EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC010151; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 71821 BP.
AC   AC010151;
DT   14-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-508P10 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-71821
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-71821
RA   Andrews S., Drone K., Hawkins M., Doucette J.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-508P10";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-71821
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-71821
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (04-MAY-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-71821
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JUN-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-71821
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 8100a49d851798735dbf16475d651e5c.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC010151.3:1-71821; homo_sapiens.
CC   On May 4, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:6249748.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0508P10
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-424G14, 200 bp overlap; the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-356K22, 200 bp overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 159495 of
CC   RP11-424G14; actual end is at base position 95497 of RP11-356K22.
CC   RP11-508P10 contains two transposons in the growth of the clone,
CC   which are not part of the submitted sequence.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..71821
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-508P10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..720
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   719..4003
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4010..5345
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5371..5412
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5414..5676
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5679..5978
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5918..6410
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6411..6683
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6684..7188
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7189..7365
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7366..7837
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7838..8523
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8524..8546
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   8587..9205
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9234..10195
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   10229..10267
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   10268..10565
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10566..10875
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   10878..11293
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11297..11595
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11608..11732
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   11734..11959
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11961..12201
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12204..12240
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12281..12673
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12720..13021
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13026..17949
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17994..18258
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18291..20397
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20341..21759
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21792..21882
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24407..27897
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27902..27972
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   27984..28087
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   28154..28214
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   28291..28907
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28937..29156
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29167..29510
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29513..29676
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29677..30185
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   32285..33680
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   33692..33960
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33974..36395
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   36453..36765
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   36787..37329
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   37445..37758
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   37785..38310
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   38311..38453
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38454..38591
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38592..38626
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   38627..38832
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   38847..39050
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   39074..39256
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   39257..42460
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42461..42765
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   42768..43949
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44033..45766
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45800..46533
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46556..46686
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46741..47285
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47379..47420
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   47421..48094
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48106..48133
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   48215..48438
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48439..48767
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   48768..48834
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48849..48879
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   48881..49079
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   49080..50162
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   50163..50197
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   50206..50468
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50565..50750
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   50933..51065
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   51183..52119
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   52136..52760
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   52761..53123
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   53131..53621
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   53499..53717
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   53617..54187
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   53781..54318
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   54162..54365
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   54421..60548
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60555..61241
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   60685..61329
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   61340..62423
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   62421..62750
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   62742..62979
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   62774..63030
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   63031..63220
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   63299..63515
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   63340..63600
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   63591..63718
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   63726..64017
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64157..64861
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   64863..64984
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   65168..65270
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   65377..65647
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65657..65718
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65719..67063
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67155..67620
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   67622..67982
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   68093..68605
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68608..68912
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68919..69453
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69458..69702
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   69703..70006
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70007..70346
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   70411..71191
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71187..71821
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 71821 BP; 23809 A; 13498 C; 13611 G; 20903 T; 0 other;
     aagatggctg aataggaaca gctgcagtct acagctccca gcatgagcaa tgcagaagat        60
     aggtgatttc tgcatttcca actgaggtac tgggttcatc tcactggggt ttgtcagaca       120
     gtgggtgcag cacactgagc atgagccaaa gcagggtgag gcattgcctc acttgggatg       180
     cacaaggggt cagggaattc cctttcctag ccaagggaag ctgtgacaga cagcacctgg       240
     aaaaatgggt cactcccacc ctaatacagc acttttccaa cggtcttagc aaatggcaca       300
     ctaggagatt atatcccatg catggcttgg agggtcccac atgcacagag actcactcag       360
     tggtagtaca gcagtctgag atcaaactga aggcagcagc aaggctgagg gaggggtgcc       420
     aaccattgct gagggttgag taggtcaaca aagtggctgg tgagcttgaa cttggtggag       480
     cccactgcac ctcaaggagg cctgcctgtc tctgtagact ccacatctgg gggcagggca       540
     tagctgaaca aaaggcagca gaaacctctg cagacttaaa tgtacctgtc tgacagcttt       600
     gaagagaata gtggttctcc gagcacagag tttgagatct gagaatggtc agactgcctc       660
     ttcaagtggg tccctgacca ccaaatagcc taactgggag gcatccacca gaaggggcag       720
     gtaaaaagga tacccaggaa ttgaactcag ctctgcacca agcggaccta atagacatct       780
     acagaactct ccaccccaaa tcaacagaat atacattttt tcagcaccac accacaccta       840
     ttccaaaatt gaccacattg ttggaaataa agctctcctc agcaaatgta aaagagaaat       900
     tataacaaac tatctctcag accacagtgc aatcaaacta gaactcagga tcaagaaact       960
     cactcaaaac tgctcaacta catggaaact gaacaacctg ctcctgaatg actactgggt      1020
     acataacgaa atgaaggcag aaataaagat gtactttgaa acaatgagaa caaagacaca      1080
     acataccaga atctctggga cacatttaaa ggagtgtgta gagggaaatt tatagcacta      1140
     aatgcccata agagaaacca gtaaagatct aaaattgaca ccctaacatc agaattaaaa      1200
     gaactagagc agcaagagca aacacattca aaagctagca gaaggcaaga aataactaag      1260
     atcagagcag aactgagaga gatagagaca caaaaaaccc ttcagaaaaa atcagtgaat      1320
     ccaggagctg gtttttcaaa aagatcaaca aaattgttac accactagca agattaataa      1380
     gaagaaaaga gagaagaatc aaatagatgc aataaaaaat gacaaagggg atatcaccac      1440
     cgatgccaca gaaatacaaa ctaccatcag agaatactat aaatacctct acataaacta      1500
     gaaaatctag aagaaatgga taaattcctg gacacataca ccctcccaag actaaaccag      1560
     gaagaagctg aatctctgaa tagactaata acaggttctg aaattgaggc agtaattaat      1620
     agcctaccaa ccaaaaaaat ccaggaccag acgggttcac atccgaatgc taccagaggt      1680
     acaaagagga gctggtacca ttacttctga aactatttca atcaatagaa aaagagggaa      1740
     tcctccctaa ttcattttat gaggccaaca tcatcctgat accagcagag acacaacaaa      1800
     acagagaatt ttagaccaat atccctgatg aacatcgatg caaaaatcct caataaatac      1860
     tggcaaaccg aatccagcag cacatcaaaa agcttatcca tcatgatcaa gtgggcttca      1920
     cccctgggat gcaagtcttg ttcaacacat gcaaatcaat aaacttaatc cagtatataa      1980
     acagaaccaa tgacaaaaac cacatgatta tctcaataaa agcagaagag gcctttgaca      2040
     aaattcaaca gacctttctg ctaaaaagtc tccgtaaatt aggtattgat gtgatgtatc      2100
     tcaaaattat aagagctatt tttgacaaac caacagtcaa tatcatactg aacgggcaaa      2160
     actggaagca ttccctttaa aaacttgcac aagacaggga tgccctctct taccactcct      2220
     attcaacata gtgttagaat ttctggccaa ggcaatcagg caggagaaag aaataaaggg      2280
     tattcaatta ggaaaagagg aagtcaaatt gtccctcttt gcagatgaca tgactgtata      2340
     tttacaaaat cccatcatct cagcccaaaa tttccttaag ctgataagca acttcagcaa      2400
     tgtctcagga tacaaaatca atgtgcaaaa atcacaagca ttcttataca caaataacag      2460
     acaaacagag agccaaatta tgagtgaact cccattcaca attgcttcaa agggaataaa      2520
     atacctagga atccaattta caagggatgt gaaggacctc ttcagggaga actacaaacc      2580
     actgctcaat gaaacaaaag aggacacaaa caaatggaag aaattttcat gctcatggat      2640
     aggaagaatc aatatcatga aaatggccat actgcccaag gtaatttata ggttcaatgc      2700
     catccccata aagctactga tgactttctt cacagaattg gaaaaaacta ctttaaagtt      2760
     catatggaac caaaaaagag cctgcattgc caagacaatc ctaagcaaaa agaacaaagc      2820
     tggaggcatc acgctacctg acttcaaatt atattacaag gctacagtaa ctaaaacagc      2880
     atggtgttgt taccaaaaca gagatgtaga ccaatggaac agaatagagc cctcaaaaat      2940
     aataccacac atctacaact atctaatctt tgacaaacct gacaaaaaca ggaaatgggg      3000
     aaaggattcc ctatttaatg aatgttgctg ggaaaactgg ctagccattt gtagaaagct      3060
     gaaactggat cccttcctta caccttatac aaaaatgaat tcaagatgga ttaaagactt      3120
