ID   AC007562; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 137077 BP.
AC   AC007562;
DT   17-MAY-1999 (Rel. 59, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-497C14 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-137077
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-137077
RA   Scott K., Wohldmann P., Sapetti L.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-497C14";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-137077
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-MAY-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-137077
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-MAY-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-137077
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JUN-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-137077
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 5ee63b330b3fa4e9478355856210e2e1.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000187.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC007562.4:1-137077; homo_sapiens.
CC   On May 24, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:7631028.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu/gsc
CC   Contact: sapiens@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0497C14
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (http://bacpac.med.buffalo.edu)
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-102O5, 200 bp overlap; the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-251M8, 200 bp overlap.  Actual
CC   start of this clone is at base position 115714 of RP11-102O5;
CC   actual end is at base position 136883 of RP11-497C14.
CC   The clone RP11-497C14 contains a transposon in the growth of the
CC   clone which is not a part of the finished region.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..137077
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-497C14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   88..323
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    208..597
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R09439 (NID:g761362) yf26b11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    747..1026
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA916530 (NID:g3055922) on64e01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    764..1124
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA281674 (NID:g1924355) zt03b10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   903..1066
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    1168..1508
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA281618 (NID:g1924297) zt03b10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    1492..1826
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI858184 (NID:g5511800) wl46b01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    1495..1590
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI226120 (NID:g3809173) ue85a02.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI809479 (NID:g5396045) wf30a04.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA417171 (NID:g2077252) zu13b03.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W07100 (NID:g1281113) za93d05.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI208070 (NID:g3770012) qg46b06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    1507..1851
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA346432 (NID:g1998690)"
FT   repeat_region   1888..2173
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    2319..2367
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI208070 (NID:g3770012) qg46b06.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI226120 (NID:g3809173) ue85a02.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI809479 (NID:g5396045) wf30a04.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W07100 (NID:g1281113) za93d05.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA417171 (NID:g2077252) zu13b03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    2322..2367
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA224494 (NID:g1845036) zr16e10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    2332..2367
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA346431 (NID:g1998689)"
FT   misc_feature    2421..2806
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA663715 (NID:g2617706) ae71a08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    3608..4002
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA832474 (NID:g2905573) oc96f08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    3609..3952
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI572525 (NID:g4535899) te38h06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    3611..4012
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA995611 (NID:g3182100) os28f05.s1"
FT   repeat_region   4449..4735
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    4940..5261
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW339014 (NID:g6835640) ha59e02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    4993..5248
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI991463 (NID:g5838368) ws10f06.x1"
FT   repeat_region   5572..5873
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    5587..6011
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI205783 (NID:g3764455) qg33a07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    6305..6652
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW469841 (NID:g7039947) xx63a07.x1"
FT   repeat_region   7292..7580
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    7449..7607
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI991463 (NID:g5838368) ws10f06.x1"
FT   repeat_region   8522..8664
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   8686..8809
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    8869..8931
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI809479 (NID:g5396045) wf30a04.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA417171 (NID:g2077252) zu13b03.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA224494 (NID:g1845036) zr16e10.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI226120 (NID:g3809173) ue85a02.y1"
FT   misc_feature    8869..8933
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI208070 (NID:g3770012) qg46b06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    8875..8931
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW629773 (NID:g7376563) hh70f08.y1"
FT   misc_feature    8876..8931
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW362826 (NID:g6867476)"
FT   repeat_region   9547..9783
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9814..9959
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9962..10121
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10151..10285
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10631..10989
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   11582..11886
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    12072..12119
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W07100 (NID:g1281113) za93d05.r1"
FT   repeat_region   12429..12590
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12701..12819
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   12831..12938
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12955..13183
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    13220..13371
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA224494 (NID:g1845036) zr16e10.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW362826 (NID:g6867476)"
FT   misc_feature    13220..13304
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA346431 (NID:g1998689)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI809479 (NID:g5396045) wf30a04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    13220..13342
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA417171 (NID:g2077252) zu13b03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    13220..13307
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI226120 (NID:g3809173) ue85a02.y1"
FT   misc_feature    13235..13371
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA307764 (NID:g1960092)"
FT   repeat_region   13786..13954
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    14397..14482
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA243127 (NID:g1873923) zr25e09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    14398..14482
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA307764 (NID:g1960092)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST F08286 (NID:g677806)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA224494 (NID:g1845036) zr16e10.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA346431 (NID:g1998689)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW362826 (NID:g6867476)"
FT   repeat_region   14574..14888
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15408..15566
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   16422..16710
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    16841..16983
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W07100 (NID:g1281113) za93d05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    16841..16925
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA346431 (NID:g1998689)"
FT   misc_feature    16843..16980
FT                   /note="similar to  EST F08286 (NID:g677806)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW629773 (NID:g7376563) hh70f08.y1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA307764 (NID:g1960092)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA243127 (NID:g1873923) zr25e09.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA224494 (NID:g1845036) zr16e10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    16843..16909
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW362826 (NID:g6867476)"
FT   repeat_region   17261..17563
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18098..18214
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    18430..18515
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA700309 (NID:g2703272) zj73h04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    18828..19136
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA127508 (NID:g1686859) zn81a08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    18828..19147
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA127389 (NID:g1686766) zn81a08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    18853..19282
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA700309 (NID:g2703272) zj73h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   19231..19544
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19849..20189
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   20603..20870
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20872..21946
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21951..22518
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   22609..22662
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23124..24039
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   24075..27293
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   27296..27727
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   27777..27967
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28090..28167
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    28360..28642
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA528471 (NID:g2270540) ne99e11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   28535..28838
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29568..31156
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31263..31848
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32097..32204
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32199..32413
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32393..32565
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32574..32794
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   32959..33573
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33617..33670
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34743..35975
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36706..37008
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37377..37454
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37577..37767
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37817..38248
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   38251..41469
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   41505..42420
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   42882..42935
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43028..43595
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48838..49147
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49965..50937
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50955..51072
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51075..52012
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   52023..52151
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   52737..53033
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   54738..55031
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55558..55802
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55889..56360
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56374..56544
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56545..56834
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56835..56878
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57081..57148
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57193..57363
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57364..57664
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57665..58422
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58480..58964
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60022..60208
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   61259..61450
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   61451..61859
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   66498..67092
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   67434..67572
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   67643..67967
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68027..68095
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68258..68533
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69773..70075
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73993..74087
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74473..74654
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75246..75281
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   76220..76523
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76555..76790
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78079..78389
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78625..78958
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78959..79515
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81972..82246
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82423..82559
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82574..82873
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82978..83073
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   83369..84666
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   84667..84819
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   84821..86602
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   86601..86754
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   86743..87131
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   87126..88996
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   88997..89373
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   102497..102553
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   102600..102726
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   103633..103828
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104217..104748
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105488..105827
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105985..106116
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106487..106782
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106800..107232
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107255..107477
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107906..108213
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109503..109920
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   110087..110405
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110420..110716
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110717..111026
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111027..111286
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    112004..112548
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA292905 (NID:g1941886) zt66d08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    112703..113148
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW298379 (NID:g6704939)"
FT   misc_feature    112771..113225
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA675688 (NID:g2651347) vp96a08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    112858..113284
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW189344 (NID:g6463806) xl05a09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    112894..113284
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI687116 (NID:g4898410) tp84g09.x1"
FT   misc_feature    113649..113950
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA401738 (NID:g2057205) zt66d08.s1"
FT   repeat_region   114146..114276
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   114286..114760
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   114777..115497
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   115661..115696
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   115705..116040
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   116132..116246
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   116311..116601
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116705..119419
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   119438..120262
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   120265..121743
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   121746..122934
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   122940..123227
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   123228..123514
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   123515..124654
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   124743..125056
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   125057..125150
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   125156..125618
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   125791..127042
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   127041..128620
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   128771..129064
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   129058..129157
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   129159..129616
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   129618..130552
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   130558..130637
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   130638..131639
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   131645..132488
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   132610..132681
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   132709..133211
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   133230..134555
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   134656..134720
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   134758..134892
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   135074..135250
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   135512..135578
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   135675..136305
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   136350..137073
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
SQ   Sequence 137077 BP; 42012 A; 26796 C; 25874 G; 42395 T; 0 other;
     ttctgttgct caatttaatg agtccttctt ttatattagg tttcacatgt aactattttc        60
     tcacaattct aatatttgaa gtctgtgttc tgtatctgat aattccaaaa cctagtcttt       120
     gggaaacata ttcattgttt ctagcaattc tcaaatatgt tgtgttgaga ctacttgaat       180
     gctgtgattt gactgaattc atatttgcct gcttttaatc tttgggaatc ctacaggctt       240
     aagttagaga tgttttccta taaaaagtat ctgtgtctgc ttctgatgag agctgtgggt       300
     acaactaaca tgagagcact ttaccaccat gcataatcct gacattctct tggattatct       360
     tggagcatct cagcattaca caaggttctc aaatctggct ccccaccatt gctcatttat       420
     atacagaaga ctagactgct tagtataggt ggtgactcac ttcttgctac cctggaaaaa       480
     acaaaacgga tctctcatct gaatgtgatc acagactagg aaattctgaa ggtgaataac       540
     tagaggctgt gggcagcagg gaaagacagg tgtctttcct gaccatagaa ataggtcaga       600
     agctgcccta aaggctgtgt gctacagcat ttcactattt agctcaacta ccattccctc       660
     cataagtgtg agtggaagtt tcttggagca ccatattgcc tttaaacgaa accaaatttt       720
     tgctcaaaag tcatggtcat ggaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaaacc ctctggcttt       780
     ggaaggcttt ctcagtaatg tcctggaatt aaggttacag gctgcatttc atgttaactg       840
     aacagaaaac cagcctccaa catccttctg ccccatggct tgctctcagc tcctcttggt       900
     tgggcctagg gcagtcagac tgtctggttc caatccttgt tctgccacct gtgaccttgg       960
     acaagttacc tacttccagt tgcctcatcc ataaaatgca gatattatta ataccctctt      1020
     ttaaagaggt attcaatcct tattaagagg attgaaagag ctaataaaaa gacttggtaa      1080
     gcataggcac agagggaaag aaaaaaagta aaaataaata aataaaaaga ctagtgtcta      1140
     gcacataaaa gttcatcagg aattaattct ataacatgaa ctcaattttg caaaacttca      1200
     aagtacatat aacttttact agggtataca taacaataat aaatttacaa ctgtagacat      1260
     gtttctctac agtaaataaa gactaaacaa tcagatacta aatcattaag tgattatcag      1320
     ttagtaaatt taattttctt aaacttctat attttctata gatcatcttt gtaagagaaa      1380
     aaaaccaaat gaaaatgaaa tgaattctct caaaaagaat taagacagga agaagactca      1440
     caaagtaaca caaaatatat cttatggttt atgtaaaatt cttaataaaa gtaccttctt      1500
     tgctccaagc tgcactctgg ctttgccttt gtctcaggtg tgttttattt gtatgatggc      1560
     taattctatc gagtaggcac tgcttcagct ctacaggaag aacaaaacat ctttagaaca      1620
     cagcagcgtt cctggttccc acttgagaag gcctaaccaa atggcatata acttaacagt      1680
     agcagaccag tgttaaaaag tctggagtca aagggaaaag gtaaaattgg aacgtttcca      1740
     gaatctcaca aaaaaacaac aaaccaatgt tctaagtgcc caacatgaac aaattagaac      1800
     cttaaataaa ggtcactgtt aatgcctatc ctagcataaa ttcagcacca agtacaatgt      1860
     tattttactg gtttgccttt ttcattcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag      1920
     atggagtctc gctctgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcggtggc accatctcag ctcactgcaa      1980
     gctctgcctc ccaggttcac accattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtac ctgggactaa      2040
     agtcacccgc catcacgccc ggctattttt tttgtatttt ttagtagaga cggggtttca      2100
     ccgtgttagc caggatagtc tcaatctcct gacctcgtga tccacctgcc tcagcctccc      2160
     aaactgctgg gatacctttt tcattcttga aagtagaagc tatgaaaaaa aaaaaaacac      2220
     taaaatgtct ttaagagaac agtctactta cgatctaact tacataatca aaacactcaa      2280
     ttgagggtga aaattgagta taataataaa ataatcacca attttgtgag aggttccata      2340
     cataatgctc ctccacccaa tacatacctt aaaaagaaaa aaggaaacat acaaaattat      2400
     cttgagaagt attcctgctt aaacaatttc catgtggcat tattaagaaa gtatgcacac      2460
     agtaaagaca agaagagaac acgtaagcat gaacatactt gttaggcata taggactata      2520
     agtaatttaa aaattctaat ggtattactc ttatgtaatt gctctgaaat tctagtcaat      2580
     tgtttgaaat ggcaatcaga acagaatact ttgaaatttt tatgatgtca aaaactaaaa      2640
     acgtggccct aaatattcca aagaatcaga gcagaagaac ccatttcctt aaatggcatt      2700
     tgagtgttct ttacaatgga aactttctct ctcaacctgt gatggccagg agtttttcct      2760
     ctgacaatag cactgatctt accctattca aaatatgaac atctgcaagg tttcatggtt      2820
     aaaattgttc ttatccattc tgttgtgaga atcgaatggt tcacaccatg cggctcctct      2880
     ctgggactcc tcaagtcctt tctaggtctg aagactgttc tctgaaccaa agacaacttc      2940
     tggggatgta ccaaatctcc cattagaaaa ttatttagat caagatgttt taacctttta      3000
     attctttctc aaacaaaata atttcatttc tcctttaatg ttattttaaa tttcaaaata      3060
     cacagatagc atacctaaag taaaatcaag ggaatgatag ttttagaaca aaaactgtgg      3120
     taattttgaa aacacaaaag ctaagaccac tgattagatc tatgtggaca ccaagtccac      3180
     cacaaatggt tctgtcctcc ggggctctgc ccacaccttt cccttgcttg agattccttc      3240
     tgcttcctac ccttccaaat gctgtatttc cccccagaag acttgccaag accactctag      3300
     cctgcgcatc ttctgttcca gctaaccaaa ggcatccttg cattgactaa accaaattat      3360
     tttgcagaga aggcatctaa aaacttctac tgtagaccat tcaccttaat aattgttatc      3420
     atgacattat tcaataataa aatgagggaa agaagtcctc tttaactccc ttgccctaga      3480
     gaatccaagc aagtggcttt cccacttgct ttgctcaaac cctgggagct ttcaaagtga      3540
     aagtttaatg gaaggaaaag aaaatctaaa agaaaaactc tccgaaaaat taaactcagg      3600
     taaagaatca tgggattaca aatttttatt ctttgtgtat ctgatttctg aaacatttga      3660
     aatctctctc tcactcctta aatctgccac tgggctaaga gagtattgta tataatgtgc      3720
     actcattgat ttaacagaat tagaacatcc aggcactcac tcagattttg gttccacaac      3780
     tgctcaaagt ctagtcattt agttaatgag ttaacaccac acttgatctt caaattttgg      3840
     agatgctgat ggtagacagg aacttgtttt gggaaaagga agtatatggt agacattgtc      3900
     acccattatc caaccaacac cacctttcct ttaaagtacc ccactcttcc tttaaggttg      3960
     cagagtctca gaaagtagga agaaaggaag tttttgcatt ttcaggtcaa aagacagtac      4020
     atttgtacaa ctgcataata cctatgcaaa tgtttgttga aatctaaaca gaagacagaa      4080
     gtagttctag taccttcact acataagtaa gataagtaaa cttttcttta atatacactt      4140
