EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC010137; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 123701 BP.
AC   AC010137;
DT   14-SEP-1999 (Rel. 61, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-169D1 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-123701
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-123701
RA   Ozersky P., Stoneking T., Harkins R.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-169D1";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-123701
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-123701
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-AUG-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-123701
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 134ba95249ccef253c5d247f5851c9d5.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC010137.3:1-123701; homo_sapiens.
DR   InterPro; IPR026183; Taxilin_fam.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9BZA5; TXNG2_HUMAN.
CC   On Aug 9, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:6065436.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0169D01
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..123701
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-169D1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   169..1044
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   1255..1360
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   1390..1930
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   2321..2810
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   2811..4237
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   4234..5447
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   5563..7205
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   7272..7719
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   7939..8819
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   8838..9056
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9057..9328
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9329..10532
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10808..11127
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    11516..12070
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW538325 (NID:g7180742)"
FT   misc_feature    11652..12071
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA546394 (NID:g2307685) vk64b07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    11656..12070
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA442150 (NID:g2154028) zw56h07.r1"
FT   repeat_region   12611..12718
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12721..13358
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    14131..14185
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA546394 (NID:g2307685) vk64b07.r1"
FT   repeat_region   14609..14690
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    15166..15328
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA196721 (NID:g1792312) zq09a03.s1"
FT   repeat_region   16957..17276
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17432..17786
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17805..18062
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18073..18296
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18493..18786
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18861..19135
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19145..19623
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19633..20156
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20157..20467
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20475..20546
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    21524..21809
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA196721 (NID:g1792312) zq09a03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    22084..22402
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI864885 (NID:g5528992) wj66c01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    22406..22599
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW504493 (NID:g7142160)"
FT   misc_feature    22506..22581
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI864885 (NID:g5528992) wj66c01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    29112..29381
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW504493 (NID:g7142160)"
FT   misc_feature    29847..29904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI864885 (NID:g5528992) wj66c01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    29873..30110
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW812032 (NID:g7905026)"
FT   misc_feature    29910..30110
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE006027 (NID:g8266260)"
FT   repeat_region   31081..31526
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   31591..32080
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32081..32384
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32385..32709
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32731..33094
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    35376..35537
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE006027 (NID:g8266260)"
FT   misc_feature    35376..35509
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW812032 (NID:g7905026)"
FT   misc_feature    35873..35941
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE006027 (NID:g8266260)"
FT   repeat_region   36388..36604
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   36617..36675
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   misc_feature    36874..37146
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE006027 (NID:g8266260)"
FT   misc_feature    37032..37254
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW505582 (NID:g7143249)"
FT   misc_feature    37643..37801
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW505582 (NID:g7143249)"
FT   misc_feature    37813..38374
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW503716 (NID:g7140525)"
FT   misc_feature    37857..38374
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW504464 (NID:g7142131)"
FT   repeat_region   40598..40651
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40868..42506
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43094..43598
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43606..43803
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43804..44066
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44067..44452
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44559..44663
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44679..44855
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44856..45153
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45154..45399
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45435..45510
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45525..45917
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45925..46259
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   46260..46756
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46782..47293
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47398..47704
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47708..48071
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48194..48735
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48797..48837
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48853..49165
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49189..49717
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49745..50137
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51783..52035
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   54817..55125
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55689..55748
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56302..56609
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58745..59048
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59925..60224
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64237..65432
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65452..66483
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66495..67244
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67321..67563
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   67601..67664
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   67753..67900
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   68965..69232
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69354..69483
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69730..72590
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75409..75705
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76396..76673
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   79706..79842
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79884..80657
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80658..80887
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   80888..80925
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80942..81184
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81399..82022
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82025..82165
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82283..84532
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84533..84821
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84915..85190
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85192..85605
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85607..86894
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86893..87077
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87078..87364
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87365..88688
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88713..90084
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90107..90391
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90392..91650
FT                   /rpt_family="SVA"
FT   repeat_region   91655..91793
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91793..91970
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92003..92061
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92194..92254
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92255..92578
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92579..92810
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92837..93638
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93639..93933
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93934..94129
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95241..95533
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96374..96647
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97278..97361
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100295..100396
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100776..100884
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   101019..101148
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101178..101457
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   101458..102075
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102081..102379
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102380..102468
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   102503..102658
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102659..102760
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102813..102974
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   102975..103083
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103133..103326
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103327..103535
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   103791..104054
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104079..104211
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   104215..104584
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   106515..106620
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106644..106882
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107790..108099
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109114..109507
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   111010..111199
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111282..111409
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   112075..112225
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   112248..112448
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   112459..112616
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   112628..112735
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   112871..113064
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   113114..113382
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113386..113613
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   113635..113934
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114214..114502
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114766..115477
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   115694..116053
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   116098..116219
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   118572..118608
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   118616..118951
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   118958..119392
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   119393..119644
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119645..120395
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120441..120783
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120806..120897
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   120903..121091
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121096..121373
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   misc_feature    122585..122782
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA215316 (NID:g1815079) zr94c10.r1"
SQ   Sequence 123701 BP; 39631 A; 24931 C; 24068 G; 35071 T; 0 other;
     gaattcattg actgaaaggt tgtgacaata gggaccctcc agagagctgt tccatgcaca        60
     agtgtgcaca ttcctttcac taccatggaa gaatggagat caggaacaaa cgtgctaaaa       120
     gattgagcta accagattgt atgccatgaa gctattgagt atgctaatct ttggtttgtt       180
     ttttagaatc aaggaaagtt ttcttttgag ctactaacag cttttaacaa ttaagcaaaa       240
     tctatcccta tgaacaaaat ttggagcata tttgtttctc tctacctgat tcttcagact       300
     ttggaaacta tttgtgagta ttcttaactt atggcagtaa agttatttgt gtaagagcaa       360
     tacgagtctg ttctgttttg ttaacaggac acaattggag acacagctta ttttaccaaa       420
     tatttgattg gaatgggatg ctctttttta aagaatcaaa cttgccttat ggagccaata       480
     aagtctcata ttttgtgtac acagtccctg tatacaggga ttctgatctg tgttaaataa       540
     aggaagtcac tttctgacag gcaggaaccc catgtcatct tggaacctca aaaggagagg       600
     aattcaccca actcataggt agttgatggt agaaatccat ggctgggctc agctttgaaa       660
     aggtcttatc tcatattctt tctatggaac aaagttccat caatgctagt ttaaaaggcc       720
     tacataaaaa acaactatcc ttgctgcact ttattaaaat aatctgacca agtataataa       780
     agtaaatatg tcctatcatg acttctcttt aataaaaatg ggaaactgga gagagaagaa       840
     tgtttccaaa actatattat atccattgtt aaattctagt cttgcctggt gttttttaat       900
     ttttattatt ttctgcagtt tgagttaaat tccaaaataa tattttcaat ttttttcctt       960
     tttcttttac cccattttgt cctaattgga aatcactaaa acctaacctg tgctttctta      1020
     atgctctgta aactgaagac tagatgtttc agcagatgct tcctctagct ccttgaaaca      1080
     gagagtgcta ctggaaacaa accaccctct tatactccag cactgggttg ggtgtcccat      1140
     aatgatgacc cccatttcag caggaagtag ccaaaaagat tattatgccc catctccctg      1200
     tgtagaaaca taatagaaac catgcgccaa ttgatggtgg ggattgtggt agaccaggtc      1260
     tctgaaacaa ctgtttcagt actgactgag tgattaagtt aaatattaaa agcttaaaaa      1320
     aaagccagtg actttataca aaggctggga tgtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      1380
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac accaagagtt ttgactaggc cattcctgga cctgaaagca      1440
     tgacaaaata atgaagggat tcctaacagg acccatttag aactaaacaa gttttattgt      1500
     aggtttgagg aaactcccca cacctccaca gacaaattta ttgggggttg aaggaactcc      1560
     ccaaacctcc atgatttagc aagagacaaa ataaggataa tcagcttagc acttagacca      1620
     atttagatta agtaaattta ctgaggttcc agaagaaggt cttcaagact cagaccttag      1680
     ttataaattt aaaaaagcta atcacttata tgtttagatg aatgtacact tacatataga      1740
     catatagctt agaaaatata taagctctgg aaaaccttct aattttgagt tgttctgata      1800
     ataatttcca ggccttcttc ctgtaaccac tcacagaaat aaaaactctc ttcctcccca      1860
     gctaatctgc atctcataat tgaactgtgg taaatagttg ctcaatccct cacagtttgg      1920
     ttcagaaaca ctatgatggg gtgtctgtct gtggccccat tgtgggtgcc tagatttatg      1980
     agtgtcctag gtgctgccaa tgctaccttc cttttcctat ttctctagcc ctatggtgtg      2040
     gtatctgtag cttcactatg gggtgtcagt ttgtagctcc actatgggat gtctttgtct      2100
     gcagacccat tgcatcgtgt ctcctcagct gctagagtga ggggttgatc ttggctggct      2160
     ctttttaact agcaggaaga gtctttgttt gggagatttc tcattcagaa agacttcaaa      2220
     tagatttctc agatggagaa taggagaaaa gtttgtaagg atactcttgg aggttttggt      2280
     tagagatcat ctgatttgga aggccttctg tttgcctcat tgttaggtac agtaagttcc      2340
     tcttcaaaga gtcagcttgt tcaacttact tctttgtttt ctgttttcaa agcctagttt      2400
     cttcattctt tgtccctcct tgcccctagt tatggtaaac aacattccca ccagctctaa      2460
     tcaataactc acatctcttc ccctggttgc ccactctgca gctattcttc ctgctgaaac      2520
     cacttgttct gccactcaca tcccccttcc cttccttatt tgggaaagta ttcacaaata      2580
     gccagttggg tcagcttaga ttgtgcgatc tgacaccagc ccatgtggga gtgacaaatg      2640
     ggtagggact gctttaggaa taacaaccct tttcgtcctt tgtttagtgt gctcttgtaa      2700
     ctgtgactga tgcaggcagc acccttctgc agaagtaaat tgtcttgctg agaaaacttt      2760
     ttgcctgagt gctagttctt ctttgcagca ttgagtactt gtttctaaca atctgggggc      2820
     tcaatgagga ttcccattct ccaccagaga aagggtcacc tctcatcagg agatacatcc      2880
     tgctgcctta ttgtggtgcc ctcaaggtga cagattggga cccactcagt gcaatgaata      2940
     aacctagact ctcagcaata tggaaagaaa caggccaaca acttggaaga aagaatcctc      3000
     acataccatg gcaaccaggt aaatctgtgc acagaccaag gtaacaagca tcacaaaagt      3060
     gacaaagtcc ttccttggtg gtcaggatat cttggaagtt gaaagtgtgt gattcatatt      3120
     caagtacact gagtgcagag tgagtgagtg caatctgaga tttggctatg gtgccccttt      3180
     gggggtccta tcaggggttt atactgacct gccaatgtta aaagggacct aaattcactt      3240
     tggggaagtg gccagaaagg aagaagcaga aggagaagag tgcaagaaac ctccagttgt      3300
     gggggttgag cctccaggat aagaaagaaa gaaatctcca gtagggggga ttgagcctaa      3360
     cacaaacctt tggtaataga caaggcaaga catttccaat aggggagatt gagtgtcacc      3420
     tcaaaactat taagatggga aataccccag gtaagataga gggtaaaaaa ggataaagct      3480
     agcagcaata acattccccc tgaaagttcc caataattta tgctaaaata ttggaaagac      3540
     aacgaaagga ctaagcacaa gagaaagcaa cagatgataa atattgttat gtcatttgaa      3600
     cccaggaacc aatcttcgaa ccctcagttt tctggccaaa gttggagtca aatgaggatt      3660
     ggatttgtca gcttttaata gaacatatga tgacaaaacc ttcatctccc aggaggagat      3720
     aaattatgcc ctatgttggt ggcaaggacc tgtcctcctt taccctctaa aaactggagg      3780
     gagaaagtca aagactaact cctctgaaaa agataaagtc cctattccta gacagcccag      3840
     caacacacgg gaccccctag acaaacttgc ccaatccaat gctcctaact ctaatttacc      3900
     tccccctcaa gcagaggcag ttttctcaga tgcttctcct actcacattg tcccacctcc      3960
     ttgtacccct gcctcttggt aatcatccca agagcctctt cactaccagc ctaagtacgc      4020
     ttctctgaaa ggacttcaac gtgagataga gcaatgtaaa aaacggtatt cagaactccc      4080
     gattcccctc tacctcagga gaatcagctc cagccatctt ttccttaaga gaggtgcccc      4140
     taggaggaga aggcattagt tttattaatg ctcctttaac cagcatgaag atccaaaacc      4200
     taagagaact caagccacta ttagacaacc tttatgggtg ttaccagacc aaagagaaat      4260
     gttatccaaa accctcatga gagaagttct ttctcatttg catcaaggga ctcaccgggg      4320
     acctcaagct atggatgatg cagccctcag ggttcatgga tgtacaggaa tttatacttt      4380
     agcaagacaa tttacaaata gctgcctggt acgtaaaaag actaataagc agaccctcag      4440
     aaaactatct cctggaagga gaaatccagg attaagtctg ttccaaagtg tccaatatga      4500
     ttacactgaa atgcccccaa tcggccactt aaaatattta ttaatgatag tagatcgcct      4560
     tcctcattga gcagaagcta ttcccttttc aaatgcaact gctaataatg tagtcaaggc      4620
     attagttgaa aatattatac ccaggtttgg attaatagaa aatatcaatt cagataatgg      4680
     gactcatttc actgcttatg tcactaaaaa actagcacaa atactagata taacctggaa      4740
     ctgccatacc ccctgggacc taccttcaac aggacaagta gaaagaatga actacacttt      4800
     caaaaactgc ctaactaaat cagtcctaaa aactcagttg ccatggacta catgcctccc      4860
     cctcaccatg ttaaaaatct gaactgtccc gcagaaagat actggcttaa ccccttatga      4920
     aatgctgtat gggttccctt atttacactc cattgctgac atccctatgt tcaaaatgga      4980
     agatcagttc ctcaaaaact atatacttgg tatatccccc actttctctt cccttaggac      5040
     caaaggcctc ttagcacaga tgccacccag ttcaccacac cagcccagag actatgttct      5100
     cttcaaaggt tagaaagatg ggaagctcga tcccacctag gaaggacagt atttggtgct      5160
     tctaatgacc aagttagctg tccatactgc taaaagggga tggattcatc acactaggat      5220
     caaaagaaca cgacgccctc cagaatcatg gacaattatt ccagggccaa ctccaaccaa      5280
     gttaaagtta aaacaggttt gatcttctta tgttatattt ctttatcttc ccctgctatt      5340
     gctagtcctc tccttattaa cgtaaccagg tcaagttgac cccaaactat tacctttgat      5400
     gcttgtctta ttataccctg tgaagatctc caaagtcaaa ggcaactctt agcctcacag      5460
     aagtatctct tcccctttaa gacaaaaggc tctccctctc aagacccttg ttccttaaca      5520
     aatgcaggaa aacatatctg caatagggaa aatgaaatta tgtgaacaac caaatatcaa      5580
     gactggacct catcaacaga tggttgtatg tctttaaaac catacattca ctttgctaaa      5640
     ggaagcaccc cacccccaat tgccagtata actaatctaa tccagtgcaa atttctgtct      5700
     tactcccact tctcctactt aagtcactta tacagcatgg gagctgaaat gtcagggaca      5760
     tatcttaatg gatctttcaa gatatattat attactcctt cgcctcctac acttccttct      5820
     acactatccc ccaaggaaac tagtattctt cctctacata atgataaaat caaagtggct      5880
     attgtagaac ttaaggattt aaaacaaact gtagcctttg aaataggata tcaagatgca      5940
     aatgattggt tggaatggat taaatattcc gtttgaactc taaacaaaag ctattgttat      6000
     gcttgtgcat accgtagacc agaggcgcag gtcatcccct ctccactggg atggtcatcc      6060
     agctgaccag gcatgtagct cttttccaag atcccacagc ctagggcaat aaatcctgcc      6120
     aaagtctctc tctgctactc catgaagtcc aacaccctgt gggtcagccc ccaagggcca      6180
     ttcagcctcc gtcttctgac accaatttta cctcatatct ctcacaacaa ggggtaaatt      6240
     tggcatttct tggaaaccta aagggttcca gtgaaactac agcccttcca agagcctacc      6300
     aatcagtctg cccttgttca tccttgagca gctatatggt gatattgtgg tggaccctta      6360
     ctggacactc tgcaagtaac tggagtggca cttgtgccct agtccaattg gccatccctt      6420
     tcaccctagc atactgtcaa catgataaaa aaaaaaattg taaaagaaga aatgcccctc      6480
     atggatcttt tgactctctt gtttatatag atgctattgg aatctcatga ggggtaccaa      6540
