcct cactgcaaac aggccatggc catgtccctc     41460
     atgtggttgc tcatgaagtc tttgtttacc atgtctgcct gtctcacatc cctctgtgat     41520
     tacagacaca cctatcaccg tctgtatttc tgtatttatg atcaatcatt tttctctctg     41580
     tgatctccta gggactccaa tgcaatcaac cccaccaaaa gggtgacatt ccagcatttt     41640
     agttttgctg agactgcctt gctgagaagc aaataagatt tttgatttct gctggtaaaa     41700
     taaaattggc aaccatgaga cctaagagat tctgagaaat ggcatggact ttataatttc     41760
     ttgcaataaa agtcaaatca tgcattactt tcttggctat gtttcaggga gtaagaccag     41820
     ggaatcttgc taaatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tagctatcta     41880
     tctatattta tacacacgga cacacatatc tttgagatat ttatgtatct tcaggaaata     41940
     gtgactttcc tgaagatatg taaattgctt atatatattt tttacccttt gataaatgcc     42000
     tattgctcct tctttcactc ttcaaataaa tctcctttaa atttcataat ttgcaatgta     42060
     agatgtgcat aatactatct gttttgtaat ccttaaagtg cataaatcca ctttctgtca     42120
     atatcagtaa tgagtcagca ataagtgctt atcagaaaaa gcaattccac actacatcct     42180
     acctaagttc tcatctatcc cagtcagaag tattatctta atgaagagta attgaaggag     42240
     aattagctta cctaccttct agatttctaa aatatcagga aattgcatag tctgtgtatt     42300
     tgcacaatgg tttctatttg tttgattttg ctagctccac atgaaactca aatttttcat     42360
     ggtcactaaa agtaaaaatt aaaagtaatg gcaaaaacca caattacttt ttcaccagcc     42420
     taatatatca tcatcacaag ttgaagagta cagcacacac gtccttaaaa ctagcccttt     42480
     catagattgt aaggatatgt tatcatatgt actataacaa gtatatgaca tttccctgtt     42540
     ccctaacatt atggccccag cctgctttcc cttcaatctt ctctgtcaca tttttttctc     42600
     aaacttggtg tgcatcccct gaacttggga atatctgact ctctcctgag aataggaaac     42660
     tgctttgtgg tgcagagaac agggctgtgc ctgaaaatat acttcctcct atcatcaggg     42720
     cgatggcatg tggattgtaa taagaggagc agggtgaacc ccatacatct gcgttgtctt     42780
     gagaacatct taaagtgatg agttcccacc tgtgcagcct gcaaatgcag cttcccctct     42840
     ctgctcttgc cctccaagag cagaagtgga ggtttcagag ttcccgtcct gaagagcaac     42900
     acatactgcc tttgtccatg agtgacagga aatagcaaag agcccacaaa tgggtccaat     42960
     agaaaatgtt tcagtcttga ccataagtta attccagaaa gcaaagaaag agtcatcaat     43020
     tacagtggca tgatatctgc tgaggaagac cctactgagg ctcttacctc tccttcctca     43080
     ttgtagatcc tgatattaaa aaataaataa ataagccacc aagcagagaa gaaggagaga     43140
     gaaaaaaaaa gagacatcat tcccttccca tatacttaaa ctgaccattc ttcatcaagc     43200
     tatgtgcact tggggaaaag gagaagctgt aaatttattt tgtgttttat tgttgtggtt     43260
     ttgggttttt tgttgtggtg gttgagatag ggtcttgctg ggtcactcaa gccagagtgc     43320
     agtggcatga tcacagctca atttcttggg ctcaagcaat cctcccacct cagcctccct     43380
     attagctggg acttcaggca tgtgccacca tgcctggcta tttttttttt attttcatta     43440
     tttatctatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt ttgtagacat     43500
     gtgctatagc taggttttcc aggctgatct gtcaactcct gggctcaagc aatcctctca     43560
     tcttggtgtc tcttacaatt tcagctgtga atttaaatca agatgatttt tcttggctgg     43620
     gtgcattgat tgacacctgt aatcccactg ctttgggagg ctgtctcagg gaggatttct     43680
     tgagcccagg agtttgagac caacctgaga aacatagaga gatcccagct ctggaaaaaa     43740
     aaaaaatagc tgggcatggt ggtggtgcac ttaaagtctc atctacctcg ggggctgact     43800
     tgagcccagg aagtcaaggc tgcagtgagc tatgatcatg ccactgcaat acaacctggg     43860
     tgacagagcg agaacctaac tctgaaaaaa atatatagaa attacatcgt gctgtgcctg     43920
     tactcccagc tattcagaag gctaatgtag aaggattgct tgagtcagga agtcgaggct     43980
     gtagtaagct ataattgtgc cactgcaccc cagcctgggt gacagagtaa gaccttatct     44040
     ctaaaaatat aagctaaaat aggatgcttt ttctttaact ttttttttgt ctgtaactgg     44100
     acatctctta taagtgaatg atgaactgta tgatcaaagc ctacagaaaa agcaagattc     44160
     ctctcatggg gggagtttcc attaacagta aaaggcaaca tgagaatgtg ctctgattgt     44220
     atttcaggaa ggaaagaact agccatatgc ttgatgaata tttatcaggt tctgactaaa     44280
     accccagact gtgctaagta caaggggaaa tgagagaaat gagacatggt gtatctgctg     44340
     gatgagctca ttgtcttaga gaaagtacag acagaaatcc agggacagag agaatgtttt     44400
     gcccccacct catgctgcat ggtaaatgat gaatctagtg tgaactgaat ggttcctaac     44460
     cctagcaggc aatatcctaa ttaattaaag gaacaatgct ttatttttca ttctaagaaa     44520
     aaaaattaaa ggaaaattag tttaccttta cttgcaatag accattctaa aagcatgtct     44580
     tgtgcagcta ttctagaaag tagaatgagc attatactag gtactttgga atgaatggat     44640
     cgtttttaaa aaaaatcttg gttataatta aaagtgattg ggaagacaaa gtgaatgtcc     44700
     ctaaaacaat aggtaatatt gttgcctatt tgaatgtatt tacctgtgac ttccaagcaa     44760
     ttacaataaa tgcttcacag ttttatgagg gttggagcca acttgattgg taaaatcttc     44820
     aaaaacaaag taggatttgc agaataatta ggatttatct caaaataagg aagaagataa     44880
     gttctatagc agaagacgat aaaatgagtc aaggcattaa gagttagaag ggaatatttt     44940
     tagagacctt gcttaaagca gactgacaaa aagttgagtt tgtacaatac agggagtcaa     45000
     cactcatttg tcaaagtaga aaagtgaaaa ttataagaaa tccagaaatc cagaagaaat     45060
     ttatatttat aattgaacaa tggaaaagta tagtagggtt tggagcagaa aatgtcaata     45120
     agcatttcag taagatgaaa tttatagaag aaattgccag ttaacagaaa taagagaatg     45180
     ttcagtcaat taggttcatt gagaagctac tggcttcatt tacagaagag ggtgagtgtg     45240
     agaagtaaag gtggaattaa tggaaaggaa gacctgtacg atttgcactt ccaccaacat     45300
     agcagactga ttatgcccaa ccaacattct tgctaaagag gtcatcgaag ttctagaaaa     45360
     agtggaatgt tctttagaag acatatctga ttctaagaaa gcagaagtca ttaattgcta     45420
     ggaggtagaa acacaatagg tcaggaaacc tgggtgttta gaagatttta aatgtctttg     45480
     agggcctcag tcattatcag gatagagaat aaagaagata ctgatcttgt actgaggatg     45540
     gggttggaat tgaaagcatt ttgttcagaa actcaaaaga gtattctgcc agtctggtat     45600
     tggactagaa aagatatctg acagctaata caagaaaaaa atagaaaaac gtacccttta     45660
     gaccaaaatc caggctggaa aaatgtctcc tctaatgaat ttgtactttc agaattgtcc     45720
     ctacaaagat ttgggcgtta gaccttgcct tagctgcaca atttaagaag atccaagaca     45780
     ataactggac ttccgatggt gccacgttgt taacgctcag gacgcttaca tctgggaagg     45840
     tggttccccc cctggaaaac tggccataag gattcttata gatgcacagg ttaacaatca     45900
     tgcaaactca aattaaaaac cacacaagga aacaagccac caagaacaag agttagctgt     45960
     agaagcaaac aacatgttag accttcaagg aatttgaact tttggatgct caatcataga     46020
     atgtaacacc tcacatatgt agaattttgg atgtaactca aatacattta ggatgtttac     46080
     agcaacaagc aggaaacaga ctgaatgaac aggacatcaa ggtaaaaaaa aaaaaaagac     46140
     aagcaatcgt ccctaagaca gcgtcccaaa gcagtgggat tacaggtatc aattgctgca     46200
     cccagccaag aaaaatcatc ttgatttaag ttcacagctg aaattgttgt aaagagaccc     46260
     aagatgggag gattgcttga gcccaggagt tgggatacca gcctggaaaa cctagctaga     46320
     taccatgtct acaaatgaac aaaaaaatgc tacaaacaaa gaacaaatga acaaataaat     46380
     gacacaaaca actgagcaaa caaatgaaca aacataagac acaacacata ggcatttgtg     46440
     actatgtatt aaaattaaaa cagtgcagat taaatagaag gtaagatgga gctgaagaaa     46500
     attattagtg tattataaat tatatcttaa atataataca aaaatgcaac agaaagagac     46560
     aaagaatgga acataagggt gagaagacaa tgagaacgaa aacatgagtt ttaggccagg     46620
     tgtggtgcct catggatgaa atgctagcac tttgggaggt caaggaatgc tgatcgcttg     46680
     agcccaagag ttcaagacaa gcctggtcaa catggtgaga ccctgtctgt acaaaaaata     46740
     caaaaattag tttgtcatga tgacatgtag ctgtggtctc agctactggt gagctgagat     46800
     catgccacta tactccagcc tgggtgacaa agcaggactc catttcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     46860
     aggaaaaata tatctgatat acatcagata caaatcttaa aacccagaaa agcaagagtg     46920
     agctgggaag catagctgga aagagctaat agttatgaaa gctgtgactc tccagattca     46980
     gaaagctcat aaaatacatt cacaaagtac ataaattaag aagaaattta tatttagctg     47040
     gaatgtaggg agctggcaaa ttatgcaagt catagaggtg atattcaaaa cagccagggg     47100
     tgggaaagga gccattcctt acaaaagtca accattaagc aggcttctca acagcaatga     47160
     ttggaagcca ggaagcagtg aataaagtgt cttcaatacc ctgcaaagga attatcatca     47220
     acctagagta tttacctaca gcaaaaacag tacataaagt tgtcaagaaa aacatccaag     47280
     acaaagtcaa ttatacacaa agaaaagcat ttacctcaga aacaaggaaa acaactcaga     47340
     gtgagactag tgagtgagga aattgataaa tgctatttaa tttccacaaa tattaagtat     47400
     agtaagcaaa aataataatg tctaatttgg agaataatca aaaaatatag gagagaaggg     47460
     gtaggaagaa cttagaagat gcaaaggagg tgtttggaat ttaattattc tcaattttat     47520
     gtgatatttc ataggatggc agaaatacag attgcattta aactctctga gtattcaaaa     47580
     acttaagggt aactgataat aggataaaaa caaagtataa gctttcaaac aaagagagag     47640
     gcagatgaag ttacatagag caaattgttt gacaataaaa ataaatctac aggacaaata     47700
     gcaccgatta caatgggaga aattaaactt tagaataaat gtaaatggac tcaatacaac     47760
     tgttaaaggt gagaacttga catttgattt ttaaacatct cattatgttt agctgtaaaa     47820
     agccatctgt taaacattca ggacacataa aattttgaaa gtaacaagtg agaaagagaa     47880
     atgccaggaa aatagtaacc aaaaccctgt tattctacca gtattaatat tataagatct     47940
     ccaggtaaaa atctttagta aagaggtagc atatcagaac atcaaaataa aagttaaact     48000
     caccaggaaa tacttaaaaa caatcctagt ttatatatgg caaatacaca ccaaggagca     48060
     gaaatgttcc ccagtgaact ttgaaaaaga aatacaaaag taagactgtt gtacaaagga     48120
     aaaaggagaa agatcaaaaa gagggatata tcattgaaga tattgggaac agaggatgta     48180
     tgtcattaca aaagaaaaaa tgggtgtcat cacctcaaat tggactattt aagaaagagg     48240
     tggccgggca cagtggctca cgcctgtaat cctagcactt tgggaggcta agacgggcag     48300
     atcacgaagt caggagatca agaccatcct ggccaacatg atgaaaccct gtctttacta     48360
     aaaacacaaa aaattagcca ggcatgttgg caggtgcctg tagtcccaac tactcgggag     48420
     gctgaggcca gagaatggca tgaatctggg aggcggagct tgcagtgagt ggagatagca     48480
     ccactacact ccagtctggg tgacagagtg agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatg     48540
     cagattacat gattcatttg tgatttttag tatattcaag atataattat gatcaacaag     48600
     aaagtattaa ttaaggctaa tattttgggg gtggccatga ttcaaactat ctttgaggag     48660
     ttcctcatag gcatagaagg tggaattttg aatgtgccca cttgagatat ataaatatag     48720
     gtaggtatag atacattgca ttgcttcaga ttctccatga aaaaattact taagcacagt     48780
     aggcattttc aaaaaagaaa ttttgtaaga aaaatcacaa caagtctaag gatcagggag     48840
     ctctcttatt caataatttt caaataatat atccagatta tctaaaaagt cctaaagcga     48900
     aactacataa gagaggccca gaatataacg gttgggtcaa gaaagtaccg atccttaata     48960
     agctgccaca taaaaatgct aaaattacaa cagaaaaata tttataattt tacatttgct     49020
     acagaagaca ccacctgttg cttgctgtag aaggtacact tttcactgtc gacaaagaga     49080
     caaagttcag tttctcctct gctttacctt ggtgctaggc tggacagaat agaacgagca     49140
     tggttaggaa ggagtgggag tttttggcac tttgcaagtt acctgcctaa tgttcattgt     49200
     gctttccttc agcctgagta gtcctcttgc tttgctatgc attgcaatat aactggttag     49260
     aataggactt catggtctgt cctgccataa agctggttga tactctttgc aacatcagtc     49320
     tagccaatgg gctttaaatg gaaaccattg ccttggctta gacaagtgtg tcttgctatg     49380
     atatgaactt gtctggctta ttccttgtat actcccattt ttcctcctcc cattgtggaa     49440
     tggagacaaa atcattggag caacagctga catgttatga ccatcatgga gggagagaca     49500
     aaagagagtg tcaccaaatg tgtccctctt atttctgaat tcctaagcaa aaaataggct     49560
     catgtctcct ttcagaactt ttattaaatg agaacaggaa cagaaattgt ttgataatca     49620
     tactaacaat agataacatt tcatcagcat aaactgtgtc agctctttct ggcaacatct     49680
     tctcttatag caaattttat gctcaccact ttcgggggaa ctgcccccat aatcacgtag     49740
     gttcttttct attttcctaa gcatcagctg gcttgagaaa taaagggaca gagtacaaaa     49800
     gagtacaaaa gagagaaatt ttaaagctgg gcatccgggg ggagacatct cacgttggta     49860
     ggatctgtga tgccccacaa gccacaaaaa ccagcaagtt tttattaggg attttcaaaa     49920
     ggggagggag tgtacaaata ggtgtgggtg acagacatca agtacttaac agggtaatag     49980
     gatatcacaa ggcaagtgga ggctgggcga gatcacaggg cctcaggact gaggcgaaat     50040
     taaaattgct aatgaagatt caggcaccat tgccactgat aacatcttat aaggcgacag     50100
     ggttttgaga ttaaccggtc tgaccaaaat ttattaggcg ggaatttcct cttcctaata     50160
     agcctgggag cactatgtga gactggagtc tatctcacct ctgcaatctg gaccagaaga     50220
     gacaggtaca ccccaggggg ccagttcaga gacctacccc ttggtgcaca ttctctttct     50280
     caggggttcc atgctgagaa aaagaattca gcgatatttc tcccatttgc ttttgaaaga     50340
     gaaatatgcc tttgttctgc ccggctcacc ggaggtcaga gtttaaggtt atctctctta     50400
     ttccctgaac aattgctgtt atcctgttct tttttcaagg tgcccacatt tcatattgct     50460
     caaacacaca tgctgtacaa tttgtgcagt taatgcaatt atcacatagt cctgaggcaa     50520
     catacatcct cttcagctga caggattaag agattaaggt aaagacaagc acaggaaatc     50580
     acaaaggtat tgattgggga agtgataagt gtccatgaaa tcgttaaaat ttatgtttag     50640
     agattgcaat aaagacaggc ataagaaatt acaaaagtat taatttggag aactaataaa     50700
     tgtctataaa atcttcataa tccaccttct tgcttctgcc atggcttcag ccagtccctc     50760
     catttggggt ccctgacttt ctgtaacaca ccacacccct atgaagtata tgttacaatt     50820
     tttcccatct tacagagaag gaaaagcagc agctcctaca ttaacacagg ttgtaagagg     50880
     cagagtgaga atctgaaggc aagtctgtct ttaaaggcta tagacttatg cactaggcta     50940
     tactgggctt caaagcccag cttcctctaa agcacctgcc catgctggtg ctctgagagt     51000
     cacagcagga tgcaattcta aaaattttaa tcatctacta ggagtacaat cctggtaaaa     51060
     gaacacttaa agcattttga atctgcttaa aacactggcc tcaacaatta ccacctgaga     51120
     cattgagaga atgtgttgat gacatcaaag aatattgcca tctttgaaga acctttatca     51180
     atgggaaggt tgagaatata taagaatggg aataccataa aaacttcttt tatggctttg     51240
     acctaaaaaa aattaaacgt aattatcgac tcgtgaataa tctcatgatt agtcctattt     51300
     atttgttact gtgttcataa taatataata gacacccaca caaaaataca cttttaaaaa     51360
     taactgattt ttgatatttg gttcctctat tctatctccc tgtattcctc tctccagaga     51420
     agctgttttc ctaaatcccg tatttatcac tttcttgctt tgttttgtac taagtcttaa     51480
     ctgaagaact atgtatttct aatacataca cattcatata atatttatgt ttactgctta     51540
     atttctattt agttttttta aactttatta taccatgttg agtgcttaag cttttgaaga     51600
     atatgagcat ttttcaataa tttctctcat gaccatttat tagatcccac tggactctac     51660
     gaaaccaagt taggaaacta aagccagtcc tccacttgtt tttctaaaga tagctattgt     51720
     aaacccattt gcttacatat tgacaagggc tgggtttttg aaaacagcac agctgggtag     51780
     ctgtagcaaa aatcttatgg cctacaaagc caaaaatgtt tatcgtctgc tggtacagaa     51840
     gaaaggcact gacccctgct ccaccatatt tttacaaaga taaacaatgg agagtctctg     51900
     acaacaagga gccctcaacc cagaatgata cagatctaag agtagcatga aatggaaatg     51960
     gaatgcagtg gacaccattt gcatagcaag gacagagcat gtggacaaaa aggaggatgt     52020
     gtcttgccat tcccagagga agttaagaaa gtttcaatca aaagatgacg ctgactgcgg     52080
     caggagatag agaggccatt ggaaagaggt gggaaagtag ggaaagaaac aacaaagaag     52140
     gtaagaagga tgtggatata ggaaaggaat tgctttatct tgaaaaccag aatatcattt     52200
     gtcctatagg aaatacagaa acaaatacag aaggactacc attcttctct ctgcttctaa     52260
     gagtttgata tttttagatt ccacaggtaa gtgagatcag gcactgagga gttgttggtg     52320
     agagaataca aaatttcagt tagacagaag taataaattc aagaaacaca cagttaatgt     52380
     atgcttgaaa actgccaaga atgtagattc ttaaatgttc accctgttaa agcaaactaa     52440
     atatggcctg agaaggactc cgtacttcta tatttgagac cttgtggatg aactgtaacc     52500
     tagcttaata gccagaaaaa attgaaaacc taacttaata gtaagcacct gtaacaacag     52560
     ctgagtgtag ccaatcccag tggccatact tcaaccactt gtaaacagct gaatattcaa     52620
     actgcattca aatcaggcaa atgctgagtt gtaactaatt ttgcagtttc tgtacctcac     52680
     ttctgattct tctatgtcat tttacctatt tgtctgtata tttgttctga ccatgaggca     52740
     ctgctggagt ctctgtgact ctactgtgat tctcggggct gtctgattgg caaattgttc     52800
     attgctcaat taaagttctt taaatttaat ttggctgaag tttttctttt gttagccctg     52860
     ccaaataaat aagtagataa attcattgat atgttacttt gatttaactg cttctcaatg     52920
     tacacatata tcaaaacatc acaatgtata ctgtaaatac atattatata taattttatt     52980
     tttcaattag tcgttgaata gaaggaccct ctatttactg gcaacacccc ttatactgat     53040
     gacatcagtt tcctctacaa gggagttcta gtggcccaca acctcccatc ctgagcaaag     53100
     agaatcactg aattaaattg tctagtttac tagattatta tgctgggtac tttggaaata     53160
     ttactatttg cagagaagta aattcctccc tatgttttga acaataggct ttgcattact     53220
     tcaaatcatt gattcacatg gcaattccat ttttctccca aaaatattta ttgatatctc     53280
     ccccctacca aaacaacaac aactgtggtt ctatagcata acttggcatg gccaattaat     53340
     ccaaggaggg ttgagaagta taaagtgatc tcaagtttaa caaaccttag tttgcttata     53400
     ctaagaaaat atctgatgtg tcatacagga attattttgg taaaatagat gtacttgaag     53460
     gaggttggta tggaagaata aattctccag cctctgtccg ggagagatat ctcagaaaag     53520
     aataatttct aaaaacactg aaaagttaca aggagctttt atataaactg cctcttgcaa     53580
     aacagggtag ttgcagctac aagtaaatgg tggtggtttc tgtaccatct gcatctgtcg     53640
     tatttatttc cctaaaaacc ctgagtactt ttttgaggaa gctgatggat acatccatgg     53700
     gtacacaact gtgaatctga ctatcttaca caaagcagga attcccacac aaaattgaac     53760
     ctgagagatt ggttagggat ttgtccattc aactgtgttt tgtagttgat gatttctaca     53820
     taaaattaag aaagagatgt attaataaac aggtcttttt ttcttgaata ctaaatactt     53880
     gttatttgtc aaggtaacag aatcgctgtg gtgtgtatga tatttattat gaatgtgcac     53940
     gtatttaagg gttattgatt ttattataga atacacaggt tagaggccag gcatggtggg     54000
     gcacacctat aatcccagca ctttgagagg ccatgctggc agatcacttg agaccaggag     54060
     tttgagacca ggctggccaa cacggtaaaa actgaatctc taataaaaac acaaaaatta     54120
     gctgggaatg gtgttgtgca cctgtagtcc aacctacttg gttgtctgag gcaggagaat     54180
     cacttaaacc caggaagcag tgttgcatcg aaccaagatt gtaccactgc actccagcag     54240
     gggtcaagat tttgcctcat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat     54300
     aaataagaat ccccagggta cagactatga atatgcctca gaattcagat gtatctaaat     54360
     cctggttgag ggaggaaaga agatgagagt agaaagcatc gtgaagcttt agaagtggca     54420
     ggaccacaca tttgtgtatt tattcatgtg ctgagccagg gccatacagg cagagaactg     54480
     cattggctaa agcagatgtt gtgaagacaa gtacgctctg cagcagagct gtgcttttct     54540
     tatctcatgt tatatatagc aaactataag gctgatgaac acttggcagt ctgttcagaa     54600
     aacaccaaaa cttacttcta atttgtgaaa aaataaatat aaaatttcag cgatgtatta     54660
     tgacaactct tattctagtt ttacagacag cggccattct tggtagttgt caaaatattg     54720
     gaatgtcaaa atatttttag agtatttcac ttgaaaaata tatattctgc acttctcata     54780
     ctatgaagtt tatgatataa ttcactgtca tcactatgga gttagttctt tctttgatgc     54840
     cacttcaact tcacttactt ttaagtgatt ctttctttca cactttttct aaagagtggg     54900
     tgattataaa tcgttctgat tttattcctt aatatattgc tccacattcc tagctaaatc     54960
     atgcgactgt gtgctaagaa cttcatgctc atccaattca ttcattcttt tacttgagtt     55020
     ttgaatcaaa aatagaattt tattaatcca aacattgtaa tctaccaggt tcagttttta     55080
     ctaaaatgaa agacttttat tgttgatttt taaaggaaaa ttttatttat tatttataat     55140
     ttgttatatt tttatatcaa agttttacaa ctttgatttc aaagagagaa atctctttct     55200
     ttcctgtctc tcttccctcc ttcccttctt ccctcccttc ctctctctct ctttttttct     55260
     ctctctctct ccctccctcc caccctcgct ccttccctca ctccattcca gatttagaga     55320
     ggcttgctcg tttggggttg cccactgata ctccaaacca tctgccatgc cactacaggt     55380
     ctaacaagct ttgaggttgc tgagtatctg ggtaatgagg actaactaca taatatttta     55440
     ttaagtgagg atggttatca agatgaagac tcatgaggga aacctcatca cactggatat     55500
     taaaatatga aacaaatttg ctatcaaaac tggcgtgttg gttcacactt gtaatgccag     55560
     cactttggga gaccaaggca ggtggatcac ttgagttcag gaggttgaga gcagccaggt     55620
     caacatgatg aaatcccatc tctactaaat atacacaaat tagccaggca tggtggtgca     55680
     agcctatagt cccagctact agggaggctg aggcaggaga actgcttgaa cccaggagcg     55740
     gagattgtag tgagccaaga tagcctcact gcactccagc ctggatgaca gggggagact     55800
     ctgtctcaaa aaagaaaaaa aaagataaaa agactatcaa attggcataa gaataaagaa     55860
     agtagtgaaa caatagaaag tagagaaata gagccaagga tatatagaaa tgtagtaaag     55920
     gatgaagtca gacttaatat catttaggca atagtggact taaaaaaaaa tggtattatg     55980
     acaaatatgt ccagccattt aagaaaagat acatttagac ccaaccatct taccatactc     56040
     aagacagaat ccccaatgga acatagatct aaattttttt aaaataaatg aactgcaaaa     56100
     gaactagcag gaaagctgaa attttttttc tatgacctga tagtagggaa atggcttttt     56160
     gtaacacaaa actcatatca ataaaaaaga ctgataaatt taagtacatt ttaaaaaatt     56220
     ctacattgca taaaatccca taagttaaga aaaaagccag tgacaacatg aaaatatttg     56280
     caggatttat aagtggctaa tagtcccaat atatagaaac ttgtaaaaaa gggggaaaga     56340
     gattttttaa gaataggtga aaagcacaaa caaataacta gcaaaaaaag atattctaat     56400
     aaaacaaaca cgcaacagaa aaccaaatat ggcatgtttt cacttataag tgggagctga     56460
     atgataagaa cacatggaca catagagggg aacaacacac actggggcct ttcagaaggt     56520
     gaggatggga ggagggagag gatcaggaaa aatagctaat gggactaggc taaatacttg     56580
     ggtgatcaaa taatctgtac caaaaacctc caggacacaa gtttacccaa caacaattct     56640
     gcccttgtac cgctgaatat aaaacaaaag ttaaaagcca tcaaattaga aaaaaaattg     56700
     acgttaagca tatgaaaaaa tgttgaactt tactcgcagt gtaaggaatg cagatgtgta     56760
     caggggaggc ttctcacgaa ttttcattac aaaaggttgc ttttttgata aaaagaatca     56820
     gaaatggtgg gagcagtcag ggtcaatact gcagttgact tgtgggtatt cctttgtctt     56880
     ttggagattt cagctaatcc aagcagtctt gaaaccactg atattctctt gaatttaact     56940
     tttatacact tggaaataca caggccaaca cactcaatat ttgcattgca aaaatgcaaa     57000
     aagctacctt gatttttcat tactgataac atgagttgtt aaattatctc ctctataact     57060
     gaacattatg agtattaggt ttttagagtg aaatgcttta tcattgtttt tataaacaaa     57120
     tgaaaacctg atggagaatt ctttggcttg ctgataatat atttcacttt caagtaaagg     57180
     taatttaatt ttcagttaat ctcaggaaag ggaccggctg tctcacataa gtccctgttg     57240
     ccaatttata tgtactgttg tttcaagtaa taatctgacc cgaactgcca ttaaaaaagc     57300
     acgtctttta ccaaatattc tgtctccaag taacccttat gtctagcctg atagttaaca     57360
     agaatttttg aatgcgtaag agctgtctga agtctgtttc cgtaagagtt aaagaaagag     57420
     ggaacatata tgaaaagcag ctcaacagtg aaacacaggt ttattttgga gaacaaatat     57480
     gagaagggct tctggccgat ttcagccagg agcactctct cttacagact aagagtattt     57540
     aaaggttcag ggctagacag tttatgagag gcttggaatg cttttgtgta tggagcagaa     57600
     gtttatggca gagttggaat atatctgggc agtggggagg ttatcttggg gctgacatct     57660
     ctccagccag aggggaggtt atcttggggc tggcatgtct cttgctgggg aggggtttat     57720
     cttagggttg gaacatttct ggttgaagat gtcatttgta gtttacggtc atgctgacat     57780
     tagccattag gctgatgccc tttgagttgg atttagatgg ttttggatca aggggaactt     57840
     taaaatggtg gtgcttatgc aaaatggcaa tgctcctgct ctgtcagttt cttgctgtaa     57900
     aatatactgt taaaaccaac tatgagtgta ttatcatggg tataattgat aatggattgt     57960
     tagtaaatca ttttttaaat ttccttgcaa tgaaagtgct ttcttacttt taattgttcc     58020
     aatcaatgca acataaaaag ctttctgata aattttctgt tgacaatggt tagagatgga     58080
     taagtacagt aaaatcttca ctgggcaaaa cctccatgtt tttatttatc aagattcatg     58140
     aggagggggc aaatatttag gattttaaac catcagaccc taaaaaagtt acaatgtaac     58200
     cctgccttat tttattatga aagtattata aatttatata aattgttaat taattatgag     58260
     tccatatagg agtgtcctaa cataacttta ctgtataaat atatcttaat ttcttttaaa     58320
     aatgagttta aggctgggca cagtgattta tgcctataat cccagcactt tgggaggttg     58380
