EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC009235; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 159910 BP.
AC   AC009235;
DT   09-AUG-1999 (Rel. 60, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-392F24 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-159910
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-159910
RA   Yoakum M., Drone K., Harkins R.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-392F24";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-159910
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-AUG-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-159910
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (26-JUL-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-159910
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; c13826e65c0f2313acfa5223a97a0b49.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   EPD; EP74235; HS_CD24.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC009235.4:1-159910; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Jul 26, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:8348077.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0392F24
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-143C1, 200 bp overlap; the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-207L19, 200 bp overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 145641 of
CC   RP11-143C1; actual end is at base position 15153 of RP11-207L19.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..159910
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-392F24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   7..128
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   355..834
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   1073..1141
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   1748..2428
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   2429..2549
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   3189..3463
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3746..3831
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   4516..4722
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    5284..5357
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI767654 (NID:g5234163) wh38b10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    6547..6751
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI654951 (NID:g4738930) wb65g09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    6551..6734
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI767654 (NID:g5234163) wh38b10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    6707..6751
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI866228 (NID:g5530335) wl27e04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   7367..7585
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7676..7961
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8063..8346
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    8717..9035
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW292752 (NID:g6699388)"
FT   misc_feature    8809..9035
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE044498 (NID:g8361551) ho46d07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    8815..9035
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW022797 (NID:g5876327) df43g09.y1"
FT   misc_feature    8965..9271
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW130033 (NID:g6131638) xf27b02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    8968..9035
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI654951 (NID:g4738930) wb65g09.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI866228 (NID:g5530335) wl27e04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    9123..9271
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW022797 (NID:g5876327) df43g09.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW292752 (NID:g6699388)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE044498 (NID:g8361551) ho46d07.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI654951 (NID:g4738930) wb65g09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    9123..9186
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI866228 (NID:g5530335) wl27e04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    9312..9479
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW292752 (NID:g6699388)"
FT   misc_feature    9312..9482
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW022797 (NID:g5876327) df43g09.y1"
FT   misc_feature    9312..9462
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI654951 (NID:g4738930) wb65g09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    9312..9455
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE044498 (NID:g8361551) ho46d07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    9312..9471
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW130033 (NID:g6131638) xf27b02.x1"
FT   repeat_region   9641..9787
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   9925..10157
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10344..10836
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   11402..11773
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11778..11929
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12935..13035
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    13305..13507
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI866228 (NID:g5530335) wl27e04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   15401..15710
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   15912..16195
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16341..16639
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16769..17051
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17575..17733
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   18430..18529
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18675..18957
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20062..20139
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   22791..22865
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   23204..23822
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    23879..24243
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA493510 (NID:g2223351) ng75e02.s1"
FT   repeat_region   24309..24524
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25143..25658
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25720..26836
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26825..27208
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27216..27510
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    29525..29856
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI686166 (NID:g4897460) tt92h08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   29565..29908
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   30055..30362
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30713..31038
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   31055..31347
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31699..32032
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   32271..32569
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32570..32874
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    32577..32622
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW295010 (NID:g6701646)"
FT   repeat_region   32875..32938
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   33180..33616
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   34014..34116
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    34090..34227
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI686166 (NID:g4897460) tt92h08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   34432..34747
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    34492..34946
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA662971 (NID:g2616962) ac52a08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    34498..35250
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI207481 (NID:g6361489)"
FT   repeat_region   37034..38039
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   38045..38142
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   38143..38470
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   38946..39240
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39621..40314
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40323..40518
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40519..40899
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   40900..41668
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41675..42035
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    41746..42266
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI792737 (NID:g5340453) qs76f11.y5"
FT   repeat_region   42007..42069
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   42214..42323
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   42354..43017
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43066..43123
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43207..43355
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43427..44645
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44662..45815
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    45801..45997
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA508752 (NID:g2246255) ni23b04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   46017..46825
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49240..49533
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57564..57889
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   58402..58946
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   59074..59385
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59393..59923
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   60757..60850
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   61464..61602
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   63275..63586
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63980..64037
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   64048..64140
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64347..64565
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   64562..64696
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   64699..64983
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65162..65207
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   65784..66026
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66701..67429
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67432..68691
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69049..69224
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   69263..69550
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   69952..70141
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   71233..71458
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72091..73288
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73294..73350
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73384..73556
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73561..73892
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74382..74676
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   74679..74750
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   74754..75054
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   76423..76704
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76921..77103
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   77106..77394
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77665..77937
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78049..78334
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78391..78449
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79574..79864
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80897..80935
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82010..82548
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82719..83014
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83558..83664
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83665..84176
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   84177..84361
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85124..85399
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85563..85762
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   85912..86206
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    86128..86232
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA164202 (NID:g1741211) zq46e07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   86572..86855
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86869..87275
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87317..87617
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87706..88042
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88049..88481
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88574..88839
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    89473..89797
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI674196 (NID:g4874676) wc09d11.x1"
FT   repeat_region   89731..89867
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91182..91302
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91318..91624
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91730..92017
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92111..92198
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93288..93368
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93787..93932
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94216..94713
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94877..95170
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95454..95747
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95837..95870
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   95882..96201
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96368..96859
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   97158..97436
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98129..98444
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    98139..98573
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI733328 (NID:g5054441) op09b08.x5"
FT   repeat_region   98859..98894
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   98902..99266
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   99455..99741
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   99928..100220
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    99929..99971
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI870184 (NID:g5544152) wl15f05.x1"
FT   repeat_region   100498..100791
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101468..101672
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101683..101770
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   101782..101943
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   101946..102393
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   102394..102567
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   102564..103009
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   103003..103330
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   105417..105635
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   105637..105745
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   105785..105918
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   105950..106367
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   106368..106686
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   106702..106765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106769..107526
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   107596..107663
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107664..107913
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   107966..108251
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108255..108475
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   108486..108562
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110259..110518
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   110522..110806
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110831..111120
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111754..112189
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112466..112769
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113412..113507
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   113561..113859
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113870..115086
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115072..115256
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115238..115506
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115507..116479
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   116480..117973
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   117974..118285
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   118286..119101
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   119102..119372
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119373..119751
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   119752..120262
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   120263..120988
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121419..121921
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   122381..122977
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123031..123124
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123139..123413
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   123949..124243
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   124932..125077
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   125156..125290
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125318..125459
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125626..125739
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125780..125965
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127158..127447
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127818..128093
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128405..128720
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129173..129486
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129893..130061
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130062..130331
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    130067..130188
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI472327 (NID:g4334417) tj87c10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   130332..130463
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130996..131284
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131685..131987
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132561..132693
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   132772..133054
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133596..133897
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133947..134199
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   134202..134416
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134417..134665
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134666..134921
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134938..134997
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   135038..135398
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   135458..135761
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135991..136285
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136344..136628
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137484..137685
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137686..137986
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137987..138434
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    138286..138419
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW675635 (NID:g7540870) ba52b03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    138292..138419
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA705155 (NID:g2715073) zj96a02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    138417..138467
FT                   /note="similar to  EST F09672 (NID:g682205)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T65562 (NID:g674607) yc76d10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   138435..138726
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    138717..139003
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA705155 (NID:g2715073) zj96a02.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW675635 (NID:g7540870) ba52b03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    138793..139003
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA508752 (NID:g2246255) ni23b04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    138833..139003
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA719917 (NID:g2733016) zg67g12.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI760196 (NID:g5175863) wg58h09.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW628149 (NID:g7374939) hh86c01.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N32183 (NID:g1152582) yy25c12.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N32185 (NID:g1152584) yy25d10.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D61444 (NID:g970171)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW302292 (NID:g6712045) xr46a06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    138943..139003
FT                   /note="similar to  EST Z44934 (NID:g574119)"
FT   repeat_region   139020..139319
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    139309..139387
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW628149 (NID:g7374939) hh86c01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    139309..139375
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA508752 (NID:g2246255) ni23b04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    139309..139388
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA719917 (NID:g2733016) zg67g12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    139309..139383
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA705155 (NID:g2715073) zj96a02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    139309..139714
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N32185 (NID:g1152584) yy25d10.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N32183 (NID:g1152582) yy25c12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    139309..139386
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI760196 (NID:g5175863) wg58h09.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D61444 (NID:g970171)"
FT   misc_feature    139309..139528
FT                   /note="similar to  EST Z44934 (NID:g574119)"
FT   misc_feature    139309..139377
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW302292 (NID:g6712045) xr46a06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    139309..139381
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW675635 (NID:g7540870) ba52b03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    139401..139937
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE160574 (NID:g8623295)"
FT   repeat_region   139589..139888
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    139968..140296
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA085450 (NID:g1628677) zn43e07.r1"
FT   repeat_region   140276..140456
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   140459..140532
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140753..141205
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   141209..141408
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141412..141703
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141781..141954
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    142515..142865
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA434559 (NID:g2139473) zw53d08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    143181..143523
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H43573 (NID:g919625) yn98c09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    143240..143553
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA558590 (NID:g2329067) nk39g04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   143442..143755
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143866..144135
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   144139..144260
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144263..144563
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    144710..144771
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW264753 (NID:g6641569) xq34h09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   144719..144783
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   144787..145014
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   144994..145535
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   145560..145829
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   146651..147649
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    147645..148041
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA583306 (NID:g2367915) nn37g01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147645..147949
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA508879 (NID:g2245820) ng86e12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147646..148545
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA761181 (NID:g2810111) nz09g03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147646..147885
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T30204 (NID:g612302)"
FT   misc_feature    147646..147830
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA557757 (NID:g2328234) nl61f04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147646..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA689763 (NID:g2690699) vs07e01.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA240463 (NID:g1864846) mv30f01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147646..148102
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI697327 (NID:g4985227) tq07h03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147646..148112
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW269521 (NID:g6656551) xv53h09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147646..148002
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI433971 (NID:g4292912) ti12c06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147648..148449
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI559700 (NID:g4509905) tq51e02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147649..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI850990 (NID:g5494896)"
FT   misc_feature    147649..147942
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW517532 (NID:g7155614) xt68g03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147649..147943
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW002782 (NID:g5849698) wr56b02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147649..147936
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI678303 (NID:g4888485) tu80d03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147650..147979
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA971080 (NID:g3146370) op70g11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147650..148132
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA958018 (NID:g4277908)"
FT   misc_feature    147650..147965
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE107161 (NID:g8499266)"
FT   misc_feature    147650..148238
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA523877 (NID:g2264805) ng31g06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147650..148030
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW028195 (NID:g5886951) wv61h11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147654..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA154829 (NID:g1740173) mt67d03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147654..147971
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI671427 (NID:g4851158) wc30b09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147656..147969
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW945185 (NID:g8122937)"
FT   misc_feature    147664..148030
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H59916 (NID:g1012748) yr04f12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147664..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE135425 (NID:g8597925) ug27g07.y1"
FT   misc_feature    147665..147967
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI972647 (NID:g5769473) wr41e04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147666..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW553321 (NID:g7198744)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI323855 (NID:g4058284) mt67d03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147667..147965
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI013539 (NID:g3227595)"
FT   misc_feature    147669..148140
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA972782 (NID:g3147962) oq01h05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147669..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BB093080 (NID:g8676327)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST C77249 (NID:g2517579)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST C77121 (NID:g2517451)"
FT   misc_feature    147673..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI120876 (NID:g3521200) ub73d04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147673..147906
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA208730 (NID:g1806691) mu64e11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147678..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI152885 (NID:g3681354) ue01a06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147682..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW558048 (NID:g7203477)"
FT   misc_feature    147684..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE199220 (NID:g8711389) us67d02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147686..148489
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI564540 (NID:g4522997) tq80g02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147694..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA681800 (NID:g2663940) vu65f01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147695..148002
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE153248 (NID:g8615969)"
FT   misc_feature    147695..148186
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI810781 (NID:g5397347) tu21a07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147698..148058
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R77796 (NID:g852906) yi81b05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147709..147997
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE168971 (NID:g8631692)"
FT   misc_feature    147725..148313
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W06968 (NID:g1281057) za92d06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147730..147904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA109202 (NID:g1660654) mm04e05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147745..148017
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW887507 (NID:g8049520)"
FT   misc_feature    147750..148018
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA164202 (NID:g1741211) zq46e07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147782..148438
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE176594 (NID:g8639323)"
FT   misc_feature    147872..148410
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW601989 (NID:g7306715)"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148139
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA681800 (NID:g2663940) vu65f01.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA240463 (NID:g1864846) mv30f01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148334
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW558048 (NID:g7203477)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW553321 (NID:g7198744)"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148259
FT                   /note="similar to  EST C77249 (NID:g2517579)"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148260
FT                   /note="similar to  EST C77121 (NID:g2517451)"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148053
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI323855 (NID:g4058284) mt67d03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148356
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA109202 (NID:g1660654) mm04e05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148231
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI120876 (NID:g3521200) ub73d04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148090
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA154829 (NID:g1740173) mt67d03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148062
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA689763 (NID:g2690699) vs07e01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148010
