EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC010153; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 104147 BP.
AC   AC010153;
DT   14-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 8)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-535I13 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-104147
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-104147
RA   Cordum H., Drone K., Glaser E.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-535I13";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-104147
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-104147
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 88270f048f3c9ff9ac7cf0f64e955c00.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000187.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC010153.3:1-104147; homo_sapiens.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:13508; BPY2.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:18225; BPY2C.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:25449; BPY2B.
CC   On Sep 30, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:6015404.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0535I13
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-160O2, 200 bp overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 102493 of
CC   RP11-160O2; actual end is at base position 104147 of RP11-535I13.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..104147
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-535I13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..592
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   754..950
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   1108..1318
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   1417..1533
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   1891..2031
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   2605..2807
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    2728..2835
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW664746 (NID:g7457289) hj08a02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    2784..2835
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA907347 (NID:g3042807) oj70e12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   2838..3353
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   3470..3606
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   4242..4549
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    4784..5017
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R42910 (NID:g819817) yg13g12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   5004..5118
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   5158..5478
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5512..5688
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5694..5840
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5885..6216
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12490..12592
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12617..12926
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13219..13909
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13936..14055
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14072..14310
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14500..14873
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14872..15750
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15775..16627
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    16607..17113
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI383947 (NID:g4196728) te35b12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    16788..17070
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA347768 (NID:g2000024)"
FT   misc_feature    16912..17404
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW051928 (NID:g5914287) wx24c04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    16992..17575
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI701149 (NID:g4989049) we10e10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    17151..17708
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA769099 (NID:g2820337) oa74f12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    17273..17708
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA972142 (NID:g3147432) op87h05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    17281..17562
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D81417 (NID:g1179294)"
FT   misc_feature    17308..17528
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI025219 (NID:g3240832) ov40g10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    17434..17794
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100558 (NID:g1646897) zn59f08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    17454..17803
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N92764 (NID:g1265073) zb26c07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   17840..18054
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    19038..19357
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA776755 (NID:g2836089) ah49h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   19398..19706
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    19683..19895
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA776755 (NID:g2836089) ah49h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   19707..20031
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   20893..21190
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22141..22360
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22419..22973
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   23018..23305
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   23320..23615
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   23616..23696
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   23698..25096
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   26577..26878
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29206..29464
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   29470..30358
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   30384..30736
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   30738..30827
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   30828..30940
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   30941..31331
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   31727..31865
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   31861..33660
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   33661..34067
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34068..34740
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   34743..35318
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   35474..35745
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35799..35996
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36004..36437
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   36438..36832
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   36833..39490
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   39935..40381
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   40432..40568
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   40655..40744
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   40850..40940
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   41689..41873
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   41920..42036
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   43216..43408
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    43383..43422
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460409 (NID:g2185622) zx51g11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    43536..43616
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460409 (NID:g2185622) zx51g11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   43868..43982
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   44970..45338
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   45689..45824
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   46396..46670
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   46798..47012
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   47117..47241
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   47327..47413
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   48131..48330
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   48365..48480
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    48459..48575
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW592527 (NID:g7279711) hf43h06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    48471..48575
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW665325 (NID:g7457871) hj02h10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    48487..48575
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA905547 (NID:g3040670) oj86h09.s1"
FT   repeat_region   48570..48654
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   49652..50743
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   51005..51162
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    51140..51559
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI026871 (NID:g3246359) ov92a08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    51182..51256
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460409 (NID:g2185622) zx51g11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   51899..52022
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    52140..52264
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460409 (NID:g2185622) zx51g11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   52259..52386
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   53063..53338
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   53353..53634
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    53430..53577
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI954743 (NID:g5747053) wq32f11.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW291215 (NID:g6697851)"
FT   repeat_region   53755..53890
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   53969..54156
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   54345..54648
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55023..55596
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   55900..55989
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   57008..57287
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    57842..58096
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI954743 (NID:g5747053) wq32f11.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW291215 (NID:g6697851)"
FT   repeat_region   58224..58430
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    58404..58732
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI015405 (NID:g3229741) ot31d03.s1"
FT   repeat_region   58536..58802
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    58548..58595
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW119123 (NID:g6087707) xd89c09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   59070..59259
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    59321..59778
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI675297 (NID:g4875777) wc21f07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    59459..59769
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA848111 (NID:g2934629) od65f05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    59547..59756
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI217939 (NID:g3797754) qf52a11.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI633807 (NID:g4685137) tt28g03.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI656731 (NID:g4740710) tt53g04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    59841..60049
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI217939 (NID:g3797754) qf52a11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    59841..60160
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI633807 (NID:g4685137) tt28g03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    59841..60114
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI656731 (NID:g4740710) tt53g04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   59858..60052
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   60211..60366
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   60524..60657
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   60818..60949
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   61623..61823
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   62051..62181
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   62233..62751
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   misc_feature    63163..63276
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA459858 (NID:g2184765) zx51g11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   63214..63331
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   63352..63617
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   63635..63835
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    63822..63910
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA459858 (NID:g2184765) zx51g11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   64158..64312
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   65047..65385
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   65404..65490
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   65519..65647
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   65727..65829
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    65770..66208
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI373221 (NID:g4153087) qz48a09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   66909..67184
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   67626..67925
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    68143..68393
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW664746 (NID:g7457289) hj08a02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    68143..68325
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA907347 (NID:g3042807) oj70e12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   68317..68532
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   68644..68818
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    68800..69376
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI984806 (NID:g5812083) wr85e08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   69016..69291
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   69953..70084
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    70030..70103
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA459858 (NID:g2184765) zx51g11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   70098..70229
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   70295..70606
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70612..70767
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   70824..71022
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   71290..71417
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   72194..72736
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    72367..72441
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R42910 (NID:g819817) yg13g12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    72525..72782
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA812975 (NID:g2883039) ai77b12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   73877..74040
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   75133..75325
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   75365..75536
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    75778..75823
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA412219 (NID:g2070843) zu10d07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   76075..76231
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   76916..77216
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   77348..77480
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    78128..78334
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA459858 (NID:g2184765) zx51g11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   78389..78597
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   78633..78809
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    78800..78878
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW119123 (NID:g6087707) xd89c09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   79162..79294
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   79883..80008
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   80092..80182
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   80236..80436
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   80511..80681
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   80735..80868
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   80953..81033
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   81794..81882
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   83584..83672
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   83752..83890
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    83861..83985
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA412219 (NID:g2070843) zu10d07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    84748..85079
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA905547 (NID:g3040670) oj86h09.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA412219 (NID:g2070843) zu10d07.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW592527 (NID:g7279711) hf43h06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    84748..85077
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW665325 (NID:g7457871) hj02h10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    84798..85079
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI187823 (NID:g3739032) qe11g12.x1"
FT   repeat_region   84862..85141
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   85762..85894
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   86530..86687
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   86819..86967
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   86982..87218
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   87306..87532
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   87818..88019
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   89303..89433
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    89444..89661
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW119123 (NID:g6087707) xd89c09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   89449..89783
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   89799..89925
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   89971..90092
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   91223..91312
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    91364..91492
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW119123 (NID:g6087707) xd89c09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   91412..91658
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   92344..92446
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   92510..92969
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   93309..93515
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   94031..94160
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   94378..94885
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   96194..96385
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   96432..96618
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    97189..97270
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460409 (NID:g2185622) zx51g11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   97259..97574
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   98151..98410
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   98930..99411
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   99470..99633
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    99632..100071
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R17571 (NID:g771181) yg13h09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    99632..100010
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R24734 (NID:g779622) yg43e01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    99667..100084
