EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC010722; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 160723 BP.
AC   AC010722;
DT   23-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 8)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-122L9 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-160723
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-160723
RA   Cordes M., Maupin R., Haakenson B.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-122L9";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-160723
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-160723
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (16-DEC-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-160723
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-MAY-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-160723
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 82dc2a2316520916063c1d99b1df8074.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000099715; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC010722.2:1-160723; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000215473; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; H0Y3S6.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:15813; PCDH11Y.
DR   InterPro; IPR002126; Cadherin.
DR   InterPro; IPR013164; Cadherin_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR013585; Protocadherin.
DR   InterPro; IPR015919; Cadherin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR020894; Cadherin_CS.
DR   RFAM; RF00004; U2.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y3S6; H0Y3S6_HUMAN.
CC   On Dec 16, 1999 this sequence version replaced gi:5916485.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0122L09
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the right is RP11-465A8.  Actual start of
CC   this clone is at base position 1 of RP11-122L9; actual end is at
CC   base position 160723 of RP11-122L9.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..160723
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-122L9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..82
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   1087..1317
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   1325..1416
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   1408..1486
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   1487..1561
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   1974..2022
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   2162..2340
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    4336..4547
FT                   /note="match to EST N62618 (NID:g1210447) yz75e03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    4794..5086
FT                   /note="match to EST N78389 (NID:g1241090) yz75e03.r1"
FT   repeat_region   6561..6685
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   6686..6845
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   6846..6870
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   6872..7152
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   7153..7170
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   7171..7209
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   7210..7328
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   7329..7388
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   8362..8539
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   8941..9088
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   10476..10513
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   13515..13559
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   misc_feature    15114..15351
FT                   /note="XY homologous region AF005977.1 (NID:g2330969)"
FT   repeat_region   15353..15374
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   15726..15841
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    16270..16636
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA663793 (NID:g2617784) ae72g04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   18587..18623
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   19477..19537
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   19767..19848
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   19959..19994
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   20370..20393
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   20884..21196
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21818..21965
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   23172..23556
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    23613..23615
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA663793 (NID:g2617784) ae72g04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   23630..23651
FT                   /rpt_family="(T)n"
FT   repeat_region   23813..24097
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25062..25186
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   25279..25324
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   26710..27077
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   27227..27322
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   28735..28883
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   28885..28942
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   30037..30223
FT                   /rpt_family="U2"
FT   repeat_region   30251..30561
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30874..30944
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   32203..32498
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33303..33598
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35091..35162
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   35346..35378
FT                   /rpt_family="U2"
FT   repeat_region   35916..36151
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   36777..36809
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   37938..38233
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39450..39753
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40402..40424
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   40604..40903
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41995..42197
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   44527..44552
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   46587..46610
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   46749..46778
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   47166..47263
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   47377..47578
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   47587..47610
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   48275..48529
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49925..50122
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   50819..51112
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51732..51753
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   52028..52078
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   52080..58100
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58865..60467
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60519..60777
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62126..62148
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   63984..64011
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   64165..64250
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   64449..65026
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65246..65484
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67518..67538
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    68223..68421
FT                   /note="pseudogene similar to cadherin"
FT   repeat_region   69676..69774
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70137..70330
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   71487..71603
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   71702..71999
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75628..75662
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   75666..75977
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76662..76685
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   77001..77031
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   78692..78999
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79504..79540
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   79546..79703
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80572..80726
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81661..81883
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83603..83636
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   83855..83963
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84396..84698
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85003..85198
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   86242..88845
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88849..89387
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89388..89748
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91358..91445
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91446..93716
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93714..94394
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96741..96773
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   101757..101855
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   104829..104882
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   105575..105785
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   107395..107437
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   107654..107973
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    108047..108050
FT                   /note="match to EST AA730407 (NID:g2751611) nw42c12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   108106..108134
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   108512..108760
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108765..108791
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   108931..109011
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   109089..109140
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    109182..111605
FT                   /note="pseudogene similar to BH-protocadherin"
FT   repeat_region   111236..111260
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAA)n"
FT   misc_feature    111646..111661
FT                   /note="match to EST AA730407 (NID:g2751611) nw42c12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   113843..113875
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   114753..114773
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    115301..115657
FT                   /note="match to EST AA730407 (NID:g2751611) nw42c12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   115922..116215
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116306..116618
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    118519..119016
FT                   /note="match to EST AA199616 (NID:g1795348) zq74f12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   118739..119045
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119226..119338
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   119427..119737
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    119870..119873
FT                   /note="match to EST AA199616 (NID:g1795348) zq74f12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   121111..121409
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121410..121433
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   121940..121966
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   122057..122080
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   122081..122358
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    122961..123269
FT                   /note="match to EST AA133795 (NID:g1690782) zn85b08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    122961..123333
FT                   /note="match to EST AI733745 (NID:g5054858) zn85b08.y5"
FT   repeat_region   123434..123461
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    123488..124065
FT                   /note="match to EST AI732427 (NID:g5053540) zn85b08.x5"
FT   misc_feature    123540..124066
FT                   /note="match to EST AA129395 (NID:g1689178) zn85b08.s1"
FT   repeat_region   124679..124703
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   124759..124786
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   124867..125309
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   125444..125698
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   126095..126187
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   126695..127000
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128779..129058
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   129167..129201
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   129202..129488
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129489..129500
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   129702..129780
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   130933..130990
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   131022..131215
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   131225..131335
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   131878..132001
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   132089..132592
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   132597..133659
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   misc_feature    134097..134102
FT                   /note="match to EST AA133795 (NID:g1690782) zn85b08.r1"
FT   repeat_region   134112..134279
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   134298..134454
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   134818..134840
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   135267..135966
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   135973..136200
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   136221..136479
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   136701..136743
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   137229..137314
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   137755..137892
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138127..138150
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   138151..138182
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   138183..138379
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139537..139638
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   139810..139834
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   140400..140440
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   140440..140471
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   140478..140516
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   140548..140580
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   140661..141099
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141100..141560
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141561..141854
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141855..142060
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142625..142647
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   142807..143049
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144350..144766
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144767..145686
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    151088..151503
FT                   /note="match to EST R52717 (NID:g814619) yg99b03.r1"
FT   repeat_region   151131..151263
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   151818..152496
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   152497..153219
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    153865..154247
FT                   /note="similar to EST R52669 (NID:g814571) yg99b03.s1"
FT   repeat_region   155615..156369
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156634..156845
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   156888..157255
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   157545..157675
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   157677..158219
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   158225..158502
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   158537..158997
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   159537..159897
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   160470..160522
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   160523..160571
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   160572..160722
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
SQ   Sequence 160723 BP; 49942 A; 28550 C; 28448 G; 53783 T; 0 other;
     gaattcagcc cagtaggttt cagccttatt ttccccagcc cctatgcaag atggatttgg        60
     tctggttcaa atgcctctga cacctctaaa cacacacctg ctttacttaa ggaaactgat       120
     ccaagaagaa aattcaagat ttgatgacat tttaattaac aagtgcttca ttttaactaa       180
     taaatttcaa gttgcttatt ctcttataca actatgaaca tgttttaaat tgaaaaatac       240
     tatgtgcagt attgtagcaa acataaaaac aattaagaga ttcaggggat gtgaatctag       300
     acttgctgaa gtttaattac actgtatttt cataaaggaa tcccattcac tttaattttg       360
     tttctaaatt atgatgtcct tttcttttca gagcacattg taaataacag catagaacat       420
     cagttggaat agagaaaact gcaatttctt cctatctctt gtcatttaaa aataacaaaa       480
     atgacaactt gtctgaagaa aagtttttaa atttgactaa tgttcctttg tgtgaaatat       540
     aatatactta gcagttcaaa gtggaaaaaa ctaatccaag agaggatcat catcatagaa       600
     ctcaaaagaa tgatggattt gatagttttc tattttatgt tcaatataaa attccatttt       660
     atttgattca tcaggaatcc catatatcct ttaaatatga cagatgatta tctgagaata       720
     aaaatgtcta tgaccaaaag tccaaaactc gaacaaattc actaatctct aagttgataa       780
     aggccagtcc tagtttacag agctacatat ggttattgca tgctttctgt aaatgaaaga       840
     actataatct cgtccacaag cgtatggagg tttctatttt ccctttagtc actgatgtag       900
     ccaagaatca tactacagaa aactacagaa actattaaat ttttttcaga attaaaatct       960
     gaagttattt tgtaggtcca aattaatcta ctcataaagg tacaaactta taacttaagt      1020
     tccagttttt taaattttgt atttcctctg gaagaataaa agacaggtct tttgatatgg      1080
     ataaataggg atgaatccta gtttttggaa tctgaaactt acacgttaac tctctttaaa      1140
     aaaaagaata caaaattacc atacaaaatt ttgtataacc agaatattta tttataaaga      1200
     gaggttacga caaatgccaa atttatagaa gctgacaaat atcacaaaca ttatagaatc      1260
     caagaaaatt atatactttt aataataagc tgcttgacac atctctgtaa tatttttctt      1320
     ttcccatttc aagaacaccc atggatgcct gaaactgtaa agactaccaa accctgtatg      1380
     tattacgttt tttcctatac ataaatatct gtgatacttt ttcccaacat ttttgggtgc      1440
     ctatcattgg attgcctctt cacatgaaaa taattttgta atatcaggcc tcaaaagagg      1500
     ccagtgtaag tgaaggaccc tcaatcttaa acttccttag ctccatggta aatctgcctc      1560
     tatttgtatc agttattcaa tcaatgtgtg gctgttcata agatataaaa taagaacaac      1620
     accctgttgc aaaatattca tcactatata tctatatcaa tatctgtatc catatctata      1680
     aacatagatg tgtataaaaa agattgtgaa ttataaattt tggaccgtat ttcagggtgc      1740
     aatatatcct cagagagatt caaattgtgt ggtgggagtg agaggtaata tttattttat      1800
     gcaaataaat tgaggttacc aatccctttt acctgcctac ttcaattaaa tagtgaaagg      1860
     gatagtgact tatacaatgc tggggttgta cttatcatta tataactcac tacctagaac      1920
     taaaaaccaa acatgaagta gaaagtctat ttaatgaatt aatgtggctt aaaagtgcct      1980
     gggatgtaga gttcttcaat aagtatttgt ttatgaatga atagatgaac taacaaatga      2040
     gtgaatggat aatacagcta tatccacctc ccttttcttt tgcctcattt tacctcaatg      2100
     actgctttcg ctgcctaatg aagtctaatt ttttgagtgc taaattacat tgaaatattt      2160
     ttatcgggta cttcatggca gtttttatgt tatctcattt atgtttctaa taacaattct      2220
     caaggtaatt tcatttctca atacatagtt actgaaattg aaagaatttg agtaacttat      2280
     ccaatgttct acagctagaa tgtcaaagaa tcacaagttg aatcgaggct ttctagattc      2340
     ttaggtaata tacatcatag ccttttattt ttcctacatg ccatgccgta aaaatatagc      2400
     caaaacaaaa ggagcttatt aagttaaaat tgtgttacat gcatcacaag ttctaggcaa      2460
     aaaatgtaat atattatgtc aaaaatagtt acaatgggaa gtccttgtgt ctgtgtcaca      2520
     atgtacagat ttattctttt tatttccttt cattttcata tccataaatt gctcttcgta      2580
     gtctcagttt tgaaactggg tctggtctgg attgagcagt agcacgtcaa gggatcaaat      2640
     gaatgttgat ggaaatagct atatgcagag tgatcaacat catgataggc tgacaggttt      2700
     gaagagccaa gcacttttac aactgtcaag cagtattttt catactacct caaaaagatt      2760
     ctctggttga ataaactttt aatatccccc tgctggagag tcacaacaca tatttacgta      2820
     ttaaagaaac acaggaaatc ctccgtataa acctgcacca cgcctacctc ccccaactcc      2880
     aatttgttcc tttgctgccc cctagagggc cttggccaga gtgcacacgc catcactgcc      2940
     ttctctccta gtttctcttt ctattgcaga ctacgctgcc taaactcggg tctcaaagta      3000
     aacagggagc tcaaagtaaa cagggtttga acaccaattt gtggtcttta catcatttgc      3060
     taactgctaa cacccttctc ttccttggag agttttcaga aaggaaatca ttatgaaggg      3120
     agtaggtgac ttcaattcct ttcttcccta tcatcttcac ttccacatca gtctccagat      3180
     gagcatttta cccggctgga gtacatgcag aaaagttgaa agagatgtag catggtataa      3240
     atttgaaaag ttacggtagt gaacttgaag gaaaaataaa agaaaaataa tttaaaaaga      3300
     aaaaagtatc tctactgact cccctcctca ggaccctgag tttgcctatc ccttatgtcc      3360
     caccctcctc ctccttctcc tcttctctga gacctaatcc acttggggat aacagactat      3420
     tttccagtta tctatgattt atctaaatct agtttttgga tctaaatctg gttttggaag      3480
     tgtgggtgtt aagtaattca gtcacactat tcaagaataa caaatgtcat tggaaggcat      3540
     cattacttat tttgataaac agaaaaagtc ttaccaacac agcctaccca cttcagcatc      3600
     ttccatagaa taaatgatcc aaggatataa aacataaaat gagaagctag agtcataagt      3660
     aatcttattt gtaggacagt gctaagcagt ttgtcctttt gggatcatga ccctcagcga      3720
     agcaggtaat atttccttga cactgagctg agagcaccac agaaagggac tggtggaaac      3780
     caagcagggt gccaatgctc caactatcag agcctgagca ctagtaatag caacgggtac      3840
     tacagtgtcc ccagataact gagttagacg actaattgta tgaactagaa cactaggttt      3900
     ggacttggag taaaacgcag atctggtcga tccactacaa gaacactgaa cagtgggtct      3960
     gaaaaaatat cgaattcaaa aatccatcag ttgacaaagt gaaggtttct gaaggattct      4020
     ttattatgac aggattaagt tcagcctgaa ggagagacta gtgcgtctgg ctccagcaac      4080
     agggctagag aaggtggagg ctaataataa caacattcac agagttgggg aatctaggtc      4140
     cagtatttta ttttcattgc caatttttca ttcaattttt tttctttaaa aggaaaacca      4200
     ttctgtgctc caaacccttt cccttcacat tctagcctga caaaaaagat aaccaggata      4260
     gaatcaatag tgtgccaaac tgcctttgtg gtttcacttc atttagaagt tactcaagaa      4320
     aggacaatta catttaaaat tcaagacatc tttttattat atgaaagtac aatgattcac      4380
     cattttctac cctatgtgaa agaaaatata aaaggaatag ttgagaccag ctgcattttt      4440
     gcaattgaga ataatcctgg atttggatat tttatttaaa ggcagaaact gacatccagc      4500
     taagttttag taatgaaaaa ataaaaattg tcagctaagt tttagtaatg atgaaataaa      4560
     aattgttcaa tctcaaaggg aaaacaaaaa tcctatgctg attctctaga catatgtgta      4620
     atcatttaaa atggtatgtc tgcagtagtc cagccaatta aaaatggctc aaaatagcca      4680
     ctcattaaat actttgttga ctataccata ggcattgatt ttaaaaggaa aaaaagagca      4740
     gttttcctat acgtttcaat gaaatacaca gtatatttgt tatcacatat cagaaaatat      4800
     aactgatttt aaaagcatac aaaagttaaa tctacttagt tcacagtcat ataatagaaa      4860
     taaagaggct taaaaagtaa aggcggctca gagtagtgtg ggattagtcc aggattcttg      4920
     aaaaatgtgt atttgtatca atctcaatat attgctttgg aaacattatg tggttggttg      4980
     catatgtgtg tgcatttcct aaatttaaaa cagtagctga tacctatgtc ctgaagagat      5040
     ggccacatag aaatcttgat ggaataggaa aattcattct cattgttaat gaaaaaaaaa      5100
     aaggattctg cttttctcaa cgaacaaaac tgttggaatc cttcacctca ccacacaaca      5160
     tctggataac ttaaggcaaa acctgtccta aagaaacaag aaagatagag actgttaata      5220
     gcattctaat cattctactc tttaaaaaac aataattttc cccattcacg tgctgccatc      5280
     acaacacagg ccagtagcac acagatgaaa atcctcatct ggtacagttt gcagctattc      5340
     atttgcagaa aaataagagt aaagtaggag aaattaattc ttcaggggaa aagagcaacc      5400
     ttgagaacaa ccccacattt acaatcattt ataatttata atcatttata atcagcgctc      5460
     agtgcttcag caaagttcag ctataaacat aaggctgtaa ttgtcaggtt cttgtgaaag      5520
     aaattcagct acagctttta tccactgcaa ttgtggagct gttcaagcct actggaaaaa      5580
     aaaaacatct tctatatgac ctgactacca aacagttgtc acacccctat taattacaga      5640
     ggtcgttgaa gtagttaaga attcttatca aaatctttcc tctatagaaa gcccttcttt      5700
     tcttcccctc cttggaattt cagtaaagca tttctcagag cagggaacga gttcaaactt      5760
     ttcccaatta ttggcccaaa cattatagta cacttctgat atatatattt tttattttga      5820
     tggtgttgta aggccagtcc caggtctaca gaacaaaaaa agaaaaacca aaaaatcctt      5880
     gcaagtcata tacaggaggg aatggagaaa tgttactttc atttcacaga tacgcccttt      5940
     tcaaatattc ttatacatta tagtggtgga gagggggaag tgtgttgaaa gatttcattc      6000
     atctatgttt tcagtaatag taccctctag tgtctccagc tgagatatgc atttggtgag      6060
     ctgctaggta aagcagttaa accaccgaca gcatagagct cggtaacaag cagaccttct      6120
     cccatttctc aatctttagc ttccgaagaa attcatttgt cttttgtgta tctgtaccag      6180
     tttcagcctt attatcattt gtgacgtgaa tgcctgaata ctagaaatat ctaccaatta      6240
     aatgtaaaac tgcctgtaca aattatgata gtaaaaatgc ttggaattga gaaagtactt      6300
     ttaacttctc atatcatttg catatgcact ataatatttg taggtcacag tatagttccc      6360
     ctacccctgt gatgacacat gaatgtttgt tgttgctttt aaagagagaa gcagaatgat      6420
     ttcacttggg ataaagagaa atgaattctt aactaaggct tttgctttaa gcattctcta      6480
     tccctttgag gtttatgtta tcttttaatt ttccttaaca tctttatttg tttatgtctt      6540
     ggagagtgac aactttttag ctttatttta gacattctgc tgagcatttt agatgaatta      6600
     ccttatttaa atatcactac aatattttga ggtggataag gttattatcc ctaattttag      6660
     atgaaggaac tgtagctttt tgggacagct ctgtccaaaa agctacgtaa tgcaagccac      6720
     acatgtaatt tgaaattttc taaaaatatt aaaaatacac agttgaaatt aatttaataa      6780
     tatatttgtt gaaccaatga gtcaatatat tatttcatca tgtaactgat atgcaatgat      6840
     aatggtatat tatgttatat tatattatat attgaaacag agtcttgctc tgttgcctag      6900
     gctagagcaa aacgccacaa ttatagctca ctgcagcctt cgagtcctgg gcctaagtaa      6960
     tgctcccaac tcagcctccc gagtagcagg gactacaggt gtgcactgcc acacctggtg      7020
     aattttttat ttttagtata gatgaggtct cactatgttg cccaagctgg tctggaactc      7080
     ctgagctcaa gcaatcctcc tgccttggtc ctccaaggtg ttgggattac aggcctgaac      7140
     catggcatct ggtcaatata ttttacatac gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      7200
     gtttatgtga tataccttca aaattgggtg tgtactttac actcgaagca tatgtcaact      7260
     agggcaagcc acatttcatg tgctcagtag ccacatgtgg gtagtggtta tcttattgga      7320
     caatacaggt ctagagatta atttcttcac agccagacag ctagaacatg gcagagccaa      7380
     gactccaaat ttggtcaaaa atcaaaggtt ttttcttaac tactgagcat cactccctcc      7440
     tattgcaatt gttgctgatg gtttaatatt aaacattaaa aatatcatgg agaatgtgtt      7500
     ttatccagtc tttctgtttc attcccatac accaatctac tttcccaata gcaatgatga      7560
     tctattgatt atcacatgtc tgtgcaatga atagtgcaat ttgtgatgta aaacacaaaa      7620
     aaagaatgga atttagtgca aaataactgt cacatgataa atacaaatta ctctgttgtc      7680
     atctatctgc atgacctgta cactccttct ctgaacagag actataagga aagacagatc      7740
     acaatgagat gacagattgc ttgataaggg atgtttcatg caaggtgaat taaaataaca      7800
     atatttgatt ggcttcatca atctcatatc aagggtgatt ttgtcagaga gtgaaaatgt      7860
     acatgaatag gtgttgccaa tgctcatctc tctgttttct ttcaccagga ttctatggct      7920
     gatcaatcct tttttagatg ggcatgttat ttcttggttt taatcaattc ttacaggcct      7980
     gagaaacatc cttactcacc aatgtttttg aaaactcttc tttgatccat tatataatca      8040
     gaatggcttt atagtttatc cctcagagaa tatgcatatt tccatgttta tgggggtata      8100
     tattaccata atttcccttt tatgatcata gcagaaccct ggtctaggtt cctaatggga      8160
     acactgaaga aacaaaatgc aataaatatc acagttcctt cctgacacct catccaaaaa      8220
     ccagattccc acagtgccct ttttgctttt gaggactttt gttagtcata aaatttttat      8280
     gtaatgcaca ttctgaaaat gtgtcactac acaatctgaa gaccgtatgc tgaggggcag      8340
     cacaatggac tggacgtaac atgggttgga atttcctgtg tattttacag ctataatacc      8400
     ttgggcattt ttaccgagtc tctgttttct catttgttaa ggaaaacatg aagctaataa      8460
     tacctacctc ttagaatggt ttggaggatt aatgggacaa tttatataat gcagatggta      8520
     cattaaaaac attcagtaac ggggagtcct tctgtctgta gtcagaaaag cgtcttcatc      8580
     agtcctttta gagttagaat gcctagagct ttttgccagg tgccttttgg ttattccgtt      8640
     gctcattggt gccaccatca gacagaatac aggagaaaag aaaatggggg aaaattttca      8700
     ttattttcag atgtggattt ctgtcagtct tttcaacaga ctcaatttct taggtaactt      8760
     tctggtttgc ttagttcaac tagtagagtc tccttggtct gtaagtaatg tttctaatct      8820
     attcagatca cttcctattg gactatccac ctaaaactaa atgctctgct ccatattata      8880
     tatagaagaa ttcagattaa ctataaagta accatgtagc tgaatttatg agttatatac      8940
     cctgaataga aatctagagt ctgttactct ttagcgtcat ggtcttgtgc aaatcacctg      9000
     tcctctatga atttcagttt caggaattgc aaaatggaat aataatatta acctcataag      9060
     tctgtcatga taactttaaa tactttaaac ggtgacaaaa tagttctctt ctcctgccta      9120
     gggattaaat ggaaatcttc agaaatcaat taattgatat ctaatgtgga tgttatgaat      9180
     aattcttagt atttgaaagc actcccatag catgcctgtg ccacactgtc cctggatcaa      9240
     tcagtgattt tatttgcatt gagttcctgc catctcccat gacacagtct catacagtat      9300
     tgcaatcccc aagagtcaga gctgtaacca tttagcagct tctgatttcc cctctcagac      9360