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BB093080 (NID:g8676327)"
FT   misc_feature    147925..147969
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI152885 (NID:g3681354) ue01a06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148035
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE135425 (NID:g8597925) ug27g07.y1"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148128
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE199220 (NID:g8711389) us67d02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    147925..148159
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI850990 (NID:g5494896)"
FT   misc_feature    147959..148027
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D55588 (NID:g961379)"
FT   misc_feature    147969..148156
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW371645 (NID:g6876299)"
FT   misc_feature    147972..148027
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D54301 (NID:g956198)"
FT   misc_feature    147974..148136
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA587042 (NID:g2397856) nn73h10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    147980..148412
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE142954 (NID:g8605675)"
FT   misc_feature    147987..148389
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE090755 (NID:g8481206)"
FT   misc_feature    147988..148382
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D54370 (NID:g956267)"
FT   misc_feature    148005..148664
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE064576 (NID:g8409226)"
FT   misc_feature    148013..148468
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R81453 (NID:g858056) yj02e01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148019..148603
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW610129 (NID:g7314870)"
FT   misc_feature    148058..148137
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA208730 (NID:g1806691) mu64e11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148060..148411
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA295400 (NID:g1947754)"
FT   misc_feature    148069..148478
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA411741 (NID:g2069402) zv11a02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148076..148464
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA058499 (NID:g1551306) zl67h08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148125..148469
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA632836 (NID:g2556250) np84e04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    148134..148553
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA445951 (NID:g2158616) zw57h12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148136..148426
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA371311 (NID:g2023629)"
FT   misc_feature    148141..148315
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW151335 (NID:g6199233) xe73b08.x1"
FT   misc_feature    148145..148571
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI885465 (NID:g5590629) wm24c05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    148147..148466
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA317144 (NID:g1969699)"
FT   misc_feature    148148..148495
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D51997 (NID:g952233)"
FT   misc_feature    148153..148321
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW044859 (NID:g5905388) um14f08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    148161..148436
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D55588 (NID:g961379)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D54301 (NID:g956198)"
FT   misc_feature    148172..148352
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R29242 (NID:g1547225)"
FT   misc_feature    148184..148458
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D56450 (NID:g971058)"
FT   misc_feature    148202..148496
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D51927 (NID:g952163)"
FT   misc_feature    148210..148413
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA370956 (NID:g2023274)"
FT   misc_feature    148215..148624
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W39287 (NID:g1321004) zc76f06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148218..148632
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W60522 (NID:g1367281) zc99g04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    148246..148431
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE176596 (NID:g8639325)"
FT   repeat_region   148358..148657
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    148412..148850
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R96738 (NID:g982398) yq55e09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148446..148891
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R91610 (NID:g959150) yq10d04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148453..148773
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D54438 (NID:g956335)"
FT   misc_feature    148453..148861
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI214104 (NID:g3777705) ap30a03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    148462..148752
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA384504 (NID:g2036844)"
FT   misc_feature    148477..148622
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA558590 (NID:g2329067) nk39g04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    148495..148623
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D56450 (NID:g971058)"
FT   misc_feature    148531..148989
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI472327 (NID:g4334417) tj87c10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    148536..148965
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA349978 (NID:g2002298)"
FT   misc_feature    148543..148838
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW607225 (NID:g7312070)"
FT   misc_feature    148548..148642
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE142954 (NID:g8605675)"
FT   misc_feature    148549..148839
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE062266 (NID:g8406916)"
FT   misc_feature    148557..149083
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H59915 (NID:g1012747) yr04f12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148575..148953
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA610643 (NID:g2459071) np95b05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    148576..148965
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T08552 (NID:g389580)"
FT   misc_feature    148583..148849
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE164344 (NID:g8627169)"
FT   misc_feature    148630..148792
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW044859 (NID:g5905388) um14f08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    148630..148788
FT                   /note="similar to  EST F09672 (NID:g682205)"
FT   misc_feature    148630..149046
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T65562 (NID:g674607) yc76d10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    148631..149065
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI123763 (NID:g3539529) oo21d12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    148632..148839
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW264753 (NID:g6641569) xq34h09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    148632..148758
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI870184 (NID:g5544152) wl15f05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    148632..149029
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW295010 (NID:g6701646)"
FT   misc_feature    148647..148996
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R78158 (NID:g853268) yi81b05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148650..148935
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI766762 (NID:g5233271) wi87e03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    148703..149127
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE090594 (NID:g8481045)"
FT   misc_feature    148706..149356
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE082213 (NID:g8472512)"
FT   misc_feature    148717..149259
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE176743 (NID:g8639472)"
FT   misc_feature    148723..149037
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW365033 (NID:g6869683)"
FT   misc_feature    148741..149043
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA453217 (NID:g2166886) zx44a12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148815..149453
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW959345 (NID:g8149029)"
FT   misc_feature    148817..149272
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW844350 (NID:g7938333)"
FT   misc_feature    148859..149537
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE006010 (NID:g8266243)"
FT   misc_feature    148871..149333
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA453342 (NID:g2167011) zx44h06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    148890..149267
FT                   /note="similar to  EST Z81149 (NID:g1632976)"
FT   misc_feature    148916..149454
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW376020 (NID:g6880674)"
FT   misc_feature    148981..149628
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA894539 (NID:g3030940) oe68a07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    149028..149759
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW913334 (NID:g8078980) uf51g08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149043..149768
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI226335 (NID:g3809388) uf06g11.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149085..149768
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA030082 (NID:g1497270) mi25a07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    149089..149768
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW323789 (NID:g6757814) uo76e11.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149124..149670
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA594622 (NID:g2409972) nl99c10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    149126..149305
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW873216 (NID:g8007269) hm04b12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    149126..149498
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI005477 (NID:g3214987) ou14d01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    149130..149751
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA740268 (NID:g2778860) ob27b05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    149132..149465
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA349672 (NID:g2002012)"
FT   misc_feature    149132..149788
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI833239 (NID:g5455219) at76d09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    149138..149612
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA677897 (NID:g2658419) zi15h03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    149152..149794
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA209387 (NID:g1807313) zq50h11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    149163..149814
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW105810 (NID:g6076546) ul94b01.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149163..149581
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW578851 (NID:g7253900)"
FT   misc_feature    149202..149624
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW176047 (NID:g6442084)"
FT   misc_feature    149222..149711
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE001079 (NID:g8261312)"
FT   misc_feature    149245..149774
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA509867 (NID:g2247721) vh51b08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    149247..149768
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W64525 (NID:g1372229) md69a12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    149258..149794
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T65630 (NID:g674675) yc76d10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    149286..149790
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW884638 (NID:g8046650)"
FT   misc_feature    149317..149760
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H27129 (NID:g897119) yl66b07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    149322..149761
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW752310 (NID:g7667242)"
FT   misc_feature    149328..149813
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI037106 (NID:g3260797) uc90e02.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149338..149621
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE090586 (NID:g8481037)"
FT   misc_feature    149361..149490
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA233381 (NID:g1856377) zr29a01.r1"
FT   misc_feature    149368..149816
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW161438 (NID:g6300471) au81h01.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149372..149770
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA928712 (NID:g3078069) on50e02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    149380..149813
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW044859 (NID:g5905388) um14f08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    149382..149783
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA685868 (NID:g2672466)"
FT   misc_feature    149399..149779
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW620028 (NID:g7326212)"
FT   misc_feature    149494..149794
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D51350 (NID:g951586)"
FT   repeat_region   150196..150545
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   150740..151019
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151229..151356
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   151962..152224
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   158107..159875
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
SQ   Sequence 159910 BP; 51267 A; 30376 C; 31612 G; 46655 T; 0 other;
     gtaatattag gagagacaga gtttcgccat attgccaaag ctggtctttg actcctggcc        60
     tcaagtgatc tgcagacctc agactctcaa agtgctgaga ttagagtcat gagctaccat       120
     gcccagccca atttcaactt gttttataaa atttctgtga catcctccac cttcccttca       180
     cccacaaaat gttagaattc caaaataggg gcctttgaag aatctccaag gaacacttgt       240
     cccagggacc ctgaggaggt agctactcag aattagatga cagattacac tgggaaattg       300
     aggacaagaa gagaacctag gatagtttcc aaatgtctag ctgaggggaa caaacagaat       360
     gtggcctctc ttctaagatg ccctgatccc aatctgtaaa acttgtgagt atgttagggc       420
     tcatgacaaa gacaaattac ggttgctcat cagttgacct taagatagga agattgccca       480
     ggatgatcca ccttgatcaa tgccattaaa atggccttaa aggtagaaga tggaagcaaa       540
     agaggaaagt caggaggaag tcacagaaga atggaaaagc aatgtgatat tgatggcttt       600
     gaaaacagag gatggggcta tagctaagga atgcaggagg cccctagaag ctagaaagta       660
     caaggaaaca aattctcctc tagagcatcc aagagggaca cagtcctgag cacacttaga       720
     ttgtagccca acaagtacct gtgttgcact cctgtgccac agaagtgtaa gatgatacac       780
     ttgtctaagc cactaaattt gtaataattt gttacagtgg cagtaggaaa ctaaaatagg       840
     ccaaagccag aaaaacctgt agatatgaga gaaaaggaag gaaactcaag gaagtgtcag       900
     caaatgagta gaaggcacat tatcttaaga gactggggac aaagggagtt catctgccgg       960
     gggaatgcgt ttcaaagcac tgtagataag ttgttgcaca gaggcaatga ggcatcaagg      1020
     tgaagatatc tgcagcaata tggaaatgag agtgtgagaa aggggtggtt cctctccact      1080
     gtgtatcccc accactaata cagaaattgg tacacagcaa gtgttcaatg ctggctgaat      1140
     ggtactggag ggtagtggca tagcctgcag catagacagt gctgaaatgc aagaatgaca      1200
     gacatggcaa gatttcagtg ttaagtagac tcaacagagc aaagagcctt ctgaaacttc      1260
     tcatgctgat gtctcagggg tttcagaggc tccatgatga agtttatgtt caggtggtcg      1320
     acagcaactt tgtgagaagt tactgaagtt ttttaagtta cctatgaaga aatcctgcat      1380
     aacaagaaac tgggcttgct ggctgatgag agggagccag gacccttatt tgcgacggaa      1440
     acagcagctg tctctgatag gtgggcaacc tggtctttga cagggagaag tctaaagaaa      1500
     tcaacttggt gatatgagga gatctcccaa taccttaact ttaaggagtc tacatacact      1560
     aactagtaat caacatacgc atgggaccag acatcagtga gtatagaatc aaaaggctaa      1620
     aaggcctcca gtgagtggaa gtatgacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactat      1680
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatct atctcaggct      1740
     ttggggttga ccgtaactta gtctagctaa gcatttaaat caataacttg aatgaagaca      1800
     atttatcaca tttaaaaata acaccaaggg tttatttatt agaattcact agaaggcaga      1860
     aattaggatt caaaatgatc tctgtggcta agagagtgga atgcaattaa caagatagaa      1920
     gttaagcaaa tagtaaagaa agccctgtgc tttggattag aaatcaactg tacaacaata      1980
     ggacaaggga aacctagatt aagaacagtt cacctacatc aagaaaagtg ttaacttact      2040
     gcaagctcta taagatataa aagtctgaga gtttggtcaa aaagctaagg caattctagg      2100
     tggtattaag agcaagatcg gggagaatgt tcatgctctc ttaggggaag aaagtgagtt      2160
     ctgggaatca tatcatcttt gtggaagaaa ctcatttctg gaaatctatc gtaaattaat      2220
     ccataactct gacctgtgtg tgttataggt gaggggaggg caagatttat gctggggaaa      2280
     gctctggaaa gaagacaaaa gcaattgaag gaactgagga tgtttaaatg gtgctgagaa      2340
     gacctttttg gggtggaagg ggagcggggt atggcatagt actatcttta aatacaataa      2400
     gctgcctaat ggaaaaggaa tttggcttgg aatggcaaat gagtttcttc tcatgagtga      2460
     aatctaatca actggtattg actgccatga actggggttg agaaattttc tgagactaag      2520
     tgtggaaaga aaaggggaag aatgctgtgt agaaaagaat gtaggaaaga atgctgtgat      2580
     catttatcct tgtctcatat ggatttcaag aaatacagta cctacctgag gctgaacttg      2640
     acagacttat tccaaaccgt tacataggtc aagcccaggg ttgctcagtt gaagtcactg      2700
     aaaactacaa tctaatgggt ggctagaaga ccaccagtgg cagagtaaga gcatgcttaa      2760
     tgaacttgga agtccctgct cttagtttaa tttgcaggac aatgcacgac aaaactcatg      2820
     gactgtcgtt ccaaacacat ccctttttgt agctggcctc tgtagagact ctacagaaga      2880
     gcttctggaa aaactgttct ttcctgccaa cagcagtgtt ttcagtcatc ccatagacct      2940
     ggggtccctg atctagcatg gtacatgtct gttgcaataa ggaggggcag tttgaacact      3000
     gttgataggt gtctaatgtg acaattttct gttaatatta taagcaatta tcccaccttt      3060
     gggagaagtt atgctagttt ttgaagagca ttttatctaa ttgtattcat atattcaact      3120
     gtgtgatcaa aagtgggagt gcggtcggga gtgaggggat cttcagacac aatcttttta      3180
     tttgcttgtt tgctgttgtt gcccaagcta gagtgcaatg gtgtgatctc aactaactgc      3240
     aacctgcact tcctcggatc aagtgattct tctgcttccg actcccagag agcttggatt      3300
     acagatgtta tgccaccaca cctcgctaat ttttttgtat ttttagtgga aaccgggttt      3360
     caccatgtta gctaggcttg cctggaactc ctgacctcaa gtcatccttg agcctccacc      3420
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc caccatgccc agccgattat tattactttt      3480
     tctacagtgg actggtgata ctacctaaca acatttacaa gctatcaacc tacttttaga      3540
     acactgcttt catcatttca ttatcccatt caaaagcctg gatgcatctc aactacagga      3600
     tcatgtactg gtattcaaag cagactctca cattggtcat gtcttttctc agccctattg      3660
     ttccacctcc actagagttt agttgtttat tgtttcttct tccccaaatc cactttgact      3720
     gtatccactt cagagctact attatttctc tcgtcctgcc tggaatgttc tccctgattc      3780
     tgcctgcaac tcctacctat tttttaaaat ccaactaagt ctctcctcct caattatttc      3840
     caccaaaaac ctataggttc tccacttcct aagaagtcct gtcactcata ctgcctctca      3900
     aagactttaa gtttctcaca gccagtgatc aaaattcact gtacacttct tcaatgctgt      3960
     gtacaaagct gaaactgatc aaatttggtc ctcacaggac ttagatactt tttcaggctt      4020
     atattcccag catacaactc tggactcagg gtagattcct cactgccccc agaagggcct      4080
     agatttttgt ttgtttgttt ggttggttgg tttttattac tttattcatt tttccccatc      4140
     cctgccatgc tattcttttg acccaccacc caaatcctac gcatcaagac cctgaagagt      4200
     ttacactttt tccaagagat gatctgaatc ccttccatat tcaaccacct ctcctttaaa      4260
     ctcattactc aatttatata tatatatctt acgtaagata tatattcata tatatatata      4320
     tcttacgtaa gatatatatt catatatata tatatatatt tcttagctct tgctcaatta      4380
     tctggctgta acgtgttcat tattgcttct gagaggttcg gttgcttttc tttttattta      4440
     catgtaaaca ttatgaggtc aggctcgcct ttcctcacaa tacacaatgg tggctactca      4500
     aaaacattta gctttgtgga tctctaccct aagccatctt gcttccaaga gttcatctgg      4560
     caatgtctgg ggacactttt ggttgtctcg cttggaagag aaggtactat tgaaaaaata      4620
     gagaccaagg atacagctga atctacaaag cacaggacag cctcccaaaa caaagaatct      4680
     gccggctcca aaaggcaaca gtggctccat taagaaaccc tgggtcagct gaatatttgg      4740
     ctgttaacca ccaaagcaaa gaccccagga gggcagaaac ttgcagctgg aagttctcag      4800
     tgagtggatg agccggccag ggcgtggcag atctgatagg gctacccgag ggaggggtgg      4860
     agatatagca ccagcctgta ccgtcaggca gggccagtga actcccacag ggattcaaaa      4920
     tgcctgtttc gactcactcc atcctctacc tgaagcgaca ggccaaggag ggaaagacaa      4980
     tctcagtccc gctgtgaaga ccggcacccg gctgcttcag ccgagagccc cgggggcaga      5040
     tttttggata ccctggatat gctccctcga gataggggtg gagattctgg ccggtgctag      5100
     gccaccaaat gcatgtgcca tgtatcttca gaccaggaag actgtactaa gtaggtcccc      5160
     aagaggggca ggatgcaatg cgacagctgt aatctcgcgt tgtttttcag tcgttcacct      5220
     tccctctacc ccccaagtaa cctgtaacca ttttgtcttc taatccaact agctccccat      5280
     gtctgttgag tcaagatgag ctgcccaaaa agctagatga aatgttgatg aatgtgggtg      5340
     tactgggcac actcaaagta tcggatttag atttatctgt tccataactt ttagaagtct      5400
     aacctgtaat aggtagttca catttaaatt catccaatga ttgggtttca aaactctacc      5460
     ctgaaacatt acggtctctt tgaaaccatt gagaaaatgt tacatttgag tcgacttaaa      5520
     ggagaatgtt cgaataatta attgagctgc cagtaagaca ggagcagaaa gcatttatat      5580
     aatgaacaca ttttagtaag aataggcctc ttttataaat ctggtttaca ggttcctaaa      5640
     ctaacaagtg ggtttgtaat gcgtttggat gtgggacatt ggcaacatat agataaaact      5700
     agtgttctaa tagttcaact ggagaatgaa cactttcatc tttaaactat attgatatgc      5760
     ctgaatattt catttgggca gcaaatattt gttagtatac tttatatttg gattaacagc      5820
     taggaacagg attagctcaa cgtgttttca ttgcaatatg cattccataa gcatatttta      5880
     catttaaaat atgtagatat atactgtgca tatatccttt ttaaatataa gttatatggt      5940
     gtgagcattt ctctgtttcc ttaaaagttt cttgaaatcc tcatttttag tggcaacagt      6000
     cttatctttg gatatttttg taacacacat agcagtccct tgttgttaaa tattttggtt      6060
     atattttgca acagtccata gaggtgggat gaactagcag aattttttcc tatacttcat      6120
     atcccaagca taagctgctg aaatggactt ctagggaagt gaaggaagag tctgcaaatg      6180
     ggtctggcta accacccgtt tcacttggaa gctgaggaaa gaaacatttt tgtagaacac      6240
     actgaccttc ttgtctcatg gggtacggct tgcgtagggg aagattccta atttctggcc      6300
     atggatctag aaacattatg gaaagaaaag gaagttttcc aatgaatgta acacatcttt      6360
     gtgtatctct actgagacaa tcctactgaa attattttac cttttttgac ttccttcctt      6420
     ccttccttct ttcctttctt ccttcctttc tttcttgctt tctcctttcc tccccttctc      6480
     cctccctccc tttattcctt ccttccttcc ttaattgttt tcctttcttt cttccttcct      6540
     cccttgcaag acacaaattc aaaaccaccc aattcatgag tcgatgcacc ctgtattgaa      6600
     tggagagttg caccctctgt ccatttcact gcaagggaac tccctcttac taggaacccc      6660
     taactcttta gtggctgatc actaacaaag atatggctat gcgtcttcac tttctgtttt      6720
     ctttccagaa attggtttag caaaagaaaa ggtaacatat ttccttttct gtttttgaac      6780
     tttttattaa cagttttttt ttttcagctg agtgtaacat gctgcattat agataattgc      6840
     ttttaaacta ggtccacttc tcattcctct ttgaatttcc attgtacctg cacataatgc      6900
     atttgttata taacaagtga ttactaaatt tgaaattaat ttattggtat cacatttagt      6960
     cttttgtaaa attatgatct acaatctcta aatgtttaag agctcaaatt gatttatcta      7020
     ttttccatgt tttttaataa gactctgccc atctgttgaa tgtctgctct gaatttgaca      7080
     ctgtgataga cacacgacag atgtttcgtg tgttacagat gaggaaccag actgtgaaga      7140
     gttgaatcaa gtaacttaag tgatgtaatc cttaaaaatc tgtaaatttt ccaaataata      7200
     aagtgactgt cattttattt tttaatacat ttctaattat tttaacgata tttcttcacc      7260
     attatggtta aacatttgtc ccagtttatt attttaaagg aagatgcagc aaactttccc      7320
     tgtgaatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaga ctgtttttta      7380
     gagcaggttt tagttcacag ctaggttgat ggagaagtac aaagaattcc tatacaccca      7440
     ctgctcctac acatgcacag tctttcccac tgtcaacatc tttcatcaag gtggtacatt      7500
     tgctacaatt gataaacctt ccccaaaaag tctttattgc caaagtctat cgtttacatt      7560
     aaatttcact cttggtggtg tgtatatgtt tttactttct ttaggttgtg tatagttatc      7620
     taagagtttc atattccaaa gttttaagga cacgagaagc ttagtatgat aattatttta      7680
     tttgacatgg agtattaccc tgttgctcat gctggagtgc agtggcctga tccaaggctg      7740
     ccaacttcac ctcctgggtt caagcgattc tcccacctca gcctccgaag tatctggcat      7800
     gacaggtgct tgcccaagaa cctggctaat ttttgtattt ctagtagagg cggggtttca      7860
     ctgtgttggc caggtttgtc tccaactcca tatctcaagt gatccatttg ccttggcctc      7920
     caaaatgctg ggaatacaga tgtgagccac aatgcgtagc cttagtacag tttttgaatt      7980
     caaattttaa atgtgctgag tttcttcata cacaaccaaa ttttacttat cagccttatg      8040
     aatgtattta tttacatact tattttttag aagtagggtc tctctctgtc accaagtctg      8100
     gagggcattg gcataatctc agcttactga aacatctgcc cctcctgggt tcaagcaatt      8160
     atgctactgc aacctttcaa gcagctggga ttactggcac acaccaccac attctgctaa      8220
     tttttttttt ttttgataga gtctgggtta ctcttggtgg gcagtgttgt tttcaatccg      8280
     gagctcatgt catctcccct cttaggctgc ccaagtgctg taattacaac tgtgagacac      8340
     tgtgccttgt ctggaattct tttttgatat atctttctct aactttctaa taattatata      8400
     cttctactta tcgtgtactt agcaattgta aaattcttat aacaggaatt aatcccactc      8460
     aaacaactaa atggtttctg ctaacataaa ataacaatgt aaaatatttt ctttaaagga      8520
     aatccagttg aaaacatatt catgttctta gagtagacat aattattgat atatactgta      8580
     gcagaaatat gtataaatgc ttgcccaaaa tatctgttta acagaatttt aagtgcactt      8640
     tagtcatgat tgtaaggaca gtgaaaattt agtttattta catttttaaa tactactttt      8700
     aaaaagttgt aattgaataa catttgatgt aaaacactta gagattaatt acatgatcaa      8760
     gaaagaaatt ttattatttt aactcaaact ttttgtaatt tatctaatag tgtaagaaag      8820
     agcttgtatt ttgctttgtt agcatagttg taatcttatc ttttctgaag gaattttctt      8880
     aatctcttat tcataaatat attataacgt atcatttaaa cattgctata aaactgtgtc      8940
     taattagtaa cattttattt tcttaaggta tttaatatgc aggattgatt gcactctata      9000
     aaattcaccc tactcccagt ttctagaaat cactggtaag attacttagt ttatataatc      9060
     tacttcggtt tgttaattat aactgaatag ctttataaag gtaaactatt tccttttaac      9120
     aggtctcagg atctgataaa gaaaaccaaa aatataggag cctacatatt tgtaaactat      9180
     agcaaggttt ttctatgtac ttttccttat aaagtaataa agctaatttt gagggagaag      9240
     agtaagaaat ttaattagat ttaaattaca tgtttttcct tgctgaccat atcttacttt      9300
     ttaaacaata gttcacctgt tctgcaggtc attattccca tgttttcatt tttgtaataa      9360
     ctttcagata gtcaaataag aaaacttcag acggtatcaa gggccctaca gacacactga      9420
     aagatactgt ttgtaaaaat atccactatt gggaacactt cttaaaaaaa aacaaaaaac      9480
     aaaccaaaaa aaacttcaaa aatctgactt ttaggccaag tgtctttgta tactaggtat      9540
     gcctctcaag tacaattgat agagtattaa ctgtattaat atgtcattaa agaagaaaat      9600
     atgtgttcag taatgtgtaa tataacttct gttatatata agcaccatcc actgtaactc      9660
     tttgtgatgg cggaaatgtc tttatctata ctgtttaatg tggtagctgc tagtctcatg      9720
     cgactattga gcaattgaac agtagctagt gtaactgaat aattcaattt ttaatttata      9780
     tttaattagc tccatgtgct tattgactat cacaatgaac agcataattc aaaggtatat      9840
     agttagtagc tattgcttaa tttttacttc aaaagaaaag gagatattac agaacaatct      9900
     atggggcagg aaaagtgcct catgcaggac tttgggaggc tgaagcagga ggaacactga      9960
     aggcctggag ttagaaatca gcatggccaa cacagtgaaa ccccatctct actacaaatt     10020
     caaaaatttg cgaggtgtgg tggcaagtgc cttttatccc agctatgcta gaggctgagg     10080
     caagataatc acttgaacct gggaggggat atttgcagtg agctgagatc atgtgactgc     10140
     actccagcct gggtgaccta gctaggtgcc attttactcc ccaccaagga aataaagaga     10200
     gagagagaga gagggaggga gggagggagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa     10260
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggagaaac tgtggtaaca cttctcacac     10320
     ttctcatgct gtggcaccaa ctttgggggt ctgtcccttg cagacccctg aacccgcaac     10380
     ggatgaataa agtacactga aacataaata ttctgctttg ccagtccagc tgaagctgag     10440
     tgtctgagcc acttacagac tccagtagag ttttgtaaac agtggcaaca gtggccctga     10500
     ccagcaagtg aaactcacac ttatcagtaa agattaattg acaaagactt gagtcaacat     10560
     cactggggca acactgacat tgcggacttc cctaagcact taagcaccca gggtacctca     10620
     aaggttagtc ttcagaccac atgagtaaac aagctagctg cataacctcc ccacattcct     10680
     ttgtcagtac tttaatttat ttaactaaag gtaaagaaag tcaccttcaa ccgtatctat     10740
     tactgaggtt atgcaaagtc tctggccttc caagatggtt tgtggctatt actataatta     10800
     tctttaatat ttttcccccc agactgactg agccccctaa caggaaagaa tctatacatt     10860
     tactatatta cattatcttt agaaatagtc tttctatctt tacagagtct ctttacatcc     10920
     atctcattca gaaagatatc tgggtgacaa cccttaccag ctttacctag catcccagta     10980
     aaatttctgg aagtcagaaa aatgatgagt agtgctagtc atcctagtgg caaaatttgg     11040
     atagaaccct tagctaacaa taaaataact tctggtaaat taaaatcatt ttaaaaagca     11100
     atggcttcta attaaacaac agaaaactta taggaagata tattgtactg aactgtcttc     11160
     tgccccctga gtcagagacc tgtgatctta tcctatttta gtatatctac actcaggaga     11220
     tgctaagctg tagatactaa cagtactttc ctcctagact ctagtcaccc gttcttcccc     11280
     ctcttaatat ttcgtttgac agccaaagat acacagacaa tgatatgcac aaattttgga     11340
     tgaagaaaga aaatttggac actgacactt tgctttctga aagttaaaat ccttatctat     11400
     aattggcaaa agaatagaca catacatcaa tgggaacaga tatagagaat ccagaaatag     11460
     attcacacaa atattgtcaa ttaatttttt ttaacaatgg ttcaaaggca attcaataga     11520
     ggaaagatag tcttttgaat atgtggctct gaaataattg aatattcatg tgcatggaaa     11580
     tgaaccataa atctaaatgt aaattgcaaa actataaaat ttccaaataa aaacaagaga     11640
     aagtctatgt gatcctaagt ttcatgatgt gatataacac caaaagcaag atacataaaa     11700
     gaaaaaaatt gagttagact taattgaaat taaaacatct ctgtggaaga cactgttaag     11760
     agaatgaaaa gacctactgt caaacccata aagttttaca tcaccaagaa taaacattag     11820
     tgtttgcaaa tgttggtctg ctgatccctg gatagaatgc agactgtgtc aaaacaatct     11880
     aactgtaatc cactcactga agaggatggg gatggggatg aggtgctgag cgactaatgt     11940
     ttttagtttc aagaaactaa aaatttcaaa aataatttac gcttctcgtt taaagcaaag     12000
     tttcagatta tttggaagga tataaagtga aagcaaacta gcaatttgtg cccatgtttt     12060
     ctaatctgac tctcaactga taactacaat tttaataatt ttgtttcttg gttatttttg     12120
     cagaattgat ggagtttaaa actctatgta tttctaatta aaacacacaa tcaaataaaa     12180
     ttatattata gatccttttg gcaatttgct ttttctatca accaatatat ctatctgtag     12240
     cagtatattg agactcatta tttttaaagt aaatatttaa ccccctatta atggagattg     12300
     agttgtctta ttgtatgctt ttttccaata gaggcaacca gtatgcagtg tgcacgctct     12360
     gtgtgcttgt aaaagtacag ctgtgtgaat tcatggaatt ggaatgaata gattactgca     12420
     ttttgaatat atgtaagcac tgacacattc ctctcccaag tgaatgagca cagctatact     12480
     tccactccat tcccaacatt agcattatca aaagtttaat cttaatggtg ttatagggaa     12540
     aataatggtt tcttcgcttt attaatttgc atttatgatt ttgttcatgt ttattcaaca     12600
     tctgataatc ttggttatct ttgtttgaca ttttattttt tctacaatct gtccattttt     12660
     ttcacatttt tcagttttgt tttcttttct tttaactgat ttgtaagagc tctttaacga     12720
     tattacaatg ttgtaacttt agtcctgctt atgcctccat attactgcaa ctaatttttg     12780
     agtgtatgtt tttctatttt atgccacatg taaattttta aattttatgt agtgagattg     12840
     atgaatattt ctccttattg tttccaggtt ttgtatcatg cttgggaagg acttcttgaa     12900
     gatttattct taaaagctat taccagacaa agctgctcat tcttgtgatc ccagcccagg     12960
     caggaggatc acttgaagcc atgagtttga gatcagctga ggcaggcaac ataggaagac     13020
     cctgtctcca caaaataaat gaatgaataa ataaataaat aaataatctg cgtgtggtgg     13080
     atgttggtaa atgcctgagt attttcaaca catagaaaag ttgaaacaat tctagtcaac     13140
     acttacatac ctaccaccta aatttcacta ttacatttgt attatatata cttcatcatt     13200
     tttatctgtc catctattca tctatcttac ttttttttta tatttcaaag taaattgatg     13260
     acacgtatgc tttcccctaa ctatactctt tacttttgaa ccagaaatct gacctcttac     13320
     acacctgatc atgcttctgt gtcctaattt tatgtgttac tttttaatag ctgacaacct     13380
     tcagcttatt gatgatcaac tgacagttgc ttacccttag aatacaaagt ttgagtcttt     13440
     agaaacaaag ctaaatgaat ataagagaga aatagaaaag caacttctgg cagaaatgtg     13500
     tcaaaaggta atctgtatca tgttgcagtt aacaagagtc atgtttttgt catctaaaga     13560
     cttaatctta ggtatattaa aaaatacttg gaacttttat taaaaaatgg agtacttcag     13620
     tgttgtgcaa atcaattttt tctgatgaga tttgtttatg cctttggatt gaattctaca     13680
     aatacagtaa atgatataaa actatagatt aaataaatat aacgtatttg gacagaacat     13740
     taatgtagag cctagctgta gagagagaat ctgttactgt tcttatagta taacgattgg     13800
     agcttttatt tttttgtaat aaatttgcag ttgaattttt catggaagtg ataagagtat     13860
     gagacagaat tagctatgtt ctgaagtttt gagaaagctt gtcaagcaga atctgaagcc     13920
     ttcattcctt gagaaaagag tatccttgag agaaatcaaa agcaccaaga agttgtattt     13980