     aaatgttaga cctaaaatca taaaatccct agcagaaaac ctaggcaata tcattcagga      3180
     tataggcacg ggcaaggatt tcatgtctaa aacaccaaaa gcaatggcaa caaaagccaa      3240
     aattgacaaa tgggatctaa ttaaaccaaa gagattctac acagcaagag aaactaccat      3300
     cagcatgaac aggcaaccta cagaatcaga gaaaattttc gcaatctact catctgacaa      3360
     agggctaata tccagaatct acaaagaact ccaacaaatt tacaacaaaa aaataaacaa      3420
     ccccatcaac aagtgggcga tggatatgaa cagacacttc tcaaaagaag acatttatgc      3480
     agccaacaga cacatgaaaa tattgtcatc atcagtggcc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa      3540
     aaccacaatg agataccatc tcacaccaat tagaatgaca atcattaaaa cgtcaggaaa      3600
     caacagttgc tggagaggat gtggagaaac aggaacactg ttacactgtt ggtgggactg      3660
     taaacttgtt taaccattgt ggaagacagt gtggggattc ctgaaggatc cagaactaga      3720
     aataccattt gacccagata tcccattact gggtatatac ccaaaggatt ataaatcatg      3780
     ctgctataaa gacacacact cacgcatatt cattgtggca ctattctcaa aagcaaaact      3840
     tgaaaccaat ccaaatgtcc gtcaatgata gactggatta agaaaatgtg gcacatatac      3900
     accatagtat atatgcaacc ataaaaaagg atgagtttat gtcctttgta gggacacggg      3960
     tgaagctgga aaccatcatt ctcagcaaac tattgcaatg acatccttat actgtcttca      4020
     aggaattcat ctcacatgta atgattccta cagtctcaaa atgaaaagat ggagagagat      4080
     ttatcacata aatagcaaac caaagagaga gagacagagg gaaaagagag agagttgcta      4140
     tatttgtatt agatgaaaga ggctttaagt caacaacagt aaaaaaaagt cattaaatga      4200
     taataaacag tttaattcag caagaagaat taaccactat aaatatacat acaagcaaaa      4260
     ttgaaatacc tagatttata aaatgattgc ttctcaatgt aagaaaaggt cttcacaata      4320
     ctaatgagaa acttcaacac catactgaaa tctctagaca gattattgtg aaataaacta      4380
     agaaattctg aacttaaatt gaatactaga ccaattcggc ctaacagaca tgtacaaaat      4440
     actacaacaa acaaccataa aatatgcatt cttctcaacc acacaagaaa cattcttgaa      4500
     aattgacctt attttatttt aaagtctcaa taaattttat aaatttaaaa ttatactaac      4560
     caacttcttg gtctacaatg aaataaatat aaaagccaat gccaagaaaa atctcaaaaa      4620
     cacacaaata catgaaaact aaaccactta ctctgcataa catttgaata cacaacaaaa      4680
     ttaaggtaga aatcaaaata ttatttgaaa caaataaatg tagaaaaaat accaaaacct      4740
     ctgaaatgtg gtaaaagcag tgttaagggg aagtttatga atattaaatg tctacacgaa      4800
     gaagatacat ctgaaatttc caacattacc ttgcatgtaa agaacctaga aaatcaagaa      4860
     aaaaaaaaac tatacccaaa gctgcaggaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaatcag agcataatta      4920
     aatgaaattg aaacccctgg aagccataaa tgggataaat aagatcaata gaccactaac      4980
     tagactatca acataaaaga gaggctggac ccaataagca caggcagaaa tgacaaatct      5040
     gacaccaaaa ctgctcccac aaaagtacaa aagagcctca gaagctacta taaacctttc      5100
     caggcataca aactaggaaa tttaaaggaa attaataaat tcctaaaatc acagaatctt      5160
     caaataatga acaaagaaga acaaaaatca taaacagact aataaagggt aataaaattg      5220
     aatcagtaat aaaaaatcat tagcccccca aaaaagtcct gtaccaaaaa gcttcacagc      5280
     catttttttt cagagatact aaaaagctgg tagaaatact actgaaacta ttcaaaaata      5340
     aaaaataaaa taaaaaggaa agaataataa tttttttttt tttttgagac agattctggc      5400
     tctgtagcct agactggctc tgtagcccag actggctctg tagtccagac aatggcacga      5460
     cctctgctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccag ttcaagcaat tctcctgtct cagcctccca      5520
     attagttggg aatacaagtg cccgccacta cacccagcta atttttgtgt ttttagtaga      5580
     gacagggttt caccatgttg ggcaggatgg tcttgaaatt ctgacttcat gatttgctca      5640
     cttcagcctc ccaaagtgct gaaattacag gtgtgactcc taatttattc tatgtaataa      5700
     ctattatcct gatactcaaa tctggcaaag gcacaacaaa atagaaaacc acagacaagt      5760
     aacctcaatg attgtagata gaaaaattat caacaaaata ttagcaaccc aaatccagaa      5820
     ttacatcaaa aagtttatgc actattatct agatggcttt attcatggaa tttcaagata      5880
     atttaatata ggtaaatcaa taaatgtaat taaacaaaaa aactgaaatc atataattat      5940
     ctcaataatg caaaacatgc ttttgataag attcaatatg tcataataaa atcactaaat      6000
     acgctaggca tcaaaagaac atcactcaaa ataataagag ccatctttga caaacacaca      6060
     gccaatatca tgctgaatga gaaaattgat agcattctcc ctacaagctt aacaagataa      6120
     gaatgtccat tcttatctat cttactcagc ttggtattgc aagtcctaaa cacagcaatc      6180
     agacaaggga aagaaataga agacacacaa ttaagaaaaa gaagaggtaa aaatatctct      6240
     ttgcagacag tatgattcta tacgtagaaa atcctaaata ttttacaaaa aggctctttc      6300
     agaagaacaa attcagcgag tgtcatgata taaaatcagt gtgcaaaaat aagtaacttt      6360
     tttacacact gataattttc aggctgagat ccaaataaag aatgcaattt ggccaggcat      6420
     gtgtgtcata tctgtaatcc cataactttg ggaggccaag ctgggtgtat cctttgacac      6480
     aagcctgggc aacatggaga aaccttgccg ctacaaaaaa taccaaaatt agctgggtgt      6540
     gatggtgcat gcctgtagtc ccagctaatc aggagggcat gaaaatctct tcgacctggg      6600
     aggtggtggt tatatatagt tagcagaggt tgtgcaactg cactctaacc taagacacag      6660
     ggtgaggtcc tataataaaa aaagtgaaat ttcacttaca gtagccataa aaatgggaat      6720
     atagctaacc aggaaggtga aaaatctctg caaggggaat caaaaacatt gctaaaagaa      6780
     ctcatagata acacaaacaa ataacaaagc atttaatgga aattagctga aaaaattaat      6840
     attgttgaac tgtcatctgc ttaaagaaat ctagagattc agtgctattc tgaacaaatc      6900
     actaacatta tttttcacag aaattacatg aaaatttctg aagtttatct ggaatcaaaa      6960
     aattgcctga ataacaaaag tgatcccccc aaaccagaca aaggacaggg gctttatatt      7020
     actcaacttc aaatcaaaca ataaggttac aataacaaaa atagcatcat attgatacaa      7080
     aaaaatagat acatagttta atggaaaata atagagagtc cagaaatgta gttgtacatc      7140
     tactaccaat taatcgtcaa ccaaagttga cataaaaata aacaataggg ttttgatttg      7200
     catttctcta atgaccagtg atgatgagct atttttcata tgtttgttgg ctgcataaat      7260
     gtcttctttt gagaagtgtc tgttcatatc ctttgcctct ttttttaatg gggttgtttt      7320
     tttcttgtaa agttgtttta gttccttgtg gattctgctt attagccctt tgtcagatgg      7380
     atagattgca aaaatattct ttcattctat aggttgcccg tccagtctat tgatagtttc      7440
     ttttgctgtg cagaagctct ttggtttaat tagatctcat ttgtctattt ttgcttttgc      7500
     tgccattggt tttggtcttt tattcctgaa gtctttgccc ttgcctatgt tctgaatggt      7560
     attgcctatg ctttattcta gtatttatgt aattttaagt tttacattta agtctttaat      7620
     ccatcttgaa ttaatttttg tgtaaggtgt aaggaagggg tccagttgca gttttctgca      7680
     tatggttagc cagtttcccc agcaccattt attaaataga taatcctttt cccattgctt      7740
     gttttggtca ggttttttga agatcagata gttgtagatg taattctgag gtctctgttc      7800
     tgttccattc atctatatgt ctgttttggt atcagtacac atcagttaga agggtgatca      7860
     ttaacaagtc aggaaacaac agatgctgga gaggatgtgg agaaatagga atgcttttac      7920
     acttttggta ggagtgtaaa ctagttcaac cattgtggaa ggcaatgtgg cgattgaagt      7980
     atctagaaca agaaatacca tttgactcag caatcccatt actgggtata tacctaaagg      8040
     attataaatt attctttgat aaaaacacat gctcatgtat gtttactgtg gcactgttca      8100
     caatagccaa gacttggaac caacccaaat gcctatcagt gatagatgga taaagaaaat      8160
     gtgacacaca cacaccatga aatactacgc agccacaaaa aaaggatgag ttcatatcct      8220
     tttcagggag gtggatgagg ctggaaacca tcattctcag caaactaaca caggaacaga      8280
     aagtcaaaca ccctatgttc tcactcataa gtgggagctg aacaatgaga acacatggac      8340
     acagggaggg gaacattaca caccagggtc tgttgttggg tggtgggcta gaggagcatt      8400
     aggagaaata cctaatgtag atgacgggtt gatgggtgca gcaaaccacc atggcatgtg      8460
     tatacctatg taacaaacct actcattctg tacataaacc ttggaactta aggtataata      8520
     ataataatta ttattattat taataagtag ttctggaaaa ttacaaataa taaaatattt      8580
     tcctaaaact tgtttctgta caataaatgg gtgaaaagag aatttaaaaa atcaaaaaat      8640
     accttgagat tacaaaaatg gaaataaatt atcacaaact tatggaatac agcaaagtag      8700
     tgttacaggg taagtttata gcagtaagca caaaaaagag aaatatttca tataagcact      8760
     ttaatgttat acctcaagat acagggaaat aggcacaaag tttaaagagg ttagaaaaaa      8820
     taaagattaa cataaataaa caaaatagac acaagaaaaa taattgaata tccaaagcag      8880
     agtaagagtt ggtgtttgaa aaatatagaa aatgttggca aacctttatt taaattaatt      8940
     aagaaagata aagactaaag taaataatat tataaataaa agagcagcta ttacatgtga      9000
     taacacaaaa tccaggatta taaaacaatc ttgctaacaa ttgtatgcta aaaaataact      9060
     ggaatacatg aaataaatga ataaaatttt agacacataa aacctacaaa aagtcagtca      9120
     taaaaatagt aaatctataa agacaaatat tgaataaaat attaagttaa aaataaaatt      9180
     tatctgatga attaaaagca taagaattac aatattagca agatggcaca ataggacagt      9240
     gaagaccagg gttacaaatt ttcaagtaaa aatttggaat tcagtactga agccaagctc      9300
     atctttcata tggcttaggt aagtgcttgg cttgattgtg tctatgccct agggctttct      9360
     ggaatgctga atttaggaat atgagttatt tttcagaaga aatttctaag caacaaagca      9420
     ttcaagatgt agtgtggctg cttgtaacca cctatgatta gatatgagaa caaagaagtg      9480
     acttaagatt gaaacataat taaaagtgaa gcagagcaaa tgaaatattt acagcttggc      9540
     catgtgttag aaaaagaaag gattttcagg agaggaatcc aggtagagct gtgaaacaac      9600
     cacttgctag ggagattaaa cataagaaaa ccaggtgcta atattcagaa taatgaatac      9660
     actaaaggta ttccagaaac cttccaagtt gcatcttcca tcacagcatc agggacgtaa      9720
     gagaacaaac ttgttttgag agttgtgtca agcacactgc ttttctgtgc cacctcaaga      9780
     tgcagctccc acatcatggt caatctgtct ccaactggag ccttaagagc ctcaggtaca      9840
     gctcagtcta ccactcagaa tagtgcaagc cataagactg catgctttag atgaagaatt      9900
     agatcatagt ggtgaagcct ttgaagcttt cacctagatt tcaaaaaaat atgctaaaaa      9960
     gcctaggtgg taatgcataa gcctctggga gcaggagagt tccaacatag agactcaaca     10020
     aaagcagtga aaaagggaaa tgtgtggttg gagacttcaa acacagtatg cgtagtggaa     10080
     atgtggaaat ggtgctgcca ccctacagac ttcagaattg tagagccact ggcagattta     10140
     tcttcagcct ggaagaacaa cagtcattta actccaccct ttgagagcag ccatggtgac     10200
     aagtgtgtat acattgtata cattgcctag acatcaagtc aaaagatatc attttgaagt     10260
     tttcaaattt ttgctttgtt tggtttgaga aggaatctca ctctgtcacc caggctggaa     10320
     tctggtggca cgatcatagc tcacagcaac ctccacctcc ctggttcaag tgattcttct     10380
     gtctcagcat tgcaagtaac tgggattaca ggcacttgcc accatgccca gctaatattt     10440
     gtatattagt agtgatggtt ttcaccatgt tggccaggtt gttcttgcac tcctggactc     10500
     aagttaccaa cccacctcag cgtctcaaac tgctaggatt acaggcatga gacaccacac     10560
     ctggcctgaa gctttcaagt ttaatgtctg ccgtctggat tttgaaattt gtggagactt     10620
     ttatctacat ttttggctgg tttttccctt ttgggatgag aacgtttatg caaacctata     10680
     ccatcactgt atcttgacag taaataattt tttaattatt attatatctt atatggaaat     10740
     aactttctta gagtctaaga taagaatttg gactttggac tcttgagttg atactaaaat     10800
     gaattaagac tctggggatg agaggattgt attttgtaat gacaaagaca gagtatttgg     10860
     gtgccagaag taaaaaaata tactttgcat gattgtgacc tataaatctt atgttgaaat     10920
     ttgatcccca atgttgggga tggggcctag tgtgacgtat ttggatcatg gtggcagatc     10980
     actcatgagt gactgtgtgc tgtcattgtg ggaataaatg agttttaact ctattagttc     11040
     ccttgagact tgattgttca aataagcctg atatctctct ttgttttctc ttgctccgtt     11100
     tttgaccatg tgtcatacct ctcttccctt cgccatattc cataattaga aacttcctaa     11160
     cgttcttatc aaaagcagat gcaggtatta ttcttaaaca tcatgcagac ctatgagcca     11220
     agttaaactg ctttttaaat aaattgccca gcctcaggtg ttcttttata tcaacacaaa     11280
     acagactaac acagtcatat tgaataagaa tagatacatt tttacagtta aaaaacacag     11340
     tgtggctgaa tgcattaaaa aacaagaccc aaatatattc tgccttccag aggctcacat     11400
     cacctgtaag gacatagtag actgcaagta aaataatgga agagaaattt ttcatgcaaa     11460
     tgaaaaccat gaaagatcag tttatgtaag ataaagttta agacaaaaac tgtgcaaaac     11520
     caaaaagatt attatacaat gacaaggagt caacttagca tgagaatgta acaattataa     11580
     gtatatatac acacacatat atgtgtcata aatatatatt tttacatcta tgtatataaa     11640
     tttatatgta taaatatata tttatatata aatatatgta tatatgtata tgtatatata     11700
     tataaatata tgtatatatg tatatgtata tacatataaa aatatatatg tgtatgcccc     11760
     aagcattgga acagctaaat acataaagca aatattatag gcctaaggat gaaattacct     11820
     gcaataaaag aacatcaaaa aacttccaca tcttacttat atccatggac aaaacatcaa     11880
     ataggaaatc agcaaataat caccagagtt atattgcttt caaaacaaat aactctaaca     11940
     gacatttaca gaccattacc tttttttttt tttttagttg aagttttgct cttgttgccc     12000
     aggatgaagt tttgctcaag ttgcaatggc ataatgttgg ctcactgaaa catctgcctc     12060
     cagattcaag caaatctcct gcctcagcct cccaagtagc tgggattaca ggtgcctacc     12120
     accacatggg ggtatttttt tgtattttta ctagagattg ggtatagcca tgttcaccag     12180
     gttggtctcc aactcctggc catgtgctgg gattacaggc atgagccact gcacctggcc     12240
     agaacattac ctttaacata tatataatct agctatttgt aaaagtagaa aaaaaacata     12300
     tatgttaggc ttctgagaaa agtgaacact tatacactgt tggtcaaaat gtaaattact     12360
     taaaccagtc taaaaactag cttagagatt ttgcaaagaa tgaaaaatgg aactaccatt     12420
     tgctccactg ctaagaagta atcttagcac tagacatata accaaaacta tatcttgttc     12480
     taacaaaaag acacatgcac ttatgtgtct gttgcagcac tctattcatt acagctaaga     12540
     cacagaataa acccaggtgc atatcaatag tgaattggat aaagaaaatg tggtacatgt     12600
     ataccataaa ctacgataca ctcataaaca gaacaacatc ctgttcttca cagcaatatg     12660
     gatacagctg gggagttctt tttttttact ttaagaatat acttttattg tttttttaaa     12720
     ttatacttta agttctaggg tacatgtgca caaggtgcag gtttgttaca taggtgtaca     12780
     tatgccatgt tggtttgctg gacccatcaa ctcgtcattt acattagata attctcctaa     12840
     tcctatccct cccccaaccc ctcaacccct gactgacccc agtgtgtgat gttccgccac     12900