     atgaatttaa tgcctgaaat caaatagctg caggatttga atctgtgctg tttttgatgg      6600
     tcaactctaa acaaaaatgt agattggata aattacattt attatcatca gcaaagtttt      6660
     gtcaattaca caagacatgc catcaaagag actgctaaac aattaggcct caccagctaa      6720
     atggcctggg aaaatagaat ggcccttgac atgatgttag ccaaaaaaag gggagtctgt      6780
     gtcatgactg gagtccaaca ttgtaccttt attcctaata acacagtcac caatgggaca      6840
     actacaaaac tttgcagggc ctgacctcct ctttattcaa tgagttggca aataattctg      6900
     gaacaaatga cccctctaca agtttaatgg aaacatggtt tgggtaatgg aaagaattaa      6960
     tgtccttaat atgtacttgt cttgcaattg ttgtaggtgt cattattctt gttggatgct      7020
     gtatcatacg atgcattcat ggattagtac aaagactcat agagacagca attaccaaaa      7080
     cctctcttat cgctcctcta ccttattcag ataagctttt ccttttagaa aaccaagcag      7140
     aacagcaaag ccaagacatg gtaaaaaggt tggaagagga attataaaaa ttaagagagg      7200
     gaaattgtta ggtatagtaa gttcctcttc aaagagtcat ctcgttctac tttcttgttc      7260
     tttgttttct atttttttgt tctttgtttt ctattttcga agcctagctt tctcatactt      7320
     tgtgcttgtt tgtccctagt taatggtaaa caaccttccc accagttcta aaaaataatt      7380
     gacatctctt cccttggtta cctgctctgc agctattctt ccctccaaaa tgtcctgcca      7440
     ttgtaaacca caccaccttc ccttccttat tttgtaaagt attcacaaat agccaatagg      7500
     gtcagcttag attgtgtggt ccaaccccag cccagggggg agtgacacag aggcacagac      7560
     tgcgggaggg ataaaagccc tttccctcca ttgtttggta tgttcttgcg atcatgactg      7620
     atacaggcag cagccctctg cagaggtaaa ttgccttgct gagaaaactt tttgcctaag      7680
     tactagttct attttgtggt caagcacttg tttctaacat catctttatg tgtgtttgta      7740
     tatgtggtga aataactcag aaggaattgc tgaagtacag caggcctaac tcagagagcc      7800
     ctccatattt gtctggttat attcagcgag ccttgaagaa agttcaacag cctgtctttg      7860
     ggtgactatc tgctctttac ctttcccaga gaccccatca taaattttca ctctgaaacc      7920
     atccttcccc acctggagta gatcaaagac aacaagtacc aaggggaaaa agtttgagct      7980
     ttgccaggtt gatattgggt gctgaacgaa gtggctagtg tctgttttgt tatgtgtgtt      8040
     ttgctgggat aaaaaaaaaa atgttaattc agttctccac acagcctgtt gggcagcatc      8100
     ttgcaaatta agaattttgc ctatggttcc ataaaataga aaaagttcct tttctcttgt      8160
     aaagtggctt gaacctcaca gctatggcac aagcaacagg gtcatcagaa gctgccctgt      8220
     tcttctggaa actgcagaga aagggaaact ggaaatctgg tatgccagca aaaagggtaa      8280
     gaaattctta ccagccaagt ttctgtactt tctctctgtc tatctgtgtt atggtaaata      8340
     tcactattca tctctcttca agggtctgat caatagaaaa atgatttata agattcgtct      8400
     tagtgtatag caaatgtagt gtactttgtg ctgaaaattt gtctttctgt gttctgtaat      8460
     ggggagaggc atatcatgga atgaaatgtg gatttagcat ccctataagc ctgcttttta      8520
     agccagttca gcaggctgat caggtacaaa ctttgctatg ggtccctgaa accaatattg      8580
     tatgaaattt ctctatcttg ttttgtctcc ttaagagctt aaacttgtga ccctgtgggg      8640
     atactttaat ttccaccatc cagaggacag gaatttccac catccagagg acaggaattt      8700
     tggggcccat gtgataacac taattttttt cccctaagca gttaaaaagc ctttgcaagc      8760
     ttgaaattgg cttctctagg ttcctaggaa gagcagtaga aactgttcaa tgctacagca      8820
     ttcatttacg aatcagtagc aatcctaagg aaaaagaaca aatctggagc ctttgcattg      8880
     ctggactata ggtaccaaaa cagtacaata ctggtataaa aattggcatg cagattaatg      8940
     gaatacaaga gaaacacaga aataaagcca aatatgtact gcaaactgat cttcagcaaa      9000
     atgtacaata acatagtttg gggaatgaat atcctacgta ataaatggtg atgggaggcc      9060
     aggcgcggtg gcttatgact gtattcccag cactttggga ggcagaggcg ggtggatcat      9120
     gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta acaaggtgaa accccgtctc tactgaaaat      9180
     gtaaaaaatt agccaggcgt ggtggcaggc aactgtagtc ccagttactc aggaggctga      9240
     ggcaggagaa tgacgtgaac ccaggaagtg gagcttgcag taagctgaga tcacaccact      9300
     gcactctagc ctgggtagca gagcaagaag ccacatgtag aagaatgaaa ctggatctgt      9360
     atctcccaac taatatgaaa ataaacacaa gatagatgaa atacttaaat ctaagaccag      9420
     aaactataaa aattctcggg acaatgttgg aaaaactctt ctagacatta acctagacaa      9480
     agaatgtatg actaagatcc caaaaccaaa cgcaaaaaga atgaagtaaa caaaatggtt      9540
     ctaattaaac tataaatctt ctgcatggta aaagaaataa tcagcaaaca tcccatagga      9600
     gaaaatgttt gcaggctacc tatctaacag taagagtatc caaaatcaac aaggaactca      9660
     aacaaatcag taagaaaaaa gcaaatactc ccatcaaaat gtgggcaaag tacatgaaca      9720
     gacatttctc aaaagaagaa acataaatgg ccaacaaata ttaatgtaca aaaaaatgtt      9780
     caacatacct aatcatcaga gaaacacaaa ttaaaaccac aatgagatac caccttactc      9840
     ctgcaagaat gaccattatt gaaaagccaa caaacaatag gtattggcat ggatggggga      9900
     aaaggcaaca cttatacttt gccaaaggga atgtaaatta gtacaacctc tatggaaagc      9960
     agtgtggaga ttccttaagg aaacagaagt agaactaaca tttgatctag caatcacact     10020
     attatctgtc tacccaaaga aaaaagaagt tgttatataa aaacaacatt tgcacatgta     10080
     tgtttatagc agcataattc acacttgcaa agatcagaga tcaacatata tgctacccat     10140
     tgactgatgc ctggataaag aaaatatggt gtgtatacac aatggaatac tattcagcca     10200
     taaaaaggaa caaaataatg tctttcacag caacttggag ctgaaggcca ttattctaag     10260
     tgaaataaca caggagtgaa aaaccaaaaa ctgtatgttg tcacttacat gtgggagtta     10320
     agctatgagt acagaagtca tgcagagtga tacagtgaac ttgagatgca gaaggtaaag     10380
     agtgagatgg ggccagtgat aaaagaacca cacattaggt actatatata ctactcaagt     10440
     aacagatgca ctaaaatctc agaattcatc actatattat tcacccatgt aacaaaaaaa     10500
     acacttgtaa ccccaaaagc tattgaaata aaaagtttta aataacagaa attaagccac     10560
     caaggaaatt tgtcaactta aaaaaaatgt aacaacatgt tttaggatca cataggacac     10620
     agacagttca acattttcct ttcctcaaca gttttattgc atcttcagaa aatttctgta     10680
     aaagtgttac agaagcataa atctaacaaa gttgaaagaa attataagca cagaattaaa     10740
     atatttacat tttcaagcaa actcaactgt ccttaatttt caatatttta tagtgaacag     10800
     aaaaacaggc tgggcatggc tgctcatgtc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggtagaggc     10860
     aggcggatca cttgagccca ggtggtttag aacagcctgg gcaacatggc taaacactgt     10920
     ctctacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat taacgaagca tgtttacaca ggcctatagt     10980
     cctagcttct ccagaggctg attgtgggag gaccactgag cccagggatg tagaggctgc     11040
     agtgagttct gactgtgcct ctgcactcca gcctggataa cagtgagaca ttgcctcaaa     11100
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaagaaaaaa ggagaagaag aaggaggagg     11160
     aggaaaataa attaaagttt cttcattaga agatcataaa atatttgaga ttggttcata     11220
     gaaactaatt tacaaccttt aagttaggtt ataaatctca tacaattagt tgtgtttcag     11280
     tgtaatttta agttgaaata tacccaatag catatacctg gcataagaag atacgcagca     11340
     aacaaaacaa agaagttaca atatcaaatg cttttaccaa atttattctc ccaaacactc     11400
     aattttgatg acattattta taaatgtcaa tgatctctgt catcagagct ttgtgtggaa     11460
     aaaagtcaat aggtaggtag gtgaggctct ttttcctcat tatattttcc ttttaaaaga     11520
     cgttccaaat gaaaacaaat ttattcaaag cagtttctat acattgaaaa ttaaagaaac     11580
     atttcagcaa tttcataaca aaagtttaaa ataaaaagac atctttctaa atcttctagc     11640
     tagagggttt atcttatata aagctgaaat attttcatat gtaataatgt ccctcctcca     11700
     cagaagtagt tgtactttga taaatataaa caaggatgaa cactagaaca cacagtatac     11760
     agtgggattt gacttctcat cagtggtcct tctccaaggc cacatccctg ggatttaagc     11820
     attccagaga ggagccaagg agaatctgga gttcatttgt acattctagt aaatctagta     11880
     gtttgttgct ttccagattg aaggcttcca agtctttgga ggaagagaac aagatacttg     11940
     ctgaaacctg tctgtaaaac tctgcctctg caattgggac aattttcaga tgtggaaaac     12000
     tccagcgaaa tatgcaggat gacattttca ctttcttaag tacatctgaa agcaataacc     12060
     agttttgtgg tctgcaaaat aaaaagaaaa ggtagtccca atttctggca aaaataaaat     12120
     ttcccccaac cattaattat catattgaaa aagctacctt ataggcataa caggagtcac     12180
     ttactttcac ttcaacaccc ctgccatttc tcaccatgcc cactcataga ccaacattct     12240
     tctttcaagg taagggtaag tacctacttc tgatgagggt aactctggat tcatctggtt     12300
     atcagacatt tgtagaagaa caaactgaat tatataaagc aagggaaaca ccttagtgag     12360
     atttattata acagttcctc cactgctctc attgctgatg aaaaaattaa actcctgttg     12420
     actcagctct caccataatt tgggtaatga ctcttaatat gtctcactag gcttactgag     12480
     ataagtgagt ctgtacccca acccaaaagg atgactataa acacctcttt gatcttccct     12540
     ctcccccaag tccattcctt tcacacactc tgcaacacaa ctttactatt tctatttata     12600
     ataaacttct aatcaaaacc acaatattat cttctcttag ttaggatgcc tattatcaaa     12660
     agacaaaaat atgttggtga gaatgcagag aaaagagaat gtgtctatgc tgttggtgaa     12720
     ttcctcaaaa atgaaaaata aaattaacat gtgattccgc aatctcatgg ctaggtatat     12780
     atcccaaaga aatcaaatca gtatatcagt aaggtatctg cactctcatg tctactgcag     12840
     cactattcac aatagccatg atatggaatc aacctaagtg tccatcaaca gacaagtgga     12900
     ttttaaaatg gaatatattt acataatgga gtgctagtcc accacaaaat gacttgaatc     12960
     ttgatatttg caacacaggt ggacttggag gtcattctat taaatgaaat aaaccaggca     13020
     cagaaagttc tacctatagg taggaaataa aaaatgttaa cctcatagag gtatggagta     13080
     gaagggtgag tactagaagc taggcagtgt aggtgggaga gggaattaag aggagatgat     13140
     taaatggcta ttaaaataca gttagagaga aggaataaca tccagtattt gatagcacag     13200
     taggaaaatt atagttaact ataatgtata gtctgtttct agaagagaag gttttaatat     13260
     ttctaataca aagacataat acatgtttga agtgatgggt atcccaagtg ccctcatttg     13320
     atgcttacat attgtatgca tgtatcaaaa tatcacatga accctcaaat gtaagaatcc     13380
     atggcatact aacaaaaaat aaagtgaaat aaaactgtca ctgtttacaa tggaatacac     13440
     ataactccag agcctgagga tactattgtt tactaagcac caatgttaaa atgttaacaa     13500
     agttctcttg ataagatatt ggtcaccagg gcacagtggc tcacaaatag tgtaagactg     13560
     tatcttacta aatatgacca tacacaaaga tctcgagtga cactgatgat tttcctaatt     13620
     ctacatgaga agggagatta acggctttgt acagtacaca ttatattccc aagaagccct     13680
     tgtaatgatc tgttgaagga ttcctaggac tccttcccaa agaatttagt aaaagaaact     13740
     tctgtgcttt gggttctggg gccttactta cattggtggt gttctgatga ggataattta     13800
     tactatactg tactgtacta tactatacta tactatacta tactatacta tactatacta     13860
     tactatacta tactatacca tactatacca tactatacta tactatacca taccatacta     13920
     tactatacta taccatacta tactatacta tacaaccaat taattagctg agtataataa     13980
     atctttaaaa aaaacctatt tgctacatca tgtaaaactc ttgggcattt agcacccact     14040
     caccctcatc tacttaaaaa gagctttaag tcctgctact acccacaaat cagctcagct     14100
     aattttcagt gacatagcag ccatgctcac ccctgcaaag atgaaacttg aatgttttaa     14160
     caaggtaaga gggggtatct gaaaatttaa attcaaacac atcactgcaa gcctcattgt     14220
     catcatcctg gtcctctggt cctggggggt ctgccaaaac attggattcc cctccattat     14280
     ctggttctaa tggagaaaag aaacagacaa agatgttagc aatagcagga tttcagctgt     14340
     catccaatga agaactctaa ataaaaatat aaaaatagat tcttttccaa cagagtctgt     14400
     tttatagcat gcacaaccta tcccccgtca accacaccaa agaaaaatgt cctcttccta     14460
     ttttccactc aactaaaaac aataatattg ctcaccacag acagagctgc cgtagaactc     14520
     ccaagagcta ttcagcttac tgtcactgca accctgtagg tcatttaagt aatctggaga     14580
     gagaggggaa aaaaaagatc aactttttaa aaaatgttaa aattagtaat tccagcaaag     14640
     ttgcaggata ctaaatcaac acacacaaaa aaaccagtta cattccatac tagtgtatgg     14700
     aagtaatcca tttccatact ggtgtataga aatgtagtct agtaatgcct ggggcttgca     14760
     tgattagttc ttcactcact gagctacata gactattcta aataacctct tctgtgggaa     14820
     gtttgaggtt tccattatcc agaatcaaga tgtaaaaatg tgagtcatta tttgtttaaa     14880
     aatgcttggt aggaaatcca aataatttgg ggaaatcttt tacagcatta gggtaaaaat     14940
     agatcaaagg aaatatagaa tcaacggcta atcaccaaaa taattagctt cactagacta     15000
     ctatattcca caatacagaa aagccacatt gctgctgttt taaagtctca agctttttaa     15060
     tttgtaccta gtaaaactca aatctcaata acctggtctc cctctaatat ttgaataaag     15120
     aacatatctt gaactttgtt attcctgttc cgtaaagtga cccacctgtt agaaacattt     15180
     ccataacttt gctgtgggtc attttcataa tggttctgcc tgagtaggtg gccaaagtgg     15240
     ggccagcgcc ataggaaagg aggaggcgga caatttccaa acaatcattt tcaactgcac     15300
     catggagagg cctagtaaga gatgtgcggt gggattaaac tcatgcacac ttgctcattt     15360
     cttgactttt ctttaacaat aggcaaaatt ggatacatgt gtaccatgta agcctcgtag     15420
     acacaatatt caactcatga ggaatgtaac tgccatgtac agatagtgaa attgagacac     15480
     agttactgac ccatgatcaa atgacaaatt attgttatta tacacttaat ccttttaaca     15540
     ggactcatga agggactatt tcagcactaa ctctcaaatg aaaaatctat cttaatctga     15600
     ggcctgaaaa actgaagaca gaataagtat ttaaaaagtt ttgaaggaag tatggacagg     15660
     atgtaaaaag ataactcaaa aaaaagttta ccattatgaa acctaataca acaaacaact     15720
     gttaaacaat ttaaaaaatg actgtttgtt tatataaaga acctgggtgc aaagataaat     15780
     ggtgagttta gactctccta aaagcctgcc ctggcacctt tcacagatct gtgatcaaac     15840
     ttgtggctca gaaccagagt tgtcaggatc aggatgagat ctgaaaaagt acaaagttct     15900
     cccacccatg tctattggaa ggtggaacac tgcccacagt gccctcctga tggaatgctg     15960
     tttggaatct gtgaaaaaac aaaatacgtt ttaggttttt ttttcttttt ttttttaact     16020
     attagcaaac cctaataccc aaccctcaag cagccaccac atttacacca ccagaggatt     16080
     ccacaactga caaatcttgg tttctcacca ataaactaag gtcaaaggca ggatgaaggc     16140
     cagatctggg gatgtggatg gtgataacag gtccttctga accagctgtg ggatatttgt     16200
     actctcagga cttaaaactc aaatatacat tttgaatata gtcacaataa agagtccaga     16260
     gtcttataag gcagtatcac taattatttg tcactaatta ttgacatttt caggggcttt     16320
     tgcccctggg aacattaaag aacagtccaa cattccatgc tctcaccact taccaactga     16380
     gggaaagata taaacataca tatacaggaa taggaagaaa taaggctcca aatgctatcc     16440
     aatggacaag aaaagccctg aaagtgaagg ctgaaggcaa tgaggagttt gagcttggtc     16500
     tcactgggag accatacatg aggtatgaag aaagattgtg aagcttcaca agacctcatg     16560
     aagcagaaaa cttcttcagt tgggcgatga agaaaagtgc caattcaagg aaaaagtgat     16620
     caaaataata atatcactac cctatcccaa ccaaatgcta tttgtattct tacttttgag     16680
     tacaagaatg acttggtcac tgacttttgg aaagaaaaaa aattaaaaag aaaattagag     16740
     aaaaaatggt tgtttttttt gaaaacaaca ctactataaa accacaacaa gaaaactaac     16800
     gtgaccctaa cactgaaata aaccatatct ggtgcaggaa aacacacaca cacacacaca     16860
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tcacagacat acacatatac atatatacac cataacttaa     16920
     aaatcagaat caatcctaca agggtaacca caagagtttt gtttgtttgt ttattttgag     16980
     actgtgtctc aactctgtct gccaggctgg agtgcaatgg cacaatcatg gttcactgca     17040
     gcctcaacct cactgggcta gggtgatcct ctcacatgtc tcctgagtag ctgagtagct     17100
     gagattacag gcatgtgcca ccattcccag ttgttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgt     17160
     agaaacaggg tttcaccatg tcatccaagc tggtctcaaa ctcctaggct caagtgatcc     17220
     tgctgctttg gcctctcaag ctgctgggat tacaggcatg agccaccgca tccagcccca     17280
     tgtgtagttc ttttttcagt attatcattc caacaatgta gagattatag taataacatg     17340
     gtagagtagc agtgttgaag aagagtaact aaaatgaggc tgaacattta cgaaggatat     17400
     atcctaactc ttgttaaatt tgaaacacta atttttttat ttgtggaaaa aatatatgta     17460
     atgtacattt atcatcttaa ccatttttaa gtgttcagtt catggtcatt aactctttca     17520
     cattattgtg caaccatcac catcattcat ctaaaggact ttcaacaggc tctgtaccca     17580
     ttaaacagta accccattaa cctttcctac aaacccaggc acccaccatt ctactgtcag     17640
     tgtctatgat tttgacttct cttagcatgt cacgagtgga ataataaagt atttgtcatt     17700
     ttacaacatg catatttcac ttagcataaa tgaacgtcct caaggttcat ccatgttaca     17760
     gcatatgtca gaaattcctt ccttttaaaa agaaataata ttcgggctgg gtatggtggc     17820
     tcactcccat aatcccagca ctttgggaag ccgaggtggg cagatcatga ggtcaggggt     17880
     tcgagaccag ccggaccaac atggtgaaac ctcgtctgtc ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc     17940
     taggcatggt ggtgtgtgcc tgtagtccca ctacttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac     18000
     ttgaacccag gaggcagaag atgcagtgag ctgagatcgt gccactgtac tctggcctgg     18060
     acagctctgt gcaattgaac aatgagaaca catgggcaca ggaaggggaa catcacactc     18120
     tggggactgc tgtggagtgg ggggacgggg gagggatagc attgggagat atacctaatg     18180
     ctagatgatg agttagtggg tgcagcgcac cagcatggca catgtatacg tatgtaacta     18240
     acctgcacaa tgtgcacatg taccctaaaa cttaaagtat aataataaaa aataaaaaaa     18300
     agaaaaacaa tttaagaaaa ttttaagtaa agtttataat gtttttgtta ttgaatttta     18360
     tgtaattaat ttgttttgac tttgactagt agtttataaa tttattagtt ttttttatta     18420
     gagttttgaa agtttttatt tggctttttg aacaagttat tagaaagttg tgtttaagac     18480
     aaccatttgt tgggcttagc acagtgggtc atgcctgtaa tgccagcact ttgggaggct     18540
     gaggcaggtg gatcacttgt ggccaggaat tcaagaccag tgtggggaat atgcagagat     18600
     ccccatctct acaaaaatac aaaaaacagt caggaatggt ggcacacacc tgtagtcccc     18660
     actattcagg agacagaggt gagaggatca cttgagccca ggaggctgga ggctgcaatg     18720
     agctgagatc atgccactcc actccagcct gggacacaga gtgagatcct acctcaaaag     18780
     aaaaaagata atatttgctg tatttatatt aatggcaaat aaaacaaaaa tttctttgcc     18840
     tgcttctttc ctgccagacc actaatttct aacaagacac caataacaca cactggggaa     18900
     aggacaccca gtttactaaa tggggctggg gaaactggat gtccatatga agaatgaaac     18960
     tagatcacaa aacctcaaca gataacaata tcaactcaaa taacagactt aaatttaaga     19020
     cccaaaatat aaatgtacta gaaaaaagca ggaaatgctt caggacattg gtctaggcca     19080
     agattttatg tctaagactt caaaagcatg gataacacaa acaaaaatag ggaaattgaa     19140
     ctctgcaaaa caaacaatca acaggagtga agagacaatc tataaaatgg cacaatatat     19200
     ttgcaaactg ttcatccaat aagggactaa tatataagga actaagctca acagcaaaaa     19260
     aaaaatgaca ttaaaaggta ggcaaaggat ctgaataggc agttctcaaa tgaagacata     19320
     taaatggcca tcatatatat gtaaaaatgt tcaacatcac taatcatcac agaaatacaa     19380
     ttcaaaacca ctgtgagtta ccatattaca ctagtcagaa tggatattac taaacaagac     19440
     aaaaaaataa attctgccaa ggatttggag aaaaggttga tttacaaact cttgggatgt     19500
     aaattagtac agccaatatg gaaaacaata tggaggtctc tttaaaaact aaaattagaa     19560
     ccacaatata atccagcaat ctgactagac agtctctatc aaagaaaaat aaaaaagtaa     19620
     atcccgatag gtaaacatgg aattggccta aatgccgaca gtgaatgaaa ggacaaagaa     19680
     aatgtggtat acatacacaa cagaatattt taagccatat aaatgaatga aatgctgtca     19740
     cttgcaacaa cctggatgga attgaaggtc attatgtgaa gtaaaataag tcaagcatag     19800
     caaaagaaat atcacctatt ctcactcata tgtaggaaaa gttgatgtca tgaaggtaga     19860
     gtgtaagatg atagtctcca gaagcttgga agtgggtgta ggtgtgggca agataaacag     19920
     gggttggtta atttacggta caaatataca ggcatatcaa aagaatatga tctaatgttt     19980
     aataccagaa aagggagact acaattaaca agagtatggt atatttcaaa atatctagaa     20040
     gataaggtat gaaatattcc caaaacaaaa atagtaaatg tttgaagtaa cgcatatcct     20100
     aaatagcctg actggatcat tacaaattgt atggatgtat caaaatatca catataggca     20160
     gggaacggtg gcttgtgctt gtaatcccag cactttgaga ggctgagaca ggcagatcac     20220
     ttgaagtcat gagttcgaga gcagcctggg caacatggcg aaatcgtgta tctacaaaaa     20280
     aacaaaaatt agctgggtgt ggtggtacat gcctgtggtc ccagctactc aggaatctga     20340
     agtagaagga tcacttgagc ccaggaggca gaggttgtaa taagctgaga tcgcaccact     20400
     gcactctagc ctaggtgaca gagcaagacc ttgcctaaaa caaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa     20460
     cagaaaagaa agaaatcatc acatatgtga tatacataca cgatagaata tataccccag     20520
     aaatatgtac aattattatg tgtcaaaaag agttctttaa ctaaaaactt gtgatctatt     20580
     taaattacat gttgcaaatt cacttaatat ctgaaaaagt tactattttt ctaaccatcc     20640
     aagttgcagt ctagaaactt taattatcca aataccagaa atctaaagca acgatgacag     20700
     ccatccttac ataaacaatc tcaaaatcac ctgtgccatc aaaggctttg gggcctaaag     20760
     atgtatagat gtggaatttg ttgaagctgt tgattggtac aggcgtcaca tccatcagtt     20820
     ctataaaaac aaccaaaact gaaactgttc ctaggttatt acctatccaa gccatttaac     20880
     acttctggga gttagtttcc tcatatgaaa acagtgataa tagctggcaa agatgatgac     20940
     agagtaaaat gagttagttc agatcatgtg agcttagaaa gagcacacag cccagtgctc     21000
     agttgacata agtcaacact gtcatcatgc atcttgggag gagtatgggt gtagggggca     21060
     ggagtgagag ggtgatgaag gagcagtgac ttggggagaa accctaagtc tgaattcttc     21120
     ctccagtact cagccccagg gccaccttaa ccctctctca gaaagagacc actcaggtct     21180
     gctccacacc ctcacatttg aacacctgtg cccaacctgc attgccactt cctgcctgct     21240
     ctccacacag ggccaccata gcacaagcaa caccatatag agctaataac atctcttcct     21300
     cttgctaatc agaatccaaa agggcccatt aaatttcccc aagtcaccaa gccctgaatt     21360
     ttttcaagtt ttatagcaga aataagtaaa ccagactgga ggaagctgga gcaacctgcc     21420
     tgactgcttg cccgtttgca cactgtgact gcaaaagcca ccaaatagca gggagactgg     21480
     ggctaacaca gacatgctag tcccctgatg tgaaggggct aagctctgct ctccaagtcc     21540
     cctgatgtga aggggctgag ctctgctctt caagtacctc ccactatccc atcccagcta     21600
     gcaagccctg ctttccagct ggaagcagca gctgctctag gagtgctcac caggacactc     21660
     acctcatagc caagccatgc tgcctgctgc aggagagtct caccagcatg cctatcgaca     21720
     ataattctcc ttgctctcag ctgcactggg cgagattggt tggtttcctg aggggaacat     21780
     gagtgtggca gcttcatgga ctgggaagct ggtagcaact cttgcaagca gttgaagggc     21840
     ttcatctcct gcttggatga agtcagatca tagttggaac tgggttcaag ttgctttctg     21900
     aatcttggga cagttgacta agacaaaacg aattagtata cacagttaag attaagacta     21960
     catcctttcc acatccactg cttcccctcc tccttcctgt aagacaaacc tgcatgggga     22020
     aggcagtttc ctttccttcc tgggaggtgg aatatcaaag gaaaagtgtt acagactggg     22080
     gtatgaactt aaattttaat agtttccaat tttatcacca tcaaggaaga cttcccctct     22140
     aagacaggga agttaggagt ccagtaaaag aaaggcttta catccttgag aaaagcaggt     22200
     aggtggggaa tgttggggtg aggggaaata gcctctatat aagcccaagg agaaaacaag     22260
     tgccaagagg tatcttgcca tcagcattct caacgtagca cttccctgtt agcaggaacc     22320
     cctgcctcag gtcctgagat atcaagtgct tggttttgca ttgtctcttc ccagatggct     22380
     tctcactgtt attggtgtat ttctgcagca gggaggcagc agggcactcc tcttccttgt     22440
     ctgtgcacag catgtctgtc ttaatgctct cattaacttt ctgctgctta tcaggcagcc     22500
     tcaacaatgg tatgcagctt gagtgagtcg gcttttggct gcttgcattg ttggataaaa     22560
     ccttattctt cggtggaggg cctgagaaca gagacaaggc taaatataga tggtgcagca     22620
     tggtggcaga atagctaaca ggaaagagac atggggaaaa gggcaaaaaa aaggagtcat     22680
     tacatagttg tagcccatgc agaaagaaaa tcccactgtt tttttttatt attattatac     22740
     tttaagtttt agggtacatg tgcacaacgt gaggattgtt acatatgtat acatgtgcca     22800
     tgttggtgtg ctgcacccat taactcgtca tttacattat gtatatctcc taatgctatc     22860
     cctccccact ccccccacgc cacaacagtc cccggtgtgt gatgttcccc ttcctgtgtc     22920
     catgtgttct cattgttcaa ttcccaccta tgagtgggaa catgcggtgt ttggtttttt     22980
     gtccttgtga tagtttgctg agaatgatgg tttccagctt catccatgcc cctacaaagg     23040
     acatgaactc atcatttttt atggctgcat agtattccat ggtgtatatg tgccacattt     23100
     tcttaatcca gtctatcatt gttgggcatt tgggttggtt ccaagtcttt gctattgtga     23160
     atagtgctgc aataagcata tgtgtgcatg tgtctttata gcagcatgtt ttatactcct     23220