     agaaaaaaat ttactgaatg gctattttct acagctatta ctggattgac tcaagatcca     14040
     ggaatgagat gtttcaaatg atggaacaag gcccctgaag agcagtaggg acattggcga     14100
     agagtgcaaa aaaaaagaat gatgggcctt gagaaggcta caccaatttg tgtcctttga     14160
     ggctggtgga gagacaagaa ttgaagaggt gaccagtcaa gttggaatta tgagaaacat     14220
     aattccgctc actctaaaat tttctatagc atttctggaa atagtggttg cttcagctat     14280
     aaagatgctt catcttctca ggcaaattaa ggagacagat caagggtttc aggagcaact     14340
     tggaggtgca gagtagctct tatggataag gtaagaacag ctttttaaag gagagtgcac     14400
     cgattacctg tactgatggc ccagctgtgg ttagggtaac caggaattga gagagacaaa     14460
     accacatgtt tgtaggtgag ttttctgttc tacctctggg aaggaatttt aagggtctct     14520
     ctctgctgcc cctttcagtg agggtggaaa gatggagata cgcgggaagt ggagctttgc     14580
     agagcatact tcattttcct tgagaaatgc agcctattta attggagatt ctgtggttct     14640
     cctgtgtagt gaaggtaagc agagaagatg gcaagtggct ggtaacctag gggaaaaggg     14700
     aggtttgggc ggcagtctca gtgatcaaga actagatctg gagagattgg caggtggaag     14760
     aataaagatc atccaggagt gcagatttgc agagtgaggt atcaggtgga gactggaaat     14820
     caaaggcagt gggctgacat tggatggaga catgaaaatg cgcaagagta aagatccctg     14880
     gggtgaggga gtcaccaggg ccccaagggt catccatgtg gccatttgat ctcatcactg     14940
     ggaaagtaac tgcaaaggag attaagatga tgaggagtgg cagggagttt atgttggctg     15000
     ctcctttaag atatcttatt ccttttccaa gtgtgtgtct tagacgtgac ggtatttaca     15060
     gcagtatttc aaacatacat ctaaaacagc tgctgctaga tgttaaaagt agaaaagatt     15120
     ccccctagtg cccacacttg cttgaagctt ctcaatgaga catagttgtt taatgctaag     15180
     ggcacccact ctaaaatttt ctatagcatt tctgggaata aggctttctt cagctataaa     15240
     attgaatatt ggatgcatag atatttgagg tgattacatt gtatttagac taataacttc     15300
     atcttcaaga taggtgactg actagaattc tgtttattca aattagagta tctgaagcct     15360
     ttgaggaaga ttctcattct cataaaaccc aacatgactg tgtttcctca cctggaatgt     15420
     caatctcctc ctctccttga taaaaccata gtgtcattca aggcccagct tggatgtcac     15480
     tgttgtgatg ccttctctga ctcccactga gcagctcatt tatggctcat tcctacatgc     15540
     agtcattatt acctcagtta taaaattatc ctatcttagt ttgattgttt ctccctgact     15600
     atactgtgag gtcttcagag aggaggactg tatctgtcta catttttata tccattccca     15660
     gtatgctgct tgatatatga tacatagtta ataaatttct gctctgtgaa gacataagtg     15720
     gaaggttggc ttattcattt actggttcat atgagcttgc taactctgag tcacaatgac     15780
     tcatgaacta aaacattcag aaagcaccat cacaaaaaat gatggggatt ttattatttt     15840
     ggagttttat ttctaaatgt acattttatt tatttttttc cctgaagaac ttaccagatt     15900
     ttagttaagg ggaccaggta tggtggctca tacctgtagt tttagcactt tgaggggctg     15960
     agatggtgat ctcatttgag cccagcggta caccaccagc ctgggcagta tggcaaaaca     16020
     ccatcactac aaaaaaatta gctgaacttg gtggtgtgtg tttttagtct cagctaccta     16080
     gaaagctgag atgggaggat cccttgagtc tgggaggcag agtttgcagt tatccgaaat     16140
     cacaacactg gatccaaacc tgggcaacag agcagaaccc agtctcccca aaaaattaca     16200
     caagggactg aaatatgtta attaaatagc ataaattaca caaggggtgt taaaatatat     16260
     ggaaatgtag tttaacagaa attgagagac taaatattta tgaagctgga atagatagtt     16320
     gaggaataca ttgaagtgga ttttttttct tttttttttg agatgcagtt ttaatctttt     16380
     gcccaggctg gagtgcaatg gcactaccgt ggccactgca acatctgcct cccagtttca     16440
     agtgattgtc ctgtttcagc ctcccaagta gctaggatta gaggtgccca ccactgtatc     16500
     cagttaattt ttgtaatttt tgtagaaatg tggtttcacg atattggcca ggctagtctc     16560
     aagttttgac ctcaggtgat cggcctgttt tagcctccca aagggctagg attacaggag     16620
     tgaatcaccg tgcccagctg agttggaata atttgaaggt aaacttgtta ttctcaattt     16680
     ctgtatattg gtttttggaa tttaggaagc actatattta tttaaatttg ttatgttttc     16740
     attaacttgc tgcctaaaac ttaatgcctt tttttttttt tttttgagac agatcttgct     16800
     ctgccaccca gtggaatgca gtggcataat cttggctcac tgcaaattct gcctgtcaag     16860
     ttcaagcaat tcccttcctc aacctcttga gtagctggga ttataggcat ctgccacaac     16920
     acccagctaa gttttgtatt tttagtagag atggagtttt accatcttgg ccaggctaat     16980
     cttaaactcc tgatgtcatg acctacctgc ctcagcctcc caaaatgctg agattacaag     17040
     cgtgagccac cagagccagc caaaattaat gctttttaca gattgaaaca agaaaattca     17100
     tgctcaaagc cttcttttac taaaagatat agatttgcta agagaaggaa aagcagagct     17160
     gaagcagaca gttgaagatt ttggattgcc tgtatgcatg attattttag acattcagaa     17220
     tgatgagatt aaaaagaatt actaaatata tatctaaatg ttctaatgtt tattgccagg     17280
     tggagttgtt ttttataaag gtgatatcac acagcattag aagttacaca ttaagagaaa     17340
     caaacactag ggctgtgctt ttgaaatatt gaacattaag atgaaaggca gaatgagatg     17400
     ctatcaccag gctacagtaa catcaaacag aaaatttgga gaagctgtta atacttgaac     17460
     aggtcatatg tttttaaagt taacttcagt cctcctggtt tgatagtttt gtgtgtttat     17520
     gtattggaac tggatttcaa atatctaggc ctgtggcttt taccagttct gtgctcaaaa     17580
     aaaggaagta ttgtggtttg acttgacttg tactggatga aagtgtttct cagtgctatt     17640
     cagtttttct acgtgctcac agatgtttca tccatatgtt acctgggatt gacagcaagg     17700
     tcacctgtct atagtttgca caagaagtct tttccatggg gaatgtgccg ttaattgaca     17760
     cccatagata ctttaggaat ttttgctcat taaagaattt gtctccattt tatttaatgt     17820
     tgttttctca cttctatagg tttgattttt tttatttcag ctagctgtgt accttactct     17880
     cattttggca ataatgaaaa ggtaaattaa tccagagaga gagaaaaaaa aaaagagaaa     17940
     caacatttaa gcggagagag tgtgtcactt ttttcaccct caatttctct acttcttttc     18000
     cattctttca gcatatgtac taaattcaat gtagtttacc tcttcatggc tttccagata     18060
     accagcagag ggagctaata cctggagtct ttaaccgttc ttagactagt cagtgttgtg     18120
     cagtacttct taggatggct ggatctcatc acctgtgaat ccacctccct ggctagggaa     18180
     ttggtacaat tggtgatttg aagtctcact atgaagatca ttttattctt aagcgcttga     18240
     aagccctgaa tgacccatat cttttgccct ctctttggga acttgatgag tattcttaag     18300
     cacttgaaag ccctgaatga cccatatctt ttgccctctc tttgggaact agatgagtat     18360
     tcaatcaata gttttttttg ttttgttttt tttttttttg gtaagttggt ggtggtggtg     18420
     ctgttttggt tttaagagac aaggtcttgc tatgttgtcc aggctggtct gatactcttg     18480
     gactcaagtg attctcttgc ctcagcattc tgcaaagcta ggattatagt tgaaaactgg     18540
     atacaccaaa cttggctaaa gctgatagaa tattaagcaa gaaaaaagaa ttgtacctta     18600
     aatatccatg agattattaa ttaaattcca gacttacaaa cagcattata aaagattcaa     18660
     atacataagt acactttttt tttgagatgg agatttggta ttgttgctga gtgcaatggt     18720
     gcaatctcac ctcactgtga attctgcctc ccgagttcaa gcgattctcc ttcctcagcc     18780
     tcttgagtag ctgggattac aggtgtgtga caacatgcct ggctaatgtt gtacttttag     18840
     taaaaatggg gtttcaccat gttgtccagg ctgttcttac actcctatta ttaggtgatc     18900
     cacctgcctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcat gagccacagc tcccagccat     18960
     aagtgtgctt ttattacttt gtagctaata tcattctttc atcccagaat tgattcggac     19020
     catttatcac ctttaactat tgttaagtgt taattgtctt ctatgagaaa ccacttcttc     19080
     attgacactc ttccactccc ctcagtaaga gaccctccca ctcttctcag tcatgtgtca     19140
     caggcccctg cttctgctag tttcaacaca ttgtaactag gtcagttcat aaaatacact     19200
     gaggatttct ggctcttttc ttctacttct cagtagtaat tgtcatgtag cagttttagt     19260
     tggttgaact aaaaacatgt cacgtgatat tcttcctaaa tttgttaact cagcttttat     19320
     agtttattta ctttatgttt ttttactaat ttcaaaaccc agaaactcca ggaagaaaaa     19380
     cataaaagca tgactgagga cttaggagat gggagcacaa tacaaagtgt cttgaggaga     19440
     acgatgactg aaagctgaag aacaaacttc taaagtaatt gcttggcacg tttgaagaag     19500
     taatacgttt aaattacttt ggtagaaaca taacaaaaac tatggaagta ttctctgatg     19560
     aacatcttat gcaaacttta atgtttgaaa aaatacatat gtttatcaat agccaatact     19620
     ttcctgcatt tgagttaggg ttgtttttaa aagataaggt atagaaaagc acttcctctg     19680
     ttcttcttac tcatggcttc ttgaacattt attgagggct gtgatttgct ttaaatttca     19740
     tggtacatcg tgacttgctc aggttgcata gttgataagc tgtaaagttt gaattataat     19800
     cgcttttcct ctaccccact catactgcca caatgatggg gatatctaac aatgtataaa     19860
     ttatacttag tggtctgatt gtttgtcagt gaacatgtgc cttgtattcc ttgatgattc     19920
     tgcaaagcca gaatcaaaag aaaagagcta aaattaacta agtaattgat atagggaaag     19980
     gaaaacatgc acaagtatgg ttactttggc tttactttga ccttgtgtat cagtgagtaa     20040
     cacctcagtg ctaagacact atgtccatgt ggtaaatttt cagtgcattc aaaagcatct     20100
     tacacataaa aaatgctcag ttaatatttg ctgttaatgt gttaggagga aatgactcaa     20160
     ctcaggtgtt ctgggcattt tattggcctc tttttattgc cttcctcata atttatcatg     20220
     gatattccat tacacagagc ttgcaaaggt ttcttgaggt tattctatta aaaaaattat     20280
     gttttttaaa aatagaacac ttctttcata gattctgaat tcccaatata ttctcaatat     20340
     attttgataa atctgtagtt gtcaagaagt tggccacagc ttattgcctc tggtacatat     20400
     tactcttagc catgagaaac tttatttttt acatatgaaa atgatgtatt ttacccaatt     20460
     ttttgtcagt ttctatatta aaatagctaa catgaagttt ctgtagttac tgaattttta     20520
     ggaatacatg tattaaagta tgtttgttaa ttttatatag ttatggagct ggtgaactat     20580
     ttggtatcat tgtgacagct tccacggcct gcatggtgtc tttctggctt tgggaattcc     20640
     cgtatgactt tggcaagtgt tggagtttgg ggactgttca ccacaggagt gtttctttat     20700
     ccttttggaa acaaaagaca gcttataaaa gctggaaaag aaaagtaaaa ctgaaaatgt     20760
     gccttcgggt attgctactt cagatataat gctcttagca cctggttccc tggactgtga     20820
     ttggtccctc ggcacagaat tctttatgtt tgtttgggct gggcagatag tacaggtggg     20880
     cagatagtac aggtgggttg aaagtggctg tctaattatc atttgggatt gagtctgttg     20940
     tgtgctgtgt aactttaatt ttcttcctcg ctttttgggt cagttgagac caactgggaa     21000
     gtgatgcttt cagtaacctt atggcagcac aaccctccat tttgtatgat tgtgctttac     21060
     aacatcaagg cagagtttta ctggacattt tatgtttgac gttcatatgc ctggctttag     21120
     tactgaggga ctttgatgtt cacacaatgt cgtgttcagt gccctcaggt acacttgtac     21180
     catagataag ctcgtacatt gatattcatc tttctggaaa gacaactcag aaacttatat     21240
     ttagtcgttc tgattctcag gtatcaactt gaactaacag atgactacat cattagaatt     21300
     aatcgactga agatgaaagg aagaataaaa gtgatgtttg gatgcggtaa gaagccatag     21360
     ttttcagttg tgatacaggt tatcagcttc ccaatttggg tctgtttcat attcttaaaa     21420
     aaaaatacgt cacacttcat tgtcttgtct atagttcact tttttttgta attttaatta     21480
     tgtaaaaatt aacaaaatgg ttttcactga cttttgagaa accattatcc ttaatatttt     21540
     atataatcag aaaggccagt tttttttctg tatattttat taaactttat ttgaatatat     21600
     gttgataaat ctataattat caagaagtcg acagcaactt attgcctctg atacctatta     21660
     cttttaccct tgagatacct tctttttcac ttaggaaaat tttaacttct ctgtctcctg     21720
     tgacatagct tcttattttg ttggcttcta atgtatttct ttatttataa tatttttact     21780
     gtatatataa cctcctggaa tcttgtatat attgcccttg agactggaag gtgagtactt     21840
     tctcaatctt catatatttt atatttcaat atattcctag gaaattgcct gtaaggagag     21900
     gtgacgtttt gttggaattt tcagttagac tattgggagt ataccaaagt agttatttga     21960
     tgttgtccag acacccagtg tgtggtttcc ccttttacta ctatcttgtg gagactaacc     22020
     cttcttttat aaattactac catcatctat gtaacaaatt ttgccttgat attatatcta     22080
     catagattca agttaaataa aatgaaaatg agaaagtaat acctacaata caataacaat     22140
     attgtctttt acaatatagt aacagacaga tcttcttctt caaggaactt aaaacctctc     22200
     tggttagcag gtgtagatgg tggaatttca ccacatagat gacagttata gcttcacatc     22260
     acctgttagc taacagggct tatttcttac ttgcctgtga aagttttgtc ccctacacag     22320
     gctatttcta ttacaaaata atggtcatta ggtctgacat actggccata aatattaaat     22380
     agcttttgta tttaccagga aaacattatg gtgtttaaag ggctccttct ttcaggaaaa     22440
     cctgtttact tgcaagagga gaacacagtt actaattcaa aaaggaggaa ctcaatgaat     22500
     cagtaaattt tatgtaagaa cttgacgtca ttgttcagca tattttttga aatagatttt     22560
     aagcaatata taaaatttta gttatacgta atttatccaa agtcttcctc ttgatgttta     22620
     aactgccatt tctatggcga agaaggggat gactaaagtt aattcaatag ttcttaactt     22680
     cagtcaacgc catataggaa aatgtagata gtgctttgat tcttagagtg cttcttgcat     22740
     cttatctgtg tgtctaattt cttgtgtgcc tttgggcggt cctttgcgta ttcctcagct     22800
     gtaaactgta ggatattttc cacactacag ggttgtagag ggaattcagt gagctaactt     22860
     atatgcctaa ttcatagcag gtggccaata ttattactgc tctgttacta catcagcctt     22920
     gtctctcttt ccatcagcag cagctaaaaa tttctgtcgt tacagcgtta tctcacagat     22980
     taaaacaaaa tgtattgcat ttatcacacg ccattgcttc cttagttttc tgtttattct     23040
     tgtgcttgct gtctgaagat gaagctggaa ctttaggcac ttaaaacatt ttaaatctaa     23100
     agtttatttt gcaagtttaa cttacgtgag aactttgtag gccttcatat gcaaatatga     23160
     gatatagtat actaagaaaa gaaaagcact acacaaaatg ttatttttgt ttgtttgttt     23220
     gttttttgag actgagtctc atgctgtcat tcagcctaga ctgcactagt gtgatctcgg     23280
     ctcactacaa tcattacctc ccagatacaa tcaattcttg tgtctccacc tcccgaaaag     23340
     ctgggattat agccatgccc caccacacca agcaaattat gtatttcttt ttttactttc     23400
     tttcttttat attttttaag atggagtctc agtctgttac ccaggcttga gtgtaatgat     23460
     gtgaactggg ctcactgcaa ccactgcctt ggggttcaaa tgattgtcct gcttcaacct     23520
     cctgggtagc tggtattaca gacacccact gccatgcccg gctaatattt gttgttttag     23580
     tagagatggg gtttcaccat gttggctagg ctgctctcaa atgtttgacc tcaagtgatc     23640
     tacccttcat ggtcttacag tgtgctggga ttacatgttt gagccacagt gccctgctgt     23700
     atttttagta gagatggagt tttccatgtt gtacatggtc gtctgtaact tctgagttca     23760
     agcaatcctc tcatcttggc ttcccaaagt gctggagtta caggcgggac acaccatgcc     23820
     tgcacatttt taccttaact tttcatattt aaaacaaagc tatatttcta ttatgagtga     23880
     ttgttgttag gttcttagct gcttctgaaa aatggggtga taatcttaga aggacttgct     23940
     tcatgggatg tggtccataa aacttcctct gccccagttg tagggcagaa gacaatttct     24000
     gttactgtag tttggccttt ttttgcagag attcagacat ctgtttactg accttagtta     24060
     aattgtgaca ctatgcctaa aggagcctgc aagcttttat ttttgctcac tatgaagtca     24120
     tcattcaatt gtaaaatttc ctttttaagt ttcaggttga cttaatgtct gtcaaagcac     24180
     agtctttggc aataacaaaa caaacatatg ctgaatgaaa atgtttaaga gatggatgac     24240
     tatttactac taaaagaaga aaaattggaa gagaataaaa tgaaaacatg catctcctaa     24300
     accatatgtc caccccctag gttcaagcaa ttctcctgcc tttgcctccc aagtagctca     24360
     gactgcagga atgcaccacc cacacccggc aaatttttga atatttaata gagacagggt     24420
     ttcaccacat tggccaggct ggtctcaatc ttttgaccaa aatgatccac cagactcacc     24480
     tcatgagttg ctgagattac aggcgcaatc cactgtgcac ggcttgcatg ttttagtgat     24540
     tcatactagg tcagtattat aaaactatgc tttgtccttg taaggggagg cttaaattgg     24600
     gaagatttat aaaattaaaa tttctggatt aaactctgct aacctgcctc taggtggtat     24660
     caagacattt tttgccctct acctgctgat tgggtttggc cagtggggac accagcctac     24720
     gcatacagtg gcactggact tgctgctgtg tctcaaggcc aagtgacgtc atagttcctg     24780
     tgatgacatc tttcaagttc tctgcaccat ccgcctctct ccattgctga gaatttctcc     24840
     ctcctttaaa tctcactccc aaggagtgct aagagtgtca tcctgctact atccccggga     24900
     actctgccat ctattgtgag taccttgaat aagtcactct ttattaaaaa gttcttagat     24960
     gactttgatt gtggggccca tctaatttct gcctggatcc caactgctgc tggcgaatgc     25020
     acagattaca ttgaatctcg tgtctgtcat caaaaggtag accagatagc tccttctgtg     25080
     catggtagag gtgagaaaga ggttttcaga ttaatttgag aatgtgagtt ctttttttct     25140
     ccaccattgt gcattccacg agcaatgaat gaattcctgt tttccctcca gcaaatcatt     25200
     tgtcatgttt taaaaatggt ttagccgttc caacaaatat aaatgggcca tgctatctca     25260
     ttgttgtaat tttcagtccc ttaaagatat atgagtttga gcaacttttt gtttgctttc     25320
     tgtcggtgta ttttcattgg tgtgttcagc tctttactca ttgttaattg ggtagtatat     25380
     cttaattttg agtttcaaga tcggtgtatt ttcagtgcaa gttcttgctt agatctgtat     25440
     tttgcagata tttcttttca gtcttttgct tatctttcta tttcctgaat aagattttac     25500
     tcagagtaca aactattaat ataagaaaac taatattatt aattattttt accattactg     25560
     atcagctttg gtgtcatttg ttaaaactta tgaccaaacc tgaggtcaca taaatttctt     25620
     tctgtacttt cttctagaat ttgcatagtt ttacatttcc agttaatggc tccttcacca     25680
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa aaacaggaaa gggggaattg ctggcaagac gtctgaagaa     25740
     aaagagctcc agactgcagc tcccagggag attgatgaag aaagtgagtg attcctgcat     25800
     ttccacctga ggtacactgt tcatctgata gggactggtt gaatggtggc tgcagcccat     25860
     ggagtgtgag ctgaagcagg gtaggtcatc acctctcccg ggaagcctaa tgggtcggga     25920
     aattttctca tttacacagg agaagctgtg agggagttag cctgaggaac catgcaccct     25980
     gtgcctaaaa tgtgcttctc ccatggtctt gaaaacctgc agaccaggag attgcgtttg     26040
     gtaactgcac catgagggcc gtgggtttca agcacaaaaa tggggttgtt agaaaaaaca     26100
     atgaactaat tgtaggagtg ttttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgtttttat taccccagtg     26160
     gtgcctggaa tgctaaggag acaggactgt tcactcccct gaaaaggagt gcggaggcca     26220
     aggagccaag tgatctggct tagcaggtgc catccccgat ggtggcaatc caactatggt     26280
     tcaccagatt gaaattctcg ctgccagcac agcagcagtc tgagatctac ctgggacact     26340
     ggagcttggt ggggggatgg gcatcttccg ttgctgaggc ttgagtaggc tgctttacct     26400
     catggtgtaa acaaagcctc agagaagttt gaactgcagc tcagcaaggc tgatgtggcc     26460
     agactgccag atttcttctc tccgggtagg gtattttcga aacaaatgat agcagcccca     26520
     gtcaggggct tacaaataaa aaccccatct ccctgggaca gagcacctgg gggaaaagga     26580
     agccatggat gcagcttcag caaacttcaa catccccgcc tgatggctct gaaggagcag     26640
     cacacctccc attacagtgc actggctctg ctaatggtca gagtgccttc tcaagtggat     26700
     ccctgacctc tgtgtatcct gactgggaga cacctcctgg caggggccga cagacacctt     26760
     gtattggaga gcactggcta gcatctgaca gatgcccctt gaggatatag cttcagagaa     26820
     agaatagcca gcaatcaatg agacagaaaa ttaacaagga tagtcaggac ttgaactcag     26880
     ctgtggacta agtaaaccta atagacatct acagaactat ccacccccaa atcaacagaa     26940
     tatacattct tctgagttcc acataacatg tattcaaaaa ctgaccacat aattggaagg     27000
     aaaacactcc tcagcaaatg caaaagaatg gaaattatag caaagagcct cccagaccac     27060
     agtgcaatga aatgagaacc caggattcag aaactcacac aaacctgcac aactacatag     27120
     aaactgaaca tttaggagca ggctgtaaat cattgctggg taaataatga aataaggtag     27180
     aaataaagtt gttctttgaa accaatgaac ctttactgtt aaccacccct ttactctatg     27240
     cttctgtaag tttgactgct tttatttcta ggtataaatg agattatgta gtatctgtct     27300
     ttgtgtgcct ggcttatttg acttaacata atattttctg ggtccatcta tgttgctgca     27360
     aaaatcggat ttcattcttt ttggggctga gtagtatgcc attgcagatg cataacataa     27420
     tttctttatt aattcatccg tttatggaca cttaggtgga ttccgtatct tggctattat     27480
     gaatagtgct gcaataaaca tgggattgta cctaggtatt tttcaaagag taaaatttca     27540
     attaaggcta tttatcaaat attaaaactg agatgattta attgcttaac taaaaattgg     27600
     atgggtttct ggaaagatgg tagtggtagt aactgcatag tgtttatcta ttgccaaatt     27660
     cccacccaaa aacagacaga gcaactagaa atcaaacccc ctaattcatg gacaatacgg     27720
     ccagcaaact agatgccaga gtatcccaga accacaaaca cattggagtc attctatgcc     27780
     accagcagcc cctttgtatg aagtcagctg tcagctgtct ctgtgaaaaa atttaggtgg     27840
     tgctttagtt ctttaagaat ttaaaaatca catacatatc aaaatatgat ttttatatta     27900
     agggatgaag aggaagagtt ggtatatgaa atgggtgctt gacatttcta taattgttgt     27960
     gtcttaaagc ttgtgctggt tgctggggca cttcaagatc cattctgatc ataaaatatc     28020
     tgggatgatg ctgttttaca tctctttgat gcttttcata ctacacccag ctctggaaac     28080
     acctagcttt tagccatata attatatata attattacat ataagataat taaaaaatat     28140
     atatttttaa ttataatata attaaaaaat atatattttt aattataata taattaaaaa     28200
     tatatatatt tataaataca tatataaata tataaatata taattatata taaaatatat     28260
     aatatataaa atatataatt atataaatat ataattatat ataaaatata taattatata     28320
     tttatataat tatatataat tatatattaa ttatatataa ttatatattt tatatattat     28380
     attatatata aatttattat atataagatt atataaaatt atatataatt ataattatat     28440
     acaatataat atataattat aattatataa aatatatttt atataattat aattatatat     28500
     aatattgtat ataataaata aatatataat ataattatat aaaatatata attataatta     28560
     tataaaatat ataatatata aatatataat tatataaaat atataatata taaatatata     28620
     attatataaa atatataatt atataaaaat atatttatat aaaatatata aaatatatat     28680
     aaaatatata tagaatatat ataaatacat ataaaacaca cacacatata aaatgtatgt     28740
     gtgtgcatgt gtgtctgagt gtgtgtaaac acacactata tacatatcat atattcagat     28800
     tttaactgta agtctatgct gctatacata taataaaaca tgtgtgatgt gtcccattgg     28860
     gctaatttat ataaagcaat cataaaatac ataagcagaa ccagtctgtt ttctttaaga     28920
     gggatctcat agatatattc cacagaataa agatctaaca ctcttaaatg ataaattgct     28980
     aggtactccc aagcaattaa tataaaatga agcagaattt atttttgaca gttttttttt     29040
     gtagagtcat tactgtatct aaaataaaaa tatttgctct gatgttgaag tgtttatgaa     29100
     gaacctccat gtatccgtgt accttcttag ttgcctacac aatcttatga cccatcccta     29160
     acaaattagg aggcatatta gcttttgtat tctctattct cactctggca gtgatgccca     29220
     tgcgtcacac atctaaacaa caaagagtga tattccaacc attaagtcag ggcttattct     29280
     gaattctggg tgcatccaat gacaaactct accagtaata agcagaagaa cccacacaga     29340
     catttgctct gtaactatga tttttttttg cattggctta actaattgga gagaccaatt     29400
     tctgaaactt ttaaagaata ataagaaaag tatactgcgc agtaaaattc atttacctga     29460
     cttacctatt cgtgaattaa agtaactatt ttagtggaaa aacagtcacc tgatacaaca     29520
     aattgtgatg tcaatatttt tattaggtat ggcctctggt gttttcttag tccatttggg     29580
     ttgctatagc aaaataccaa agatactgga caggtaataa acaacagaca tttattgccc     29640
     acagttctgg agactggaag tccagtatca agatgcggca gattcaatgt ctggtgggga     29700
     cccactttct cattcataga cagagccttc cctctgtgtc ctcacactgt ggaaggagca     29760
     agcgagctct ctggaatcct ttttgtagga gtgctcatcc cattcatgag gctccactct     29820
     catgacctca tcacctccca gaggctccac ctgaaactac aattgcattg aggtttagta     29880
     tttcaacata tacatttcag aggacacatt tggagttaga tttccacata tgaatttggc     29940
     taaggaacaa gaattctgcc tataattggt cataagcaga caagtatttt aaactcatca     30000
     aaacaaacat agatattggt ttaaacgtat agataggcca gatgtggtgg ctcaggatta     30060
     tgcctgtaat cccagcactt caggaggccc aggtgggcag atcacctgag gtcgggagtt     30120
     tgagaccagc ctaaccgtca cggagaaaac ctgtctctac taaaaataca acaacaacaa     30180
     caacaacaaa attagctgag tgaggtggtg catgcctgta atcccagcta ctcagaaggc     30240
     tgaggcagga taagcacttg aacccaggag gagaaggttg tggtgagtcg tgattgtgcc     30300
     attgcactgc agtctgggca acaagagtga aactccatct caaaaataaa caaacaaaca     30360
     aacacgtaaa atctagataa ctgctggatt tcagaaagtg ctagaatcaa gacatggcag     30420
     gagatcaaag aatgattctc agcctcatgc ctatgacttc ctgattcttt actatttttc     30480
     atcctttttc tagaaaatgt gacagaatgt gcacctccac agctcctgga gcaatgagtt     30540
     ctgcctccct ccaccactgg aaaaagtcat ttgatgcacc caagttgttc cactcttagt     30600
     cagctgggta aggctagagg agagggtcag atgtcagtca tggagactta agaactgcac     30660
     ttgaaaacag ggccgtgttt ctcagagatg aaggaaatgc aaaattgcag aatgctattg     30720
     actgaatgtt agtgtctcct aaaaattcat ggtgaagagc taactgccaa ggtgatggta     30780
     tttacagatg gggcttttgg tcagtgatta aatttagatg agactataaa gatagagttc     30840
     ccatgatggg accagtgtcc ttataaacag cagaagagac cagagctctc tctccctttc     30900
     cctctccact atgtgatgac aaaacaagaa gatgactatc tgaaacctgg gaagacagcc     30960
     cctaccaggg acgaaatcta tcagaacctt gatctttgac ttgatagtat ccaccaaaac     31020
     taacaaaaat aactctctct ctctccccca cccctttctt tttagagata aggtcttgct     31080
     ctgctgccca ggctagagtg cagtggcatg catgaccttg gctcactgca aactccaact     31140
     ctgggcccaa gccatcctct cactttagcc tcccaagtag ctagaactac aggtatgtgt     31200
     gactatgccc agctaatttt taaaaaattt atagaaatgg ggtctttcta tgttacccag     31260
     gcttgtcctg tatgcctagc ctcaagcaat cctgccttag cctcccaaag tgctgcgatt     31320
     tataagcata agccactatg cccagctaaa cctcttttgg aagaagccca gtctatggca     31380
     ttttgttcaa gcaccctcag cactctgaga cataaatgag gcagacaccc tttcctgcta     31440
     aactgaacct atcccattgc ctcctgcaag tcataagaga agggtatgtg ttgggcattt     31500
     ccatatatgc tccagaggaa tttgctaatg ataaccctgt cataggtgca aataatctgt     31560
     ctcctgttcc tctgtttgac ttcaaacttc ctccacacat taacttcttt gtatttccta     31620
     gaggtgctgg tgatattgac tcctatttca ctcaaatagg attttcagtt aaagaataga     31680
     tatcttcctt atcatcactg tgatggtcag ctttatgtgc ccatgaggct aggctactgg     31740
     gtctagcctt ataattaaat ataaatttag aggttgacat gaagtcattt gctagatgtg     31800
     atgaagcccc ttgtttgttg atgtaaagta atggagatta ttctatgtga tcttagtggg     31860
     tctgactctg ttagcaaaag gcattaagaa tagaggtgca gcttccctgg ctggagaaga     31920
     ttctgctcat ggacaggagc ttccactcac ttctgagaat tccagctagc gtttcttgcc     31980
     ttatagattt caggaatgcc tcatcagctc catgatcaca tagccaattc ctatgtcttc     32040
     ttttctatct cccattgccc ttgctggatt acctgaactg acacattcac gttttcgtaa     32100
     aatttactgc gaaagtctta ccgtcttgca gcttccttgc aaaactgtaa cttccccaaa     32160
     accacaacct tgcagctcca tttttttaaa gtaaatgttc ctttttcata ctttgttctt     32220
     gtgggaggat acattgagat gtgaaacatt gtgtttcaaa atgaatgggg gatacgattt     32280
     gactatgtcc ccagccaaaa ctcattttga attgtagctg ccataatccc tacctgttgt     32340
     aggagggacc cagtagtata taactaaatc atgggggaga tttcccattc ttgtggtagt     32400
     gaataagtca caaaatatct gatggtttga taaggggttc ccctttcttt tggctctctt     32460
     tctgtcttgc ctgccaccat gtaaaacgtg cctttggtcc ttctttgcct cctgccatga     32520
     ttgtaaggtg tccctagcca tgtgaaactg tgagtccatt aaacttgtat ttattttttt     32580
     gttttttgtt ttttgagaca gagtctagct ctgtcaccca ggctggaggg cagttgcgtg     32640
     atctcggctc actgaaagct ccacctccct ggttcacacc attctcctgc ctcagcctcc     32700
     caagtagcca ggactacagg tgcctaccac tgcgcccagc taatttgttg tatttttggt     32760
     agagatgggg tttcaccatg ttagccagga tggtctcgat ctcctgacct catgatccac     32820
     ccgcctcaac ctcccaaagt cctgggatta caggtgtgag ccaccacacc cagccacctc     32880
     tttttcttta aaaattacct agtatgtcct tacagcagca agagaataga ctaatacaag     32940
     gggaaatcct gaaaataatg aaatttcaat ggacttattc acaactcatg atgcccagtg     33000
     gtatcattca aagacctaac aaggtgggtt ctggacagat gctggaaaca ggatcttagc     33060
     ttttatatgt gagatctgag attggatata aaagacctca gaggcaagtg acaggctagg     33120
     ccttaagtta gtcatgagta cacagctatt catttatcat tctgcattct gctgtgcatt     33180
     gcagcagatt gaatgctagc tcccaaaaag tatgcctgtg tcctaacact ggcaacctgt     33240
     aaataaaatt tgatttagaa taagggtgtt tgcagatata attatataaa taatcttgca     33300
     ataagattat cctgaattaa tgtagaccct aactccagtg actgatgtcc ttataagaga     33360
     cagcagagga gacacacaca gacgagaagg ccatgtgaga tggagacaga gaatggagtg     33420
     gtgtgtccac aagcgcaggg actcctggag ctactaggag cagggagagg ggtgaaggat     33480
     attcccctag tgtcttcaga gaatggatgt ctctgagtca ccttgatctc agacttctgg     33540
     tcttcaggac tgggagaaaa tttatttctg ttgtttcaag ctcctggttt gttgtacttt     33600
     tcttattaca gtcatataca catagcttat gttcttttac ctccacatag agttaaaaaa     33660
     gaagaaacat taagcctgaa gttacaacta catgataatt tctcactggt tttccaagtg     33720
     gtacactcaa gaaacccagg atgtttctgg gagaaccctc cacaactttc ttcattctaa     33780
     cttgattctc ctccctgtct actatgttaa atgcattttc tgaaggcaag atgaagatgg     33840
     gtccttttct gaggcctctc cagatcttct attagaaaaa ataattgtaa ttggaccaga     33900
     gtttcttggg acttttcatg tgtctaagtt tcaactaatt ttgaataaac attgcaattt     33960
     ataattttta attgaatgtg gcagtgtcct ctacttagct ccaaagtttc atctgtgact     34020
     ttagaatatc acttaaccct gatgaccctt gatgtcttca tctgtaaaat gcacttcaca     34080
     tgaactcacc tcatttgatt tggagattta aagagtagct gtagggcatg ttgtacaact     34140
     tttagaaact ttccgaaatg ttagctgcat ttcattattt aaccctccac ttccatcttc     34200
     caatcatctc ttcggaacat gctgtggctg tcaaaaaaaa aatctttcta aactgtggtt     34260
     taccattatt accatggggt aataaatact caacagaaat ttctagccag taccaattcc     34320
     caacatgttc tttcctgtga acaaatatcc tgaaatgtca ttgggaagaa caaaattcac     34380
     tttatcttaa cctgataagc atatatgtct ttagcaatgg gagttatttt cttttctttt     34440
     tcttttactt ttttttttct tttcagacaa gatcttgctg tttcacccag tctgcagtac     34500
     agtggcatga tcatggctca ctgcaagcct gcatctcctg ggctcaagag atcctcccat     34560
     cccagcctcc caagtcactg ggactatagg tgaacaccac catgaccaac taatttttgt     34620
     atttttttgt aatggtggga gtttgccatg tttcccaggc tggtcttgaa ctcttgagct     34680
     caagtgatct gcctacctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacagggtgt gagctactgc     34740
     acctggccag agttattctt gaattgtgaa ccatagtaac aaacagaaaa taatcttaaa     34800
     tgtcaataat tttcagtgat atttctggaa ttcatggatc tttctgttag aactgcatgc     34860
     cttattctgt ctaaagcaat aaagttcttt aaatctaaac attttcataa acactcgtgg     34920
     gaagttagag atgcgataat tcctaaaaag cctgcatggc aaagatgcac acaatgtcaa     34980
     tatggaacag acatagaaca taattgaacc aatcctatta gtactcaatt tagcaaggtt     35040
     gcatttttta gaactaaatt tttcatagtt gcaggcagag tgatgaaaga tgttggcaga     35100
     cagcctcttc atatagacat caggaagtga ataaaccagc atgaattgat acataattta     35160
     agagaaggta aaggacatag tcagcatgca acaaaatgct gaaaccaaaa aacctcctgc     35220
     acatgcctgg agcaagaagg gttgcttttg actctttctc catctcagca ctgataggta     35280
     gataatccca aggcctcctg gtgttatatc tgaacaacag agttacatgc tttcttgcaa     35340
     agtgtcagac tatccacgag ttattttaca ttactcaaac aaaagtctat ggtaacacaa     35400
     cacttctaaa ctgttaagaa gagggcttta accacatctt ctaggttgat gaattaaatg     35460
     gagtagggag aagataagag attttcaact atgcttttaa aaaaattgct gtagatacct     35520
     ttttaaactt tatgcagtct gaattttgtc aatatctgac aaaaatgaac ttgagagcaa     35580
     aaattttcat gcacacaata aataagcaaa ataaaaaatc ctctaagccc aactttctca     35640
     ttacataggg aaatgtgtct cttcgttaga aatctccatc ttagaaagct gagctctgca     35700
     ctgccctacc ataagggata cttactgtgg ttatccaagt ctcagaactt gaggcttctt     35760
     accatttatt gtctgtttgc agcccaagat aaacttttct tccccagaga caatgttatg     35820
     tgctgaggga ctacaggtca ggcagagttc ctagcaaatc atctgctttt tttcctttct     35880
     attttatctt catttatttc tattatacaa agtataccac tctgacagtc tactgtatgc     35940
     atgtgtcatc ccctaagctg tgctggttga atcaaaagga taaaattgac ttattattta     36000
     agggaaaaaa aatgcatgaa ttgatgaaac acatggattg aattgatgaa acaaatgcca     36060
     ttgtttggca ttctacactt cgcagacctt ggcatatttc ttggtaggta gctggacctt     36120
     aaatactcaa ccagactttt tggaaaacaa agttcacaga atatatacct gttctgctcc     36180
     agtattttct ctttggagaa cagcatttct atagttttta aacatagaac aacaattttt     36240
     aatttttcta gcttccaaaa gaggaaacag agcaaactct ggctgcagaa gacccaagta     36300
     taggcagcca atatggaaag aattttggca atcgttgata gttcatttgt taatgatttc     36360
     ctttgctctt gcaaatctga gtgttgtcta aggtaatttt aaaatgcaca aaattgtgat     36420
     tacactatgc gaaaccaaac accattgtgt attagaattc aactttgtgg cagacgagtc     36480
     attcaatgta tgccagaaca aaattcacat cgccaaggga gagcgagaag aaggaaagaa     36540
     gaagggaggg tgggaaaaag aaaggaaaga aggaaggtgg gagagaggaa gaaaggaaac     36600
     aaagacaaaa aattgtttaa atagacaaag taatatccag caggagtgaa gtaatcttag     36660
     gtttgatatt gaaaattaaa attcaagtgc tatggcagca tcctagctag tagagatgcc     36720
     cccaaataga ggaagagtct gaaattaata gatttctgtg tgcattcaac cccacttagg     36780
     tatgtgatca tgactggctt ctattgagga tggctgtata tcttcacttt ttcagcatat     36840
     ctggggggat atcctaaaaa ataagaagat acagaaataa gaagatccat agtaaaaata     36900
     gcacatcctt gatttttgct tttattttat ttctcacctt gctacacatg ttcatcatca     36960
     tttttttaga gcccagtctg tatattgtga agtcttcctt tctcatttct aaatttgtat     37020
     ctctcatctc agcttgagag gtgacagtgt gctggcagcc ctcgcagccc ttgatggctc     37080
     tccgcgcctc cttggccgcg cttgagtcct tcagcccgcc gctgccctgt gggagcccct     37140
     ttctaggctg gccatggcgg gagccagctc cctcagcttc ctgggaggtg tggagggaga     37200
     ggcgtgggcg ggaacccggg ctgccgcatg gcgcttgcgg gccagcagga gttctgggtg     37260
     ggcgtgggct ctgctggccc tgccctggca gcgtcaggcc cacccgcaag ccccaggcag     37320
     tgaggggctt agcacctggg ccagcagctg ctgtgctcga tttctcgtgg ggccttaagc     37380
     tgcctcccgg cagggcagag cttgggacct gcagcctccc atgcctgagc ctccttccac     37440
     cccaacgtgg gctcctgcat ggccctagcc tccctgatga gccctccccc tgctccaggg     37500
     ccacgggtcg catagactgc ccaagggctg aggagtgcct aggaaccgca gagggactgg     37560
     caggcagctc catctgctga tgggtgcagg atccaatggg tgaagccagc tgggctcctg     37620
     agtctagtgg ggacttggag aatctttatg tctagctaag ggattataaa tacaccaatc     37680
     agccctctgt agctaactca aggtttgtaa acacaccaat cagaaccctg tggctagctc     37740
     agggtttgtg aatgcaccaa tcagcactct gtatctagct taaggtttgt aaatgcacca     37800
     atcagcactc tgtgtctagc tcaagggttt gtaaacacac caattgacac tctgtatctg     37860
     gctaatctag tggggaggtg gggaactttt gtgtctatct cagggattgt aaaggcacca     37920
     atcagcaccc tgtcaaaata gaccaatcag ctctctgtaa aacagaccaa ttggctctct     37980
     gtaaaatgga ccaatcagca ggatgtgggt ggggccagat aagaataaaa tcaggctgcg     38040
     ggagccagca gtggcaacct gctcaggtgt tcttccacac tgtggaagct ttgttctttt     38100
     gctttttgca ttaaatcctg ctgctgctca ctctttgggt ccacatcgcc tttatgagct     38160
     gtagcactca ctgcgaaggt ctgcagcttc actcctgaag ccagtgagac tacaaaccca     38220
     ccgggaggaa tgaacaactc cagatgtgcc accttaagag ctgtaacact caccacgaag     38280
     gtctgcagct tcattcctga gccagcgaga ccaggaaccc actagaagga agaaactccg     38340
     aacacatcca aacatcagaa ggaacaaact ctagacatac cacctttaag aactgtaaca     38400
