EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC010144; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 166347 BP.
AC   AC010144;
DT   14-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-309M4 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-166347
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-166347
RA   Holmes A., Hou S., Maupin R., Harkins R.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-309M4";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-166347
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-166347
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-AUG-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-166347
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-166347
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 732b22332bb66afb24bc81baee924cf5.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC010144.4:1-166347; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Oct 7, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:9755491.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0309M04
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-573O23, 200 bp overlap; the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-258E22.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 195 of RP11-309M4.
CC   The clone RP11-309M4 contains a transposon in the growth of the
CC   clone, which is not part of the submitted sequence.  The transposon
CC   inserts after base position 141886.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..166347
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-309M4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   456..647
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   2734..3307
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3308..3616
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4301..4586
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4589..4866
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    5787..6174
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA910023 (NID:g3049313) ol40b10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   10391..11178
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12866..13797
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16390..16657
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17008..17081
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   18383..18693
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   24923..25058
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   26358..26479
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   28103..28265
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   28266..28628
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   28629..28654
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   28789..29107
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   29266..29573
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30552..30731
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   30851..31298
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   32474..32725
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32857..33045
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   33834..33889
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33983..34435
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   34437..34518
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36582..36891
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37761..38055
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38168..38250
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   38403..38823
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   39472..39631
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39681..39838
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   39843..39924
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   40005..40036
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   40035..40145
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   40145..42456
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   42464..43105
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43112..43145
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43638..45659
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45674..45770
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45800..45981
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45983..46541
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46545..47646
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47652..47963
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47966..49044
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49064..49428
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49484..51532
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51538..51596
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   52769..52950
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   53001..53232
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   53317..53443
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   53459..53801
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   53821..53969
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   54462..54810
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   54907..54958
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   55267..55559
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55562..55673
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   55859..56213
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57395..57630
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   58471..58603
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58598..58775
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58787..59079
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59082..59477
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   59481..59986
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   60026..60778
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60876..61049
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61050..61461
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   61462..63088
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   63092..63433
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   63587..63638
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   63662..64490
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64491..65331
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65332..65363
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65364..65747
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65748..66583
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66584..66883
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66884..67152
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67221..67806
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67808..68337
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   68340..70189
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70190..70408
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70410..70512
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   70513..71659
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71783..72288
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72317..72552
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72728..73367
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73368..73670
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73671..74959
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74962..75048
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75049..75358
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75359..75515
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75517..75551
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   75572..75678
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75694..76366
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78915..79010
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   79775..80118
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   80123..80193
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   80248..80531
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   80946..81358
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   81520..81574
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   81570..81933
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   82419..82552
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   84235..84399
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84426..85190
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85195..85288
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85418..85837
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85854..85931
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85994..86850
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86851..87180
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   87181..87191
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89819..89978
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   89950..90203
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   90204..90275
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   90277..90551
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   90562..91727
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   91721..92325
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   92326..92619
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   92622..93648
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93655..94356
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94363..94856
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94932..95839
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96176..96609
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96610..97057
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   97065..97205
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   97206..97362
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98128..98254
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98709..98800
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98786..100729
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100792..101516
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101526..101584
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101586..104032
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104170..104287
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104324..104743
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104745..106145
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106721..107464
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   107465..107827
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   107828..107859
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   107860..108328
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   108828..109556
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   109672..110071
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110098..111067
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111073..111571
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   111602..112268
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112269..112573
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   112574..112660
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112658..112791
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112779..113006
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113027..113434
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   119669..120368
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120371..120636
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120637..121047
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   121048..121110
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121119..121862
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122254..122751
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122777..123960
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   124114..124810
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   124811..124899
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   124899..125268
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125369..125723
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   125726..126540
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126562..127466
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127536..129527
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129645..130719
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130720..131078
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   131161..131388
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131417..132581
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132612..132895
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132900..133557
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133548..133729
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133739..134064
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134171..134333
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134334..134560
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134563..135823
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135845..135986
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136939..137026
FT                   /rpt_family="MER103"
FT   repeat_region   137414..137869
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137878..138023
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138113..138399
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138400..138812
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   139102..139244
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139280..139985
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140053..140149
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140161..141681
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142295..142582
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142583..143428
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144086..144389
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146409..147579
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147593..148060
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148061..148471
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   148472..149219
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149244..150344
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   150348..151321
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   151440..151611
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   151799..152436
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   152437..152742
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   152743..152840
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   152841..153969
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   154963..155212
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156695..157213
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   157739..159932
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159934..160030
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160032..160590
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   160592..162724
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   162797..163523
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   165107..165287
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   165356..165923
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   165893..166169
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
SQ   Sequence 166347 BP; 53209 A; 29668 C; 29559 G; 53911 T; 0 other;
     tttccaagga ttttctcaga ttgaagatac tgaatttcca agcttattcc taaaaaccta        60
     aaattagatt ttagaaatgg aagagtagta acactaatct cactctattc catatgtata       120
     ttccttctgc agagtgtgga ttatgccctg gcaatgtcac cctctgtccc aactgctggg       180
     agtcagaaat tggtgaattc ccttggatag ttgctgtacc actttctctc atgtctgtgc       240
     tggctccata ctaaatgaac agtggttcct tactacagct agatgtgcca attttatgtg       300
     agtctaagta attcatctta agattaagat ataattataa aacaataaca acattgagat       360
     tataaatgaa tatatttccc tttatttgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg       420
     tgtgtgtgtg agaaagacag agagaaagat agatagagac agggtcttgc tctgttgccc       480
     aggctggagt tctgtggcat gattcagagt agcctcaaac taccaagatt aaggaattct       540
     cctacctctg cctcctgagt acctgggacc acaggcacac accaatgcat ctggctattt       600
     ttttcagcag aattaaagtc ttatcatgtt gcccacctgt tctcaaataa tccttgaaaa       660
     tagtttctag aggagtattt gtattttagt gctttccttt tctggctcca aggagtgaca       720
     tgacctagcc atggaccctg gcaacaccaa gggcccatga ctacttctgc ttccatgtcc       780
     ctttcagtct acttctacaa atgcttcagc ttttatcccc actcccactt caatgtggcc       840
     acatttcatc tctctgccac agcctcagag taaggctcaa aaacctggta ggacaagtaa       900
     aggaagaaga aaatggaaat ataaaataat agagagaagg aaatgggagc taaagctctt       960
     cctgagaaat gcatgagttt tttatctacc aaatcataga aattattttc tttttggctt      1020
     acaaaggcat ctcatacttg atatatgata caattcccag agtatcccca tagattactc      1080
     tgatatagaa catataacat gattattata cttatcttaa atgtatattc tgatactaca      1140
     taaatacaat ggactgatca aattcccatg gcaaaagatg aactgggtta tcattaagac      1200
     acactctcct aatacaaaga catttcttta ctaccacaca gaagcttaca tttgtaatag      1260
     agttatttta aattaagtat attttaagtt aaagatatga tatttggaaa cagcatagtt      1320
     ggtaagtaat gagatgtagg tgacggtgta ccagactgca ttacattggg attatcagtt      1380
     tctcccttcc cctggctgct agaaaaccta ccagaatatt agcaatggct atttcacatt      1440
     actgtctatc ctcttatttt cttggaaatt gagacatctc tttcggtctc atcaattaaa      1500
     catgctctta accacagcta ttttatactt aacacccatt gccatagcta cggtgaataa      1560
     tacatttaaa acataaagga ggccataatt atttgctcac atccgccaaa gtctaattca      1620
     gagacaatta catataagat cttagttatg cttccaattt catctctagt tgcttacccc      1680
     ttctatagac agattatctt caccattttt ctctccctat ttatatattg atgagtatat      1740
     cttccactca attttctgag gaactctcaa atgattttaa aaatatgagc tctttcctga      1800
     aactcagact tgaattttct atttaaaata ttggtttggt atcttactaa cattataagt      1860
     ttatgaagat aagccctctc caatttagag acaggtgctt tatctccaaa tttttcatta      1920
     tttatctaat atcttcaaat cattgcattt tttgttgcct atctacttca gtgacttcta      1980
     agtagctaaa atcatagata tataaatgtt gcaatggggg agaaagctgg aatgactccc      2040
     agtattttga ttaaataaac ttaagctagg acttaaagaa actatgatct tggaaagaca      2100
     ataagaggca tacttatttt caagaaaaat tcatgaacac agaagaagca gaagtttgtc      2160
     tttgttagtc atatttaaca atactgactc aaatagcaga aataggagga tttaaaactt      2220
     taaaaaatgg tctacaaatg gcaattctat ttaaattagc acagttagct tattattcct      2280
     cctcagcttc agcagatcag atttctcttg aatacgccat gccttggaag gctgggatca      2340
     acagctttgg cagtcatgtc tgccatagtt agcagctctt gggttctcac agctgcccac      2400
     tatgttagca acgtgtaaga ttgtgcctgc ctcttctcaa ctgtataact cattatccca      2460
     taattacatt gctgatggtg tctatgtcca aattcacttc tataatgcat gaccatctca      2520
     cttatacaga taactttttt taggctaaaa agaaattgtc tcactgtgtt tggcttatag      2580
     tacctctgtt agttaattcc tctgcaatcc cattgtctat ggactcttta ttcatagatt      2640
     tctgatttct ccgaagatga gctagggacc ttgtgtatca tgactaaagc aatatactgg      2700
     aaagcctgat gtagacttaa ggttgaggtt ttcttttttt ttaacttttt aaattatacc      2760
     ttaagttcta gggtacatgt gcacaatatg caggtttgtt atatatgtaa acatgtgcca      2820
     tgttggtgtg ctgcacccat taactcatca tttactttgg tatatctcct aacgctatcc      2880
     ctccccactc cccccacccc atgacaggcc ctggtgtgtg atgttcccct tcttgtgtct      2940
     aagtgttctc attgttcagt tcctacctat gagtgagaac atgtggtgtt tgttcttttt      3000
     tccttgggat agtttgctga gaatgatggt ttccagcttc atccgtatcc ccacaaagga      3060
     catgaactca tcctttttta tggctgcata gtattccatg gtgtatatat gccacattgt      3120
     cttaatccag tctatctttg atggacattt gggttcattc caagtttttg ctgttgtgac      3180
     tagtgccaca atgaacatat gtgtgtatat ttctttatag cagcaagatt tataatcttt      3240
     catgtataat cccagtaatg ggatggctgg gtcaaatggt atttctagtt ctagatcctg      3300
     gaggaatgaa cagacacttc tcaaaagaag acatttatgc agccaacaga cacaggaaaa      3360
     aatgttcatc atcactggcc atcagaaaaa tgcaaatcac aaccacaatg agataccatc      3420
     tcacaccact tagaatggca atcatttaaa agtcaggaaa caacagatgc tggagaggat      3480
     gtggagaaat aggaacgcct ttacacactg gtgggacagt aaactagttc aaccattgcg      3540
     gaagtttcag gttttctaaa gaatgtacta taataaatat ttgcctatgc atacaggaat      3600
     cctgaagaca ctgctgtgat tctgggcctg aggcaccctg gggcaccaat gagagttgtg      3660
     aaggtgtcta ccattctact gcatgagaga tgccagttgg tgaatggggc agcaaggaat      3720
     gacctggcat tgctactcct ccaagatgtc cagactccca tttggctctc agcacccttg      3780
     ggctatctga agaacctgaa tagttcagaa tgctggctgt ctgtgccaca gattattata      3840
     ccaggtcagc agtgagtttt cttattaggg tagcagttct acaaaatgag gttcatattt      3900
     ttaatattat ggttcaagga agaagtatga tcacaattgt ataaattact aattataaga      3960
     tatttaatgc acataaaaaa cccaatagga aatttgtttt catgttataa gttgatggtt      4020
     ctgatgataa cttcatagga ttttagatct gaaaacaatt atatgagcat ctttctctgt      4080
     acagtcaatt ttgtaaacta aagtagagat gatttgcttt ccaactcttt gctgactaaa      4140
     aaaaaggaaa aagaagtttt tgttttgttt tgtttgtttt tctctcttta tgaaaaagaa      4200
     gctgaacttg acttggaatt tggaattccg taagtaaaaa tttacttatt acttttgaag      4260
     ggtggcattt aaaaagtgat taaagagtga caatgctgtc cacagtgtct cactcctgta      4320
     attccagcac tttgggagct tgatctagga gaaccctttg ggcccaggaa tgtgataccc      4380
     atttgggcaa tgtagcaaga cttcatcact aaacaacaac aacaaatagc ctgttgtggt      4440
     gttgcacaca tgtagtccca gctacatggg aggctgagac aggaagatag cttgagacct      4500
     ggaggttgag gctgcagtgt gtgaagatgg tggcaatgca ctccaacttt acgtgggtga      4560
     ccacgcaaga acttgtctca aaaaaagggg gcgctactgt ggtggttcat gcctgtaatt      4620
     ccagtatttt gggaggatga ggccagtgaa tcacctgaag tcaggagttt gagaccagtc      4680
     tgaccaacat ggggaaaacc catctctact aaaaatatga aattagctag gagtggtggt      4740
     gtgttcctgt aatcccagtt acccaggagg ctgagtcagg agaattgctt gaacccaaga      4800
     ggcagaggtt gcagtgagat caggccactg cactcgagac tgagtgacag agtgaaacac      4860
     catccccaac ccccaaaaaa atcaaggact agaaagcgaa tgaaatacat aaacatgtct      4920
     tgtaaaatgg taatggtgac aaaataaact gaatttattt gtataggtta tatgtacaag      4980
     tttaaagtaa tgatgacaca gtgataagac agttcatggt tttatctcaa tacttagtgt      5040
     ttaaatgtaa catatgttcc ttaggatggt tatactccat ttttcttcct aggagagaat      5100
     gatgagtttc tagaaatgtt aaaggtgcaa gtgatggaag cttccagctg tgcccacctg      5160
     taccctgaca taggcagttc cattgtttgc ttcattactc aggccaaaga ctcaaatgca      5220
     aatgtggtac agagtcaaat gttttttcta tctacataat agaaaatata actttgtccc      5280
     tgtgtaaaag ggtatacagc atatgcttaa atgaaaaatt taagtgaatc attgatcaac      5340
     aggaaaccat tttaaaagtc tttaattaca gaaaaaaaat ctctgaaaaa aatttgttgt      5400
     taatctctga gttttcttac atgggttgtt aatctctagc catactaaat agctagcatg      5460
     ctgcacttga aacaaattag acattatata taattcccat attctaataa tagtatcttc      5520
     acacctcaaa gttgaaaaca gtctaacctt ttcctatttc cccaattaaa taacttttta      5580
     aggcttaatc ctctgatttt tttgtagtaa tatttttgaa tgtatttgat caggatgatt      5640
     ttcttgtgta cttatctgat gtctcacttt cttctaaata catattttat tatccattta      5700
     ttagatctaa gtttaagatg ttggaacagg aatttaaatc caaattctgc atttgaattt      5760
     acaggaatca gtgagtccag gaagtgccat tatgtgcaga ccaatatctg gcaatggcag      5820
     ttggagacat ataggcttca atagtctcaa agccctagct actacagtga gttcacactt      5880
     ctcctggatc ttatctactt cagcaaaaga aggccaccca ctaaaccagg cccttatgcc      5940
     ttgagcgcaa actcctaagt cctctagtct ccttaaacag ccaaccacac tgccactttc      6000
     ttcaataata attactgcag ccctgagact ttggtagcct agtgactata actagtgatg      6060
     ctacagtctg ctcacagtat gataaaacac cagaacaaca aaaacaaaat attgacttaa      6120
     gcctcctaaa atatctctaa atataccttc aataaatatg ctttttctac ataacaactg      6180
     ctttctactt acttcctgaa ctaatgcttg gccttggatt gttttcattc ttcagattga      6240
     ttcagaagtg tctatttaac atgaaagtga atacagaatt tcatgtgtca gcaaataaaa      6300
     atttcaaaat gatgcaaaat acaaatgtga aattgaattt gtgaacttta ctatgctttc      6360
     aaattatgta ttcataccta cccactcaca caatttttta taactatctg catgttctcc      6420
     tcaggtggga gaaaaacagc atcagaattc ttgaataatt tatgaaagac agaatgacga      6480
     cactatacaa ggtttaacct attcacaata ctgtagtgaa tgaaaacatt acatttaaaa      6540
     tcctaccaag tgttgagtaa gtaaataaaa tatgtgattt caatcactct aaaatatgtg      6600
     tacatgaaga aaatagaaca atgattaaaa cctcagcata accaggcgac ttttctccca      6660
     cgcgccggcc tggacccact ttccccaggc cactcccgct gccctcgccc cagcagccag      6720
     agaattctcc ggatctgcaa tattccgtac catctacctg gcttgcgtaa tgaagtgaga      6780
     cgtttcatgt gttccttgtg ggtcaatggc ttgccacact caggatgtca gttagggcac      6840
     agggctcaca tgccaacatt tccaaaggtc acgcagcccg cgtgtgcctg gatgcagcgc      6900
     tacctggcac tagctctgag ggcttctcag agtaggctta ccccgggagg ctgggactgc      6960
     aggccagcct tggttggtgc cgcccaggga gatgcgcacc gcctcgcact gattggccgc      7020
     agggggaggc tggcggtctt ggcgcggctc caggtgccct ttgagtgcag tccgttaggt      7080
     ggcgcctgga agccaggtgc atgcgccctg aggcccgccc acccacaggc tacagaaagg      7140
     gcagcgcagg gttcctgtgc tatgggtcgg gctgcacagg cggtggtcta tgggagtccg      7200
     gagaaggaca ccgtcttcag ggtgcaccgt cttcactctg cccgaggcgc agagggagga      7260
     ggcaaccttg aagcaggaga cagtgctggt gttggatgac ataatggcgg aggtgggggt      7320
     gatggccgag gaggaggccc tcgtggagcg gcagaaggac cagcgggcac agcctggccc      7380
     tgggcccatg accccagagt ctgcactgga ggagctgctg gccgttcggg tggggctgga      7440
     gctggttaat gcccaagcca ggaaggcctt ttctcggcag cgggaaaaga tggagcggag      7500
     gtgcaagccc cacctggacc gcagaggggc catcatccag agcatccctg gcttctgggc      7560
     caatgttgta tccttttcag tgtttcttct gcctttctag ttgagaggtg ctcttgggga      7620
     agtgtaagta acttacgggc agctcggcat ctatcaattt ctgagaaact tatacaagtc      7680
     tcagctaaac agctggcact ggaccactgc cctttcagct gcctgttgct gacttctttc      7740
     gttagataat atcccccagg cagcaactgc ttgtgtcacc ctgcctccac ttgatatcct      7800
     aaagaccaat atctactgtt taaaacactt taagtcttag atatagcata aagggtttat      7860
     gggatacaaa acaacagtcg gacacaagag attgagtcat tcttttttaa acttttgttt      7920
     gtaagtattt tgtagtttat cttatcggaa gtgagagacc aagagagtaa aaacactgct      7980
     tccttttcat ccaccctaat gcatctcaaa cttatgtctc atcacttgct ttgtatgaga      8040
     tgtctgtata tgaactccca taaaatgttg cataatttat acaagcaaat ggtcccatga      8100
     aacaatatta atttttaaag ataaatccac attcaaaagt aaagattttc aaaaccagaa      8160
     ataatttaca gaaatgctaa aaaatgtggc ataattatca taatgtggaa atggaaattc      8220
     agacaaactt tcacattgtt actgagagta cttttccttg aagacctaca gttctggcta      8280
     tctgcattcc aggaatattt ttcttatttt tttatcatct cataaccaaa tggccaacta      8340
     ggttagattt tccatgttac agtgtttgac tgaagagtca ataacccttg caacagagaa      8400
     catccttaga aattagttga ccaaagtctc aagtttccca aggccagtcc ttagggttca      8460
     atctcagact gtaatagtgt tttctgcaga acagtgtctt taagtaggca gttattttca      8520
     catttataat ctgttggtgg aaactctggt cctaaagtaa gagcagaaga tgcatctctc      8580
     ctttcatgac aagtttgaca ctcaggagat gataaactta taggaaaaaa attattttct      8640
     ccatttttct ttggccattt attcccagaa gaaattagaa taaatatatg aatgatattt      8700
     aaaaacattt tggaaaaaat taaagaatat attaagaaac aaaacttttg ccagtatcag      8760
     tcttcgacaa aaaagttaac cattttaact ataaagtata aatgtattta caaataaagt      8820
     gatgcatagg gaaatgtttc ttgcattgta cacactttct ccagtgatgt cctagccact      8880
     cctttaaaat gggtcattga ttgaattaca actataacct taatgcaaat agtacagtag      8940
     aaagtttttt aaaacagaac acatgtacac aatagttggt cttccagttg cacagtttct      9000
     tttgtatgca tgtgtgtatg tctatgtaat tttatatact tatagagatt agattttggg      9060
     caagcaattt agaagtaacc agattttctt tgtaataaga aggaaaatgt ttaaattgaa      9120
     attttagttg aacagtaaaa ctgtataaga atttacactg ctcagggaaa agatgtattg      9180
     tgttttgcag actgaaagag ttctttcctg agtaacccag tgttggtatt cactgcagaa      9240
     atagatttgt tttggtagac ccctgtagcc agctacctgc agagaaggaa atcctgctga      9300
     acagaattat aaatagaata gttaaatatt ctttcatttc agtgaagcgt tcacatacga      9360
     tattctcttt tattcattta taaacattta tatttaatac attttccaaa aaataaagta      9420
     attataaaaa ttaacaagag atttgtatat tccttattta aaatttttag cctattcaaa      9480
     tataagaagt ccactctgaa atacctgaag atgatatatg aaatgaataa gaaaagaaaa      9540
     tacagcagaa tgtaccagat gttttttgtg tgttggatgt acatatatct gttagctttt      9600
     agtggcagac agagtgcagt ctacataatt ttattcataa tagatgccta tgcatcatac      9660
     attcacacat aaatattatt tctctgaaga ttgaaataga aagctaggag aatacaacat      9720
     gacacatatg ctgaattaca tataagcaag tgtgaattat gtagttaaat gatctcttca      9780
     ccagtcttct tctcactctc tcactgggta gtctaaggat taattaaagt tcctcggctc      9840
     tttcaagcta agaaacagta tgtaagtgct atgcattatc atggtaacac aagagggagg      9900
     tataagtgat ttataacttc acaggctctg tgaaatgtgt ctagcctgat aggtttttct      9960
     aacagtgttt tatggattgg aaagtgctta tcagatttga agatggaatt tgctctatta     10020
     aaatcatgct aatctgcaaa accaatcttt gttctatatg tatgtagagt gatgtttctc     10080
     aaaatagaag aaaacttggg atatgatttc ggaggtaata taataaggta gaatggtgac     10140
     atgaattata acttatctat tattgtttga ctcagctgat gctctcttaa ttagggcaac     10200
     tgaagtctaa ttaatttgca taaggtagcc atcccatttt tatactttta aagacagtca     10260
     ggagatatca ccgtttccac aaagcttata tagattttat tagcatgttt caattacgta     10320
     tcactgcaat aatgtcaatt ctgtaatgta acatattatt tcctttagta gtatatttat     10380
     tttatttgta tttcattttt agtatagatt cagagagtac atgtgcaggc ttgttacaaa     10440
     ggcatattgt gtgatgctga tgtttagtct tctgttgatc ccatcaccca gataccgaac     10500
     tttgtaccca ataggaagat tttcagcccc tgcctctctc cctctgtccc actttggagt     10560
     cccactgtat aatgttcctg tctttatttc tgtgtgcacc taagtttaag ctctttttca     10620
