EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC007368; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 94024 BP.
AC   AC007368;
DT   27-APR-1999 (Rel. 59, Created)
DT   18-MAR-2002 (Rel. 71, Last updated, Version 15)
DE   Homo sapiens 12q24.2 PAC RPCI4-809F18  (Roswell Park Cancer Institute Human
DE   PAC Library) complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-94024
RA   Muzny D., Arenson A.D., Bouck J., Bunac C., Chen Z., Ding Y., Dugan S.,
RA   Durbin J., Forcum J., Garcia C., Gorrell J.H., Gorrell L.L., Hernandez J.,
RA   Issar A., Jackson L., Kneitz S., Kondejewski N., Lau S., Leal B., Lee E.,
RA   Lichtarge O., Liu W., Logan O., Lu J., Marondel I., Martinez C.,
RA   Merscher S., Miller A., Montgomery K., Oswal G., Pampell L.R., Parish B.J.,
RA   Perez L., Rashid N.D., Rives C., Scherer S.E., Shen H., Shim C., Simon M.,
RA   Vo Q., Williamson A., Worley K.C., Xhang A.M., Yang R., Yu W., Zhou X.,
RA   Kucherlapati R., Nelson D., Gibbs R.A.;
RT   "Direct Submission";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-94024
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-APR-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza,
RL   Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-94024
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (28-JUL-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-94024
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (31-JUL-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-94024
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (15-MAR-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
DR   MD5; a9a5ec9d581f550d82971ee1967c189f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL383551.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000107.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC007368.11:1-94024; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Jul 28, 1999 this sequence version replaced gi:4982530.
CC   INFORMATION: or email
CC   CLONE LENGTH: This sequence does not necessarily represent the
CC   entire insert of this clone. Overlapping regions of clones are only
CC   sequenced and submitted once, so the sequence for the remainder of
CC   the insert may be found in the record for the adjacent clones.
CC   Overlapping clones are noted at the beginning and end of the
CC   Features listing.
CC   STSs are identified using ePCR (Genome Res. 7:541-550) searches
CC   of a local database that includes entries from dbSTS, GDB, and
CC   local mapping efforts.
CC   Repeats are identified using RepeatMasker (A. Smit and P. Green,
CC   unpublished.) for Human and Mouse sequences.
CC   Genes and Region of sequence similarity are identified by BLAST
CC   (Nuc. Acids Res. 25:3389-3402) similarity (expect < 1e-34) to the
CC   EST and cDNA sequences. Genes demonstrate at least two exons
CC   flanked by consensus splice sites that maintained sequence
CC   continuity across the splice junctions. Sequences that are not
CC   identical matches are annotated as similar.
CC   SEQUENCING READ COVERAGE:Sequencing is completed to a minimum
CC   standard of double strand coverage with a minimum of 2 clones and 2
CC   reads with no ambiguities or 2 chemistries with a minimum of 2
CC   clones and 3 reads with no ambiguities. If the sequence quality for
CC   a region does not meet this standard, it will be indicated in the
CC   annotation as Low Coverage.
CC   QUALITY OF INDIVIDUAL BASES:This sequence meets stringent quality
CC   standards - estimated error rate less than 1 per 10,000 bases.
CC   Reports of lowest quality individual bases and measures of base
CC   quality are listed below. Description of the metrics can be found
CC   at URL:
CC   html.
CC   ---------------- Summary Statistics ------------------------------
CC   Contig length:                                    94024
CC   Phrap values in estimate:                         88210
CC   Average error rate (BCM-Phrap estimate):          0.000298058
CC   Fraction of Phrap values less than 40 :           0.0371273
CC   Number of consensus changing edits:               15
CC   Number of N's in consensus :                      0
CC   ---------------- Consensus changing edits ------------------------
CC   Position      Original+Context            Edited+Context
CC   1001         aattgtttcc(c)aacttatcca     aattgtttcc(a)aacttatcca
CC   1025         agtctgggat(n)tcttaaaaaa     agtctgggat(a)tcttaaaaaa
CC   1212         cagctagtta(n)caaccancca     cagctagtta(c)caaccaccca
CC   1219         ttancaacca(n)ccaaaaaaag     ttaccaacca(c)ccaaaaaaag
CC   1351         ctactggagg(n)ttttaattag     ctactggagg(a)ttttaattag
CC   13885        atatttcttg(n)aggctttgtt     atatttcttg(g)aggctttgtt
CC   16483        cagacaagcc(n)tgggttgtgg     cagacaagcc(t)tgggttgtgg
CC   46370        aggggaggca(n)gaaggaaggg     aggggaggca(a)gaaggaaggg
CC   46390        ggaggggagg(n)aaaggnaaga     ggaggggagg(g)aaagggaaga
CC   46396        gaggnaaagg(n)aagagagggg     gagggaaagg(g)aagagagggg
CC   46733        gtgataacat(n)tgaagaccgg     gtgataacat(c)tgaagaccgg
CC   46821        ccgcaaagca(c)ccatgttggg     ccgcaaagca(a)ccatgttggg
CC   55076        catgggattg(g)ttattttctt     catgggattg(t)ttattttctt
CC   57645        agatggagcc(n)tttattggga     agatggagcc(a)tttattggga
CC   62161        aggggtgact(n)tgaataggag     aggggtgact(t)tgaataggag
CC   --------- Distribution of Quality < 40 Bases ---------------------
CC   1000|                                     *
CC   900|                                     *
CC   800|                                     *
CC   #      700|                                *    *
CC   bases  600|                                *    *
CC   500|                                *    *
CC   400|                                *    *
CC   300|                                *    *
CC   200|                           *    *    *
CC   100|            *    *    *    *    *    *
CC   0|       *    *    *    *    *    *    *
CC   -----------------------------------------
CC   5    10   15   20   25   30   35   40
CC   Phrap Value Range
CC   -------------------------------------------------------------------
CC   Version: 1.01  qxfo.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..94024
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="12"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="12q24.2RPCI4-809F18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    1..201
FT                   /function="Overlap with adjacent clone AC005885."
FT                   /note="Overlaps bases 1 to 201 in AC005885."
FT   repeat_region   complement(398..772)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1C"
FT   misc_feature    1033..1073
FT                   /function="Low coverage."
FT   repeat_region   1491..1597
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5500..5798)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5811..5982)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(6143..6269)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   repeat_region   7424..7609
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(8697..8804)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(9215..15331)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA6"
FT   repeat_region   complement(16062..16180)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(16184..16256)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(16737..17632)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18910..19288)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1C"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20233..20442)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20488..20539)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20894..21182)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21420..21484)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1B"
FT   repeat_region   21779..21862
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   21863..22387
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1A"
FT   repeat_region   22547..22749
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25398..25423)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25684..25945)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg/x"
FT   repeat_region   26603..26802
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(28592..28900)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(28901..29256)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29259..29321)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29454..29620)
FT                   /rpt_family="FRAM"
FT   STS             29644..29727
FT                   /standard_name="D12S2463"
FT   repeat_region   complement(30175..30628)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA13"
FT   repeat_region   31090..31389
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg"
FT   repeat_region   32273..32552
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(33721..34237)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1D"
FT   repeat_region   34946..35092
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   35461..35757
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(35997..36149)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER58A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36604..36818)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PB3"
FT   STS             36756..36903
FT                   /standard_name="SHGC-10220"
FT   repeat_region   complement(38430..38459)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(38485..38619)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39462..39756)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(40347..40424)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    40621..41116
FT                   /note="Region: Similar to clone tk11e08.x1 Homo sapiens
FT                   cDNA, AI459261."
FT   repeat_region   41477..41698
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(42617..42970)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1A"
FT   repeat_region   43201..43228
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(44600..44901)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   STS             45130..45342
FT                   /standard_name="D12S386"
FT   repeat_region   45225..45317
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45951..46031)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    46362..46420
FT                   /function="Low coverage."
FT   misc_feature    47852..48201
FT                   /note="Region: Similar to clone c-34d10, F11998."
FT   misc_feature    49220..49615
FT                   /note="Region: Similar to clone yf55d11.s1 Homo sapiens
FT                   cDNA, R37414."
FT   STS             49377..49551
FT                   /standard_name="G26490"
FT   STS             49456..49605
FT                   /standard_name="WI-12212"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49667..49975)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A2"
FT   repeat_region   50391..50698
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   50936..50966
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   51616..51843
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(51958..52249)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSc"
FT   STS             52494..52596
FT                   /standard_name="D12S1252"
FT   repeat_region   52646..52672
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(53405..53469)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A2"
FT   repeat_region   53686..53790
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   54700..54817
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(54883..55593)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA13"
FT   repeat_region   complement(56669..56748)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(56807..56964)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(57189..57512)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(57867..58034)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(58045..58084)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59481..59618)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60494..60857)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1C"
FT   repeat_region   complement(61789..62202)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4A2"
FT   repeat_region   64629..64887
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(64888..65149)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P"
FT   repeat_region   65151..65238
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   STS             65366..65498
FT                   /standard_name="D12S2424"
FT   repeat_region   65869..66166
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSq"
FT   STS             68871..69085
FT                   /standard_name="D12S2454"
FT   repeat_region   69302..72071
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PB2"
FT   repeat_region   73464..74108
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR9"
FT   repeat_region   75202..75506
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSq"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76280..76668)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2CB"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76670..77077)
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTA"
FT   repeat_region   complement(77078..77135)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2CB"
FT   repeat_region   complement(78437..78465)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(78880..79242)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1B"
FT   repeat_region   79275..79544
FT                   /rpt_family="MER41A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(80197..80493)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(80766..80878)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   80901..80957
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   81043..81072
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84107..84287)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR16C"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84522..84553)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84635..84698)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB5"
FT   repeat_region   84700..84994
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84995..85190)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB5"
FT   repeat_region   85209..85357
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   85407..85716
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87104..87599)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR19A"
FT   repeat_region   87989..88234
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   88272..88583
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MC1"
FT   repeat_region   88597..88654
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   89155..89266
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   repeat_region   90494..90550
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(90669..90997)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PB1"
FT   repeat_region   91137..91437
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92339..92805)
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTB"
FT   repeat_region   complement(93460..93755)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   misc_difference 93824
FT                   /clone="Insertion with respect to AC005868."
FT                   /note="Insertion of G."
FT   misc_feature    93825..94024
FT                   /function="Overlap with adjacent clone AC005868."
FT                   /note="Overlaps bases 2 to 201 in AC005868."
SQ   Sequence 94024 BP; 27192 A; 18478 C; 19595 G; 28759 T; 0 other;