     ttgggtatat atacagtaat gggatggctc ggtcaaatgg tatttgtagt tctagatccc     23280
     tgagaaatcg ccacactgac ttccacaatt gttgaactag tttacagtcc caacaacagt     23340
     gtaaaagtgt acctatttct ccacatcctc tccagcacct gttgtttcct gactttttaa     23400
     tgattgccat tctaactggt gtgagatggt atctcattgt ggttttgatt tgcatttctc     23460
     tgatggccag tgatgattag cattttttca tgtgtctttt ggcttcataa acatcttctt     23520
     ttgagaactg tctgttaaca tccttcgccc acttgttgat ggggttgttt gcttttttct     23580
     tgtaaatttg ttggagttct ttgtagattg tggatattaa ccctttgtta gatgagtaga     23640
     ttgcaaaaat tttctcccat tctgtaggtt gcctgttgac tctgatgata gttttttttt     23700
     gctgtggaga agctctttaa tttaattaga tcccatttgt cagttttggc ttttgttgcc     23760
     attgtttctg gtgttttagg catgaagtcc ttgcccatgc ctatgtcctg aatggtattg     23820
     cctaggtttt cttctagggt ttttatgatt ttaggtctaa catttaagtc tttattccat     23880
     cttgaattaa tttttgtata aggtgtaagg aagcggtcca gtttcagctt tctacatatg     23940
     gctggccagt tttcccagca ccgtttatta aatagggaat cctttcccca ttgcttgttt     24000
     ttgtcatgtt tttcaaagat cagatggttg tagatgtgtg gcattatttc tgaggtctct     24060
     gttctgttcc attggtctat atctccattt tggtacctgt accatgctgt tttggttact     24120
     gtagccttgt agtatagttt gaagtcaggt agtgtgatgc ctccagcttt gttcttttgg     24180
     cttaggattg acttggcaat gtgggttctt ttttggttcc atatgaactt taaagtagtt     24240
     ttttccaatt ctgtgaagaa agtcattggt agcttgatgg ggatggcatt gaaactctaa     24300
     actgccttag gcaatatggc cattttaatg atattgattc ttcctatcca agagcatgga     24360
     atgttcttcc acttgtttgt atcctctttt atttcattga gcagtggttt gtagttctcc     24420
     ttgaagagat ccttcacatc ccttgtaagt tggattccta ggtattttat tctctttgaa     24480
     gcaattgtga atgggagttc actcatgatt tggctgtctg tttttctgtt attggtgtat     24540
     aagaatgctt atgatttctg cacattgatt ttgtattctg agactttgct gaagttgctt     24600
     atcagcttaa ggagattgtg ggctgagaca atggggtttt ctagatatac aatcatgtca     24660
     tctgtaaaca gggacaattt gacttcctct tttcctaatt gaataccctt tatttccttc     24720
     tcctggctga ttgccctgga cagaacttcc aacaatatgt tgaataggag ttgtgagaga     24780
     gggcatccct gtcttgtacc agttttcaaa gcggatgctt ccagtttttg cccattcagt     24840
     atgatattgg ttgtgggttt gtcacagata gctcttatta tttagagata tgtcccatca     24900
     atacctaatt tattgagagt ttttagcatg aagggctgtt gattttgtca aaggcctttt     24960
     ctgcatctat tgaaataatc atgtggtctt tttcgttgct tttttttata tgatggattg     25020
     tgtttattga tttgtgtatg ttgaaccagg cttgcatccc aggatgaagc ccactttatc     25080
     atggtggata agctttttga tgtgttgctg gattcagttt gccagtattt tattgaggat     25140
     ttttgcatcg atgttcatat gttcatcagg gatataggtc taaaattctc ttttttttgt     25200
     tgtgtctctg actggctttg gtatcaggat ggtgctggcc tcctaaaatg agttagggag     25260
     gattccctct ttttctatta attgaaatag tttcagaagt aatggtacca gctcctcctt     25320
     gtacctctgg tagaatttgg ctgtgaatcc atctggtcct ggattttttt ggttggtaag     25380
     ctattaatta ttgcctcaat ttcagagcct gttattggtc tattcaggga ttcaacttct     25440
     tcctggttta gtcttgggag ggtgcatgtg tccaggaatt tatccatttc ttctagattt     25500
     tctagtttat ttgcatagag gtgtttatag tattctctga tggtagtttg tatttctgtg     25560
     ggattggtgg tgaaatctcc tttatcattt tttattccat ctattagatt cttctctctt     25620
     ttcttcttta ttagtcttcc tagtggtcta tcaattttgt tgatcttttc aaaaaaccag     25680
     ctcctggatt cattgatttt tttgaaggtt tttttgtgtc tctatctcct tcacttctgc     25740
     tctgatctta gttatttctt accttctgct agcttttgaa tgtgtttgct cttgcttctc     25800
     tagttctttt aactgtgaca taagggtgtc aattttagat ctttcttgct ttgtcttgtg     25860
     ggcatttagt gctataaatt tccctctacc cactgattta aatgtgtccc agagattttg     25920
     gtatgttgta tctttgttct cattggtttc aaagaacatc tttatttctg ccttcatttc     25980
     attatgtacc cagtagtcat tcaggagcag gttgttcagt ttccgtgtag ttgagcagtt     26040
     tttattgagt ttcttaatcc tgagttctag ttctagttta attgcactgt ggtctgagag     26100
     atagtttgtt atgatttctg ttattttaca tttgctgagg agtgctttac tttcaactat     26160
     gtggtcaatt ttggaataag tgtggtgtgg tgctcagaag aatgtatatt ctgtcaattt     26220
     gtggggaaga gttctgcaga tgtctattag gtccgctagg tgcagagctg cgttcagttc     26280
     ctggatatcc ttggtaactt tctgtctcat tgatctcatt ttctaatgtt gacagtgggg     26340
     tgttaaagtc tcccattatt attgtgtagg ggtctaagtc tctttgtagg tctctaagga     26400
     cttgctttat gaatctgggt gctcctgtat tgggtgcata tatatttagg acagttagct     26460
     cttcttgttg aattgatcca tttagcatta tgtaatggcc ttctttgtct ctttagatct     26520
     ttgttggttt aaagtctgtt ttgtcagaga ctaagattgc aacccttgcc tttttttctt     26580
     ttccatttgc ttggtacatc ttcctccata cctttatttt gagcccatgt gtgtcactgc     26640
     acatgagatg ggtttcctga atacagcaca gtgatgggtc ttgactcttt atccaatttg     26700
     ccagtctgtg tcttttaatt ggagcattta gcccatttaa atttaaggtt aatattgtta     26760
     tgtgtgaatt tgatcctgtc gttgtgatgt tagctggtta ttttgcttgt tagttgatgc     26820
     agtttcttcc tagccttgat ggtcttcaca atttgtcatg tttttatagt ggctgatacc     26880
     agttgttcct ttccatgttt agtgcttgct tcaggagctc ttttagggca ggtctggtgg     26940
     tgacaaaatc tctcagcatt tgcttatatg taaaggatgt tatttctcct tccttatgaa     27000
     gcttagtttg gctggatatg aaattctggg ttgaaaattc ttttctttaa gaatgttgaa     27060
     aattggcccc cactctcttc tggcttgtag agtttctgct gaaagatcag ctgttagtct     27120
     gatgggtttc cctttgtggg taacccaacc tttctctctg gctgccctta acatattttc     27180
     cttcatttca actttggtga atctgacaat tatgtgtctt cgagttgctc ttctcaagga     27240
     gtatctttgt ggcattctct atatttcctg aatttgaatg ttggcctgcc ttgctagatt     27300
     ggggaagttc tcctggataa tatcatgcag agtgttttcc aacttggttc cattctcccc     27360
     atcactttca ggtacaccaa tcaaatgtag atttggtctt ttcacatagt cccatatttc     27420
     ttggaggctt tgttcatttc tttttattct tttttctcta aacttctctt ctcacttcat     27480
     ttcattcatt tgatcttcca tcactgatac cctttcttcc agttgatcga gtcagctact     27540
     gaggcttgtg cattcatcac gtagttctcg tgccatagtt ttcatctcca acaggttctt     27600
     taaggacttc tctgcattgg ttgatctagt tagccatttg tctaatcttt tttgaaggtt     27660
     tttaacttct ttatcatggg ttcgaacttc ctcctttagc tcggcaaagt ttgatcatct     27720
     gaagtcttct tctctcaact catcagaatc attctccgtc cagctttgtt ccattgctgg     27780
     taaggagctg ccttcctttg gaggggagag gtgctctgat ctttagaatt ttcagttttt     27840
     ctgctctgtt ttttccccat ctttgtggtt ttatctacct ttggtcttgg tgacagtgac     27900
     atacagatgg agtttttgtg tggatgtcct ttctgtttgt tagttttcct tctaacagtc     27960
     aggaccctca gctataggtc tgttggagtt tgccagaggc ccattccaga ccctgtttgc     28020
     ctgggtatca gcagtggagg ctgcagagca gtgaatactg gtgaatagca aatgttgctg     28080
     tctgatcatt cctctggaag ttttgtttca gaggggtacc cacccatgtg aggtgtcagt     28140
     ctgtctctac tagggggtgc ctcccagtta ggctactcag gggtcaggga cccacttgag     28200
     gaggcagtct gtccattcac agatctcaag ctgcatgcta ggagaaacac tactgtcttc     28260
     caaactgtca gacagggaca tttaagtctg cagaggtttc tgctgccttt tgtttggcta     28320
     tgccctgccc ctggaggtgg agtctacaga ggcaggcagg cctctttgag gtacagtggg     28380
     ctccacccag tttgagcttc ccgctgcttt gtttacctat caagccttgg caatggcggg     28440
     cacccatccc ctagcctcgc tgctgccttg cagtttgatc tcagactgct gtgctagcaa     28500
     tgagcgaggt tccgttggca taggaccctc tgagccaggt gtgggatata acctcttggt     28560
     gtcccatttg ctaagaccat tggaaaagtg cagtattcag gtgggaatgg cccgattttc     28620
     caggtgccat ctgtcacccc tttccttcgc tagaaaaggg aattccctga ccccttgtgc     28680
     ttcctgggtg aggcaatgcc ttgccctact ttggctcatg ctcggtgtgc tgcacccact     28740
     gtcctgcacc cactgtccaa cagtccccag tgagatgaac ccggtacctc agttggaaat     28800
     gcagaaatca cccatcttct gtgtcgctca tgctgggagc tgtagactgg agctgttcct     28860
     attcagccat cttggacaat atttcgaaaa tcccactgtt aactcttact ttggagcaac     28920
     ttcaatttta aaattaagtt ttcagacata attatccctc atttaaatgg aaaataggtt     28980
     aacacatcaa actgcaagta acaattttct gcaaagtgct cagacaagag aacagagcac     29040
     tctcgtacca actctctctg tacattccac aaggaagtgg gtagggtagt caagaagtgg     29100
     cctctgcata ccttcttcgt tgtcactggg tttaagaaat tcttccaacc agcttctgtt     29160
     gcctttgacc tctgcccttt tcttgctgag tttctctttc atgatatcac aatcccaggc     29220
     agtgacctca ggctggactg tctgggtcac ttccttcctg ccttgcagac taggtttgtt     29280
     ctctgctgcc aacacctgct gctcctactg ttctctaagg tgcatcaaat ggtgtttctt     29340
     aggatgtagc cctgtaaatg taatatacac cttcaggttg gtcagctcac tataatgtgg     29400
     gtcttctaag tagacagagg aatttgttac ttccctctag ggccaggtat ctaatgaata     29460
     aataactaaa aattaatcca aatgctgcct tgaaagaaca aatgacttta tgcatcacca     29520
     gtagtgtgag gggaggagaa gggaaaggag tgtggttact ctctctgatt ttgggagaga     29580
     acctaattat tttttaccct ctctgggctt gagtgcctgc atctggctgt aaagcaagta     29640
     agttatgagt ggagtctgtg gggctccatg gtggaaatct catggaagag gagtgggaat     29700
     aaaaactctt cactgctatg tgtcatggct tccttccact gattctgttt atggggctac     29760
     atgccacaca tcaacaggcc atgtctgtcc actgtgactg tatgcacagg cccactgaga     29820
     aggcagctaa aggtgacaaa actcacctat ataaacctgt ttttgcttgt tttttaggaa     29880
     agagtcctct ggcaacttct ctgcagtagt ctctgtctgg ttgctgtcac ttgagacttt     29940
     gtgtttcctt tccagttgga ggatggggct gtgcatcaca tccatagcta cctggtcggc     30000
     agctggctca cctacaggct gcctttccat taaatacttc tctacaggaa gatcttcatc     30060
     ctttagggct ttaaaggaat tgtgctgttt gtttccagga ctatgcttgc ctagcaggag     30120
     agaaaaccag aatacataag tgaattcaaa aatcaccaag agaaggcagg attcagggaa     30180
     cagctgagac catgccaagg taatctgcta ttgacagatg cttctttaga aactggagtt     30240
     ctcacattgt taatatcaag ttctcataaa tagacttgtc caaaggaagg atacactgaa     30300
     gatgagcagc aagcaaagca gaaagttaga catacaccac actcataatt ctctccttct     30360
     atctctgtat attaggggaa tgagacaaat aagaaagaag atgagacatc aatgctatct     30420
     ttttaaaaaa aaatattaca gtcctttctt tcagcagcat gatccaatca agccaggacc     30480
     ggcataaata tctctacagt aatacgtgct gaggtcatta ttttgaaata aaaggctgat     30540
     gagatgaaga cacaaaatat acccaaaatg tcatctactg aagtggtaac accaatattc     30600
     acttggacca acagcagaga tcatgaagaa ggagggaagg gagacagcat gtcaaaagaa     30660
     acctaaaccc ttaatgggca gaagtaatca tctcttccat agggcccatg gtccaggaca     30720
     tggcagttgc ctgcaaaatc agcagaggga aacaactgcc agaggaaggc tgagaacctg     30780
     ggcagactta aggtgctgcg aagaggggtc tgggaaaagc caaagacaag gtttgacagc     30840
     acatgcacaa gttcagagac aatttaaaaa aactcagtct gctggttgca caaatgtgca     30900
     aggaaatgtg gaaggaaaag cttttcactg aatccaagga gcttccattt cctgttcaac     30960
     ataggaccac cacaatgagg acactggtca caccagctgg gactaatcaa atgtttgtag     31020
     aactacagac agcaattttg tatggaaaat gtatgtagaa ctacagacag cagttttgtg     31080
     tggaaatgag gaatatgtca ccagaaactg gatgaaaggc tacccttgct aaaacaagtt     31140
     caaggaagtt ggcagaattg ccttcatgtc caaggatgtt gtgaaaggca ggacttaaga     31200
     gcgatgaact aggatatcta gaagaacact aagtcttaaa acattcatgg tactatatgg     31260
     cttcttctgg caaactacca gcaaaatgag agaaaagaga aatgatttaa agacaaaatc     31320
     tgtaattaaa aagaaagcaa aatgaatata tttggcaaac tctgtctagt catgtaaaga     31380
     aaaacaaagt ggtttcaaaa gaataaaaac aacatatagc aaagctatca tttgctaaag     31440
     agatagttca gatataagga aaacaggtgc tattcatcaa ggcaatggga taatgagcct     31500
     gaaggcattt gagagatttt ggaggcaagc tatggccttg caggcaagta caccccctca     31560
     agtatctatt ccctgcattt tgttgcagtg atctttggct gccccagcaa tggctcaagc     31620
     tggcccagat gtgcctcatg tcacactgcc agaggggata agccttaaac tataataata     31680
     tccatatagt tctgactcta caggtacaca taatccctga gccagggcca cgttcacctg     31740
     cattataaaa gatgttttgg acagcctggg gtttcaggca gagacatggc atagggagat     31800
     agccaggaca gagttcccac tatagtaatg ctttgtggag ctgtgagtct ggagtcaact     31860
     ccaagagccc agaactgtag aacaaccaga gtgcaacttc agcctggaag agctatagga     31920
     atgtaactcc aaaccatgag agtttctggg tggactaaag cccagcaaaa tcattcaggc     31980
     aggaatgcct aggccttgag ggctgaactc ttacctcagt gtacatgatg taagacatga     32040
     aatcaaaaga tattattgtc cagctttata actcagtgtt ggctgggcag ggtggctcac     32100
     gcctgtaatc ccaacactct gggaggctga gacagatgga tcacaaagtc aagagatcga     32160
     gaccattgtg gccaacatgg tgaaacccca tgtctactaa aaatgcaaaa aattagctgg     32220
     gagtggtggc atatgcctgt agtcctagct acacaggagg ctaaggcagg agaatcactt     32280
     gaacctggga ggcagatgtt gcagtgagct gagatcatgc cactgcactc cagcctggca     32340
     acagagtgag actctgtcta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaactcagt gttgttgttt     32400
     ttctccctct tttgtgtttt gggcttactt ggaaccagtt actcctttct tcttgcctat     32460
     tctccatttt taaatgggaa tgtctttccc atgcctgctc caccatggca ttttagaagc     32520
     acataacttc acaggctcac agtagaagag aaatttgtct tatagtaaat taggtcttgt     32580
     gtcccattca tatctgatta agaagagatt ctagattttg gacttttgag ttgatgctgg     32640
     aatgagttaa gattgtggag ctattgggac agaatgaata cattctgcat atgagaagga     32700
     caggaatttt caagactaca gatggaatat tatggtttga atgtttccca atattcaagt     32760
     gttcgaaacc tagtccccaa tccaacagtg ttgagaactg ggacctgcaa gaggtaatta     32820
     agtcatgacc atgggacatt aattaatgtc attactgtga gagtgagtta gttattgtgg     32880
     aactgagttc ataattaaat taaatgagtt tagtcccctt cttctctttc ccttgggctc     32940
     tctttcccat ctgccttcca tcatgggatg caactggaag atggagcttg ccagagcagt     33000
     ccctcataat tcttggcctc cagaactatg agcaaataca tttctgttaa ctataaatta     33060
     ccctgtttgt accagtagaa aacatactaa gacatgaatt cttctagtta gatcattcaa     33120
     cttctttgat ccaattagcc tcccctgaat gtaccatggg agggagtggg gatgtagagt     33180
     gaaaacctaa gtattatctt aggaaatgcc atgtgcaagt ggaaaagtat acttttaaac     33240
     ttttaaagtg tactgtcttc tctccttaac tcctttaagg tagaaaacat ggtttgaaaa     33300
     aagtgattgc atggtgtcac aatgcctttg agagtcacaa tcaggaagca gcttagctag     33360
     tgtgggaccc aacccagaat gaacttccct tcccacatca aatatcagat taagaagctc     33420
     ttaacctgag tgttttagat tctacttttg tcctttatat ctgaactaca gatctcatat     33480
     ggtcacctat atctctaaca ctctcaactt cgtataaggc atttttcttg aggagatagt     33540
     tttccaatta agttttaccc ctactgcaaa attatctctc atccacctga ccttttgccc     33600
     aaactgagag catcttttac tggaagagtt gtgatgagtt atttcacagg atgaagtcag     33660
     tgggcaatga ttggctagta acctcatctc tctgctcagt gaatgacact acctctataa     33720
     gagccctggc tgactcttgt ctactccaaa atttcccatc tggcaaaagc tgcccagtga     33780
     gggtagggag gtttcccctt cacataccac cttttgctcc cctcttcatg aggagaccag     33840
     ccagaaaagg atggccagcc tgctacacaa ctgtgccttg gaaggttgta actcatctca     33900
     tgggcattct cccgacaccc catgtagtac caggaaaccc aggggaccat gacctcatcc     33960
     tgaactatta tcaagaaccc tccattgcta aacgtggggt tcactgcaat cacatttact     34020
     cacatagagt tcccctacct ctcaaaagga tttttcccca aaactggttc cattcaccat     34080
     ttcccaaatc ctccaagtca ttaaaaaaag ggacaataat ttcaaagaat tgaggtatct     34140
     tcactattac ctcttcggtc aaagattctc attcctctga atgaacccct gccactcccc     34200
     tcacaagata ttacatggcc ttacaaaagc cagtaataat tctgcccaca gtgatggccc     34260
     aagatacaca gactaccagc tatacaggtg agaagttcta tgttccattg ctgcacatct     34320
     taacctggat gttctcaaat tagactattt cagtcatcac acacagcatt aatcacatgg     34380
     caaaggatat aaattaagag atgtaggggt cctaaccatt agactctacc atagctgtta     34440
     ttttaagccc ttctaaaaag cagaaaacca tgtgcccttg atagataaga atgtaagtct     34500
     gttatctgag gtctaccacc tgctccctgc aacatggtct tatgagacac agcacataca     34560
     ttccataatt tatcacagct gtgccatagt agtacctcat agaagtatct ccatggcaac     34620
     atttacaagt ctccacagca aaaataaatt ctgccactgt tggtgccaca gatgctgggc     34680
     cctaacaaga tgggaggaga ctgagacttt tgagggtttc ccatgatcca tttcctctgc     34740
     aggcaactgt atcagctcca gctgagacta accttgttat aacttatgcc ctctccatca     34800
     cgggcatcaa ctttctctgt atctaattca agataatcta caaagcattc aggcatattc     34860
     tcctggaaga gaagttcctg agccaataat ttctgcccag gcattgcgac caaacacacc     34920
     ccaggtctgc ttcagtgaag tggctggcag aagagaagga aacccacatt atcgaaggaa     34980
     gggctaatat gtacatctac tatgtatcaa caaaaataaa tcaataatta aaaacctaaa     35040
     aattgtatta tactgtttct aactataggg ccaagcctcc tttataaaac gagatgtgtc     35100
     cttgtctaaa ggaaaataat acttcataga ttattaaaag gaaattatct ttcacagata     35160
     attcattcct gattgccaca atgattaaaa agacaatcag tccttcactc cacagatggc     35220
     aaaaacagcc catttttctg agaagacacc aaacagaagt cagaatcttg tatgtgattg     35280
     ctttatctca cctccctggg ccctgggaac aggatcaccc tgttgccacc aatgtggtaa     35340
     ttgagccaca aagcaagtgg ctcagctgta cctacatctc tcacagttat tctggctggc     35400
     aatatcctcc tccagaagac attttggctt tttgtcctga tttcctttcc acctctctga     35460
     gtcagctgtg ctgaatttgt atggcttggc gtccttggtt tctgaatgga aaaaaaaaga     35520
     gggatgaaca tcaacacctt attataaatg ctatttcatt tgtcttacac taaagaaaaa     35580
     tatgtccaaa caaatgtttg cccaaaatta accatggaca taaactcttt aaccatactg     35640
     ttttcaagga gtttatgtat ctagacacac aagctataag catgtatatc agtgaacaca     35700
     tttttgtgca cattctcttt tggaaataaa aacacagcat acacacaaaa cagaaatagc     35760
     aggaaaaaaa tctcacaagg aatataggct ataaactacc ttttgaatat ttggaaataa     35820
     aatttaactt taaaggctta tataatatta taatgacaat aatatgaaaa acataaattt     35880
     gaagaactga acccataata aacactaggc agacataaaa tactgtcctt ttttaattct     35940
     tctagtcatg taattaaaat gggcactcag ggggtcattt aaataacttc atttattttt     36000
     ataaagataa aacaaattct ttttaacatt ccaaaaaaag tggcctattc atctttgaaa     36060
     taaaagtaaa aatcttagaa aattcctata caacatgtat cataattaac tatcaagtta     36120
     aatatatgct atatcccatt ctgccaagag gtacaggagt aagcgagaga gagcgaatgt     36180
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aagttgcacg atcctgcaga accacagctg     36240
     ctacacatct tctcaagcaa gtatcaagta aggtattctg agcagctaga tatattggtt     36300
     attttatcaa cagaaaaata aaatcaattg ataggtaaat gccatgcatt ttttagaaat     36360
     tattcacaat aattaaaact tctgttacag gctgagcatc tcttattgta aatgcttggg     36420
     acaattattt taatttttta tcagattttg gaatatgtac atatacataa taaggtatct     36480
     tgaatatgag aaccaagtct atacaaaaaa atcatttatg tttcacatac actttacaca     36540
     catagcctaa aagtaatttt attcagtatt tttaacaatt ttgcatatgt aacaaagttt     36600
     acgttaagta tttgtttgtg ggcttttcca cttggggcat gatggtggca ttcaaaagtt     36660
     tcagattctg tagcaaagta tccagaaaca tgtatatcct aagtactact attcacattc     36720
     ccttactgga cataatatat acattcaaat tacaataagc ttcattagtc aaatctgcat     36780
     agtgccatgt cctaccatac tcccccagta ctctttacat atttaaactg taactacagg     36840
     taaagttgct aaaaggtggg tagagggggt gacctgcaat gcccgttgct cccaactgag     36900
     ctgactagaa tctgcataca gttcagtagt aacacacttg agtcggtcag ccatgcaacc     36960
     tgctgaggtg gtgactctct ttaccaggtt agatggcttt ggtttcagaa gtttgccatc     37020
     acttgatttg gcctcattgg ctccatcttt ggtgtaagta gagattatgt ccatacttag     37080
     tggggcactg ccaaggcaat atggtttggg atactcttgg attttaccaa aagttacagc     37140
     atgaccatca ctcactagag ttggctccag gaatgatgtt gaaactggca tccctatgtt     37200
     ctctttgttg gctggagtcc gtttgagagc ataagcttca tgcaagtcac caatgtgccc     37260
     caactcctct cttagcatga taaaatcacc atgctgctgc agggatgcct tgacaattgg     37320
     gggcttggca ggcttggcat tctgaccaat atttttcact gtaaagcatg gtttggacat     37380
     gtttgcctca gttttggcat ctggttcttc ttggagaagg tctatgtaaa caatcttttt     37440
     atttctgcta acagtcttcc cttggttcca gctgaggttt agttttagat tgtcagtgtg     37500
     gacttctgga tgaaactctg tactgccagc ttccaacatc tcagaaaatt gattctggac     37560
     agttgggtct ttgtggcagg ctctttcatg ggaatgggat ctttctctgg tttctcctct     37620
     tttttctctt tgttggttgg agtctgtttg atagtataag gttcatgaaa gtcatcaatg     37680
     tgccccaact tctctcttag ggtgatgaaa tcaccatgct gctgcaggta tggcttgaca     37740
     attgggggac tggcagggtc agcattctgg ccaacacttt tcattatgaa gctgggtttg     37800
     gacacatttg catcagtttt agcatctgtt ttttcttgga gatggtctac ataaacaacc     37860
     ttatcacttc tgataataat cttaccttga ttccagctgg ggttcagttt tagactgtca     37920
     ttggggactt ctggatgaaa cgctgtactg ctagcttcca gcatctcaga aaactgattc     37980
     tggagagttg ggtctttgcg gcaggctctt tcttgggaat gtgacctcct ctctggtttc     38040
     tcctttttgg tgatctctat gggcctgtgt gttatcaaca tgggttgcac catgccaaat     38100
     cccagggcat cttggtagat cagaaactct ggatggccca tgggcaccac ataaggcagt     38160
     ctaggctttg aggcaagaca ccccagaaag agactgttgt tgggcaacaa aactggatga     38220
     gggtagacag gccctttgtc atgtaaggag aagggtctta tagcagtggc cttaggtact     38280
     gggtaaggaa agtaacttct ggggtgggaa attgatgggg gcctgaaagc ctcatttgga     38340
     ggtagaaata gggggcttgg ttgaaggcca ttcttatttg ctttgaaact cagttctggg     38400
     ctgctggctt tggcaacctt gctgctagtg ctgctgcttt gcttgacagg cacggttgga     38460
     ggttggccca cttgctgaat gatggatgat gtggtatcca cagagctcct gttggtccta     38520
     gtgccatctg ccctatgtgg ggttggggac tggtaatata gagttaatat agaggtgggg     38580
     tggcctgcac aggacactga ccccaaaaca ttagggatca tagttccttt gccattcatg     38640
     caaaggtaaa aagaactttg ctgttgtatt atcatccagt ccatcacctt gtttttcaac     38700
     atgctttcac cattgttctc ttcattagtt cttggcctgg gtactaccca ggatgatgga     38760
     tcagtgctaa taaattcaga tctatagata gcacagccat ttcttagaga agatatctct     38820
     ttcagaatct cacttctgga gagcactaag ccacttccag ccatgctgtg aaccaggccc     38880
     atggaagcca tctttttcat gtgatcagct ttggaagcat ctacctccac cactttagaa     38940
     gacaactcta ctggcttatt tgagatgctt ttggtaatac tctgcttctc taacagagga     39000
     ggtgagacac catctttcct gtcttgagcc actgtcttcc aggtgtacat ggggactggc     39060
     tgagcactct cacccacttc cagggtctca ggatatttgc tattggagag cctcgctgtg     39120
     gggaactcac tgcccatcat gtttgccttt gacagtgtca ctgaaggagc ggtagagatc     39180
     ctggcataat gctcatggaa ctcagagaat atgtctgcaa cagcctgggt gggaaggtgg     39240
     acctggggtg agggctgagg ggaggcacag aacacgagag ttgtatcgcc tggaaagcca     39300
     ctagcaactg ccttggcaaa tggcaccctg gttgtttcct gttctgaata tgaggatagg     39360
     tgtgggaatt gatggcgttc cggggactga tggccatcct ccgtggtacg cttttgtctg     39420
     cacagcggaa gagaggtgga atggctgaga tggccaaagc tgttgaaagc ctcatgggtg     39480
     atgccaagga caatgggatg tggggactga aatagcaagg tgatggcagg taggaaaatt     39540
     gcttcctatt tctgtttcct ggaaaacata gcagctgggc caagttggag gactgctgag     39600
     gtagccagaa catgttctgt gaatacatat ttggaaaatc aagggaagga tggatggctg     39660
     gtgtggcact ctccatgtaa ggattgaccc agggtagctg caggtaatga gcatcataga     39720
     tgttgcaagg cctatgattg tggctggtag gcctgtccaa gccaagtgtt tctgctgtgc     39780
     tgaaagcatt ttgtattcca ggcggtgttt tacatacagc agtgaagcaa tctgggggtt     39840
     tttcagagac agcaaaatct tccactatct caggtatatt tagtttgaac tgcatctatg     39900
     gatttatttc tgaagaaaac ccaaggccac ctacagtgtt catggtaacc tcatgatctt     39960
     gcttggagtt cattctgctc aaactagaaa gacagtgttt ctggggaaca ggagcccttc     40020