     agttgggagg atcacttgag gtcaggagtt caagaccagc ctggccaaca tagtgaaact     58440
     ctgtccctac taaaaataga gaaatcagcc atgcatggtg gtgtgtgtct gtagtcccgg     58500
     ctactcagaa ggttgaggca tgataattgc ttgaacccgg gaggcagagg ttgcagtgag     58560
     ccaagatcat gccactgcac ttcagcctgg gcaacaaagc aagactctac ctcaaaaaaa     58620
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagta agcatattta ccaagattca tcattttaaa atattctctg     58680
     ctaaaataca atttcttgct taactcttgt tcaatatatt agatcataac tatcaaacta     58740
     tcataagtta aaaaaatctt gaaagtggat cgaatcaaag tattctatgg tacaagtcta     58800
     attttaggca atttagcttt ttatttttac ctgcatcatg ctctgcaccc atccgccata     58860
     cacttatata cccattgagt ctatcttgtg gcctgtcatg tagaggactc tggattgaaa     58920
     gtaagctatt ggtttcttgt cctgaatatt tttctaagta ctctcaacta cctgtacctc     58980
     aactttaaca cctgtaagat gagatatgag ttagtcaaca tcagagatgc caagttggat     59040
     tcatccagtg tcaatctacg atcagctaca attgtctaca ttatatgctt tgttgagaag     59100
     aaatacaggc tttgctggaa acaatactga ttgtttcatc tgcacagaag cccccaaaat     59160
     aggcttgtag tatatattcc aaatacctgc tccctgggtc cttcaaatgt ctagttaact     59220
     ttctgtgtgt ggtatgtgtg tttaagtgta gaagcgaagt ttttgtgtat ttttaggtct     59280
     atttcacaag tctctattat gtttccttga cctgtttgtc tatcttcatg gcaatattgt     59340
     gatgtcttta atactatagc ttatatatat cttaaaatta agtagtatta caccttcaaa     59400
     tttgttcttc ttttttattt ttttgtagct attccaggct attacaattt acgtacaaat     59460
     tatagaataa atttgtcaat tttgagaaat aaaattaact gggattttga ctgggattgt     59520
     gttgaatcta ccaattcatg tgggcagaac aaatatcttg aacacactgg gtcttcctaa     59580
     ctgcgagcaa agtatatctc cccattgatt aaggttttct ttaacttctc tcagtaacgt     59640
     tttgtagttt tcagtgtaca aggctttctt gcatgtcttc tgtaggaatt atcctaagaa     59700
     tttcatattg ttgatatgtt tgttgttaac attgttttct taatttctat tttcaaatgt     59760
     tcattgctag catatttatt ttttgtctgt tgatctttat cttgaaatct tcctaaagca     59820
     tttaataatt ctagtagctc tttgatatat tccatcagat cttctgcgtg gatgagcacg     59880
     tcatctgcaa ataagacagt tttgactctt cctttccaat atggagaatt tttattttcc     59940
     ttattttacc agctgcaatc tctagtagaa tggtgaacaa gttgtgagag cagatggact     60000
     tgtcttgttt ccaaatagca gtagagggaa agaataattc accattatgt tattagttgc     60060
     aggttttatg tagatgccct ttatcaagtt gagaacattt attcattttc caattcagat     60120
     aacaatatta aaaatcagga atgtacactg aatttcagca attattttta ttcaaatgtt     60180
     aaggtgatct tgtttaatgt tagtatggca ttgattggtt ttaatgttaa aaccacctta     60240
     tatttttaga atgatccttt ctgatcatga tttaattaac tttttatgta gttttgctac     60300
     aatttgctaa aaatacactg agaaatgatt tctctatgat tataaggaag attgacctgt     60360
     tgttttattt ctttatgctg tcttttgtgc aattttatat gacagcacac attcactttt     60420
     ctttcccaga atgtgctatc attgtaatta attttagttt taaatatctt ataaacctca     60480
     taatacattc ttattatttt gtttagtcaa tcatctgtat aaaacactta aagataaaaa     60540
     tcttataatt ttatcaatta tctagcattt atggtgctct tcctgctttt gcatacaatc     60600
     cagatttcca cctaatatca gtccctcttc ctaaaggaat tctttcaaca tgcattgtac     60660
     tgcatgtctg ctgatcatga attctttctg gttttaaaca ttgggaaatg tcttttcatc     60720
     acctttgttt gattaaagat atttttgctg ggttgtatat tatgtataca tatatgtata     60780
     ttatgtatac atatatgtat attatgtata catatatgta tattatgtat acatatatgt     60840
     atattatgta tacatatatg tatattatgt atacatatat gtatattatg tatacatata     60900
     tgtatattat gtatacatat atattatgta taatatatgt atattatcaa tacatatata     60960
     tgtatattat gtatacatat atatgtatat tatgtataca tatatatgta tattatgtat     61020
     acatatatat gtatattatg tatacatata tatgtatatt atgtatacat atatatgtat     61080
     attatgtata catatatatg tatattatgt atacatatat atgtatatta tgtatacata     61140
     tatatgtata ttatgtatac atatatatgt atattatgta tacatatata tgtatattat     61200
     gtatacatat atatgtatat tatgtataca tatatatgta tattatgtat acatatatat     61260
     gtatattatg tatacatata tatgtatatt atgtatacat atatatgtat attatgtata     61320
     catatatatg tatattatgt atacatatat atgtatatta tgtatacata tatgtataga     61380
     cttctatacc cagcaaaaat atagataatt attataagta ccttaagtat gtttcttctc     61440
     tgtctttttg cttacgttgt tggtgacaag aaaccaaagt tattcttatc tttgttctcc     61500
     tatatataat gtgtttttcc ctctggctga tatttagagt tcgtcattat cactagtttt     61560
     gagcaatttg attatgatgt gtcttggcaa aggttttgtc agctttcttg tgcttagagt     61620
     tggatgagat tccttaatcc ataggctgat agatttgtaa agtttttcaa aaatttctgg     61680
     ccactatgtc aagtatttct ctgcatgtgt gtcctctccc ctttcctttc ctttgagtat     61740
     cccagttact cacatattag gatacttgaa gttgtcccac aattcactga tgctcttttc     61800
     attttttttt cttctgtgtg tctcatttta gatagtttcc cttgctactc attcaaatgc     61860
     tataaacttt tgtgtgggca tctctgtttg tgagatggag tctacctctg tcacccagtg     61920
     tggagtgcag tagcataatc tcagctcact gcaacttctt cctcctgggt tcaattgatt     61980
     ctcctccctc agcctcccga gtagttggga ctacctgcct ccacacccgg ctaaattttg     62040
     tatttttagt agagatgggg tttgaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctgacat     62100
     caagtagtct gcttgcctaa cctcccaaag tactgagatt acaggcagct gccacagtga     62160
     ccatcccaaa tgctataagc tttgaattgc cagatgtgaa ttttactact ttgggggttg     62220
     ggttttttat ttctataaaa gttcttaagt tttattttgg gcttcagtta tgtaattttg     62280
     aatgagattg atcttgagtc ttgcttttca ggtttgttag gcagcacttg attagagttc     62340
     aggctgttgc taatcatttt ttccttatta aagtaagacc aacctcaaaa gtttatgcaa     62400
     tgtttcatgt atttagggat ttttttttcc ttctggctgg tgaaaaaggg catcatttac     62460
     atccttctgt gaaccttaag cagtgttctg gttcttttgg atatttacat cttcatcctt     62520
     gcatacgttt ttcatatcca tcctgctgtt ggtgaaatac tcagcaggca cactctgtag     62580
     gccttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttga gggtgaggtt ctctgtatat     62640
     ctgtcttctc tcctgtaacc ctgaccttta aattctagct gccttgctct ctctaaactc     62700
     ttaggttgat tgcttcaagt cattacttct gtgtaagttc ccctcctcgt accattgcct     62760
     ggaatctctc tcaatgtgga agctatgcaa tcacctaatc agctaataaa ctcacctcat     62820
     ttattagctc tcttctggaa tcacttatct attgattgat atcaatcaac aatggtctta     62880
     aaaaccattg tttcacatat tgtctttgtt tctttctgat gggaagataa ttacctgttt     62940
     accccctctt aaccaaaaat gctagtttta tattaacttt ctacatctaa acttatataa     63000
     atcccaatga agaagacatt tttacagtgt ttgatttgaa tatgagaaat atgaattttg     63060
     tatatttgag tttttttata ccaataatct tgccacccag ctactttctc aaatgcaaaa     63120
     gcacattaac tactgccatc aatccaagtt ctcactggtt tatctataat gcagaaacaa     63180
     tacggagcca tggtcacgca gccagactct tgtttgtatc atggttccaa aactcatctg     63240
     ttgtcttcaa ttgcgcaagt taccaatgct tgtcatgctg ccattttctt atgcataatg     63300
     tagggctgac aatagtactg cattattgag tcattttgag gaataaatga gttggtattt     63360
     gtaagaacct taaaacactt cctggcatat aataagtatc acatgtgttt gaaaaaaaat     63420
     gacaaatcta aaaacgaatt ataaatgatg gagtggaaaa tgtgcaagta ttatctgtga     63480
     tttcaggaac cattatgtag acaaatagct ctctcattcc agttgtaatg gttttatcaa     63540
     taagttttgc ttaaatcttt aatagcatta tatcacatca gtatttttaa atgcatcatc     63600
     ctgacaagat tgaaattaaa tcattactct catttttaat tcagaattct aatgatactt     63660
     gctactaaat acatacagag tatttatcat ccctccagct acttactaac aaaagaaaag     63720
     agcttttttt tcccagagga aaaacataaa catgtactta aagggaaaat gttaaatggt     63780
     ctgatagagg aataaggtca gtgtccagaa atgaatacat ctagtgaatt taggggaagg     63840
     catttcttaa catcccctct ttgaaactgg atgtgtatca gatatttccc tggagggtag     63900
     gacaaagatg tgagaatttt cgaatgcacc aaatgaagaa ctaggagtag aattctgatt     63960
     atacaatcac tttctgcctt gaaacctttt gcatataaat gttcatgttg ccactttcac     64020
     catactataa ttccaattta aaagttacaa cctaaaatca tccagatgta gctatcttac     64080
     ggatttaaaa gagacatgag ttttagtaaa ctctctctga ggatcagaag tggacacatg     64140
     agttggaaaa acatggtcct atcacaggac atttatttgg tcatttttgt attgttcagg     64200
     ttctgaaagg tcacctgact cagagcaaga aaatatgggt tcaattcagt ttcaattcac     64260
     ccatatcaaa tggtgagatc ctggtcatga caggggtcaa atcatagctc actgatgcct     64320
     ccaagtcctg ggctcaggag atcttcccac cttagcttcc cagatagctg ggactatagg     64380
     tgcacaacca tgcccagcta acttctaaaa agttttgtag agttgcagtc accctgtgct     64440
     gcccaggctg gtctcaaact cttggccttc agtaaccctc ctgcctcagc taaaaatgtg     64500
     cctttttaac aaatacctgg gacatcatta tctatctatt tggggactag agggcttaga     64560
     aactactctt ttctgttatt gtgtccagtt ggttactcac agtcttcttt ttttcttttt     64620
     ctttttctat tgtgcaaaaa ttaattaaca attagatatt ctcagatctt cctcttgata     64680
     caaattacca gtatgtactt atgtacattg taggaggaaa aaaaggcaaa gagaaaagaa     64740
     attacttcag tctacagata aaccttcctt tgctttagaa atacataact ttgtagctga     64800
     gcttatgtgt gaaagaacat ctaagaaaat tttaacagaa tttgtagcca tttaacaaaa     64860
     aacatgctcc agatttgatt acatattaat gctaatcaat gtcatcagct tcaacatact     64920
     attttagtgt taaaatgtct catctttaat taagaaattt agtgtgacat aaggtaccat     64980
     gaaggacagt aaattcctgt acctgctgac tccagggaat tctgaacagg gcatggggcc     65040
     aggatattgc cctggtgatc tgtcctggcc agggcctacc cgaatccatt cagctggata     65100
     agtacaaaca gccagtcctc atcgaaactg attgtctaga gttttgttcc tttacagaaa     65160
     caggagtttt cacataaggg gacagaaacc actcatcaga tatctaaact ctattagttt     65220
     tttactgcct ctgtaaaaaa gcaccatcca tttatttgcc agcttaaaac aacacaaatt     65280
     tattatctta cagccttcag gtcaaaattc tgacatggta tcactgagtt aaaatgaaga     65340
     tgtttgtggg atatctttca ttttgaagtc tctggggaaa atttattctt tggtttgtcc     65400
     caatatctag agggtaccct cattccttgg ctcatagcct cctatctaca tttccataca     65460
     atgcttcatt ctctcttcct ctccttcccc ttcctttctc ctttttttct tcttttctct     65520
     cttctgttcc ttcaaggtaa cttcaactcc aaacacagat aatatgctca acccattttt     65580
     attggatgaa taaatcagtc aggactaccc agcaaaatcc aatatgtttc acatttttgg     65640
     atccagtcat gtctcccaaa agcatgccct tacatggcaa ataataagca cataattcaa     65700
     atcctatgat aatgccatga tgcattcttt ggggtttatg attatttaac tccctctttg     65760
     gtcacgcaga accaactctg gcatcattgt gaattttgtg atagaatcat aggcataaaa     65820
     tttcagaacc agaggcaact ttggagtcag ccggtagaga tttcaatctt tgtaaaaaga     65880
     aaacacaagg cctcacagta actggcctga atgaagatac cgccatggtg cagagagccc     65940
     aaggactaaa gttcattcac ctgaaatgta ctccaatatt ttttccatta cctgacagct     66000
     atttgccctc tccccaaact tctacttctc ctatatattc ctaagtgcaa tttaagaaaa     66060
     aatgctctta cctctagtgt tgattggagt ggaaactgtc acaacttctt gggaaagcat     66120
     ttaggcctgt gcttcagcaa ctgtgaaaat cttcatagcc aaaattctac atgcattaag     66180
     gggtccattt tcataatttc aaacatcaca gattgatatg gtttggctgt gttcccaccc     66240
     aaatctcatc ctacattgta gctcccataa ttcctacgtg ttgtgggagg gacttggtgg     66300
     gacataactg aatcatgggg gaagtttctc ccatatagtt ctgtggtagt ggataagtct     66360
     cacaatatct gattatttga taagagaaac cccttccact tggctctcat tctctcttct     66420
     tgcctgccaa tatgtaagac atcccttgct cgtctaccat gattgtgagg cctccccaac     66480
     catgcggaac tgtgagtcaa ttaaaccttt cctttataaa ttacccagtc ttggctatgt     66540
     ctttattaac agtgtaagaa cagactaata cagttcatct gctaatacag ttcatttagg     66600
     agatgaactg tctgttcatc tcctaaacac acctgatatc atagacatgc ataaccaggg     66660
     cactgtgaca tcatcgtggc ctggggcttg taccagttgg gaggtcagag atgcatccaa     66720
     gccttggccc atccccagcc cagaggaaag ttaaggaagg acagatgcca gctcacctta     66780
     cctgtgatat gttagaggaa attataatta agatacaaga agtatctccc accccattcc     66840
     tacaactgct agttgatgtt ggagctcaaa tgggggcaca ggaatggaga gatattacta     66900
     cagacagcta tttatgggtg aggatgggaa acagaacttg aaacagacag tttgactcaa     66960
     ctcctgggtc aattttgatc tcaaatgagg ccaccccctt gtgcatcttt gtgggcagtg     67020
     gggaaagagc agggagatgg aatgaagggg ctgaaactgg aaagctcttt aactctagaa     67080
     aacagactca ttatggtgac gttccttctc ctcacaaagt tcatctctgc ataagtgttt     67140
     catacatttg tcataattaa ttaacacaaa ctgttacact atcattaacc aatgtctgta     67200
     tattatttag agttccttcc tttatgcata acattctttt tctgttccag ggtctctttc     67260
     agggtaccct acatctttaa tcatcttgtc atcttaggtt actttcaact gtggcagtga     67320
     gaggtgacag cgtgctggca gtcctcagag ccctcgcttg ctctcggcac ctcccctgcc     67380
     tgggctccca ctttggtggc atttgaggag cccttcagtc ccccactgca ctgtgggagc     67440
     ccctttctgg gctggccaag gccggagccc actccctcag cttgcaggga ggtgtggagg     67500
     gagagacagg agcgggaacc ggggctgcgt gcggcgcttg tgagccagct ggagttccgg     67560
     gtgggcgtgg gcttggtggg ccctgcactc ggagcagcca gccagccctg ctggccccgg     67620
     gcaatggggg acttagcacc gaggccagtg gctgcggagg gtgtactggg tcccccagaa     67680
     gtgccggccc acctgcgctg agctagattt ctcgccgggc cttggctgcc ttcccactgg     67740
     gcaggtctcg ggacctgcag cccgccatgc ctgagcctcc caccccctcc gtggactcct     67800
     gtgcggccgg agcatccccg acgagcgcca ccccctgctc cacggtgccc actcccatcg     67860
     accacccaag ggctgagcaa tgcgagcgca cggcgcagga ctggcaggca gctccacctg     67920
     cagccccggt gcgggatcca ctaggtgaag ctagctgggc tcctgagtct gatggggatg     67980
     tggagagcct ttatatctag ctcagggatt gtaaatacac caatcagcac cctgtgttta     68040
     gctcaaggtt tgtgagtgca ccaatcgaca ctctgtatct agctgctctg gtgaggacgt     68100
     ggagaacctt tatgtctagc tcaagggttg taaatacacc aatcggcact ctgtatctag     68160
     ctcaaggttt gtaaacacac caatcagcac cctgtgttta gctcaaggtt tgtgagtgca     68220
     ccaattgaca ctctgtatct agctgctctg gtggggcctt ggagaacctg tgtgtggaaa     68280
     ctctgtatct aactaatctg atggggacgt ggagaacctt tgtatctcgc tcagggattg     68340
     taaacacgcc aatcagcacc ctgacaaaac aggccactgg gctctaccaa tcagcaggat     68400
     gtggatgggg ccagataaga gaataaaagc aggctgcccg agccagcatt ggcaactcgc     68460
     tccggtcctc ttccacactg tggaagctta gttttttcgc tctttgcaat aaatcttgct     68520
     actgctcact ctttgggtcc acgctgcttt tgtgagctgt aacactcacc gtgaagaaga     68580
     tctgcagctt cactcctgag cccagcgaga ccacgagccc accgggagaa acgaacaact     68640
     ccagacgcac tgccttaaga gctgtaacac tcaccgccaa ggtctgcagc ttcactcctg     68700
     agccagcgag accacgaagc gccactagaa ggaagaaact ccaaacacat ctgaacatca     68760
     aaagggacag actccagacg cgccacctta agagctgtaa cattcaccgc gagggtccac     68820
     ggcttcattc ttgaagtcag tgagaccaag aacccaccaa ttccggacac agcagtttct     68880
     cagactttcc ttgttttaga cgatgtttat ggctttgaag agtaaagcct aaggtgtttt     68940
     ttttttttgt agaatgacag ttaattgcaa tttttctgat ggatttctca tgtttagtct     69000
     agggttatag gtttttgaaa gaaagactga ggtaaagtac cgtattaatc acatcctagc     69060
     aagggagcat cccaccaaca tcacatgttt ctgttgatct tgacggtgat cacccagtgg     69120
     agggagtatt tgtcaggttt ctccactaca gttaccactt gttgtcatgt aaaaatatat     69180
     ttaatacata cagacatgtg caaagaaaga attaaattgc ctgtaattgc accactgtaa     69240
     tctattgggc atacatcttt atagatatat ttgtacctgt atctatatcc gtatctgtgt     69300
     atctagagac aggtttacat atacaaagtc attttgactt gttgtattaa ttcatgtatt     69360
     acaccagtgg cctcgtctgt cattagttat cctggaacaa tatcatgaaa tagctgcatt     69420
     gagtttcaac tccttttagt tttaccccaa ttctccattt ggggcattca ttttctgtcc     69480
     atctcttcac tgtgaataaa caaacttgga aaaacataca attatatcat tccacacata     69540
     ggttagtgac tgtataactt atatttctgg gaatggaatt gccaagtcaa agggtattca     69600
     ttgaccatta ttacaaggtg aaaaaataac gtgttggtaa cactatggag aagaaggaac     69660
     gcctatacac gttgttggga atgtaaatta gtttagctac tgtggaaagc agtttagaga     69720
     tttctccaat aacttaaata gaatgaccat tcatcgcagc aatcccatta ctgggtatat     69780
     acccaaagga aagcaaataa ttctgtcaaa aagacacata aactgttatg ttcatcatat     69840
     cagaattcac aatagcaatg acatgaaatc aacctaaaaa cccatcagtg gtggactgga     69900
     taaagaaaag gtggtacata tgcaccttat gtatactaca cagacacaaa aataataaaa     69960
     tcatgttact tgcagcaaca cggattcagc ctacgtgaat cacatggatt caatcctgag     70020
     tgagttaatg cagaaacaga caaccaaata cccaaatact tcatgttctc acttataagt     70080
     ggcagctaaa catcagtact catggactta aaaatggaaa cagtagacac tggagactag     70140
     tagaatgggg agaaagagag ggtggcaaag tttagaaaag tacctgttgg gtgctatgct     70200
     cactacttgg ttgacgggat cacctgtgcc acaaacccca gtgtcgcaca atatactcag     70260
     gtaaaaacct gcacacctac tccctgaatc taaattttaa aaaactaaaa ttaaaattaa     70320
     aaaccaaagt ctatttgtat gtgtaaagcc tttcctgtat gttgctgtat ttttttcaga     70380
     aacttatagc attttatctc ccaccagaaa acatggattg tcatttactt ccctcgaata     70440
     tcactaatat ttaacatttt ccattggagt tggaaaacat tttcactttt attaagagca     70500
     caatgacgag gccaacaggg ttactgatgt ccagttccta agtttactct ctgctctgca     70560
     tctctcctgt acctttcttt aatagcttct ctatcaatac catgagctcc agtccctgca     70620
     gaatgcagtg gtctcttgaa tgaatgcttc atgacctttt gttcttccca gcatttgcaa     70680
     gtactgtgcc cttggtctgg catgttctta tccaaccttt gctacttacc cttttcttac     70740
     tccagtttct tgatgcagtt tggattttgc tttcttgtct tggctgtttc atcttatgca     70800
     tcaacattcc taggattacg gtgccttcct gttttgtcaa agaccagttt tgcgatgatg     70860
     ctgtgaaggt attatgtagg tatgattaac atgtacaatt aatatgtttt gaaaaagcag     70920
     aatgccctct gtgatgtatg agtgtcttag tccacttgaa ctgctattac acaaaatacc     70980
     atagactagg agatttatac catagactag gaaattttac tcatagttct agaggctggg     71040
     agcccaagat caaggtgtgg cagattccgt gtctggcgag ggctctcctt ggttcatgga     71100
     tgggaacttc ttgctgtgtc catacatggt gaaaggagtg aggaagctct ttgtggtttc     71160
     tttcataaaa gcactaatcc cattcctgtg ggctctaccc tcatcacttc atcacctcca     71220
     aagacctcaa ctcctaacat catcacctgg ggaattaaaa tttagaagta tggattttgt     71280
     agggaacatg catgttaatt cttaaacaga ggacttaatg caacattaag ggctttaaaa     71340
     gtaaaaactg aggatacacc aagaaggact tctgcctcca gcctgcaaca tagaagtcct     71400
     acctacattt caagctttca gacttaagac tgcaatacca tcacttacct gaaactccaa     71460
     tctgtaatcc tacagatgtc caaagtgcta atccccataa tgacatcagc ctattcctaa     71520
     aaccaatctc tctccttcag tgaatgtgaa tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata tgttctgttt     71580
     ctctgattag ccctgattaa catgactaat ataccttata aactgtaaac tttctgtaat     71640
     atcaccctag catttgattt aggcacagca aaaaagcaaa gaataaaaag aattgccaac     71700
     ttcaccattt ttcttgaccg gctcaacctg cagatcagaa tgacagaggg caattctggg     71760
     gtcactcatc atgtatttta atgatttttt caaagaaaat ttgttcttag ggcaggttta     71820
     gtggctcata cctgtaatcc gagtacttta ggaggccaag atgggagaat aacttgaggc     71880
     caggggtttg agactagcct gagcagcaca gtgaaacccc atctcttcaa aacatgcaaa     71940
     aagtgagcag ggcatggtgg tacatgcctg tagtctcagc tactcaatag gctgtggtgg     72000
     gaggatcact tgaacatggg aagttgaagc tgcagtgatt tgagattgtg tcacttcact     72060
     ccagcctaag caacaaagtg agattctgtc gcaggaaggg aggaaggaag gaaaggaggg     72120
     agggagggag ggaaggaggg aggggaaggg agggagggga aggaaggaag gagggaagga     72180
     aggaaagaag gaaggaaggg agggagggag gaaggaaaga aggaaggaag gaaggaggaa     72240
     atcaccccct gtaagcaagt gggatttgca ctgggagatt ataaaatatg taataacaaa     72300
     tatttagagt gcacaatgtg cctacgattt cactggaaac aatcagctta ttagctgtct     72360
     tgagtgcttc tttaaattgt actactggct ccccaagtgc tgcctaaatt atccagttat     72420
     ttcaattgtg cctgaaaaga atttgccctg tgttcatgga caaggagcag aagctcttct     72480
     attggtatca caggagatac atgggccaat gtgtttgaca gcttgctgca aatcatactt     72540
     atagaattgt cagtatgctt gcagagcaat tacctatctt cccataaaac aaacctatgt     72600
     cattatattc atgatacacg tactggtgcc acaaaaaaat atttcctagg cctaactgtg     72660
     aaaaatccca gctggcttca gtgtttcacc ctgtcatttc agaagtttgt gaagccaagg     72720
     caggaaaatc actgtagtct gggaatttaa ggccagcctg tgcaacatag tgtgaccctc     72780
     atctctgcaa aaaatgtaaa aaaaaaaaat agctgggcat ggtctccttg cctattgttc     72840
     tagctacagg ctgagtcagg aggattgctt gaagctgtga ggtcaaggct gcagtgagcc     72900
     ctgactacat tacagcctgg gcaaaagagc aagaccccgt caccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     72960
     aaaaaaaagg aagaagaaga aaaaggaaaa gaaaaagaag aaggagaagg agaggagaaa     73020
     agaaagagaa atatccctta acatagatga atagcaactg gtcttttaaa ctcttttcct     73080
     tgactagacc atttttactt tgcaggtcct gttaactcat aaaatctcat ctttacaagg     73140
     aaaagtctcc cttgggtatt tttttttttt tttatgtttt agaattcttt catatggtgt     73200
     tgacatctta aaactcaatg cacaagacga tgtgttgaat tgtcaccaat gtagaaataa     73260
     tggttagctc tttaaatatt ttgaaattaa ttgaattatg gaatgttaga gattgcattg     73320
     accgttgaca agacagcatc ccatcctgaa gactgacata tctttgcctt aaatatatat     73380
     ttagaaaagt tttgaattgt tgtctacaca tcaattaact caccgctact taagcaccca     73440
     ctggaaaaaa taaatgaaca tgagttagtg ccaacagccc ataatcatgt tttaaatata     73500
     gcttttattt tgcatcctaa tttcttgtga tagttgaatg ttcttttaat tacctgtgat     73560
     ttaatttttt taatgattta accttgccca tttgtactcc ctgtgctgaa aagtatacgt     73620
     ggcatgagat tgacagacca ttctgcaaac attacatcaa gtagagagag ttttgagtga     73680
     acagcaggaa tctgagaacc gaatgaggca ggtcaatttt tagcacaagc tttgcaagca     73740
     aacagctatg ttcctatcca tacattatgt ctctgaaact cagtctcctc attccccaat     73800
     gcataggcat tttacctgtc tcaaaattga tttaaatgag tcaatgatta ttagagtgtc     73860
     tcaaaaatgg aaaagtgctt tgcagttgta aggtagcatg actcttttta aaaggaaact     73920
     gataagttaa gctattcaag gtaattttta attactattt tcttaatata ttttcaataa     73980
     attctaatat tagcattcat ttggttcata gcactgtaac taaaatttgt attttaatat     74040
     catagagtaa acctaatgtc cgtttctaat tttttggttg ttgtttgttt tgggaaaagc     74100
     attaacattg aatttgaatt ttggtaaatg ttaaattcta tgaatgttat ttagaaatac     74160
     ataataatca acataagttt aagattattt attgaatagt agcacactac agttgaatgg     74220
     aaatatactt gtcaaatttt gagcacacac catgaaatag attttatttc tctttccaca     74280
     tgtacaagaa accaacaaaa ttctctgcag gacaaatata gagaaaacaa gagctagcat     74340
     tatacataat ggtgaaaggc tggatgcttt tcccctaata tcagaaaagg tgagaagatt     74400
     tctgctctca ccacttctat taaacattat actggaggtt ctagccaagg taattatgtc     74460
     agacaaaaaa aggaataaaa taaaaggcat gtatactggc aaggaagaaa taagacaata     74520
     tctatttgca gacgtcatga tctcataaaa ataaaactct aaagatacaa gatcaatatt     74580
     tagaaagtca attgaatttc tatatgcttc caatggagaa tccaaacaaa aaattacgaa     74640
     aaataattca atgtacaaag cagcaaaaaa taaaatactt aggagtaaat tacagaaagt     74700
     agtatagtgt aatacttaga cactgaaaac tacaaaactt tgctcgaagt agttaaagaa     74760
     aacctacata agtggaaagg catcttgtgt tctaggtttg gaagacctga tattgctaag     74820
     aagatgggac ctgacaaggt ggtctcttga gtcaccacaa tccccagaaa aatcccaatg     74880
     gactatttca gaggtagaaa agttgatctg aaaattcgca atggaatcgc aatgcattct     74940
     gaatagccaa atcattcttg aaaaagaaga ccaaagttga agaactgaca tgttcattaa     75000
     ttgccaggtg gataaacaaa atgtgataca gccaggcaat ggaatagcta accatagaaa     75060
     ggaatgaagt actcgtacat gctgcaacat cgatgtgcct tgaaaacatt atgctaagtg     75120
     aaataagcca gaaacaatac cagtcttgtt tgattctatt tatgtaaatg tccagaacag     75180
     gcaaatctat agagatcata aatatattag tgtttgcctg aggctggggt tgtagtggga     75240
     tagggcgtta gaatgcagaa taacagccga caaatacagc atttattttg gggatgatgg     75300