     ggagaagagc agagtattca gcctcagggt atggccttca caattagaca taaaagtgaa        60
     ttaatccagt tttctcataa taagtggcaa ggtcaatcta agtctgctct caaaagaaat       120
     gggcaaaaag gaatatattc actctcaaag caaattgcaa aagattgaga ccttcatggt       180
     gagagtgaca agaaaaggat ctatgtcagg agaggtcact tctgtttttg cattttttaa       240
     tgagtttcat ttctccagag gaacttctcc attaggcaag gatcaaagcc aagtgcagac       300
     ctaggtttat atttgtatag ccttacaaca aaagaagaaa ataatttttt cttaccagca       360
     tcagttcaaa acttcttagg acagagaatt ggctcagtgt attagtccat tcttaccctg       420
     ataagaagaa ctgactgaga ctgggtaatt tataaaggaa ataggtttaa ttgactcaca       480
     gttctgcatg gctggggagg cctcaggaaa cttaccatca cggcagaaag ggaagcaaac       540
     atgtccttca catggtggca ggagagagaa gaatgagagc tgagcgaagg gggaagcctc       600
     ttacaaaact atcagatctt gtgagaactt actcactatc atgagaatag cacgggggaa       660
     accaccccca tgattcagtt acctcccact gggtctcctc catgacacat ggggattacg       720
     ggaactacaa ttcaagatga aatttgggtg gggacagagc caaaccttat cactcagcct       780
     cagttgccaa ccctggccta atggctacag agggcaaagg gggctgtact gaagccgttg       840
     gcgtgttctg ttgggtcctg tgcccactcc tgtgtataac catccctgac tagaagtaaa       900
     caagaggatt gccatgcagt cacaagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagatcagtt ctgcaaaggc       960
     ttttggttca ggaaagcaag gtaaagacta aattgtttcc aaacttatcc attgagtctg      1020
     ggatatctta aaaaacaggc cccttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt aagtatactt      1080
     aggccttctt tcagaattta ggtgtgaaag aaaagaaaat tagcacaggt tgttactaaa      1140
     ctctattttg gtgacttggg caagggttga gcttgtcgtt gatgtttata taagagtgaa      1200
     tcagctagtt accaaccacc caaaaaaaga taggaaatgg gtgaagatgt gagtttggaa      1260
     gtacacatag aagctaaatt gtgacggtca ctctagctaa gccaaggcgt ttggactgta      1320
     gcctatagtc actaaaaaaa ctactggagg attttaatta ggagagaatt ttaagagaat      1380
     tcttgaaaat aaatgaaatt tttggcagga tgtggattag caaggtgata attattttag      1440
     aaggtgctga gatcagcttc ttaaaaaatt ccaatacttg ggtgattgcc tgtatatatg      1500
     tatgtatata tgtatatata tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tatatatata tatatacaca      1560
     cacacacata tatatacata tatatacata tttatatgaa aaccataaag ctatcatata      1620
     caacatccac tttcataatg agttctccag agttttgtta aatagaaaag agcaatgcca      1680
     atttaaagga aattcttaaa agaattaaga taaaaggtga tataagaaca tggcaaaaac      1740
     tttcgctaca atgcacaaat ggctaaggtt tagaagtcac caaagtaatt ttatgaaatg      1800
     attttaaaat gtgatagctt atatcaaagg tggtatttcc cttttatctt aattataact      1860
     attattgaga taaaggagag atcaaagaag caaagcggtt gagattttag cgcaaggcag      1920
     gaatcttggg ggttaggcgt gaaatcaagt tttggactgc agtagactct atacagttgc      1980
     aggatgatgg catttcctgg gtgagtttcc tttggctgtt tttggaacag ctaactgtgt      2040
     tcttgctgtc tcaagggagt ggcactagga tgacacacag aatctgtgtg cgtaaaatcc      2100
     aggccaggta ccagcccctg gcttccaaag aacattctgc ccctgtgtac tcttctaggc      2160
     ctggaagaca cctagtctgc ctacctgctg tggcgtgtaa tggggcaaat ggcctcttgt      2220
     ggcaggggac actgggcgta ggcgtccatt tattaaaaat gattgctatg attttgagtt      2280
     gtacttctct gtgagaaagg ggagaatcaa taatcaatgc catttgtaaa ggacaaaagg      2340
     aggctgtgat ctggttaaaa taaatctggt gtgcacaggg tgttggtgac tggcacttag      2400
     ggcataagat ttgtgtatca ccacctccat tagagctatt gtcagatgct aagaggaaat      2460
     gctgtattcc tagggcttct acttcatcat ccataaaata gatatcctca aatcagtgtc      2520
     atcttcaaca tgattaatgg atcattcctg tgatgtgtca aaaagccttg caaatggaca      2580
     cattgtgtgc tttgaagaaa caaatcactg aaatcattgt ttcctcaaac atggctagtg      2640
     ggactctgta ggtttataaa atgtttctgg tagtaaaggg gcaattttta aaattatatc      2700
     aatacttcta tatttatttg aatgtttacc agaaaataat atgacatgaa gacaatgcaa      2760
     aatatgctat tatttgaatt ataggtgtgt ccatgtgcac agtattttag taagtgaaca      2820
     ttgccttctg ccacagtggt tggaagaaag atcagatcac attaatcacc aatagggttt      2880
     ctcagtttct aataaagctg atatcctgtg ttccttttag tgacactaaa aaatttaagt      2940
     aatttttggg atgtggacat ggcagaaatt gtgaaagtac cacacgacta actgaagttc      3000
     ggtaaaattt gacctaagag atgccattgt taaaatgttt tttatattag aagataattg      3060
     ctttatttac gcatgcattt attcaactaa cactgaattt gttattggtt agttattagg      3120
     catactcaca taattaagac atgacttatg accttgaatg gctcatgctg tattatggga      3180
     gacataatac agtttcaaaa actcttctgt tgatatagga atgaagtata atggaaaatg      3240
     taggaattaa gaacaaagat tcaggacaga catacagagg aggtgctatt tgagtagggg      3300
     ttcacccagc aaacaagagc aaggacagta tgtcaggttg ttggactcat atcaaaagtt      3360
     tggagaaatg tgggaacgtg atgcgtgatt catctcttct tgttcatttg tgcaggggaa      3420
     gggtcttttt gataaggtgc attctgggga gaagaagtgg cagtgtgtga gactataaat      3480
     gtaagtagag tcttcaaata ctttgaaacg tgttggaatt tggacttaat ttaggagccc      3540
     agaatggcag agacaagatg tgcatgtcac cacccacctc atgtgctcat ggaagacatc      3600
     actaatcaat cccagcactc cttccagcta gggcccattt cttctgcaga cagaaatctg      3660
     aggctgcctc tctgattgat tggaagtgat aactgagatg aaacctattt ctaacttttg      3720
     gcagagccta tggagcaaga aagagctttt aataaggatt agaacatgat gcaaaacagg      3780
     acaacagctg tatcctaaaa atctatatat ttaaaacatt taaacaaata aaaagcaata      3840
     cagaccaact tcagtgcctt tccagtggaa tcaaagtcac ataatcaaga ttttctttgt      3900
     ttgttttaaa catgtttaat tagttaccaa tattgaaaag ttacgagatt caaaatttgt      3960
     tgtttttctt aaacaatttg aaaattcaaa tactgtgtca gtgttcccac ctggcaatgc      4020
     ccacatccat ctgatcagta gctgtggatt tggctggacg gggttcagtc ccattcacca      4080
     cggttgatgg cattccccat catttaccgt gaagctgctt ccgtgattca tgctacctgc      4140
     ctggatgctg gagggatttt attttcacct cctgcttatc tatcctaaca gatattccta      4200
     ggtagaggtt ctgataaaaa tcatgaataa atgacatttt tgtaaattga atgatgttat      4260
     acatgtatca gacaaaacta tgggatttct tttctcatga aaatccaggg tttcccatat      4320
     cagaactttt ctgaattaag gaattcttaa gttttgttat tggggggtaa cttctcagtc      4380
     tgtgcagaac aggacatttt cagagtcagg gattctactc agtatttctc acaataaaag      4440
     atgttgaaca tgggatctta taataaggtt ttcaattcct ttccacaaaa agagccttac      4500
     gatttccaac gctggttctg atcatggagg tgagatactg taattaaaca ctcttcaatc      4560
     agaaatatgg ggggaagtga attccttggg agtgaacttg gaggtgaaca agagttagaa      4620
     atgtcctcaa acgaagaagt gttgagagta ttactgtggg ttgtaggaag gataaagtcc      4680
     atgaaatgga gaatgaaaat ctggaaagga gaggaaggtg atgggtagag cttctgtgat      4740
     acattttatt tcagtgtttt cattaacaca aaacttttct aacttatagg tgagtatgtc      4800
     cgctactgac aagatcaaga tttgagtcct ggcatctggt ccaggctgtc attgccgctg      4860
     acttctcccc gtgcagggtt ctggggaggg gtgagcggtc tctctaatgg gatgtccaca      4920
     gtctctcgac cgtacctgag gcagtggcat ctgggcttgg cattgtgtca gcatctgcat      4980
     tttcactgta acaagaaaat ggtcgactat tccattttca gctgttcttg aaactcctgt      5040
     tatcattttc tctttacaat cctggacaga gtaatgaggt tttaaatcct tccaacatgc      5100
     tctcaaaggc agtcaccagc tctgttagtg tgaccttttc aatactgcat gatttacgtg      5160
     gctggccatt tgtctctcct tttaaataac agcaaagagg gggaggaggg agtcagaggg      5220
     gcatgttaca gcagatatga aaggctcacg gatgcctttt agctcccacc aacagacttg      5280
     gtgttggaat gactggacta gctttgatct ggctgttagt tgtttcctga aaacccatat      5340
     aaatgtgaaa atggaaaaac atacacaccc ttgcttctat attgccttat taacctcagc      5400
     attttctcat tatttatccc ctttctctaa gagagatgtt gacttctttc tcagatagct      5460
     tctgaaaata ttcttaggag acactgaatc tccaagtaat tttttttttt tttagagaca      5520
     gggtcttgcg atgttgccca gtctggagtg cagtggtgtg atctctgcaa actgcaccct      5580
     ttgcttcctg ggctcaagta atctccccac cctagcctcc caagtagctg ggactacagg      5640
     catgcaccag cacatctggc taattttttt tttttttttc agagacaggt tctcacgatg      5700
     ttgcccaggc tgatctcaaa ctcctgggct caagggatcc tcccaccttg gcctcccaag      5760
     tgtgctacaa ttacagaagt gagccactgt gcctagccta ccaagcagtt tttaaaccac      5820
     tttattaata tatgattaga cctataaaaa gctgtacata tttagtgtat acaacaggat      5880
     gagtttggag ataaactgat caccattgat gaaagcacca ccacaatcaa gaccataaat      5940
     ctacccattt cctccaaagg tgtcatcctg ctctctttat tgcatttatt tttgttataa      6000
     cacacttaaa aattctagag cctattgatt caatgattaa tattctcagg ggctctgcaa      6060
     tactcaacac aatgaattaa caacttgctt ctgatagaac tattttggta ttgaaggaat      6120
     tctttaattt taattatttt aatctttttt tttttttttt taacaaggtc ttgctctgac      6180
     acccaggctg gtgttcagtg gtgtgatcac agctcactac cgcctccacc tcctcaaact      6240
     caatcaatcc tcctgcctcg gccttctgat gtttatcttt ctttaataaa aatgggatcc      6300
     ttttaaatct caggaagctt cagccaattt agatgaccca tagattttag tacctgcacc      6360
     actcctgtaa ttatattaat ttactgtctt atcgtactct ccaattcttc cacatatctc      6420
     tatcgtaaac acttgaagga gaagagcctg atgtttgcgg ttcttcagtg cctgggcaac      6480
     tgtcctggtc caggtgagac agctttgcgt agagatcaca aaactgtatg cctgcaggac      6540
     ctaggcaggt agcatgtgtg ggtgggaagg attgttttgt tttgtttttg tatggtaaag      6600
     ttatagacat attgtttact tttataaagt gctatgttga ccctatgttt ttcttctaaa      6660
     cgtattcccg tatggttccc tttcatgtcc ccccttgagg gaggtgcgga caggaagcaa      6720
     gtatgaagat aaaccacagc tgacagtcag tcagctcagt ggtggagcca cacttgggcc      6780
     agtggccctg atgtgtaaga catcgttact cagttccagc cagctgctgc catgcggggt      6840
     tgctgattta ctgtttccac ttactctatt tttttaaaaa gagactaaca ttctcaattt      6900
     ttaagtgaaa gctgccaatt aacaaaatta ttgacttgta ctcttttgaa tttcccagag      6960
     taaacaaaat aaaattccag gcaagaaaaa tccatggact cacctattag caacttccgg      7020
     tgcaaataaa tgactcaact taatattaaa tatctctaca cttctgtgat tatggaagga      7080
     tagatttgca ttttgaacag atttcacagt tactttattt tttagcttaa aatgtatcaa      7140
     gagttaattc attaagcatg tatttcatat atttgtctaa tgtatagaag gcatattgac      7200
     gactatattc aagtatgtgt tttaagacat atatatgtac atttgcttat atatgtgtat      7260
     atatacctat attttattat atattccatt ttaatgtaga attggagtta tatttggttc      7320
     tgaggaatat atattaatta gatagtttaa ttaggtttgg tgaggatcta aaatggaagg      7380
     tgtatgatct attattcaag atagattcta tactccttgc tgatttactt tttctcatta      7440
     acagttgtca tcgccacatt tatttagctg atttgttatc tgtcttcccc actggaacat      7500
     aggcaccacg aggcaggttc tctcggcatc attcactcat gtccccagtg ctcagaacag      7560
     aatctgtcac aatctaggaa ctcattaaat gatggttgaa taatcgaatg aaagattttg      7620
     tttttggaga ccatttttta gaaagccaag gaaggataat tactgctgtc ttgcactgat      7680
     cacatatcac cttggtccgt ttaattcata tgtctgtagt aacaaagaca attcttggtg      7740
     tacttatccc agcttgggga taaggcaggc agggctgaat gccaagggcc acacagccca      7800
     atcccctgtg ttgaggtggg ctggactcag gcgtctgcac cgtgcttagg atacaaagca      7860
     ctcacttttg ggatgccccc agcctcaaga gggtcaagac gaagtttcct ggtgacaagg      7920
     agaatgaggt cttccaggtc aggatatgtt atgaccacag gtggactcat tgatgccagt      7980
     tcatttcact ttatatttga cagacattac tgagcatcta cgttattcca ggatctgtga      8040
     aagtgtgtaa tagaaataaa acatttccat tcacatcttg tgataaattt tctgatcagt      8100
     tacctagagt ctagtctttg gggaggaagc aggggcaata actactctca aaaatatgtt      8160
     aggggagtaa gtagatagtt aaacaaataa aggtaacata gtgggaaaaa agctataata      8220
     gagagtatca caggcacaca aatgaggaag tgatcctgct atttgaaagt tggacaaaac      8280
     ttcacaggag aaaacattga attgcttctt tttttaaaat ggtccatatt tataataaca      8340
     tgacctagaa tcccaccatg cagaaataac cacttttaac atcaggaagc aatattttta      8400
     cacttccttt gcatatatag tgtgtagaac atattacttg cttccctttt tacttaatgg      8460
     tatgcacaaa catatttctg tggcttaatt ttttatgata tcccattatt tgtaatttaa      8520
     gcaattgcta tcatcatttc ccagtgagct acatatttag attaatttta gttttatttt      8580
     ttccccactg aaaacaatgc tatcataagt atccctcttg ctaaatgttg tataaatcca      8640
     tttgttttgc taggctacat tctttgtttc tcgagatgtt tttgttacac tctttttgaa      8700
     agtgcagaaa ttttaaggat aaaacttgat aaattatctc agtattaaca ggcttacaca      8760
     cacacctctg aaatcaagac ttagaacatt accagcatgt cagaggttac cctgtgcccc      8820
     tctcaattgt actgactttc ttcttttctg aaggaactct taagcttaat ttttggatgt      8880
     gaagttatgt ttaaaaggaa gttcatttat taggcttttg aaacatactg ccaaattttc      8940
     ctccaaaaaa gctttacctg tctatcctat ttctgttcac tttcttaaac ctctattgtt      9000
     atagtaaata catatatgta ttgtgaatat atattataaa tataactgta ttgtgaatag      9060
     atagtaaata tatgtatacc ttttgtaaat atttatctat tataaatatg tatatacagc      9120
     attgtcattt tgataaattg catctcaatg atgtctactg tgtactcctt tgactactaa      9180
     tgagattaaa tggttttcca tatgattttt tttattatta tactttaagt tctagggtac      9240
     atgtgcacaa catgcaggtt tgttacatac gtatacatgt gccatgttgg tttgctgcac      9300
     ccattaactc gtcatttaca ttaggtattt ctcctaatgc tattcctctc ccatcccccc      9360
     accccacgac aggccccagt gtgtgatgtt ccctacccta tgtccaaggt tctcattttc      9420
     aattcccacc tatgagtgag aacatgcagt gtttgtttct ctgtccttgt gatagtttgc      9480
     tcagaatgat ggtttccagc ttcatccatg ttgctacaaa ggacatgaac tcatcatttt      9540
     ttatggctgc atagtattcc atggtgtata tgtgccacat tttcttaatc cagtctatca      9600
     tagatggaca tttgggttgg ttccaagtct ttgctattgt gaatagtgcc acattaaaca      9660
     tacgtgtgca tatgtcttta tagtagcatg atttataatc ctttggctat ctacccagta      9720
     aagggatcgc tgggtcaaat ggtatttcta gttctagatc cttgagtaat caccacactg      9780
     tcttcctcag tggttgaact aatttacact cccaccaaca gtgtaaaagc attcctattt      9840
     ctccacatcc tctccagcac ctgttgtttc ctgacttttt aatgatcacc attctaactg      9900
     gtgtgagatg gtatctcgtt gtggttttga tttgcatttc tctgatgacc agtgacgatt      9960
     agcatttttt cttttgtctg ttggctgcat aaatgtcttc ttttgagaag tgtctgttca     10020
     tatcctttgc ccacttgttg atgggattgc ttgttttttt cttgtaaatt tgtttaagtt     10080
     ctttgtagat tctggatatt agccctttgt cagatgagta gattgcaaaa attttctccc     10140
     attctgtagg ttctctgttc actctaatga tagtttcttt tgctgtgcag aagctcttta     10200
     gtttaattag atcccatttg tctattttgg cttttgttgt cattgctttt ggtgttttag     10260
     tcatgaagtc cttgcccatg cctatgtcct gaatggtatt gcctaggttt tcttctaggg     10320
     tttttatggt tttaggtcta acatttaagt ctttaatccc tcttgaatta atttttgtat     10380
     aaggtgtaag gaagggatcc agtttcagct ttctacatat ggctagccag ttttcccagc     10440
     accatttatt aaatagggaa tcctttcccc atttcttgtt tttgtcaggt ttgtcaaaga     10500
     tcagatggtt gtagatgtgt ggtgttattt ctgaggcctc tgttctgttc cactggtctg     10560
     tatctctgtt ttggtaccag taccagtaca tgctgttttg gttactgtag ccttgtagta     10620
     tagtttgaag tcaggtagcg tgatgcctcc agctttgttc tttttgctta gcattgtctt     10680
     ggcaatgcag actcttttat ggttccatat gaactttaaa gtagtgtttt ccaattctat     10740
     gaagaaagtc attggtagct tgatggggat ggcattgaat ctataagtta ccttgggcag     10800
     tgtggccatt ttcacaatat tgattcttcc tatccatgag cttggaatgt tcttctattt     10860
     gtttgtgtcc tcttttattt tgttgagcag tggtttgtag ttctccttaa agagttcctt     10920
     cacatccctt gtaagttgga ttcctaggta ttaggtattt tactctcttt gtagcaattg     10980
     tgaatgggag ttcactcatg atttgaaact ctgtttgtct gttattggtg taaaagaatg     11040
     cttgtgattt ttgcacattg attttatatc ctgaggcttt gctgaagttg cttatcacct     11100
     taaggagatt tttggctgag acgatggggt tttctaaata tacaatcatg tcgtttgcaa     11160
     acagggaaaa tttgacttcc tcttttccta attgtatacc ctttatttct ttctgttgcc     11220
     tgattgccct ggccagaact tccaacagta tgttgaatag gagtggtgag agagggcatc     11280
     cctgttttgt gccagttttc aaagggaatg cttccagttt ttgcccattc agtataatac     11340
     tggttgtggg tttgtcatag atagctctta ttattttgag atacgttcca tcaataccta     11400
     gtttattgag atttttttag catgaagagc tgttgaattt tgtcaaaggc cttttctgca     11460
     tctattgaga taatcatgtg gtttttgtct ttggttccat ttatatgagg gattacgttt     11520
     attgatttgc atatgttgaa caagccttgc atcccaggga tgaagccaac ttgatcttgg     11580
     tggataagct ttttgatgtg ctgctggatt cggtttgcca gtattttatt gaggattttc     11640