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R24807 (NID:g779695) yg43e12.r1"
FT   repeat_region   100909..101036
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   101074..101152
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   101161..101459
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101489..101654
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101656..102290
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102316..102600
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102896..103001
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 104147 BP; 30093 A; 22182 C; 21275 G; 30597 T; 0 other;
     tgactagatt ttgccaggct ggcatgtcct aatcctagca cgcctgggga tgctgctgga        60
     gactagggtg tatttcatcc ctatctatat ctgcataagg cagacactcc tagggtgtcc       120
     attttagatg ttcccccctg ggaatgcatt cttttcccag ggctgttaat tattaatatt       180
     ccttactggg gaaagaattc agcggtattt atcttacccg ttttcagtaa taagagaaat       240
     atggctctgt cctgcccagc ccacaggccg ccagacttta aggttatctc ccttgttccc       300
     tgaaaatcgc tgttaccctg ttcttaaggt gcccagattt catattgttc aaacacacct       360
     gccctacaaa cattttgtgc aggtaatgca atcatcacag ggtcctaagg tgacatacat       420
     cctcagctta tgaagatgat gggattaaga gattaaagta aaggcaggca taggaaattg       480
     taaaagtatt gattggggaa gtaataaatg tccatgaaat cttcacaatt tatgttcttc       540
     tgccatggct tcagccagtc cctctgttcg gggtccctga tttccctcaa catcattgtg       600
     acatttcact gtgtccatca cttagaagag gatgccaggg tcatgtaaca agagggcatt       660
     ttgacatatc ataggcctat catgtaggtg atatggctct tctgcttggg acctgcccac       720
     ttgaatagtg acacattgcc aggccaggca caaaagtgat tgtactcttt tgccagggcc       780
     atgctttaaa gaaggcttta tgacatatct ctgagcctat cacctagatt atatgacttc       840
     ttgctttgcc ttgtccacat ggatctttgt gatataaggg tggaatctgc acctaggtga       900
     tataactctc ttgtctgggt cctgttctaa gggggactta tgaacatgtc agggcccagg       960
     accagatgat gtggctcttt agcctggttt ctgcccacat attaatttgt gatatatgca      1020
     aaaagaagca cctatgtaat atgactctct ctttctgcct gagccttggc tacttgtgac      1080
     attgggccat atctgagccc atcatggaag tgatgtgaat cccttctgct gcctgggtcc      1140
     ttcatttaca gtgcactgtg acacagaagt gggtactgca cacaggtgat gtgattctcc      1200
     tttttgggtt ctgccaacag gaagtgatgt aacacatcac ttggctcagc atgtaggtga      1260
     tgtttcttca cttttgctta ggccctgacc acacggagat tgtggcctgt tgctggaccc      1320
     agaaacaatg tgaaggcact ctctaacatt ggtactgcac atcaaagaca ttgtgagaca      1380
     tatctagata aattccttag gtcaaatgag tgtcctctct tgctacagtc ctgcccacag      1440
     acgggatttg gatatgtcac tgcagtcagc ataaaggtga tgtggctttt ctgccagggt      1500
     cctgcccaga aggtggattg tgacatctca ctggtgccac ctccacatag gtgacgtgac      1560
     tttcttgcct tctctatggc cacagttgat attatgcaat ataccagaga aaattacaaa      1620
     agtctaataa caactcatat gcctggtaat tgtgacaagt acttttgccc agctgctgac      1680
     tgacttagta tttctgcctc tgtatagccc ataaatgaga ttttgacaaa taactgtgcc      1740
     gcacatatta atgattgctt gtgttatctt aacagtgtcc gcagggggga attgttaaca      1800
     tatttctgga cacatattat agcttacatg cctctccttt cctgcctgga ccctgcttcc      1860
     tttggtaatt gtagcttttc taaacactgt atccaaatga tatgaatttc ttgcttgggc      1920
     cctgccaaaa tgaggcactg tgacatatat ttgggcccac gatttaggtc atataactct      1980
     cccctcctgc ctcgatactg ctacaaatga cattgtacca catagctgaa cctagaacac      2040
     aagttatgta aaatttctga cagtaccctg cctattaaga gaatattgaa atatttctag      2100
     cccagtattt aggtgatgtg gctgttctgc ctgcttcata accacagagg gaattgtagc      2160
     atatactagg catggctcac aggaattatg actctcatat gtgggctcag ccaatagaaa      2220
     atattttgac tcataactaa ctttagggac atgcgtgatg tcttggatct cctttttctg      2280
     caaagatcac aagagattac aacactccac atattttaca aggtctttag tttatacaga      2340
     cagcatcaaa gcagggcttg gcacacaggt gaaattgtga gtcctgtata cacaccgagc      2400
     cgtgtgtaag gactgtcatt atttcacaag gattaagcca gttgtcacac ataaaagcaa      2460
     gatgtgtggt attgtaaatc tcacctttgg aattttctga aaatgtgatt ttgatataaa      2520
     tttttgccaa gctcctgtgt aatttgagtc tccagggtgg tcctagtcca tatatgggat      2580
     tctgatatct acttaggcca aactctaagt tatatgactc tccttcatag gcccctctct      2640
     cagtaaggat tgtgatatat cactggatct agcacccaag taatgttaca ttcttgcctg      2700
     tgccatgccc acccaaatta tagtgacata tttctgtgtc cacctcatag gtgatgtaac      2760
     tcctttctct ggaatgggcc gtgcacaaag gaaggatagt gacatattgc aaggccaggc      2820
     ccacaggcaa ggatactctt ttggcagagc cttgcccaaa ggagggcatt ttgacataac      2880
     tctggaccta tcacctagga gatgtggctc tcctgcttgg gacctgccaa cctcgaggtg      2940
     aaatatttct tggccatgca cataagtagt agtactcttt tgccagggct atgcttcata      3000
     gaggacattg tgatatatct ctggacctat ctcctaggtg aagtgactcc ttttttgggc      3060
     cctacccaca tggaacattg tggcataagc agagaaactg cacctaggtg atgtagctct      3120
     ctctgctggg ggctgtttta agagagcctt gtgctatatc tcaggaccca gcacccaagt      3180
     gatgtggcta ttctgcctgc tttctgacca catattacct gtgacatatt ccatggaaag      3240
     aacataagtg atacggctct tgtcatctgc ctgagtcctg catcctgggg acattgtgac      3300
     atatctctga gcccatgacc taagtgatgt gactcttttt ctgcctgggc attcacagta      3360
     ggaggatttg ggcacattac taagcccagc actcacaata tgtgactctc ccttttttcc      3420
     tgaattatgc cacaataaat gaaattttga cctattccag ggtccatagc ccagatgatg      3480
     tcactctaca accttggttc tgcatagaga gaaaattatg acatatggca tattgctggg      3540
     ccaagcaccc ttatgatgtg actctcctgc ccgttcttga gccaatgaag gtattttgac      3600
     atatcttaag tccattatct aggtgttttg gctctcataa cttgactggg ttttttctgc      3660
     atgtgggatg gtgtcataat gatgggtcca gcacccagtt aatttgaccc aatttcttat      3720
     accagacatg gaaaaagcat tgttacatat tgcctggcaa agcgtctaag tgatgttacc      3780
     cttctgccta gttttttgct catatatggg attatgacat atgcctttct tcagttcaca      3840
     ggcataatga ttaaacttat atttggattc agccaattaa aaaatctttt gcctctcagt      3900
     gttaggctta gggcaataag taaggtcctg ggttgcatat ttttccaagc tcacagaagt      3960
     ctacaacact aacttatatt gtataaactc tgctggtaga gagctttata acagggcctg      4020
     gcaaaaagtt cagaatggga ctctcattta cacacccaga tgaaattaaa agttgtcacc      4080
     atcccacatt tataatgccc actgtagaag ttctgagtct aatgagggaa tacatcacaa      4140
     atttgaaatt ggaccttttt tttttttatt tggatctgga cacagatggg atggtgactt      4200
     atttctgaac cgagcccaca ggcataataa taggtgttcc tggctgggtg cggtgactca      4260
     tgactgtaac cccagcactt tgggaggctg aggcaggtgg atcatgaggt gaggagatcg      4320
     aaaccatcct gtctaatacg gtgaaacccc atttctacta aaaatacaaa aaattagctg      4380
     ggcatcgtgg cacacacccc tagtcccagc catctgggag gctgaggcag gagaatccct      4440
     tgatcccaga aggcagaggt tgcagtgaac tgagatggca ccactgcact ccagccttgg      4500
     tgacagagtg agaatccatc tcagaaaaaa ataaataaat aataaaaaat aaattaaaat      4560
     aaataaaata aaatggatct tctcttttaa cactgcctat aggagagatg ttgagcatca      4620
     taactcagtt taggatgata ggtaagaccg tgagtccata tgagcaaata ggcctcagag      4680
     aggtttgaaa ctctcacacg ggttttataa agcccttaga tgtttttgag agtgtaatac      4740
     attggtccag cacacacgtg agattgtgac tctaatatac atgctcagct aaaggttaaa      4800
     gtcatcctca aagatgaagg gatggtgtca tatcactggc ctagtatcgt ggtattgaga      4860
     ctttttgcct caaattactt tccatgggtg cattgttaca tatcgctagg tcagaatcat      4920
     aataatgtgc ctcttctgcc tgggccctgg taacagggga tataatcaca actatctggg      4980
     tctatcagat gcgtggtttg tctctcctgc ctgtgccctg cccccagaga acattttgaa      5040
     ataccactga aactaatgtc caagtaatgt aaccctcctc tcttgcctgc atcctcagcc      5100
     caaaagaatt gtgacatacg gctgaatgta aaagctaggt gacatatctc tcctctctat      5160
     gcaagagtat atgtttgtgc tgcattctat ttcattactt cgtattctac ctttattcta      5220
     ccagtgccaa agtgctttga ttactctaga tttttgtatg tgtgtgtttg gaaattatta      5280
     tgtgtaatgc ttctaatatt tttcttcttt ttaaagtttg tcaggctttc cgtggtccct      5340
     taagatctta cataattttg tgaatttttt tctatttttg gaaaactcaa atttaaaact      5400
     gaaaagggtc atgttttata tgtgggttac attaagccac gaagaagcat ggacacatca      5460
     caatattatg tcttccaact cttaagaaga gcatgctcaa aatgtgttgt tggccaggtg      5520
     tggtgactca tgcctgtact ctcagcactt tgggatgctg aggagggtgt atggagactt      5580
     caggatattg agaccatcct ggacaacatg gtgaaaccct gtctctacta aactataaaa      5640
     aatatttgta ctttatggtt gtgtgactgt attctcagct actcaggaaa cacggtggtt      5700
     tgcatgcctt taatcccagc tactcaaaag ggtgaggctg gggaactgac tgaacccggg      5760
     agttagaggt tgcagttagc tgagattgtg tcaatgccct ccagcctagg gacagagtga      5820
     tactccatct caaaaacaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      5880
     aacttttctc tgttacgaat ttctagtttt attgcatttg cactataaat acttgtaaaa      5940
     ttttaattta aaaaattatg aagtcttttg tggtgtcaca cgtggtccac ctcacaaaat      6000
     gatttgttag ctattgaaaa gaatgtgtgt tcagttttct atatatattt gttaggtgta      6060
     attattgcat agtgcattca acttgttcct tcccttattg atattctgtc ttgttttatt      6120
     tattcctaaa agcgggatat tgatgtaccc ttccattatt atattgctgt caattttggc      6180
     ttcaattttg tcaatgttta cttaatgtgt ttgagaaaac tttcatatat ttatagattc      6240
     tcagtgaatg atctctctta ctagaattga atgtcctact tggtctcttg taaattgtct      6300
     taaagaaaat ttggggcggt tccaagtggc cgaataggaa cagctccagt ctacagctct      6360
     cacatgagtg atgacaaaga tggctgattt ctgcatttcc aactgaggta ccaggttcat      6420
     ctcactgggg cttgtcagac agtgggtgca ggacagtggg cacaggtcac tgagcatgag      6480
     ccaaagcagg gcgaggcatt acctcaccca ggaagtgcaa gggatcaggg aattcccttt      6540
     cctagccaag ggaagctatg acagacatca cctggaaaat cgggtcactc ccagcctaat      6600
     actgcacttt tccaatggtc ttagcaaatg gcacaccagg agattatatc ccacgcatgg      6660
     cttggagggt tccacaccca tgaagcctca ctcgttgcta gcacagcagt ctaagatcaa      6720
     actgcaaggt ggcagcaagg ctgggggagg gggatccgcc attgctgagg cttgagtagg      6780
     taaacaaagt ggcacagaag gttgaactgg gtgaagccca ccacagctca aggaggcctg      6840
     cctgcctgtg tagactccac ctctgggtgc agggcatagc tgaacaacag gcagcagaaa      6900
     cctctgcaga cttaaaagtt cccatctgac agctttgaag agagtagtgg ctctcccaac      6960
     aaagagtttg agatctgaga aaggacagac tgcctcctca agtgaggccc tgacccccaa      7020
     ctagcccaac agggaggtac cccccagcag ggacagactg cagcagggac agactgacac      7080
     ctcacatggc cgggtatccc tttgaaatga agcttccaga ggaacgatca ggcaacaata      7140
     tttgctgttc agcaatattt gctgttctgt cacctccact gctgataccc aggaaaacac      7200
     ggtctggaat ggacctccag caaataccaa cagacttgag gatcctgact gttagaagga      7260
     aaactaacaa acagaaagaa catccacaca aaaaccccat ctgtacgtca ccatgatcaa      7320
     agaccaaagg tagataaaac cacaaagatg gggaaaaaac agagcagaaa agctgaaaat      7380
     tctaaaaatc agagcacctc tccccctaca aaggaatgca gctcctcacc agcaatggaa      7440
     caaagctgga tggagaatga ctttggtgag ttgagagaag aaggcttcag acttctccaa      7500
     gctaaaggag gatgtttgaa ccctccacaa agaaactaaa aaaccttgaa aaaagataag      7560
     acaaatggct aactagaata accagtgtag agaagtcctc aaatgacctg atggagctga      7620
     aaaccatagc acaagaacta cacaatgaat gcagaagctt cagtaactgg ttcaatcaac      7680
     tggaagacag ggtatcagtg attgaagatc agatgaatga aatgaagtgc aaagaaaagt      7740
     ttagagaaaa aagagtaaga agaaatgaac aaagcctcca agaaggatgg gactatgtga      7800
     aaagaccaaa tctacgtctg attggggaga agggaaccaa gttggaaaac actctgcagg      7860
     atattatcca ggagaacttc cccaacctag caaggcaggc caacattcaa attcaggaaa      7920
     tacagagaac accacaaaga tacaccttga gaagaccaac tccaagacac ataattgtca      7980
     gattcgccaa agttgaaatg aaggaaaaaa tattaagggc agccagagac aaatgtcggg      8040
     ttacccacaa agggaagccc atcaagctaa cagctgatct ctcagcagaa actctataag      8100
     ccagaagaca gtgggagcca atattcaaca ttcttaaaga aaagaatttt caacccagaa      8160
     tttcatatcc agtcaaatta agcttcataa gtgaaagaga aataaaatcc tttagagaca      8220
     agcaaatgct gagagatttt gtcaccacca ggcctgcctt acaagagctc ttgaaggaag      8280
     cactaaacat ggaaaggaac aactggtacc agccactgca aaaacatgcc aaattttaaa      8340
     gaccttcgat gataggaaga aactgcatca actaatgagc aaaataacca gctaacatca      8400
     taatgacggg atcaaattcg agcataacaa tatcaacctt aagtacaaat gggttaaatg      8460
     ctcgaattaa agacagagac tggcaaattg gataaagagt caagacccat cagtgtgctg      8520
     tatttaggag actcatctca cgtgcagaga cacacgtaga ctcaacatag atggatggaa      8580
     gaagatctac caagcaaata gaaaaaaagg ggggtggaag ggttgcaatc ctgatttctg      8640
     ataacacaga ccttaaaaca acaaagatca aaagagacaa agaaggctgt tgcataatgg      8700
     caaagggatg aattcaatga gaagaattaa ctatcctaaa tatatatgca cccaatacag      8760
     gagcacccag atttataaag caaggcgtta gagacctaca cagaggctta aactactaca      8820
     caataataat gggagacttt ttaacacccc accatcaaca ttagacagat taatgagaca      8880
     gaaagttaaa aaggatatcc agtaatagaa ctcagctctg caccaagcgg acctaataga      8940
     catctacaga actctccacc ccaaatcaac agatatatgt tcttttcagc accacatcac      9000
     acttattcca taattgacca catagttgga agtaaagcac acctcggcaa atgtagaaga      9060
     gcagaaatta taaaaaactg tctctcagac catagggcga tcaaactaaa actccggatt      9120
     aagaaactca ctcaaaactg ctcaactaca tgggaactga acaacctgct cctgaatgac      9180
     tactgtgtac ataagaaaat gaaggcagaa ataaagatgt tctttgaaac caatgagaac      9240
     aaagacacaa catatcagaa tctctgggat acatttaaag cagtgtgtag agggaaattt      9300
     atagcactaa atgcccataa gaaatcatga aagatctaaa gctgacaccc taacatcact      9360
     attaacagaa ctagagaaac aagagcaaac acatttaaaa gctagcagaa ggcaagaaat      9420
     acctaagatc agagcagaac tgaaggagac agagacacaa aaaacacttc aaaaaatcag      9480
     tgaatctggg agctggttct ttgaaaatat caccaaaatt gatagactgc taagcaagac      9540
     tactaaagaa gaaaagagag aagaatcaaa gagacacaat aaaaagttat ataggggata      9600
     tcacaaccga tcccacagaa atggtaacta ccctcagaga atactagaaa cacctctatg      9660
     caaataaatt aggaaatcta gaagaaatgg ataaattcct tgacaaatac accctcccaa      9720
     gactaaacca agaagaagtt gaatccctga atagaccaat aacagactct gaatttgaga      9780
     caataattaa tccctatgaa caaaaaaaag tcaaggacga gacagattca cagccgaatt      9840
     ctgccagagg tacaaggagg agctggcacc attccttctg aaactactcc aatcattaga      9900
     aaaagaggga atcctcccta attcatttta tgaagccaac aacatcctga taccaaagcc      9960
     agccagagac agaacaaaaa agagaatttt agaccaatat ccctgatgaa catcaatgga     10020
     aaaatcctca gtaaaatact ggtgaaccga gtttagcagc acatcagaaa gcttatccac     10080
     cacgatcaag ttggcttcat ccaggggatg caagtcttgt tcaacatatg caaaccaata     10140
     aacgtaatac aacatataaa cagaaccaaa gacaaaaacc acatgattat ctcaataggt     10200
     gcagaaaagg cctttgacaa aattcagcag cccttcatgc taaaaactct caataaatta     10260
     ggtattgatg ggacgtacct caaaataata agagctattt atgaccaacc cacagccaat     10320
     atcatactga atgtgcaaaa actggaagca ttccgtttga aaactggcac aagtcaggga     10380
     tggtctctct caccactcct gttcaacata gtgttggaag ttctggccag ggcaatcagg     10440
     caggagaaag aaattaatgg aattcaatta gtaaaagagg aagtcaaatt gtccctgttt     10500
     gcagatgata tgattctata ttcagaaaac cccattgtct cagcccaaaa tctccttaag     10560
     ctgataagca acttccacaa agtctcagga tgcaaaatca atgtacaaaa atcacaagca     10620
     ttcttataca ccaataacag acaaacagag agccaaatca agagtgaact cccattcgca     10680
     attgcttgaa aaagaagaaa atacctagga atccaactta caagagatgt gaaggacctc     10740
     ttcaaggagc tcaaatcact gctcattaaa ataaaagagg acacaaacaa atggaagaac     10800
     attccatgct catggatagg aagaatcaat atcgtgaaaa tgaccatact gcccaaggta     10860
     atttatagat tcaatgccat cgccatcaag ctaccaatgg ctttcttcac agaattggaa     10920
     aaaattactt taaagatcat atggaaccaa aaaagagact gcattgccaa acgatcctaa     10980
     gccaaaagaa cagagctggg ggcatcacac tacctgactt caaactatac tacaaggcta     11040
     cagtcaccaa aacagcatgg tactggtacc taaatagaga tatagaccaa tggaatggaa     11100
     cagagccttc agaaatgata ccacacaact acagccaatt gatctttgac aaacctgaca     11160
     aaaacaagaa atggggaaag cattctctat ttaataaatg gtgctgggaa aactggctag     11220
     ccatatgtag aaagctgaaa ctggatctct tcattacagc ttatacaaaa atcaattcaa     11280
     gatggattaa agacttaaat gttctaccta acaccataaa aaccctagaa gaaaacctag     11340
     gcagtaccat tcaggacaca gacatgggta aggacttcat gtctaaaaca ccaaaagcaa     11400
     tggcaacaaa agccaaaatt gacacatggg atctaatcaa actaaagagc ctctacacag     11460
     caaaagaaac taccatcaca gtgaacgggc aacctacaga aggggagaaa ttttttgcaa     11520
     tctactcatc tgacaaaggg ctaatatcca gactctacaa agaactcaaa caaaggtaaa     11580
     agcaaaaaca aacgacctca tcaaaaagtg ggtgaagtat atgaacagac acttctcaaa     11640
     agaagacatt tatgcagcca acagacacat gaaaaaatgc tcatcatcat ggccaaaaaa     11700
     gaaatgcaaa tcaaaaccac aatgagatac catgtcacac cagttagaat ggtgatcatt     11760
     aaaaagtcag gaaactgcat gtgttggaga ggatgtggag aaataggaac acttttacac     11820
     tcttgatggg actgtaaact cgttcaacca ttgcggaaga cagtgtggtg attcctcaag     11880
     gatctagaac tagaaatatc atttgaccca gccatgccat taccgggtat atacccaaag     11940
     aagtataaat catgctgcta taaagacaca tgcacacgta tgtttattgt ggaactattc     12000
     acaatagcaa agacttggaa ccaacccaaa tgtccaacaa tgatagactg gattaagaaa     12060
     atgtggcaca tatacaccat ggaatactat gcagccataa aaaaggatgc attcgtgtcc     12120
     tttgtaggga catggatgaa gctggaaacc attattctca gcaaactatt gcaaggacaa     12180
     aaaaaacaaa caccacatgc tctcactcat aggtgggaat tgaacaatga gaacacttgg     12240
     acacaggatg gggaacatca cacaccaggg cctgtcgtgg gattggagat agggggaggg     12300
     atagaattgg gagatattcc taatgtaaat gatgagttaa tgggtgcagc acaccaacat     12360
     ggcacatgta tacataccta ccaaacttgc acgttgcgca catgtaccct agaacttcag     12420
     gtattaaaaa aagtaaattt tatgaaatat cagagttttc aacttaataa cttgtttcct     12480
     cttttccact cattgggtta acacttacat ggaatgtatt tctcatcctg tcattttctg     12540
     tcttttttta aattagatct gaagtgattc tcttgaagac atgacatagt tgatcttaat     12600
     atacatcatg atatagtgag aatttttttt ttttttttcg ttttgaaggt tacttttgct     12660
     gggtgtggta ttcttgctta gactcttttt ttcagtgttt taactatgtc atcctgctcc     12720
     catcttgccc aaaaaattta tgttcataaa tttacttgta atcttgcaga agcatgcata     12780
     caaataacac atctctttta tcttcttgca ttccagattc tcttcttgtc tgtgaatttc     12840
     aaaatattgt ttatgttgtg tcttattaga aatatttttg tgttaatctt cattgttatt     12900
     tgctgagctt cttgatttct tatatttttt actaatgttg aagtccatgt tagttttttt     12960
     ttggtacttc tactctacaa tttttatttc tttttgtgat ctttatcttt ggtgaattcc     13020
     tttttgttat ttcatttttt atctttattc tcattttctc tttcagatgg taatattgat     13080
     ttttagggta atttttttct tttaaatata gatctagact tcaattcaaa ttatcacagc     13140
     taatttttaa aactccatct ttaaataatt gttttctgta tattcctttt tatgtttgat     13200
     tgatccatat tatcttgatg tatttcaatg tttgcctcac tgtctaggtg gggaagttat     13260
     catggatgat attccaaaat atgtatttca agttgttttc attcccccca tcactttcag     13320
     gcactctctt taatcatgta tttggttact ttacataatt aaatatttct cagaggtttt     13380
     gttcatttct atttattctt tttttactat tcttgtctct attatttcag aaagccagtc     13440
     ttgaaactct gaaattcttt cttctgctta gccaattctg cagtaatatg tgtgaataaa     13500
     ttataaagtt ttgtattctg tttttcagct ttatcacact ggccacattt tcctccagat     13560
     tgtttgtttt atctgtcagt ttctgcaatt ttcccttcct tgcattggtt tgcaacttac     13620
     ttttgtagct caatgaagct tatttctatt cacattctga attctatttc tgtcttctta     13680
     ggtcttgctg gaaatgtagg ttggttattt ggattaaata agtcactcta gctttttttt     13740
     tttttcccca gcagttttgc attgattttg tctcatcttt gtaggcatat atttgaggtt     13800
     gctgaacttt gaatgaagat tttttaatca tattttgatg ttcttgagta tctgattgtg     13860
     gcataaggtg ctttcatcca acaggctttg ttcttgggag aagtttttat ttttttattt     13920
     ttatttttta tattttttgt ggaggggttg ggggaagtgc tcagctcaca actcagaggc     13980
     ttcatactca gcgggaattg tattgagccc caactctctc ccctgtctct ttgatatttg     14040
     gagtctgcca ccctgttgga ctaagtttct gcagcttcag cagagtgcta gtggatatgg     14100
     agtttctgcc tgtcttcact tattcatctc agtagcagga gcaatgtagc tgggatggga     14160
     gtaggtgcac ctgctggaga ctgtgtgctg ttgcaataaa tgtggtgtta gcatgtggta     14220
     ggatgctgac caatgaaggt ttgaagcctt ctttttgccc cctaaagaag aagtgattgt     14280
     tcagaatgtg ggaggataca ctgttctctg cacagtgtta gcataaaggt agcagtgagt     14340
     ctttttggct ctctgcccac caaagcttta tctacaatgg cagctgctgg gttggcagga     14400
     gcatactgca ttcccgtttg ctagtgggcc aagcaaagcc aaatctgcct ttgaagacat     14460