     tcagcagcac tgacacataa aagtggtcaa ctctactact gtattaaatg gcattcattt      4200
     catcaatatg tgttccaaat tcttactgct ctttgtctcc aaagggttcc tactgaatat      4260
     tgagacagtt caagaatact agggaaaaaa attctaataa ttgaagtaac ggtcatctaa      4320
     ggataatatg ccacatatac agacatagta atattttcaa cttaaaaaaa ttcagttatc      4380
     aaagctgtac agcaaacact atcctaagct ttgcctcttc aggcatttgc tttataatca      4440
     cttcaaagaa aagtcagtca caaaatgcca cattttgtat gattctattt atatgaaatg      4500
     tccaggatag gcaaatctac agagacagaa attagatcag agattgccag gatgaacggc      4560
     gggggagaca agcacacaga gcgactgcta atgggtatgg ggtttctttt tggggagaag      4620
     aaaaggttct gaaattagct aatggtaatg gctgcataac tctgaatata ctaaaaacca      4680
     ctgaactgta cacttcaaag ggtgaggctt atcatataaa agctgtacca caatagtttg      4740
     aaaaatgttt gggtatgtca agaaataaac aataggatca tagctcaaag atatgggata      4800
     taaaatatat ggaacaaaac tgctcaataa tctatctaga atcacacaat gcttaagctt      4860
     taccctgact aaaattgcaa gcttggtgtt ttattggtat ttcacatttt ttacttcttc      4920
     ctaagtcagc caataattcc tcctccttac ttaatatttg actatgaaga ccaagccatt      4980
     ttgattctgc ctccaatggg ctttcacatt tcattcctcc ttccactccc atgactacca      5040
     caccaatgta agttctcctc acttcactct aagacaacag catggccctc aactaccgtc      5100
     acactcttct aggctctgtg agcacaatgt gtctcatatt ctcttctact gtcaccagat      5160
     ttattcgaaa acagtttctt tactcttact cccatttctc aaccagttac atagaaagat      5220
     gaatatccag gggtaatagt ttacttacct gaaaaaaaaa atctgtcacc aatccacaga      5280
     actgtttgag tacaaaatat tacatccgca atatttccta caactcttct acatgaatcc      5340
     taccctcctt gtgttatagc tcaaattggt ttcgtatact ctgaattcct cgttctcttt      5400
     cctagatacc tgattttgtt tactcttcac ctacgtaaat aattttcctg caacctcccc      5460
     cagctgacca aaccccagtc acatttcact gcccagctga gatcccacct acttcatgaa      5520
     gagcaactct ttgcagcttt aaacctcaga taaattaagt ccatgcttag cttttctttt      5580
     tcttttttgt tcagatgcag tttatctttg tcacccaggc tggagcgcag tggcacgatc      5640
     tcagctcact gcagactctg cctcccgagt tcaagcaatt ctcctgactc agtcttctga      5700
     gtagctggga ttaccagtat gcaccaccac atctggcaat ttttttgtat ttttggtaga      5760
     gatggggctt caccatcttg gccaggctgg tctcgaactc cagacctcaa gtgatccacc      5820
     cgcctcagct tcccaaagtg ctgggattat gggtgtgtgc caccgtgcct ggcccatggt      5880
     tagcctatga taatcaatgt ggaacttaca gctcttagta cttttaatct ccttttatat      5940
     agctggcatt tcatataatg aaaaacactt tactaggact cagaagattt atttaggtaa      6000
     gtcacaagct gacttattat tcaaattatt catccaaata atgaggacca taacacactg      6060
     tggcaaaaaa gaatcaatga agaaactatg taacatattt taaaactgaa aatggcatga      6120
     ttcataacct catgtattcg tctcgattct aggtggtata ctaagatcat aaacttacat      6180
     tcttgggatt cttacaacca aatgttgaaa agctatactg gtctatttta taatcacatt      6240
     ttaaaatgtt ttcatacatt tatcctgaat ttgcagattt ttatgcaaat cttttctttg      6300
     atcatttttt ttttctcaaa taagattctg aacaaaaaat gacctgtttt cctttcccta      6360
     tgcttatggg gatattgagt caacatacac aattttataa accagcacat aaaactaaag      6420
     cacaatactt atgtcctttc tccccaatca ggaagggctt cattacaaag acattttgaa      6480
     attcaactat gacaaacaaa agaactatgg cttggtggct agttataggc cgctgtagtg      6540
     agcaagagac acaaagttta aacatttact atttttcagt cttctgttta ttttgtatac      6600
     ataagtattt ggctgggtta cctaacactg aacttccaaa attgaccatt aggttgtatg      6660
     ccaagagaag tactttttat agcaatttta ctgccaaaac caaaacagcc tagagaagat      6720
     ttaaagttaa caaaatagta cacaattcta aacaactctg cttcacaccc aacctgggac      6780
     ttccactccc cgtaatagta tatttgtgat caactttgta acaagctgac aaagggagac      6840
     ctctgacatc tgctcatgaa ggaatcactt cagtatgtcc tgctctgcag cagaaaatgc      6900
     atggggatca ctcagaactt cagatttctc acagagcagc atttcccaga gtaagccaga      6960
     agacaccatc ctctgagatg ttgtcaggaa cactaataaa caaatttggg aaaaatagaa      7020
     aatggcatta aggctccaag aagtcctttg gtaaaagaca ttttgaagct ggcttcccca      7080
     aaaccttgca atccccacaa aacaaatatc tattaccata ccactatatt agcactcaca      7140
     gaacatttgg ggagatttgg caaagattag gctgcaggcg tcaggtaagt aaactcttaa      7200
     aacacaatat tgaaaaaaat agaaatttaa aaatttaaac agaaaagcaa aagataagta      7260
     aataaataaa aaattttaac agacaacatt gggctgggca aagtggctca gacccataat      7320
     cctaatactt tttcagtctc agcagggtgg atcactttaa cctgggagtt cgagaccaac      7380
     atgagcaaca tggtgaaacc ctgtctctat caaaaataca aaaattagct tggtatgctg      7440
     gcatacacct gtagtcccag cttcttagga aactgaggtg gcaggatggc ttgagccggg      7500
     gaggcagagg ttgcagtcag ctgtgattgc accactcact ccagcctggg gcaacagaga      7560
     aagaccccgt ctcaataaaa ttaagtaatt aaataataaa atcaatattc ctttactgtg      7620
     tggggaaact caaaatgagc tcagcacatc cacatgtaat actaaggttt tttttttaaa      7680
     cccacacttc ttgtttctct gaacttttac acatggatat catgtccaga caactattcc      7740
     gtagtatcag caccacagtt aatatgtatt ctgattattc agaatgattc ttaacaggat      7800
     cttagccccc aaaacacata cataagtatg taaagcaaat acaactaaaa ataactagca      7860
     acaaagctct tctggagaaa gttctgaagt ctgaagtagt cactcatatt tttaccctaa      7920
     atgcaactat tactatctca accatagaaa tgatcaaagt aagggctgga gatatttaga      7980
     ttttaatcac cataaggtgg attatgtcaa gtaatggaat tagtcagctg agtgtttgaa      8040
     aatcctcagg ttactttcaa ttgctcatac tttaagggtc tacagaacat ttcataacta      8100
     acctagcaaa ctgtgacttt tccccacttc tgtaagactt tcaatcacaa aaaagaagca      8160
     atacaaattt cagtaaaact acatgacaat taccatttga ttctactaca ctgcaactat      8220
     cacctctaga agtaatcagc caactccata ggtccatgag atttcccatg attattccta      8280
     gaagtactaa ttaggatcac aggtatgtgg ggaccactct gtaatcataa cattctctaa      8340
     accttcaatc ataatttaca tttgaaaaac ctttggtttt tatgattaaa aagtatgtat      8400
     gaatatatat atatatgtat gtatgtgtaa atatgtgcat gtgtgtgtgt atatatatgt      8460
     gtatatatgc atatatataa cactaaaatc tctacctgtc aacaacataa tgctttataa      8520
     ccagtggttc cagatgtagg ccccagaaca acagtatcag tttcacctgg gaacttctta      8580
     aaaacgtaaa tgctcaggca acaccacaga cctactgaat cagaaaccct gggactagct      8640
     ctccaaatga ttctggtgca tactatatta aaaaaaaaat gtaacccagg cacagcagct      8700
     catgcctgtc atcccagcaa cttgggaggg caaggtggga ggatcacttg agcccaggag      8760
     ttcaagaaca gccagagcaa catagtgaga cctcatctct acaaaaaatt tttttaaact      8820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagca tttaaagtaa acacttaatc acttaaactt atgatcctga      8880
     gagaacaggt aacaccactc aaacaaatgg aggatcaaat ggaaagttat cctaaaaagc      8940
     aaataagcaa gcttaattaa ttttaagaac attgttaata ctatatacta tttagaagat      9000
     tttaaaataa tctataaaag aatatgtaca tttattatca gataatgggt gagagtcata      9060
     aaggtaaaat tagtacagaa aaaatgaaat gaaaaccaaa gcaaataaaa atgaagttaa      9120
     aatcaggccc aaacagaaca gtgttgtggt aaacttatgt aacatatgaa ggggcttcac      9180
     ttcaatagaa ctatataaag gaaccattgc aataatgata gactaggtaa cttagatcaa      9240
     tcctctcact gagaactaga aaggtggaca aaatgtaatg attacagggc tgagaaaagg      9300
     gaataccaga gaacagggtc ttctttttta ccctttgggt tttcttgcaa tgacagcaga      9360
     gaagaagagg ttaacaagct gagctagaac tcacagcctc acagagctca cagggagata      9420
     aacattggag ctcagcatcc actgaggaga ggccctgtta agtctcccac tccttaggtt      9480
     gggaacctga agaacaaact gcaaattgcc ccgacaggga atgatggcca gatttaatca      9540
     tctcaatccc tgattgttaa tttccaagcc cctggcaggg gaaatgtaaa tcctctctgg      9600
     agaagaatat catccaaggc ttcaaattag ctctacaatt tttccatata taatgtctat      9660
     cactaaaaat agaaagccac atgagactta aagatgacac aacagaaaac aagagaagca      9720
     aacaacagac acaaaaccac aagggatcaa gataacagag ttagcagaca cagttcaata      9780
     taactgctga acatgagcaa ggaaagatgg gacaagacta aaaacctggc agagaaatgc      9840
     aaattataaa atgaaccata tgaaattctg caatttagaa ctaccaaaac tgaaattaat      9900
     aacgtaatgg ataagcttaa ccacagcagt aacctagcag aagacagatt cagtaaactg      9960
     caaaaagttc agaaagacaa aaaggtggaa aattgagaaa ataaaagaca acatattgaa     10020
     aagtttatca catacgtaga gcactggaag aaaaacaaga atgggacaga agcaagagct     10080
     gaagatatgg ttgtggagaa tttcccaaaa ctgatcaaag acttcacaag atttaaccac     10140
     cataaacact tcaagagaaa caatggaagc tggcataaga gaatgatatc tgcgaagtgc     10200
     tgaaagaagg aaactgccca tctagagaat tacgctcaat gaagatactc ttcaatgatg     10260
     aaataaaaag caaggatttt ttctatctgc agactcacac taaaggaaat attaaaggat     10320
     attttcagac aggagaaaga ggttcctctg catcaaaacc tggggactct attccataag     10380
     ctctgtaccc tggaactcag gaatcaagat tttacagaaa taaaaagagt tcttcaggga     10440
     ggggaaaata aaggttgagg gtgactggta aaattaagtt tgagttacct tagtatattt     10500
     taactcagaa tgagactctc aggatctaca aggatctcat gaaattatct gatttcccat     10560
     ttgacatctc agccttctaa gttattctta aagatgaaga acattctagt tttcaaagac     10620
     tacatcacca gatgggtcta aatagttaca agtcacttcc ttacattgag ttgaaaatca     10680
     cctctttgta atttgactta ttagttctag ttttatgccc tgtcttcacc aaaaatgaat     10740
     aaaaactaat gcttccatat acatactcct tcaaatagtt taagacaatc tatcatgaac     10800
     cagaaccccc aagttttcct ctccaaatcc acaatttcac cagctatcct aggacatgga     10860
     aaagaatctc ttcccaatcc tggctattat tctctaaatg aacctaacct tatctaagta     10920
     gatctttctt aaagtgctac ctcagaattc aattcagtaa ttctgatgtt gcctgtaaca     10980
     tcggaaaatg acttccttaa aagtacagta agttggattt accaagttgc tgaccagggc     11040
     acatttcctc ctgcagtcac tcccatcttt gtgttatact gtatctcaag ttcaattttg     11100
     cttattattc atgactctca ggttgtcact gtggacatca gaggccataa acctattgtt     11160
     ctggctcttt cctgtaaatc tttctgagtc atacctgcta atctccaaag tctgtgaatc     11220
     ccgatactaa taacttggca attcagttta aggtcctctt cagaaggaca gttagctcaa     11280
     agcaatcaca ttcttcccag gcctcttaag aaatactcca accccagaaa aggcccttct     11340
     gtctggtatc aggagccatg ggccacaaac acaaatccaa tagcatttca gccatttacc     11400
     tcccaaatca tcccctccct gaagttctaa ctagagcagg aaaaaataat gaaaacacca     11460
     cctgcagtca caaatcctcc aatttcctgg ccaagatttc atattccctt caagatacct     11520
     cccaaagagg acatgacaag ggaggggcac agagggtgct acaggtactg ataaggttct     11580
     atttcttttt tctttttatt ttttgagatg gagtttcact cttctcaccc aggctggagt     11640
     gcaatggtgc aatcttggct cacttcaacc tctgcctcct aggttcaagt gattctctca     11700
     cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggattacag gcacctgcca ccatgcctgg ctgatttttg     11760
     tatttttggt agagatgggg cttcgccatg cgggctggtc tggtctcaaa ctcctgtcct     11820
     caggtgatcc acctgcctcg gcctcccaaa gagctgggat tacaggcatg agccaccacg     11880
     cccagccaaa ggttctattt ctgaagtttg gtgttgcgca tatgttcata tgatttaatg     11940
     tttttttaaa aaaatggtat cttcctgttt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttttt gttgtaggcc     12000
     tgtgtgcttc attcattcac ccatatgaat ccataaagaa gtagccatta gcaacttcag     12060
     tcaatatata ctggattcat gcttcaggaa gacaactcag ttgacaacca caacagtttc     12120
     tatgataaca aaactgagag aaaatactaa cattagggtc atttcaagac agttcaatca     12180
     taagatatat ccccaagcaa aaatacgcac atgtaaaagc taagtaagaa gcttttagaa     12240
     aactactacc atccttaaag tacaacaaag tattctttta cgtctgtgtg cttcatcaaa     12300
     atacttcata tagccataga ttttaaaaca ttacatctta tctagattcc atattagacc     12360
     attaacattt tttctagatt ccattcttat tcttttgtaa ccttttagta tcttaaaagt     12420
     actttattaa atataacaca ttcagaaaag tacataaaat ataccttaag gtagacctta     12480
     acaagttatt ctaaattatt tgctcatgta accaccaacc tagtccagaa atatattaca     12540
     gccagtatcc aagaagccca cagatgtacc tttcagttca cacctcccta cctcccacct     12600
     agatggactc cttaccctac cctgtgtgta atcgcctctt ttttcttgat agttttactg     12660
     cccaagtatg aatccataaa gaagtgttcc tcagttttct tttatgttct atggctgttt     12720
     ggagggcagc agaccattat aataggtcag attttctttc actctaagga ccaattttca     12780
     ctccactgca ggcgatattg cctgcgctaa gaatgtatgc cctaaccaac attagttttg     12840
     cctatttttg aactctatat agaggaaatt gtacaaaata ggttttgggg atctggtctc     12900
     ttttgcttaa catagcgttc aggattcact catcttgtcc cacatgactg taagccattt     12960
     tatgaatacc acaattctcc attttattgg aatgaacatt tgggttattt tctgtttggg     13020
     gttattataa atgatgctgc tctgaacatt cctgtgtctc ctggcacata tgtactcatt     13080
     tcttgtgtgg tatatatcaa tgagattcct gaaccatagg gtatgagtat cttccacttt     13140
     acgaaactgt tttccaaaac acttgtacaa atatataccc ccattcatag gatatagagt     13200
     ctcataaaaa ttttcttacc ttaaaacata agcaaaatgt ctcctatctc ttcttcttct     13260
     tttaagatct gaagatcact gtgtaaagga ctatcagggt caaccttcag aattccaaaa     13320
     caaaaaacaa ttcaaacaaa aagattatta ttattatttg tattaatttt actaactcaa     13380
     aaatgaacca atctgaaagc taaaatacag cacctagggt aatttccaga aagaggagac     13440
     cttaagctgc tttatatccc caggaaaact agaggccact atagcttcca gctcctttag     13500
     aataaatgtc ccaaagagat tataatagcc taaatctaat ctaataaggg ggttcagagt     13560
     ttgcagtcat tctaaaggaa aacagtcgca tgtatataat tttctcaaga attcaaaaaa     13620
     agtttaatat gctttcctaa acttgtatta ctagccaagt tgttcaagga gaaaaatttg     13680
     ccatggacag agctgtcaaa aaagttaaat caccaaaaaa ttggtatttt tctacaactg     13740
     tcctacatac acatatataa atatgtatcc cacctcccac tctccttttt tgtttgtttg     13800
     ttttatgaca cagggtgtct cactctgtca cccaggctgg aatataatgg tgcaatcacg     13860
     gctcattgca gccttgactt ttccaagctc aaaagatctt cctgcctcag tctcctacca     13920
     cccctagtag ctgggactgt aagtgtactc cacctatata ttttaaaagt aataacataa     13980
     ctacctccac aataagagtt gattatgctg ctttcaaaac ctggggaaaa aatcataaaa     14040
     tcaacttggc aatcattatc tgtatattga aatgtattat ttgtattaaa ttatcaagca     14100
     atattgctca agctttttgc cagaagataa aaatcacgca aatattcact ctatcaggaa     14160
     gatggcaaaa taaaattcca atggacctat aaaaacaatt tctttaattc caaaatacaa     14220
     gcaaactaat cctatcttac tccctacatc ttttggaact tgattacatt tgagtttcac     14280
     aaaataaagc tagtaaacat ttccatttct gtccagtttt aagaaacaac atttataatc     14340
     tgacaacaga aaagaacaaa agaatgataa gaagaacagg gatttagaga tccttacctg     14400
     tcttataact ctgtgatctg tataagtccc tgaaatcttt cttaagtcta tctgaagctt     14460
     gcactgaccc agacactgca gcctgaaaca caaaagctgc tgtttaccag ggtctactga     14520
     gccaaataat ttaaagattt aaggtatttc aacctgctct aaaagattac agtagccagg     14580
     catggtggct cacacctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc tgaggggggg tggatcactt     14640
     gaggccaaga gtttgaaacc agccttgcca tcaggatgaa accccatctc cactaaaaaa     14700
     atacaaaagt tggccgggca tggttgcatg tgcctgtagt cccagctact cgagaagctg     14760
     aggcaagata attacttgaa cctgggaggt ggagatagta gtgagttgag atggtgccac     14820
     tgcactctgg cctgggccac agagtgagac tccatctcaa aagaaaaaga aaagaaaaga     14880
     aaagaaaaag attacaacaa aaatggatca ccactcaaca atttaagaag taaaaggaaa     14940
     aagtccaatt aaatgaagca ttatgaaatt tcaagggaat ataaaactag acacaagtct     15000
     ggttcatttc cattttccta tcacctaaaa aactctagcc aacatgttca taccaccatg     15060
     gactccacga tagcatagaa ttcagtatga gtctatttca aaccccagca atttttgaga     15120
     atactcaaga tgacaaaata ttaagtaaaa taggcttcca ttcataagac tgcaagcaag     15180
     aatatcacac agatggtcta gttcacacat gaagacactg agaaccatgt gtgcctacat     15240
     gcaactggtt tcagtttttc agtgcaggga cttctctaaa gatgaaaaca cattgatatc     15300
     ttatcctaag actaaataga aatggaacta ctttttggtc atgtgcaact aaagctttta     15360
     aagactgcac tagaatttga aggggaaaaa aatcaagttt ataaaaatat tacctcctag     15420
     ctatataacc ctgaactaat ttcatatcta taaaatgtga gtttttccta tctctaaagt     15480
     ataaacagca cctatttcac acagtggcta tgatgactaa atgaaaagat ctataaagta     15540
     ttaagtatga agtatttagc atagtatcag tcatacaaaa ttattcaata atttttactt     15600
     gttttgaaga taactcaaac tggacttgat cacaagacac agaaagtaca ataacattaa     15660
     ttaaaatgct acaatcttag ttttttaaat aatcaaaata tggggattaa ctaaatttat     15720
     ttgctgtatg aaaaattacc aattaaatta atatacaaat aagattgaag gagggagagt     15780
     tacctatctg attgcaacac ttgacatctg cttgcttaac aattcattcc ctgttttgga     15840
     gaacctgtgc ccaagacaaa gtaactggtc ctcggatatt gtggagttgg taaatagctc     15900
     taatacaagg caggaagcag taagtgttca gacaatcatt tgatgtttcc ctactctgtc     15960
     taagcatttt atgagtaaca tgcatcattt taatttattt ttcatagcaa ccatccaaaa     16020
     gatatgtact gtctatccat attttagagt tgcacaaagt gaaaccacaa aaggtgtgtc     16080
     tgtcaccaaa ctcagtgttc ctttcccatc ctgccacttc acataaaaga gatgttaagt     16140
     caaaagagaa accctacttt tggtttggtc agagcaggat ggatcaaagt cagcttcatg     16200
     aaggagaaat aatttgagtt gtgttttgta ggagagaatg aacttgaata tacagatgcc     16260
     acagaaggaa ggtaagcaga gaacacagca tagacaagct ggaaaggggc atatacaggg     16320
     atcagcaggt ggttccagga tgtgaagagc agatcaacag ggtaaaaagt ggctattcat     16380
     ggatgagaaa gataaccttg ggcaacaaag catatgagtg tggctaggca tggtggctca     16440
     tgtctgtaat cccagcactt gggcaggcca aggtagtagg actgcttgaa ctcaggtgtt     16500
     caagaccaga atggtcaaca tagtgaggcc tcatctctac taaaaataaa aaaaaaatta     16560
     gccttgtgtg gtgggacatg accatagtct cagacacttg ggaggctgag gtaggaggac     16620
     cactggagcc tgggagataa aggctacagt gaactatgat tgtgccactg cactctagcc     16680
     caggtgacag agcaagaccc tatctcaaaa ccaataaaca tatgactgaa tctaccacta     16740
     aggcaggaat ggaggaggag agcagctaag atcagcatgt tcatgaattg cctggtatta     16800
     actataatta cttaaccaaa aagtccagat atttatacac acatttaaat ggccttgcct     16860
     ttcagtcttc ctaattttct ctaatattgc ccaattttct ttttcagttc cttcatcttc     16920
     caacttcttc tcactagtag gctcttcttt catctcatag tgatctaagt cttctatatc     16980
     ctgcaaaaag aagaaaaata ttagccaatt caacccactt tccttcagca gtttcttatg     17040
     ccaaaactta aattattctt gactcggtgg gggacaagaa acagaatata tctatcctat     17100
     ggggagagag aaaaagcccc cacattccat tcaagaggct cccacctttt atatcctgta     17160
     atttatttaa aagctagact ctggggaaag cagatttaaa agctttacaa agtcacacct     17220
     attatgaaat aagccatcat ttatttattt acttctttaa tttattttat ttttttttgt     17280
     acgatagagt ctcactctgt cattcaggca ggagtatagt ggggcaatct ctgctcactg     17340
     caacctctgc ctcccaggtt caagtgattc tcatgcctca gtctcctgag tagctgggat     17400
     tacagacgta cactgccacg cccagctaat ttctttgtat gtttaataga gacagggttt     17460
     caacatgttg gccaggctgg tctcaaactt atgacatcaa gtgatctgcc cacctcagcc     17520
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac tggcatcaga caccacgccc agccaagcca tcttttaaat     17580
     ctcttctcaa gaggaacctt tgaaacagtt tagcagcagg tgtcaagaac cttaagtgtt     17640
     catagtttgt tccagatact cgacctctag aactgtatta caagaaacta gtctaagatg     17700
     taaacacaaa tttaggcata aggataccta tttcaacctt gcaaccacaa aaacaaacac     17760
     aaaatctgca tgtgcaaaaa tagcaaaaca gttaattcaa ttccatgaac tattaagaag     17820
     ccactgaaat atcaacacag cataatttct cctgtatcga aaaactttga aatgaaaaat     17880
     ggattacaca aaggaataga aagaatttca attatgctga aataagcaca gaaaaagacg     17940
     agaagaactt atattgaaat cttaatttca attaatttta gttgttatct ctggagacat     18000
     ttggtgcttt accctaattt ccaagtttat ggttttatgt agtaagcacc tattgatgct     18060
     aatgacttaa aaataagtta gaaaaagaat ttgatgtcag gtgctcagga ggctgaaata     18120
     gaagcattgt ttgggcccgg gagtttgagg ctgcagtaag ctatgatcat gccactgcac     18180
     tccaccctgg gtgacagcaa ccctatctca aaaactaata ataatttcaa aagaatttga     18240
     ataatacccc gcagaacaac atctttattc acatcattct gctccctccc ttcccatact     18300
     atctgttctt acatatatac aaacatatgc agaattgttt aaatcctaac ttttttcaat     18360
     taccttatat ttctacttca attgccaaaa tctctaaagg ggtagtttat gtttatctcg     18420
     attttttttc ccaagccagc taattcaccg atttctagac cagactactg aataccttca     18480
     ctcaaactct gcccatgagt ctgtacttca tggagctccc ttctccctgt gtgcactttt     18540
     cagccctgat cttctaccca catttgtttt ccccacaatg ctcacaaatg cctttggcct     18600
     gtatttccac ctgtaccttc aacctcagtc atgttcccat ccacaaaact tctccaccta     18660
     agtattaatc agcacatccc aaacagaatt caacatatct ttctaaaaca atattctcag     18720
     cacatgattc cctgcttaag gccttcttat caacaaacat accaaataga aacatgcctg     18780
     tctcaaattc aagacttcta tccatctgtc ttttctggac aatcttgctt tccatgactt     18840
     caacacatca actttccttc tcaaaagaaa agcatccagt gcacccaaac acaccatgtc     18900
     caaagttgct ctgggcctgt tcccacatta ttttaggagc ctagaatatc tgcttttcac     18960
     ctgtcctaat ctgacaactc cgaagtccag tctcctacct ttctagattt ccctcaaagt     19020
     tgcggtgcct tgttttttat cttgtgaagg gaaaatgaaa gtgttcatga actttagtac     19080
     aatggctgcc tgacctatgg aaaaggttta atgttttcat gcagtttatt ccatctaagc     19140
     taaactgcat aaaaacatta aaacagactt tcattctaat tggacaattt taagaagtat     19200
     tttactccca gactcataaa acaagcctac agccaggcac agtggcacac acctgtaatc     19260
     ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggtggtggat cacttgaggt caggagttca agaccagcct     19320
     gggcaacaaa gtgagactca aacgctaaaa taaaaaataa aaataaaata aaataaaata     19380
     aaataaaata aaaaaattag ctggacgtgg ggcaccggcc tgtagtccca gctactcagg     19440
     aggatcgctt gaacccagga gttcaaggtt acagtgagcc atgccagcgc tactgcactc     19500
     cagcctgggt gacagtgaaa ccctgtctca aaaaacaaac aaaaggaaga ctacaacact     19560
     acttttttag ttctgaagca ctctaaagta cattttagat taataatttc caaaccaaga     19620
     aaatgaaagc ctaaattaat tataagacct caaacagaaa aaaatctttt aaaacaatcg     19680
     ataccatgga atttacatac attctatttg gtcaatgcag agacatagat ctttgttctg     19740
     aagttcaaat ttaaatgtaa ggcttcagag ccagaaaaca tctaaaatta tacccatgac     19800
     tgacaactgg cctaggctca atgtctttgg aatttgctct actaaatttg ctactgtttc     19860
     aatgtattcc ctccaaaatt caactgttgc caatgtgatg atattaagag gtaggacttt     19920
     taatagatga ttaggccaag agggctcctt tctccttcat gggattaagg cccttatgaa     19980
     tgaggcttca cacattggac cagcttgctc tcctgccctt ctgcctgcta ccatgtgagg     20040
     ataaaacaag aaggtcctga gacaccaaat gttgatattt tcatcttgga tttcccagac     20100
     tccagaactg tcagaaaata aacgactgct cttcataaat tactcactct ctgttattct     20160
     gtcacaatac tatgaaacag actaagacaa atttgtttga atgatttttc agcaagagac     20220
     agtttcacta cttctggcag gtagtctcta aaatattctg aaattctcct tttatgcaaa     20280
     cataaaattt tttaaactca gtagtgtctc ttccaaaaaa taaccaaata caggttaagt     20340
     actgattagt attaaatata attttagtgt taaaacttaa gagcttttgt tttccagaaa     20400
     ataaaatcca agaattcaga taaaaaaaat ttgcacaaag gcatatcatg agttagaggt     20460
     aaagccagaa tttataaatt acattccatt ccaaataaga tgtgctttca attattccat     20520
     attaatagtt atttataaag gagattagag aattactcaa atgaccaaaa gagaagatat     20580
     ttatgatatg tatatatata tatttttttt tttttttttt tgagacagag tcttgctcgt     20640
     cactcaggca ggagtgcagt ggcacgacct tggctcactg caacctccac ctcccagatt     20700
     caagcaattc tcctgcctca gccacctgag tagctgagat tacatgtgcc taccaccacg     20760
     cccggctaat ttttgtactt ttagtagaga cagaatttca ccatgttggc caggctggtc     20820
     tcaaactcct gtcctcaggt gatccacctg ccatggcctc ccatagtgct tgctctgatt     20880
     tttagagttt ccagtttttc tgctctgttt tttcccaatc tttgtggttt tatctacctt     20940
     tggtctttga tgacggtgac atacagatgg ggttttggtg tggatgtcct ttctgtttgt     21000
     tagttttcct tctaacagtc aggaccctca gctgcaggtc tgttggagtt tgctggaggt     21060
     ccactccaga ccctgtttcc ctgggtatca gcggcggagc ctgcagaaca gcagatattg     21120
     gtgaacagca aatgttgctg gctgattgtt cctctggaag ttttgcctca gaggagtacc     21180
     cagccatgtg aggtgtcagt ctgcagctac tggggggtgc ctcccagtta ggctatgtgg     21240
     ggttcaggga cccacttgaa gaggcagtct gtctgttctg agatttcaag ctgcgtgctg     21300
     ggagaaccac tattttcttc aaagctgtca gacagagata tttaagtctg cataggtttc     21360
     tgctgccttt tgtttggcta tgccctgccc ccacaggcag agtctacaga ggcaggcagg     21420
     cctccttgag ctgcagtggg ctccacccag ctcgaacttc ccagccactt tgtttaccta     21480
     ctcaagccgc agcaatgatg ggctcccctc ccccagcctc actgtcgcct tgcagtttga     21540
     tctcagactg ctgtgctagc aaagagtgag gctccgtggg tgtaggcctt ccaaactagg     21600
     tgtgtgatat aatctcctgg tgtcccattt cctaagaccg ttggaaaagc acagtactag     21660
     tgtgggagtg acctgatttt ccaggtgcca tctgccagcc cttgctttga ataggaaagg     21720
     gaattcccgg accccttgtg ctccctgggt gaggtgatgc ctcgctgtgc tttggctcat     21780
     gctcagtgca ctgcacccac tgtcctgcac ccactgtctg acacgcccca gtgagatgaa     21840
     tccagtacct cagttggaaa tgcagaaatc ccctgtcttc tgtgtggctc atggtgggag     21900
     ctgtagactg gagctgttcc tattcagcca tcttggctcc acccccgttc tctaactttt     21960
     gacagaaaag tgtttggaat cagagttttt atctaatttt tcagatccta cactgccacc     22020
     tagtaagata ggatttttct ctgtgtagag ccttgtcagc cctttgccca aaacgtctag     22080
     tttctaactt tctcttcctc ccatgtcccg ctaataatta taagactcta tgtcccatct     22140
     gtaagcagaa aatctccact ttcaacagtc aaaaagaagc tgcccttgag agacaaattc     22200
     caacctcatt gctgaagttt ttataaaaga aggaaaagaa tggaatctct tttttttttt     22260
     tttttttttt gaggcagctg ttctacatcc agctacattg atatctaaat aagaagagaa     22320
     tgttaatttt caaagtcagt ccctattatt tacgaggatg tcaatgtttt gctaggacca     22380
     cagtaaggga agccagggat agtataaaga ctcaaactct attaaagact cttgctgcca     22440
     tctaactact gcataatctc tcttaagctt cccacatacc tggaaggttt tgggttgaat     22500
     gggcttagga gacaaacaac gaattatata tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     22560
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta taattttaca tatgtgtgag gaattatata tatataaaca     22620
     tatatagaca tacatatata cacatatata catatacaca cacgtgtgta tatgtatata     22680
     tgtgtgtaat atatatgttt gtatgtgtat atataaacac atttatagac agagcatgca     22740
     tatatatgta aatatacaca ctcacttata tgtgtgtctg tatgtgtgca tatatgtgtg     22800
     tatatataca cgtgttatat atacacatac atatgtgtat gtgtatacgt atatacctac     22860
     atatacacat accatctata cacacatacc agagtgtata tgtgtacatc cagaaactct     22920
     gggtattaca tatgtgcata ttacatatgt gcatattaca tacatatatg tacacacata     22980
     catatgtgtg tatgtgtata tgtatatata tacacacata tagagatata tatacacata     23040
     tacatataca tatgtatcaa cacaagtgta aggtttcagc aaaattttag tatataaaag     23100