     taattgagaa tattcaatat ttgtttttct gtttcctcat taatttgctt aggttaataa     10680
     cacagctaag tccgtgttgc tgtaaaggag atgattttgt tctttttatg gctgtgtgct     10740
     agtacagggt tcatatgtac cacattttct ttatcccatc caccatggat gggctcctag     10800
     gttaacctcg tgtcttcgct atggtgatga atatgagatt tcctgtgtct ttttggtagc     10860
     tttaatgatt tattttcctt tgagcatata ctgagtaata tgattgctgg gtggaatggt     10920
     agttctattg ttagttcttt tagaaatccc caaactgctt tccacagtga ctgaacattc     10980
     ttaccaccag tgtataagag ttccttgttc cctgcagcct tgcccacata catcattctt     11040
     attattttcg ctttttaata ataatagtca ttctgacttg gtatgagatg gtatcttgtt     11100
     gtgattttga tttggatttc tctgatgatc agtgatgttg agcacttttc ttatgtttct     11160
     tggccactag tatgtcttaa gaagatattt ttaaaatttt ctctcattat gtaggttgcc     11220
     ttttcactct gatagtggtt tcttttgctg tgcagaagct ctttagttta attagatccc     11280
     atttgtcaat tttggctttt gttgccattg cttttggtgt tttagacatg aagtccttgc     11340
     ccatgcctat gtcctgaatg gtattgccta ggttttcttc tagggttttt atggttttag     11400
     gtctaacatg taagtcttta atccatcttg aattaatttt tgtataaggt gaaggaaggg     11460
     attcagtttc agctttctac atatggctag ccagttttcc cagcaccatt tattaaatag     11520
     ggaatccttt ccccattgct tgtttttgtc aggtttgtca aagatcagat agttgtagat     11580
     aagtggcatt atttctgagg gatctgttct gttccattgg tctatatctc tgttttgata     11640
     ccagtaccat gctgttttgg ttactgtagc cttgtagtat agctcgaagt caggtagcat     11700
     gatgcctcca gctttgttct tttggcttag gattgacttg gcaatgcggg ctcttttctg     11760
     gttccatatg aactttaaag taattttttc caattctgtg aagaaagtca ttggtagctt     11820
     gatggggatg gcattgaatc taaaaatgac cttgggcagc atggccattt tcacgatatt     11880
     gattcttcct acccatgagc atggaatgtt cttccatttg tttgtatcct gttttatttc     11940
     attgagcagt ggtttgtagt tctccttgaa gaggtccttg acgtcccttg taaattggat     12000
     tcctaggtat tttattttct ttgaagcaat tgtgaatggg agttcactca tgatttggct     12060
     ctctgtttgt ctgttattgg tgtataagaa tgcttgtgat ttttgcacat tgattttgta     12120
     tcctgagact ttgctgaagt tgcttatcag cttaaggaga ttttgggctg acattatagg     12180
     gttttctaga tatacaatca tgtcgtctgc aaaaagggac aacttgactt ccttttttcc     12240
     taattgaatg ccctttattt cattctcctg cctgattgtc ctggccagaa cgtccaacac     12300
     tatgttgaat aggagtggtg agagagggca tccctgtctt ttgccagttt tcaaagggaa     12360
     tgcttccaga ttctgtccat tcagtatgat attggctgtg ggtttatcat agatagctct     12420
     tattattttg agatacgtcc catcaatacc taatttattg agagttttta gcatgaaggg     12480
     ttgctgaatt ttgtcaaagg ccttttctgc atctattgag ataatcatgt ggtttttgtc     12540
     tttggttctg tttatatgct ggattatgtt tattgatttt catatgttga actagtcttg     12600
     cgtcccaggg atgaagccca cttgatcatg gtggataagc tttttgatgt attgctggat     12660
     tcggtttgcc agtattttac tgaggatttt tgcatcaata ctcatcaagg atattggtct     12720
     aaaattctct ttttttgctg tgtctctgcc aggctttggt atcaggatga tgctggcctc     12780
     ataaaatgag ttagagatga ttccctcttt ttctattgat ggaaatagtt tcagaaggaa     12840
     tggtaccagc tcctccttgt acctctggga gaaaattttt gcaacctact catctgacaa     12900
     agggctaata tccagaatct acaatgaact caacatattt acaagaaaaa acatacaacc     12960
     ccatcaaaaa gtgggcaaat gatatgaaca gacatttctc aaaagaagac atttatgcag     13020
     ccaaaaaaca catgaaaaaa tgctcatcat cactggccat cagagaaatg caaatcaaaa     13080
     ccacaatgag ataccatctc acaccagtta gaatggcgat cattgaaatg tcaggaaaca     13140
     acaggtgctg gagaggatgt ggagaaatag gaatactttt acactgttgg taggactgta     13200
     aactagttca accattgtgg aagtcggtgt ggcaattcct cagggatcta gaaataccat     13260
     ttgacccacc aatcccatta ctggttatat acccaaagga ttataaatca tgctgctata     13320
     aagacacatg cacacatatg tttattgcgg cactattcac aatagcaaag acttggaacc     13380
     aacccaaatg tccaacagtg atagactgga ttaagaaaat gtggcacata tacaccatgg     13440
     aatactatgc agccataaaa aatgatgagt tcatgtcctt tgtaggcaca tggatgaagc     13500
     tggaaaccat cattctcagc aaactattgc aaggacaaaa aaccaaacac cacatgttct     13560
     cactcatagg tgggaattga acaatgagaa tgcatggaca taggaaggag aacgtcacac     13620
     accggggact gttgtggggt agggggagcg gggagggata gcattaggag atatacctaa     13680
     cgctaaatga ggagttaatg ggtgcagcac accaacatgg cacatgtata catatgtaac     13740
     aaacctgcac gttgtgcact tgtatcctaa aacttgaagt ataataataa taaaaaagaa     13800
     gatattttaa ataaatatac aaatgtttcc tctatttata cgtgaaattc tgcttgtgtc     13860
     cttctctctt ctactacatg attttacatg gataatgagt caaaaaatgt gaagtgctgg     13920
     taatatattt tatctcacac ttgtaaaatg tttttctttg aaaataccac ttgttctaat     13980
     ttttaatttt tttaatttct tggaagtgac agttgagaca aggaaattgt aaagcaatta     14040
     cttcacaagg tgattgcaat gtaaatggta ttataaaatt atttggtttt gaggaaaatt     14100
     taaaaagata cagaaataca aaataatata acaaatacca atttaacccc acttaaaaat     14160
     agcagctatt aatatattcc tttttctact tacattacct ctggttgtaa ttggaatatt     14220
     tgccctcagg ttagtttcct ttttaccatt tcttaggcac cattatcagg aactggtatt     14280
     atattcatat tttttaaatt tattaaaata tttatttctg gataatactg gtgttttgtg     14340
     aattttgagt gtttatgtca atattataag gtgtgtatta tttcacattt tttttctgtt     14400
     aagattcttg ttgacagctg ccattattga tggcatagtt cgcagtctac tgaattctta     14460
     tgttccatga tggctttatt gaaatgctac aatgaaaaac cttccctatc cctccagtta     14520
     cacatatgtg agagtttcta atgaatatac tagaagaatg tcaggactgc agtgtgtgta     14580
     cagttttaat tttgaggaga taaaatattc tcattagctc cctggactac cactttatta     14640
     ctattgttga tccatgctaa tcagcttagc atatgtctta gatttttcat ttttagtgaa     14700
     gtattattat aagttacatt aattagaacc agcatgtgtg tgctaaatgt tcattttgtt     14760
     taataattac agcttgtcag gcctctatca gtatgtgaga aaaataaaat gttaacacaa     14820
     cgatgacttt agtgtgggga taatctgaaa atcaacttta gtttcctgac acagttcaca     14880
     caaaacatag atcctgctac tttttaagga ccgcatgtag cagactgagt gacaataaat     14940
     caatatgcac tgaatcaata gtagctaggg atgagtagtt tcttccaatc ttgcctggtg     15000
     atggaagaag tatttgacat ggtttatttt ttgttttgtt ttgttttctt tctatgtggt     15060
     ccacttatat gacactccca gatcatcgtg tggtaggttt ggggaaaatg aaggaaataa     15120
     taggctagat atacgtaaat tatgtgctag aaatagaagc ttaacacaca gagcatagtt     15180
     aattggtctg gccacagtgg ttttgtcatc tctcatatac ctacaactat ttatgggctg     15240
     cttgctaatg actattttac aaaaatctgt ttcagcagca atggttgaaa aatgcaagta     15300
     ggtatttaat taaaaactac tcaatttccc tttaaatcaa attatgggtt gaaaagtgcc     15360
     aataaacaaa tgatgtaatc ataaagcctt gtattccatg ttggaaccac aaggctaaaa     15420
     gtgatatcct gaaatccagc atatagaaag ctgaggggaa aaagcagctg ctatttcaga     15480
     aggtaatact tagttacatt aagaaaactg tgcctgaaga tgacattttc acaggtttag     15540
     tatgtgaatt cggaaaaatt aagcatataa ttctgagatg cagggctttt tatttacatc     15600
     aaattactat tttttaaaaa atcaattgtg tatatatttt aattctaatt tttttgcagt     15660
     taagaaatat gcatcagtaa ttgttagtat gttagctcca ttagctacag aagaaattcc     15720
     aaaagaattc aataatgcca tttagatgtt tcaaacagaa aattaaatta aaaatggttt     15780
     gaacatttag tcaatcattg gaattaaaat aaagctcttg aaattttatt gtgtgagaaa     15840
     taaaacattg aatgatgtgg caaatgattt ttaatgttca gttacactaa acattgttga     15900
     taacttttat tggtaacaag aagcaacttt ggaaaagctt gcaagtaact ttatttaaaa     15960
     aaccagtata aaattgaaag aaatgcattt tccagaaaag aactatggat aattattgat     16020
     aagaaacaga ttatttcata taaatatgtt ccggggtcat tattctgcct actatttcta     16080
     atgtttaaat aataaatgta aagaaactat ttttctgttt tgcttgaaga tatgtaattg     16140
     tggttttaaa tttttgaagg aatttcactt tcaaaaatag ttggaagata actatgtaat     16200
     agatccatcg atatagtaaa aacaatttgc ctgtaaggaa ataatatact aaataataaa     16260
     tggttttgta tatgttagga ctcttttatc ctaaaaaaaa gtttcctttg gaacaataaa     16320
     cgttgtagtc accctaattt tactaaatat cattagatag tcctgtggat tgatggaaaa     16380
     aattacactt ttcttacatt cttgactcca ctcagtgtta ttattttaat agttgccaag     16440
     ctaatgaagg aaagttagaa cctaatgtgg ttttgattta tatccctgga ttactaatga     16500
     gctcaagcat ctagtcattt ttcattggtc atttgacttt cctcttttct acaaaagatc     16560
     taactactta cctgtactgc tttttccttc tcctgggcta gattgtatat attttttctt     16620
     gtatatttgt aagagttatt tttattattt tggatactgg tatttttatt tatatttttc     16680
     ttagtgattt ttctggagtt ttataaacac tcaagatagt ttttagaatt tatgatctga     16740
     agattttcaa aaggctaact cagaagtcat ttgtggctat gatgctaact tcaaatgaaa     16800
     aaataatttt gccactttag caaaacatac tttaaagata ctaattagaa agcactgaag     16860
     tgcttaatta tgtgtttttc ataaaactca tctaaatagt catttcaata aaatcattta     16920
     cctttatagt aagaacaaat tattaaatgt tgattaccta gctcctgcat ggttttctaa     16980
     atatctcaca attgtcattt ggtaataatc tcttagcata cttgttagaa ttactggttc     17040
     tccaggtctc attttagatg attgaaccag gattttgaag gaaaatagct agaagtatct     17100
     ggacatatat tttatgaccc acataattat ttggggttat ttgtgaaact ttggtctcac     17160
     acataagaga aagtaaaaaa ataacaaaac aaaacaaaaa aaacccaaaa aacaaacaaa     17220
     caaaaaacaa taaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     17280
     aaaagaacat caagtcagga gtcaggaata aataccttat ccttccctca ctccaggctt     17340
     ctcaagttgt atgcccctaa atgcattttc attcttggca aatactactc caactatcta     17400
     gcacttcaga gtggtaatta acctgttagt ttgcaattta gcaaaaaata agaaacctat     17460
     ttcttaacat tttctttagg atcatatttc tagctatacc ctgtgtgtca gttaatgcta     17520
     tgtatggcta taaaatagca gtatttaaca aaaatatttg accactgcag caaaattacc     17580
     ttctgtaaat gatccactgc tactaagatt aactgacaat ttggagattg tactggcatt     17640
     ttgaatttca tacattcaag gaagattgga aagcatcttc agatgccatt gtctataatg     17700
     ataatagtta ataatcatat taacttccaa atttttctgt gttaaagcag gtgtgcaggt     17760
     attggatgaa caggtaggcc actactgtgg ttagagttgt aaaagttttg gtgaaattgc     17820
     acatgacaac atctccacag aaaatttaga ttttggcaca gctaggagag gtggaagaaa     17880
     atgacgtttt tgttgttgtt gttgttttta atgattcccc atctggatct taaagggaga     17940
     tagcacaata ttgtggaaag aggtattttt gtaatctgaa attagacttt aagagaagtt     18000
     aagtattttg agacccaaat ttcagacata tgaagtgggg tctaaaatat ctagtacctg     18060
     tatatgtagt tataaagatc atgtaacgat ggattctatt tgccttgtac ttgtctgtaa     18120
     aacaaagcca tcatttaatt gtgttactta acatagcttc atgtgggcat ttttaaggaa     18180
     catttatctc gtgataaata aaatagtaat atttgcagag aatggtactt tctccaacat     18240
     tgatattgca gaactccagc tgttctgtag agaaactgac acgaattgaa aaaaaaaagg     18300
     atgattgaag gttgtttagg ggccagtcat tatttactga gactatataa ttctcagagg     18360
     ggacacacaa cctgtgaaga gttggatgtg aatgatgaag agtcattgag aaaaggctgc     18420
     ctgaagaatc atcctctaca tttctagctt gaaacacagg gtatttggtg ctgtgaattt     18480
     ctgaaatagt ggaatactgt aggaggaaac atgtttggag gatgaaatga agatctggct     18540
     ttggtatgtg gagatgtaag gcatgcagtt ggatatgcca agtctgaagg tcagaacaaa     18600
     gatctggcct gaaactggga atttgttaat ggtcagcata aaaagggtgt tttagccttg     18660
     agaaaaccca agaggatcca tgactgagac ctgaacaatg tcaccaccta cagatttagt     18720
     aaagatgtca acaaaataca gaccaaagtt catattaaaa ttaatgggaa cagtcaaact     18780
     acttagtgag cggtattcag tcaactagca tttagctagc tattggctag caaatttggg     18840
     ggaaaagtgt ataaagaatc tttgattagg tttccaaata tacgaaataa aagccactca     18900
     catgttagaa gtcaatatac aaaattatat tatgttaatg gtactattta atgctaatag     18960
     agaaaaatga aaattattct gaattaaatc aatagacaat gtattttcta tcgttgtctt     19020
     tgttttcttc tcaatttatt tgtgtgtcat tttaactcac taagcaatga ctcctcttaa     19080
     tcccattact ttttatttaa cactgcattt gtttttcatg tgcgcaatat catactgccc     19140
     aatagagagg aaatgcagaa tttagactat tatatcagaa acatctttgc ttttcagatt     19200
     tggacttctg gagtgtggtt aatttaagtg ttctcatcag gccttgatat ttcagatttc     19260
     cgtaatcact tctccaaaat aaagtctgaa ggtgatgact acaataaaat taaaattata     19320
     ctggctttta agataattat gtttatgtaa atgtgacgcc tttttttggg gggtggggtg     19380
     tcgtaaaata ccaatgtata tgttatattc gtaggtgccg taaaataccg acgtatatgt     19440
     tatattcgtc ggtgtcgtaa aataccgacg tatctgttat aatcgtcggt gtcgtaaaat     19500
     accgatgtat atgttatatt cttccgtgtc gtaaaatacc gacgtatctg ttatattcgt     19560
     cagtgtcgta aaataccgac gtatatgtta tattcgtcgg tgtcgtaaaa taccgacgta     19620
     tctgttataa tcgtcggtgt cgtaaaatac cgacgtatat gttatagtct tccgtgtcgt     19680
     aaaataccga cgtatttgtt ataatcgtcg gtgtcgaaaa ataccgacgt atatgttata     19740
     ttcatcggtg tcataaaata acgacgcata tgttacattc gttggtgtag taaaataacg     19800
     acgtacatgt tactttcgtc gtcgtgaaat acccacgtat atcttatatt agttggtgtc     19860
     gtgaaatacc gacgtatata ttatattcgt aggtgttgtg aaataccaac gtatatctta     19920
     tattcgtagg tgtcgtgaaa ttccatcgta tatgttatat tcgtaggtgt cgtaaaatac     19980
     cgacgtatat gttatattca ctggtgtcat aaaataagga cgtatatgtt acattcgtca     20040
     gtgtcgtaaa ataccgacgt atatgttaca ttcgtcgttg tcgtgaaata cctacgtata     20100
     tcttatatta gttggtgtcg tgaaataccg acgtatatat tatattcgta ggtgttgtaa     20160
     aataacgtca tctatattat atttgtaggt gtcgtaaaat accgacgtat atagtatagg     20220
     tgtcgtgaaa taccgacgta ttatattcgt aggtgtcgtg aaattccgtc gtatatgtta     20280
     tattcgtcgg tgtcataaaa caccgacgta tatgttatat tcgtcggtgt cataaaatac     20340
     cgacatatat gttatattcg tcggtgtcgt aaaataccga cgtatatagt ataggtgttg     20400
     tgaaataccg acgtatatat tatattcgta ggtgtcgtga aataccaacg tatatcttat     20460
     attcgtaggt gtcgcgaaat tccgtcgtat atgttatatt cgtcggtgtc gtaaaatacc     20520
     gacgtatatg ttatattcat cgctgttata aaataccgac ctatatctta gatttgacgg     20580
     tgtcgtaaaa taccgaagta tatcttatat tcgacggtgt cgtaaaatac cgacgtatat     20640
     cttatattca ctggtgtcgt aaaatactga cgtgtatctt acattcgcag gtgtcataaa     20700
     gtacaggtgt ataacttata attgcaggtg tcgtaaaata ccgacgtaaa tcttatattc     20760
     gcttgtgtca taaaataccg aaatatatgt tatattcaca ggtgtcataa aatactgatg     20820
     tatatgttat attcgtcggt gtcgtaaaat accaatgtat atgttatatt cgtacgtgcc     20880
     gtaaaatacc gacgtatatg ttatattctt ccgtgtcgta aaataccgac gtatttgtta     20940
     taatcgtcgg tgtcgtaaaa taccgacgta tatgttatat tcgtcggggt cataaaataa     21000
     cgacgcatat gttacattcg ttggtgtcgt aaaataccga cgtatatgtt actttcgtcg     21060
     ttgtcgtgaa ataccgacgt atatcttatg ttagtcggtg tcgtgaaata ccgacgtata     21120
     tattatattc gtaggtgtcg taaaataacg acatatatat tatatttgta ggtgtcgtaa     21180
     aataccgacg tatatagtat aggtgtcgtg aaataccaac gtatatctta tattcgtagg     21240
     tgttgtgaaa taccaacgta tatcttatat tcgtaggtgt cgtgaaattc catcgtatat     21300
     gttatattcg tcggtgtcat aaaataccga cgtatatgtt atattcgtca gtgtcataaa     21360
     ataaggacgt acatgttgca ttcgtcagtg tcgtaaaata ccgatgtata tgttacattc     21420
     gtcgttgtcg tgaaatacct acgtatatct tatattagtt ggtgtcgtga aataccgacg     21480
     tatatattat attcgtaggt gtcgtaaaat aacgtcatat atattatatt tgtaggtgtc     21540
     gtaaaatacc gacgtatata gtataggtgt cgtgaaatac cgatgtatat attatattcc     21600
     taggtgtcgt aaaataacgt catatatatt atatttgtac gtgttgtaaa ataccgacgt     21660
     atatagtata ggtgtcgtga aataccgacg tatgtattat attcgtaggt gtcgtgaaat     21720
     tccgtcgtat atgttatatt cgtcggtgtc gtaaaatacc gacgtatatg ttatattcgt     21780
     cggtgtcgta aaatactgac gtatatctta gattcgtcgg tatcataaaa taaggacgta     21840
     tatgttacat tcgtcagtgt cgtaaaatac cgacctatat gttacattcg tcgttgttgt     21900
     gaaataccga cgtataactt atattagttg gtgtcgtgaa ataccgacgt atatattata     21960
     ttcgtaggtg tcgtaaaata acggcatata tattatattt gtaggtgtca taaaataccg     22020
     acgtatatag tataggtgtg aaataccgac gtatatatta tattcgtagg tgtcgtgaaa     22080
     taccaacata tatcttatat tcgtaggtgt gaaattccgt cgtataagtt atattcgtcg     22140
     gtgtcgtaaa ataccgacgt atatgttata ttcgtcggtg tcataaaata ccgacgtata     22200
     tcttagattc gtcagtgtcg taaaataccg acgtatatgt tatattcgtc actgtcgtaa     22260
     aataccgacg tatatcttag attcgagggt gtcgtaaaat actgacgtat ttcttatatt     22320
     cgacgatgtc gtaaaatacc gactatatat tatatttatg ggtgtcataa aataccgact     22380
     atatattata tttgtaggtg tcataaaata ccgacttata cattatattc atagctgttg     22440
     taaaataccg acgtatatat tatatttata ggtgtcataa aataccaacg tatatattat     22500
     atttatgggc atcgtaaaat accgacgtat atattatatt tataggtatc gtaaaatacc     22560
     cacctatata ttatatttat aggtatcgta aaataccgac atatatatta tatttatagg     22620
     tatcgtaaaa tactgacgta tatattatat ttatagttat cgtaaaaaat cgatgtatat     22680
     attataggta tcataaaata ccgacacata tattatattt ataggtatcg taaaatactg     22740
     acgtatacag tatatttatc ggtattgtaa aataccgatg tatatattat gtttataggt     22800
     atcgtaaaat agcgatgtat atattataga tatcgtaaag tactgacgta tatattatat     22860
     ttataggtat cataaaatac caacgtatat atttatagat atcgcaaaat accgacgtac     22920
     atattatagg tatcgtaaaa taccgacata tattttatat ttataggtat cgtaaaatac     22980
     cgaaatatat attatattta taggtatcgt aaaataccga tgtatatatt atatttatag     23040
     gtatcgtaaa atatcgaagt atatatatta tatttatagg tatcgtaaaa taccgaccta     23100
     tttataacat ttatgggtat cgtaaaatac cgacatatat attatattta tacgtgtcgt     23160
     aaaataccga agtatatatt atatttatag gtatcataac ataccgacgt atatattata     23220
     tttgtcggtg tcgtaaaata ccgaccttta tattatattt gtaggtatca taaaataccg     23280
     acttatatat tatgtttata ggtatcgtaa attaccgacg tatatattat atttataggt     23340
     gtcataaaat accaacgcat atattatatt tatcggtatc gtaaaatact gacgtatata     23400
     ttatatttat gggtgtcata aaataccgac gtatatgtta tattcgtagg tgttgtaaaa     23460
     taccgacgta tatgttatat tcgtcagtgt cgtcaaatac cgacgtacat gttatattcg     23520
     tcggtgtcat aaaataacga cgtatatctt atattcgttg gtgtcataaa ataccaatgt     23580
     atatgttaca ttcgtcggtg tcgtaaaata ccgacatata cgtcatattc tttactgtcg     23640
     taaaaatacc gacgtatatg ttatattcgt cggtgtcgta aaataccaac ttatatcttt     23700
     tattcgtcgg tgttgtgaaa tactgaccta tatcttatat tcgtaggtgt cgtgaaacac     23760
     cgacgtatat attatattcg tatgtgtcgt gaaataccga cgtatatctt atattcatgg     23820
     gtgtcatcaa atgccgacat atatattata ttcgtaggtg ttgtaaaata ccgacgtata     23880
     tattatattc gtaggtgtcg taaaataacg acgtatatat tatgtttgta ggtgttgtaa     23940
     agtaacgacg tatatattat aggtgtcgta aaataccgac ctacatattt tatttatagg     24000
     tgtcgtaaaa taccaatgta tatattatag gtgtcttaaa atactgacgt atatattata     24060
     tttataggtg tcataaaata ccgacgtata tattatattt ataggtattg taaaataccg     24120
     acgtatttat tataggtatc gtaaaatact gacgtatata ttatatttat aggtatcgta     24180
     aaatacctac atatatatta tatttatagg tatcgtaaaa taccgacgta tatatttata     24240
     ggtatcgtaa aataccgaca tacatattat aggtgtcata aaataccgac gtatagatta     24300
     tatttgtagg tgttgtaaaa caccgatgtg tatattatat ttataggtgt cgtaaaataa     24360
     cgacgtatat atttataggt gtctttaaat accgacgtat atattatatt tatatttatc     24420
     gttaaatacc gacgtatata ttatatttat atttatcatt aaatatatat ttatatattt     24480
     aataaatgtt tattgaattt catggaaatt ttacccaggc agatttgggc attctgtttt     24540
     aatgccaaac aaacatgaaa caaacttact ccacacaacc ctgataataa ccagccaata     24600
     ttttcttttt tttttctttc ttagcccatt tatttgccca tacatctgta atagagacac     24660
     actgtgagtc aggtttacat tttcccagca aacagaatca tcaaacaaaa ggattttaaa     24720
     gctctgtctt gcttgtatat aggttgtatt tccctaattt tgcatatgtt agcatttcac     24780
     ctgttatcat ctgtggagtt ccctagattc tgtttccttc tgaaatctga tttcaaaaga     24840
     ggaggaatgt ttataaaatg ttttatgtgc catatcttat ataaatatga aaaccacatt     24900
     ttcatatggg aaaaaaatta taattattat accttcctta caattatgtt gctcaaagaa     24960
     agttaataac ttatccatat cattgagctt ttcagtgcca gagtttagat ttttatccag     25020
     gtctgcttaa ctccaatgca attctctttt ctaaagcata agaccaaaca aaactattgt     25080
     tatcttataa agattacatt tccattggaa atgtcacata atagaaatta aaatctagta     25140
     taaagtagac cactataatt ctttgattca aaaatatgaa atggactttt tccctctgta     25200
     tcagccttcc atgcaccatt tcccaacatt tttcattctt ttcaagctga tattcacaaa     25260
     actttaagtt agaataatga ttgcgaaaca gcatgaaaca aagaaagcta aaaataccct     25320
     aaaaggtgaa tgaatacagg aaaacacttt gcataacttg gtaaggatga atttaaaata     25380
     gtttatattg cataactttt aagacaaaaa aactattgca gaatacaatt ttcctgcaca     25440
     ttacattgaa cattttatgc caattacatt aacatttttc cgattcatgt tttagcctgc     25500
     aatcatgcac tagatctcag aaaactcata tgaaaaataa aacaaaaaca aaccaacatg     25560
     aaatagacaa ttgctggtca cagtggtaag ataataattt tatgccataa gaaaacacaa     25620
     ccagaatatt ttcctaggta ataaactgtg tttccttttg aaatatttac tactagacac     25680
     ttaatctcaa tccagttgaa acaacattta aaacatccca aaggagtgcc atactctgtt     25740
     ccagagaatt tttgtatgtg gcttctcttc gacacccctt agtaatctat tgctagtttt     25800
     ctctctctta tcttctcttt ttccttgttt tgttcaacct gaagtgtctc tcttcccaca     25860
     ggctttaaaa catttatatt agtgtttgtt gggagggaat cttgtaatga atacattatt     25920
     aataaatcat taataacatt tactaatgga tcattaatat ttgctaccta gatatctggc     25980
     tttctttttg tgggtttcat tttccatact accatgtgat catttaagtc aaagatggaa     26040
     aatagatttc attttgtgtt ccatattcat atagatggta gtggcatgct acattgagat     26100
     aagagttgga gattatgtct tctttaaatg gagaaaagtt acatgaacat agatagttgg     26160
     gtgggtggct agtgatgaca gtgtgctatg tatttcccat tttgattgaa aatgtagtca     26220
     ctattgaaaa tattttcctg ttgtattaat tgaatatgcc cccaagatac acctctctgg     26280
     tctagtcata caaactgtga gaagaatcta ggatttcttg taactgctgt gttgtcctag     26340
     actgcaatat attccatact agcatttatt gaatgcggac tctgcattag gcacaatttt     26400
     aagttgttta caggtgtgtt agttactgtt attatcttca atgtgcagat taggtaactg     26460
     aggaaacggg gttaggtaaa aacacttcaa tttccttcaa catatacttt ctttagataa     26520
     aatgtttttg aggcgtataa ggctatggga gaacaggcag cattcttgtt cctgaaatgg     26580
     ttagttaaat gtaagtagca tttattggaa ttgatttcaa ggccataatt cacaagtcag     26640
     acagtgaaca atctttaccc ttgtacagga tgcctaaatt ttcttaattt ctccattgga     26700
     cagacaatac ttgggaatca actatgaagt tggtttaaaa agttcaactc tttcaagttg     26760
     ttatatttaa aaagatcatt atgactaaca accaattcac ttgctgtgag aagaggtgga     26820
     tgtgagtcat aaaataactt ttaagtcaga aaattggatt taattcagac ttttcctcct     26880
     cttacatcaa ttgaatgaca gggataaatg aacttgattt agctagattt agaattggag     26940
     ttgtctttct tatctatcaa aagcatggca ggactgatca tctggatatc atcagctgat     27000
     gatcaaacat gtcaaattaa tgcagaaaaa ataaaataat ttgtggcatt atattctata     27060
     atttattatg ttgatttatg acactttatt tattgcaaaa atatggcatc aaaatttgga     27120
     attttatcta cgttacgaat tgggtaaagt aacttttaat tacattgtat actttaagaa     27180
     atgtgttagc cattctactg caattgtaaa aatatgtcca cccattaaat ttaaaacctc     27240
     ctaattgaga taattctaat aaaattttta aaaattcttc aaagcttcaa aaacttcata     27300
     tttctgatct tgtaataagt ataaaactaa gagatgcttt ttctgtgtaa gcaatgattg     27360
     ttaatataat agctattgag ttttctcttt cagttgaaag cattgtattt tgacatcaga     27420
     agttacatgt gaaacaataa ttgttataat aatttaatta cccactttaa atgaccgtat     27480
     ataatgtagt tgctaatata tgctgttttt tctacagaac atcattgaca agattacgta     27540
     catattcact attagcttcg agaacttttt atgtacacaa ggctagtaaa agcgcattca     27600
     aaattacatg ttttaggctg aggtctcact cctacagtgc cttcagcaaa gtttttggcc     27660
     tcagatcata ttctcaggca aattgttttc tataaaaact tcctttctgt attgaaaggc     27720
     tgaaggaata aaataaggaa aaatcccttc atttctctca gacagtgcaa agggagaaaa     27780
     attctctgga taaatacact gacagtttta tttaatgatt tgaatataaa ttaaataagt     27840
     gtttaagaag tagtttagct agttatacac ttccttcatt tagacaaata atacaatcac     27900
     attttttggc attattggaa atagcacaca atttagggtc agttatttct aattctgatc     27960
     attcaaattt caagctcttt gactttctat gtttttaaca ttggccaagt cattaatctc     28020
     ttaaatgttc aatgtattca atttagaact ttataaaatg tataaaatat agttaataat     28080
     acaggtacaa cctacttcat gacagaatac aacatcccaa aatattccac tctcgcatat     28140
     tggcaatttc agttaaaggc acttaaaaaa cagcagattc aagaaaaatg ctctgatctt     28200
     ccttctccct tttgtttctt aaaagcagaa gatgaaattc ccacttgaaa gaagtcctcc     28260
     ctatatgata tggcttgact gtgtccccac ccaaatctca tcttgagttg tagctcccat     28320
     aatccccatg tgtcatggga gggacccagt aggaggtaat tgaatcatgg gagtagattt     28380
     ttcctgtgct gttcttgtga tgctgaataa gtctcatgag atctgatggt tttataaagg     28440
     gtagttcccc tgcatgtgct tgtgccagct gccctgtaaa gccatgtatt tgcttctcct     28500
     ttgccttttg ctatgattgt gaggcctccc cagccatgca gaactgtgag tccattaaac     28560
     ctcttttctt tataaattac ccagtctttg gtatgtcttt atcagcagca tgagaacaga     28620
     ctaatacact atatcagaaa aaaagtaaca ttctgcatac tgggtgagat agacacataa     28680
     atgcctcaga tgatcattta ccaatgtgct atgtgtttat ggagtgaaaa ataactttaa     28740
     aaacgtttta agatatcttg cataggcata ggacataaaa catttttttc cttcagaggt     28800
     ttcctcaaaa tgtcacctat ttagtgtaat cttccctgac cattgtattt aaaactgcaa     28860
     tctcttcctc tcccaggtat aaccacctca gagtacctct tactgtcttt tcaggtatta     28920
     ttgctcttct taatatttat cactttctga cttatatatt acaaatatat ttgtttgttt     28980
     gtgtctcttc actatatttt gaacagaaat tttatttttc tattttgttc aataccgttt     29040
     ccccaacttt tggaataatg actggcaggt aatagctgct caataagtat tttttaaata     29100
     ggtaaattag taagtgatca gaaaatgctt tatataatgg ccaacaaaga catataattt     29160
     taaaatatat gaattttcac tttattgatt tactggcttt cagttcacag tgatttctga     29220
     cataaaactt atacattttc agttactaaa acttatcaaa attgaccagg catggtggtt     29280
     cacgcctgta atgccagcac tttgggaggc cgagacctgc ggatcacctg aggtcaggag     29340
     ttcgagacca gcctggccaa catggtgaat ccctgtctct actaaaaata caaaaattag     29400
     ccaggtggtg gtggtgcatg cctgtaatcc cagctattcg agaggctgag gcaggagaat     29460
     cacaggaatc cgggaggtgg agattgcagt gaaccaagat cgtgctgctg cactccagcc     29520
     tgggtgacag caagactcca tctaaaaaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa     29580
     ataaataata aaaataaata aataaaattt atcaaaataa ccttgttttt tccatttttt     29640
     ctatgattac aaggtatacg ttattaaaaa gccctgggga catctcttat cagatatttg     29700
     aactgaaaat ttagtatatg caatcaagtt ggtttcataa atacatttta gagaaaataa     29760
     aaactaatag tataaacaca atacatccca gattaattta agaattaaag gtgttattta     29820
     tttttatttc aaaaataaag caattataaa aaaattcaag tctctttgta tctgaactct     29880
     tttcacccct taattttatt ttatacagtt accttagaat gatagtcact ttattttcag     29940
     ttcttggacc ctacaaaaaa atgctgcaat aaatatcttt gtatatacac tcttacaaat     30000
     tggcatccaa atcttcacac tttttcatca gggtgttaaa atacaaagac ccctacatat     30060
     ctgccaatat taaatgtgtt actattttat attggaacag actaatatga tagctcttaa     30120
     tcactttaat tgtgatttcc ttgacttagt aaatttaaaa tgtttttcat gtggaatgtt     30180
     taccattttg ggttgatcat ctctgaagtg tctagtcatc tatttcccat tcttttctat     30240
     tgggattttt acattttttc ctcttcaatt taaaagaact atgtatgcat tacagaagta     30300
     actttttgtc tctctagagt agttttggtt tctgacaaaa taattactaa cctgagttct     30360
     tggttctctc ctcccaaaat ataaactctg gcaaattata gaaagaatat agagtagaga     30420
     aatctgcaac aacaaggaga aaaatccctg gatgtcaaaa gactgtttta actttctgca     30480
     ggagaaaggg tacgtgtcta tagtctatag caagaggcat caggttcaac tctgaaataa     30540
     taaatttgag tagtggttct ctaagtgtga ttccagacaa ccagcatcaa tgtcacttgg     30600
     gaaattgtta aaaatgcaaa tatgggggcc ccgccttgga tttactggat cggaacacct     30660
     ggctgtggtg gccagtaaac tgttagaaca agcctatcag atgattctca ttcagagtgg     30720
     aatgtgaaaa cgaacaaatt tttgaaaaaa ctgttgaatt ttgtttttcc attctccttg     30780
     ccatttcctt tgtaacaatt aatatctgct tcttcactac agtaatcctg aggcaataac     30840
     tcagaccact gactgaatag acaaatggac tatcccagat catgtgtgaa aacagaactc     30900
     tgacctatag cctctactga aagcagccca ggaagtcaaa ccacttacac agcaatcatc     30960
     ccagaatagt caggacttga tcagcgactg caagcttccc tattttttat tcccagcttt     31020
     ggactaggga ctaataagag aaagctgaat atgctcccca aaccaatcaa tcacctaaga     31080
     ttccccactt ctagttagca tgcctctagc tttttcatgc caacaacctc caatcagaac     31140
     ataattgata ctttcccttt ttctatcata gtttttccac ttccctgcat atctctgagt     31200
     ctgccaaaat caagtgatgt tggttgactt ccttactgta gcaagttcta aataaacagc     31260
     ctttgtttgt tttcatttgg tcttcattta tttccacact gctaatgcaa gtgtaaataa     31320
     ttctaatatc agagcagtgt ataaaacact gctggggtga aggattgcta ctaactggag     31380
     tgttatttac ccgcctccac tctctttttc cattccccca gttagtggtc tactatggtc     31440
     ttctgaggat ttaaaattga aacacagacc tgaagagttg tttggttaag tgaatgatta     31500
     actatggttc tatggcccct gggcttttca cagtagaact tgttcacctc ctctctggaa     31560
     gtagttcttt tggccctgaa aaattagcac aatctgagta gccagtatcc ccaggtgaat     31620
     aagagctcac aggccaaaat aaagttatgc cttaggagac aagtctgcct caaaagactg     31680
     ttttctttaa aaaataaaat tcaaagatgt atccttttaa ctttacattt ttttatcttg     31740
     gttagggaag actccaacac ccttcaattt tacgtgtagg cttttagatt ttcctgcaag     31800
     attttttaat atttacattt taaactttag tacatctgga gattattttt gtttcctcta     31860
     taagatagag tctcattttc atttatttct agattaaaga agcatatatg ctattaaaat     31920
     gcataaaata gtttatcttt cgttgttaaa ttcagccact gaatttgtca tatattagtt     31980
     tcccacatgt cttagtatcc gaaaacacaa tgatctgatg tagacacaaa agattatatt     32040
     ccatagttat tcctccaaat atcttatagg atcttttttt ttctaaattc tctcctcact     32100
     gccacaccct cttcaagaaa aattatatta aaattccctc cttactgcca tactaccaac     32160
     aaaaatccta ttgaaattgc actaaacttg ttgattttaa agtattaaca tacttgcaat     32220
     atgcaatctt tcgctataca aaaatcagaa tctggggttg ttgtccaact ttccacaatt     32280
     ttcctagtaa ccataaatgt tttgcttctt tattttggta accttcccct ctcttccccc     32340
     agcctatact ttcagtttga atggcatttt ccatttttta atgttaatca accatcctgt     32400
     ctcagtggta gttcataaag tacttattaa tgtggttcaa acagatttct actttttttt     32460
     ttttttgaga cagtctgtgg cccaggctgg aatgcagtgg cactatgtct gctcgctaca     32520
     agctccgcct ccggggttca cgccattctc ctcctgcctc agcctcccgc ccgccaccat     32580
     gcctggctaa ttttttttta tgtttttagt agagacaggg tttcaccacg ttagccagga     32640
     tggcctcggt cttctgacct cgtgatccgt acgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta     32700
     caggcgtgag tcaccgtgcc tggccctatt tccactcatt ttataaacta aaaatctatt     32760
     tcatagatat ggtgctgaaa atatctttcc tcccttgttt ctggacctgt aaggttgtga     32820
     gtcaggtgcc attggcaatc ccattgctgc taaccggcag agacaaagca cattaagata     32880