     gcatcaatgt tcatcaggga tattggtcta aaattctcta tttttgttgt gtctctgcta     11700
     ggctttggta tcaggatgac gctggcctca taaaatgagt tagggaggat tccctctttt     11760
     tctattgatt ggaatagttt cagaaggaat ggtaccatct cctctttgta cctctggtag     11820
     aatttggctg tgaatccatc tggtcctgga ctttttttgg ttggtaggct attaaatatt     11880
     gcctcaattg cagagcctgt tattggtctc ttcagcaatt caacttcttc ctggtttagt     11940
     cttgggaggg tgtagtcttg ggagggtcta gtttatttgc ctagagcttt ttatagtatt     12000
     ctgtgatggt agtttgtatt tccgtgggat cggtggtgat attcccttta tcatttttta     12060
     ttgcgtctat ttgattcttc tctcttcttc ttctttatta gtcttgctag cagtctatca     12120
     attttgttga tctttccaaa aaaccagctc ctggattcat tgattttttg aagggttttt     12180
     ttgtgtctct atctccttca gttctgctct gatcttagtt atttcttgcc ttctgctagc     12240
     ttttgaatgt gtttgctctt gcttctctag ttcttttaat tgtgatgtta gggtgtcgat     12300
     tttagatctt tccttctttc tcttgtgggt atttagtgct gtaaatttcc ttctacacac     12360
     tactttggat gtgtcccaga gattctggta tgttgtatct ttgttctcat tggtttcaaa     12420
     gaacatcttt atttctgcct tcatttcgtt atttacccag tagtcattca ggagcaggtt     12480
     gttcagtttc catgtagttg tgcggttttg agtgagtttc ttaatcccga gttctaattt     12540
     gactgcactg tggtctgaga gacagtttgt tgtgatttct gttcttttac atttgctgag     12600
     gagtgtttta cttccaacta cgtggtcaat tttggaataa gtgcaatgtg gtgctgagaa     12660
     gaatgtatat tctgttgatt tggggtggag aattctgtag atgtctatta ggtctgcttg     12720
     gtgcagagct gagttcaagt cccggatatc cttgttaacc ttctgtctcg ttgatctgtc     12780
     taatattgac agtggggtgt taaagtctcc cattattatt gtgcggaagt ctaagtctct     12840
     ttataggtct ctcaggactt gctttatgaa tctgggtgat cctgtattgg gtgcatatat     12900
     atttaggata gttagctctt cttgttgaat tgatcccttt accattatat agtggccttc     12960
     tttgtctctt ttgatctttg ttagtttaaa gtctgtttta tcagagacta ggattgcaac     13020
     acctgctctt tttttttttt gctttccatt tgcttagtag atcttcctcc atccctttat     13080
     tttgagccta tgtgtgtctc tgcacgtggg atgggtctcc tgaatacagt acactgatgg     13140
     gtcttgactc tttatccaat ttgccagtct gtgtctttta attggggcat ttagcccatt     13200
     tacattaagg ttaatattgt tatgtgtgaa tttgatcctg tcattatgat gttagctggt     13260
     tattttgtcc gttagttgat gcagtttctt cctagcatca atagtcttta caatttggca     13320
     tgtttttgca gtggctggta ctggttgttc ctttccatgt ttagtgcttc cttcaggagc     13380
     tcttgtaagg caggcctggt ggtgacaaaa tctctcagca tctgcttgtc tgtaaaggat     13440
     tttatttctc cttcacttgt gaagcatagc ttggctgcat atgaaattct gggttgaaaa     13500
     ttcttttctt taagaatgtt gaatattggc ccccactctc ttctggcttg tagggtttct     13560
     gccgagagat ccactgtcag tctgatgggc ttccctttgt gggtaacccg acctttctct     13620
     ttggctgccc ttagcgtttt ttccttcatt tcagtcatgg tgaatctgac aattacgtgt     13680
     cttggggttc tcttctcaag gagtatcttt gtggtgttct ctgtatttcc tgaatttgaa     13740
     tgttggcctg ccttgctagg ttggggaagt tctcctggat aattcctgaa gagtgttttc     13800
     cagcttggtt ccattctccc agtcactttc aggtacacca atcaaatgta gatttggtct     13860
     tttttcatag tcccatattt cttggaggct ttgtttgttt atttttactc ttttttctct     13920
     aaacttctct tcttgcttca tttcattaat ttgaccttca atcactgatg ccctttcttc     13980
     cacttgatcg aatcggctac tgaagcttgt gcgtgcatca cgtagttctc atgccatggt     14040
     tttcagctcc atcaggtcat ttaaggtctt ctctacactg tttattctaa ttagccattc     14100
     atctaatctt ttttcaaggt ttttagcttc cttgcaatgg gttcaaacat cctgctttag     14160
     ctcagagaag tttgttatta ccgactttct gaagcctact tctgtcaact catcaaagtc     14220
     cttctccgtc ctgctttatt ctgttgctgg tgaggagctg cagtctttgg aggagaaggg     14280
     gcgctctggt ttttagaatt ttcagctttt ctgctctggt ttctccccat ctttgtggtt     14340
     ttatctacct ttggtctttg atgatggtga cctacaaata gggttttggt gtggatgtcc     14400
     cttttgttga tgttgatgct attcctttct gtttgttagt ttccttctaa cagtcagtcc     14460
     ctcagctaca ggtctgttgg agtttgctgg acgtccactc cagaccctgt ttgcctgggt     14520
     atcaccagca aaggctgtag aacagcaaat attgctgcct gatcctttcc ctggaagttt     14580
     gtctcagagg ggcacccggc tgtatgaggt gtcagtctgc cccaaatggg aggtgtctcc     14640
     aagttaggct acacgggggt cagggaccct cttgaggagg cagtctgtct gttctcagag     14700
     ctcaaacact gtgctgggag aaccactgct ctcttcagag ctgtcagaca gggacgttta     14760
     agtctgcaga agtttctgct gcattttgtt cagctatgcc ctgcccccag aggtggagtc     14820
     tacagaggca ggttgacctt tttgagctgt ggtgggctcc acccagttca agcttcccgg     14880
     tagctttgtt tatctactca agcctcagca atggcagacg cccctcccca gccaggcttg     14940
     ctgcctcaca gttcgatctc agactagcag tgagcaaggc tccatgggag tgggacccgc     15000
     tgagccaggt gtgggatata atctcctgtt gtgccgttta ctaagacctt tggaaaagcc     15060
     agtatttagg tggcagtgtc ccaatttttg tggtacagtc tatcacagct tcccttggct     15120
     tgggaaggga aatcccctga ccccttccac ttcccaggtg agacaatgcc ccaccctgct     15180
     tcagctcacc cttcatgggc tgcagccact ttctgaccag tcccagtgag atgaaccagg     15240
     tacctcagtt ggaaatgcag aaatcaccgg tcttctgcgt caatcacgct gggagctgca     15300
     gaccagagct gttcctattc ggccatcttg gaacggactc cggttttcca tatgatttaa     15360
     agtgctttac attacctgtt tgtgaatgtc aaatggccta tcatttgtgt gtctttgtgt     15420
     gtgcctgtgt gtgtttctat ctctatgcat atctgtgtgt gtgtctttgt atgtctgtat     15480
     gtgtgcctgt gtggccatat gtgtctgtgt atgtctctgt atgtctctgt gtatgtctgt     15540
     atgtgtgtgt ctatgtgtgt gtctgtgtat gtgcctgcat gtgtgtctgt atgtgtctct     15600
     gtgtatatct gtatgtttgt atgtttatat ttctctctgt gtatgtccgt gtgtgtgtct     15660
     atgtatgtct atatctgtat atgtgtgtgt gtctgtgttt gtctctgtgt gtttgtctgt     15720
     atgtgtgtgt ctatgtttgt ctatgtatgt gtgtatctgt atgtacctct gtgtgtgtat     15780
     gtgtgtctgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtctgt gtatgtttgc aatgtgtata tttctctctg     15840
     tgtatgtccg tgtgtgtgtc tatgtatgtg tgtctgtatc tgtatatgtg tatgtgtgtg     15900
     tatatctgta tgtgtatgtc tttgtgtctg tctctgtgtg tgtgtctgta agtgtgtgtg     15960
     tgtctgtaat gtgtctctgt gtgtatctgt gtgtgtctgt gtatgtctgt atgtgtgtgt     16020
     ctgtatgtgt ctctgtgtgt atttgtgtgt ctgtgtatgc ctgtatgtgt gtgtctgtgt     16080
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtctgtct gtgtctctgt atctgtgtgt gtctgtgtat gcctgtatgt     16140
     gcgtgtctgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt ctctatattt gtgtgtctgt     16200
     gtatgcttgt atgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgg gactatgtat gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgttttt     16260
     tccttctagg tccttcttgg ggcttgcctt cttggccaca tctttaatga cctggatata     16320
     atttttatga ggacttagac attagctatc actttccatt aacatcttgc aataaatttt     16380
     ctgatcagct gactagagcc tagactttgg agaggaagca ggggaaacaa tttagctcca     16440
     aaaattaact aggcctgcct gaaattattg ttcagacaag ccttgggttg tggttttgca     16500
     taacagagtt ccaaatttaa tatcattctg acttaaaact tcatctggtc ttccagtgat     16560
     gaccttgatt aattgtgctt aaagatttct gaagatgtgt aatattttga attgaatatg     16620
     acaggggttt taatatattc aacctcctgc atttcatttt tgtgactgag gagactgggt     16680
     cagcttttag catcctataa attacctcct ctttactctt gctttttttt aaaataacag     16740
     ctttattgag atataattca catgccatat atatacttcc ccagtttaaa gtatatgatt     16800
     caatggtttt tagtatattc ccagagttat gcaaccacct ccacagtaaa ttttagaacg     16860
     cttccattgc cccaaaagca actccttccc attagcattc cctccccatc tctctaatat     16920
     gccccttcct tgagatcctg gcaaccaata tttttttttc tgtgtgtatg aatttgtcta     16980
     ttctggatat ttcataaaaa tagaatgata taatatgtag tattttgtga ctagcttctt     17040
     tcacttagca taatttttag gtttattcat gttgtattag gtaacagtgc ttcatttctg     17100
     tttttttcct cttaataata ctccatgata tgcatatacc atattttgtt tatccattca     17160
     ttagttgatg gacatttgag ttgtttccaa tttgggctat taggagtaaa atgttgctat     17220
     aaacattctt gcataagtct ttgtatggac ataggttttt aattttcccg agtatgtacc     17280
     taggagtgga aatgctgcat gataggttta ctccacattt aaccttttgt ggagctgcca     17340
     gactgtcttc caaagtggcc aaaccatttt actttcttac tgtaagtaga tgaggtttcc     17400
     aatttctcct catctttggc agtattagtc attttatgtt ttttttctat acagcaagcc     17460
     taatgggtgt aaagtagcat ttcattttca tgtattgcat ttccttcatg gctaataatt     17520
     ccaggcatct cttcctgtgc ttattggcca gttgtatatc ttccttagag aactgccttt     17580
     tcagatcctt tccccatata caaattgggt tactttttat tatcgaattg tacttccttg     17640
     gtcttctatt tcacttgcgg atgagctact ggtgtgaagg cagaacttct gggcagcgca     17700
     cgtgctcatc ttttgcttcc tccatgacac agagaggttt ctgtgtccac attgcaccta     17760
     agagtaaatg aaagcaccgg ggctgccagc ccctgtggaa acttctccag ctcactccag     17820
     tccccactca gcctgcttcc tgcatcagca ctacttgcct ggccctggag atatcagagt     17880
     ttagaatcct tgatggagaa tgtgggggca cttagggagg taaacactgc accttcttat     17940
     aggaagaaaa ggtaaacaag ctcaagtctt gaatttactg atcagagata gcacttctta     18000
     tgtgctaccc tcctctgatg aacatcacta gaagatttta ctctacaagc tatagagcca     18060
     tgatctcatt ttttttaagt acaggaaatt tctcatatag ctgtctgtta ctttctgtta     18120
     atttgggcat ggaaatgcat tgtagtatta taaatttggc caactcctaa gtatcaatat     18180
     aagcaggtga gatatatata tttttttgta aatatgtttt gctgaattat gtgcctggat     18240
     tttatagatg atcattataa aggtgactca tttttcataa tgtgaacatt ccatgaaaac     18300
     atctttagcg taatttgcct atacaaattt ctagagaaat atattaagca gtcaggtgtt     18360
     tacttatgct atttaaatta ttaatttaat tgaacatata tgtggtttta aaaatcatat     18420
     ccacaaaata cattaattct aaaatacaat ttattattaa ccatttcaca tttcttgaat     18480
     cattttaatt gccctcctca ctggcacctt taacattagt gtctgcatcg ctagaggcac     18540
     attcgcaatc cccttataat ttttctgagc aaaacaactt cacttcagtt gaagtaattg     18600
     gggacatagc attgttttta aaggtttcag tgtggccact ggaaattccc acacataggt     18660
     tgttgaagtt ttgtcttcct ctaggtggat atttactatc actacaacat aattgctttc     18720
     catgttactt cttaaagcaa tatttaattg acttttaata attactttta aaaaatgact     18780
     tttgcattaa tattcaacac ttataattat gaagctacat cccaagcggg gaaatatgaa     18840
     gaaggctgtg ttaattattt ttgccttttt tccccaaact gtctatggca gttgacctct     18900
     gtaaatatct gtattagtct gttctcacac tgctataaag aaatatccat gactgggtaa     18960
     tttattttaa aaaaaaagag gtttaattga ctcacagttt cgcattgctg gggaggcctc     19020
     aggaaactta caatcatggc agaaggcaaa ggggaagcag gtgcctcctt cacagggtag     19080
     caggatggag taagtgccag cagaggaaat gccagaagct tataaaacca tgaagtctca     19140
     tgagactcac tcactatcag agaacagcat gagggaaacc acccccatga cccaattacc     19200
     tccacctggt cctgcccttg acatgtggga attatgggga ttagaattca aggtgagatt     19260
     tgggtggaga cacagccaaa ccatatcaat atccaaagca gtgttgggtg agagtgtttc     19320
     acacatttgt ctccccaagc actacttgtt ttgtgtacag attaaaacaa atgagaggat     19380
     gctgtgtcat atgagagatt tcatgaggat ttgaatgtaa gaaaacttta atttttgttg     19440
     ccttagggac cttttagggg aaatcttttg ccttctattc aacaatatcc aacagtctct     19500
     tgtccaacat tttaccttgg gaaagttctg tgatgcattg ctgattcaaa tgtagacgtt     19560
     tcatacattt ttctcccttc tgaataactc tacctctgcc tgccactctt ttgtgtgtga     19620
     aacgtgtgtc aatggaaagg acttgaggtc aggatttagg aggtctgtct tcctgtctga     19680
     gcttcaaaag caattcccaa caaagaaaac ctacatgtgc caggttctgt actgatttct     19740
     gtgaataggt ggtccaggcc ttcaaggagc ttacagccag gcaagggaga aaggcaatga     19800
     gttgatagta acattaaaaa agaactagag tgatgtgtaa taacagaggt cagacatgcc     19860
     tcatgtggaa atctctgagc aaaaaacatt tggactgaga tgaaaagaat gagtagttta     19920
     acagtgtgaa aactgtggat gagaggaaaa gaagatattg ttctaggcag aaggaaataa     19980
     gagctaaagg ctctgaggtg gggaaatcat agtacattca ttgttggtgg tcagtggagc     20040
     accatgaggt tggagcattg aacaacagaa agagtggtgt gagatgaacc tgcagaggta     20100
     aatggtgtaa acaatgaaaa aggacagttc tttcttgata tgaataacta taggaaacca     20160
     ttgatgtatc taaacgaggg caaaacaata tattttcatt tataaaagtg ctctctggct     20220
     acagtgtaga attgggaggg gaggtggtta gaagtaattg gaattgtcca gctgagagat     20280
     gatggaggct tggattaaga aagataccag tggagagaaa aactggcata ctcaagagag     20340
     attgaagagt aaaatcaaga gaactagtga tagattggat atggaagatg aggaagaagg     20400
     agagattgag aaagaaagac tggtttctgg cttatacaat tgctggttat tatatgtgaa     20460
     aatgatggat gggtcatgaa cttgaagttg gacatgctga gtttgagata cctctgatct     20520
     actcatgtga agatgtcaaa gaacccaatg gacatgaaga cttaatctgc aagtataaat     20580
     tggggtaaac agaagagcaa tgtctggggg tttatatctt gcaaaatgag ctgtatggtg     20640
     gctccactca ctgaggtggg gagtccttca ggcagcccca gcctgatctt gcacccctaa     20700
     aagtagtgtg tatctctgaa ccagtcacct tgatggcctt agttgcttca tctagaaaat     20760
     aaaattgtag gtaccttgaa gttttgtgat tctgtgttgg attgattgtt aattttatgt     20820
     cttctgcaca tgaagaaata gttgccccac cttctcttcc atacctagac acacaaatga     20880
     cagtttcctg aaattttttt ttttagacag aatctcaccc tgttgcctag gctggagtgc     20940
     agtggtatga tcatagctca ctgcaacctc tgcctcctgg gttcaagcaa ttctcctggc     21000
     cttaacctcc caagtagctg gaacggcatc caccaggaca tccggctagt ttttgtattt     21060
     ttagtggaga tggggtttca ccatgttggc ctggctggtt tcaaactcct gacctcaagt     21120
     gatccacccg cctcggcttc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ctgtacctgg     21180
     ccgaaatatt ttatttggtc atgaagatga tgtggttttg aaaagaaggg cttacactgg     21240
     gtaaacctta aactgctaac ctttgtatct tgaagagatt ttctaagagc tgaatcaaaa     21300
     gatcataatg aacatggtag actctcattg ctattttgca aagttttgtt ccaagggcat     21360
     aaatataatt atacccatgt ttcagtgcag ctctgagcac ttgcctacct gttctttaat     21420
     ctgagaacat gagtgctgtg attataacat ataaattttg ggagacacaa ttcagtccat     21480
     agcacttatg gtctcaggta ccccaacaga tgttgagaaa ccaaaggtgg gaatgacttt     21540
     cagagagaag gttgtgagtc tgatgctctt gaggcccaga tcttagtggg aggcaaacct     21600
     ggcccttagg gaccctggcg ctggggaagc aacatccaca gtgggtggaa atgggctggg     21660
     cttggggttc agatggggct gactctgctg cttattaata gaaagggaaa ttcagagggt     21720
     tatgaagatc acagactcag agccagaagc tggtcattaa taaaagtttc atgagagaaa     21780
     attacataag ttctttgagt ctcaattatt tcacccaaaa tgtgaataat aatagtactt     21840
     gcctcacagg attgttgtaa agcaggggtc ctgaactctc ctgccacagg tccatggcct     21900
     gttaggaacc aggccacaca gcaggaggtg aacagcaagt gagggggtga agcttcatct     21960
     gtagttacag ctgctcccca ttgctcacat taccacctga gctctgcatc ccatcagatc     22020
     agctgtggca ttagattctc aaagaagtgt gaaccctata gtgaactgtg catgtgaggg     22080
     atctaggatg catgctcctt atgagaatct aatgcctgat gatatttcac tgtctcccat     22140
     cacccccata tgggccatct agttgtagga aaacaaactc agagctcttc ctgattcttc     22200
     attatagtaa gttgtataat tatttcatta tatattacaa tgtagtaatc atagaaataa     22260
     agtgcacaat aaatgtaatg ctcttgcatc atcctgaaac tattgccccc caccccttaa     22320
     ccccatccat ggaaaaatta tcttccaaga aactggtccc tggtgccaac aatattggag     22380
     accactgcca ccaaggctca atgaaatgac gcatgaaaat cattgaggtg cttaacggtc     22440
     attattcact ctctactttc ctatttttca taacccatga tattctttct tagataccct     22500
     acctgtaaat atcaaccagt atttatatag tataagatta aaagtgtggg cttcgaattc     22560
     agactggatt caccacttac agatgtgtga ccttggacaa gtaacttaaa ctctctgttc     22620
     ctcactttcc tgatctccaa attggggatg ataatttccc atagtgttgt tctgaagatt     22680
     taattttata atgtgtacaa cacactcaga acaacgcctg gcacatggta gacatgtgat     22740
     agacgttagg tttactgcgt gagttgaagt agtgtacttt attgtactgg ttaaaatcat     22800
     gttgtaataa atagaaccca gggcacataa tagcccaaac acaatataaa ttaatttttt     22860
     ctctcacaca atagctcatg gctggtgggc aagtcttttc tatgactctg agaaccagct     22920
     gagccatctc cctggaatct cagcactgcc tgcaactggc tgaagaaaaa gagaggagag     22980
     catggaggga ggggagaggc aaagcacttt ttaaaagcct tggcctgaaa gtagcatgta     23040
     ccattttctc tctggtgtaa ctgcaagagt tgttctcatg cccaagccta aatgaagagg     23100
     gctgggtaag acaagcccca ttgggcagca gcttcccagc cactgctcgg cactgtggag     23160
     gagggaaggg ctggcttcct gtggaaagct ggctgcctcc tctcccattc ccttgttagc     23220