     cagaccgatt tgccagcaag ttgctacatg atttgagagc tattaatgca cagattaaat     23160
     caatgggtgc attacagcaa ggtctgccgt tcctggcagc cattccaagt gactcacctc     23220
     ccatcgtagc agatctcaaa gattatttcc ttactgtacc cttacatgag aaggataagc     23280
     aaagtttcac cccaaagcat gctcaccggt cctacgctat ttcagcgttt tgtaggacag     23340
     tccttaaagg agcctcgtaa tatatttcct actgcctaca taattcatta tatggatgaa     23400
     attcttttgg ctgctccaat ggaagagtta ttacaccaat tgctgagaga agcaaaacag     23460
     ggggacatct caaaatagtt caacaaaagg tagaagcaac ctccccatac caatacttag     23520
     gcactattgc tactgaaaca aatgtttgac ctcagaaagc agtcctctgt agggacagat     23580
     tacaaacctt cagtgatttc caacaactat taggagatat aaattggctg tgcccaatcc     23640
     taggtattgc tactcatcaa ctcaaacact caggcactcc atggaaattc ttcattagga     23700
     gcaatgggct taggagacaa cccagttgct ggtttgtcta aggaggctga agctgagtta     23760
     cagcttgtag agtagattct tcagcaaaca catgcctcct ggctacagcc acaaaatccc     23820
     ttggttccct tttttctctc taccccccat tctccaacag gacttttagg ccagatcata     23880
     gaaaaatatg taattgtaat agaatggctt tgtttgaaat tcaatcagag agtaaaatct     23940
     ctgcaagttt atctttcttt aactactcag tttataacaa ggggtaggga tagatcaaaa     24000
     atgcttaaga gatatgatcc acacaaaatt attgttctcc ttttagagcc agtctacaag     24060
     tatgaggaga aatattggat tcccagcaac aggctgcagc atgggaaatg ttgactgtgt     24120
     ggcaaattgc tctttcaggt tgtgtaggaa taatacataa acattatccc tcagacaaaa     24180
     ttttgcaatt ttaaaaattc agcctttcat cttccctgtg attcctcatc acaagcccat     24240
     ttcaggcagc cagacctatt ttactggtgg ctcttccaaa ggtcgcaaag ctacttatgg     24300
     tactaagcat gctcaaacaa taaaaaaccc cggagtttca gatcaacgct cagaactaat     24360
     ggcagttatg caggttttag agctcactgg ttcatctctt attaacactc tctgtcattc     24420
     agcctatgtt gtaaatgtag ccagtcatat tgggacgacc actattaaaa gcaccctgga     24480
     accagagcag tttaacttgt ttctaagact ttaacaagct gtttgctctt gtgctgcttt     24540
     ttatatttct tatatttgct ctcccacaca actccctaca ccactatttc taggtaacaa     24600
     tagagccaat aaattggttt gttctgcatt tcaacaagct caaccttctc atatattact     24660
     gcatcaaaac tctgccttta ctcgtatgtt tcatttgcct cacagccacg ctgcagcctg     24720
     tacaagcctg tcctgcttgc cagcatgtca ctggagtcac actcacagaa ggctgtaacc     24780
     catgagactt agcttcaaat gaaatctgac agatggatgt tactcacaaa gctgccattg     24840
     gtaagttctc ctttgttcat gtgactacag acacttattc tcatatgcgg catgctacat     24900
     gcaaaccagg tcacacagct ggttatgtgt gatgacattg tctgtcatca tttgctcata     24960
     tcggggggtc cctaaacaat taaaaactga caatggacac acttatgtta gtcatgcttt     25020
     ttaaaatttt ttacagctat ggtcagtcac tcataaaaca ggaattcctt acaaacccca     25080
     aggacaagga attatagagc gggcaaatca aacattacaa ggtgtgctga aaaaaaccga     25140
     aaggggaaac aagagatcag ttaccacctc aaacaaaata catttacttt tactttaatt     25200
     aattttttta cttatttact ttaatttttt gactcctggc acagatagta agactatggc     25260
     agaacgacac tggtaaatgt catagggaaa aagtaaagta tacccaaaaa tattatgaaa     25320
     atccccctaa ggacgatgga aatgctcagg agatttactg atgtaaggat gagggtatgc     25380
     ttgtgttttt acaggagacg gataatctgt gtggggtgcc ttcaatgtgt ttgtgaccat     25440
     gtaaaggaag actggagaga gccatggatc ccaactatga atccgactcc tccattacaa     25500
     ggcatgagtc agttgaaatt gctggagcac cagggtcagg caaacacccc cgatgtcacg     25560
     tttatggcca tgctacctgc aacatcctgt gcagtaggtt ttccttgtgc agagacaaaa     25620
     acatattggg cctatattcc caatccccca gtattatgga ctgtaatttg gagtgacact     25680
     ccccctgaca tctatcatga tcatgaagca tgggcaccag gacccctaac accccctgac     25740
     aaacagttat tagactctca gaacaatgat tatcaattat gctgctccat tggagggact     25800
     tccttcatga gtcacacagc gtacatcact caactgcagt ggccttgcaa attaatccca     25860
     agtatggctg acttaccatc gaaaaaaaat atgtacctat taggccttag ctctattacc     25920
     attaccggtg tagctactaa tctctcccag ccccatcccc caaatcgtat taattataca     25980
     gaatgagctc tctttgataa ttcttacccc cccctccttg gacccagtgt cttggtgccc     26040
     tagctagaca agagtacatg ctaatcggag acattatttt ctaggtccct gtggtcattt     26100
     agatgggaga gatgagaatc cgacctcatg gcataaactt cgctgacact ggtcagcatc     26160
     tcttcactgc attgcgctgg gattcaatcc caatctgcag caagtttaac ttggcatgga     26220
     acaggcttta gcccaacttt gcctcaatgg cattaccaag gaaagagagg tccaactcag     26280
     gagtcgatag ggaaggcagc actccactat atgaatggca gcatttgtgt cggaacacta     26340
     tctaatttta ataattgtgc tgaacacagt tttaatgtta ccgttgtgga aaacattacc     26400
     actcaattta caatttgtgt ttttgaactt atgtttttct ggcagcaaag aggaccaact     26460
     ccaggtaaac gatgcccgat tgacttgtga ttcctgtcaa ctgtattatt cccttaatca     26520
     tagcacagta caaacataca gcatatccac cctagtaatt ctaggtcaca atcccggatt     26580
     atggattcct gtaaatctgc ctgaggcttg ggtggccacc tctggtttcc attgtgtaaa     26640
     cttttttctt agtcagctta ttcgttgtgc ttgtagagcc ttaggcatga aaatttttct     26700
     gaaagtctcc ttaggtacat taataacttc tgttgtggcg tccttagtag caatgtacag     26760
     ctccattcaa atcacagctc aatatataga aaattggatg tgtacagccg accaggcatg     26820
     gatgcttaaa aattaactta acactgagat acacatggaa gtagcaatgt taaagaatta     26880
     aagattacag ttctgtggct aggaaaccaa gaacaaactt gcagttgcgt cagcaattgc     26940
     attgtcattt taagcatact catatttgtg taaccaattt ggaataaaac caaagggaat     27000
     atccatggaa acttcattta caaagcaaaa ttctaaactt gaaaaagcat actcaagtaa     27060
     tacagccatc tctgaaaact tgggcagaat tccagcaagg tttagagagc cttagcgttt     27120
     ggacctcctc caaacatcac ctaaatgtct tttttgtgat tatcagagta acgttttgat     27180
     gtctctcttt tatgttcatt gtctgtaaaa gcagctggac caccaaacag cagtggagag     27240
     ttgcacagcc tgcaatgatc tttactcaat taatgcaaaa ataaaaagga ggagatgttg     27300
     gaggccaaaa gaatgagggt cgtgaccaac tcagtaatga ctggagggtc tatgagcaga     27360
     gaggaaactg ttctcatgaa agcagcatgt tggcaactga cacaccacgt ctggtgtcag     27420
     aaggaatgct gagggcagtc atgccccaag cacagtcttt cttgtggtta tatataggaa     27480
     catctgaagc ctgtagtata tagaaagcaa ttacatgagc ctgtgataaa tcaagcagct     27540
     gaccaacaat tacctttcct ccctgttgat tctgcctaat aaatatgaag gcctgtagaa     27600
     gctcagggcc tttgctgatt agaagcaatg agcccccgac ccttctttta aaacagacct     27660
     tttttgtctc tgtcttcatt tctgcattca acccccttcg tttcatccca tgtaacgaca     27720
     tgtggcagta actgactgcc acaccgtctc tattaaaaat acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     27780
     aaaaaaaaaa taggtgggct tgttggcagg cacatgtaat ccatgctact ccagaacctg     27840
     aggcagaaga atcccttcaa cccaggagac agatgttgca gtgggccgaa atcacgcctt     27900
     tgcaccccag gctgggtgac aacgtgtgac tccatctcaa aaaaagcaga aaacaaaaaa     27960
     gaagaaacca aaaccataca aaacaaaaca aacaaaaact atgttctggt taagagaact     28020
     gaaaaagcaa gcctcaggct aagaaaaatc taggaaacac atctgaaaag tgacttctat     28080
     gcaaaatata caaagaaata agatgaccca attaataagt agagacctga gtagatacat     28140
     caccaaaaca gatatggaga tggaaaaccc ggtgcacaaa atactgcttg ctgagcccct     28200
     gttacttctt ctgaaggctg aggctccaag ccatttcctg aggagcaaca gtggctgcca     28260
     gagtgacagt ggctccatag atcatcccca cctaccccag ctctaccttt cttccaggtt     28320
     ccaaggattt cccagacatt gagcatgctc acgaggaaag agccagaagc tggatatttt     28380
     atttcacaac ttttcttaaa attctggatg tcaaccagta tcctttggtt ggaagtttta     28440
     tatttatcct aacaatcttg aggcactgac aagtattagg aaagatgatt ttcaacctac     28500
     gtttgattcc atgaagaaat aaaggaattg gtgtggccag gcatgatggc tcacatcggt     28560
     aattccagca gtttgggagg ctgagccagg tggatgtcct taggtcaggt gtttgagatc     28620
     atcctggtca acgtggtgaa acaaactctc tactaaaaat gtaaaaaatt agccagtacc     28680
     ggtagtggtg tctgggtcct gtaaacgcag atcctcagga agctaagaca ggagaattgc     28740
     atgaacctgg gaagctgagg ttaccaaagc cgagatcatg tcattgcact ccagccatgg     28800
     gaacagacca agactccgtc tcaaaacaaa caaacaaaca acaacaacaa caaacagaac     28860
     agaacaacaa caaaaaaagg actcaattac atttttaggc agttatttta gaaggcttgg     28920
     tacaatgcat tactattttg gtattctcaa gacagaaaac acagtaacgc tagtaagtaa     28980
     aaaccaaaca gcaagtcact acaaattcat gggattaatt tcatccgtca ttcttcctgg     29040
     cttttattta aaatgtgtaa tgttgaaata atcagacgtt ttacttgtga tacctaaatg     29100
     caagaagaaa caccagttac tgaaccatta ttaaatgaat ctcagtcttc aaatttgatt     29160
     ctgatgcagt ggaatgtttt gtgaaagatg gaaaactaac agaccaaaca cacgtgattt     29220
     caaattttgg cctacttttg tagaagcaga tttaagaacc aaaaccttca tagttctaat     29280
     ttttgtcagt gattcagcat tgcaagatat gtagtgaaac tgaaatcaga gatttttttc     29340
     aattccaaca gaaactagtt tgtactctgg acattcgtgt tgctcccttg aaatccgtaa     29400
     agaaatcacg tgattgaaag ggacttttac acagtgaaaa tctgccaata caccgcatta     29460
     tcttattagc tacagttcac tattttattg tagtcaccat aagattagaa aaaaaaaaaa     29520
     aagcagataa atgactatgt gtactagaat tattttattt tattttattt tattattatt     29580
     atactttaag tttagggtac atgtgcacaa tgtgcaggtt agttacatat gcatacatgt     29640
     gccatgctgg tgtgctgcac ccattaactc gtcatttagc attaggtata gctgctaaag     29700
     ctatccctcc cccgtaaccc caccccacaa cagttccccg agcgtgatgt tacccttcct     29760
     gtgaccatgt gttctcattg ttcaattccc acccatgagt gagaatacgt ggtgtttggt     29820
     tttttgttct tgtgatagtt tactgagaat gatgatttcc aatttcatct atgtccatac     29880
     aaaggacatg aactcatcat ttcttatggc tgcatagtat tccatggtgt atatgtgcca     29940
     cattttctta atccagtcta tcattgttgg acatttgggt tggttccaag tctttgctct     30000
     tgtgaatagt gctgcaataa acataggtgt gcatgtgtct ttatagcagc atgatttata     30060
     gtcctttgtg tatacaccca gtaatgggat ggctgggtca aatggtattt ctagttctag     30120
     atccctgagg aatcaccaca ctgacttcca caagggttga actagttgac agtcccacca     30180
     acagtgtaaa agtgttccta tttctccaca tcctctccag cacctgttgt ttcctgactt     30240
     tttcatgatt gccattctaa ctggtgtgag atgctatctc attgtggttt tgatttgcat     30300
     ttctctgatg gccagtgatg gtgagcattt tttcatgtgc tttttggctg cataaatgtc     30360
     ttcttttgag aagtgtctgt tcatgtactt tgcccacttt ttgatgggga tgtttttttt     30420
     ttttcttgta aatttgtttg agttcattgt agattctgga tattagccct ttgtcagatg     30480
     agtaggttgc aaaaattttc tcccattttg taggttgctt gttcactctg atggtagttt     30540
     cttttgctgt gcagaagctc tttagtttaa ttagatccca tttgtcaatt ttggcttttg     30600
     ttgccattgc ttttggtgtt ttagacatga agtccttgcc catgcctatg tcctggatgg     30660
     taatgcctag gttttcttct cgggttttta tggtttcagg tctaacgctt aagtctttaa     30720
     tacatcttga attaattttt gtgtaaggcg taaggaaggg atccagtttc agctttctac     30780
     ctatggctag ccagttttcc ccgcaccatt tattaagtag ggaatccttt ccccattgct     30840
     tgtttttctc aggtttgtca aagatcagat agttgtagat atgcggcatt attttctgtt     30900
     ccattaatct atatctctgt tttggtacca gtaccatgct gttttggtta ctgtagcctt     30960
     gtagtatagt ttgaagtcag gtagcgtgat gcctccagct ttgttctttt ggcttaggat     31020
     tgacttggtg atgtgggctc ttttttggtt ctatatgaac tttaaaatag ttttttccaa     31080
     ttcagtgaag aaagtctttg gtagcttgat ggggatggca ttgaatctat aaattacctt     31140
     gggcagtatg accattaatt ttttcatttt ttactaagta gagctgagag tatgtttttt     31200
     aaaattggtt ttctgtggca caacacatgt atgctttttg gcagcaatca tagattaatg     31260
     aacaaacaat aacaacaaaa taatgctcaa caacacctgc tgttcgggga aggcaaatta     31320
     aaataagagt gtgagcacta aacagctata ctatgtctaa atttcttttt aaatatactc     31380
     aaaactgcaa cagaaaatct cattcattgc tgaaggaatg cataattgta cagcaacttt     31440
     aaaatgtggt tgttttcttc tgaaacagtt tgacagtttt ttccaaaggt ggacatggtc     31500
     tcatcatata ggctgacaat tgttaacact taggtatcta gacaactgat ttggaaactc     31560
     acatctaacc aaaaaccaca agcatttatg tataacggct cttttgacaa tgtccacata     31620
     cttgaaggaa tcacgatgcc cttcaatatt aaccaagcca ggtaaattct taaaatgaaa     31680
     tactattcat caaacaaaag gagtgattca tgaagtcatg caaagccatg gatgaagcgg     31740
     gcattcataa agcaaagtga taagagccag tctgaagagg tgacatactg tatgatttca     31800
     tttctattag attacagaga agaaatattt atagagacag taaactgacc tgcaacttac     31860
     agttgttttt agcgggccgg tagtgagttg aaaaggagaa tgcaattatg gaaaggagca     31920
     caaatgggcc agatgagaat agactcattc tgcttgatga gatcctgctg ggcatgtgga     31980
     agagtcaaga gtgtgtataa tgccatgaat aaataaatag tcttctactc atgataggag     32040
     aggagcgtct tctttcatca catatggaac tattttagga cagtttctga ggaagctttt     32100
     gttgtaagtg gaaaatcata cataaacaaa tgtaccattt caaacactga gtgtataatt     32160
     tggaagcatt aactatgctc aaattgtgca aacatcacca ccatttcaca atctcaccag     32220
     caatgtacaa gagttccaat ttctctgcat actctcaaac ttttctttaa aaaagaaaag     32280
     aaaagaaaag aaaaattcta atggggataa agtggtaatc tcattgtggt ttagatattc     32340
     ctgcattaag tggctagtga gtttgaacat cttttcatgt gcttattggt tgtggatttg     32400
     taaatgattt cttggctata tcactgaatg aacacaaaac ataagaaaaa ctagatcact     32460
     tgaacttcat caaaactaaa cacttttgtg cattaaaaga cactgtcagt atagtggaaa     32520
     gaaaaccaac agcatggaac acaatatttg caagtcatat atatggtata tattcaaatc     32580
     acccacttgg atctcttcca aatgcactct tctttttttc ttactctaaa acattttaaa     32640
     taaacatcgc cttttgctgt gaaacctttc tcagtctgct ttgctacttt attcccctca     32700
     gtcaaattct ttctcctgag gaggcaagag ttgaggttac tgcagaccat gatagatttg     32760
     atgccagtaa ctcagataac ttccactggt aacaggtcga gggactgctg gacagcgtgg     32820
     tgggagttca tgtctagtgt gtggctggcc tggccccagg cagttctgga ctgtggaggg     32880
     actagaaccc catgctacaa gcactctgtg gaaagagagc tcacattgct gagagaatgc     32940
     tgaggaagaa attttgtctt tttagtgagg ttaaattcct tcgcataata taaaattaac     33000
     tgtttcttaa tgaattcctt agtgatcttt agtacgtgca tatttgtgtg caactaccac     33060
     atcttagttc caaagtattt tcattattcc aaaaggaaat accctactta ttaagaagct     33120
     cctacccaat ctgtcctctt tctgacacca gtaccaataa tctgcatttt ttctctatgg     33180
     atttacctac tctaaatatt tatataaata gaatcataca ctatgtgact tttgtgctct     33240
     gcttcttgag ccaaaattta agtttcttca cattgtagct ttagagttgt aatccttttc     33300
     acagctgaat agtatgccgt tgtatggaca tactacattt tgtttcttat ttttttgttg     33360
     ctggacattt attgggtgtg tttcagattt tagttattgt gaatgctgct atgaacatac     33420
     gtacacatat ttttgtttga atagctcttt tacatttttt ttgtgtgtat atagcttgga     33480
     gtggattttg ggcgttctat ggtaatttta tatttagctt ttgcagaacc accaaactat     33540
     tttccacagc agctgcagca tttttctttc acattttccc acttccattt caaccattgt     33600
     tagctttttt ttccctgcaa ttataatgtg tgtgaagagg tatcttactg tagctttgac     33660
     ttgcatttcc actaggttaa aatgtgcagg tggcataaga gttggaggag caagaggaag     33720
     gctgaggaca gccatgtgga gaggataggc aagctccagg ggagagagtg gctgtggcaa     33780
     actctgcccg gtctcagctc cagcagtgaa tggaaagcaa gtccatgatt gtagtgtgga     33840
     ttttctcaca acctagctat ttcagcaagg agagcatgtg atttggggta ctgcaccctc     33900
     tcttctcata ggtcccctat aattcagtcc tcacgaggca cctgcctgga gccaacctgg     33960
     tctctgctac cagacaaagg agaccctcat gccctgggaa cctgatcctg gtggtcccta     34020
     atggacacag gcctggaggg aggagcacag cccatatgtg ctataacaaa gactataaag     34080
     tacagaagtg gatgctacat ttagcccagt caccccaggc cacatgaacc aggctcacca     34140
     ctcacgggcc tcagcctccc tctgtgagaa aggaactgcc acaaccatca atctcaacag     34200
     cctttccagg atttaatagg ccaaacaact tggaattctg ctgattttaa atgctgttgt     34260
     cattccagtt ctcacacaac ccaagcgcca gagactggag tcggagtctg caggttgctt     34320
     tctcctgctg gtgtggagaa tgtgccaact cagtctccac ttgtggctgg tacacagagt     34380
     gcttgaccac tgacatttaa ttatttccac ttttctttct aaagtttaac aaagagtgtc     34440
     tgtggtgtaa gctgtcacta acttcccttc ctttgggcct tccagagact acctcaaaac     34500
     acatgtcact ctcaagcaca agctactgtt gatttggtta actctgggtt cacatttaga     34560
     aaagctgtgg cctcagaaaa caaattcctt tggttctaat tatatgaggc tgtacaatga     34620
     gcattaagat ggccctgagc ttagacccgg aaagctctgg atgcaaggct cagtcctctc     34680
     ttctgcagaa aagagtcatg acctaatact ctagccagct gcccagagcc ttctgtaatc     34740
     ctaaactggc tagccatagg tagaaagctg aaactggatc ccttccttac gccttacaca     34800
     aaaattaatt caagatgtat taaagactta agcgttagac ctgaaaccat aaaaacccga     34860
     gaagaaaacc taggcattac catccaggac ataggcatgg gcaaggactt catgtctaaa     34920
     acaccaaaag caatggcaac aaaagccaaa attgacaaat gggatctaat taaactaaag     34980
     agcttctgca cagcaaaaga aactaccatc agagtgaaca agcaacctac aaaatgggag     35040
     aaaatttttg caacctactc atctgacaaa gggctaatat ccagaatcta caatgaactc     35100
     aaacaaattt acaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa catccccatc aaaaagtggg caaagtacat     35160
     gaacagacac ttctcaaaag aagacattta tgcagccaaa aagcacatga aaaaatgctc     35220
     accatcactg gccatcagag aaatgcaaat caaaaccaca atgagatagc atctcacacc     35280
     agttagaatg gcaatcatga aaaagtcagg aaacaacagg tgctggagag gatgtggaga     35340
     aataggaaca cttttacact gttggtggga ctgtcaacta gttcaaccct tgtggaagtc     35400
     agtgtggtga ttcctcaggg atctagaact agaaatacca tttgacccag ccatcccatt     35460
     actgggtgta tacacaaagg actataaatc atgctgctat aaagacacat gcacacctat     35520
     gtttattgca gcactattca caagagcaaa gacttggaac caacccaaat gtccaacaat     35580
     gatagactgg attaagaaaa tgtggcacat atacaccatg gaatactatg cagccataag     35640
     aaatgatgag ttcatgtcct ttgtatggac atagatgaaa ttggaaatca tcattctcag     35700
     taaactatca caagaacaaa aaaccaaaca ccacgtattc tcactcatgg gtgggaattg     35760
     aacaatgaga acacatggtc acaggaaggg taacatcacg ctcggggaac tgttgtgggg     35820
     tggggttacg ggggagggat agctttagca gctataccta atgctaaatg acgagttaat     35880
     gggtgcagca caccagcatg gcacatgtat gcatatgtaa ctaacctgca cattgtgcac     35940
     atgtacccta aacttaaagt ataataataa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taattctagt     36000
     acacatagtc atttatctgc tttttttttt tttttctaat cttatggtga ctacaataaa     36060
     atagtgaact gtagctaata agataatgcg gtgtattggc agattttcac tgtgtaaaag     36120
     tccctttcaa tcacgtgatt tctttacgga tttcaaggga gcaacacgaa tgtccagagt     36180
     acaaactagt ttctgttgga attgaaaaaa atctctgatt tcagtttcac tacatatctt     36240
     gcaatgctga atcactgaca aaaattagaa ctatgaaggt tttggttctt aaatctgctt     36300
     ctacaaaagt aggccaaaat ttgaaatcac gtgtgtttgg tctgttagtt ttccatcttt     36360
     cacaaaacat tccactgcat cagaatcaaa tttgaagact gagattcatt taataatggt     36420
     tcagtaactg gtgtttcttc ttgcatttag gtatcacaag taaaacgtct gattatttca     36480
     acattacaca ttttaaataa aagccaggaa gaatgacgga tgaaattaat cccatgaatt     36540
     tgtagtgact tgctgtttgg tttttactta ctagcgttac tgtgttttct gtcttgagaa     36600
     taccaaaata gtaatgcatt gtaccaagcc ttctaaaata actgcctaaa aatgtaattg     36660
     agtccttttt ttgttgttgt tctgttctgt ttgttgttgt tgttgtttgt ttgtttgttt     36720
     tgagacggag tcttggtctg ttcccatggc tggagtgcaa tgacatgatc tcggctttgg     36780
     taacctcagc ttcccaggtt catgcaattc tcctgtctta gcttcctgag gatctgcgtt     36840
     tacaggaccc agacaccact accggtactg gctaattttt tacattttta gtagagagtt     36900
     tgtttcacca cgttgaccag gatgatctca aacacctgac ctaaggacat ccacctggct     36960
     cagcctccca aactgctgga attaccgatg tgagccatca tgcctggcca caccaattcc     37020
     tttatttctt catggaatca aacgtaggtt gaaaatcatc tttcctaata cttgtcagtg     37080
     cctcaagatt gttaggataa atataaaact tccaaccaaa ggatactggt tgacatccag     37140
     aattttaaga aaagttgtga aataaaatat ccagcttctg gctctttcct cgtgagcatg     37200
     ctcaatgtct gggaaatcct tggaacctgg aagaaaggta gagctggggt aggtggggat     37260
     gatctatgga gccactgtca ctctggcagc cactgttgct cctcaggaaa tggcttggag     37320
     cctcagcctt cagaagaagt aacaggggct cagcaagcag tattttgtgc accgggtttt     37380
     ccatctccat atctgttttg gtgatgtatc tactcaggtc tctacttatt aattgggtca     37440
     tcttatttct ttgtatattt tgcatagaag tcacttttca gatgtgtttc ctagattttt     37500
     cttagcctga ggcttgcttt ttcagttctc ttaaccagaa catagttttt gtttgttttg     37560
     ttttgtatgg ttttggtttc ttcttttttg ttttctgctt tttttgagat ggagtcacac     37620
     gttgtcaccc agcctggggt gcaaaggcgt gatttcggcc cactgcaaca tctgtctcct     37680
     gggttgaagg gattcttctg cctcaggttc tggagtagca tggattacat gtgcctgcca     37740
     acaagcccac ctattttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgtattttta atagagacgg     37800
     tgtggcagtc agttactgcc acatgtcgtt acatgggatg aaacgaaggg ggttgaatgc     37860
     agaaatgaag acagagacaa aaaaggtctg ttttaaaaga agggtcgggg gctcattgct     37920
     tctaatcagc aaaggccctg agcttctaca ggccttcata tttattaggc agaatcaaca     37980
     gggaggaaag gtaattgttg gtcagctgct tgatttatca caggctcatg taattgcttt     38040
     ctatatacta caggcttcag atgttcctat atataaccac aagaaagact gtgcttgggg     38100
     catgactgcc ctcagcattc cttctgacac cagacgtggt gtgtcagttg ccaacatgct     38160
     gctttcatga gaacagtttc ctctctgctc atagaccctc cagtcattac tgagttggtc     38220
     acgaccctca ttcttttggc ctccaacatc tcctcctttt tatttttgca ttaattgagt     38280
     aaagatcatt gcaggctgtg caactctcca ctgctgtttg gtggtccagc tgcttttaca     38340
     gacaatgaac ataaaagaga gacatcaaaa cgttactctg ataatcacaa aaaagacatt     38400
     taggtgatgt ttggaggagg tccaaacgct aaggctctct aaaccttgct ggaattctgc     38460
     ccaagttttc agagatggct gtattacttg agtatgcttt ttcaagttta gaattttgct     38520
     ttgtaaatga agtttccatg gatattccct ttggttttat tccaaattgg ttacacaaat     38580
     atgagtatgc ttaaaatgac aatgcaattg ctgacgcaac tgcaagtttg ttcttggttt     38640
     cctagccaca gaactgtaat ctttaattct ttaacattgc tacttccatg tgtatctcag     38700
     tgttaagtta atttttaagc atccatgcct ggtcggctgt acacatccaa ttttctatat     38760
     attgagctgt gatttgaatg gagctgtaca ttgctactaa ggacgccaca acagaagtta     38820
     ttaatgtacc taaggagact ttcagaaaaa ttttcatgcc taaggctcta caagcacaac     38880
     gaataagctg actaagaaaa aagtttacac aatggaaacc agaggtggcc acccaagcct     38940
     caggcagatt tacaggaatc cataatccgg gattgtgacc tagaattact agggtggata     39000
     tgctgtatgt ttgtactgtg ctatgattaa gggaataata cagttgacag gaatcacaag     39060
     tcaatcgggc atcgtttacc tggagttggt cctctttgct gccagaaaaa cataagttca     39120
     aaaacacaaa ttgtaaattg agtggtaatg ttttccacaa cggtaacatt aaaactgtgt     39180
     tcagcacaat tattaaaatt agatagtgtt ccgacacaaa tgctgccatt catatagtgg     39240
     agtgctgcct tccctatcga ctcctgagtt ggacctctct ttccttggta atgccattga     39300
     ggcaaagttg ggctaaagcc tgttccatgc caagttaaac ttgctgcaga ttgggattga     39360
     atcccagcgc aatgcagtga agagatgctg accagtgtca gcgaagttta tgccatgagg     39420
     tcggattctc atctctccca tctaaatgac cacagggacc tagaaaataa tgtctccgat     39480
     tagcatgtac tcttgtctag ctagggcacc aagacactgg gtccaaggag gggggggtaa     39540
     gaattatcaa agagagctca ttctgtataa ttaatacgat ttgggggatg gggctgggag     39600
     agattagtag ctacaccggt aatggtaata gagctaaggc ctaataggta catatttttt     39660
     ttcgatggta agtcagccat acttgggatt aatttgcaag gccactgcag ttgagtgatg     39720
     tacgctgtgt gactcatgaa ggaagtccct ccaatggagc agcataattg ataatcattg     39780
     ttctgagagt ctaataactg tttgtcaggg ggtgttaggg gtcctggtgc ccatgcttca     39840
     tgatcatgat agatgtcagg gggagtgtca ctccaaatta cagtccataa tactggggga     39900
     ttgggaatat aggcccaata tgtttttgtc tctgcacaag gaaaacctac tgcacaggat     39960
     gttgcaggta gcatggccat aaacgtgaca tcgggggtgt ttgcctgacc ctggtgctcc     40020
     agcaatttca actgactcat gccttgtaat ggaggagtcg gattcatagt tgggatccat     40080
     ggctctctcc agtcttcctt tacatggtca caaacacatt gaaggcaccc cacacagatt     40140
     atccgtctcc tgtaaaaaca caagcatacc ctcatcctta catcagtaaa tctcctgagc     40200
     atttccatcg tccttagggg gattttcata atatttttgg gtatacttta ctttttccct     40260
     atgacattta ccagtgtcgt tctgccatag tcttactatc tgtgccagga gtcaaaaaat     40320
     taaagtaaat aagtaaaaaa attaattaaa gtaaaagtaa atgtattttg tttgaggtgg     40380
     taactgatct cttgtttccc ctttcggttt ttttcagcac accttgtaat gtttgatttg     40440
     cccgctctat aattccttgt ccttggggtt tgtaaggaat tcctgtttta tgagtgactg     40500
     accatagctg taaaaaattt taaaaagcat gactaacata agtgtgtcca ttgtcagttt     40560
     ttaattgttt agggaccccc cgatatgagc aaatgatgac agacaatgtc atcacacata     40620
     accagctgtg tgacctggtt tgcatgtagc atgccgcata tgagaataag tgtctgtagt     40680
     cacatgaaca aaggagaact taccaatggc agctttgtga gtaacatcca tctgtcagat     40740
     ttcatttgaa gctaagtctc atgggttaca gccttctgtg agtgtgactc cagtgacatg     40800
     ctggcaagca ggacaggctt gtacaggctg cagcctggct gtgaggcaaa tgaaacatac     40860
     gagtaaaggc agagttttga tgcagtaata tatgagaagg ttgagcttgt tgaaatgcag     40920
     aacaaaccaa tttattggct ctattgttac ctagaaatag tggtgtaggg agttgtgtgg     40980
     gagagcaaat ataagaaata taaaaagcag cacaagagca aacagcttgt taaagtctta     41040
     gaaacaagtt aaactgctct ggttccaggg tgcttttaat agtggtcgtc ccaatatgac     41100
     tggctacatt tacaacatag gctgaatgac agagagtgtt aataagagat gaaccagtga     41160
     gctctaaaac ctgcataact gccattagtt ctgagcgttg atctgaaact ccggggtttt     41220
     ttattgtttg agcatgctta gtaccataag tagctttgcg acctttggaa gagccaccag     41280
     taaaataggt ctggctgcct gaaatgggct tgtgatgagg aatcacaggg aagatgaaag     41340
     gctgaatttt taaaattgca aaattttgtc tgagggataa tgtttatgta ttattcctac     41400
     acaacctgaa agagcaattt gccacacagt caacatttcc catgctgcag cctgttgctg     41460
     ggaatccaat atttctcctc atacttgtag actggctcta aaaggagaac aataattttg     41520
     tgtggatcat atctcttaag catttttgat ctatccctac cccttgttat aaactgagta     41580
     gttaaagaaa gataaacttg cagagatttt actctctgat tgaatttcaa acaaagccat     41640
     tctattacaa ttacatattt ttctatgatc tggcctaaaa gtcctgttgg agaatggggg     41700
     gtagagagaa aaaagggaac caagggattt tgtggctgta gccaggaggc atgtgtttgc     41760
     tgaagaatct actctacaag ctgtaactca gcttcagcct ccttagacaa accagcaact     41820
     gggttgtctc ctaagcccat tgctcctaat gaagaatttc catggagtgc ctgagtgttt     41880
     gagttgatga gtagcaatac ctaggattgg gcacagccaa tttatatctc ctaatagttg     41940
     ttggaaatca ctgaaggttt gtaatctgtc cctacagagg actgctttct gaggtcaaac     42000
     atttgtttca gtagcaatag tgcctaagta ttggtatggg gaggttgctt ctaccttttg     42060
     ttgaactatt ttgagatgtc cccctgtttt gcttctctca gcaattggtg taataactct     42120