     ctgtttcagg cctgtgtggt ccatgatcag tgcttccagg ccgtcaatct gataagccaa     40080
     tttgcatcca ccttggcaga gcaacaacat agatgttact tgggacactc cttcaaaaca     40140
     gcagtagcag tacataagag aaactgccaa gtagttcaat atgacatcag cctaacatct     40200
     gagcagaagg ggttaaagat aaagtaagaa atatagtatc tgcgtgaact gcttttttcc     40260
     cttatgcaga ctccttctta gggcattgtg ctgcctgttt tcttcacacc tctgttaaac     40320
     tataattcta aaagcataaa acaatgatcc tttcagattt aaaggatatt aagttgtcta     40380
     ttcactctgg aaattttgcc tcctcagcaa aaattgtttg ctgcaactta gaagctacca     40440
     actccaaaac tgtcagcacc acccttactg ggtaaagaac tcacactaac cctcccaagg     40500
     cctgttaagg tttagataag atgagtattc acttagtttt tcttgagtgt aggaagacat     40560
     ttttaacaga ataagcaacc ttcagtggac gacaaaaact ctagcctggg caacacagtg     40620
     agaccctgtc tcaaaaaaat aaaaataaaa atatttaaaa attataggtg acacacagtt     40680
     ttataacata accatcagct gctatagtct gaacaggaag ctgcatatat gtgccaggct     40740
     gctatgtttg tcttggggct tgttttcaaa agtatgtaaa atatttggtg ccatctttca     40800
     aatcccaata tgcagcagaa aaaattgcag catttccctg aagagcacct ttaattattt     40860
     actgcttaga cagagaagat gctacaagaa aagaaagtca caggctagta ttcctgatgg     40920
     acacatacat aaattctcaa aaactactag caaacttaat ataataacac attaaaagat     40980
     agttaaccat gatcaaatgg tattcatctc tgagaaacag tttaacatac acaaaaccaa     41040
     ttaatgtaac acatcacatt gaaaaaaaaa gaagaaatga aaagtacatg atcattgtaa     41100
     tatcaactgc aaaagcattt gacaaaattt gacacccttt catggtaact ctcaacaagt     41160
     taagaagaga ggaaatttat aggctacata tgacagatgc atagctacca tcagattcca     41220
     tggtgaaagg tcaaaatttt atcctaagaa cagagacaag acaaggatgg ctactcttca     41280
     ccacttattt tcatcatagt actggaagtc tttgccagaa taattagaca gcagatagta     41340
     ataaacggta tcctaacaag aaagaaagaa gtgaatttat ctctacttgg agataacatg     41400
     atcttatatt tagaaaaccc caaagactgc accaaaagaa aaccgctgga acagataaat     41460
     aaattctata aagttacagg accaagaaaa tatgtaaaaa tcaatatcat ttctgcatac     41520
     caacaaacta ctaagaagga aaaataacac aatctcattt ataaaagcaa caacaaagaa     41580
     atttaaaact tgggtataaa tttaatcaag gatataaaag acatttataa tgaaaactac     41640
     aaaaaaagat caaataaact taaacacaaa tagatttgtc cataaaatag aagaattaat     41700
     actgtgaaaa tatccattct acccaaagta ttttagaaac tcgatgttat caccgtcaaa     41760
     attccaaggt ctcttgtcac agaaatagaa aacacaaaca ttaaatttga atggaactac     41820
     aaaagacgct gaaagactaa aacaacctaa aacaaaaaga acaaagctag aggcagcata     41880
     ttccctgatt accagacata ttacaaagaa aatctaacag gagcacatag tactagcata     41940
     aaaactgaca cattcaacca gttaagaatg atagaaaacc caaaaattac tcaaacattt     42000
     atgttcaatt ttttttttcc aaaggtgcaa ggagtgcaga atggaaaaag gacaggttct     42060
     tcaaacaatg gtgctgggaa aactcaatat ccacatgcag atgaatgaaa ttagactgtt     42120
     atcttacaca atatacaaaa atcaactcga aatgaatgaa agaagcaaat atataatcaa     42180
     aagctgaaaa actaccagaa atctcaacaa tatcaaacta ggtaacaact tttttgatat     42240
     caccccaaaa gcacaggcaa caaaagtaaa aataatcaaa ttaaatggca ttagactgca     42300
     aagcttctgt gtagcaaagg aaaaaagaaa gggaagaaac accccattga gtaagagaac     42360
     atatttgcaa actgtatatc ttacaagcca ttaatttcaa atttacaagt aactcaactg     42420
     gataacaata aaacaatgtg aaagtgggca aagaatatga acagtcagtt attaaaagaa     42480
     gacattcaat tagttgatag gtctatagtc tttcatactg ccatggagac accaagataa     42540
     caatgatata tgcaccaaac tttactctgc agactcatta agaagctgca gcacccagtc     42600
     aaatgtattg tcgagaaata ctgcaaccaa aaacagtagc caagtccatg atattttgct     42660
     catctttatc ccttcctcta tctggtatag tgaggaataa tcagagtaaa ccttctaatt     42720
     ctcagctcgt ccctcagcat acagcaaccc ctccttgctg ccaacattgt tctgtcttat     42780
     tttcaggatg cctgagaaac tggtttctat ctcacttgaa tccgaagtgc tgaaagaaac     42840
     tgtagcatca tttgtatacc aggatgcact atgctgaaaa catgagcaca tcagagcaac     42900
     aatgagtctg caatgtcaga ggcaggaacc agaggaagta agaaatggtg ggcagatgaa     42960
     taccaagacc agattgaaac caaaaccaaa tcacctgaga aatagcatgg atgatcctct     43020
     aatggaaatt aagacagtta aatcaactat acgtgttaaa ataaaagcac atacagacaa     43080
     gaggcatccc aagaaaggta ctgagaagtc ccagaacctc tatctggggt gactagaaaa     43140
     gatcttcccc tcaatgaagc cagtacataa aatggagggg tggctgtttc tcaaatgcca     43200
     aaatcccaag aaagattgag agacatgcaa gtaacatgga aacatggcct aatggccaaa     43260
     tccaaaaaca aagtacatca ctggaaactg aacctaaaga aactgagatc acacaatttc     43320
     cacacaaagg tttaaaataa ctgtcttaat tgttcattga gaaaacaaaa caaagacagg     43380
     caactaaatg aaataagaaa aatagtacat gaacaaaaat gagactatca agagaaatag     43440
     aaacgatttt caaaaaaaaa ttttttttac agctgaaaaa caaagtactg aaattaaaaa     43500
     ctcaccagaa gactttgatg aggtatggga aagaatcagt aaactttaag atagtttatt     43560
     tgaaattatt gagttacaag agaaaacaaa agaataaata tacatatcaa tatacatatt     43620
     atgagagtca cataaaagga agagtaagag agaggcagaa aacattattg gaagaatacg     43680
     actaaaatct ttccaaattc cgagaaaaaa agacatacaa atttgaaaac aacaaattcc     43740
     actaagaatt taaaaacacc cataccaaga tatactatga taaattgttt ttctatgggg     43800
     gttttttgtt ctccagtttg gagggcagtg gtgcaatcta agctcaccgc aacctctacc     43860
     ttcaaagttc atgcaattat cccatcttag cttcctgaat agctgggatt acaggcaact     43920
     gccaacacac ccagctaatt ttttgtgttt tcagtagata tgggaatttg ccatgtggtc     43980
     caggctggtc ttgaactcct gggctaaagt gatccatctg cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct     44040
     gggattacag gtgtgagcca cagtgcagac ccaatcaagc tgttgatttc taaagaaaaa     44100
     gagaaaatct tgccacatac caggaagctt ctataaaatt accagtgaat ttctaagcag     44160
     aaaccttgaa ggccagaagg cagtgagaaa tttagtgaaa agaaaacctg tcaattaaga     44220
     ttacatatat acacatacat atatatggca aacattcctt aaaaatgaag tagaaatgaa     44280
     gactttccca gataaacaaa acttgaaggc atttattccc accagacctc cgtcacaaga     44340
     aatgctaaag aaagtatttc aaagaaagaa tgctaaacag caataggaag ccttataaga     44400
     cataaaatta tctgataagg taaatatatg gtcaaatata gagtcctgta ttttgaaaga     44460
     ttgatgacaa ataatacttt taaaagcatt aaaagacaaa agccttaaaa aattatacat     44520
     ccatacatct gtgtacatgc catataaaga tttaagtggg gtgcagtggc atgtgcctgt     44580
     agtcctagct acttgagagg ctgaaacaga aagactgctg aggttaggag ttcaaatata     44640
     gccaaggcaa tatacaagat cccacaattt ttttaataaa agatgttatt tgcaatatca     44700
     gtaacagaaa gttggaggga aacaaagctg taaacatgca gttttcattt gtagttgaat     44760
     tcaatatcaa tttaaaatag attattgcaa gtgtaagatg ttctatgtaa tccccatgtt     44820
     aactgtaaag aaatctctac aaaatacagg caaaaggcca ggcgcagcgt ctcacacctg     44880
     tagtcccagc actttaggag gctgaggcgg gcaaataacc tgaggtcggg agttcaagac     44940
     tagcctggca aatatggtga aaccttgtct ctactaaaaa taccacacac aaaaaaaaaa     45000
     ttgctgggca ttgtggtgga tgcctgtaat cccagctgct cagaaggctg agacaggaga     45060
     atctcttgaa cctgggaggc agaggttgca atgagccaag attgtgccat tgcactccag     45120
     actggtcaac aggagcgaag ctgtgtttca aaatatatat atatatatat atatgcaaaa     45180
     ggaatgagaa gagaatgtca ctagcaaaaa aatcaaaaca caaaggaaga cactaagagt     45240
     gaagacaagg gaacaaaaag ctcaacacac ataaaaacaa taaacaaaat ggcagcaata     45300
     tgtaggtcct tctctaccag taactacttt agataaatga attaagtttc ttaatttaaa     45360
     aaaagacaaa tggactaaat gcataaaaca cgggatccac aaagagactg atttagagtc     45420
     tttaggacat gatgctaaaa gtgaatgagt ggaaaaagat actacatgca aatggtaacc     45480
     aaaagagagc aggggtggtt acattaatat aatgagtata ttgcaaactt atggaatgca     45540
     gcaaaagttg tgctaacagg aaagttaata gctgtaaaca cttacaataa aaaagaaggc     45600
     atctcaaatc aacaacttaa ttttacagcg caagtgcaag aggaatacca aagtcaacct     45660
     aacactagta gagagaagaa taaatgaaaa ttagagcaga aataaaggaa acagaaaata     45720
     gaaaaacaat acaaaaaaaa ataaaccaaa ctaacaggtg gcgattgttt tgaacacatc     45780
     aagaaaactg acaaaacttt aggtagatat ttttaaaaag ggaatagatt caagtaacta     45840
     atgtcagatt caaataacta atagattcaa ataactaata tcagatgaaa aggggacatt     45900
     acaactgatg ccatagatca gcaaccccta ccgtttttgc atcagacaat aggtttagtg     45960
     gaaaacaatt tttccacaga cagaggaggg tgatggtatg atttctggat gaaactgtta     46020
     catcttagat catcatgcac tacattatca gaaggagcac acagtctaga tcccttgcat     46080
     gcactgttca caagcaagtt tgcactctta tgagaatcta atgccactgc tgatctgaca     46140
     agaggtggag cttagacagt aatgctggct caccaacctc tcacctcctc ctgtgtggcc     46200
     tagttcctaa cagcctacgg attggaatgg ctccattgcc aagggattga ggacccctgc     46260
     catagaggta aaaaggagtg taagagaaaa ctgtgaaaat tgtacaccaa aaaactagat     46320
     aatctagaaa atataagtaa attactataa acatacaacc taataaaaat aaaatataaa     46380
     gaatgataaa atctgaagaa tcttacagta aaaagactga atcagaaatc aaaaaccttc     46440
     aaaaaagaaa agctcaggat cagaaacctt cactgtagaa ttctacttaa caaagaatta     46500
     acacctaaaa ctcttgcaaa aaaaagtaaa gagaagaaag agttccacat tcattgtttg     46560
     aagatttata cattcattca ttccatactg cccagatagt aacactaaag aaaagactta     46620
     agaagaaaac tataggccag tataacattt aagtgaaaat cctcaacaaa acactagcaa     46680
     caattcaaca gaacattgaa agcattatac accatgacca aattatgtag ggtttacacc     46740
     tacataaata caaggacatg caagaacatg aataaatgca aggaatgcaa ggatagttca     46800
     acacctgaaa atcaatcaat aaaatgcatt ctcactaaga gaatgaagag ggaacataaa     46860
     ctatcaactc catttataca aaaaaggcat ttgcaaaaat taactccatt ttgtgatata     46920
     aaaaaatgct cagcagactt gaaatataag aaaactacct taacaaatgt cacatatgaa     46980
     aaatctagag ctatcgtcat actcaacagc aaatgatgaa aagcttttcc tctaagacca     47040
     actacaagat gaggatactt gctctagact cttttagtca acatgatact acaagtctta     47100
     gccagagcaa ataagcagaa atagtaataa aatagaaagc atccaaactg gaaaagaagg     47160
     agtaaaaata tctgtctctt cagatcatat gattctatat atagaaaacc tgaaagattc     47220
     cactggtgga aaacaaacaa ataaaaaaac ctgttaaaac taataaatta attcagcaaa     47280
     gttacagaac gcagagcaat caagttgtgt tttgtaagct tacaataaaa catacaaaaa     47340
     cagctgacaa aaattccatt cataagaaaa ttttacaaat agtaacttgg catattgaaa     47400
     caagaaatca ttgctgaaaa aaatttaata tacaaataaa gagaaagaca tcctgtgttc     47460
     ataaattgga agacctagta ttgttaaaat gtcaatacta tccatattga catacagtac     47520
     aacactatct ttcagaatgt taacgggttt ttttgcagaa gcacaaaaac atatcctaaa     47580
     ataaatatgg aatcttggaa aacactgagt ggtaaaaaca agcttgaaaa agaaccaaat     47640
     tggagatctc aaactccatg ataccaaagc atatgacaaa gttacagaaa ccaaaaagtg     47700
     tggtgatgaa ccaaagagag agaacagaaa caaaccctca actgtatggt caaaagaata     47760
     agagtgacaa gaccacccag catggaaaga agaggccatt cagcaagtgg tgtttaataa     47820
     acctagatac ccacatgcaa aagaataaac ttgaccctta taccatacac aaaaagtaaa     47880
     tcaagattga ttaaagacct catgtaagta ctaaagtcat gaaagaaaga aaaaaatcat     47940
     aaacagaaag gttcatgaca cttaatttgg cagtgatttc ctgggtatga ccacaaaatc     48000
     aaaaacagaa aaacgggatt gcatcaaact aaaacgcctc tgcacagtaa acagtcagca     48060
     ggttaaaggg atcctagttt tttggtgtac aattttcact gttttctctt acattccttt     48120
     ttacctctat ggcaagggtc cccaatccct tggcaatgga cccttttaca aaccaaaagg     48180
     cttttaattt gaattaatac ccaatatata aggatttcca atcaatagca aaaaaattga     48240
     aaatgggact tttaaaatgg aaaataactt aaataacatt tctcaaaaga agatatacaa     48300
     gtgaccaatg ggtataggaa caatgttcaa catcattaat catcaggaaa ggcaacataa     48360
     taccaccatg agataccatc tcacacctgc tgcaatggct gttaccaaaa agacaagaga     48420
     taaaatatat tggcaaagat gtagagaaaa ggaaatcctt ttacaccacc agtgagaata     48480
     caaattagta cagctagtat agaaaacagt ataaagtttc atcaaaactt aaatatagaa     48540
     ctgccatatg atccagtaaa tctgcttcac agtatgtctc caaagaaatt gaaatcagta     48600
     ggttgaagag acatctcttc tctcatgttc actgcagcat tattcataat aaccaagaca     48660
     tagaatcaaa caaagtgtcc atcaatggat gaccagtaaa gaaaatgtgg actatatata     48720
     caacgaaatg ttattgtgaa aattacacac ataaatatta ttttgaaaat ttatattgcc     48780
     ttgatgtgcc ttggttttac tgtggcaaaa tatatatagt ataaaagtta ccatttttaa     48840
     gtgtaagttc tgtacaaaaa aatgaaatcc tatcatgtgc tacaacatca aactttgagg     48900
     atattttgct aagggaaaca agctagtcat gaatactgca tgattccaca tatatgagat     48960
     atctaaagca gcaacactca gacacaaaaa ggaattgttt gtcaggcact tcaggaagaa     49020
     atgtgtgggg gtgttcagta agtacagtgt gtctgatttg gacgatgaat tttggagatt     49080
     gattgcacaa catgaatgta agtaattcta ctgaactgta cacttaaagt ggttaagata     49140
     ggaaatatat ggggttttca ccacagctta aaacccccca aaaaattgtt aaaaggacac     49200
     tggcaggaaa attaaaaagc aattgacaga atgggagaaa atattagcaa attatatatc     49260
     tgatgaagga ttaaaattct gaacacataa agtataataa cagctcaaca ccaccaccaa     49320
     aacaacccag ctaaaaaaat gggtaaagga tataaacaat aaacagtcat ccaacaaggg     49380
     tacagaaacg atcaataagc acataaaaag gtgctcagca tcgcgaatct ttggaaaaat     49440
     gtaaatcaaa accacaatga gataccatta agctggctat tagggtttac cccatcagga     49500
     tggctactac caaaaacaaa acaataaaat gaaacaaaat aacaagtatg gggaggatgt     49560
     ggaaaaactg gggccctttt aaattgctgg tagcaaggta aaatcatgca gtcagtttgc     49620
     aaaaccatac tgtgcttctt ccaaaaattc aacatataat tacaattctg gtccagcaat     49680
     tccacttttt ggtataatac agaagaattg aaagcagaaa cttaaacagt gtttttaagt     49740
     gaaaaaaagt ccactgatgg ataaatggat aaacaaaatg ttgtatgtgt gtatatgcat     49800
     atatatgtat atgtatatac acacacatat atggcatgaa tgaaccttta agatattatg     49860
     caagtgaatg aaaccatttg caaaacaaca aatactgtat ttaacttaca taggttacct     49920
     agaatagtga aatttgtaga cacaaattag aatggtggtt gacatacatg agtggggaaa     49980
     gagcatttaa tggatgtaaa gtttcactta ggaaaaataa agaaattctg aggatgcaga     50040
     gcagtgatga ttgcacaaca atttagatgt gcctaatgcc acagaatgta tacttaaaat     50100
     ggtaaatatt atattatatt gtatatataa caataataaa tctaaagcac ataaaagaaa     50160
     taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa aaacagaaaa     50220
     tactcgacta ttggtaagaa cgttgcagcc ccaatggaaa agagccagaa agttactcaa     50280
     agaaataaag aaataggaag ttggactgag gacacgatta acaccagggt gttttccgct     50340
     gtctctgtct tctctgtata gactgaatgt tgagatttat taaagtccat aaattacact     50400
     tctcaggtag cacagacaaa atggaaggca tctcagaaac caccccatat aacacaaatc     50460
     aatgtctctc ggttcttcat gcaagcacca aagagtccat tcctagaaaa ggagaggcta     50520
     agaacaaaaa tcattttcat gtaaatcatt ttgcataaaa ttaatctgta tcaggtagga     50580
     gactccaata atgccctcaa ggttgccagc aggttcgtgt aagaagcact gcagagggaa     50640
     atactaccca ctgttgctat ctgctgccat caccctcctg cctgtctaca cacacacatg     50700
     ctcacaagtt cagcagttac aataaaatga gtcttagcga aggaaagaag aggagagaac     50760
     tggaaatcta gagtagaaaa tacagtggcc aagtacttga ctcttgtcag cagcaatata     50820
     gagagaagga gaaatgtccc ttcctcttgg tagaccaaag ttccgtaaca cttaccacac     50880
     accaattggc cttggcaatc caacttattt ttcccatgcc tgtaccttct gtccctactg     50940
     gaatcttgat gaaaagaaac tacatggtca atggtgcaat tccacatgcc acagggagac     51000
     tccagtatac ccaaagcctc attgataata ctgctgagct tactaggaaa tggacactga     51060
     agataccatc cctccacctt aacccacccc catctcagcc tccacagtca ttcaggaaac     51120
     cttccaaact gactgaagtt ttgcttccca tggttggccc ttcctcccct acaaagatac     51180
     aagtgaggtg taagcaacca ctggggataa agcaaaggag ggcagtgcag accctgggaa     51240
     gtactggaga aaaggaacta gcctgcaaat cagcaaggag cgtataggga aaacccaggc     51300
     ttccccacag aacccctcat gcaaaagtgt ctcggaccag gtgcctctcc cagatcaact     51360
     attgctgtga gggactccct tttccattaa tctctcaagc tactacatct gcttttgtgt     51420
     tcctctcatt tctttcacat tgtgccacat gctgaaccat cagggaatca tttgcctatg     51480
     tgacagcaga agcatttgaa tgctggggtc cctcaataga agaggtccca aaaaaagaaa     51540
     tctgtatctt tcattacagt atcttagcat tacttcttct cccccaagca cattcttgat     51600
     ctggtcccta cagagctggt tcccactcaa agtgatgggt gagaggggtt tgcataggga     51660
     gggatagatc tagaataggc agatctacaa taactattta tttaaaccct gagtgcctgt     51720
     caaagcactt gcctccacta gagtatcaca ggaaaaaaat gcactcgagc taggtatttt     51780
     aactcatgcc tataatccca acaccgtagg aggccaagac aggaggatca ctctagccca     51840
     ggagtttgag accagcctga gcaacaaagc aagacctata tctacaaaaa attaaaataa     51900
     aacacttagc ctcgtgtggt ggtatgcacc tgtagtccca gctcttctag gggctgaggt     51960
     gggaggatca tttgtccaag tgttagaggc tgtagtgagc tatgagcata ctaatggact     52020
     ccagcgtggg tgacaataat aacaataata ataataaggt acttattatt gttggataga     52080
     gtaagctcct ctatccaaca aaatggaaca aattatacca taaagctaat agcagcattt     52140
     atgagtatac aaagggaata taaagaaact tcactcagga gttctgagat tccttgctct     52200
     taatccaaag tctgagagtc cacagaaagc aggataaggg ccagagcaca aagtaggaat     52260
     ccattttctt tgcaaggaac aatgggaacc ccatgggtgc tgcttaatgt tagaagtcta     52320
     aaaacacaaa agaaagactt agaaaaactt cagtgtacca accacccaca attacttttc     52380
     tggttggtca gagttcagtc actcctcctt gctccataga actacacaca ctgcaacaca     52440
     tggaattgcc tccaaagagc atcaagcaga tgtaaggatg ctggtgcaaa tgaggcctac     52500
     cttggagcac aatagcaagt gactaataca ttgcatacca ttaaaaatat ttttttctat     52560
     aatttgcatt tagttcagaa aaatgccaac caaagtccct cctcaaaagc acaaatcaaa     52620
     tcttgatagt acaagcccag ctgtaaacag gaaaaggcct ctaacgtttt cacactacag     52680
     gcttgtttat ctttaagcct ttcctccaga tgaaactgaa gcaggtgaaa tggaagcaac     52740
     atttctccag aaaatggcac aagtcataaa aagagaccaa tttatagaac tggcaatgag     52800
     ttcaggtatc actccagaag catttctgtg ctccccatta ggtatcctaa atatatgaaa     52860
     aagcccatgt taaaacttag gaagacggga gggaggggga atggaagtgg acacaaagaa     52920
     atgcaagcat cctgcaggta ttcaccagag attcaaagtc atgtagaagg gcaggataca     52980
     gattaagtca gccctgaatg attcactgaa ccccaggttc tatggttata aagctatcaa     53040
     ctccagagtt cctaaggagt aaatttttac actaagcttg ccccaaccca gccaaaaggc     53100
     agacctacat tcctgatcat cttgattgcc tgctttggtg acttgggcat tttaaggatt     53160
     cattgaatag tcaccactgc caattgatct ccttcccaac atgatgcctc catgaagtgc     53220
     ctggagaggt gccaggaact tggaaatggc ctatgactat gaacatctag tttaataagt     53280
     cacagagtgg atggtacagt aggcagacct gaagactaca cttttgcatc ctacaattga     53340
     aggcaaaaat atttctgaaa aggggaaggc ttataaggga aatagattgt caaaagccag     53400
     ctggcattct ttcttcccaa atataccctg tttgagtcct ggaacctaca atgttgcatt     53460
     tccaacctgg taaacagtgg caagtgtagg gaacacagca cactcctgtt gctaacttgt     53520
     catctgaaat aacaaggcca tttcagaagg aaacagtgac tttcagagta ttctgcaatt     53580
     tccaggatta ttattacata actgatgtat ttttaaataa ttatttaatt taattaataa     53640
     ttcttacagc aagcttacta cttacaactg aaagttattt tctcaaatct taaaaattct     53700
     gtcacaagca gctgagaaac caggtgtaca catcctagcc aaactcctcc agacacaaac     53760
     acgcatgacc ctgtaagcct tctcccatca cctccgccta acaagttccc taaaccacaa     53820
     catacaaacc atcctgcacc tcatcccaat cctgggatgt cagaaagatt tgtttagtta     53880
     agtaaggaag ttcggttgag ctttctcagt agaagacact ctggccagaa actagcagcc     53940
     acctctgcac ttcctctgtg ggtttacatc ctgtgggctt tataagtgct gaggaaagac     54000
     gactagagac actgtgctaa tccttgccaa tagcgtttac actatttaca aatttgtgat     54060
     tgatgtaaat ggccttgaca ttccccttac caaagtcaaa ccagactaga gatacagcta     54120
     cagatcaaac cttaatggca gttcaaaaca agtcccatac gggtcagctt caccagagac     54180
     atcataagca aaagaatgct gccatttctt atagatttct gtgcagttta tcagccctct     54240
     cccagaattt tctccttggg ttaaaaagaa agcatgattc ctatagccca tttcctcaac     54300
     tagaaatcaa gtttgttcaa acctctagga ctgattgcta cactcggcaa aagcaggagc     54360
     tgatctaccc tggacacgtt gaggttttgg cagtaagtct gtacatgtca caaagtcctg     54420
     atctgtccta tagcccacac catagtggtc tctttgtttt gtaaattgcc cacctcaatg     54480
     tctcctttat gatatttgat taacttcatt cccatagcat cattattaga gcaaattaca     54540
     agactagtga gtccttaaat atgctttaac taaatactta catgaggctc attatatggt     54600
     ttaccgaagg cattaccttg tatcataaac tttcactaga aatacaactg cccaagaaac     54660
     aaatctttgg tctctgtcta atgaatatct tttacatata attgacattg ttcttaacaa     54720
     ttaaatttac caggccagtt tacctcccat cttagcacct tgtttttgtt gctgttgttg     54780
     ttttgttttt tgttgttgtt ttgttttttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt ttgtttcttt     54840
     ctttttgaga cggagttcca ctgttgtcac ccaggatgga gtgcaatggc acaatctcag     54900
     ctcactgcaa cctctgcctc ccagattcaa gcaattctcc tgtctcagcc tccccagtag     54960
     ctgagattac agttgtgtgc caccacgccc aaccaagttt tgtattttta gtacagatgg     55020
     ggtttcacca ttttggccag gctggtctca aactcttgac ctcaagtgat ccacccatct     55080
     tggcctccca aagagctggg attacaggta tgagtcactg cacccacttt gttttataaa     55140
     cagtatttac ccaactacaa ttattttcaa agtatacagc ctgggccttg cctatatcaa     55200
     aatatacttc agctttagct gagtgccctc agagaagggg tgaaggtggg gagtacaagc     55260
     acaggaaatt attttcaagt ctttttgttt tcttcaacaa cagaggcagt ggtggagctg     55320
     ggcaagtcaa aatgtatgtt ccagctttgg gtctgattaa aacttggttg tctagaaacc     55380
     ttgttaaatg ccttgttaaa tgctttgaaa ctcccattta gcagttctgt acaaatgcaa     55440
     acttgaatag ctctaggcct acttcttcta aaaaaaaaaa aaatgaaatg tagtgtacaa     55500
     ataatgtaaa tcctagacaa gtgtcatgtt atcacatgac aagtgccaag gcatttcctg     55560
     tcaaaaaccc atgaatctat atcctctaac ctttgtaatt ttttcttcta ttgacagcat     55620
     tttatacagc atttaataag cacaccctga ctgtgtttca ctgtgactct gagcaaaata     55680
     aatggtagac tgcattctgg cctgggcgac agagcgagac tccatctcaa aataaacaaa     55740
     taaataaata aacaaacaaa caaacaaata aataaataaa gggtagaaaa ccagtaaggg     55800
     tgggaaaaac agtccacaga agagtgtcat gctggagaaa tgtcttcaag tgggtaagga     55860
     aaaatagcat ttaggagtac ttctactgac caaaaagaaa acaaaagtat ttttttggag     55920
     gaaagaagcc actctcactt gtctggtggc tcaaagctgc gcagatgtaa cgtgtctggt     55980
     tacagcttcc attcccaaga taaaccagtt tttttcatga tactctgccc tcagttatca     56040
     ggtaattttc aaaagataca gatctgattt tctactcatg ctagaaactt tttaaaaaat     56100
     acaaaacata aaacagtgat ccctggccga ctttgcagaa caccacactg agccctcata     56160
     acatccagat ttaatcctta tcaaatgtat cccgcacttc cgcttctcca gcaggccact     56220
     tctgtctcac ctgttccaac caggtctcct tcctctagca gctcctgttc ccttccccaa     56280
     aacaatgatg aaaaacttgc cagccaggca tggtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt     56340
     cgggaggctg aggcaggcag atcacctatg gtcggaagtt tgagaccagc ctggccaaca     56400
     tgataaaacc ctgtctctac taaaactaca aaaattagct ggccttggtg gtgggcgcct     56460
     ataatccaag ctagttggga ggctgaggca agagaatcgc ttgaacctgg gaggcagagg     56520
     ttacagtgag ccaagatcat gccactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacaaagc aagactctcg     56580
     tctaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaac acttgccaaa gagcatagtg ctaagggtta     56640
     agagctttag aaccaatgtc taaaccataa aatgatccta tttagtgggg aaaaaaaaga     56700
     ttcagtcctt tcaatatgta ctcatttaaa ttacaaagaa ctgacataaa gggaaagagg     56760