     ctcaatcgcg agggtccgtg gcctcattct tgaagtcggt gagaccaaga acccaccagt     38460
     tcctcacaca agctcaccac ttttgatgtc caaaacactt tgttatgaaa ctttaatttt     38520
     caacttgctt acattggtaa aacaaactaa tgaattcttg ttgaaatgag ttggttactt     38580
     atataggaat ttttattagg aggttttata acaataccta caaatcactg ctattatgcg     38640
     ttatttactg aggtcagaaa tgaccctata atctggaagt ggatcttcta acaatccatt     38700
     ccagtgatgc tgagtgtcat gttttacttc taggtaatac gtctcattgg aatacatttt     38760
     gtttgctcta tgaatataaa atgtggggct cttgtgcaag agaatgaact tttgaacttc     38820
     acagaccaag tttaattctg attctgtaga tggtaacact gttaacagta attctctgag     38880
     cttcagttgc tccatctgta aggaagggga tcatgctagg catctgatag aaatcatgtg     38940
     aaagtggcaa ggcacggtgg ctgatgcctg taatcccagc cctttgggag gccaatacag     39000
     gcagatcacc tgaggttagg ggttggagac caatctggcc aaaatggtga aaacctctct     39060
     ctacaaaaaa taaaaaaaat tagctgggtg tggtgacaca cacctgtatt tccagctaac     39120
     tgggatgcta aggcaggaga attgctgaac cctggatgtg gaggatgtag tgagctgaga     39180
     ctgtgccatg gaactccaac ccgggtgaca gagtgagact ctgtataaaa aaaaaaaaaa     39240
     tgtcaatgtc tcattttcct gccgcctcta gagagctagc tatcatcatt tggcatatgt     39300
     ataaatacct acagacaaca tgtggacaat tggatgcgtt tcgctgataa tattatatgg     39360
     tacttatata gtatataatg aaggtttggt gtgcatcaca gtacatagag atcagtaata     39420
     taattctgtg tgtctttctt tataaatgat catacctata caatggcttg tttagccatc     39480
     tccctactaa cggatttgag gttgtctata atattttgtt tttatacaca aagccctaat     39540
     ataagggtag atttttctct ggttatttgc aatagtcaat tgtctatggt gttaattaac     39600
     cttttaattt tttaaaaaaa ttcaattact ccttactggt aaatagaaaa gcaattgact     39660
     attcacatta actttgtatt ctgtgatttt cctataatca gttattccag gcgtttttgc     39720
     tgtcattgtt aattctttgg gattttccat atagatgatc atattatcta caaagaaaaa     39780
     gacaatttta tatcttcttt actggtctat ataattttta tttccttttc ttgtcttgtt     39840
     acataaccta gaaactccat cacactttga actatgaata gtgagaggag acatctgtgt     39900
     ctttttcttg gtctgaggga gaaaatattc aatttctcct gattaagcag gatattagca     39960
     ttaagatgtg tggagctatt cttcataaaa tcaaggcatt gaggactcta cttctaactt     40020
     gctcatagtt tttgttttcc atgaattggt gttaaatttt atcaaatgct ttttctggct     40080
     cagtttgtat gatctgatga cttttcttct ttaacttgct gcttacatta attgatttgt     40140
     aaatgtgaac caggcttgca tagacaggat acacctcact ttgtcattgt gtatatataa     40200
     tttcacatat ggtagaaatc tatttgataa tatttatggt aataattttt gcatctatgt     40260
     ttataagaga cattggcctg tagtttttct tttgtgtaat gtctttatct gtttatcatg     40320
     tagaattcta ttttctatta cttatgttaa gaatttttgc atttatgttt atgagagaca     40380
     ttggcctgta gtttttcttt tgtgcaatgt ctttatctgg ttttggtatt aggctcatac     40440
     ttgccacata gcaggagaca aaaagggttc cctttactct tatttcatgg aaaatattta     40500
     gaaaattggg attgtttctt atgagctgga ttgctaccct gcagtttcca tacattaaag     40560
     ttctgacaca aagtacctca gaacttgacc ttacttgaag ataaagccct taaagaagcc     40620
     ataagttaaa aagaggccat taggatgggg cccttatcct gaatgactgg tatcctaata     40680
     aacagacacc aggtggtttg cacatagaga aaagatgatg tgaggacaca gggagaagac     40740
     agccatttac aagaatggag agagttctca gaagaaacca aacctgtaga caccttaatc     40800
     ttagacttct agtgttcaga attgtgaaaa aaataaaatt atgttattta agccacacat     40860
     cttgtggtat ttcatatggc agccaagcag actactgcat gtttattctt tagaagttct     40920
     gtagaattct gtagttaaat taggtgactc tggtacattt ttggaaaaga cattaattag     40980
     caattcattt tctttatagc tataagccta ttcaaattat ctatttgtct ttgtatgagt     41040
     tctgacagtg atgtctttca ggaattttgt tctattcatt gaaattatca aatttgtggg     41100
     cataaagtta tttataattt tttgttacat tttcatgtcc atgggatcat tcatgataaa     41160
     ccctctttca tttgtgatat taccaaagtg tgccttttct ctttttgctt gggtagtata     41220
     catagaagtt ttttatttat attgattttt taaaattact tcttttttgg ttgctgattt     41280
     tttctgtggg ctgttttcaa atttattttt ctctgctctg atttctttct tttctcctac     41340
     ttgctttgaa tttaaatgta tctccttttc tgtactttac taagacagaa acttagatta     41400
     ttgattttag attttttttc taatatatgc gtttattggt ttaaaatttc atttgcactc     41460
     tgtatgtttc ggtaagttat atttttattt tcatttaatt caaatattta aaacattttc     41520
     ttcattacac tttttctttg gcccatgtgt ttttcaagag agtattattt tattttcgga     41580
     tattttagga atctccatct acctttgtta ttgatgtcta gtttagttct attgtggttt     41640
     gagaatatat tttgttttgt tacagtctca ccaatgcgcc acagtgtagt ggtctcattg     41700
     tttcaggtat catccaaaat tctttatctt acggccaaga aaattaaggc atgtggacac     41760
     aaatggtgag gctggagtga aagtttaata agcaaaagaa gaaagctctc cacagtggag     41820
     ggtaggcctg aaagaggata gccaagtatg aagctgagtc tggggttttg atggactggg     41880
     aaggggagga atgtgctgac tgggctgcag actctattcg agaaagcagc acttagaaag     41940
     aggtatgaga gcgtaaagga ccaattggag acagaggtga aggcttggcc cagaatcttg     42000
     tcctgggaac aatcagcaac tgaagtgatg attcacccta tgtaaatgta gacttagcct     42060
     acagccagtt acagaaatgt aagcatatgt aaaataggtg aaaagtaaga tactaaggcc     42120
     tgcccaggag agagaaattt gtccaaaaag gaatggaatt tgttcatctg ggttcacaaa     42180
     gtgaacattt ctattcaagg catgggctct ttcttatctg gggcctgcag tttgattttc     42240
     aggctgttct ttgtttgaag aaattttacc aagaacctac cctaactgca tgtgtgacca     42300
     gttttttact ttctcctctc ttagtatgat ttctatttct atgaatgtgt taagttgtat     42360
     tgcccagaat gttttgtgta ttggtgagta ttctatgtga gcctgagaag aatgtatatt     42420
     ttggttctgt tggatgacac attctatata tgcaagttaa ctcaagttaa ttgatagtgc     42480
     tgtttagttc aactacaatt tttctgattt ttttttgctg tttcctctat cagttactga     42540
     cagacgggat tttaaatcta taactacaac agtggattag tcggtttctc cgtttagttc     42600
     tatcagttct tacctcatgc aattttatac tcctgttttt ggtgaaacat atttggagtt     42660
     gatatgtttt ctttgaaaat tgttcccttt gtctttacag tatttgcatg tttatccttg     42720
     ataatttcct cattctgaag tctgatttgt atgaaatcat taagtactcc agatttgttt     42780
     tcattagtgt ttagatggca tacctgtccc tctctttatt ttaacatgtc tgtgttttta     42840
     aattcaaaat gagtttcttt agacacgtat agtgggtttt attttccttt aaattataat     42900
     cacattataa tcttagtctt ttaattgatg tacataaaca tgagtgttta aagtaatata     42960
     gttgaatgaa tttttaacat gttggtaatc attcaatttg atatattttt tatttgtttt     43020
     ttgcccattt tcagctttct ctgcttgagt atttttaaaa attattttta ttttttgtat     43080
     gtacatagat gtatatgttt ctgggatatg tgggatattt tgagcagttt aaacaatctt     43140
     atttgtccct tctcttggca tatatattaa actttaaaac aatgtggtat tttcctgaac     43200
     attactaata tatcctttta gctaatacaa gtcacctgtt gaatactatg atactgcttc     43260
     ctggacaatg gaactacctc tcaagagtat tcttaattcc accctcccat tacttatgta     43320
     attactgcta tgtgtttatt tttatttgca tatatgctat agtctcttaa tacttataat     43380
     actcttaata ctcataattg ctattatgat tactttaaat ttctatctgt ttagtcatag     43440
     gcagaagatt gaaactatac tacttcctta ccccatacac aaaaatcaac tgtagatgga     43500
     ttaaagactt acatataaga cccaaaacta tacaaactct ggaagacaac gtactcaata     43560
     ccatcctaga cataataatt ggcaaagatt ttatgacaaa gatgccaaaa tacatctcaa     43620
     caaaaacaaa agtcgacaac tggaatctaa ttaagctgaa gagcttctgt acagcaaaag     43680
     aatctatcaa caaagcaaac agacaactta cagaatggga agaaattttt gcaaaatatg     43740
     catatgacaa aggtctaata tccagcagct ataaagaact tagacaaatt tacaagaaaa     43800
     aaacaaacaa ccccattaaa aagtagacat gaacacatgt ttttcaaaag aagacataca     43860
     tgtagctggc aagcatatga aaaaaagctc agtatccctg atggttagaa aaatgcaaaa     43920
     caaaatgaca atgagatact atctcacacc agtcagaatg gctattatta aaaagtcaaa     43980
     aaataacata tgctggtcac gttgcaaagg aacatttata cactgttggt gaaacagtaa     44040
     attaattcaa tgacggtgga aagcagtatg gtgattcctc aaagagctaa aaacagaact     44100
     accattccat ttggcaatcc cattacaggg tatataccca gaggaatata aatcattcta     44160
     ccataaagat atatgcacac aaatattcac tgaagcactg tagacaatag caaagacatg     44220
     gaatcaacct aaatgcccac aaataacaga ctggataaag aaaatgtggt atatatacac     44280
     catggaatac tatgcagtca taaaaaccaa tgagatgtct tttgtgggaa tgtgggtgaa     44340
     gctggaggtt attgtcctta gaaaactaac gcaggaaaag aaaaccaagt aacacatttt     44400
     ctcacttata agcaggagct aaatgatgag aacacatggg cacaagaaaa gaacaacagg     44460
     ccctgaggcc tacttcaaat tggagggtgg gaagaggaag aggagcaaaa taaataacta     44520
     taggttactg gacttagtac ctggatgatg aaatcatcaa tacaacaaat cccatgacac     44580
     aaatttacct atatagcaaa cctacacatg tatccctaaa cctaaaataa aagcttataa     44640
     aagaagacta ggacttaatt ttttaaccat ctttattcca tctctaacac tctcccttta     44700
     ttgatggaga tcccagctac tgcattatat attcggcacc atatttttct ccctataggg     44760
     cctcttttaa catctcttgc agggcaagtc tctggcattg aaattcctca gctttgtctg     44820
     tctgaaatat attttatttt gcttcactta agaaagatta tttaacttga tctagaattt     44880
     taagtaggtg tgaacttttt cctttccata ttttaaatat ttcacttttc tctctttttg     44940
     cttgcatagt ttctaatgag aattctgctg caatttattt cttatcctat ttgggagaga     45000
     gagaaggaga gagagagaga gagagagaga actctggcct attttaacgt tctgtgtctg     45060
     cacaatttgc actttgataa taatttgtct aagtttttgt ttatttgctt gttttgcttc     45120
     attttggata tttgatcctg tttgttattt tccgagcttc ttgtatctgt agtttggtat     45180
     ctgtcattaa ttttaaaaca atctcagtca ttattgcttc aaaaattttt actgattctg     45240
     ttctcttttc tctttctgat aaaacaattg tgcattcact gtactttctg agactttacc     45300
     ttgtgtcttg ggtgttctgt gtcctatttt tgatttttat gattttctcc ttttttgtat     45360
     ttcaacttga gaagtttcta ttgagttgtc ttccagttca ttgactatgt agtctcctaa     45420
     tgagcccatc aaagccattc ttcattctgg ttacatgttc ttgatactta gtgttttctt     45480
     ttgattctct aaggagttac atctctgctc ttacattacc catctgttct tgcatgttgc     45540
     ctacttttgc cattagaaac actgacacag taaccataac attttagatt tcctctctgg     45600
     taatttcttc tgtggtatat gtgagtctgg ttttatcctt cagcctgtgt tgttattatt     45660
     attattatta ttattagtct tttagcactc tttacaattt ttttctgaga gctgaataag     45720
     ttgtatcagg taataggaat tgaagtaaat agtcctttag tgtgagtatt caggtaaatc     45780
     tgtccagtag tgatgctgtg tcactatatt tctgtttctc tcttatctgt ctatctatct     45840
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctacctatct tctatctacc tattatctat     45900
     catctaccta ttagatatat ctgtctatcc atatcatcta tcctctgcct atcatttatt     45960
     atgtatttgt ctattatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatgtc     46020
     agaggtgtca gattcctctg gtattcttgt gcttgctact gtcttgactt tcctagataa     46080
     ttcttcttgg aaagagtttg gcaatttggg ctctttctgc tgaagttcac tgttactaaa     46140
     gtggagccct tttactgtgg tgatcagggt agaggaaaaa agaaatccat aatcttaata     46200
     ttaaatttca gttgtttttt tgtggggagg actatagttc tgagctgaga actttaaaaa     46260
     tgtttctcca gtgataagca tttatattct ccttttttgt gaggcaggaa gattaaaggt     46320
     tgtctaagat gtgaagcatg attttcttct agttggatta aagctgagta aagccatttt     46380
     ccctaaagca ggaggtaact tgattatttt ttacagtgct ttcatttctc agccccttga     46440
     agagccacaa ggaatctgtt tggaatcttc ataatgaaaa cttggtggag tttctggagg     46500
     taaggtccat tagagttacg gctcccctaa agagagttga ctccagaagt tccttactct     46560
     catgctattc cagtcagcct ctagtaattg cgcaaacttc ccatggacat gtttccctac     46620
     caattaagga ttatgtgtct tctgctccag gtgagctgac ctcggctgtg catctctgta     46680
     ttcacctgtc tctccagttt tctgaatggc atctttctgt gccattagtt ctctgaaggt     46740
     tctaagcaga cttgctgatt ttactttgct cagcattttt attctgacaa aacagagtgt     46800
     cagcttctaa gctctctacc tgtcatagct aaaaccaagt tgtatttact atgttagttt     46860
     tcaagaggtc acaatgtcag cctcagtgat catgggactt ctggaagtca cataaagggg     46920
     gctgagggct gaggtgagac ctggtcttaa cagggcagag accagaaatg gaagtcacag     46980
     agagggaact ggagagcaac atgccatctg ggattcacaa ggagaattca tgggcagaaa     47040
     ctgagagttg aagtcccatc tccaccttcg tggagaaagg tcacagttcc aggtcataag     47100
     tcaggcattg gtgacacagg tcatggatgg agatcacagg tcaaagttga ggagcatatt     47160
     tcaagcttaa ggaattattc acacatcaaa tacgaggagc agtgtcccat ctgagttcac     47220
     agaatggagc ctggatttta taggtcagaa attaccctca gagtacacat ttaagggtca     47280
     cagagtggta atcatggata gagtaacaag taagagttac agagtaggga tctgagatgg     47340
     aagaccaatc tgaggttcac aggtcagagt tcagaagaaa gaagaccaaa ctggagtcac     47400
     aggtcagagt ttagcagatg agggaggagt gcatcttggg ttcaaaggtc agagttcagg     47460
     gccaaagatc acaactgcaa gttagagcaa gaaatgcttg gcttcttggt aaggagacaa     47520
     ctgatgcaga gagttgctgg ggccatacca gtgctcaact ctccctatgt gcatttgctc     47580
     attgacgtcc tggctcaaac atgcaaatta tgtgcagtca ctgtagatgc cacccaaatc     47640
     ctcaaattct gctaaacttc tggaaaatca agtcagatga gtgggtctga catttccggc     47700
     agtggggggg gtgggtagca gaatattcaa atcagaaaat tatctttatt ttaaagatgt     47760
     atcaattaat ttgtagttaa tcttcagata ttagcatttt gaacaaattt tgagctgatt     47820
     agctcatttt aaaacacaga cttttttttt ctttcctttc cttttcttct cttttatttc     47880
     tgttgtgtcc agctagtgtc tgctttgtat tgttttgttt tgtttttgtc ccagggatct     47940
     atgaggaaga attgcctatg tcatcaatag gaagcactga ggactccaca aaactcccgg     48000
     ttctcaggtt tgctacagag ggagcagaag gccactggga tgttgggttc atatacgtga     48060
     aatcataagg tgccagttcc ctaggttcca aaacccagtc taagatcgaa gcgtgcttgc     48120
     acgtgatctg agaaggcaat gctaagagaa aattcttaag tacaatactg ttgagtttta     48180
     caatagcaaa gaaaacgaaa gagcttgaga cttagcaagt gtgtagtgat gtgaagtaaa     48240
     aggagagaac cttgctgcaa acacagtttt gtggacagtt atgtaaagga gttgcccgac     48300
     actgtcctac acagagaaac tctttgtctg ggagcttaca ggaggttgta aatcgcatat     48360
     caagagggca agaggaaaga cttcaaggat gaaacctttt ctagcactga gattatctag     48420
     ggatgagagt gcatacttct ctgagaattt attctatttt tggtcaaatg catacattgt     48480
     taaaggaacc atgatagact taaacactgg ctatatgaaa cttgcaccat tataaaggct     48540
     ctcctgatat ctgaataaat attgatatgt tttttgaaaa agaacttata gtatagcaaa     48600
     ataaaataac taaaggaaaa tgcataacct ctagctgttg taaagaatta attggaacat     48660
     tcattgctaa cacagaggtt gcatatttct tggataagat aaatttcata aaagttacta     48720
     agtccaaaca caggccacca agagctaaaa tatggtctga aaactaaata agctctacca     48780
     aaaatcctga cttatttttc tactactgtg gcagaattgg ctcctttaaa atctcaattt     48840
     ttaacagaat ttgtttattg catgggagtg gttaacagtg tcaatgttga gctgacttca     48900
     cattaacgtg cagttcagat acatggagtt tttaatttgc tattatataa tgtaagattt     48960
     cttgaatctg aaatgtatac tgtaaatatg ctgaggtgca ttataaacta gagtttggtt     49020
     agatgagaac atatgtgttt acatagactt ttaaaaccct ctttttatgt tatttttaag     49080
     ctcatcagtt acttaacatt catagatgca atggtattta agtattacta tggatgtttc     49140
     atttctactt gtaattattt gggcttctag accataactt ttagtttatg ctcaaagttt     49200
     tccatgaatc agcataaaat attcctctcc cagccttaag tggtggctca tgcctgtaat     49260
     cccagcactt tgcgaggcca aggtgggagg aacgcttgag gtggggagtt tgacacaaga     49320
     ctgaccaaca aggagaaacc tcgtctctgc taaaaataca aaaaattagc tgggcatggt     49380
     gctgcatgcc tgtaatccca gctactcgag aggctgaggc agaagaattg cttgaactgg     49440
     ggaagcagag gttgcagtga gctgagatcg tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaagaaga     49500
     gtgaaactct atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattcctct tcctctaaga aaaaaatgat     49560
     tttaaattcc atttatctta ttttaaatgc taagtccatt ttttatgaca gatttatctg     49620
     ggaaatcatg tgtttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatgtata ctataaaaca tatgtatgta     49680
     atagtataac acatgtgatt atattataca atatgtatac atcgtatata tttatgtaat     49740
     acatatgtat ataatatata aatatataaa acacttgaca ttaaacgttt attatagata     49800
     atgtattaaa acctaacatt atatatttta ttaatttatt atgtataaca tatatagctt     49860
     atatatgtaa tgaattatat attatgtatt atagtttata tacataatat ttaatgtatc     49920
     atatattata tagtttctat attatataat gtattatata gtatagtata tataatatac     49980
     aatattaaaa tttatatata aaaatttgca tatgaaaaca tataaacata tgtaaatata     50040
     tattaaataa tacattatat gttatatatt taatatatta tatgtaattt aaattatgca     50100
     ttaaatttta atataatata taatatatac tcaaatacat aattgaatgt gattacttta     50160
     tgtgtaaata tataaatata tattagtatt tatgtgacat aagaatatgt attctacata     50220
     aacgtgtatg tttatgtaat gtaaaatatg tattctatgt aaatatgtat atatttatgt     50280
     aatataaaaa tatgcattct atataaatat gtgtatattt atgtaatata aaatttgcac     50340
     catatattta tgtaatacat acatgtatta tacagttacg tagcacatat acatatatta     50400
     tatatgttta tataacacaa agtatatatt atgtgttatc tgtatgtatc tataatgtat     50460
     ttattatacg tgtaatatat gtagtgcaca aatatataca tgtataatac atatagtatg     50520
     tttattataa atacatatgt attacagata gattacacat gtacatgtgt tgtataagta     50580
     tataacaaac ataatataca ttacatattc atgtatttac atgaaaatat gtgagcaaca     50640
     catatataaa tatgtgttaa tatgtatatt atatgtaaca tgtataatat gtatacatgt     50700
     ttttaaaata catatatgta ttataatcat ttataacata cacatgtata tattttgtat     50760
     atacacacat catatatatg tgcatattta catacatgca ttttattcat tctcaaatgt     50820
     tctacatgtt tgctaaaact tgccttttac aaatgacata catctgaata taatttttta     50880
     attccaatta gaaaatcata agtattaata aaaatgggga ggggaggagc caagatggcc     50940
     gaataggaac agctccggtc tacaggtccc agtgtgagcg acgcagaaga cgagtgattt     51000
     ctgcatttcc atttgaggta ccgggttcat ctcactaggg agtgccagac agtgggtgca     51060
     ggtcagtggg tgcgcgcacc gtgcacgagc cgaagcaggg cgaggcattg cgtcactcgg     51120
     gaagtgcaag gggtcaggga gttccctttc ctagtcaaag aaaggggtga cagatggcac     51180
     ctggaaaatc cggtcactcc cacccgaata ctgcgctttt ctgacgggct taaaaaacag     51240
     agcaccagga gattatatcc cgcacctggc tcggagggtc ctatgcccac ggagtctggc     51300
     tgattgctag cacagcagtc tgagatcaaa ctgcaaggtg gcagtgaggc tgggggaggg     51360
     gtgcccgcca ctgcccaggc ttgcttaggt aaacaaagca gccaggaagc tcgaactggg     51420
     tggagcccac cacagctcaa ggaggcctgc ctgtctctgt aagctccacc tctgggcgca     51480
     gggcacggac aaacaaaaag aaagcaataa cctctgcaga cttaaatgtc cccgtctgac     51540
     agctttgaag agagcagtgg ccctctcagc atgcagctgg agatctgaga acaggcacac     51600
     tgcctcctca agtgggtccc tgacccctga cccctgagca gcctaactgg gaggcacccc     51660
     ctagcagggg cagactgaca cctcacatgg ccggttactc caacacacct gcagctgagg     51720
     gtcctgtctg ttagaaggaa aactaacaaa cagaaaggac atccatacca aaaacccatc     51780
     tgtacatcac catcatcaaa gaccaaaagt agataaaacc acaaagatgg ggaaaaaaca     51840
     gagcagaaaa actgcaaact ctaaaaagca gagcacctct cctcatctaa aggaacgcag     51900
     ttcctcacca gcaacggaac aaagcaggtt ggagaatgac tttgacgagc tgagagaagg     51960
     cttcacatga tcaaattact ctgagctatg ggaggacatt caaaccaaag gcaaagaagt     52020
     tgaaaacttt gaagaaaatt tcgaagaatg tataactaga ataaccaata cagagaagtg     52080
     cttaaaggag ctgatggagc tgaaaaccaa ggctcgagaa ctacatgaag aatgcagaag     52140
     cctcaggagc cgatgtgatc aactggaaga aagggtatca gccatggaag atgaaatgaa     52200
     gtgagaagcg aagtttagag aaaaaagaat aaaaagaaac gagcaaagcc ttcaggaaat     52260
     atgggactat gtgaaaagac caaatctacg tctgattggt gtacctgaaa gtgacaggga     52320
     gaatggaacc aagttggaaa acactccgca ggatattatc caggagaatt tccccaatct     52380
     agcaaggcag gccaacattc agattcagga aatacagaga acgccacaaa gatactcctc     52440
     gagaagagca actccaagac acataattgg cagattcacc aaagttgaaa tgaaggaaaa     52500
     aatgttaagg gcagccagag agaaaggtcg ggttaccctc aaagggaagc ccatcagact     52560
     aatagcggat ttctcggcag aaactctgca agccagaaga gagtgggggc gaatattcaa     52620
     cattcttaaa taaaagaatt tccaacccag tatttcatat ccagccaaac taagcttcat     52680
     aagtgaagga gaaataaaat actatacaga caagcaaatg ctgagagatt ttgtcaccac     52740
     caggcctgcc ctaaaagagc tcctgaagga agcactaaac atggaaagga aaaactggta     52800
     ccagctgcta caaaaccatg ctaaaatgta aggaccatcg agactaggaa gaaactgcat     52860
     caactaatga gcaaaataac cagctaacat cataatggca gcatcaaatt cacacataac     52920
     aatattaagt ttaaatgtaa atggactaaa tgctccaatt aaaagacaca gactggcaaa     52980
     ttggataaag agtcaagacc catcagtgtg ctgtattcag gaaacccatc tcacgtgcag     53040
     agacacacat aggctcaaaa caaagggatg gaggaagatc taccaagcaa atggaaaaca     53100
     aaaaagtcag gggttgcaat cctagtctct gataaaacag actttaaacc aacaaagatc     53160
     aaaagagaca aagaaggcca ttacataatg gtaaagggat caattcagca agaagagata     53220
     actatcctaa atatacatgc accaaataca ggagcaccca gattcataaa gcaagtcctg     53280
     agtgacctaa aaagagactt agatgcccac acattagtaa tgggagactt taacacccca     53340
     ctgtcaacat tagacagatc aacgagacag aaagtcaaga agaataccca ggaattgaac     53400
     tcagctctgc accaagcaga cctaatagac atctacagaa ctctacaccc caaagcaaca     53460
     gaatatacat ttttttgagc accacatcac acctattcca aaattgacca catacttgga     53520
     agtaaagctc tcctcagcaa atgtaaaaga acagaaatta taacaaacta tctctcagac     53580
     cacagtgcaa tcaaacgaga aatcaagaat acgaatctca ctcaaaacca ctcaactaca     53640
     tggaaaccga acaacctgct cctgaatgac taccgggtac ataatgaaat gaaggcagaa     53700
     ataaagatat tctttgaaac caacgagaac aaagacacaa caacatacca gaatctctgg     53760
     gacgcattcg aagcagtgtg tagagggaaa tttatagcac taaattccca caagagaacg     53820
     caggaaagat ccaaaatcga cagcctaaca tcacaattaa aagaactaga aaagcaagag     53880
     caaacacatt caaaagctag cagaaggcaa gaaatatcta aaatcagagc agaactgaag     53940
     gaaatagaga tacaaaaaac ccttcaaaaa attaatgaat ccaggagctg gttttttgaa     54000
     aggatcaaca aaattgatag accgctagca agactaagaa agaaaaaaaa gagagaagaa     54060
     tcaaatagac gcaataaaaa atgataaagt ggatatcacc accgatccca cagaaataca     54120
     aactaccatc agagaatact acaaacactt ctacgcaaat aaactagaaa atctagaaga     54180
     aatggataaa ttcctcgaca catacgctct cccaagacta aaccaggaag aagttgaatc     54240
     tctgaataga ccaataacag gatctgaaat tgtggcaata atcaatagct taccaaccaa     54300
     aaacagtcca ggaccagatg gattcacagc cgaattctac cagaggtaca aggaggaact     54360
     ggtatcattc cttctgaaac tattccaatc aatagaaaaa gagggaatcc tccctaaccc     54420
     attttatgag gccagcatca tgctgatacc aaagccgggc agagacacaa ccaaaaaata     54480
     gaattttaga ccaatatcct tgatgaacat tgatgcaaaa atcctcaata aaatactggc     54540
     aaaccgaatc cacagcacat caaaaagctt atccaccatg atcaagtggg cttcatctct     54600
     gggatgcaag gctggttgaa tatatgcaaa tcaataaatg taatccagca tataaacaga     54660
     atcaaagaca aaaaccacat gattatctca atagatgcag aaaaggcctt tgacaaaatt     54720
     caagaaccct tcatgctaaa aactctcaat aaatttggta ttgatgggac gtatttcaaa     54780
     ataataagag ctatctatga caaacccaca gccaatatca tactgaatgg gcaaaaactg     54840
     gaagcattcc ctttgaaaac tggcacaaga cagggatgcc ctctctcacc actcctattc     54900
     aacagagtgt tggaagttct ggccagggca attaggcagg agaaggaaat aaaaggtatt     54960
     caattaggaa aagaggaagt caaattgtcc ctgtttggag acgacatgat agtatatgta     55020
     gaaaaccgca ttgtctcagc ccaaaatctc cttaagctga taagcaactt cagcaacgtc     55080
     tcaggataca aaatcaatgt acaaaaatca caagcattct tatacaccaa taacagacaa     55140
     gcagagagcc aaatcatgag tgaactccaa ttcacaattg cttcaaagag aataaaatac     55200
     ctaggaatcc aacttacaag ggatatgagg gacctcttca aggagaacta caaatcactg     55260
     ctcaaggaaa taaaagagga tacaaacaaa tggaagaata ttccatgctc attggtagga     55320
     ataatcaata tcgtgaaaat ggccatactg cccaaggtaa tttacagatt caatgccatc     55380
     cccatcaagc taccaatgac tttcttcaca gaattggaaa aaactacttt aaagttcata     55440
     tggaaccaaa aaaaaaaagc ccgcattgcc aagtcaatcc taagcctttt ggcttttgaa     55500
     caaagctgga gcatcacact acctgacttc aaactatact acaaggctac aggaaccaaa     55560
     acagcatggt actggtacca aaacagagat atagatcaat ggaacagaac agagccctca     55620
     gaaataatgc cgcatatcta caactatctg atctttgaca aacctgacga aaacaagcaa     55680
     tggggaaagg attccctgtt taataaatag tactgggaaa actggctggc catacataga     55740
     aagctgaaac tgcatccctt ccttacacct tatacaaaaa tcaattcaag atggattaaa     55800
     gacttaaacg ttagacctaa aaccataaaa accctagaag aaaacctagg cattaccatt     55860
     caggacatag gcatgggcaa ggacttcatg tctaaaacac caaaatcaat ggcaacaaaa     55920
     gccaaaattg acaaacggga tctaattaaa ctaaagagct tctgcacagc aaaataaact     55980
     accatcagag tgaacaggta acctacaaaa tgggagaaaa ttttcacaac ctactcatct     56040
     gacaaagggc taatatccag aatctacaat gaactcaaac caatttacaa gaaaaaaaca     56100
     aacaacccca tcaaaaagtg ggcaaaggac atgaacagac acttctcaaa agaagacatt     56160
     tatgcagcca aaaaacacat gaaaaaatgc tcatcatcac tggccatcag agaaatgcaa     56220
     atcaaaacca caatgagtta ccatctcaca ccagttagaa tggcaatcat taaaaagtca     56280
     ggaaacaaga ggtgctggag aagatgtgga gaaataggaa cacttttaca ctgttggtgg     56340
     gactgtaaac tagttcaacc attgtggaag tcagtgtggc gatttctcag ggatctagaa     56400
     ctagaaatac catttgaccc agccatccca ttactgggta tatacccaaa ggactataaa     56460
     tcatgctgct ataaagacac acacacacgt atgtttattg tggcattatt cacaatagca     56520
     aagacttgga accaacccaa atgtccaaca gtgatagatt ggattaagaa aatgtggcac     56580
     atatacacca tggaatacta tgcagccata aaaaatgatg agttcatgtc ctttgtaggg     56640
     acatggatga aattggaaat catcattctc agtaaactat tgcaagaata aaaaaaacaa     56700
     acacctcata ttctcattca taggtgggaa ttgaacaatg agaacacatg gacagaggaa     56760
     ggggaatatc acactctggg gactgttgtg gggtgtgggg aggggggagg gatagcattg     56820
     ggagatatac ctaatgctag atgacctaat gttagtgggt gcagtgcacc agcatggcac     56880
     ttgtatacat atgtaactaa cctgcacatt gtgcacatat accctaaaac ttaaagtata     56940
     ataataataa ataaatataa atataaaaat aaaaactaag catacattaa aattgaaaac     57000
     atctctttag taaaaagtta tattcagtgg aaagacatgc tgtttttatt gcggcagtag     57060
     aaattgaaag cctacatgtc tgataaaagt tatgtccaaa gtgtgcaaac agagtaagaa     57120
     gattctcata tattttttat ggtgagaccc tctctaaaat cacaattatt gcatttggtt     57180
     agatcttatg tttacacaaa atctacaaaa atctgtgtaa taaatataca tatatttata     57240
     tatgtatatt ttaaaaatta aatttagcaa gaagacgtga cttaccagtt cctgaatagt     57300
     catcgttata taacttattg gtctccagac ttctgccacc aattcaccac attaggaaga     57360
     cctttacaat atctaacctg atttttgatc caaattgaat gcctttgaat tttattgttt     57420
     tattaaataa gtaaaatttc ataatcaaga attacatcca ggcaatattc tataacctca     57480
     gaggcaggtg ctgcaccagt gcttgagatg gaggtgggct ccatggtgtt catttatgat     57540
     tctgcatttt agtgttcatg ggcatgggtt gaatggtagc ctcctaaaac atatgctcat     57600
     gtccgaatgc ttggaaactg tgaatgtgac cttagttgaa aggaaggtct gtgcagatgt     57660
     aatccattta aggatgggaa aattagatta ttctaaattg tttgcatggg cactaattgc     57720
     aatgacaagt ctccttataa gagacagagg aagaggagac acagacactg aggagaagag     57780
     cacatgaagg tgaaggcaga ggctggagtg aagcagccag aagcccttga ctcctgcagc     57840
     caccaggagc tggcaggaag gatcctctcc tagagcctgc ggagggaaca catgtatatg     57900
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtt tgtatcatat atatgtatat     57960
     gtgtatatat acatatgtat gcttgcatgt atacatatgt atgcatataa acatatatat     58020
     gtatattttt cacattaatt tttaaaatgt tgaacttaca tgttactgaa taaaagtccc     58080
     tcttgtataa ctagctggtc tccatactcc tagcactaag atactgtgcc atagctagga     58140
     aaaactttgt gatagccatc ctaatacttg gccaaaattc aatgctttta aatgtattat     58200
     tctattaatt caatatagtt taaagaaccg taaatacatc caggcaattt tctatctgtt     58260
     agaaatacag ttgataagat agattgagaa agacacccac atttatgaaa attatctttg     58320
     cgactagaca cagattacag aaaaccaggt atctagtatt ttagaatact agataagtaa     58380
     tattacacat attgacaata caataaagtt atctagtatt ttagaaggtg tggagagcta     58440
     tgcaaaaata acaaagatac agcagcatga gggtgatcac aacataaaag gtggggcggg     58500
     gtgtccaatt ttcagaagag cgattagggc aggtctcatt gaaagtggga tgtttgagca     58560
     aagatttagg aagaggtgag aaagttcagt aaggttctat ttgagaggga tggtaatatt     58620
     tcaggaaaaa gaattaatag ctaaggcaaa gcccagatag aaaagcctta cagggatatt     58680
     tgaacagaaa cctgggggcc agtgtggcta agaggagaga agttcataga tgaaaggggg     58740
     caggagtatc agacctatgg tgctgctgag cacttaggtt tttattctaa aggctatatg     58800
     agttattgtg gcattctgag aaaggaatga tgcatacaac ctcatgtttt ctgaaagata     58860
     agcctgactg ctgtgttgag acaaggacac ggcacacgag aagcagatag gtctgttaag     58920
     aggttgttga gttaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aactgggaaa tgatggatgg     58980
     gtctgccaag gtagaccaac agaagtgcct ttagtgtgtg gagcacacaa tgccatgagc     59040
     aaaagagaga aattaacaaa gagaggaaag gctggcacgg tggctcactc ctgtaatccc     59100
     agcactttgg gaagctgagg agggcggatc acttgaggtc aggagtaaga gaacatcctg     59160
     gccaacatgg caaaacctag tctcttctaa acctagtgtc tatgattttt agtctactaa     59220
     aactacagaa ttacttgggc atggtagtgt gtgcctgtag tacttgggat gctgaggcag     59280
     gacagttgct tgaacccaga acgcagaggt tgcagtgagc caagatagcg ccgttgtact     59340
     ccagcccagg tgacagagtg agactctgtc tcaaaagcaa aaaaacacca acaaaaataa     59400
     aggaatgaac acagacgcca aagattttgt ctgagcaact gaaacaatgg aatgaggaag     59460
     gaagtaaatt gagcagggct gtaggtgagt tagagtatga tttttgacct gttgagggta     59520
     ggatgtacaa gagaccagga aatggagatt ttaaggagac agttgggtgc agagcctggg     59580
     atcagaagag aattctaagc tggaattgta agtgtgggga aaataaacta tgccaatgtg     59640
     atttaaagtc atgatagttg gtgagatccc taaggacagg aacatagtaa agaagaggag     59700
     cagtactgac ttagagaact caagcatgaa cgggtccagt gaacaggaaa ggccaagaca     59760
     aggggataaa agaaagcaaa catgaagaag aacagaagtc aaggttagga aatcctgacg     59820
     aacacaaggg tgttgctgta gggaataaat atacatcgag ttctaattga ccaggtaaga     59880
     taataagcat tgaacagtgg acttagcaac acagcactaa ttgccaacat ctgggaaatg     59940
     tcattggaag atggtttctc attttccctt ctctaagatt ccaggatttt atttatttat     60000
     ttatttgatt aaactccagg gagggggaaa aagaaaaaaa aagagaaata ggaaaacaat     60060
     aaaagggaag acgagaaaag gaacaaggtc agaatcagaa gaatgtaata tttgttccat     60120
     tccttgataa atctggccaa gtagaggagt atgttagcac tcactaagta cttactgaat     60180
     caatacaaaa aagacaaatt tgataatggt aataaacgta aggtatggtg aggtagagaa     60240
     ttttgttcct gaagtttcag tcatgtgtaa taaaaaagta ttccaacatt tatgattgca     60300
     gtcatgaaaa gaatgtattc tgagatttat gttcgcagtt gtgaaataag tttcagcacg     60360
     tatacctgaa ggtcaaaagg catttgtaag tctgttgaat gcatttaaat ttgattttaa     60420
     tcctttgtct cagatgaatg caaaaagaga gcttttaaat gtagtacatt aaaggggaat     60480
     ggacttatct tttcctcttg ctacacctaa aggaacagat tgcagctcct ggtggtagac     60540
     aaatagtgct cttgagaaat gctgcctgca gatttaagaa cattaagaca aaggtaatat     60600
     ggcaataata ccagttacaa caaggtgtct agtaaatttt gcactcacat tgtgactaaa     60660
     gatttccagt ctcatgttaa aatatgcatg gacattcact aaggagcaga gaggtcataa     60720
     attattcgta ttattgcaca ggagtaaatg tgcctaacag atggaaaact aagtaccaaa     60780
     agattaagga tacaaagcca cacagcagga aagcaagtgt caggactaaa attgaggtct     60840
     ccttactgcc ccttcacctg cagcttgcta caactttatt tttatagcta aactaggctg     60900
     cagaggacat gaatgagtga aaacatttat catatagcat tccaaaagga aaatgttctc     60960
     tccttgaagg gaagaaagga agaaaggtaa aaggggatgg aggaaggtac aaaaaagaaa     61020
     gagaaaggga agcaaggaaa gagaaagaaa agaagggggg ggagaagaaa tagagagagg     61080
     aaggaagaga agattcaagg tttcaaaaat tcaaagatcc agaattcaag cctctgacat     61140
     taaatatgtt aaatcatagt aataattgtc acctcactgt gctacttttg atgaatggag     61200
     ggagggagga gaattaaaga gaggtaaggg ggagaaggaa gtcaaagaat aaaaaagggt     61260
     gagagaaaag gaaaaaagag agagagggaa ggaaggaaaa aaggaaggaa gtaagggagg     61320
     gggggaaaga ccagccaccc cacaatgact tctgagtaat tattaaagtc ttcaaaatat     61380
     tgatataata gaaaaaaata tgaattccaa atttgttata aatgtaaatg ttagcgacaa     61440
     tagaaacaac aacacttttg gctgaaagtg atccctaact agagaaggca atctgccatg     61500
     gagactcgct gccagcttcc agcctccaga gctgtgagca ataaatgtct gttgtttaag     61560
     ccaccctatc tgtttagttg gcagcctgta ctaagacaag acttcaaaag gaaagagaga     61620
     tataattttt ggaaaggatg aattataatt atgtttttaa agatgatata attaaataca     61680
     tagacaattc aggacaatca aattaacaca tgagaattaa taaatctaaa gccatttcta     61740
     agcattagca atgattaaaa gataagatgg agaaaatgaa tctactcaaa gaaactttaa     61800
     caattttata aggaaaaata tcaaatctaa ctagcataaa taaagaggca aattatatgc     61860
     gctgtttatg actggatact acagaaaaag ggaacaggga aaaggggaga aaatggaaat     61920
     tttctaccat gttcatacag agctttaatg aagatcaaac acatttccaa ttacatttac     61980
     tttgtgactt ggcacagtct attgtgaaaa atgaaaatat gtaatatata atattcgata     62040
     ggtattataa atgtaatatg catttaatat aagtgtgatg tgtttgagaa tacactacca     62100
     aatatcctga gtattacctt tcaaaatagg ctatatgcat ttttaattgg aaaaaaatct     62160
     accagataat ttatatatta gagtggacct aggattcaaa ttcacatgta atatgcatgt     62220
     aatgtaataa atgcaatgta tttgataata attatcaaat gtaatatata ttacatttca     62280
     aaataggtaa tatgtatttt tagaaggaat aaagtctacc aaataattct tgtattatag     62340
     tggacttagg attcacattc agagcacaga aaggaagaga taattttgaa gctaccccta     62400
     ctgtattaca gtaaattaca gatgaattta ctttaaatag attgctaaag taatgctgtt     62460
     ttgtgaaatt aacttcttgt aataagtaga gctatagcca tcatttccaa atgagttata     62520
     gggtgaaatt gaaagagtgc actcagaaga aaaaaacaag aggaggttct cagtcatgga     62580
     tggtgtcctt ggaggccaga cagatataca cccacacaat cttcatcatg gccatacaca     62640
     gccagtagca aacaaagaga ggcagagtgg tatggtggag agacattctg gaatgagcag     62700
     gctgggtata gattccagga ttcaagcctc tgacattaaa tctgttaaat catggtaata     62760
     attgtcacct cactgtgcta cttgtgatga actttcaaga actaatattt gcaaggaaag     62820
     tggggtgtat gatgtcaaaa ggccttgttc tagttggagt aacctccctt tgacacaaat     62880