     atcagagtcc tgatggcatt taaatccata gttcctataa tttctgagac tagtttcact     32940
     tctttccatc atgtagtttg gatattaaac caacagattc cactttttgc ttaacttttt     33000
     gaaattgtgt ttctaacatt tcttacggta agagttttaa ctaattctca gttaataaat     33060
     atggcatatc tttacatagt taacattttt aaatgtctaa aatgtattca tgtctccaaa     33120
     ttacaaatta attttgaatt ttcctcaact aggttttaag tatttttatt taagatgcta     33180
     tctagttaga taatatattt tgttcttata ctaatgtgct gtgtccctac ttaatatttc     33240
     taccgattat ttctgatacg tagaaaagtt agtgattgtt gtacatttgt ttcttcacca     33300
     gccaaccaac tatgctattt tactactaaa atatttgttt ttcaactatg tcttttctgt     33360
     ttagagataa attgaatttt tttacttgtc cttcaactaa cagcatgctt tatttctgtt     33420
     ttctaaacat ttcagacatt atgaaattat attctatatt gtatgtatat agatatacat     33480
     atatacatgt gtatgcacac atgtacgtgt gtgtgtaaaa tacattatat gatatttggg     33540
     attacggggc tagaaacaat tagaaagtta ctatttatct tggctattca gttgactttt     33600
     tagaaaaaga ataaataaca gggaaattat ttgataatat aaattatcaa agcaaaatta     33660
     gtcatgtttg ttcaagaaat acaagagcca taaaaaattt gtataggtat attttctagc     33720
     tattcataag tatatcacaa tattaaacta ttgaactaat gtgagcactt aattccctat     33780
     aaatctgaac ttgtaaagtt gctttaatat atattccttt aaaaataaaa aaatgaactc     33840
     cagcctgagt gacagagtga gattgtctca aaataaataa ataaaacaaa caaataacat     33900
     aaaagtcata aaataggttt tcaaaaatta ttttattttt aaaattattg cacattaaat     33960
     tttgattgat attcaataag agtctccttg acaaaactcc attcaagctt ctctgaattg     34020
     tcctcccaac taagatttga ttcctgggtt ttcatgttct tctctgcatt gcccaatttt     34080
     agccaaaacc gtgataagcc agtttagcca gaatccccta ctctacatct gattgtgttc     34140
     ctcatcccta gcaatcctcc aaatgatatc tgatggctgg tctgacctca ccaagaatca     34200
     tgttaggtag gtttagccag aatcctccct tatccctgat gtcttcgatt agtaatttct     34260
     ctccaactac accttctccc ctacattctt gactgtaaat ttccactttt ctttattgta     34320
     tttagaattg atttcagttc tattctgaga tatttttccc ccttattgca gtagtttttg     34380
     ggtaaaatat gttctactgc tttaactgct atccagctct agcttttctt tgacaaacat     34440
     tcacagattg tataacaatc atcacaatca acatacagaa tactaccatc acctcaaaat     34500
     ctttctcatg ttatctctaa aagataattt taaaatttaa gtttttattt ttatacactt     34560
     tgtgtcacaa atattatact aagatgcatt tgtagaaaaa tatagattat aaaattgaac     34620
     ctaatctact gccaattata tttgcttctg tgatcttaaa atacacacag aaacagtgag     34680
     atagaaaggt tctctgagct aaaaggctga cccccagatg aatttattta accaataata     34740
     aagatcaaag atacaagaaa cacacaaagc tgcaatcatt aatatcaact atagataaca     34800
     ttaaacagct gaaaacaagg tattcaatgt tattaacatt tatcctgaat tgtatacctc     34860
     ctataaacgt atccttaaag gtgaatttcc tcttcttaat atgcatatat acattattat     34920
     ttttaataca gagacatcac acagaagata ttggttcaca tcacagttag attcctaaca     34980
     tgtctgagta aaatagcata ttgatttata tatggtgact gttttcaatt gatataaaaa     35040
     tatttactgt ttaataaagc tagttgttgc ttttggaaca atataaaaaa tgaagaaact     35100
     atagatttct atatactggc taaaattact gtgtgttaaa aaagatatca gaaggttcta     35160
     tgctttagac tttaaacacc actgctgctt ttccaacgtt acattaaagg ctattcccag     35220
     tgactggtcc tcattattct tttataaagt cagattttct cggggtcctt tttttgcaat     35280
     tcagttacct tctatgtatt taaggggaag tataggttaa attctatcaa ttgttagact     35340
     tgcatccata actactaaac atactcagtt tcttctttat tctgtgaaac tctaagtcag     35400
     gtaaagtcct ttgcaactaa taattttaat gtaaacacag ctctaaagac aaaaatttga     35460
     taacagattt gaaaccaaaa tcttgaccca atgaggccca aattgcaacg tcttaatcac     35520
     tccatcattg taatatacgt gactatctag gggaagacat tttttattat tttgggtcat     35580
     ctgcatttaa atgaatacat tatgaagaaa acatgcatac cacaagtgag cttttatttt     35640
     tccttttagt taatgtagat gtagtgtgtt ttactgtttt agttcaaagt aggcaggttc     35700
     acagactttg aataatagta atatcagaaa ttcaagtgta ctgaaaggag gagacaaata     35760
     ctgtggtttt taagttcatt ttaggtaaat gaactgaatg ctggttattc ctgcatgtag     35820
     atttattaat gaacaaaata agagaatact gagaatagtt tttgcagagt gagagcaaga     35880
     tatcagcaaa taatttagtt ctataaatag ggataccaca ttgcaactca gtctgaaaga     35940
     ctatttgaga tgaataaccc cattttattt tgttatttta atattttaaa ataaaacatg     36000
     gaagttaaag atttaacttt tttttttttg atgtatccaa aaactagatc caaatatctg     36060
     aaataataag gctgtttgga ggattgtttt catctaattc atatagtata atatccatga     36120
     ttttctaaaa taactttatt gtgtgaatat gtcatgccat aatttttgtt ttctttaata     36180
     tgaatgccct cattcctcaa agtcaacctt tgatataagt gtaaatagac ttcatcagtg     36240
     tgttcaggga aaagataaga aatataaaac tgttaaaaat ttgtatgcat atttaaaaaa     36300
     aaatttgtac ttcatccttt ctcagacaca gccccaaagc caagacaaat aatatgatag     36360
     aagatttcat tctaaataaa aatcttcttt ttaaaatggt aacctgaaac tgtataatag     36420
     tatttgtaca ataactaatt cctatattga aagtttagtg aggtctctag gcagcacttg     36480
     ccatgtttgc agtttattaa gcagtttgaa gatggttgaa cattagatac aaaaataatt     36540
     gaagctcaat actgttaggt ttagtaagaa cataatgtgt cttctctttc cttttttact     36600
     tttttttttt tgagatggag tctcgctctg ttgcccaggt tggagtgcag tggcacgatc     36660
     tcagctcact gcaacctcca cctcctgggt tcacgccatt cttctgcctc agcctccaag     36720
     tagctgagac tacaggcgcc tgctaccacg cccggctaat tttttgtatt tttagtaaac     36780
     acagggtttc accatgttag ccaggatggt ctcggtctcc tgacctcgtg atctacccac     36840
     gtcgacctcc caaagtggtg ggattacagg cgtgagccac cgtgcccagc ccataatgtg     36900
     tctttttaaa ttaattaact cttaagatca gtggagtgtg tagatgttta cttatgtttc     36960
     tatcttcact tagctgttcc caggatgaaa aaaaaaaaga ctagtggctc tgttaaaccc     37020
     tgaaaattag cttaatgatc ttacctcttc atcctttcta ccaatctggc cccttttaaa     37080
     cccccgaatg taatcattgg tactcattgg tactatcttc ctcttgattt cagagaacac     37140
     ctccttgcaa aattgttaat ttttctcttt tactgtatta aatcacttac tgagtaaaat     37200
     aattctttcc ttgaaatgcg atttggtttc ttctttgctc tccatttcta tgccatttcc     37260
     acttaaactt gtccctgcat tgttgcaaaa acctaactgg tttctttgat ggacaaaatt     37320
     agagagatta cctttttgat agtaaggtca aagctcacct actaatctgg acatctaaag     37380
     ctgtccttca atcaaatgct ctcattcctc tgcttcctat cttcttcact cattccataa     37440
     taacattcct tgttacttct aagcatacct cttctctttc agttgaccat gatcctttcc     37500
     atctcatagg cactgctttt tattttacaa caatgacttt gcttataaag atcacttcac     37560
     ctaatatgtt ccctggcaca ttgctccctg ttcaaacaag ccttcataaa aacccagatg     37620
     ttttaatatt atattgataa tcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc     37680
     atgtttgtgt tttcttttgg cattgttttt atacttgaga gaacaatgat gcctgtggtt     37740
     tgattaaaat atgaacatga ggctgggcac agtggctcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt     37800
     gggaggctga ggcaggtgaa tcacttgagg gtcaggaatt cgagaccagc ctggccaaga     37860
     tggtgaaacc catctctact aaaaatacaa aagattagct gggcctggtg gcttctgcct     37920
     gtaatctcag ctacttggga ggctggggca ggagaatcgc ttgaacccag aaggcggaga     37980
     ttgcagtgag ccaagatcgc gccattgcac tcgagcctag gcaacaagag cgaaactccg     38040
     gctcaaacaa acaaactata tatatatatg aacatgagtg cttaatctgt ctatatattt     38100
     gcaacctttt gtcattcttt ctcgatctat cttaagcttc tctttggcga gttccttgtg     38160
     ttctcacctc atttacatca tatccctagt acctagtaaa gttcaattaa catcataaag     38220
     tattaaataa tgcttactaa gtgaatggat ctctctgcag ccattacaag aaggaaaata     38280
     aaatttcgta cccatttgag gtgtttaatt ttacatagtt tggacattca tagactcaaa     38340
     cattttagaa cttgaaggat ggtaagggag catctaagta tctaccttat tttataggta     38400
     attgctgtgg tttggatact ccaaaactca tgttgcaacc tgatccccag tgttgggggt     38460
     ggggcgtagt gaaaggtggt tgggtcatgg tggctgattc ctcatgaatg gcttcgtgct     38520
     ctccatactg taatgactga gttctctctc tattagttcg cgtgagagct gattgtttaa     38580
     tagagcctgg cacctccctc cccactctct ctatatccct ctcctgctat gtgatctctg     38640
     cacctgcagc ctcctcttcg ctttctgtca tgagtggaag cagcctgcac cactcaccag     38700
     aagcatatgc ggtccccata cttcttgtat agcctgcaga accattagcc aaataaatat     38760
     attttctata taaattacca agtatcaggt attcttttat agcaacagaa acagattaag     38820
     acaatagtgg tacaatagga agaacataaa gaaaatattc taagagttca attactcagt     38880
     agaaaggcca aagcattatg tttttgggtt tccaaagctc tgcttcagta tgttccagga     38940
     ttgttctagg taatctattt agtgcacatt ctttgaattc tcagacactg ctaggtgcct     39000
     aagcacagga gttctacaaa taatgtgtga tagagcttta catttgtatg gacaagtact     39060
     aaggtaatca agttttggtg gattcaaatc aagtttggtg gattcaaaat actgaatctc     39120
     ctctgtcaat tagaaaactt ccttttggtt ttatgtacta cagttcagca caaaaaatcc     39180
     atatgtccaa aatcctaatg ttaccaaaaa atgtgtgttt tgagggttag gtgattccag     39240
     agtggctgga gtttagacaa tagaagagca aataccagaa atgtctcaaa agggaggtag     39300
     gaaatagatc accatgcatt gccttcaata tgttcagatt ttattctcaa ggtaatggga     39360
     attcactgaa gaggtttcca cttgtaagtg acctgtccaa atatgttgtt tattctatat     39420
     caaagttata ggcatacatg ttttaaaaaa cttgttgtag gtggtcacta aaattatttt     39480
     agttatttat tgtggtattt actactaggt ttcataataa catgcttata ctattattcc     39540
     ttgattttca gcgctgtatg taatgtaatg actacttact atggaagatg agcctattgt     39600
     tcacttacca ccaccatcat caccacacac taagggcacc ccactggtct ttagcacatg     39660
     catactctcc cacccctaca gtagtggcca tggaaatctc ttactcagat ggccagctcc     39720
     agggagcaca gttgactgac attccatgct gccacacctc tggattcacc atttacattg     39780
     tgctaaaatt ttgcattcct taggctgctc ttggccaatg actaagtatg ccagtggtag     39840
     cagaaaatag ttttgacctt acagattcat tgaatttatg ttgtgaatga ctagcagtcc     39900
     tggatcacac tttgagaacc actgacctat gctgcattca atctaccaca cagctgaaat     39960
     tcagatattt gttttagaac aatcactctg acagaacaaa gacacaggca tacctaggag     40020
     atattgcagg tttggtgaga gctgattgtt taacagtgcc tggcacctcc cttccctctc     40080
     tctctgtctt cctctcctgc cgtgtgatct ccgtacatgc aggctactct tcacctttgg     40140
     tcatgttcca gaccaacaca ataaagcaaa tatcacaata aagtaggcca tgtacatttt     40200
     tttggtttcc caatgcatat acaagttatg tttgtactat acattagtct attaagtatg     40260
     caacagcatg tgtctaaaaa tgtatatact ttaattataa atgctttgtt gctaaaaaat     40320
     gttaatgatc atctgagcct tcagtgagtc ataatttttt ttgctggtcc aaggtcttgt     40380
     cttgatgttg atggctgctt actgttcaag gtggtgattg cttaaagtca ggtggctgtg     40440
     gcaattttta aaaataaaac aacaatgaag tttgcaacat caattaactc ttcttcttat     40500
     gaaagatttc tctgtagcat gcaatgctgt ttcatagcat tctacccata gaatattttt     40560
     caaaattgaa gtaaatgctc tctcaaacta tgctgcagat ttataaacta agtttatata     40620
     acattctaaa actttttgtc atttcaacat gttcagtttc ttcaccaaaa gtagatttta     40680
     tctcaagaaa ccactttcct tactctccca tcagaagcaa catctcatct gttcaagttt     40740
     tttcgtgaga ttatagcaat acaatcacat ctacaggctc cacttctagt tcttttgcta     40800
     tttcctccac atctgaagtt aatttctcca ctgaaggctc aaacttctca gaatcatcca     40860
     ggagggttgg aatctatatc ttctaaattc ctgttaatgt tgatgtttct acctcccctc     40920
     attaatcaca aatgttctta acggcaccta gaagggtaaa ttctttacag aaggttttca     40980
     atgtactttg ccccggtcca tcagaggaat caacatctat ggcagctaga gccttacaaa     41040
     atatatctct taaataataa gatttgaaag cttaaattac tccttaatcc atgagctaaa     41100
     gaattgatgt tgggtttgca ggcataaaag caacattaat ctccatggac acgtccatca     41160
     tagatcttgg gtgaccaggt gcatagttaa taagtagtaa tattttgaaa gaaatcttat     41220
     ttctgagcca tagatcataa aattgggttt aaaatattta atacacgatt ctgtaaatag     41280
     gtgggctttc acccaggctt cattgttcca tgtatagagc acagccttag tagatttagc     41340
     ataattctta aagacccaag gatttccaga atggcaaatt agattcagct tcaacttaaa     41400
     gtcactagct gcattaggcc ataacaagag attcagcctg ccttttgaag atttgaagcc     41460
     agacactgac ttctcctccc tagcgatgaa agtcctttat agcatcttct atcaatataa     41520
     ccctattttg tctgtactga aaatctgttg tttagtgtca ccaccttcat caattatttt     41580
     agctagatcc tctgaataat gtgctgcagc tttcacatca gcccttactg ttttgcctta     41640
     cagagacggc ttctttcctt aaatctcaag aatcaaactc tgctagcttc aaactttttc     41700
     ttctgcagct tcctcgcctt ttataagatt aaagagagtt atggcctttt tctgaattag     41760
     gctttggctt aaaggaatgt tatagctagt ttgatctatc tagattacta aaactttctt     41820
     cacatcagca ataaggctgt tttgcctttt catcatgtgt gaattcacta cagtagcact     41880
     tttaattttc ttcaataact tttcccttgc actcacaaat tgattaactg tttgttgcat     41940
     gaagcacagc tttcagccta tcacatcttt gcatatttct tccacagtaa gtttagtcat     42000
     ttctagtttc ttatttaaag tgagagatat gttactgttt ttttcccacc agaacactta     42060
     gaagccattt tagagtcatt acttggccta attttaatat tcttgtctct cagagaagag     42120
     ggaagactaa aaagagggaa agtgaaatgg gagtggtggg ttgatggagc agtcgtaaca     42180
     cattcattta ttaagttcac tgtcttatat gagtgcagtt catggtgcct gcaaacaatt     42240
     ataataataa taatattaaa gatcactgag tacactactg cacacacagg tcattatgac     42300
     agatttaata ataatgaaaa atgtttaata tatttcaaga attactaaaa catgacacag     42360
     agacatagtg atcacatgct gttagaagta tggtgccaat aacattgttt gatgcaggag     42420
     tgacatagat cttccatttt taaaaatgca atatttattc tggttcaaaa tacctgacta     42480
     gagacattag acatctatgt tttccagaaa acaaaggacc aaattatgaa tagacaatta     42540
     tgctacaaat aaagcatcta ggagaggaac actagagtcc aacagagaag tcatgggaaa     42600
     cacctgaagc acagaaaaag atggatgtca gtagccagct cagctgacat tggctgaagc     42660
     ctagaggagc ttgctattgc aggtaaagag taaatgagga aatgttagta gtccacatca     42720
     ccaccattaa tagttgcaat ccaaacaaca gggagagctc cgctacccac agaaatgctg     42780
     actaccattg tcagtaatct ggagaccctg taagagcatt acaccagaca ggggatgtgt     42840
     tctttgtcgc tcacacccca gacacctaag tggttggatc agggcacgat tgtgagagca     42900
     tagccataat gggactgtat cctgccctgg ggagccccag cctccatatc tccacattct     42960
     gggagctcca acatatatcc cccggtgtaa actcagagag ctacagtggt acagtgctgg     43020
     ctgaacccaa aggtgtcaca ggattctcaa gactctagcc aatagggagt accactccct     43080
     gagaatagga cagtgcagca caccaaaaga tgaccaaagc acatgctttc cagagcccaa     43140
     gagctctggt gctgtgaaaa gagattcttt tcccagcagt ggcacaaact tttgcttgga     43200
     ctggcaggca aacagtatga tcccctctcc cacttggcac tctgtcacag cagttgctgc     43260
     aactagaaac ccaggttggt gagtctgaaa gttgaccctc tgaggctgga ggaagtgact     43320
     ctacctcaac catcacagtg gcctctgtgc tcagtctcct ccgtagagag aagtaccccc     43380
     ttttcttctc tgcacactgc tgcagccaca gatgctgctg ctgctaccaa ggactggggt     43440
     gaatgagcaa aattgctgcc cgcctggggt tgtgagtagt gatagtcctc ccactggtgg     43500
     catggcctct gtgcttgggc tcactcacaa agagtggggc cattccacac ctttacatgg     43560
     tgctgtcatg ctgtcactgc tgcttagagt gggcaagcat gagaactact tgtccagggc     43620
     tttgggtgtt caatctgcat tgtaacaact gccaagacca gcacatactg cacattaccc     43680
     actctatcct cctataacta ctagccgttg cccacatcaa actagctgcc cagggaccag     43740
     ggtagctttt cattcactca gccctctctt gccacaacca gcatttgagg acgcctcttt     43800
     gagactcaag aactggcttg gctggtgctg ctaacattgg taacagtgtg tactgtcctg     43860
     gggcccaaga acaggcatac tcaaccctcc actgctacca ctagggcctg atgactggcc     43920
     gacatggtat ccccatcccc aggacaattt taccatagcc tccattaata gccacactgt     43980
     aggccactga agaaatcaca ggtacattga ggttgtttat agtgaaaaaa ctcacaggca     44040
     gactacacaa ctgcacacac ctagaatcaa agccaaaagg gactgctcaa ctgacactat     44100
     tggtacattt ttgggaaaat gtcccctctc atgaaagcaa attcaaaaaa ttggaggaag     44160
     caactattac accatatgtg tagatatcaa tataaagaca gataaagcaa gaaaatatga     44220
     tactaggaaa gaaatacaat agttccccag taatataccc aataaaaaaa cattgtcaaa     44280
     attccagaaa aaaaacattc aaaatggtac caaataagcc cagcaagata aaacataatt     44340
     ccttaaaata atcaaaggaa ttggaaaaac aattcataat ataaattaga aatttaccaa     44400
     aaaagaaaat attatttaaa tgaaccaaac agaaatccta ggattgaaga agtccttgaa     44460
     taaagaacaa tgtatactca aaatcttcaa aaataagcta aatgaagcag aagaaagaat     44520
     ctcataactt gagcaaagat cttttgaaat gacacagtga gacaaaaata gtgaaaaaat     44580
     aaattaacaa agccttcctg atatatgaga caccataatg ccatcaaaaa tatgaattat     44640
     cagtatcttc aaaggtagaa aggaagagaa aatgaaggtt ttcaaaaaca tatttaatga     44700
     aataatagat aataacttta catgtgtagc aagagatgta gacattgaga tacaatgggc     44760
     tcaatgatat gcaaacagat acattgcaaa aaggtatttt tcatggaaca ttacagtcta     44820
     accgtctgag gtcaatgaca aagagaaaat tctaaaaata gcaagagaaa aacaactagt     44880
     cacctataaa ggagctccaa tcagactaac agcagacttc tcagcagaaa cctgacaggc     44940
     caggagaaaa tggaatgata tattcaaagt gccgaatgaa aaaaaataat ctgccaccaa     45000
     aggatacttt atttagacaa attatcgctt gtaagtaagg gtgaaataaa gactttgcca     45060
     gacatgcaaa tcctgaggaa attcatcacc actaggctga cctgacaaaa aatatttaaa     45120
     ggagttttaa ttctaaaagc aaaaggatga tggttactat cgataacatg ttagtataaa     45180
     attcactagt aaagtaaaca cacaaattaa gaagagaaaa gactcaaatg ttaccacccc     45240
     aggacaccag tgaaccacaa gggcaaacaa taagagaaga aaagaaaaga aaaaaaaaga     45300
     atatatgaaa caactagaaa atgattatca atatgatatg aaaaaatcta ctatatcaat     45360
     aatacccttg aaggttaaat tctccactta aaagatatag actagctgaa tgggtaacaa     45420
     aaaataattc aacaatatgc tgcttacaag aaatatgcct tacctgtaaa gacacataga     45480
     gactaaaaat aaagaagtgg aaaaagatat tccatgcaaa tggaaaataa aagtggacag     45540
     gaatagctat atttatgtca gatataacag actataggtc aaaaacagta aaaaaaaagg     45600
     caaagaagat aattatacaa tgataaaggg attaatccag caaaaggaca taataattca     45660
     atttttagtc tgtattttgt tcagatctcc tctgattatt attgattttc ttctgttaat     45720
     ttggggtttg gtttgttctt gttttctagt tatttgagag gcatcattag actgcataat     45780
     tgaaatttat ctttttatgt gtttttatgc tgtatcccac aagttttggt atgttgtgtt     45840
     tccattttca cttatattaa ttttttaaca tttttatcta aatttcttta ttgaccaaat     45900
     aatctctttc aagagcatgt taatttctat atatttgtat agtttcccaa attcttcttg     45960
     ttatttattt ctatttttat ttatatatat gcagccagta ttggaacatc tagatttaaa     46020
     aagtaaatat tactaaatct taaaaaaaag actccaatac aataataaca ggagacttta     46080
     atacctcact ctcagcgttt gatgcacaat ctatacagaa aattaacaaa gaaacattga     46140
     agtcaacttg gactttaagg aaaatgtacc taacagacat ttacagaatg ttgtatccaa     46200
     caactgcaga atgcacattt ttctcatgag tacatggaac attttccaag atagatcata     46260
     tgttatgcca ccaaatgagt ctcaacaaat ataaaaaaaa aatcaaacct atatcaagta     46320
     tcttctcatt ccacaatgga ataaacctag aaatcagtaa caagaacttt ggaaattatg     46380
     caaatactta gaaattaaac gacgtcctct tcaaagagat cattggccca atgaagaaac     46440
     taagatggaa agtttaaaaa atatatttaa ctaaatgaaa atggaaacac agcctactga     46500
     atttgtggga tacagcaaaa gcagtgctaa agggaggttt aaacagacaa atttcaagta     46560
     agcaacataa tgatgatttc aaagaactag aaaagcaaga acaaaccaaa tcccaaattg     46620
     acagaagaaa taacaaagat cagaggaaac ctaaacaaaa ttcagagtaa agaaatacaa     46680
     ataattaatg aaaagttggt tctttgaaaa gataaacaaa attaataaac tgctaacaat     46740
     actaatcaag catacccaaa taacaaaatc aacaatgaaa aagtagatgt tacagctaat     46800
     actacataaa tacaaaagaa catcggagac tattaggaac aactataaac tgacaaagta     46860
     aaaaactgag agtaaatgaa taaatttctt gaaacaaaca acctaccaag attggatcgg     46920
     aaaaaaaaaa accaacaaga aaatgtgagc agaccaatat tgagtaatga aattatatta     46980
     gtaacagaaa atctcccctc tccccagaaa agtccaggat tagatgagtt cactgttgaa     47040
     ttttaccaaa catatgaaga aaaactaata ataccaattc tactcaaact attcctaaaa     47100
     attgaagagg aggatattct ctctaactta ctccattagg ccatcattac cctgatacca     47160
     aaagcaaatc aagacaccac aaaaaagaaa accacaggct aatatccctg atgaacataa     47220
     aagtaaaaat actcaacaaa tactagctaa ctgaatcaaa ctgcacttca ataaaaagta     47280
     catcatgatc aagtgggatt tatttcagag atgcaagtat ggttcaacag gtgcaaatca     47340
     ataaacacga tacattacat caacagattg aagaaaaaaa tatgatcctc ttagcagaca     47400
     aagaaaaaac atttgacaaa atttaacaac ctttcatggt aaactctttc aacaactaga     47460
     ccaagaataa ccatatttca aaataataaa ggacatatat gacaaagcta caagtaacat     47520
     tgtattagga taaagttgaa agcaattcct ctaacaactg gaataagaga agaatgccca     47580
     ctttcaccac tgctatttaa catagtgcta gaagtgctag ctagaagaaa tcaggccaaa     47640
     aaaaaatgca aggcttttag ggctcttttt tagttttata tgaattttag aatgtttttt     47700
     tctgattctg tgaaaaatga tgttggtatt ttgataggaa ttgcattgaa tttgtagatt     47760
     gctttgggca gtatggtcat cttcacagta ttgattcttt caacccatga gcatgtgatg     47820
     catttccatt tgtttgtatc atctatgatt actttcagca gtgttttgta gttgtccttg     47880
     tagagagctt tcacatcttt ggttaataat tttcctaggc agtttttttg caacgattgt     47940
     aaaaggaaat tagttattga tttggcctaa gcaaaaagaa caaatccaga ggcaatcaca     48000
     ttacctgact tcaaattatg ccacatggct atagttatca aagcaccaca gtactggtat     48060
     aaaaatagac acaaagacca atggagcaga atagagaact cagaaacaaa gtcaaatact     48120
     tacaaccaac taatcttcaa taagtcattc aaaaacataa attgaagaat ggacacccta     48180
     tttaataaat ggtgctgggg aaactagata attacatgta gaaaaataaa actgtatccc     48240
     tatctctcac cttatacaga aatcaactta agatggatca atgacttaaa ccataaaaat     48300
     tctggaagat tacctaggaa aaacttttct agacattggc ctaggccaag aatttatgat     48360
     taagacccca aaagcaaatg caatagaaat aaataagtgg gacctaatta aactaaaaag     48420
     cttctgcaca gccaaagaaa taatcagctg agtgaacaga caacccacaa agtgggagaa     48480
     aatctttgca aactatgcat ccaacaaagg gctaatatcc agaacctaca aggaactcaa     48540
     agaaatcagc aagaaaaaaa caagtaatcc cgtaaaaaac tgggcagatt acgtaaatag     48600
     aaatttttca aaaaaagata tacaaatgac caacaaacat atgaaaaaat gctcaacatc     48660
     actaattatt agggaatgca tattaaaacc acagtaaata ccaccttacc ccagccagaa     48720
     tggctattac ttaaagagtc aaaaacaata gatgctggca tggatgggag gaaaagggaa     48780
     tgcttataca atgctggtgg gaatgtaaat taggacgacc ttcatgggaa aaagtatgga     48840
     tatttatcaa aaaactaaaa gtagatatac cattctgtct agcaatcccc ctactgggta     48900
     tctacccaaa gggaaagaag tcatcatatc caaaagacat ctgtagttta tgtttattgc     48960
     agcacaataa acaattgcaa agatatggaa ccaacctaaa tgcccatcaa caaatgagtg     49020
     gataaaaatg tcatattata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataccatag     49080
     aatactactc aacaataaca aagaatgaaa taatgttttt tgcagcaact tagatggagc     49140
     tggagctcat tactctatgt gaagcaactc aaaaatgaaa aatcaaatac tgtatgttct     49200
     cacttacaag tggaaattaa actatgggta tgcaagggca gacagatagc tataatggac     49260
     tatggagact cagaaggaag agtcagaagg ggtaagtgat agaaaattac atattgtata     49320
     cagtatgcac tacttgggtg ataagtgcac taaaatctca gacttcatca taatacaatt     49380
     catccatgta accaaaagcc acttgtaccc ccaaagctat tgagataata aaattagaaa     49440
     atttaaaaat aaaaaaaatt aaatacatgg ctagtttcta tgtgctaaaa aaagaaacga     49500
     aacacttcca aattggaaaa aaggaaataa aactgtccct ctttgcaaac aacatgatag     49560
     tatgtctaca caaatgtaaa gactctacca agaaactttt agaagtgata aatacagtga     49620
     agttttagga tacaaaatta acattaaaac acaggagcat ttccatatag caataatgaa     49680
     atatccaaaa aagaaatcaa gaaggaaatt ttatttacaa tgctaaagaa aataaagtac     49740
     ccaggaataa atttaacaat gaaggtggtg ttataaggaa aactacaaaa tactgatgaa     49800
     agaaattgaa gaggacacaa acaaattgat aaacatccca tgtttgtgta tcaaaattga     49860
     tatcattaaa attaccatac tacccaaagc aatctacaga ttcaatacaa tccatatcaa     49920
     aatactaaaa tcatttttca cagaaatgga aaaaaatcct aaaacttata tgggaaaaca     49980
     agccagaata gtcaagcaat cctaagcata aagaacaaaa ttggaggcat cacagtacct     50040
     gacttaaaaa cagattacaa aaatataata accaaaagag catgatattg gtataaaaat     50100
     agatacagac caatgaaaca gaatagacga cagagaaata aatccacata tttacaggca     50160
     actgatcttt gacaaagctg ccaagaacat acactgggga aggaaaacct tcttccataa     50220
     atggtgctgg aaaaattgga taaccagata cagaagaatg aaactggacc ccatctctca     50280
     ccatatacaa aagtaacctc aaaatggact aaagacttaa atgtaaaagt caaaactata     50340
     gcagtagaaa acatagggaa tatgcttcag gaattggtct aggcaaaatt tttataacta     50400
     agacctcaaa agaacaggta acaaaaataa aaacaaatgg gactatatta cacaaaaaag     50460
     ctttggttga gcagaataaa ttatcatcag agtgaggaga caacctctta agtaggagaa     50520
     aatgttttca aattacttat ccaacaaggg actcaacaac taaacaataa aacaaatgca     50580
     tcaattaaaa tggctatgtg tcacgcatag acatttcaca aaggaagaca taaaaatggc     50640
     caacaggcat atgaaaaatg ctcaacatca ttaatcacca tggaaatgca aatcaaaatc     50700
     ccaacaaagt atcatctcac accagttaga atgaggatta ctaaaaaggc aaaaaagaaa     50760
     aaaaaaaagc agctgctggt gaggatgccg aataaaggca actcttacac actcttggtg     50820
     tgactgtaaa ttagtacaac cagtatggaa aacagtatga agatttctca gacagttaaa     50880
     aagagagcta ctatatgacc caacatagtc agtactgagt atccattcaa aggaatggaa     50940
     accaatgtat caaagagata cctgcactca caggtttatg atagcattat tcacaatagt     51000
     aaaggtatga aatcaagctt agtgtttacc aatgctattt agccataaac aagaatgaag     51060
     ccttgtcatt ttcagcaaca tgaatcgaac tgaaggtcat tatgttaagt gaaataaacc     51120
     agacacagag tgacaaataa tgtatgttct cactcttatg tgggaggtaa aaaaacaacc     51180
     tcatggacat agagaattga atgatactta tcagagactg ggaagggtta atggaaggaa     51240
     gggtagatga agagagatta gctacgggta caaaagtgca gttagataga agaaataaat     51300
     tgtaatgttt gatagcaggt taggataact atagttagca acagtattat gtatatttta     51360
     aagtaaccag aagaggggac tttaaataat acaaacacag aaaaatgata aacactaaag     51420
     gtgatagata ttccaagtac cctgacttga tcattacaca tactgtacat gtaacaaaaa     51480
     ctcacatgta gcccataaat atgtaaaata ttatatatat ataccaataa aagatttaaa     51540
     aatgcaatat ctgtgaggta caataaaatg aagtgcaata aaactaggta ttcctgcaat     51600
     agtttggagg tggaaaaaat taatgacaga gagacaagtt agaaggctta aaaaaaagac     51660
     tgggaaaaag aagttagaac tacggcagtg acaatgaagg tagacagggg caagaagaat     51720
     aatacacatt tgggagtgtg attgataaga actgataact tactaaatat ggcgaaagat     51780
     gaaattgtca aagatgactc agttttttgc attgaagagg aataaattgc attgtgatga     51840
     ttcctaaaag acgtttttct ctcactgaat gtaaacaact tgttaacagg aatgtgtcat     51900
     tttgtacttg ttactttcct tatctgtgaa acagaaaata ttatctacta tgaaggttat     51960
     ctgctatgaa ggttaaaaaa aatgtcaagg taaagtattt cctttgttgt tcaataaaat     52020
     ttagcaataa ttattataat tgtccacttc tctgcctttt ccagtatttt ggtctgacaa     52080
     gactggttac tttttgggac cagggctcct gtgttgcaaa actctaggat catcagtcac     52140
     atcacagtgt ataggagaag tgcccttgta gttgttctat gccacagttt gagccgccaa     52200
     atgcagtgaa cctgcatagg tcacttcata tcatgcatct ggcttcaggg cagcagcagt     52260
     tgccgagcag gctccaaatg ctctgccctg agttacttta gttatataaa atttattcct     52320
     gaacccaaac acctgggaag aaaattcctt acatattttt aatgcaggca tattctcttg     52380
     gtaccaaaag gcaattttac aacaaaatga acactactac ttctccacaa agtacttttt     52440
     atctgtgtat tatgaatcgt tataaggcat agctctgaaa tacattgagt gaataaaaga     52500
     agagccttat tgaataaagt cttgattaga aaaatgtgta atattattac atatgtttag     52560
     aatctgataa gaacatacta tgagccagtg tctttttagt gctacattat ttactgatgg     52620
     taaatttatg gagacataaa ttcagattgc tggaacaaga tggggaactc caattccagg     52680
     aaccttatca aaatctcttt gcttgattat gtcgagcatt tcagaaatta tctactgtca     52740
     tcagtgcaga acttgtaagt gaggatgtct ttttaaaatt ctaataattt aatgatggaa     52800
     tgggcttcca tgcatagctg caaactcctt atacctggaa atattcaaat attatatgat     52860
     atcgtctcgg ggatgctata atgatgattc gtgaatttta gagtggaatg gagatgtcct     52920
     ctaggttacc ttctaaatcc agaattttat tctttaatta gagaaagtta agaaatataa     52980
     aaaatgatta atatgtcact tctacctgta ttttctccgt ttgtaatttt atctgttttc     53040
     taggctttaa atgcttaata aatgctagtg attcccagat ctgcaagtct aatccttatc     53100
     tattatcaga actctaggct ctaagatcca tcttcctatt tgacatttct cctggaatac     53160
     ctactgtata ccttacattt aatatggcta gaacaaaagt attgatttca actctcttat     53220
     cctgcccctt tctttatgtg aattataaaa atggaatcct gtttttaaga tacgattatt     53280
     ataagaaaaa gtatgatata cacatagtat taaaatagga cacttttctg caatctgtaa     53340
     aatgtttccc aaacaaatgt caaaacatgc aatgcctaag ttgagaatgg tgcttctcta     53400
     gggatgtgca gggaacaaac tgaataacca aagtagcagg ccttttactt ccattaattt     53460
     ctctttctgt gtttcccatc tcaataaatg caactagatt tcaatctact ggtaaagtaa     53520
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact ttgattcctt ttttttttct tactctccat atccagttta     53580
     tctgtaaatt ctgttaattc tacatccaaa atatatacta aaattctagt tgctttcctc     53640
     cctattatct ctctagtcta agccattatt atagctctct ctaccatatc ctgttatgta     53700
     gtctctttgc ttcttctcct ataagccact ctccatagag caacaagaaa taaatttaaa     53760
     acaaaataat cataaatcag atcatttcat gcccaagctt accaggcctg tatccaaaag     53820
     aaatcttttc ttctaccttc ttagctttat actttggagc ctacaaagta agctgacaaa     53880
     agacagacca gcaagagaaa aaacaggttt aatcctgtac tatgtatgag atttcacaga     53940
     aaaatgtgac tcaaggaagc atttagaatt tggggctttt cataccacct taataggaaa     54000
     agtggaagga gagaagggca tttacagaaa aataaatgac ttcttaatag gtgaaatagg     54060
     gaaggtatag tgcacttgtg gaaaaacaat ttttaggaaa aaaaaggggt cttaggagaa     54120
     tagatggaaa atatgaccgt tttatcatat ctgtttgggt gtgatgtaaa gttatataaa     54180
     attctgaata actcatctct ggtgataagt cagtcttcct tggttgccgc aagggaggag     54240
     atttatgaca attgggttct tttgcattct tttgggaggc tctgctttta gacagatcaa     54300
     aatttttatg cattcacctt tcttaagctc aagataattt tatgctacac tggtctactt     54360
     tggacttctt tgcctgctac atcataatct acatggggaa acattcatag aaatattagg     54420
     tgaattgtat ccctaggaat tgtgtaacac aatggccatt taaatccttt gttttcttcc     54480
     ctttattatg gaataaaaac caaattacat accttggccc catgatctgg cctctgtctt     54540
     cttctacaac ttcatcttga accacttttc cattaacccc tttgctttag gaataccaat     54600
     gctctttttt aaaaaatata ctatctaagt tcccatatta tactctttga actacctgtt     54660
     cccactttct ggactggtcg tctccgtgat gtcacactgc tggacctcag tatcgtttag     54720
     attttagata catatcacct cctcaaatgg tccttcacta actcttaggg ttccattcac     54780
     tctattgtat catttaccat cattttttac acataagttg tttctgttta atttttaata     54840
     tttatttctt atttgtttct cactgcttga tctcttgtac aagtgtcagc tactgaaaac     54900
     caataaccag cacctagaac agtaactgat acacagtagg aacatcatag ctatttatac     54960
     aacaagaaga taatgcaatg aagttcattt attagagtct tacgttcaat taataggttt     55020
     ttgaaatccc tcccttttgg tcatttcatc taatgtcttc tttcccctac cttttttatt     55080
     tactattctt atatatattt tttcacctcc aacaatctgt tactatttct tattgtctct     55140