     tccattggag cagccaaaag aatttcatcc atataatgaa ttatgtaggc agtaggaaat     42180
     atattacgag gctcctttaa ggactgtcct acaaaacgct gaaatagcgt aggaccggtg     42240
     agcatgcttt ggggtgaaac tttgcttatc cttctcatgt aagggtacag taaggaaata     42300
     atctttgaga tctgctacga tgggaggtga gtcacttgga atggctgcca ggaacggcag     42360
     accttgctgt aatgcaccca ttgatttaat ctgtgcatta atagctctca aatcatgtag     42420
     caacttgctg gcaaatcggt ctgcttttat atactaaaat tttgctgaaa ccttacactt     42480
     gtgttgatac atatgtatat gtatatgtgt atatatatct ctatatgtgt gtatatatat     42540
     acatatacac atacacacat atgtatgtgt gtacatatat gtatgtaata tgcacatatg     42600
     taatatgcac atatgtaata cccagagttt ctggatgtac acatatacac tctggtatgt     42660
     gtgtatagat ggtatgtgta tatgtaggta tatacgtata cacatacaca tatgtatgtg     42720
     tatatataac acgtgtatat atacacacat atatgcacac atacagacac acatataagt     42780
     gagtgtgtat atttacatat atatgcatgc tctgtctata aatgtgttta tatatacaca     42840
     tacaaacata tatattacac acatatatac atatacacac gtgtgtgtat atgtatatat     42900
     gtgtatatat gtatgtctat atatgtttat atatatataa ttcctcacac atatataaaa     42960
     ttacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacatatat atatatatat     43020
     aattcgttgt ttgtctccta agcccattca acccaaaacc ttccaggtat gtgggaagct     43080
     taagagagat tatgcagtag ttagatggca gcaagagtct ttaatagagt ttgagtcttt     43140
     atactatccc tggcttccct tactgtggtc ctagcaaaac attgacatcc tcgtaaataa     43200
     tagggactga ctttgaaaat taacattctc ttcttattta gatatcaatg tagctggatg     43260
     tagaacagct gcctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaga ttccattctt ttccttcttt     43320
     tataaaaact tcagcaatga ggttggaatt tgtctctcaa gggcagcttc tttttgactg     43380
     ttgaaagtgg agattttctg cttacagatg ggacatagag tcttataatt attagcggga     43440
     catgggagga agagaaagtt agaaactaga cgttttgggc aaagggctga caaggctcta     43500
     cacagagaaa aatcctatct tactaggtgg cagtgtagga tctgaaaaat tagataaaaa     43560
     ctctgattcc aaacactttt ctgtcaaaag ttagagaacg ggggtggagc caagatggct     43620
     gaataggaac agctccagtc tacagctccc accatgagcc acacagaaga caggggattt     43680
     ctgcatttcc aactgaggta ctggattcat ctcactgggg cgtgtcagac agtgggtgca     43740
     ggacagtggg tgcagtgcac tgagcatgag ccaaagcaca gcgaggcatc acctcaccca     43800
     gggagcacaa ggggtccggg aattcccttt cctattcaaa gaaagggctg gcagatggca     43860
     cctggaaaat caggtcactc ccacactagt actgtgcttt tccaacggtc ttaggaaatg     43920
     ggacaccagg agattatatc acacacctag tttggaaggc ctacacccac ggagcctcac     43980
     tctttgctag cacagcagtc tgagatcaaa ctgcaaggcg acagtgaggc tgggggaggg     44040
     gagcccatca ttgctgcggc ttgagtaggt aaacaaagtg gctgggaagt tcgagctggg     44100
     tggagcccac tgcagctcaa ggaggcctgc ctgcctctgt agactctgcc tgtgggggca     44160
     gggcatagcc aaacaaaagg cagcagaaac ctatgcagac ttaaatatct ctgtctgaca     44220
     gctttgaaga aaatagtggt tctcccagca cgcagcttga aatctcagaa cagacagact     44280
     gcctcttcaa gtgggtccct gaaccccaca tagcctaact gggaggcacc ccccagtagc     44340
     tgcagactga cacctcacat ggctgggtac tcctctgagg caaaacttcc agaggaacaa     44400
     tcagccagca acatttgctg ttcaccaata tctgctgttc tgcaggctcc gccgctgata     44460
     cccagggaaa cagggtctgg agtggacctc cagcaaactc caacagacct gcagctgagg     44520
     gtcctgactg ttagaaggaa aactaacaaa cagaaaggac atccacacca aaaccccatc     44580
     tgtatgtcac cgtcatcaaa gaccaaaggt agataaaacc acaaagattg ggaaaaaaca     44640
     gagcagaaaa actggaaact ctaaaaatca gaacacctct cctcctccaa atgaacgcag     44700
     ctccttacca gcagtggaac aaagctggat ggagaatgac tttgacgtgt tgaaagaaga     44760
     aggtttcaga tgatcaaact actccgagct aaaggaggaa gttcgaaccc atggcaaagg     44820
     agctgaaaac cttgaaaaaa aaaattagat gaatggctaa ctagaataac caaagcagag     44880
     aagcccttaa aggacctgat ggagctgaaa accatggcac gagaactacg tgatgaacgc     44940
     acaagcctca ttagccgatt tgatcaactg gaagaaaggg tatcagtgat gtaagattaa     45000
     atgaatgaaa tgaagtgaga agagaagtta agagaaaaaa gaataaaaag aaatgaacaa     45060
     agcctccaaa aaatttggga ctatgtgaaa agaccaaagt gacatctgat tggtatacct     45120
     gaaagtcacg gggagaatgg aactattatc tgggagaact tcccaaatct agccaggcag     45180
     gccagcactc agattcagga aatacagagg acgccacaaa gatacacctc aagaagagca     45240
     actccaagac acataactgt caggttcacc aaagttgaaa tgaaggaaaa aatgttaagg     45300
     gaagccagag agaaggtagg gtcacccaca aagggaagcc catcagacta acagctgatc     45360
     ccttggagaa actctacaag ccacaagaga gtgagggcta atattcaaca ttcttaaaga     45420
     aaggaatttt caacccagaa tttcatatcc agccaaacta agcatcataa atgaaggaga     45480
     cataaaatcc tttacaggca agcaaatgct gagagatttt gtcatcacca gacctgccct     45540
     aaaagagctc ctaaaggaag caccaaacat ggaaaggaac aaccagtacc agccactgca     45600
     aagacatacc aaattgtaaa gaccttcaag gctaggaaga aactgcatca acgaactagc     45660
     aaaataacaa gctaacatca aagtgacaga atcaaattca cacataacaa tattaacctt     45720
     aaatgtaaat gggctaaatg ttccaattaa aagacacaga ctggcaaatt ggaaaaagag     45780
     tcaagaccca tcagtgtgct ctgttcagga aacccatctg atgtgcagag acacacatgg     45840
     gctcagaata aagggatgga ggaagatcta ccaagcaaat ggaagacaaa aaaaggcaag     45900
     ggttgcaatc ctagtctctg ataaaacaga ctttaaacca acaaagatca agagatcaaa     45960
     tcaataagaa gagctaacta tcctaaatat atatgtactc aatacaggag cacccagatt     46020
     cataaagcaa gtccttagag acctacaaag agacttagac tcccacacaa tgataatggg     46080
     agactttaac accccactgt caacattaga cagatcaacg agacagaaag ttaagaacga     46140
     tatgcagcaa atgaactcag ctctgcacca agtggaccta atagacatct atagaactct     46200
     ccaccccaaa tcaacagaat atacgttctt ttcagcatca caccacacct attccaaaac     46260
     tgaccccata gttggaagta aagcactcca cagcaaatgt aaaagaacag aaattataac     46320
     aaactgtctc tcagaccaca gtgaaagcaa actagaactc aggattaaga aactcactca     46380
     aaactgctca actgcatgga aactgaacaa cctgctcctg aatgactact aggtacataa     46440
     cgaaatgaag gcagaaataa agatgttcct tgaaaccaac aagaacaaag atacaatatg     46500
     ccagaatctc tgggacacgt tcaaatcagc atgtagaggg aaatgtgtag cactaaatgc     46560
     ccacagaata aagcaggaaa gatctaaaat tgacaccctg acatgacaat taactagaga     46620
     agcaagacca aacacattca aaagctagca gaaggtgaga aataactaag atcagagcag     46680
     aactgaaaga aatagagaca caaaaacccc ttcaaaaagt caatgaatcc aggagctggt     46740
     tttttgaaaa gatcaacaaa attgatagac tgctagcagg actaataaag aagaaaaaag     46800
     aagaatcaaa tagacgcaat aaaaaatgac aaaagggata tcaccaccga tcccacagaa     46860
     atacaaacta ccatcagaga atactataaa cacctctaca caaatgaagt agaaaaccta     46920
     gaagaaatgg ataaattcct tgacacatac accgtcccaa gactaaacca ggaagaagtt     46980
     ggatctctga atagaaaagt aacaggctct gaaattcagg caataagtaa tattgcaaaa     47040
     aaaagtccag gaccagatgg attcacatcc gaattctacc agacgtacaa ggtggacctg     47100
     gtaccattcc ttctgaaaag agtccaatca atagaagaag agggagtcct ctctaactca     47160
     ttttatgagg ccagcatcat cctgatacca aagcctggca gagacacagc aaaaatagag     47220
     aattttagac caaaatccct gatgaacatc aatgcaagaa tcgtcaataa aaaactggca     47280
     aaccgaaccc agcagcacgt ctaaaagctt acccaccgtg atcaagtagg cttcatccct     47340
     gggatgcaaa gctggttcaa catatgcaaa tcaataaaca taatccagca tataaacaga     47400
     accaatgaca aaaaccacat tattatctca atagatgcag aaagggcctt tgacaaaatt     47460
     caacagcagt tcatgctaaa aactctcaat aaattagtta tggatgggat atccatgaca     47520
     aatgcacagc cactgtcata ctgaatggga aaaaactgga agcattccct ttgaaaactg     47580
     gcacaagaca gggatgccct ctctcaccat tcctattcaa catagtgttg gaagttctgg     47640
     cctgggcaat caggcaggag aagtaaacaa agggtattca attagtaaaa gaggaagtca     47700
     aattctccct gtttgcagat gacatgattg tatgtttaga aaaccccata atctcagccc     47760
     aaaatctcct tacgcttata agcaacttca gcaaagtctc aggatacaaa atcaatgtgc     47820
     aaaaaatcac aagcattctg atataccaat aacagacaaa cagagagcta aatcatgagt     47880
     gaactcccat tcacaattgc ttcaaagaga ataaaatacc taggaatcca acttacaagg     47940
     gatgtgaagg gcctcttcaa ggagaactac aaaccactgc tcaatgaaat aaaagaggtt     48000
     acaaacaaat gggagaaaat gccatgctca tggataggaa gaatcaacat catgaaaatg     48060
     gccatactgc ccaacgtaat ttatagattc aatgccatcc ccagcaacct accaatgact     48120
     ttcttcacag aatggaaaag ttcatatgga accaaaaaag agcccacatt gccaagtcat     48180
     tcctaagtca aaagaacaaa gctggaggca tcatactacc tgacttcaaa ctatgctacg     48240
     aggctacaac aaccaaacag catggtactg gtaccaaaac agagatgtgg acaaatggaa     48300
     gagaaccagg cactcagaaa taatgccaca tatccacaac tatctgatct ttggcaaacc     48360
     agacaaaaac aagaaatggg gaaaggaatc cctatttaat aaatggtgct gggaaaactg     48420
     gttagccata tgtagtaagc tgtagctgga gcccttcctt acaccttata caaaaattaa     48480
     ttcaagatgc attgaagact tacatattag acctaaaacc ataaaaaccc tagaagaaaa     48540
     cttaagcaat accattcagg acataggcat gggcaaggac ttcatgtcca aaacgccaaa     48600
     cacaatgaca acaaaagcca aaattgacaa atgggatcta actaaactaa agagcttctg     48660
     cacagcaaaa gaaactacca tcagagtgaa caggcaacct acagaatggg agaaaatttt     48720
     tgcaatctac ccgtctgaca aagggctaat atccagactc tacaatgaac tcaaacaaat     48780
     ttacaagaaa aaaacaaaca accccatcca aaagtgggtg aaggatatga acagacattt     48840
     ctctttttct tttttttttt tttttttgag acggagtctc gctctgtcgc ccaggctgga     48900
     gtgcagtggc gggatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctccgcctc ccgggttcat gccattctcc     48960
     tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggactac aggcgcccgc cactacgccc ggctaatttt     49020
     ttgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcgcc gttttagccg ggatggtctc gatctcctga     49080
     cctcatgatc cacccgcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccgc     49140
     gcccggccga catttctcaa aagaacacat tcatgcagcc aaaaaacaca tgaaaaaatg     49200
     ctcatcatca ctggccatca gagaaatgca aatcaaaacc acagtgagac accatctcac     49260
     accagttaga atggcgatca tgaaaaaggc aggaaacaac aggtgctgga gaggatgtgg     49320
     agaaatagga acacttttac actgttggtg ggactgtcaa ctagttcggc cattgtacaa     49380
     gtcagtgtgg cgattcctca aggatctaga actagaaatc ccatttgacc cagccatccc     49440
     attactgggt atatacccaa aggattacaa atcatgctgc tataaagaca caaccaacgt     49500
     atatttatcg cggcacaatt cacaatagca aagacttgga accaacctaa atgtctaaca     49560
     acgacagact ggattaagaa aatgtggcac atatacacta tggaatacta ggcagccata     49620
     aaaaatgatg agttcatgtc ctttgtaggg acatggatga aactggaaac catcattctc     49680
     agcaaactat ggcaagaaca aaaaaccaaa cactgcatgt tctcactcat aggtgggaat     49740
     tgaacaatga gaacatgtgg acacaggaag gggaatatca cactccgggg actgttctgg     49800
     ggtgggggga gcgggcaagg atagcattag gagctatacc taatgctaaa tgatgagtta     49860
     atgggtgcag cacaccaaca tggcacatgt atacatatgt aacaaacctg cacgttgtgc     49920
     acatgtaccc taaaacataa agtacaattt aaaaaaagaa aaaaatattc ttccatcgtt     49980
     ttattttgag gctatgtgtg cctttgcacg tcagatgtgt ctcctaaata aagcacactt     50040
     agtgtattta tatttaagat taatattgtt acgtgtcaat ttgaccatga tatggtgatg     50100
     ctagctggtt attttgcata ttcttgatgc agtttcttca tagtgttgtt ggacttttta     50160
     tttgttattt tttgcagtag ctgttaccag atgtcccctt acatatttaa tgttcccttt     50220
     aggaactctt gtaaggcact catggtggtg acaaaatgtt tgtacactta acttgtctga     50280
     aaattatttt atttctcctt tggccataaa gcttagtttg gatggctata aaattctggt     50340
     ctgaaaattc tttcctttaa gatcggtgaa tatttgccac ctctctcttg tggcttgtag     50400
     ggtttctgca gaattatctg ctgttagtct aatgggcttc cctttgtaga taacctgatc     50460
     tttctctctg gctgctctaa acattttttt ttcctttttt tctaccttgg agaatctgcc     50520
     agttatgtgt cttgggggtt gtcttctcat gaagtatctc agtggtgttc tctatatttc     50580
     ctgaatgtgt acattggcct gtctttgtag gttggggaat ttctcctgaa taacatcctg     50640
     aagtttgttt ttcaagttgg ttcaattgtc ttcatcactt ttgggtacac aaatcaatca     50700
     caggtttggt cttctcacat aatcccatat ttctgagagg ctttgtttct tccttttcat     50760
     tcttttttct ctaatcttgt cttcatgctt tatttcatta agtttatctt caatctgtga     50820
     tattcttcct tctgcttgat taattcagct attgatcctc aggtacgttg tgcaaagttc     50880
     ttgccctgtg ttttttagct ccgtcaggac atttatgttt tcctctaaac tagttataat     50940
     cataattatt actatttttg agacggaatc tcactctgtc accagcctga agtgcagtgg     51000
     tatcaactca gctcacttca acctccacct cccatgttca agtgattctc ctgcattagc     51060
     atcctgagta gcctctcttc actgagagtt gtacacttct tggtattgca cgtcagcaga     51120
     tagatttgtc ttctctcaac ttaaagctga ggacacatct caacaacctt cctgcatata     51180
     gaagctaccc actctaaaaa atctcctctc cactgagggc ttcagagaca ttgtagcaac     51240
     ctgtcagcca atggcacttg gtcactctag gtattctctt aactgagtgt tgtgtggttg     51300
     taggtatgtc ctgtttgtga aatggagtta cctcctttct gtctcctgag agctgtacct     51360
     tcactcagtg cagcttctat ttaccttaat tattctccag ttgcccacaa agcttattct     51420
     tcctaggcat gggacaagaa ctcagaaccc acttaagggc aaaactataa gattagtaac     51480
     aaaaactggt ctgaaacaca caaaccccca cttgtcacat ttctgattac tgggatttaa     51540
     aaaataaaaa aggatagaag aggttcagtc cttaaaggag cccagactta aacattttca     51600
     aagccagggc tgtgacacca ttttgggggc tttgcagttt ctggcatttt taagcttctg     51660
     gatgccgttg tatttctgag cagtgaggaa aaaaaggctt ttgctatgct gattcagcca     51720
     aaggcttgca gggagctggc accacctggg ctttctcacc ttatcatagc caacatgctc     51780
     agctgtgtga agtggctgga ctcaacagtc gctcactcag gcttctctct ctgctctggg     51840
     tctgtctcac ccacagtaaa aatagaatct gagcacatag tttgaggtga gtgcaacctg     51900
     tcaaaatgag tggcaaattt agcccagcag gcccaagaga aattttggca aaggtgctac     51960
     catccactga gatttttggc tgggaaagcg atagtctata gatcctgcaa caaaagtcac     52020
     tgtgatcacc aaggaccagt agattattca atcatgccca tgtaatggag cctgcataat     52080
     aacccaaaat ggcaggcttc agagaacttc tggaaatctg aacttataga gtatcctaga     52140
     caattgtgtg cacataaaac cagacattaa tcattttaaa tgtctaagaa tatgtacgtg     52200
     tttttccttt gttttgaagg aagtttctgc atttaatcat gtgtgcagaa ttttagctta     52260
     ctaaatagaa tataatctaa gttaatctaa aaagcacact ttatgaccat taaaacttag     52320
     atatttctac ctaaatgatt ccatgattga ctaatcctgc tcaaggtttc ctttaaagag     52380
     gtagttcttt attcatgtta acagtgtaag atctagagcc ttatgcaaaa aacaaaatac     52440
     aaatcaactg atatctcagc aaaagttcta accatatgtt cagtttagaa ttttgtgtct     52500
     ctgagatatt tgtgacttgg taaattcaaa tcaccatctc agttgttttt gtgtctctgt     52560
     ttaggggagg gcagcagaaa ctgcctcata ccccattaga ctctgcattc taggatactt     52620
     aaaattaaat aataataata ataaacacta ttacagactt tcagtcatcc aagtctaaca     52680
     aaaaacaatt ctagtctttt atatactagt agccatagat aaaaattaga gctcttccag     52740
     gcgcggtggc aaaacctgta atcccagcac tttgaggggg ctgaggtggg tgaatcatga     52800
     ggtcaggaga tcgagatcat ttcagctaac atggtgaaat atcgtctctg gtaagaatag     52860
     aaaaaaattg gctgggcatg gtggcaagca ccggttgtcc cagctacttg ggaggctaag     52920
     gcaggagaac ggcgtgaacc caagagtcgg aggttgcaga gagtggagac tatgccactg     52980
     cattctagct tgagtgacag agtgagattc tgtctcagaa aaagaaaaaa aaatagagct     53040
     tgcaagaaca gtctgatgct catctgtctg ctcttatatt tgggcttgtg cataaagtaa     53100
     tgatatttgg acaaaaaaag ctgtttcatt atttatttta cagttacagt gcttgaagtg     53160
     aattgataat attaaataag taccttggat attttcagtc tcctttcaag ccttatctat     53220
     ggttgaaatt gttttgggct atgaacatgg attagggcat cttgcagcta acgatgtatg     53280
     ccgcttagct cagttcttgg gtcctgagca gataattaga actcatcaat ttttctttgt     53340
     acatatttga ccatggattc tatcccttgc gctgaggccc agaatttttt tcagcatttc     53400
     acactttctc cttggcccgt tccaacatca ttttaatttt acagcgaaca aaggccttac     53460
     ctttctccag aacaactgga ttacaagagg aaagctcttt aatttggatc ataacctctt     53520
     gtgtgaaatt ttcagtccaa gacacataag agaccaggcc cttggcacat gcatccagtg     53580
     ctgtcagctt tctcccacca aaccacattt cactggctga tgctccaccc agcatcttgg     53640
     gaaatgcaat gttagaacag ccacctgaac tctgtccaaa tgtcataaaa gaagtttcaa     53700
     gccaagcctt tctgttagcc ccaaagcaaa tcacaaagag gcaatatgga tgcacctagt     53760
     caaattaccg tgctactgcc tgatgcaaaa ataggtttct taaactgaat aaaactatgt     53820
     gccaggtctt tgcggtgtcc cccatttcaa tgcttgctct ctttctgtca tttcttaaat     53880
     gcacacaaaa tcaagaccac agcaaaggac actgctggct gcactgagca gggagcacaa     53940
     atttgctgtc atccacagaa accctattca gggcattctc aatttctttc attcgctctg     54000
     tatttagtga gatattctct gtcaacctag ttgatagtaa tttctgggta gtgaagctct     54060
     ctttcctcac cacaatgtct ctgaatctgc tggcattttc tgttaacctt agtgtaaagt     54120
     acatcctttt gataaaaggc tgtttttttt caatcatcaa taatctttat tttcccatct     54180
     ctccctcttc aaacagctat atgaatgttt tttgttccat tggctgttaa tggattcgtt     54240
     aataccaatg taccttcctt gttaactgag cccgtaacca tggaagtgat aattgagcca     54300
     gacaccagag acattagtgg gtgtatctgg gacctatcct ttcttccagc ctcttctgca     54360
     ctggaatctg acaaatctct gatgggcttc tctgctgcca tcttgtgcac caccatgtcc     54420
     agctgatgtg acacaatagg gtccagtttc ccgagtcccg gaaagccact cagtgagttc     54480
     ttgctgttaa atgggctctg aagtgcaagt gtcttgaggg gttaacttcc tagcttcaca     54540
     tttttgggtc aaagaaaggt aaagctgcat ttatcctaac gttgtggcca gcagcataca     54600
     tctggctgtg tttggatgtg tggtgtttgc gagtcattag cattttagaa acgttcttag     54660
     aaaagctgat gtaggtagat ccgaacattc cttttctggc attgtttgaa aaacttctgc     54720
     tcattccagt ccacgacttt tttttttttt ttttagatgg gatcccactc tgtcactcat     54780
     gctggagttc agtggtgcga tctcagctca ctgcaatctc cacctcctga attcaaggga     54840
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacagat gcatgccacc atgctcagct     54900
     aatgtttgta tttttaatag agatgcggtt tcaccatgtt gttcaggctg atctggaact     54960
     catgaccaca taatctgcct gcctcaatct ccaaatgttc tgtgattata ggcgtcagcc     55020
     atcacaccca gtcccatgtc ctttgtctcc atttttctgt catctgttaa agtcataata     55080
     tttcttacaa tttacgaagt tctgttccag ttgccctgtg tcaccctgtt tgtcatagca     55140
     tttccactga atgaaatact atgtcttccc atttttgtct tgtcttttgt caacaatatt     55200
     ttgaacctga aacttttggg aagctagaag gaaagagaag gtattgaagc agctgctgtg     55260
     tcatctttct ttcagttgag tgtctacata gtcactgcat tctgcctcca gtgcttcagc     55320
     agatcttggg tacagatgag cctcttccag tttgtggcct gtggtgtaga aagagatgtg     55380
     tgaagaagca actatgctat gtcccttagg ctctctacat ttactccatg gttggacagc     55440
     tcaggcttcc ttttacggtg ccaagatggc ccactatgta gtctcagcta agagcagctg     55500
     aatccactac tcttaatttg ctggtatagt gcagaaagct tctacctgcc tggtactttt     55560
     cctttgtggc tcttctaatg attacattaa acattctaaa gttaaaacac ttctaaattc     55620
     atgttagttt actcttgcta ccataaaaaa aggggggggt ttatagcaca accccttcta     55680
     tttcacctat tgagttcgca aaattatacc tttaggcacc gtatgccaga aacacaagct     55740
     agtgagtttc taaaatatat aatagtgact taattatgtg gaaaaccaat tgtggaggtg     55800
     catttttttt atcttttata tttatttatt tatcttttcc ttaatcttta cttattcaca     55860
     ctgctgcatt tttttatctt ttatatttat atatttatct tttccttaat ctttacttat     55920
     tcacactgct gtttcatgtc tattcatttt atcctaaaat acaccataaa gcatttctta     55980
     aagggtagtc tactggtaaa agactgcagc ttttacatgg gaattttata atatctctct     56040
     cacttttgat gggcatttag tgtaaacatg agatttctgt taaaagtttt tttcttacag     56100
     catttggaat atattagtct actactttct gacctctgaa ttttcagaaa agaaatccac     56160
     tgattactca tgggggttct ttttacatga ccagtcactt ctcttgctat tttcaagttt     56220
     caagttgttt ttgttttaga caggttaatt atcaagtaag tttgaatgta tttgagttta     56280
     tgctgcttgg agtttgttga atttctttgg tgtttattta tttcctcaaa tttatgacct     56340
     tcctgaccac tactgtttta gtctccttta ggaggactgc ttgatggtgt tccactggtt     56400
     tctaggttgt tttcacagtt atttatttat ttatttattt gtttattccc ttcttgactt     56460
     aacaatttca actgcccttt tcttagatct gctgatagtt tgttcttcta tcttctcaag     56520
     tgtcctttta aatctctgta gagatttttt ttttttttat tgagttttgc tctgtcacca     56580
     gggtggagtt cagtgaggca aacttggctg actgcaacct ctacctcctg atttcaaaca     56640
     attatcctgc ctcagcctct caagtagctg ggactacagg ctcatgccac cacaccctgc     56700
     taatttttgt attttttagt aaagacaagg tttcaccata ttggccagga taatcttcat     56760
     catttgacct catgatctaa ccgacttggc ctccgaaagt gctaagattg caggcgtgag     56820
     ccactgtgcc aggctgtagt aaattttagt gacagttgtt taacttttca gctccagata     56880
     tatatgtata ggtatatata taatatatat acacacacac atatatacac atatatattt     56940
     atattatata ttaaataaaa tatattatat ataatataga aatatatttt tatgtattct     57000
     atatatgtaa actaaagtct aacataatct aaagtctaag atatatgtat atatagatta     57060
     gatagataga cagatatatt agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aactactgaa     57120
     cctggcctag aatttccttc ttagttttac tgtaagttta ctttattgta agttttgttt     57180
     attgtaagtt tactgtctat taataatttt tttatattca tggctttctg tgcttttctt     57240
     cattgcatta gctttctaaa aaaatcatta aatttaaaag ttatttttta gttagcctgc     57300
     catttgggcc acctgggaaa agcttctgtt agtgattttt tttctttcta gggtgaacca     57360
     cactttcttt ctttcttttt tttttttttt gagagggagt ctcgctctgt tccccaggct     57420
     ggagtgcagt ggcgagatct cggctcactg caagctccgc ctcccaggtt cacgccactc     57480
     tcctgcctca gcctccagag tagctgggac tacaggcgct cgccaccacg cccggctaat     57540
     ttttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccgtgt tagccaggat ggttctggat ctcctgatct     57600
     cgggatccgc ccacctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggagtgag ccaccgcgcc     57660
     cggccgaacc acactttctt atttcacctt atgctatgtg attctgttgg tgtcgaaaac     57720
     aggcatataa attttcaagt gttgtacctt tgaaaatcag attttctccc tctgtagctt     57780
     gctagggatt tgtttattca tcatctaggc tatttctgtc atgacaatca gtcttactga     57840
     ttttgttggg ggtttttctt gaggctgcat cattttggag cacagatgtg tagcaacaca     57900
     ttttattcta aattttcacg tacatatgtt ttctttgaat gttttctcta tcattctctg     57960
     gcctctaaag agaaaaaaaa aacagaaaaa ttaggaaaga aaggctctgc ctttgtaaat     58020
     cgtctgaaag ttacttgagt agcaggagaa aaagcctgta aaaggtttgg aaaatgaaaa     58080
     atgactgttc accactcgca ggacctccgt aataagaaac agcaatcggt tagccagtcc     58140
     tcctgagatt tggaggataa ggtcattttt gcctatcgtg gctattgcca gctgctccag     58200
     aagtatttgc aaggctgcac accacggcaa tagttgatag gaataaataa ctgctgttga     58260
     cctatgctat aaagttgatc gaacttaatt gttgttgact ttacaaatcg tgttttgaaa     58320
     gcttcaaaac ttcagatagg atctataatt ccaaactatt tgcgtcatag cgattctgcc     58380
     actgcacata ttgaagagtt gaagggacag atgcatagtg ctctgtaatc cattgtctcg     58440
     tttttgcaag aacctgtatc attttatttt caatctctct ctttgcactt aaggtaacac     58500
     ttgcagggaa atcacatatg tgaacccttc ttttaaaggt acatttgcat cattctgtgc     58560
     ctttttatga aggagctcac atttaaagtt attaaacgta aaaaactatt cactctgata     58620
     tttaattact tgctttctgt atgttcttta ccttatttga atttttaaat ttctcctttc     58680
     atctttcaga aaaatttctt aatttctcaa aactttcttc ttctatatat tttatattat     58740
     atttagttac atttgggacc tcaataaata ttctaaactt aaaatagcct acgttggata     58800
     atactacctt atttaaataa tctaaagtct aagttcaaca atataaaggt actctgctcc     58860
     tgcacttttc tattcttctc aaattatatt atattgtctc agactatgtc tccactcaca     58920
     gagtgtccat gaaattaaat ctgtattttt tttgtatgta atagctgcct ataataagca     58980
     taatagtagt aattatcttt gctaggtaat agtaatagct tttattggtg gggggagggt     59040
     tagacacaca tttctttagc ttatttttat ctagacattt tctgcttgtg tattatttta     59100
     caggttataa atgttcttca tttctccaag gtgtcttctt agttattggc agcttagtat     59160
     ccacttaaat agcattttgt ataagagcag tatacaagct attatttaaa aaaactgaat     59220
     atgtattatc agattgtcaa ttatatgaag taactgcatt gttggttctc aggaaactaa     59280
     atgtttgtga ccaattcctg gcattttcaa ccaagagtga cttctgactt tggcaaaaca     59340
     gaaataaaaa tgactaatca attcatcgtt tattctctag aaagactaga acaaacacaa     59400
     taaattagca cataagggct gttttactcc ttctagaatc aggaatcagg gcctcaaatt     59460
     gaaaatgtgg atttcagttt tgcaggcttc atctgtgtct gggaggcagt atgacaatcc     59520
     aaaacattaa ctgttttaaa attgtctctc ttgattaagt gtttccttgg ttgatgtgaa     59580
     ctattggtga actattggtt tcctgggtgt agacggtttt ttatttgttt gagatttctt     59640
     tgaatggttt gacgctgcct gctctgcaat tttgtttcag ttttatttgt gaagcatgaa     59700
     ctgttttcta atctcagttt atttttattt aggagatcta aattttgtcc catgaaaatg     59760
     ttgtttcaaa tgctgaagtt aaatgttaca cttttaattt gggtttctag attttttatt     59820
     tgtttgtttt agtggttata gtgtaaggtt ttttgtttgc tttatattaa ttgatcctat     59880
     caatttcata taaaatgcat gaggtaaaat tctctattga gtacagcttg gactcatgtg     59940
     agacaagcat aaaataatta gtctctaaag tgactgtgaa gtaaatatct aaataaaata     60000
     ataagggaat aatcacacaa gcatgcatca agatcaacaa gtttgatgac ctccaccaga     60060
     cgtctgctta aattgtttga aaaacagcca ggtcactgtg gctggagcag accgtggaag     60120
     gcaaacagtt atagacattg agctcatgga ggtaacagac agtccatgtg agtggctagg     60180
     gtttctgtaa gtcaatagat tttactttct ttttacccta agcctggttc atgactagaa     60240
     gtggaattgg taaggtggtt actagcatct agccctgaga gattagaaaa gctgaaaaat     60300
     atcttaaaat ctagagtctc aggcctctct ttgataaatt aacagtgata gatcatctct     60360
     ccagaaaatt gtacataaga aaagcacact ttgattttat attttcaaga ttacttaact     60420
     caatctttgg tttctataaa tcagaagaat tttaagaagc ttttgtaaag ttctgttgat     60480
     tcaagttaag gtaagtgtta gtaaagcgaa gtcagttgag ttagtcaatg attacaaagt     60540
     aaaccatata tttctttttc tcccctttcc ttttcccatt actttttaaa tatttccgta     60600
     aaacactagt atagcaaaga aaaaacaaca acaacaacaa aaaaacgaag ccaggcagcc     60660
     tctgttttgt gggtggcaat taagaaaaca caacgaatgg cttttgggat agaactaaac     60720
     ttgactacag ctggaaggca tacagaaaag acatacacac ttgtggattg gcacactaca     60780
     ttatgcatgc acaatgggca taatatttat cgtaaggcaa aaattaaata tgtctgatga     60840
     cataaaagtt gctgagccat tataataacg aagcccaatg aaaacaaaga tttcaaggat     60900
     tatagctggg gttagagaac tcttgctttt gctaaagttg ttgagtagaa ttaacactga     60960
     ggtatcttct actgttctaa aattgtattt gatagaagat ttttatagtg ggaatctttg     61020