     gtgccagtaa agtaatatga ggagttgcca tgttttcgag ggaaagtgca gtgtgggaaa     14520
     gaaatatgtg ggctgctgca gtcatagggg ctgcctagct gttgctcttc aggagttata     14580
     tgtgacctac cagtgcagat ggtatggtat gggctctcag tgtgcctgag actggcctgt     14640
     aaggatctgg gtgcctggga gaggcggtaa accacggagt gctcagttag acaagcttct     14700
     gattttcaaa gctatagtac agtaattagg tccaacactt ccctagggca aaactctctt     14760
     atgtgaaaaa gttgctggta gagaaatggc catcactggc cacaccttac tacagatgcc     14820
     cttgcaccaa accctctggt caccacataa gctggcttgc tgccctacct ctttgctggt     14880
     tttctgaagg ctgcatctaa gagagatgta ggtcagcaat ccctcagtac agtcagccca     14940
     tgatgaaaga tctgtgattt tggtcaagtt aggggtcaac tgtctggtga ggagcagtgg     15000
     gtagtttgtg ggacccatgg tgaatgaact ggcctcctct ccttgggtaa actgcagctt     15060
     gtttgatgtt tgaataagac actcagggtt ttggattttt cactagtcta agggtagcaa     15120
     ggaaagttct actatagagg cagtggcaga aatattttca gtcgttactg gggtccctgt     15180
     ccagggagtc gctaagttgc tactatctca atacctctgg cagtgattgg ctagtggccc     15240
     aggcctggag aacctgtcca gtgagaatat atgagaacag gcactcacat aacagtatgg     15300
     ccacttttct gaagggctgc ctcagtatgc gaggtgtcca ttgccattcc tagtcaccta     15360
     agattttcca gtacttgaag ttaccaccac tgaatgttgc taaactaaat aattgcagcg     15420
     tgcctttttt tttctgggtg ctcaatccca gggaggtata gacctctttc caacccaata     15480
     gcacctgtaa gaggtagctg gaatcccttg ttgaaatttc ttactcagta aagagaacgt     15540
     aattggggag ccacttaaga aagcagtcta gcaacatttt catagtacgt ctctgctgtg     15600
     cagaggtacc acttccatcc acagtttatt tggattctcc aaagccagaa ggctggaaca     15660
     gccaagtcac acacatagga aaaattgctg ctcactcttc cctctagcaa ttatatcaca     15720
     aagaggtttc aaaattccat cgaccaaaga tcgtggtctt tgatcacagc tactaccagt     15780
     ggtggtagct gctcactctg gttaggaagt cctttccagt tgcaagaaat gagattgggt     15840
     acctgattta acaggcattc tggccatgtc tttttagagc acctatactg tgctaggaga     15900
     ttctttattc cccacgttag cttgggcttt ttaaagcctg aaggctggaa tgcctaagtt     15960
     gcccaagcag ctaaggtggt gtcccactcg actttctgat agctccatgc cagggaggtc     16020
     cagtgctgct accaatgggc tgaccagaat gctaagccaa taagtcttac cctgtggggc     16080
     actgtgggca tgggtcctaa gacctaagac catgactggt cagcctcatg gattctgcct     16140
     cttttctatg aatacttaca gaagtacaga ttcctgcttt actggagttg caactacttt     16200
     ttctgggaag cctggaaaaa ctgagtacct aaagttcttg aatctctgca caggcctcag     16260
     cagctgatct ctgagactcc acgtagctct gtgtgttcaa ctgaaggcct tgatgaagca     16320
     ggttcatgaa tagatctcct cacctgaggg ttgcaaagat ctgtgggaga atcgtgggtt     16380
     cccagggtca cacttatacc cactgcttta ttgagtggga atgttttctt ggttccatgt     16440
     tgttcccagg tggttcactg tcctgccttg ctttattcca ttctccataa cttaagttgt     16500
     ttgatttttc ccaatgcaag cacctgggtg tttcagttga aggtgatgta tttatgcaca     16560
     acttgcattc ctctctatga gaactacaca gactagctgc ttctcatcag cagtcttgat     16620
     cactttccta taacagggac ctagttttta atattaaaat aatttaatat ttttcaaaag     16680
     caaatattga tgtaatttaa ctcttacatt tgttgctatg tcttcatatc taaaatatat     16740
     gggaaagaac atggacaatt gttgctccac cagagttatg agaggttctt ccatattaga     16800
     tggacagatt tatctatttt gcaatggaag actaagaaaa ctgaaatcta atatacatga     16860
     aaaatttcta agtgaaaagg gcaagtactg gttggtttat aacagtatca tagtgacagg     16920
     atgataggag tgtggtaagt gctcaggata atattatgca tagtaatagg aacaatttga     16980
     attttaaaca aaaattgctt taccatttgc aaattaaggt aattaaaata cagtgaattt     17040
     aaaaatactt tttaatgaca atgtgtggac ttaatttttt tcaaattaac cagaattgtt     17100
     gttattgtgt taaggctatt ttatattgaa tgtgtgtctt gccactgatg ttatcgtatc     17160
     ttactcaaag ctgtaacaga tggtgacaat ttgctatagg gtcacagtga aataacgtct     17220
     gtagtcattc ttttgtcagt ggtctttaac ttaaaataat ttggaaaata tggtttttac     17280
     aacttacatt tatgtttttc ttgtaactaa aggtgattat gatggctcta atggagatta     17340
     tatgagtata atggagctac agtcttctga attctgaaca agtgtttaca aaattttatc     17400
     ctactttttt ctattaaaca tatgacttct ctggtctgct aaacacataa agacctttag     17460
     ctttagttta catgaattta aatataagag atatattact gtaaaataaa ctttaggtgt     17520
     gtaacagatc tatagcaagt aatgagagtt atttatggct gtgtatctac tttgagaagg     17580
     aaagaaaaat gttagaatgc aacagataat tttacaagtg ttgataactt atcaccaaat     17640
     aaaaaacttc aacaattttg aaagcaaatc tattttctca gctttgtgtt aaactcattt     17700
     atttaaaata ttattgctcc tggcttagaa aaatcttggg caaattctgc tttttatgtt     17760
     tgtccctttg cctgttgcta actgtagaca taatgtataa ttctcttttc agaaaattcc     17820
     gcaaaacatt ctttggtgtg ggtgcagtgg ctgacatctg aaatctcagc actttgtgag     17880
     gctgagacag gtggatcacc agagaccagg ggttcaacac cagccaggcc aacatactga     17940
     aagcccatct gtactaaaaa tacaaaaatt atctgggtgg gtgcgtgtaa tcccagctac     18000
     acaggaggct gaggcagaag aatcacttga aactgggaaa gagaggtggc aatgcacctt     18060
     ctggagctgc agggtgggca ctgcgcagtg gcttggtaaa aggagggtga gcagcctctc     18120
     actgagggga tttcattgcc ccttattctg atgggcaaat tgagccccca aagccacaag     18180
     ccaagagggg caaaagcact catctgaggc aagaaccttt ttctttacag gctcccttaa     18240
     gtttcagact tccctgggct tgcctgaatc ctctctgggc ttgcctttag aaaaaagatt     18300
     cttcttcctt ctgattgtag gcagagaagc aaccagtcag ttgtggtaag cccacccaca     18360
     gcttcttttg tgggccaacc tgggcctcta cactctactg gactgtaaaa cagaaattct     18420
     agagtccaga attcacattt tgttctagaa caagagttaa gcacccaggc cagagcaaaa     18480
     gtgggcctgt taattccgtg gcacaaatcc caaatcagag aactggcttg actgtccagc     18540
     tacacccagg cagggtttgt actgtttcaa gttggtccca ttctcttcct gcctcctcag     18600
     ctacacccag gcagggtttg tactgtttca aacaggtccc attctcttcc agcctcccgt     18660
     aacttgccat ctgtatcagc tgtttctcta ccctccacac cctataattt ttgaaattcc     18720
     tctgaagact gcctgagcca aacatcaagg gtcacagagc tctagcctac tcaggctgtg     18780
     ccaggaaggg agagctcaca acctaccttg acacttaaga gtcatgtaca aatagtagca     18840
     actctaggag gaggactgtc acatactcag atccttttct ggtctccata acaaaagata     18900
     tgtcagaatg gcaaggataa taatacacaa ccctggcagt tctccctttt aaagggcagc     18960
     ctcagcctgg tcattctgaa ccacaatttt agggtttatt tcagcatgtc ccaccttgta     19020
     aaatagtact ggagccccag aatgatatga ttgagtgaaa ttctggagaa ggagcacctc     19080
     agcagcctga atgaacctat aataggaaca gatcctacca gctaagaagc catctcatta     19140
     acttagatat ccataccagc aacgtgcaca cacatcagcc ccttaaataa aatcctgtca     19200
     atggagtgat tcaggtaaaa gcaaaaattt gtttatctag agtctcagga agaagaacct     19260
     ctgttgtctg aatcagaata tatgatggat gcaactgaca gtgttaactt tacttgggga     19320
     tagctggaca ttaaccttac attaaaagtg cttctgagtg ttaaaacttc caagtgacaa     19380
     aaatcaaatt gtggcctggc tgggagcagt ggctaatgcc tgtaatccca gaacttagtt     19440
     agtccaagcc aggtggatca tcagaggtca ggagttcaag atcagcctga ccaacatgga     19500
     gaaacctctt ctctactaaa aatacagagt tcaagataag cctgaccaac atggagaaac     19560
     ctcttctcta ctaaatatac atcagccaga gattgtggaa cttgcctgta atcccagcta     19620
     catgggaggc tgagacagga gaagatcatg ccattgcacc ccagcctggt caacagagtg     19680
     agattttgtc tcaaagaaaa aaaaaatcta gtagtggcca acctagaagt tattctttac     19740
     ctatgaggaa cgtctgagac cctggtctgt cctatcctgt ggcatggaac acgggccaca     19800
     cagaggattg aagccctttc attttttgtt aaataaaggc tgacagatga aaggttgttc     19860
     agacaaatgt gttaaataaa aatactatac taactatagg ctttttgcaa gtggctgttg     19920
     ttatcctact aagcccactg acactggact ttctccactt tatgtaagtc caaagtaaaa     19980
     ctccatatct cattcactgg ttctgagtct attctttgac atcttgaacc tcaaaactca     20040
     ccaaagcatc agctatagat gcaattgttc tctttactac tctcattcaa gcctcttttt     20100
     tcagatgaac tttcagtgga ataccaagaa agatgaacat gaaacacatc gtggtcagat     20160
     gtaagattga tgccagaata ggcagtgacc actttcaaag caaaagggag catttttctt     20220
     tccccatgag cagctctcaa cttctgtcat cattttctgg tttcagtaat ggttacatcc     20280
     tggctctgga ggaaccattg gccctgggta ataaacatct tcacttaatc ctggtgcaaa     20340
     aaagctttct tttgacaaat atgtcctctg tgatcacgag cttctaagca atctggacaa     20400
     tgcccaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact atgaaagaga gatgagtagg tgttagggaa     20460
     acaactttcc acttttttct tttggcaaat tcaaacaatt ttgatggtag acagatgtgc     20520
     agaagaggac agcatagtat aattcctcat cacatgagtt tacaaccaag agttttcagt     20580
     cctaactatg agagctccag atgaaaacca gaagttactt cactgtacat ctattaatgt     20640
     ctgattgcac agcttttttt tatcatactg aggagccttc actgagtatt tttccattga     20700
     acatgtagag ataaacagga aaagataaaa taacaactcc ataaatttat taaacaaggt     20760
     gtagaaatgt ttatcttctc atattattac cattttcaca cacacataat tgcatgtata     20820
     tctacccata aagctgaaat tttcataata aatctgttat atgtcaagtt taaattcaaa     20880
     aaatattttt cagtcagtcg tggtggctca cacctgtaac cctagtactt caggatcctg     20940
     aggtggatgg atcacttgag gtcaggggtt tcaaaccagc ctggtgaaac tatgtctcca     21000
     ctaaaaatcc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattttc tggggatggt ggtacatgcc tgtaatgcta     21060
     cttgggaggc tgaagccaga caagttcttg aatctgagat gtggaggctg cagtgatccc     21120
     agattgtgtc accacactgc aggtggagtg acaccgcaag attctgtctc aaaaacagac     21180
     aaacagaaaa atattttttc tttcttacaa caaaaagaca cacatgtgtt ctagatatgc     21240
     cctggtggag tggagtgggt gtggagcctg tctttgtaaa gaaggaagaa gggccagtac     21300
     ccaggattat gtgtgaagga tgaattggca cacaaataaa ggggcagcca ggcccttggc     21360
     ctagcaacac tgaagcttac aggtggcttc ggaaagcagg ataaatagcc cgtggactta     21420
     atgctagatg gctctgtaac aatgaaacat ctgcccaggg atcttagcaa tcctgctaga     21480
     aggccctgac tataccctgg attggagata cctgaggtag agtggctgcc agagagcctg     21540
     agcaaacacc agttttgacc actatggctg ggtcaatcta aaatagctta tctcttctga     21600
     tttacaatac aaaatataga aaaataaagt gaaaaaagta aaatcaagag aaaaaaatta     21660
     aaaaataagt ttaaagtaat taaaaatagt aaagacaaat aaactgaaac aaaatagaga     21720
     aaaataaaga gaaatgtaat taagatcagg gaaagtaaat aaaatgaaga tgaagaaaat     21780
     aaatacaata aaattaagag aaataaacag aaatgaaaca atttgcaata gaataaaata     21840
     aaactttatg aatcaggaga aaaaataaaa gtaaaaataa agataaatat ggagaaataa     21900
     aataaaataa tataaaggga taagaatggg agtaaataag ataaaaaaga aattaaataa     21960
     aatgtttcaa acaagacaca aattggagaa catttgaaat gaagagacaa taatataaaa     22020
     aataaaagat agaaacaaat ttaaatgcat agaaaaaatg aaagtaaata caaaataaaa     22080
     aagaaaaaga aaaatatata gaaaaataaa agttaaagag caaaataaga cctggggata     22140
     atctacaaaa tgtttcaccc aacaattgca tagtacatat ttctatatac atttggcatg     22200
     ttttcttaga taggcaaact tttaagctag aatgcaagtt ttagcatatt taaactgacg     22260
     gtaatcacaa aaaatattat ttctgactac aataaaatat aactggaagt aaaaaccaaa     22320
     agaaaactag tatatctgca tatacatgaa acctagacaa attcttgagc atactatttt     22380
     tcaagagtta gaataggcaa gtttctttag atgttaattg tttggattca ctcaggccgc     22440
     tggcagaaat attacaggga agtattagga aaagttataa ggaatagtaa caaacctttt     22500
     tggcaggcta aaaggctaaa attattatat agcttgtaat aattgaacag gctgaaggca     22560
     acctcttctt accttaaagc attaggtcat agggtaaata ctagggacaa ctgaggcttc     22620
     tccagttaag tctgtttact ctacctccac taactaacat ggctctctcc agggagttcg     22680
     accagagaaa ttgcccccaa tggtatttac tttagactgt ggtaactgag gtttaatcat     22740
     tcacagaact attctcttaa caatgttaat tatccacaag tgtgtttact caaagcttct     22800
     gtgattaatt ctatactaaa taaatgcctg gagggtgagt tgctcagggt gggcttccat     22860
     tctttacagg actctccgtg gagtctggga gtggcctcgg accctctgct gctggcaaag     22920
     caggatatct gtgtgtcagg tagtttattc acccatcgcc aggtctgcag ttggagccca     22980
     ttgtgtgagg cagtctgtga aggaagtgtg agaaccaccc tcatgaggaa agctgtagag     23040
     gaagagtgag gaatgcgaca gactccctga aagcaaaggt ggaaaaagaa ttcacgtggt     23100
     gaagtcagtg actaatcagt aagtcattgg tgcccactcg aggttaccaa gttctgggag     23160
     aagttgggtc aagctgaggt attctcatgg gacaacattt atcagctcaa cagaaacagt     23220
     atataaaagt gttgaaacag ttgcttaagg ctagtggagc atcagttttg caggctcaat     23280
     taggggacat aatgcaaact gttgtaatcc tgagaggtaa aactggctgg gctttgggtg     23340
     gggtggggac ttggagaact tttctatcta gctaaatgaa tgtaaatgca ccactcagtg     23400
     ctctgtgtag agctaatcag gtaagggact tggagagctt ttctgtctag ctaaaggatt     23460
     gtaaatgcac caattggtgc tctgtgtcta gctaaatgtt tataaatgca ccaatctgca     23520
     cttgctaaaa acagaccgat cagcactctg taaaatggaa caatcggcag gatgagggtg     23580
     gggacaaata agggaataaa agcaggccac ctcagccagc agtggcaacc cactcaggtc     23640
     cccttccaca ctgtggaaga cctgttcttt tgctctttgc aataaatctt gctgctactc     23700
     agtctttggg tccacactac ctttatgagc tgtaacactc accatgaagg cctgcagctt     23760
     cactcctgaa accagcaaga ccacaaaccc accgggagga acaaacaaca ctggatgcac     23820
     cacctttaag agctgtaaca ctcactgtga agctctgcag cttcactccc gaagtcagcg     23880
     agaccatgaa cccactgaga ggaacaaaca actccagaaa caccaacttt aagagctgta     23940
     acactcactg tgagggtctg caacttcact cctgaagtca gcgagaccat gaacacctga     24000
     aggaacaaac tctggacaca ctgtctttaa gaactgtaac agtcaccgtg agagtccatg     24060
     gcttcattct tgatgtcagt gagaccaaga acccatggga aggaatcaat tccagacaca     24120
     ctttggtgac cacaaaggga ctattgccta ttgccaagca gtgagtacca tcgacccctt     24180
     gtgcttgcta ttctgtccta tttttcctta gaattctagg gctaaatagc aggcacctgt     24240
     cagccagtta aaagcaacta gcttggtcac tgaactaaag acatgggtgc caggctttct     24300
     gggaaagggc tctctagcaa ccccaactct tcggagttgg gagtgttggt ttgcatggaa     24360
     ctagcttcca ctttccctgt acttctgggc tgagatgagg gttgatagga aaaccattca     24420
     gctccatggt cccaacaaca aattggttga ccctgcagcc atggcggaac tcttagtcat     24480
     gtcgcccaag cgagactctc ccatctatcc tatctatcct gagccttgcc tcctgggtcc     24540
     taaagcctgt cagacaatct tcctcttgct tctgttctct gaggctagtc ctgcttctaa     24600
     aaaccactcc ctgtctctgg tgcttttcta gtttctcctg taagaactat ttctggtata     24660
     aactccagga ctctattccc ttctcctggc actcaggctc agcaatcaga aagagagaat     24720
     ttttgcccaa agccccattt taagggggac tatctggaat tttaggatcc ctcctcagac     24780
     aaacaggctt aacaaaacct attcctgaag ctaggatatg ggacgcctca gaaattgtat     24840
     ctttcttatt catataagtg aggacaaaag gcatcactct tctgactctg gtgatctctt     24900
     ccctccctca gggtatggcc ctccacttca tttttggggc ataacatctt tataggacaa     24960
     ggataaattc ccaatattaa caggataatg cttaggactc taacaggttt ttgagaatat     25020
     gtcagtaagg gccactaaat ccgatttttc tcagtcctct ttgtggtctg ggtggacagg     25080
     caaggctgca ggttttgttg tggtccagga ggaaaaccag tgtttctgct gctgcatcag     25140
     tgagcacaac tattctgatc agcagggtcc aggatccatt gtgggttctt gggcaggtgg     25200
     agaaacaaac aaacaaaaag agtgggccgt tttctctttc ggatgggaaa cactcaggca     25260
     ttaacagacc cactcttgca atgcatccta agccattggg accaatttta cccacaaacc     25320
     ctgaaaaagt ggtggcttat ttttttctgc actatggcca ggacccaata ttctctctct     25380
     gatgtggaaa aatggccacc tgagagaaat ataacttaca atactatact gtagcttgac     25440
     cttttctgta agaggtaagg caaaaggagt gcaatacctt aagtccaagt tttcttttca     25500
     ttgaaggaga atacaaaact atgcaaagct tgcaatttac atcccacagg aggaacactc     25560
     agcttacctg catatcctag cctccctata gctccccttc ctattaatga taagcctcct     25620
     ctaatctccc ctgcccagaa ggaaacaagc aaagaaatct ccaaaggaac acaacccttc     25680
     cccgggctat cgattacatc cccttcaagc tctagggaga ggggaatttg gcccaacctt     25740
     ggtacatgtc cccttctccc tctctgattt aaagcagatc aaggtagacc tgggaaagct     25800
     ttcagatgat cctgataggt acatagatgt cccacaggat ctagggcaaa gcctcgatct     25860
     cacttggaga gatgtcatgc tattggtaga tcaaaccctg acctttaatg aaaagaatgt     25920
     ggctttagtt ttagcctgag agtttggaga taccttgtat cttagtcaag taaatgatag     25980
     aatgacagct gaagaaaggg aaaaattccc tacgggttgg caagccattc tcagtgtgga     26040
     tccctattgg gaccttgact cagatcatgg ggacaagagt cataaacatc tgttcacctg     26100
     tgttctagaa ggactaagga aaattaggaa aaagcacatg aattattcag tgatatccac     26160
     cataactcag ggaaaggaag aaaatccttc tgccttcctt gcgtggctaa gggaggcctt     26220
     aagaaaatat actgccctgt cacccaaatc actcaagggt caattgattc taaaagataa     26280
     gtttattacc caatcagcca cagacatcag gagaaactcc aaaagcaagc cctgggccct     26340
     gaacaaaatc tggaggcatt actaaacctg gcaaccttgg tgttctataa tagggaccaa     26400
     gaggaacagg cccaaaagga aaagtgagat cagagaaatg ctgctgcctt agtcatggcc     26460
     ctcagacaaa caaaccttgg tgtttcagag aggacagaaa agggagcagg gcaatcaccc     26520
     ggtagggctt gttatcagtg tggtttacga ggacacttaa aaaaaaagat catccaggcc     26580
     gggcgcggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggcg ggcggatcac     26640
     gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcgcggcta aaacggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat     26700
     acaaaaaatt agccgggcgt agtggcgggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactt gggaggctga     26760
     ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac ccgggaggca gagcttgcag tgagccgaga tcccgccact     26820
     gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagcgagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga     26880
     tcatccaata agaaacaagc tgcccccttg tccacgtcca ctatgtcaag gcaatcactg     26940
     gaaggtgcac tgccccagag tacaatggtt ctctgggcca gaagacccca accagaggat     27000
     ccaacaacag gactgagggt gcctggagca agtgctagct catgtcgtca ccctcactga     27060
     gccatgggta tgcttatcca ttaatggcca ggaaattggc ttcttcctgg acactgatgc     27120
     ggtcttctcg gtgttaatct cctgtcctgg acgactgtcc tcaagatccg ttaccatctg     27180
     aagaatgctg ggacagcctg taaccaggta tttctcccaa ctcctcagtt gtaattggga     27240
     gactttgctc ttttcacatg cctttcttaa tatgcctgaa agtcccacac ccttattagg     27300
     gagggatata ttagtcaaag ctggagctat tatctacatg aatatgggga gcaagttacc     27360
     catttgttgt ctgtggcttg aggagggaat taaccctgaa gtttgggcat tggaaggaca     27420
     atttggaagg gcaaaatgcc tgcccagtcc aaatcaggct aaaagatccc accacttttc     27480
     cttatcaaag gcaatttccc ttaaggcctg aagctcatag aggattacag gatactgtta     27540
     aacatttaaa atcttgagcc tcagtaagga aatgcagcag tccctgcagc actccaattc     27600
     taggagacca aaacccagtc agtggagact agtgcaagat cttagactca tcagtgaggc     27660
     agtaattcct ctatatccag ttgtacccaa cccctatacc ctgctctctc aaataccaga     27720
     ggaagcagaa tggttcacag ctccggacct caaggatgcc ttcttctgta ttcctctgcc     27780
     tctgactccc actttctctt tgcctttgag gattccacag atcacacgtc ccaacttaca     27840
     tggaacgtct tgcctcaagt gtttagggat agccctcatc tgtttggtca ggcactggcc     27900
     caagatctag gccacttgtc atgtccaggg actctggtcc ttcagcttgt ggatgattta     27960
     cttttggcta ctggtttgga agcctcatgc cagcaggcta gtctaaatct cttgaacttt     28020
     ctagctaatc aagggtacaa ggtgtctagg tcaaaggcca aactttgcct acagcaggtc     28080
     aaatatttag gcctaatctt agccagaggg gccagggccc tcagcaagga atgaaaacag     28140
     ccaatactgg cttatcctca ccccaagaca ttaaaacagt tgcgggggtt ccttagaacc     28200
     acccactttt gccgactatg gatccccaga tacagcaaga tggccagacc actctgtacg     28260
     gtaatcaagg agacccaaag ggtaaatact catctagtag aatgggaact aggggcaaaa     28320
     gtacccttta aaaccttaaa gcaggcgcta gtacaggctc ccggtttaag ccttcccaca     28380
     ggacaaaact tctctttata tgtcaccaag agagcaggga tagctcttgg agttcttact     28440
     tagatttgtg gaacaatccc ccaaccagtg gcatacctaa gtaaggaaat ggatgtagta     28500
     gcaaaaggct ggcctcactg tttatgggta gctgtagcag tggctgtctt agtgtcagag     28560
     gctatcaaaa taatacaagg aaaggatctc actgtctgga ctactcatga tgtaaatggc     28620
     atactaggtg ccaaaggaag tttatggcta tcagacaacc actttcttag ataccaggtg     28680
     ctactccttg aggcactggt gcttcaaata tgtacatgca tggccctcaa ccctgccgct     28740
     tttctcccag aggatgggga tccaatcaag catgactgcc aacaaattat cgtccagact     28800
     tatgccgcac aagataatct cttagaagtc cccttaggta atcctgacct tagcctatat     28860
     actgatggaa gttcatttgt gaagaatggg atacaaaggg caggttatgc catagttagt     28920
     gatgtaacta tacttaaaag taaatgtttt cccctagaga ccagagccca gtaagcagaa     28980
     atactggcac ttacccaagc cttagaactg ggaaagggaa aaagaataaa tgtgtataca     29040
     gataacaagt atgctcatct gatcctacat gcccatgctg caatatggaa agaaagggag     29100
     ttcctaacct ctggggaaac ccccattaaa tgccacaagg aaatcatgga gttattgcac     29160
     acagtgcaaa aacccacgga ggtggcatgg cactcttaca ctgccaaagc catcaaaagg     29220
     ggaaggagag gggagaacag tagcataagc agctggcaga ggcagggaaa gaccagcaga     29280
