EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC007965; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 182083 BP.
AC   AC007965;
DT   04-JUL-1999 (Rel. 60, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-245K4 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-182083
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-182083
RA   Du H., Stoneking T., Gregory S.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-245K4";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-182083
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-JUL-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-182083
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-182083
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; cec589feaf1c2efe2e63c1a1187a79f7.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000187.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000267935; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000269393; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC007965.3:1-182083; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000598545; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000601700; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF00003; U1.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; M0QY58; M0QY58_HUMAN.
CC   On Sep 10, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:5523821.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0245K04
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-100J21; the clone sequenced
CC   to the right is RP11-270H4, 200 bp overlap.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 1 of RP11-245K4; actual end is at base
CC   position 15260 of RP11-270H4.
CC   The sequence RP11-245K4 from base positions 105307 to 105967 and
CC   141470 to 141790 is represented by sequence derived from PCR of
CC   clone dna.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..182083
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-245K4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..65
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3688..3775
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    9345..9559
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI654951 (NID:g4738930) wb65g09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    9372..9555
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI767654 (NID:g5234163) wh38b10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    10775..10876
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI767654 (NID:g5234163) wh38b10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    11063..11277
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI767654 (NID:g5234163) wh38b10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   11875..12075
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    12065..12386
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE093625 (NID:g8484077)"
FT   repeat_region   12856..13310
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   13650..13896
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13919..14086
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   14854..14991
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   15334..15397
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   15406..15530
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   15762..15841
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15840..15972
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    16714..16830
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA020179 (NID:g1483961) mh51g02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    16716..16829
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI918053 (NID:g5637908) wi38g01.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW207673 (NID:g6507169)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T89537 (NID:g718050) ye04c07.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW770235 (NID:g7702298) hl79b07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    16716..16830
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA874484 (NID:g2979173) vx80h07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    16717..16830
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI928109 (NID:g5664073) wp11b12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW140982 (NID:g6160750)"
FT   misc_feature    16717..16829
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW027866 (NID:g5886622) ws62b12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    16722..16830
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA799342 (NID:g4131386)"
FT   misc_feature    16736..16830
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI819740 (NID:g5438819) wj11g03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    16736..16829
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI312610 (NID:g4018215) qp77b06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    16751..16829
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N40075 (NID:g1163620) yx98e03.r1"
FT   repeat_region   18145..18569
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    18606..19251
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA203531 (NID:g1799242) zx56g09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    18782..18932
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA854621 (NID:g2942159) aj76f06.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW140982 (NID:g6160750)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI928109 (NID:g5664073) wp11b12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA799342 (NID:g4131386)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI819740 (NID:g5438819) wj11g03.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA874484 (NID:g2979173) vx80h07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    18782..18929
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA020179 (NID:g1483961) mh51g02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    18784..18932
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N40075 (NID:g1163620) yx98e03.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW207673 (NID:g6507169)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI918053 (NID:g5637908) wi38g01.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI312610 (NID:g4018215) qp77b06.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW027866 (NID:g5886622) ws62b12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW770235 (NID:g7702298) hl79b07.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T89537 (NID:g718050) ye04c07.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA715483 (NID:g2727757) nv53f10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    18798..18932
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI033300 (NID:g3254253) ow74e10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    19378..19473
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA799342 (NID:g4131386)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST T89537 (NID:g718050) ye04c07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    19378..19441
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI918053 (NID:g5637908) wi38g01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    19378..19462
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW140982 (NID:g6160750)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI819740 (NID:g5438819) wj11g03.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA874484 (NID:g2979173) vx80h07.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW770235 (NID:g7702298) hl79b07.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI033300 (NID:g3254253) ow74e10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    19378..19463
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI928109 (NID:g5664073) wp11b12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA854621 (NID:g2942159) aj76f06.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA715483 (NID:g2727757) nv53f10.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI312610 (NID:g4018215) qp77b06.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N40075 (NID:g1163620) yx98e03.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW207673 (NID:g6507169)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW027866 (NID:g5886622) ws62b12.x1"
FT   repeat_region   19829..21107
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    26140..26250
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW020537 (NID:g5874067) df11c01.y1"
FT   misc_feature    26169..26250
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R98183 (NID:g983843) yq66c12.r1"
FT   repeat_region   26175..26437
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    26175..26250
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI291075 (NID:g3933849) qm10a04.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H49291 (NID:g989132) yq19h10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    26372..26717
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA121770 (NID:g1679437) zn95b09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    26385..26717
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI291075 (NID:g3933849) qm10a04.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW020537 (NID:g5874067) df11c01.y1"
FT   misc_feature    26385..26716
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H49291 (NID:g989132) yq19h10.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R98183 (NID:g983843) yq66c12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    26407..26717
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA040414 (NID:g1516757) zf05c06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    26447..26717
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW609077 (NID:g7313818)"
FT   misc_feature    26466..26717
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W76589 (NID:g1386835) zd66d10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    26715..26840
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI693546 (NID:g4970886) wd43h05.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA418618 (NID:g2080428) zv93c03.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI721124 (NID:g5038380) as73d12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA688284 (NID:g2675190) nv58h01.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI347364 (NID:g4084570) qo97f01.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI243152 (NID:g3838549) qh35b12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI589814 (NID:g4598862) tm74f10.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA418488 (NID:g2080352) zv93c03.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI754641 (NID:g5132905) cr28b04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   27033..27084
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    27081..27330
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA040333 (NID:g1516664) zf05c06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    27082..27330
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI589814 (NID:g4598862) tm74f10.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI693546 (NID:g4970886) wd43h05.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI347364 (NID:g4084570) qo97f01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    27082..27329
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA418488 (NID:g2080352) zv93c03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    27082..27256
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA418618 (NID:g2080428) zv93c03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    27082..27331
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA688284 (NID:g2675190) nv58h01.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI754641 (NID:g5132905) cr28b04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    27082..27240
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI243152 (NID:g3838549) qh35b12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    27082..27337
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI721124 (NID:g5038380) as73d12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    27115..27331
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA721254 (NID:g2737389) nz72d09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    27821..28312
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW020811 (NID:g5874341) df14g12.y1"
FT   repeat_region   28638..28938
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    30056..30838
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI934576 (NID:g5673373) wp09f06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    30057..30655
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW960230 (NID:g8149914)"
FT   misc_feature    30060..30430
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI538083 (NID:g4452218) to19a04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    30071..30405
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R66378 (NID:g839016) yi31c05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    30071..30493
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI671473 (NID:g4851204) wc30f10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    30071..30760
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI659875 (NID:g4763445) tu01b05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    30071..30452
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA827124 (NID:g2901121) ob56h11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    30071..30658
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW614366 (NID:g7319552) hg88f01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    30073..30724
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI423136 (NID:g4269067) tf32a04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    30213..30633
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI041342 (NID:g3280536) ow28b10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    30216..30927
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI765395 (NID:g5231904) wi74e09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    30224..30797
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA904753 (NID:g3039876) oj76d05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    30224..30973
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI671547 (NID:g4851278) wb33e07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    30225..30841
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI922378 (NID:g5658342) wn91d03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    30225..30724
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI089270 (NID:g3428329) qb09c10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    30469..30957
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N57463 (NID:g1201353) yw88h10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    30808..31142
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA453208 (NID:g2166877) zx44a02.r1"
FT   repeat_region   31214..31522
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    31523..31828
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA081779 (NID:g1623838) zn18d10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   31949..32242
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32243..33654
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33658..33754
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   34547..34871
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   34865..34979
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   36015..36109
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36256..36391
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36411..36542
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   38633..38836
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40353..40501
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    40881..41018
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AF197971 (NID:g6862555)"
FT   misc_feature    40911..41205
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA810229 (NID:g2879588) od14b05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    40950..41008
FT                   /note="similar to  EST Z21230 (NID:g27973)"
FT   repeat_region   41200..41356
FT                   /rpt_family="U1"
FT   misc_feature    41339..41558
FT                   /note="similar to  EST Z21230 (NID:g27973)"
FT   misc_feature    41339..41570
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AF197971 (NID:g6862555)"
FT   misc_feature    41377..41570
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW969218 (NID:g8159060)"
FT   misc_feature    41391..41568
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA810229 (NID:g2879588) od14b05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    41953..42045
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AF197971 (NID:g6862555)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW969218 (NID:g8159060)"
FT   repeat_region   42777..43070
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44381..44484
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44485..44772
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    44779..44809
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA688284 (NID:g2675190) nv58h01.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA721254 (NID:g2737389) nz72d09.s1"
FT   repeat_region   44889..44946
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   45520..45964
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49067..49882
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52056..52283
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52696..52869
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52902..53300
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   53405..53682
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56848..57115
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57181..57404
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57595..57899
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57931..58068
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58076..58287
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58346..59250
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59251..60333
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   60334..60433
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   60434..61215
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   61203..61846
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   61847..62025
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62099..62186
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62212..62504
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62506..62824
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62854..63088
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63089..63394
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63395..63926
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64320..64419
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64414..64499
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64985..65163
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   66926..67100
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67116..67258
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67342..67646
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67644..68030
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68046..68191
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68217..68389
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68390..68674
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68675..68833
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69327..69562
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69760..69913
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   70026..70215
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71690..77681
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77766..78049
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78550..78649
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78657..78861
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79062..79395
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79452..80252
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80254..80494
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86641..86706
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86954..87539
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   90089..90170
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91431..91839
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92625..93359
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   93533..94451
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94464..94645
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94646..94759
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94862..95164
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95292..95422
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95621..95949
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   95950..96183
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96184..96532
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96548..97849
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98370..98542
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98545..98680
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98681..98963
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   99132..99384
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99502..99521
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99522..99789
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   99790..99997
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101048..101634
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   101670..101765
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    101845..102025
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI564291 (NID:g4522748) tq75h09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   102039..102305
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    102315..102382
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI564291 (NID:g4522748) tq75h09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    102332..102584
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N89607 (NID:g1442934) zb08h02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    102424..102601
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW959166 (NID:g8148850)"
FT   misc_feature    102463..102601
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI248008 (NID:g3843405) qh63d04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    102465..102601
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI075173 (NID:g3401764) oy96a07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    102467..102601
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI188222 (NID:g3739431) qd66h06.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   102583..103315
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    103315..103449
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA414540 (NID:g2074746) vd06h09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    103317..103449
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA203477 (NID:g1799204) zx55e02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103347..103436
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW959166 (NID:g8148850)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI188222 (NID:g3739431) qd66h06.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI075173 (NID:g3401764) oy96a07.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI248008 (NID:g3843405) qh63d04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    103378..103449
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI207475 (NID:g6361483)"
FT   misc_feature    103417..103841
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI576666 (NID:g4561042)"
FT   misc_feature    103426..103840
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW139108 (NID:g6143426)"
FT   misc_feature    103426..103841
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA025127 (NID:g1490069) ze80c11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    103431..103874
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W24357 (NID:g1301205) zb82g12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103446..103874
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA393660 (NID:g2046630) zt76e05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103446..103842
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA631224 (NID:g2553835) nq80h05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    103462..103857
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW959166 (NID:g8148850)"
FT   misc_feature    103462..103649
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103462..103791
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI188222 (NID:g3739431) qd66h06.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI075173 (NID:g3401764) oy96a07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    103462..103737
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    103462..103738
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI248008 (NID:g3843405) qh63d04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    103469..103902
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI207475 (NID:g6361483)"
FT   misc_feature    103469..103874
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA203477 (NID:g1799204) zx55e02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103469..103841
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA414540 (NID:g2074746) vd06h09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    103477..103841
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA488141 (NID:g2215572) ad07f10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   103964..104535
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106118..106415
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106521..106883
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    107027..107426
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA080272 (NID:g1619172) mm34h12.r1"
FT   repeat_region   107918..108609
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108610..108873
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108874..108928
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109030..109217
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110375..110447
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110534..110734
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   110766..110826
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   111075..111398
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    111095..111170
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW139108 (NID:g6143426)"
FT   repeat_region   111794..111872
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   111874..112457
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   112653..112741
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113087..113214
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113260..113424
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113750..114026
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119017..119110
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119511..119712
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120314..120795
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   120809..120908
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121813..122024
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   122383..122576
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   123329..123630
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    123658..123802
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI798750 (NID:g5364222) we92b10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    123740..124209
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI469188 (NID:g4331278) ti70e12.x1"
FT   repeat_region   124559..124844
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132653..132931
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133500..134011
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133992..134270
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134294..134455
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   134456..134568
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   134586..134902
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   134939..135146
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   135151..135702
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135711..135955
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136295..136589
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136694..137038
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137240..137718
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   137719..138068
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   138097..139878
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   139870..140539
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   140540..140599
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   140613..141365
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   141366..141852
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   143172..143242
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   misc_feature    144667..144925
FT                   /note="similar to  EST F07675 (NID:g673363)"
FT   misc_feature    144669..145051
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N31682 (NID:g1152081) yx69e03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    144677..145051
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW888751 (NID:g8052956)"
FT   misc_feature    144686..145028
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW903171 (NID:g8067376)"
FT   misc_feature    144828..145051
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL119979 (NID:g5925878)"
FT   misc_feature    144910..145051
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW890775 (NID:g8054980)"
FT   misc_feature    145033..145347
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW897545 (NID:g8061750)"
FT   misc_feature    145575..146172
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW961610 (NID:g8151294)"
FT   misc_feature    145681..146171
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL119977 (NID:g5925876)"
FT   misc_feature    145699..146168
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA199383 (NID:g1794663) mv39c09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    145712..146175
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE107943 (NID:g8500048)"
FT   misc_feature    145721..146175
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW148844 (NID:g6196740) xf05c06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    145789..146175
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R16237 (NID:g768485) ya49d04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    145799..146175
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H16783 (NID:g883023) ym39a02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    145800..146175
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R54067 (NID:g815969) yg82h09.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R42035 (NID:g819586) yg05e07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    145804..146175
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H22887 (NID:g891582) ym54e11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    145805..146171
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA200258 (NID:g1796467) mu06f10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    145818..146175
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R42611 (NID:g817372) yg02h12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    145821..146179
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N71200 (NID:g1227780) yw31c09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    145911..146175
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R39831 (NID:g797447) yf51d01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    145916..146175
FT                   /note="similar to  EST F03323 (NID:g646880)"
FT   misc_feature    145921..146171
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N94832 (NID:g1267173) yy63f07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    145972..146171
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI600089 (NID:g4609137)"
FT   misc_feature    146028..146171
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA267790 (NID:g1904542) va18d07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    146051..146171
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N63442 (NID:g1211271) yy60h07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    146053..146171
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N63576 (NID:g1211405) yy63f07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    146093..146171
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW107672 (NID:g6078472) um22e11.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI891890 (NID:g5597792) ul60b10.x1"
FT   repeat_region   146510..146794
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    146996..147384
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA748808 (NID:g2788766) ny73e04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   147850..148223
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    148577..148991
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA412346 (NID:g2070979) zt99h04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    149126..149446
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI248090 (NID:g3843487) qh69f06.x1"
FT   repeat_region   150604..150842
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151094..151171
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   151479..152039
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   154821..158916
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   159138..159589
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   159892..160184
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   160186..160310
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   160349..160578
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    160791..161267
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL046503 (NID:g5434573)"
FT   misc_feature    160979..161356
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA907849 (NID:g3041956) ol24f06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   161888..162185
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   162333..162410
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   162416..162484
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   misc_feature    162428..162863
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI473896 (NID:g4326941) ti68c04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    162792..163008
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA403060 (NID:g2057003) zt61g05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    163658..164039
FT                   /note="similar to  EST F06586 (NID:g672178)"
FT   misc_feature    164191..164326
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW890775 (NID:g8054980)"
FT   misc_feature    164191..164673
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL119979 (NID:g5925878)"
FT   misc_feature    164191..164339
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW888751 (NID:g8052956)"
FT   misc_feature    164191..164305
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N31682 (NID:g1152081) yx69e03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    164393..164849
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA772781 (NID:g2825623) ae70e08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    164556..165075
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA770167 (NID:g2821405) ah84d05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    164563..164928
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA628815 (NID:g2541202) af58c06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    164683..164961
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA321847 (NID:g1974195)"
FT   misc_feature    164688..165190