     aaatattcta aaatagtttg tgattatggt tattatttta caatgccaaa acccattgaa     75360
     ttttacacct tatatgggta aatcatatct gaataaaact gttagcaaaa gaaaaataca     75420
     aaccaaaaaa aaaaatctgt aagtgagaga gttctgtagc ttgaactact ttttataatt     75480
     gagtcagctc ttttcacaat gttgattttt ctcccttgat atcccacagt ttattttcta     75540
     ttaaaggaag gatgagttct gggacttttg gtgagtctta cttcgctagg atacaggcat     75600
     caattcctct gtcctgcatg tggggaaaaa atctgggttt gaaagtatgg aattctgatt     75660
     aacataatcg attgacaacc tgatgtttct gctattggaa aggagtcccg atccagaccc     75720
     caagagcggg tttgtggctc ttatgaaaaa gagagctcag ggcgagtcca cagtgcaaag     75780
     caaaagcaag tttcttaaga aaataaagtg gtaaaaggat agctactcct cagacagtct     75840
     ggtgttcccg gaatgcaccc atcctaggta caactcttgt ttatatatag gttaaaaaaa     75900
     aaaaaaaatc ataggaagat gtgctccact acaaagattt gtgataaagg atgaattttc     75960
     cttattatat tttgtaagaa ttgatattat tatctttaaa gcaaaattag gaatactttt     76020
     cttctcaaga taatgggata tccaggatat tcctgaatct gggtccattt agaaaacgtt     76080
     gttaatctat ttttcactta accttaaaca tctagaggct aggaatacct aaccttcttg     76140
     gaatgcagtg cagcaagttc cagcttcatt tttactagcc atctctcaac atggagctgc     76200
     tctggtatgt gtgtctctaa tatttctaga gtaattacct agaacagaac atacaatgtc     76260
     caggactttt gttgatacta tgtatatgta actaaatttg ataatatatg tagtaactat     76320
     agtatttcct aacagattat tacttagatg tggggaatat attgaatgtg tgtgttaaat     76380
     tcataaccaa caatgttact ttactgactt aacatctcca ttcttccttt ctggttgatt     76440
     cttttaagct ttatttacaa aattatccct tcctccaata taataactct actttctcct     76500
     ttatattggc acagtatatt ccattccttt ctccctcata ttgaatttga tagtaattct     76560
     aaactaacac tagtgattaa tgttgtaggt cctcatgaaa gcaactaaag aaaatgtggt     76620
     ctcttaaagt ctctaagaag aaaagaaaac aaagagattt aactgaaact gccattgcca     76680
     aataatagct gagacagtga atgaggtctg acctaacaaa ctccatgtta cttctaacct     76740
     ccaagctgtc cttatccact tctgggcaga ggctgaacta actttggtag gaacttattt     76800
     tattggttat agtttgaagc aaagacagta acagcccttt cccaaaacaa acccccttct     76860
     tgcctaagca ctagactgcc tctgtgggac taacaaatta gtcaaaatat taaaaatcat     76920
     ggtttaggag tcacatgcag gtagaggctg caagattcac aacctcccca aattccttct     76980
     agggttaaca tgacttataa aacctaagat tggagcttga gagagcttga gatatttcac     77040
     agtccctgca cccagtggat cagctggcac cacctagatc cataaactgg ctcattcaat     77100
     cttgtggccc ccacccagga actgactcag cagaaaagaa cagtttttac ttcctattga     77160
     gagaggagaa aggaaagaac ctggtcaggt aggcagttag ggtgggtcct cagttgaatt     77220
     cttttaaaca aaagaacagc ctgcagccac agataaggga acttgcaaga tggtagtggg     77280
     gcatgcctaa gacatgccta tagcttcaca gataagaagg cctacccagg taatttgcca     77340
     acacatgcct gcaatggaaa attccatcca ctaacagatg cacagtatgg ggaacaaagc     77400
     aataagggcc cacgtgcaaa ttaggaggat gggcggagct accagaagtt tgcacattta     77460
     agccccacat tttgagggag tctgatttaa gtaatatata ataataaaac tctggtctac     77520
     tgcacagcca gctctccatg agttactcat tctctgttgc aattcccgtg ttttgataaa     77580
     tcccctctgc ctaggcagca ggcaagaacc cattgaatga ttacaaaaca acaagcaaac     77640
     tggtaaaaac tactgaaaga aatgaaagaa tggagactgg tagttctgtc caagaaagaa     77700
     ttttgacact gcagtgctct tcaaggatgt tacaagtgga ccaccagtgt gagatgagca     77760
     aactcaagct tttcacgtcc ctgattgccg ttcagggaat tccacctgca gctggtgaac     77820
     agcagtaggg cagcattttc taggttcacc cagcacctag atagcctatg tggtggtgtt     77880
     ttctgaaccc agaacaaaag tgcacaacaa tgatgttcac cttgattact cagtgaaggt     77940
     ggtgtttgtc atacctatcc aaagcaaaat tacgcatttg cctttagtca gggttctcca     78000
     gaggaacaga actaacaaga taaatgtgta tataaggggg agtttattaa ggagtattga     78060
     ctcacatgac agaaggtgag gtcacacaat agactgtctg taagctaatg cacaaggaag     78120
     ccagcctgaa tcccaaaatc tcaaaagtag agaagctgag agtgtagtct tcagtctgtg     78180
     gttgaaggtc tgagtccaaa agctgaagaa cgtggaatct gatgtttgag ggcaggaagc     78240
     atacagcaca ggataaagat gtagactgga agtctaagcc aggctagtcc ttccatgttt     78300
     ttattagggt tctctagagg gacagaacaa atggaatata tgtatatata agggggagtt     78360
     tattaagtat ttatattaat atataattaa tatagttata tattaatagc atatattaat     78420
     taataatata tataaatggg aatttatgaa gtattaactc acaggatcac aaggtcccac     78480
     aacagcccat ctgcaggttg acagcctgca ggcaaggaga accagtctga gttccaaaac     78540
     tgaagaacgt ggaattcgat gttcaaggat aggaagcatc cagcactgga ggaagatgta     78600
     ggctgggagg ctaggccagt atccgttttt cacatttgtc tgtctgttta tattctagcc     78660
     atgctggtag ctgattagat tgtgcccacc cagattaagt gttcatctgc ctttcccagc     78720
     ccactgactc aaatattaat ctcctttgtc aacactctta cagacactca cgaacaatac     78780
     tttgtatccc tctatccaat caagttgcca cttcaatatg agcttgttgt ttctcatttc     78840
     acttaatgat ttataatcca ttagtatcat tggtcatttt gatactcaag ctgtctccaa     78900
     aatggccagt ggtagcttct ccaaattggc ttctgtgtct ttttctataa tttcatgact     78960
     ctttgaatat tttttatacg ttatattcct gattagtatc ttacactgct cctgactcag     79020
     cctgggattc tgcaattttt ccaaggagcc ctggaatcta taaatgaaga atgatgtata     79080
     gaagccaaac tctggatcca caacatgctc attaacattg gagtgtcctc atgcccagag     79140
     cctctcagtg aacaaaatag gcacacatat acatggtggg ggctatggct tttcatcccc     79200
     aaaatatttg ctgaaaatca ctgacatgag gcagattgat taagaggaga aaaggcatac     79260
     caatttattt aatgcatata cactggagcc ttcagattaa agacccaaat tctcaatcag     79320
     atcgaaaagc ttatatgcca ccctgggtta gagaaaggat caggacttgg atcctggtaa     79380
     agcaggtgat gggatgggga gaagaataat tctattgagg gagaataatt tctattctag     79440
     ggagaaaata atttctaggg agaatgacag aaggggatca gagattaact tctgaagagt     79500
     tctctttgga gttaaaatga tcctaggaag acactcatta tagtcgtaaa aaggtctgct     79560
     cagttgtggg gtcacatttt ggtcttttct gaagcagaca atgagatagc agagggagga     79620
     agaaaaaaca gtggttctcc tttaggggcc tggatatttg gcagataagg aaactttggc     79680
     ttctctgggt gagaagttca ggggaggata tcagagatac cttgaggctt ctttagttag     79740
     cacatcaaaa tgcagtattt gggagtattg ggttctgaac cccagcaaca tgtacctata     79800
     tttgttttct ttatctctca aaaagtctgt tttaaagact attacttggt gctgatacct     79860
     ccaattctat atccataccc actgtgtttg tttcaccttt ctatgttctt aattgtaatt     79920
     tgcctatcta gcagaaattt gactcccatt attcttaaca tttgtgctta tttttatttg     79980
     cccttcccct ctatatgtat ccaatcctcc aaatcagctg tcatgtcttt ctcccgagac     80040
     agatgttcac tcctgtatgt atgtatttat ttttattttt gagaaagagt cttggtttgt     80100
     cacccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcatgacgt caactcactg caacctctgt ctcctaggtt     80160
     caaggaatat tcattcctca gcatcaacag tagctggaat tacaggcagg caccaccaca     80220
     cctggctaat tttttcctac ttttagtaga gatcaggttt tgccatgttg gccaggctgg     80280
     tcttgaactt ttaacctcaa gtggtccttc caccttggcc tctcaaagtg ctggaattac     80340
     aggcatcagt caccatgccc tgcccgcttc cccatattta aacatcacca cctcacacca     80400
     cacagtcttc ctgtgtggtc accgtcctca cactgactct gacctctttc tctggactac     80460
     tggggctctt tcccctctcc agtgttgaca cctgtctttc tcaaccccat gctgtagatt     80520
     caggactaaa tttgtcagag gcatttgaac aagcttgacc ccatcttgac cacaggctcc     80580
     tacctccatg ccctgggcat tttttttctt aagagatggg atttcactat gttcccaaag     80640
     ttcatctgca actcctggct ttgagtgatc cttctgcctc aacctcccaa aacactgggg     80700
     ttacaggtgt aagccatcgc acctggttcc aattttctat tatggccatg gtttgaaagt     80760
     gttcctaaaa tccatgtatt ggaaacctat tctccaatgc aatcatgttg agaggtgggg     80820
     cttaggagaa ttgcctaagg gtcctgaggc ctccaacctc atgaatggat caatgctact     80880
     tataaaaggg cttgcagaca ggagttcaat ctcttctctc tgacattctt tccttccatc     80940
     acaagatgat gcatcatgaa gaccctcaat agatgagggt ctctcaatct ttgacttccc     81000
     agcctccaag actgtaagaa agaaatctct attcttgata aattacctca tctgtggtac     81060
     actgttacag cgccacataa caaattaagg caatgaatga gaatggaaat gtttttcatc     81120
     cccagccaca gttttcaata tttcacttgt ttatggttta attaaagaaa ggaatgcaga     81180
     ataagcaagt ctttattcaa acttcattgg tcagaaatga caaataaatg ctatttggat     81240
     aatgtaaaaa taagtggtac atatacacca tggaatacta tccagccatt aaaagaagtg     81300
     agatgacgtc ctttgcaggg acatgaatgg aactggaagc tattatcctc agcacgctaa     81360
     cacaggaaga gataaccaaa cacagccatg ttctcactcg taagtaggag ctgaacaatg     81420
     agaacacaag gacacaggga gaagaacatc acacactggg gcctgttggt tggacctggg     81480
     gaggaagacc ataaggataa atagcttatg catgtggggc tgcataccca ggtgattgga     81540
     taatagatgc agcaaaccaa aatggcatgc atttaaccta tgtaactaac ctgaacattc     81600
     tgcacatgta tcgtggaact taaaataaaa gtaaattaaa ttttttaaat gtacaaaaaa     81660
     atttattttg aatacaacca agcacccact aaaaatggca ccaaaagaag gacaggttct     81720
     cagcacaagc catgatgcta gttgctaaca cccactcctc tactgggaaa aaaaaaacac     81780
     agatttcagt gataagaaag ataactcaaa tgaccttgtc catttcattg ccaatgcagt     81840
     ttccaatgaa tgttccttga aatcagcatc atctagatag tgtcaaatat gtacacatac     81900
     aaaataaaaa gaatgtaaat catgacagtg atcatattta ctggatactc caaaacatgc     81960
     tgggagctac tctctacaag tggaaaagat gaatggacat tgtgctccaa cattgattta     82020
     catagatcct ttggtatctt tcaataaata tttccttttc cacacaataa agggatcaca     82080
     tgtaaccagt caattttatc tgtaaatctt tctagggatc agagaaaacc ataaagtact     82140
     aaaattttca gtgctttcta aagtaaattt gagattctga gataacagac attgccagta     82200
     agtaagtcaa tactgcttaa aacatagcag ggaaactgcc tttgcaaaat tatgactgag     82260
     acactaaaac agatgtaatt taactgactc catcttgctt ctaactccca tgctgttctt     82320
     gttcattcct gggtataggc tgaactaact ttgggagaaa ttattttata gtttcttatt     82380
     taagacaaag acaataacag ccttttccca gagcagacct tcttcttgcc tgggaactag     82440
     attgcctttg taggactaac attagccaca agattagaaa ttatggttta ggactcatac     82500
     agttagaggc tacaatattc tgaccctctc aaactgctct taagaacagt gcttgaaata     82560
     ttttgcagaa cctggatttg atggataagc tggcactaca cagatcaata actggcccaa     82620
     ctgaccttgt ggaccctgaa caggaactga ctcagcacaa gaagacagct tcaactccct     82680
     atgatttaat tcctgaccaa tcccttcccc actcactggc gtccccccac tcaccaactt     82740
     gtccttaaaa actctgctgc ctgaattatt ggggagactg attgagtaat gataaaactc     82800
     cagcctccca catagctggc tctgtgtgaa ttactctttc tctatttcaa ttcccctgtc     82860
     ttgataaatt ggctctgtct atgcagaggg caaggtgaac ccattgggtg gttacaagac     82920
     ctggtaaaaa gtcaagaata aaatgaagaa agatgacgtc aagtactaaa agtttgtgtc     82980
     ttccgtactg ccccaaattt atatggtgaa gccttaattg ctattacaat ggtatcagag     83040
     aaggagcctt tgaggggtaa gtaagccatg agtacagagt tttcatcatg ggattagtgg     83100
     ccttataaga agcaagaaga gagagatgat gaatctcagt ccaccatgta aggatacagc     83160
     aagaagacac ctgtctgcag gctaggaaga gagccttcac cacccagtgg atttgctggt     83220
     gccctgacct tagacttccc agcctccaag cagtgtgaga aatgaatttc tgctgtttaa     83280
     gccacccagt actctgctgt atcaggccga tctaagtcaa atgaaaaaca ggggagaaaa     83340
     agacacagac cacacagacc agacctgggc tgacaccaca gggacagcat ttctaccgtg     83400
     agacattagg aatcctcaga ttcacttcca tggctgttga cagttttgtc tcccgtctag     83460
     ttgaccatgg gtgcaatgct gtgggtttct attctagttg tttgtggcat aaaagtcatt     83520
     tactagaaag tttatcatct acttcatggg aatttagcta aaagtttcat ggcagagtag     83580
     aatactagaa tgtgtctcac tttgcacagc atagttctca gacatggtgc aactgttgga     83640
     aggaacgtgg gcagtgtggc acacagaaca gcaagctgtt ggaaggaata ttatcctctc     83700
     taattaaaga agtaagggag aggagaattt catctacctt acaagagcct tgccttccat     83760
     ttgcatgata tgttgtcgaa attgagtata agccctcaga ccagtagcaa tttgcaggta     83820
     catagagctt ggaaaaggaa aagaaagaag cccatttctc aaaatcaagg gagattctta     83880
     agggctctca aaagagggca gctccatctc tcaatatagg gggaaattct gaggttccaa     83940
     acttagtaaa cacattttag gcatatttca aagaaatcag aatccaggta caacttccca     84000
     ggagctgggt gacttctctg ttgttttttt atttgcaatg taggtgtact tatatctatt     84060
     ttacaaggta cttgtgagga ttgcaataga gcgtacatga aaaacttctg atacatttta     84120
     gtggctcaga aagtagtcat gcttcttcct ctggcatgct gaaacttggt tcagaaacgt     84180
     tgatttgttt caacactatt cttagaagtg gcataacata attttgaaat actaagtgga     84240
     ttttgaaaca aaacattcca gtgacacggc cataactttg tagatattcg gcaaacatca     84300
     ggctttatag atcttacctc attccacatt ttacctcact caaagaggtt cttattcaat     84360
     agttaatgga ttgaagagat atgttgaatc attattcttt aaaatgcact gagataatgt     84420
     tctgggcact gaaagaaggc tggtgaacaa gatgtagttt tctaccttaa catagcttaa     84480
     aatagactag agaattacgt tatgtgaaga gtaatcagaa atacttaggg gaacacctaa     84540
     catggtggtc tgggaacaac ccttagaaca atagggatgg tcttctgaga gatacgtata     84600
     catagaaaag gaatagatga ggatggacat gggggatctg gggagaggga agcataaccc     84660
     aggaagccaa tatcccattg ccacaggctg agaaaaaaag gatcctaatg tacttttaga     84720
     actaggtggt taatccctgc taaaaaccca agtaaaaagc aaatagccac aagaggtgaa     84780
     gctagagaga taagtagtag aatgagttag ggttggggta gtagaacagc aaagatttag     84840
     acacaaatcc aaaacattag acaaaggttg caattcctac agacccacag ggaagcattc     84900
     ttcatggatt catttcagtg acacaaagaa aaaccctttg aaaattattg ctttcttatt     84960
     aaatatagaa tttattggcc tctgttggaa aaaaataggc atggaaggaa ttggctgaga     85020
     tgagtaagta acaggctcga gtagagaaag catttggatt ttcgaactgt tatcacaaga     85080
     aaaaagaaga cctgatttga actcttcgta aggaaaagta aaacctggag agatcaatgc     85140
     agcaatatgc aagacgattg aagactgcag ataccaaggc gaagaaaatg catggagctg     85200
     ttttttaaag ataagataat gtattacatt tcttgatgct acagttcccc tggagaatat     85260
     cactgtaagc tacaaagtgt agctgtggac caaggaaatg aagaccagtg aaggagggaa     85320
     gtaaatattg aggacatcag agaaaaaatt ttcctaagct gagaaaataa ttgagtttgg     85380
     tgactaagag tgcttgccaa gaatgtcgta gaaacaggaa acaatcatat acatgcatta     85440
     aagcaggaaa tataagtgac ctaaaaaatg gaaggaaaaa aatagcttat ccttgggggt     85500
     tttccactaa aaaaatgcca taagatgatt taaaaattat acagagcttt taaggaaaat     85560
     ggttgtgggg catcatttgt aggcatagtt catttcgtct ctgaaggaaa tgcaaagtca     85620
     atcatagagg gaaagggtca ataatttaaa tgtgtattgt gggtacatgt ttgaatatgt     85680
     cacattacat caactgaatg gattctttat atatatatat atatatataa attgtgcaaa     85740
     catgtagaaa tttaggaaat acaatgtacc atattaagta ttaaccagta aaatataatt     85800
     tgatatgaat atgatagcaa tgcacaaaat atacctgaaa aaattaggtt gaaatatagc     85860
     cacatgttac tagtaactgt ctctggggaa acttactatg atgcttttat tttttcccct     85920
     cttcagtatg tgaaatgtaa acttttggcc agttgtggtg gctgtcccat ataatcacaa     85980
     cagtttgagg ccagggtggg tagaaggctt gagctcagga gtttgagact aggtagggta     86040
     acagttggag atttctttct ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaattag ccaggtgtgg tagtgtgcac     86100
     ctgtagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg taggaggatc acttggcccc aggaggcaga     86160
     ggttgcagta agctgagatt gagccactgt actccaacct ggagaacaga gccagaccca     86220
     gtctcaaaga aaaagtgacg ttttctagag ttaacctgca ttaattttgt aaagaaaaac     86280
     aaaactttaa aaaataaaat catgtatttt caaggtattc atgagctagc atgaaatctg     86340
     gacgtgatca ccaggctggc accgtcacaa ccccacagga gctgatccct ttgtttgcgt     86400
     ttctactttc cagcctctac atgtgtctta acctttctgc gtggcatcac agtcttccat     86460
     ttttccccct atctcttccc tttctattta cctcatagct tctgctgcta cctctgaaat     86520
     ttgggcttcc ttagtgtgtt gaatagcatg acctctaagg tttctgattt ttcttcctca     86580
     ttctgtttcc acatttgaac tcagttctca tttttcaaca cctcactttc tcagtgtgtt     86640
     ttctagttga tatttctaga aggagcctac ccctagtctg tgtcatctct tcatactaga     86700
     ccacacctta tgtgtctggc ctcattcttc ctcttaggtc agatttccct ccccttggtc     86760
     ccatacacag cattcaggga ataaaaacaa gaactatcca tagtagatcc ttcaacatgg     86820
     ggtgtggcca gggcaaggag tatggcatgg cagtcctcct catgattgaa aatccataca     86880
     taaaaccatt ggccctgcta ataacagaca tttagctaat tgctgttact caacgcaaat     86940
     cgtggtttca ctgtttaagc cattgatctg tagaggatga aaatgaatct ttgcctctat     87000
     tgacatctaa ttctcatctc ccttcttgtt ttcccttgaa ataatgggat ggctttaaga     87060
     aacctatgtt cattagatac ataggttact ggaaatgttt ataatggtac tcttgattga     87120
     gtaatgtacc atgtacctga cacccattta gttataggaa caaccttagg aggctagtat     87180
     tattattact gtgttatata taatggaagc tgagcttaga aaagtgacat gacttaccca     87240
     gggccatatg gcttacaagt ggctgtgtca tggctggaac tcaggcttgg tggcttgtaa     87300
     agcatgacct gcccctgcct gcaccatcag aatacactat gggactggaa cagtgtctca     87360
     tccctgtaat cccagagctt tgaaaggcca aggtgggaaa attgcataag gccaggagtt     87420
     acagaacagc ttgggaaatg tagtgagatc tccatctcta taaaacataa aaataaaaaa     87480
     ttagctagtc atggtggcag gtacctgtct gtagttctag ctactatgaa ggatgaggtg     87540
     ggaggatcat ttgagcccag gagttggagg ttgtggtgag ctatgatcac agcactgcac     87600
     tccaacctgg ggaaaggata agactctgtc tcaaaaaata aataataaca caaaagaatg     87660
     cattgtagag catatatgca tatagatgaa catatatgca ttgatgtgag agataaacac     87720
     aaattagaca cttctaattt ttctggggag ttctgatcac aaaaaatgaa tttgctaatg     87780
     cctttcctag agaaaaaaga tgtataattt gaatctagca cacagataaa gagacaatag     87840
     agccttatca tgagtttcaa gtatgggatg agtggtagtt gtcaactggc atttgtatag     87900
     gtacagattc ctttccatct ctttgcacac tttgtctgtg ctcataaaag tggagttcgt     87960
     attataagta catgtctctg gcttttcatc ttcatttcat cttcactcct ccaaatgccc     88020
     tacatatcta cacatgcctt attatgccaa tgatgaaaca aaaccaagat gtaactggaa     88080
     gccatgatca cttgaaaaac aagtacttca gcttcagtca ttgaagacaa tgttcatcaa     88140
     caacttgaca gggcacatat gggtgggtat agctatactg aaagcaattg agtttcccaa     88200
     gtttaagagg tacacctagg aatttgagat tatgccttat gtgcacataa actgctaagg     88260
     aaagaaatca aagacaatta tgcaaataat ttgaaagaaa cataaaagtt tctcccagaa     88320
     attgtaactt cactttttga cagtggcatg ttttatctct aattaaagac aagaaacacg     88380
     gtggcatttt attctacaag tggcctggat tcattttaaa atgtgttctt taataggaag     88440
     tgaaaagtta tgtaatctca aagagcagga ggatgcaaaa aatttatctt gagttctaat     88500
     aacttgtcta ccactcacaa aggtgcaacc ctgaagaggc ttaataagca ttaggagtcc     88560
     tattttctct gtaattgtag cagaagaata acattgcttt tggtattgct aacatgcctg     88620
     cttgccaaaa aaaatggatt gaagattgtt tatataaata aacccaatat aaacgtagct     88680
     atacttcata aatcgaaaga caactatttc actgtagaag aaggcaggct gtgctgcaca     88740
     ttgaaacttt tctaacgttg ttttgttttc tcccacaact aagatattct tgctggtgca     88800
     aatccctgga aaactgtcaa gtatcttgca aatgtaggca ttattaccat tccacttcac     88860
     ttagattatt tctatttgtt ttttgtattt cttagagtac aactaatttt atatatataa     88920
     aaatatataa attatttttg ttcctgaaag tgtacagtga gaatattcca gtgcaattaa     88980
     tgtctgcccc gaagcattag caattattaa aaaaaaattc tgtgtcaaga ggttactgcc     89040
     tattccactg cctgcagctg tgtccctgtg ggatttttca tactgctcca ttctctctgc     89100
     actacttcag tccttatatg atcacagctc accctccttt attcccgaaa acacctccac     89160
     aacaaagctg ctatttggaa ccagccttag catcaaaata tgcaataacc tctttcctcc     89220
     cacatcgctt tggggtgtag taaagtgaag ggaatgttac tctcaccttt acagagagag     89280
     agatatagag agcctacaaa cttgtgactt gccttaaacc ctctgaaaag gacaaggcct     89340
     tccaaggaga aatgcgatat gtgactgagg ggagaaggcc agcctttaca acagcaaatt     89400
     caacaatatc agctaaatta tgttaaacaa tttttatagg tccaatgttc atgaccatat     89460
     caacctgaaa tagctgcaag tccctctagg gaaaattttt gaaagacttt gaaatggaat     89520
     tgatgtccta accatctcat ccatctggct tatttctgcc tccattgacc ttgatcaggc     89580
     tatttacaac actctaagtt atagaacctt gatagcaaag caaataattt ctgtccaaag     89640
     tgacacaaac gacatatgat gggatgccac tgtttttcac catgtaaatt ttgccagtgt     89700
     gacatttttt ggatgtgtca acttggccac attatgcaac aggaaacaaa tactagcagc     89760
     tggtcattta tgcaatcatt tatagattca ttttagcttt ctttattggg ccaaaaatat     89820
     acaaactaat tgcctatttt atcaattccc tcattaacta ataagtgaaa taagatattt     89880
     agcacatact tactttacac cttcacagga gtctggaatt tgtcttttta aaaattttaa     89940
     tatccctagg atcccagaca caaaggaagt tttcacctac tcctggtctc tcaacatacc     90000
     tctttatgtt ctcatgagaa agcttggaat caggtcagga gatactagag agctcagctc     90060
     aatgatgcag gcatgccatg catgtttact cacccctaga atcacaagcc ctctgggagg     90120
     cagaagtgga aggatcactt cagccgggag ttcaaaacca gcttgagcag cgcaagaccc     90180
     tgtatttcca gctacttggg aggctgaggt tggaagattg cttgaaccta ggagttcgag     90240
     gctacagtga actctgatta tgctggtgcc cactgcactc caggcaggca acagagtgag     90300
     actctgtctc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggccaggtac agtggtcttc gggaggctgt     90360
     acttcaggag gctgaggggg gcagatcacg aagtcaagag aatgagacca ccgtggccaa     90420
     ctgggtgaaa acttgtctct atgaaaaata caaaaattag ccaggtgtgg cagcatgcac     90480
     ctgtagtccc aactcctcag gatgctgaga taggagaatc ttttgaatcc aggagatgga     90540
     ggttgcagtg agccgagatc atgccactgc actccagcct gggtgacaga gctagacaac     90600
     atcaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaga aaaggtgcaa gcccgaaagt gacccccatt tcactgtcaa     90660
     taaaaagtgc agtcatttca ctaattaaaa aaaaacacaa agtcccacca ggataattaa     90720
     tattgagggt caacttcatt ggattgaagg atgtaaagta ttgatactgg gtgtgtctgc     90780
     gaaggtgtca tcaaaggaga tgagcatttg agtcagtgga ctgggagagg cagactcaac     90840
     ctcaatctga gtggacacaa tctaatcagc tgccagcatg accagaataa aaagcagaca     90900
     ggagaatggg aaagagtcga ctgtctgagt cttcctgcct gtaatcttac tcccatggta     90960
     gatgcttcct gcccttgagc atcagactcc aagtttttca gcttttggac tcttggactt     91020
     actctagtgg ttttccaggg gctctccggc cttcagccac agactgaagg ctgcactgtt     91080
     ggtttccaca cttttgaggt ttagggactt ggctcctcag cttgcagatg acctattgtc     91140
     agacctcatc ttgtgatcgt ttgagtcagt tatcctaata aactcccctt cataaattca     91200
     tctatcctat tagttctgtt tctctaggga cccctgacta atatacccac aaatacctga     91260
     cttcttcaat cattggaagc aaagacttaa atcactgaaa agagatgcag caaatgatat     91320
     caaccccata gtccaggcaa agacccttcc ttcatagcca gagcaaggat agaagaaaaa     91380
     tcctctaatt ttagaaaagg aacagagaac tcatctggcc ccaggatctt atcctaatat     91440
     caagcagtgc tctgctacca ctagggaaaa gagcatgaat tgcctcccac catagccaac     91500
     catagattcc tccctgagtt tggctgttgt ggaagggaga aagtctcatt tcccatcctt     91560
     gagaacagag gactagcctc aatcaaaggc tggattagga aaagagaacc tactctttca     91620
     tgccatctcc atcaccagcg gagcagaaac tatgaagcaa caggaatgag ctgctaggga     91680
     aggtgggaga gcacaaaggg atgcctaccc tgtaagatgc agtgggcaga gaaaccaaaa     91740
     gctgagggga gaacagaaac aatgagaaaa ccatgcctgg tttttaatgc ttgcctgatg     91800
     ccatctgaaa attaactaat taattagata tataaaaatt ttatataaat atatattaga     91860
     gatagattag atagagagat gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     91920
     gatagacaga cagacagaca gagtctgatt ctgttgccta agctggagtg cagttgttgg     91980
     gatcatagat cactatagcc tcgaactcct gggctcaagg aatcctccta cctcagcctt     92040
     gtgagtagtt aagctacaag cccaagccac catgcccagc taacttttta tttttacttt     92100
     tgcagtaaag taaatgtggt cttgctctgt tgaccaggct aatactattt ttgaaagaga     92160
     ggctcagcat tctcattatg tactgagcca ggggcaagac ggagttgatg ctcgttttct     92220