     aaggaaaaag aggaagagac agaaagtcag agggagagag agagaggaag agacagacag     29340
     acaaagaggg agtcagaaag acagaaagag agagatgaag gagaagtcaa agagaatgaa     29400
     agagatatgg aaatagtaaa gaaaaaacag tataccctat tcctttaaaa gccagggtaa     29460
     atttctaaat atctacccag ccaaggcata ttcttctcct gtggaatgtc aaactatatc     29520
     tgcctcccca ctaactggac aggcacctgc accttagtct ttctaagtcc caacattaac     29580
     attgccccag gaaatcaggc cctatcagtg cccctcaaag ctcaagtcca tcattgcagg     29640
     gccatacaac taatacccct acttataggg ttagaaatgg ccactgctac aagaaccaga     29700
     atagcaggtt tatctacttc attttcttac catcacacac tctcaaagga tttctcagat     29760
     agtttgtgag aaataacaaa atctatcctt actctacaat cccagctaga ttctttacca     29820
     gcagtgacac tccaaaactg cagaggacta gaccacctca ctgctgagaa aggaggactc     29880
     tgcaccttct taggggaaga gagttgtttt tacactaacc agtgaggcat agtacgagat     29940
     gctgcctggt gtttacagga aaaggcttct gaaatcagac atctttcaaa cccttatacc     30000
     aacctctgga gttgggcaac atggctcctc ccctttctag ctcccatggc agccatcttg     30060
     ccattacttg ccttcgggcc ctgtattgtt aaccttcttg tcaaatttct ttcttctaga     30120
     attgaggcta tcaacctaga gatggtctta caaatggaac cccaaatgag ctcaactaac     30180
     agcttcaact gaggacccct ggaccaacct cctggccctt tccgtggcct aaagagttcc     30240
     cctctggagg acactacaac tgcagcataa ttctttgccc ctatctagca ggaagtagct     30300
     agagaggtca ttggccaatt cccaacagca gttgagatgt cctgtttaga gaagggattg     30360
     agaggtgaag ctggctgggc ttctcagtca gatggggact tggagaacta ctttgtttag     30420
     ataaaggatt gtaaatgcac caatcagcac tctgtgtcta gctaaaggtt tgtaaatgca     30480
     ccaattagtg ctctgtgtct agctaattgg gtaggagact tggcgaactt ttctgtctag     30540
     ctaaaggatt gtaaatgcac caatcacgct ctgtgtctag ctaaaggttt gtaaacacac     30600
     caatcagcac tggataaaaa tggatcaatc agcactccgt aaaacagacc aatcagcact     30660
     ctgtgaaatg gaccactcag aaggatgtgg gtgacaccag ataagagaat aaaagcaggc     30720
     cacccgagcc agcagcagca acctgctttg gttcccttcc atgctgtgga agctctgctc     30780
     tttcactctt tgcaataaat cttgctgctt ctcgctcttt gggttcgcac tacctttagg     30840
     agctataaca ctcactgtga aggtctgcat cttcttcttg aagacagcaa gaccaataac     30900
     ccactggaag gaatcaattc tggacacaat cccaagatca tggttcccag aaaaaggaac     30960
     actggatgta gtactctgag aacaagtggg gataaatctt caacatcaga cacaaaggca     31020
     acaggtccca gctgttatgg gctttcatta cagcagccct gtctccatta tacacagaac     31080
     agactataaa ggggaacgag gaggaaatgt cacctgcctt atcacctcct cttccgtcag     31140
     ccctaatatt actgagccaa aataacaaag aagaaacaga tattttacct gagccttttt     31200
     cttcaatacg taagaaaaag gaccaggaat accctccagt tattagtccc tgtcttcagc     31260
     tggcagcaat aaaaggagag ttattagcct gcccggtaat gcaaaatcag ccaagtaatc     31320
     aggtacataa agggttaaga ataatcacta aaagccagag ccacagggcc aggacaagga     31380
     agcagtaagt agaaagaaaa actccaccca cactgtgaca gaagcaacaa agagccaagc     31440
     tgcagccaga gctagcctgc tgcgagtgga acagaagcac acgtgacaaa ttccacccag     31500
     gccacatgtg tcccacagct ggggaaggga gccagcacag gcaaaaaatg gcacaggcaa     31560
     aaatggcgac tttataaatg taaagcagtc acagcgccgg gacctgcctg ctcctttctc     31620
     taactccaca ggctatccaa gacaaaatct catgtgctgc ttgtttacaa gcaacatcac     31680
     agattatagt tctcagctaa aatttaagta aaatgtaaga attagaaaac ctctttctaa     31740
     taacctccac tgttgtcatc tctcttccac cctgatgaag ctcaccaaat tcaagtaaaa     31800
     cagtaacgtt taaaggttga gaaattacaa acaacccatg agttagttta gaagtagtta     31860
     aaagcaaact ttgtttttta actagtagaa aaaaaattcc tgattacatg attattcatt     31920
     ttatggatga tattttacta gcagccccaa cggagccaat acctttaaat ttgtttacct     31980
     ctgtcataag gaatacacaa ctgaaaagtt tagtcactgc acctgaaaaa gtacccatgt     32040
     tccctccttg aaaatatctt ggatatctgt taatctcctg gtcagtaaga cctcaaaagt     32100
     ttaacctaag tactaacaac ttacacacat taaatgatta gcagaaatta ttggacaatg     32160
     ttacctggat ttctcccatt gttggaattc ctaccaataa actacaaaac ctgttctcta     32220
     tcttaaaggg caacccagcc ctcaattctc ccagatattt aacccttgca gcaaaaaggg     32280
     aaatcaagga aattgagcaa gccgtctttc aaaggaagct agatcgcatt gatccaccgt     32340
     attccaatca gctatttatt ttttccacct aacactcccc tacagggtta ctaggacaaa     32400
     tgactcccag gctatgtttc ctagaatggg ttttttgccc ccataccggg actaaaacac     32460
     tgtctcctta tactcagtta attactaaag tcatctattc aggtcacaaa cgttaaaaat     32520
     cagttgcgac ataaccgata tcatcatgat tcctttaagt aaagagcaat tcaaagcttc     32580
     attatctttg tcaatacacc cacaaatagt tttatctcat tacacagagc aaataaagca     32640
     catcctccct gctgataaag tctttcattt cttatctcat actccggtaa taatgcctac     32700
     aaaaagagtt tactcccctg taactaatgc tttaacacgg tttactgatg ggtccgcaaa     32760
     catggaaaag cagcagtctg gtagagacca tataattcaa tcatgcaatc tgagtttact     32820
     agcaaacaga aagctaaggt tactctgttt atttattaaa gaagttttac agccttaact     32880
     ctattctgga gccaggacgg tttactcttt ctccaacttc agcaattggc tagatcaaca     32940
     tacaagtccc atttttatta cacatatttg agcccacagc ttacttccta gcccattggc     33000
     ttatgagcag tgatcaagca aacctacagg ttaagccatc actgctagac caagccaccc     33060
     aatcgcatga atttttccat ccaaattgaa gaaacttatc aacttactca gagactggct     33120
     aaataaatta tcctacaatg cccagattgc cagctcacag gtaagtcccc tccttcaaca     33180
     ggtgttaacc ctagggaaac agaacttaac ctgctatagc aaacagatgt tacacccata     33240
     cttgaatttg gaaaacttag atatgtacaa gtatctattg ataccaacac tcatttaatt     33300
     gctgtccaag atcagagaga aacagaaagg ttaaagagag aaatagaggg gaaaaaaaag     33360
     aaagactaga aaaaccagag gtcaaagtca caaaaagtaa gacaaagaaa agacataaag     33420
     agaaagaaat gttaagaaag ttataaccat tagactgcac ctttattaag gaaggttatg     33480
     aaagaaataa agttaaggca tgttgaaaat tgtctgtgga agtcataaaa acattataaa     33540
     aagaaaacta ttcaggacat gttgtataat tttgttttga aagtctaagc aagttttaaa     33600
     atgttaattg ttaacaaaat tctctgagta aacatattga ctaaagttaa agatgtgtca     33660
     tccaacaatc atagactgga ttaagaaaat gtggcacata cacaccatgg aatactatgc     33720
     agccataaaa aatgatgagt tcatgtcctt tgtagggaca tggatgaaat tggaaatcat     33780
     cattctcagt aaactatcgc aagaacaaaa aaccaaacac cgcatattct cactcatagg     33840
     tgggaattga acaatgagag tacatggaca caggaagggg aacatcacac tctggggcct     33900
     gttgtggggt ggggggaggc gggagggata gcattgggag atatgcctaa tgctagatga     33960
     tgagttagtg ggtgcagcac accagcatgg cacatgtata catatgtaac taaccggcac     34020
     attgtgcaca tgtaccctaa aacttaaagt acaataataa aaataaatta atttaaaaaa     34080
     gatgtgtcat ccagtttttc tgtaaacaag acattaaaag cacaagtttt tcttaaagca     34140
     ctaacctgct ctttaacaaa gattatgaga gatatcttag cacagacaca atctctacaa     34200
     tttccaatac acaagcacca gccaagacac tgcatcctca tcaaaggatt aaaagaagaa     34260
     aaaactcgag ccagcctagg agagaccctg caagatgatg cagctttatc agagaaagat     34320
     gactcagaag gctatgcaaa tcctgcttct tttttattct ctcactttgt ctactacctg     34380
     tatctgccaa gctctattaa gcccatcttg taacctcctt tgttctaccc tagtacttag     34440
     actaacaccc cctttccagc ttctaacaac atcactgctt aaataaaagg aaatcaacat     34500
     tcccccagtg aggttcctca ttaatagcac agagtgaact cagatggcaa gtaactctgc     34560
     aagtcactct gactggaaga agtgttgtta attatactca tgattgtttt gtgttatttg     34620
     ctatttatat gatgcaaagc tggaataaga tcagtgacca cctcgcctga caaacctatg     34680
     actgcacata tctgtgctct gcaatcaaaa acctgatgca gaaaagaaca gagaggagga     34740
     ttttgagatt cactcaggag gatggcagaa atattaaaag aaaataatta gggaaagtta     34800
     tagggaatag tcacagactt ttggaaggct gaaaggttgc atagcttgta ataattcaag     34860
     gggctgaagg tagtcggttt taaccttaaa gcatttggtc atagggtaaa tgctaaggac     34920
     aatagaggct tccccaatta agttttttta ccccacctcc attaactaac ctttaagcca     34980
     gatggtcctt tctggggaat gtcaaccagg gaaattgccc ccactggcat ttactttaga     35040
     ccgtggtgcc tgaggtttcg ttattcacag aactattctc ttaaccaggt taattatcca     35100
     caagtgtgtc tactcaaagc ttctgttaat aattctatac taaataaatg cctggagtgc     35160
     aagttgctca gggcacagct gccactcttt acaggactcc ctttggagac tgttagtggc     35220
     cccagaccct cagctggact tgaaaagcag aatatctgtg tgacagggta ctttattcat     35280
     ctgtcgctcg gtcaggggtc tgcaagggac agactccctg cagctaatgc cctcatgaaa     35340
     agagtggtgc ctcagttaat ggtattagaa atgatctaca ggtcaatgag aactctttca     35400
     aagagccaat agtttttttt gttgttgttg tttttgtttt tgttttgcag aagtagtaaa     35460
     atattctaaa atgtttgagt caatatttag ctgtgtcacc caggctggag tgcaatgcta     35520
     taatcatggc tcaccatagc cttgacacat caagctcaat tgatcctccc acctcagctc     35580
     cagaagtagc tgagactgca ggtgcatgcc accatgctca gcaagttctt gtattttttg     35640
     tagatacagg gtttcaccat attgcccagg ctggtgtcaa actactgggg tcctgcaatc     35700
     caccttcctt ggcttcccaa tgtattggga tcacaggagt aagccctcaa atattgcact     35760
     ataatttatg taaacactca aaaacaaaca aaacaaaaaa agtagcaaaa caactttgga     35820
     aaaaaagaat atacttagat aaatattttt tatttcaaaa catattgcca agttacagta     35880
     atcaaaatag tgtggtgctg gcataaagac agttaaatca atgttaaggc aaataacaga     35940
     ggccagaatg aaacccacat gcataaaatt cagcttatct taaacaaacg ttctaattcc     36000
     tcatgttgca gaacgttctc cttcagcaaa attgggttct tgtcacatga ctaggaaaga     36060
     ttaggctcag ggacactcct gaaggataaa gagtagagct gattgggtaa aagaaaagaa     36120
     aaaaagaaaa actctcaacg aagtgagtgg gagtcgtgtt taccaggccc ccacttcacg     36180
     gattgctgaa caccagacca tcacacagga actgatgaag ccaggctcct cctccttgca     36240
     caaggggtaa agtttccatg gccttccaag cctccactcc cttcccccag ttttcagatg     36300
     gaaattattc aaagagaatc tgttggaaaa aggcaggctt catctagcac aagcactcga     36360
     tttttcagcc ttcaggctgt tttaggcttg aagatggggt tttgtccaag acacttggct     36420
     gttttctaac tctgttattt tccactgtca ataagtatat ctaactgctg ttagaataag     36480
     gataaagatg aggacaaaaa ccacttttaa gtgcttcctg atgacagggg gcactgttgt     36540
     gaaataaatg gcagtcagtt attccttaga ggcctaagtg tctccagtga aaggggccat     36600
     tgtctcagcc tatggtagtg tgactgtttg aagtttgata gcctgaaggt gaggagaatc     36660
     aaactgtgtt actaaaaagc acgtattaaa atgaaccaag ggaaatgtgg aagagacagc     36720
     tcaaaaaaaa tccagggttt tcaccagttt gcataggtag agggaggcca aaagcccaac     36780
     aggaaaaaat aaaagaaaga aagaaaaaga aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     36840
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaactttta cccttttgac     36900
     agcatatgag acttctgggt tcttttctcc tgggtccaat cctaagctgt ccagtttaat     36960
     gtttgggaaa ttaactcttc caaacttgga ggatgcattg aagaggaatg tcccaaaaca     37020
     tggagatgtg attacctatc tctaaacagc aaacggagga gaaaaaatga aaagttagca     37080
     ttttttcaaa ggagttccaa gggttcagga tgcattcaaa atgggtctag actaaaaatg     37140
     aatggttact tatcttgaaa gagatagagg agcaggagtc cctggctcct ttctcttcct     37200
     agcaatttcc cagggtgtgt tgagctatag gagaaagaat attctttttc ccacttcaat     37260
     ccttgtatcc ccaagtccca ctgattgtaa cagggtgcct cccatgggtg tcgaggcagc     37320
     tttcaccaat gttaacaggg aggcctaagg gggtggatat atctgctctt acacatgtgt     37380
     accctttctt ccctgctgtc agtagctctg gagttcactg gacctcattt atggcatgga     37440
     tagtagcata atctttatcc atgaaatcgg gggcttggct taatccctgg gaattagtta     37500
     tgctcaccag cattgtgctt ttttacctcc attatcacct gcctctggat ttctcaaatt     37560
     ttttactttt ttctatggtg tcaaacagaa gcttagaatt gaggctgggg caaaaatgtg     37620
     tctcagggca ttgcatggac tctttatcat gagctgaatg ctaagatgaa gctgtggaat     37680
     tgagttcttc ttctacaagg gtgagaaaag aatgactgtg acatactgag gaaactagtg     37740
     gctatagttg tgcttcataa aatttaggtg ggcaccctat atattcccat cactctgcag     37800
     aatttgcagg ataattgtcc agaattataa tgttaatcca gattttcatg tgtaccaatt     37860
     catttttgtt tattgtgggc tgcagttgaa gatcattagt ggggtcacag aaataagcaa     37920
     gattgttcta aaaagtaggc aacaatgcaa aacttgtgag tttagaattt aatgacaaat     37980
     atataataag ttgtgaaaca taaactttat ccagtcctct tctattaaaa aataaatcat     38040
     gataggactg agttgtttgt aaaataaact ttattctgat actgggcctg attatttgca     38100
     taaaatgcag caagaataat tatttctaga taggtctttt acattggctt tgatggaact     38160
     ctgttccaca agaaatttca gatgggactt tctaaagtca agcccagcca cgggtttgta     38220
     caatcagata atttttagtt gggtgattct ctgctcttat ggtcccaaga taaacttgga     38280
     gctcctgggc ctgtcagaaa gtgtcattat ttagttacca cagatcagga accctgctaa     38340
     aggactgttt agatgaggta taaagccaat ttttccactg ggattttctt ggttctgcaa     38400
     gttgatcttg actccttaaa gggaagctta ttttttagtc aaggccttgt tcaaacaacc     38460
     agtttctcca gttgtgttct gttggaagag aaattggact gttattgcac tgatacaaac     38520
     acctatattg ccacaagtta agaacactca caactatttt tcgaattcag gagaagtcct     38580
     gccgagaaag gcaaacgtga tccaaattgt gcacacatga gtacaccttg ctcacatatt     38640
     aaaggctgta agtatctcaa gatgtttcct tgactctggt aaataataca agaatgagta     38700
     atgtctcaaa caaaagtcag aagggctact tcaattttct attagtccgg tccattcagt     38760
     caactcttct tttgtttgat attcatacat attttagctc tttgagagtc ctgtaagttt     38820
     ttcctgtatt tcaatgtcac aagctccaaa gttatcggaa gcctgcaatt gagagcacct     38880
     attaaagatc tatagctgat taaaaagcac ttcataaaaa aatcaaaaaa ggaataatta     38940
     tctgtgtatt acaaagtgtg caaggtagtt acagtcagaa atatgacaaa aattttcgtt     39000
     atctatatgg tttgcaataa attaacctaa caaccttaat tgtggatgat agcatatact     39060
     tcagacatta gaattttaga aatcccatat aattttagaa catgtattag tattagtcac     39120
     caaaatatca cctaaaaata ttgaacacca tttggcaatt ccgtgtaact aatcatgcca     39180
     tataatcctg tttatctctc ttgttgatac tctatgggcc ctctgtagca tccaaaagct     39240
     agaaataaag aaagataatt ttgtaactac agtgtggttt tgagaaggat gttacaactt     39300
     agaggtttaa aaatcctgaa ataaaattcc agattttcct aaattactta tttaacaaaa     39360
     atgatgactt agaaatggaa aagatataat ttttataaat tattttataa ttctttacaa     39420
     atgttggtaa ggaacagatt agtgccttaa gagtaccttg ttgggctttt atttcaatgt     39480
     tcaatttaca agcatctcac agacatggta atgactgtca tatgtgggcc tcacacatag     39540
     aagtattttc aacttccata aattgctttt gaaacatgaa tgattaaatc tctttctggt     39600
     aataaaaaag ttcaaagaag actatagcag cctcaagtat tttataatgt cctcagcttg     39660
     tacagaaatt gttatgatgg aatgcagcag aaaggcataa ttctgagtct catatgcaca     39720
     ctgatctgac agtaaggaat gtcaccatct taaatatatg aagccaactg tcactcataa     39780
     aaacaactaa tgtgtggtat tgtaaatctt accctgggag ttttccgcca gtgtgcttgt     39840
     gatttaatat tttgtgaatc acccatatga tttgactctc tggaagggtt tcagcccaca     39900
     tatgttattg tggtatctac ctgggccaac cttgaggtga tgtgactctc ccatctggga     39960
     cctactccca gtaaaaatca cgaaaaatca ctacctccag cacacaggtc atgttatatt     40020
     tttgcctaag ctatgcccac agaaattatt gtgacatatc actgtgtcag ccctgtaggt     40080
     gatgcaactc tcctcattag attgggctgt gcacagagta tggtatactc acatatggct     40140
     gcactagggt cacagatgat ggaactcctt tgctgggacc ttatcctaaa aagggtattg     40200
     tgacaaatct cttggcctat cctctaggtg atataacttg ctgcttgagt cctgccacat     40260
     ggagcattgt gacataagtg tgaaaactgt aactatttgt tgtaactctc tcacccatgt     40320
     cctgtcctaa gggagcattg tgacatatct caggaaccag cataaaggtg aagtgactct     40380
     tttgcctgac ttctcctgat atgttagatt gtgttataaa cctagggaag cacctaggtg     40440
     atatgactct tctcttctgc ctcagccctg cctacttgag acattgggtc atatatctga     40500
     gcctgtgttc taagtgatgt gtctgttttc ttctgcctga gcccttaccg tgggatgctg     40560
     tgacatattg ctaagcccaa tacttagatt aaatgactgt tctttttcca aatcatgcca     40620
     ataaaataaa ttttgctgta ttgcagggta cagcacccag atgatgtacc ttttctgcct     40680
     gagtcctgca gaaagagata attatggcac attgctgggc ccatcaccct gaagatataa     40740
     ctctcctgct tgtaccagag caactgaaag tatttttata tatcttgggc ccatcctgta     40800
     ggtgtttttg ctgtccttat ttgtttgggc ttgtttttcc acatttgaga ttgtgtcata     40860
     ttgctgggtc cagcactcca gcacccagtt aatgtaaccc tcatttctag accctgccta     40920
     gagagggtat tgtgacatat tgcttgccac agcatgtaag ttgtgctact tttccactaa     40980
     gttttttttt ctacaaatga gattatgata cttacattgc ttcaactcag tggcatcatg     41040
     atcaaacata attggcattc caccaatagt agacttttcc ctctcatagc tgtgcttagg     41100
     gcaatagtta cagttatgag atgcatattt gcacaaagct cacagaaatt tacaacacta     41160
     actcatagtc tataaacttg ggtggtacac agagttttat aatagagctc agcaaaagat     41220
     taaaattgtg acccttgatt acaaatgcag gtgagagaaa aagtttttag catctcatat     41280
     ttataaagcc cactgttgaa gttctgactc taagaagtaa ataaagtaca acgatggaat     41340
     tgtgactctc atatgtggat cttgctacag atgagatggt gactcatttc tggacccaga     41400
     ttataggcac cataatgggt tttctgtctg aacccagcct ataagagaac tgttgattat     41460
     cataacaggg tttacatcaa tatgtatgtt ttgggtcaaa cgagcatgta ggcttcagag     41520
     tggtttgtaa cactaaggta ttttgcataa agccttcaga tgttgtagag tgtctcataa     41580
     gatgactgag aacacacttg agattgtgac tcttacatac ataacaaact aacagttaaa     41640
     tgtgtcacct aaaggataaa ttgatagtgt catatgacaa agcccagcac cccggtgttg     41700
     agagtcttgg cttagattct ttcccatggg tgtattgtga aatattgctg ggttagaatc     41760
     ataaaaaggt gactcttctt cacggatcca gccaacaggg gatattgtaa catatctctg     41820
     ggcctatcag ctaggtgata tgtctctcct ctcacagtgt tctctcacag gggacaccga     41880
     cattttgctg gatatagtat ctaggtaatg tgctctcctc tcctgcctgg atctcaccta     41940
     cctaggaaat tgtgacatac cactgagtgc aaaacctagg tggtgtgact ctcctctttg     42000
     tgctggaatc tgctataaga gggaattata acatattgca gagcccagca cctagggaat     42060
     gtgactaccc tctatttttt caaccctgta tacaatggtc aagatgatat attatttgag     42120
     actgtaccca ggagatatga gccttctgac tggatcctgc ctaaaaagaa gatataatgt     42180
     atttctggct aaggacacag atgatgtgac ttttctatct tgtctatgtc caaagatgaa     42240
     attctaacat atacctggat tcagctgata tgcacaataa taactcatgc atgacccatc     42300
     caagggagat attgtgaatc tcagagccag tttatggcca tgagtaaagt ctcagatctc     42360
     tgtaaaatta gatgtctgta aaaattcaga caaatgtatc ctactcaggt gtatcattta     42420
     aggtctgtgt ggtacaaagt gtgtcataac aggcaccagc aaccaggtgt tacacacatc     42480
     gaattgtcac agttgtcatt ttcacacatg aacagagcct atgaatgagt taaaaaatct     42540
     cacacacata agcagttgaa gctggaattt gttaccgtca tatatgaatc tgatccacag     42600
     atgctgtggt gaaatttacc cacgattctc cagaccagtg gtgctttgac tgtcctactg     42660
     gaacacaacc ttcaatgtga ttggggctgt tacacatgta tcttgcccat tgttgagatt     42720
     atgacttctt tacttcgacc caactcatag gaggtgttga ctctcatacc cgaagccaga     42780
     agttgtgtgg gcctgtaaaa tttatttctg aacattttca agtgtgtgat tgtgaagttt     42840
     gactttgtcc agcatctgag tattttgact ctcctttcta ggccaagcct agaaattgtg     42900
     acatacatgc accagcacct aagcaatgta taataacttt ttgtcaatgc aactaggggc     42960
     ccttttacat gttactggta ccagcaacca gctggtgtga aatgttggcc taaaccctgc     43020
     ctacaaagag cattatggat tttatccaga tccatcatgt aaataatgtg agttccttct     43080
     actgccttgg ccctgcaatt atgctgtatt gtgacacact gcattcaggt gatgtgagag     43140
     tttttgaggg gagttctgcc aatagaaagc tatgtaacaa atcacttggc tcagccccta     43200
     ggtgctgttt ctcctctctt gccttgaccc tgaccaccag agagactttg acatattgct     43260
     tagcccagca ccaaggtgag ttcactctcc tgtcttgatc ctgcacacaa tggccattgt     43320
     gacatatatc aaggccaatt gcccatgtgc agtttgtctc ctctcttgcc taagccttgc     43380
     caacagagag gatttagata tgtcactgaa gccagcatcc aggtgattga ctcttctcca     43440
     agagtcccac ccacaaggag aattgtgaaa tttcactgga cgtgcacaca cttaaatgat     43500
     gtgactttcc ttactttctt ctccttcccc acaagtggta atgtgccata tacttgagaa     43560
     caaataaaag gtctaataat gactcttgta ccaggaacca ggtcacgtgc aggattgtga     43620
     ctctcaacac tgaacctttt cacaggtgtt attctgacgt ttatttttgc ccagctcttg     43680
     agtcacttaa taatcctgcc tatttagagt ccagatgtga catttttaca tacaattggg     43740
     ccaaaacctt ggggatttga cttttgtctt aacagtgttc tccgaaggga tcataacata     43800
     tctctggacc tatgatctag gttatgcgac tttcctctcc tgactgcacg ctgattaaag     43860
     caaagagtgt ggcatttcta agcacgcatc caaatgatat gacccttttt cctgggccat     43920
     tacaacagaa ggcattatga tatatctctg cacccatcat ctaggtgata tgactctcct     43980
     ctcctgcccg gacactcttc acaagtaaca ttacagcata gagcttggca taacacctaa     44040
     gttctgttac ttctccgtta gggccttgca tacaaagaga atattggaat atttctggct     44100
     taggatttag gtgatgtagt gtcctgccta tttagtaacc acagagggca tggtgacata     44160
     tacctaggca cagctaacag gcatgataat gactctcata tgtggacaca gccaatagga     44220
     gaaattttga ctcttacaac taggtttaga gacatgagtg acatgaagca tctcctactg     44280