     atttcctagc tcccaagaag agtacaatgc atgtgctgga tactgtgaat aatgaaggga      9420
     cagttacagg aggagcaaaa tgtaatagtg aagtgtctcc tcacacctgt gcaagtaaat      9480
     atttctctgt tttctttcat gcagacctgc attgagctgc ggtgctgatg tttctcctag      9540
     tagcatggtt ttcggtataa aaatatgcaa aaaagtgacg tgaggaatat ttgaaccaag      9600
     gatttaacct tcaaaatatc aggaatggga aaggaggcag ctaagaagat ggagaaggat      9660
     atactgggga aataagtcat aaggatttgc ctttcagtta aaaaactttc cctgaagcag      9720
     ctattagaga aaagcaactt attataattc tgaaaatttt tccttcttga tgttctatct      9780
     ctatgcagat gtcatctcct cttctattca gtagacaaaa aataaaaaat ggatactgtg      9840
     ttattggtgc tctgaaacat tctctacttt ttctcctttt atttcaggaa aaagagccac      9900
     ctactttcaa ataattgcac agccccagaa agataagttt ttctacagga taagcacaga      9960
     aagtggattt tccccataaa atcgtacacc tttctggaga gaggaattta gaaaattcac     10020
     ctggttaatt ttctggcgtc tgggtaaatt taaggagttg ttccttgaaa caagaataag     10080
     agttgaccag ctggggtggt tttgatgttg ttactactgg ttttttaatc acatgccagg     10140
     aacgggagaa ttggccccta cttccttata tccacgaccc ttcgaaggca taaaccagcc     10200
     acattcctcc tggtaccttt agtggtcctt ggggacctgg cacccggatg cccacccagc     10260
     cgtcgcccac caggcagcca gagctggctg gcaagcacca ggcatgaggc tccgggctgg     10320
     tttcctccct ctcttgcccc ctttcctacc ttggaaaagc gccgtccatg cccgcgacgc     10380
     tgcctggtct ctggcagcaa tgccacctga ctcactcctg cttgctgtct ggggtagcca     10440
     aatgctaggt cgctagaact tctccttccc tccttcacac acacacacac acacacacac     10500
     acacacacac acagcccttc gctgctgtca gaggattaat ctggaaaggc gatcgaagta     10560
     ccagaccccg ctcacagttg agtatgatat atgcggacag cctctcagct caaactgtga     10620
     ctttgccagg cttctgcccc tactacccct agtctgcctt aagtatcctt tgtatgagaa     10680
     aacggtgctg tgggatgctt gttctctagc tggagtcggc agccagcggt atcacaagaa     10740
     aaacacacaa gaaaaatcaa acttctctga gaaaatgtga atgggtgaaa cttaaaggga     10800
     agcctaagag aagagtgagc agaggaccga ggagaacatt gtatgcacag ggttttgctc     10860
     aggaaagcta gcagcccgaa agcggcgcgt tttcttcagc agcgggtccc gcacgcgaga     10920
     gtgctgccag cacgctttct gcctccttct ccaggaggcg agcagtaact tcctaagctt     10980
     acctccatct ctcccccgcc cttcttgctg gttctccgtc agcggggagg ggccgccccc     11040
     ggatcgatgg gggatgtgag gtgcagggag tggggaccag aggggggtac tcagcagttg     11100
     gtgctgcgcc atcccttccc agcaggcggc ccggacactg gttcacttct ctccccacgc     11160
     cttcccctgg ttcacccccc ttccttcccc tttctccccc tctgttaagt ccctccccct     11220
     cgccattcaa aagggctggc tcggcactgg ctccttgcag tcggcgaact gtctgggcgg     11280
     gaggagccgt gagcagtagc tgcactcagc tgcccgcgcg gcaaagagga aggcaagcca     11340
     aacagagtgc gcagagtggc agtgccagcg gcgacacagg cagcacaggc agcccgggct     11400
     gcctgaatag cctcagaaac aacctcagcg actccggctg ctctgcggac tgcgagctgt     11460
     ggcggtagag cccgctacag cagtcgcagt ctccgtggag cgggcggaag ccttttttct     11520
     ccctttcgtt tacctcttca ttctactcta aaggcatcgt tattaggtaa gtaaccggac     11580
     tgggtacctg tacagggtgc tgtcagggag gcgtgaggtc cacacttagt gcgcggacac     11640
     tgcccgctgc ctgcccctga ggtctgaact atgacaacgg ggtggtttta aagacgcttc     11700
     tgctattctc ccttccccct tctcttcccg ggagggaaga gaaagagcaa accccggagg     11760
     tgagcgcagg gagaatatct ttttgcacta ccaccgctgc gcttcgttac tttgggaaaa     11820
     ctctcacttt tgtcagaaat gtgtcggcgc atgaatttcc ccgacattgg ctgtgcaaaa     11880
     aggtctctcc ctttaaaggg tacagccagc ttcagcgagg ctgagggaaa ctctaaggtt     11940
     ggggcgggtg ttgacaaaag agcacgtccc ggactcccag actcgcccgg ctgagagatt     12000
     ggagctgagg ggcgatgcct ctagctgaga aactacccct ggcctcgctg cgctcctctg     12060
     ggggctcggg tttggatccc tgccaggctg gctccaaccc ttgagggtac gacccttggc     12120
     gcagagagga gggccaggag cgcacagggt tcccggtgct gtttctcttg gcgctcacct     12180
     ccccgccctt ccttcccgcc ctatttatgg ggctgtactc agccagcacc tgctggatgt     12240
     ggagatggta ggtgtgagaa atactgccta ttttttaaaa atcaacttat aatctagccg     12300
     aaaaacggca tcattttctc attttaaaaa aatgactttt ctaagagtat tgccagacat     12360
     aaaagggttc ctctttctct aaagaaatga cttgtaatcc cttagccaaa taaataaatc     12420
     aataaaccgc ccacctatcc cataaataga tggtgttttc taagacagaa cccagaaaca     12480
     gttcacgtcc tcacaaagga attctttttc ttaaagcgcg tagcgataaa acggctcttt     12540
     tttttttcga ggaaagtaat gtacctttta aaagaggttc atcggaaaat gtgacttttt     12600
     aaaagcgagc agccgcaaac gggtgcattt tttagacttt agaagagcgg agcggcagtc     12660
     cgcccgggtt gcggctggga ctcgcatctg agcgcttagt cgcaaacgga ctgagggtta     12720
     ggaggagagg tcactttctc agagtgtaca gccagagccg cttccttgcc tctcccaggg     12780
     aaagactttt agagcttaac cgaaggtggg cccttttgct tcagaatgat ttattccgcg     12840
     ttcctctgct tcacccgcct gcggcttagg gtgtggggcg ctaggctgct catgtgaagc     12900
     gcttacgggt gagccctggc ctctccgatg caaaatatgg gctgggggct gggaattgct     12960
     atttgcgcca ctgcggccta cacccacaaa gcaaaaaccg tggggaagag gggctaggac     13020
     aaaagaaaaa gaattaaagc tcaacaacaa acaaaataaa aatttttaaa gtgtcttttt     13080
     cttgtgtgga aacatcacaa aatgggattt aaacccagcc taggatctgt tttgtacgaa     13140
     gaaaagtgtg tggaagaaac tggttgaaaa tccgggtaga agggggaggg ggggcagcaa     13200
     agatggggag gaggcgatgg tgtcatagca gtcgcctgtg cgctcttagc gctgcaacca     13260
     ggaaacaacc tgaggagcat gcagagaatt ccgaacgctg agcacacctg agaacataga     13320
     cgtgctttgt gacttaaagc gatctaggcc ccctaaaaag taaaacaggt gtgactcaaa     13380
     atagaaaagg aaacggtact tgagggcacc cgcgcaactt ggtaaagact gacggaattc     13440
     cacttttaat cttgtttgaa acaaactctc gcaatcccag caggaaattc cagcgccagg     13500
     gctggccttt cctctgtggg tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg cgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc     13560
     gcggcggggc tgggggtggg gaagcaattg gaagcaagtc gaagtaatag tgtatgtaca     13620
     cgtttccccc tttcttgcct ttgtctagtt catcatagag agagcgcgga ccgtgtgcgg     13680
     gccgtcttga cgaaagaacc gagagatgga tgcgctaagg tctaaagata cctttctccc     13740
     tcgactaaat taagaattgc tgcggcagtt cccaaaagct gagtcccgct gcagctgcca     13800
     ggtcgccaca ctcgccaagc ggcgagggag cgcctttgcc taccaggccg gagaaccctg     13860
     ttcttcagtc gccttggcag gggcagcccc tccttctggc aatgatgtca gctgcagaga     13920
     ggcttggccc ggccgatggg aagccgagcg gcgagtccga cccgcaagca cgagcagccc     13980
     tgccccgcgc gctccctgcg cgcagccgcc ctcgtgtccc ttcggcccct cctgggtcct     14040
     ggctcgcagc cccccccctt ccagtccctc gctcctcaga ggcgcgctaa ggcgccagag     14100
     gcgggggtgg ccactgctgg cggcccgccg ccggttttaa acccggggtt caaacccaga     14160
     tttggggtct tccctcctcc atttcctcct ttcctccgcg ccccagctct ctcccttttt     14220
     cagcttgcac cttcactatt cacagtgact ttacttattt agcaacattt tagagggcaa     14280
     gtgttccaga tgcaataata gtagtaactg gtgttaaatt tctgctgttt tctctcccct     14340
     cgggtgataa aaaagatgtg aagaacgcct ctttaaaaaa aaaacccccg tggctgctgc     14400
     ttcgcctgtc acagagcaag ctctctagaa ggcggggagg gtcatctttc ccacaaaatt     14460
     gtgaggtggg ggagggtttg taaccttagg cgaaagcgca ggctggggaa tccccttcac     14520
     agaaagaaga aactgcaaat tggaagttgc ggaaaggctc tatccactac tgccataggg     14580
     gagagaccac catgctcttt atttagagac ccgcgctcca aattgggatg atgcaggaat     14640
     aggtttcttt aagacggaag cccgctgcgg cttccctttt gagcttgctc ttatagtcct     14700
     aaggagcaag cccctgcttt gccaaattgg aggctaatct gttttcctga ttgcggacaa     14760
     ttccttcttt agctttggta gaagggccgc agaatgcagt tggagaaggt tgcacagggc     14820
     aagagggagg ggcagaggca gggcgtgtag aggcaactgg cgcctggagc agaatttacc     14880
     ttccaaagga aaaaatcttc aaggggtgtc gcaacaaact gcttacttac tgtgttttgg     14940
     tttggacgca ggtgagagat gtgggcaaag ggagcaggag caaagaatta ctctgttttg     15000
     taaaagtagg attcttcccc cttccttttc ttcttccctt tgatgaaaag cttccctttc     15060
     atgacgtata gctggcagca aacttaaagt tgctgtgcgt ctgaaataca ggaatgggaa     15120
     agaaactccg accaagcata aaacacactc attttctaga gctcagtcat ttgctaaggg     15180
     ttgaaataaa ctgtgtaccc ccactccctg ccccttcccc ctggctcctt ggcctttttg     15240
     tcaccggact ggattctgaa ggacgtccag gtaatgctgg gtttcagcag ctgaaaggcc     15300
     tggcagaagg gattgcaggt ttcacattct tccttctctt ggtattcaaa actttattta     15360
     tttatttatt ttttgcgaga taaaaattct tgatagagag cttccagact gctggtggca     15420
     gggaagcaat ctggttaaga gattcagaaa gcagaaaatt ctttttctct gcgcaagcag     15480
     tccacaacag cctttagcta ggatttataa gattcttggt ggagcaaggc gaggcacatc     15540
     gacaaggaga gtttatataa gccactggcc ttgaggtaca ttgaaaaaat atgtatggca     15600
     gccacgtttt cttagtggga aagaaaatta ttcagggaat gaaattttga aggctaattc     15660
     tctccaagaa tcttgcttca cataatttaa aggaggtgtc atccctgtat ttgttcactg     15720
     aggagtccac aaactttaat tagtcaccta ctgtgccaga caatgtgcta ggctctagga     15780
     atacaaaaga gagtatgaca aacatggcat gggcctcttt gagccatgac actcttatag     15840
     atctaggata cgatgtgata aatgatgtaa ttgaacataa tggagagagg aattaatttt     15900
     tgttaagagg ttgagaagag gttcataaag gagagagagg tctgtggctt taaaaatagt     15960
     cattcctagt cagtggctag ccaagaaatg tatctggaag gtcatgacct gcacagaata     16020
     agtaaggaag ggcatgaggg cttggtgtct tgttacaaag tttagaggta tatgtgtgtt     16080
     ttgtagacct agaacatctt tgaatatttt tttccagcaa attcgttaaa gtaacaacaa     16140
     taaaatagcc tgagaaaatt gggcaataga tagcacacag tagaaatatt attgttgttt     16200
     gcatttaaat gaagaattga atacattgat gtattacagt agagactgga agcaaatatg     16260
     ttaagaagat aatgtaacat ccagaaaaga ggactaatga aagaataggg cctaaagcta     16320
     atcagtataa ctaagaaaga aaagaaggct actttgggga ataaaatttc tctttaggca     16380
     ccatcatgta tccactcaga tctttttact catctcactt tccccatcca gacttcgaaa     16440
     aattccccat cttccatcta tccagtaaac tccctttgtc ctggggagac ccccactcct     16500
     tcagccactt tcaagcacat tcatcttcac ctcaccccat tttctacaca catccctgca     16560
     tcatctctga accttacatc atgtaacatt ttacccactt cagccttctt tctacaacca     16620
     gttagagcct cttaatcttg tctttttcct ccctttaggc actaacaaat agctctatct     16680
     tgcttctttt tcctcctcta agtcaggtat tccccgcccc tttcccatgc attaattatc     16740
     ctgctaattt gtccattcat ttcccccttt tacatcctcc tcccccttag ccaccttgca     16800
     ttctcctatc tttcattgac ctcaaagaag ctaaggggaa agaaaagcca ctctacttta     16860
     aacttgctta gatttgccaa attttcatca tcaaggtttc ttcctttctg tgtcttttgc     16920
     tgttttagtt cacacaagac ttttagtgga attccttcaa tttgttatat atttttatta     16980
     tgcctgcaaa tgtctgtttt cctttggttg tggctgggga ttcaaatatt ttactttggg     17040
     gagtatttcc aacctttctg aagttctcac tgacacactc ctgacactgt ttcgctgcat     17100
     cccatccttt ctgctgtatt ctcttcccat gggtaattcc ttttatattt tcagtgaaat     17160
     tctttcttat ttttattccc tcctcccccc ctcctccttt ttttcttttt gctttgtggg     17220
     attggtacag tggctcaagt ttaaatattt tgagaaggga cccccctcag cagaccccct     17280
     cagcccacac acaggatttt aaagcctgtg tcaacgtgtg ttcatgtcaa catacagtta     17340
     ccaatcttca gaggcaaagg aacccctgtt tgttttattt taactgcact cttagaaaat     17400
     tctttttctg tgtgtatggt aaaggtgcaa ttctcatatc gttgttctct ctacattcag     17460
     tggaattgat tcaacatcgc tgggaattgg gaagggaaga aagagtatgc tgtaaaaata     17520
     catttttcat caaagacata tatacatgct acgtttggga aaaataaaat acttgggaac     17580
     atttaattgg attgacttta tattacaaca ttccaaatta catgtcattg tctgagcaga     17640
     gttctattat ttgaagactt tattgatcat tcagtgtcca gaatgaagaa aactaggtaa     17700
     gatgtcttga tgttccaaac tggcttgcta tgttcaaatt gatcatattt gaaatggtgt     17760
     tatttttcaa tagaagttct tcacgaaggc atcatctcta aaatgtggtt atcttttctt     17820
     aggagaaaac atcaaatgac ctatgtgtca tggtccctta agatttattc tctatgcaag     17880
     gttaattgta aaataaaagt ttatcagata gagaaaacta ttttagggtg aaactgtctt     17940
     ttgatattca gttacatctg gggaaacact gcattctcat tatcaaacag caccaaaacg     18000
     tgggaaaaag agtatttttc aattactgtt ttgaatttga ggagtagttt gccagaaatt     18060
     atagatgtac ctgttatcct tttgcaatct aaaaatcctc aactgttcaa ggatttaaac     18120
     tgccctttta attgtctcta atgtgttatg cactggatta atataataca ttttaagaca     18180
     aagaacatca gtggctacaa tttttgtttc cagcccaaat ctgaaagaat gatttttgta     18240
     cacctaatct gctcatcttg aacgtgtaga tttgggtaaa taggaggaaa gataaatgaa     18300
     aggagagaat aaattctgga agaatatatt tctctgttca ataaaaactg ttttaataat     18360
     ctaatataac ttttagcatg acaatgataa aattaatttg ctgatggatt ttaattaaac     18420
     taaaggaaaa ttcatttctt ttaaaaatcc ttaagtgatt agagtgcaaa ttgagatttt     18480
     agctaattat ataattcagt tactatcatc acataaaatg aaattaaaag attgttttct     18540
     gtcaccttta ttttgattca ttctttaact ccttcaatat gtatagtatt ttatattttt     18600
     atatcattta aaaagttata ttaggatcat aaaaattttt tgagtagaaa aagaaggcat     18660
     ggttataccc attttgtcaa tggggagact gaagttcccg ctgatgaaat cagctcccta     18720
     agaatttcca gaattaagag gggaagcttc aagaggattg atggtcttta gtctccaagc     18780
     caggtctttt cccaacatcc cttcttgcct cttttttatt tttgagtata tgttgtcaaa     18840
     gttctgaatg taaaaagcaa aaatctatgt gtcttggatt aaaaaataaa atttcaaaga     18900
     caagtatatt caaatatatt aaaataagtt tttcagttaa ttttctacta gcattatatt     18960
     ctcctattta gtgtcttttt gcactaagct ttgtaaacat tatatgatat taaataaaat     19020
     ggtagaacta ttgaaatgtt aacagtacat gcttatatgc ttcttccatt ttgtttacaa     19080
     aaataattta aattatgacc catcataatg acagtcccta aagtttgagt ttacttaatg     19140
     tagcaaatgt ttagtcctat atcctactat cctactgtca tttttttaga acacctgtat     19200
     ttttacataa gatttatttt aggggatgtt tgccaatgat ttttaggtag tgtttttttt     19260
     cctgacatga cattttggaa gcaacatatc tttggtaatc agttgagtgt gggtttgtat     19320
     catatcaacc gaaaggatat taagccccca aaattcaaat cgttgtttgt tgtcttcaga     19380
     ttacaaactc atttcaggta cagtgagagc aggggtttat ttaaattgtg tgaacacaag     19440
     gtcttttatg atttatgttt tattagtgtc tagagagtga ccttgggcaa aaaccttcac     19500
     ctccctggac ttcaatttcc ccaaaagtaa aatgaaggaa ttgtaagtta cttcaaggcc     19560
     ctttgcaaag ggaaaaaaaa atcctgtgat attttacaaa aagcagtaga catctaggac     19620
     attctttcct tgtcccttgg ctctgcacgt attatcaatt tgactgtatt gattcattaa     19680
     ccatcaataa ctaaaaacct atggcttgtc cagcattgca atactttaaa tgttaagggt     19740
     ggcccttaaa gaaattttgg agagttctgt ctttgaaaag cttatattct aatagggcta     19800
     aaacaatgaa caacaacaac aacaaagtaa tatatagtca cattaaattg aattcaacaa     19860
     atattcgttg tcactctaca ttacagtaca ccaagtatag tgcaggtttt atagactctg     19920
     aaagtggaag ggaccggaaa gataatttag tccaaacccc tcattttaca gataagaaaa     19980
     ggaaggctca gagatgagat atgagtgcta caggagttca tgtaaggtat tgggtgatag     20040
     catgaattaa tttattccac aaacatactt gttccctgct ttccaacgtg tttagaattt     20100
     taaaacacca tcatgtaggg ctttttaatt acctttgctc aaatttaata atagtatctt     20160
     atcagaaagt taaatgtatc caaaacttgt ttgttttttg ttgcagtaaa caatttccca     20220
     ctctgactca gatctagaaa atactgtttc ccaaattttg tattgaatag agattattaa     20280
     aagcacctgt attgtgcata ttatgttata aaacataaaa aatgatgttt tgatatggaa     20340
     aacaagtgaa tggattcaag tatcaatgca ttattttatt tttttaaaaa aatgactgga     20400
     aaagcccatt tacttaaaat ggctagaaat atacattcct ggaaggatgg ttttattttt     20460
     ataaatgcat atttactcta aatagttaag tacacatttc ctttaagttt taaatataat     20520
     ctggggaaga ttttgagtgc attctctaaa atttgatgtt tgctacataa tctcattctc     20580
     tatgccaggg catatgtgcg tttgttaggg agtatgggtc aggcaaacgt aggcaggaaa     20640
     attatgccaa agcaaagctt tcccttcttt cctgagtaat cgtagactgc tttattttac     20700
     tttgtgacag aggaagaggg gaggagaaag gaaatcaaat agagaagaaa gagaactacc     20760
     agagcgttgg atgatagggc ctgattttct cttcagtgtg aaatatggaa gctttttgaa     20820
     actgccttgg atagcttgtc tcttttactt ctcatattat atatttagaa taccttaagt     20880
     gttggctggt ctcagcggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc tgaggcgggt     20940
     aggtcatgag gtcaagagat cgaggccatc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ccgtctctac     21000
     taaaaaaaat tacaaaaatt agctgggcgt cttgctgcgc gcctgtactc ccagctactc     21060
     gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcccttgaac ccgcgaggcg gagattgcag tgagccgaga     21120
     tcgcgccact acactccagg ctggcgacag agcaggactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     21180
     aaaagaaaaa gaaaaaagaa taccttaatt gttatttgat ggttgtttgc taggttgtga     21240
     gaatcaaaat cttccaaaac atgaatacat taaatttttt taaagagagg cttaagaata     21300
     ggtaatacac acaccaaaca cacaaacagg acaaaacctt tacatgagag ctcctcaggc     21360
     agaatttcct ttgcctttct ttttagatcg ggaaagaatt tgctcagttt gtcagtgacg     21420
     ttttaccctt cagtctgcct ccacagttct taaagctttc cttgtctgca gcctttctta     21480
     gtccatgaat tcagttttag catccataaa ataaagcagt tacaatatgt gctggccatt     21540
     ttataatggc catgagtgca aagcaggatt acttaagaaa gagcatttga attcactgaa     21600
     agtcacagac attctgaatg cctcagaact gcatacagga gtaaacagat atgggaatat     21660
     aaggctaatg ttcaaaactt ggatagctgg catatataac agaatcaaaa cactttagaa     21720
     agaaatagaa ccaatataca attactaatc aatcagcatc actgctaacg acttgttatt     21780
     ttaaactcca gtttctagga aattacattc tattcctgtg cttctcaaac tataatgtgc     21840
     agacagatca tctagaaatg ttaaaatgca gattctgatt cagtagattc taggtgaggc     21900
     tgaaattctg catttctaac aagctccctg tacacatgga agctgctgcc cctcaaacta     21960
     cagttatcca aaaggcgctg atccatagtc tggtaaacaa gcatgataaa gatgaagtaa     22020
     gccaagggta acaggatttc ttaaaagaaa aaagaaacaa tttaggtatg tgcaatggat     22080
     gaaagtttta aattcaacta gatttacaat tatttgcatt tagaggttaa atttgatttt     22140
     aacctttggt gtgactatat tggttgaaac tgtagttcag aataacaacc agttgcttgt     22200
     ccattttgca gtcaaatcta tttcatggac actttgtaca tacgattata ccatttcaaa     22260
     aatgaaaacc attcgtcata cagtgtcaat ggtgtaccaa tatcttaaaa tctttttaaa     22320
     gaaatccaaa agctgtgaga agtcttagta tagtatagac ccctaaagat attggtttgt     22380
     aaaatatcag aattgaacat atcagctaat cattcagatt ttagagtgga atatccaatt     22440
     agattttcat ttacctaatt tgaagaactt ctttttattt tcttattagt cacattttgc     22500
     agaacaacaa cagcaacaac gaaagacact tggtagagat tattttgtat ttgctgtctc     22560
     aaaataaaag tcctcaaagt gggaacaaag gtaaattaga caccatgcta accactttcc     22620
     tcacaactag acttttatct tagaatacag ccgaatagtc acttaatcta agtgaaactt     22680
     tcattcatta ttagtttagg aaaactttca tagttctcat ttctttatgt gcagctcaga     22740
     aacagtatca agttaaaaca catgacattg aaagcaacca ttgaaataag tgtaaatgtt     22800
     taaattgtgc ttgctaggag acacggtata gttctagcag ggttaggaaa acaactgaaa     22860
     gttttcactt cagcgttgga attcatgtct taattgtacc attgagattc agaagccatc     22920
     accttcccga tgaaactgta ctagtctttt ctaagctctg atacttacag gaacagcaaa     22980
     gtctgtttag tggtaataat ttgaggatct cagtgagata aagggccaat tggattaaaa     23040
     tgttcttgta agtgctaaat gaacttgagt gtctgccaaa attgccttgg atttcattac     23100
     tcttaacatt acttaataat gttaagctag cgcccacgtg ggtatgaacc ccaatcttgc     23160
     taacagtttt ctgtattggt ctgttcttgc attgctataa agaactacct gagactgggt     23220
     aatttataaa gaaaaaaggt ttaactgact cacagttcta caggctgtat aggaagcatg     23280
     gctaggggag gcctcaggaa actgacaatc atggcagaag gctaagagga aggagtcacg     23340
     tcttatatgg ccaaagcagg aggaagacgg agcaggtgca ggtgccacac acttttaaac     23400
     aaccagaact cgtgagaact cactcactat cacaagaaca gcaaggggaa aatccacccc     23460
     catgatccta tcaccttcca ccaggcccct ccttcaacac tggggattaa aactggacct     23520
     gagatttggg tagggacccg aatccaaacc ataccattta agcatagact gtttccatgt     23580
     acctaatggg gcacgtatag cagccaaaat accctatatc attttagggt tttttttttt     23640
     tttttttttt tgagagggaa aatccaaaat atacaaaaag gaaaagaaat ataagaatca     23700
     agacaaaata aacagatagc aaaacatctt catactctat tatcaaagaa tagagaagaa     23760
     aacttactct atggtaaata gaaatatcag ttctatgaac acgatcagtt catttttttt     23820
     ttttttttta gatggagtct cgctctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg tgtgatctcg     23880
     gctcactgca agctccgcct cccgggttca cgccattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta     23940
     gctgggacta caggcgcccg ccactgcgcc tggctaactt tttgtatttt tagtagagag     24000
     ggggtttcac cgtgttctcg atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc gcccacctcg gcctcccaaa     24060
     gtactgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccgcg cccggcctca tgttttaaga caatgagaaa     24120
     caattgagtt aatttacaat ggcattaaaa taaaaaatca tatgtaatta aatacatgcc     24180
     aaaaatcaga ctatctcaga ctcataactg gaaaaaatat gaaataattt cttggcctga     24240
     tccagcaaat attagaatgg ttcaaaatat taaacaaaat aatgatgtca gactattcca     24300
     attcagtttc ataactttaa gtcatttata tttccagctt cagaatcaat ttgagtagat     24360
     cttagaatga gtttaattac aggaaaatat tacataactg gatgaaattt taatcataaa     24420
     tcacagactt gaagaataga ttttaaagag atggcagtga aggttgagca atattagcca     24480
     gaagacaata ctgtataata catactaaat gtctaagtac ttacaattgc taataatatg     24540
     ataggatcac aaaagaatta gtaagaactt taaaggaaat ggattaatta tattcattag     24600
     aaaaaaaatt acaattctca gttacaatta ggttccagga taaggactga caactcaaat     24660
     aagcatcatg attcagagaa atggaagaca ctttgagaac atgatataca gtatttcctt     24720
     tacaatatca ttacactttt tatattttta tatcctatgc caatgatagc aactattagg     24780
     tcgaagcaaa aataattgtg ggttttccca ttaatagatc acccaagaac atgctttggt     24840
     tgtaactgaa actactaagt ttttgaaaca ggtaaactaa aaatcaaagc agatttatca     24900
     tgaaacttaa cacaaaaact aaacaaaata ctggaaatag cactttgcag taactactaa     24960
     aagcaatatc actaatatca cagattttac tatgtaaata attacattat cacttttaaa     25020
     ttgctttcat tgcattttag ggtactctgg cagatttttt ttcatctgaa tctcacaaca     25080
     gttctgtgaa acaggtattg catatattat atatttttaa catatgagga aagaggcaag     25140
     acaaattttt ctattcttaa aatcacatac cttttaggtg tcagagacaa taatagatcc     25200
     ttgttcttat ccctggaata atatttgttt tatcagctaa tatatgcacc aatttattag     25260
     gttcaaatat aattaaggat atatattaaa taacaattta gaatatatta tatttacttt     25320
     tttagaagtt ttaaatttgt actacagagt ttcagtgagc acttattgaa tcttattcgg     25380
     caaaactatt gtaatatccc tggctttagt aatttaaaac atgtattaac ataactatac     25440
     aattatacag tagtcaatag tggactagga aataaggatg ttatcagatt gaacaagaaa     25500
     ggaatactaa gttggaaaac aagttaggat ttggttctat tttcaaataa tttcggaaac     25560
     cagagtcaaa cttcaaagga ttgtcttctc tgtgaagata aaaatatttg aaataatagg     25620
     tctagaggga gagtatttgg gagcaaaaag gaaaattatg gctatgggtt ggctcagata     25680
     tagactgtta ataatacact aaggtgtatt actctggcta agtactggta atgcttgatc     25740
     acagaacttt ggtaggtttc aagtttctaa ttttatttga attacattca agcatttccg     25800
     taatagagtt ctgtaatagt agttaaccat gtggggtgaa taggtttatc cactgagctc     25860
     atactttgtt ttccattgga agaactagat tattagaaac tattacaaaa atatattttg     25920
     ctgttagaga agcaaaccct gtttagtttc tttagtgaat accatgagtt aattagtaga     25980
     cttaaaaata taaatgatga cacatattgt gctgaagtgc caccgaatat aagaaaaaca     26040
     ctatcctttt tgtaaagttt ccttaaaact acagttctac ataaaggtga tatttattcg     26100
     tgaatgtttt cttgaaagaa gcctttacat ataaccattt aacacttcaa acaaccctgc     26160
     ggattagctg gagcagacat ttttagcctc cctttctttt gtccatttct gtttttcaaa     26220
     tgaagaattg agctactagt ccagattagc taaatggctt gcctaaagtc atcgtcaatt     26280
     tagttaggag taacttaaga ttccatgagc ttttcaccat tgccatgtag actgagttac     26340
     tggtggtaga taatttaacc taggaattat gtagtgattt gagattttta ataaaggaag     26400
     gaaaagagag gaaatgtttc tcagatatag aatctaggtt agggataaca tttctttgca     26460
     gaaaaaaata caaattgtga tgagatattc agattctact gaattagcaa tacactgagg     26520
     taaatcatga ctagcaacgt tttgatgaaa atatacttgt ttgctgttgg ggtattcatt     26580
     ctgttctcat tattagtggc tccaaatgaa gaaagtagga attattgtag tgaaatgcat     26640
     gtccctaggc attctataat aacctggaat ttctagttta tttgattttc ctgtttttac     26700
     ttaggaaggt gatatggttt ggctctgtgt ccccacccaa atctcagctt gtagctccta     26760
     taattcccac gtgttgtggg agggacctgg ttggggatga ttgaatcata ggggcgggtt     26820
     tttctatgct gttctcatga tagtgaatgg gtatcatgat atctgatggt tttaaaaatg     26880
     ggagtttctc tgcacaacct ctttctttgc ctgctgccat ctatataaga tgtgactggc     26940
     tcctccttgc catctgccat gattgtgagg cttccccagc tacgtggaac tgtgagttct     27000
     ccattaaacc tctttccttt gtaaattgcc cagtcttggg tatatcttta tcagcaatgt     27060
     gaaaacagac tgatacagaa ggtcatttct gatatttttt tgtctttgtg cataacttgt     27120
     gctcttttgg aagtaactta aaacacaaat actgtttaac tatgagctat gaacagttac     27180
     acctactgac ttaacgtgtg ttttccagaa ggttccattc cctttgaagt gacttgccca     27240
     aggtcacaaa agcaacttag tggcagtctg aaatagaatt taggtctgct tggtcagtgt     27300
     gcttttcact atattgtcct gtcacatctt tcaccacagt aaaagggctt atgtacattt     27360
     ttttaaatca catgtataat gatcatatag cccaaaatag tccagtgtta aaactagttt     27420
     tggttataga tttgaatggt aaataccaaa ctaatgtgtg ttaaatagta aaacggtgac     27480
     tctttttcaa caaattaaag acataaaaat actaactcat taactaattt tctgaatgaa     27540
     acttaaattt tataaagcaa tgttacatat gttataacat ttaccttctt gaatgttagg     27600
     gacgtctcct acatgaggtt ttatgctaca atttaaactt taaattttac ggaaatatca     27660
     ctataatacc ttactgcaac ttagatctct cttgaatcca agaagtttgt tttgcagaaa     27720
     tactgtaaga acagttttat agtcatctta atttttgtag caggtcccta tgacttaaga     27780
     ccccaaaata cattaaggta aagttttaat gttccataaa caataccaat catccaattt     27840
     atggaactta tgttttgctt atttacagaa aaataaatat ttgccccatt ttaaatattt     27900
     taaaggtgtt tgctctattg ctaaaaatgt ctaacacatt agacttttaa tagattaatg     27960
     gaatggagtt gtaaactatt cttcagcaaa cataccttta aaggtcatgc tgttctcaaa     28020
     acataaatta acaagtttgg ttaagtgcaa ggaagtagta taaaagccag caacctcagt     28080
     tatattttag tcttgttata tttgtttgaa tgaaaattta tcttacatag ctatcttttt     28140
     tttccaaaat gtaaaagatt ttccttgtga acagacagca tttgatctaa catagttatt     28200
     ggtctattaa ttttttgtgt gttcttttct accagagcca tgtattctta ctgcatagta     28260
     tacattttta gagtaaattc ttttaagaaa taatttgaac atctttaatt ttcagagaaa     28320
     attttaggtg tagttttttt aattgcataa ctatttgaaa ctactatata gataaatttt     28380
     gaaattttag taatgtggtg aaaaaattca atgagaaaga atctccttga ttcagaagct     28440
     actgaagaca aacaagtaaa gttggaaact gttaaaggac taaaagggca gaaaaattgt     28500
     caatatcatt ttcttatctc ttctagatat agctgacttg ataaactgat tattaaaagt     28560
     aacaagttca aataactgaa aaacccaagt tcattttgaa ccaaagatta tggttaaaat     28620
     accaatgcca aatttaccaa aataattaca ttttgcatac tggataatca ttatatatgt     28680
     agttggtaca aatttatcct tagttatcta tatcttagat gtctacttct gtgcctctgt     28740
     gaagcaggag gtagtctaat tatttccatg gtatgaatat agaaattgag acttgcctaa     28800
     atgtacaaag acagtaaatg gccacatcag ggatcacact cacatctttt tcacttcaca     28860
     gtccagattt ttaaccagaa tgcgaaatat aaatgtattt ttgtttatat tttgaaatat     28920
     catttaacta tattaataat tactatgcac ataaactttt caatttcttt ttagataaat     28980
     gttttatatt atatccattt ctcagcttta ttaactgtgt taggagtgca gaacaccgtg     29040
     ccttgaggaa acataaaagt acatcagtta aactgaatat taaggttttt cttctttctt     29100
     ctggacagct taattgtagg agaaatattc tacctataaa attgcctgtc gttaacaatt     29160
     cagtaacagc ctggtgaatg tgaacacaca cactttaagt gtctaattta aaactagatt     29220
     ttctcctttg ataattctac ttttgttgta gattatataa tgagtttaag caaattaaaa     29280
     ttatagatgg cttgtgatct ttctcatcaa agatgattgc atttttgttt cacttgtatt     29340
     agaaatttga cagatttgat ctagaggcat gtacagtttt gatttttaat ggatttgctt     29400
     ggacaatctc aagttaaaat aagaactttc aattctagtc tctgttcaga aatcctgact     29460
     cataatactg agataaatac tggagggata aaatgtctct cagcattaaa taactaaata     29520
     acatttgttt gaactgtgaa gggagaattg agtttattta taatccatct gcataataca     29580
     tctagttgaa tcaatcaatt attttaactg attttcttcc aaattaactg ctggttttat     29640
     ttttatgtgg acattagcct tattgtccaa aaaactcact ctatatttct acttaagaca     29700
     attaaaatgc agcaattcct tattctttaa tcatatcctt agggtattta gtcagaatgg     29760
     aatattatga gtcaaagata ttgatcagaa gtcagtcaaa atttaaaata tcttctcttg     29820
     gatttatttt cttcaaaact attatcatgc aataatgatg caaatgaagt acagacaaaa     29880
     acatagatga acacagatgc atttgcttga taagtacaga caaggaaaca gcatggtaga     29940
     aatttgccca actagacttt cattctagta gctaagcttt atactttttt tcttaacttg     30000
     atattttaaa aacttgaaaa aaagaaaaga atcagcatca cttctcagcc ttttggctaa     30060
     gatagagtgt agtatctgtt cctatcagtt taatatctga tgtatcctct gtccgaggac     30120
     aatatattac atggattttt ggagcaggga gatggaatag gagcatgctc tgtccactcc     30180
     acacattgac ctggtattgc agtacctcca agaacggtgt tcccctcggg ggttaaaaca     30240
     cagtgttacg ggctgggcgt gttggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt ggtaggccga     30300
     ggcaggtgga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc gagaccaacc aggccaacat ggtgaaaccc     30360
     catctctact aaaaatacaa aaattaacca ggcatgatgg cgggcgcctg taatcccagc     30420
     tactcaggag gctgaggtag gaggatcact tgaaccaggg aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc     30480
     cgagattgtg ccactgcact ccagcctggg cgacaaagta agactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa     30540
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcagtagaa tcactttcct aaaatataag tacacagata     30600
     cttttacaaa tatatgatac acaatggcct tcaaagtgga tctagacaaa tagaaatttg     30660
     tttttaataa tgcttagaaa ctatgtttct cttgctaata ttcagtatca ctttgttact     30720
     tgaaaattct acttttcaca gaaaacaacc tatttttgta ggacttaggt tgtcttcctg     30780
     ctgttaggat ataataccac tagatagcag tgaggttgta agaactcatt tcttgttgga     30840