     gctactttgc atgtgaatgc caacattcaa cccatttgaa cagaaattcc cataatgtgt     92280
     tttcagaaac ccttagtaac caaaagaccc tttcaaggag tcgttagggt ccaaaccatt     92340
     ttcttaatac ccccagacag tgttgttttt ttccaacccc cttcctcatt ccctcctgag     92400
     ttaatagtaa agttttccag aggctacatg acatgcagta ttacagcaga ttgaatgcag     92460
     aagcagaaaa gaaaatctgt ctgtctttga ttaagcccac taaaaagatt agtgcaaaac     92520
     catatggtct tactccctgg tttttaaaaa ttgttatttt taataaaaat gtttccgtat     92580
     taaccatgca aagagattat tatatataaa tctaataaaa tcataatacc tcacattttt     92640
     acatttttgt ttctacttta ataaatataa cctacattac aaatgttatt tgagatcctc     92700
     agtaatttgt aagagggtaa catggcctta aaaccaaata tttggaagag tgctgagtca     92760
     aagcagatag cctgctaaac tgctcctaca acatacattt gacaaaggtt aaaacacttt     92820
     ttcccggagc tgatatgtgt tgacttgaga atctatgcat gaaccttgac ttgaccttga     92880
     gggagacctc tgcccttctt tgctgaggat actccatcat tttaaaattt taaagaccta     92940
     aatgacatgt tacagagatt tcagaatatt taactgcttc tcttccatgg tgactgaaga     93000
     tgacaataac atattaagag aaggtgggga aagatgacaa taatataaga gaaggtatga     93060
     ttgaaaggaa atgatatata ctaggaaaaa tggaacacaa ttttatatgt gcataaatgt     93120
     acatgttttg tggtctagta aaataattac aggtgtggaa ttgataagct ataggaaaat     93180
     tctgttttca ctgagtttta gtgagtagga tgcatgctag tttttgtacc aaataactct     93240
     gcatctcact acaacaaatg tttccttctc tatacagaga tgtccctggt caaatggtcc     93300
     tgggtggctt ttctctacag caggtatttt aatgtgtaca cgattcatca ggtggtacag     93360
     aatcatcaga ttctgattca gcagctctag gatgagattg ggactctgca ttttaatgtt     93420
     ttattttttt atttgtgcat atttatgggg tacctaagaa attttattac aggtatataa     93480
     cacataggca tcacgtcaga tattcagggt gttcatcatt ctgctgcact acatttttgc     93540
     tgagtacagt taccctactc tgttgccaag cttcaaattt attccttcta tcttactgtc     93600
     tatatgttct atttaaccca tgtctcttca tcccctctcc tctcatgcat ccatctcagt     93660
     ctctgtatct gcttttccac tctcttctac catgggttca aattttttag ctcctgcatg     93720
     taagtgaaaa cattcattat ttgtcttttt tcgcctggct tatttcacct aataatgact     93780
     tccaggtaaa cctatgttgc tgccaagaga cacaatttca ttctgtttta tggctcaata     93840
     gtattccatt gtgtctattt tctttatcta ttaatctgtt tgtgaacact taggttgatt     93900
     ccatatgttt gagcctctgc ttcccaggct caaatgattc tccttctcca gcctcacaaa     93960
     tagctgagac tacaggtgca ggccaccttg cctggataat tttttgtatt tgtgatagag     94020
     acagtgtttt acgagttggc caggatgacc ttgaactcct gacctcagtg atctgcccac     94080
     cttggcttcc caaagtgctg gtatcacaca tatgagccac tgctcctggt cttttatttt     94140
     tcatttttaa atgaaagcca ttttgactta ggtaagttta gatgaaaaaa atgcttagta     94200
     tcactaatca tcatagagac tgcattttta tgagccctga gatgatgctt catgctactg     94260
     gctcctggac caggctttgg tgagactatg agcccaaagg catggggctc tggtcaaagt     94320
     gtcctttccc cctgtgtcca caggaagaag aactgaggtt ggtaaatacc tatccagttt     94380
     ctgccataca taaatattta gctattacta tgcatatatt taggatattt tgtttcagtt     94440
     tagatgtgtt agtgcattta gcttttaaat gacctttttc ctaatttgta aatgttttat     94500
     atttcccatg ttggtagttc aaggaaaata gagtaaaatg ttactatgct tatgttacat     94560
     cagcctggca ggaagtccct ccaagtccat aaaattttct aattttcaac tatgtaggaa     94620
     aaaatatata tggtagtcca tttctaagag aaagtgcctt gaataggctt gggcccgcaa     94680
     actatggaag aacaggatac actacgcccc tgctttaata gcgggcgcct tttggttggg     94740
     gatcccctta gtaaccctca cccaaaccaa ggattttagt ctagaatgaa agtttactgg     94800
     cctgcaaaat agctcacttt atctatactt atcagcttgc ctgactatct gggtcataat     94860
     tcaactacgt gaggagccca gaactgacca tgactgcaat gcattatggg ctgcaccaaa     94920
     atgcagccaa acaatgctaa agaaaacaca cctaaaagcc ccaagccaac aaccaatagg     94980
     caatgtctgg gaagtttgtg accccatggt actcagccta tgaggaaccg gaggagggac     95040
     ttgagtacta agggataaat tgcttgttgt aaatgtacgg actgtggctg cctaccagat     95100
     acctgatcct gcaagggggt cattaaaagt ctcacttcca ctgttcttgt ctctgagtcc     95160
     atttcctggg tttggatggg tgagtgtatt tctcacaacc atggccagaa aaatttttct     95220
     agaaagtcca tgtttcatcc cagtgtgaag aactaggtac ttaggtgcat aggatgcaaa     95280
     agaaataagc ccagtgaatt tgaatggcca catgaaaaaa gtgtcttaat ccattttgta     95340
     tgactgccta aacatgatta tattttctaa aatgtaaaaa ttaaatatgg atggtctcaa     95400
     aagaaagtag cttacatcta aatttattta aataaatttt aaggaattta cattgtattt     95460
     tcctatgaag gcaacaaagc atttgattaa aattttgtct atcttgctat ctgctatttt     95520
     atgcaattac tatccccttg gatagttccc ttttattatt ccttaaagga aaactgcaaa     95580
     gataatacat ggataaagct gaataactag gcagttttac aactcttgca ctttgacaaa     95640
     attttgagtc agaaacaaaa gttgagtttt gagagaaaaa tgttaaattg tacacccagt     95700
     gctgatcact acttgggagg atatatagaa aaacacattc ttttggtaaa tggaaggttt     95760
     ctgaattgtt gaccccatca cagattccta tacttctttg atacatttat cataatatag     95820
     aaaccacacg gtcctcaatg gctgaccaga gtatactatt tctgcatcta catgaggtta     95880
     ttatggaatg tggtctaaat caaatgggaa gagaagtcat accacacagg agaattcaat     95940
     agccactaac cttggcatca atctccatat cgcatgaaga cactgtttct ggagcaaaga     96000
     ctgaatttct gtagaaactc agccttgtgg gagaaagtgc ataggcactg aaaaggcaaa     96060
     atatacttct tatattctga gatatataga taaatagaca caggaatatc atttaaaagt     96120
     ccatagaact gtccaggcac agtgtctcat gcctgtaatc ctaacacttt gggaggacaa     96180
     ggtgggtgca tcacaaggtc aggagttcaa gacaagcctg gccaaaatag tgaaacccca     96240
     tctctactaa acatacagaa aatgagccgg gtgtggtggt gagcacctgt aatcctagtt     96300
     attcagtagc cccaggcagg agaatcactt gaacccagga ggcggaggtt gcagtgtgtc     96360
     gagatcacat cattgcactc cagccttggc aatagggtga gactttaacc taaaaaaaaa     96420
     aaaaaaattc tatagaacta tagcagaccc attttccctt cttgtagaag tgttctctta     96480
     aggaacctaa cgatgcaatt gtgaaggggg cgggtgtttt acggaacgtt tatgaaaagg     96540
     caaatgtcaa actaatttaa caaaaaataa acttaaaaac caggcacagt gcatacactg     96600
     gtcgtcccag cactttggga agccaagaga ggtagattgc ttgagcccaa gagtttgaga     96660
     ccagactggg caacatagca aaactcttgc tctcaaaaaa aatttttttt ttaaataagc     96720
     caggtatttt ggcatgttcc tgtggtccct gttactctac aagctgaggc aagagaatcg     96780
     cttcagctcg ggaggtcaag gctgcaataa gctatgatca cagcactgta ctctagcctg     96840
     ggcaacagag aaatactctg cctctaaaaa agaagaataa atttaaggag agagtggaca     96900
     gattgaactt acctgaagta agcatctttg actattcaga aataaaatgt ttccaaacaa     96960
     aattgagttt caaaatgtgg ctatcatgat aaagaaaaaa taaaaattat ttccctgcta     97020
     ctatatatat cttaaagagg aggattttta tttcttggta gtacttttta ctgaaaaggt     97080
     gaaaatgaag caaatgttgc tggtacaaag aattaaagat agctcatgtc attccatctc     97140
     ccatgaagaa aataaacagg aataatgcta aaaatgagag ggaaatgctg ctgtttttta     97200
     atccacagga aagtgtctga tatgggttgg gtgtgtcccc acccaaatct catcttgaac     97260
     tgtagctcct ataatcccca tgtgttgtgg gagggaccca gtgacaagta attgaataat     97320
     ggggcgggtt tttcctgtgc tgttcttgtg atagcgaata agcctcatga gatctgatgg     97380
     ttttataaac ggcagttccc ctgcacatgc aaacttgcct gccaccatgt aagacatata     97440
     ttttctcctc cttcaccttc cataatgatt gtgaggcctc ctcagccaca tgcaactatg     97500
     agtccattaa acctcctttt cttagtaaat tacccagcct tgggtatttc ttcatagcag     97560
     tatggaaatg gatgaataca gtgtcacatc acagaaaatc acttaaattc cattctttac     97620
     ttggatttat ttcactttat ctttgtacaa atagacacag taaattttac tctcttcaag     97680
     ccccagtaat ttacaagtag gagagtacag tatgaatagt atgagtgtgc ttttaaataa     97740
     gatgggcagc catttctctt ttacacaata cattcctaaa aatcaacaat aaagttgaat     97800
     atgagaaaat caaataataa cttacccact aacaagagta ctttaagtcc ataaaacaaa     97860
     aattcatact aaactatccc tttcagaaaa agaaatcatt gatgacacta tggcagcatt     97920
     tcatacttgc tgtttagttt tgttattttt ctttagaaca gcagtggtgg gcttaagccc     97980
     aataaggtag agattctacc ttattttatt atcaataata aattttattg ataataatat     98040
     aaggtaaata ttctacattt ttcatctcac tgaaggattt ttcacttttt tttcaatctc     98100
     attgactttt tgacacatat tacatatttc agttgtagca tgctgggtgt tccatttcct     98160
     aacccttaag aaataaaatt atagaagaaa aatcagtaag atattcaaag aaccttctta     98220
     gcatcactgt acaaagaaga agagtcaatc taaaagttac cattcactag cagagaatag     98280
     tattcaacag aagcctatgg ttctccatga tcagatgtca caggaaagca gaattttgca     98340
     cattcacaaa taagtataga tataaatata tacaaccaca atgatagata catgtgtgga     98400
     tatctaaatc cttatatgta caatacatac atgtgtggat atctacatag ttatataacc     98460
     atgctgagag cttggaaatt cagttgaagg ccagatggtg gacgaattga aactcaagct     98520
     tgggagattg tctgtgagag cattgtcttg agcatagcca gagattctgg aagatagtga     98580
     gccaaagtca tgatgatatc ctggaatcct gcagactgtg gcttggccac ctttcacctg     98640
     tgtggactgg gaatctttcg atcctcactg gccctcagtc ttataatctg taaagtgaaa     98700
     atgataggac tgttgtaaaa attaaatgtg agttctatgt gaggtctctt taacatggca     98760
     ggcatccatt agtgtaggct tatcatgatt attgctgaga cacattcctt gagagcatcc     98820
     ctcactggga gatgtgtaga acaatgaagt aggtaaacgt gtggagaatg gtagcggtga     98880
     gggtatgtag gagttagatg tgccaagaaa tctagaaatt aaccaggatt ggagattctg     98940
     taacacgagt ccaaggaaag agactcaagc caaaacaaac ctgacaaaaa aattttggta     99000
     aagtctcaat tacttaatat caatttttag aaaaatattt atattttagg agaaccactg     99060
     gacatagtaa tggcataatc aaaggaatta aataaaatgt ttaaggtaat agacatttca     99120
     gtcatttgta tagctaaaac aataacttta tcattacatc atcattatta tcatcatcac     99180
     atgaggtagg atgtatctat cattatggaa agcctaggaa tgtttatcta ttgatttggg     99240
     gggataatta ttaatatcgt tgatgtgctt tggctgtttc ctcacccaaa tctcatcttg     99300
     aattgtagct gccttaattc tcatgtgttg tgggagggac tggtggtaga taattcaatc     99360
     gtgggggcag tttcccccat actgttcttg tggtagtgaa taagtttcac cagatctgat     99420
     ggttttataa ggggtttccc ctttcacttg gttcttattc tctgttgccc gctgccattg     99480
     aagacatgct tttcaccttc taccatgatt gtgatgcctc cccagccatg tggaacagtg     99540
     agtccattta atatcttttt ctttataaat tattcagttt catgctgctg gtcagaagcg     99600
     tgaaaatgaa ctaatacaat cttcaataca attcttaaca tggaagaagg aactgcatct     99660
     ttatcagtat cataaaaatg aactaatgca atatttaaca tggcaaaagg aactggtcat     99720
     ctgttctgtc tgtaaacaat cctgtacctt catcacagaa acttgcaata tttaaccacc     99780
     tcttcattct tcaagaatga tattaaatgt tccttctact gtgcaaattt cctattcctc     99840
     caatattttc tattattgtt aattttctgc tgtgtataca tgtcagatac tgatcatggt     99900
     ttgtaatgtc ctattgtctg ataaattgct ggccaactct tgggctggac agactttaaa     99960
     attactccca gtgatctgca ctttctagcg tgtactttct tttataggcc tcttccactg    100020
     aatgtaccca ggaccatggg atataaacgc tacatttact ttatgctgca taaaactcca    100080
     tcttgctagt ctactctcat tagagacttt ctctcccagg gacattgaag aagccagtgt    100140
     tcatgtgagc tgaggacagt ccataagagt ggagggtgtc cctcctaaga ctaaaccagg    100200
     aaaaagctga atccctgaat agaccaataa cgagttctga aatggaggca gtagttaata    100260
     gcctaccaac cagaaacaca aacaaaccaa caaacaaaaa aacccacagg accagacaga    100320
     ctcagagcta aattctacca gaggtacaaa gaggagctgg taccattcct tctgaaatga    100380
     ttccaaacaa tagaaaaaca gggactcctc cataactcat tttatgagat cagcatcatc    100440
     ctgataacaa aaccttgcag aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa attcaggcca    100500
     atatccctga tgaatatcaa tgtgaaatgc tcaataaaat actaacaagc caaatccagc    100560
     agcacatcaa aaagtttatc caccaagatg aagctggatt catccctgag atgcaaggct    100620
     ggttcaatat acacagatga ataaacataa tccatcacat tacagaacca atgacaaaag    100680
     ccacatgagt atctcaatag atgcagaaaa ggccttcgat agaattcaac acacattcat    100740
     gctaaaaata tgcaataaac taggtattga tggaacatat ctcaaaataa taagagctat    100800
     ttatgacaaa cccacagcca gtatcatact aaatgggtaa atgctagtag cattcccttt    100860
     gaaaactggc acaagacaag gatctcctct ctcaacactc ctattcaaca tagcattgga    100920
     agttctagcc agggcaatca ggcaagagca agaaataaag ggtattcaaa taggaagaga    100980
     ggaagtcaaa ttgtctctgt ttccagatga cataattgta tgtttagaaa acgccatcat    101040
     ctcagcccta aatttccttg agctgataag caacttcagc aaagtctcag ggtacaaaat    101100
     caatgtgcaa aaatcacaag cattcctata cacaaataat agacaaacag agggccaaat    101160
     catgagcaaa ctcccattca caattgctac aaaaaaaaaa tacctaggaa tacaacttac    101220
     aagggatgtg aaggacctct tcaaggagaa atacaaacca ctgcttaagg aaatgaaaga    101280
     gttcacaaac aaatggaaaa acattccatg ctcatggaca ggaagaatga atgtcatgaa    101340
     aagggacaca ctgcccaaat caatttatag aatcaattgt atccccatca aactaccgtt    101400
     aactttcttt acagaatcag aaaaaactac cttaaatttc ttatagaacc aaaaaagaga    101460
     ctgtatagca gacaatccta agcaaaaaga acaaagctgg aggcatcacg atacctgact    101520
     tcaaactata ctacaagcct acagtaacca aatcagcaag gtactggtac caaaacaggt    101580
     atatagacca ctggaacaga acagaggact aagaaatgac gttacatatc tacacccact    101640
     tgatctttga caaaagtgac aaaaaccatc aataggggaa tgattcccta tttaataaat    101700
     ggtgttggga aaactggcta gtcatatgca gaaaatataa actggacccc ttccatacac    101760
     cttatactaa aattaactca agatggatta aagacttaaa tgtaaaacct aaaaccataa    101820
     aaaccctaga agaaaaccta ggcaatacca tccaggacat agcaatgggc aaagtcttca    101880
     cgactaaaac atcaaaagca ttggcaacaa aagccaaaat tggcacatgg gatctaatta    101940
     cactaaggag cttctgcaca gcaaaagaaa ctatcattgg acagaacagg caacctacag    102000
     aatgggagaa aacttttgca atctatccat ctgacaaatg gctaacatcg agaatctaca    102060
     aagaacttaa atgtacaaga aaaaacaaac aatcccatca agaagtgcac aaaggataca    102120
     aacagagact tcataaaaga agacacttat gctgccaaca aacatatgaa gaaaaagctc    102180
     atcatcactg gtcattagag caatgcaaat caaaaccata atgagatacc atctcacacc    102240
     agttagaata gtgatcatta aaaagtcagg aaacaccaga tgctggagag gatgtggaga    102300
     aataggaaca cttttacaca gttggtagaa gtgtaaatta gttcaaccat tgtggaagac    102360
     agtgtggtga ttcctcaaca atctagaacc agaaatatca tttgactcag caatcccatt    102420
     acttggtata tacccaaagg attataaatc attctactat aaagacacat gaacacatat    102480
     gtttattgca gcactgttca caatagcaaa gacttggaac taacccaaat gcccatcaat    102540
     gatagattgg agaaagaaaa tgtagcacat atacacgatg gaatactatg cagccataaa    102600
     atgagattct ttgcagggac atggatgaag ctgcaaacta tcattctcag caaactaaca    102660
     caggaacaga aaaccagaca ccacatgttc ttgctcataa gtgggaattg aacaatgaaa    102720
     acacatggac acagggaggg gaacatcaca cactggggcc tgtcaggggg tgctgggcca    102780
     caggagggat agcattagga gaaataccta atgtatatga caggttgatg ggtgcagcaa    102840
     accaccatgg tacatgtata tctgtgtaac aaaactgcac gttctacaca tgtatctcag    102900
     aacttaaagt ataatttaaa aaaaagaaaa aaaaaagagt ggaaggtgtc ccctagccca    102960
     taaccagcaa gaagctgggc tctgagttct gcatccacaa ggaaactaaa tctgacaaca    103020
     gcatgcctga ggttgggagt gaattcttcc caagtccaac ctccagatga gaactcagct    103080
     taacactttg aagaaagtct ttatagactc taagaagaag acttggctag ggttttcctg    103140
     aattcatgac ccacagaacc tgtgagatca tagatacata ttgtcctaag tttggggtac    103200
     atcaccattt ctatctaggc agaaagagga tgcacattac tgaccacttt atgtccagtt    103260
     cagtgtagga cactaaacac tagagatctt aataaagata tcttggagat agatgactgg    103320
     ataaatgatc ttaataaaga aagaaaggag aaagtaatga attggaaatg aatggcattg    103380
     agttcttgca aagatttact cagtctcatt gctgagtttt tgtgatgctg gtagaaactc    103440
     tgcagctaag acaattgtct gcagctaaga caactcatat tgagtcaata gacataacta    103500
     tatgagtaaa accttcagag atggatgcaa aagggaaagt cctgctgttt accaactact    103560
     gatactgcca aaactttaaa cttcctttta ttttattctt tttaatttga atggggagga    103620
     tagtaaagcc tcacatagaa taaattaaca aacaacttca atggaaagat aggtctgtaa    103680
     gcttttaaga atgttctcca tattccaagc catgatcaat atgatttgac ttctactgtt    103740
     tctttccaga aatatcaagg gacattatta ctcagctgca gcaaactctc aattatgact    103800
     ctccctaata ccacattaat cttgtctatt taattccata tatgttgttt ccctgattat    103860
     catttttatt acacttatgg agagaggcaa caaatattaa gctccttaac gcaacagggg    103920
     ttttggtaaa aggtgagatt tctctgtttc tctatttcta tggctagcag tccttcagat    103980
     tgctaggtac agtgttttgc ccataggata gatacattca ttcaatcatt cattcaataa    104040
     acatacagtg aggacaacat ttgtgccaag catgtgtaat aaacttttta aaaatagaaa    104100
     aaaaaaaaga atatgacttc agagaccttt tcgttcttct gaaatccaag attaggcttt    104160
     gagatctttt agttgtatta gtaacacaat gctacagcag aactgaagaa gatcacaaca    104220
     ggagtggcca gggtgctgtt ttaattgaaa cactatttgc atttgtaaaa tgaacaatac    104280
     ttcaatagac aaaactttat cttcctatac ctgcaagaat attcacacaa ggatattttg    104340
     catattctca cagatttagc cctgaatcac tatggccaag tttttcattg atattcaatg    104400
     acttttcata ttaacatcac tttggaatat atgctcttaa aaatgatacc tctaagagat    104460
     tttgtgtttt catgattagt acatggccat gattagtttt tcatgattag tgaaaaacta    104520
     atttcatgac tagtttttta tgattagtgt tttaatgatt agtacatggc taatttcatc    104580
     taacccctta tactaaaatt ttgatgaatg ctgtgaaaat ggatcaatta attcaattga    104640
     tgtcatgctt tgcttaagaa agagaatgaa agtaattcat attttatgaa tgaaagggag    104700
     cagagtcttg caatctatga atttacataa gaaaacactc ttaatacaga tgatagttgt    104760
     tctaaacttg aaaacctatg gaaaagcctt tgtaactcta agtcattaga aagacagatt    104820
     tccagccttg aacatgttcg tatttctttc catttttggt ttctatcaac taaatcaatt    104880
     gcattcggtt atttaacttc aataataagt aaatctgaac aaatattgcc ataataaatc    104940
     agtcatccag tgtcaggcct ctgagcccaa gctaagccat cacattccct gtgacctgca    105000
     tctatgcatc cagaaggcct taagtaactg aagaaacaca agataaatga aaatggcctg    105060
     ttcctgcctt aactgctgac actactttgt gaaattcctt ttcctggctc atcctgtctc    105120
     aaaagttccc ctactgagcc ccttgtgacc cccgcctctg cccgccagag aacaaccgcc    105180
     tttgacagta attttccact acccatccaa atcttataaa atgaccccac ccctgtctct    105240
     ctttgctgac tctcttttca gactcagcct gcctgccccc aggtgaaata aacagccttg    105300
     ttgctcacat aaagcctgtt tggtggtctc ttcacatgga catgagtgaa atccagtaac    105360
     tggaatcaca tgttcactag agcatgtcat gtagggttta agagaaattc acaatttaat    105420
     cacattctct ggcattgaaa aaaacagaaa agttaaatta ccttgtttgg caatttcaag    105480
     gcacccctgg aaatgtccag ttattgtttt accagcacat tttgcttctg ttgatgacat    105540
     aagtccacaa tccaatgtac ttttaaatat attggaatca caaatcgaga tttcagcgtt    105600
     gtaacaaaat gcctttgaag acttttcttt ttatgaaaag aaagaaaacc ttcctgaaac    105660
     aaaatgattt aataatgatg agaggaggct gacgtgaaat tctgacttcc aagctgcaca    105720
     gtgccccaac attcctgctg gattttgtag caattgaaat cagagactag cattaaagga    105780
     tgtctgttta cccaaagttg tccaggacat tttacctcca ggacttttat gcagctcttt    105840
     ttctcttatt ctttgatgct agcttcatct ataactacct cagaaaatat gatctcactc    105900
     tcttttcctc tctccctctt gtgatgtttt actttcttgg agaatctggg ctgtataaat    105960
     gccacaaaaa cttgcatcaa actgttaggg cactggatgt taaaacactc attttacaac    106020
     ttaacccacc gcttaaattg cactgccaag atgacagaga ttaaatcata actcccagaa    106080
     acacagtcta gaacttaatg aaaaaagttc taccaagata tgtatatttt atattgcttc    106140
     cagccaacgc tgctcatggt gaacccatcc agaagttcat ttagaaagtc aaaaaagaga    106200
     aagaaagcaa gaaacagcat cccagcaaag gaagttatat aattctctgg gttattttta    106260
     gaattttttc catggtgaga caaataacag atgtaagaat taaattaata aggtgcattt    106320
     agcttcttcg tagcacagtg agctttctga ctagtggggt atgctatctc tgcatctata    106380
     aggaaaagcc ttccagaaga taagcattgc tttcacattt catgttgaca atgcaaagca    106440
     aatgtcacac tgttttcaac tctttatttt taagcttagg aagtgcatca gaaagagggg    106500
     gaactgattc actttctcaa taatttgcca gaaggctttc tccctactgc ttgggagtcc    106560
     tcaaaatatt tctttacttc catactgttg agcaaatatt gttctgtttt caatagtttc    106620
     ccaactcgtg cttcttaaga tgatgtaaaa cctgcaaata tcagtacagt tacacatttc    106680
     actctgttct caagtgttgc tatttattat tgtttttcct tcaaaaccta ctttctgttg    106740
     aatgcagttt gatttctttc caagccagga ggcatgtact cagcatagct attccatatc    106800
     caccattttt ttaaggatat cgtggaaaaa gaaacaatgc tctgtgtttc ataacaattc    106860
     tacgaatatt aactccacag ctggtgatga aaatgtgcat attaccaaaa aaaaagtggg    106920
     gatctcagta aggatactaa acagaaacag tgagaagctc ctcattacaa ttgaacaagg    106980
     cacagtcagg atcttaaaag tattttttca tagtgagtat ttcctttctc tgactcagca    107040
     gatgaaagca aaggagctca gtagttttgc tgctggggat gctagccaaa cctttcattt    107100
     atctaatgcc tctagctttc gtgcagactt tcaggtctca ggtctcagaa gaagccagca    107160
     gtatttgcag aggggctgaa ttaatgctga atggatttga actcattctg atgcaattct    107220
     gcaaaaaaag tttcatacac tcaccatgac tgcaagtcag agaacttttg caagacgaga    107280
     attttgagga gcaacttaat agaacctgtc ttccatgcag gcagcctaaa ttttgtcaaa    107340
     aggtacagca tatgccagaa aaatttcaga aagcttcccc aactccctga agtggccaag    107400
     atgaggaaga tttggtgttt caaacacagt cctctgccct gtgtgctggt ctgctatttt    107460
     tcccttttct aagtggggca ttgattactg agttgtgagt ggaggttcct cttccaaaac    107520
     tatgccttcc taaactacgt ctctaagtct tggatggaaa tatctcacat ctcaaggccc    107580
     actcataatt cttctcctgt ttcttcatat cactataatg gctatttttt tgctgttttt    107640
     ggaggctcct ttggaatttt tcatttcctc acaggttatt taaatagtgt aatcatttca    107700
     gagcatcagt aacagttaag aaccagatga acaatatgtc tgtctgagtc atggctgcat    107760
     tttttaggct ttagactttc acgccccaca cttaatgctg tctttacttt gcaaggcctt    107820
     cctcctatgg gctgtgactg tcttataagt tgtaaattct cagaaccagc attttgctgc    107880
     aactgaactt cctctgacaa gagtcagcag ggttcagtgt caaaattcat ctaatttggt    107940
     ggctcatgaa gacctgcttg tggttggtgg aatgagaact cactctgtgt gaaggagctt    108000
     gcagtctctg gcttgccttt ttcactgagg acagaaaaca taggctgaat gttacccacc    108060
     atgtgaggag ctgagctgcc ccccactgtc aggttgatac cttgaagttc tgagaacctc    108120
     tgaatgtgac ttaatttgga gatactcttt aaagatgggg taatcaagtt aagatgaggc    108180
     catttaggta ggttataaac cagtatgacc agtgtcctta taaaaagggg gagtttggac    108240
     acggagacaa aacacaggga gaagatggca tctgcaagcc aaggagagag ggatcaggag    108300
     aaacccaccc tgttgacatc ttggtcttat acttcccacc tctaggacca tgagagaata    108360
     aatgtctgtt atattaacca tgcaggttgt agtactttgt tacagcaatc tgggaagact    108420
     aagactctcc cacctatcca tagccatagg tcaccagaag gctaatactt taaacctggg    108480
     ctttctgaca ttctgcaagt tatcaaatgt agtgacagga tgacatttga taaacaggga    108540
     gacactcttt gatcaaccat gaaactttca ggaagagctt tcatgtgctg atagctgagt    108600
     atggcttcca ggacaaatct tgctacacag caagaaaaag tttgacaaaa tcagctgcat    108660
     gaaactcaaa atttctaaat aacaacgatg tcctcaacag cataaagaag acaaggcatg    108720
     atgagggaaa atacatgcaa taaatctgta ccagtcataa ttctccaaac aaacagaacc    108780
     aataggtggg atgggcatct gtatcaatat atatatctta gtcaggcatg gtgacatgca    108840
     cctgaagtcc cagttacttg gcagcctgag gcaggaggat tgctggagac caggaggtca    108900
     tggctgaagt gagccatgat tgcaccactg cactccagcc tgggcaacaa cacaagaccc    108960
     tgtcttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa attatattgc ctggtgtata tttacagatt attgtatata    109020
     ttataaacat atataaatat tatatattta aatatattat ataccatgta gagatacata    109080
     aatatatata atcaatctta tatatgttat atggtatata cacaattcag cagggttcaa    109140
     tgtcaaaatt gttccaattt ggtgactcat gaagacttgc ttgtggttgg taggaccaga    109200