     caaacccaga gaaataacct cagtggagag tattaactgg tcagtcccag gacactggca     56820
     tatcactgtc agagggaata gtagcagcaa gaaatgaagg cgcaatccac agaatatgac     56880
     tggttagcta aggcacgatt tatccttagg acaataatgt ccctagtgtt ctttggtcct     56940
     aaagatggat gactgttcaa tcttaacaaa tgaaaaactt actgaggctg gagggcccta     57000
     aataacttat ccgtaaggac aaaactcaag ctcaaacgta gaagtgcaca gagaaggcaa     57060
     ttgctggtct aatttttcca cttgaaatca ttattttctc acgccgtatc cttgaggaaa     57120
     tttggaagac ttccctaata ctcctcccta aataacagta aaaagatacc atttcagtcc     57180
     tagaaactaa attcacaaga agccttgaac ccagtttctc ttacctgcag taatctttta     57240
     gcacgtttta aaatttcata cttttttcct atatcccact ctctactatg aaattgacct     57300
     ccctggtgtg aggtcattag ttcccagaag accccacttt cccttcctcc aggagcccag     57360
     aataggaaga gagagaaaaa aaaaaggtag gttggctact ctcaggtctc caactcattg     57420
     ttagaaacta ggctttgacg ctctagtttt gccacgtagt gaacaaatct atctgccttg     57480
     ggctaatgtc ttcaaaaagt acttttacac tagtcacagg gctgaagcaa aactaccaga     57540
     gagggggaag ggaagcaggt gaatgaagag actaatggga gtggcttgca agccaggtac     57600
     tgtgccctac aactctcgcg ctgccacaaa aagccaatta acgaagcaaa ctgttttatc     57660
     ttttcctctc cccagaagtt cgccctagaa atcaaaaacc actgaagctt aggagtggca     57720
     aacatcggtt cccgttccga tgtttgttcc cacactattc ccagtttcta gttctcatgg     57780
     acgctccaat gcccagggtt accgccagct cggctccgtg aggccgcgca gggggcacca     57840
     gatcctcggc cacctctatt ggttttccag ccttggaccg cttgcttctc ctaaccccaa     57900
     aactccagat gtgcgaaatg gctccgctgt gcgacccagc agttagcggc aggagggaca     57960
     gagggatgat gtcaactcgt tttgccagcc gagcacgccg tcgtggcccg gcagccctgg     58020
     tctgcgggcc agccctccgc aagtgacttt taaagacttt ctagcctcga taatctgaca     58080
     tagttccgac ctcaccccgc accgagatct gggtggggtg ggccttccct ctcaacccct     58140
     ctcatagcat cccaacacct caggagaggg gacgttccgc ccaggcactg cgagacagaa     58200
     ctcaagttgc tgacttcccc taacacaccc agtcttactt ggtcctcgta gagtaggagg     58260
     attcccaaag cgatcttcta ccaaccgagc ccgggagctc ggtgtcagaa ttgcctacaa     58320
     atccgaccgt ccagtcctac ccgcggcgcg catgcaaagt gcaccgcaag ttcgcgctct     58380
     ctcggaagtg tctatagctt ccggaagggg gaaggagagg gagcaaggca gaaggaggct     58440
     gcctaaaaaa aataaaaagt aaaaagtaaa aaactcttgc gataaaagtc tattgtattc     58500
     ctgtcatgat agctagagct ctgaagaaca gaaattggtg ttggaggaag gtgccagaaa     58560
     tggtacggag cgacccctac tggccctata aatctacccc tgtggcagtt actattagca     58620
     ttaaaagacc ctcctttctt caaagcaata gtgccttttc ataaccttcc cccacctaaa     58680
     atggtactcc tccccacatt ctgaaatcac aaggacaaac aacacctcga agttgtgacc     58740
     ccggggccgg acgcggtgga tcacacctgt aatcccaaca ctttgggaag ccgaggctcg     58800
     tggattacga ggtcaagaga tccagaccat cctggccaac acggtgaaac cccgtctcta     58860
     ctaaaaatag aaaaattggt tgggtgtggt ggtgcgagcc tgtagcccca gctactcagg     58920
     atacaggcag gaaaattgct tgcacccggg aggcggaggt tgtagtatgc caagatggca     58980
     ccactgcact ccagcctggc aacagagcga gactctgtct caaaataata aataaataaa     59040
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa ataaagtgga ggcctctgaa     59100
     tctcttggtg atctcacatg ccctgctcct ggcaccccaa tctggagccc tgatctgaaa     59160
     ctctttacct agcagttcct ctagttgcac ataaacaatg aaaatatagt ttagcttcag     59220
     gttttcaaca ttagcaaaac tctgtatcca tgcaaatcaa tatgacaagt acgacctaaa     59280
     agctctatct gccctgtgtc gatgtacatt aatcattccc ccccatcatc tttgagatca     59340
     ctagttatgt tttctgctag gttaaagatc ttcggacaga cttgccgccg aatctaatcg     59400
     ccaggagtga gcaggcgatg ctggttgggg tgacagggtg ctaaaaaata accaagggag     59460
     aacagctcga ttattaaaac ccacaacgac tctcactcga caaaaattca tacaatccct     59520
     tggcagaatg tactggggac aactgccaaa agcagtctag atagctgtag accagggcaa     59580
     tttgtccacc tcagggactg acaaaagagg ccagtcactc tgaccagaac gtcttctcat     59640
     ggctcagcta cctgtgcctc agcaaagaac agactttcca gagggaatcg ggaattctgg     59700
     ccaaaaacac tgaagaaaaa agtcagtatg agtggtagcc aaacttggcc tcctgccatt     59760
     ctgactagat ccctagcagg gctgagacat aacagcaggc acaagaagcc ctgatgcagg     59820
     agggtcccct cttgcagaga aaagagctca cctgccccat gtgtggtcct caacgcactc     59880
     atgcacacat gagaattgca ctgaggccta ataaaggacc ttttgggcag gcacggtggc     59940
     ttaagcctat aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaagtggg gggaatcacc tgaggtgagg     60000
     agttcaagac tagcctagcc aacatggcaa aaccccctct ctactaaaaa tacaagtatc     60060
     agctgggcat catggcaggt gcctgcaatc ccagctactt cggaggctga ggcaggagaa     60120
     tcgcttgaac acaggttgtg gaggatgcag tgagccaaga ttgggccact gcactccagc     60180
     ctgggcaaca gagtgagact ccattgcaaa caacaacaac aaaagggact tctgagctcc     60240
     ttcaggcctg gggctggtgg gaggtgggga acaggggtga agaaggggct attgtatgag     60300
     ataccacacc tcaggcgtaa acgcacaaaa gcccttgccc ctcccatgtt tttcaaaacc     60360
     tccaggatgg cattcccagg gctacctgga ccttctgagg aaagtcctgg tgatcctggg     60420
     gttctggtgg cattgaggcc cagccagcag ccaacatggg ctccacccaa cagcagtctt     60480
     gccagcttaa atcctgctat gctggggtag tgaaaaatcc ttgaagcagg gcagaattta     60540
     catgcatgtc tgggttggtg ggggcttatg ctaatccacc ctacacaggc cttcctgatg     60600
     gttctccaga ggggttgggg gggaagtata caaaaatgaa agcatttttt ttttggcttt     60660
     gtctttccca ggccaccaga ccctgcatca cttgagacaa cagaaccaca aaatatgcaa     60720
     catccactac tcaggttcag aaagtggaaa gatattcctc cctttttcca tcatcatcca     60780
     tccattcaaa gtcaataact caaaatctct tagaaatctt gcttcatgct caacacatac     60840
     cctcttttct gctccataat gaaagaaaca ataaccagaa taaatttgaa gaattgaggg     60900
     ccatccacat tcaggtacgt cactttgccc tctgtttcct gtttctgttt ctgaaaaaga     60960
     tgcactattt cactgtgaac aaaaatgtta tgtgcatgaa tgtggttgtg taacccatgc     61020
     ttccttcaca gtgttgttct ctctcatcag aaaagccttc attatgcatt gaagaggttt     61080
     tcccattcag cttgtgtcct taagcatgga tagacagata ttcatggaac caccttcaca     61140
     cctttaaatg ggctttggtc cctagcaaca tctcacaaaa tttctgccca gtattaaatt     61200
     aaacaaaatc ccatattttt tctcaaatac agttacactt tctgtctttg tatttgccta     61260
     tcaatgttta catttctagt tcttaatgga caactgagca ccaagtgtct taatttgtct     61320
     tagtgcatgt tagcctgaca cacatcttaa actgaacatt cttgatacat acagctccct     61380
     aaattgaaat tcaaattgtc ttgttctacc tactaccaat aacatgataa catccacaat     61440
     ccagagcaac atggttttga aaaaaaaaag gaaaacaatt ttgcgaatta gtaacattta     61500
     tagggcacca aatgtttgat ctgtaatcca tccatgaatg agcagctctg caaagaactg     61560
     cactaatgtc ttcatggtca ttaagttttt agaccaatct aatatcggca ccccaaatca     61620
     tccacacatc agtctcctgc tgctgaatga aggctgtttc cctccacttt tctgattcta     61680
     tctcctcaaa agttcaaaag atgtctattt aggtcccgtt tgctctctcc aatgcctaac     61740
     cgtagacatt ggcatggcac tttaggctca tgttctcagt gtgcatctgt cttgctcagg     61800
     actcgtaccc atgttacaag gctgagcaga ccctcctgta cttggaatag tttcagaagg     61860
     aatagtacca tctcctgctt gtacctctgg tagaatttgg ctgtgaatcc atctggtcct     61920
     ggactttttt tggttggtaa gctattaatt gttgcctcaa tttcagagcc tgttattggt     61980
     ctattcagag attcaacttc ttccttgttt agtcttggga gggtgtatgt agtattttct     62040
     gaaggtagtt tgtattcctg tgggatcggt ggtgatatcc cctttatcat tttttattgc     62100
     atctatttga tttttctctc ttttcttact tattagtctt gttagcagtc tatcaatttt     62160
     gttgatcttt tcaaaaaacc agctcctgga ttcatggatt ttttgaagca ttttttgtgt     62220
     ctctatttcc ttcagttctg ctttgatctt agttatttat tgccttctgc tagcttttga     62280
     atgtgtttgc tcttgcttct ctggttcttt taattgtgat gttagggtgt caattttaga     62340
     tctttcctgc tttctcttga gggcatttag tgctataaat ttgcctctac acactgtttt     62400
     gaatgtgtcc cagagattct ggtattttgt gtcattgttc tcattggttt caaacaacat     62460
     ctttatttct gccttcattt tgttttgtac tcagtagtca ttcaggagca ggttgttcag     62520
     tttccatgta gttgagtggt tttgagtgag tttcttaatc ctgagttcta gtttgtttgc     62580
     actgtggtct gagagacagt ttgttataat ttctgttctt ttacatttgc tgaagagtgc     62640
     tttacttcca actatgtggt caattttgta ataggtgtgg tgtggcgctg aaaataatgt     62700
     atattttgtt gatttggggt ggagagttct gtagatgtct attaggtcag ttaggtgcag     62760
     ggatgagttt aattcctgga tatccttggt aactttctgt ctcgttgatc tcattgtcta     62820
     atgctgacag tggggtgtaa agtctcccat tattattgtg tgggagtcta agtctctttc     62880
     taggtctcta aggacttgct ttatgagtct gggtgctcct gtgttgggtg cttatatatt     62940
     taggatagtt agctcttctt gttgaattga tcactttagc attatgtaat ggccttcttt     63000
     gtctcctttg atctttgttg gtttaaagtc tgttttatca gagaccagga ttgcaacccc     63060
     tgcctttttt tgttttccat ttgcttggta gatcttcctc cgtcccttta ttttgagcct     63120
     atttgtgtct ctgcacatga tatgggtttc ctgaatacag cacactgatg ggtcttgact     63180
     ctttatccaa tttgccgtct gtgtctttta attggatcat ttagtccatt tacatttaag     63240
     gttaatattg ttatgtgtga atttgatctg gccattatga tgttagctgg ttattttgct     63300
     cattagttga tgcagtttct tcctagcatt gacggtcttt acaatttggc atgtttttgt     63360
     agtggctggt accggttgtt cctttcgatg tttagtgctt ccttcaggag ctcttttagg     63420
     gcaggcctag tggtgacaaa atctctcagc atttgcttgt ctgtaaagga ttttatttct     63480
     ccttcactta tgaagcttag tttggctgga tatgaaattc tggattgaaa attcttttgt     63540
     ttgagaatgt tgttccccac tctcttctgg cttgtagagt ttctgccaag caatcagctg     63600
     ttagtctgat gggcttccct ttgtgggtaa cccgaccttt ctttctggct gcccttaaca     63660
     atttttcctt catttcaact ttggtgaatc tgacaattat gtgtcttgca gttgctcttc     63720
     tcgaggagta tctttgtggt gttctctgta tttcctgaat ttgactattg gcctgccttg     63780
     ctagattggg gaagttctcc tggataatat cctgcagagt gttttccaac ttggttccat     63840
     tctccccatc actttcaggt acaccaatca gacgtagatt tggtcttttc atatagtgcc     63900
     atatttcttg gaggctttgt tcatttcttt ttattctttt ttctctaaac ttctcttctt     63960
     gcttcatttc attcatttca tcttccatca ctgataccct ttcttccagt tgatcgaatc     64020
     agctactgag gttgtacatt catcacatag ttctcatgcc atggttttca gctccatcaa     64080
     gtcctttaag gacttctctg cattggttat tctagttagc catttgtcta atttttttca     64140
     aggtttttag cttcttggtc atgggttcta acttcctcct ttagctcaga gtagtttgat     64200
     cgtctgaagc ctccttctct caacttgtcc gagtcattct ccatagctca gagtagttag     64260
     atcatctgaa gcctccttct ctcaacttgt ccgagtcatt ctccatccag ctttgttcca     64320
     tttctggtga ctaacttcat tcctttggac aaggacaggc gctctgattt ttagagtttc     64380
     cagtttttct gctctgtttt ttccccatct ttgttgtttt atctaccttt ggtctttgat     64440
     gatggtgacg tacagatggg ggtttggtgt gaatatcctt tctgtttgtt agttttcctt     64500
     ctaacagtca ggaccctcag ctgcaagtct gttggagttt gctggaggtc cattccagac     64560
     cctgtttgcc tgggtatcag cagcagaggc tgcagaacag cggatattgg tgaacagcaa     64620
     atgttgctgc ctgatcattc ctctggaagt tttgtctcag aggagtatcc ggctgtgtga     64680
     ggtgtcagtc tgcccctact tgggggtgcc tcccagttag gcaactgggg ggtcagagac     64740
     ccactttagg aggcagtctg tctgttctca gatctctagc atcgtgctgg gagaaccact     64800
     actctcttcc aagctgtcag atggacattt aagtctgaag agacttctgc tgtcttttgt     64860
     ttggctatgc cctgccccca gagttggagt ctgcagaggc atgcaggcat ctttgaatgg     64920
     cagtgggctc cacacagttc gagcttcctg gcagctttgt ttacctactc aagcctcagc     64980
     aatggtgggc acccctcccc cagccttgct gccactttat agtttgatct catactactg     65040
     ttcttgcagt gagtgaggct ctgtgggcat aggatcctcc gagtcatgca cgggatataa     65100
     tctcctggtg tgccttttgc taagaccatt ggaaaagtgc agtattaggg caggagtgac     65160
     ccgactttcc aggtgtcatc tgtcacccct ttctttggct aggaaaggga attccctgac     65220
     ctcttgtgct tcctgggtga ggtgatgcct ctccctgctt cgtctcacac tcggtgcgct     65280
     gcacacactg tcctgcaccc actgtccaac actccccagt gagatgaaca cagtacctca     65340
     gttggaaatg caaaaatcac ccatcttctg tgtcactcac gctgggagct gtagactgga     65400
     gctgttccta tttggtcatc ttggctccac cctgattaac ttattcctgt gcaaaaagct     65460
     gaaatatctc tacaatgaaa actgtaaaat attggtgcaa ggaattgaag aggacacaaa     65520
     aaaatggaaa gatagtctat gcttagaatt ctcaagaatc attattgtga aatgtccata     65580
     ctatccaaag taatctacag attcaatgca atctctgttg aaatatcaat tctattcttt     65640
     gcagaaatag gaaaaaccat cttaaagttt atgtggaact acaaaagact cagaatcctg     65700
     aacaaacaga acaaaaaagg aagaattata tttacgtgtc ttcaaattat acttcagagg     65760
     tatagtaatc aaagcacgat gtagtggcac aaaaccacac acatagactg gtggaacaga     65820
     acacagatcc caggaacaaa tccacagacc tatatgtagt taactcattt ttttacaaag     65880
     gtgccaagaa cataagttgg tgaaaaggac agtctcttca ataactggtg ttgcaaaaat     65940
     tggatattca tatgcagaaa aataaaacta gaccctatct accaccatat gcaaaaatca     66000
     aatcaaaatg gctcaaccac ttaattttaa gccttcaaac catgaaacta ctacaagaaa     66060
     atattgggga aactctccag gacagtgaac tgggcaaaaa tttcttgagt gctaccccac     66120
     gagctcaggc aaccaaagca aaattagaca aataaggtca caggaagcta aaaagctttt     66180
     gcacaataaa ggaaagcaat taacagagtg aagaaacaac ctgcagagtg ggagaaaact     66240
     ttgccaaata tctgtctgac atgggattaa tcaccataat atatagggaa gctaaacaac     66300
     tgtattttta aaaatctaat aattcaattt aaaaattagc caaaaaaatc tgaatagaca     66360
     tttttgaaaa gaagacctat aggcttatga aaaggtgatc aacatcattg aacattagag     66420
     aaatgaaaat caaaactaca atgagatatc atctcacccc cattaaaata acttttgtcc     66480
     aaataagcag ttacaaaagg gaactctcaa acaatgttgg tggaaatgta aaataggatg     66540
     atcattatag aggccatttt ggaggtttct acaaaaaact gaaaatagat ccagcaatcc     66600
     tgctgctgga tatataccca acaaaaacca aaacagtata tggaagagat atctgcattc     66660
     ccatgtttgt tgcaacactg ttcacaatag ggaatatttg gaagcaatct aagtgtcaat     66720
     caatagagga ctgcataaag aaaatataag tatactcaat ggagtataat gcagccatgc     66780
     aaaagattga catcctatta tttgcaataa cagagtaaac tgtagtcaaa tatgataatc     66840
     ccagaacaga aagacaaact tagcatgttc tcacttactt gagggagcta aaaataaaaa     66900
     caattaagcc tacacagata gagagtagaa ggatgggtat gagaacctag gaagtgtagt     66960
     agtgcattgg aggaggaagt ggagatagtt aatggaacaa aaaaatagtg aagatctatt     67020
     attttatagc ataatgggat gactgtaatt aataataatt taattataca tttaaaaata     67080
     gctataagtg tacaaatggt ttgttgtaac ataatgtata aatgcttgag gcaattgata     67140
     cctcatttac ccaggtatga ttattacact ttgtatgcct gtatcaaaat agcctacata     67200
     ttctataaac atatacctct actatgcacc atgtaaaatt aaaaaattaa aaattgaaaa     67260
     aagaactcta attgccatat gagagtcatc ataggtgccc ctgtagacag ctcacctaat     67320
     cctccagcca acagctgcca tcaactggcc atgtgagtgt gccatttttg acatcctttg     67380
     gataactacg acccgaggtg atatctgaca gcaacccatc caagtcttta ctatggtgaa     67440
     agagaattac tacccttggc ccttctaaca attcctgacc cagtgaattg tgagcaaaat     67500
     aagctgtgtt ttaatatgtg atgtttgggg taatatgtta gtcagcaaat agtaagtaaa     67560
     acagatccct ggtgtaaagt aagtaaaaca gttgccccag ggtgcaaagg ggttgataat     67620
     ttgcccatgg tttcatacct aagggttagt gctaagactt aaacttcaat gctaaatcca     67680
     aattatttta tcacagtatc ttctcaacat ctcttgatag tttctttcta ttgagaacct     67740
     tattttcaga ctcagttgat ttccaaacct ctctgcacat cagagttaac tgtatacagg     67800
     ttatgataga gattgccatt ccaattctat aaagtcagat tttaaaggca tgagaccagg     67860
     aatctgcatc ctaaagtggc accccaggtg acactgaggc agtctgtgaa gctatcagta     67920
     gatcctactg ctcagccagg atattctaga ctaattagaa gtgaccagca agatttcctt     67980
     tgaaatattt tcagcattgg acaattactc agttgtgtgc ttatctggtt atatttagac     68040
     tttatgagcc ctaacttctg cactattttc ttgaccccta aaactagaag acaaaagcta     68100
     atggtattgt atctggcaaa aaagtgtttt ttgagcaact caagtgtggc aacaccttcc     68160
     tagattttgg ggtcattgcc ttctaagaat gaagcattag gatgaggacc taaatgtaaa     68220
     atcacttcag aacatcaaat gacaagtgtt tgtgaccata agcacaatgg aatggaaaga     68280
     attataccca aatatgctaa gaagtatcag tttaaatgag gcccagtgga ggaaatttta     68340
     cctggggctg gatgtctaat gagatctgaa aagcaaaaag attactccag gtagagccta     68400
     ggagcttaag ctccaagggc agagaggaga agaaatgtat tcagtgggaa gggaacagtt     68460
     tacacggtgt aatttaagac agctttagaa gtagaagaga gagataaagc agacttggga     68520
     aatggggaaa ggcttgaagc tgaattcaga tttttatttt ttccatttcc aaattccagt     68580
     gttattaaag atcaagtact gaactctata ttttattgaa aataaaaata aattaataga     68640
     attttcttag cagattattt aacattttcc cctgcgatat ttttacagga gatactgtga     68700
     agaattttta aaggaaaaat aatttgtttc tgccattttg gaactttaag aatcccacca     68760
     tttttagcta ctaaaatggc taaaacataa aagtgagaaa attctgaggg ctggcaaggg     68820
     gaactctcat atatgcctag tggaagtgaa aaaaaattga taaaatttgt cacacctgtg     68880
     gtcccagcca ctcacgaggc tatatttttg cacacgtatt ttacatgtct acataaataa     68940
     tatgtgtagc ctccaaatat atgcacatgt gcataaatat agatgaaaac attattctta     69000
     atgacaaaac caaaagtagc caaatgttct tcaactgtag aacagattat ttaattttgg     69060
     tatagtcaca caagggaata ttcagcaatg agcattaatg aactacaatc atatacaaca     69120
     gtaaataaat tccataaaca taatgttagg caagagaagc caaccaaaaa caacctttat     69180
     ttttataaaa tacacaatat ataaagccaa tcaatgttgt taaaagttaa gagttacaga     69240
     catataagtt tacacataat taatgcatag cttgctgaga aacaacatcc atgtaaccag     69300
     aacccagttt agagatagaa tatcatcact ctgatagtga cagcaaggca atcaggaatt     69360
     tctagggaag tggtgatttt ctattcctta aactgagttc tggttacatg gatgttgttt     69420
     ctcagcaagc tgtgaactaa ctatgtgtat acttgtgtgt ctgtatgttt cacttcaata     69480
     aaagtgttaa aagttaatgt agttggggat aaaacacaat acaatacaat acagtgcagt     69540
     acagtacagt acaatacaat acaagagaag ggcccaagaa gggtctgtta gaccagagta     69600
     ggaatcattg gaattttggc aaagttgcca ataaaatctg aggctatgct gcagtttcca     69660
     gaatgctcca cactctccat attgtattgt tctaaagaac aactattaga agagcctacc     69720
     aggagggacc aagatgatca aataagaaca ggtctggtct gcagctccaa gtgaggtcaa     69780
     cgcagaaggt gggtgatttt tgcaattcaa actgaggtaa tcagttcttc taattgggac     69840
     tgtttaagca gggaggcaca gcccatggag ggcaagcaga agcaaggtgg ggcttcactt     69900
     catctaggaa gtggaagcag ctgagtacct ccctctccca accaagggaa ttcatgaggg     69960
     actgtgctac ccatatgagt tactatgctc ttcccacaat ttttgaaatc tgcagatcag     70020
     gagattccct tgtatgccta catcaccaga gccctgggtt tcaaggacaa aactgggtat     70080
     ggtttgggca gacactgagc tagctgcagg agttttttta atgccgcagt ggtgccttga     70140
     accccagtga gacaaagcca ttcactcccc tggaaagggg gctgaagcca tggagccaag     70200
     ccgtctcact caatggatcc cattcccaca ggacccagta agctatgaac cactggcgtg     70260
     aaatgctcac tgccagcgca gcagtctgaa gtctacctgg gacaatccag cttggttcag     70320
     ggaggggcat ccaccattac tgagtaggtg gttttcccct gacagtgcta aggaggctgg     70380
     gaggtctagg ctgggcccag caaagcagct gtggccagac tgcttttcta gattcctcct     70440
     cactgggcag ggcatctctg aaggaaagga aatagcctca gtcatgggat tacagacaaa     70500
     acccacaact ccttgggaca gagcacctgg gggaagggca gctatgggag cagcttcagc     70560
     ggatttaatc attattgcct gcctgctctg aagagagcag ctgatcctga cagagggatt     70620
     tctcccagca cagtacacca gctctgcaaa gggacagact gcctcctcaa gtgggtccct     70680
     gacccccgtg cctcctgact gggagaaacc tcccaacagt agtcgacaga cacctaatac     70740
     aggagagctc tgactggcat caggctggtg cccatctggg gcacagcttc cagaggaagg     70800
     aatgggtagc aatctttgct gttctgcagc ctctgctggt aatacacagg tgaaaagtgt     70860
     ctgaagtgga cctccagcaa actgcagtag acctgcataa gagggaccta actgttagaa     70920
     gaaaagctac aaaacagaaa gctataatat aaacatcagc ataaaggacc cccacaagaa     70980
     aaccccatcc aaaggtcatc agccttaaag atcaaagata gataagccat gcagatgagg     71040
     aaaaccccac acaaaaactc tgaaaattct ggaaaccaga atgcctcttc tcctccaaat     71100
     gcttacaact tctctccagc aaaggcacaa aacaggatgg ggaatgagat tgacaaattg     71160
     acaaaagtgg gcttcaaaag gtgggtaata acaaacacct ctgagctaag ggaatatgtt     71220
     ttaacccaat gcaagcaagc taagaacctt tataaatggt tagaggaact gcttgctaga     71280
     atgatcagtt tagagaggaa caaaaatgac ctgatggacc tgaaaaacac aagaactttg     71340
     tgaagcatat gcaagtatca atagccaaat tgatcaagca gaagaaagga tattaaaggc     71400
     tgaagaccaa cttactgaaa taaggtgtga ggacaagatt agagaaaaaa aatgaaaagt     71460
     aatgaacagt ctcccattaa tatgggacaa tgtgcaaaga ccaaacctat gaatgattgg     71520
     tgtaactgaa ggtgacaggg agggataatg aaatcaagtt ggaaaacaca cttcaggata     71580
     ttacccagaa gaaattcccc aactagcaag acaggccagc atgcaaattc aggaaataca     71640
     gagaatgcaa ctaggatact cttcaagaca agcaacctca agaaacataa tcatcagatt     71700
     ctccaaggtt aaaaagaaga aaaaagtgtt aagggcatct gagagaaagg tcaggttacc     71760
     tacaaaagaa agccagtcag aataacagtg gatctctctg cagaaaccta caagccagaa     71820
     tagattgggg gccaatacgc aacattcttt aagagaagaa ttttcaaccc agaatttcat     71880
     atccagccaa actaagcttc ataagcaaaa gataaataaa atcctttcca gacaagcaaa     71940
     tgctgagtga ttttgtcacc accaggccag gtttataaga gctcttgaag gaagcactaa     72000
     atatggaaag gaaaacctgg taccagccac tgaaaaaatg cagcaaaata taaagaccaa     72060
     tgacaccgaa gaaactgcat caactaatgt gcaaaattac cacctagcat taagatgaca     72120
     ggatcaaatt cacacataac aatactaaca ataaaagtaa atgggttaaa tgccccagtt     72180
     aaaagacaca gactggaaaa ttggataaag agtcaagacc catcagtgtg ctgtattcag     72240
     gagacccatc aaaaaaccaa gagttgcaac cctagtctct gataaaacag actttaatca     72300
     aacaaagata aaaaaagaca aagaagggca ttacataatg ttaaagatgt cagtgcaaca     72360
     agaagagcta actatcctaa atatatatgc acccaataca ggagcaccta gattcataaa     72420
     caagttttta atgaactaca gagacttaga ctcccacaca ataatagtgg gagactttaa     72480
     catcccactg tcaatattag atcaacgaga cagaaaatta acaaggatat tcaggacttg     72540
     aacacagctc tagaccaaga agacctaatc aacatccaca gaactcacca acagacatca     72600
     ccaaccaaaa acatccagga ccagatagat ttacagacaa attattccag aggtacaaag     72660
     agaaactggt atcactcttt cttgaaacaa ttccaaacaa tagaaaaaga gggactcctc     72720
     cctaactcat cttatgaagt gcatcatcct gataccaaaa cctagcagag acacaacaaa     72780
     aaaaggaaat ttcaggccaa catccctgat gaacatcgat ggaaaatcct caataaaata     72840
     ctggcaaatg gaatccagca acacatcaaa aagcttatcc accacaatca agttggtttc     72900
     atagctggta tgcaattctg cttcaacata tgaaaatcag taaatgtaat ccatcacaca     72960
     aatagaacca atgacaaaaa gcatatgatt atctcataga aacagaaaag gacttctgta     73020
     aaatttaata ttccttcatg ctaaaatatc tctgtgaatt agatgttgat gtaacatatc     73080
     tcaaaatgat aaaagctatt tgtgacaaac ctacagccaa tatcatattg aatgggcaaa     73140
     agctggaagc attcccttga aaactggcac aaaacaagaa tgtgctctct caccactctt     73200
     actcaacata atattggaag ttctggccag ggaaatcagg caagacaaaa aaataaaggg     73260
     tattcaaata agaagagagg aagtcaaatt gtctctgttt gcagatgaca caattgtata     73320
     tttagcaaac gcattgtctt agtcccaaaa ctccttaagc tgataggcaa cttcagcaaa     73380
     ggctcaggat acaaaaccaa tgtgaaaaaa ttatgagcat tcctatacac caacaacaga     73440
     caatcagaga gccaaatcat gagtaaactc ccattcacaa ttactataaa gacaataaaa     73500
     taactaggca tacaacttac aagggacatg aaggacctct tcaaggagaa ctacaagcca     73560