     acctgtcatt ctaagatgtg gtggtccatg tttgaaaaat gggccccctt ctgttgggcc     23280
     attaggatct gaccggttct ccaagacctc tttgatgttc tgtcggctgc tggaaagtac     23340
     atggtaaccc aaccttctgg ttattggtta ggacgcccaa tattccccaa aacagcctca     23400
     agtacttggc ttcctcaccc tttaatctgt gtgtagacca gtgcagtgtc tttaagcagt     23460
     aattatttcc cccacataga tatgacaaac ccagagccaa tctgcacagc caaaagaaag     23520
     tgcagctatt taccttgtaa caaggtgttt cagaatcagg gggaataaaa aaatccttca     23580
     tttccagcaa aaagacaagg taaaacatag attataggct gatatgtttt cctagcactg     23640
     gaattataca gcaactttgc ctctggagag gtacattaat aacacatctc agaaaatatg     23700
     ttacttaaac tgaagagata ttttcttctt gaagggaaac atttaatgat ggtattaagt     23760
     taacacaatc catcggcagt cgcaagagca tcatcgtaat ttggttggat tctagcaagt     23820
     tcaggaaagt aaattatctc tgctccctga cactgcagtg tttaagaatg tgatctgtgg     23880
     cctgaaggag gaatggaaaa agaaaatatg tccttgattt tttaaggctg aatttaaatc     23940
     gtttgactca aaataaaaac atagattgag aaatctaatt atcctatcca tccccactcc     24000
     atgccctcga atctgaaaaa taagccattg ctattaattt atatagaccc cctttgtttt     24060
     acagttcaag taaaagcaaa taggaatcta tgtattctta tatccttagg ccctatttct     24120
     tatacaaaat atagcatcct gtacactgct ctatacattg cttgtttcac ttaacaatgt     24180
     atcctagaga tcttcccata gctacatgga tagtgacctc actttctcta agctcgtggt     24240
     acttcagtgt agggtatatc agagttggct ttcaggtttt ttttaatacc tttgtttgaa     24300
     taaaatctat ttgctgtatt cactcctcca agtggaatgt ggcctgatat ttgtccaatc     24360
     attcaccgtt ttcaaagtcc ctctaacttg gcgcttacaa cagctttgta aagataatgc     24420
     taatacctat ttttacagtt gtagctgagg ccacacactc accaaatgac accaacacaa     24480
     ccacattatt ccccccagag ccatcgctgt gtcctccgct cctggggtca gtgcgggagg     24540
     gcttcctaca gctagcactc ctctctgggg tcaacgtcct tccctcaccc ctactggtga     24600
     aatatgattt gagatctcca acttccgtgc aattgatttt ggtcttttga gactagagtt     24660
     tgcagagtga gtatgaagcc atgctgttaa aaagaattat caacttaata atagtgaatt     24720
     tgaaaaatag ttgcaagccc tctaagcaat gggagattgg aagaaggaag aaagccaaaa     24780
     tggctcaact tttagttaaa tatatctgaa attgtatata cctatgaaaa tacttgtctc     24840
     cccatacaaa tctgtcaccc aatacgatct ggggctgagt caaatttact cccacaccca     24900
     ctaactctcc atgcaaaact taagacaaat cctaatacac aataggtgtc tgagtggatt     24960
     aataaaatcc acatggctgg gctcagcatg aggaggggga agagcctggc ccctggcctt     25020
     ggcttgacaa cattcccaag aagctcagat ttccagtgga agcacggcac atgcatgttc     25080
     tttctgggtt ggtccatggc agttcagtga gggacaactg atttgttttt gtttttgcac     25140
     atctgtgtca ctctgcgtgg tcagctaatg cccagtactt gcaaaagaaa gtggctgtcc     25200
     tgtgttagaa catgataata gataatgcct catggtagat ctttaagcag ggagagtggc     25260
     cactgagtcc acgaatgaaa cagaaagagg gaagccagac gtccactgaa gattctaatt     25320
     caaagttaaa ggggacacta gaaatgtttc tctttccagc gtgctgccat gcaaagacgt     25380
     tcacagcaat gagttagtta aattataaat taaatttatt tttgagaacc tattagatat     25440
     cagacactgt ttttcctgga tttacagaca tgaataaaag ggacgcagtt ctctgtcact     25500
     ggtggagttg tcggtttcca aaaacacaaa aatgagtaag acattcttcc tttcttaaac     25560
     caattaatat cacatttcta aatatcaatg aatttacttt tggagggtat cactgttact     25620
     gatatcatct atgttgttac agacttagta tgttctattt ttcttacttt attttatttt     25680
     atattttatt taattttttg agacagagtc tcgctgttgc ccagtctgga gtggagtggc     25740
     gcgacctcgg ctcactgcaa cctctatctc caggatgcaa gggattctcg tgtctcagcc     25800
     tcccaagtag ctgggactat aggcgagtgc caccatgccc agctaatttt ggccaggctg     25860
     gtctcaaatt cctggcctca agtgatccat cttcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta     25920
     caggcatgag ccaccatgcc cagccccatc tttctaattt taatcaattt atttaaataa     25980
     aatttttcat cactaccata aatagacaag tgctcttatt tgttaataaa ttaaatataa     26040
     aaactaaagc aaagaaacaa actcacgtta ttaaattttc tctgcacgct gtatgtactg     26100
     atacagtgta cagatgcagt gtgggctttg ggcttctgaa tctgctaaat aagggggtta     26160
     gcaagggtca gcgaggcatt aaagaatcct agaacacaag agaggttttt gcctcatcat     26220
     catgatcaga tggactgaaa taaaatagaa agggagtaac ttaatactcc atgagtcaac     26280
     gctactcagt tctggtccat gtgtcacctg atatcacccc caggaatgtg gccctgggga     26340
     tgctcactgt gcttaggcga gttcgcatgt gaaagtttag tggtcttgag gtttttcagg     26400
     agccttgtgg cctgagagtc agatgaaatt agacccaaaa ctgctattaa tgtgccaggt     26460
     ggttcatgtc atttactgct ttgagtatgc atttccttat gcataaataa gatgatatta     26520
     acttccagta tatcatataa ttaacacaaa caagaaaaaa atgttattgg agtgtggtga     26580
     cagtaacaaa ggaaggaagc tggcctgggc ctggattcca cctctgcaga tcattagcaa     26640
     tgcgtctttg agaagttact caacttctct gtgtcttgaa tgcctcttct gcacaagcag     26700
     gatgacaatg ataccacttt attaggtctt tggcaaatat tatgtgagtt aactacatgc     26760
     agctgacaca tagcagatgg tgaattaatg ttagttctca ttattatata aagcatagaa     26820
     tggcatttgg cacgaagtag gaatttgtgc aatatgaagc tgctaccaac cctttctctc     26880
     atacatgact ctgtatccac tgatggttat cggattattc agccaggaag aaggagggat     26940
     ggctctccaa agactgaagg ggatagatgg gggaggacag ggtatgaaca ggttgaagtt     27000
     attttatggt ttcctgttgc atcaactcta ctagttggaa tttttagatg acaggaggag     27060
     atgggctttg tgatcctaaa gagcataaat gtcagaggag actatttctg tagagctaaa     27120
     aaataatggc tcaatggaat cagactgaaa cagcactgag caatgatgaa tgattctggg     27180
     ggatctaaaa tagtagacaa aggggcactg tccagtcttg ccttgcaaga ccctagaagg     27240
     agtgaacctt cgagagggat gttagggcca cttaaaatgc tccacctaga agtcaaagag     27300
     atcattgaaa gtgatggatt tggaaggaat aaatccagag gaggctccag agaggatgca     27360
     aactgccaac tgaatgtgtt tttcaggatt gaagcaactg tggaaataaa ggagccaact     27420
     ggaatgaaat taaacaaata ctaccctaag tagagtcacc cattccagga ttgctttcct     27480
     tgctcttcac tttctcttgc tcacgccttc ttagaacaca aaaatgggac ccatggcctc     27540
     agataaagaa caatttttcc tacttttaat tttgtgtata agggattccc cctcagcccg     27600
     ccttccaacc atagacaaca acagagacct tcttccatag ttctttgcaa ttcatagaaa     27660
     gaccactggg acttatttta tcctgattac atagatgtga gattggcaaa ggcaggtcaa     27720
     tgttttcttt tacaagatat aagaacaaaa tagtttcaga cagactccag tcacatgggt     27780
     agttagtgtt ggaaacaaaa atccaagcag gtcttctgtc ttaggatgtc atatcccatt     27840
     aacagaccag gatttctgaa ttgcagccac ctgaaaatac tttttcattt caatggaaat     27900
     tacatgacct tgttctctag agagtctaat ttagttggtc tgaagcagag ccctagaaat     27960
     tatagttttt ttagaaaact ccctgggtaa taataagatt tggaaatcac tgaattgtcc     28020
     ataatctgtc ccgtagctga gtttcagatg aagaaaacat ttttttccat tcaatctcag     28080
     aatgacatat aataacattc tctttcacag catttagaaa ataaatgggt atttttatgt     28140
     gatttttttt tttttactgt gctgttgctc ttgttgttgt tattcttgtg ctctgggtca     28200
     cagagtattt ttattttcat ttctgtttca taacattcac ccactcattc attcaacaat     28260
     caacattttc agccttttct aagagcgaag cactatggca cacctggtag ggataaaccc     28320
     atgaataact tgtggtccct ccactcagat aagtgcaacc tgtctataac ttctctaaga     28380
     aaaaaaggca ttaataatgt tcttacaaaa gttataaaat ggtgatttat tttccaatat     28440
     gcttttaacc ttgggagtga acttgttgaa gtctctgccc atccttgcat ttgaagcaga     28500
     ctgtaaagct tttatctaaa gaaattaggc ttaacagtct ggaaaactat gaggtgggga     28560
     agattgggga tccacaggga gacagaccta gtatattatt ctgttctcac gctgctaata     28620
     aagacatacc caaaactagc taatttataa agaaaagagg tttaattgac tcacagttcc     28680
     acatggctgt ggaggcttca caatcacagc agaagatgaa ggaagagcaa aggaatgcct     28740
     tacatggcag caggcaaaga gagaatgaga gccaagtgaa agggatttcc gttataaaac     28800
     catcagatct tatgagactt attcactacc atgagaacag aatgtgggaa actgccacca     28860
     tgatttaatt aactcctact gggtccctcc cacacatgtg tgtattagtc tgttttcaca     28920
     ctgctgataa agacttacct gagactgggc aatttgcaaa agaaggaggt ttaactggac     28980
     ttacagttct gtgtggctga ggaagcctca caatcaaggc agagagcaag gaggagtaaa     29040
     tcacatctta tgtggatggc agaaggcaaa gagaggagct tgtgcaggga aactcccctt     29100
     tgtaatacca tcagatctca tgagacttat tcactatcag gagaatggca tgggaaagac     29160
     ccaccctcat gattcaatta cctcccacca ggtctctctc acaacacttg ggaattcaag     29220
     atgagatttg ggtagggaca ctgccaaatc atatcagtgt gggaattatg agagctacaa     29280
     ttcaagatga gatttggggg ggacacagcc aaaccatatc acccagcctc agaggggaca     29340
     cccatgcaga gccactgcat cacctgttga tggagcaaaa gatgatctat ctggaatatt     29400
     tttaaaggag ctacctaaaa agaaagatgc agcaaagagt cataaacaag ttatttattt     29460
     atttcttttt agagacggag tcttgctttg tcacccaggc tggactgcag tggcacaatc     29520
     acgactcact gcagccttag attcctaggc tcaaaccatg cttccgcctc agcttcccaa     29580
     gtatatagga ctacaggggt gtcccactat gcccagctaa agaaaatttt gaaaagcaac     29640
     acatgtgatg agaaaagtgg ccagtgtagg aaatgcacat acacaccaaa acacgtgatt     29700
     gtgtgaatct gtgttgttgg tgttggggaa gaggatggag tgggctggag acaacaggag     29760
     gtggcataca ggacactgac caatggcagg tgtgagcttc cctccatgca tcatccttgt     29820
     ggagttgcag gtgctgtcag gacttgtcta catggggctc cttgtgtgtt ttaagggaaa     29880
     ggagatggat ccaccctgcc tgaggtggga gctaggaggt ctcaggatgg aaatgcctcc     29940
     cagaagacag ggcatcctaa gaaatgctgt ccttctatga gatggttggt aactcccaag     30000
     gaagttggag aaaggagaca gagcaggact tatttggaaa ataaatccta cattgttttc     30060
     atttctatgg atgttaagag agaacttctt tgtggtcaat tttggtgctt gttttgcctt     30120
     ttgaagcagc aggaatagaa tttttttttt gttttaactt agaagagatg aacattttaa     30180
     ctcttatgtt caggggcaca tatgcaggtt tgttacatag gtaaacttgt gtcatggagg     30240
     tttgttgttt agattatttc cctacccagg tattaagctt agtactcatt agttgttttt     30300
     tctgatcctc tccctccgcc caccctccac cctctgaaag gccccagtgt gtgttgttcc     30360
     cctatgtgtg tccatgtgtt ctcatcattt agctcccact tataaatgag aacatgtggt     30420
     gtttggttct ctgttcctgt gttagtttgc taaggataat ggcctccagc tcgatctatg     30480
     tccccacaaa ggatatgatc tcattctttg ttatggctgc atagtattcc atggtgtata     30540
     tgtatcacat tttctttatc tagtctacta ttgatgggta tttaggttga tcccatgtct     30600
     ttgctattgt ggacagttgc aatggataga atcttgatga gtggactcat aaatccttct     30660
     taaagccttg atcgcacttt gagtgactga atactcaccg accccacact ctcactctgt     30720
     ttgcgtattc agggctccag tggagttctt aggaaaaagg gttaggcagg ggcttggaat     30780
     aaattccaag attaaatatg tcatcccctt ctcctctgtt attaagaaat gatgctgcac     30840
     atcttccttg agaaaatatt gggtggattt gagtgagaag ttacagtccc actttgcaga     30900
     aggtgaatgt tgtgctccag agaagtgaga tgacctggct ttagacaggg ttacattgtt     30960
     acagagggtg ggtcacaaaa tgtaaagaaa cgtcttgaaa ttcaaattat gaaaaataat     31020
     ttggctacat ctcacccatt caatatgttt tggttgcttt gaaaaaaaac atagacaaaa     31080
     tgaaaaagag gctgggtgtg gtggctcaca cctgtaaccc cagcacttcg ggaggctgag     31140
     gcgggtggat catgaagtca ggagttcaag accagcctgg ccaagatagt gaaaccctgt     31200
     ctctactaaa aacataaaaa ttagacggat gtggtggtgt gcacctgtag tcccagctac     31260
     ttgggaggct gaggcaggag aatctcttga actcaagtgg cagaggttgc agggagccaa     31320
     gatcatgcca ctgcactcca gcctgtgcca tagagtgaga ctccatctca aaacaaaaac     31380
     aaaaacaaaa aaaaaaaaga gttgctattt aacaatagat tccacaaatt gggagctctg     31440
     accccacaga gaagcagacc aggggaggaa ggttgcaggc caagtgctgg aggaggaggt     31500
     gtgggtggga tggaggatgc agggtggctg cccagcatct gatattgtgc ccatgtgttt     31560
     cctttcccat gagaactaaa caaactaaca taacatcacc ccatgctgtg accagagatt     31620
     ccctgcaggg catccactca gagaggactg gtgctcaaag ctgggggggt cagataggga     31680
     ggcacttttt aaaatctgtg gttcctaacc ttgccataac acaatttaca gcaaccacaa     31740
     ttcactttta tgacagtgtt ttcacaacga gtgtatcaga gagtctataa agagaggtgc     31800
     attgtcaaca tattaggaat aaaaggaaaa aatatcctca aacatcatca aaagtgagtg     31860
     ttttcctttc cttagttttg gaaatcatta tctgctcaag aaatcaagtg tcttggagca     31920
     atgaatttcc cagcatgggg cataatgaga ggaaggatgg ctgcctaggg aagcaatatt     31980
     tgattttcta ggcagaagaa ccaggacaag gggcagaata tgctctcctg ttgcgcaact     32040
     ccagagtgaa ttaagtgaaa aagtgtttat gttgaatggc atcttctaac tctttatttg     32100
     gatggcgtct tctgagaaga tagagtttgc tgctaatggc caccctgttc atcccccagc     32160
     ttggcagctg ttcagattat aaaaggcaaa agagaagagt cacgctccca cataggtctg     32220
     cccatttctg ctagcaatgg gctgtctcac tctgtgggga agatctgctg cccctttaat     32280
     cccagtgctt tgggaggaca aggcaggcgg atcacctgat gtcaggagtt caagaccagc     32340
     ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaaatac aaaaattagc caggcatggt     32400
     ggtatgtgcc tgtaattcca gctacttgga aggctgaggc aggagaatca cttgaatcca     32460
     ggaggcagag gttgcagtga gccaagatta tgccattgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag     32520
     tgagactctg tctcgaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaagg tgagcggggg ggcggtgcgt     32580
     gatgtgtggt caggagcagg aaatgagggc cattatgcaa aggttgaggc ttttagaaga     32640
     gcagaccatg tgtgcgtctt tctattcgtt ctatgtgtgt taacctatta atcatcacaa     32700
     tcttcttcgg caataaatat tttcttagcc agctttacag atgtggatct ggagcatgat     32760
     gtgtgaaata ttttgcccac tttctcattc ctaagctatg aagctagaat gggaactcaa     32820
     gtagcttggc atcgaattgt tctgtctctt gataacagac cttaccagga agagcaggta     32880
     ttattcctgg gctcctggtc ccccatgaaa ttttgtcttt cttcctagtt ctgattctaa     32940
     tgattctctg ctcagagctt tgcctctggc tttagttctc caaaaagata aagaacatat     33000
     catttccttt tactttaacc ttttctgaac ttgtctatta ttcaagatat tgactgagaa     33060
     gcaaccagag tacatgcaac ccctcttgga aggagatggg atctcacgtt gagacttaat     33120
     ttgtctttaa actatgtgtg gaaatgctca gtttccccaa gaggaataac aagtttaggt     33180
     aaacccttca aattcgttaa ttctctgact gcagttgaag aaaatccagc caagacatgc     33240
     agaaggtcgg aaggaaggaa tgaatgaata aataaaggaa gaaaggaaga aacacagaga     33300
     gagagaggag agaaagagat gcattgtgta tcctaactac actagaaaca gacagggctg     33360
     agtgtgagaa gaactttgtt cttgggctca aacagcattt agaatctttc ttccttttcc     33420
     tcctctcctt cctctcctct ttctgaatca gtctctacac tgcagttgca gactggcctt     33480
     tgctaagcca taggaaatac aacttctgac aactataggc tcacatggga aaggtttcac     33540
     ctttcagaaa ggacagaaga gtctttgccg tcaggctcag aaagaaaaac cacaaagaag     33600
     gactctgaat ggctcagctt gggtcatgtg cccatcctcg gaccaatcac tgtggtttgg     33660
     aggatgggcg tctgtaatgg ccctgccttg tgtccattcg tgatcagggt cctggatcag     33720
     tgtattagtt cctcattgtt gctaaagcaa aatgccacag actcaaggat tcagaaagat     33780
     gcattctctt atatttatgg aaatctgaag cccaaaatgg gtgttactgg actaaaatcc     33840
     atgtgttgac agagctgcat tctttctgaa ggcttcaggg gagaatcaat ttccctaact     33900
     ttttcatctt catcttctaa atgccaccag tatgtcttaa ctcatggtcc cttccttcat     33960
     cctcaaagcc aaagtgaagc atcttcaaag ctctcatttt cattgtctac tttcatcatc     34020
     acatctcctt ctttgacgtt cctgcctctc actttttact cacgaggact cttaggatga     34080
     taataagtcc accttgataa tctaggacaa tctccccatc tcaagagcct tcacatagtc     34140
     acctctgcaa agtctccttt gttatgtatg ataacatatt caaaggttct ggagattagg     34200
     catggacatc tttgaggact gttattctgc cttccaccac ctgttactag gggacagagg     34260
     gctcccacac cacttcagac atcagatgct ccaaagcaat agactcagat catggacttg     34320
     atgcctgagt gtaatggagt gagttccttt cttggaacag gcaggttttg tattggtatc     34380
     atatgtaggc ctattgtata gttggagatt gatacaagtg atatttgcac aggggagaat     34440
     cagcacctat ggcttggggt tttgtttatg cttctttaat cagaaaagca cttgcttgag     34500
     aaggcgagat caagagtcct tgttgcaatg gccatacctc aaggcatcaa ctgagcttga     34560
     ttgctggaga gatgtggcct ctggtagcca gacctgcatt caaaagttag gtgtgctacc     34620
     atttctttga aactttctag cagcttgcat atagaaatgc aattttaaga agcatattca     34680
     taatgaagaa gcctagtgat gtagaatttg agatttggcc tggaaagcct gtgttcaagt     34740
     taccaccagg ccccggtgaa cgtgatcaag acttttcacc tctctgagcc cagattcacc     34800