     ttcacctctg taccttaccc ttccctttct cttgctctcc acccttaact agtaatgcct     55200
     gtattatatt tttaatgtat gttggtctct ttaaaccaag tttagtatga gactagtatt     55260
     cagggctttc tttctttctt tttttttttg aaacggagtc ttgctctgtg gcccaggctg     55320
     gaggtaatct cagctcactg taagctccgc ctctggggtt cacgccattc tcctgcctca     55380
     gcctcccaag tagctgggac tacggcaccc accaccacgc tcgcctaatt ttttgtattt     55440
     ttagtagaga cagggtttca ccgtgttagc cagggtggtc tccatctcct gacctcatga     55500
     tctgccctcc tcggcctccc aaaatactgg gattacaggt gtgaggcacc gcgcccagcc     55560
     atattcaggg cctcctgtgc ttaaaacact gcttctacag atttgggaga tgtaatgatg     55620
     aataaaatac aagtcctgcc cttagtagtt agtatctaat agaagaggca aactataaat     55680
     acagtaagtg agctttaaag agaaaaatgg tgtggaaaaa ttactgagtg tgggctgaat     55740
     gtaactaact tatgaaagct gaaacactgt tgttaaaagt ctgctttttg aaatatttta     55800
     tattattggt atggttgttc tctgggcatg acatagcaag ttgagtgaaa gagaaatagg     55860
     aagtgggact ccattccgga ccagactgag aaacagggaa gaatccgaag cacctctcca     55920
     taagacatgc ccaccagagt tatgagagtt tacccttccc tggcaatgac ccagaagtta     55980
     ccaccccttt tctagacatt tctgaataac ctacacctta attttcatgt aattaaaatt     56040
     gatataaaag ctgcttcaga actgccctga actgctactc tagataaact gcttgtgagg     56100
     tagtcctgct ctgcaggagg agtcatggag ctctaacact gctacttcaa taaagctgtt     56160
     tccttctacc accagctcac ccttgaattc cttcttggaa gaagccaaga accaattatt     56220
     tttaaaaggt ttttccagaa tacaccacca tttctttaag atctgaagac aaggaatggt     56280
     gattcgatag taaaaattat ctcttactgg gatcatgggt tatgtacata tttggttgtg     56340
     atgcccgggc aatccttaca ttatggcgtg tccctttttg ttatcttaca accaaagatc     56400
     ttgagagaaa ctaagaaaat tgtttctttg aagtcagctt cactatgtgg ctttattacg     56460
     tgagttgagg tagaataata cagtaaagta ataatgtgtt tctcaaaata gaaagttctt     56520
     cattaatttt ataattacta gagcaggtat ttctttgaag aagctgacct accaattata     56580
     cattaacttt tttggtagat taatcattat tttcctcatg attttagatt ttcttctttg     56640
     cttttcataa aaaagcagct gcagtgtgtg gctaattttt ctttgagcaa aaagaaaatg     56700
     tctccagctc aataggtgtt taatgtcaga tatgattttt ttattttgta atttaaaacg     56760
     gtttttgcag gtttagcttc atcaggcagg gaagatatga caagtttttg aatttagcct     56820
     cattcttgaa gataaaataa aatttatttt attcagtgtt tgatgtttac cctgctacat     56880
     acactctgcc agtctagatt gagtgctaaa agaaaatata aaaccttttt gcatgcagat     56940
     ctatttgaag gctccctgga gataaggctg ttttagtttt ttttttagat gatatcatct     57000
     tgtcacaatg acaaagcaac cgggaaacta caaacttaga gtgttatttt tatttgtttt     57060
     aaaaacacag ctatgaccct catgtcttca gtcatctgtt cctaatgtaa tttttaaaat     57120
     taaacgttaa tataaatgaa atagctaaaa attgacatta ccctaacaaa agaaacaaag     57180
     ttaaatgact tgtttctgta gaacaaatac tttactttct cttgaacctg caaattagaa     57240
     gaaaattaaa tattccacat attttttgaa gattagatat atctaaatat aaaagttcag     57300
     agattttact gtttttcata aataactgtt cctgtgcaca tgtggagtag acattcacct     57360
     aaatggtgta gataaaggaa caccacgcaa gtatagtcac acatcactta atagtgggga     57420
     tactttctgg gaaatgtgtc attagagaat tttctcattg tgtgaacatt atagagcgta     57480
     cttatacaaa cctagatggt atagcctact acacccctag gctcgctggt atagcctaag     57540
     gctcctaggc tataaacata tacagcatgc tactgtacta aatactgtag gtcatggtaa     57600
     cacaatggta tgtatttgta tctaaatata gaatgggtcc agtgattagt ccagtcattt     57660
     ctctgcatta aataaaagta ggtgcactgt ctctagaaag tcactatcta aattacattg     57720
     ttacctggca gggtatgatt tctttgtcat tgctctagga cattaacatg agctggattt     57780
     ttgttttatt ttattttaac ctaaagtaag acattcttac ctctgcagga tcaaagagtc     57840
     tcgcttggag gagaaaacaa tagtagaggg aaatttagat gagggtcata aaaagttttc     57900
     aaattaaaat ttagtgtcca gaatatagca ctggggaaag tagcacatct ccgtagtaaa     57960
     gacaacttct ggtgtgccct gcctctctta aagtggaaaa gaagctcatg taaccaggta     58020
     tgagaatgaa ggtcaaaagt gagaaaggac agtatcaaat cctacataaa tcagtctcag     58080
     agaatgttga cttgagtgaa catcaacatg agataatgtt taagaaaagg cagaagaaat     58140
     aggtatgtat atggactaga atattgtggt agggggagtg gcatctaaag ggcaagaagt     58200
     gtaagggcaa actttcctaa tttccttagg tttattgctg catccacagt ctataggtga     58260
     ataatgagga tatgttgatt tcaaccttcc tgagggcaga agctatagtg taggtctata     58320
     gaatcttcca taaaaccttg aatagctcta ggcataatga tggcttatta attaattgta     58380
     caaaataaag ttatacttag gagacccatc agtttgttag tagggcagaa atacatgttt     58440
     ctctcttttt tcattatact tgctagacta tttttagagc agctttagat ttatagaaaa     58500
     atgaagcaga gagtatctgt atacctcccc attccctgac ttgcacaatt ccattattga     58560
     tattttacat tagtatggca cattttttga ttaatgaatt aactacattc catattttat     58620
     tcagatttcc ttagtgttta cctaatggcc tttttgtact tcaagattcc attcaggata     58680
     ccacattagc tttgattgtc atgtatcctt aggttactct tggctttaac gttgtctcag     58740
     actttatttt ttattacttt gataggagca ctggtaacag actctcttct tttttttgag     58800
     agagtctcgc tctgtcgccc aggctggagt gcagtagtgc ggtctcggct cacttcaagc     58860
     tccgcctccc gggttcacgc cattctcctg cctcagcctc cctcatagct gggactacag     58920
     gcgcccgcca ccacgcccgg ctaatttttt tgtatttttt ttagtagaga cggggtttca     58980
     ccttgttagc caggatggtc tggatatcct gacctcgtga tccacccgtc tctgcctccc     59040
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc gcgcccggcc cagactctct tcttgataaa     59100
     acttcagtca ggctctgctg agctttcttc tggactaggc ctcaaccttg gcccccatcc     59160
     tggccaggct tgcatagcct agttttagca aaaatactcc taagttggtt tggaaatatt     59220
     tcccactctt gatatttatc acactgccca acattcagca ataatcttaa attggtttag     59280
     caaaaaatat cttttttcct attgtctttt gtggtatttt ttcatccttt gaccccttaa     59340
     ctgttcactg gctataactt cccacatatc taagctatat gcagagctga aatcaatccc     59400
     tctcccttac cgtgatgatc ttaacaccta ttgcaatagt cccgaataca ttcttcctta     59460
     tggttttaaa aagtgtcgta gttaacttat ttggctaata gatgccagat agctggtaaa     59520
     cattatttct ggccatgtct ataaaggtat ttctggaaga cattatcatt tgaatcagta     59580
     cactatgtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat taccctcacc aatgtgagca ggcctcattc     59640
     aattcagtga gggcctacaa agaacaacaa caacaaaaaa aatggagata ggtcaaattt     59700
     actgttcagg agctgggata tccatcttct tctgcctatg gatatcagtg ccctggttct     59760
     caggtattcc cactcagact gaaggtacac tatgagctct cttggttttc aggcctttgg     59820
     acttgaattg gaactatacc actggctttc ctaggcctcc agactgcaga tggcagatca     59880
     caggacttct tatcccccat aaacacatga cccattcttt cagaataaat ctctttctac     59940
     acatctctct ttatatccta ttggatctgc gtctctggag aactctagta caaatatttg     60000
     catatatttt tccttaccac tggtcaggat gttcccctat tagaatatgc ctgatgtttt     60060
     attccccatg attctatttt catgattaga ttgatgatac gggtttagga gagaaagatc     60120
     acaaagtgga atttttctta tattagatct aggtatatac ttgatttatg agtaattatg     60180
     ttgatcttga ttatctagct gaagtattag ttttaaggtt tctccacttt acaagtaatt     60240
     ttatttcctt aagatatagt acactctaga ggaaagtaac tatatgcagt ccacttttaa     60300
     ggaatgggaa gttatcttcc acttccttta gagtgcagtg tttacataaa tcatctggat     60360
     tccaagatgg aagatttacc tctttcccca aattttaatt tattcaataa ttcatttatt     60420
     tctgtttgaa ctcataggta tttattttag actttgtatt atactacagt actattttag     60480
     ttattctatt gattaaattg tgccaggttt ggctacttag agctttgtca tttgacttct     60540
     gtatcccttt gacataactc catcaatgtt accttgtttt tgaacacgcc catattttct     60600
     ggcactacta gaatcttcag gctcatcttc tatatttcct actgcaatcc tagtatcagc     60660
     catttctcaa agaagtcctg catcttttga agagagaatg gaaccaagag ctaggcccta     60720
     gctgtcttgt tgctactagg attatatctt ttaggcactc tgctgacaga gcaaagaact     60780
     atttatgtgt atactaacct atttatatac acatatgtat aaatatgtct ctattttacc     60840
     atctgtctct acatttagtt aaacatgttt atttcctgat gcatccaact ctaatgcatt     60900
     accatatgga ttatttcagc ctgttcttgt tttcctataa ctttccagta caaaagcaca     60960
     acctgactcc caccatctgc tacacattta tgtaactgtt caattttaat atacatatat     61020
     agcagtatca gaattgttga ctgacaccct gatatggttt taatgtgttc tcaccaaatc     61080
     tcatgttaaa ttgtaatctc caatgttgga ggtgggcctg gttggaggcg attacatcat     61140
     gggagcaggt ttcttgtgaa tggtttagca tcatccacct tggtattgtc ttggtatagt     61200
     gagttctcat gacatctgct ggtataaagt gtgtagcacc tcccccttct ctctcttgct     61260
     cctgctccca ccatgtagga tgcctcatac ccccttcaca ttctgtttat gattgtaagt     61320
     tccctgaagc ttccccagaa gctgatgttg ctatgcttct tgtatagcct gcaaaaccat     61380
     gagccaacta aacctctttt ccttataaat tacccagtct caggtatttc tttatagcaa     61440
     tgtgaggaaa aaactgatac agaatattgg taccaagagt ggtatattac tataaaggta     61500
     gctaaaaatg tggaagctac tttggaactg ggtaacaggt agaggttgaa agagtgtgta     61560
     gagctcagaa gaagacagga agatgaggga aagtttggaa cttcctagag acttgtcgaa     61620
     tggctttgac caaaatgctg atagtgatag gggcaataaa gaccacgctg aggtggtctc     61680
     agatgaagat gagaaactta ttgggaactg gagcaaaggt cacatttgtt atgctttagc     61740
     aaagaacatg gaggcattgt gccccttgcc ctagggattt gtggaacttg tgagtgatga     61800
     tttagagtat ctggtggaag aaatttctta gtagcaaagt ggtcaagatg ttctctggct     61860
     gattctatca gcctatgttc atatgcatga acaaagaaat gacctgaaac tggaacttat     61920
     atttaaaagg gaagcagagt gtaagtttaa aaaattttca gcttggacgt gtagtagaaa     61980
     agaaaaactc attttcaggg aagcatttca ggcaggcttc agaaattcat atatgtcaaa     62040
     tggaggccag tgctgatagc caagacaaaa aaaaaaaggc cttcatggca ttttagagat     62100
     cttcatggca gcctctccca tcacaagccc cagggtctag gagaaaataa tggttttgta     62160
     gaccaggccg tgggccctgc taccctgcac agtctcagga cactgatccc tgcatcctag     62220
     tcactccagc tccagctgtg cctcaaaggg gccaaggtac agctcaagat actacttcag     62280
     agggtgcaag ccataatcct tggcagcttc caagtggtgt taatcctgtg gtgcacagag     62340
     tgcaagagtt gaggcttggg agcctctgcc tagatttcag aacatgtatt gaaaagcctg     62400
     gatgtccagg cagaatcctg ttgcaggggc agggccctca tggagaacat ctactaggaa     62460
     attgttgagg ggaaatgtgg ggttggagtt cccacacaga gtttctactt gggcactccc     62520
     tagtggagct gtgagaaaag ggtcaccatc ttccagaacc cagaatggta gagccactga     62580
     aaggtgcacc atgcacctgg aaaagccaca ggaattcaac accagcccat gagagcagcc     62640
     gtggggaatg aaccctgaaa atccaaggga gcagacctgt ccaagactgt gggagccaac     62700
     cccttgcatc agagtggcct ggacatgaaa cttggattca aaggagataa ttttggaact     62760
     ttaaaattta acagctgccc tgctgggttt tggacttgca tagggcctga agtccccccc     62820
     accttttttt tggctgattt ctcatttttt gaatgaaagt atttaccttg tgcctatacc     62880
     tccattgtat cttggaagta actaacattt ttttattgta caagctcata ggtggaaggg     62940
     acttctaacc ttgtcttaaa tgagaacttg gactttagaa ttttgagtta gttctggagt     63000
     gagttaagac tttgggagac tgttgggaag gcatgagtgt agtttacaat ctgagaagga     63060
     aacaagattt ggagggcaaa aggcagaaca ttatggtttg aatcagtgtc cctaccaaat     63120
     attatattga attgtaatcc ccattgttgg aggagggact ggtgggaggt gattagaaca     63180
     tgggggcaga tttctcaaga atggcttagc accatccccc ttagtattgt cttagtgata     63240
     ctgagtgagt tatcctgata tctggctgtt taaaagtatg tagcaccccc tactccttgc     63300
     tcctgctccc atgatgtgag atgccttgct taccctttgc cttccaccat ggttgtaagt     63360
     tccctgaggc ctccccagaa gctgattttg ctatgctttc tgtacagcct gcagaaccat     63420
     gaacaaacta aactatatat atatatatat atatatacac acacacatat atatatataa     63480
     ttgtatatat aattgtaagg tctctgatat atgttatata tatacacata tatattatat     63540
     atataaatac acacacacac acacacacat atatatatat acacctatta cccagtggca     63600
     ggtatttctt tttagcaatg tgagaatgga ctaatacaca atcctatgac tattaacatg     63660
     gttaacaaga gtacagtgct tacgggcaag tcctttttct tatttagctt tgcattctct     63720
     attcattttc taagtaactt aggtcagtac cttattcctc taccctcttc aatgaggctg     63780
     tttcagacat tgataataca gttagatctt gttacagtct gcattctttc ccggatcttc     63840
     tgaccctctt aattattttt atatatgcat acatttaagg tttactctat atagtataaa     63900
     gttcaatggg tttgacaaag acataatggc atgtgtccac tattacagta tcacactaat     63960
     taatttaact gctctaaaat tttgcttttt tccaccttta ccttctctac cttcctcaca     64020
     aaacccctgc caaccataaa cgtttttact gtctttatag ttttgctttt taaaaaatgt     64080
     cacataattg gaattttaaa gtatacagca ttttcagact gacttatttt atactatact     64140
     atccttttaa gatctattca tgtcttttgg ttgctttata gttaatttat tttatttttt     64200
     gccaaataat acttcaacct atagatgtat tatagtctgt ttatgcattc atatcttgaa     64260
     gaaaatattg tttgtttctc atttttggca attatatatg aagcttctat aaacattttt     64320
     tgcacatttt tgtaaggaca taagttttca actcagttgc ataaatatct aagagcacaa     64380
     ttgctagatc atgtggtgta attatcttta gactattaag aaactgccac gatgtcttcc     64440
     aaactagctg aaccattttg cattcccacc agcaattatt aagaattccc agtgggcaaa     64500
     ggatatgaac agacacttct caaaggaagt catttatgca accaacatac atatgcaaaa     64560
     atgctcatca tcactggtca ttagagcaat gcaaatcaaa accacaatga gataccacct     64620
     catgccagtt agaatggcga tcattaaaaa gtcaggaaac aacagatgtt ggagaggatg     64680
     tagagaaata cgaacacttt cacactgttg gtgggagtgt aaattaattc caccattgtg     64740
     gaagacagtg tggtgattcc tcaaggatct agaactagaa ataccatttg acccagcaat     64800
     ctcattactg ggtatatacc caaaggatta taaatcattc tacgataaag acacatgcac     64860
     acatatgttc attgcagcac tattcacaat agcaaagact tggaaccagc ccaaatatcc     64920
     atcaatgata gactggatta agaaaatatg gcacatatac accatggacc atggaatact     64980
     atgcagccat aaaaaaggat gagttcatgt cctttgcagg gacatgggtg aagctggaaa     65040
     ccatcattct caacaaacta acacaaggac agaaaaccaa acaccacatg ttctcactct     65100
     taaattggag ttgaacaatg agaacacatg gacacagggc ggggaacatc acacaccagg     65160
     gcctgtcagg gggtaggcgg ctgggggaag gatagcatta ggataaatac ctaatgtaaa     65220
     tgatgagttg atgtgtgcag caaaccacca tggcacatgt atacctatgt aacaaacctg     65280
     cacgttgtgc acattgtacc ctagaactta aagtataatt taaaaaaaaa agaaaacaaa     65340
     aggaattccc attgctccat atttgtttta gtctatttgt ggaactacaa caaaatacct     65400
     gagactgggt aagtaattta taaataataa tgtattttct cacagttctg aaggctaagt     65460
     ccaaaatcaa ggcactggca ggttaggtgt ctggaaaggg cccttgtctc tgcatctgtt     65520
     atagtgcctt gtacagtgtg ttttcacaag gcagaaggta tggctgggca aaaaaaaggg     65580
     gccacactgt ctatgtgaag tctattttaa agaacactaa tcccatctgt gaaggcagat     65640
     ccctcatggc ctaataacat cctaaaggcc ccacctttta atactgttac actggaaatt     65700
     aagtttcaac atgaatcttg agggatacaa actttcaaac catagcaaca tccttgccaa     65760
     cattttgtat agtcagtttt ataattttag ctattttaat aagtgtatag tggtatccca     65820
     ttcttttaat ttgcaattac ctaattacat atgacttgaa catcttttca cttgcttatt     65880
     taccatcttc tttcatggca tgtttgcaca gtattttgcc tatttactaa ttgagttgct     65940
     tgtttcttat tgttcagtta caagaattct ttgtatattt ttggcacatg tcctttatta     66000
     gatatattgt ttttctagta tttaacttct cctttcaatg tctgaagagc ataaattatg     66060
     cagcagatat tttaaatttt aataaagtct agtttatcaa tttttctttc atgaattctg     66120
     cttttggtgt tgtagctaaa aaaatcatcc aaaaccaaag gccatctata ttttctcttg     66180
     ttttattcta tcagttttat agttttgcat tttaccttta ggtctgactc attttgagta     66240
     aatttttgtg aaaggcataa agactgtgcc taaattactt ttttttctta cataatgtat     66300
     ttccaattat tccaggacca tttgttgaca aattattctc tctccattaa atttcctttg     66360
     ttttttcttt gttttttttt tttttttgac aaagacccat tgactatatt tctatgggtg     66420
     tatttctgaa ttctctatta tgtcccatta atctatatgc ctattctttt accaatgaaa     66480
     tgtctcaatt acagtatctt tatactgtgc ctgaagttag gtatgtcata cctgcaaatt     66540
     ttttttcttt ttcttcagga ttttgttggc tattaagagt cctggctggg caccgtggct     66600
     cacacctcta atcccagcac tttgtgagtc tgaggtgggt ggatcacctg aggttaggag     66660
     tttgagacca acctggccaa catcgtgaag cctcaactct actaaaaata caaaaattag     66720
     ccgggcatgg ccacacacac ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgagg caggaaagtc     66780
     acttgaaccc aggaagcaga agttgcagtg agccatgatt gagccactgc actccagcca     66840
     gggcaacgga gcaagactcc atctccaaaa caaacaaaca aaagagtcct ttgccatctc     66900
     gtaaaaactt taatattaat ttttcaaaaa ccacaaaata tcttcctgaa attttgtttc     66960
     acgttgttgt caatttggga aaaattcaca tcttaacaat gttgagtttt ctaatccata     67020
     aatatgaaat atctcttcat ttatttatat ctgtgatttt tttcattaga gttttgtcgt     67080
     tttctgtgta caagtactat acatatttta ttaaatatac acctaggtgt ttttgcattg     67140
     tttttaagtt ataaagctaa ttatattttt tacatataat tccaagtgtt catttctgtt     67200
     aaaaaaatta catttttttg ttttgttttt caaattttat tttagattca ggtggtacac     67260
     aaaaggtttt gttaccttgg tatattacgt catgctgaga ggtttacggt atgaaagatc     67320
     ctatcaccca ggcactgaga agactaccca acagtttttc aaccattgtc ccttgcagta     67380
     gtccccagtg tctattgttg ccatcttaat gctcatgagt acccaatgtt tagcctcacc     67440
     tgtgtgtgag ataatgcggt atttgatttt ctgttcttgt gctaattagc ttatgataat     67500
     ggcctccagc tgcatccatg tccatcattt ttacggctat attgtattcc atggtgtata     67560
     tgtaccacat tttctttatc caatccactg ttagaggaca cctaggttga tcacatgtct     67620
     ttgctattgt gaataatgct gtgataaaca tacacttgca tgtgtctttt tgatagaatt     67680
     atttgttttc ttttggatat atatccagta atgggattgc tgggtcaaac tgtagcaagt     67740
     tctttgacaa atctccatac tgttctccaa agagtctgaa ctaatataca ttcccacaaa     67800
     tgatgtgtgt aatggttaat attaggtatc aacttgacta gattgaagaa ttcctagata     67860
     gctggtaagg tattgcttct gggtgtgtct gtggggatgt tgccagagga gactgacata     67920
     tgagtaagtg gactgggaga ggaagactca cccaaaatgt ggtggtcacc atccaatagg     67980
     ctgccagcat gacgagaaaa gagtgggcag aagaaagtgg aatgtaaatt ggctttctga     68040
     gtcttctggc tttcatcttt ctcctgtgct gtatgcttac ttctgtttct ccttccctca     68100
     gacgtcagac tccagattct tcagcctttg tactcttgga cttacaccag tggtttgccc     68160
     ggaactcttg ggccttcaac cccaaactaa aggctgcact gtcagcttct ctgcttttga     68220
     ggcttttgat cttggactga gccactactg ggttctttct tctgcagatt gcagatggcc     68280
     tttctggaac ttcaccttgt gatcatatga accaattctc cctaataaac tccctttctt     68340
     tttattttta ttattatact ttaagttcta gggtacatgt gcacaatgtg cacgtttgtt     68400
     atatatgtat acatgtgcca tgttggtgtg ctgcacccat tagctggtca tttacattag     68460
     gtatacctcc taatgctttc cctcccccct ccccccaccc cacaacaggc cccattgtgt     68520
     gatgttcccc tccctgtgtc caagtgttct cattgttcaa ttcccaccta tgagaacata     68580
     tggtgtttgg ttttctgccc ttgcaatagt ttgctaagag tgatggtttc cagcttcgtc     68640
     catgtcccta caaaggacat gaactcatcg ttttttatgg ctgcatagta ttccatagtg     68700
     tatatgtgcc acattttctt aatccagtct atcattgatg ggcatttagg ttggttccaa     68760
     gtctttgcta ttgtgaatag tgctgcaata aacatacatg tgcatgtgtc tttatagcag     68820
     catgatttat aatcctttgg gtatataccc agtaatggga tggctgggtc aaatggtatt     68880
     tctagttcta gatccctgag gaatcaccac actgacttcc acaatggttg aactagttta     68940
     cactcccacc aacagtgtaa aagtgttcct atttcttcac atcctctcca gcacctgttg     69000
     tttcctaact ttttaatgat tgccattcta actggtgtga gatggtatcc cattgtggtt     69060
     ttaatttgca tttctctgat ggccagtgat gatgagcatt ttttcatgtg tctgttggca     69120
     taaatgtctt cttttgagaa gtgtctgttc atatcctttg cccactttgt gatggggttg     69180
     attttttctt gtaaatttgt ttgtgttctt tgtagattct ggatattatc cctttgtcag     69240
     atgagtagat tgcaaacatt ttctcccatt ctgtaggttg cctgaccact ctgatggtag     69300
     tttcttttgc tgtgcagaag ctctttggtt taattagatc ccatttgtca attttggttt     69360
     ttgttgccat tgcttttggt gttttagaca tgaagtcctt gcccatgcct atgtcctgaa     69420
     tggtaatgcc taggttttct tctagaattt ttatagtttt aggtctgata tttaagtctt     69480
     taatccatct tgaattaatt tttgtataag gtgtaagaaa gggatccagt ttcagctttc     69540
     tacatatggc tagtcagttt tctcagcacc atttattaaa tagggaatcc tttccccatt     69600
     tcttgttttt gtcaggtttg tcaaagatca gatggttgta gatgtgtggt attatttctg     69660
     agggttctgt tctgttccat tggtctatct ctctgttttg gtaccagtac catgctgttt     69720
     tggttactgt aaccttatag tatagtttga agtcaggtag tgtgatgcct ccagctttgt     69780
     tcttttggtt taggattgtc ttggcaatgc gggctctttt ttggttccat atgaacttta     69840
     gagtagtttt ttccaattct gtgaagaaag tccttggtag cttgatgggg atggcattga     69900
     atctataaat taccttgggc attatggcca ttttcaagat attggttctt cctatccatg     69960
     agcatggaat gtttttccat ttgtttgtgt cctcttttat ttcattgagc agtgttttgt     70020
     agttctcctt gaataggccc ttcacatccc ctgtaagttg gattcctagg tattttattc     70080
     tctttgaagc aattgtgaat gcgagttcac tcatgatttg gctctctgtt tttctgttat     70140
     tgtataggaa tgcttgtgat ttttgcacat tgattttgta ccctcagaca atatcatact     70200
     gaatgggcaa aaactggaag cattcccttt gaaaactggc acaagacagg gatgccctct     70260
     ctcaccacac ctattcaaca tagtgttgga agttctggcc aggacaatca ggcaggagaa     70320
     agaaataaag ggtattcaat taggaaaaga ggaagtcaaa ttgtccctgt ttgcagatga     70380
     cataattgta tatttagaaa accccatcat ctcagcccaa aatctcctta agctgataag     70440
     caacataaac tccctttcat atatacatat atcctattag ttctgtccct ctagagaacc     70500
     ctaacgaata cagtgtgtaa gcattccctt tctcagcagc ctcaccaaca actgtttttt     70560
     tttttttttt tatttttaat aagagacatt ctgactggtg tttaaaagta ccttattgtt     70620
     gttatgattt gtatttctct gatgattagt gatgttgacc attcatttat atgtgtgttg     70680
     accacttgta tgtcttcttt tgagaagttt ctctttatgt cttttatcca ttttttaatg     70740
     gggttattta ttctttgcct gttcaattgt ttaagttact tatagacttt ggatattaga     70800
     cctttgtcag atgcatagtt tgtaaatatt ttctcccatt ctgtaggttg tctctttact     70860
     ctgtttatag tttcttttgc tgtgcgtaag ctctttaatt aggttctact tgtccatttt     70920
     ttggttttgt tgcatttgct tttgaggact tagtcataaa ttctttccca agactgatat     70980
     ccagaatggt gtttcctagg ttttgcttta ggattcttat actttgaggt attacattta     71040
     aatctttcat gcatcttgag tttatttttg tatgtggtga attgtaggag tccagtttaa     71100
     ttcttttgca tatgccttgt agctatccca gccctattta ttgaacaagg agtcctttcc     71160
     tcattgatta tttttattga ctgctgaaga tgagataaat gtaggtgtga agctttattt     71220
     atgggttata tattatcttc cattgttcta ggtgtctgct ttgtaccaga accatggtat     71280
     tttggttact gttgacttat agtatagttt gaagttgggt gatgtgatgc ctctggattt     71340
     gatctttttc cacatgaatg ctttggctat ctgggctgtt ttttgtttct ctgtgaatct     71400
     tagaatagtt tttacgaatt ctgtgaaaaa aaaattatgt tggtagtttg ataggaacag     71460
     tgttgaatct gtagttgctt tggacagtat gggcatttta atggcattaa ttcttccaat     71520
     ccaggaacat agaagtcttt tccatttgtt tatgtcacct atgatttctt ttagcagtgt     71580
     ttttttttat ttgtgtgtgt ttgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgg aaatttttaa ccttattagt     71640
     tagatgtatt cctaggcatc aaattttgta tattaacagt atattttgtg acaatgttat     71700
     cattgcttat atcttcttag gagttattgt caattatttg tgattagtag actgacttta     71760
     ctttgtaaaa aatattgtta atttatctct tctttttctt ggctagactt gctagaggtt     71820
     aaaagattgt actatctttt caaaaaccag atttggtttt tccttttttt ctgtattatt     71880
     tttgctttta attttgttga ttattgactt taagtcattt attattttac tttctttagg     71940
     ctatctttgt cactttatta ttatatgaga tgaactttgg ttaccgattt cagagatttg     72000
     ttcttttcta atttctgcat ttaattctat acattttcca ctcttcactg cctttgctgc     72060
     cttccacaaa tttttataag ttgtattttt ctttgattta gttgacaata tattttttaa     72120
     tttatcttga gtgtttttct ttgatacatt tgttatttaa aagtttagtg cctaatcttg     72180
     aaatatttta aaagttttca gctatctttc tcctattgat ttaaatgtta attccattgt     72240
     ggtccaagga catacattat atgatttttt tcttttaaat ttattaagat aacatgatat     72300
     tagaaaaaaa aaagctagaa aggaaaccca aaatgtccat cccacccaaa aagcagtgaa     72360
     taagctagca aaaacaatca gaatcaactt tttcagaacc accaaatgta ataaaaactt     72420
     acagaaacca ggggagtggt tattgaagaa aataataaca gctgagtctt ggtaaaagag     72480
     ctttgtggca tttttattta ctttggtacc atcctctact actcattttg gtgatgacct     72540
     tgaagaaaat agactgcatt cttggaagaa atttttagta ctgattttct agtagtagag     72600
     ggaaaagtac tatcccattc tcaaagaatt attgttgttt gtttttatct agccaacttg     72660
     gaactttctc agagctggat atactacttg ggttgaaatt ggtcaacaac tgttcaaggt     72720
     gagatttgag gcagagcaag atggcagaat agaagggtcc attgattgcc tctcttgcaa     72780
     ggacaccaat ttaacaaata tatacacaaa ataaacgttc ataagaacca aaaatcaagt     72840
     gagcacacag agcacctgtt tttaactttg tatcactgaa agaggcagtg aaaaggtagg     72900
     taaaaaaatc ttgaatagcg aaaacaccac ccattcacta tcccctggca gtggtggcat     72960
     ggtgtggaaa cattttagtg cactagggtg agggagatca tggcatttgt gaggcattaa     73020
     actcagtgcc gtcctattat aacagaaaaa aaaaaaaccc acaccaaact cagctgatgc     73080
     ccaccaaggg agagagcatt taaaacagcc ctaacaagag gggaattacc aataccagaa     73140
     gtgggaactc gagttcccac atccctcacc actgcttgct aaagtgcctt ggggagttaa     73200
     ataaacttga aaagcagtgt aggccacaag gactgaaaca cctatggtga gtcctagtac     73260
     tgaactgggc ccagagacag tggactggag gggcatgtta cctactgaga cactagttgg     73320
     ggaggctaag ggagtgttag catcacccct cccaaaaccc taggccgggc tgggtacggt     73380
     ggctcacacc tgtaatccca gcactttggg ggccaaggtg ggtggatcgc ctgaggtcag     73440
     gagtttgaga tcagcctagc caacatggtg aaacctcatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat     73500
     tagccgggca tggtggtggg agcttgtaat cccagctact caggaagctg aggcaggaca     73560
     atcccttgaa ctcaggagga ggaggttgca gtgagccaat attgcaccat tccattccag     73620
     cctgggcgac aagagcgaga cttcatttca aaaaagaaaa agaaaaaaaa ccctaggctg     73680
     cagaactcat ggcaccaaaa gagtctcctt ctctccactt gaggagagaa gaggaaagag     73740
     gcgggaggac tttgtttgta ttttggatac cagcaaagcc acagcaggat agggcatcat     73800
     cagagttgtg aggccccctt tccacgtcct aactcacaga caacatttct agacacacca     73860
     tgggccagaa gggaacctgc tgccttgaag ggaaggaacc agtcctggca ggatgtatca     73920
     cctgctaact gaagagccct tgagcattga ataaccagca gtgataccca catactatat     73980
     atagagggcc gtgagtgaga ctctgagact cgcttcttca ggtaagactc agcactttcc     74040
     cagctccagt agctatggga agacactcca cccacttaag aacagcagat agaaaagtaa     74100
     agcagacttt gccttgcgac ttaagtatca acgtgcccac aatggggaag agcactaggc     74160
     aggctcttga agtcccaaat tttaggactc ggctcttgga atgcattttt ggaactgtcc     74220
     taggacacag gggatcccac tgccctggag gatgagttcc aggccaggca acagtcacca     74280
     caagctgact taagagacct tgagtcttag gggaacatca gtgatagtct ggcaattatc     74340
     cccataggtc tatggtggtg gtggtggtgc tggccatgag atgaagatct tctgcctttg     74400
     gaaagggaac agaaaagtgg gaaggactgc atctagtgtt ttgagtacca gctcagctgc     74460
     agtacaatag aacaccaggt agacttctaa ggatcttgcc tctagtccct ggctcccaga     74520
     tggcaactct ggacagacct ggggtctaag ggaagctgcc accctgaagt gaggacacag     74580
     atctggctgg atttgccata tgctgttttt agacccctgg tgccttgagc aaacataggc     74640
     agtagccagt gagcgattac agcaggcctt ggataagatc ccatgctatg ctttcttcag     74700
     atctgactca acacagtctc actggtggtg actactgagg tgcttgtgtc acaccacctg     74760
     cagctccagg tgtctcaaaa gagagagaga gagactctgt ttgtttggga aaaagtaagg     74820
     gaagagaaca ggagtctcag cctggtaatc tagataattc ttccagatct tatccaaaac     74880
     tatcaagatg gaaactctac gagtctgtaa gaaccacaga gttactgcaa ttaggatgcc     74940
     tcctaaagaa gaaacagttt agatgcaagg atggttcaac atatgcaaat caatctacat     75000
     gatacatctg atcaacagaa tgaaggacaa aaaccattta ataattttgg ccgggcatgg     75060
     tggctcacgc ctataatccc agcactttgg gaggctgagg agggcagatc acaaggtcag     75120
     gagttcgaga ccagcctggg caacatggca aaaccccgtc tcttctaaaa atacgaaaat     75180
     tagccgagtg tggtggcgca tgcctgtaat cccagctatt cgggaggctg aggcaagaga     75240
     atcgcttgaa cccaggaagc ggaggttgca gtgagccgag attgtgccac tgcactccag     75300
     cccaggcgac agtgtgagac tccatctcag aaaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaaaa     75360
     ccatttaata atttcaactg atgctgaaaa agcattggat aacattcaat atccatttgt     75420
     tataaaaatc ctcaaaaagc tgggaataga agaaaatact gcaacgcaat aaaagttata     75480
     tattatagac ccacagctag tatcatactg aatggagaaa aactgctaca ttaaggtgca     75540
     ttggtgagac tgtaacaata ctaacctgat agtaatcact ctcctgaatt ttaaaacaaa     75600
     gtttggtgtt tactgctttt gaaccttata tacatggaat catattttat ttgctctttt     75660
     gttttctagg gttttttttt ggtttcacaa gcattcttac tcattgttat gcttgccaga     75720
     tttatctgtg cagctctgta tagctgtaga tgattaattc ttgttacctt gtgtgtatat     75780
     tccattgtga atatactata atttatatat ccaaactgct attgatgagt atttgggtgg     75840
     ttttccattt gtgtttatta taaataatac tacaatgaac atcattgtat atgttttttc     75900
     atgaatatat atgtgcattt ttattgtagg aatggttagt tcttaggatg tacacatgtt     75960
     aagctttagt agataataca aagtagttta acaaaatgat tatagcagtt aattcctcca     76020
     ttagtgctgt gtgaaaattc caattgttcc acttactctt caatgcttca tcttcgctgc     76080
     cttttttttt ttttttttag ccttcttttt gggattataa tagtattgta tggtagattt     76140
     aatttgagtt ttcctgatga ccaataaagt taaacaccct ttcaatatgt ttactggtga     76200
     tgcaaatatc ctctttagct tatttttcta ttaaattatc tgttttttgc ttattgattt     76260
     gtaatagttc tttatattat ccagatatta gtcatttgca atatgtgtgt tgcaaatatc     76320
     ttctctcatt ttgtgttttg cttttttatt tccttaaggt atatttaagt aaaaaaaaaa     76380
     aaaaacattc aaatgtagct acatttattt agtttcaagt aagatacagt atatggtgaa     76440
     aggcccaaat tcctattgga acaattgcat acatcaaata aggtacaaat gtcatatttt     76500
     aaaaggcatt gaagcaatgg gtatgataaa caaaaaattc aagagagagg gaaaataatt     76560
     attctgaggt gagctgataa ttgactccca tatctcccat cctccatcct ccctctgaca     76620
     ggcatttgct atttcccatt gcaagttgta gatcaggctt ggtccaggat tttttttttt     76680
     ttataatttt atagtaagac aaactcttac tcacttaaac aaggaactat gtctaagggt     76740
     taaatatcag tataaaaata tttgctgttt ttatcttttc tccaaataaa tgtgaaagtg     76800
     taatatacta atataccttg actataacag caaaatactt tatttgagca agtaatagtg     76860
     tgccatggta gtgtaagtag gcttttaata agttactcta taacatgatt atgggaatta     76920
     ggttacatta atacatttac acaataaact acattttaca gtagtttgaa tttgaaatct     76980
     gtaaatctgc aaccaatatc gtcaacgtgg tcttaggttc attgtgcctt tcttattata     77040
     tgaaaatgtt taatagcact tcagtctctg aaaattagag tagacaattg aaatttaagt     77100
     aaataatcca taaaagtaca ctaaaccata agtttctaca gacacaaaat tacggcagaa     77160
     ggtcctatac ataagacaga atctcctaca ttggaattga cttttatttc tatttaacaa     77220
     taaaaataaa atcatagctt taagtctaat tagaattata aacttttttg ctttctaatt     77280
     gcatttggaa tttactaagc agtttcttag tagggagatt ttaagtgaat taagtcataa     77340
