EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC010142; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 136462 BP.
AC   AC010142;
DT   14-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-240N18 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-136462
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-136462
RA   Bemis G., Kalicki J., Hawkins M., Scherger E.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-240N18";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-136462
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-136462
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JUN-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-136462
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 5575a2be4c1907ec9fca1a86a6b0749a.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC010142.4:1-136462; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Jun 12, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7630908.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0240N18
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-524G14.  Actual end of this
CC   clone is at base position 136462 of RP11-240N18.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..136462
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-240N18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   2..1000
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   992..1960
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1964..2256
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2279..3361
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   3420..3722
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3735..4248
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4243..4374
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4479..4609
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4638..4930
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5056..5236
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5239..6133
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6147..6309
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6335..7040
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7903..8213
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9956..10041
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10043..10580
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10585..11048
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11524..11750
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11877..12123
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12554..13056
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   13102..13572
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13577..14420
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14559..14743
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14883..15119
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15131..15313
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15370..16160
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   16361..16438
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16534..16767
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   17499..17577
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   17894..18969
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18969..19028
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20533..20668
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20672..20953
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21180..21485
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22040..22507
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   22508..22825
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22826..23055
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   26214..26392
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   27872..28028
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   28868..29386
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   29643..29874
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   29952..30072
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   30566..30752
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   31462..32214
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34046..34756
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34884..35044
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35194..37047
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37049..37462
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37912..38306
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38307..38430
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38432..38705
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38868..39153
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41205..41371
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   41382..41482
FT                   /rpt_family="Ricksha"
FT   repeat_region   41503..45247
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45252..47273
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47343..48397
FT                   /rpt_family="Ricksha_b"
FT   repeat_region   48689..48748
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   51421..51989
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   52855..53004
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53206..53401
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53411..54378
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54385..54527
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54529..54657
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   54694..54876
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61483..62639
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62678..63483
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63473..64038
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64041..66625
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66706..67013
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67691..67742
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67769..68299
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68892..69044
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   70026..70890
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70887..71288
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71286..72046
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72260..73152
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73270..74064
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74078..74218
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74983..75431
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   75643..75699
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   76055..76342
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77233..77746
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   79967..80085
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   80538..80829
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81015..81127
FT                   /rpt_family="MER94"
FT   repeat_region   81198..81341
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81366..81410
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81407..81513
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81592..82266
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82265..82386
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84751..85238
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85548..85681
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85684..85910
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85897..85993
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86019..86879
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86880..87171
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87172..87565
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87568..87942
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   88156..88329
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88342..88555
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88560..88686
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88885..88947
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89587..89700
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   89844..90030
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   90005..90141
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   90142..90209
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90214..90505
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90525..90707
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   90903..91183
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91651..91775
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   92057..92111
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   92559..92787
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92792..93112
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93269..93368
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93598..95260
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95263..98131
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98127..98832
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98848..99584
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99585..100556
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100531..101812
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101813..102106
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102107..103096
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103095..104312
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108182..108357
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108406..108522
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   109043..109282
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109470..109631
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   109866..110023
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   110035..110293
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   110294..110687
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   110692..110895
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   111403..111578
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111605..111909
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111910..112772
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112774..113745
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113795..114379
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114379..114865
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115842..116147
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   116925..117075
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   117869..118179
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119406..119700
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   122083..122604
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122606..122898
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122901..123224
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   123225..123274
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   123275..123374
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   127021..128201
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128200..128307
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128484..128677
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   128699..128875
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   129740..131460
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131459..132278
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132280..132975
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132976..133278
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133279..133291
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133280..134073
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134076..134121
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   134126..134421
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134422..134708
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134709..136112
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136113..136386
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136387..136462
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 136462 BP; 45502 A; 24352 C; 23872 G; 42736 T; 0 other;
     gaattcatca agaagatata ataataatat atatgcatgg aaaaatataa aatctaaata        60
     tataaagcaa atattaatag atctgaatag aaagatagac tacaatacaa aaatagagga       120
     tttcaatact accctttcaa caatagacag agtagagaga aaatcaaaaa ggaaatactg       180
     gatttgaact acactttaaa ccaaatggac ctaacaaaca tatatatagc atttcattca       240
     tcagtagcag aatgtacagt ttttcaagtg catacagaac acttgcaggg tagatcataa       300
     ataaagccac aaaaaatctt taaaacttta ataagattga gatcatatca agtatatttc       360
     tgatcacaat gatttaaaac tagaaattaa taataaaagg aattttagaa aatttacaaa       420
     tatatgaaaa atacacatgt atgtaaataa acaatggctt aaagaagaaa ttaaaaggaa       480
     agtttaaaaa tattttgagg caagtgaaaa ttaaaataca acataccaaa acacatcaaa       540
     tgcatcaaaa gcagctctat gagggaagtt taaaacaata aacatttata tcaaaaaaga       600
     agaaagacag caaatacaca gcctagtgtt attctgtaag aaactagaaa aaaaaaaaaa       660
     aacaactagc ccaaagttgg tagaagaaag aaaatagtaa agataagagc agtaataaac       720
     aaaatggaga atgtaaaaat aataagaaag atgagcaaag ctgaattgat tttatgaaaa       780
     gataaacaaa gtggacaaac ttttagctag actagctaag aataaaagag agaagtctta       840
     aacaaataca ataagaaatg aaaaagaaaa cattacaagc attgccacag aaatacaaag       900
     tatcatgaga ctactatgaa caaatataca ccaacacgtt gagtaatgta gaagaaatgg       960
     ataaattcct ataaacatac aacctaccaa gactaaatca acttcatagc aagaaaacaa      1020
     tatgattttt attttttatg tgcaaaggat gtaaattgaa ttggcatttc tcgaaagaag      1080
     aattgcaaat ggccaagaga tatttgagaa aaatgatcag catcactaat tattatggaa      1140
     gtgcaaataa aagtcacaat gtgttaccac ctcacatctg acagaatggc tattatccaa      1200
     aagacaaaag acaacaaatg atggcaatga tgcaaagaaa aggaaaccct tgaaaactgt      1260
     tagtaggaat gtaaatttgt atagccaatg tggaaaacag tataaacatt tctcaaaatg      1320
     ttaaaagtag aactaacatg atccagcaat tcattgtcta agcagatatc caaggaaata      1380
     gtaacacttt ctcaaagaga tccatgttta ttacatcatt attcacaaca gtcaaggtgt      1440
     ggaatcaacc taataaacat aacatggtgt ataagcacaa tggaatactg ttcagccttt      1500
     tggaagaaga aaatcttgtc atttgtgaaa atatgtatga atctgtcaaa cattatgtta      1560
     agtgaaataa gccagtcaca gaaagaaaaa gatcatgtta tctgacttat atgtggaatt      1620
     taaaatatca aactcttaga aacagagagt aaaatggtag ttagaagaag ctgtagggag      1680
     cgttgaggat tggggagatg tttgtcaaag gacataacat ttcaattagg agaaataagt      1740
     ttgagactga ttgtacataa tggtgactat agttaataac aatataacat atacttggaa      1800
     attgcttaga gagtagattt tgtgctgtcg ccttcctaaa atgataggta gatgaggtgt      1860
     ttcctctgat acctggattt tgcctttcca caatgtatac gtatatcaaa acattatttt      1920
     gtaaaccaca aatatataca attttatttt tcaactaaaa gtaaacaaaa atatccatta      1980
     agagtaaagg caaaataaag acattcttaa atgagggaaa actaagagaa tttgttgcca      2040
     ttagatctgt ttaaaagaaa ttctagtgaa agtccttcat gcagaaaaag aataacagaa      2100
     gaaaaacaaa aatttaagaa cgaggaaata taaacaacat tggtaaatat aatgtactat      2160
     tttagatcac ttgagttctt taaattatgt tggacaattt aaagaaaaaa gatattattt      2220
     tactggtatg attttgagct tatcaatgta tgtagatatg ataaatatga caaaaatgaa      2280
     catgaattct gcaaaaattg aagcaagaat aaacatcaaa tttgtggtga agtttgagtg      2340
     aaaaaatgat gacattcatg ctttacaaaa aatttatggg gacaatgcct caaagaaacc      2400
     agcagtttat gatgaataac tcattttcag aagggataaa aaaagttgaa ggtgaaggcc      2460
     tcagcagcag actatccaca tcaatttcca aaaaacaaat tcatcttgtt cacaccctat      2520
     ttggagagga cccacaatta acaggtgcaa taatagccaa aatcatgcac atagccatta      2580
     gttcagctta cacaattctg gatgaaaagt tgatgttgag caaatttgtc acttgatggg      2640
     tgccaaaacc attgcaccca ggtcatctgc agataagagc agagttttca ttggaaatgt      2700
     caaacaatgg gatgaagatg ctgaaacatg tattcaagga cttgtaacag gagataatac      2760
     atggctttac cagtatgatc ccgaagacga aagcaatggc tatcaagagg tagaagtgtt      2820
     tcagtcaaag caaaagtgga cagatcgaga aaaggtaatg gcaacagatt tttcagatgg      2880
     tcaaggcatt ttgcttgtta actttctgga gggtcaaaga atgataacat tcgcttatta      2940
     tgagagtgat ttgagaaagg tagccaaatg tttaggagaa aaccactggg gaaagcttta      3000
     ccagagagtt ctctgtcaca attcccatgc ttattctcat caaataagga atcctttacg      3060
     agagtttcaa tggaaaatta ttaggcatcc atcatacagt cttgatttgg caccatctga      3120
     cttatttttg tttcctaatc ttaaaaaact gtaaagggca cacattttct cagttaatta      3180
     tgtaaagaaa agctgcattg acatggctaa attcccagga cctttaaggc agaatgaatc      3240
     gacccaaatc attgtttaca aaactgtttg gaacttgatg aagcttatat tgagaaataa      3300
     aatttatact ctatattttt attttaaaat atcattttcc atgatctttt tgaagtcccc      3360
     ttttgtgcat ttatacatgt ataaataaat atatgtatat ttgaagcctg gagcaactgc      3420
     taaagaaaat atgcaaataa atagagttgc aaagccagaa taaaaataat acaaataatc      3480
     taaagatgga gatacagaat atgcaaaaat aaaacaaatg atgaaataat aggcctaagt      3540
     acaaacatat aagtaattac ctaaaatgta aatgacctaa gcacaccatt taaaagacaa      3600
     agattgtgag gattaaaaaa caaaacaaga ctaacgatgt gctgcctgca agaaacccac      3660
     ataaactaca gttattaaaa ggatgaaaag tggtatgtca tgcaaacact aattaaaagc      3720
     aacaaccttg ggatgaggta tgttatataa aaataaaatt atttactcat caaggaggca      3780
     tatcagtcct aaatacactt tcacctaaca agagaacatc agaatccatg aaataaaagc      3840
     aaacaaaatt aaaggaaaac tagacacatc cacaattata cttagaaatt ttaacaacca      3900
     cttcttagtt atcagtaata acagcagata gaaaatcagc aagagtatag aatacctcaa      3960
     caacactatc agtcaacata acataattga tattatagag cagactactt aacaacagaa      4020
     aatcctcttt acaagtgcac atagaacata tgcaaagatg tatcatattc tgagtcacat      4080
     aacaaaactt ataaatttta taataattaa agtcacaaat agtatgttcc ctgaacacag      4140
     tggagttaag tcagagattt agaaagttat ttggaaaata cccacatatt tgtaaattaa      4200
     aaacaattgc acttctaaat taaataacac attgatcaaa aaggaagtat tttaatgagt      4260
     acaggatttt attttggaat gatgtcaatg ctttgaaaca aaataaagta agtaattaca      4320
     catcattgga gtattactaa atgtaattga ttttggcact ttaaaattgt taatgggttt      4380
     ttacttcaat tttttaaagt ttaattttaa aggaagtgaa aatattagaa gccattttta      4440
     ataaattaaa ataaaaatta aattacaatt atttgacaat attagaaaat aataaagttc      4500
     tcaaatcaat aatttaaaat ttatgtctta acaaactaga aaagagagaa taaactgatc      4560
     caaactaaga agaagaaaga atataatata ggtaaaagta gaattcaatc caaaagttat      4620
     ttctttaaaa agatccaggc cgggtgcggt ggctcacacc tgtaatccca acactttggg      4680
     aggctgagaa gggtggatca cgaggttagg agattgagac cttcctggcc aacatggtga      4740
     aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggtgt ggtggcacgt gcctgtattc      4800
     ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac ctgggaggca gagatcacac      4860
     taagctgaga tagtgccact gcacttcagc ctggagacag agtgagactc catctaaaaa      4920
     aaaaaaaaaa tccataaaat agaaaatatt aagactaacc aagaaaaaaa tatactgtaa      4980
     gaaactaggc cctgtattaa taaatataaa tatagacgca cacacacaca cacacacata      5040
     tatatttata tatatattag ttaagtgtgg taattgacac ctatagtctc atctacttgg      5100
     aaggcttggg caggagaatc acttgagcct aggagttcaa gatgcagtga gctatgactg      5160
     cactcctgca cgccagggtg ggttacaaag aaagacctca tatctaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      5220
     aagaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaatgaaaga gggaatatca caacaggcaa cagaccttac      5280
     atacataaaa agaataagaa attatatgaa aaacttgtaa acaaatttta aaacttttat      5340
     gaaaaggaga cttttcttga aatgcacaaa ccatcaaagc tcatgcaagg agaagtagat      5400
     aaatctgata gttgtgaaac tattttaaaa gttaaattta tatttagaaa ccttccagaa      5460
     catttaactg cagacccaga tggcttcact gacaaatttt acccactctt taaggaagaa      5520
     atagcatgta ttctgcatag tttctttcag caaacaagag agggaaccct ttccaactca      5580
     tttaagagaa aaaaaagata ccatttttgc atatccagat taaaaaatta caatttaaat      5640
     aatacaaatg aataaacctc ataaacatag gtgcaaaaat cttcaaaaaa taggaaatca      5700
     aatttagcaa aatataaaga aaatgacaca ccaagtcaaa gtgggattta tcttaggaat      5760
     ataagtctag ttcaatattt gagaataaat caatgcaata cacaatatca acaaactaaa      5820
     tataaaaatt atataattat gtcaaatgat gtagaaaagg acattttaaa aaattcaaca      5880
     tctattcatg ctaaaaatgc cacaagccag gaatacaaga atacttattt aacgtcatta      5940
     agggcattta caaaaattgt gcgtcatact ttatgtggga ggctgaatgt tttcttgcta      6000
     agattcagaa caaggcaaag tactccactc ccataatttc tattcaaccg agtcctggaa      6060
     gccctaggca gtgcaataaa acacaaaaga gaagtgaaag gcttacatct tggaaaaaaa      6120
     gaagtaaaat tgttcctaat cagctcctaa aactaacagg tgcatttaga aagaacacaa      6180
     aatacaagct gaatgcgtaa aaatcaatct tatttctatg taatagaaac aaaaattaga      6240
     tatcctaatc taaaacacag tatcatttat gattatgcca tgaagtactt tggtataaat      6300
     ataaaaaaag tgattaatct gtatttataa aaccatgaaa taagtcaact agtacctaaa      6360
     taaatagatc tatattcatg gaagaaatac tcaatatagt taaggtgttg aatcctccga      6420
     aattgatcta taaatttact aaaatctcac aattctagtg aaagttattt ttagatatag      6480
     agaaactgaa tttaaaactt caatggatag gcaaaggaac tagaatagaa ttggaaagaa      6540
     aagcaaattg gaaaaactag taaaaagttg gaagactcat agtacctgat ttaagacata      6600
     ccattaagct acagtaatca agattgtgtt gttttgtaaa aagatagaaa tgtggatcaa      6660
     taagacagga cagagagtca agtaataggc ccacaaaaat atactcgatt gggtttgaca      6720
     aagatgcaaa ggcagcttga taaaacaaga gaattatttg aaaacaattt ctagaataat      6780
     tggacatcca tatgaagaat atatttagac acatacctta tacctcataa aaagtatcta      6840
     aaaattgatt gcagacttaa aatcataaaa ctgtaaaagt cataggataa aacatagaga      6900
     atatattctt atacttgaga tagaaaaata gttcttagat gtgacataaa caaatacaat      6960
     ttataaaact aaacaatgga tgatttggac ctcatcaaaa tgtaaaagtt tttctctgca      7020
     aaagacattg ttaagagaat tacatgcacc atcccaagac tgaaccagga agaacttgaa      7080
     tccctgaata gagcaataac tagttctgaa attcaggcag tgttaaatag cttaccaacc      7140
     aaaaatattc caggaccaga cggattaaca actgaattct accagaggta caaagaagag      7200
     ctggtaccgt ttctactgaa actattccaa acaatggaaa aggagaggct cctccctaac      7260
     tcattgtatg aggccagcat tatactgata ccaaaacctg gcagagatac aacaaaaaaa      7320
     gaaaacttca ggccagtatc ccagttgaac atcgatgcaa aaatcctcaa taaattactg      7380
     gcaaaccaaa tccagcagca catcaaaatg cttatcctcc acaatcactt tggcttcatc      7440
     cctgggatgc aaggctggtt tagcatacac acatcaataa atgtgattct tcacataaag      7500
     aaataaagac aaaaaacaca tgattatctc aatagaagca gaaaagcctt tgcaaaaatt      7560
     caatatccca tcatgctaaa aactctcaat aaattaggta ttgaaggaac gtacctcaaa      7620
     aataaaaaga gccatatatg acaaacccac agtcaatagg atacctaatg ggcaaaagct      7680
     ggaggcattc ctcttgaaaa ctggcacaag acaaagatac cctctcccac cactcctatt      7740
     caacacagta ttggaagttc tggccaggga aatcaggcaa gagaaagaaa taaagggtat      7800
     ttgaatagga agagagaaag tcaaattatc tttgtttgaa aatgacataa tcctatatct      7860
     agaaaacttc attgtttcag ccccaaggct tctttttttt atttttattt ttatttttta      7920
     tttttatttt tagagatgga gtctctctct gtcgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcacaat      7980
     ctcggctcac tgcaagctcc gcctcccagg ttcacgccat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg      8040
     agtagctagg attataggcg cctgccacca tgcccagctg attttttgta tttttagtag      8100
     agatggggtt tcactgtgtt agccaggatg gtctggatct cctgaccttg tgatccgccc      8160
     gcctcaggct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcttgagcc accgcgcccg gccgccccaa      8220
     agcttcttaa gctgataagc aacttcagca aagtctcaag atacaaaaat caatgtacaa      8280
     aaaatcgcta acattcctat acacaaacaa caggcaagca gagagccaaa tcttgaatgc      8340
     actccgactc acaattgcta caagaagaac aaaatattta ggaatacgtc caacaaagaa      8400
     agtgaagaat ctctttaagg agaactacac accactgctc aaagcaatca gagatgacac      8460
     aaacaaatga aaacatattc catgctcatg gataggaaga atcaatatca tgaaaatggc      8520
     catactgccc caaagtaatt tatagattca atgctattcc actaaattgc cactgacatt      8580
     cttcatagaa ttagaaaaaa aaactatttt gaaatgtgta tggaaccaaa aagagcctga      8640
     atagccaaga caatcctcag caaaaagaac aaatctggag gtaccacact acctgatttc      8700
     aaaatatact acagggacac agtaagaaaa acagcatggt actggcacaa aaacaagcac      8760
     acatacacca atggaacaga gtagagaact cagaaataag accacacacc aacactcatc      8820
     tgattttcga taaatctgaa aaaatcaagc aatggggaaa gaattcccta tttaataaat      8880
     ggtgctggga aaactggcta gccatatgca gaaaattgaa actggacccc ttctttacac      8940
     tgtattcaaa aatcaactca agatggatta aagacttaaa tgtaaaaccc taagctgtag      9000