     actgtgtcct tgtgttttcg ttgttcagct ccccactatg agtgagagca tgtggtgttt     12960
     ggttttctgt ccttctgata gtttgcttgg aatgatggtt tccagcttca tacatgtccc     13020
     tgaatctttt ttatggttgc atagtattcc gtgatgtaca tgtgccacaa tttcttaatc     13080
     cagtctatca ctcatggaca tttgagttgg ttccaagtct ttgctattgt gaataatgct     13140
     gcaagaaaca tatgtgtgca tgtgtcttta tcatagaatg atttataatc ctttgggtat     13200
     atgcccagta atgggattgt tgtgttgaat ggtatttcta gatttagatc ctagaggaat     13260
     tgccacactg tcttccacaa tggtcgaact aatttacact cctaccaaca gtgtaaaagt     13320
     attcctattt ctccatatca tcttcaacag ctgttgtttc ctgatttttt aatgattgcc     13380
     attctactgg catgagatgg tatctcacag tggctttaat ttgcatttct ctgatgacca     13440
     gggagcattt ttgaaaatgt ctcttggctg cataaatgtc ttcttttgag aagtgttcat     13500
     atactttgcc cactttttga tgggattttt tgtatttttc ttgtaaatct gtctaagtta     13560
     tttgtagatt ctggatgtta gccctttgtc agatgggcag attgcaaaac atttctccca     13620
     ttctgtaggt tgcctgttca ctccaatgat agtttctttt gctatgcaga agatctttag     13680
     tttaattaga tcccatttgt caattttggc ttttgttgcc attgtttttg gagttttagt     13740
     catgaagtcc ttgcccatgc ctatgtcctg aagggtatta cctaggtttt cttctaggat     13800
     ttttatggtg ttacatttta catttaagtc tttaatccat tctgagttaa tttttgtata     13860
     aggtgtaagg aagggatcca gtttcagctt tctacgtatg gctatccact tttcccagta     13920
     ccatttatta aatagggaat cctttaccca tttctttttt ttttgtcagg tttgtgaaag     13980
     atcagatggt tgtagatgtg tggtgttatt tctgaagcct ctgttccatt ccattggtct     14040
     atatttctgt tttggtgcca gtgtcatgct gtattcgtta ctgtagcctt atagtatagt     14100
     ttaaagtcag gtagcatgat gtcttcagct ttgttttttt tgcttagaat tgtcttagcg     14160
     atgagggctc ttttttggtt ccatataaac tttaagataa cttttccaat tctgtgaaga     14220
     aagacagagg tagcttgata gggatggcat tgactctata aattactttg ggcaatatgg     14280
     ccactttcgt gatattaatt cttcctatcc atgagcaggg aatgttcttc catttgtttg     14340
     tgtcctcttt tatttccttg aacagtggtt tgtagttccc cttgaagagg tgcttcacat     14400
     cccttgtagg ttggattcct aggaatttca ttctttgtag taattgtgaa tgggagttca     14460
     ctgatgattt ctctctgtga ttgtctatta ttggcatata agaatgctta tgatttttgc     14520
     acgctgattt tgtatcctga gactttgctg aagttgctta tcagcttaag gagattttgg     14580
     gctgagatga tgggtttttc taaatataca attatgtgac ttgcaaacag atacaatttg     14640
     acttcctctt ttcataattg aataatcttt atttctatct cttgcttgat ttccctggcc     14700
     agaacttcca acagtatgtt aaataggagt aatgtgggag ggcatccttg tcttgtgcca     14760
     gttttcaaag agaatgcttc cagcttttgc ccattctgta tggtattggt tgtaggtttg     14820
     tcataaatag ctgttattat tttgagatat gttccaccaa tacctcgttt atttagagtt     14880
     tttagcatga actgctgttg aactttgtcg aaggcctttt ctgcatgtag tgagataatc     14940
     ctgtggtttt tgtcgtttgt tctgcttatg tgatgaatta cattactgat tttcatatgt     15000
     tgaaccagcc ttgcatccca gggatgaagc caacttgatc atgttggata agctttctga     15060
     tgtgctgctc gattcggttt gccaggattt tattgaagat ttttgcatcg atgttcatca     15120
     gggatattga cctaaaattc tctttttttg ttgtgtctct gccaggcttt tgtatcagga     15180
     tgatgctagc cttgtaaaat gagttatgga ggattctctc tttttctatt cattggaata     15240
     gtttcagaag gaaacagacc agctcctctt tgtacctctg gtagaatgca actgtgaatc     15300
     tgtctggttc tgcacttttt ttggttggta gactattaat tattgtctta atttcagaac     15360
     atgttgttgc tctattcaga gatttaactt cttcctggtt tggttttgtg agggtgtatg     15420
     tgtccagaaa tttatgcatt tcttctggat tttctagctt atttgcatgg aggtgtttac     15480
     agtattctct gatggtagtt tgtatttctg tgggataagt ggtgatattc tctttatcat     15540
     tttttattct gtctgtttga ttgtctcctc ttttcttctt tattagtctt gctaactgtg     15600
     tatctatttt gttgatattt tcagaaaacc agctcctggg ttcattgatt ttttgaaggg     15660
     ttttttgtga ctctatctcc ttcagttctg ctctgatctt agttatttat tgtcctctgc     15720
     tagcttttga atttgtttgc tcttgcttct ctaattcttt taattgttag ggtgttgaat     15780
     ttaggtcttc cctgctttct tgtgtgggca tttagtgcta taaattttcc tttacacact     15840
     tctttaaatg tgtccaagag atgctggtat gttgcatgtt ttttctcatt ggtttcaaag     15900
     aacatctttc tttctgcctt catttgaatg actactattt acccagtagt tattcaggag     15960
     caggttgttc agtttccatg tagttggcca ttattgaggg agtttcttaa tcctgagcac     16020
     taatttgatt gtagtgtggt ctgagagaca gtttgttgtg atttctattc ttttacattt     16080
     gctgagtact gttttactac caattatgtg gttaattctc aaataagtat aatgtggtgc     16140
     tgagaggaat gtttattcta ttgccttgag gtgtagagtt cttagatgtc tattaggtct     16200
     ggttggtgca gaactgagtt caagtcctca atatccttat taatattctg tctcatcgat     16260
     ctgtctaata ttgacagtga agtgttaaag tctcccgtta ttattgtgtg ggagtctaag     16320
     tctctttcta ggtctctaag gattttcttt atgaccctga gtgaccctgt attggatgca     16380
     tatatattta ggatagttag ctcttcttgt tgaattgatc ctttaaccat tatgtaatgg     16440
     ccttcatttt ctcttttgat ctttgttggt ttaaagtctg ttttatcagt tagtaggatt     16500
     acaccccctg ctttttcttg ctttccattt tcttggtaga tattcctcca tccctttatt     16560
     ttgagcctgt ggttgtctct gcacctgaga tgggtctcct gaatacagca tactgatggg     16620
     tcttgactct ttatccaaat tcccagtctg tgtcttttaa ttgtggcatt tagcccattt     16680
     acatataagg ttaataatgt tgtgtgtgaa tttgatcctg tcattatgat gctagctggt     16740
     tattttgccc attaattgaa acagttactt catagcattg atggttttta caatttgtca     16800
     tgtttttgca gtggctgata ccagttgttc ctttctatat ttagtacgtt ctttaggagc     16860
     tcttttaagg caggcctgct ggtggcaaaa tctctcagca tttgcttgtc tgtaaagtat     16920
     tttatttctc cctcagtttt gaagcacagt ttgcctggat atgctattct gggttgaaaa     16980
     ttcattgctt taagaatgtt gaatattggc ccccactctc ttctcatttg tggcatttct     17040
     gctgagagat cctttgttag tctgatgggc ttccccttgt aagtaaccca aacattctct     17100
     ggctgctctt aacatttttt ccttcatttc aaccttggtg aatctgacaa ttatgtgtct     17160
     tggggttgct cttctcagga ggtatctttg cagtgttctc tgcatttact aaatttgaag     17220
     gttggccagc cttgtttgtt ggggaagttc tcctggataa tatcctgaag agtgttttcc     17280
     atcttagttc ccttctcccc atccctttca ggtacaacag tcaaacatag atttggattt     17340
     ttcacacagt cctatatttc ttcaaggctt tgttcatttc ttcttactcc tttttctcta     17400
     aacttgtctc ctcactttat ttcattaatt tgatcttcaa tcaatgatat cctttcttcc     17460
     acttgattca attggctatt aaagcttgtg catgcatcat gaagttctca tgttttcatc     17520
     tgttttcatc tccagcaggt catttatggt gttctctaca ctgcttatcc tagttagcca     17580
     ttcatctaac ttttttttca aggttttcag cttccttgct attgggtaga ctatgctcct     17640
     ttagcttgga gaagtttgtt attaacaacc ttctgaagcc tacttctgtc aacttgtcaa     17700
     actcattctc tgtccagctt tgttcccttg ctggtgagga gctgtgatcc tttggaggat     17760
     aagaggtgct cttgttttta gaattctcag cttttctgct ctggtttctc cgcatgtttg     17820
     tggttttatc tacctttggt atttgatgtt ggtgacctac agatggggtt ttggtgtggg     17880
     tttccttttt gttgatgttg atgcttttca tttctgtttg tttgtttttc ttctaccagt     17940
     gagaccactg gggggtcatt tttctaaatg aatttcacac acacccacac cacaaccaac     18000
     taccacaaaa aatatgtact cacttgtaag tgggagccaa ttcttagata tgcatacaca     18060
     tcatatgtaa acaagagaca ttagagattc caaaatgagg gagtaaagca gaagtagaaa     18120
     agctaaataa aacttcccca tttagtgtta tgttcttcgt ctgtgtgaca ggattaataa     18180
     aattccaaac ctctgcatga cataatatat tcttgtaata aatctgaaat tgtaggctga     18240
     taatttaaaa taataagtaa aattctaaaa agatcaatac attatacata aaaatacaca     18300
     ttattgtcaa ctgcatatgg aacattcacc aggagagatt atattaggta aacaagcaag     18360
     tctcaataaa cttaagaaag ttaaaatcat atctcctgac ctgaccacat ggtatacaat     18420
     taggaatcaa tatcaggcag atatttgaaa actttagaaa tacatgaaat ttaaacatac     18480
     ccctgaacag caaatacttg aataaaaata ttgaaaaaat gcaaaaatgt tttgagaaaa     18540
     ataaaaatga atatgcaatt taccaaaatc tatggcataa ataaaaagag cttttttaag     18600
     ttaacagcaa tttcttttta ctgaagaaca tctcaaataa agattctaat aatgcacctc     18660
     aaggaaataa aaagacatac agaaaaaact atccccaagg gtagtacaaa gaaagagata     18720
     ataagtataa gaaaaacatt ttaaaaagtg agttaaaaca ataaaaatta ataatgtaaa     18780
     ttgttttgga atgatagata gaagcaaaag acctttacct aaactcagta aaaagagaga     18840
     aaacccaaat aaataaaata agaaataaag aatacatccc aactcatgcc acagagaatt     18900
     atataatatt attattaaca tttattagtt aacacctttt aaatcctaga gaaataggta     18960
     tacttctgga cacataaaac ctactaaaat aaaatgtaaa gaaataaaaa aattgaaaag     19020
     aacaacaacg aataaggaga ttaaataaga aataaacaat attaaaaaaa tctcaggata     19080
     ttatgacatt attggtcaat gctaaagaaa tttaagaagg ggactactgt gaatttttct     19140
     catactcttc caaaaacttc agaaggtagt acttcaaaac tccattttac aatgccagca     19200
     ttaatatgat agaattatca gacagcagca caacaacaac gtcaaaacta cagaccaata     19260
     tttctgacaa atgtacatgc caaaaatcct ctaaaaaata ctagcaaatc aaattcaata     19320
     ccacaattaa gaaatcattt attacactca aatggaattc atcccagggg tgaaagaata     19380
     ctttaatatt tacaatttaa tacacatgat actttatagt aacaataata gatagaatta     19440
     tataattatt taaatagatg cagaaggatt tgacaaaatt caacattctt ttatgatata     19500
     attttcaaat atttgatgta aaagaaatat atccaacaca ataaaagcca catttgacta     19560
     acccacaggt aacactatac tgaatgcttg aaagcacaaa ccttttactc taagacatgg     19620
     aaaaagacaa gaatgtccac tttcaccact tttattcaac atagtattaa aatgtgtagc     19680
     tagatctatt atattaacaa aaaatggaaa acatcaaagt tgaaagaaaa aagtcaaact     19740
     gtcccatttt acagttgaca ggatattata tatatgtaaa tttgaacaag ccaccaaaaa     19800
     atcctgttag aattaacaaa taaaaataaa atgagtagag ttggaaataa aaaatcaaca     19860
     tgtgaaaatc aggagagttt ctacacatgt atagtaaaat gagaaaaatt ttcaagaatc     19920
     tcatttacaa taactataaa aacagataaa aattaattta attaagaatt atacactaaa     19980
     agctgtaaaa gattgacaac aaattgaata aagtgtaaat aaattgaagg atatttactt     20040
     ttagagattg gaaatattaa tatcattaaa atatctataa aacccaaagt aatatatcaa     20100
     tttaatccac tatcaaaata tgagggacat tctttacaca aacagaaaaa aaaaaaacct     20160
     cttaagcttt gtgttgactc aaagactcca gaaagccaaa gcaatactga acaaaataac     20220
     aaaactggag gcatgatgtt acatacttct aaatataatg tgatacaaca gtaaacaaaa     20280
     cagtgaaata gcatggtatt gataaagata gattaataaa accaaacaga aagcctcaaa     20340
     atatttacta tcaactaatt tttggcaaag aaaccaggaa aacataagat ggaaaaaaag     20400
     tgtcttcatt atagtgaaaa aaatggaata tgctcctaca aataataaaa tcagatgttt     20460
     atctcacatg attacaaaaa taaactttaa ataaatcaga gacttaaata caaccctgac     20520
     tttaaaaaat tactagaaag aaagctactg aagttacttt cagacactga gtttggcaat     20580
     aactttctga atgagatctc aaaaagcagg caacaaaaac aaaaataggc aatcagatgc     20640
     atcaagccaa agagcctctg catagcaaaa tatgcatttg ataaaataaa aagacaacct     20700
     acagaataaa aaagatattg gtaaattctg catctgataa gatattcaaa tctaaaaaat     20760
     gtaaggaatt caaaacataa tagcaagaaa aacaaaatca ctaacaaccc aatttttata     20820
     gacaaaatat tttaatagat atttttctaa aaaagacata taaatggtaa aatgtatata     20880
     aaaatgctct gcatgactaa gcataagaaa atggtaaata aaaaccacaa ttagattttt     20940
     cctcagttca tttagaatgc atgttatcaa agaataaaag ataagaagtg ctggtaagaa     21000
     tgtgggaaga aaaaacacat gttattggta ggtaaattag tacaacgatt ttggaaaata     21060
     atacaaacat atccaaaaag ttaaaaacag aaatagttaa caaacctgca gttactctac     21120
     ttgctatata tccaaaacta aaataaaact agtgcaacca agaaatatca gcactgacaa     21180
     gtttattgaa gcactattca ccataaccaa gatattaact caacctaaat gtatattaga     21240
     agatgaatga agaaaatata ctacatacag tgaacctaat attattcacc cataaaaata     21300
     ataaaattat gtcatttgtg agacacgaat aaacctgaaa aatactttgc tgaataaaat     21360
     aacccaggaa tagaaagagc aataccatat aatctcactc atatgtggag tgtaaaaaag     21420
     gtgatttcat aaatagaata aaatagtaaa taagtgaggc taacattaat ggaggaagaa     21480
     ggcagtaaaa agaggctggc caaagagtac acaattacat ttaatcaggt atgataaatt     21540
     taagaattat attatatagg actgtgactg cagctaataa tgacatacta tactcttcaa     21600
     aagtagggaa taattcttaa gagctatcat tagaaaacta ataattatgt aaggttattc     21660
     attaataagc taaaagtaat cactccatag tacatatgta ccaaaaaaat catgatgtgc     21720
     atgataaata catacaatag tatctgtcaa acttaaaaat ttcataccaa gaagatacag     21780
     aattgttcat tacctgatga ctttcctact gaattctata aaatagttaa agaatgaata     21840
     ttaattcttc taaaacgttt ataaataact aagagaaaga aacattgttc agacttcctt     21900
     agcaagatct gctttaaaaa tgtaagaaat tggaagaggt tccaagatgg gtgaatagga     21960
     agagctccag tcaacagctc ccagtgtgag caatgcagaa gatgagtgat ttctgcattt     22020
     ccaactgagg taccaggttc atctcactgg ggcttgttgg acagtgggtg cagcccatgg     22080
     agtatgagat gaagcatggt ggggcatcac ctcacctagg aagtgcaagg ggttggggaa     22140
     ttccctttcc tagccaaggg aagccatgac acatggtacc tggaaaattg gtaaactctg     22200
     actctaatac tgcactttcc caatagtctt agcaaatggt acaccaggag attatattct     22260
     gtgcctgact tggagggtcc cacgcccatg gagcctcact cactgcttgc ttggcagtct     22320
     gagatcaaac ttcaagctgg cagcgagact gggggagggg cgtctgccat tgctgaggat     22380
     tgagtaggta aacaaagtgg ccaggaagct cgaactgggt ggagcccacc acagctcaag     22440
     gaggcctgcc tgctcctgta gactccacct ctgggggcag ggcatagctg aaaaaaagag     22500
     agcagaaact tctgcagacc taaacctccc cgtctgacag ctttgaagag agtagtggtt     22560
     ctcacagcac agagtttgag atctgagaat ggacagactg cctcctcaaa tgggtcccta     22620
     aaccttgagt agcctaactg gcagacacct cccactgtgg ccaacttaca cctcatagag     22680
     cctggtgccc ctctagatga agcttccaga ggaaggatca ggcagcaata tctgctgttc     22740