     atctcaatta gttatgctct ctcatgttct aaattaacca gaaataaata cattcacaaa     61080
     aatttacatg agccaattag agaaaataaa aacaagtgaa tgaagaagta gctgtaatag     61140
     aaaaatgtat gtggaaatgt taagataaat caaaaaagga ggttaattca tacagtgtaa     61200
     aatcttttac atttgattac aaaaattgtt ttgtagttca tgaggctcat ctcatgaatt     61260
     tacatttttc tgccagattt atattcacta aaagctgatt agagtgtgcc cacaagaata     61320
     aggtggatct gcattccaca gctcactgat tcaaagattg tttcggggaa aaattccaac     61380
     agatacaccc aggattaata ccctgtatac ctcaatccaa cgaagtcaac actcagtatt     61440
     aaccatcaca aatccacccc ttgacaactt gaaccactac acgtctccta agagaatacc     61500
     taattttcaa gtaaagaaaa taataacatc ataattacac ctaacgtaat acaactgtct     61560
     ttgttaaaac cagtaattca ccaatcccaa atctaaacac tattatgtga agttaaccat     61620
     actcaaatgt tgatttgatg tcaataaatc taatgtcaca taataaagaa aaagaaaaaa     61680
     tgaaggtact attacatgtg tatacataca caaacttttt ttttgacaaa aagaggaact     61740
     atttagaaca attaacgtcc tcatttctgc agctggtcac ctggttgtag ctggtgttga     61800
     tgtctacctt cttctaccaa cctttatgtg ttccctttgc gttcaacaag cacctcagct     61860
     gagaccccta atacctttcc tttcttcttt ctttcctttc ttccttcctt ctttatttcc     61920
     ttccttcctc cattccttcc tcccttgttt cttctattcc ttccttcctt cctccctccc     61980
     tcccttcctt ccttcttttc ttccttcctt tcttcctctc tctctctctt ttcttctttc     62040
     tttcttgttt gtttgctttc tggctggctg gctgcctggc tggctggctg gctggcttgc     62100
     ttgcttgctg gcttgcttgc ttgcttgctt cctttctttt ctgttggagt aacccaaacc     62160
     ttaactcctg aaggttctgg atcatttaca gtcctgtcaa aattaggctg ttgtaatttt     62220
     ccgttgatct taatctcagg gcagttaaat actatcaggc accttaatgg atctcctgtg     62280
     ttccatgtat attcttccat acctccgttg taaaatagta gactgatttt atcttgctaa     62340
     ttcaagtcag tcaccacagc caacactgtc acttccttag cctgttgact gaaaggcagg     62400
     agtagcccaa aatgccaagg ggacaatctt cactgtcagt ttaatggaaa tgtcattctg     62460
     tctcctggtg gcaacatttc tccctctgga actaagacct gtaagcctgt ggaacataat     62520
     gtaaaggaaa caggaagcaa acattttgct agtggatcac taggggtgat ggtgagtggg     62580
     gacattttca cttccacacc ttgatttctg tacccaataa ttctggctat gggaaaaaga     62640
     gtatatgttc aacactgatt caaaacatac attgccttct ggagaacttt tccccaggtt     62700
     tgcaaagtct tgtcacatgg ttggtattgt aattgtaact ttaaaaggcc atttcaccat     62760
     tctattaatc cagctgccct aggatgatgg gaagcatggt aagaccaacg aattccataa     62820
     tgcaggagcc cactgccaca cttctttagc cataaggtga gtgtctttgt cagagggaat     62880
     gctgtgtgga atgctatgtt ggtggatgag gtatttagcg tgtccacaga tggtagtctt     62940
     ggcagaagca ttggatgcag aataggcaaa cgcatatcca gtgtaagcac cctgagaaac     63000
     ggtgccatat ggacggatca gtgttggact ctgttgcttg caaatggggc atgcagcagt     63060
     ggccatagcc aggttagctt tggtgagtaa aagtccattt cgctgaaccc atgcataatc     63120
     ttcacccctg caatcatggc cactttgttt atgggctctc tgggtgatga cagcagaaac     63180
     tcgggagaga ggctgagtgg tttccacagg atggtttatt ctatccattt gcttacaaaa     63240
     tttttcctct tctgaggtca ccgttgttga acacttacat gaaatataaa tatcctcaca     63300
     gtttttgacc actcagagag gctaatctac ataactctct cttaaattac tttgccactt     63360
     atttactgat aatgcttctt ccaagttcct gatcatccag ccaaagcatt ggttatggcc     63420
     catgaaccag tatataatca cacatctggt tatttctcct tggcattcag tctactggga     63480
     agaggtccct tcaccactgt tcttcacgga tatcccagca aaaatctgta ctgctgcagc     63540
     tgttcattct tgggtggtgg ctccatatat ggtgcagaac catctggagc caggccatag     63600
     tctcctctta ttctgtcaac tgaccatagg gaactagcca tgagaccatc agtgcaggtt     63660
     ggaggggaga aggcatggtg gcaagactgg agaacatgag catttgagtc agtgacgcat     63720
     gtaaattact tgtgccttca ggactggctt gagactgagc acatatgtac cacttccatt     63780
     tgatgatgaa attctgctat ggacaaccca ctttatggct agatggatca gaaagcaccc     63840
     agttcatgat aggcatttca gttcacttgg tgacttgatg acttatagac aagggtacag     63900
     tttccaccaa acccagtaac aggccaagag ttgtctctca ataggacaat ggttatctgc     63960
     agaagatggc agggccttac ttcaaaatcc tagagaccta tgctgtgatt cacctgtgag     64020
     atcctggcat taggttccaa agagcacccc tatctaccac tgacacctca atcatcatta     64080
     tatcttctgg gtcatacggc ccaagtgaca gaaaagcttg cctggatctt ctacagagct     64140
     ttctcctgtt ctggacacta ttcacaactg gcagcctttt aagtcactca ataaaagggg     64200
     gagagtaaca acctcacata aggaatatgt tttctccaat atccaaagaa actcactaga     64260
     cattgtcccc catttttttg tttgtatgag gggccaaatg cagcaaattg ttctttacct     64320
     tagaaggaat atgtcaacag gtcttacacc actggacccc tagaaatttt actgaggtag     64380
     aaggtccctg aattttagtc agatttattt cctataatct ggtataaaca tgcctcacca     64440
     ataagtccag tgtgtttgct acttcttgct cactggatca aatcagcata atgtcatcag     64500
     tgtaacagac aagtgtgata tcttgcatga gccaaaagaa atcaagatct ctctgaaaaa     64560
     gattaaggca caaaggtaga gagttggtat acccctgagg taggagagta aaggtgtatt     64620
     gctggtattg ttgggtgaag gcaaattgcc tctggtgggt cttatggaca ggaatgcaga     64680
     aaaaggcatt tgccaagtca atggctgcat accagatgcc aggagatata tttatttgct     64740
     caagcaataa aaccacattt ggtacagcag ctgcaattcg agtcaccaag tggttaagct     64800
     taccaaaatc tcctgtcatt ctccaagatc cacttgtctt ctgcacaggt taaatgggag     64860
     agttgctttc agacgtgctg gtaatgacca actgtgtgtc tttcaagtcg ttaatgatgg     64920
     tactaacctt cacaatctct ctggggttgt gatattgttt ttgatttact gtattttcag     64980
     atagaggaag ctcaaatgct tccatttgcc ttttcccatt ttagtaatcc tcaccctaca     65040
     ggtcaggaag caaatgtggg gttctaccag cagctaagtg tgtctatgtc aataatgcat     65100
     tctggcactg ggaaaatgac cttaggatga ctctaggtac acgctcgacc cactgtaagt     65160
     ctgacggggg ctaaaacttt attaattgcc tgaccttcat aaggttctat tttaactgta     65220
     gaaccacaat gatgtttcgg gtctcctgga gtcagtatca gctcagatcc agggtccagt     65280
     agcctgaaaa ttctgatcat ttccctttct tccaggcata gttaccctga caaaatccag     65340
     gcgttactta aggaacaatg agagaaagat tcactgcata aattgttggt aatggagtgg     65400
     ggtctttcct caaggggatc cagcctcccc ttcattcaag gggttctgtg tctttaaatt     65460
     ggctctggta tggaaatagg ttgagaagct gtggttctgt ttttataatt tagaatagtt     65520
     cttcatctat ttgacaccaa agttttctgt ttctataact taagtaggaa tgcagtaggc     65580
     tttctatcaa tttcacttcc aggaacacct tgattaatta gccagtgcca gggttctaca     65640
     ggtgtcagac tcttctgatt gctgctttgc gacagctgtc cattatggta cctacaccca     65700
     ccttgccttt gatggtcgag tgttgccact tggttcctgc caccttggga ttcaattatc     65760
     cctagtgtat ttaaatgtta tagttagtgg ctgcagttcc cgcccttaga tctgacacac     65820
     agagaagagt aattacagag ctgttcaaag atgcaggtac tgctctgctt cacaaggcat     65880
     tgatcaagaa tatatcctct ggactctctc agctgggatg agtaggtcta aagtgaacta     65940
     atctactcca ccattccaat ctcccaaggc ctttggattt catcctttac tttaaaccaa     66000
     tggagagcgg acatttatag agctcactca cagtgggcca tctttgaatt catattttag     66060
     ctaaccaagc agataaacta tgagaaattc ttagctccct gtgctgcatc tttaaatgca     66120
     gagtccctac taggtcagcc ctagtcaata aattcagcct gatacaaccc tgtgttcctt     66180
     ctgctattat cccataccct taatatccat ttgcttctgt gttctctagc ctgctgttca     66240
     tgtatattat agaactcaaa cagttgttct tcagtttacc acaacttctc atgggttgca     66300
     ctctcaatat caccgtaaag agcccgccag tactttagtt tagttatagg cttagaacca     66360
     aacagagatg ttgggggtgg cctctgagaa gaatcaacat tatcatacct ggcaactgac     66420
     tcaggggagg ctatcactgt ggcctcagcc agcacatggt ttatctctat aggtagaggt     66480
     ggaaagactg aaggcagcat gtacctctct cttctgggat gcagaacaat aatttgagat     66540
     cagctgacta tcagggctga atgacctgta acacaactat ggataaaact cgcccccttg     66600
     cttatcgtag tgtggaacac aaaaataaga ggacagctgt ggcccttcag ggtgcacaga     66660
     cttaggggct ctcgatgcca tgactgtgac accctcttag gggctttgca ttttctggca     66720
     tctccaagct tctgggcccc actacgtttc acagtatcag ctgtggatgc tgcctgcagt     66780
     atgcctggcc cagctgctgc ttctcagtga gacggaactt ctgctggcac ctaaaatttc     66840
     ttgttttgcc acagctggca tgcctggatg agtttagtgg ttggagccca cacttgctca     66900
     tacaacactc accactccac catgcttgcc cttggcaggt gataaatgct ggctcttaat     66960
     gcaagctgag tgcagcctgt caggcagagt gggtagaaca catgtagcag gcctgggaaa     67020
     aactcaagca aaggcaccac tggccacagg ggttttcatc tggcaaagtg actcccctaa     67080
     aattctgtaa caaaagaagc atagctaatt gtgtttaaat gccttacttc tcttaaatcc     67140
     tgagacactg ataattgagt gtcaataccc tgaatatttt catattttat ccttatttgg     67200
     aaagtattat atttcaacat tatttagaaa taaaatttgc ataattggta tttgcgttga     67260
     accacctgaa tcccaagaac atatttgcat ggaaccacct gattctcaca aaatatattt     67320
     ctgaaatata ggcattgggc ttcagattag cattctttta gcagattatg aaacttgcca     67380
     atggaacaca atttctaatc cctggatttt gacattatat actcacatac tttttttttt     67440
     ttgtggaggc acttttgctg tgcattgtaa gaggatgagc agcatttctg accttttcca     67500
     ctaagtgcaa tagtagcatc ctttttccat ggttgaaatg tccaaatatc ttagtgtctt     67560
     ctggaagcta aattgttgac attgactatt ctaaagagtt atgaagaatg aataaaaaaa     67620
     ccagttttaa caattttgca gaggccatgc agggtggttc acacctgtaa tcccagcact     67680
     ttgggaggcc aaattgggag aatcacccta ggtcaggagt tggagaccag tctggccaac     67740
     atggtgtaac cctgtctcta ctaaaaatac aataagtaaa caaacaaaca aaattagctg     67800
     ggcatggtga cagtcgcctg taatcccagc tactcgggag gttgaggcca ggagaattga     67860
     ttgaaaccag gaggcgagaa tgagctgaga tcatgccatt gcactccagc ctgcatcaca     67920
     atagcgaact ctgtcttaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaatac acaaatttta     67980
     tatgagatct tatttttatc taactttctg ctgttctaat atcctgtcac ttacgcaatg     68040
     aaccagaatg tcctgcatgt accctggaac ttaatacaaa acaaagttaa agaaattaaa     68100
     taaaactaga aaggctttct tttcttagaa gtgaggttat agtaactgaa atgtgtgcca     68160
     cactttattt aagacatttt ctaattacaa atcagggttg tcacaaactg cattgaaaag     68220
     caaataagta gaatatctca attcttaatt gatcaaattt attttctttt attcttagaa     68280
     tggaatccca cactgtctct ttggatggtg tgcagtggtg caatcttagc acactgcagc     68340
     accctgcctc ccaagttcaa atgttcattc ttcctcagct tcttgaatag ctgagattac     68400
     aggtatgcac caacacactc gaagggtttt caccatattg gccatgttgt ctcaaactcc     68460
     tggcttcaag tactctgcct gttttggcct ctaaaagtgc cggaattaca ggcatgagcc     68520
     accaaggctt gccggccctc gtctgagttt ccaattgaga aatacactgg tcttacaaac     68580
     cttatttttt atatcatatt tttgatgagt ttcattttat gtctcataat tcacaaagat     68640
     aatttaagtg cattgtctct ctattggaaa tgaatttatt tccattaata cataattaaa     68700
     agagtaggtt tatgtagaaa gtcatttttc tatggtgaag agttctcaca tcttagaaat     68760
     tgctttacat atctcatttg gaaaactcat tgcatttatt gattacactt gcattttttt     68820
     ttcctttgca ttttcttttg taagagtatt ctaaattgtt tcaagataca ataagatgtt     68880
     taattatgtc aaataaactt aaaaggtatt ttcttcgaaa gacaactttt tcttaagcta     68940
     tgtttctact aatactgtgt gattactttt tgtatgttac taggaattaa ttgatgttta     69000
     aatcttccca gcatccaaag ttcatctgca atatttaaga aataaagaac tgctagcaga     69060
     gcaggctgtt ctggtccata gttcacccac taccgtcaac cctggttttg agctacctgc     69120
     agcacaagat tggctgggta aaaaaatctc aaaaagatat cagtctgttt gatggaaata     69180
     tattacatag acaaagaaat gactagtggg tatttaaaat cataaagagg ttttttatcg     69240
     ttaataacag ttttgtttga aattctatat ttacatttag aaaaaattaa ctcatcgctt     69300
     ttgtgttgct ttgtttttaa tcaactagct taacattttg tagccatcag gtatataatt     69360
     aaaaccattt ctatcagaga atattatttt tttaaataag atgtattact taaatgctct     69420
     catatatggt tttggtaatt taacacagtg gaattgattt aatcatatac aaaaaaatag     69480
     taagactgtt gagtaagaag aaaccaaatt taatggtaca aaaagtttat actaaaaatg     69540
     tatacattaa aaagattttt ctaacccaaa cattgaagtt gcttaatgtt gttttagtta     69600
     aattccaaga gaagtattat tttaaaatca taatgtgaaa agagatcatc tgagtgcatg     69660
     ttattacttt taaatgtcca cgtcaattaa acaaaatgga tagcaatgtt caaatcttac     69720
     gcagaactga aactcatagc gagaggtaat gtaagtaaat tgaaaaacaa taggccaggc     69780
     gcggtggctc acacctgtaa tcccagccct tttgggagac caaggagggc ggatcacaag     69840
     gtcaggagat cgagaccatc ctggctaaca aggtgaaacc cgtctctact aaaaatagaa     69900
     aaaattagcc gggcgtgctg gtgggtgcct gtagccccag ctacacggga ggctgaggca     69960
     ggagaatggt gtgagcccga gagtcggagc ttgcagtgag ccgagatcac accactgcac     70020
     tccagcctag gcgaaagagg gagactccgt ctcaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaaccata     70080
     aaatttagtt catttcaagg gaaatcagag agttacaaat ataattaaca acagtattct     70140
     gtacagatat ttaattgaaa atgtgaaatt atgttagttt atatgtttct ctctgtgagt     70200
     atattttttg gtacattgca ggagtttcta gctaaactca ctgtttaaaa ggacagatct     70260
     ttatttgtcc tgtgggatct atgtaaagag gagagtttcc tttttaaaaa cacagacttt     70320
     tgttaattta tttaactatt gtattggcag aataaataaa tatttttaaa atttttttaa     70380
     gcaaccacta ctgttatgaa acgttaagtc aatcttttct ttccttgtgg ttaatgtata     70440
     tttccaaata tataagacgg catgcaataa aaattattaa cttgccatga atattgtatt     70500
     tctggtccag agatgttttt tgaagtatat gcacgtcttc atacatagag ctatttcctc     70560
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcctctcc tcttttttta cagaaatgag aatataaaat     70620
     atacaatata gttatttgtt ttttacttag tgacacacct gtcaatacat gaagatctgt     70680
     ttatttctgt tctgtgctac ataacttggc attcaatgta ctctaattta tgcagtccac     70740
     atctaagatg gattgatgtg taagttgtgt tcagttttat aagatagaga agatttctag     70800
     ttctcacagg gattttaaat acaccgccta attgacttta tctcataata aaatgaatat     70860
     aaattaatca tcactatgta atgaggaaaa aagcagatat ttatgtgaag attatagttt     70920
     ttaggtttga gaacaataac ttgtatgcag tgctcagttt gaactgagaa aactctaatg     70980
     tcctatttat ataaatttct gatgacattg tattgaatac acttatttta agtacaaaag     71040
     tttttcaatc agttaacaca caatgattaa agttaagtct gtgttagcac ttggaaattt     71100
     aatattatac caccttatat gactttttca aataaaactg ttacagaagc aatgccatta     71160
     aaaatgcaga attaagatat ctctagttaa tggtgcatat attggatcat gtttctgatg     71220
     atataaaaat ttaaggtacc atttgaagag tgctgtgtta gcctgataaa gtgaatttcc     71280
     cagcctgatt agaagaacta tggacagagt catcattttt gtagcataag catagttctt     71340
     cttctctgag gttgtgaaac actcagatag taggaatatt tgcccccgat cagaccctgc     71400
     ccacaaaaat gacttgtggg actcaaagag gctggtgtga ctagtcacat aaattgtgtg     71460
     atctagcaac tatacataat cttagtggtt agaaacagta gctctacaat tagaaacaca     71520
     tgtgatgatg tagacaatga tggttcaaag atgagtaaca aaggtgtgag ttaaatttta     71580
     attatttatt tgtttttaat attctgatac caggtactgt ttttcttcct gagattactg     71640
     tactttcatg agattttgta aggactgcat tttgacaata tggctagaat gtctgagata     71700
     ctatgaatgg catatttttc atgctcacta tctaataact tgaaagttta cttgataatt     71760
     tttattattt tttgtttgtt ttcaaagtat aattgataca atcatatttg tatgacatgg     71820
     taaacgcaat tcagaatttt aagaataaaa aaatatttat tttaataagt atattctcat     71880
     cttgtatttg aagtatgcta tttaattttt aactttaatt ttatctgtgt tatataagtt     71940
     gtgtttattt ttaggatttt ctgtatattt tcctcaaatt agctattttt ctgcttaaga     72000
     aaaaaatcgt ttttcagata atgctacatg gacctgttat caacattatt tcacaattac     72060
     aataaggcta ctaaaggtat aaaagcacct ggttgaaaat aaaaagtatt cggttgatca     72120
     taaggcagca aaaagttagg ctttagtggc agatcacata tttaagatgc agctattaag     72180
     taagttaata caggaaacct gaattttgga aatgtttaca ctcaaactgt ttaccattcc     72240
     tttacttttt tcgcatagat attgatagaa actaaagaaa gaaattagaa tattttaact     72300
     gtagtaaaca gttccaaaat ttctacattt cttttcctca gtggtcagaa ataactttgc     72360
     cttcaaataa catcttggca cttaaagttt acagagatta caaaacacac acttgcctct     72420
     gcctttctag atatgacaga tcacactatg cagacattac aacttgggta acattccttt     72480
     tagtaggatc tcattatggg atgtccactc ttacttggtt aacagccact actggacaaa     72540
     aagatagaat ttggttcttg accctctagc tcgtttttcc tctagggttt ggaattgaaa     72600
     actgatcgag atggcaaatt gtactggcaa gaagcgaatg aagtagacag aatatagcat     72660
     tcaaattaag tccccaccat tgtgcttagt tgcttgtgct ttatgttgtc tcagcccttt     72720
     actgtggcat gcatgtctgc ctagctactt ttctgtgcca tgaacttcat caggacatga     72780
     agcagataat ttttatttct ctgtcataaa cctcagatgc ataccaaagc atagagaaac     72840
     atgttgcata tgtgtaaaac agctgtattt tgttctgtag ctacaaggaa attatgacct     72900
     ttggagcttc tgtgtatgct ctcgatcctt ccacaactac tcttaagggc catatttatt     72960
     gatttgtaat aattctcaat acatcacata aattatacca tgtaaatatc aaaaatgcat     73020
     gatactcaca agaagacact gcattccagg agaaaaaagt acttagttct tgtaagttat     73080
     ttatggcaga gcactgattt ctttccaatc ttgtcgactt gagaagattg tagtctattt     73140
     tcttacctgt gaggtatgtt attattttat tatttctact gataactttt ctgtatactc     73200
     tttatgatgg tccacctgtg aaataaacac taacgctaaa cattaaacac agtaagttct     73260
     ttgaaaatac tacaaaaatt gcgaatcatt tcattaactc agttttggta tatatttcat     73320
     tcaactactt tcacaatact tttaaagata ctgccttttg gcttctagag taaggctcat     73380
     cctcacgatg atgtatttaa gtattatcat aaatgtgaag acaaactagc attaaacaag     73440
     acagaagata gtaaagagta caatattggt gtcctaagac agcttcaggt caatcttttg     73500
     atttagctgc tttctgacta caattctacg tacccaaaag tttttggaaa cagttcaggt     73560
     aaattatggg tgagttatca tttaattttg atgaaatcaa ctctacataa actgaaattt     73620
     ttaaatatat cttaaaatcc ataatgcatt tgatgttaaa tatttaaaca aaagtaatat     73680
     tatagctgtc tttcttggtc acttctacta gtattatccc catagaaaga gacaaaaatt     73740
     gtcacagcaa agacaggcca tgtattcttt catcacttaa aatataatta aattcttatt     73800
     ataataagat ttctactcta tatataaact aaacattaaa atgtagccat ttccttgatc     73860
     taacagttgt ctaatgaagt aaatctcaat tatataattt tatctctata agtgttagaa     73920
     cacatctgta aagattttcc ttaaaaagtt gaccatggtg ctgtcatcac acataataaa     73980
     aattatttca taagcttggg caacatggca aaaaccagtc tccacaaaaa atacaaaaat     74040
     tactcaggtg tggtggtttg agcctgtagt atcagctact tgggaaggta aaatgccatt     74100
     tcattcactg actttcggtg tatgcttaaa gttccttcat tactcttttc aaattagatt     74160
     agtgcatcaa tgatgtcttt tagtttctag agtaatgttt atccatgaga ttatgtatat     74220
     caaagatcaa cattactcaa catcaaataa acattttttc ttatcaaatg aacgttttca     74280
     tcactgtcaa gatagtaccc ctttctagcc ctgcaagaaa atatatatat atgataaact     74340
     tatatgtaca tatataatgt gtaactttat ataatacata tgtgtatgtg tatatatatg     74400
     catatatgtg tgtgcgtatc tatatatata tttgcaaata tatatataca acatatataa     74460
     atgcaagctt gtgccaggca cgttccttcg cactggtagt cttaacattt tgggaagcca     74520
     aggcagccag attacttgat ttcaggagat caaaaccagc ctgagtaacg tggtgatata     74580
     tcatctctat taagatgcaa aaagctagct aggtgagtgt aattgtctgc acctgtagtc     74640
     cctgctacct gggacagctt gttttagaaa ctagaaagag ctatatgtta cagtatacag     74700
     taaaaagttg tgtgacagtg ttttattgtc atgcatgcca caaattagac ctgtttattg     74760
     ttctttcagg aaggtaattc atagatatct cagaggtaga aagaaaaagg gatcttctga     74820
     tttctgggct tccttctgtt tcactcacag cagctccctt ctctgtatta gcatatcact     74880
     tagatttctt ttaaatgtct gcagtgcacc tgtaatgcac tgactcccca ttgtatctct     74940
     cagtttgagg ttctagattc cgtagctaaa ctgtaaactt agggttgtaa gtgtaatttg     75000
     catacgtaat tcttattgaa ctatttcggt tctatagcct cacgtgtgac caacactccc     75060
     tttttcttgc atcaacaagt tattttcatt tatttgatct actcaagaca ttttttttct     75120
     gaaatctagt caacatttct gttctttttc attcaaatta ctataacact atgagtttct     75180
     gtcttcaaaa cttttactca ataatttatg tgtgcatgca tctatgtgtg attgtttgca     75240
     aacaattggc acaagggacc tgttttgtga aagacaattt tctattatct tcactggaaa     75300
     accaaaccaa acaaaaccaa acaaaaacat gaagaatata tatttataat ttatttcttt     75360
     aaaatatctt taggtacaaa tatgaaaaat attttaacac tttaaatgtg gacattaaca     75420
     gtcatcaaaa tcttcttgaa tctttggtat agtatatcca atggaagggg aaaatccaca     75480
     ttgttgtaaa atgggataaa atgtatgttt ttttcagttt tgaaaaaaaa aaagatctca     75540
     ttcaacaaaa ccagaagaca ttagagttgt ttgtgctcat ccacaaaatt aacttctggt     75600
     ttctctttac tgttttagtg gtatcagaca ggtagttaag atgataactt gtttaaagga     75660
     aaataatatt gacaaaatac agtgactgac ttgaggaaaa atgattgtta ttaaatgaat     75720
     aattttggat gtagacgatc tcacagaggg ttctcatctg tcctctatga taaattgcaa     75780
     tttaatgatt gaatattgaa gagttgacag aagaaaatat tattcttttt ctattacaga     75840
     tacctcttca ttttatgcgg ttacaacaga tgttaacaac cacgagtagt ttcacaaaca     75900
     gatttcattc tttaggccta accagcccat tttacctctt tggaacttgt ttgggagatg     75960
     gaatgaagaa ctatcttggg agacgtaagc taaataacat ggatgtcttt cttggccttc     76020
     ataacttctc acctccaagc tgtctgcatt gctgtgaact tagctgtcat ttagattgtg     76080
     gttcatttgt aacatcatat tgcctgctct tcacatctct gagaaatgaa acaatttatt     76140
     tcaccctttc actcttaatg caaacctctt aaaataacta tatataggtc ttaatgttgt     76200
     attttatttt atttactcat tttttattta tttttgagat agagtctcac tctgtcaccc     76260
     aggctggagt gccgtggccc ggtctatgct cactgcaact ccaacttcca ggttcacgcc     76320
     attctcctgc ctcagcctcc agagtagctg ggactacagg cgccagccac cacgcctggc     76380
     taatttttta gtatttttaa tagagacagg gttgaaccgt gttagccagg atggttggga     76440
     tttcctgact tcgtgatctg cccatctcgg cctcccaacg tgttgagatt acaggcgtgg     76500
     gattacaggt caccgcgctc ggccaggtcc taaacgtttt ttttataaga cagtgagacc     76560
     ggcctggcca aaagggtgaa actccacctc tgctaaaaat atgaaaatta gccaggcgtc     76620
     gtggcatatg cctgtaaaat tagatactgg ggaggctgag acaggtgaat ttcttgaatc     76680
     tgggaggcat atgttacagt gagcggagat cctgccattg caccgcagcc taggggaaga     76740
     gagcaaaacc ctatcatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     76800
     aaagaaaaaa aactgtgaga attaaacaca ttagtgtctg tgtgtctctt agtgtattac     76860
     ctcttcttta agtgctataa atatcagctg ctattattgc ttatcatgta tcttcaattt     76920
     actcacacca aattctgctt catagcataa aagaaaacag aacagtaaca gtcagatagt     76980
     agtggctata tggaaccaca aaagcatcag tgtctgtgtc agtaatcttt tgtaatttat     77040
     gacaaataag tgacctttta cacctacaga ttctgcaaac atagatttct taaaacctaa     77100
     actgtactca gtgtaacaat ttagatttgc ttcttatgat aagtaatttg tgtttggctt     77160
     gtaggagttt ttacaaggta tcgaatgtgt ttaatctatt tcttcagtct tcttgttctt     77220
     tctttatgaa atcattagat ctaatttata tgaatgtgtt gcctttttgg tttagttatt     77280
     tcaaggtaaa atatttaaga tatctttacc ttagaatatt ggtttttaat atatggaaat     77340
     atggaagagc atttatgtat tatattaatt attacttttt acttaagcag tttgaaatac     77400
     gagtcagtga agtaatcact aagatttggc ttaactaaca aatattttat taacagcttg     77460
     aaaatacaaa tgtttttgac tatatatata attttttttg aacagtagaa ttattttctg     77520
     catgaaggaa aagaattttc tatgattagc atacaaattg cctctatatt catcattacc     77580
     acaggatgtt acaccaaaaa atgtttgtgt tcctgccagt gactggtaca tggctttgga     77640
     tttcactcat aatgtaatta taattggttt gattgtctat tatgccactt tatatttcct     77700
     aacagtaaaa ttattatttc aatttttaaa tacacgaaaa acatttttgc ggtaattgtg     77760
     tgagaattct tggtaaacat aaaattctct aatctaaata tgcatttttt aattaaaaat     77820
     tatctctgtc ttcaaaaaat ttgtatcata gcttattcta ctttatcatt cagtattaag     77880
     ctttatctat tctaaacaaa atctttactt ataatttaaa aagtggatca ggttttacat     77940
     cagattttgt ttctcatgtt gataattcca ataatttgga agggcaagga aaaaaggaca     78000
     attgaggcca ggaatttgga acagagtttg gcaaaatcct gaaacaccat ctttataaaa     78060
     agttttttaa aatgagaaga tgtggtggct taacactggt aatcttgtca cttaatgagg     78120
     ccaagatggg tggatcactt taggcctagg atttgaggcc agcctgagta acactgcaag     78180
     attctgactc taagaaaaaa ttaaaataaa tatataaatt aaataattag ctgagcctac     78240
     tggccttttc ttctagatgt agctaattgg gaggctgagg aagcaggacg acataagtcc     78300
     aggagttgga agctgcagtt agtgacgatg gcaccactgt attcattcca gctggagcac     78360
     tagaaaattg tctcttaaaa aaagtaaaat ggctttagtc ttaagttagt acaaattata     78420
     caagtataga gtacattata ataacttgac ttcacaactc tttctgcctt gtttttatta     78480
     aaagatgtta ataaaatgtt gctgaactaa aaagtgtttg atatacattt tcagagacct     78540
     acgtatactt gcattttatt tacttcttga cttgactgtg aaactgaagt ttcagagctt     78600
     tattagtcaa tatgacattt gtactatatt tgtacatttt catgcactta taaagacata     78660
     cgctagactg ggcaatttat aaaaggaaga gcagtttatg gacttagaga tttatgtatc     78720
     tgccaaggca aagaggagca agtcacatct tatatgatgg cagcaagcaa agagagagct     78780
     tgttcaggga aacactgatg tttaaagcca tcagatctga tgagacttat tcactgtcac     78840
     aagatcagaa caaaaaaaca cctgccccca caatatggtt actccctatc tcatccccct     78900
     ccaccacatg taaaaatgta agataaaatt tcgatgggga catagtcaaa tcatatcatt     78960
     ccaaccctgg cccctccaaa atctcaaatc ctcacatttc aaaaccagtc atgcttttcc     79020
     aatagtactg caatgtctta actcattcaa gcatgaactc aatagtccaa agtctgagat     79080
     tttatctgag acaaggcaag tttttttctg cctatgaacc tgcaaaaatt aaagcaagtt     79140
     agttacatcc tagatacaat gagggtactg gcattgggaa aatacaggca ttccaaatat     79200
     gagaaactga ccagaataaa gggattacag gccctaagta catctgaaat ctgatgaggc     79260
     actaaaaatt taaggctcca ggatgatctt ctttaaccta atgtctcata tccaggtcat     79320
     gctgatgcaa gaggtgggtt tctatggtct tgagcagatc cccccatgag gctttatggg     79380
     gtacagcctt cctcccaact gctttcacca tctggcattg agtatctatg ggcttttctg     79440
     ggcacaccat caagctgtca atggactaac cattctgaag tctggaggat gaaaaccctc     79500
     atttcccatc cccacgatca tcatctatgt cactacctgt gttttcaatg gtagaaatgc     79560
     tgttgccgat gacagggatc aggtatagct gctggatcac agaatgtgtt tgataagtag     79620
     ctccagcgtc tttgagtccc acaaatactt ttgttgggtg gggtccaaca ggggcagata     79680
     gtcccactca gtaaatgttt cacaagctga gataagaaga aaaaaaaaac gctttctttg     79740
     aaagagttat agaagatggc gtagtattaa attttcatgt gttaaacaca gacttaactt     79800
     tgatcattat gagtttgctc attaaaaact tttgcactta aaatgattgt attcaattca     79860
     ttgccattag aactttacat taaaaaaatg agagttttcc cagttttaat tgagcacttc     79920
     ctttaagtta ttgttctgac tcataaagct ataactttca tgtaaatatc tgcttctttc     79980
     ctcagcaaat aatgataatc actttgcctg aactcagaat tttgttgtga gatgaagtca     80040
     acgagatggt gtgtttaaaa ttatggtgga agtgtaaatt cttctttatt tagtgtaaaa     80100