     aaaaaaatgt aggcaatacc attcaggaca taggcacagg caaagatttc atgatgaaaa      9060
     caccaaaagc aattgcagca aaagcaaaaa ttgacaaatg ggatctagct aaactaaaga      9120
     gcttctgcac agcaaaagaa actatcatca gagtgaacag acaacctaca gaaagggaga      9180
     aattttttgc aatctatcca tttgacaaaa gtctaacatt cagaatctac gaggaactta      9240
     agcacattta ctagagaaaa acgaaattaa aacacattaa aaagtggaca caggacttga      9300
     acagacactt ctccaaagaa gacattcatg tatccaacaa acatgaaaaa aagctcaaca      9360
     tcactgatca ttagagaaat ccaaatccaa accacagtga gataccatct catgctagtc      9420
     agaaaggcga ttaataaaaa gtccagaaac aatagatggt ggcgaggttg caaagaaaaa      9480
     ggaatgcttt tacaccgttg attggagtgt aaattagttc aaccattgtg taagacagtg      9540
     tggtgattcc tcaaagacct agaagcagaa ataccatttg acccagcaaa cccattactg      9600
     gatatatacc caaaggagta taaatcattc tgttataaag atacatgcct atgtattctc      9660
     actgcaacac tatttacaat agtaaagaca ctgaatcagt cttaattccc atcaatggta      9720
     gactggatta agaaaatgtg gtacacaaac accatggaat agtatgcagc cagaaaaatg      9780
     aatgagatca tgtcctttgc agggacatgg atggaactgg aagaaatttt cctcagcaaa      9840
     ctaacgcagg aacagaaaac caaacactgc atgttcttac ttataaatgg gagctgaatg      9900
     atgagaacag aaagacacat cgtggggaac aacacacact gggacctgtc ggggtccaca      9960
     atggcacaca tttacctatg taacaagcct ccacatcctg cacatgtacc tcggaaatta     10020
     aaattaaagt taaagaaaaa acagacaatg aaaaaagcaa agtaccgaat ttaaaaaaaa     10080
     tggaaaatca catagccttc aaaaaccttt tcagaatatt ttcaaaactc tcaattctca     10140
     gcaataacaa aactagtgag tcaatttaaa catgggcaaa atatatgagc agacgcttaa     10200
     ccaaaaataa atacacatgg caaataaatg cataaaaaga tatacaatgg cattagatta     10260
     aaaacataat gagataccac tacataccta ttagaattgg tgaaatttac aaaaataatt     10320
     aacaatcacc agtgctaaca aacatgcaaa gttacaggaa tgtttataca ttggtgggca     10380
     gaatataaaa ggatacagtt cctctgataa acaatttcaa aatttcatat atatttgaag     10440
     atacacttag tgtataacca agcaatccca cttctaggtc tctaccatag aaaatgaaaa     10500
     cttacatcta tacaaatgtt tgtacatgaa tgtttgtagc agaattttta taattgcccc     10560
     aaatttaaaa caatttaaat actgtgtaca taaacgtata taacgatttt attcataact     10620
     tccaaaaact gaaaataagt aagaaatcct tcaacaattt aattcatgga caaattatgg     10680
     tacatccatg caatggaata ctatgtagtc acaaaaagaa ttaactctta atacattcca     10740
     tgacatggat aaattatgca ctaccatgaa taaaagaagc ttctttcaaa atattacata     10800
     cgatttcatt tctttaccat tctggaaaat atttaaaaaa tatacatagg aatggaaaac     10860
     agagtagggc ttatcagata ttagggacag aggaagggtt tgacctcaga gggatagcat     10920
     aagcagattt tttagggtga atgaaattat tctgtgtcat ttttgtcatt tgtcattaca     10980
     catatgcatg caagtaccaa aactcatata actttacatt gaaattatac aatgtattgc     11040
     atataaatgt ttgaaaaaat ttaaaaaact aagtgcaaaa gaagccactg tgtattgtat     11100
     tcatcctatt gattttggct gtctaggcaa tttgggcaaa tcattctgtg aacacctaaa     11160
     aatcttagac agaatataaa aactatcact taaaataatt gggggaggat agaacaaggc     11220
     agtgagaaat tacagtgcaa agatgtgaaa gcagaaaaaa atcagaaaag tgaaacaagt     11280
     tttggagcct attttttccc ctaagagaaa ttgctgagtc ttaagaggct gtgaagaagc     11340
     tggaaagctg acccatactt ctaaaaattt cacattgatt tggattggga tgcaaaagag     11400
     ctaaactgta ggagaagagt gaatagaaat ttgattagat atttatgtga ctaaagctta     11460
     tctgtgactc tttttttatc cttttaatta tattagtctg gtttgctagt gtccctagcc     11520
     tcttccaatc aattctaatc agtcatatga aaacagaaga tgacatgaca aaacattaag     11580
     tgaaataaca attaatagaa acagtcacag agggcatcca actaacagaa ttatgagaga     11640
     gaaactttaa tataattttg ttcaatatgc tcaaggaaac taaaaacaaa ttttaaattt     11700
     tagcaaagaa ccagaaaata tacaaataaa aatagtaaaa ctaaaaataa ttaaaaaggt     11760
     aaaaagctca gttgatttgt tttgaaaaca gataaagctg aaagagtata cctaccagtt     11820
     tagaatctaa atccatatat tataacctac aagaatatct ttaaaaaagg ataattgtat     11880
     attttcactt ataagtgtga gctaaatatt gggtacacac agacataaaa tgagaaaaat     11940
     agacactggg ggcaactagt gtggggaaag aggatggggg aagagttgaa aaactaccta     12000
     ctaggtatta tgtttactac cggggtgaca ggatcaattg tatcccaaac ctcaacatca     12060
     ccaaatacac tgatgtaaca aacctgcaca tgtaccccaa atttaaaata aaatatgaaa     12120
     aaatgcaaag taggttgcat attaaaataa ataaagagta actaataaat tttataaatt     12180
     acaaacagaa aattcttcat ccacagatat gaatgagagg aaatgataaa atatgtttat     12240
     gttcatcagg tagaagaaac attataatat ggtttggatc tgtgattctt attcagaata     12300
     agagaaaaat atcattagca ttaaccttta aaaatcaagt ttgagtgtta gtatttttag     12360
     agtaaacact ataatacgag gaaaaagtgt ttaactatca agcttttaga agaagagtgg     12420
     gatgatagca aaaaacatca ttccaaaggc aataaataag aagcaaatga acataagtca     12480
     tgcagttaaa attaaaagca aagagtaaaa tgttatattt aagtaccaat acaggaggtc     12540
     cctcttacct gtggttatcc actgtcaact gcaatccaaa tatgttaaat aggaaattcc     12600
     agaaataaag atttcatatg ttttaaactg tgtaccattc tgagtaacat gatgaaattt     12660
     tatgccatct cactctatcc catctgggac ctgaatcatc cctttttctg gtatatctac     12720
     ggtttaagct gtttgttact ttgtagacat caccattatc caattgaata tggcagtaat     12780
     gccatgcttg tgtttccttg aacaaagcat atggacccta agaataagag tagtgatgct     12840
     ggttgtttgg atatgacaag gagaagccat acagtgcttc ctttaatgga aagatgaaca     12900
     ttctcaagtt agtaagaaaa agaaaagaaa tcctatgcta agtttactaa gatttacata     12960
     aggataaatc ttccatttgt gtaatagtaa agatgaaaaa agaaatttat gctagttctt     13020
     ctattgcacc tcaaactgga aatattacaa ctacagcaca atagtttatt ttgtgtttaa     13080
     atattaagca tgtaatatca ttttaaaaac atagaaatca tacagcatat gctctttgat     13140
     cacagtacaa ttaaactaga aatcagtaac aaaatgattg tgaataaaag cccatatttt     13200
     tatattacaa aaatagtcta ctaaatagct cattgatcaa agaagaaatg acataaaatt     13260
     ttaaatattt taaactgaat ttactgaaaa tactaagtac agaagttgta gaaggcagca     13320
     aagttcatac atagaagata atttgtagta ttaacagata ttataataaa aagactgaaa     13380
     tcaatgagat aatacatttc aaataataga caaaaacagc aacttaaacc taagaaagta     13440
     gaagggagga atcataaagg taataatgga aactattgca atataaaaca agcacataga     13500
     gatcatccaa cccaaatttt ccttttttga aaagattaaa gttgataaat ttctcaacaa     13560
     agacagaaaa tatttaatca agagtgtcag aaaaaaaggt acatcattag agattcaaca     13620
     gatatttaaa tataagagaa tattatgaga aatcttcatg ttaataaatt tgtaaattac     13680
     ttaaaaaatg agaaattcat agagaaaggc agtttatcaa atgtgactta acaaaaagaa     13740
     acttgaatat ttctatattt aatgaagaaa ttaaatatgt aagtaaaatg ctttctacaa     13800
     aaaaattcta gcttcaggtt gtttgaccag tgaattccat taagtataag aagagggcat     13860
     cagataaata ttacataaaa ttttccagaa aacagaaaaa aataaaatat tttccaaata     13920
     gttttaggag gtcagcatat tattttgtcc agagcatcac aaagccatta tcattgaact     13980
     aaaatacaga caatactctc tcatacacat aaatgaaaag aagccctaaa caaattgttt     14040
     gcatatggat caatcaatat gaaacctatt gcaatattgg taaaaatcta gaaattgcat     14100
     ggctggccta atctttgtaa tgtaatgtaa caaatcattt aaaaattaat agggaaaatt     14160
     aagcagtaat ctcaatagat gtaaaaaata tgtgatagca ttaaacatca attcataaaa     14220
     aatgcttagt gaactaagat gaaaagggaa ctttgttaat gtaagtgatg tttacaaaaa     14280
     ttctacagca acacctcaca aaatgttgat ctattgtaag ctttccgctg acattgaaca     14340
     agaatcactc ctactacttt acatcaatat tttactagag atcctagcca gtgtaacaag     14400
     actaaacaaa aaaatgaaag ttaggaacat tgtatcacag taacaaatct ataaatgtta     14460
     aaatatatca tgattgaata tggggaaaaa agaatcttca ggtaaattat gaaaaataat     14520
     gtgagtacca aagttgctga atatatctat ctatgcatta tttctatata ttagtggaaa     14580
     gcatttagaa aaatggataa aggatactat ttccaataga aataaaagcc atgaaatatc     14640
     tagaaattac taaaaggggt gtaatacttt cacattaaaa actacaaaac atttgaaagg     14700
     gatttaagag catataaata atgaatagat gtatcatgtt cattatttgt aaatgagaca     14760
     gttaggagta tcagctcttt ggaagttaag aaataagctg gaggaattac ccaacagata     14820
     tgaagactta tgataaacgt acataaatta atataaatac accagttaag agaatagagt     14880
     cctgtatagt gtgataggaa tgccatagaa aaagacaagc tgtgtggctt caacaatgga     14940
     catttatttt ctcacagttc ggggggctgg aagtccaaga tcaagatgtc agcaattttt     15000
     tgtgtttttt tttccctgag gcctctctgg attgcagatg gcattttgct gtgttctcac     15060
     atggcatttt ctctgtgtgt gtgcactgct gatgtgtctc ccacttttta taaggacacg     15120
     gatactttat aatatcctaa atgtctatca tcaggtgaat ggataaataa attataatat     15180
     atcataacaa gaacaatact tagcaataaa tgaagaaata aactactgat acatgcaaga     15240
     acacggatga attttacagc tgtagtaatg aaagaaacaa gccagacacc aaacagtgca     15300
     tactgcatga ttctgacacg agagtgctgg gaagggaaga gcatagtccc tttaaatgac     15360
     acagaaggtg ggaagggaag tgccaggtag agaaaggcag gtcactgcct agggctccag     15420
     ccccacggac ctaggtgagg acgggcattt cctgccgaaa tgttgcattt cccaagacca     15480
     ccctggcctg ccatgccccc atcctgagcc tataaaaacc ggagactcta gtgggcagac     15540
     acaagtgacc acatgttgag aggagcacat cagtggaaga agacgcaagt ggctggtcgt     15600
     caagaggacg tcaagaggag cactctggca gaagagcgct ctgacaggca cctgctcgcc     15660
     agcaggcagg ccattgacgg gtgggacaag ggtgagtttg gccggggcag tcggaggaga     15720
     gccggggcca ccaagtggcc caactccatg ggaaaaccac cttccttctg gctcccccat     15780
     cagcgcagag ctacttccac tcaataaaac ttcgcactaa ttctccaagc ccctgtgtga     15840
     tccaattatt ccggtacacc aaggcaagaa acctcaggac acagaaacct tctgtccttg     15900
     tgataaggaa gggggtctaa ttcagctggt taacacaagc tacccataga tggcaaacta     15960
     aaacggcacc ctctaacaca cgcccactgg ggcttcagga actgtaaaca ttcaccccta     16020
     gacactgctg tggggttgga accccacggc ctgcccatct gtatgctccc ctagaggttt     16080
     gaacagcagg gtattgaaga agcaagccac acccccattg cacaccctgt gtggaggaca     16140
     agggaacctt tcccatttca attccatgta tatttatttc agaaatagat gaagcactcc     16200
     ttgttgaaaa caatcaaaat cttgcttctg agaaagatgt atttacttac gttgggtaca     16260
     ggaattttct tgtttcataa tatgaacatt taatttcaat gatatataga gtgttgggtt     16320
     tatttgtatt tgatatattt gtatttagtg tattgtattt agtgtataca tttgtcaaga     16380
     cttaactgta catttaaatt tatgcatttt gttgtatgaa aattattctt tagtaaaata     16440
     cttataaata ttatcagaaa aaaatgactt gtgagtaatc aactggattt gcctagatat     16500
     ttcacttttt aaaacaaaat aattataatt ttaatttctt agtgtatttt tatgtatcag     16560
     agagtttaac tacttcatat atataaatta atttgatcct catatctaac ctatgaaata     16620
     aatattagta tcaacatttt acatattaga aaactaaggc acaactttaa gtaacttttt     16680
     caaagttgca taacaagtga gtgaaagagc tgagattcaa atccaggcag actggctcca     16740
     aagtccatgt tcttaataat tgtcttaaaa ttagttactt taagcagaac tatcatacat     16800
     attatgaaca tttaaagctt cctacttatg taattacatt ttaaaagcaa tcatactata     16860
     tctgctggct ttataaagta ttaactttgc catatactac aactatttca acaaaaattt     16920
     ttggcatcaa tattacaaag acacagtcag ctccaatttg gaggtacagt catactattt     16980
     ctttcaacaa aatgatatct ttttaacatt ttaaataaaa ttaaatccaa tgaagacaga     17040
     tgccaaaaaa aaagacttct atgcatcaag ataatagcaa agttcatcaa taaaacaatc     17100
     tgcaaatctc ccattgaagg ggcaaatagc ttaagtagtc attgcataaa ctccttatgc     17160
     ttatatcaat tacaaatgtt aactaatgtt atcaatacaa atgtaaattt tttcttctat     17220
     tagtctgtta ataaatgtac tgaaaacaaa attagacaaa aatgtaataa atattataaa     17280
     atgtttcatt tgaatttgtt tgaccaacat agtaagattt tcattgcata aaatagcaca     17340
     ggaaagacag aacacttgtt gattaagaga aattttcagg ttttattttc taaatttagc     17400
     cttaaacaaa gttattgaga atatgtacat aataaatttt ctttatattt taattcattt     17460
     gtctattcaa caagtattta ttgattatct attaactgtt aggcggtact aaataaaact     17520
     atcaatttgt agattaaaaa tattcagata ttagcaattt tttctggtcc aacctaatac     17580
     atagtattaa gctaggtact aagtatgatt cagattgaag aatacagtac atttttttct     17640
     ggcctcattg ggtgattcaa ggcttgcatc actacataag tgagataaca agccatagta     17700
     atttgtacta aagagccaaa atactatggg attttagaaa aggagaaaat taatatggtc     17760
     tggaatgcat agacagatgg aatttaacac ttcaatacat ttctgttgag gcagctaaat     17820
     agtcatttga aaatatgatg catctgtgaa atgtatggat actactctac atgattttta     17880
     aattttggac aggttttttt tttgactttt attttaagtt caggagtaca agcacaggtt     17940
     tgttacattg gtaaacttgt gtcagggggt ttgttgtaca aattgtcatc acccaggtgt     18000
     ctggtaccca gtagttattt ttttctgatc atctccctcc tccaaccctc caccctctga     18060
     aaggccccag tgtgtggtgt tcccatctat atatccatgt gttctcatca tttagctccc     18120
     acttataagt gagatcatgt ggaattgggt tttctgttcc tctgtgagtt tgctaaggat     18180
     aatggcctcc tgctccaacc acatctctgt aaacaacata atcttatttt ttatggctgt     18240
     ataatattcc gtggtgtaca tgcaccacat tttctttacc cagtctttca ctgatgggca     18300
     tttaggttga ttccatgtct ttgctattgt gaatagtgct gcaacgaaca taagcatgca     18360
     tgtgtctgta taatagaaca gtttgtattc ctttgggtat atacccagta atgggattgc     18420
     tggatagtat agcatttctg tctttaagtc tttgaggaat tgccacactg tcttccacaa     18480
     tggttgaact aatttacact accatcaaca gtgtataagc gttccttttt ctgtgtaacc     18540
     tcaccagcat ctgttatttt tttacttttt aataatagcc attctgacta gtgtgagatg     18600
     gtatctcatg gtttttattt gcatttctct aatgatcagt gatgatgagc tttttttcat     18660
     attattgttg gcctcatgta cgtcttattt agaaaggtgt gggttcgttt cctttgtcca     18720
     cttcttaatg gggttgtttg ttttttattc ttataaattt ctttaagttt cttatagatg     18780
     ctggatatta gacctttgtt ggatgcatag tttgcaaaaa ttttctccca ttctgtaggt     18840
     tttctgttta ctctgttgac agtttattct gctgtgcaga aggattttag tttaattaga     18900
     tcacatatgt taatttttgc ttttgttgca attgtttttg tgtcttcatc atgaaatctc     18960
     tgccggtgct caatggatgc agaaaaggct ttcaataaaa tttaacatcc attcatgtta     19020
     acaactctat attattgtaa tcttaacact ggaaacatct gtagatttat tgtccttttt     19080
     ttcctgtggt catatagcta tttaatacta taatcaaaat gaatacatta tttgcattat     19140
     tattattttc cactgggttc aaaacgaatt atgaaacaac acagcattta taagactatc     19200
     tttgtactcc ccaaaatttt gtatcacagc acctagcaat gtttgggtta ctaaataaat     19260
     agttactgat ctgaaataaa atgtcatgat catataattg tagaaaaatt ccctcatggc     19320
     ttcaatagta atgcctcatt ttataaataa aaggagatat gccaaattga tgaaacagag     19380
     aaatacacat tttctttatt gtgcaatata ttttgatatt tatgcaggac ccctaaagct     19440
     caacctacaa atcataatca agatgtaata agctgcaata ctattaataa ttaacttctg     19500
     acaagaaata agattatttc attagaaaaa taaaaacttc tttgaaagtt tttttccatt     19560
     gatggacatt agaaagtata tttttgaaaa aaaatagaaa actttaaagt aaaatttttc     19620
     catcatgaaa aacaaaatgt tattgttata ttggtgactc cagctttgaa gtaagcaaag     19680
     gatggcaaag aacacaagct caatggaatt ctgatgttag aggattaaga taagttacta     19740
     ttattactag tttccacggt ggtatattac tgaaatgtat ttttaagaag ttctgaaaat     19800
     cattttatcc acagctagcc aggagacaaa taatctgcaa actcactcaa atttggctat     19860
     agttagaaaa ttaatttcaa cttcttccta aggaactgtg tacaggaaag catgcttcaa     19920
     acttactatt tctttggagc ccaggggctt tccctaaaaa tttgggggac agatacttct     19980
     taatatatta aaaaacactt ttttctattc attgcaactg gctacctcta tgtattatca     20040
     gttctacctg tcatttttct taattttaat tttatgcaat tacactgaca ctataatatt     20100
     atctatgggt tcaacataag actattaaga cagttctgtg tataagtcat ctaaatagat     20160
     gtctgtcatc tgttctagtt tgaaaggcat gcaaaaaaga atattgagaa gtcacctttg     20220
     gaaccccatt ccagtgtcta atcacccttt atagacacat ttttcatgac tccctgtact     20280
     caaagtcaaa acagagcttt atgtcttcct tcaccataaa atgaatcctg tgacaagttt     20340
     ccaaccaaag attttaatca ttaaatccac actatacttg gagccttaca attttcttac     20400
     agattaattt caacggtttt ttacaacaag catcatatca ttatattagg ttgaaaacta     20460
     gattaattag gcaaataaaa cactggagtc cccagatttt tctgtataac ctgtagataa     20520
     aaagtgttct gaggctgggc acagtggctc actcctgtaa tcccagcaat ttgggaggcc     20580
     aaggtgggca gatcacctaa ggtcaggagt tcaagaccag cctggccaat atggcaaacc     20640
     ctgtctctac taaaaataca aaaattaggt ggggtgcggt ggctcacacc tgtaatccta     20700
     gcactttggg aggctgaggt gggtggatca cgaggtcagg agttcaagac tagcctggcc     20760
     aacacggtga aaccctgtgt ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccaggtgt ggtggcccgt     20820
     gcctgtaatc ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagga tctcttgaac ctaggaggca     20880
     gaggttgcag tgagctgaga ttggcccact gcactgcact ccagcctggg caacagagtg     20940
     agactgtctc gaatatatat acatatattt tggtgtaccc actcttccac tatgcagatg     21000
     ataaaacatt tggtctactc tacaactgct gtacactttt aaatgctata gtctacttca     21060
     tagcttatat attccactga acttttcgct taagactcca ataaatctcc acaataaatc     21120
     tcaagggagg agccacttaa aacagactaa ggctttctaa ccatcctaag gacaaactct     21180
     tttttttttt tttttttttt atctttgaga cagagtcttg ctctgtcacc caggctagag     21240
     tgcagtggtg ggacttggct cactgcaacc tccgcctccg gggttcacac cattctcctg     21300
     ccttagcctc ccaagtagct gggactatag gcacccgcca ccacgcccgg ctaatttttg     21360
     tatttttatt agagacgggg tttcactata ttggtcaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct     21420
     cttgatccac ccgcctcggc ctcccaaaat gctgggatta caggcgtgag ccacagtgcc     21480
     cggccaggac aaactcttaa tgccatgagc agttcatggg aaatcctaaa ttgcagaatt     21540
     aatctagcag tagggaaatg tgggaccttg ttctgatcca cgaccactct ggaaaaaatc     21600
     aacagaggat tgtgtcattg ccaagtaaat ttgaatgctc aaggaagaca ttagaactaa     21660
     ttcgtccagc tggaatatct ttgcacatta tctaagcaga catatagaat accttggggc     21720
     ctagataatt gttttagatc agttcatctt ttgacccaca acctccagag cttgtattaa     21780
     ggtttggctt ggattgataa agctcagcat gaaatcaaat aactggtaag gagtataaaa     21840
     tctatgttaa tattttaatc ttaaaataac taatacattt cttcaacagc cctgagttct     21900
     agaaaagaac cagaattgtt aacagaatag taagtacctt gaggaaagaa tgatcaaata     21960
     gctcttatgt tccatcactt tattaagtta aaaaatatat atgtgtaaca tgtttatctg     22020
     ttttaaaatg ttacgacagt attaaagtag gtagttagac acacataagc aagacagaag     22080
     agggcccccc aggaatgtca gtcaaccatt agataatggt caggcagttg ttaaactgtc     22140
     tctctaaaat aataattggt cgcagccggc gccaaggaaa ggcaagctcc taacagaaaa     22200
     cacctgaagg ggctgatcag cagcctcctg ataaaatctc aggaattgtg caagtgagct     22260
     caagcacagc actaagacgc aaaatggcag agtttaactg gtatgtgacc ttcctctagg     22320
     aacattcgac tggtaagaaa aaacacctca aatgagcata tgcacagctt cagtaaacac     22380
     cctgcgcata cagaccctcc cgagtgctgg caggccactg tgcatatgga cagcccattt     22440
     caaggaaaaa tcaagggaga agaatcggaa accttggaac catgcctatg tataaaaaca     22500
     tcaagtcggc cgggcgcggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccta gcattttgtg aggtcgaggg     22560
     ggcggattgc ctgagctcgg gagttctaga ccagcctggg caacacggtg aaacgccgtc     22620
     tctactaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttagccgggc gtggtgtcgt gctcctgtag     22680
     tcccagctac tcgggaggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga acccgggagg cggaagttgc     22740
     agtaagctga gattgcatca ctgcactcca gcctgggaga cagtgagact ccgtctccaa     22800
     aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacacca gatgaagcgc tttgatctat caagtcgcga     22860
     gcttggcctt ggcccttttc caagtgtact ttccttcctt tgttcctgct ctacaacttt     22920
     taaaataaac tttcactcct gctctaaaac ttgcctcagc ctctctttct gctttatgca     22980
     cctcagccaa tttattttct ccaaggaggc aagaatcgag ttgctgcaga cttgtacaga     23040
     ttcatcactg ctaacaacag tactaagaag gtaaaataac tctgcggaag tgtgtcttcc     23100
     tctgagtagt tcattcagta cttgataagc aaatatacta agctctattt aattgagttt     23160
     aaaaaactgt aagttacatt aatataatac atatatggca ttatattatg aatctagaaa     23220
     tacaagcaaa gctctagcac atttccccca gaatttaatt agataaaact ctttgttgag     23280
     tcaactcttt gcttttctca gtctaattga atgaacattt tcatctgtga actaaactag     23340
     aaacgtaact aaagtttctg ttgaaaccta attctgaata aatgtaatat caatactggt     23400
     gtcttctgtt tccaaactac atctaaatac tcatgaactt cctatgcata taattttgtt     23460
     tcttggccaa tcaaccctaa aagtttattt tgaaaagtta ctaaataaaa cgtggaattt     23520
     ctctattaaa atgaagtatt atataaacca ataagaattc tttttgacaa aacaattaat     23580
     tcattgagta taaaaatatt atgcagtgac taaatgccag cagttacatc tttacacaag     23640
     cagggaatgc actagccaaa aaagcacacc ctcaattatt tttttttccc cccagcaagt     23700
     agcttctctg aggaggagaa caaggtaaaa gaggcagttg gtacaaactg caggtggctg     23760
     gctgctgagg gagaggtgtc atttgggaag cacagcaggt ggcctaaact gagaagaaga     23820
     tgacatttag agacagcagc aggtgtttgc tatgagggag aaggacctct ctccaaagtt     23880
     gtcaatgatt gcattcgttc atttctgctg caataatctg gtatttggca tttaaactga     23940
     cagcaccaga tatgcctaaa aataattatg aatccaaacc ttttgctggc taaaaaaata     24000
     ttacaaaggc attatttctg cttatgattg aatcaaaata caaacaattg acaaaatgtt     24060
     aaagatagca ttatagtttt ttcaattaca tttttaaaaa gcaagatttt gaatatttta     24120
     agcagatcaa aatttttgaa tataaaagat atagtcataa atttaattca tcattaagag     24180
     tagtaaagta gaaagctaat tgttactcaa attggttttt aaatgaatag attcccagac     24240
     actatgatca ttttcatggt gtagaagtta ccaatgccaa aagttatcta cttatcattt     24300
     aaaagtagaa tgtataaaga ggagacttta tcacgcttaa accaaaaaag agattcaatt     24360
     attgcaagtt tgcatatgag aattattaag acaattcaag tagcttgcat gaacaatgct     24420
     agagatttgg gaggcctaaa gattaaaagc ttcccgggaa acaagaataa aagtgacgac     24480
     attggctgtg ttctattttc agattctaaa attcattaca tttgtagaat gatcatagaa     24540
     caatcaaaag tccataaaat actgtgagta tgccccataa ctttgagaac tcatttctgg     24600
     acaattattt attctatcca acttgtattc ttttttcagc tttggtctgc ttgtaaaact     24660
     cacaaatggc aatgggacca tgctagtgca atcacaaaga gaagccctgc caatcatcca     24720
     ctttcctact ctccataagc agagactctg tgcagaaatt ccagcacgca gaagcagagg     24780
     tcagtctggg ctgtttataa atatgtatct tgtaatcact aaatataaag gggcgatgtt     24840
     ttgaagtttt cgccagagga accagcagca tttctggata acatttttca ccagagtgtg     24900
     caactattaa tcggttcgta taaaataaaa aacagaaatt ggaggaagca ggaatatgat     24960
     aaaaggaaag ggagtgagag acaaagggta atatgataca gtaaataatt tttgatgtct     25020
     taaatactca ttctgcccaa ataaattgtg tctaaagtgg tggttcaatc aagcaagttg     25080
     ggttaaacca tctaaaacat caacaacatt agtagcaaag atgacacttg tttataacca     25140
     tgatgtggat atagatgctg tgttttgtgt ttatggttaa acaggaaagt aggaaagtac     25200
     gtgtaatgag tctgaagccc ctacttttac taaaagctct taccattttt tttctctcat     25260
     aagacagaca cttacaatga aaaatgtaca catttcaata gtctttctta gataattaaa     25320
     ggtgactttt aaagatataa aatatatttt agggtgttaa atctgctgag agattgctaa     25380
     cgcaatagaa agaaatactg ttcctgagat tctgttctca gaagatgaag agctttaagt     25440
     gaacttttca gttgttttta ctctgaggga ttctcctcct cagtatgatt aatgctttcc     25500
     acacttgagt agaaattctc ttggatgaag cctttgataa ctatcgtttg taaactttcg     25560
     taaacttgcc atgcacaaaa tggaatatgg gttatctaac ttgaattgag aatccttgtg     25620
     agcatgccaa ttgcttcctt ttctccagaa caaaatgata tttgtgtcat catagaaaaa     25680
     tatattctga agaaactgtg tttctggact atataaagca ctacaattaa tacataacat     25740
     acaaacaagc cacaggctcc aaataaagaa acaactcttt ctgatggcta tatgttcaaa     25800
     aacaaagctc ttattattgg aaacaaataa ttgggtcatg gtgaagtcaa ttcaatattt     25860
     caggcatgtt atcatttaca aagagattaa tgtttaccag tataagaaat ggatatagaa     25920
     aatcaatttc tgtggaatag taggaatgat aaggagtctg gggaaaagaa atatttagtc     25980
     tacaaaacaa ataaatttaa aaagtgattc caatctttaa atacagtgat atcggcagta     26040
     tttgtaaaat tcagatgttg aaaaagtggg aaagatagga gatgtaccca ctgaacacac     26100
     caaaaagcaa attcatttgc accaaaagag caatctctaa tttaaatatg tatcttaacc     26160
     ttccaaacaa ctcccttgca gattaacctt tcaaaaaact cccgtatgta tacactaact     26220
     acttgttagt taaattgctt aacctctttg cacttcaatt tgctcacctg tgaaatgtag     26280
     gcaacaatag tgtccatatc ataatgttac tgtgatggta aagtgaggta atgcatacaa     26340
     gaaggttagt gccttaaaca agttaaatac ttgatacaca tcaattatta ttttgtacag     26400
     gatggggtta ttgttaaaaa gggtatgtga aaagaaaata gcatgcctca aaataaaatc     26460
     atattaaata gtagaacatt tcattttatg catgatgagc tgacatgtta atatagaaaa     26520
     atatcttgcc tagtttgatt tttatataag ctcaaagtta ttctaaattt gcatagtttc     26580
     tgttttttgc tatgtaatcc ttaaaaatta gttaaaaatt gcaattgtta ttctgaatgg     26640
     ttaaagctta atatacttag attgtccatc tgtctgattt atcagtatta gatttatcaa     26700
     tgatattaga ttgtcaatat tctgaatgat tttaggaata tcaaatacat taaacataat     26760
     aactacatta tagtaatatc atcttttttt gataaccatc ttaagtaatt ttgtgccccc     26820
     tctaattcca aagattaatt ttagtagata gtaagtgagg aatgccagaa tagtttacag     26880
     agagatcaga ttttcttaat tatgtatttt tagctttctt atctggaata agtactattt     26940
     aaatactatg ataaaggaat ggacataaat attttacctt ttaaatcaga gtctcttcat     27000
     ctatgcattt tcttcaattg caattaaatc ctgaatcaaa aacagaaata aattttgagc     27060
     tactcatttg gggaattaag agactgaaga aaatctccat taatcagagg tataagaagt     27120
     tcatgtctta agtcaaatat acaaagtcaa aaccatgact acctggcagc ctcacttcaa     27180