     ttaacaatgt cacagaagat tacaacactc acaccttctt ataacacctg taagtagtat     44340
     agagagtgtc atagcagggc ctaggataaa gaggaaatcg tgagtctcgt ttggacaccc     44400
     agctgactgg aaggattttc acaatcacag atgtataaaa gctactgttc tacatgaaaa     44460
     caagacacat gtggcattat aagtctaatc cctagaaatt tattttatca tgactgtgat     44520
     ctaaaactct tccatgcgct tttttgattt cactctttgg actggttcca gcctacacat     44580
     ggaattttga tatctacctg ggccaacatt gaagtcttgt gattcttctg cctggcctgc     44640
     tctcaggaag aattgtgaca tcattggatc cagtacttag gtgacgttac attcatgctt     44700
     gccccatgcc cacacacatc cttgtgacat attatgttgt ccatcactga ggtgatataa     44760
     ctttcctctc tgaaacgggc cctgcacaca gggcaggaga gtgacatatt cataagccag     44820
     gcacacaggt aatgatactt ttctttgcca gggccatgca caaaagataa gattatgaca     44880
     tgttacaggg cctattgtat aggtgatatg gctctcctgc ttgaaaactg cccactggaa     44940
     tagtgacata ttgctagacc aggtgacaaa ggtgattgta ctcttttgcc aagaccatgg     45000
     tttcaggaag gttatgtgac atatatctgg gcctatcacc taggtgatgt gaattccttc     45060
     ataggctgcc cacatggagc attgtaacat aagggtggaa cctgttccta ggtgatgtaa     45120
     ctctcttgcc taggtccttt tctaaggggg atttgtgaat atctcaggac ccaggaccag     45180
     gtgatgtgat tcttcagcct ggcttcttcc cacatactaa attgtgacct atacctaaag     45240
     aagcacctag gtgatacgac tcactttttt tgcctgagcc ctgcctacaa atgactttgg     45300
     gtcatatcat tgagcccatg acctaagtaa tttgactcac ttcttctgtc tgtagtttta     45360
     cagtgggaga attgtgatgt attgagaagc cccgtactta ggttgtgtga ctctcatgtt     45420
     cttgctaaag agtgcccatg aacagggctt ttgctgtata tcaggaccca acacccagat     45480
     aatattactc ttctgcctag ctcatggata aagagggaat tgtggcatat tgcttggccc     45540
     aggaccctaa gaatatgact cttctgtcca tgccagggcc acagaaggta ttttgacatg     45600
     tcttttgctc attctgtagg tactttggca ctaaccagtt tgctgggttt cttccacgta     45660
     tttttgtgtc acattgtggg ttccagcccc cggttaatgt gaccccattt cttaggctct     45720
     gcctagggag ggcactatga tatattgctt ggcacaacac ctaaatggtg ttaaccttct     45780
     gcctagtttt ttgcccacaa atgggattat gacatacact ttgcttcagc tccaaggcat     45840
     gatgatcaag cttattgtgg gattaagcca ataggggaca ttttaccttt tacccctagg     45900
     tttaggtcaa tagttaagga ccttcatttc atatttgttc aaagatcaca gaattttaca     45960
     acattaactc atatcctaca ttcacaaagc ttattgctga agtcctgaat tgatcaagtc     46020
     aatagaaccg aaagtttgaa ttgtgactct cataagtgaa tctgactaca ggtgaaatgg     46080
     tggatcattt ctacacccat ctcacaggcc taataatggt ctcaaccctg atgccagcct     46140
     gtaggagaca tgttgcctga catacctcag tttagggcaa tatgtaagat tatgagtcca     46200
     tataaacatg tagcccacag aaagttttgc aacactcatg cctgttgcgt aaagttttca     46260
     gatgttgtag agagtatcat acaatggcaa gcacacttgg gagattgtga ctgtcatata     46320
     cacaactaga taacagttta tgatgtcatg cttaaagatg aggagattat gccacatccc     46380
     ttggcttagt ataccggtat tgagactttt tggtttaaat tcttttccat gaggtcattg     46440
     ttacatatca ctggatcaga accatgacaa tgtgactctt ctatcttggc cctgcaaaga     46500
     gcagatattt tcacatatct ctgcatctat tggctaagtg acatttccct cctgccagtg     46560
     ccctgcccac aggggacact gtgacatatt gctacatata gcatctaggt aatgtgaccc     46620
     tcctctcctg gatggatcct gttgactgaa gaaattgtga cataccactg agcacaaagt     46680
     ctaggtgaca tggctctctt ctttgttgtg tactctgcca aaagagggaa ttattacata     46740
     ttattgagcc cagcatgctc gtggtctaat tctttttttt ttttttttct ttgaagatgt     46800
     ctacattggg catggtgaca tattacttga ggctataccc aggtgatgtg gctcttcttc     46860
     ctggtttctg cccacatgtt agattgtgac atataactag agaagaatat aagtgatata     46920
     actcttcttt tctacctgag ccctgcatac aggggcaccg ggatgtttct ctgagcccat     46980
     gacctaagtg aagtgactct cttctcctgc ctggtcttta caatgagagg atggtgacat     47040
     tggtgacata tggctgagcc cagcactcgg gttattagac aaacaaagat tttgacctat     47100
     tgcagggcca agcatgcaga taacattact cttttgcctg ggtcctgcac atatgaggga     47160
     ttatggcata tttctgggcc cagcacccta ataatggctc tcatggctga cccaaagcca     47220
     cagaaggtat tgtgatatat cctgggccca ttctgttgga attttggctt tcatttctag     47280
     gttgtctttt tccacatatg ggattttgtc atattgcagt tccaacaccc agttaatgtt     47340
     actctaatcc ctataccctt cttagagagg acattgtgac atgatgcttg tcacagcacc     47400
     caagtgatgt taccttcctg actcactttt tgaccacaaa tgggactatg tcctacacct     47460
     tacttcagtt cacaggcatg atggtcaaac tcatgctggg attcagccag taggatacat     47520
     tttgccattc attactaggc ttagggaaat agatgaggtc ctgggtttca tatttgcatc     47580
     aaactcaaaa actttacact aactcataat gtatacattt cttgggttgt aaagagagtt     47640
     ttatgaaaga gatcatcaaa agtttagatt aggactctcc gttagacacc caggtgaaag     47700
     caaatgtcgt caccatccca catgtacaaa gcccactatt aagttcctaa gtctaaaagt     47760
     gaatagagaa caaaattgga gttgtgatct tcatatgttg atctggcctc aaatgggagg     47820
     gtgactcact tctggatcca gcttacaggc aaaataaggg gtctcatccc tgaacctagc     47880
     ctacagaaga tatgttgact atcgtatctg ggtttatggc agtatataag ataatgaatc     47940
     catacaagca tgttggcctc agagtggttt gcaactctca cgaatgctgt ataaagcctt     48000
     tgaaagttgt agagtgtgat acaatgatcc aggaaacaca tgagattgtg tttctcatat     48060
     tcacacccag ctcacagtga atcatgtcac tctgaaagac aaggagttct ggcatattac     48120
     gaagcctgtt accaagatgt tgagactttt tggcttaaat tccttcccat ggattcactg     48180
     tgacatatca ctgggttaga atcataataa tgtgactctt ctgccttgac gctgccaaga     48240
     gggaatatta tcacatatct ctgggtctat aagctaggtg atttgtctct tctttttgtg     48300
     ccctgtcccc aggggacatt gtgaaatatc ggtttacata atatttagaa aatgtgacta     48360
     tcctctcctg cctgggccct gctcaccata gaagttgtga cataccgctg attgcaaaat     48420
     ctaggagatg tagctctcct tcatattcta gactcttcca aaagaaggat tattacatat     48480
     tgccgagctc agcatctagg tggtggaaca ctcctctttt tcttctttcc tgtctttagt     48540
     gggcttggtg acatactgtt tgaggctgta cccaggtgat gtgactcttc tgactaggcc     48600
     cagccaaaaa atgagtatat actgtatcac tggctcagca ctcaggtgat gtgatgttac     48660
     ccttctgatt agccccagac tacaaacaag attatactat ataactggct cagcacccaa     48720
     ctgatgtgac tctcctggca ttttttctgc tcacagatcc agctgtgaca tgtaccttgt     48780
     ttaagcacac atgcacaata ataattctca tacctggacc catccagtag agataactga     48840
     ctctcacagc cagtctcaca gccattggta aagtcctggg cttttcactt gtataaattt     48900
     cacgaaggat tataacactc aggtatatca cataaagcct taatgataca aagagtgtaa     48960
     taacagaaag cagcaatgag gtgagaacac ttgtatgtac acctagctga cacgattgac     49020
     attctcccac atgaacaggg cctaggaatg aggtaataaa tcatgcacat aaaaagcagt     49080
     caaagattga aataattact cttatacatg gatctgattc acaggtggtt tggtaacata     49140
     cgaaccatga ttcaacacac ctgtagtgct gactccccta ctggaaaacc atcttcaagt     49200
     gagattgggg ctcttataca tgaatcttgc tcgttgctga gattgtgact cctctgcttc     49260
     aacccaactc acagaaaaat tgaatcactt acacaaaaga aatacttgtg tgggatgtgg     49320
     aacttatttc caaatctttc tgagaatata aaagggagag gtaactttgc ctagcacatg     49380
     aatcgtctga ctctcttttc taatcccaga ctagattttg ccatatgtga aacaagcacc     49440
     taagaaacat ataatagttt ccagaactcc cactgcaaag gtcactttta tatatcactg     49500
     ggacaatcac ctaagtgatg taaattatct gctgaaaact gcctacaaga attgtgtctt     49560
     aaatctaggt acatcacata agtgtagtga gtcccttcta ctgtcttggc cctgcactta     49620
     cactgaaatg tgacacataa ctgggtgctg cacccatgtg acatgattct cctttttgag     49680
     ctctgctaac aggaagcatt ggaacatatc acttggctca gcacctaggt gatgtttctt     49740
     catattttct ctgggccctg accatgggga aattgtgaca tattgctgca cccagcacta     49800
     agttgtggtc actctacagc cttggtcttg cacatgaggg tcattgtgac atatatctgc     49860
     accagttgcc taggctaagt ggttctcctc tcttgccaaa gttctgccca catagtgagt     49920
     tttgatatgt cactgcaagc agcatgcagg tgatgtggct tttctgccag ggtcctgccc     49980
     gcaaagtgta ttgtgacatt ttactggacc cgcacacaca tagctgatgt gactttcttg     50040
     gctactctct ggccacaggt tacattcttg tctgcagcat gcccacaaaa attattgtga     50100
     catatttctg tgtccacctc ataggtgatg taactttcct ctctggaatg ggccctgctc     50160
     aaagaaaagg tagtgacatg attcaagact gagaacacag gtgaggctac tcttttgcca     50220
     aagccatgcc caaaggagag gattctgatg tatctctggt tatgtggctc tcctgcttgg     50280
     gtattgccaa cctggagcgt gacatgtttc taggccaggc acacaggtga tggtactctt     50340
     ttgccagggc catgcctcat agaggacttt gtgacatatc tctggcccta tcacctaggt     50400
     gtagtccatt cctccttagg cactacccac atggagcatt gtggcatagg cagagaacct     50460
     gcatgtaggt gacgtaactc cattgtctgg cagctgttct aagagagcct tgtgaaatat     50520
     ctcagcatgc agaacccaag ctatgtggct ctcctgtctg ttttctgccc acatgtaaca     50580
     ttgtgatata ttcctcagga agcacctagg tgatatgaat ctccttgact gcctgagccc     50640
     tgcctactgg ggtcattggg atatatctct gagcccatga ccaaagtcat atggctctct     50700
     tgtaccaggg cctttaaaat ggtgggattg tgacatgttt ctgagcccaa catttacatc     50760
     atgtgactct actctttttt ctgaaccgtg accgcaaaga aattttgacc tattgcactc     50820
     agatgatgtt atttttctgc cagagtcctg aataaagata aaattattgc agatggtcag     50880
     ctgagcaccc tgatgatggt actgtcctat ctgtgccaga gccacagaga gtatttttga     50940
     catgtcttcg gctttttctg taggagtttt ggctcttatc ccttggctaa tatttttcac     51000
     atgtggaatt ctgtaatatt gctgggcgca gcacccagtt aatgtaacac tccttcctag     51060
     gttctgccta gagagggcat tgtgacatgt cgattgccat atcgcctatg tgatgttact     51120
     ctttttccta attttttgcc cacaaatggt attatgacat ataccttgct acagcttaca     51180
     ggtatgatgg tctcttatat taggattcag gcaatagaag atattttgcc tctcatcgct     51240
     aggcttaggg caacatgtaa aattctgggt tggaaatttc ttcaaagctc acagaagttt     51300
     acaacacaaa tttgtcttgt ataaactact tgggtgatac agggtttcat aacaaggccc     51360
     agcaaagagt taagattgtg actgtcaatt acacacctag gtgaaagtaa aagtcgtcac     51420
     tatcccacat ttacaaagcc caccgttgat gtactgagtc taacaagtga aaagaatata     51480
     aagataaaat tgtggctctc atatatggat ctggccacat gtgcgattgt gactcatttt     51540
     tgaccaagct cacagacatt cctgacatca gcctaaataa gagatgttgg ctatcatacc     51600
     tgtgcttaag gcaatatata agactgtgat ttcatataag catgtgggcc tcagagtagt     51660
     ttgcaactct cacgcatgct atataaagcc ctcagacatt acagagggtg tcatagcatg     51720
     gcccagcaca cacgtgacat tgtgactcat atacacacca agctaacagt taaaggtgtc     51780
     actctcaaag atgaggagat tgtgtcttat cgctggtcct agtacccagg tgttaaaacc     51840
     tttgcataaa ttgtttccct tgtttgcatt gtgatatatc ctgggttcag aatcataata     51900
     atgtgactgc tctacctggg ccctgccaaa aatgtatatt atcacagatc tctgagccta     51960
     tcagctaggt aatttgtcta ttttgcccat gctttaccct caaggaacat tatgacatat     52020
     cttgaagtaa catctggaag tgtgacgctc gtctcctacc tgggtcctga ccgcagaatg     52080
     aattgtgaca tacgacggag tacaaaacct aggtaatgca actctcctcc ttgttccaga     52140
     gtcagccaaa agaggtaatt actacatatt gctgagctca gcacctaggt ggtgtgactc     52200
     tccttttttt cttcaaacct gtctacagtg gacatgatgc cgtagtactt gatacggtac     52260
     ccaggtgatg tgactcttct gacttggccc tgcctttgaa ggagtttata atgtatcctg     52320
     agctcagaat ccaggtgatg agactctccc accttgcttc tgctcacagg ttaaattgtg     52380
     acatataact gggttcagct cacatgcaca aataaaattg tcatacctag aaccagaaag     52440
     gagagatttt ttgactccta tagccagtct tatggccaca agtaaagtac tgggtctcct     52500
     aatggtataa agttcacaga ggattatgac actctggcat attatataaa gcctgagtgg     52560
     taaaaacagt gttataacag ggaacaggaa ggaagtatca ttgtgactct tgaatgcaca     52620
     gccagctgac ccggtagtca ttctctcaca agaacagggc ctgcaaataa ggcattaaac     52680
     ctcacaaaga gagcagtcaa aagttaaaat tgctcctctt ctatatgggt agtttggtga     52740
     tgcacgattg agcacatctg tgaggctgtg actcctctgc tggaacacat tcttcaagtg     52800
     gaattgggca tcttatacat gaagcttgcc cactgttgag actgtgactc ctctgctttg     52860
     acccaactca caggaagtgt tgactcacat acaaaaatcc agaacttgtg tgggactgtg     52920
     aaacttattt ctaaatattt actatcatgt ggtcaggaca taaaagttag ctgatcccct     52980
     gaacaatttg acgaccaaac acctaagtat agatgcctgg gtgtgcatac aaagggcaat     53040
     tttacatatt acagggatca gcacccatgt gatgtgaaat atttgcctta tccctgccta     53100
     taaaagactt tgtggcttat atctaagttc atcatgtaag tgatgtgact gctttctact     53160
     gccttggccc tgcacttata gtgcattgtg acacataact ggatactgca cccaggtgat     53220
     gtgagtctgc attttgggtt ctgccaacag aaagctttgt aacatatcac ttaattcagc     53280
     acctaggtga tgtttctcct ttcttgtatc accctgaccg aaggggagat tgtaacattg     53340
     ctaaacccag caccaggtga gatcactttt ataccttggt tttgcacata gcggccagtg     53400
     tgacatatgt ctaagccaat tgcctaggta aagagggtct cctcacttac ctaagccctg     53460
     cccacatggg ggattttgat atatcactgc aaccagcatc caagtgatgt gacactcttt     53520
     ccaaggccct gcttacaaga aagatgacta catctcactg gaccagcacc cacccaggtg     53580
     atgtgacctt cctccttgct ctctgtttac aggtgatatt gtgccatata cctgagacca     53640
     gacaaaagga ctaatcacga ctcttaaatc tggacccagg tcatatgcaa gatggttatt     53700
     cccattcctg gaactttcaa ccagtgttat tgttatatat acttttgcct agctcctgag     53760
     tgatttaata atcctgccta ggtgtagccc acaaatgaga tttggaaata tacctcgggt     53820
     gatcaccttg gtgatttgac tctcctgtct taacaatatc ctaaggaaag attgtaacat     53880
     gtctctggac ccaccatcta gttacctgac tctcctctcc tgcctggacc ctgcttccac     53940
     tggggattat agcttttcta agcactgcat ctaaatgata tgactctctt gcctggtcct     54000
     ttcaatggga cacattgtga aatatctctg ggcctattat ttaggtggta tgagactcct     54060
     cttctgtcta gacactgccc acaaggggca ttatgccata catctgggtg taacacccaa     54120
     gttacaaaac ttttctgcaa ggaacttgtc tacaagaaaa ataatggaaa atttctggtt     54180
     cagcatttag atgacttagc tgtcatgcct atttcattac cacagagtaa attgtgacct     54240
     atacataggc acaacttaca ggtataatga ctcttttatg tagaccccac aaataaaaat     54300
     aactttgaca tttctaactt actttagaaa cacgagtaaa ttatctggtc gtggtggctc     54360
     aggcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggagggt gattcaggtg gatcacaagg tcaaaagatc     54420
     gagaccatgc tgaccaacat ggtgaaacac catctctgct aaaactacaa acagtagctg     54480
     ggtgtggtgg tgtgcgactg gagtccaaat tagtcaggag gctgaggcag atgaattgct     54540
     tgaacccagg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc agagattgca gcactgcact ccagcctggg     54600
     tgacagagcc agactctgtc tcaacaacaa caaaaacaac aacaaaaaca agagtgaata     54660
     aatctcataa atctctttct ggtaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa ggtcaaagaa gattataaca     54720
     ccctcagata ttttataatg cccttggctt gtacagagag tgtaaaaaca ctattcagca     54780
     gaaaggtgaa attgtgagtc tcatatacac acccagctga cagtaaatac tgtcactgtc     54840
     tgaaatatgt gaagccagct ctcactcatg aaaacaagac atgtgtggta gtgtaaatct     54900
     catttcagga attttctccc agtgtcattt tgaaaaaaca tccttgctga ccatctgtgt     54960
     gacttgactc tccagactgg ttccagcctg aggttgttat tgtgatttct acctggtcca     55020
     acatctaggt gatgtgactc tcctgcctgg gtcctgctct cggtaagggt catgacatat     55080
     cactaggtcc accacccaag tcatgttaaa tttttgcctg tgccattccc acagacatca     55140
     ttgtgacata tcactgtgtc gtatgtcata caaccactta ggtgatgtaa ctctcctcat     55200
     gacaatgggc cctgcacaca gtgggggata gtatcatatg gctgggtcag gcacgtagat     55260
     gacagtaatc ttttattaga gccgtgtcct aatgagggca ttgtgacaaa tctctggtac     55320
     tatcacttag gtgattttgc tctcctgcct gggccctgct taccttgata gtgacacatt     55380
     actaggctag gcaaacaggt gatggtactc ttttgcccga gccatgcctt aagaaggata     55440
     tcgtaacata tctctggcct attacctagg tgatctgact atctttttga gccctgccca     55500
     cgtggagcat tgtgacataa tggtacaacc cgcacctatt tgttataaca ctcttgcatg     55560
     ggtgctgtct taagggaggc ttgtgtgata tatctcaaga gcccacatca aggcgatgtg     55620
     gctcttttgc cagctttcac ctcatatgtt agattgtgtt atatacctag ggaagcccct     55680
     atgtgatatg actctaccct tctgcctgag ccctccttac ttgagacatt gggtcatata     55740
     tctgagcctg tgtcttaagt gatgtgaatc ttttcttctg cctgagtctt tgcaatgggg     55800
     tgatttgaca tactgctaag cccaatactt aggtactatg actctttttt ccccaaccat     55860
     gcccaagaaa aagatttttg aggtattgca gggcccagca cccagataat ctttcaattc     55920
     tacctgggtt ctgcataaag agataattat ggcatattgc tgggcccctc accctgatga     55980
     tgtaacgctc cttcctgtgc cagagcaaca taaagtattt ttacatatta tagacccatt     56040
     cagtaggagt ttttggtgtc atcatttgtc tgggttcttt tttttttcca catttgggat     56100
     tgtgtcatat tgctgggtcc agcccccatt taatggatcc ctcacttcta tatcatgcct     56160
     agagagggca ttgtgacata ttgcttgaca cagcacctaa attgtgctac cctcctgcca     56220
     agtttttttt tctacaaatg ggattttgaa atttaccttg cttcatttca aaggcataat     56280
     aatcaaactt atattgggat tgcaccaata gtagacactt tgcctctcat tgctacactt     56340
     agggcaatag gtaaggttat aagttgcata tttgcataaa gctcacatat gacaacacta     56400
     attcaaattc tgtaaacttt ttggctggta cacagagttt tataacaggg cctagcaaaa     56460
     ggttaagatc gtgactcttg attacacatg tcatgcagga gagagatgaa gatttcatta     56520
     tcccacattt aaaaagacca ctgttgaagt cctcagtcta acaagtaaat aaagtacaaa     56580
     gatggaattg ggactttcat atgtgtgtgt tgctacagtt gagatggtga ttcagttctg     56640
     gactcagatc acagacataa taatgggtct cctgtctgaa cccagcctat aagagagatg     56700
     ttgtctatca taactgaatt taaagcaata cataagattg tgagtcaaca ggagcatgta     56760
     ggcctcagaa tggattgcaa atctcatgca tgttacataa agcctttgaa tattgtagaa     56820
     tgtgtcacac aatgacccag aacacgttac attgtgacac ttacatacat accagtaaaa     56880
     agtgtcaccc aaaaagataa ggagattgtg tcatatcact atgcctggta accctaggtg     56940
     ttgagattag tggcttaaat tcttgaccat aggtggattt tgaaatatcg ccgggttagg     57000
     atcataataa tgtgtactct tgttcttgga cctagcaaac aggaaatatt atcacatatc     57060
     tctagtcctg tttgctaggt gatgtgtctc tcctgccagt gtcttgccca cagggaacac     57120
     tatgacatac cactagatat agcatcaagg taatgtgact cacctcttct gcctggatcc     57180
     tgcccactga tgaaattgtg acatacccct gagtgcaaaa cacaggtgat gtgactctcc     57240
     cctttgtcct ggactctgtt aagagcagcg attatatcat attgctgagc ccagcacgta     57300
     gaggatgtaa ctatccacta ttttttcaac cctgtatgca gttgtcaaga tgacatatta     57360
     tttgagattg tacccagtga tatgacccat gtcactggct ccttaccaca gaggagatta     57420
     tagtgtatcc atggctcagt atgcaaatga tgtgactctt atgccttgtt tctgtccaaa     57480
     gggaaaattg tgatacatac cagaaatcag cacacttgca caataataac tctcatacat     57540
     gaacccagcc agggggaata ttttaactct catagtctgt cttacagcca cggataaatt     57600
     ccaaatctcc cacctataag aaatcacaga aaagtagcct agtcaggcat atcatataaa     57660
     tcctgagtgg tacaaagggt gtcataacag gcaccagtga ccacgtgcta ttgtgactct     57720
     tggacgcaca cccagctggc atgtttgtta taaacagggc ctatgaatga tttactaaat     57780
     ctccctccca taagcagctg aagctagaaa ttgttacctt atatatgaat cagatccata     57840
     ggtggtttgg cgatgtttga accacaactc agcagacctt tggtgatttg actcttatcc     57900
     tgacacacaa tcttcaagtg ggattggggc tcttatacat gcatcttgcc cattgttgat     57960
     attgtgactc ctgtactttg acccagtcat aggagatgtt gagtctcatg catgaagctc     58020
     agacttgtgt gggactgtga aactgatttc tgaacacttt ttagtgtgtg aatgagaagt     58080
     gtgactttgc ccagcatctg agtgttttga ctctgctttc taggcccaga gcagagttga     58140
     aattgtgaca tacatgcaac aagcaacata taacaccttt agcaacgtga cagggggcac     58200
     ttttacatga cactgaaacc agcattcagc tgatgtaaaa tcttggcctg agccctgcct     58260
     gcagacagca ctgtggcttt tttctaggtc catcacataa gtgatatgac ttctttctac     58320
     tgccttggca ctgcacttat ggtgcattgt gacacataac tgggtactgc actcaggtaa     58380
     tgtgactcat tttcctgtgg cgctctgcca ataggaagct ttgtaacata acacttggtt     58440
     cagcacctca gtgatgtttc ttctctcttg cctgagctct aaccactaga gagattatga     58500
     aatgttgctg aacccagcac caaagtgagg acacgctcct gccttggtcc tgcacatagg     58560
     ggctattgtg acatatctcc aggccaattg cttaggtgaa ttttgtctcc tttccagcct     58620
     aagctctgtc cttagggtgg attttcatat atcacttaaa ccagcatcca ggtgatgtga     58680
     ctcttttcca ggagtcttgc ccacaaggag gattgtgaca tttcactgga ccagcaccca     58740
     ctgaagtgat gtgactttcc tttcttctcc ttgcccacag gtgaaattat gccatatacc     58800
     tgagacagat caaaggaata ataacaactt tatacctgga gccaggatgt gcagaatggt     58860
     gactctcatt cctgaacatt tccaccagtg ctattgtgac atacaccttg gtccagctcc     58920
     tcagtgattt aataatcctg cctaattata gcctgcatat gacattttga catatacctg     58980
     gacctagaac cttggtgatt tgactctcct gttgtagagg gtcctcagaa aaaactataa     59040
     catatctatg ggcccatcat ctaggtaatg tgatgttccc catttgtctg aacctccttt     59100
     cagtgaagag tgtggcattt ctaaacactg catccaaatg acatgactct cttgcctggg     59160
     ccatttcaac aggaggcctt gtgacatatc tctgagccca tcattttggt gatatgactc     59220