     ctgaatacca cttacacgtc aatccatctc agtggtggac tgcataaatt agagcacact     80160
     gaattgcaag ttatgcagct acaaacaaaa ttaaatggat cttcatatac tgacagacgt     80220
     gtgacgaagt acaaaacgaa gttaacaata tagtctattg tatatattca tttgtgtaaa     80280
     aaataaataa atagctatat atatggatta ctgcaggcac agagataatc tctggaacag     80340
     gaatataaaa ttggtggtca gttaataatt gttagtatat atcatcctat atagtgaaaa     80400
     tatatataaa ctatgtaaaa cagttagcta aagcatttaa caacagcagt gtttgtttaa     80460
     aaaaaactca tttgcaaata tatatttacc atgtcaatac aatcattaaa taaattaaca     80520
     aaaaaagtgt tttttaaaag caagtttttc cctctacata gatctcacaa tgcaaatgaa     80580
     gatttgatct tttaagcagt gagttagctg gaaactccta caatgtgtta aaaaaatact     80640
     tacatggaaa tatatatata tatatataaa atttcgtatt tactaattac aggcctatac     80700
     tgaatatgtt tgttaattac atacttaaca cttagcttaa tcttgaaata cactaagttt     80760
     tatgttactg tatgttaatt tgcttacatt accttccact ttgagtttca gttctgtgta     80820
     agtttaaaca ttgctacctt tttgtggaac ttatttggat atttagaagt aataaagtgc     80880
     actcaaatgt ttccttctaa tatcatgatt ttcaaaacca ttcctctttt agaatttaat     80940
     taaaataaca agcaacttca gtgcatacat tttaaatata acattttata gcattaagtt     81000
     tggcccctcg ttaatgtaac atttccatat tttttcacat atgataaaaa caactcatgt     81060
     gttaagttac caaaaccagc tacaggaaac cattaaagaa aggcatcttc ttcaaaaaaa     81120
     ttgtattctc tcactaaagt tcttctactt acatacctga tgactacaaa atgttgggct     81180
     agttgaccaa aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaaa gtgagttact tctttttcta aatgaaaaaa     81240
     atagtatttc aaaccaaagt aaatgaatat taatgaataa aatcagattt ataatttaaa     81300
     ccactcacta gttattgcct tgtctgtgtc atatattgca gtcaaagagc ctactctcat     81360
     ttttagattt ttttacgcag tcaatagctg gcgcaacaag tagctcaaac taggattcat     81420
     ggtagtgggt gacctacctc ttggaaatgc ctgttctgct ggcagttctt acttcttata     81480
     cattgcaggt gaactattga tgcagggaag aggaaaacat aaattaattt taggaagaga     81540
     aagtaatcat aatattattt gtagaaaacc taaattaaga aaaacctgtt ttctcaaaga     81600
     aaataccttt aagtttattt gatataatta aacatctcat tgtatcttca aacaattttg     81660
     aattttctta ccaaaaaaga tccttaaaaa acaaacattt atgtcaagaa atgtagtttc     81720
     caaagtaata tttttaaaga aatttctaaa accccagagt tttacacaaa agaaaaatga     81780
     tattctaaat aaactttctc ttttaattac atataaatgg atacacattc atttccaatg     81840
     aaaagagaat gcattaaaat tatattattt ttcttgactt atgagacata tgaagaaact     81900
     cataaacgta tgatatagaa aataaagttt tgcaacatgg ataagtttct caattagaaa     81960
     ttcattcaac tgccagacat cctgactcac acctataatc ccaggacttt cagatgatga     82020
     ggcaggcaga ttacttgaca tcaggagttt gggactagcc tggccaacat ggttaaaccc     82080
     catcacctgt gttggtgcac acgtgtaatc tcagctaatc aaatggctga ggcagattaa     82140
     tcccttgaag ctcggaagca ggggttgcag catgtcaaga ttgcaccact gcactccagc     82200
     tgaagacact gtgtaagatt ctatcctcaa aatgaaagaa aagaaattca atcaactgag     82260
     aattgaaata tactacttat ttactttttg gtgcagtttg tcaaaactct gatttatagt     82320
     tattttataa aatctcttaa ataagatgtg gcacatattc caaagttact ataactgcta     82380
     caaaaatgaa agccttttaa ttttaattta atttaattta aatttatatt aagtttcatg     82440
     atatgtatgc aggacatgca gatttatttc acaggtaaac gtgtgccatg gttgttcact     82500
     gaacccatta ccccatcacc taggtattta tctctgcata aattagctat ttgtcctgaa     82560
     ggtgttgttt tcccactttc tttatccagt ctgtcactca taggcatttg ggttaattcc     82620
     atgactttga atttgtgaat agtgctgtaa tacacataca caggcatgcg tccttgtaat     82680
     agaatgacta attttgcagg tgctatacac ccagtaatga aattgctgaa tccagtggga     82740
     ttgggattct gaaagactaa aagtgtgaat caccacacac ttttccacat tgtctgtact     82800
     gatttacatt ccaaagaaca atgtaaaaac attcctatga ctgcactagc tcactaccat     82860
     cagttttttc atgggtatta acttatacga taaagatagc catcaatttt gtttccacaa     82920
     gacacaaaca tatttgggca tttcttccat ggggaaaaaa aaaaggcatt tacaattgca     82980
     cttaatggaa gaggcccaaa atgctgctca tcatcctgca atgcacagca aaagctcctc     83040
     acataaagaa attttatgag tacaaaatgt caaaatcaga aattctgttt catcagaaag     83100
     ctttataaca cagtggaaga gtgctaacct gaagcccaat gccatgggtt acagaagtat     83160
     attctcagag actagatgtc tgtgcaagta agagggatag gatgtttcag tggaaatacc     83220
     agtctttcaa ctttaatttc caaaagattt tgaaatataa tgattttcaa ataaggttta     83280
     aacattccaa attgtaggag actgaatttt aagtagttca agatccaaca gaagaaaggc     83340
     atttaaacgc aactagctat gctccttttg tcatgagatt ttgggagagt caccttgcca     83400
     gttgaaaacc tctgcggcca gtggtgcctt tgcctgcgtt ttctcaggcc tgctaagcta     83460
     gctttaccca ctctgcctga caggctgcac tcagcttgca ttatgggcca ggatttaaca     83520
     cctgccaagg gcaaacgtga ggtagagtgg caatggtgtt tgagcaagtg tggggtccag     83580
     ccgctataga cagccaggcc taccagctgt tgcaaagcaa gaaattttag gtaccaacag     83640
     aagtaccatc tcactgagat gcagcagctg gaccaggcat actgcaagca gcttccacag     83700
     ctgatactgg ggaatgtagt ggtgcccaga agtttcagga tgccagaaac agcaaagccc     83760
     taaagagggt gtcacagccc tggttttgag atagcctagc tgtcctctta cttttgtctt     83820
     tcacaacgtg atgagcaaga gacatttttt tccctgtttg tgttacagtt ctttcagcac     83880
     caccattcag tgattctcaa ataatagttc tttatccagg aagaatgagg tagatggaca     83940
     cgtggagagt gagacattta tagacaagat ttactgaggg acagaactca aaagagatcc     84000
     tgattgggta ggtcttctcc acaggctgga tgttctgatg agtgtccagc tctcagtgga     84060
     gagacggctt tagagtgggc agcttatctt tacaggcaag ttgtcaaggc ttagtgtcca     84120
     gctctcagca ggaaagaaac cctggacttg gtagcttctc catccagctg gtcatattgt     84180
     gagatgttaa gctctccaca gagtgaagac cctggagtgg gtaggtctac ttcacacctg     84240
     gtggttccaa gattggctaa gccttcagca aaaagaagac cctcgactgg gtagctcctc     84300
     actctagctg gtcatcccat tatctcccca gctttcagca gatactgtgg tgggtagctc     84360
     cagcccactg ctgatagtcc tgacatctcc taagcttgca ggagagagat ggcccttggg     84420
     taggtagctc ctctccacag ctggtagttt gaatagtcct caaatgtggc tgagtccagg     84480
     aatattattt gcttcaaagg aaagaaagtg cttgctgatt ggattatttg gcaaccatgc     84540
     gtgcgtttta gaaaaaagca aaagtggttc ccattcttgt ccatcagcct agaacctaga     84600
     cttcaggctg taactggctt gaaggtggag cctcagtggg gaccagcaaa tttatcgcca     84660
     agagcctgtg atggctaaca ctgagtatca atttaactgg attgagagat acagagtatt     84720
     agtttggcat gtgtctgtgt aagtgttgcc taaaagagat taacactagg ggcagtgggc     84780
     tggagaaggt agttccaccc ttaatctggt gggcacaatt gccctgtaat tgctcttctc     84840
     tggaaaccac agtcatgcaa cgacaaaatt taaatatgtt gagaatagtt ggatcccgat     84900
     gtgacagggg tcaagtggca ccactcaaac atcaaaggtg tgggtacagc gaagggatag     84960
     tggcagtcaa atattatgac tcctgtagag ccttgccatt ggttaattag tcacggtgtt     85020
     cgtgcaagtg aaattgatgg aaagcttact gcattcatac ttatgttata catacagaaa     85080
     tcgttgcgtc aaaaggacaa atcactattc ggaatgatga aaacagagaa gtacggcccc     85140
     tccatcaatt accaggctag agacagttta aagaccgaga atccatcgaa tgaagaggag     85200
     gctgggttcc cttgaccaag aaacccacaa cacaactgac tatttatgca gtgaatcttt     85260
     acacaatctt tccccaagaa gacctccagg ctttaccaaa gtaattgtgt actagggaaa     85320
     gggaaatagt cagactttgg agaaactact ggccactagc tctgtgctga tgtgggttcc     85380
     aggggaccca aaatgttact gtggtcctgc agttaaagta ggagctcagg gaggtcaggt     85440
     aattaatagt gctttagctt attaggtcag atttacagag tgcccagtga gtccctggag     85500
     tcatcctgtg gtcattttcc cagtgctaaa ttgcataact ggcatagata tacttagcag     85560
     ctggcagaat cccacatttc catgacctcc aaggtgaggg ctacaacaat agaaaaggtt     85620
     aaatggaagc cacaagagct gcccctacct agaaaaatag taaataagaa atgatatcaa     85680
     aaccctgaga agattgtgaa gatgggtgcc accatcaaaa atttcaaaga tgctggattg     85740
     gtaattacca gcacattcta attcaactct cccatttggc ctgtgcaaaa gacaggtgga     85800
     ccttggataa tcacattgga gtattgcaac ttaatacagt tgtgaatcaa catgcagctg     85860
     atattctaga tatggtttat tttttgagca aattaataca tctcctgtca catggtatac     85920
     agccattcac ttggccagtg cccttttctt tattcctttc cataaggacc accagaggca     85980
     atttgccctc agctggcaag gccagcaata cacatttatt aaccttgttc aggtgtatat     86040
     taactttctg gcttcctgtc ataatcttac tcagagagac cttgattgct cttcacttct     86100
     gtaaagtatc acaatgattt catccatctc attgatgaaa ttaggctgat ttgatgagtg     86160
     agcaagaagt agcaagcaca tttgaattat tggtgagaca tttatgtacc agaagatgtg     86220
     aaataaatgt gactaaaatt cagagacctt ctacctccgt aatgttccta gaggtccagt     86280
     cttgggaagc ctgtcaaaat atcctttcca gggagaagaa caagttgttg tgtgaggccc     86340
     ctcttataac caagaaagag gcacaatact tactaggcct agttggattt ttgaagcagt     86400
     acctttttta tttgaatatg tcccactggc ccacttatta gtgacccaaa gggctgccag     86460
     ctttcagggg catccaaaac aggaaaagac tctgcaacta cttcaggctg tgttgcaaac     86520
     ccctctactc tttgggccat atgaaccagg agattcaatg atgcttgaag tttcagtggc     86580
     agataggaat gttgtttgga gctaaataac tgtggcagca gtgtcctgct cattaaatct     86640
     acttgtctta ccatgtttcc cattatcctg aaggagctgg ataaatagaa tggttaagtg     86700
     gctttttgaa gttacaatta caatgccaac gatgtgacaa tactttgcag tgctcccaca     86760
     ggtgaatcag accatacatc tctaggattt tgaagcaagg ccctgccatt ttctgcagat     86820
     aactagtatt ctttggagag acagctcttg gcccattgct gggctttggt gaaacatttc     86880
     aatgttggtc atcaagtcac catgtgaact acactgccta tcatgaactt ggtgctttct     86940
     gacccatcga gtcttaaagt gggttgtgca cagcaggatt tcatcatgaa atggatgtgg     87000
     tatacatgtg gccaggctta agcaggtcct aaggcacaac taagttacct gagaaagtgg     87060
     ttcaaatgct cacgatctcc actgcagcca ccccatcttc actccttcag cctatgtcga     87120
     tacccaaatg gccagatttc tgactatata ctgattcatg gtccatagct aatggtttgt     87180
     ctgggtgtca ggcacttggt agatgcatga ttagaatatt ggtgagaaag atatttgagg     87240
     aagacgtatg tggacggacc tttgtgagtg gtcaaaagct gtcaaaatat ttgtattcca     87300
     tgtgagttct aaccaacgag cagccttagt agataaagag tttaataatc aagtggataa     87360
     aaacactggt tccagggaca ccactctgcc tctttcccca gccacccctg tcattgcccg     87420
     atgagtccat gaacaaagcg gccatggtgg cagaaattga ggttacacat gtgctcagca     87480
     acatggactt ccactcacaa agcctgacct ggctatggcc actgctgagt gcccaatttg     87540
     ccagtaccag aggccaaaac tgagccctca gtatggccca gtttcttggg gtgatcagcc     87600
     agctacctgg tgacagatta attatactgg aactctttca tcaaggaaat ggcagaggtt     87660
     tgtcctcact ggaatagcca cttactgtgg atatgggttt ccccattctt catgcaatgc     87720
     ttctgataag actaccattc atgaactcac aaaatgccat attcaccatt atggtgttcc     87780
     acacaacatt tcctctgacc agtgcactaa ctttacagct aaagaaatgt ggcagtgggc     87840
     tcctgctcat taaaacgctg gtcttaccat gtttctcatt atcttgaagc aactaaatta     87900
     ataggattgt gaagtggcct tttgaagtta caattgcaat gccaactatg tgacaatact     87960
     ttgtagggct gtggcaaagt tctccagaag accatatgtt ctctgaatca gcatccaata     88020
     tatggtattg ttacttctgt agccaaaatt cgctggtcca ggaatcaagc gatggaagta     88080
     gaaatttcac cactcactat cactcctgtg cttcactagc aacatttttg tttcctgttt     88140
     cttatgatat tatgttctgc tggcctagag gtcttagctc cccaaggaaa agcgctgcca     88200
     ccagatgaaa caaaactgat tccattaaac tggaagtcaa gattgccacc tggacacttg     88260
     ggcctcctcc tacctttacg tcagcattgt aaaaaggcag ttacagtgtt gactgaggtg     88320
     attgacctga actatcaaga tgaaatcagc ctactcctcc acaatggagg gaagaaagag     88380
     tgtggcataa aatacagaag atgcattaag atgtgttcca gaattaccat gacgtgcaac     88440
     caaggtcagt ggaaaactac aacagcccaa ttctgacagg gctacagttg gatcagaccc     88500
     ttcaggtatt aaggtttggg tcactcacca gggtaacaac aacaaaagga acaacaacaa     88560
     caaaacaata aaaaccgcaa cctgctgagg tgcttgagga agataaaagg aaggcagaat     88620
     gggtgttaga agaagttagt catccatatc cgctataaac aagtgaccag ctgcagaaat     88680
     gaggacgtta attgttttaa gtatttcgtc cttcttttgt taaaaaaaaa aaagtttgtg     88740
     catgtataca catgtactaa gaaaattttt tttattttcc tttatcatgc tacataagat     88800
     ttattgagtt cttatcaaca tttgtgtatt gtaaacttta tgaaatagtg tttggattgg     88860
     agattgctgc attcctggtt gtaagaggat aattgtatta tgttaggtgt aattattacc     88920
     tcatttctgt ctgcatttga agattatgta ttatagcagg agatgtgatt tgattcgagt     88980
     taacaagggg tggacttgtg atgcttaata ctgagtgtct cattcattgg atcgaaggat     89040
     agagagtatt aatcgtggat gagtttcttg ggtggttcac ccccaaaaat taacatttga     89100
     gtcaatggga agatctacat taatctgatg ggcacaatct catgagcttc tagcgaatat     89160
     caagcagaca gaaacatgtc aaaaagcgag atgggactag cttcgaaagc atacatcttt     89220
     cttctatact ggatactttt tctctcagac agtgggctcc aagttcttct aggtttggga     89280
     ctcagacttg ctctccttgt tcctcagctt gcaggcagcc tattgtgatc atgtacgtaa     89340
     gtacttataa cctcccataa atatttatat atacatatac acaggcacac acacacactc     89400
     acacatatac atgcatatat aaaaatatat aaagggatgg aaaactaaac agtctgtaag     89460
     tattttcaaa aagtattctt tttttattat actttcagtt ttagggtaca tgtgcacaac     89520
     gtgcaggcta gttatatatg tatacatggg ccatgttggt gtgttgcacc cattaactca     89580
     tcatttaaca ttaggtatat ctccaaatgc tatccctccc cacgcccccc accccaaaac     89640
     aggctctggt gtgcgatgtt ccccatcctg tgtccatgtg ttctcattgt tcaactccca     89700
     gctatgagtg agaacatgcg gtgtttggtt ttttgtcctt gagatagttt gctgagaatg     89760
     atggtttaca gcttcatcca tgtccctaca aaggatatga actcataatt ttttatagct     89820
     ccatagtatt ccatggcaca tatgtgccac attttcttaa tcaagtctat cattgttggg     89880
     catttggctt ggttccaagt ctttgttatt gtgaatagtg ccacaataaa catacgtgtg     89940
     catgtgtctt catagcagca tgatttataa tcctttggga atatgcccag caatgggatg     90000
     gctgggtcaa atggtatttc tagttctaga tcctggagga atcaccacac tgacttccac     90060
     aatggctgaa ctagtttaca gtcccaccaa cagtgtaaaa ttgttcctat ttctccacat     90120
     cctctccagc acctgctgtt tcctgacttt ttcatgatcg ccattctaaa tggtgtgaga     90180
     tggtatctca ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt tgtctgatgg ccagtgatga tgagcatttt     90240
     ttcatgtgtt ttttgactgc ataaatgtct tcttttgaga agtgtctgtt catgtccttc     90300
     gcccactttt tgatggggtt gtttattttt tttttcttgt aaatttgttg gtgttcattg     90360
     tagattctgg atattagccc tttgtcagat gagtaggttg tgaaaatgtt ctcccattct     90420
     gtaggttgcc tcttcactct gatagtagtt tcttttgctg tgcagaagct ctttagttta     90480
     aacagatccc atttgtcaat tttggctttt gttggcatgc ttttggtgtt ttagacatga     90540
     agtccttgcc catgcctatg tcctgaatgg tattgcctag gttttcttct agggttttta     90600
     tggttttaag tctaacattt aagtttttaa tccatcttga attaattttt gtataaggtg     90660
     taaggaaggg atccagtttc agctttctac atatggctag cctgttttcc cagcaccatt     90720
     tattaaatag ggaatccttt ccccattgct tgtttttctc aggtttgtca gatagttgta     90780
     gatatgtaag attatttctg agggcttggt tctgttccat tgatctatat ctctgttttg     90840
     ataccagtaa catgctgttt tggttgctgt agccctgtaa tagagtttga agtcaggtag     90900
     cgtgatgcct ctggctttgt tcttttggct taggattgac ttggcgatgc aggctccttt     90960
     ttggttccat atgaacttta aagttttttc cagttctgtg aagaaagtca ttggtagctt     91020
     gatggggatg acattgaatc tataaattac ctcaggcatt atggcctttt tcatgatatt     91080
     gattcttcct acccatgagc atggaatgtt cttccatttc tttgtatcct cttttatttc     91140
     attgagcagt ggtttgcagt tctccttgaa aaggtccttc acatcccttg taagtcagat     91200
     tcctaggtat tttattctct ttgaagcaat tgtaaatggg agttcactca tgatttggct     91260
     ctgtgtttgt ctgttattga tgtataagaa tgctagtgat ttttgtgcat tgattttgta     91320
     tcctgagact ttgctgatgt tgcttatcag cttaaggagg ctttgggctg agacaatggg     91380
     gtgttctaga tatacaatca tgtcatctac aaacagggac aatatgactt cctcttttcc     91440
     taattgaata ccctttattt ccttctcctg cctaattgcc ctggccagaa cttccaatac     91500
     tatgttgaat aggagtggtg agagagggca tccctgtctt gtgccacttt tcaaagggaa     91560
     tgtttccagt ttttgtccat tcagtatgat attggctgtg ggtttgtcat agatatctct     91620
     tattaatttg agatacgtct catcaatacc taatttattg agagtttttt gtatgaagga     91680
     ttgttgaatt ttgtcaaagg ccttttctgc atctattgag ataatcatgt ggtttttgtc     91740
     tttggttctg tttatatgct ggattacatt tatcaatttg cgtatattaa accagccttg     91800
     catcccaggg atgaagccca cttgatgatg gcaggtatgc tttttgatgt gctgctagat     91860
     tcgctttgca gtattttatt gaggattttt gcaacaatgt tcatcaagga tattggtcta     91920
     aacttctctt ttttggttgt gtctcttcca ggctttggta tcaggatgat gctggcctca     91980
     taaaatgagt tagggaggat tccctctttt tctattgatt ggaatggttt cagaaggaat     92040
     ggtaccagct cctccttgta ggtctggtag aattcggctg tgaatccata tggtcctgga     92100
     ctttttttgg ttggtaagct cttgattatt gccacaatat cagagcctgt tattggtcta     92160
     ttcagagatt caacttcttc cttgtttagt cttgggaaga tgtatgtgtt gaggaattta     92220
     tctatttctt ctagattttc tagttcattt gcatagaggt gtttgtagta ctctctgatg     92280
     ggagtttgta tttctgtggg atcagtggtg atatcccctt tatcattttt tattgcatct     92340
     gttttgttct tctctccttt cttctttatt aatcttccta gcagtctacc aattttggtg     92400
     atcttttcaa aaaaccagct cctggattcg ttaatttttt gaagcgtttt tctgtctcta     92460
     tttccttcag ttctgctctg atcttagtta tttcttgcct tctgctagct tctgagtgtg     92520
     tttgctcttg cttctctagt tcttttaatt gtgatgttag ggtgtcaatt ttggatcttt     92580
     ccttctttct cttgtgggca tttagtgcta taagtttccc tgtacccact gctttgaatg     92640
     tgtccctgag attctggtat gttgtgtctt tgttctcatt ggtttcaaag aacatcttta     92700
     tttctgcctt catttcgtta tgtacacagt agtcattcag gagcaggttg ttcagtttcc     92760
     atgtagtcga gcggttttgg gtgaattttc taatccttag ttctagtttg actgcactgt     92820
     ggtctgagag acagtttgtt gtgatttctg ttcttttaca tttgctgagg agtgctttac     92880
     ttccaactat gtggtcagtt ttggaatagg tgtgctgtgg tgttgaaaaa aaatgtatat     92940
     tctgttgatt tggggtggag agttttgtag atgtctacta ggtccgcttg gtgcagagct     93000
     gagtgcaatt cctgcgtatc cttgttaaat ttctgtctca ttgatctgtc taatgttgac     93060
     agtggggtgt taaaatctcc cattatcatt gtgtgggagt ctatgtctct ttgtaggtca     93120
     ctaaggactt gctttatgaa tctggcttgc tcctgtattg ggtgcatata tatttaggat     93180
     agttagctca tctttttgaa ttgatccctt taccgttatg tgatggcctt ctttgtctct     93240
     tttgatcttt gttggttgaa agtctgtttt agcagagact aggattgcaa cccctgcctt     93300
     tttttgtttt ccatgtgctt ggtagatctt cctccattcc tttattttga gcctatgtgt     93360
     gtctctgtat gtgagacggg tttccagaat acagtgcact gatgggtctt gactcttttt     93420
     ccaatttgcc agtctgtatc ttttaattgg agcatttagc caatttacat ttaaaattaa     93480
     tactgttatg tgtgaattcg gtcctgtcat tatgatgtta gctggttatt ttgctcatta     93540
     gtcgatgcag tttcttccta gccttgaagg tctttacatt ttggcacgtt tttgcagagc     93600
     ctggtaccgg ttgttccttt ccatgtttaa tgcttccttc aggagctctt gtagggcagg     93660
     ccctgtggtg acaaaatctc ctagcatttg cttttctgta aaggatttta tttctccttc     93720
     acttatgaag cttaatttgg ctggatatga aattctgggt agaaaattcc tttttttaag     93780
     gatgttgaat actggccccc actttcttct ggcttgtagg ctttctgcca actgatcagc     93840
     tcttagtctg atgggcttcc ctttgtgggt aacccgacct ttctctctgg ctgctcttaa     93900
     cattttttcc ttcatttcaa ctttggtgaa tctgacaatt atgtgtcttg gagttgctct     93960
     tcacgagggc tatctttgtg gcattctgtg tatttcctga atctgaatgt tggcctgcct     94020
     tgctagattg gggaagttct cctggatgat atcctgcaga gtattccaac acttggttgg     94080
     aaaccaagtt tccaacttgg ttccattctc cccgtcactt tcaggtacac caatcagaag     94140
     tagatttggt cttttcacat actcccatat ttcttggagg ttttcttcat ttcttgttat     94200
     tcttttttct ctaaacttcc cttctttctt catttcattc atttcatctt ccatcactga     94260
     tactctttct tccagttgat tgcattggct cctgaggctt gtgcattcat cacgtagtcc     94320
     ttgtgccttg gctttcagct ccatcagctc ctttaaggac ttctctgcat tggttattct     94380
     agatatccat tcttctaaat ttttttcaaa gtttttaact tctttgccat tggtttgaat     94440
     ttcctcctgt agctcagagt agtttgatca tctgaagcct tcttctctca actggtcaaa     94500
     gtcattctcc atccagcttt gttgcattgc tggtgagaag ctgtgttccc ttggaggagg     94560
     agaggcactc tgctttttag agtttccagt ttttctgctc tgtttttttc ccatctttgt     94620
     ggttttgtct acctttggtc tttgataatg gtgacgtaca gaaggggttt tggtgtggat     94680
     gtcctttctg tttgttagtt ttccttctaa cagacaggac ccgcagctgc tgctctgttg     94740
     gaatttgcta gaggcccact ccagacgctg ttttcctggg tatcagcagt ggtggctgca     94800
     gaacagtggt ggctatagaa caacagatat tggtgtctgt agaacagcag atattggtga     94860
     tccacaaatg ctgctgcctg gtcgttcctc tggaagtttt gtctcagagg agtacctggc     94920
     cttgtgacgt gttggtctgc ccctactggg ggatgccttc cacttaggct gctcaggggt     94980
     cagggaccta cttgaggagg cagtctgccc attctcagat ctccagctgt gtgctgtgag     95040
     aaccactact ctcctcaaag ctgtcagact gggacattta agtctgcaga ggttactgct     95100
     gtctttttgt ttgtctgtgc cctgcccctg gaggtggagc ctacagaggc aggcaggcct     95160
     ccttgagcta cgctgggctc tgcccagttc gagcatcccg gctgctttgt tcacttaatc     95220
     aagcctgggc aatggcaggc acccctcccc cagcctcact gctgccttgc agtttgatct     95280
     cagactgctg tgctagcaat cagtgagact ccatggacgt aggaccctct gagccatgtg     95340
     cgggatataa tctcctggtg tgccgttttt taagcccatt ggaaaagtgc agtattaggg     95400
     tgggagtgac aggattttcc aggtgctatc tgtcacccct ttctttgact aggaaaggaa     95460
     actcccggat cactttcact tcctgagtga ggcaatgcct cgccctgctt cagctcacac     95520
     ctggtgcatg gcacccactg tcctacaccc actgcctggc actccccagt gagatgaacc     95580
     cagtacctca gatggaaatg caggaatcac ccgtcttctg cgtcactcac acggggagct     95640
     gtaggccgga gctcttccta tttggccgtc ttggctctac cctttaatcc atcttgaatt     95700
     aatttttgta taaggtgtaa ggaagggatc cagtttcagc tttctacata cagctagcca     95760
     gttttcccag caccatttat taaataagga atcatttccc catttcttgt ttttgtcagg     95820
     tttatcaaag atcagatggt tgtagatatg cggcattatt tctgagggct ctgttctgtt     95880
     ccattggtct atatctctgt tttggtacca attccatgct gttttgctta ctgtagcctt     95940
     gtagtataat ttgaagtctg gtagcgtaat gcctacagtt ttgttctttt gacttaggat     96000
     tgtcttggca acgtgggctc cttttgcttc catatgaact tcaaagtaga ttttccgaat     96060
     tctgtgaaga aagtcattgg tagcttgatg gggatggcct tgaatctaca aattacctta     96120
     ggcagtgtgg ccattttcac gatattgatt tttcctaccc atgggcatgg aatgttcttc     96180
     catttgcttc tatcctcttt taattcattg agaagtggtt tgcagttctc ctagaagatg     96240
     tctttcacgt cccttgtaag ttggattcct aggtatttta ttctctttga agcaattgtg     96300
     aatgggagtt cactcatgat tttgctctct gtttgtctgt tggtggtgtt taagaatgct     96360
     tgtgattttt gcacattgat tttgtatcct gagactttgc tgaagttgcc tatcagctta     96420
     aagagatttt aggctgagat gatggggttt tctagatata caatcctacc atctgcaaac     96480
     agggacaatt ggacttcctc tttttctaat tgaatacact ttgtttactt ctcctgcttg     96540
     attgccctgg tcagaacttc caacactatg ttgaatagga atggtgagag agggcatccc     96600
     tgtcttgtgc cagttttcaa agggaatgct tccagtttct gctcattcag tataacagtg     96660
     gctgtgggtt tatcatagat agctcttatt attttgagat acgtcccatc aagacctaat     96720
     ttactgagac tatttagcat gaaagaatgt tgaattttgt caaaggactt ttcttcacct     96780
     gttgagataa tcatgtggtt tttgtcattg cttctgttta tatgctggat tacatttatc     96840
     aatttgcata tgttgaacca gccttgcatc ccagggttaa agcccacttg atcatggtgg     96900
     ataagctttt cgatgtgctg ctggattcag tttcccagta ttttagtgag gattttttca     96960
     tcaatcttca tcagagatat tggtctaaaa ttatcttttt ttgttgttgt gtctctacca     97020
     gttttcagta tcaggatgat gctggcctca taaagtgagt tagggaggat tccttctttt     97080
     tctcttgatt ggaaaagttt cagaaggaat ggtaccagct cctccttgta ggtctggtag     97140
     aattcggctg tgaatccttc tggtcctgga ctttgtttgg ttggaaagct attaattatt     97200
     tcctcaatct cagagcctgt tattggtcta ttaagagatt caagtttttc ctggtttaga     97260
     cttgggaggt tgtatgtgtt gaggaattta tccatttctt ctagattttc aagtttattt     97320
     gtgtagaggt ggttatggta ttcactgatg gtagtctgta tttctgtggg atctgtggtg     97380
     atatcccctt tatcattttt tattgtgtct atttgattct gctctctttt cttctgtatt     97440
     tgtcttgcta atggtctatg aattttggtg atgttttcaa aaaaccagct cctggattca     97500
     ttgattttca gatgggtttt ttgtgtctct atcgccttca gttctgctct gatcttagtt     97560
     atttcttgcc ttctgctagc ttttgaatgt gtttgctctt gcttctctag ttcttttaat     97620
     tgtgatgtta gggtgtcaat tttatatctt tcctgctttc tatcatgggc atttagtgct     97680
     ataaatttcc ctctaaacac ggctttgaat gcatcccaga gattctggta tgttgtgtct     97740
     ttgttctcaa agacacatcc ttgagatgct gtttgttggt ttcaaagaac atctttattt     97800
     ctggcttcac ttcgttatgt acacagtagt cattcaggaa cagacggttc agtttccatg     97860
     taattgagca gttttgagtg aattttctaa tcctgagttt tagttcgatt ggactgtggt     97920
     ctgagagaga gtttttttat aatttctgtt cctttacatt tgctgaggag tcctttactt     97980
     ccaactatgt ggtcaatttt ggaataggtg tggtgtggtg ctgtaaagaa tgcatattct     98040
     gttgatgtgg ggtggagagt tctgtatatg tctattatgt cggcttggtg cagagctgag     98100
     ttcaatcttg gatatccttg ttaactttct gtctcattga tctgtctaat tttgacggtg     98160
     gggtgttaaa ttatcccatt attattgtgt gggagtctaa gtctctttgt atgtctctaa     98220
     ggacttgctt tataaatctg ggtgctcgtt tactgggtgc atatatattt aggatagtta     98280
     gctcttcttg ttgaattgat cactttacca ttatgtaatg gccttctttg tctcttttga     98340
     tctttgttgg ttaaaagtct gttttaccag agtcttggct tgcaacccgt gcctattttt     98400
     gttttccatt tgcttggtag atcttcctcc atccctttat tttgagccta tgtgtgtctc     98460
     cgtacgtgag atgggtttcc tgaatagagc acactgatgg gtctttactc tttatccaat     98520
     ttgccagtct ttgtcttttc attggagcat ttagcccatt tacatttaag gctaatattg     98580
     ttatgtgtga atttggtctt gtcattaaga tgttagctgg ttattttact cactagttga     98640
     tgcagtttct tcctagcctc aatggtcttc acaatttggc atgttattgc agtggttgct     98700
     actggttgtt cctttccatg tttagtgctt ccttcaggag ctcttgtagg gcaggcctgg     98760
     tgatgacaaa atctcccagc atttgctttt ctgtaaagga ttttatttct ccttcactta     98820
     tgaagcttag tttggctgga tatgaaattc tgggtaaaaa ttcttttcta taagaatgtt     98880
     gaatattggc ccccactctc ttctggcttg tagactttct gccaagagat cagctgttag     98940
     tctgatgggc ttccctttgt ggataagctg acatttttct ctggctgccc ttaacatttt     99000
     ttccttcatt tcaactttgg tgaatctgac aattatgtgt cttggagctg ctcttcttga     99060
     cgagtgtctt tgtggtgttc tctgcatttc ctgaatctga attttggcct gccttgctag     99120
     attggggaac ttctcatgga taatatccta cagtgttttc caacttggtt ccattctccc     99180