     aaattctgat cctaccccca aacgtgtctg ttccatctgt ctagtcaaat gtgaaaacga     27240
     ttatctgaag aaaaaaaggc tgtttcataa ttccatactc ttagtactat caagttatta     27300
     gaaatatttt aaggagacta aaagttttca taaaattgct tcaatttgct ttttcatttc     27360
     gtaaaatgag acaaatgtca ccaccaacag ctgaccatat atacttgaaa tgggaaatta     27420
     actccaaagt gtagacttaa ttatttgtgg cattctttta tttatgagct gcagagtaga     27480
     caccctgtta tgtacattga aaaaatattt gaaccaaaaa ataagaaaaa gacaggtaaa     27540
     aatacacaaa cataaattag ttgtctgcat atctaaagct ctcctagctg aaaatctacc     27600
     ttgcattcaa cttttgtatc atctactaaa aagccagtat gttttcttta aactactttt     27660
     taaggattac atagcaaaaa ataaaaattg tgcaaattta gaataacttt gagcttatat     27720
     aaaaatcaaa ctaggtaagg tctttttcta tattagcatg tcaactcatc atgcataaaa     27780
     tgaaacgttc tactatttaa tatgatttta ctttgaggca tgctattttc ttttcacata     27840
     cactttttaa caataaccct atcctgtaca aaataatagt tgatatgtgt caaggactta     27900
     ccttgtttaa ggcactaacc tttttgtttg tattacttca cttcaccttt agcaaagtta     27960
     tgatatagac gctaatgtta cctgcctttc acaggtgagc aaattgaagt gcaattggtt     28020
     atttaattat atgaaatata ttagatattc ttcctggtca gttcgttaaa gtacaagaag     28080
     catttattca taggttgaat aaatagctgt cgctaggtat aatttgatag ataaattcta     28140
     tcaaatgtat cacgcattct aatttgtctg cagtaaagtc tgaaatttca ttgaaatcgc     28200
     attgcagggt taaagagtat aatttccagg atgtgctgta cttgtcaaaa tccaaatagt     28260
     aaccagggag ctatcacagc atgagtttgt ttgttaaatg acaaattggt gtctaagcac     28320
     tgaatgacta aaactttcta aaactttggt tttatgcatt ttaattgagg tcgaggtgtg     28380
     ggaaaaaaaa atctggatcc tgggtatctg ccaaaggcca aaaaaaaaaa aagacttcaa     28440
     catgggtaat acaaaatcta gaacaaatag gaacagcatt catttcagga atttctgcag     28500
     gtgtgtttga attcttatat acttaaatat ttgtaaacaa caaagtataa atttggcagc     28560
     tacttcacca cttcaaccat tatgtctatg taaatgtctt gaaaagcatg ggtcagaact     28620
     aaaagcatta gttacttcaa tttggaaaag ttgtctcaga ctttcgggta acaaactaag     28680
     ttcattatat ttcttttata aacacaggca tggatggaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     28740
     caaacactca cacaaaatta tcatacctta atctactatt tttgtccaca ccacactaaa     28800
     gttaaactaa gtcaaaatct tagaatcata ttttgctatt tattctcctt tattctctat     28860
     atccagttga tatcgctttg atgactggaa gaacaccagg gttcttggtt ttgagccaat     28920
     aggattaacg acacagatat atgtggagtg gttttaagga gcaaaaagtt taataggcca     28980
     gaaataagaa aggagaaaac agcttcttca tatagagaca gaagaaggag ggcttggaac     29040
     aaaaaggaac ctcatctgtg gcagaaaatt tgttggttat attgggaggc tggaggaggc     29100
     agtgtcgggt ttacataggg cccaggggat tggtttgact aggtgtgtta tttatgtagc     29160
     caaagaaaaa cctggccctt ccaccttacc tttttaatat gcaaatgtgg gttgccatga     29220
     tgttttgagc acatggtgtt atttggaggt ggccatgaca cttgacacag gtggtgacaa     29280
     ggagaagatg gtgggaatcg gcatgttggg tagacccagt taccatttgt tggcatttgt     29340
     atattgaagc ttgctggctt ggctttctaa gccacgtttc tgttagtttt taccaaaaac     29400
     ctttaccctg tttacttgcc taaaaattat ttttaaataa cttttgtact acaatcaagt     29460
     acaaactttt actaattcat cttttgtaac ttctcatgaa tctggcactt tatcttcatt     29520
     ttaattttta ctgctattat caaggctgtt agtgacaatt cctaaacaat tgcttacagt     29580
     ctgtccccat tcatctacca gctgcctctg ccaccatctt tctaacatta cactgctaaa     29640
     ggccagcatt tattagcact aactatacag tgagtgctag gcgaaaggat ctaccaagac     29700
     cattaacatt taattttcac aatagcccta tgagataaga actattatcc tcaatatact     29760
     gataaaaccc tgagccttaa aaaaggtgga atgacacagc tataaattgt ggaaacaaga     29820
     tttgaaccca ggatgtttaa ttccagaatg atgttattga gtttgttaca ctgtttcact     29880
     gaacaataat ttcaacatgt taacacatga tctggaaatt gtctatgaca tctcatcaca     29940
     tatagctaat aaagagctaa cattcattga gtgccgactc catgttaagt aatttatgtg     30000
     aattatctca tttaaacttt tcaatggcca tataatttac aattatctcc attttacaga     30060
     acaggtaaca gattgagaga cttgtgaatg ccacacttta atctcatctc ctccccacca     30120
     ccctgaaatc acaagcttga actgccatcc ggacctgagg caacctttcc ctcattaaga     30180
     ctaagtttct cctgtgtgca gaaatatgaa ggatggaagg aaaaggaaga gatatccggt     30240
     actattgtag tcatttatct gtggattgtc aatactcttg tgtctaacat caatcattaa     30300
     taacctgtgt ttggtaggca tgaaaaggct ggctgggttg tgtgagttct tagatggacc     30360
     tatagccaga ataagaacag aaatggtttt cacaatcacc ttgacacttc ttaaaagcta     30420
     ttgaatctaa caactattta tttctcctgt tctaattttt cttatacaaa ttgggaagac     30480
     agaatttgga gtcaatggca agtggtagta tagcaggctt ggtcaactct gaagccctga     30540
     gaaatgtatt tagctctctt tatcgcagtg gttcttaaag ggtgtttctg gaacagcatt     30600
     attaacataa cttataaact tgtgggaaat tccaactctc aggcttctct tcagatgtac     30660
     tgaattagga cctagaggtg gggccaagca atgtgtattt tggcagtccc tgaaggtgat     30720
     tctgacacac gataaagtta taaaaaccac tgctttagaa tgtgagatat ttagcaccac     30780
     tgtttacttc tgctttaggt cttatttaat aatttctggg caatataata agcctacagt     30840
     ttagaaatcc atttgtgttc tgttctttat cttgaccatt catttttttg gaaatcaata     30900
     ccttgtatct caaattttct catgctatag ttactgtaat ttatattaaa aatactgtat     30960
     ataaaaataa aaatgttcac catatttctc cttttccaga atatcaaata tattgttatt     31020
     atcactgatg ttgttgagaa tatccaaacg gtatttttaa tagtttcatt aaagaaatta     31080
     aaaaacaaaa gcaatttaag ggaattgctg agacaaataa tttgattctc atgattcctc     31140
     cagagtggaa taactgatgt ataatattgc tgtcttctaa tttctttttc ttagtttgtg     31200
     ggtctctttg tgtgtgtttc acaaggcata ttctcagcta caatagcatt aaaatgtcat     31260
     taaagaaaca cgtatttatg aattatatgt tttaataaca cagtattttt aaatttgtgg     31320
     ttaattttat tgttatatag acaaaattaa atatagtttt aaaataaatt tataaaaatt     31380
     tttattcact aagactaaat gagttaattt aagctgcaga tttataaaaa tagatcttta     31440
     atctgtccaa tataaactgt tttttttttt taaattttac tttaagttct gggatacatg     31500
     tgcagaacat gcgggtttgt tacataggta tacacgtgcc ttggtggttt gctgcaccca     31560
     tcaacctgta atctacatta ggtatttctc ctaatgctct ccctccccta accccccaac     31620
     cccgacagac cctggtgtgt gatgttcccc tccctgtgtc catgtgttct gattgttcaa     31680
     ctcccactta cgagtgagaa catgaggtgt ttggttttct gttcctgtgt cagtttgctg     31740
     agaatcatgg tttccagctt catctgtgct tcatcatgag gacataaact catccttttt     31800
     tatggctgca cagtattcca tggtgtatat gtgccgcatt ttctttatcc tgtctatcat     31860
     tgatgggcat ttgggttggt tccaagtctt tgttattgtg agcagtgcta caataaacat     31920
     acgtgtgcat gtatgtgtct ttatagtaga aagattttta atcctttggg tatataccca     31980
     gtaatgggat tgctggttca agtggtattt ctggttctag atccttgagg aatcgccaca     32040
     ctgtcttcca caatggttga actagtttac agtcccacca acagtgtaaa agtgttccta     32100
     tttctccaca ttctctccag catctgttgt ttcctgactt tttaatgatc accattctaa     32160
     ctggcatgag atggtatctc attgtgcttc tgatctgcat ttctctaatg accataaact     32220
     ggatttttac cattgtatta caaagttagt aatacttaca catttggtta atctgatgga     32280
     ctaataattc agctgcaata tatcaaatct gtcagtgcac tgattatatc tcccatggaa     32340
     gatttttttt atcttttgat tcaatgaaag tttcttgtat gaaaccaaat ttcatacagt     32400
     tctaaaaaat cctttagaaa ttcatcattt tagttttgtt ttctaggcta aagcaattta     32460
     ctgtctacca tcatatgtct atttttttaa aaaaaatgcc ttttcctaca gaaagaagtt     32520
     ataaaattaa atagaggtgt aacaagtagg attttaagat tacacatggt tgttttgtgc     32580
     tagttaaaaa gaaaagaaga tataatgctt ttaacaaatg agaacactat gtatgtttat     32640
     acatataata catatttaac attgagttgt taactgggaa aaaggttgtg gtattaagca     32700
     tgaaaaagaa gagagttggg aggcatttca ggcattgtga aagcatcttt attcacactg     32760
     tagccttgtt acacacagaa cagtgaggat atgctttcat ataactggct atatctccct     32820
     aattggctat ataaatttca ttaatgtcat tgttaactta tagagtagta acacataaag     32880
     gatcttgaat gctttcaaat actatggata ataagaaaat aattaaactt gccattccac     32940
     tttgtgtatt tgagtattat aatgtatgaa ttaagctatg tgactattat gaagtcacag     33000
     gcaagcagaa agaaatggtc ttgatcagtg tctagtcagt agtcctgggg taaactgacc     33060
     atacaacgca tgtatctgct tcctgtggtt tgtctggatt caggtgaaag gtttccacca     33120
     ggggatgcat ctgtagtctg tcaaactatg tagatagata tggtaaactg atctgaccac     33180
     attctacaac taactacaga ttagtttact tgccgttggt acacttggtc gtataactca     33240
     gccacttact cagcctaatc ctaaagtgat accttcctgt gaattggaga actgtatttt     33300
     caaataaagc ttcacatagc aaacatttca taaagatcaa ttcaccttga gacaactaaa     33360
     atgttctgtc tacttcagct cattctagat gtcatttctc tcacaaacat ctctgaccta     33420
     cccttacttc catttatttg cttctttcat ttctattcat tagtttctta caaacctgcc     33480
     tgcagagatt gttctgtctg agatttttcg aaacccctaa gtaataatca attcatgtaa     33540
     tagagaagtt gaaactttct gtgatagtct taatgacttc tttatggtga aaaatattta     33600
     aagaaattat cctgaaaaga aacatttgct aaggaattta tctttctttt caatttacct     33660
     ctcaaatgca aaatcatgat aggatgaaat agtaatacat gtgaaaaaaa atttttttct     33720
     gaataagaaa agcccctctg gcattatttc tgcagggact aatagaccca cctatagctt     33780
     tatgtagatg aaacacagtt agttgggtgg tcagtgcatc tccacagtgg aatgagaaag     33840
     actcaatagg tctttttcat ctctacttct agattctctg atcaaatatc aatacttaac     33900
     aattttaacc agttatattt aaaaaacaga aaagtacaca taagaaagag aaataaaaac     33960
     ataaataaaa tatgtaggaa gcaatatgta ctcagactaa aagttctgaa taaattgtag     34020
     gagatggtat atcttttatt tttaattttt tattattata ctttaagttc tggggtacat     34080
     gtgcacaacg tgtaaggttt gttacatagg tatatatatg ccatgttggt ttgctgcacc     34140
     tatcaactgg tcacctacat aaggtatttc tcctaatgct atccctcccc cagcctccca     34200
     cccctcaaca ggccccagtg tgtgatgttc tccttcctgt gtccatgatc tcattgttca     34260
     attcccactt atgagtgaga acatgtggta tttggctttc tcttcttgtg ttactttgct     34320
     gagaatgatg gtttccagtt ttattcatgt ctctgcaaag gacatgaact catcctttta     34380
     tgtggctgca tagtattcca tggtgtatat gtgccacatt ttctttatcc agtctatcat     34440
     tgacgggcat ttgggatggt tccaagactt tgctattgtg aacagtgcta caatatacat     34500
     acatgtgcat gtgtctttat agtagaaaga tttttaatcc tttgggtata tacccagtaa     34560
     tgggattgct gggtcaaatg atatttctag ttctagatcc ttgaggagtt gccacactgt     34620
     cttcaacaaa ggttgaacta atttacactc ccaccaacag tataaaagcg ttcctatttc     34680
     tccacatcct ctccagcatc tgttgtttac tgacttttta atttttgcca ttctaactgg     34740
     cgtgagatgg tatatcttaa ggccttaacc ctaaatcata acttcctaaa cagaaactgc     34800
     atataaagag ctgtttttct tactagtggt acagttttat cagatgcttt ttattaagta     34860
     gattatatta ttctacttaa taaatacaga taagtggaaa catatgaaaa aaatgctcaa     34920
     caccattagt tattagggaa atgcaaatta aaaacacaat gcactacaca aatataagaa     34980
     tagcaacaaa acaaacaaac aaacctgaca agatcaaatt ctgttgagga tgcagagcaa     35040
     aaggcttata gaaaatttta ataacataac tagacatagc tgcttccaaa tttaaaatat     35100
     gattagaact ttttgttatt taatttgagc agaagatgaa aatttacaca gattaagctt     35160
     tcacttaaat gcaatgagaa gggaatagcc tattaaaaaa catttaacat atctacagct     35220
     aacatctata cctaatggta aaagaatgaa tgctattgta atagcagggt caagacaaat     35280
     atctgctttc actcctccta ttagcatcac actggggatc ttagcctgcg aactgagaca     35340
     aaataaagaa agaattgaca tatagagtgc atactaagaa acaaaactgc ctctattttc     35400
     agaggacatg acagtcaaca tacaaaatgt acaaaaagtt cttagatctc ataagtgaac     35460
     ttagcaaggt ctcataatgc aaagaaaata tacagaaatc aatcatatta ctatattaca     35520
     gcaattaaga gtagaaatct gaagttttta aatgacgtca gttacaatag tactaaataa     35580
     aattaagtac ttgggtataa atttaacaca atatgtgaag aatgtctgca ctgaaactta     35640
     caaaacgctg gtaaaagaaa tcaaatatct aaatcaatag agatgaaaaa gatatttccc     35700
     tcattcataa attagaaggt gcaatattgt taacatgtcc atcctttctc atttgctata     35760
     tgcacttaat gatattccta tcataatccc agcaagcttt tagtgagata tcagaagctg     35820
     attctaaaat atatatggca aaacaaagga actacaatag ctaaaacaat tcagaaaaag     35880
     aagaaaaaag ctaaagggct cccactgtcc aatttcagga cttattataa aactttaata     35940
     attaaagctg tggtattgga aaaaaagata acatatacat caacagaata gaagagacag     36000
     ctgagaaata ggcctataag aatacagttt attgcttttt acagagattc actaatttaa     36060
     taaagaaagg attttttcaa caaatattgc agtatcaact gtaaatccat atgaaattaa     36120
     taaactacag gcatatacct gatacattat ccaaaaatta actgaaaata tgtcatttac     36180
     cataatgtat aacaaaacta taaaactttt aaaaggaaac atgagacaac ctatataatc     36240
     tttagtttaa cagtaagact taactaaaaa atacaaagcg tgatctactt taaaaatgtt     36300
     aaattagact ttatcaatat tagaatactt tgttctgtaa aagacactgt aaggagaatg     36360
     aaaaggtaac acgcacacta agagaaaata tttgcagtta aaatcacatc tccaataaaa     36420
     tcttccatgt acaatatata aataacactc aaaagtcaac aataaggaaa aaagcaacaa     36480
     aattaataaa ttttaataaa tttaataatt ttttaagtct aaaaagacac ttccccaaaa     36540
     cagatatgtg aaaccatgtg aaaaaaatac tcaacatcat taattattag gggaatgcaa     36600
     attaaaacca caatgtacta cacaagtatt aaaatggcaa caaaacaatc acacacacac     36660
     ctgacaagat aaaattctag caatgatgca agttaacagc aactttaatt agttgctaga     36720
     tgatatgcaa aattgttcag ccacctctga aaatggttta gcaatttttt acaaatgtat     36780
     acatacattt atcatatgat ccagtaattc cactcttaga tattaacaaa aagaattgga     36840
     aactcgtatt tactaaaagc ttgtaaacac atgtttatag cactttctct tataatcaca     36900
     aaaagaagaa gccagaaatc cttcaacagg tgaatggata aacaagctgt aatatatcca     36960
     ttgaatgtaa taatactcag caagaaaaat gaacaaacag ttgattcaaa cgacagtgtg     37020
     gctaaatcta atatacattt tgctaagcat tgtattattc catttgaaaa gcatttgggt     37080
     aaaggcaaaa ctataggaat gaaaaacaga tctgtagttg ccaaagatta tgggaaggaa     37140
     gattacgtgg ctacaaagag gacacacagg aaaattttag gaagatgcgc tgttttgcat     37200
     ggtactttgg tggtggatac atgactaagc atttttcaaa acttatagag ctgtacaatc     37260
     caaaagataa actttaccat atggaaattg caaaaaacaa aacaggatgt caggaaaccc     37320
     aggaaggatt gcagacaaga aaaatgaacc cagctgtgtt gtaattgtat aacataactt     37380
     cacggaaggg ttcgaaaaga aaaataacaa acctaagtaa ctttgacaac cagtgttttg     37440
     agtagattaa ataaacaagg aaggcaagaa taaaccctgt ggggcataac taactgagaa     37500
     atatcagtgt ttatgttaat agagatacaa atatataaat atagagataa ctatagatgt     37560
     atatatttat atatgggtta gtgtacatgc actcatacat attatttctg gctcagtaca     37620
     cagagggagc ttagaaagga agaaggaagg aaggagggaa ggaagaaagg agggaaggaa     37680
     ggaagtcaaa acggaagggg tgaaggaagg atgaaaggaa ggaaggaagg gaaatgaagt     37740
     gaggaacgga agagggaggg aaggaaggaa ggaagtcaaa acagaaggag tgaaggaagg     37800
     atggaaggaa ggaagtaaag gggaatgaag cgaggaatga aggagggagg gaaggaagga     37860
     aggaaggtag gaaggaagga aggcaggaag gaaggcagac aggcagggag ggagggaggg     37920
     agggagggaa gacaaaggag cccatgtgaa agagcagctc caatgaccaa atctgaaata     37980
     gtttgagaaa caaaattaat aatgatagtt ttggagttgt ggagggggct aaaaggtaga     38040
     tacacattag cagttccata ctgattaata aatgaccaaa taaataaata aacgagaaaa     38100
     gagacatatc tttagtccag aagaattcca tataacacag gaattaagag tgatgggaat     38160
     aaaaagtaat cagtggaata ctacagcagt aattgttaca agcaagaacc attaatgact     38220
     gctaaacatt ttggaagcaa ctttaaaaag aaacagtata tttgaataga ctcaaattat     38280
     cttcccaaac atacttacta atttcagtgg tgtttttcct aacaagtgtc cacaaagtat     38340
     ttgatacttc tccctccaaa acctggggtt taattctctt tcctctgagc gtgggctgga     38400
     tttagtgact catttctgaa aacacagaat ggaacaggag aagtagtaac tttgcagtgc     38460
     agaagcctgg aaaataccac ctttgtcaag tggtcaagtt taacatcacc aataataagt     38520
     aatgcagata ttattttacc ccaaaatggt atgatgagaa gagtacttta tctctgtgtt     38580
     attcccccaa aatctgtttc ctcggtataa tcatgaaaaa agagcagaga aacaaaaatt     38640
     gggagaaatt ccaaaatacc tgaccagtag tcttctaaag tgctgatgtc attagaacaa     38700
     ggagatagta taacatgata gagagaatac tgtgtctgta ttttagtgcc cagttgtacc     38760
     agagtaattt ctgagcacta catgcatcag tctttgtata tttttgcttg gtatgtgcaa     38820
     ccaggatttg aatttggtct cttaattact taaaaaccaa aatgaagggc tgggtgcagt     38880
     ggctcaagcc tgtaatccca gcattttgtg aggccaaggt gggtggatca cctgagttca     38940
     gaagtttgag accagcatgg ccaacacaat gaaactctgt ctctactaaa tatacaaaaa     39000
     ttagccaggc atggtggcat ccacctgtag tcccagctac tggggaggct gagacaggag     39060
     aatcgtttaa acccaggagg tggaggttgc agtgggctga cattgcacta ctgcactcca     39120
     gcctgggtga cagagcaaga ctttgtctca aaataataat aataataata ataataataa     39180
     aattatttgt cagaaaattc tatataatat aatttctagt actgaatatt atacttttag     39240
     tttagcacta cttccacttt tctgccccac aataatttta tatataaaat tatattaata     39300
     taaattatat taattttata tataaaatta cattattcta ttaataataa ttttaatctt     39360
     atgtataaat acctactaga atttggacgg gagtgaaaca gtgaaatgcc ttgcttatcc     39420
     tttgaaaaat tatattttgg gaaatatata attgcttatt tctgcattac tattgtttgc     39480
     aaatgccttg tggggaggtg tcttttacaa atcaacattt aatggcacat acaaaatgaa     39540
     aatatacaaa tattgggact tttaaaataa ctacctaaga attgacacat tgacatttac     39600
     ttcaatactt tactatcaga tttattcagt tgatagcaag gtggaactag atttatgaaa     39660
     gaaaaccaat agaatataaa aaaatagtga agaaaacact ccccattgtc caaactgtca     39720
     tttacttacg gaagctaagc caaatctcat gcttagtaat aaacatacaa tgttacagaa     39780
     tattccatct caaaaatcat ggttttgaag gaaattatga gaattagata attaatgttc     39840
     acctactcca cacataagta aaacatttcc taattaaatc cctgttaaga agataagaaa     39900
     ctaccaacaa ggctaaatta tgactttatc atactacaaa gagtgagaat taagacacag     39960
     tttgttgagg agaatccaga tacatttaat ataggtgtcc agagactttg tagctgtgac     40020
     atgggaaggt tatcccaggg aaattttcat aacccttagt tctctaaaat gagtactcat     40080
     ttggcttccg atcatttgct taagctgcta gaggctggat tgaataaagc tgccctgagg     40140
     aaattatttg gaaatctaac agttttccca gtatattttg tcagaggaga atctgaggaa     40200
     atttacatat caacattgac aatattcttg tgagtgtcta acactcaatt tcgtacctct     40260
     gagttaaatc taaagagtta ggggcactat tacttaatct gtatcgatgt tttggcatca     40320
     agtcttcaac atgaaataag caagccaaat tatagagtcc ttatgtgatc tcttcaaaat     40380
     gatcttattt tccaaaatat gaatgaccta tagaaagaag agttttagtg ccactaaaga     40440
     agagcatagg ctttagaagg cgaaataaag atgatttgaa atgtgtttgt taacatagaa     40500
     gatattgctg atatggtgaa attattacac atggaaaatt atatgcataa tgaagcagat     40560
     aaaaaatgga agtaaatata cattcaaaga aatgaaaatg ggcattttag ggagcctgaa     40620
     gctctgtaac tggacaaagt aagacaaatg taagtagagg agtcagttgt aaaggacaaa     40680
     ttgtaacatt gtctacaaca agccaaacaa ggaagtttag aaaataaata attcatttag     40740
     tccccataat ttattttaat tatttcaagg tcagtatata atgaccactc aaaatttacc     40800
     acctatcatt tttacacact atccagtgtt catctaactg tcataatgga taatttagga     40860
     gtatgaaata tggatactgt tcattcaggt atgtatgcta agccagcttc tagagatttc     40920
     tttatattta ttgtatttaa tttatatttt aatataaata tgctaaatac cataaaacat     40980
     aaacaaaata tattttgcta agtagaagat aaaaagacca tgaagatttt acaagttttt     41040
     tcattgctgt ctatttcatt tttaatacca atgagatgag aagtaattgt ttaccatact     41100
     tatactatgg aagttgtact tagcaaatca ggaagtacaa aaaaatttct agtaactctg     41160
     tgatcaaatt ttgaacattt ttatatcaaa tccaagtaaa tttttagctg tactcttgaa     41220
     taagtgattt taccagtgtg tatccacact tctctaaata caaaatgaga gtaatcatat     41280
     atatctaata agatttcagt aagtttgtaa agtgataatt catgttaacg gcttaatgta     41340
     atacatgaca cataagtggt aagtgttaat atcaggagcc aattataatc ttgaaagaca     41400
     tagtctcaaa agccataatc ctcaaaatta aaatcccaaa ttttatcatc ctgaaataat     41460
     tctggaaaaa ataatttaaa ataaatttac attttggaga ctaggctgag caagatggtg     41520
     aaatagaagg ctctattgat cgtcccctcc ataaaaaaaa acaccaattt aacaactctc     41580
     tacacacaaa aaaagcacct gtataagagc caaaaatcag gtgagcactc acgatacctg     41640
     gttttaactt catatcattg aaagaggcac tgaagacgta gaaaaacagt cttgaattgc     41700
     caatactacc actccctgat ccaccagcat tggaggcatg gcacagagaa cagttctccg     41760
     tgctgggggc agggggctgg ggtggggaag gagagtatag gagttgtgag gcacttaact     41820
     cactgctgtc ctgttgaagc aggaaagaaa accagaccaa actcagctga catgcaccca     41880
     tggagggagc atttaaacca gctctagcca gaggggaact gcagatccca gtggtcagaa     41940
     cttgagttcc tgcatgcctc accaccgtgg acttaagtgc tctggggctc taaagaaact     42000
     tgaaggtcag tctaggctgt aactcctagc tgagtcctag tgctgaactg ggcccagaac     42060
     cagaggaatg ggagggcaca ggaactactc atataccagc tagggaagct aagggagtgc     42120
     ttggatctct cctctaaagc caggtggcag agtttgtggc tccaaagaga tcccatcctt     42180
     ctgtttgagg agaggtgagg aaagagtgtg gagaattgta tcttgcatct tggataccac     42240
     ctaagcaaca gcatgatagg gcactggtca aagttgtgag gcctcttttc caggccctag     42300
     ttcctggaca aacccttggc cagagggaac ccactgcctt caagggaagg acccaggcct     42360
     gacagcattc atcatctgct aaataaatag ttcttggtcc ctgaataacc agcaatgata     42420
     cccaggaacc acatcaaggg ccttgggtaa gcttctgaga catattggct tcaggtgaga     42480
     ctcagcacat tccctgctgt ggcagctaag gggtaagact ccatctactt gataaaagca     42540
     aaggaaaaag taaaggggcc ttcatcttgc accttagata ccagttggcc acaaaaggta     42600
     gagaagcaag tgggctcctg aggtctctga tttcaggaat tgattctcgg attgcatttc     42660
     cggacctatc ctaagaaaga agggggccca ctggcctaaa gagtgagtcc cagcccaggc     42720
     agcatttacc acaaactgac tgaagagctc ttgggcttta agagaacatc agtggtagtc     42780
     tggaagtact ctccattggc ctgtggtggt gagagccatg gggtaaggct cccctgcttt     42840
     tggaaagtgg acagaagaat gagaaggatt gcttcttgta atttgagtgc catctctgcc     42900
     tcaataaaat agaacaccgg gtagatttct aaggattttg actctggtaa ctagatccag     42960
     gacaacacct ctggacctgc ttagggccta ggagaacttg ccaccctgaa ggggaagaca     43020
     caggtctggg tgactttgcc acctgctgat tgtagaaccc cagggctttg agtgaacata     43080
     gtcagtggcc agggattggt tagaacaggt catgggtgag acccagttct gtgtttcctt     43140
     catgtctgac ccagcacagt catagtggtg gtggccacca ggggtacttg tttcacttca     43200
     ccctcagctt tagttggctc agaacagaga gagagcccat ttgtttgaga gaaagtaatg     43260
     gaagagaaca agggtctatg cctgttaatc tagaaaattc ttccagatcc agcccaagac     43320
     tatcaaagca gtacctctat gagtctgcaa ggaccgtaga attattgggc ttggggtacc     43380
     acctaaagca gatacagctt tgatcacggt actcaaatct ttccaaatat ctggaaaacc     43440
     tacccaagaa gggcagaaac aaataatacc agactgtgag gtctacaata aatacctaac     43500
     tcttcaatgc ctagaaacag atgaacatct gcaagtatca agaccatcga ggaaaacatg     43560
     acattgccaa aatgcattaa gtaagccaca ggctttgttt ctcctggaga aacaaagata     43620
     tgtgaaattt cagacagaga agccatgata agtgttttta gaaaacaatg aaattcagga     43680
     taatatagag aagtaattca gaattctatc agatgaactg aaataatttt aaaaaatcaa     43740
     tcggaaattc tgaagataaa taatggaagt tatacactaa ataattcatc agagtatttt     43800
     aataggagaa ttaatctagc agaagaaaac atagcaagct tgaagacagg ctacttgaaa     43860
     atacagtcag aggagacaaa agacaaaaaa aaaatgatgc atacccagag aatctagaaa     43920
     atgtctcaaa agtgaaaatc taagagttat tggccttaaa aggaggtagt gaaagagata     43980
     ggtagaaagt ttattcaaaa ggataataac agagaactcc ctaaacctag ggaaagatat     44040
     caatatccaa ctacaagaag gttatagaac accaagcaga tttaatcaaa agaagtctat     44100
     ctcgatgcat ttaatattca aacccccaaa gatcaaggat ttaaaaacag gttccaaaaa     44160
     cagcaagaga aaaaaaatat tattcaatga agctccaacg tctggcagaa gacttttcag     44220
     tggaaatctt acaggtgagg agagagagac atgacatatt tataatactg aaaaaaaaac     44280
     aaacctacta ccctcgaatg gtatatctgg ctaaaatatt ctttaaatat gaaagagaaa     44340
     tactttacca aacaaacaaa agctgaagaa tttaattatc accagacctg tcctacaaga     44400
     aatgataaag ggaatacttc aatgagatag aaaaaaatgt taattagcag taaataatta     44460
     cctgaaggta caaaacttac tagtaatgta aatacacaga aaaacccaca atattataac     44520
     agtggtgtgt aaactacttt tatcctaagt agaaagacta aacaataaac caatcaaaac     44580
     taataactag aaaaactttg aaaccataaa gagtacaata agatataaat agaaacaaca     44640
     aaaagttaaa aagtggggga ataaagttaa atcatagagt ttttactact tttcattttt     44700
     tgtttgttta ttgtttatgt gacagtttgc tattttagcc taaaataata gtatttgcaa     44760
     gcctcatata acctcgaccc aaataatcta taacaaatac acaaccatta aaaaaaggaa     44820
     gataaccata tcaccagaga aaattacctt cagtaaaagg aagataggaa taaaagaaag     44880
     aaagaagaga agaacacaca aaaaaaaaca gaaaacaaat tataaaatgt taagaataag     44940
     tccttactca tcaaaaataa cattgaaaat aaatggacta catttttcca atcaaaaaat     45000
     taaatggata aaaacacata gtggctaaat ggattaatat gcaagaccca atggtctgtt     45060
     gtctaaaaga aactcacttc acttataaag acacacatga ctgaaaataa agagatgaaa     45120
     aatgatattt catgataacg aaaaacaaaa tagatcagga gtagctatat ttacatcagt     45180
     caaaatagat ttcaagacaa aaactttaag agacaaagaa gctataaaac tataaaatga     45240
     taaggagtaa gtagaactga tcaacaaact cagtaaagtt gcaggataca aaataaacat     45300
     ataaaaatca gtaacatttc tatatgccaa cagtgaacaa tctgaaaaag caatttgaaa     45360
     aggaatccca tttaccatag ccaaaagaaa actaaatagt tagaaattaa cttaacctca     45420
     gaagctaaat atttctataa tgaaaattaa aaaacagtga ttaaagaagt tgaaggggac     45480