     ctcagcaatc tccttgctct ttttcaccac cagaggcccc cttggacctt ctcatagcca     34860
     ctccctttcc taccaggcct tccttcacct ctctctttga agcagtgccc atccccataa     34920
     gcattcagcc cgtcctcttc tctgcttacc cacttacttg tttatttatg tctctcccca     34980
     ggtaggttgt tagcttccta gagtggggcc tgtctagttg atccatgtat gtccagagcc     35040
     tagaacagtg cctgattaat agcgggtgca tagtaaatat atttttaaga atataaatga     35100
     aaggttcaat tttacaaata agacatgtaa agtctagaga tgttaaatat agatccaaat     35160
     ctaacaaata gtacaattta gattaaagcc tgtctagtct ttccatttcc tagttctgtg     35220
     ttctttcaat tatatcagtg tttttccaac tttattgatg atggcccaaa gaaaaatata     35280
     catttcatat atcatacaca cacgtatatg cataaagtta aagaagtcat atagaaaata     35340
     ttttccctca ctattatatg aaaataaaag ttttatttta tatcaaatgt gattttatta     35400
     ctattggact attttatctt ttttaatttg aaagttgtga tccactaaat cgtcggaatg     35460
     gaccggccat ggtggttcac acctctaatc ccagcacttt gggagaccaa ggcgggcaga     35520
     tcacctgaga tcaggagttc aagatcagcc tggccaacat ggcaaaaccc catctctacc     35580
     aaaaaatcga aaaattagct gcgcgtgatg gcatgtgcct gtaatcccag ctacttagga     35640
     gactgaggca gggacaattg cttgaatctg agatgaagag gttgcactga gcagagattg     35700
     taccactgca ctccagcctg ggagacagaa tgagagtctg tctcaaaaaa ataaaaatga     35760
     caataaatca atgtaatgac ccactaatga tctggcatcc atagttggga aatattccct     35820
     tgttttgttt ttatgaaaga tgtgtgaaat ggactgtaat agagataata tctaattttt     35880
     ttcttgtgtg ggcattagct agttaaggac attattcata ctgtcatatg tctttggttt     35940
     gcaaactgtt attttgtctc ttaaacatct cttgaattga tttccttcct ctgctaccta     36000
     tttgtgtaaa taaagtttta acgaaacaca gccatgtcca ttcactctgc aagagccaaa     36060
     ttgggcaatt gtgccagaaa ctgcacagac catgaagcct attgtatttt ctttcaggcc     36120
     ctttacagaa aaagggctgc tgactcttgg tgtagcgcct cctcctggat tgtccggatg     36180
     agtgcaggcc cgcatcccca gagctcaccc cgggaacagt gactgtccat caggggcttc     36240
     ctcaatcaca tgcaggtgtc cttgcctgct cacatgtcta gaattggata atttgaaaga     36300
     aaagttgtat tttgtcccat gctgtgggtt ttatgctcag tatatcagat ccttgtggtt     36360
     ttaggaggaa atgtgaaaag gtaatgccta gcaacagcac cagggtgtcg aaatcattat     36420
     ccatgttccc tcccctggtc tatcctgccc tcggtgctcc cattccggtg aggggcagca     36480
     cagctgggat tggctcctcc tctccctgtg tggtctcaca attccagggt ccataggaac     36540
     ccaacatgat ggaagttaga ggtgttcatt caaatatgaa agctacttaa cattttttct     36600
     taaatttgta tacacttaag gagcataaat gcagtgttgt cacatggata tattgcacag     36660
     tggtgatgtc tgggatttta gggtaatcac cacctaagtt atgtacattg tccccattaa     36720
     gtaatttctc atccctcatc tccctcccat ccttcctccc ttcgagtctc cagtgacaat     36780
     tattccacat tctgtgtctg tgtatacaca ttatttagtg cacagagtac acagctcatc     36840
     tcatttgact ttttcaaggc tcttggggaa gatgaggtag gagttggcat ttattttctg     36900
     agtggagaga ccaaatgcat gtgatttgat gagcctggca gatctgtact caccccaagg     36960
     tgatgacacc ttgctgccct tgacccatag acaatgaagt ggccaggctg tgtggttaag     37020
     aacagcagat aattctgtct cactgctggt gtcacccatg cacaaaatgc tggctggagg     37080
     aagggctggt gggtagttgt tttaagtacg gaaattggtt aatgccccaa agccaatgca     37140
     ttgagttgag attcttccca tgaagcgccg aaagctttta caaaagccat caatctcagc     37200
     ccaacaagga aagagagaga agaggccctg ggttttgaag aagggaaatt gaggtgtttc     37260
     agcaggtcct aaaactatac tcaaacctca gtccagaatg aatggatttt catctcatca     37320
     acattggtag atgcagccca tttagcatga catcataaac tggaggaaga agagtgcaga     37380
     gagctcatta gcatgagttg tcttggaaag ctttcggaac aagttctgaa ttaattaaaa     37440
     tttcatttgg atgatgagca catggttata tttattttat tctcaagcct ttctatagta     37500
     actgaggagg ctcccctctg cagaatgcct gatggcagtg gccctgccat acatcatttg     37560
     gaggaactga gagggttatt tttaactccc cattattgaa gaaaacacac acatctggaa     37620
     cattgtgggg gtgacgatca gctgttcaga tgagagatgg tttgtggtag gccgtgcatc     37680
     attttctaat tattttgact ctgctcgttg ccgtaaacac cttgggcatc taaaatctgg     37740
     cccatttaat ctctaaattg tatgctctca gtctgtcatg gagtctttgt ttaatgcaat     37800
     ctctactttt atcaggcagt aaaaccaaga caaatggaat tccggtcagt gcagtagcct     37860
     accgtgggtg cagtaggaga cccagctgca gatggagggt tatgacatgg aaaatgtcta     37920
     gggggcttga tggtagctgg gggtttgaga aaagatggat agttttgaag tgaaaaacaa     37980
     ttatttattt gcttacagtt gcctaaggaa gcttggaatt tttttaaata ggaccattta     38040
     tgaggttgac aaaagaaagc tcgttgtgac aattttccat atgaacttcc gacagatggt     38100
     gtagagtgat tacaccggcc acgcaggatg gaaggaagtc agccagattc ttgcaccccc     38160
     tcattttcac aaagctgtgg ctctctctgc atctggcagt cttttttcat tgaaaccatc     38220
     cacttcatta attccaggca ggagcctgaa tggtgaataa aagcgtaaga gtgcctgttc     38280
     acttttgtga ggttgtgtca tgacaacaca caccagcact cacagagact cacacaggta     38340
     gcagatgcca tcgggaaatt acaccggaaa agtcagtgct gccatacgga ggtcaatttc     38400
     atatttaact tacataggtg gtgctctaca ttttgcattt tattttattt tattttattt     38460
     tattttattt tattttattt tattttattt tatttttcgt gcagataata ttttgccatg     38520
     ttacccaggc cactcttgaa ctcctgggct aaagcaatcc atccaacttg gcctcccaaa     38580
     gcgctgggat tataggcatg ggtcactgca cacccagccc acaatttcac attttagtat     38640
     ctcaggtcct ttgtgaatca tttgacacta cctcattata atagaatatt caactagaag     38700
     attttaaaca agaaagatta attcacatga caagaagcta aagctaggaa atttcaggtt     38760
     ttgttcagcc atctcccagg tctccaagca cccagttctt tctatctttc tgctgtaccc     38820
     actgcatgtt ggttgatcct tggtctagtc tcctcatggt cacagaatgg ctgctggagc     38880
     ttctcacagc atatcatcac ctgcttactt acattcagag gcagaaaact ggcaagtttt     38940
     actttttttt atttttattt tttgtcagga aaaagcttta cataagcctc aattagtgtc     39000
     tttcttaggt ctgcctggac aatattgggt cacctgtcat ctccagagga cctgggaaag     39060
     tgaatcttta ttcagtatct attctgggat gtgagcttgg tcaatcagga ggaaagagaa     39120
     ggggacctgt ggatggacac tcaagaggcg gctccagaaa aaggttttta atttttgttt     39180
     ctccagagag gggccaatga ttaagcttca tccatcatca tctctgatat taattcattt     39240
     actagattcc attccttctg gaaggatctt caggtctgat gaggctgggg aagggatttg     39300
     ggaccagtaa agcaatgagg tggggtgggg agagttcctg gcagggctgg gctggagctg     39360
     tcagtcaaaa ggacaaggtt gtgcagaact gctgtgtgga ggagaacaga ggcctgaatg     39420
     cagcatgctg acctgttgtg ttcaaactgt tcagaaacaa ctttttttgg ttttttgaga     39480
     cggagtctca ctccgtcacc taggctgcag tgcagtagtg tgacctcggc tcactgcaac     39540
     ctccacgtcc tgggatcaag caattctcct gcctcagcct cctgagtagc tgggactaca     39600
     ggcgcccacc accacaccta gttaattttt tgtattttta gtagagacga ggtttcacca     39660
     ttttggccag gttggtcttg aactcctgac cttacatgat ccatctgcct cagcctgcca     39720
     agtgctggga ttacaggcat gagccactga gcccgggcca gaaacaactt taaaaagtca     39780
     tggtttaaca aaattagaag ctctcatata tgcaaatgaa aattccaaat tttggcctct     39840
     tgtgaaaaat acagaagaca ggagatactg ggtctgtgtc ctggaggcag cacctgaggg     39900
     gacatctgtc atggcctcag atccaggcgc accaccatcc ccctaccctc acacctgtgt     39960
     catggcctca gatccaggtg catcaccatc cccctaccct catacctgtg tcatggcctg     40020
     ggctccaggt gcactgccat ccccctaccc ctcacacctg ctccccagga ctccatcttc     40080
     ctgaaacata tgccactcct gcctctctcc tgggttgggt aaaccaagag actcaagaga     40140
     cagctgccat ttggaagagg gtcacctgga gcaggcccat ggcagaagcc caatcagaaa     40200
     tgctgcttcc tgcagctcat ggggagcttc ctgcagagct ccaggctctg gggccatgga     40260
     gtaaaatggc gttgcccaca caatccacaa gggtgcctgt cgtgttgtgc tctgtgaaag     40320
     gcctcacctg cagcactgat tcctggaccc tgtgaagagg gggtctttat gattcccgtt     40380
     ttataaatga gaaggctgag gcatgggaag ttgagtcact ctccttcata accaaaggag     40440
     gactcagtcc caggcctgtg tgacctcagc tgccaagacc tggccaagaa acctgattcc     40500
     agaaacagga gcaaacacta gcttcagcct ctggtggacc tggcccaatg ctgggtggag     40560
     atctcaggga cctgactggt cttttagggt gtaaaagggg gaaccagtgg gtcagggaag     40620
     agggaggatg gaggatgagg gaccatggca aggttgagtc cagtgtgatg cctcctatgt     40680
     agagagaccc catctgtggg ggggtcatgg ctgcccacct catggtggtt ctgatggcaa     40740
     atgggcaaat gtagtggtga tctcagggca agtgcaggca cagtcagtgc tcaggaatgg     40800
     cagcctatga gctggctaca tttctcttaa aatcaccaat ttcattgttg cccagcatgc     40860
     catcagccta tagagtcagg tgccccagat attaaatccc tgttaattaa gagggtcaag     40920
     ttataagttc attcaccaaa cacttggtaa gcaagtctga agtaacagca tatgcaagcg     40980
     caaggagcac aaatattata acctcttaca ggaaaataaa cacacaaaaa acatacaaac     41040
     aggtccccat taatatggcc ccaaacggct aatggagatt cattcttatc taattattaa     41100
     aagggttgtt tgtcaatgtt ggtcaatctt atttgaatta ccatggctac tatacacgac     41160
     agtacaaatc attttttttt tacaaaattt gataattcaa gcgttaataa acatagtctt     41220
     gtttccctta attgattagc attaaagaga tttagctgaa cttttgagcc ctccttggca     41280
     ttttctttgt aaaagacgca taagactcca taaagaggga atctgtagca ttaattgatg     41340
     cttgttcata ctccaactta ccaggcacat gtctactccc ccagaagaac ttagtctttc     41400
     ttgttaacat gaaatcttaa gttaggtaaa aggataacaa gaagatgtct accctacagt     41460
     taagatttgt gtgccaggct gggcgtggtg gctcacactt gtaatcacag cactttggga     41520
     ggctgaggca gatggatcac aaggtcagga gtttgagaca agcctgacca atatggtgaa     41580
     accccatctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agctgggcgt ggtggtgtgt gcctgtaatc     41640
     ccagctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcacttgaac ctgggaggtg gaggttgcta     41700
     tgttgatgca ggaatgagcc atgttttgtc ttggagaatg gctgttgcac ttttcatatt     41760
     aaagacaata tcagattcac agcgtgccac tgaggaagtt tctagacaac agcatttctc     41820
     tgctctctgg gatggattca gtttgcttct aacggcgaca ggagatacta cctgggtgga     41880
     cccttggtat tcaaccaagg gtctctctta tctctgtcaa cccaggggta ctgatggaat     41940
     gggcctaaac tgctgccctg accactcagg ggcatgggtc agagttggcc tgaaataccg     42000
     tgaccccacc ccgctttgcc cgtgactgga ccatggttgg gcacaagctg gagtcctgaa     42060
     cccttagaca aaagtaaggt cagagcaggg taagaacatt cagataaagc cagtctttcc     42120
     aggaaaaagc ctttcctggg gtaagggaga agtgacccta cccatcttgc ttcatgtttg     42180
     ggaggccagt gtctcagagt ttgatgtctg aacttgccca ttttatagcc acttggagaa     42240
     aggccagcag aattgcagag acagagtcag atactcttgg catcttccag ctgctgaaaa     42300
     accctggggc tgcctgctgc aggctgcccc tcatgtgggg aattaaacat atgttgttaa     42360
     agttgttatt ggtggggatt ctgctagctg tagtgacaca aaaagctact gtgacacaca     42420
     catatatgca cgtgttttgg gttagaatct gaatcctgcc tgtggttttg ggcttgaggc     42480
     caggcctttc tgggttgaaa atagatagca agtgttagaa atggtaaagc tttctgtcct     42540
     taaatgaaat tgttttcctt tttataatgg gaagggttga aaaataacta aaaatgaaat     42600
     aaaatatctc agtccgtgta ttagtccatt tttatgctgc tgataaagac tacccgagac     42660
     tgggaagaaa aagaagttta atcggatttg tggttctaca tggctggggt ggcctcagaa     42720
     tcatggcggg aggcaaaagg cacttcttac atggcggcga caagagaaaa tgaggaagac     42780
     acaaaagtga aaacccctga taaaaccatc agatctagtg agacttattc actaccacga     42840
     gaacagtaag ggggaaactg ctcccatgat tcaaattatc tcccaccagg tccctcccac     42900
     ggcatgtggg aattatggga gtacaattca agatgagatt tgggtgggga cacagagcca     42960
     aaccatatca ctctgtgatt ctgtgttcta acattttgtc tgggaccacc taaaatcaca     43020
     ctgcacatac cccacgggga agatccacat tttggcaaac acatttataa tacagtgaac     43080
     agaactgaca ttttttagta acactgagca catgtgaact atttagacca aaacagagag     43140
     ttttagaggg tattgctgct acctagcata aattagttca atggaggttt agtcactatg     43200
     acacacacac acacacacac acacagacga ttgtggactc ctctgtcatt ttagtacgaa     43260
     atttaaagtc aaggaatcag tacattgtta atcatgacct tggatatctc agcttatttt     43320
     cagaaataaa agtaattgtg gcaacaacca ccagttagaa tgccaatgag aaatgccaac     43380
     acagcattta aagaatgatg aaataataca tatcttttaa caagcacatt tattacgact     43440
     ggggattttc ttgtggattt tcgtcagact aacagggtgg tgtcacagag aagaaactcc     43500
     atgcaaagag cttagatttc catacattat ttttcctgag aaattaacct agatgcagtg     43560
     ttcatgtttc tcatgtaggt tctagggaat tctggaagtt cctgttgttc tcacactttc     43620
     tttctcactc ttcctaaaga taaaattgac taatcttcag cattttatgc actgctcatg     43680
     acttttgtca tatttgccat aatgcagtat ttaccacagt ataatatata atgatattta     43740
     tgttatttac ttaaaattat ctttaaacat gcctatttaa ctctgataca tatattttaa     43800
     aaggaaatga cagctgcact acaaatggaa aaccgcgatc acttactgta agtagaagac     43860
     aattatagaa taaatgtaaa aaaggcaaaa cattttgctt agattctctg tctgcttact     43920
     gctttgaggc tgagtcctgc ttcctcttgg taaaaagaaa ggttagtaag tgtcagattg     43980
     atgttacaga cacagaagca acaacagact gagccttcct actcaaggta atcagaaaag     44040
     cccactgtgt atctgaaagg aaccacttca ttactgtgct cttacgtgtt atttaagttt     44100
     cagttacacc acactgaaaa ccatctggct tgccatgtga agcttcagaa gtacacatcc     44160
     cccactttgt ttctgacatt accagatgca catggggatg ggcagtccca gggaagctgt     44220
     catgagcaat cgaaaacact aatggcattt tattgccctg ggccaaggct tgggctaggg     44280
     atggggcatg ggtcccagtt ctagccactg agagacaaag agagacccac tgggaattct     44340
     tggaagattg tttttttcca tgataaaatc aaatgcaatg tatgaagcct cttcttttac     44400
     cacatttaga gccacagtgt aaagagctga tgtctggtgc tgtggcagcc atcatgttac     44460
     catgaggtac ataccttcta agtaaaccac tgtgcagagg ttagagtaca ggaggacaga     44520
     aagagcctgg aaccctggta ccatatttga gtttctggac caatgtagag ttcacctcca     44580
     cctccagata tctctctatt tttttttttt tttttttttg agacaggatc tcactgtgtc     44640
     gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcacaatctc agctcactgc aacctctgcc tcccgggctc     44700
     aagcaaacct cccacctcag ccccctaagt agctgggact acaggtgtgt gccaccatgc     44760
     ccagataatt tttgtatttt tagtagagac agggtttcac catgttgccc aggctggtct     44820
     tgaactcccg agctcagatg atccaccaac tttggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg     44880
     cgtgagccac tgtgcctggc cacctccaga tatcataata aataaatgcc aagaatcctt     44940
     atgtctctac ccttaaagaa catggacatg tttgctgagt agttggtcag ctacttgcag     45000
     ctaaacacat ttagagtaat acactagcta ttattcatgg ttattaccaa tgattgtcct     45060
     gtggtatata ccaccagtgt acttttcttc cccttaatca atacgaattc caactatctt     45120
     tttagaaact gctcaagatt taattccagg gagcagaagc caggaaagaa ttttatggtt     45180
     agaattctta aggaagcgac tttgataaaa taaaaactat gcagcaaata cacacacaca     45240
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagaca cacacacaca cagacacaca cacacacaca     45300
     cacacacaca caaatacctg gtaccatatt tgagtttctg gaccatatct ggagttcacc     45360
     tccagatatc tctctacttt tttttttttg agacaagatc ttactcaaat gcaatgtatg     45420
     aagcctcata tatatatata aagattatat atccatataa tctttaagca ttaatttgga     45480
     tttggtcaga aaaagagagt acaagtttta caggaatata ggagttagat cttacacaaa     45540
     tatgggttga gttgggggac ggaggttttg aaggcttcag tggaagattc cagacaaagg     45600
     tgttgatttc agatctcttc ttgcagcact agagaagcag gacctcagga agaagctcca     45660
     taagctgcca tgagcacaca tggaggctcc tggagaggac ggtgaagcca cccccgggca     45720
     gaatggtgtc caggggtcga tgtcttctgc ttctttctgc ctaccaaatc actcctgggt     45780
     tccccttaaa ccaagctctg accagtaggc tcagaggcaa atagatcagg gaaatgtacc     45840
     gcccagcctt agaagaagat ggtggcactg atgtgtcaag aggaaatata gcacctatat     45900
     atatgtacca agggaagagg gggggaagtg ttcaaaatta catttcgttc attcatccat     45960
     tcaaaaaata cttaacaatc acctgcttta tagcagtcac tgtcttgcac cgggatataa     46020
     cacggtacaa actaggtgcg atctttgcga ttattaggtt tattggtagc agttgttgct     46080
     gttacatctc actgctctca ttgcaaatgt tgatggtggc ttttacgtct gtgaaaataa     46140
     aaagcatgac cttttgatag ttgtttgctg tatggaagcc tattttacta tgtttgcatg     46200
     caaacttcta tctgacctta agctaatggg agcttgtaaa gaggtggaat cgaatgtaaa     46260
     gtttgaaaag acaagaaaag agaaaaggaa agggaaggga tggggagggg agagaaagag     46320
     aggggaggga gtcggaagag aggggaggga ggggaggaga ggggaggcaa gaaggaaggg     46380
     gaggggaggg aaagggaaga gaggggaggg aggggatagg ggagggacgg gaggagaggg     46440