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA174496 (NID:g1755619) ms69d04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    164693..165142
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA326677 (NID:g1978922)"
FT   misc_feature    165228..165727
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N47228 (NID:g1188394) yy86d11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    165301..165815
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW107672 (NID:g6078472) um22e11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165301..165727
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI891890 (NID:g5597792) ul60b10.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N63576 (NID:g1211405) yy63f07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    165301..165721
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N63442 (NID:g1211271) yy60h07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    165301..165629
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI600089 (NID:g4609137)"
FT   misc_feature    165301..165529
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N94832 (NID:g1267173) yy63f07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    165301..165405
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL119977 (NID:g5925876)"
FT   misc_feature    165301..165635
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA267790 (NID:g1904542) va18d07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    165301..165482
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA200258 (NID:g1796467) mu06f10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    165315..165843
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW528485 (NID:g7170899)"
FT   misc_feature    165315..165816
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW527446 (NID:g7169860)"
FT   misc_feature    165315..165855
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE095548 (NID:g8486479)"
FT   misc_feature    165316..165614
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW045738 (NID:g5906267)"
FT   misc_feature    165328..165632
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW021914 (NID:g5875444) df30a04.y1"
FT   misc_feature    165328..165727
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI418998 (NID:g4264929) tf43f06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165331..165730
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA991690 (NID:g3178179) ot69c08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    165344..165727
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI564383 (NID:g4522840) tq74c09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165356..165725
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW090315 (NID:g6047659) xc93h10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165363..165725
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW014960 (NID:g5863717)"
FT   misc_feature    165363..165730
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA209424 (NID:g1807367) zq84c06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    165363..165819
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW088090 (NID:g6043895) xc97d12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165371..165725
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI666402 (NID:g4804756) mz66h09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165371..165816
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI836816 (NID:g5471029)"
FT   misc_feature    165372..165727
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N22213 (NID:g1128347) yw37h11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    165380..165802
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA862271 (NID:g2954750) oe52b11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    165385..165605
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N51139 (NID:g1192305) yy96a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    165392..165730
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL119688 (NID:g5925587)"
FT   misc_feature    165414..165730
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW020065 (NID:g5873595) df03f09.y1"
FT   misc_feature    165421..165816
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H99698 (NID:g1124366) yx27a06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    165427..165820
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N67173 (NID:g1219298) yz47e06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    165460..165730
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW022417 (NID:g5875947) df38c09.y1"
FT   misc_feature    165464..165726
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BB067776 (NID:g8525190)"
FT   misc_feature    165519..165843
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI375448 (NID:g4175438) tc25b12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165519..165728
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV328897 (NID:g6368949)"
FT   misc_feature    165519..165813
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV339734 (NID:g6379786)"
FT   misc_feature    165523..165815
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV144701 (NID:g5348834)"
FT   misc_feature    165544..165815
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV221706 (NID:g6170883)"
FT   misc_feature    165574..165813
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV353554 (NID:g6394611)"
FT   misc_feature    165590..165857
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV347435 (NID:g6388494)"
FT   misc_feature    165590..165816
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BB048770 (NID:g8455918)"
FT   misc_feature    165603..165853
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV331514 (NID:g6371566)"
FT   misc_feature    165606..165833
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV350370 (NID:g6391427)"
FT   misc_feature    165614..165853
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV282698 (NID:g6275447)"
FT   misc_feature    165626..165857
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AV347324 (NID:g6388383)"
FT   repeat_region   166791..167164
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    167108..167403
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW949088 (NID:g8126862)"
FT   misc_feature    167409..167895
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW271458 (NID:g6658488) xs14g06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    167409..167691
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI916018 (NID:g5635873) wi44a03.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA514458 (NID:g2254058) nf57e07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    167536..167689
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI867404 (NID:g5540420) wb71a03.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW167287 (NID:g6398812) xg73f11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    167537..167689
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI916605 (NID:g5636460) wa28f02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    167989..168070
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI916605 (NID:g5636460) wa28f02.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI867404 (NID:g5540420) wb71a03.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW167287 (NID:g6398812) xg73f11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    167993..168067
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI916018 (NID:g5635873) wi44a03.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA514458 (NID:g2254058) nf57e07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    168481..169103
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA634251 (NID:g2557465) ac75f03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    169092..169514
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI916605 (NID:g5636460) wa28f02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    169092..169413
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI867404 (NID:g5540420) wb71a03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    169092..169373
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW167287 (NID:g6398812) xg73f11.x1"
FT   repeat_region   171730..171812
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   172308..174196
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   174197..175488
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   175489..175750
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    175972..176402
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI798750 (NID:g5364222) we92b10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    176032..176147
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI916605 (NID:g5636460) wa28f02.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW271458 (NID:g6658488) xs14g06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    176272..176622
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA709226 (NID:g2719144) ai21a07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   176306..176382
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   176606..176740
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   176743..178095
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   178170..178940
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   178941..179806
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   180490..180903
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   180904..181280
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   181967..182082
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
SQ   Sequence 182083 BP; 53296 A; 34186 C; 34801 G; 59800 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttg tacttctcca tcaacatggc tgtgaactaa aacctgctct aaaaaacaaa        60
     gtctacaaac aaacaccccc acccccacca cacacatatt cacagggaaa gttttctcta       120
     tatacattta aaataataaa ttgggatgaa tgttcaataa taatggtgaa gaaatgcagt       180
     taaaataatt agaaatgtac taaaaatgat atgaatgtct ctttattatt tggaaacttt       240
     acagagtttt aagaaatatg tcacataatt tacttgattc acctctccac attctggttc       300
     ctcatatgta acacacaaaa tatctgttgt gtgtctattg cagtgccaag ctcagagcag       360
     acatttagca gattagcaga gttttataaa cagcaaagaa aatagataaa tcaattttag       420
     ctcttaaaca tttagagatt gtagatcaca atcttacaaa agactaaatg tgataccaag       480
     aaattaattt caaatttagt aaccacttgt tatataaaaa atgtatgcaa attcaaagag       540
     gaatgagaaa tgcacctact ttaaaagcag ttacctataa tgcgcatgtt acagtcagcc       600
     aagaaaaaaa tcttaataaa aagtacaagg atacagtttc aagatggccg aataggaaca       660
     gctccagtct acagctccca acgtgaatga tggagaagac gagtgatgtc tgcatttcca       720
     actgaggtac tgagttcatc tcactggggc ttgttcgaca gtgggtgcag cccaccaagc       780
     atcagctgaa gcagggtgag tcatcacctc acccaggaat cacaaggtgt tagggaattc       840
     cgtttcctag ccaagggaag ttgtgacaga tagcacctgg aaaattgggt cactctcacc       900
     ctaatactgt gcttttccat tggtcttagc aaagagcaca ccaggagatt acatcttgtg       960
     cctggcttgg agggtcccac acctatggag cctcactcat tgctagcaca gcagtctgaa      1020
     atcaaactgc aaggcagcag cgaggctggg ggaaggacac ccgccattac tgaggcttga      1080
     gtatgtaaac aaagcagctg ggaagctcga actgtgtgga aaccaccaca gctcaaggag      1140
     gcctgcctgc ttctgtatac atcacctctg agggcaggga atagctgaaa aaaaggcagc      1200
     agaaacttaa atgtccctaa ccgacagctt tgaggagagt agtggttctc ccggcacaga      1260
     gtttgagatc tgagaatgga cagactgcct cctcaagtga atccctgacc cctgagtagc      1320
     ctcacaggga ggcatccccc agtagggggc agattgacac ctcacacggc caggtacccc      1380
     tctgagatga aacttccaga ggaacgatca ggcagcaaca tttgctgttc agcaatattc      1440
     actgtactgc agcctccact gctgataacc aggaaaacag agtctggagt gggcctccag      1500
     caaactccaa cagacctgta gctgaggatc ctgactgtta gaaggaaaac taacagagaa      1560
     aggacatcta caccaaaacc ccattagtat gtcaccatca gcaaaggcca aaggtagata      1620
     aaaaccaaaa agatggggaa aaaacagagc agagaagctg aaaatttgaa aaatcgagtg      1680
     cctctcccac tccaaaggaa tgcagctcct catcagcaat ggaacaaagc tggacgcaga      1740
     atgactttga taagatgaaa gaagaaggct tcagatgatc aaacttctct gagttaaagc      1800
     aggaagcttg aacccatcgc aaagaagtta aaaaccttga aaaagtttag acaaagagct      1860
     aagtagaata acaagcatag agaattcctt aaatgatctg atggagctga aaaccatggc      1920
     atgagaacta catgatgaat gcacaagctt cagtagctga ttcgatcaac tggaagaaaa      1980
     gctatcagtg attgaagata aaatgagtga aatgaagtga gaagagaagt ttagaggaaa      2040
     aagagaaaaa gaaatgaaca aagcctccaa gaaatatggg actatgtgaa aagaataaat      2100
     ctacatttga ttggtgtaca tgaaagtggc gaggagaatg gaaccaagtt ggaaaacact      2160
     ttgcaggata ttatccagca gaacttcccc aacctagcaa ggcacgccaa cattcaaatt      2220
     cgggaaacac agagaacacc acaaagataa tcctcaagaa gagcaactcc aagattcata      2280
     attgtgagat tcaccaaagt tgaaatgaag gaaaaaatgt taagggcagc cagagagaag      2340
     gtggggttac ccacaaaggg gggcccatca gactaacagc agatctcttg gcagaaactc      2400
     tacaagccag aagagagtgg gggtcaacat tcaacattct taaagaaaag aattttcaac      2460
     ccagaatttc atatccagcc aaattaatct tcataagtga aggagaaata caatccttta      2520
     cagacaagca aatactgaga gattttgtca ccacaaggcc tgccctacaa gagctcctga      2580
     aggaagcatt aaacatggaa aggaacaacc agtaccagcc actgtaaaaa catgacaaat      2640
     tgtaaagacc atcgaggcta ggaagaaacc acatcaacta atgcgcaaaa taaccagcta      2700
     acatcataat gacaagatca aattcacatg taacaatatt aaccttaaat gtaaatgggc      2760
     taaatactcc aattaaaaga cacagactgg caaattggat aaagagtcaa gacccatcag      2820
     tgttctgtat tcatgaaacc catctcacat gcagagacac acggatgtag gaagatctac      2880
     caagcaaatg gaaaacaaac aaacaaacac agggtatggg ttgcaacctt agtctctgat      2940
     aaaacagact ttaaaccaac aaagatcaaa agagacaaag aaggccatta cataatcgta      3000
     aagtgatcaa ttcaacaaga agagctaact acactaaata taaatgcatc caatacaaga      3060
     gcagccagat tcataaagca agtccttaga gacatacaca gagacttaga ctcccacaca      3120
     ataataatgg gagaatttga gaccccactg tcaacattag acagatcaat gagacagaaa      3180
     gttaacaagc atatcaagga attgaactca gctctgtacc aagcagacct aatagacacc      3240
     tacagaagtc tccaccccac atcaacataa tatacattct tctcagcacc acatcacact      3300
     tattccaaaa tggaccacat atttggaagt aaagcactcc tcagcaaatg taaaagaacg      3360
     gatattttta caaactgtct ctcagacaac agtgcaatca atctagaact caggattaag      3420
     aaactcactc aaaaccactc aactgcatgg aaactgaaca aacagctcct gaatgactat      3480
     ggggtacata ataaaatgac ggcagaaata aagatgttct ttgaaactga tgagaacaaa      3540
     gacacaacat accagaatct ctgggacaca tttaaagcag tgtgtaaagg gaaatttaca      3600
     gcactaaatg cccacaaaga aagcagaaaa gatctacaat tgacacccta acatcacaat      3660
     taaaagaaat agagaagtgg agtggttcca agatggcaga ataggaagag ctccagtcta      3720
     cagctccaag tgtgagcgaa tcagaagatg ggtgatttct gcatttccaa ctgagctttc      3780
     aagagagtag tggttctccc agcacagaat ttgagatctg agaacggaca cactgcctcc      3840
     tgaagtgggt ccctgacccc gagtagccta actgggcggc atcccccata ggggcagact      3900
     gacacttcac atggtggggt acccctctga gacaaaactt acagaggaat gatcaggcag      3960
     caacatttgc tattcagcag cattcgctgt tctacagcct ctgctgctga tacgcaggca      4020
     aacagggaat ggagtggacc tccagcaaac tccaacagac ctgcagccga ggatcctgac      4080
     tgttagcagg aaaactaaca aacaggaggg atatccatac caaaacccaa atgtacatca      4140
     ccatcatcaa agaacaaagg tagataaaac caaaaagatg gggaaaaaac agagcagaaa      4200
     aactgaaaat tctaaaaatc agagcatctc tcctcctcca aaggaatgca gcttgtcacc      4260
     agcaacggaa caaagctgga tggagaatga ctctgacaag ctgagagaag aaggctacag      4320
     acgatcaatt tctctgagct aaaggaggaa gttccaaccc atcgcaaaga agttaaaaac      4380
     cctgaaaaac gattagacaa atggctaact agaataacca atgcagagaa gtccttaaag      4440
     gacctgatgg agcggaaaac catggcacaa gaactacgtg acaaatgcac tagcctcagt      4500
     agccaattca atcatctgga agaaagggta ccagtggttg aagataaaat gaatgaaatg      4560
     aagcaagaag agaaattaga gaaattcttt ttattaagaa atgaaaaaag cctccaagaa      4620
     atatggcact atgtgaaaag accaaatcta tgtctgattg gtgtacctga aagtgacaag      4680
     gagaatggaa ccaagttaga aaacactgca ggatataatc cagcagaact tccccaacct      4740
     agcaaggcag tacaacattc aaattcagga aatacagaga atgccacaaa gataatcctc      4800
     gagaagagca actccaacac acataactgt cacattcacc aaagttgaaa tgaaggaaaa      4860
     catgttaagg gaatccagag agaagggtca ggttacacac aaagtgaagc ccatcagact      4920
     aacagcagat ttcttggcag aaactctaca agccagaaga gaatggggaa caatattcaa      4980
     cattcttaaa gaaaataatt ttcaacccag aatttcgtat ccaaaccaaa ctaagcttca      5040
     taagtgaagg agaaataaaa tcctttacag acaagcaaat gctgagagat tttgtcacca      5100
     ccaggttcgt cctacaagaa ctcctgaagg aagcactaaa catggaaagg aacaaccagt      5160
     actagccatt gcaaaaacct accaaattct aaagaccact gatgctagga ataaactgca      5220
     tcaactaacg cgcaaaataa ccagctaaca tcataatgac aggatcaaat tcacacataa      5280
     caatattaat gttaaatgta aatgggctaa attctcccat taaaagatag agactggcaa      5340
     attggataaa gagtcaagag ccatcagtgt tctgtatcca tgaaacccat ctcatgtgca      5400
     gagacacaca taggctcaaa ataaagggat ggaggaagat ataacatgaa aatggaaaac      5460
     aaaaaaagaa aagcacagga gttgcaatcc tagcttctga taaaacacat tttaaaccaa      5520
     caaagatcaa aagagacaaa gaaggccatt acataacggt aaagggatca attcaacaag      5580
     aagagctaac tatcctaaat atatacatac ccaatacagg agcactcaca ttcataaatc      5640
     aagttctcag agacatacaa agagacctag actcccacac aataataaat gagagacttt      5700
     aacaccccat tgtctacatt agacagatca acgagacaga aaatcaacaa ggatatccag      5760
     gaattgaact cagctctgca ccaagtggac ctaatagaca tctacagaac tctccacacc      5820
     aaatcaacag aatatatgtt cttctcagca ccacattgca cttattccaa aactgaccac      5880
     atatttggaa gtaaaacact actcagcaaa tgtgaaagaa cagaattata acaaactgtc      5940
     tctcagacca tagtacaatc aaactaggac tcaggattaa gaaactcact taaagcctct      6000
     caacaacatg gaaactgaac aacctgctct tgaatgactg cttgggtaca taacgaaatg      6060
     aagggagaaa taacgatggc tttgaaacca acgagaaaaa cgacacaaca taccaaaatc      6120
     tctgggacgc attcaaagca gtgtgtagag ggaaatgtat agcactgaat ttccacaaga      6180
     gaaagcagga aacatctaca attgacaccc taacatcaca attaaaagaa ctagagaagc      6240
     aagagcaaac acattcaaaa gctagcagaa ggcaagaaat aactaagatc agagtacaac      6300
     tgaaagagat agaaacacaa aaaacccttc aaagaatcaa tgaatccggg agctggtttt      6360
     ttgaaaagat caacaaaatt gatagactac tagcaagact aataaagaag aaaagagaga      6420
     agaatcaaat atacacaata aaatatgata aaggggatat caccaccaat cccacggaag      6480
     tacaaactac catcagagaa tactatgaat acctctacac aaataaatta gaaaatctgg      6540
     aagaaatgga taaattcttt gacacataca ccctcccaag actaaaccag gaagaaattg      6600
     aatctctgaa tagaccaaca acaggttctg atattgaggc aacaattaat agcttaccaa      6660
     ccaaaaaaag tacaggacca gacggattca cagccaaatt ctaccggagg tacaaaaagg      6720
     agctagtacc attccttctg aaattgttcc aatcaataga aaaagaggga atcctctcta      6780
     actcatttta tgaggccagc atcatactga taccaatgcc tggcaaagac accacaaaaa      6840
     aagagaattg tagaccaata tccccgatga acatcgaggc aaaaatcctc aataaaatac      6900
     tgacaaactg aatccagcag cacatcaaaa agcttatcca ccatgatcaa gtgggcttca      6960
     tccctgggat gcaaggctgg ttgaacatat gcaaatgaat aaatataatc cagcatataa      7020
     acagaaccaa agacaaaaac cacatgatta tctcaataga tgcagaaaag gcctttgaca      7080
     aaattcaaca gctcttcatg ctaaaaactt tcaataaatt aggtattgat gggatggatc      7140
     tcaaaataat aagagctatt tatgacaaac ccacagccaa tatcatactg aatgggcaaa      7200
     aactggaagc attccctttg aaaaccggca caagacaggc aagccttctc tccccactcc      7260
     tattcaacat agtgttggaa gttctggcca gggcaatcag gcaggagaag gaaataaagg      7320
     gtattcaatt aggaaaagag gaagtcaaat tgtcccagtt tgcagatgac atgattgtat      7380
     atctagaaaa ctacatcatc ttagcccaaa atctccttaa gctgataagc aacttcagca      7440
     aagtctcaag atacaaaagc aatgtgcaaa aatcacaagc gttcttagac accaataaca      7500
     gaccgagagc caaatcatga gtgaattccc attcacaatt gcttcaaaca gaataaagta      7560
     cctaggaatc caacttataa gagatgtgaa ggaactcttc aaggagaact acaaaccact      7620
     gctcaacaaa ataaaagagg atacaagcaa atggaagaac attccatgct catggatagg      7680
     aagaatcaat atcgtgaaaa tggccatatt ggccaaggta atttatagat tcaatgccat      7740
     ccccatcagg tatcaatgac tttcttaaca gatttagaaa aaactacttt aaagttcata      7800
     tggaaccaaa aagaagcctg cattgccaag tcaatcctaa gccaaaagaa caaagttgga      7860
     ggcatcatgc tacctgactt caaactacac tacaaggcta cagtaaacaa aacagtatag      7920
     cactggtacc aaaatagtat agtactggta ccaaaacaga tatacagacc aatggaacag      7980
     aacagagtcc tcagaaataa taccacacac ccacaaccat ctgatctttg acaaacctga      8040
     caaaaacaaa aaatggggaa aagattccct agtttataaa tggtgctagg aaaactggct      8100
     agccatatgt agaaagctga aactggatcc cttccttaca ccttatacaa aaattaattc      8160
     aagatggatt aaagacttaa atgttagatc taaaaccata aaaaccctag aagaaaacct      8220
     aggcaatacc actcaggaca tgggcatgtc taaacaccaa aagcaatggc aacaaacgcc      8280
     ataagtgaca aatgggatct aattaaagag cttctgcaca gcaaaagaaa ctaccatcat      8340
     agtgaacagg caaactacag aaggggagaa aatgtttgca atctactcat ctgacacagg      8400
     gctaatatcc agaatctaca aagaacacaa agaaatttac aagaaaaaaa acaaacaacc      8460
     ccatcaaaat tggtcaaagg atatgaacag acatttctca gaagaagaca tttatacagc      8520
     caacatacac atgaaaaaat gctcatcatc actggccatc agaaaaatgc aaaatgaaac      8580
     cacaatgaga taatatctca caccagttgg aatggcaatc attaaaaagt caggaaacaa      8640
     ctggtgctgg agaggatgtg gagatatagg aatactttta cactgctggt gggactgtaa      8700
     gctggtccaa ccattgtgga agacggtgtg gtgattcctc aaggatctag aactagaaat      8760
     accatttgac ccagccatcc tattactaga tatacaccca gaggtttgta aatcatgctg      8820
     ctataaagac acatgcaaca tatgtttatt gaggcactat acgcaatagc aaagacttgg      8880
     aaccaaccta aatgtccatc aatgatagac tggaataaga aaatgtggca catatacact      8940
     atggaatact attcagccat aaaaaaggat gaattcatgt cctttgtagg gacatggatg      9000
     aagccagaaa ccatccttct cagcaaactg tcacaaggac aaaaaaccaa ataccacatg      9060
     ttctcactaa taggtgggaa ttgaacaatg agaacactgg gacacaggga agggaacatc      9120
     acacactgaa gcctgtcgtg tggtggcggg agggggaagg atagcatcag gagatatacc      9180
     tagtgtaaat gatgagttaa tgagttcagc acaccaacat ggcatgtgta tacatatgta      9240
     acaaatctgc actttgtgaa cttgttccct agaacctaaa ttataaccaa aaaatcataa      9300
     aataaagtag aagatacata aaaaatgttc aaaactgaac aggaagtaca ttacctttta      9360
     ttttgccaaa ccaatttctg gaaagaaaac agaaagcgaa gactcatagc cacatctttg      9420
     ttggtgatcg gccactaaag agttagaggc ttttagtaag agggagttcc cttgcattga      9480
     aatggactga agctactatt ctccattcaa tacaaggtgc atcaactcat gaattagctg      9540
     gttttgaatt tgtgtcttgc aagggaggaa ggaagaaaga aaggaaaaaa aaaagaaaga      9600
     aaagaaggaa ggaagaaaga agggaggaag ggagaaagag gaaaggagaa aggaagaaag      9660
     gaaggagaaa gaaggaagga aggaagtcag tcagtcagtt aaggtaaaaa aaaatcagta      9720
     ggattttctc agtagagata tacacagatg tgttacattc attggaaatc ttccttttat      9780
     ttccataatg tttctagatc cacatccaga agttaggaaa cttcccctgc aaaactctta      9840
     ccccatagac aagaaggcca gtgtgttcta gaaaaatgtt tctttcctca gcttccaagt      9900
     gaaactgatg gttagccaga cccatttgca gactcttaac ttccctagaa ggtgatttca      9960
     gaagcttacg cttgagatac aaagtatgag gaaaaattct gccagttcat cacacttctg     10020
     tggactgttg gaaaatataa ccaaaatatt cgacagcaag ggactgtttg tatgttacaa     10080
     aaatatccaa agataagtct cttacctcta aaaatgagga tttcaagaaa attctaagga     10140
     aacagagaaa tgctcacacc atatagttta aaatgtttaa acaccataaa atagtttaaa     10200
     caccataagt ttaaaaatga catatacact ggatatatct acatatttta aaagtaaaat     10260
     atgcttttta aatgcatatt gcaataaaaa tacgttgagc taatcctatt tctagctgtt     10320
     aatcaaaata taaagtatat ctacagatat ttgctgctca agttaaatat tcagtcacat     10380
     tacatagttt aaagatgaaa atgttcattc ctcaaactat taaaacagca cactagtgtt     10440
     ttctacatgg tgtgaatgtc cctcatccaa atgtattact aacccacttg ttagtttagg     10500
     aatctgtaag ccagatttat aaaacaggcc taattttact aaaatgtgtt cattatataa     10560
     atgctttcgg ctattttatt gttggttcaa ttaattattt gaacattctc ctttaggtcg     10620
     actcaaatgc aacattttct caatagtttc aaagagaccg taatatttca ggatagactt     10680
     ttgaaaccca aacattggat gaatttaaat gtgaactact ttttacaggt tacactttta     10740
     aaagttatgg agcaaatgaa cgtacatctg atacttgagt gtaccctgta caccccaatc     10800
     cttcaacatt ctgtgtagct ttctgtgcag cttattttga ctcaacacgt cagacatggg     10860
     gagaaaggtg gactagaaga caaaatggtt acaggttacc tgggggatag aggaaaggtg     10920
     aacgacggaa aaaagatcac tggtctctgg ggacaccctg agtggcctag cagggaaagg     10980
     ggtattaagg actatcaaca atacttcatt tctacttgtc cccgatgagg ggcagttgtg     11040
     tattcctgag tcatcaggcg ccagcttcct ccagtcacta gctgcctccc aagccgcctc     11100
     actggccccg ctatgggccg agttgactgc ccagtccagg ctgcaaggcc aagatgaggg     11160
     ggaatccctg gcctcagaga catgcctctg tcccaggtga ggagcaaggg tgcttaacac     11220
     tctcaatctc acagtcccaa ataggttttc tatcaagcat gtgagcctcc tctcttcgtg     11280
     gttctgaggc atggatgagg accgtgacct aggcacaatt caaaggcgct tggagggctg     11340
     ggacccaaag actagggatg gaaagcagtg aggcaggacc gcgagattac agccctcaca     11400
     ccccatcctg cccctcctgg agacctacaa agtacagtct tcccgtctga agagacatgg     11460
     tgcatgcact ttgttgccta gcacccgaca gaagctccac ccatatctcg ggagagcaca     11520
     tccagggtat ccaaagaact gcccccgggg aaatgtggct gaagcagtgg agcgcgggac     11580
     tccacagctg gacttagatt gtctttccct cgtcggcctc tcgctgcagg taggggatgg     11640
     agtgagtcga aacaggcgtt ttgagtccct gtgggacttc actggccctg cgtgacttca     11700
     ctggccctgc gtgatggcgc aggctggtgc catatctcca ctcctccctg gggtagccag     11760
     atcagatctg ccacgtcctg accggctcat ccatgctcta agcacttcca cctgcaagtg     11820
     tctgccctct ttggagtctg ctttcgcggt tgacagtcga acattcacct gacccagggt     11880
     ttcttaatga agccactgtt gccttttgga gccagcagat gttttggggg ctgtcctggg     11940
     cattgtagat ttagctgtgt cctcggtctc tattttgtca atagcacctt ctcccccaag     12000
     cgagacaacc aaaaatgtct ccagacattg tcagatgtcc tcttggaagc aagatgtctc     12060
     agaattgaga tccacagagc taattttttc tgagtagcca ccgttgtgtg ttgtgaggaa     12120
     agatgagcct gacctcatga cgcttacatt aattaaaaag aaaaggaacc aaacctctca     12180
     gaagcaataa tgaaaatatt acagctagag aattgagcaa gtgctaagat cacattataa     12240
     actgagtaaa gagtttaaag gggaggtggt tgaagatgga agtgatccag atcatctctc     12300
     agaaaaagtg taaactcatc aggaccttga tgcataggat ttgcgtggtg cactaaaaga     12360
     agagctttgc aggggaggga aaatgagcaa aggaataaaa aacaaataaa acaaacaaac     12420
     aaaaatccaa gaccttctgg gggcagtgag gaatctaccc cgagtccaga gttgtatgct     12480
     ggaaatataa gcctgagaaa ctatctaagc cctgtgagga caaaatttga tcagtgacac     12540
     ctttgtacat gacattgaaa aagtgtacaa tgagttttga tcactggctg tgaaaaactt     12600
     aaagtcttta agaagcagta tgagtgacag gacttcttag cacgtggaga atgtgtaggc     12660
     ttttgttgga aataattgag gaggaggaga aacttagttg aattttaaaa aataggtaaa     12720
     ggctgcaggc agaatcaggg agaacattcc agggatgatg acagaaacag tagtaactct     12780
     gaagtggata cagtcaaggt ggatttgggg gcaaaaaaag taaatgacaa aactctagcg     12840
     aaggtggaac aataggccac tgtaacaaat tattacaaat ttagtggctt aatacaagtg     12900
     tatcatctta cacttctgta acatacgagt ccaatagagg tcttgttcag ctaaaatcta     12960
     agtgtgcaca ggactgtgtt cctcttggag gctctagagg ataatttgtt tccctgtact     13020
     ttctagcttc taggggcctg ctgcattctt tagccatagc cccttcctct gttttcaaag     13080
     ccatcaacat cacattgctt ttctccttct tctgtcactt ccccctgact ttcctctttt     13140
     gcttccatct tctacattta aggtcgttcc aatggcattg atcaagctgc atgatcctcg     13200
     gcaatcttcc tatcttaagg tcagctgctg aacaacctta atttctcttt gccatgagcc     13260
     ctcacatact cacaagtttt agagatttgg atgagggcat cttagaagag aggtcacaat     13320
     ctgtttgttc ctctcagcta gacatttgaa aactatctta gattctcctc ttgtcctcca     13380
     tttcccaatt taatctatta tctaattcta tgtagctacg tcctcagggc ctctgggaca     13440
     agtgttcctt ggagattctt caaaggccct tatttaaagc aacagaaaaa tcgagaagac     13500
     catgaataca cattcatgcc aatgcaggta tgtcagtcat ggctgttgct ttatttgcat     13560
     tatgtgttgg aattctaagt aacacttgtt ttgttggtga aggaaatatg gagatatcac     13620
     agaaatttta ttttaaaaag ttgaaattgg gctgagcatg gtggctcatg actgtaatct     13680
     cagcactttg ggaggctgag gtctggagat ctcttgaggc caggagttca agaccagctt     13740
     gggcagtatg gcaaaaccct gtctctacta gaattacaaa atttaccctg gcatgatggt     13800
     gcatgccatt aatcccagct actcaggagg gcggaggcag gagaatctcc tgaacttggg     13860
     aggtggaatt tgcagtaagc caagatcatg ccactgtctt ggaatcttct atctaaacct     13920
     gtgctttcta ttacatagcc actatcctca tgtggctctt cttctttaat taaaattcag     13980
     ttctacagtt acagtagcca catttctaat acttgctggc tttcatattg gacaacacag     14040
     gtgtacattt gcatccttgg agaaagttcc acagattgga cagtgcagaa tcctaatgtg     14100
     tgtctcacct ttgtcccata ccctcaagta tttgctaagt gttgcagcta ttcccttccc     14160
     tttctgtgac aacggtgtca ttttctccca gggtttcaaa ttctcccact tcacctgaca     14220
     gtttttcttt gcaaaattga ctgaaaaact atagccttct tgcttcttca gctgtttaca     14280
     aaaggaaaac caaactgaca acttacgata aacatggaat gtatataaag taaactccgt     14340
     ctgatcttct gcccatctgt gtagttgata acagcaccat catgcaattg ttctttgagt     14400
     tcccttctgt ctgtcctcct gctgatttag caccatgctg ctcacccatt tgtggctttt     14460
     catatagggc tgagtgtggg gatgcatgtt atctccctta cacacacact gacacttcta     14520
     catccacacc cacacacaca tgcaaaccac ccacacacaa acacacacat ttgcccccct     14580
     tctttttagc actgctgctt caatgcttgt gcagaagaag gtaacaagca cttcttttgg     14640
     caaacttcag ctctaaaatt tagcccagta ataattcatg atatcattat ttactttatt     14700
     caattttcca ctgcccatcc tttctcccat aaccttccct ggagaattat tgccaattcc     14760
     tctagttttt cacggctttt gtatcattct tgcttgtctt tgttacccaa tttttcttcc     14820
     tcaatctgtt tttcatctgt tttctaaagc aggggcaaag gttttccttg gaagaccaga     14880
     tagtgaatat tgttggctct gtgggataac ctgattgcag gtacttaact ctgcctttga     14940
     agggtgagag caccttagat ggtagtgaga aagtgaacaa ggctatagtc ccccatctca     15000
     catgatattt taaatcctac ttcatcatgc ccagagtctt ctatttgcct ttccttctac     15060
     agtcataacc ctccaattct aaagttaaag ctgccagctg tgccttgatt ttatttatga     15120
     aatgcatcat tcattagcac atgcatatca tgtttcttct gattccgttt tgtgtacgtg     15180
     aatcaggaga agatccagtg aggcttgatg agccttggtt tctaacccac ctcagatgta     15240
     tcttccagga gtttgactaa ctcctcgctt acttgatatc caccccatgt tgagaatttt     15300
     accagtcacc acttctcagt ttgcatttgg ccttccatgt tattctagaa aatattaatt     15360
     gagcatgtcc tgtgagtcag acactgtgct gggtacttta ctgtaaggtg ctacaaagtt     15420
     actactattc cataaagaag aaagccaaca ataggttaag tgctccctgt ggtaacattg     15480
     caagtaagta gcagagctac atagaaccta actttttttt atttcaatcc tcttgagtta     15540
     aaaatacaca cagtggggtt accattgagt atatccatcc atgttccctc ccatccgtct     15600
     ttcatctata ttttcattat ctgtgctaga agccaaggaa tcacttgtaa tttttccagc     15660
     gtttctcatg agtttatttc ttttgcgaat ctgtttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttcttgtt     15720
     tgaggcagga tagttcagct tactgttgtg tcatgtaatt ctctcctgtc aggctccaga     15780
     gtagctggga ctacaggcag acaccacaat gcccagaaat tttagtattt ctgtagagat     15840
     gtattttttt gtagagaagt gtttcttctt tcatgctgtt gccttggctg gtctcaaatt     15900
     cctggactcc aacagactgt ctgcctcagc cttctgaaat gctgggatta caggcatgag     15960
     ccattacacc tgtcccaatc tgttaaactt ctttgtaaga tctctcagta cctcagaata     16020
     ttttccttta tctatcattt ctttcatcct ttatagaata gaaaacttcc tttcttataa     16080
     attggtgtat caagaggcat atcatagtct cttttattag cacggacatg tatttataac     16140
     acacatagtt cagttagaaa gaaaaaaata gagcacaaag tgctgcattg cctcactttt     16200
     ctaggtaagt cacatgagag aaagctgatt ttagcttccc ccaacagatg ccttatggaa     16260
     atttctaagg caagctaatt agtttcatct tctcaccact ctttatgatc cttaacttac     16320
     catctacctc tgttaaatct tctaagtgtc agtgctggtg ctaactgctc cagtccaagt     16380
     gaagcctagc ttactccacc agacactcag ggtcctttca gttgaatgtg ccatacattc     16440
     agatcgtgag aatattgtct gtgatgttat gttagaggtc ttctggtttt cttatggaaa     16500
     tacataggat tctataagaa atatcacaat tatatcattt gtttattcca gaagtcatgc     16560
     atcttcacta gtatgtgggg aatggtgaca agcttactgg cgtatttcag gtttaagtta     16620
     gaaagcaaaa caaaagaaga attttacatt tcccattggt catctttgaa tttcaatatt     16680
     gactgctaaa aatatgcact attttttgct tcattaggag ccatatattg aagaccatgt     16740
     ctaggagctt ctactttgta attgttggcc accatgataa tccacttttt gaaatggagt     16800
     ttttgcgagc tgggaaggca gaatccaaag tgcatgtgga agcttagttt tcataggaat     16860
     ttttattcca ttgtaacgat atagtgtaat atgattttag aactggaaga tctggacaga     16920
     ggaggtaaat gaaatccagc acaattaaat gaggcttgca ctggagtccc agagactgat     16980
     agcagtcaac cagggcatat cctgggagtt gtttatttat actttaattc agcacagact     17040
     agcatgacct ctgactttcc catgatgttc agttcattat gtcatccatc atgaattgct     17100
     gccacttgaa cacttaaaac cctagtccac ctgtagcaag ttgtggcttt gaaatgtcat     17160
     ccatcagtgt tcaggcagtt ttcatgaatc atatttttca tcaggaccta ttgtgttcca     17220
     tccattaaaa ttcaggcagt tttcatgaat catgtttttc atcaggacct tcggggttaa     17280
     aaaagaccct cagtgaccct cagcagcact tcctgactgg gtgattcatg tatgcttaca     17340
     tccccagtga ctaccttggc aatgcacagg aagcgcaaaa gcagtaccag agatgatgac     17400
     accttttttt gtcaagaatg tttccagaaa ccaggcttgg ctcgagaaca tgttattatt     17460
     cagagtaaac cagcccatag atttttgacg tgagaagagc ccagtccttt ccaatttatg     17520
     tttctaatac attgctggca tgtttgcact gtttctctca agcacacaag tcagctttaa     17580
     tgacatttga ggaagtgata ttgtaagtta cttgcaatgt ataatgttta agtgggtgat     17640
     actttttaac tattcaggac ttgtcaccaa aatatggtag acaggattat gtgccaggta     17700
     ttattgtggc attactttct catattatga gaacactgct cattaaaact tgttttgagt     17760
     acttgtagca gtattgcttt ctaggatgca gctacttgta tataatttct gtgcattcca     17820
     ctggccctgt tgtggagaaa ggagcagaca taaaaataat ttgttgcata tattgatttt     17880
     aattctttct cctgctacca ttcaccttgt taaagcattt tcacaatttg cttctaatct     17940
     ttcagaattg atcatcattg taaaagaaac cactgcttga tcgagacacg aagagatcca     18000
     tttatctaaa gattcactta ggtttgtcat gacaatgtga gtgaagtgaa gcatgcttta     18060
     gatgtccgag ggattttggg aaaatgggct accctcctcc agcccaagat tgggaacagc     18120
     ttctttggca aggaggctgt ctctgtttcc tgtggctgtt gtaacaaagt accaaaagtg     18180
     tagtggcttt ggacatcaga aatgtatttc ctcatttctg agggccactg tctaaaatca     18240
     agatatcagt ggtgacaaga ttcctatgca ggtcttaagg taagaatctg ttcagtttct     18300
     ctcccagttt ctggaagttc cctggcttgt agcagtgtaa ctccagtctt tctgtgtcat     18360
     ttttctccct ttgtgcatat ccaaatgttc ctttttttac taagtacatg agtggtttta     18420
     ttagaggctc accctaccct aaaatgacct aatctaaaat aaccatatat acatgtaacc     18480
     tatccttcca aatgaggcca cactctgcgg tactgtcact taggacatca acaaaagaat     18540
     tttgaagaga atacacttcc acccgtaact gaggtgttat tttaaaacta tattttttaa     18600
     aaaataattc catataatgt gaaaacagat ctcttttatg tctcttgaaa ataacaaaca     18660
     aagcaaaatc aaactttttt tttctgcgca agaaaaccat ctatagaatt tacagaatga     18720
     aatgtcggca ttcttcattc cataaggata cattaatctg ttattgctca cactgtcatt     18780
     tatgacaacc gtcactgtct gcaccagttc atagctcatg ctgctcttga cctcatagac     18840
     gagaacatgt ggcttttgaa caacatgtac ttgaaaagtg tggacaagtc caataactgg     18900
     tttgtgccag cactcattac tgcagagcat acctttttcc ctttttagta aagataatta     18960
     actaaagttt gggtttacaa actagaggaa catggaacac agatgcctgg ctctgagtct     19020
     gtgtgcttca aaatttgtat gaatgtaaaa gtttccattt atgggactac tttgttttat     19080
     taggggagaa aatattttgt tgaacagcta atgattaaac taagtctcat acccccaaag     19140
     agtttatctg attcatatca aggttgatgt tacattactt ttagcttttt tcttttttta     19200
     cttagaatgc ttatattctt tttctggtaa aactaagcta attttgaacc cagttaatgt     19260
     attcaagtct tccatcagaa atacatggag tgtgactaat ttgaagaata ttgtatcaat     19320
     gaactggttg ctttttgttt tttacttcta agaaaaatat tgccttaatt atgtcacata     19380
     tgagatttat tatgcttcat ggcataaggc aagaagatgg aataaatcac ttccttactg     19440
     atgttcatga ttaacatata aaagtaagtc atgttctata attttaaaaa tctgatgatg     19500
     gaaaaaaaga tttgatcttt gtcaggaaac tggccttttc aagtaaccca cttaggctgc     19560
     acagcttacg tttcagactg cgttttctca taagaactgt gtctgtcaac tcccttggca     19620
     ggcaagtctt cacagcgagt tgaatgggta tttaggaaca caacttacaa tagttatttg     19680
     tagaatattg tgaaggcaaa ttgttttcat gttttccctc ttagtgttca tagttgattt     19740
     catcagggaa ccataaagat agcaaagaag cagcctacat aagggaaaac taattaaaat     19800
     ttaatctgaa atgtttccat ctatattctt tttgtttaat tatattttaa gttttaaggt     19860