     tcctcacctg cctggacatt gtccacaaga ggcattatgc gatagagctg ggactggcac     59280
     caaagttttc tgacttttcg gttagtgccc tgctgacaaa gagaacgttg taatacttct     59340
     ggcttagaat gtaggtgatg tgtttgttct atctctttta taaccaaaga cgggatggtg     59400
     acatataact aggcacagct aataggcatg ataatgactc tcttatgtgg acccagccaa     59460
     tagaagaaat gttgcctctt ataactaggt ttagggacat gagtgatgta gaatctcctt     59520
     ctggtaaaaa ggtcacagaa gattgcaaca ctcacacata ttttttaaca cccttgtgtt     59580
     gaatagaggg tgtcacaaag cacctagcac acagaataaa ttgtgagtat tgtatgcaca     59640
     cccagctgac agcaaggaat ttcaccatca caggtggatg aaggcatctg tcctacatga     59700
     aaacaggaca tgtgtggtat tctaaatcta atccccagaa ttttatttct tcaagactgt     59760
     gatataaatc tttgccagtt accggtgtga tttcactctt cagactggtt caagcctaca     59820
     tatggcattt tgatatttac ctgggccaac cttgacatga tgttacactt ctgcctgggc     59880
     cctgctctca gtaagaattg taacatcact ggatccagca tccaggtgat gttacattct     59940
     tgcctgtacc atgacacaca cgttattgtg acatattact gtgtccatca cttaaaagaa     60000
     gtaactctcc tctctagaat gggccctgca cacagggcag gatagtgacg tactcctagg     60060
     agtggcacag aggtgatgat actattttga cagggccacg ccccaaagag ggcattttga     60120
     aatattgcag ggcctatcat agagataata tgtctcttct gcttgggacc tgcacacttg     60180
     aatagtgaca tattgctagg ccacacacaa aggtgatggt actcttttgc cagggacatg     60240
     ctttaaggaa agctttgtga catatttcta tgcctatcac ctaggtgatg tgacttcctg     60300
     cttggccctg cccacatgga acattgtgac atatatgtgg gacctgcacc caggtgatgt     60360
     aactctcttg actgggacct tttctaagga gggcttgcaa atgtctcagg acccaggacc     60420
     gtgtgatgtg gcacttcagc ctggattctg cccacctatt aaattgtcta ggtatgtgaa     60480
     atatacctaa acaattgaca tattgtgaca tattgagccc accacttagg taatgtgact     60540
     ctcgactggt tgccgaacaa cgcccatgaa caggcctttt gccatatttt agggctcagc     60600
     acccagatga tgttactctt ctgcctaggt cgtgcataaa gagggaatta tggcatactg     60660
     tttggcccag caccgtaatg atgtgactct cctccctgtg ccagagccac agaaagtatg     60720
     ttgacatatc tttggccaaa tctgtaggta ttctggctct catcactttg cttgctttct     60780
     tccatgtgtg gttttatcat attacaaagc tccatccccc agttaatgtg accctcttta     60840
     ctagcccctg cctaatgagg gcgtcatgat atattacttc acacagaacc taggtgatgt     60900
     taaacttctg cctaggtttt gcccccacaa aaattggatt atgacatata ccttgcttca     60960
     gttcaaaggc atgatgatca agcttatatt cagccaatag gacatatttt tcctctcatc     61020
     actaggttta ggtcaatagg taagttcttt cattggatat ttgtacaaag ctcacagaag     61080
     tttacagtat taactcgtat cataaatact tcttgtgtgg tacagggagt ttcataacag     61140
     ggctcatcaa aatattaaga ttgtgactct caactacaca ttgaggtgaa agtaaaagtt     61200
     gtgaccatgc tatatttaca aaactcattg ttgaggtcct cagtctaaca agtgaataca     61260
     gtacaaaatt ggaattgtaa ttttcgtaag tgaatctggc cacaggtggg atggtgactc     61320
     atttctggag ccagctcaca ggcataataa tggtctcatt cctgaagcca gcatataaga     61380
     cagatgtgga ctgtcatacc ttggtttagg aaaatatcta atattgtgag tccatagaag     61440
     catgtaggcc tcagagtggt ttgcaatgct catgcatgct gtttaaggcc ttcaaatgtt     61500
     gtagagggtc atacagtggc ccaggaaaca tgtgagattg tgactatcag atacacaacc     61560
     agctcacagt taatggtgtc accctcaaag acaaagagat ttggcatatt gctaggcaga     61620
     gtaccaaggt gttgagacat tttggcttaa atttcttccc atgggttcat tgtgacatat     61680
     cgctgggtta gaattcataa aaatgtgact cttttgcttg gaccctgcca aaagaggata     61740
     gtatcacata tctctggacc tataatcttg gtgatttgtc tcttctgcct gtgccctgcc     61800
     cccagaggac attgtaaaat atcatttggc ttaacatcta ggtcatacta cctacctctc     61860
     ctgtctgggt tctgctcacc aagtaaattg taacatactg ctgattacaa aacctaggga     61920
     atatgactct ccttcatatt ccttgttaag agaggggatt attacatatt gcagagtgca     61980
     gcacctaggt tgagtgactc ttctcttttt ctgtcaatct ccggattaat gacatactat     62040
     ttcagtctgt atccagctga tgtgacttca gactatgccc agcctacaaa tgtgattata     62100
     ctgtgtaatt ggctaagcat ccaggtgatg tgactcttct ggcttcttcc tgctcatagg     62160
     tggaattgtg acaaatgcct gggttaagca atcctgcaca ataataactc tcatacctgg     62220
     acagagccag tatgttgtga ttcactcagg tttgtggcag aaatattaaa aggaaatact     62280
     ggggaacgta ataaggaaga gtcacaaagc tttggaaggc tgaaaagtta catagcttgt     62340
     aataattgga caggcttaag gtggccagtt cttacttgag aatattaggt catagggtaa     62400
     aatgagggac aatataggct tccccagtta agtctgttta ttttacctcc attaaccagt     62460
     ctttgaacca gatagctctc tcagtgggga gctcgaccag gaaagttgcc ccctaatagt     62520
     atttatttta gaccatggta cctgacctta atcatttgta gaactacttt cttaaccatg     62580
     ttaattatcc acaattgtgt ttactcaaag cttctgttgt taattctata ttgaagaaat     62640
     gcctggattg caagctgctt agtgccaagt ttgtcattct tcacaggact ctcctcagag     62700
     tctgagtggc ctgggagcct cagctggact ggcaaagcaa aatatctgtg tcattctcac     62760
     acatgcacaa ttgtcattct cacacatgca cagggcctac taatgtagcc cttgaatctc     62820
     acacataaag aagcactcaa aagctgaaat aattactctc ataaaggaat ctgattcaca     62880
     ggtggtttgg taacatatga accatgattc agcacactgc ggtgatgtga ctcaccaact     62940
     gaaacacaat ctgcaagtga gaatgggctg tcatatatga atctggctga ttgttgagat     63000
     tgtgactcct ctgctttgac ccggcacata gatagtgttt actcacatac aggaaaccag     63060
     gactttggtg agacgtgaaa cttattttca aacctttttg agagtgtgat tgggacaggt     63120
     aactttgcac agcacatgaa taatttggat ctcttttata cacccagatc acagaagaaa     63180
     ttgtgccata tgtcgaacaa gcatctgagc aatatgtaac acatcccttg gctctttcta     63240
     tgaagggcac tattacatat cactgggacc attacccaga tgatgcgaat tatctgcctg     63300
     aaaactgcct accaagagaa ttgtgtctta tatgtaggtc cattatgtaa ttgatgtgac     63360
     tcccttctac tcctttgtcc ctgcatttac agtgcattgt gacacataac gggtactgca     63420
     cgcaggtgaa gtgattcttc tattacggtt ctgtcaacag gatttatgtg acatattact     63480
     tgttttacca gctaggtaat gtttctttgc ttttgcctgg gccctgacca aagggagatt     63540
     gtgacatatc gctgggccca gcaccaatgt gaggtcactc tccagcttgg gtactgcacg     63600
     tgagggccat tgtgataaac atccaggaca attgcccagg tgaaatgagc atcctcttct     63660
     gccaaagtcc tgcccacata gggagttttc taatgtcact gatgtgagca tccaggtgat     63720
     gtaacacttc tgccaggatc ctgcctgcaa gggggactgt gacatctcac tggaccccca     63780
     cccacataag tgatgtaact ttctttcctt ctctctggcc acaggtgata ttgtgctcta     63840
     taactgaggt cataacaaaa gcctaatatc aactcatcta tctggagcca gaatatgtgc     63900
     agtatgataa gtcttattcc taaacctttc cacaagttta actgtgacat atacttttgc     63960
     ccagctcctg agtgatttaa taattttgcc taggtatagc cccaaaatga gattttgaca     64020
     aatatctgtg ccagccacct tggtgatttg actgtgctat cttaacagtc tcctcagagg     64080
     gaatgtcaca tatttctgga ctcatcatct aggttacatg actctcttgt ttggcctgta     64140
     cccagcttcc tttagtaatt gtagcatttg taaacactgc atctaaatga gatgacggtc     64200
     ttttccggat cctgtcaaca ggaggcattg tgacatattt ctgggcacag gttttaggta     64260
     gtatctctct cctctactgc ctggtcactg cccacaaata cattgtgcca cagagataaa     64320
     tctagcacac aagttttgag acatttctga aaagaccttg cctacaaaga gaatattgga     64380
     atgttttttg cccagccttt aggtgacatt gctcttctgc ctgcttcata accacagagg     64440
     gaattttaag atatacctag gcatgcctat caggaatgac aatgactctt atatgtggat     64500
     tcagccaata gaggatattt tgactcttat gactaggttt agggaaatac atggtgtcct     64560
     gaatcacctt cttgcacaaa ggtcacaaaa gattacaaca ttcacacata ctttacaaag     64620
     tccttgggtt atacagaagg agtcaaagca ggtctcggaa tgcaggtaaa attgtgagtc     64680
     ttgtgtgcac atccagctga cagtaggact gttatcatct cacgtggatg aagccaactg     64740
     tcacactcga aaaaggatgt gtggggtatt gtaaatctca tatttggaat agttggacag     64800
     tgtgattgtg atatcaatct ttgccatgca cctgtgtagt ttgcctctcc aggcttgttc     64860
     cagcatgtat atgggattct gatatctacc taggccccaa tctcaaggtg atgtgactct     64920
     tctgcctggg ccattctcta agtaaggatt gtagtatatc actggatctt gcctccgggt     64980
     gatgttacat tgttgcctgc accatggcca ccacaattat tgtgacatat gcctgtgtcc     65040
     acctgacaga tgatgtaagt ctcttctctg gaatgttctc tgcacagaga aagaatagcg     65100
     acatattgca aggccaggca caaaggcata ggtgcctttt gccagcgcca tgcccaaaaa     65160
     gggcattgtg acatatctct gagcctatca tctaggttat gctgctctcc cacttgggcc     65220
     ctgccaatct ggagactgat atatttctag gccaagcaca caggtgatgt tactcttttg     65280
     cctgggccat acttcataga ggacattgtc acatatctct aggcctatta cctaggtgaa     65340
     gcgacttgct ccttgggccc tacccctatg aagcattgtg gcataagcag agaacctact     65400
     ctgaggtgac gtaagcctct tgcctagctg acgtcctaag agagcctcat gacatatctc     65460
     aggacacagc acccaaatta tgtggttctt ctgcccggtg tgcgtcctta tgttatgctg     65520
     tgacgtattc ctagggaagc acctaggtga tatgactctc ctaatctgcc tgtgccatgc     65580
     ctagaggggc tattgggaca catgtctgag accaagactg aagtgatgtg actctttttt     65640
     tctgcctggg ccttcaaaat aaggatattg actcattgtt gggcagagca ctcaggatat     65700
     gtgactctcc tctttttccc gaatgatgcc cacagaaagg aattttgacc tattgcaggg     65760
     tccagcaccc aggtgatatt actcttctgc ctgggttctg cataaaaaga aaattatggc     65820
     atattgcaca ttgttgaacc cagtattttt aaaatttgac tccctgcctg tgctggagtc     65880
     aaatattttg atgtctcttg tgcccattag gtaggtgctt tggctctcat gtatgacata     65940
     tacttaggtc cacttcacag gcattatgac gaactttata ttgggattca cccaataaaa     66000
     gatattttgc ctttcatcat taggcttagt gcaataggtt aaatcctggg ttgcatattt     66060
     gtaccaagct catagaatct ttcaacaata acttgcattg tataaactct ttgttggtag     66120
     agagttgcat aacagggccc agcaaaaagt tcagattatg actctcgctt acacaaccag     66180
     ttgaaaataa aagttgtcac cattccacat ttacagtgcc cactgttgag atcttgagtc     66240
     taacaaggga atacagcgca aagtgtgaac tgtgactttt atatgtggat ctggccacag     66300
     ggaaaatggt gattcatttc tggacccagc tcacaggctt aatcataggt cttccccctt     66360
     aaccctgtct gcgggagaga tgttgactac caaacctagg tttaggataa tatgtatgac     66420
     tgtgagtccc tatgagcatg taggcctcag agaggtttgc aattctcacg caggtttcat     66480
     aaaccccacg ggtattttac agagtgtaat atattggccc agcatacaca tgagattgtg     66540
     acactaatat acatggtcag ccaaaattta caggtgttac cctcaaagat gaagatattg     66600
     tgtcgtatca ctaggcctag tgcccaggtt ttgatacttt ttgcgtcaaa ttccttttcc     66660
     tgaatgcctt gttacatatc actgggacag aatcatcata atgtaattct tctcctgagc     66720
     cctgcaaaca gtggatgtta tcaaacatct ctgtgtcttt cagctaagga atatgtctct     66780
     cctgccaatg tcttgtccac agggaacatt ttgacatatt gctagatata gcatctatgt     66840
     aatatgactc taccctcctg actggatcct tcccattgaa gaagctgttg cagaacactg     66900
     agtgcaaaac ctaggtgata tgactctcct ctttgttatg gactctgcca aaagagggaa     66960
     atgtaacatg ctattgagcc cagcacctag gggatgtgac tgtccactat ttattcaatc     67020
     ctgtatacgg tgggcatatt gacatattat ttgagactgt acccacctga tatgactctt     67080
     atgactgggt cctgcctaca aggagattat actgtttccc tgattcagga cccaggtgat     67140
     gtgactcttc tcttgcctct gtccaaaggt gaaactgtga catagacctg gattcagctc     67200
     atatgcacaa taataactct catgcctgga cccagccagg ggatttattt tgattccctt     67260
     agacagtctg actaccatgg ttaaattcct caatctcaca tatgtaagaa ttcatagaaa     67320
     agtacgctac tctgtcatat cacataaagt ctgagtggta caaaggatgt cataacaggc     67380
     accagtgacc aggtgctatt gggagtcttg gacacccacc cagctgacac agttgtcatt     67440
     ctcacacatg aacaaagcct acaaatcaga tattaaatct cacacacata agcagtagaa     67500
     atttttctta ctctcataca tgaatctgat ccacaggtgg tttggtgaca tttgaagcat     67560
     gactcagcag acctgtggtg ctttgactct cctactggaa cgaaatcttc aagtgggagt     67620
     ggggtttttg ttattgttgt tgttgttgtt gttttgagac agagtttttc tcttattgcc     67680
     cagactggtg tgcagtggtg ccatctcagc tcactgcatc ctccacttcc tgggttcaag     67740
     tgatacttct gcctcagcct cctgagtacc tgggactaca ggcacctgcc accatgcccg     67800
     gctaattttt tctgtgttta gtagaggcgg ggtttcacca tgttggccac tcctgacctc     67860
     aggtgatcca cccacctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga accacagtgc     67920
     ctggccagag ttggggctct tatacatgga tcttgcccat tgttgagact gtgactcctg     67980
     tacttcgacc aaactgatag gagatgttaa ctctcatacc tgagggcagg actagtatgg     68040
     gactgtgaaa cttacttctg accatttttg agagtgtgat tgagaaatat ggctttgccc     68100
     agcctatgag tgttttgcat ctcttatcta ggcccagagg acagttgaaa ttgtgacata     68160
     cattcgccaa gcacctaagc aacgtataac acctttttgg gaatgcgaca gagggcactt     68220
     ttacatatct ctgggaccag cgcccagccg atgtaaaatc ttggcctgaa acacggctac     68280
     aaagagcatt atggctttta tctagctctg tcatgtaagt gatgtcattt ctttctactg     68340
     ccttggtcct gcacttatgg tgcctagtga cacataacag gatactgcac ccaggtgatg     68400
     tgactcattt ttgggtggag ttctgccaat agaaagattt gtaacatatc acttagctca     68460
     gcacctaggt gatgtttttt ctctcttgcc tgagccctga ccaccagaga gattgtaaca     68520
     tattgctgaa ctcagcacaa aggtgaggtc attctcctgc attttcctgc ccatagggac     68580
     agttgtgaca tatatccagg cgaattgcct aggagcagtt tttctcctct ccttcctacg     68640
     cctgccttgt ccacagaagg aatttagata tatcactgaa atcagcatcc aggcgatgtg     68700
     aatcttcttc cagagtcctc cccacaagaa ggattgtgac atttcactgg accagcaccg     68760
     actctgatga tgtgactttc ctttcttctc cctgcccaca ggtgatattg tgccatatac     68820
     ttgagagaag ataaaaaaat tataacaaca actcctgtac ctagagccag aacatttgca     68880
     ggatggtgac tctcatccct gaacctttcc acaggtgttg ttgtgacata cacctttgcc     68940
     aagctcctga gtgatttaat aatcctgcct atttatagcc cagagataac agtttgatat     69000
     atacattggc caaaaacctt ggtgatttga cttccctgtc ttagcagtgt cctcagaagg     69060
     gatcgtaaca aatctctgga cccatcatct agggtatttg acttttctct cctgcatgaa     69120
     ccctgcttcc agtgaagagt gtagcatttc taagcactgc atttaaatga catgaccctc     69180
     ttgcctgggc cctttcaata ggaggcattg ttacatttct ctgggcccat catttaggtt     69240
     atatgactct cctctcctgt gtggacactc tccagcaagg acattatgcc aacgacctgg     69300
     gcctatgacc aaattttgtg gcttttctgt tatggccctt cctgcaaata aaatattgga     69360
     acatttttgg ctcatggttt aggtgatgtg gtttttctgc ccatttaata accacagaga     69420
     gcatggtagc atatacctag gcgcaactaa cggccatgat agtgactgtc atatgtgaac     69480
     ccagccaata ggagaaattt tgacttttat aactaggttt aggaacataa gtgatgtcaa     69540
     tgatctcttc ccggtaaaaa tgtcacagaa gactataaca ctcacacatg ttttgttaca     69600
     cccttgtgtt gtataaagaa tgccataaca gggcctagca caccgagaaa attgtcagtc     69660
     tcatatgcaa acccagctga cagcaagaac tttcaccatc atagacggat gaaggcaact     69720
     cttctacatg aaaatagggc atgtgtggta ttgtaaatct aatttctaga attttattcc     69780
     atcatgactc tgatacaaat ctttgtcatg caccattgtg atttcattct taagactggt     69840
     tgaagcctac atataaaatt ttgagatctc ccagggccaa ccttgaagtg gtttgactct     69900
     tctccctggg ccctgctctc agtaagaatt ttgacatcac tggatgcagt aaccaggtaa     69960
     tgttatattc ttgactgcac catgacacag acatcattgt gacatattac tgtgtccgtc     70020
     acttaaaaga tgtaactctc ctctctggaa tgggcactgc acataggata ggatagtcac     70080
     atattcatag gccaggcaca caggtgatga tacttttttt ttttgccagg gccatgccca     70140
     aaagaaggca ttttgacata tcaaagggcc tatcatgcag gtaatatgac tcttctgctt     70200
     gggatctgcc cacctgcata gtgacacatt gctaggccag acacaaaggt gatggtactg     70260
     ttcagccagg gacaggcttt aagaaaagtt ttatggctgg gcatggtggc tcacacctgt     70320
     aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccgaggcggg tggatcacga ggtgaggaga tcgagaccat     70380
     cctggctaac acggtgaaac cccatttcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaaataa ggcaggtgcc     70440
     atggcaggtg cctgaagtcc cagctacttg ggaggctgag gtgggagaat ggcgtgaacc     70500
     caggagtcgg agcttgcagt gagccgagat cgtgccactg cactccagtc tgggcaacag     70560
     agcgaggctc catctcaaaa aaaaaagaaa aaaggaagaa agaaaagaaa agctttgtga     70620
     catatctcta tgcctatcac ctaggtgatg tgacttcctg cttgaccctg cccacatgga     70680
     gcattgtgac atatgtgtgg aacctgcact taggtgatgt aactctcttg actgggtcct     70740
     tttctaaggg gggcttgtga atatctcagg acccaggacc atgtgatatg gtattcagcc     70800
     ttgttttttc ccacatatta aagtgtgaca tatacctaaa gaagcaccta ggtgatatga     70860
     ttctcttttt ctgcctgatc cctgcctact ggtgacattc ggccatatct ctgagcacat     70920
     aacctatatg atgtgactct cttattctgt ctgcgctttg acaataagaa gactgtgaaa     70980
     tgttaatgag cccagcactt aggtaacgta agtcttgtct ggttgctgaa caacccccac     71040
     aaacaagact tttgctgtat ttcagggccc aacacctgga tgatgttact cttctgccta     71100
     ggtcatgcgt aaagagggaa ttagggcata ttgcttggcc cagtcccgta atgatatgac     71160
     tctcctgctt gtgccagagc cacagaaggt attttgatat atcttgttcc ctttctgtac     71220
     gtgttttggc tctcataact ttgctggtat tcttccacgt gttgttgtag catattgctg     71280
     gttccagccc ccagttaatg tgaccctctt tcctaggccc tgcctaggta gagtattgtg     71340
     acatattgct tggaacagca cctaagtgat gttaaccttc tgcctagatt ttgcccacaa     71400
     atggggttat gacagatacc ttgattcagt tcaaaaacat gatgatcaag cttatatcgg     71460
     gattcagcca acaggagata ttttgccttg cattgctagg tttacatcaa taagttagtc     71520
     ccttcattgc atatttatac agagctcaga gaaacttaca acactgattc atatcataaa     71580
     accttcctgg gtggtacaga gatatttatg acggatccca acaaaaaatt gagattgtga     71640
     atctccacta cacattcaaa tgcaagtaaa agttgttatc ttctcacatt tacaaatctc     71700
     attgttaagg tcctgagtct aacaagtgaa tacaggacca agttggagtt gtgattttca     71760
     aaagctaatc ttgtcacggg tgggatggtg actcatacat atctggtccc aggtcacagg     71820
     cttaaaaaca gtctcatctc tgaagccagc ctagagaaga gatgttgaga gtcatacctt     71880
     ggtttagggc aatatgtaag atcatgagtt catataagca tgtgggcctc agagaggttt     71940
     tcaactctca ggcatgttgt atagtgttct cagatattgc agagaatgtc atacaagggt     72000
     cagcacacac atgagattgt gactgtcata taaacaacta gctaaccatt aattgtgtca     72060
     ccgttaaagg tgaagagatt gtgtcatatc acttggcgtc ataccccagt gttgagacat     72120
     ttttgtttaa attcctttcc aaaagggcat tgtcacatat cactgggtca gaataatgat     72180
     aatggccttg aaaacagggg atattttcac acacccccaa gcctattggc caggtgatat     72240
     gtctctcctg ctagtgcatt gcccacaggg gacattgtga tatatcacta gatacagcat     72300
     ctaggtaata ctcctgcctg gaacctgtcc accaaataaa ttgtgacata caactgagtg     72360
     caaaacctag gtgacatgac tctcctattt gtcctggact ctgccaagac agggaatttc     72420
     tacatattgc tgagcccagc acccaggtgt tgtgattctt tttttacttt tatttttcat     72480
     caaatctgtc tacattgggc atggtgacat attacctgag ggtctaccca ggtgatgtgg     72540
     ctcttcagcc tgatttctgc tcacatgtta gattgtgaca tacaactagg aaagcaccta     72600
     ggtatatgac tctccttttc agcccatgcc ctgccctact gggacagtgg gatctatctc     72660
     tgagcccaag acctaagtga agtgactctc ttcttcagtc tggtctttgc agtgacggca     72720
     ttgtgacata ttgctgagcc cagcactcag atttattgac agctatttct cttgaaccat     72780
     gcaaacaaac agaaatgttg acctattgca gggctcagca cacatataat gttactcttt     72840
     tgcctggatt ttgcgtacac ggagaattat ggcatatact aatatataat aatagcacac     72900
     taaaaatgtg actgtcatgc tttcctgcag ctacagaagg cattttgaca tatactgagc     72960
     ttattctgta gatgtcttgg ctctgatttt ttgcctgttc tttttctaca tatgggattg     73020
     tgtcatattg ctgtgtccag tacccagtta atatgactta attcctatac gctgcctaga     73080
     gatggcattg tggcatgatg cttggcacag cacagtgatg ttacacccct gcctagtttt     73140
     ggcccacaaa taggattatg acatatacct tacttcagtt cacaggcatg atggtctaaa     73200
     ttacactggg aatcagccaa aggagatatt ttgcctttta tcactagaac aagggaaata     73260
     ggtgaggttg tgggttgcat atttgtacca aactcaaaga cctttacaac actaactcat     73320
     aatgtataaa tgtgtggagt acagagagtt tcatgacagg gagtagcaaa aattcagatt     73380
     gggactctcg attacacaac caagtaaaag caaacgttgt cactattcca tatgtccaaa     73440
     cctcactgtt aaggtcttga gtctaacaag tgaatacagt acaacatcag aattgtgacc     73500
     ttcatatgtg gatctggcca cgggtgggat ggtgactcat ttctggatcc agcttacagg     73560
     cataataaac tgtctcatcc ctgaacccaa actgcagaag agatgttgac tattatacct     73620
     gagtttaggg taatatgtaa gatcatgaat ccatacaaac atgtaggcct cagagtggtt     73680
     tgcaactctc acgcatgctg tataaagcct tcaaatgtca cagagtgtca atcaacagcc     73740
     caggaaacac atgaaattgt tatattcatg tagacagtca gttcacagtt aatggtgtca     73800
     ccctcaaagg caacaaaatt tggtatatta ctaggccatg tacccacctg ttgagacatt     73860
     ttggcataaa ttctttccca caggtgcact gtgacgtatc actgggttca tatcattgta     73920
     atgtgactct tctgtctgga ccctgccaac aggggatatt atcacatatc tctggaccta     73980
     taagtagggg aatttttctc tcctgcatgt tccctgcccc cagaaggcat tggaaaatat     74040
     taacttaaca tctgggtcac gtgattctac tctcctgcct gggtgtggct caccaaagaa     74100
     gttgtgacat agcactgatt gcaaaatcta tgtgatgtgg ctttccttca tattctagac     74160