     atttcaaagg tataatgaat ttcataaata taaatgcaaa atgaaaatga agcaccatta     77400
     taggtatttt taaaaataag aaaacttttt ttaatagaat aactttgtca ttctaaataa     77460
     taacttttaa tataacttga ttgtgagtca tttgtataag tgccatgtat aaacaaacac     77520
     acatattgtc attaaaaagc actctaacaa tggtactact gcaaatggta atttcaggaa     77580
     ctggaaaact tgtcacgaca atcaacaatt tcaacttctt tgttaatttt gatttaatgc     77640
     cataaaaatt agcagagagt ttatagccct tttgttattt ttgaatagtt actagcagtt     77700
     agcagcaaat atcttctttt ttcccacctg cctcacaaat tgaatatttc acagaactga     77760
     acactctcat gaagattata caaaagtttt tggaggattg aaattgtgtg ggactctttt     77820
     gagagtgatc aagagatgac atgaaaaagt tgcatgtctg ttcttactca cagcagttac     77880
     cataaaagat ggcatgaaaa ctctccagag aaacaaaacc ttttcatcca gctcaatggc     77940
     ttaaaaaatg tcagggagtt ttctatctat ttccatccaa gtaattcaac atagcatatt     78000
     ttaagcatga aagactaaaa caaatgggtg aaagtgatgt tttctttgca tctgtcttaa     78060
     aattcaatgg attttaagaa tcataaaact gctttatttt cagacaccat ttattccttc     78120
     cctgccatgg ggggatactg ctatggaaca gtgtgtactg ctggaaactt tttgattgac     78180
     agttagaatc tggtgacttt ttaaactctt caaaagttaa agcaaagcat gcgttaaatt     78240
     ttgcttgcaa aaaggtcaat cccagagata tttttaaaaa atccacagac gttcttattt     78300
     aataattcat aataagcctt tttttacctt ttccatgaat tacattttta aatttaattt     78360
     atattttaaa ttaaatttta atttaaattt taaattgaca ttgaaattta catttaaaaa     78420
     ttttaagtgc atgagcactt gccttggcca aagttttata aatttgtttt tcaataatca     78480
     taatcagtca ttttctctat catttctctt tttgtatcac tcattttccc taaagtttca     78540
     agtaatattt agttttctta catctgtaaa gaagaactaa aaaggaaaaa aaatgctgat     78600
     ttgttggaaa tgaagtactt ccaagatatc agttatatgc tgctatctta taagaaaaga     78660
     tatgttttat ttaacaaagg tgcaatagaa aatattcatt cccaggtact tctggccagc     78720
     catgcacatg gacaaaatgg gttttactag caagaggcag ccatctgtca aaatgtaggt     78780
     gtttgatgtt ggaagtcagg ctagggaaac agaacactga tagtttctgc tacaatagac     78840
     ttttgaaatt ggaataactg ctaaagtgtc cgtagatcca ccaagtggga gttatcagga     78900
     atgtagcctg aaatagtttc cccattggta agaaaggaga gggaaactac ttttcagggt     78960
     tgttgtgagg atttaatgaa atggcatgcc agaagttcct ggaacaaggc agtcaataaa     79020
     atttagattt ccaacccttt taagttctaa cattaaacat tcttcttttc acttatcaag     79080
     tagatactaa tattttattt ttgcaactca gttaatgaat gctagtggta cggttacggt     79140
     aaagatataa ttcaagaaat ttgctgaata atcgcaacat tttgtagcta aataaaacag     79200
     atgtggagaa ttatttttcc aatgttgact aaataatata aagaaaaata agtgaattaa     79260
     tatataaaaa ttaaatctaa attaaaatta gtgttttatt ttatgctaaa acatgaattt     79320
     tacagaatat aataatgcat ctcaggtctc ctggaactgt acactattta agagcaatga     79380
     agatattttg gaagagccta ggaaattaat gtcagttctc tcagggtacg gcatcctatt     79440
     ctgttgttta gaagaatact agaattaaat agaagcatca ttatgtcaca tcaaatacaa     79500
     tgtcaacgta agtgaaatcc cccttttcat ccatacttct aatggtgtaa gaggattctg     79560
     atgaagatag aaactaatgc aatacaactg gtggtacata taaacataat ttgttaggtg     79620
     tgctaggcat ggtaaaccta acaaatttaa gctacaatgt ctgaagaaac agtttccaaa     79680
     gattaaaaaa aaataaatgt aacattatta gaaattacta actagaaaga gatatctttc     79740
     aagctttcaa tctgtatatt tttagggccg cttaaccttc tcttacatgt cccacatgca     79800
     ttttaaattc aagatgttaa aactaaattt ttttataccc caacactcca tctcagtgaa     79860
     agacaccagt ctacatctat gtgctaaaac cagaaacctg gaagtcattc ttaaattctc     79920
     cttccccatc atcatctctc tcaaccaatc aattaccaat ttattttaaa caaacctcct     79980
     gaataccctg aagaaccttt aacttttcta cattttcaga aacatcatcc tatcagccac     80040
     taacaatcct caactgggct attgtaatga cctcgcaact agtctttttg tttgtgtcgc     80100
     tccctataat tcatcctcta aagcttagtt tgacactgta ttctgagcac ctagtgtctg     80160
     gcatatagta gtttatcaat tgatatttac tgatatttgt tcaaataata aaagaagaaa     80220
     acaagaaaaa aatgaaattt tgacaaatta aaaggcaaat atgattatta ctacatctac     80280
     taaaaactcc tccatgactt ttgattactc tcatgattaa atctaaattc tataacaagt     80340
     tctataggct tcttaataat ctttgcatca tttatctgtt cagtctcttc acttgtcact     80400
     gtccccacca atgaccctct gtattctgta ttcttcacat ttaacatctt tcagttctct     80460
     aaccgtggca ttttctctat tgtctctaaa actccacagg ctgattcttc tctctggaat     80520
     accatcccct ctctggttca tgtagacaac tcctgcttac tcttaaaacc actcctctgc     80580
     tcatttattt tagtataact cacctgcatg cccccaagtc ttagttgaga accccatttc     80640
     tatggtctca aacacctgct attccctgca tcttagcagt tagcatataa tatccacctg     80700
     gatgtttaca tttcttcctt atttgctaaa tttccaagag cagagaccat gtctattttg     80760
     tttttggcta cattcccaaa ccaaggcaca gtgacttaca cctagcaggt gctcagtaag     80820
     tatttgttca atacgtggat gaatgagtga atgaaattat atcatgtcta gagatctttc     80880
     tagtccattt taaagctgac atttccaaga tagttggtgt ggtagatgtc ataacacatg     80940
     acctcacctc ctctcataaa taaaggactt attctgcagc tgctgggact gctgccagta     81000
     gaaaatcctc agtagtcatc ccctttgagg atgcctcggc taaagaagag tgccgggaac     81060
     aaggttatgc ccacttccca agatgatatg cagccaaata ctgatcctta taggagcata     81120
     aaggcctgct tcttgcccta attcagggca gctctgaagg gtcaccccat ttgcagaact     81180
     ccatagagac taaattcagt cattccaatc agaatgcatt gcagctttac cactccctat     81240
     tctttattta actctcttca ctttcctacc acaggaattg aattgaatct aagagcattc     81300
     tataacagag tacttctaac ctctgtctca gagtccatgt tctaaggaac ccaacctgtg     81360
     aaagttagag aatggagaaa tttagtgttt gttaaaattt caataaatta ttctgattat     81420
     ttttgtattg attatctgca tttgtccctg cccccaaccc cattcctata tccattattt     81480
     acccctctct gttctggtct tgacccagga gactgacctt ggtggaattc agggtatgat     81540
     acctcaaaat atggcacctt ggcatttgag tcctaagacc ctcatttaag agattctctc     81600
     tatctgtctg aaggaaagaa acattcttat ctcagaaaac acaggaacat aaagaaaaat     81660
     gtgaacaaac aatccttgat aacttccccc aagctaatta tcattagatt atagcattta     81720
     gtcttctaat tatatttctc catgacgatg cactcttcat cactcttcaa aaggtttacc     81780
     tgtttctttg ggtttttatg tctaaggatt cctgtgtcac gtaaaactta tatcaaatat     81840
     atttataggt ttttctcatg ttagtttgcc ctttggtaaa gaagcctcag acacaaccta     81900
     acatgagaag aaatgacata tttctttcct acaacatcca tgtcagaata tgcttcctgc     81960
     gctaccttgc tggtcttgtt cccagctgtg ttaagccagg ggaaggcaga agcaagagat     82020
     aggataatga gaaaaaagag gccgtgaggg tcttttttta tgttttctga catcaattct     82080
     gacacaaaat atatgatttt attctgacaa caaataaatg tatttttcca caccatttct     82140
     gcaattctcc aataccaaca aagtgtttga aaattcaatt caattctctc actaacttct     82200
     gttagtggca gtaccctatg gggcagtaac cccataggtt aagcacagag ctctgtagga     82260
     gcacagagct cctaaaacca gaaacaaaga ccaaatacat tttttattac accacagtat     82320
     tttttttaac ctgctccatt cttgcctcca tattacattt tttaacagga gatgctattc     82380
     tttgaattgc tcattgcttt acagttgttc actacaatct gactcctgtt gggctttgat     82440
     actactatac tattctctcc tttttcccct tctggtttaa ggaaaatagt gtcttcctgc     82500
     tgttgcttat cttagtaact cagcattcct agttggttct atcttgccaa cagttgatag     82560
     gggtgtggga ggagatagta tttccactcc cttccctctt ctttaccagt tgtcaagtga     82620
     aacgtaaggt gaattccata gttgttcaga atgctgtgag ggagtcccat cctacatttg     82680
     gttagattta agaaaatctc tttccactat accattttac aagaggaata acctgttttg     82740
     agttcacttg tattttcctg actgccttgc aatttgtttc tcattaaact cagatgtgcc     82800
     tttctttgcc ctcacgcatt gagatttggc cttttccact tttgaactga gcccagagac     82860
     cagaacattt ttaattatca attaaaaagt gatgaggaat cactaaccaa ctcgtttgta     82920
     atgactgctt gtcaggttac tgttactgtc ctcttgacta tgaaaactgt agcatacaat     82980
     agcagtacat ttgttcaact gtccgagtaa tctgcaaaaa gattatggct ctctagatta     83040
     cttttttaaa gaaagagatt aaaagcttta cctcatcatt taatttaaaa ttaggttaaa     83100
     gttcttttta atttatggga aggggtcatt gacaaagagt tcaaataaca atttttataa     83160
     acatgtttga tgagggctac atattgaaga gtagttgcaa ataaattatt acacaagagt     83220
     aattgagctc accgtgtccc tgaaattgac agaccacatg catagtaatt ttctctgttt     83280
     agagaaacta tataattagc cttaacaagt aaagggaaga aagggattaa ctttttgcaa     83340
     gatgattcta ttaaagcagt gctgtgggat ttgaaatttg aacatagagc tattcattga     83400
     aattctaaaa tagttgacat gagggaaaat atattgaaag atatttggaa tttctaattg     83460
     tacctgcccc gatctctggc caaagggcag ccttatgggt caaaatggtc tagagtttgt     83520
     cccttgttat ttgttaccag taaaagaatg gtttagaata ggcttaatgg aggaatcagt     83580
     taaagagttt ttcttctact aactcttgac acaatgaacc caccatatca gtcatcacgt     83640
     aaatgtccat aaaccttgaa aaaggatctg atagtttgac tctgttgaca tcttagactc     83700
     tttttgctgc attcttttct tccacatttc ttttcttttt cccttcctcc tttcttcctt     83760
     cctttcttct gttcatcatt tcttcttagc ttatttatac tagtaatatg aaaatacttt     83820
     ttttatgtaa tcggtattac ataacaatat ataactatat ctaatgtata tatattatat     83880
     atagagagac agcacaaaac tttatttgca attctctttt agttgttttc ctattgtgat     83940
     gataggtaac attataattt ccacaacact gctgctgctg catgtgatta tttctgcttt     84000
     ctcaaaatga tggaaacaaa atttaagtga aattacaagc ttctgaaagt tgcacagaca     84060
     ttgaccagcc ataactgctt cagaaggaat ataacaggga aaattgtcaa ttaccagaca     84120
     ttttttgaaa aggctttttt tttttcccaa agccatcaca agagctccta tgttgtcaga     84180
     gcaatatcac tttttttatc tcatggcatc acttagggct ggtttgtttg tttcaacagc     84240
     tttattaagt tataattgat ttccaaaaac ctcatatatt taatttatat aatttgatga     84300
     gtttgaacat ggacatacac tccttaaacc atcacaacaa tgaaggtaat aaaagtcttc     84360
     atcacctccc caagttttct catatttctt gtttgtgtgt acatatgtgt gcacgtgcac     84420
     acatgtgtgg gaagaacaca acatgagaac taccctctta agaactgctt taagtgtaaa     84480
     atatagtatc gtttactgta tgcactatgt tttggagcag atctatagaa gttatttaac     84540
     ttgcataaca aacattattg ccattaaata acaactccct atctttcttc tccccagcct     84600
     ctggcaacca ccattctact ctctgcttct atgagtttat tttcgatttc aaatataagt     84660
     gaaaaaagaa ccatgcagtg tttatccttc tgtgtggatg acttgtttta cttagcatta     84720
     tgccctccag ggtcacccat gttgtcatat atggcagaat ttctttttta atgctgaata     84780
     atattccaat gtacatatat attatgtttt atttttccat tcatctgatg atagacattt     84840
     aggttgtttc tatatctcag ctattgtaaa taatgctgca attaacctgg aagtgaagat     84900
     ataactttaa gatactgatt tcagtaattt tggataagta tccagaactg ggattgctgt     84960
     atcatatggt tgtttcatta tatttgcttt ttatgaaatt tcatatgatt tttcatatca     85020
     aaaacaccat tttatattcc caccaacaat gtgcaagtgt tcccacttct ctacaacttc     85080
     aacaacactt gatatatttt ggtatttttt tgaaaatacc attgtaagag atgtgagatg     85140
     gtatttgatt gtgattttga tttgcatttc tctgataatt agtgacgtcg ttacagatag     85200
     ttaggcatga gtggggcagg agagggctct cccccaaccc actagaatgt caggtgatgg     85260
     tctggcaatt actgcattgc ctctttaatt tggtaatgcc agaggaaggt catttcctga     85320
     tggtccaaac ctgttaatat caaaatatta attgaatgca tgcccaaggg agaagcaact     85380
     tcctgcacat gagcattaag aaacaaaaat ggtgaagtat gatcttccgc gggcacattc     85440
     caccagaaaa gggaagaaaa cctcagatgg acaggctcat aattccctta acacactgcg     85500
     catgctcaac tccaaagagt aaggaaagta ctgagcatgt gggaagccca ctctaaggga     85560
     agaatcatgt ggaagaggcg agcttataga agtcctagga tcaaggttaa acagggcact     85620
     tgactttctc tttcaccttc acatgcccgc ttgggtttct tccaagtgca tcgtcctttc     85680
     tttcctgttc taaggccttt tgaaataaac ttccacttct gctctggaac ttgtctcagt     85740
     ctctttttct gctttatgct cctcagttga attctttctt ctgaggaggc aagaactgaa     85800
     gatgctccga atctgtaaga atagaccacc agtaacttgg ggtaactcgg ttcttttcca     85860
     ataacaacaa tattgagcac ttttttatat atctgttggt caactgtatg tcttctttgg     85920
     aaaaatgtct aactattaag gtatctatta gatgtctatc tagtaaattg ttttatttgg     85980
     ttttgttcct tttttttttt ttttgctgtt gagttaaagg agttacttat gcattttaag     86040
     tattgtcctg ttatgataca tcatttgcaa atattttctc ccattcctta ggttatcttt     86100
     tcattctgtt aaccgttttc tttactattc ggaagctttc ttattcttat gtagtcccat     86160
     gtgtttatct ttgctttcat tgtctgagct tttggtgtaa tatccaaaaa aattattacc     86220
     aaggccagtg tcacgaactg tttttcttcc caatattttc tgtaaaactg tagccttaaa     86280
     atttccggtt ttttgtttag atttttaatt cattttgagt gaatttttgt gtatggtata     86340
     ataaaaagta ttcaattgca ttcttctgca tgtaaatatt attttctcaa cagaatttgt     86400
     tgaatagagt gatattttcc tgattaggta accttggcac ccttgtgaaa tgtcaggcaa     86460
     ctgcatctac atgagtttat ttcttggctg tctattctct tccattggac tatatgtcta     86520
     tttttatgcc agtaccatac agtggtaact atagtaactt tgttctatat tttgaaatga     86580
     gaaagtgtga tacctccaga tttctttcct tcccaaaatt gttttgactg actacagatt     86640
     ttatggttgc atttgaattt taggattctt ctctatggaa aaaatgtcat tgggatattt     86700
     atggggattg cattgaatcc atagattact tttggtagta tgcatatttt aacaatatta     86760
     attctgccaa tctatggaaa tggaatatct ttctattggt gtctacctta gtttctttaa     86820
     tcaatgtttt atagattttg gcatacaaat tgttgcagaa cttttcctta gttcagctaa     86880
     agatgaggtc cttgtctgtc ccatggtcat gaagatttag gctcatagac aatttgaagg     86940
     gtgagtaaag cagggtttta ttcagtgaaa aggaagaaaa gggggaaaaa gagactctca     87000
     caaggccaga gtctctacta gagtgcttcc cacctggcca tttgaatctc agtttccaca     87060
     caggaagaga aggggccaag ttcctccctg ctgcaaatgt tgtgaaattc ctaagtttcc     87120
     acctcagtgg gcaggctggt tggagtttct ccagggactc ctttccaact ggctgtctca     87180
     tttccccctc taaagacatg catctaactg cccttagatt aaggataaag acaaagatga     87240
     acttaactgc ttcctgctga caggggttgc tgtttggggg aaacggtagt cagagctccc     87300
     tcaaagtcct atctaaggga tcccagcaga aggggccatc atcagaggct caggttgcat     87360
     gactgttttg agtgtgatgt cctgaaggca agaacagatg aaccaggtta ttagaaaaca     87420
     tgaatcaaaa caaaacaaga gaagggagaa ggacagctga aagatcccaa ggccttttac     87480
     cagtttgtac agggagaggg aggtcaaaag cccaaccggt tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     87540
     aaaaaaaaaa actttaccct tttgccagca agttgggctt ctgggttccc ttcccctggg     87600
     cccaacctta agtcaaccag tttaaggttt aggaaattac tctttatagt ttggaagatg     87660
     catctgaagg gagtgtccca tagtatggag aaacaattac ctatcaatga agagactcct     87720
     gaggaggaga aaggaataaa aagatggcat tttttcaaag gagccacagg ggctcaggat     87780
     gcatttgaaa ggggtacaga ctaaagatga atggctacct atctagaaag acaggagcag     87840
     gcatgcctgg ttcccttctc ttcctagcag atacccggag gtaaatgagg taggaagagg     87900
     agagggtcct atttccctct tctgtccttg catccccgag ttccagtgac cttggcaggt     87960
     gctgtcatag atgtcaaaga gacttgcacc catgaagcag ggagacctag agaataagaa     88020
     ttatccactc tcacctatgt ccctttccaa tctactgtca gtagccttag agttccctag     88080
     acctcattta tgccatgggt attaacacag tttttattca tgaaacagga agtttggggt     88140
     tggcttaatt ggcaggaaac agccacactc acctgcactg tgccttttaa cctctgttgt     88200
     catttgcctc tggatccctc agatccagtt ttctttccta gggctttgac ccgaagcttg     88260
     gaattgagtt tgggacaaaa atgtttctca gggcggtggg ggtgggggtt gcatggactc     88320
     cttatgataa gctaaaggct aagatgaaac tgtggaactg agttctcctc cagcaaggga     88380
     gaggaaagaa tgtcttgtga cacactcaga taactgatag ctatagttat gcttgctagg     88440
     atttgggtgc acggtgcttg gcttttgtta ccttccttgg tcttactttc ccagaaggaa     88500
     acttctgggt gatgggcacc ctatttattc cttatttatt ctaacacctg gcaagatttg     88560
     caggataatt gctcggaact agaatattga caccgatttg tacattaccc atcccttttg     88620
     ttctttctga gctgcagctg gagattgctg gtaggttcac aggaacaagc agagttaatc     88680
     taaaatgtag gcaaaaactt aaaaagaact aatgagttta gaatttagtg acaaacgtat     88740
     ggtaagtttt ggaacataat gtctccctct ccagtcctca tttttgttaa gaaacaaatg     88800
     atcataggac tgagttattc aaatagattt tagtcttata cttggcctga ttatttgcat     88860
     aaaatggagc aagaataatt atttctacat aggccttttg gattaccttt gatggaattc     88920
     tctcttttcc acaaggaatc tcaaataaga ccttttaaag ccaagccaaa ccatgggttt     88980
     gtatcttcaa atacctgtga gtagggtgat cctcacctct taaggttcca agataaactt     89040
     ggagctccta cacctgtttg aaactgacat tctttactga caacaagtca ggaaccctgt     89100
     acaagggctg cacagacaag gatatgaggc cagtttcccc actgggcttc tactggctct     89160
     gtaagttgag cttgactctt cgaagggaaa catacccttc caatctaaga cttgataaaa     89220
     tgaccacttt ctcaagttgt gttctgttac aaaagaaaaa tgaattcttc ttgcactgat     89280
     gcaattatat tgccataagt taggaatact cacagagagt ttctaaattt tagagtaacc     89340
     aggaagagag taacaaacat gctccaaatt ttgttcatag gagtttatct tactcaatta     89400
     ttgaagactg taaatagttc aaaataagtt tccttcacta tgaaaaacaa aacaaggatc     89460
     agcaatattc caaccaaaaa tcgaaaaggt ttcttcagct ttctgagttc agttcattta     89520
     gttaactctt gttttgcttg atattcatga acatttcagt tcttccttag tccttacatt     89580
     ttcctttatt ccattgttac aatttacaaa gttaccagca gcctgtactt gggagcacct     89640
     tttatagttc tgtagctcat tagaaaccat ctttaaaaaa aattaaaaca agacaacaat     89700
     tgtctgtgaa tagcaaaatg tccagggtag ttacaattag atacgcaatt gaaaaaaaat     89760
     ttggttatct ccgtggttta caataacgta acacaaaaac cttaattatg attgatagtg     89820
     tgtccagaat tggttctttc tgatgggttc ttggtctcac tgacttcaag aatgaagccg     89880
     cagaccctca ctgtgagtgt tacagttctt aaagatggtg tgtgtgcagt ttgttccttc     89940
     agatgttcag atgtgtccgg agtttgttcc ttcagatgtt cagatatgtc cagagtttct     90000
     tccttccagt gggttcatgg tcttgctgac ttcagaagtg cagccacaga cctttgtagt     90060
     gagtgttacc gctcttaaaa gtggctggtc cggagttgtt tgttcctcct tgtgggttcg     90120
     tgatcttgct gactttagga gtgaagccac aagccttcat ggtgttacag ctcataaagg     90180
     tagtgcagac ccaaagggtg agcagcagca agatttgtta tgaagagcaa aagaacaaag     90240
     tttccacagc atggaagggg gctggaacgg gttgctgccg ctggctccgg tggccagctt     90300
     ttattccctt atttggcccc acccacatcc tgctgattgg tccattttac agagtgctga     90360
     ttgttccatt ttacagagtg ctgattggtc cattttacag agttctgatt ggtgcgtttt     90420
     tacagagtgc tcattggtgt gtttacaatc ctttagctag acacagagca ctgattggtg     90480
     catttataat cctttagcta gacacaaaag ttctccaagt ccccacccca cccagaaggc     90540
     cagctggctt cacctttcaa aagcatatac tcagacatta gaattttaga aatcccatac     90600
     aattttgaaa catatattag cattattcac caagatataa cctaaagaag actgagcatc     90660
     attttggcca tctcgggtac ctaaacatgt gaaataatcc tgtttacctc tcttttctgg     90720
     acactttggg ggccctttga agtagccaca gtagccctct gaaaagccag gtgccacaga     90780
     agacaattgt gcaacacaag tttgatttgg ggaaggctgt taaatgttcg aggtttaaaa     90840
     cacttgatat taagaaatag aattccagat taccataagt tatttatttt gataaagtga     90900
     tgactcaagt tttaaagaag gagaaacctt tcataacctt ttataaattt tgccaaaaag     90960
     cagattagta ccttaggaaa accttgttat gcttttattt caatgctcaa tttacagaca     91020
     aaccatataa tacccttttt ttgaatttag tcaatatgtt cacacagaga acctcttctg     91080
     caagattaat tcccacaatt cttccaccac ttctttgaac cttcagcttt ttcctaattt     91140
     aactcaaaac agtcctttaa ctctaggcaa aagtttacat ttccatgcct tcttataacc     91200
     ttttactaaa aaacacattt tactgttctt atacaccttg catgtaaatc tatttctagt     91260
     agtttcaatt aactcctgga aatttttaac tttaaggtaa aacttggtaa gttgctttta     91320
     ttgtgtgcta actgcagtca aggtttgcct tcttagttaa gggcgttgtt agttccatat     91380
     gtccccaggc cttaccaatt gtgaagccag caagtcaaat agttcccaaa agccaaaaag     91440
     cagtttttaa cctcaaaaca cttagcaaat cttgcatctg acgtgcattt tgccaatggt     91500
     cttaagggct gtttttgttt ctcaaagatt aaaatcacat gaactgaaag gttccacagc     91560
     ttttaacttc cctgtaaaaa atattagatc caagcgcttg tctttcttta ggccaaatta     91620
     attagatatc tctttttaca gatatcaagc acagtacaca cacaggcaga agaaaaccta     91680
     gttgctgggt ggggccctct aagagacagg gctaggaaaa catgcggata tcaaaccaga     91740
     aagaaactta cttcctaagg caggattgct aaacaaagcc ttgacactgg agttacaagc     91800
     cacgccctca ggatgtaaaa caagatgaaa gattgatttc acaatgaaaa ctttgcagag     91860
     aatacacaca gtgatagttg gtggggggtg ggggggagtg gggtatggcc tggtaaaatg     91920
     tgtcctaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaattaact gcggacagga tggagaagag gaaaaaagaa     91980
     agagttttag actgcctggg gaagaatctc ttactcttat gcaactggtt cctccaccag     92040
     ggagaaaagt ttaattactg tctgatggag aaggaaaacc ccttggctgg ggaaggagaa     92100
     ggctgagaac cagcacagcc agctgtgtga gacccttggg ccatgcgacc cagccccagc     92160
     ctggagaggg aagcggctgg ccgacccccg gttgtaacag ggtgtagggg tgcagttccc     92220
     cgtaagctca gaagtccaag gatgaaaagg ctgagaaacc agtgagagat tttgagtccc     92280
     cattttacgc accgcttctc gagcctccat attgtgcgcc aaaaatattg caagactttt     92340
     ccttagttca ggtaaagatg gggtccttgt ctgtcccatg tttgaaggat gagtgaagca     92400
     gggttttgtt gggtgaaaag gaagaaaagg gggaaatcgg gactgtcaca aggccagagg     92460
     gcctgctaca gtgcttctag ccaggccatt tgaatctgtt tccacactgg aagaggaggg     92520
     gccaggctcc tccctgctgc aaatgtggtg aaatttggag actccacctc agtgggcagg     92580
     ctggttggag tttctccagc gacctcttcc cacctgtctc aaaatctttc acctccttgt     92640
     ttgagttcat acacaaatat tttgacacta ttagaaatgg gattatttta ataattcatt     92700
     ttacaaataa ctttttgtta gtgtataaaa tgcaagtaac tcttgtatgt agatgttagg     92760
     tcctgcaacc ttattgaatt ttttttgtaa cgtaacaggt ttttagtgga atcttcaggt     92820
     ttcctacata catataagat cacatcatct gcaaatggga gtattttact tctttcctct     92880
     caaattggat ggctttttat tctatttatt gcctaattgc tctggttaaa acttacagtg     92940
     ctttgctaaa tggaagtggc aagagtacgg atccttgtca tgtgtctgat cttagaggaa     93000
     aagcattcag ttttttaaca ttaactatga tgttagctga gaacctgtca tatacggctt     93060
     ttgctatgtt gatataaatt tcttttatat gtagtttgtt gagttttatg actcaagtgt     93120
     gttgaatttt ctcaaacact tttttgcatt tatcaagatg tacatgtggt ttttatcctt     93180
     cattctgtta atgtgatata tcacattaat gtctttctgt atgtttaacc attcttgcaa     93240
     cccagggata aattccactt ggtcacagtg tacattttta aatatgttat taaatttgat     93300
     ttgcttgtat tttcttcagg gtttttgcaa atatgttcat cagaaatatt ggtctgaagt     93360
     ttacttttct tgtagtgtct ttgtctgact ttgatattag aataatgctg gactcataaa     93420
     atgagtttga aagtgttccc tccttttaaa ttttttggaa gaatttgagt gtgattggtt     93480
     ttatgtattc tttaaatgtt tgataaaatt catccatgaa gacatctggt cttgaggttg     93540
     ttttgtcgtt gttgggaggt gtttgattac taattaaatt tccttacttg tcgttggtca     93600
     ttttaggttt ttgatttctt aaaaattcag tcttagtagg ttgtatgtct tagtagtctt     93660
     agtaggttgt agtcttagta ggagtaggaa tttctccatt tcttccaagt tatctaattt     93720
     cttattgtat aattgctcat accaatgttt gtgattcttt tttatttctg tggaaagaat     93780
     tgtaatgtct tcttttaatt tctaatttta ttaattttag tcttctctct tttcttctta     93840
     gtctagttaa atgtttgtta attttgttga ttaaaaaact cagtttcatt gatttgttct     93900
     aatttttatt ttattattat tattttttgt ttcagatagt accattttct ttcttctgct     93960
     aacttctgac ttagtttgtt attgttgttt ttgaggtatc aagttagatt gttaatttgt     94020
     gatcttcctt tcttcatttt ttacaagact cctggatcag agacaatctt ctttattaat     94080
     gtaggcattt accataacaa acttcccatt tagtactgct tttgctgtat tccatgagtt     94140
     ttggtattat gtctcttcat tttaatttat cttaagatat tttctgattt ctctttttat     94200
     ttcttctttg acccattgat tgttcagaat tgtgttttta atttcctcat atttttgagt     94260
     attctaattt tccttctctt atgggtttct ggtttcattc cattgtggag aaaaagatac     94320
     ttagtatgat ttcattcttt taaaatttgt taagacattt tgagaatgtg tatttttctg     94380
     ctgttggatg gaatgttttg tatatgactg gtaggtccat ttggtcttta atgatttgaa     94440
     gtctgttatt tctttatttt ctatttggat catgtatttg gtattaagag tggggtattg     94500
     aagtcttcag ttattattgt attgcagttt atctctttat tctgtctttt ttatattttt     94560
     agttcctctg aatagatgta catacatgtt tataattgtt gggccttcct gaggaattca     94620
     tcattatatg tccttttgtg tctcttgtta cagtgtttga attatagtct attttgtcta     94680
     atataagtat tgccaccctc atttctttta tttacatttg catagaatat ctttttctat     94740
     tcctcgcctt tcagcctaag tccctaaatc tcaagtatgg attttttaga cagcacatag     94800
     gtttgtttat ttgttttttt ttaaatatcc attcaactac tttaagtctt ttgattttgg     94860
     attttactta tttttatttt aaataatttt acctttttgt tgctaaaaga atacatttta     94920
     taattttaat atttttgcaa cttttgtttt agaattaggg gtatatgtga agtgttgtta     94980
     caatggcata ttgtgtgatg ctgtggtttg gagtacaaat taatccatca ctgaggtagt     95040
     gagcatggta cccaataggt agtttttctc aacatttacc ccacttcctc cctctaactt     95100
     tttgaaatct ccagcatcta ctgttcccat ttttatgatt gtgtgtgtcc aatgtttagc     95160
     ttctacttat aagtgagaac ttgtggcatt tggttttctg tttctacatt agttcactta     95220
     agatcgtggt ttccagctgt atctatgttt ctgcaaagga cataacttat ttcttcttta     95280
     tggctgcata gtattgcatg gtgcatatat accatatttt ccttttctaa ttcaccattt     95340
     atggacacct aggatgattc cattactttg ttattgtgaa taccacagtg atgaaagtat     95400
     ggatacatgt gtctttttgg taggatggtg gattttattt tgggtataca ctcaggagtg     95460
     ggattgctgg gttgaatggt agttcaactc tcagtttatt gagaaatctc caaactgctt     95520
     tccagagtga ctgaactaat ttaaattctc accaacagtg tataagtgtt ctcttttctc     95580
     tgcagccaag ccaacatttt tatttattta cttttatttt tcagcaaaag ctattctgac     95640
     tgttgtgaaa tggtatctca ctgtggtttc agcttgcatt tttctgatga ttagcaatga     95700
     tgagcatagt tttctatgtt tattggccac ttgtatgtgc tcttttgaga atcatttatt     95760
     gatgtgctct gcccattttt taatgggctt atttggtttc tgcttgttgg gttgtttaag     95820
     ttactaatag attctggatg taatatagaa caaaattatt ttttgtaagt gattgtttta     95880
     ttttattcat tacagtttct gaaaaataca gctattcatt tataccagtt ctcaaactat     95940
     gtatttgaac tccctgccaa tcatttattg caaaatttaa tgttgacact cattaatctg     96000
     atgccgagga gatagtttct ttctgtctga cataaaacaa tgataaaaga gacaatagtt     96060
     actttgattg cacaatagta gaggaaacat attttttcat gaacaataag gatgattatt     96120
     tcattcttag caatatacat ggctatcatt tctttttatg aagtaagtag cctgtttatt     96180
     aattgaatta ttccaacatt tttatgttgg agtcccagct cccagtacct ccaaatgtgg     96240
     ccttatttgt aaaaacaatg attaaccatg taattagtta tgatgatgtt ataatggagt     96300
     agggtgatag tctaatccaa catgattggt gtcctttata aaaatatttg ggcctagata     96360
     actcacaagg aaaatttcat gtgatgataa aggcagagat atgagtgatg tttctgcaag     96420
     tgaagagcca ccaaagatca acagtaaacc atcataagtt aggcaagagt catgaaacaa     96480
     attctttctc acagtagtca gcagaaagca gttctgccaa tactttgatc ttgcacttct     96540
     aacctctaga actgtgaaag aatgcattat agtcttttaa gctacccagt ttttggtgct     96600
     ttcttatagt gaagtaaggc agatgagcca aaaaattggg gattagaatg gaaactttct     96660
     tggcttcact ttaaagaaga attcaagtgt gagccagtgg taattaaaag agctttattg     96720
     aggtggcagt gttacagctc catgactact cctgcagagc aaatctaccc cacaggcagt     96780
     ggaatgagag tagcagctca ggggcagctc tgcagtcata tttataacca acttttaatt     96840
     acatgcaaat gaaggggtgg gttattccga attttctata aaaaggttgg taatttcaag     96900
     gtcattccca tggaatggag atgtaacttc cgggtgttgc catggcaatg gcaaattgac     96960
     atggcactgg tgggcaagtc ttatgaagac gtgctttggg tgcctcttcc ctgtttcagc     97020
     cagtcttcag tctgatccag agtaaaatcc tgcctcctac ctcattcctc actcagagat     97080
     tagatactta tttttaaatt caaggggttc acaaaaggat ggagatctgt cttctataac     97140
     tgcttcctgc tgagttcatg ggtgtaggct ctttccggca ctgaaggagt aaaaattttt     97200
     gaataaaaaa aatccagatc cagagataag aactacatca catacaaggg agtcctgaca     97260
     tactatcaat ggatttctta acagaaaccc tgaaggaaag aatggtatga aatattcaaa     97320
     gttttgaaag aaataatata aaaaccagca ataaagaata ctttagttac tttaattgga     97380
     aaaactgttc taacatgcag caggtttgtt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgttttta     97440
     agatggctga ttagggatgt cagattccag atctcctcag aaagatcaaa attacaaatg     97500
     agtggccatg atttgaatgg aaagctgaag aaagaaggcc tggatctctt tgagagccca     97560
     ggggaaacag ctggtgtgcc taaaaggcaa acagcaaata tattaagtat attgcaaaaa     97620
     ctaatccccc aaagaactcg gagctccatg aaaaggacag gttcgagtgc ttctgtactt     97680
     tcctcatgcc tgcaacaatc tgctgaccac taaattgttg gggaggcctt ctgtcttagt     97740
     taccctgggc aatgcttttg gtggctgttt gggaaattgc cagggacaga gcactgtgcg     97800
     gtcagttcac acagatgcac ccacattctt ctcagggctg aaccgagatg gtcggagaca     97860
     tactgtttgt gtacccaatg tgagccactg ctttgtctag ggaaactcag ctcttatatc     97920
     attgcatcac cagatatcct gcaaacatac cccaaaactt gctctgactt tggcaatgag     97980
     aggagactgc cgagtttctg cgaagctgca taatccctga agatctagcc ttcagcaggg     98040
     gccaccccta tggaacaggg agaacacaga ccatcaaagc caccttggga caaaggaaat     98100
     gtaaacaaag caccaatcac tgagggtggt agcaccagtg actgggaaca gacgtggaga     98160
     aggggtaatc ttgtgctgcc ccatcgactg tcacagacac agtagaggct ctcacactgg     98220
     gatttggtgt gagtctactt ggagacaacc ttcccattgc tttatacagt ggtttcactc     98280
     ccattgcaag taagaccata ctgaatgggc atgcacaaaa tatgaggccc atcttcccct     98340
     tttacacaga gcaataaaat cctggcaaca gcaggcagac aagtcacaga gctttctgtg     98400
     ctggactgag ggatgtatct ctgcctcgag cttgttttga tggtagctgc cagaggggaa     98460
     ataatacaga ctcacacttc agttaggagc caaagaacag tatccatatg aattgaaggt     98520
     catgagccct gttatggggc atcataagga agaagattgt atttctgcct gcccaggatg     98580
     agaagctggt gcagccttta cccccttatt cctatcctgg atgcttcagt gcattccaac     98640
     atgatctccc cctcagtgct ccccaagaaa gtagatgcct atatttatta tcaagctacc     98700
     agagagtgag ctggctctta ctctaaagca ccatttactc tactggagag taaacttcac     98760
     taccaaatac aaaacttact actaaaaagg catagtgcca gtgtatgata taagcttcct     98820
     gagatttctg cattctcgga cccacaggag atagtcagat catatgttca gtacattggt     98880
     acaacaagat gcatttggga aaattattgc aaaagagcta tccacaacta aggaacccat     98940
     acaaaacctg tgcaccttga aaacatccag aaataaaacc aaatgatttt acacaagata     99000
     caccacagta acaacctcaa gggaaaaaaa gaataaataa taaagaagtc ccatccaaat     99060
     gatagcaaac acaaaactga gaagtgacac tgcttcagag gaggaaaaaa atcattgcaa     99120
     gaactctggc agtacaaaaa gacagattgt ttcaacatct ccagcagaat ggactcgcta     99180
     tctcagtata gatcctaaac aaaatgaaaa ttctgaaatg agaaataagg aattcaaaat     99240
     atggattata atgaagctca aagagatgaa atagaacatt aaaaacaaac aaaaaaaacc     99300
     agagaaatga ttcaggatag ggaagatgag atagctatgt taaaaatata gaatttttgg     99360
     aattaaaaaa taaaagaaaa ttcaaataga attgaaacct tcaaaagttg actagatcaa     99420
     acagaagaat tccagaattt gaaaactggt ctttcaaatt aatccaatca gaaaatattt     99480
     tttaaataat ttttaaaaat caacaaagcc tttgagaaat atgagatgag gaaatgtgac     99540
     caaacctatg atttatatgc attcttgaga gagaagaaca aaaagtaagc aatttggaaa     99600