     gcttactctt tgtgatacat atattgtata tgtatgtacc atatataata acatatggca    109260
     tatatattat tacaatgtac atattgtaat aatatatggt atataaatac atatgctata    109320
     tatattatta ccatatatta ttcttacaat aatatatatg gtatgtatta ttatagtata    109380
     catattatat gtggtatatg tatattacat attatatacc acatatcata tatagcatga    109440
     tgtacattat gtttatcaat aagcatttta tatataatat atgaagatgt atttatttca    109500
     aggaattggc ttactgagtt ataggggctg acatgttgaa aatccgtata gcagcagtct    109560
     ggtggcctgg aaactcacat agggactggt gttgcagtca gtagacagaa ttccttctct    109620
     tccagaatat ctcaattttg gttttaagat cttacaactg attgcttaag acccatccca    109680
     taatgaagga tcacctcctt cacttaaagt ctactgtttg tggatgttaa ctactctaca    109740
     aaacacctca cagtaacagc tagtatttga tcaaactgct ggatctgatt gcttagccaa    109800
     gttaacacat tatgggctaa gttgtgcact cccaaattca tgtcttgaaa tcccaaccct    109860
     cagtatccta gaacatgaca gtattaggag atatattcaa cccatggaat cgttggggga    109920
     taggttccag aaccgccccc ccacctccgg ataacaaaat ctacgaatgc tcaaataacc    109980
     ttacgcaaaa tggtgtagta ttcgcaatta acctacagac atcttcctgt atactttaaa    110040
     tctgaggtcc tcaactctca aaccatggac tgatatcagt cctgtggcct gttaggaact    110100
     gagccacatt agcaggaggt cgcggcagac gagtgagcgt tattacctga gctgcaccgc    110160
     ctgtcagatc tattgcagtg ttagattctc acagaagcat gaacccaatt atgaattgtg    110220
     catgcaaggg agctacattg tatgctcctt atgaggatga aatgataaat gtaatgcgct    110280
     tgaatcatct caaaaccatc ccctcatccc ccagccctac atctgtggaa aaactgtctt    110340
     ccacaaaacc tatccctggt gccaacaatg ttggggatca ctgctttaaa tcattcctat    110400
     atagctgatt tcctctgttg tttgagaata acagggaaaa aaaagtatgt atgtgttgag    110460
     tgcagacaca accatccact tttttcctgt atattttcaa atagcagttg gttaaatcca    110520
     tagatgcaaa accaacagat atggagaact gactagtgtg tttaaagaga tatttaaggt    110580
     aaaataaagt cattcgggtg gtccttgatc caacaaggct gatgttctta taagaagaaa    110640
     aaattggcag ggcgtggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actatgggag gccgaggcgg    110700
     aaggatcacg aggtcaggag atagagacca ccgtgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaacaca    110760
     aaaagttagc cgggcgtagt ggcgggcgcc tgtagtccca gctactcggg aggctgaggc    110820
     aggagaatgg cgtgaacccg ggaggcggag cttgcagtga gcagagatcg cgccactgca    110880
     ctccagcctg ggcgacagag cgagactcca tctcaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aagaagaaaa    110940
     aattaggaca caggcacaca cagagggatg actatgtgag gacacaggga aaaggtgctg    111000
     tttacaagtc aaggagagag gccgcagcag gaaccagctc cttccatacc ttgttctagg    111060
     acttctagcc tccatgacaa tgacaacatt aattctgttg tttaggctag ccagcctagg    111120
     tactttgtta agtcggctct agcaaactaa tggaacaaaa taaaatagaa aaatatgaac    111180
     aaaatacaac agaaaaatat gctcaaaata caaaagaatg tgggctggga aacttaaaat    111240
     atatccagaa catttaccac aaaggaataa agactgccct gttgagggtg acagaaaaat    111300
     atatacattt aaataaataa aaatgctttt ttccccataa ataccaaaat gcaaaacaaa    111360
     ataacggtgg ggcttccata tttttaaact tccaatttgt agcaatccaa aagatggata    111420
     aggaatagga agcacttttc ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat    111480
     tattatactt caagttctgg ggtacatgtg cagaacatgc aggtctgttg cataggtata    111540
     cacgtgccat gatggtttgc tgcacccatc aacccgtcgt ctacattagg tatttcttct    111600
     aatgctatcc attcgttacc cagctagccc ccgacaggcc ccagtgtgtt ttgttcccct    111660
     tcctgtgtcc atgtattctc attcttttaa atagtgactg agaatcaggc agccccttgg    111720
     gagggaaatc tgggagaaca gacccaaggt taagagacac acagcccctg acccagcacg    111780
     tacttccact tcaaggaata catccggaga gatgcatttc cacatcacag agagatatat    111840
     gctgaaaggt gttttcactg cataattgct ttgaaatatc acaaaaacta ggaaaaaaaa    111900
     aaaaacctaa aatggctgtt gacagaagtt agctaaatca cagtagttca gacactgaat    111960
     ggtaggcagc catgagaaag atcgctcacg catatgcaag tacgtgcatg tttgttgttg    112020
     ggggaaggtt agtgggtgag taaatgtatg tgtgaatgag tctatttcca gatggttact    112080
     ggagaaagct gtaacagcaa caatctcaga cagcagtgct cagaatctgt tcttcaagga    112140
     caattgactc ttgtttgtac atcttttcat atacttgcaa ttttttctcc atatgtgctc    112200
     caatttttgg ttaaaatcat tgattaaata ttcatgaatg cctcatttct gttaacatag    112260
     tgctacattg ggccctattc ttaaaaataa tcatgttgat actatacaca agtggcttgt    112320
     aaaacattgt aagataaaga ttaataatga attaatttct agaaaaaaac aaatatgcca    112380
     gccttttctt gaagctataa aatatctttg aaacagtccc aactcaagat tatcagatat    112440
     aatttccatc ttttacatgc attctgaagg ctggttacga ttcaccatat ccaagcagac    112500
     tgttatataa aagttgactt agttactgag cacatcacat cttacatctg tgttttgtgc    112560
     ttataaatac agaaggaatc ctttgcagta ataaaactat ggaccataaa ctgtgcattc    112620
     aatagctaca aagaagaaaa acctctgacc ttagagtcat agttttctat ccaggttcta    112680
     aaagttttgg aaaagatgat gacatgctta aagtattctc caaatgccaa caatgttcat    112740
     tgctgcctct aagcagacag actgtcatcg ttaagaacac ttctgagaag ctcacagaaa    112800
     agacagtacc tgatatttat ttaatcgttc tacaatcaaa ttagctgcag tttcttctgc    112860
     agaactcagg tcatctgaca gcttgatgat gcagaagcag aatgcttctt tcaaatactg    112920
     agccagcttt tattgtggga ttgagtcact gtttggtcat gttttgagca tccctaatat    112980
     ccccaatatg ccaccccaaa aggcactaaa cttagagctg tgaactctag tgcctattct    113040
     atgatgaact atgtttctgg gtggaattgt ggccacaaaa aaaattcata tgctgaagat    113100
     ctgctacttc ctaccttctc agaatgcgac tttatttgga aatagaatcg ttgtggatgt    113160
     atttagttag gttgagatgt ggtcattagg gtgggcctta atctaacatc atgggcatct    113220
     tcatagaaaa aacaaatttg gagagaggca taccaatagg gagaatgcca catgaagata    113280
     aagacagaca ttgaggcaca gatagtgctt gtataagtca aggcatgcca cggattgaca    113340
     gaaagctacc agcagttaaa agagaggggt gaaacagatg attgctcatt gaaaggaaac    113400
     agtgctggcc ctacctggat ttcagacttc tacccccaag aatgataaga caatacattt    113460
     cagccaaggc ttctatctaa ctcctgaact tgtactaact ttttatatgg acaacaataa    113520
     ggaaggggac attagtttac ccagtatgga cagaacatct gaactgcaga aagaggttaa    113580
     agaggttaaa cacaaaagat ttcaagagag atatgctaac cctatttcga ggaatgaggt    113640
     ttggtcagaa cataaacttg gaagtgaaaa ttgaggttta aaagtaccct atgaacaaga    113700
     cttctgaagt tgggaaatta ccgttaacaa tctccagaag aaaattatgc tcctcagata    113760
     ggaattaaaa tgtgccctct cagtggggtt tcttttttat aaacccaatg tatcatttgt    113820
     ttaaatattt tcttattgat ttatttttta gtaattttct tttttaaata atttcaaatt    113880
     ttattttaga atcaggggag tatatgtgca agtttgttac ctggtatatt gtgtgatgct    113940
     aaggtttggt gtagaaatga tctcctaacc caggtactaa acatagtatc caacagtttt    114000
     tcagaccttg ccctactccc accttcctcc ctctagtagt ccccagtgcc gatttttccc    114060
     atctttatat ccatatctgc agtgcttagc tcctaaaaga cacatgcaat ttgtgtgttc    114120
     atagcagagc tattcacaat agcaaagaca tggagtcaac ctaggtgccc atccacagtg    114180
     gcctgcataa agaaaacatg gcctatctat gccatggaat aatacacaga catagaaaag    114240
     aaggaaatca agtttttgca gcaacctgga tgcagggaga gttgattatc ctaagcaagt    114300
     taacacagga acagaaaacc aagtactgca tgttcttaat gagattttct tatttcccat    114360
     aaacacaatt ttagaatatg catgaggcaa catttgtaat tcaggtatgc taatttctcc    114420
     ccttgggaaa aagtagggta taaaacaaga tataatcagg aggtctcaga cataaaggtc    114480
     tccattccca tgctatgtgt catcaaatgg tcaaccatga gctctaacac aggaatctta    114540
     ggctatcctg tcaggccagg catctattgg gctgctcctg atctaatcct tcctgtaccc    114600
     caccaaagca cattctaatc taaaatacta tataacatga ctataaacag ttgagagtga    114660
     caatatgtaa aaatgttatg cgggtccgtg tgaagagacc accaaacagg ctttgtgtga    114720
     gcaataaagc tttttactca ccttggtgca ggtggactga gtctgaaaaa ggagtcagca    114780
     aagggggatg gggtggggca gttttctagg atttgggtag gtagtggaaa atgacagtca    114840
     aagcgggttg tctcttgcag gcaggggtgg gggtcacagg tgctctgtgg ggagttcctc    114900
     agactcattg tctgggagaa ggaataccac aagttcaatt gatcagttag ggtggggcag    114960
     gaacaaatca caatggtgaa atgtcacagt taaggcagga actgactatt ttcccttctt    115020
     ttgtggttct tcagttgctt caggccatct ggatgtatac atgcaggtca caggggttat    115080
     gatggcttag cttgggctca gaggcctgac aaaaagagat gactttaaac aggtttctag    115140
     gtaagtgtgt cctgaaattc catgctctgg ggacctggag aaattccctc tctgggacaa    115200
     attggccctt tctgtggctg tgaaaaatgt gcttctcatt tccttgactc cagggaatga    115260
     tatttactga gagcccaaga tgctgggctt tgaaatccat cacctagtta gcaacttgcc    115320
     tattctacct agagacttaa tccctccagt gactgaggat ggctgggaca cctaggtgag    115380
     tcctttactg gagactcagg actcatgatg gccagtattg gctggagttc taccagatca    115440
     gcattcacaa acttcctgct cccatcctct ttcctttatg ggaattcaga gtagcattga    115500
     gctctctgtt gtcatctccc aggctctttg ggctggcagg aaatctcatc cagaacatga    115560
     tttcattctt ttttatggct gtgtagtatt ccatgatgta gatgtaacac aatttcttta    115620
     tgcaggtcac tgtggatggg cacctagatt gattttgtat cctgagactt tgctgaagtt    115680
     gcttatctgc ttaaggagac tttgggctga gatgattggg ttttctaaat atatagttac    115740
     gtcatctgca aacagagaca atttgacttc ctctattccc atttgaataa cctttatttc    115800
     tttctcttgc ttgattgccc taaccagaat ttccaattct atgttgaaca ggagtggtga    115860
     gagagggcat ctttgccttg tgccagtttt caaagagaat gcttccagct cttgcccatt    115920
     cagtatgata ttggttctgg gtttgtcata aatagctctt actattttga gatatgttcc    115980
     atcaatactt agtttattca gagtatttag catgaagtgg agttgaattt tgtcaaagga    116040
     tttttctgta tctatttaga taattgtggt tttgtgattg gttctgttaa tgtgatggat    116100
     tatgtttatt gatttttaaa aatccaaaaa ttgagttttt aaaaaaatgt ttgcagcatt    116160
     tgaatgtccc cttttctcct ttctagtcat gaatctttaa aaaaaaaatg aggtttctgt    116220
     tttggtgaag gtataagctt cccaaggaat tggtatatct ttctatttgc aaagaatgtc    116280
     tgcctgtgtc taatgaatgt acttgactct tttaggatat ttttcaggat aaaagaaaca    116340
     tgaatatgtc agaatagctg aatataaatt tttttcaaaa aaattatttg agttgtagaa    116400
     taaatgatag agctgaagag aaagtaagag ctcaggagaa aacccagtct ggtttacata    116460
     ttttcctttt cttttctttc ccttttttca agttcactcc taagctgtcc cacatacata    116520
     tttttaggta aaaagctaga attggctggc tgcggtggct cacacctgta atctcagtgc    116580
     tttgggaagc caaggcatgt ggatcacgag gtcaggagtt tgagaccaga ctggccaata    116640
     tggtgaagcc ccgtctctac taaaaaaaga aaaagaaaaa aaaatgaaaa taaaaatagc    116700
     tgggcatcat ggcacttccc tgtagtccca gatacttggg aggctgaggc aggagaatca    116760
     cttgaacctg agagctggag gttgcagtga gccatgatgc tgccactgca ctccagcctg    116820
     gtcaacagag taagactcta atacaataca acagaacaca acacgacaca acacaacaca    116880
     atacaatgca atataatatg aatatgtcac agatatcaaa gaatcatagt aggttacaga    116940
     agaatggcag tatgtgactt tctctggcct aaggactcag tttagaaata atactaagac    117000
     tcagaggggt caactggctt gccaaagatt acaaaattaa tgggaaaact aggatgaaga    117060
     ctcaaatctc agtaccaggt tgatgacttt tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtaaatt    117120
     tatcagctat tttatcctta ctactaatct cctactatta tagagtttct cttgtttatt    117180
     attcacaggg tctgtggtgg acccaggcta gggaagtccc catgattcag tggttcatat    117240
     acacgtcctt ccccttcaac ataggcagga atagtgactt tcatctagcc aaaacatggc    117300
     aaagctgaag agagttttat tagatgtaat ttatatcctg aatcagttga ttttgagttg    117360
     tctgctgtga agattatgat gggtgagtct gatttaatca ggagaaaggc ctaaaaaaga    117420
     ctgatctctc actgaggtga gagatgctct ttgaaggcct gatgaaataa gaggccatat    117480
     tggagaaatt caagtagcaa ggaagagtga gtgtcctctg tggagtatgg gtagcttcta    117540
     ttacccaatt gttgcctcta atcaagaggt agtacaactg ggagtctcca gacacatagc    117600
     tgaaaggaaa taaattctat caaatgagtt tgaaaatagc cccctccaca tataagcctc    117660
     cagatgagaa cacagcctag ctaccccctt gatggcagcc tattgagaac ttgagcagag    117720
     gacccagcta agccatacct acacgactga cttacagaaa ctatgagata ataaacatat    117780
     gttgttttag tcctctgtgt tattacaaaa cagtagtaaa ctaacacaat atctgttccc    117840
     aaatgttcag caaatgtagc aggttgataa ttgatcactt ataacagtgg aagcatttat    117900
     taatttttta aagactctca gtcaagcaaa gtggtttggg agaattaata aatcaagcag    117960
     cattgagtga aaatttaaat aatgctgtta ttatgcatta gtcgtctaac atttgtttgt    118020
     atttgttaat tttcttgttt gatctattta gtttgaacaa atgatttcct tttaaagaat    118080
     taactaacat gggcaccaat aaaaaatgtg aatgaggccg ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg    118140
     taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg gtggatcatg aggtcaggag atcgagacca    118200
     tcctggctaa caaggtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaatta gccaggcgcg    118260
     gtggcgggcg cctgtagtcc cagctacgcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat ggcgtgaacc    118320
     cgggaagcgg ggcttgcagt gagccgagat tgcgccactg cagtccgcag tccgacctgg    118380
     gcgacagagc gagactccgc ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tgtgaatgaa taataaagtg    118440
     ttaataatgt ttataagaac tatgaggcat attggaatag ttcttttttt ttttgaaatt    118500
     gcaatgttga atgttagata agtgaaggag agcaatctat ttttctacat ttggattaga    118560
     agtcagagca agagcataca tgagcatttg atgaccagca gttccaaagc taaggtctta    118620
     taaaaagtct tctatgcctg gatgatatct tagtatccat tccagcaggg tggattctgt    118680
     tagttcatat aaaggccaca acatgtttat aaaaagcctt ttggcattgt taaataaaag    118740
     acagagagac aaaaaatctg tgttaacttc aaaaatcaat aaattgctga ggtttgcagg    118800
     tgagcgtaaa cagcacataa ttagaaagat cttgggagat gaaggatcta atattcaaac    118860
     ctgttgtgca atcaacagaa ggtcaaatgt tctgaaagca tgtatcctta aggtaaatat    118920
     cctaagttgt gctccacatt ttgtcttggg atagaaaaaa ataataacta agaaacatga    118980
     atctctgagc atgatcagtt ctttgaagaa gaacaacaac aataatttta ggtatttttt    119040
     tgacatatat attccaattt actcactctg attagtcatc acatgaataa aatgttaatt    119100
     tattaaatct cttaaccctt aatatagagg gctgttaatt gctttaatta atacatgagc    119160
     atattgagtc agagataaag tttatttgga ttcagaacca gaccctttaa ctctacacca    119220
     cactgacatt ataatagaat tagatgtgta ttagtaattc ttgctgtgta acaaattacc    119280
     cccaaaacat agcaccttat gacaaccact actgattatc acagtttcgg cagatcaggg    119340
     acctcagcat ggcttaagtg ggtgtagagc tcagggtctc acaagcatgc agtcaagatg    119400
     ttggctggtt atgttcttat ctggagattc aaagaaggaa gaatctggtt caggtatagc    119460
     caggttgttg gcagaattaa gttacttgca gctccaggac tgagagttct gtccatttct    119520
     tgctgccaaa gaccagttcc ccatcttagg tcattctcag cagcttgaga gttgggcctc    119580
     tcaccctgat gactgactgc ttcaaagtca gcaagagaag gaatctagca agagtctgct    119640
     ggcaagattg agttttatgt agcagaaggt aaacaataca cagaagtcac atcccacgat    119700
     cttggacaca accaaagagt gtatcatcat acacaagggt gtgaacacca gaaggtgaga    119760
     ggcattgagg gtcactttaa agtctaccca ctacagccaa gaggacatgt gggcttctcc    119820
     aatatggctg cttatgtcat tgagcccaca aggagaacct ttccctctgc tgaagttaga    119880
     cctgcccaag ataatcaccc actggattta cttaaaatca actaatttgg gatcattaat    119940
     tgcatcacaa tttttttcac cttctctata ttctgcataa ctagaagtaa ggcacaagtc    120000
     ctaccaaact ctatgggagg gaatggcaca caggtctgga cacctctatg gggaccattg    120060
     gcatcacctt agaaatatat tgtctatcac aatatatttg aaatgcttat gcacaagttc    120120
     taaaaatata gaattctaaa caaaattatc attggcaact atttataaaa gaaagaaaga    120180
     tgtttttcag gcataagtga ccccaaaact gtttcattta gaactttata caaacaatat    120240
     gaaaggatat actttatcat aaatataaat aaaatgaaat aaataggaag ttctatgtgt    120300
     caatgtgcaa gataaataag ggccactatg agccatgttg ttaaatctat taattaatgt    120360
     taattgtaac tataatgtta acataatatt aaaatgttat tccaaaaagt aagctgcaat    120420
     agaaatatta aaatcaataa gggatgagat gtaaggaagg gccttcacca ggttgggtac    120480
     attaatacaa ttatctcatg cagaaagagg ataaaagcta tgaagtttac tagaaagtta    120540
     gaaaatctga atattttaaa gagcaagtgg aaaaagtaag gaagctaagc caacaatgaa    120600
     tagcatcccc agaggccaga aaataagaag aaaaaaaaga agtcagctaa aggtcagggt    120660
     taaaaaatgg aaaatacaat tgagatagta gaaatatgcc catttatctg ttatcacact    120720
     agacatgaaa agctaaactt ccctattaaa atggcacaga cactcaggtt gaattaaaac    120780
     taaataaaat gataatccag ctttaaacta tttaatagtg atacatctac gaaaactttt    120840
     tgaaaataat ggaaatgaaa cttgcatacc ataatagcaa taaccaaaat taagttgatt    120900
     gcaatagaat tgaagacaaa agtaagtaac aaaagtttag gaatttaata tcataagaaa    120960
     aacatgccat cagatatcca taataatcaa aaactcatta cattgtgact aagaagagag    121020
     tggttttttt tgtttgtttg ttttttgttt tgagacagag tctggctctg tcacccaggc    121080
     tgaagcgcag tggcacaatc tcagctcatg caacctctgc tccttcggtt caagtgattc    121140
     tcctgcctca gtttcccaag tagttgggac tacaggtgtg cccatcatgt ctggctaatt    121200
     tttgtatttt tagtagaaat ggcatttcac catgttggcc agactggtct cgaactcctg    121260
     acatagtgat ccacctgcct aggcttctca aagttctggg attacagctg tgggcagaag    121320
     agaatcttta taaataagta aataaacata tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgcatc taagtattat    121380
     atatagtatg tatagtatag tagtatagta tactataata tgctatagca tagtatagta    121440
     cagtgtagta tgtataatag tatatatgtg tgtacatata tatatatata tatatatgca    121500
     cataaaatga cagaatcact aaaagatatt ttaaaaccat atctgtagtg gaagacttga    121560
     atgaaccttt gtcaagtgtt gatagagaaa gcagaactct cttccaccaa aaaaaagaga    121620
     gtgaaaagga tacaacgtat aatgtagtaa ttaacaaact tcatctgatt gatatatcaa    121680
     tatgtatcac aaaaagacat tatgtgttat ttttcaggca tctaaattat tttgaaatat    121740
     taacctgtga tgcagacaaa atctcaaaaa ttccatagcc aaattcatag agacaacatt    121800
     ctctggctat tgtgcaatta tacaccaaca ataaaggaat ataaaactat ttgggtgaca    121860
     gcttcagctg aggcccaaac ctcagcatca tgcaatataa tcatgtaaca aacctgcacg    121920
     tgtacctcca aatctaaaat ttacaaatat aaataaataa aaattaaaac atgcagaatg    121980
     cattggctag aagagaaaat tggaagcaca ccgataaaaa aacaataaaa atgttttaaa    122040
     atcattattt gaaaacacaa gaagatgact ttacatcctt gatttaagaa gaagcctgtt    122100
     gcaaattgtt aaatccactg atttcttagc ctaattttgg ctactaccaa ttattactgt    122160
     tcttgcagaa aaatcagaaa aattctgatt ttccagggtc agataataat ttttgaaatg    122220
     tgactatgtt gtatgtggtt agcctcaatt ctgtttccct ggcacctggc cattgaaatc    122280
     atacatggat gtagaaatac acatttgtta ttatttgcaa tatgtattca ttttcttctg    122340
     tgatggaagc acttatcatt catggctgta ttgctaaaat gttcacattt agaactttcc    122400
     atttgcaaga gtatattcat cttagaaata tcttgggtgc tactcaagca ttgccaaata    122460
     gtatacagca actatatggt acctggaaat atatggattt atgatttccc taaagcaccc    122520
     aggaaggaga tgaaggattg aaagatgcca tacagcaaag taaaaatagg gtgcaatcac    122580
     taattactat ttttatgttg acactgaaat ttcaggtgca ggtttttaag aaatattcta    122640
     cgttgaaaat ggattttgta atgactttcc cagaacaatg catctaatta aatctcttga    122700
     aagaaaagtg cttttctttg ctttagtaga actatagtag ataaaatcaa tataaagatg    122760
     tgacttatgc atagatctat tgttaatgcc gttttaaaaa atacttccca agtgatttga    122820
     ttgatggtta tttaaaataa agtcaatttt agactttact ttcttataat tatagctact    122880
     atagagcttt tagacagtta tttacaattt acaaagatga attgactact cacctgtgtg    122940
     agcacagcaa ctaacactga agttattgct atacctggtg gaattcaata ataagagggt    123000
     aaaagtctat gaaagtagcc tagataaaca ttattgctgc aattcattga tataattttg    123060
     tctaacaatg taacaattgc attaaagtca actgctttac ttgtaacctg ctctcataat    123120
     aagaggaact aggcaaattc aattagatgt agtaaagtac taactttggc atgtttggtt    123180
     ctaagtgtgg agcaattaaa aaggaaacaa cattcatttc attattgtat gtgaaatagg    123240
     attatcttca caatccattt ggcacttttc atcaacatat ttattttcca tgcatcctcc    123300
     tgtatcctaa aatagcttta aatagtgatt taaagaaaga tgttctgaat atttagtagc    123360
     aaagagaata gatcaattaa aattaatcat tggaaggttg ctggttgata attagaatca    123420
     tgtaattcat gtgcctaaat cactctgtct tttttttttt ttttttaaga cggagttttc    123480
     ctctgttgtc aggctggagt gcagtggtgc aatcttggct cactgcaacc tctacctccc    123540
     aggttctagt gattctcctg cctcagcctc ctcagtagtt gggactacag gcactcacca    123600
     ccacatctgg taaagtttct gtattttcaa aagagatggt gtttcaccgt gtttgccacg    123660
     atggtatcga gctcttgatc tcaagatcca cccatctcag tctcccaaaa tgctgggatt    123720
     acaagcctga gccactgtgc ctggtcagca ctctgtcttt ataactatgg aaagtagccc    123780
     aggtatcagc cacaatgtgt tcctagatct tcttgtattt tgaagtctcc ttttaatagt    123840
     cacacattga aggatgaagg gcccacctca tatcctgatt tggtttctta tcactatccc    123900
     tggggactcc agaggaatcc aagggacatc caccctctgt ccagtcctca ttcaggtcta    123960
     aggatgaacc tgccccatgg cttcatccta ctatgaatgc caagcacctg tcaggattcc    124020
     atctgcaaac cctaccccag tgatttcaga cctcctacag ggcactctga caaaacaatg    124080
     gaaggtgtgg gccatggtga cttcaaatta aatattagaa attccagtct taagaatttt    124140
     attttcttct gagagcacag gctttatctg agctctctct tttcagatca gacccaaaaa    124200
     tttcactctt cacactcaag ggggaaattc aaggcatttc tctcaatcag gagttggcaa    124260
     gcattttcca taaaggtctg gataaagaac aatttagact ttgtaggact gacaaccatc    124320
     tctgtctcag ctattcactt ctgccactat agcatgacaa cagtcacaga cactacgtaa    124380
     gagatttggt gtgactatgt tttaatggat atacactgga atgtgaaatt tttatgacac    124440
     tcatacgcca agaaagactc ttatttgttt tcaacatgca aaatgaaaac tctatttgtg    124500
     tagtttgcag tccatgtgaa tacaggtttt gcatggattt ggccctgaga tcatagtttt    124560
     ccatgtccta ccataaaaga taagtatcac tttggctatg cttcttaaac actaacccag    124620
     tacatggaaa ctgcaacaga cagatttctt taagtaacat aattaaagag ttttactaca    124680
     cccaaaaaga cttatcttga acagaaattg gacttagtgg ggggcaggac tcaggcttat    124740
     aatcccagca ttttgaaagt ttgaagtggg aggatcactt gaactcagga gtttgagacc    124800
     accctgggca acatagagag actccatctc tacagaaaaa tacatttaca aagaaaatta    124860
     gtcagttgtg tttgtcccaa cacaactact gggagactga ggtgggagga tggcttgagt    124920
     ttagaaagtc aaggctgcag taagctatga ttgcatcact gcactccagg ctaagtgaca    124980
     gagcaagacc ctgtcagaaa gaaagagaaa gagagaaaag agaggagaga gagacaggaa    125040
     gaaaggaagc aaggcaggaa gggaggaaga aaggaaggaa gggaggaagg aaggaaacaa    125100
     ggaaggaatg aaggaaacgg cagaaaagat cgcaagaaag agaaagaatg aatgaaaaga    125160
     agaaagaaaa agaaattagt cctagaatca gaaaaccttg atttcaggcc taactcaggt    125220
     gcacctgttt tggaacttct gaaaacaaga cctgactact aaattcctaa tgtaataaaa    125280
     caataataat tcctatcttg tccaatcctg tggatttctg agcagttgat atgaaggaat    125340
     gtagagaaag gctgcactcc acattctttc ctaccaatga gggtcatagc aaagaggttt    125400
     tatgtggcta ggatttgatt ctttgggcct caaaggagga aacctattac ctgcatgcat    125460
     tgcaacatac acctccagaa aaggcagtga agtttgacca gacttgttct ctcttattct    125520
     gcctttgtat aaaaaaatca gcagatatga ctctgtggcc acagcttagt catgatcatg    125580
     ggattctccc caatgtgaaa atcatgctgt agtgcttggt tcagtagcaa ctcttcactt    125640
     caaaggttgg tgatcagtga agctctgttc atttgaatca accaggtttg ccttacaagg    125700
     ttctcctgca gtctctatcc ttagcctctg aaataatttg tctgcatcgt cctgctacag    125760
     atcaccaggc agagagttga ggtaagattc cagtgcaact gaaatattta tattccattt    125820
     ttaaagtttt atgactccaa atctcttcaa caggcagaga gattaggtga gattccaggc    125880
     aattgctcac ttaaaaatgt tatgattcca ggccaagcat ggtggctcac gcttgtaatt    125940
     ccagcactta gggaggctta cgtgggtgga tcacttgagg ccaggaattt gagatgagcc    126000