     acacacacaa aatgcagaga ttgtctatgt taatggattg gaagaatcaa tattgttaaa     45540
     atgttccaag gcaatcttga ggttcagtgc aatccctatc aaaacatgaa tgacattctt     45600
     catagaaata gaaaaaaaaa acaccctaaa atttatataa aaccacaaaa gacccagaat     45660
     atacaaagct atccaaagca aaaagaacaa aactggaaga atcacattac ctaacttcaa     45720
     attatactac agagttatag taaccaaaat aatatggtac tggtataaaa aaagacccac     45780
     agagtacttg gatagaattg agaactcaga aataaatcca tatccctaca ctgaactcat     45840
     tttcaacaca agtgtcaaga acatacactg tggaaaaagc agtctcttgt ataaatgatg     45900
     tggggaaaat tgaatatcca tatgcagaac gatgaaacta gaacccttta tctcaccata     45960
     tataaaaatc aaatcaaaat ggattaaaga cttaaatata agacctctaa ccatgaaagt     46020
     gctacaagaa aatagcgggg aaaatctcca agtaattggt ctgggaaaaa attgctgagt     46080
     aatatcccac aagcacaggc caccaaagca aaaattgaca aatgggatcg catctagtta     46140
     aaaaaaatct gcacagcaaa agaaaccatc aacaaagtaa agagaccacc tactgaatgg     46200
     gagaaaatat ttctaaacta ctgatctgac aaggatttag tccccagaat atataaggag     46260
     ttcaaaaaac tctataggaa aaaatctaat aatcccatcg aaaatgggga aaagatctga     46320
     acagacattt ctgaaaagaa gacatacaaa tggcaaatgg agatatgaaa agtgctcaat     46380
     atcattgatc attagagaaa tacaaatcaa aactacaatg agatgtcatc tcatcccagt     46440
     taaaatggct tataaccaag gcaggcaata agaaattctg acaatcatgt ggagaaaagg     46500
     ggacccttgt accttgtttg taggaatgta aattagtaca accactatag agaacagttt     46560
     gaaggttctt cagaaaacta aaaatagagc taccatatga tccagccaac ccgctgctgg     46620
     gtatatactc tccaaaaaag gaaatcagta tattgaagag atacctgcac tcccatgttt     46680
     gttgcaggat tgttcagaat agccaagatt taacaacaac ctaagtgtcc atcaacagat     46740
     gaatagataa aggaaaattt gatacttata cagaatggag tactattcag ccataaagag     46800
     gaatgagatc cagtcaattt caacatgtat ggacctggag gtcattatgc taagtgaaat     46860
     aagccatgca cagaaagaca aacatcacat gttctcactt atttgtggga tctaaaaata     46920
     aaaacaattg aattcatgga gacagagaga agaaagacag ttaccagagg ctgggaagca     46980
     ttgtggtgtg gtagcggtga ggtggagatg gttaataggt tcaaataaat agaaagaata     47040
     agacctatta tttgatagca caaccgggta aatatagtca atagtaattt aactgtacat     47100
     tttaaagtaa tttaaagagt atagttggat tgtttgtaac agaaaggata aatgctttaa     47160
     ggaatgaata ccccattctc catgatgtga ttattatgca ctgcctgcct gtatcaaaac     47220
     atctcatgta tcccataaat atatacatct accatgtacc cgcacaatta aaatgaaaag     47280
     cttttaacaa gttaaaaaaa taaaataaca ggtattaaaa aataaaataa caggtatgaa     47340
     aattacattt taaagggatg tttatttgag aaatctaaaa acacagcaga agagttccca     47400
     ggccacttta tgtgatacaa taggcaataa taacatatat atttttttgc gagcataagc     47460
     actgcagtat actcatgaca gtcacataag taaaccagtt ataagcagat gaggtgtatt     47520
     catatagaaa taggtcaaaa agagaaatat ataattgcat ataactgtgg tgggtaattg     47580
     tgcgagctca gctgtataac tgcagtcact tgaaatactg tggtgaacaa cctaagactt     47640
     ttgacaagat tgatcaaaaa tcgcaatggg tcaccacctc atgtgcagtc attcatagag     47700
     ctgagatctc gagaagtttt acctttcaca aatgcacatg tacaaaagga catctcttca     47760
     tttattgagg aagtttcaac attttacata cacaatgctt acccacaaag tcaaagttgt     47820
     gataatgcac tgttgtggag tcaaatttct gacaggcaac gtagcaaagc ctctccctgt     47880
     tctcagagag agaccaaatc gccttctgta ttttctctcc cctgattgaa tggtgcccac     47940
     caacactaac agcagatctt tcctatatag tccactcaga ctcactcatg aatctcctct     48000
     gcaaacaccc tcacagacac actcaaagta atactttacc aattttctac gtattcctta     48060
     atccagccaa gttgacatct aacattaagt acgtaagtcc actcgtgtca acttttcacc     48120
     catattcatc tccttaaacc ataattttca aataaagaca ataacacttc acatgataca     48180
     actaacatgt ttcaattatc ttgtatacaa ctaaaaacat actaatcttt tactcagaat     48240
     tctgttttca gaattttaac attcaggatt ttaattttgg gggaatgcaa ttttcaggat     48300
     tttagacatt agatatttta ggctgaaaga attctgactt tagggatttt gatattttag     48360
     gatttcagct tcctaattat gctgtttcag gattatgacc caaacccatt aatattacca     48420
     tcatcattac tgtgaaaaga agatgagata tatgagaaag agagaaagct tggcaaataa     48480
     aaagttattc agtggatggc tcttcaaagc tgaagggacg tgtaaatgag taaaaaaaaa     48540
     agctgaaaat gtattaaaat gaagataaat gaggaacaaa atcaagaaga taaaacatgg     48600
     gtaacttata aaagggcctt aaagctaaaa actgttaatg tctttatcaa gaaattggga     48660
     tgttgttctc agggtattta attatagact tgagcaaatc acttttcctc tctaggtttt     48720
     cttattcgta aagtaaggga aataaacttc tctttatctt aaaggaagtt ctcctctgat     48780
     cttaaattct aaattaaatc tgatacaagt attggtggtt aggcagttga gaattttaag     48840
     aaaatgagga aaaccgttcg aacagttcac agaaatgaaa agacatttag gctaaagagc     48900
     atgtgaagtg aactcaaact gctgacagtg tttttgttgt tgatacgtaa agtcagatca     48960
     gggatgaact gtgatgttgg agatagcacc agtaaagaaa ccccttttta acatatgtcg     49020
     aaatacgggt ggaaaaagag accaaaagaa gagtgggaag taactgtaca tttatttttt     49080
     caaaacaatt taaagaagca aagaagcaaa ttacccagct aagccctgta actgaaagcc     49140
     tctttcaggg atagtttttt gcccttcgat atcggcccat caacacttaa cacacagtgc     49200
     ctgatacaga aatgtcacct agtaactgat aataagaagt taaaaatata tattgtgtca     49260
     cccaaaacgc cttctcttgc ttcctacgtc cacttaagtc tgtttcacct ctgcattcct     49320
     actcttcctt ccctgagaca gactttctct tgcaagaact ttcaaagtag ttgtctctca     49380
     gatacatctt tcctctgatc tgtctttcaa aatgaggttt aaatcacctt tctgaaaccc     49440
     atatctaatc ttgtcacttt agcaatggtt atttacaaga tgaagtccaa atttcttatt     49500
     atggtgtcac aatttatctc aatacccttt tcagccttac attgaacctt ttcctcctcc     49560
     ccctactcat ttctcacaca tcatagttgc tgcctgccta gtcttctcca gtgcctagca     49620
     ctgagtagcc agaataagtg ctcagtttat tttctatggg agtaattaac ttaaactctt     49680
     tatgtatacg tctatattat aaaaatcttt cacatttttg ctgagcattc cagaggggaa     49740
     accatgagta cgtctctcca cattttgtta ttgaaaagcg ccaaaatttt gcatatagaa     49800
     cacacgcatc tatcattgct tcatctaaca ggttaaaatg gctttaaaat tattcattta     49860
     tattgatgtt acctttggaa attttattgg aaaatttact ctgcaaggca aaagactgaa     49920
     tgattttatg ataatcaaca tacttcccaa gcacattgct cactcggatg tctaattaag     49980
     gagttttagc ctaaaactgt aaatactcta ggaaattaat ttattattat tttttattta     50040
     taaacaactg caatttcaaa gtggcaaact aaaaatctag aaaaaaaaag cgaaaatatt     50100
     tgacacggaa atttcgtcca aaaaatccaa aacaattcat aaaaaaatat tttcctaaga     50160
     aagaagcact tggaacccaa tcaaagtttc aggtgcttat ttgtgataga tgtttttctg     50220
     atatctacca actgtaatca tagggacttg ttcctgaaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac     50280
     aacaacaacg aaaacagaga agtaagctaa aagcctaaat tgtaggtgtg ttctaaccac     50340
     tattaacagc catttcctca tatttgaaac ttcactatat acattaaatg aatgtgctct     50400
     tgattaaacc tatcaaaagc tgtttttcct ggatattctt caaactttaa attaaggtaa     50460
     ctacagggaa acttaaacga tgaacacaac tgggaaaatt attttaggaa gctaaatcta     50520
     accccaaaga atcttgatat aaaggtaatg ttttatcttt ttgaaatgtt aactcaatca     50580
     aatattgctt cctacatgtt gagggtttta ctgtcaactg tatgagtaaa taaacacttg     50640
     atgatggttt ggctaacttt taggtaacac attgtttcat aaaatccatg caaatttaaa     50700
     taaaatcaaa tttgtaaaga caacaatcat acatttgtta ggatttgaat ttgatcaaag     50760
     gggacattaa ggcttttaga cagaaataca gcaattaaac ttacagccat gttatgttct     50820
     ctcttacaaa tctaaaatgt gggttcaaaa acctttcttt aacaggcatc cttagagact     50880
     gtaatccaat ttggaatgag aatacaaaaa aaaaaaaaca cacacaaaaa aaacctaaga     50940
     aatgactggc atttttacgt cgatgaatac gtgaaaatgt atatactcct actgttcata     51000
     aatcttgatg ctgcaaacac tttattcttt gttcctgcag gatacattta tcagcttcat     51060
     aagtctgctt tccatttcat aacttaaaca agaaaaaaat tttagatagt tttcaaaata     51120
     ttctccacat tttccattta ttctctacgt tgggtagatg tatgtgcagt tgttgctatt     51180
     tggcctcacc acatttgttt ctattccatt ttatctgtcc agatttccaa caacgtaata     51240
     tttcatgttt ttgtcactcg tatgtaatat gaagtatcct tctgcagaca gggttaagtt     51300
     aatagcttta aaagcaaaca taaatgtttg tttttctaga cctacagagg gtactgctaa     51360
     caggatctca aggtttggtg acaacctaaa attctttaca cagtggccca tctcgtagct     51420
     tgcagtagcc attattcaaa agtggcatcc caatgaaaca caccatctgt taagagctgg     51480
     tataatcccc ttcaacactg aaattgagct ggctatgtgt aacaaataga atgtagtaaa     51540
     agtaacagtg agaaacatcc aaggctaggt tatagtaaac cttctagctt ctgcattgat     51600
     atctggcaac atattacctg acagaagcca gccaccatgc aagaattgac aacttgaaag     51660
     ctctttgcag taacaaagct caagccagcc atgtggagag tccggagagg aagaataaga     51720
     tgcctagcca attctcatgt cttcccaaca tcccaactaa aacgttagcc atgtgagtga     51780
     aaaagtcgcc ttggacatgc agtccagtct gacctttgga tgcctccatc tccagttata     51840
     cactgtactt caactacatg agaaactcta aacaagagtc acccagctaa gcccagtaaa     51900
     cacacagaaa taaaggaaat gacaacagat aactatttca tttcaagtca cgaagtcgca     51960
     ttttatgcag caattagata actgatacat taatttttgg ttttgaatct gaacgtgtaa     52020
     aggtagtttt tattcacctt ttttcactat aggattttga gctttacaaa cagttttcag     52080
     tgtaaaataa gacatgaaat attagaaacc ttaacagaag gccatggata atgaaggaat     52140
     gaccagaggg aattagagaa aagtgacata aaagtctgat ggggtccaaa ggaaagaggg     52200
     attgaaagaa gggaagtcca cagggaatga ttactaacag attagtaaca ggtaggcata     52260
     gccctgtaag tagctcatag aatcttgaaa gaaggtcaaa ctgtttaaga agtaggtgag     52320
     gttagtctga aattttccac tccagcttga ctttgtattg gttgtaagaa atgacttgag     52380
     cctaaagaaa ataattattc tacctgtctg tggaatttta tgtttgaaca aaaatcagat     52440
     tctttttcag taataaacaa gattgtccat ttttcccttt gtattaatag cagaatgaaa     52500
     aacaagcaaa aagccaagga acctttctac tgcaataagt tcttattcct attttacact     52560
     gtctctaacc ttctggcaaa gatgccacac catacattaa atatgtgata agagttaaac     52620
     agttatttta ttaaaactag agttaaaaat cattgtatta aaattattta ccaatttaat     52680
     ccagtttcat atctagcttt agaaaaacaa atttcaagaa gaaactgaag tgcacaaaat     52740
     gtttggattt ttgttttgtt ttacttaaaa agaaagaaag cacaatacat gattgctcta     52800
     tgagaaaatt aaatgtatca tttacaatat taaaatttta ataaaaacta ttcttcttta     52860
     cagtttatta gtgttattga tacataataa ttgtatatat ttaaggggta catgtgatat     52920
     ttagatccat gcatataatg cataatgttt aaatcagggt atttagcata tacatcacct     52980
     ccaacattca ttatttcttt gtgtcagttt gtcatagcat aactaagatg aagaccttgt     53040
     gtttctggaa tggagaaaat ctgcattcag agacagacta gtgatttctg tgctggtgtt     53100
     tattaatatc tttccaattg tatcaattcc tcttatcaac tcaattgcat caattccaat     53160
     tctttcaatt cctgttaaag tatattcctc aaaaataaaa aaaataaatt ttctcttcta     53220
     gctattttga aatatgcaat aaattattga tagctatagc ctccctgctg tgctataaaa     53280
     caatagaact tattgcttct gtctaattat gtctgtatcc attagccaaa atctcttgat     53340
     tctcctgtgc ttcctaccct tcctagactc tgataaccac cattctactc tctacttcca     53400
     ttttttaaaa atttcaatag tttttgggaa agaggttgtg ttttgttaca tggaaaagta     53460
     ctttaatggt gatttctgag actttggtgc actcatcacc ccagcagtgt acactgtacc     53520
     caatgtgtag acttttatct ctcaccccct ctcatccttc cccacgagtc cccagagtcc     53580
     atcatgtcat tcttatacct ttgcatccac atagcttagg tcccacttaa aagtgagaac     53640
     atacgatgtt tggttttcct tttctgggtt acttcactta gaaaaatagt ctccagcacc     53700
     atccaggttg ctgcgaatgc cattatttct ttcattttta ttgctgagta gtattccacg     53760
     gaatatatat accatatttg tttatccatt cgttggttga tgggcattta ggctggttcc     53820
     atatttttgc aattgcgaat cgtgctgcta taaatgtgcc tgtgcaagta tctttttcat     53880
     ataatgactt cttttcctct tagtagatac ccacgagtga gatcactgga tcaagtggta     53940
     gttctactat tagctcttta aggaattcat actgttttcc atagtggttg tactagttta     54000
     catctccacc agcaatgtaa aagtgttccc ttttcaccac atccatgcca gcatctatta     54060
     ttttttgtat tctttttaaa ttatgactat ttttggagga gtaaggtggt atcatattgc     54120
     ggttttgatt tgcatttacc tgatcaacat tagtgatgtt tagcattttt ttcatatgtt     54180
     tgctggtcat ttatatatct tcttttgaga gttgtttatt catgttttta gcccactttc     54240
     tgatgggatt atttcttttg gttcttgctg atttgtttga gttccttata gattctggat     54300
     actagtactt tgttggaggc atggtttgtg aataatttct cccattccgt gggttgtcca     54360
     tttatcctac tgattattct ttaatccttt tatcctactg attatttatt ttgcaatgca     54420
     gaagttttta gtttaagtcc catctattta tctttgtttt tgttgcattt gcttttgggt     54480
     tcttggtcat gaactctgcc taagccaatg tctagaaaag tttttccagg ctgggcacgg     54540
     tggctcaccc ctgtaatcct agcactttgg gaggctgagg tgggtggatt gcctgaggtc     54600
     agaagttcga gaccagtctg gcccaaatgg tgaaacccca tctctgctaa aaacacacac     54660
     acaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaat agccgggctt ggtggcatac     54720
     gcctgtaatc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggctggggaa ttgcttgaac tagggagggg     54780
     gaggttgcag tgagccgaga tcacacaact gcactccagc ctgcgtgaca gagcgagact     54840
     ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagatt ttcagatgtt atcttctaga     54900
     atttatatgg tttctagtct tggatttaag tctttgatcc atcttgagtt gattttcgtg     54960
     taaagtgaaa gatgaggatc tagttttact cttctatatg tggcttggca attatcccag     55020
     cgctatgtgt tgaatagggt gtcctttccc cactttatgt ttttgtgtac tttgtcaaag     55080
     atcagttggc tgtaagtatt tggctttatt tctgagttct ctattctgtt atatcattca     55140
     tgtgcctctt tttataccag tatcatgctg ttttggtaac tatagcctta tagtatagtt     55200
     tgaagttggg taatgcgatg cctccagatt ttttgtgtgt gtgtgcttag tcttgctttg     55260
     gatatgggaa ctcttttttg tttccatatt aattttagta tttttttcta gttctgtgaa     55320
     taatgatgat ggtgttttga tggaaatttc attaaatttt tagattgctt ttggcagtat     55380
     gcttattttc acactattga ttctaccctt ccaggggcat gggatgtgtt tccatttgtg     55440
     tcatatatga tttctttcag ctgtgttttg tagttttcct tatacagatc tttcacatct     55500
     ttggttaggt acattcctaa gtattttatt ttattttatt tttgcagctg ttgtaaaaag     55560
     ggaatgagtt ttttatttga ttctcagctt ggtcactgtt ggtgtatagc agtgctactg     55620
     attttggtac attgattttt tatcctgaga ctttactgaa ttcatttatc agatctagga     55680
     gctttttgga tgagtcttta gggttttcta ggtatacaat catattatca gcaaagagtg     55740
     acagtttgac ttcttcttta ctgatttgga tgccttttat ttctttctct tgtctgattg     55800
     ctctggctag gacttccaat actatgttga atagaagtgg taaaagtggg cattcttgtc     55860
     ttgttccagt tctcaggagg aatgctttca acttttccct gttcagtata atgttggctg     55920
     tgggtttgtc agagatggcc tctactacct taaggtaagt cctttctaca ccaattttgc     55980
     tgatggttgt aattataaat gtatgctgga ttttgtcaaa tgccttttct gcatctattg     56040
     agatgagcat atgacttttg ttttttaatt ctgctgatgc tgtgcatcac atttattaac     56100
     ttgtgtatgt taaatcaacc ctacaactgt cttatgaaac ccacttgatc atgttgtata     56160
     atctttttga tatactgttt tatttggtta actagtagtc agttgaggat ttttgcatct     56220
     atattcatca ggcatattgg tgtgtagttt tctttttcat gtcatttcct gtttttggta     56280
     ttagggcgat actggattca tagaatgatt tagggaagat tcactctttc tctatctttt     56340
     ggaatagttt cagtaggatt ggtaccaatt attctttgaa tgtatgataa aattcagctg     56400
     tgaatccatc tggtcttgga cttctttgtt tgcatttttt ttattactgt ttcattcttg     56460
     ctacttgtta ttggtctgtt cagagtttct atttcttact gatttaatga aggagggttg     56520
     catatttcct ggaatttatc cattttctct aggttttcta atttgtgcac acaaaggtgt     56580
     tcatagtagc tttcaatgat cttttgtatt tctgtgttat cgattgtgat atcttccatt     56640
     ttgtttctat gtgagcatat ttggaacttc tctttttttt tcttggctag tcttactaat     56700
     aattgtctat ctttttattt tttaatcttt ttaaagaacc aggttttctt tcatcatctt     56760
     ttgtattttt ttttgtttcc attttgctta tgctctgacc tttgttattt attttcttct     56820
     gtgggtttgg gtttggtttg ttcttgtttc tctaattccc tgaggtatca acttaaattg     56880
     tctatttgta ctctttcaga ctttttgatg taggcattta atgctatgaa gtttcctctt     56940
     agtaccactt ttgctgtatc ccagaagttt tgacatgttg tgtcagtatt gttattcagt     57000
     tcaaagaatt ccttaattaa tatcttgatt tcatttttga cccaaagatt atccgggagc     57060
     agattactta aattccatgt gtttatgtag attttaggat tccttttgca gtttatttcc     57120
     aattttattg cattatggtc tgagagaata gttgatataa ttttgaattt cttaaattta     57180
     ttgagacttg ttttatggcc tattctttca tctatcttgg agactgttcc atatgctgat     57240
     gaagagaatg tcccatttgc tgatgaaaag aatgtatatt ctgcagttgt tgtgtagaat     57300
     gttttataaa tatctgttaa gttcattttt tctagggtat aatttaagtt cattatttct     57360
     ttgttgactt tctgtcttga ttacttttct agtgttgaca gtggagtatt aaagtccccc     57420
     acaattattg agtcaccatc tatctcattt cttaggttta gtagtaattg tttcaaaaat     57480
     tgggagctcc agtgtcaggt gcatatatat ttaggattgt gatattttcc tgctggatta     57540
     atatttctat cattatataa tgtccctctt tgtccttttt aaccattgtt gctttaaagt     57600
     ctgttttgtc tgatatcaga atagctactt cttattgctt ttgttttcca tttgcatgaa     57660
     atgtcttttt ccaccgcttt accttaagtt tatgtgagtc cttatgtgtt aggtgagtat     57720
     cttgaagaca ggagatactt gattggtgga tttttatcca ttctgccatt ctgtaaattt     57780
     taagtggatt gctattttat ttacattcaa cattagtatt gagatgtgag gtattgttct     57840
     atacatcatg ctagttgttg cctgaagacc ttgggttttt cttcattaag caattgtttt     57900
     gcaggccctg tgagatttat gctttaagga ggttctattt tggtgtattt tatggttttg     57960
     tttcaagatt tagaacctct tttagcattt ctagttgtgc tggcttggta gtggtcaatt     58020
     atctcagcat ttgtttgtct gaaaaagact ttatctctcc ttcatttttg aagcttagtt     58080
     ttgctggatg caaaattctt ggctgataat tattttgttt aagatggcta acgatagaac     58140
     cacaatccct tctggcttgt aggttttctg ctgataaatt taccattaat ctgataaatt     58200
     ttcttttata agttacctga tgcttttgca tcacatttct taagattctt tcctttgtct     58260
     tgactttaga taacctgacg actatgtgcc taggctataa tctttttgtg atgaatttcc     58320
     caggtgttct ttgagcttct tttatttgga tgtctagatc tctagaaaga ccagggaagt     58380
     ttttcctgat tatttcctca agtaaatttt caaaattttt agatttctct tcttcctcag     58440
     gaacaccaat tattcttaca tttggtcatt taacattatc tcaaatatct tgaaggttgt     58500
     gttcattttt taagttagtt tttctacttg tttgattcta ttgttaaaac tttccagtga     58560
     attttgcata tctctaggtt tgtgtttcat ttccagaagt tgtgattatc ttttctttat     58620
     gatatctatt tctctggaga cattttcatc catattctgt attgtttttt caatttcttt     58680
     aagctggatt tcacctttcg ctggtacctc cttgagtagc ttaataatca accttctgaa     58740
     ttttttacct ggcaattcag agatttctac ttgatttgga ttcattgcta gagagctagt     58800
     gtgatctttt ggggatccta tagaaccttg ttttttctgt tacaggatta tatttctggt     58860
     tccttctcat ttgggtagac tattttagtg gaaagatctg gaactcaagt gccgctattc     58920
     agattatttt ctcccacgtg gtaattcctt gatgtagtgc tctcctcctt cccctagaaa     58980
     tggggcttcc tgagagccag actgtagtga ttattatttc acttctggtt ctagccaccc     59040
     agagagggta tcatcctctg ggctggtgct ggggaatgtc tgcaaagagt cctgtgatgt     59100
     gatctgtctt caggtctccc agacattgat accagcacct gttccaatga agctgacagg     59160
     ggggtaaagt gaactctgtg ggagtccttg cttgtagttt tatttagtgc actggttttc     59220
     ttgaatgccg gttatgctag cagtgaagtt gtcatgtgga cagaatcagg actatgatta     59280
     gccagggtat tgcgggtggt ggaattatct gttgttttct cattctttgg aacagggttg     59340
     ttctgttatg agttgctgta atggcttgaa ttgattggtc tccagccagg agatgttgct     59400
     ttcaagagag caccagctga gatggtagaa gggggacaat atcttgccct gtactgacta     59460
     ggataagtat tcagtttttt caggtgatgg gcagggccat agacctccca agagtttatg     59520
     tcttttgtct tttgctacca gggcgagtag ggtaacacca tccattgggg gcaaggttag     59580
     gcggatctga gctcagactc tccttgccca gagcttgcag cagccattgt gggtgggggc     59640
     tggttctcag gctaatgggg ttatgctccc agggggaata tgactgcctc agttgtgtga     59700
     tacatacagg ttgccaggga agtgggggaa agctggcaat gagaggcctc actcatctcc     59760
     cacacagcca gcaaggccag tctcactcct gctgctgtgc cctgccaaca gcacaagtgt     59820
     atattcaggc aatctgtgag caggactgag atcttgcccc aggctacatg cttccctgga     59880
     gagaaagcaa agagggctct cagttctcac ccctctctgc ctgccttcac tgttggctgt     59940
     ggcttctgca atcatatttg cacttcccat ttgcccccgc attctgctca gaaaaaaatc     60000
     atgctcagtc aaaattaata caaatttcag caaggagcct ccttcaccct gtggcccctc     60060
     tgcagttcca ctggctgcct tccctgagga ctgctatgaa atatagccag ggatagcttc     60120
     cctgagctag agcttgggac tgggagtgcc tacagggctc ttcccactgc ctgctacttc     60180
     tgcttttgta ttttgctcat ctccctaaat ccatttcagc tctaggtaag gttagttcct     60240
     tctcccatga tctggatttt tagttactcc agtgaggatg tttatttgca gtcagatttt     60300
     tccccctctc acactttggg gactcacagt tttttgactg tctcacagag tttgcagcag     60360
     caagctgctt atttcaaagt gtctgtgaat tcttttggtt ttcctggtat gtccttgcaa     60420
     tggtttttgg agcaaaagtt cacaacatga gtctccatac actcttctgt ctgttcaagt     60480
     gggagctgca cattagtcct gtctcttatc tgccattttt ttctcagccc agcctctact     60540
     tccatgttta aaaaacattt agaaagaaaa tagattataa aaagagagtg tttactgaaa     60600
     aagcaagatg ttttcaaaaa caagtttatc atgtaggaaa ctggcaataa gtaaataatt     60660
     ttaaaccata taattgaaaa atgtgcaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaac     60720
     cctacaattc ccatgatctg acttctgatt ctgaataaca tgtttgtagt ttcaggccaa     60780
     tagtaccacc acaacaagta gaaacagcct gataaattac aaaacatatt tttaaaggaa     60840
     tcagagatgt aaaagcaagg ataagtaagc gaactaaaat atatttttta aaaggtgtgg     60900
     gaggcatttt ctgggatgag ttgattatct ccagttatta cttccctggg agtataccta     60960
     ttctctgtgt accaaatgta tccgactttc ccaggttgca aactacccta ggcagaatgc     61020
     ccctgctaac aggaaaatca gaaaagcttt ctgtggttct ttgcagctgg ctaatatggc     61080
     aaattgaaca attaaagaaa ccaaaacaca aagtcaagat tcaatatgag acatttcctt     61140
     aattctggtg cagtgcaggt ggctagaaaa ctaagcagaa agtttctaaa aggcagaaaa     61200
     aagtcttcct gatttttctg ggcttaggaa ataaatacat tctccaagta tatggccgtg     61260
     tgccagtact gaatcaatca gaggtaagaa tttagcaaac taagctagaa catttaaagg     61320
     gcagaactag atttcctaaa ggacccagga gactaaaaca aatcaaggtc ccaatcagag     61380
     acctttctag aaagaccatg cctatgacca ggaaagacca gaagaccaga aggtagactt     61440
     agtctcagaa actgaaaaca actagcacat tttttttaag tatttaactt ttgtgtgtac     61500
     atagtaggta tatatactta tggactacat gagatatttt gatataggca tgcaaagtgt     61560
     aataatcaca tcagggtaaa tagggaatct atgaccacaa gcacttattc tttgtgttac     61620
     aaataatcca attaaactat tttagtaatt ttaaagtgta caatgaaatt atcttttact     61680
     atagtccacc tgctatgcta ggacatacta gatcttattc attctttcag actatttttt     61740
     gtacccatta accatctcca cttcctctca accccacccc cacccccacc ccactacact     61800
     tcccagtctc tcttctctgt atccccatga gttcaattat tttaattttt agctttcaca     61860
     aataagtgat aacatgtgaa gtttaccttt ctgtgcctga cttatttcag ttaacatagt     61920
     gacccctagt tccatctatg ttgttgaaaa taacaggatc tcattctgtt ttatggctga     61980
     gtagtattcc atggtgtaat atatactaca ttttctttgt ctgttgttta tctgtccatc     62040
     tgtttatctg ttgatggaca cttaggttgc ttccaaatct cagctattgt gaatagggct     62100
     gcaatgaaca tagaagtgga gacatcactt ggatatactg atttcctttc ttttgggtat     62160
     atacctagga gtgggatgta tatacctagg agctggaaca tatggtagct ctatttttag     62220
     ttttctgggg aacttctaaa ctgttctccc cagtggtcgt gctaacttac attcccacca     62280
     acggtgtata agggttccct tttctctgca accttgccag aatttgttat tggctgactt     62340
     ttagataaaa gccattttaa ctgcattgag atgacacctc actatagttt taattttcat     62400
     tttgtgatga tcaatgatgt tgagcacctt ttcatatacc tgtttgcctt ttttatgtct     62460
     tctgttcaga aatgcctatt cagatttttt ttccattttt taatcagagt attagaatat     62520
     ttcctataga gttgtttgag cttcttatat attatggtta taaatccctt gtcaaattgg     62580
     tagtttagaa atattttctc ccattctatg ggttgtctct tcactttctt gaacatttca     62640
     aactgtttct tgaaagtgtt tattgaagat actttctttt tttcctttgc tgtgcagaag     62700
     gttttttaac tagatgagaa cccatttgtt catttttgct ttgctgactg gtgtttgtga     62760
     gctactactc aagacatctt tgccaagatc aatgtcctag agagtttctt caatgttttc     62820
     ttgtaggagt tttataatgt aaggtattat atttaagtat ttagtccatt ttgattttat     62880
     ttttatatat agcaagagat aaaagtctgg tttcattctt ctgcatatgg atatacagtt     62940
     tttttccagc aacatttatg gaggagactg ctctttcccc tatgtatgtt cttggtacat     63000
     ttgttaaaaa tgagttcact gtaggtgtat ggatttggct ctaggatctt tattctgatt     63060
     catttgccta tgtgtctgtt tttatgccag tactatgcca tttttattaa tgtagctctg     63120
     tggtataatt tgaggtcagg taatgtgatt cctccagttt tgttgttttg ctcaggatag     63180
     cattgactat tccaggagga attttgtagt tctatataaa ttttataatt atttatttcc     63240
     ctgaaaaatg tcattagtat tttgataagg attgcattgg atctgtagtt tgctttgcat     63300
     agcatgacat tttaataata ttatttcaat cagtgaacat ggaatatctt tccatatttg     63360
     tgtgtcttct tctatttctt gcatcagtgt tttatagttt ttattgtaga atctttcact     63420
     tctttggtta agtttattcc tatgtatttt attttacttg tagttatcgt aagattattt     63480
     tttccataat ggtcactgct ggcatataga catttcaata atttttgtat gttgatgttg     63540
     tatcctgcaa ctttactgaa tgtctttcta atagtttttt ggtggagtct tcaggttttt     63600
     ccaaatataa gatcatatca tctgcaaaca gggataatct cacttcttcc attccaattt     63660
     gtattccctt tatttccttc tcttatctga ctgttctagc taggacttca aggactatat     63720