     acatatttgt ggcaataatt caggaacatt accctaatat tgctagagag ataaacatcc     99660
     agatacaaaa aattcagaga atgactgcaa gatactacac aagatgaaca tcaccaagac     99720
     atgtagtcat ccagactatc ccaggtcaaa cgtactgaaa aaaatcataa agcagataga     99780
     gaaaggggga caaatcccat gcaaagataa tcccatcaga ctgtcaacag actgctccac     99840
     agaaaacaga agagaatgtt gctctatttt gagccttcta aaagaaacag aaatgccatc     99900
     caaaattttc atatcctgcc aaacaaagct tcataaataa agcagaaaaa tgtatttcct     99960
     atacaaggaa acacgaagat aatttgtcat catgccacca ctagattgta catacaaaga    100020
     aatgctcaaa tgagttctca gcatggaaat aaaaaagatc atacttctat caaaatgcac    100080
     atgtaaatat aaacttcaca gatcctataa agtaattata caattgagac tacagcaact    100140
     agctaacaac agtataacag gaacaaaacc tcacatatca atattatcct ttaatgtaaa    100200
     tagcttaaat gttccactaa aaggtataga atggcaaatt ggatttaaaa aataaaacac    100260
     aagaccaaac catatgttgc ttttaagaga tctacttaaa gtgtcatgac atccataggc    100320
     tcacagtaaa tgagtgaaga aatatatttc acatacgtgg aaaacaaaac agagcaaggt    100380
     tgctattctt gtatcacacc acataagcca gactttaaac aaacaacagt aaagacagac    100440
     aaaaaaggca ctgtgtaatg acatagggtt caattcaaca agaaggttta tctattctaa    100500
     atatatatgc acccaacacc aaagaagcca gatttataaa acaaatgcta atatgactaa    100560
     gaaaagagat agacattcat aaaataatag acgggagttc aatacttcat tgacagcagt    100620
     agaaaaatat ttgatgcaga ctctggtctt aaactgtact cttgaccaat tgaaactaat    100680
     agataaatca gaatatttca tccaacaatg gcacgatata catttttcta ttctgttcat    100740
     gaaatatagt caatttatgg atttcatgca cagatgaaaa ttcacagatt aattccccaa    100800
     aactaatcat atacttgttc ataaagcaag tttcaatata cttttaaaaa tctatcacta    100860
     tatcagatca agtatattct cagaccacag tggaataaat ctaggaatct ataccaagag    100920
     gagtcctcaa agccatacaa gaacaaggaa aataaacaac ttgcttttga atgactttgt    100980
     gtaaacaata aaattcaggc aaaaattaaa attttttgaa acaaatgaaa atatagacac    101040
     tgcacaccaa aacttctcag atgcagcaaa agtagtatta aaaggaaagt ttctaaaact    101100
     aaatgtttat ttcaaaaaga taaaagattt caagtgacaa cctaatatca cacttcaaag    101160
     cactggaaca acagaaacaa ttcaaaccca aggacagtcg aagaaaaaaa taacaaaaat    101220
     catagtagaa ctaaatgaaa ttaaggccaa ataaataata caaaggatca acaaaatgac    101280
     aagtttgttt ttttgaaagt aaaaattgat agacagctag ctagattaag aaaagcaatt    101340
     caaataagca caattagaaa tgataaaggt tatattacaa ctgataccac agcaatacaa    101400
     aagaccatca aagattactg tgaacatctc tacatgcaca aactagagag cataaagaaa    101460
     atggaaaaat tcctggaaac atgcaaactt ccaagattga accaggaaga aatagattag    101520
     acatagattt ctatttcttc ctggttcaat cttggaagtt tgcatgtttc caggaatttt    101580
     ctatgccaat aatgagttat gaaattgaat cagtgataaa acatctacca accaaagccc    101640
     aggatcatat ggatttagag ctaaattcta ccaggagtac aacaaaatct ggtacgaatg    101700
     ttactaaaac tactacaaaa aataaaggag tagacatgcc tccctaactc attctatgaa    101760
     accagtatta ttctgacacc aaaatctagc aagaatgcaa cacaaaagta aactttaggt    101820
     caatattctt gataaacata gacacaaaat tcacaaccaa atactggtaa acagtatcta    101880
     ccagcaagcc aaaaacataa tttatcatca tcaagtgggg tttatcccag aaatgcaagg    101940
     atggttcaac atatgaaaat gtgttattta caacatattc agaaataaca acaaaaagca    102000
     catgatcatc tcaatagttg cagataaaat tcagcatccc tttatgataa aaaccctcaa    102060
     caacgtaggc atcaaacaaa tatatttcaa attagtaaca gccatgtatg acaacccaca    102120
     gccaacatca tacttaatga ggaaaaattg aaagcattcc tcctaagaac tagtataaga    102180
     cagggatgtc cactctcatc acttttcttc aacatagtac tgaaagccct acccagagaa    102240
     actagggagg aaaaaaaaaa catccaagtt ggaaaagaga aaatcaaatt atctctgttt    102300
     gctgatcaga tgatcttata tctggaaaat ctgaagattg ctccagaaga ctttcacatc    102360
     tgataaacaa cttcaacaaa gttttaggat acaaaattaa tgcacaaata ctagttgcat    102420
     ttctatacac caacaatgct caatttaaga gccaaatcaa taaatcaatc ttagttaaaa    102480
     tagccacaaa aatatctatg aataccttta accaggaagg tgaaagacct atataaggaa    102540
     aactacaata cactgatgaa ataaattgta gacaacacaa atgaaagaac atgctatgcc    102600
     catggataga atcaatatga ttaaaatgaa tatacacccc aaagcattct acagattcaa    102660
     tacaattctt atgaaaatac caacatcgtt tttcacagag ttagacaaaa caattctaaa    102720
     attcatatgg aaacaaagaa gagcccaaga tagccaaagc aatcgtaagc aataagaaca    102780
     aagttggaaa catcacattg tctgactgca aactatgcta caaggagata gtaacccaaa    102840
     cagcactgca cagggacaaa aatagacaca taaatcaata gaatagaaaa agaaaccaga    102900
     aataaagcca catacctaca actaactgat tcttgacaaa gtaaacacaa gtaaacattg    102960
     gggaaaggac atcctattca ataaatgctt caggaagaac aggctagcta aatgttgaat    103020
     aatgcaactg gaccattatc tcccactgca tagaaaaatt aactcaagat ggagtaaaag    103080
     tttacatttt agactggatt atcaaaaagt tctggaagaa aacctaggaa aatgtctttt    103140
     ggacattggc ctaggtaaag aatttatggc taaggcatca aaggccagtg caacaaaaac    103200
     aaaaatatac aagttaaaat taaataaaag ggcttctgca caacaaaaga cactaacaac    103260
     agactaaatt gataacctac agcgtggaag aaaatatttg caaactgagt ctgataaatg    103320
     actaatactc ataatctaaa aggaatttaa acaaatcaac actaagaaac caataacctc    103380
     atcaaatagt gagcaaggag atgaacagac acttctcaaa gaagacatat aatgagtcaa    103440
     caaatatatg aaaaaagact caatattaca aatcatcata tacatgcaaa ttaacaccac    103500
     aatgaaatcc atctcataag agttggaatg gctattatta aatactcaaa aaataaaaga    103560
     tgttggtgag gatgtagaga aaaagggaca cttatttacc attacttgta ctgtaaatta    103620
     gttcaacccc taaggtaatc agtatccaga tttctcaaag aactaaaaac agaactgcca    103680
     tttgacccag caaccccact gctgcttctc tctccaaagg aagagaaatc attctaccaa    103740
     aaagacacct gcactcatat gtttatggca gtcctattca cagtaacaaa gtcatggaat    103800
     caacctaagt gtcagtccat ggttgattgt gcaaagaaaa tgtcgtatat atacagcatg    103860
     aaatcccatg cagccataaa aaataataat gcctttgtag caacatggtt ggagcgagag    103920
     gccattaacc taaatgaaat aactcaaaaa cagaaaaaca aatactgcat agtctcacct    103980
     ttaggagtta agcagtgggt acacatggaa caaatatgga aataatagac acagaaatcc    104040
     agtatatata tatacacaca catatatagt taataataat gtatatttct attattacaa    104100
     tataataata tgtactttta atacataata tgtattttaa taatgtattt taaaattata    104160
     ttaactatat atagttaata ttaatgtata tttaaaaatt gttaagagaa tgcaattcaa    104220
     atttctcatt aaaagtgata gcaagtgatg taatagtaat ttagctttat ttaatcttcc    104280
     acgttgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtaca caggtgtggg acctgtggga    104340
     catggactgg cttcctctcc ttgggttaac tgcagcacat tggaggtgtg gataaaagac    104400
     ttagggtctt tgctcctttg ttagtctgag ggtagaaaga tcagttccac tccagaggcc    104460
     gtggcagaga agttttcagt tgtccctgga ggctctgtcc aggaattttc tcggttgcta    104520
     ctggctcagt agctctggtg ggggtggctg gaggcccagg catggaggac ctcaccagtg    104580
     aggagacgtg ggaccaagca cccacttaag tctggtcact tttccattgg actgctgcag    104640
     tatgctgggg gctcactcca gtccctagtc accttagatt ttccaatacc tggaggtatc    104700
     accagtgaag gctgtgtaac agcaaagatg gcagccttct cctccagacc tgtttttggc    104760
     ctgaacacac ctgtagaagg tagctagaga ccacggttgg gagttcccac ccagtgagga    104820
     ggaacaggat tggcagacct gcttgaaaaa gcagcctggt catgttttgg tggagcagct    104880
     gtgctatgct gggtatccac ttcagccccc agtcacctca gacactccaa agcccaaagg    104940
     ccggaatagc taagtcactc aaacagcaaa gatggcagct cacccctcct ctgggagccc    105000
     catccctgga gagtttgaaa cctctgtcag ccagagaaca ctggcgggga tagctggaga    105060
     tccgggttgg gaggccccac tgatgatgag aaacaggatt ggggaactgc ttaaaaaagc    105120
     aatctggtca tgttttcata aggcagttgt gctgtgcagg gggtccactt cagcccctag    105180
     tcaccttgta ctctccaaag gccagaatag ctatgtcact caaacggcac agatggcagg    105240
     ccatccctcc ctctgggagc tccattccag ggaggcttca aatctctgtc aactggagaa    105300
     caccagtggg ggtggctaaa gaccccagtt ggaagtcctg cacactgaaa aggaatggga    105360
     gaggggatct tcttaaaaag gcagtctggt ggtattttca tagagcagtt gtgatgtgct    105420
     gtaggattcc tcctgtttct ggtcagctta gactctccaa agaccacagg gtggaacggc    105480
     tgtctcccaa acagcaaaga tggtggccta cccctacccc caggagctcc atcccagtcg    105540
     caatattact atcagtggct ggctgaaatt ccaagccaga gttttattct gtgaggtgcc    105600
     ttggtagtgg gacctgcgga cagtcactgc tcagctccct ggattcagcc tctttcctag    105660
     ggatatgtac aggtggtcta acctttcact ttgctggaat tgcaagtaat ttttctggga    105720
     agcccagaaa gcctgagtat ctaaggctcc tgggtctcca catgtgcctg agcagatgct    105780
     cagcaaagac tccacatagc tctgtgtgtc agactgaagg ccctggtgga gtgggttcat    105840
     gaggggaatc tcctgaccca agggttgcaa agatctgtgg aagaagcgtg ggttcctgca    105900
     gtcacacttt cactcaccac ttccttgggt ggcggaggtt acttggctcc atgtcactcc    105960
     tgggtaggcc atcattctgc tttgattttc tccatttttc gtgggtcaag ttgttttctt    106020
     gattagtcct tatgcacgct cctggatgtt tcagttgaaa atgctgtatt tactcacccc    106080
     ttccttttct ctccatgaga gccatgcaca ctagctgctt ctagttggcc atcttggcca    106140
     cctccccaac agagaacatt ttggacaggg gtgacaaata tggatttgat gatggaatct    106200
     tttaaccttg atgcgaagct acaagaaggc ttcaacacct tcggtttaca acagtattag    106260
     actgtctcac ttccatcatt aattacaaat tattaatgag caccctacac agcacaggat    106320
     tggtcagtct gttcaaagct ttgattggac actcctcagt tatagtcaag cagatcctca    106380
     gtatcacaat gcatgttttt tttttattgt ggaagtgcat taagaacttg tgtttgtaca    106440
     atctataatt tacaagctat aggaaactgg gagcagaatg aaaaatgtct gatttcaacc    106500
     atcaatggca atatgctata aaaatctcta ggaagtgtta aaacacagga ttgacatctg    106560
     ctctgtgaca tgaacactcc atatgaacat ttataaagtt aaaattaact gtgagagtta    106620
     ctctgccaac tagaatttac aggttcacat ataacctaca tactcaatga tacatatttg    106680
     gacatgttaa tttagtttta attcactcca tgtttgtctt gaagatcaag tgaatttagg    106740
     acagatagta tgattgctaa gcagcaggaa aattcacttt atttctttgg tcataaatta    106800
     acttgaaacc tttcagcttg agtttcttgt tatttctttg tttgtttgtt ttctttttcc    106860
     agacctgtta tttttgttat aggtacagac taagtagaga gttagattaa gtagagttga    106920
     gggtcttcca ggtaactaca atagagaaat aaaaagtgtg agcaacagag gaacaaacag    106980
     gcaagtggaa tgtacataca aggcagagat tgcaatgaaa gaacatgaac tctaaagtgg    107040
     gtaataaggg aaagtaatac aggcagaaaa cattgaaaag tgaaaaggtg gtaatgtaaa    107100
     taagtttgat tccaatagag tcaaataatt gttggaaagt gatgctagag gctatgacct    107160
     acaaagatgg gatattgtga ctggtgaatg gatttattga aattgagatt ttgtaaatgt    107220
     aattaatgaa aataataatg tctatgatca caggtggagg tgtcacaggt gggacaaagg    107280
     aaaagctcac cgacactaat gaagtcaaga aactgagaga acagtttgag ggattttttt    107340
     tattattatt ttaacattcc tgacaactga caagagtggt gttggatata aattaagtca    107400
     gacataaaat tctgaaggaa gaaatgtaaa taattagcca gtctataaat aaaaagagag    107460
     acagtgatac ggttagccca tgtgtcttca cccaaatctc atcttgaatt gtaatcccca    107520
     gatgttgagg aaggaccctg gtgggaggtg attggatcat ggaggtggtt tctcccatgc    107580
     tgttctcatg gtagtgagta ctcacaagat ctgatggctt tattagtgtt tggcaagttc    107640
     ctccttcact cactcttctc tcttctgccg acttaagaag aaggtgcttg cttccccttc    107700
     caccatgatt gtaagtttcc tgatgcctcc ccagccatgc agaactgtga atcaattaaa    107760
     ccccttttct ttatatatta cccagttttg ggtagtatct ttatagcagt gtgagaacag    107820
     actaatatct ttacagcagt gtgagaacag actaatacaa atgttatact aacaccatat    107880
     ataatatata gtatagtatt gcatgcaatt caaaggatat tttttctttt tgtaaattag    107940
     aagggaagaa taatggtcca gaattggcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaactaagac    108000
     aatatattct caggcccact agttcataga atgtgagata atagaatctc tttcactcat    108060
     cttagctcct gggggaaaca ctgtcctctg gagacatcca gaaaatttaa gaaggtaaag    108120
     gatacatcca ggaaaacatt gaaacatttt tccattagag agcacagtga gaggatttaa    108180
     ggcatttaga atagattgaa catgggtaca tattatagta tatacactgc catgagaaga    108240
     taaaaatcga tccactttat gatagagaat tttggagtct tggccccctt gtgatcatca    108300
     aagtaagcaa ggacaagagt cataaagata attttctcta ttgtcattta catggaggtg    108360
     aataattatt ctaattatta gtataatttt agggtctctc catgagtagg aactctctga    108420
     gtttgcccat atattttcta ataggttgat gtgatgttca tcctagggaa agactacatt    108480
     acaaaaagca agtggatgtc tatgctagct gcctaaatca tgttgaaaat gatgtcaatg    108540
     ctcagagaca ggcagtccta ctaagactat aagaaattct gccaactgtg aactttaaac    108600
     tcttttgagg tgaataacta accaacagcc aacaaaattc ttatctgaga aacagtgaaa    108660
     ataaatgtta tatttaggaa aaagacaagg atgctttcta ctatcccaat tttaaatatt    108720
     tgtcaggaaa ttttacttaa tatattttat atattttata atttgcaaca ttatataaat    108780
     tatatatcat atatatatca tgtatgatca tatatatatg atgttgctga aatgggaaaa    108840
     gttcccttgt ccctcttgca gggtgtgaaa tggggatgtg gcttgcttct tcagtgctct    108900
     attgctcaaa cctttagggg agcatacaga tgggcaggga gacccatggc agtgtccagg    108960
     ggtgaatgtt tacagctgaa gcccagtgac catgtgttac tgggtgctct tttagtttag    109020
     ccctgcatag gtggctgtgt tagctcaatt agacccctgc tttatcgcaa gcacagaggg    109080
     ctttctgtat cccagggttc ttgccttgga gtacgggaag aattggatca cacatgggct    109140
     tggagaatga gtccaaggtt ttattgaatg gaagtagctc tcagcagtgg gggagccaga    109200
     agggagaaga ttttccccta gagttgggcc acttggaggc ctggactctc ctccaactgc    109260
     cccaaccaaa ctctgtgtca ttctgctggt cggtggcctg ccagcatgtt cggtgtgttc    109320
     ctctcgacat ccaaccatcc gtgtgttcct ctgctgatgt gctcctctcg atgtccagcc    109380
     acctgtgtgt ctgcttgcta gcatcttggg gtttttacag gcacaggatg gggccatggc    109440
     aggccagggt agtcttggga aatgcaacat ttgggcagga aaacaaaaat gcctgtcctc    109500
     atgtaggtct gtggccacag gcctgggtgt ggagtcctag ccagggacca caaccttacc    109560
     cccttccgta taatttaaag ggatcatgtc cttcctttcc cagaatttcc cttccatatc    109620
     attgttaatg acatgtttgg atacttcaga aatctaagat agatcatcta agacacataa    109680
     gagcttagaa tttgtcactt tcattctttt aacaaggaaa agctggaaaa actgaaaatc    109740
     agttgacact ttttggactc atcagagaag tgaagttact ggatttcctt gaaatattta    109800
     gaaacagtta ttttaagaag gacaaaacac atgagcaatt tcttatctgg agcagacact    109860
     gccagacacc ctagaaggca gtaagaacgt taaactagaa attctgatga acttatggtg    109920
     cccaaatgtg ggctagcttc tggaggctgc aatcacagga atacccctca tttctgtagg    109980
     ctttcctcca gaagctccac caggctttca tagagtggat ttagaaaaat cctaagagtg    110040
     ctccctttgt gactctgcca agggaaggga aggaattagg aggcagggtg aaaaagagtc    110100
     tacccctaaa gaaaaaaaag aaacacgaat tacaaaagtc acagctctga aacacagctt    110160
     actatgcatt ccaaaacttg agaataaaac ataaaaccta gagaatgcct tatatccttc    110220
     tttcctatat gatcactata ctagtaatgc ctccaataat ggttacagtg gattacaact    110280
     gaaagagcta aaagaaaaaa taaataaata aaactttcta agaagcagaa tagagaagcc    110340
     caaaattcaa caggagagaa aaaaaacatg attactagag aaatatgaat cttccagtgt    110400
     ccatagctac aacaaacatc aaacataaca caactcttgg ccagataaca tgtataccaa    110460
     acatctatta acatatatga tatgttcatc attcaacaaa aagttctaag acatgcccaa    110520
     aaggcaagaa gcaaacaaat aaacaacaca cagtcagaag acaaagtatt aatgagacac    110580
     agactcactt atgacatgaa tgttggaatt gtcagagagg aaatttaaaa atgattatga    110640
     ttaccttgtc aaaatctcta atgaaaaagg tacaggacag gcaaaaccag aagggtcaca    110700
     taagaggaga gatgcaaatt gtaagaataa aaagaaaagg ttataaatta tttttaaaaa    110760
     atatggcaac aaaaatgaag aatgctctcc atagttcatc agtataccca acacaactaa    110820
     ataaaaagtc agtaaatttg aagacaggta aatagaaatt tttcaaactg aaattgaata    110880
     aagtgacaaa aatagaagag aacattcgag aactgtggga aaatatctgc aaaactgtaa    110940
     tactagaaga aaaaggcaaa atgaaacaaa ataaaaattt gaagaaatag tagttgaaaa    111000
     atgttaagtt agtgacagtc accaatacat ggatctaaga agcttagaga accctaagaa    111060
     aagataacac actgtattag tcaggattct ccgaaaaaat ataaacaata gaaccaatag    111120
     gctctatttt tgtctctcca tagagagaga gatacagaag tttattttaa gaagttggct    111180
     cacatgatta tgggagcagg caaatccaaa agctgcagga tggattggca ggttggagac    111240
     ccaaagaaga gcaaataatg tagttcaagt ctgaaggcca tcagaataaa gtttcaggaa    111300
     ggaaccaaca ttgcagttca aatccaaagg atatctactg gcagaattac tctttgcttg    111360
     ggggaagtca gtacttttgt tctattcagt tcttaactga gtggatgaga cccacccaac    111420
     ttacagagga aaatctcttt tgctcaaagt tgactaattt atatgctaat ctcatggaaa    111480
     acaatcttca taaaaatatc tggaataatg tgtgaacaaa tatttgggca caatgaggca    111540
     tccaaattga cacttaaaat taattatcac acataacaaa acatagataa gaattgccaa    111600
     agacatctta tcagatatta tgtcaacagg aaaataatgg catacaatat ttaaaatttt    111660
     aaaagaaaaa ttctgccaat caaaaattct atactcagca aaacatgtac tttaagattg    111720
     aaaaaaaatc ctttctcaaa aaaaaaatta ttactagtag actagcccta caaaaattgt    111780
     taaaggaagt tcttcacaga aagaaactta tataggtcag aaaaattgag aatatacaaa    111840
     aaaaagaaga gtggagcaca acaaataaat aaaggtaaaa tatcttttat gtttttctta    111900
     atttcccaaa agataattga cactttaaaa caataataat aacaatgtat gaagtattta    111960
     tagcatatgt ttaaataaaa tgaatgactg tgtcagaaga gatgagagag gaattaagaa    112020
     taccataaat tacctgcact atatctgaat gaaatagtat tatttaaaga ggaacttaga    112080
     ttgtttaaaa atgtatatag taaaccctca ggcaaccact aaaataatga aaaggaagta    112140
     taagtgatat gtcagtatgg aagacaaatg gcatcataat aaatgttcaa taaatagcag    112200
     agagagccac agaaggaaac atttaaaaga aagagcaaat gcaattaata caaagcataa    112260
     agataatagg ctgggcatcg tgactcacat ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg    112320
     caggcagatc acatgaggtc aggagttcaa gaccagtctg accaacatgg agaaatgctg    112380
     tctctactaa aaatacaaaa ttagccaggc atggtggtgc atgcctgtaa tcccagctac    112440
     tcgggaggct gaggcaggag aatcacctga acctgggagg tggaggttgt ggtgagcaaa    112500
     gatcatgcca ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa caagagtgaa actctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa    112560
     aaaaaaaaag aaacagatag tatatatagt ttcttccaaa tatatttgga atcactttat    112620
     acctgaatag tctaaataca ccagtcaaaa tcagaaattg gttttctgtt cctgtgttaa    112680
     ttcacttagg attatggcct ccagttctat ccatgttgtt gcaaaggaca tgcttttatt    112740
     tttttcctat agttgtgtag tatttcatgg cgtatgtgta acacattttc tcaattataa    112800
     atagtagcta aatattgagc acacaaggac tcaaacaagg gaacaacaga cactgtggac    112860
     tactagatgg gggagatgga aagaaggagg tgggttgaaa aactacctat tgggtaatat    112920
     gtcagtaccg gggtgcaata taaccatgta aaaaatctgc acatgtacgt tctgtatcta    112980
     aaaaaaaagt tgaatttaaa aaaaaagaaa ttgggaagta tgatcaactg ataaacacca    113040
     atgtagggaa agatgtagac ttaagaacac tcttacacaa tacttattag agttttaatt    113100
     ggtatgatca cttttgggag ccatttggta atatctcgtg agattaaaaa tgtgcatatt    113160
     tcatgaccag acaattccaa ccctcaatgt ctatatcaga tatgttctat tttatatatg    113220
     ccaggaaaca tatgaaaaaa agtatttact ttagcgcttg ttgatatcag caaataaagc    113280
     gtaaataaat taactttctg ccaataggaa aatgggtgac ttagagatag cttattttta    113340
     taagaaaata gtatataata ttagaaatga attcagttga tttacttgta tcaagaggga    113400
     taaatataga aaagataatg ttgaggagga gccaagatgg ctaacaggaa cagctccggt    113460
     ctacagctcc cagtgagagc gacgcagaag acaggtgatt tctacatttc catctgaagt    113520
     accaggttca tctcaccatg gagtgccaga cagtgggtgc aggtcagtgg gtgtgtgcac    113580
     cgtgcatgag ccaaagcggg gcaaggcatt gcctcactcg ggaagtgcaa ggggtcaggg    113640
     agttcccttt cctagtcaaa gaaaggggtg tcagacggca cctggaaaat cgggtcagtc    113700
     ccacctgaat actgcacttt tctgacgggc ttaaaaaacg gtgcaccagg agattatatc    113760
     ccacacctgg ctcagagggt cctatgccca cagagtcttg ctgattgcta gcacagcagt    113820
     ctgagatcaa actgcaaggt ggcagcaagg ctgggggagg ggcgcccacc attgcccagg    113880
     cttgcttagg taaacaaagc agaggggaag cttgaactgg gtggagccca ccacagctca    113940
     aggaggcctg cctgcctctg taggctccac ctctgggggc agggcacaga caaacaaaaa    114000
     gacagcagta acctctgcag acttaaatgt ccctgtctga cagctttgaa gagagcagtg    114060
     gttcttccag cacacagctg gagatctgag aatgggcaga ctgcctcctc aagtgggtcc    114120
     ctgacccctg acccccaagc agcctaactg gaaggcaccc ccaagcaggg gcagactgac    114180
     acctcacagg gctgggtact ccaacagacc tgcagctaag ggtcctgtct gttagaagga    114240
     aaactaacaa acagaaagga catccacacc aaaaacccat ctgtacatca ccatcatcaa    114300
     agaccaaaag tagataaaac cacaaagatg gggaaaaaac agaacagaaa aactggaaac    114360
     tctaaaaagc agagcaccta tcctccaaag gaatgcagtt cctcaccagc aacagaacaa    114420
     agctggacag agaatgactt tgacgagctg agagaagaag gcttcagacg atcaaattac    114480
     tccgagctat gggatgacat tcaaaccaaa gacaaagaag ttgaaaactt tgaaaaaaaa    114540
     tttagaagaa tgtataacta gagtaaccaa tacagagaag tgcttataga gctgatggag    114600
     ctgaaaacca aggcttgaga actacgtgaa gaatacagaa gcctcaggag ctgatgcgat    114660
     caactggaat aaagggtatc agtgatggaa gatgaaatga atgaaatgaa gtgagaaggg    114720
     aagtttagag aaaaaagaat aaaaagaaat gagcaaagcc tccaagaaat atgggactat    114780
     gtgaaaagac caaatctacg tctgattggt gtgcctgaaa gtgacgggga gaatggaacc    114840
     aagttggaaa acattctgca ggatattatc caggagaact tccccaatct agcaaggcag    114900
     gccaacattc agattcagga gatacagaga atgccacaaa gatactcctc gagaagagca    114960
     actccaagac acataattgt cagattcacc aaagttgaaa tgaaagaaaa aatgttaagg    115020
     gcagccagag agaaaggtca ggttaccctc aaagggaagc acataagact aacagcagat    115080
     ctctcagcag aaactctaca agccagaaga gactgggaac caatattcaa cattcttaaa    115140
     gaaaagaatt ttcaacccag aatttcatat ccagccaaac taagcttcat aaatgaagga    115200
     gaaataaaat actttataga caagcaaatg ttgagagatt ttgtcaccac caggcctgcc    115260
     caaaaagagc tcctgaagga agtgctaaac atggaaagga acaaccggta ccagccactg    115320
     caaaatcatg ccaaaatgta aagaccatcg agactaggaa gaaactgcat caactaacaa    115380
     gcaaaataac cagctaatat cataatgaca ggatcaaatt cacacataaa aatattaact    115440
     ttaaatgtaa atggactaaa tgctccaatt aaaagacaca gactggcaaa ttggataaag    115500
     agtcaagacc catcagtgtg ctgtattcag gaaacccatc tcatgtgcag agacacacat    115560
     aggctcaaaa taaaaggatg gaggaagatc taccaagcaa atggaaaaca aaaaaaggca    115620
     ggggttgcaa tcctagtctc tgataaaaga gactttaaac caacaacgat caaaagagac    115680
     aaagaaggcc attacataat ggtaaaggga tcaattcaac aagaagagct aactatccta    115740
     aatatatatg cacccaatac aggagcaccc agattcataa agcaagtcct gagtgaccta    115800
     caaagagact tagaatccca cacattaata atgggagact ttaacacccc actgtcaaca    115860
     ttagacagat caacgagaca gaaattcaac aaggataccc aggaattgaa ctcagctctg    115920
     caccaagcag acctaataga catctacaga actctccacc ccatatcaac agaatataca    115980
     tttttttcag caccacacct attccaaaat tgaccacata cttggaagta aagctctcct    116040
     cagcaagtgt aaaagaacag aaattataac aaactatctc tcagaccaca gtgcaatcaa    116100
     actagaactc aggattaaga atctcactca aaactgctca actacatgga aactgaacaa    116160
     cctgctcctg aatgactact gggtacataa tgaaatgaag gcagaaataa agatgctatt    116220
     tgaaaccaac gagaccaaag acacaacata ccagaatctc tgggacacat tcaaagcagt    116280
     gtgtagaggg aaatttatag cactaaatgc ccacaagaga gagcaggaag gatccaaaat    116340
     tgacacccta acatcacaat taaaagaact agaaaagcaa gagcaaacac attcaaaagc    116400
     tatcagaagg caagaaataa ctaaaatcag agcagaactg aaggaaatag agacacaaaa    116460
     aacccttcaa aaaattaatg aatccaggag ctggtttttt gaaaggatca agaaaatcga    116520
     tagaccacta gcaagactaa taaagaaaaa aagagagaag aatcaaatcg atgcaataaa    116580
     aaatgataaa ggggatatca ccactgatcc cacagaaata caaactacca tcagagaata    116640
     ctatgaacac ctctaggcaa ataaactaga aaatctagaa gaaatggata aattcctcga    116700
     cacatgcact ctcccaagac taaaccagga agaagttgaa tctttgaata gatcaataac    116760
     aggatctgaa attgtggcaa taatcaatag cttaccaacc aaaaagagtc caggaccaga    116820
     tggattcaca gccgaattct accagaggta caaggaggaa ctggtaccat tccttctgaa    116880
     attattccaa ttaatagaaa aagagggaat cctccctaac tcattttatg aggccagcat    116940
     catcctgata ccaaagccag gcagagacac aaccaaaaaa gagaatttta gaccaatatc    117000
     cttgatgaac attgatgcaa aaatcctcaa taaaatactg gcaaaccgaa tccagcagca    117060
     catcaaaaag cttatccacc atgatcaagt gggcttcatc cctgggatga aaggctggtt    117120
     caatatactc aaatcaataa atgtaatcca acatataaac agaaccaaag acaaaaacca    117180
     catgattatc tcaatagatg cagaaaaggc ttttgacaaa attcaacaac gcttcatgct    117240
     aaaaactctc aataaattag gtattgatgg gacgtatttc aaaataagag ctatctatga    117300
     caaacccaca gccaatatca tactgaatgg gcaaaaactg gaagcattcc ctttgaaaac    117360
     tggcacaaga cagggatgcc ctctctcacc actcctattc aacatagtgt tggaagttct    117420
     ggccagggca attaggcagg agaaggaaat aaaggatatt caattaggaa aagaggacgt    117480
     caaattgtcc ctggttgcag acgacatgat tgtataccta gaaaacccca ttgtctcagc    117540
     ccaaaatctc cttaagctga taagcaactt cagcaaagtc tcaggataca aaatcaatgt    117600
     gcaaaaatca caggcattct tatacaccaa caatagacag acagagagcc aaatcatgag    117660
     tgaactccca ttcacaattg cttcaaagtg aataaaacac ctgggaatcc aacttacaag    117720
     ggatgtgaat gacctcttca aggagaacta caaaccactg ctcaaggaaa taaaagagga    117780
     tacaaacaaa tggaagaaca ttccatgctc atgggtagga agaatcaata tcatgaaaat    117840
     ggccatgctg cccaaggtaa tttatagatt caatgccatc cccatcaagc taccaatgac    117900
     tttcttcaca gaattggaaa aaactacttt aaagttcata tggaaccgaa aaagagcccg    117960
     catctccaag tcaatcctaa gccaaaagaa caaagctgga ggcatcacgc tacctgactt    118020
     caaactatac tacaaggcta cagtaaccaa aacagcatgg tactggtacc aaaacagaga    118080
     tatagatcag tggaacagaa cagagccctc agaaataacg ccacatatct acacctatct    118140
     gatctttgac aaacctgaga aaaacaagca atggggaaag gattccctat ttaataaatg    118200
     gtgcaggcaa aactgactag ccatatgtag aaagctgaaa ctggatccct tccttacacc    118260
     ttatgcaaaa attaattcaa gatggattaa agacttaaac gttagaccta aaaccataaa    118320
     aaccctagaa gaaaacctag gcattaccat tcaggacata ggcatgggca aagactccat    118380
     gtctaaaaca ccaaaagcaa tggcaacaaa agacaaaatt gacaaatggg atctaattaa    118440
     actaaagagc ttctgcacag caaaagaaac taccatcaga atgaacaggc aacctacaaa    118500
     atgggagaaa attttcacaa cctactcatc tgacaaaggg ctaatatcca gaatctacaa    118560
     tgaactcaaa caaatttaca agaaaaaaac aaccccatca tcaaaaagtg ggcgaaggac    118620
     atgaacagac acttctcaaa agaagacatt tatgcagcca aaaaacacat gaaaaaatgc    118680
     tcaccatcac tggccatcag agaaatgcaa atcaaaacca caatgagata ccttctcaca    118740
     ccaattagaa tggcaatcat taaaaagtca ggaaacaaca ggtgctggag aggatgtgga    118800
     gaaataggaa cacttttaca ctgttggtgg gactgtaaac tagttcaacc attctggaag    118860
     tcagtgtggc gattcctcag ggatctagaa gtagaaatac cattttcaca gccatcccat    118920
     tactgggtat atacccaaat gactataaat catgctgcta taaagacaca tgcacacgta    118980
     tgtttattgt ggcattattc acaatagcaa agacttggaa ccaacccaaa tgtccaacaa    119040
     tgatagactg gataaagaaa atgtggcaca tatacaacat ggaatactat gcagccataa    119100
     aaaatgatga gttcatgtcc tttgtaggga catggacgaa gctggaaacc atcactctta    119160
     gcaaactatt gcaagggcag aaaaccaaac accatatgtt ctcataggtg ggaattgaac    119220
     aatgagaaca cttggacaca gggaggggaa catcacacaa tggggcctgt tgtggggtgg    119280
     ggggaggggg gagggatagc attaggagat atacctaatg ctagatgacg agttagtggg    119340
     tgcagcgcac cagcatggcc catgtataca tatgtaacta acctgcacat tgtgcacatg    119400
     taccctaaaa cttaaagtat aataataata aataaagaaa aagaaaacaa aagaaaagat    119460
     aatgttaagt aaaaatcaaa ccttcaaaag ggtacttaga gtaggaagca acatatataa    119520
     attaaaacac acaaattaat agaatatttg tttatgggga catacatatg tagtaaagac    119580
     aaaatgcaca tttgttagtt caatggcata aaaaaatcat aaattgtaga ttagattaag    119640
     aaacaaaaaa cagtatcaag aaaacaaaac aaaaatatga tacctaatta tatgctgtgt    119700
     agagcaaacc caatttaaat ataaagactt ttagaagtta aataaaatga tgaagaaaga    119760
     tatatcatgc aaacacaaag cataaaaaga agctgaatta cctctattaa tttcagacaa    119820
     agcaatcttc agaacaaaaa agagtatcag gagtaaaaga aacattaaat aatgaaaaaa    119880
     ggatcaattc tcaaagcaga cataatcata aaatggtgtg tacctaacaa aacagcatca    119940
     aaatatatgc aaaaatttat agaactgaaa ggagaaatag acaaatatcc tattatagtt    120000
     gcatagtttg acactccctt gtcagtaaat gataaataga gcaggcagaa aatgataagg    120060
     ctaaagataa actgaacaac actatcaaca aattggcatt atagaatatt ctgtacagca    120120
     tcataagaat acacgttctt ctcatgtgca gatggaacac tcatcaggat ggaacactca    120180
     tgaagataca tcacagtata ggccataaaa taaacatttg caggttgaaa atgctagaaa    120240
     ttatgtaaag tacgttctca gagggtaaca gatttactgt agaaatcagt aactgaaata    120300
     tggccataaa acctgaacta tttataaaat agagaatata gctctaaata acacttacgg    120360
     ttaaaaaaat accaacatat cttatgaaca cagagtatat acaaaaatcc tttaaagtat    120420
     tagcaaatca aaaatggtaa gatataaaaa gagtaattca ccacaactta ttcattatag    120480
     gaatgcaagt atggttttac attcataaat caatcaatgt aatttatctt gttagcaggc    120540
     taaatatcag aaatcatatc aatagataca ttaaatacat tttacaaaat ttaatatccc    120600
     tttacgatta aaaactcaaa aatcaggaat agaaggtgtg ttagcccagt cttgcattgc    120660
     tatgaagaaa tgaccaaaac tggataaatt gtaaagaaaa taaacctaat tggctaacag    120720
     ttctgcaggt tttgcagaaa gtatggtgat ggcatctgct ggacttctgg tgaggcctct    120780
     gggagccttt attcatggtg gaaggcaaag tgggaactgg cacatcacat ggcttgagct    120840
     agagcaagag agagaatggg aaatcctaca gagttttaaa taaccagatc ttgtgtgaac    120900
     ccactcatca ctaaggggat ggtgctaagt cattcatgag ggatacacat tttcatgatc    120960
     taaacacttt ccacgtgccc catctccaac aatggggatt acatttcaat gtgagattgg    121020
     atggggaaac agatccaaat catctcagag ggaaacatcc tttatgtaat caggcagata    121080
     ggaaaactta caaagaacat cgtattgatg acagacagaa caaaatgaat atagtagtat    121140
     tgcattatag ctaaaattat aaaataaata cttacaagtc catacagata ttaaaaatga    121200
     attaataaat agacaaggga gaatagaaaa atctcctctg cagaagaatt acaaataatt    121260
     tgttaagata cattcacctt aaggaagcag agctcatctc ccagtttctt agatgtggtc    121320
     tttatattgt gactttcttc caaaaaatac acattacaaa ggaataaaaa aaggaactac    121380
     agtgtagcaa cttgacaaac taccatagcc aagtgattaa tatcaacatt aaaaagtcat    121440
     attgatagca tatattcttg atatactatg acaagaaagg catttaatct ctgtgatctt    121500
     gcaaccagat accaattatc ccagcctaat gagaaaaaca tcaaagaaat tgcaatgtag    121560
     gaacattcta caaaataacc tgaactcctc aaaactgtca aagtcatcag aacagaaatg    121620
     gaaaatctga gaaaccatca tagctacatg gagccaaagg agacatgact actaaatata    121680
     gtgtggtatt atgtttggga atctaagata ggaaaaggac atgcagtaaa aactatgaaa    121740
     atgtgcataa atgtggactt tagttaataa gatatcaata ctagtttgtt aattataaca    121800