     tgcagcctcc gctggtgata cccaggcaaa aagggtctgg agtggacctc cagcaaactc     22800
     caacaaacat gcagctgagg gtccttttag atggaaaact aacaaacaga aaggacatcc     22860
     acaccaaaac cccatctgta ggtcaccatc atcaaagacc gaaggtagat aaaaccacaa     22920
     agatggggag aaaccagagc agaaaaggtg aaaattctaa aaatcagagt gcctcttctc     22980
     ctccaaagga atgcagctcc tcaccagcaa tggaacaaag ctggacaaag aatgactttg     23040
     acaagttgag agaaggcttc acgtgatcag taataacaaa tttctctgag ctaaaggagg     23100
     atgtttgaac ccatcacaaa gaagctaaaa accgtgaaaa aagatgaatg gctatctaga     23160
     ataaatagtg cagagaagac cttaaatgac ctgatggagc tgaaaaccat ggcatgagaa     23220
     ctatgtgaca catgcaaaag cttcagtagc tgatttgatc aagtgaaaga aatggcatca     23280
     gtgattcaag ataaaatgaa tgaaatgaag tgagaagaga agtttagaga aaaaagagta     23340
     aaaaaaagtg aataaaacct ccaagaagta tgggactatg tgaaaagacc aaatctatgt     23400
     ctgattggtg tacctgaaag tgacgaggag aatggaacca agttggaaaa cactctgcag     23460
     aatattatgc aggagcaatt cccccaccta gcaaggcagg ccaacattca aattcaggaa     23520
     atacagagaa tgccacaaag atattccttg agaagagcaa ctccaagatg aataattgtc     23580
     agattcacca aagttgaaat aaaggaaaaa attttaagag cagccacaga gaaaggtcag     23640
     attacccaca aagggaagca tttcagacta acagcagatc tcttggcaga aactctacat     23700
     accagaagag agtgggggcc aatattcaac attcttaaag aaaagaattt taaacccaga     23760
     atttcatacc cagccaaact aggcttcaaa agttaatcag aaataaaatc ctttacagac     23820
     aagcaaatgc tgatagattt tttttcacca tgaggcctgc cttacaagag ctcctgaagt     23880
     aagcactaaa cattgaaagg aacaactggt atcagtcatg caaaaacatg ctgttgtaaa     23940
     gaccattgat gctaggaaga aacagcatca actaatgagc aaaataacca gctaacatca     24000
     taatgacagg atcaaattca cacataacat taacaacctt aaatgtaaat gggctaaatg     24060
     ctccaattaa aagacaaaga ttggcaaatt cgataaagaa tcaagaccca tcagtgtgct     24120
     gtaaacattc tcacatgcag agacacacat aggctcaaaa taaagggatg taggaagatc     24180
     aaccaaacaa atggaagaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc aggggttgca atcctgtctt     24240
     tgataaaaca gactttaaac aaacaaagat gaaaagagac aaagaaagcc attacataat     24300
     ggtaaaggga tcaattcaac aagaagagct aactatccta aatatgtatg cacccaatac     24360
     aagagcatgc agattcatag agcaagtcct cagagaccta gaaagagacc taatagacat     24420
     ctacagaact ctccaccaca catcaacaga atatacattc ttctcagcac cacatcacac     24480
     ttactccaaa attgaccata tagttggaag taaaccgatc atcagcaaat gtaaaataac     24540
     agaaattata acaaactgtc tctcagacca cagtgcaata aaactagaac tcaggattaa     24600
     gaaactcatt caaaactgct caactacatg gaaactgaac aacctgctcc tgaatgacta     24660
     ctgggtacat aataaaatga acgcagaaat caagatgttc tttgaaacca gtgagaacaa     24720
     agatgcaaca tagtagcatc tctgggacac atttaaagta gtgtgtagag ggaaattcat     24780
     agcactaaat gcccacaaga gaaagcagga aagatctgaa attcacactc taacatcaca     24840
     attaaaagaa ctagagaagg aagcacaaat aaattcaaaa cctagcataa ggcaagaaat     24900
     actgatcaga gcagaattga aggagatacg gacacaaaaa agaccttcaa aaaaatcaac     24960
     gaatccagga ggtgtttttt tttttttttt ctgaaaagat caacaaaatt gatagaccac     25020
     tagcgaggct aataaagaag aaaagagtca agaatccaat agatacaata aaaaatgata     25080
     aaggggatat caccaccgat cccacactac caacagagaa tactacaaac acctctatgc     25140
     aaataaacta gaaaatctag aagaaatgga taaatttctg gactcataca ccctctcaag     25200
     actaaaccag gaagaagttg aatccctgaa tagaacaata gcagactctg aaactaaggg     25260
     aataattaat agcctaccca ccaaaaaaag tccaggacca gatggattca caaccaaatt     25320
     ctaccagagg tacaaagagg agctggtatc tttccttcag aaactattcc aatcaataga     25380
     aaaagagaga atcctcccta actcatttct tgaggccagc atcatcctga taccaaagcc     25440
     tggcagagac acaataaaat aaagagaatt ttagaccaat atccctgata aacatcgatg     25500
     caaaaatctt caataaaata ctggcaaact gaatccagca gcacgtcaga aagcttatca     25560
     accaccttca aactggcttc atcccgggaa tgaaagcctg gttcaacagc aaatcaataa     25620
     acgtaatcca tcatataaac agaaccaaag gcaaaaacca catgattatc tcaatacatg     25680
     cggaaaaggc ctttgacaaa attcaacagc tcttcatgct aaaactctca ataaactagg     25740
     tattgatgga aagtacctca aaataataag agctatttat ggcaaaccca cagccaatat     25800
     catactgaat gggcataaac tggaagcatt ccctttgaaa actggcacaa gacagggatg     25860
     ccctctctca ccactcctat tcaacagagt gttggaattt ctggccacgg caatcaggca     25920
     ggagaaagaa ataaagggta ttcaattagg aaaagaggaa ggcaaattgt ccctgtttgc     25980
     aaatgacatg attgtatatt tagaaaatcc cattgtctca gctccgaatc tccttaagct     26040
     gataggcaac ttcagcagtc tcaggataca aaatcaatgt gcaaaaatca caagcattcc     26100
     tatacaccag taatagacaa tcagatacac aaatcatgag tgaactccca ttcacaattg     26160
     cttcaaagag aataaaatac ctaggaatcc atattaccag ggatgtgaag gactgcttca     26220
     aggagaagta caaccattgc tcaacaaaat aaaagaggat acaagcaaat ggaagaatat     26280
     tccatgctta tggataggaa gaatcaatat caggaaaatg gccatgctgc acaagataat     26340
     ttatagattc aatgccatcc ccatcaagct accaatgact ttcttcacag aattctaaaa     26400
     aactacttta aagttcatgt ggaaccaaaa aagagcctgc attgtcaaga taattctaag     26460
     tcaagagaat caagctggat gcatcactct acctgccttc catcttatac tacaagccta     26520
     cagtaaccaa aagagcatgg tactggtacc aaaagagaat tatagaacaa tggaacagga     26580
     cagagccctc agaaataata ccacacatct acaaccatct gatctttcac aaacctgaca     26640
     aaaacaagaa atgaggaaaa gatctcctat ttaataaata gtgctggaaa aactggctag     26700
     ccatatgtag aaagctgaaa ctggatccct tccttacacc ttacacaaaa attaattcaa     26760
     gatggattaa agacttaagt gttagaccta aaaccatgaa aacccaggca ataccattca     26820
     ggccataggc atgggcaagg tcttcatgac taaaatacca aaagcaatgg caacaaagcc     26880
     aaaattgaca aatgggatct aattaaacta aagagcttct gcactgcagg agaaactacc     26940
     atcagagtga acaggcaacc tacagaatgg gagaaaattt ttactatcta cccatctgaa     27000
     aaaggtctaa tgtccagaat ctgcaaagaa cttaagaaaa ttaacaagaa aaaaatcaga     27060
     caaccccatc aaaaagcggg caaaggatat gaacagacac ttctcaaaag aagacattta     27120
     tgtaaccaag agacacatga aaaaatgctg atcctcactg gccatcagag aaatgcaaat     27180
     caaaaccaca atgagatacc atctcgcacc agttagaatg gcaatcatta aaacgtcagg     27240
     gaacaacagg tgctggagag gatgtggaga aataggaatg cttttacact gttagtgaga     27300
     ctgtaaacta gttcaactat tgtggaagac agtgcagtga ttcctcaagg atctagaact     27360
     agaaatacca tttgacccag acatcccatt actgggtgta tacccaaagg attataaatc     27420
     atgctgctat aaagacacat gcacacgtat gtttatggtg gcactattcc caatagcaaa     27480
     gacttgaaac caacccaaat gtccatcaat gatagactgg attaagaaat tgtggcacat     27540
     atactccatg gaatactatg cagccataaa aaatgatgag ttcgtgtcct ttgtagggac     27600
     atggatgaag gtggatacca tcactctgag caaactatca caaggacaga aaaccaaaca     27660
     ctgcatgttg tcactcatat gtgggatttg aacaatgaga aaacttggac acagggtggg     27720
     gaacatcaca caccggggcc tgtcatgggg tcggggcatg tgggagggct aacattaggg     27780
     aatataccta atgtaaatga ccagttaatg tgttcggcac accaacatgg cacatgtata     27840
     catatgtaac aagcctgcat gttgtgcaca tgcaccctag aatttaaagt ataataaaat     27900
     aaaataaata agtgaataaa tgtatgtgta aatgtgttaa tgttggcaag ttaaaataaa     27960
     taaataagta aaggaagact cagtaatgca gtaatgctgt aattctttag ttatggttct     28020
     gccaggaaca gtgttattag ggatataagt actgcattag atcctgatcg tgacacaaac     28080
     tccacctgta agaaattcaa aacctaatag tgataaaaac aaaaccagct aagaacccaa     28140
     ttttttaaaa ggcaaaatat tttaataata cgaattttat tttaatattt taaaatttta     28200
     aaaaatttta ataagaagac atataaatct caataagtat ataaaaatag caaggccagc     28260
     aacctaatat taaatccagg gaaggataaa cacatacaga cacagacaca agcagacaac     28320
     tacagaccaa tgtttattat aaacagagat gcaaaaatat tcaacgaaat agtagtaaaa     28380
     aaagttcaat aatatattaa aagaatttat ttgctatggt tatgtaacat ttatctcagg     28440
     gataaaaaat ggttcaatgt accccattac ataaatgaat acgccatatt tataggacaa     28500
     agacagaaaa atcgtgtgat catttaaaaa tatttgaaca agcattaaca tagttaacca     28560
     tatttttatg tttaaatatc ctcaaggtac tacatataga aggaatgtat atgatcacaa     28620
     taaaggctgt agatgatgaa tttctaattg gaagtttttt tctaagatta gaaacagaac     28680
     aagaatatca atacattttt cagtatagtg ctggaattcc tagccagaga gtttagaaaa     28740
     tagtaacaag gaaaatatat tctaacagaa aggaataagt gaagtatatt ctagttgctg     28800
     atgacataat cttatattta gaagctcatg attttgtcag aaaaacccat gagagtttga     28860
     aaaataaact tagtaaagtt acaggttata agatcaacat acaaaaaagt catgcttttt     28920
     ttaaatttta agttgttttt aattttattg tgggtatgaa agagatagat atatttacag     28980
     ggtatataag atgtttcaat acagaaatgt aatatgatat gaacacttct atggagaaca     29040
     gagtaaccat cccttaaagc atttattgtt tgagttacaa tttaattaca ttatttaaat     29100
     tatataaaaa tatacagtta ttatagacta tagccaccct attttgctat caaatatcaa     29160
     actatttaga aacagctagt gtgcatgact ctcatggaaa ataacaaaaa agtgagtaaa     29220
     tacaacacct tcaacagaaa tatccaggag ccaagagaac ctcccccacc cagggaagtg     29280
     gtaagtgaat atgtaacccc gaaaaatcac acttcttcca caaacgtttg taaccctcag     29340
     ataagaaaat ctctttgcta acccattcca ccagtgcatt tagtgtaaca gacagagcta     29400
     agcagagtct ccacaaagca gccattctag catcaataaa gaccctggag acttagatac     29460
     tcaggctttc cagcaaaaac agctatagct tcagtacagt gggaggttag gacctggcat     29520
     ggtggttcat gcctgtaatc ccagaacctt gggaggccga ggcacatgga tcatgaggtc     29580
     aaaagattga gattatcctg gccaacatgg tgaaacccct tctctactaa aaatacaaaa     29640
     attagctggg tgtggtggca tgtgcctgta atcccagtga ggaagaaagc tcaaaatcct     29700
     aaggaaattg aacactcaaa acaaaagatt cttagcaaag caattttact tctgcacaga     29760
     tgggtgcctc cttggctagt catgatgagc gcacacctga acaaaggggc gtgacagcct     29820
     ttatttctga tgcaagccct gcccctgtac cctttctcca ttggctaggt ctgggtcata     29880
     caatctcagc taattccagt tggctaaaca tttgattttt ttagataaag tgggcacgta     29940
     aaagaaagca gagaagaaag gggaaggggt gtctgtaata agctagaaag ttagagtcct     30000
     ctttacaaat aaggaaagga atgtgagctg gtactgataa cgcctggtac tgtggtgtgc     30060
     ctgggcatct aaccaacgca aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaggag aaaaaagaaa aagagcagga     30120
     ggtactatga attagagaat aaaagattga tcaggttatt tgaggagaaa ccacatcata     30180
     tcccagagct tccctttctt cctttttttt gtaactcttt ctcctcaaat ctttcagcat     30240
     agtttggctt cattgttcta cttggtcttc tagaaggaaa agcttatttg aatcaggggg     30300
     aggaggattg taagaggttt cagtgagagc tgttttagta tgtctttttg ttaatctttg     30360
     ggcacagggt atgatgcagc atcttacgag aataagcaat cccattccaa tggccagaga     30420
     aatgaagatt gaggatgtaa gtcccttcca tctacagaac aatttccaat gaaatttgtg     30480
     aagggatctt ttagtccaga atttttggct agcccatttg acagagcagt aagaccctgt     30540
     aatgctttag ttatggtcct gccaggagca gtatcattag ggtagggata taagtacagc     30600
     attgggtcct gatcatgaca caaactccac cttgttttgc tagtatcatg tctaatgcta     30660
     tcctattttc ccgggccatt tgactgatgg gtcctaatta ttcagctagc tattccttta     30720
     atagcatctc tagtagtatt aataaatcat tgctgattgt attgaatgta atttatccaa     30780
     ttcacatttt tatttacagt taaccaccag aagaacatac attcaaatcc agcaattatt     30840
     tgattttggg gcttaaattt atttggcact cctcttggga ccccaatggc atctatataa     30900
     acatgagaat tgaaggacca atgtgggggc ctctcttatt tgatgatatt ttgttcctac     30960
     cctttccggt tgatgaaatg ccagggcaaa agggatggcc aattgaatta gagcacacat     31020
     tctactccag ttacttggca gagcatctag tattggtcca ccacaatacc agcacacatc     31080
     ccctcaagga tggctaagaa cagtctgttg ggtaagctct tagaagggat taagctcact     31140
     gcatcccatt aaggataccg gcaatgccaa gttctctccc tgtcgtcaca gacacaaagg     31200
     agaatggtca ttgggagatg gaggctgaat ggcccttggg ggctgacctg caggatgttg     31260
     aactttaggg aacagcagag aaaaagcttg gcgtgatttg ttgccccaga ctgaggggtt     31320
     ttggaagaga gctaccatac agctcatgcc cggtcagcta gaagaccatc caagtggaaa     31380
     ggggacaatc tgggcctctg gtctaccatg cacacaaggg taacattcac tgttgtttaa     31440
     agtgcagaag gaatacttaa tccattccag ccaagcattt gcatattgat atcctgtgtc     31500
     tacagctata gtttgcctta agttttctac ctccacaacc attaccttgg ttgggtcatt     31560
     ttggagatgg gaggaggatg ttggatttgc tatacatggg caaagcattg ggttccatgt     31620
     gtgtcccgga ctttgtctct gaactccttt ataattgtta tccaatgttt taaataacgt     31680
     tagggagaag attcctatag ggtcctgtct tcaatgtctg ctcctaaccc ataccatatg     31740
     aatagagaca gctcttcggc catcatccgg gaattattta taatcagcaa caaggagtta     31800
     cagtggaata gcttacaatt tggtggggtg ggacaacaga ctagttggag tttttgtttc     31860
     agtcctcgta acttatttga agtggggggt tggctgtcca ccgtttgtac ttagtattcc     31920
     accaaacatc tgcccagtca actcagggac tttttaaagc tccatacttg cttgattctt     31980
     tgcggtatgg acatagatac ttatcaacat gggatagctt cctttgagct tgctcatctc     32040
     tacacaggat gactgaacac gtgttgaact gaagagttaa cagatgagta acctgcatta     32100
     cactgatgac aagatgacct tctgttgaaa agaaaaaaga gaataaacaa gtgattatta     32160
     agctcatttt agagttagtt tggtgggagt gggccctgga gtgacagtcc atgattctgg     32220
     aggtggcagc gcctccttga cttgggtgtg atgagcctat cctctttctg cttataggtc     32280
     ttcagcaact atctatcttg tttggccagg gtgtaaattc tcatatactc ataaactcag     32340
     agaaaggcat tgcacattgc ttggggtccc caaagggccc cctgatgtaa ttgagacaag     32400
     acctccctca tgagaggttt tgacaacatc tccttttgat ttggtaatat gcatttccct     32460
     tctgcattct ctttagctgc tatttttatc aagttctctt tttcaatgga agagaaaatt     32520
     ggagttgcag taggagaagg gaggcatgga gttaaatgaa aaacaggcat tttggaagaa     32580