     atgtatttta ctcagacatg gattatttct tcctttaata tatataatat acataatttc     30900
     tgaaattata taataaatca taaaatgttt atattcaaaa tatactttta gaaatgaaga     30960
     cttaggtcac atttattctg ttttccttat catatatcat cagttaatac ttaatgaaac     31020
     cctacccctt caccagagat tttgaatagc ttatttttta cctactccat attttctatt     31080
     ttccagaatt atctcttgaa aaaactcata catgcataat tgaaattaaa attttaggat     31140
     attccacaaa gttgaataga ggttttaact aaatccatga cctcctaaac acaaatcttt     31200
     tttttcactg acattaaaaa aagtgtatct atagataaaa tttctgttat ccttcaatta     31260
     ataataaatc acaaacatac ataattctgt taagtaaaag accacatgtc tattgaggaa     31320
     ttgtactagg ctcacaagag tgagtgtgag atgattacta agagactgtt tgctatgaac     31380
     agtaaaacgc atttttttgg tataatgtga tatatgatat aaatgagctt gataaggttg     31440
     tttaaagatt cacaaaagaa agtagatttc tggcctttca cttgatttac tatgaatttc     31500
     tgcaaaacta ctgagtttcc tggttgtgaa ataaaaataa tgactcttta acaatttgtc     31560
     tgactgtgca aatgagtgat aaaacttgaa taaaaatgta ttattcagag tagaactgaa     31620
     aggtgtgagg ctctagatgt taaacattta tattcataaa ttatcataaa cactgaacaa     31680
     tgatatgtgt tcataagtaa ataaataagt tttttaaatt aggtgttaca tataacttat     31740
     aaaaccagat gagatgccac ataacagagt tgtatatttt ctacacattt tgcaagtgca     31800
     cttataaaga tatatgtcta ttattcatat attagacatt agtatttatg gagaggcata     31860
     ggtggataca tatgtccata tattcttgct tagacaaatg gcaatataat cattatacat     31920
     atgttcctaa ataaaaattt tgcatttatc gtgtatacta atcaaggaat aacaaactag     31980
     atcatttaag gtttcattta cagaatcaat tccaaatatc ttttattgct ttgacactag     32040
     tagcattttg actcctttag tacaccctac agcattccag gttaggggag ttaaaaggtc     32100
     cgagaaagtt gccaggttca catagtaggg agattgaact gatagtaggg agattgaact     32160
     gatagtaggg agtttcaact gatacctcat taaggttttt gtggctggtt gcggtggctc     32220
     ccgcctgtaa ttgatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggtg agtggatcgc ttgaggccag     32280
     gagttcgaaa tcagcctggc caacatggca taacgccgtc tctattaaaa atacaaaaat     32340
     catccgggcg aggtggcaca cgcctataat cccacgtact cgggaggctg aggcacaaga     32400
     atcgcttgaa cacgggaggc ggaggttgca gtgagccgag accgcgacac tgcattccag     32460
     cctgggcgcc agagagagat tctgtctcaa aaagaaaata tttttacata acaattttca     32520
     cactcttcca ttttctctcc actttctctt ttccttctac tctctttttt ccttcttcca     32580
     ttgaattttc actactcttt cttcataaag taagttgttg aaagattaaa tattttactg     32640
     cagttcactc tgttttctac ttccattctt ctacaagtag gcctctatgt caaaaaataa     32700
     tcagtttgaa aatctccttt attattctgt ttttaagcat ctctttgtct aaaagtaaaa     32760
     acaaaacgta caattaggaa tatgtgcttt ggctctttaa ggcaactgct tgccccatac     32820
     tctgacttta gccctcaatt gtcttggaga tgcacagtaa aaggatatat gcctaggaga     32880
     ataaggcttt gatgtactgt atatctaaat gttgtctgac aaaattaaca cagaaaacta     32940
     tggatatttt ttcttagcgt ttggaacaaa catgatacat aatagattat tttgctgtaa     33000
     ttaaaatgat tttctatgtc taagttaatg ttcatgtacc tagttttggt tgtttccact     33060
     cagcaggtga ggtagcaatt gctttctttt gaaaatttag accctttcta ctgctatcat     33120
     tgactttgga aaaaaggcaa aaccaaaggc aaattaaccc tgtaataaat atattcagtt     33180
     gatcattcat gttaagatac ttgatggctt acatttaata ttagggatat ttattttaca     33240
     ttcaaaagtt attcattttt acttaaaaca tagaaatgct gttttttaaa aaaaggttta     33300
     ttgctgggcg ccctgggcct gtaatcccag tattttggga ggtggagtgg ggcagagagc     33360
     ttgagcccag gatttccaga ccagcctggg caacatgatg aaacctcatc tctaccaaaa     33420
     ataaaaaaaa attagccagg tgtggtggca tgcggctgta gaccaaggta ctctggaggc     33480
     tgaggtggga ggattacttg agcctgggag gtggaggctg cagtgaacca tgatcatgcc     33540
     actgcactcc agcctgggca acagaacaag accctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga     33600
     gtttattatc ccatctaggc ttcaagtaaa atgatttaaa taagaagggc agttacttat     33660
     tcaactcaaa agaatttaaa aggaaacata aaggatttta aacagcagta ttcattttct     33720
     gcctttgtta gtcaacaaaa aagagggtct tgagtcataa tgcagacaaa aggtaacatc     33780
     ggctgcatat tgtgcctgaa taatggagat ttcttcaaca gaaactgttt gaaaaacatt     33840
     tgcatggaag tagtagattg cctttgatta tattcaaggg gaaggaaata gccaagcatg     33900
     attttccaga ataaggtaaa cttttctttc attagtgaaa gttatatttt tggagtgata     33960
     taaacacttt aaaacacttt atacacaaag tgaattcata tagataaatt acatatttta     34020
     aaaccagaaa tattttcaca ttaaagctga aattatacat gatatgaatg cagtattagt     34080
     tactaatgat ttgttttgca gaaagattct tcattgtgta aatgaattca tcatagactc     34140
     caaatatcaa gctctcagaa tgtgttaaaa atggcatttg ttatcagtcc tccaggtgtt     34200
     acatatgact cccagtcaca cttagatgac agtatatgtg aaagatgctt aggagaggca     34260
     agagtctgaa aggccaacat atattaaata actttattta aatgaaacaa taaaatcctg     34320
     attgatttga aagcacactg atgcattatt aatgcacttt cttgaagaat tggtctcgag     34380
     agaaaatgct tcactgaaat aattcaggaa actgccctta tggcaagtgg ggcagattct     34440
     cttcctgtcc ttcatagcat tctatatgtt taaggagcaa tgctgacaat catacacatg     34500
     catctgcatg cacacattag aagagatgga gtaacatgtc tatctaagtt gttgttggca     34560
     atctgtgttc cccctcagtg gaaatctttc aaattaaatt tgggcaattt tctttatgta     34620
     gatactagaa aaggattctc tctcagctca tatttgtgtg tcttttgtca ttttttcttc     34680
     acagttatgg ttacctatgc tagtacagta tgctgcacat aatttagatc aattaattct     34740
     gttgactaaa atacaccttt ttggatcccc tgtttcctgc ttctcaccac cacacattgt     34800
     cttgtctgct gtgcttttaa cagctctcaa ataagaaatt tatctttgca tatttaaaca     34860
     tcctactcct caccccatat taaagttaca ttattaagaa ggcccacaca ttctgataat     34920
     ttccatatat ttattaatgc ccacctgcat gaaataattt ttcctgcaca tttagttttg     34980
     tgcttttccc agatatttgg aataaatctt tacttattga tgtagtgatt tgtatggaga     35040
     attgcatatt agtggaaagt ctgactaaat atctatatag aatatatgat gtcggactac     35100
     atgaaatttc tatttttcag gtcaaaattg gttaaatatc agcaatttta tctatttcaa     35160
     ccagtaaaca aaggtcacag ttcagatgta ctgaaacaga gaaaatcata attatcggtg     35220
     gaactatctt ctgaatttct cctcacatct gcagatttgt ccggacaatt acttagtctt     35280
     aagtaaaaat tagtgttgga gaagtcttta tgaataatgc atacttctgg aggaagtgag     35340
     atttgatcac ttctcagcct tttggctaag ataaaatgaa agtcagttta taaagttgag     35400
     acttctgatt taatgttaat atgagttcct gaaaaatgaa acacagttct attaatgcct     35460
     cagtacaaat tacccaatta tgcaacataa atttcaatta aatgtagcat caagtaaatc     35520
     tattttccta ttcaattact tattgaatga atacgcattt ttctaataag ataggcattt     35580
     ggatcaaatg ttagcatttt ttgtttctgc agatttattg tgtctgcaat ttaatatgga     35640
     ttatagaaac atacggaatg aagcctccgt ataattgttt atcccattat cagaaatttt     35700
     gcaaaatttg attcctgaga aaaaggtaaa ttaaaaccat ttgccatcag ttatcttttt     35760
     catttttttt tctaaactcg gatttcaaac agaagagctc ttttttgggt gatgtcctta     35820
     ataattacaa tctagattct gattccaaaa ctttactaag ttttatttag gttagtgtaa     35880
     gtgaaaaaaa acatattttg tattgtttaa agtctgtgta gtagctaaga gcttaagctt     35940
     tcgactcata taaatcttct ttcaaatttt agttgtatac cttaataggt ctgtgacctt     36000
     gggcaagtta ttgaaacttt tagagtctca attccctcat atgtaaacgg aagtcacaat     36060
     aacagtgcat gtatcataag actgctgtat taaatgcact tatcacagtt cttggcatgt     36120
     aataagaatt caataaatgg tagctactat tattctaata actgattaca ttctttggaa     36180
     attgtattaa gttgacccca gctgcttagt gaatcactgt atttgtcagc atagtaattt     36240
     gcagaaacat ggatctgtat ttcctttata tatattttta ataggattag gacttgcagg     36300
     agtttgctag tgtgtatatg atcttggcag caggaatcca aatagcctga gtagaaaact     36360
     gaattttccc acattttttc aatcacatat ggatagagat aatccccact gttggctaaa     36420
     ttgtggaagt tttatgcttc ttgtattggt ggccttgctg gcaacagtag tctacaaata     36480
     aagaatattg tttcttagta gcttaagcaa tgttaacatt gtgatacatt ctctcttttt     36540
     accaaataag tcttttcaaa ctcttagcaa aattaaacat tttaaaaaat catcgagtta     36600
     attaaaagaa tattgtatcc ttaaaatatg ccattttaat ggaaattttt ttttgtcagt     36660
     gagaatatga tttatttaca ataatgccac aaaatatgaa gtggcagttt tatatttcaa     36720
     gtggttctgg tcatttttaa ttaaccggag aggaagtgag aaaaaaataa agactgttta     36780
     aaatataatt aattagatta aaattttaac ttttgtttat acagtcttta gtaatgtatt     36840
     tattggcttt tctgaggaat ctggtatttc tgaggaaatt ctatttttaa atacatgcta     36900
     ctttaaataa atgttacttc atcatttgca aatgactatt caatcaacat gtataaaagt     36960
     tgtggatttc tttgctttta tgacaaaagt ggtattgtat ttttaaactg atcactttat     37020
     taggtcagag agggtatagt tcaacgtgta attatttatt gttaaattgt atatttacaa     37080
     acattttagt tttgaaccat tagatgttta tgtaatttaa gtatgaaagt ttaaaaatgg     37140
     ttcatataat aataggcatg tgataaaatg tcatgataaa agacagccaa ataaatatta     37200
     tttcatccta tttagaaaga ataattttcc agaggaactt tactcagttt tagagagaaa     37260
     tccaagaata gtgttcttct ttcatttttc aacatgatat aatcagagaa tttggaaaac     37320
     tggtaaatat aacctatagt aaaatggtca ggaaaaatac tcatttccat ttatgataac     37380
     tgaagtgaca aaaagactcc tagaagttac attttccctt tgtggtatat taaagaacaa     37440
     tgaatatacc acactttatt ctaaaaagga ctttttttgt gaatgtaaag gataatgatc     37500
     agatttaagt ttctttctac aaccacttct aattctattc acgtgatcta tttaaaaatt     37560
     ccttacttca acatatttaa atgtagtagc cattttgaaa cattttagtc ccgcaagaca     37620
     cagaaatata caaaaaaaca tacaagtttc agatccagaa ttcagtttct ccctaaaggg     37680
     aaattcatca tccaatcttc tggcgttctt taaactagac actagaccct tttcatctag     37740
     atattgcata tctcatatat attatacata catacatgta tgtgtatgca tgtattttta     37800
     aaatcagtat ttgtagtaac atatcaaaaa ggaatttcta atattccaag gttctaatgt     37860
     tagaatagaa acatattcac aatagtgttt atcagtttca tgtatttaga gtagtttcac     37920
     actaaaatga gtgattaggc tgggcacggt ggctcatacc tgtaatcttc gtactttggg     37980
     aggccaaagc agggggcttg cttgagctca ggagttccag accagcctgg ggaacatagt     38040
     gagaccctgt ctctacaaaa aacatttttt ttaaaaaaat tagctcctca cagtgacacg     38100
     tgcacctata attccagcta caggggaaac tgaagtggga gtatgacttg agctgaggag     38160
     ttagaggctt cagtgagcca tggtggcacc actgcactct atcctgggtg gcagagtgag     38220
     agcctgttgc aaattaaaat aagttattag gacaaaaaag atatagggca aaataaatag     38280
     aatgcttacc cacctcaaat aaaaagaaaa taatatttgt taatatgaag gtgatactgg     38340
     ataagtgaag tgcctaggac ttttttctta aataatctag tatattttat gtgaataagg     38400
     gactataaag tagggagatc agcaggactg taaaagtggg tgtgggagaa gaaagtttgc     38460
     tagtcaaact tgatttaaat tgactgcctt tgtaatagca tgtggctgaa tgttttgatc     38520
     tatttataat gaatatttta aggatttgct aatttttgaa aattggcaag aaatactcat     38580
     ttttttcctg ccaaaaataa aacttgctag aataaaaaaa aatgaaagtg aaggaatgtc     38640
     ttgtgtgtgc taaaacacct ccacttaaag agtttgatat ccactagaaa atgttgtttc     38700
     tttaaaaagg ggataaaggg catttgatgc ttctcacctt tcacagttgt gacaattctc     38760
     ttagacatct taaattctct aagtggagat ttcttatatt cttcacagta cacctgttta     38820
     aaaattgtag tccacagaaa tctgaaacta caaaagaaac ttttctcaag atgataactc     38880
     tcaaggagtg taaattacag ttacttcatt tgtgggagtt ttcctatcac ttttcaatta     38940
     ataagacacc ctggttatgg gaattttagt ctcactgaaa aactcaattg ttctatgcaa     39000
     attaaatttg cgtatgcaag ttacaatttg agtttaagct taggcctacg atgatggagg     39060
     gataacaggc aaactggaat gtggtacttg accatactta gtcagtgcag gaaaaacaac     39120
     aaaaaaatct tcagaaactt tcttaccatt gacaggggct agtgtcgata ttccttgtgg     39180
     ttttccctta ttgactgtat ctacaccatc acatagcaaa atgtacacaa cagcagaaag     39240
     tagacatttt actcatagtt tctgcaaaat ctgaataaag ataaagtttt tctaccacaa     39300
     ataattccaa agatgtggtc ttatagatgt atgcattcta aggatcaggg aaaggcggtg     39360
     aaataaaact ctaagttgaa caaaattcaa gtagtttatc ttttaacaga aatatctcca     39420
     taaaccatat tgatataaag gtgaacaggg gttggacaca gtggctgaaa gcccataatt     39480
     ccagtgtttt gggaggccaa aatgggagga tggcttgaga ataggagttg gagaccagcc     39540
     tgggcaacat agaaagacct catctctaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatagcc aggtctgttc     39600
     atgtgtgcct gtagtcctag ctatttggga ggctgaggta ggaggattgg tcaagcccag     39660
     gagttggagg ctgtagtgag ctatgatcgt gccactgcac ttcaaccggg gtgacaaagc     39720
     gaaaaccgtg tctctaaaaa aattaaaaat aaatagaggt caacaggaag aatcaataac     39780
     taaggcagca actggaattg acaaattaat atcaataagc ttgaatcaac taatgaggat     39840
     ggttttgtgt gtgtgtgtct gtggggggga gacagagaga gagagagaaa tattggtgaa     39900
     gtagtatttt aattcaccca ccaacattct attgggtggc caaattcata gaggtatttt     39960
     attagaatca gaaatttcag aattttagaa tctatatgtt agcaaactgt gtattcatag     40020
     gttcaaaaga ggttcacgac ctcttgttcc tcataaatca ttctaggagg aaaaaaatac     40080
     taacatagct gtagccccta agtcatgaag tgcatctgac tggttcacaa aatgttaaat     40140
     ataaaggatt acagcttttc aattaaaaat tttttatgat aaacattaat gggaaaaaac     40200
     acttatttca ataaaattta tggaattcat tattactttc aaagaaataa cacccttatc     40260
     tgttagctct gtcgatccag ggatgaaggt tcagctagaa aaataacttt aacccattat     40320
     tggactggtc tttattaaag gcagagatat aaccctaact atctcccact cttctgatta     40380
     tgtatttgta ttaaatacct gattatttat ttaaaattta tttactcaaa ctatggaaac     40440
     attattcaat tcttcctttc tttgcaaaga aagattttct ggtcaaaata ataaacgtta     40500
     atccacagag gcaaagcaaa aataacaaag atctctgtag ataatattaa cttttattca     40560
     aatttcacag ttgttaataa atgtatattc aaaaggaatg tgtggctggg tgcagtggct     40620
     catgcttgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc caaggcgggc aaatcatgag gtcaggagtt     40680
     cgagaccagc ctggccaaca cggtgaaacc ctgtctcaac taaaaataca aaaattagct     40740
     gggcatggtg acgggtgcct gtaatccaag ctactcagga ggctgaggca ggacaattgc     40800
     ttgaacccgg gagacggaag ttgcagtgag ccgagatcat gccactgcac tccagcctgg     40860
     gcgacagagc tagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagagagga atgtgtgatg     40920
     gatctgggca ttgataaatc tatcactaag gttctatatt tatggcattt gattagctat     40980
     ccacatcaca ttatgaggct atctactttc tcaaagtatt ttgatctttg cttctagatt     41040
     aataaaaaat gtaatagtgg ctgaagtatt taaggcactc ccctgggaca tgaaaaaaaa     41100
     taataaaatt taggttatct ggcactgccc aaataattgt atacagaaag taagagaaaa     41160
     ttcatgtatg tttgtgttta tctgcactta cggtagttgt tctaaacttt agtctttaaa     41220
     tatagaagcc aatatggaag gttaaataga tgattaatgc tcatccttta ttagaagtct     41280
     ctttaagcat atcttatttc cacgttgatc atatttatct ttagtaaaat tataattaac     41340
     gtataaggtt tgtttaatgg ctacaatttc agctcatttg taattaaagt ttatcgcaaa     41400
     taacttttat aattaagtaa cttataaaat ctcagattaa agtaaattat attacttagt     41460
     ctcaacattt tcttataaaa catattcttc ttctgtcttt gccttatctg ttcttggcac     41520
     taacttcttc agtcattcac acttcaaaag ctttggacta tttcctcttc cttataccca     41580
     cattgcagat taaactttag acttttttat cttgcaatct ctttctctcc caatctttct     41640
     tcctacatct tccagctatt tatcaaaaac atttaaagag ctacttcttt catgaacctc     41700
     ttcttaattc cgttacctca aagtattcac attcttcggt actatcatat cactttgctc     41760
     tgtcctttgt cacttagcct atttagtata ataattatca tctacaaatc ttgtattatc     41820
     tcccccacta cataaactta acatgtgctt tatacacaga gggtgcttaa aaagtacaga     41880
     tcaactggat ggatgaatgg atggaagagg atggaatatc ttaacaaaac acattttcct     41940
     taagtaaatt catgcatact ccaaataaaa tacagaatgt gaagtatctc tgaactgtgc     42000
     tgttgaatat ggtagctact agctacatgt gagtatttaa attttaattt attaaattaa     42060
     attaagaatt taattcctca gtcgcactag ccacatttca agtggttaat aggcacaagc     42120
     ggctaccata ttggaccatg cagattattt taataaaata tttttatcat tgcagaaagt     42180
     tctattggat agtactgctc tagaaatttc tgctggagga atggatgaga gaaacacgtc     42240
     tatggaattc gagggagatc ataataacga ataataaggc ataggattac cacttcccat     42300
     ataaaaagta tgattcatag ccatttataa tacaagcaat tacccctcaa agttgaagat     42360
     ttatattagt atcattatta tcacttttca tttaatccat aatttttgca acatcgataa     42420
     tataaaactc aaaataattc atgtaggtag gaagatgtca tattttccac ataaatatgc     42480
     attaaatgct ttaacaaatc tggcttaatt agaataagaa tacaacagac taggctggct     42540
     tttcaaaaat tttaatagct tattccctgt taaagctaag aaataccttc cagtataccc     42600
     tacctcccaa agtatcaggg attttttgtt ttttaatcca agagagattt atgagatcat     42660
     aaaacacaat ctttatgttc tttgcttccc ttttcccaaa atctaaaatt attcagaaat     42720
     atttaacctt ttcttgattt gtagccgtta cagctaattg gaggatcctg ccataaaatg     42780
     atggccctct gtcatgtgtt gcctacttgt ttaatttaga tttatggttt cttgaaagcc     42840
     aattgaaagt gtttgacccc tcataggaaa atcctgttgt gaataagaag gattccacag     42900
     atcacatacc agagcggttt tgcctcagct gctctcaact ttgtaatctt gtgaagaagc     42960
     tgacaagctt gggtgagaca atgttttgct atcctcctta aagaattaga aattcccgca     43020
     taagagagta tgaattgata acaagaggca ttatagctaa gatcaggttc ataactgaca     43080
     aagttgaaat agatatgtag gtaatcaagc atttttagtg atgtatatta tgtgattgcc     43140
     gttcaaggca ggcataacta ttttcctcag tcaggaaata aataccacta gccaatgggg     43200
     ctaggatcac acctattcca tataaataaa actttgaatc tatcctgtct actgtttgat     43260
     aagcctatgc agattatcaa ttttatgtgt taggcttata aaactgttat aatgatccaa     43320
     ggaataatag cagctggtgg ggagggtgtt tttatttaag ctttcattag cagacaaata     43380
     aggatagcag agagttcact ccagttttaa ttcaaaaagt attttgtgcc tacatttcag     43440
     aatcctggat gatttgctgc taacagcact ctgaggtcct gccatggaac ctcctatcta     43500
     gtgcagcatt tgggttattg aagccctatc ttttcagtgc atctatttca tttaagttta     43560
     aactgattac aatgtactgg aggcaaagac ctttttcttc ccctccctct ttttatcccc     43620
     cactcaacag ctgattgcag tgcactatga ggactgaatg acagtgggtt ttaattcaga     43680
     tatttcaagg tgagtttcat atatattaaa tatcatatac gtctcctttc ctctgggtct     43740
     tttcaggagt agtaatttta tctgaactcc aatttttcat gtttgaggct ttcattttct     43800
     taaaagattt gttttgagtt taaaatgtta acagtgagat tggatgagag gaaggggaag     43860
     tctatattcc aatatactga tatcatgtag ggagagatgt aaaacaacaa caacaaaaat     43920
     cccacaaatt atagtaagca taatttacct agattggcct ggatggccac acatgttgtc     43980
     cgtggattga caatttctaa agaattgaca gtttactgac ggtaagcaat gaagttgtaa     44040
     aggcccctct ggatcgtgca aagatgtctt taggaccatg agttatcagt gtactgaaaa     44100
     attccagaag tgcctatttt cagaacaaat acttgttctg aatactacaa gcaccctagg     44160
     tagagagact gttcttcctc agttttgcat ttccaatgcg tggtgtacag aacatacttt     44220
     acaaatagac accaaactaa caaacaagag agtattctaa tgaataaata tatagacttt     44280
     attgcacttg taggaatatg atttgattta ataaactaat aggctatccc cccaaatctc     44340
     catttagatg aataaaaaat gtttaggatt ctatttaatt aaaccaaatt tagaagtagt     44400
     gttcagtttc ttgcttggga ggttttgatt tattcaaaaa tcatttaagt ttgtccactt     44460
     agtgattagc gtgtactcca gtgcaccccc acaaccttgt cacaatactc caataatgta     44520
     atacgcttaa aaataatata tttaaattat ttgtcacaaa tactcattct cagtttctct     44580
     tgtccatgtg gcagaagata ctgaaatatg ttccccttga cattgctcaa agaagaaatc     44640
     tcttaaaagt tctaatcact gttaaatttc tcagacattt taagctttag agaagaaagg     44700
     atttaaacaa ctttttacat gattcttttt cttgttccct tctattccct ccattactcc     44760
     tctgtcactt ccatcattct ctccaagtat ataaatccac tctttatggt gcctgggacc     44820
     tcccagatcc agtaaatctt cccatcccct ccctgtacct ttcattcctt caagttttcc     44880
     gttcattgaa gtcactctca gttctgttag ttttcccaga tttctccctg ttctctttgt     44940
     gtgtctataa ttcttccaag tctctaccca gtttttaagt tctccatctt tgttgtcacc     45000
     atagttttcc ccagttaagt tttcataaca gcttgttgct cagactctat gagtacttct     45060
     tattttgtta gttcgtctca atgctcaaaa tcattccttc cctctcaatc atcccttttc     45120
     tctctttaac accttcatcc tttccatgtt ttctctgcag tcttttccat atcctctgcc     45180
     cctaccagtt tccccttgtg cctcacagtt cttcccaaat tattcaagtc ccttgcaggt     45240
     agttggaata taattcatca cattatttcc atatttagga acagcttaaa tttacaaact     45300
     gccatgaata aaacagtctg tagcttaatc attgacagtt taatataatc ttattcttta     45360
     ttgtggcatt atatatacac cacattttat agacctgtta tttgtaccag gtttggtttt     45420
     aagataactt gagatagtag aggggagata caaaaaatta acattcaggt agtaaagcca     45480
     aattaggcca aggtgaaaat ttcttattca acaagacatt cagcccattc agttcaaaac     45540
     aatattctgt gtacttttta aggagtggaa gaaaaataga cgagtaatgg aatatgctag     45600
     ttgaatattg atgagatttg tttccatttt aaagttaaaa aaaaccaaaa ctgattgctc     45660
     taagactttt tcttgctgac tgccatcacc tcagttgtca tattttaacc acaaatcccg     45720
     taagcactta catttaacct tatcgttact cttatgctta ttcaaatttt ccccatgtga     45780
     tgctaatctg aaaatttctt agaggaaatg agttttgaat tgctctgaag tagatgatga     45840
     cctttgatga ccagagaaga tgtggaaaat attatggcta gagagtagat gttggctcgg     45900
     ctgaagagga gaggtcatgg attataaatt aaagagaaag atatttctta gaagcagcta     45960
     attgaggacc ttgaatgcta ggcctcggag tttagattct atagatttcg agaggtaata     46020
     aacatagttt ttttgctttc agtttttgtt gttgttgtta tcggtttggt ttggttgtta     46080
     tatataatgt ttatcaaaat aatgaatact tatttttcaa caccataaaa acgtggaagt     46140
     agaccacaaa aaaagtactg gttggataga taatatattt ggaaatgctt tgttttaaaa     46200
     aaaaaacctt ttcttctgaa taaaaataga gaggagaagc agttcttacg tgaaatctct     46260
     ctttaacagt tcctcttgaa aattagcagc tgtacttagt gaaaaattat gaaggtgcaa     46320
     tgttgttgtc agctgtaaca ggttttaatt atctttttta ttttaaagtc atcaaattta     46380
     gagatgtcaa atttttatta ttttcaggac aaaatcatga tgccatagtt cacatatttt     46440
     agttgcaaat actgtttcaa aatgcacttg attttgtgag gtgtttgctt taatattttc     46500
     aacacgtgct ggattacaga gtttcaagat atattgcacg tatccaatta aaataactcc     46560
     ccactttccc taatttatac ttgttcttta aaaatttaaa tattaattaa gatcttctaa     46620
     taagttaaca tgttccctgt tttatcaaaa acattcattg ttcagtttaa gcatttgaaa     46680
     accaatcata ataatatcta tagataaatg tcactgggat gtgtctttct caaaaatgtt     46740
     atgaagggtt ataaaatttt gaaaaaaaaa ttttattacc aaaatattac caaacatacc     46800
     ttgaaagttg aatataatca ttcctctttt aaaataagct ttttaatcta aattacatga     46860
     aaaaaaattt gttgccaagc tgggaacaat tataaaatca ctaactacct aaaacagagc     46920
     acacagtctt taaaccttat aaacataatt ttaaatctga agattatatg aaatattcat     46980
     ttgatgaaaa gacattttga cttcgcatgt ggaattgtga tgtaagatct tttaaagctg     47040
     tagcattgct cataattgag atccattatg caaatgatta tgtatttatg attaaacctt     47100
     ctttcaatca cagatggcta gaacaagaaa agatcttaga gataaatccc aacgctactc     47160
     accctcagtg agtaaaatga ggcacagaat gactaaatga cttgtccaaa gtcacagata     47220
     cctaaaggca tagttaatac tagaattcaa gtccagttag tttttcccac aggattagac     47280
     ttgtctttgt gagtgcagga tatacaaata cctttgttta ttattttttt tagtttataa     47340
     taacaatatc aacaattaca aacacatgta acattaatgt tccaggaact gttctaagta     47400
     ttttacatat attaactcat ttagtgcaca ataacactat aaggtagaca caattgttaa     47460
     ccctgtttta cacaaagata cagagaattt aaataacttg cataaagtca cacagctagt     47520
     gagtggtgga tcttggattt attataaaac aagaccgtct agctccatag ctcatgctag     47580
     gacttcttta aaaaatttaa attttttaat gccaggatag tttatatttg gatataataa     47640
     cattttatga ctttactttt tcagtagggt ataaaaacat tttttagtat tggaaattaa     47700
     tgactgtctc aatttccata acatatacat tttgcaatag ctttaaatga attgtcttgc     47760
     tacaatggat gtgaagccct gaatgaatgg tttatctgaa atcatcaata ttgttcatta     47820
     agacaattgc aaaaaaatga tctctatgga gtctttcgtt cattctatgt atgaaaaaat     47880
     ttttcattta tttttaaaac tagaaaatca aaccaaaagt atatttaaat aatgtctcta     47940
     tgaaatgtct tctgtgagaa tggtaaaatg agctatcaac taattatttt ttcatatact     48000
     tggtaatgac tatgtgaaca aaattgattt tgcattttct cattaatgtg gcacacaaca     48060
     cagaaataaa agtcctattt ttttctagct tgttttagtc tgtgggctta attgctagtt     48120
     tgaaagtaat attaggtaat atcttactct gtaagaaagc atattttgac atgttgacgt     48180
     gttaatatat tgacacatgg gaaaggaata agtaaatgta aatgaaaact aattaagcaa     48240
     cattatatag tggatatggg aaaggtaaaa aagtatccca gcactttggg aggccaaggt     48300
     gggtggatca cctgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaagccccgt     48360
     ctctaccaaa aatacaaaaa ttagctgggc gtgatggtgg gtgcctgtaa tcccagctac     48420
     ttggtaggct gaggcaggag aatcacttga acccgggagg cggaggttgc agtgagccaa     48480
     gatttcacca ctgcactcca gcctgggtaa tagagcgaga ctcagtcccc accccccacc     48540
     aaaaaaaaat ctccaatacg caaaatgcct atataagttt gttttatgta taattatgta     48600
     ataaattctg aaaattatca taaaattaaa atattagaat atgagatctt ccatacattg     48660
     ccccaatttg tttattccgt tcaaatagaa tggaaagaca aattaaaatg gagaagggct     48720
     gactcgtaag aaatagcaat gaattccttt tcttttcatt ttttagggaa gaaagggatt     48780
     gggaacaaga ctatatgttg tatagggaac attgaaggat tctatttcca tttcagtgct     48840
     taatggcttt tactagttat ttaacttttt tctctacgtt tttaaaactc tcaagagtct     48900
     gtggcttcat taaatattat ttctttataa aacatatatg ataatacgaa aagtgttaaa     48960
     tcggtggtat tcattaagac tgtatccagc actgtggaga acttggaggt caagggaaag     49020
     tctgcacaaa agtagaaata tgaggaaatt tgtgtgtgtt agccaatgta tattagtgct     49080
     ctgagcatat atttaaggaa ggatgaggca atgtggactg agggacattg gagatggatt     49140
     aagagtgaaa gggtaattag ctatgttaga aaacagtggc ttgcattgca tgattctgta     49200
     tcacaggtac ttatttatag tgtgcatgca tttctgatat tgcataaagc aagacagtga     49260
     tgaagttaca tagttgtcta ttaggatatt tgccctatac ccttcagttt tctgtttgag     49320
     gtttttgaag gattcatgat ttctatcatg catcatattc ttcatactat ctgtataagg     49380
     attatgatgg tgataaatga gaagaacatg gtgagtattc caaactccta tcgaccctac     49440
     ccaatatact aaagattatc aagtggagag ttattttggt gtattaccac ttcataattt     49500
     ttatgtctca gatacagtaa atttatttat atagatatca cataggtttt attgggatca     49560
     tataatgttt tatgaaataa ttctatttta agatgctatt tactcataac tataaaactg     49620
     tgcatttttg ttctctcaga ggatctggaa cagtgtgatt tctaacttaa aatgagggga     49680
     gatttgattg tttcttcttg agttaacaag ttaccaatat cttaaaaata ttcactgcct     49740
     aatagtttca aaatttagaa tcataaaata ctactcattc ctaaatgatt caagaataca     49800
     ttttactgta ctatttaatt ttataccttt tttgtcccct gcctatgaat tggatattct     49860
     agccatcatt tcactgtcct gggtgcaggc atagttgaag gttactgacc ttctgatcta     49920
     gattagtacc gtccaacaga actttctgtc ataatagaaa tattctataa tctgtgctgt     49980
     ccagtgctta agtccttagc cttattggac aattgaacac ttaaaatgtg cttagtacaa     50040
     ctaagggatt gaatttttaa tctgacttaa atttaatttt aacagctaca cacagcaaga     50100
     ggtactatat tggactgcac agctctagat gcttatagtc taaatataac tattgtatgg     50160
     aaaagagagt tcttttttca aggcataatc aatcaccttt gtttctaatt ttgttcttgt     50220
     gctatctata aatcaagtcc tgatgcaaag taatttcatc atgaagagca atggtcttta     50280
     ttttccaggg ttgtcaggtt atataaagaa ttaatgtacc ctgtgatcac aatttcctag     50340
     agtgagtgcc agttttagca agtgtaaaat agttgtgttt gttgtagctt cttctatgat     50400
     atctattaag gagttggata tctctgaaaa ggaaatataa aatatttcag catttctaat     50460
     attttctgga ataggaaaat attttacatt tatcagctat aaagaaatta taatttaaaa     50520
     tgaaatactg gccattttca catattttgt actctgtgac aaactgaaat cattacagag     50580
     tatgttataa ttctaaaaac caaaaagtct cccaagtaat tggagcctct agtacctaat     50640
     caaaagaatg gtgcctttat tttctttttt cgtaatctct ttttctaaac caatgtgaga     50700
     tcaaattacg ttttttataa gcagtgcaat agctaaataa aaataacaat aaccgcaaat     50760
     gcatgaagaa tttttttttt atctgaatgt attactcact taaaactgca ttggtggact     50820
     gggcacgatg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaggcc agtggatcat     50880
     gaggtcagga gatcaaaacc atcctggcta acatggtgaa accccatctc tactaaaaaa     50940
     aaatacaaaa aattagccgg gcatggtggc acacgcctgt agtcccagat actcgggagg     51000
     ctgaggcagg agaatctctt gaacctggga ggttgcagtg agccaaaatc gcaccactgc     51060
     actccagcct gcgcgacaga gtgagactcc atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagtattggc     51120
     atggaacaca atgaaacttc tattttgggg ctgccttaat gtgagattaa ccctgatcac     51180
     accacttgca tttcaactat tgtttagtat gatggcattt caattggcag ttttccttac     51240
     agtgatctgt ctacacatgc acgcacataa atgcacacaa gggcatatgt tcacagtgaa     51300
     acacaaagat tattatttta aacatataaa taaagcatct catgaatatt tctcagttac     51360
     aagttggcta gtgtttgttg gtccagcaag caatactgca tccaactctg tagaggcaga     51420
     acttgtatat tcttgatttc ccatttgatg gttacttaga attgttttga ggttaatgca     51480
     cttcttgatt tataaataaa acgggggttg catttcattc ttcttccaat atactattat     51540
     attacccctt tgaaggcttg ttctttactt gtggtgagaa ggcatggaat atgctgaatg     51600
     aaggctaatg ataaatcatt tttcatttct taatgagttg gagtggggtt tgtggttgtc     51660
     ctaagtgaga aacagaaaaa aaaatttaaa gaagaggaat ctaaaaatat tgtgaaaaca     51720
     tgtaggatta gttaaattaa tttaaatatt ttacttacta atagtttgaa aaactgattt     51780
     cctaagaacc acttagtata atttgtagtg aaaataacta caggtgaagg tcatgcataa     51840
     aatatactct taccagaaaa ctttaggttt ttgaataaaa tggaattcat aaaataatga     51900
     acactccaag ttattataaa tcactccgat tatttcttga agtctttgct ggttgttgta     51960
     gtgatatatt cttggaggaa aaggtttaaa acaaaagaat tggtgacccg aatctccagc     52020
     aagcatcttt tttttttttc ctttcttttt ttcattttta tttttatttt tattttttat     52080
     tattatactt taagttttag ggtacatgtg cacattgtgc aggttagtta catacgtata     52140
     catgtgccat gctggtgcgc tgcacccact aactcgtcat ctaccattag gtatatctcc     52200
     caatgctatc cctcacccct ccccccaccc cacaacagtc cccagagtgt gatgttcccc     52260
     ttcctgtgtc catgtgatct cattgttcag ttcccaccta tgagtgagaa tatgtggtgt     52320
     ttggtttttt gttcttgcga tagtttactg agaatgatga tttccaattt catccatgtc     52380
     cctacaaagg acatgaactc atcatatttt atggctgcat agtattccat ggtgtatatg     52440
     tgccacattt tcttaatcca gtctatcatt gttggacatt tgggttggtt ccaagtcttt     52500