     acatgtgcac aacgtgcagg ttagttacat atgtatacat gtgccatgtt ggtgtgctgc     19920
     acccagtaac tggtcattta acattagata tatctccaaa tgctatctct ccgcctcccc     19980
     caccccataa cacgccccgg tgtgtgatgt tccccttcct gtgtccaggt gttctcattg     20040
     ttcaattccc acctatgagt gagaacatgc gctatttgga tttttgtcct tgttataatg     20100
     tgctgaaaat gatggtttcc agcttcatct atgtccctac aaaggaaata atctcatcat     20160
     ttcttatggc tgcataatat tccatgctgt atatgttcca cattttctta atccagtcta     20220
     tcattgttgg acatttgggt tggttccaag tctttgctat tgtgaatagt gctgcaataa     20280
     acatacgtgt gcatgtgtct ttatagcagc atgatttata atcctttggg tatataccca     20340
     gtaatgggat ggctgggtca aacggtattt ctagttctag atccctgagg aattgccaca     20400
     ctgacttcca caatggttga acgcgtttac cgtcccacca acagagtaaa agtgttccta     20460
     tttctccaca tcctctccag cacctgttgt ttcctgactt cttaatgatc accattctaa     20520
     ctggtgtgag atggtatctc actgtggttt tgatttgcat ttctctgatg gccagtgatg     20580
     gtgagcattt tttcatgtgc tttttggctg tataaatgtc ttcttttgag aagtgtctgt     20640
     tcatgtcctt cacccacttt ttgatggggt tgttggtttt cttcttgtaa atttgtttga     20700
     gttcattgta gattctggat attagccctt tgtcagatga gtagatggca aaaattttct     20760
     cccattctgt aggttgcctg ttcactctga tggaagtttc ttttgctgtg cagaagctct     20820
     tttgtttaat tagatccctt ttgtcaattt tgacttttgt taccattgct tttgttgttt     20880
     tagacatgaa gtccttgccc atgccaatgt cctgaatgtt attgcctagg ttttcttcta     20940
     gggtttttta tggttttagg tctataattt aagtatttaa tccatattga attaattttt     21000
     gtataagatg taacgaaggg atccagtctc agctttctac atattgctgg ccagttttcc     21060
     cagcaccact tcttaaaaag ggaatcattt ccccatttct tgtttttgtt aaaaaaacaa     21120
     aacaaggttt tggttgtttt gtttttgtta aaaaagcaaa acaggtttgt caaatttcag     21180
     atggttgtag acatgcagca ttatttctga ggtctgtgtt ctgttccatt ggtctatatc     21240
     tctgttttgg taccagtacc atgctgtttt ggttactgta gccttataga atagtttgaa     21300
     gtcaggtagc gtgatgcctc cagctttgtt ctttgggttt aggattgact tggcaatgcg     21360
     ggctattttt ggttccatat gacctttaaa gtagtttttt ccaattttgt gaaaaaagtc     21420
     ataggtagct tgatgtggat ggcattgaat ctacaaatta ctttaggcag tatggccatt     21480
     ttcacgatgt tgattcttcc tacccatgag caagggatgg tcttccattt ggttgtattc     21540
     tcttttattt cattatgcag tggtttgtag ttctccttga agaggccctt cacatccctt     21600
     gtaagttgga ttcctaggta ttttattctc tttgaagtaa ttgtgaatgg gagttcactc     21660
     atcatttggc tctctgtttg tctgttattg gtgtataaga atgcttgtga tttttgcaca     21720
     ctgattttgt atcctgagac tttgccgaag ttgcctatca tcttaagaag atttttggct     21780
     gagacgatgg ggttttctag atgtacaatc atgtcatctg caaacaggga caatttgact     21840
     tcctcttttc ctaattgaat accctttatt tccttctcct gcctaattgc cctggccaga     21900
     acttccaaca ctatgttgaa taggagtggt gaaagagggc atgcctgtct tgtgccagtt     21960
     ttcaaaggga atgcttccag tttttgccca ctcactatga tattgcctgt gggtttgtca     22020
     taaatagttc ttattatttt gagatctgtc ccatcaatac ctaatttatt gagagttttt     22080
     agcattaagc attgctgaat tttgtcaaag gccttttctg catctattgt gataatcata     22140
     tgttttttgt ctttggttct gtttatatgc tggattatgt ctattgtttt gcgtatgttg     22200
     aagcagcctt gcattccagg gatgatgccc acttgatcat ggtagataag ctttttgatg     22260
     tgctgctgga attggtttgc cagtatttta ttgaggactt ttgcatcaat attcatcaag     22320
     gatactggtc taaaattctc tttttttgtt gtgtctctgc caggctttgg tatcaggatg     22380
     atgctgacct cataaaatga attggggagg attccctctt tttctattga ttggaataat     22440
     ttcagaagga atggtatcag ctcttccttg tacgtctggt agaattacac tgtgaatcca     22500
     tctggtcctg tacttttctt ggttggtaag ctgttaatta ttgcctcaat ttcagagcct     22560
     gtttttggtc tattcagaga ttcagcttct ccctggttta gtcttgggag ggtgtatgtg     22620
     tcaaggaatt tatccatttc ttctagattt tctagtttat ttgcgtagac atgtttatag     22680
     tattctctaa tggtagttca tatttctgtg ggatcagtgg tgatatcccc tttatcattt     22740
     tttattgtgt ctatttggtt cttctctctt ttcttcttta ttaatcttgc tagcagtcta     22800
     tcgattttgt tgatcttttc aaaaaaccag ctcctgtatt cattgatttt tcgaagggtt     22860
     ttctctgtct ctatttcctt cagttctgct ccgatcttag ttatttcttg ccttctgctg     22920
     gcttttgaat gtgtttgctc ttgtttctct agttctttta attgtgatgt tagggtgtca     22980
     attgtagatg tttcctgctt tctcttttgg gcattcagtg ctataaattt ccctctacac     23040
     actgctatga atgtgtccca gagattctgg tatgttgtgt cttttttctc atcagtttca     23100
     aagaacatct ttatttctgc cttcattttg ttatgtaccc agtagtcatt caggagcagg     23160
     tttttcagtt tccatgtagt tgagcagttc tgagtgagtt tcttaatcct gagttctagt     23220
     ttgattgcac tgtggtctga gagaaagttt gttataattt ctgttgtttc acatttgctg     23280
     aggggtgctt tacttccaac tatgtggtca atttttgaat aagtgcaatg tggtgctgag     23340
     aagaatgtat actctgttga tttggtgtgg agagttctgt agaggtctat taggtctgct     23400
     tggtgcagag ctgagttcaa ttcctagata ttcttgttaa ctttctgact ttttgatctg     23460
     tcttgtgttg acagtggggt gttaaagtct cccattatta ttgtttggga atctaagtct     23520
     ctttgtaggt cagtaaggac ttgctttgtg aatctgggtg ctcctgtatt gggtgcatat     23580
     atatttagga gagttagctc tttttgttga attgatccct ttaccattat gtaatggcct     23640
     tctttttatc ttttgatctt tgttggttta aagtctgttt tatcagagac taggattgca     23700
     acatctgcct ttttttgttt ctcatttgct tggtggatat tcctccatcc atttattttg     23760
     agcccatatg tgtttctgca tgtgagatgg gtttcctgaa tacagcatac tgatgggact     23820
     tgactctatc caatttgcca gtctgtgcct ttgaattgga gaatttagcc cttttacatt     23880
     taaggttaat atagttatgt gtgaatttgc tcttgtcatt atgatgttag ctggttattt     23940
     tgtgcattag ttgatgcagt ttcgtcctat cctcaatggt ctttacaatt tggcatgttt     24000
     tttcagtggc tggtaccagt tgttcctttc catgtttagt gcctccttga ggagctcttt     24060
     taggcagggc tggtggtgac aaaatatctc agcatttgtt tgtctgtaaa ggattttatt     24120
     tctcctttac ttatgaagct tagcttggct ggatatgaaa ttctgggttg aaaattcttt     24180
     tatttaagag tgttgaatat tggccaccac tctcttctgg cttgtagagt ttctgctgag     24240
     agatcagctg ttaatctgat gggcttccct ttgtgggtaa cccaaccttt ctctctggct     24300
     gaccttaaca ttttttcttt catttccact ttggtgaata cgacaattat gtgcctttga     24360
     gttgttcttc ttgaggagta tgtctgtggc gttctctgta ttttctgaat ttgaatgttg     24420
     gcctgccttg ctagataggg gaagttctcc tggataatat cctgcagagt attttccaat     24480
     ttagttccat tctccccatc actttcaggt acaccagtca gatgtagatt tggtcttttc     24540
     acatagtccc acatttcttg gaggcttttt ttcatttctt ttcattcttt tttttttcta     24600
     agcttctctt ctcgcttcat ttcactcatt tgatcttcca tcactgatac cctttcttct     24660
     agttgattga ataagctact gaggctagtg cattcttctc gtagttctca tgcatggttt     24720
     tcagctccat caggtccttt aaggacttct ctgctttggt tattctagtt agccattcat     24780
     ctaatttttt tctcagcact tttgatttct ttgccatggg tctgaacttc ctcctttagc     24840
     ttagatcatc tgaagccctc ttctctcaac tcgtcaaagt cattctctgt ccagctttgt     24900
     cccattgctg gtgaggagct gtgttccttt ggaggaggag aggcactctg atttttagag     24960
     tttccaattt ttctgctctg ttttttcccc atctctgtag ttttatttac ctttggtctt     25020
     tgatgatggt gatgtactga tggggttttg gtatcgatgt cctttctgtt tgttattttt     25080
     ccttctaaca gtcaggaccc tcagctgcag gtatgttgga gtttgttgga ggtccaatcc     25140
     agaccctgtt tgcctgggta tcagcagcgg aggctgcaga acagtggata ttggtgaaca     25200
     gcaaatgttg ctgcctgatc attcctctgg aagttttgtc tcagaggagt acctggcctt     25260
     gcgaggtgtc agtctgcacc tactgggggg tgcctcccag ttaggctacc caaggttcag     25320
     ggagccactt gaggaggctg tctgtccttt ctcagatttc acgctgtgtg ctgggagaac     25380
     cgctactctc ttcaaagctg tcagaccggg acatttaagt ctgcagagga ttctgctgct     25440
     ttttgtttgg caatgccctg cccctagagg tggagtctac ggaggcaggc aggcctcctt     25500
     gatctgcggt gggctccccc caattcaagc ttcctggccg ctttgtttac ctactcaagc     25560
     ctcacaatgg taggcgcccc tcctccagcc ttgctgccgc cttgcagttt gatctcagac     25620
     tgctgtgcta gccatgagtg agtctccaag ggtgtaggac cctccgagcc aggtgcagga     25680
     tataatctcc tggtgtattg tttggtaaga ccattggaaa agcacagtat tagggtggga     25740
     gtgacacaat tttccaggtg ccgtctgtca cccctttctt tgactaggaa agggaatttc     25800
     ctgacccttt gcacttcctg ggtgaggtaa tgccttgccc tgctgcggct tatactcact     25860
     gcactgcatc cactgtcctg cacccacttt atgacactcc ccagtgagat gaacccggta     25920
     cgtcacttgg aaatgcagaa atcacctgtc ttctgcgtca ctcacgctgg gagctgtaga     25980
     ctggagctgt tcctattcag ccatcttggc tccaccccct ccatctactt tcaaataagt     26040
     tgctgtgcta ttaataaaga ccatgaactg gcaggaattg agttttctat gatcaaatag     26100
     tcattcaaga agaatggtgc cacttgtttg tttggtttgt tcgttaattt gtgattttgt     26160
     tgttgctgtg attaagtctt gctttgttgt ccaggccggg gtgcaatggc atgatcttga     26220
     ttcattgcaa agtttgcctc ctgggctcaa gtgactctcc tgcctcagtc tctggagtag     26280
     ctgagactac aggccccaac accatgcgtg cttaattttt gtatttttag tagagacgtg     26340
     gtttcaccat gttagctaga cagatcttga actcctgaac ttaggtgatt tatccgcctc     26400
     tgctttccaa agccctgagt gtacaggcat gagccacggt gacagtccca ggtggttgat     26460
     tttaatgtaa caatccaaaa acaaatgtca cagtcaagat tttgtagata gatttaaaac     26520
     taacatattc tgcagttggg aatgaaatgt aatagcacat accttcacat taattcattt     26580
     atacatttag agatgttata aaaatgtata ggcagtatac acagtagtac tcaagaagcc     26640
     aaggaaagat gtgtgcagtg ctaagtgttg catataggct tctgccagtg gctaggaata     26700
     gtggtcctgc tgattatttc ctttccctca tagagtaaat cattgatatt catccttgca     26760
     aaaagctgta aggcagtttt taggagagtt gtcaaagaaa agccaagatt acattaacat     26820
     tcatactcag ccttttagat gtgtcaaagg tctctattta aataagtaaa atttgaccag     26880
     aacatgaata cacactcaca tcaatgtagg tactttggtc acagcagttg ctttatttgt     26940
     actatatatt ggaattctca gtaatgcttg ttttgtgggt gaacggaaag tggaggaagt     27000
     cacagaactt ttataaaatg tttggaattg tcctgggcat ggtgaatcat gcctgtaatc     27060
     tcagcatttt tggagtccga ggtgatacac cagaggaggc tgggaatggt ctccttgttc     27120
     ctataataag atcttactgt aaaataggta atgtccattg aaaatcaagt tatacaacct     27180
     gttctaatgg tgagcacttg aacaattttg ttccattctg aattaacttt aagcaagtaa     27240
     ttctaagttt tgtcttttta ccttgtgtga aataactacc ttcattttta caccatttat     27300
     ttgattttta aaataaagat gtttgttcaa ggttgtggta gtttaatatt catatttaat     27360
     gtgctgccca tcacatctgt ttatgttcta tttcccctat tggtagtgtt caaactaata     27420
     tgatgtctta acctgttata cagcactgat attgaaacaa actaaatccc agatctatgg     27480
     gtgcagaaaa aggtaagact catatagaaa tctaggagta atttcagcaa gcatgtattt     27540
     tttaatacag ttgttcctgc cttcaatgag catataatcc agagggatat catccatcca     27600
     agagcagcag ggtgagtgac agcaggaaga catggctcag ctgctgacag tggaacattg     27660
     aaaatagcct tttctccatg ctaatgaagg tgaaatagga atagcaatcc atgtcctggg     27720
     tattttgtag taaagttaag tgccaaattt catatgtgac aaattctttg aaggagctgc     27780
     aaggaaagtg gagcattaaa tgtgacctcc aatgtgggct gcagagaaaa gtattgcagt     27840
     catgaaggtg tgaagaagag cactgggtca catgggtaga actgtcagct gatagatagg     27900
     agctgatcat ggggaaagat aagctggcaa agcttggatc tggtaggtga tgtcccttta     27960
     aggctcttta acataagagc aatgaaatga aatcagtctt aaaatcagtc ccctgttaga     28020
     atatgtatgt taccactaaa ttggttatct gctttagtgc tccaagagtg atccagaaga     28080
     aatgcggata tggagtttca tcctcttgtt atacctggaa acttccagaa tacatccttt     28140
     tccatggaca cagatattct caatctctct tttgaccatg ctgtacttgt gatctttatc     28200
     ttttcagtca cttcaacact tcctagttgt cagtccagag ttccagaaag cactgactgt     28260
     ccagacacca cctttcactg ggtaccacac tggtgcgttt ctctacttac cactttgcta     28320
     ctctacctga cacgtttatt gtgagaaaac ttatatggtg gtgtcatgat acaaaagtga     28380
     aaatttaggt ttttccagaa acgtaaatag ttttcttcta agataggaag cagtaggaat     28440
     gttttctctt caacttggaa actttcccaa agaatgaaaa ttaacaaagt atttatttaa     28500
     ttggaatgga attataattt tatatcctct actcagcaca ttgtaattgt tacataagtt     28560
     attaaatgca catttgtcta ttctccaagt tcggtagtta gccttttcta taaactgaac     28620
     tctctctatg gaaaagcttt cttttttttt tttttttgag acggagtctc gctctgtcac     28680
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gggatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctccgcctc ccgggttcac     28740
     gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggactac aggcgcccgc cactacgccc     28800
     ggctaatttt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac cgttttagcc gagatggtct     28860
     cgatctcctg acctcgtgat ccgcccgcct cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggcg     28920
     tgagccaccg cgcccggcct atggaaaagc tttctattca tagcttgaat ctagctgtat     28980
     atatgacaga ctgtatggag caacttctgt accactggga accacccttc cttcaaacta     29040
     tgaagtatcg tctatggttc ttctgtccag ggtggctctg cagctgcttc tcactgctcc     29100
     tgctgccaca ctcaccacct gctttgttct cctagcattt tctattgcat tttttataaa     29160
     atctttccca atggctacat tgggtggggc caggaagaga aatgttttga tgtaattttt     29220
     cagaactcca ccccctatat gacagccacc tcccctcacc cagcatgtcc tttgatatcc     29280
     ccatcactcc ccagttgccg gtctcatcca cattcagtcc aagcttcagt taacttctgt     29340
     ataatcagat agtcaccagc tgcatggaaa attaacatcc ataagaggac acaatttgct     29400
     ttatcaagtc tgatctttgc agcaaatatt ttttttaaac aaacacaaaa ttccttgaga     29460
     gagaatcact aaatgatgtt cagtaataga ggagacactg agcaaataca tgggctaata     29520
     aagacatctt tatttaccct ctgacaaagt acaatccttc ttagtatttc ctctaagagt     29580
     gataaagtta gcttgtgtct tgtgttcaaa agcaatggct taacttcaac taggagactt     29640
     tccacaagag tgaagaaagt aacacaaata ttagctatcc cattagtgga attgtaattt     29700
     tgtatcctct gaacacatat tatatttctt aaatcagtta tcaaatgcag atttgtcttt     29760
     tctccaagtt cagtagttgg tctttatctg aaaactgaac gttgtatatg gaaatgcttt     29820
     ttattcatgg acagcttgaa tttagctgga tgtgtgacag agtgtatgag gcaactcttg     29880
     tgccactgtt ggccatccct cctcctgggg ctgtgaaaca tgacctatgg tggtataagt     29940
     ttattaatga cacacaaatg aagagtaatt actagtaaga ataattctaa tactatgtgg     30000
     aatggaaata aaaaaggtta agtcattttg aaaaggataa ataagtaaat aagaatgcat     30060
     tggaaatatg ttagattcta atctttcata tccaacatta ttgtcttagg aaatcatttt     30120
     ctttcaccaa gaatacaatg ttaattgcac aaaaatcatg tacatagaaa aattagtttc     30180
     ccatttttcc aggaaaaaat ttcaagtata aattctagaa tagtcaagta tcttatctta     30240
     attataatta aagtcttggt cctctcattt attagctctc taatttgcat gtgtaaatca     30300
     aagagacttt ttagacaacc attacaattt ataaatgtaa ggtttcatta ttgagaaaat     30360
     atattcctcc atgagtggat atgtcccatc tcccaccaac taatgacaca gggctataca     30420
     tttgttgaat cttattagta agtaatacac tgctacaaac actaattgtc ttctccatgt     30480
     ccatgttgat tttgtgtata tgtgtgaatt ggttagcatg catctgcctt atctctaaca     30540
     ttcaataaca agatgtgcca ggcttgggct tttggtgaag gttgaccatg cctgtgttca     30600
     tcaagtgatc tgacatatcc acagtcacaa gaattttttg aaccccatcc tcaaaggctg     30660
     ctgccacatt tgtggcatct tttgcacttg ttgcaaagta agggtagtca ctgtccttcc     30720
     tgcataatgc agctgttctt ctataaacac ctgcctttcg tttatgccag tcctggaatg     30780
     cagaactaca aaaggaaatc gctcaggttc tttccaatta cttaagttct ggaagcttcc     30840
     taaatcattg attctaaaaa taagcagaga actgtcagaa cctctgtaaa atggtgtcct     30900
     caggcttcag aatctctcct gacctgccat gtcacaaatc tgtatggtaa caaaatgtcc     30960
     acccctttca aatcttattt taaaattcca catctattgc atggaacagc tgagtgccaa     31020
     acttaatagt tacttatctg ttcctaagtg aactcttccc aaccccacca tctccaaaga     31080
     gaattacttt aaaaagtgat gaatttcctg ccactgttaa ttgcaagagc ttcaagaacc     31140
     cttgaaaata aaaaggcacc ataacattcc tttttgccta cctattcatc tatatgagtg     31200
     tatgaatatc agctttattt atttttcttt tttttttttt ttgagatgga gtctcactct     31260
     gttacccagg ctggagtgca gtggcattat ctggctcact gcaagctctg cctcccaggt     31320
     tcacactatt ctcctgcctc agccttctga ttagctggga caacaggaac ctgccaccac     31380
     aactggctaa tttttttgta tttttatcag agacggggtt tcacagtgtt agccaggatg     31440
     gtcttgattt cctgacctcg tgatccaccc gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca     31500
     ggcgtgagtc accatgcctg gccgaatatc agcatttaac tgaagtaaca cacataaacc     31560
     tacagaataa ctaaaaataa gacttgttgt ttactgagca tacagccatg tgtgggctac     31620
     tatactacca tgattctctg aaacaactaa aaagggctca ctcttcccct ttatcaggtc     31680
     acaattgact gtgaagctgg tactttagct gaaatgtgac atcaaagctc ttgttatgaa     31740
     cagtgaatct atgataagcc cctctctgct catagtaagc tccactactg ttggttagag     31800
     atggataaga gagcaaagat tgtatgtttc tgatacagca agatttatac cttagggagt     31860
     atgtttatga caaaggtaat ggaggttagt gttgagagag caagaaactt tatagttata     31920
     tctgagccaa aaagaagagc catgtttaag ctaggcacgt tggttcatgc ctgtaatccc     31980
     agcactttgg gaggccaagg tgggcagatc atgagatcag gagcttgaga ccaacatgaa     32040
     aaacaggctg aaaccctgtt ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccaggggt ggtggtgtgt     32100
     gcctgtaata tcagctacgc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcccttgaat ccgagaggag     32160
     gaggttgcag tgagctgaga ttgcacacat gcaccccagc ttggatgaca gggcaagcaa     32220
     gactccatct caaacaaaca aacaagcaaa ccaagtaggt ttcgtctttt cacataggcc     32280
     tgtatttctt ggacatgttg tttgttcctt ttcattcctt ttctctgaca ttttctttat     32340
     gctttatttc aaaaagttga tcttcagtct ttgatatctt tcttccactt gatcaatttg     32400
     gcaagtgata attgtgtatc tttccgcagt ctttttgctg tgtttttgat ttatgttttt     32460
     ctctaaactg gttattccag ttatcaattt ccctgacctt tttttgaggt tcttagcttc     32520
     ctggcattgg gttagaacat tctcctcttc tcagaagagt ttttattacc cacattctga     32580
     agcctacttc tgtctattcc taaaacacat tttctattca gttttgtttt cttgctgatg     32640
     aggagttgtg atcctttgga ggagaagaga ctttcttgtt tttggaattt tcagccattt     32700
     tgtgcttttt ttttacatct tcgtgcattt atgtaccttt gttctttgat gttggttact     32760
     tttgaatagt tttttatgtg tgcgtgtgtg gaaatccttt tagtagatgt tgatactgtg     32820
     cctttctgtt atgagttttc cttctaacag tcaggcttct ctgctgcagg tgtgctggac     32880
     tttgctggag gtccacttct gaccattttt gcctgtgttt cactatcaga gggtgcagaa     32940
     aagcaaagat tgctgcctat tccttcctct gaaagtttcc tcccacaggg gcacctgcca     33000
     ggtgccagcc agagcactcc tgtatgaagt gtctgtggat ccctgcaggg aggagtctcc     33060
     cagtcaagag gcatgggctt catggaccca cttgaggaag taagtagtct gttggaaatc     33120
     tgcacctctc ttcagagcca gcaggtagga aggtttaagt ctgctgaagc tgtgcctaca     33180
     gccaccctat cccccaggtg ctctgtttca gggagatggg agttgtatct acaaacccct     33240
     tactggggct gctgccattc attcagagat gccctgacca gagaggagga atctagggag     33300
     gcaatctggc tacagtagct ttgctgaggt gcagtgactt cccagtggct ttgtttacac     33360
     tctgaaggga aaaccaccta ctcaagcctc agtactattt gacgtccctg tcgccaccaa     33420
     tctcaagcac ttcaggttga cttaagacta ctgtgctggc agcaagaatt tcaaggcagt     33480
     agattttagc ttgctgggct ccatgaggaa ggcatccgct gtgctagacc tcttggctcc     33540
     ctggattcac ctccctttca agggagtgaa tggttctgtc ttcctggcat tacaggtgtc     33600
     aagggggtat gaaaaaaaaa taatttttca agctagctct gtgtctggcc aaaccagttt     33660
     tatacagctt gcatgaaaat ttatgtttag caccttcaat tatgtattat aatgtaactt     33720
     ttagcaattt ttaaatttaa tgtaaaacct gttatttctt gttttttttg tttttcctgt     33780
     aaatggcagt aacattaaac cttttccatg ggtacaagtg gatgatatat tcttttccat     33840
     gggtacaagt gaatgatata tttgttcatt cacatattta actattagaa tttctgggaa     33900
     gctggatttg ctataaagct actttgaaaa agatctgttt tcttctagat gtccccagac     33960
     aatagacaga aaccctgaat cctctttctg aaagaggaca gttatgctga gaaagcactg     34020
     tgtgtcccca agatttcctc tagcttagtc ccaatggtct ttcaaggaaa tggacagcag     34080
     gccagacttt ctccagtaca aggagaaagc caggaagagg tagatcttac cagatggctg     34140
     aattagtgtt gtttgttgga tgttccagtt ggaattggca aatggtctcc cagactggag     34200
     ccacatgagg aagagagagt aagataatga gagagatgga gagagagaga gaagaggaaa     34260
     gagggagcca gtgttaggaa gtgaaataac tattgttggt gctcaaaggt ggattcctga     34320
     gacttgaggg ttttagagcc ctgaactgag ccttgcagtt cccttcaggt cagttgtcct     34380
     tctcacacaa atctctttaa gagtaaaatg agagaaaaga tggggcatgt ggccagagac     34440
     tctcaggatc cacgagttaa cttagggtaa actgccattg cccacagctt actgggatgc     34500
     aagggagcct ctgcccccaa caccggtccc ggatttcagc acccaatgta agaagtaaag     34560
     aaagaggaga gaaacctgaa tggtgacttg acagtcaaca cagacaggtt tattttgaat     34620
     cagtctgaga ggggtggcta gccaggttaa gtcagagcca cacactaacg gattaagaat     34680
     ttttcacaat tcagtctcgg agagtttatc agaggcttgc actgcctctg tgtctctttg     34740
     ctgtggttat ctgagagaga gagttccttt tctgtttttg tacatctttc tggagttgca     34800
     ggcatatccc ccatgtctgc ttctagcttc cttatcttag tgcacctgaa gggaaaggaa     34860
     tgtgctggtt atttgtagtt aggagagaag tgatttcctt gaaatgcatg aggctaaaaa     34920
     gagagctgga tgttaaagtg atggtgttgg ttcaggatga aggtgctcct gctctatcac     34980
     ttctagtcag gtaattgtac agctattatt tttgttttgc tttttggagt aattaaatac     35040
     ttacaagtaa attctgttgt ctgcaaattc aaatcagcaa acttatatga ctctaattga     35100
     tgtattttcc atacacaaat gcatgcttac aatacattac aacacctgtg agttctaaaa     35160
     attattttat gctaatgaat actgatttct gcactctctg aaaaacaaga ttaagtgatt     35220
     ttgtgtattg aatatacaca gttacttagg aaatccctga ggtttatatt ttttaaaatg     35280
     tccttttcta atggttaaat tgaaatatat tttagtaaaa aaaacctgta acataaaatt     35340
     aaaattagtg acaatgtaaa taactgcatg gcttaaatta ttcttttgaa gttgtggaag     35400
     tgttgttgtt tttgttttaa ttataacagc atacaacatc tgcaataaaa tttaccacag     35460
     ctcttcattt tttctctcaa agaggaattg tatttaataa ttttctttgt gagatgtttg     35520
     ctgtttatga gaacaggact cattattcaa atagaagttg tttttaaatc ttgattctat     35580
     tacaccaatg aataattgct tttcagagaa atgtaacaac tttagcaaga gtggtcagtt     35640
     actaagagca gtatttgatc tcctgagaag aaaagattca gagcataggg tttatattta     35700
     cagaaatata tttgtttgta atgtatgcaa gctcaggtaa gatattttca taattttata     35760
     tcaatgatgt ttttattttt atatattaaa tgagaagcac attttaatca agttataaca     35820
     tgtaaagtgt cctaatgtac aagcaatatt ccacgtacat atacacatat acacatcaaa     35880
     atgccttgca aatctgtgta actttaatgt atttcatgta ttctcaggta atttatattt     35940
     atgcacttgt ttcatttttc tggtaacctt taagattaga tattgtgcct gattgatgac     36000
     ctcttgatgt tatctttttc ttttgtattt tttttttttt gagatggagt ctaactctct     36060
     ggccaggctg gagtgcaggg gcatgatctc atttcactgc aacctgcctg accaatatac     36120
     atatatatat acatgtatat atatacacat ttatatatat gtatatatat acacatttat     36180
     atatatgtat atatatacac atttatatat gtgtgtatac acacacacac acacacacac     36240
     atatatatat atgtataact tttttcatac tttggtacag acagggattc accatgttaa     36300
     ccaagatggt ctcgatctcc tgaccttgtg atccgcacac ctcgccctcc caaagtactg     36360
     tgattacaga cttgggtcac tgtgccgagc cgatgttatc tcttaatgtt gctttttgaa     36420
     aagtactggc ttccaggtca tatccacact atctaaatca gaatttctag aaccttgaaa     36480
     aggaatccat atccttaagg gatcccaagt ggttgttttg cttgtcaggt ttaaaaatga     36540
     cttctatgtg aaacttacca tatatgtatg tttttgttaa aataaagtaa aagaaattta     36600
     gtgataatgt aaataaataa ttcacttaaa ttttttgttg atgttagcat aaattaagaa     36660
     atgcgatatt cagtaaagct ctcttagaga agcctgattt ttgtcacatc aacctattgc     36720
     acagtagtac taaaggcatg gatagattgt cagaaatgta caacaaaaat atttgtagtg     36780
     ttttcagtgt tattttatgt catttttatg agtgaaaaga aggggaaatt tattacagat     36840
     gctgttgtcc aatttgaata tcagcaattc aggtgttagt gcaacttttc aaaaattact     36900
     aatttatgga tatagctaga atttaattac tagttaatat ctccctgata ttgataaata     36960
     ttaggtcaca tttatatgat gactcagaca attagcagat cattttaagt aacttgttag     37020
     aatcacaaat attttactat ctaaaactaa gttctatggt cacacattcc tgtaatgaaa     37080
     gtgtattttt attattaata tatacctcca ggaggaaata aattttaccc tttcctcttc     37140
     ctgctctgac catctctgtg ctttcttttt ctcaggctag tctgactaca tctgagattc     37200
     tgggatactt ctagtagagt agaagcatac attatagaaa cacaaataca atatttattt     37260
     taaatttaaa attatgaaac ttaagaactc acaaaatttt tgttttgctc aatttaactt     37320
     gagattttag tttctcatac acaacacatg gttggtttat gatataacgt aagtttaaat     37380
     ttaattgcca aggttcaata tacatttata catcttaagg catttaggta gtatgtttta     37440
     ggttttagga atttttggat ttgagaaaac tgagtcatca catttgcatc acattgtgta     37500
     tcattccctg taaggctccc aaaagtaccc aagaattaaa catactaatg cttctataaa     37560
     agtaatggat attcccttta agggtgaagg gtacatgaat gaaggcttaa gtagcttccc     37620
     tcaattaagt cttttttgca ttggaaattg agttacatat gaatcttagt tttaaaagcc     37680
     ttgcttaatt gagctttttg catttcagat aaagtatttt gaatctgtct taattatgat     37740
     tttgaaaata cagtactgaa ttaacagccc aggtgggcta caaagcacca taataaacaa     37800
     gagaaataca aagtgctctc ctgcctacta tagggagtat gtgacagatt tgaagagtaa     37860
     aaagcatctt gcagtagaaa agggttactt tgttaagctt tttttttaag tagctaatgg     37920
     gtacagactt agtattgaca taacttggct ttttagcaat catgtgagat attcagtgta     37980
     acatgataaa ccactagagg atcacaaaag gcatatatta gtagcatgtc attagctata     38040
     aaatagaaag ttccacaata gaccacagta aggaagtatt caaaattatc tgtagaaaaa     38100
     gattgtgggt gctccataat agaaaaacta gcaatgtaga acatatgtgt agacaaattt     38160
     atgagctctt tatgagttag gatagccagg tgttcgtaat tggagatttg aggaagtgga     38220
     gcaggaaaga gatgttaaca cctatgtcct gggtgtgatt tgataagctg tgggaatagt     38280
     aatgcaattt actgatagaa aaaatagaac ctctttgagt ggattgcatt ttagaaacat     38340
     atgggacacc aaataaaaaa ttgtaatggg gagttggata catatgtcca caatttggaa     38400
     tcatctaaaa ggatacgtgt gttaccacag atgtaataat gaaaaactgt cacagaaagg     38460
     tatgtcctag aatggaattt tttttaattt agtgttatca tggtagataa tattaactta     38520
     tccaaaaagc aatccatagc ctctaagtag ttagtttaat tagtatgtca gagaagactt     38580
     ttatcattat tattattatt attattatta ttactatgat gatgtgtgtg tgtgagaagg     38640
     agtctcactc tctcactcag gctggagtgc aggagcagaa tctcagctca ctgaaacctc     38700
     cacctcctgg gttcaagcaa ttctctgcat cagcctcctg agtagctagg attacaagcg     38760
     cccaccacca cgcctaggta atttttttat atttagaaga gatggggttt cacaatcttg     38820
     gccagactgg ttttgagaaa aatgataatt ttaaagaact gtgcttattc taaaaactga     38880
     tctttagcat tattctagaa ctcttagttg tatcatctgc agtaaaagaa gcctaagaat     38940
     tgcaccagaa ttagttgccc aactctacca ggagattcaa agttttattg ttataggatt     39000
     ctagaaacaa atcatactat atatctggaa actctgtaca cacaccccca caaacacaca     39060
     aaattttcac tcagtagaca ttataataag cacactgaaa aactgataat aaactgaagt     39120
     tattataaag ctgtagaaca caatgattaa aggcagatga tcaccttaaa ttgtaaacaa     39180
     ctgaaatatt agattttaac aatgaaaatt ttctaattct tcttttgtcc accatcatag     39240
     atttcaagca gattaattaa tgttgtaaat gacattaaga gttcctatca attgaattta     39300
     atttatgcca ttttaaaaat tatttgtagt catatattgt ttactatgta acttctttta     39360
     ttttctctaa aataaggcta aatcacatct tagcctcatc tcatcgaagg atgtgattac     39420
     cgtaaaggta tacatgttgg gttaacatgg aaaatcaatt acctggatta atatgggatt     39480
     catgtattaa tttattattc tccttattaa gtttgaaatg gtttgtgtaa tgaacattta     39540
     gtctattcaa caggcagtat tcaacaggta tatatcagca tctactgtgt accaagcacc     39600
     gttcaaggca gtagataaca atacaggcaa agataatatt aatccaaatt gcacatgaaa     39660
     acttttgata ctattgataa tgtggcaaat gacgtgattt tccctttatt ataattttta     39720
     agagaataag atagtgaaat gtgtactata agtgtaacag gaagcctatt tgtgttattc     39780
     tttacattaa ataattagat tactaaaatt accttttcca aagaaattta tattataaat     39840
     gctcctatgg caaaaagaaa aaacctggcc tctgacttgg aatataatat aattatatta     39900
     agtaagatac atgctagaga gaaaaaaact attttatttt tttgtcatgg taatgagaaa     39960
     aaagacaagc catttttttg caacttttaa aattgactcc taagaacagt aaacagtaag     40020
     cagtataaca gtagacagta aacagtaaac accaagcagt gtaaatatgt tgcattttag     40080
     ccagctctga aagaaaatga ctgatcatta gcaaatcagg caaattttat tgttgccatt     40140
     gaaaattgct ttacccatcg tgtgtgttct tatattaaca gaattgaaat caattttgta     40200
     ctgccaatta atattgctgt tttataatca caggattctt gctttacctt ctaaaatgtc     40260
     cctgaaaaat gagtgaacac caagtaagtt ttgtttttct taaaaaaggt agtcataaaa     40320
     aactgctcat atttagtaaa aataatgagg tgagttggac atggtggtgc atttctctaa     40380
     tccaaagtag ttggaaggct gaggcaggaa tattccttga acattggagt gtgaggcctc     40440
     attgagctat gagctataat cttctcactg tagtccagcc tgtgccacag agcataatcc     40500
     taagtataga ataacaaatg gaactatgaa aagtaatata gcattactgt gtttaattca     40560
     cttatagtaa tgcatggata gtatatttag caaaacattt taaattggta atatgtcaag     40620
     aggtcagata tttgagtcag attgctagct agcccctcaa ctggctaaat ctgtaataac     40680
     tggcaaagta tttctcctaa ctgtaatttt tttatttgtt aaatggattt actaaggtta     40740
     cccgcttaag aaactaactc taatattaat tagattacct caaacacttg ttctgaatgg     40800
     cacataatag gcaataaaat attagctact actatatata ataaattctt ttcatctgct     40860
     tatttttaaa gctcttagac cacataataa aattccagaa ggctgggaaa ggctgttaga     40920
     tacaataggg tgccataaga gtcactatca aaaatgagca tatcagtgca taaaatgtat     40980
     ggtagcttta tttagcagtt attccattgt ttaccatagt gttttttctt acaattttgt     41040
     agaagcctgt gtcagaattt gaactttttt agaagacagt aatcatggat gattgaaatt     41100
     aacattttaa tctgatactg gaaattattc taaattctat tacatttata tttgtatttt     41160
     cttttgaaag ctaacggaaa tcttaaaaag aaaatggaaa cttctctgcc aggggagata     41220
     ccatgatcac aaaggtggct ttctcaggga aaggctgatt tattgcactc cagatgtgct     41280
     gacccctgag atttctccaa atgtgggaaa ctcagctgca taatttgtgg aagcgaagga     41340
     ctgtgtttgt gctttcatgt ggaaaaaaaa taaaaaaaaa gaaaattgac tcgtttagtg     41400
     tatatagaaa ggtgaaagaa ggccatatac tggaaacaat tcagtatgtc tacagaaatt     41460
     ggtctcctcc agtacaaaac aataaaacag caagtggtta tttcttagaa agatcaaata     41520
     gtgttaggat gacatttgca aatgcttgag aactttgtct agataagggg gtggggggaa     41580
     gcctccacag ggcagcatat aaatctggga aaaagacaag taatttttaa atgtgtaagc     41640
     caatgtttat gtattaatct tgccctgaaa atatttattt tgttaaatga ttaacattgg     41700
     tttgtttgtt cttaaaaagt aagtttcctt ttggaaacaa cttgtgtgaa atggtctaaa     41760
     aatgatgtag ctaaaataat tcagattttt cccctctatt ataaatcatt tgcaggaatt     41820
     gtaaatatgt tatagatgtc agctttctta catttcttaa aagtttattc taaatgaaga     41880
     aaatataata taaggtacaa agttactttt ataatcaaat tgtcaatctt gttaaatatt     41940
     tagaatttcg agccagatga ccaagatgtc ttagatgggc ataagacctg tccaacagaa     42000
     gatgctccat tatttcctca ttcaacaggc tctatgtatc aacaggtaaa ataaaaataa     42060
     taataataat tttctttttc aaacttattt tgatgcttta cttatgtagt cttcaattat     42120
     tattttctta catattttgt aacatatcag ctgtgactgc aaattaagaa aaaattatct     42180
     aggacagctt tgacaagatg atcagaagaa tagtttaagt ggggtcatgt tttattttac     42240
     ccttgtgatt tttttatttt ttttttttgt aactaggtac taccttgtcc tagttcataa     42300
     aaagtgtgat atttcaataa gagcataaag caatttattt acattttctc aaaatccagt     42360
     gagagtaaaa attaacaatt ttaacagctg taatacaaag tatacttaaa aaaatactca     42420
     ccaaaaatat aaacaaaaac catttataag cacttctcag ttgaaacaaa tatttttgtt     42480
     aaaatattct aggaagatta gccacaacat aagtaaggta gttttctttt cactttcctt     42540
     tttctttctt tttttctttt cttttctttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctttct     42600
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcctt tcttgtttca     42660
     tttccttcct tccttctttc cttccttcct tcccacattc cttccttcct tcttccttcc     42720
     ttttttgcta ccttcctttt ttctttcctc ccttccttcc ttgcttcctt ccttcctttc     42780
     tttttttatt ttgatagagt tttgctctgt tgtctgggct gaagtgctat gtttgcgatc     42840
     ttggctcact acaatttcca ccttctgaat tccagctatt ctcctgcctt atcctcccaa     42900
     gtagctggga ttagaatcat gcatcaccac acctggctaa ttttgtattt ttggtagaga     42960
     aagtgtttca ctgtgttggc cagggtggtc tggatctcct gacctcacaa tccacccacc     43020
     tcggcctctc aaagtgctgg gattacagat tgttagccat tgcacctggc caggttaatc     43080
     atttaaagct tttcttgtaa catttagcat gacttctcat caagttcatg tagccaagaa     43140
     atggaattac ctaaattaca gcaggtgccc agagtaacag ctgtattgct cagaaacctt     43200
     attttatcac cagaaaaaaa tataaaacag gggaaaaatg taaaaaaaca aggatatttt     43260
     cattctacat tttctttaca tttaatgttt gatagtttaa tttcttgtta agataaagaa     43320
     tatggatata tttttaatag aaattctaaa atattaaaac caatctgcac aagtttcata     43380
     tgtcacaatg tgtggagcat ggtaggttgt attttgtgct tggggcactg ttgtggtaga     43440
     atttattaag tgatgcttct aaaatttggt ttcatctaat cccatgaagt gcatatcatc     43500
     agaatccaca tactttgaag taccattgcg ccaagatttc tgactgcttt gatagccagg     43560
     cacaattttc cttgaaatca gtaagtctcc tagtttattt ctatattatt ttaaagcttt     43620
     tgttgttaga tgtggtgttc actgaagata taaatgcctt ctgattttaa aaaaatttgt     43680
     attttttttt aatttcctgt aatatctcta tgcccattgt tggaaacaat aggatgtgaa     43740
     gtgtgttgcg tagcttgagg aacagtaatt ggtttgttca aattggttag aatatactat     43800
     gtttttaaat ctttttatag tatatgagca ttagcattga ccactatgaa tgccaaatgc     43860
     agtctacatt agtcaagacc tataaataca ctatcagggc tactgatatt tgtacatttt     43920
     agtccaacta tgttatggcc cttcctattt ggcctattgt tatttgccat ctacatttct     43980
     cttctggcct agacttagat tttggaattt ctgttcctta gagagtacaa gagaaatatg     44040
     tgtagattaa tgctatctct gcattactgc tgcacctcta taagtttgcc acctcaagta     44100
     aatacatcat gttgtcctgg ttccagtcac ctcccaatca tcctggagag gatacttcaa     44160
     atggaaatca acatgtcctt ctttaatgta cctcttaaat ttttaatatt atgcagatgt     44220
     caggatgtca ctcggcccat tgaaagtaca agtgtcacat actggcatct gcttgaaagt     44280
     ccagttttct actgttcatg tggccaggac attcattatt atttactact catgcattca     44340
     gacaattgtc tttgtaaaat aatagtttaa agttttaatc cttcatttaa aaaaaaaaca     44400
     gcatgcaatt tcatccatgt ccctacaaag gacatgaaac tcatcatttt ttatggctgc     44460
     atagtattcc atggtgtata tgtgatcatt ctcagtaaac tatcgcaaga acaaaaaacc     44520
     aaacaccgca tattctcact cataggtggg aattgaacaa tgagatcaca tggacacagg     44580
     aaggggaata tcacactctg gggactgtgg tggggtgggg ggagggggca gggatagcat     44640
     taggagatat acctaatgct aaatgacgag ttagtgggtg cagcgcacca gcatggcaca     44700
     tgtatacata tgtaactaac ctgcacaatg tgcacatgta ccccaaaact taaagtataa     44760
     taaaaaaaaa aagaaaagaa aaaaaaagaa aatgaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agcagcctgc     44820
     agttcaatca ttgagctaat ttgctcattc catcttcaat tggtcttttt atttctggtc     44880
     tctgtgaaag cctgccaaca ggatattgtt catccacctt gaaactgtca tttgtcaacc     44940
     aagcaggttg ttgtagtcaa tagggagctc ttcaaagggc attgcccatg taagagtggg     45000
     atccagtaat tcctgtggtt gttccaaatt tgatgctaga aaataccaga ctatttgccc     45060
     ttgaacagga taagcacctc cttgcacttc cctgttaaca ttgtactcta taaagccatc     45120
     ttttatgtta ttttggaagt ctgagcactt cctcattaaa ctgtttcctt aatatgccca     45180
     acaccttatg ggtgttccaa attctataat tattttacgg tcttctgtca aagaagcagt     45240
     ctcaatacca aggcaagaca agctagtaat tatctttcca atggcacata ttgtttcatg     45300
     gcatccagga gtgccctgga ccacaatttc cagctaatgc tgaagagggg catgtgtggg     45360
     ttttctgcca tggcctcact gtgcccagga acatgttgca agtacttcta aaatcagaat     45420
     ttggatcaca aagacccaat gtgtagagag aaagagcatt ttaccattca gaaatggcca     45480
     gctttagtga aatttcttat ttaaatagac caccatttat tgtttttaaa tggatgcatt     45540
     ataattttac atatttacaa agtagaacta ttatttgtat acacgcacac aacgacagat     45600
     gaccaaatct ttaaatgtca tattagtaat tggtatatta gtaatttcag acatatatga     45660
     catatttgtt taaagaacat tccgaatcta aacgtctagt tgttttgaaa tctacaagaa     45720
     attattcata cctataatat ccctcccaca caatcaaact ttaaaaccta ttccttctaa     45780
     ttgtgttttt tatccattaa ctgactcact tatttgcttg ctcaatgtct ttcgcagcct     45840
     ataataaact gtcattctat tctctgcctt catgagatca actttgttat ttctcaaata     45900
     tgaataaaaa catgcaatcc ttgtccctta tatttcctgg ctaatttcac ttaatataat     45960
     gtcccttata ggaagccttt ttctgagtaa tgttcagtta atgtattgag gtttttataa     46020
     aactgaaata atcactcact taaaatttaa cttgttacca aaattctttg ggtatatagg     46080
     actgtagttt gaaaatagct aaatgaacaa agatgtcttg aaggtgcctt aggacactaa     46140
     tattgtactc ttttctacct cctgtcttac ttaactctga tttgtcttca aattaataaa     46200
     aatattctag taaattatct tggggatcaa cattaaacgc caaaagaaat cagtaatgca     46260
     ctaatttaac tttacaaata taaggaaaga agttgcaacc aataccaaaa gttaccgaat     46320
     aaaatgatat atttttatac tcctaatttt caaagtactt aatttatttt ttaattttta     46380
     ctattattgc ttatttcaaa catgggctat tataattgag ttcacagaaa agttattata     46440
     aaagagtaat aaaataataa catacactgg aagtaatata gtaaagtttg aacaagtagg     46500
     caggagtaaa gacaagtgag tcatctgcca tgagtaactt ttggggaata agtaactttt     46560
     tggggaataa gttactgagt ctttctagga ttcagtatct tcttttgaga ataatgtgtt     46620
     ttccaaatta gataagatta tttacatggt gaaatcagaa ttattaacac tcagtaagta     46680
     tatctattaa ccatagttgt ggaaggaaag ggagcataga cagaagctcc aatagtcaaa     46740
     acatgattgt agccataaag caaaatacag ttggtttact agtatgtaag acatttctgt     46800