     gaggggaagg gaagagaggg gaggggaaga gaggggaggg agggaaagag aggggagggg     46500
     aggggaagag agggaagagg aggggagggg aagagaggga agggagggga gaaacaacaa     46560
     ccatatgtct ttatttcctg ttagctccat ttctggcctt tggtctcttt ctcggaaagc     46620
     aggcctcagt ggcctcagtt tcttcccaga acctgcaatg ccccaccaag gtgacaagaa     46680
     gtgcaaggta gttagctctc cttcagtgct tatgagttga aggtgataac atctgaagac     46740
     cggttgtcac atttgaattt ttctttttat ttcaggagtc ggttttcact gccaaccaaa     46800
     gaggtgaccc ccgcaaagca accatgttgg gacagtccat ttgctgcgtt ttgattattt     46860
     gctaagagca aatacctttt ctgtttgggt tttgctttta gaaaaaaaat gtggcagatg     46920
     gtggtggctt tccccgtcat tgaaagaaga aaggtagtaa ctctactggt gcactcctct     46980
     gagttgtgct aacaaagaag aatgctgaaa gaaaagggaa atgaacacca ttttcaggca     47040
     gcttctccaa gtttttttga cagtgttata attttccttt agcgactgtt gaagcaaata     47100
     tctgtattta tgttcagatt aaaccgagag agcaaagact gctaaagcca gtaatttctg     47160
     ggctgcaaat gcaggatagc tccagtgaat ttcagattct taaaggtttt tgctgtagcg     47220
     aattcatgac acaaagcatt tggagggaaa cctattagag aagaaacaca tcctaaatga     47280
     gaattactga ggacgggagg ctcttgtcat ttattggatt agttatagca ctttacacaa     47340
     gcctgtaata tttgttctgc tgctgtggtg tgactggtaa aatgaaaagg tatgtcaagg     47400
     gagtgcttga ctgacgttct tatttcttcc gtcttcttat attgctggga ggattctacc     47460
     actgcagggc tagaaattaa tatcacactc atttgatagg aagagcaaaa gcaaggttat     47520
     gagtcagaga cattttggtc ccagaacaat aactctattg attgagtcaa atatgtttaa     47580
     ctccaacagc aagaccttcc atctgcgtga aataatcatg tccgttaatt gtaaacagga     47640
     gcatctttga aagctgagct agaggcggag caactggtaa accagatgtc ccaaatttct     47700
     aggtttgtac attgtaattg ttctagactt gtgtgtggat attggtaaaa tgacatagtc     47760
     agatatctca cagattttgt gagatatgtc caaagttccc aagttaattt attactaaag     47820
     ttagaatttc acttactgtg agattggaat gccagccagc tactgaacct tatgtgtgcc     47880
     taggggccat tttgagacaa tttgctgaat attaaaagta caaccaataa tgtttctctc     47940
     cacatccaca atagcgctta gaggaagcat ctgggattga gccatctcac atctgtctaa     48000
     tcacattcat tcaaatgtga tgggcccaac tggcctacgt acatggctgc atatcaccat     48060
     gggtggaaat taaatcagaa tttggctcag gagagagatg aagagaaaat gcacgtagat     48120
     aattggctca gataacattc tgtttctgga agtcacaaag agtggaaatt ggaatatgta     48180
     aattaaagaa aaacaggtaa gaattcacat gaaccccaac cacacaccct gtgtatgttc     48240
     tcattctcat tctctctatg gtgcctgtga gcagttggag tttgaatttt tcagtcagta     48300
     aggtttgctg tttattcgag ggctgctcct aaaaaataat caggtctagt caagaatata     48360
     gaaaagtgaa attatgcata ttttcctggg gaatataata gatgttctca tagtcttaca     48420
     atgtaaaaaa aatgaaggta agactctagc tccctttctt ctatctttct ggcctcattt     48480
     taggctaata ttttcttttg caaccatata ccaaattatt acatatggaa gctgtgaaac     48540
     tgaaggttct gtaaaacttt aaagccagag aacttatgac tcctccatat aggaagagaa     48600
     atgggagaat attaggctgt ttttaatact gggcatctgg tatttttcag tccttaagat     48660
     caagtccgca atggaagaag agcattcatc tggtacaggt tgatgattgt gtaagcccaa     48720
     ggagtgatgt caacactggg gttcacctga gaacatggac atggttgatg agggtttagg     48780
     agatgctcat acgaagtctt catatgttcc ctggatccca gctctgcctt cccaccagag     48840
     aggatgtaat tcagccgaga tgcccagagt cagctctctg ctcatatctg ttccgcactg     48900
     aagccaatca tctgagaaac ctaagaagtg tttaatgtag ttaggaaagt gagggatgaa     48960
     gaccataaat tccttttcat gtagcagagt atatatgtga tactcattct gtggtatttg     49020
     gggcataaac aagagtcgat gaaggaatgt gaaagtactc gaaatcctga cttttatctc     49080
     tataaaaatg gcatagggat gaaacacact tggttgttat gactgtactc ttttcagatt     49140
     tactacttgc ctttctactg atttttctgt gccacaggtc ttgactcctg taggctaaat     49200
     ttctcagcct cttctgctca ctgatatatg ggaaggtttg gccaaaggtg ggtgactggt     49260
     ggggagaagg atgagggaat tcaggggatt gctgagccca ttctctagac agtgctgctg     49320
     gcactggctc tgtcttctcc gtttccatct cgcatcagac ggttcttccc tctatgggcc     49380
     tagtcctacc tagacacttt ccagttggat tccagttctg gggatgctcc ctcctgcagg     49440
     gatctaagtc cttcccattg tcttcggctc ctgggctcag ctagaaccat cttttcccat     49500
     tgtccctgtg gtgctagggc tttcagtggt tattaacgtc tgtgttgtat catcttgcct     49560
     gaatttcagc tctctgtaac cagttcccca aataaaattc cccccattta cctaccttct     49620
     gtgagtctgt ttgcctgaca tgaccgtatt aagtataccc gatatattag tgagcttcgg     49680
     atgatatcac aatgtgccgt agactgggtg gcataaaaaa caaaggaatg tatttctcat     49740
     tgttctggag ctgggaagtc caagataaag gtgctagcca attctatttc tgatgagggc     49800
     tctcttcctg gcttgtggat ggccaccttg tcactctatt cacacacggt gaagagagat     49860
     agagagcaag ctttctgctg ttgcttctta taagggcact aatctcctca tcatggcccc     49920
     aacctcttga cctcatccaa acctaattcc ctctcaaagg ccccatctcc agatatgttg     49980
     cagcatagga tggtccacaa acacatgtgg gacttagcgc catcgcttca ctgagcatga     50040
     gctcgggagc tcatgagggc tgtagtgccc agacagtggt ccccagactc cagtgattta     50100
     ggtaatccca ccatattttt tttatcatgc cactcaagag tttattcata actgtgaact     50160
     tcctatcctg ttgttaatgt tttattcctg aagtgaactc aatatttttt cttaaaaata     50220
     atttccgttt caatttttag atgtttttga agtagaagaa cacagacaag ttgcacagct     50280
     tacattttac aaattccaca tatccagaac gagcaacaga acattaccat gcaccccttc     50340
     ccagtcacca attcccctcc aagagtaaca tctacactga ttctttgctt acaatcaaat     50400
     agaagaaaga ggaaatgcta tgaaggggtt cctcatcaaa gaggctgtcc aaatgactac     50460
     taatcacatg atacgttctc aaccttcacc aaggaaattc aatacaatat ctctatagac     50520
     tcaccacaat gactaacacg aaaaagacaa atatgcaaaa tgctggcaac caaagtttcc     50580
     ttatattgct gtacccatac cctgtagtcg gtacatcact ttagtaaact ctttggaaat     50640
     atctatcaat gcttgcacat atgcatatcc tatgacccag caactccact ccaaggtaca     50700
     catacaacct agaagtacat gcaatttatg atctagcatg cccacagtag ctctacatgt     50760
     aaagaaaaga aagcagcatg aacaatagaa taaatacaat gtaatatact tacataatgg     50820
     aagaatacac aataatgaga tttaaagata tctaactata cataataatg gcagtatatc     50880
     ataaatataa tattcaacgc aaaaagcagt cttgagacta tgtgcttttg actgcatata     50940
     aataaatata tttaaaaaga aattttctac tgctaccaga aatggaaaat cagaatcact     51000
     taaaaagcaa acctccctcc aaattattaa atccccccaa ataatattaa atcctaccta     51060
     tatttggttg cctaccaaat ttccttacct aagacctctt tgttaaaaag attttctagc     51120
     gtaagagagg tttaatgaat ataccagcgt taaaatgagt cttttttctt acagtcacat     51180
     gaggtattga aagagaactg gaaatgaaat tgcctaatga gtcatcagac agcaactaaa     51240
     agtcttgaac tgtgacagcc accaaaagta cgaatagctc acatccctcc agtggtgtga     51300
     atctgacatt tgatagaata aagtgggtat ggatggctaa gattcatcat tattagttcc     51360
     gaacataata gtgatatggg ttcaaggctc tctggttaat gaattcattc cgtttgaaaa     51420
     ggcaaatgag acttcttcaa gcagcaaaga acaggcagtg gctccatgct gtgtgcctct     51480
     tctctcactc ccccttctct tactcgctca ttctgaggga agccaactgc catgttgcga     51540
     gctgccctac agagtggttc atgggactcg aaaccaaagg atgcctccag gctccagtca     51600
     atggggaact aaggtcctca gtccaacagc ccgtgagaaa ttgaacgccc tgaagctaca     51660
     gaatgcattg ggaactgggt ctcccccagt agagctttcc gataaacctg gatccacagc     51720
     cacacccacc tgactgaacc tcatgagggc gctatagccc gaagcacaca agtaagtcac     51780
     ctgcatctga ctactgacct acagaaactg tgaggaatga atgcttctgt ttgaaactgc     51840
     taaaacaaac gaaaacccaa caaaccaaca cagcaaaaaa tattgcctga ataactttaa     51900
     cgcaagcagc actcatttta tgttacctgt gaggtttctt tttctttttt ctttctttct     51960
     tttttttttt tttttttgag aagaagtctc tctctgtcgc caggctggag tgcagcggtg     52020
     cgatcttggc tcactgcaac ctccgcttca aacgattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta     52080
     gctaagacta caggtgccca ccaccacgca cagctaattt tttgtatttt tagtacagac     52140
     ggggtttcac catattggcc agggtaatct ctatctcctg acctagtgat ccacccgcct     52200
     tggcctccca aactgctggg attacagggg tgagccaccg tgcctggcct tcatttttaa     52260
     tttatatatt tttgtttcct aagatgagat ctctctgtaa aaagaaaaac gatatccagg     52320
     aacttccaag atggtagctt gcctgtggtt gagaagatag tcttataggc ttcaagatca     52380
     atgtgcagtc aaggtgtgtc tccagagtta tatcttttgt ctttttatgt agctgcttta     52440
     acttggcagt ttatcactga aaaaaaaaat gtgcttttca attactctta tttcctctaa     52500
     aatgtaaagt caatgctgtt ggttggaatc ccattttttt ttctttcatt gtgcaacgta     52560
     tttattcttt ttcttattta cctttcccta tggttgaatt ctgagagtaa tttctggaca     52620
     gtttggaaaa ttgaatttca ggttgttttt tttttttttt tttagaaaaa aagaaagaaa     52680
     tcagtattct acattcccct aatagaatag aagtgattcc cacagctgct tcttacgatt     52740
     tattgatgag ttcagggtaa gtcttccttg ggagtgtcct tttatttgtt atattaagag     52800
     ttgataagac agtgaggaat ttaataattt tcagcttaag tactggagct aagaaagaag     52860
     taacaatttt taaatataaa aatacaatta ggcacatatt ttcttttttt cctagcatga     52920
     taattgcatg tacttcagat attaaatatc aactggtaga tgaatgggct tgactctact     52980
     aattacaaaa taagacattc catggcccat ggtccaatca tggtcagtgg cttagtagtc     53040
     aattaatgaa cgaaagaaaa aatgagggct aaatcataaa taaaaatgat aatagcaaga     53100
     cctccatgga gaagtctcta aacgggtacc atccatggct tcccatgata cagcagcaga     53160
     ttctgtgccc caacctccac ccttcttccc tgaaccccca tctccttctg cccatggaat     53220
     ggggtatcat cctccacggg tgggaggaga tgggggttga gggaagaggc ctgggtgtgg     53280
     ggcacagaag ttgattctcc ctacaggact cgctggggta atcataaaat tttattcttg     53340
     ttctcttcct cctgtttaca catcccatca atttctgtta cttgcttgca atagaaaggc     53400
     ctgtatcata tcagggattc agtttcaaca tattaatttt gggtagacac aaatattcag     53460
     tccacaacag acaccttttt aggggagaat tttctagtta ggttacataa actcaatgtc     53520
     ccccaccaaa attcctatcc cccttcttgc ttaatttttt atgtttgtgt tcataccatg     53580
     gaaaatatgt tactttattg actttccatt accttctctg tcttcttgaa tatagctcta     53640
     aaataagagc ttcatgaaca ctcatgaagt cagagttttt catttgtttc atgaagtcag     53700
     ggtttttcat ttgctttgct cccagctata gcctcatgtc ttgaacagtg cctcccacag     53760
     aggagggact caaacatttg gtggatgagt tttacacaac actgggactc aatcactgca     53820
     gctcgctgtc aaccttagaa gctgacccct ctccagactt tgcccaagag gcatgttttt     53880
     ggtgtgacgt gctttgtggg aatcacttgg tcctcccaag acatccttcc tctctcacaa     53940
     caaaagacct tggacatatc agtcatcatt tggcaacctg atgccacatc cagcaacctg     54000
     aaaactgacc attttacaac caactattaa tattcatgtc cactttatgg agctgttaga     54060
     ggaaaacgcc ttcagcagca agatttctca aactttggag ctctagagtc acagttattc     54120
     aaatgacaag ttcatgacat tttgcttgga tgatattaca ttgatttcta ggaagcaaga     54180
     tggtaatgat aagaccttcg tgaaataaac attctgagca ttggaggcaa aagagaagac     54240
     tgcatagata taaaaagttg gcattcatgg gccgttagaa tgggctgtta aataaaaact     54300
     ttggcttctg cccatatgga gagtcaaaag ggcatcgtca gggtgaagac tgaagatgag     54360
     gatgtgaaga ggtcaatctg agcttgagaa cctcgaggag tgaaaagggt ggaacacaac     54420
     acccagctct catttcactt ggctctataa tcagcaatag atcctctcat gaggacttgg     54480
     agtccctgag caaactttct cataggttgg gtgaaggaag tgaagtgatc aattacatgg     54540
     aaaatcagac atacctgata gtgaagcatt gttttaatgt caagcatgat ctaagatccc     54600
     actgaggtct tagatcaatc attagcagct aatcaatcat tctctgcttc tggcctaaac     54660
     gatatacagc tacttattct tcctttgagt ttttcatttc cacactgtgc ctcagtttcc     54720
     tcattcatag gatgtgacaa tacctatttc acaagttgtg aatatatcaa taaaatcctt     54780
     agaatagggt ctgagacaca gtatgtgctt aatgagtcta tactagtact attgtatcat     54840
     ctattattta agtgctattt tctctttttt attctgattt ttcacatcca ttccaatatc     54900
     tagtgttttc tgacttttta ataatggcca ttttgcctgg ggtaaggtag tatctcattt     54960
     tggttttaat ttgcattccc ctgatgatta gtgatgttca tgttcgttgg ccatttgtat     55020
     atcctctttt gagaattgtc tattcatgtc atttgcccac tttttcatgg gattgtttat     55080
     tttcttcttg cttttttttt gagttccttg tagattttgg atattagccc tttgtcggat     55140
     atataatttg caaatattgt ctcacattct ataggttgtt ttttctggtg attatttatt     55200
     tgctgtgcag aatctttata gtttaggtca catttattta ttgtttattt tgttgcattt     55260
     gcttttggag tcttagttac aaattcattg cctaggccaa tatccagaag agtttcttcc     55320
     taggttttat tctagaattt ctatggtttc aagtcttaag atttaaatct ttaatccatc     55380
     tagagttgat ttttctatat agcgagagat atggctctag tttcattctt ctacatatgg     55440
     ctatccaatt ctcccagcag catttattga atagggtgtc ctttccccaa tttatgtttt     55500
     tgtacgcctt gtcaaagatc agttagttgt aagtatttgg ccttcttggg gggttgtcta     55560
     ttctgttcca ttggtctgtg tatctacttt tatataaggt tcttctttta cttgaaagag     55620
     atttcagagg aaagtggatt tttccccatg tctcttatcc aaaatagatg aagaaaagcc     55680
     agagtaagag ggccaattgt ttccagaaaa gaagtagaac ttataattct ttgtgaaagt     55740
     aaagagtatc cctgaatctt ttgcatgcca ataacagtgt ttctttagaa cgaccagaat     55800
     gttccactca gttatattct ttgccagctt cttgtaagca ctcgaactgg agatgtctgg     55860
     cccacagctt ctgtgtctag agaccaaggg accccagaga gcatccagtc cagtcagatt     55920
     ccagagcttt ccagcttcac ctgaacacag ggttcgtgaa acagacattg ggatggacat     55980
     acatgtaggt tgaggtcaat gttggaggtt ttcttattct ttctgctcgt ctaagcttag     56040
     atgaaccaca taaatgttta tttggggata acatattttt aagtaagttt ttgggatctc     56100
     ttttggctca agaaccacat aaatgattat ttggggataa catgttttta agtaagttgt     56160
     tgggatctca tttggcagat caagttaaaa atggtagtgg attaccttcc ctagggtttg     56220
     gcaaaattgg agtttattct atctctactt tgcagaatgt ccagtgtctg ggaacatgag     56280
     gaattgtatt atttgggact gatgattgca ttttatagaa tatatcgata ggtatgaaat     56340
     agggaaataa gagttgcaga aagactaaac ctgtcttgtg ctaatgagaa tcttctgttt     56400
     attcctttct ttgtcaatgt gctgttcctc aatagacaag atttgtttaa aaagatacag     56460
     ataaaagtaa aaggaggaaa catcaaacaa ggctgccatg actttggggg caattgtaag     56520
     atccatggcc atctttgttt taaaggctgt atttaatctg ccacagggtt ccacatacag     56580
     ctcctgatta acacgtttgt gtttctacct tgcaatttgc tttatcatgt cctgttcttt     56640
     ccttttatct ttccacattt gtatatgcag catctcctac atgccaagca tgatactaga     56700
     tgctgagaac acagtggtga attcagcaag gtccccatcc ttatggagaa gcagagacca     56760
     tcagggctca aagaaaatgc aatgattaat actctaatgt agtctcctat gagacaagca     56820
     attttctgag tatttcgtat atgttaactc atttaatcct caaaataatt ctacaatagg     56880
     tactgatatg atctgccctt taaagataga aaaggaagtc acagaaggga ttagtaactc     56940
     actcaaaatc cttcagctgg taaggcttag gaagtgatca gtggtatgaa gaccaaagca     57000
     gtgtggtgtg atagggaact gaggataaga agagttttct tacacagagt ggactttaag     57060
     tcaatgatat tggaaggtag atctataaaa aatgagagaa aaataagcaa atctggcaat     57120
     agactatttg aggccattac aggaagagaa agaggttaga ggagagaagg gcggtggaca     57180
     ggtaaaggag tggcaggggg tgaggcagga agtgtggcag gtgcaggtta gtacagtcct     57240
     aaacgcctcc ttagaatttt ggtctgagtg tgagaaaagg caagggaggt ttctgagcag     57300
     tgagaaggtg tgaggcaatt cctgcttccc aggcctctct ggctactttg ggaagcagct     57360
     gcatggagaa agaggagcag gaggaggctg tactgtcccc aggatggagg tgaggacagg     57420
     gcaccagggc agtgttagag aaagtgagga gttgtggctg ggttccgggt atatttccaa     57480
     tatggggaag caaaaaatat ttggtgagga atattcctgc caggattatg caaagaagaa     57540
     tgcccctgag gaatctatga aacccatttc acttatttac gttagctacc tggctagtca     57600
     tgtccccaga ttctgtgctg cacaattgaa tggcagatgg agccatttat tgggaggaga     57660
     atgtttgtag gaggaaatga atttggggaa gggaaaacta agtgcatgaa aactgcctaa     57720
     gtggtagagg taaagttcaa ttttaacttg attcattttc agaaggacca gggaaatcta     57780
     aacagcagaa cctttgtgca aaaaaaaaaa ataataataa taatatcaat actagttcac     57840
     ccctacatgg tgcttaaatg tgccaggcca ggcataggta gaaaaacttc acatgcgtta     57900
     gctcccttca ttctcgcagc tgacaccatc atccccattt aacagatggc agaggtgagg     57960
     cactggctga atgtgctgtt tgagattagt cacagggaga aggtggaggc atgatgtgca     58020
     cgcaggcaat gtgggaagac aatgtattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattac     58080