     gctattgtga gtaatgccgc aataaacata cgtgtgcatg tgtctttata gcaggatgat     52560
     ttacagtcct ttgggtatat acccagtaat gggatggctg ggacaaatgg tatttctagt     52620
     tctagatccc tgaggaatgg ccacactgac ttccacaatg gttgaactag tttacagtcc     52680
     caccaacagt gtaaaagtgt tcctatttct ccacatcctc tccagcacct gttgtttcct     52740
     gactttttaa tgattgccat tctaactggt atgagatagt atctcattgt ggttttgatt     52800
     tgcatttctc tgatggccag tgatgatgag cattttttca tgtgtttttt ggctgcataa     52860
     atgtcttctt ttgagaagtg tctgttcatg tcctttgccc actttttgat ggggttgttt     52920
     gttttcttct tgtaaatttg tttgagttca tcgtagattc tggatattag ccctttgtca     52980
     gatgagtagg ttgcgaaaat tttctcccat tttgtaggtt gcctgttcac tctgatggta     53040
     gtctcttttg ctgtgcagaa gcactttagt ttaattagat cccatttgtc aattttgtct     53100
     tttgttgcca ttgcttttgg tgttttagac atgaagtcct tgcccatgcc tatgtcctga     53160
     atggtattgc ctaggttttc ttctagggtt tttatggttt taggtctaac gtttaagtct     53220
     ttaatccatc ttgaattgat ttttgtataa ggtgtaagga agggatccag tttcagcttt     53280
     ctacatatgg ctagccagtt ttcccagcac catttattag atagggaatc ctttccccat     53340
     tgcttgtttt tctcaggttt gtcaaagatc agatagttgt agatatgcgg cgttatttct     53400
     gagggctctg ttctgttcca ttgatctata tctctgtttt ggtaccagta ccatgctgtt     53460
     ttggttactg tagccttgta gtatagtctg aattcaggta gtgtgatgcc tccagctttg     53520
     ttcttttggc ttaggattga cttggcgatg cgggctcttt tttggttcca tatgaacttt     53580
     aaagtagttt tttccaattc tgtgaagaaa gtcattggta gcttgatggg gatggcattg     53640
     aatctgtaaa ttaccttggg cagtatggcc attttcacga tattgattct tcctacccat     53700
     gagcatggaa tgttcttcca tttgtttgta tcctctttta tttccttgag cagtggtttg     53760
     tagttctcct tgaagaggtc cttcacatcc cttgtaagtt ggattcctag gtattttatt     53820
     ctctgtgaag caattgtgaa tgggagttca ctcatgattt ggctctctgt ttgtctgttg     53880
     ttggtgtata agaatgcttg tgatttttgt acattgattt cgtatcctga gactttgctg     53940
     aagttgttta tcagctgaag gagattttgg gctgagacaa tggggttttc tagatataca     54000
     atcatgtcat ctgcaaacag ggacaatttg acttcctctt ttcctaattg aatacccttt     54060
     atttccttct cctgcctaat tgccctggcc agaacttcca acactatgtt gaataggagt     54120
     ggtgagagag ggcatccatg tcttgtgccc gttttcaaag ggaatgcttc cagtttttgc     54180
     ccattcagta tgatattggc tatgggtttg tcatagatag ctcttattat tttgagatac     54240
     gtcccattaa taactaattt attgagagtt tttagcatga agggttgttg aattttgtca     54300
     aaggcctttt ctgcatctat tgagataatc atgtggtttt tgtctttgga tctgtttata     54360
     tgctggatta catttattga tttgcgtata ttgaaccagc cttgcatcct agggatgaag     54420
     cccacttgat catggtggat aagctttttg atgtgctgct ggatttgttt tgccagtatt     54480
     ttattgagga tttttgcgtc aatgttcatc aaggatattg gtctaaaatt ctcttttttg     54540
     gttgtgtctc tgcccggctt tggtatcagg atgatgctgg cctcataaaa tgagttaggg     54600
     aggattccct ctttttctat tgattggaat agtttcagaa ggaatggtat cagttcctcc     54660
     ttgtacctct ggtagaattc ggctgtgaat ccatctggtc ctggactctt tttggttggt     54720
     aagctattga ttattgccac aatttcagat cctgttattg gtctattcag agattcaact     54780
     tcttccggtt tagtcttggg agagtgtacg tgtcaaggaa tttatccatt tcttctagat     54840
     tttctagttt atttgcacag aggtgtttat agtattctct gatggtagtt tgtatttctg     54900
     tgggatcagt ggtgatatcc cctttatcat tttttattgt gtgtatttga ttcttctctc     54960
     tttttttctt tattagtctt gctagcagtc tatcaatttt gttgatcctt tcaaaaaacc     55020
     agctcctgga ttcattaatt ttttgaaggg ttttttgtgt ctctatttcc ttcagttctg     55080
     ctctgatttt agttatttct tgccttctgc tagcttttga atgtgtttgc tcttgctttt     55140
     ctagttcttt taattgtgat gttagggtgt caatttttga tctttcctgc tttctcttgt     55200
     gggcatttag tgctataaat ttccctctac acactgcttt gaatgcgtcc cagagattct     55260
     ggtacgttgt gtctttgttc tcgttagttt caaagaacat ctttatttct gccttcattt     55320
     cgttatgtac ccagtagtca ttcaggagca ggttgttcag tttccatgta gttgagcggt     55380
     tttgagtgag tttcttaatc ctgagttcca gtttgattgc actgtggtct cagagatagt     55440
     ttgttataat ttgtgttctt ttacatttgc tgaggagagc tttacttcca agtatgtggt     55500
     caattttgga ataggtgtgg tgtggtgctg aaaaaaatgt atattctatt gatttggggt     55560
     ggagagttct gtagatgtct attaggtccg cttggtgcag agctgagttc aattccttgg     55620
     tatccttgtt gactttctgt ctagttgatc tgtctaatgt tgacagtggg gtgttaaagt     55680
     ctcccattat taatgtgtgg gagtctaagt ctctttgtag gccactcagg acttgcttta     55740
     tgaatctggg tgctcctgta ttgggtgcat atatatttaa gatagttagc tcttcttgtt     55800
     gaattgatcc ctttaccatt atgtaatggc cttctttgtc tcttttgatc tttgttggtt     55860
     taaagtctgt tttatcagag actaggattg caatccctgc ctttttttgt tttccattgg     55920
     cttggtagat tttcctctat ccttttattt tgagcctatg tgtgtctctg cacctgagat     55980
     gggcttcctg aatacagcac actgataggt cttgactctt tatccaattt gccagtctgt     56040
     gtcttttaat tggagcattt agtccattta catttaaagt taatagtatt atgtgtgaat     56100
     ttgatcctgt cattatgatg ttagctggtt attttgcttg ttagttgatg cagtttcttt     56160
     ctagtctcga tagtctttac attttggcat gattttgcag tggctggtac cggttgttcc     56220
     tttccatgtt tagtgcttcc ttcagcagct cttttagggc aggcctggtg gtgacaaaat     56280
     ctctcagcat ttgcttgtct gtaaagtatt ttatttctcc ttcacttatg aagcttagtt     56340
     tggctggata tgaaattctg ggttgaaaat tctttccttt aagaatgttg aatattggcc     56400
     cccactctct tctggcttgt agggtttctg ccgcgagatc tgctgttagt ctgatgggct     56460
     tccctatgag ggtaacccga cctttctctc tggctgccct taacattttt tccttcattt     56520
     caactttgat gaatctgaca attctgtgtc ttggagttgc tcttctcgag gggtatcttt     56580
     gtggcgttct ctgtatttcc tgaatttgaa tgttggccta ccttgctata ttggggaagt     56640
     tctcctggat aatatcctgc agagtgtttt ccaacttggt tccattctcc ccatcacttt     56700
     caggtacatc aatcagacgt agatttggtc ttttcacata gtcccatatt tcttggaggc     56760
     tttgctcgtt tctttttatt cttttttctc taaacttccc ttctcacttc atttcattca     56820
     tttcatcttc catcgctgat accctttctt ccagttgatc gcatcagctc ctgaggcttc     56880
     tgcgttcttc acgtagttct cgagccttgg ttttcagctc cgtcagctcc tttaagcact     56940
     tctctgtatt ggttattcta gttatacatt cttctgaatt tttttcaaag ttttcaactt     57000
     ctttgccttt ggtttgaatg tcctcccgta gctcagagta atttgatcgt ctgaagcctt     57060
     cttctctcag ctcgtcaaag tcattctctg tccagctttg ttccgttgct ggtgaagagc     57120
     tgtgttcttt tggaggagga gaggtgctct gctttttaga atttccagtt tttctgttct     57180
     gttttttccc catctttgtg gttttatcta cttttggtct ttgatgatgg tgatgtacag     57240
     atgggttttt ggtgtggatg tcctttctgt ttgttagttt tcctcctaac agacaggacc     57300
     ctcagctgca gatctgttgg agtaccctgc agtgtgaggt gtcagtgtgc ccctgctggg     57360
     gggtgcctcc cagttaggct gctcgggggt caggggtcag ggacccactt gaggaggcag     57420
     tctgcgtgtt ctcagatctc cagctgcata ctgggagaac cactgctctc ttcaaagctg     57480
     tcagacaggg acattgaagt ctgcggaggt tactgctttc tttttgtttg tctgtgccct     57540
     gcccccagag gtggagccta cagaggcagg caggcctcct tgagctgtgg tgggctccac     57600
     ccagttggag cttccgggct gctttgttta cctaaggaag cctgggcaat ggcgggcgcc     57660
     cctcccccag cctcgctgcc gccttgcagt ttgatctcag actgctgtgc tagcaatcag     57720
     cgagactccg tgggcgtagg accctccgag ccaggtgtgg gatataatct cgtggtgcgc     57780
     cgttttttaa gcccgtcgga aaagcgcagt attcaggtgg gattgacccg attttccagg     57840
     tgccatccgt cacccctttc tttgattagg aaagggaact ccctgacccc ttgcgctttc     57900
     cgagtgaggc agtgcctcgc cctgcttcgc ctcgcgcacg gtgcgcgcac ccattgacct     57960
     gcgcccactg tgtggcactc cctagtgaga tgaacccagt acctcagatg gaaatgcaga     58020
     aatcatctgt cttctgcgtc gctcacgctg ggagctgtag accggagctg ttcctattcg     58080
     gccatcttgg ctcctccctc cagcaagcat ttcttaagca cttactgtgt atttggtaca     58140
     gtgcccatga actgctaagt taaatataat gtcttaaaat tgttggtata tatttggaat     58200
     gattcatttg ctttgagttg agattcataa tataaaatat tatggatcta tacagttgtt     58260
     tacatttaaa actgatattt atagagaata aattttatat ctaaattgtt atttttgaag     58320
     agctcaatct ttgtgtatta cgtagggagt tgtcttgaga aacgtctaat ttttaccgct     58380
     catctttttg cactttcaaa tatactaata cttttgaagc aggacccaac aggccttctc     58440
     taaaattaaa ttttctcaca tgtagcaagg ttattttgaa tgcccaaatt gaagtttaaa     58500
     tggttaatat tacatttata tttggagtta aaatgtatta agacacagtt gaaatagtaa     58560
     ctcattgtaa gtataaagaa tattgctaaa tagagaaaac attttcttat gtatttacct     58620
     agatgaaaga gaaaggaaaa attatacaaa cactaacatt tataccttat ctttgtatga     58680
     acatcttgta aatacatttg aattttctct tatagatgct attccttcct gaaaaccagg     58740
     ctgaacccag tacatgcttt tatagtgaaa ctaaagaaca cacaagaagt agggtttatt     58800
     ttaacttata aatgcaaatt ccattttact tattttttaa tgggaaaaat atttacttta     58860
     tttctttaac ttttatttta ggttcaggta tgcatgtgcg ggtttgttat ataggtaaac     58920
     tcatgccaca ggagtttgct atacaaatta tttcatcacc caggtactaa gactagtatg     58980
     caattttttt tttctgctct tctccctcct cccacgctcc atgctcaatt agtccctaga     59040
     gtctgttgtt cctttttttg tgtctatcag ttctcatcat ttacatccca cttaaaaatg     59100
     agaacattca atatttggtt ttctgttcct gcattagttt gctgaggata atggcctcca     59160
     gttccatcca tggtcttgca aaggacatga tctccttagt ttttattgct gcatagtatt     59220
     ccatgatgta tatgtaccac attttcttta ttcagtctgt tattgatgga catttaggtt     59280
     gattctatgt atttactatt gtgaatagtg ctgcagtgaa catttgtgtg catgtgtctt     59340
     tatggtaaaa tgatttatgt tcctctgggt agttacccag taatgggatt actggtcaaa     59400
     tggtagttct agttttacct ctttgaggaa tcactatgct gcttcccact atagttgaac     59460
     taatttacac tcccaccaac attgtaaaag tattctcttt tctctgcaac ctcgccagca     59520
     tatgttattt ttgacttgtt aatagtagcc attctgacta gtgtgagatg atatctcatt     59580
     gagattttga tttgcatttc tctaatgatc agtgatattg agcttttttt catatgcttg     59640
     ctggccacat gttactgtct tcttttgaaa agtgtctcct catgtccttt gcctacttgt     59700
     tcatggggtt gtttttttct tgtaaactta agttccttat aaatgctgga tattagacct     59760
     ttgtcagatg catagttagc aaatattttc tcccattctg tagaccgtct gtttactcta     59820
     ttgatggttt cttttgctct gcagaagctc ttaaatttaa ttagatccca tttgtcaatt     59880
     ttgcttttgt tgtgattgtt tttggcatgt tcatcatgaa atctttgcca cttcctttgt     59940
     ccaggatgga attccctagg ttgtcttcca aggttttata gttttgggtt ttatggatat     60000
     ttaattcatt ttgagttgac ttttgtacat ggtgtaagaa aggggtccag tttcaattgt     60060
     ctgcacatgg ctacccagat gtcccagccc gatttgttgt gtaaggagtc ttttccctac     60120
     tgcttgtttt cttcagcttt gtggatgatc acgtggttat aggtgtgtgg ccttttatct     60180
     gggctctcta ttctgttcta ttcgtctatg tgtctgtttc tgcaccagta ccgttactgt     60240
     agccctgtag tatagtttga agtcaggtaa tgtgatgcct catgtttcgt tctttttgct     60300
     taggattgcc ttgactattt ggggtctttt tttgttccat atgaatttta acatagtttt     60360
     tttctacttc tgtgaagagt gtcattggta gtttcatatg aataacaatc tgtaaattgt     60420
     tttgggtggt atcccatttt aatgatattt attctttcta tccatgaaat agtgtttgat     60480
     tatacttatt aatgcaaatt ccattttaaa aggcagaatt cttttttttt tttttttctg     60540
     agatggagtc tcgctctgtc acccaggctg gattgcagtt gagcgatctc agctcactgc     60600
     aagctccgcc tcccgggttc acgccattct cctgcctcag cctcccgcat agctgggact     60660
     acaggcgccc gccaccacgc ctggctaatt ttttgtattt tttagtagag acggggtttc     60720
     accatgttag ccagaatggt ctccatctcc tgacctcgtg atccgcccgc ttcggccaaa     60780
     aggcagaatt ctttatcatt ttttctactc taagtgtatc acaactgaag attcgaaata     60840
     tggcttgtgt gtgtcacatt tatggttcag ttgtttttct attcatttat taattaatgt     60900
     tgtcattttt aattggttat ccattttttt ggttttgagg tgacacaaaa caaaaatcac     60960
     agaaataata ttaaaatatg tgtaaaaaac tgagaactaa aaggataagg aatattgttg     61020
     aacctttagg ctgaggcatc tgttattagg cagttgataa accaagtctt aagattggtt     61080
     ttaaaaggtt gctatgtcat ttttccttag cgttctaaga tgtgtagtta ctgattatgg     61140
     attgtgcaac tccaaagtca tcttaatagg aagagcttca ttgtctcacg gggtgaatga     61200
     atgcaactat taaagtcatt tctctgttcc ttggaacaat aagttgatgg atataattca     61260
     ttttctgaca actaatatct taccttgatt tgttttacag accatcaact tggatcttgt     61320
     ttttagccat cacttccaag attctggtgc tatatctcat ttgctttcaa ctgttgattt     61380
     tactgcattg taatttgata atttagaccc caacacaaaa aataaattaa gtcatgctag     61440
     aatatgcacc atacgtatat aggggagtaa tctgataaaa tgctttgtgc agatattgca     61500
     attagtactg aagtttgggg aggtgtgcaa tcaatagtaa aatattaatt ggtctttgta     61560
     catagataat ttaaacacta atatgataga tatattacta cctgttttcc tgtactgttt     61620
     tattaattca tggaatagtg actaatagaa gtattattta gccttatata taaaactcat     61680
     agatataata ctgttttgtg tactgtttta ttaattcatg gaatagtgac taatagaagt     61740
     actacttatc cttatatata aaactcaaaa tagccttttc agcaaatacc cagtgaagac     61800
     acaaatatat atattacaca cacacacaca cacaattata tatatatatg aagaaaccac     61860
     atttgttaac aaatgactaa aattgtcatg cctgaaccct ccattattga acatcacctc     61920
     tccatacccc ttgatctctt taattttgtg atgctatacc acctccataa tttcacccat     61980
     gaataataga ttccaagccc atcactttct gtttctttct cttttctttt gcaaacactt     62040
     ttcctttaca cgagggacct ttggttacct tcttaaaatg tgattatcta gaaaatttac     62100
     agaatgtgaa attaatgcct atttgataaa aaatatttaa tatataaagc aatgcctaca     62160
     gatatgtata tatatcacat agttgttata cagattaaat gaaataactg atttaaaatc     62220
     acatagagca attcaaatac tacaccaagt ggaaattatc ctttttgatg aatttaggac     62280
     ttatttatta tgataatctg gtacttgttg acaaagtaca gtaaaataat tattagatac     62340
     tgaaacaagc aatattacat tcaccctgag gcaatagaag aatgtgtgat gatagacaaa     62400
     cgttatattt ttgccatgaa gaatgtgtct cttgcttgat tattctgtaa agccatgttt     62460
     caaatgttcc ctaaatcata tatcaaaaat ccagaaaaat taatatagaa gagaaacctt     62520
     tagaatttgt cttattaagt gctatttgag cttgattatt atcagatttt gaaaccctgt     62580
     tagagaacac cacactaact gttgttggaa tgatagaatg aatcagcaaa caataaataa     62640
     tttggagaag gaagcagcat tgatggaatc cacttctcag agaagtttag acccaaatgt     62700
     gaaaaattag acatgtacaa taagtacagt aagcaagctg tttgtggaat aaaatttaac     62760
     aaaccagtta tataattact gtgccttatt aaatttttta ttttgacatc tcaagtttca     62820
     gaatacacag gaaataatta cataaaattg gacagccaat gcccttgccc gcctctgctt     62880
     gctgtggtca gttcctctga aaatactagg tttatcggtt gctccaattt gtctttctcc     62940
     cagtgtggtt acttttattg caatgttcta gattcctgtc aacctcaaga actaccttat     63000
     tgtttaccca ggctgtgaaa gaagctttgc ttgtatttga gaccaagaac acaacagtag     63060
     tgaccaccta acatattatg gctgttaaat ggtgtatttt tgacttaatg aaacattgaa     63120
     ataattggaa tgatgagatt taagtggagt taggataatg ggcagcagat agatatttct     63180
     tatcttcatg taatacttaa atttgtacta ttgtagaaat tgtacaaaaa ttgtagcata     63240
     taaaccattc actcatgtgt ttgttgttgt agcatatgat ccagtaattc acatagaatt     63300
     catttaaata tattacaaat gaaaccagca ctataatgca gaaaaaattt aaaaaatatc     63360
     aaggaaatta tgccttgaaa ttcttctgac aaagcatttg aacattaatt gtgtggtttg     63420
     aaatttctag aattgcgtat agtagatgcc tagctccctt acctactcag agatgataaa     63480
     atgaacttcc atttttgctt tatatatctt taaattttca gagatgctta ttttatttct     63540
     gcttttgctt tctctaattg tcattattgt gtccctctaa atacaactat tgcttaccca     63600
     accgtgatgt cttgctgata aagggcatca cttaaatagc atgggcacta ctggaacttg     63660
     tcaaaaattt tagttcttta tatcttcttt tgtgttgttt cctttatcaa tttccaaact     63720
     aacattaatc tatagtagga gtgggttgta ggagaagggc aaagaaattt aaggttacct     63780
     tgtcacattt ttcatgagac agaaaaatta gaatgtaatt tacatacatt aagatacgta     63840
     tgtaggcata ttttccctgg atatctgagt taaatgtgcc atgcttccat aagactaagc     63900
     agtgattatt tatatccata tttagtagct aaatttctgt actgttcatt caaagaatta     63960
     aactcagcat tttcaaagaa aacttaataa attttaaaga taataaattt tcaagtggca     64020
     aatgtgagag ttgaaatcaa aatctggaga ttgaggttac ttaaacatgc atgttcacat     64080
     cctggtagaa gcagagatga gttcattata cagtaattga acactgaatt aaagacatac     64140
     tagaatatat tatcaaatat aaactctgtt ttgttcactg atgtaccttc agtgtctaga     64200
     actgtgcttg acatataaaa attgcttaat aagtatttgt tgaataagtg gctaaacctc     64260
     catgagttca tttcatctca aactctttat taactagagg gtgaatattc cttctaggtt     64320
     ggcaacatat atattcactt aagctttaga aatggtattt tttctcaata tttcttccct     64380
     gtttttaaaa ccactgaatg aatttccggt tatgaaacac attttaaaat gttttatatg     64440
     atgatggtat tgtggaagac agtgtggcaa ttcctcaagg atctagaact agaaatacca     64500
     tttgacccag ccatcccatt actgggtata tacccaaagg attataaatc atgctgctat     64560
     aaagacacac gcacatgtat gtttattgtg gcactattca caatagcaaa gacttggaac     64620
     caacccaaat gtccatcaat gatagactgg attaagaaaa tgtggcacat atacactgtg     64680
     gaatactatg cagccataaa aaaggatgag ttcatgtcct ttttaaggac aaggatgaag     64740
     ctggaaacca tcattctcag caaactattg caaggacaga aaaccaaaca ccacatgttc     64800
     tcactcatag gtgggaattg aacaatgaga acacttggac acagggtggg gaacatcaca     64860
     catcggggcc tgttgtgggg tgggaggagg ggggaagggt agcattagga gatataccta     64920
     atgttaaatg acgagttaat gggtgcagca caccaacatg gcacatgtat acatatgtaa     64980
     caaacctgca tgttgtgcac atgtacccta gaacttaaag tataattaaa aaaattaaaa     65040
     ataaagatag agtagaacag atttagaatg gattgaggga gggtgacttc ttggaactag     65100
     atcactctat taattattta tgttgtgtag agatattgcg acatgcatgc aatgctttta     65160
     tttctttatt ttgctttatt ttgtttttca ttttgggcgg ttatcccagg aattcaaggt     65220
     ggttttatct tttttttttt tttaatttaa cttttattct gagttcaggg gtacaagtgt     65280
     aggtttatgt aagtaaacct gtgtcatggg ggtttgttgt acagattatt tcgtcaccca     65340
     ggtattaagc ctagtaccca ttaatttttc ctgatcctct ccctcctccc atcttccaac     65400
     ctccaatagg ccccagtgtg tgttgttccc ctgtatatgt ccatgagttc tcatcattta     65460
     gctcccactt ataagtcaga atatcctgca atgtttttaa aaacagtctg tagtattctt     65520
     ctgccagttg taataatgtg taatacctaa gggtaagata agaatagagc gataatttta     65580
     attccaattg tcactgcccc atttttattt ctgcttatgt ttgcatgaca tttataaaat     65640
     cacataagca tccaaaacgt cttagatatg ctagattcac agcatataga acacatatat     65700
     gtgtgcatat tagctggtag tatcaatggg gtatttttaa tctcaccttc ataacagagt     65760
     ataaaaccaa aaattcacaa gactgaattt tgagcgagtt tttatattat gtaatcccaa     65820
     tgcacatcat tgtacaaatg atgctaaaaa tactatacca caggcaacag tgtttttatg     65880
     ttgtttacta ggataaataa tgtcttcacc tctagcatta ctcactatca taactaacat     65940
     attttatata tgataccaac tgcttaacat aggaaagtca ttgaattcat aatatatatt     66000
     tttaaaatgt tgtgataaaa attaatgaga tattttaagt ctactgctga cctaaactat     66060
     cttgattgtt gcaacagatg catttatttg attattgatt gtaaatagaa agatttcttt     66120
     ttttccaatt ttgtgtattc caacattggc atatgcatat tttaaaaaat gcagatgtgc     66180
     agctatgcaa tgggacagtt atttcatata acacattgct tggcataacc agagcacaat     66240
     atccataaca agttatttat atcatatgta gtcctcctgt ttttagaaca attactaaaa     66300
     cttgttgatg ttatcgatta ccaataaata ttgagaaatt ccttaattgg ttacctatat     66360
     gcattaatac atttctggaa tggaatttta aataaccacc tgaacactga gttttcaaaa     66420
     ctgctaaata ccttaatagt tgcattaacc ttcatttaat tataaaagta tgacatctga     66480
     taggctttag ctcagtgtga tacaaattta attttgttta tataatatat catctacaag     66540
     tactatccag aagaagcaca ttagaatgtt taattatact agagattaaa agatatttaa     66600
     tatataaact tgagaataaa taaaatagag aataagaatt gagaattatg aaaggaaact     66660
     gaaggtaaaa tttgcagatt ttaagaaaat caaaatccct cattgaattt tgtcagaaga     66720
     gttcaagaac tgaaataatt ttaaagcttt cagtgagtga aaaataatag ggagaagtag     66780
     caagagagat tgatttttga ctcactttca actcggtact gtttttaaat gcctttctta     66840
     ttttcaagcc cttctcaagc tgttccttga agttgtataa ttcctgttag tctatagatg     66900
     tgaaaaccca tttttatatg aactaccttc tgcgttctat aaacataaat tctcagggtt     66960
     gggatgtctt ctagtctaac tctcccattg aatgtttgga cgtcatctac caaatccgtg     67020
     tatctaaagc aaatatagta gatctaatct ggtggtccag tacctccaaa gatatggaat     67080
     acactcctga aatatcctga aacctttttt ttttcagaat cctttaataa gcagttatgt     67140
     caatctgaaa gttgcttact tgtactttat attaatagct attcttgttt ttcttatcca     67200
     aagaaaaatc ctctaatccc cttttcacat gatagttgtt accatgttta ggcgttagtc     67260
     acatcaaccc ctctcctctc ccaaacttct cttcttcaaa tcaaacttta ttagtccctc     67320
     ctttataatg attccttgcc tccttttatc cagatcaatt ttttttcact ttgatgccca     67380
     gagctgaaga aatggactat tgtataaatt attcattgcc aagagaataa ttgcatttta     67440
     aacccatgtt ataacaaaga ataatgatta tattttgtga tttgtaacaa atacccttta     67500
     ttttccctta actattgaat taaatatttt aattatttgt attctcttta actatcttgg     67560
     tatattaaag tattatcttt tatatattta tcaatggtgg acacttttat aggtactctg     67620
     tgtcattttt gatactgtag gtatcttatt tcatttatct ttattcttaa tgtacgaatt     67680
     cataatattt gattcagaac agatttatca ctaattaaca gagtgtcaat tatgctaaca     67740
     tctcatttac tgattttaat ttaaaacagt ttttgttaac atgcatgttt agggttggct     67800
     tcttaataat ttcttcttcc tcttctctct ctcctcttct tttggtcagt gttgtgcggg     67860
     ttaatacaac aaactgtcac aagtgtttgt tgtccgggac gtacattttc gcggtcctgc     67920
     tagtatgcgt ggtgttccac tctggcgccc aggagaaaaa ctacaccatc cgagaagaaa     67980
     ttccagaaaa cgtcctgata ggcaacttgt tgaaagacct taacttgtcg ctgattccaa     68040
     acaagtcctt gacaactact atgcagttca agctagtgta caagaccgga gatgtgccac     68100
     tgattcgaat tgaagaggat actggtgaga tcttcactac cggcgctcgc attgatcgtg     68160
     agaaattatg tgctggtatc ccaagggatg agcattgctt ttatgaagtg gaggttgcca     68220
     ttttgccgga tgaaatattt agactggtta agatacgttt tctgatagaa gatataaatg     68280
     ataatgcacc attgttccca gcaacagtta tcaacatatc aattccagag aactcggcta     68340
     taaactctaa atatactctc ccagcggctg ttgatcctga cgtaggcata aacggagttc     68400
     aaaactacga actaattaag gtgcgtttta aaatcacttt gttaaagata tcatctcatt     68460
     ttttaaagag taaaataaaa tgatattaat gtatttcaaa ttttgagtaa gccatcaccc     68520
     caatttttca aaatttatgt aatttaaagc atagtggaga aaattcatca atgcagtttt     68580
     tgcaattaca tgtggattat gaattttcat ggtatgtata ttcattttca aacagttgtg     68640
     tttccattaa tctataaagg gatcagacaa ggaggttagc cctgctactt acaaatcagt     68700
     agtttgccca gcttcattct tttaatctgt ccagtcatgc ttctgccaaa aacttgatat     68760
     aagcaaatca ttaagaatga atccataaat ctgattatca atttttccta gtgattactt     68820
     tagatacaca aattttatct tgccatttga tatggtgcca aataaatcta tttgagaggt     68880
     gactagaaca atttaattta ttactagcat ttctgaacat atatagataa atatttttca     68940
     tgaggatttc aaggtaaggc aaggtcttta gcatatcctg aatcatcaaa ttgagattaa     69000
     attttagtca atgttctgtt aatgttaaat attttctttt tttacaatta tttgaaaaca     69060
     gagtgttcat ttgttgtaaa gggtaagtaa gccttttaac aaaaaagagt caatcagtta     69120
     atttgaataa cctattctgg cttgatttgg gtcttaggat ggagaagtta gagagaagaa     69180
     tagatagaat atttggtatt cttcaaaata tgtgcagagg gggcacattt atcaagttaa     69240
     tgatcaattc ttttaaatta cttatatgtt ataaagagaa atagataact cagatttggg     69300
     tatgtgaaat agtacaatgc acttgaatga tcttggaaaa tatatgttaa tgaaataact     69360
     aatgtgcatg tttcagatag atatgttcag gggattttca cacttttata aatattctgc     69420
     caaactatga tctatataat aactagtgtt aaaaatatgc cccaaaacat ataaataaga     69480
     cattctgata tatatcatct gaaggttttg acctggagga tatataatat gggaaaattt     69540
     ctcaactaat gctgatctat tgtaaagata tatttattta taaattcatt caggaatgga     69600
     aggctacaaa cctcttgagc aaatttcggt gaaatgcaga tatgtttgag tatatgaagt     69660
     gaaaacagaa agagaaggat ttggaaaaca gggaactctt gaatactgtt ggtgggaatg     69720
     taaattagta caaccactaa ggagaacagt tttgaggttc ctcaaaaaaa ctaacattta     69780
     gatgattttt aagtgagcac tttggggtga agttcctgca atgacatctc cttatctgat     69840
     gaaatggaaa aatattcagg agtcagatag atatggatca cagttttatg cttacctctt     69900
     accagacatg ctactttcag cttaatcttt ttgaccttta atttcttcag tcataatatg     69960
     aggatgataa tatcacaggg gcagaattgg gaagaataag cacttagtat ggagtagaca     70020
     tacctgcata gaagattttt gaacatgctt taaaacattt aagtacttat agaaatgtga     70080
     ggcttatcac ttgacataat aaattgagta acagagtgga cagtctctct ctaaagcaac     70140
     acttcacaac agaattttct gcaaggacgg taatctgtgt gagaacaatg cagtagccac     70200
     cagtcacacg ttgctgtaga gtccttgaaa gtacttagta gctagtgcta ctaaggaact     70260
     aaattcttaa ttaattccat tttaatttta atagccacgt ggttagtggc tatcatactg     70320
     cacagcacag cctaaacaaa taaaaaacgt ttatttggac aataaaaatt aatagataaa     70380
     atcaaaatga gaccttacca agtttaaatc agatattagc aatagggtct cttcaactga     70440
     ccatcttgac aaatgtgttg ttttaaaacg tagtgcttta ttcaaagaat aattttgtca     70500
     tgtctccctt agggcagctt aatgaacttc caagaaattt ctgatttgtc ttgaaagctg     70560
     cttaactaat tcagataaaa caaataagcc tgctggcata attttagctt tgttaaaatg     70620
     tgctttcatt tgacattctt tgaaagattg tcagcaaatg acaaaaagtc tcactacagg     70680
     ttcttagatg agtcttagaa atgctctaaa atttctttct gttttagaat gtgtgataag     70740
     cctaaagtaa ctatatgatg tgcctaaagt actgaggcat ttgtatggcc ccgtggacaa     70800
     atactgtttt gactgcttgt taaaaataat gagaatggaa cacaaagcat agccccaggc     70860
     atgcagacag ccatgacatg ggcgacttta actgaatgca ctttgactcg caaaaagtcc     70920
     ctgtcatgaa agtggcatat atgctatggg aaaggagact taaagaaaaa cagagaaaag     70980
     aagcatgtgt tgattcatcc ataaacttta gtaaatttta caatgtgaaa taagtaggcc     71040
     aaccataata atttctttta aaaatccctt tgtcctgcag aataggatga gaatttaatt     71100
     aatattaatt ggctctactt ttgttgaata gacaagaata gaaaaatcac cgtttatcct     71160
     aactaggcta atataaaatg tatatgaata gttcaaatag caaagggaga gaagggagaa     71220
     atatagagaa aaattctagg aaaaaagctc aatttaaata tttaaatagg tcaatttata     71280
     catgaaggtg tcctatttac tatttgatat taattaactg aaattaaagg cattggtgga     71340
     aaatattaaa tgtttaaaat gtatgtagta taaaatttca taagacttaa aacttagaat     71400
     atttatttct aaaactaata tatacatata ttaatttagc ttaccttttg atgactttca     71460
     gtataccttg gcacaaacag ggaaagtatt atttcacatt ttaaatattt ggaaaatgag     71520
     tttcagagtg ataatgtatt atgcttatca tcatatgact ggtaaatgat agaggtagga     71580
     accagagtgc agttcctgac tcctaatcaa cagacagatt gtagatggat agataacctt     71640
     cagagcagga tcactgcaag ttcatgatac aaaacgaaaa gagtgaaaga aagaaaaaag     71700
     actgggcgca gtagctcaca cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggctgag gcgggtggat     71760
     tacttgaggt taggagtttg agaccagcct ggccaacaca gtgaaacccc gtctctacta     71820
     aaaaaataca aaaaaaaaaa aattagccaa gcatggtggc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa     71880
     tcacttgaat tcgggagaca gaggttgcag tgagccgaga ttgcgccatt gcaatccagc     71940
     ccgggtaaca gtgaaagact ctgtctccaa aaaaaataaa taaataaaat ttaaaaaaat     72000
     taaaaaggga aaaagtgggg gaatgaagtg attaccaagt aattctgctt gtttaaaata     72060
     taagtaaaaa taaaacttat ttatgtgact ttgatgcgat taattttcaa ctttttaatg     72120
     gatcatgtta ctctttaaag aaaaaaaatc atctataaga gttcttgatg ttattaatag     72180
     ttgccactta aaaaagaatc cagatttgaa agcttctctt ttctctcttt caagtaaaat     72240
     catactgcaa tgctaattcc ctatatacat tatagctatt tacatactca cacacatcgt     72300
     actacacatt gcagtatttg gaagaactgt tgttcaggag taggaaatca cagatctctt     72360
     taactttcac tttttaattc agatggcctg ttatttataa agctttttaa aatattgtaa     72420
     gtattttttg acagggaagc caacattttc acaaatagaa acatccctca agcacccagt     72480
     ctgactcaga atatgtatat aaaccacagg gacttccttc ttttctcatg gtaggaactc     72540
     aggggaaatt agtttatata atgatgttac ggttattttt attttctgct tcaaatttcc     72600
     atcttccgtg gcatatatca acagtcacat ttctgtacta gcccagtgac agtgtgctga     72660
     ttgatttcct taaggcaggc atgacagtgt ttcaaaggtt gacaattttt gttgacagaa     72720
     catgaagatc aactttttct cagattagtg atcctactca aggccttccc ttgtttctac     72780
     ccatcccata aggcatcctc atctgttcca tgaatctcaa aagatcattt aaactggggt     72840
     agtcttttaa catagtcaag atgtttgggc ccttgttttt attttaagta aacatcttcc     72900
     ccattgatca aaagctggac tggatttatg aaactaaggt tagaattaga tttgttttgc     72960
     gatctggggt tagaaaatct aaattgtgaa aaatctcacc taccacaaga tttagaaatc     73020
     ttgatttaaa attgccaaga atgagacatc aaataataca ttgtgaagac aaagagcaag     73080
     caaactttgt tgttctgaag aaattaatat tttttaacat tatgtaacca taactcaaag     73140
     tgatgtgtaa cattagaagt gagtaaagat tcattgatgt cagtgcagag agaatatact     73200
     ataacaatga gtataacaat tttagaaaac ttacttagtt tatttgcctc caagaggctc     73260
     agaagagttt gaatataatg atttcctcat tttttcaaat ataaaatgaa gtttcactta     73320
     aaatttctcc atttcagctt taagtttact tgattttata gtctctgaat tctataattt     73380
     gcatattaat atttttgatc taatgttaaa aagcaaaaga gatgacaatc aaatgctaac     73440
     gactatgagg tttctgaaag ctggggttat tatcaaagta cacttccact ggggaaaaaa     73500
     tgacaacata aaactcactg tcttcataaa tgaatcttta ttaatgctgt caggtcttaa     73560
     caaatgagag tgtgacacta ataggattaa gtaacttttg acttcattac tattatcaga     73620
     gtcttggtta gtgttcatcg tccactaatg ccttttgtta aatatatctg ttattaaaaa     73680
     tcccacagta tggatggaca cttatggaac ataagttgga catcgtaaat agttcaattc     73740
     tggagtttat aaattgaggc tctgaagaac aaatgtgttc ccaaatctga atgatctact     73800
     cacatcatgc ctcttaactt aatattacca actaactata agaagcacca ctaaatttta     73860
     tgttattaga tacagattta ttgatctgtt atttcattgt ccactgtatc taagtaaaaa     73920
     taaatttgaa cttaatatta ttcttgccaa aggaaatgac ttaaatccta aaataaaaac     73980
     atatttttat aagacaaaat taattggtat agaattattt aatgaaaaca tgaggttgta     74040
     ttacacagat ctaattgtct ttaacaactt tgatcaatgc taataatcta agattataaa     74100
     tatcccaatg tgggtagttt tcttggcata aattattctt tttgtctaca ctgatttata     74160
     ttgattatat aacaacactg ctgtggagac actctcttag tgaactgaag tgtgatcttt     74220
     caatcttaga taaaataaat tgatggattg gtaagatttc tgtatcagag gtgatgacac     74280