     acagcaactt gttttgctgt ctgatctgca agattatttc cctgacttgt gaaagaccag     32640
     tccctttggt gccctgggac atctacaatg ctatcactgc cagcaattgg agattgttga     32700
     ggacaggagt aatcagttct ctgtgaacta catcttggcc tctactattg aaaaaacccc     32760
     tctccattca aattttccca aatgtgtgtt ccacccaaag gcatacttag agtcagtata     32820
     gatagttcct tcttggtttt gtaaatgtcc taaagcttgg ttgagtgcaa acagttcaca     32880
     catttgggca gatcagttac taggcagcct tcccgattct acttcttcaa gcatctctcc     32940
     atcaatcact gaatgctcat tatgtctttt cctttcaatc acctgggatg acctatattt     33000
     gaataagtgt tgccttgtct tgaagggagt ttctcctaag tttggttgaa cttttttatg     33060
     gcaatcaatc agacctaaac atgtgtggtc tcattttaag tttggatcct ttgttaaaaa     33120
     gcctgctgga ttaagtgaat tatcagtagt ttatattaaa taatcttttt tccagtaaga     33180
     gagcctccta ttttaaaatt cttgagtcag tgatccatat ccctgctttc tgatttaata     33240
     tcgttctaac ttggtggggc atgcttactg ttaactttcc tccaaatatt agcttcctac     33300
     tttctttgac taatacttct gtaactgtga tggattggat acactggggc catccattag     33360
     tgactgggtc taagaccttt gacaagaagg ccacaggctg ccagcaacct ccatgttctt     33420
     gggtgagcac tcctaggccc acccagttgt ttacattaat gaaaaggtaa aatggctttt     33480
     ctagggaggg tagagctaga atgtggcagt tatgaacctc tcttttaatc cttcaatttg     33540
     ctggatttcc tgggaagtcc atgagaaata atcaggcttc cactgggcaa gtttctcata     33600
     tagatgttta ctttttaatg catatgagtc aatccataaa caacaatatc caattagccc     33660
     taagaatttc ctgaatcctg acaaggtgtt ttggctcatg cctacaatcc caggactttg     33720
     ggaggctgag gcaggcagat caccagttca ggagatcgag catgtcctgg ctaacatggt     33780
     gaaaccacat cactactaaa aatataaaaa aattagctgg gcatggtggt gggcacctgc     33840
     agtcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaatgatga gaacccagga ggtggagctt     33900
     gcagtgaact gagattgtgc cactgaactc cagcctgggt aactgagcca gactccatct     33960
     ataataatag taataataat ttcctgagtt cctgtttagt ttgaggcagg ggcagggaaa     34020
     caattccctc cactgtttca ggtcctattc tttgtttact tgcacttatt aggtggccta     34080
     agtatttaag tttagattct acatactgaa gtttcccttt tgagacccac aactcctcac     34140
     attgcaagtg attgagaaag tgtgtggaga agtcacctat ttcttttatg tttttaccag     34200
     atataagaag atcatccatg tactgaagca gacatatttg tttagggact gtaactttct     34260
     ctagtacttg ttctaggatg tgactaaaga ggttgaggaa atctgagaac tcctggggca     34320
     agactgtccg ttgatattgt tgtctctgcc ctgaataggg gtcttcccac tcaaaagcat     34380
     atatatcttg gctatcctta gccaagggca tgcccagaag gcatccttca aatctatcac     34440
     tgtaaaccac tgatgattgt atggaattgt gctaagaatg atgtaagggt taggaacaat     34500
     ggggtgagtg gtctgtatta tttgattaat agctctaagg tcttgcacca attgatgtga     34560
     cccatctgat ttcttgacag gcaggattgg ggtatataca gggctctaga agctcatctt     34620
     taatgagacc ctcaattaca ggctttagac ctactctgcc ctctaaagga aatggggtat     34680
     tgctttctcc ttactatttc cgcaggagtt tttagtttga tatgtattag agggatttgg     34740
     agtttccctc tatttccttc ttttgaccag acatggagat taatatattt ctcatccaca     34800
     gcagtgagta aatgtagtga agtaaggaat tctttaggtc ctacttgaag tcctatgcct     34860
     agatttaaca ttaaatccct tcctaatata tttgttccca cttcaggaat taataaaaat     34920
     taaatatgag taaatcaatt ttgatatctg atgtctgtgc tttctaaaat ttttgcctta     34980
     aatcctcctc cttttatccc agagactaaa agttcctctg aagaccaggt gagaccaggt     35040
     ggagggaaac agaggagcat gaagtccctg aattgactaa aaaggtgata aattcacatt     35100
     taggtcccac tttcaaattt atcaagggct cctggtggga ctcaaaataa aagcggcaga     35160
     gctcctgact gccctattgt tctttaaaac tcatgagtgt gagagtttct gtctctctct     35220
     ctagttaagg acgctccctc ttgaagtggc ctgttcttcc acattggtaa catctatctt     35280
     gtccttctcc cttctcagtc ttagcattgt ctgttcttgc cccactatac cccttaggag     35340
     gcttatttgt tgaggacctc agccctccag acggaggctt gggacctctc aagatgggtg     35400
     taggcccctt ggaagccctg cttagagata tatggatttg gatttggagc catgtgctgg     35460
     aaggcaggta acataagttt tgtcttttgt ttttgctttt ccttgtctct cctgacctat     35520
     accttttgag cctccctgag cagttcacat aggggactgt cctctcaatt atctattttt     35580
     tgtaattttc tttaaatgtc tggccaactt ttagtaacaa agtgaagttt taacattccc     35640
     tgtccaaggg gattttccag atcaaggcct gcatactgtc tcatttgctc cctctatcta     35700
     agaatctagg aggtccctca tctttttcct gttgaatatc aaatgctttg gaaatatttt     35760
     gatttcgggg tactgactct gaaattcctt ttattatcat ctctcttaga tcttgcatgt     35820
     tttcctggtg atttgcattg ttattgtccc actgggggtc ctcgggctgg aaatttatgg     35880
     cctgcaggag gaacattttg accaggatgg ggctcatgtt cccaaacctc catagcagcc     35940
     cgctgaatca tacttcattc ttctcctgaa aagagaatgc tgaagatgga catcaactca     36000
     gtccaagtgt atatctgagg ccctaaaaat tgatcaattt gatctgctac tccataagga     36060
     tcatccagta atggcttaaa cttctttttt aaattccaga cctctgaagt aatcaaggga     36120
     gggtttacaa agccaatagc ccctccaccc tgtggtacct ctcttaaagg aaagaaagtt     36180
     ggatctggct ctttgggtgt gaagggaaag ggaaagtttt ggatatcttt tttacattgc     36240
     tctatttcat gttgaagccc ctttaaatag ggatacttaa taggttaaga aggggcaggc     36300
     tcacaagacg gtaattctgc aaagttggga atataaggag ggggagcaat atgagcagaa     36360
     gcaccacaag tggaggaggg atccacggca gcagctgggg taatagaaca ggctggggcc     36420
     tgcctgaaac agctggggag taaccccaaa ccacagccag agggatggcc taggctgggg     36480
     cgtggcctga aatggctggg gaataatcgg aaaccacagc tggagggagg gcacaggctg     36540
     gaacatggcc tgagatggct ggagagtgac ccaaaactgc agctggaggg acaggatagg     36600
     aggcagccga aagagtgatg caaacagggg aggaacgtaa gatgggaact ggaagggcgg     36660
     aatcacaggc aaccggaaga gtgacacaag caggggagga acctgagacg ggtaccagag     36720
     gggcggaata ggggggcagc tggaagagtg agggaaacgg gagggacctg aaacgcgaac     36780
     cagactggcg ggttaggggg cgctgaatga aggaagatga tttaaaggat cccacatgtt     36840
     agttagtagt tgtgggttgt ctagctatgg gaactgtttc ccttttaaaa gagttggctt     36900
     ctgactttct ccctccagag tctaaaggtt aaaggagaac tggtccctgc tgccagcaga     36960
     gggtgtaatc gatttgttcg tgggagacag ggttcttatc attaacacgt ttgattaaca     37020
     gctgacaaat ctgttcttca ttagacccaa attttggcca gaaaattcag ggtttaagga     37080
     tgggttgtcg aacccaaatc aaacaacata ttttattgtc tgctgttttt ctttatactt     37140
     ggttctctca ttatctttcc aatactttag cataagcccc aaggggctat ctgaaggaat     37200
     ttcatcactc tctagactct ttggttttcc tgtattattt gaaactttcc ccgtcttatg     37260
     ggttattggg ggacaacccc tcctcttaga gatgtctacc ctcacccttc ctggaggctt     37320
     actgaggctt tagggaaaag ctccaacccc acctgtcaga ggtttctacc ctcccccttc     37380
     ctctttgtct actttgtgtt ttcctgcctc tagtcgatag atggcaacat gagactgaaa     37440
     agaagactca ttcactccac acaaccacga tgcttactcc cattcacaca ttctcagcct     37500
     ccatctcatc ctgaccaccc aggaaatact ttgtcacctt cgtgaagtct cctaccttat     37560
     tccatgcaca ataattgcct ggtcctctta ttgccacggt attgcaagcc tctcctcccc     37620
     gctttgctgc gaatccagat ttattcatta ccacaggtgg gcctgatctc cttcacccta     37680
     gggccaccct aacgagacag taggatgcgt ctcccttggg aagggtaacc gaaggccccc     37740
     gtacctaagg agaatattgg agccccaaag ttgggtgcca gaagtgttag gaataacagt     37800
     caaaatccta aggaaatgga acacttgaaa aaacgattct tagcaaagca attttacttc     37860
     tgtgcagagg ggtgtgcctc cttggccagt cgccttgaga gcacacctga acaaaggggc     37920
     acaagagagc ctttattcct gatgcaagtc ctgcctctgt accctttccc gattggctgg     37980
     ggtctgttca tacaatctaa actaaccctg gttggctaca tatttgattt tttttttttt     38040
     tataaagggg gcacataaaa gaaagcagaa acgaaagggg aaggggtgtc tgtaatgagc     38100
     tagaaagtta gtcctctttc caaataagga aaggaatgta agctggtact gataacgcct     38160
     ggtactgtgg tgtgcctggg catctaacaa aggcaaaaag gaaaaaagga gaaaaaggaa     38220
     aaaaaaagag gggaggtact aggggtacta tgagttaaag aataaaagat tgatcaagtt     38280
     atttgaagag aaaccttatc atatcccaca ccagctactt gggaggctga ggagggagaa     38340
     tttcttgaac atgggaggtg gagatggcag tgagccaaga tccagacact gcactccatc     38400
     ctggagacac agcaagactc agtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagtgggat     38460
     gctagatccc tgtacataac cctgtgaaag aggttgaatg caagggtctg aactatgaca     38520
     acctgcaagc cccacttcca aagcacctca aaagataagc cacactgacg tggaattcca     38580
     gccagtcact gtgaagtgac ctcactgtct ggcagtgata catgaggttc attgtctcat     38640
     ggtcatgaaa aactataatt caaacacaaa aagagtgagc ttcagagtgg actttaatag     38700
     gcaaaagaaa gagaagagct ctctgctgca cagagagggc ctgaaaaaat gggttgctgt     38760
     ttccatggtg aaatgcagtg gtttttatag ataagcttaa ggattaagtg tctgattgac     38820
     atagggaaca aaagattgga tgaaccattt gcatatggca taggaaactg gttaggtcta     38880
     ggagtgccac ttgcagaggg tgcaaaaagc tggccacctc tactctaatc ttttactatg     38940
     cagataggtt ttctgcctgg ttagtgccat gttgcctgtt tctttactgt atacatggta     39000
     aaaagataaa agataatggg gacttcttgg tggtcatgtc tgctgcccag gcagcccttt     39060
     tctattggca cagctgctgg cattcaccca tgtaagcttc aagcttttta atctatgttt     39120
     gcagctctat ttgttaggct cctccttgtt atagcagata atttattggg ctgctttttg     39180
     ctagaaggga agccttgctg agaactcttt tatcctcact acctgcctaa ataatttctt     39240
     tttatcccct gtgtcaactg ttagtgtcat tgcacctcct taagaaggaa atctcaaagg     39300
     gaaagtccca accatctttg ttggttgcac accttagcaa ctttaggtat caggctgtgg     39360
     agactctgag ccaactgggg ggtggggtat gaatccccca gtgcagcaca gttgccctcc     39420
     caaaatgttg acagactgct gctttaagca ggtcctcatc ctgttccttc tcactgattg     39480
     ggatctccca agtgggacct ctagcctccc ttatgcaagt tcttcagcca agaaagtctt     39540
     gactttcccc tgggacagca ccccccgagt gagagttggg ctaccatctt tgttcttggg     39600
     gttacttagc caatccagcc tttaggtttt gatcattctg agcctactag agatgaaggg     39660
     ggtccctcag cacagcacag ctgctctagc aaaatgtgcc caggctgctt tttaaagcgg     39720
     atccctgatc acatttctct tggttgagcg aggcccaatc gggccctcca gccatccacg     39780
     gtggtgttct ccagccaaca gatatttgta atctccctga aatggtgcta taagagagag     39840
     tggtgggcca caaatttagt tgtttaggtg atttaactgt ttcagacttc aagctctgaa     39900
     gcatctgagg caaccagggc tgaagcaaac cctttagcac agcacagtta cattatcaaa     39960
     gcggggagat agctttttaa agtgggtctc taaccccatt tttattcact gaccgggatt     40020
     tctcaaccaa ggtatccagt cacgtcgtac aggagccttc gtgtcagcaa tagacctata     40080
     cctccctggg attaagttcc cggagacaga aaaaaggctg ccatctttgc tgtttttcaa     40140
     ccttctctag tggtacctca aggtatcact gttcaagaga acagtctgac atgactagag     40200
     gctggagtga gctacaacat attgcagcaa ccctgtataa aagtagccaa actattatgt     40260
     aatagcccag tcctgtacgt cccattagca ggtcctccag acctgggcct tcagagctaa     40320
     gtagagtctc tacagagtca cacccttcag agctatcacc cagtagcaac ttggcaaatc     40380
     cctggacagg agcctcaaga agtaactaaa agccttcctg ccacagcctg tgcagtgaaa     40440
     ctgcccttgc caccctgaaa ctaacaaagg agaaaagacc ctaagtgcct tatctacacc     40500
     tccaacaaac tgctgttgac tcaaggagaa gcgaccagtc catctcccat aagtctcaca     40560
     caccccatat tgctaattat cagacagaga atccctggct tggtcctaca acacaaaata     40620
     tccttccagg gctggttgca ttgagagatt gctgacctgc atttcccttg gatggaggcc     40680
     ccaggaaaca accaaaagac acttgaccgc agtcactact atgatctttt cttctgctgc     40740
     ctccaagttg aggaagaaat aaaaacacag agatgccttc agggcagcac agtgcagtgc     40800
     aggaatgcaa agtcatgatc tacactcaaa agttgacaag gataaaaatg catattttca     40860
     gataattgag agaaaacaca gctgcagttg tgagaaaaaa aaggagagcc gtataattaa     40920
     gcaagagtct accaagtcat cagtaagctc aggtgcttcc tgctgaataa cattccaatc     40980
     cttcaacacc aaaattttct cagtaacata tcctctctaa aacaagagac aagaaaccag     41040
     ctttaaataa agacctcgca aaaagcattg gtccagtgaa attcagaata cgtctatgga     41100
     ctgtactcag tctacactac agttcaaaca ataaccacat gcagaaataa gaaagaacac     41160
     acagatgagc tctggtaact caaatggcca gagtgtaata tgtccctcaa atgacaatgc     41220
     cagttctcca gatggttttt aactatgatc atttggctga attgacagaa atataattca     41280
     gaatataaat agaaattagg atcattgaga ttcaggaaaa acaaaaccca atccaaggaa     41340
     actaagaatc acaggaaggc aatatagaag ttgaagtacc aagtagctgg tacaataaag     41400
     aacctaatgt gtctgtcaga gctgtataac actatacaag aatttcacaa tgcagttaca     41460
     agaattaaag cagaaaaaaa caagttgaga aaatcacctc agaacgtgat gcctgggtct     41520
     ctgaaataat acagtcagac aatttttttt ttaagaacag aaatgaataa ataaaactct     41580
     gggaagaatg ggataaacta aagaggccaa ctttataaaa cattagcatt catgaaaggg     41640
     agggaaagaa agtaaaaaac ttgaaaaatg ttttagaata ttattcatga aaacttctgc     41700
     tactttgcta aagaggccaa cagtcaaatt cagaaaatac agagaacccc tgcaagattc     41760
     tacacaagat tattcccaag acacataatt atctaatttt ttaaggtcaa aataaaggaa     41820
     agaatgttaa agacatctag agagaaaggg tatgccacca acagaaggaa ttcaattagg     41880
     atagcagcat aactctcaga taaaaccata cagccagaag agattggggt cctatagtca     41940
     acattcaaaa agaaaaactt caatcaagta ttttaggtaa agccaaacta cgctacctat     42000
     gttaaagaga aatacgatcc ttttcagata aacaaatatt aagggaaatt acctccacca     42060
     gatctacctc acaagagatg ttaaaaatag aacgaaatat agaaaaaaac agatcactgc     42120
     caggaaatat aaaaacacac ttaaacacac agatcagtgt cactgtaaag caactataca     42180
     aacaacaaac ataataactc catttatgta actatgttta caagttaaca gcacaatgtc     42240
     aagatcagat atacatatta atactaatct tacatgtaaa tgacctaaat gtcccattta     42300
     aaaggcacag agaagagtgg caagctggat aaaattgcaa gactcaattg tatgctcttt     42360
     aagagggcaa tctcacatgt aatgacactt acaggattaa aattaggaaa tggaaggaaa     42420