     tattgaataa cattggtaaa agtgggcatc cttgtcgtgt tcctgaactt agaaaaggat     63780
     ttctgttttt acccattcag tatgatactt gccataggtt tgtcatatat ggcttttatt     63840
     atgttggggt atgttctttc tgtacccagt ttgtttttag agtttttatc atgaagggat     63900
     gttgacattt atcacatttt ttcagcatca attgaaatta ttcctggttt ttgtccttta     63960
     ttccattgat atagcatatc atatacatta attttcatat gttgaaccat ccttgcatcc     64020
     ctggtataaa tcccacttag gtaatgttcc cctcttattt ctggttttag gtttttgagt     64080
     cttctctcta ttttcttaat ttagctgaat aatagttaaa tatattaatc tttttgaaga     64140
     gccaactctt gtttttgttg atttcttata ttgtttttct aatctctatt ttatctctaa     64200
     tctactcttt tttattttct tccttctgcc aactttgggt ttagtttgtt tctgtatttc     64260
     tagttcctta tagcgtcaag attaggttga caaaattgag gtcttactac tttcttaatg     64320
     taagtattta tagctcttaa tatccctttt aagactgctt ctgttgcatc ccaaacattt     64380
     gaatatgttg tcttttcatt tcaatttgtg tcaagataat ttgtaatttc ccttgtgaat     64440
     tcttctttga cctatttgtt gtttaagtga gagttgttta atttccacat aatggtagat     64500
     tttatggttt taattctgct gcttatttct agtttcattc cattgtgatc agaaaagatg     64560
     ctgtgtttga ttttattttt ttctttttaa tttatgaaga ctcattttgt cacctaacat     64620
     ttggtacctc ccagaatatg ttccatgtga acttgagaaa aaagtgtatt ttgttggttt     64680
     ttggtgagat gactttttta cgtttttagt accaattgct ttatagtgtt gtttaggtct     64740
     tctatttcct ttttgatcat ttgtttggat gttgaagcca ctgacacaag tagggttaat     64800
     ttttcctact attcatgtaa gtatgttcat atttcccttt attcctgtca gtgtttgctt     64860
     gatacatatc tgtgccctga tgttcaatgc gtatatgctt attatctctt ctatgtgaat     64920
     tgatcgtttc atcaataggt attgcccttc ttttttgctt gtaacagttt gtaacttaaa     64980
     gtctattttg tctaatatta gtataataac ctttgctctt tttgggttac tatttacatg     65040
     gaatatgttt tttcctcctt tcactttcaa tctatgtatg tccttacatt taaagtgagt     65100
     tttttataga tgacatatag tttaattatg ttttttaaaa atttattcta ccagtctaca     65160
     tattttgatg atggtgttta atatacttac atttaaagta attacaaata gagaaactct     65220
     tacttattcc attttttttt ttttgtatgt cttacaggtt ttttttgtcc ctgttcttta     65280
     tgtctgtctt cctctagttt atttgatttt ggggagtggg ggtatatttt gaaaatctta     65340
     ttttcttttg tttatatatt ctatagatat tttctttgag gttagcagaa agattatatt     65400
     tatcttcata tagttataat aatcaatctt taattgccaa tttaatttcc aacacttaaa     65460
     aaaaaacttt gcagctctat ctcccatgtt attgatcacc acaagttata tctttatata     65520
     ttgtgcaccc tgtaaaatag atttatcatt gtttatgctt ttatctttaa agttctgtta     65580
     aaattaaaaa gcgaagttac aaccaaaatt atgacaatac acattttcat atttatccgt     65640
     ttacttactt tttactggag aacattttat ttgtgtagct ttcagtttct gtctgacatc     65700
     cttttgttcc atcttgaagg actttcttta gcatttctta taggacagac tggtctagat     65760
     ttaattagtc ccctcatctt ttgttcatct tggcatatca taatttccct atttttttgg     65820
     agaatacctt taccaaatat agaattcctg gttaaaagtg tttttggttt ttttttcttt     65880
     cagctcttta aatatgttat ctcagtgctc ctggcctgca aagtttctgc tgagaaatcc     65940
     agtgaaatct tatggggaat cccttgaatg tgacaagtca tttttctctt gctgctttca     66000
     gaattctctc attgatttgt ctcttgacag ttcgatttta atgtgtcata atgtgggtgt     66060
     ctttcagtta atcctatttg gagttaatta aacttcttgc atttgtgtat tcatgtcttt     66120
     ccttaagttt gggaagtttt cagccattat ttctttaaat aagctttctg ctcctttttc     66180
     tacttctctt ttccttcaaa gactttcatg acttatatat ttgtctggtt tatactgtgc     66240
     tacaagtatt ttttttgtat tcattttttt ccctcaggct tcataatttc taatgacctg     66300
     ttttcaagtt cactgattat tttctctgcc tttttgagtt atctatttta tcattctagt     66360
     gaatttttca gtaaacctat tgtatttttc ggctcatgaa tttctgtttg tttttaagta     66420
     atttctatct ctttgttgat attctcattt acttcatgta tcattttctt atttttattt     66480
     atttctttgt gtatgtttcc ccctacctat ttaagacagt tgtttaaagc cttcatttat     66540
     taagtcttag catgtgtttc ctcagagact atttctggag atttattttt gttcctttga     66600
     atgggccata tttttctgtt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttaatat cccttgtgaa     66660
     ttttcggtga tatttaaaca tttgaagaat catctacccc tctgattctt tttttttttt     66720
     tttttttttt gatactgagt ctccctctgt cgcccaggct ggaatgcagt ggtgtgatct     66780
     ctgctcactg taagctccgc ctcctgggtt cacgccattc tcctgcctca gcctcccaag     66840
     tagctgggac tacaggcgcc caccgccgtg cccggctatg attttttgta tttttagtag     66900
     agacggggtt tcactgtgtt agccagcatg gtctcaatct cctgacctcg tgatctgccg     66960
     gccttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagtc actgcgcccg gccccctctg     67020
     attctttaca gattgttatg gaagactttt actaatcagt gggcctctga atattgaaat     67080
     cagcctgggg tgaaggcttg agtcttcttt tcctaggtat gcttcatttc tgggcctgtc     67140
     taggtactct tttctgtttt ccccctggat agttttaaaa gccttaaatt ttaaaatatt     67200
     ctcacccaag attttgtggg gaacttaggt gttctattgc atatatttgt ctgtaatctc     67260
     ttgatcccag acatctacag gtctgaagtt cccctgtggt tttcatgcac cacagcagta     67320
     accactgcct tctgtgactt tcatctttag acattaatca aatgtgccat caattccatt     67380
     tgaactttaa gtttaataag atagaccagt cactctggca gcccacagat agactaaaac     67440
     attgacaact atttccattc tgttatttcc gtcacaaggg agggaaccag gaaataagcc     67500
     gcttcttcct gaccttgctg cactatgctg gagagggcgt gtggcaagag tgagtaaaag     67560
     tgttataaaa ttttctaccg ttttgaatgt gtcttgattg agcattggct tggttgttat     67620
     agatactaga ttgtgttcca gagctcccat gaagttattt tagctaatat gtatgtgttt     67680
     gtttgtttgt ttggtgtttt gatggaaaaa caaggtcctg gagcttccta gtccaccatc     67740
     ttagtaatgt cagtctctaa actgctttgt tgtgcctaaa atatgctgtt atggtcatct     67800
     attaccattt ttaaatattt tctcatattt ataatttaca ttttttactt tttcaaatct     67860
     gttacatcat ttttatgatt tacacttctt tgcagatatt ttcatgcttg tcatatattt     67920
     cctaaatatt gtaaacatag ttattttaaa atttgaatca gataagtcaa cgaaatgaag     67980
     tctttgtgga catgtttcta ttgttttatt tttctgatac ctcatacata gcattctgtt     68040
     ttgtattctt ttcttttatg tcaattagtt tttgacagag agctgctaaa actccttaaa     68100
     aataattgtt gggattattt gaaagataga aaaaaggtgg aattatctgg ataggacttg     68160
     catttacttc tgcaagatgt gtttgggcac caccagtatg ggggtactct gccttaatga     68220
     aaggtttgag tttttatggc ttatcttggc agtatgaact tgaggttaaa atacttcaag     68280
     aaatagtttg tgtttatgat tatgtttcat tgccgtttat ttcaatcttg cattgctcag     68340
     taccaaagaa actttagctg tatgtttcta gtaggtatgt taatataaca gagtttgttt     68400
     ctggttggaa actgtgttga tggcataggt atttggcttt ccagctttgt gaggaaggtg     68460
     tcttctgatt cacatctcat cttggttatg ccttggcttt tgcttgcagt gttctcaaat     68520
     cactcaacat cataaaaata catactaaat gatgccagct ttggaaaaca atattcgagc     68580
     aaaaatagct cggtagtttt cttaccattt taatggcttc attcacctga taaatctttt     68640
     ctgtcttgtt tattcttcca tgtatttaaa ttttttaaaa tatttcatcc aacatcttta     68700
     aatagtttca gtaacagtgt taatatggat acatagctag ttgtattacc agaaataggc     68760
     tttaatttaa acagacttta atttaaacag ggtttaattt aaacaagctc tggtatcaaa     68820
     tcaggagttg gtaagatagg attaaaaaaa cacttaaaca ttttctacca aggggaattt     68880
     ttccaataag actcaaagtg tgttctacga atcattgcat ctcaatcacc caagttgatt     68940
     ttcaaaatga aaattcctgg gtccaaccca ataaataccg agtaaataat atcaaggtat     69000
     ggatcccagg aatctatatt tttgtcaacc accataagta attcataggg gacaaaaatg     69060
     taaggcccat catttacagc taaaatttaa atgaattact ttctctttta atattttcat     69120
     tgaaacaaaa tacaagacag aaccaatcct tgatgagaac agtatttcat atgtctaaat     69180
     catggttctg gacttgacaa gaaagaaaaa taggtataga attgccactt taatgaaaag     69240
     ttaatttcca cataattaga ggagtgtaat tcattattga ggtatgaatt aataaaacta     69300
     gtaagtgata ttatatattc aaagacacca gatattttta ttattcaatg atatttttaa     69360
     taaggggttg aatttggaca gtagacaaac ttctaaccac atagcagagc actgtggaga     69420
     aattcacttg gcatgccaaa gaataaatat ctttcacctt tgtgaagagc ctgtaagaaa     69480
     ttctgacaag gcaaacctca ggatgcagtc tttctccctg caaataaatg gctgcagctg     69540
     tgctgtccat ccatgtgcct tttacctgct gagtctctgt gtctgatatt gcactggcca     69600
     ttttaaaggc agcttttcta taaactgagt gtaagttata tttcagagga ctttacattt     69660
     ctctttctgg ttactaaaag ctaaattact atttcaaatc aaaattatta ttttagatgg     69720
     tggtaggcaa aaggaatatg catgaaagga aacatctttt atagggagtt gaaaatgaat     69780
     aataagagat agctttaatc agatgggagt ctatggattt agactcttta aaatcattac     69840
     ttttccacaa atgattttaa agttttgact tatcaattat ggttcttcat gtcataaaac     69900
     taatatcaat ttgaatcaga gaaacatgat tgacttggta acttcttttt ttttttaagt     69960
     cgggccttta gtttctgagt cttttttttt ttcctattct gtcatgaact ttaaaatttt     70020
     ttttcttatt tccaaaggtt tttgggaaac aggtagtagt tggttacatc agtaagttgt     70080
     ggtgatttgt gagattttgg tgaacccatc acctgagcag tatacactgt agccaattta     70140
     tagtctttta tcactcatcc ccctccccta cattccccca agtccccaaa gtccactgta     70200
     tcattcttat gcctatgcat cctcatagct taactctcac ttatgagtga gaacatatga     70260
     tgtttcgttt cccattcctg agttacttca cttagaatag tggtctccaa ttccatccag     70320
     gttgctgtga atgccgtcac ttcattcctt ttaaatggct gaatagcatt ccattatata     70380
     tatgtatatc acaatttctt tatccactca ttgattgatg gacatttggg ctggttacat     70440
     attttggcaa ttgtgaattg tgctgctata aacatgcctg tgcaagtatc tgttttgtat     70500
     aatgacttct tttactctgg gtagatgctg agtagtggga ttgctggatc aagtggtagt     70560
     tctactttca gctctttaag gaatctccac actgtttttt aataatgttt gtactagttt     70620
     acatttccac cagcagtgta aaaatattcc cttttcactg catccccaac aacatccatt     70680
     atttttttat tatggccatt cttgcaggag caaggtggtt ttgcgcattg cggttttgat     70740
     ttgcatttac ctcatcatta gtgatgctga acattttttc atatgtttgt tggccattta     70800
     tatatcttct tttgagaatt gtccattcat aattttttat gggattgttt gttttttcct     70860
     tgctaatttg tttgagttct ttaaaatttt ttttttaaat tatactttat gttctgggat     70920
     acatgtgcaa aatgtgcagg tttgttacat aggtacacac gtgccatggt gatttgctgc     70980
     acccatcaac ccatcatcta cattaggtat ttctcctaat actatccctc ccctagcccc     71040
     tcaccccctc aacaggcccc agtgtgtgat gttcccctcc ctgtgtacat gtgttctcat     71100
     tgttcaactt ccacttatga gtgagaacat gcagtgtttg gttttctgtt cttgtgtcag     71160
     tttgctgaga atgatggttt ccagcttcat ccatgtccct acaaaggaca tgaactcatc     71220
     cttttttatg gctgcatagt attccatggt gtatatgtgc cacattttct ttatcctgtc     71280
     tatcattgtt tgagttattt gtagattctc gatattagtc ctttgttgga tgtatagatt     71340
     gtgaagattt tcttccactc tgtgagttgt ctgtttactc ttctgactgt ttcttttgcc     71400
     attcagaaac ttcttagttt aattaagtcc cacctatttt tcattgtttt tgttgcattt     71460
     gctttggggt tcttggtaat gaattctttg cctaagccaa cgtctagaag ggttttttga     71520
     tgttgtcttc tagaatcttt atggtttcag gtcttagatt taagtccttg atccatcttg     71580
     agttgatttt tgtataaggt gagagataag gatcaagttt cattcttcta tatgtggctt     71640
     tcatgtgatt ccagcacgat ttgttgaata gagtattatc tccccatctt atttttttgt     71700
     ttgctttgtt gaagatcagt tggctgtaag tatttggctt tatttttggg ttctctattc     71760
     tgttcctttg gtctctgtgc ctatttttat accagtatca tgccgttttg gtgactgtgg     71820
     catagtttga agtcagatgc ctccagattt gttctttttg cttagtcttg ctttgaccgt     71880
     gcaggctctt ttgttccata taaattttag gattgtcttt tctagttctg cggaaaatga     71940
     cagtggtatt ttgatgggga ttgcactgaa tttgtagact gcttttggca gtatggtcat     72000
     tttcacaata ttgattctac ccatccatga gcatgggatg tgtttcttta acttgataac     72060
     ttctatcatc cacaagtggg aaagatagca gtagttagaa attgtgttta aagaaaatgg     72120
     ggggcctctg caaattgaat attagcgttc ttcaagcctg taattttaga catttgggta     72180
     aatctgatca gactcttgat atagatagat agatgaaata aatattgata aagatataca     72240
     gataagtaga tacagataag aagcttagtt tagctggaca ttaaattctt ggttggaatt     72300
     taatttttga tgctcaatgt aggcccacaa tctctccttg tttgtaggat ttctgctaac     72360
     tggtttgctg ttagcccgat aaggttccct ttgtaggtga tctgtccctt ctctctagct     72420
     gcctttagta tttttacttt tgtgttgacc ttggataatc tgatgactag gtgtcttggg     72480
     gatggttatc ccataacctg tgtctcacag gggttctctg catttcctga aattgaaggt     72540
     tgacctctct agtaatgttg gggaaatttt catggacaat atcctcaaat atttttttca     72600
     agtttcttgc tctctttccc tctcttacag ggatgccaat gagttgcagg tttggtctct     72660
     ttacataatt tcatatttct cagaggtttt gctcattgat tcttattttt tctttatttt     72720
     tgtctgactg agttgatttg aagaacttgt ctttgagctc caagattctt tcctcagctt     72780
     ggtctattct gttgttcata cttccagtta tattatggca ttcatgtagt gaatttttag     72840
     ctctagaagt ttagtttggt tctttcttaa aatggctatt tcatctttca gctcttatat     72900
     tgatgtatta aattccttat gtttctttga ttgggtttct actttctcct gaattttgat     72960
     gatctttgtt cctatccagg ttctgaattc tatgtctctt attttagcca tttccacgtg     73020
     gttgagaact atttctgggg tgctagtgca gtcctttgga agtaagaaaa cactctaact     73080
     ttttgagttg ccagagttct tacactggtt ctttcccatc tgtgtgggct gatgttcctt     73140
     taatcactga aggcatcagg gtgtactggt tgtggtggtg gctctgtgtg ttccaagtgc     73200
     acaatagtgg aggcggagca gcagttcaac ataaccactc atgcatgcca gtggcaatga     73260
     gacagtccac atatacgcac tgacagagca gtggagggga ctgtgggtga gtatgttcca     73320
     gcaaagcaat agggagaggc ttctggtggg tgggggcatg tttgttgggg cctgtcagct     73380
     gaagctctct tacagttatg aaaggtctgc tagtgaagga gctgtggtgg cagctgccag     73440
     gaagcactcc tgttgagtgt tcaaggctac aatgctagtg ggcatggcta ggcatgatcc     73500
     ctgagagagg ctggcagaca gggaggtgct caggtcatac tggccccatc tcatcggcaa     73560
     gactaccctg ttttattcca agtccaatag tcaacaaaag ccaatctcac ctagaaaagc     73620
     atggcaagcc ttggggaatg ggcattcctg gccatgttca tctgcagcca ttccttcgcc     73680
     aaaccatctg ggctccagac agtctggagt cctgtccctg atacttctta aagcagccct     73740
     ccctttcagg tcaaatatcc atggggctta tcagatctcc tgcagctagg attctacaag     73800
     tctgtggtca gattggacca cttctcgcct gtttaactca tccctttccc aagagctgtt     73860
     tgggaccagg aactagtcct ggtgtttgtc agcctcatgc agggttctca gctttctcct     73920
     ctttcagtcc agagtctgca ttctccttct gtccactctc aatgcccttc ttctgaagat     73980
     ctgcttggag tatgctgatc ttctcgatgg tctggtattt tggtgagaga tgctcttcct     74040
     ggttgcatct agtcagccat cctggctttt gtctccattt ttttttgttt ttatttttag     74100
     tagagacaaa gtcttgctat gattcctagg atgttctaga actactgagc tcaaataatc     74160
     ctcctgcctc aagctcccaa agtgctggga ttaccggcat gagccaccac accaagccaa     74220
     gacttcttaa taatgtgttt tacagttatt caaaattatt ttctagtaga aagatgtaga     74280
     ttacaagttt ttatatttat ttggtcttaa aacatttgta atactttctg tctggttcac     74340
     tatgggttaa atatgaataa aattaggtat ttataaaata ttttctaatg aaaaatgaaa     74400
     atatagaaag ttagggagtg gaatctgata tttaaacact gaggatttgt gaatatgttc     74460
     ttataatgaa ctcaagtttt ctaatgtggt tctttgggaa ataatgccag tgttatgtca     74520
     aaatattaag cctgtgacat aatcagtgtc ctttcatttg gagtgatatt tcaatatata     74580
     cttacttgta atattccaac ctattttcca gtcagccttt ttagttaaaa gcgttatcaa     74640
     cttactcaac tttccttaaa aataaagaca aaaaatcaaa atcttacatt gccatattat     74700
     catgttacat ctccccttcc cttcacattc aaaactttta aaaagtatga tctagaattg     74760
     gttttcattt tcttacaaac tgtttctttg ttcctcatta tcgagttttc attcaaaatg     74820
     aaagtgcctt tcttgcaggt aattggttat ctcctaactg tcaagaccaa atgcttcttc     74880
     tcaatcctcg ctgggtattt gacactgttc atcaacacca ttgtaaacac tatctcattt     74940
     ttaaaaatct tttttcttcc tcttcacaat aacgttatga cgtacaggct gatgactacc     75000
     acatctataa ttcttgccct gcttcctctt tcaagctcta gactcatttt caacatatgg     75060
     catggcatgt gtctccttgt gaatatgccg ctaggatccc aaacctgaca tttctaatac     75120
     caaacttatc tgagtcacca aacctgttct tcctcttgtg gtcctactcc ttgttatttc     75180
     agttctcacc tttaaaataa catgctttaa aaataacata ttagaaattt caaaatcatt     75240
     gtaactcttt cctttcattc cacattcatt taattgaaag accttctaat catgcttcca     75300
     ccatgttttc atatcttttc tttcctatcc atggtcatat gtcacacctt tattaattct     75360
     tgcccagagt gttaccaaag ctcccaatta tttctgcttt ctctattatt tttctagggt     75420
     tattctcaac aggtaaggtt atgccactac tcagctcaga aatattttga gtatattcac     75480
     tatgcaggaa attgcatcaa tacgtcatag caaagcattc aaggtgtcct ggccgtacaa     75540
     actttccagt ctcattttct attatatcct tctatgttac ttgtgttctg gccacaatga     75600
     tctctttatc catagcttca tgctcaatat tcgatgcccc agaaatcata ttcaaccttc     75660
     aaggttcagc tagaatatta ccattttcat gaagctttct gttaaaaatc aattttttct     75720
     tctctatatt cctataacac ttttacctcg ggtataatac ttactcttct ttatactttg     75780
     atagttggta gaatatctaa aacagaaaag aaacaaatca gtgtactata aaaagtgtgt     75840
     atacactgaa cgacatttga ttatctagaa ttgaaaggct ttaacaatat gtactatttg     75900
     tgtagggaag catttaatgt tacactaaca gacaaagaag tagaacatga aattgagaaa     75960
     gatggcaaat gttttaggaa tcttgcctat gaatcagctt ctaaccaagt tcatggtgac     76020
     aaagtaatca ttactgttca aatgttttgt ttctggccag gcatggtggc tcatgcctgt     76080
     aacagcactt tgggaggcca agtcaggtgg ctcacttgag gtcaagagtt ggagaacagc     76140
     ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ccatcactaa taacaataca aaaattagcc ggttgtgatg     76200
     acatgtgctt gtaatcccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca caagaatcgc tggaacctgg     76260
     gaggtggagg ttgcagtgag ccaagacctc accacagcac tccagcctag gtgacagaga     76320
     gacactatgt atcaaaaaaa aagttttgtt tataagacat taacatgcaa tatgtttaat     76380
     atggtttcta aatgaatttc atcaagatca tttttcaaat tcttttctac cactgaaaca     76440
     gagtaaataa tacacataga taataaatat gaatatagtg aagttgctac taaatggaaa     76500
     aatacataat gatatgaaca tatttacaac caacgtcatc ttaacactgt aaatgttgca     76560
     caaaacatta agtatcaata ggtacacagc aacacatcat tcatagacag ctactcgcct     76620
     ttactatgaa ccaaatggca ttatttcgcg ttcatgtcta gaagagagaa gacgttggtc     76680
     ccttgcttat attttcaatc acactgactt agaaataata gcctcttagg aacataactt     76740
     tgggacattt taatattgat aatgtgtttc aacatacctc taaagtgcca tattatgaaa     76800
     atcactctta agaactctta aaactgtttg tgtatttgtg ccctggacac tataggtcag     76860
     cctttaaaat caataatagc ccttactatt attgttagga atctgtggca gtgtatccag     76920
     aataatgact gtagagttga aaaattattt ttatattatt gaacatggtc atttgttgac     76980
     agaataagcc ttcttctttc tctgcaccta tttcttttat gcctatctga ggatcatagg     77040
     ccagtggaaa atttcctagt tacaatagtg aaactttgga ctatttggat aatccttctt     77100
     caaatagtta catcaaaaga aaacaatctc taattgcaaa atgtcaaaat actcttttaa     77160
     atcaagtata tagtgattta ttttatctaa gatttttcta ttccttttta tgttggctaa     77220
     aagacacaca cagttaggag acaattatct gtaggtttct cacattgctg caagtcttgc     77280
     aaagagagtc attgtctgac tttcttccag actatctttt tgagaatgct tatatcatga     77340
     actgctttag aagataggga taatttctcc cccagagcat ggaacagttt tgtttactgt     77400
     ccagtataat aaagacaatg tctccctcca tgacaataat cacataggct tactgactct     77460
     gaaaaaagtt taagttccct gagctcaggg ttccttttct gtaatgtaac ctattgcatg     77520
     tataggcatc atgtgaacct cttacatcac tctgtgagaa ctaaggctta cagaactggg     77580
     acaaatgctg atgccgacac tctggctact gttattgaca ttagtaaaaa acttactttt     77640
     tctgactgat gtctcatgtc ttctgccagt atccatgaaa ctatggcagc ctaactcatt     77700
     agcttgtaag aagggtaaaa tcttagaccc ttcacagttc tcaacacatt cataggtgca     77760
     ttattgcagg aaaagaaaga atagagaaac aacctccagg cagcattgtc ctagaaacat     77820
     atttcaaatt ggaaaaatgt atatactaat tcaattttct ttatgcaaat taattgtcat     77880
     gaattgtagg ctacttaggt agctaacact attcaaatat tatttttcta ttaatttaat     77940
     aatttaaatt gctatgtaat ttattttcat ttgccctctg catttgtagt ctattttaag     78000
     attaaacaag gggtaaacct aaccaaacgc atttatgtgg ctatactaat gggtacagag     78060
     agagttgtct cacactttgc tgcttaagga taaaaacgag ttactgcata ctgaacagtg     78120
     ctgctctctg agaatatgga aaaggctatt tagttcacag taggagaggt tacagttgtg     78180
     tgtgacaaat attgtgaaaa atacaaacac taagaatttt tttgcacgtg gcagtttttt     78240
     atagggatgg cttacaaaga aaaagatgct gtgttagatc aaactacagc tattttctgt     78300
     actcttgggt ttaatggagg aagcactttt cctcatcctg tcatgcttac tttgcaggag     78360
     actgcagatg catacaacct gattttccac tcctctgtaa gaatgctacg gtgtgggaaa     78420
     acaatttgga gaaaattgcc atagagattt aaaaaaaatt cgaatcatac attttgtttc     78480
     tatgaaaatg atgtgagtaa acacatctta tactcatgat atttgagcta ctgctataac     78540
     caacatggtt tcaaaaatat tccattatta ctgcggtata gtcttaacta caaaatgctg     78600
     catgttgcta tgcaaaagaa catgatgtgg caatttctgc tcagaaacca tttcacaaat     78660
     atctagtttg ggggtttaaa aaactagaga aaaattaaaa agtcataatc tggaaagtaa     78720
     gttaattcaa tgtttctcag attactcaat gaataactat tggataaaaa ttcttctatt     78780
     aaacagtgtt aaacacacag cttatcattt aacttttaat gatatttatg aatgccttaa     78840
     acgtctctaa aggacaaata aatatagctt aaggagacga cttagagtag tttagtcatc     78900
     aaccattaat gaagtaatgg ttgaaggctc ctggaaggga caaaaaagac agaatatgga     78960
     tttgaaaata tatttctttc caaaataact gaatatttga taaaaataaa aaggcatatt     79020
     tcatatgaaa gattatgtat cccccactta gaaagaaaat gtgaacctat tgtggcattt     79080
     ttatccacag ccaaacagag caaatttcat tactctctga ttttgtcaat attcattctt     79140
     tatattaaat cactcactta gaatgcagga gaaagttcca tggaaagaaa ttctacaatt     79200
     tctcctttca gcaaagtctt catacttaga aaactatcca tgatcttata cccacataga     79260
     gagccaaaaa taaggatgtg agagtttttc taatgcagct ctgtcacaaa ttccaaatga     79320
     aatattttaa aggcctttgg tctgataacg ggacaattac gttccttctc cctacaaagc     79380
     tagcagtgaa agaagttcat tttatttaaa gaaaatcagt tggagctcca aagtggagaa     79440
     aagttagaaa aataaattta atatttattt tactctacac atgtattggt gaaaaataag     79500
     ataaataaaa gtattattaa acagtttagt aatcagtcat tatatttttt caaagttctg     79560
     catcttaatt gtccttaaat tatatagtaa atagccccaa tcttccacta aaataaagca     79620
     atgttaataa tgacataaat catagcataa aaaatcacat gtgttccaca aagagcaaaa     79680
     acaattctct tttatcaacg aaagagggtc tctctgatca aaatttatgc taagacagac     79740
     atgaaatctt caaaagtata caacaccaaa agtattgtgt gacttgttat ttaatattta     79800
     atattctgtt gcaaataacg tcacacaggt atgacacaac ttaaaatatg cattgaattg     79860
     catttgtatt caggttatat gcaaatggag atacaacact ttaagctgct tggtaggcgt     79920
     cgttcacatc tgttctttgc ctagctgcct cgctttctcc tctctaacag aataatagga     79980
     ctgaaagtta caaacaacct tagaggtcag ctatccaact tgtcttgaaa agccagagtc     80040
     actccaagta tccctggaag gtaattgcct aacctttgct tgaatgagtt cacaaataag     80100
     ttgaaaaggg ataacggcca tagaagcaag gaattttttt atatcaatta tttcacaaga     80160
     ctcatgtggt gaaaaccata taaatgatgt tccttgtgat tatgactttg cacatttata     80220
     aatcctagaa tgtgcataat cttctagatt agttttataa aaattcaaaa agcccatcaa     80280
     agatggactt accatacaac tctctgctaa aatgaagata aatgctgata ggaaattcaa     80340
     aaattgtcat gttatgctta agcatcattt tactttatac tcagccttat agttactgtg     80400
     ctatctaatt aactgcaata cgaatctcat aggtaactag aatgtatagt aatttgagaa     80460
     tcattaagga agctacattt atatttattt aaaaacaaaa cagtattttc atagttcagt     80520
     aaaaattatc agtatttggc cgggcacggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg     80580
     aagccgaggc aggtggatcc tgaggtcagc agttcaagac cagcctgacc aatatggtga     80640
     aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agcctggtgc agtggcaggt gcctgtaatc     80700
     ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcctgaac ctgggcggca gaggttgcag     80760
     tgagctgaga ttgtgccact gcactgcagc ctgggtgaca gagtaagact ctgtctcaaa     80820
     aaaaaaaaat cagtatttgt catctgtcat gacatatagg tgatctatga agggagataa     80880
     ataaatagaa tagaagctaa gtagagtaag tagagaaaca aaaatagatg gaaggaaaag     80940
     agaaagtttg taaggagtaa atgaaaccat gccattggag gctagtcaca ttataacaat     81000
     taccaatatt tacagtgacc atatgtccct attttcctgg gacagtcctc agttatgcct     81060
     cttattctga aggcatccct ctttcactct caaaagtgtt tggtttagat gataaatatt     81120
     atggttaact acctagataa atttcaaaaa ttgattcaat tgttttacag gctacctatt     81180
     tatttgttta tttttacttt ttaaattttt attgaggtgt gattgacaaa ttatttatag     81240
     ttaacatgta caacatgatg ttttgtttac cgtgtttaat gattcccata atcaagctaa     81300
     ctaacatatc tagcccttaa cataattact atttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc     81360
     gcgcgtgtgg tgaaaacact taagatctat tccttaagca aatttcaagt ttaagttata     81420
     aaatgaataa gttccagaaa tccaatgtgc agcatagtaa ctatagttaa taacatatat     81480
     tgtatactta aaattggcta aggcagtaaa tctaggggct atgtatttaa aatatccatt     81540
     attctatatg agtatgctta ataacagtat tttttctttt taaaatcaac gttattgaag     81600
     tatagtctat attcaacaag aaaaacatac actttaagtg cacaattcac tggttttaaa     81660
     aactgtatac gcccatgtaa ctaccattcc aaatcaatta taggatattt gtattgcccc     81720
     aaaaaattcc ttatgctgct ttgcagtaaa ttcccatccc cacctccact accaatccta     81780
     gaaaactagt gctttctgtg actataggtt agatttgtca catctagagt ttcatactgg     81840
     tggaatcata ctttatattc tattttgtgt ctggcttctt ttgttcataa taatgtttta     81900