     cttgtatgag aagtgatgat aaaagcaata aggtcattct gcagaaaact ttctgagttt     74340
     gtttgagttt tatctataaa ataatgtatc tatcttcatg attttaccag ggtatgagtt     74400
     tggaccagtt tttgatggaa ttggtcttta gcaaaaacta taaagtgcag atgaaaacta     74460
     attctcactt aaaaatcaaa tactgaagaa attaatattc tcccttttgt atttatcagt     74520
     gtacagtcat cttcacaaaa ctaatcaaga atgaataaat aatctagtag cctaatagac     74580
     caaataaatt gctttgacca caaattaaat tttagccgat tgttattcaa gtgtctttca     74640
     atttcccagt gcaggtagat gtcactggag gaaggaaaat attgagtcta agttaattaa     74700
     ataacgcaga acttaatttt cttaattatt tttgaaatgt ccttttttca ttggtctttt     74760
     gcttgcacaa attatatctt caccaatcta ttctacaaat aggtaataaa gtgttttatc     74820
     cataaaatgt taaatatcta ttactagagc actaagggca tcaaaataga atacatgtgg     74880
     acacacacgt tttagcaatt aaaactataa aaatatcgct agttatctat tttgtatttc     74940
     ctttgaaata gaagaggtac ttctaggtga acaatcataa gaaacctatt gcttattatt     75000
     tatacattgg aagagtattt agtggtagca tgttttaatt gctgcatgca catatctcta     75060
     tacttgctgg taaactgagg aaagtagtat aacgtcatat ataggaaaca tattttaaaa     75120
     gacatatttt gcaaagtaag tgtgaatttt gtttcattaa gcaaaacaaa ggattttaaa     75180
     agttgaaaat cataaaatga agttttggat tttctaacct aatttacatt tgtctttgcg     75240
     atctcactta atctggaatt ttattttatg tagagtatta tcatgaatat ttctcatcct     75300
     tttacttatt ttatatatag aatttcatta ttttaagctt cttcaataca atgaagtgaa     75360
     attctaaaga atgaaaggct gttctattaa attttgtcta gatgtaacaa taactgactg     75420
     ctaactaata tcttagtcta attccagtaa tctaaattta acacatattt aatgagtgct     75480
     caatgtacaa agtcttgagg gataaaaaat gtgtttggaa aacagtcagt gtccccaagg     75540
     agattaataa caggcattat caggattata tttttgctct aatgatagta aagaggaaag     75600
     tatttatttt atatatacat acatacttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     75660
     gtatcttttt tctttctttt tctttgtgag acacagcctt gctctgtcgc ccaggctaga     75720
     gtgcagtggc acgatctcgg cttactgcaa cctccacctc ctgagttcaa ttgattctcc     75780
     taccttagcc tcccgagtag ctgggactac agacgtctgc cacaaagctt ggctaatttt     75840
     gttgttgtta ttgtattttt agtagagaca gggtttcacc attttggcca gggtctcaaa     75900
     ctcctcacct ccagtgatcc tcccgcctca gcctcccgaa atgtcatggt tacaggcatg     75960
     agccatcaca cttggccata tttattatgt tgtaagaaca ttttatctta aattgatcat     76020
     gctgccatta agaaaatgga attatttaaa gttttattgt ctcagaaaag ttaaaatttt     76080
     atatctattt ttagtagatt tttaccaagc actctcatta acttatgata tcttattttg     76140
     ttactaggtt tgcaattatg gcagtaatac tttttgccaa catttatctg tacaatcatt     76200
     ttgagactgg aaataaaacg ttttgatgac aatggtaatt cttgtgctag ttgtggtaat     76260
     tacctaagtc tttctattat cttaattctc aaacttgtta tctgtgccta caattcctct     76320
     cctatataat agagaaaatt aaaattatcc ttatgtagca tgcagggata ttataaaagc     76380
     taatgatata agtaaaatct ataaagtttg ctgagtaccc tgaagaaaac tgttctgtaa     76440
     acaatagtta tgggttttac tctgtaggtt gaggttaatt atagtctttc acaatttttc     76500
     taagacttga tgcttcatac tccttaaaaa gcctatttta cgacttaaac ttagttttcc     76560
     atacatgttt tatgtatgta tacagagaaa aatatgacaa cattaatcta tttcttgatc     76620
     agtgccactg gctctacatt tttttctgga cctagttcag tttttgtttt gttttgtttt     76680
     gttttaagtc ttccacttac cctctttggc ttatcttttg aatcaaatgt ctcctcttca     76740
     tttgcctttg tctcctcgtg gccctccata tgacagtgat actgctaata tgagtacttt     76800
     ctcatatact gcctctacca tctggaattg ctttatttac atctcattca tatgacctta     76860
     tttttttaaa aaagatttcc tctcttcttt tcttttttca agctgagaac ttattttcct     76920
     atcccctttc taagacaatc acgactgttt tttttttcca gtagattttg tagaagaggt     76980
     gtgtaataac gtacttgaac ttttttattt ttaattattc taaattaaat aggtcttaaa     77040
     atatcctttt tcaagcagaa gatttgctat aacaagcctt tcctggatgc tagtatgttt     77100
     ttctggctta taagagagcc aagatatcct ctgaggacaa gagttgttta gaagaattca     77160
     tttaaaatag tttgaccagg gaaatatagc agaataaaca gcctgcatcc taaggacagt     77220
     ggaacaaggg gagcattgct gtcagtaatg caaataacaa agtaaatggt taacagaaga     77280
     acgaagttgt gttctagata atcatacact gcctctacgg tctggatgca tgaattctag     77340
     agaaacaatt taatggacta taaataaatt aagaagttta atactttata gattactttt     77400
     agttgaacag agtgctttat ttaagtcact gaatgattat atgcatgaat tttagattgc     77460
     atatagatat caaaaagcca aagaatatga tcatgcttag ctacaagcta atgcatattc     77520
     aattaactcc cattaaacta ccttcaataa ataagtaaat ataaaatgaa ggctacttac     77580
     attgtttgaa tacacaatat aataagattc tgatgctgat tatttgattt tgtgtttagt     77640
     ggtttcatac tgcttttgct tggaggatgt aagtatttaa cagatcctgt gtgtttcagg     77700
     aggcatttaa atcttttaat tttgctgtga ggaaagttat tcctaaggga tcagtcacag     77760
     atagctatat tacccccatc aaatgcatca ttttcctaga ttccaaaccc tatgtagaaa     77820
     tctccaagtt gaagaagtaa caatgaccat gctatcaatg tttaatcctt tggaaaccat     77880
     agtaatggta taggaatgca cctttttaac tagaagtact catgggcctg gaaaagtgaa     77940
     gatgacctca tgggggaatg gatatatggc cctaaactgg aaaatcattg gctggcttct     78000
     gtataggcta tttatagccc atttattcat ctgcagcttt taagattcta aacatttctc     78060
     tataatctat tttccctata gtttgaggtt aattatactc tgtttatcta tatgtttaag     78120
     atcaattacc taactgctaa aatgaaagca ttttcatata gctagagctc tcacacagaa     78180
     aactagttta cgtgtaaggt aaccagttta ataaaactga taatctcttt agctcttaga     78240
     aattggattt taattattta tctaatagac aagacttctt aagctatatt ttctactcaa     78300
     atatactaat ggaaatgtaa gtaatttaaa atttttctcc aactgttttg tggatgtttt     78360
     gtaaactgta atctcattgt aactatgtct ggtgttctac aatctagact ataaaggtgt     78420
     gaagcaaaaa aaaagatttc tttctgaaat aatgttttgc attactattt tacaccacaa     78480
     aatagtgact ggccttattt aggtattgat taatgtaaaa aatggcattt tacccaataa     78540
     ccttcctgtt attaccaggc aactatgaaa tttagtgaca caattatttt tgtttctttt     78600
     tttcatctta aggaacaagt tcttaattag attcgataca gctataagta aacataaact     78660
     atgttcttat gtaacctcaa gagttatttt aggccgggcg cggtggctca tgcctgtaat     78720
     cacagcactt tcggaggccg aggcgggcgg atcacgaggt caggagattg agaccatcct     78780
     ggctaacctg gtgaaaccac gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aaaattagcc gggcgtggtc     78840
     gcgggcgcct gtagtcccgg ctactccgga ggctgagaca ggagaatggc gtgaacccgg     78900
     gaggcggagc ttgaagtgag cccagatcgc gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagagt     78960
     aagactccat ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ttattttaaa gtgtctccat     79020
     gccttgttac acagttcatt gacaattgtt taatctgttg ctgctaagtt tccttaaatt     79080
     tgtgattatt tcaatgagtt agtgatagtt tattcaccca tatttgtggt gcattgccac     79140
     aaggaattat tgacacttct ttttactgac aacagctttt ttgttttgtg tttacagtgt     79200
     gatgttgaga gttttgttgt ttcctcacaa ataactgact gcataactct atgctttcct     79260
     acatggttag caattgctat ttcatgaaaa attggatttg ctttcctagt tgcagttatc     79320
     agtcggtgct tcttaaaaag atagctgttt attttgatga ctgcttaggc aatatttatt     79380
     attaagtatt gctttctcaa atgatttttc acagaggcag tggacaaatg gtttgacctg     79440
     tacagtgtac agtgtacaaa gattcatttt gtagcttaaa gaatgaatta tctttgtgtc     79500
     ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt attatagaga cagggtctca     79560
     cagtgttacc caggctggag tgtagtggct ttgcacaggc acaaccatgg catgctacag     79620
     ccttgaactc ctgggctcaa tcaattcccc tgcctcagcc tccttagaag ctgagactac     79680
     aggctagcac taccaggccc agcgtttttt gtacattttt taatctgtat tttatcctca     79740
     tatgaatttt tgttatctat ttgccttgta taatattagg atgggtatat catttatcct     79800
     ccaaattaag attaaacagg gacattaaat taaattaaac agggacaacc agaatatata     79860
     gtcacaatat ttaaaacccc aaatttctac agtaattcct tcttttccat tttacatcct     79920
     tcttctcaag gtctggtcta ccttgagcca gagagctgcc atcttctgca aaacatcaat     79980
     ggggtcaact attatttgca caaacttgaa cttcactctg ttttaattta gcagagcgac     80040
     tctcaggctg acttggttct gttggcaaaa gactagcttc tgaagaattg tctaacagca     80100
     gaaacgctgt catcaagctt gtacataggg tgaatttttt tctgagctgg cattgttcat     80160
     ctaatgtagt gttttctaaa gctaaatttt acacacacac aaaaaaaaca gacatggaaa     80220
     acgggcataa ttgcatttag aattatgtta cttttggaca taagatttct atttcctttg     80280
     atactattca aatagatgaa gactatgtcg tttgcttcta tgcactgatc cacaaaatgt     80340
     aggaggtatt aaatgtcttg ccaagttact aaacaagtaa agttttcaga agctcaatgt     80400
     gtgaccgagt ttctcctttt ctacacatat ttccctaaat agccatttgt ctacaggcca     80460
     tttgagtata gcctgaagac aggatgagat acagaaccac ttaagcagct ttccaaaatg     80520
     aggttttaga ttgtagagcc aaagctctga gtggtttttg taagagagga attttttttt     80580
     tgtttttttt ttttcttgag acagagtctc gctgttgccc aggctgaagt gcaatgacgc     80640
     gatctcggct cactgcagac tccgccccat gggggttcac tctattctcc tgcctcagcc     80700
     tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggcacattc tttatgactt tatctccatg gacatattct     80760
     tcataaatat ttagaacagc ttatactgtc ttctattata ctggcttgaa gataattgat     80820
     accattgatg caggatcaag tgttgtctct ttgttcatct acattacaaa acatggtgtc     80880
     accaataatc taattgtttt tgttatactt tcctatgtta ctggtttgaa gataatcgat     80940
     accattgatt tgggatcaaa tttgtatttt gctgtttttc tccattcatc aacagtacaa     81000
     aatgtgctgt cacccataat agtttatttt tgcatcgtat gttttggatt tctacattca     81060
     tttgcctgaa tttttcactc agggttttgg atattatata tttcatatgc agcatgtatc     81120
     atttgttggt gacttaaatg cctgtatcct attataacag aactaatcac ttttctaaag     81180
     ataagtataa gtttggtcca caaaaaaatt tctatgtgca ttgactcatt gaacctgcta     81240
     cgatgaagac ttctacttta caattcaact atgcatatca ggattactga tttctttata     81300
     tgacattact tatgaaaaga agtaatttta tgaattacta aacactttcc aagtatgttt     81360
     attttgaaac ttgcctttaa ttaatagaga tagcttgaat atttagcata gtccctaata     81420
     aaaataattg aattaaattt aagtatctag tcaatagaat taatagcaat tgctataaac     81480
     ctaaataatt atggtgataa taaaaatcaa gttaaataca agatgtggta taggggttca     81540
     gttagcttaa taatctaatg ttttactagt ccacattcaa ttttagagta atgatgttga     81600
     aaatgcaaat tacttattat taggttcctt aactttacta tttatttgct ttttagtttt     81660
     tttaaagttt tattttaggt ttaggagtac atgtgcaggt ttgttatata ggtaaactcc     81720
     tgtcttgggg gtttattgta cagattaatt catcacccag gtactaagac aggtaagtac     81780
     ccaatagtta tttttttctg ctcctctctc tcctctcacc ctccacccta aagtaggccc     81840
     aatatctgtt gttcccttct ttgtgtccat gagttatctt tatattaatt atttttattt     81900
     cactacttgg cagtttgcca aatcagaaac ttgattttga taagagaaaa atgtctattt     81960
     cagaagttaa aaatccgtat ttaccaaatg tttaccagtc tactatcatt gatagggttc     82020
     actatatttc aatacatata tcccagtgtt gtcaaatttt tgagatattg tgattttatt     82080
     agtgtttgat aatgaaaaca taacttcaaa gtctattacc tgagcattgc tttaatatcc     82140
     aggattcttt gtacatgcca ttatgttcct gaaagtacat ttagcataat atgtatagct     82200
     aatttatttg aaaacatagc caattcttca ttattcagaa gttaataatc aaatttcatg     82260
     aatcatatcc ctccccacta catcctacta catttcattt tccttcaaaa tactttaaaa     82320
     atacttccta gaaattatct actttagcaa atgcatttca agattctcag aaaatatttt     82380
     ttaatagtcc agaattattc ataggattag ataagctcaa atctccatta gatgttcttt     82440
     tctgttatta gtaaactccc ctctttagtt tagatcagtg ttgtagcacc cttattcttg     82500
     gtttctatta catttacagt atcttacaag gagcagcatc tgttactgtt ctaagagatt     82560
     aagtcaaacc aaataggtgt gtctatttag aataataggg atttttaaga gaattataat     82620
     tggatcttgt aggtgtcaca aacctcagtg taataggcat cattgataag agattcctct     82680
     tttaactgtt tattttggca ttgctacatt cgttttgaag attttcttgg tagccttgca     82740
     tacatgtctt taaaccattt ttcttacaat tagatgctgt gataacatac agaggctgtg     82800
     gatacctaca attttaactt ctgctttgac tcccagaagg aaagtataaa tattatactg     82860
     gctctgatat attacaactt tacattaatt tttagacaag ataaaaagta tttttaacat     82920
     attttctacc atattgctca attatcatcc ttttatcata gtaacttatc aatgttacaa     82980
     aacgtttttg tgggcattat agtttggaac tcaattttga gaacattgtt ttaaaaatct     83040
     tatcaagata tgactttcca aatacaacat ttgtattaca attagatgta taccttgttc     83100
     tttttttcac ttttaaatta aaacatgtgg ctgctcacgg attgaaaaca ggtttaccta     83160
     tatatgtcct taccaattgg taagcattat tcaaagtaga tcataaaaag gagacaaaag     83220
     ccttgatatt cccaattaaa aagatttaaa ctaaaaactc cttctgctaa ctgtatactg     83280
     ttgaagcatt tattgtataa cccttaacta tcaagaactg ccacatcttt tgatatttgt     83340
     gacagctatt ttaggagaat aagggagatg caatgttata ataggtaagg gatgaagatc     83400
     agcttcctgg tagattacaa agtagtgata attctgcttt catcctattg tgtttttttt     83460
     ctgcactata gattgaatta catattattg ctcaatgtga tgctgattaa ttaagatgta     83520
     gggagctgtg gaaaattatc catattttgt cataaactta tgtttactga ctgtacatca     83580
     gaaaatcact aaataatgca tgaaattata aaaattacat taaaatatta aaattacctg     83640
     taaaacctag atatttaaac cactgtagtt tttcatatga tattgtcaga tcaaatacac     83700
     ttgccacttt catttaagaa ataattacca atattagatg taagttaaaa taaacataaa     83760
     ataaaaagag ttggacattt attcatatca aataaataga ctaatgtctt ctatggatac     83820
     ctactctttt ccatattttt agttgttctt ccatttttaa tttttatgac tacatagtag     83880
     gtgtacgtat ttgtgcggta catgagatat tttgattcag tcatacaatg tgtaataatc     83940
     acatcagggt aaatggggtg tcctcagttc tttgtcacct gtggttttag ctctgattaa     84000
     gaacttgtct tggaacctaa gtcaaagttt gattttaaat ttttcattga aattgacagg     84060
     tcggctgagg aaatcaagat ttctccagtt ctgtagtcag gtggtctgat cgttagacta     84120
     attggattta cataaaccca agtattacat tttacatatg cattgatttt tatcacctct     84180
     attttcaagc tgttgtataa atgttgcagc tttcaggccc tacttccatt ggtaacagat     84240
     agaaactggt ttgctgctat tctgtcctgg catacaaata atctaagtca aaagcttcgc     84300
     ttttcatgtt tttctaggat agtgagagga aaaaaaaaaa tttctcctac tcaaagcatt     84360
     tatttcattt ctattttcat aaaattagga attcattttt tttttttctt ttttgagacg     84420
     gagtttcact cttgttgccc aggctggagt gcaatggcac gatctcggct cactacaacc     84480
     tccgcctccc gggttcaagc aattctcctg ccttagcctc ctgagtagct gggcttacag     84540
     gcgcccacca ccgcactcag ctaatttctt gtatttttag tagagacggg gtttcaccat     84600
     gttggccagg ctggtctaga acttctgacc tcaggtgatc ctcccgcctc ggccttccaa     84660
     agtgctggga ttacaggcat gagctaccat gcccagccca aaattaggta ttatttgtta     84720
     atgacttacg ggtttttaat tagccacaag atacgaaagt ctaaacaaaa gtatgttttg     84780
     ttatagtcag tttaatgccc taaaaaaatg atgtttgcac aaatgattct aatgcacaaa     84840
     tgttattagt ttctatacat ttatattttc tcagagtctt ttctgattat ttgctggacc     84900
     ctacatttat aattctattt atgccgattt cagagtaaaa tttctattgg ggtacaattt     84960
     agtctttttc ttctaggatt gcaattttca ttctgttggc ctagggcttc tcaaccttgg     85020
     cattattgac atttgaagct agataattct tccttgtggg gtggtgtgag agctgtctta     85080
     tgtactgcag gaagtttggc agcatctctg gcctctacca aatagatctt agtggcactc     85140
     tcttgcctaa ttgtgacaag caaaaatgtc tccagagttt gacaaatgtt ttctcgggtt     85200
     gcggtggggg ccccaggaat ttcaacaata gaaaaccatt gctttagctc acccttacac     85260
     atattcataa gagaggattt tgtattttat agaaagattt tattaactcc aaaaaggagt     85320
     cagacttgaa aaccttcaaa aaccttcaaa tgatgagcat tctcagataa aatatttcag     85380
     aaatgttgaa acaataaatg ctatttgaat aacacatact ttagtggtca taggtgaaat     85440
     agtattagga catatatcaa gtcctttgat aaaaagatat tttatgaagt aatagtgcct     85500
     tttaacaaat tcataatatg ttataattta tcgtaaatgt agaagttact ttcttatctg     85560
     gtgtgactga aggggaacac agtgctaaat gataaaacag agtagcctga ggtggttttc     85620
     ttctaatttc aggtcagatt tacatttcac taattgcaca aaagtttttc aatattaatt     85680
     ttgttttgta tatacagaaa acatatttat tattagcact agcaaaatct tatgtaatga     85740
     acccacttca taaatagaat atttatgtta atcaaatatg aatgttttgc caacctaatt     85800
     tcaaatctta acataaaaaa ttggaatgag aaaattgata catatgagta tattggtata     85860
     tgtattataa atgattcaac ctcagctagt aaaggaagtt ttattatttt caacagtaaa     85920
     atcattattt ttctaatttg atttcatagt tatgtaagaa ttattagcaa tgttaaaata     85980
     ataaactttg agcaaaacta tttcctgatt gttaatggat aagaaaaaga taaaaattga     86040
     catctagaat taggcaaagg aaaaactaat ggaagattca atatatgaat gagacacaaa     86100
     agttgatagt ggtgtgtgat agaactaatt acaagcgttt tttaagctaa tgtttttagt     86160
     tatagattta tttatgaaaa attgttctta gctcttgaat tttatagtgt ttttaaattt     86220
     ttaatgtatt tacttttttc tttttaattt ttgttagtac atcataggtg tatatattca     86280
     tggggtacat gaaatacttt gatacagaca tgcaattgtc atgatcacat cgtggtaaat     86340
     gggacatcca ttccctcaag catttatcct ttgtgttaca cacaatccaa tgatactttt     86400
     agttatttta aaacatatga ttaaattatt attgactgta gccaccctgt tgtgttagca     86460
     aacgctaggt cttattcatt ctttcttttt tggtacccat taatcatccc tacctcccct     86520
     gcctaccaac aacccttgct agcctctggt aaccaccttc tactctctgt cttcatgagt     86580
     tcaattgttg aaatttttag ctcccacaaa tatgtgagaa cgtgtgaagt ttctctttct     86640
     gtgcctggct tacttcaatt aacataatga tccatgcatc catgttgttg caaatgacag     86700
     gatctcattc tcttttctga atagtactcc attttgtata tgtaccagat ttcctttacc     86760
     cattcatctg ttgatgaaca cttcagttgc ttccaaatct tggctactgt gaatagtgct     86820
     gcaaaaaacc ctgggagtgc agatatcact ttgatatact tatctccttt cttttgtgca     86880
     tatacccagc aatgggattg ctggattgta atggtagctc aattcttagt tttttgagga     86940
     acctccaaac tgttctccaa gtgattgtac taatttatat tcccacaaac actgtacaag     87000
     gattcgcttt tctccacatc gttgccaaca tttgttacca cccgtgtttt agataaaagc     87060
     catttcaacg ggggtgagat aatatcttat tgtagttttg atttgcattt ctctgatgat     87120
     taattatgtc aaacatcttt tcatatgcct gtttgccatt tgtatatctt atttcgagaa     87180
     atgcctattc aaatcttttg cccatttttt attacaatat tagatttctt tttctctaga     87240
     gtgatttgag ctctccatat attctgatta ttaatccttt gtcagatggg tagtttgcaa     87300
     tattttctcc cattctgtgg gttgtctctt cactttgttg ttgattgtgt cctttgctgt     87360
     gcagaagctt tgtaacttga tgtgatccca tttgcccatt tttgctttgg ttgcctgtgc     87420
     ttgtgaggta ttgctcaaga aatctttgcc cagaccaata tcctggagat tgtttccaat     87480
     gttttcttgt atggtataat agcttgagat cttaaattta agtatttact ccgatttgat     87540
     ttgatttttc tatatggtga gagatagggg tttaatttca ttcatctgca tgtggatatc     87600
     aggtttttcc agcaccattt attgaagaga ttgtattttc cccaatgtat gtttttggca     87660
     acctcgtcaa acattatttc actgtagtag tgaggatttg tttctgggtt atctgttctg     87720
     ttccattggt atatgtgtct gttcttatgc caataccatg ctatttggtt actatagctc     87780
     tgtagtataa tttgaagtca ggtaatgtga ttccttcagt tttgttcttt ttgctcagga     87840
     taactttgtc tatactgggt tttttgtgtg gttctataca aatctgagga ttttttttct     87900
     atttctgtga agaatatcat tggaattttt attgggattg cattgaacct gtagattgct     87960
     ttaggtagta tggacatttt aacaattttg attcttctaa tctatgaaca tggaatattt     88020
     tttccctttt ttggtgccct cttcaattgc tttcatcagt gtttcatagt tttcatgatt     88080
     gagatttttt acttctttgg ataagttaat tcctaggtat ttaatttttt gtgtggctat     88140
     tataaatgga aataattttt aaattctttg tcacattggt cactgttggc atatagaaat     88200
     ggtattgatt tttgtatgtt gattttggat cctgcatctt tactgaaatt gtttatcagt     88260
     tctaatagtt ttcttgtgga gtctttagtt ttttccaaat ataacatcat attatctgta     88320
     aacaatgata atttgaattc ttcctttcca atttggataa cctttatatc tttctcttat     88380
     ctgatggctc tagctaggac taccagtact atgttgaata atagtggtga cagggggcat     88440
     ccttgtcatg ttccagatct tagagggaag aatttccatt tttccacatt tagtatgata     88500
     ctagctgtgg atctttcata tgtgacttta attgtgttta gatatgttcc ttctatcccc     88560
     agttttttga gagtttttgt catgaaggga tgttgaattt tataaaatgc tttttcagca     88620
     tcaattgaaa tgatcatatg gtttttatcc ttcattctat tgatgatatc tcacattgat     88680
     ttgcatatgt tgaaccatcc ttgtttacca ggggtacatc ccacttggtt atgatgaatg     88740
     atctttctaa tgtattgttg aatttggttt gctagtattt ttgttgagga tttttgcatt     88800
     aatagtcatc aaagatattt gcttgtagtt ttctcttttt attatcattt ttaagttcca     88860
     gggtacatgt gcaggatgtg cagttcatta cataggtaaa tgtgtgccgt ggtgatttgc     88920
     tgcacctatc aacccatcat gtaggtatta aacacagcat gcattagcta gttagctgat     88980
     gctgtccttc cctaactggc ctcagtgtgt ggtgttcccc tccctgtgtc catgcgttct     89040
     cgttgttcag atcccactta taagttagaa catgtggtgt ttgattttct gttcctgtgt     89100
     tagtttgcgg aggataatgg cttccatctc cacccatgtt actgcaaagg acatgatctc     89160
     atttcttttt gtggctgcat agtattccat tatgtatatg taccaaattt tctttatcca     89220
     gtctatcatt gattggcatt tgcattgatt ccacatcttt gctattgtga atagtgctgc     89280
     agtgaacata catgtgcatg tatctgtatc gtggaataat gtatattccc ttgggtatat     89340
     acccagtaat gggattgctg ggtcaagtgg tatttctggt cctaggttat attagtctgt     89400
     tctcatgctg ctaataaaga catacccaag actgggtaat ttataaagaa aaatagggtt     89460
     aattgactca cacagttcca cgttgctgga gaggcctcac aatcatggca caaggcaaag     89520
     gaggagaaag gcaggactta catggaggct ggcaagagag agcgtgttca ggggagctcc     89580
     cttttataaa accatcagat ctcatgagac ttattcacta tcacaagaac agcacaagaa     89640
     agaaatgctt ccatgattca attacctcac accaggttcc tcccatgaca catgggaatt     89700
     atgggagctg caatttgaaa tttgggtggg gacacagtga aaccatattt ttctgcccct     89760
     ggcccctccc agaactcatg tcatcacatt ttaaagccaa tcatagcttc ccaactgtcc     89820
     tccaaagtct taacttattt caacattaac tcgaaagccc aagtccaaag tctcatgtga     89880
     gataaggcaa gccccttcca cctatgagcc tataaaatca atagcaagtt actttctaga     89940
     tacaatgggt gtacagggta aatacaccca ttccagatgg gagaaattgg ccaaaataaa     90000
     ggggctacag gccccataaa agtctgaaat ccaatagggc agtcacatct taaagttcaa     90060
     aaatgatctc ctttgacacc atgtctcata tccaggtcat gctgacgcaa gaggtaggtt     90120
     cccatggtct tgggcagctc cacccctgtg gctttgcagg gtacagcccc tctcctggct     90180
     gatttcacag gctggcattg agtgtctgtg gcttttccag gcacctggtg taagttgtca     90240
     atggatctac cattctgggg tctagacgac agtggccctc ttctcacagt tccactagat     90300
     agtgcaccag tggggattct ttgtggaggc tcccacccca catttccctt ctgccgtgcc     90360
     cttgcagagg ttctccatga gttctctgcc cctgtagcac acttctgcct ggacatccag     90420
     ttgtttccct acatcctctg aaatcttggt ggaggttccc aaacctcagt tcttgacttc     90480
     tgttcaccct catgcccaac accacgtata agccaccaag gcttggggct tccaccctct     90540
     gaagcaacag cctgagctct acatcggaca ctttcagcca tggctgggat gtaggtcatc     90600
     aagtccccaa actgcacaaa gcagcaaggc cctggtccca gctcatgaaa caattatttt     90660
     tttctcctag gcctcccagc ttgtgatggg agaggctgcc atgaaatctg cggacatgtc     90720
     ctggagtcat tttcccattg tcttctcgat tgatatttgg ctccttgttg cctatgcaaa     90780
     cttttgcagt cagcttgaat ttctcctcag aaaatggctt tctcttttca atcacattgt     90840
     cagactgcaa tttttccaaa ctttcatgct ctgccttcct tttaaacata aattccataa     90900
     gttccaaacc atattgtagt gaatacataa cactgaatgc ttttgacaat accgaagtca     90960
     tttcttgaat gctttgctgc ttagaaattt cttctgccgg ataccctaaa tcatctctct     91020
     caaattcaaa gttccacaaa tctctagggc agggacaaaa tgccaccagt ctcttcacta     91080
     aaacatagca agagtcacct ttgctccagt tcccaacaag ttcctcatct ccatctgaga     91140
     ccacctcagc ctggacttta ttgtccattt cactatcaac attttggtca aagtcattca     91200
     gcaagtctct aggaggttcc aaactttccc acatcttctt gtttatttag gatccctcta     91260
     aactgttaca gtctctgcct gttactcagt tgcaaagtca tttccaaatt ttggggtatc     91320
     tttacagcag caccccactc taccagtacc agtttactgt atcagtccat tctcacatgg     91380
     ctagtacaga catacccgag actgggtaat ttataaagaa aaagaggttt aatgaatcca     91440
     cagtttacaa caacagtgta aaagcttttc tatttctcca cagcctggcc ggaatctgta     91500
     ttttgtggac attttaataa tcgtcattct gactgtcctg agatagtatc tcattgtgat     91560
     tttggtttac atttctctag tgatcagtga tattgagctt tttttccata tgttttctgg     91620
     tcgcatgtat atcttctttt gagaattgtc tgttcatgtc ctttgcccac tttttaatgt     91680
     ttttttttct tgtaaatttg tttaagttcc ttatagattc tgtatatgag acctttatca     91740
     tagggataga ttgcaaaaat tttctcacgt tctgtaggtt gtttgttcac tctgatgatt     91800
     gtttcttttg ttgtgcagaa gctctttaat tagatcccat ttgtcaattt ttccttttgt     91860
     tgcagttgca tttgacattt tcatcatgat gcctttgccc ttgcctatgt cctgaatggt     91920
     attgcctaga ttttcttcta gggtttttat agttttgggc tttacattta attcattcat     91980
     ctatcttgag ttaattttgg taaaaggtgt aaggaagggg tccaatttca attttctgca     92040
     tatggctagc cagttctccc agcaccattt attaaaaagg gaaccctttc cccattgctt     92100
     gttttttttt tttcaggttt gtcaaagatc agatggttgt aggtgtgcag tcttatttct     92160
     gagttctcta ttctgttgca tttgtctatg tttctgtttt tgtagcagta ccatgctatt     92220
     ttggttactg tagccttgta gtatagtttg atgtccggta gtgtgatgcc tccagctttg     92280
     ttgtttttgc ttggaattgt cttaagtata tagtctcttt tttgattcta tatgaatttt     92340
     aaaatagttt ttttgctaat tatgtgaaga atgccaatgg tagtttaatg ggaataccat     92400
     ctataaatta ctttgggcag tgtggacatt ttgacaatat tgactcttcc tatccatgag     92460
     catggtaagg tatatttttc catttgtttg tgtcctcttt gatttccttg agcagtcgtt     92520
     tgtagttcct cttgaagagg tccttcattt cccttgttag ctgaattcct aggtatttga     92580
     ttctctttgt agcaattttg aattggagtt cattcatgat ttggctctct gcttatctgt     92640
     tgttggtgtt tagggatgct tgtgattttt ccacactgat tttgtatcct gagactttgc     92700
     taaagttgct tatcagctta agaagctttt gggctgagac aatggggttt tctagattta     92760
     ggatcatctc atctgcaaag acaatttgac ttcctctatt tctatttgag tatattttat     92820
     ttctttctct tgcctgattg tcctggccag aacttccaat actatgttga ataggagtgg     92880
     tgagagaggg catccttgtc ttgtgctggt tttcaaggga gatgcttcca gcttttgccc     92940
     attcaatatg atattggcta tgggtttgtc ataaatggct cttattattt tgagatatgt     93000
     ttcttcaata gctagttcat tgagagtttt taacttgaag tgttgttgaa ttttattgaa     93060
     ggccttttct gtgtctattt agataagcat gaggtttctg tctttagttc tgcttatgtg     93120
     atgaattatg tttatttatt tgtgtatgtt gaaccagcct tgcatcttga ggataaagct     93180
     gacttgatcg tggtggataa gctttttgat ttgctgctgg attcagtttg ccagtatttt     93240
     attcgggatt tttgtattga tgttcattaa agatattggc ctgaagtttc attatttatt     93300
     tttatttttt tcgttgcatc tctgcgaggt tttggtataa gaatgatgct ggcctcataa     93360
     aatgaattag ggaggagtcc ctccttttca gttgtttgga acaatttcag aagaaatggt     93420
     atcagctcct ctttgtacct ctggtagaat tcagctgtaa atccatctgg tcctgtgctt     93480
     tgtttttttg gtaagctatt tattactcct tcaatttcat aactcattat tggtctcttc     93540
     agggattcga tttcttcctg gttcagtttt gggagggtgt atatttccag gaacttatcg     93600
     atttcttcta gattttctag tttatttgca tagaggtgtt tatagtattc tctggtggtt     93660
     gtttgtgttt ctgtgggtag gtggtgatat cccgtttatc atttcagatt gtgtctgccc     93720
     cagtgagatc agagttctgt ccataaaccc ctgactggag ttgctgatat tcctgtaggg     93780
     aggccttgcc cagtgaacag ggatagatcc aggtcccacc caaagaagca atctggccac     93840
     agtctgtcac agccactgtg ctgcactgtg gagaattcct cccagtcgaa accttccagt     93900
     ctgtcaggcc ctggcagcag aaaatggctg tttggagcca cagggatggc tgccgcacct     93960
     ccccccagga acttggtcat cttagtcagt ctccagcctg ctacctacct ctgggtccaa     94020
     cccaaacggc tgctgagatt ctgcacagtt ctgtgcttgg gagccaaagt cctggtggca     94080
     taggctcaca aaggaatctc ctaatccctg agttgtgcag atgggttgaa aaagcatgat     94140
     ttcccgagca gagtagcaca ataactccct cccttggctg agggtaggaa cttcccttgc     94200
     cctgtgcaac tagcagatgg gccatcactc caccgtgctt ttctctctgc atgggttgca     94260
     tcaaccacct agtcagtccc aatgtgagaa cctggatacc ttagttgatg gtgcaggatg     94320
     cactagcttt ttttgttctt cttggtgaga gctgccaacc acacctgcat ctaatcagct     94380
     ttctcggccc caccgccact catcttggcc ccgccaacac ccagttttct ttttttgatg     94440
     tgtcttagtc tgatttttgt atctgggtaa tgttggtctc atagaatgag tctggaaata     94500
     ttctctcctc tattttttgc aatagtttca gtagaattgg tattagttct tgtttgaatg     94560
     tttggtagta ttcagcagta aagccatcgg gtcccaggct tttctttact gagaggcttt     94620
     tttattacag ctttgatctc actactagtt attggcctgt tcaggatttg aatttcttcc     94680
     tggtgaaatc ttggttggtt ctatgtgtct aggaatttct ctattttctt ctaggttttc     94740
     caatttattg gcatatagtt gctgatagta gccactaatg agcctttgca tttctgcagt     94800
     gtcagttgta aagtctcatt ttttcatttc tgattttatt tatttatatc ctctctcttt     94860
     tttcttagtt catctggcta agagtttgtc aattttgttt aactatttta aaaagccgct     94920
     ttttgtttct tcaacaatct tttttcattt tcttcatttc aatttcattt tattctactc     94980
     taatctttat tatttatttc cttctactaa ttttgggttt ggcttgttct tgcttttcta     95040
     cttattaaga tgaattgtta gattctttat ttgaaggttt tcctcttttt tgatgtaggc     95100
     actaatagct ataaacttcc ctcttggtac tgcttttgct ctaccccata ggttttggta     95160
     tgctgtgttt tctttattat ttgtttcaag aaacttttca atttacctct taatttcttt     95220
     attgacccac tgatcattaa gcagcatatt atttaatttc cgtgtatttg tatagtttcc     95280
     aaaattcctc tctttattga tttctaggtt tattctattg tgcttagaga tgaggcttga     95340
     tattatttca attttttgaa tgttttaaga cttgctttgt gacttaacat atggtctatt     95400
     cttgacaatg atccatgtgc tgaggaaaag aatgtgtatt ctgcagccgt tggatgtaat     95460
     gttctgtaaa tatctattag atgcatgtgg tgtatagtac agattaagtc tgatgtttct     95520
     ttgttgattt tctgttggga agatctgtcc agtgctaaaa gtggggcatt gaagtctcta     95580
     gctattattg tacttgggac aatctctttt tagctctaat aatattttct ttatatatcc     95640
     aggagctcca gtgttgggtg catatatatt taaaattgtt atatcctctg actgaattga     95700
     aacctttatc attatatact gactttctct cttcttaatt gcttttgtct tgaaatttac     95760
     tctgtttgat ataagtatag ctacacctgc tcttttttgt tttccattgg catggaatat     95820
     ttttttctct ttttcatttt cagtctatgt gtgtcttcat aagtgaaatg tgtttctcat     95880
     aagcaacaga tcactggttc tcagtttttt catccattta gccattcttt gtcttttaat     95940
     tgaagatgtt agttcattta cattgaataa tattgataag taaggactta ctcctgccat     96000