     tgggcaacat ggtgaaactc catccctata aacaacacaa aaaaataact gggcgtggtg    126060
     gcatgtatct acggtcgcag caatttggga ggctgaggtg ggaggatagc ttgagctcag    126120
     ggaacagagg ttgcagtgag atgagaccat cccgtggcac tccaggctca gtaacagagt    126180
     gagaccctgc taaaaataaa aaataggaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagact tgactccgtg    126240
     gctcaagcct gtaattccag cactttggga ggccgaggcg ggtggatcac aaggtcagga    126300
     gttcaagatc agccttagaa agacggtgaa accttgactc tactaaaagt acaaaaaaaa    126360
     ttattagcag ggcatggtgg taggtgcctg taatcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag    126420
     agaattgctt aaacccagga ggcggagcat tcagtgagcc aaaatcgctc cactgcactc    126480
     cagtctggtt gacagagcaa aactctgtct caacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag    126540
     gattccaaat ttttctatgt tgtttttgtt ttagtgcttt aaatttttta aatattttat    126600
     gttcactttt atttattttt ttccacttaa cttttatatt ttgttgaaaa aaaatttcca    126660
     actccccagt caacttttaa aaatattttt gacacgcaat ctctaactct actaccttga    126720
     aaaactgtgg tgacatagac cctctacttg gaatttatgg cactaagcaa acccacctat    126780
     aaataccacg tatgttaatt gtgtaaaata caatgcctga gggataatga agaattttca    126840
     gggtgttcaa tttctcaggt tgtctataat tttagtctca gtgcttaata agcaataaac    126900
     acatagagga ctcctggcac acttaacaaa aataattagt tgaaataaat gatcttattt    126960
     tttaaggcac agagaaccta cagaaaaagt tttgtgtact ctcaacttaa aatttattta    127020
     agaaggaatg ccttctcagg ttggaagatc ccattaggtc caagtggaga ccaggcccgc    127080
     ctcggcctcc caaagtgttg ggattatagg catgagccac cgcgcctggc ccccagaatt    127140
     tttaaattga ttcttcatgg aatttttctt gtttcaattt cctagaaaaa gttgtggtgt    127200
     gctttctttc ttctctgata gccatgaaat caaatttcta aatgatgcca aacagggagt    127260
     tggaaaatta aaaaaaaaag tcatttatac tggttgaagt ccagcccaaa ttgagactga    127320
     cttaatggct agaccaaatt ggttgttcaa tgtcaaggtc tatcaaagca aactgagtgt    127380
     acttcccttt cagatgactg cagacttatt aagagagctg atccatttct aaaaaacaac    127440
     aaaaacaacc ccaactcccc aacaacttcg aatttgtgtt ttgtctgaca taccaatctc    127500
     ctgtcttggt tttagattat gttggataaa tccgcagtat ctttcacgat tatgtttctt    127560
     ttggctctat ataagtttgt ttggaggatt gttgttgagt atttcaacac atggtttagt    127620
     aagaaaatct tctgggtgtg agaatagaat atgactggtg atttgtcctt ttatcccatt    127680
     tttcagttta tctcaaggga aagcactctt ccaaataaga atattgctat atatttgctt    127740
     atcttggaag aagcccctct ggaaattaaa agggcaacat ggtgaacact catcagtttt    127800
     gcaaccatta aagtgaagtg gattcgcttt gggctatttg tttttcttga cacttatttt    127860
     tcttgaattc tctctgaggc cttgattgac actcccttaa aatatgtaac actcagaaag    127920
     attcagggca gataaaacca attccagcca aatggtaaaa accaaagcag aatgggaaaa    127980
     tctggttaac aactaaaact tcctcacata ctcaatttca gtcccaatgt caatgacaaa    128040
     tgcaacctgc aaagaagtca atcttaggac atccacaaag agctcagtat ttcaatgtgc    128100
     ttctgggtct aaatgttttg aaagtagggg aaatgtagtt ctcctcatga agtgcaatta    128160
     aataaacttt gttcacacgc tgagaaaaca caaacactgc atgttaactg cctgttttta    128220
     tttttaagaa acagggtcac tctttgttgt ccaggctaga gtacactggt gagatcatga    128280
     ctcactgcag cctcaaagtc ttgggctcaa gtgatcctcc tgcctcagcc ttgagaatag    128340
     ctaacagtac aggcacacag ctgcatgccc agccaatttt ttttctttat tttgtagaga    128400
     tgaaggcttg ctgtattgcc taagatggtc tcaaactcct ggcctgaagt gatcctccgg    128460
     ccttggcctt ccaaagtgct gggattagag atgtgagtta ccatgcccag ccagctaccc    128520
     actcttaatg caagcaattt tccacaaaaa gttcattgac tttattataa taaactgatg    128580
     tggtgttgtg gaaacctagc caaagtattt tccataacat tttttttctc atcgcctctt    128640
     caccatagtt ccctggtttt catcctcagt aaaaattgat agttatgccc catgaatcat    128700
     atttaaatga gaataaattt aaagaaataa taataatcac tttataacca tcaaaaggtc    128760
     tttcatatca gttacttccc tatccagaaa tatccccagc tgaaataaca aaagctttgc    128820
     tcagcctttt aaaaaatata acacaatttg gccgggcgcg gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc    128880
     cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggcggat cacgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcccgg    128940
     ctaaaacggt gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa attagccggg cgtagtggcg    129000
     ggcgcctgta gtcccagcta cttgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacccgggag    129060
     gcggagcttg cagtgagccg agatcccgcc actgcactcc agcctgggcg acagagcgag    129120
     actccgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atatatatat atatatatat    129180
     atatatatat atataacaca attttcataa atgtttttaa acatcaaact tgatcaacag    129240
     aacatttcaa ctgccactgt gtgaaagtaa atatgaatga ccatgtagga gtagagcttt    129300
     tcaatttgtt taatagcctt actattcttc gtgaaagctg cctatgtttt catctcccga    129360
     gaaaactgag tacgagaaat caaacttagc acattcctgc agttaacttc tcaaattgtt    129420
     tcctgtctgt catttttctc tcataaagta aaatattcat ccactgcaaa tgttcaaatt    129480
     caatcactat attacttttg ctgaaatgtc tacttcagta agagaaagca ggagatattt    129540
     taataatgaa atagtataaa aggtttcact aaaaacaact aaaattttgt gttaccacta    129600
     ttaatccctt taaagtatgt ggtacatgtt taaattcctc tgtctcaaca aaacaaactt    129660
     ccatcatgtt cacagaacaa aaaaagtgct tcaaattata tcatttaatt atagtttcat    129720
     atgtttgtga actatatgac attggcttgt gaaaaaaaaa aaattttccc agtccttgac    129780
     ttcgaatgac agatatggaa tactgtcttg atgactcagg ttgagtgaga atgtctactg    129840
     taattgtgtc tgattcattc ccaactgtcc agtaagatca attctaagtc ttccattgga    129900
     gagttagggg aaagggctgt tgctgtcata tttaataaca agaaagttat cacaattact    129960
     ctgtctaatt tgtttattgt gcattttgtt gaaatataaa atttcttagt catgttgtta    130020
     taaaatattt aaatattatt ggtaatacaa ataagtaaaa gccatatatt atgggaagat    130080
     atcaccaaat tcattgaaac taactttaat acatgcctcc taaacatatt agtaaagccc    130140
     cacacctaac agctcagttt ttcttttctt tttttttttt tttaagacag agtctccgtg    130200
     tgggctggag tgacaatggt gtgatcttgg ctcaccgtaa actctgcctc ctgggttgca    130260
     gcagttttcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagcag ctgaggttac aggcgcttgc caccatgccc    130320
     agctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagacac agtttcacca tgttggccag gctgatcttg    130380
     aactcctgac ctcaggcgat ccacctactt cggtacccca aagtgctggg attacaggca    130440
     tgagccaagg tgcctggcca cagctcagtt tcttctaggc ccatgtcccc gtcactccca    130500
     accccagatc ataagaactt cactccacct cctttggaga aaaaggcctc agccaaggaa    130560
     aggaatcaat ctccaacagc attgtaacca aatatgccta ttattttaaa tacaaaaagc    130620
     taaattttaa ataatagcca ctctaactta tgtgaagtgg tatctcattg tggctttaat    130680
     ttgcgcttct ctgatgactc gagatgtgga gtattttttc gtgtttattg actgcatgta    130740
     tgtcttcttt tgagaaatgt ctattcatgt ccttggccca ctgtttaatg gggtcatttg    130800
     ttttttcctt gttaaattgc ttatgtttct tatgtcctta tagattccag atattagaac    130860
     tttactgtat gcatagtttg caaatatttt ctctctcgat agttttcttt gttgtgcaga    130920
     aactctttag ttaaactaag tctcatttct caattattgt tcctgttgtg attgtttgtg    130980
     aggtcttagt ctaaatttgt attttctcat ggtaggtttt atggggttag gtttttgata    131040
     gttattaagc ttacaaatat taaaactcaa gactggttta taacaacagg ccattgccaa    131100
     aaagcatggg tccttttaaa atgtctggct ccatgctcaa aggacaaagt gatcagttaa    131160
     aaagggtttc actagacttg taacaatcat ttaattattt tacataaaat tacaataaaa    131220
     ccaattggga caagctgcat ttgtgaaaag ccatcaaacc ccaacataga tggaaatgga    131280
     aaagctaaac tacagttaac cagcaagtag atatatagat atagactata attatacact    131340
     atgtttcact gttttattaa ttgggcatca attaatcaat tttttaactc ttgaaaggta    131400
     ttccatataa tgcaagaatt attcacattg catcttccag ttctccctaa tagctgcggt    131460
     ggtctcctag accaatttgc acttgatcat gacagttaat ctctcgtatt tcagaattta    131520
     aaaaaatgtc attgttaaac gcagtgtcca ttaaaaattt aattttacaa tcttaaaaat    131580
     acatacatta ttttaaaagg taatacatgg tcaaaagtca ttactaatta ttatgcttca    131640
     ttttactatt atctctactc ttgcggttat ttaaacctgt ttcatcttca ttgtggaaac    131700
     cctctaaaat cctatactaa tgcacctctc tttgcatgtc catgctctgg gatttcactt    131760
     tgatatatga agttggacag aatccaagta aatacacttt ggaattcagt aaatcctact    131820
     aatcaaaatt tccgcctctg acacttgtta atatttacca ccatgcttca tgtagaattc    131880
     ttccccataa tataaacaaa cattttctga ggacaatgcc taataccttt cgttttgttt    131940
     tttgttttgt tttggagaca atgtcttgtt ccagtgccca ggctggaatg cagtggtgcc    132000
     atcacagctc actggagact tgaactcctg ggcccaagtg attctcatgc cacagcctcc    132060
     acagtagctg gtactatagt tgtgcacctc cacacccaga taattttttg tatttttggt    132120
     agatacagag tctcactacc ttgctcaggc ttgtctgtaa ttcctgcatt caagtgatac    132180
     tcctgccttg gcctcccaga ttgttgggtt tacaggcatg agccaatgtt cctggtccca    132240
     tcgcctttct gaacaaatta acacactgag taacgtactg agtatatcca cctcagtaaa    132300
     ctttttttta catacttttg gtgaatgttt attgatgcta tttgaagaca tggtaacatt    132360
     ttataatttg tcccttaagt catagattca gtgccttata gaaatattta tcagcttatt    132420
     gttcattatc cccaccacca cctccaggaa gacaatttag atgtattttt aaaatttggc    132480
     cccgccatgt gattttcaca ctgccaacag atctgttttt gcttgtctac actatgtaaa    132540
     tctttataca taaaagacta gctttttggc gcctcaagga ccatttttta ctccccagag    132600
     gttgacatta tcctgtcaag aagggaagtc taatagttta acaacactat ttgctgatgt    132660
     tgttactcat tccttgttag ctaagccata tcctgtgaaa ctcttcttca gtattttgct    132720
     catgtctttt gctgtgtctg cttctggata gaaacaagaa ttcttggcca ggcacagtgg    132780
     ttcatgcctg taatcccagc aatttggaag gccaaggtgg gaggatcacc tgaggccagg    132840
     agtttgagac cagcctggcc aacatggtga aacctcgtct ctaccaaaaa tacaaaaaat    132900
     tagccaggcg tggtggtgca cacctgtagt cccagctact tgggaggctg aggcagggga    132960
     atcactagaa cttgggaggg agagattgca gtgagctgag atcgcaccat tgcactccag    133020
     cctggatgac agggtgagac ttcatctcaa aaaacaaaaa attctttaaa gtcctaccta    133080
     tagcattgtg tccagaattt attccttctg gtgggttctt ggtcttgtga cttcaagaat    133140
     gaagccatgg accgccgcag tgagtgttac agttcttaaa gatggtgtgt ccagagtttg    133200
     ttccttcaca tgttcagatg tgtcgggagt ttcttccttc ctgtgggttt gtgatctcgc    133260
     tgacttcagg aatgaaggtg cagagcctag cagtgagtgt cacagctcat aaaggcagtg    133320
     tggacccata aagtaagcag cagcaagact tattgtgaag aaccgaagaa gaaagccacc    133380
     acaccaagaa agcagatgct agcaagttgc tgctgcaagc tctggtggcc agcttttgtt    133440
     cctttatttg gccccaacca catcctgctg attggtccat tttacagagt gctgattggt    133500
     ccattttaca gagtgctgat tgctgattgg tgcttttttt acagagtgct gattggtgtg    133560
     tttacaatcc cttagcaagg cacagagtgc tgattggtgc atttacaatc ctttggtctc    133620
     cacacgaccg ggaagctcag ctggcttcac ctctcagcat tattatctac ataagtcaag    133680
     acatgcttaa gagactctct aagcctcaat tttcttaact gtgttatgga gtgatcaaag    133740
     accatcttcc cccacttatt gaaaatattc aggaagaggt tgcatgtgga aaactcaacc    133800
     ccattctctg attacaagtg aatcactctt ccccttaaat atttttccac attccagttt    133860
     ggtcagtttc atttcagtag atgagagcat cttaaatact atttataaac acaatcttat    133920
     gtagaccaga tgaaaatatt tatctttgta tcaatagttt gctgtctctc ggtgcatgtg    133980
     tgtttgtctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatatc tctctctgtt tatctgtctc tctcttttta    134040
     ctctggcttt tttctgcttc ctctctctcc ttactttctt ccctttagca aaatagtaag    134100
     tgggcttaaa acacctggac tacgggacgg gtacggtggt tcacacctgt tatcgcaaca    134160
     cattcggacg ccaagcagat agattgcttg agcccgggag tttgagacca tcctggccaa    134220
     caccgtgtaa ccctgtctac taaaaataac taaataatta gctggcgttg gtggcatatg    134280
     cctagattct cagctactgg tgaggttgag gcaggagaat cgcttgagcc ctaagtagga    134340
     ggaggttgca gtgagtcgaa atcaggctac tgcacaccag ccttacagag agggatactc    134400
     tatctaaaac aaaacatcaa caaaaatacg tagagtaccg ggtgggaaaa aggccaaaaa    134460
     ttggaagcag agtgaaagga aagccctgtg gatagcaggc tgcttcaaga cacgcagaag    134520
     gaaacatttg tttctctagg agtcctctac cagggtaatt cagcttctaa accaatgcag    134580
     ggtgtttgac ctccacaata aatgaaaagt gcatgtcctt aattaagcaa atgatggctt    134640
     gatgggaagc cagactgtgg aggagtgagc cattggaggg aagatatctt tgcttctctg    134700
     acaaggcagg ggtggtgcaa actgattgat acccagaaag acccagtgtc tgcagcccag    134760
     ggaacattgc ggtgaagtat gtccccatct aatttggtaa tttaaagtgc caacaaaggg    134820
     gagaacaaaa gtcttgtgag ttgctagtga ctgcctagtt tttgtgctgg ttttctgttc    134880
     atacagagca gacaaattaa cggggaaaat tcctctaggg ggaggctctc tgaagtgtca    134940
     gaatcactct ccccaagctc tggggaacta gccaggtggg gatggccaga ggaaattcaa    135000
     actcaggacg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttcagag gcttcaccta tgtataaaaa    135060
     taaatgtgcc aggtgtggtg gctcatgatt gtaatctcat cactttggga ggctgaggtg    135120
     agaggatcac ttgaggttag gtgtttgaga ccagcctgac caacaaagtg aaaccctaga    135180
     aatacaagca tagtggtggt gcatgcttgc aataccaact acttgggagg ctgagacaga    135240
     agaatcgcct gaaccctgga ggcgaaggtt gcagtgagcc aagatcaccc actgctcctc    135300
     agcctgggca acagagcaag actcttatat caaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaataaa    135360
     taagtgaaga tagtttaaaa gagagttata aaaatcatga aatctttgtt tgtttgttcg    135420
     tttgtttgag agggagtttc actcttgttt cccaggctgt agtgcaatga atggcacaat    135480
     ctcagctcac tgcaacctcc gcttcctggg ttcaggcgat tcccctgcct cagcctcctg    135540
     agtagtcaga attacaggag cctgccagca caccaggcta tttttttttc tctatttttg    135600
     gtggagatgg ggattcactg tgttggccag gctggtgtcg aattgctaac ctcatgatcc    135660
     acccaccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgagat tacaggtgtg agtcaccgtg gccatccaaa    135720
     atcatgatat cttttaaata cacacaatga aatagttgat actttcagca cataaaagaa    135780
     aatacagtga ttgtctatat cctaaagaat ctcatgttgg ggccctgctg ttattgatga    135840
     tgaagcagtt gatgtgtgaa tttcttaccc ctgggtctcc ttcctcatcc tgcctcctct    135900
     tcttgaggct ggaagtgtgg ccacaggttg atgcctggaa gtcggtcagg agggtgctgt    135960
     cctgggacag gcagcctctt gtgcaactct gaacacaagg atggttctca aagaggctga    136020
     ggtctcaggt caaggaaggg cttctcaaag gaaaagtgtg agagagcctg aagtttatga    136080
     agggcagcct acaggtccct cacaggaagc agaattcact acattttaca atccttgctt    136140
     gtcactgccc agttccgtcc aagggggaaa aatgtggttg gaggggtggt ggctgtggga    136200
     tgggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgacag agagagagag agacagaaga    136260
     gaggaaggga gacagaaatt acttttctga gtgtcatgaa acacatttcc aatttgaata    136320
     aaaatataat gtataaatga tttttatttt ctttaaattg gccaacttga aacaaagatt    136380
     tctttgtagt cttgtatatc ctatgtgcta gagactgcga tatagatatt tatccccatt    136440
     cactattaaa ggctgcttta ccatctgggg tctaagaaca gaatggctta atattgctag    136500
     ttgttagtgc ccgtaactta agaattataa tgatgtgcat agaaattgtg tttacctggg    136560
     acttccatct gttccttttg ttaataaaaa gcatgttact tcctttaata ccagaaggcc    136620
     aatgacatta aggttttatt agatctcatg tgcaagtgac tacaccatgg tctacataag    136680
     acaagaatct caacactcaa gaaagatgca atgtaaatgg gaagatgtgg taacatccac    136740
     tgctccaagg aagtttccat tgatttttgt gagtaataag atcagtgtac aaaatgaaag    136800
     tgaagtgaag aaactgaagg caaatttgat tgttatgcaa aatacgtgaa gagaaaacaa    136860
     gattatcgat gtattaccag tgaactgcac acttaacaat ggcaaagaca gtaaatcata    136920
     tatctatatt tcacctcaat ttaaaaaatg aattagctga gtgcagtgat tcatgcctgt    136980
     aattatggca ttttgggagg ccgaggcagg tggatcactt gagttcagga gtttgagacc    137040
     agccgcagca acatggtgaa acctcgcctc tactgaaaat acaaaaatta gcggggcgtg    137100
     gtggtatgta cttgtaatct cagctactca gaaggctgag gaagcagaat cacttgagcc    137160
     tgggagatgg cacaggttgc agcgagcaga aattgcacca ctccactgca gcctgggcaa    137220
     cagtgcaagt ccctgtctca aaaaataaaa caaacaaata tttttaaaga aaggccttag    137280
     ggacagacat ggaaatggaa cccacagtgt gatggatgga cccccccagc aacccacaca    137340
     cacatgcaca ctgtgcatgt cattacaaat agggcaatta ggtgctgtta gaaagttaag    137400
     gtgtttttag agtaggaagg tgggacgatg aatttttcgg aggaagggat ttttggggaa    137460
     atgggtgagt caaaggaaat tgcactgatc ccatcttgag gaagatttgg gggactatgc    137520
     atcagtccat gaagaggaag tcatctcctg tggaaggaac atgaaacaca gcagtcagca    137580
     actagcagta tgtgatcagc caacacctac tggtttaaca gtggttcttg gccaggaaac    137640
     ttaacactcc cttcctctcc tcccccagga gtatttgcaa atatacaaag gttgtttgtt    137700
     tgtcaaaatg actcaggagc ctagtgcaat tatgagagag gtgccagaaa tggtaaacat    137760
     tctgaaaggc actggagaca tacataacac agagattcaa aatgacaacg ggaaggtggt    137820
     gagaagaatt gcctagcgtg gctttcaact ttgtgcaaat tgaagaagtg tttccttgtt    137880
     ttttgttttg tttttttttt ggttttgttt tttttgatgg tttgtttctt tgttgtttta    137940
     gaacaatgat tctcaatgat ggtgattttg tcccccaaga cacactgagc aatgtctgga    138000
     gacatttttt atttaaacaa ctgggtaggg ctggggaaat gatactaaca tctagtgggt    138060
     ggatgccagg gatgctgtcc aacaccctga aatgcacagg atatccctct gtgaaaaaga    138120
     attttggagc cacaaatatc aattgtgcta agtgtgagaa accttgctac aggcctttcc    138180
     atatgtatgt agttcaggaa atttgaagtc cctggaatgg catatttctg gactctcaca    138240
     ccatgctcag cacagtgcct tccagatatt aggaggatgt gctcatcatg tgttgatgtg    138300
     gtgaactgta gaaagatcaa gactattgaa gacagcaaaa caattctcag acaaagttaa    138360
     gaaaatctat tttgcttgat gcagaaacta cagacttgat tgttaaattt ctcctcttcc    138420
     taatttgaca ccttttggca ggtttatgag cagattatga atgttttact ctggttcagt    138480
     catctatgct gtgtctgaaa gagatgttgc agcaatcctg caaactgtga aatagccagc    138540
     atatttgttc aacttgctca atttcttttt actcttccta tctgctaaag ttgtttattg    138600
     tcatctatgt ctatatctat ccctacatat gtgtttgcat gcatacataa ataatttatt    138660
     acagcatatt ggctcaaaaa atacaaattt catatgtctt ggcttctgtg catcagtatt    138720
     tggaaaacag ttgaatcctc tgcatcatgt tttttttaaa tttttcattt atttattttt    138780
     ttgcaaaatg ccagccaggg ctcaggtctc atctgaagac tccagtgggg aagaactcac    138840
     tttgaagctc acatcattgt gggtagaatt tggcttctca tgggctgcta aactgagggc    138900
     tttagtttct cattgactgc tggccaaggc ccaatattag tccctaaata tgtagacttt    138960
     ctcaacatga aagtttacca gcacctatta ttatcacagg ggcaccccag catgtgtggg    139020
     gcaggcctta gccatctcat gcagtatttg atactcttgt ttaaagccct atgcattcca    139080
     cattgattct ttttatgaca aaaatattaa aatgaacaaa gacatcctac agtcatcata    139140
     atcacaaaat aggtgttttt tttttcaaac ataaatcaac aaggaagaag aatggctggc    139200
     aagatggaag tcacaatctt tataagctaa ccacaaaagt gacatccttc aaatattgaa    139260
     gtattgtatt ggttaaaggc aagttaatcc agtagaggat agataaatat acaaacgtac    139320
     aaaatatatg gtacacaagc ctggtgcggt ggcttatgcc tgtaatctca gcacgctttg    139380
     ggaggttgag atggacagat cccttgagat tgggagttca agactagcct ggacaacgtg    139440
     gtgcaacgct atctctatta aaaacacaaa aattagcttg gtgtgatggg atgcacctgt    139500
     aatcccagct acttgggaat ctgaagcatg agaatcattt gaactcagga ggtagaggtt    139560
     gcagtaagct gataccatgc cactgcactc cagcttgggg gacagagtga gaccacattt    139620
     aaaacaaaaa aaagtatgta atgtgtggta catagtctct ctctctctct ctttcactct    139680
     tgctctctct ttttctctac atgcatgtga aagtgtgtgt gcattgtgtg tatttttaga    139740
     atacgtcttt ctctgtttcc aaaggtggag tgcagtggta gcacaatgac agctggctac    139800
     agccttgaac tcctggactc aggcaatcct cttgcctcag cctgctgagt atctaggtct    139860
     attggtttgc accgttgcac ccatctaatg ttttaatatt tttagagatg gggtctctca    139920
     gtattgtcca ggctcttctc aaactcctgg cctcaagtga tcctcctgcc tcagcttccc    139980
     aaaagtgttg ggattacagg catgagcaac tgtgccagga ctgtagtcta tattctttat    140040
     atatatataa aatgatcttt tatgaattac atgtattatc tacatatata atatacacta    140100
     tatatgttcg atacacacac acacacacac acaatataat gctttttttc ttttttttct    140160
     gttttctttt tttttttttt taagagaagc tctggttctg ttgcccaggc tagagggtag    140220
     tggtgcaatc tcagctcact gcactgcaac cttcacctcc tgggttcaaa tgactctcct    140280
     acctcagcct ctcgagtagc tgggattaca catacctgcc accaagctca gctaattttt    140340
     tttttttttt tggatttttt gagtctccca gggtgcttgg tttacaggca tgagcctctg    140400
     cacctgagaa tgcatatttt caaatagggt ttcctgcagc cacctcaaag accgcgagga    140460
     tagaatggtc cgtcatcccc ctctatcagt acacacactt catttacagc atccatgcat    140520
     ggtctgtacc ataattccca gatttgtgtt gttgtggaaa aataaagatg aattgcatta    140580
     aaaaaaattg tatacccttg ccgtctccag tattatgtct gcaaagttca cttcatcaat    140640
     tattctactt ttatatatta aaaatttaat attttattat cttaagggca gcactggatt    140700
     aacagaagaa ttctgaagac agtaagacag tcacatacat attattgagg gtacatacta    140760
     tcaacataac atcactattg atgatgacct tgcccacgtg tttgacgtag tgtttgccag    140820
     gtggctccac tgtgaagtta ctctattgtc actcttttcc aaactgcagg tagaaagtca    140880
     ctatgtcagc ccacacttaa ggaatgcaga ttaatgcacc cctccatgag ggtggacaat    140940
     gctattagtg cattcttgcc ttggtataaa gaaatgcttg agactggata atttataaag    141000
     gaaagaggtt taattggctc ttagtcctgc aggctgtatg ggaagcatgg cagcatctgc    141060
     ttggcttttt aggaggcctc agaaaactta caatcatggt ggcaggcgac tgggaagcta    141120
     ggtgtctcac atggccagca cgggaggaag agagagagag agaggaggtg ccacatgctt    141180
     ttaaaaaacc agagctagtg agaactcacc cactatacag tactaagagg ggaaggtgct    141240
     aaactctaca tgagaaccct gtatccatga tccaatcacc tcaggcctca cctcaaaccc    141300
     tgaggattac aattcagcat gatatttggg aaggcacaca gatccatgcc atatcacaat    141360
     atctgaataa attatttgga atgatttatc tattacccct cataaattat ttatattatc    141420
     aatcatttgt gtatatcaat attgaactca taaagcattt tttattcttt gggttataat    141480
     aaaataatgc tttatttact caactgctca aagggctaca actgtgggcg ttgggagttc    141540
     ttttggttgg cttttctgtt cctctgtcct ttgatatatt cttatcgtta cattttgttt    141600
     gtctttgctt tttgtctgtt ttagcacatt tttactttct gtaagtacat gatgctccag    141660
     gctcatcttg gatatttcct gcacaagtcc tagaatcatt gatttctgta ttaaatccct    141720
     gggttctttt attggagaat agtattagaa atcaaagtca gagcattagg tgtgcttatt    141780
     ggtacttaga ctttgtggct tttagattcc accaattgtt tataattatc attatcattc    141840
     cattatcatc aagtgccagg aaaaatacag cataataata gcatgactct gtggttttgt    141900
     gcatttcatg taggttttat tcctataata ttattggcaa gcactaacca atagttaaat    141960
     tttaatcacc tattagccag tctttaataa tgtatgacag ggtgttagat agattgtttg    142020
     atatgatttg gctgtgtccc cacccaaaag tcatcttgaa ttgtagctcc cataattccc    142080
     acacatcatg gggggacact gtgggaggta attgaatcat ggtaggtctt tcccatgttg    142140
     ttcttgtgac agtgaataag tctcatgaga tctgatgatt ttataaaggg gagtaccctt    142200
     gaacaagccc tcttgtaaga agtccccttt gttcttcctt catcttctgc catgactgtg    142260
     aggcctcccg agccatgtgg aactgtgagt ccatcaaacc tctttccttt acaaattact    142320
     cagtcttgaa tatgtcttta ttagcagcat gagaacagac taatagactg attttatagg    142380
     tactgtatct cccccaaatt attgcaaatg attctgtgtc ttttttccca acaaaatgaa    142440
     ctagatctgg ttgaagtgga tacttggcat tttagattga ttattttaaa aatccactgt    142500
     aattagtctg attaaggata aagttctagc actgttctgc caatgtgtat ttatgtagtt    142560
     tcactaaagc ccagtggtgc aagcaacgga gagagtgatg agtgggcatt ctaattggct    142620
     ctcatggcaa tgagcgcaaa ctcatgtcag gggatgacaa aatgtatggc taaacctaag    142680