     gtttttcatt ttgtcttagg tttgtgacaa agaagtaaat aatatccaat tcctgccctg     46860
     gagaagctga ctgcatagaa aaaggaacaa ggcagatata catgccagag tacagtgctg     46920
     agaaaacata aagcacaacc aaccaagtac aaaggtaaga catcaaatct gaaattttat     46980
     attctgtctg tttcatttgt ttcttgctgg tatggttaac catctttata tgtgttaaat     47040
     tcaacaccct aggggtcaca catgctatag taccagaact tacattccaa tttttcttcc     47100
     aatagtggct gttaaccaag tattggtgaa tatcatatat gaagactcta ctaaaagtaa     47160
     agctaccccg actgtgatgc ttggattgta taatttaccg gatctagcaa agagaaagac     47220
     agtgtgtgtt ttgtaatctc tataaatgat aagtatggag acactagtag ctgaaagaca     47280
     aattatttct gcccactgaa aggaaaaaaa tgaagaaatt gtaggaaaac catttactac     47340
     agttaaaata tactgatctt aaaatttagt ttctatcagt gtctataaag aaaagtaaaa     47400
     atataataac aataataaag agtttgagta taaacagcaa aattcaggta ttccatattc     47460
     acttatttgg aggtatgccc taaataggtg atctatcagt ataacttaac tttttcactg     47520
     ctttattttc aaatgaatac ttttcatagg cagtttgatg ataattctta actaatattt     47580
     tttacaagtt cacatagcaa atttgaagaa taaatttttt tctttagcag gaaaacctcg     47640
     catttgagaa aaatattaga gaatttaaat agaagcacat cttatgatac acagacaata     47700
     taaatattca gtcatagtat ctcagagatt ttagccatat tatgaaaagt aattcccaca     47760
     taattctttt aaagtaaaat aatttcagag ataaaaacag tagctgctat cagaatcttc     47820
     aaggtaatag taattaataa ttagaattta cctcactgtt ctgcttctca tcttcataaa     47880
     atcattgtct gtatttttac ctatgcattc aattgcaaga atactgtctc cattggaata     47940
     tatatacaca cacaaacaca cacacacaca catatatata tggctgctgg atcacagaat     48000
     tcatgtgata aaaagtacca acattttgaa gtcccacgag attttctggt gggtgagata     48060
     taagagggag cagatattcc cattcaaaaa gtgcttcaca acctgagata agaagaaaaa     48120
     ataatgcttg tactatgaaa ataataattc tgcctactct tatttccatc aactgacaat     48180
     attaacaaca actcatcaac aaagcatcaa cacagtcatt ttgaaagaac actttgaatt     48240
     ttcatattaa caacaaatag agtgaccata tagattttta actacagacc ccttagttct     48300
     gtattttaat gatattacat ctatttgtta aaaaaagtgt ttgtttaaaa aaaatctctt     48360
     tagaatatat atataaactg tgccaattca gttgttaaat aaattaacaa aatgagtttt     48420
     taaaaaggaa atgcttctct ctacatagat cccacaagac aaagatcgga ccttttaagg     48480
     agtgagttta gctagaaact cctacaatgt ggtagaaaat atagtcaccc aaagaaaaat     48540
     atacatgaat ataatttcac attttccaat aaaagatctg tacagaatgc tattgttaat     48600
     tgtattctaa ccttcacttt tctcttgaaa taaactaaat tttgttatca ttcgttaatt     48660
     tacttatatt acttcccaac ctgagtttca gttctgtgta agattttaac attgctactt     48720
     acttttttag catgatgtgg acatttagaa gtaataaaat gcactcaaaa gttctcttct     48780
     cacattatga tttttaaagc catacctctg ttatacttta actaaaataa cattaagcag     48840
     cttcaaggct tgggttatga aaatattttt aatgcataca ttttaaatat aaacataaca     48900
     ctaacttcgg cttcccatta ctctgaggtt tcagtatttt ttaacacatg attcaataaa     48960
     acccactttg gttaccaaca ccaaatatag gggagcactt aagaaataca tattttttaa     49020
     atttactatt gtctgacata aatggtttta tttattttta attttatttt attattatta     49080
     tactttaaat tttagggtac aggtgcacaa tgtgcaggtt agttacatat gtatacatgt     49140
     gccatgctgg tgtgctgcac tcattaactc atcatttagc attagatgta tctcctaatg     49200
     ctatccctcc cccctccccc gaccccacaa cagtccccag agtgtgatgt tccccttcct     49260
     gtgtccatga gttctcattg ttcaattccc acctatgagt gagaatatgt ggtgtttggt     49320
     tatttgtcct tgcaatagtt tactgagaat gatgatttcc aatttcatcc atgtccctac     49380
     aaaggacatg aactcatcat tttttatggc tgcatagtat tgcatggcac atatgtgcca     49440
     caatttctta atccagtcta tcgttgttgg acatttgtgt tggttccaag ttgttcctat     49500
     tgtgaataat accacaataa acatacttgt gcatgtgtct ttatagcagc atgatttata     49560
     gtcctttggg tatataccca gtaatgggat ggctgggtca aatggtattt ctagttctag     49620
     attcctgacg aatcgccaca ctgtcttcca aatggttgaa ctactttaca gtcccatgaa     49680
     cagtgtaaaa gtgttcttat ttctccacat cctctccagc acctgttgtt tcctgacttt     49740
     ttcgtgattg ccattctaac tggtgtgaga tggtatctca ctgtggtttt gatttgcatt     49800
     tcactggtgg ccagtgatgg tgagtatttt ttcatgtgtt ttttggcggc atacatgtat     49860
     tcttttgaga agtgtctgtt caccgctaca caaataaact agaaaatcta gaagaaatgg     49920
     ataaattcct tgacacatac accctcccaa gactaaacca ggaagaagtt gaatctctga     49980
     atagaccaat aacaggttct gaaattgtgg caataatcaa tagcttacca accaaaaaga     50040
     gtccaggacc agatggattc acagccaaat tctaccagag gtacaaggag gaactgatac     50100
     cattccttct gaaactattc caattaatag aaaaagaggg aaacctccct aagtcatttt     50160
     atgaggccag cttcatcctg ataccaaagc tgggcagaga caaaaccaaa aaagagaatt     50220
     ttagaccaat atgcttgatg aacattgatg cgaaaatcct caataaaata ctggcaaacc     50280
     aaatccagca gcacatcaaa aagcttatcc accatgatca agtgggcttc atccctggga     50340
     tgcaaggctg gttcaatata tgcaaatcaa taaatataat ccgcatataa acagaaccaa     50400
     agacaaaaac tacatgattc tctcaataga tgcagaaaag gcctttgaca aaattcaaca     50460
     atgcttcatg ctaaaaactc tcaataaatt aggtattgat gggacgtatc tcaaaataat     50520
     aagagctatc tatgaaaaac ccacagccaa tatcatactg aatgggcaaa aactggaagc     50580
     attcccttgg aaaactggca caagacaggg atgccctctc tcaccactcc tattcaacat     50640
     agtgttggaa gttctggcca gggcaattag gcaggagaag gaaataaagg ttattcaatt     50700
     aggaaaacag gaagtcaaat tgtcccagtt tgcagatgac atgattttat atctagaaaa     50760
     ccccattgtc tcagcccaaa atctccttaa gctgataagc aacttcagca aagtctcagg     50820
     atacaaaatc aatgtacgaa aatcacaagc attgttatac accaataaca gacaaacaga     50880
     gagccaaatc atgagtgaac tcccattcac aatggcttca aagagaataa aatacctagg     50940
     aatccaactt acaagggatg tgaaggacct cttcaaggat aactacaaac tactgctcaa     51000
     ggaaataaca gaggatacaa acaaatggaa gaacattcca tgctcatggg ttggaagaat     51060
     caatatcctg aaaatggcca tactgctgaa ggtaatttat agattcaatg ccatccccat     51120
     caagctatta tgactgtctt cacataattg gaaaaaacta ctttaaagtt catatggaac     51180
     caaaaaagag ctcgcattgc caagttaatc ctaagccaaa agaacaaagc tggagacatc     51240
     acgctagctg acttcaacct atactacaag gctacagtaa ccaaaacagc atggtactgg     51300
     taccaaaaca gagatataga tcaatggaac agaacagagt cctcagaaat aaggccacat     51360
     atctacaact atctgatctt tgacaaacct gagaaaaaca agcaatgggg aaaggattcc     51420
     ctactcaata aatggtgcct ggaaaactgg ctagccatat gtagaaagct gaaactggat     51480
     cccttcctta caccttatac aaaaattaat tcatgatgga ttaaagactt aaacgttaga     51540
     cttaaaacca taaaaaccct agaagaaaac ctaggcgtta ccattcagga cataggcatg     51600
     gacaagaact tcatgtctaa aacaccaaaa gcaatggcaa caaaagccaa aattgacaaa     51660
     tgggatctaa ttaaactaaa gagcttcttc acagcaaaag aaactaccat cagagtgaac     51720
     aggcaaccta caaaatggga gaaaatgttc acaacctact catctaacaa agggctaata     51780
     tccagaatct acaatgaact caaacaaatt tacaagaaaa aaacaaacaa ccccatcaaa     51840
     aagtgggtga aggacatgga cataaagggt tttaaatata tatctgatgg ctaccaaatg     51900
     ttcaactagt tgatcaaaag caagcaaaaa aatcatgtgc taattttttt ccaaatgaaa     51960
     atatactttc aaagtaaagt attattaatg aacaaaacag ttttataatt taaaaactca     52020
     gtatgcattg ccttatgtat gtaatgtatt tctttcaaag tgaggagttt gagaccagcc     52080
     taggcaacat gaggaaaccc gtgtgtacta aaaatgttaa aaaataataa aaaaaatact     52140
     gccatttgga ctggtgggtg actgtggtcc cagctactca gttggctgat gcaggagaat     52200
     tgcttgaacc tgagatgcag aggttgcagt gaaccaagat cctgtcactc caggttgagc     52260
     aacagaacaa gatttaatca caattcaccc acctgccaca aacaaaaaat aaataaataa     52320
     gaaaaataaa aggatcgaat caactgtgaa tatatcaggt attgataatg ccagttcacc     52380
     taacaaaaga gaaaaatcca tgtactgatg gaacttatat tttggcttta atggaaagta     52440
     gtgacaaaat ctagtgattt tatttttaag tcagaaggat aaggatggtg ggttcattta     52500
     ttagcagggg aatagtataa actcaaaggg gatttgagca aatttcttga aacaacaaag     52560
     agagcaaaac ctctgatgtt gtagtgtata ctaagactct gaacaagaaa gagtatggta     52620
     gaagaagata tgcaaaagag aatgagaaga aaataatata tggttgtttg ttacattata     52680
     aaaaccatgg tttaagctta ggaaaaagtg aagccgggat tgaatattaa taggtagaat     52740
     tattttaagg taaggacaac attatatatt taaataatag tgatgattgc aaaacattgg     52800
     gaatatcttg gaaatcattg aatgcatact ttaaaattgt taattttata gtatctgaaa     52860
     tataactcac atagtttaat agaagtaata gtgtaatcgt tgtaatagca gaaggtagga     52920
     gatcactaaa gtggctgagt taatcagata agaaatgtgg ataacctgta tcttgctgac     52980
     agcaggagaa ataggtaaaa gtgtttagat tcttgacctg ttttaaaagg aaaacatgca     53040
     gaatttgagg attaatagaa acgatgagat aaaaagcatg taggatgaca ttacagttat     53100
     aggcctttgc aacaggatgt aattactatg aagtgaaatg ggaaacactt ggggaaagtt     53160
     gttaggaagt agcatcaaaa ttcagtgtgt agccttgaga caagattgcc tgttaaacat     53220
     gagtatgtgc aatagagtca tatgtgattt gggctttggt aagagattgg ctggagataa     53280
     caatttggga ctcacaatat cattcagaaa tccattgtac aagaagagat aactggaaga     53340
     ttgagcgtaa attcatcagc aataatttaa ggaagaggat gactaagaaa caacggttat     53400
     atttggccag gcctggtggc tcacacctcc agtgccagca ctatgggagc ctgaggcagg     53460
     cagacggctt gaccccagga actcaagtcc agactgagat acacggagag gccctgtttc     53520
     taccagaagt agctagtctg cgtggcctgt agtcacagtc aagcaggagg ctgatgtgga     53580
     aagatcactt gagcacggga ggttgaggct gcagtgagtt cttgatctca ccactgcact     53640
     ccagcctgga caacagaggc agaccctgtc tcaataaaca aacagacaac aaagactaga     53700
     aattaaaaaa aaactattat tatattagtc aaaacaaagt ggattatttt aaatatacaa     53760
     catatttggt agactgttgg ggatgaaagc ctgcctggta aaggtaagtg gaattttcaa     53820
     atgacagcat atcaccaatg gtaaaaagat tcacctgaaa ttcaaggtaa cattttaaat     53880
     ttagcaatta gggtgtcact gattaccttt gagaaaggac tgtgacttca ttgttgtggg     53940
     ataaaacctg agacaataag aactgatgga aagaaaatag ctaatagaaa ttctctgtgg     54000
     aaattaaaag cagacaaaaa agtcagtacc aaaggagacg gtttttgttg tgtgtcataa     54060
     aatatggagt ttttttatac atatgtgatt aggaaatcaa ggcagtgaag aagaggataa     54120
     aaaattacac gaaagaggaa aggatcaatc atattgatgg gctgagtcca ggaggatgta     54180
     ttttaaaatg tgataaaggt tttgtctttg aataaataag tgcatataga tataggtatg     54240
     atttagatca tagtaacaaa caacagaagt tgaggaattt aatactctgc agcataaaac     54300
     ttaacaaatt agaggaaatg atttttatga taagctatga gaataaaagc aatgcaaaga     54360
     aagttcagga aatgaacatc ttatcaaata aaaataatat aggcaacttc ttgattcttc     54420
     tctcccactt ttttaaacta ctacttctat ttttcctatt gatatatttt aataaatgac     54480
     caatatcttc tggggaaata ttatgctttc tctctggtaa tttgcattag cttcttacac     54540
     atttcatgct cttttctcat attaacagca cttttagtca gaaatatttt cgtctaaatt     54600
     ctgttccaat atttacttga ttttaaacaa ctgttgcctt ttatcttcct tcttattcat     54660
     ttttgctgaa tattgcttcc cacccataat gactaattga atttcacaat atatcagtaa     54720
     tttctctgac agtttgtcta gaaataatct aatatgagct attttgccac ccccctcaaa     54780
     caaaagagac tttagatctt ctctagccat gcaaagtctg gatttcacat ctatttaaat     54840
     tgaaacttta cttgattaat aacttcatag cattaaatca agccaagaaa cagtatacta     54900
     aatgcaaaat gaccaacatc taacaattag tggaacttaa acggctcact gttttgtatt     54960
     cctttccgaa tcagaaatat ctgctagata gttttcttag tgtcatcatg gttagactgg     55020
     gcttatccct tgtgaagttt tgttttagtc gatgtcagcc acacacgctg gctgaagaac     55080
     acaaaaagaa aactaatgag aaatatacac cttttttcat actacctgaa gacaggacta     55140
     tcatcttggt gttaagaggt agttaatgcc tcgtagaagt ttgattgtct atttccttaa     55200
     aacaatgttt gctgaataaa taatatgtca agttatttga catattgact aaattatgtc     55260
     aaatagttta attgctttaa ttgactcaat tatgtcaaat ggtggttcaa tatttcctaa     55320
     accagacatc gatttttttt tattgtgatt agtgatacat atttaccttt ctgcattttc     55380
     catgaatagt gaattataca gaatcttgtt ttcttctgtt tcgatttgat agcgaactat     55440
     actagattca ctgacaagaa gagtttgaat tagcagcagt atgagaatgg acacagtgtt     55500
     tgaagaaagt gataaagaaa gtacaggagg agttttatct ttggaagaag aaatggtcct     55560
     tgggcacaga caccatatga gctttccttt caggattctc tgctcaactg tcctctgctg     55620
     tggtgaggcc acctatgctt tgtatatgtt tgaaattaat tgaaaagcta gtgacagatt     55680
     ctgatatcat ttgctatgag ctttgttgat gtggagataa ttttggatca aattactcta     55740
     acgtttttca acaaagacgt gaggagaaat aaagctgcat tacttttttt ggcacattct     55800
     tgctttagga cctataacga ggcaagtgac agaaatatct ctcattctct gtttccaaca     55860
     aataagtaga acataaatgg tttgctaata agcttaaaaa tgtgataatc atggttcctc     55920
     taactgaaat gcgctgtggt ttagttttgt ttagttttca caatattgaa aattttccta     55980
     tgcaattttt atcagtcata aggtaatgat agtttttaaa aaattcaagt gggattaagt     56040
     cagtcatttt ttctgttcct tttaatatta ttctcattca gcctaatggg cattctaaat     56100
     agttatgagg gatagaaaca taatcttaaa ttaaggaatg agcatagtgt gagtgagaag     56160
     agagtatggc ttgaaaataa tctcataaat tttttttgtc aactgacgtg tattaacatg     56220
     ttagtggtag atttctagac atccttacat ttgtagctgt gacttggaac ttcaaaacat     56280
     agctaagcaa ttcatttcca tatgtctcct gtctgttact atactgattt gcacatgtac     56340
     tgtaaatttt ttaaaaacta atttcattcg gatctgcatt tagagttcca agatagtaaa     56400
     atgtataaaa aattacatac attttataga attgagtcac tggggataac tgttaccttt     56460
     cattaaaatg gtaagtgcag aattttataa acacatgcaa aaatgtgcaa cctcatgatt     56520
     taatcttcta tgcaaataaa aattagtaat agcaagggta atgagtaaca ctagcagggc     56580
     aagaaacact tctgcaaagc caaagagtta atcccagtga caatgcatga agtgattgtg     56640
     ggccatactc tggagctaat ttaagtttaa ttgactgaat ctcctgaaag aaaaggacat     56700
     aggcagaaac aaccaaaaat gaacaacaca ttagccagaa aactcaacaa gtaaataaaa     56760
     ctgctgacaa tattagaacc aataaatatc cgtgtcataa aaacgtacct aattttgttg     56820
     ctgtagttct tgttgtttgg agagaatgtc tcactctgtt gcccaggcta gagtgcagtg     56880
     gcatgacctc agctcccttc aacctccaac tcccaggttc aagggattct cctgcctcag     56940
     cctcccaagt agcagggact acaggagcac aacaccacgc ccagctaatt gttgtgtatt     57000
     tagtagagat ggggtttcac tatattggcc caggtggcct caagctcctg acctcgtgat     57060
     ccacccacct tggcctccca aagtggaatt acatgtgtgt accatcatgc ctggccaact     57120
     ttttcttttt caccaggtta atttaagaaa tttataaaat ttcttaaatt tcttgcaata     57180
     ggtcgggaat ggtggctcac aactctaatc ccagcacttt gaaaggccga ggcgggcaga     57240
     tcccctaagg ttggcagttt gagaccagct tagctaacat gatgaaaccc tatctctact     57300
     aaaaatacaa aactagctgg actggtggca aatgcctgta atcccagcta cttaggaggt     57360
     tgaggcagta gaataacttc aacctgggaa gtagaggtta caattctgtg atgatgagaa     57420
     aagttgagat atgtagataa ttagatagat agatgataga tagagagata gatagataga     57480
     tagatgtaga tgtagatata cacagccaca gtcactcaag cacacaaaca cacacacaca     57540
     cacacacagc tgttatctgt gtatatatat tcttttgaaa acagaagata cttattttta     57600
     attaggttat tatttgcttg ttcttttgaa tctgttttta gttccttgta tattttgatt     57660
     aaccccttgt ctgatgtaca gtttgcaaat atttgctctc attttatttt attttgtttt     57720
     tattttttgg tgtatggaag ttttctagta tgatgtaacc tatttttctg tttgtgtgtt     57780
     ttttacttct gtttttgaag tcttatccaa aaaatattct tgctcagacc agggtcgtta     57840
     aatatgtttt gtgatttatt ctcctagatt gacagttttg tgttttcatt acatctttat     57900
     ttttaaatgt ttttaaaaat atattcttat aggtgagctc tcactatatt accaagtgtg     57960
     gagtacagtg gcataagtgt ttcatgctac agctttggac acctgggctc tcgtgatcct     58020
     cccatttgag accccaaagt aactgaaact ataggtggac tccactgcaa taggcttttt     58080
     aatccatttg cgttaatttt tctattttgt gagaatataa ttagggttct aattatattc     58140
     ttctgcatat agctctcttg tttttccagc accaattatt gaagagactg acatttcttc     58200
     attttgtgtt cttggcacct ctgcagaata tcagttggct atacaggtgt aaatttattt     58260
     ttgctgactg cattctgttg tattggttga tagcattgtg acacctccag ttctgtggat     58320
     tcactcccca accccactgc catcttcagg attgctttgg ctattcaggg ttttgtgtgt     58380
     gtggtttcat attaaattag gatatttttc aatttctgtg aaaaatgcca ttggtgtttt     58440
     gatagagatt gcattcagtc tgtgcactgc tttggatcat ataaacattt taaccatatt     58500
     aatttttcca atcaatgaat atagatattt ttccatattt ttatgtcatc ctaacatttt     58560
     attaatgttt catagttttc agaatgcaga tttttttaat tccttgctta aatttactcc     58620
     tttttattcc ccgtacctat tgtaaatgag attgttttct taattttttt tatattttgc     58680
     tatttgttta tggaaatact aaggaattga atatgttgat tttgtaaact gaaattttac     58740
     ctactttctg agtcagctct aagtactttc tagtggtgtg tttatggatt tccatattat     58800
     gtaattagta tatatggaca attttacttc ttcctttcca atttgggtac cttttcttat     58860
     tttctcttgt ctaattgctc tggctaagga attttagtat tctgttaata gatgtagtga     58920
     aagtgaacat cctggtcttt tttcagatct tcacagaaaa gctttcaact tttaactccc     58980
     actgagtgtg atattagcta agggtttgta tatagaatgt tacctggttc tttgggtcta     59040
     tgtcatttgt tgtgttgagt tacagttgtt ctatgcataa tttgttaatg gtttttattc     59100
     agaaaaaatg ttgaattttg tcaaattttt ttcacttatt gaaatgactg catatacttt     59160
     gttctttatt ttttatataa tttatgacat ttaatgattc ttgtgtatta aaccattcct     59220
     gcatccctgt aatctcactt gatcatggtg tatcagggga aattcacccc caatatttca     59280
     catagttttt tttccatttt ccttaagtgt tggttggtct cagaaataaa gggacagagt     59340
     ataaaagaga gaaattttaa agctgggtgt ctgggggaga catcacatgt cagcaggttc     59400
     cgtgatgccc cccaagccac aaaaccagca aggttttgtt agtgattttc aaaaggggag     59460
     agacagtaca aatagggtgt gtgtcacaga gatgacatgg ttcacaaggt aataaaatat     59520
     cacaaggcaa atggaggcag ggtgagatca catgaccaca ggactggggt gaaattaaaa     59580
     ttgctaatga aattttgggt gtgcactgtc attgataaca tcttatcagg agacagggtt     59640
     tgagggcaca caaccagtct gaccaaaatt tattaggtgg gaatttcctc atcctaacaa     59700
     gcctgggagc actatgggag gctggggctt atttcttccc ttacctacca ccataaaaga     59760
     caaccatccc caaagcggcc atttcatagg cctcccctta gagatgcatt ctttttctca     59820
     gagattttcc ttgctgagaa aaagaattca gtgatatttc tcctatttgc ttttgaaaga     59880
     agagaaatat ggctctgttc cacccagctc acaggcagcc agagtttaag gttatctccc     59940
     ttgttccctg aacattgctg ttatcctgtt cttttttcat ggtgcccaga tttcatatta     60000
     ttcaaacaca catgctctac aatttgtaca gttagtgcaa tcatcacagg gtcctgaggt     60060
     gacatacatc ctcctcagtt tatgaagatg atgggattaa gagattaaag taaagatagg     60120
     cataggaaat cacaagggta ttgattgcca aagtgataag tgtccatgaa atcttcacaa     60180
     tttatgttca gagattgcag taaagacagg cataagaaat tataaaagta ttaatttggg     60240
     gatctacaat gtccatgaaa tcttcacaat ttatgttttt ctgccatgac ttcagccggt     60300
     ccctctgttc aggctccctg acttcccaca acatctctgc ctttcttttt atgcaaatgt     60360
     gccataacga tgaaggcttg tttgttctct cagtttgaca caggattctt tgactggtcc     60420
     agcacactaa aaagccacct gatctaatgc ctcagctcca ggtgtaatgc atatgcaagc     60480
     ttgagaggct tcaaaaattt gttctttaat ttagtgatgt ccaatgataa attatctttg     60540
     ctacccagaa ggtgtccttt gaccatttcc catgaatgtt cagtctcatt ataggaatac     60600
     ggggtgatac agaagtccaa agtattccaa ttgcactgca tttgcatgtg atgttcaaga     60660
     ctccctactt aatctccaag cccaataaca gactgtctta aatcattaat ttgattagcc     60720
     aatttttgat caaaactttg ttgagaattc cacatgtagg tggaaatggc ttgacaatca     60780
     ttaacaaaat gagccgtttg aataggttga tgtaacaaca ttctgactgt ggtggccatt     60840
     gcagtgactg taattaggcc catgatcaca gtgattaaag tgaacataaa tctcttggat     60900
     ctttttagaa ttcgctgtaa cacttcatta attaaatgtg ttgaggggga ggtttcccaa     60960
     tgtctgggca tccagattcc ttcttgagct cgaacaacat tacacttttc ctggagtcaa     61020
     aatgggagtt aatacaagtg taaaaatgac aattaatgca ttggacagtt tgattgttgg     61080
     tccaaatttt gatatttccc actaacagca tgtaatgaga cttaacacaa ctctgtttgg     61140
     gaacagtcag gttggaggta aataaagcgg aatgcctgga tctgcgttga tactgagaga     61200
     gtgggatggt agtggggaca acagcagaat catttcccct tcccatactc acagtccaga     61260
     catggcaata gccaatttcc aaaattctgg gtgttctggg ctcagaatgt ggagtatcat     61320
     acaaggcctt ggtgggggtt aatgccttta tcttcccatt ttaagggaaa gaatgagctg     61380
     aatctcctat gcaaagtaga gtgatgattc tccttctcca gataagaaat aaaataagta     61440
     gcctcctggc atgcctttcc accagtggag caattgtttt ttaaatagtc ctttgggccc     61500
     agtctgttac taaactgtat gagtcatttt taaatattac tgcatgtgag ttaacacagt     61560
     cttcccagat taaagtttta gatgggcctt ccaaattttt taggcatggt tttcctgcag     61620
     gtttatattg aaagtatggg gtatctccca ttactcctcc tttcatttgt tttaaaggag     61680
     aaaggagagg ccaaagacca aatatcctgg ttcctctgca gttgatctct ggaagataag     61740
     tggcccagac ttcagtttat agatggatac aaccaggtcc atgtctgaag cccagaggtg     61800
     agtatttata acccatggta acattaaatg cagtgccttc ttctcctggt gaatgatttt     61860
     ctaaacgtgc attataagtc attttcccag tattttgttg aggattttta cattatattg     61920
     gcccatagtt ttctcctttt tttttgtatc cttgtctgct tttgtaatca gaataatgcc     61980
     atcccaatga aatgagttgg aacagttccc atatcttctt ttttgttgtt tgtttttttt     62040
     tcgttttgtt ttgactacat taaaaaaagt tgcagtagtt tcttttttgt ggtaagagga     62100
     atgcagcagt gaatatatca ggtaataggt ttatctttaa taggtgactt tttactgctg     62160
     atttgatttc ttaccattaa tttgtttctt ggtatgagtt atggtatctc ttttttgact     62220
     ctgattttct ttattagggg ctttttttgt acttttgagt ttagcttttt gtttttctaa     62280
     ttccttgatt gaaacatcag gttgtgtttt tggtatcttc ttttagttga aagcatttat     62340
     tgccataact tcactctgaa aactgctttg gttgtatccc ttaggttttg gtgtgttgtg     62400
     tttctatttt tgtctcaaga aatatggtgt tttgtcttta atgtcttcat tgactcattg     62460
     gtttttcagg agtatattat ttaattttga tgtacttaag aattagtgat ttcagaagag     62520
     atacttgata tgactttgat catttccaat tcgttaagaa gtgatttttg cctaatgtat     62580
     gatatatcct ggaagatgtt ccatatatgc agtggagaag aatgtttatt ccatagctct     62640
     tggatggata gttcagtgcc tgtttttagc atttgtccta cagggcattt tagtccaatg     62700
     tttacttatt gaattatgtc tgcattatct attcattgct gaaagtaagg tgctgaagtt     62760
     ttccagtatt atcttgcact ttttttcttc cttttgatct attaacattt gaattatatg     62820
     tatgcttata ttagttatat aggtatattc ctggtataat attttctttt atttttctcc     62880
     tccttaattc tgtatcttct ttttgtcttt gatatttggt ggtttgatta cattaagatt     62940
     acattaagct atggggatat ttttattgaa attgaatgtg attggaagtc ttcgatattc     63000
     ctgtagcaga atatttgtat tttatttaag tttagaaagg tttctgttat tatttctcta     63060
     aataggcttt ctactctttt ttttgtactt ttcttttctt tccttttctt tttgagatgg     63120
     aggtttgctc ttgtctctca ggttggagta caatggtgtg attgtggctt actgcaacct     63180
     cgacaccctg ggttgcagtg attctcctga ctcagcctta tgagtagctg ggattacagg     63240
     tgtccaccaa tatacttgac taatttttgt attttaatag aaaaatgttt tcaccacatt     63300
     gtccaggctg ctctcaagct cctgacaaca tacgatccac ccaccttggc ctcccaaagt     63360
     gctggagata taggcatgag ccatcatgcc cagctctacc aagctcttaa atgccagtgt     63420
     ctaatacctt tgctctttgg atattatctc attaatctca tgaatcttat ttatgttttc     63480
     tcctctaact gtatattttc aattgacctg tctgagtttt gctgcttgac cacttctgtt     63540
     gtaagtgctg tcaattgcat tttttatttt gttgtgtttt attcttcaag atttctgttt     63600
     gttttttcct cccattattt tagtctcttg ggtgagtttc tctgataaat ttcggaattc     63660
     tttgtgtttt gctgaagtcc actgcattgt cataaaataa ctattttaaa ttcctttttg     63720
     ggccatgtgt ccatacacat ctcttttggg tcagtcacca ctggcacctt actttgacca     63780
     cttgatgtca tgtttttctc attgatccta atccttgtga ctatgcatgg aaatctgtgc     63840
     agtgatgtag gtgcctaatt cagtgttcac gctttggctt tgtttggatg ctttctccca     63900
     cagtaagcct gtccagagat tcagggcaag gagaagaagg aaattaaggt ctttaagcct     63960
     atgatacctt cagccctggt agcactaggg gaaacactaa tgagcagatt ttcatggctg     64020
     gattaattta tacacaaagc tgactcagtg ccaggttgta cctgtagcac acagttgagc     64080
     acttggtgca ctcaaggcct gtagcttcca tggtctgccc tctgctcctt attcggggcc     64140
     tgaggttaca gtagtcaatc agcaggaata ttgactcgaa ctcaagtcca ttcggctgag     64200
     gtcatagttt ctagtctgtt gctgcggttg gtctgcaaga ttacccctgg gtatcagcct     64260
     cccaaagtgc tggggtcagg ggacaggcaa atcaaagtcc caaggcaaaa aagtcctatg     64320
     cctacttcct ttgcccaagg aatcctccaa cctccaccta ctgagtagta gagactacag     64380
     gcatgtgcag ctatgcctgg ctaatatttt ttgggttttg tttttgttgg gctcaagtga     64440
     tctattcacc tcagcttcct aaagtgctag gattaagggt atgagttact acacccagct     64500
     aaaatttact ttctaaaatt taatttttag gtcatttact tttattcagt cttatttctg     64560
     ataaatgcaa ttaagcatgt tattgcttta gtttctctct gggtattcct gaaggaataa     64620
     atgaactctt gatattcatt ttctaaatgg tgttagaaaa tgaataatta ctttagatga     64680
     gtaatgacta tatggcctct ttttgttttc tggcttcatt tcattgtgta tgaagagtgt     64740
     attttttaac ccacctgttt atgggaaatg aaattttact ctttcaacta aaggtagtac     64800
     aaaattgttt aaactgatta ttcaactact tcataatttt gacttggttc cttttgcata     64860
     ttagtctaat tattgggaga acaatgtcaa aattaaatta atttgcttat taaaaacttt     64920
     ctgataaaat tacatgaata cacacaaaca aaaacatgca cactcatacc acttaatttc     64980
     taaaatgttt aatttttctg cttctctgat accttgtatt ttatcactca gcaaaatctg     65040
     tcagctccac ttccaggatt tactttaact gcacagctta tttctatttc cctttatcac     65100
     catagtctaa aacacagttt acattatatt tgcctccact ttgcattgta atttcctctt     65160
     tacactctag ctttctatga gaaggtaact accttttcaa aatctaatca ggtaattttg     65220
     ctttttctta attgagactt ctttctatgt gctttcacac cttatagtat cagatatgaa     65280
     tgtctctatc caattgcatg tgttccagtt atttttttta ttggggggat gtgtatgtac     65340
     atttacaaac atgggtatgt atgtatttac ttattatttg tttttcccat gtgtaatata     65400
     ggttttgcat gcatatattt actaaatccc tgataatgta aaattaacaa tttttttttc     65460
     tttttttaag taaattattt tctgaaggat gcgggttggg aggaatatac cttaacatgg     65520
     aaactttaaa agagaaagtg gtcattacta atgaaaatta ttctctaaca ttttcttgtt     65580
     tatctttagt agcattgctg atgacatgtt ccttcttacc acttgtgtat gcggccattc     65640
     actgcaatac actggccatc cataccagca acgactttcc tgacattaag ctacaagcga     65700
     taaaattcat ctgtcatgat acggtgttcc ttggtgatta tctcacgtgt agtgactctg     65760
     gaattttttc ctgcatctct gaaacagagg agcctaccat tactattaat catatatttt     65820
     gtattattgt tggcaccatg gctggagttt tggaaaagtg gagctcatct tcataacaac     65880
     acagaaaata attccagcat ggtgggtaca tacggatgct taccttaatc atgctactat     65940
     atgctgctat caacttctct ggctggtcag cactgaaact gcagctctca aatgaggaag     66000
     taattgacaa gagactgagg tgggccatag aatcctacac tacagcttct agtttttaga     66060
     aaatgtgata ataatattga tatttatgtt cgttggaggg aaaatttcac tgaagtcttg     66120
     tgactcatta attgccatgt agttcatcat aacctaacta ttagccattg gctttatgct     66180
     cctcttctgt cagtatttgc acccaaggtg gtcaagaaaa tttttgcgag gacatactga     66240
     aaatcattca gaagcactgt gatattgtgt aaacatctgg agaaaactca attaaaagaa     66300
     taaaaataag cagctgagga attaatatca ctcatggaga agggttggat attttcaata     66360
     aaaaacatat gcaatatcca taaactatcc atatatactt tcacagaaca aagagtaaag     66420
     aggctgaata tgacattaca aagatactca taaaaattat aaacagcaaa accttggaag     66480
     tagcttccaa taagattgat ctttctcctg tgactatgca taagtaattt ttgttttctt     66540
     aaatataatt gtacaactta ttaaacaaaa caaaataaaa aatccatctc tgtccaaaaa     66600
     ctgaacagaa aaaataacca taatgaattt ttcacctagt atatttttgg tacctatgtt     66660
     tttaatttaa caagtgtttg taatctagca catatattat cagagaacat tttcttttca     66720
     gaaagagtac ttaccgcaga tttcattctg tacttaagaa gagcctgaaa cagaagtctt     66780
     atgagtacaa tcctatttat attaatttaa gatatcgaaa gtctttctca ttaaaccttg     66840
     actaacagaa agcaactcat attaatgcat cttaaaggac aaaacctgtt ctattaagag     66900
     gaaatactca ggttaataat ttaaaataca aatttacatt cctaccaata gtgcacaaga     66960
     attctctgtg ctctacattc tcaaaaacac ttgtcatctt tcatcttgat agtaataggc     67020
     attccaacat gtgtaagagg agagctcatt gttgatttta atttgcattt ccctgatgat     67080
     tggtggtgtt gagcatcttt aagtatacag ttgttcagaa attagctggg caaagtagcg     67140
     tacatttgta atcccagcta ctagggaggc tgaggcagaa ttgctggaaa ccagtgggta     67200
     gaagactcag tgagctaaga tcacaccact gcactccagg ctgggtgaca gagtgagaat     67260
     agaaatgaaa tcaatccatc catcaatcca tcaaacaatc aatcaatcca tcaaacaatc     67320
     aatcaatatt aaatatagag ttgttggcca gttatatgtc ttctttagcg aaatataaat     67380
     ttaggtcttt gaccatattt aataggctta gttttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgtta     67440
     aattgcttga gttccttgta tgtatttatt attcaccctt tatcatatat atggtttgca     67500
     gatattttct gcaagtgttt gggttgtctc ttcactctac tatttgtttc ccttttccct     67560
     ttgctgtgca gaaacatttt agtttgatat aacgtgattc aattgttttt tgttgtgctt     67620
     ttgtattctg tgcttttggg gccatagcat tgaggtttca aaaattaaat taaattgaaa     67680
     atagaattaa cacatgatcc aactactcta cttcagaatg tgtactcaag ggatataaaa     67740
     ttaacatgtc agaaagatat ctgcactcct atattcatct cagcgttatt cataatagcc     67800
     aagatatggt aacaacccaa gtgctcatca acagatcaac agataaagtg tggcacataa     67860
     acacaatgag atatactata cagccttaaa aaaggaggaa gttttgttat acatttgtga     67920
     ccaaatgaat ggaattggaa gatactatgc tcagtgtact aagagaggca cagaaagact     67980
     agtaaagaat gatcacaatt atatgtaaaa tctaaaaaag ttgaactcat tcaaactgtg     68040
     aatatgccag cggtggtggc tcatgcctgt aacttcagca ctttgggagg atgaggtggt     68100
     tggatcactt gaggtcagaa atttgaggcc acagtgagcc atagctgtgt caatgtactc     68160
     cagcctgggc aatgcaacaa ggccctgact ctttatacaa atacacaaaa tgtagtcaga     68220
     gattggagtg tggggtggag atggcagtgg atagagaaat gggatgtgtt catcaaaggg     68280
     taacaaattt cagtgagata ggaagaagtt ctggtgatcc gttgcacaga acggtgacca     68340
     cagttaatga atgccaactt caaaattgct taattaaaaa aaaaaagggc aggcatggtg     68400
     gcccaagtct gaaatcccag cactttgggt agacatggtg ggaggatcac tagtggtcag     68460
     gagttcgaga ccagcctggc caaaatgatg aaacactgtc tctactgaaa atataaaaat     68520
     tagccaggtt tggtggcatg tgcatgtcat cccagctact cgagtggctg aggcaaaaga     68580
     ataacttcaa ctcaggaggt ggcagttgaa atgagctgag gttgcaccac tgcactcaag     68640
     tctggggaac aagagcaaaa ctatatcaaa aaaacagatt gtttaaaaag cagaatttat     68700
     gtattcgtac cacaagagag acatgataag tatgtgaggt gatggatagg gtaactagcc     68760
     caatttaatt cttttgcaat atatacatgc attataaaat cactttgcat cccataaata     68820
     tttacaattg ttaatttaaa ataaaaattt tttaaaaatg aattaaaatt aaaataaact     68880
     tggcttaata tatatagaca gtaatatatg caaatgtttt cttctatttt ggctatttgg     68940
     cttctgttat ttcttgggga aacaaacacc atgggaacgg atgaagaaca ttaaagctaa     69000
     atagtatata atttacatta ttttttgttc ttttttctcc ttttttttct accaaagcaa     69060
     tggtgacaac tttcttgtca cactttcttt tctgtttctt tctcatgaga aatcaccacc     69120
     aaaaataaag ctcgtgtaga tttgcgaata tttttttctg cccctagcta tgaccctctt     69180
     cacctttgct ttggatttca cagcttctta aaacactgat ttacttatta tttgttgtct     69240
     ccttgtacca ttacttcttc gctctacctg caggatcttt tctttttatt atattttagt     69300
     ttaatttttt tcagacagag tctccagcac aatttcggct cactgcaacc tgggcctccc     69360
     agattcaggt ggttctcctg cctcagcttg ctgagtatcc gatattacag gcatgcacaa     69420
     ccatgcttgg ccaattttag aatttttaat tgtgacaggg tttcaccatt ttgccaaggc     69480
     tggtcttgaa ctgacctcaa gtgatctacc ctctcagctt cccaaaatgc tggaattaca     69540
     ggtatgagac actacatccg gcttgatcat tttctttgcc agatctacat gctgcttgtc     69600
     ttagccttag atatgccact ctcaactcat gtatttattt tctgtgatag caagactcat     69660
     ggaaagagtt ggccctgaca aggtttaatt ttatttctct taaccctcct ttcttcaggc     69720
     atttaccctg ttttttagaa tcatatctta tacttctcac taaataccat atttcactta     69780
     tctgttgcat attactcaaa ccgtcatgtg tatctgtaaa actgattcac accctcattc     69840
     ctgaaatact attttgcttt ggattacatg actcaacttt cctctgattt ctctatttaa     69900
     ttgtcagtgc ctttggtttc attttatctc atagatatct attcattaga ccactaatct     69960
     aactacacag aatacctctt tctctttccc tttctccttt cccttttccc ttcccatttt     70020
     cttttttttt tttttttttt tttcgttttc tttttttagg aaactgttct gccacccagc     70080
     ctggagtgca gtagtgagac ctggactgac tacaacctca aattcctggg ctcaaataat     70140
     tttcctgctt tgatctcctc agtagctgag actacagatg cacaccacca cacctggctt     70200
     tttattgatg ttttgagaca aaagcctgta aggttttaaa cctgtagttc taaggaattc     70260
     agtgatatga cctctgaatt cctatacatt gtgatttttt tctcttatga gcgttccaag     70320
     attaagacag ctaaattgaa agcttcccct gaacttcctt acactttcta catacctctc     70380
     ccttccatca tttttgtccc aaaatacatc atctatataa cataaaaata ttccaaatac     70440
     attattttcc ctcatctctt tcacatttta cctataataa ctttttttat tatctaccac     70500
     ttacaaatgt gtttttcttg ttgctgctta tacattctac tggaggtcat cattcattgc     70560
     tccctaaatt gtagtatcaa catcttaatc tacttcctcc ttctgtgtta ctatattcaa     70620
     tttatttttc actgagggtt ctagaattat tcttcctttc aatgaataaa gcacatcgct     70680
     tttctttttc tttttattct tcctttctgc tttactatta actgttactt tatgagagag     70740
     gagccatttc agtgttattt cctattatac cacaatttta agctaaaagt ctgagatatc     70800
     ataacctctc tataagtgtt taatattata ataaataaca caactttgta atttcagcat     70860
     taaatttttg aatactaagt ctatagatta tttatgaaac aagattttag ttgtgttgca     70920
     gatgagcttg ttattttttt aactcactcc ttccatttct atccatacta gctataagac     70980
     atttagaggt gtgaaagtgg catattcttc cctatacttg agagtctgtt gaggttatat     71040
     gaataaagaa atgtacaatg accatttaat tcatatagct aaatataatg tttaatattt     71100
     aaaatttgtt taaatgtttt tattacttaa atttattata acaaatatta tttagatttt     71160
     tcattattta aaactcaata taagaaacaa acatgtggga aaatctcaag taattcatta     71220
     tcgttgttct tatcatagaa gatacaagcc atctccttat tggttagggt catatttaca     71280
     gaacagtcac ttttcatttc ccaatgaaat ctgaggagtg tgttttgaat tccctagtga     71340
     tatgcctaca actacacagt ataattctgt cttctttgga gggtatgact ctacaggatc     71400
     aatatgataa tgtcctaaaa tatcactgtt acatttaatt atataaaaca ccactaaagt     71460
     gagaataata tatgagctgt tcattacgta gtctaattat agagttaatt tttacactca     71520
     aatactttag ttagagactg tgaaattaaa ttggccctag atggaactta attatttgta     71580
     acaactacca tactgtggtg aaatgaatta actgaaatct taataatttg gaaaataata     71640
     aagttatttc acttaaaagt tattttaaaa aaactatatt tcttaactat ttattttatt     71700
     attatacttt taagttttag ggtacatgtg cacaatgtgc aggttagtta catatgtata     71760
     catgtgccat gcttgtgcgc tgctcccatt aacttgtcat ttagcattag gtatatctcc     71820
     taatgctatc cctccctcct ccccgactcc acaacagtcc ccagagtgtg attttcccct     71880
     tcctgtgtcc atgtgttcct gttgttcaat tcccacctat gaatgagaat atgcagtgtt     71940
     tggttttttg tccttgcgat agtttactga gaatgatgat ttccagtttc atccatgtcc     72000
     ctacaaagga catgaactca tcatttttta tggctgcata gtatcacatg gtgtatatgt     72060
     gccacaattt cttaatccag tctatcattg ttggatattt gtgttggttc caagtctttg     72120
     ctattgtgaa tagtgccaca ataaacatac gtgggcatgt gtctttatag cagcatgact     72180
     gatagtcctt tgggtatata cccagtaatg ggatggctgg gtcaaatgat atttccagtt     72240
     ctagatccct gaggaatcac cacactgact tccacaatgg ttgacctact ttacagtccc     72300
     actgacagag taaaagtgtt cctatttctc cacatcctct ccagcacctg ttgtttcctg     72360
     actttttaat gattgccatt ctaactggtg tgagatggta tctcaccgtg gttttgattt     72420
     gcatttctct gaaggtcagt gatggtgagc attttttcat gtgttttttg gctgcataaa     72480
     tgtcttcttt tgagaattgt ctgttcatgt ccttcaccca ctttttgatg gggttgtttg     72540
     ttttcttctt gtaaatttgt ttgagttcat tgtagattct ggatattagc cctttgtcag     72600
     atgagtaggt tgtgaacatt ttctcccatt ttgtaggttg cctgttcact ctgatggcag     72660
     tttcttttgc tgtgcagaag ctctttagtt taattagatc ccttttgtca attttggctt     72720
     ttgttgccgt tgcttttggt gttttagaca tgaggttctt gcccgtgcct gtgtcctgaa     72780
     tagtattgcc taggttttct tctagggttt ttatggtttt aggtctaaca tttaagtctt     72840
     taatccatct tgaattaatt tttgtataag gtgtaaggaa gacatgcagt ttcagtttcc     72900
     tgcatatggc tagccagttt tcccagcacc atttattaaa tagggaatcc tttccccatt     72960
     gcttgttttt ctcaggtttg tcaaagatca cattgttgta gatatgcggc attatttctg     73020
     agggctcttt tctgttccat tgatctatat ctctgttttg gtaccagtac catgctgttt     73080
     tggttactgt agccttgtag tatagtttga agtcaggtag cgtgatgcct ccagctttgt     73140
     tcttttggct taggattgac ttggagatgc aggctctctt ttggttccat atgaacttta     73200
     aagtagtttt ttccaattat gtgaagaaag tcattggtag ttcgatgggg atagcattca     73260
     atttacaaat taccttgggc agtatggcca ttttcaggat attgattctt ccaacccatg     73320
     agcatggaat gttcttccat ttgtttgtat cctcttttat ttcattgagc agtagtttgt     73380
     agttctcctt gaagaggtcc ttcacatccc ttgtaagttg gattcctagg tattttattc     73440
     tctttgaagc cattgtgaat gggagttcac tcatgatttg gctctctgtt tgtctgttat     73500
     tggtgtataa gaatgcttgt gatttttgta catggatttt gtatcagctt aaggagattt     73560
     tgggctgaga caatggggtt ttctagatat acaatcatat catctgcaaa cagggacaat     73620
     ttgacttcct cttttcctaa ttgaatacca tttatttcct tctcctgcct aattgccttg     73680
     gccagaactt ccaacactgt gttgaatatg agtggtgaga gagagcatcc ctgtcttgtg     73740
     ccagttttcc aagggaatgc ttccagtttt tgcccattca gtatgttatt ggctgtgggt     73800
     ttgtcatgga tagctcttat tattttgaga tacatcccat caatacctaa tttattgaga     73860
     gttttcagca tgaagctttg ttgaattctg tcaaaggcat ttcctgcatc tattgagaga     73920