     cagctcaagg aaataagaga gtacacaaac aaatggaaaa acatttcatg cccatggaca     73620
     ggaagaatta atatcgtgaa aatggccata ctacccaaag taatttatag attcaatttt     73680
     attaccatca acccaccatg gactttcttt gcagaattgg aaaaaaaact acttttaatt     73740
     tcatatggaa ccaaaaaaga gcccttatag ccaagacaat cttaagcaaa aagaacaaag     73800
     ctgaagggat catgctattt gacttcaaac tacactacaa ggctacagta accaaacagc     73860
     gtggtactgg taccaaaaca gatatataga ccaatggaag agaacagaaa cctcagaaat     73920
     tacaccacac atctacaccc atctgatttt tgacaaatct tacaaaaaaa gcaatgggga     73980
     aaggattccc tatttaacaa atggtgatgg aagaactggc tagccatatg cagaaaacag     74040
     aaactgaact tctttcttac actttacaca aaaattaaag atttactgta aatcccaaag     74100
     ccataaaaac cctaggagaa aacctaggca ataccattca ggacataggc atgggcaaag     74160
     gcttcatgac taaaacacca aaaacaatgg caataaaggc caaaattgtc aaatggaatc     74220
     taattgaact aaggagcttc tgcacagtga aagaaactct catcagagtg aacaggcaac     74280
     ctagagaatg ggagaaaatt tttacaagct acccatctga caaaggtcta atatctagaa     74340
     tctacaagaa acttaaacaa acttacaagt aaaaaagcag acaatctctt caaaaagtgg     74400
     gcaaatgata tgaacagcca ttcctcaaaa gaagacgttt atgcagccaa aaaaaaacaa     74460
     caaaaaaaca tgaaaaaaaa ctcatcatca ctgatgatta gagaaaggaa aatgaaaacc     74520
     acaatgagat accatctcac atcagttaga atggtgatta ttaaaaagtc aggaaacaac     74580
     agatgctgat gaggctgtgg agaaatcgaa atgcttttta cactgttggt ggaagtgtaa     74640
     attagttcaa ccattgtgga agacagtatg gcaatttctg aaggatctgg aagcagaaat     74700
     accatttgac ccagcaatcc cattactggg tgtatactca aaggatcata aatcattctg     74760
     ctataaagac acatgcaccc ttttgtttac tgtagcacta tttacaatag caaatccttg     74820
     gaaccaaccc aaatgtccat cagtgataga ctggataaag aaaatgtggc aaatatacac     74880
     catggaatat tatgcagccg tgagaaagaa tgagttgata tcctttgcag ggacatggat     74940
     gaagctggaa gccatcattc tcagcaaact aacacaggaa cagaaaacca aacaccacat     75000
     gttctcactc ataagtggga ggtgaacaat gagaaacaca tggacacagg gagggaaaca     75060
     tcacacagtg gggcctgtca gaggacagga ggcaaaagga agggagagca ctgggacaaa     75120
     tgcctaatgt ttaaggggat taagacctag aagatggatt gataggtgca gtaaaccacc     75180
     atggcacatg tatacctatg taacaaacct gcacattcat cccagaactt aaagtaaatt     75240
     taaaaaaaag aagaagaaag aaaaagaaca attgttacat ctagcttgtc ctacttccaa     75300
     ttctacccta ctattattta cagaatttgg ggtacctcac atcagaactc tcctacgtaa     75360
     agatggctta aatttctatt gaccctcacc attaaacata tcactcccgg ccgggtgcag     75420
     tggcacacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gagaccaagg caggcagatc acgaggtcac     75480
     gagatcgaga ccagcctgac caacatggtg aaaccctatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat     75540
     tagctggttg tggtggcatg tgcctgtaat cccagctact caggaagctg aggcaggaga     75600
     attgcttgaa cccaggaatt ggaggttgca gtaagccaag atcatgccac tgcactcctt     75660
     cctgttgatg aagcgagact ccgtctcaaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaata acaacaacaa     75720
     aaatctatca ctcccaatgt tctatccttt ctacttacaa aatatgtctt gatgttgcaa     75780
     tctggaattt ttgtattatg taacaaattt cttctattgg tatcagtttg gataatggtc     75840
     attagatttc attaaccatg atgatgaact aaaaaatcag ctttcctatc tgcaggtatg     75900
     agccagattg tggtacttga ctgactgaag agctctggag agtttactga ggggtggcag     75960
     ggtttcaaaa atcatcatta tctgaaagga ttattgggga tatttcccat cttatacaac     76020
     aaaatggcct gaaaaatgtg ggacaggact gggaatagag aaacacgaat ttcaagaaaa     76080
     agcttaaaat ctcacctgct tatcagagtc cagttacttt acacaccaga tgacacatag     76140
     ctgatcagat tcactaaaga tgtagttgtt agcacagtga ggccaagtga tgactctttg     76200
     ggccactatg gaccatacgc tacgtttgtg ccactcaaag caaacttgct gtgtctggtg     76260
     aattttctca cattccctac ctgcctcttt cacttcctgg caagctcaga aaagaaaaac     76320
     gtttttcaaa caaatttttt cattcttagc attggaatgg catatggccc atctgcccag     76380
     gttcaagata ggagacatcc tatcttgtct ccacatcctt tgtcatgaga atttgcagtt     76440
     catcttatga gcgtaccttc ttactcttga gatcaggcta caggattgct ttgggaaata     76500
     aaatgtcatc agaagtagca atgtgtccct tctgagttta cgtcttaaga gtcattgcat     76560
     tttcattata tcctcttgaa tgtttgctat tgccataaga ataatatgtc ctagatattc     76620
     aactcgttca tgaaagatag ctgacatgtg aagcagacct ggactccagc cgacacttgg     76680
     agttaagtcc aattgtgcat agcgtagatt agctcaccat agctgaccca aagatatatg     76740
     agtcatagat aattgagaaa taaatgttta ctgatgcata gtattaagtt ttagggtagt     76800
     ttgttaaata gcagtactgt gaaagagctg actgattcac gagttatgca tattattctg     76860
     tcgatgcaag atttgtaatg aataatttac tgtttaaaat aatgtcctct ctctctatcc     76920
     cctttatcat cttaattttt tggagtattc attgtgaact aggatatcat atattttaat     76980
     atatttattc ttgttctctt cccaagagtt tcattgtgtc tgagataatg tttatttcct     77040
     gtataaatgc tcaatatctt ggtaggcact agtggttgtt aaataattat gcatggaata     77100
     aatatattac atagtcaatt tttcttatta tttcaacatc cattatctaa ttttgtttct     77160
     gtgtgcaatt cagtaagttg ggaagcagca aagataatag agaagactta tggagaaaaa     77220
     tataagaaga ggaaacatcc aaatattgtc cctgatgaga tatgagttat tcttctccaa     77280
     gactgcctcc ctatggttgg gaaataccaa aactgtgaaa acaaaaatgc cagcaagtag     77340
     cttagacagt gtcatctaat gtcaccacca tgccacaaag tttctgtatg ctataatcag     77400
     ggtttctgtt aaccttctct gtgagtcact gcatggacag aaattttaag gggacttata     77460
     tgtcttcaaa gagatgtcag aatctttgac tttggcattg ttccaacagt atgtatcagt     77520
     aaaattatat agcagaaaca ccacaatgtc aaggtcagac attatggcca ctgaagccta     77580
     aaattagatg caatattttg cagcatagag aaaagtacat ctttaaacaa acttctttat     77640
     ttcccagtat tctgtttcct gtaggttttt aagatatcca cgaataagca ctttgtatat     77700
     gaaaaacatc caagacaact ttgtctaggt ttctttctca ggcttaagag attatgttgc     77760
     ctccttaatt tgtattaaaa tagttttccc ggcctatatt agaaaatgag gtctaaccct     77820
     tcacggaagg taaaaagatg cctctctcac ctccactcct aatgacagga gaacaatttg     77880
     ctatctcttt atttcaggtt ggatacagga gagtgatttg atgactttcc ataaactgca     77940
     ctgtagggtg catttaaaag tgggacctta gaagggattg attttgtttt ctctttctat     78000
     agcccctcac tctctttcat agctttcctt gctaggcaca aaaaaaagac tgtttccctg     78060
     ctcgatcttt tgagggttta caccactgtg gcccccagat tcccagcatg ttgctatgta     78120
     cacagtacat gcttagtaga tgcttactaa ttgactaaaa tatcaagcct cttgggtaat     78180
     catgagtatc ttggatctct ccctatctgg aagttgcttt tgttttctga ctctttttac     78240
     tgaagtagtg agatctaggt tcttgcctgg tttgttctgt gaccttgaac tagtgtttct     78300
     accactcgaa aacactttac tcagatgggt gaaatatgga cataattaaa cctgtgttca     78360
     atgaaatagt atgtactctt acttgctggc aaattattcc caggtgaagc tattatgctc     78420
     cttcctgggt ccatgtctta ctgaggttcc ttgtcttccc ttctgctcac aggcagtggt     78480
     aaaagctgag gattctgtcc tggttcctct taattctatt tagcttcatg atacatctct     78540
     ggtcgttggg ttccttttgt ccctacagcc attcttcctg tgttcctata tgctgtggaa     78600
     tcacagcaca aaagcaataa tagttttagt atgtcaagga tacctgagtt atttatctgc     78660
     tgccagcatt gtctgtttag atctaatgta aactgacttc tcccttgcct agtgatgaca     78720
     caggtcctgc ttaattaaat gtgtatgagc tgtgaatttt tcccattgat atccttatct     78780
     ccttcatttc agcaagagtg ttaacatgca ctcaaaatct ctacttaaag ggaaacagaa     78840
     agtgccatca cagatacaca tcccttactc ctctgtttca gaagtttcac tttctctgcc     78900
     taagtaatga ctgacttttc catagcatcc tcttcattct ctcggcatgg gtacattcgg     78960
     tgcaacttat cctgaacaca gtttaattag tcaatgtacc caaaggcaaa gtcaaagact     79020
     cttcctctcc agttgggcag tgaggcctaa gcccaatgca ggagcctgca gccagcctct     79080
     cacaactggt tgagtgctgg gctgctagca ggtagagatg cctattccta gctattgact     79140
     gcctgaagca ggaagtaatg gaaaatccat gtgggctgag gacatacagg gcacaaccag     79200
     agacaaatgt atggaccagt gtaataatga tgtggaaggg atggcaaaag gaatggggtg     79260
     tgtgtgcatg cacacgtaca cacacctgtg catatgtggg tgcgtgtgtg ttcattggtc     79320
     tccttctctt ccctctccat tgtttccttc tttttcccat tttctcttgc tctcttctgt     79380
     tattagacca ccagagttga aattagtatt ttaattaatg tatttgtttt aataaataaa     79440
     gcatttcaaa acaacataat tgcaagaact gagtgttaaa ctaaacacca acctaattaa     79500
     atgcattagg gatatataat tcagtttatt agaaatataa ttaacatact ctttaagtct     79560
     ccttgggcct ttgtctttct gaagataaga cagaggaatc ataaccaact ttaataaaat     79620
     gaaagaggat gtaaaggcaa aaagtgaata aaaataattg gggaaggtac aaagttcaaa     79680
     gagagtattc tttttctaaa aacaatgtga caaaatatat tcagtgtaag atttattatg     79740
     ctagtcattt tccattgtat gagttaaata cattcttgtg tgtaaccagt ctccagaatt     79800
     cttttccttg caaagttgaa gctgtgtatg cattaaaaaa cattaaactc tgtatgcatt     79860
     cctattgaca ggaagatgat gcttgagttt tacaaataca tttattttta aaaacatacc     79920
     actttctaca atttatttca gaaaatagaa gcagagagaa tatttcctga ctcattgtgt     79980
     gaagtcagca ttactctaat atcaaattca aatagactta tgaaaaaata aaacaataga     80040
     ccaatataca tggatgcaaa aatcttcaac aaaatattag caaattgatt ccaacagtgt     80100
     ataaaaagta ttgcaccatg tcaaagtggg atggattcta ggcatgcaaa tcttattcca     80160
     catttaaaaa tcagtaatat atcacagtaa catatttttt ataaaaccat atgatgattt     80220
     cgatagaaat agaaaaagca tttgataaaa tttaacatcc attcataata ataatataaa     80280
     actcttagca aactgggaaa agaggggtca attcctcaag ttgaaaaata acatctagaa     80340
     aaacatacag ctaacatcat acttaatggt gggaaactac aagcttcccc tctaagatca     80400
     ggaggaagaa aataatattg tctctcatca ctcctactaa acaccatagt agaaattcta     80460
     actaatgtag taagacaagg aaggaaaata aaaggtacac agactgggaa ggaagaaata     80520
     aaactgcctg cgttcaaaga caaaatgaaa atctgaagaa aaaaaagtca acaatgacac     80580
     taaactactg tacctaagta atcatagcag cattacaggg tacaaagtta tagaaaagtt     80640
     aatcattttg ctatatacag gtaaaacacc actaagctaa aaatatgaaa tccaaaatgc     80700
     tccaaaatct gactttttga ggaccaacgt aaaactcaaa ggaaatgctc attggtgcat     80760
     tttgtattca catttgaatt atgggtgctc aactggttaa atatatgcaa atattccaat     80820
     aaaaaaagcc actgaaatct gaaacacttt tggtcccaaa cattttacat aaggggtact     80880
     caatttgtat cagcagtgaa taattagaac ttaaaacaaa aaaaaacatt taattaacac     80940
     ctgtcctagt tcatttttga ttgctataac ttaatacctg aaacaggata atttattttt     81000
     aataaaataa atttatttct tatatttttg gaggctaagt ccaagattga gattctgcat     81060
     ctgatgaggg gcctcgtgct ggcgcagact ctctgcatag tcctaaggca tcacaggaca     81120
     ttacatgtca aggaagctaa ctgtgctggg ttatgtctct ccttctcctc ttataaagcc     81180
     actaagatct catcgtcata attcatttaa tgccagggaa attaggattt tttacataaa     81240
     tgttggaaga gagaaatatt caaagcacca aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     81300
     acacacagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagacttct tgattgatat     81360
     tctaacaaag tatgtacagg aatacctgag gagggaaggg gcttcaagat ggctaactag     81420
     aggcaccaag cattatattt ctctacaaag aaggacaaaa cagccagcag atacacacac     81480
     agaaaaaaag atttaagaaa gaacattgga attcagtagg aaagtgacag ggaacctctg     81540
     aagtacaaga ggataaagca gtaaagcagc cagactgacc aggattggct tgcagttagg     81600
     agaaactgca atgcagataa aacgtaagca agagattccc aggtgtccac gtttccactg     81660
     gtgtactcct gcaattctaa acacaggaga tcccctcagc ccttcagggc ctcagactag     81720
     aatagggagc tgcctgggac ctgagcacag ctccagagac ggaattcaca caagattatt     81780
     cacacccact gagacccatg acaacatttt gagatcccat tacccaccac attgcattgc     81840
     accaagcttc aaacagtccc cgaacctcca catccctgga gcccactgac attccttcca     81900
     cacgcaccca cagggataga cactaggagg gcccagtggt acagaaaagt caccagcgct     81960
     gtagtgcaca tgtggcctac agttagagaa cgggcagtac agtgtaccag ggaggcttcc     82020
     tccagagaca agctgagcca aagcacacat tccaagaacc tgagagtcat gttcctgagg     82080
     ctgctaattc tgacagcaac ccccctcatt ccagcaagtg ctgccatgca cctgcacaca     82140
     tcataagagg gacttaggac tgcccactta gttgtcatcc tgggtccaca ccttcctgga     82200
     ggcatgaact cacagtaagc ccactgcctc cagcaagagt tgttatgcac ctcacacacc     82260
     ttaagaggga ctgggaactg gcccacccag ggactgggga ctggcccatc ttatggtgtg     82320
     agaatagaca catcataaaa actgttacca cctgagtgtg ctgtccagtg acctaatgat     82380
     aatctgccca gtcactacag ccagcactca tgtgcactac tgagcagttc agactcacct     82440
     gcccaccgct gtcaccagtg cccccacatt gttcaagagt ctggagatca aactatccca     82500
     cctgctgcag gtagccccac tgctaactgt aggcaccaac agtaggttga aaaagaggat     82560
     cagccaccca caatcaccag tgcctgttta tgctttctga gggcctaaga atgagctcac     82620
     tcagcatgct ggtgccagca cacagcatgc tgggtgtcta gggactgaac tctccctctg     82680
     cctctttggg ggcctgagga taagtctgcc cagcctgcca tcaccaccac caactatgcc     82740
     caataacttt ttccagccat atatgctatg tggaggcctc agaactgaac ttccatgact     82800
     gccaacacca ttgcaagaca tttgagagcc caagggttgg gccactgcca ttactgccat     82860
     tggtgatatc atccatgctg tacagaaagc ctgatgtcaa gttaccagtc taaccaactg     82920
     ctgccactgc tggtatccaa gtaagccacc tgaagaccta tggattgaat atgttgatcc     82980
     cactaaaact aatgcccacg tacaaccccc agaggttcca ggacaggcat gcctatatca     83040
     ctgctgccac aactggggct caaggaccag ctaacttggt gttccctctg caggaaagtt     83100
     tcaccacagg cttcacaaac aaccatagcc taagccaata agaaactcac agacaccact     83160
     gatactgatt acagagaaat catatggaga ctatactact gcatgcactt agaaggaaag     83220
     ccaaagcacc tgaatcatac atatatctac agcaaaagtt tttttttcga tgaaagacaa     83280
     ccataaattt ggaagatgtg actgttacac caggtgtata gatatcaatg taaggacaca     83340
     agaaaaagtt ttaaaaatca aggaaacttg atacctccaa aagaacacaa ttatccatga     83400
     acagattcta atgagaaaaa atctataaaa tgctaaaaat gaattgaaaa tagtagtatc     83460
     aagaagattc agtgaaatac aggagaagac tcataataaa aaaataagaa aaataattaa     83520
     ttatctgaat gagaaattca acaaagaggt agcattaaaa gaacaaaata aaaattctac     83580
     aactgaaaat tttgaatgaa aattcaaaat actatcaggt gcttcaaaaa cagactagat     83640
     caaggagaat taaaaaaaat tgaacttgaa gacacatctt ttaaactcat ctagtcagga     83700
     aaaaataaaa atgaaagaga agaaagaaaa actatgcgat atatgggaca ctataaagtg     83760
     aatatatttt tgaatttcgg gagttctgat aagagaggga cacagacata aaacaactat     83820
     ctaacaaaat aatagctgaa aactgaaaag tattgtaaga gatagatata tacagatata     83880
     gaaaacaaaa aatttcccca aataggttta aaccataatg gtgtttctga tggcacatta     83940
     gagcgaaact gtcaagagtc aaagacaaag ggaaaattct aaaaacagca agagaaaagt     84000
     gtccagtcac atataaggag atccccatca gactcagagc acattattca acagaaccat     84060
     taaaggcaag aggagaatgg ggtgatatat actaagatgc taaaagagaa aaaacctcct     84120
     ggcctaaaat attatggtca gaaaaactat ctttcaaaaa tgaaaaagaa aggaagttct     84180
     taccacacaa gcaaaaactg aggggataca tcaatactag attgttctac aaaaaaaaaa     84240
     aaaatgctta aaaaagatgt aagtgtggag gtgaaaagac aatacatacc atcatgaaaa     84300
     caggcaaaat tataaagctc actaataaaa aattaaaaga caaatgaaaa agagaaagta     84360
     ctcaaatatt gctactctag aataccatca aactgcaatg ataaacaatg agagggagaa     84420
     agtaataaag agaatacaaa aacaactaga aaacaatttt ttaaatgaaa gaaataaatc     84480
     acctacctat tcctaataac cttgaatgta actgatttaa attttgcact taagctaggc     84540
     atggtggatc atgactataa tcccaacact tgggaggctg aggtggaaag atttcttgac     84600
     cccaggtatt caatatagcc tgagaaacat aggaggtccc tatctctgca aagaatttta     84660
     aaacctaact gggcatggtg gcatatgccc atgaccccag ctactggggg tgctgaggta     84720
     gaaggatcac ttaagcccca aaggttgagg atgcagtgag ccatgatcac agcactgcac     84780
     cctagcttgg gcagcagagt gcaattcgac ctaaaaaaaa ataagtgact aaaaagtaaa     84840
     ttatccattt aaaagaaata gatctgataa atgacttttt tttttttttt aaaaaaaaag     84900
     aacatgattc agttatatgc ttcccacaag aaacccactc cacttgtcaa gacacatagt     84960
     ccaaacatgt agagatggaa aaagacactt tcacacaatg gatacataaa ccaagcaaag     85020
     gtagctacac ttatattaga ccaaataaat tttcagttaa aaactgttaa aaagagacaa     85080
     agaatgtcat taatgataaa gagatttgtt tagcaagagc atgtaacaag tctaaacgta     85140
     tatgtactct acatgtgaga atcagaatat ataaagcaaa tgttattaga ttgatatagt     85200
     ttgaatctgt gtgcctgccc aaatttcatg ttgaattgta atccccaatg ttacaggtgg     85260
     tgccccatgg gaggtagttg gatcatgggg acagtttctc atgaatgatt taacaccatc     85320
     ctgttggtgg tgttctagta atagtgagtt ctcgtgagat ccggttgttt aaaattgtat     85380
     agtgccccct cccactctgt cttgctcctg ctcctgcata ttaaatgggc ctgcttcccc     85440
     ttcatcttct gccatgatta gaagcaccct gagaattccc cagaaacaga tgctgccatg     85500
     tctcctgaac agcctgcaga accatgaacc aattaaacct cttttcttta taaattatac     85560
     agtctctggt agttatttct agcaatgaaa gaacaaataa atacagaaat tggcaccaag     85620
     caatggggca ttgctgtaaa gatacttgaa aatgtggaag tgattttgga actgggtaat     85680
     gggcagaaac tagaaaagtt tggagagctc agaagaagac aggaagaaaa ggaaaaattt     85740
     ggaacttcat agagacttat cgaatggttg tgaccaaaat gctgatagta aaatggacag     85800
     agatgtccta gctaatgggg tttcacatag agatgaataa cttattggga actggagcaa     85860
     aggtcatttt tgttatgcct tggcaaagaa cctggctgca ttgtgctcct atcctagaat     85920
     tctgtggaac tttgaacttg agagtgatga cttagggtgt ctggcagaag aaattaagca     85980
     tcagataatt caagacatgg catggctgct tctaaaacct agcctcatgt gcatgagcaa     86040
     agaaatgacc taaaattgga acttatattt taaaaagaaa cagcataaaa gtttgcatcc     86100
     tagccatggg gtaaaaaaga aaagcccatt ttctagggat gaattcaagc agactgaaga     86160
     aattagcata aataaataag agccaaatgg ttatacacaa gaaaatgggg aaaagaccta     86220
     gaaggcattt cagagacact tgcagaaccc tctctcttca caggcccaga aacttaggaa     86280
     gactgaatgg tatcatggat caggcccagg accctacttc cctgcacagc cttaggacac     86340
     tgccccccat agctcagcaa ctgcagctcc atgggtagct tagtggggcc caggtatagc     86400
     ttaggccatt tcttccgaag ttgcaagcta taaaccttgg cagcttccac atggtgttaa     86460
     atctgtgggt acacagagtt caatatttaa ggcttgggag cccccacctg tattttagag     86520
     gatgcatgga aaagcctgga tacgcagcca gaagcctact attgggcaga gcccccatgg     86580
     agaatatcaa gtagggcaat gtgagagaaa catatggggt tagatctccc acagaggccc     86640
     cactggggca ctgcctattg gagctatgag aaaagagtca ccaaactcta gactccagaa     86700
     tgatagatgc actagaagct tgcaccatgc acctggaaga gccacaaggc attcaatgcc     86760
     agtccttgag agcaaccacc aggactgagc ccagcaaagc cacaaggcag agttgcctaa     86820
     aaccttggga gaccaccact tccctcagag tgccctggag gtggaacgtg aggtcaaagg     86880
     agattatttt gaagaagact caagtaagta agacaagaat tgaaaaaggt gacatcataa     86940
     ctgatactcc agaaataaaa actataattg gagactatca tcaataacta tatgctaaca     87000
     aattggaaaa cctagaggaa atgaatactt tcctagacat ataaagccta ccaagagtca     87060
     aaaaaagaga aatgtaattt tttttagatg gagtttcgct attgttgccc aggctggagt     87120
     gcaacgtcac aatcttggct caccacaaac tctgcctcct ggattcaagc gattgtcctg     87180
     cctcagcctc ccaagtagtt gggattacag gcatgcacca ccacgtctgg ctaattttgt     87240
     atttttagta gagacagggt ttctccatat tggtcaggtg gtcttgaact cccaaccaca     87300
     ggcaatctgc cagccttggc ctcccaaagt tctggaatta caggcatgag ccaccatgcc     87360
     tggccaagaa aaagaaaata ttaacagacc aataataagt aatgagatga caccagtgac     87420
     aaaatgtatc tcaactaaga aaatcctagg actggatggt ttttctgtta aattctatcc     87480
     aatttatagt aaaaaactaa aaccaattcc ttttaaagta ttctgaaaat ttgaagagat     87540
     gggaattttt cctaactcat actatgagac caacattacc ataatcccaa gatcagacaa     87600
     ggacacaact aaaaattaaa actacaggcc aatatcccta ataagcatca gtgcaaaaat     87660
     tctcagcaaa atctagcaag ccaaatccaa caacacatta aaaagataat acacgatcaa     87720
     tatatctact ttattctagg tagggaaggt tgtttcaaca cacccaagtc aataaatgtg     87780
     atatatcaca ttgacagaaa gaagaacaaa aagcatatgt ttatctaaat agatgcagaa     87840
     aaagcatatg ataaaattca acatgccatc actttcaaca aattaggcat aggaacagat     87900
     ttcaacataa cccacaacta atatcatact gaatggtgaa aagctacaag cctttcctct     87960
     aaaacctgga acaagacaaa tatactcaca gtcttcacac ctgttctgta cagtactaga     88020
     attcttagcc aggacaatca ggcaagtgaa agaaagaaaa atcattcata ttagtaaaaa     88080
     gaaatctcaa atttttcctt ttcacagatg acatgatctt acatataaaa accctaaaaa     88140
     ctctatgaaa aacctctcag aactgataaa tgaattcact gaaattgaaa gttacaaaat     88200
     caacatacat aaatccgtaa tatttctatt taccagtaat aaactatctg ataaagaaat     88260
     taaaaaacaa tcacattaat aatagctacc aaaaatacct aggaataaat ttaacttagt     88320
     atatgaaaat ttctacaagg aaatctggaa aacactaatc aaataaactg aagagtacac     88380
     acacacccca caaatggaaa gatatctcat gctgaagaaa ttgatattgt taaagtgacc     88440
     atatgtccca aagcaatcta tagatttcat acaatcccta tcaaaataca aataacattt     88500
     ctcacagaaa tagaaaaagc aattctaaaa tttgtattgg accaaaaata ccccaaatat     88560
     tcaaagcaat actgagtaca aagagaaaaa tagaaagcat cacactactt gacttccaca     88620
     tatactacaa agatataata aaatagtgtg atactggcac aaaaacagac acataaacta     88680
     ataaaacata tttacagttt actgatttca taggggaaag gacacccttt tcaataaatg     88740
     attcagagaa aactgtatac ccagatgaag tataaaataa gacccctaaa ttttactata     88800
     cacaaaaacc aagtcaaaat gtattaaaga cttaaatgtg agtcttaaaa ctatgaagca     88860
     actagaacaa aatacaagga aaacgcttca gggcattcat ctaggaaact attttatagc     88920
     taagattgca aatacttcaa aagcacagtc tacaatacaa aaaataaatg ggactatatt     88980
     aaactaacaa gcttcttcac tgtaaattta attattaaca ggaagaagag acacaacatg     89040
     gaatgggatc aaatattaac aaactattca tctttcaaga ggctaacatt cagaacatac     89100
     aagaaattca aacaactcaa cagtaaaaat aaaaataatt tcattaacat gtgggcaaag     89160
     gatctcaata gacatttctc aaaagagaac atacatttgg ccaagtatat gaaaaaattt     89220
     tcaacattac taatcaggaa aatccaaatc caaatcacaa tgaatagact ccctagtaaa     89280
     aatggcttta tctaaaagaa aaaagtaata aatgtgtgtg gagaaaataa gaagaggatt     89340
     tggagaaaat tgagcactta taccgtgttg atggcaatgt aagttagtat acagtcatta     89400
     tgaaaaacag tatggaggtc tctcataaaa ctaaaaatag aactacaata tgagcccgca     89460
     atctcactga caggtattta tccaaaagaa aggaaatcaa tatattaaag agatacctgc     89520
     actccagtct ttattgcagc actagtcaca atagctaata tataaaacca acttattttc     89580
     attaacagct gaatagattt aaaaatgtga tacatataca taatattaca cagacataaa     89640
     aaataaaatc ctatgatttc aacatcatgg acagaactcg gggtcattat gttaattgaa     89700
     ataagccagg tatagaaaga taaatattac atgttctcac tcatatatag gggctcagag     89760
     cattgctgtt attgaaatag aaagtagatt ataactagtg tctggtaagg tcagtgagga     89820
     gaattaagac gggttggtta acgggtacac acatacagtt agataaaagg gataagtttt     89880
     agcgtttagt agtacagtag attaactaca gttaattata atctatttgc atttatctaa     89940
     attgatagag cagagatttg acatattccc aacacaagga aatggcagac atttaaaccc     90000
     ttatttgatc attacacatt gtttaggcat atcaaaatat cacatgcacc ccataaatat     90060
     gtataattat tatgtatcaa taaacatttt tagaaacaat atatgaggaa agtacaaact     90120
     tgtggtgaaa gaaattaaat aagagtcaaa tagatggata ttctatattc agggagaaga     90180
     cccaataatg ttaagatgtg agtttttctc aagttgatct acagattaaa tgcaatcctg     90240
     gtaaaaatct caacagttat ttgctgaatt gacaaagtga ttctcaagtt tatatggcag     90300