     gatgagctcc gaaatttgaa gttaattctc agtgagtcac tggaatcagc ccagagacaa    142740
     ggtgtctcaa agcaagaaaa agtattgcag tgcagaaggt gagaaaagct gccttgggga    142800
     aatttagact tatccaagaa gctgggcata atggctgtgc tcagaatgcc tctccacaca    142860
     aagtttgtac actgaaatag aattccccat atgatattaa gaggtaggcc ctttagaagg    142920
     tgataattta tcttatgaat ggtattggtg cctgcaccaa agaggctttc agtatccctt    142980
     tgtctcttct gccatgtgag tacacacagc agccatcatc tttgaaggag agaaccctcc    143040
     ccatgtgctc aatatgcttg tgccttgatc ttggacaact aggcttcaat aaattgccgt    143100
     ggtttataaa ttactcagcc taaggcaagc tgtaatagga gcccaaatgg actaagagag    143160
     tggcttattg gacatatgga aatattttct cattaaccaa gaatggaaag tccacagcaa    143220
     gttaaatacg taaggaagca ggtcgtcatt gacctcagcc agatatattt ttacttttat    143280
     ctacagtcag tgagtcaata aatgtaggtg accacagatc tatctgctca aatttgatcc    143340
     tgaagatgga tgtatggagt tacattaggt gtggggaaag aagggtcata ctgaaaacca    143400
     gctcctgata caaggtcaat tggaagcaga gttggtgtga aagattctgg ggtatgtggc    143460
     ataaatgggt ttgccagata aaagtctaca atgccaagtt acattttttt ttttcctttt    143520
     agactgagtc tcactcttca cccaggctgt catgcaatgg tgtaatctga gatcactgaa    143580
     acttccactt cccaagttca agtgatcctc ccaccccagc ctcagcacaa gtagctgaga    143640
     ctacaggagc acattacaac acctagctaa tttttgtatt tttggtagag acagggtttt    143700
     gccatgttgg cttggctgct ctcaacctcc tgacttcaag tgatccacct gccttggcct    143760
     cccaaaatgc taggattaca ggggtgagcc attgcgtcca acccctagtt gcatttgaat    143820
     ttgaggtaaa caaagaaaaa atatggcata attgtatctc aaatattgca cgaaatataa    143880
     tttcactaaa gttttgttat tatgagtcct gtatttttag ctgttaaatc tggcaaactt    143940
     cggcccagat gtctgtgcta acatctggtc catctatcac ttagatagat aattgtgtgg    144000
     ttatatgctg tctactcatg tggttataag ctgaccactc cactactccc agagagcttc    144060
     cttacatagg tttcctatga caaagcccct gtcttaatac cgctcatctt ctcgaagatg    144120
     cattttaaaa aatacattaa atgtggatta atattaatat attaatttaa ttatatatta    144180
     tatattaatt taattacata tttttaaatt aatttaatta tatattatat attaatttaa    144240
     ttatattgat aatatcaata tattaatata ttaatattaa tattaatcca ccttacatat    144300
     tacttcctgt gcaagtaaca taaacccagt taaataagct taatcaaaag aaaacagaaa    144360
     aggaaatttg ttggaggaca cagaatatct cagaggttcc aagggcagtt tatcaaaatg    144420
     aatactgtcc actaaaaatt catgtctaca tagaacctgg gaatgtgacc ttatttggaa    144480
     acaggggctt tgcagatgtg attaaggtaa ggatgaagat gagatcatac cagattaagg    144540
     tgggtcttca acctaatgag agtatcctta caaaagacag aaaaagacac atgaagacac    144600
     atacagagga gaaggcaatg cggagatgga ggcagagact ggaatgatgc cgtcacaagc    144660
     ccagaggtgc ctggggccac caggagctgg gacagagaag aaggatcgtc ctctagagcc    144720
     tccagaggga gaagagccag gcagacacct tgatttcaga tatctcgctt gagaacatct    144780
     ttggtttaag ctgcctagtt taaggtaaag tgttacagca ggtctaggaa atgcatacag    144840
     gtaagaatgt gatggggctg ggtgtggtag tgcacttctg ttactttagc actttagggg    144900
     ggttgaaaag ctggaggttc ctgttagagg tgacggtgtg ctggcagtcc tcacagccct    144960
     cggtcgctct tggcacctcc tctgcctggc tcccactttg ttggcacttg aggagccttt    145020
     ctgggctggc caaggccaca gccctctccc ttagcttgca gggatgtgtg gagggagagg    145080
     tgggagctgg aacaggggct gtgcaccagc tgaagtttcc ggtgggcgtg ggcttggtgg    145140
     gcccagcact ggcagtggcc ggctggccct accggcccgg gcagtgaggg acttagcact    145200
     cgggcaagcg gctgtggaga gtgtactggg ttccccagca gtgccagccc accagtgctg    145260
     tgctcaattt ctcactgggc cttagctgcc ttcccacggg gcagggctca ggacctgcag    145320
     cccaccatgc ctgagcctcc catcccctcc atgggctcct gtgcagcccg agcctccccg    145380
     actagtgcca ccccctgctc cagggcaccc agtcccactg accacccaac agctgcgaag    145440
     tgcaggcgca tggcgcggta ctggcaggca gctccacctg cagccctggt gctggatcaa    145500
     ctgggtgaag ccagctgggc tcctgagtct ggtggggcct tggagaacct ttatgtctag    145560
     ctcagggatt gtaagtacac caatcggcac tctatatcta gctcaaggtt tgtaaacaca    145620
     ccaatcagca ccctgtgtct agctcagggt ttgtgagtgc accaatcaac actctgtgtc    145680
     taactactct ggtggggcct tggagaacct ttatgtcgac actctgtatc tagctaatct    145740
     ggtggggaag tggagaacct ttgtgtctag ctcagggact gcaaacgcac caatcagcac    145800
     cctgtcaaag cagaccactg ggctctacca atcggcagga tgtgggtggg gccaggtaag    145860
     aggataaaag caggctgcct gagccagcag tggcaacgca gttgggtccc cttccacact    145920
     gtggaagctt tgttcctttg ctccttgcaa taaatcttgc tactgctcac tctttgggtc    145980
     cacactgctt ttatgagctg taaccctcac tgcgaaggtc tttagcttca ctcctgaagc    146040
     cagcaagaac acgagcccac caggaggaat gaacaactct ggacacgcca cctttaagaa    146100
     ctgtgacact cactgtgagg gtccacggct tcattcttga agtcagtgag accaagaacc    146160
     caccaattcc ggacacattt tggtgaccca gatgggactt tcgcctatcg ccaagcagtg    146220
     agacaatcac ctatcgccaa gcagtgagta ccattggacc cctttcgctt gctattctgt    146280
     cctatttttc cttagaattt gggggctaaa taccgggcac ctgtcggcca gttaaaagcg    146340
     actagcacgg ccgccagact aaagacacgg gtgtcaggct ttctgggaaa gggctctcta    146400
     acaacccctg actcttcaga gttgggaccg ttggtttgcc tagaaccaga ttccactttt    146460
     cctgtacttc tgagctgagc caagggtcaa aagagaggga agccatgcag ctccagggtc    146520
     ctgacaagtt ggttgaccct tgggtcatga gaggaactct caaaggcatg tggcctaagt    146580
     gagacttgcc catctatcct atctatcctg acccttgccc cccgggtcct aatgcctgcc    146640
     agataaactt actctcatct ctcttctctg aggttagacc cacttctaaa aattcctacc    146700
     tgtctctggt gttttctagt ttctcctata agaatgattt ctagtataaa ctccaggact    146760
     ctgtcccttc tttaggcacc cgggctaacc aatcagaaag acagaatttt tgcccaaagc    146820
     cccatcatag tggggactac ttggaatttt aggatccctc ctcagactaa cagacctaac    146880
     aaaatctgtt cctgaagcta ggatatgagg agcctcagaa attgtatcct tcctattcat    146940
     atgcgtgagg acaaaaggaa gcactcctcc gactctggag atcccttccc tccctcaggg    147000
     tatggccctc cacttcattt tgggggcata acttctttat accacagggg taaagtccca    147060
     atactaacag gagaatgttt aggactctaa caggtttttg agaatgtgtt ggtaagggcc    147120
     actaaatctg atttttctcg gttggtcctc cttgtggtct tggaggacag gcaagggtgc    147180
     acattttcaa gaatgcgtca gtaaggacca ctaaatcaga ccttcctcag tcctccctgt    147240
     ggtctgggag gaaaactagt gtttctgctg ctgcgtcggt gagcacaact attctgatca    147300
     gcagggtcca gggaccgttg agggttcttg ggcaggggtt gtttctgctg ctgcgtcagt    147360
     gagtgcaact gttctgatca gcagggtcca gggactgttg cgtgttcttg ggcagggaga    147420
     gaaacaaaac aaaccaaaac catgggcggt tttgtctttc agatgggaaa cactcaggca    147480
     tcaacaggct caccttgaaa tgcatcctaa gccattggga ccaatttgac ccacaaaccc    147540
     tgaaaaagag gtggctcatt tatttctgca ctatggcttg gccccaatat tctctttctg    147600
     atggggaaat atggccacct gagggaagta caaattacaa tattatcctg cagcttgacc    147660
     ttttctgtaa aagggaaggc aaatggagtg aaatacctta tgtccaagct ttcttttcat    147720
     tgagagagaa tacacaacta tgcaaacctt gcaatttaca tcccacagga ggacctctca    147780
     gcttaccccc atatcatagc ctccctatag ctccccttcc tattaatgat actcctcctc    147840
     taatctcccc tgcccagaag gaaataagca aagaaatctc taaaggtcca caaacccccc    147900
     tggataattt gttatgtccc cttcaagctg tagggggaag ggaatttggc ccaacctggg    147960
     tacctgtccc cttctccctc tctgacttaa aacagatcaa ggcagacctc gggaagtttt    148020
     cagatgatcg tgataggtac atagatgtcc tacagggtct agggcaatcc tttgaccttg    148080
     cttagagagt tgcgatacta ctgttagatc aaatcctggc ctttaatgaa aagaatgcgg    148140
     ctttagctgc agcgcgagag ttgggaggta cctggtatct tagtcaagta aatgatagaa    148200
     tgacagcaga agaaagggac agattccctc ctggtcagca agccatcccc agtatggatc    148260
     cccactggga ccttgactca gatcatgggg actggagtca taaacatctg ttgacctgtt    148320
     ttagaaggac taagaagaat tagaaaaaag cccatgaatt attcaatgat atccaccata    148380
     actcagggaa aggaagaaaa tccttctgcc ttccttgagc ggctacgaga ggccttaaga    148440
     aaatatactc ccctgtcacc caaatcactg gagggtcaat tgattctaaa agataagttt    148500
     attacccaat caactgcaga tatcaggaga aagctccaaa agcaagccct gggccctgaa    148560
     caaaatctag agacattatt aaacctggca accttcgtgt tctataatag ggaccaagag    148620
     gaacaggccc aaaaggaaaa gcaagatcag agaaaggctg cagccttagt tatggccctc    148680
     agacaaacaa atattgatgg ttcagagagg acagaaacag agcaggccaa tcacctggaa    148740
     gggcttctta tcagtgtggt ttactaggac acttaaaaaa agattgtcca atgagaaaca    148800
     agctgccccc ttgtccatgt ccactatgaa gaggcaatca ctggaaggtg cactgcccca    148860
     gaggacgaag gttccctggg tcagaagccc ccaaccagat gatccaacaa caggactgag    148920
     ggtgcctggg gcaagtgcca gctcatgtca tcaccgtcac tgagccccgg gtatgtttaa    148980
     ctagtgaggg ccaggaaatt gacttcctct tggacactgg cgcggccttc tcagtgttaa    149040
     tctcctgtcc tggatgactg tcctcaaggt ccattaccat ctgagcaatc ctgagacagc    149100
     ctgtaaccag gaatttttcc caccttctca gttgtaattg ggagactttg ctcttttcgt    149160
     atgcatttct tgtagtgtct gaaagtccca cacccttatt agggagggat atattagcca    149220
     aggctgaagc tattatctac atgaatatgg ggaacaagtt acccatttgt tgtcctctac    149280
     ttgaggaggg aatcaaccct caagtatgga cattggaagg acaatttgga aggacaaaaa    149340
     atgcccaccc agtccaaatc aggttaaaag agcccaccac ttttccttat caaaggcaag    149400
     atcccttaag gcctgaagct cataacagat tacagaatat tgttaaacat ttgaaagctc    149460
     aaggcttagt gaggaaatgc agcagtccct gcaacacccc aattctagga gtacaaaaac    149520
     cgaatggtca gtgaagacta gtgcaagttc ttagacttgc cattgaggca gtaattccac    149580
     tatatccagt tgtacccaac ccctataccc tgctctctca aataccagca gaagcagaat    149640
     ggttcacagt tctggacctc aaggatgctt tcttctgtat tcccctgcac tgtgactccc    149700
     agtttctctt tgctttcaag gatcccacag accacacttc ccaacttaca tggacggtct    149760
     tgcctcaggg gtttagggat agccctcatc tgtttggtca ggctctggcc caagatctag    149820
     gccacttctc aagtccaggc actctgatcc ttcaatatgt ggatgattta cttttagcta    149880
     ccagtttgga agccttgtgc cagaaagcta ctctagatct cttgaacttt ctagctaatc    149940
     aagggtacaa ggtgtctagg ttgaaggccc agctttgcct acagcaggtc aaatatctag    150000
     gcctaatctt agccagaggg accagagccc taagcaagga atgaatacaa cctatactgg    150060
     cttatccttg ccctaagaca ttaaaacagt tgagggggtt ccttggaatt accggctttt    150120
     gctgactatg gatccctgga tatagcgaga tagccaggcc cctctatact ctaatcaagg    150180
     aaacccagag ggcaaatact catctagttg tatcggaacc agaggcagta atcccttcga    150240
     aaccttaaag caggccctag tacacgctcc agctttaagc cttcccatag gacagaactt    150300
     ctctttatac atcacagaga gagccgggat agctcttgga gaccttactc agacttgtgg    150360
     gacaacccca caaccagtgg catacttaag taaggaaatt gatgtagtag caaaaggctg    150420
     gcctcactgt ttaagagtag ttgcagcagt ggccatctta gtgtcagagg ctatcaaaat    150480
     aatgcaagga aaggatctca ctgtctggac tactcatgat gtaaatggca tactaggtgc    150540
     caaaggaagt ttatggctat cagacaacca cctactaaga taccaggcac tactccttga    150600
     gggactggtg cttcaaatat gcacttgcgt ggccctcaac actgccactt ttctcccaga    150660
     ggatggggaa ccaattgagc atgactgcca acaaattata gtccagactt acgccacccg    150720
     agatgatctc ttggaagtcc ccttaactaa tcctgacctt aatctatata ccgatggaag    150780
     ttcagttgtg gagaatggga tacgaagggc aggttatgca atagttagtg atgtaactat    150840
     acttgaaagt aagcctcttg tcccagggac aagtgcccag ttagcagaac tagtggcact    150900
     tacccgagcc ttagaactgg gaaagggaaa aataataaat gtgtatacag atagcaagta    150960
     tgcttatcta atcctacatg cccatgctgc aatatggaaa gaatgggagt tcttaacctc    151020
     tgggaacccc cacggatgcc acagggaagt tatggagtta ttgcacatgg tgcaggaaac    151080
     aaaagaggtg ggagtcttac actaccaaag ccatcagaat gggaaggaga ggggagaaca    151140
     gcagcgtaag cagctggcag aggtagggaa agaccagcaa gaaggaaaga gagaaagaga    151200
     aagtcagaga aagagataga gagaggaaga gacaaagaag aagtcagaga gaaagaggga    151260
     cagacacaga aagttagaga gttaaaaaga gaggaagaga caaagaagaa gtcaaagaga    151320
     gagacggtat taaagaaaaa acagtgtacc ctattccttt aaaagccagg gtaaatgtct    151380
     acccactccg cctaggcata ttctacttat gtggatcttc aacccatatc tgtctctcag    151440
     acagtttgca agaaataatg aaatctattc ttactttaca atcccaaata gactctttgg    151500
     cagtagtgac tctccaaaac tgccgaggcc tagacctcac tgctgagaaa agaggactcc    151560
     tcaccttttc aggggaagag tgttattttt acactaacta gttggggata gtatgagatg    151620
     ccacctggtg tttacaggaa aaggcttctg aaatcagaca atgcctttca aattcttata    151680
     tcaacctctg gagttgggca acatggcttc tcccctttct aggtcctgtg gcagccatct    151740
     tgctgttact tgcctttggg ccctgtattt ttaaccttct tgtcaaattt gtttcgtcta    151800
     gaatcaaggc cgtcaagcta cagatggcct tacacatgga acccaaaatg agttcaacca    151860
     acaagttcta ctgagaaccc ctggaccgac ctgctggcac ttcccctggc ctagagagtt    151920
     cccctgtgag ggacactaca acttcagggc cccttcttca cccctatcca gcaggaagta    151980
     gctagagcag tcattggcca aattcccaac agcagttggg gtgtcctgtt tagagggggg    152040
     attgagaggt gttagcctgc tggcagtcct cacagccctc actcactctc ggcacctcct    152100
     ctgcttggga tcccactttg gtggcacttg aggagccctt cagcccacgc tgcactgtgg    152160
     gaaccccttt ctgggctggc caaggctgga gcccactccc tcagcttgca gggaggtgtg    152220
     gagggggagg cgtgagtggg aactggggct gcatgtggca cttgcaggcc agctggaatt    152280
     ccaggtgagc gtgggcttgg tgggccctgc actcagagca gccggctggc cctgccggcc    152340
     ccgggcaatg agggacatag catctgggct agcggctgcg gagggtgtac tgggtccccc    152400
     agcagtgcca gcccaccggt gctgtgctcg atttctcacc aggcctcagc tgccttcctc    152460
     tggggcaggg ctctggactt gcagcccacc atgcctgagc ctcctatccc ctccatgggc    152520
     tcctgtgcgg cccgagcctc cccaacgagt gccagccctg ctccacggcg cccagtccca    152580
     tcgaccaccc aaaggctgag gagtgcaggt gcatggcacg ggactggcag gcagctccac    152640
     ctgcagcccc ggtgctggat caactgggtg aagccatctg ggctcctgag tctggtgggg    152700
     cctcggagaa cctttatgtc tagctcaggg attgtaaata caccagttgg cactctatct    152760
     gtagctcaag gtttgtaaac acaccaatca gcgccctgtg tctagctcag ggtttgtgag    152820
     tgcaccaatc gacgctctct atctagctac tctggtgggg ccttggggaa cctttatctc    152880
     gacactctgt atctgtatct agctaatctg gtggggacat ggagaacctt tgtgtctagc    152940
     tcagggattg aaaacgcacc aatcagcgcc ctctcagacc actgggctct accaatcagc    153000
     aggatgtggg tggggccaga taacagaata aaagcaggct gcacgagcca gcagtggcaa    153060
     cccgctcggg tccccttcta cactgtggaa gctttgttct tttgctcctt gcaaaaaatc    153120
     ttgctattgc tcactctttg ggtccacact gcttttatga gctgtaaacc tcaccgcgaa    153180
     ggtctgcagc ttcactcctg aagccagcga gaccaccggg aggaatgaac aactccggac    153240
     acaccgcctt taagaactgt aacactcacc gcgagggtcc acggcttcat tcttgaagtc    153300
     agggagacca agaacccacc aattctggac acacctgtga ggtcaggagt ttgggaccag    153360
     cctgggcaat ctagtgggac cctgtcttaa tattacattg ttcctaaata attgtggttt    153420
     ttgccattaa aagtaattgt gaaaaccaaa actacttttg cacgaactta ataaaaatta    153480
     tgaaatagct gggcgtggtg gcacatgcct gtagtcccca gctaccgagg aagctgaggc    153540
     agaaggatca cttgaaccca ggaatttgag gttgcagtga gctataataa tgcctcaaca    153600
     gagcagactg tctctaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaagaaatga aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca    153660
     aaatatgatg aagatccaga aggatgtgca gcccatctct ttgccattca ttacacttct    153720
     gtcttcatat ctacttcctc cattttccac cggacaaggt gaaaaagcat gaccagttag    153780
     gcctctaaat ttacctgttg cccatctact cctctagagc cactgtttgc tgtgtacatg    153840
     gctgtgtcca tggattgcgg tgtcacagtt gtgagacaga tttccaggga atgcatatcc    153900
     atagtccagc ttagcttaca tgctcaatct tgtaccaagc aacgtggcca gaagatgcaa    153960
     atctctttgg atagacccgg aaactcctat tttaactctg agcctgtatg accagatgcc    154020
     ttgaaggcca tgcaaatctg tcctgcaggc aagagcttct ccaatttcag catttggttc    154080
     agcatttggt gcaaatcacc agagaacatg tttgacacag ttgacctggg gtggagaccc    154140
     aaagttatgc atttttaaca ggcttccagg tattaataac acccatgata ttagatccag    154200
     gactataatc tgtttagcaa agtaccaaaa ctttagatct ttttgtatat ttggaggaaa    154260
     agaacaagta ttgcatgggt gttctttaca taattttagt catgacaatt ccaggagaat    154320
     attaccaggc tcctaatatg ccagtgcttt ataacagatc gatcctcact caaaacaatc    154380
     ccatttgtat ttatacatat gttccatctg ctctgtttcc acttgtatac atacacaggt    154440
     gtgtgtactt gtaacatgca atacagtttt tgcaatacat tccctctctt ctcaatgaat    154500
     catacctgaa agaaaaacaa aaggggtgtt tttaaaatga ttccaataca ggctttgagt    154560
     ttgaaagaat aaaagagagc cattgtctta gaaatttttt gtcaacctca ttttatttca    154620
     actaaaattt gtaaaccata ctgcattcac cagagaaggt gtatatggct atatgcctat    154680
     gtctgacact ggtaattaaa aagagagaag cctgtttgct tgagctttga taaataaaac    154740
     atattgatgc tacctcttat tatgtcttcc ccctatgtta aatgtttctt tttgaaaata    154800
     tagattattt gaagtacaaa gcaagaaagc aggaagagag tgtatgtgca cacacagaag    154860
     agagatacaa tcaggcataa atccaccatc ctgggaatat aaacccctct gtatcatata    154920
     catatatata tatacatata aaaatataga tatagataaa tctctacata tcaatatata    154980
     gatataacta tacatataga cagatacatc catatctcta tagatatcta tagaagctac    155040
     agatatacat atatatttct acagatatct acagatacag atatctatag agatagaggt    155100
     acagatatgt attgaaatac acatagcaat ctttataaac acctattata gagaggtaga    155160
     tgtatggatc tatatagatc tatctatcta tatacctatt tctaaatctc tctctctctc    155220
     tgtgtatgta tatatatata tatatatata tatgtgtata tatatatata tatatatgta    155280
     tatatatgta catcaacaat tccaaggtcc caattaactt ggagaaagat ttatgtatat    155340
     ttgcatactt ttaaagggta gggcatgtgc cattcatcaa agagacatat acattgtaaa    155400
     agattttcat ttaaaagtct taggcaagaa cattggtgca gtcactgtat aatgtcattt    155460
     aaaaatgaac tctatttagg gcctcttatt tgaaattcaa tatcctttgt tttcttacaa    155520
     aagcaatagt taatggattt ctcaccatca atgaatgtta cacaataaat gatgtgttat    155580
     gggtttgaaa taacaggttt cagaagacta aatccttcaa gaaaactgaa atatcttgcc    155640
     cacaaagaaa tctttattcc catttatcag atgcaaaact tgaattaagg gcctgtacaa    155700
     ccttcttact ggaaaacgtg aacttaaagt atttccgtca aggtttatta atcttataaa    155760
     atactttccc tacaaaacca aggggaataa acaagatcat ctctttatct cttccaactg    155820
     tatttctgta actatgttta tgtgtaaaaa aaagtacctc catcaactat ttcaagaaaa    155880
     tctcatttaa gtgactgaaa ttaattttaa atttatgata acccaactta aactggtctg    155940
     gagtttactt gatatcattg aaagaaaaag gtttatttag caacagaatg aaatttgcta    156000
     aaccttaagg gtgcaaacat ttctaaggta tatgtcatat tactcttatt gaatccatgt    156060
     tgttaattat cttactctgt aatctagact ttaaatcctg tttgggaata acactcctta    156120
     aatgttttct aaaaaattga gtatgttgtt taccctagtt tatgatttat atatagataa    156180
     tatataactt aacattatat attttaaata tataatatct atattcatat gtggatatag    156240
     atagatatag gtatcaaaac agatattata caaatgttac tttttgtcct atgatttctg    156300
     atgtatatta aaacttatgc tctgaactgg cctcatataa ttgtgaaacc tgtggcattt    156360
     atcatcaata tgttgcagag acttttttct aaaccatgcc taaaatagca aataaaagta    156420
     agaaacacca taaataaact aacagataca taaaaataaa atgaggaaat tgtttggatt    156480
     agaaggggca tggggtaaag aattaggtat gtgagagcaa aaactatgtc ttatttatcc    156540
     atcttttgta ttttgcagag tttgtggaaa agcaacagtt ctcacattca tgcttagtga    156600
     ataagtgaat aaaaacaaca attagcaaac cacttaaaaa tgacccactg tgaatcacaa    156660
     ggtcaggaga tcgagaccat cctggccaac atggtgaaat ctcccctcta ctaaaaatta    156720
     gctgtgtgtg gtggcgtgca cctgtagttc cagctactcg ggaggctgac tcaggagaat    156780
     tgcttgaatc tgggaggtgg aggttgcagt gacctgagat cccaccactg cactccagct    156840
     tggcaaaact ataagactcc atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagatcca ccacaagcct    156900
     gctatttctg aatttacctt atcttttttt ttctttcaca ttaagactat aattatgatt    156960
     tcaacttcct catctgattc ccagtcatga atctatctaa catattcagc tgaaggctgt    157020
     caatgttgta ctgattccaa aatgcaatga tactctccca ttttccttca ctcctaaaat    157080
     ctctgaagac tgtgacacaa ttgactcctg cctactcctt gagaaggtta caatccttcc    157140
     ttgaattcca tgccatgttt tctcttgcca gagatctttg cagatgggac aatgacccta    157200
     tttcaggttg ctatcaagac cctacccagt gtcacttcct ccaaagattt gcctttcctt    157260
     ttaagtgaac gctttctcta ttttacacca aaatgttaag tatcatatcc acagggtttg    157320
     tgctcagatc tacagatcct actttaagat ccctattcag atcaaatctc ctctcccaaa    157380
     gatctcaggt ctgtgggtca ttggtatttc tatgatccac aagcatctca tttttctttc    157440
     catacaagtg actttgggtg aatgcactat cactcatcat atccttccca tagcaccaca    157500
     tcaaagctat ctttagtctt ttctcatttt agggctccat cccgttttta ctcaactttt    157560
     gcaactatgc atatagtcaa atgccatcca tagtgaaaaa aatttactac tactctgaaa    157620
     tttccctatt actgggtatt ttcactacta atatcctaat ttatgaatgc tgcagtatca    157680
     ctgtcctctt ttgttctaga atgtcccgga tcttaaattc cctcagagta aattctctga    157740
     aaggtaatct ctgccaccat cccccactaa caccaataag gattccagtc aatgaatatt    157800
     cataatcctc tgtagtccag ccttcttatt ctcctctttg aatcacaaga acctacaagt    157860
     agctcaccac cattcctgtt ctcagagttt aacttgagta ttatctaata aaacaacctc    157920
     atgtagcagg gtggccccac atattcaggt tcccagaact cactcgagac ctgtgaagtt    157980
     tgaatcctgg tgtttagctc tagaggcatg gattttgtaa ccatcttcct gggtcatcct    158040
     tgttgacctt gaagttccaa agcctctgct cactccatat ctatttctct tctctagata    158100
     ttattaactt ggaataattt cccatatcta ctctccaatt ccccagaaaa aacttgttct    158160
     gtgaaccttt ttctcatcat cccaatagga tgcttgttat gccttctgta tgctttggag    158220
     atggcatata tcacacattg agttgcattt taataattga agagtttaat ttattccctt    158280
     attagatttt aagcatcttt tatgctatac atatttatct ttccaataat gattaataac    158340
     atagtatata ttattattgc actaacaatt atcctactga aaatatttgt ttcaatttga    158400
     ccattgtatt aggagagtca ataggaatca gtagtgccct atagtgtatc tggcttcacc    158460
     agtattgtat ttcgagttcc acatattgat cccataggag cattaacata atagtatgta    158520
     tgaatgtatg tatgttcata atagtatgaa cataacagta tgtagaatgt agttgatgaa    158580
     gacactgaga tggaaaatca gagagaacaa gtaatgtggt atagattatg tctcatgttt    158640
     catccagttc tttgtaccaa acccagctta tatatccttc taggaaccct actgttttat    158700
     ttcattttat gaatcctcct agctcccaca tctcaccata ctccacaatt agatttcaag    158760
     tggaaacatg aagaatgata tccttatctc ttccaggaat tcagaattta aacctccgaa    158820
     gctcttctgt ctgtatcgta atcctgtggc tcagttgtta agaactggtg ttttaggttc    158880
     tatcctggtc acttatgagg gattttggat tagggaaaat tataaactca taatatctta    158940
     tattcacttt ttcttataag catgattcca tttgtctaag atgctttctt aatttttttt    159000
     ttttttgagg gagggtttca ttctgcaaca caggctgggg tacagtggca tgatcatggc    159060
     tcactgcagc ctcaacctct ctggctcaag tggcccaacc ttcagcctct tgaatagctg    159120
     gtaccacaag catgcactac cactcttatt ttaatttttt ggtagaaaca ggatctcact    159180
     acattgccca gggtgatatc gaactcctgg gctctagtgt tccccctgcc tcagcctccc    159240
     aaagtgcaga gattccaggc atgatccact gctcctggcc tttttttttt ttttaagaaa    159300
     ttaattaatt aattttaaaa agtcttagtg aagtaattca gacagaagtg acttgtctgc    159360
     tctctcccag gtcacatgtc tcagggaaga gatctgctac ccaaccaatg cacccacaaa    159420
     ctaagccaag cattcagatt ttgcccaaaa tctccctccc aatctcactt tatcatgctg    159480
     ccttaaagta tttagagttg atgtctcccc acagcaatct ccactccctt cccttcccct    159540
     ctcccctccc ctcatctccc ctgccctcca ctcccctcca cttcttttct gtcccttctt    159600
     tttctccttt tctctttctc tctctgtctc tctcattcag gacttgattt gtcacagcca    159660