     atcatgtggt ttttgtcttt ggttctcttt atatgctgga ttatatttat tgatttgcat     73980
     atattgaacc agccttgcat cccagggatg aagcccattt gatcatggtg gataagcttt     74040
     ttgatgtgct gctggattca gtttgccagt attttattga ggatttttgc atcaatgttc     74100
     atcacggata ttggcctaaa attctctttt ttggttgtgt ctctgccttg ctttggtatc     74160
     aggatgatgc tggcctcata aaatgagtta gggtggattc cctctttttc tattaattgg     74220
     aatagtttca gaaggaatgg taccagttct tccttgtacc tctggtagaa tttggctgtg     74280
     aatccatctg gtcctgcact ctttttggtt ggtaagctat tgattattgc cacaatttca     74340
     gagcctgtta ttggtctatt cagagattca acttcttcct ggtttagtcc tgggagggtg     74400
     tatgtgtcaa ggaatttctc catttcttct agattttcta gtttttttgc atagaggtgt     74460
     ttgtggtatt ctctggtggt agtttgtatt tctgtgggat cggtggtgat atccccttta     74520
     tcatttttta ttgtgtctat tggattcttc tctcttttct tctttattag tcttgctagc     74580
     agtctatcaa ttttgttgat cctttcagaa aaccagctcc tggattcatt aatttttgaa     74640
     gggttttttg tgtctccatt tccttcagtt ctgctctgat tttagttatt gcttgccttc     74700
     tgctagcttt tgaatgtgtt tgttcttgct tttctagttc ttttaattgt gatgttaggg     74760
     tgtcaatttt ggatctttcc tgctttctct tgtgggcatt tagtgctata aatttccctc     74820
     tacacactgc tttgaatgtg tccctgagac tctggtatgt tgtgtctttg ttctcgttgg     74880
     tttcagagaa catctttatt tctgccttca ttttgttatg tacccagtag tcattcagga     74940
     gcagattggt cagtttccat atagttgagc tgttttcagt gagtttctta atcctgagta     75000
     ctagtttgat ttcactgtgg tctgagagac agtttgttat aatttctgat cttttacatt     75060
     tgctgaggag agctttactt ccaactatgt ggtcaatttt ggaataggtg tggtgtggtg     75120
     ctgaaaaaaa atgtatattc tgttgatttg gggtggagag ttctgtagat gtctattagg     75180
     tctgcttggt gcagagctga gttcaattcc tgggtatcct tgttaacctt ctctgtcgtt     75240
     gatctgtcta atgttgacag tggggtgtta aagtctccca ttattattgt gtgggagtct     75300
     aagtctgttt gtaggtcact caggacttgc tttatgaatc tgggtgctcc tgtattgggt     75360
     gcatatatat ttaggatagt tagctcttct tgttgaattg atccctttac cattatgtaa     75420
     tggccttctt tgtctctttt gatctttgtt ggtttaaagt ctgttttatc agagactggg     75480
     attgcaaccc ctgccttttt ttgttttcca ttggcttggt agatcttcct ccatcctttt     75540
     attttgagcc tgtgtgtgtc tctgcatgtg agatgggttt cctgaataca gcacactgat     75600
     gggtcatcac tctttatctg atctgccagt ctgtgtcttt taattggagc atttagtcta     75660
     tttacattta aagttagtat cattatgtgt gaatttgatc ctgtcattat gatgtgagct     75720
     ggttatgttg ctcattagtt gatgcagttt cttcctagcc tcaatggtct ttacaatttg     75780
     gcatgatttt gcagtggctg gtaccagttg ttcctttcca tgtttagtgc ttccttcagg     75840
     agctctttta gggcaggcct ggtggtgaca aaatctctca gcatttgctt gtctgtaaag     75900
     gattttattt ctcctttact tatgaagctt aatttggctg aatatgaaat tctgggttga     75960
     aaattctttt ctttaagaat gttgaatatt ggcccccact ctcttctgtc ttgtagagtt     76020
     tctgctgaga gatctgctgt tggtctaatg ggcttccctt tgtgggtaat ctgacccttc     76080
     tctctgcctg cccttaacat tttttccttc atttcaactt tggtgaatct gacaattatg     76140
     tgtcttggag ttgctcttct cgaggagtat ctttgtggcg ttctctgtat ttcctgaatc     76200
     tgaatgttgg cctgccttgc tagattgggg aagtactcct ggataatatc ctgcagagtg     76260
     ttttccagct tggttccatt ctccccgtca ctttcaggta caccaatcag acgtagattt     76320
     ggtcttttca catagtccca tgtttcttgg aggctttgtt cgtttctttt tattcttttt     76380
     tatctaaact tcccttctcg cttcatttca ttcatttcat cttccatcac tgataccctt     76440
     tcttccagtt gattgcatca gctcctgagc cttctgcatt cttcatgtag ttctcaagcc     76500
     ttggctttca gctccatcaa ctcctttaag catttctgtg tattggttat tctagttata     76560
     cattcatcta aatgtttttc aaagttttca acttctttgg ctttggtttg aatttcctcc     76620
     tgtagctcag agtagtttga tcatctgaag ccttcttctc tcaacttgtc aaagtcattc     76680
     tccgtccagc tttattccat tgctcttgag gagctgcgtt cctttggagg aggagaggtg     76740
     ctctgctttt tagagtttcc agtttttctg ctgttttttc cccatctttg tggttttgtc     76800
     tacttttggt ctttgatgat ggtgatgtac agatgggttt ttggtgtgga tgtcttttct     76860
     gtttgttagt tttccttcta acagacagga ccctcagctg caggtctgtt ggagtacccg     76920
     gccgtgtgag gtgtcagtct gcccctgctg gggggtgccc cccagttagg ctgcttgggg     76980
     gtcaggggtc agggacccag gtgaggaggc agtctgccgg ttctcagatc tccagctgca     77040
     tgctgggaga atcacttctc tcttcaaatc tgtcagacag ggacatataa gtctgcagag     77100
     gttactgctg tctttttgtt tgtctgtgcc ctgctcccag aggtggagcc tacagaggca     77160
     ggcaggcctc ctttagctgt ggtgagctcc acccagttcg agcttctggg ctgctttgtt     77220
     tacttaagca agcctgggaa atggtgggcg cccctcctcc agcctcgctg ccgacttgca     77280
     gtttgatctc agactgctgt gctagcaatc agtgagactc catgggcgta ggaccttctg     77340
     agccatgtgt gggatataat ctcctggtgc actgtttttt aaacccattg gaaaagcgcg     77400
     gtagtgggat gggagtgacc cgattttcca ggtgccatct gtcacccctt tctttgacta     77460
     ggaaagggaa ctccctggcc tcttgcgctt cctgagtgag gcaatgcctc gccctgcttt     77520
     ggttcacaca cagtgtgctg cacccactgt cctgcaccca ctgtctggca ctccctagtg     77580
     agatgaaccc ggtgcctcag aaggaaatgc agaaatcacc tgtcttctgc gtcgctcacg     77640
     ctgggagccg tagaccagag ctgttcctat tcagccatct ttcaactatt tcttattata     77700
     tgaaagacat aatgtgtctc gtgataatga tggaagcagc ctcaaataaa atcttacaaa     77760
     acactctgga catgatggct catgcctgta atcccagcac tttggaaggc tgaggcagct     77820
     ggacgacttg aggtcaagag tttgtcacta gcctggccaa cagggtgaaa ctccctctct     77880
     gctaaaagta agagcattag ccaggcatgg gggtgcatgg ctgtaatccc agctactcag     77940
     gaggctgagg caaaaggatc ccttgaaccc ggaaggcaga ggttccaggg agctgagatc     78000
     tcaccactgc agtctagcct gggtgagaga gtgaaactca tctcaaaaac atctctctga     78060
     actttaaaaa gcaaggtgaa tttaatcaac tttctatttt atgctgtcat taaagttcat     78120
     taggttaaaa gtgaagagat ataaggaata gaaaaaaacc tcagacttga ttttcagagc     78180
     tctggaatct aactaagtaa tcaggggagt gtttaatgaa gaaagacctg acctctaagt     78240
     ttgggcaaga cagaatgtgg gctgtgtgat ttaaaatgtc tgaggttccc ttggtgatta     78300
     ttagctcaga ggctttcctt tagcccacct cagatttttc ttgggggcag aaagtgactc     78360
     tcaggaggca tttgtgggaa gggaatacac tagtcagagc tgtctgtagc aaggaataag     78420
     agtcaggtca agcagtacac aaagaaaatg cctggaagga agaggctgag gaagaaaact     78480
     gatgagcaaa atcagctttg aaaaactctc acagtttgtt gtttttcatt ttggattgag     78540
     ttgtaaatag agacagagct tgccttgtgg cccacattgg agggattatg gcccactgaa     78600
     gcctcaacct ccttgggttc aaattgatct tccgacctca gcctcctgac catctcacct     78660
     ccctggactc cacctatcct tccacctcag cgtctcacac tacaggcatg tgttaccaca     78720
     accagcttat ttttttttat ttttttatag aaaagatatt gccatgttgt caaggctggt     78780
     ctcgcacttc tgggctcaag taatttgttc tcctaagttt tccaaattgg tgggattaca     78840
     gatatgaacc accacaccca gactcctatt gtatatttag aagaatataa gtatgtccat     78900
     ttttggatgc atgcacggag aagaccccaa agcttttcgt tttccctgac tttgggctaa     78960
     acactagagt tcctcacaga gtccatatgc gaagtctggg tggtttttat tttattttct     79020
     ttattttcct ctttttttct tttaaaatat gtcaagagga gtagatgacc aaaagggtga     79080
     cagaacacag gttaagtggc catacatgac aaagagtaca gactacaaaa atagctttaa     79140
     agggttgcta aacaagtaaa caacccacca agtaaacagt tatggaggtc aatattttgt     79200
     tatccaaata tgctgaataa tatccaaagt gttcactgtt caacaataaa ataaaaggca     79260
     ctcaaagaaa aaaaaaaagg ttacactcaa aacataatta aaagaaacta tttcaggaaa     79320
     ctcagtcatg gtagtaacca gggaaatatt tcaattcatt tcattttagt gttctcaaag     79380
     acctaaggga acccaggaga acagtgattc aaaattgaaa atatcaataa aaatgtatga     79440
     attattttga aaaatgaaat caataatctg taactagaag gactgaatag catgtgtgag     79500
     catgtagaaa gcctaatgag gcaacttgaa gatggattgt ttgatattgt tcagtgtaag     79560
     gaacaagaag agaaacaaga ataatgatca aaactaaggt ttccatggga caccatcaag     79620
     aatatcaaca tattcataat gggagtccca ctggaatagg tgagatgggg aaaaaaagaa     79680
     tatttaaatg aatagtggtt gaaacttccc aaaagtgtcg atagatgcaa atctactgat     79740
     ccaagtatct ctaaagaaca caatactcca gggagaataa aatccaagat atccacactg     79800
     aaacacatgc actgaaattg acagaagaca aataaataga gaactttaaa agaatcaaga     79860
     cagaagtaac tcaccacatg caagttatcc ttcataacat taacagccaa tttctcatta     79920
     aaaattatag tggaaagaag tcactgtgat gagatcttta aagtgctgga ataagaagat     79980
     aaagtcaatc ataaactcaa tatctggcca aacaaaaatt taactttatg agcaaataag     80040
     gcatttccaa gcaaacataa ttaaagagag tacattacta ctagatcagc cttacaaaac     80100
     atgatgaaaa caagcaagga atgaaagaaa aatagtgcct catgtgcaaa taaagaaata     80160
     agaacatcaa taaaataatt acgtcacgaa atagaaaagc caatattatt atatttgggt     80220
     tttctgtgac tttatttttc tactggattt aaaggtatct cacaactgta atcccaacaa     80280
     agtaggggga tttccttgag tctgggagtt tgagaccagc cagggcaaca aaatgtgacc     80340
     gtcttttgag aaaataaaca aaattagcca gctgtggtga catggacttc tgtccccaga     80400
     acatagggca ctgagttgga agggtccctt gagcccagga gctcgaggct gtagtgaacc     80460
     atgtttagcc tgtgtgactg aaaccctgtc tcaatgaatt aaaatacaat acaataataa     80520
     aataaagaaa tgacaaaaaa taaagcaata attacacatc tgggttgtta gcaaatgttg     80580
     cataacaaac tatttttgac aaaaaaatag aaagttgggg aaaacagtat gggaaaatga     80640
     tttttgtata atgtcaatgc tcagttgtta taattcacac tatattatta ttaattcaag     80700
     atattaatta taataccatt aataacttgt cctttttatg gctgcatagt attccacggt     80760
     ttatatgtgc catattttct taatccagtc tatcattgat ggacaatttg gttggtttca     80820
     agtctttgct atggtgaata gtgcgataat aaacatacgt gtgcatgtat ctttatagca     80880
     gcatgattta taaccctttg ggtatatact cagtaatggg attgctgggt caaatggtaa     80940
     ttctaatttt aaatccttgc ggaattacca cactgtcttc cacaatggtt gaactaattt     81000
     acactctccc aaacagtgta aaagcattcc tatttctcca catccacacc agcatctgtc     81060
     gtttcctgac tttttaatga ttgccgttcc aagtggcttg agatgatatc tcattttggt     81120
     tttgatttgc atttccctgt tgaccagtga tgatgagcat ttcttcatgt gtctgttggc     81180
     tgcataaatg tcttcttttg agaagtgtct gttcatatcc tttgccctcc ttttgatgag     81240
     gtgttttttt tttttaatga aaatttgttt gtgttctttg tagattctga tattagccat     81300
     ttgtaagatg ggtagattgc aaaaattttc tcccattctg tacgttgcct gttcactctg     81360
     atggtagttt cttttgccat tcagaagttc tttagtttaa ttagatctta tttgtctatt     81420
     ttggcctctg ttgccattaa ttttggtgtt ttagtcatga agtacttgcc catgcctatg     81480
     tcctgaatgg tattgtctat gttttcttct agggttttta cggttttata tttaatattt     81540
     aagtctttaa ttcatattga attagctttt atgtaaggtg taaggaagag atccagtttc     81600
     agccttctaa aaatggccag ccccttttcc cagcaccatt tacgacatag ggagtcaatt     81660
     ccccatttct tctttttgtc agattcatca gagataagat gattgcagat gtgtggtatt     81720
     atttcagagg cctcttttct gttccattgg tcaatacatc tcttttggta caagtaccat     81780
     actgttttgt ttactgtagg cttgtagtat agtttgaagt caggtagcat gatgtctcca     81840
     gctttttttt tcttcttctt cttaggatta tcttagcaat atggcctatt tttgggctcc     81900
     atatgaactg tacctttttt tttccaaatc tctgaagaaa gtcactggtg gcttgatggg     81960
     aatggcattg cttgtataaa ttactttgga cactatggcc attttcaagg tattcattct     82020
     tcatactcat tatcgtagaa tatccttcca tttgtttctg tcctttttga tttcgttgag     82080
     cagtgttttg tagtttttcc tgaagaggtc cttcacattc cttgtaagct ggattcctag     82140
     gtattttata ctctttgaag cacttgtgaa tgggagttca cttgtgattt ggctctctgt     82200
     ttgtctgtta atggtgtaca ggagtgtttg tgatttttgc acactgattt tgtatgctga     82260
     gactttgctg aagttgctta tcagcttaag tagattttgg gctgagacaa tgggttttct     82320
     caatatacaa tcatgttatc cgaaaacagg gacaatttga cttcctcttt tccttattga     82380
     atacccttta tttctttctc ttgcctgatt gccctggaca gaacttccaa cactatgttg     82440
     aataggaatg gtgagagagg gcatccttgt cttgtgccgg ttttccaaag gaatgcctcc     82500
     agtatttgtc cactctgtcg gatattgtct gtgggtttgt cagtagcttt tattattttg     82560
     agatatgttc catcaatacc tagtttattg agagttttta gcatgaaggg ttgttgaatt     82620
     ttgtcaaagg cctttcctgc atctattgag ataatcatgt gatttttgtc attggttcag     82680
     tttatatgat ggattaggta tattgattta cataaattga accacatttg catcccaggg     82740
     atgaagctga tgtgatagta gtagataagc tttttgttgt gctgatggat tcagtttgcc     82800
     agtattttat tgaggatgtt cgcatggatg tttatctggg ctattggtct aaacttctct     82860
     ttttgcttgt gtgtctctgc caggccttgg tatcaggatg aagttgtcct cataaaatga     82920
     gttggggagg attctctctt ttttttattg attggaatag tttcagaagg aatggtacca     82980
     gtccctcttt gtacctctgg tagaatttgg gtgtgaatcc acctggtcct gggctttttt     83040
     ttggttggta agctattaat tatttactca atttcagagg ctgttgctag tctattcaga     83100
     gattcaactt cttcctggtt tagtttttga agggtgtatg tgtcaggaat ttatccattt     83160
     cttctagatt ttctagttta ttttgttaga ggtgtttata gtattctctg agggtagttt     83220
     gtacttctgt gggatcgatg gtgatatccc ctttatcatt ttttatagct tctattttat     83280
     tcttctctct ttgcttcttt attagccttg ctaggggtct ttcaattttg ttgatctttt     83340
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccca gttcctggat tcattgattt tttgaagggt     83400
     tttttgtgtc tctatctctt tccgttctgc tctgctctga tcttagttat ttcttgcctt     83460
     ctgctacctt tcgaatttgt ttgctcttgc ctctctattt cttttagttc tgatgttagg     83520
     ttgtcaattt tatatctttc ctgctatctt ttgtgacatt tactgctata catttccctc     83580
     tgccgactgc tttaaatgtg tttcagagat tgtggcatgt tgtgtctttg ttctcattgg     83640
     tttcaaggaa tgtctgtata tctgccttca ttttgttatt tacccagcaa tcattcagga     83700
     gcaagttgtt aagttcccct gtagttgtgc agttttgagt gagtttctta atgctgagtt     83760
     ctaatttgat tacactgtgg tctgagagac actttgttgt gatttctgtt cttttacaat     83820
     tgctgaggag tgctttactt caggttatgt ggtcaatttt agaataagtg tgatgtggtg     83880
     ctgagaagaa tgtatatgct cttgatttag ggtggagagt tctgtaggtg tctattaggc     83940
     cggtttgtta cagagctgag tttaagtgct ggatatcctt gttaaccttc tgtctcattg     84000
     atctgttgat taatgagaca acattgactg tggggtgttg aagtctccca ttattattgt     84060
     gtgggtgtct aagtctcttt gtaggtctct aaggacttac tttctgaatc tgggttgtgt     84120
     attgggtgaa tatatattta gaattcttag ctcttcttca tgaattgatc cctttatcat     84180
     taggtaatgg ccttctttgt ctcttttgat ctttgttcgt taaaagtctg ttttatcaga     84240
     ggctaggatt gcaactccta cttatatttt tttctgcttt ccatttgctt ggtatatctt     84300
     cttccattca tttattgtga gcttatgtgc atctttgcat gtgagatggg tctcctgaat     84360
     acagcacact gatggatctt gactctttat ccaatttacc catctgtgtc tttgaactgg     84420
     ggcatgtagc ctctttacac ttaaggttaa tattgttatg tgtaaatttg gtcctgtcat     84480
     tatgacgttg gctgtgtagt ttgcctgtta attgatacag tctcttgata gcatcgatgg     84540
     tctttaaaat ttgcttttgc agttgctgat actggttgtt tttttccatg tttagtgttt     84600
     ccttcaggaa ctcttgtaag gcaggcctgg tcgtgacaga atctctcaga atttccttat     84660
     ttttaaagga ttttatttct gcttcactta taaagcttag tttggctgga tatgaaattc     84720
     tgtgctgaaa attcttttct ttaagaatgt tgaatattcg ccccccactc tcttctggct     84780
     tgtagggttt ctgctaagag atccaatgtt agtctgatgg gcttcccttt gtgggtaact     84840
     caacctttct ctctgtctga ccttaacact ttttccatca tgtcaacctt ggtgaacctg     84900
     acaattgtat gtcttgtggt tgcttttctc aaggagtatc tttgtggcat tctctgtatt     84960
     tcctgaattt gaatgttggc ctgccttgtt aggttgggga agttctcctg gataatatcc     85020
     tgaagagtgt tttctaagtt ggttccattc tttccatcac tttcagatac accaattaaa     85080
     cttagatttg gtcttttcac ttagtcccat atttctcaga gattttgttt ctttttactc     85140
     ttttttctct aaccttgtct tctcagtttc ttttattaat gagatcttca gtcactgata     85200
     ccctttcttc cacttgattg aatcagctac tgaagcttgt gcatgcatga caaagttctt     85260
     gtgccacagt tttcagctcc gtcaggtcat ttaaaatcct ctctacacta tttattctag     85320
     ttagccattc atctcatctt tttccaaggt ttttagcttc cttgtgatag attggaacat     85380
     gaaactttag ctcaaatagt tttgttatta ccaacctcct gaagcctact tctgtcagct     85440
     catcagattc attctctgtc cagttttgtt gcattgcttg tgaggaattg tgatccattg     85500
     cagaagaagc actcaatttt taaaactttc agcttttctg ctgtagtttc tctccatctt     85560
     tgtggtttta tctaccttgt gtctttgatg ttgttgacct acagatggag ttttggtgta     85620
     gatgaacttt ttgcttatgt tgatgctctt cctttctatt tgttagtttt ccttctaaca     85680
     cttaggtccc tcagctgcag gacttttggg atttggtgta gtccactgca gattgtgttt     85740
     gcctgggtgt caccagcaga ggatgcagaa cagcaaatat ttcagaacag caaatattgc     85800
     tgcctgatcc ttcctctgga agcttcatcc cagaggggca gctgcctata tgaggtgtct     85860
     gtcagcccct actgggagct gtctcccaga taggttacac aggggtcagg gacagatgag     85920
     aggaggcagc ctgtccattc tcagacttca aatggcatgc taggagaacc actgctctct     85980
     tcagagctgt cagacaggga catttaagtc tgccaaagtt gtctgctgcc tttatttcaa     86040
     ctgtgccctg cccacagagg tgtagtctac aggcagtagg ccttgttgag ctgtggtggg     86100
     ctccacccag ttttagcttc ctgggtgctt tgtttacctg ctcaagactt agcaattgtg     86160
     aacgcctttc taccagccag gctgccacat cagagcttga tctcagactg ctgagctagc     86220
     agtgagcaag gctctgtggg catgggaccc accaagccag gcatgggacc caccaagcta     86280
     ggcatgggag agaattactt tgtctgctgg atgctaagac cttgggtaaa gtgcagtatt     86340
     tgggcaggag tgctccgttt ttccaggtag tctgtcacag cttcccttgg ctaggaaagg     86400
     gaaattcccc gactgcttgc acttcacagg aggggtgatg ccctgccctg cttcagctca     86460
     ttcactgtgg gctgcaccca ctgccctgcc attcccaatg agatgaacca gatacctcag     86520
     tgggaaatgc agaaatcact gatcttctgc attgatcatg ctgggagctg cagactggag     86580
     ctgttcctat ttggccatat tggaacaccc tcagaaaaaa ataggatgca tttttaaagg     86640
     tttttttttt tttttttttt gagatggggt ctcattctgt tgtccaggct gcagtgcagt     86700
     ggtgtggaga gtgcttcctc cacacacttc cctgtccctt tcaatcaact ggctgtgaga     86760
     tcactgaaac cagagatctc aggttcagaa caggcccaag tggggttgtg gctgcccctc     86820
     tgcatttcaa ggtcactgtg tggcataatg aggtctttgg ctgcagaaaa gggcattgcg     86880
     ttttctgagg agggcttggt gagttgattt gagagacaac acaagcacca agatttggaa     86940
     tgtcccaggt tagtgttggg gaaaccagcc acataagacc cagtgggtac cccgaatctg     87000
     gaggagacaa aggtgttaga aagagacaga ataagcactt aaaaggtagg tccagggcac     87060
     cagagcattg gagacttgct catggcctgg agctctcagg ctccacccaa tttattggtt     87120
     tacaaattct ttgtccttaa ggagatggga gggggaggaa ggaataagga aaaggattaa     87180
     gcagtgaagg agaactcatc agccattcaa taagatgtat agcactggtg gtttctgtga     87240
     atttccttga gcaaaggcat gtgtctaaac tacttaagat cttcaactta tcatgactga     87300
     aatgggtggg agtgggtttc aggaggagcc aagatgtttt attatattcc actgcttcaa     87360
     gggaacgtta tcttcctgag caaccagtgg aatgccgctg agtggttatg ctctgggggc     87420
     ataaatacat gaaggtaata aggagatttt tcttctcaga ggctgcccat ggctccccat     87480
     gggtgtctca tacaggggag accaacttaa ttggcacccc agaaactttg tttcccacag     87540
     ttagtaatta tgggttgttg gtttagacca aagatagggc cagagatgaa caaagaatat     87600
     tggggtgccc ctgtggtaac agcattttcc agccagcagg cttgctttac ctgctgggaa     87660
     gaaggatgta cctcagagtc ccacaaaacc tcttctccca tcttatctct tttagagaga     87720
     catgaataaa atgggcctca acaatcccaa gagaccactc aaggacaatg ggagccactg     87780
     ggcttggctt tctactttcc tggagacaag acaatttgaa tggcactgac tgccaggtac     87840
     tgtcatcata tgggccatga gaacatctca cctgttcagt acccctctac attttagtgg     87900
     ggactaggac atggaatatg tgtagggatg atagtgccct gtcactggga tcaggacaga     87960
     ccacagggaa ggggaagctg ccagcaagga gcctgggtca ggggccaggt ttgggaagca     88020
     gtttcctctg acccaacact tgttcctgca gctggacaca ttacctaaat ttatgtctat     88080
     tttggagaat ggtgaaaaca gacttagaaa aagacacttg taggccggcc acctaaagac     88140
     aaactcagct gtcattgtgg tgtgtttatt tttagtattt tgtttctttt gcttttctca     88200
     tgtttctgct acatatcagt acttttttga gcagcctccc tgcactctgt gatctttact     88260
     tgatgaggag gatcatttaa gaataagaaa actggaggct ggcctgctgt ggatctgttc     88320
     tacatttagg gctgtcctaa atcttgtctg gccttcacac catgtgcaca tttgctcctc     88380
     ctttccacat accattagga tattagcatc tttcttgaca cctcttgggc ctgcttccat     88440
     ttagatcctg ccctgcccag gtatgtgtcc ctaagcaggt tcatgtgacc tttcacctgt     88500
     aaaatagaga tggtgccagg atctgccatg gggatttttg caaagcttaa gtcaggctgg     88560
     ttgtcaaaag cctaagagta caattgagac acagtgagca ttcatgaaat accaatgctt     88620
     tattatcaag tgctgcctaa tagttcttga ggatcaacca tcatttaatc ccataactat     88680
     taagctcttg ataattgttt tcctattttc aatactggag gacaacactt cattgaaggt     88740
     cattgtaaat aaagtgctaa tatattatca gtttccagta ataagcttta ttaagcgcct     88800
     caagggggcc aggtaattca gagcctgacc caagtctttg cagccacagg gaaaacggta     88860
     aaggcatgta atttgttata tcctggggtc cacagccacc agtagccaaa ttgaaacagg     88920
     aacccacatt cctgagcttg gcttcagttt ctttccaggt cctactgctc tggcctgaga     88980
     gagcctctgc ccaccaaaat acggtgttct ctgtttccca caggccactg cagggtggca     89040
     acatgtacca gtaggggccc aaccatgatg tcgccaccct ccccctcatc tttcctgctc     89100
     attacctctg ccctctggct gcttgcagta acatgatgga cccctctatg gctgcacctg     89160
     catcatggct ggttcctcta gcattggcat cctccaagaa aatttccttc cagactgtgc     89220
     agttggtcta ctgctagcgg ctggacttca tgatgcactg cagacacctc tgtggctgtg     89280
     tctattgata cccttgctga tggctacacg tggatctgct ttggacagat cttgagtttt     89340
     tgagctggat gtggtgatta cttgagtctt gtttgaggga gtggaagtgt gggtagagct     89400
     aggattttct gctggaatct gtggtgttta attagatgtg gaacccgtac cctggaacag     89460
     agaatcttcc tagagtctct gacaccacaa attacttccc atatatttta ttttgaaaat     89520
     aaaaatatat gcacatgact gaaaaataca gagatgaggc aagggtaact cagaaggaac     89580
     tgccaccatg tgcacctaac cctagtcccc tgaattacct gttaacacct ggtacaacag     89640
     aggaaggctg agtttcttag acctctgacc tttcctccac cctcacacaa tgatagaaat     89700
     atcatgattt tagtttcttt cttagttatc attgatgttg aaagtaactg tagagtatat     89760
     gtatatttat gtatatattt tttcaatcca atgcaataga atcttgtgac tttcttcttg     89820
     taggaagtat attggcactt tgaattcacc tacatttctt ggtattctat aggtatatac     89880
     atattttttc tttagctttc tcttttcttg gagtttctaa ttgccttttc ttctttcttt     89940
     ctatttaaaa ttaaattaaa attaaattaa attaaaatta aattaaattt aaaattaaat     90000
     taaattaagt tggaactaaa ttaaaattca aattaaatct ccttttatca catccttatc     90060
     atcttccctc atttctaacc tcccacctga aaaatcactg gtggacacct tccgttttcc     90120
     tgttcctatc ccaccaacat ctctctaggc ctggggtgga gctgtcattc ccagagcttt     90180
     tataactgcc tccctgggtt tttacatgtc aaatgctatt tcgctactgc aactatggga     90240
     caaatctccc agagagctaa ccacttttct taggtttatt ttgttaattg tatgtggttt     90300
     tgaaatattt tttagattct gtcttccaat ttttgagagt tacacatttt aagagaattt     90360
     caagctgttg ttcctaatct ctgaattttc ctattatctt cctaaatttt gttatttttc     90420
     agggatgcaa tattttatac ttctctgaga ctacggggag catgtgttct gaactttcct     90480
     tgaacagagg tcttgaggcc agaaggaaga aggatcttaa agactcattt ctctggaggt     90540
     gagttgtctg ttgatcatat ttgcctttgt ttgttttttt tgtttgtttg cattttttaa     90600
     aaactgttgg tctctcacgt ttgcctctgt aattagcatt aaggctgaaa tggggattgt     90660
     cacacgctca tttcacattg ggacaagagg aactggcctt caaaccaggg gcctacaaat     90720
     gggaaggatg atttcctctg ggaatcccta agcttccttc tttcctctgc agaaaccttc     90780
     accttcagtt gccctgctgc ttccttggca tggcgatgtt cttcctccac ttgcaacctg     90840
     atcacacaac tgtggacatt gttctcatgg cttttccctt ctctttgtcg tgaagagaga     90900
     agatgcaacc cgtttctcta ctatgatgga accagaatgt ccatattaga actttaacat     90960
     tatttcctct acatcagagg ccacattggc ttctgcctga aagaggaaat tgcagaaaac     91020
     agacacaagg atgggaaggt cacattgaca tataaagttc ctgaggggca gctgggtatt     91080
     gtgttaggtg gtcactcttc tgttcaggag gaaggactgt gtgagccttt cccaaaggcc     91140
     tgttcagtgt ctgagctcag ggccaactta atttcagtgt gcagccttat agattaggaa     91200
     aagaaaacaa tctgcctcat caggtctcct gcccaacctt attccttgct ctggatcatg     91260
     attgcttatt taaaaacagc tttgttggca tgtgattggc atatggtaaa ctgcacctgt     91320
     gtagatggaa gaactgatgg tttctccatg tgagtatttc attcaccgca aggccagaag     91380
     tgtgatgaag gtcatgaaaa cacatcttcc tcccatcaat aacgatcact ccctggccac     91440
     cctaggacca cagatctgct tctttcacta aaaacttgtg ggtattttat agaattacag     91500
     gtaaatacag tatgtacttg ggtctttgtg cgtcgttctg atctggcttc ttttattcag     91560
     cagaactact ttcagagtca ctctgttctg agtgcatcaa cagtccattc cttttcatgc     91620
     tgagccacat gccattgtat agatgtgcca cagcttgttc acccttcttc tgtgtatggg     91680
     catttgggct cctggtttgg gaccattatg tgtaaggatg tcatgaatat ttatttatgt     91740
     atgtagcctg tgagcttgcc ttcatttctc atggttcatt cctaggagtg cagtggccac     91800
     atcatgtcat ggtaggtctg catcgacctt gttaaggaat cactgtccct tgtgctaagt     91860
     gtttggtcca ttgcctgctt tctctcttgc tccctctgat ttagtcatac aaacctcttg     91920
     tatccttcac cctccagggc aataacttct tagcataccg cctttcttta cacttggaat     91980
     caccagctcc ttctttatgt gctggctctg attccctcac taaatttgcc ctttgtgccc     92040
     catgtgtgac ccattcccat tgatacaccc tatgtatgag agggctttgg gataagagac     92100
     tgtttctgat gagtatcgag tactacaatg gctctgaatg gaagaaagat gactgggtgg     92160
     gtcttgtcaa ccattgtccc tggagctcat ctttgttgtt acaaataagt ctgggtgtgg     92220
     cctgggcata tgttcaagta ctcgcaaacc ttttctaaat gacaactgga gaccaggcca     92280
     tgggctggaa tgtgagtatg aagttacttg gaagctgtgt gattgaaagt gagtcactca     92340
     gtcactggat cctggcattt ttctctacat gtgggactac ccatactttg cagagttgct     92400
     gtgagttcac ctgagtaaga cacctgcatg cacttgtgat cagaaaatgt taatttccct     92460
     ttattgaaat ggaacaaccc atggatatta tgtgctgagg tctggatcaa aatagagcat     92520
     gatactgaag accttgtaaa ccctgaggag gcatcactga tcactgggtg tccggaaagg     92580
     cagcagagaa aaactgacct ggaagtgaaa ttggcccgtg ggtttgttac agttggttaa     92640
     acagtcatga gtggggcaag agcgggttct ccacatccgc ataccaggaa tgtcaggcca     92700
     tcgggtgatg gttggacagt tatcatattg cttctctaaa aataataatt tagcggctgg     92760
     ggccagggat agcctgatac acagctggta acattaaagt gttaattaaa ctcacatgcc     92820
     agagaggagg aaaaagggcg tcccataaaa tctcagacat tggatgactg aacccaggag     92880
     tgcacattaa gagacaaaat ggtggagtat gactttctgg ggtcacccca ccaataaaag     92940
     ggaggaagcc tcagatgggc atacatataa ctgcttaaac acactgtcta tacttacttc     93000
     ccaagggtaa ggagggcact gtgcctgtgg gcagcccatg ctaggggaag aatcatggga     93060
     aagggtgcac cagatgctgg cggtaggcca gcctaaaatg tcccagaagg aaggttaatg     93120
     gccacacttc ttcaagtcac ccatttggat ctctttcgag tgcaattttc attctttcct     93180
     gctctaaagc tttttaataa acgtccactc ctgctgtgaa acttgccatg gcattttctt     93240
     ccttcttcct tctttatgcc caccagttga attctttcac ctgaggaggc aagaattgat     93300
     attgctaaag acccggacgg atttgctgcc agtaactcag atacttttca ccggtaacag     93360
     gtctaggagc tggtggacac aatggctgga gtatgtgtcc agaatgtgcc tgctcaggcc     93420
     ccaggcactt ccggactgtg gggggacttg aaccccaggt taaggggaca ccatggaatg     93480
     agagctcagc ctgctgttgg aatactgggg ataggatatt ttttactgaa gtaaatcccc     93540
     tacctattaa ggaactacta cccaatctgt cctctttctg acccctgaca attagcaaat     93600
     ctgctttctt tctctatgaa attacttatt ctggacattt atatacataa aatcatacac     93660
     tatgtgactt ttgtgcttag cttctttaaa cacaatggtt ttgcagtatc ttcacattgt     93720
     agtatgagtg tctcaatctt tttatggcta gatattatgc cattgtatag gtatactaca     93780
     ttttgttttc ctattatttg tttgtggaca tttggtttgt ttccacattt tagttattgt     93840
     gaataattct tccatgagta tatgtgcaca cacagttttg tttgaatacc tgctttatat     93900
     tttttgtgta tatacctgag gtggggggga tttgctggtt tctatgatgg ttccatgttt     93960
     agctttttgc agaaacacca aactattttc cacagcagat gaactatttt acttttgttt     94020
     ttctccactt ccacgtcaac ccttgttcgt tcatggtttt taaataataa taattacaat     94080
     gggtgaaaag tggtgtcttc ttgtggtttt gatctgcatt tccctgaaat aagtgatgtt     94140
     gagctaattt ttatgtgttt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtatcttt ggagaaaagt attttcaatt     94200
     tctctatcat ttttttaatt gggttgattg tctttttgtt cttgagttgt aagaatttct     94260
     cctatatcct ggatactagg cccttaccct tatatatgac ttgaaaatat tttgtcctat     94320
     gctgttggtt ttctattgac catcctgata gtgccctttg aagcatgaaa gattttagtt     94380
     ttaatgaagt tcaatttatc tattttttct tttgttttct gtgcattctc tgtcataccc     94440
     aggaaaccat taacaagttc agtgccaata agcgcagaaa gatatgttcg acatcattag     94500
     ccattaggta aatggatatc taaatcacaa tgagattatc accttaaacc cactagaatg     94560
     tctttttttt tttttttgaa aaagggagag ttggggagta tgtggagaaa atggaaccct     94620
     tgtgcattgc tggtgagaat gtgaaatggt ggtgatggtt gcacagtaac atgaacatac     94680
     ataatgccac ttacctgtac acctacaaat gtttagattg gtaaatttat gttacgtttc     94740
     ttttaccaca taccaaaaag gcttcctgag aactagtcct gagatagttc catgtggaaa     94800
     gaagaggacc cttctctctc ctagagtgag tagaagcctt tgttttttgt tgctgttgtt     94860
     gttttgtgtt tgtttttgtt ttgaaacaga gtcttccttt gtggcctagg ttggtgtgca     94920
     gtggtgtggt ctctgctcac tgcaagctcc aactcccata ttcatgccat tctccttcat     94980
     cagcctcctg agtagctggg actaaaggtg cccaccacca tgcctggcta atttttgtat     95040
     ttttagtaga ggtagggtgt caccgtgtta gccatgatgg tctcaacctc gtgacctagt     95100
     gatccaccca actcagcctc ccaaagtggt gggactgcag atgtggtgag ccaccacatc     95160
     tggctgagta gaaaccttct tatcatgctt gtactacaca ctcctggctc ttccacacac     95220
     caagcatgac ctcacgaacc agaggcagtc taagtctaac tggcccattt gtaccccctt     95280
     tccaacatcc tattccccta ttcaactcac tctctttccc ctacaaacca ctgtacatca     95340
     caggtctgct taccttctct gtagacattt ctataatgtc atagaaatat gatcataaaa     95400
     tacatgatct cttcagactg gcactttttg ttattattgt tttctcatta ttctataatt     95460
     gctgccaaaa gaagcaggca tgtgttgtgc cacagaaaac tgatcatatt ctaagctcta     95520
     cttagtaaaa actaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa aaaatatgct agtacatatt gtcgcattta     95580
     tcctgttatt tttttaattc atgatttcta caatgaataa atggatgaat aaagcacaca     95640
     gatattatgc tttgccagtc cagctgaaca tcaagctgct tacagactac aggcaaatta     95700
     ttgcaaacag ttttgactgt ggccccagcc agctagtgag acttgcattt attcagtaag     95760
     gattaattga ccaaggctct agttaacacc actaaagggt aattgacagt gtggacttcc     95820
     cagttagaaa gcaatttagc actgtgctaa gtcaaatatt agtcttagga ccacatgact     95880
     aagcaagcta cttaggtaaa caccccgcat tcctttgttt ctactctaac ttatttaact     95940
     aaaggtaaaa ggccatcctg tctaatatgg tgaaacccca tttctactaa aaatacaaaa     96000
     aattagctgg gcatggtggc gggtgcctgt agtcaaaggt acttggactc aggaggctga     96060
     ggcaggagaa tggcaggaac ctgggagttg gagcttgcag tgagctgaca tcgcagcact     96120
     gcactccata ctggccaata aagcgagact ctgtctcaga aaacaaaaca acacaaaaca     96180
     aaaccagtat tcatcactaa aaaaagtagc aaaatataaa gaccaacaac actaagaaga     96240
     aagtggatca attaatatgc aaaataacca gctagtattg ccatgccagg atcaaattga     96300
     cccgtacaaa tattaacctt aaatgtaagt gaactaaatt tgccaattaa agtgcacaga     96360
     ctgacaaatt ggatagaatc aagacccttt ggtgtgctgt attcaggaga ctgatatcat     96420
     gggtgaagac acacataggc tcaaaataaa aggatggagg aatatttaca aagcaaatgg     96480
     aaagtaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agctgggatt gaaatcctgc tctatcctaa aatgaccata     96540
     ctgcttaaag taattcacac atctacagtg atctgatctt tgacaagcct gacaaaaaca     96600
     agcaactagg gaaggattcc ctggtctggg aaaactggcg agccatatgc agaaacctga     96660
     aactgaatcc ctttcttaca tcacatacaa aacttaactc aagatgaatt aaaagactta     96720
     aatgtaaaac ctaaaaccct aaaaacccta gaagaaaatc taggcaatac cattcaggat     96780
     ataggcatgg gcaaaaactt catgacaaaa agaccaaaaa acaattgcaa caaaatccga     96840
     aattgacaaa tgggacctaa ttaatctaag gagcttctcc acagcaaaag aaaatatcgt     96900
     cagagtgaac aggcaacata cagaatgtga aaacattttt tcaacctatc tatctgacaa     96960
     aggtctaata tccaaaagct acaaggaact taaaaaattt tataagaaaa taaaaaacaa     97020
     accccaacaa aaagtggtaa aggatatcaa cagacacttc tcaaaagaag acatttaatc     97080
     agccaacaaa tatatataaa aaaagctcag catcactgag cattagagaa atgcacatca     97140
     aaaccacaat gagatactgt ctcacatcgg tcagaatggt gaccattaaa aagtcaggaa     97200
     accacagatg ctggcgaaga tgtggagaaa aaggaatgct ctatgctgct ggtgggagta     97260
     taaattagtt caatcactgt ggaagacagt gtggtgattc ctcaaggatc tataaccaga     97320
     aataccattt gacccagcaa tcccattatg tggtatacac ccagagtatt gtaaatcatt     97380
     ctactctaag gaaactgcac atgtatgctt attgcagcac tatttacaca caaaaaagac     97440
     atggcacaaa cccagatgcc catcaattat agactggata aagaaaatgt ggcacatata     97500
     cacgatggaa tactatgcag ccacaaaaat gaataagttc atgtcctttt cagagacatg     97560
     aatgaagtgg aaaccgtcat tctcagcaag ctaacacagg aacagaaaag caaacactac     97620
     ctattctcat gcataagtgg gaatggaaca atgaggacac aatggggcct gtcagggagt     97680
     agggggtaag tggaaggaga tcattaggac aaatacctaa tgcattcagg gcttaaaact     97740
     tacatgatgg gttgatgggt gcagcaaacc accgtggcac atgtacacct atgtaacaaa     97800
     actgcctgtt ctgcacatgt atcctataat ttaaattaca ataaaaaaag gcaggttaaa     97860
     tgaaaaacta aatagtatcc atgaatttat gatgactccc tattcggttt ttacttaatg     97920
     ctttttctgt gtttcgtgtc tggaggaaag caaaataaca acatattgaa ccaaacattt     97980
     taaaacaact taatacaaag gggttggagc aaattctttt atctctttat gaagacaagt     98040
     gtgagttaaa aaccacctct cctaatgctt ctcagtgcct caaggtgctt aggaaaaaaa     98100
     taaaacttcc aacttaagga tacttggcag cttccagaac tttaaggaaa gccgagaaat     98160
     aaagtatcca gcttccggtt ctttctagga gagtatgcct agtgccttca ggacccttgg     98220
     accttggagg aagagcggag gtggggtagg tgggggcggt ctctggagcc acttgccgct     98280
     ctggcagcca ctgctgctcc ccatgggacg gcttagagtc agccttcagc agaagcagca     98340
     ggctttccgc aagcagtgtt tggtgtgtct gcctgttttc catctctgta tcttccttag     98400
     tgatgtatct actcaggttt ttaccttgga attgggttgc ttatcttttt gagttttaga     98460
     gtttctgcat atgttgtgca tacaagtcac ttttcagata agtttgctaa atttttctat     98520
     ctatggctgt ggctggttct ttggttcttt tttttttttt ttctgaaacg gggtctcact     98580
     ctgtcaccta ggctggagtg cagtggcgcg atcctggctc attgcaagct ccgcctcccg     98640
     ggttcacgcc attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg gaggtggagt ctcattttgt     98700
     cacccaggct ggggtgcaat gaccctatat ggccttaccg caatccccac cgcccaagtt     98760
     caagggattc aaactcctgg ctcagactcc tgagcagcta ggattacagg tgcacgccag     98820
     aactcacagt taaatttttg aatttttcct agagacgggg tttcaccatg tttaccatgc     98880
     tgatctggaa tccctgtcct caggtgatct ggccgcttcg acctccaaaa gtgctgagat     98940
     tacaagcttg aactgccatg cccaatggta acagagtgtt ttacagagta gacatttcaa     99000
     ctttcaataa agttcatatt atccgttttt ttttctttca tggacttgat aataactcat     99060
     cactaaaccc aagctcatga agatattttc caattacaac tttgcactga aaaaatttaa     99120
     tgtgtgggta tttttgacta atttttttaa ctgtaaaatt tgtgtctatg ttcatttgtt     99180
     tccgtatagt ttccagctgt tttcttgcca cttgtgaaag agacttattg tttccaaagg     99240
     acattctttg cattttcgac aaaatcattt gacttgggcc tgttttgggg ctgactattc     99300
     tgttccactt atctgcttgt ctattaaatc atgaatgaca cactcttgtt tattacatta     99360
     gctttagtgt aagtattcat atcacatctg gcattgcact tcttcagtct tatttcatct     99420
     attctaggtt taggaaaagt tgttgatata tttacctgga atttgattgg aatatagctg     99480
     aaataataat aaatgtgctt ctccagaaca agaaacatct atttatttac tttgtgagaa     99540
     ggagttgtgt cacccaggtt ggtgtgcggt ggcatgatct cagctcacag attctcccac     99600
     ttcaacgacc caagtagctg ggaccacagg catgcaccac caagctcagc ttattttttt     99660
     tgtattttgg gcagagatgg gctttcaccg tgttccccag ggtggtctcc aattcatggg     99720
     ctcaaggtat ctgcctgctg cagactcccg aggtgctggg attacaggcg tgtgacaacg     99780
     tgcctagcct gtctgcattt gctaacattt cctttgattt ctcccaatgg tgactcattg     99840
     ttttctgaat gaattctgca tattttgtta cagttatact taatggattc aattttgcag     99900
     gtagtattgt aaatggtgtt ttaatatttc aaaatccaat tatttatatt cattattgct     99960
     gatatagaga aaatcaattg agttttgtat attgaccgtc ttctttgctt ccttttatct    100020
     ccattctaga tatgggaagg ttggctgtat ctcacttcca cttcgtgaga tgaccgcctg    100080
     gattaaccca ccccaaattt cagagatttt ccaaggctac caccagaggg tgcacggagc    100140
     tgatgcactg agcctgcaaa ccaactctct gagaagcagg ttatcttcac agtgcctcgg    100200
     acagagcttc cttctcagga cactcgagag aggccgtggt ttcagggcac ttggggacat    100260
     ctgtggccac gttcatgaag aagactaagc ctacttcatc tcaggacccg cccaagagtg    100320
     gccgcggctt tgggacacct ggggtcgggt ccaccatgag gataaaacct ccttctcttc    100380
     tggacatgtc caggagtggc cgttgctaca agtcacctgg tgctacgacc agggtgagaa    100440
     taaagacgtc tcctcaggac cctcccagga gagtacatgg cattgagaca tctggcggcc    100500
     aagtgaggaa aagacaccct gtctgcagca cccagaactg aggaggggca ctgccctggg    100560
     ccttacttcc cagccctggc ctccaattct gaccttacaa aagtgtccct tgagtgaggc    100620
     agtgaccacg cattgtcaca gctaccaaag tgtggtttgc agatgatctg ggcttgtttc    100680
     tggcggagat tctggtacag agaaaggaga ggcgctgagt ggaaccacga tgggctgagg    100740
     ccaggggaga catcgcaacc tccaacaaca ctttttttca tgctttaata actcattttt    100800
     cttagagaac taaagtagtt gaaacaatat agaaacattt tttaagtagg catattagaa    100860
     cttgaattat tatgtaagtt taaatatatg atatatgcct ggttagcaac attttttctt    100920
     ttcctgagac agtcacagtt taactgagag tgcatttgta atggtaatgt aaatgtctgc    100980