     tttattattt gtttcctggt tgttttgtgg tcttctcttc cttctttctg tccttcctgt     96060
     cttcctctag tgaaggagat tttctctggt gatatgtttt agtctcttgc ttgtcatttt     96120
     ttgtgttttc attttatgtt ttttggtttg aggttatttt gaggcttgca aataccatct     96180
     tataatgcag tattttaagc tgataatagc ttaacattgt ttgcataaac tgacaatcaa     96240
     aaagaaaact aataaaaatt ctacacctta acttgatccc caagattttt aactttttgt     96300
     tgccgtacta tgtcttgaaa agcggttgta gttattactt ttgattggtt cattgtttat     96360
     tctttctact taggataaga gtagtttaca cattacagtt acagtgttat aatattctat     96420
     gtttttctgt gtacttgctg ttaccagcga cttttgtacc tccaggtgat tacttattgc     96480
     tcattaatgt ctttttcttt gggtttgaag tactcccttt agcatttctt gtagggcaga     96540
     tctcgtgttg atgaaatctc tcagcttttg tctggggaaa tgtttatttc tccttcatgt     96600
     ttgaaggata ttttcaccag atatactatt ttaaggtaaa agtttatttt ccttcagcac     96660
     tctaaatatg tcatgccact ctcttctgat ctgtaagatt tacactgaga agcctgcttc     96720
     cagacgtatt ggagctccat tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtattttcc     96780
     ctctcttgct gtctttagga tcctttctat atcattgatc tttaggagtt taattattaa     96840
     ttacctgaag tagtctttgc attaaatctt cttggtgtaa aacttccttt tactttgata     96900
     ttgatatatt tttctaggtt tggaaagttc tctgttatta ttcttttgaa aaactttcta     96960
     cccctatctc tttctctacc tcctctttaa ggccagtcac tcttagattt gcccttttga     97020
     ggctactaat atttcttaga tcctgtgggc atgcttcgtt gttttttatt ctttgttctt     97080
     ttgtctcctc tgtgtatttt caaataccct gtcttcaagc tcactaactt tttcttttgc     97140
     tagattcatt ctgccattaa aaggctctga cacattcttc agtgtatcta ttttattatt     97200
     taacttcaga atttctgctt cattattttt agttatttca atctctttgt taaatttctc     97260
     tgatagaatt ttgaattcct tctccacatt atcttgaatt tctttgagtt tcttcaacac     97320
     agctattttg aactctgttt gaaaggttgc atatctgttt atctaggctt tgtcctgggt     97380
     gacttattta gttcatttgg tgcgatcacg ttttcctgga tggtgttagt gctaatagat     97440
     gttcttcagt gtttaggcat tgaagagtta ggtatttatt gtactcttca ctgtctggaa     97500
     ttatttatac ccatcctttc tgggaatgct ttccaggtat ttgaaagggc tttggtattg     97560
     tgatctaagc tgtatgtgct ttagggtaca ctccaagccc actaacactg tggttcttgc     97620
     aaactcacag aggcaccacc tcaatggttt ggacaagatc caagggaatt ctctgtatta     97680
     ccaggcagag actgttgttc tgttccctta tttttctcaa gcagagtccc tctctgttct     97740
     gagccaccta aggttgggga tatggtaaca caagcaccac tgtggctttc accactatga     97800
     ctgcacctgg tcagacctaa agccagctca gcactgggtc tcacccaagt tcaagctcag     97860
     cactgggtct cacccttgtt caaggacctg tggctctaca gtcagccagt ggcaaagcca     97920
     gctaggtcta tgtctttcat ttcagggtaa caaggtctct ctgggaccag gtgggtacag     97980
     aggtgccatc tggaagtgag ggactacagt caaaaacctt agaagtctcc ctgctgttct     98040
     attgtaccac gactgagttg gcactcaaac cacaacatgc aatccttccc ttgcttccct     98100
     ctactttcca aaggcagaga agcctcatcc tgtagccact gccatcccag gccacaggga     98160
     gtcctgccaa actactgctg atattccctt aagacccaaa ggctcttaag tcagcttgtg     98220
     gtgattgctt cctggcatgg gactcaccct tcagggtaat gggctcccct ctgttccagc     98280
     acaggtccag aaatgctacc caagggtcgt gtcctggaat tgaggacccc aaaagcccac     98340
     ttggtgctct gctcccctgt tgccatgctg gtacctgaag ccagctgtct agaaatgtca     98400
     tctgggagct agggcctgga atgggggcct catgactcta tccagtgcct tatcctgctg     98460
     tggctgagct ggtatccggg atgtaaaaga gagacatcct cactcttccc tctcctttcc     98520
     ctaagtagaa gaaaggtgtc tcttttggag ccatgaactg tgcagccttg ggttagggga     98580
     caggggatgc ttccccagct gatgtctcag tatgctgcat gccaccctag tccactgtcc     98640
     tatgcccagt tctgccttag gccttgccta agaattgtag tccttatggt ctaggctgcc     98700
     ttttaagttt acttagagac ctagagcact ttggcccttg gtggcaaggt ttgtgagaat     98760
     tcaaatttgg accactggga tcagtggttc cccaccagat agggctggtt taaatgctcc     98820
     ctctgtgggc gattgtcagc tgcgtttggt ctggtatttc tttctgctct aacagaacag     98880
     cactgagttc agtggctcac aattgctgta ttcttcctcc cccagtgccc agagaagctc     98940
     tctgtaccat gaggccactg cagcagttgg gggaggagaa gtggcttcgg tgattcaact     99000
     tttttttttt ttcttttaat ctcttcagtg cctcttttgg ggtatgaggt tcaaactaag     99060
     tactatgagt gctcatctga ttttttcatt cctatgaagg tgttttttct ttgtagatag     99120
     atgttaaatt tgtgtccttg tggggaggat gatcagtgga accttctatt ctgccatctt     99180
     gctctgtctt tcattatggt attttttttc ttttagtatt gtggcatatg aaaaaatatt     99240
     tctgaccaac cacccataat catttttatc taaactgcta tcaatcatta aaaatgtctg     99300
     tgtttcattg agcaaaactg ggaccagtgt ctttaagctt gtcacttgct gagtctgtaa     99360
     agaattggtt aattggatat taatggaaat tttagttatt cgaatgactt acatggttgc     99420
     tgaatattgt gccataaaat actggttctg actttcaata catcatttta attaatgttg     99480
     gtgtaatttc atacatgtta ttaatctctg gatggaggtt agagattata ttgtattgat     99540
     gccctgatta aagtgtgtta tattcacggc acttgaagaa aaaaatcact agtagtacaa     99600
     aaatatcatt gtttctctta attcaacttg ataccaaaca taacttaaat cactcctagt     99660
     ttcgttgcta tggggcatag tatcttaact agaaatatga aatacttcta gtaaatttga     99720
     gtaggtaaag actccctaaa tatataaaca gtagttatgc ttacagaaaa ttggtggcat     99780
     ttttcctatc aatgagttgt tttaagatga gtcagagcta atgaagagtc agaaatcatc     99840
     tcagaagaca tggtactttc ttctaaaaca gaaacagaaa ctattaggac aaatggcaat     99900
     gaattctgcc tccccctaaa ttaaagcagg aaagtatgag tcagaggtaa ggccctttta     99960
     acatctccag atatatccca tggtgtcagg ccaactggat agaccttata aatggactta    100020
     cctgaagctt tctttagcct ctctgtgcat ggcctcgtat tttctgccct aaacttttct    100080
     ctttttactt caattatcac ttatcccgga gacatatcac gactatccca tactccccat    100140
     tccttgacta gtcttacctc caacaaagaa gaatatgcat tttagttaaa atccagattt    100200
     ataaaaaaag acacgtctat gattcccagt cctttgcctc cactgggaaa aaatttttga    100260
     tctgtttgaa atgttcaagg gaaaaaagac ccaagtttgc tgcctctccc atgccatcct    100320
     tcagcttccc agccctgcct gtggaggttt gattctactt gggctacatc ctacttctca    100380
     aaaaccaggt cactgagaaa tctgggactt tcattcatat atgtgtccaa tgttttagtg    100440
     accaaaaata acaacaacaa caaaaaatct accacaagat tctgtcattc acccactata    100500
     gcattaatga cttccaatta ttcaccaggg acttgattag aatgagccat ctctgactcg    100560
     ttactgccaa tttgaaagta tttgcattaa agagcaaaag atacgaacta ttcttacaat    100620
     gcttacccat ttccaaaaga atgtgatcca cagacaaatt tgtcatttac caaacttctc    100680
     tcaccaaaat ttgccaccat ctttattatg acgtccattt aatcaatagt cagaggccat    100740
     gagacacaga agaaatggcc ttcttatgtg atagagaaac tgaaatcttc ttttggagaa    100800
     aaggagattt ctggactttg atgatagtag atccaaaaga aactggttga ggtcttttat    100860
     caatttagaa ggtagaacca atcagagtta gaagcaccca agaagtcctg agacttaaaa    100920
     gataaaacac cttcatatga tcttaaatgt ttagcactat tttcccttct tgaagttgta    100980
     ttattactga cttcctttac ctgaggtttt cgctgacata caatgaacca gaagcaactt    101040
     tagttttatt ttcctgatat taataagcaa tcagttaggt ttatagcagt gtctattagt    101100
     gaaagatcat attttcattt ttgattactg attttttaaa gtttaagcta atcacaagtt    101160
     ttcattaaaa tttaccatta gatcattacc ctgcttcttt aaaacaatag ttcagataaa    101220
     gtacacctgc aacataaaaa gcttttggac ttttcttaca atgttcttaa aggacctttt    101280
     tacaagaaat ttttaagaaa atcttctaag aaatgtaaaa tactttatac cagctattga    101340
     agaatagtaa cggtgaattt tattttgaga acctgactca atttatacat agaaataata    101400
     gcactcaata tttattcata ttcttaaatg ggcaagttaa aattgtattt aattatatac    101460
     tcttaaaatt ttagatggta tttctttggt ttcttttttc aataaacatt acttttaggg    101520
     gtggtagttt tgaagggagc agggaagaaa tctttttatc agtagctcaa tattctggga    101580
     tcagaaaaca caatagtttt tgttttgctt ttgctctttt tgggcagtaa ttacctgata    101640
     agtttctcat actgagagct ctgcagaata cagagttctt gccagcatca aaaggacttc    101700
     cttttgagaa gtaaccatat ttcagtgaaa aaatccttga actaaaaact aagagacttg    101760
     gctttcaaat cgggttctgt aataaaccag ctgtgtgatc acgggcaagt cacctaacct    101820
     tactgtgtct tagtgtcctt ttcataagag gagaagtaag gctagatgat atctgaagtc    101880
     ttttctagta ctagtattca gtggttgaat atcctatatt tttgttatga atgcagctca    101940
     tctaacttaa gcacaagaga gcagctgcta aaaagagctg attagcaaca attaggagtg    102000
     gcatttcatt tgtattgcat atcttcccaa ttaaaagcat ttagtgatta aaattacatg    102060
     cttgaaatac agtctttaaa aggaaatatt ttcaaataaa tgaaatctct gggtcaaggc    102120
     caatttgtat tttaaacatt tgcataatat taaagagttt tgctgtagta taaggcatgc    102180
     ttagccattg caggttttag aatctgaagc gagacagaga tagagtcaaa gagcgagata    102240
     gagaatgcaa gtgcacatgt gagcacaagc aaatgaaaca agtaaaaaag agaattctga    102300
     attattatgc atgctagtaa aaaatgattg gttcctccta ggatgtttac agaattaatc    102360
     agattatatc ttgtgtttca tttctatact tcacattaag tcatatgttt aagattttcc    102420
     tttctctctg aaagccaaaa gctgactttt caaaatcaag ggaagaatag actaaaaaaa    102480
     tggagacccg aaaaatagat gtgcttcact gttctcgtgg atataacaac cctgatgtct    102540
     tcaattaaat ctcctttgtt ccagcttaaa acattgtgaa tttaaattaa cactttacga    102600
     catttcaatc tgagtgcata tttcaaattt taacgtaata aaatcatttg attgttctct    102660
     cagatggaga aaccagagta gtgatagtga acacaaggcc agaaaaaatg aaatggtatt    102720
     tattatatat tttcttataa aaacaaagtt gggggaagta cacattaaaa cagaacttag    102780
     tacaaaaatt ctatcatttt caagaatctg ttcttaattt tgaaatctga caaaataggg    102840
     aaaaaaaatc aatcacagaa attcctattc tttggactac catttaaaaa aaagaaccac    102900
     atgctatgaa tagtactgtt ctacaaaata ggttttgcta agtcctagtg ggaaaaaaaa    102960
     tccatgtata atatcttaaa ccttgtatgt ggctttatca aaattaacaa tactattatt    103020
     aatattttaa tgtaaactta tttcttccta agagacatag tgttttctta cccaaaggga    103080
     gatggtgttt tcttacccaa agagagatgg tgttttctta cctaaagaga gatggtgttt    103140
     ccttacccaa agggagatgg tgttttctta cccaaagaga gatggtgttt tctcacccaa    103200
     agagagatgg tgttttctca cccaaagaga gatggtgttt tcttacacat cactctcctt    103260
     tccttagtat gactttaaag tagcgaggga ctggctgaca ttagggttat cggcagatat    103320
     gtgactaacg gcttgggaca ttttattgta atccattttt tattgtattt cccttgacaa    103380
     ggctacaaat gaattctgaa ataaatgttc tagaagtagt gcatagactc taaaaggcac    103440
     cacagtattg aatatataag caacagttgc ttttccccct aatagtttta gacagcctat    103500
     agcaaaccaa gaatttttag tggaatgaaa gtgaatttat gataatactt attatatctg    103560
     tattgagaat attcaatgtg tattaaagta tttccttagt gttttctaaa acagccattt    103620
     tattgtagtg ttatccattt gaatctatgt tcttgcattc ctgtggccca aagatgtatc    103680
     agtaatacta agagaaaagt gaaaaaaaat taaatatcag gttagttatt gataaatcaa    103740
     gcagtggtga aagtcagaaa taaattttga gtctttccac cagcattcct cgatctaaag    103800
     agtaaatggc ttttaatcag ttttagaact agatctcttt ggaactattt ttagtactta    103860
     ctggcactgt atgcattttc tgggcaactg taccagattt atagctctaa aagtgctgtg    103920
     ttatttattg ccttccaata ggcaatgaag tggtgtcttg cacatgcatg tgtcaaaaat    103980
     gttaaagttt tctccagttg tcttgttaat tctttcccag gacaatagac aaaatatatg    104040
     gctctctatt tggcaatgaa tatcctttat caatttttta aaagaaaaaa aaacttctct    104100
     tgcaaatttc acatccaaca tcaactttct cttttttgat tttacaaatc tccacaaaga    104160
     attaaagtct cagaagggct ttatcttgtt tattttagca gtttttgtct tgggtttgca    104220
     atcctaaagc ttatttttga atttaggaag aaatatcact cacaaatgaa ggttattagg    104280
     atgaggttat tagaaagtcc atacattttt catgacctca acctgaattg gcacttttgt    104340
     atactagaga tcaatgccat ttcagatatc agaatccaaa aatcaacata tcatgtgtaa    104400
     atgattcttg catgcagttc ttatatatta ttttcttccc tgatttttgt tttctttgtt    104460
     gatcacacgt atccgtgttt gacagatgta gggttttgca tcttttcaat aatgcactgg    104520
     ctacatacca cacttagtat ttgtcataat ttattctgaa aatcaagttt tacaactagg    104580
     ttgtaaaatt ttactagcaa ttgacacttt ggcttttatt acatttttga acagaaaaga    104640
     agtagttgtt tcaggaaata attttgaaat tgttttctgg acagttttat taaaataaaa    104700
     gacaaaaaaa aaaacccaag tcaacaatta tagagtattc ctgtgcctat acagactgag    104760
     aattaacaac aaccaaattc tgctcttctt ttatctttta aaataagagc cactacttta    104820
     attcgtgcat ttatttatct aacaaatgtt ttctgaatgt gttcacatat gccaggtgct    104880
     atatctttag atattataca tttaaacaaa gcttcatgcc atattactta gtatatgaag    104940
     gcgtacctag agatatacac atagagagtt tgcccctata cacagaaata aataatttta    105000
     agtggatttg gaattcaggg tagtgcaggt caattcttcc aaacttttaa cttttttgta    105060
     tataaggatg tgtcgatgct gaagataggg agatgatgaa ttaaggagcc atatgtttta    105120
     tcttcttttt catttttctc actgtcctgc tgtcatggtc aaacatatgg caaaaggctt    105180
     cagtttttta attgctcatg tggatgtgag ctcagttgaa ctaactacat ttggggtagg    105240
     actgatgttg gattcatgtg ttagttattc tttattcctg aaggagattg aacagaaaac    105300
     agtcttggaa tcatcattca gtaataatag taagctcatg ttggtactat actttgacgt    105360
     caacttagat atctcaccaa aattttgttg aaaattattt atgtcttaac ctgtgggcaa    105420
     ctcctgttca aatcccgtgg acaatattaa gtttaaatat gtttgctcag caagtctttg    105480
     tagaactcta aaaatctgga aaaatggggg ttatgcatgc aatcacctgg ctaatcatag    105540
     attcttttta aagaaaaaca tgatgtctta ggatagtaca gttgaataga atttgtgcaa    105600
     taatgaaaat gttctacatc tgcagtgtcc aacgtagtag ctactggcca catggagctg    105660
     ttgagaactt aaaatatggg tagtgcaagt aggaactgat gttttaaatt aatctaattc    105720
     atttaattta aatctaaatt taaatgctcc tttggggcta attaccatca tattgaacag    105780
     agtagttgtg aaacacagaa tagcaatggt gacattatcc attaactaat atgtacattt    105840
     cattatcacc ttgagagtta gaaaaatata tttttaagat tattgccatt tcacataaag    105900
     taattaaaag acagtgagta tgctgatctt ggatttttca tctgacacaa gcttgcctta    105960
     atttgctttg gaaagcaaag gccaactcaa aattcagaca aacacataaa agtaaaacct    106020
     aaatatataa acaagaaatg cacaaacata aatacataaa ttttaaaatt aaaacttaca    106080
     tattcgtttt cccagatgta ttgtattcat aaattggata gttggctccg aaacttaaga    106140
     actttggaac attttccttg ttctttttat attatattat ctttgtttct gtttatgcaa    106200
     cctctaataa taacttacaa tttcccctta tagctcttat taaaaatgta gtgattctct    106260
     taatgtaaat ccgttagtgt caataccatc attaaatcca tagttattga tttttctttc    106320
     accttaacta gaacttacct tttatcacat tagtaaaata tgtttactca ccaccataac    106380
     cttggcatct aggagaatgc tctcactata ttagccactc agtattggaa tgtcaaggat    106440
     taaaagaata gtattaagtg ccatggattt tatgaagtac aatttagaaa ctattttttc    106500
     tacccataaa tagacatttt ggatttgaac cttcctaaaa acctcttaga atatcattac    106560
     aaaaattaaa ttatcattaa tcactaaatt tgtttagatc aaattatagt agtatgttat    106620
     ggtatttact tacattcaat gttgtcatga aattctattt tttcttaaaa tatgcagtat    106680
     atcaaataat agattttgct tgctaatttt caaatataaa tacgtataac atgaaaatgt    106740
     ttttcttact atataatcaa ggaaaagcca ggttgattat tgctctatct gagtaaaata    106800
     ggaatagaat gctcacgttt attgtatgaa ttaaaaacaa aataactaat atactttggt    106860
     tagctcttgt gaaatgtttt tttaaataac gttggaacaa actaatgatt ttaattaata    106920
     tttctgaaat gccatcttaa attttgtaat aaacatctaa ttcctccaca aagatatatt    106980
     atggcactgc atttgaataa aagtataagt gaatctcagc acccccccaa aatctgaaag    107040
     tttgcagaaa tatcttcaag taattcataa gaggaaaaaa tgagatgcat ttggatattg    107100
     tttaagacta tatataggca attataagac aggtaaattt tttaaagata atgtgattga    107160
     aatacattta taaactgatc atatattcta gcagtctctg aaaacctggt attatttatt    107220
     aggttctaat ttttaggatc ttgttttaga cagtggtatg acaaaactat aacctcagat    107280
     cttatcctgt tcttttatga tacagcacat aaatgagaga tcaataacca atccatgcca    107340
     cttgtccaga acatgtatgt taaaaatgta gtagagaatt aaaaattatt tagatgtacg    107400
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatc tgttcataaa tcacccatga    107460
     ataggaatct taaagtcctc ctccgatctt ttcttcatac cctccagtac ctttttatct    107520
     cattcatctc tgtcataatg ctgcaagtaa cactggacag gaatcctcct ctctcatttc    107580
     tcctcggtga gctggcaaga tcactacgtt tgtgtgtagg gatcatctta ttgtagtaca    107640
     gggaggggat tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacga gtctcactct    107700
     gtcgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcgccat ctcggctcac tgcaagctcc gcctctgggg    107760
     ttcatgccat tctcctgcct cagcctcctg agcagctggg accacaggca cccaccacca    107820
     cgccaggcta tttttttttt tttttgtatt ttttaagtag agacggggtt tccccgtgtt    107880
     agccaggatg gtctcgatct cctgacctcg tgatccgccc gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc    107940
     tggaattaca ggcgtgaacc accgctcccg gccgagggga ttgtttttta aatattccca    108000
     tactgtgact ttgtgggcat gaattgaaaa taggtcctat ccgaagctac ctttttcaat    108060
     ttgagatctt gacctgtgaa ttttagttcc ttgtgcttgc atgttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    108120
     aaaaagtaag aaaataacat tgcattgtta atctctgaga taatttcatt ttaactgtgt    108180
     gttcctatgg gaaatattga aattctttgt attttataca aatttatatt ttaaccagtt    108240
     tgtgtatttt ttttccatct gctaaaggtt ttagctgtat ttattagata tgatacttat    108300
     gatgttgtct tggaggaata tttttatttc ggtgcttact ttggtactga aaaagcatct    108360
     taggcaactg aaatctacag taaaaaatat tttaattcat ttggaataat cttggataat    108420
     tcacttacag cttcatttat cttgcaaaaa tttagtgaca attcttttta aaattctata    108480
     tacttttttc ttttgaaaac ttaaatagtt cgaaaaccaa acattgtgtg ttctcactga    108540
     tatatgggtg ctaagttatg aggacgcaaa ggcataagaa tgatacgatg gacattgggg    108600
     actttgggga aagagaagga aggtggtgag ggataaaaaa ctacaaatat ggtggagtgt    108660
     atattgctcc agtgatgggt gcaccaaaat ctcacaaatc accactaaag aatttactca    108720
     tgtaaccaaa taccacctga accccaataa cttatggaaa aatgaaataa aaaattaatt    108780
     aattaaaaaa actgaaatag ttcacataat ttaaaaaaac ttaaatagct cacataaata    108840
     agttacatat attaccataa aatgctacaa tctgaagcct cctgtcccca gaacatcttc    108900
     tagtacagtt ctctaatttt acaaatatca agaaaagtaa agtaacttgc ttgtaatcac    108960
     gatatttgtt ataggcagag ttgagactta gaactgaagt cttctggcac ctatttctga    109020
     actgatccca ttattttatg tggcttcaag aaactgaaaa ttgttctcat tagataagct    109080
     aacataagtt aaattatatt ttattattca cattaatatt aatatattaa tttatattaa    109140
     cataagttaa ttctgtttca ttgcatgttt tccagagtca aaacattttt ggcctcgatg    109200
     tcattgaaac accagaagga gacaagatgc cacaactgat tgttcaaaag gagttagata    109260
     gggaagagaa ggatacctat gtgatgaaag taaaggttga agatggtggc tttcctcaaa    109320
     gatccagtac tgctattttg caagtaagtg ttactgatac aaatgacaac cacccagtct    109380
     ttaaggagac agagattgaa gtcagtatac cagaaaatgc tcctgtaggc acttcagtga    109440
     cacagctcca tgccacagat gctgacatag gtgaaaatgc caagatccac ttctctttca    109500
     gcaatctagt ctccaacatt gccaggagat tatttcacct caatgccacc actggactta    109560
     tcacaatcaa agaaccactg gatagggaag aaacaccaaa ccacaagtta ctggttttgg    109620
     caagtgatgg tggattgatg ccagcaagag caatggtgct ggtaaatgtt acagatgtca    109680
     atgataatgt cccatccatt gacataagat acatcgtcaa tcctgtcaat gacacagttg    109740
     ttctttcaga aaatattcca ctcaacacca aaattgctct cataactgtg acggataagg    109800
     atgcggacca taatggcagg gtgacatgct tcacagatca tgaaattcct ttcagattaa    109860
     ggccagtatt cagtaatcag ttcctcctgg agaatgcagc atatcttgac tatgagtcca    109920
     caaaagaata tgccattaaa ttactggctg cagatgctgg caaacctcct ttgaatcagt    109980
     cagcaatgct cttcatcaaa gtgaaagatg aaaatgacaa tgctccagtt ttcacccagt    110040
     ctttcgtaac tgtttctatt cctgagaata actctcctgg catccagttg atgaaagtaa    110100
     gtgcaacgga tgcagacagt gggcctaatg ctgagatcaa ttacctgcta ggccctgatg    110160
     ctccacctga attcagcctg gatcgtcgta caggcatgct gactgtagtg aagaaactag    110220
     atagagaaaa agaggataaa tatttattca caattctggc aaaagataat ggggtaccac    110280
     ccttaaccag caatgtcaca gtctttgtaa gcattattga tcagaatgac aatagcccag    110340
     ttttcactca caatgaatac aaattctatg tcccagaaaa ccttccaagg catggtacag    110400
     taggactaat cactgtaact gatcctgatt atggagacaa ttctgcagtt acgctctcca    110460
     ttttagatga gaatgatgac ttcaccattg attcacaaac tggtgtcatc cgaccaaata    110520
     tttcatttga tagagaaaaa caagaatctt acactttcta tgtaaaggct gaggatggtg    110580
     gtagagtatc acgttcttca agtgccaaag taaccataaa tgtggttgat gtcaatgaca    110640
     acaaaccagt tttcattgtc cctccttaca actattctta tgaattggtt ctaccgtcca    110700
     ctaatccagg cacagtggtc tttcaggtaa ttgctgttga caatgacact ggcatgaatg    110760
     cagaggttcg ttacagcatt gtaggaggaa acacaagaga tctgtttgca atcgaccaag    110820
     aaacaggcaa cataacattg atggagaaat gtgatgttac agaccttggt ttacacagag    110880
     tgttggtcaa agctaatgac ttaggacagc ctgattctct cttcagtgtt gtaattgtca    110940
     atctgttcgt gaatgagtca gtgaccaatg ctacactgat taatgaactg gtgcgcaaaa    111000
     gcattgaagc accagtgacc ccaaatactg agatagctga tgtatcctca ccaactagtg    111060
     actatgtcaa gatcctggtt gcagctgttg ctggcaccat aactgtcgtt gtagttattt    111120
     tcatcactgc tgtagtaaga tgtcgccagg caccacacct taaggctgct cagaaaaaca    111180
     tgcagaattc tgaatgggct accccaaacc cagaaaacag gcagatgata atgatgaaga    111240
     aaaagaaaaa gaagaagaag cattccccta agaacctgct gcttaatgtt gtcactattg    111300
     aagaaactaa ggcagatgat gttgacagtg atggaaacag agtcacacta gaccttccta    111360
     ttgatctaga agagcaaaca atgggaaagt acaattgggt aactacacct actactttca    111420
     agcctgacag ccctgatttg gcccgacact acaaatctgc ctctccacag cctgccttcc    111480
     aaattcagcc tgaaactccc ctgaatttga agcaccacat catccaagaa ctgcctctcg    111540
     ataacacctt tgtggcctgt gactctatct ccaattgttc ctcaagcagt tcagatccct    111600
     acagcgtttc tgactgtggc tatccagtga caaccttcga ggtacctgtg tccgtacaca    111660
     ccagaccggt aggtatccaa gtttctaaca caactttcta actatttttt tattattatt    111720
     ttcagttgat gtagaacttt acaaaatcta ttgacttcaa agagggatca aaacaatcat    111780
     attctacaga tgtacccaat agatatatgg attcaattaa gtttggtaga agatgagaac    111840
     aaaataacta ctgatttagg aaaattggat gcagaataat aattatagta ggggcaattt    111900
     tgtctgtaga tggcagtatg acaattcttg ctagaaaata tattgaaaaa aacttcaaca    111960
     caaagggttg tagcactgtc ctcagtacca ttgtgggcat gaggatcaga atagtctggg    112020
     ctagatacat cacattaaag cttttcagaa tctgataaat agctctaaat actaatgata    112080
     ttgagaagcc tagcttcact tgggaaaatc tgtggctgtt cacagaaatt cagcaccaag    112140
     atattccccc catactctac caggccttca ggtcctcata aagaaaagtg tcgttttcag    112200
     attaggaact caaaattatt ttggtgcatc aaatctacag taacacaata taacaagaat    112260
     gggattagaa aaatgaaagc ctactcattc tcatctttaa gccagagaat gaaatatata    112320
     tgaggtctct actttagata gctatttaaa tatttgcata tttatgcaag gtattttgag    112380
     cccttcagaa gacattctta aaagataata acttttggaa aataaaatgc ttgctttctc    112440
     taatgggcac aaagaaaact gtgggcatat taagacccaa gaaatctgtg cacaataact    112500
     taaaacccaa tacatttatg aaagcaagag tttatccagt gccttttatc agtgttccat    112560
     gaagaaatga atacaaattt atccagaaac tcttaaatgt tgaatgattt aaatataatt    112620
     gttcccttta aaaatacaag caatggaatt tacccacata tttttctcga agtcatgcta    112680
     catgttgagt ttattatttt gtttgtgtta actcttaaaa aagtattaat cttagtttca    112740
     gggaataaag tcttttgaac acctattcag gcttaacaaa atagtagcaa tgtgaaaatc    112800
     aaaactgatt ttctttcacc aaaagttcga gatattaaag aaggctactg gattcaagat    112860
     agcaatgcaa atagtttacc ataactttgg aaatgggttt aagaatggag gtcattcaag    112920
     cataagcgca gttatataat acgataacat taacttttct ctctgaatca cacagtgaac    112980
     gtaaggtact aattcagatg tgggtgcatt tttgttacag taggtacaca attaaatgct    113040
     gtttcaaaag gtaaactaga accctagtgt ctgtatagag agcttctgtt agactttaaa    113100
     agaatttacg ctgcagttgt tatttctaca gtttagatga atcccatatt ttacatagtt    113160
     agtggatctg ggatgggcaa caaatgttaa gagatgtcga acatctccac agggtgtgtt    113220
     tttgtttata tttaaccatt aaaaagggca ctctcatttt caaattctta ttgctattct    113280
     gcttattgga taagtttctc aacataaaag tatcttttat gactaacact acatgatttg    113340
     ggtataataa cattttttcc tgggtttaat ttgtgacttt ctttaagaaa tgtacaaaga    113400
     gtgggtttgt gaattacgta tgtagatcat catttttaac agagttaatg aagttaatta    113460
     ataaagcaag ttctggtttc agtgcttttt gaaggcacag agatatttta tgagctagac    113520
     tgattttact tgagtttatg aacacatagc aaggagggca tggatgaaga acaaaaaact    113580
     gaagtatttt tcaaatatcc tcactttttt gtttttttaa aaatattttg taatcctaaa    113640
     aagtcattaa aaataataaa ctttttccat gacacatttt atatcatata actaagagac    113700
     attttctgaa tcataagaat tagtcaaaat acaaaaaagt aaatgctaat gagaatcagt    113760
     tattggttgt tattaggttt ttattaactg aaaggactat cttagaatca ttgaattagc    113820
     agatgactta ttatttcaca gcttaaaaag taaataaatt atatatttta ttattggttc    113880
     acagttgttt catattcgtt actaaatatc ttcaagacat gaattggtga acttaggcag    113940
     actaatatga tactaaaaat aatttgaatc tttacatttt gtgctacatt tgcaatgttc    114000
     tttacctttt ctatatgctc ttcaatttgt gtttaatgtt agggtgttca ctgatgttgc    114060
     agaatgctag caaaataact gagcactgaa aaagaaatta tgtatttaaa aattcaaatg    114120
     cagtaggtgt cttcttttta aagaaatatc atacaaaatg ggagaagtga cagccaatac    114180
     aatacaaatt cattgttcct taaggaaata cttagagtgg aataaaatat tactgttagc    114240
     agaaggcaga attattccaa tttattttaa acagtgagaa atgcattttc aaaatgaggg    114300
     tttggggaat atttacagtt agttcattac tcatctgtat agaaacagga aagtggaaaa    114360
     taaaatgttc tagtagacta taagagacaa gggaattcat ctgaaatttt atgttttata    114420
     aagggaatca aatactttct agttctcata atttctcatt ctccttgatc attctatagg    114480
     ttgtttttct gacttggatg ttctgaaaat atatggaaca tttattagat aggagtacgt    114540
     atattgcata aagccatcta tacctgggga atataatggt cgtctttggc ataagtttct    114600
     acatgtatta tggaaggcat ttttgtatac attgtagtag aaattttaaa aacatgaaat    114660
     ttgagaggat gaggctacac attatcttct attaacacct tccaaagcaa gcagatagca    114720
     attggttgtt atgacactag agaaaccata agtataaata attattttaa aatcactttt    114780
     gatcaatgtc atataaaaga gataaactgc caaaaccaag tcttgcttaa tacaattcac    114840
     ccattaaata ttgtgaagac tatacatttt aaaaaaaata gagaggagaa taaaaatgaa    114900
     agtagaattt ttgaaggtct tccagtcact gtctaagaca agtatttggg gtacatcatt    114960
     ttccaaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaac cttacaagtt tctgtgattt gagttggaat    115020
     agtctttcag tttcagaaat gaggtgaatg aatggtgaaa actttagaca gttctaattc    115080
     atgcatgaaa ccatcctgta gatatgatac atggatttga aatgataatt gcagtctgag    115140
     ttagcttgga ataggattgg tattcgctat tgtaaaattc agtaactttg attctgcatt    115200
     tatattttgg taatgcaaat tttaaccatg aagcatgctt ggcaaatgaa actcctagaa    115260
     cacaaccatc tgattttgat aacctgttat ttttcttgtc ctagactgat tccaggacat    115320
     gaactattga aatctgcagt gagatgtaac tttctaggaa caacaaaatt ccattcccct    115380
     tccaaaaaat ttcaatgatt gtgatttcaa aattaggcta agatcattaa ttttgtaatc    115440
     tagatttccc attataaaag caagcaaaaa tcatcttaaa aatgatgtcc tagtgaacct    115500
     tgtgctttct ttagctgtaa tctggcaatg gaaatttaaa atttatggaa gagacagtgc    115560
     agcgcaataa cagagtactc tcatgctgtt tctctgtttg ctctgaatca acagccatga    115620
     tgtaatataa ggctgtcttg gtgtatacac ttatggttaa tatatcagtc atgaaacatg    115680
     caattacttg ccctgtctga ttgttgaata attaaaacat tatctccagg agtttggaag    115740
     tgagctgaac tagccaaact actctctgaa aggtatccag ggcaagagac atttttaaga    115800
     ccccaaacaa acaaaaaaca aaaccaaaac actctggttc agtgttttga aaatattgac    115860
     taacataata ttgctgagaa aatcattttt attacccacc actctgctta aaagttgagt    115920
     gggccgggcg cggtggctca cgcctgtaat tccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcgggtgg    115980
     atcacgaggt caggatattg agaccatcct ggctaacatg gtgaaacccc atctccacta    116040
     aaaatacaaa aaattagctg ggcgtggtgg cgggcgcctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag    116100
     gctgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaacccggg aggcggagct tgcagtgagc cgagatggcg    116160
     ccactgcact ccagcctggg tgacagagca agactctgtc tcaaaaagaa aaaaatgttc    116220
     agtgatagaa aataatttta ctaggttttt atgttgattg tactcatgct gttccactcc    116280
     ttttaattat taaaaagtta tttttggctg ggtgtggtgg ctcatacctg taatcccagc    116340
     actttgggag gccgaggcgg gtggatcacc tgaggtcagg agttcaagac cagtctggcc    116400
     aacatggcga aaccccgtct cttctaaaaa atacaaaaat tagccgggcg tggtaatggg    116460
     cgcctgtaat cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa cccaggaggc    116520
     ggaagttgca gtgagccgag atcgtgccgt tgcactccag cgtgggcgac aaagcgagac    116580
     tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaaaaa agttattttt    116640
     gttgtaataa tgttttcttt ttccataaat attttcaaag aaagaggtcc tttctatttt    116700
     tatctgtcaa aaggagaatg taaagttctt tatactccct gatattttga aaaaaagtat    116760
     attgatattt cttatattac gaaacataat tccagtcata tgagggtgga aacaacgatt    116820
     gagataggag atttcaaaaa gattttatct caactttgaa actacctaag aaaaatgtga    116880
     ggttgctaga gtaacttatt taaataagtc tgttttattt ctctagcatt aaattactaa    116940
     atatacatca ttgctttgag taatttttcc tttaaaatga attcactttt cacagtaagt    117000
     caactaactc atttcctaca cgaatgagac aatgcctcat attttgtgta cattatattt    117060
     tattgaggaa agaatgacat gttccaattt tatgctatat tcttaaacta tttatgactt    117120
     actaacagta ctaacagaat tttttaaaat catgatttat tgggataaaa agggagtaca    117180
     aaggaccctt ataatgatta catagcatat gcttcctgaa ttttaattca aatgttaatt    117240
     atgtatcatt ttacctttaa aagtgtgaat aggatttggt ctgttttgta tgtacattaa    117300
     cgttagtgta ttatttgaag tgttctttga tgtgaatgta tttagaaaag gtttatgctc    117360
     tgttcagtat ttcaaattag tgtaattctt ggatatttaa tatataggta atattttaaa    117420
     caagtttctg ttaaaattta gtgttcccat taactcggta cagaatccct tgtatttcca    117480
     atatgtcagg ttccatgaat gtacatgcta tctggttgtt taaacattac ttagttgatt    117540
     ataatgactg tgagtataac tacttttact gcttatggta gatatcatgt gagttacaat    117600