     gagatccatg tatgtggtcg tgcatattaa tagttttttc tttgtcctca ctggtattcc     81960
     attgtatgga cagatgtgtt acagttcgtt taaccattca tgcattgaaa aacaactggt     82020
     ctatttccaa gttttgtcta ttaaaaatag aattagtttg aacatttatg tgtaagtatt     82080
     tgtgtagaaa aacatttttg tttcttttcg gtgaaaatct aggagtgaaa tagataatat     82140
     agtaagtgta ttactaactt catatgaaac tactgtatga aattgttttc caaagtagtt     82200
     gtaccatttt acaatactgc cagctatata tgagagttta cttgttcaac atccttgcct     82260
     acaatttaac tttagctcat ctagtggcta tgtagtgctg gctttacttt gcatttctct     82320
     gatagctaat gaagttgaac atcttttcat atgtattctt ttgcgaagta tctgttcaag     82380
     cctttttaaa atttgattaa cagtatctga attaatgatt agagaagtta ttgaaaactg     82440
     tgttttagag tccctaatag tcacactatg actttaatac ataacatgca aattccaatg     82500
     aaatgagtcc aaactataag tttatggaaa tataaaagca tgcgagaatt tccaaatcta     82560
     cacagtaaat gaagtgatct cagcagtgat tctattttat caacagtctc agagattgtg     82620
     tccagtgcag tgtcttgtac ccagtgttca ataaatgtct gtgtatttat taattaatga     82680
     tcttatatca ttttagatta ctacatcttg gcagttaatt tgtgggaaat gtattaatta     82740
     aaaaatattt ttaaaaataa ttgatttttt tcctcttgaa accacacatt tttgctactg     82800
     aaaaatctgc ttatcatgtt agtgaagtat ccaatttctt tacttctttc accttcctct     82860
     tatttaagct gactcacttc tcacaacaga gaaggcatat aagtaagaga aagtaaaatt     82920
     ataaacattg catttcttgt ttcttagtag cttgggtaaa aaagatgtgt ttagatgtgt     82980
     ttgaagaaag gtaaagttat tagaagaatg agctttttac attaaatatg tttcattatc     83040
     cttgttcccc ttactttcaa tcagcaacta tgcctatatt atgtttttaa gaatacattc     83100
     tgcaaataag cctaaccgtt atctgcatct gtttcagctg aaacactatg cagatgcaat     83160
     tggtgagatc taaaactagg ctcagatact tagaaaaatc tcaagcattt tggatagttt     83220
     tcaaaagatt tgaaacattt attttgagac ctcactatac ttgattccaa agggaaagat     83280
     acttatttct atttggcatc tacaaatcag acagaatctt tttattttgt agttttgcta     83340
     tttttagtac tatactgcaa gttactgatt ttaatttgtt cagcttgtac ttgaaattca     83400
     taaactctgt tctgtcagac aacatagaaa aaaatcttag tttagtgcaa aataaactta     83460
     ggattaaaag tgagtttgta tatgcagaat atcatgttct ttcttacatt tctaaataaa     83520
     acatttaaaa catgtatatt ccaaataatg gaaaattata ttaattctag tcatacaccc     83580
     aaattataaa gaattaagtg taacatttct tgccatcttt atagagtcag aaagaatata     83640
     tcagcactac cataattcaa gaaaacactg ttttgcattt gattcaatta ataaaagatg     83700
     aatatataaa aattgacaac ataatttaac cttttgaatc tagcccattt tatatgtgtt     83760
     tatttgagga ccctcaatat acaatggcat ccttcattat acaacagcat ccttcactac     83820
     aaagttctat ctactataac aagaaagtgt cctgttgaat aaaacagctc tttatccctt     83880
     tgcttaagaa gatataaagt taaaaataca atgtatttac tactaaagca gggtcatcca     83940
     atacactcag tattttacaa tggaaaaagc tgtagatgat catacaggga gctgatgctc     84000
     tcaaaatgag aaccaagaat tgctgagatt tccaattata ccttcagctt ctcaaggctc     84060
     cctctctaga acaccattaa ggaagcatat tcttctttct ttaatgctac ttgctcttac     84120
     ctcttcttct cctgattagg catagggatg attgagcctt cgttgaatta gctaacccac     84180
     tatagagagc aataagaagc cccaaaattc tggatacaca ggtgtgcaga acaggctata     84240
     tttgggtttg ttacctaacc agactgatat tccatgaata atttctacta tagaacaggc     84300
     aagtccaatt atatgaagga aaaaatttgc ccataacttc tatttgatac agatgaatat     84360
     agcttgtgac ctaaaacaaa tgaatgctta tctcccatgt aatgagatat attttaacat     84420
     ttattcagtg tccagcatat ataaggcctc ttgttgggtc taagggtaag aaaagatgaa     84480
     aatgtgaaga tgtgatcttt gttctgaagg tgtttttaag cccgtaaaat tcatataagt     84540
     tgcaaaacaa agtttgaaag ataaaacaag tgagataaac tcaaaatggt atagaaacac     84600
     aataaagtat catagcaatt ggacctgggg agctccagaa agatagaatt atgttatgaa     84660
     gaataggtca aattttgaca gagtgggaaa ttcatagtct agtttgcctg gactatgagg     84720
     taaatgctaa agaagcagaa gcagaatctg gaatagtaat ttttaatttt ggtgataatc     84780
     atttttttct tttatgcatc atgctttctg tgtcatatct aaaaacacat ttatttaacc     84840
     caaggctaag gtagtaaata cattcccttt tgtttcctat tatttgtttt ataggttaag     84900
     gttttccatt ttggcctgtg atccattttg tatatactat gagaaatata taggacaagg     84960
     tttaactact tatttctctt atggcagtcc aattgtttct gctccatttt tggataagac     85020
     cattctttct tcattttctc cactgaactg cctttgacaa aaaccaattg atcatatatg     85080
     tatagggata tttctgggct ccctttttta tttcattgat ctattagttt atctttttac     85140
     cagtaccaca ctggcttaat tattgaagct tcatactatc ttaaaatcaa gtagtctaaa     85200
     ctctctattt tttttttcaa aattacttta gtcacccttc ttgaaactca gtaataattc     85260
     tatggtcaaa tatcttgcaa tgcgatgtgt agaagtcatg atttgtcaag ctctacagct     85320
     gctgacatac ttaactagtc cacaaatagc atttttaggg tccttcagga tttctggtgg     85380
     acaggattca ggtcactgag aatatatgtg tgacagattt ttagaaagtt ctcaatgagg     85440
     tttattatag aagagaaaaa ctaattcaac cagaagaaaa tattttctta aaatcaatta     85500
     tttgggcttt ttaaaaagtt tcaggaaaat catttatgtg aactgtattt ttttttaact     85560
     tttattttag attcagggat atgtatgtag atttgttata tggataaatt tcatgtcaca     85620
     ggggtttgat ttacaaataa ttttgtcatc taggaaatag gcatagtacc taataggtag     85680
     tcattcaagg atacaatggg ggtagaggca ttgggtaaat gattccactc tataagggag     85740
     aaattggcca aaacaaaggg gctacaggcc ccatgcatgt ccaaaaccaa gcagggtagt     85800
     cattaaattg tgaagctcca aaataatgcc ctttgactct atgttcccaa gctaggccac     85860
     actgatgcaa ggggtgggct cccaagacct tgtgcagctc caccctcatg cagaggcaca     85920
     ggggcagagc tgcacaaggc cttgggagcc gaccccttgc attagtgtgg cctggatgtg     85980
     aaacgtagtc aaacatggaa cacagggtag aagacactgc actgggcatg agctctgaga     86040
     ttgtactctg cagggtacag cccccaaagc tgtaccttgc tttcatgggt cagcattgag     86100
     tgcctgcagc ttttccaggt gcacactgca aggtgtcaat ggagctacca ttctggggtc     86160
     tggaggattg tggccttctt ctcacagctc cactaagcaa ttaccaggtg gggactctgt     86220
     gtggagactc aaaaccgaca tttaccctcg gtactgtcct gttagaggtt ctccatgagg     86280
     gtccctcccc tgcaacagac ttctgcctgg atatccaggc attcccatac atcctctaaa     86340
     ctgtaggcta aggcttccat ggctcatctg ttaacatctg tgcacccgca ggcttaatac     86400
     cacattgaag ctgccaaggc ttatggcttg tgccctctgg agcagcagcc tgagacatat     86460
     ctggggccct ctcagccatg gctggagctg gaggggctag gacaaaggaa gaagtgtccc     86520
     aaagttgcac aaggtatcag ggccctgagc ccagccctca aaaccattct tccctcctag     86580
     gcctccaggg ctgtgatggg aggggctgct gtgaaggtct ccaaaatgcg tttcaggcat     86640
     tttctccatc atcttggcta ttaacattgg gctcctcttt acttatgcaa atttctgcag     86700
     ccggcttgaa ttcctcccca gaaaaaggtt ttttaaaaat cttttctgtc atatggtcag     86760
     gctgcaaatt ttctaaactt ttatattctg ctttcctttt aaatataagt tgtggtttca     86820
     ggtcatatct ttgctcaaac atatgaccat acattgttag aagcagccag gataaatcct     86880
     ttctttgttt tgagacggag tctcactcta tcaccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgagatct     86940
     cagctcactg cagcatccgc ctcctgggtt caaacaattc tcctgtctca gcctcccgag     87000
     tagctgggat tccaggcacg tgccaccatg cttagctaat ttttgtattt tcagtagaga     87060
     tgaggtttca ccatgtaggc caggctggtc tcgaactcct gacctcaggt gatccactca     87120
     cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct ggaattacag gcatgagcca ctgcaaccgg ctgccaggcc     87180
     aaatcttgaa tgttttgctg cttagaaatt tcttccactg gataccctaa atcattactc     87240
     tcagactcaa acttccacag atctctaggg caggggcaca atgcctccaa cctctttgct     87300
     aacacataac aagagtgatc tttactccag tgtccaataa gttcctcatc tccatctgag     87360
     atctcctcag cctggacttc gttgtctata tcactgtcag caaccataca acaagtcttt     87420
     ataatgttct aaacattcct tcatctttct ttcttcttct gggccatcca aagtgttcca     87480
     aactctgtcc attacccact ttcaaagctg cttccatgtg ttcaggcatc tttataacag     87540
     tatcccactc cttgtaccaa ttttccttat tagtctcttc tcctattgct ataaacagct     87600
     accttagact gggtaattta taaagaaaag aggtttaatt ggctcgtggt tccacaggct     87660
     ctacaggaag catggctgtg gaggcctcag aaaagttaca atcatggcag aaggtgaagg     87720
     cgaagcaggc acatcctaca tggttggagc aggaggaaga gagtgaaatg ggaggtgcta     87780
     cacactttta aacaaccaga tctcatgaga actaactatc acaagaactg caagggggaa     87840
     atctgccccc ctgatcccag cacctcccac caggttcctt ctccattagg aattactatt     87900
     tgacatgaaa tttgggtgag gacacaaatc caaaccatat caggcacatg cagccaggtg     87960
     gctaagcaca agatgtcagc atccaagcag ggtgagagca gcgtggtggt cagcctggtg     88020
     tgggatattc aggactatgc aggatgagga ggatctccac atggagatat gagttggggc     88080
     acaatctcag acttgagcat gacaatgagg ttatatgtgc agaggagtgg ctgaagttaa     88140
     agtcaggaga ttaattacat acagggggac tgatcaaatg agtaaatata cgaagcataa     88200
     tgtaagctag gttttccact atcagaataa aaaggaaatt caagtatgat aaagtataaa     88260
     actagaataa acccagtagt atagactgga atttgagata cagtatgagc tcatggtttt     88320
     cgaaatatag agctatgaaa agaaatacta ccataaactt tggtttgttt ttgcgtatgc     88380
     actaatacat acatacccta gcttatttac tgagaggaca ggctttggag cagcaacatc     88440
     ataatctcaa agagcaaata tagtgctcag atcctgactt ataaatacta ctttgtaata     88500
     aaaggaacca gaactggtta aagacatgac tgattccagg gctgaagaag aaaaatatat     88560
     gattttgata gttgtattgt agttatatca agaatgtcct tgttcataag taatagacgt     88620
     taaactggta ttagaaaggt gatgaaaatc atgttgttaa cctactttca aatgctttgg     88680
     cataaactat tccctgaacc atacttataa ctttttctat aaatttgtga atttcttcaa     88740
     atttttaaaa agtgtatatc attaaaaaat aatttttgca aattaagatg aagagatacg     88800
     cacctcaatc aatagtttat ctaccgcaat tcttaagtaa acatagctct catcatttat     88860
     ccaccgcaat tcttaagtaa aagtagctct catcatttag ctttcactta taagtgagaa     88920
     catgtggtat ttggtttcct gttcttgaaa atttttggaa gaaaattgta catgatggaa     88980
     ttttatttta ttactaagaa attgaataac tggcactttt tttctatttt attatttgct     89040
     tcctttcgtt agttttgttc tttataccac atatgcagtt aaataaacat tcttaaaggt     89100
     ctacatttca aatctattct tttttatttc tgaaaaagtt acttactgaa gaggtatttt     89160
     tatacacaaa gttgattaat aagttgaaat aattgttctg gcattaaaaa tcattacaat     89220
     atatttcttt cgatgatttc tgtgtacttt caagtaccga acaaaattca tgaaagcgcg     89280
     tgcacacacc cacacacgca catgcagatg gtagtaaaag cagtaaaaat ggtaagccca     89340
     ggcttgaaac cactgttagt tatgagagta agtatattct attactgtaa tttaacaggt     89400
     ctgtattaac taactccata atattcaaat tcttcaattt cttttctaga taacccagaa     89460
     cataatggaa atttttctta tgtagtaaca tggtgaaaat tacaacatta gctggtttgt     89520
     gaacataagg aggtttatga aataaaaaag tctagtaaat ttctgtagct agcaaacact     89580
     ctaaactgtg aaagaaaatg gaatctcagg gcctctaatt cactatgcaa aaggaagtga     89640
     agcttaggaa ctgagtcaca cagtatttgt ttccttttgt tttcaactgt atagctgtaa     89700
     tttcaaaacc ttcatccata agccaggttc tcacaatgat ggaaggccat atatctcctt     89760
     ggatggcctc gctcacaaat ttctgacagt ggaattcctt gtgagcccct aagtctatca     89820
     ggatatatat ctcccctata aagtagccct aaaaccaagc tccattgaat ctctccccga     89880
     caatattaat aaccagctta tcctcacagg tacaggacaa ggacaagacc agaaatcatc     89940
     cctctgcata ttctgagact aatgcacagt tagttggctt tttctctaat ttctcctttc     90000
     atatttattt tatgtaaaat tgagatttac caattgggac agggatgcat aactgacttt     90060
     ttcttctcta ctctcttttt atatgtaaaa tgtagattta ctgagcacta attggaggca     90120
     caaaagaacg taaccatttg caaaggacac gatgttgttt tctatggctg catagtattt     90180
     tatggtgcat atgtaccaca ttttctttag attgagacta ttatccttag caaattcagg     90240
     aggaacggaa aaacaaatgc cacatgttct cacttgtaag tgggagctaa atgatgagaa     90300
     cataagaaca cgtagagggg aacaacacac actggggtct tttggaaggt ggagtgtggg     90360
     aggagggaga ggatcatgaa aaataactaa tgggtactag gctgaatacc tgggtgatga     90420
     aataacctgt aacacaaacc cccgtaacat gagtttacct gtgtaacaaa cctgcacata     90480
     tacccctgaa gttaaaatac aagttttccc ttactgccta cactctcttc ctttctttcc     90540
     tcctgtttgc tcttgcctct ttaaatattg aaattcccaa aaccctcttt ggaaaaaagc     90600
     acaggacaca gacactcctg tcccttctgt tttgctgggc acatcctgaa acttcgggta     90660
     cataaaactc taccaattga ggcaccagtc tcagtcactt tttggttaat aaaatctaac     90720
     tgacattttc ttcttcttac tgaaataaca cctgtaagcc tccacatttg gaaatgaaga     90780
     actgtcattc taatttgtgt tcagaacatg caagctagag cttttttaaa agattaactt     90840
     atactattat atcatggagc atatacagag aatattgtaa acctttaatt aaaatatata     90900
     tatttttaga tagagtcttt ctctgtcccc caggctggag tgcattgata ccatctcggc     90960
     tcactgcaac ctctgcctcc tgggttcaag caattctcct gcctcagcct gagtagctgg     91020
     gattacaggc gtgcaccacc acgctcggct aatttttgca tttttggtac aggcggggtt     91080
     tcaccatgct tgccaggcat gtctcgaact cctgacctca tgatccatcc acctctgcct     91140
     cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgagcc atcactcctg gcctaattaa aatatcttaa     91200
     cagaaagtat taaatatgtt taaaaacaga agcagaaaat tcatgaatca gagtgtagag     91260
     gatagggtct gtaaatagtt atgacaaagc aagtagaaag aatcaacata atttttttaa     91320
     aaattgaaaa cataaaatta ccattacaaa caaaagtttt gccaataact agaagattaa     91380
     aattcgcttt tctaagcatc attgtgccct gtgtgagcta aatacgaaat ctttccattt     91440
     tcaagagagt acttagattc agagttctgt tggaactatt cttggctacg ttgaaatgaa     91500
     ttgactatct cattaggacc atgcaaacct aataacaaca attaaagttg aaagaatgta     91560
     tcaacttgtc ttaagattca cttatttgtt aactattcaa tggcccagaa tgtacattct     91620
     tttgggaaac aaattttgtg cttttcttta atgtgtcaag ccctgtgttt ggaagtttac     91680
     atgcaatatc agattcactt ttcacaataa ccttgtgaga gaagaattac tacttctatt     91740
     tcgtatctgt gtaattgagg ggttagataa ctcacgatct tatagtaaag gagaatccta     91800
     ggactggctg gcactgaatg ctatatactc ttttcattag actccttgta cagatagatg     91860
     caatgcagtt aggatgaaag ttattttgta ctaatcataa acttctaatg gaacagtagt     91920
     ttggtaaaac catttctagc aattacaaaa tgacaatttt atcaagaagt gcagaataag     91980
     gattgaagtg gcaatgttaa atgaaaacaa caacaaaaaa atctctgttc ttcaaataat     92040
     acttgcaaat gaccattccc aagctcctag cacagtgcat ctggtgcaca gcgggcactc     92100
     aatacttatt ttcttttctt ctttttcaaa ttaggatata aatttaaata gcattctgtg     92160
     ctttgtaaat cataacactt ctttgagaat gaaaaaatgt attctaattc actgatttca     92220
     atagatctta attttgtaca cttactctat tctttgggct cttttaagat tctgagctct     92280
     attataaaaa attgtcaaat gacttgagac taggtgaatg ataaggtgta agagagggtg     92340
     taagaagaca aaaggaaaag gaaactgtaa taccgtgatt tcaggtttca gaaatagaga     92400
     atataattat aaattattca aacaaagaaa aaatacataa ttataaagta ttcaagaaat     92460
     aaaattttac aaaacaacat caaaaagata tgtatatgtt aaatgttaaa aactttttaa     92520
     tgataatctg tagtttaata atacatgcag agggaggaca aaatggccag ctagacacag     92580
     ccaggaagca ccactctcat caagagaggc caagaattat agtaaaccta cataatttag     92640
     atacatcttt agagagaaaa tgttaagtgg atagtaatgt gacacagatg ataaggctga     92700
     ggaaggagga ggctaggaac catttgcagg gtaccagaac actgcggcta gctcctggcc     92760
     ctgaacacct cctgggaaat gtgtgagcga aggaactgtg gtatcctgtt tacaaagggg     92820
     cccacatctg ccattaatgt ttgagcttac agggggatct gcttggagag tagcagaggc     92880
     agggcttcag tcagcacaga gccagaggtc tttgtccact gtgcaggctg cagcagagtg     92940
     tggctatagc acctgtcccc caggttttcc catctctgtc caagaagctc tagccccagc     93000
     tgaccctgaa ccaggagaaa gcagggccaa ctttgctgca ggactggggc atgtctgcac     93060
     tgcatattct cctgcttgcc agcctttccc agtgcccctg cctggccacc ccacaggaat     93120
     gtgtggatag tgtggcttcc actgcccagc ctgggtgctg tgcttcaccc aattatcttc     93180
     cctgtagcct gggaacactt tggattcccc agcacacctg gtacctgact ctgttggtac     93240
     agaggataga gctgagagcc agtcctggca ccctagggtt gcagtgagca gctcaggaga     93300
     gctgagccaa gatctgtggc tggcacttga atgggagagg agcccacact cacagagcac     93360
     tgagagggtg agatgcatgt gttcatggac tggagcagga gtggggcatg cctccctctg     93420
     cagggtcacc ccagaaagga tgtggccaat ctccctgtca tgacctctgc ccagggagcc     93480
     ttgcagccca gaaccaaaca aaaaaaaatg tggaggcagt gtcagcaaca gtatggggca     93540
     ccctcaaggc ccaggagcag gcttgatgaa ggagtcacct ttccccactg caccacagag     93600
     catgtcttgc aaatgcaatg aatatcaaga agctatgcag ctaagtttat atagtgccca     93660
     ttactcttaa gtgccatctg ctggaccaca gcccaaacta caaaaccaaa atattatgct     93720
     aatcactgcc ctgtgaaacc tagaacaaga attctgccaa aaatcaagac cctgtacaga     93780
     ttcttggccc tccaaaaaat ccaaaaatga agccaactta ctatagacaa tttacaccac     93840
     acttgaaaga acactaaccc ttccacatga gagtcagtgc aagaactctc acaatttaaa     93900
     tagccaaagt gttctcttac ctgcaaacaa gtccactagt tccacagcaa tggttcataa     93960
     ccagttcgaa ataactgaaa tgatagacat ataattcaga atcttgattg caaaaaagct     94020
     caacaagatt caggaagaag ttgaaaccca atccaagaaa ttcagtaaaa tcatacaaga     94080
     gctgaaagat gaaatagcca ttttaagaaa gaaccaaact aaactgctag agctgaaatt     94140
     cactacaagg attttataac acaatcagaa gtattaacag cagaataaat gaggctgagg     94200
     aaagaatctg aaagcttgaa gcatggttct tttaattaat taaattttta aaaaagaatt     94260
     gtaaaagatg aacaaaactt ttgagaaata tgggattatt taaagagaca aaatctgact     94320
     cattgatatt cctaagaaag aaggagagag aataagtaaa ttggaaatta tacttgagga     94380
     tatagttcac aaaattgttt ctaatttcac tagagagatt gacatgcaaa ttcaagaaac     94440
     acagagaacc caagctagat actaaccata acactatcct caaggcacat agtcatcaga     94500
     ttcaccaagg tcaatacaca cataaaaatc ttacagtcag ctagaaataa gggtcaagtc     94560
     acatacagag ggaaccccat aaggcaagca gcagaccttc cataaaaaaa tcttaaaaac     94620
     taagagacat tgtgggacta ttttcagcat ccttaaagaa gataaattgc aaccaagaat     94680
     ttcatttccc acaaaaatga gcttcataag tgaaggagaa atgtaatcct tctcagacaa     94740
     gcaaacactg agggaattat ttcaactaga caagccttac aagaggtcct gaggaaatgc     94800
     tatatatgga attgaaataa caacacccac taccacaaaa acacacctaa gggtatagcc     94860
     catagtcact ctaaagcaac tacacagtca agtctacaca acaagcaact aagagcacaa     94920
     tgacagaatc aaaattacac atcaatgcta accatgaatg taaatggact aaacacccca     94980
     cttaaaagac acaaagtggc aagctggata aaaagacaag gctcaaccat cttttgcctt     95040
     caagagaccc atctcacatg ttatagcaca cacagcctca atgtaaaggg atggaagaaa     95100
     gatctactat acaaatggaa aataagagca agagtaatta tttttatatc agataaaata     95160
     cttcaagcca ataaaattaa gaacagaaaa gggcattaca aaatgataaa gggcgaaatc     95220
     aaacagaaga cttaagtatc ctaaatatat acacatccaa gtgaaaagac ttagacaacc     95280
     acacaataat agtgggagac ttcaacaccc cactaacagg atttgagaga ccattgaggt     95340
     agaaaattca caaagaaact tggggcttaa acttgatcct gaccaactgg acataataga     95400
     catcaccaga acactccatc tgacagccac agaaaatatc ttcttcttat ctgcacatgg     95460
     accatattgt aaaagaaact acatgcatag tcataaagca agtctctata aattcaaaaa     95520
     cttaaaatca tatcaagccc acctgcagag cacagtacaa taaaaataaa aattcatata     95580
     aagaagttat ctcaaaacca cacaaataca tggaaactaa acaacttgct ccagaataac     95640
     tcctgggtaa acatgaaatt taaggtaaaa ataaaaaaaa ttctttgaaa ttaatgaaaa     95700
     taggaacaaa atgtgccaaa acctctggga tgcagctaaa gcagtgttta gaggaaactt     95760
     tataatgcta aacaccagca tcaagaagtt ataaatatct caaatttaca gtctaacatt     95820
     tcacataaag gaaccagaaa aaaaacccca aagctagaat atgaaaggaa taattaaaat     95880
     tagagaagtt aatgaaattg agatgcaaaa attcataaaa agatcaacca aatgaagagc     95940
     agtttcttta aaaataataa acaaaattga tagactgcta gttagactaa caaaaaaatc     96000
     aaaacagaat atccaaataa gtacaatcag aaaagacaaa gataacatta cacatgatcc     96060
     cagagaaaca caatgactcc tcaaagacaa taataaacaa cattgtatat acaaattaga     96120
     aagtctagag gaaatgaaat tcctgaaaat acacaatctc caaatattga agcaagaaga     96180
     gattgaaacc ttgaatagac caatattgat ctctgaaatt aaaccagtaa taaaaaatct     96240
     agcaaccaat aaaacccctg gaccagatgt attcacagca gaattctacc agacatacaa     96300
     agaactggta tgaattctac tgacactact ccaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaat     96360
     cacagaggag atgctacttc ctatcttatt ttgtatgaag ctagcatcag acagatacca     96420
     aaatcttgca gagacacaac aacaaaaaaa ttacaggcca gtatcaatta caaagacaga     96480
     tattaaagtc ctccacaaaa tactagaaaa ccaaatctag cagtatatta aaaagttaat     96540
     tcaccacaat caagtaagct ttattcctgg gatgcaaagc tggttcaaca tacacaaatc     96600
     aataaatgtg atttgctata taaatagaat taaaaagaaa aactatatga ttatctaaat     96660
     gggttctgaa aaagcttttt ataaaatcca acatcccttc atgaagaaaa ccctcaacca     96720
     actaggcatc aaagcaacat accagaaaag aagtaccatc tatgacaaat ctacagccaa     96780
     catcatactg aatgggcaaa agctcaaacc atttcccttg agaactggaa aaagacaagg     96840
     atactcactc tcatcactcc tacccaacat agttcaggaa gtcctagcca gagcaatcag     96900
     gcaagagaaa gaaataaaaa gcatcaaaat atgaaagaaa gaagtaaaac tacctgtcct     96960
     cactgataat atgattctat atgtagtcct aaagattctg ccagaaggct cctagaaatg     97020
     ataagtgact ttagtgaagt ttcaggatac aaaatcatgt ataaaaatta atagcatttc     97080
     tatacatcac caacatccaa gctgaaaacc aaagcaagaa cagaatccca ttcacagtag     97140
     ccccctatca tacacacaca cacacataaa cacctagggt tacagctaac caggaaggag     97200
     aaagatatct acagggagaa ttacaaaacc ctggttaaag acatcagaga tgatactaat     97260
     gaatggaaaa taatttgatg cacatgaatt ggaagaatca atattaccga agtggtcata     97320
     ctgcccaaag caattttcag attctatgct attcatatga aactctcaaa gtcattcttc     97380
     agagaattag aaaacatatt ctaaattcac atggaacaaa aaaaacccca gtaaccaaac     97440
     aatcctaagc aaaaataaca aagccagaga catcacacta ctaactccaa attgtattat     97500
     ggggttacag taaccaaaac agcaagatac tgggacaaaa agagacacat agaccaatgg     97560
     aacagaatag aacactcaga agtaaagctt cacactcaaa atcacctgat tttcaacaag     97620
     accaatagaa acaggcaatg ggaatggact ccctattcaa taagtaatct tggataactg     97680
     ccagccacat gcagaacaat acaatcagaa tcctactttt taccatatag aaaaattaac     97740
     tcaggatgaa gtaaatattt aaatgtaaaa cctcaaacta tcaaaatcct agaagaaaac     97800
     ctaggaaata cccttcctga catcaacttt ggcaaatgat ttttggctaa gtccccaaaa     97860
     tcaacttcga caaaaacaaa aatagacaag tgggacctaa tttaatgaaa gagcttcttc     97920
     atagcaaaag aaataatcaa ctgagtaaac aggcaaccta aagaatgaga gaaattattc     97980
     acaatctatg catatgacaa aggtttaata tccagagttt ataagaaact taaacaaatc     98040
     aacaagcaaa aaataataat aataagctca tttaaaaaat gggcatagta tattaacact     98100
     tctcaaaaga agacatagaa gtggtgaaaa gcaattgcaa caaaagcaaa aattaacaag     98160
     taggatctca ttaaactaaa gagcttctgc agagcaaaga aaactatcaa cagagtgaac     98220
     agacaatcta gagaacggaa gaaaattttt tcaaactatg catctgagaa gggtctaata     98280
     tccagcatct ttaaggaact taaacaaatt tacaagaaaa aacaacccca ataaaaagtg     98340
     aacaaaggat attaacagaa acttttcaaa agaagatata catgcagcca acaatcatat     98400
     gaaaaaaaga gctcaacatt actgatcatt agagaaatgc aaattaaaac cacagtgaga     98460
     catcacctca caccagtcag aatggccatt actaaaatgt caaaaaataa cagatgctgg     98520
     taacgttgtg gagaaaaagg aacacttata tactgttggc aggagtataa attagttcaa     98580
     ccattgtgga agacagtgtg gtggttcctc aatgacctga aaacagaaac accatttgac     98640
     cccgcaatcc cattcctggg tatgtaccca aaggaatata aatcattcta ttgtaaagac     98700
     acatgcaagc atatgttcat tgcaacatca tttgtaatag caaatatatg gaattaagct     98760
     gaatgtccat taatggtaga caggataaag aaaatgtggt agatatacac catgggatac     98820
     tatgcagcta tatatatata tatatactca tcagaagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccacaatg     98880
     agataccatc tcacaccagt cagtatggct attattaaaa ggtcaaaaag caacagatgc     98940
     cggtgagact gcagaggaaa gaaacactta gatactgttg gggagaatgt aaactagttc     99000
     atcccttgtg taaatcagtt tggagtttct caaagaactt aaaatggagc tcttatttat     99060
     cctagcaatt taattgctga gtatataaac aaaggaaaaa aatcattcta caaaaaggac     99120
     atgcacacgt atgtttatta ccatgctatt cacaatagct aagacaagga atcaacctag     99180
     gtactaatca gtggtggatt gaataaagaa aatatgacgc ctatacatgg tgaaacacta     99240
     tgcagccaca aaaaagaaca aaatcatgtt ctctgcagca atatgaatgc agccggaggc     99300
     cattattcta agctatttaa tgcaataatg gaaaaccaaa tgccccatgt tctcacttac     99360
     aagttggagc taatcattga gcacacatgg acataaacat gggaataata gacactttgg     99420
     acttctagag aggggaggga gggatgtgtg gctgcagatc tatctattgg gtatgttttt     99480
     cactacctgg atgacaagat acatacccca aaacttagca tcatgcaata tacctatgta     99540
     acaaaccagc acacctatcc cttgtatata aaatagaaga tgaagcactg ctatacacca     99600
     acaataacca agctgagaat cagaccaata actcaatccc tttaacaaca gctcaaaaaa     99660
     acaaatactc aggaaagtac ttaaccaagc aggtgaaaca tctctatagg aaaactacaa     99720
     aacattgctg taagaaatta tatatgacac aaataaatgg aaacgcctct catgctcatg     99780
     gataggtaga atcaatacca tgaaaatgat cacactgccc aaagcagtct acagattcaa     99840
     tgtaattctc atcaaaacat catcattatc attcacagaa ttagaaaaaa atcctaaaat     99900
     tcatatggaa ccaaaaagac cccacatatc acaagtgaga ctaagcaaaa agaacaaatc     99960
     tggaggcatc acattatcca acttcaaatt atactacaag gatatagtta cccaaatagc    100020
     atggtactga tataaaaata ggcatgtaga ccaatggaac agaatagaga actcagaaat    100080
     aaagccaaat acttgcagcc aactaacctt cgctaaagca tacaaaaaca aaaattgagt    100140