     tttatacata ttgacatcct acattagctg agatatacta acaatatcaa actttgatat    101040
     tatgccataa aattagttga agaattctga tccagatatg agtgacaaat ggtccatgac    101100
     acatccctac tcaggagatc ctgagaacat gtgccccagg tggtatgttc acagcctaca    101160
     tttatgcatt ttagagagac ctgagacatc aatcaaacac atgtaagatg tacattggtt    101220
     tggtccagga aggatggaca acttgaaaat agtgatggtg tggggctggg ctttcaagtt    101280
     acaggtagat ataaatatgt tttaattggc agttggctga aagagttaaa ttattatcta    101340
     aaaacataaa atcaatagac aggaatgact gggttacaat aaataataag ggctgtagag    101400
     accaaagttt tattatgatg atgaagcctc catgtagcag gctcgagaaa ataggtggta    101460
     aatattcctt atcagattta aggtatgtgt tgctgttagt ggtggtcagc tttttctaaa    101520
     gttcaaaagg gaatagtatg taatgaagca tgtgtgtccc tctttcttgt caggaagtga    101580
     agcaattttg gaatgctctt gatcaaaagg aggggtccat tcagatggct gtggttggcg    101640
     gggggacagg agagttaatt ttttttaaca agtgtttcat ttctgtttac aaaagtataa    101700
     cctattaaag tgttataaat tataattatc taagagaaaa aagggatttc ttaaatctaa    101760
     aaacatagaa aataacctaa cccatcaaac cttatggatt tttttttctt tctgttttta    101820
     aagttgccaa ggatgctttg cttgtaagtc atatatttga cctgttgacc atctgggtat    101880
     agttctgttg cttcttcaaa aattgtaccc agcaaccttc caaaagtgtt tttaagtaaa    101940
     tttcttaaat tgtagcaata aacaaaatga aaagacaata ttaaacatta ctgaggttta    102000
     tcaaaggaca tacaaaattt caactcttat tcctttcctt cttcttctcc ttttattttt    102060
     attttgagac agggtctcat tctttttccc agcctggagt gcagaagtgc tatgatggct    102120
     cactgcagcc tctaactgct gagctcaact gatcttctgc cttagcttca gttatcatat    102180
     ctggctaact ttttgtattt tttgagagag acaaagactt gccatgttgc ctggacctgt    102240
     cttaaatgcc tggactcaca ttatctgcct gccttggcct ccaaaagtgc tgagattaca    102300
     ggcattaaca taacatttat gttagggtta gataaaaatc aatcttttgg ctaagttatg    102360
     aacatgcata ttatgcaatt atatatgtct aattttcatc attttctatg tcaacattac    102420
     tcattttaaa gtcatattca aggggtaagg caaaaccgcc tatgaattgg catatttgtt    102480
     tatttctctg tttgtgaaaa tgtccatagt tttttcagaa tacaaataaa tttcaactct    102540
     gttatgcaaa aaaacagaat agaatcttct ttgcaattaa tttttttctt ttattactat    102600
     actttaagtt ttagggtaca tgtgcacatt gtgcaggtta gttacatatg tatacatgtg    102660
     ccatgctggt gcgctgcacc cactaactca tcatctagca ttagatatat ctcccagtgc    102720
     tatccctccc ccctcccccc accccacaac agtccccaga gtgtgatgtt ccccttcctg    102780
     tgtccatgtg atctcattgt tcaattccga cctatgagtg agaatatgcg gtgttgggtt    102840
     ttttgttctt gtgatagttt actgagaaca atgatttcca atttcatcca tgtccctaca    102900
     aaggacatga actcatcatt tcttatggct gtatagtatt ccatggtgta tatgtgccac    102960
     atttccttaa tccagtctat cattgttgga tatttgggtt ggttccaagt ctttgctatt    103020
     gtgaataatg ccgcaataaa catatgtgtg catgtgtctt tatagcagca tgatttatag    103080
     tcctttgggt atatacccag taatgggatg gctgggtcaa atggtatttc tagttctaga    103140
     tccctgagga atcgccacgc tgacttccac aatggttgaa ctagttcaca gtcccaccaa    103200
     cagtgtaaaa gtgttcctat ttctccacat cctctccagc acctgttgtt tcctgacttt    103260
     tcaatgattg ccattctaac tggtgtgaga tggtatctca ttgtggtttt gatttctgcg    103320
     attaatttta tagttacctt gcatacaggg aatgtgctgc ctataaaaaa tatgaactga    103380
     accacaggcc ttaaacacta aaaaaaattt aagagtttat tctaatttat tttatcctat    103440
     aaatcaattg tatttatata caatatagaa agttcacagc catcaacagt tctactgcag    103500
     tttcaggtga aatgggaatt taggaatttc tgtggaactg taggcgcagt gaaacattta    103560
     ggtaaaatat gtgtatgcct ttagcagcac ttgtgaaggg acgtctctca aattaaactc    103620
     aatgcatttc ttctcagcaa aatgacctgg gccactctcc ctggctttca ctgttgttga    103680
     tgttcatgca tgttctcttt ttatcattaa tttatgactc tgaagatatc catttgacgt    103740
     cgtggcatga gggctttcaa aaccactgta gattttctac tcttcatcca ttatgtactt    103800
     aagtatttct actttgactc cccaggaact tgagtagttt ctgcttagcc catggacagt    103860
     gcagcccagg tcccaataaa gcagcacaga ccccactcca aggccacccc caaccccagc    103920
     tgcctgctcc tgtgtgttca agggaagttg gagaacatgc agcttgttgt ttttacaaat    103980
     aaaattgttg tgttaatttc attttcatat catttattgc tagtgtatac aaatagattt    104040
     tagtgtattg atatatatac tgtatgtttg tttaatttgt ttattagatt ttattatttc    104100
     ttgttgattt cttatgattt tctgtatatg agatcatgag atccatgagt aggtagtttt    104160
     attttatttt ttgacatatg aatggcttca tatatatttt tcttttccaa ttatttcgga    104220
     tggaacttct aatacagtat caaatgcaat gatgaaagtg agcatcagtg ctgtgttctt    104280
     catcttaaag cttttgttcc caacaattca gacgctgatt gttatgggtt ttgtataaag    104340
     acgtgttatc atgtgaaaga cattttaatc acagtttatt ggatgttgtt atcagtaaac    104400
     atgttgacta actttaagta ttttctgtaa cagttgagat atacatgtac tgttttccca    104460
     gcatttaatt tacatggtat attgaagagg gatggcttca gaatgttaaa acaagcctca    104520
     attttctaga aaaaaaacgt aatcacatag gtgcataatg tcttcctcgt gtagttaatt    104580
     ccatgtacta ttatttggtt acataatcta atgtctctaa ttatcatatt tgttaacatt    104640
     tagtgttttg tcccagtgac atcatctgtt taattcaatt ttcaattgga gttaagaggt    104700
     aaggttaagt gtactcttat gggcattagg ggttagagtc atagatgata tatttaaaat    104760
     tctttgaagg gtgatatgat aatattaaga atgggataga agtttgggat taggaatagg    104820
     ggtttacaat tgcagaaaaa agtttagatt gagggttaga tctggggttg ggttagaggt    104880
     cagtgttgtg gtaggattag ggttatgatt aggattagga ttagggacag ggttaaagtt    104940
     tagtgttatg tttagggcta cagttagaat caagattaga tgttagtttt agggtcaggt    105000
     tatgtttagg tttagggtaa gaaataggcc tacagttaga ggttgttgtt agtgtagggt    105060
     taggttctgg cttaacttca tggtgagggt tagagttagt gcttagggtg agagttaagg    105120
     tgacggtgag ggttagggta agagggttag tgcattagcg ttagggtttg ggtttagggt    105180
     ttgtgttagg ataagaataa ggattcggtt tagggtttca ggttagcatt agggttagtg    105240
     tttagggtgc agtgttattt ttagggttat tgtttagcat ttaggttagg gttagggtca    105300
     ctttagggtt aggatgaggg gttagtgttt ggcctagtgt taagctttag ggttagcgtt    105360
     agggtgggtt tagttttagg gttagagttc agggttacag ttgggattgg gtttattata    105420
     tgtgattata gttagcattt aagttttagt gttagagcta tggttgcagt tgcatttgag    105480
     gttgtgggtt agagttaggg ttagggttag tgtcaggatt aagtttaggg atatggtcag    105540
     cgtattttta gaattagggt tggggtagga atttggatta gggatgttgg ttatgtgtta    105600
     tgcttatgtt tttaaggtta gaattttaat tttcaggtta gagttaaggg tgcttttagg    105660
     gttaggtttg aaggagcttt aggggtcaga gttagagtta ggggttaggg ttcagtgttt    105720
     agaggtagtg ttagagttag ggtttggttt agtatttctg ttagtgtttt tctgagtgtt    105780
     atgtttaagg gtagatttag ggtttggggt agatttaggg ttaggggtag gtgtaggtgt    105840
     atgtttaggg ttatgggttg cggtagggtt atatttatgg atagggatat gttttgttaa    105900
     tggttcaggt tgggtttatg tggagattag ggttagggct tgagggttat tgttagtgtt    105960
     ttagtgttag taataggggt tatatttagg gttagacatc tttttcaccc atcttcaccc    106020
     gactaatcag cactctcttt ctgacttctg aggttcatat gcattccata cgtatttaga    106080
     ttatttattt gtttatttgt ttgtttgttt atatatgttt gtttatttat ttattggaga    106140
     cggagtttca ctcttgttga cgtgactgga gtagtatggt ttgacctcaa ctcacacaac    106200
     ctccgcctcc caggttgaag tgattatcct acctcagctc ctgagtagct gagattaaag    106260
     gcatccacca tcacacctaa ctaattttgt atttttatta gagacacggt ttctccatgt    106320
     ttgtcaggct ggtctcaaac tttcaactgc aagtgatcca tctgccttgg cctcctgaat    106380
     tgctggtatt atcgacaaaa gccaccatgc cctgcatcag actttgaaat aacctgactt    106440
     aaagtggatc taccaacaat gtgccacctc ttcactgtga gttgtacact tcttgggatt    106500
     gcacggctgc aaatggatat gtcttctcca aacttaaagc tgcagataca tctcaacaac    106560
     cttcctgcag atagacgcta cccactctga aacttctctc cactgaagcc ttcagtgatg    106620
     ttttaacaac ctgcttcttc atcttgtctc tcttggccct gtcttcactg agtgttgcag    106680
     agatgcaggt atttcctgtt tttgaaatgg acttacccac tttctgtctc ctgaaagctg    106740
     cgccatcact caataaagca tctatttacc ctaattattc tcctgttttc cacatacata    106800
     attctccctg gatatgcatc aagaattcaa gacccactta atggagaacc tgaagattag    106860
     taacagaaac aaggctgaaa cacagaaacc cacacttaac atcaacacag attctattcc    106920
     ttgtgctgag attcagattt ttttcggcac accacactct ctcattgacc tgttttaact    106980
     tcatctttaa ctttacagta aataagggca ttacttttct ctagcacaac tgaattatat    107040
     gaggcaaagt ccttaatttg agtcataacc acttggggga aaagttgcag tccaagacac    107100
     ctgagagacc aggtctctgg cacatgcctc ccatgctttc agctttctcc caccaatcaa    107160
     cattacattg gcctatgctt cacccatcat cttgggaaat ttaatggtaa aacagcaacc    107220
     tggactctgt ccaaaggtca tagaagcagt ttaaaaccaa gcctttttgt tagcctaaac    107280
     caaatcacaa agaggaagta tggatgcatc tagtcaaatg gctgggctat tggctgatac    107340
     aacaataggc ttcttaaact gaatgaaact attcacaatg ttctttacag tatccactct    107400
     tacaatgctt tctctgtttc tgtcatttct taaatgcaaa caaaatcaag acctcagcaa    107460
     gggacgcagc catctgcact aggcagcata agcttcctgt catctgcagc agccctatac    107520
     agagcattct tgattttttt tcattacttc aatatttagt gagttgttct ctgtcaatct    107580
     cattgatagc actttctggg taaagccatc attttccctc accaaaatgt ttctgagtct    107640
     actggcactt tctattagcc ttatggttaa atacatcctt ttgataaaag gctggtcttt    107700
     ttcatcatca ataatctctc ttttcccccc tctcatgctt ggaacaaatg tatggatttt    107760
     ttttcttcca ttggctgttt atggaattgc taataccagt gtaccttcct tgttagctga    107820
     gcccgtaacc atggaagcag taaccgagcc agacccctga gacattagtg ggtgtatctt    107880
     gcacctgttc tctcctccag tctgttctgc atcaggatat ttatctttac cttaatcttt    107940
     gtttatttgt actgctgttc ggtgtccttt cattttaccc tggaataata cataaggcat    108000
     ttattaaatg gttgtctact ggcaaaagaa tgtggctttt atttgggaat ttcataattt    108060
     ctccctcatt tttgatggac actttgttta aacataacat ttgtttgaat ttttttttct    108120
     tagtgcattt ggaatatatg agtctaccct gagttttcag ataagaaatt ccctgattat    108180
     ttatgagggg ttctttcata cattactggt caaaatttct ttggctgctt tcaagattct    108240
     ctttgtcttt attttagaca gtttaactat catgtatgtt tgaatgtgcc tctttgagtt    108300
     tattttactt ggagtttgtt cagtttcttc ggtatttatt atcttaaatt tgtgacaggt    108360
     ttgaccacat ttttttagtt tccctatttc tttgtttctt ttccttgaac ttccaaaatg    108420
     gataagtggg tctgcttgat ggtgtcacac tggtttctag actgttttca catttattta    108480
     tttatttttt ctcttcctga cttaataatt tcaattgccc cttttattca atttggtgac    108540
     attttcttct gtatgctcaa gtctcctttt aaatgtctgt agtacttatt tagttagtta    108600
     tttatacaat tttttttgag atggagtctt gctttgtcac caggctggag tacagtgcac    108660
     aatcttggct cactgcaacc tctgcctctc gggttcaact gattctcctg cctcagtctc    108720
     ttgagtagct ggaactatag atatgtgtca ccacacccag ctaatttgtg tgtttttagt    108780
     aaagatgggg tttcatcatg ttggcttgga tagtcacaac ttcttgacct tatgatctgt    108840
     accttggcat cccaaagtgc tggaattgca ggcctctagt caattttaat gtcaattgtt    108900
     ttacttttca tctccagaat attttttttt ctgagagcca ctggaactgg cccagaattt    108960
     ttttttttaa tgtttgaaaa taagttgtca tgcttttcca agaaactgta ttattttagt    109020
     ttcaatccct gtttctttga acctaaagta agacttgcat agaaatcacg agtgaattgt    109080
     tcttttaaag gtgcatttgt gccagtctgt gtgtttttat gtaagagctc acatttaaag    109140
     ttattacaag taaaaaatta ctctgacatt ttactttttt tctatatgtt ctttatttta    109200
     ttggatcctc aatttctcct ttgtccatta aaaatgttaa ctttttaaaa cttttttctg    109260
     tatttttatg ttataattca ttatatttgg gactttaatt gtattctaaa cttaatagag    109320
     ccttctttga ataatattaa cttatttgaa taatctaaat tttaatttca acaatataaa    109380
     tatatgctgc tcttatactt ttctttctca atttatatta ttgtctcaga ttttatctgc    109440
     acacactgag tgtccattaa agtaaatttg taatttttta tgtaatagct gcctaccaga    109500
     gctgtaatag taatagctaa ctttgccaga attgtaatag taatagcatt tctttttttt    109560
     ttagagaaag gttaaccaca cattgaatac attccattag cattatgaat aagagtgata    109620
     tataaactat tattttttaa atactggatc tgtattaaca aatctgttat attgtctatt    109680
     gtaggaaata actgtattct ttgctttcaa caacttaaaa ttttgtttgt gaccaattcc    109740
     tggcattttc aaccaagagt gacttctgag tttggcaaaa cagtaataaa tatgtttcat    109800
     caattgttta tttatcttct agaaagacta gaacaaacac aataaattaa cacacaagtg    109860
     cttcttcact cctcccagaa ttaggaacca gggtttaaaa tggaaaatgt ggatttcaat    109920
     tttgaaggct tcatctgtgc ctgggaggca gtatggcaat ccaaaaaaaa tttactactt    109980
     taaaattgtc tctttggatg gattccttgg ttgatacaaa caattgattt acagggttca    110040
     gacagtgttt gattggtgtg atgtttcttt gaatggttca aagctgccag gcctgcagtt    110100
     ttgcctgcgt ttttatttgg gaagcactga ttgttttgta atctcagagt ttatttttat    110160
     ttaggagatc tatgtttttg tcccatgaaa atgttgttta aaacacttaa attgaaagtt    110220
     acacttttaa tttatgtttc cagttgttag gtttttgttt tagtggttac ggtatgaagt    110280
     ttgttgtttg ctttctattg attgatatta tcaatttagt ataaagggca aggggcaata    110340
     ttctcttatg tagtacatct tggttttatg taaaacatgt atatatgtaa caaacctgca    110400
     cgttgtgcac atgtacccga aaacttaaag tataataaaa aataaaaaca aacaaaaagt    110460
     ataaaataat ttgtttccaa agtgactttc aagtacatat ctaaataaaa caataaggga    110520
     ataattatgt aagcatgcag caagatctac aagtgtgatg atctctggca gaagcctgta    110580
     taaacagttt gaaaaacgac caggtcactg tggatggagc agactgtgga aggaaaacga    110640
     ttgcagacaa tgagctcatg ggggtaacac aaagtccatg tgattgtcta gggtttctac    110700
     aggtcagtag attttacttg agttttactc taagccaagt tcatgactgg aagtggaatt    110760
     ggtaaggttg ttactagcat ctagtgccaa gaggctagaa atgctgttga atatcttaaa    110820
     atctactgtc aggcaccttt gagcaattaa cagtattgaa ccatctctcc agaaaattgt    110880
     aaacaaaaaa ataggagcac acttttagaa caatttgatt ttgtatattc acagtcactt    110940
     aactcaaaat ccctggtttc tgtaaatcgg aaggatttta agaagctctt ttaaagttca    111000
     gttgattcaa gttagggtaa gcgttagtaa agtaaagtca gttcagttaa tcaataatta    111060
     gaaattaaac tataggccgg gtgcggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg    111120
     ccaaggctgt ccaatcacca ggtcaggaga tggggaccat ccaggctaac ttggtgaaac    111180
     cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa aaaaaattag cgggacatgg    111240
     tggcgggagc cagtagtccc agctcctccg gaagctgagg cagaatggcg tgaacacccg    111300
     ggaggcagag tttgcagcaa gctgagatcg cgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacagag    111360
     cgagactccg tttccaaaaa aacaaataaa aacaaaaagg taaactaaat atttcctttt    111420
     tctccccttt tcttttccat tatttttaaa tatttatgta aaacgctaat atagcaaaat    111480
     aaaaccctag gcacactcta tttttgagat accatggaga aaactgaatc aaagcctttt    111540
     gggatagagc taatccggaa tacgactgga aggcatacag aatacagatg cacacatgtg    111600
     cattggtaca ctacattatg catacccatc gagcgtaatg attgccataa gacaaatatt    111660
     aaatgtctct tatgacagaa aagttgtgaa gattttacaa taaccaagcc aaatgaaaac    111720
     caagatttca aggattatag ccagggctag ataattctag gtgttgagta gaatgaatac    111780
     tcaagcatct tctaggggag gccatcactg ttgccataac cagcgcaggg attatctcta    111840
     cagacacagg tggaagggct catggcagca tgaacttcgt ttttcctgga tgcaggaaaa    111900
     taatatgaga tcacctgaat ggcagggctg aatgacctgg aacacaaacg ggtagaaaac    111960
     attccccttg cttatcacat tgtggtagac aaaaataaaa cgagagctgt ggcccttcag    112020
     ggcgcacaga ccagggagct ctcaaagcca gggagggctg tcacaccttc cttggggctt    112080
     tgccttttct ggcatctcca agcttctggg catcactaca ttccccagta tcagctgtgg    112140
     aggctgcttg cagtaggcct ggcccagttg cagcttttca gtgatctagc agttctgttg    112200
     gcacctaaaa cttcctgacc tgacacagct ggcatgactg accatgtcta gaggctggaa    112260
     gccacacttg ctcatacacc tctcaccact catccatgtt tgcccttggc aggtgataac    112320
     tccagtaact ccagctgggt gtagcctgcc aggtagtgtg ggtagaacaa atttagcagg    112380
     cttgattaaa gctcagggaa aggccccact ggccacagag gatttcatct gacaaagtga    112440
     ctcccctaaa atcccattgc aaaagcagca tagctggttg tgtttaaatg acttacttct    112500
     tttagttctt gaaatactga aaattcagtg tcctacattt tggatttttt taaccttatt    112560
     tggaaatgat tatatttcaa aatttttaca aaatcaaatt tgaaagatta ttatttgcat    112620
     tgaaccacct gatccatctt atgtacactg catttttttt ttaaagatgg actttcactt    112680
     ttgtagtcca tgctggagtg caatggcatg gtctcagctc agtgcacctc tgcctcccaa    112740
     gcagctggga ttacaggcac ccaccatggt gcctagcatg gcattgggct tcagattagc    112800
     attcttttag tagattatga agcttgctta tgaaacaata tttctaattc ctggactttg    112860
     acattttgta cttatgtagt ttctgtttgg gaggcacttt tgctgggcat tgtaagatga    112920
     tgagtgcatt tctggcattt tctgttaaat gcaatagtaa catcattttt ctgtggttga    112980
     aataccctaa tacgtttgtg tctcatggaa tctaaattgt tgacattcac tattctagag    113040
     agttctgaag aataaattaa aaaccacttt ttaaaatgtt gcagatgcca ggaggggtgg    113100
     ttcacacctg taatcccagc accttgggag gctgaggcag tgggatcacc tgaggttagg    113160
     agttctagac cagcctggtc aatagggtga aacctctttt tcactaaaat tacacacacg    113220
     cacgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tagagaaaga aaaattaggt gggcatggtg    113280
     gtggacagct ggaatcccgg ctacttggga tattgaggca ggaaaattgc ttaaatccag    113340
     gaggtggagg ttgcagtgag ctgagatcac accattgcac tgcagcctgt atgacaagag    113400
     caaagctctg tcttaaaaaa aaaattgctg aaattttata tgagatctca tttttctcta    113460
     acttttggct attctgccat cctgacattt tctctaactt gctgctgttc taacattctg    113520
     tcatttgtga aataaaccag gatgtcctgc atgtactgtg gaacttaata taaaacaaaa    113580
     ttaaattaat taaataaaaa taaaacattt ttttctggat gtggggttgt agtaactttg    113640
     aaatgtgtgc acactttatt taaaacattt tgtaattaaa aatcagagtt gtcacaaact    113700
     gcattgaaaa gttaaataag tagtacatct caatttttaa ttgattgaat ttgttttctt    113760
     ttaattttag aatgatatct cacattgcct ctttggctgg agtgcactgg tgcaatctta    113820
     gcacactgca gcaccctgct tcccagcttc aagtatttat tcttcctcgg cttcttgaat    113880
     agctgagatt acaggtgtgc accaccacac ctcatgtgtt tttaccatat tggtcatgct    113940
     tgtctcaata ttcagacctc aagtactctg cctgccttgg cttccaaaag tactggaatt    114000
     acacgtgtga atcgccatgc ctggcccctg attgaatttc taattgaata aaaaagtcca    114060
     tcttgcaaaa ccttattttc tacatcatat ttttgatgag tttctttata tgtctcataa    114120
     ttcaagaaaa ataatataat tttaatgtat tatacttgga aattaattta tttttattaa    114180
     tatgtaacta aaatagtagg tatatttaga atgttatttt gctttggtgt aaagttctga    114240
     agttttagaa atttctgtaa aaatctaatt tggataatta gttacattag ttgattgcac    114300
     tcagtttttt ttcctcagga ttttcttttg taagaaaatt caaaattgtt tcaagataca    114360
     ttgagatgtt taattatgtg aaatagactt aaaggtattt tctttgaaaa taaagttttt    114420
     ataacctgtc ttttctacta ataatatgtg attacttctt ctaacttact agaaattaat    114480
     tcgttttcat cttgccttca tctaaagttc acctgcaata cataagaagt gaataactgc    114540
     tagcagagaa ggctgttctt gtctgtaact gacccactac catcaaccct ggttttgagc    114600
     tgcttgcagc accagctatt ggctgtgtaa aaaatctcac aatgatgcta gactgtttga    114660
     ctgaaacata ttacaaagac aaagcaataa ctagtgaata ttttaaatta taaagaagtt    114720
     tttgttcatt aatcacactt tagtttaaaa ttctattatt tcatttgcaa aaattaactt    114780
     atgggttttt tctttttgat taactagttt accattttgt agccatcagg tatataatta    114840
     aaaccatgta agtaagagaa cattattttt caaaataagc atgtatttct taacttctct    114900
     cctatagctg gttttggtaa tttaccacag tgggttttat ttagttgtat gtgaaaaaaa    114960
     aatactaacc ctttagaata caagaagcca aatttaatgc tacaaaaact ttatatttaa    115020
     actgtatgca ttaaaaagat tttcataacc caaactttga agttgtttca tggtatttta    115080
     gttatattat aagagaggta ttgttttaaa aatcataatg tgagaagaga acatttgagt    115140
     gcattttatt acttttaaat gtccatatta gttaagcaaa ataggtagca atgttgaaat    115200
     cttacacaaa actgaaactc agagtgggag ccaatgtaag taaattaaca agtaataaca    115260
     tgaaatttag ttgatttcaa gagaaatctg agggttaagt acataattaa caacagcatt    115320
     ctgtacagat atttaattgg aaaatgtgaa attatattta tgtttttctc tgtgtgagta    115380
     tattttttag tacattgtag gagtttctag ctaaactcat tacttaaaag gtcagatcat    115440
     tctgtgtcct gtgggatcta tgtagagaga agagtttcct ttttgaaaac actttttttt    115500
     ttgttaattt gtttaactat tgtattggaa tagtaaattt gtattttcaa aagagatttt    115560
     ttaaaataaa cagtattgtt gttaaactag ccaatgtttt cttgtgatta atatatattt    115620
     tcaaatatac aagaggacat gcactaaaaa ctattatctt gccaccaata ttatatttct    115680
     ggtacagaga ttttctttga gatatatgca catcttcata caattagcta tttttttttc    115740
     ttacagaaat gatcatattt ctgatcaaag taaaaaaatc ttttgaaaat atatatttac    115800
     tattctaata caatagttaa acaaattaac aaaaaaaaag tgttttcaaa aaggaaactc    115860
     ttctctctac atagatccca caggacacag aatgatctga ctttttaagt aatgagttta    115920
     tatacaatat ggttaacctt gttttgtact tagtcacacg cctgtcaata caacaagatc    115980
     tatttaattc tgttttgtag ctacataact tgcagttcaa tgtgctctaa tttatgtaat    116040
     ccatctctaa gttggattta tgtgtaagtc atattcagtt ttacaaaaag tagcatttac    116100
     aattttcaca ggtattttaa agacaacttc taattgactt catctcacaa taaaactatg    116160
     aacatagata aaacaattat cactattagc tgaggaagaa agtgatattt atgtgaagat    116220
     tatagttttt atgaatcaga acaataatgt aaatgtagtg ctcaattaaa actgagaaaa    116280
     ctctaaagtt ctatttatgt aaagttctga ttaaaatgta ttgaatacac ttaagtgcaa    116340
     aagtttttta atatgtaaat ttgtaatgat taatgctaag tctgtgtaac acattagaat    116400
     ttaatattat accatcatgc atgacctttt ctaagaaaat tgttacagaa gcaatgtcat    116460
     taaaaatgtg gacttaagaa gtctgtggtt aataattctg tgatccagca actatacata    116520
     atcccagtca tcagaaacag tatttctaca attgaaaaca cagttagtga tgaactcgat    116580
     gatcgttcaa agatgagaaa caaaattgtg aggtaagttt taattatcat tttttgaata    116640
     ttctcatagt agatactgtt gttcttcctc aaattagtat agtttcatga ggttttatca    116700
     ggactgcatt ttgatgatat ggctataata tctgagatac tatgactggc atatttattg    116760
     tgatcactat ctagtaagtt gaaattttag ttaataatat ttatcaatgt tttttgttgt    116820
     tttcaaagca tggttgatat aatcacattt gcacaacatg gtaaatgcaa ttcattcttt    116880
     ggataatgag aaatttttgt ttttaataat tatattctca tcttgtttta taaagtaggc    116940
     ttttttactg ttctatctgt gttatataag ttgtgcttat ttttaggatt ctctaaatat    117000
     ttttctcaaa ttagggtttt ttctgctaag gaaaaaaatt gattttcaga taatgctaca    117060
     tggacctgtt agcaacatga cgtaactatt acaatcaggc tgctaagggt ataaaacatc    117120
     tggttgaaaa taaaaagtat ctggttgaaa ataaagcagc aaaaatatta ggttttagtg    117180
     gcagattaca tatttaagat atagctatta aataagtgaa taccaaaaac ttgaattttg    117240
     gaaatgtttg tactcaagta gttcctttac tttttgcata ggtattgata gaaactaaat    117300
     aaagaaatta gaatatttta attgtaataa atcttaaatt tctacatttc tcttcctcag    117360
     taatcagaaa tagtttggtt ttcaaatagc atctcagcat ttatcattta tggagattaa    117420
     aaacacactt gcctctccct ttctagatct gatagatcac accacgcagg cattaaaacc    117480
     ttggtagcat ttcttttagt agaatgtcca tatgggacgt tcgctaacac ttggttaata    117540
     gtcactaata aacaacaaca acaacaaaaa gtaaaattta gttccttgta ctgtaatcag    117600
     ttttacccct agggttttga atttaaaaca gatagagatg gttaattaca ctggcaagaa    117660
     gtgaatgagg cagacagaat ataaaattca aattaaatcc ccacctttgt gcttcattgc    117720
     ttgtgcttta tgatgtctta gcgctttact gtggctgcat gtctgcctag ctgctttttc    117780
     tatacaatga acttcatcag ggcacaaact ggatattgtt cattattgta tcaaaaacct    117840
     cagatgtaga gaaaaacata cagaaacatg agagatatgt gtaaaacaac tgtattttgc    117900
     tctgtagcta taaggaaatt atgacctttg gcgttcctgt gtgtgctctc attccttcca    117960
     caactactct taatagctgt acttattgtg cagtaataat tccaaataca tcacataaat    118020
     tatatcatga aatctgtaaa aatgcattaa aatcacaaga agacactgaa ttctaggaga    118080
     acaaagtatc ttattcctca tatggcagag cactgatttg tttttaatct gtctactcaa    118140
     caacactgta gtatatttta ttacctgcaa tatatgctat tgttttatta ttgctaagga    118200
     taatttttct gtgatctctt tctgatggtc cccctgtgaa ataatcacta atcctaaaca    118260
     ttaaaaacaa taagttcttt gaaaataata ttaaaacatg catatcatct tattaactaa    118320
     gttttggtat ttatttcaac ttcttttatt atattttaac gttagattag tgcatcacca    118380
     atgtattttg gtttctatag caatgctcat ctccaaaatg atgtacgtag ttaacgtcat    118440
     aaatttaaag atgagcccac attaaacaag atagaagata ggaaagagaa caatattcgt    118500
     gtccaaagac accttcaagc ctcttttaca tttagttgcc ttctgactaa aatactatgt    118560
     actgaaaatt ttttggaaac acttcaggta aattatgggt gatttatcaa tttaattttg    118620
     ataaaatcgt ctgtacatta aattttttaa atagatcttt aaaatacata gtttatttgg    118680
     catgtaatat ttaaaaaata gtaatatcct agctgcattt cttgatcatt tttattattg    118740
     tcatactaat agaaaaaggt taaaattgtc acagcaaaga caggccactg tattctttca    118800
     tctcttaagg tataattgac ttcttatagg aagatttgta atctatataa tcaaaatatt    118860
     aaaatgaagt catctccttg atttaacagt tctcaaatga agcaaatgtc aagtacattt    118920
     tttaagtgta cagatatttt aatacatccc taaagttttt tcaaaaatat atgaccaggg    118980
     tactgttatc acacataata caaattattt tacaaccttg ggcaacgtag aaaaccctgc    119040
     ctctatgaaa acaaaacaaa aattattcag gtgtggatat atgagcctgt agtatcagct    119100
     acttggaaag ataaaatacc atttatttga ctaactttga tatttgatta cactttcctc    119160
     attatactgt tcaatttaga ctagcacatc aatgatgtct tttagtttct agagtaatgt    119220
     ttatgcctga gattatgtat aataatcacc tcagaaatcc atattactca tcatcaaata    119280
     agcattttta ttatcaaata aaccttttaa tcactgacaa aaaagtactg cttcctagtc    119340
     ctgcaagata aaatatatat gatatacttt tatataaata tataatctat aacttcatgt    119400
     aatatacaca taatttttgc aagcctgaat gtaatctcat agattttgag cctcttacaa    119460
     aagtgaccaa taacacttgg tccgtgttta gatttgaaaa atctcaacta ggccaggccc    119520
     tgtcactcac atggatagcc ttagcacttt gggaagccaa gggagtcaga ttacttgatt    119580
     tcaggagttc aaaaccagcc tgtgcaacat ggtgatatcc catctctact aagatgcaat    119640
     aaattagctg agtgtaattg tctgcactag tcccatctat ccgggacact aaggcgaaaa    119700
     catcacctga gctgtaaccg tgttgctgca ttgcagactg agtaatgaag agaagctgtg    119760
     ccacacaaac acacacaacc acacatgcac acaaaaccac acacacacac agagaaagag    119820
     tttagtgttc tttcaagaag gtatttctta gatagctcag aggtaggaag aaaaagggat    119880
     cttctgattt ctgggctgtc ttctgtttta ctcacagtag ttccctttct atgtattagc    119940
     atatcactta gatttccttt aaaagtcttt agtgcacgtg taattaactg actgcccatt    120000
     atagctttca gtaaaagttt ccaaatttca tagctaaact gtaaacctag gttataaata    120060
     tgatttgcat atataattct aatttacata tttcaattct ttatctgcac acgtccctca    120120
     ctctcatttt ttcttgtgtc aacaatttat tttcattagc tttctctact caaaacattt    120180
     ctttttctgc aatctagtca acatttctgt tcttgttctc tcaaattatt ataactcttt    120240
     gagcttctgt cttcaaaact ttcactcaat aatttatgtg tgcatgcatc tatatgtgat    120300
     catctgctat cacttggcac cagggcctgt ttttgtgaaa gacaagattt tcatcaactg    120360
     gggttgtgga gacagttttt ggaagatttg agtaccctcc attgattttg cgctttattt    120420
     gtcttattat tacattataa tatttaacaa aataattata catctcacca taatgtagac    120480
     tcggtgggag ccctaaactt attttcctgt agctagatgg ttctatctgt gggtgatggg    120540
     agactgttgc aggtgatcag ttgttttgat tcttataaag agtgcaaaac gtaaatttct    120600
     ctcaagtgca gtaaatagta gttccctcgc ttctataaaa atcggatgct gccactgatc    120660
     ttcagaaagc ggatctcagg cagtactgtg aaccatactt agtgttttaa atagagataa    120720
     ggtttccatg cttggccacc actcacctgt tgatgtgtag ccccagttca taacaagacg    120780
     cagatggata ctgattaggg aaaccccagc tcaagccaaa gagtttgaga ccacagtgaa    120840
     ctggaattgt gccactgcat tttagcttca gtgacaaaga acctgtcttc acaaataaaa    120900
     gtaaaaaata cattttataa tttgtatttt aaataatatc ttttgataca aatgtgagaa    120960
     atcttttaca actttaaatg tggacatgaa cagtcttcaa aatcttcttc attctgtgga    121020
     acagtgtatc aaattgaatg tgcaaatgca catcattgta aaatgtgata aaaagtttgt    121080
     tttgttcagt tttgaaaaaa ataattatct cattgaaaac aaccagaaga caattagaag    121140
     tgtttgtgct catccacaaa attaacttct gctttctctt tagtatttgc acggtatcag    121200
     agaggtagtc aagatgataa ctggcttaaa ggagaatgtt attgacaaaa tcgaatgact    121260
     gactaggaaa aaaaaagtta ttctcattag gtgaataatt tgagatgtaa aataatctcc    121320
     cagattgttt tcatctctac tctaaaataa attgcatttt aatgattgaa tcttgaagag    121380
     ttggtagaag aaagcattat tctttttcta ctataaaaat ctcttgaagc aaaaatgttc    121440
     cttcatttta tgggcttcca acagatttta acgaccactt gtagtttcac aaacaggtct    121500
     ctttctttag gcctaaccag ctaattttat ttctttgcaa tttgactagg atatataatg    121560
     gtaaaatgtc tttgaagata ttatatatta aatgacaggt atgtctttct tgaccttcat    121620
     aacatctcac ctccaagctg tctgcattat cttgcactta gctgccattt aaattgtggt    121680
     ttatttttaa cagcatactg cctgctattt tcacctctga gacttggaac aatttctttt    121740
     caccctgcct gccactctta attcacaccg tttaaagtat tatgtatagg ttttaccttt    121800
     tcataagaca gagagtccag ctttgccaac agggtgaagc cccatctcta ctaaaaatat    121860
     gaaaattagc caggcgtggc ggcagatgcc tgtaatacta gctactgggg aggctgggac    121920
     aggtgaatcg cttgaatctg ggaggtctag gttgcagtga gcctagatcc tgccattgca    121980
     ctgcattcta ggtgaagaga gtgaaactgt cacacaaaaa gaaaggacag tgaggattaa    122040
     atttattaat atgtgtgcag ctcttagtgt attaccttga ctttaagcac tataagtatt    122100
     aactgctatc attattgctt actttgtatc ttcagtttac tcacaccaaa ttctgcttaa    122160
     ttgcataaaa gaaaatatta gagaagtaac acagatagta gtggctatat ggaaccacat    122220
     agccatcact ctctgtgtca gtaatgtttt ctgatttgca acaaataaga gaccttttgc    122280
     atataaaggt tctgcaaaca gatttcccta gacatatatt aaagtgtttg aaaacaaaaa    122340
     caaaaaaatc aatactatgg taaaatgtaa caaatttaaa gtcattagag taaaatatct    122400
     gtctacatag catttacatt ttattaatta tttatgtaga gataaagtaa actacacagg    122460
     aggatgggtg tgcattatac ttatgtactg catcattata aagcagaagc ttgagcagac    122520
     atacattttg gtatttgaga tgtttctgga gccaatcccc tacagatacc aaaggattgc    122580
     tatatataaa tatgttaagc tttgataaga aagtattgct taagttagtt atggcataat    122640
     taccatgatg atgttaatga ttatttactt acctttttat aaataaatta aaaagattat    122700
     aagctttaaa attatcatta cattgttttt gatatttgct ggggaaatga gaacatttgt    122760
     acatggggac acattctctg tttatggtat ggtaacacaa ttaagcactt gctatttaaa    122820
     taatttcctt tttttgtttt gttttgcaat tacctatgct cctgtcacca atctagtaag    122880
     tgtgtgtgtc agggagaaaa ttacatttat ttctgggatt gaggacacta ttttcttgtt    122940
     tatttaaatc atgctgaagg gatgagattt ttgcagctga cactgtgtaa gttagcagtg    123000
     tatatttgat tttcaatgga tacatttctc agactgggaa ggaagcactt ttggtcagat    123060
     tttttgttgg ttgctaggag accaaaatcc tcttgtgatg tcattgctac tcaccttggg    123120
     aacatcgtga tggtctagat ttctttacct gcctaggcct tctgaagcag catttgaagc    123180
     cgcagtcttg aaaaccatgc aggctggaag agtagctaaa gaaatgttta tttgagatgg    123240
     cacatgtttc ttcagaaatt caagatgttt ctcccaaaga ttagttaact ggttcagaag    123300
     cctccagtag gtctccgttg cgacagaatt ttcatttttt tttttttttt gagacggagt    123360
     ctcgctctgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgcgatct cggctcactg caagctccgc    123420
     ctcccgggtt cacgccattc tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggac tacaggcgcc    123480
     cgccgctacg cccggctaat tttttgtatt tttagtagag acggggtttc accgttttag    123540
     ccgggatggt ctcgatctcc tgacctcgtg atccacccgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg    123600
     ggattacagg cgtgagccac cgcgcccggc cttttaagaa atgtttattt gagatggcac    123660
     atgtttcttc agaaattcaa gatgtttctc ccaaagatta gttaactggt tcagaagcct    123720
     ccagtaggtc tccgttgcga cagaattttc aaagatctgc ctttctagcc acctttctgg    123780
     cagaagagaa agaatccgat gccttaagca aagcatttaa catatttcag ttaccactct    123840
     atgtaaagta tgtatgtaat tttactttga acatcagtaa atatgttaat acatgcaaca    123900
     agaccagatg ttgaaaatta tataaaatat taaggtagaa attatttatt tttttgaaat    123960
     tattgagttc agcttgagca tcaacctttc agagttttca gaaatgttgc taaaactttg    124020
     aatcttacca gtgaactcca aataaatgta tcaaagccac ttaatgtaat gttgctatta    124080
     atatataaca tgttttcacc tgagggctta acaatttgag tgcttttttt tcccaacaag    124140
     cactttctta aaaatagcaa ataatgttca tgaattattt gatgtcatta agtttgtgtg    124200
     acgaaagaga aatctgatat tttatgtgtt atgtttgtta ttgtcacttg tctcccggtt    124260
     taaaatggca ctgaattacc tttttctttg gttttagtta aagttttatt ataatccaaa    124320
     tttcaaacgt ggctgtcccc agcatttagt aagggtgaaa agaagaattg gtgttaaaaa    124380
     tgcttcactt atacctactt tattcaatga agatttcaac aagaagcatt ttagatcagg    124440
     agctaacatt aacagtacac acttttgatc ttacattaaa ggattccaac atgtttgtgc    124500
     ctttcattac ctcctgttag agtccatgtt tcatgttttc taatgcacat ttccttgctt    124560
     cttcttttct ttgagatagt cttactgtgt taccctggct ggagagcagt ggcattattt    124620
     cagctcactg caacctcagc ctctgggttc aagtaattac tgtgcctcaa acttttgagt    124680
     aggtaaaatt atatatgccc accaagctgg gctaattttt gtatttttcg tagaaacgga    124740
     gtttcaccaa attggccagg atggtcttga attcctggcc tcacgtgatc cacccaccct    124800
     ggcccctaaa agtgctggaa ttacaaggtt gagccaccaa acccctcctc taatacagat    124860
     gttcatcaca ttggtttcat ctatacaaag tcagatttca tggcttttgt caggatttga    124920
     taccttttag attctgaatc catatcctca gcatggctga acaaatccct tccagaccta    124980
     atatttattt tcctgtcagc ttcatgtctt tctgtttcac cacagtccag ttggagcaac    125040
     atctggacaa ctccactttc agccatgccc tttcctatct tgtaacttgg gccccatttt    125100
     ttcttggaga taaatgctct ctcccgattt gcctacttaa gactcctaca acacagacat    125160
     cactccttcc aggaggtgct tcttatctgt cacattagtt ttcttgtctg tctgtctgtg    125220
     tctcctggac acccagcact gatgtcacac agtacctaat acatatatgt acatttttgt    125280
     atttatatat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacatatgt atgtgaattt    125340
     gtgaatgttg actgtggaca tacaaccata aaatctattt tcattgtcaa aaatgaacat    125400
     tattggtgtt gtggtattac ttgttattct tcattactca ccacaacttt tcataaaagg    125460
     gtaggtcaga gttttgttca ctagaggtgc aataattttg acttactgag attaacatcc    125520
     ctggttatca tttcaactat cacgctttct ttttcggtat aggtatgttt ttttatatat    125580
     gtatatattt gtatattttt tgtatatgta ttttttatat ttgtatatgt tttatatttg    125640
     tatatttttg tttgtatatt tttgtatatt tatttgtata tgtttgttat attttacatt    125700
     tttgtaaaaa atttatttat atatttatat ttatatatat tgtaaaaaat atttatatat    125760
     ttatatatta tattattcat atattatata tttgtataat gtgtatatat tatttacata    125820
     tttgtatatt ttattttttt atatttgtat atttttatat ttgtatattt tttgtatatt    125880
     tatttgcata tttttctaaa tatattgtat atatttttat atatatttgt atattttatt    125940
     atactttaag ttctaggtta catgtgcaca acgttcaggt ctgttacata tgtatacatg    126000
     tgccatgttg gtgtgttgca cctgttaact cgtcatttac attagatata tctcctaatg    126060
     ctatacctcc cccaccattc cacaacaggc cccagtgtgt gatgttccct ttcctgtgtc    126120
     caagtgttct caatgttcaa ttcccaccta tgagtgacaa catgaggtgt ttggtttttt    126180
     tgtccttgca atagttccct gagaaggatg atttccagct tcatccatgt ccctacaaag    126240
     gacatgaact catcactttt tatagctgca tagtattcca tggtgtgtat gtgccacatt    126300
     ttcttaatcc agtctgtcat tcatggacat tttgggttgg ttcgaagtct ttgctattgt    126360
     gaacagtgcc acagtgaata cacacgtgtg tgtgttttta taaaagcatg atttataatc    126420
     ctttgggtat atacccagta atgggatggc tgggtgaaat gatatttcta gttctagatc    126480
     cttgaggaat caccacactg tcttccacat ggttgaagta gtttacactc ccatcaatta    126540
     tgtaaaactg ttcctatttc tccacattct cttgagcacc agttgtttcc tgactttttc    126600
     atgattgcta ttatagctgg tgtgagatgg tacctcattg tggttttgat ttgcatttct    126660
     atgatggcta gtgatgacaa gcattttttc atgtgtctgt tggctgcata aatgtcttgt    126720
     tttgagaaag tctctgttca tatccttcac ccacttttgg atggggttgt ttgttttttc    126780
     cttgtaaatt tgtttgagtt ctttgtagat tttgggtatt agccctttgt cagatgagta    126840
     gattgcaaaa atgttctgcc agtcgtgtag gttgcctatt cgctttgctg gtactttttt    126900
     tttttttttt ttttttggtc tgcagaagct ctttagttta attaggtctc atttgtattt    126960
     tggcttttgt tgccatgctt tttttgtttt tgacatgaag tccttgccca tgcctacatc    127020
     ctaatggtat tgcctaggat ttcttccagg gtttttatgg ttttaggtct aacatttaag    127080
     tctttaatac atcttgaatt aatttttgtg taaggtgtaa ggaagggatc cagtttcagc    127140
     tttctgcata tggctatcca gttttcccag caccatttat taaataggga atcctttcct    127200
     catttcttgt ttttgtcagg tttggcaaag atcagatggt tgtagatatg tcgtatcatt    127260
     tctgagggct ctgttctgct ccattggtct atatctctgt tttggtacca gtaccatgct    127320
     gttttgatta ctgtaacttt gtagtatagt ttgaagtcag atagcgcaat gcctccatct    127380
     ttgttctttt agcttaggat tgacttggca atgagagctc ttttttggtt ccatatgaac    127440
     tttaaagtag ttttttccaa tgctgtgaag aaagtcattg gtagcttgat ggggatggca    127500
     ttgaatctat aaattacctt gagcagtatg gccattttca caatattgat tcttcctatc    127560
     catgagcatg gaataaactt ccatttgtat gtttcctctt ttattttatt gagcagtggt    127620
     ttgtagttct ccttgaagag gtccttcaca tcccttgtaa gttggattcc taggtatttt    127680
     attctctttg aagcaatttt acatgggagt tcactcatga tgtggctctc tgtttgtctg    127740
     ttattggtgt ataagaatgc ttgtgatttt tgcacattga ctttgtatcc tgagactttg    127800
     ctgaagttgc ttatcagctt aaggagattt tgggctgaga tgatggggtt ttctagatat    127860
     gcaatcatgt catttgcgaa cagggacaat ttgacttcag cttttcctaa ttgaatacca    127920
     tttctttctt tctcttgcct gatagccctg gtcagaactt ccaacagtat gttgaatagg    127980