     ttatatgtca acctgtcaat ttttctcaaa ggcttattga cttaaattag tttagacatc     58140
     caaaatgttc atttcttggc taaacaaatc tcatgttaga catgtcaagg tatagttgat     58200
     ctcagattat agtgattgat gaggaattct gcatgaatca tcattttgaa ctaatcctac     58260
     ttaattgaat ttacaacata atgtaggttg ctaactcttt tgacatgagc acaagtaagg     58320
     tactttccat tgttcctagg aaaaaagtac cctgctattt aaaaatttaa aaatctgtgt     58380
     aagttttaac tatataatat tacccaaata tacatatatt tggaaattct aaagtccccc     58440
     tgatttctca attttgtctt taagcttaat tgttttatct ccagaaactc cagaagctga     58500
     ctcagaggta accactgctt tagaacttat ttaaaggcaa gagctgatga attcaaactc     58560
     ttttaaaatc ctcccttagg caaagttctg agctctcata actcatttta ctgacttttc     58620
     cttccatctt taatttacat ttggtgatat agaggaagtg ttgtgtttat tttttcggcc     58680
     acctttccac tgagcctttg tgatcactat tatgtaggac aagatcttga ttctcgtttt     58740
     ctcctgagga aagtagtctg atacttttaa aagaatccat cgtttgaatt gcattctcca     58800
     ctgtctccag taggagaatg tatttatgtt aattccacag gaatgattca gggatttgtc     58860
     atagccctgg ccttagttaa atgatcagag gtagaaactc taaggaaagc tgctatttca     58920
     ctatttaatg ttttattatc catgtgtcca aatctccaag gcattatggt aaataatttt     58980
     gcaccatttt tttccctcat aaacaataga ttgttttttt ttttccccat gcctgtctct     59040
     ctggtctatg gactatggaa tgtacagaaa tttctttgaa ataatggcat cttgaggaca     59100
     attttgggag ggaaggtaga ccaagagaag aaaacaggac actaaaagat atccccaagt     59160
     cgctaaaatg tacttgctgg tatcagggaa gtattttagg tatctttact ttgtacctaa     59220
     tcctgggcct gttataggtt cttaaaacaa aggaagaatg aagaaaacct tcctttaaat     59280
     acttcttgac tcttttccct agagactcat acaaacggag ctgcctgtgc caatgctact     59340
     ctgggattta aatgtacaaa gatattttaa aatattttca tgttcaaaga aaataatgtc     59400
     tgagctagaa aaaaaggggc acccaagata gtgctctaca tattttatgt gttgaatcaa     59460
     cccaatagtc tttggtttta ccattttata gatgatgaca ctaaggttta gagaaggtga     59520
     gtgagttacc ctgggtcaca gggcatgtta gtggtgaggt cagggtttat acccaaacct     59580
     tctaaatcca gaattagaga tcttactcat gaggctgtct taaagctggc gatctcattg     59640
     gataagttca aaatgttgcc acttccctat ccacccaagc acaaaagatc agagagtaga     59700
     agattagagg caagcagagg ccactgtttt ctcgattgtg aagggtcagc cttgaaaaca     59760
     tcattaacaa ttacacgtga catttaaaaa aatattttca acctcttgag gatattccct     59820
     ttggttccta aaatgcagtt agaaattagt atctggatta gtatctttga ttcctaaaat     59880
     gcagttagaa attagtatct ggatggcctc aaagagaaca attgaagtag aaatttcatc     59940
     cacaggaaag atcaacaatg aatatataac agccagcttt cctggggcct ggaggaaaga     60000
     aacactctga gttcactttt cttgtattca tgggaagaat gtatttgaga ttcatacata     60060
     tttatatcaa gtaacgtatt agagtaaatg tcagtttttc actctctctt tctttttaac     60120
     ttcacatgca gaaaactaaa tgacccataa agaaaaagaa atgatttttt ttctaccatg     60180
     aaagttttaa aatatgcaaa catcttaaaa cctaatagag caggttataa agtgagtttg     60240
     gtgcattttc ttaacagaga ttttacaagg ttttataagg gtttgggttg gtgtggtgtt     60300
     caacatttta ttctattgca tttagaaacc tgttcattgg gtgactcata cttcatagca     60360
     ctgtcatctt cataaatatt tgctgtgttg gggtaaagac tgaacactaa tagatttcta     60420
     aacctatagt tataaaccta taaacctata gatttctgta attgagggac aatcaggatt     60480
     attcttccaa agctgtatta gtccattctc acactgctaa taaaggcata cccaaaagtg     60540
     agtaacttat aaaggaaaga ggtttaattg actgacagtt gaatatggct ggggaggcct     60600
     caggaaactt acaatcatgg tgaaagggga agcaaacatg tccttcttcc catggcggcc     60660
     agagagagaa gtgccaagca agagtggaaa attctgttat aaaaccatca gatcttgtga     60720
     gaactcactc actatcagga gaacagcatg agggtaactg cccccatgat tcagttatct     60780
     ttgactgggt ccttcccatg acatatgggg attatgggaa ctaccgttca agatgagatt     60840
     tgagtcaaac catatcaaaa gctacctgta atttgtatga ttaaaacttt aattcgaagt     60900
     tgagggcata gtgtttagct aagggacatt taatcactat ttgggtctgc catttattag     60960
     tttaaattaa tgctagctgc agacacagat acacccttaa acctctgtgg cttaacccag     61020
     acagagtcca gttagttgca ggattaaggg gaattctgct ccacatagcc actgaggttc     61080
     caggttcctt tcattttagg gctctgctac cccctagggt ccttctaccc cccagggtct     61140
     taactgtcct cggctgagtt ctgtatatct caccaggtgg tggggagaca aaccaggaag     61200
     tggattatgt gggaagattt tatgaactat gtctaaaagt aacacacacg acttctgcca     61260
     cattcgttag acagaaccta ggtacatgaa tttgtcaagc tacaaaggag attggaacat     61320
     gcagtagagc tgtgtgccca gaagaaagtg gcactgggtt ttggcagcca ggtatcagta     61380
     tattccacag tttccagctg tatattttgg tagtatccgc tgctgtgaat tgacattcct     61440
     aacacaacat gcagaaaaaa gatgttccca gtttctctga cacaagggta tgaacacatg     61500
     aacttgcttc taccattcag acacctcagc atgaggcatg actgagcagc agagagaaaa     61560
     agcacagagc atctgttctg cagttataga tgtctgaagt aacatatttc tggagtcatg     61620
     ggtagtgctg ggtgcttccc ccttatgtca gagacattga gagtctgtta gcaagcaggt     61680
     cttaggaagg ggttctggtg ttgggggtgt tcccagaagc tcagactaaa atctatctct     61740
     ccattgactc caacaatgct gtgagcctct tcatatccct taatactctg aaccacaaaa     61800
     atttaagaca ggtctcagtt aatttaggaa gtttattttg ccaagtttga ggatgcgagc     61860
     ccatgacaca gcctcaggaa gtcctgacga catgtgccca aggtggtcag ggcaaagcct     61920
     acttttacac atttgaggga gacacgagac attgatcaat acatgtaaga agtacattgg     61980
     ttcggtctgg aaaggcgaga caactcaaag caaaggcagg aagccaggaa gccagaaggg     62040
     ggcttccagg tcacagatag gtgagagaga aatgaacctt tgcattcttt tgagcttctg     62100
     atcagccttt ccaaggaggc aatcagacat gcatctatct cagtgagcag aggggtgact     62160
     ttgaatagga ggcatatttg ccctgagcag ttcccaactt gatggggtcc aagatatttt     62220
     cctctcacaa tacattcttg ctgcttcaac aaaagtgaat cttgttttct gcatctaaga     62280
     atgttgtttt tatttaattc atctcactta tgagggaaaa aaagcaaaaa gacacatgca     62340
     cttcagtgta taaatccaac cctatcagac tttggacagc aaagggattt ctctagaaca     62400
     tttttattaa tttatctcct aatattaaaa cattgtggga tttcatccaa tattttggta     62460
     ttttactttc cttgaaaaat caaacaacac gaagaacagt aagggttgtg gaatcgtagc     62520
     tcctgagtcc taatcccgca ggccaagggt acagctggag tcatgatgca acgaacacat     62580
     ctccattcca tgaccttccg ctcccttatt aaccacaaag agagcgccga gcacacctgc     62640
     ccaggcactg cttttctgaa tggtccctcc ccacagaaca aggagagatc actggggcag     62700
     actatgagcc ttggaaggtt catcttgatt tcttctgttg agaaatctca ttttgtgcag     62760
     tgcttctgtg ttctgtgtgt ctctgaaatc cgatatgaac tcgacctcgt cagagagcaa     62820
     gtgaatgagg aatccatccc caaagaggac ttatttctcc tggttggatt tttcctcttg     62880
     gtgcacatgg aagctctcac ttcactcttt ttgtgtgatg actgatgatg cctcacatat     62940
     gtttgatcca tggtcattca tggggatggg tgtcagtgga ttcctgaact ctaagaacca     63000
     agcaagtgtc caccccaagt gaccgtgttt ggtggtgtgg gtgcatcttt acataattac     63060
     atgaatcctc attcttcata gggctggtaa gcctcagcat tgagtattta ttcttagtca     63120
     tttccagtgc acatcagttt ttaaaactac ctcttggata cttgaggagt ggctttataa     63180
     ttgttaaatt cccttaaata tattctttgg caacatcatg ctattgaaag ggctttacca     63240
     tttgagacac aaggtaataa aggtctcact aatgcacata tgcctcactc tcctctttac     63300
     aagggatttg gcccagcacc agaggaaagc aattgggcaa aatacacaga aataacaacc     63360
     accagcagac atacgctctc gtactgcact tctgtgaatg tggaaaataa ctgttttcct     63420
     gatgatgtga tttcacacaa acctttcatt cttggaagag actttataac taaataggag     63480
     tttgtaaatt ataaagaatt cactgaggct attgaggcta ctaaacttga tcaaagagag     63540
     gtaataatta gatcacaatc acttatactg gcttttacct tcccaagatt ttgaaacatt     63600
     ttcataggca ttatctcttt acctagaata ttaacatcag accccttatt tttaataatt     63660
     gcagaataat tttaataact ccaattatta gaaataaatc atttatgtct taatttcttt     63720
     ctaataataa ttccagaatt attatttcta ataactctag aattaacttt cagctgaaag     63780
     aattaatttt ataaacttaa attttacttt ataaatactt aaaacatcaa atgatgtggt     63840
     aacatactca tcattacctc atcattgatg ttttaagtat ttataaacaa tttcactcct     63900
     cctcccaaaa ttgttcataa cctcaacaag ataagcagga gagtcataat tttcttcatt     63960
     gaaagataaa aggaacaaca acaaaaatta aaaacagaaa tgattaaaag taaaaaagcc     64020
     tattttatag gcattaaatt aggacattta aaaattaaga tatggttcat atacaaaatt     64080
     aacacggtta agcattattc aaagtacact ttttggggaa caatttgatg gagatgtaaa     64140
     taattctgtg aaatattgtg agaaagctac aagttaattt gtttagtcag tttgtcttcc     64200
     tataagcatg tgtaccaata ctcccatact ctggtgaacc cgtgtcaaca ttttcacaga     64260
     catggtctct taatggtgag attatagggg attttgtttt ctttgtaatt ttgttttgtt     64320
     ttctaagttt tttctgttga ttagactttg taattagaaa aggcaaactg taagattgaa     64380
     aaccattgga atagattaga ttataatatt ttatttcctc cttatagttg ctccaagtta     64440
     tatagtcact acaataaggt agctgggaaa agcctggact tgtatgaatg ttttggagaa     64500
     aacatcgata aatccccttt tctctcctaa ttcctgatca tagtgactgc tcagagttac     64560
     catgaaatag ttcaatccat gatgacccat gcaccatagc actgtgctct gtcactgcaa     64620
     tagtctaact aaatgtttat gtccctccaa aattcacatc ttggaaccgc atggagatgg     64680
     tattagtaaa tggaattttg gagaagagat taggtcgtga gggtggagcc ctcatgaatg     64740
     ggaccagtgg ccttttaagc agaagccaga gggttggctc gctgtctttc caccatgtga     64800
     ggatacaaca aaaagaaaga agtccacaac ctggtagggg gttctcacca gaatgcagcc     64860
     atgttggcat cctaatctca gaatttcttg atttctggct taatttaatt ttttacccaa     64920
     aagtcatttt ggagcagatt gtttaatttt catttaattg tatagttttg aatgatcttc     64980
     ttggtactga tttctatttt cattgcactg tggtctgaga gtgcggttgg tatgatttca     65040
     gttcttttga atctgtcaag aattgcttta gggctgagcg tatggtcagc tgtagagcat     65100
     gtgccatgtg cagatgagaa gaatgtatat tctatttttt ggggtggagt cagaactgtg     65160
     agaaataaat ggttgttgtt taagccaccc agtctttggt aatgtaattt gttgtagact     65220
     cccgacctga ctcaggcagt catcattcaa gtgttcaaat ccccatgatg ccccagggca     65280
     tgttgtttcc cagcaggcca tggagcacca tcttgtttcc cagcaggcca tgcagcagga     65340
     agttggtgcc ctcccagtgg gaaggagcca acatcaatgt actgcctgct gctggggaca     65400
     gttctgaagt agcagccttc tttttcatat ccacaccact taacagctta actgtgcata     65460
     ttagacttct gactaacaga gatgtctccc aaggtggaag tgttgttctc tcccacagaa     65520
     aattctacag gctggcagtc caggacctcc tctatctttt gatggtaaca gagactagtt     65580
     tggtgctcat caatctcctt tcgtcttcct ggaaacatag aataatctgc atttcccagc     65640
     ctcgctcatg agttagtgcc ttgtgactgg ttctgtacaa ttaaatatga gtagaaatag     65700
     tttatgttac ttctaggcct ggccctaaca tgcctgtgag gtcatagtca ttggctcatt     65760
     tttttcccct cttcttttaa agagactttg gaggacatgt attgtatctg gcagcttcac     65820
     agaaacctct gagacctgaa tcacccttgg gaggagagct gtcaaaaaga gcacagtgtc     65880
     tcatgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccgaggtggg tagatcacct gaggtcagga     65940
     ggtggagacc agcctggcca acatggtgaa gccccatctc taccaaaaat acaaaaatta     66000
     gctcgggatg gtggtagggg cctgtaatcg cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat     66060
     tgcttgaaca tgggaggcag aagttgcaat gagttgagac tgtgccattg cactccagcc     66120
     tgggtgacaa cagcgaaact ccatcttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagc tgcctgacct     66180
     cctttagatg gttaagacac taagaagggc atatttgtta gagcagcctg tgttcatcac     66240
     cctgactaca cttctctgcc ctcctaggga aggatcttgt cttcaggtcc tctgaatgcc     66300
     cactcacgag gccagagctc cttgtagagt catattcata ttcttggcag ctgaaaggaa     66360
     gaaggatgca ccctcctgct aagtcagcta cgttgaaaag agccttcaac tattagttga     66420
     gtgtcttcca cactgacaat cagaagaaat agtcttaggg tttcaaaatt gtttaacctt     66480
     taaaagtggt ccacatattt ctcaaatttg aaaaccatga cctttgttca cctatttttc     66540
     cctatctgta ttcctgaata ttagttgttt caaaaagaag gaatatctaa atatttcaga     66600
     tttatcctaa aagaagtctt gtctcaatgc agatgcagac tgcttaattc tgtctttccc     66660
     tctatggtca gaaggaaaaa aaccattacg gggtcagtgt gttctgagtg ggtcatctgt     66720
     gtgaggtcat catatttttc aacctggatc tcacctgagg attccaaggt tctcttgaag     66780
     cattatattt aattcattgt tagttatttt agaaaatatt ttcctgcaag tattttcttg     66840
     gaacaaactg ttttatgaaa gtccatgtac catataattt gcactccaac taaaattact     66900
     tttcttcata atagttagac ttttgcaggt gcttgtttgt ttggtgaaca actgtggaac     66960
     agacaaatga tgcttctaga aaatgtgttt tattccatga gtagcattat ttgggttaga     67020
     acaagatttt taatgaatat tgtcaaattg tcagtgtact tataccctcc ttctttctca     67080
     agttgtcatt cagctaaaac ctaagtttga ctttctttca cttgttcttt tatttcttca     67140
     agcatttcct ttttgcttac tatgtgttgg atactgatct aagaaccagg gagatcacga     67200
     taaatgatat ggggtcttaa ctttatggaa tagatcagtg aaatttcttt ctttagaata     67260
     agacataaaa cccaatatag gcttagtact caaaaagagt tcttattaat tacaataatt     67320
     gcaatcacat tcagtgttgg aggtagcctt tgccagtgat tttgtgggag gcatggagtt     67380
     gagcagccaa cctctcccct cctagctaat gtgggttatc aaggcatttc ctaggttaga     67440
     atagaaatga ggctccctta gctgtctctt ggaaagtcca aatataggag ggggctttga     67500
     atgcatctct gaggttgact agattccagc tgatggaaat ggaagcaaag agtgctccag     67560
     gcataggcag gagtgtttga aaaaccctag agtgaagaaa tgacacaact tgtttactga     67620
     atgttgatga gtctagtttc gatgaggaac aggggagaac tgagagatga cacagaaaat     67680
     gtaggctaca gcgatactga ataaggctgg gatttcagac tgagaggtgg aagtgcaatt     67740
     ttctattgaa tagagaatat aggggtgata aggggcacag gtttccctga cactgggcac     67800
     tgaaatttac ttgcagttgt tgcctaggaa acatgtattc attctgtgtc tgtgcccagg     67860
     tgcgtgtatg tgcaggtgaa agtgtgtgtg tatgcatgca aacttgtgca tgtgcttgtg     67920
     tgatgtgtgt gtgactttga cgtctagatt gatatcactt ccacttctga aacccacctt     67980
     ctgattgaaa tctctggtct taacaagggc ataaacccct gtgatccagc tgtcctgcct     68040
     ggtaatggct ttctattgaa tgtacagatt tagttctcaa ggatcatctg ttctaagact     68100
     catgctccga ttattgaaat aaatgcactt ttcagaatat aatttttcat taatggctgt     68160
     taagtcctag agctgatcat tttaaacctc cccaaaccaa ccacagttta tcagtcacct     68220
     gtagccctca ttggaagacc aagggccctt cttatatttt agaggttagt gttaccactc     68280
     acatcaattc acatcatgca agttacagta tatggcaacc aaataaatga caaacagaga     68340
     aataataaac atgaactccc tgcaagtgat ccttatatgg tctctattct aaatttttag     68400
     aacggctttc attttaggga attttatttt gttcagtaaa tgcattcaat aagcatataa     68460
     tttaaggtga tccaatattt atagcattgt aaatattctc ctagttatac attcacaaag     68520
     cagggtaaac atattacata tgacatgccc tgtgcttagt tttgacacat aagattaact     68580
     tagttgaccc ggttgtttct ggcatttttg ttccctaatt tctgtgagtg tcaccaggat     68640
     ttcacatggg atctcctggt gttttgttgt attaagtggc tggtttgaaa ccatctttct     68700
     ctgtagaagt ctttccccat tattctgaga atccttgagg cttatgctgg cttgaaacca     68760
     tcttactctg tagaagtctt tccccggtat tctgagaatc ctttaggttt atgatcatat     68820
     tactgttttg gctcctattt ctaagcttac tctctctttt ggtgtgggta caacccaggt     68880
     tttaaactca gccccttcct tcaatttcac ataaagcttt acttacacaa agattctgca     68940
     agttacagca gactctgccg aagttggatg gggaatgaag aagacaaagg gcgaacatta     69000
     cggaaatgct gatagttgaa aagtgagcat gaggcatccc tgttaatcaa tttgcattta     69060
     aaacatcctt tagtcccttg gccttaggga aatgttctca gaccaccttg cctcccactc     69120
     tctatgagac tcttgttttt ggtatggcca ctaagccaga atgtgcatgg caaaaggggg     69180
     tttggcagag aggcctagta ggggctgaac tttgtatcat gctctgcttc ctaatgtcct     69240
     ggtctggatt gcctcagcct gtagtaagat atgctttttc taaggcacaa aaagtgccat     69300
     gcaataaact agaaaaccta gaggagatgg ataaattcct ggaaatatac aactctccta     69360
     aattaaacca ggaagaaata gaaactctga acaaccaata gcaagcagcg agattgaaat     69420
     gataattaat aagttaccaa caaaaaaaag tccaggacca gacatgaatt atatcagaca     69480
     ttcaaagaag aatttgtacc aaccctattg acactattcc aaaagatagt gaaagggaga     69540
     atcctcccta aatcattcta tgaaaccagt gttaccataa taccaaaacc aggaaagaac     69600
     atgacaaaaa aaaagaaaac tacaagccaa tatccctaat gaacatagat ccaaaaaatc     69660
     ctcaacaaaa tactagctaa ccaaacccaa tagcataaca aaaagataat ccgccttgat     69720