     aatctatttt tctaatataa gatactagtt ataggagaaa ctggatgcag agtatatgga    121860
     aaacatacga ttttattttt atttaaaact gctctaaatt atcaagttta taaaaatatt    121920
     tactctacta cttcttcctt aaaaattcta attaagtatg agataggctt aaactcttca    121980
     aatgaagaca catagaatat ctgatgatat taggaaaacc aaagtaatgg agcttcacag    122040
     aaatttaatt tcatcaaagt tagcaatgtg aatgatcagc cactccggac taaattctga    122100
     ttcttttttg tacccttaca atatttaatt tgctagcttt aaaagatttt aactatgatg    122160
     tttcaaacaa ttgttttagg agatatctga acattaactt gagcattgga agcttttatt    122220
     atggtaaaga gaattggtgg aaataatggt taatgatgtt taaaatactt ttgtgtgttt    122280
     ataatactat ctagagagcc actttgcaga aatgtatatt cagattatta acccatttta    122340
     tgattgggtt atttaattat ttaatattgt gctattagta ctttataggc tctagataca    122400
     agttttgttg ttgctgttgt tggatatgtg gtttgcaaat atttcctccc agtctgttcc    122460
     ttgtcttttc ttcttcacat ggaccttcaa agagcaaatg tttttagttt caattttaat    122520
     tatgtccaat gtagcaaagt tttatggatt tggattttgt tataaaatct aagaacactt    122580
     tcactagcca taggacccaa ggatattcta ccatgatttt aataaaagtt ttcaggtgtg    122640
     tgctttatat ttaggtccat gatctatttt gaatggattt ttacatgagg ggtaaggttt    122700
     aggtcaaggt ttgtattttt tccccatgga agtttagctc ctctagtgcc aataaaaata    122760
     gaattaatac aaaatgcatt atatacaaaa actggctcat gatgtttcat agacctaaat    122820
     ataaaactgc aaactagaca aattcaaggt gaaaatgtaa gagaaaatgt tttcctcttg    122880
     gagttacaaa aatatatata ttacatattt tacaaaaagc atattcacag aagaataaat    122940
     ctagataaat tgaacagtat ccaaactaaa aacttctgct ctttcaaata cactgttaat    123000
     aatggaaaga aaattcacac tttttctggg agaaaatatt ttcagatcat atatctgaca    123060
     agggacatat aaccagaatg tataaaggac attcaaatct caacattgtg taaacaacaa    123120
     tttttcaaaa aagaacaata catatcaatg gacatttgaa taaattaaat attcatatgg    123180
     caaacgagaa tgtgaaaaat taaccccatt agttatcagg gaattgccag gggaaaaaca    123240
     tgagatttct ccaaacatgc attagaatgg caaaaacatt tttttcaatg acataccaag    123300
     cattgatgaa gatatagaac aactggatct ctcacatact gttggtcgga aagcaagatt    123360
     atattgctac ttgagaaaac tgtttagtag ttacttagaa cattaatcat acacttaaca    123420
     tgttaccttg taatcttact gctaggtgat ttcccaagtg aaataagatt ttaagttcac    123480
     acacgaaaaa caaactgtac aataattttt acaactgcta tattcataat tgccagaaaa    123540
     cagaaacaac ataattcccc ttaatgggtt aatgaataag cagacaacag tacatctatc    123600
     tatacaacag aatactactc ggcaattaag gaatcaacta tgaatacact caacaaccaa    123660
     caacatggat gaatctcgaa tgtattctgt aaagcaaaaa catacattaa aagtgtgtat    123720
     tatacgtaat ttcattaata tgacattctt aaatagatga aacaatagga agagaaaact    123780
     gatgggtggt tgtcaggtac tgggggtaag aattgattac aaagagcata ataaaatgtt    123840
     ttagggtaat ggaacaaatc tatatcttgc cttttctgat agttatatgg ttggatatat    123900
     ttgtcagcaa tcatagaact ctatagggaa gagggtacat tttactgttt gtaaattata    123960
     atgcctctcc aacccacaca caccctaaaa atacaacatg aaagaaaact caaaacttta    124020
     cctaataatc aggccaagct agagaagaaa cagatccttc atatattatt ttccaatacc    124080
     attaattaag tttttttcat tattattttc taaaatgttt gtggatacac agtacatgta    124140
     tatatttata gggtatgtga tatattttga taaagacatg caatgtgaaa taagtatatc    124200
     atgaagtatg gggtaactat cctgtcaaac atttatgagt tatagacaat caaattacat    124260
     tctttaagtt attctaaaat atacaatttt tattgactgt agtcatgcta ctgtgctatc    124320
     aaatagtggg tcttatttat tctatttttt ttttgtgctc attaatcatc ctcatgtttt    124380
     cctcaaaccc ctgcaactct tcccagtctc cagtaactat cttcctgctt tctatgaccg    124440
     taatctcaat gttatttatg tttagatccc ataaataagt gggaacatgc aatgtttgtc    124500
     tttctgtacc tggcttattt cacttaacat aatgatctcc agttccattc atgttgttgc    124560
     aaatgactga atttcattct tttttatggc tgaatagtac tccattgtgt atatacacca    124620
     catattttat tcattaatct attgatgaac acttaggttg cttccaagtc ttagctattg    124680
     tagacagtgc tgcaacaaac ataggattgt ggatgtctct attatatatt gatctccagt    124740
     tttggggtat atactaagca gcatgattat tagatcataa gatagctcaa tttttagttt    124800
     tctgagaaac ataggaatgc agatatttct ttgatataat gattttcttt ctcttggcac    124860
     atacccagca atgagattgc tggatcatat agtagcacag attgttccca atgttttctt    124920
     atgataattt cacggttcag tcttaaatgt aagtctttaa ttcattgtga ttcaattttt    124980
     gtatatggtg agaaataagg gtctagtatc attcttctgc atatgaatat ccaatttttc    125040
     cagaactatt tattgaggag aattctgttt ccccagtgta tgtttttggc acctttatca    125100
     aaaatgagtt tgctgtaggt gtgtggactt gttttggggt tctctattct gttccattgt    125160
     tctatgtgtt tttcatgcca gtaccatgct gttttggtta atatagatct gtggtataat    125220
     ttgaagtgag ataatatgat tcctccagtt tcgttctttt tacctaggta tggtgtttgg    125280
     tgttgctgca atttgttatt gttgcttttg ttgcagctgc tgctgtttat gtctttgtga    125340
     ctttcctaaa ttaactcatt aagatctgtg ttatggtttg aaagtttttg tccctcctac    125400
     tccccaccaa atgcatgtgt tgtaatctaa tcaccaatgc aacaatgtta ggagatggga    125460
     tctttgaaat attaggtcat aattaggtca tgaaggtgga gtgctcatga ataaaattag    125520
     tgatattatg aaggagatcc cagcaagctt tttggccctt tctatcatga gaggacacag    125580
     aaagaagttg ccatctatga agaaaaatgg tccctcgtta gacaataaat ctgtttgtac    125640
     tgtgatttgg acttcccagc ctccagaact gtgaaaaaga catttccgtt ttttaaaaac    125700
     cacccagact gaagtatttt ttttaattat actttaagtt ctggggtaca tgtgcagaaa    125760
     gtgcagtttt gttacatagg tatacatgtg ccatggtggt ttgctgcatc catcaacccg    125820
     acatctacat taggtatttc acctaatgct atccctctcc tcgcccccca gctcccaaca    125880
     ggccctagtg tgtgatgttc ttttccctgt gtccatgtgt tctcattatt caactcccac    125940
     ttatgagtga gaacatgtgg tgtttggttt tctgttcctg tgctagttgc tgagaatgat    126000
     ggtttccggc ttcatccatg tccctgcaaa ggacatgaac tcatcctttt ttttattggc    126060
     tgcatagtgt ttcatggtat atatatgcca tattttctta atccagtcta tcattgatgg    126120
     gcatttggat tgtttccaag tctttgctat tgtgaatagt gctgcagtaa acatacgtgt    126180
     gcatgtgtct ttatagtaga atgatttata atcttttggg tatataccca gtaatgggat    126240
     tgctgggtca aatggtattt ctagttctag atccttgagg aatcaccaca ctgtcttcca    126300
     caatggttga actaatttac actcccacca acagtgtaaa agctttccta tttctccaca    126360
     tcctctccag catctgttgt tttcttgact ttttaatgat cgccattcta actggcatga    126420
     gatggtatct cattatggtt ttgatttgca tttctctaat gaccagtgat gatgagcttt    126480
     tttcatatgt ttgttggctg cataaatgtc ttcttttgag aagtgtctgt tcatatcctt    126540
     cttgtgcaaa tgtttgaaga caatctgcat tctttgttgc atgtgaccac tgaggttact    126600
     ccacagagcc ctgctaatga ttaaagagac atttcagtaa aaattttgaa tcaataatct    126660
     cctaacccag agggctcagc atgcatattt tagcataact ttgacattct atcatatagt    126720
     tgggagctct gccttttcct tcactttctg cttacacaga gtctcaaggc aagatagagg    126780
     tgaaagttta gggttttctc agttttcttt tctgagtata tacacaacct tatgtctgcg    126840
     tttcctcctg gattcccatg tatatgtcag aatatttcaa agtcccatat gtaaatcttg    126900
     atttctcagc ttttcttttt aagttttttt attccattct ttttgcccca actgttatct    126960
     gtatttcaaa aaactaggat gctaaaccat ttttattaat tgtttctgac agacttcctt    127020
     gggagaaaga ctgtttccat ggaatgagat cttaggccaa ataaagacga gctctgcaat    127080
     tgaggcatta catgtactgc caaacaggtc aaataatgac aattcttcag aaatgatgct    127140
     tttgcatgct tcaaacattt tctactattt tcagttcctg ttaggctgct agctatttgt    127200
     ggaactgttg gttttcaagg ccaccatgga actggggaaa gtggaatcaa aatagggaga    127260
     gtaaaaatgc cacaaagctt gctctcctta ttgagacata ggtgtttcta ttgaataagt    127320
     gtcccttgga ttgttgcaaa catttagtta atttccagaa ctctgaatag ttcattttga    127380
     ccattttttc cagtggtctt gttttagttt tttatggagg aacagatttt tgaaggactt    127440
     aactccacag tttcttctgg aatcactttc tcgatataaa tattagagta agattgtttg    127500
     tgtgtttttt tttaaagcac acacacaaaa acaagcaaaa aaaacttgct ggaattttta    127560
     ttggaaattc tttaaactta taaatcattt aggataaaat tgacatcttt atcatgctga    127620
     tcttccattt tatagacatg gtatgtcttg ccatttattt aattctttgt ttatgtcatt    127680
     agcattttgt aattgtcagc atgaaaaacc tttatgtttt gttaagcctc cacctaagta    127740
     tttaatattt ttggatagat tataaatgat acttcagttt taaagatgat tttcatgtag    127800
     tcactattgg tatatagaaa tgcagttgat tattgtgtgg taattgtgta tgctgcagtg    127860
     ttgctacact caattattac ttttagtaat ttttaaactt ctctttagta gacttgttga    127920
     atgttcctgc atctacaatc atgcatatgc aaataaaaat ttcttttttt tccagtttgt    127980
     atatatatta tcgttattca ttttcctatt acagttgcca aaagttctaa tatcatgttg    128040
     aaaaagagtt aggagaatgg acatccttgc cttgtccctg aaagtattca ggctttcaca    128100
     attaagtatg atgttagctc taataaatat gatgcttcag tgatgttagc atttgtagat    128160
     gctctatatc aagatgtgta agtttttctc tctaatccta gcttgctgag tgtttgttgg    128220
     tttgttttgt gttttgaatt gtgttgagtt atataaaata cctttctgta tcaatttata    128280
     taatcacatg agttttcttc ttccttagac tgttgatatg atttattatg tagattgatt    128340
     cttgattatt taaccagcct tgcctgacat aaattttcca gtcattgtaa ataactctgt    128400
     ttgtatattg ttgtacttca ttcactagta ttttgttaaa ggtttttgtg tttatcttca    128460
     taaggcatat tagtcttctt taagttttca tttttgtata gtttttgtct ggctttagta    128520
     tcaggataat acttatctca taaaatgaga tgtttctttt tattactttc tctggaaaag    128580
     attatttaaa gttgaaatga atatttacta gaaacatttg aaaaattaaa atcacctgat    128640
     cctgaagatg aacttttcag gaacattcta cttattaatt cactttcttt aaaggctgta    128700
     caatgaatat ggttatgtat ttggtcttgt ttgagttttg ttagtcatgg tcttgaattc    128760
     atgagtataa agttggtctt gaattcatga gtataaagtt cattttagtg ttttctaatt    128820
     attattttat ttcttcagga cctgttacaa tattcctcgc ttctttcatg atgttggtgg    128880
     tttgtgacgt ctctctttat tttcatttat ggtgttggtg gtttggatct tctctatttt    128940
     tattagcctt gatggaagtt tctaaatatt attaatataa aaataactat atttattttc    129000
     ttcattattt tctggttatt tgccttgatt tctgtccata ttattattat ttccttcttt    129060
     ttacttatac tgtttacttt gctttccatt ttctactttc ttgaggtagt aacttagact    129120
     attgacttaa ctttcctatt tttctaatat aagcactcag taagataaat ttccctgtca    129180
     acatggattt agctacatac atcaagtttc aggatgttgt attttcattt aaatcacaca    129240
     cacaaacaca tatatttttt tctttgtaat ttcctctttg agagatgaat tatttaaaaa    129300
     tgtgtcattt agcatcctca agtgtttaaa tattttcttt tgtctttctg gtattgattt    129360
     ctagtttgat accattatga tcagataaaa caatcttcat atttttttct taaatttgtt    129420
     gactccagtt ttatggccca aaatatgttc tgtgttggtg aatgcttcat ggtcacttaa    129480
     aaatatgtgt attctgatgt tagtaggtag agcattgtat atatgtccct ctttctcttt    129540
     aaattttcca tgttattaaa tttgaaataa ttttgtaaaa accatgtatt tggttgtttt    129600
     ttaaaaatta ctttaccaat ctctgtgttt gttctttttg ataaatttca tttttaaaat    129660
     tgttttaggc ttacagaaaa attgagcaga tagaacatac aattcctata tatcccacac    129720
     ccatttttta taattaataa tttacattag tatatttgtt aaaataaatg agccaatatt    129780
     gacttcttgt tatgaactaa agtctatagt ttagatttcc ttcattttta cctgatgtct    129840
     ttttttgtgc tccaggatct catccaggat ataatatcgc tctatttgcc atgtctcttt    129900
     aggtagcttt tggctgtggc agtttcttgg acttttcttg gtttcgagga ccttggcaat    129960
     tttcagaagt atttatcagg tattctgtag gatgttccaa tattggaatt tgatattttt    130020
     attataataa gacttgggat tatgagttct tgggaggaat tccatggagg tgatgtttca    130080
     cttcaccaca tcatatcaaa aatacatact atcaatgaga tttatgactg ttaatattga    130140
     cttaatcact tggctgagat aatgtgtgtc aggtttcctg cctgtaaaat tactctttga    130200
     ttctgcagtt ttctactctt tcattctctt ccattttgta agacagttac tatgtggctt    130260
     attgagtggg aagttatatc tacataattt ttttggaatt ctgcaattaa aacttgtcct    130320
     tcatccacat ttactaattt attcaatact ttatgtattt cagtatggaa aattggctat    130380
     ttattttata cttgagatct aatccaatac tactttctct tgttgctcta attgttacta    130440
     ttttggcaat caggaacttt tcaattggtg tttgtctgct tgacatacct gcatccatag    130500
     acatttcata gactttttaa agcacttctt tactttttgg cactacttga tgctgaaagc    130560
     tcatgttcta tatttcctgc ccaagcccta aattcagtca tttctccaag tttccctgtt    130620
     ttctttcttg aggaatgtat caaaaaacaa aatttaagtg acatgtgtgc taattgctac    130680
     tggaatttta ttgcctgtag gcctttgttg ttggcagatt gctagggtct gaatgtttat    130740
     gcccctgtga aatttctttg ttgaaatctt cacccctaag gtaatgctat tagaaggtgg    130800
     gaaccttaga ataattaggt gatggggaca gagccctcat gaaggggatc agtgccctta    130860
     taaaagaaat ctgagagaga ccctttgcca cttctgccat gtgggttaga gtgagaagaa    130920
     ggttatttac gagaaagtag cccttactag acgctgaatc ttctggtgcc ttgatcttag    130980
     actcaccagc tttcagaact gtaagaaata aatttctagt gtttacaagc cacccagcct    131040
     atggtatttt gttatagcat ctggaatgga ctaagacaca gaacaagata atgggtggat    131100
     atgctaaact ttgtatatac acatgtccat ttatatttcc atatgtctcc atctgttatc    131160
     tatatcaagc taaacatgag ttcatattga tgtttccaat tccaattgtt acaaaatgga    131220
     tcatcacctt gtttttctgt aatcctctat tcagtgaaaa accttgctcc catactatga    131280
     catccattta tttaattgtt caatttcatt atatatgtac agcaatatcc aaattaataa    131340
     catgtacccc tgtggacatg attatgtgaa ctagagtata gggcttataa attaaaaaaa    131400
     tttattttta ttttggaaaa tgcatataac aaaatgtggc attttaatga tttttaaggg    131460
     taaaatttag tgacattaat tatattacta acgttgtaca gctatcatta ctatctactt    131520
     tgaaaatact tttaagaacc caaacagaaa atccataccc actaagcaat aaccctattg    131580
     ccccctcctt tcagcccttg gcaatgacca ttgtactttt agtctgtatg agtttgcctt    131640
     ttctggatat ttcattttag tgaaatcata gaatatttgc tcttttgtgt gtggattatt    131700
     tcacttattt ttaaagttta ttcatttgta acatgtatta aaactttatt cctttttttg    131760
     gttgaataat attctattat gtgtatataa cacattttgt ttattcattc atttgttggt    131820
     gaatacttgg gttatttcca ccttctagaa attgtgagtc atgctgcagt ggacataggc    131880
     atacaattat ctgagtttct actttctatt gttttggata tataatcaga attttaattg    131940
     ctggtgcata tggtaatttt atgtatacta atttgaggag aatccatact gtttttctca    132000
     atggctacac cattttacat tcccaccagc aatgcattat ggggcaattt atccacacca    132060
     acagcaacac ttattatttt ctaggttttt ttatcttttt attttattaa tgtttatcct    132120
     aacagatatg aaataatatt tcattgtgat tttgatttac atgctaatga ttagtgatgt    132180
     tgaacagtat ttcatgtgct tatgggctat cttgtatctt ttttagataa atgtctattt    132240
     aaatcctttg tttatttttg agctgaaatg tttagttttt gtggagttgt gggaattcct    132300
     tatatattct gaatattaat ctcttatttt atatatatat atgatttgca aatattttca    132360
     ccatttttct gggttgcctt tttacttagt tgatagtttc ctttgatgtt cgaagtttta    132420
     aatattgatt aagtccaatt tatctttttt tgttgttgtt tgtgtttttt gtgccatatc    132480
     caatataatt gtcagatcca ataccatgaa gttcttttcc tgtattttct tcaaagagtt    132540
     tcatagtttt agctcctaca tttgggtctc tgacccattt ttgttgttgt tgtggttgtt    132600
     attgttgtct gttttgagac agggtctcac tctgttgccc aggctgaagt gcactggcat    132660
     catctaggct cattgcaacc tcgactcctg ggttcaagca atcctcccac ctcagcctcc    132720
     ccagtagctg ggaccacagg gatgtgccac tgtgcctggc taacttttgt aattttgtaa    132780
     aggtggggtt tagccatgtg gcccaagctg gtcttaaact cctgggctca agtgatctgc    132840
     tcgccatggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggtatgag ccaccatgtc tgacctctta    132900
     tccattttga attaactttc atctatggca tagtgtaggc gtccaatttc attctttcaa    132960
     gtgtggatat tgttttccta gcaccatttg ttaaaatgac tatccttttc ctaattcaat    133020
     gatcttggta atcttgtcaa aactaatttg actgtaagcc taagatttgt ttctggactt    133080
     tttatgttct attttgttgg tctacatgcc tgtccttatg ccagtatcat gttgttttga    133140
     ttacagtaaa tttgtagtaa gtcttaatat taggaaacat gacacctcta actttgttct    133200
     tgttaagaat tgttttttct attctgggtt cgttgtggct acatatgcat tttaagatca    133260
     atttttttat tttgtcaaaa aacatcattg gcaatttgat aggaagtggg tagtattcac    133320
     atcttagcaa cattaatcct cccaatccat gtagatggaa tttttccatt tatttgtttt    133380
     ctttaatttc tctccaccat gttttgcagt tttcagtgga caagtctttt gctttcttga    133440
     ttaagtttat tgttaagtat tacattcttt ttgatgctat tgtaaaggga attattttct    133500
     taatttcctt tttggcttgt tgttagtgta gagaaacaat actgattttt atatgttttg    133560
     ctcatttgta attaagttgt ttagttgtat attattcagt tgtaagtgtt gtatattttg    133620
     aatataattt tttacttgat atatactttg taaatatttt cttctaatct atgtgttctc    133680
     ctttgattat attaacagag tctttcacag agaagacatt tttaatttta gcaatttatg    133740
     tcttttgttt agtaaattta gatcttttat atttaaggta attattgttg tgttagtgtt    133800
     ttagtttgcc tcttaattat ttgttttatg ttacctctgt ttttcatttc aattttacct    133860
     tgtcttaatt gtctttggct tgcttgaata tttttgagga ccccaacatt attttatata    133920
     gaactcctaa gcaaatcagt tagtatatac ttttattagg ggttgttcta ggtatcgaat    133980
     tatacatgta acttattaca gtctactagc ataaatattt tatttcttca tgcgaagcgt    134040
     gaaaacctta ctttaagttc cttttagtgt ctcactttaa attatcattt tcatgacaat    134100
     agatcatgtt ataatttttc agaaaaaata aaatttttat aacttataag gaaaaaatat    134160
     ttttatgcca tttttttttt gagacagagt ctctgtcacc tatgctgaag tgcagtggca    134220
     taatctcatc tcactgcaac ctctgcctct caggttcaag cgattctcct gacacaacct    134280
     cctgagtagc tgggattaca gatgcctgca accttgcctg tatgccaatt tttttgctct    134340
     ttccattgtt tcctcctcct gcatgttgct acaagagtac ttttttttta tgatgtcctg    134400
     tctgaagatt attctttagc cagtctttaa ggataggtgt gctggtgaca aactgtttta    134460
     gttttcttta tatgagagtt atttatttcc ctttactctg cttagtttta tcacatttag    134520
     atttcagagt tttaattatt ttctctcagc attaaaaaat cagtttcaga taaaaaatcc    134580
     gtggttattt gaagtgtttt tttcccctgt agttaaagtg taatttgtct ttgctgcttt    134640
     cagtttattt tcatcctaga gatttaatct aatatttctt gatgtgtatt tctgtgagct    134700
     tatattattt aggttttgct aagctctgtg aatctgtatg gttttttttt gttgttgttt    134760
     gtttgtttca aacctgagaa ctttcagcta agtatttctt cacatgtttt ttgcaattct    134820
     ccttttatct actctccttc caggattcta attatatgaa cgttaggtct tttgttattg    134880
     tcatacaagt tgtttactgt acttattttt tccttagtct aattcccctc aattcttcag    134940
     gtcgattctt ttgacctgtt tccaaggtta ttgattttat cttctgtcat ctctactatg    135000
     ttattgtgtc cattcagggc acaattagct attttttgtt gttttttaat ttgttttaaa    135060
     ttttacttat aattttttac ttttatattt ttcattttgt tctgtttttg taacttctat    135120
     ttctttgcag atgttttcta atgttttggc ttgtttaaag aaaatttgtc attaattgtt    135180
     gaagcattct tattatggct atttcaaaat atttgtcaga taattccaac atttgattca    135240
     tcttaatatt gttgtcagtt gtcttttttc attaaatatg tgattttctt atttattggt    135300
     ataataggtt ttttcaatta tacattggaa attttgtcta ttatgtaaaa agcccctggc    135360
     tcttatttgt ttctatttca actgtcacat ttagcataaa ggccctagtt tacatatgca    135420
     ggatgtaatt ccagtgacag cttatttttc agagatttgc agtgttattt tgatctgttt    135480
     ggttgatttg atgctactat ggctccctgt ggtctttgct gatgttgcct gaaagaacta    135540
     aactgatttc accaggctag gctgccttag tatctcttga tgtgaaagag agtctgtagc    135600
     ttgtgaggaa agaggcttct ctggtgagac ccttgttgtg gtggaatcct ccttgcctta    135660
     aagtaacagg tagtatttcc tggcttgggt gcttgttgta gcatgttagt ttctgaatga    135720
     tcccactatt tacctcagtg tctctttgtc agggaggaac atgttaggcc tactgtgacc    135780
     ccaaagctgc caaggccagg ccacttgttt tggctgggtc cttgattcag gtttgttatg    135840
     tttatcctta agtaccaaac cattattcgt tctgcttacc atttgtatca ttcttctctg    135900
     tttggttttt acattatttc agagttcata gctggactta tagaaagtag cagggataaa    135960
     tcaatgtctt cctgtctgaa caagaatttt acattgtatg tgtactcaac cttttctccc    136020
     agtggccaaa acagtctaac tttttttttt cttaaccaat atggaatgct gctatctaaa    136080
     agttaggcaa aacatatcag aaaattaggc tttaggtcct gcctgggtag tatatattgt    136140
     aactagtaat aagtagaatt tccagaattg aatagaaaat tattaatact aggcagaaga    136200
     ttttcttact tttctgcgtt ggaaagcctt atatttcacc attctacagc tttccaaaag    136260
     attaatgcca tgtgtcttga cattggaaac tataagccta aatttagaaa catgctaatt    136320
     aaagctaaac aaaatttaga gacatactaa tgtgcactaa actttattga ctaaccatta    136380
     ggtagccagt taaaaattgt tgtgcaaaat tttaatgaca atttgcctta attttaatca    136440
     caatttgcca cttaagtgat caatacatta tatagatttt taaatgtaaa tttgatgatg    136500
     tagaagaatg tttttctgtt tattgttata taggaagcaa tcacagaagt ctgagttgtg    136560
     atcataccac ctagcatcaa ttattttaga caggtttaat aatcataaag gaattttcaa    136620
     atgtttgcct ttcaaaattc tccctacatt tccaaggtcc tgcagaacag catatctaat    136680
     ttattttccc catttccaga gaccatccag ccttatagtt aatatggaac caacatctga    136740
     tattacagca ctatagggct cacaaggact ttcagcatca tagattagaa attctttcct    136800
     tcattactgt ggtagaaaga gattatctga ccttataagt tcaatgagta ttttgctgtt    136860
     tagagcattt cccaaatttg ttcaatgcaa cataactggg tgaaatagta gtaggttcca    136920
     taggcataga caagatgaca tggtcatgta agtttggtaa ataataagct aaacatagtt    136980
     aaatatttgt atttttctgc atgacttccc agaaccttta acatgcctct ccaaggatgg    137040
     aggagagagc aggttaaaat ctagtgtttc taaaagaatt atcttttgaa ataatcttta    137100
     gaaaatttgc ctggaatatt ttcatttgtt taacacagaa tttccaaatc ttgattgaat    137160
     atagaatgcc cctcaccaca catactttat tccccgtaaa gaagaacata tattcagtcc    137220
     aagcaattaa agtgggaaaa tttaaagtga taaagataga aaaaaataat tacaagtgac    137280
     cttacttcca gattatgatt gtctccgttg actttgataa atacctacaa actgtttggc    137340
     aggatgaaca gagacagtgt aattttttta aaggtaattg caatttttta caacaaaaaa    137400
     attaaaagcc tcaatcttta ataccaacaa aatagcatat atattttaaa attataagat    137460
     ctataatatt tttacataga aaataaagta aaatattgag aatattaaaa agaactaaat    137520
     taataaaaag atacattatg ttcatgaata aaatagacta tatgtcaaag aagtctatta    137580
     ttatattgat ttgtgttttg gggcaattca aatcaaaatt tgagcaaggt ttttagtatt    137640
     tttagtggaa ttttacagat tatttaactc ttttaggaga gcaaaggtcc aggagtagca    137700
     atgatattct tcaataagag cccagtaaag ggactatttc tacttgtcct atcagctatc    137760
     aagacattat taagactcat tttaagtcca tagttatagg accatattat actggcaaat    137820
     aaatgaatgc aggaaaatag agagtgcaga atttaatcag cacctgtata aaaaccatta    137880
     atatgtggtg ttggaattag tggttatcta catagaaaaa aaaattggat tcctatttta    137940
     taccttcaca gaatgcaatt atggatatat taagtacttc aatgtacaag aatagtactt    138000
     gaaaactttt agaaaaaaac ataatatttc tatgattaga tattttacac atgataaaaa    138060
     ggtgcaagtg ataaagaaag tgaaaaggca ttccatgaca gggaaaacat cagggaaaac    138120
     atatttatca tacataccat ttgacaaagg cttacttttc agaatatgtt ttgggataat    138180
     taagaaaaca ctacaaacca ataggtaaag ataagtaatc tactaataaa gcaatataca    138240
     aaagtgacaa aagggatttc tacataaaca gagacatatg tgttcaataa gcatttgaaa    138300
     atatgctcaa ctatattaga aagaaaatgc aaattaaaat cagatacaat ttcatattca    138360
     ttagaattat gaaaataaaa aaattcagac aacactaagt gtattaattt gctaaggctg    138420
     ccataaaaag tactacagac taggtggctc agaaaaactt aattttattg tcttacaact    138480
     cagaaagtga gaagtccaag atcaggttat tggcacattt ggtttcttct gaggcctctc    138540
     tctctggctt gcaggtggtg gtcttctcac tatgtcctta catagtcatt tttctctgtg    138600
     ttatatgtgt tctaatttcc tcttcttata aggataccag tcacactaga tgacagttca    138660
     cccatatgac ttcattttat ctgaattttc ttattaagga ccctatctcc aaatacagtc    138720
     acattctgag gtactgggag ttattacttc aacacccaag agtgcataat ttagctcata    138780
     aatttcaagg gtacataatt tagcccataa cactaagttt tagcaaagat actaacatga    138840
     aactaacatt aaacaaacat taaaactgaa caaacatgaa taacactaaa caaagacact    138900
     aattgtctgc tattctgcgg tacatagaat tatcatatgc ttcagttgag agtttaagtt    138960
     ggtataaacc ttttgaaaaa cattttttat tatttagtaa tgttgaatat gtacatgccc    139020
     taaaaatttt acttctactt atgcctcaga tggcatttgt acaggtgctc aagaagaaat    139080
     atataacaaa aagccaaaag taaaaactgg caaacaccca aatatctacc aaaatagaat    139140
     agatgaagaa attgtggtaa agtaatatag tggaatattg tacaacaatt aaaattacta    139200
     aactatagta atgcacgtca gcatatgtca atcacaaaat tatttagtga tagactaaat    139260
     tcacagaata tataaatatt tcttctttgt gtgaagtgat tttctagcag tatgttttaa    139320
     ttttttgcct ttttgtgtat ctgttgtaga gtattgattt gaggttacca tgaggctctc    139380
     aaataatatt ttacaaccaa atattttaaa ctgatgacaa cttaatttga atcacaaaaa    139440
     aattttaaaa agcaaaaaaa aattaaaact tttatatttt agcatcacca tccccccact    139500
     tcttgccatt ttatctctat ttataatttt tatactatct atctcataaa gttattgtac    139560
     ttattacttt tgataggttt ttcttttagt cttcctactc aagatacgag tagtttgcac    139620
     atcaaagtta cagcgttaga atattctgta tttgtgtgtt tagtattact aatgagtttt    139680
     acatcttgag atgatttatt attgatcttt ttttttcttt cagaataaat aactcccttt    139740
     agcatttctg gtagaactgg tccagtgttg gcaaaatccc tccactattg cttgtctagg    139800
     aaagtcttta tgtatctttc atgtttgaag ggtatttttt gctggatgcg ctattctagc    139860
     atgaaagttt gttttacctc cttcagcaca atgaatatgt cgactcactc ttttctggcc    139920
     cctaaggttt ccactgagaa gtttgctgcc acatgtattg gagctcattt ttatgttatt    139980
     tttttagctg cttatacaaa gtttttgcac atcaaaagaa acaatcaaaa aagtaaaaga    140040
     cccagtttta cagatccggt ttcattattc tgcatatggc tagccaattt tcccagcaac    140100
     atttattgaa taggatgttc tttccttgct ctgtttttgt tttttttgtt tttttttttt    140160
     tttttggcaa ctttgttgag gatctatagg ctgtaggtat gtggctttat ttctgggttc    140220
     tttattctgt tccattgatc tatgtgtcca ttattgtaca agtaccgtgt ggttttggtt    140280
     actatagcct tttaatataa tttgaggtca gttaatgtga tgcctccatg cctccagctt    140340
     tgttcttttt gcttagaatt gctttagctt ttctgggttt attccttatg aatttttgga    140400
     tctttactta ttctgtgaaa aatgacataa gtattttgat aggaatggca ttacatctgt    140460
     aaattgcttt ggggagtatg gtcattttaa tgattgatta tttcaaatca tgagcatggg    140520
     cttttttttt cgtttgtctt tgtcatttag gatttatttc atcactgtct tatagttttc    140580
     cttctagcaa tcttttatct cctcgattaa atgtatacct aggtatttat tttttcttgt    140640
     agctattgta attaggtttg acattttgat ttggttctca gcttgatcag tactggtgta    140700
     tagaaatact actaattttt gtactttgat gtatcctgaa atgttattaa attcatttat    140760
     tagatctagg agtactttgg tggagtcttt agggtttttt atgtataaga tcacatgata    140820
     aacaaatgga aataattagg ctttctcttt tcaatttgga tgccttttat ttcttcctct    140880
     tacctgattg ctctggctag gacttccagt actatgttgt aataagagtg gtgcaagtga    140940
     gcatcctttt cttttttcat ttctaagaag aaaagctgaa agcttttact atgatgttgg    141000
     ctatgggttt attatatatg gttttttatt attttggggt atgtttcttc tatgcatagt    141060
     ttgttgagtg tttttattat gaagcaatgc tgaattttat aaaaagatgt ttttaatcta    141120
     ttgggatgat catatggttt ttgtccttaa ttctgttaat gtggtgaatt gcatttattg    141180
     atttctatat gttgaaccac ccttgcatct ctaggataaa atccacttga atgtggtgca    141240
     ttactttttt tgatgagctg ttggatttcg tttactcata tattgtcgag aatttttgca    141300
     tctatgttca ccaagaatag tggtctgcag tttcctttaa ttgtttcttt gcctggcttt    141360
     ggtatcagag tgcaactagc tgcatataat tagttaggga ggattcattt ctccttaatt    141420
     tgttgaaact attgcagtgg gtaccagttc ttctttgtaa ttctggtaga attaggttgt    141480
     gaatccatct ggtcctgggc ttcttttttg tggggagatt tttaaagtac tgattcaatc    141540
     ccactattca ctgttggtct atagaaaatt tttatttctt cctggttcaa tcttgagagg    141600
     ttatatgttc caggaattta tctgtttcct taagtgttct agttcatgac tatagagata    141660
     ttcatagtag tttctaataa tatatatatg tatatattat aatattatat atacacatat    141720
     atgaatatat aggaatatat atacatatag gaatatatat acatatatga atacatatac    141780
     atatatgaat atatatgaat acgtattcat atatgaatac gtattcatat atgtgtatat    141840
     atgaatatgt attcatatat gaatatatat atgaatacat atacatacat gaatatatat    141900
     gaatacatat acatacatga atatatgaat acatatacat acatgaatac atatgaagac    141960
     atatacatac atgaatacac atgaagacat atacatacct gaatacatat gaagacatat    142020
     acatacctga atacatatga agacatatac atacatgaat acatatgaag acatattcat    142080
     acatgaatat atatgagtac atattcatat atgaatatat atgagtacat attcatatat    142140
     gaatatatat gagcacatat acatatatga atatatatga gtacatatac atatatgaat    142200
     atatatgagt acatatacat atatgtatac atgttatata tatacacgtg tgtgtgtgtg    142260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatata catatatata tatatgagat agagtgatgc tctgtctccc    142320
     agactggagt acaatggcac aatctcagct cactgccacc tctgcttctg cctcctgggt    142380
     tcaagcaatt ctcctgctgc agcctctcga gtagctggga ttacaggtgc ccaccatgct    142440
     atcggctatt ttttgtcttt ttagtagaga cagggttttg ccacattggc caggctggtc    142500
     tcaaattcct gacctcaggt gatctgcccg ccgcggcctc caaaagtgct gggattacgg    142560
     gcatgagcca ccgaacccgg cctctgataa tattttgtag ttctgttgta tcagttgtaa    142620
     tatcttctta ttcatttcta attgtgcttt ttttaatctt ctctattttt aatctagcta    142680
     gcattcaatt aattttgttt atcgcttcaa aaataaacta gtttaactga tactttgtat    142740
     ggttttttgg tttcaagttc aattagttct gctgtgatgc tgtaaacttt gttatttatt    142800
     ccttttcgtc tgctagcatt gaatttggtt tctactttat tttttagttc cttgaggtgt    142860
     gacatgctgt tattaatttg tgatcattct gtcttcttga tataagcatt taatgctcca    142920
     aacttccctc ttagcgttgc ttttgctgta tctccaaggt tttgatatgg tgtttctcta    142980
     tttttatatg ttacaatttt taaaatgttc ctcttacttt atttatccaa acactgttca    143040
     ggagcaagtt tttaaatttt cctgtatttg tgtggttttg agagtttgtc ttggaactga    143100
     tttcttcttt catttctcta tgatctgaaa tgatacttga tataattttg attttcaaaa    143160
     atttactgag acttcttttg taacctaaca tatagtttat tttggaaaat ggtgcatatg    143220
     ctgatgagaa gattgtatat tctttggttg ttgggtagaa tattctgtaa atgtctgtta    143280
     ggtcaatttg gtctagaggc ccatttaagt tcagtatttc tgtgctgatt tcctgtcttg    143340
     ataatctgtc tagtgctgtc agtggggatt gaagtccgcc actattattg tattaatatt    143400
     tatctcttag ttctatcatt tgtttcattc agactttaaa ttataatgat ttttttaaaa    143460
     gcagacatta cataatgata aagggtttaa ttcaacaaga aggcctaact attctaaata    143520
     tatatgtact caacacaaga acacccagat ttataaagca agttcttaga gacctttaaa    143580
     gagactgaga ctcctgcccc cacaataaaa gggagaaact ttaacaaccc acagacaaca    143640
     ttagacagat catggaggca gaaaattaac aaagatattt aggagctgaa ctcagcactg    143700
     atcaaatgga actgatagac atttacagaa atttccaccc ccaaacaatg gagtatacat    143760
     tttttttttt atcaccacat tacacattct ctaaaatcaa tcaaataatt ggacataaaa    143820
     ccctcctcaa tgaatgcaaa gtaactgata tcataactac cctcttgggc cacagcacaa    143880
     tcaaactgaa aatcaagact aagaaattca ctcaaaacca tacaactaca tggaagttga    143940
     gtaacttgtt cctgaatgac ttttgggtaa ataatgaaat taaggcagaa atcaagaagt    144000
     tctttgaaac taataagaac aaagatacaa cgtaccagaa cctctaggaa acagctaagt    144060
     cagtgttaag ggagaaatct ggcacggcaa ggtggctcaa gcttgtaatc ccagcacttt    144120