     agtggtgaga gagggcatcc ctgtcttgtg ccagttttca aagggaatgc ttccagtttt    128040
     tgcccattca gtatgatatt ggcagtgggt ttgtcataca tagctcttat tattttgaga    128100
     tacatcccat gaacacctaa tttattgaga gtttttagca tgaaggctgt tgaattttgt    128160
     caaaggcctt ttctgcatct attgagacaa tcatgtggtt tttgtctttt tttctgttta    128220
     tatgctggat tgcatttatt gatttgtgta cattgaacca gccttgcatc ccagggatga    128280
     aaccagcttg gtcatggtgg ataaggtttt tgatgtgttt ctggatttag tttgtcagta    128340
     ttttattgag gatttttgca tcaatgttca tgtgggatat tggtctaaaa ttctcttttt    128400
     ttgtgtgtct ttgccaggct ttggtatcag gatgatgctg gctgcataca atgagctaga    128460
     gaggattccc tctttttctg tggattggaa cagtttcaga tggaatggta ccagctcctc    128520
     cttgtacctc ttgtagaatt cggtcgtgaa tccatctggt cctgcacttt ttttggttgg    128580
     taagctacta attattgcct caatttcaga gcctgctatt ggtctattca gaggttcaac    128640
     ttcttcctgg tttagtcttg ggaggatgtg tgtgtcaagg aatttatcca tttcttctag    128700
     attttctagt ttatttgcat agaggtgttt atagtattct atgatggtag tttgtacttc    128760
     tgtgagatca gtggtgatat cccctttatc attctttatt gcgtttattt gattcttctc    128820
     tcttttcttc tttgttagtc ttggtagcgg tctatcaatt ttgttgatct tttccaaaaa    128880
     ccagctcctg gattcattga ttttttgaag ggtttttggg tctcaatttc cttcagttct    128940
     gctctgatat tagttatttc ttgccttctg ctagcttttg aatatgtttc ctcatgcttc    129000
     tctagttctt ttaattgtga tgttagggtg tgaattttgg atctttcctg ctttctcttg    129060
     tgggcattta gtgctataaa tttccctcta cacactgttt taaatgtgtc gcagagattc    129120
     tggtatgttg tgtctttctt ctcattggtt tcaaagaaca tctttatttg tgccttcatt    129180
     ttgttatgta cccaagtagt cattcaggag catgatgttc agtttccatg tagttgagtg    129240
     gttttgagtg agtttcttaa tcctaagttc tagtttgatt gcaccatggt ctgacagaca    129300
     gtttgctata atgtctgttc ttctacattt gctgaggagt gctttacttc caactatgtg    129360
     gtcaattttg gaataagtga gatgtggtgc tgagaggaat gtatattatg ttgatttgtg    129420
     gtggagagtt ctgtagatgt ctattaggtc tgcttggtgc agagctgagt tcaattcctg    129480
     gatgtcattg ttaactttct gtctcattga tctgtctaat gtagacagtg gggtgttaaa    129540
     gcctcccatt attattctgt gggagtccaa gtctctttgt aggtctctaa gaacttgctt    129600
     tatgaatttg ggtgctcctg tattgggcgc atatatattt aggatagtta gctcttcttg    129660
     ttgtatttat ccctttacca ttatgtaatg gccttctttt tctcttttgt tcttgttggt    129720
     ttaaagcctg ttttatcaga gactaggatt gcaaccgctg cctctttttg ttttccattt    129780
     gcttggtaga tcttcctcca tccctttatt ttaagcctat gtgtgtctct gcatgtgaga    129840
     tgggtttcct gaatacagca cactgatgga tcttgattct ttatccgatt tgccagtctg    129900
     catcttttaa ttggagcatt tggcccattt atatttaagg ttaatggtgt tatgtgtgaa    129960
     tttgatcctg tcattatgat attagctggt tattttgctc gttagttgat gcagtttctt    130020
     cctagcattg atggtcttta aaatttggca catttttaca gtggctggta ccagtttttc    130080
     ctttccatgt ttagtgcttc cttcaggagc tcttgtaggg caggccttgt tgtgacaaaa    130140
     tctctcagca tttgcttgtc tgtaaaggat ttttttttct tcttcactta tgaagcttag    130200
     tgtggctcga tatgaaattc tgggttgaaa aatattttct ttatgaatgt taaatattgg    130260
     cccccactct cttctggctt tcagagtttc ttttgagaga tccactgtta gtctaacggg    130320
     gttccctttg tgggtaaccc gacctttctc cctggctgcc cttaacattt tttccttctt    130380
     ttcaactttg gtgaatctga aaattttgtg tcttgcagtt gctcttctcg aggaatatct    130440
     ttgttgcatt atctgtattt aatgaatttg aaagttggcc tgcctttcta agttggggaa    130500
     gttctcctgg ataatatcct gcagagtgtt ttccaatttg gttccattct caacttcact    130560
     ttcaggtaca ccaatcagac gtagatttgg tcttttcaca tagtcccata tttcttggag    130620
     gctttgttca tttcttttta ttcatttttt ctctaaactt ctcttctcac ttcatttcat    130680
     tcattttatc ttcaatctct gatacccttt cttccagttg attggattag ttaatgaagc    130740
     ttgtgcattc atcatgtagt tctcgtgcca tggttttcac ctccctcagg ttatttaagg    130800
     acttctgcac attggttatt ctaattagcc attcagctaa acttttttca aggtttttag    130860
     cttctttgtg atgggtttga acttcctcct ttatcttgga gaagtttgat tgtctgaagc    130920
     cttcttctct caactcatca aagtcattgt ccgtccagct ttgttccatt gctgctgagg    130980
     agttgtgttc ctttggcgag tgagaggtgc cctgattttt agaattttca ggttttctgc    131040
     tctgtttttt ccccatcttt gtggtttcat cttcctttgg tctttcatga tggtgatgta    131100
     caaatggggt tttggtatgg atgtcctttc tgtttgttag ttttccttct aacaatcagg    131160
     accctcagct gcacatctgc tggagtttgc tggaggtcca ctccagaccc tgtttgcctg    131220
     gttatcagca gtggaggctg caaaacagtg aatattgctg aacagcaaat gttgctgcct    131280
     gatcattcct ctgaaagttt catctcagat aggtacccag ccatgtgagg tgtcagtctg    131340
     cccctactgg ggcatgcctc ccagttaggt tacttggggg tcagggaccc atgtgaggag    131400
     gcactctgtc tgttgtcaga tctgaaactt cgtgctggga gaaccactac tctcttgaaa    131460
     gctgtctgac agggacattt aagtctgcag aggtttctgc tgccttttgt ttggctatgt    131520
     cctgcctcca gatgtggagt ctgtagaagc aggcaggcct ccttgagctg gggtgggctc    131580
     cacccagttc gagcttcctg tccactctgt ttacctactc aggcctcagc aatggtgggt    131640
     gccattcccc cagcctcact gccaccttgc aggtggatct ccaactgctg tgctagcaat    131700
     gagtgaggct ctgtgggcat gggatcctcc gagccatgtg tgggatctaa tctcctggtg    131760
     tcctgtttgc taagaccatt ggaaaagtgc agtattaggg tgagagtgac ctgattttcc    131820
     aggtgccatc tgtcacagct ttccttggct aggaaaggga attccctgac cccttgtgct    131880
     tcctgggtga ggtgatgcct tgccctgctt tggctcatgc tcagtgcgct gaacccactg    131940
     tcctgcaccc actgtctgac aagtcccagt gatgtgaacc ccgtacctca gtgggaaatg    132000
     cagaaattac ccatcgtctg catcagtctt actgggagat gtagattgga gctgttccta    132060
     ttccaccatt ttggaaaaaa aggtctggtt gtgatttttc ccagcttctt ctaaaaatta    132120
     tttttcatct tctgctttga ctggcaggtc cttgcctgaa agaatagctt tatctttgcc    132180
     actccttcct ttatttgctg tagagattct cagttgttgt gctgaaatgg cttacactgg    132240
     ggatccagct gcacaattgt tcagaaggag cattcactgt ggatttggta tattatgcaa    132300
     catttggtgt caccagctaa ggcctgacaa gattcatcac tcagttttct gggacaactg    132360
     aaattggaat ggagtatgga tttggtcaga cagattcctc agtatggaaa cctagtggtg    132420
     ccatcttacc ctatgcctat attttcagat tgtgcataag tagaagaaat ttagaatcaa    132480
     tgctataaaa agggaatcct gatttccttt cctggcagag catgacacaa gacaaagatc    132540
     atttcaccta tgtccacata ctattaactt tttagttctc acgctggatt ttcagagggt    132600
     agtgcgatgg acatggttaa atagttaata tgaagaatgt ttaaaaaaat taggccagtg    132660
     gtgatggctc aggcctgtaa tctcagcatt ttgggaggct aagatgggta gaacacctga    132720
     ggtcagtggt tcaaggccaa catggtgcaa ccatatcttt tctaaaaaat caacaattgt    132780
     gaagcctggt gatgtgtgcc tgtaatccaa gctagttagg aggctgaggc aggagaatca    132840
     cttgagcctg ggaggtggag gttgcagtga gctgagatcc tgcctttgca ctccagcctg    132900
     tgtgatagag taagacttca tctcaaaaga atggacaaca ataaaatgga taatgccaaa    132960
     taaataaaaa gtgaaaagat taacttgggt gaaccccaag acaacaaaga aaaaagaaaa    133020
     tgatatttta gaaagtgagg ataaagtaat gaaagatgga ctgagacaga ttaaaatgag    133080
     gaatacatta ttgtaaattt aaggccagaa taatgcaagt gtcaaaaaaa caacaaaagc    133140
     aacaataaaa caagcacagg gaggggtaga gagagggtga atgaggaaaa agagaaagca    133200
     aatgcaaaat gtaaagtaat cagcatgatt agaatatctg ttcattccca ctctctgcaa    133260
     attctttgta ttttgaggaa catcctgaca agattttaat gtaatcaatc acggagtagt    133320
     ctaacccaga aaatatccta gcttcctcta ggattcaaag accttgtacc ttcttaggta    133380
     ttctctctcc atctaggtta aactaaactg tttcaacaac aaaaactact ttgaattttc    133440
     tgcccaaaag gaacatcacg gacgttcttc atcttgggtc atcacttgag taatgaagta    133500
     gatggagcaa atgtactttc ccccttacat aaatacaatt aatagcacca cataatgtat    133560
     ataaagcaaa cataagactg aaggatggag caagaagata aacgggtgag gaaatttaag    133620
     atgcaacaag tgataagatg gttgagtttc ctggattctt tttgcctggt gttatcacag    133680
     acttgatcct aatggagctg gtacccaaaa atgtaaataa gtacaggcaa aaagttctcc    133740
     caaaacccaa cttctatagc cacatggcta ggaaagggac accttacaaa gagaaaaata    133800
     tttttacaat agccttccta ctttagtcaa acattacaac agaaaacaaa gcaaaccaaa    133860
     aaagctagcc aggacaacaa tgtttaagtt gaaacataga gagcaccagg cagtaatgag    133920
     gcaccccaac cctctgctgg agtggaatca cataagggaa agtagagagt tagagttttc    133980
     aatgctgcca tatggggaca cccttctgct tctagccagg gaggtacaag taacacccag    134040
     gttgaagctg gaatctgcat atttttttat cagtagctag aagggctgcc ttggatgtca    134100
     aaggaagtga agaagagaat ttggaattgt gcccttcctt tacaagcata cactttcctt    134160
     tgttatggtg gtatcagaca aagccagcta caaatgaaca aataggatgt cataatatgg    134220
     ttcagagttt cctaacattt cctcaaatgt ttaactttca aataaaaatc tcacacagaa    134280
     atgttagtgc tactgttaaa ggatcactat ggtgtcagtt tttcttgcca gaaacttctg    134340
     tggccatgat gcctttgctt gacttcttgt cctgtttgca ggaagaatga ggtacacaga    134400
     caggtgaagg gtaaagaaga agcagagttc tatttggcat taaaacggtt caaagtgttg    134460
     ggattccttc agtacggtgg cagaaatatg aaatggaaat attatggaaa ggtataggga    134520
     atagtcacaa actttttgga aggccgaaag attacatagc ttgtaataat tgaacaatta    134580
     ttcaattgga gggaggtcga ccaaggatat tgccccatac tgtaatttac tttagaccac    134640
     ggtacctgag ctttaatcat tcataggtct actctctcag ccaggttaat tatccacaag    134700
     tgtgctgact caaagcttct gttgttaatt gtatactaaa taaatgcctg gagtgcgagc    134760
     tgctcagggc cggcctcagt aacaaacttt tcttgtcatg caggtgctca gacattcagc    134820
     tagactggca aaacagagta tctatgtgct agtgtgtggt ttatccatct gcaatttggg    134880
     tcagggtctg cgggcagacc cctgaagcta gtgccctctt gtgaggagca atacctcaca    134940
     aaggagtggg tagctctcct ctataggcag gtcttcctat ggtgtgttca ctctagagag    135000
     agaggctcct ctctgtcggc aagtcattta gatgtctctg caggtctgtg aagctctctg    135060
     ttgcagctgc tgctctcagc ggagagggta ctgctctcct cccgttgtct acagcaatca    135120
     gcaagaaggg tactcctttc tttagcagac tggcttttga atgtcttcat aagatccttc    135180
     acagagcagc agtttttaat tttgatttga tacagttaat cttttttttt acttttatgg    135240
     cttatgcatt tggtatcaaa tataataaca ttttgctaca actaagaagc ttgaattttt    135300
     ttacgttctt tttttctgaa aacgttttat aaaatgtgtt gtaattttat attacattga    135360
     aattcatgag acattttgag ttaatttctg tagtataaga tttatgttat ggctttattt    135420
     cttaaattta taaatatcca cgtgccctgg caccatttgt ttaaaggctg tttttcctcc    135480
     actgatttct gcttgccaga tttgtgtcat atcacttggt catatccaca ccagtgtggc    135540
     tctattcctg ggccttctct tctgctccat ttttatatga atctatttct atgccaatac    135600
     caaactgtta tgttcatttt agctgtgtaa taagtcttag aaatgttgat gaatttctcc    135660
     cactatatac ttgtatactc ataattgtct tagctatcat ggtgagtaag tttgctttgt    135720
     ctgcaaaaat tcttgctgag atactgatag gaatttcacc aaatatatag atcaagctgg    135780
     ggaaaattaa caggatatat tgtcttcata tccatgaaca cagtgtatct ctcattatct    135840
     ctatttgatt tctttcacca gtgttttaca tgtttcagca catagatctc atacatgttt    135900
     tcttttgttt aaatgcatat caaaacattt gatgttcttt ggagcagttg tagatcatac    135960
     agttgctaat ttggggtcct gttgacctgc agtgtgggaa aatagcagag tgctaattag    136020
     tttggattta cttcagttgt tcagttccta ggagggtggg tggtggtaga tggttaactc    136080
     tccactaaag cccactgaca ggatagaata gaggagggtg gtgcggagac agtcaaacca    136140
     cacagtgcaa tcagtcctaa tcagctctag ccctttaaaa attgttgttg ttgagtcaac    136200
     ctagatgatc agcttgctac cagagactcc tgacataagg gaattggaat gctctcctct    136260
     gctttctccg ggagggtgat agaagattcc ctctggccag atgtggtggc tcacgcctgt    136320
     aatctcagca ttctgggagg acgaggcagg tggatcacct gaggtcagga gttcaaaacc    136380
     aggctaacat ggagaaaccc cgactctaca aaaaatggaa aattagctca gtgtggaggc    136440
     acattcctgt tatctcagct agtcagggag ctgaggcagg agaattgctt caacccagga    136500
     ggtgaagctt gcagtgaact gagattgcat accatcgcac tccagcctgg tcaacaaaaa    136560
     agaaactcca gctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat tgctgcctac tttgacttta tggagaatca    136620
     agcattactg ccccgtgaga agattgtctt tgtatatggc tccacacaaa tggcaatact    136680
     agcttttttt tttttttttc tcgtagcgtt tgtctggaat agcttggtta ttacccctag    136740
     aaatgttttg tgtgattgtg tatggttagg ccatcctctc ctggtccttt ggctgagaga    136800
     gaacaggatt tgcttgaagt cctttttatc tgtgcctatt ggagattctg tgttggaagc    136860
     ttctacagtc catcatctgt gatatatgga agaaaatagg aaaacccaga aaagtgacaa    136920
     tgttatcaat ctttaagtcc taaagtccct agacaaactg ccttcctctt tctgcctttc    136980
     agagcctgtc cttgtttttt tctcgttata tccatggtgt tttagttgtt tagaggaaac    137040
     actgggctgt tgcatcgtaa ctggaaatcc taggaagtga atggttgaga acggctttga    137100
     aagttccatg caaaccaaat ctcataacgc aaaacatggg aagatatgat tatagagaat    137160
     gacatgatat gatttaccta caataaagtg gttttataaa ataaagtctt caccaaaatt    137220
     aaatattctt agagaagtct gctgagatca gctaggtcgt gaagacctta acccagtggc    137280
     actagaggaa ttaaagacac acacacagaa atctaaagtg cagagtggga tcagtgggct    137340
     gacagccttc agagctgaca gccatgaaca gagttttacc cacatatttc ttgacagcaa    137400
     gccagagatc agcgttgttt ctatagatta tagattcagt aaaatggaag acaaagggag    137460
     gggttctcgt tagttatctg cagcaggaac atgtcgttga ggcacagatc acccatgata    137520
     ttatttgtgg ttcaagaaca ccttaagtgg ttttctgccc tgggtgggcc aggtgttcct    137580
     tgcccacatt ctggtaaacc cacaaccttc agtgtagacg tcatatctat tttgagcatg    137640
     tcatagtgct tcagagattt tgcttatggc cagttttggg gcctgtcgat ggccaaattt    137700
     gggggccttt tcccaacatg tcttcttttt ttgtttttct aagacaataa aagcaaatgc    137760
     agctttacta ctctgagcta cttctcgcag gagtcgggat ctgcatctgc agactataca    137820
     aagacaaaca acagaggcta aaagcacaat catcattaaa atcacagaac ctccaagagt    137880
     tcttatccat tttattggat tagtagctgc taatccatct gcagctcctt caagtacccc    137940
     tgttcctggc attaaggtta agtgtgcctg ggatacttca aataattgtt attttaattt    138000
     acaatatcca aagacatgtt catagagtgt ccttctagat gcttttttat tctttctcaa    138060
     atgtttatac tacgaagagc cattaatagg ttccacaaat ccttattttt agctcctaga    138120
     gcgagccata tcatttgagg ttgaggtgcc attataccgc catgtttcca gaggaactct    138180
     tgcggtactt cttaccattt ttaccatctg atggctttgt tcagaccagc tgaacataat    138240
     gtggctgtgg cacatagact gagagttgca atttaaggta aacatcccct tagggggcca    138300
     aacaataagg attccctagg aattgttaca cagcacctca gtctgttctg caatgcaatt    138360
     ttcccaaaca agtacattca ttttctctgg ccacgtccag ctctgtttac aaacaggttt    138420
     ttaagggtgg tatgcctcaa ttataggagc agatttatta tgaaatatac tgagaccaga    138480
     aagcatgtgt gtcagcatgg acaggactgt gtcagttctg ttaaagaaat actcatggca    138540
     atggtgatca ccgctttgat agctatcatt aaattactca ctgggactgg ttgtcccacc    138600
     tcagattttc tctcaccatc tgtgacagct tcttgatctg tcctcaggtg ggtggctgct    138660
     tttgatgggt gttgctcatg atatttgggg tcctcctcag ggtcaactta gacaagactg    138720
     ccaccgatgt gtctttggaa tcctctcaaa accactttct tggtatctgg ctcatagcag    138780
     ggctttagat gtctcaatgg catgcacatt ggcagttgat ttggtactgg agaaacacaa    138840
     gcataacctc cactcgatgt tattatttta cctatttccc aactttccat tattggatct    138900
     ctcaaccaaa ccagtttttc tgcttctatc tttgcagctg gcttctgtag atgctgtttg    138960
     gctgcagata gcatctggtc ctagacaagc tcaaaaaatt tagagtaaat catgctagat    139020
     tcaatttcat atgtggcatc ccacagtccc tgtttccacc ttttgctttt gcaactgttg    139080
     tttaaggaag agattcattc tttccactat ggcttgtcct tgaaaattat atgagatacc    139140
     agtaatgtgt ttaatattcc atatagagaa aaatgtagct agaacttggc tactatagcc    139200
     tgggtcactg tcctttttaa agaagctgga atgcccatca ccacaaaaca ctgcaaaagg    139260
     tgacatttaa cacaggcaga agactctctt gattggcaag tagctcagac aaagtgagaa    139320
     aatgtgtcca cacatacatg tatataagct agtctcccaa acaagggaaa atgtgtgaca    139380
     ttcatttgcc aaagagaatt aggtcccaat cctcgaggat taactcctcc tgtaaaagat    139440
     gaggaatgca ccatttggca agttgggtat cgctggataa tagctttcac ttctttccag    139500
     ataatgctgt actgtgtttg agaccaaaaa cattaacatg ggttgaattg tgaaagtgtc    139560
     tggcattaga tattgtagta gcaactggcg gatcagccat ttgattccct gcagtcaaat    139620
     gtcctggagg aggtttatga gctctaatat gagtaatgca aaaagggttc attctacttc    139680
     tagctgctgt gtgtaattgg gtaaataaag tcatcagttg ctcatctgtg tggaatcata    139740
     gctgagcatt ttcaagtaac tgtgtagaat gaaccacata tgaagaatca gaaatcacat    139800
     ttataggcat actaaaacaa gtccatacct caattacagc tgcaaactcc accttttgag    139860
     atgaaatata gggcatttcc tgagctggaa atgccctggt ttagaaagcg gactgggacg    139920
     gcccctcctg gcatttccca aaatcaggtt tccatcttta tcaaacttag agtgacactg    139980
     attatccgag taattttctt tttgcatttt ggacatattc caggctcagc agttttcctt    140040
     ttatccctca acttgtggcc tgactcactg atttttttca cattcttttc cagtgtgacc    140100
     atgcttccca cagttaaaac aagctccagg aaatggagta tttcctttac ccactttcag    140160
     tcctgtcatg gcttgcacca ccaaagtagc tttatgcaga ttacctctga taccatcaca    140220
     ggccttgata tagtcaatta aatgtgcttt ccctctaata ggtcacagag ccacctggaa    140280
     atatggattt tcattgtcga aagctcataa ctgcaacact atatcctcag cagctaaatc    140340
     tgcagtcatt ttttaagaga ctcttataac caagctataa aatctgcata tggttctttt    140400
     ggtccctgtt ttatagcact aaaggaaaga tattgttctc ctcctgaagt tatttttcca    140460
     aactctaatg catactcctc taagctgttc tatggcatca cccagcatga ccacttgtgc    140520
     atccaaacca acgcagctgc ctacccccaa aagatggtct gtagttatat taatttgagg    140580
     ttgggcctgc gcattgtgag aaggctgaaa aaagcttctt ctcctcacca agttttaaac    140640
     tgtaaaaagt gagcgagagt caggcaagct cacgtaagag catcccattc agtaggaatc    140700
     atctgactgg ggacagcaac attctttaac agtaccatta ccaaagaaga acctggtcca    140760
     tattgattaa tagctggttt aaattctttg agtaatttaa aaggaaaagg ctcaaaagta    140820
     gtgataatat ttccctgttg acctggggca tgtatcctaa cagggagctg ccaagcctct    140880
     atatcaccct ctcgtctagg ttgctgaatt cctgcctgaa tagaacgaag agcaattgct    140940
     catggcactg cttgaacaat catggggcaa ctagtttttg gtcagtgggt tccagaaaag    141000
     aaagatctac agggtcagac cactcttttt cttcaaaata gtgagggagt gaagaagggc    141060
     agagacaaac ctctctctcc tttgccactt tagctttagc tggcaaacaa acctgttctg    141120
     tcacctcttc tgttactttg ctatactctc cttcctccta atcatcaatg tgaaaatgtt    141180
     ccaaggtgga acaaaccaga acctggactt gtcccattgt taacctgatg cttccaaact    141240
     ccccttctaa ctcactatgg cgattgctta agagtagcca gatgtcctcc agtgtagtcc    141300
     tacattctcc aaccattgct cctgtgacct ttgacctgga tttgagaccc cgtatagtca    141360
     ccacttgccg aggccagctc ggtcatggaa accataaccc aatggcacta gcggcattaa    141420
     agacacacac acacacacac acacacaaat atagtgtgca cagtgagaat cagggggcta    141480
     acagccttca gagctgagag ccataaacag agtttaacac acatatttat tgacagcaag    141540
     ccagtgataa gcattgtttc tatagattac aggttaacta aaacaggaga caaaggatgg    141600
     gctctggcta gttatctgca gtgggaaagt gtctttgagg cacagatcgt tcatggtatt    141660
     atttgtggtt caggaatacc ttcagtgatt ttctgccctg ggtgtgccag gtgtccttgg    141720
     ccttcattct gataaacaac cttcattgta gtcatcatag caatcagaag catgtcacag    141780
     tgctatagag atattgctta tggccagttt tggggccaat ctatgaccag attttggggc    141840
     ctgttcccaa caaagccttt ataatatatg taaaatagcc aatgatttag agcatattaa    141900
     taatatagat caatgaaaaa attataaaat acatatccta cccttcaaaa taaaacaaaa    141960
     ttgggaagac ttccagaaaa tataagcaaa aatgtgttct tcctcaaatg ctgaagggtt    142020
     atagtagaaa gacctttgtc agagatttta tttgttaagt gacaaatgat ttaatagaaa    142080
     tcaagcgttt atttttcagt tcactggagc aaagttaaaa gctgcaaaaa caactcctat    142140
     gaaagccaga gcttctaagt gtaagataaa attttaaaaa agaataacac actgactatc    142200
     aagaaaagaa acatccctga ggtttggact ccagcaatat tagtgtgaga ataaacctga    142260
     cagttcattg atacagtaaa ctgaggagta aatttagata tattttcagg aaagagacca    142320
     tttctgtgtc cagtggggtt gggcaccctg cctaaataat tggtggaaga aagcatgatt    142380
     cagacatttt ggtaaaatac ttaagtcagt acagagagtc atgtctcaca gatactagga    142440
     tctaacacag aatgaggttt gtattcaaat acatgagaga aagatttata tctcaacctc    142500
     tatcctgtgg tatattcaag actgaggtta gattgtttca tgttgcctac aaaatataag    142560
     gtccccaaag gcagaaatgg gtatacaata ctagattgaa caattaagtt cctaaaaacc    142620
     taaaaaggtt aacacaaaac tgccccacta agaatcactt tacactcaag aactaaagat    142680
     tgctttatca cttcacagac gacattaaca attcacagat ggatgttcca tgtcctaagg    142740
     ggtagcaaag gaagacacac ttaatggtca tactcaagga taaaaagttg aatcaaaaaa    142800
     gtcttcataa tgagtaggtt taggagttct ctgagatgaa gaaatggaat ctaaaggaaa    142860
     aaagatgtgg gtaggaggaa aaaaataatc ttttttaaat agacaattat acattattga    142920
     aaaatcaacc atatattaaa ggaactcaaa taatattttg tttgtttgtt tcttctgcag    142980
     tagaccccga acaagtacag taggaaaagt actttcctat gttgatctgt agtaagtttg    143040
     ccaggtgcag ggacataaca tttcaattta aaatttgatt actttttgac aaacaataaa    143100
     gaatttgttt tcagtatgag cctgtcccat gagataacga gaattttagt aagttactag    143160
     aatattgaga attatactaa aatgctattt gcttatttaa aatgaaaata taactggtaa    143220
     tcctgtatta tacctggtga ccgtaaatga aacagaagtc aggaaagtgg aactcagtgg    143280
     tggaaggttt tatatacatt tacaagaaac aaaagaagac aaaaatatac agaaagggaa    143340
     acacacagat tttgaaaata atctctacag aaaatattta tccacataaa atatcattta    143400
     ctagaaacat atttttaact ctcaaagatt atgccaatat taaagactta tcaaaagacc    143460
     aagagaaaga aacataaagc ttattttatt ttagcaaaga gaaaaataaa tctcaaaata    143520
     aaagaggtag gcaggaagtt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt gttttctgaa cggggctaga    143580
     cataggtttt actttgttta aaaaatgcta ttgaattttt ttaatttgat tctttaattt    143640
     ttttaatttg attttctgat ttttttaatt tgatttttga atttgattaa ctacagaaac    143700
     tgtagaaatt tggtgattaa tgtcaaaagc acaaaaagaa aaaaatacga gtaagaaaag    143760
     taaatgaata caattagaaa aacaggtgac gggtggggaa agggagagaa gaacaaaggc    143820
     agataggagg caaaggcaga gccaaagaaa atctagggta aatgaaaaac tgactgagca    143880
     ggtgttagtt atttagataa gagagtaacc atattagatg taagctgttt aaactcatgt    143940
     gttaaaatat aaaatactct accgttagat tgataaaaat ttgctttcac ctaggaataa    144000
     tcacactgaa atattgaaaa taaggattta gaaaaaatta acaagtattt atccaaaaaa    144060
     attaggccac tgttattata taaggaaaat gagaatttta gaaaaaatgc aaggaataaa    144120
     gatggagaac tatagatgca aggcaacaga caaaatatga aacatcaaaa tattaaaaaa    144180
     ttttaaagat aatataacag tcacaaacat aaattcctca gtagcattat cacaatatac    144240
     atctgaggca aattttatga atatctattt atatagacaa gccccaattg tagtgagatg    144300
     tgttatatat gtgactcatc tagactaatg agtatacaga catttagtca tcaatagaaa    144360
     cactttgcaa tgtttgtgta cttacttttc ttcagtttca aaatgtgaag ccaagtagta    144420
     gagcatgttt tcagaatttc acagctctgc aatagagcaa atattaatac agaataacac    144480
     ttttcccctt caacgtcaac tccatctaac ctaactagca tgatgctttg ccttctcaca    144540
     tgctctctag acatcctact cacccttctt ttctagatcc acattctcat gatactgtct    144600
     tctaacagag cttacttgga tgccaacaca atgcaggctt gtgaagatat ccaagcaaag    144660
     aaggaacagg aactgcaaga tatcaagtcg tagtaaaatg aataactcaa ttcttacaca    144720
     taaatatttg gcagagtgtt tcagctgaag catttacagc tctgacaaat catcacatgg    144780
     ctgctctgca gtaaacatat gtattccacc aaactaatgt aaatgttcaa atacctcact    144840
     ttctatctca agctactggg atgtatctcc aaggaaaact tcccagtggt taaatctttt    144900
     tattcagaaa aaatatgaga ggttttaagt tagcaatttt aaaaggcaac cctttgttaa    144960
     aatgattgtt catactccgg aaatttgtgg catgttcaca tttgttgcta gagcagttct    145020
     attaagacac tcattggaat atgtgatgct tcttgatagg gacctgtaac atgccagctt    145080
     tcaagggatg agaccacgaa ttcacatata cgccatctat cctcaaataa ctgctatcta    145140
     cataggaaat aaaatggaat aggggtgaag tttcaattct tagagctggc atttattaaa    145200
     ctttgcctca aagataatgt gatttttatg actgactttt caaattagct tttcttccca    145260
     agtccaggct cccttaattt cctcagccaa taagaaaata tttttcaaaa atgcaaaaat    145320
     tagcaacaat tatgctgact ccactacaga agaatttgga ttctgactca ttgattagct    145380
     ttccaaatgc aattttataa tctactccta acagatctgg attaagactc attcacaaga    145440
     tttccaaaag caatttttta ataggttata ttccaacaac atactcatcc atttttcatt    145500
     atccttggga taaaaatgtc agctccatct taaggaggat atgtttaaat ttctaagaat    145560
     ttgtatcaca accacagacc caaatatgtt tcatgtaatt ttgctccata aatatttttc    145620
     ttaaatagaa aatgttactt tattaaaatg accccccaat tttaaccatt tcagtggtct    145680
     agttaaacag tttcatacca actctctaaa acctaaattt aaactgacca taggccacta    145740
     atctcttact tttatagact cgaagacaga atttaaatta ggtttagtat ttatttgttt    145800
     aatctaaatc ttagtttcct ggaataataa agtttgatgt ttagcaagaa aagtacttga    145860
     gtttaagcca gtttcaatac aagcttgcct tctgcattat tattgagtag cagacattaa    145920
     gtgactatag ttactgggta ttagtgatgg taaactttgt gtttttcatt atgaaataat    145980
     ctgtgtaact gttgggtata tcagtgcttt caaatgtgct gcttagaata ggattaactg    146040
     taaattcatg tcaagaatta acttgtgatt tggctgtttc ctgaatttta taatatacat    146100
     gtgcagaaat gtattcaaaa ttgagtaagg aagcacacct ctatcagcat gctattaaac    146160
     ttgaacatca agtatcatat atcggtagag ttttgggggt ttttttatta tttgggattt    146220
     tttttttaat tgagagaagc tctcttctgt gcagaatggc tatttcaaag tatctcactg    146280
     tttgttttcc tgttccatga ctattttttc cagcagtggt gatgcattga agtccagttt    146340
     tctagaaggg gagtgtctca accctaattt tacttttcta attctggtag ctgcaggaat    146400
     ttttgaaagt tttgtttaag tagtctaata ttttttatgt aaagagcatt aaattttgct    146460
     gtgtataaat tgtcataatc taaaagtgaa tcaacatttt cagtccttga atcctagaac    146520
     ttttgggagg ccgaggcatg tggatcatga gatcaggaga ttgggcccat cctgactaac    146580
     acggtaaaac gcagtctcta ctaaaaacac aaaaaattag ccgggcgttg tggcaggtgc    146640
     ctgcagtccc agctactcca gacgctgagg ccagaggatg gcgtgaaccc gggaggcaaa    146700
     gcttgcagtg agccaagatt gcaccaatgc tctccaacct gggcaacagg gcagactcca    146760
     tctcaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaaacttc cgtcagtgcc caagtgccaa    146820
     gcgcttccta tagttctaat caagcgttac aataaatact tgtagaaaat agtcaatatt    146880
     tatgcatgct tattttgctg acatccataa gtggaaatag ttgtagatgt actaagagta    146940
     atgaagtaat attatagctt catttacttg cctttttact atatataaat ctatctttgt    147000
     ccccagtatg gtgtcacatt tgaataatgt gcatagtaaa gatttcatgt tgttataaaa    147060
     atcaagtctg tgagtgctac ttgttttatt tttggcaaaa atctcttcag caatttaaga    147120
     aaatattata atccactggg ctgtattggg cataaaagtg ccactaacac ttctgtagtt    147180
     ctctgtataa agttatacgt tttatgacca gttttgcaac aaataaaatc tatctaccag    147240
     taagattaac aaggcttaaa cttgggcaaa gtacaacaat aagtttccct gtgtagttgg    147300
     ttattttttc aaatcaatag tacaaaattc tatggaaagg tttactcagg aatatataaa    147360
     aaaaaaaaac ctggttctaa cagttactct ctagaatagc agagctaaat atgttactca    147420
     ggattttatt taataatctg tttgaactcc ttatctgtca acatgattct aaatttgggt    147480
     tctctgcatc tgacatttct tagtgcctca tagtctttat cactattgac acatggccat    147540
     ctctaattca ggttctgact ctggatcatc tcctttcatt catgcatggc aggagaagag    147600
     tacacagttc aattggtgta ctatttgtca cactacatac taccttctgt ttaagtaaca    147660
     atttgtgcaa ttatttaatt cacacaaatc aacagaggaa agtgtaagta atagatagga    147720
     tcaccagaag tctctaaatt gtcaaaagtg atcttgccac ctgggaagga accctatatt    147780
     tataaactaa tgaaatactt gaagccaatt catgaagtat tatgaccaaa gtttccacaa    147840
     taaagatgct atctcagtat cttcctgttc ctataacaca ataccttaga ctgggtaagt    147900
     tatgaaacca gaaatatgtt tcttacagtt ttagaggttg ggaagcccaa ggtaaaggca    147960
     ctggcaggtt caatgcctgg cgtaggccta gtttctgctt ccaagatggt atcttgttgc    148020
     tgtgttctcc agagaggaca aataaagtat ccttaaatgg tggaagggca aaagggccca    148080
     gttatttcca ttaagccctt ttatagggtt gctaattgca ctcttaattg cctccagaag    148140
     cccccacctt ttaattctat cacactggag ggtttaactt ccaacatatg aactctggag    148200
     ggacacacac attcaaacca caggtattaa atgtaaagat cagaggcaat attgtactat    148260
     tcataaagcc taggaatttc tgtgtgtttt tatgttccgg gagaaaactg aaatgtgccg    148320
     gcaaaagatg acctcatttt acagatggca gtccttcact ggagaggaaa gaaaatagct    148380
     taatctttaa agagtaggcc tggagttaat caatatgata ggttatactc atttaaaatt    148440
     taggaaatat aagcttagaa aaacagctct ttttagtgta atgaatgaga aattctgtga    148500
     ctggagaagc tgtcaaacat cttcattgat tccagaatca tcttctctaa aacagatggg    148560
     catgaaagca caaaatacac aaacacattt ataaaacatt ttaagtgttt aaaaatgcag    148620
     tactataatt ccatcgtgta tgccagtgaa ctaattttta aaattggaat cattgctatc    148680
     atcaatggaa aacaaatagg tcatctcaat gaaggaagtg attaatttcc ctcaagtgtc    148740
     ctgtgcttca gatttgaatt aaccaggaat ctaaggaaca ttcatatgtt gctgtaattc    148800
     aagcaagact tagcaggtct attaattgga cagataaatt tatctgctag gccagaatca    148860
     gaatatagaa gggaagcaga gaaccagagg aaggagggag gcaatgtatg cccctggaag    148920
     caaccttgga ctggcagcca ccttcactgt ttggttcttc tacagccaac tagctgacat    148980
     tgacagcctc ttatttcagc tctttcttaa atttattatt attcttaatt ttttgtttgt    149040
     gttgaaactg agtcttgcaa atggacggca gcccttctta gagtttcagc gattactctg    149100
     atgtggatcc tttccatatc ttttactcca ctcctgatct ctatacctag cctcccatcc    149160
     acatttctga tagtttcttt ccatacacat gtagaaactc cacagcacca gcttcatccc    149220
     aggagtgatc atcccagtcc ttcgctcatg agccatcttc catccaccca gtaactagcc    149280
     ctggcacatt cacactctct gtcctgtggc tgcaagaggg gtcttcctca tcatctgcct    149340
     ggaatactga aacagccctg tcaaggctct ctgtgaattc agtctctgcc tgcgagaaac    149400
     ctgtggtcat ctgcaccagg cattccctga ggggaagatt gtatctcatg tacagtgtct    149460
     ctgctctggt agagtccaat gccatggtat tctgggctct gataatctgc ctttttcttt    149520
     ccagattgat ttcacataac accaccaaca ttgtactaca aatgtttcat ctgtaccaac    149580
     ccattttctg gggtctgact atggctgtag cttccttgct tggcatttgc cttcactatc    149640
     tcctcagctg gtgacatttc cattctgtca taaagggtga tatgctgttg gagaccaaac    149700
     tgaaattcca actcttcctt atttctgaag tgaaaagtaa tcactccagc acattaattg    149760
     tgcaatatct tgtacctgct tcttgaaaat atacacatac ttgtttcttc tgtttctatc    149820
     tcttccaggg aaggcccata tttcaacaaa ttgtctgttc cctctgcatc atggcacggg    149880
     tccctacatc tcaaatgttt aaatagacct cattctcaga aacaattatg ctgacctttc    149940
     tcttccagtt ctacccataa cctatttttt tatgagtaag caatgcaaat atacagaaga    150000
     atttataggt tcaccagagg gtcatgaacc tttttgctct gccttgttct aaagtcatca    150060
     gcagggactg agttagtttc aaaaacagga gaaaagcaac acagtttttt ctctgtctcc    150120
     acccaccatc tcttctcaat ccttctcatg aaattaaaat accttaagag acagttaatc    150180
     atttctgcaa gtagaaaggc aactttctgt gtgctagaag aacaagaaga aaaaagttac    150240
     ttataaatga gattgctttc ttatatgaaa tagtaatttc aagatagtaa tattatttaa    150300
     gcacctcttt attaaggaag aaaggaagca aaactacttc actgctctgg tttatatttt    150360
     gtacctacgt ggtggaatac tgaaacctct ttggacacaa cggaaagaaa tgaagtatgt    150420
     ccattgtgcc ccttgcatca gagagagcat atttcagcct tttcaatttc cattgaggct    150480
     agaagaagtg aaatgatgaa tataaaaaat tctcagtaac accaatgtta ctcactatgc    150540
     tgcttaataa tgttttttta tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt    150600
     attgaatctc actctttcac ctaggctgga gtgcagttga gcagtcagct taatgcaacc    150660
     tccaccccct gggttcaatt gattctcctt cctcagcctc acaagtaggt gggattacaa    150720
     gcccatgaca ccatgcctgg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagatggtg tttcaccacg    150780
     ttagccagga tggtctcaat ctcctgacct catgatgcac tcatctcagc ctccaaaaga    150840
     gccactgcac ccagtaaata atttctaaat ccagtattat aatctacatt ccacctcaga    150900
     ggcagaacac caagttattc agttgaattc ctttatctta ttaccttgtt tcagtccctt    150960
     tcccaggtct gtgacaaatg gctgccggtc aaaactccct cttgtagcca tggcccctac    151020
     tcatctgctt cagcccaact ctactacagt cttgggtaat ggtttgctga ccatctgcct    151080
     cagtgtctag aaattcagga tgacacgagc ttggtttgat tcactgttgt atgatcagcc    151140
     ccaaggaaac tgcccagcag agacaggctc tagatcaggt cttacagagt ggtttccaaa    151200
     acgcatttat tctggaataa gcaaaatcaa acttctcaaa atcccttgcc tctttaagta    151260
     attctatatg ttactgaatg ccatgactat acccaagaaa ctgctaacca gacattttgg    151320
     aaatattttt aagatgtatt tccaatgttt gggagggagt aagaggtggc tttccttgag    151380
     aaaattactt tcatatttga ggatgaaata ctttggtccc aaaagaaaag agcctggctg    151440
     tttgctcatc cctgaaacaa aggacaaagc tcccactctt gtgggaatta agggacagga    151500
     gagaccaatg ggtggaacag gaggatttta ttgggcgtac gttgacttag cggaataaca    151560
     tttaaagact gagccctgaa caaagatagg gcttgacttt catacatgca actgaagagg    151620
     gttggcagct aatggcatga aatctgcagg atgggcaagc aagcttatag gagtagaatg    151680
     aagagagttt ttaaaaaaaa gtgacaggtg ttataactca ggcatgtatc atgactttca    151740
     ataatatatg gatgggaaaa cagaaaccta caaaattttt gtcaacttcc agaagtagtt    151800
     ataaaagtat atgtgagagc acatcaaaga ataatggtat tgggtgagag tactagagag    151860
     gggaaacaga taagaacgtg ttattttcac tcctgctcct ggaacccatt ctttacaggc    151920
     cccatctctg ctgatagtgc tatcagagcc ccaacagggc ctggcttatc cctgggtttt    151980
     tggagtgagt cagctcagta cacagaatat gttttttttt tttaacattc cctgtttcat    152040
     ttccaccttt catgcttttt gtaaatgagg attaatagag agaatcacct agtaattctt    152100
     caagggggag cagttcccta tttggcaggg gttgatgttt agttagagcc attagttgag    152160
     tagtcgtgtg tttgtttaca agagcctcta tggctgcttg aatgttttta acaaggaggg    152220
     taagagacaa attagaacaa ggcagaatcc tagtatggct agaactattt ttactaagat    152280
     cttaaattct tcaaaggatg aaaataagcc cccaaagagg gaaactggag actacccttt    152340
     aaaaggctgg actgtaacat gggccaattt ttggattttg gaagttgtat tcttaatgat    152400
     ctttctaggc agcatttagt tagattgaac tttccacata cccttccttc ctggactagg    152460
     aagtagttta aagacagtct atttcgatga atagcattct tcatttttgt ggcttgttgg    152520
     gcctgcagat ttagggtctt tgcagtgtta ttagtaataa ttttcagcac tgcctgtaac    152580
     cttatgttgt ggtagaatat gtaaatagga gtgcagtatc cccaaattcc attttctgtc    152640
     caggtggctg agccatggtg ttggaatttt tagggggtca ttaattgttt taccaatttc    152700
     ttatggttat gtcttttgtt tgtttgttct gtatttgttt tataatagac cggataccct    152760
     aaaggtcctc cctgtcctaa ggcgattaga aaggagacag cctaattttt tccagtacac    152820
     tggcccctga ccatttagcc agcaatgggc aatatgccca tggcccacag atccagtaga    152880
     gctcagaggg cacctgacgg gtattaggag cgttaagttg gtacaaagaa tgctttaaag    152940
     aagggaatca ggagaatggg cctggttggg gcagtttgga attattttta ccacaacata    153000
     cagtttttcc tactgtttta ttgtaatatt attgttctag gcaagttgac tttcctactg    153060
     ggcctataag gtttttctcc aacaagaaat gcataatatt ctgataatgg aggtctttaa    153120
     gaatcagatg ctctggcttg tgaacacagg ttcaggggaa gagacagtaa gagtgaagtt    153180
     atcttggggc attagctttc ttgcctccca tggccattgg tgtcccatgt tggtccaacc    153240
     acaaacatag catgaggaga tatgtaggct gctggctatg ttttcagcca gttgaatata    153300
     catcaactga ataggcttcc atatacttca actgaatagg cttctggcta agagagaggg    153360
     ttcaaacagt tcctggttga aatttttaca gaatgatttt aaaacagagt tttcaggtgt    153420
     aaccatccga gatttcttga taatatgtaa ataggctttt gagtctgttt tctggccact    153480
     aacttgtatt cctagaggag cctttaaact tgtagcccat acagccagat acggttttaa    153540
     ggtactgaga ttttccaggt agcaagtgct tgccttacag tttgtttttg ctgtaagtat    153600
     gactcacccc agtgattgca ggttacagga ctgaattatg cagttccagc aaattgtctc    153660
     tgagaaactg gcaaagaaag caaggggtga acatatattt ttgtggcaac tattatagtg    153720
     ctcttcagaa ttagagatta tgggaaaggt tgagcccatg gatgttaact ggcatatatt    153780
     aaaggataag gacataactc cccaatggga ggatgagacc ttggtttggt gtagcaggtt    153840
     tccttctatt gacccatgaa ttttaaaaga ggtctcaggt aggaatttgg ggttataaca    153900
     catataagtc tagccatttc ctgggtcaca gactgagtag tttcgttgtg agtacaagtt    153960
     tctaggtggg tccctgtaca cttttaataa gtgtgatata acagggtttt ggttatggtg    154020
     ctccctgacc atattgttag tgcagtgtgg gcactcttct ctggtctcct tttctgaaac    154080
     aaataagggg agtattatag ttaggaggaa aagaagtggg cttagctttc ctattgcctg    154140
     gaataggaaa taagtaaaga gtaacatgtt tataccaggg aggaaaagaa gaagttttta    154200
     cacaggggag gaggttgagc aaagtgagag aacaatagta aaacaatgat tggatttaag    154260
     atttttatca ctattttatt atattttact ccagcttcaa acgtacgtac agtagtcagc    154320
     ttccaggatg actacagcag ggctgttgac tcctcaagtt ttagctgaga acagactagt    154380
     cagctttcgg aatgaccaga gtagggcttc atcatttctc agggcaaata ggtcatagga    154440
     ttagccagct cagatggtct gggtcatgtt tgctggtcca cttgtcttgg gctgcaagtt    154500
     ttagttgact gtggtggatc caacgcacaa tttctgcaat gttaacagca gtggaagtgg    154560
     acaaggttgc aggatggggc ccatcccata tgggttctag agtggttgga ttttatttct    154620
     gacctacaca gagtccccag gtctaaagtg gtgtgctgtg tttgttgggc ttatggacaa    154680
     tctttcccat acccagccat ggacctcttg catggctctc tttaacgcct gcctttgcct    154740
     tcttaaagtt aattccctag tttgcaaagt tcacccctaa tttgagctat gattggggat    154800
     ggccagtgga aaatagtccc tgaactgtct cggtcacaaa tttcagtcca ttttctgacc    154860
     ctagagttag aggcattctc aatctgggga tatcgtctct taacagtact tctgttactt    154920
     ctcatgattt ctctgttagg gtggggaaag cctcaactca tcctgaaaag gtacagaaaa    154980