     tctaccaagc aaatggatga cacaaaaaag caaaacttgc agcctggagc ggtggctcat     42480
     gcctgtaatc ccattacttt ggaaggctga ggaaggcaga taatgaggtc aggagatcga     42540
     gaccatcctg gtcaacatgg tgaaacccca tctccactaa agtacaaaag cttagctggg     42600
     catggtgctg caggcctgta gtcccagcta ctgaggagtc tgaggcaagg gaatcacatg     42660
     aaccctggag ccagaggtta cattgagccg aggtcacacc actgcacccc agcctggtaa     42720
     cagagtgagg ctctgtctta aataaataaa taaaataaaa taaaattaaa acgcaaaatt     42780
     ggcaattcat atttcagaaa aaaaacagac ttcaaaccaa caaagataaa ataaaacaaa     42840
     gaagggaatt acataatggt aagtagttaa attcaacaag aagacctaac ctttttacag     42900
     tctgttctta atatgtgcac ccaaaacagg agcatctgaa ttcataaaac aagttcttaa     42960
     aaacctacaa agagacatag actccaatac aataatagtg ggaaacttca aaactctact     43020
     gacagataaa tcattgaggc agaaaattaa taaagatatt cagaactgaa attctatgtt     43080
     aaaccaaatt aatctgatag atctttatag aacactccac ctaaaagcaa caaaatacac     43140
     tttcttttca ttgccacgtg gcacatactc taaaattgat tataattggg cataaaccaa     43200
     tcctcaacaa atgtgagaaa aaaaatcata caaaacagag tcttggacca cagtgcaaca     43260
     gaaacagaag tcaagactct gaaaaattac tcaccatcat gcaattatac ataaattaaa     43320
     caacatgctt ttgaatgact tttaggcaaa caataaaatt aagaaagaaa ttaagacaat     43380
     tttgaaaata actttaaaaa attttaaaaa agatacaaca tcttaggatc tctgggtcac     43440
     agctaagtca gcattaagaa gaaaatttat agcactaaat tccatatcaa gaatttagaa     43500
     ataaatcaat aataacactg acaactgaaa gaattagaga aacaagagtg aatcaacctc     43560
     aaagttagca gaatgaaatg acaaaaatta gaactgaact gaaggaaata aaggcacaaa     43620
     aaaatattta agagatcaat gaatccagga gttgattttt tgaaaaaaaa taataaaatg     43680
     gataggccac cagttggagt aataaaagaa atagatacaa tccaaataag cacaattaaa     43740
     aatgataaac agaatgttac tcttgaaccc acagaagtca gaacgataat cagaatctac     43800
     ctcattacct ctatgcacaa aaactagaaa acctagaaga cgtaaacaaa ttactggaca     43860
     tgtgcatctt cccaagacta agcaaggaag aaagtaattt cttgaacaga cgaataacaa     43920
     gctccaaaat tgaatcagaa aaaaatagcc agccggaaaa aaaagtccag gacctgataa     43980
     attcacaccc aagttctact agatgtacaa acaagagctg ccactcacag ttgaggagaa     44040
     gaaaaatttt tccaactcac tctatgtggc cagtattatc ttgataccaa aacctggcag     44100
     agacacaata aaaacaaaga aaattttagg ccaacaaact taatgaacat caaggcaaat     44160
     atcctcaata aaatgcttgc aaactcaatc cagtagcaca ttaagtaaca aacccaaagt     44220
     tatcaagtag gcttcaatac cagaatgtaa ggtttgttca aaatgcacaa acgaataaat     44280
     gtaatatacc acataaacaa aactaaagac taaacccacc tgataatttc aatatatgca     44340
     gaaaatactt ataacaaaat taaatatcac tttgtgttag taactcaata aacttgatat     44400
     taaagaatac atttttgaat aataaaagcc atctatgacc aacccacaga caacattata     44460
     ctgaatgggc aaaagctaga actatttccc ctgaaaaaca gcacaagaca aggatgccct     44520
     ttgtcaccac ctttgttcaa tgcagtattg aaatttctag gctactggaa cttcaacaag     44580
     aagttctggg agttgaatcc aacaagccaa agaaataagc atcaaaatag aaaaagagga     44640
     accgaaacca cccgtttgca tttggcatga ttctataact agaaaagcac atagcctcag     44700
     cacaaaagct gctttagctg attaacaact tcagaaagtt gcagattaaa aaattaatgt     44760
     acaaaaatca ctagcattct tacacattaa tgacaatgga gagccaaatt agaaaggcaa     44820
     tctcattcac atttgccaca aaacaataaa atatctcaga atatatttaa gaagggaggt     44880
     gaaaaatctc tagaagaact ataaaactca aagaaatcag agataataga aacaaacaaa     44940
     aaaaaatcat gctcatggat aagaagaaat aatattatta aaatggctac tttgtccaaa     45000
     acaatttaca gattaaatgc tatttctatc aaactatcaa tgactttttt ttacagaact     45060
     agaaaaaaat atttaaaaaa tttatttaga actaaaaaag agccaaaata accaagacaa     45120
     ttctaagtac aaagacaaaa ttagaggcat cacatacttg gctccaaatt acactacaag     45180
     gctacagtaa ctaaaacaac atgacactgg tacaaaaaca ggaacataca ccaatggaac     45240
     aaaatagaga gcctagaaac acatttgtac ctctgtgtcc atttaatctt tggcatacct     45300
     aacaacaaat aatgagaaaa agaatacttg tttaatacat gatgctgaga taattggcta     45360
     gccatatgca aaaaaataaa taaataaatt agacacattt taagaccata aaaaaatcaa     45420
     ctcaaaatga gttaatgact taaatgtaaa atccaacact ataaaaactc tgggaggtaa     45480
     tctagacaat ttcatcttag acatagaaat ggcaaaatat tttgtgacaa agacaccaaa     45540
     agcaagtgta ccaaaagtaa aaattgacaa atgtcatcta attaaagtaa agagtttctg     45600
     cacagcaaaa gaaacatcat cagagtgaac agacaatcta cagaatggga gaaaaattct     45660
     gcaaaataca catctgttaa aaatgcacaa aggacatgag cagacacatc taaagagaag     45720
     acatacatgg agctaacaag catatgaaaa aaagtttaac atctcttgat atgtacttgt     45780
     gtgtgtgtat atatatatat aatcattaga taaatgcaaa tgaaatccac aataagatac     45840
     catttcacac cagtcagaat aactattatt taaaagccaa aaatcaacag actctggtga     45900
     ccttaaaaga aaatggaatg cttatacatt attggtcaga gcgtaaatta ttttaaccat     45960
     tgtggagagc agtctgagga ttactcaagc agctaaaagc agatatgtaa ttcaatccag     46020
     caatcccatt gcaggtatat acctaaagaa atataaatta ttctgttcta aagattcatt     46080
     catgaaaatg ttcactgcag cattatgcac aatagcagag atatggaatc aaattacatg     46140
     ctaatcagtg acagattaga tttaaaaatg tgatacatat ccactatgga ttactacgca     46200
     gccaataaaa caaacaataa cttgcccttt gtgggaagtg gctgagctgg aggctattat     46260
     tcttagcaaa ctaatgtaga gtctgaagac caaatgccac atgttttcac ttgtgagtgg     46320
     gagataaata gaaagtactt aggaaaacaa agaagaaagt agacattgtg gtgtactaga     46380
     gggaaatggg tgagagaaag gagagaagac aaaataacta ctgggcattg ggcttaatat     46440
     ctgtgtgata aaataatata tgcaacaaac ccctgtaaca tgagtttacc tgtacaacag     46500
     accttcacat gtacatttta acctaaaata aaagttaaaa aattacatat aatgcaataa     46560
     atgtcaaaat ttctaatgtt tatgaaatga taaaaatatt attaataaaa tattcatatt     46620
     gctttacatg atctacagat ctaagccaac ttgtataata cttcagtgac attttttaca     46680
     aaaataataa ttttctaaac agacagaaac acacacaaga aagaatagtc aaaaatattg     46740
     aagaactgag cttgtggatt ttacaatcta actttaaaat attctacaaa gctatcataa     46800
     ataaaccagc acataattta cattaaacag acacaaaaat taatggaata gaatggagag     46860
     tcatcacata tttccatgta tttttggtca agtatttttg acaaagtgcc aagaagacac     46920
     aatagaaaaa ggacagactc tttaaagtat aaggtttgaa attttgatgt atacatgcag     46980
     aacagtatga ttctactctt atctcacatt atgtattata ataattcaac ttgtaattga     47040
     ttaaaggctt agatatgaga cctgagtttg taagactatt agaaaataat agaaaaaact     47100
     ccatgagatt gtatgtgcaa ttgttattat atatactgaa taatggaggc aaccaaagca     47160
     aaaatagaaa aattaaatta caataaacta aagagcttca gcacaacaag gtaaaaataa     47220
     atgataaagg aaataatatc caaatagaga aaatattcac aattcatact tctgataaaa     47280
     agttatcata attattatta atattaagta tttgtaggga actcaactaa atagcaatat     47340
     ttaaagtgtg tattgaactc aactaaatag caaaaatcaa attattaata ttattaatat     47400
     attaattaat attttaatta aaaatgtgta ttgaactcaa ctaaatagca agaaaacaaa     47460
     ttattaatta aaaaagggac aaacaaccca aatgaaaatc tcttacaaaa tctcacagaa     47520
     atagccaaca tatatatgaa aagtgctgat tagtactcat tagaaaaatg caaattgaaa     47580
     ccatgattaa atattacctt atacaatttt caaaagttct tatttaaaag acaaaaaaag     47640
     tgttgatgag gatatgtaaa aagttgaatc cttgcatact gctggtggca atgtaaatta     47700
     gcacagctat tataaaaaac agtttacaaa ttcttcagaa attttaaaat agaactacca     47760
     tagtatccaa caatctcacc actgggtata catttatggg aaataatatt agtgtgttga     47820
     aatacctgca ctttcatatt tattgcagaa ctatttgcaa tgggtaaggt gtagaaaaag     47880
     ctctctatca gcaaataaat atttatagaa aatgtgccat atatataata catatatata     47940
     atattccaat ggaatattat gtaaaagcct taaaagcagg ggaagttctg ttatttatgg     48000
     taacatgttg gaacttgaaa gacattatgt taaattagaa aagatgggta cataaagaaa     48060
     aattccacaa aatctctctc atgtgaaatg taaataacat atatcatata tataattgaa     48120
     aaataaaaat tatcaactgt acagaagtct aacttcaaat agaaaagcaa agataccagc     48180
     ttttaaatca agaattgagc tattttaagt tactgagaaa gatagcagtt aggagacaga     48240
     gctaatgtgc acctcacacc tggatggaaa gaacagtgtg aagtgtttgc atcagaaaac     48300
     actgcagcaa tgtaccaaga aaacagaaag agttatcaga tcatttgaaa gaagcagcat     48360
     accactatga attttacaag acaggttaaa aatgagttcc caaaatatga gaggtaaaac     48420
     aagagcttgc tcttgaacgt cagttgtgtt ttaatgagaa caacttcatc ttgaatagat     48480
     gccgagcaat aaggctgaga cctgctaggc tgcattccca ggaggttact cctttttagt     48540
     caaaggatga gatagaaagt aggcataaag atacaggtca caaagctctt gctgagaaaa     48600
     caggttgcag taaataaacc agataaaacc caccaaaacc aggatgggaa tgagagtaac     48660
     cattggttgt cctcactgct gtagtcctgt cagtgccatg acagtttaca aatgccatgg     48720
     caatgtcagg aagttacctc atatagtcta aaaaggggag ctgcacccat gtatacatat     48780
     gtaacaaacc agcacattgt gcacatgtac cctaaaactt aaagtataat aataataata     48840
     ataaaaggtt aaataaataa atataaaaaa taaaaaaatg aaaaggggag gcataaataa     48900
     tcaatgctta tttagaatat aatcaagaaa taaccataaa aacaggcaag cagcagccct     48960
     tgaggctgct tggcctatag agtaggcatt ctttattcct ttactttctt aatgaagttg     49020
     ctttcatttg actgtatgga ttcaccccaa atattttctt gtgtgatatc aagaaccctt     49080
     atcaggggaa tctgcccctg atagtcacat aggttctttt ctattttccc taagtattgg     49140
     ctgatctgag aaataaaggg acagagtata aaagagaaat tttaaatctg ggtgtccagg     49200
     ggagacatca catgtcagca ggttctatga tgccccccaa gccacaaaac cagcaagttt     49260
     tattaatgat tttcaaaaag ggagggagtt atgaatctgg tgtgggtcac agagatcaca     49320
     tgcttcacaa ggtaataata tatcacaaag caaatggagg cagggtgaga tcacaggacc     49380
     acaggaccag ggtgaaatta aaattgctaa tgaagtttcg ggaatgcatt ttcattgata     49440
     acatcttatc aggagacagg gtttgagagc agacaaccga tctgaccaaa atttattagg     49500
     tgggaatttc atcatcctaa taagcctggg agtgctatgg gagactgggg cttatttcat     49560
     ccctacagct gtgaccataa aagacagcca cccccaaagc agtcatttca gaggcctacc     49620
     ctcagggaca catctgtttc tcagggatgt tccttgctga gaaaaagaat tcaatgatat     49680
     ttctcccatt tgcttttgaa agaaaagaaa tatggctctg ttccacctgg ctcaccagca     49740
     gtcagagttt acagttatct ctcttgttcc ctgaacattg ctgttatcct gttctttttt     49800
     caaggtgctg agatttcata ttgttcaaac acacatcctc tacaaacaat ttgtgcagtt     49860
     aacgcaatca tcacagggtc ctgtggtgac atacatcctc ctcagcttat gaagatgatg     49920
     agattaacag attaaagtaa agacaggcat aggaaatcac atgggtattg attggggaag     49980
     tgataagtgt ccatgaaatc ttcacaactt atgttcagag attgtagtaa agacaggtgt     50040
     acaaaattat aaaagtatta atttcgtgta ctaataaatg tccatgaaat cttcacaatt     50100
     tattttcttc tgtcatggct tcagctggtc cctccatttg ggttccctga cttcccacaa     50160
     caaaccctct cttgtagtct tgatctggac ccctttccag ttagacaaac acacatccca     50220
     attggggacc ctgaaaatcc agattacaag ggaagaattt taatctcacc tagagcttaa     50280
     atggatttag tgcaaaatat aaaactagaa acagcagcaa gaatagcctt gtaggcattc     50340
     tgattctcca gctcaagaac tgctcaaaac catcctaact atacctcaca tagaccttta     50400
     gagagggaag caggtaaaat ttgacagggt tcatagggta aaagaggctt ccaactcaat     50460
     ataataatat taactggcac aaactaccaa gaaaatctgg gaagtgaaag gaaactaatg     50520
     caggaggaag cacagagtcc agtgaaatag gttaaggtca ctggtctcat tgtctaaggt     50580
     gttttctgag cttgttatct cacaatcaag aaaactaagc agtgtagaca caaaggatga     50640
     ggttggataa aatgtttaaa aagtgaaaaa agaaagctct ttgcagccaa gatgagaacc     50700
     agagtgggtt gctgttttta cagttgaatc caagagattt tatgagaaac tcctctcatt     50760
     tctgtagctg tttatgtaac ttataaggaa ggctgtctgt acaagtcccc tttatgtagt     50820
     ggtggatatg tctctaggca agcacaaagg gccaactctc ttgtttttta aagttacaaa     50880
     atcttcttct gtgagtttgt gttaggtaag ccctgacctc cctgttcaag ttcccctgga     50940
     gcccaccatg tatatgcctg aaaacggaag gaaacttttt cctgggagcc tgctaattcc     51000
     acaaagaact aaagtgttct gtgctgggct ctgctttctt ctctagcaga tggagcctga     51060
     gttttcccca gtctgctcta tttttaccta tagatgtgat tttttttagg caggtttctt     51120
     ctctgaggac tagccttagt ggactaccta accgattttt tcttttcttc tccatcatta     51180
     tgccccctct cgagtagaga cccttatcac tctttgggaa attgagcact gatttttctg     51240
     tctgtttcct gctggagtgg gtctctgtgt gggaaacagc atccaggatt ccacccaggg     51300
     ctcatttaag aatttttgga agaaaattat tccacattta tgtatggttt catttgcatt     51360
     gccatgtgga gcttgatagc ctctaggtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggaggctat     51420
     caaagacatt tattaaaatg ggagaaggag ggtaacaaca gttcacaaat tttgaagctg     51480
     ctaacatgct ctaattactg atggctatag ttattcctgt taagatttgt gtgtatgggg     51540
     cttggctctg gttagcttcc ttggcgttac ttccccaaaa agaaaacctc ttggttatgg     51600
     gtactctatt taccttatta cctagcagga tttgtagaat agttgcccag aactagaagg     51660
     ttgttccaga tttttacatt cccatccctt tctgtctctt ttgagctaca gccagagact     51720
     gctgtttaaa atgtagttgg aaacttaaaa accagtaatg agactacaaa ttaatgacag     51780
     atgtatgata tgattgtaaa cataatttct ctatctctag tcttcatttt tgttaaaagc     51840
     aaatcataat aggactgaga tttttgaaaa ttaggccttg gtcttatgct tgttctgctt     51900
     atttgcatta agcacagcaa gaatacttat tttttacata ggccttttag actggctttg     51960
     atggaactct atttcataaa aaatctaaga taggactttc taaagctgaa cttaaccatg     52020
     gatttgtacc ctccaatatc tgtgagttgg gtaaatttct ctctccttga ggtcccaaga     52080
     gcacataggt tttcatccta ttgtaaagtc acattcttta ctcactggag cttactgtag     52140
     ggtccagccc caaagggtcg gtggattttc tccctgtgtg cagagatgag agagtgtaga     52200