     aaaggacacc ttattcaata aatggtgttg ggaaaactag caagccacat gtagaaggat    100200
     gaaaccagat gctcatctct cactttatac aaagatcaac tcaagatgga tcaaagactt    100260
     aaatctaaga cttgaaacca taaaaattat agaagataac atcaaaaaaa ctcttctaga    100320
     cattggctta ggcaaggaat tcatgagtaa gaccccaaaa gcaaatacaa caaaaacaaa    100380
     aataaataga tggtacctaa ttaaattaaa aagcttctgc acagcaaaat aaagaatcag    100440
     caaacagaca acctacagag taggagaaaa tattagctaa ctatccattc aacaaagact    100500
     aatatctaga atctacaagg aacacaaaca aatcacaaaa cacaatcaga aatgacaaag    100560
     aggacactat accagtctcc acggaaatac aaaagaaaaa accctcagag actattacaa    100620
     acacctctac acacagaaac taaaaaacct agaagaaatg gatcaattcc tggaaacata    100680
     tgacccccca agattgaacc agaaagaaat tgaaacactg aacagacaaa taatgaattt    100740
     tgaaattcaa taagtaataa aaaatcctac aaaccaggga aagtcctgga ccagacagat    100800
     tcacaaccta actctaccaa acgtataaag acctgggaca attccaactg aaaatgttac    100860
     aaaaaaatga ggaggagaga ttcttcccta atttattcta tgaggccagg atcttcctga    100920
     tacaaaaact tgacagagac acaacaaaaa taatttcagg ccaatatcct tgatgaacat    100980
     agattccaaa aatcctcaac aaaatactag caaaccaaat tcagcagcac atctaaaagt    101040
     aaatcgacca tgatcaatag gcactatccc tggaattcaa ggttggttca acatacacaa    101100
     atcaataaat gtcattcctc acataaacag aactaaaaac aaaagccatg tgatcaactc    101160
     aatgcatgca gaaaaggctt tctataacat tcaacatctt tttttcatat taaaaacact    101220
     caacaaacta ggcactgaaa gaatatacct gaaaataata agagccatct atacaatatc    101280
     cacagtcaac accatactga atgggcaaaa gttcaattcc ccttgagaac tagaaaaaga    101340
     caaggatgcg cactctcaac cattcctatt caacatagta ctagaagtct tagccagagc    101400
     aatcagacaa gagaaataaa ttaaaggcat ccaattagga agagaggaag tcaaactatc    101460
     tctatttgca tccaatatga ttttatatcc agaaaacgcc agagtctctg caagtatcct    101520
     agatctggta gacaatttca gtaaggtttt aagatacaaa atcatcgtac aaaaatcact    101580
     aacattttta cacaccaaca acatccaggc tgagtgccaa atcaagaaca ccatctcatt    101640
     cacaatggcc atattaaaaa agatctagga atacaactaa atagggatct gaaggatctc    101700
     tacaatgaga attataaaac actgaaagaa agaaatcaga gatgatacaa acaaatgaaa    101760
     aaacattcca tgctcatgaa taggaaggat atatattgtt aaaagtcatc atggccaggc    101820
     acagtggctc atgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggct gaggtgggtg gatcatgatg    101880
     tcaggagatt gagaccatcc tggctaacac ggtgaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa    101940
     aaaattagcc gggtgtggtg gcaggcgcct gtagtcccag ctacttggga ggctgaggca    102000
     ggaaaatggc gtgaacctgg gagatagagc ttgcagtgag ccgagatcac gccactacat    102060
     tccagcctgg gcaacagagc gagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaacaga caaagtggtc    102120
     atgctgccca aagcaattta cagatctaat attattccta tcaaactact aacatcatat    102180
     ttcacagaac tagaaaaact attctaaaat tctatggaac caaaaagtag cccaaagtgt    102240
     taaagcaatc ctaagaaaaa aataaaaatg ctggaggcag tacattaccc aacttcacac    102300
     catactataa gactacggta gcaaaaataa caaggtaatg gtacaaaaac agaaacatac    102360
     atcaacagaa caggtaagag aactgagaaa taaagctgca tacctacatg catctgatct    102420
     ttgacaaaac tgacaaaaat aagcaatggg aaaagggttt cctattcaat aaatgatgct    102480
     gggacaactg accagcaata tgcagaaaat taaaactgga ccccttcctt agaccatata    102540
     caaaaaatca actcaagatg gattaaagac ttaaatgtaa aacctcaaac tataaaagcc    102600
     tagaagaaaa cctaagaaac acaactctgg acataggccc tggcaaagat ttcatgacaa    102660
     atatgccaaa agcaattgca acaaaaacaa aaattgacaa atgggatcta attaaacaaa    102720
     agagcttctg cacagcaaaa taaactatga acagagtaaa cagacaacct acagaatggg    102780
     agaaaatact tgcaaactat tcttctgaca aaggtttaat atccagaatc tataaggaac    102840
     ctaaatgaac aagcaaaaga caaataggcc cattaaaaag tggacaaaag acataaatag    102900
     acacttttca aaagaagaca tagatgcagc cagcaagcac ttgaaaaatg ctgaacataa    102960
     ctaatcatta gagaaatgta aatcaaaacc acaaggagat gccatctcac atcagtcaga    103020
     atggctacta ttgaaacatt aagaaacaac agatgctgcc aagattttgg agaaaatgga    103080
     atgcttacac actgtttttt ttattattat actttaagtt ttagggtaca tgtgtacaac    103140
     atgcaggttt gttacatatg tatacatgtg ccatgttggt gtgctgcacc cattagctca    103200
     tcatttacat taggtatatc tcctaatgct atccctcccc cttcccccaa ccccacacag    103260
     gccgcggttt gtgatgttcc ccttcctgtg tccatgtgtt ctcattcttc aattctcacc    103320
     tatgagtgag aacatggggt gtttggtttt ttgtccttgc aatagtttgc tgagaatgat    103380
     ggtttccatc ttcatccatg tccctacaaa ggacatgaac tcatcatttt tatggctgca    103440
     tagtattcca tagtgtatat gtgccatatt ttcttaatcc agtctatcat tgttggacat    103500
     ttgggttggt tccaagtctt tgctattgtg tatagtgcca caataaacat acgtgtgcat    103560
     gtgtctttat agcagcatga tttataatgc tttgggtata tacccagtaa tgggatggct    103620
     gggtcaaatg gtatttctag ttcaagatcc ctgaggaatc accacactga cttccacaat    103680
     ggttgaacta gtttacagtc ccaccaacag tgtaaaagtg tccctatttc tctgcatcct    103740
     ctccagcacc tgttatttcc tgacttttta atgattgcca ttctaactgg tgtgagatgg    103800
     tatctcactg tggttttgat ttgcatttct ctgatggcca gtgatgatga gcactttttc    103860
     atgtgtcttt tggctgcata aatgtcttct tttgagaagt gtctgttcat atccttcacc    103920
     cactttttga tggggttgtt tggttttttc ttgtaaattt gttggagttc attgtagatt    103980
     ctggatatta gccctttgtc agatgtgtag attgcaaaaa ttttctccca ttctgtaggt    104040
     tgcctgttca ctctgatggt agtttctttt gctgtgcaga aggtttttag tttaattaga    104100
     tcccatttgt cagttttgtc ttttgttgcc attgcttttg gtgttttaga catgaagtcc    104160
     ttgcccatgc ctatgtcctg aatggtattg cctaggtttt cttctagggt ttttatggtt    104220
     ttaggtctaa catttaagtc tttaatccat cttgaattaa ttttagtata aggtgtaagg    104280
     aagggatcca gtttcagctt tctacatatg gcagcaacat ttgctgttca ccaatatccg    104340
     ctgttcttca gcctccgctg ctgatgccag gcaaacaggg tctggagtgg acctccagca    104400
     aactccaaca gacctgcagc tgagggtcct gactgttaga aggaaaacta acaaacagaa    104460
     gggacatcct caccaaaacc ctatctgcac atcaccatca tcaaagacca aaggtagata    104520
     aaaccacaaa gatggggaaa aaaacagagc agaaaaactg gaaactctaa ggatcagagc    104580
     acctctcctc ctccaaagga acgcagctcc tcaccagcaa tggaacaaag ctgcacagag    104640
     aatgactttg acgagttgag agaagaaggt ttcagacgat caaactactc tgagctaaaa    104700
     gaggaagttt gaacccacgg caaagaagtt taaatcttga aaaaaagtta gctgaatggc    104760
     taactagaat aaccaatgca gagaagtcct taaaggacct gatggagctg aaaaccacgg    104820
     cacgagaact acgtgacaaa tgcacaagcc tcagtagcca attcaatcaa ctggaagaaa    104880
     gggtatcagt gatggaagat caaatgaatg aaatgaagtg agaagagaag tttagagaaa    104940
     aaagaataaa aagaaacaaa caaagcctcc aagaaatatg ggactatgtg aaaagaccaa    105000
     atctacgtct gattggtgta cctgaaagtg acggggagaa tggaacgaag ttggaaaaca    105060
     ctctgcagga tattatccag gagaacttcc ccaatgtagc aaggcaggcc aacattcaaa    105120
     ttcaggaaat acagagaatg ccacaaagat acaccttgag aagagcaact ccaagacaca    105180
     taattgtcag attcatcaaa gttgaaatga aggaaaaaat gttaagggca gccagagaga    105240
     aaggttgggt tacccacaaa gggaagccca tcagactaac agcggatctc tcggcagaaa    105300
     ctctacaagc cagaagagag tgggggccaa tattcaacat ccttaaagaa aagaattttc    105360
     aacccagaat ttcatatcca gccaaactaa atttcataag taaaggagaa ataaaatcct    105420
     ttacagacaa gtaaatgctg agagattttg ccaccaccag gtctgcccta aaagagctcc    105480
     tgaaggaagc actaaacatg gaaaggaaca accggtacca gccactgcaa aaacatgcca    105540
     aattgtaaag accatcgagg ctaggaagaa actacatcaa ctaacgagca aaataaccag    105600
     ctaacatcat aatgacagga tcaaattcac acataacaat attaacctta aatgtaaatg    105660
     ggctaaatgc tccaattaaa agacacagac tggcaaattg gataaagagt caagacccat    105720
     cagtgtgctg tattcaggaa acccatctca ggtgcagaga catacatagg ctcaaaataa    105780
     agggatggag gaagatctac caagcaaatg gaaaacaaaa aaaggcaggg gttgcaatcc    105840
     tagtctctga taaaacagac tttaaaccaa caaagatcaa aagagacaaa gaaagccatt    105900
     acataatggt aaagggatca attcaacaac aagagctaac tatcctaaat atatatgcac    105960
     ccaatacagg agcacccaga ttcataaagc aagtccttag agacaaagag acttagactc    106020
     ccaaacaata acaatgggag actttaacac cccactgtca acattagaca catcaatgag    106080
     acagaaagtt aacaaggata cccaggaatt gaactcagct ctgcaccaag cagacctaat    106140
     agacatctac aaaactcccc accacaaatc aacagaatat acattctttt cagcaccaca    106200
     tcacacctat tccaaaattg accacatagt tggaactaaa acactcctca gcaaatgtaa    106260
     aagaacagtc gttataacaa gctgtctctc agaccacagt gcaatgaaac tagaactcag    106320
     gattaagaaa ctcactcaaa accgctcaac tacatggaaa ctgaacaacc tgctcctgaa    106380
     taactactgg gtacataacg aaataaaggc agaaataaag atgttctttg aaaccaccga    106440
     gaacaaagac acaacatacc agaatctctg ggacacattc aaagcagtgt gtagagggaa    106500
     atttatagca ctaaatgccc acaagagaaa gtaggaaaga tctaaaattg acaccctaac    106560
     atcacaatta aaagaactag agaagcaaga gcaaacacat tcaaaagcta gcagaaggca    106620
     agaaataact aagatcagag cagaactgaa ggaaatggag acacaaaaaa cccttcaaaa    106680
     aattaatgaa tccaggagct ggtttttttg aaaagatcaa ctaaattgat agaccgctag    106740
     cagaactaat aaagaagaaa agagagaaga atcaaataga cacaataaaa aatgatacag    106800
     ggatatcacc accgatccca cagaaataca aactaccatc agagaatacc ataaacacct    106860
     ctatgcaaat aaactagaaa atctagaaga aatggataaa ttcctcgaca catacaccct    106920
     cccaagacta aaccaggaag aagttgaatc tctgaataga ccaataacag gctctgaaat    106980
     tgaggcaata attaacagct tgccaaccaa aaaagtccag gaccggatgg attcacagcc    107040
     gaattctacc agaggtacaa ggaggaactg gtaccattcc ttctgaaact attccaatca    107100
     acagaaaaag agggaatcct ccctaactca ttttatgagg ccagcatcat cctgatacca    107160
     aagcctggca gagacacaac aaaaaagaga attttagacc aatatccctg atgaacatcg    107220
     acgcaaaaat cctcagtaaa atactggcaa acgggaatcc agcagcaaat caaaaagctt    107280
     atccaccatg atcaagtggg cttcatccct gggatgcaag gctggttcaa catactcaaa    107340
     tcaataaaca taatccagca tataagcaga accaaccaca aaaaccatgt cattatctca    107400
     atagatgcag aaaagtcctt tgacaaaatt caacaacgct tcacgttaaa aactctcaat    107460
     aaattaggta ttgatgggac gtatttcaaa ataataagag ctatctataa caaacccaca    107520
     gccaatatca tactgaatgg gcaaaaactg gtagcatttc cttggaaaac tggcacaaga    107580
     cagggatgtc ctctctcacc actcctattc aacatagtgt tggaagttct ggccagggca    107640
     atcaggcagg agaaggaaat aaagggtatt caattaggaa aagaggatgt caaattgtcc    107700
     ctatttgcag atgacgtgat tgaatatcta gaaaacccca tcgtctcagc ccaaaatctc    107760
     cttaagctga taggcaactt cagcagtgtg aggatacaaa atcaatgtgc aaaaatcaca    107820
     agcattctta tacaccaata acagacaaac agagagccaa atcatgagtg aactcccatt    107880
     cacaattgct tcaaagagaa taaaatacct aggaatccaa cttacaaggg atgtgaagga    107940
     tctcttcaag gagaactaca aaccactgtt caatgaaata aaaaaggata caaacaaatg    108000
     gaagaacatt tcatgctcat gggtaggaag aatcaatatt gtgaaaatgg ccatactgcc    108060
     caaggtaatt tatagattca atgccatgcc catcaagcta ccagtgactt gcttcacaga    108120
     attggaaaaa aactacttta aagttcatat ggaaccaaaa gagaccccgc attgccaaat    108180
     caatgcttac acactgttaa tggacatgta aattcgtcca gtcactgtgg aaacagtctg    108240
     gagatttctc aaagaactta aaacaaaatt accctttgac ccaaaaatcc cattactggg    108300
     tatataccca aaataaaaca aatcattcta ccaaaaggac atgtgcgctc atatgttaat    108360
     agtgaaggag gtgaaataat accaaaatat ttcttctcct cactcaaaat tacagagtta    108420
     aaagggattt caaagatcgt ttttaactat ctcaccttaa aaaataaata atttctaggt    108480
     ttgttaagaa gcaaagtgat agctccaaga ttatccagga agcatcataa tcagtctttg    108540
     atttaacatt ctctccacat ccaaattcaa aactaaacgt ctctcctttt tcttttcaaa    108600
     aatcccaatg tatatctcta attatctatt atcttttact gaatttattt aatatctggt    108660
     tcatttactt gattaaaaac tccttgaaaa gagagatcct ttttattcac atttgcattc    108720
     atagacacat acatctcact ttgtacattt caactaatgt ttattaaata gacaaaatta    108780
     ttaaattcaa aaataagggc tagacattgg ttttatggct attattcttt ttacaatgtt    108840
     atcctgccac ttctattcgt ttattttacc tactaaaaat taaattatat aacctacgta    108900
     gaaattgttt ttctactgaa atagttctgt ctgcttcagg ttcctcaaga tgctgtaaga    108960
     aatgctaaaa taatacatgt aaattaagaa aaaccttttg gcaaagaata tattgtttta    109020
     aaattccaag gtcaagagaa tgatatgaaa tatccaaaac aggaaaatat aaagacaatt    109080
     atttgtggtt tcctggggct tgaaggagag gagctgggga gtgactacta atgggtatgt    109140
     ggtttatttt tggaatgatg aaaatgttcc caaatcagat tatgatgata gtcacacaac    109200
     tctttattca ttctataatc cactgaattg tacattgtaa ataggtgaac tttatggtat    109260
     ctaaattata tcttaataaa gcagttaaaa aatgctctcc ccaaatggaa aaaaaaatgg    109320
     tccataataa aattggttga tgagaaagtt taaatgattt gaactcctgt gatttaaaat    109380
     tctggatata cttactactc tttatataag aaagttacaa tattaaaagg atagatatat    109440
     taacagtaaa aaataatcgc ttggaggata atcagccgta tctgggttcc gattaaagct    109500
     ctaccactta cctgatgtgt aatcaagtta cttaaccacc ttgaactacc gtttcctcag    109560
     aggaaaataa tagtacctaa ttcacagagt tgtcataaat attaaataag acctattata    109620
     ttcagtgctt aattcctctt gttattcttt ctccacttac ttttatttta tgctatatcc    109680
     aactctagat tttggggcct aagtctaccc acataatcac ttatttcttc ttttcttcat    109740
     atggataatt tgcactttac aagtgcagaa tttaatatct catcttgcaa acagtctcac    109800
     ctttgttcct ctttgtttta tatgagaaag cttcatgtgt ctaccttcat cctgctaaac    109860
     tctatgtgga ttaggaacat aaactcttag ggcaaactta ttgtatttaa attccacttc    109920
     caaaattatt aactatttga actttggtaa gtgactggcc tctcttgcct cagtttcttc    109980
     atctgtaaag caaagataaa aataacgttg accttatagg ctttaatact gaggtgtctt    110040
     agttcattac gtgttgctat aacagaaaac ctgaggctga gtaatttatt ttagaaaaat    110100
     aggtttattt agctcacaat tcttcaggct aggaagatca agggatgaaa gatcttcagg    110160
     ctaggaagat gtacttggct tctcatgagg acttttgtac tgcattataa catgccagag    110220
     aaagtcaatg gagaagcaga cacacgtaca gagacaaaac atgaggggca tcctgctttt    110280
     ataagaaccc actgttaaaa gaaaaacctc aaacatattg aatttaacag agtttcatta    110340
     agcaaagaac aatttgtgaa tgtggaatta cctcctaacc agaatagctt gaggaagatt    110400
     ccaagatgct gtacggtcgg ataggatttt tggacagaaa aaggaaagtg atgtacagaa    110460
     aatagaagtg aaatacagaa acagctggat tggttacagc ctggcctttg ccttatttgt    110520
     acacagtttg aacagttggc tgcctgtggc tagctgcaac tcagtaattc gtacagtagg    110580
     aaattatagt ctatttacac atccaattag tttacagttc actaaatact gagaaatgtt    110640
     tcaggacaag cttaaaatat gtaagcagac agctttaggc taaattttaa cacccactct    110700
     caagagaata ttttcagtct cttgagaatg agaacttatt ctctaccaca aaccacgcca    110760
     cgtaatttat gagagattca tcctcataat ccaaacacct ccctttagtc cccactttcc    110820
     aatacaacaa aactggggat caaatttcaa catgagtttt gttggggaca agcaaactat    110880
     atccaagcca taacatgagg atagtacctg ctaaatagaa agttcacagt caatattgaa    110940
     tatcaaaaat gattaataag tctaattatt ctcataaaaa tcttcaaatt gtggatccat    111000
     aaagactctg gagttgcttg tattttccaa taaatactct tattcactct cttaaacaaa    111060
     ctattttatt ctacacttta tcccaacaga accctaaccc tttataggga ccctatataa    111120
     ctgtaaccct tttccttact atgtttattt ctttattatg ccttagccta gctggacttg    111180
     caaaaaataa tatattcata gtctgtgttc attcagcacc cagttatgaa gaatcagaag    111240
     actacctggg aggtcaaaga tttttacttg ctctagagta gctcaaaaag gctacttgga    111300
     cacaaaggta caaagtaggc aagggagatt ctccagaata catctaaggt aagtaatata    111360
     acctctagaa catctatgta ttcttgattt tttaaaaaac tcttttcatt tttgtgggat    111420
     catagtaggt gatatattta tggggtacat gagatattag tattttgata caggcatgta    111480
     atgtgaaata atcacatcat tgagaatgag atatccatcc actcaagcat ttatcctctg    111540
     tgttacaagc aacccaatta cattatttta gttattttat tttattcatg tatttatgta    111600
     tgtatttttt tatttatatt tattttttga gatggagttt tgctcttgtc gaccaggctg    111660
     cagcacaatg gtgcaatctc agctcactgc aacctctgcc tcctgggttc aagcgattct    111720
     cctgcctcag cataccgagt agctgggatt ataggcatgc gccaccactc ccgactaatt    111780
     ttgtattttt agtagggacg ggttttctcc atgttggtca ggctggtctc aaactcccta    111840
     cctcaagtga tcagccctcc tcatcctccc aaagtgctgg gattataggc ttgagccact    111900
     aagcccggcc tattttagtt attttaaaat gtacacatta ttatcaacta tcctgttgtg    111960
     ctatcaaata gtaggtctta ttcattcttt ctaactatta acattcccta ttaacactcc    112020
     ctacctgctt cccaaacccc cactaccctt tccagcctct ggtaacaatt tttctactgc    112080
     acatgtccat gagttcaatt gttttgattt ttagatccca cagataagtg aaagcatgtg    112140
     atgtttgttt ttcttagcct ggcttacttc tcttaacata atgacatcca gttccatcca    112200
     tattgttgca aatgacagaa tctcattctt tttttcatgg ccgaatagta tgccattatg    112260
     tatattagaa cattatccat tcatctgttg atggtcactg aaattgcttc cttatcagct    112320
     atgtgaacag tgctgcaact aacatgggaa tgcagatatt tctctgatat acttatttct    112380
     tttcttttga gtatataccc agtaatggga ttgctggatc atatggtagc tctatttttt    112440
     gcttttctga ggaagctcca aactgttttc tgcagcggtt gtactaattt acattcccac    112500
     caacagtgtg tgaggattct cttttctcca cattcacacc agcatttgtt attgcttgtc    112560
     tttggataaa agacagttta actggggtaa gagaatatct cattgtactt ttacttttca    112620
     tttctctgat gatcaatgac gttgagcact tttgccattt gtatgtcttc ttttaagaaa    112680
     tgtctattta aatgttttgc ccagcttttt attgaactat tagatacttt cctacagagt    112740
     tgtttgaact acttatgtct tctggttatt aatcccttgt caggtggata gtttgcaaat    112800
     attttcttcc atgctgtggg ttatctcttc attttgttga tagttttctt tgctgtgcag    112860
     aagcttttta aattgatgtg atccattttg tctttggttg ccacttgtgg ggtattgctc    112920
     aagaaacttt tgcccagacc aatgtcttga agacgtttcc caaagttttc ttgaagtaat    112980
     ttcatagttt atgtcttaga tttaagtctt tcatccattt ttatttgatt tgtgtatgtg    113040
     tcaagagata gggtctattt tcattcttct gcatatggat actcagtttt cccagtacaa    113100
     tttattgaag agactgtttt ttcctcggtg tatgttcttg gcacctttgt ggaaattgag    113160
     ctcactgtag gtatgtggat ttgtttctgg gttctctctt ctgttccatt ggtctatgtg    113220
     tctgtttttg tttaagccag taccatactg tttgggttac tatagctctg tattataatt    113280
     tgaagtcagg tactgtgatt cctcgagctt tgttcttttg ctcaggatag tgcgggctat    113340
     tctgggcctt ttgtggttct gtataaaatt taggatagtt tttcctattt atgcaaagaa    113400
     ttcactggta ttttgacagg gattgcattg aatctgtaga tagctttgga gaataaaggc    113460
     attttaacaa tattgattct tccaatccat gaacattgac tatttttcca tttcttggtg    113520
     tccttttcaa cttctttcct cagtgtttta taattttcat tatcgagata tttcacctgc    113580
     ttggttaatt tttaggtatt tagttttgtg tgtggctatt gtaaatggaa ttacttttta    113640
     aatttctttt tcagattgtt ccctgttgac atttagaaat gctactgatt ttttatgtta    113700
     attttgtatt ctccaacatt tttttgcttt ttagttttaa ttgttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    113760
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg gagtatttag tattttccaa    113820
     atgtaaaatc atatcatctg caaacaagta taatttgact tcttcctttc caattcagat    113880
     atcctttata tctttctctt gtctgattgc tctaactagg acttccattt ctatgttaaa    113940
     taacagcagt gacagtgggc atccttgttg tgttccagat cttagaaaaa aggctttcag    114000
     ttctttcttg ttcagtagga taccagctgt gagtctgtca tacttgactt ttatgttgag    114060
     gtatattcct tctacaccca gttttttgag agtttttatc ataagggaag ttaaaagtta    114120
     tcaaatgcta tttgggcatc aattaaaatg actatgatat ttttcctcat tctgttgata    114180
     tgatgggtca cattgactga tttgcatatg ttaaaccatc cttgcatcac agggataaat    114240
     cccacttggt catgatgaat gatctttcta atgtattgtt gaacttggtt ttctagtatt    114300
     tcattgagaa tttttgcatg aatattcatc agagatattg gtctgtagtt tttgttttgt    114360
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt ttgaggtgtt tgtctggttt tggtatcaag    114420
     gtaatactgg cctcatagaa tgagtttgaa ggtgttccct cctcttctat tttctggaat    114480
     agtttgagta agaatgttat ttgttcttct ttaaatgttt gatagaattc agcaatgaag    114540
     ccatcaggtc ccaggctttt ctttactggg aggattttat tatgcctttg atcttgttat    114600
     ttgttattgt tctgttcagg ttttggattt cttcatggtt taatcttggt agattgtatg    114660
     tgtctaaaaa tttattcact tcatctagtt ttcccaattt attggcatat agctgctcat    114720
     agtagcccct aatgaattta aatttctgca gtatcagttc taatgtctac tttttcattt    114780
     ctgcttttat ttatttgtat cttctctctt tttctcttag atactctggc tacacattta    114840
     tcaattttgt ttagccttcc aaaaataaat attcttgatt ttttacatac tgtaaataag    114900
     tatctgtgtc atctttgcag ttaacttccc attgattaat aattgagaaa catttaaaaa    114960
     tctctttctc tgcaaaaata gaatatttta agatttttat aaagtaatat agaaagttct    115020
     gtgctgcact caaatcaaga caatattttg tttaagtatt atggtaatga tagctgttca    115080
     gagaaactca atggctattt tttttgttac tggcagtcat agtagtgccc tgggcaaagt    115140
     tatgaaaggc tcattaacat tattaaccat aataaaccag cgtttttatt atattaagtc    115200
     aatttttttt tcacagcatt taaaatattt tgaaacagaa ttggcatatt atgtactttc    115260
     tttaatatcc atgggtttat atatattaat agattaagca gcaaatgagt gtttgccttt    115320
     ggacagtttg aacattgcat taagctcctt ataagtttct cattttcttt ctttagcctt    115380
     acttgttcct gacttttaat agtccgatat gcatcacgtc attttttcat tagtgctgct    115440
     accatgagca tttatgataa ttcagtgtat gtgccatagt tattactgta agcctctgaa    115500
     ctgagaatta aacctcataa agtcagttaa ctgtgtagaa tatttcagtc tatcacggtc    115560
     aattattctt aaagactata gcctcccacc cagtgcactg agtaactcaa gatataggaa    115620
     gatattttca tttatataat aaggttgaca tgtgccttta caatcctctt gagcatgtca    115680
     ataaaaacat accatacttt ctataaacaa ttgttaccat gccctctaat tgttgatatc    115740
     tgataaaatc ttctatctta tatttgatac acttatgcac aacataatga tatacaataa    115800
     tatgccaata ttttgtttca gtattatagt aatgatagct gatatatgat agtggcctca    115860
     tcagatcata ataccatttt ttatcatact ctttctatgt ttagatatat ttagatatag    115920
     aaatgcttgc cattgtgtta cagttgccta caggattcaa tacagtaaca ttgtatacag    115980
     gtttgtagtg taagagcaat agactataac atgtagccta ggtgtgtggt aggctgtacc    116040
     atcaagattt acgtaagtac actctatgat gttcacacaa tgaaaaaaaa aatttctaat    116100
     gatgcatttt tcagaacgta ttcctgtcat taatcaacac ataactgtat tcaaatatat    116160
     gatcaatagc tataaaccac ggattcatat agaccatttg atagttataa agcttgaaga    116220
     taccagataa tacttcattt tgtaaaattc aggaaaaata aaaagatttg gcacatgaca    116280
     gatacatatc tgtggatgta ggtttttttt tgctgtagtt ttcatttctt caatgtgtgt    116340
     tatgtgaaat ttacaggttt atacatatgt aataaatatt tagctttttt tgttcttgaa    116400
     atgtgttaat attatttaca tttaagctat ttactatcta tgttttaaag acttacctat    116460
     atattatttg cacatatttc cattcaaaaa gaaaaaacat atcatcaaag aaacaaataa    116520
     atgaaattta tgctcctaac tatcattaaa aaaaaacttg ttaggcagta agaaatgact    116580
     gaggattttt tatatactcc aagggtgatt tgtttctatt ggtggaggta attatattgc    116640
     attgtaactt caacatgcat tctacattaa cttttgtaaa tagcaacagc aaacagttgt    116700
     ttctaaactc atcttcaaaa aaaaggttca gtattggcag aaaagtatag aacatactat    116760
     tttagataaa aatattaaga gaattctgag aatgaagtag acttaaagtt gaagacaaaa    116820
     agaaaatgct tgtatgtatt aaaataaatg aaatgacata ttgtggccaa tactatgccc    116880
     cacaggtttt atggatgtta aataatttaa tatatataaa gacatactag tatcattatt    116940
     tcagaagtga gcaatctcag actctgaggc tgcaagtaac ttgcccatga ttatgttgct    117000
     agtaaatgat ataaagatgc tgaaatgcag atagatttgt tcttgatact tgctcttatc    117060
     cacaacaata tactgcctcc cagaaggagg aatacattca tttgtaaaag aaagtgaagc    117120
     aactgaagga acagatcgtg tttgcaaagt gtactacctc tagttataat gaccaacata    117180
     tgagcttgct tcctaaggcc aaccgaccta aagtaacaac taattaacag gaactggttt    117240
     ccactctggg agtcaaatat gtgaaaagtt gcatttaaaa aactaataat taatgtaatt    117300
     ttatttaact atttttgaaa aatacttctt tattctccaa agtatacttt aaatttttat    117360
     tcaaattcat gtaaagcact gacaaagtgg tcaaaaacat tccatgaata aatttagggg    117420
     aattacttta ttaaaaaacc tcaaagacac tttctgtgtg tgtgtgtgga tatactaggt    117480
     gaagtgttta tcctttggga cactgaacaa acctcagctt tttaatacat gtttttctga    117540
     ctctcttaga gagtatttgt caatctttcc ttttttctga accaattttc tcataccttc    117600
     catggcaatt cacacattgc aatgaaatta tattttcatg cttacttcat taagtaaact    117660
     gcatcgaaca caggtagaat tgggtgttta ttccatctct gtagtcccac cactaaataa    117720
     gaggctgaat acatgtgtaa tagtgtaata aaaagcacat gtgcttaatt atattttaaa    117780
     gcagaggtgg aaaatacgtt ttgaattcag agtaagattt caaatgtgat gtttgaatct    117840
     gaacaaaata ttaggttttt aaaaatatgg ccgggcgcgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc    117900
     agcactttgg caggccaagg cgggtggatc atgaggtcag gagatcgagg ccatcctggc    117960
     taacacggtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa aaatacaaaa aattagccgg gcgtagtggc    118020
     gggcgcctgt agtcccagcc acttgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatggcgt gaacccggga    118080
     ggcggagctt gcagtgagcc gagatcgcgc cactgcactc cagcctgggc gacagagcga    118140
     gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ggaacataca aacaaatata    118200
     tatatatata tatggactac aagaacattg agtcactttc aaatggattt tcataagagc    118260