     tcaccagtat gtacttacag cccactgatt ggggcatctc agtgaagttt ctaagaaggt    155040
     tttcacaggg tgtggctccc atttcctgaa ttcccagggg ccaagtgggc ccttgtcatg    155100
     gaatgttctg ggcacaagtt agacattgtt tgcagacaga tcaagtgatg acagtgagct    155160
     gtggcacata gaaatggtgt cctagcagtg ttttcagtga catttttccc atgtgggttc    155220
     cttgatggaa ttgttttaca aattttgggg ccagcatttc gtggttggct agcctcctat    155280
     tggagaattt tcaccgtccc tttttatata ttttccagac ccttgggaaa agcagagctt    155340
     ctcatttgga ggtaacttga aacctctgag aggtgcatat ttgggaggag agtcagctat    155400
     ggctgtctgt ctgtctatgg gtagtcattg ctgccccttt tgcatacctg tctacctttt    155460
     tgttcctttt ggcctccagt gatcctggct tttggtgccc cttgcagtgc atagcagctg    155520
     tcttctttgg agtccataca gcatctaaga gttgcagaat tttttctttg tacttttttt    155580
     tctttttggc ccaccacagt taagaatcct ttttctttat atatagcccc attatcaggc    155640
     agcgtggcaa aagtatactt ggaatcagta taaacattgg ccattttacg ttttgtcagc    155700
     agaacgctct cattagggct attagctctg ccttttgggc tgatgttctg gtgggctgag    155760
     cttctaccac tgaatctaat gttatcactg catacccagt ttcacggacc cctttcagta    155820
     tatagtattt accatctggg tcccagaggg gttgctctat aaggtctttc tggcttgaga    155880
     atacatcatc tactgtttcc acagagtcat gaaggaggac ccctggtttg actgggacta    155940
     aggtagccag gttaagggtg tttattattt ccaaagttat gtcgggattt ttgcatatga    156000
     gcccctggta ctgagtcact cttggatttg ataactaata gtgcgctgtc taatccatta    156060
     aagttagaac tgactgtggt atacccagat ggtcagctgt tgtcttagag ctagttttct    156120
     atcttgttgt tccaataggg tggtgtcagc tagtgcccta aggcaaggag gctatgctag    156180
     ggccaaggag ttcaattgtg tggataagta catcaccggg cgaattcatg atttcacaac    156240
     ttgggtcagg acacctatag ccaatccctt ttattcatgg acatgtggaa agaaaggctt    156300
     acttatattt ggcagtccta tggcttgggc ctgtgttaag gcttctttgg cttgtttaaa    156360
     caccttcttt tcctggacag cctctcaaag gaggggtttc ctttcccctc tctttgtgcc    156420
     tttatataag ggcttggcaa ttagtgagaa atttgggacc cagatacagc agaaccctgc    156480
     attccccaag aattttccca tttggcactg ggtggtttga gttgagagtg cataaagaca    156540
     tggcttttgc tcactgctga gctggtgttc ccattggctt actatgaagt ccagatattt    156600
     gacactttct tggcaaattt ggccttcttt ctgaatacgt tataaccagt tttccataaa    156660
     ggagatggag gaagtcttgg attccttggt atctgccccc tggggttggg gctgctagga    156720
     gaaggtcgtt tatgtattgt agcaaggtgt agttgtcatt tggtgtggtg aaggccttga    156780
     tgtctgaggc cagtgtgtct ccaaagattg taggagtgtt tttgaatctt tgtgggagtc    156840
     tagtccatgt gagctgctcc cctgtgcctg tgactcaatc gtcccattga aatgcaaaga    156900
     tgggctgact aattggtgcc aggcacagat agaagaaaat attctttaag tctagtcaag    156960
     taaatcaggc agcacttgcc agaatgaatc ttattagcat gtacggattt ggtatcacca    157020
     ggtggaaggt tacagtagcc tggttcattt catgtaagtt ttgcactggt ttagatttac    157080
     cagactctgt attttgtttt ggtagcagtg gagtgttcca gggtgactca caccagacta    157140
     ccagactaag attctgtgtt tgaagggtca ctttaaatgt ttgtgaatac cccgcgtgtc    157200
     ttctcagaga aataggtatt ggtgaacctg aactggagtt gctcctggtt ttagctttac    157260
     tattatccgt gcctgattta cagcctttac agccaggctc agtgggttat tgttagccca    157320
     tactccaaaa attttaccca gtagtgtaaa cactttctcc agccctggct tatgagacag    157380
     ttctggtgac tgttttgtct atactcttca ttcctcagcc tgcagaataa tgagggttaa    157440
     caccatgacc tttgggtgag ttaggcttaa agttatatcc tcgtgtggcc caaaagaaat    157500
     ctgtgctgtc agtttctgga gcagatctct tccatgtagg ggatctgagc aacttgggag    157560
     gtataggaat tcatgttgga cttcttgtcc ctctatgaca taccttctag gccagcaaga    157620
     tggcctcctt tctggatccc ttgtagcccc aataatagtt gtatcatgtt tagatagtgg    157680
     ccctatgggc tgtgtcacta ctgagtgttt agagctggtg ttcaccataa agtccatctg    157740
     ttgctcccct acttctactg tgatcatggg ctcctgggga cttgggagat ggagcccggt    157800
     cttgcatagt cttcctattt ttcggtctct gccagcccaa ttaagttgat gcctggctcc    157860
     ctcatggtgt ggtggtcctt ggctggctgt ttgatagttt tgtgtcctct gttatttctt    157920
     ttactaccct ctaaacactt atttttccag ggaccccctt tttttgcagt gcaaatattg    157980
     atctctatct agtctcagct gacttttggg tctctgccct gcttggcccc ttccacatct    158040
     gagtctgcat ctgcatctgc ttgtgatgat agcttccctt tccatgaggg ctgccactag    158100
     tagatcggcc ttcttcctga gtctccaatc agcctcactt tgtgctttct ggtcacagtt    158160
     aacatacacc ttcgtggcca attctgaaag ctgggtggca ttcatgcctg caaaaccatc    158220
     tagcttttgc acttttcatc ttatgtcccc ctgggcttgt cctacaaatg ctgcatttac    158280
     tatctgctgg ttcttatcct tggggtcaaa tggagtgtaa agccagaatg cctcaaacag    158340
     tttctaataa aacttgctag ggctctcgtc agtttcttga agcacttctg agattttttc    158400
     tatattgatt acctgttttc tgccttcctt tagcctttgc aagagtggtt ttcagtatgc    158460
     ctgcagatgc tgaaactggt caaatcatct gggtcccagt gggagtgtgc ttctgggaac    158520
     tggacctgag agtatgcctg gaaattaaat gtgccttctg gcacatgggc ttctggccag    158580
     ttgagggctg aatgagccat ccttccatgc tctttggtgt taaacagcat caggagaaga    158640
     tgtttactat ctggacaaat tgaattatgt gtctggaaaa tggactgtat cagatctatg    158700
     agggccaggg gcttcttcat gtaggagaga atatggtgtt tccagttagg ggatcagtga    158760
     ttgaaatagg ctggtagata agggtccatt tcccccctta cgtatggcca tattcatcaa    158820
     agtagaggcc tccccaagtc tccttgaaag gcatctgcag aaccagggca tggccatagc    158880
     agaggcagct cacttgatta ttctgacact cctccttgac ctcctggggc aggggctctg    158940
     atttctccct ttggggtgaa acccagggtg tgtcaccatc tgaatttgac tcctcatggg    159000
     ccattggcct tggtaaaagg gggctaattg gggtataggg aggagggatt tctgtctctt    159060
     ctggtggttt ccacaaagcc agtttttctt gcccttctta tggctttccc tttttctcca    159120
     ttgctgctgg tgaagctgat tcctctttca ctttaggctc agcttgagca acaagcgttt    159180
     tgcagtaagc catcaggaaa gactgtagcc atgctggttg ggatgatatt tagccataag    159240
     tcaatataaa aaaattggtc tggataccct ggctattctc tgaccccagt caccacttga    159300
     tgtgcatggt caattattcc ccatctattg ttccttcagc tggccaccca acactaaaat    159360
     agggcttctc tattttacaa agactctttt acctctgggg agtcgacttg atactacaat    159420
     tcccagtgta acatttctta aactttttaa cgtgtattct aatatggtgg gttttgacaa    159480
     cttccctcac atctcctccc agttatagtg tcatacactt actcttttac ttttgcttca    159540
     gaatgattag accacctctc ctgtgggagt atttcagatg atgcttagct ttaatggatg    159600
     gtttgtataa cccctgaacc cagaccacca caatcactaa attgtgtggt gcctgactaa    159660
     gccatatgtg gtagttccgg aggacatatg ccagtaatcc tggttggtcc cacacttcac    159720
     ttgggacata tggtctatgc taagagactt gcagccccac atacatcgcc ctactcttgc    159780
     acatgcattc acacagtttc cactctcagt tcctcttcag aggttatggt gtaggtttca    159840
     tctgaattag agagcaaatc ttgtgtcctg atttggataa ctagatacgc actgggaggt    159900
     gatcagactc ccattccatc tttatggtat gggtccttcc ttgggcccca aaccttccca    159960
     tggttcagca gcatgctgtc cctggaattg tcctgtagcc ccttaagttc cattgtgctt    160020
     tcggggggtg cacagggtca caggacatct ggcctctctt tcaggttgaa gttcttctga    160080
     tggtgcacct ggggtcacag gtctttcctg gcctggagct ccagtctgac aggcaaaaga    160140
     aacagcatac ctgttgtctc caatcctgga tgagctccca gaaaatgttg caggaattaa    160200
     ggaatagtag agaccagtgg gtggaaaaga agaattgtat tgtgtgcacc ctgatttaac    160260
     agattaacat ttaaacactg agccccaaac aaagacaggg cttgactttt gagtagcttg    160320
     gatattctct ctagaagtgt tctttggatt tgtgtgttgg taggtcatcc tcttctggtt    160380
     cattgactgg gagaaaacag tatttccttg aagccctttt tatctgtgcc tattggactt    160440
     tgtcaattag aagcttctac agtccatcat ctgggataca tgaaagacct aaaaatccca    160500
     gtaaatttac atactgtcac tcttcaagtt gtgaagtccc tagagaaaat gtctttctct    160560
     ttctactttt cagagtctgt gtttcccttc tgacattatg tcagaaacat tggtgtgttg    160620
     cagtgtaact gggaattcta aaaagtgaaa gttatagaaa ggcttttaaa gtatcatgca    160680
     aagaaatcat aggaagataa tattacagag aatggcatga ttagatatac ctacaatgaa    160740
     ctgattgtat aaaataaagt tttcaccaaa attaaataat ctcaaagaag tttttataat    160800
     atatgtgaaa tatatgtgaa atagccaatg atttatagca tataaataat ataggacagt    160860
     gaagaaaaga tagaatacct tccatacact tggaaaaata ataccattgg caatgttttc    160920
     agaaaatgta agcaaaaata tgtcttgctt caactgcaga agggatatag taataacacc    160980
     tttctcagag gttttctttg ttaagtaaca agtgatttga tagaaatcaa gcacttattt    161040
     ctagctctct ggagcaaagt gaaaatttgc aaaagcaact ctcatgacac ccagagacta    161100
     taagtgtaag acaaaattat tttttaaaaa ttcaaactca ctatcaagaa aaacatcatt    161160
     tctgaggttt ggactccaat aatattggtt gagattaacc ttagtagttt gttgaagtag    161220
     tcaattgaag agtaaagttg gatatactcc caggaaagaa accatttctt tgttcaagag    161280
     ggctggaccc cctgcctaaa tcattggtga aagttcatat tgctcagaca tttagtggga    161340
     acatttgagt caatactgaa agccatgccc acagatactg ggatctaaca cagaatgagg    161400
     tttttactca aagccatgac ttaaaatttc atatctcaac ctctatccag tgtgatattc    161460
     tagactgaag agatgatttt catattacct gaaagataca actaccttaa aataagaaac    161520
     tggaataaaa tactagattg aacaattaag ttcttaaaaa cctgaaaaga ttaacataaa    161580
     actgcccacc caccaataat aactttacat ttaaaaggtt aactttcatt taccacttca    161640
     aagacaacat tgcaaaatca atgttggaag ttccatgccc taagagatag tcaagatgct    161700
     taggggtcac cctcaaaaat gaaaagttaa atcaaaagag tcttcataat aactagggtt    161760
     aggtgttttt ggggatgaag aaatggaatc taagggaaaa acaagtgggt aacaggatac    161820
     aaatttttta aatagacaat tattcatcat tgtctaaatg aagcatatat taagggaaat    161880
     caaataattt tttttttttt tttgacgtgg agtctcgttc agtcacccag gctggagtac    161940
     agtggcacga tctcggctca ctgcaagctc cgcctcccgg gttcatgcca ttctcttgcc    162000
     tcagcctccc aagtagctgg gactacaggc gcccgccact atgcctggct aatgtttttt    162060
     gtatttttag tagagacggg gtttcgccgt gttagcccgg atggtcttga tctcctgatc    162120
     ttgtgatcca cccgccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcgc    162180
     ctggcctgtt tgttttttat acagaagatt cagcataaat atagcaagaa taagtaattt    162240
     cctaagtaga tgtgaaagta aggttgccag atgtaggggg aaaatacagg aatttaaata    162300
     tcacatttta atttgaaatt tggcaatgta ttgacaaaca acaaagaatt atatttcagt    162360
     ataagtctgt ccatgcaata ttgagaatat tactaaatta caaagctatt gagaattata    162420
     ctaaaatgct gtttgttgtt tatttaaaat gaaaatgtaa ctgggaatcc ttcattttat    162480
     ctggtggcca tacatgaaag ggaagttatg aaagttgagc tcagattagg aaactttcat    162540
     ctgcatttaa aaaaaacacc atgagacaaa aatgtttaga aagggcaaca ggcagaatac    162600
     aaaaattatc tctacacaga atattattcc acatatgttt ttgttactta gagatacatt    162660
     tttcaactta tgaagactat gcaaatatca aagacctatc aaaacaccaa ggaaaagaag    162720
     aataaaggtt tccttgtttc ctttttttag caagaagaat aaatatccaa atgaaagagg    162780
     tattacaaga attttttatg aggctaataa atgtgttact ttgttagaaa aaagttaact    162840
     aactgggttc tactgataag ctaagaaagt ttagaaatat cgtgacaaat gtcaaaagca    162900
     ggaaaagaaa taaatatgag taagaaaatt aaatcaacac aattaggaaa ataggtggca    162960
     ggtggggaag gggagagaag aactaaggca gatatgccaa agcagagaca aagaaaatct    163020
     agggtagaac aactctctaa tcagatatta gttagagagc tatgagagta accatattag    163080
     atgtaaacgg tttatatttc tgtgttaaaa tataaagtac tctaatatta gattgagaaa    163140
     aaattgcttt tacctagaaa taatcaccct gaaatattga aaataaaggt ttagagaaaa    163200
     tcaacaggta tttatcaaaa aagtaaggtc actgatatta tacaaggcaa aggagagttt    163260
     taaggaaaat acaaacaata aagagggata ataaaatata atttataagg taacagacaa    163320
     aataagaaat atcaaaatat gaaaatatat tttaaagata atataacagt cacaaattta    163380
     aatgtctcag cagcattgtc tcaacctaca cctgaggcaa attttatgaa tatctattta    163440
     tgtagacaaa tcccaattgt agtgagaggt gtttaatata ttactcactt agactgatga    163500
     gtatacagaa atttaatagt taatagatat actttgcaat gtttatgtac ttacttttct    163560
     tcagtttttt aaagtgaagc ctagtagtag agcacatttt caggatttga cagctctgct    163620
     agtagagaaa gaattaatac agaataaccc tcatcccctt taacatcaag tctatctaat    163680
     ctaagtagca ccttgcttta ccttctgaca tgcttactag tcatcatgct caaccttctt    163740
     ttccagatcc actttctcat gatactgtct tctaactggc ttacatggat gccagcaaaa    163800
     tgcaggctta ccagggtatc aaagcaaaga aagaacacga actgcaagat atccagtttc    163860
     tctaaaagga gtaactcact tcttacacat aaatgtttgc cagagtgttt cagccaacac    163920
     attgacagct ctgacaaatt atcagacaac tgctctgcat tacagatgta tatcccacca    163980
     aactaaagta gacgttcaaa cacctttctg tctcaagctg ctgagatgta gctcccggaa    164040
     taccttccag tgagtacatc tttttcttta gagcaaatat tgcaggttat atgttagcaa    164100
     ttttaaaagg taacactttg acaaaatgac ctttcactct ggaaatttgt ggcacattca    164160
     catttgctgc tagaacattt ctctcaagac actcaatgga atatgtgata ctctttgata    164220
     aggacctgtg acatgccagc atcaaaagat gagatgataa attcatatat atgctatcta    164280
     ttctcaaata agtgttacct acataggaaa taaagtgaaa ttggtgtgaa gtttcaattc    164340
     tgacagctgg cacttattaa actttggcgc ataagtaacg tgattcatct catgactttt    164400
     taaattagct ttctctccga agtccgtgtc ccattaattt cctcagccaa gaagaaaata    164460
     tttttcaata atcctaaaag taggtacaat tctgctgact ctactagata ctctaaaaaa    164520
     tctagattca gactcattga caagaattcc agaagcactt ttataatagg ttttatttca    164580
     acaaaatact gatctagttt ttattatcct tgagaaataa atgtcatctc tgccttaaag    164640
     agtatttggt atacattttt cagaatttat atcaaaacca atgacctaaa tatctttcac    164700
     agaatttcgt tctatgtatt tttttaaatt aagaattttt acctcaccaa aacaaccacc    164760
     agtttaaact atttttcagt gctctgggta aacagtttca catccactat ctaaaaccta    164820
     atttcaaatt ggccaaagat ctgtaacctt tgacttctat agacttgaag atgtaagtaa    164880
     tttaaattag ggttggtatt tcattttctt cttatctaaa tcttaattcc ttggaataac    164940
     aaagtttggt gttgcataag aaaacttcct gagtttaaga cattttcaaa agaaatttgc    165000
     cttctgcctt attgtattcc agatattcag tgactatagt tacagtgtgt tagtgatggt    165060
     aaattctgtg cagttcttta tgaaatactc tacataactg ttaggtacat cagtgttttt    165120
     caaatgggct gcttaataca ggatccattg tgtatattca ccttaaaatt taacttgtga    165180
     tttggctgtt tcctggattt gagagcacca catgtgcaga aatgtactca aaattaagaa    165240
     aggaagtaca attttatatg gatgctatta aatttgaaca tcaagtatca catgtatcag    165300
     tgggtttttc ttttttttta tttttatttt tttggttact ctataaaaat gcctgtttgg    165360
     gattttttaa ttttaactga gagaagttct cttctgtata gaacaaatat tccaaaatag    165420
     ttacgtgttt tgttttcctg ttgcatgaca aaattaacta ttatttccag caatggtggt    165480
     gccttcagag tccagtattg cagaagatgt agtgcctcaa gtctaatttt aactttctaa    165540
     ttctggtagc tattgtcaga aacttttgaa agctttgttt atgtagcctt attttttatg    165600
     taaagagaat taaattttgc tatgtataat tttttgtaat ctaacagtta atccacattg    165660
     tcaatcagtg tcaagggctt cctattgttc tactcaagtg ttacaataag tatttgtaga    165720
     taatagttaa tccttgtcta tgcttatttt aaagatctat attggtgaaa atagttgtgg    165780
     atatattaag agaaatgaaa taaaagtata gcttcattca cttgcctttt tactttatac    165840
     aaatcttatc tttctttttc cctagtatgc tgtgactttt gaataatgtg cgtagtaaag    165900
     atttcacact ggtgtggtag tcaagtctgt gagtgctact tggtttattt ctggaaaatt    165960
     ttcttcagcc atttaagaaa atattataat ctaccgggct gtactgggta taaaagtgcc    166020
     aaaagcactt ctgtagtttt ctgtatatag taagtacttt cctgactagt tttgaaacaa    166080
     ataaaagcca cctacctatg agattaacaa ggcttaaact tgtgcaaatt acaagcaatc    166140
     agtgcccatg tgtagttgtt tatttttcaa atcgatggta taaaaattga aagatttact    166200
     cagaaatata gagcaaccag ttctaacaat tactctctag agttgcagag ctaaatatgt    166260
     tactcagagt attattatat aatgtttttc aactccttat ttgtcaatat aattctgaat    166320
     ttggattgtc cgcatctgac cttttttagt gaggcctagc ctttgtcact attgacacat    166380
     gcctactctt cattgaggtg ctgactctgg atcatcatcc tttattcata catgacagaa    166440
     aaacagtcaa cagttcaatt agtgtgctat ttgtcacctt cctttcttcc tacttttaag    166500
     tagcattttg tgcaattatt taagtcacat gaatagacag gaaactaaat aatacataga    166560
     tgtgatcaca ggcagcctct aaattatcca cagtgattct gccaaaaaac ctaggacaat    166620
     ctacaggttt cagtagagat ttttttttcc agttctgcat tgtaaacgtt gatttttaga    166680
     aaataaaaat gaaatcaatt gtaaagaagg agccgtgtgt tttaaaatta atgaaacact    166740
     tgaagcccat tcattaagta tgaggaccaa tggttccaca ataaagatgc tatctcagta    166800
     ccttcctgct gcaataacac aatacattgg actgggtaac ttataaaacc agaagtaaat    166860
     ttcttacagt tttagagact gagaagtcca agatcaaggc attgatggtc tccatgtctg    166920
     gtgaaggcct ggtctctgct tccaagacgg caccttgttg ctgccttctc tagagaggac    166980
     aaatacagtg tcttctaatg gtggaagggc taaaaagctt tgttagttcc attgagttct    167040
     tttataaggt cgctaattgc tctcttattt gcctcccaaa atcttgaatt tttacttcta    167100
     ccattctggg gtgtttaaat tccaacatat aaattctgga gggacacaat tactaaagcc    167160
     acaggcatca aatgcaaaga ccagaggcaa tattgtacta tttctaatgc ctagaaaaat    167220
     ctgtatttta gtgttcaggt agaaaacaga aatgtgctgg gaaaaatggc ctcttgtttt    167280
     acagaaggca gcccagctct tcagaggaaa gaacacagct cacccttccc aaatataggc    167340
     ctagatttga caaataagat aggttaaaca catttaaaaa tttgagacca aaataagaat    167400
     gttttttaaa aagaacagct ccttttagtg taatgaatga gacattttat gactggaaaa    167460
     ggggtttcac ttgactcgat tattcttggt tcatacacta tagtatcaaa tgcaattagg    167520
     aaaaaacaaa tacactggat tacacagtga tttctatcga gagttttgtc tgatgacaga    167580
     gaaacattta caaaggggta aatgttatgt atcttctcat tatatttgca atagaagctg    167640
     gagagcaaac ctggttttca agagtgatct ggtccttcat gagaaaatcc tgttcaatta    167700
     ccaaagggga gacaaaaatg aaaacgtaaa aattttgaaa atttgtgtca gatttatttg    167760
     gtatctttgt aatgttctca atttattttc tggggagttt ctggtcttgc ttatcaatta    167820
     tattaggatc aatttcacaa gttagaaaat ccaatccttt ctttttatag tcagtaattc    167880
     tgactgattc aataacttct tacaggcaac ctcaaatttc taaccatttc ttttggctga    167940
     aaaaataagc aattaaccgt tcacacataa aacacagtgt ggggaaacca agtccatttc    168000
     aactttgtca ctagattgaa gcatgtctat agggagcctt cctgaatcac ctttcttgag    168060
     ctctgattac ctgggggaaa gggaagaatt ttgaaattag gtatgcatta attttatgaa    168120
     atacttggct aagaaccatt tttgaaacat acatgtaatt tgaaagccta aaaaagcagt    168180
     gatttataaa cacaaaattt agcaagcaca tcaaaataaa ccataaggta tgcatttaac    168240
     accatgatgc ttctgacata taaaatatta atgtcagtac taatgtcctt gttatatgat    168300
     aatagttttt tttctcttgg tcctaaaaca gtgaaccacc ctaccttaca aattttgaca    168360
     aactaaaatc tcttaaatat tttatcttaa gaatgaaata ttttatctta aatgtttatc    168420
     ggaagagtaa tacctttaaa agactcgagg ttccatctga actttcgatt ttttatgctt    168480
     ttcacctttt tgtcttcaac ggagaagaaa gattacttgg atgtgcattc ttgtttcgag    168540
     aagtaaaaat aaaccacaga agccctgtgt gtccccgccc acagtgtgtg tgccagtgaa    168600
     ctaatttttc ataatggaag tcattcctat catcaatgga aaacaaatag atcatctcaa    168660
     tgaaggaagc cattaatttc cctcaagtgt cctgcgcttt agatttgaat taaccaggaa    168720
     tccagggaac attcttatgt tacagtaatt caagcaagac ttaacaaggt tgttaagtgg    168780
     acagagtaat ccatctgata ggacaagaat cagaatacag atgtgaagaa gagaacctga    168840
     ggaaaaaggg gtgcagcata cgcccctgga agcaaacttg gactggcagc catctccacc    168900
     tttgggttct tctagtacca gctagctgac actgacagcc tcttccttaa actctgattt    168960
     caaagcaaca ttctgaagca aagcacagtc tactttttta cagccttatt taaggatcag    169020
     atgagaatgc acaaaaatta ccttcaaaaa caaccattta ctaccaaact cctaagctgc    169080
     atattctaca cagcatttct cactgcttgt aagacaagaa gaggacaggg attccttttc    169140
     gggcacctgc cactcctctg aatttggaca ctaattgact cccttcactc acctcaatgt    169200
     agttactaaa ggtgaacaat gcagcaactt gtacagagaa ttaagtcata attattaccc    169260
     tttcttgatc cagtttttct agttccctct gttccctttc taaaatgtag gttactctgc    169320
     ctttttttct tctctctgcc ttcattcttt cacttgctgt ttccacattt ttttcttctt    169380
     ccttttgttc ttcaatttct ttctgatcta gatctaatag aacagaaaat aaagaattgc    169440
     tgcctgtatc acattgttca aatgaatgca ggaccattct gcaggagtcc ttgccaagat    169500
     ccggagagac tctgctgggc ttttggttga catgtgacct gcttcaagtt gctcttccct    169560
     gttcattgac ttcaggcccc caatcccact ccttgccact gcattccact tcacttggct    169620
     gagatgaata caagtcaccc tcatcatggc cgactccaac tgacatatcc tccctccatg    169680
     tcacaggttc ttgtccttta cacagatctc ctttctcttc ttgaaagcaa agcctacatt    169740
     tcaacctctg cctttcatta taatacctct cctatctgta tgaccctgac tgagccactg    169800
     atccctattt ctatacagat cagttttata attcttactc ccataaagat gctcaactct    169860
     gttctactct gaaaaacaga acagacatca aacccctgca ctcccccagc cattctagcc    169920
     atctcactgt tcatttccca cttcctccaa atggacagca gcccttcctg gggttttcac    169980
     tattattcag ataaggatcc tttccatatc ttttcctcta ttcctgctct cttcacctac    170040
     ccttgcatcc acagttctga tagttttcta ctatacacat gtgaaatccc cacaatacca    170100
     gcttcatcat gggtgtgatc attctagttt tttgttttgt tttgtttttt tgttttttgt    170160
     tttttttttt ttttgtcatg ctctttccat cctccatctg cccagcaacc agcgctggca    170220
     cattcatatt ccctgtattt cagctgcaac aggggtcttc cacaccatct ccctgaaata    170280
     cttaaacagc ccagtcagga ctctccttga agtcagtctg taccttctag taacttgtga    170340
     tcatttctac caggcatttc ctgaggcatt tcctgtgtat ctgctgtgca gtgtctctgc    170400
     tctggtagaa ttcaacacca tggtagtatg ggctccaata atctgccttt atctttccat    170460
     atcgatttcc tgtaacacca ccagctttgt actagaaata tttcatctct ctcaacccac    170520
     tcactggggc ctggccatgg ctgtgtcttc cttgcttgtc atttgccttt actgtatcct    170580
     cagcctgtat taatcccatg ctgtcataaa gcctgatatg acctaactga aatgataaaa    170640
     cctaactgaa atgtcatctc ctccttattt ctgaagggac aagtaaccaa accagtccag    170700
     caccttactt gcacgatatc ttgcacctgc ttcttgaaaa cctacagata cttgtttcgt    170760
     ccacttctat tttatccagg gaatgcccat gttttaataa attgtctctt ccctttgcat    170820
     cttggcacag atctctgcat ctcacatgtt taattacatc tcatgctcag aaacaatttt    170880
     actgaccttt ctcttcaagt tctgacacgt aacttatttt tttataaagc tagcaatgct    170940
     aataacaaga aaaattcata ggcttacagg aggattctgc acccttttgc tcttccttat    171000
     tttaaagtca tcagcaggga gttagttagt ttcacgaata agagagaagc aacacaattt    171060
     tttctctcat taccacccat ctcgtctcaa tacttctgat gaaattaaaa tacaaaaagg    171120
     gacaatttct gcagacagaa atgcaacttc ctccttgttt aaagaagaaa caaaagttac    171180
     tctaaagtga gattgctttc ttatgtggaa tagtattctc aaaatagcaa tgttgtttaa    171240
     gcacatttat attgagaaat aaataggaag aacaaactac ttttctactc tggtgtgtat    171300
     tttgcacctg tatggtggaa tacagaaatg tctttggaca caaaggcaaa gaaataaagt    171360
     atgtttattg ggtacctcat agcagagaca acaaatttca gccttttcca tatcatctgt    171420
     gcccatgcag aggtgaaatg atgaatataa aaatttctca ataacaacta tgttactcgc    171480
     tatgctgctt aaaaatttta aggcaaatat tataatgtac attctctctg agaggtagaa    171540
     caccttgtta ctcagttgat ttcgtttatt ctatcatgtt atttttattc ccttgcttag    171600
     gcctgtgaaa aatggctgcc tgtcagaaac tccctcttgt ggccatgtca cctatgcatc    171660
     agctgcaacc ggtttcttct gcagtcctgg gtaatggctt gctgaccatc tgcctcaatg    171720
     tctagaaatc aggaagacaa aggcttggtt tggttcactg ttgtatgttc agccccaagg    171780
     aaagtgccca gcagacagag gctctagatc aagtctcact gagtgctttc caaagcagat    171840
     ttactcggga atcagcaaaa cacaatttct caaaatccct tgcctattta agtaattcta    171900
     tgtgttcctc agtgccatga atacacccaa aaaactgcta accagacgtt ttggtaatgt    171960
     tttgaagaag atgtattttc aatatttgtg gggaacaaag aggtggctta acttgagaaa    172020
     ttatctttca tatttgagga ttaaacactt tgatcccaaa agaaaggatc ctggatgttt    172080
     gctcagccct agaacaaaag tgcaaagctc caacatctct cttcccatct ccctccatct    172140
     ccagcaagga aagttggtaa tcttaaagaa ggctggaata agaaagtggg acagacaaga    172200
     gaagtctgat ggccagtttt tgtatagtgc taagttaaac cagtgttaca gcttttccaa    172260
     aaattgaaat acgaaatcta tttccccaat tccttatttt tttttacttt tttttaaata    172320
     ttatacttaa attctacagt acatgtgcat aatgtgcagg tttgttacat atgtatacat    172380
     gtgccatgtt ggtgtgttgc acccattaac tcatcattta cattaggtat gtctactaat    172440
     gctatccctc cccgctcccc acaccccaag acaggacctg ctgtgtgata gtccccttcc    172500
     tgtgtcaaac tgttctcatt gttcaagtca cacctacgag tgagaacatg tggtgtttgg    172560
     ttttttgtcc ttgtgatagt ttgctgagaa tgatggtttc cagtttcatc catatcccca    172620
     caaagacatg aactcatctt tttctatggt tgcatagtat tccgtggtgt atatatgcca    172680
     catttcctta atccagtcta tcattgatgg acatctgggt tggttctaag tctttgctat    172740
     tgtgaatagt gccgcaataa acatacgtgt gcatatgtct tcatagcagc atgatttata    172800
     atcctttgcg tatataccca gtaataggga tggctgggtc aaatgatatt tctagttcta    172860
     gatccttgag gaattgccac acagtcttcc acaatggttg aactaattta ctgtcccacc    172920
     aacagtgtaa aattgttcct atttctccac atcctctcca gcaccagttg tttcctgact    172980
     ttttaatgat caccattcta actggtgtga gatggtatct cattgtggtt ttgctttgca    173040
     tttctctgat ggccagtgac gatgagcatt tttttcatat atctgattgt tgcataaatg    173100
     tcttcttttg agaagtttct gttcatatcc ttcacccact tttggatggg gttgcttgtt    173160
     ttttttcttg taaatttgtt tgggttcttt gtaaattctg gatattagcc tttgtcagat    173220
     gaatagattt caaacatttt ctcccattct gtaggttgcc tgttcactct gatggtagtt    173280
     tcttttgctg tgaagaagct ctttagttta attagacacc atttgtcaat tttggctttt    173340
     gttgccattg cttttggtgt tttaggcatg aagtccttgc tcatgcctat gtcctgaatg    173400
     gtattgccta gtttttcttc cagggttttt atgattttag gtctaacatt taagtcttta    173460
     atccatctta aattaatttt tgtataaggg gtaaggaagg aatccagttt cagctttcta    173520
     catatggcta gccagttttc ccagcaccat ttattaaata gggaatcttt tccccacttc    173580
     ttgtttttgt cagatttgta aaaaatcaga tggttgtaga tgtgtggtat catttctcag    173640
     ggctctgttc tgttccattc atctatatct ctgttttggt accagtacca tgctgttttg    173700
     gttactgtgg ccttgtggta tagtttgaag tcaggtagcg tgatgcctcc agctttgttc    173760
     ttttggctta ggattgactt ggcaatgcgg gctctttttt ggttccatat gaactttaaa    173820
     gttttttttt ccaattctgt gaagaaagtc cttggtagct cgatggggat ggcactgaat    173880
     ctataaatta ccttgggcag tatggccatt ttcacggtat tgattcttcc tacccatgag    173940
     catggaatgt tcttccattt gtttgtatcc tcttttattt cattgaacag tggtttgtag    174000
     ttctccttga agaggtcctt cacatccctt gtaagttgga ttcccaggta ttttcttctc    174060
     tttgaagcaa ttgtgaatgg gagttcactc atgatttggc tctctgtttg ttattggtgt    174120
     ctaataatgc ttgtgatttt tccacattga ttttgtatcc tgagactttg ctgaacttgg    174180
     tgatcagctt aaggagtgtg agatggtatc tcattgtggt tttgatttgc atttctctga    174240
     tggccagtga tgatgagcat tttttcatgt gttttttggc tgcataaatg tcttcttttg    174300
     agaagtgtct gttcatgtcc ttcgcccact ttttgatggg gttgtttgct tttttcttgt    174360
     aaatttgttt gagttcattg tagattttgg atattagccc tttgtcagat gagtaggttg    174420
     cgaacatttt ctcccatttt gtaggttgcc tgttcactct gatggtcgtt tcttttgctg    174480
     tgcagaatct ctttagttta attagatccc atttgtcaat tttggctttt gttgccgttg    174540
     cttttggtgt tttagacatg aagtccttgc ccatgcctat gtcctgattg gtaatgccta    174600
     ggttttcttc tagggtttct atggatttag gtctaaggtt taagtcttta atccatcttg    174660
     aattgatttt tgtataaggt gtaaggaagg gatccagttt cagctttcta catatggcta    174720
     gccagttttc ccagcaccat ttattaaata gggaatcctt tccccattgc ttgtttttct    174780
     caggtttgtc aaagatcaga tagttgtaga tatgcagtgc tatttctgag ggctgttttc    174840
     tgttccattg atctatatct ctgttttggt aacagtacca tgctcttttg gttactgtag    174900
     ccttgtagta tagtttgaag tcaggtagtg tgatgcctcc agctttgttc ttttggctta    174960
     ggattgactt ggcgatgcag gctctttttt ggttccatat gaactttaaa gtagtttttt    175020
     ccaattctgt gaagaaaagc attggtagct tgatagggat ggcattgaat ctctaaatta    175080
     ccttgggcag tatggccatt ttcaggatat tgattcttcc tacccatgag catgaaatgt    175140
     tcttcctttt gtttgtatcc tcttttattt cattgagcag tggtttgtag ttctccttga    175200
     agaggtcctt cacatccctt gtaagttgga ttcctaggta ttttcttctc tttgaagcaa    175260
     ttgtgaatgg gagttcactc atgatttggc tctctgtttg tctgttgttg gtgtataaga    175320
     atgcttgtga cttttgtaca ttgattttgt atcctgagac tttgctgaag ttgcttatca    175380
     gcttaaggag attttgggct gagacagtgg ggttttctag atatacaatc atgtagtcta    175440
     cagacaggga caatttgaca tcctcttttc ctaattgaat accctttatt tccttttttt    175500
     tttttttttt ttttttgaga tggaatctta ccctgtagcc caggctggag tgcagtggtg    175560
     tgatcctggc tcactgcaag ctccacctca caggttcatg ccattctcct gactcagcct    175620
     ccagagaagc tgggactaca ggtgcctgcc accatgcccg gctaatattt tgtattttta    175680
     gtagagatgg ggtttcactg tgttagccag gataatctca atctcctgac tcatgatctg    175740
     cccacctcag aagaaataca ttctctaaaa tcactcattt taaatctgat aaattaatga    175800
     tgtatttatg agcttagctc aaactctgaa atttgtcatg ctgagatttt taaaagtaaa    175860
     cagacacaac cataaaaagt ttcatgatag gaaaatgagg tgatgcagct gtacttgtag    175920
     ttttatcaca gaataaaaat gttccaattt gtagctgctt ttttttaata ccaatagata    175980
     tgtttcacca aaactaattt ttctacaact tcaacttata aaaactgata cttatgttga    176040
     aacttacctt taaaaggtga gtcaaattag tcattgtcct taaaatttag cttgttgaca    176100
     actgaaaatt cacttttgtc ttgaagttcc ctctgtctgt ggtaaaggct agattggaaa    176160
     aataaaattc atgaatatga agttctaata atggaaaacc caagagcatc aggtggcaaa    176220
     aatccttctg ttactcaaga aaatgctctg aaaaatttct tttctctttt ttttgtaaag    176280
     attactccac ctcaccacca tcatgaggca ctgttctcag caattaatac ctgcttactc    176340
     agttactcac tgtaactatg ttatactgtg aagtgggtac tacagttgtt aaggaagaat    176400
     aatgttggac tctgaatgct actcctagga gtttactttt tcaataatga taaaacattt    176460
     ccaaaacaat ttctgcatat aatcagcatg agccagatga ggaggcatta gcaaaaaatt    176520
     gagtgaacag agtgccctac ttagcatatg tgtgtgtctt atccttcctt ttcgcttatc    176580
     acaagtacaa aaaaaaaaat aacctggcca tgtgtggtgg atcatgcctg taatcctagc    176640
     actttagaag gctgaggctt gcagattact tggtcaggag cttgagacca tcctggccaa    176700
     catggtgaaa acccgtctct actaaaaata taaaaattag gtggagccaa gatggccaaa    176760
     taggaacagt tccagtctac agctcccagc aagagcgatg cagaagatgg ctgatttctg    176820
     catttccaac tgaggtaccg ggttcatctc actgtggagt gttggaaggt gggtgcagga    176880
     cagtggatgc agcatagtga gcatgaccca aagcagggtg tggcatcacc tcacctggga    176940
     agtgcaaagg gtcagggaat tccctcccta gtcaaagaaa ggggtgacag atggcacctg    177000
     gaaaatcagg tcactcccac cctaatactg cacttttcca atggtcttag caaatggcat    177060
     accagaagat tatatcctgt gcctggctca gagggtctta tgcccaagga gcctcactca    177120
     ttgctagcac agcagtctga gattaaactc caagggggca gcgaggctgg ggaagggaca    177180
     cccatgattg ctgaggcttg agtaggtaaa taaagaggct gggaacctcg aactgggtgg    177240
     agcccaccgc aactcaagga ggcctgcttg cctgtgtaga ctccatctct gtgggcaagg    177300
     cataaccaaa caaaaggcag cagaaatctc tgctgactta aatgtcccta tctgacagct    177360
     tgaagagagt agtggttctc ccagcatgca gctggagatc tgagaatgga aagactgcat    177420
     cttcaagtgg gtccctgacc cccaagtagc ctaactgggc gacatccccc actgggggct    177480
     gactgacacc tcatacagca gggtactcct ctgaaacaaa acttccagag gaacgatcag    177540
     gcagcaatat ttgctcttca ccaatatccg ctgttctgca gcctctgctg ctgatattca    177600
     ggccaacagg gtctggagtg gtcatccagc aaattccaac tgacctgcag ctgagggtcc    177660
     tgactgttag aagggaaact aacaaacaga aaggacatcc acaccaaaac cccatctgta    177720
     tgtcaccatc atcaaagacc aaaggtagac aaaaccacaa agatggggga aaaaacagag    177780
     cagaaaaact ggaaactcta aaaatcagag cacctctcct cctccaaagg aatgcagctc    177840
     ctcaccagca atggaacaaa gctgaatgga gaatgacttt ggccaattga gacaagaagt    177900
     cttcagacaa tcaaactact ccaagctaaa tgagaaagtt caaacccatg gcaaagaagt    177960
     taaaatcctt aacaaaaaaa ttagacgaat ggctaactag aataaccaat gcagagaagt    178020
     ccttcaagga cctgatggaa ctgaaaacca aggcaagaga actatgtgat gaatgcacaa    178080
     gcctcagtag cagatcagtt ggaatttgct ggatgaccac tgctgtatga gatacagcta    178140
     ctactggatc tgcactgaat ctgctactgg atcaactgga agaaagggtc tcagtgatgg    178200
     aagatgaaat gaatgaagtg gagaagagaa gtttagagaa aaaggaataa aaagaaacaa    178260
     agaaagcctc caagaaatat gggaatatgt gaaaagacca aatctacatc tgatttgtgt    178320
     acctgaaagt gacggggaga atggaaccaa gttggaaaac actctgcagg atattatcca    178380
     ggagaacttc cccaatctag caaggcaggc caatattcaa attcaggaaa tacagagaac    178440
     accacaaaga tactcctcaa gaagagcaac tccaagacac ataattggca gattcaccaa    178500
     agttgaaaac aaggaaaaaa tgttaaggac agtcagagag aaaggttggg ttacccacaa    178560
     agggaagccc aacacactaa cagctgatct ctcagcataa actctacaag ccagaagaga    178620
     gtgggggcca atattcaaca ttcttaaaga aatgaatttt caacccagaa tttcatatcc    178680
     agccaaacga agcttcataa gtgaaggaga aataaaatcc tttacaaaga agcaaatgct    178740
     gagagatttt gtcaccacca ggcctgcccc aaaacagctc ttgaaggaag cactaaacat    178800
     ggaaaggaac aaccagtacc agccactgca aaaacatacc aaattgtaaa gaccattgag    178860
     gctagaaaga aactgcatca actaacaaga aaaataatca gctaatatca taatgaaagg    178920
     atcaaattca cacaaaacaa aacaaaagcc aaaatggaca aatgggatct aaagaaacta    178980
     aagagcttct gcacagcaaa agaaactacc atcagagtga gcaggcaacc tacagaatgg    179040
     gagaaaattt ttgcaatcta cttatctgac aaagggctaa tatccagaag ccacaatgaa    179100
     ctccaacaaa tttacaagga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccca tcaaaaagtg gactaaggat    179160
     atgaagagac acttcttaaa agaagacatt tatgcagcca aaagacacat gaaaaaatgc    179220
     tcatcatcac tagccatcag agaaatgtaa atcaaaacct caatgagata ccatctcaca    179280
     ctagttagaa tggcaatcat taaaaatcag gaaacaacag atgctggaga ggatgtggag    179340
     aaataggaac acttttacac tgttggtggg actgtgaact agttcaacca ttgtgaatgt    179400
     cagtgtggca agtcctcagg gatctagaac tagaaatacc atttgaccca gccatcccta    179460
     ttactgggta tatacacaaa agattacaaa acatgctgct ataaagacac atgcacacgt    179520
     atgtttattg tggcactgtt cacaatagca aagacttgga accaacccaa gtgtccaaca    179580
     gtgatagact agatcaagaa aatgtagcac atatacaaca tggaatacta tgcagccata    179640
     aaaaaatgtt gaattcatgt cctttgtggg gacatgcatg aagctggaaa ccatcattct    179700
     cagcaaacta tcacaaggag aaatacccaa acaccacata ttctcactca taggtgggaa    179760
     ctgaacgatg agaacacagg gacacaggaa gaggaaaatg acacacatta agaaatacac    179820
     ctccctagct acaagtttca tttgaataac ttgatttcca taaataatgc caatgcactt    179880
     acaccagtta aaatgtacca atatctggat ctctgactca ttgaaaaatt actgagccaa    179940
     gtaaaaactc caacaaatat atttctctac atacaattta gcccggaata acttgaattc    180000
     tatcaataat gccagcccac atacaccact taaagtctgc taatgtctag atttcacatt    180060
     gtctgcctgg tcccaagaat gtgcctaact agcatagctt ttccttcata tattaaataa    180120
     cttttttttt tttttgtatt gagcagcaat cttttaatct cagggagaaa gcaaagtctg    180180
     tctctgtagg ggttttgctt tgtggattac tctctagcat taagaagaga acctgtacgt    180240
     caggtgctta tttgtttgga ttcttttaaa acaagaaaga gcataaatat attgaatcct    180300
     ggatgtctac tttaaaatca tctatcaaat atctttctta aacagtagag agtacttgac    180360
     ggttatttct gtttaacagc ttctgcaaaa gaagaattat ctagccccaa ctataattct    180420
     tgaaaacctg gtatttgctt ggcttcttta ttacaagatt ctagcaactt ttgtatcata    180480
     agacacattc attttcttaa tccagtctat cattgttgga catttgggtt ggttccaagt    180540
     ctttgctatt gtgaataatg ccgcaataaa catacgtgta catgtgtctt tatagcagca    180600
     tgatttatag tcctttgggt atatacccag taatgggatg gctgggtcaa atggtatttc    180660
     cagttctaga tccctgagga atcgccacac tgacttccac aatggttgaa ctagtttaca    180720
     gtcccaccaa cagtgtaaaa gtgttcctat ttctccacat cctttccagc acctgttgtt    180780
     tcctgacttt ttaatgattg tcattctaac tggtgtgaga tggtatctca ttgtggttta    180840
     gatttgcatt tctctgatgg ccagtgatga tgagcatttt ttcatgtgtt ttttggctgc    180900
     atatggcaca tatacaccat ggaatactat gcagccataa aaaatgatga gttcatgtcc    180960
     tttgtaggga catggatgaa attggaaatc atcattctca gtaaactatc acaagaacaa    181020
     aaaaccaaac actgcatatt ctcactcata ggtgggaatt gaacaatgag atcacatgga    181080
     cacacgaagg ggaatatcac actctggggg ctgttgaggg gtggggcgag tggggaggga    181140
     tagcattggg agatatacct aacgctagat gacgagttag tgggtgcagc gcaccagcat    181200
     ggcacatgta tacgtatgta actaacctgc acaatgtgca catgtaccct aaaacttaaa    181260
     gtataataat aaaaaaagaa aaatgttcac acacacacac acacacaaaa agacacattc    181320
     agtatctgtc ttataaaaac gttatgcata atgtgtatgc ataatgtggt gtgccaatat    181380
     acatatgttg atgtgtattg tgtatgcctt ccagctgtag tgaaatttag ctcttcacca    181440
     atcatcagtg actgaatttt ctttcttggg accccagaaa cttagactgt ctacagtttc    181500
     atttgctata ttagcgttgc acagaaatta ttaaaatgta atgagaaaga aaaggggaga    181560
     aatataaact ctatggttta gcttctaatc ataaatcaac ataattgact tcaccccatt    181620
     tatctcaact tgaacaacca aatttttcaa aagcttctta acatctctga tttataaaaa    181680
     acacagattg ggttaagaaa ccttgaaaat ataatatcag aaagttctac atgtacgcct    181740
     ttctttacaa ttttcagaag atatagtcca acgctatcaa ttttttatag gcacctgaga    181800
     ctctagatat taaaatactt agattttaga atatttatct tcatttctag catctaacca    181860
     ctagatgcta aaagcaacct taagaattcc actcccagtc atgaatcagg cttagagtaa    181920
     aatctattga tctatagaaa accctagaaa atcacaagga atgtgtgtca gctccatgag    181980
     ctcatcaata attgttcccc ttccacacta tgcttcagcc acggtgatct tgccattttt    182040
     cctaacacga taagcaggct tatgccagga gtctttacac ttt                      182083