     ttcttgcaac aaccttacaa acattttctt tgctttccac attggccctc ttcaactagt    159720
     tctccatgtt gccatcacag tgattgtcct aaaacataaa tctgattatt tcttcttccc    159780
     tcactgcaga aaatgtgtta ttggctttcc cactgcctac tggataaatt ccaccttttc    159840
     agcatgacat ttaaaactct tcacaattag gtctctaatc ctttcctcac taccttcttt    159900
     tcaaattcaa tgtcctgcca tgccaaaccc tccctatttc tagatctcca cacatacagt    159960
     attgctgcga tgtctttagc catggcttct ttttcaactt cttcaaccaa tcagtgtcga    160020
     tgtaccattc cttccctact ctgaatgttc ttcctttgca aacccttggt taattatttt    160080
     aacctctatg ggtccctatt aatttatatg tattccttgt acacaccttc ctgtaatcac    160140
     atttttttct catgcttttc attatcttgt ctactataat gtatgctttc tcaaaaataa    160200
     atggataagt ctcactcaca gttacatgtc tgtgcttagg actgtgtcag tgctaaaaaa    160260
     aaaaaaacct gaacttatga ataagtcaat gaattaatac attcttggca aagtccatga    160320
     ctttgtggcc tattataaat tagtgtgttc aagttgaggt tctggtttag tttaggacat    160380
     agatatctat atatagtcca tatatctaca tatatatgtc tacatccatg tatatcactg    160440
     atttggggga taagctgtat ttataaacaa tactatcatg ttaatgggtc ttcaatatct    160500
     acacaataat ggaaaaaagt atatgtatat ttctaaatat ctaatgggaa cacacacaca    160560
     tatatgtatg tatgtatata catttttcta ttattggcta tagatatctt ttaatagata    160620
     agtgtatatc tatgtaccaa tcttgttggc aaaggatgct ttcatgcata ttatctcatt    160680
     tagtccccac aaggaaaagc aacccacagg aaaggtaata ataatgtcag ctcaacagag    160740
     tcacagaaca taactgactt tatgacaagg caaaatttgt gaggatagag tcttaacatg    160800
     aaaccaggtc cccagattca tgtccatcat cttccccatt attgctcatg ttgtccaaaa    160860
     tccttcgcat catcatggaa ggcttcatgc ttaggtttac ttcctaaagc agaagcaatt    160920
     aggagaatgt cctatgtgtt gtggacatta tcttttttcc ttccataaat gaattaatgg    160980
     gcaatgaaat aattttaaga aaagctaact tttatagcca ggtagaataa aagtaatcac    161040
     catgaaatat tgtgaagata agcaggcccc acacactagc tcagctaatc aatatgacaa    161100
     tattacatgg agattatctg ttccatttta cagatgcaga aatggaggcg aatattaaaa    161160
     ttcattccta aggtcacatg caacttaaac ccaagcaatc tcattttaga atctgtgttc    161220
     attgccacaa cattctatga tgtactctga tctttgcatt gccaatttaa atccaacttt    161280
     cttgaagcca actttaaata ctgggaactt taagcattgt caatttcaag ccaactttct    161340
     ccaacccaat tttaaataca ggggtcacac cctcctcctc gccccctgca acttgaaact    161400
     ccctgggaaa gataacctcc tggacctggg aaatgaggag tatttagaaa caactgcctc    161460
     ttggtaagca cacctcctat attttatcca aatcatgaaa ttataacaat agaagtaaac    161520
     aaaaagcctt cattcatcct ctttcaacca taacctcggc ataaaaagct cctgtacttt    161580
     acagagctgt attccaattt tcgctgctct taaaattttt tttaatatca ttgcttccca    161640
     attgactcac aataacgcag acatagggac tgctggagac tgtgacctta aacagttaaa    161700
     gatgtctgca tatacgacat catgtttggt gtggagagta cctagagatt cctaaaaaag    161760
     caaagaggaa gaaggtttgc tgtgcgcatc tgggtaccct gctctatctc cagggttccc    161820
     aggatctctc tgttacagct ggtttgcact gggattagtt gctctttgca tgaggttgta    161880
     gctgtggacg tgggttttgt agcgattggg acgactctgg agatctattg gctgctgggt    161940
     ttgtaaattt cattcatttt ggtccaatgg cagaaggaga gcgccggaag cagaaggacc    162000
     tctctcccct agctctcttt ttcttgcaga gacatctttc tcccatctct gtctgttagt    162060
     acagagctct tattcagcca ctagctcggc ctttcctgct tcaattgtaa tgcttgttct    162120
     gcccggggac acactattga cagcagaaac aatgaatttc ctccaaaccc ggcaatgttg    162180
     gtggctcttg cattcctctg gatgagcgaa tctagttggg gggttcccga aggggaaggc    162240
     gcctgggctt tcaatacatc ctcctgaatc atactgcgtt tcaggttcct tagaaaaatt    162300
     tggatgtgta aaaagaactc ttaacggcga tgcaggtctt ccacagctaa ggtaggtgca    162360
     gttttaagac gtgtctttcg catattatta tccttatttt aaaaagccgt ttaaacaatt    162420
     tgacttgcag tggctctcca gcaaaggagg gaaagcctca ctggcgatat ttgagcttca    162480
     tttcatctaa tatttattta ttttttcctt ttattattat tattattgga caatttgggc    162540
     tggactctct cccatctgtc tcgctccatt tctttggtgt ggatgggaat gtggacatcg    162600
     atgtatggct tttacatgca atctctccac aggaacattt ggttttattt tcacttaaaa    162660
     ataaaaatgc agaccaccaa tgttgtttgg aagcattttg ctgcaatcag ctgtttgaac    162720
     agctctgggg ccatgtgcgg tgtgtttaaa aagtagcgct gccttccata caaattaaag    162780
     gaagactgtg gcggggaaag gaggggaaaa atatatatat atatacacac agacatatat    162840
     atgcgtatgt gtgagtttgt gagtgtacac atacacacac acatatatat atgtacacac    162900
     acacacatac atgcagtaca ggggaaaagg agggaaaagg ccagggctgg agatggcgaa    162960
     agcaggagga cttctgcaaa ctgtgagcat ggaaggcttt tcttctcttt tctccccact    163020
     ccaaagccct cgtcttcttt aagaaaacca ccactgcctg gggtgcttct tttgggaggc    163080
     tggggttggg ggttggtgcc attaaccaga gagaaaaggg gaaataaagc ttggttgggg    163140
     ttgcattatg agattttttt ttcccttcct tcatctcctg gcctcggata agataaggct    163200
     tgggggatgc acgaaataat ccaagtgatt gattagacct ggcatggctt ggttgggctg    163260
     gagaaagatc ggggcgcgct ggaaaccccg cgtgaagatg aaatgactgt agctccgtgc    163320
     tgctcctcca aactcgggag cggtatccat gcaccccttt cccgtgtgtg tgggttacga    163380
     cgtgggtggg agtggtgagg caagccgcaa aagtggggta gagctggtgg ttttgcttct    163440
     tcggaagcct ttgagtgtgg cctggacctt agatgggggt gcagggcggt ttgccgctgc    163500
     caccctcggc accatctctg aactgcccgc ttttccggag gagcggaaaa gttggaagcc    163560
     gaaaagacag gcgcccggag ccctggtcta ggtatcaggt gatccggagc cctagtcggt    163620
     gcccactaag aacacccctt ctcccatcgg gggttcggag gagtgttaag cctgcgggtc    163680
     tgccagtccc taaggtaggg atgggggagg ggtctgagga atccgttcca ataggcacac    163740
     catccccaca gccctagaaa aggcaaccac cacccgctcc ttcctcccgc accatcccat    163800
     ctcaaggctc tctgctgacc cgggccgatt tcatctggtc tcttctcccc cgcttcccac    163860
     ctcccaattc ccgcgcagct cggctccgtt ccctcccact cccctaggcg gaactgaaag    163920
     cgaagatcag ccaagagcac agtcggaggc ggcagagacg gtggcgggtg agctaggggc    163980
     tgtgagacga agcagggaga gagtgaactt cagccccgtc ccctccccac tgccacggct    164040
     ggggcaaccc aacccgcgcc tgaagcggct tggcttgacc tgcggaagcg cgggccggga    164100
     tggcgtgggg agagggaggt aggtgccact gggctgcaga tgacgagtgg gttgggggct    164160
     tgctgtggga caagaggttc aggttccggc ctgcgccttc cactccgcgg tggcgctctc    164220
     tgcctgcggt tttccaggag gccgatctac cccagggaca ctctcatcct tcaggcggtc    164280
     tcctggacgc cctttcctcc ccttgcctcc cagcctgacc tggctctttc gcccctcgga    164340
     gaaccggtag gttggggtcc ctcggcgggg gtctagtgag ccgagtcgcg agctttgcgc    164400
     ccccggtatc taggccccgt gccgcgcgca aatccgggcc caggcgtaca gttctggagc    164460
     ctagtcgccg ccagacacag ggccctttgt acccggagga gcgggagcgg gagcgggggc    164520
     gtcagggcaa cccttgcacc ccagaggcct gcctaggacc accctgggaa caaatgtctc    164580
     gctcggaaaa cgaggtgaac ccggaggatg tcctacgcat catacccctc cccttcttga    164640
     gaaggctttt tctttttttc tttttttttc ccggtttcct tttctctggc ttcttccaca    164700
     ccttaccgca ggtgtgggcc tcttttcatg tatgtgcggc tgctatctcg gggatgcagg    164760
     ggaaggcggt gtaggaggca gcgtggaagg gtactaggag gtggcggcgg gattttgggc    164820
     ctggtgatgt gcccgagctt gcagctagct ggggcactgg gcccccaagt cacgaattca    164880
     gcccagggct tgggcgagac tgcccggagc aaggacggag gatccagatt taccatttgg    164940
     acccaaatta agaaatttgg ggtgggggtt gggtaggggt tttgaaacta agcaggtgac    165000
     gtccttgcga gctgaatcca caaggtggta gtatggctta tattattttt attttattat    165060
     tttattttat ttttctattg ttcatttttt ttgtgtgtgg ggagtggggg atgttttttt    165120
     ctctgtgtac tccaatctta tgctttttga aggcatccat tgcccgtagg gtttacataa    165180
     gaccgcgttg cattatattt tcttaaaagt ggggtggtgt gcataagctt ccatttcaga    165240
     atcagtcgct cctgtgatgt gagggaggca aaagcaaaga aaaggaaaaa taaacaaaat    165300
     aagaagttta gggagacttc attatcccca cgaagccgga attgccagtt tgtgtggtcg    165360
     ttctgcgggc aacatagaag tgcgtgtttc agaaatcctt ggatagcttc tttcttctcc    165420
     aactagaaat taaatggcca gggtgcaaac acctgacttt gatgaaaaca aagtggcaga    165480
     aactacaaga gacctgattg ctttcaatga acgcactgag ccttttccta gaggatggca    165540
     gagctgggag aaatcagatc tcaaagaaat ctacagtttt gtgagggcag atttggagag    165600
     tggagaatta tttcatacct ttagttggcc ctggtgaaga tgttagcagt aatccatcaa    165660
     atccttagca tagattttcc tgtggaaatg agcaaaatgt taaggggttg ggggatggct    165720
     atataggaat ttcatggaga cctctgcaag gatgtatttt ctcagattag aaatccggta    165780
     ttttattaca caatgcaatg aatgcattct acacacacat gcattccata tttctgtatg    165840
     tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtagtct ttttaaagag tatctttgac    165900
     atgtaaaaac ataatcaggg ccattgtagg aagtggaaaa ttacttcatc agttttaaat    165960
     cagtggatta aaatcggagg cttgattttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaac actagaatga    166020
     taattgcata ttcataataa tgtttgtgct tggataccat tttaaagttg ctttgatgtt    166080
     ttctgctctg gtgaaagaat ttttcttttc tttgtgtttt atttaaataa actaatgctt    166140
     catatacagt aggccctaaa accagtaacc tagctgattt ttacccaaac ctaagaatat    166200
     aacagatact tggtaaggga ctagtggctg cataaggtag ataattatgt tatcttgatg    166260
     ctgtaaaatt tacaagcaga cttgaaggaa tttgaaagtt cacagttttg ggcctggaat    166320
     gtagactaat ggtaagcata cagatttgtt tttaatttgt gaatttggct ttttcatttt    166380
     tgtgtgtgta gtaatttgtg gaaagcttat agtctctcca caaagacagg agcttttgac    166440
     tgactcgcca tcagagaatt gctttcacaa gtgcaggggt ctctttaaaa tctctttgga    166500
     atactgtgct tttatttcta caccacaaaa aaggatctca caaaagtaaa cattcaagtg    166560
     catgaccgaa tgaccttttt taaacattct ttcattttaa ttggtactcc acacttcaaa    166620
     cctttcctaa aactttgaat attgtcaata atgcaagttg ctgagcgaat attgtgaata    166680
     ttgcattcaa atgaagtagc aatataaaaa tattttaagt catttaatgt cctccttctg    166740
     aagacaggcg tatgtggtta aaatatactt aaattccaaa tatggtgaga gccggtctta    166800
     ggatgtgaat gtcaagttta agcaacacaa ttttagtttg taaaccagaa tgtattcttt    166860
     ctatactact ttctgatttt taacaatatg tattctattc ctaaatggga aaaatatgtt    166920
     cagttgagtt caaatccatt gctgtttttt gtttttgtct gagtactaca ctttttcaga    166980
     ggagagtctt catctcctac ttaattatgt gaatggattt tcagacagac tgtgccttct    167040
     gtatagccac cttttatttc ttaaacccct gagctacaag ttttaaatca aagatacagc    167100
     ttttgcccag tcatttagag aaagtgagaa tggaaattga agcccaggcc attgaggcaa    167160
     ttaggtcatc tgctgtgccc tctgctacca ttcagtcaat gaatatttta cagtttcatc    167220
     attttaatct aaacaaccta catttggact ttgaaaggct ccactgtttt ttgttaagtg    167280
     aatggcagtg taggaaaccc ttcctcattt ttcttggggc agagtggcac acatgaatga    167340
     gaaaaaaaga aggcgatacc tcctagcagt ttgtcattgt gacattcata ggctttgaat    167400
     aaatgtgtag atgaaaaggc cttctctctg caggtgatta catgaaataa aaaataagta    167460
     aataaaaggc tcataaaaac actacaggag tggaaggttg atggtggaaa acagcctatc    167520
     taccttgggt tgagatttca aactttagac attttgtgtt gagttcacat gtccctgatg    167580
     tatggggaac acctccatat accacatctt cccaaggcat gctcatcttc ccagaaatgg    167640
     tacctgaagg agagcaggcc taaccccaac aatattttta aaaactctct ctatatatgt    167700
     aactatatat atagagtaaa atctgtatct tactgtatat tatatatata tagtaatata    167760
     tattttaata aggtttgtat ttataaagga aagaagttta aatgactcgc agttcagcat    167820
     ggctggagag gcctcaagaa acttacaatt atgggaaacg ggaagcaaac acatccttca    167880
     caggatggca ggaaggagat gaatgagaac caagtgattc atggaaagcc ccttataaaa    167940
     cgatcagatc ttgtgagaac ttactatcat gagaatggca tggaggaaac tgcccctgtg    168000
     attcaattat ctcccaccac gtccctccca tgacacatgg ggattgtgga gccgcaattc    168060
     aagatgaggt ttgggtgggg acacagtcaa atcatatcat gaggttttat tatttaagac    168120
     aggaaaagag taatcgtcca tactttagac gggagatgaa gtacagtgaa cattcatagt    168180
     cccattggtt gaagaataca tttcgaagag agaaatgtta atttcattat attgctaatg    168240
     aaatgatcta ggctttcact gctctctgga aatgtggaga agtggcccag gatcttgttt    168300
     gggttgttct atttaaaatg tacattacat aaagaaatca tgatttgtca aagtaacaga    168360
     gtggtatttt tggcttacaa tgggactttc ttagctccac ctgttaatat cgatgatcat    168420
     tttggtttta agaggccagt atctgattgg atgatgaaaa cctggatctc aaagccatca    168480
     ccccagacat gtgattttat taacatctgt gggcatgtct cctggctccc acatcaaccc    168540
     ttcatccagg ctcattttct ctgtttttgt ttggttgttt gtatgctttg ggtggggaaa    168600
     ggggacacat attttgctaa gggcaccttt ttcagtcatg aaacgtagcc tgtcaataag    168660
     ctgaaaagga acttgagttg tttcaagttg cattaggtag taagtttttg gatcctttaa    168720
     aaaaaaaaag gactgaggtt actaaaagtg ttattggcac tgataaaaga gccatggtga    168780
     cttgtggttt gttttcacaa ggtgtggaaa aggcctcctt ggttctttga tgatggctgt    168840
     agtgaagttg catgcggtgc cattttccat gtttagtatt tcaacaacac caatatgtgg    168900
     ctctggagta tgggacgggc aattccaaga actcagtgag gcatgccatg tgactccaat    168960
     ggtcagtcag agctgttcag catggaacta tggtcccaaa agcatggggg atgggggcag    169020
     aagaaactca ttgcaactga gtgtctttaa cttgttccag tcctcactac tctctgtgaa    169080
     tataactctg tgagtgggtt aggtgaggaa actcacaaaa gtaaatgcgt gttttcacaa    169140
     acaaatttta tcattgttaa ctgttttcct aagtgagaca atatgccctc atgccctgaa    169200
     gctacactgt aagaatggca gtatgtatga gcaggtgtat acacatacat gtgcacatat    169260
     gccaacacac taactaggaa ctagtccttg cagaaaatgt ttttctcagc cattctaaca    169320
     cactagataa aagcaagtat gtgtgtgtgt gtatatatat acacacacat atgtacatac    169380
     atgtataaac acatatatgt acatatatat atatatatat atatatctga aggaaaaata    169440
     tcatttttca ttagttactt tccttttttt attcccatca ttcaccaaac ctatgttata    169500
     ttaaacaatc cataacacct ggcctggaca atagagtgag accctaactc cacaaagaaa    169560
     caaaaattaa aaacaaagta gctggcacta ggcaagtacc tgtggttcca actgaggtgg    169620
     gaggatcact tgaacatagg agttcatggc tgcagtgagc tataattaca ccactgtact    169680
     ccagcctgag agacagagca agaccctatc tctaaaaaat atatataaat aaaacataaa    169740
     aaataaaaat agaaaattta caatgaaagg tgtaaagtta cctatgatgg gcctgggtgt    169800
     aatcttcatt taggagtgaa tatattcatt aaagtgagac ctaagtagta taaagtatgt    169860
     gtttagggac aggtgcccat tttctctagg tctcctggaa tatttttttt ctaaattgag    169920
     ttctgattcc aaaaaaggtg ttattgccta tgcttatggt gaaactatat gtgtgacaaa    169980
     atgctactct gtcttgtcca tcaatattgt gcaatgtggt attctttcat ggagcaattg    170040
     acaactttta cagtgatcaa actgggcact ctttactaag gctaaattca taaccctttt    170100
     atctgacttt gtagaagatt ctcaccttta tttctctcgg tgcccaaagg ctggcctgag    170160
     agactgttcc cattgaagcc ttacagaaag cttgtagagc attgtaacag cccagcttca    170220
     gaaacccagc attgactttc aataaatatg aaggagtttg aagtcacaaa tgttgagaac    170280
     ctcattatag tctctttatg aacttgagtc cctctcttcc tgcagacttc ctttgaactc    170340
     aaatttaatg tgcactactt attcaccctt gtacttatgg aaaagcattg acaatcccag    170400
     gtaataacta gagaagaagt gagtgaatgc tagagggttt ctcatttagg ttgttcactc    170460
     accactgtgc acaggctctt tagaaatcta cttacacatg atgagactgt aagcagactt    170520
     atgtttctga agcatcagta tacaggtgtg cagaaagaaa tgggctaggt cacttaacag    170580
     ctacgagtat aactaagatg gacaaaatag ttttatttgc agattatatc tatagagcct    170640
     tcatcatcta tatctatatc tatatataaa atagggtgca tataaacata cacagatcat    170700
     agattattca tttcagtttc tacatacaat atgtaattta tatacaattg catttatgtg    170760
     catttatata atagtatttg tatacaactt ctatacttga ataaaactgt catcttcaat    170820
     agctgtttaa tatatattta tttctagata gttgtattta tgtacattta cataattgta    170880
     tttatataca gtttatatta ctgatgaaag cctttatcac ttgcaaactt acttatacaa    170940
     aatacaattt atctaaacat aaaatgtatt atataaatat aagttatata ttaatatata    171000
     gcatatacaa taagtcataa atatataata aaaatgtgtt ttgtatactt atttattata    171060
     tattgagtat aactcattta aatacaattt ttatattata taatgtatta tatattgtgt    171120
     aataaatata atttatatat tgctattata tatacctatt gtatataaga tataataaaa    171180
     tccatctaaa tctataataa aatatgtata tatttatgtt ctgtatatgt atttttcttg    171240
     ctttttatgt attaaaaata catacaaact atatatgtag tatactgcaa actatatata    171300
     tagacatgca ttttccaaaa gaaactgtgt tataggtggt gagtgaactt ctaggctgat    171360
     tcacaggagc tatggttact atgcgtagtg gtccatggaa actacaactt tactttcaag    171420
     tggagcataa gagctataaa tgactgtaat atgatagcaa gcacatcatg gcactctgtg    171480
     aatcctgaga aatcgacctt tcgtgtgttt tgtgaaccag tcaggaaagc tcatttgagt    171540
     gggaggatgt gtcaagccat gtgtctctcc caccgagatg gatagacaac atctgcttat    171600
     agactgagaa actacctgag gttgtgtgga agtcatgaca aattggcaat gtcctcagtg    171660
     tgttcggggt gggaggtggt gatgtccctg gacctatgct tagcttttat ccctctgtgg    171720
     gaccaattct gttggcaaaa tcacttctgt ggtcttgctc cagatgaaaa atcaacatgg    171780
     aaggcttagg ggtttagtgc tctagttaat ggcaagaaag aaaatcagtg actaagatca    171840
     atttatcctt ttgtgcaaaa cagctttttt attggaggag ctaggtctta tatagagcta    171900
     gctcttatat agagcaggag ctagctctta tatagagcca cctagtatgt tctttcattt    171960
     gtcattttta ttgatcatct actatatgcc agatacaggc cagaaagcaa attctgagct    172020
     ggtaatggag aggcaaaata ggccatccct gtactctaaa aaatcctgcc tatgtgtgga    172080
     tgttcacaag aacgttgtta agatttttag ttcaggtatg gattactttc tttcattttt    172140
     gttgtataca ttacattttt tttctttcat cctcatacct ctctccttcc cttccttcct    172200
     tcttccctta cttccctccc tccttccttc tttttctcta ttttccttcc tttttttctc    172260
     tccctccttc cctccctcca tccttctttc cttccttcct tccttctttc cttcctttct    172320
     tcttccctct ttcctttatg ctatttggat gagtgataaa atctcaaggg tccttaaaat    172380
     attaaaggga aaatgaagat aattctattg aagaacagat caaataggaa agagtaatga    172440
     aaagaaagct tcctggaatg agaaattagc atgttcttta caatttaata gaatttttca    172500
     tatactatat ttgtatagct ggttagattt taaaactttg tcaaacccta catttataaa    172560
     accttagttt tcattttagt aagttatatg gatgaatgca cacataaagc agattacctt    172620
     gattcaacaa aaacattcaa atattagtga tccttttttt ttaacatatg gtagtggaaa    172680
     cagcttgatt aatttatggc tatttcctac atacttttta aaatcaataa gcaacagtca    172740
     gatatttcag catttttaag gcatgaacag taccttgaat tgtaatatat tttagtctaa    172800
     aacatctggt aacatcacag gtaattgctt caaactctac tgccgctcat ataatttact    172860
     tttttcatca atttaaggtc ttttagagtc atgagaggac ctttaaaata gataacatca    172920
     ctcatactat tgagctagga ttgcttaaag atggagcata gattacattg tctcagagga    172980
     aaatatttta tgaagattct tttttttgtg tgtgtgttct tggatacatg tgcagaatgt    173040
     gcaggtttgt gatagagtta tacatgtgcc atggtggttt gctggaccta tcaaccagcc    173100
     atctaggttt taagccccac atgcattatg tatttgtcct agagctttgc ctcccccttt    173160
     ctcccaccct gcaccaggcc ccagtgtgtg aaattcacct ccctgtgtcc ctgtattccc    173220
     attgttcaga ttggacttat atgagaacat gtggtgctgg ttttcggttc ctctgttagt    173280
     ttgctgagaa tgatggtttc cagcttcatc acgttcatgg aaaggacatg aactcattct    173340
     ttttcatggc tgcttagtat tccatggtgt atttgtgcca catttttttc tatccagtct    173400
     atcactgatg gtcatttagt ttggttccaa gtctttgcta ttgtaaacag tgctgcagta    173460
     accatacatg tgtatgcgtc tttatagtag aatgatttat aatcctttag gtatatacgc    173520
     agtaatggga tggctgagtc atatggtatt tatggttcta gatccctgag gaatctccac    173580
     acactcttct gcaatggttg aactgattca tagccaacaa acatgtgaaa aaaagctcat    173640
     catcactggt cattagagaa atgcaaatga ttctttaaaa agtataagaa ctcccgaatc    173700
     aggtattcta tcttgaagag gctccctggt ccaatatttc tggaaaacct catgtatcat    173760
     ttgcctctct tgaattttac cctgaagaca gacacattat ggccttaaag cctcctatac    173820
     taatggattt agcaggcata ccaaataact taaggttggt tctttgtaat gaattttaat    173880
     caaattaact acctaacagt attcagaata cttccattga cacagagcag aaagaagtgc    173940
     caacaggata tgaagtatct ttaaattacc aaaataattt ggagaaatga acttgttgat    174000
     tttttcttta ttttatttac ttattcaaaa cttgttgagt gccaagaagt gggataaaaa    174060
     tacaatgaaa ttgtttattt ttcctatatt aacgataggc taatattatt ttgcacctct    174120
     ggtcttactg gtcttatgtt tgagaacaaa taagttttat ctgaatattt tatctctcgt    174180
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttaa tctctcatgt cctgtcaaaa    174240
     attaagaaaa agaacagttt gattcagtct tcacacatct ttcttaaaca gttaaaggca    174300
     aaatcatcag agctacatgg cccaaatatt agcaggtagg ttcatgtttg aattctcaga    174360
     gggtgattat gtagttcaat tttaactcct tcaacagaca gactactatc gttgatgagc    174420
     aaggagacaa aagtatttga taaacattat gtagttaata ttatccttga gggaggggag    174480
     aaggctgcct gtcttaggta atgctttcga tggcaggttt gtcctaggct tgaggtagca    174540
     ggcttgctct tttggctgaa gaagccctaa catgcatacc agtattgcaa atttacccac    174600
     atgccaattg tatgctgtgg aaagaaatga ataatgtaga tcccattaca gagaatgatg    174660
     tggaacagat agacttaatg catcagaacc agtgagcagt agacaagaca tttagaaaat    174720
     aacaacagca gtgaaaacaa atataaacaa accacaaaca aaaccattac atttgggttt    174780
     ctggttgcct gttacctcag agggttctgg ttacaagcta aaatgtcttg accattagga    174840
     aggtcaagac aaggccctta atgctgtgta aaacagtaac aaacagtaag ggtgacccag    174900
     ggagaaaggg taacaagtta cattgaagtt aaataccagg gagaaagtgt agcagttaca    174960
     tggaaattaa ataccagtta cctgtgcaga gactgaaaat acaaagcaga cacaggaacg    175020
     gtagtagtag aaggcctagg gcaagggatt ggcggggcgg gggttggggg gatggggcgg    175080
     gaatctgaat ttgatctgaa tttgttgcag cttgaaattg cagcttgaaa ctagccagcc    175140
     aactctaatg agggcattga tatgggaaaa acactacctc agaaaaaaaa tctgacaacc    175200
     taggtagaga tcaaatggta ccatattctg aggatggaat aataattcac acatggcttc    175260
     acataaaatt tgtgtgacaa tggttattta ctatgattca gtctgccatg acaattttac    175320
     cagtaaaata actttctagg atttatttga tatcagttaa taagcctacc ttaaatgaat    175380
     aaccagaata tgacaattga aaattaatgt aaaattacac aaatagttat gtgtctagat    175440
     atttcacaat caaatgtatg tgggcattta atctagtcag atccaaataa taaaaaattc    175500
     tttctttcta gaccaacatt tatcttgata ttatacatac atatgtaaat tacaaccaca    175560
     tatttgcata tgtaaattac acagcaattt acacatagat acatacatag ctcacttttt    175620
     gttggtgaac acattttcct gaaggttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagatg    175680
     gagtctcgct ctttcaccga ggctggagtg cagtggtgct atctcggctc actgcaagct    175740
     ccgcctcccg ggttcatgcc attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg ggactacagg    175800
     cgcccaccac cgcgcccggc taattttttt gtatttttag cagagacggg gtttcaccac    175860
     gttagccagg atggtctcga tctcctgacc tcgtgatccg cctgcctcgg cctcccaaag    175920
     tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcac ccagccgaag gtttttaaaa taataattat    175980
     tctacctgta atgccatagc agtattggta aaaagttcaa atgtggctgg gtggagtgcc    176040
     tcattcctgt aattctagca ttttggaagg ccaacacagg agcattactt gagtccagca    176100
     ctttgagagc agcctggaaa accctatatg tacagaaaat aaaaaaaaaa taaaaaatag    176160
     agtaagccag gtgtgggtgg tgcatgtctg tatccctgct actcaggagg ctgaggtata    176220
     aggatcactt gaggagttta tcagtagttt gaggctgcag taggctatga cctcaccact    176280
     gcattgcaac ctgggcaaca gactgacacc ctgtctttta aaaagaattc aattgcatca    176340
     tttatgtgga cagatttgac tggtgtcatt ctgttgctga atcattccaa ggtatgcact    176400
     taccttttct ctcttgaaac agcttatgca aaaacaaaca actaaataga gaagcagttt    176460
     gcaaaactat atttaaaggt aaaccatact ccctcacccc caactccaca aaaatagttt    176520
     tatg                                                                 176524