     tcttccaagc cagcagatta ttacagtttg caaagcccag cactgaggta gagtagagtg     74220
     acactcctct ttttcttttt ttcctggcaa tagtgtgctt ggtgacataa tctttgaggc     74280
     tgtcacatca ccaagattat attgtatcac tggaccagca taaagctgac acttctgact     74340
     atgcccagcc ttcaaataat actacactgt ataattggct caacacccag gtaatgtgac     74400
     tttcctttct tgtccctgct cacaggccaa gttttgacat atatctgggt taagcacaca     74460
     tgcagaataa taactctcat acctggaccc agccagtaga gataattgac tctcataggc     74520
     agtctcacga caatgggtta tgtcctgagt ttttcaactg tataaagttc acaaaggatt     74580
     ataacactcg ggtatatcat atacagcctt aattgtacaa tgagtgtcat aagagaggcc     74640
     agaaatgaag tgagaatggg acttttaaat gcacacccag ctgacatgat tgtcattctc     74700
     acacatgaac agggcgtagg aatgagatac taatctcaca cataaaaaaa cagtcaaatg     74760
     tttaaataat tactcttaca catagatctg attcacaggt ggtttggtaa agtttgaacc     74820
     atgattcagc acacctgtgg tgttgtgtct tccctactgg aacacagtct tcaaggggga     74880
     ttggggctcc tatacatgaa tcttgaccat tgttgagatt gtgactcctc tactaagatc     74940
     tacctcatag aaagagttgg ctcaggtaca ggaaactagg tgttgtgtgg catgtgaaac     75000
     ttatttccaa gcatatctga gagtgtgatt tggacaggta accatgtcca gcacatgaat     75060
     aatctgactc tcttttctag gcccagaact cggatgaaat agtgccctat gttgaacaag     75120
     cacctaagaa atatgtaata ccttctttgg ccttgtctgc aaagggcact ttcatatatc     75180
     actgggacca tcacccaggt gatgtgaatt atctgcctaa aacctgccta caagaggaat     75240
     tgtgttttat atctacatcc accatgaatt gaagtgactc ccttctactg ccttggccct     75300
     gcccttacag tgcattttga cacataagca gaaactgtgt ccaggagatc attgtccttt     75360
     ttgcgttctg ccaactggaa catggtaaca tatcacttag ctcagaatgt aggtgatgtt     75420
     tcctcgcatt gtcctcgccc tgaccacagg gagattgtga catatttctg ggtccagcac     75480
     ccttgtgagg tcactctcca gccttggtaa tgcacataag aagcattgtg acaaatagct     75540
     aggccaattg cccaagtgaa gtgagtgtcc tctctagcaa aaatcctgcc cagagaagag     75600
     gttttgatat ttcactgaca ccagcatcca ggtgatttga ctcttctgcc agggtcctgt     75660
     ccacaaggta gactgtgact tctcactgaa tccacaccca tgtagctgat gagattttct     75720
     tctcttctct ctggccactg ccgatattgt gccttataca agagaccata aataaaagcc     75780
     taataacaac acatatatct ggagccagga catgtgcagc atggtgactc ttagtcttaa     75840
     agcgatacac aagtgtaact gtgacatata cctttaccca gctccttagt gatttaataa     75900
     ttctgcatag gtatagcatc aaaatgagat tttgacaaat ccttggtata agcatcttca     75960
     tgatttgact gtgttatctt aataatatcc acaggcgtga ctgtaacgta tttctggccc     76020
     atcacatagg ttacatgact gttctctccc acctgtacat gattttcttt ggtaactgta     76080
     tcatttctaa acactgtatc caaatgatat gactctcttg cctgggccct gtcaagagga     76140
     ggcatagtga catattttgg gttccatcat ttacctgata tggcagctct cctctcctgc     76200
     ttggacactg ccaataaggg acactgtgcc accaagctgg atctagcaca caatttatgt     76260
     ggcatttcta caggatcctg cctacaaaga gaatattgga atatttctgg ccaagaattt     76320
     aggtgatgtg attgttctgc ctgcttcata accacagaga gtaatatttg tacacagaga     76380
     gttgcatatt tgtacaaagt ccaaagatta caacactaac ttatattgta taaactcatt     76440
     ggtggtaaaa actttcataa cagggcccag tagaaagttc agatttggag tactgattat     76500
     acaccccagt aaaattaaaa gttgtcacca tcctacatat acaatgccca ctgtggaata     76560
     cggcacaaag ttgcaattgt gaatttatat gtggatctgt ctggaggtgg gataataatg     76620
     ggtcttctcc tttaacccta catataaaag agatgctgac tatcaaatct gaattgaggg     76680
     caatgtgtaa aattgtgaac ccatatgagc atgcaggtcg ctgagaggtt tacaactctc     76740
     atgcaggttt tataaagccc tcggatgtaa agagtgtcat acattggccc agcatacatg     76800
     tgagattgtg attctaatat tcaaccttag ctgaaagtta aaggtgtcac cctaaaagat     76860
     gaggagagtg tgtcttatca ctaggcctgg taaccaagtg ttgagaatta gggcttaaat     76920
     tttgcccata ggtgcattgt gaattatcac tgggtcagaa tcctaataat gtgaaacttc     76980
     ttcttggacc cagccaacag gggatattat cacgtatctc tgggcctatc agctaggtga     77040
     tgtggtgtct ctcatgccag tgccctgcca cagtggacac tgggacatat cactatagta     77100
     tctaggtaat gtgactctcc actcctgcct ggattctggc cactgaagaa attttgacat     77160
     accactgagt gcaaaaccta ggtgatgtga ctctcttctt tgtcttggac tctgccagtg     77220
     agctttgtct tgaactctgc taatgaggaa ataataaaat attgctgagc ccatcaccta     77280
     ggggcgtgac aatcctctat ttttcaatcc agggtttagt ggtcatgata atattatctg     77340
     agactgtatc caggtgatat gactgttctg actgggtcct gactaaaaag gaaattataa     77400
     cgtatccctt gctcagcaac cagataatgt aactcttctc tcttgtctct gtccaaaggt     77460
     gaaattgtga tgtatacctg gattcagctc atataataac tggattcagc acaataataa     77520
     ctctcatacc tagacctagc cagtgggaga tatttgactt tcacaggcag tcttaaggcc     77580
     atgggtaaag tcctagatct cccacctgta ataatttacg ggaaattata ctactcaggc     77640
     atatcatata aagcctgaat gttacaaaga gtttcataac aggtacctgc aaccaggttc     77700
     cattgtgact cttggatgca tagacaactg acatgatttt catcttcaca catgtacaga     77760
     gcctacaaat gaggtagtaa atctcacaca cataagcagt tgaagcttga aattgttact     77820
     ctcatacacg aatctgatcc ataggtgatt tggtgatgtt tgaactatga tttagtcaaa     77880
     ctgtggtact ttgactttcc tactggaaca caatcttcaa gtgggattga gactcttcta     77940
     tgtggatctt tcctattttt gagattgtga cacctgtact tcaacccaac ttataggagg     78000
     tgttgactct catacccaaa tccaggactt gtgtgggact gtgaaactta tttctgaaca     78060
     tttttgagtg tgtaactgag aagtataact ttgcacagaa tctgagtgtt ttgactctcc     78120
     tttctaggcc cagagcacag ttgaaattgt gacttacatg caccaagcac ctaagcaata     78180
     agtaacatct tttttggtaa tgaaacatag ggcactttta catatcactg agatcagcac     78240
     ttggctgatg tgaaatcttg gcctgaggcc tgcctacaga gagcactgtg gtttttatat     78300
     aagttgatta cttaagtgac atgacttcct tctactgtct tggccctgca cttctggtgg     78360
     tggattgtga cacgtaacta ggtactgcac ccaggtgatg tgactttttt ggagaatgaa     78420
     gtttctgcca gtaggaagct ttgtaacgta ttacttggct cagcgactag gtgatatttc     78480
     ttttctcttg cctgtgccct gaccgccaga gagattgtga catgttgctg aacctagcac     78540
     caaagcgagg gttactcccc tgccttgatc ctacacatag gggccattgt gacgtatatt     78600
     caggccaatt gcctaagtga agtttgtctt ctctcctgcc taagttctgc tcacaggggg     78660
     gatcttatat gtcactgaaa ccagcatccg gatgatgtga ctcttctatc agagtcctag     78720
     ccacaaggac aattgagaca tttcactgga ccagcatcca ctaaggtgat ggaactttcc     78780
     tttttctctc tgcccacagg tgatattgtt ccatttacct gagaccagat aaaaagccta     78840
     atgatgacgc ttgtccccag agccaggaca cgtgcaggac aggatcatta ctctcatccc     78900
     tgccccagat tttcacaggt actattgtga catacacctt tacccagctc ctgagtgatt     78960
     taataatcct gccttgttat agcccgcaga tgacatttgg acctacacct ttcccaggaa     79020
     cctttgtgat tttactcttg tgtcctaaca ggttctcgga agtgatcata acatatctct     79080
     ggagccattg tctaggttac atgactctcc tcttctgcat gaaccctgct tccagtgaag     79140
     agtagcattt ctaagcactg cacccaaatg acatgagtct cttgtctggg ctttttaaag     79200
     ggggggcttt gtgatatctc tctgggccct tcatttaggt gatatgactc tcctctactg     79260
     cctggacaca ctccacaaag ggcattatgc catagagctg agtctagcac ctaagttttg     79320
     tcatatttct gttagggccc tctctacaaa ataaagttgg ggtatttctg gcttaggatt     79380
     taggtgatgt cgttttctgc ctgtttaatt accacagatg agatggcgcc gtatctgtag     79440
     acacatctaa aatacatgat aaggactctc atatgtgaac ccagccaata ggaaacattt     79500
     tgactcttat aactaggctt agggagataa gtgatatcca gcatctcctt ctggtaaaaa     79560
     ggtcacagaa gattacaaca ttcacacata ttttataaca tccttgtgtc gtatagagag     79620
     agtcataaca gggcctagca catggagaaa attgggattc tcatatgtac attcagctga     79680
     cagtaacggc tttcaccatt acagatgatg aaggcaattg tcccacataa aaatagaaca     79740
     cgcctgatat tgtaaatcta atccctagaa ttttattcca tcatgactga tataaatctt     79800
     tgccaagtgc ctgtgtgagt tcacccttca gattggttcc agcctaccta tgggattttg     79860
     gtatctacct aagccaacct tgaagtgacg tgactctttt gcctgggccc tccactcaga     79920
     attataacat cattggatcc agcacacagg tgacgttaca ttcttgcttg cgccatgctc     79980
     gcagatatca ttgtgacata ttgcagtgtc catcagttag aagatgtcac tctcctctct     80040
     ggaaagggcc ttgaacactg ggcaaaatag tgacctgttt ctaggccagg cacacaggtg     80100
     atgatgctct tttcccaggg ctatgcccaa aaaagggcat ttgacatatc acaggaccta     80160
     tcgtgtaggt gatacggctc ttctgcttga aacttgccca attgaatagt gacatactgc     80220
     taggccaggc acaatggtga tggaactctt ttgccagggc catgctttca aaaatgcctt     80280
     gtcatatata cctggtccta tcaccaaggt gatgtgactt cctgcttggt cctgcccaca     80340
     tgaagtattg agacataagc gtggaatctg cacctaggtg acataactct cttgcctggg     80400
     tccttttcta agagggactt gtgaatacct cagtacccag gaccacatga tgtggctctt     80460
     caacctggtt ttcacccaca tattaaattg tgacatatag ctaaagaagc atctaggtaa     80520
     tatgactctt cttctgtctg aacccagcct actggtgata ttgggccata tttctaagcc     80580
     tgtgacctaa gtgatgtgac tctatttttg tctagggctt tacaatggta agattatgag     80640
     atattgatga gctcagcatt taggtaatgt gactctcatc ttgtaactga acaacgccca     80700
     ggaacagatc ttttgccgta tttcagggcc cagtacccag atgaagctgc tcttctgcct     80760
     aggttgtgca taaagagaaa attgtggcat atttcttggc ctagaaccct aatgatgtga     80820
     ctctcctgct tgtgccagga ccgcagaagg tatttcgaca tatctttggc ccattttcta     80880
     ggtgttttca ctcttaccac tttgctgaat ttcttccacg tgtggttgta ttatattgct     80940
     gactccagcc tgcagttaat gtggccctct ttcctaggtg ctgcttacag agggcatcat     81000
     gacatattgc ttgacaaaga acctaagtga tgttaatatt ctgcataggt tgctaaaaaa     81060
     tgggaatgtg agaaatacct tgcttcagtc caaaggtatg atgatcaagc ttatgttggg     81120
     attcagccaa taggagagat ttttcctctc accaccaggt ttaggtcaaa gagtcaggtt     81180
     actcattgca catttctaca aagctcacag tagtttacaa cactaactca tgtaataaaa     81240
     atttcctggg tgatacaaag ggtttcttaa cagtgcccag caaacagtta agattatgat     81300
     tcttgactgc acactcagat gaaagtaagt ttttaccatc ctacatctac aaagcccatt     81360
     gttgagatcc tgagtctaag caaatacacc acaaagatgg agttgtgact ttcataaatg     81420
     aatatggccg caggtgggat ggtgactcat ttttggagcc aactctcagt cataataatg     81480
     atctcatccc taacaccagt ctataggaga gatgctgact gtcatacctg ggtttagggc     81540
     aatatgcata atcataattc tgtaaatgcc tgtaggcctc agagaggatt gcaactctca     81600
     tgcatgttgc ataacgttct caggtattat agagagtgtc atacaatggc aagcacacac     81660
     atgagattgt gactctctta tacacagata gctaacattt aatggtgtca cccttaaaga     81720
     tgaggagatt ttgtcatata tcttgcccta ctagctggtg ttgagaactt ttagtttaaa     81780
     tttcattcca ttagggcatt gttacatatc actgggtcag aatcaaaata atgtgactct     81840
     tcttccaggg ccctgcaaac agaggatatt ttcccatatc tccaggccta ttggctatgt     81900
     aatatgtctc tcctgccagt actttgccca gaggagacac tgacatattg ctggatttag     81960
     aatctaggaa atttgaccca tctttactgc ctggatcctc ctcactgaaa aaattgtcat     82020
     ataccattga gtgcagagcc taggtgacag aagtcccctt tttttcctgg actctgtcaa     82080
     gagagggaat tgttacatat tggtgagcag agcacccacg tggtgtcatt atctaatttt     82140
     ataagaaacc tatctatgct ggggatggtg acatattact tgcagttgta cccaggtgat     82200
     gtggctcttc tgcctggttt ctgcccgtgg gtaaggtttt tggcatataa ctagggaaac     82260
     atttaggtga tatgagtctc cctttctgcc tgggccctgt tcactgggta cactggacta     82320
     tatctctgag cccatgaact aagggaagtg actctctttt tctgctgggt ctttacaatg     82380
     gagagattgt gaaatattgc tcaacctagc aatcaggtta tttgattcac cttttttttt     82440
     tttaatctca aatcatgccc actaacagaa attttggcct attgcagggc ccagcaccca     82500
     gataatgtta cgcctttacg tgggtcctgt atgtagagaa tattataaca tactgctggg     82560
     cccagcatcc tgaaaatata aaactcatga ctttgctgga ggcagagaag gtattttcac     82620
     agatcctggg cccattatgt aggtgttttg gctcttatct ttttgctgtt tttttttttt     82680
     tttttttcac ttttgttttt gtttgtttcc acataatgga ttgtttcata ttgctgagtc     82740
     cagaactcag ttaacatgac tctaattcct ctatgttacc tagagagggc actgtggcat     82800
     gttgcttggc acaacaccta agtgatgtta ccctcgggcc tacttttttt gctcacaaat     82860
     gggactatga cttcagttca caggcatgat ggtcaaattt atactgagat tcagccaata     82920
     ggagatattt tacctttcat tgctaggctt tgggcaatac ataaagtctg ggttgcatat     82980
     ttgtaccaag ctcacagagc tttacaacac taactcataa tgtatgaact tctttgttgg     83040
     tatagagagt ttggtgatag ggaccagtga agagttcagt ttgagattct tgattacaca     83100
     cccaggtaaa agcaagtgct gtcatcattc tacatgtcca aaggccattg ttaagaacct     83160
     gagttttaca aatgaatgca gtgcaaagtt ggaattgtga ctttcgtatg tggatctggc     83220
     cacaggtggg attgtgactt atttctagat ccagctcaca ggcataaaaa tgagtctcat     83280
     ttctaaccca gcctatagag gagatgctga ctattatacc tgggtttagg ggaatatgta     83340
     aggtcatgaa tccatgtgaa tatgtaggcc ttagagtggt ttgaaactct catgcgtgat     83400
     gtataaagct tttgaaaatt gttgagagtc atgcaacggc ccaggatact agtgaaattg     83460
     ttactctcat atacacaccc agctcagagt ttataatgtc actctcaaag acaaggggat     83520
     ttggcctatt aataggcata gtgcttaggt gttgagacta tttggcttaa attcctttcc     83580
     ttgggtggat tgtaacatat cactgtgtta gaatcataat gtgtctcttc tgtctggacc     83640
     ctgccaaaag gggatattat cacatatcta tgggtctata agctagagga tttgtctctt     83700
     ctgacagtgt cctgcaccca gaagacattg tgaaatattg tttggcttaa catctaggta     83760
     atgtgattct cacctcctgc ctgagccttg ctcagcaaac aaattgtgac ataccgctga     83820
     ttgaaaaacc tacatgatgt gactctcctt catattctag actctaccaa gagagagggt     83880
     tgttacatat tgcggagtcc agcacatagg tggactgact gtcctctctt ttttcttccc     83940
     tgtccatagt gggcttgctg acatattatg tgaaactgta cccgggtgaa gtgactcttc     84000
     tgactaggcc cagcatacaa atgagattat gctgtatcac tggctcagtg tcgaggtgag     84060
     ttgactccct ttccttgtct ctgcttacag gtgaaatttt gacacgtacc tgggttaagc     84120
     acgcatggac aaaaataact ctcatacctg ggcccagcct gtaggaatat tttgactctc     84180
     atagccagtc tcacggccat gggtaaagcc ctgtgttttt cacttgtata aaagtcacga     84240
     aggattataa tactcaggta tatcatataa agcattaatg gtgcaaagag tgtcataaca     84300
     gagaccagca accaggtaag aatatgactc ttgtatgcac acttcactga aatgattgtc     84360
     attctcgcat attaacaggg tctaggaatg agggactaaa tctcacacat aaaaagcagt     84420
     cgatgtttga aataattact cacctacatg gacctgatcc acaggtggtt tgttaacatt     84480
     tgaaccagga ttcagcacac ctgtggtgcc gtgactcccc tcctggacca caatgttcaa     84540
     gggggattgc ggctcttata catgaatctt gcccattgtt gagattttga ctcctccatt     84600
     ttgatccaac ttacagaaag aattgactca catacacaaa accaggactt gtgtgggatg     84660
     tgaaacttat ttccgaacat atatgagagt gtcatattgg gataggtcac tttgtccagc     84720
     aaatgaataa tttgactcat tttctaggcc cagatcacag aagtaattgt gccatatgtg     84780
     gaacaagcag ctaagcaata gataacatcc atcgtggctc tgccttcaaa gggaaatttt     84840
     acatatgtca ctgggaccat cacccagatg atgtgagtta tctgcctgaa acctttctac     84900
     aaaaggaatt ttgttatata tctaggtcca tcctgtaagt gatgtgactc tcttctactt     84960
     ccttggccat gcacttacag ggcattgtga caaagaactg ggtactgcat tcaagtgatg     85020
     tgattcttct ttttgggttc tgccaacagg aagcattgaa catatcactt ggctcagtac     85080
     ctaggtgatg tttcttcact ttcgccttgg cccagaccac aggcagattg tgacatattt     85140
     cctgggacaa acacctatgt gaggccactc tacagtttgg ttactgcacg gaatagacat     85200
     tgtggcaaac atctaggcca actgcctttg tgaagtgagt ctcctctctt gccaaagccc     85260
     tgcccagaag agaggctttt gatatgtcac tgaaatccag gtgctgtggc tcttccacca     85320
     ggttcctacc cacaaggtga atagtgatgt cttagtggcc cagacccaca taggtgatgg     85380
     gactttcttg tgttctctct ggccacaggt gatattctgc catgtaccag agaccaaaac     85440
     aaaagcctag taacaactca tatgactaga gcatacgact tgtgcaggat ggtgactctt     85500
     agacttaagc ctttccacaa gtctgattgt gacatatacc tttgctcaac tcctgagtga     85560
     tttaataatt ctgcctaggt atagcaaatg agattttgac agatacattg gtcaagcacc     85620
     ttggtgatct ggctgatgta tcttgaaatg tcctcagggg ctcttgtaac atatttctgt     85680
     gcccttcatc taggttacgt gactcttctc tcctgcctgt accctgcttc tttggtggat     85740
     tgtagtattt ataatccctg catccaaatg atatgacact cttgcctggg acctgtcaac     85800
     aggaagaatt gtgacaaaat tttgggccca tcatttaggt gatattactc tcctctcctg     85860
     cctagacact gtccacaagg gatattgagc catagagctg gacatagcac ataagttatg     85920
     tgatatttct gagagggctc tgactacaaa aagaatattg gaatatttct gacccagcat     85980
     ttatgtgata tggctgtcag gcctccttct taaccacaga gtgaattgta acatatacct     86040
     atgcatggct cacagccatg ataatgactc tcatgtgtgg actcagccaa tagaggatat     86100
     tttgcatctt ataactcagt ttagggacat gcatgatgtc ctggatctcc ttcttgtaca     86160
     aaggtcacaa aatattacaa cactcataca tattttacaa agtctttggg tcatacacac     86220
     aaagtcaaag cagggctcag cacacagatg aaatcatgag tcttgtttgc acacccagct     86280
     gaaagtaaga actcattatc tcacatggat aaaggtaact gtcacacatg aaacagggca     86340
     tgtgtggtaa gatggtaaat ctcatctttg gaattttctg acagtgtgag tatgatataa     86400
     atttttgcta agcacttgtg taatctgagg ctccggactt gttccagctc ataggtgggg     86460
     ttatgaaatc tacctaggcc aacctcgagg tgacatgact ttcctgcctt gtcctatctc     86520
     tcagtaatga ttgtgacata tcactggacc tagctcccag gtaacgttac atccttactt     86580
     gcaccctgcc caccaaaatt attgtgacat atttctgtgt ttacctcata gttgatgtga     86640
     gtctcctctc tggaatgggc actgcacaac agaatgatag tgacatagcg caaggaccgg     86700
     cgcacaggca aggttcctcc ttatcctgtg gatgcctgga ggagggcaat gtgacatatc     86760
     tctgggtcta tcacctacat tatgtggctc tcctgctagg gtccttccaa cctcgaaagt     86820
     gacacgcttc taggccaggc acacaggtga tggtaccctt ttccagggct atgcttcaca     86880
     cagtacattg tgacatatct ctgggcctat cacctaaatg aagtgactct ctccctgggt     86940
     cctaaccaga tgaagcattg tgtcataagc agagaccctt cacctagtat gatgtatttc     87000
     tcttggctag gtgctgtgtt aagagcactt tgtgacatat cacaggaccc agcacccaag     87060
     tgatgtggct cttctgcata gtttctgccc ccatgttaaa ttgtgacata ttttgatgga     87120
     agcacatagg tgatatggct gtcctcatct gcctgagctc tgcctcgttg gagtattagg     87180
     acatatctct gagcccatga cctaagtgat gtgactctct tttccttcct gggccttcat     87240
     aaaaggagga ttttgtcaca ttgctgagcc caggactcag gatatgtgac tctcggctgt     87300
     cctcacctgc ctgagctctg cctagttgga gtattaggac atgtctctga gcccatgacc     87360
     taagtgatgt gactcttttt cttcctgggc cttcataaaa ggaggatttt gtcacattgc     87420
     tgagcccagg actcaggata tgtgactctc ggctgtcctc acctgcctga gctctgccta     87480
     gttggaatat taggacatgt ctctgagccc atgacctaag tgatgtgact ctgtttttct     87540
     tcctgggcct tcataaaagg aagattttgt tacattgctg agcccaggac tcaggatctg     87600
     tttctcttct ctttctcctg aaccatgcct acaaaaaaga aatttgacac atattattgc     87660
     ccagcatgca gatcatgtta ctcttctgca tgggatctgc ataaagagat aattatggca     87720
     tattgtatat tgctgggccc agcaccctta agatgtgatg ctcctgcctg tgctgctgat     87780
     accgaaagta ttttgacata tattatgccc attatgtagg tgttttggct ctcataactg     87840
     ggctgggttt cttacacatg tgaaattgtg tcgtatttct gggtccagca cccagttaac     87900
     gtgacccaat ttcctacacc ctgcatacag aaggcattgt gacatattgc tgggcacagc     87960
     atctgagtga tgttaccctt ctgcgtagtg ttttgcccac atatgtcatt ataacatata     88020
     cccagtttaa gctcacagcc atgatgatca aacttatact gggattcagc caatagaaaa     88080
     tatttgcctt tcattgttag gcttggggca atagataagg tcctgggctg catatttgta     88140
     ccaagctcac agaaacttac acaactaact tacattttat aaactccttt gtggtagaaa     88200
     tttttatagc aggggccagc aaaaagttca aattgggact ctcgattaca cacccaggtg     88260
     gaattaaaag ttgccaccat cccacattta caaagcccac agttgagtct tatacctaaa     88320
     cctttccgca agtgtaattg tgacatatat tgtatttcag ttcctgagtg atttaataat     88380
     tctgcctaga tatagcctac aaaagcgatt ttgacaaata tcttcatcaa gcaccttggt     88440
     gatttgactg tgctatctaa aaagtgtcct caggcaaaat agtcacatgt ttctggaccc     88500
     attatttagg gtatatgact ctcctctttg acctgtaccc tgcttcctat agtaattgta     88560
     ccttttctaa acactgcatt caaatgacat ggctctcttt ttttggagaa actctcctgt     88620
     tgagaggcat tttgacacat gcttgagccc agcttttagg tcctgtgact ctcctctcct     88680
     gcctagacac agcccaaaat gaacattgtg caacagagtt ggatttagca cacaagttat     88740
     gtgatatttt ggacaagacc cctcctgcaa aaagaatact ggaatatttc tggcccagca     88800
     tttaggtgat gtggctgtta ggcctgattc ataacaacag aacaaattat aacaaatacc     88860
     taggcagggc ttgcaggaat aataatgact cttatatgtg gactcatcca acagagaata     88920
     tttttactct tataattcag tttagggaca tgcgtgatgt cctgaatcac tttcttgtac     88980
     aaacatcaca aaagattaca acacacacat tttacagagt ctttggttta tacagaaaga     89040
     gtcaaagcag ggttcaactc aggtgaaatt gtgagtcttg tatgcacacc cgcctgacag     89100
     taaggactgt catcatctct catggatgaa gtcaactgtc acacatgaaa acaggacatg     89160