     catcactttc aggtacacca atcagacgta gatttggtct tttcacatag tcccatattt     99240
     cttggaacct ttattcattt ctttttattc ttttttctgt gaacttctct tctcacttca     99300
     tttcattcat tcgatcttcc atcactgata ccctttcttc cagttgatca aatcagctac     99360
     tgaggcttgt gcattcatca cgtttttctt gtgccttggt tttcagctcc atcacatcct     99420
     ttaaggactt ctctgcattg ttattctagt tagccattca tctatttttt tttcaaggtt     99480
     ttcaactttg ccatgggttc aatcttcctc ctttagctca gagtagtttg atcatctgaa     99540
     gcctttttct ctcaaatagt caaattctct gtccagcttt gttccattgc tggtgaggag     99600
     ctgtgttcct ttggaggggg agaggtgctc tgatttttag agcatccagt ttttctgttc     99660
     tattatttcc ccatctttct ggttttatct atctttggtc tttgatgatg gtgacgtaca     99720
     gatggggttt tggtgttgat gtcctttctg ttttttagtt ttccttctaa cagtcaagac     99780
     cctcagctgc aggtctgttg agtttgctga ggtccactgc agaccctgtt ttcatgggtg     99840
     tcagcagcgg aggctgcaga acagcggata ttggtgaaca gcaactggtg ctgcctgatc     99900
     attcctcggg aatttttgtc tcaggggagt acctggtcat gtgagttgtc agtctgcccc     99960
     tactgatggg tacctcccag ttaggctacc tgggggccag ggacccactt gaggaggcag    100020
     tctgtctgtt ctcagatatc catctgcgtg ctgggagaac cactactgtc ttcaaagctg    100080
     tcagacaggg acatttaagt ctgcagaggt ttctgctgcc ttttgtttgg ctatgccctg    100140
     cccccacagg cagagtctac agaagctggc aggcctcctt gagctggggt gggctccact    100200
     gagttcgaac ttccaagctg cttcatttac ctactcaagc cttggcaatg gtggacgccc    100260
     ttcccccagc catgctgcca ccttgcagtt tgatctcaga ttactgtgct agcaatgagt    100320
     gaggctccat cagtgtagga cgctctgatg caggcacggg atatcatctt ctggtgtgcc    100380
     gtttgctaag accgttggaa aaccacagta ctagggtgag agtgacctga ttttccagat    100440
     gccactttct ttgactagga aaaggaattc cctgacccct tttgcttccc gggtgaggtg    100500
     atacctcacc ttgcttcagg tcacaattga tgcactgcac ccactgtcct gccccacttc    100560
     ccaacactcc caagtgagat gaacctggta cctcagttgg aaatggagaa gtcacccatc    100620
     ttcttccttc aggttttgag ctgatcacta tccctaggac acaatcaaaa aacattcttt    100680
     gaataaatat taaaactata agccttcttt taataagtca gcttgtttga tggtgatgtc    100740
     ataatctaat tccataaaaa aaattcctga catatataca caatacacat gtgtgtatgt    100800
     gcttcagtgg tccatatgca tctatgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acctttaaag    100860
     tacctatttt cctatttact tacttccaag gctctagaac atatatcaga ggaattattt    100920
     aacaaactgt tactaattag taaatactct tcatttcttt aaaaacaaag gtgtattatg    100980
     tcttcttaga aaatgacaat ttagactttc agaaatattt agtaaatagt tgttctgcaa    101040
     tcattgtaaa atgcacccat caaaatcagg tttaaattta actaatctat aaagcctaac    101100
     tccctcagtg aaaaagctgt tacaggtaat aatagtgata gtaacagtaa taataataaa    101160
     acagtgccag cactttgaaa aatcaggtca gtcacagact tcaataaata ttcctctttc    101220
     actacaaatt ttacctcaac aagtttgttt ctacaaataa tgccagcttc tgtacacaac    101280
     ttaatgtctg tcaattcctc agtttcacac tctgcattgt tccaagaatg tgtctaaaca    101340
     gcagagctct cccttagtat attaagcaaa aaaaaaataa acttgccgtt tccttttagg    101400
     tgttcgatgg cattttatta accttggaga aaaagcaagc cctatatggg taggagttct    101460
     gcctcatgga gaaggcccta gcatcagcaa cagagcctac atctcaggcg ctaagttgga    101520
     actaaggaaa cggtgtaaat ttggataatt accatgttgc tgctacttgc taacattctg    101580
     aaacaaattt ttgattgaaa tgaaaaagat tttccactgt agaaattcac ctccttttgg    101640
     atttatctta accttttcag aaattgttcc tattacatca gtttcctcat tcactgattt    101700
     ttattttctc ttattgtcta atatgcattt tttgtgaatg catactttta ttatgttgga    101760
     acaaggcaga gaacaaataa ttctgatcaa agctgtccac tatgcaaact tctatcaaat    101820
     aactttttaa aaagtaggag atacttgaat attggttcta ctaaacaact ttagcaaaat    101880
     tgaaaatcct ataaccccag ctataatcct gacaaacttt gttttcattt gattcactta    101940
     ttgtaataac ccaggatcat tcatgactat attatgacta ggatcattca tgactgtatt    102000
     atggatacac attgtgcttt ctgaatgcac aatgtgtatc cataatatag tgtgacaatg    102060
     cacctgtatg catgtgtatt atttatgcct ttcaactgta ttaaagatta gctccatccc    102120
     aaataccatt cattgagatt tctcccttgg tacctccaaa acagaggctg actagggttt    102180
     tattttttca cattcatgtt ttacaaaaat attcaaaaag taattggaag gaaaagcaga    102240
     gaaatagaaa atatatcatt tagtttctaa tcattgatta actgaactga ccttacttta    102300
     ctaatgttta ccctaagttg aatcaatgga acttatgtac actttttcaa atccttctgc    102360
     tatacggaaa ccaaacttgg agttaagaaa tcttcaaaat ataacatcaa agagttctaa    102420
     atgtgagctt ttaaaaataa ttttctcgag agatgtttca acactgttaa cttctcgaag    102480
     gtgcctgaga ctcaatattt taggacattt agcagcattt ctaacctctc agcaatagat    102540
     gctagtaaca accttaccaa ttctactttg agtcacaaac cagggttagg gtgaagtcta    102600
     aagtaaaatc tgaagaccta taaaaaccct agaaaatcac atggactgtc tgttacctct    102660
     atgagctcat cctctataat tttccccctt ctacagcctg ctgcagccac aggtagctgg    102720
     ctttttaaaa acaatttata cagccttcca ccaggaatca ttgtacttat tgaacttgct    102780
     gcatgcttac attattttct tattattttc tttagataat tatttgaaag tcactttgta    102840
     agccacttat tgtatgtttg ttttacaaaa accaaaatgt actttataac agagaatctt    102900
     acctcatgca ttttatacaa aattgataat ttcacttaat aaaaaaacaa aaactttata    102960
     acatgaccac taaaacaaaa acctaacacc tgggattgca aattggaaat gtaacattca    103020
     ctttaagtat tttaaacaag agacaaaaca taaacctcat aaataacaat aaactctgaa    103080
     attagaaaac actcagtgct tcatagataa aaataaaagt aaaacggcag ggatggcagt    103140
     ttcaaaccat tccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tttcaaacca tcaaaaacag tctggaccct    103200
     gaaaatcaat agtttatata aaccaagtaa acatttaatc cagaaagaca attacaaaat    103260
     ggtaaagttt tttttttttt tctttaagga ttgtcatatc acctcctagg cacatatgaa    103320
     gccttcagaa ttgaaatcca cattgtcaaa atgaggacct gattcctgct tctcaaaaaa    103380
     ggaaagaaac ccttatgtgc taaattactg tgtttttttt tccagtcttt ccagaggaca    103440
     tatgaaaatt tgataaaata aacatttatt tctcctttgc ctaactcaga agtcactctt    103500
     ggttggaaat gccaggaatt ggtcacaaac atttaagttg ctgaatacaa aaaatacagt    103560
     tatcttttac actaggcaaa ggataaacag gagcaaaagt tggagagatt tgtatttgca    103620
     aaaatctgaa tattcaaaag cagtttaata cattgaagca cttagaaaat catgcatatg    103680
     cttatgacag gaacattcta aaaaacatgt aaaacaatat actttaaccc tcaagtttat    103740
     ctatagcttc agagtcagaa gaaagtgaat gttaggaaag aattagaaac aacccccctg    103800
     agagttaaag gagagtgtta atacataccc tgtatttaaa ggtgatagtt ttcatattgc    103860
     tcttattcaa agtgctaatg gaatgtcagc tgagctttta ataactaaca cgttgcattt    103920
     cagaaatacc aaaaagcatt cagagttagc acgttatgac atttcaaata cagaggtaac    103980
     attcagtgtt agcacattat ggcatttcaa atatagtttt ctgaaaacca aaaacacaaa    104040
     aacaaacaga aagttttgaa caatgtaaac taaatgcagg aattaaatgt gtcccaaatt    104100
     ttatagacaa agaacttaaa acaacagttt taagtagggc taaagagaaa tgacggacaa    104160
     atgatgaaag aataacctga gagcgtcagt gagacaaatt ataaaagaac ccataaaaat    104220
     gggaaaacta ctgaagatat taaagggatt taacagtaga tttaagcaag taaatattca    104280
     gtcagtctga aggaataaaa actgaaataa cccagtctga gaagtacaat ttaaagaaag    104340
     tgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaactg aagagtaaat agaacaccat gcgttatact ggtacatgca    104400
     ttatgagcat cttataaatg aagaaaaaca gaggccaaaa atttttaagg caaaaatgac    104460
     taaacatttc ctgaacttaa aaatcacaat ctgaaagatg aaagaggaca aaaatcttca    104520
     accacaatat agtcaatgat agccacatca gaaaacatta caggcaatca agagccaata    104580
     caaagaaaat tgtaaaagca gaaagggaat agcaactttc tatgtacaag aaggtctcga    104640
     ttaaaattaa cacatgattg ttcagctgaa tccatggagt cagaaggtgg tgggatatcc    104700
     aagttttaag aaaaatgcta tcaaacctga aatatataac tggtaaaatg aaactaagaa    104760
     aacatatata gataaggaaa agctaaagga aattgtgact taaacttctc tataacaaaa    104820
     tgctattgct ctttcaaccc tggcaaactt aactgctaat gaacaatctg tgtgcacaga    104880
     taaaatcaga gaaagtaata taaattgaga aggatggaaa actacaagag cagcatattt    104940
     ttatactgct gaccttaaac attaaattat tcatacaagt tagtattctt catagtagga    105000
     tattttaagt tttcaataat agttgaaatc ccaagtacac ctaattgtaa tatgaaaaat    105060
     acaacagcag tttttaaaaa ttatccagat tttttaaatg agcaaaaaag aaattgagga    105120
     tcaagcaaga gaaagagcat atggaaaaca tgtaagtcca tgtcagagta tgtaatattt    105180
     tacttgtaag aactgtaaat gtgagctctt gcttaaaaag gcacacattg ttgcaagtgt    105240
     acccttaaac gaaggagtca cttttgtgac ttctatgcaa ggcatacttt aggtgcaaag    105300
     acaaataggt cgaagtaaaa taatactaga ttctgggaaa gttctgcaat gtacaaggga    105360
     tcactgtata tccgtccctt caactataca atgggtgcag tggcaggatt agtatgatgc    105420
     aattactata gaattccgag tctacctgaa ggtttacagc ttccaaaaaa agattttatc    105480
     aattttgtag cacagatcaa cagcagctac ttattcctta ataaccacca atgtgggatg    105540
     ctgctttgca aatatttctg gagcagctta caagagccat ggcaaacaaa aaggaccctg    105600
     tcctccaaat ctcaggggga ctcatttgcc gattgctgct tctgcttatg gaggtcccga    105660
     cagaggtgaa tcgtcattgt tatattcccc aaatattatg caggctcttt gtccctctgt    105720
     gcaaccaact ttcagtagat ttaaaaagcg aaaatatttt ttcttgattg ttcttctttt    105780
     tctcttaaga tgtttgtaga ctaaaacatt caaaattaat catatacaca cacacacaca    105840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tatatatata taatgaattg tggttttaac gatatgtgcc    105900
     ccaaaacaat gggcctcaaa agagacccaa gacaaagctc aatacagctg atttacagga    105960
     gagtaagagc ctatataatg agtaaacaaa actctaccaa accatagaag tagaaaatct    106020
     tatgttcaaa gttacagcac tttaaaattt aaatgctctt tttcagcacc agcaaaatca    106080
     caaactacag agtgaaatag agaagtatgg ctcattttaa taacaactac aaaataatta    106140
     cgaaaaaata agcttttttt tgacagccca aatggcagcc ttactaaaat ataatattta    106200
     caattaagct acataataag ctaatagaat gaacaaaaga agcacaaaca attacagaca    106260
     aaaattatta atcaaaagag taaaattatt ttaaaaccta aaaaagtcta gagataaacc    106320
     acacagtgaa acagagaagt atggctcatt ttaagacgta aaaaaaaatt atggtctgaa    106380
     acttttttta gacagcccaa atggtggtct tacagaaaca taatatttaa aattaagttt    106440
     cagagtaagc taatagaaga aaaaaaagaa ccacaaaaaa ttatgaacaa aaattaataa    106500
     aaaagtaaaa ctattttgaa acctaaaaaa gtctagggat aaaaagaaaa aaatattcac    106560
     tacagatatt taaaagcaga cttgagctgg gggaagaaca aactatcagc aaaccaaaga    106620
     aagggtgttg acataattaa gttaggaaat gaaagaaaaa gtataaagca atgggaataa    106680
     agcctaaaat gtcgtggaac actatcaagc agacatatta cgcatactgg aagttcaaag    106740
     gatgagaaaa agaatcagga agactattta gaaacaataa tgttaaagaa tgtcaaaggc    106800
     aacaaactcc aagtaagaga aactcaaata aacaaactta aattatatga taattaaact    106860
     catcaaaaga aagacagaga aaatcctgaa agcaacaaaa gaagtggcta gttatgttac    106920
     tggctagtaa ccctcaaaaa taatcagcag ataccttatc tgaaaactca gaggacagaa    106980
     agcaatagat taacatattc caaatgatgt gagaaaaaac ttttgaacag aaatcttatg    107040
     ttcaaaacat tgtcccttat aagtgaggga gaaattatga catttccaga taaaagctgg    107100
     gacattttac cagtagacta tctttttaaa aaatgcctta tgggatactt catggtaaaa    107160
     tgaacagata ataaggagca gtatgaatgg atatatatta aggtaaagat aaatatataa    107220
     gctattataa aacataaaga ataacagtgt acacctccac aatgtgtttc ccatgcaatt    107280
     taaaacacaa atatatttaa taaaaatact atcactaagt tgcgtttttg acatacagtg    107340
     cataaaggta tgattttgag aactcaataa ggaaatcatg ggggtgcagt tatacagggt    107400
     taagggattt gtgtgttatt gaaagtcagc tagtataact ttaaaagtgg aataccttta    107460
     gaatattcaa tgtaatcaca gtatcaatga caattaaaaa agaaaaagag taacagacag    107520
     gtagaaagct ttctgtacta caccagagag taagagatgt ggatttagct actctcactt    107580
     gaggctacta agccagctat catgcaccat gagacaaagc ccaagctgtc ccaccagggc    107640
     ataattgtgg agagcctaaa gcccatagca tagctgctat ttcaaacaat tttcactacg    107700
     tcagtggtga tgaaatagaa taggctcatc catacgcaga acctggtaaa gaactggagg    107760
     cagaaagaag tggctatgtg gagatgcaaa tgaaacaaat ttggcacagc aactacttca    107820
     atcctgtgtc tttcttcctg gctttccagg agtttgaggt tgaaactatt gttgacaaaa    107880
     gacgagacaa aaatggaaag acagaggcca ggcacagtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagc    107940
     actttgcaag gctgaggcgg gcagattacg agttcaggag atggagacca ttctggctaa    108000
     tacagtgaaa acctctttct actaaaaatc ataaagttag ccaggcgtgg tggcaggccc    108060
     ctctaatctc agctacccgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc gcatgaaccc aggaggtgga    108120
     ggttgcagtg agccgagatt gtgcaattgt gccactgtac tcctgcctgg gtgatagctc    108180
     aagactttgt ctaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaacaac aacaacaaca aaaatttttg    108240
     gtgttgcaaa ggttaagaag aaacggtatg acacttggga accagagcag caccggtcaa    108300
     aaatatatat attactttaa cagatgacag actgaaaaac agaaaaagta aaaaagtggc    108360
     atggaccaga acaactagaa ctttttcaaa caataccaga agatgaactt ctacatctac    108420
     caagcccaac ttttctaaga atactcctaa aacgctagtg tctggccaac accacaaatt    108480
     caaaagcagc cagttatgtt ctgccagcca gaatgttagc agtaatccag ggtcacctct    108540
     gtccgaccca aagaatatgg agctactgtg ttcaactatc aagaaagaca cttgcccctt    108600
     acaacccttt taacaacaag aacacagtga gtggcattca ggaactctag aatctggacc    108660
     ctattgcagc agatcagcag gatacagtgg tcttcaagga ggaggaaggg aagatcatca    108720
     gggctttatc agatcccagg gcaggacatt gtggaataga gagcaagacc cagattcacc    108780
     cactattttc tcagaggtct ggctcagtta cggcttccat ggctgcagac tcagctacca    108840
     aaaaaggtat agtggtatta atgggccaat cggcagccaa tggaaaaaca gatgtgcata    108900
     cattagttgc aagagtgaaa gttgggcaaa gaaatgttac tgacggtggc agagaccagc    108960
     tttttatcca gaagatgtac ctcatcatag gcctagcaga aagtgccagc acatacagag    109020
     atattgcagt gaagaaagag gacagattca cccagatgtg cctataaact agatcaacat    109080
     aaaaaatgta ctgaatatag aagtaattaa agcaatggtt aatgctctga atagggctgc    109140
     tgtgggtggc agcaagcttg tgctgttcag tgcagctgga agtgtctttt gctgtggtct    109200
     cgatttgggg tactttctga agtatttaag gaaggacaga aacagaacaa gccttgagat    109260
     ggtgaacacc atcaagaact ttgtgaatac tttcaatcaa ttttaaaagc ctgtttttgt    109320
     atcagtcagt ggcccatcct tcggaatagg tgcatccaca ctgcctcttt gtgatttctt    109380
     ctgagctaat gaaaagcctt ggtttcaaac cccttatatg acatctggac agagtccaga    109440
     tggctgttgt gttactttag ttcctacttg aactttgcat catccagcct ccttaattat    109500
     tgtggccatg agacattact tcatcccttg attgatccca ggccaaggtc tcaggccaag    109560
     ctgtcacttc agctccttct tggtccaggg ccaagttcca aggctgagcc ttgtagcttc    109620
     tacaaatcat cacttcagct ccagatgaat ccaaggccaa gtttcagggc caagccaaat    109680
     gacacctact ccaagaacac taaccacatt tctttacttc tctgtcctta gaaactgtaa    109740
     agcacagcct catagtaggt aaaccactca cattccaccc ccactgtgaa gagtttttta    109800
     ctttcactta taaaagtttt gattcaacct ttttgcatcc atcctcctta attttcttgg    109860
     ccatgagaca aagaactctg tgtgatatct cacaattaga gttttctagg tcgtagtgca    109920
     ctaatgagac tgcaatgatt gaagtctggg aattgagctc tgggatgcat cagccttgcg    109980
     agaccaactg acacactgtc cccacactgt gatacacacc cttcgggtca gtcaaccata    110040
     tagtggtcac caatggagtc tgaaaagggg caaggcagat ttatacagcc tagaaacctg    110100
     agggacacca tcaagcagcc atacatatgc attttggaag ttccaaggaa gagacaaaaa    110160
     ctcatggata ctatttaaca acatagtcat aaagaatgca acaatttaag acaataagta    110220
     agcacccaag gagctcaaca gactccaagt aacaaaaact caaagaaaca aactcaaact    110280
     tacctgataa ttaaactgtc taaaataaat acaaagagaa ccttgaggat tttcaaggga    110340
     agcaggggaa gtagctagtc atgtaaaagg gaccctaaaa ataaccagtg gatcacttat    110400
     ctgaataacc accgaaaagc agtagatttc ttatctgaaa actgagatag aaagcagtag    110460
     cctcatatat tccaagtgat gtcagaaaaa actgtcaagc ctaaacatta tgatccacca    110520
     aactgtccat caaaggtgag ggacaaatta tgacattccc atataaaaac tggcaccttt    110580
     tacaagtaga ctacccttta agaaatgtct tatggagtac ttcagggtag aatggacaga    110640
     tactcaaaag cagtatgaac aaacaaagat taaggtaaag ataaatacat gaacaaatat    110700
     gtaagataaa aaatttggct gggctcagtg gctcacacct gtaatcccag cattttggga    110760
     ggctgaggtg cttggatcac gaggtcagga gatcgagaca atcctggcta acatggtgaa    110820
     accccgtctc tactaaaaat acaacaaatt cgtagggcca ggtggcaggt gcctgtagtc    110880
     tcagctactc gggaggctga gacaggagaa tggcatgaat ccgggaggtg gagcttgtag    110940
     tgagccaaga tctcactact gcactccagc ctcattgaca gggcgagact ccatctcaaa    111000
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacgaa caattaacaa tgtgcacctc cacaatttgt    111060
     tctccacata acttaaaaca caaatatatt taataaaaaa actaccacta atttgtgttt    111120
     ttgacataaa atcaataaag gtataatttt gagaactcag taagtgaaat aatggaggta    111180
     cattatacag gagtaaaggc tttgtatgtt actgaaggta agctagtgta actttaaaaa    111240
     tgttataaca ttagaatgtt ccatataatc gtcatagcaa ccacaattaa acaaagaaac    111300
     acaaaagagt aacaggcagg aagaaagctt tctgtactac accagagggt tggggctgtg    111360
     gatttagcta ctctcacctg aggctactga gcaagttgtc atgcaccatg agacaaagcc    111420
     caagctgtcc caccaggcag taagtatgga gaggttcagg cacatggcat agctgctatt    111480
     tcgcacaatt ttcactacac cagtggtgac aaaatagaag aggttcatcc atacacagaa    111540
     cctggtgaag agctggaggc agaaagaagt gtctatgtgg agacgcaact gaaacaaagg    111600
     tggcacagca actgttccaa tcccgtgtct ttcctcatgg cttcccagga gtttgaggtt    111660
     gaagctattg ttgacaaaag acaggataaa aatgggaata cacagtattt ggttcggtgg    111720
     aaaggttatg acaaacagga tgacacttgg gaaccagagc agcacctcat gaactgtgaa    111780
     aaatgtgtac atgattttaa tagacgacag actgaaaaac agaaaaaact gacatggact    111840
     acaaccagta gaattttttc aaacaatgcc agaagaagaa cttccagatc tacaaaagca    111900
     aactattcta agaactctcc taaaacgcca gtgactgata aacaccacag gtccaaaaac    111960
     cgcaagttat ttgctgccag caagaacgtt aggagaaagg cagcttcaat tctctccgac    112020
     acaaagaata tggagataat aaattcaact attgagaccc ttgcacctga cagccccttt    112080
     gaccacaaaa ctgtgagtgg ctttcagaaa cttgagaaac tggaccctat tgcagcagat    112140
     cagcaggaca cggtggtctt caaggtgaca gaagggaaac tcctccggga ccctttgtca    112200
     cgtcctggtg cagaacagac tggaatacag aacaagactc agatacaccc actaatgtcg    112260
     cagatgtctg gctcagttac tgcttctatg gccacaggtt cagctacccg aaagggtata    112320
     gtggtattaa tagacccatt agcagccaat gggacaacag acatgcatac ctcagttcca    112380
     agagtgaaag gtgggcaaag aaatattact gatgacagca gagaccagcc ttttatcaag    112440
     aagatgcact tcaccataag gctaacagaa agtgccagca catacagaga cattgtagtg    112500
     aagaaagagg atggattcac ccagatagtg ctatcaacta gatcgacaga aaaaaatgca    112560
     ctgaatacag aagtaattaa agaaatagtt aatgctctga atagcgctgc tgcagatgac    112620
     agcaagctcg tgctgttcag tgcagctgga agtgtctttt gctgcggtct tgattttggg    112680
     tactttgtga agcacttaag gaataacaga aacacagcaa gccttgaaat ggtggacacc    112740
     atcaagaact ttgtgaatac ttttattcaa tttaaaaagc ctattgttgt atcagtcaat    112800
     ggccctgcga ttggactagg tgcatccatc ctgcctcttt gtgatctcgt gtgggctaat    112860
     gaaaaggctt ggttccaaac cccttatacg acctttggac agagtccaga tggctgttct    112920
     tctattacat tccccaaaat gatgggtaaa gcatctgcca atgaaatgtt aattgctggg    112980
     cgaaagctga cagcaaggga ggcatgcgcc aaaggcctgg tctctcaggt atttttgact    113040
     ggaactttca cccaagaggt tatgattcaa attaaggagc ttgcctcata caatccaatt    113100
     gtactggaag aatgtaaggc cctcgttcgc tgtaatatta agttggagtt ggaacaggcc    113160
     aatgagagag agtgtgaggt gctgaggaag atctggagct cagcccaagg gatagaatcc    113220
     atgttaaagt atgttgaaaa taaaattgat gagttttaat tgtcagtctg tctgctcagg    113280
     acacaagaac taaggggcaa caaatgcatc atgagttgca agatgcccta atccatcttc    113340
     atagcccaaa acaatttcac ccatagctaa ggcttggaaa cagaactgga aatgtccaag    113400
     ctatgtattt aaattatcac atcattttta agcactgtag ctttacaagg agtaacaaaa    113460
     cagcctcttt gcccaaatgt gattatttta tgcacaccta agcccaaata taaaaacaga    113520
     ctcttcttgc aagctctaat atgtatctat ggctactact atatataaga ccagagttgt    113580
     gttttattag atgtttgtga cagagaatcc tgtaataatg ttgatttttt cttattttta    113640
     tatcctagaa tacctctgtt gggatataaa gcagccttcc ctcccagaaa gacacagaat    113700
     gatcagagat ggtgcccttg actttatagt ggcacaaacg cttcagagac acacaattat    113760
     aagagactta tcttttagca taaatactta tggctcaaaa tccactgacg atcattctcc    113820
     taaactgaac acatgactag aattggtggt gagatatcgc ttgattttct tttcctttat    113880
     aaatgtctag ttcttaccca gttaacaaaa gaaaacttta tcgctctaaa gtaaaacttg    113940
     ttacaccaca ttagtgaatt atggaatgat tttggtggaa atatccaggt tctaatgtgt    114000
     ggaatgtgca gatttaggtt actttagtgt atgttctagt taataagtta aaattctgga    114060
     cacattatta aaggcagaaa cttctttcaa agcaaacacc gctacacttt gtatgacctt    114120
     tacaattatc agtgtctctt tttatgagca cacaattttc tagaacactg tatgtgctca    114180
     gttatgcaaa agctctatga atcctgtctt gttggttttt atcgaggctc cattacatag    114240
     acataattga ataatccact ggccactggt gatgaatgtc atctttgtca caagatctct    114300
     agggtgtcac ttcaccagcc aagaacctct gtggatgatg gcacctttgt gcaaggttcc    114360
     cttgagcctg cttttctaat tttacaaacc catcttacag gctgcactca gctcaaacta    114420
     tgggcttagg tttcattttg ctatggatgc accaggcaca gactggaggc agatgcatga    114480
     gtgagtgttg gttcagtcca gccactgcac acagctttgc ctgttatctg tgatgaggta    114540
     agcaggtcag gtgctggtac aggtgacagc tccctgcaaa tctttaggtg aatcaggcat    114600
     accacaagct ttctcttctg caggcactga agaatgcagt ggcatccaca aaagaagaaa    114660
     tgccagaaaa tgcaaaggcc caaggacgtc atcctagccc tggcatggga aaggtttaga    114720
     gctggggtat ctaaagggcc aatgtcctgc tttctttttc cttttttctt tttttttttt    114780
     ttttttctta tctatgggat cactatgact taaattaggg ttttcaaagg gctctgtctc    114840
     tctttctact ggaaattagc atcttgtctt ttcttcactc tttctctctt tgactgcttt    114900
     ttatttacta tgacatgcta tagaagaaat gcgtcttggc ccagcatctt tctgttgact    114960
     gtagggctat ttgtcagaag cagtaagatt ttggctcagc aataaggtaa catcttccca    115020
     tttaagacca aaaaaagggc tagatattag aaaggctcta tatatttatt gatgtatcag    115080
     aaaacttccc caggtcttac tttatttgtt taaggtactg taatgaaaaa gaaacttgca    115140
     ctttactggc acctcattca ttgggcattt cctatagggg tagtaaggaa cgtggagggt    115200
     tggatgtaaa aactggaaaa gctgatgatg atgtgactaa aaggttctct gcatcaagaa    115260
     gatgagaaaa cctgtggtaa caaatgtggt tttgagtgtt tccagggaga atgtttctct    115320
     gacgtttggg agttgtttct tgtgggcttt tctgatatga ctgctaagaa agcaggaaca    115380
     attttacagt atttacaaag atgtgggtgg tttcacaggg caaaaagcct tgcacatagg    115440
     gaacttcaaa caatgtgcct ttgactctca gaaactatct aggttttcaa tagtattgac    115500
     aaagaaaagc tacatagttg tggtggatta ttggtaaaat ttctgcaagc agagaaacag    115560
     cctgaaatat caggctgcag acacaaattt aagaatcctg cacaatcctg tggcacaagc    115620
     aaataatttt tttaaaaaag cccaactttt tgtgtgtgtg tgcttaagac atgcccacag    115680
     ctactcagat aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaagacccc gcattaaaat gttgtgtctt    115740
     ttgtgtaacc agagtgcttc caggaaatag tctctctctt ttttagaact tgtacatatt    115800
     ggactccaat gtgttacaaa gggtacctta tattactaaa catacttcag actccgagcc    115860
     aaatttctgt aaattatcat ttaagactct ggtcccaggc caaggtcctg ggccatgctt    115920
     tccctttagc tcttgtgtgg ctcagggcca agttcctgag ccaagctgag tcattacatc    115980
     cgccattaat agttccaggc acaaggaccc agaaaagatg agaagtgctt tcttcaaaac    116040
     tagttagtac cttttcttcc ttctgagtcc ataaaaatat gagactcttt ctcaaagtgg    116100
     gcaactgact ctactccacc agaagttaac atattaaaca tttactatca tctcaccttt    116160
     tgcattccta atttttaatt ttcttgaaat taaaaagatc tgtgtgtcac ctaaaaatga    116220
     gagactgata cattgtggtt cactggggga cagcaaggtt tgtttttggt tcatggactt    116280
     ggaaaggcct taattaaaaa ggtcagtagg ggctgggcat ggtggctcat gactgttatc    116340
     gcagcacttt gggtggccaa tgtgggaaga tcaggaggag atcaagatgg agatcatcct    116400
     ggctaacatg gtgaagccct catgaagtct accaaaaata caaaaaatta gcagggtgtg    116460
     gtggtgggca cctttagtga cagttgcttg gtaggctaag gcaggagaat ggcataaacc    116520
     cgggaaatgg agcttgcagt tagccaagat catgcaactg gactccagtt taagtgacag    116580
     agaatccatt agaaaaaaaa agtgagtagg ggtgccattc caaactattt acattcatat    116640
     cttcagcttg tcctctattt gctttcatat ctgcagcttg ttctcagttt ttgtttgttt    116700
     gtttttgtta tttgtttttt tctttttttt taatgtctga agagcaaaca aagctctgga    116760
     ccagtgccag gtaaaatccg atggattgcc tgccattctt acaaagctta ggagaaaggg    116820
     attctgggag acacattggc agtctccttt caccctccgc tgttgaaagt gttgcctctg    116880
     ttccaactgt tttctttcag agaggatcca gctgtcacat aggactgaaa ggatatctaa    116940
     gttaattgaa gatttctggt taaggctata ccacagtgtt acgtgaaggc ctcaaaacta    117000
     actccagttt ctgacagccc atcagagtgt tgccaccaaa atttccaggc ttttctgtgg    117060
     cattttattt atttgttttt tgtcattgtg tggctaatgt ccctcctatt tcttctttgt    117120
     atgccatgtt gagacctgga gatacaagct tactggtaaa agtcagtcag tagaaatata    117180
     attcaaagag ttgctatttt gtgttttttt ttctttcaaa agaggaagaa ttcaaaattg    117240
     tggtctaaaa atttttattt gataagggtc tttttgtccg ccgatgatag acattcatga    117300
     cactgtaggg aatggcatac attcaaataa attttccctg tttggcgggt gatttctctt    117360
     taaaaagctc agcacagcca tatatatcta aacagtttct ttgtgagaca catcttcttt    117420
     tttctgcaga gacacatact gtggggacag gcgatggagc gttaaccttc cttttctcag    117480
     ttttgactat ataaacctgg aattcagcat tttcatggaa tatctgagat cttaaaatgc    117540
     aacctagtaa aatgaggttt ttctcttggg gaagccttgt cagtactttg cacaaaaccc    117600
     ttggatttta attcctctct ctgttatatc tctctaactc tgtgccctat cagtaaacag    117660
     aaaatttcca ctttcaataa tcagaaagaa ggtgtctttg agagacatat tttagctaag    117720
     tgctgtctta tgaaagccag ccatacaagc tttacttgct ttgaggcaca ccttcttcct    117780
     ccagcagcac tgacatttaa actaacggag aattttatgt ttcaactcaa tctatcttat    117840
     ttcctgcaat ttcagtattt tttctaggcc atagcaaggg aagccacaaa tagtattaaa    117900
     attcttactc tatacaagtg tcttgctaga atccaatgac tatataatct tttttttagg    117960
     ctcccaagtt actctgggta tcttctgggt tgagtaggct taagaaatca acaaagagtc    118020
     accagtagag agctaaagcc tctgcaggaa aatgttactt gtcctgctgt ctagatcctc    118080