     attatattac atactcttaa acaactgttg tagaaaagtt gcttgaaatt aaaatacaca    117660
     cttgtacaag ttattcacat agaacaagtt tacagttcct ccccttttat tcttgataaa    117720
     tatttcagtt tagttcaaat cattccaagg aatgtaaaaa ttgagtcaac ttattatatt    117780
     cctaaaatca gtgccctgca ggtagtaaga tatacctaga gtggaggttt ccaaaatcta    117840
     cagtctcaat ttaattttga ataaaatgac gaagcccaga aaagtgaatc agaagttgaa    117900
     gtgtcccata ataagctgtc atggcttcat gatcatttgt gtatgtaatt attataaaaa    117960
     tgcatttgca tttttattgc ttgtgtcatg actagcctgg cctttccttt ccttttctgc    118020
     acacactgaa ctaagggaga ataccttgtt tttcttccat ttcagtgaac ctttccttca    118080
     taactgcaat gagtaaaggt cctaatcact cctttgtata tatgaagatg aaaattcctt    118140
     gaaataatta tccagaattt ctttaaaagc attcctcaat ggttttatgg gtgctgtatt    118200
     tgaagaagat taaaatagaa actttatttt aaagctatga ctccatctct tagaatgcag    118260
     cgtctctgag aaaggaactt ctaaactgac ttctgctttg ggctaaaata tttacccata    118320
     taagccaatg atagtataga gatttaacag tatttaaatt tgggccatag atgaaaatga    118380
     attctacttt tgactagtaa ctattcttga tccatccttt gcttttgttt gagagaatat    118440
     tatctctatt tgagaacaac atggaaggca ttgaaactag ttttccacaa aggccagagg    118500
     acaaaaatat ttatttcctt agttgattcc ttatcagttg acctggtcgc acctttaatt    118560
     taattgatat tattattacg tttgccttgc aagttctcag atatctccaa ccttttgtgt    118620
     tgtcattcat cgactacggg aatattctca atgaaatgtc cttgatggtc tctctggttc    118680
     ttattctagt catgaaaagg aaaagacaaa aagatagcaa atcttaaaac tagtcatcgg    118740
     ccgggtgtgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg cgggtggatc    118800
     acgaggtcag gagatcgaga ccatcctggc taacacagtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa    118860
     atacaaaaaa ttagccgggc gtggtggcgg gcgcctgtag tcccagctac ttgagaggct    118920
     gaggcaggag aatggcgtga acccgggagg cggagcttgc agtgagccga gatcgcgcca    118980
     ctgcactcca gcctgggcga cagagccaga ggctgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacaaaa    119040
     aaaaactagt catcatagat aaataaaagg aacttttagt gaactttgtc cattaaatta    119100
     taagtagctt acctgatgag ctacagtgta ctgtatactt tctcccctgc aagcactcaa    119160
     agaaatatta tttgatcaaa atctatagtg cataaattaa acaaaaaata ctgaaatata    119220
     ttctcatttt attttaatta tgaaagttta tttttaatga tatgatattt aagctattat    119280
     atttctcact tttttatttt caatgattta aatgtaaaaa ttataaaaca attttaatct    119340
     cattcattaa ttcatctttc atgtataagt ctgttttctc tgttgaccac cctgtccaca    119400
     ttatgaatga aaatatgtat atacttggcc gggcgtggtg gcttatgcct gtaatcccag    119460
     tactttggga ggccaaggcg ggaggatcac gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta    119520
     acacagtgaa acctcgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcgt ggtggcgggc    119580
     gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcacgaac ccgggaggcg    119640
     gagcctgcag tgagccgaga tggcgccact gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagctagact    119700
     ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaaaata tatatatact    119760
     ttagaataat ttttagaagt tgagtttata ttcaatcaat atttactaac cttgtcattt    119820
     caccatgaaa tactaactgc atcattttgc tgttttgtca cctgcactcc tcactgttga    119880
     attccatgtt gtaattgtgt atctagctag atgtgatgtg cagcctgagt gtaacagaag    119940
     cactacagga caagcagacc ttgagtaatc ttatataaat ctaagccaca ttccataaat    120000
     gcttcttgta ggtgcttttg tgtaataaat gtattttctt ggcttttatg aagcttagtt    120060
     tgtgtttatt ttaaatatga cttagcttcc tagaatattc aaagattctg tgataataca    120120
     aagctatatt tcttgcatat aattagtatt tttagaaaga actacagtgc attttttcat    120180
     acatcgtgcg tgttcataca tgacatcttt ggtttaatgt atttagaatt aggagttgac    120240
     ttttaaaatt ctagagtagc cataggtttc tatttttatt gtacgtgtga tacacatttg    120300
     ttgtagaaaa atctagaaaa ttgtataaag tttttagatg aagaatttta aaattatttg    120360
     tttttatttc aagctatagc agtgagttct ttataacagt aattctgttt gaaggctata    120420
     taactttttg aagtggtgca ttttaaaatt atagaattat gcttattgtt ttataaacta    120480
     tacatccagg actttttaca tgtattgaag actgatttat ttattaaaca tattgtttat    120540
     ttttatagat gtatgattgg acaaatttat gtaataacat accttgatta gttgatagtg    120600
     taatacagag gcatgttaca tatctccatc atgagactaa actcccctga gtaaaaatat    120660
     caagtcttga tgaaaaagct tttatacttt aaaaaaatac catctaatgt tttccaaaag    120720
     ttcccttaga acaacctagt tacataatta tttcccagaa ttttcagaac tcttttaatt    120780
     ttcctatatt ctagatattt gcaactgaaa ttgttttaaa tgttcctttt gaaatagtta    120840
     attacattta attatccata catacacaaa tatatccaat taataataaa acgtttttgt    120900
     caagtgaaaa aaatcacaaa tcacatttca ttagatttca ggtagtcaaa ttgacataat    120960
     catgaaaatg aactattcca atagattttc tagaaatatt tgtactttat cccttatcct    121020
     agaaccttat atgtaccaat tatatattga tttacttcat aaaatgttac tgtcttttga    121080
     atacagttga cttttaaaaa aattttcagt ggccaggcgc agtaactctc atgcctgtaa    121140
     tcccagcact ttgggaggcc aaagcaggtg gatcacttga gctcaggagt ttcagcccag    121200
     cctgggcaac atggttgaaa ccctgtctct atcaaaaatg caaaaactta gccgggtttg    121260
     gtggtgcata tctgtggtct cagctacttg tgaggctgaa atgggagaat ctcttgagtg    121320
     gcgggggttg tgggggaggt tgcagtgagc ctagatcacg ccactgcact ccagcctggg    121380
     tgacagagtg agattccatc tcaaaaaaat tttttaaaat aaataaataa aaacattttc    121440
     attcttttta tcttaaaact tggaagaaac attagataca ataatacttt cattagtcaa    121500
     ttagagaaaa ctttaagtaa taggctttga ctattcagta gtagtgaaaa gtaaaacaaa    121560
     tattgaactc taaagaaaaa tgttatttac agaaatctat aaaataaact ttaaaatgta    121620
     tttacttatt atatatcagt tctaacctta attacaaaat caatgcagag caccatttca    121680
     atgatatatt ataactaaag agaactgatc ataaacaact gttacattat ccaaaaatat    121740
     tttcagtaat tcaaacatgc aacttgaata gttgttgagt gacacaaact tgaagtaact    121800
     aaaattattt ttttaaatgc actggctctt ttgacatgta aatacagaaa tagtctcata    121860
     ttcaaggatg gaacaaatac acaaaaatgg aatttcatgg actctcaaca ctagtttgtg    121920
     acctctgaaa tgagagacca tattttatta ttatttttat ttatttcatc tcttgttatt    121980
     caaaactatg aattgagtgt attttttgca gaaaattata ctcatcattt atgatgctca    122040
     gattaaataa ttactttttt gttttgtttt gttttgcttt ttaagacata gtcttgctct    122100
     gtctcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcctgat ctcagctcac tgcaacctcc gcctcctggg    122160
     ttcaagagat tctcctgtct cagcctcctg agggactata gtcatgtgcc accacacccg    122220
     gctaattttt gtatttttag tagaaacggg gtttcgccat tttgaccagg ctgttctcaa    122280
     actcctgacc tcaggtgatc cacctgcctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt    122340
     gagccagcgc acctggccaa ataattagtt tttttacaca aatttaatta tccaaagaaa    122400
     ctgctgagtt atcttccaga ttgttatcat gactgtgttt acatgatacc aaaacatatg    122460
     gaggcaaaat agaatttttt actacatata gggatatttt gctgacctga cagaattatt    122520
     tgactacata aagacacaga atttagtact acagaatgat attgtaaata gtttcatttt    122580
     cgatagaaaa aagagtttta catgctatat aaagttgtca ttatctgaat ctagaataac    122640
     tgataacagt taacaacaga attccacaca gtgctgcaat tcaattttac atttatacat    122700
     tttagttgtg tataaagaca tacacttatt tatttcaaaa tgcacacaaa ttaaagaaat    122760
     gagagggaat gtacacttaa atctttttag gtgtctgaac tgaaagatag atgtctagaa    122820
     gttaatatac ctaattgtgt gtctagagga aatgtcatat taatttgatg tttaagcagt    122880
     tctaatgtat tggtattaaa atgggttagt gtatgtgtga gcacagatat gtttgcatat    122940
     atgtgtgcat atttatgttt ctcaaatttc tagcagaaaa aagtaatata aacttcaaac    123000
     taaagaaagc ttgttaaaag attttgcatc tacatttaca atgttattgt ccccttttac    123060
     accattatgc ctcgtttcta aactataatc atccagtatc cctgatatca tcccatatat    123120
     aatctttcat ttagaaaatc cttgtcatat ccagtacatt ctgtatgtgt cctcatgttt    123180
     ttttctttta aaaaaattat ttgtctgttt cccaaatgat cacagatcca gtaatgttaa    123240
     agtacatata aaaaattaaa ttgatttttg ttatctaagt actagtacag attctgcttc    123300
     tcttgcacac acacacaaat aaagacaaat ttgctttcca taatagccaa cttctgccca    123360
     gttgttataa ctaaaatata tccaagtaaa agtccattaa aacaatcctc tttattttgc    123420
     attgttacat tacttaattt taataattat gaaaataaaa agaaagaagt agttctctgt    123480
     tagtcttctg tacaatgtca gatttgctgt ttcatgtgtc ttcaacttta tgggtttaat    123540
     ttatgtcttc atcaaatggc tatggtatgg atttaccata attatataca tgcgtacatg    123600
     cctacctatg tatatataaa caaacatttt tgtaaacagc tcagtgagga ctttggactg    123660
     gcataaatca taggaatatg attatgagga tacatccaat tttcagattg ggcaatgtat    123720
     acagtttatt atcatttctg attttgagta gagttagtac taagaacagc attgaagaaa    123780
     agcagtataa cattaaaatt aagaagattt aaaatacaag aggattcata acagtcactt    123840
     ttaaaatatt gttttggctt tctactttgg agctgtaatt ttaaaaaacc aatgaacagg    123900
     tttttgtatg aatatgttag aatgactaat tatagagcat ctttcaactg gaatacatgt    123960
     agatactaac acctggttgt atttgatgta atttcagtgc atacagtgtg tgtaatctgt    124020
     attaagtgaa atacttatga ataaagttgt ttctgcattg caataacaca tcttctgata    124080
     ttttttgaag tgcttcttgt cagcaggggc tactagtttc attaacatca tcaaggatcc    124140
     taaaatattt ttagcacagt gacatcctac attcttcatg gtatagctca ttatctgtgc    124200
     tggattaacc agaattttta tattgtcatt tctgttcacc accattgtgg tgtaattgat    124260
     ctttttcgat taacccaaag caatgaagta gtcatattta ctaaagtttt agtttcgtgc    124320
     gttttattgt attaacattt tttgaatatt ggtaatgtgg tatcatttat gaaccactgt    124380
     atttgataaa gcattatcga taacggagtt taccatgagt tcagacaaga taaattaaat    124440
     atttctcaaa ctcctactgt gagtaaggca atgtggagaa ggtcaatggt tatggtgagg    124500
     gatggggtat agggggctag aaatgtagga tgaccaaggt tctcccctag ttgctattac    124560
     tgtaaaaagc cccctgtcca aggagttgaa ctgcaagtat gtttaataaa aaaacaaaaa    124620
     acaaacaact ttcctttttc cagtgcagaa aatttgtgag tatataatat cagggtttaa    124680
     aaaaaaaaag aaaaagaaaa aaagcacata aaagtgacaa aatataaaat ttcagtgttt    124740
     actataataa ttagaggggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttaga gagagagaga    124800
     gaatatcact agtaaaccac ctcccaagta tgtattgggt atgggcatgc atgtacttac    124860
     cccatttcag gaagcatcct aaaatcagca acactttcct ctcctcagtc acatccaagc    124920
     caacagctat attatgttga taatacctcc aaaatacccc tgacatttgt cccgtcgcca    124980
     tttccttttt ccagtcttag tcaccagtta cctgttccac tactaacagg ttgccttact    125040
     ttctactttc atttgttcaa tcaattttct accctgtacc cataatactc ctaaaacaca    125100
     ggtctgatcc agtgaagcct gacagaaaag cttctctttc ctcattgcac atagaataaa    125160
     gcctcaattt ttatattttt caagggactt tgcaatctta accagttcta cttgttcatt    125220
     ctatctcgta ccttgccatg cacctcgtat ttttgtcatt tcttctgcca ccccctcctc    125280
     cctgatcatg gcatgcactt tgatgcctcc ataaatctgc acaatttacc agaattattt    125340
     tgaggacttt ttttttgtta agacaccgct gcaaggacaa aaacaaaaat aaactgcagt    125400
     tggcgatatt gaagtgcaac tgtggagata ggacaagaac acattttttt tttttttttt    125460
     ttttttgaga cggagtctcg ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcagtggca cgatcttggc    125520
     tcacggcaac atccgcctcc cgggttcaag caatttcagg ctaatttttg tatttttagt    125580
     agagactggg gttacaccct gttggccaac ctgctctcta actcctgacc tgaagtgatc    125640
     cgcccgcctc attctcccaa aatgctagga ttacaggcgt gagtcaccgc gcccggccaa    125700
     gaacacaatt ttaataccag agagtatatg acaaaaatga agaaatgcta cctgatttta    125760
     ttaaaaatga aacaagtcgg catgctatca tttccttcca tatcttttca aatcttagca    125820
     tcaaccttac ataattctta taaaattaaa atgtttcaaa taaatgacta ggtcatataa    125880
     cctgtaaaca tcagtttctg gaaactattc ccagaaaatt gttacattgc ttttcttcat    125940
     taattctaga aacattttta aagctctatt ttggatattt tgattgttgt tacacctttt    126000
     gtccatgagt tacactcaaa aagtatcaaa ggaaaaattt aacgcattta ttgatctgca    126060
     tatagtccat atacaaaggg gtgagagaac cgcatttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    126120
     ttgagatgga gtctcgctct gtcgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcgcaat ctcggctcac    126180
     tgcaagcgct tttaggcatt ttagcacaag aagcatctca gtgtgtgatt tcttcaaaga    126240
     aaaatattcc cagtatgcta tatggcgaga aaaaaagaca ttcttgtctt caatagaggg    126300
     acattttctg tggtgaataa tcacaaatct atattgacga ctatggtttg gatgtgtttg    126360
     tgtagacata aatcctgtcg ccgaagtact gagatgaaat gttcacgcca aatagaaatc    126420
     attgtgtctc tccgcccctc tgctgaaaat caaagttatc aattttggga aaacatgaac    126480
     agatggagaa accatgggat atcaaatgta catatatgta tgtccaaatt ataacatggc    126540
     agagctactc tgaaaatgca gaaactacat atccctactc aaaactgacc atatatatat    126600
     aaaattttaa ggaatgaact tcttggcact tacattgaaa gcaaatatgc tacctgcttc    126660
     ctggaaatag aacggataaa aataaaccac cgagttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttg    126720
     agatggagtc ttgctctgtc gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gtgcgatctc ggctcactgc    126780
     aagctccgcc tcccgggttc acgccattct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggact    126840
     acaggcgccc gccaccacgc ccagctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca    126900
     ccgtcttagc cgggatggtc tcgatctcct gacctcgtga tccgcccgcc tcggcctccc    126960
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc gcgcccggcc accaccgaat tgttaagtta    127020
     gcccttttta ctttcgttct tactacgaca taaaaagtct ttctaaatta tatgtaggaa    127080
     acattctggg aaattggggt tttgtttagt ttagtttctc tttcatatct ttcctagaca    127140
     atcttatatc aggagattct taacaccagc tttaggataa gacatttcca tggtacatgt    127200
     tttataaaaa atcgtgactt atgtcacctc tttttgtaaa ggaaatgaaa accatcatga    127260
     ataggaaaat aatgtttctt ttgctcagtt acaactatag agaattttca atcatcccag    127320
     ataaaataaa agcagctatt aacattctta aagtcggtga ctattttctt cagtgcacat    127380
     accttggtaa tagagggtca ttataaaggg ttaatatagt gaaagactag atatgaagac    127440
     aagactaagg actcaataac atgaaaaaca tagcaaaaac agtacattac catatttcta    127500
     gtgaacaaat gttgctttta tgtttgtgtg gtgttttaca ttttcttgaa gtgcttccat    127560
     cagggcatcg gaaagatttt tattcataaa cgcacccctc ttattccctt ttaatctgat    127620
     agaggccaaa agtatgtttt actctgattt atttcttaga aacaattata tctaaaatga    127680
     gtctaactga aaaggtacaa taacaatatt ccaaatatgc cttaactcta tttctacctc    127740
     aaatatcact gtgcttatgt atgaaatttc aaatttcatg gtccgttttt tttgtttcat    127800
     ggagaaaaat accatgtccc ttctgatatg aaatcagaat cccaagagac aactcagaaa    127860
     atagacttgc aacataccct tttttaggtt agtctggcat gtagaatgtg ttagaactcc    127920
     agattggcta ccacatatag acatgggaag tgttagatat actaacagat agagacttgt    127980
     cctattaaca cattaaagaa acatgctgta gttcagagct tctcatcctc tgggcaccct    128040
     ttgtgaccct atgttcacat aggggcatgc accttgactc atataatttc tgttaatcca    128100
     ataagagaaa aaatctcagt caactacaca ctttctggat aaggtgactc tttttactca    128160
     ggaaaacagt tttctgatca tgttccctta taatacattt ttatgccttt cttagcaata    128220
     ttactctgtg gtatacttca gtcaaatcac ctgaactctc tcattccctg agcggtggtc    128280
     actgtactca tcacaatgtc tatatacact gtgtggagag taaagtttat ttaaccacat    128340
     aagctgctat tctgaaaata tatttttcac attgagagaa gtatagtttg tgtagctaaa    128400
     gctatacaag gtggttgagt gttgggaaaa agagattgag acagggagag ggtgctagtg    128460
     ctgaaaagat caaaagccta acaggaaaag agaaagaggt ggtaggatac aaaagatcaa    128520
     aactatggat tctctcggac atttcctcag tttcatcaac ctacatattt attagtttgc    128580
     ctctccctgg taatgcctag gattggtcct tgcacaagtt accatttctg aaggttttac    128640
     atattcatgc ccccaagttt taacaccttc tctcatctct gacagaaata tcaaataatt    128700
     gtatatattc tacatgaggt ttccccttgc ccaaagaaac ctaacagtcc agaaagatat    128760
     ttatgtaagt ttgatttctg tacagatgta tataatactg atattatata taatacatat    128820
     tatattatat gtatatattt atgtgtatca aatattcatt atattacaca ttccgtatat    128880
     ttacatatta catgtataat atgtaataca ctttacatac attatacaca tatacatata    128940
     catatgttat gtattatata ttatacatat tatatacata tacacgtata ttatgtatat    129000
     gtatatatgt atattatgta catgtatgta atacacatac atagtatata taaatataaa    129060
     gctaaaatac agttaataga acttaaattt atgttccaat ttgaaaaaga aaaagatgaa    129120
     gagtgtattc ttctaatagg aacaaatttt tgttttggtc ttggagaaat attttactta    129180
     cttaattaag taataaatat attttttgag acagagtctc tctctgtcac ccaggctgga    129240
     gtgcagtggt gcaatctcgg ctcactgcag tgtaaacatc ctgtgctcag gtgattctcc    129300
     cacttcagac tcccgagtag ctggaactac agacacgtgc caccagactt ggctattttt    129360
     gtgtgtgtgt ctttttagta gagatgaggt ttcagcatgt tggccaggct gatctcaaac    129420
     tcctggactc aagcaatcca cccacatggg cctcccagag agctgggagt gagccaccgc    129480
     acctggcctt attttatatt gagaatgctc tctagtcttc tggttatgtt atactgcctg    129540
     acctaatttt caagactgta gtattaccta taatctttat gagatttatt gttttacctg    129600
     tcttcagctt ctattttaga gatggaatgg atccttaaag atcatgtagt atcctagtct    129660
     gcctctatta tttgacaaat gatggaacca aggcccagag aaagaactga cctttaatga    129720
     gcagctattt tatgtcaggt aatgtgctag gtaccatacc tatgttagtt ctttatctca    129780
     gagaggttat aacattagta agtggcagag agacagtcta tagttaagtc tgattgactc    129840
     ttaagttctc cttccactat actacatcag aattctggca gatccatggc tccccaatct    129900
     cctggtttga agtccatagg cccttccctt ttagcactaa cctattacat ttctcctctg    129960
     ctctataaaa cacgaagttc aattatattt tcccaacact ctttgcacct tcctagatgc    130020
     attctcttct atttaagctc aggcagataa tcttgtatat gattattttt attagatttt    130080
     cataaagttg gcaagcacta cattcattct ggaagctact attattagca gatatttgcc    130140
     gtggagcata atttcctatg aacacatcag ttgggaaatg caaatagcat agacaaggaa    130200
     gtctttcttc cttcacctac tcccatttct aatatatgaa cccaggacaa actttgaaga    130260
     tagtagctat tcaaaaagtt ttaactgaac tttctgcaga tattgtgttg caagccctag    130320
     ctctgttttc cattctgcct ttgcaatctt taaaatataa tatgattcta atgtcctgca    130380
     gtttggtaag tcacaggatg agtttgatgg aggagggaat atatatacat caccaaatct    130440
     aagtgtaaag taattttgac atcaatttat aatgaaaagg agcattttga tacattaaat    130500
     atagctatga atttctacct agcctgatta gactttttgg taatcaccag aaatatatat    130560
     caaatatgga tcatcagata tctatagaag ggaaggaaag ttatcaattc aaacaatatg    130620
     aattttcaat ttagtcagaa ttactaactt ttgcttatat aacataaatt ggaaatatat    130680
     tttgtttctg gattgtgctt cctaatttaa ctatttaatt catatgtaac aattgcaaca    130740
     ttaattttta atattgtcaa agatatacaa tgccatacta taaatacatt ttgttccaaa    130800
     gaggcaaagt tcatcattta tttaggaagc tgcattaact ccttacgtcc acttagggaa    130860
     catacatcaa atgcctctgc tacattaagt tctagaaatt agaatttata aaaaggagaa    130920
     aaagagggaa ggattaattc aaggaaaatt ctgtgagtgt ttgctaggtg ccaggcatag    130980
     tgctaggcac actgaaaagc aaggtgtggt gggccatgac tgggctttaa agacagacct    131040
     ttttttttcc aaatctggat ttgcaggttt tagctgcatg gtctttatcc tgtttgaacc    131100
     tcaggatctt catctttcta gtgatatcaa gatgtctaat caacaggatc atgaggagta    131160
     aattagatag tataaaaaaa tgtacatagc acagcataaa ggagtcaata agtataagac    131220
     ttcttctaca tagatgaact catctaatct tcttataata ttacgagcta gatatcattg    131280
     gtatcatact cattttaaag attgagctct cagagagctc aataatttgc cccagccgaa    131340
     tttagccaat ttcttgttca ttctcctgta ccaaagctat ctcagatcaa cagtctaggt    131400
     gattctactt tattaactgc ttaattagag ctcacttgca tggtaggaat gttgcttcct    131460
     aaaccctgcc attgtgtgtt ctttatggga gcctgagtag aaatattgag tatagctctg    131520
     ggcagtaatg taactttaaa gcctttccag ttgtaggtga atgtactttt aaatatagct    131580
     gatataaagt tttgtcttct aatgatagtg aaaattattg acaatattga ctaagtggta    131640
     gaatcataaa atgtcagatg aagataagag tcagaatgtg tgcatgactt gcccacggtt    131700
     attcagttag attttaatag aatcaggtga tgagttttaa tctcctgact ttcagttcag    131760
     gattcttacc actgcataca cattctattt actatgtgac aacactgtaa caactgtatg    131820
     aaatggcatt aaatactatt aaaattaaga aaaagtgaag ctaacaaaaa caaaaccatt    131880
     ctaggagcca gaccattgtt gaggtttagc tttcctatct aatatatcta ctgtgacctt    131940
     ggaaaatcaa tcatcttctc tgtctgagac tcaatttctt cttgtgttaa atggggatga    132000
     tggattgttc agaacctcaa tgagatgact tttcaaaaag catttgtaaa atgagaactt    132060
     ttcataattg ttaccaatac cacgtttatt agggttctct agagggacag aaccaatact    132120
     atagatgtat atattacagg gagtttaata aggagtattg actcacacta tcacaagatg    132180
     aagtcccaca ataggctgac tgcaagctga ggagcaagga agcgagttcg agtccccaaa    132240
     cctcaacagt agggaagtcg acagtgcaac cttcagtctg tggtcaaagg tccaagagtc    132300
     caaaagctga agaacttgaa gtccgatgtt tgagggcagg aagcatccag catgggagag    132360
     agatgtaggc tggaagactc agccagtgta ttctttccag tttcttctgc ctgcttttat    132420
     tctagccgtg ctggcagctg attagattgt gtccaccgat tgaaggtggg tctgcctttc    132480
     ccagtccact gactcaaatg ttaatctcct ttgccaacac cctcacagac acatgcagga    132540
     acaatacttt gcaaacttca atccaatcaa gttgacactc agtgttaacc attgtaagtc    132600
     cacccctttt caacttgaac ccatatacat ctcctgaaat tatatatata tacatataaa    132660
     atcttcaaat aattacacct aacataatag agctatcctt tgtataactg gaaacacacc    132720
     aatccccaac ctaaatgtta ttacataaag ttaacaatag ttaaatgctg atatgaaatc    132780
     aatgactctt atgtcacatg ataaagaaaa aagaaaggaa ataaaatgaa gacattttct    132840
     tagtacaagt gtatacatgc acaaacatgt tcttaacaaa ataaggaaga aacactcatg    132900
     acaattatag tccttgtttc tgcaactggc cacatggcca tagctggtat tgataactac    132960
     cttcttctac tgcccattct gtattccctt tgccttcagc aagcacctca gcaggttgtg    133020
     gtttttacct ggtggagtgg cccagacctt tattcctgaa gagtctggac catttgtagt    133080
     cctgcctgga ttgggctgtt gtagtttcca attgacctta atcacagggc atggtaatac    133140
     caagagatgc cctaaggggt ctcctttatt ccatgtatac tattccctac ctccattgtg    133200
     gagtagtaga ctggtttcat ctcgatagtc ggggtcaatt accccagcaa acactgtaac    133260
     tcccttctta gcctgttgac ttagaggtag gaggagccca gagtggccag gtagcaatct    133320
     taacttccag tttaatggaa ttgttgttgt gtctcatggt ggcagcattc ctccctctgg    133380
     agttaagacc tctaggccag cagaacgtaa tgtcatggga acaggaagca aaaattcttc    133440
     tagtaggtta ctggggtgat ggtgagtggt gccacttcca cttccaccac ttgattcctg    133500
     gacctgtgaa tcctggctat gagaggaagc agtaccatat attggacagt gattcagagg    133560
     atacacagcc ttctggagaa ctttgcccca tccctgtaag gccattcaca attctatcaa    133620
     tccagctgct tcaggatgat ggggaacact gtggaactaa acaaggcttt caacctgctg    133680
     tacaattagg tttgctccct cataaaacac tgaaatgatg ggcctttgat tacagacatc    133740
     tcaagatttt atgcaagtat ccaaaatgtc caacttatga ttatatgggg gtgactgtaa    133800
     gactcctgtg tttctgaaat gcaacttcta attcatgaac tacatttata ccaagtatgt    133860
     cttagaatag ctcataagca catgaaatca aattccataa aaccacgggt tttgtatggc    133920
     acttaattaa ggaaactgaa cagctttcag tggcaagtaa ggcgatttca gaaatggtaa    133980
     ctatagtgat tctcctcaaa attagaaaga gaaggagaaa actgttcttg tgtgtctact    134040
     ctgtgtcagg cacactgggg cctcaggaag tgaatgagct tcagaatcag ggaacatggt    134100
     ttgtaacact gactttttag ctgctgggcc ttgcataaaa ctgtttaaga tttctgagcc    134160
     ttaggatctt taactataaa aatggcaaaa ataatgtcaa actcccaggt ttgttgtgta    134220
     aattaaatta gataacctat gaaatgtgac tgggatataa caggcacttg ataagcatta    134280
     tgccccttct tcaccagtta cctcaactaa cctgcccagc tacctggtag gcaagtaatg    134340
     ttgtcacatc acaaacaaaa ctaggagact gagtttcaga gtttcagcaa tttgctcaag    134400
     ctcaggtaat tggtaagtgg cctgattgga attttaccaa gattggccta actctcactt    134460
     cccagtcctt tcctgtcagc ctttctgact ctggaataag acctcaaatg ccactgttca    134520
     gtggtagttt atcaactcat aagatatatg tctttttcac attctttctc cataggcata    134580
     gggagatatt atgtaagtat tactctcttt tctgaattac caataaatta ctttaagggg    134640
     gatgtttata ataaaatgat aagaatatga cttattatgt gattttaata ttagacattt    134700
     tactctatta tcactctatg atctttgaaa ttataaacac ttcattccat gaatgtggat    134760
     gggtatctta caaagataac taattaaaat aggtatccca agataaaacg taaagacaaa    134820
     atttaattta atttttattt gactggtttc agaatacata ctacttaggc tcgccaggca    134880
     tacattcatg aaaataaatc cctaaaatac aacacagtat gggaataatt cctatttttg    134940
     agtttgaaga agccattaag ggctagagta aattgggaaa gactcgtgga agagattgaa    135000
     catgatttgg tccctaatgc aggatttgga aaaatggaga gaaaggaaaa gtcccagttg    135060
     gtaggaatta aataagctaa aacatatgtc atatttttgg agcaatgttt tcagctactg    135120
     ttgagacaca tttaagaaga tgttagggcc atgttattga caattttgtg gaggcaataa    135180
     aaaacaaatg aaagaaattt ctatatttat ttttggaata gtgtttctca tgtgtcctgc    135240
     tcaaacggga atgttacgtc aaccacctac acttcctcaa ttcccaattg ctcttcaaaa    135300
     catcttaatc tagtctctat cccctccatt cactactcat atgtctcatg tagttagcag    135360
     tggcctccta tttgccaaac tcaatggaca ttttttattt ccatctttct gctctattcg    135420
     gcatttttcc tcattcattc actccttttg aagttctatt ttcttagctt gcatgatgat    135480
     attcccttct gatttttttt ggccttctga taattccatt tctttttctg tgtggtaatt    135540
     tcatctgtcc actgcataag tgttaatttt cttagagtta tatcctcagc ctgttctcat    135600
     cattttatac tctctctgtt gttttatata taacctatat cctgatgagt tctgatctcc    135660
     atatacagtc ctggtccctc acctgagatt ttgactgata catcaagttc tcctataaac    135720
     atctcccctt cactggtcca tggaacttca agctctactc gctctaaatt ggattgattc    135780
     ccttcaaatt ccttttccca aatctggttt cttacctact tcaactgata gagtcaccat    135840
     tcattcaagt cactcaagtt aaaaatctca gtaacatcct atgcttcctt ctctccccct    135900
     ccccttcatt ccaattgttc aacaacattt ttttttctga ctttacattt aaaatatttt    135960
     taaaataatg aaaatgatag cagataatat ttttcaaaat gtactacatg caaggtatgg    136020
     tgccaagaat ttaaaaagta ttaactttca tactacaggt actatttttc ccatttcact    136080
     tatggggaaa atggagctca cgaaggttca ttgtcttgct atatgtcaca caaatactat    136140
     ttggtaaagc tgttatttaa atacaaatgt ttacattcca aattctgtat tcttaaacac    136200
     aagagtagca tttattgctt ctatctctac tcctgtatcc tattttaagt tcttttcatg    136260
     ttttatgtgg acaactgaga tagctgctta gctggcattc atcatatctc taatcttgtt    136320
     tcactcaagt cagcttccac atagccaatg aagattctat ttcacttgca aatctcatca    136380
     tcccacccct ctgcttaaaa tccttcattg gatcctcata agtttcagta taaataccta    136440
     ttttttagta tactaaacaa aactctccat ggtgtggtct tgtgcttaat tttcagcttg    136500
     aggtctcatt catccctggg tcatagttta cgcttcagag atatcatatc acttgcagtt    136560
     ttctactata cagcatgctg gttttagttt ctacaaattc attcatattt ttttgtagtg    136620
     gagacttgct ctttgccatt ctatttacat aacatgatta aattccacag agtcattgtg    136680
     actcagctca ggttcctcta tgtgcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcacg catgtgcgcg    136740
     tgtataaaat atttgagtag gaaaaaaatg tgataacaaa tattttgaga tgattaatta    136800
     aaaattataa tgacaaatgg aaggcaagtt ttaaagtagg aaaatcagct aggagaacca    136860
     gaacattgaa ttaagaacaa aataagggat aagggccagg actagggtag tagaggtggg    136920
     aaatgaaaac agggactgac gaatgagatg gtggagggga tcaaatagag tatattttct    136980
     aaaacaactc caaaattgaa ggcagttgac tagaaattag caattggggt ttgaactaag    137040
     ataatcagga gtgtaagttt tgtaaagaag taggagttga ggagatggag aacaaatgtg    137100
     tagatgtttt acatgtaaag atggtaaaac tctaattcct tttaactgtg ggacaaaagg    137160
     gtgagaagat gggtgtgggg attaaatact ttgaaatgta ggaaatagta tatgataaag    137220
     ctattatatt atgttggtgc aaaagtaatt gtggtttttg cgattaaaag taatgacaaa    137280
     attactttta aaaattactt ttgcaccaac ctaatatcat aagtaaatgg atatttagca    137340
     cagtttaaca tatgatgggg aatagtctga agttaaaggc agcagtacga ctacatattt    137400
     acatttcatc atcactatat agtttagtgg aagcatccaa ctatgattga ctgattaata    137460
     agccaagagt ttcttcagct ataattcaat ttggatatta tatttctcaa aaataacttg    137520
     tacttgttat ttaattgtta gtaattgatc cttttctgac tataaaatag tataaattaa    137580
     ttgtagaacg tttgaaaaat acagatgaat agagatataa tagagaagaa aaatagaaat    137640
     tacctataat cctaccaact caatgataat aagtgttact tcagtgcata ttctttcaat    137700
     cttttttctg tgtgctcatt tttattttat taaatactct tctcaaatag gatgtttgat    137760
     agctacataa tattgcatca catagacatt ctataataca tttagatatc caatattaat    137820
     gaatggtttt atttttatgc tattataaac aaactataat gaaccttctt gaacataaat    137880
     ccctttgtgc accgatccaa cagccaacag tgtaattcac aaagaaacac tggaggcaat    137940
     tccattaaaa tctataataa gctaaggaca atttgtttaa aattgtttta gacatttcat    138000
     ttacaacagt agtacagggg aaaagaataa atattaaaaa gaaaaatata gtgctattta    138060
     ttgtttataa tgatcttcca ccaagaaact ccaagaaaaa cttctggtag tataaagagg    138120
     aacagctttt attttttact tttttgttgt ttattattat tattattatt gttattatta    138180
     ttttgagatg gagtctcact ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg cactagtgca atctcggctc    138240
     actgaagcct caacctccca ggctcaacct cttttactgc ctcagcttcc caagtagctg    138300
     ggactacagg tgtgcaccac catgcccagc taattatttt agtttttgta gggacaaggt    138360
     ctcactatat tccctcaggt gaaagaatag cttttaaaag tcagctttca tgatgtgtag    138420
     taaagtcagt aattctactt ccagaaattt attgtacaga taaataagaa aaatatttaa    138480
     aagctactga gttttaaaag atatttgtat actatctcat cagttatcaa tactctaacg    138540
     gataatctat cattattaaa tgcttttctc tttttcatat aataattgct ttttgtataa    138600
     aagtaatttt atagagaaat tcagtttaca aagtttagac ttatatattt ttagttatat    138660
     tttatgccta attggaaagt aatgcctaat taataaagtg tttttcaaga cacatgatat    138720
     tttcattttt ctttttgttg tttttttcct ctgtgtcaac tctacacttt tttttactaa    138780
     ggtatgaaat gacaatcaac taattttctc aagatttgaa acttttgttt ctaaaaaata    138840
     aactaaattg tgcctttttc taagtgttta actgtgccat ggtgccattc agaagaataa    138900
     aagtctgccc aatttattgt gacttttcct gcataatttc tatgtacatt aaacaggttt    138960
     ataattcact tgttcttaga cttcatacat ataattagtc atttgtcatt tatatatttc    139020