     gggagaccta ggtgggtgga tctcctgagg tcaggagttc gagacaagcc tggccaacat    144180
     ggaaaaaaca ctatctctac taaaaataat aaaaaaaaat aaccaggcat gatggtgggc    144240
     acctgtaatc ccagctactt tgaagactgg agcaggagaa acacttgaac ctgagaggtg    144300
     aagattacag tgagccaaga ttgtgccact gcactccagc ctgggcaact gagtgagact    144360
     ccatcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag agggaaattt gtagcactaa atacccacat    144420
     caaaaacttt taaagatctc aatttaacaa cctaacatca caaataaaag aactaaagaa    144480
     cccagtgaaa atcaacccaa aagctatcag acaagcaata accaacataa cagttaaact    144540
     gaaggagatt caaaaataaa tgaatctagg agctgttgat ttagaaaaaa aataataaaa    144600
     tagaccacta gctaaactga tagaaaaaat ctcagaagaa tcaaataaac acaatcagaa    144660
     atgataaggg ggatatcacc attgacctca cagaaataca aacaaccatc agaaaatact    144720
     ataaacacct ctatgcacat gaactagaaa atctagaata aattgataaa ttcctggaca    144780
     catataccct cccaaggcaa agccaggaag aaactgaatc tctgaataga ccaataatga    144840
     gttctgaaat taaggcagta ataaatagcc taccaaccaa aaaacaacag gaccagatag    144900
     attcacagct gaattctacc agatgtacag agctggtacc attcctactg aaactattcc    144960
     acaaaattaa ggaggaggaa ttcctcctta actaattcta tgacgtcagc aacaccccaa    145020
     taccaaaact gacagagaca caacaagaaa ataaaacttc aggtcaatat ctttgatgaa    145080
     catagataca aaaatgttta acaaaatact agcaaaccaa ttccagcagc acaaaaacat    145140
     cttatccatc agaatcagct aggctttatc cctggggtgc aaggttggtt caacatatgc    145200
     aaatcaaaag atgtgattta tcacataagc agaactaaaa acaaaaacca catgattatc    145260
     tcaatagatg cagaaaagac tttcaataaa attctatgtt cctttatgtt aaaaactctc    145320
     aagaaattaa gtattgaagg aatatacctt aaaatcataa gagccatcta tgacaaaccc    145380
     acagccaata tcataccgaa tgagcaaaag ctgaaagcat tccccttgga aactggcaaa    145440
     agaaaaggat gccctatctc agcactctta ttcaatatgt attggaggtc tggacagagg    145500
     aatcaggcaa gaaaatgaaa tcaaggcatt caaataggaa gagaggaaat caacttatcc    145560
     ctgtttgaag acgatatgat cctatatcta gaaaacccca aagttttcac ccaaaagctt    145620
     tttaatctgg aaaacaactt cagcaaagtt tcaggacaca aaatcaacgt acaaaagtca    145680
     ctagcatttc tttacaccaa caacagtcaa gctgagatcc aaatcaagaa cagaatcttg    145740
     tttacaattg tcataataat aataaaatac ctgagagtag agctaaccag aaaagtgaaa    145800
     aacatctaca aggagagcta ccaagcactg ctcaaagaaa tcagacatta cacaaacaaa    145860
     tggaaaaaca tcccatgctc atggatacaa agaatcatta tctttaaaaa tggccttact    145920
     gctcaaagca atttatagat tcaatgctat tcctattaaa ttaccaatga cattcttcac    145980
     agaactaaac ataaaatcaa cctaaaagct catcaattgt agaccgaata gagaaaatgt    146040
     ggtacatata caccatgaaa tactatgcag ccataaatag aatgagatca tgtcctttgc    146100
     aggaacatga atggagctgg agatcattat ccatagcaaa ctaacacagg aacagaaaat    146160
     caaatactgc atgttctcac ttataagtgg gagctaaatg atgagaacac ataaacacat    146220
     agaggggaac aacagacact gggtcctatc agaaggtgaa ggttgggagc aaaaagtgga    146280
     ttaggaaaga tatctcatgg gtactaggct taatacctgg gtgatgaaat aatctgtaca    146340
     acaaatctca atggcataag tttacctatg taagaaatct gcacatttaa ctgtgaactt    146400
     tatagctaaa aaattaactc cagatgatta aagacttaaa tgtaagactt aaaaccataa    146460
     aaaccctaga agaaaaccta ggcagtacca ttcaggacat aggcataggc aaagacttca    146520
     tgactaaaac accaaaagca atggcaacaa aagccaaaat tgacaaatga gatctaatta    146580
     aactaaacag cttctgcaca gcaaaagaaa ctctcatcag gatgaacatg caacctacaa    146640
     aaatgagaga aaatttttgt aatctatcca tctgacaaag ggctaatatc caaactctac    146700
     aatgcactta aacttacaag aaaaaaacaa acaaccccat caaaaagtgg gagaaagcta    146760
     tgaacagaca cttctcaaaa gaagacattt atgcagccaa catacatatg aaaaaaaaag    146820
     ctcatcatca ctggtcatta gagaaatgca aatcaaaacc acaatgagat accatctcac    146880
     accagttaga atggtgatca ttaaaaagtc aggaaacaac agatgctgga gaggatgtgg    146940
     agaaatagga acacttttac actattggtg ggagtgtaaa ttagttcaac cattgtagga    147000
     gacagtgtag tgattcctca aggatctaga accagaaata ccatttgacc cagcaatccc    147060
     attactgggt atatacccaa aagatttgaa atcattctac tataaagaca catacacagg    147120
     tatgtttatt gcagcattat tcaaaagagc aaagacttgg aaccaacaca aatgcccatc    147180
     aatgttagac tggataaaga aaatgtggca catatacacc atggaatact ataaagccat    147240
     aaaaaaggat gaattcatgt tctttgcagg gacatggatg aagctggaaa ccatcattct    147300
     cagcaagcta acacaggaac agaaaaccaa acaccacatg ttctcactcg taattgggag    147360
     ttgaataatg agaacatatg ggcacaggga ggcgaacatc acacactggg gcatgttggg    147420
     ggttgggggg caaggggagg gatagcatta ggagaaatac ctaatgtaga tgacaggttg    147480
     atgggtgcag caaaccacta tggcatatgt atacctatgt aacaaacctg catgttctgc    147540
     acatggatcc cagaacttaa agtataaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaaaaaagaa caatttgttt    147600
     tattaatctg ggtggtgttg gttaagatat atgtcaattt aggattgtta tatcttcttg    147660
     gtaaattgat ccctttatca tttgattgtc ttctttggat tttttcactg ttgtttatta    147720
     aaagtctgtt ttgcctgata taagtattgc tactcctgct aacttttttt ggcatggaat    147780
     gtctttttaa agcactttac ttttaatgtg tcagtatatt tttcagttag ttgaatcttt    147840
     tataagcagc atatggttcc atcctgtttt ttttttctct ctattctgct gatccatatc    147900
     ttttaagtgg aacatttaat ccatttacat tcaaagttaa tattgatata taagcttttt    147960
     ttccttttgt aatgttgtta cctagttgac ttgtagcctc aattgtaatt gtttataaga    148020
     actataagct ttatgcttct gagtctttta tgatggcaaa taatattgtt tggatgtgtg    148080
     tcactttcat gttgaaacgt gatacccaat tttggaagca gggccaagtg ggaactgttt    148140
     gattcatagt ggcggacttc tcataaatga cttaatgctg tcctcacagc agtgaatgag    148200
     ttctcactct attagtttac atgaaagatg attatttaaa agagcttaga accttcttct    148260
     ctctctttgt tctcactctt gccatgtgac acacctcctt cctctttacc ttttccctgg    148320
     gtaaaatctt cctgaggatt cactagaagc tgagaagata ctggtgccat gcttgaatat    148380
     tccaaatcac catgagcaaa ataagccttt tttctttgta aattactcac cttcagttat    148440
     ttctttatag tgacacaaac agactaacat agcaagtgtt gacattttgt tttagcgttt    148500
     agagctccct tcagcatttc ttatagatct ggtctagtgg tgacaaattc tcagaatttc    148560
     tttttgtctg gaaaacactg tttctttttc atttacaaag cttagtttag caggatacaa    148620
     aatgtggttg ccagtgtttt ttttaagaag tattaaaata gaacccaaat ctcttctggt    148680
     ttgtaaggtt tctactgcaa agtttgctgt tagtctgatt gaatttcctt tataggtgat    148740
     tagatgcttc tcctttggta aatttagtat tttttcctgc atgttaactt tagatagtct    148800
     gatgactata tgttttgttg aagtctgtct tgcaacgtat cctctttgag ttctctgtac    148860
     cgcttgtatc tggatgtcta aataactagc aagatgagaa tgtttgcctc aattacttcc    148920
     tcaaataggt tttccaaaca ctttactttt tcttcttact caggaatttc tatgacttgt    148980
     agatttgaat gttttacata attcccacac ctcttgaagg ttttatttac atttttatta    149040
     ttcttttttt ttcttttttg tctgattggg ttattttgaa aaacccgtct tcaagcctta    149100
     agattctttc ttcttgacct agtgtatttt aaagttttca atcagattat gtaattccta    149160
     gttaaatttt tttttatgtc cagaaattgt ggttgtttgt cttttaatat ctagctcttt    149220
     ggtaaatttt tcctttgtat ctgtgttgca ggaagtcagg gacccagaat ggagggaccg    149280
     gctggagcca cagcagagga acataaattg tgaagatttc atggacattt atcagttccc    149340
     aaaattaata cttttataat ttcttatgcc tgcctttact gcaatctctg aatataaatt    149400
     gtgaagattt catggacatt tatcagttcc caaataatac tcttataatt tcttatgcct    149460
     gtctttactt taatctctta atcctgttat ctttgtaagc tgagaatgta tgtcacctca    149520
     ggaccactat tgtacaaatt gattgtaaaa catgtgtgtt tgaacaatat gaaatcagtg    149580
     caccttgaaa aagaacagaa ttacagcaat tttcagggaa caagggaaga caaccataag    149640
     gtctgactgc ctgcggggtc gggcagaata cagttatatt tttcttcttg cagagagcct    149700
     ataaatggac atgggagtag gagatatatc actcaattct ttttccagca aggaatatta    149760
     ataattaata ccctggggaa ggaatgcatt cctgggggga ggtctataaa tggccgctct    149820
     gggagtgtct gtcttatgca gttgagataa ggactgaaat atgccctggt ctcctgcagt    149880
     aacctcaggc tcactagggt ggggaaaatc cccaccctgg tgaatttgag gtcagaccag    149940
     ttctctgctc tcgagctctg tcttctgttg tttaagatgt ttatcaagac aataatgtgc    150000
     acagctgaac ataaaccctc atcagtaatt ctaattttgc cctttgcctt gtgatctttg    150060
     ctttcccctt tgccttgtga tctttttgcc ctttgaagca tgtgatcttt gtgacctact    150120
     ccctgttctt gaaccccctc cccatttgaa atcctcaata aaaacctggt ggttttgcag    150180
     ctcgggcggg catcacaggc ctaccgatat gtgatgtcac ccccagcagc ccagctgtaa    150240
     aattcctctt tttgtactct tactctttat ttctcagact ggccaacact tagggaaaat    150300
     aaaaagaatc tatgttgaaa tattggggat gggttccccc gatatatctg aatttttttt    150360
     ttattttctt ttgttggttt ccaactgttt ttgtatctgc tggaatttct ttaaaatcag    150420
     tattttgaat tatttatctg ttatttcaaa gtttaatttt gtttaatatc cattcatata    150480
     aaggtctgat tctttgaggg tgtttcaaca ctttattttt tgtatacttc cagaatgttt    150540
     ctctgattaa ttttcttctg gataaaatat ctcttattat tatgtttgaa tttatttgca    150600
     tttgaacgtg atttgttttt ctccttgagg atgcggctac aatatatgtg tgtagggtag    150660
     tttggcttcg gggttatttc aggaggaaag actctggatg atgttcttgg ttatagatag    150720
     cctttgtgtg ttagcttctt caaattctgg ttttagtagc attgtgttgg gtttgtgaac    150780
     atgctcacgg cctcctgcat agccaaattg ttgaaggtct caggaagatc atctcattcc    150840
     ccatcgctgt gcatttgtgt caacagattt tgtattgggt tgtgcagttc aatctccagg    150900
     caagtaggtg gtgtttatgg gtaagagcca gctgcaacag acacagaagg ttatatgctt    150960
     gattattgtt tattgagaga agctctatgt agcctcaggc aatgggacag tctgtggaat    151020
     gcacagtggc caaagcttcc tactcagccc ctctaggggg gcaaaggtgg gtggaccttt    151080
     tctgtcatgc ccactcttgg atacaccaat ggtgggcaca agtaccagcc ctgatgtgag    151140
     caccaaggac agtgcctggt gtaatgcacc aaggccacca cacagagagg gaggtgacta    151200
     ttctagatcc atggccttgg caggtgtgaa tgtgatctcc ttccttgtca caaccatgtc    151260
     ccagtgcttg agacactcag aatgggcata caccactgtc tatctccagg ctgcaatgtt    151320
     gcccaaagcc atgaaagaca cctgaccctt gactcattgt tgggacatat tttgtatagg    151380
     accttcttcc ttagcccaaa acacacagct ttgtgggtct cctgctctcc actgtgagaa    151440
     agaatgctga tgctccatgc agagaggggc aggtgcccca ccttttgtgc aagccaatgc    151500
     tcagtgggaa tactatcagt gggggtgcag tcactccaat agccctagaa tggccatatt    151560
     ctggcatgcc catgccactt tcctctgggt agcaaacatg gctgtgtctg ccacagtgcc    151620
     ttcctctcca caccttagcc caagcactga ggccactggg tcactgggtc actgagatgg    151680
     aaccacactc ctttcttgta gagctaagca cagtgcccac gtccccactg gaagtggtgc    151740
     cgtcactctc agcccagaag ggggaagaat ttgagcacag gaaaatggct tctctgcttt    151800
     cttttgtccc agtgggtgct tccttgatgc actgctttct ccctttgctt aggagcaaca    151860
     gtccctgtcg tctaaaaccc tgaagctcct ctgggtccag tcactctcgt gtggctgcca    151920
     caatctgagt gagtgctggg taatatctgc aggggctctg gcaatgtgta gacaaaagag    151980
     ttgagagaac tgaggcttcc tggttctgac atagttcctc aatggctgca ccccccgtat    152040
     ggcaccctgc cactgcagct tggaacctgg gataggatga gaaacctggt gcaagtgggt    152100
     agtctggtgt aatgccttcc agaaattccc aaaccactgt ccacaccagt gattgaattc    152160
     atgaaatcag aggagccctc tgtcagtttg gatacctgca gcctgccaca ggtttgagaa    152220
     gagtcaaaaa catctccacc tatactttca atgaaatacc gagtctctta tggtttctag    152280
     ctgatctctg ccagtctctt ccttctttgt ttttctgtgc cttagcttct tcccatgagt    152340
     tctccactag gatccagcac tcttcccttc atattctatt tgagttatca ttattcacct    152400
     gtaattttgt tccttctgtg tccggaattg gtgggttctt ggtctcactg acttcaagaa    152460
     tgaggccgcg gacgctcgcg gtgactgtta cagctcttaa ggtggcgcgt ctggagtctg    152520
     tcccttctga tgttcagatg tgttcggagt ttcttccttc tggtgggttc ttggtctcgc    152580
     tggctcagga gtgaagctgc agaccttagc agtgagtgtt acagctctta aggcagcacc    152640
     tctggagttg ttcattcctc ccggtgggct cgtggtctcg ctggactcag gagtgaagct    152700
     gcagatcttc gcagtgagtg ttacagctca taaaagcagc gtggacccaa agagtgagca    152760
     gtagcaagat ttattgcaaa gagcgaaaga acaaagcttc tacagtgtgg aaggggacgc    152820
     gagcgggttg ccaatgctgg ctcgggcagc ctggttttat tctcttacct ggtcccacct    152880
     acatcctgct gattggtaga gcccagtggc ctgttttgtc agggcactga ttggtgcgtt    152940
     tacaatccct gagctagata caaaggttct ccacgtctcc atcagattac ttagctacag    153000
     agtttccaca cacagattct ccaaggcccc accagagcag ttagatacag tgtcgattgg    153060
     tgcattcaca aaccttgagc taaacacagg gtgctgattg gcgtgtttac aaaccttgag    153120
     ctagatacag agtgccgatt ggtgtattta taatccttga gttagacata aagactctcc    153180
     acgtcctcac cagagcagct agatacagtg tcgattggtg cactcacaaa ccttgagcta    153240
     aacacagggt gctgattggt gtatttacaa tccctgagct agatataaag actctccagg    153300
     tccccaccag actcaggagc ccagctggtt tcacctagtg gatcccacac tggggctgca    153360
     ggtggagctg cctgccactc ctgcaccatg cgctcgcatt cctcagccct tgggtggtcg    153420
     atgggactgg gcgccgagga gcagggggtg gcgctcgtca gggaggctca ggccgcacag    153480
     gagcccatgg agtgggtggg aggctcaggc atggtgggct gcaggtcccg agccctgcct    153540
     cgcgggaagg cagctaaggc ccggcgagaa atcgagcgca gcactggtgg gccagcactg    153600
     ctgggggact cagtacaccc tccacagcca ctggcccagg tgctaagtcc cccattgccc    153660
     ggggccagca gggctggctg gctgctccga gtgcggggcc caccaagccc ccacccaccc    153720
     ggaactccag ctggcccgca agcgccgcat gcagccccag ttcccgctcg tgcctctccc    153780
     tccacacctc cctgcaagct gagggagtgg gctctggcct tggccagccc agaaaggggc    153840
     tcccacagtg cagtgggggg ctgaagggct cctcaaatgc cacaaagtgg gagcccaggc    153900
     aggggaggtg ccgagagcaa gcgagggctc tgaggactgc cagcacgctg tcacctctca    153960
     cttctttctg aggataactg gcatcaaaca tccccagaca gccatcttga aaataaaaac    154020
     tttcttcaat gtattttttg cctttttgcc aatttttgta ctgaaatgtt aggccccttt    154080
     ttgtttactg atttatacat attccttgtg gttcaagata ctaacttccc gtcaaaatgt    154140
     tggaaatttt ttcctccatt ttgcagtttg atttccattt tacttgtgtt gtttggtata    154200
     tcatcaaagt ttattgcatt tttaatatat tcaaacctat aactttttaa taacatattt    154260
     tgctttcatg tcatactttt aaaggttgct aatcctagca ttgcaagagc tgttacttct    154320
     ctaattatat tttaatagct caatcttgta tatatttggc atttactttt ggtgttagaa    154380
     atggattaag attatatttt attttttctc aggactatat aattaccacc aaattattgt    154440
     cttttctcat gtcaatattc ttagtatttt attctgttct gttatgtaat ctatctgctc    154500
     ttgtacttca gttgattatt ttggatttga tagggataaa atttgaccac tttgatttta    154560
     ttgattgtct tttgagggtc tattgaaata atgattacaa cactggactt ttattgtgct    154620
     tgggccaaaa cagataagca actatccgtt taatttacta ctttgcttta aaaatcgctc    154680
     ttaaatttgc cacatcagcc atttcccatg catttttttt taacattctg gtttgatttt    154740
     gctaattatt ttcttctgtt ttccattgtt tgatacattt tcattttatt ttattaaaga    154800
     ttagaaaagt attggtttat aatttctact acctcttttt caactctcca gtcctgtctg    154860
     cacctccata tttttcttta tacttactaa gatttttgtt tctgaatatt atgactttat    154920
     taggactatt tttagacttt tcaatttaaa aaaataatat gcattgaggt gcaattttac    154980
     tacaataaaa tgcacccact ttaaatatat gcactgtgta atcaccatat acactttaaa    155040
     tatacgcact gtgtaatcac cagataaaat ttgtatcacc ccaaaatatt cacttaggtt    155100
     tatactcatc ctttatgtaa accctgaact ggtttttgtc tctatagtta agttatgcct    155160
     tcactagagt ttcataaaaa tgtaatcata cagtatctac acttttgtat ttcctgtttt    155220
     aaatagcttt gcttaaatat catattagaa tttctcaata atataatttt tatttatctt    155280
     tatttttttc acagtttttc tatgttggcc cctcctcttc ctttgttttt accctctttt    155340
     gggggtagta gagtgaaagt gaaatagtcc ctctttttct ttaagcctga tgatagaata    155400
     tagaacccaa aagacaataa aactacaata atcaaaaaga taatttggtg caaaaataat    155460
     agtttcttca gaatgctata aaaattcaag tgctaaattg gagataaaag tgtgtgtgag    155520
     acttgaccct tgctttaagt aagttttcat tcctgaaata cagataagac atgttcttaa    155580
     acaaccaaaa aagcaggcat tatgtggtta aaactgtaaa attctaataa aatattacag    155640
     gatttcaaaa aaacgaagtg ctagcaagag aaagtttaga aaatatttaa tgagaggtat    155700
     atcatgctca tatttaataa ttcacacatt tgatatttcc tttcagagat acataacaat    155760
     cttttaatct tactcacttc caatatatgc tgagaagtag ataaagggat gaaactttga    155820
     tttgcatcac atcatttata tctaagctct caaaaaataa ttttatttca ggtgtttatt    155880
     cactaagttt cattcactat ttgtatttac tccagaggag gaaaacacaa ataaacataa    155940
     attttcttcc attctaccca tcaaatctat catttgtgta tgtattattt agcattaatt    156000
     ttacaaatga tatacaattc aattcaattg gagagatctg gtacagaatg cttatagatg    156060
     atctagatgt gtgataatat aaaataaatg aaattcagaa tacctgatac aattaatttt    156120
     gaagttttca gtcaacaatg ttttaggtaa gaaatatttc ttaatcatta atatttggta    156180
     gttattccag tatttgatat ataaatgtgt tcttaattag catgttagcc ttatacaaaa    156240
     attattcatt tattttaaaa cactataaat tgaattatat ttctttttaa aaattttgta    156300
     tacattgaag atgacaaaac atttattcta gaatatcttg gcaagaacac atgagtacct    156360
     tggctctata aggatgatac atgtgtctta aaatggaaga tcaaatatta gtgtcaagcg    156420
     gcaatgtcaa tggtaactct tacttactaa atgctgcaac acatgttaag aagaaagtgg    156480
     tataaattag gaaatgtcat ttattgtaag taaaaatata tttatttata aataaatttc    156540
     aattacaagt cttcaaaaat gggttgtcac ccattagcac tccaattgta aattataggt    156600
     taagttataa ctttttgttc tgttcatcat aaaatgaaac aaatatggct tatattcaca    156660
     tttctcctta tatttccaga aagcatagta taattgtatt agtcggggtt ctctagaggg    156720
     gcacacctaa taggatatat gtgtatataa aggggagttt attaaggagt attgactcac    156780
     acaatcacaa ggtgaagttc cacaataggc catccgcaag ctgaggagca aggaagccag    156840
     tccgagtccc ataaacctca aaactaggga agccaacagt acagccttca gtctgtggtc    156900
     gaaggtccaa gagtcccaaa gctgaagaac ttggagtctg atgttcaagg gcaggaagca    156960
     tccagcacag gagaaagata gagcccagaa gactcaccca gtctagcctt ttcacgttct    157020
     tctgtctact ttttattctg gttgcactgg cagttgatta gatggtgccc acccagattg    157080
     agggtgagtc tgcctttccc agtccactga ctcaaatgta aatctccttt gccaacaccc    157140
     tcacagacac acccaggaac aatactttgc atccttcaat ccgatcaagt tgacactcaa    157200
     tactaaccat cacgatgaca aaaagaaaag gtgttttaca cagtttaata tattccagga    157260
     agtcttttgt aagattctct aattttgata gatttaccct caatgatttt atttctctag    157320
     ttttgtaatg ctatttgaat ttttgcttct tttgagattt ttttctaaaa gacaaatttt    157380
     aaaaaaactt gaaagatcct tgtctaaata aaagtcagtg gaagtcagct agaaacatga    157440
     ggagtggcaa tatcacattt ttcattacca aaaccatgca aaaaatacaa ataacatgtt    157500
     tcttaagagg attaataatg ttagaaaata gtaaattcaa tactattttt cagactataa    157560
     aatattataa agaagtgttt tatatatgtt gatattataa taaaaccaaa atatatttct    157620
     gtaaagtatt ttgtctttat tctcatcatt ttattctcta tatttcttag aataattttt    157680
     caagatttgt cattcctgcc ttttccctcc tccacaattc aactgtactc ttacaataag    157740
     aaatgaaaca ggatacattg ccactgatgc cacagaaata aaaaggatta tgagagacta    157800
     ctataaggaa ttacatatca acgaattgga ttgtctagag gaaacagata aattccaaga    157860
     agcatataac ctaccaagac tgactcatga agaaatagaa aacctgagca gacctatggc    157920
     ttttaagaaa attgagttac taatcaaaaa cctctcaaca aggaaaatac aagggacaga    157980
     gagcttcata ggtgaattct agcaaacatt taaacaataa ttaacaccag tccttctcaa    158040
     actctaacaa aaaatggaag agggaggaat gcttccaaac tcattttaca agttcaggat    158100
     tcccttgata taaatgccag aaaaaaaaca ccacaagaaa aaaaaataca agtcaatgtc    158160
     actgatgaat atatatgcaa aatcatcaaa aaatactagc aaaccaagtt caatatcaca    158220
     ttaaaagaat agtacacact taccaagtaa gatttgtcct taagttgaaa gaatgtttca    158280
     gtattacaca atcaatatga taaatcacat tttcacaatg aagaatatag tcatatgatt    158340
     atatccacag atgcaggaat aatatttgac aaaagtcaac actttttata atacaatctt    158400
     tcaacaaatt aggtatagaa gaaatgtatc acaacataat aaagggcata aatgagaagc    158460
     ccacagctaa tatcataggt aatgaaaaga agctgaaaat gtttcttctc agatgaggac    158520
     aaagtagagg atgaccactc ttcccacttt tatttaacat aatactggaa atcctagcca    158580
     gagcaataag atacaaaaaa aaaaaaatcc atattgcaaa agaagaacta aaattatctc    158640
     tgtatgcaaa tgatatttta tatgtagaaa atccttaaaa tctccaccaa aaaaaaaact    158700
     gttaaaacaa agaaatttag taaagtttca ggattcaaaa ttaacataca aaaatcagtt    158760
     gtgtttatat atactagcag taaactattc agaaagaaaa tttagaaaac aatctcgttt    158820
     acaatggcat caaaaagaat acagtattta ttaatagttt caatcaaaga gataaaaata    158880
     ttgtacaatg aaaactgcaa gccattgatt acagaaatta aaaatgatat aaataaatgg    158940
     aaagacattt tgtgttcatg gattgaaaca cataatactg tcaaaatgcc catactgccc    159000
     aaaacagtct acagatacaa tgctatcctt atgaaaatct caatgacatt ttataaaaat    159060
     agaaaaaaat caagtttata tgaaaccaca agagaccaca aagagccaaa acaatcttga    159120
     gaagaacaaa gctggaggta tcatacattc tgatttcaaa ttatactgca gagctacagt    159180
     aatcaaaaca gtatagtaca ggtgtaaaaa cagacatata gcccagtgga acaaaatgta    159240
     gagctcagaa ataaattcat gaatatatga ctaactgatc tttggcatag tttccaagaa    159300
     tacataatgg gtagaagata atcttgtcta caaatagtat caggaaaact ggacatccat    159360
     atgaaaacaa tgaaattgaa ttcttacacc atatacaaac atttacacaa aattgattga    159420
     agacaaatgt aagacttgac attataaatt tcttagaaca catatgaaaa tagcttcttg    159480
     acattgtctt tgtgatgttt tcttgaatat gacacaaaaa ccataggcaa tggaagcaaa    159540
     agtagttggg attgcatcaa actaaaagct tctagacagg aaaagaaata ataaaaagaa    159600
     tgaaaaggca acctacagaa tagaagaaaa tgtttgcaaa cagtgtatat gacaaagagc    159660
     taatgtgtga aatatacaaa tcattcacgt gtgtatgtac ttttttcaaa acaaattaat    159720
     agcaattcaa tagaaaaaat aaagaaaaaa taaatattaa aaagtagaca aaagccttgt    159780
     atgacatttt ttttccaaaa aaatatacaa atggctaaca gagatataat aaagaggctc    159840
     cacaacacta ctcattagga aaatgcactt aaaaccctaa tggaatatga tctcagacct    159900
     gttagagtgg ctgttacaaa atgataaaag attgtgaaga taagataaaa atccccttat    159960
     gcttctaaca gaaagaggga aaagtaatca ttttgaaata tgcctgagta ttttattctc    160020
     ctcaacaaag atgtattagt cagaattatc cagagaaata gaaccaatat gcagagagag    160080
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaga gaaaatttat cataggaatt ggctcacata    160140
     attatagagg ccaaaatgtt tcataacatg ctgtctgcca gctggagaac caggaaagcc    160200
     attggcgtaa ttcaatccca atggcctgag gagcaagagt gacagtggtg tcatccaatc    160260
     tgaggccaaa ggcctgagaa ctgggggtag ggttgtacta gcttaagtct tagagtctgc    160320
     aggctgagga atcagcacct ctcatgtcta agggaagaag gtggatgtca caggtcaaga    160380
     aaagagaaga tgaaatttgc tctgagtttt tgttatatct gggccttcaa cagatggcat    160440
     aatgcctgcc cacactggtg aaggtggacc atttttactt agtctcctga ttcaatgcta    160500
     atcattttga gaaacacaga gaaaaaatgt tttatcagct tttgggcatc cctttgtcca    160560
     gtcaagttga cacctacact taaccatcac cagaccatcc cttttgaact tgctactcat    160620
     atgcatctcc ttaaacgata atctacaaat aaagacaagg agaagctaat gattctgcct    160680
     aatatgatat aactaacctg tatacaactg aaaatacact actaccgtct tcagaaaaag    160740
     tagtctttaa gtgatgttca gtcttcacct gattccctgt aacttaatat gatgtaaaac    160800
     taaaacttct taaaaacaga tttaaaataa tgcatcttat gttacatgat aaggaaataa    160860
     gagaagaaag aaaacaaaga tagataatta atacatgtat ataaatacac atgtatttat    160920
     aacataagaa ggaaatactc atgacagtta cagttttctg ttctgtaact ggtcatgtca    160980
     tcatagctag tatttatcat taccttctcc cactcattct gtgtacattt gccttcagga    161040
     agatccttag ctgattatag ttctttcttt aactggtgtg gtaatcacaa cttttattcc    161100
     tgaaaggtct ggacctttat ttgtcttccc tggattgggt tgttagagct cgccattgac    161160
     attaatcaca aggcatggta atattaagac aagacctaaa tgagctcttg tattccggac    161220
     atactcttat ttacttccat tgtagagtgg tagtctaatt ttccactggt agtccgtatc    161280
     aatcatctct gccaattctg taactctttt cttgaactat ttactctaag acataaggag    161340
     cccaaattag ctaggtggca gtcttaactt tttatagttc aataaaatta ttgttatact    161400
     ctaggccagc agagtataaa gccctgggat caggaagaaa cattttgcta gtgtgtcaca    161460
     cgggataata gtgagtggtg ccactcccat ttttatccct taattcctgg acctattaat    161520
     cctagctata ggaggaacag tactatatgt tggatgctga ttcaaagcac atatggcaat    161580
     ctggaaaacc ctgccccact cctataaggt attttcacct acctggtgct gtaacagagt    161640
     cttcaaaagg caattccaca ttctatcaag gcagctgctt taggatagtg tggaacatgg    161700
     taagaccagt gaattccata agtatcagcc cattgccaca cttttttagc tgtgaagtga    161760
     tttccttgtt taaaagcaac acagtgtata atactatgac agtggataag gcatactgta    161820
     agtccatgga tgatagtttt aacagaagca tttcatgcag gaaaggtaag agtcagtgtc    161880
     tattctaata aggataaaac aatgtctctc ttatgataga agtgatataa tgtaaccaac    161940
     ttgccaacaa gtagctggat gatcaccctg gaaagtggtg ccatactggg gacagagtgt    162000
     tgctctctgc tactcacata ttgggcactc agtggtggct atagcccagt cggccttgcg    162060
     aggtgaaagt ccacattgct gagcacattc ataacttcta cccctattac tatggccacg    162120
     ttattcatga gtccattatg caatgacaga agtggctgga gatataggat gactggattc    162180
     cgcagaaaag ataattctat ccacttaact attaaaatcc tcctctgatg tggccactct    162240
     tttttgagca ttcacatagg acacaaatat cttcactttt ttttcccatt cagagtggtc    162300
     tatccacatc cttcatccca aaatttcttt gttaccaatt ggcaaatcat gcgctttcaa    162360
     atctctgacc atccaaccaa atcattgatg acagcccaga agttggtata taattgctca    162420
     tctagtcttt tctctttcca agcaaagcac ataaccaggt tcagtgccca aaattattta    162480
     tattggaagg acttaccttc atcactatct atcagggacg tcctagagag aggctgcggt    162540
     gcttcagctg cccactctca ggtagtgcct tgagtttggt gcagaaccat ttataaatca    162600
     agctcaattt ttctcttact ctgtcaattg atcatagaaa attcccatga ggccataggt    162660
     gcaggctggg agagagatga cagtgtagta ggagtggaag ccatgggcat ttgaacagtt    162720
     tttttgtttt aattggggaa atgtagcctc tgaggaaatc cgaaagtata cattcccttt    162780
     attttgtcaa ttttgtttta ggccacttca tgtaacatac ttgggcctgc ttgggcctaa    162840
     gtatgcatat gccacttcta cttgatgatg tagtgctttt gtacatgcca gattttatgg    162900
     ctggattgat catgtgatgc caagttcaag ataagtagct cagttcacat ggtaacttgg    162960
     tgacctatgt tcaagcattt agttctataa aggccccata gtaggccaag ggctgtatct    163020
     cagagggaga atagatatcc tcatataatg acagggctag tctctaagat cctgaagacc    163080
     tgctctgttg ttcacctata ggggcttgct agagcctcca aagaacatcc ctatctgcca    163140
     ctgaaacttc aagcaccttg agatctgctg gatcatatgg cccatgtggc agagcagctt    163200
     gcacagcagc ctgcctcttg cagaggtttt tcttattttg aggaccattt aaaactagca    163260
     tatttttagg tcactctttg taacataccc aaatgtgaaa tatgctgcct ccaaaatcta    163320
     actatattca ctagatattg tgcccctttt ttggatgtag gaggagccag atgcaacaat    163380
     ttatccttca tcttggatga aatattacat gtcccacatc acttgttccc tagaaatttc    163440
     actgaggtag aagatccttt aatttagtta tatttatttc ccaccctctc atgggcaaat    163500
     gtcttaccag taagtctaga gtatatatat ttatatattt atataggtat atattaatat    163560
     atgcatatat tatttatata catattattt atatattata cattatatta tatatgttta    163620
     tactatatac atactcagga ttgtatgtgt gtatatatat acattatata ttacatgtat    163680
     tctcataata tatatgtggg aacaagtgct gtcaatctga ataaacttag atattaatga    163740
     tgtacttggt ttatgatgtg gctgcattag actcatagcc atataaacca aaaaaattgt    163800
     aaaaactgat ggtatatttg atttgaagac ctccagattc aagatgcata attattattg    163860
     tttcgtaagg tacctttaga aagttgataa gactgatgga agattaactt cctagctatc    163920
     acacagataa aaattcaatg ttgcccacat ttattttggt ataacctttg gaaatggtct    163980
     gtagtcctct ttgcactcat attcatgtac ttaaatttta aattcaattg tattttcact    164040
     ttattataaa atataaatat aatatttgtg aacataaaat ttgcaattaa ggtacagatt    164100
     actataaatt ccactaagac ttttgttcat ggaagcagca cttgctctta taagtattag    164160
     aatgtaataa atttaagaag ttctgagccc aaaaaaactg aaagcattac aattaaagag    164220
     aacatttgcc atttacttga agttaatatt tttcacttta cactttattg cacactatct    164280
     ttccttctta tctattaaac atgttgtgag ccattaagaa agtgctaatt ttttgtcagt    164340
     ggggaataac gtaagatgaa ttttcacatt tattggactg cttcttagcc tatgtggtca    164400
     tttattctta agagtgtttt gaatagtacc aactagcaat aatgactgta aactaataca    164460
     gtttctaatg gcagattgca ttaggagagt gtccaaatta tgtagctcca ggagtgctat    164520
     atttcttgct gtattttatt atccattttg tcttgaaaaa aggttacata gcttaagctc    164580
     aatattaaat ctctgctttt tgcctctttt aaaaactatc acagaatata gcaaaaaggt    164640
     ctttagggaa gacacagcat tagaatttta acttagccat gttgtaaatt atggcacatg    164700
     atttgttaca caaattacac ataatttagc taattactaa acaaccctca ttttcttatt    164760
     gccaatatgt aatatttata tatttatata aaccaatgta aagtcagaaa atcaataaat    164820
     attatattat ggaaaataat taaaattaga atagatcttg gtcataaata aatttgttca    164880
     agcttatgaa cttatttaca tctaaaaaac ctcaacccaa aatgtatttt tccaatatct    164940
     catgctttgg atatttgaag aagccattga atagcttttc aagtatatag ataataagtc    165000
     aaaattattt cagattatgt taggtagttc tagttagtga tatgtatgta ttatataatt    165060
     aatgtaaaag ttatttttat ataatgtaca caattataag ttttccttga gctcttaatg    165120
     tgtgctaaac cctcttacac acatttgcat acattatatc atttaacctg cagaaaaacc    165180
     ataaagatgg acatcattat tgtttacatt ttataaatga agaaactgaa caagaaattt    165240
     gataactgtt caagagtatt ctgtgactga cctaggatgt aaatccacac ttctctatgg    165300
     gtgtcacttt attctgtcat tcagtctaca tctgaatcct gactatgtgt ctaatgctaa    165360
     gactgcagct gagaataagt caaagaaagt acctgcattt aaacaattct agtggagaaa    165420
     aaataaacat gcaaatacat tagtaaaatg attttggtaa ctatgaagaa aatagaataa    165480
     ggtgatatgg cagagatgaa ctggctgtgg agcatggcca ctgccctagt aaaggtcatt    165540
     ttagagaaaa tgtttctaaa gagttgacat atgacttgag ccttgaatga tgagaaggga    165600
     tcaaccatgt aaattttgaa gggaaaacct aagtaattgg attagaaaag tgtaaagcct    165660
     tgtaataggt acttaaagga acccattttg tctggagctt agggaagcag gaaaaaaaga    165720
     aagtagatga tatagaagat gtaggtaggg gcaaagtcat gtagtaatat gtaggccatg    165780
     gtatggatat tgatttttat tctgaataca atgagaatcc attgtaaact cttgagtagt    165840
     agtatctgat ttaagtttta taaagtttat aaaaccgtga tatggagagc tcctctaggg    165900
     ttgcaagagt gggtggaggg aaatacattg attcactgtg atagaaaata tttggataga    165960
     cagatttggg agtaaaatta tagttctgtt atagcattgt tgactttgat atgctcatta    166020
     gacaagtgag tggagaattt aggaaagtag ttggatataa aatccagact acagaaaaag    166080
     ttcagcaaat tgtgttcgga gttgtaggac tggatgagat cacccagaaa aaattcataa    166140
     atagaagaat cgtaaaggga gcagagactt gaatcatctc aaggaatttg ttaacctacc    166200
     aaagaataaa ctttttctaa attggacaaa gtcatccctt ctagacatgt gccttttctg    166260
     gtaatcaaaa atcaaataga aacaaaaata tgttatctct ttagaaaggt gcagtcttga    166320
     gaacataggg tttgtctaga agaattc                                        166347