     tgtggtattg taaatcacat ctttggaatt ttctgacagt gtgattgtga tataaatctt     89220
     tgctaagcac cagtgtaatt tgactctcca gacttgttcc agcccatatg tgggattgtg     89280
     atatctacct aggccaacct caaggagatg tgactctcct gcctgggccc ttctctcagt     89340
     aaggattgta catatcactg gatctagcat ccaggtgatg ttcacattct tgcctgtgcc     89400
     acgccaacca aaattattgt gaacatattt gtgtgtgcac ctcataggga tgaaactctg     89460
     atctctggaa tgggccttgc acaaaggaag gatggtgaca tattgtgaag ccaggcatac     89520
     agctgtgggt actttttgcc acagccatgc ccaaagtagg gcattgtgac atatctctgc     89580
     acctattacc taggttaagc ggctctcctg cttgggccct gacaacctgg agaatgacat     89640
     atttctaggc caggcacaca ggtgatgata ctcttttgcc aagactatgc ttcacagggg     89700
     actttgtgac ctatctcttg ggccaataaa ctagtttatg ggactaaatg ctttggcctc     89760
     acacacatag agcattgtga catgaaagtg aaacctgaac caaggtgatg taactctttc     89820
     accttggttc tgaactaatc gggatttgca acatacctta ggacccagta cccaggttat     89880
     atggctcttc tgtctggttc tgcccatgtg ttagattgag acatacacct aaagaagcac     89940
     caatgagaca ccactctcct cttctgcctg aattctgcct gacttctgcc tactggggac     90000
     attgggacat gtttctaagc ccatgaccta agtgatatga ctctcttccc ttgcctcagc     90060
     ctttaaaatg ctgaaattgt gatgtatttc tgagaccagg atttaggtta tgtgactatt     90120
     tccttttttc tgaaccatgc ccacaaaggg aaaatttcac ctattgcact cagatgatgt     90180
     tactcttctg ctgcagtcct gaataatgag ggagtgattg cataatggta ggcccaacac     90240
     tctaatgatg cttcagtccc accagtgcca gagccacaga gggcattttg acatatcttc     90300
     agccaaatct gtaagtgttt tggctttcat cccttggttg agtttctttt tttaacaagt     90360
     aaaattgtgt catattgcta ggtccagcat ccagataaca tgaccctgct ttctgtattc     90420
     tgcctagaga cagcactgtg acatgctgcg tgccacagca cctaagtgac attactcttt     90480
     ttggtaattt tttgcccaca aatgggatta taaaatatac cttgcttcag tttacaggta     90540
     tgatggtcaa acttacattg tgattcagca aatagaagat attttgcctc tcatcgcaag     90600
     gcttagggca ataggtaaaa tcctgggttg cgtatttgag gaaagctcac agaacaataa     90660
     ttaatattgt ataaactcct tgggtggtac agcgtttcct aacaaagccc agcaaaaagt     90720
     taagattgtg attctgaatt acacacacaa ttgaaagtaa aacttgtcac cacccctcat     90780
     taagaaagcc cattgctgag atactgagtc taacaagtaa aacagtacaa agatggaatt     90840
     gtgactctca tttgtggatt ttgccacagg tgcaaccatc actcattttt agacccagct     90900
     cacaggcata aaaataagcc tcattcctga actaagcata aatgagagat actgactctc     90960
     atatctgggt ttaaggcaat atataatatt cagagtcaaa atgagcatgt ggacctcaga     91020
     gtagtttgtg aatctcacgc atgttgtata aaactctcag atgttctaga ggatgtcata     91080
     caatggccca gcacacacgt gacaatgtga cttacataca tatgagttaa cagttaaagg     91140
     tgtcacccta aaagatgagg agatattgtc atatcattgg gcctagtacc caggtgtaaa     91200
     aactgctttg tttcccatgt gtgcattgtg acatatcgtt gggtcagaat cacaataatg     91260
     tgacttttta ctacttgatc ctgccaagta gggatattgt cacatatatc tgagcctatt     91320
     tcttgggtga tttgtctatt ttgcttctgc tttttcacca aagaacattg tgacatcatc     91380
     ggtgataaca tctaggaaat gtgattcttc tctcctgcct aggtcctgcc cactaaaaga     91440
     attgtgacat aacgctgact gcaaaaactg ggtaatgcaa ctctcctctt tattctggag     91500
     tctgccaaaa caagggatta tcacatattg cggagtccag cacccaggtg atgtgagtct     91560
     tctctgtttc tctaagatta taatgtatcc tgagctcacc atccaggtga tgagactctc     91620
     ctgctctgtt tctgcccgca ggtaaaattt tgtcatatac ccagcttcag ataccatgca     91680
     ataatacaac tatcatacct ggacccaaag aggagagata ttttgattct cattgccatt     91740
     cttatggcca caagcaaagt aatggttctc atagtggtat aaagttcaca cagtattatg     91800
     acactcccag cgtatcatag aaaatgtgag tagtacaatg agtgttataa cagggaacag     91860
     caaaccaatg ctattgtgat tattggattc acacccagct gacgcgacta tcattctctc     91920
     acaagaacag aacctgcaaa taaagtacta aatctcacca aaagagcagt aaaagattga     91980
     aattgttcct ctcatatgtg gatctgactc acaggtggtt tggggttgca tggttcagca     92040
     catctgtgag gctgggactc tccccctgga atgcagttat caagtgggat tgccatcttc     92100
     tacatggatt atgcccattg tttagattgt gtctcctctg tttcgaccca actcacagaa     92160
     ggtgttgact ttcatacata aagccaggac ttgtgtgggg ctgtgaaact tacttcagaa     92220
     tatttcctgg tgtatgatta ggacttaaaa gttagcccag gtcctgagta atttgactct     92280
     cctttttagg ccataacccg agatgaaatt gtgacatatg tggaccaaaa acctaagcaa     92340
     aggtgcctgg gcctgcctac aaatgtcact tttacatatc actgggatga gcagccagga     92400
     gatgtgtatt atttgcttga ttcctgccta tataaagcat tgtggctttt atctaggtcc     92460
     atcatgtaag tgacgtgact cacttccact gcctttgccc tgtaattatg gtgcattgtg     92520
     acacataact ggatagtaca ctcagaaaat gtgacactcc attctgggtt ctacaaacag     92580
     aaagctttgt aacatatcac ttggcttagc acttaggtga tgtttctact ctcctacctc     92640
     accctgacca caggggagat tgtgacatat tgataaaccc acctccaagg tgaggtcatt     92700
     ttcatacttt ggttttgcac ctagtggcca ttgtgacata tatctaggcc aattgcctag     92760
     atgtaggtaa agtgattctc ctcaccttct taagccctgc ccaacagaag aaattttgac     92820
     atatcactga aaccagcttc caggtgatat gcctcttctt ccagggtcct ggccacaaga     92880
     aagattgtga catctcactg gaccagcacc ctcacaagtg atgtgacatt tctgcttgct     92940
     ctctgtccat agacgatatc atgccatata cttgagagca aacaagagga ctaatcatga     93000
     ctgttagacc tgaagccagg tcacatcaaa gatggtgact cccattgctg aaactttcca     93060
     ccagtgttat tgtgacatag tctatttccc atctcttgag tgacttaatc atcttgccta     93120
     aatgttgccc acaaatgaga tttggacata ttactcagct gagcaccttg gcaatttgac     93180
     tctcctgtct taagaatatc ctcaggaagg attgtaacat ggctttggac ccctcgtcta     93240
     gttgtcttac tctcctctgc tgtctgaacc ctccttccac tggggattcc agcatctcta     93300
     atcatgccat ccaaatgata tgactccatt tcctggtccc ttcaacacga gacattgcgg     93360
     catatctctg gtcctagcat ttaggtgata tgagtctctt cttctgtctg gaaactgccc     93420
     acaggagcat tgtgccatat atctgggtgt aacccccagt ttatgcaact ttactgccag     93480
     gagtatgcct acaaggagaa tattagaaca tttctggctc agcatttagt gtacttggct     93540
     gtcgtgccta tttcataagc cacaatataa attgttacat atacctaggt acaacttaga     93600
     gacatgataa tgaccctcat atgtggaccc cgtaaatacg gttaattctg agtctcataa     93660
     cttgcttcag aaacatgaga gattaaatca ctttctggta aaaaagaaga caaggaaggt     93720
     tataagagcc tcagatgttt tataaacacc ttggcccata cagagagttt tataacagaa     93780
     cccaagagaa aggtgaaact gtgagtctta tatgtgcact cagctgacag caagtactgt     93840
     caccgtctca catatatgat gccaactgtc aatcatgaaa acaggacatg tgtggtatta     93900
     taaatctcat cctcagaatt ttctgccagt gtgagtgata taaatcttcg ccaagcacct     93960
     gtgtgatttt gttctccaga cttgttccag tccacatatg ttattgtgat acctacctgg     94020
     gccaaacttt aggtgatgtg atgctcctgc ctcggccctg ctgtcattaa gaatcatgac     94080
     atatcactag atccagcacc caggtcatgt tacatttttg cctaagccat gcatagagaa     94140
     atcactgggc cataccactg tgtcaacaac ttaggcaaca caactctcct tattagaatg     94200
     ggcacagcac tcagtgggtg atagtgacat gtggctgggc caggcacaga ggtgacagga     94260
     ctattttgct agtaccatgt cctaaagagg gcattgtgac aaatctcttg gcctatccta     94320
     ggtgatactg cactcctgct tgggtactgc ttacctggat aacaacataa tgcacagagg     94380
     tgatggtact ttcttgctag ggccatgtcc taaagaggtc actgtgacaa atctctgggc     94440
     ctatcagcta gatgatgttg ctctcctgct tgggtcctgc ttacctggat agtggacata     94500
     ttgctaggct acgcacatgg gtgatggtac tctttcacca gggccatgac tcaaggagga     94560
     cattgtgaca tatctctcgg ccagtcccct aggtgatgtg actccctgct tctgtcttgc     94620
     ccacatggag cattgtgata tttttttgta cttatttttt gtaactctct tttctgtgtc     94680
     ctgtcttaag gaagtcttgt gacatatctt aggacccagc atcaaggtga tgtgactctt     94740
     ctgcctggct tcacctcaca tgttagattg tgtcatatac ctaggaagca cctaggtgat     94800
     atgactcttc tcttctgcat gagtcctgcc tacttgggac attgggccat atatctgagc     94860
     ctgtgtctta agtgatgtga atcttttttt ctgcaagagc ctttagaatg gggtgatgtg     94920
     atatactgct aggcccaata cttaggtaaa ttgactcctt ttttcctgaa ctatgcccat     94980
     gaaaaggaac tttgatgtat cactgatccc agcatgaaga tgacagttct cttgttacta     95040
     ggtccagcat aaagagagaa ttatggcata ttgctggggc ccccaccctg atgatgtaac     95100
     tcttttgcct gtgctagaat aacaaagtat ttttacatac catgggccta ttctgtaggt     95160
     aatcttgttc tcatcattag tatgcatttc tttttcctac atattctaca tttgggttta     95220
     tgtcttattg ctgagtccag cacccagtta tcataacccc aatttctaga cctgcattga     95280
     gagggccttg tgatatattg cttggcacag cacctaagta tgctaccttt ctgaaaagtt     95340
     tttttttttt tctacaaatg gtatgaaatt tacattcctt caattcagac gcattatgat     95400
     caagctgaaa ttgaaatttc accaatagta gatgttttgc ctttcatggc tacacttaga     95460
     acaataggta aggttatgag ttgcaaattt gtacaaagtt cacagaaggt tacaacagta     95520
     acacataatc tataaactcc ttggttggta cacagagttt tataacaggg cccagtaaaa     95580
     gttaaggttt tgactcttga ttacacatgc aggtgagaga aaaagttgtc aaaatcccac     95640
     atttacaaag cccactgttg aagtcctgag tctaacaagt aaataaagta caaagatgga     95700
     attgtgactt tcatatatgg atcttgctac aggtgagatg gtaactcact tctggaccca     95760
     catcaggggc ataataatgt gtcttctgtc tgaatctagc ctataagagg aatgttgcct     95820
     atcataactg agtttaaagc agtatgtaag attgtgagtc aataggagca tgtaggcctc     95880
     agaatggatt gcaactctca tgcatgttgc ttaaagcctt tgtatgttgt agattgtgtc     95940
     ataggatcac ccagaataca catgagattg tgactcctat atactcacca aacagtcaaa     96000
     gttgtcaccc taatagatga agagattgtg ccatatcacg aggcctagta cctctaggtg     96060
     ttgagaattt taggcttaaa ttcttttcca tggttgcatt gtaaaacatc ccttgcttag     96120
     aatcataata gtttaaccct ctgcttggac cctgacaaca ggggatatga tcacatgtct     96180
     ttaggcctat cagctaagtg gtgtgtctct cctgccagtg ccctgcccac aaaggacact     96240
     gtgacatatc actagataaa gcatctaggt aatgtgaatc tcctctcctg ctgaatcctg     96300
     cccactgaag aaattgtgac ataccactga gtgaaaaacc taggtgatgt gactctcccc     96360
     tttgtcctgg gctctgccaa gagagtccga gaagatgtgc tgagcccagt ccttagagaa     96420
     tttgactatc cacttttttt aatccctgta ttcagtaggc atgatgacat attatttgag     96480
     agtgtaccca ggtgatatga ttcttctgac tgagtcctgc ctacagtgca gaataaaatg     96540
     tatccctgga tcagaatcca gatgatgaga ctcttctgtc ttgtctctgt ccaaaggtga     96600
     atttgggaca tatacctgga ttcagctcac atgcacaata ataactctat ggccatgggt     96660
     agagttctat attacccacc tctaagaata cacagaaaag tatcccactc aggcatatcg     96720
     tataaagcct gagtggtaca aagagtgtca taacaggcac ccaaaaccag gtggtattgt     96780
     gactcttgaa tgcacaccaa gctgacacaa ttgttattct cacacatgaa cagagcctac     96840
     caatgcagtg ctaaatctca cacacataag acttgaaact gttacacttg tacgtgaatc     96900
     tgatccacag gtgtttgatg gcattggaac catgattaag tagaactgtg gtgctgtgtc     96960
     tctcttatta gaacacagtc ttcgggtggg attggggctc ttacacatgg atcttcccat     97020
     tgctgagatt gtgactcctg tactacaacc caactcgtag aatgtgttga ttcgcatact     97080
     caaagctcgg acttgagtga actgaaaatt atttctgaac cttcttgaaa gtatgattgg     97140
     gtcatgcaac ccttcccagc atatgagtaa tttgatgcac atttctaggc ccagaccaca     97200
     gatgaaattt tgccatatgc ggaacaagcc cctaatcaat atataacatc atccttgtct     97260
     ctgcctataa ggggcacttt tatatatcac tgggaccgtc acccaggtga tgtgatttac     97320
     ctgcctgaaa actgcctaaa aagagaattg tgtcttacat ttaggtccat cacataagtg     97380
     atgtcactct cttctactgt cttggccctg cagttacaga gcactgtgac acataacagg     97440
     ctactgcacc caggagatgt gattttttgg ggggttctgc caacatagta acataccact     97500
     tggctcagca cctgggtgat gtttcttcac ttttcattgt gtcctgacca cagggagctt     97560
     gggacatatt cctgggtaca gcaccaaggt gagggcactc tttagccttc ttactgcagt     97620
     taatggtcat tgtgacataa tctaggccaa tttcctagat gaagtgagtc ttctctcatg     97680
     ccaaagtcct tcccacagag ggctttttaa aaatatatca ctgaaaccag catccaagtg     97740
     atctgacaat tctgcaaggg ttttgcccac caggtggatt gcaacatctc actggacctg     97800
     cacccatgta ggtgatgtga gtttcttgcc ttctttctgg ccacaggtga tattgtgtca     97860
     tatacctgag accaaaacaa aagcctaata acaactcata tgtttggagc caggacatgt     97920
     gcaggatggt gactgtaatt cctaaatctt tccacaagtg aaattgtgac acataccttt     97980
     gtccagctcc agagagattt aataattctt cctaggtata gcccacaaat cagattttga     98040
     caaatacctg gccaagtaac ttgatgattt taccgtgcta ttttaacaat ggcctcagga     98100
     gggattgtat catatttctg aacacatcat ctaggttaca tgattctcct ctcctgcctg     98160
     taccctgctt actttggtaa ttgtagcatt tctaaacact gcatctaaat gatacgactc     98220
     tctttcctgg gccctgtcaa caggaggcat tttgacatat tttggggcct atcatttagg     98280
     tgatattact ctcctcttct tcctggacac tacccacaag ggacattgtg ccacagagct     98340
     ggacccagca cacaagtcat gtggcatttc tgacaggacc ctgtctacaa agataatatt     98400
     gaaatatttc aggcccagaa tttaggtgat gaggctgttc tgcctgcttc ataaccactc     98460
     atggaattgt aacatatacc tacgcaaggc tcgcaggaat gataacgact cttagatgtg     98520
     aactcagcaa atagagaata tttaggctct tataactagg tgtagggaca tgtgtgatat     98580
     catggatcac attcttgtac aaacatcaca aaagattaca acattgacac atacttttat     98640
     agagtctttg ggttatacaa gcagaaccaa tgtagcactc agcacacagg tgaaattgtg     98700
     agtcctgtat gcaaacccag ctgacagaaa taactgtcat catcccacat ggttgcagcc     98760
     aactgtcaca cgtaaaaaca ggacatgtgt ggtatcataa aactcacctt tgacattttc     98820
     tgacagtgtg attgtgatat acatatttgc caagcacctg tgtagttgga ctttccagaa     98880
     tggtcccagt ttatatatga aattgtgata tctagctggg tcagcctcaa ggggatatga     98940
     ctgccatgcc tgggctcttc tctcagtaag tgttgtgaca gatcactgga tctagcagcc     99000
     aggtgatgtt acattcttgc ctgtgccatg tccacaaaaa ttactgtgac atattcctgt     99060
     gtccacctca taggtgatgt aactctcttc tttggaatgg gccctgcccg aaggaaggat     99120
     agtgacatat tgcaatgcca gtcacacagg tgagggtatt cttttgccag agccatgctg     99180
     aaagtagggc actgtgacat atctctaggc ctgtcaccta agttatgtgg ctctccggct     99240
     tgggccctgc caacctggag agtgacatat ttctaggcca ggcacacagg tgagggtact     99300
     ctttagccag ggctgtgctt catagaggac actgtgacac gtctcttcag ctatcacctg     99360
     gttgaagtga ctccctctct gggatctact cacatggagc attgtggaat aagcagagaa     99420
     tttgtacctc atttatgtaa ctccctttcc tggatgatat cctaagacag ccttgtgaca     99480
     tatctcagga cccagcaccc aagggacgtg gctcctctac cttgtttctg cttacatgtt     99540
     acattatgca tatttgaagg gaagcaccca ggtgatatga ctttcctcgt ctcaatgagc     99600
     cctgcctact ggaaacattt ggacatattt ctgagcccat gatctaaaaa tgtgactcta     99660
     tttttctgcc tggggcttca cattaagagg attttggcac attgctgatc ccagcacgca     99720
     gaatatgtga ctctcctctt gttcccgagc catgcccaca aaaaaagaat ttggacctat     99780
     tgcagggccc agcatcccga tgatgttact cacctgcctg ggttttgcac aaagaagaaa     99840
     ctatggcata ttgcatattg ataagcccag catccttatg atgtgactct ccggcctgtg     99900
     ttggagccac tgaaggtatt ttgacatatc ttcagcccat aatgcagatg ttttggctct     99960
     cctaacttgg ctgggtattt tctacatgtg agatgttgtc atattgctgg ctccagcacc    100020
     cggttattgt gacctaatat cccctatacc ctgcctgaag aaggcaattt gacatattgc    100080
     ctggcacacc atataagtga tgtttccctc ctgcatactt atttggccac atatgggatt    100140
     atgacatata tcttgctttt agttcacagg catgatgatc aaacttattt tgggattcag    100200
     ccaataggag atattttacc tctcatcatt aggcttaggg caataggtaa gttcctgggt    100260
     tacatatttc taccaaggtc atagaagctt aacactgagt tatatttttt caaactcttt    100320
     ggtggtagaa tgtttcataa cagggcccag caaaaagttc agattgagac tcctggttac    100380
     acacccaggt gaaatcaaaa gttgtcatca tccaacgttt acaatgtcca aggttgaggt    100440
     cctgagtcta acagggaata cagcacaaag ttggaggttt gacttttata tgttaatctg    100500
     acaaaagttg ggatggtgac tcatttctgg acccagccca ctggcataat aatgggtctt    100560
     cctccctaac cctgcctata gggagatgat gactatcaaa cctgagttta gggccatatg    100620
     taagattgtg agtccatagg agcatgtagt cctcagagag ctttgcaatt cttatgcagg    100680
     tttataaaac cctcagctcc tgtagacagt gttgtatatt ggcccagcac acatgtgaaa    100740
     ttgtgacgct aatatacata ttcaggtaaa agttaaaact gtcactctca aagatgagga    100800
     gattgtgtca tacgactgga catagtatgc aggtgttgag actttttggc tcatattcct    100860
     ttccatgggt ttattgttac atgtcaatgg gacagaatca taataacttg actcttctgc    100920
     ctgggccctg tcaacagggg atattattac atatttctgg tcttttcggc taggtgatgt    100980
     gtctctccag cctgtgtccc gcacccagag gacattttga aatatcactc tgctctcctg    101040
     cctgggtctt gcttattgaa atgtaactcc gctctcttgc ctgggtcttg cttattgaag    101100
     gaattgcgac atatggctga atgcaaaacc taggtgatgt ctctcctgtc tattcaagag    101160
     tttatatctg tgctgaattt tgtttcatga ctttggtgtt ctaccattat accggcagca    101220
     caatcctttg attaatgtag gtttgctttg tgtttggaaa ttgttatgtg taatgcttcc    101280
     tatatatatt tttaagattg tcaggctttt catggtttat tggaatctca agtaattttg    101340
     tggagttttg tctatttttg gaaaagtaaa attaaaaatt gaaaaggagt gtgttgccgg    101400
     tgtgcttcac tttaagcagt atggacatct tcataatatt ttatcttcca acccttgaaa    101460
     aacagcatgc ttaaaagtgc gttgttttct gggcatggta gctcatacct ctaatcccag    101520
     aacttttgga ggccaagtag ggcttgaacc aaggaggtgg agattgcagt ggagctgaga    101580
     ttgtgccact ggactccaac ctagctccgg agtgccagag tgagagtcca tctcaaaaga    101640
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaactgtgt tgcttaattt ttatattttt ggagtttttc tgcttttctt    101700
     ttgttactaa attctagttc cattccgtct gggctataaa taattttctg taaaatttca    101760
     actgaaaaat aattaagact tcttttgtgg tgtcacatgt ggtccatcta ggaaaatgtt    101820
     ttatgtgcta ttgaaaagaa agtctattct gttgtctcta tacatttctt aggtgtagtt    101880
     gttgtacagt acattcaagt ttttgttccc tcattgatat tctgtcttgc tttatttatt    101940
     actgaaagtg gggtattgat atatacttcc actatctcat tgctgcctgc ctatttttga    102000
     ttcaattctg tcaatgtttg atttatgtgt ttggaataac tgtcctgcat ttataggttc    102060
     tcagtgaatg aaccctctta ctgcatttga atgtcctact ttgtcccttg tgaattttaa    102120
     cataaaataa attatataaa tataacagtt ttcaacttaa taaattgtta cctcttctcc    102180
     tctcatttga ttaacacttg catggaatgt atttttatac tgccattttc agtctaattt    102240
     ttattagatc tgaaatgagt ctcttaaagg catgacatag ttacatcctg atatagacta    102300
     caacatagcc acattttttt ttttcatttg gaaagataat tttgcaggct atagtattct    102360
     ttattaggct atttatttca gtgttttaac tatgtcatct tattcccttc atgcccaaaa    102420
     gattgacatt cataaattta ctggtaatct tgcagaagca tacatatgaa taacacatct    102480
     attttttatt tctgaattcc agattctctt cttttctctg actttcaaaa cattgcttat    102540
     gttttgtctt gttagaaatc tctttgtgtt aaccttagtt gaaattgtct gagcttcttg    102600
     agtttcttaa aattttttac tgatgttgaa ctgcatatta gtcttttttt gtgcttctac    102660
     tgcacaattt tcattccttt ttgtgacttt tatcttttgt tggtttcatt tatttatttt    102720
     tatgtttttt tctttatttc tattttactg attaagcatc attgacacgg tgattttcac    102780
     tttttagcac tttttttttt tctttttaaa aatagatcta aactaaccca aatcgcctct    102840
     ggtaattttt atattaccat ttatatctcc attttttata actgatttct ggatatttca    102900
     ccatgttgac ctggctggtc ttgaacttct tacctcagct gatccaccca cctcagcctc    102960
     ccaaatagct agaattacag gtgtgatcca atactcccag ccgttcccca tatttctcac    103020
     tgagatcctg cagtcagctg gatacccata gtctgcctat gatactgaag tctttctttt    103080
     tttgtaacag ttatttgtct ttagtctcag tcaaagtata ccatctttcc tttcaacact    103140
     gtcttggaat gtaggaattt gtctttggta aaaactcaaa aagccagaag catggacatg    103200
     tcactgtttt atttattttt gaaggggtaa gacaggagtt gtcagtctct acacttttca    103260
     taggataaaa tatgtgtgta gtgggtaaat atgaaatact tttattacac tcctatgtgg    103320
     ttcttggcat tttgctcact tggtgctgca aatgcttaac tgagtcttgg acttctcaca    103380
     aaggcatttt ggtaagtata ttatgttaaa cttatatgtt tataaaggaa ttaggccctg    103440
     tggtatttta ttgtcacctt gttaatgtgc tttgtataat tacacatttg tcaagtgtat    103500
     tcacctgagt cgaatgaggg agaaattttg tctttttttg tttgtttgtt tcagctgggc    103560
     tgttttcatt ttactacaga gatatggatg gagcacaaaa taaaagattc attccaaaaa    103620
     gtgactgata aaatatgaaa gctgtgactt taataactta cttttaaaga aacactacca    103680
     aagtgtgggt tattgcaagg gcagaaaagc agttttaatg gctttcctca atgtctgtca    103740
     tctactcata gcaaaacaaa tgtggcaaac cttttgagtt gtgctcaaac ttcagtgaac    103800
     ataaaaaaaa aaattagtgg gagaaatgct acaagtatga agaacgtggc aaagactgta    103860
     cattgttctc acattttact ataaaaaagg aaattcctat tgcagagaga tgacacaaat    103920
     gtgaagaatg tggcaaagcc tttaaaaagt tatcaagtct tactgaacat aagaaagttt    103980
     atcctggaga gaaatcttac aaatataaag aatgtggcaa accttcacct gctcctaaac    104040
     cttcattaaa cacaagataa atcatgctgg agacacatcc taaaaacgcg tggaacgtgg    104100
     caaagccttt aagtgcttct cagaccttac taatcataag agaattc                  104147