     atctctaata aatcagacag aattcactaa gcagaactaa tatttgcaag gtcctcaaaa     62940
     gcagttactt aaacgtgaag aatatgataa aatgttctta gatgaacccc caatagagtg     63000
     tatcaatggg cttcgtggtg tttttctagc agacccagcg ggaatattct tggcagctgg     63060
     gagttttcat gcagatggaa tgtcaaggga ttcacgatga aaaatgctgc aatatcctac     63120
     tttgtaacat tgactgtgga tgctaaactg catcccttat ctatattaat agagtgttgt     63180
     attatttttc tacatttaca gatatctttc aatcagatgc tcttgtcctt gtgcaaacta     63240
     aatgaaagaa catcaaaatg aaatatacaa taggggccag gtgcggtggc tcacgtccat     63300
     aatcccagca cgttgggagg ccgagacaat aggatcatga ggtcaggaga ttgagaccat     63360
     cctgactaac acagtgaaac cacagctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaaatta gctgggcgtg     63420
     gtggccagtg cctgaagtcc cagctactcc ggaggctgat gcaagagaat ggcatgaacc     63480
     tgggaggcag agcttgcagt gagcccagat ggcgccactg cactctggct agggcagcag     63540
     agcgagactc catctgaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata tatatatata     63600
     tatatatata tatatatata tacacacaca cacaaacaca cacacacaca tatacacaca     63660
     catataatat atataaaata catatatgta tgtgtataca catatataca catacacata     63720
     tatacataca tatatataca tacatacaca cacacaatta tgaaaagtgg ataaatgcaa     63780
     tttcagttga ccactgtgga catgatggtg caaagtgtca tattattgca tattctttct     63840
     tgtcattttg atgcattctc ttgacttatt attatatttt ttaggaaata gcaataaggc     63900
     cctgtttagg tgataaaaat taatcaagtc cagtctaatt acaaaaatca aaactcttaa     63960
     caatttttca cttgccctat gctatagttt gaatatttgt cccctcgaaa actcatgttg     64020
     aaacgtaacc cccaatgaaa caaaatgtgt ttccatattt ttgctattgt aaatagtgct     64080
     gtggtgaaca tacatgtgca tgtatcttta taatggaatg atttatattc ctttgggtat     64140
     caatagccaa attgaccaca tgatgcagtt tcaataatct atctttttgg gtgccaagat     64200
     ttgtacagaa accctccctg ttctgcactg ggagctgata accatggact agaggtcact     64260
     tacagagttt tcagctgtgt ctcatctatc tcagccttga ggaggcatat atgaagctcc     64320
     ctgatttgat ctcataacaa gggaaatgtt accaaaacac cacgggtttg gtttagatct     64380
     tgttgcacca gaaagaaagc caatcactga gacaagtatt accaaggaag gcttttatgg     64440
     gtgcttcagc caaggagaca ggagataaat gtcaaatccg tcactgcaac caagtcaaac     64500
     tagtggttta tgtggtaggg aaggaatcta caggaattgg gggagggcag taaagaaaag     64560
     gagtttcagt tccttgatac tacatgggag gcctgagggt cagtttcctg agagaagaac     64620
     tcagattaaa ccaatgtggg tttcaagctc tgagaaagaa agacactatt tctatgttga     64680
     ttcaaaataa tgataatagg ctgggcatgg tgcctcatgc ctgtaatacc aatattttgg     64740
     ggggctgaga tgggtggacc acctgaggtc aggagttcaa gaccagccta gtcaacatgg     64800
     tgaaaccttg tctctactga aaattaaaat aattagccgg gagtggtgat gtgagtgtgt     64860
     aatcccagct actcagtagt ctaaggcagg gtaatcactt gaaactggga gtcaggttgc     64920
     agtgagccaa gactgtgcca ctgtacttca gcctgggtga cagagtaaca ctctgtctca     64980
     aaatagataa atgaataatt aaaattaaaa attaaaaata ttaaaaacaa aatttaaatt     65040
     taaatattta aaaatgtaaa aaatagaaag caaaaataaa aaataaatac aaataaaaat     65100
     taaaacaaaa acaataaaat gaaaacaaat aaaaattaat aaaattaaaa tgcataaaca     65160
     taaaaaataa taaacatcag ttctatggtg aaattgggct ggtttcagca agaggagatg     65220
     ctgaatagaa agataatggt aggtaagtaa ggtactattc acttaatttg tagtgaagaa     65280
     aacattctct tcatctctca attcttcatg ctagatgctt gggtcctaac agaaaatata     65340
     tactccctcc aaggaattcc tcatgattgg ccttggacac ttctccatag atacttgacc     65400
     tcctctcatt tagcttggtg gttatctaat tttctaatac tggaataagc agtttcacac     65460
     tcccacagca tgtctacctt ggcaaagata aggtagagta gtttccactt actgtgtcgt     65520
     cctcaggaaa aaataaagta gtgcatcatg aatagttgtc attaaaaaaa tgaggcagta     65580
     gaaaaagttg tcttcaatgt catatcaaaa cacataaatt ttgttttctt tgtatgcaaa     65640
     catcttctct aagattttag gaaaagaata ctgaaaactt ccacaaaaaa tgggtaaagt     65700
     ctagaaataa gtaataaata gagagatcaa gtgtgcatga tatataagaa atatgtgaca     65760
     taattaatca tcaaaaatgc caaagaaaat aaaaataaga tgaggtgaat ttcatagcac     65820
     aacagggtta ctacagtcaa taataattta attgtacctt taaaaataac taaaaggtgt     65880
     aattggattg ttggtacttc aaaggataag tgctggacag gatggatacc tcatataccc     65940
     tgatatgatt agtacacatt gcatgcctgt atcaaaatat cacatatact ccataaatat     66000
     atccacctac aatgtatcca caaaaaaata aaacaggtga aacaaaatta caatgcacct     66060
     tgctcacaat agcaacagag attgaagaaa atggttgaga gtataatcaa aggtaaattc     66120
     aagaaaacta aatgagttta aaaagagcct attgataaga taattgaaaa gatgtttaaa     66180
     cgagttccaa tagatcaaga acaacttttt gtcttttcaa aacagaatac caagtggaac     66240
     agaaaatata tttcaaagag atagtaatgg atagacataa aagcaaaacg atctcccagg     66300
     aaatgtgtat ccacacctat aatcactaag atgcaataaa ataaagctaa cacaaaaatt     66360
     catgatattt gggtgacaca cggaatctgg aggtgggaaa actcagattt tttttttttt     66420
     ctatagcagc attgaaaacg gcaagaaatg agaagatagt tataaaatct ctaggaaaaa     66480
     aacatagagc ccgataatct tgtaccctaa ttgtcagtca ctgttaagct atctatttaa     66540
     atgcaataaa ttcaaaattt gatatacctg ggtctacaca cacacatttt taaaaagtac     66600
     aagagagtgt tcttacctaa attaatgttg gagagtagtt ctggcaaaag aggtcatggg     66660
     aaacactgaa ccaacttaaa ggtactatta agagtgtgca ggtcttattt ctgggttctc     66720
     tattctgttt cattgatgtg tatgtctgtt tttgtaccag taccatgttg cttctgttat     66780
     ggtacccttg tagtatagtg tgaatttaag tagtgtgatg tctacagctt agttcttttt     66840
     gcttaagatt gttgtgcgta tttcggctct ttttgattcc atacaaattt taaaatattt     66900
     ttctctagtt ctgagtaaaa tgtccatggt agtttcatag cgatagcatt gaatttataa     66960
     attgctttgg gcagtatgac cattttaatg gtattgaatc ttccaaccta ttcatgaaca     67020
     tggaatgttt ttctgtttgt ttgagtcatc tctgactggg ttgagcagtg gtttgtagct     67080
     ctccaagaga gatctttcac catctgagtt agctgtattc aaagttattt gattcttttt     67140
     gtggtaattg caaatggaag tttgttcctg attgggctct tgtcttgact tttgttgatg     67200
     tataggaatg ctagtgattc ttacacactg attttgggac ttgagacttc actgacattg     67260
     tttatcagct taagaagctt tttgtctaag attatggggt tttctagatg taagattatg     67320
     ttgtctgcaa acacagatag tttgacttcc tctcttgcta tttggatgcc ctctttctct     67380
     tacctgattg ccttagccag gaataccaat actatgttga attggagtgt gaaagattcc     67440
     ctattcgata gatagtggtg ggataactgg ctagccatag gcagaaaatt gaaaagggac     67500
     cccttgttta catcacatac aaaaattaaa ttaagatgga ttaaagactt acaagtagaa     67560
     tccaaaacta taaaagccct ggaagacaac ttaggctata ccattcaaga cacagacaag     67620
     gcaaagattt catgatgttg acacaaaaag gaattgcaac aaaagccaac attgacaaat     67680
     gggatctaat taaactaaag agcttttgca caccgaaata aattatcatt ggcataaaca     67740
     ggcaacttac agaatgggag aaaaattgtg caaacgatgc atctgacaaa ggtgtaatat     67800
     ccagcctcta taatgaaagt aagcaaattt acaagacaaa caactccata aaaaagtgac     67860
     caaagaacat gaacagacac tttttaaaag aagacatata tgtgtccaac aaccatatga     67920
     ataaaagctc agcatccctg atcattaaag aaatgcaaat caaaaccatg agataccatc     67980
     tcacatcagt cagaatggct attattaaaa agtcaaaaaa taacagatac tgccaaggtt     68040
     ttagagaaaa agaaacacct atacactgtt ggtgagagag tagattagtt cagccattgt     68100
     ggaagacagt gctgtgattc ctcaaagatc taaagacaga aataccattc aacccagcaa     68160
     tcccattact gggtatatac ccaaatgaat ataaatcatt ctattataaa gacacatgcc     68220
     tatgtatggt cattgcagca ctattcacaa taccaaagac atagaataaa cctaaatgcc     68280
     tatcaatgat agactggata aagaaaatgt ggtacatata tgccatgtaa ttctatggcg     68340
     ctataaaaat aatgagatca tgtcatttca gggatatagg tggagctgga ggccatcatc     68400
     cttagcaaac taatgcaggg acagaaaacc aaatacccca tgttctcact tataagtggg     68460
     agctgaatga tgagaaaaca tggatacata gaggtgaaca acactcagca gggacttttg     68520
     aagaatagag ggtgggaaaa gggaaaggat cagaaaaaat aactactgca tactaggctt     68580
     aatactcggt gttgaaataa tctgtacagc aaacccccac aatgcaagtt tacctttgta     68640
     acaaacgtgt acttctaccc ctgaacttaa aaaaaagtca aaaaacaaaa ataaaaatac     68700
     caaagtaaac taattctaaa tgattaacgt ggaagaaaat cctaaaatct tagggctgca     68760
     aaggtgaaac aaaaaggaat tagatgaggc acaatatatg ctgactgatt cattcttttt     68820
     tccaagcaag cactcaaaaa tcttgtttta tcttgtacac acacacacac acacacacat     68880
     acactcgtgc tctttctctc tctcaagaaa tataaaggag aaataaaggc aaattttact     68940
     gaacaaaatc aggtgataaa cagaagtgga caaataatca taaatatatc aagctaacta     69000
     tagtcatcaa ttgtattaaa taaattcttt aatagaggaa tgcaagactg tcaaaaatag     69060
     tgaaagatct gagatatcac cctcattgca aacagacaat ttactctagc atgtttccat     69120
     aaatgctgat ggtagacatg aggttctgga atcagagaca aaagatatta ttactcatgc     69180
     acagcaggca acatgagctt cccatgtgtg tgagttctcc ctgcattctt gctgtcattc     69240
     tctctgtgat ttctccctgt cattctgtag agatgacttg gagtatgtag gtaaatactg     69300
     ctcatgcggt aagtttgcat tacagctgag gaacttgaag cttaagatat ttccctcttt     69360
     cgtgagagac tgcaagcaaa atcgcctacc actttcctct ggatgagatg ttatctttat     69420
     gatactgaac acttctcccc agtagatagt cttccaactg tgttgggaga ttcttccaac     69480
     tattttgttg tatttcaaac atctctgaaa aacattcaga ataaaagttg ttggttctcc     69540
     tcaggcaaga attctatctc acgagagaca gtgtttacta ctaaagccac tttgacttga     69600
     ttgttttaga caaactacct gagatgaaag caatttttaa aaatcataca aagttaggaa     69660
     gaaataacac attagcaata tttgcagtta ataggaatgc aaaactgagg aaaatattga     69720
     attgaacttc ttccttagac aatggtgtta tgcaggaatt ccgcaggata aataaatgaa     69780
     tacataaaaa ttaaaagcaa attatacaca caagcacaca cacaatttag aaaaaaaaag     69840
     aaataaacta ctgcagcaaa tataaactaa ggatggaatt ataattgtcc taggatctca     69900
     ggagtgaact tattggagaa cacacaaaaa ctttataaag aatacagttg agggttcact     69960
     taggcacaga tttttttttc aaccgattgc agattaaaaa tacattattc atgagatagg     70020
     aaacctgagt gtactgaggt ccaatttaca tgtgttctgc agggcatgtt ttgggacttg     70080
     agtatgcatg atactggtgt aagcaggagt cctggagtct atctctttca tattctgagg     70140
     gtgattataa ttccagtgct acaaaggagg atacagtcta cgtggattaa gagaaacaag     70200
     cactatcttc ttgcccaagt tatcaatatt agatatcaat tatctccaag ttaaactata     70260
     agtgaattca attctacttt taagatatca ctttttagaa ggaaaaaagt cagatgtagt     70320
     aactatttta cagaaaacta aactggggag aatagaatat tctaaagcaa atgggtaatg     70380
     catggaattt ttcctaccat ataatttatg ctagtgcttt atttatacct tagacaaata     70440
     tgcagctcag agcagaaact ggggactcca aatgcctttg tacaactctt gcaatatctc     70500
     ttactagact caagacatac agcaaattcc ttagcatcat tttgtgtttt ctcacctttt     70560
     caattgtgac actaaatcac taatattgtc agtctttgta taaatagaag aggattcata     70620
     tgcaaaagaa ggtagttaaa atattgtcct gtatgtagta tgcatatagc cacgaatgtg     70680
     tagggggtac ctaaatgtta gccatggtga cattattgtt ggcataattg gaaactgagt     70740
     aatgagttgg gattagtata tgaagagttg aataaatact tggaacaaat tagtgcatcc     70800
     aggaacagat cccaaaatat aaaacaagtt agtatatgat gtaggcgtcc atcgaatttg     70860
     aaaatttgta attgcaagtt tccaccttga ggaattcatt tcctctggat taaatatttc     70920
     aaggttaaaa gaagcagcag aaaaaagctt gaaattactt tgcttaaatg atctcagagt     70980
     ggtaaatatg attttagcac tgaaatcacc tattgttaaa aggttgatat gttgggctac     71040
     attttagtag attgcaagta ctatcaataa aaacaaagta tacatgaaaa cattaaatat     71100
     taatgtattt aatgtataaa atgaatataa tatatatttt aatatacaaa tatataaaga     71160
     atatagaaaa aagataatat acattaatcc gttattcaca aaaatactat ttaatttata     71220
     aaaaagctat tactcatcac attaggagaa aggtcaatta aaatttaaac attcactttc     71280
     tggattggaa aagaggatgt ttcgtaacac acagcaaatt aatgagtgga tggagaaact     71340
     ctctcataaa taggtgatga aaatatagac cattgtaaca tcactgagga attttgccat     71400
     acctatcatg atgaaaaatg cacatatagt ttgattcagg agtttcagtt ttaggaatag     71460
     gtttaatcag gaatgtgtaa catattagca tctggctttt ctcagggtgg ttcctagaag     71520
     ctccacccac caccttccac tcatgtctca ttggttagga agaggtctag atgggcatgc     71580
     tactttctgg gaattctgac caggtaaata tttttatctg gacacactgc ctttctaagc     71640
     aaaattgcta ttacataatg atttattttt attttcaatt ttattgggaa gcctccaaaa     71700
     ccagaaaagt tgcagagaga atctccatag tggtttctta tatagatatg taaaaagatt     71760
     aaacagcaag atagtagaca ttgtacaaat gagtgtgtgt gtgtatatgc atttgtgtac     71820
     atatgtggtg ttttcttgtg tgttgtttaa aaggacaaaa agattaaaca gaaagatagt     71880
     gaacatgtac aaataaatgt ttgtatttgt atttgtgtat gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtat     71940
     gtatattttg gaagtacaaa aaacttggta ataatatttt actctcatga ataagagtgg     72000
     aagaagcata tttcatttta tatattgaat ttcattgaaa tttttaccat gtatttatca     72060
     tcttttaaaa atatactctt aagaatatta cattgctatc cccttcaagc taccattgac     72120
     tttcttcaca gaattagaaa aaaaattact ttcaatttca tatggaagca aaaaagagcc     72180
     cacatagcca acacaatcct aactgaaaag aacaaaggtg gaggcatcac actacctgac     72240
     ttcaaactat actacaagtc tacagtaacc aaaacagcat ggtactggta ccaaaacaga     72300
     gatataaacc aatggaacag aacagggacc tcagaaatac caccacacac ctgcaaccat     72360
     ctgatctttg acaaacctga gacaaacaag caatgggaaa ggattcccta tttaataaat     72420
     ggtgtaggga aaactggcta gctatatgca gaaaactgaa actggactcc ttctttacat     72480
     cttatactaa aattaactta agatggatta aagatataaa tgtaagacct aaaaccataa     72540
     aagccctaga agaaaaccta gtcaatacca ttcaggacat aggcatgggc aaagatttca     72600
     tgattccaaa agcaatggca acaaaagcca aaattgacaa attggatcta attaaactaa     72660
     agagatttgg cacagcaaaa gaagctataa tcagagtgaa caggcaacct acagaagggg     72720
     agaaaatttt tgcaatctat ccacctacaa acggttaata tccagaatct acaaaaaaat     72780
     taaacaaata tacaattaga aaaagcccta tcaaaaagtg ggcatgggac atgagcagac     72840
     acttctcaaa agaagacaca tgtgcagcca acaaacatat ttaaaaaagc ttatcatcac     72900
     tggtcattac agaaatgcaa atcaaaccta caatgagata ccatctaatg ccagttatac     72960
     tggtaaccat taaaaagtca gaaaacaaca gatgctggag aagatatgga gaaacaggaa     73020
     tgcctttact ctgctggcag gagtgtaaat tcgttcaaac actgtggaag atagtgtggt     73080
     gattcctcaa agatatagaa ctagaaatac catttgaccc tgtaatctgg gtatataacc     73140
     aaaagattat agatcattct actataaaga cacgtgcaca cgtatgttta ttgtggcact     73200
     gctcacaata gcaaagactt ggaaccaacc caaatggcca tcaatgatag actggacaaa     73260
     gaaaatgtgg cacatacaca tgatggaacc tctaagtcgg gagtttgaga tcagcctgac     73320
     caacatggag aaaccccatc tccactaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata     73380
     aataaataca aaattagccg ggtgtggtgg tgcatgcctg tagtcctagc tacttgggag     73440
     gctgaggcag gagaatcact tgaacctggg aggcagaagt tgcagtgagc cgagattgcg     73500
     ccattgcact tcagtctggg caacaagcgt gaaactccat ctccaaaaaa aaaaaataat     73560
     ggatgagttc atgtcttttg tggggacgtg ggatgaagct gaaaacagtc attctcagca     73620
     aactagcata agaacagaaa accaaacact gcatattctt attcataagt gggagttgaa     73680
     gaatgagaaa acatggacac agggagggga acatcacatg ctggggcctg ttgggggtgt     73740
     ggggggctag gggagggata gcattaggag aaatatctaa tgtagatgac aggttgatgg     73800
     gtgcagcaag ccaccatggc aagtgtatac caatgtaaca aacctacacg ttctgcatat     73860
     gtaccccaga actagtataa taaaaaaaag aatactacat atgacatatt agtaatacta     73920
     atcatacata ttgaatatat tgatacatat atatgtatct acatactact tatatggata     73980
     tatacctatt acatgtgtgc taaaatattc tgtattatac aatatataca catatatacc     74040
     atatgtttta ggtaaagcat gtatatacat tatataaaca aactatatat acacattata     74100
     tatacacaaa aataaactta gaagtttatt tttggcttac cacacatata tatacataca     74160
     caccatatat atgtatgtac atgtatatac acacacacca tatgtatgta catatatata     74220
     cacacaccat atatatgtat gtatacatat atgtaaacca tatatgcata taccatacag     74280
     ataccatata tgtacatata tacccatata tatgtataca tatatatgta tataccatat     74340
     atatatataa acacacacac acacaccata tatgtatgta ttgtaagcca aaaatgaact     74400
     tctaagtcct gctccaggca tctgagtgga cccctcctct tggataagga cattctatag     74460
     ttaatctgaa gatctagttc aggccatgat ggatgagggg gtcagacttg cctcattcta     74520
     cctctccaga attaaactta acacagacct taagtctgat ggaaaatttt tacaatctgt     74580
     tctccctgaa gcctgccacc tgaaggcttc atctgcatga taaaaactgg gtctccacaa     74640
     ccctttatct taaggcagat actcctttct atggatagta ggttggtgca gaagtaattg     74700
     ctgttttttg ccatggaaaa taaaatgcaa ttacttttgg gccaacctaa taataactct     74760
     ttcaaccaat tgccaatcag aaaaatttta aatctaccta agacctgcaa gtcccccacc     74820
     ttcctacttc caattgtcct gcccttccca atcaagccaa tgtaaatctt atgcatgtat     74880
     tgactgatgt attatgtctc cctaaaatgt ataaaagcaa actgtaccca actaccttgg     74940
     acacatatca ttatgacttc ctgagtctgt gtcacagtgt gtccttaacc ttagcaaaat     75000
     tagttaattt tgcctaaatt aattgagacc tgtctcagat attttgggtt cacagagtac     75060
     attttaaata catacatcaa tgtacataca tagttcatta tacttaattt tatattgata     75120
     aggtattatg aaagactcag ggagttaata tttgagaaga cacttggtaa aatgcactca     75180
     aaatatacaa acctaaataa ttcactcact gagacaattt acatttgttt cacttcaaaa     75240
     cttgcttcaa acaccaatta aataaaattc agtatgtctc aaagtttaaa ctaaaaacaa     75300
     gatcaacaaa attttctcac acatcaactt tatccagaca aagccattag aatttatctg     75360
     agaggaaaag cattttaatt tttgtataat aaacattaaa agctctccca agctgaaatg     75420
     ccttaaatca agttgtactt attaatcaga gtattgattt aaatgttgat gctgcatcac     75480
     ttctatgctg tctcatcttc agtttttata atattttcat atttatgttt tttggggggt     75540
     gtatctgact ttatcttcaa atcaaagcag aaactagaag taaaacctga taggttttta     75600
     ccatggtaga tacagtagaa atgtccacag agtgtttcag atttgtatgc atggaaatta     75660
     gtcctcaatg gtgaaattga aggggtcaaa gatcattttg gtagcaatat ttgtgacaaa     75720
     atgccttcac tctatatgaa ttctctaaaa cattatttaa atgtgaagca tcagtaaggt     75780
     cctgcacccg tagagaattc aacaggcaga gagattatgc atctattgta tcttcatttt     75840
     ccgtctggga aaactcatgg cactaatgag ctctagacat acaaagatca acaggatgtt     75900
     gtttgggtgc tagcctgtca taaccacaaa gtagggggaa attagctggg tagaatgagt     75960
     aacagcatca gattaaggtt ccaaccaaat tttagccata caaacttaag tacatttatc     76020
     tccctgaccc ttacttttct tgcctttgaa gtgagaggaa taattctgca ctgagctatg     76080
     tcttcacaag gattaagcaa gaaattgatt gacgagcatc tatactcatg tctgatgcat     76140
     gatgtggaga ctacaagaaa attatccttt tccctaaaac acaaatgcta aaataaaagg     76200
     tgtagaagaa ggaagaagga agataatgta cataatattt tgtggggagg aggcagaaga     76260
     actgatgaga gattatttga atcttagaaa atcctaggaa aagaatcata gacaaaaaga     76320
     tggcactggt gttggggcag aggaacaggt cacgctaatc gagcaaatct taaagacttg     76380
     gggtagatgg agaaatgatg attaagacag atgtgttcac atggtggatc atgcctgtaa     76440
     tcctagcact tttggaagcc aaggtgtgtg gattacttga ggtcagcctg gccaacatgg     76500
     tgaaacccta tctctactaa aaatagaaaa atttccttgg tatggtagca tgcaccttta     76560
     atccaagata ctcaggaagc tgaggcagga caatcactcg aacctgggcg gtggaggtta     76620
     cagtgagctg agattatgcc actacattcc agcctgggtg acaagagcaa aactcggctg     76680
     gaaaaaaaag aaaaaagaaa gaaagatgta ggctaacaag gcattctgca actcaatttt     76740
     aaagaacttt ctaagtgaag agcaaacagt gctatgccat gggagctggt taaggaaaac     76800
     ttaaagcatg ggctttgctt tggagttttc aaataaagag aactcctgga gacatgctga     76860
     atgttgagtg atgatattga atttggagaa aagaaagtca attataccaa tttattcctt     76920
     tgtaaggaat tggtttgtct ccctcaaaaa atatgttgaa ttcctcacct gtaatatttg     76980
     tgaatgtgac ctcattttga aatagagtct ttgcagatat cattaagaag taagttaaga     77040
     tgaggtcata gtgcagtagt gtgtgacctt aatcctgtat aactggtgtc tttataagaa     77100
     gagatggctt ggcaaggtgg ctcatccctg tattttggga ggccagagca agagaattgc     77160
     ttgagttcac aagttagaga acagcctgag caacacagga gaacctgcct ctacaaaaaa     77220
     tacaaaatta gccaggtgtg gtgatgtgca cctgtagtcc cagctattca ggaggctgag     77280
     gtgggaggat tacttgagcc caggaggcag aagttgcagt gagccagcat ggcaccccac     77340
     actccagcct aagtgacaga gagagaccct tcctcaaaaa agaaagaaag aaaaggaagg     77400
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaacaa aaaaagaaag aaagagagag agagaaagaa     77460
     agaaagaggg agggagggaa gaagggaagg aaggaaggaa agaaggaagg aaggaaaaga     77520
     aagaaagaga gaaagagaga aaaagaaaga gaagaaagga aggaaggaga caaagaaaga     77580
     aggaaagaga agagagggag ggagagaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaggg agggaaggag     77640
     ggaaggaaaa gaaagagaac agaagacaca gagaccaata cacataagga ggagaagaca     77700
     acaccacaca gtcatgatcc aggcaaaggt tgcaattatg tgtccacaac ccaaggatta     77760
     ccagaaacca gcagagttgg aagagtcaag aaagtattct ctgatagagc tttcagagac     77820
     aatgcagacc tgctaactcc ttgacttttg gtctcttgaa tcgtgagaag ataaatttat     77880
     cttgcctgaa gcaacaagtt tgtggaacat tgtttctgta gctctaaaac tgatacagat     77940
     tttaatatta tttaatgcta aacaaatgga atggacagaa ggaacatcat caggtgggaa     78000
     cagagaacaa gggatggttg taataagtaa tcagatatta ggatctgtct gggcacagtg     78060
     gctcatgcct gtatcccagg aggcctcaga tcacttgatc tgatcagggc aggagtttgg     78120
     gaccagtttg ggcaacagaa tgaaacccca tctctacaaa aaaataaaac attagccaag     78180
     tgtggtgtca tacacctcta gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc tgagttggga agattgctca     78240
     actctggaag gttgaggcta cagtgagcca tgagtgtgac actgtactgt agctttggtg     78300
     ggcagagtga gactctgtct caaagaaaaa aaaagttaga atctgattca gagaaaacaa     78360
     aaaagggcaa ggctgattct gaagtctctc cctactactg cattctagct tgggtgggct     78420
     gagtgacact ctgtctcaaa gaaaaaaaat gttagaatct gattcagaga agataaaaaa     78480
     gggcaaagct gatgctgaag tctctcccta caaggactgg gcaagtaatg ctaactttaa     78540
     tcaattgatg aatactccag gaagagaact tttggggaac taatgagtta attgttcatc     78600
     atatatttga gctgtctgct gggaaattag gaggaaatat ctacacatag agagagagag     78660
     aaatcaaaga accctgagat gaagcaggca aaatgctgcc tagcagaatc caagctacta     78720
     aacaaagata gaaggcactt tcgtgagaac aggtggccaa cacttccaaa tgcatgcttc     78780
     agtgttgggg agatctacct ctgataagca gaccaggaga ggcccattta aagtcatcat     78840
     tctggtaaga accagagtca agaagggaat ttagattttt ctcactcatc attcacattt     78900
     tgatgtcagt tgaaacctaa attgactgca agtgcagaac tgtacaagat gataaaattt     78960
     ctaacaaaga agagttttag aaattgctgt agctcttaga gtccatcatg ccatcataca     79020
     aggtcaaaca catctgagga taggtacttc ctcttataat aaaaatttta gattctcctc     79080
     cctcatacat tctaaggagg ttttcccaga agtctgcaca ttctttgaca gaaagagaga     79140
     agaagaatgg ccacttatta cctgcaattt gcccagtact gttaggtgcc ccattaaatc     79200
     atctatcagt gctaggtaca gttttccaca tgaggaagca ggtgatggga tttttcaagg     79260
     tcatgcaagt tgtggctcac tcatgctgtc tttgaaacca agcctgagcc ctttctgttt     79320
     tcgccatgct gccctcttgg ctgacatcta gtgctttggt gcatattcta gataaccatc     79380
     aaggtaatgt tgcatatcag ggctttcttt gacattatta tggtatacct ccctgcccct     79440
     tgggatacat atatatatat atatatatat gtatatatat atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt     79500
     atatatatgt gtatatatat atgtgtgtgt gtatatatat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat     79560
     atatatatat atattttttt tttttagatg gagtctctct ctgccgccaa ggctggagtg     79620
     cagtggcacg atctctgctc actgcaagct ccgcctccca ggttcacacc attctcctgc     79680
     ctgagcctcc ccagtagctg ggactacagg tgaccatcac catgcccggc taattttttt     79740
     gtattttcag tagaggcagg atttcaccgt gttagccaga tggccttgat ctcctgactt     79800
     catgatcctc ctgcctcggt ctccaaaagt actgggatta caggcatgag ccaccgtacc     79860
     ctgccacccc tttggatatt tttcagagga gcaaggaaca tgtgcccttt cctgctttat     79920
     ctaacaactt agcataatga gtaaattctc tgcttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgtttttga     79980
     caactgccca actccattag aactctgctt gtgtttcagg gtttgatatt gttttctaag     80040
     gtatcctttg agtttgatga gtctcgaatt actctccaaa ggattcatgc tccttgtttt     80100
     cttgtgagtg ccagaaataa tataaaccag acaacatata taattcatga gcactgtttc     80160
     acctcacagt tatttctggc tcccagtgtc tgtctgtaaa tagtgtatta agagcaagca     80220
     ctgtttcctt tttttcttta tattatggta gaatgataaa aataatgaac tgactattca     80280
     gccttagagg ttcttgccag aatgtaatgt gtctatatct aatacttttt aaaacaggtg     80340
     tgaagaggtt ttgtggtttg gcagagcgaa tcccagctct atttttgtgt gttttcttgt     80400
     ctttattgaa atggaaaggg tggatgtttt gcacaccgct ctggaggtgg cattctgctt     80460
     gtgtggcagt tgattgaata agttatttca aagaccatca tggcttcctc agcatcttct     80520
     attattggat aataaccaca gctcctacaa actgccacca ctaatgacct gttctttatg     80580
     atagcttagt ttgcaccaca gtggaggtat ttattttccc cattaggaac ttcagtgttt     80640
     agcagtaaaa ttggcaggaa aaccattggt tggcatacaa agcctgcagg ttgctattct     80700
     aatgactttc tgttcaaata cacattccaa ttgcaaggag aatgtggaga tgcagtacag     80760
     gcaaagatga acagccaagg atctgaaagg ctgccagtgt tccatatatt acataacaca     80820
     gccttcccta catgttagag tctactccct ctgtttctga tgatgcatct gactcttcat     80880
     aaaactcttg tcatcccaga gtgagactcc gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac     80940
     acctctcatc atcctgagtt tgttatattg ctaaggcata ttatgcattt gaagagcttt     81000
     aattttgagg tcttctctgt ttcaggtttg aaggaaatat ttcttcctgc caggtccaaa     81060
     caattaaatc atagtttgtt ggactgaaca taagatttca gagatgtggt ctgactctga     81120
     ctcacatgag tctcttttat tcagaagcat ttaatatctg tacactctcg ggcactaagc     81180
     caagcaacaa gggaacatat aaatgagtcc gagttatttt actgaaaaag tttttagatt     81240
     actgctgagt gaaaaaccat gtaagtcctc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaag     81300
     gatagagcta aatgaaaaat aaatactggg tccaaagggg tagaaagaga tcagatattt     81360
     tgtcacatag gctgagttgg gaagactttg aagtaagaga taacatttga agtgggactt     81420
     caataatttt gaagttggac cagcacaaaa gggaactttc tggtagtaat aatttacaaa     81480
     gctacagaaa aggattgggt tctttaggag cctggaggaa aactggagtg atggaacatc     81540
     ccagcatgaa catcaagaaa agcaagaaaa cttaagaccc taatgttggt caggcagcag     81600
     aacctgttgg cttttgtgtg tataacatgt gacagtgttt caactttctc ctccaggcag     81660
     taatgggctg gcctgaggaa gggtgtgctt gcagcagaca ggatgattca aatgcagagg     81720
     tgatattttt tagggtgtga cactctttaa gtattgatgt catcttgatc aattgcaatg     81780
     gtaaagaaaa agagggaatc taaattaggg aaactataaa acaagaatcc atggaatttg     81840
     gagtccaaat aaacataagt atggaatgag gacagagtct ctgctgaggt tttagcttgg     81900
     actccaaaat gggttaagaa aactattaca aatataaatc tctgaaggaa cagacagctt     81960
     ttgggaagag gagggagata cctgttgctt tagaaatgtt aatcagaccc aatcccattt     82020
     tcaggtatat atcgaaagga atataaatcc ttctgccata aagataatgt atacatatgt     82080
     tcactgcagc atgattcaca atagcaaaaa catgtaatca aactagatgc ccatcaacag     82140
     tgaactggat aaagaaaatg tggtacgtat acacatatat actacacagc tataaacaaa     82200
     agtgagatcc tgtccatcag agcaacatgt ttggagctgg aggccattat cctaagtgaa     82260
     gtaacacagg aacagaaaac caaacactat atattgtcac ttatacattg agtataacat     82320
     tgagctaagc attgagtaca tatgaattca agaaggaaac gagagacact gtggcctatt     82380
     tgagggtgga ggaagggagg agcgagaaaa tggaaaatct acctatctgg tactatgctt     82440
     attacatggt tgacaaaatt atctgtaccc tagatcccac aacgcatctg tataaaaaac     82500
     ctgcacatgg accactgaac ctaaattaaa agtacaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaatgttaat     82560
     ttgagacggt tttaatcatt tgagtagagt tcaaattttg gtctggaact caaaggagaa     82620
     aaggcagatg ggatcagaga aagtgaatgc tgagctaact agagggttag tttctcaggg     82680
     ctgctgtaat aaattgcagt aaacaactga ggagctccaa atcaaggtga ctttagggcc     82740
     atgctccagt ggaaggctct aggggaggat gcttttttgc aactttcatt ttctagtggc     82800
     tcctggtgtt ccttggcatg tggctccatc agtcctatct ctgtctccat ttttccatgt     82860
     tcttctttct cttgtctctg tgtcctcctc cctctctctc tctctctttt atcatgaaac     82920
     tagtcattgg atttagggcc catgagttta taccaagatc ttaatcaatt acatctgcaa     82980
     agaccctatt tccaaatagg gtcacattct gaagcttcca gagtacatga agtttaggag     83040
     tgcactcttc aatccagaat agctacagac agatgaagct gaagtaatga gggctgataa     83100
     tgttgaccag agacaaaaat agtgttaatg aaggactgag acacaaaaga tagcctagag     83160
     aatataattg atgggaagac caatggaagt aaacttcaaa gaagacagaa gtctctctca     83220
     agtgctaaga ggaaaccagg agagattaca aactcatggc aatacaattc tttcaaatcc     83280
     aattagggtg aattctcaga ggttattgcc tcaaggaggg gaaataataa atgaacactt     83340
     cagagtccta caggactgga aaataacttg agagaagctc tgttcatcag tacatttgca     83400
     gtgcttttag agttgtcagg gaaacctcat caatatcagt caaagcagca tttataaatt     83460
     cgccaacatg tctcatcaaa aacaagacag acagaaggat gaatgcagtc aagtgttgtt     83520
     ttttatttct ttaaattttg ttcagattta aatgcaattt ttttttgaga cagggtcttg     83580
     ctctgttgcc tagcctggat tgcacggtgt gatcatagtt gaatgcagcc atgacttctt     83640
     ggagtcaaac aatcctacca tgtctgttgg gagcaagccc tccaaaatct ggccataaac     83700
     tgccccgaaa actggccata aacaaaatct ctgcagcact gtaacatgtt cataatggcc     83760
     ctaatgccca cgctagaagg ttgtgggttt accggaatga gggcaaggaa cacctggcct     83820
     gcccagggca gaaaacgtct taaaggcatt cttaagccac aaacaatagc atgagcgatc     83880
     tgtgccttga ggacatgctc ttgttgcagt taactagccc aaccgattcc tttaatttgg     83940
     cccatccctt tgtttcccat aagggatatt ttagttgatt taatatctat agaaacaatg     84000
     ctaatgactg gtttgctgtt aataaatatg tgggtaaatc tctgtttagg gctttcagct     84060
     ctgaaggctg tgagacccct gatttcccat ttcatacctc tatatttctg tgtgtgtgtc     84120
     tttaattcct ctagcgccac tgggttaggg tctccccgac tgagctggtc tcagcaatgt     84180
     cagcctccaa agtacctgga attataagca cataccacca tgcctaatat tttcaaattt     84240
     tttataaaga tagcatcttg ctttggtatt caggctggtc ttgaactcct gagttcaagc     84300
     aatactcttg cctcagcctc ttaaactgtt gggattatag gcatgagcag ccacacccag     84360
     ccttgaatgc attctttaaa taaagatgac tgggttggtg ttaagtgtgc aatcaaagat     84420
     gttttataac tagcagaaac tattgcagaa gagttaactt ctgtttcctt ataaatagtc     84480
     atctggcaac accttaaatg taagttctga gactctacaa aataactgaa gtcagcctcc     84540
     ctcaccactt gcttcagaat atattggaga atatatttgc tcaccacttg cttcagaata     84600
     tattggaaaa tatatttgca gaaaaggaaa aaacggaaaa caacagcgat aatattgtgc     84660
     ttggcttcac ttgccaacat gggaagagta acaataacaa ccctttgatt ttcttcttta     84720
     attgaggagt aggtttatgg acctataagt tcacacaccc aatttagatt actcatgttc     84780
     ttgacaaggc caattttagt aattgaaatt atatgaaatg tagctttcag tgtgttgttt     84840
     ctacattgga tccatgtgtt tttgaagcag gcagcaatag caattgctat tacatttgtt     84900
     aagtggcaac tacaatttca caatacaatc ttcagaatcc aaattccaaa tgcatttcat     84960
     aaaggcatta gccatgttgc cctatctttg tattcaaaca attttatttc attatgtgaa     85020
     gctattgttg gatgttatca tattgtttta tttggtactg aggagacaaa acactgatga     85080
     aacaggaaac atttaaatat gctttcaatt tatctctgtg tttgcccgac ccagtggctc     85140
     attcctttaa tcccagcact ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg atcacctgag gtgaggagtt     85200
     tgagaacaac ctggctaaca cagtgaaacc ccatttctac tataaataca aaactttgct     85260
     gggcctggtg gcgcatgcct gtaatcccag ctacttggga agctgaggca tgagaatcac     85320
     ttgaacctaa gaggcagaag ctgcagtgac ccaagatgac accatcgcac tccagcccag     85380
     gtgacagagg aggctctgta aagtaaataa ataaataata aattacctct ttgttacaag     85440
     aaatctgctg aaagtaaggt taatgtaaaa agtctaagat aaatggctgt ttcaacacaa     85500
     tatgaatgtg aaccaaattg caagaagtgc catctttcac catgagcagg gctgtcaact     85560
     ctgtttaata agcattaata aattcaattt atattataat ctactgagaa gatactatta     85620
     tgccagtgtt aaagacagtg gcactttaac ttagagtgtt taaataactt ttccaggaca     85680
     acttaactag caagggtaca ctccaggtct agaaactttc cctttctaac tctgaactcc     85740
     atgtgtttaa ccactcaact atgtcacata cctggacaac cataatgtct aattagttgc     85800
     taaacaaact gcattaggaa actgagggat aaagacagat tctgtagaag cagaagtgaa     85860
     ccatggtcag aagacagcca caataaaact ggattggaat ataaatatct aggccagatg     85920
     tggtgactca tgactgtaat cccagcacat tggcaggccg agatgggtgg atcacaaggt     85980
     caggagctca agaccatcct ggccaacatg gtgaaagccc gtctctacta aaaataaaaa     86040
     aattagccag gtgtggtggt gggtgcctgt aatcccaggt actcgggagg ctgaggcaga     86100
     gaattgcttg aaccttggag gcagagattg cagtgagccg agattgcact actgcactcc     86160
     agcctgggtg acagaatgag actcagtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaataat aataatataa     86220
     atatctctgt tgctgcattt catttgtgtt gggaaggtct cataaccagg tataattttc     86280
     catatgctta tccatgtctt aagtggttta gaaattcaga atgtttttcc tcacactgac     86340
     aattttaatg aaattatata tgtcttcaaa agttatttca gaaaatggag aagaaacact     86400
     cagagactta ttttatgtca atgtaatttt aatatgaact cctgacaaaa attctacaaa     86460
     gagtaaatta tagcatgata atttcttact agagtggata caaaaaatac taaagataaa     86520
     atctccacat acagtaagaa taaaaaaatt atttatttat gtatttatgt atttatttat     86580
     tttttatgga cagaatctca ctctgttgcc taagccagag tgcagtgacg tgatcatagc     86640
     tcactgtagc tttcaactcc tgggctcaag cagtcctcca gcctcagcct cctgagtggc     86700
     tgggactaca ggcatacacc accacaccca gcaaattttt taaatttttg tagagtcagg     86760
     gtctcaccat attgcccagg ctggtcttaa actcctaggc tcaagttatt ctcctgccac     86820
     aacctcccga agtattggaa ttacaggtgt gagcccataa tctggcctgg aatttcttga     86880
     ttttgatcag tgacatctaa tataaaaaca tacagctaac attctgcttt atagtgaaat     86940
     atggaacact gtcttttttg agattgggag ctaagcattg atatgcacta tcacctcatt     87000
     tcctcaagat tgtactggaa gtcccagcca ctgcagtgtt ccaagaaaga cagatatatt     87060