     ggcaaatgat acagaatatc ctgtacaaca ataaaaaaga atgaagtcag aaggctgaca     90360
     atatcagact tcaaggttta ctataaagct accctccccc ttcccctccc cctccccctc     90420
     tccctctccc tctccacggt ctccccctga tgccgagcgg aggctggact gtactgccgc     90480
     catctcggct cactgcaacc tccctgcctg attctcctgc ctcagcctgc cgagtgcctg     90540
     ggattgcagg catgcgccgc cacgcctgac tcgtttttgt attttttggt ggagacgggg     90600
     tttcgccgtg ttggccgggc tggtctgcag ctcctcaccg cgagtgatct gcctgcctcc     90660
     gcctccggag gtgccgggat tgcagacgga atctcgctca gtcagtgctc aatgttgccc     90720
     aggctggagt gcagtggcgt gatctcggct cgctacaacc cccacctccc agccgcctgc     90780
     cttggcctcc caaagtgctg agattgtagc ctctgcctgg ctgccacccc gtctgggaac     90840
     tgaggagtgt ctctgcctga ccgccacccc gtctgggagg tgaggagcat ctgcacggcc     90900
     gccccgtctg agaagtgagg agtccctctg cccagcagcc gccccgtctg ggaagtgagg     90960
     agcccctccg cccagcagct gccccatccg ggagggaggt ggggggcagc ccccgccctg     91020
     ccagctgccc cctctgggag ggaggtgggg ggcagccccc gccaggccac tgccccgtcc     91080
     gggaagtgag gggcccgtgt gcctggtggc caccccatct gggaggtgta cccaacagct     91140
     catcgagaac gggccatgat gacgatggcg attttgtcaa atagaaaagg gggaaatgtg     91200
     gagaaaagaa agagagatca gattgttact gtgtctgtgt agcaagaagt agacatggga     91260
     gactccattt tgttctgtac taagaaaaat tcttctgcct tgggatgcca ttaatctata     91320
     accttacccc caaccccctg ttctctgaaa catgtgctgt gtccactcag ggttaaatgg     91380
     attaagggcg gtgcaagatg tgctttgtta aacagatgct tgaaggcagc atgctcttta     91440
     agagtcatca ccactcccta atctcaagta cccagggaca caaaccctgc gaaggccaca     91500
     gggtcctctg cctaggaaaa ccggagaccc ttgttcacat atttatctgc tgaccttccc     91560
     tccactattg tcctatgacc ctgccaaatc cccctctctg agaaacaccc aagaatgatc     91620
     aatgaatact aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagagagt gacgaactgg gatatctggt     91680
     ggaagaaata tctaagcagc aaagcattca gactgctgtg tggctgtttt taactgcatg     91740
     caatcagatg tgagaggaaa gaaataaaga tggaatttat aattaaaaaa aaataaagct     91800
     acactattca agaccgtgtg acattagtaa aagaataaac agatcaaaga aacaaaatag     91860
     aatgtcagac acggacacat ataaataaag tcaacttgtc tttaagaaac aagcaaaggc     91920
     aatagaagta atatagaaag aatagtcttt ttaacaaatg atcctagaac tctacatcta     91980
     cagtaaaaaa taaatttttt tcacaaaaat taactcagaa tgaattatat acctaaatat     92040
     aaaacagaac cataaaattc taggattttt gaatcctaga cttttaatgt aagttatgta     92100
     tataacaaaa tttttatata taaaaataca tgtaatatat atttttactt tatatataaa     92160
     catataagtt ttataaatca acttgtacag tacataaaag tttaagaaga taacacagga     92220
     gtaaatgtaa attaccttgg gtatgacaat tgactttttt tttctttttg gagatggagt     92280
     ctcattctgt cgccaggctg gagtgcagtg gtgtgatctc agctcactga aacgtctgcc     92340
     tcctgggttc aagcaattct cctggctcag ttctccagta gctgggactt cctatctcag     92400
     cctcccgagt agctgggact ataggtgcgg acaaccacac gcagctaagt tttgtatttt     92460
     tagtagagat agggtttcac catgttggct atgaggtctc catctcttga catcgtgatc     92520
     cacccacttt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggagt gagctaccat gcctagccaa     92580
     caattgactt tttagataca acacctaaga catgctccat ttaaaaataa taataagttg     92640
     gacttagtta tgatttaaaa acttccatta tgcactgtta acagaattta aagataaagt     92700
     acattctgca aaaaatattt gcaaacacat gagtgataaa ggattagtat ttaaaacata     92760
     caaagaaccc ttaaaactta acataaggaa acaaacaacc ttattaaaaa tagctaaaat     92820
     cctcacatgg agcaccaaaa aaacaacaac agcaaagtaa aagaactgaa gaactgaaga     92880
     gacacctcac caaaaaagat atacagatta caaataagca tataaaatta ctttatgtca     92940
     tatgtcatta agaaattaca aatttaaaaa atgagatata gctacatatc tgttggaatg     93000
     tagataaaca atgaaaatac caaatgccat tgaggatgct ccaaatggag caacagaaac     93060
     attcattcat ttctggtggg aatgcaaaat tataaagcca cttggggaga aagctgggca     93120
     gttttttata aaactaaata gaatatcacc atctaattca acaagtacat tttttggtat     93180
     atacctaaag aagctgaaaa ctcatgttta tataaaatcc tgcattcgaa tacctactgc     93240
     agctatattc ataattgcca aaacttggaa gcaaccaaga tgtttttcaa taggtgaatt     93300
     attaataaac tgtggtccac ccacacaatt gaatattttt tagcaataaa aataaatgag     93360
     ctaccaagcc acgaaaaaca tattgctaag tgaacgaacc caatcttaaa aggctacata     93420
     ctgtatgatt acaactatat aacattttgg aaaagacaaa actatagaga aagtaaaagg     93480
     atcagaagtt gccatgtgag ggaggaagga atgaatagtc aagagcacag agtattttta     93540
     ggccagcgaa agtattctgt ataatatact aataatgaat acgtttcgtt acacatgtgt     93600
     gaacaaatgt agaatgtata atgcaaagag tgaatactgg ctgggtgcgg tggcttacgc     93660
     gtctaatccc agcagtttgg gaagccgagg caggcagatc acgaggtcag gagatggaaa     93720
     ccatcctggc taacacagtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaat atacaaaaaa ttagctgggc     93780
     atggtggtgg gcgccagtag tctacttggg aggctgagac aggagaatgg cgtgaaccca     93840
     ggaggcggag cttctgggga gccaagatca ggccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag     93900
     tgagactcca tctcagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagagtgaa tccttatgta cattatggac     93960
     ttgggtttat agtaatgtat caatattggt tcatcagttg gaaaaaatgt actatactaa     94020
     ttaatgcaag atgacaaata taaaaacata gggagggaag atatgtgaga actttctata     94080
     atttcaggct aatttttctt taaatgtgaa atttcaaaaa atctattaac ttaaaaataa     94140
     atattttcat ttcttattct taatctcctt ccagttataa agtatccaga aatgtcctgt     94200
     ttgtatgata tctgttatca aaaactggag aagaaaagtg ctacaaagaa tcagcagaac     94260
     tccactggag tttcaccagt ttgatatatt caggctaatg cacattacta ttgcacaaca     94320
     caagagcctt cccttgacct gacttccagt aaacagtttc cttcctcaca ctttggagaa     94380
     aacgatatag ggtgttaata tattcagtaa tatcataagg tgatgacaaa caaaaaccca     94440
     gaggagatgg tcaattttta gaaattgtat ctgcttcact gggcagcagc tggaatcaag     94500
     gagctgtaaa gaacatcccc ttctttgatt tgtgaagttg cctaaaattg gcaaactaca     94560
     ctgcctgtac acatggggtc tttacaaagg gagaaggtgc ttaagaaagg cctatattag     94620
     ggaatcactg caggcacctg agcaattttt aagccaacat ccaacatcct ttacttttca     94680
     gctcaagtca taaagatatg aaaaaaaata ataataattt atttttgact tggctatttt     94740
     aagttgaaat ttttatcttt cttattttat catgtattta gagaattaaa ttttaataga     94800
     ccttctactt tgttcttcat agttgccttg tagaacttga gcctcttttg accttatgac     94860
     cagtcctcat cttctaatcc atcaggtaca gggctcagtt tctgtgacta ctttgcctgg     94920
     tgctgtcttt tctctctgca gctcacctcc ttttgatcat agccaagtat tcaggttgaa     94980
     gattagacat tttgaccatt ctggctggct ctctccctga atctgaaact atcaacaaag     95040
     aagaaacacc gttggggcta attagggtcc atcgttaaaa tatgctgaac ttaagcccat     95100
     aactcctccc atcttatgtt gttattcaca aattaagcat ttatttgggg taataaatca     95160
     ataggtttat gagaagtttc acagacagcc aaaaagggag aaaacccctc tccagaaatc     95220
     ttcattaaaa agttgagtga ggccgggtgt ggtggctcag gcctttaatc ccagcacttt     95280
     gggaggccaa cgtgggcgga tcatgaggtc aggagtttga gaccagcctg gccaaaacag     95340
     tgaaacccca tctttactaa aaatacaaaa aaaaaattag ccagacatgg tggcaccggt     95400
     attttggagg ctgaggcaga agaatcactt gaatccagga gatggaggtt gcagtgagtc     95460
     aaagtcgcac cactgcactc tagtctgagc gacagaacca gactccatct gaaaaaacaa     95520
     acaaaaacaa aaacctgagt gaacagaact ggggtgtctc tggtgcaccc ctaatctggt     95580
     gtcttcacct ttcctacctt cttgctagct ctcaactgcc tgacccagcc catctcacat     95640
     ctttttgccc acatctgtgc tcctgggaga gatcttgacg aagacagcaa gttcatcccg     95700
     cccacaccca gtgctggccc gcaattggct gagcttgcag taaggacgct agccagagaa     95760
     gcaaagttta tttcaactta atgtatgatc ttccctggat ttgtgagcta ccctaactca     95820
     acatcctccc ctcagtttgt actcgtctac agtaggcttt catattcaac taagggttag     95880
     aaagcacttt ctttccaggt acattaaagc tgggaccggg agtctgggcc agtcctatac     95940
     gacgactttg gaagacctcg aaggaaagga tagcctagga atcatctcgt ttggacctcc     96000
     ctcgccctac cacgtgcata gtctctatgg actaatgctc tctatgtata gtaggttcca     96060
     gcggagtata ggagagctaa aaatagaaaa atccttactc gctgggacac agggaagaca     96120
     taggaacgac tacgcttttt ctttaatacc gaacccaagt cactcttgca ctttattgtc     96180
     agcacacatt ctgactgtaa aagcctttac tgccgccacg cgagagagtt cgaaatattg     96240
     ttcaaatatt tctgcacttt agacaaaccc atcttatcag tacagaagct ggactctata     96300
     ctccattcgg ccgaggcttg caacctgaat caacggcatc tccacctctt ttggagatcc     96360
     catccttttg tgggggaagg ggtctcgctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcgtga     96420
     tccgggctcg ctgaaacttc ttcctcccgg gttcaagtaa ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc     96480
     gagtaagttg gacttacagg caccctccac aacacacgac taatttttct atttttagta     96540
     gagaaggagt ttcaccgtat tggcgaggct ggaactcctg accttgtgat ccacccgccc     96600
     ccgccttcca aagtgctgag attacagctg tgagccaccg accctggaga tcccatcttt     96660
     taccaggctg gctcctgaaa gggtgagaag ctgctcaatg cacacgcggg acaagtcggg     96720
     aaattagctg taggtgcaca ggatagagga gggagggaag gccacaagat ttatttaaag     96780
     atgttcaaca agaagcgaga gagacacgca cctgaaaacc tctgagccgt gaaatctcag     96840
     gagtcctatt ttaactcgcg gacgagtagt ttccggtccc tacttagctc agccgcgagt     96900
     ctctctgaca gcacatcagc aactctgcaa gcccttcagt gcctaaatgg atttcgaacc     96960
     ttgcttgcat tctgctctgc tgcgaaggct ctcctaattc cccacctcta acttgtccca     97020
     acccacatcc tgcctccctg ggtaggagcc agcgccttgc ctctggggct tcgctagaga     97080
     agcctagggc gcggtcgttt gcatccatcc ctgcggttgc aattcccaaa gccttagcaa     97140
     tttgccactc tatcacaggt gactgaaact tcacactagc cttgctcacc ttcatgacaa     97200
     cctcccaaac ccgcttgctt tgctttcctt gccacttgca gtgagttttc tttagagtgg     97260
     aacccagatt ccgcctcgaa gttttgtaat ttgcaacagc ataaagggaa ctgaagaaca     97320
     ttatgttaag tgaaatatct caggcacgga aagacagact tttgagtcag cggccgaact     97380
     ttgtgcctaa attcttcgct gcgaacgata ccaagataag cccaagctat gggacatcag     97440
     gccaagaagt gctcacacgc aagacagaac aaaagtggga gaagcaaagc aaaacacttc     97500
     aggtcgacca aaaagattgg caagcgcagg caaaaggcta gaaccaaaat actggagatc     97560
     aggaagtgtg tgcacaagtc actgacgcta taggagtagc caatatatat gagccttgca     97620
     tctcatacca catttagccc acccagtcac cagcaccggg atctgcagcc tctacttgtc     97680
     tgtctgttta agccctgcca gcgagtagca gagcctacag catggtcttc actgttctgg     97740
     accccttggt gcctgccatt ccctgggctg aggacacaag tagtggcact ttctcagggc     97800
     atgagcacag cagttgctta gcttctatct cagtcctggt ggctaaagtc aatagtcatc     97860
     tttaactcca tggtgcaata gggactggcg ctttctctgt atgcattttc cactcctagt     97920
     catcaataga aagaaactta tagtacaacc tgcagaacaa gaaacagtac aatgcaagaa     97980
     taaatcccca atctgaggtt ctctggttct tttctggctc aatcacagtc actccctttc     98040
     ccattatttc ttttttagca ggctgctcaa acttgacatt aagcaaactg cttttcctac     98100
     agggctatct gtgcccatac gctatccact cccctcccct cacccattcc tttccaccac     98160
     caccaccacc cacacacatc gagtcattct aactcttctt atttcccaac aggcttctgg     98220
     gacaacaaat aatctgtctt gttctagttt acaaaggtga ggacaagagg atattaaggt     98280
     gtctaaacac tcctgcaaga accagaattc agaagaagag gaagttccca agttaatagt     98340
     tgctttttca gataattatg tgtccagaaa aaaatatttt cttctttatc aaggcataaa     98400
     aacacgattt gttctgtcct tacagagaaa gaaaattgtg ataaacgaat ggagtaggga     98460
     cagaagagaa taaatgcaca tctctgaaat atgcagtttt cattttccag tatggaaaca     98520
     tgagagaaac tgagttgaag gattttggat cctaatcaag ttaaattatg ttatgttaac     98580
     aaattgaagt gctttcctct accctttatg ttgagttata ttatctactt tacatactat     98640
     ttttattata tcttaatatc agtatgaact aagttggaga tcttgctgtc attataacct     98700
     attgagtaat catttcagaa aaaacatcat gtaatagtat ttctagtaag agatacattg     98760
     gaaaggaact gttggaagat gacagttaat aatatctggg ccacagctct ttgtaaacct     98820
     aatagctgtt agagagccac tacagagaaa aaaatattct actctctcag aactaacata     98880
     tataaataaa gctgatacct gagccttcta cagattcatc cctggcttac tattaggtct     98940
     agcatcctga aagtgtgtaa tgtaggcttt ttaaggccaa cctttaccta tttttatgaa     99000
     gttcagctct agaggttata ggaaactcta aaaaaaatgt acccctcaaa ggaaatgaca     99060
     ttctacaggc agatattgct atacagtggc tacagtttta tcactagcaa tattgagcag     99120
     gtgtcactac cagactcctt gaacacttcc tacaggttgt gtcctcctcc atatgccacc     99180
     atttgaagca aaggcaatag ttgcaccaag agagacacac cctccaatat ctgccctaaa     99240
     gtgttagtct agaatataaa gaacttgaag taaaaagaaa aaaaaaatct aaaaaacaaa     99300
     ttgttttcat atttgagttt gaaaagctat gaaatgtatt ttaagatgcc acactggcaa     99360
     aatttgatca gttttgatgg acacatttcc ttggtttctt atttaccttc ccttgcaata     99420
     tgatggatta ttcttttttt tccttattgc ctagataaaa aagagtctgt gccttagtag     99480
     aataattttc tcctcattat ttgtcttcat ttttttgaag gaaaaaatac aaaaaaagtt     99540
     ttccactttt gaatgtaata tttttcaaaa tcacatatta acttcttcac ttctgtattt     99600
     atttttacat gttttattgt ctcctttaag tgggtaacca aatattgttt ctcagacacc     99660
     aatggtccta tcttaatgaa atgttcacat accctttgag cttttttccc ctttccaagt     99720
     cagattaatt ataaaatgga ataaaataaa actttcgggg tatattttat acctaaaatg     99780
     atttttgaga ttttgactct tagaaaaatc acaaatatgt gttatttcat attaagaaga     99840
     aaatcgatga tgataaaatt tatttgatat ggtactatta aagtgtttta ttagagctat     99900
     caaatcggaa ggcatacaca gactaccctg tgttaaattt gaataaacaa aaccttattt     99960
     acacacatag ttcagaaatc atatgctgta cctgaagttc ctaaagattt gtcaataaac    100020
     ttgctctcta gtatgttttt ttttaaatca gaatactgtg gttacttagc ctgatattaa    100080
     gccaaaacaa tatggcatta tcagtaataa ttttttaaga tattaacttc atcacaactt    100140
     tacattttca gtttaataca ccatcttctg gcccactaat ttctattggg atgcatctct    100200
     taagttttat taaaatatag atggtgtatt aaaatactgg ctgagcatgg ttggcgcaca    100260
     ctttaggagg ctgtcacact catatggttg gctggcactt taggaggcta aggcaggagg    100320
     attccttgaa tccagaagtt ggagagcagc ttgggcagca tagtgagatc ctgcctctcc    100380
     aacaacaaaa acaaaatata tacgtggtta ggatattctc cagattcact aaatttcttc    100440
     acttaatatt ctcggtatat tcttaataca ttgtttctat gttcttaaca cattttcact    100500
     atattcatta taagtatgca cattctccta aaaaagtata aaatttcaag atattttcct    100560
     gtctgggaaa aatttatcta tttttgtatc agatatgtta ttcagtacat tatttgaaaa    100620
     tagtcattct tatctctgta gacattgttt ttaaactttt ttgtattagc tttgttttgc    100680
     aaaccacaaa tgcaattaaa tttccctgtc agttccaatt tttttttatt attaactcat    100740
     cagatatttt atgtttaaaa gtgattagta ataagttaat tatggccatt ttaagcattg    100800
     tttatctaaa gatagctttt tatttgcttc tatgaaagct caagctcttg caatcagcta    100860
     caggccagag tacttcattt tcaacacgga agttctattt cagagcccca tagttcttta    100920
     cattattgac acttcaaata aagccttggc tacattcttc tgatgacata gcttagacaa    100980
     ttttgagaca gagtcaggat ttccagtctc ttctctgatt tttattcttt agagttgggg    101040
     tctcactata tggcacaggc tggttcaaac ccctatttca ggggatctgc ctacctcagt    101100
     ctactgagta gctgaaacta caggtaggtg tcccactgaa cacctggctc aaaactcttt    101160
     ttagtagaaa agtaattggg ttcatgacac tattaattca aggtctagca atataagaat    101220
     tatattcagg ttacaaatac ctgaatgaac aaataaggaa acattctttg aaatattctt    101280
     gacattattt taagtcttta gatctggaca cataagaagt cttttctctt tctttttaag    101340
     ctatctgtaa tgtataacaa tctagtaggt tcattatgct ttttaaaatg gaaattaagc    101400
     ttttgtaaat aaaatcttat cctccttgcc tgatggcttc agaaattgaa aactcttttt    101460
     tttccttaat tatactttga gttttagggt acatgtgcac aacacgcagg tttgttacac    101520
     aggtatacat gtgccatggt gatttgctgc acccatcaac tcgtcattta cattaggtat    101580
     ttctcctaat gctatccctc ctctagccca ccattcccca acaggcccca gtgtgtgatg    101640
     ttccctgccc tgtttccaag tgttctcatt gttcaattcc cacctatgag tgagaatata    101700
     caatgtttgg ttttctgtcc ttgtgatagt ttactgaaaa acatggtttc cagcttcatc    101760
     catatccctg caaaggacat gaactcatcc ttttttatgg ctgcatagta ttccatggta    101820
     tatacgtgcc acattttctt aatccagtct atcattgatg cccatttggg ttggttcaag    101880
     tctttgctat tgtgaatagt gccgcaataa acatacatgt gcgtgtgtct ttatagcagc    101940
     atgatttata atcctttggg tatatatcta gtaatggcac cactgggtca aatggtgttt    102000
     ctagttctag atccttgagg aatcaccaca ctatcttcca caatggttga actaatttac    102060
     actcttatta agagtttctt ggctgggcat ggtggcttat gcctgcaatc ccagcatttt    102120
     gggaggcaga ggcatgcaga tcgcttcagg tcaggagttc aaggtgtgcc tggccaaact    102180
     ggcaaaaccc tgtccctacc aaaaatacaa aaattagctg ggcgtggtca cacatgtttg    102240
     caattccagc tatttgggag gctcaggcag gaaaatcact tgaacctaag aggcagaggt    102300
     tgcagtgagc caagatcgtg ctactgcact gaagcctggg tgacagagtg aagttctgtc    102360
     tcaaaaaaat taacaaaaat attattttac tcatgtctat atagtatttc ctcaggctta    102420
     aaaataaccc attattcttg gtaagagaac ataactggaa acattgataa cacaatgaat    102480
     ttttttttta atactgtggg tttttttttt tctgtttttg ttgttgtttt ttgagatgga    102540
     gtctctctct gtcacccagg ctgaagtgca gtggtgcaat ctcggctcac tgtaacctcc    102600
     gcctctgggg ttcaagctat tctcctgctt cagccttcca agtggctggg attacaagta    102660
     gctaggacta cagtgcatgc caccatgccc atgcgaccac acttagctaa ttttcgtatt    102720
     tttagtagag atggcgtttc accatgttgg ccaaggttgt tgaatactgt gttttaaaat    102780
     aatgttcgtt tacttagata tgaccagata ctttcaagga gctaaggctg acagcgggga    102840
     gccaatgatt acagaactct cttggaaaaa ctgatatgat atcaggctta aggatctagc    102900
     tgtacagtta ataagaaggg tcacttcctg agagacatgg tattttaaga acttcaaaaa    102960
     tagatggatt cccctgatat agtttgggta tttgtcccct caaaatttca tgttgaaatg    103020
     tgataccaat gttggaggtg ggacacagtg gtagtgtttg ggtcaccagg gcagatcgct    103080
     tatctattag ttacagaaag ttctagtttt taaaatagtc cccatcttct attctttctc    103140
     ttgttccctc tctcactatg tggcatgcct tctgccatga gtgaaaactt cccaggcctt    103200
     caccagaaac agtgttagca ctatgcttct ggtacaatat gtagaactgc aaggcaaaat    103260
     agatctcttt tgtttataaa ttacctagcc ttatgtattt ctttatagtc aaagtggact    103320
     aatatatcac tccaatatag agatgctgca agaaaaatct gatgcagagt tcttggcctt    103380
     gtcttcctag acagagaagc tttaaaaagt ccactatgag agtctttata aaaccttcaa    103440
     gaatatcagc tttgacacat ctgtatcata aattgccatt catgttaaac ttaggaatat    103500
     agtcatattg aacctaatga aactagcctc gttttatgat caggaattat tgttctctga    103560
     aaagttaaaa aactgaatag gagagactgt atttgtgaaa actgcatgtt tacatacagc    103620
     aaacacttct tatgatctgc agttttgaga cccttccttc cctccctccc ttccttacgt    103680
     ccttcctccc tccctccttc cctccctccc tcctctctct ctctttcttt ccctcccctt    103740
     ttcttttttc ttttctttct ttctttttca ttcattcttt ctttcttttc ttctttatct    103800
     ttcttttttc agacaggatc agatcactct gttatgtgat catggttcaa tgcagcctca    103860
     atctcctgga ctaaagtgat cctctcatct caggcttctg agtagcaagg actacagtgc    103920
     atgccaccat gaccagaaaa tttttctatt atttatacag gcatggtttt gccattttgt    103980
     cctgggctaa agcaatctgc ccacttcagc ctcccaaaat gctcagacca taagtgtgtg    104040
     ctactgcacc cagctaggta ttttcacatc tgggtttgta ttatttcatc gtcttgctcc    104100
     acataattta ctattccagg aaacctgcct gaaaagataa atctggcaaa ttaacttgat    104160
     tatagatagt cactgaaaga tgcttccatt gaaagcatca aatcagttta tttgtgcatt    104220
     tgcctcttag gaagctataa caaaatacat agattgaagg atctataaac aatgggaatt    104280
     tatttctcaa agttctggaa ggtgaaagtc caagattaag aggtctgctg atttcgtttc    104340
     tggtgagagt agctttctgg cttgcagatg gcacaggaat cttcttcctg tgtgttccct    104400
     tggcctttct ttaggccttc aggtggagat agatcttcct tcctcttctt acaggagact    104460
     aataccatga ggtcccccct tcatgaccta atctgaacct aaccacctac caaaaacctc    104520
     atctgtagtg agtagtgggg tggggggact tcaacatatg aattggagaa agaggacaca    104580
     aacagccgat aataatatcc caaacattct ttgaatctct ccagttaaaa ttttcctcag    104640
     tacccattag tcccacatta ttgaactaag atccttatct tttcttaaag aagctccttt    104700
     cttctcttca tgtattaaaa aataagtctt aattcaaact tcaaatcttg aaaaattcat    104760
     cttaacttag tctttccaga tctgcttctc acattattgc taagaccacg tggaagttaa    104820
     tgctctccct atggctgtga ttatgaacca agctttctat tattaactga ttgcttaagt    104880
     gatattttcc aggagacagc attcaaccct ggggagaaga agtgggaata ggcaaagttc    104940
     cagggagatg gatggcaagg aagggtcagt atagtctgag gtaactttgc tctcatttta    105000
     tgattccttg ttccattgca tgccatccag gttctgcaat gtcctggact atgagtctaa    105060
     ttttatattt tgtaatatga gcaggtaagg ggacaagtgc taccctgggc attatgagta    105120
     ggcaagggaa caagcaaaag taaacatgaa attggctcac caggtgcctt tcctgcacaa    105180
     cctctaaccc ttacttagcc ctttcggaat cctaggaagg aaagccccca gccccggcca    105240
     cggattttca cagggaactc ccctctgcct ccgaaggtca ggctgagatc aagggtttcc    105300
     tccctttccc ctaggctcgc tgtgtttcta aactgctgct aaatctctaa tttcaccgaa    105360
     aagctcggag gagaggagct gagaggaagc cgctgctatt gtgtgaaata accacatgtg    105420
     gggacgttag catcagagtg cagctgcgag gagaggcagg tgaaggcccc tgagcgactt    105480
     ggagctctgg gcttacggca accatcgcct ctgctcagtg ttagggacgc gaagacacag    105540
     ggacagacag tagctagact gagctagcct tgtggccgac tgcaggggaa ctagcgagct    105600
     cgggcaaaat accctgctgt cagccttccc tgctccaact ggtcttccaa cagcagatgt    105660
     actcttccat ctgtcttaat ttttcaaacc agaaaacatc aggaacatcg acgtccactg    105720
     cattgttagt gtctttggac ctttcaagct ttcttagtac aaccttgtgt ccgtgtccgt    105780
     ctgtgcgcag gaagaaaagt acctcaagta tcaaggagag gatccagggc tctggcagaa    105840
     cagtcgcgag tcgggatcgc caggccccac cccactctcc acctcaaacc ccgctccttg    105900
     ccccaccacg aacacacacc aaccaccctc aaccccagcg cagcatcatt gaagcactct    105960
     ggtcaagctg tcagtttacc tgttaaggaa agttaaccct tttattccag ttttgaatat    106020
     tgcagattaa agcagcccct tcaggccttg aaatggctga caggtgtgta aagggccaac    106080
     gcgccgcagg tattacatca ctccccgact caaatctcca ggttccatgt ggagtagtag    106140
     gtggagaagg aggtgggcca agggtaggag aagtgggaag aaaagggaaa gtatctttgg    106200
     tttcttttca actttctaga ttttgcagag ttataaaata gttcaaccac aatgaggagt    106260
     ggaaactcaa atgattaaaa ctagagtggg cacccactaa ttttacaggt tttccttaca    106320
     gacttcaagc tgtggcgaca atgtcttcaa acatagtaac agcccctgat tttaatgggt    106380
     acagaaatta tctatttgtc caagtcttca cctgaaagtc actgttatag ccttttaaaa    106440
     acaatctttt cacagttttg gaagttccta agagatattt aatgaattca aacctgacag    106500
     aataaggtaa atttctattc ggaaaggtga gacaggaggg tagctacaac acatgagttc    106560
     aaggctgcag caagctatga ttcgactact gccctggggg cctgggggac agagccaaac    106620
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaagag atcccgggag cggtggctca cgcctataat cccagcactt    106680
     tgggaggccg aggcaggtgt atcacgaggt cgggagatcg agaccatcct ggctaacaca    106740
     gtgaaatcct ctgtccacta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacagtc ccagctactc gcaaggctga    106800
     ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaat ccaggaggcg gagctgtgag cggagatggc gccactgcac    106860
     tccagcgtgg gcgacagaga gaccactgtt gttgccaaga gtggacggct taatgcctgg    106920