     tagaactgtg ggtgaaggtt tagcttccat ccatggggga cacctatgtc agtcaccaga    118140
     ctcagaaaag acaagaggaa ttcaaaaaca aggaatatcc tatcttttta ttcagtcagg    118200
     gctatttcaa aagggggaaa aagagaatag gaattttttt tatatatttc tttagaaact    118260
     tcacaaactg tctgcagtac gcacctctct agattacatt ctgaaacaca gaaatttcat    118320
     tgactgtgag actctgaaaa atgaaagtgg cttatttatg tatttattgc tcaagggcat    118380
     gacagcccta ccagctccag gacagacatg cctagctttc tgagggaagt gttcgcttta    118440
     gtactattca acaggtatat cttttcttca gatggcaaag aaaagagtat gatttttttt    118500
     ttcttttttg gacaacctta ctttgactgg ggagacaacc cagatctttc taagtattgt    118560
     aaaaatgact ctgccctctt ggcagtcata acaggcaagt ttcaagagat aattcattaa    118620
     agtcagagac aagcccctga ggaacactca aatttatctt ctaaatgtca cacctgccac    118680
     cctcatttag aagttccaat agccatttca tcatcttgtc ttgttgtgcc actaaggaaa    118740
     accaaaactc actgttgccc ctgtagaaaa tactccatag atgtgatact agtatagcag    118800
     aagttttctt ctcattgcaa ggacttagac aaaaaaaaat gaaaaagata agcaaatgtc    118860
     ctctgatgac cctggtggat atacagagat atttcaaaat ctaactcaaa tgttcaatca    118920
     tacctgaata gatgatacat tactgctaaa ccaaccccta actgttgccc taaagcaggc    118980
     agctttacag agagcagagt tatccatgga tgaaccacat gtcttttata aaatcttgaa    119040
     aaagggaggg tgaaaaggaa taaaaaaagt tgaactgata acagaattct tattcgtaat    119100
     aggaaaggac ggagtgctga aaactcgatt ggaatcttat tggtcctata gaggagtgaa    119160
     aaaaaaatta gtgagcctac tggaaggctt ataagtgaac aggacaaaac ttcataatta    119220
     ctctaaacta ttcataatag gttaaaatca cagaaaaatt atagagcctt ttttaaaatc    119280
     ctgagagagg ctttagtgaa acacatgttc ctatctccct attgggttaa gataaagtta    119340
     atcttaagag aaaagtttat tactcaagca gaccctgaca tcaaaagaaa actgcaaaaa    119400
     tgtgtcatag gttcagataa tattgttctt ttaacaatgc accaagacat aacagccttt    119460
     ctttcatttg agattacact aagagtcttt tttttacatt taagaagatt aaggactgta    119520
     gacaaaggaa actgtttgga gcaaaagttt aaataagtgg caaaagcagc tctctgccag    119580
     cagagataga agcttgaata agttgtccac tggggtttaa ggtttttatg gcctaaaaaa    119640
     taaagatata tacttagttt gcaagctgtc ttggagaatg ggtgacttag ctttgccctg    119700
     gcccaggacc tattagacag cttagcccag gcactttgcc tgggagcagt ctgaggtggt    119760
     aatttgcaaa gactgcttag cttggtacag gacctaaagt aaaagcttgt tctgggatgc    119820
     tggctcagga ccaatcaggg actgaagtga tgattcatat gggttgagca accagtgaaa    119880
     tacaaaaata aatatttcat ccaatacccg ctagatcgca ctgcgtttat gcccacaaaa    119940
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaacaactt tattttctga aagccctctg agtatacaga    120000
     aaacaacaag cctatgccag gcattggttc cccatctgaa tcagtgggag gtttgtacaa    120060
     gattttatct gaatggactg aaggttctgt tatctgtgct gtcaggcaca accttctgtg    120120
     ttaaatctct tactggtaca cacacgtttt tttttggtct ggttattatg ttatgttgga    120180
     atcaggccct tacttgttta ctggaggtct tccaggaacc cattccttgc tgtttacatg    120240
     ggaaaagctg gctaagttgt ctttgtcctc cctcagaaat gaaaactcta acttctctta    120300
     ggagattggg cattggtctt tctggatact ttctgctgga gaagagtgtt gtgtagaaaa    120360
     cagtatgtag gatctactga gggttggttt aagtgtttgt agaagaaagg cctgttaatg    120420
     catggtttta tttgcattac attttaaagt gtgatagact ttaggcacaa aaagaaaacc    120480
     agtttggatt attagaaaaa gcatatcaca actagacaag gagagtaaga acagctgaaa    120540
     tacttcaagg ctgctgacgt gcccgtgtaa ctgtggctac atttacacct gttaagattt    120600
     tgttacatga gacttggatt tatttagctt tcttgatttg atcctttgaa acaaaaattc    120660
     tgttacagaa accctatttt cttttatgac ctgcaaatat ttgtggaatg agttcccaga    120720
     attagaatat tgttctagat ttatctgtta ctcatatctt tctgttttcc aagaacggta    120780
     gctggacctc accagttggt tcacagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggtta attaatattg    120840
     tacaaacatc ttaaaaacaa catatgagat gagaagttag tgatagaggt gtgataggct    120900
     gtgagacatc tatctttttt ttagtcctaa tttttgttaa gaacgaatta tgacaaaagt    120960
     tggttgttgg caaaacagac ttgtcctaca cttagccaga atatttttgt acagtgctgt    121020
     gggaaatacc tttacatgtg ctttcctcat gggcttttat gaatctctat tctacaagga    121080
     atcttaaata ggacattata aagctgagtc caactatagg tttgaccctt agatacatgt    121140
     tatttggata aactcctcta tttttttgag attccaagtg catgtggttc ctaggcctga    121200
     tagaaagtgg cttttttttt tttcctctta ccgcagatta gaaaacctgt attgggactg    121260
     tgtaaacaaa gtataaggct gcgtttctta gggggctttt attggttcta gaagtcagac    121320
     gtaagtcatt aaagaaggca cactcttcca gtcaaagcct ttggaaatca accagcttat    121380
     tctattgggt tatgttgcaa atgaaaatac atttttgttg cactgagtaa aacaattata    121440
     ttgttgtaag ttaagaataa tcacacatac tttccgaatt ttagaggaac taggcacaga    121500
     ggaaaaaagc atgtttcaag ttttgctaac aggagtatac caattgacag tgttaaaagc    121560
     tgtagctact ttaaaagaaa gtgcgcttga ctttaaaaaa caaaacaaga attagaaatg    121620
     ttctaaaata aagataaaga gattgtttca ttcttctgtt agtttagtct attttaacat    121680
     ttgtcctgct tgacatttat aagcatttta gctattccta agttctgtac attttcctgt    121740
     tataaaaaaa cctacagttg agaacagctg gtacagttct acagctaatt ataagtcgtt    121800
     attcttgatg aagattaaat gtctgtaaat gacaaaatgt ctagtgtggt tagaaacagc    121860
     ataggcaaag acatttggtt acttccgtgg tttacaatag cttaacataa taactttaaa    121920
     taaaaattgt agcacgtatt cagatattaa gaaccttaaa aacctcatgt ggttttgagc    121980
     cctgtgttaa tgttacccac taaaatatat tctgaaaaaa ataaaatatt accatcaaaa    122040
     tcacatgtat ttaaatgtgc tttataatcc tgtttaactt tttcttttat gccccagggg    122100
     ctctctgagg catccaaaat atagggttca gaaaatacat ccttgaagtt aaaattttat    122160
     tctgggaagc ctgccaaata ttttagagga ttaagacact taatgttatg aaatccaatt    122220
     ccagatttcc ataaatcatt tgttttgcca aaatacagtt ggtagaaatg tttgaaaggg    122280
     cagaaacact tttatcagcc ttcaatatta catgataatc tctttcagaa ggacaaattt    122340
     tccccttgta gttgtctcct aatgttaacc ctaagcttaa tgaaacctta tgtaaaatta    122400
     ttttaacctt agaaagtttg acaaagaagt gagattttca caaacttatt acaacatttt    122460
     aacaaacttt tacaaatttg ctaaagagaa gattaatgtt tcaagaaatt tttgttgtgt    122520
     tttcacttca atgcttaatg gcagaaataa acataatacc cttttcaatc tagttagtag    122580
     gttcacaggg ttttcttttg caagattaat ttttttgcag tatttttcac aatttgtgta    122640
     aacagcttta ttttagttaa ttaaagaaaa ttctttaact ctaggcaaaa tgtacatttc    122700
     catgcctttc tataatttat tctcactaca aacacatttt actcttctac cacacctggc    122760
     aattaaattt atatacagta ttctcaatta cacattatag taatatcttt taacaattaa    122820
     taacttgact ataaaacctg gtgagtttat aaaattacag gctgggtgca ggtaaagtat    122880
     gatttattac agcatagtta aaggagtggt tatttttata catcttcagg cctttggtgg    122940
     ctttcgtttt tcataagtta aagtcacatg aactgagaag tacaacagcc ttcatttctt    123000
     tggaagcaaa atatttagct caactaccta ttcttcacta agttaattaa ttagattttt    123060
     aaaatatata cataacacat atgtaaacac agagaaaaca gaagctccag gagtcataaa    123120
     attttatttt actaattttc caattggatt attgacctct tgctgtggcc ctttaagaaa    123180
     tgggctatga atagtttcca gggcctaata aaaaaagtct cactgatgct gggcatggtg    123240
     actcacacct gtaatcccag cactttgggg ggcccatgtt tggggatcaa gaagtcaaga    123300
     gatcatggcc aaaatggtga aaccccatct ctactaaaaa tacagaaatt agctgggcat    123360
     gtttgtgtgc acttttagtc tcatctaatt gggggctaag gaaaggagag ccgtttgaac    123420
     ccaggaggca gaggttgcaa tgattcaagg gtgtactgct gcactccagc ctggtgacag    123480
     agtgagacca cgcctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcagag ctggaagaga cagcctttca    123540
     ttttcagagg tattattcac ttctaattcc aagagccaca taagaaatgc agatttctca    123600
     taaaagacgg tcggtggtgt ctcttctgtt agcctcaaga tgtccctgac catcagcttt    123660
     tatccaagaa ccttttatgc attcaccaaa agtgtcaaga tagagtggag aaaggtaact    123720
     tagtcgactg aaagaaaaaa cattttcaag gaaacaaggt ttatgaggag aaaatcatga    123780
     acgtcttgaa tacatgtata gcataaatct ccatttttaa ttaatccaat tgctttctaa    123840
     gagtgttttc attaatttaa ctttacagag aatatcaaga gaagtgtcta ttatttattt    123900
     caccggttta caccactata tgttcacaat caggttcaac agctcaactt tcccctgata    123960
     gaaagctgct ggattcaggc aagtacaggc tttcaaatgg gctgcagatc cctccagtag    124020
     caaagcttga tatttaagga ggtgactgtc agttcgcaag agactttttt aaggaaacac    124080
     agtactgcta tgctatgtgg tgtagaaaca gatatgtcat tttcatggtt aacttgatgg    124140
     tttctggcac caacaatatc actgatgcag ctgctcagtg gtaagatgcc catttttttt    124200
     ttagaaacca agctaaattt cttccttagg taaaccactg gatgttgatc tggacctcga    124260
     gcctcatctg taatttcaac gtctgctttc tctatttctg atacatggag attaagtgcc    124320
     tttactatga aaaaactgac ggcttctgct ttaagtaagg tttgtttaac tggttaaatt    124380
     tttttgagca ctaggttatt aagttaaaca tgagttttat ctgctttagt ttcttctatg    124440
     aggtggtata aaagacgagc taattctctg tactgaggta cctgccatct gaaaaatcaa    124500
     gtactgccca agaatattct taactgttaa gaaaaatggg ctgaattgtt tcatgacctt    124560
     gtacattggt ctcttctgat aagaccagat ccagctactg tactgaagtc tgagagagct    124620
     gagctttaga tgttgagacc caatagtctt tttattttta atttttgtca gatagtttag    124680
     cagagcatta gcgcattccc aggaagccca tcacaatctt gctattattg ttatctcacc    124740
     agtacacaaa cacataacag tctctactta tctaaggtaa tactgggggt ttcttttcta    124800
     tgtcttagga gaataaagat agcagacaca ttttaagaag gctaaagagc actaaggttg    124860
     aagagaaagt ttagtaagtg aaataaaaaa gctcgatgcc agcagtgatg tggtcaaaat    124920
     gggttaacca atgtgaaact tggatttagg gtttctgtgt gttgtgaatg gtaagaaatg    124980
     cacttcgtct gtgggctgtc ttaaaaaatg tgtgacgtag ttcgacctgg ggccttagat    125040
     cccagcccaa tcagaaagct tagcctgaga ccttggccca gtacttagtg gctaaagtga    125100
     atattcatag gggatactca gtttagacaa cctttcagaa gctgaagtga acctgtggcc    125160
     taggatttta tccagaacta atctgaggct gaagtaacga ttcacagagg tgggggtcac    125220
     aatccaagaa gaaaagaaaa ttgttccctg gaaggcactt gctcccactc tcccactctc    125280
     tttatgttca ccaaaggaaa agaaatattt ctggatgtcc actgattata aaatggacaa    125340
     atgcatttct atttcaggcc ttgttttcac atttgagtaa tcttgaagtt tctgcaagtt    125400
     tctgagtgag ctggaggttc ttttatttgt gcaactgcag tcatgtcttc agacacaact    125460
     ttctgttcta gttcatttat tggtgcctgc tgcttgaatg tttctttcca gactgatttg    125520
     tatcttatgt ggaaatgaag cactgatcag tgggctgaga aatttctgga gacacttctc    125580
     tttctgtcta tagaaggcaa gctagctaac tctcttcact attggaggag gagaaccctg    125640
     gattggagag aagaagagag aaacaggctc tagaatttag aaaaatgttg ttgttgttgt    125700
     tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgttta atttccattt tacctccaga attacttgaa    125760
     tcctgtagat cacaatggct tgtagagctg gggagccatt attcctgctg aacaatctgg    125820
     gaaatacaca ctggacctgg tgacctatgg ctctgggaac acttctactt tcactggtct    125880
     cccccacagg ctggacaaag ttgagatata ttctttttct gcctgagcaa ttcatttgaa    125940
     agtgtcctag cttgtcacac tagtagaaat cagcaggtgc ctcttggaga ttccggctct    126000
     tgtaggcctg tgaagaggcc agtaatgcct ctttcattct cttgcgactc ccctcttctt    126060
     tctaggtctc ctctccccag ttcttgtttt aaaagataaa agccacccca gaaagtcttt    126120
     caaagtgcta tctgatccca cagcctgctt ctgtagtttt gttctgatat tagaggatgg    126180
     ctgagaaata aagtaatatt ttaaaattgt gtatccctta attgaattag gagatggaga    126240
     cacatgtatt gctaaagctt ctctcagcca ttccaaagaa tctgtgagtt tttttctagt    126300
     ttgtgatttc aacaagaaca gttcagagta attaagaagt cttgttctgg ttctttcgaa    126360
     gcctgataat atgcacagta gaaagtgttt ttcatttcta ttcatctgta ggtttaccaa    126420
     ggcttcattt ggggttttca aacagcactg ttttcctttc tattggaaat agtaattctg    126480
     tcttctttac tcatccattt tcatctttcg cttctgttta ttttttgact gactatagga    126540
     tgtcagttgt tcatcttcaa attcctttgc tgtctgtact gctgcctgtt tttccgcagt    126600
     agttgaaatg tggcttaaaa gttgcactgc atttctgcac ataagaggaa acagctgatt    126660
     taaatgttgg aaagcctgtg catgtctatc aggttcatca gggaactgtc ttaagtccag    126720
     ctttatgtat ataagtttac tgtaatgaga aggaaattta aaccttagta gcaccatatt    126780
     cattgtgcat ttgttatagg ggcaccagtg aagttggaag tttcctgggc ttgcacaaca    126840
     agaggtgttt ttatacaact attctgagtc ccagttaaag gagtcagata gggcactcag    126900
     aaattgcatt tgacagttct ctagagattt ctctctttga ctttggaaaa ttatgtattg    126960
     tagacttacc ttgtatggtt cccaaaggca caggggtaat tttacaatgt ttacaaaatc    127020
     tagggttttt ttgaagagca aaaggaccta gctgttagat attattgaaa ttatgcttct    127080
     ttgggaaggc ctgtcctcct gtcaggaaca tggccacatg gccaccttgt tgctagttga    127140
     atatcattat tattgtttat aaatttagag actcaaggtc aatggagtcc cagtgcttcc    127200
     aagtgcactc aaggggagtg cagtctacag atgttttgtt gccatctaga gacagagggt    127260
     aaacaaggtg tcattcagat gacttcctcc ttttggtgtt acccaggata aatagaaagt    127320
     gttacagtat cctttttcat ctttttcctt tgtctcatct gtgcccccaa aactgtaata    127380
     ggtgctgctc agaaatgcaa gcatagcttt tacacctata tctggaggag ctagtcagaa    127440
     gcactagcca cactcacctg tgcaaagctg tagctttctg ccctcctttt gtcctagacc    127500
     cactgaaccc caaaggcttg aaagttaccc cagaggcctt gcaaatgtta tgtagtagta    127560
     aaatttgttc tagacatttt aatagaggaa atgtcttcat actaactttg gctttggtaa    127620
     ctatgttccc agtgaaacat cagaatctca gagaatgaga cagattgact ttcaaacatt    127680
     ttaaatccaa tattattgca atgcagaaca ggtggcttaa aactgtagaa actgaatggc    127740
     tgaatggccc ttcattagat ggtgaaagca aagaggctaa aatctgctct ttaacattgt    127800
     ttttctccca ataattaata gtggaggctg cctgtttaaa gataggatat gtgggctaat    127860
     cactgatggc agaatgtaaa tggggaaaga atttcaaagc tgtaagtttt ggacaatgga    127920
     ttcacaaggc tccaggtaga aaagaaatct tatttcacta gggagtgatg taaggttaga    127980
     aaggctaggt taaaatttct gacacaaaat tctctttatt caaaagttag aaagagagat    128040
     tttgggttag ataggttgtc tccactaaat gccccccaac aggcaaaaat taacttgtct    128100
     cttgtaactt ttatgtgaag gaaaataata tctttgtaaa aaattccaca taaaggaaag    128160
     agtatttact tgcagtcaaa tccctcccat acagtgccac gattatctgt tagtgaggga    128220
     caaaaaggcc cttttatagg taacaattta tagtgaaatc ttgaattccc cttgtttcac    128280
     agaaatcaca aaaacaaacc tttttaaatt acactactaa ttactgagac aaggagtaac    128340
     tgtgttaagc aaacctgtat acctagtata ccgaggctgt aaaaatgccc acaacgctgc    128400
     atagaaaaaa atatgaaaga cattatagct gtgaaaagaa aaattttaaa ttcaatagat    128460
     aaaaatgcga agtccttgtg ttaatggcct gatgagttgt cacagaccag aattagtcta    128520
     acgataatca gataacactg agatgtagcc tcaagctgaa acttttagtg tccctgggat    128580
     ctcctctaga tctcatgtga ctgccaggct ctttatgaaa aaagtcttga aataaacaag    128640
     acatttttga aatgaatttg gaagtttaaa gtctattttt accattctga tgaattgttt    128700
     ccttcacagc ccatgcagaa acatacgtat agtctcacca atgcaccaat atatgttgca    128760
     gtctcaccaa tgcaccaaga tgtaagagta tccctttgtc tgtaattata cccaaagatc    128820
     tttcctttaa taaaaaaaaa agaagctgag aaacaaagtt gagattaaag aaaaaaaagc    128880
     acaagaagaa agctctctgc caatcaaaag aaggactcaa atgtgtttcc cactatgagg    128940
     ttggggttca gggttattac aaactagcaa gagaaagaag tgtttttagt caatgggctg    129000
     ctttgaagac catgcaattt aacttggctc agggtcttgg cctgagaata attcaaaagc    129060
     ttaacccaag aaatctgcct agaaataacc aggaggtgta gtcataattt atagctgctg    129120
     ctcagctcat cccatgacct atcaggagct gacgtaaaag cttggctcaa aaatttggcc    129180
     caggcttaat caggaactaa aacagtaatt tataaaggct gggctcacag tccaaaagga    129240
     aacaaatgtg ccaaccagaa gccaccagga cccactgtgt ttatgccaaa aaaaatggac    129300
     aagaaactac ttcctgggag ccaaccgatt atacaaatac aagggtattt ttgagccatg    129360
     gctggttctc ttatcacaat gagccagagt ttgcacaaga cttttctctg aatggactga    129420
     agattcttct gtctgtgaca atacggatct tgagatacaa ccctctgtgt tagttatctt    129480
     gttggtgtct gcagactgat tttttttaag gctgcttatg tgttacgtgt aaatgagaaa    129540
     tgaacctgca gaacagtggt tttccaggga cactttcctt gctgcctccc taactcaagc    129600
     tagctttctt atctcagtaa cactgtaaag agcctcctga atgtgggtac ttcagatttt    129660
     acaataggaa acatgaggag gcacaaaaga agaagagtaa agacaaaaga agaacagaga    129720
     ctctagctaa tgcaatacag ttttgtaaaa atccaagtcc ctgagtggca cctgctaact    129780
     gttatcagtg tggcaagaca ggacactttc ccaagaaatg ctgagaaaac aatagaaagc    129840
     cacctcaaca ctctccaacc agtggtggtg accactgaag ggtgtgctga ttaatgaggc    129900
     atgcaccact aagtccagga ccagtctcac aaatggtcca gcaagactga gagttcctgg    129960
     agatcaattc cccagctcta acagctgcca tagtcttcgg gttccaaact cttcaaaatc    130020
     cttgggtgat tctgaaggtg gaagggagga aagtagactt ccttctcaaa actggagtgg    130080
     gtgtctttgt tctgcttttc aatctaggct ttctctcctc ccataatgtg acaatgatgg    130140
     atgtgtcagc aaaagtcctt tatggaatat tttctcagcc cattagttat agttgaaacg    130200
     accttctatt tagccatacc aatttaataa ttcctgaaag tcccacttta ttactaggta    130260
     gagatatttt ggcctatata gaagcctcca tatgaatggc tgcaggataa actctttgtc    130320
     tccactaagt ggaaactaat attaactaag aagcatggga tgtccagaga aatgttgctg    130380
     ggctacaacc actgtatgta tctgtattta cattaaggat tgcactattt ttttttctga    130440
     ccagaggcat tatttcccaa accagaaggt agaaaagggc tagaagtcat tataaataag    130500
     ctataaaaca aaggccattt tagaccctgc aacagtcttt acaaaacccc aaatatcaaa    130560
     gaaggtcatt ttttaacatg cccagaaatc ccatttgctt ggacctgaag aaggaaaaag    130620
     tttaaccaac tcataggtat tagggaacca acccccgata tttcaacctc agttcttttc    130680
     tattttccat aagtgtcagc cagtctgaga aataaaagga taggttagaa aaaaaagaaa    130740
     gaaattttaa agcggtgtgt ctggcagaga cattacatgt cagcaggttc cgtgatgccc    130800
     cctaagccaa aaaccagcaa gttttattag caattttcaa aggggaggga gtgtacaaat    130860
     agggtgtggg agacagagag cacatgcttc agagggcaat gaaagatcac aaggcagaaa    130920
     ggtcacagca aaatcacaac atcagggtga acctagaatt gctaatgaag ttccatgtcc    130980
     tgctgtgcat gcattgtcat gataaacatc ttaacagggt tccagagcag agaactgatc    131040
     ttgctagaat tctccaggct ggaatttcct aatcctagca atcctggggt tgctgcagga    131100
     ggccagggtg tgtttcatcc cttacctgca actgcataag gcagacaccc ctagagcggc    131160
     cattttagag gcctcctcct gggaatgcat tcttttacca gggctgttaa ttactaatat    131220
     tccttactgg ggaaagaatt cagtgatatt tatcttacct gtttttggca gtaagacaaa    131280
     tatggttctg tcctgcccag ctcccaatca gtcagaccta atggttatct ccaatgttcc    131340
     ctgaacatca ctgttatcct gttccttttt caaagtgccc agatttcata ttgttcaaac    131400
     atacatgctt tacaaacaat ttgtgcagtt aacacaatca tcacagggtc ctgaggtgac    131460
     atacatcctc agcttacgaa gatgatcgga ttaagagatc aaagtaaaga caggcatagg    131520
     aaattatgag agtattaatc tggggaacta gtgaatgtcc atgaaatcct cacaatttat    131580
     gttcttctac cacagcttca gcaggtccct ctgcttgggg tccctaattt cctgcaacac    131640
     atcagtattt ggaagtaaaa cccatggttg tgcttggttt taagaggttt tatcagaggt    131700
     tcctcatgaa gaaaagtttc atcaaaacca gtgtacaaag cctatttaag agcaattatt    131760
     tggcccacag tttatgccaa tagttatttt aactattaaa ttatagacca ttttgctgtc    131820
     aacccaggcc tattatattt gttttttaca gaaatgaaca aggaaaatag aaaaatttgc    131880
     ttcaaatctt acattggcca ttgtcttcta gtctcattag ttgtctttag aatttgcctg    131940
     tagtttaaac tagccctgtt aatttctgtg agccagtcag aaatctccag ctacagctaa    132000
     gtagaaaaca taaaaaaggt taacatttta aagtatgtaa caatattttc ttctgggcaa    132060
     tttattctac aaatcgtgcc aggtcatgaa agtatagtgt ggactcatag ttaaggggtg    132120
     tttgtctttg tggggataag actaaggacg ctaagcaaag ccaagcccta tacatctaca    132180
     attctctggc ataattatag ccctcagttt tcggggcatg tcagcagcct cagaattttt    132240
     aagctgttta ttgcctcagc tcatctcatt taaaaacaca tatttttata acccaatttt    132300
     tttcttctta catagaggaa atcaaattcc aaatggtact ggaaatgaaa ccacttatga    132360
     aaacaccgtg tttctgtgaa accttatcct gacctcaggc agagctccag ctgttgcgtt    132420
     tcattgcaca acccctctcc ctagcaggag gtagctagaa agatcaattc tgtctaacag    132480
     cagttaggta gtagggttgg tctctcccta acagcagaga aaagttagat agttgggggg    132540
     ggcccttggt ataacttcta ggaacaaaga tccagcttac tgaaaaatag gctacagaca    132600
     catattagta aactcacaca aaccttcagc ccactcacat gaagaaacgc agtccaacat    132660
     agacagaact ttgttctttg tgcacaaata tatgctcaca aagagactga ttgaaaaaca    132720
     agaacaacaa gaaaacaccc ttgtcttttg tataagcaat ggacttccaa aattagtggc    132780
     ttttttttcg gtgaggaaag tacacggtgg gcgacaataa attttagtgg gcacttttct    132840
     ggacatgctt tggaatataa cctgaagtgg tatgaatcat cacatcagcc tctgattagt    132900
     catgggtaga ggtcgtgagc caagctttca catcagcact tgttttgtcc caagcaaaag    132960
     tccaaagcca agctgagtaa tgctttttcc gagatcaatc atcacattct tccatctccc    133020
     agtacatgag gaccccaaac accagggtga cactggacaa ccaaattggg tttccaccgt    133080
     ggagagccat tttaatttcc ttcttaaact tcagtgctaa cttcactttg tgtgcacgtt    133140
     cctcaagttt ttggacccca gataaataac tctttgtgat gtcacacagt gagaatttgc    133200
     tacatgtggt gaattggtga gactacaatt gaagcctgaa ttgagccctg ggatgcataa    133260
     gtcttacttg attatataaa atcgggccct gtaatgcaaa ctatgtctct gcaggcattc    133320
     caccttccag tggtcgccac cactggctgg acagagttga ggaggcattg ttttcttttc    133380
     tctgctgttc ttcctgaaga gtcctggagc ttgccaaact ttcagcagtt agaaggtcca    133440
     gctcaaaact cctggatttt gtagacctgt aattccgtca ctaatgcctc tgtctatctc    133500
     ttgctttttc tgcctttcct gtgcctcttt gtgggccctg ctgtaaaaga ccaagaatgc    133560
     cacccacaat ttttctactg tggtatctgg gaccatagtc tgcttttgta gttatcttct    133620
     gatttaaagt ttgagtaata aacttgccta acaagattac ctgtatttta tttaaaccag    133680
     gagatagaga agattgtttc aaaaaatcca cagaatcctc tctcagcctt tcattaaggc    133740
     tgaaatattt tgatttggtt tttatttcaa tatggccagt tttgattaat taagagcttt    133800
     gattccagtt tcttggaagc tttttaacac acacattaga aactcttttt gtttccactc    133860
     atccataaaa tcagtaggcc tttagttatg ttttttaagg ggcaatgtct cccttcttat    133920
     tggaaatggg gcttctgtct cttttcccct catttttttt ttggtccggt tttcttcttt    133980
     gcctggctat attaaacatg ctatttgtct ctgaaactct ctgttgcctg tgcggcttcc    134040
     tgttgctcag cagtacttaa catttggctt aggaatgaca taacatgttg ccatgtaaaa    134100
     ccaaacactt gggtaacatt ttggaaagcc tgtctgtatt catcagagtt atcagaatac    134160
     ttttctaggt cccaatctat ctgtttgaag tcttataata aaaagagaac cagtaattta    134220
     gatgcaccgt gtttattggg cattttcttt aggggtaaca atttaatgga gggttgcttg    134280
     ggagaaatga agaagaaaag gatgataaag tgactagagg agtctgtgga tgggggacac    134340
     aggagaagct ggaacatctg gaagtttctt ctgagggttt cctggaggtt tgtttctctg    134400
     acttttgaga attgttcact atagacaagt ctgatatgct aagaaggcat ggtcaacatt    134460
     acaatgttta caaatatctg ggttgtttgc aggacaaaga aaatacctca gataatttac    134520
     cttcccactt agagaaaata tctagatgtt ggatagaatt gagagagaaa atttaggtac    134580
     ataggatgga ttcttgctaa aactactttg aacaaagaaa caggctaaaa taccaggctg    134640
     caggcagatt tttaaaaaaa cctgaacaaa cctgcagccc actcatataa aggaacaaag    134700
     cctaacaaac aaatattttt tgcacttttt tgttacctaa aacatgccaa cagataatct    134760
     gataaaagaa gaatattctg cataaaaata tttttcttct taaataatgc acatacttcc    134820
     agaaaatagt ttctattcct tttacacagg gagcttcagt gtgcttcagt gagcactttt    134880
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    134940
     cttcctcttc ctcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    135000
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttctgctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttttttct    135060
     ggatatgctt tctactgtga gctgagccac tataaatttt tacttcagct acttttcagt    135120
     cctgggtcaa gtttctgagt caagccaact agtacttttt caagactagt gagcacactc    135180
     ttttcttaat tcataaaaac atcagaacct gccgtatagt gagaaacaca tctgtctcct    135240
     atctgtgctg tgaacagtca ttttttccct gttaagtaat caatctgact tcattacagt    135300
     gaaggaaaaa gaaagcctga tgatacttca aagtagcaga ctgatatgta tagtggcatg    135360
     cccacatgtg caaaagtgtg catcggaaca cactgaaaac cactgggtaa aagaaataga    135420
     gactattttc tggaagagaa gcatttttat gcatactatt cttcttttat cagattatct    135480
     gtaggcatgt tttaggccaa aaaaagtaat tacaaaagag tttatttata aggctatgtt    135540
     cctttatatg agtggactgc aggtttgtgc aggatttttt ttttaatctg catgaagcct    135600
     ggtatttcag tctgtctctt tgcttaaagt agttgtagca agaatccatc ctatctactt    135660
     aacttttttc tctcaatact atccaacatc tagatatttt ctgcaattga gaaggcaaat    135720
     tgtctgaggt gccatatatg tcagatttct ttgtcccgca aacaacccag atgtttgtaa    135780
     acattgtaat gttgaccatg cctacttagc acatcagact tgtctatagt gaacaattct    135840
     aaaacatcag agaaacaaat ccccaggcaa ccctcagaag aaacttcgag atgttccacc    135900
     ttttcttgtg tcccccgaca agggactcct gtagtcactt tatcatcctc agattcttca    135960
     attctcccaa ccaaccttcc attaaaccac taaccctaaa gaaaatgacc aaaaaacatg    136020
     ttgcctctaa attcctgatt ctctttttat tacaagactt aaaacagata gattgggacc    136080
     tagaaaagta ttatgatacc cggatgaata gagagaggct ttccaaaatc gttcccgaat    136140
     tttgattttg catgctcaca tgttatgtca ctcctaaggc aaatcttaag tactgctgag    136200
     caacaggaag ccacacaggg aacagagaga ttcagagaca aatagcaggt ttaacatagc    136260
     caggcaaaga agaaaaccag tccaaaaaaa aaagtggaag acaaaccaaa gccccatttt    136320
     caatttatat atatttgcta catgttctga gaaagcaata tattagaata ctcagtagga    136380
     gtataggagc acttcttcaa attctttgct ttacttttat ttctgaggat tttgtcctaa    136440
     gtttattttt cctttttgta ctcaagagca aacaacactg agccagtgtc agccagttca    136500
     aatcaaaagg atgacttcca gccttataag actcaggtga caggccagat agagagaact    136560
     ttgacaatcc cccaacatcc tcagttgatg aaaactttgg ctctgttcca actcactttc    136620
     cttcacaaag cagcttatgc atgcagagac ttacaatcgg tcttgagaca attgaaagtt    136680
     tctggccaag gctacagctc agtgttatct aaagccttct gaactaaggc cagtcaatga    136740
     cagtccatca gggtgatggc accaggaatt ccagaatttt ctattttatt ttcttgcctt    136800
     tccgtttatg gcaatcatgt ctcttatttt cttcttttta tgcaatgttg caaccaggaa    136860
     atatattctt attgggtgaa ttcagttggt gatttagtaa tcaggaatat tattcaaata    136920
     ttgctgtttt ggtggtgtct tggaaacaaa cgaaattcga gtttttagtc taacttttaa    136980
     cttggtaaaa acctttttgg gaaccagcga tagacattta gaacactgta aaagaagttt    137040
     tcttaccccg agggaatact ttcttctgca ttttttc                             137077