     tcatatagat tttaaaacaa tgagtgaaat tgtctatatc caaagacaat atgcttttca     87120
     aatgcagaaa ttcctaatga acattcaaat caatagtaga accattaaat gaactttgca     87180
     aggttgcaat ttacaaaggt gatataaata aatcaatttt tctacatact agcagctagc     87240
     cattataaat aaaactaaaa aattcattcc ttttagtata aaaacaaaca gtaaatgttt     87300
     agaatttttt tctttctttt ctttttcttt tttttttttt tttttgagac agagccatgc     87360
     tcttttgcct aggctggagt gcaatggcac aacctcagct cactgcaatc ttcacctcct     87420
     gggctcaagc aattctcctg cctcagcctc ttgagtagtt gggattacag gcatgcacca     87480
     ccgtgctcag ataatttttg tatttttagt agatacgggc tttcatcatg ttgcccaggc     87540
     tggccttgaa ctcctgacct caggtgatgc acacacttca gctcccaaag tgctgggcat     87600
     gagccaccat gactggccag aatatttaaa agaaaaaaaa attatccaag atctcaccac     87660
     tgaaatccac atagcacgat tttaagaaaa gaagaacgct gaattaaaaa ggatgagttc     87720
     atgtccttta cagtgacatg gatgaagctg gagatcatca ttctaagtaa actatcacaa     87780
     ggacagaaaa ccaaacaccg catattctca ctcataggtg ggagctgaac aatgagaaca     87840
     catggtcaca gggcgaggaa catcacacac cagggcctgt tgggaggtgg ggagctaggg     87900
     agggatagca ttaggagaaa tacctaatgt aaatgacgag ttgatgagtg cagcagacca     87960
     acatggcaca tgtataccta tgtaacaaac ctgcacgttg tgcacatgta ccctttaact     88020
     taaagtataa taataaaaaa aagaaaataa gaagactgag ataaattgga atatatacca     88080
     cgtgcatgga ttaaacgact taatgttgtt aaatacaaaa ccttctcaaa ttggttgata     88140
     tatttaatgc aaattttctc attatactga taggattttt aagcagaaat ggagaagtgt     88200
     tatctaagta ttatctggaa atgtgaagga ccaagaagag acacatgata ttgaaaaaga     88260
     actgtatata caggaggttg tgtaatccca gaatttactg taaacatcag gaattcagag     88320
     gtcctgttat tattatacat agaggcaaat tagcaatgca taaagaggac atacactgac     88380
     cctcatttat atagcatgtt gctttttggc aagaatgcta aaggaattaa atgggaaaag     88440
     aaagtctaat aaatagagat aaaataactc agtattcaca taaaacatgg agttctaaaa     88500
     cttagaacta ttttttaaga aacctataaa aattagtaag ctccgagtat tattattatt     88560
     actattatta ttattttttg gagactgagt cttgctctgt tgctcaggct agagtgcagt     88620
     gatgcgttct cggctcactg caatctccac ctcctgcatt caagcaattc tcctgcctca     88680
     gcatcccaag aagttgggat tacaggtgca tgccaccaca cccttgatat gggttttcac     88740
     catgttggcc aggctagttt caaactcctg acctcaagtg atctgcctgg ctcagcctcc     88800
     caaagcgcta gggatacagt catgagccac cacacctggt gagcacagtt ttttagagga     88860
     atcaatctca aattacctat gtgtgttcat tattcacata catacatata tatggcatag     88920
     gtgtataatt atatatgtca atgtataacc ctacctccca atatttttct tggaaaattc     88980
     ctttgaatta gacttacaag gtcttcaaaa atgacatgca agccttcata attagttatt     89040
     tattgcaaat tgttataggt aaaatatgag ttatggtttc acatttgtgt acaatataca     89100
     caacagctaa aggaacatag atgctgttag atttagtaga taatttcagt gacaagaggc     89160
     caaacccaac ttatttttgc ccttttcagg tatatttctt cctataacta ataagttgtt     89220
     ttagatcatc tctgaaattg ttgcttttgt acatgaggca ttctattatt ccattactct     89280
     gtttttcccc atttttttgg tttcaaaatt agaatgatgc tttctaaaaa tagcaagttt     89340
     tgtgagattg atcattttat cttcctgatg cttctctctt cctctcattt ttcattcttg     89400
     accctaccca ggcattcata gactaagact cattttcaaa gtaaacaaag ctcaatattt     89460
     ttcactgtag tccaaaaggg aatgctgttt attgagaaat gcaaagatga ttttgaagag     89520
     ctattttgta atcccctccc ctcaacatta tgattattga tttacagctt agtgatgaaa     89580
     tcccatgaga accaatgaat aaaaataata tttgaagcat aaaacagtgc cagctttgaa     89640
     aacctacatc acacatatca aaatgatcta accttgtaag tcagcatact aacatcatca     89700
     tatacaagca gaaagtcttg ttgcttttaa tttttttaaa tttattttaa agtcagggtc     89760
     tcactatgtt gtgcaggcta gtcttgaatt cctgggctca agtattcctt cagcctcagc     89820
     ctccctgctg tgtagctggg actaaacatg catgccacca agcctggaaa aaagaaaaaa     89880
     aaaagagaaa aagaaaaata cactaagctt caaaaatact ttgggttttt aatgttctcc     89940
     tgccatataa gttttcatag ctcaagggac tgttttgagt tgtagcatct gtctcagtgt     90000
     ggagttactc cttcaatata ataaaaacta agagaatttt catctctatc taagggtgct     90060
     atatatctta gcgatagcac tgagttgtga taacttttaa aaagcttata aaatgatatt     90120
     taaataattt taaaaatgca gcacaaagaa taaatcaatg attttacaga aataaatggt     90180
     aataggaatg aatacacaat tatccatgac attttaaaat taagcttttt cttcaagatc     90240
     tggcagggga aaaataaagg ttagaaagta atgagctata tgtgaacatg acaagaacaa     90300
     ttttcagttg tactcatttg tcacctgtca tttaagttaa gctgatattt tgctcttaat     90360
     cattcctctg aaacctaccc caatgtgtag gtttctgtcc cagactccat ttatgggatg     90420
     tctgctttaa atttcttttc aggataaatg cttataaaag caagcaggat gattcgctca     90480
     tagccaaatg gacagttcta tttaaaacac aatcaaaatg gaagttaaaa ttattaaaaa     90540
     catttaaaat ttaataattg caacatgttt acttttgact tctaatcact gtcttacaaa     90600
     ttattatcag tgattgggcc agataacctg cattatattg gaattgatct cccaggacct     90660
     tatttattta ttcagcttaa acgtagctca ctgttgagac ttgatttata gtcagggtat     90720
     acattattac ttagaaaggg cagaccactt ttaacaatct aaaaggaata actcattagt     90780
     gagctataaa gaaagaatga taatggctaa tctaaaatat taagatagca actaactata     90840
     atagtcattt ttaaataaaa tatactcaaa tataaaaaat gtcaattcag atacagaatg     90900
     atagagctgt cattatgaga tatatacata tatataaaaa atatacacac atatacacat     90960
     atatatgtgg gtatatatac atatacacac atgcataatt atattaatat aaatacacaa     91020
     tatattttat aaatataatt tacatgaatt gttatgtatt atatgtcaca tataatatat     91080
     agttatacat gtaatgtgta tatgtaatat acatatatgt acattataga aggaaggcta     91140
     tactgtatat cacatatagt ataattaaaa tttatatttt aggcctggca aagtggctta     91200
     cacctataat ctcaactggg aggccaaggt agtaggataa cttgaggcca ggagttcacg     91260
     accagtctgg gaaacaatga gtctccttct ctaaaaacaa taatacataa gtaaacaggc     91320
     caggcgtggt ggctcacacc tgtaatccca gcagtttgga aggccaaggc gggtggattg     91380
     cttgaggtca ggagttcaag aacaaccttg ccaacatggt gaaaccccca tctctactaa     91440
     aaatacaaaa acattagctg ggtgcacacc tgtataccca aatactcaag aagctgaagg     91500
     aggaggatcc cttgaacctg ggaggaggag gtttcagtga gcggagattg tgacattata     91560
     atccagcctg ggcggcacag agagactccg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaaaaaaca     91620
     aaaaaagtaa acaagtaaat gaagaaatca ataaattaat ttttctatta taatatacta     91680
     tgtatatatg aaaaatttat aatacataat atatgttatt attataaact tttgtttctt     91740
     cctttttttt gagatggagt ttcatcttgt tgcccaggat ggagcacaac ggtgcaatct     91800
     tggctcacaa ctttagcctc ccagtgcaag tgattctcct gcctcagcct ccctagtagc     91860
     tgggattaca ggcatgtgcc aatatgccca gctaattttg tatttttagt agagacagtg     91920
     tttctccatg ttggtcacgc tggccttgaa ttcctcacct caggtgatcc tctcacctca     91980
     gcctcccaaa atgctgggat tagaggcatg agtcaccaaa tattttcata tgatatatta     92040
     aataattaca taactataac atatttacat aatgttatat aaaatttata taactaaaat     92100
     agaatttata aagccaccat ggcacatata tacctatgta acaaacctgc atgttctgaa     92160
     cgtgtatccc agaacttaaa gtaaaataat aataaaaata aaaaattata ttgagatata     92220
     ttaattataa catatatctt attatatata acatattata tataagacat gttatatgtt     92280
     atagtaacat aattgtataa cttatacaat atataattat gttgtaatta atatatctca     92340
     tatgatataa atactatata ttacattaca gttatactgt gattatatgc tatatatatc     92400
     acagtatgta gtattacata ttataatagt acataatgaa acattttatg ttacataatt     92460
     atattagtat gttgcataat tattatatta ttatgagtaa attatattgc aatggttata     92520
     ttatatatag tatatattac atattttggt catgatgcca aaacatacaa agagtaaata     92580
     tgttattaat ataaaagtat catgtttgaa tatattcaca atatagttag tacacactgg     92640
     agtgacataa atctatgaga tgtatatgtt gaaacagttg aacctatact acctacaggg     92700
     atgcatatct gcaagcaaga ataccctctt cccaggtctc agtgcctctt cttttgcacc     92760
     cattcaacct catggcacca tgaagacctc cttccctaag gaaagggagg attcctagat     92820
     ctgagtcccc ttgggaaggt ggtctttgga aatagcagcc caacaagaac ttctatgatc     92880
     cttctgtaat tatgagagtc acagctaagc tttatcccct agaatgtaaa gtcagttgaa     92940
     ataaaggcaa agagtctggg ctagggaagc atcccatgga gacgtggccc agtagctaca     93000
     gaatgctcct cccctgggct tcccgtgtcc tgcacatcct caactccaca gaagcccaca     93060
     gcattttcac aggggaagtc ccacgttgtt ttggtctttc taataccatc cttctcaatg     93120
     tcatggccat cagaccaaat gaaatatggc acacacactt aaatcttttc ctgtttgaaa     93180
     tgtaagtatt tttaactttg aaatgctgcc tctaagaaat atctccccaa cggatgctta     93240
     ttgtaaattc agctaccaat gctccttttc aaataaaatg aataatattg agatggaatg     93300
     tcactctgtt gccggctgga gtgcagtggt gtgatcatgg ctcactgcaa tctctgcctc     93360
     ctgagttctg ctccaaaaga gtgagccaac caattagctc acaggtgatt aatactattt     93420
     tgtaaattgg cctgatcacc aaacatcatg aatttatgtc atgaatttat tctcgctcct     93480
     cacagacatg tctttttcag atggtttttg attctttgtg attccataga gtaggaatgt     93540
     tacctcattg ttcgactcgc aatcctgtga tatgtcatga gtctgaacat ttaacataag     93600
     aatataatca ctttgttttg gaatttgtga gcccactcac atgtggcttc tttgatgcct     93660
     ttgaagtgct ttgaagccaa aagaactgtc ttcttgtggt aaggggagcc aggaacagct     93720
     gagtaaaaac tacagataac cttaagcatc tttcctattt gacttcctat ttattttaag     93780
     aactttttta gttttccata tttaggggaa cgaatgcagg tttcttatgt gcacgtattt     93840
     tatagtggtg aagtctgggc ttttagtgaa cccatcaaac aaagagtgag cattgtgccc     93900
     aataggtaat ttctcaaccc ctacccactt ccacacttct ggggaagatt catatttctc     93960
     cttaggcact gataagttca aaagtaaagt tggtttcata acccttccat caagtcctcc     94020
     tgacaacagc ccaaaggcct tgtgcagagc aagcagaaac ttgcccacca tgtcaacttc     94080
     aaagtgaata atcatcacat cattaatgag cttctgacaa ctactcattg attatggaat     94140
     cataaaacac tagaaagtaa agggtggaag agacttccaa tacatcactt ttgcttattt     94200
     tcctttaaga aattttttag ttttctatat ttaggggtag aagtgcaggt ttctaacata     94260
     cacaattttg tactggtgaa atctgggctt ttagtgaacc catcaatcaa atagtaagca     94320
     ttgtgccgaa taggtaattt ctcagctcct acccactttc acactcctaa gtctccagtg     94380
     tccattattt tactgtctat gtccctacct gcacactgtt tagttcccac ttacaagtga     94440
     gaacatgggg taattttatc tctgtttttg agttatttca cttaggataa tggcctccaa     94500
     ctccatccag gttactacaa gacaatattt cactcttctt ttatggctgg ataatatcct     94560
     atggtgtacc tataccacat tttctttatc cagtcctcta ctgatggaca cttaggttga     94620
     ttctatattt tggctattgt agtgctgtga taaacatatg agtgcaagtg tcttctttag     94680
     acaatttttc ttttcccatg ggtaaatacc cagacgttgg aacttcttgc agatcaagat     94740
     acttccccaa acttcaaaat caaaaatctg tagtatatat ctcaccattt agggtactca     94800
     aagacacatt ctacacactc tcttcaacat gtaagttcta ccttggtgct gaccagctga     94860
     aattctctat cttggctttt tttttttttt ttgagatgga gtctcactat gtcgccaggc     94920
     tggagtgcag tggtacgatc tcagctcact gcaacctctg cctcctgggt tcaagcgatt     94980
     ttcctgcctc agcctcctga gtagctggga ttacaggcac gtgctacccc gcccaactaa     95040
     tttttgtatt ttcagtagag atggggtttc accatgttgg ccaggatggt cttggtctcc     95100
     tgaccttgtg atccatcggt ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg aaattacagc tgtgagccac     95160
     cgtgcctgac ctctctatct tggttttcaa aaaggaggaa gaaagaagga aagatgagaa     95220
     tagatgactt acaaccacaa tgaacaatgt gctgtcaaca atgttggata ggtagatcac     95280
     atttttagac tgataaaaat ttgcaaaaca atttttttgt tttttgtaaa ttctacatgc     95340
     ctacactctt aacccttcaa cacaagaaga aggaatttgg ttctctctga acaactgctc     95400
     acacctcata ctcatactca ccaaaatatt ctcccaaata aatccttctg agtggcttgg     95460
     tgactgacac ctgcaatccc agcattttga gagggcaagt agggcagatc atgaggtcag     95520
     tagatcgaaa atatcctggc caacatggtt aaacctcgtc tctgctaaaa tacaaaaaat     95580
     tatctgggca tgctgttgcg cacctgtcgt cccatctact caggaggctg aggcagagga     95640
     atcacttgaa ccgaagaggc agagattgca gtgagccatg atcacgccac tgcactccag     95700
     cctggcaaca gagtgagatt ccatcgcaaa aaagaaaaga aaagaaatct atctgtataa     95760
     tgtgactaca tgtgctgaat catcttcatt tatgcaactg attagataaa tttggcacaa     95820
     actattcaat tacctggcca gagttctcca gagaaacaga accagtaggg aaaataatag     95880
     aggctgagtg tggtggctca ctcctgtaat cctagcactt tgggaggctg aggcagggga     95940
     atcactaggg actaggagtt taagaccagc ctggccaaca tggcaaaacc ccatctctac     96000
     taaaaatgca aaaattagct ggccatggtg gcacatacct gcaatcccag ctactcgggg     96060
     ggatgagata ggaagattgc ttgagcctgg gagttgaagg ctatagtgtg ccaaaattgc     96120
     aacactgcaa tctagcctgg gcaagagaag gagatgttct ctctctctct caagagagaa     96180
     agaaagaaag aaaaagaaaa ataatagatg actgatagaa gatagatgtg acagatgata     96240
     gatatgatag atgatgatga tcaatataga tagatgatag atacatgatg gagatagata     96300
     ataaacagat aaccgataca tagagacata ataagatgga tagatggata agatagatag     96360
     atagatagat agatacataa agatttatta tgggaattga agttattatg gaggctgaga     96420
     ggtcccaagc cttactacgt gcaagttgga gaaagaggaa agctggtgtt gtaattccag     96480
     tatttccgaa ggctgcgaac cagagagttc accatgtaac tatcagtcca agatcaaggt     96540
     cctgagaata tgggacatca ctagtgtcag ttccagatat gaaggttctg tcttctaaga     96600
     acctaagtta gggtgacaga gagcagaaga agatgactgc ccagcttgag agagagcaaa     96660
     ttcacctttc ctctgttatt ttttttctac ctctggtgct gtacagtctg aatcatcatg     96720
     tccactcaca ttgctgaggg tgggtctgcc gtcctcagtc caccagttca aaggccagtc     96780
     tattccagaa acctgctcac aggcacacac ctggtatccc tcagatagct aaagttgctg     96840
     cctaaaatta atcatcacaa tagtgttgtc tgaaatcaaa tggacggggt ccagcacgtg     96900
     ttggtgtgtg cagcaaatat atcatccata ccaagccact tggtggtaac agccaggtgt     96960
     tggcttcaag gaagggcctg atagagtaaa tggaaactgt tccaccaaag caggggttct     97020
     tcaggcatag actctcttga gacctatatg gctgtctact agtttaagca ttctaacatt     97080
     atgtatgccc tatatcaaac ctcataaaag agttgatatg gctgatagac tatcattaca     97140
     gattgaaaat tggttaaggc caggcatagt ggctcatgtt tgtaatccca gcactttggc     97200
     aggctgaggc aggtaaatgg gttgagttca ggcatttgag accagctggg gcaacatggt     97260
     gagacctcta actttggaaa aaactcaaac attatttggg catgatagta tagtaccagc     97320
     tacttagaca gctgagatgg gaggatcatc tgagcttagg gagatcaagg ctgcagtgag     97380
     ctgtgatggc acaactgcac tgcagcctgg gtgacagagt tacactctgt ctcaaacaat     97440
     tacaataata agaagtcaag caacattttg gtgcatattt taaatacttc aaaaatacca     97500
     aggcaaagtt aagaagtagc cagtgtcaca catggaatct cttcctttta agctggaagt     97560
     ggaatcacat gttctaacat tggacttctg ctgctgcatt taggtctcat aaagggaaca     97620
     tactttgggg ttgcaaattc agaaagaaaa caaggctgtg attgacttta ccctactgct     97680
     ggaaatctgg ttccaaatag tcctttgtct catacccatt gttcaaatca agaaactgtt     97740
     catcgctaaa ccaaaccctg ggattagcat tgactcccac acttgaggtt ttacatgcat     97800
     gaaaagacca ggcttagaaa attagttcaa taaaaaataa tagatttttt gcctatttag     97860
     cttgaaaatg gggagtttaa agatgattgg ctaaattatc ttcaaaatat tttaattgta     97920
     tgcagaagat attcattcat tatcctaagt ataaaatgaa taaacagaca gctaaaacat     97980
     atccagaaag tatttgggtg taagtcaacc taattacaag ttgattatac attagtcaag     98040
     actaataagg aagactgatt tcagaatttt caggtgtaag tgtaagtttt tttttttccc     98100
     tcaccatctt caggtgtaag aataaggttt ttttcatttt aggttttgtt ttcttctgtt     98160
     tttgagacac agcctcactc tattatccag gctggggtgt agtggtgcga ctgtgtctca     98220
     ttgcagcctc caactcccag gctcaagcca tcctcccatt tcagactctt gagtagctgg     98280
     gactaagaga gaacaccacc acacctggct actttttata ttttttgtac agacaggttc     98340
     tccctatgtt tcctaggctg gtctcaaact cttgacctca accaattctc cagcctcagc     98400
     ttcccaaagt actgagatta caggtgtgag ccaccatgtc ctgcagggaa taattttttt     98460
     tttttaagga agaaaatgtt atttgtcctg aaaaacttag atatctagcc atctttaaaa     98520
     aaggaattaa actagataat ctatttaggt tttattcatg tatgtgtgag catccataaa     98580
     tatatgttac tgcaaacaga tatctgagtt cctaaacaga atatggctta ttactatgaa     98640
     acacaatcag tttcccaaca tttttttcat aaaatagttg actctttatc tagaagatct     98700
     tttctgtatt ttttcttggc cttccaaaaa tagcatagaa tgaaacagag agccataact     98760
     gagagtatta agtgtcagac tcagcctaca cacctatatg ggtgaactat gacagtcagg     98820
     caaaggtaat acacacctgt ctttggaaga agaacttaca attgaccttt gaacaacatg     98880
     agtttgaact gcattggagg tcctgagaca gcaggaccaa cccctcctct tcattctcct     98940
     cctcagcctc ttcagtgtga agatgacgtg aggaagacct ttacgatgat ccactactac     99000
     ttgataaaca gtaactatat ttcatttttt taggattttc ttaataacat tttttctcta     99060
     ccttatttta ttgtaacaac acagtatata gtatacataa catacaaaat atgcgttagt     99120
     tgactctcta tgttattgta aggcttctgg tcttttcagc agtatattaa ctgttaagtc     99180
     ttggaggagt taaaagtaat acatggattt ttgactgcat gggagagtaa gtgcccctaa     99240
     tctctacact gttcaagggt catctgtata ttgaaaatat agtcttttta ccaatgaaaa     99300
     tatctttcac gtactaatgc aagatgaatg ctgcatagac tcaactatat tttactcctt     99360
     aaaccaagac atatatatat acttggaaat tgtcactgta tggtattgta atacctaact     99420
     caggatatat tggctgttat aaaaagttcc tcctgcctgg tatggtgggc tcatgcccgt     99480
     aattccaacg ctttgggagg cccaggtggg aggatccctt gaagccagaa gtttgagacc     99540
     agcctgggcc acattcggag accccatctc tataaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattaaa     99600
     agtagccagg cttggtggtg cacacctgta gtcacaacta cttgggaggc tgaggtggga     99660
     ggaccccttg agcccaggag ttcaaggctg cagtgagcta tgatcacacc actgcactcc     99720
     agcttcggtg acagagcaag atgagagaga gagagagaga gagatggaga gagagaggga     99780
     gagggagagg gaagtttctc ctgtataatt atttttaata tgagaaaaag agacagaggg     99840
     agagagtgag gaggggagac agagagagga aggaaagaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaga     99900
     gagagagaga aagtttctcc tcaataattt tgttttttgt tttgagacag agtctcactc     99960
     tgtagcccag gcttgagtgc agcggtgcaa tctcggctct cagcagcctc catctcccag    100020
     gtttaagtga ttattctgcc tcagtctctg gagtagatgg gactacagga acatgccacc    100080
     atgctgggct aatttttgta tttttttttt tagtagagat ggagttgcac catattggcc    100140
     aggctggtct tgaactctta acctcatgat ctgcccacct tggcctccca aagtgctgca    100200
     attacaggca tgagacactg tcactggcca attattttta atataaccca aatagtgacc    100260
     aactataaag agaaggcaga aaatagtgcc aaaacctttt ctcaccttta gagataaaat    100320
     gcccttgttg gtatggtctg ttcttttaag tctgttgtca tttggtatta gaaagagaaa    100380
     tttaacatat ggagtttctc gtggaaactt cctttgaact ggtttcgctt gggttcattt    100440
     gataaattta catctgttta ttttttacgc ctccaaatgt aaccacacaa ccacctattt    100500
     atttatttat tttacttttt tgggatggag tttcactctg ccatccaggc tggagtgcag    100560
     tagtgcaatc tctgctcact gcagcctctg actcctgggt ttaaaagatt ctcctgacag    100620
     cctcccgcgt agctgggact acagtggcta tttttttttt tttgcatttt taatagataa    100680
     cggggtttca tcatgttgac aaagctggtc tccaattcct gacctcaggt gatccaccca    100740
     tctcggcctc ccaaagtcct gggattccag gcatgagcta ctgtgcccag ccacaaatac    100800
     caatttaaac catgggttct gtgtctgtgg ttgtctgagg tacctcaaat ccttattttt    100860
     caaatgaata gtttttgctc tagccagttt cctacctttc cacagtaaag agcttagaca    100920
     caagatcagg cattcaaagt tttattgttt ttctttaata ctaaatgaca caatataaca    100980
     ccatccaggc ctgcagctct caataaagct aaatgtgatt ttgtttgaaa tgacaggatc    101040
     caccaatgca ttcaacagcc ttctacatgt ctgaggtcag gaagttgtct taaagaagac    101100
     aaatcccttc taagagaaaa aaataaaata attttttttt tgattcttaa atttatatag    101160
     ctggactatc aaataaaaac atgaaggata aaaagaaaaa tctaccagct gctacacacc    101220
     agatgataaa aatgtgagag attctgaata ttcagcttac ggaggacaaa gtgcagctaa    101280
     aatacaatga aatgtgctcc ttttcacttg aaagatgtta aaccactttc ataaaaggtt    101340
     aaggctttac aactatgtat taattttcaa atctcttaaa cagcatcttg agttgttgaa    101400
     aatatcaagg aatttttgct ttctactgag atttttcctt gcaaggtcaa aagcatgatc    101460
     agtctcttct taggagttac tcaagcgtcc ataaaacctt attgttaaca ctaggccctg    101520
     tgacatacag cagatcttca gaacttactc atctcaagta acttaactgt agatcagtat    101580
     ctcccttttc actctcctca ccttccctag caaccaccat tctgttttct acgtctctaa    101640
     gtttgactgt tttacgcacc tcatatgaat agtgtataca aaaaaacttg cttcaaactg    101700
     tgttttacct ctgctcttaa actacaaaac atcatcaaca cataagcagc attctgtgac    101760
     taaatgtatg acctttcaag aaaaagagtc aaactctgta aaatatttga agagatttat    101820
     tctgagccaa atatgagtga ccatggcctg tgacacagcc ctcaggaagt cctgagaaca    101880
     tgagcccaag gtggttgggg cgcagcttgg ttttaaacat tttagagagg catgagacat    101940
     caaactgtta cacacgtcca tgtgaaggga gtccaccaac aggctttgtg tgagcaacaa    102000
     ggctgtttat tttacctggg tacaggcagg cagagtccaa aaaagtagtc agcaaagggt    102060
     ggtgggatta acattagttg ttacaggttt gggatagcag tacaaagtac gttctcacgg    102120
     gcagggagaa tattacaaag tgacttctta agggcttaag gtgggcaagg tgggggcggg    102180
     ggcaggggaa gaatattaca aagtacctta aggacagagg agaatatatc ttttcagtta    102240
     gggtgggaca ggaacaaatc acaatggtgg aatgccatca gttaaggcta ttttcacttc    102300
     ttttgtggat cttcagttgc tttagaccat ctggatgtat acatgcagac cacagtggat    102360
     atgatggctt tgcttgtgct cagaggcctg acattcctgt cttgttatat taataacaaa    102420
     aacaaaacaa aatggtggtg aagtgttgga gtggcgaaaa ctttgtggag atggtacggg    102480
     gagacaatgg gcaatgtttc tcagggctgc ttttagcaga attagggtga tgtgagaacc    102540
     tagagtgggt aagcttaaac tgaagagctg ctttgagcgg gattaggggc agtgtgggaa    102600
     cctacagcgg gagagattaa actgaagaaa gattttaggg tagggtgtga tgttgtgggg    102660
     tggtcagaag gagcattttt tgtatagaat gattggtgat ggcctggatg tggttttgta    102720
     agaattgaga aactaaacgg aagactcaag gtccgaataa gagaaggaga aaaataggta    102780
     ttaactaaga cttgggagga cccaggacat ccaattagag agtgcccaag ggggttcagt    102840
     ataattattt ggtagctggt gagttttagg gctctatctt tgagtttttt tatgttgtca    102900
     tataccaggc cagattgatt caggtaaaaa caacacactt catttaaaaa tatacagagt    102960
     ccccttttct tagcagtgag taagtcgagg cctcagcgat tttggaggaa agagaaatgc    103020
     aaagccagca attgtttgtt aaagaaggat tagaaaaggc tggaaaaagt gagcgagatt    103080
     gatagtgtgg tggagatagc tggggagagg taaagggtgg cataagaaca ggaatgagaa    103140
     taagagtgag tataaaagga aagaatagga cttcatcagg gtgaaagtgt tggagggtgc    103200
     cctatcagaa aagatcatct gtccactcca agagggagtc aagattggtg gactggggat    103260
     agtaccagga gatatctgct gcaatgattt ggaggaaaag tgtaaaccag cagtggaaac    103320
     aagggcaggg tgaataggag tataactaga cagaagatag tagggatgac aagtttttgg    103380
     ggagcagtcc aagtagtgga ggtgactgcg taaagccctg ttgcaaaaag tagggtaagg    103440
     accaatagac ctaatagaat gaagggatgt attaggctca taagggttat tactgttctt    103500
     cagaaatgcg agtgagttta agggaagtag aggagagtac ttgtgacttc caggaggaag    103560
     atgagagatc aggctggctg tctgatggac acagctttat tttggaatgg tgaacccaat    103620
     ggggagggtc ctgcaggcag atggcagctg gggtacgata gatgactaag tagggtctgg    103680
     tccatcaagg ctgtagagtt tgaggggtca gattcttaat aagaactgat cgtccagcta    103740
     gggtctcttc ctatggctgg gaatctggag taggcaagag attagcagcc tggcaaattt    103800
     gctgtctagc ctgctggagg accagtagag tcacctagag ggctgttgtc taggacaagg    103860
     ttggggccga gcaagaaagt gtgtctatat aaaagtacaa atgggctgta ctatgtagca    103920
     tctcgagaat aggctctaat tctgagaagg gcaagagata aaagtactgt ccagtccttt    103980
     tttaagttgg aggctgagct tggtgagttg tgtctttaaa agaccattag tccactctac    104040
     ctttcccaaa gattgaggac ggtaagggat atgaagtttc cactgaatac caagagcctg    104100
     agaaactgct tgggcgattt gactaataaa ggctggtctg ttatcggact gtatagaggt    104160
     gggaaggcca aaccgaggaa ttatgtctga cagaagggaa gaaatgaccg caatagcctt    104220
     ctcagaccct gtgggaaagg cctctaccca tccagtgaaa gtgtctatcc agaccaagag    104280
     gtattttagt ttcctgattc caggtatgag agtaaagtca atttcccagt cttgggcagg    104340
     ggcaaatccc tgagcttcat gtgcagggaa gggagggggc ctaagcaatc cctaaggcat    104400
     actagaatag cagatgggag tactgagaag tgatttcctt gaggatagat gtatacgatg    104460
     gaaaggacat gagaggttct aagaggcagg ctagcagctt gtaacctaca tggaagaggt    104520
     tatgaaatga caacagaata gaatgggcct gtgaggctgg aaggagatat tttccttggt    104580
     ccaagaacaa tttgccttgt gtgggaagag actgataggt ggaagtttca gtgggacagt    104640
     aggtgggaga gaccaatgag gagaaaaacc ggctgtaagg gacagaagtt ggaacactag    104700
     ctgcttcttt agctacctta acagtgtaag tgttgccctt ggtgatggga tctgatgcct    104760
     tttgatggcc cttgcagtga atgactccag cttcctttgg aagtaaagtg gccttgagaa    104820
     gagtttttaa taaagaggta ttaatgatgg aggacccttg catagtgagg aaacctcttt    104880
     cagcccatat aacagcatgg cggtgcagga tatggaatgc atatttagag tcagtagaaa    104940
     tattgatgcg tagtcccctt gcaagagtga ggtcccgagt taagacaatg agttcggctt    105000
     gctgagaggt agtggagggc agcagagcac tagcctcaat gatagatgtg gatgatatta    105060
     tagtatagcc tgcctttgct ggtgagtggc aattaggcct ggtggaactg ccatcaataa    105120
     accaagtgtg atcagggtga gggacaggaa agaaggaaat atggggaaaa ggagtgaatg    105180
     tcaggtggat cagagagata cagtcacggg catcaggtgt gctatctgga ataatgtggc    105240
     aggccggatt gaagtctggg ccagaacagt ggtaactgtg ggagactcaa caaagagtga    105300
     gtatagctga aggagctggg gagaagaaag tatatgtcag gtgtgaggaa ggaaatagat    105360
     tttggaagtt atgagaactg ccttgattct tcaccttggt ggcaagcacc aactcccctg    105420
     gggggcttta gatttcacag actaaggact ccattcccaa gactgccccg ccccacacac    105480
     atcagtcaca agtctgggct tctagaaatt ctgcccaacc accttcaaat tggggttccc    105540
     gcaaacctct ctttgtattc aattaatttg ctggagtaac tcacaaaact caagttactg    105600
     cttaattaca cttactggtt tattacaaag gatatcctat tccttacttt tatactcaat    105660
     ctttttctta tgccaccctc tacctctccc cagctatctc caccacacta ttaatctcac    105720
     tcactctctc ctaccctttt ctaatacaga taagaacatg tgtagggcaa gatttggagg    105780
     tgggaaccaa aaataaaatt gtgagttccc cccagccacc tgaatggact ttctcctggg    105840
     ccaggggact ctaaaattta acctgaaaga ctgtttcaga ccacgatggg aagtggggct    105900
     tggagatacc tcattatagc cgttcagcat taacatcaac acagacctta agtctgatag    105960
     gaaacattta caatctattc tctctgaagc ctgctacatg gaggcttcca ctgcataata    106020
     aaacctaagt ctccacaacc ccttatctta agccagacat cactttctat tgatagtaac    106080
     tctgtcaacc aattgccaat cagaatatgt ttaaatctat ctatgacctg gatgccccca    106140
     acccctttga ggtaaccgac cattctagat aaaaccaatg tgtttcttaa atgtatttga    106200
     ttgatgtctc atgtctccct aaaatgtata aaaccaggct gcaccccagc caccttgggc    106260
     acatgttcag gacctcctgg ggctgtgtca caaggcatgg tcactcatat ttggctcaga    106320
     ataaatctct tcaagtattt tacagagtct gactcttttt attgacaggg agggggcaca    106380
     gagcttccat gtcctccctg cagcaccgcc ctccaggaac ctccatgtgt tcagcttctg    106440
     gaagctccct gaaccctgtc ctcttggggt tttatgaaag cttcataaca tcagcacttc    106500
     ttcctccagg gaataaggtg ggacctctct catgacaagg tcttaagtct cacaatcaga    106560
     aaggctatga gaggcctgct tctgagccct gataaatgca atattataac aaaagactgt    106620
     aaacagggct atgggagtta cgggccagga accatgaatg aaaaccagca tgtatcatca    106680
     taacacaaat ggaatcgggc agaatttcat acacttaaaa atttgttaag agggtagatc    106740
     tcatgttatg tattcttacc acacacactg tcaatggaaa aagtcaaact ctgtaaaata    106800
     tttgaagata tttattctta gccaaatgtg agtgaccaca tcccatgaca cagcccttag    106860
     gaagtcctga gaatatgtgc tcaaggtggt cgagtgcttt atgtatttta gggaggcatg    106920
     agacctcaat caaataaata tatttgagaa atatattggt ttagtccaga aaggtgagac    106980
     aagtcaagca gggcatggag gagagggctt ccaagctaca ggtaaatata aacattttct    107040
     ggttgacaat tgtttgagtt tgtctaaaga cctgggatta acagaaagga aatgttgagg    107100
     ttaggataaa tgattgtgga gaccaagatt cgtttgaagt atcatagtgg ctgcctttag    107160
     agacaataca tgactatttc ctattcagac ctttaaaagg ttctagactc tcagttaatc    107220
     tctttaggat agggagggcc tggaagatct agttttgtta acagagattc tctgcagatg    107280
     caaattttct tccacaaagg atggctttgc agggccattt ctaaatatgc caaataaaca    107340
     tgttttcggg taaaataatt ttattttttt cttcatcatg taatgttaca cccgagtcag    107400
     actggaaggt aagtctgata tatagggtta agtaaaactc atagaatgag aatttatgtt    107460
     ttatagagca tgacacccca ggcctattac ataggaattt gcgcaagatt taaaacaaaa    107520
     caaaacaaaa aaatcagaaa attagtacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    107580
     aagaaaattc taaaaaacaa aaaagacaca aagaactttg gagatgatgg atatatttct    107640
     tatcttgata gtaatgacag tattgaggca ggataggtag tcaaggaagt gactatgtaa    107700
     tcaactcaat aaacctcagc attcacaatg tccttgggct cattcaagct tagctatctt    107760
     caataggcac ttttcattct agagagcatg tgcattttga tgttacctgt cctcaaagtg    107820
     accctttgct cattttaaga gtgaaaaaca caccctttgg tgcacccaga ggaacaccca    107880
     gaacatgctt actagtaaca cctctgactc ccataaaagg agtcccttcc cttccctcct    107940
     gttccctctg ctccccttcc cttccttttg tttttaaatg gaatctcatt gtttcaccca    108000
     ggctggagtg cagtggcatg atctgagctc actgcaaact ccgcctccta ggttcatata    108060
     attctcctgc ctcagccccc gagtagttgg gggtacaggc cacattacca cgcctggcta    108120
     attttcgtct atttttagta gacacgggtt tcaccatgtt gttcaggctg gtctcaattt    108180
     cctgacctca tgatccacct gccttggcct ccttaagtgc tgggattaca ggtgtgagtc    108240
     actactcctg gtccaaaatg agtttcacca gcaataatca atgctgtctc actcttagga    108300
     gcagccagcc ctgaaatctc tctctctctc agggtgtact gtctattctt aggctgactt    108360
     tcaaaatatt ctttttcctt tgcaataaat tactctacac tgcatctcct ttgctgtgtg    108420
     tctcttgctt cttttaaact gagaagacaa gaactgaagt ttcacaacag ctgtccccaa    108480
     taacatccaa actcattaaa ctgtatatat taaatatgtg cctcttttgc atttcaacta    108540
     tacctcaata aagctgtttt aaaaaaagag ctacttcaga aaattctcca aatataatga    108600
     taaaaacata aaaaacaaac aaaaacagtg cattcctatt tacttgctag agttttgaac    108660
     acctagctag aactaacatt ttctatcaag tgtatgtcag caatgatgtc catttcctca    108720
     aagtgtggga gagaccacgg cttcattctg acacataggt gcacatattc tagaatctga    108780
     tcagcaaatg aacgttggtg tggtgagcag aaaatttgta tagacaagga gtattgattg    108840
     caatgtggtg aaacaggtct gacaggtttg ttttgccttt cacgatgggt gtccaccaag    108900
     ttgttttcct ccttcatctc tctgacacat gcagacccat gcacttattc cctgttcgct    108960
     ctgcccttat tttgcctcag catgaccata tgtatctggc ttcactctca cagctaatga    109020
     ataaacccaa aggtccccac tgagcctgcg agattaatta agctgctgac ttatggctcc    109080
     agcagagcaa accccctgag cgttccccaa tatcagcagt acagactgtg atcaagtcac    109140
     tgataataac agtatctctt cttgtctaac tactgaggtt tgtattcatc cttatttgtt    109200
     tatttttgtc caagtggaag acaaccattc aggttctttg gtgtctatct ccacagggca    109260
     agaactcccc ctactgcccc aaaatttatc ttttcttttt atgaaaggca cacagtaatt    109320
     agccctgtga atttattatt tatttatttt tctgtttgag aatgcacatg tattagaatg    109380
     atctggacat gccacaggag gggcagacag tttctaaatt caagcctttg tagaattttt    109440
     ctcgatatca cagattttaa tgctccatcc caacagactt tttcaaaatg tatctccctg    109500
     ttggattgtc ttaactatga agttgctaat gcttggaaaa catctcaggt gcaaaatttt    109560
     ccttcatttt gatatcatta atatatctat taatcttaat atcacaaaga aatcattaat    109620
     atatgtatta gaattgttag actgtattag aataatgtaa taaagcactt cgcccattat    109680
     gaattatttg agaatttagt tttcctggct ctttcttaca tatttgttcc atcgccaaag    109740
     aagttcatta tttttagagg cccttaattt ttgaagtctc accctgcaaa atcgtatagt    109800
     caatgaagaa gcatttgtga gtcctacaca attttaccaa gctacatttt agtttctgtg    109860
     atatatcaaa gtaacacaag aaatgtttct accctcaaag cagcaaggga gaaaaacaaa    109920
     catacattaa tcagtttatt gtgaaaagtt taattaaaga aaaattggag tcaatgtaag    109980
     ctgaggacct aagaaaaact tacaggatga catcttttca agaaaagtag gaggacactc    110040
     ctgggagcaa tgaaaggaat gcattttgca tttggaaagg atgtacacca ttaatcgtca    110100
     gaggttgaca gtggttagca gaatttttaa gatagttgcc atggttttga cttcctggag    110160
     tgaatgcctg gtatgaatat aatgggctaa tcaatccctt gattaaggta cattatatga    110220
     gtctttaaaa aacaaaaact ttcaagcctt cgctgaggga gaaattcaaa gtagttaaaa    110280
     ttctcttgct ggccttgaaa aagcaaacag ccatgcttta aaccgcctaa aaagagatct    110340
     gcagggcaat gacctggggg catcctctag gagctgagtg tgatcctcag acaacagtca    110400
     gcaaggaaac agacacctca gtcttccagc ttcagtaaat ccattttttt ccaattacct    110460
     gagggaactt gaatgcaatc ctttctttac attagttggg cttccataaa agacacaggc    110520
     aagcaaggca cggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccaacactt tgggaggcag aaggagatga    110580
     attgcttgag gtcaggaatt gagatcatcc tgggcaacat gggaaaaccc ggcgttacac    110640
     aaaatacaaa aaattagcca aatgagttgc cacatgcctg tagtcccagc tactctggag    110700
     gctaggatgg gaggatcaca tggtcccagg aggttgaggc tgtagtgagc tgtgatctcc    110760
     acactgcact gcaacctgat tgacatagca agaccctgtc tcaaaagtat tttaaaaatt    110820
     ttcagatatt ggccgggcag ggtggctcac acctgtaatc ccagaacttt tggaggctga    110880
     gcagggtggg tcacgaggtc aggagttgga gacaagcctg gtcaatatgg taaaacccca    110940
     tttctactaa aactacaaaa attaggcggg catggtggtg ggcacctgta atcccagcta    111000
     tttgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatcacttg aacacaggag gcagaggttg cagtgagctg    111060
     tgattgcacc attgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagtcag actccatttc aaaaataaaa    111120
     ttgaactaaa ataaaataac atacataaca taacgtaaca taacataaca taaataaaat    111180
     aaaataacat aaaataaaaa atataaaata aaatccagat actcgttaca cagcaacaga    111240
     agagtaatac aatgtaacga catcacagta gaagacagaa gatctattcg tcaaatatta    111300
     gggtgaacag gaagaaggat ggaatgactc agtaggattt cagttaacag aggtattcaa    111360
     agaccagaac aaaacttcat tttttattgt ctgccttttc taactgttta aactagctca    111420