     taccatctat tcttggcttc cccatatgca actccagcgg cacaagaggt tcaaatttat    106980
     tgccccaaag tttctctatt gttcattttt tcttcttact aattttatat tttgttttag    107040
     attagctttt gtttgtttat ggctcctgga attattttcc attagctatg gcaatgatgg    107100
     ggaatccagg ttataacctc actgtctcat gacaatcctt ccttacaaat tgatttaaag    107160
     tttctggaga tcttatcaga tgaaaaatag aaaaaacttt actttctgtg tttctgtgtc    107220
     tgtaattcag aatttacttc tcattttatg tttctttttt taatatttca gaaatatata    107280
     ataaatttga cttactataa aggagcttta cattaaatat ttctaaaaat ccagaaaata    107340
     ataaaattaa acttctaaat tttaaataca ataaaaaagc tattattcag aaactaactc    107400
     aatgttggaa tttttgaagt aaaagtgaat atttgagttt aatgaaaaca actttgtatc    107460
     tgactaatta ctgcaaagtg taatacaaac acacttttta ttctacaagt gtacattttc    107520
     tcaaatttac tgataagcta aaattacttc tacttaatgt ttaagattat ttaagaagtc    107580
     aatttgtgtt taaccaaatt gaattatttt tatagcaaat atttatctca atagtaatca    107640
     cattttatct tactaatgcc ttttcctatc atttaaaggg ttattcttaa ctttctgtgt    107700
     aatttgcctg aacagcaaac atttgtaatt taaaagaata atttctctgc tctaaattga    107760
     cctttattat gtttttaaaa ttattgtatg ctgggtgtgg tggctcacac ctgtaatccc    107820
     agcactttgg aaggccaagg tgggcagatc atgaggtcag gaaatcaaga ccatcctgac    107880
     taatgtggtg aaaccccatg tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagccgggt gtggtggcag    107940
     gtacctgtag tcccagcttc ttgggaggct gaggcaggag aatggcgtga acccaggagg    108000
     cggagcttgc agtgagtgga gatcatgcca ctgtactcca gcctgggaga cagagcaaga    108060
     ctccatcaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    108120
     aattgtaaac acacacgagg aaaaaaaaca aagacaaagg cagtgagaag attataatat    108180
     gaaacatgga ctctgaatgc aggatggtgt aactatcaga gaggtacttt tgaatatctt    108240
     catcaccatt ttccttttat ctaggctatt ttcttagcct ctctggtttc ttttcagttt    108300
     gctcttcttg tctttcctca ggtactgtat actggctttc cacccaagct tgtatgtgtg    108360
     tttttttgtg gggaggggtt gtttttgtgc ttgtttgttt gtcagtcagg actgagccca    108420
     cttacttgac aggaatcctg gatcctactt gccttgaaaa gttgccttga ctggataagc    108480
     atgacctctg gagtctcaga gaggagctag gccctgactg ctgccccaga agcagttatc    108540
     aagattttaa gcttattatt tcccaaaaaa cagacattgt taagaatatt ccacatcagc    108600
     agtactaaaa ctatgttaaa taagaataaa attaatatta aaataatgtg gctgtcccca    108660
     aaacatcatc agccaaccca agactgcgtt tatctctcca tgagactgca tgtctcatgg    108720
     aaacaaaacc tggcagaatc agatgggtaa aatacaattc tgagttttag aaataattgc    108780
     atgttacttt aacttagtcc tattgcatat cttcatatat ttttgtcact actactgttt    108840
     ctgaaacaaa cataactttg tagagtcttc ctctacttac tggctttcat tgtgcatgca    108900
     gcctacacat tcttccatta tttctggaag ctttggaaga aaaagtcttg agattggcat    108960
     ttcaagagct gagtgcttag tctcagcagg gaactacaat taccactaat aataatgata    109020
     atgataacaa gggtacaaaa gtcaagtcca accaaatttc cttcaaaccc ttttctagaa    109080
     ataatatttt caaaggccat taaaatatgg caatgtgaga caaaatagtg ctttattgga    109140
     aaaccttgtt tggttaggga agataccttt ttgggttata tgattctgat tgtgtgggag    109200
     ttactttaca acagtgtaag ttgtagatag tgatacaagt gcaaaataat tcatgtgtgt    109260
     agatacacaa acaaattatg taccacatag ggcatctcct attaagagtc agttttgcca    109320
     tattccttta aatatttctt tacagcatat aaatttccct tctttggctt ctctttgaac    109380
     aggttataat gtcttccttg ttagctaatt ttgagctata tggtttaagt aaaatctgta    109440
     atacatattt attttatatg tgcatgagaa ttataatttt actctttttg agaattctca    109500
     tttaccactg tggagagata cttttgatcc ccaccaatca tactttcctg ggccttttct    109560
     ttttctttaa cccttctggg tttgatgatt ctgattgtct ggttgtgggg aaattttttt    109620
     tttgtatata tcttcatata tatatacatt tttttttaaa gctggtattt gcttcagaaa    109680
     gccccacctt gccttccaag gagggtaggc agtctcatgt attttgaact ttgaggaaac    109740
     tgagtttatt gatttccatt tcaaagaaac tgagtttctt gatttctctt tatcactcct    109800
     ccctctccat gtgcggtagc tgagagagtt ctggtggccc cgatgctctg ccattggaac    109860
     acagcacaca gacacacaca ggtgcagagt caggcaccag tagcatacct agacagccag    109920
     tgttctggct gctcttcctt tctcatcctc tgaaacctct agccctgttt tttcatggca    109980
     ttcgttattt gtgtggtcct ttactacaga ggtttgaggg ttattttaag gaactctttc    110040
     gctgggctca ggagataggc agaaagacaa cttgagatga aatgcatgaa aaagtagccc    110100
     aactgcttta attagtatcc ctgagaggag gacaaaaagc ttttggcagt tgggatttac    110160
     cttctatttt atggagggtg gggtgtggcc ggggagccac tcacttcaca ttccaccaag    110220
     gcagaaagtg aaatttcctc cctgaggtcc tggaactggt ccttatagag acaacttggt    110280
     ggaaagcata gctcatgagg gccccaacct tcagggaagt ccctatctgc aaatgggtca    110340
     ccttccagag acaattatag tggctcatgt tgcttgagtt ctgggatata tttctgtaaa    110400
     ccaggagctc acagtcacaa tttgcaaaga gggtaggctt aataggaggg ctgggattcc    110460
     cacgtggccg ctaggttcct cccactcctt tttggatcat ggttcttgat taggctaagg    110520
     ctggctctcg cctttctttc tggtgtctag gaaagtcgtg gaggcaagta tgccgctata    110580
     aaaattagac tctgtgttac tagctgaaga tgatgcaatt tatttacgac tgtaagtaaa    110640
     tttatcaatg tgcagactcc agcggctcag tgcctcttgc ttactcttgc tgaaccctag    110700
     gctttggaga aagttgcttg agtttctaca attcgttcca taatttttag gatcccagtt    110760
     cctgcaaagt taggagattt actgaatcag tggtaaaaaa aaaatatttt ggctaaattt    110820
     gaaccaaaca ggcaggctcc tcctaaaagt ctgtatagat tgaggcttcc gattgcccaa    110880
     cagaattttc tgtagttaaa tctgtcctcc aacaccagaa atctgtgttt gctgaagctg    110940
     ctgtgagcga gacctcgtat ctacctaaat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    111000
     gtgtacacgg tctctaccaa agaagataaa aattagccgg gcttggtggt gtgcacctgt    111060
     aattccagct actccacagg ctaaggcagg agaatctctt gaacacagaa gcagatgttg    111120
     cagtaagcta agatcacacc actgcactag ggcctgggca gcattgtgac tctgtctcaa    111180
     aaataaataa ataaataaat acataataca tacatacata aaaatatact acagaaatgt    111240
     tctttgtagt aagccatttt acagaaaatg gtgagggaaa tcctggtgca gaggttcact    111300
     cccagtactt ccagaactaa aggcaaagac aggagaatca cttgacttca ggagtttccg    111360
     gccagcctag gcaacatcca agaccctttt tctaaactga aaaaaaaaag tggtgacgga    111420
     atgttttgac agtcactgtt gcccagcagc aagcaatatt caacattagc tatcactgga    111480
     ttctcaatga gaatcccaga gtatcaaatg gttcccagca gatccaagta caataatatg    111540
     accagaacag ggattctgca tttccaactt tcaaacttgc cacatatcat ggataatata    111600
     ttgaccacta attatttaca tccaccagcc atttagcatt atcattgcta ggggcttgcc    111660
     cttttgaatt cattctgcaa ttgtactgta ataatataaa aatagtctcg atcatccaaa    111720
     atggttgttg tgctgctttc tctttcagat tgtccatgtt aagaaaaagt ttctgtgttt    111780
     atgtatgtgc atttgtgtat gtggatgttg tcgagagcat acaaagaaca aacaaacaga    111840
     agaagaaata atctatccac aggacaagtc ttctgttttc tctcttcttc ttcaaggagt    111900
     gtgagctgtc ataggagtta cagataccag ccagtagcta aacaaacttt ctgcattata    111960
     gtcaaatgga tcatgaggaa cgcagggaga aagtgagggc tcaggatcct ggttgggtcc    112020
     tagagtagga agggtgcagc atccattaaa cagtgtagaa aagaaaaact aatacagtta    112080
     tcccttgcta tctgtggagg attgattcca gaatccctgt tggataccaa agtacatgaa    112140
     tgtttgagac cctgatataa aatggtgtag tatttatgta taacctatgt acatcctccc    112200
     atatatcacc atcctcgatt atttaaatca ttcctagact atctaaataa atcatcccta    112260
     gattatttat aattactaaa gcagtgtaaa tgctatgtaa atagttgtta tactgtatta    112320
     tttaagtaac aatgacaaga aaatgttgga acatgttcag tacaggtgca cccttccatt    112380
     tttccccaaa atattttcaa tctaaacttg gttgaataca tatagacaga actcacggat    112440
     aggcaaggat tattgtatct tttcctcagt gatcacaagg ttgatgactg acaccactat    112500
     gaataaaaac aaattaacaa gggaaaaaca taacaaattt attcaacgaa gtttcaggtg    112560
     acataagagc cttaagaaat aaagactcag agaatcagtg aaaattgtgt attttagttt    112620
     tcagtgctgc caaacaaaaa tgatggggcc atggttttgt attgagctcc aaaattaggc    112680
     agcaacagac caggtcaaac taaaatggag tcactcatgc taagtttcac ataatatcag    112740
     gtaaattaat ctgaaatatg agggaaagag atagatcctg aaagccatct tttttttctg    112800
     aaaacaagag attacagtct acccaattca gtgcaataac gaaccatact ctgctttatc    112860
     cctttcaaaa aagtaacctc atgtcaacta gtcatttttc tgttgtttca tatctttgct    112920
     ctcaccatac aaaatccacc gttctactac ttgccagtgg gatctatcac tccattttgt    112980
     agaatggagg atgctccttc atgacttgca aataaaagcc aattatctgt ataagtaaag    113040
     gtgttgtaat tttccctttt gatagtttca gtggttcaca cctgtatctt tgcctcagta    113100
     tgtgggggaa ggatgggagg ctgaggcaga aggattgcct gaggccagga gtttgagatc    113160
     atcttgagca acatggcaaa atcctgtttc cacaaaaaat taaaaattag ctgagcatgt    113220
     tagcacatac ctgtaatccc acatacctgg gaggctgagg taggatgatg accggagcca    113280
     gggtggtcga agctacagtg agccatgatt gcaccactgc agtccatcat gcatgacaga    113340
     gtgagacctt gtatcaaaaa aaaaagaaag agaaagaaaa aagatagaat ggacaggtaa    113400
     tgtagaagta ttataggaca aaataattta tgatatgata ataaattggg taaactttaa    113460
     ggcctgggag ttcagattct ttttagcctc tctctattgt atcctttccc tttgtgtatg    113520
     gtgcaggaca tatgccacac gagagtctta tgaactactt tcaagggagg tatgtcagac    113580
     aataatttta tggacagctt tcacacagaa aggttagaat gagtcagtga tgcgtcatgc    113640
     ctgtactccc agcacttttg gaggctgagg cgggtgggtc acctgaggtc aggggttcaa    113700
     gaccagcctg accactatgg tgaaatgcca tctctactaa aaacacaaaa ttagctgggc    113760
     atggtggcac ctgcctgcct ctaatctcag gtactcagga ggctgaggaa ggagaatcac    113820
     ctgaatccag gtggtggagg ttacactgag tcaagattgt gccattgtac tccagcctgg    113880
     gcaacaagag caaaacttca tctcaaaaaa gaaaaagaaa aaaagaaagg aaaacaacaa    113940
     aaaaagaaaa cgtcagtgag tgacctccat gatgtcatat tttggcataa tatgtcctaa    114000
     gccccaacac cagtgacagc aggccaatgg atcctatcct tgggcagaga agttcctagg    114060
     tcagggatag gagacaaaag ccagtaccca atcctaacag atgctgggct caaaatcttg    114120
     cacctttcta ccccagtttt aacatctctg tatcttcagg gagagaaaaa agcataggtc    114180
     tttttttcta aagttcattt aagacaaagt attggccagg cgcagtggct cacacctgta    114240
     atctcagcac tttgagaggc cagcatgggt ggatagcctg aggtcaggag tttgagacct    114300
     gcctggccaa aatggttaaa ccctgtctct actaaaaata caaaacttag ctgggcatgg    114360
     tggtgggcac cagctacttc ggagagtgag gcaggagaat cactggaacc caggaggcag    114420
     aggttgcagt gagccaagag agcgtcactg cactccacct tgggcaacac agtgaaactt    114480
     cgtctcaaaa aaaaaagaca aattattatc cttttccacc atcctttccc tacatgccaa    114540
     tattacctca tacttagccg accaagaatg agtcagagac agttcaggga tccagagcag    114600
     gaaatagtgg acacacacac cagcatctga tctccagaat aacagaagag tacataatca    114660
     aaaagctact ttacattaat attcttcaca agggtttctt ttcaaaaatg agttttgaca    114720
     acactgagat gctctttttt ctttctttta acctccaact cttgatgtaa ccacccaatg    114780
     ggttcatttt gtccagagcc cagagacagc tgatttttca gtaggtgaat tgcaatagag    114840
     gaagagatta aatacacata gagctggcta aataggagcc tagggtttta ttattactca    114900
     gccttcctat caacttggag gctagggttt atcaaagaca gtttggcagg tgggggctag    114960
     ggaatgggtg cttctgatag gttgggtatg gaatcacagg gatgtggaaa gtggtcctct    115020
     tgtgctgagt tcaattctgg taggcagaaa caggactggc tgagtctaga gtcgcctgtc    115080
     tagttgggcc atttggtagt taaaaatgac aaaacttgaa aaaacacatc aaaaggccag    115140
     tcttaagttc tacaaaagtg atgttaatta caggagtaat tggggaattt gcaactccag    115200
     aataatgacc agtaatcatt taactacatc tacatcttag caggatcacg cccctctcat    115260
     tgtcctaacc tggtggtctt tcattgtttt acaaaggtga tttagttttg ggaaggacta    115320
     ttctccttta aactatagac taaatttttc tcaaagttag gttagtttat gcccaggaat    115380
     gaacaagggc agtaggtagg ttaagggcaa gacggttaga tcagttctct gttactgtta    115440
     taattttctc attgttatat tttttgcaaa tgtggttgga taaaatcatg gctcatacaa    115500
     atatacaaaa aatacatatt aaaattttat ttaacataaa acattaaaat ttatttaata    115560
     aattataaat gaaaaaatca gtaacatgtt ataagcagtt taaaaaagtt aatgaagctc    115620
     agttttaaca tgaagtatag gaatggtgaa attatataaa tgaaatttgt aaatggtgtc    115680
     aatgtgcttt tatctagagc tgctatagga aatcaccata aaccgggtgg cttaatacag    115740
     aaaaactttc ttgtctcaca gtcctagagg ttagaattct gaaatcaagg tgttgccaag    115800
     ttggttcctc tgtgagttct gagaaaaatc tgtttcctat ctctcctaac ttctgatgtt    115860
     tgccggtagt ctttagtatt tttacttgaa gttgcgtcac tacaatgtct gccctcattt    115920
     ttacatggcc ttcttattaa gaaaaacagt ctttggactt agggacctcc ttactccagg    115980
     atgacctcat tttcacttaa ttatatttgc catcatttta tttccaaata agagcacatt    116040
     ctgagattcc aggtagatac taagttttca gaaacaggat taaacccagt gcagattgag    116100
     agaagtccct agaaatgtca ctgcacataa ttcatttgta tatcaataaa caagaattat    116160
     tttgcattgc tataagttac ctgcaattta taaagttgtg aaatagttca agacaatgaa    116220
     gggagagact ctctggtaac tacagagtat gagctcatca ttgcttagtt tccacaagag    116280
     gtatctctga atttttttgt ttattcccaa tgatcttata gcacttgtaa agtttttaca    116340
     ttagttacaa aatgcaattt gaagtgaaag aaacagaaat acaaaatatt agtttctctt    116400
     tttctcctac attcctacat ggatttgtag aagagctgac ctttacttat aaaataaatc    116460
     agcaaatgag tgtcttttct agaatggggt gacccaattt ttattacagt gaattattag    116520
     gacacatatg cacagcactt gaacatgttc tatcttctga aacttgtgtg aggtacacaa    116580
     gctggtgtta ttgttcccac attacagatt aggagatttc tcagaagaat ttcagtttgg    116640
     taataaatat ttcttattga attggggcta gcagccaggt gaaactgcct ctttttgctc    116700
     ccacctatgc tgcaggtcaa tgtcatttag caaatgctaa taagtgagat cttctgagat    116760
     cttcctactg aggctgaaat aacactagca cctcaagcag gtcatgtttt aggcagctcc    116820
     tttgcacagc ccaatatttc atctgaagga attgtctctt aaaatcttcc attctctcac    116880
     tttacctgat taattttgta tctaaacctc ggaacaattt taaagcattt ctgcaggctg    116940
     atctcttctt atactggaag aattttagga atctgtgagc ctagttaaat ctaggagggt    117000
     cagtaagatt agtcactggg caggcagggt cctgtgttta gatatttttc ctgtggagaa    117060
     taagatgagg actgttgtta atttaggtga taatactttt tgcctaaaaa aaaaattgtt    117120
     tctctactat tttattttga tttttatttt attttttcaa ttttttgagg tttttgcctg    117180
     ggctgggtaa actcagctgt atggtgctgg atgtcagtct accatcagag tgggacacca    117240
     tactgggaga cagaggacat ccacattgca cagtcctgag atatcaaatt ctcaaggata    117300
     acacagtttt tccgcatctg tggaatgaag aactataact atggatagac atcataaaaa    117360
     caaaagcctt atgtagtgac tagttaagat tatagtgcca gccctgggct ttcgggttgc    117420
     agaaaactgg taggttgtat gttatgggac tcaagagcat ctctcaacat aggcaattgt    117480
     atctctgctg tcctttctct tcagcagctt tcctctatag gtctcagtgg gaatccatcc    117540
     tttcgggttt tgggatttca gaagtgaaca tggcattgca ctgcagagat ggtgtgtgag    117600
     tccagcctac ccgaaaccaa tgcaaattag taagtatttg ggaactaaag ttacttttgg    117660
     agacgttaag ggtgaaagcc atctccttca ctgactacaa agcaactaga ggctcaggaa    117720
     agcattaggt aatgctcaca gggtcagctc aggaagtgaa gagcaaagac tgccattgtg    117780
     ttaacaagag gttgaaagtg tattctcaga agaagaaatc tactgtcata tccatcccca    117840
     tccatctgca ggctccaata cacagctctt tcgtctgtcc tctgtagtaa gatgaaatac    117900
     caagcacaga gcacaaatcc tgaacaatcg ccatcaccta tttggtggac gcataggcct    117960
     ggtctctgat ctggtcgcat gtccagaggg tctgctaacc cactgcacct agggagacag    118020
     gcattgtacc accttttctc tactcttccc agactcaaca catttgattg tatatgcgca    118080
     tgaggtagaa atataagatg aagcagggac agagtcaaca agccagaact agatgcttct    118140
     acctggacag aagacctaga attctttttt ggatcctaaa ttcaccagga aattttaacc    118200
     acatgcattc agagatgctg tgtaggtgtg gccagtgtca gctggcagtg tacccagtgt    118260
     accactgtgt cgcccaccct gtggtcatta gcaattggaa ttcctcagta atctggctgg    118320
     gaaactgacc tttggaagtc tttcccttac ttctccttca cccagcaaag ggctatgcaa    118380
     atatcctttt acaaattaag ggctgaatat ccagccctaa ggtttcttca gttagtagat    118440
     tagttttact ttggaaagct gggcccaagt tatttggctc aaaacatcct cccaatgctg    118500
     aggacacaac agttgagaaa cagtacaact gttagtatcc agattgcaaa ggaagatgta    118560
     atagtatata ctcatgtgtc acttaacaac agagatacat tctgagaatg gcatgcatag    118620
     gtgatttaac aacagagata cattctaaga atggcatatg taggtgattt tgtcattgtg    118680
     caaatatcat agactgtacc cacagaaacc tggatagttt agcttaccac acacctaggc    118740
     tatatgatat agcctattgc tctcaggcta caaacctgtg cagcatgttg ctaaactaaa    118800
     tactgtaggc aattaggaca caatggtaaa catttgttta cttaaacaca cttacacata    118860
     aaaaggtgca gtaaaattat tataatatga tgaggccacc attgtctatg tagtcctgtt    118920
     gttgactgaa gtgttatgtg gaagatggct gtatttgcaa gatcttgcat atagcaaata    118980
     ctaggaaaca catacaccac ctatctatca aagctaataa gtcaattctg aaacgttgag    119040
     gcaaataata tcaacatata aaacccagtt gtatttccat acattagtaa tgaataattc    119100
     aaaagtgaaa ataacacaat ttatatcatt aaaataatga atacatataa caaatctaac    119160
     aaaagaaata taagatttgt accagaaaac tacaaataat gttaaaagaa attaacctaa    119220
     ggaaaaatgg aaaggtatct gtatttatgg attggaaaaa ttaataacat taaaatgcca    119280
     attgtcccca aactaatcta caacttcaat gagatctctg tcaacattgc aaccagcttt    119340
     ttgtttgtgt tattttccta gaaatgaaca gataacctga aaattcatat gatttttttt    119400
     tttgagatgg tgtcttgctc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc agtggtgcga tctcagctca    119460
     ctgcaacatc cgcctcccgg gttcaagtga ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg    119520
     attacaggca tgcgccacca cgcccagcta atttttgtat ttttagtagt gatggggttt    119580
     caccatgttg gtcaggctag tcttgaattc ccgatcttgt gatccacccc cctcagcctc    119640
     ccaatatatg aagttttaag aaacccagaa accaagatca atcttgaaaa tatagttgaa    119700
     cgaattaggc ttcccaattt ccaaaccggc tacaaaatga caataataaa aacagtgtgg    119760
     tactggtgta aggacaggat tataggtgaa tagagtaaaa ttcatagtct agaattgagc    119820
     tctgacatct gtgatgagct gattttcaca aaggtgagaa aactattcag tgcaggaagg    119880
     agtagcctta aacaaatggt gttaggataa caaatatcaa caactaaaga ataaagttgg    119940
     atcctaccaa attaatttaa gatggttcaa agttataaat gtaagaacta aaattatgga    120000
     acttttagat aaataaatag tcctaaatca tcatgtacta ggattagcca atggcttcta    120060
     acatgtgaca tcaaaagtac aagggcaaaa taaaaactgg atatgttgaa ctaaaaactt    120120
     ttatgaggca atggatacca tgaagaaagt aaaaaggaaa gtcagagaat aagagaaagt    120180
     atttgcaaac catatctacc aagggattta tatcagaatg tataaggaaa tcttaagtgt    120240
     caatagaaaa agaccaacaa ctcaaatatt aaaaagccaa aagatttgaa taggcatttt    120300
     cccaaagaag acatataaat gactaataag cacagaaaag gatgctcaat gtcattaacc    120360
     tataaggaaa tgtacattaa aactacaatt atatatacac aattatgatt ttgtcaatta    120420
     aaataacaac tataaagtgt aaagctacag caagataatc acactcagtg aaatggctaa    120480
     tcaaacagat gggaaaagca agtatggtga agatgtagag aaattagaat ttttatatgt    120540
     tgttggtagg catataaaat tgtgcagctg ctgtggaaaa catttgtcag ttcttcaaac    120600
     aaattaaaca tcaaattact acacgatcca gcaattccaa acaattcaaa acatatactc    120660
     aaacaaatac ttgcacatga atgttcaaag caccactata caaaatagtc aacaagtgga    120720
     aacaactcaa ctgtttactg atggaaaagt aaacaaaatg tatatccaat caatgaaata    120780
     ttagagctgt aaaataaatg aagtccagtt gtcttgtggt ttccagggag actggtttcc    120840
     aggagcaccc gtccacaaga taccaaaata catagttgct catgtccctg atataaatgt    120900
     gtagcctggg taacatggtg aaaacctgtg tctaccaaaa aaaggtacaa aaattagcct    120960
     gccatgatgg tgagcttgta gtccaagcta cacggtgagg cagaaggatt ggttgagcgt    121020
     cagaaacaga ggtggcaatg agccaagact gtatgtcaca ctcaggatag gtgacagggt    121080
     cagactctgt ccttccaatc ccctgacaaa aagatgtagt atttgcacat aaccgatgca    121140
     cctccttctg tatattttaa atcatttata tattacttat aatatctaat acaaagtaac    121200
     tgctatgtaa atagttgcta tattgcttag ggaatatgga caagacaaaa gtctgtacac    121260
     gtttggcgca gatgcaacca ttcatttatt tttcctgaat atttttgatc tgtggttggt    121320
     tgaatctaca gatgtctagg gattcagaat ccactagtac aaagggctaa ctgtactgat    121380
     attatactac gaccttggaa gcaaaaccgt tattataagc aaaagaagct agacgcaaag    121440
     tccacttacg tcaggattac atatatatat acacacacac atacatacgt acacacacac    121500
     atatatacac acatacatat atacacacac atatatacac atatatacac acatatacgc    121560
     acatatatac acacttatat acacacatat atacacacat atatacatat atatgaaaag    121620
     ttagtaaatt gtgcatttaa aaacaaggca atgcatggtg tatgaattat cctgatctcc    121680
     caagttttga tgactggaac cgtaattgca tctaaaacaa ataggtgatg tttttcaggg    121740
     aattcccctt cgcctccatc atatcaagga aaataaatgg attaacaaac gtataactgt    121800
     aagtaagaaa cggatagcgg agaaagtgga gtccatttaa cctgtacttg gtgcaaaata    121860
     gctgctgata gttgtttcaa gcccgcgtgg gtcagcgggg aacagtacgt ggaccccatt    121920
     gcactggaca ggctggagtc tgggtcggtg tcagagctta aaaactgata agctgaaagc    121980
     caatgcacct accctttaac gtcatgtatt ttttatccct acatcattga tggctaggaa    122040
     cagcaggtaa catcctcata agattaagca ataagaaaat agactttatg tgtactctca    122100
     cttgtcgtta atttcgtaca ttctctaaca aaagaatacg gttggaataa aaatctaaac    122160
     ctttccagaa cagtaatgag taccttacca tacgggaaca ccggcctggg aactacaaat    122220
     ccgggttggc cacacccaga agaaatactc tctttcctag aacgttgcat tacgctccaa    122280
     tcccgagcag gtccagagag ccgtagccgc tcagcctgct gggacttgta gttctttttt    122340
     taacaggcat aggttcccga ggccactttc ggctctgtcg gcctgaggcc gagcccagga    122400
     tttaatgttc cccaccctcc cgcactcccc aagataggtt ggtagtgtta ggaagagtgg    122460
     atggcggagt caacctcctc cggtcacgtg tggtacttgg catgcagcga ttggtcgcca    122520
     gagttatagg gccccgcgtt aagtccatga gcttccgtga gggtactctg ccggttttgc    122580
     tgcggaagtc acctcgtggc gtaggggaga ggtaacaccg agaagaggca gcggcggtgg    122640
     cgccaagacg attggtgcca aacagggcag aacgcaactc agctctgggg tgggttcctg    122700
     tccagagggg tagagaagag tggctgaggg cgcgccctga tctcagcggg aagagtgcga    122760
     ccccgagggc gcgctaggta tgaaagccac gtgtggctgg caccgcgggg acccacgcac    122820
     caggtgtacc ctttccagtc cctgccgtcg ccttattccc ggtgctggtc accaccgtct    122880
     agggcttact tgggacacag gctagttctc tcctgaagct attgagcagt atgtgttgag    122940
     gtgcgctacg ccagttgagg tgaagctgtt acacagtatg aaagccgggc tttgtagctg    123000
     cagctgcgca ttgcaccccc agctacgcag tctcctttcc ttctcagtca caggaccgga    123060
     tggcaagtgg ccgcagccag tcggtgagac cgactgagct ctggggcttc agttcttgac    123120
     gctacctaca tggctacatc tccagccaag gatgagaggt gatgccagag gacctcgatc    123180
     taaattgggc accattatcg tatgacaact tctcttgcaa aacatcttct cttttctctt    123240
     cttttctctg tctctctctt tctctctctc tcttcgtttc tctcttcttt ctttcattgc    123300
     tctttctctg tcctgtgcac gccaaagcgg aagctgaagt gcggcgtctt tgatctctca    123360
     atcctggaga cacaggaaca ttttccttac tttactcaac tcgttccttt gaataccgca    123420
     aaattaagac ggcgtttaaa acaatcgaaa tcccttttct tctggggttt ggtgcctaaa    123480
     gattagaaaa gtttgcgcaa ggaattcgct gcagcatata aaactttcag gaccctgaaa    123540
     tacagaactg caaagaaacg gcctaagatg gttgaatgct ctttattttt ctttaattta    123600
     gacatgttca aacgttcaat gtcttacata cttagttatg taagtaaggt agcgcttact    123660
     tcattatgca tttcaatact caaaaaaaat tcctttgtga a                        123701