     aataaagaca caagacaaag agataaaaga gaagacagct gggcctgggg ggccactgcc     52260
     accaagatat ggagactggt agtggccccg aatgccagtc tgtgctgata tttattggat     52320
     acaagacaaa ggggcagggt aaggagtgtg agccatctcc agtgataggt aagttcatgt     52380
     gggtcaaatg tccactggac agggggccct tgcctgcctg gcagctgagg cagagagaga     52440
     gagagagaga atttatgcca ttatttctgc ttatcagaga cttttagtac tttcactaat     52500
     ttgctactac tctctaaaag gcagagccag gtgtacagga tggaacatga aggtggaata     52560
     ggagtgtgac cactgaagca cagcatcaca gggagatggt taggcctctg gacaactgtg     52620
     ggtgggcctg atgtcaggcc ttccacaaga ggtggaggag tagagtcttc tctaaactct     52680
     cccagggaaa ggaagactcc ctttcccagt ctgctaaata gtgggtgatt ttccctgaca     52740
     ctgacactac cattagacca cagtctgctt ggcaacagga gtcttaccag atgctggagt     52800
     taccagtaga ccatggaggc ctctggtggc cctgtctggg cataacagaa agcttgcact     52860
     cttgtcttct ggtcacttct cactatgtcc cctcagctcc tatctctgta tggcctggtt     52920
     tttcccaggt tatgattgta gagcaaggat tattataata ttggaataaa gagtaattgc     52980
     tacaaactaa tggtgaatga tattaatata taatcatatc taagatctat atctagtata     53040
     actattctta ttttatatat tttattacac tggaacaact catgcccttg gtctcttgcc     53100
     ttggcacctg ggtggtgccc acagcctaca aaccttgtac agggactgtg tagacaaggt     53160
     tcatttttcc aaggggcttt cattgacttt gtaagtgaag gttcacccct taaagggaaa     53220
     cacatccttc cagtcaaagc ctttgtaaaa cagccagttt ttccagtttt gtgttgttgc     53280
     aaaagaaaat ggattcttat tgctctgatt cagaccacta tatttttgta agtcaggaat     53340
     actcacaact agtttctgag tactagaaga accaggcagt gaaacacaaa tatgttccaa     53400
     atgttgttca caagagtgta ccttactcaa ttgataaaag ctatagctag ctcaaaagcc     53460
     taacctgaaa aaaacaaaac aatgatcagc aatgttccaa gcaaaagtca aaaagattat     53520
     ttaacttcat atatttgttt attttattta gttaactctt gttctgtttg atatacataa     53580
     atacttcagc ttttcatgag tcctatatat tttcctgtta tcagaaacct gaatttgaca     53640
     gcaactctta tagttctaga gctgataata gatcatcctt tgaagaggat taaaacatga     53700
     aaattttctg ttatgacaaa atggctagta tagttatagc caagaatgta attgacatag     53760
     aaacttaggt atttctgtgg tttacaacag cttaacataa taaatttaat tatgactgat     53820
     agcaaaaaat cagacattag aacctgagac atttcatcca gttttagaac atacgttaac     53880
     attatttact gaaatatacc tgaagaaatt aggtataatt taggcaaagt catgtatcta     53940
     aaaaagttaa ataatcctgt tttcctctca tttgaacatt ctactggcct ctgtagtatc     54000
     cagaagcaag ggtgtcaggg aagatgacat tgaaactgta gtttttactt tgggaagtct     54060
     gttaaatatg ttagagtttt aaaacatttg atgttatgaa acagaattcc atattaccat     54120
     aggttgttta ttttgctaaa atgtgactca aaaatttgaa aaagcaaaaa cctttcatta     54180
     accttcagta ttacataaaa attctgttca agaaaggaaa aagccaatta tcatgtctgc     54240
     atttttctac tattaatttt taatctaatt tttaataaaa tattacagac aattctactc     54300
     agtctcaacc agtttgataa ggaggataaa ttttcacaaa acttttacaa ccccttcaaa     54360
     tttttttctt tttctgtctt ttttttttta ccagtcaaag aagcatttat ttatttattt     54420
     ttattacact tgaagtttta gggtacatgt gtgcaacatg ctgctttgtt acatatctat     54480
     acatgtgcca tgttggtgtg ctgcacccat tacctagtca tttaacatta ggtatatctc     54540
     ctaatgctat ccctccccac tccctccacc ccacaaaagg ccccagtgtg tgacgttccc     54600
     cttcctgtgt ccatttgttc tcattgttca attcccaact atgagtggga atatgtggtg     54660
     tttggttttt tgtccttgtg atagtttact gagaatgacg gtttccagct tcagccaagt     54720
     ctctacaaag gatatgaact catcattttt tatggcttca tagtattcca tggtgtatat     54780
     atgccacatt ttcttaatcc agtctatcat tgttggacat ttgaattggt tccaagtctt     54840
     tgctatagtg aatagtgcca caataaacat atgtgtgcat gtatctttac agcagcatgt     54900
     tttataatcc tttgggtata tacccagtaa tgggatggct gggtcaaatg gtatttctag     54960
     ttctagatcc ctgaggaatt gccacactga cttccacaat ggttgaagta gtttacagtc     55020
     ccaccaacag tgtaaaagtg ttcctatttc tccacatcct ctccagcacc tgttgtttcc     55080
     tgactttcaa atgatcacca ttctaactgg tgtgagatgg tatcacattg tggttttggt     55140
     ttccatttct ctgatggcca gtgatgatga acattttttc atgtgtcttt tggctgcaca     55200
     aatgtcttct tttgaaaagt gtctgttcat acgcttcacc cactttttga tggggttgtt     55260
     ttttttttct tgcagatttg tttgagttca ttgtagattc tggatattag ccctttgtca     55320
     gatgagtaga ttgcaaaaat tttctcccat tctgtaggtt gcctgttcac tctgatggta     55380
     gtttcttttg ctgtgcagaa gctctttagt ttaattagat cccatttgtc aattttggct     55440
     tttgttgcca ttgcttttag tgttttagac atgaagtcct taaccatgcc tatgtcctga     55500
     atggtattgc ctaggttttc atctagggtt tttatggttt taggtctaac atttaagtct     55560
     ttaatcatct tgagttaatt tttgtataag gtgtaaggaa ggaatccagt ttcacctttc     55620
     tacaaacagc tagccagttt tcccagcacc atttattaaa tagggaaacc tttctccatt     55680
     tttggttttg gtcaggtttg tcaaagatca gatagttgta gatatgcagc attatttctg     55740
     agagctctgt tgtgttccat tggtctatat ctctgctttg gtactagtat catgctgttt     55800
     tggttactgt agccttgtag tatagtttga agtcagatag tgtgatgcct ccagctttat     55860
     tcttttggct taggattgac ttggcaatgt gggttctttt ttggttccat atgaacttta     55920
     aagtagtttt ttagaactct gtgaagaaag tcattggtag atttatgagg atggcattaa     55980
     atctataaat taccttggga agtatggcca ttttcatgat attgattctt cctacccatg     56040
     agcatgaaat attcttccat ttgtttgtat cctcttttat ttcattgagc agtggtttgt     56100
     agttctcctt gaaaaggtcc ttcacatccc ttgtaagttg gattcttagg tattttattc     56160
     cctttgaagc aattgtgaat gggagttccc tcatgatttg gctctctctt tgcctgttat     56220
     tggtgtgtaa gaatgcttgt gatttttgca cattgatttt gtatcctgag actttgctga     56280
     agttgccttc aaatcagctt agggagattt tgggttgaga tgatggggtt ttctcgatat     56340
     acaatcatgt catctgcaaa cagggacaat ttgaattcct cttttcctaa gtgaataccc     56400
     tttattcctt ctcctgcctg attaccctgg ccagaaattc caacactctg ttgaatagga     56460
     gtggtgacag gggcatccct gtcttgtgcc agttttcaaa gggaatgctt ccagtttttg     56520
     ctcattcagt atgatattgg ctgtgggttt gtcatagata gctcttatta ttttgagata     56580
     tgtcccgtgg atacctaatt tattgagagt tttttagcat gaaggttgtt gaattttgtt     56640
     aaaggccttt tcttcatcta ctaagataat cacgtggttt ttgtctttgg ttctatttat     56700
     atgctggatt acatttattg atttgcatac gtttaaccag tcttgcatcc caggaatgaa     56760
     gcccacttgt tcatggtaga taagcttttt gatgtgctgc tggattagct ttgccagtat     56820
     tttattgagg atttttgcat cgatactcat cagggatatt ggtctaaaat tctctttttt     56880
     tgttctgtct ctgccaggct ttgatatcag gatgatgctg gccccataaa atgagttagg     56940
     gaggatttcc tcttttccta ttgattggaa tagtttcaga aggaatggta ccagctcctc     57000
     cttatacctc tggcagaatt cggctgtgaa tccatctggt cctggacttt tttttgttgg     57060
     taaactatta attattgcct aaaatttcgg agccttttat tggtctattc agagattcaa     57120
     cttcttcctg atttagtctt gggagggtgt atgtgttgag gaatttatcc atttcttcta     57180
     gattttttag tttgtgtaga gatgtttata gtattctctg atgataattt gtatttctgt     57240
     gggatcagtg gtgatatccc ctttatcatt ttttattgca tctatttgat ttttctctct     57300
     ttttttcttt attagtcttg ctagcattct atcaatttcc ttgatctttt cagaaaacta     57360
     gctcctcaat tcattgattt tttcaaggtt ttttttttta tgtgtctatc tccttcagtt     57420
     ctgctctgat gttagttatt tcttgccttc tgctagcttt tgaatatatt tgctcttgct     57480
     tctctagttc ttttaattgt gatgttaggg tgtcagtttt agatctttcc tgttttctct     57540
     tgtgggcaat tggttctata agtttccctc tacacactgc tttgaatgtg tcccggagat     57600
     tctggtatgt tgtgtctttg ttcttattgg tttcaaagaa catctttatt tctgccttca     57660
     tttcgttatg tactcagtag tcgttcagga gcaggttgtt cagtttccag gtagttgagc     57720
     agttttgagt gagtttctta atcctgagtt ctagtttgat tgcattgtgg tctgagagac     57780
     agtttgttat aatttctatt cttttacatt tgctgaggag agctttactt ccaactatgt     57840
     ggtcagtttt ggaataggtg tggtgtggtg ctgaaaagaa tgtatattct gttgatttgg     57900
     ggtggacagt tctgtagatg tctattaggt cacttggtgc agagctgagt tcagttcctg     57960
     gatatccttg ttaactttct gtcttgttga tctgtctatt gttgacagtg gtgtgttaaa     58020
     gtcttccagt attattgtgt gggagtgtaa gtctctttgt gtatctctaa ggacttgctt     58080
     tatgaatctt ggtgctcctg tattaggtgc atatatattt aggatagtta gctcttcttg     58140
     ttgaattgat ccctttgcca ttatgtaatg gccttctttg tctctttaga tctttgttgg     58200
     ttaaaattct gtcttaccag agactaggat tgcaacccct gtctttttgt tttccatttg     58260
     cttggtagat cttcctccat ccctttgttt tgagtctatg tgtgtctctg catgtgagat     58320
     gtgtttcctg aatagagcac actgatgggt cttgactctt tatccaattt gccagtctgt     58380
     gtcttttaat tggagcattt agtccattta catttaaggt taacattgtt atgtgtgaat     58440
     ttgttcctgt cgttatgatg ttagctggtt attttgctag ctagttgatg cagtttcttc     58500
     ctagccttga tggtctttac aatttggcat gtttttgcag tcgctggtat tgtttgttcc     58560
     ttcccatgtt gaatgcttcc ttcaggagct cttttagggc aggcctggtg gtgacaaaat     58620
     ctctcagcat ttgcttgtct gtaaaggatt ttatttctcc ttcacttatg aagcttattt     58680
     tggctggata tgaaattctg ggttgaaaat tcttttcttt aagtatgctg aatattggcc     58740
     cccactctct tctggcttct agatttctgc agagagatcc gctcttattc tgatggattt     58800
     ccctttgtag gtaacccaac atttctgtct ggctgcccta acatgtgttc ctccatttca     58860
     actttgttga atctgacaat tatttgtcct ggagtttctc ttcttgagga gtatctttgt     58920
     gggattctct gtatttcctg attttgaatg ttggcttgcc ttgctagatt ggggaagttc     58980
     tcctggataa tatcctgcag agtgttttcc aacctctttc cattctcccc gtcactttca     59040
     ggtaaaccaa tcagacctag atttggtctt ttcacatagt cccatatttc ttggaggctt     59100
     tgttcatttc tttttatttt tttctctaaa cttctcttct ctcttcattt cattcatttg     59160
     atcttccatc actgataacc tttcttccag ttgattgaat tggctacaga agcttgtgca     59220
     tttgtcatgt agtccttgtg ccatggtttt cagctctacc aggtccttta aggacttctc     59280
     tgcattggtt attctagtta gacatttatc taattttttt catggttttt aacttctttg     59340
     ccatgggttc aaacttcctc ctttagctcg gagtaatttg atcatctgaa gccttctctc     59400
     aactcatcaa ttcattctcc atccagcttt attccattgc tggtgaggag ctacattcct     59460
     ttggaggagg agaggcactg tgatttttat agtttctggt ttttctgctg tttttcctcc     59520
     atctttgtgg ttttatctac ctctggtctt tgatgatggt gacatacaga tggggttttg     59580
     gtgtggatat ccgttgtgtt tgttagtttt ccttctaaca gtcagaaccc tcagcttcag     59640
     gtctgttgga gtttgctgga gttccactcc agacactgtc tggatatcag cctgggtgtc     59700
     agcagcagag gctgtagaac agaggatatt gctgaacagc aaatgttgct tcctgattgt     59760
     tcctccagaa gttttctctc agaggagtac ccggccatgt gagatgtcag tctgccccta     59820
     ctgggggtgc ctcccagtta ggctactcag ggtcaggtat ccacttgagg aggcattgtg     59880
     tccattctca gatctccagc tgtgtgctgg gagaaccaat actgtcttca aaactgtcac     59940
     acagggacat ttaattctgc agagatttct gctgcctttt gtttggctat gccctgcccc     60000
     cagaagtgga gtctacagag gcaggcatgc ctccttgagt tgtggtgggc ttcacacttt     60060
     tggagcttcc cagctgcttt gtttacctac tcaaactgca gcaatggcag gcgcccctcc     60120
     cccagccttc ctgccatctt gcagtttgat ctcagactgc tgtgctagca atgagggagg     60180
     ccccgtgggt gtaggaccct ctgaaccagg agtgggatat aatctccttg tgttccattt     60240
     gctaagacca tttgaaaagc acagtattgg gtgggagtga ccctattttc taggtgctct     60300
     ctgtcaccct ttctttgaat aggaaaggga attccctgac cccttatgct tctaaggtga     60360
     ggtgatacct caccctcctt tggctcatgc tcactgcact gcacccactg tcctgcaacc     60420
     actgtccaac cctccccagt gagatgaacc ctgtacctca gttggaaatg cagaaatcac     60480
     ctgtcttctg catcgctaat actgggagct gtagactgga gctgttccta tttggtcatc     60540
     ttggctccaa ccaccccttc aaatattttt ctaaagagca tattaacatc ttaagaaagc     60600
     cttgttttgc ttttatttaa tactaaattt atgaaaaatc ctcttgaatt tattcaataa     60660
     atcaatatac agagtttcct gtgcaaaatt aatttttaca atctttctac aattttttaa     60720
     atattttact tattttatct aatttaagac aatcctttat ccctaggcaa aattagggtt     60780
     tctatgcctt cttatgatct tttactaaaa acacatttta ctgtatttac ataccttgca     60840
     ttgaaatcta ttttcaatag tttcaattac atgtcataat ggcaattctt agcaactttc     60900
     acattaatgt aaaacctggt aggttgtttc aatgatacct tagctgcaga aaaagtttga     60960
     ctccttccaa aataattaga aacatcatta tttccgtatg ttcccaggcc ttatccattg     61020
     tgaagtaagt aaaatcaaca gttccccaag aggaaagaag cagtttacat tcttgaaaca     61080
     tttagcaaac ctagtatttg acttgtgtaa tttagaccac atctttatgt ctagaaaaca     61140
     cttgtatatt accaataatc tccaagattt tttatttatt tttgaaaatt gatgtcacat     61200
     aaagtaagag gcattacagc ttttattttt tctaaaatat tgtaggccaa tgaattacag     61260
     cttttttaaa agagacatca tacacataat gcatatatga ctacacagac agaagaagat     61320
     ccagtagctc agggtatacc cttttaagaa tagtgctagg aaatcatgta gtttttggga     61380
     cctaacaaac aggcatagct ggaagattaa aacagatttt catagggatt tagccaccac     61440
     taattccagg ggttccctga ggaaaataga gatttttttc ctcaaaatgg aatctgtaac     61500
     accttttctg ttttcataag gagtcccagg tcaccagacg tcatcttaca ctctttcagg     61560
     catgcaccaa cattggcaag gcagagtgga gaaaagtaat tcagccaaat atgttttttc     61620
     cagaaaaaca acactaatta agagaaaaac atagaggcct ttaaactata cctatagctt     61680
     atatattcat ttttaattaa gctgagtgct ttttaataaa gtcctttttt attaatcaaa     61740
     actttacaaa gaataaatac tgtaattctt atctttttct ttaaccagaa ttacttgttc     61800
     acaatcatgt tcagtttcct cagtgttttc taggaggaag tggctgaatt caggcaacga     61860
     tacgttttta actagactgt agactggact gtagattcct ctaggagcaa aataggatat     61920
     ttgggggagg tgatattgtc tgttagccag agactctatt ttgaaggtag cagtacccta     61980
     tatattgtgt ggtatgtaag tagttgagtt attccccatg gttatcctac tggcctctgg     62040
     caccaagaaa gccatcactg caaatgcttg aaggcaggct gcccatcctt tactcaccga     62100