     aaaatcactg cttcagagaa ataatgtaga agcatcatgg aggttatggc tttctatgta    139080
     catataagat ctttacgttt gaggatcata tttaaagact aaaaaattat aatgtacttg    139140
     actcatatat tcaaaattgt gataaagaag acatttttag cttacaattt gctctagaag    139200
     ataacatcaa cttactaaag atatgtagag gtaactttta accttatgtt aaccaaattc    139260
     aacatattga aatatttgtt tcctatgctg catatgggca gtgaaacaaa taaacaatta    139320
     tacactgagg attctttagc atcttcccat tttgttttaa tttagagtac agaagacttc    139380
     accttctgtc actattagaa taagagaaac aagctgaatc aacagtggcc caatatatta    139440
     accactttga taaaagtgac cttgtatttg atcaacgtct agaccagaga ttcacaacac    139500
     tggctgtgca ttaaaattgc atttggaggt cagaatctat cctaagaaat tataatagag    139560
     gtctgagttg aagcctagct atctttgttg tcagcctgac aggtgattta tatgagcaaa    139620
     caaggatgat aatcactgaa cataaacata catgcatcca ttaattgact gcttatctac    139680
     atatttgaaa tattgcccat taataacctt atactcacta gactgagcat ttgaaaagca    139740
     aacacaacgc ctttattaac ttcgtaaccc tagtaaccag cttggtttca gcacataggc    139800
     actcaggaaa attaattact taattaatta attatggtca tatgaactca ttaaattaac    139860
     gaagaatcat ggcatttgtt agattcatag gtagtgacaa acaaaatgtt tgtgaaattc    139920
     ctttttaaat atcaaacaca aaaccacttt ggaacaaatt tttattactc ttttactctt    139980
     tttttcaaag aaggataaat cacttgagga aaacaaaaaa taatttttgc tagaaagata    140040
     ttttcaccaa taatgtgcta atgcacacac tgtggccaag gaatacattt tcggtaactc    140100
     tgccaacttc atgccataca gacaatatat agtttgtaat gctattttta aaataaaatg    140160
     acatgactag tgaaagtatg tactaccaca ctatttacac tagtacacta ttataattct    140220
     aaaacataag cagttattac aatgatttta gtgtttttgt acatagttga tcttcagata    140280
     gagataaggt gaatatggta tttatttttt atttgctgag tggattctaa atttctgtta    140340
     cttccccaaa gagcaaccac tggcacacac atgcatgtac atgatacaca ccaccctcaa    140400
     cacacacaca cacacacaca catacccaca cacacacaca gagagagaga gagagagaga    140460
     gagagagaga ggctgacata aatttatttt aatagacaaa tataaatatt taaattgtca    140520
     tggtcttaaa tactaccaat ggttttcaat ttatatttaa aaaatcaatt ttaatatatt    140580
     gccaatgtca aggacagcca tatatacttt agttatttct ttaacagttt ttcaaacaat    140640
     cacagttatg taattccttg ttttaaattt tattttaagg tcaggggtac aagttcaagt    140700
     ttgttagata ggtaaacttg tgtcatgggg gtttgttgta caggttattt catcacccag    140760
     gtattaagcc tagtagccat tagttgtttt ttctggtcct ctccctcttc ccaccctcca    140820
     ccctctgaaa ggccacattg tgtgttgttc ccctttatgt gttcatgtgc tctcatcatt    140880
     tagcttcctc ttattagtga gaacatgcag tgtatggttt tctattcctg tgttagtttg    140940
     cgaagaataa tggcctccag ctccatccat gtccctgcaa agaacatgat cttgttcttt    141000
     tttatgcctg catagtgttc catggtatac atgtaccaca ttttctttat ccagtctatc    141060
     actgatgggc atttaggttg attctatgtt ttgctattgg aagataccct aagcaatacc    141120
     attcaggaca taggcatggg caaagatttc attatgaaaa tgagaaaagc aattgctacg    141180
     gaagcaaaaa tcaacaaatg ggatctagtt aaacaaaaga gcttctgcac agcaaaacaa    141240
     tcaagtaaac agaaagtaaa cagaaaacca acagaatgga aggaaatttt gcaaactatg    141300
     catccaataa atgtctaata tccagcctct ataagaaact ataagcctct ataaggaact    141360
     tattaccaag agcaaaacaa acaacgccat aaaaaagtgg gcaaatgaaa tgaacagaca    141420
     cttctcaaaa gaagacttac atgtggccaa caatcatttg aaaaatatct caacatcact    141480
     gatcactgaa aaaatgcaaa tcaaaaccac agtgagatag caactcacac cagtcagaat    141540
     ggctattatt aaaaagtcaa ggccagatgt ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcactct    141600
     gggaggccga ggcaggtgga tcaactgagg tcaggagttt gagaccagac tggccaacat    141660
     tgtgaaaccc tgtctcgatt aaaaatacac agattagctg ggcatggtgg gactgtgcca    141720
     gtaatcccag gtacttggga ggctgaggca ggagcattgc ttgaacccgg gaggcagagg    141780
     ttgcagtgaa caagatcgtg ccattgaact ccagcctggg tgacagagtg agactctgtc    141840
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaatgtcaa aaaataacag atgctgatga ggtcgtgaag aaaaaggaat    141900
     tcttatatac tattcatggg agtataaatt agttcagtca ctgtggaaga cagtgtggaa    141960
     attcctcaaa gacccaaaga cagaaatacc attcaaccca gcaatcccat tactgggcat    142020
     atacccaaag gaatataatt tattctatta taaagacaca gttatgtaat tctaaaacaa    142080
     attgtacaaa acattcaaga taaaatagaa aacagcacat tattaaagct attttattgt    142140
     tataagagtt atttttacac agtcctcttc aaaacaagct atttgaaatg ttttgctcca    142200
     aaacgtgtat ccattaaagt ggagtcaaaa tttgattgct ctcagccaac atactttact    142260
     ggaaaaagtg tgtttaaaat ggtatagtaa aagaaaagat aaaagataaa aaggtaaagg    142320
     attgtgaaga attcaatgct gctatctgca tgtactttgt aaaaatatca ccctctcctt    142380
     cctgatcctc tgtctctgtc acatttcgtg gctcatatgt taatatgtcc cacctcctga    142440
     acacttcagt catgagagac ccagcttaat gcacccaatt gaaaatccat taaaaacaca    142500
     tatggcatct tctgtgttga aaggattctc ttaaagatct tacagtggtt tgctgattta    142560
     aaaatatctc cctgttataa caaaagaagg tgtaggcatt tattatggct tgctgacttc    142620
     aggctaaaaa ttttttattt aaatttagcc tcttttagat gcctccctag attcaaaatc    142680
     ttatcggcat tgcctaataa gtagttgaaa ctttcagttc aacagagacc tcggaaatcg    142740
     atatatcaca tcagtgtttt attttgtctg taaacgtggc atattaaatt attgagttgt    142800
     ctgatttttt ctcggattta ttgaggtata atgcacaaat caaaattata ttcaagttgt    142860
     acaaagtgat attttgatat acctatacat tgtgaaatga ttaccactat caagctaatt    142920
     aacatatcca taacctcata gttacctttt ttgtgtgaga ttgagatcga ctatcttaac    142980
     aaatttcaag tactcaatac agtatgatta actatagtca tcatgctgta cgttaggtct    143040
     ccataacttt agattccctg ttttgtaaca cctgctttag gcttgctgag ggtcactgtc    143100
     cagtagtagt gagcatttta agccaatttc attaagatac gatatttatg ataaacattt    143160
     tttgtagcat cagccagtga aacaaagtat ctgaactaat ctgaaaggat tgctaataag    143220
     catcttagcc tttctatctc tggtttctct acaggtatca ccatgataaa atttttcttt    143280
     acctgaagca attaaaaata aaaacactgt gtttccctgg ttgggccttt ttagttccca    143340
     gtgaaggcca cctacggtgg atagagaaga aagatacttt ccacacaaaa tatcttacta    143400
     tttgaacctg gtaattcaca tatgcggtga aatgttacca caagaaagct tcagttttca    143460
     taggtaaaaa tagttatcca catatttaag caagtttata attcttcata caaatattca    143520
     caaaaacaaa aaagaccatt ttctccagct tcagatacac accatttgac ttcagaaact    143580
     aagttacatc cttttgtttg ttgattggtt tgtttttagg ccatccaacc ccctcaagat    143640
     aagttacatt ctaatgtggg catgttcaaa tcttacagga tgatctgcaa gtatagaaaa    143700
     acatacaaga agaaaaattt ggaaagattt ttatatcaga tcacattttc caacatgatt    143760
     gtctagttgg taaagttcag cagtatcaaa ttcccattgt tttctgtgaa agtatctcat    143820
     cattatttaa aatgtcatat tttaccttat tcactaaact ataaatataa ttggttccat    143880
     taataataca tggcagataa gctagctttt ttatattatt catcattatg agataaaatt    143940
     cataggaccc tatgaaaata gttcaatata tacctcatat gactgttaat aatttccaac    144000
     ttattttaga aaacctaaaa gcggaaccaa aactagcaca atttggaaga atttgaaact    144060
     atactttctt tcataaattt tgaattatct aaattatctg aatttcaaac atgaaatttt    144120
     atgtttacaa cttctagaga tatttatttg gaattaaaat tacaaaatgc caaaggattg    144180
     gataatattt atccagtcca ataaatgtta ggtccttttt tattgctgct acatatgtct    144240
     agccacttaa ataattgtat tcaattaaat ccacttttca tgtccaggga tagttctatt    144300
     cccctgttat ttccatcaag aaataaatat cctatcattt tatttttatt ttttattttt    144360
     atgggtatat agtaagtgtg tataattatg ggctacatga gatattttgt tacaggcatg    144420
     cattgtgtaa caatcacatc agggtaaatg gggtatgctc acctcaagca tacttccttc    144480
     gtgtgtgtta caaacaatcc aattatactt ttttggttat tttaacctgt ataattaaat    144540
     tattattgac tataatccct ttgttatgct atcaagtact acatcttatt cattctttct    144600
     gactatattt ttgtgtccat taatcatccc cacttaccct cctctcccca acttaccacc    144660
     cttccagcct ctggtaacca ttcttctatt ctctatctcc atgagttcaa ttgttttcat    144720
     ttttagctcc cataaataag tgagaacatg tgaagtttgt ctttctttgt cctttttcct    144780
     tactatatct ttgtctattc tgagtctctt gtggttctat atacatttta catttttttt    144840
     ctacttctat aaagaatgtc attggtattt tgatagagat tgcactgaat ctgtagattt    144900
     ctgtgggtgg tatggacatt ttaataatat tgattcttca gtccatgaac atggagtatt    144960
     tttccatttt tttttggtat tgtccttaat ctctttcatc agtgttttat agtttttgtt    145020
     atagagatct ttaacttctt taaattaatt cattgatatt taattttatg tgtgactatt    145080
     gtaaatggga ttactttttt attctttttc tcattgttca ccattggcat atagaaatgc    145140
     tactgatttt tgtatgttga ttttgtatcc tcagctttgc taaatttatc agttcaaatg    145200
     gttttttttg ctggactcct tagttttttc caaagataat atcataccat ctgcaaacag    145260
     ggataatttg acttcttcct ttccatcatg gatgcctttt atatctttct cttgtctagt    145320
     gtgtctaagt agaacttcca gtactgtgtt gaataataat ggtgaaattg gccattcttg    145380
     tcctatttct gatcttagag gaaaggcttt cagatttttc cccatttagt atgatgggtc    145440
     tgtcatatac aatttttatt atgttgaggt atattttttc tattcctagt ttattgaaag    145500
     tttttatcat gaagtgatgt tgcattttat caaatgttta ttcagcatca accaaaatga    145560
     ttatatggtt tctgatcttc attctgttga tatgatatat caccttaatg atttatgtat    145620
     gctgaaccat ccttgtattc cagggataaa tcccacttgg tcatgatgat tggtcttttt    145680
     aatgtggttt gagaaaatcg aagtgggggg gaaatggcag ataggagaca gggataatgt    145740
     atagctccca catggacaga cagaagagtg tgtggggact cacactgtga tcttttgctt    145800
     caagaacccc cacaggaaca taccaggaaa actgaaagaa ttcacagatc ctttgaagga    145860
     agcagcacac tgctgcaaat tccacaaaac aggtgaaaaa ctgtgtgttc ccaaagtgtg    145920
     agagggcgaa aggaaaacct accttcgatc acacatcctg actggggaat ctgaaaatcc    145980
     agatcacaag aggatttaac cttacctaga aatgaaatgg atttaggaag tcacatgaga    146040
     tataaaagta gaagtagcag tgggaagtga cttgcatgca ctcccagcct ccacctctaa    146100
     cctagaaagg ccatccctga ctatatctca caggagccct caggaaaggt ggccagagga    146160
     attggggagg gattatgggg tgaaggaggc tcccaaatga aattggtagt ggttttggct    146220
     gggcacacat tttcttgagt ccagtctggg ggacgggagg gagctgctgc acatacaagc    146280
     aagtgcagga gtacaggagc tgctgctgat ggagtgggca gacagggaaa ggcaaggtcc    146340
     taaagccatg cttgctttcc cagtggagta gctcatggct tctggcaagg tcagagcagg    146400
     ggcactgcat gaatgagaga ctggcctcgc caactgcatg agagctgggt acggcttctt    146460
     gctactggct atctcccact tccctggtga gctatactgc acagcagagg cggccaggat    146520
     tgcctatgga acataacccc attggcctga gaaccacctc accccatgct ccacagtggt    146580
     catggcaagc cctccccaag gagagtctgc acccagaccc accaaaccct gcccccacat    146640
     gacagtattt ccgtaactac cctgatagct gaacacaaaa cacagaaact catgggagct    146700
     ttatggcccc acccaacacc tgagaaacca aaatacttag caggaccatc ttagagtaag    146760
     cttagagccc tttagtacta tcacagctgg tgctatcttg aaagtgccac ctcttagctg    146820
     gaggccaacc aactcaggcc attacagcaa ctcaggacag aataaccctg atcccaggaa    146880
     ggagaagaca acacctaatt tcactgcctg caacatcctg gctaaccaga ggtcctgagt    146940
     gtgtccatgt gacaacttca tcactagcat aaccagcatt caagaaagcc agcatactaa    147000
     acatattaac aacaaagagc tctcgcagag tctactttgc ttctctgcca cctctaccag    147060
     agcaggtgct tgtatccaca actgggagac ctgaagacag atcacatcac aggacacttt    147120
     gcagacatcc tgcagcatca gcccagagcc tgatagcccc actcagtggc tagactcaga    147180
     agagcaataa caatcactgc agaccagctt tcaggaagtc tcatctctag gggaaggggg    147240
     agagcacgac atcaaggaat caccctctag gacaagaaaa taaatctgaa cagcaggcct    147300
     taagtttcat acctctccac tgaaatagtc tacccaaatg agaagaaacc agaaaagtaa    147360
     tcctgttata gaacacggtt ctataacacc cccgaaagat cacaccagat ccccacgaat    147420
     ggatccaaac caagaagaaa tctctgaatt gccagataaa cacttcagaa ggtagattat    147480
     taagctactc aaggagatac cacagaaagg tgaaaaccaa cttaaagaaa ttaaaaaaca    147540
     atatagggta tagatgaaca attctcaaga gaaatagata tcacaaagaa aatacaatta    147600
     caacttctgg aaatgaaaga cacacttaga gaaatgcaaa atgtagtgga aactttcaac    147660
     agtagcatag aacacgtaga agaaataact ttagagttca atgaaaaggc tttcaaataa    147720
     acccaatcac acaaagacaa agaaaatatt ttttaaatga acaaagactc caagaaattt    147780
     ttgattatat taaatgacca aacataagaa taactggtgt tcctgagaaa gaagagaaat    147840
     ctaaaagttt ggaaaactta tttgagcaaa taattgaggg taacttccct ggtcttgcta    147900
     gaggtctaga catccaaaca caagaagctc aaagaacacc tgggaaattc attgcaaaaa    147960
     gatcaccacc tacgcatgta gtcatcaggt tatctaaaat caagacaaag gaaagaatct    148020
     taagagctgt gagacaaaag catcagatca cctataaagg aaaacctatc aaattaacag    148080
     cagacctctc agcagaaacc ttacaagcca gaggggattg aggtcccatc tttagccccc    148140
     tgaaacaaaa tgaaggagaa atgaagttgt tttcagacaa acaagtgctg actactaagc    148200
     cagcactaca agaaatgcta aaaggagttc tacatcttga aacaaaacct taaaatacac    148260
     caaaatagaa acaccttaaa gcataaatct cacagggccc ataaaacatt aatgcaacag    148320
     caaaaatgca aggtattaaa gcaacaacta acatgatgag taaaacaata cctcacatct    148380
     gaatactaac actgaaagtg aatggcttaa atgctccact taaaagatac agaatggcag    148440
     aatggataaa aatccaccaa ccaagtagct gctgtcttca agagactcac taacacataa    148500
     ggactcacat aaacttaagg taatggggtg gaaaaaaaca ttccatgcaa atggaaacca    148560
     aaagcaacta ggagtagcta ttcctatatc agacaaagca gaatttaaag caacaacacg    148620
     aagaaaaaac aaaaagggac atcatataat gataaaagaa ataggccaac aggaaaatac    148680
     cacaatcgta tatacgcacc taacactgga attttcaaat ttataaaaca attactacta    148740
     gacctaagaa atgagataat gagatagatg tctacataat aatagtgcag gacttcagta    148800
     ctccactgcc agcactagac aggtcatcga ggcaaaaaat caaaaataaa cagtgaaatt    148860
     aaaccatagt ctagaacaaa tggacttgat ggatatttgc agaacatttc cccaaccact    148920
     tcagactata catttttttt cagcacatgg aatatcctcc agagtagaac atgtgatagg    148980
     tcacaaaaca agtcttaata aatttaagaa aaaaattata tcaagtatcc tctcagacca    149040
     cagtggaata aaactggaaa tcaactccta aaggaatcct caaaactata caaatacatg    149100
     aaaactaaat aatctgctct tgaattatct ttgggtcaac aatgaaattt aaaaattctt    149160
     tgagctgaat gataatagta acacaactta acaaaacctc tgggatacaa aaaaagcagt    149220
     actcagagga aagttcatag cattaaatgc ttacatcaaa aagtctgaaa gagcacaaat    149280
     agatgatcta aggttgcacc tcaaggaact agagaaacaa gaacaaacca aatccaaaac    149340
     cagcagaagg aaagaaataa cgaagaccag agctgaacta tatgaaattg aaacaaaaat    149400
     ataatagata aatgaaacaa agagctggtt ctttgaaaag ataaacaaat ggatggaccg    149460
     ttagtgagat taaccaagaa aagaatagag aagttccaaa taagctcaat tagaaatgaa    149520
     ccaggagata ttacagccaa tacacagaaa tacaaaacat cattcaaggt tactatgaac    149580
     acatttttct acaaaaacta ggaaatctag aggagatgga tacattcctg aaaacatgca    149640
     accctcccac gttaaattgg gaagaaatag aaactctgga cagaccaaca acaagtagca    149700
     agattgaaac aataataaaa aattgccaac aaaaagaagt ccaggaccag attcacagct    149760
     gaatcctatc ggacattcaa aaaagaattg gtacaaattt tactgaaact atactcaaag    149820
     acagagaaag agtgattcct ccctaaatca ttctatgaag tgtcacccta ataccaatat    149880
     caagaaagga cgtaacaaaa aaagaaaact acagaccaat atccctgatg aacatagatg    149940
     caaaaatcct caacaaaata atagctaact gattccaaca gcatatcaaa aagataatcc    150000
     accacgatca cgtgggtttt ataccaatga tgcagggatg gtttaacata cacaagtcaa    150060
     taaatgtgat acatcgcata aacagaatta aaaacaaaaa tcacatgatt ttctcaatag    150120
     atgcagaaaa atatttgaca aaatccagca tccgcttatg attaaaattc tcagcaaaat    150180
     tggcatacaa aggacatacc tcaaggtaat aaaagctatc tgtgacaaac acatagccag    150240
     cattatgcta aatggggaag gttggaaaga attccccctg agaactggaa caagacgaag    150300
     atgtccagtt ttaccacttc tcttcaaaat aggactggga gtcctaccag atcaatcaga    150360
     caagataaag gaatcaaggt gcatctatat tgattaacag gaaatcaaac tgtcgctgtt    150420
     cactgatgat attattgtat acctagaaaa ccctaaagat ttatccaaaa cactcctaga    150480
     ttttataaac gaattcagta aagtttcagg atacaaaatc attgtacaca aatcagtagc    150540
     attgctatac tccaacaaca gccaagctaa gaaacaaatc aagaactcaa tcttttttac    150600
     agcagctgca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atccttagga atataattaa ccaaggaggt    150660
     caaagatctt cacaaggaaa actacaaaac actgctgaaa gaaatcatcg acaacacaaa    150720
     tagaaacaca tcccatgctc gtggatgggt agaatcaata ttgtgaaaat caccatacta    150780
     ccaaaagcaa tctacagatt caatgccatt cccatcaaaa tgccataatc attcttcaca    150840
     gaaccagaaa aaaaatatcc taaaattcat atggaattaa aaaaaacacc ctgcatagcc    150900
     aaagcaagac taagcaaaaa taaccaaact tggaggcatc acattactag acttcaagct    150960
     atactacaag gctatagtta ccaaaacagc acagtactgg tatgaaaaca ggcatgtaga    151020
     ccaacagaac agaacatgta tcaggtagga tgtgattatt gaagagagac acatcatttt    151080
     gtatttgtgg accttgtggg tctcagtttc tttatctaaa aaaatgaatg tgtattagtt    151140
     ttggaagttg cgtaataaat taccactaac ttagaagcct aaaactacta atttattatc    151200
     tcacagttct gtaagtcaga agtttaggca ggctgggctg ggttcattgc ctagagtctc    151260
     ccattattat ttattattat ttgttaatct cctaggctaa acttcctttt tgggaagaaa    151320
     agtagtttat ttttgctgga atttctctct gtgttgtttt catcttgagg agatcaagta    151380
     taaaagtgtt gcgcatttac tgagtaatat tacaagcaga atgccacata ttattaattg    151440
     aaattctgat tcaaatgttt atattaagta gaatttttcc aacacagtgt atatgtgcta    151500
     aacctctagg aagaatatgt ttattttgca cctaaacatt ggatgatatg aggagaagca    151560
     catcttgata atgatacata acaataagtt aggtgtagac taagacgttg ttgattgaga    151620
     gacagtgtac ttgatctaaa atctgtttca ggaacattgc tatgaggata tttactgcaa    151680
     aaaaaaaaat gtgttttttt cacattttgt actaatggtg gaattttcac ttttaataaa    151740
     ggaaagttac aaattatttc agggaatttt tgttttatta aacctcctgg taaatcaaac    151800
     tgattttttt ttttttatta ttatactcta agttttaggg tacatgtgca cattgtgcag    151860
     gttagttaca tatgtataca tgtgccatgc tggtgcgctg cacccactaa cgtgtcatct    151920
     agcattaggt atatctccca atgctatccc tcccccctcc cccgacccca ccacagtccc    151980
     cagagtgtga tattcccctt cctgtgtcca tgtgatctca ttgttcaatt cccacctatg    152040
     agtgagatat gcggtgtttg gttttttgtt cttgcgatag tttactgaga atgatggttt    152100
     ccaatttcat ccatgtccct acaaaggaca tgaactcatc attttttatg gctgcatagt    152160
     attccatggt gtatatgtgc cacattttct taatccagtc tatcattgtt ggacatttgg    152220
     gttggttcca agtctttgct attgtgaata gtgccgcaat aaacatacgt gtgcatgtgt    152280
     ctttatagca gcatgattta tagtcctttg ggtatatacc cagtaatggg atggctgggt    152340
     caaatggtat ttctagttct agatccctga ggaaccgcca cactgacttc cacaatggtt    152400
     gaactagttt acagtcccac caacagtgta aaagtgttcc tatttctcca catcctctcc    152460
     agcacctgtt gtttcctgac tttttaatgg taaccaaaac agcatggtac tggtaccaaa    152520
     acagagatat agatcaatgg aacagaacag agccctcaga aataatgccg catatctaca    152580
     actatctgat ctttgacaaa cctgagaaaa acaagcaatg gggaaaggat tccctattta    152640
     ataaatggtg ctgggaaaac tggctagcca tatgtagaaa gctgaaactg gatcccttcc    152700
     ttacacctta tacaaaaatc aattcaagat ggattaaaga tttaaacgtt agacctaaaa    152760
     ccataaaaac cctagaagaa aacctaggca ttaccattca ggacataggc gtgggcaagg    152820
     acttcatgtc caaaatacca aaagcaatgg caacaaaagc caaaattgac aaatgggatc    152880
     taatgaaact aaagagcttc tgcacagcaa aagaaactac catcagagag aacaggcaac    152940
     ctacaacatg ggagaaaatt ttcgcaacct actcatctga caaagggcta atatccagaa    153000
     tctacaatga actcaaacaa atttacaaga aaaaaacaac cccatcaaaa agtgggcgaa    153060
     ggacatgaac agacacttct caaaagaaga catttatgca gccaaaaaac acatgaagaa    153120
     atgctcatca tcactggcca tcagagaaat gcaaatcaaa accactatga gatatcatct    153180
     cacaccagtt agaatggcaa tcactaaaaa gtcaggaaat caaactgatt tttatgggtt    153240
     tgtgtgtgca gtttttaaaa aaaatttatg agcacatgat aaatgcctac taaaacaaac    153300
     actggtgttc tagctctctc tctctctttt caaatatcat gaagaattgt ccacagaata    153360
     gcatttagga tggtgtagac ttaagaggga aatgcatgta ccatcagtac ttttccttgg    153420
     gcagtctagc taggatgtca cccacaggag gggatacaag ccttgcagga catgttaaaa    153480
     aattaagact ataaaattaa ggaatacaaa ggaacacatt actattcaat tcagtaggga    153540
     tctgtaattc tgcactgctc aggtgcagat gaaaactact caggtcagaa tcaagttgtt    153600
     tctgtaagag acagctctat aaataatgag ctgtttgttt ctatgagaga tagccctata    153660
     aataatgagc tgttctcagg tgagccaatc attaccaatt gcctgtttaa aatgtcagaa    153720
     ttgtcaaggt caattggtgt taatctaatg gcagcactga cctagtgtca cacagagtct    153780
     ataaattaaa ttttaagtct cacaaaagga ttatctttgt ttctagagac aatatttgaa    153840
     tcaacaatgt tttgggtact tccgtgaaag tgatgtgggt ggattgaagt ttaaaaggtg    153900
     tagacaattg tccattaaag caattacatt aatgcatcag gctgatttga aatcagtatt    153960
     gaggtagagt cagaatattt gcatattttt ttctttgtca taacatcctc accaaagctt    154020
     ttggaaattg ctgttttcaa tgcacttctc actccacagc caggacataa agagtgacgg    154080
     ggaaaaagag aaccttatca ggaagagaaa gaaataacca ttagaaagtt gttcaaaata    154140
     tattatttca tgaaattgtc tttcttctgt aacttgtctg tttccatatc tccttgtcac    154200
     attcttaggt atttcagtaa taaaaaaatt atctggataa aaaaagaaag taaaaaaaat    154260
     gaagtttagg tttgataaaa attactttta tgagttaaaa gaacaaagta tatttcctct    154320
     aaaagaagtt gattaccgac tccttgtaac ttttcataaa ttaacgttca gatatttttc    154380
     aaataaataa ctgatgggaa ctcagcttgt tgaaaatttg cttggttaca cattcaacaa    154440
     acctgatgga cagttttgat tatttttgcc ctttacagag taagtgtgaa ataacactaa    154500
     ttaaaagctt ttctactgaa taatccatgt gcatcacctt ccaaaatttc acttaagggg    154560
     cctacacatt gacaaaaaca cattttattc cctttgctta atttcattag tgggactttt    154620
     ctttgacttt gtgggaacat ttagattttt ctccagagca tgttagagct cagaacgatt    154680
     agcagagcat ttgaagtaac cacagctcag ggataatggg aatgagccct atagcactgt    154740
     gtaagcactg ggaccattta tagatgttct gtgcaatggt ggataaaata gggccacact    154800
     atactgttcc agaagcattt tctctagagc cttctataag tcccttctat gctaaataat    154860
     tcaaacatgc attttgcatt cagtaaacaa ttgaaaacac aaggaaatga agctttaaaa    154920
     aggagttgtg ctcagtcagt atattgcttt caactttgaa agaaggcaaa tatataaaat    154980
     gatcctgaat tgcctactca atttctagca gtaagagtaa agcagagaaa tctcattcta    155040
     ctccacctat ccccctctca ccaaaatcaa gaattgtgtc tttattgttg ttataatttg    155100
     cttcataatg ttttcttgac aattgagaca ttgtatactg cattaattat ttacattttg    155160
     tatgaacatt aaaataatga gaacatatat ttgtttagaa aaaaatccct ctattttttc    155220
     tctcataaat ataattctac tgttatgtta gtatgttcat aatttgagaa attctaagtc    155280
     ttaagaaatc ttggaattgt atgaattctc ttttacctac tcattagcag actcataatt    155340
     ttagaaatct taattgagat ccatgtgcca gttatactaa ttagtgtata atttcataat    155400
     ctgagtactt acagaaagca cactcttgaa aaactctgta tctacaaatg cttttgacta    155460
     tatggatttc cagagtcaaa atattattca aaaaagtaat aataacattt accacaaagc    155520
     ttccaatgat ggttcatctg tgggtgaatt tcccatttac aactttgctc ccagagcact    155580
     cagaaatatt ttaccccttt tcattttttt aaactagact ttatttttta cagaagtctt    155640
     aggttcacag caaaaatgag aggaagttat agagatttcc cgtatcttct ctaccctaca    155700
     catgtgtaac ctcccccatt gtcaatatcc cccaccagag tgacacattt gttatagttg    155760
     atgaatttac acatcaatat cacccaaagt ccatagttta cattggggtt cgctcttgta    155820
     tattctatgg gtttggaaaa catttaaaat aacaagtatc aacaattata gtatctatag    155880
     agtagtttct ctgccataaa aatcctccat tctctgcttg ttcatccctc cttcccctat    155940
     tccacaaccc ctggcaacca ctgatatttc tactgtctcc atagttttac cttttccaga    156000
     atgtcatata gttagaatca tacagtatgt agccatttcc aattaactta ttgtacctag    156060
     taatacagat ttaaggctcc tccacgtctt ttcatggctt gatagatcat ttttttttag    156120
     caatgaataa tcatttctga atctaccaca gtttatttat tcattaacct actgaaggat    156180
     atcttggtta cattcaaatt ttggcattta tgaataaagc tgctataaat atctgcttgc    156240
     tggttttgtg taaacataag ttttaagctc ctttgggtaa atactaaaga atgtgattgc    156300
     tgagccttat ggttaatagt atatttagtt ttgtgaaaaa ctgccaaact gtcttccaaa    156360
     gtggctatag attctctttc attgggaaga tggcaataca taatatctaa gtcattttac    156420
     gactcagtgt tttctatcat ataggaatga cctttacttt agttagtatt tggcattaca    156480
     tatgcatgta taaaatgtat agtttttaaa agagtgtttg ttccttaata tagttagtag    156540
     ttatgaaatg agtcaagatc tgttattgct aatgttggca atatattttt attaaattag    156600
     acattttgga tggttttaaa attataactc agtaataata gctaacctgt atgtagcact    156660
     taactttgtg ccagacacca ttctattggc atatatcgtc tcacttagtt aatattttaa    156720
     attctgtttc ttcagattag gaaactgaag tctagagtag ttaaatgacc tcttgaagat    156780
     gacacagtta gtaagtggta aagctggggt ttaaacacag tctgtctagc tcgagtccat    156840
     actctacact ttaagactat agtagttgtg tttaacaggc tttagatcag ggatccccaa    156900
     ctcctgggcc atggactggt actggtccct gacctgttag gaactggggc cacacagcag    156960
     gaggtcagtg gcgggcaaag aagtgaagct tcatctgtat ttacaaccac tctccatggc    157020
     tttcattact gcctgagctc tgcctgctgt cagatcagtg atggtattag attctcatag    157080
     gagcataaac cctattgtga actgtgcatg ccagggatct aggttgtgcg ttccttgtaa    157140
     tctaatgcct gattatctga agtggaacag tttcatcctg aaacctacct ctctccatgg    157200
     aaaaatagtc ttccacaaaa ccagtccctg gtgccacaaa agctgaggac ccctgctttc    157260
     aataacagaa tcttaggtct ctattataaa tgtctttcag aggttaaatc acttttgcag    157320
     catataacca acccttggca aaagcaattg atgtaagata tctcttgcta acttttaagg    157380
     caaattcaga tgacctgtca tttcacatgg actctacaaa agcacagctt ctggagattc    157440
     taaatcaaaa gatacaagtt cttgaattaa taaaaatcaa aaacaaattc atattttgtg    157500
     gacatcaatg taaaaaatat atacatactg tgctacaaat aataattagc gcacttctag    157560
     ttatacgaag gatagctgta tgttaggcat aattatgacc tcattattgt ttatatttga    157620
     agattatgta tgatttcaag agatgtgtgt gggttcaagt tgacaagggg tggacgtgtg    157680
     atggttaata ttgagtgcca acttgattga aggatgcaaa gtattgtttc tgggtgtgtc    157740
     tgtgagggtg ttggcaaagg agattaacat ttgggtcagt ggactggaaa aggcagaccc    157800
     accctcaatc tgggtgggca ccatctaatc agctgccagt gcagctagga taaagcaggc    157860
     agaggaaggt agagggactt gacttgctga gtcttccagg cttcatcttt ctcctgtgct    157920
     ggatgcttcc tgctcttgaa tatcagactc caaattcttt agttttggga ctcttggact    157980
     tacaccagtg atttgccaga gggtcctggg ccttgggcca cagactgaag gctgcattgt    158040
     cggcttccct acttttgagg ttttggaact cggactggct tccttgctcc tcagcttgca    158100
     gatggcccat catgagactt caccttgtga ttgtgtgatt catgtttcct aataaacttc    158160
     ccttcatata tacatatacc ctattagttc tgtcccttta gagaacccta actaatacag    158220
     actcccatta tcctaaatgg attaatgcaa gaatagaaaa ccaaatacca catgttctca    158280
     cttataagtg ggagctaaac attaagtaca catagacata aagatggaaa cagtagatac    158340
     tggagactac tagagttggg ggggagctgc aaaactacca attgagtact atgctcacta    158400
     gctgggtgag ggatcattca taccccaaac cttaggatca cacaatattc ccgtgtaaca    158460
     aacctgcaca tgtaccccct gaatctaaaa taaaatttga aattatcaaa aaaactcata    158520
     ataacaacaa taaaaagaat aactgcctgc cagagatgcc catgccttaa tccctgggac    158580
     ctgtgaatat gatgccttag ataggaaagg acatggaaag tcgctaatca gatgatattg    158640
     cagtaagtat attatcctga attacccaag tgagttcaat ttaatcacaa gtctccttaa    158700
     gtttggaaga gggaggcata acaggagatc atagtgatgg gacattagaa gaactgacct    158760
     gctcttattg tctttgaaga tggaagaaaa gggctgtaat ccaaggaatg tgagtagtct    158820
     ctagaaactg gaaatggatt attccttaga aagaaatata ggcctgccaa catctccatt    158880
     ttagcccagc aagacccatt ttggaactct gacctccagc actataataa agatttgtat    158940
     tgcgttaagc cactagtttg tagtaatttg tcacaatggt gataggaaag taatacacgc    159000
     acacacacac aaaacaaaat ttggctttaa ttggaaacat tgtctttgtt aaatcaagcc    159060
     atatgcataa tttatctctt ggctaatttt tgacttttaa cctatttgag ctctctcatc    159120
     cttgcatcta tctagaatct attactggct tcgttttttg tgggacttta cttggaattc    159180
     caattcttct tattataggg aataagaaat tgagtacctt ttgtttagct ggtttaagca    159240
     catttcttcc tcctggtctc atcagtaatt gtgtgtgtgt agtaagtaag gcacaaaact    159300
     agtatagaaa catctgaatg gctgctggaa atattttttt aaacatgcca cttaggggct    159360
     taaatactaa gaaatatatt agtatccagt tttcaaggaa atggaccatt gaagctcaac    159420
     ttgaaagcaa catatggcag tctcatcttc atcatggttt gacatgtgtt aaaaaatttt    159480
     tgaaaagaaa ctaccaatat taagaatcaa ctaggcaaac attataaaca taaatacaga    159540
     tgctcctcaa cttacagtgg ggttacatta tgataaaccc acagtaaatt aaaaatattg    159600
     tatgtaaaaa atgtacttaa tacatctcac ctaacaacac atcatagatt aacctagtct    159660
     gccttaaacc tgctcagaac agttacatta gcccatagtt cagcaaaatc atccaataca    159720
     aagcctattt tattaaaaaa gtttaatata tcatgtaatc tattgactat tgtgctgaaa    159780
     aacagaaagg ttgtatgggt actcaaagta cggtttctac tgaatgtgta tcaatttgtg    159840
     ccattgtaaa gtaaaaaaaa atcctaaatt gaaccatggt aagtcaggga ctgcctgtat    159900
     tgaaaagctg acttgggaat aaactacatt ttcattgaaa tatgaatgta tgatctagca    159960
     gtctttctct ccaatcattt ttgaaccaaa acagatttcc ctatctcact aaagtcatta    160020
     tttgaggtcc cttgttgcca ggcactagct gtatagaaca ttgattttca gagaaaatgc    160080
     tatgataatt gaagaatgtt aaaaagcaga tagattgttt ccaaatttct cagtgaatag    160140
     tttaccatta aatttgaatt ttatcatcat gtaggattta ctcatagtta ataatactat    160200
     tccttttaag aagaaagact ctcaagattg agaaaatata gctagagctt gtgtgcaatg    160260
     atttcaggca gcacatggct ttagaaggct tgaattctaa gttagtatgg cagagttatc    160320
     acatcattga ctgatttttc ctttcaattc aaagcatgtt gataggtttt ctttcttggt    160380
     atagaaggga gaggaatctc ttgatgacat attatcttag tactttgtgc attttcttgg    160440
     ttgagacact tagaagactg agcaaatact gtataatcag ggttatatag aaaaacagaa    160500
     tcaacaggat gtatgcatat atacacacac acaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac    160560
     acacacacac atatatatat agaaggagat ttattataag aaattaaagc ataagattat    160620
     ggaggcttgg tgagtccaaa ttctgctgtg tgggtcagca gagtggataa ccaagagaaa    160680
     caatgatact aataaaatct gtaggccatc tgctggagaa ttc                      160723