     aaccatgagt ggagcttggt ctcctctgta tacagaataa tggtgatgag tttgcatcaa    111480
     attccccatt cactctgttt tgaccaacaa aacatacggt gatgaggata tctggtcttg    111540
     cgtatggcac cattatcttt gagtggagaa agtaactgta cgcatttgtt tttagctctg    111600
     tcttggctac tattacacat aaaaggcttc acttatgccc ccccactcca taacaggcat    111660
     ctctttccaa acacatctca ttttcaatta tatattttgg cagatctcaa gatctcctgg    111720
     cactatatta gcaccatgat tgcatttgaa tgagaagcaa cctaaatgta catgaatgtg    111780
     gactgcataa agaaaatgcg gtccatatat atcatggaat actatgtaat ccatatacat    111840
     catggaatac tatgcagcca taaaaaatga gaagatgtcc tttgcaggtg aacagatgga    111900
     gcccaaggtc attatccttg gcaaactaat gcaggaacag ataatcaaat aacacatgtt    111960
     cccacttata agtaacggtt aaattatgag aacacatgga tacagagatg ggaagaacag    112020
     acactaggcc ttacttgagg ttggagattg ggatgaggga gaggatgagg gaaaataact    112080
     aatgagtaac aggcttaaca cctggataat gaaattatct gtacaacaac cccccacaac    112140
     acaagtttac atatgtaaca gacctgcaca tgcactgctg aacctaaaaa ttttaaagaa    112200
     catttttcta ctttgtttta ttgccacagc aaattatttg atattcatca ttgctgagtt    112260
     tattgaatgt tgtgctgtcc atgctagctc tgagttaagt ggctttttga ggtttctttt    112320
     agccaatctg gttttgacat agaaagcaaa accccatgac tcttgtgttc tgtaccataa    112380
     ggttcttcta tttccaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tcctttgata taagctcctt gaccattcag    112440
     atttgagact atttcttcat gtctgtttgt ttgtttgttt tttgagacag ggtttcactc    112500
     tgtctctgag gctggagtgc aatgctgtga ccttggctcc ctgcaacctt gacctcccgg    112560
     actcaaccta tgctcccacc tcagcctcct gagcaactgg gactacaggt gtacggcagc    112620
     actcacagct aatttttgta tttttctgta gaaatgaagt ctcactgtgt tgcacaggct    112680
     ggtctcacac tcctgggctc aagtgatcct cctacctggg cctcccaagg tgttgagatt    112740
     aaaggtgtga gccaccgccc cttgcccgga ggtgtaattt ttgaaggtag tggattaccc    112800
     cattttgaag aggctaccgt tgagatttcc agtgtattct gttgaagtcc agatattagc    112860
     agtactgaca ttggacacct actatatctt acaacaagac tgagagaatg actgtttaac    112920
     ttgatttacc tatgaatgta aatgtcatgt gggccaacct gtcacccctg ctcggtaata    112980
     tttttggtat cttccattgg ttatttttgg accatagctt ttactcagta tttcatttgc    113040
     tgtctgccaa cccacctgat gataacaagc ctgtggtcca gtttgcttat gaaaaattaa    113100
     ctgctccact ttttagttta actcagttac tgttgctgct gttgaactgc tgggttttat    113160
     agtaaacaag gaaaaattaa aatcatcttc caatttaacg ttggccggcc ccaaagttat    113220
     aacatatttt ataacactca atctccaaac catagatctc aggagatggt aaatcaaggg    113280
     gtcatgttac ctgtacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag    113340
     aaacctagac agaccttgac agattaagaa atacttaaat gtctcctcat attaagaatg    113400
     aaaaaacttc tagtggaaat aacattaact tagatgtcag gagatccaaa ttagtcctga    113460
     cttacacact ttctagatat gtgattgtga gcaaatcagt caccactaat tatgctaatg    113520
     ttttacattt gtggaaaaaa ataaattata atgctaatat ggccagtcat gacagctcat    113580
     gcctttgatc ccagcacttt gggaggtcca agcaggagaa tcacttgagc ccaggaggtg    113640
     gagaccaggc tgggcaacat agtgagacac tgtctccata aaaaaattaa aaataaataa    113700
     ataaattagc tgggtgtggt gatgcatctg taattccagc tacttggaag gctagggcag    113760
     gaggatcact tgaacctggg aagtagaggc ttcagacagg tataattgca ccactgcact    113820
     ccagcttgga caatagagca agaccctatc tcaaaaaaat atatagacag tctagagtgg    113880
     acctccagca aattccagca gccctgcagc agaggggcct gatggtttga aggaaaacta    113940
     acaaacacag aaatagcatt aacatcaaca aaaaaaagtc cacacaggaa ccccatccga    114000
     aggacaccga catcaaagac caaaagtaga taaatccatg aagatgagga aaagccagca    114060
     cagtaaggct aaaaattcca aaaacaaaaa aatcagaact gctcttctcc tccaaaggat    114120
     cacaactcct caccagcaag ggaataaaac tggatgcaga atgagtttga tgaattaaca    114180
     gaagtaggct tcagaaggtg gataataaga aactcctccg agctaaaacc caatgctagc    114240
     aagctaagaa ccttgaaaaa aatattagag gaattgctaa ctagaataac cagtttaaag    114300
     gagaatataa atgacttgat gggcctgaaa aacacagcac aagaactttg tgaagcatac    114360
     acaaatatca acagctgaac tgatcaagcg gaagaaagga tatcagagat tgaagatcaa    114420
     cttaatgaaa taaagtgtga agacaagatt agagaaaaaa gaatgaaaaa gaccaaataa    114480
     caatgcctcc aaaaaatatg ggactatgtg aaaacttcaa acctccgtct gattggtata    114540
     ccagaaagtg atgaggagaa tggaaccaag ttggaaaaca ctcttcagga tattatccgg    114600
     gagaacttcc ccaaattagc aagacaagcc agcattcaaa ttcaggaaat acagaaaacc    114660
     ccacaaatat actccttgaa aagagcaacc ccaagaaaca taatcatcag attcaccaag    114720
     gtggaaatga aggaaaaaat gtttagggca gccagagaga aaggatgggt tacctgcaaa    114780
     cggtagctca tcagactaac agtggatctc tctgcagaaa cactataagc cagaagagag    114840
     tgggggccaa tattaaaagt cttaatgaaa atattttcaa cccagaattt catgtccagc    114900
     caaactaagc ttcataagtg agaagaaata aaatccttta cagacaagca aatgctgaga    114960
     gattttgtca ccaccaggcc tgtcttaaca agagctcctg aaagaaatac taaatatgga    115020
     aaggaaaaac cggtagcagc cactgcaaaa acataaactg taaagatcat caagattaga    115080
     gaaaaaagaa tgaaaaagac tgaacaacaa tgccttcaag aaatatggga ctatgtgaaa    115140
     acaccaaacc tccgtttgac tggtacacca gaaagtgacg aggagaatgg aaccaagttg    115200
     gaaaacactc ttcaggatat tatccaggag aacttcccca aattagcaag acaagcagtt    115260
     tctaagaaga aactgcatca aataatgggc aaaataacca gttagcatca tcatgacagg    115320
     attaaattca cacataacaa tattaacctt aaatgtaaat gggctaaatg ccccaattaa    115380
     aagacacaga tgggcaaatt ggataaggag tcaagaccca tgagtgtgct gcattcagga    115440
     accccatctc aggtgcaaag acacacacag gcattaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agatggagga    115500
     atattttgtt gcgggaagtc aggaacccgg aatggaggga ctggctgaag ccatggcaga    115560
     agaacataaa ttgtgaagat ttcatggaca tttattagtt ccccaaatta ctacttttat    115620
     aatttcttat gcctgtcttt actgcagtct ctgaacataa actgtaaaga tttcatggac    115680
     atttatcact tccccaatca atactcctat aatttcctat gcctgtcttt aatctcttaa    115740
     tcacatcatc ttcataagct gaggatggat gttgcctcag atccctgtga tgactgcgtt    115800
     acctgcacaa attgtttgta aaacatgtgt gtttgagcgt tatgaaatct gggcagcttg    115860
     aaaaagaaca ggataacagc aatgttcagg gaacaaagga gataaccata aggtctgact    115920
     gcctgcaggg ctgggcaaga cagagtcata tttttcttat tgcagaaaac gagtaggaga    115980
     aatatctctg aattcttttt ccagtaagga ataaccctgg gaagggaatg cattcccacg    116040
     gggggcctat ggacggccac tctggggttg tctgccttat gtggttgaag ataagggatg    116100
     aaatactccc tggtgtgcag tgcctccagg cttgctagga ttaggaaatt ccagcctggg    116160
     gaattctagt ccaataggtt ctctgctctt gaacactgtt tcctgttatg atgtttatca    116220
     acgacaatgt gtgcacagtg ggacatgaaa cctcatcagt aattctaatt tcgccctggc    116280
     cttgtgacct tgctctgccc ttctgccttg gtgatctttt actgccattt gaagcatgtg    116340
     atctctgtga cccactctgt attcatacac ccttcccttt ttgaaatccc taataaaaac    116400
     ttgctggttt tgtggctcag gggcatcatg gaacctgctg acatgtgatg tcacccccgg    116460
     agacccagct gtaaaatttg accacatagt tggaagtaaa acactcctca ccaatgcaag    116520
     agaatggaaa tcaaaatgaa tggtctctca gaccacagtg caatcaagtt agaattcaga    116580
     aataagaaac tcattcaaaa tcacacggct acatggaaac tgaacaatct actcctgaat    116640
     aatggataca taataaaatt aagccagaaa tgaatacgtt ctttcaaacc aatgagaaca    116700
     aagacacaac gtaccagaat ctctgggaca aagctaaagc agtgtttagt gggaaattta    116760
     tagcactaaa tgcccacaaa agaaagcagg aaagatataa acaccctatc attacaatta    116820
     aaagaactag agaataagag caaacaaatt caaaagctag cagaagccaa gaaataacta    116880
     agataagagc agaactgaag gagatagaaa cacaaaaacc ccttcaaaaa caatagtgaa    116940
     tctgggagct ggtgttttga aaagatccac aaaatagata gactgctggc catactaata    117000
     aagaagaaaa tagagaagag taaaatagac acaacaaaaa atgataaagt agatatcacc    117060
     actgatccca cagaaataca aactaccatc agagaatact ataaacatct ctatgcaaat    117120
     atactagaaa atctagaaaa aaacagataa gttaccagac aaatatacct taccaaaaca    117180
     agaccagaag tcaaatgcct gaataggcca ataacaagtt ctgtaattga ggcaggaact    117240
     aatagcctac taacaataaa agcacaaaac cagaggcatt cacagctgaa ttctgccgga    117300
     ggtacaaaaa ggagctggta ccattccttc tgaaactatt ccaaacagtg aaaaagaggg    117360
     actcatcttt aactcatttt atgaggctag cataatcctg atatcaaaac ctggcagaga    117420
     cataacaaaa aaataaaatt tcaggtcaat atccctgatg aacatcaatg tgaaaatcct    117480
     caataaaata ctggcaaact gaatccagca gcacatcaaa agctcatcca ccaggatcaa    117540
     gtcagctgca aggctggttc aacacaggca aatcaataaa cgtaatccat cacataaaca    117600
     gaaccaatga caaaacccac atgattatct caatagatgc agaaaaggcc ttcaataaaa    117660
     ctcaacaccc cttcaggcta aaaattctca aaaaactagg tactgatgga acatatctca    117720
     aagtaataag agctgtttag gctaaaccca cagtgaatat catactgaat gggcaaaagc    117780
     tggaagcatt ccctttgaaa actggcacga gacaaggatg ccctcttgct ccactcctgt    117840
     tcaacatagc actggaagtt ctggcaaggg cagtcagtca agataaagaa ataaagagtg    117900
     ttcaaatagg aagagaagaa gtaaaattgt ctctgtttgt agataacacg aatgtgtatt    117960
     tagaaaaccc catcggtgct catgcctgta atcgcagcac tttgggaggc caagctagct    118020
     gatcacaagg tcaaaggatc aagaccatcc tggccaacac ggtgaaagcc tgtctgtact    118080
     aataataaga aaaaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa aaaaaaacag ctgggcatgg tggagcgtgc    118140
     ctgtagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatt acttgaactc gggaggcgga    118200
     ggctgcagtg agccgagatg gggccactga actccagcct gatgacgcag tgagactgtc    118260
     tcagaagaag aaaaaaaaaa ggaaacccca tcatctgagc cccaaatctc cttaatggat    118320
     aagcaacttc agcaaagtct caggatacaa aatcaatgtg taaaattcac aagcattcct    118380
     atacaccaat agtagtcaaa gagagagcca aatcatgagt gaactctcat tcacaattgc    118440
     tacaaagagt ataaaatagc tcggaatgca acttacaaga gatgtgaaaa acctcttcaa    118500
     ggagaactat aaaccacctg tcaaagaaat aaggtaggac accaacaaat agaaaaacat    118560
     ttcatgctta tggataggaa ggatcaatat catgaaacat ggtcattctg cacaaagtaa    118620
     tttgtagatt caaagctatc cttatcaagg taacactgac ttttttcata gaattaaaaa    118680
     aaaaaaaacg acttcaaatt tcatatggat ccaaaaagga gcccgtatac ccaagacaat    118740
     cctaagcaaa aagaacaaag gcatcacatt acctgatttc aaactatact acaaggctac    118800
     agtaacaaaa acagcatggt cctggtacca gaacagatat gtagaccaat ggaacagaac    118860
     aaaggcttca gaaataacac cacacatctc aaccatctga tctttgacaa acctgacaaa    118920
     aacaagcaat ggggaaagga ttccgaatat aataaatggt gctgggaaaa ctggctagcc    118980
     atatgcagaa aactgacact ggaccccttc cttatacctt atacaaaaat taactcaaga    119040
     tgacttaaag acttaaacat aagacctaaa accataaagg ccctagaaga aaacctaggc    119100
     aggctgggtg tggtggctta tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tggaaggctg aggctggctg    119160
     atcacaggat caagaaattg agatgacttg gccaacatgg tgaaacccca tctctactaa    119220
     aaatacaaaa attagctggg aatggtggcc catgcctgta ggcaggagaa tcactccaac    119280
     ccaggaggtg gaggttgcag tgagtcgaga ttgtgccact gcactctgtc ctggtgacag    119340
     agtgagattc tgtctcaaaa caaaaacaaa aacacctagg cataccatac tgaacatagg    119400
     catgggcaaa tacttcatga ctaaaacatt gaaagcaatg gcaacagaag ccaaaattga    119460
     caaatggatc tagttaaact aaagagcttc tgcacagcaa aagaaactat catcagagta    119520
     aacaggcaac ctatagcatg ggagaaaata tttttaatct atccacctga taaagagtta    119580
     atacccagaa tctacaaaca acttaaacca atttacaaga aaacaaacaa acaaccccat    119640
     aaaaaagtgg ggaaagaata tgaacagaca cttcacaaaa gaagacattt atgcggccaa    119700
     taaacatatg aaaaaaactc atcatcactg gtcattagag aattgtaaat ctgccaagac    119760
     aagcttggtc ggggagaccc tatcccagtg gtgctagagg aattaaagac acacacacag    119820
     aaatatagag gtgtggagtg ggaaattagg ggtctcacag ccttcagagc tgagagccct    119880
     gaacagagat ttacccacgt atttattgac atcaagccag tgattagcat tgtttctata    119940
     gattacagat taactaagag tattccttat gggaaacaaa ggcaagggcc aaaataaggg    120000
     ttgggtttgg ctagttatgt gcagcaggag catgtcctta aggcacagac tgctcatgct    120060
     atcgtttgtg ctttaaggac acctttaagc ggttttccac cctgggtggg ccaggtgttc    120120
     cttgccctca ttccggtaaa cccacaacct tctagcgtgg gtgtcatggc tatcacgatc    120180
     atgtcatagt gctgcagaga ttttgtttat ggccagtttt gggccagttt atggccagat    120240
     tttggggggc ctgttcccaa tacaaatcaa aaccacagtg agataccatc tcatgccagt    120300
     tggatggtga ttattgaaaa gtgaggaaac aacaaatgct ggagaggatg tggagaaatt    120360
     ggaacacttt tacactattg ctgggagtgt aaattagttt ttccattgtg gaagacagtg    120420
     tggagattcc tcaaggatct agaactagaa ataccatttg acccagcaat cccattactg    120480
     ggtatatacc caaaggatta taaataattc tactataaag acacatggac aaataagttt    120540
     attgcaacat tgttcacaat agcaaagact tggaaccaac ccaaatgtca attaatgata    120600
     gattgaataa agaacatttg gcacatataa ccatgggata gtatgcaacc ataaaaaagg    120660
     atgagttcat gtctttttca gggacatgga tgacactgga aaccatcaat ctcagtaaac    120720
     taacacagaa acagaaaact aaacaccaca tgttctcact caaaagttgg agttgaacaa    120780
     ttagaacaga tggacaaagg gagggggaac atcacatacc tgggttagtg ggtggagggg    120840
     ctggggaggg atagcattag gagaaatacc taatgtagat gacaggtgga tggttgcaga    120900
     aaactactac agcatgtgca tatctatgta acaaacctgc acatctatcc atgtatccca    120960
     gaacttaaag tataatttaa aaagaaaaag aagttatgtg ttccattgta tttcactctt    121020
     ttctcttata agtgtgagtg tgcattatta aaaaaactag agttaagtga tactttagtg    121080
     acacatctgt atggctcaca attaaagtgc tttcatttga caatccctac tatctgttct    121140
     tggatttaaa taattttatt ttatatatac atataatgtg tgtatacata tataatgaaa    121200
     aagtgccatt aaaaaagctg tcctgttctt tgtttgttaa tttccaagtt attcccgtaa    121260
     gagtctattt ttttgtatca tcatcatcaa tataaagcct aaaaatctag ctatatggtt    121320
     tttctagaga gatttcaaca ctcgtcttag tttattattt tgaggtgaaa tataatatac    121380
     ttttagagaa ctcaacaata gtacgtttta ctatttgtgg ttcattgcaa actggccacc    121440
     tgccatagtc cctccccatc catacccttt gcaagacaac tttgtccctc ttctcattaa    121500
     caagagaagt gcattagccc tctgcatgaa tcttcattgt ctttcttttg ccaacagcat    121560
     gcagtggaag ggacaccatg ctagttttaa acctgggctt cacaaggtca gcatgcttct    121620
     gctcttggac ctcctctact gaggttccat atgtacaaat ctgaaccaaa ttactagagt    121680
     tcattcaaac cactaggagc tgaaatgagt tgtcaccatg cttgaatctg tcctagaccc    121740
     tccagccacc agtcaacctg tgaagtgacc acaaatacat gagggagccc aggcaagaca    121800
     agaagagcca cccagctgag cctagtccaa attacaaaac tagacactct tctgctaaac    121860
     aatgagtagt tgttttttta gccactaact ttaagggcag tatgccacag agaaataacc    121920
     agtgattccc tgttggtgta tattttagac acaattttac caagaaatat gtaagctaat    121980
     ttaatttatc agcattttat ttctctgttt ctattattcc tattttgctt tggacaggga    122040
     aactgatttc tgggttgaac atgcagaagc acattcacag aactttcttt ttctctgttg    122100
     ggcagatttt atcagaatta caaaagactt aggaaataaa tcatataaac cattgccgtc    122160
     atcaaaagct ttcaaatcga tctcccatag gacacttgaa gtttatgcat gtttggaagg    122220
     caaatataga catgatttca acagaactaa aatgattctt tgtgatagcc tgtttcttta    122280
     agatctgttc agaatatcag cttttgttta acgtgtaaac ttacaaaact aactaaaaga    122340
     gagtgtgctt gaatctgtga ttaacacaaa ttattatagt tgcaaattaa aagcacaatg    122400
     agacaccatc ttacaccagt cagaatggct atgattaaaa actgaaaaaa cagcagatgc    122460
     tggcaagaac gcagaaaaaa aggaaggctt atacactgct ggtaagaatg taaattagtt    122520
     caacctctat ggaaaacatg ataagagatt tctaaaataa aactaacatt ccatccagca    122580
     atcccactac tgggtatcca ctcaaaggaa aataaatcat tacatcaaaa agatacatgc    122640
     attcccaaat ttattgaagc attattcaca gtagtgaaga tatagaatca acctaaatat    122700
     ccactggacc agataaaatg ttatatatat atatcatata atatatattt atatatcaca    122760
     atgaaatact actcagtcat aaaaaagaat gaaatcatgt cttttgcagc aacatagacg    122820
     gaactggagc ctattatctt aagtgaaatt actaaaaatc agaaaatcga atactgaatg    122880
     ttctcatgta tatgtgggag caaaataatg tgtacacagg ggcctagaaa gtggaataat    122940
     gaacactgga aactagaata ggtggcagga ttggaggctg tattttgtac agtatttggg    123000
     tacgttaatt ctggcttccc acctagttcc agaaattact taatgcatac aatgtacact    123060
     attctcctga tatttacacc agaagtccag acttcatcat gacacaatat atccatataa    123120
     aaaatgtggc tgataccatg gctcatgcct gtaatcctag gagggggagg agggtgaatc    123180
     actcaaggta aagagttcaa gaccagcctt gccaacatag tgaaaccctc tactaaaaat    123240
     acaaaaaatt agctgggcat ggtggcacat gcctgtaatc cgttacttgg gaggctgagt    123300
     caggagaatg gcttgaccca ggaggcagag gttacagtga gctgaaattg caccaccaca    123360
     ctgctgtcta ggtgacagag gaagactctg cccttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattgtaca    123420
     cactaaatcc attaagaaaa attttaacta tataaccaaa taatgtgtaa gtattgattt    123480
     tgctgtttaa tgttgcaatt catattttaa atatcaaata cttaatattt agtatataac    123540
     attacttcat agttaataaa tatttaatgc ttaatttaaa aattgaaagc taaaaaattc    123600
     ttaacaggtg ctgtgatgtt cattaactct aattatttta ttttgtcaaa ctgtgattgt    123660
     tataataata atttggagtt atagtggaaa gtattacacc gtactttggg aagaacttac    123720
     atgtccatca ctagctaagt tcaatcaagt ttatttcatg tcctgaggat aggtcagggg    123780
     aaaaataagt tgacatcaga tgcctcaaat ctattttaat gagtgctgtg agaatatatt    123840
     tgctgtattc ctgcaaaatg ttcaaagtgg cttaaatttt ttttagccaa cttttaaact    123900
     tttattagca ttgtttgaaa tattcgtctg cttgtttttc tcactatctt tatttttttg    123960
     agataatgtc ttgctctgct gcagtggcag gatcacagct tgctgcagtg gcaggatcac    124020
     agcttactgc agcctcaacc tcctgggctc aagcaatcct cctgcctcag ccttccaagc    124080
     aactgggact tcaggcatgc atcacacaac actccgctaa ttttctgtag aggcaggggc    124140
     tctctatgtt gcctaggttg gtctcaaggt tctaggttca aggcaaccct cccaacaacc    124200
     tcccaaagtg ttgtaattac aggtgtgaga catcacactg ggcctctcac catgtttaac    124260
     caatattttc tcctggtaac gttgttttca tccacaaagc atttatatgt agtcatgaac    124320
     atcactctct tttaaataaa aatttcacag tcagaagacc catcaggagt catgaattct    124380
     agctcctcac ctagttctgg aatcttcctc ctcactcttg aggatgggac atgtgaaacc    124440
     tcccatgaca gcagacggcc ttttccactc ggagagaaca cttactattt gcaagttttc    124500
     ttcagattat gcccaagtta atgctcactg ccacccacca aaacaaacaa acaaaaagat    124560
     atcaaagcag atacagaagc caacagggaa ggaagatggg tccagtgcca tttccataga    124620
     ctgctcttca aagaaaatat ttatagccca gctctgttgc ccagatccac aaagagaaag    124680
     ccaaataatt gtttcatctt ccctaagtca tcacactgct aaatcaaaca cattgtgttt    124740
     tctgttgtcc tgctgttctt gatgcagtct ctgcactctt caacacacca tcaaaaagcg    124800
     gggaattttc gaggaatcta agatgtaaag agatgaaatg accttcacaa agttaattct    124860
     tagctggtgt gagaaggaaa gccctatttt gagtccgcat ccaatgaact ttccagcaga    124920
     gcctggccgc gcaaacttta ctcacataaa gatcacccaa agggcctagc aacacatgga    124980
     ttctgggacc ccatcccaga agttctgatt tagtagtcaa atagtacaac ccaaaaattt    125040
     acaacttttg gggtctctga tcctgctgga ggtgctgcat catggaatag cctttcaata    125100
     ctgttgggct aagctgcacc agaaaatgag aacctattcc acaggtctga tatacttgtt    125160
     ttattttgtt ttgatataga gtctaggtta gagtacagta caatctcagc tcactgcagc    125220
     cttgacttcc tgagctcaag caatcatccc acttcagcct cccgagtagc tgagaaaaca    125280
     ggtatgtacc tgttgtcttt aaatcaattg ctttggactg ccacctcacc cagctaattt    125340
     ttgtattttg agtagagaca gagtttcact atgttgccca gactggtctt gaacttctga    125400
     gctcagagat ccacctgcct tgatctctca aagtactggg attacaggca tgagtcacca    125460
     tccctagcca tacttgttaa aaatgtacca ttgctaatgc aatagtaagt ggattttaag    125520
     gacagatgtc caggtaaagg gcaatagttc taacacaatg agaatcctag tagttaaggc    125580
     tccttttcca gctctaggag ggagcaaaag taaacattaa gaaatctata attccagcat    125640
     tttgtgaggc cacggtagga agattgcttg aatgcaggag tttgagaccc atctgggcaa    125700
     caaagtgaga cccatgactc tacaaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata    125760
     aataaataaa aataaataaa taaaaatgag ttggatgtgg ttgtgtgtgc ctatagtccc    125820
     agctactcga gagactgatg tgggaggatt gcttgagtcc aggaggtcaa gggtacagtg    125880
     agccagaatt acaccattgt gttccaatct ggacaacaga gaaagatcat gtctcgaata    125940
     attaaaaaaa gagaggagaa agaaagactc tcctagaatt agagcttagc cattcagtgg    126000
     aggttgactg agctaaatga gcaaaactca ctcttcaaat atttgccaag aaacttctct    126060
     aataataata attctctcac tctttctctc tctctgagtg tatcccttcc attgtacaat    126120
     tgaagaaatt gcttccagaa gataattctt agtttacact ttattctctc tttatatatg    126180
     tatctctctc tgtgtgtatc acttccattg tacaactgaa gaaatgacta ccagaagata    126240
     attcttagtt tacacagcct aaaattgtaa agttggatgc tgagaccaga atttccaaaa    126300
     cccaggccaa cattctgtcc agaactcagc actgcttttc tgtagaagca gatgctaaga    126360
     gcagtcatac cttggtagga gaatttgttt cccctaagct attggtctgt gttctgtttt    126420
     agctcaaggc agaacaacat gtttctacaa atagtcaaca cagcgtagcc cataatacac    126480
     agaaaataaa agtattttat tccttaggaa atcgttttcc atgctgacag cataagaagt    126540
     tgtgttttgt ggcagctggt ttaaaatttc tcctttcaac ttgtccctct actgtctttc    126600
     tctctgacct ttgatttttt tctaactttc tccatcttct tagtcacatc ttttctcttt    126660
     catattttca tttctgttcc attttgatca gtgactgacc atattgaact ctagaaaaat    126720
     ggttatttaa gctgtttagc cctcatccat tagatctcaa cagtaaattt gttgctgttc    126780
     ctctaaatca attgctttgg accacagaaa tggaaactcc attttgcaaa tgtatttgga    126840
     atctactatg ttcatagctg gtttttaaga gtccatgctg agaaattttg tgacattgca    126900
     aattaatatc aaagaaggtc tacaaataaa aaattctatt acactgaatt atgaaagatg    126960
     atctgattat tctttaagtt gaaaactaga tagaagggaa atgtaaaaca cttcaaacac    127020
     aatatatcat gggtttcatg ggatagtctc agtggtttgt gtttaatttt gtatggattt    127080
     caaatttcca aaaatttaca atgaagaaaa tttagcatct atgtaaccac ctctgatttt    127140
     ttttcctgct tacagcattt attttttgag atgcagtctc gctctgttac ccaggcttga    127200
     gtgcagtggc acgttctcat gtcactgcta catctatatc ctgggttcaa gtgattctcc    127260
     tgcctcagcc taccaactag ctgggattac aggcatgcac cactacacct ggctaatttt    127320
     tgtattgtta gtagagaagg ggtttcacca tgttggccag gctggtttca aacccctgac    127380
     ttcaagtgat ccatccgcct cagcttccca aaccgctagg attacaggtg tgagacaccg    127440
     tgcccaggct tacagcattt ttgaaacaaa atgggtcttg gataattaat tttgatgtat    127500
     ttcaagagcc caatgaaggg gaatgtgaat accaaagttc aaatatgaac gtgggctcag    127560
     gggctctaga ctcattcaaa tttatatatt tcaacttcct aagaagctgt cttgcctcca    127620
     ctctttccat aagcactgca cacacaattc cagcagccac atggagatat tacaacctca    127680
     tgtttccatc agaaaagaga attggcttta gctttgatac atttaaagta ccatgatttt    127740
     ggctgttctg taactatatt tattatttat acaatcaaat tttcatctca ggaaaagaaa    127800
     gtgtctacat ttctgtgttt tttttttttt tttttgagat ggagtctcac tatgtagccc    127860
     aagctggagt gcactggcat gatcttagct cactgcaacc ttcacctctg ggacctaagc    127920
     agttcttgtg ctccagcctc ccaagtagct gggactacag gctcacacca tcatgcacag    127980
     taattttttg gagggggttt caccatgttg cccaaggtgg tcttgaactc ctgagctcag    128040
     gagatccact gacctcagcc tcccaaagtg ctgggactac agctctgaac cacaatgtca    128100
     aaccttctct ctccctatct gactgatagt ttctcatgct gaacccttta agaaccagaa    128160
     aaggggaccc agggccagca tctttccatg aaacagtctc tgctagtaga tgttattgcc    128220
     aaggcagctt tcagaaggct ggtcctcatt gtcaatgcca agcatgcagt catccatcat    128280
     ttggaaccat ttctaccttg ctagtccacc cgcttctctt cgggggaagc tgtatttgtg    128340
     gtagaatgag aaaaccctct ttgttctcat gagaaactgg gatgtgtttt agaaaggccc    128400
     aggtggcctg ggcatgatag ctttatgcct gtaatctcag cattttggga ggctgtgtgg    128460
     tgggggggat cacttgagcc caagagttca agactagcct gggcaacata gccagactcc    128520
     gtctctacaa aaaaaattaa aaattagcca gatgtcgtgg tgcatgtctg tagttcctgc    128580
     tacttgggaa gctgaggcag gaaaattgct tgaggctggg aggttgaagc tgcagtgagc    128640
     catgttcagg ccgctgcatt caagcttgga tgacaaagac agaccctgtc tcaaaaaaaa    128700
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaaa gaaagaaaag gaaaagaata tgctcaggtg cactgatgct    128760
     taacaatgga agaaaacaat taagtcttaa aagattaagc attaagcata tttggatatt    128820
     aagtttgctt tgtaaatgat ttccaacatg tgactttgtc cctttaacaa tatatcatgt    128880
     gttaactgct taaataatgg tttttagctt ctttacttgc caagatgaaa tgccaatgaa    128940
     taaatacatt tatttatcac agcaaatact tggaaagtgt ctaattatta ccatatttgg    129000
     ttatatgcct ggtaatgtat tctgagggac aaacagaaga attaggtaat caaaagggaa    129060
     aatggtatgt taattttctt aaaatacttg actctggaat aagggaaagt agaactttaa    129120
     aatgaagaag gattcctccc tgagggagca ttggatctaa cttctacttt ggggcagggc    129180
     atggtggctc acactagtaa tcccagcacg ttgggatgct aaggtaggaa gagcgcttgt    129240
     gcgtaacagt ttgagaccag tctatacaac ataggaaggc accatctcta caaaaagtca    129300
     aataaaataa attagccagg cacagtggca aagtctgtag gctcagctat gcaggtggct    129360
     gaagcaggag gatattttga gcccaggagt ggaggctgca gtgagctgtg atggaacctc    129420
     aacactccag cctgtgcaac agaacaagac cctgtctaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa    129480
     caaaaaggaa acttctccct cataaggaca tctttaaagg tcaatatagt gcaagtgttt    129540
     caaaagtttt tatcaagaag taggaaaatg agaaaatatt aaattcatgc actctaaatt    129600
     tctttgaatg tcttttaaac tcaagagaag aagtattgac ttatgagtag acaccatgaa    129660
     agtgctcatc ctatgtggca aaacagccaa attattgttg gagataatat tatattggct    129720
     aattatcctt ctcacacagt tagttagata ctgcagatac acagctgctc aaatttgtgg    129780
     gatgggatag aaaacaaggt gtaaaggcta aaaaatgaaa atttaatcat tgataaaaac    129840
     acttatggtt gactttcttc acacagtggc ttttggtact taataaatac aatttttttt    129900
     ttttaaagat ggagtcttgc tctgttgccc aggctggaac cctggtgtgc aatggtgcaa    129960
     tctcggctca cggaaatctc tctctcccag gctcaaatgg ttctcctgcc ttaacctccc    130020
     aaatagttga gatacaggtg cctaccacca tgcctagcta attttttttt tttttttttt    130080
     tttgagacag agtcccgctc tttcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcgtga tctctgctca    130140
     ctgcaagctc tgtgtcccgg gttcacacct ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagaagctgg    130200
     aactacaggt gcccaccacc aggcctagct aatttttttt gtatttttag taaagacgga    130260
     gtttcacagt attagccagg atggtctcga tctgctgacc tcctgatccg cccacctccg    130320
     cctcccaaag ttaatttttg tattttttag tagagatgag gtttcaccat gttggccagg    130380
     gtgggtctca aactcctgac ctcaagtgat ctgcctgcgt cgacctccca aaatgctgga    130440
     ttacaggtgt gagccaccat gccagccaac aggtacatct ttaattcagt cttctgttga    130500
     cttcttgtgg tactttcttt gtagagagtt tatgtgatcc ttgaacctgg gttattattt    130560
     atttataagc atataactct atcttcccca ggagatcacc agttccaaaa ggcattcatg    130620
     ttaatttcat aataaagaaa acataaaaat attcctaaag cttatgaaat tttaggaggc    130680
     caggaaaaaa tatataccac ctagcttaga cctatgctca acatatttgt acatgaaaca    130740
     aacaatgtaa gtcattaatt ctgaataatt caagaaaatt tggtacgtaa aatacactta    130800
     ggcaatgaac atagaggggt tagaatggtt tgtcatcccc aaatcagaaa caataacaaa    130860
     cacaaaaggc atctgattct ccagcatatt tttattggag gattgagtaa agaaaatgaa    130920
     atgtcttcat ttaccatttg gtagtatgag acaaataaaa agaataaaaa gaatgcagaa    130980
     atgtgttagt ttaagtttct tctccttttt ttttgaccca aggtcttgct ctatctcccc    131040
     gtctggaagg cagtagtata atcatggctc gcagcagcct caacctcctg gactcaagca    131100
     atcctctcac ctcagcctcc agagtagctg agactaggtg ttcaacacga tgtgcagcta    131160
     agttttgaaa tttttttgta gactcaggat attgctatgt tgcccaggct aatctccaac    131220
     tcctgggctc aagccatcct ccagcctcag cctcacaaac tgctgggatt atgggcgtga    131280
     gccattagga ccaacaccaa aacttccatt ttaagacctg cgttttctgt acagaaaact    131340
     ctctgtacag agagtcacag acactattag cactggggag taccaagcat gacatttatg    131400
     gggcaacact gaccattcta aaatacacat attttgttta aatccgtgaa agtacacaga    131460
     taatcttgac tcttctaaag taatctcctt agagctatcc gcatactcgt aggtgctgtt    131520
     ctgacttctg gaaacatttt cagaacctag ggcatgttct ttcatgcctg tgcttctttc    131580
     cacaagactg ttgcttcaat aaatgtatta ctgagtacat ctccacagat acacatcttc    131640
     accctttcca aactgatgtg ggttttgacc acattttgag tgagttttgt ttgtttgttt    131700
     tttagggtcg aggtctcaca ctgtcactca ggctggagtg cagcagtgta atcacagctc    131760
     actaaagccc tgaactcctg ggctcaagcg atgctcccaa cttagcctgc tgagcagctg    131820
     ggactacagg cacacaccac cacatccggc taacatttaa aatttttttg tagagatgga    131880
     gtctcactat gtgtcccaga ctggtcttga actcttggcc tcaaaccatc ctcctgcctc    131940
     agcctcctga agtgctgata ttacaggcat gaacaaccac tcctggccct gagtggctgt    132000
     tatataagat atagtaaata aggctgacaa tgctgttaga aattgaaaaa atgattttca    132060
     aaagataatt tttaaccaac acatcagaaa gaataagaaa gttaagcact gacattgtcc    132120
     gttatattct tcctcacagt aacaaaaact tcagtagatc actttcaaac tccatctgca    132180
     tactctaaaa agacattctc aaaaggcagt tgaaagactc agctgactga gtcttctcaa    132240
     ttgtttgaga agatacttgg ctacaggtgg gtccaggaaa gaggaaaaag ggaaggcact    132300
     taactagtta tcccaattga caggtggctt tgggatggta ttaaggagag ccttctgttt    132360
     tacaaatttt gagttgctcc cagaacagaa taacaacaga atattactct gttcctggag    132420
     gaagcagaga atattggaaa tactaaagaa acaaataaca tgcgaaaagt aaataaaaca    132480
     catgactcaa tttcataggt cctttgattt cgaaggttgt cctgggtatt gaatgcagat    132540
     ctccatgctt tgcaagcaat cacacatcac cattcagcca ttgctgactt ttcatttgtc    132600
     tgtctgcctg ctgttttctt taatttagaa tctctacatg gaagactatt ctattttgca    132660
     tcctcagggc ctcgcatgat gtctggcaaa cagaaaaata agtataatta aatttaaaaa    132720
     aagcattcaa accttaaaaa ttgactaaaa ataatgggag aaaatgttgc ctttgtttgt    132780
     ttgagacaga gtcttgctgt cacccaggcg agagtgcagt gctgtgatct cagctcactg    132840
     caacctccag ctcctgggtt caagcaattc tcctgcctca gtctcccgag tagccgagat    132900
     tacacatgcc tggcactagg cccagctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaaa ttgggtttca    132960
     ccatgttggc caggctggtg tcaaactcct gacctcatga ttcacccacc tcagccccgc    133020
     aaagtgccgg gttacaggta ttagccactg caccttgcag tgttgcctta tttttaaact    133080
     ctaaatcagt ccaagtggag tgtaagaccc cacactactc actgcactcc ccacacaccc    133140
     ttgtaatagc ttctcttcaa gatgcagtct taatttgtac cccaagcagg tgactaagcc    133200
     agtttcattc acctctggtt gagctcacct ggaaatgata ggataacttt tttctcacat    133260
     tctaagcaca cccagctgac ccaggatgca acagtaatta cacagatggg ttctctgtac    133320
     cagacagctc ctttcattga aaaaaatatt accattcatg cattttcacc caccagctaa    133380
     acctcacatg agggtctaag agagaacacc agaatgtcaa aaatcattga cttctaagtt    133440
     attaagtttc caaaaatgct actgtgggtg ccatcaattt gattcaattt gctatttaag    133500
     acacacacac acacacacac atcactgtaa cagaaggaag agaggatcct ttttaaataa    133560
     atgaaatcaa gaattgcttt tcaaaaataa gtgtgggctg ggtgcggtgg ctcatgtctg    133620
     taatctcagc actttgggag accgaagcag gcagatcact tggggtcagg agttaagaga    133680
     ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccccatt tctacaaaaa atacaaaatc agcagggtgt    133740
     ggtagcgtgt gcctgtaatc ccagctactt gggaggctga ggcagaagaa tctcttgaac    133800
     ccgagggtgc agtaagccga tatcgcacca ttgaagacca gcctggggga cagagcgagg    133860
     ttccatccaa aaaacaaaca aacaaaagta aagaaaaggg gggggaaaaa aaaagaaaag    133920
     caaaggggag gggagaaagg gaaagagtgg taaagctatc cgtgttggct tgttggaatt    133980
     tttccaaaac taggaaccca tccttctaca aagactgaga gacagatgtg tcatctcctt    134040
     caattattac attttaaagg gatggctctc aagtcttcca aaaggcattc ctaggttgta    134100
     aaactagaaa gaagctagaa gatttgcatc acaaataggt atagaaagaa ctcacaattc    134160
     caagttttct aacataaatc ctctatgaaa aaggaggcct gatgaatgga actgtagctc    134220
     attatgtaag agaaataagg caagtacaga agaaaaatat tgcatgttct cactcacatg    134280
     tgggagcata aaaacgggac ctcatggaga tagagagtgg actggtggct accagaggct    134340
     gggaaaggga gcagagaagg gagataaaaa tagtttgatt aatgagtaca aatatgtaag    134400
     ggttttgttt gtctgatttt tgttctttgg agacaggatt ctgctctgtt gctctgacag    134460
     aagtgcagtg gtgtgatcat agctcacagt aacctgaaac tcctgggctc aagtgatcct    134520
     cccacctcag cctgactagt agctgggact acagctgagt gccaccatgc caggctgatt    134580
     tttgtatttt ttgtagagac agggtctcac taggttgccc agtctggtct caaacttcga    134640
     ggctcaagca atcctcccac cttggaaata tacagtttga taaaagaaat aagacttagt    134700
     gttcaataga acagcagtgt gactgtagtt tacaataatc tattatacat ttcaaaatag    134760
     ctagaagaaa ataaatgttt ctagcataaa gaaaaggcaa acatttaagt ttatgaatat    134820
     cctgatcaca ctgatgtgat ctttacaaat tatatgaatg tatttaacaa acacatgtac    134880
     ccccaacatg tgtgcatcta taatgtatca ataaaaaaaa attaaaaaga taaggaggtc    134940
     aggaggaaaa ctgtgttaat aatcaacctg agggaaacat gcaggctgtc ttagtcaatc    135000
     aattcaccct tttcctctta atgtgctaat tatcaattga tatggtctgg ctttgtgtcc    135060
     ccacccaaat ctcaccttga attgtaataa tccctacgtg tggtggaagt gacctggtgg    135120
     gaggtaactg aatcattggg gtgggttttt cctgtgctgt ccttgttgat agtgaatgta    135180
     tatcatgaga tctcatggtt ttacaatagg cagttcccct gcacacactc ttttgtccac    135240
     caccaagtaa gatataactt tgtccctgat ttgccttgtg ccatgattgt gaggtctccc    135300
     tagccacgtg gaactgtggg tccattaaaa ctctttcctt tgtaaattac ccagtttcag    135360
     gtatgtcttt attaggagtg tgagaataga ctagtacatc aataatcccc atatgaggac    135420
     attttatttc tttggaaatg tctgctccta cctcgatttt ttatttttat ttttttgatt    135480
     tttatttgtg agacaaggtc tcactttgtc acccagactg gagcacgatc tcgctcactg    135540
     cagccttgac ttccgaggct ccagagatcc tcccacatca acctcccaag tagctgggac    135600
     tacaggcagg caccagcata cctgtttaat ttttgtatat tttgtagaga cgggttttgc    135660