     attagcaaaa atgccagttt tatgaaagtt cagacactgt aacacatggc caaggtatta    118320
     ccaagctaaa tatatgatta ttttcttccc ccccgccctt taagaatgaa tacatacaca    118380
     ggaagagtgt ctaggaaatc tccacatacc ccattcccaa acatacacaa aaattagcta    118440
     ggtttcggta aaaacaaaat gtcataaggg ggagcattta ggtgtggttg actttttaaa    118500
     gttctgaata taataataca aaatctgttt aaatatttga aatgttttaa gaacatactg    118560
     acaggctgct agtttcatta ttgaatgttt cttccagaga atcttcagtt tcccaaagga    118620
     gttgtgtgca caattgcttt tgctattatt aatttatggt aacttgttca cttgttctca    118680
     agtagttctg tttgtagcta cattttatgg tgtgccacta aactgcaata gtctctgagt    118740
     gcatttctta agcaaaatat aaggtaatta caatggtagc ttgacaatga aagaggaaaa    118800
     cattctactc tatacatgac tactttatct tcatgttttt aatagtctat ggaacaaatt    118860
     aattgttaac aacaaagttc ctaacctata gtcagaataa attccaccta tattgttcat    118920
     aaacatctca gcaactatca aagtgtttac ttacataagg taggaaatga taaattatgt    118980
     aaaatgattg tttggaaata aaaccagtaa ctagacattc ttttagaatg tctcctcaaa    119040
     gcaaattcta cttttaggtg tttttttatc ctacctgtct ccttctcatg aaaatctcat    119100
     attcaatttc acagcaccac tgtttcaata gagattacta tcccctttaa gaagaagatt    119160
     attggccaag cccaaaacta ataataattt gattactgga aattatttat ttcagatgag    119220
     acaatttatt gatcagtatt taggtttaag taaacaaaag actttaattt tgtctaaaaa    119280
     ttaatttata aaaatggaaa tagtggccag ataccaactc ttgacagctt tgccagatta    119340
     gatgacttct atctggtgac aagggattaa gattcccaag aaagaattaa aaatattcaa    119400
     tattgggccg ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggtg gccgaggcgg    119460
     gcggatcacg aggtcaggag atcgagacca tcctggctaa cacggtgaaa ccccgtctct    119520
     actaaaaata caaaaaatta gccgggcgtg gtggcgggcg cctgtagtcc cagctactcg    119580
     ggaggctgag gcaggagagt ggcgtgaacc cgggaggcgg agcttgcagt gagccgagat    119640
     cccgccactg cactccagcc tgggccacag agtgagactc cgtctaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    119700
     tatatatata tatatatata tatattcaat attgcttatt ttacagtaac atttttaata    119760
     ttttacattt atgaggcttc ttttggtact aatagtacaa agaattaatg tactaaaaac    119820
     ataatttcac aatagctaat gaaactcata ggacggtctt gtgaatacat attggaatag    119880
     ctttaaaaac cgtcatcata tggttttaac atgaagtatt caataagggt gcaaagtgag    119940
     acatagttca aattttacag acttacgttt cctttctcag cctctgaact agtgtctaaa    120000
     attattcatc agcataacta ctctagaata cattttggtt tcttaaatat gaccttttat    120060
     gatggaatga gtttagttct actaaaaaat gaattaatgg ggcagaagaa gggaagtgaa    120120
     aacgaagtga ataaaaaata aatttcttca gatctaagat ttataaggtc atccttttcc    120180
     caaaatgtac caatttatgt tttcaaaaag atatcattat tctaatattc agtaactttg    120240
     caatgaatgt tgatctatca taaacactat tacatatact tgctatttca taagtatttc    120300
     atctcagaag cctgctgtgc ttttctggtc ttctaattaa tcagcttttc ccaccttgtg    120360
     attgtctaat tttcacttaa ttgctttaca gtaataaagt ttatcttgca ttcttctccc    120420
     atcagggtga gactttttaa aatgcaacaa atcttcaacc tgtagagctg aagatgatac    120480
     attatattag gatggtttct cttcctctga gatttagaaa attacatttt caactgaagg    120540
     ttgaaaagat tattatgagc cacctatagc cagttgttca tcacttattg aatgtcataa    120600
     ataaacaatt tttggaaaag aacatttttc aaggaaaaga aggcaatatg aaacaatatt    120660
     ataccaaatc tatttccttt ttattgactg ttgatatgag atctctttca tactcacagt    120720
     ttcacgaact tattttctaa aacttatttt gctacttcta caactcattg gcaaatgctc    120780
     aaacattaat ttgagctact gattaaataa tacaataact aaagaaatct catgtttatt    120840
     tttattatgc tcatcctttt ctttaataag aatctataca ttagctgcac atttacagtc    120900
     atgacaaaac ttcttttatg tttgatacca tatacactac tgtaataatt tgcatattaa    120960
     gcataaagct gtagcaatca tgtaaattaa tatatacctt ttaatatagt caccatttag    121020
     actcggaaca attatttaga cctcattttt atatcctggt tttactgtat ctaaaaacaa    121080
     taaagcagtg gagccttaaa gataaagcct ctgcatataa aagctttgtt cttaaaggac    121140
     ctagctcaat tctgctatca gaatgaagaa agtcggtaag actactccct tcaccaaact    121200
     tttcaataac attaatgtct ataacagaaa ccactaatca tttttcttac aggtcactca    121260
     agaatattac aaattttcag tctgtgatct ttgtgaattt aatgttagtt tatctggttt    121320
     gaaaagccaa tatgaagatg gatcaataat cactcagcta tgtaactgtt atttgcctct    121380
     caacatttga ggtaaaatat aaaaacagaa ctgctctatt ctgagcttcc aaatttgtaa    121440
     attctctatt gtatacacct agatgaaatt tgaagaaaat ttgtttcttt taccttcaaa    121500
     tatgattaat taattccagt aagtgcttaa tgcctttaaa caatacttag cacagctgcc    121560
     tgtggaactc agtatttagt ttttgttaat ggggtaatca gttgtgacag accaatgata    121620
     tcacaagatg ggtacacttt tgattttatg tagtcaatat tgccattgag gtttaagaga    121680
     ttcttttgtt taaaaaatga caacataaaa ttacgtactg ccttttaaat agttagaaac    121740
     ttaattataa tcactagctg tatgatttta acataaaatg acaaaatgtt ttaggtttga    121800
     tttgtaaaat ctgtacttct aatataacct ccattattcc caaacattgt tgttactgga    121860
     gcttcatgtg gctacaaaac tgccaacaag agtgtctcta atgagtacta caattgcaaa    121920
     acgccataag catcccagtc ttggtttcat aaaagagatg atgagttatc tcatgaatac    121980
     cgttatgcca caaaaaacaa ggaaactttg ctgtcatggt gttttcttga tactaaaact    122040
     cagtgtagtg aattagatga ctacatgagc aacatttgga acttttttat ccattcatct    122100
     gttgatgaac acttaggttg cttccaaatc ttagctactg ttaacagtgt tgcaacaaac    122160
     atgggaatgc agatatcact ttgatatact gaattccttt ctttggcgta tatactcagc    122220
     agtgggattg ctgaatcaga gtagttcaat ttttaggtta ttcagaaact tccaaactgt    122280
     tctctagagt ggttttacta attcctattc ccatctatgg tgtataaggg ttcctttttc    122340
     tccacatcct tgccagtatt tgtttttgcc tgtcttttgg atatacgcca ttttaacgga    122400
     gcgagatgat atctctctta ttgtagttgt gatttgcgtt tctgtgatga tcaatgatgt    122460
     ttagcacctt ttcatatgct tgtttgcaat ttgcatgtct tcttttgaga aatgtctatt    122520
     caaatatttt gtacactttt ttgatcagat tatatttttt tccctctaca gttgtttgag    122580
     ctacttatat attctggtta ttaatctctt ctcagatggg tagtttgcaa atgttttctc    122640
     ccattctgtg ggttgcctgt tcactttctt gattgtatat tttgctgcga agaagctttt    122700
     taacttaatg taatcccatt tgttcatttt tgcgttggtt gactgtgctt gtggggtact    122760
     gctcaggaaa tttttgccca gaccaatgtc ctgaagagtt tccccaatgt ttccttgcag    122820
     tagtttcatg gtttgaggtt ttagatttaa acctttaatt cattttgatt tgatttctat    122880
     atatggggag agagaggggt tgtgaacccc aaataaatga gactggtctc agtcaattta    122940
     ggaagtttat tttgccaaag ttaaggatgc acaccaatta cacagcctca ggaggtcctg    123000
     accacatgtg cccaaggtgg tccgagcaca gcttggtttt atacatttca gggagacatg    123060
     agacattaat caatatatgt aagatgaaac attcatttgg tgcagaaagg caggacgact    123120
     caaagcaaag gcattactac ttgaagttga gagggggctt tcaggtcata ggtagataag    123180
     agacaaatgg ttacattatt ttgagtttct gattaagctt tccaaagaag gcaatcagat    123240
     atgcatttgt ctcagtgagc agagggatga ctttgaatag aatggaaggc aggtttaccc    123300
     taagcatttc ccagcttgac ttttttcctt tagcttagtg atttgggggt ccaaagattt    123360
     attttccttt cacagggtct agtttcattc ttttcatatg gatatcaagt ttccccagca    123420
     tcatttgttg aagagacaat tttttcccca gtgtatgttc ttggcatctt tgtcaaaaat    123480
     caattcattg tagctgtgcg aatttgcttc tgaattctct attctgttcc attgatctat    123540
     gtgtctgctt ttttgccagc atgctgtttt ggttaccatg gctctgtagt aaaatttgaa    123600
     gtcagacaat gtgacttgtc cagttttgtt ccttttgctc aggatagcat atactattct    123660
     gggtctttgg tggttccata tacatttcac ggtttttttt tttctatttc tgcaaagaat    123720
     gtcattggta ttttgacagg gatttcattg aatctgtaga ttgctttggg aaataaggac    123780
     attttaacaa tattgattct tccaacccat gaacataaaa tattttttca ttttttgggg    123840
     tcctcttcaa tttctttcat caatgtttta taattttcat tatagagatc tttcacttgt    123900
     ttgggtaagt taatttctaa gtattttatt gtatgcgtgg ctactgtaaa ttggataact    123960
     tttaaattcc ctttcacatg ttcactgttg gcatatagaa atgctactga tttttgtgtg    124020
     ttgattttgt gttctgcaac attactgatt tttaaaatca gctctaataa tttttgtgga    124080
     gtctttaggt ttttctaaat ataagatcat ataatcagca agcaaggata acttgacttc    124140
     ttccttttca atttggatgt cctttatgtc tttctcttgt ctgattcttc tagctaggct    124200
     ttctggtact atgttgaata acggtagtga cagtgcacat acttgtgctg cttcagatct    124260
     tagagaaaag gctttccatt tcttttttcc tattcagtat gatactagct gtgggtctgt    124320
     catacatggc tttcattatg ttgaagtatg ttccttctac acccagtttt ttttaaggat    124380
     tttatcatga atgaatatta aacattagct aatgcttttt caccatcaat taagatactc    124440
     atgtggtttt gttttcagtt ctgttcatgt gatgtatcac attgattgat ttgcatatgt    124500
     tgaaccatcc ttgcatccaa gggataaatc ccacttggtc atgttgaatg atctttctaa    124560
     tgtattgttg aatttagttt gataggattt cgttgaggat ttttgtataa atatttatca    124620
     gagatattgg cctataggat attggtctat agtatttttt ttttaatgtg tctttgtcat    124680
     gtttttgttt ctgggtaata ctggactctt gaaatgaatt tggaagaatt catttcttct    124740
     ctgtttctca gaatagtttt aataggagaa taggatttac attacttctt taaaagtttg    124800
     gtagaattca gcagtaaagc catcagtgtg caggactttt ttttttctgg aagagtcctt    124860
     attatggctt caatctcatt acttgttatt ggtctgttca tgttttagag ttgtttctgg    124920
     ttcaatcttg gcaggttgaa ccagaatctg tccatttctt ctggattttt aaaatttatt    124980
     ggcatatagg tactcatagt tgtcactaat aatcctttga atttctgcaa tgtcaggtgt    125040
     aatgcctcct ttttcatttc tgattttatt tattgtagct tctctctttt tcttatttag    125100
     tctggataaa gttttgtcaa ttttgtttaa attttcaaag aaacaacttt ttgtttcatt    125160
     aatttctata tttatttcaa ttttatttat ttctgctcta atctttatta tttcttttct    125220
     tctgctaatt ttggatttga tttactcttg cttttctaga ttgataatat gcattattag    125280
     attgtttatt tgaagttttt tctctttttt tgacgtaggc acttacaccc cttagttttc    125340
     ctctcagcac tgcttttgct gtatctgata ggttttggta tgttgtattt tcattatcag    125400
     ttgtttcaag aaaaacttca atttctttct taatttcttt attgactcac tggtcattcg    125460
     gtagcatatt ttttaatttc catgtaattt ccatgtatag tttccaaaat ttttcttgtt    125520
     attaatttct agttttattc tatcgtggtc agagaagatg ctttagatta tttctttttt    125580
     taatgtttca ggaattcttt tgtgacctaa catattgtct attcttgaga attatccatg    125640
     tgctgagaaa aagaatgtgt attttgcagc tcttcaatga aatgttctgt aaatatctat    125700
     taaatccatt tagttcatag cgcggattaa gtctgatggg tttttttgtt gattttctgt    125760
     ctggaagagc tgtccaatgc tggaagtgaa caataagtaa taatgaggtg ttgaagtctc    125820
     cagctataat tgtataaggg cctatctctc tctttagctt taaaaatatt cgctttatac    125880
     atctgtgtgc tccagtgttg ggtgcatata tatttcaaat tattatatcc tcttgctgaa    125940
     tggacctctt tgtcattata tgatgacctt ccttttctct tcttatagtt ttcatcttga    126000
     aatctatgtt gtctgatata catattgtga ctcctgccct tttttgattt ccattggcat    126060
     ggaatatttt ttcttttcct ttatttttag tctatgtgtg tctttatgat tgaagtgtgt    126120
     ttcttatagg caacagatca attggccttg tttttccatg cattcaggca gagttcagtg    126180
     catttacatt taatgttatt attgataagt aagagcttac tcctgacatt ttttaatttt    126240
     tattttttct ggtggttttg tgatcttctc tttcttcttt ctttcctccc tgtcttccac    126300
     tagtgaggat cattttctct gatgatatga tttacttact tgctttttaa cttttgtgtg    126360
     cctattttat atttttaggt tgaggttacc atgaggcttt caaatactgt attataaccc    126420
     attattttat cctgataaaa gcccaacact attcacataa agaaacaaac aaaaaattaa    126480
     aaaagaaaac taataaaatc tcaccttaac tttatcttcc tgctttttaa ctttttgttc    126540
     tttctatttg tgtattattt ttctgcctat gtcttgaaaa gttgttggag ctattatttt    126600
     tgattggttc attatttagt atttctagtt aggattagag cagtttactc aaccaaagtt    126660
     acggtgttat aatattctgt ttttctgtgt acatactatt accagtaagt tttgtacctt    126720
     taattgatta cttattgttc attaatgtcc tattctttct aattgaagtg ttccctttag    126780
     cattgctttt aggacaggtc tggtattgat gaatttcctc agctttcatt tgtctaagaa    126840
     aacctttatt tcttcttcat gttggaaggg tagttttgct gggtatacta ttctagaatt    126900
     aaagtttttt tgtttgtttg tttttgtttg tttttcttca gtactttaaa tatgtcatgc    126960
     cattctctcc tggcccataa ggtttccact aaaaagtctg cttccagaca tattggagct    127020
     ccaccaccac ccctggacat aaggaatact gcaagactac cacagatgtt tagttaaggc    127080
     ccagggtcac tttagtcagc ttgtggtgaa tgctccgtgg cctgggactc accctttaat    127140
     gcagtggttt cccttctgtc ccagggctgg tcctgaaatg ccatccaaga gtcaagtcct    127200
     ggaatcaggg actccaagag cccacttggt gttctaccta cctgttgtgt tgttggtacc    127260
     taggatataa gacaaagtcc cctttacttt tctctcagtt tttctcaagc agaaagagtt    127320
     ttgcccccta accacctcag ctaataatgt gctaagtttc tcctgggagc cagcacatct    127380
     cagagactca ccaaggccct cactatagta ccaggtattg ctgttggttt ttcagggccc    127440
     aaggctgttc acttaggagg caatgaatgc tgacaggact gggttctttt cttcaaagca    127500
     accggttccc ttctggccca aggcgtgtat aaatatgtca cctaggagct agggcctggg    127560
     ataggggaac tcatgactca ggttggtacc ctatcctact gtgtttgggc tgctatccaa    127620
     gatgcgagac aaagtctccc cactcttccc tctcctctcc tcaaaagaaa ggaaggtgtc    127680
     tcttttggag ccatgatctg tgcactttgg agttaggtga taggagcact ccttttgctt    127740
     ccctagctgg tgtctcagta tgttgtgtgc ctctgcaatc tactgtctct gtggccactt    127800
     cagtcttagg actcacctga gatttgaagt ctttgtggcc tagactgcct ttcaagttta    127860
     cttagagact gagagcactt tgcccttcat ggtgaggttt gcagacactc aagttcagat    127920
     cactgaggtt ggtgattccc atctggctag ggctggttta aatgctccct gtgtgggtgg    127980
     tcatcagcta agtttggtgt gattttcctt tctgttctaa cagaacaata ctgtgttcaa    128040
     tgcctcacaa ttgctgtgtt cttcttcccc cagcacccag agaagctctc tgcaccatgc    128100
     ccccaagcct ggggtggggg aggggtggca ccagcgattc tggacgtttt tttctatcac    128160
     ttcagtgcct cttccagcaa tatgaattta ataccagata cctaattttt ggttcttata    128220
     cagatttttc ttttgttaac ttggtgtctt tgctggggca atgattagtg gagctttcta    128280
     ttctgccatc ttgctttgcc tctctttttt ttttctttta gaaacaggta aatacaactg    128340
     tttaagcatt atcattaata tataatgtta aattttaaaa tatattattt ttgttctact    128400
     actttgctgg ggcaatggag ccaatggaga gaaagataac aaaatttgtt tcttaaaaac    128460
     atataaaaag ccatttctcc caatgtgaga gatactaata tgtactcacc aaacccatta    128520
     ctttctccta atcacacagt tctactacat ttttcaggct tccttgctta agtgagattt    128580
     tgtgtctgat ttctgaacaa tagaatttag gaggaagtgt tgggcaatac ttccaaggct    128640
     atcccataaa aaaatttcta ctgggatttc ccatgctgct gtcagcaatg acttcagtag    128700
     ttatatgttg aatatagagg agccacaaaa tgaaaggagc ctggattact gaatcaccac    128760
     ttggatgaga gctcccagct aattggtaac ctatgttttt cactttatat aaatgttaaa    128820
     ccactcatat ttgaggattt atttgttaca atagctacta taactttatt taacagaaat    128880
     tcattctttg aaacaaaaaa tacctgccat agcagaaacc taaaatacat gtataagttt    128940
     aatggtcatg cagtgagcag aaaggtaact gacttggagg ctgaaaatat gaaggcccat    129000
     tatacgcagt ggcaaaacat ttattaacac tcttgcctgc tataaattgg aaggaaaacc    129060
     atatgcccac tgaatatgca gctccaaaga gtcagagtca gggtaatagt atatcctgtt    129120
     ctgatgttct gcattgagaa agtattcaaa gagattaatt agaaaaatat ttggctagtt    129180
     tgcaagcaaa aatgaacctg tctacttcta gatctgcata aagcaaaatt ctggaagttc    129240
     tttctatgcc atgaaagata tattagaaag actttggcct ctccatcaat ctacaaaagt    129300
     cagaagaaaa ttggtctcag agtctaattt gattaataaa aataaataat tttaattaac    129360
     aatgatgtat tgtgaccagt agtggattcc aactgaagac ttaatctcta aatttaagaa    129420
     agttaaaatc catttgagta gggaaaaaaa aagaataaaa gcacaattta aaagtaacta    129480
     caaacaagtt agttcgatct agataattat atattacagt gcaagtgggt cctctaaatg    129540
     atggttaggg atgagcaaat taataaatta tgtggttttt agggtagtaa gaaacaaaaa    129600
     gcaataaatc aataattaca ggattaatgt aagttgtata atacacactg agagattcag    129660
     ggaaagggca tgtaaaacaa gagataaatt tatcgcaaaa gtgggtttta gtccaagtgt    129720
     ttaagaagat gtgagtagag tggccaaacg ggctgactag aagcagctaa atggcatggc    129780
     tctcacggaa aggaatggaa ggggtgagta aatacaacac cttcaactga aacattcagg    129840
     tacttacatt gggtctaatc ttggaaacaa cgtgacccac ggagacagag aaaagcaagg    129900
     caggacaccg gctcatgcag gagcaacaca gagccaaggg aagctccact gcacagagaa    129960
     gcagtgagtg aatgtgccac tctgggaacc catgctgctc ccacagattt ttgaaaccct    130020
     caggtcagga ggatccctca tgaatctgct ccactaaggg ccttcagtct gacgcataaa    130080
     catgtgtcag gagctatgtg gagtctcagc agagcagcca ctcaggcata cgcagagacc    130140
     caggagttta gatactccag ctttgcaggg aaaccagcaa aagtagctgc aactccagaa    130200
     aagtgggtgg ttagactcct gtacctacca ctaggaaaga tgttgaatcc agagggcaga    130260
     gcaataatgg cctacaggcc ccgcttccac agctcctcac aggataagac ccactggctt    130320
     ggaattccag ccagcaacaa gtagcagcat tgcgcctccc tgggtttgag ctcccagaga    130380
     gaggggtggg ctgtaacttt tgctgttttg gtaactagct gttccagcct ttgggctttg    130440
     gaaagcccaa gctgaccagg gatggaagca gtaccccagc acagcacagc ttccctacaa    130500
     aaacatgtcc agactgcttt ttgagtgggt ccccaatccc attcctcatc actgggtaaa    130560
     gtatcccaat cagggtctcc agctactcct actggtgttc tccagctgat agaggtttca    130620
     ggtctccctg gaatggagct cccagggaaa ggggtgggcc gccatctttg ctatttgggc    130680
     tagttattcc agccttcagg tttcagagta tccaaggtga ccagagactg aaatggacat    130740
     ccagcacagc acagctgctc tacaaaaacg tggccagact acttttatat gtgggtcctc    130800
     aatcccattt ctcctgactg ggtgagacct tccaattttg gtcttcagcc acctcttaca    130860
     ggtgcatgtg ggtgagcaac aggcctgtac ctccctggga cagaggtcct agagggagga    130920
     gcagactgcc atctttgttg ttttgcaagc cttcactgtg atacctccag gtactggaaa    130980
     atctgaggtg actaagcact ggagcagatc cccagcattc tgcaacagcc ctacagaaaa    131040
     ttggccagac tgttacatgg gtacttgttc ccatatcttc tcaccagtca ggtcctctag    131100
     ccacccctta ccagagctat tcagccagta tcaactcagc aactccctgg acagagcctc    131160
     caggggcaac tgaaagcctc tttgccactg catctaacac gaagccatcc ttgctaccct    131220
     ctcactaaca aaggagcaag caccctttgt gcctcattca cacttccaac aagctgcagt    131280
     caacccaagg aaaggaggcc actacatctc ccatgggtcc cccacacatc tcattgctta    131340
     ctgccacaca gggaacccct ggtttaggcc cacagcacag accctccatt ctgggctgat    131400
     tgtactgagc aattactgaa caacatctct ctggggtggg gcccccagga gataagtaaa    131460
     ttggtgtagc agcaagccag atgatatgga gcccagaggg ttttgtgcag gtgtgtctgt    131520
     agccaaccct ctagacttaa cttgctccca taagagactt tatgcctagg ggaattatca    131580
     gacctgattt ctgcagggtg gtcttgcaca tcagataggg ctagtccaac ctgaacactc    131640
     cttggtctgc tggcctcttc tgggacacca gcctagccat acctgcttac agggcagtct    131700
     cacatgcccc gggggcccac accatagctt ttcagacagt ggacagtatg tgatcaatgg    131760
     agggctccag caaggcagcc cctatgtcca cgcaccagct ggcacattcc ctccccatac    131820
     tgcagcttcc tctgagccca cggaaactcc ccatattact ttgctgatgc atgtctgcac    131880
     aggcatgttt tgctttactt gccctgcaac cacacgggag tacagtgtgt cctctgaccc    131940
     ctgctcactg ccattgcaga cagagctttg acaggcatag aaccagcaag ctccaccatg    132000
     ccagcaccct gcttttgcac taatgctgca tggagaacga gagatccttc tgcatcctaa    132060
     gcaatcactc ctgcttgcag gacacagaga aggcacccag atctgcactg gccagcaccc    132120
     caccccaaac caacaccacc accaccttca gttcaacagt gcacacaacc tccagcagag    132180
     tcctcctgct ccctaccaac tgccttgctt ccaccactgt ggtgaacact cacagggagg    132240
     caggcaccac tgcattccct agcacttgga tgtagctgca gcacctcatt tcccaccccc    132300
     agcacagtag actccaaacc ttaaggagtc agagaacaaa gtgggggttc aagaaaagtc    132360
     tctcagagtt agagcacata gtccaggagt tgggagctga acactggcct gtgaaaattg    132420
     tccagaaatg aagccagtta gctgaatcca ccttaaacca caatcaaatg ctcaaggtca    132480
     tcaaacagaa taaaaggaaa aaaaaagtcc atccaaaggt cagcaacctc aaagattgaa    132540
     ggtagattag accacaaaga tgaggaagaa tcagcaccag aatgctgaaa attcaaaaag    132600
     cgagagtacc ttctttcctt caaatatctg catcacctct ctagcaaggt cagtgaccaa    132660
     cagaggctga gatgactgaa atgacagaag tagaattcaa aatatggaca gaaatgaagt    132720
     tcactgagct acaggagtac attgtaaccc aacacaagga agttaaaaat catgataaag    132780
     tattgcagga gctgagagaa aaaataacca gtatagagaa agtaactgac ctgatagagc    132840
     tgaaaattac actgcaagaa tttaataatg caatgataag tattaatagc agagtagaac    132900
     aagcagagga aagaatttca gagcttgagg actgcctttc tgaaataaga cagtcagaca    132960
     agaatagaga aaaaagcatg gtggctcgca cctgtaatcc cagtactttg ggaggccaag    133020
     gcaggtggat gatttgaagc caggagtttg agatcagcct gaccaacatg gcgagaccct    133080
     atctatacta aaaatacaaa aattagccag gcgtggtggt gcatgcctgt aatctcagct    133140
     acttggaagg ctgaagaacg agaattgctg aaactcagga ggcagacgtt gctgtgagct    133200
     gggaagcacc actgcactct agcctgggtg acagagtgag atgctgtctc aaagaaaaag    133260
     gaaaagaaaa gagaaaaaga aaaaaaagaa attccaacca gaattttata tctggtaaaa    133320
     ctaagcttta taagtgaaga agaaatatcc ttttcagaca aacaaatgct gaagtaattt    133380
     gttaccacca gacttgactt acaagaagtc ctaaaggaaa caccaaatat ggaaaggaaa    133440
     gaccatcacc agccactaca acaccatact aaagtacgca gaccagtgac actataaagc    133500
     aaccacataa acaagtctgc aaaacatcat gatgacagga tcacatccaa acatatcaat    133560
     actaacctaa aatctaaatg gactaaatgc cacacctaaa agacacagag tggcaatctg    133620
     gatttaaaaa aaaaagatac attgatatgg tcttttcaag agacccatct cacattcaat    133680
     gacacccata gtctcaaaat aaagggatgg agaagaatct atcaagtaaa tagaaacagc    133740
     aaaaaccaga ggttgcaatc ctagtttctg acaaaataga ctttaaatca acaatgatca    133800
     aagaagacaa agaagggcat tatataatgg taaagggttc aattcaacaa gaaaagatta    133860
     actactctaa atatatatgc aaacaacaca ggagtaccaa gatttataaa gcaagttctt    133920
     ggagacttta aaagagactt aaggctccca cacaataata gtgggtgact ttaacacccc    133980
     acaggcaata ttagatagat cattgagaca gaaaattaac aaagatattc aaaacctgaa    134040
     ctcagaactg gatcaaatgg acctgatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    134100
     tatatatata tatacacaca cacacacaca actctccatc ccaaaacaac tgagcctccc    134160
     aagtagctgg gatttcatac ttctcatcac cacatgatat gtactctaaa atagatcaca    134220
     taatcagaag taaaacactc ctcagcaaat gcaaaaacac tgaaattata ataaacagtt    134280
     tattggacct cattgcaatc aaattcaaaa tcaagactaa gaaattcata aaaataaccc    134340
     atagaattac ctggaaattg aataacatgc tcctgagtga cttttgggta aaataaaatt    134400
     aaggcagaaa tcaagaagtt cggccaggtg aggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt    134460
     tgggaggcaa agacgggcag atcacctgaa gtcaggagtt tgagaccagt ctggccaaaa    134520
     tggtgaaatc ctgtctctac taaaaataca aaattggctg ggcatgttgg cacgtgcctg    134580
     tagtcccagc tacctgggag gctgaggcag gagaatcact ggaatctagg aggcagaggg    134640
     tacagtaagc tgagttcgca tcactgcact ccagcctggg tgacagatag aaacttcaaa    134700
     aaaaaaaatc aagaagttat ttgaaactaa tgagaacaaa gatataacat tccaggatct    134760
     ctaggacaca cataaggcag tgttgagagt gaaatttata gcactaaatg cccacatcaa    134820
     aaagttataa agatctcaaa ttgacaacct aacttcacaa ctaaaataac tagagaaccg    134880
     agagtaaaca aacccaaaag ctagcaaaag acaagaaata accaagatca gagctgagct    134940
     aaaagaaata gacatacaca cacacacaaa aaaaaacatt caaaagatca aacaaatcca    135000
     aaagttgctt tcttgaaaaa aaaaaataga tcactagcta gactaataaa ggagaaaaga    135060
     gagaacattc aaatgaacac aataagaaat gacaagggag atattaccac tgaccccaca    135120
     ggaataaaaa caaccataag ataatatttt gaaaacctct atgcacgaaa actagaaaat    135180
     ctagaagaaa tggataaatt cctgtacaca cacaacctcc caagactgaa ccaagaagaa    135240
     agtgaatccc tgaacagaca aatgaagaac tctgaaattg aggcagtaat aaatagccta    135300
     cctccctcca aaagcccatg actagatgga ttcacagttg aattctatca gatgtgaaaa    135360
     caagagctgg taccactgct actgaaacta ttccaaaaaa ctgtggagaa ggaattcctc    135420
     ccaacctcat tctatgaggc caacatcatc ctgacatcaa aacctcttag aaatacaaca    135480
     aaaaaagaaa acctcaggtc aatagccttg atgaacatta atgcaaaaat cctccacaaa    135540
     atactggtaa acttaatcca gcagcacatc agaaagctta tccaacatga ttaaggaggc    135600
     tttatccttg ggttgcaagg gtggttcaat ataggcaaac caatgaatgt gattcattac    135660
     ataaacggaa ctgaagacaa aaaccacaat attatctcaa tagatgtgga aagggccttt    135720
     gataaaatta aacattgctt catgttaaaa actctcaata aactaggtat tgaaggagaa    135780
     cacctcaaaa taatgagagc cacctatgac aaacccacag ccaacatctt actgaatggg    135840
     caaaagctag aagcattccc cttgaattcg ggcacaagac aaggatggtc tttctcacca    135900
     ctccaattca acatggtatt agaagttctg gccagggcaa tcaggcaaga gaaagaaata    135960
     catggcatct aaagaggaag agaagaagtc aaactatccc tctttgcaga tgacataatc    136020
     ctatatctag aaaaccttat agtctcagcc cagaaacttc ttaagctgat aagcaatttc    136080
     agcaaagtct caggatataa agtgaatgtg caggcagggc aaggtggctc aggcatgtaa    136140
     tcccagaatt ttgggaggtc aagacagaag gattgtttga gcctaggagt tcaagaccag    136200
     tgtgggcaac atggcaagac tctgtgtcta caaaaaaaat aacaaaaaac ggtggtgtgc    136260
     atctatagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggtggtggga tcccaggaga tggaggttgc    136320
     agtggaccaa gatctcgtca ctgcactcca gcctgggcca cagggtgaga cactgtctca    136380
     aaaaaacatc catgtgcaaa aattactagc atttttatac accaacaaca gtaaagctga    136440
     gagccaaatt aggaatgaat tc                                             136462