     tttaagttac ttgcttatct aattcactga ctattgagct ggacctccag cctgagataa     62160
     aactctcagt gccattccct ttcccagttt cataaagact gaatgcctta cctatgggaa     62220
     cactgagagc tggtgttttt agtaagagtt actttagata gttaaagaca ttttgagcct     62280
     caagtttcca ggtcaaataa tgacttttaa ctgcttgagt ttcttttatg aggtggtgta     62340
     aatcagaagc tatttcacca tacctgggta cccacagtct gcaaaaccct gcagtgccta     62400
     agaatcccct gaactgttaa agaaaatggg attaattctc atatggtgct cttgtccctt     62460
     ctgataagac cagacctagg tattttaata aatctgagac aggtgagctt tagattttaa     62520
     cactctatat gccctttcag ctaagaaatt gaggagagcc tcagtgtctt tgtgaaactt     62580
     cctccagtgg ggcacatagg agagtgacat ttaaatactg caaagtttct acttggggat     62640
     gagaaaaaat aaaaagatat tcaggtatgc ttatttctgt aactttcttt tgatatcagg     62700
     ggctgcctaa gtaataaacc tattcattga attgggagac agggaggtgt aagtaataaa     62760
     cctgtttttt tgttgaattg ggagacaggg agatgtattt ctctaagacc tcttttagcc     62820
     ttttcataga ggctgagggg tttccatctg gtttttgatc ctattttgga aagcttggag     62880
     tagttaatac atttacttta gtctcttgca agtcctccag tacacaaatt tgaaagaatt     62940
     tccttctcca tttttgattg ttatcactgt ggtctcattt atggtcctcc aattcactgt     63000
     tggcttccct gttggcttcc ccttccctga aacattcttc caagagactt taaatacttg     63060
     gattaaattc tagaatgcct ctatatatct atcagggaga tgagagaatt tgcctaggtc     63120
     ctcctttatt tgtctagggt tctgcagtga gcagggaaat ttaactctag tagcaccatg     63180
     tccattggac attttctgca gatgcaaaaa tgcagttggg tattactcaa agtaaacttc     63240
     agagtctgag agatgaagga gattcaggct gcactgaagg ggactgcagg cttaaagatt     63300
     actgatctgg aaaagacaga agaaaaggca ttggtcagtc ttctgagtga cttagggtgg     63360
     agagaaaggc tgaaatagca tctctcctca ccacttttat ctggtcctct gtgttctggc     63420
     acctgtcaga ggtgccacac atggatgcaa gcatgacctt cacccatgga ttgggagaac     63480
     ctagtcagca gaattagtca tgtttacctc tgcagggaca tagccttcca tgctgcttgt     63540
     ttcctagacc ctgttggccc ataaagttcc cagggtgcca taggggtctt gggaaatatt     63600
     gaaattccag agaattggac cgactcactt tcaaacataa aatccccttt ttgttaaaac     63660
     actaatgtag ttggatgcag aataggtgcc tcaaaagaac ataaagattg gctgttttct     63720
     tgaccttttt ttttttttga gatggagatt cactcttgct gcccaggctg gggtgcaatg     63780
     gtgtgatctt ggcttactgc aatctccacc ttccaggttc aagtgattct cctgcctctg     63840
     cttcccaagt atctgggact acaggcacct gccacaacac tggctaattt tgtactttta     63900
     gtagagatgg ggtttcacca tgtaggtcag gctattctca aatttgtgac ctcaggtgat     63960
     ccacctgcct tggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagtcacca tgcccagtgt     64020
     ttcctgactg ctaaaggtag agattcactg tttacagaaa gagcatggag cctgatctct     64080
     aatagatgga ggtaggaggg tgaggaattg gggaactgaa gggtccacaa caaggataaa     64140
     aatatttcat ttgacttggt gctgtaagat ctgagatata ataactcaaa ttctttaaat     64200
     tctttccagc agaagttaga aagtgaggtt tgtggtttaa tcaggaattc acatgatatg     64260
     cctcccagtg aagggaaatt aacttttctc attaaaaaaa ctgtttaaat ttattgggta     64320
     gtgctcagct tttacatgga gaaaaaaaaa caacccaatt ggacagggag gagagcattc     64380
     atttagtgtg aaatattctc ctatgtagtg tacaaatgtg tataattgga gacaaaaagt     64440
     acccactaga tgaggtttac actgaaattc tgaggtcttc ttgaccaagg aaatcacaga     64500
     agcagcaatt cttcaagtta cattcctgat tactaaggca ctggctaact ttacccaaca     64560
     atattacatc cttaggctgt aaaaaaacac ccacagtatt gcacagaaga agggatagta     64620
     gacatgaaag ctgtgaaaag aaaaaaagtg caaaaaaatt ctgaaattcc tggtgctgat     64680
     acaagacagg ctgtcagagt ctggagttag cccaaggaac ttcaggtaac actgaggtgt     64740
     atccttggtc agaaatcttt ctttgcttta tgacctcctt tcaaattcac atgatggtta     64800
     gatcctccat gaaagcaaac tggactgaaa cagactcaac attcccaaaa cccaatgaca     64860
     actgggcaca aagagtgagg ttgaagtgaa agtttaaaaa gcaaatagga aggctctttg     64920
     tactgtaaag aggagctgag ggggctgtta ttcttagagt taaatccaaa agcttttatg     64980
     agaatctcct ctcatctttg tagctgtttg gataactttt ctaatttgaa aagctttcta     65040
     tacaattttt ctcttattta tgtaggtgtt agcatgtctc taagcaagca caaagagaca     65100
     cttctcttgt ttgtataact ggttttgttt tagggaagcc ttcttcctcc ttgtgcaagt     65160
     tcccatggag ctgattatgt atattcccaa aaatagaagg aaagtttttc ctgggagcct     65220
     actaattcca caaaaagaag tcttttctgc tgggccttgc ctgcttattt ttgcttgtag     65280
     atgtgacttt tttaggtagg ttgcttctac aaggactagc ctcagtgatc tacctgattt     65340
     ttactcatgt tcttcctcac catggccaac aatgtgggca gatgagaatg agaaacgcct     65400
     gaaagctatg cttgctttct tgcaggggaa gcttataacc tggaacaagt tttgaatctg     65460
     acgtgtgcac attgtctgta gataaacttg gttctgtgag tgcagcacag agaaagtgag     65520
     actggcctca ccaactgcct ggtagctggg caagatctat ttctactggc ttgcccccac     65580
     tttcctagtg acagaggcag ccatactacc ctctggaaca taacctcatt tgcccatgaa     65640
     ccactcctat ttctcactgg ctaattttat acttttagtg cagacagggt ttcaccatgt     65700
     aggtcaggct attctcaagt attctcagca agccctgtcc aagcagtgtc tgatctcaga     65760
     cctgcctaac tctgacccca tctgatttaa attttctacc taccatggta gctgagtaca     65820
     aaagacataa atttgtggaa acttttattg ctctgtccat cacatgagtt accagcatac     65880
     ttatcttggc caacttaggg agccttttat tttcttgcca ctattgcagt tggtgctctc     65940
     ttgaaagtgc cgcctcctcg ctggtggcca attaactaag gaaattacag caactcatga     66000
     cagaataacc ttgcttcaag caaggataaa acaacagcta attccagtgc ctgcaacaag     66060
     ctgactaatg aaagtctctg agcctgccca catgaaactc tactgctagc ataattagta     66120
     tttgagacag tcagcacact aaacatatct ataacaaagg actctctcag agtctacttc     66180
     acacccaggc taccttcacc agagcaggtg ttgattttgc tgggagaact gaagatagat     66240
     cacatcacaa tattctttga aaaattctca atcacaagtc caatgcctgg cagtcacact     66300
     gggtgtgggt ggacccaaaa atgccaaaac attaactgcc acctagctct cacaaaactc     66360
     catttctagg ggaaggagaa gcacaacaca tcaagggatc atcttgtgtt acaaaataac     66420
     ttaatagcat cccgtgagtt ccagattttt ttcaatgaag tactctacac aattgaaaag     66480
     gaaacataaa aataatttgg tattatgaca aaacaaggtt ctataacatc cacaaaagac     66540
     catactagct acccagtaat ggattcaaac caagaagaaa tctctaaatt gccagcttaa     66600
     aaatttggaa ggttgattat taagctacta aaaatgatac caaagaaatg tgaaaatgaa     66660
     attaaagaaa taaaaaagat atggataaaa actaatctcc agaagttgat actttaaaga     66720
     aaaaagaacc acaatttctg gagatgaaag acacacttag aggagtacaa aatgcacttc     66780
     aaactgtcaa taatagacta aaacaagtag aataaagaac ctcagagctc aaaggcaaag     66840
     tttttgaatt aactcaatga aacagagaca aagaaacaag aatatttaaa aaatcaacaa     66900
     agcctccaag aaatttggga ttatgttaaa gagcaaacct aataataact gatatttctg     66960
     agaaagaaga gaaatctaaa aaaattgaaa atacatattt gaggaaataa ttaaaaaata     67020
     atttcctggc ttcactacag atctaaatac ccaaatacaa ggagctaaaa agaacaattg     67080
     ggaaatttat tgcacaaaaa gttagtcatc aggttatcta cagtcaaggt aaagaaaaga     67140
     gccttaaaaa ctgttgagaa gagttagcta gcttgtctta ggtacacagc aatgaaaggg     67200
     tccccagaaa gcctctgacc cacaggtcag tgcctagtcc ccacataata tatgaagtat     67260
     cctgtgaaaa aaaatcaagc tgcaggcaca gctaaaaaaa aactagtaca gaaggttgtg     67320
     cctggagata tgcccacagt tgtgcagaga ggagaacctc cagcccattt agaatagaac     67380
     ttgcataaac ttctgaccta ctcagataag ggaacaagac ctgacataga aatgcctttg     67440
     gcctccgtat aattagttga cttccagtag aaagtttctt ctccttttat gggcataatc     67500
     acatgggctt tagtgggttc tggtggccac tttgcttttc tttttagact gtgaacccaa     67560
     cttctatgaa ttatcacttt ggctcctggt tggtcccagg ccaaggttcc cagcccagct     67620
     ttcacttctg ctcctgacag gttgctggtc aagctgagta gccccaatgt atcatcattt     67680
     cagctcctaa ttggttccag gacaacgtct ggggtcaagc aagctgaatc atgctttgtc     67740
     tcagagggct tacagaaaaa gtacattctt ttctattccc agtccataaa aaccccagac     67800
     ctcagcataa ttgtggacaa ttcatttggg ccccttctgc actggtggaa tctttcttct     67860
     tttgcttatt gaactcttcc tccaagttca ccattgtttc catatttctt acttacattg     67920
     gatgtaatac aaagaactct ggtattatct cagacaacga gagactgttg catcttcatg     67980
     tagtggtgaa tatacaacaa gaaatacctg ggaaatgtaa cacaaaaata tcatcatctt     68040
     ggcacatatc atcaggttac ctaaattcaa gattgaaaag agctctgaag taaaagcttg     68100
     agttaaccta taaaggaaaa cctatcatat taactgcaaa tttcttagca aaaatcctat     68160
     aagtcaaaat ggattgtggt cgtaccttac ctcctcatac aaaataattg ttagccaaga     68220
     attttttatt cagtaaaact aagcttgata aattaaggta agattaaatc tttttcaaac     68280
     aaatgctgtg acaattcacc tctatcaagc cagcaatata agaaatgcta aactgtaagt     68340
     tgtaaatctt gaaacaaatt ctccaaatac atcaaaataa aacctgttta agcacaaatt     68400
     ttacaggacc tattacaaaa cttattcagg caacacaaca aaaaggtatt ccagaaacaa     68460
     ctagcattat gaataaaaca gcacctcaca tcttaatatt aatgttgaac gtaaatgtcc     68520
     taaatactct acttaaaaga tacagaatgg cagaatagat acaaattcac cagccaagtg     68580
     tctgctgtct tcaagagatc cacctgtcca ggtgcggtgg ctcaggcctg taatcccagc     68640
     actttgggca gctgaggcag atggatcatg aagtcaggag ttcaatttta ccctggtcat     68700
     catggtgaaa ccccatcttt actaaaaata caaaaattag ctaggcatgg tagttcacac     68760
     ctataatccc agctcctcag gaggctgggg cagaagaatt gcttgaaccc aggaggcaga     68820
     ggaggtagta gtgagctgag atcatgccac tgaactacag cctgagttaa aggtgagact     68880
     ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggaaaaa aagtgggaag gattagtcat tcttagatta     68940
     aacaaaacag acttcaagat aattaaaaaa cccaaagaat cacaatatgc aataatgaaa     69000
     ggacaaattt atcaggaaaa tatcacagtc ctaaacactt acatctaaga ctgaaactcc     69060
     tgaatttatt taacaattat tactaggcct atggaataag ttagacagcc acacaataat     69120
     agtggagaga cttcagtaca ccattgatag cactagacag ttcatcaaga cagaatgtta     69180
     acaaagaaat aatgtactta aactataccc tagaacaaat gaacttaaca tgtatttcca     69240
     gatttttcta cccaaggact gtagaatata tcttttcatt agcacatgca actatctcca     69300
     atatggacca tatgatacaa cacagatcaa atcacaatat acttaagaaa gtcaaaatta     69360
     tatcaagtac cctctcagac catagtggaa taaacctaga agtcaactac aaaaagaacc     69420
     ctcaaagcta tacaaaagca cagaaattga atattcttgt gatggaaaat attgagtgtc     69480
     aacttgattg aactgaagaa tgaaaagtat tgtgccttag tgtgtctgtg agggtgttgc     69540
     caaagtagta gagaagatcc aaataatctc acagagggtt aacatttgag tcagtggact     69600
     gggagagaaa aattcaccct caatctgggt gggcagcatc tcatcagtgg ccagcatagg     69660
     caggataaaa gcaagaagag aaatgtgaaa gaacaagact gtgccaggtg caatggctca     69720
     tgcctgtaat cctagcactt tgggaggctg aggtggctgc atcacaaggt caggagatcg     69780
     agatcatcct ggctaacaca gtgaagccct gtctgtacta aaaatacaaa aaattagccg     69840
     ggcatggtgg caggcacctg tagtcccagt tactcaggag gttgaggcag gagaaggcca     69900
     tgaacccgcg atgcagagct tgaagtgacc caagatcctg ccactgcact ccagcctggg     69960
     ctacagagtg agaatttgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaacaag accggctgag     70020
     tatttttcct ccatctttct cctatgctgg atgcttcctg aactctaacc tgagattcaa     70080
     agttcttcag cttttttact cttggactta caacagtaat tgccgagggg ataataggcc     70140
     tttgaccaca gactgaggct acattatcag ctttcctact tttgtgattt tgggactcag     70200
     actggcttct tttctccaaa gcttgtagat ggcctattgt gggacttcaa cttgtgatca     70260
     tgtgggtcaa ttcacataat aaactccttt tcatatattc atctatccta ttggttctgt     70320
     ccctttagag aacccagact aatacaaaat cttgtaaatg atcctgagtt gactatggaa     70380
     taaagatagt aattaaaaaa ctctttgagt ggggaggagc caagatggct gaataggaag     70440
     agctctggtc tacagctccc aacatgagtg acacagaaga cgggtgattt ctgcatttcc     70500
     atctgaggta ctgggttcat ctcactaggg agtgccagac agtgggtgca ggtcagtggg     70560
     tgcatgcaac atgtgtgagc tgaagcaggt tgaggcattg cctcactcag gaagtgcaat     70620
     gggtcaggga gttccctttc ctagttaaag aatggggtga cagatggcac ctggaaaatc     70680
     gggtcactcc cacccgaaga ctgcactttt ctgacgggct taaaaaatgg tgcaccagga     70740
     gattatatcc tgcacctggc tcggaaggtc ctatgcccat ggagtctcaa tgattgctag     70800
     cagagctgtc tgagatcaaa ctgcaagtca gcagtgaggc tgggggaggg gcgtctgcca     70860
     ttgcccaggc ttccttaggt aaacaaagca gccgggaagc tccaactggg tggagcccac     70920
     cacagctcaa ggaggcctgc ctgcctttgt aggctccacc tctgggggca gggcacagac     70980
     aaacaaaaag acagcagtaa cctctgcaga cttaaatgtc cctgtctgac agctttgaag     71040
     agagcagtgg ttctcccagc acacagctgg agatctgaga acaggcagac tgcctcctca     71100
     agtgggtccc tgacccctga cccccaagca gcctaactgg gaggcacccc atagcagggg     71160
     cagactgata cctcatatgg ccgggtactc caacagacct gcagctgaag atactgtctc     71220
     ttagaaggaa aactaacaaa cagaaaggac atccatacca aaaacccatc tgtacatcac     71280
     cgtcatcaaa gaccaaaagt agataaaacc acaaagatgg ggataaaaca gagcagaaaa     71340
     actggaaagt ctaaaaagca gagcacctct cctcctccaa aggaatgcag ttcctcacca     71400
     gcaatgcaac aaagctggat ggagaatgac tttgatgagt taagagaaga aggcttcaga     71460
     tgatcaaatc actctgagct acaggaggac attcaaataa aaggcaaata agttgaaaac     71520
     tttgaaaaaa attagaagaa tgtataacta gaataaccaa tacagagaag tgcttaaaag     71580
     agctgatgaa gctgaaaacc aaggctcaag aactatgtga agaattcaga ggcctcagga     71640
     accgatatga tcaatgggaa gaaagggtat cagtgatgga agatgaaatg aatgaaatga     71700
     tgtgagaagg gaagtttaga gaaaaaagaa taaaaagaca tgaacaaagc ctccaagaaa     71760
     tatgggacta tgtgaaaaga ccaaatctac gtctgattga tgtacccaaa agtgacgggg     71820
     a                                                                     71821