     cactttgccc aggacggtct caaattcctg agctcaagtg acccacctag cgcagcctct    135720
     caaactgctg ggacaacagg agtgagccac tgtgcccagc tgtcttggta tttttaacct    135780
     taaaaacaac caagtacatc cttggtatgg tctcatcccc cttgctgtaa gcatattaaa    135840
     atgctgttat tacatgcatt caagtaatca catggtgcta acaccaattt ttttgcctgc    135900
     agaattaatt caggagttta tctgaaattc tcaatataaa tacctaatat gcaaaactcg    135960
     ccagacaaga aaccatatgc agccataatc tttttttttt tttttgagat gggagtcttg    136020
     ctctgttgcc taggttggag tgcagtgatg cgatcttggc tcactgcaac cagtgcctcc    136080
     caggttcaag tgattctccg gcctcagcct cccaagtagc tgggactaca ggtgcacacc    136140
     accacacccg gctaattttt tgtattttta gtctacagga ggtttcacca tgttagccag    136200
     gatggtcttc atctcctgac ctcatgatct gcccaccttt gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat    136260
     tacaggcata agccacctca ctcagttgca gacacaattt tattatttta taattttgtt    136320
     ttattttact ttatatatat atattttttt gagaaggagt ctcactctgt ctccaggctg    136380
     gagtgtagta gccaatctcg gctcactaca acctctgctt cctgggttca agtgcttctc    136440
     ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggacta taggtacgca ccacgatgcc cagctaattt    136500
     ttctattttt agtagagatg gtgtttcatc ttgttggcca ggatggtctc aatctcctga    136560
     tctcgtgatc cacccaccgt ggccttccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt gagccaccat    136620
     acctggctat gtacatattt ttctatcaac catttatcca tcaatctatc catctgtcca    136680
     tctatttctc ttacgtatat aaatacatat ataatctcta tgtcttatat cggtaacacg    136740
     tattttttct ttaaatttat acaactacat taattaaatc ccacctaata aaaattgtat    136800
     tctaaaacct ggtgtagtag gaagctgaat aacctgaccc tagaccaagg tacacattgt    136860
     gtggctgaaa atcacttggc ttcgttagac ttcatctttc tcctacatac gactaggtag    136920
     ccagcctaaa aaatctcaaa ggtggcttac aacctttgaa tgcattggtt ccatggaagc    136980
     aggaggttta agctctgcct gcaggagatt tttgtagact tcagacaatc ggggcaacat    137040
     caaagtcaag cactccctgg tatagtgtct aacagggacc atgtaattag ggcatgtttt    137100
     atgtgagact gtgttcaaga gatgtacaca tgagaaaaag gtgttttttt cacagcagag    137160
     ataacataat tgagctgttt ggtatagcga ctcaaagcca ctgaaagttc taatcaaatg    137220
     attcctctgg ctttcacttt tttaatgtat ttcactgtta ctgcctctgg caactaccat    137280
     tacaagggag gaaactttgt tccatgaaga ggctactcca tttcatgagc tcaagtcaga    137340
     tcaaaataac aagctctcct acaattccag tgtgtttcct gaccattccc attcccctct    137400
     atgcttgtcc aaaaatagac tgtctttcaa gttatcactt tcattcacag ccaatatgaa    137460
     ggcctcatag aaaaacactg atttccaaaa gcaacagatg ttggaaagaa cacagagaga    137520
     agcgaatgct tatacactgt cggtgagaat ataaattagt acaacctcta cggaaaacag    137580
     tatgcagatt tgtcaaagaa cttaaaacag agctaatttt gacacagcaa ctccaccact    137640
     ggctatctac ccaaacaaaa atgaactatc atagaaggca cctgtggccg ggagcagtgg    137700
     gtcatgctta taatcccagc actttgatag gttgaggcag gtggatcact caaggtcagg    137760
     agtttgagac aagcctggcc aacatgacaa aaacccatct ctactaacaa tacaaaaatt    137820
     agccggggat gatggcagat gcctataatt gcagcaactt gggaggctga ggcaggataa    137880
     tcgcttgaac ccagagggtg gaggttgcag tgagctgaga tcatgccact tcacgattta    137940
     gcagcttgtg tgaaagagca aaattccatc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaca ccttcctgtt    138000
     ttatgtttat tgcagcacaa ttcacaatag caaaatcatg gaatgaacct tagtgtttac    138060
     tggataaaga aaatgtggta tacacacacc aaggaatatt atgcatttat aaaagaaaaa    138120
     tgaaactgta ttttgcacca agataaatgc agctgcaggc caatatccta cgtgaaagaa    138180
     ctcagaaaca gaaaatcaaa taccgtatgt tcccacttaa aaagtggagc taaacaatgg    138240
     gtattcatgt acctataaaa tggaataaca gaccctggac accttaaaat ggggaaaggt    138300
     gggagggtgt gagggttgaa aacttaccta tctggtatta tgttcactgt ttgggagata    138360
     gatatactag aaggccaaca cccctcacta agcaatatat cttgcaacaa acctgcaaac    138420
     ttatggcctg aatctttttt ttttttttta agacagagtc ttgctttgtc accaggctgg    138480
     agtgcagtgg cacaatcttg gctcattgca atctcccctt ccagggttca agcgattctc    138540
     ctgcctcggc ctcctgagta gctgggatta caggtgtgtg ccaccacacc cagctaattt    138600
     ttccattttt agtagaggca gggtttcacc atgttggcca ggatggtctt gatctcccaa    138660
     cctcgggatc catgcgcctc agcctcccaa cgtgctgggt tacaggtgtg agccactgcg    138720
     cctggccaaa tctatttgtt ttttaaacac tgacttccat ggtcactatt tgtctgtgaa    138780
     atcaatcctc acaaaccagt actcacatgt ttttttgttt atcagatgaa ctctgtcacc    138840
     catacaactc agcttgcaac cacccctggc cacaaccagt ttccccacac tgaggtgaat    138900
     gttggacatt actattttag acattaccac ctattctgaa attccacatc aatttatctg    138960
     agaaactctg atgttctagg gcaatttaac tggaaaagat cagctggagt catgcatcat    139020
     ttctttgctg tttttggaga tggagttttg ctcttgtcac ctaggatgga gtgcaatggc    139080
     tcaatcttgg ttcactggaa cctccgcctc ccaggttcaa gctactctcc tgcctcagcc    139140
     tcctgagtag gtgggattac aaatgtgcac caccacactt ggctaatttt tgtattatta    139200
     gtaaagatgg ggtttcacca tgttggccag gctggtcttg aactcctgat ctcaggtgat    139260
     ccacccactt ccgcttccca aagtaatggg attacaggct tgagccaccc caactggctg    139320
     tgtcatttca atcaacaact gtttaaaagg aacaggcatc aaaaccaata gtatcaaatt    139380
     atttataagg gttgtatact ggtttctcca agcatctctc cttcacaaca tcattccttt    139440
     caagagctgc ttcttttttt ctaatttagc tcaggaattt agaagttcca acataacggg    139500
     gcatccagta ttcacccaca ccactttttg caggaatcca tatggagcca ctaccaccat    139560
     ccctgctctc ctactgcata acccaacagg ccaaagtgca gtgctcacac ctgtaatccg    139620
     agtgctttgc aaggccatag aggaagatca cttgaggtta gaagcctgag accagcttgg    139680
     gcaacatagt gagacctcat ttctacaaaa aagtgtaaaa caaaagggga catggtggtg    139740
     catacctgta gtcctagcta ttcagcaggc tgaggtaaga agatcacttg agtccaggag    139800
     atttgaggct gaagtgagct agattacgcc actgcgctct agtctgggca gcagagagag    139860
     actccatctc taaaaagaca gataagaaga aggagaaagt gtaggaggaa aaagaaacga    139920
     gaggagggaa agggggagga ggaggaggaa taagatgagg aagaggtgga agagtagaag    139980
     ggggaggaga aggaggagga ggagaatact gcttcttcct agacccaaag taaaaaggat    140040
     tttagtctca tgttgatgag aaagacactg atatttaatt aagcaatata aaaaggattg    140100
     ttttagaaca gagaattaaa gagaaagtaa aattaacatt gagataggag gactgaagac    140160
     atcaactgac ttccaatccc aatgaagagg agaaaaagat acaactatat aggtggtata    140220
     tctacttatc acagaagaag ccttttgaca gcaaaataga attcatacct cttaggtttt    140280
     aaattcctat ggatgctgta gcaaataacc ataattgggg tggcttaaag taacaggtgt    140340
     ttattctttt ccagtactgg aaacaaggaa tctgagatca aggtgagggc tgggctgagc    140400
     tccccctgga agctctaggg gaggatcttt cccgcctctt ccagctcttg gtggctccag    140460
     tcatgattgc ccactgcatt ccaaactggg aaacagagca agaccgcatc tcaaaaaata    140520
     atagtaaata aataattgta tacacacgag aaaaagagag agagaggagg gaggcagaga    140580
     gagacagtgt gtgtcaaact ttgaggcaag gaaactaacc ccactccttg actgcagatt    140640
     caacccacat tcagaaaaca aggttagaat taccataggg gcttgaactt tgctaaacaa    140700
     taggcataag taatcaatga cctgccatca cttagcgtgt tttcctgtaa gttgctcact    140760
     gcaccagagt catgtaacca gggatcacta aaagtataat ttcctgaacc actcctatag    140820
     ataacattac tattgtaaaa cccaagaatg gtctttgaaa catttttcag atctagcatt    140880
     ttgacagacc aagagatgct acctggtcct gagatatcct ctcctgggtc gggcacaaag    140940
     aaagttttag acactccttc gatttcatcc ccagccaacc aattgttgca agtgttgcag    141000
     ttccctagcc ttctgaccac caaagtacct tcaaaaacca cagtttccaa cttttcaggg    141060
     agacggattt gataaatctc tcctattccc ctcacttagc tgcccctgca attattaacc    141120
     tccttctttg ctgcaacatc cgctgttagc agtgtgttgg gttttcaggg agcagcagac    141180
     aagaagaaac cctcaggctg taacactctc ctgcacgcct ttccatggaa tcataaatgt    141240
     cctttctctc ctaccatatt ctttaaatat ttatgtcaca acatttggtt taagaaatca    141300
     tcagtgtttc cattataatg atgatttcaa tgatattcaa agatcaacca gtgactacaa    141360
     tgattatgtc ttcttctttt ttttttcttt ttcctagagt tagtaattcc cttttttttt    141420
     ttttttttga aacaaaatct cacccttgca atggtgcaat ctcggctcac tgcaacctcc    141480
     acctctcagg ttcaagcaat tgtcctgctg cagcctcctg agcagctggg agtacaggtg    141540
     cctaccacca tgcccagtta attttttttt tttttttgta tttttagtag agacggggtt    141600
     tcaccgtgtt ggctagcctg gtctcgaact tcggacttca ggtgatccgt ctgcctcagc    141660
     ctctcaaatt actgagatta caggcatgag ccatcacacc tggtcttctt ctgtatcact    141720
     taaaaagaaa acagtcataa tccactaagc tgatttcatg accaattaag agataacaag    141780
     agctgggatt acaggtgtga gccaccacaa tcatcctagt ttttgtatct tgaatacaga    141840
     tggagattca tcaggttggc taggctggtg acctcaaact cctgacctta agtgatcctc    141900
     ctgccttgga ctcccaaagt gccaggatta caggaatgag ccactaaacc cagcctgtgt    141960
     ctggtcagaa aggtcttaaa aacaccacct tagtacagac actctacata aactttcata    142020
     tgtaagatgt aatttagaaa aaatgtccat aatggattta tgatgaaagc aaaattgtgg    142080
     acatgttgat aaacacaatg tttctttgtt ctttgttttc tttgtgtatg taaagaatta    142140
     gaagccattt gtgtcaaggt aacttctgga gaaacaaaag gtcaggaaag gacaatgacc    142200
     ctactggtca caaaccagcc ccaatacaag acagagacag ccgcacaggg gaattcctgc    142260
     ctggtggggc tcctatcttc agccctcagc tactcagggt atggctccta gtgagaaccg    142320
     agccacattc gtggttccta agtgacctat gtcagcatcc tgcttaggta tttgtacagg    142380
     gactactgcc agccttccag acagtcccta caaagagtcc ggcccccaag gctccaactg    142440
     gacatggctc catattgacc ccttttttgt cctccaaccc actggcagta gcatcttttt    142500
     caatcagttc agtacattta tttccaactt gcacacaaaa catactgaaa aactaaaaaa    142560
     aaaaaaaaaa tcattaaaag tagacccttc aagacaaata tctctacctc ccaaatacaa    142620
     agctaaaaac agaggatttg gtggatggtc atctgtcaga ttctgatgat tattcagaat    142680
     tcagtgtgga agatgacaaa gatcagaggt aaaagcaggc actctgactt aaggtgctgt    142740
     tcctgaggcc caaaagtgtt tgtcagactt gtgcaaagtc atgtatggaa gttggagacg    142800
     ggctcatcat tttaaactta atccaggcca tggccaggtg gaccccgaga tgagtccact    142860
     ctgaggctgc agctcaggct gcctgtgccc catacttccc acagatgcag ggtcactgca    142920
     cccttccaaa gctgacagtg cagcccatgc tcatagcctt tctgccttcc cttcccgccc    142980
     tgtcctggga gttcacccaa gccctctgtg gcccccaccc aaggcgtgtt tcttggtctg    143040
     ctcctcccat gcccattctg gcttccctgt accatgcggg gcaaacaata ggtgctcact    143100
     ggggagtgaa ggaaatgccc atcacttagt ggctgctgag gggctgagaa ctgaaacttt    143160
     gtttaggttt tcttctgtat tttccatcag tgcctttggt ttaaactttt tagtaaaatc    143220
     tttattttca tgaaggttga aagatcatct agcaaaacct tttttcccag ctatatataa    143280
     ggtattttaa aagcagcata aaatagttaa gaaaatgtgc caagattacc tcagtacttc    143340
     tggtctgtgt tctcagaaga tcctgaaaat gaccaatgat aaggtaatga tctcccatgg    143400
     cagaaagagt tttgctcaga gagttagcca aaagaaagaa gggccaggta tagtggctta    143460
     tgcttgtaat atagcacttt gggaggccaa agtggccaca tggatcacat aaggtcaaga    143520
     gttccaggtc agcgtggcca acatggcaaa accctgtctc tacgaaaaac acaaaagtta    143580
     gctgggcatg gtggcacgtc tctagtccta gctacctggg aggctaaggc aggaaaatcg    143640
     ctggaaccca ggaggtggat gttgcagtga gccaagtttg caccactgca ctccagcctg    143700
     aacgagcctg gactgagacc atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag    143760
     aaagaaagaa aaaaagtcca ttaatgaaga aggatgtttt ttactaatga cattttacta    143820
     gccaacgtcg ttttagcctt ttcccattaa gtgaattttt tttttctcta ttgcctaggc    143880
     tagagtgcag tggtgctatc ttggggctca ctgaagcctc caactcctgg gttcaagtga    143940
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg tactataggt acctgccacc atgcccagct    144000
     aataattttt gtatttttag tagagatagg gtttcaccat gttggccagg atggtctaga    144060
     tctgttgacc tcatgatcta cccatctggg tctcccaaag tgctgagatt acaggggtga    144120
     gctacagagt ccagccattt ttttttctta gtgcaataaa tgatcctcca gaaaactaaa    144180
     aaatgaagat aagctaaaag aaaatggaaa gaaccataat cctcccactc actgatgatc    144240
     acagttaata tctcaggtgt catttttttt ctttattttt attttgagac agagtttcat    144300
     tctgtctccc aggtggagtg cagtggtgca atcacagctc accgcagtct tgacttcctc    144360
     gttccaaata atcctctcac ataagtctcc tgagtagttc agaatatagg cgtgtgccac    144420
     catgcccagc caactttaat tttttgtagg gatggggtct cactatgtca tctggtctgg    144480
     tcttcaactc ttgggctcaa gttaccctcc cttctcagct tcccacagtg ttggaattat    144540
     aggcatgaac caccatgtcc agccctgttt tcttctttat gtgggtttct ggggataggt    144600
     tacatagggg ctattcatta ttgtttgtgg tttttctgac acaattctca tttaaacatc    144660
     attgttatta tcaaattggc tttagctaca ttggattttt tggggtgatt tttttaggtt    144720
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgaaac agtcttgctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtac    144780
     agtaagccct tgaacaacat aggttggaac tgtgtaggtc ctcttacata tgaattttct    144840
     tcaataaata tattagaaaa ctttttggga atttgttgac aatttgaaaa aacctgaaga    144900
     tgaaccacat agcctagaaa tatttttttg aatatttaaa ggttggtgta acatgagagc    144960
     ataaaatata tgtagaagtc atctgtcact actataaaat atacatagat ctataaactt    145020
     atacataaat atataaatac atatatcata aaattataaa aagctaaaag taaaataaac    145080
     acacacacac agacagtaca tgccatcttc tgcagtccag agaaatgcaa acaatcatga    145140
     agatgacata ttaattccta actgtatcaa actaattgta gtacgttctg tgctactgga    145200
     ataatggcat agccatctcc tgttgtgaga tgcaagggtc cactgaaaat gccatgtgga    145260
     actaatgatc tctgtgtgag cagttctccg ctccaagaca ctgtgaagca cagtaacaag    145320
     tgcttgctta tggtgctcac atattttgca ttgtgtttag tgcaatacca tgatgtgaac    145380
     attgaataac accatgcgac ccataagaag tgcctctgat gatgctggaa atgctcccaa    145440
     gaagtacaca aaagtcatga tgttagaaga aaaagctaaa tgcttagtat gtgtggtaga    145500
     ttgaagtctg cagcttgtag ctgcccatga tttcagacag acaattcacc ttgtaaacag    145560
     atgatttcca cttgtgctat caataaatac agtataagca tattatatct aatgtatgat    145620
     tttcttaata atcttttcat aagctaactt taaggataca gtatgtaata tatatgacac    145680
     ataaaatatg tgttaatcaa atgtctgtta tcagtaaggc ttgcagtaag tagtaggcta    145740
     ttaataatta attctgtagg aagttaaaag tttatataaa gatgtctgac tgcatgcggg    145800
     atgttgccct tgattgctat tttgtacaat ataaagggtg ggtgagggaa acaagtctat    145860
     tcaacgacaa aaaggtcttt tcaaggacaa gaccagttga aagctatgaa attactattc    145920
     ttagaaggac tgatccttta ttgtaattat cagcaaaatg agggaataga ggtaatagtc    145980
     ttcatttatt agttggatac tgaataaatt tggattagac agaatctgtt gtccctgtaa    146040
     agaaagatga actggtgaag gaaagacagt tggatcagaa attaaaggac agtggaaaag    146100
     tttgaaagca ctgccatcag taagaagaac cacagttgat tataccttat aacaaggatt    146160
     acagggaaca ctgagaacca agctgaaact ggtaaccatc aattcaatta gtatttccca    146220
     tccctgacct gcattctgag ggatgtagaa taattcattt tccacactta cttttttaaa    146280
     atttcagcaa tcatatgttt cttagagtta tgttacacct gacttttttc atagcttctg    146340
     tttttattta ggttgctagt aacatcctct cagatttctt taaatatatt aggtatgtga    146400
     atttattctg tcctgttcct gaacacctca gtctcgcctg ctctggctca gcttttacat    146460
     ttgtgttggt cattgtcttt actgttgatt ctacacatgc attccaatga tcctttcaga    146520
     aaaggggcag catagctgaa gggtttcctc atgttttctg cacagaactc ttgtctgcca    146580
     tatttttctt aagaagggct ggagagtggt atgtcatggt ctatcgctta aaaaaaacaa    146640
     actcacacca agaccaatgg agcagaacag agccctcaga aataatgcca cacatctaca    146700
     accatctgat ctttgacaaa cctgacaaaa ataagcaata gggaaatgac tctctattta    146760
     ataaatggtg ttggggaaac tggctagcca tatgtagaat gctgaacctg gatcccttcc    146820
     ttacacttta tacaaaaatt taatcaagat ggattaaaga cttaaatata agacctaaaa    146880
     ccataaaaac cctagaaaaa aacctaggca ataccattca ggacatttgt atgggcaaag    146940
     acttcatgac taaaacacca aaagcaatgg caacaaaagc caaaataaat aaatgggatc    147000
     tgattaaact aaagagcttc ttcacagcaa aagaaactga ttatcagagt gagtaggcaa    147060
     cctacagaat ggaagaaaat ttttgtaatc tatccatctg acaaagggct aatatccaga    147120
     atccacaaag aacttaaaca gatttacaag gaaaaaacaa ccccatcaga aagtgggcga    147180
     aagatatgaa cagacacttc acaaaagaag atatttatgt ggccaacaaa catatgaaaa    147240
     aaagctcatc atcactggtc attagagaaa tgaaatcaaa accataatga gataccatct    147300
     tatgccagtt agaatggcga tcatgaaaaa gagaacaaca gatgctggac atgatgtgga    147360
     gaaataggaa tgcttttaca ctgttggtgg gagtgtgaat tagttcaatc attgtggaag    147420
     acagtgtgac gattcctcaa ggatccacaa ctagaaatac catttgaccc agcaatccca    147480
     ttactgggta tatacccaaa ggaatataaa tcattctact ataaagacac gtgcacatgt    147540
     atatttattg cagcactgtt cacaatagca aagacttgga accaacccaa atgcccatca    147600
     atgatatact ggataaagta aatttgggac atatgcaaca cagaattctt tttttttttt    147660
     ttctttcagc catttctttt tatttacagt ttgtgttcaa tgcaaatcaa ttccataaga    147720
     agttactatg aatcaaagcg taaatacaca aacacaatat acaatccaaa atagatgtac    147780
     agcattctgg aataaagcaa aagagtgttc attcacacac acagtagctt caaaacggtt    147840
     cgatctgttt gttctcatgt agttttgtaa agatggaaaa aaaggacttt ggtcatcaag    147900
     actactgtgg ccatattaga ttactggaac atctaagcat cagtgtgtga ccatgcgaac    147960
     aaaagacttc ggggagtgtc tatttttaaa aaggtttctg tgtttcgagg cagttgtaaa    148020
     agatttactg cagaatcaag cccactttta ggcttaggac caggttctaa ctatctaaaa    148080
     atattgactg ataacaaaaa gtattccaaa tgtggctatt ctgatccata gttgtttttt    148140
     aaagaaaaaa aagtatatac agaaagagta taaaagtttg tgaatttaat gcaaattagc    148200
     ttccagtctt cacttcccaa atacttgatt tgtagttttg actcctttac atttttgcct    148260
     tcttaatttc aagatttgca attttgcctt caaaacagat cttttttttt aattgtaaaa    148320
     agtattcaac atatgcagaa ataaaaagca ttttgatggc tgggcgcggg ggctcaagcc    148380
     tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggc aggtggatca cctgaggtca ggagttcgaa    148440
     accagcctgg gcaacatggt gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa attacaaaaa ttagccgggc    148500
     atggtggcag gtgcctgtaa tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggcaggag aatcgcttga    148560
     gcccgggagg caaatggtac actgatctga gatcacacca ctgcactcca gcctgggcga    148620
     caaagtgaga ctgtctaaaa aataataata ataaaaagca ttttgaaatt agtcgcggtc    148680
     aatgcaattc tactctttgg aatccgttta gctaaatgaa tgtagtgctc ttgttgaatg    148740
     gaaataggtg ataggaaatg cctaccattt gactcaatat ggataatcaa gagttgctca    148800
     ggctgcttgg atctgggggt agattctcat tcatcattgc cctggcacat gtcaattact    148860
     acataaaagg tcaaacgcaa tgtcaaatcc aaagcctcag gaggaaagtg agttcagttc    148920
     ccaagagaac agcaatagct caacaatgta aaacttcatc tagagtatat cggcattaaa    148980
     taagtgctgc cgaaacaata cgttgaggaa ttacagtaac acctggaagt tccttctcat    149040
     gtacatataa atagaatcat ggaagctttt tatattacct gttttatggc cttatagaat    149100
     taatgaacca aatgaaaact gaatctccat tccacaatca catcctttat ttctattctt    149160
     attttcaagg tagtattaag tgtccatatt tctcaagcca cattcaagga aatcatgtct    149220
     taactatttt ggatgttgcc tctccttcat cttgtacatg aaactccagc agatttaata    149280
     ttggcatcca tcatctagtc aaacctctca catgttcttc aaatcaatca aatttgggat    149340
     tctcaacatt ttctgtgtca ataaaaggtg tggaattagt agattcgatg aagacctgtt    149400
     tttccttgcc acattggact tccagacgcc atttggattg ggtttagaag atggggaagt    149460
     ttagaagacg tttcttggcc tgagtctctt aagagtagag atgcagaaga gagagtgaga    149520
     ccacgaagag actggctgtt gactgcaggg caccaccagc cgccttggtg gtggcattag    149580
     ttggatttgg ggccaaccca gtgttggaag tactctggga ggagttactt gaagttccag    149640
     ttgttgtttc actggaataa atctgcgtgg gtaggagcag tgccagcagc agcagcccca    149700
     gcccaagcct ggccaccatt gctctgccca tgtcccctac gtcggtgcgc ggcgcgtcta    149760
     gcaggatgct gggtgcttgg agaaccgctg gctccgggcg ggcgcaggca aggtggggag    149820
     cgcggcgagc cggcgagacc ctggccgacg ggacccgggc gccgcctagc gcgaaccctt    149880
     cccggctggt cggcgctcct cgcaggcggt gtcccggtcc ggagcgatct gcgcgctcgg    149940
     ccccgcggcc gcgccctccc cgaagccctt gctttgttct gtgagcgcct cgtgtcagcc    150000
     aggcgcagtg agctcacggg ggcgtcccgg gtccgcatcc tcccaggagc tggggagccg    150060
     ctcgctgggc gcggacccgc tgcctgacgc tgcaaactac acggtttcgg tcccccgcgc    150120
     tcctgcctgc ggcgggcgag gaggagacgg cccaccctaa ggggaccccc tccgcggccc    150180
     tgaagccccc acccgcaaca cagaattcta tgcagccata aaaaaaggat gagttcatgt    150240
     cctttgcagg gacatagacg acactggaaa ccatcattct cagcaaacta aggcaagaac    150300
     ggaaaaccaa acacctcatg ttctcactca taagtgggag ttgaacaatg agaacacata    150360
     gacacacgga ggagaacatc acacaccagg cactgtttgg gggtgcgggg gtaggggagg    150420
     gatagcatta ggaaaaatac ctaatgtaga tgacgggttg atgagtgcag caaaccacca    150480
     cggcacatga atacctatgt aacaaacatg cacgttctgc acatctaccc cagaacttaa    150540
     aatatttttt aaaaatctgt aaacagaaga gtcagtcatc taaaactgat aagtcttctt    150600
     tcatttctag aagacatact atttttctgt tgatatttca tttattttct attttaatgt    150660
     atgtgagtca ttaacataaa ggtttgtaaa ctgcttagag ctcgttcaag aatgcatgtg    150720
     aaataattga tgcaagtcag ggcatggtag cttatgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag    150780
     gctgaggccg gcatatcacc aggtgaagag atcaagacca tcctggccaa catggtgaaa    150840
     ccctgtccct actaaaaata caaaaattaa ctgggcatgg tggtgcacgc ctgtagtccc    150900
     agctatttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc attgaacctg ggaagtggag gttgcagtga    150960
     gttaagatca tgccactgca ctccagccta gtgacagagt gagactccat ctgaaaaaat    151020
     agtaataata attgatgcta ataaaactag taattttaac agcaattcta aggggcatcc    151080
     tgttctcagg gcagcacaat cctctgagaa ctccccaaat ggtttagtgc actccactca    151140
     gcagaagcac gggtgaatca gacactcaac gaaaatgaag caatggctca gcagagacca    151200
     tccacgtttc ttctcatttc ctatgaaaaa tacaaatttg gagctttaga tgggtgggtg    151260
     gcttcccacc taaagaatga actcctaaac cttctttgca gctgtttagg atcaggtgac    151320
     tgattatggc cagcagaaga taagaaggga catgtgttcc tttgggtcca attacttact    151380
     gggcccttgc ttcccctccc ctgtgggcca ctgtggaggt ggggcagtta ctgggaccca    151440
     gcctgcaaac ttacatatga gggatgacaa agctgccctt gtaccaccaa cctggtctat    151500
     tggtgagggt gaaaaactct ttcaatttaa ggtgtatcag tcacatttca gtacaggaaa    151560
     cagatgccat cttagaccat gtagcagaaa gtgacttcaa acacagaatg agatgtttct    151620
     aaaatcagag gaaaagataa agttcatgac tgaagatcca aaattactct ccaaaatatt    151680
     ggtccttaga agacccagga caaggatcac atctgacaca catggtttgg agaacaccat    151740
     gcacacagtg cctcccatcc aagccctgaa gctagagagc agcagcagga gcttagacct    151800
     ccccaagcat acctgcccac agaaaacaca caagcaaaaa gatacttcct cctcactacc    151860
     accttacaag ctctgtgaaa gtacgttcaa tgttaaagca aattcacatg gctttaaaga    151920
     gactgtgaaa gatatccgca ggtcagcttt ttctctctct ctttctgttt tttttttttt    151980
     ttttttgaga tggagtctca ttcttcaccc aggctggagt gcagtagcgg gatctcgagt    152040
     cactgcaacc ttctcctctg gagttcaagt gattcttgtg cctcggcctc ctgagtagct    152100
     gggattacag gggtgtagca ccatgcctgg ctaatttttg tacttttagt agaaatgggg    152160
     tttcaccatg ttgcccaggc tggtctggaa atcctgacct caagcaatcc acctgcctca    152220
     gcttttctaa agaagagcag cttcagaaag ggtggactaa tggttgacca tactaattta    152280
     ccgcactgca agtgttactg tagctcaaac tgtgtattaa ctattaacag cgaaattcat    152340
     tttcaacaca agctagttta cacaaaaaga aatattctct aataacctga taattatgaa    152400
     acttctagta gaatgtctga tatgtactca gatgattcca ggaatagggt gagtttgaga    152460
     atgtaaatat tacattgtca tggtaatttt caaaacatga aattttcata catcaaacta    152520
     cttttgatac attaaaatta agaacaggtt ggcaagaagc tcatttctat acacacatca    152580
     gcatttacag gaatgcattt catctagtat agtcaacatc agatgactga ataaagacac    152640
     aataaggaga atgtcatttg aagcttttca tggtaactta aaaatcattc tgaagttttc    152700
     aataatatag gaaagcctct gctgtgaggt cgagggcaac aacttggtcg cattacttaa    152760
     aggtcattaa aatacatcct taatcctaac atgtggttca ttacaaatga agttgcttta    152820
     tgttcaataa aactaattaa atgtaagtgg tattgtttac tgctacatga agcttttgaa    152880
     atatgacatg aaataaagca tgtcatgatt tattgaatat tgctgtggcc ttgtggtctt    152940
     taataaattt gcttgagcat aaaagccaga aacatatttc tcagatgtct atggtttctg    153000
     aaaactgcgc ctccagacag ctatgaagca gaaactgtac ctggcattac aggatctgca    153060
     gcactattat tacatgactc ttacaaattt taattctctg accatattag gtgctctgat    153120
     aatccaacag aattgataaa gtttcttggc tgcttcctca gctcttcaag atgggctctc    153180
     aggtctctaa gtttacttaa cctggctcac accacggaca cagtcttaag tgacacaact    153240
     ggggatacac aaaataggct catggcctga taaaccaaac aggctcatga cctggacggt    153300
     ccatttgacc cagaggctgc gggtaattag tgtatggtta atgtggcatt tgtaagccag    153360
     gaacaaggag acataaaggg taaacttcag aagttagaat gttttgaagg catgaatatt    153420
     acccagctta tcctgtcctg gtggctacta aggtgtttgt aaatcaggat gaggaggcca    153480
     ggagcaaagc taaatgcaga gctaaggaaa aggcagactg gctggagaca gccttagttg    153540
     gacaagaaac gggttttgtg agaagacatg gtcatggtca gagtagagga caagctaggc    153600
     aaaaccaaga agctaagcca ggacaagggt gccaacctaa gcttgagaga gatcaatgtt    153660
     caagatgcac gcagatggga cactgtaaga acgaatgccc agaaagagaa aaggaaagag    153720
     gcaacaatca gggaaaaaac ggctggccag aacccaccgc cactggtcaa ggggttcaga    153780
     agtcagacat ggatttaatt ggactggcag gaatcaatga ttattatgag gactgagata    153840
     gaccaggctc catttcatta ggcccggagg agcctatggt ctcaatggag gtagggggcc    153900
     agaaaatgga ctttatggtt gatactggtg cagagcactc agtagtaact caagcaattg    153960
     gttcactgtc taaaaattat ttcaatataa ttggagctac aggaataata gaaagaggcc    154020
     ttacttcaaa tctaaaagat gtgtgattgg aggacagcaa gtccaacatg attttttata    154080
     tttgccaaat tgtctggtcc tctgttagga agataattgc tccagaaatt gcaagcacaa    154140
     atctccttta cttgagaagg ggaaatgact ctaaacctag gtcaaagaag acatgataat    154200
     gacccttacc atccccacaa cagaggaatg gagactctat gagaggtgca aaatttgtaa    154260
     agatgcattt tgccagcagg aaaatgaggc aatgtataag gaattgtttc tcaacctggc    154320
     aggggtctgg gtggaggaca gtctcccaga gctagccata aatcaggccc ccgtagtggt    154380
     ggaactgctg cgagacactt acccagtgca aattcgtcag tattccatcc cagtaaaagc    154440
     cacccatggg attacaaagc atatagtccg gctctttaaa tttgggataa tagaaagatg    154500
     tgcctctcct tggaacactc cattgttact ggtgttaaag cccataggag attactggct    154560
     ggcacaggat ttgcaggcca tacataaggt tgcagctaca ttatatgcca ttgtgcccaa    154620
     cccatacaca atgcttgggt gaattcctgc tgatgttgct tggtttacat gcttaatgtt    154680
     tggatgcatt cttctgcatc caactggctc ctgaaagcca gggcatcttt gcctttgagt    154740
     ggagctcatc acagtatact tggaccaaac tcccccaagg atttaaaaac tccccaacca    154800
     tttttgagga agcactagcc tcagacctga aggctttcat gccaccaagt ggccactgtg    154860
     tactgttgca gtacatagat gatttatgca cccacaaaag aagagtgctt tcaaggcaca    154920
     gaagcctcct tcatgttcta tgggaggctg gctataagat gtctaaggaa aaggcacaaa    154980
     tctgtggcca aagagcaaat tatcttggct tcgacatttc taaaaggcag tgttaagggg    155040
     ggatgtgaga gaaaagagac tgtgcatggc attcttcgac ctgactctag acaacaagtg    155100
     agggacttta tagaggcagc tggcttctgt cacatttgaa ttccaaatta cttgttcttg    155160
     gcaagtgtga ggcttgcatt gtgtgaggct accaaagggt ggggtaaaag aacccctctg    155220
     gtagggaaaa gagcagcaca tggccttcaa agaaatcaga aagccttgat ccagtcccca    155280
     gcattaggac tgccagacat gacaaagcct ttttacctgt atgtccataa aagaaaagga    155340
     atagctacag gagccttggt acaaacacta gggtcatggt atcggcccat gacatatttg    155400
     cccaagtgac tagacttcgt ggctatggga tggccactcg gtttcaaggc attggcagcc    155460
     actgccctgt tggcagaaaa tgctaacaag ctcacgtttg gacaaaggtt gataattcag    155520
     gtaccccata cagtcatcac cctgatggag cagaatgggc atcgctggct ttctaaccct    155580
     cagatgtgaa ggacttttat gtaaaaaccc ctacataacc ttggagactg tgaatactgt    155640
     aaatccagcc acactgctgc caaaagaata ggcagaacat ggaaagccac cgttatgtgg    155700
     cccagagtat cactgttgtg tggaaacagt ggatgaagtt ttctcaaact taaaagactt    155760
     aaaggagctg cccttacaaa atccagatgt tgaattctga tggaagcagc ttcatatctg    155820
     aaggtgtcag accggctgga catgcagtgg taacactgaa ttcagtagcc gaagtctgcc    155880
     ctctgacggt cggatcttcg gcccaaagag ctgagctaat agttctcact agagctaata    155940
     cttctcacta gagcattgct cttggccaga ggaaaatcag taaacatcta taatgactta    156000
     aggtatgctt ttgccacttt gcatgcccat ggagccatat ataaggaaag aggattatta    156060
     gctactgaag gaaaggaaat caaaaataaa aagaaagtac agcagctctc agaagccata    156120
     tgggctccaa aagaagtagc agtcatccat cgcaaagggc atcaaacagg aggaggtgat    156180
     gaggctagag gaaacagaaa gggggacaga gaagccaaag gagctgcaat gacagaggta    156240
     actaagatgg aagaggaaac ccttaccatg cctttactgg agctttccct tatggaaccc    156300
     cctaagtact cctttaatga aaaggcttcg tttgagcagg agagtgtaag ttaccagaaa    156360
     ggaggttgtc agaaattctc agatgggagg tttaccatac cagaagtaat accccccggt    156420
     tcataaagca gtttcatcac ggaatgcatg tgagaaaaac tgcattagag actcttgcag    156480
     gacagccttt ctatgtgcca cgcctaactg ccatcactag agccatttgt gagcaatgtt    156540
     taacttgtgc ccaaaacaat ccacagcagg ccaacaaggc ccccagggat tcaagaaact    156600
     ggagctacac cctgtgaaaa cctctttgtg tactttacca agctgcctca agccagaggc    156660
     taccggtata tgctagtgtt tgtctgcagt ttctcagggt gggtcgagac atttctcact    156720
     aggacaggga aaactcggga agtaacgaag atcttattaa aggacattat tcctagattt    156780
     aggctgcctc taatttcagg atcagacagt ggtccagcac ttgtggcaga gatagtacaa    156840
     tagctaacac agatgttaaa aaccaaatgg aatctgcata tagcttatca cccacaaaat    156900
     tctggaaaag gtgaaagaat taactggaca cttaaacagc tgttaaagaa gttttgccaa    156960
     gaaactcatc taagatggga tcaggtgctg cccatgttcc ttctccaagt caggcgcacc    157020
     cctactaaat taactgggta ttcaccctat gagatagtgt tcggccaacc acccccaatc    157080
     ataactcagt taaaagggga tttaaaagaa attgggaaat taaccttaag aagataaatg    157140
     caagccttag gtgaggacat gcaggaaaca gaagggtgag taagagaaag aatacctctt    157200
     agcctcagag atgcaataca tcccttccaa ccgactctgt ctgcatcaaa tgatggaacc    157260
     cagccatctt cgagccttta tgggatggtc cccatactgt gaccttatct acccccactg    157320
     ctgttaaagt tgcaggtatc acacctcggg ttcatcatag ccagctgaaa ccagcagtga    157380
     ccgcaactca ggaccagtgg cccagtcaac aaaacccaga ccacctgaca tggatgatcc    157440
     tgaggtgaaa ctaagccact gctgacaagg acaactgccc tacgctgacc acaccagagg    157500
     ctggttggtc cacacacggc tgaaccttaa ggaaacatca agccatgctc ttgtcacaca    157560
     tccagaagct ggctagtcta cgcatggccg aagcctgagg aagtcaacaa cacaaaagta    157620
     aatgtggatt taatttacaa gcatactgga ttgaatttac aagcatagtt aatactcgta    157680
     cctgtactga ttattttact gtcatgttat ctttgcaaat gctgccaagg ttgttaccca    157740
     gaagggtgct cacgcatagt ataagtttaa tcatgttagt aatattgaag ccactgacac    157800
     ttgcacctat ggttacaaaa ggggaccaag atgactgtca tcactgcatg atagaagcct    157860
     ggtccagaaa aggtatgact aaaactatgt tttgccagac ctactataag tgtacaggga    157920
     ctcatacagg aatttgtgtc tataaccaga ctagttactc agtctgtgat cccagaaatg    157980
     ggcagcccca agtatattaa gacccagagt tcgtgcccta gaacttctga agtccaaact    158040
     ggtgaacccc taatgccatc atatacaaac cccacagaaa tcagggtcag taaacctgta    158100
     aacaaaaaag aagtattccc tcactcgcat aaaggccctg tctccatata ttttgatgcc    158160
     tgccaagctt cacatctcag caaactaaat aatattggga ccatctgtaa aaatctagga    158220
     caagaaagag tcagccagca gagccaccaa ggccataaca gaagaatcca aaaaggagtg    158280
     ccctgattgt gataatcagt ggaccacacg tgaatttatc agcacctata cacaggaagt    158340
     gttgctctgt ttgccagcca agaggtgaag atagggtgca caactggaac ttgcaaccca    158400
     ctcaatctga caatactaaa gccaaataag cctttctgga ctgaaaggca taaatttagg    158460
     gctattaacc tttgatcagg caagaaatct cctaggactt ggtattcctc tggtcattac    158520
     caggaaaacc caaaggatcc aagttcaagt tagcccaatg caacacttta ggttttatac    158580
     atctttcaat gaacacttta atcctgaagt atcaaaaaat caaattcctc ctatatcagc    158640
     tgaaaacctg tttgctcagc tagctgaaag tattgataac aatttaggag ttactgtatg    158700
     ttatatatgt ggaggtacta atatgggaga tcaatggccc tgggaagtta aagaattgat    158760
     gtcacaagaa aattttacct tgcctgattt tgttacacaa ttcaatgcaa accaagcatt    158820
     tggctactaa ggaacctcat cattggaaaa tcttgttatc acctgttggg acaaggcctt    158880
     tcagaaccag gtaggggaag caacttgcct aggtcaacaa cattttgaag aatccgagaa    158940
     gagaacacaa tggagaagct ttacagacaa ttcttctgtg tcagacttta atcgcttttt    159000
     gcagttccca gcactaaatc aatcatggta ccaattagat gctccaagtg tttggagaac    159060
     acgtgcaggg ttatattgga tctgtgaaac aaaggcttat caattactac cccataaatg    159120
     gacaggacca tgtgtattag gaacaataag gccatccttt tgcctactcc cactgcagca    159180
     aagggaagat ctaagctatc tggtctatga tgaaggcaga aaaagaatta gaagaactgt    159240
     gtttacaaaa acaaatactg tggaaaaaat agagactaac attaaaaaag acattaaaat    159300
     agggagctag aaagataacg aatggccccc tgaacaaaat tatcaaatac tatgggccag    159360
     tcaccagggc acaagatggg tcattgggac actgtatttc tatttatatg ttaaaccata    159420
     acatataaat aggttaaatc ataaggtttc aagcagttct ggaaattagt caataaaaga    159480
     gcccgagcct taagacttgc tagccataca ggtgacccag atgacagatg tcatttatca    159540
     gaaaaggtta gcactggatt aatcttttag cttcagaagg aggagtttgt ggaaaactta    159600
     acaaattgct gcttacaaat tgatgacaat ggaaaagttg tcatggaaat cactgccagg    159660
     atgcaaaagt tagctcatgt tccggtccag aagtgctctt gttgcaaact gaattcactc    159720
     tttggaggat ggttttcaca gtttagaggc tttaaaactt taataatcgg ctttgtagcc    159780
     ataataggtg gatgcctact gcttccctgt ctcctgccac ttctcatcag aagcatccaa    159840
     tccaccatag aagcagtagt agacagatac caccacccga ataaaggctc tgcaaagtac    159900
     caactggtat                                                           159910