     caaatgggtt tcataccagg gatgcagaga tggtttaaca tacgcaagtc aataaatgtg     69780
     atacaccaca taaacagaat taaaaacaaa aatcacatga ttatctcaat agatacagaa     69840
     aaagcatctg acaaaataca gcatctctat atgattaaaa ccctcagcaa aattggcata     69900
     gaagggacat accttaaggt aataaaagcc atctatgaca aacccacaac caacattata     69960
     aggaatggga aaaaactgaa acattcccct tgagaattgg aacaagacag ggatgcccac     70020
     tcttgccact tttattcaac ataatactgg aagtcctagc cagagcaatc agacaagaga     70080
     aagaaataaa gggcatccaa attggtaaag aggaagtcaa accgtcactg tttgctgatg     70140
     acatgattgt acacctagaa aaccctaaat actcatccaa aaaagctcct agaactggta     70200
     cgtgaattca gcaaagtttc aggatacaaa attaacgtac aaaaatcagt agctcttcta     70260
     tataccaaca gtgaccaagc tgagaatcaa atcaagaatc caaccccttt tacaatagca     70320
     aaacaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacca aaaacttagg aacataccta atcaagaagg     70380
     tgaaagacct ctacaacgaa aactataaaa cactgctgaa agaaaccata gacaatacaa     70440
     ataaatgaaa acacatccca tgctcatgga tgtgtagaat caatattgtg aaaatgacca     70500
     tactgccgaa agcaatctac aaatgcaatg aattctcatc aaaatatcac catcattcgt     70560
     tgcagaacta gaaaaaacaa tcctaaaatt catatggaac cataaaagag cccacatagc     70620
     caaagcaaga tgaagcaaaa caacaacaac aacagacaaa tctggaagca tcacatcacc     70680
     cgacttcaaa ctatactgta aggccatagt caccaaaaca gcatggtact cgtataaaaa     70740
     taggcatata aaccaatgga cagaatacag aacccagaaa taaagccaca tacttgcagc     70800
     caactgatct tcaacaaagc aaacaaaaac atacagtggg gaaaggacac cctattcaac     70860
     aaatgtgctg ggataattgg caagccacat gtagaagaat gaaactgaat cctcatcttt     70920
     caccttatac aaagtcaact caagatggat aaaagattta aacctaagac ctgaaactat     70980
     aaaaattcta gaagatagca ttggaaaaac ccttctaaac attagcttat gcaaagattt     71040
     catgaccaag aacccaaaag caaatgcagc aaaaacaaag ataaatagat ggaacttaat     71100
     taaactaaaa agcttctaca cagcaaaaga aataatcagc agagcaaata gacaacccac     71160
     agagtgggag aaaatcttca cagtctatgc ttctgacaga ggactaacat ccagaatcta     71220
     caaggagctc aaacaaatta gcaagaaaaa aaagcccatt aaaaattggg ctaaggacat     71280
     gaagaggcaa ttctcaaaag aagatacaca aatggccaac aaacgtatga aaaaatgctc     71340
     accaccacta ataccaggga aatgcaaatc aaaaccacaa tgtgatacca ccttactcct     71400
     gcaagaatgg ccatgatcaa aaaattttaa aaaattgatg ttggcttgga tgtagtgaaa     71460
     agggacaatt ttacacttct ggtgggaatg taaactagta caatcactat ggaaaacagt     71520
     gcggacattc cttaaagaac taaaagtaca tctaccatat gatccagcaa tcccactact     71580
     gggtatcttc ccagaggaag tcattatata aaaaagacac ttgcacatgc atgtttatac     71640
     cagtacaatt ctcaattcca aaaatttgga accagcccaa atgtccatca atcagcgagt     71700
     ggaaaaagaa aatgtgatac acacacacac acacacacaa acacacacgc acaccatgga     71760
     atactactca gccataaaaa ggaacgaaat aatgacattt gcagcaacct agatgaaatg     71820
     ggagaccatt attctaagca aagtactcag gaatggaaag acaaacatca tatattctca     71880
     taagttggag ctaagctatg aggatgcaaa agcataagaa tgatataatg gactttccaa     71940
     acttggggga aagggtggga ggggggtgag agataaaaga ctacgcattg ggtacagtgt     72000
     acactactcg ggtgatgggt gcaccaaaat ctcagaaatc accactgaag ggcttactca     72060
     tgtaccaaaa aaaattaatt aattatttaa aaagtccatg caagctagcc cttctctgcc     72120
     cattgcatgc tctattcttc ctttaaatct tagaagtagt gccaatttcc tcattttctt     72180
     aggaagagca gccaagcaat gctttttgtt ttgcctgttt gctcatttgc tcttctgctt     72240
     atactcatac tggcaagaca ttcagtccaa atgcttatct aggcaccttc tgaagcaaag     72300
     agtttccttc cttggaatac ttctgctgct acctcttaag tcgataatac ttggttacca     72360
     tgcttttctt tgctttttta ttctctctct cctttgctgc ctggtttagg gctgattaac     72420
     gtttattctt ttgtttttcc gctcttccca tctgtagttt ggacgtttga ttttgtattt     72480
     ctattcttta actagctgaa ttttgctttg ttatattgta ttattcctgt aatttctgat     72540
     tataacttct tgattgtctt acctgtgcta gggtgcactg aatacctgct ggaggagggg     72600
     tttattcagg gctgcctgcc acacacacat aaacacacag acacttttag tcaacatgtg     72660
     ggtctccaat tttctgaggc agcttttcat ttcttttcct ctgtctccag ttcctttgtg     72720
     cttcttaatt atccccagcc gagcaaagct tggaggtctg cccagggttc ccatctgcca     72780
     gaaaggtctg aggccacacc tgcaaggaac tggagctttc acacaggttc ataaaggctt     72840
     ccgactagac acttcctttg cagcaattgc agcaatttat gactttaaat acagtgtgga     72900
     aaacatcaaa acaaaccctt tgcatagata ttctttttca ttgcttgcct acagctgtct     72960
     tgcagtgagg caggaaatga tgctacctgc tttgactact tttacttttc ataatgccta     73020
     gaaataagct attttaaagg gttgtatgga ctagactgtt ttatcaaaag caatttccac     73080
     tatgaatgat ttttaatgtc tcaactctaa gatatttttg agttttagca ctgatatttt     73140
     agttttgcat tgttaatttg ttttattgat attaaacatt tatattgtat tgcttgaagt     73200
     catttggaag tttatttgaa attgaaattg tcaagtaaag ttaggtaatg ggattgcacc     73260
     agattgctgt gtgcagcgat tttctgattt cacttcttcc cctttgagtc aactgtgttc     73320
     tgataaatct ggacctaaat ctgtgaacat tctatctgag caaggaaaca gaatagggtg     73380
     ataattactt tactctgaag tggcaagacc cacaaagggc tgctacagag gcttgttcac     73440
     gttgtaccct gaccaacact aacaagtgat acaggagcta aaaagaaatt atttaggcag     73500
     ttagcgagca gaagagagtc cttggtaagg cttctctttt aacaaaaagc acaccctaaa     73560
     tcatttcttt tctcacaaag aacagcctgt acaactgagc tgcagacata aataagcaaa     73620
     ctggaagctt gcataggtaa atgccggcag ttgtgccaat agaaaaggga tacctggaag     73680
     ccaggtatat tcaatgtgga gggtccctct ttccttttct ttgtcaccaa gtgtgcagta     73740
     aaaagcaggc aacatggcac tggccaggta gagaatccat ctgcataata aaggagtagg     73800
     gtgggttggc cagcttcttt gcaagctatg caaacggcac acctggtctg accaatctct     73860
     agtgctctgt attaatcaca caccacctcc tcaagctcat ctataaaacc ccatgcattt     73920
     cattgtggaa ccagaagatc cagtggggag cacttctttc tttgcaggag aaagagcttt     73980
     tttttctgtt ttctctcgcc tattaaacct ctgttcttaa actcacttct catgtgtcca     74040
     cgtcctcgat ttccttggca tgagatggaa aaccttgggg atttactcca gacaatgagg     74100
     ctgcttcaga agcatctttt atatgatcat gtatgtgaat ggtgcctcct tatttgagta     74160
     gtgcacaacc tatgcaacta tatctggtga ccttcacagc atttccattt ccggcctttt     74220
     ctcattatgc ttttgttatt tcctcactta gaaagccctc atgcatcaaa tacagaagtg     74280
     tctactgaga acctgccttg caattttccc tttgttggga tctaatgaca gagccatgaa     74340
     cataatatta tctcaaactt caaagatttc cagtctgctg caagaggcag acgtaaacag     74400
     caactttctg ttagttattg gcaaagaaat ggtacactgg gagctaaacc tatggtacca     74460
     agaagtaata ggaaacagat tcctcacccc tgagctgtga gacaggccac atggacattt     74520
     caaaaccaac aatgaccagt gaggtgactc agccttgttg aagataagtc agggtagggc     74580
     aatggaggac tggaaaggag ggtttctttg gacagagctg ggcttccggt ttcacctcac     74640
     ctccagcagg aagcacaggg agccagcccc taagcccagg ccagtgggaa cagctccacc     74700
     agcacttgca ggcctggcca cgtgtcccac gcagtgaggc aggcacagag gacaggtgcc     74760
     cgactcacat tgagaaggcg agaaaaagct agggatggct gaacagaggg ctgcaccagg     74820
     gggaacaggg gagagaatgt gtccctctgt cgtgggctaa agttgtgtga cccttggaac     74880
     ccactgtaga ccccattata gatgtaaaaa tacctgcctg gggatgctta gaatgaagtc     74940
     ctgcccaaga ggacagcatg cctgggtaaa aaagacacca actattttgc tggtggcaga     75000
     agctaagggg gctagatgta gatcacaaag gaaagaaatt catttctttc tttcacagat     75060
     aaattgtgtt tcaccaagaa aacacaattt gtgtgattta tacaaatggt agatcacaat     75120
     ttacctgttc caagaaaatt tggctggatg gccgagaagg ggcagagctt catgacagat     75180
     aatctaggta agaatgatcc agaccgagtg cggtggctca cgcctgtaat tccagcacta     75240
     tgggaggcag aggtgggcag ttcacctgag gtcaggagtt tgagaccagc ctggccaaca     75300
     tggggaaacc ctgcctctac taaaaataca aaaattagct gggtgtggtg gtgggatcct     75360
     gtaatcccag ctgaggctcc cgaggctgag gcaggagaaa cgcttgaacc caggggatgg     75420
     aggttgcagt gagctgagat cacactattg cactctagcc tgggtgaaag aatgaaactc     75480
     cttctcgaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa aagaaaaaaa aggaatgatc caaactaagt     75540
     taggtggtgt cctgcagtag agagaatgtt cactccagca cacattcaag aaagagttag     75600
     gaataaacat catcctgcat tcaaccttaa gaatcccctt ctccattaag atttccaggg     75660
     ggttcccatc ttcctcctgt ttcctgcatt ttgagtgtga aatattttat ttattaaaat     75720
     taacaattga attttaatat ttagtatact tcattgagcc tgaaatgcca actataaatt     75780
     acaatattag ttttatggac tacaaagaat gaatactgtc aattctcatt cagatgccat     75840
     tcaaacataa gatggtttgc aatttctgtg atcttaaggt gtgacaaaac atgaatttta     75900
     gaatgactga aatatgttgt tactttgatt tttatgttta cctgatttct gtctccagca     75960
     aatctatgag ttacttgaga acatggacct tgatttatat tgctgtaaac ttatagaata     76020
     ggtagtaaac tcatggataa cagattattt gaactataag tcagaccact tgaaaggaat     76080
     atcaaatgtt ttaacatgtc atgagtcact ctcaccattt taatatgaaa atataaattt     76140
     ttaaaaagaa aacctgaaaa ggaaaaacat ggcaaggata attgctttaa aaacatcaaa     76200
     gatgggcaat tacaaatgta cagattcaaa taacccaata cggcttgtta gataaacaat     76260
     tccctaacaa tttcccatgg tatttgtcat ggttctctag agaagcagaa ccaatagggt     76320
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat acaatctgcc ctctgcaagc tggagaccca agaaagctgg     76380
     gggtacagtt tgaatccctg agagcctgaa gccgattgtg tagattgaag tctgagtctg     76440
     gaggtctggg aaccacgagc atagagggca gaagattaat gccccacctt aagcatcagg     76500
     tgaagttaat tcaattttcc tctgcctttt ttccaatgta ggccctctgt gtattggacc     76560
     gtgtccacct accatgagga ggatgtctgc tttacttagt tcacagattc acattctagt     76620
     ttcttctaga aacaccctta ccaacacacg aagcataatg cttaaccaat gcattagtcc     76680
     attctcacac tgctgtaaag aaatacctga gactgggtta tttataaaga aaaatggttt     76740
     aattggctca cagttccaca ggttgtacag gaagcatggc ggcgtctggg gaggcctcag     76800
     gaaacttcca atcatggtga aggcgaaggg gaagcaggga catcttgcat gaccagagtg     76860
     ggaggaagag cgagatgggg gaggtgccac acactttgaa acaaccaaat ctggtgagaa     76920
     gtcactcact agacagtacc aatgggggat ggtgttaaac cattcatgaa aactccaccc     76980
     tcatgagcca atcacctccc atcaggtcct gcctcccaca ttgggaatag taattcaacg     77040
     tgagatttgg gtggagacac agatccaaac cataccaacc tgctatctgg gcatctcatg     77100
     gcccaaccag gttgacacat aaaagcaacc atcactcaca tttctctact cagagataag     77160
     cattttctac tcttttaagc tattttgttt ttaaagtgat ttctacatcg taatatattt     77220
     tgattatatc cctaggtctt catctcttct ttaatatttt cttctctcta catggcctct     77280
     aatttctaat aaggggatcc ttttacctct ccacttcaaa tgatttctgt agacctcaat     77340
     cttctttgca gtactagctc agcaactatg ttaaacacac tctcactcac tcacctcata     77400
     gaaaatgata catctgccaa atgatgggtt tttggtatgt tttacaagtt ttacactaaa     77460
     taagctcaaa atgtgttggg caagttaaaa agaaacatta cagggaaagt ttctacccct     77520
     ccctttctct gctttgcagt gtttggtcta tgggagagag aagaaaagag aaagagagaa     77580
     cgaaaagggg gaatggtact ctaaaatatg atgaattcac ccttgtggat gataagccag     77640
     ccatctttta aaattataat cctctatttg cattttctaa agacatatat tatttcactc     77700
     caacaacttt accctttctc caaagctata acctcacttt tattttccta aaagttgcct     77760
     tttatacttt cttagaaact caaattttat cttaagttta cagtgattgc tatcttgttc     77820
     cctgaaaaat gagggttaag gggaaaaaaa aaacggatga ctgagctcac gagatcttac     77880
     acaaagagat taattgctac cactctaagg acttgggtag agtatgagat gagtaatccg     77940
     cagaaggcgg aggaaaccag agctggcagt gtttcaacgg tcgaacatct gggcatttgt     78000
     aaatattctc gcactggaat ggtaaattgg gagcaaccat ctggatgtta ggctaaaatt     78060
     ttcatttttt taagatggat ttttaagacc gctatataaa accttccagc ttttctcttc     78120
     attcttctag tttttagtag cagcagggca tgttgcaata aattccacaa tattttaaca     78180
     atgagatagt gggtctctct ttatcccaca actgcctgta gcttatgatt acacaagtct     78240
     ttactggatt taaactttga tatgctcctg tcccccaggc tgaattttct tttgaagttt     78300
     ccatgcagtt aatactgatc ttgttcttaa aaacgtgtct gggattcacc ttctagatgg     78360
     tgtctctacc acagacaatc ttttggtaag attccaattc ctgtctgttg cttctgttcc     78420
     tagatgtttt ttgttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttttaa tttatgaagt     78480
     tgttctgaaa tgtctttaga cccttaatgc catcagcatc tttaaggaga ttctaaacac     78540
     atctttctct aaacttttag gagggatgct gtggtgaccc caatgccacg atgggtgtaa     78600
     tccggtccaa aataattcaa ccatcaaaaa ctgtgggttt aagtttctta gcacatttag     78660
     tttacttgca gtctctgggg ggaggtgtgt atttttgtcc cacaaagcct gctctgagga     78720
     ggaaaggaat gttttccttt tagtgtttgc tgcctcaccc tgggtcttat ttgtgacttt     78780
     ctgagcaggc tgaaatgcgt gggtgagtcc aactgaatgt ctttcttcat gacagccacc     78840
     gacaaggtga atggaaaaga aaatggaaaa gagagagggt atattagtct gttttcacgc     78900
     tgctggtaaa gacataccag agactgggta atttataaag taaaagagtt ttaacggatt     78960
     cacagttcca tgtggctggg gacgtctcac agtcatggtg gaaggagaaa ggcacttctt     79020
     acatggctgt ggcaagacag aatcagacag ccaaacaaac ggggtttccc cttataaaac     79080
     catcagatct catgagactt tttcactatc aggagaacag tatgagggaa accaccccca     79140
     agtttcaatt atctcccacc tggtccctct tacaacatgt gggaattatg ggagctataa     79200
     ttcgaggtga gattcgggtg gggacacagc caaaccatat cagagggaga gagagacaca     79260
     cacacagatt gtcttcagga agtcacccta tgtagtctaa aaaggggagg catgaataat     79320
     ccaacacttg tttagcaaat tatcaataaa taaccataaa aatgggcaac cagcagccct     79380
     tggggctgct gtgttgctgc agggtctgtg gaatagccat ccttttattc ctttactttc     79440
     ttaataaact tgctttcact ttatgaactt gacctgaatt atttcttgct tgagatccag     79500
     gaagcctctc ttggggtctg gatccagacc cctttccagt aacactaaga actcgctcat     79560
     cctctcttgg caggtcctgg ccaggtggtc ctgaggatcc tgccaggaag agatggctgc     79620
     tccttggcca ctcttgcttt attactggcc ttgggacatc gtcagaatgg acatattttg     79680
     acatcctcgg tatgtgaaca tactgaggaa tgaatcagca acatttatgt catcaactgg     79740
     gccacggctt ccaaaagatc agagcccttt gcattggcaa atacacccta tctcattgat     79800
     ctgtgataat tcatgggaaa acacacagct ctctgcacat catctgtcct attttttcct     79860
     gtctcaatct tggaactcta aacaaaaagc tgcccagtta tgatgaccgt gaatggccca     79920
     caactaaatt acagggcatg aggttatcag aaaggacaat gttttaagca ggccatgtca     79980
     tgattgcgtg tgagattgga gatgaactgc tgcaaactca gtcctggttc aaatcagtaa     80040
     tcattacatt agctttacac attttgagat attaaaacac atatcaatgg gcagagaaaa     80100
     acattaaatt tgccaaattt gtagtttgac gaattggctt cagatcccta caaaaagaaa     80160
     aagaaaagcc ttctggcatt atattttcat aattgatttt atttttattt ttagatgaag     80220
     tcttcctctg tcacccgggc tggagtgcag tggcacaatc tcagctcact gcaacctccg     80280
     cctcctgggt tcaagtgatt ttcccgcctc agcctcctga gtatctggaa ttacaggcat     80340
     gagccatctt gcctagctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag acagggtttt gccatgttgg     80400
     ccaggctggt cttaaacttc tgacttcaaa caattcacct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc     80460
     tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accaagcctg gcctaatatt tatttttatc cttcagttga     80520
     ttataatgaa tctttacctt taatttgaag tgagaatatg ctgaaaatat atagatatca     80580
     tctttattgt attgaaccaa ctaattattt ttaaagcagg atttatactt tagaaaaaga     80640
     gtatccatgt tcttttctta aattaaccaa gtccttgata caaatactct ccaaactcta     80700
     acttcatgca tagtactcta ctgagaattt tggtagatta gttcttgatc ttcagaaagt     80760
     cgtagtacat ttgtatgttt atatatatat atatatttta taaatacata atgtgtgtat     80820
     atataaatga acacttgcaa atatatagta tataaatgta aaatacttat aacatgtact     80880
     tagaataata gagcaattag aaatattatt atttgaatat tattaacgtg ctaattttta     80940
     ataatataat aataattgag gaacaattaa gtaccaggta ttgtgctaat tgtttaatat     81000
     gcattatcta atttattcca tccagcaatt attccgtcca gcaataatta ttaattatta     81060
     ctattaaaaa tagatgtagt tattatacat ctattttaat agttattgga ctgaataaat     81120
     gcgatgtatg cctggatgta taaacagcta caaacacaga agagttcatg cacagaagcc     81180
     taggttattg ttatacctat tttacaaatg agaaaaaaag aaaagttgat ttgtctgagg     81240
     tcgtacaact agtatgcagc agctgccaga atgaaatcca gttccctctg actctgaagc     81300
     tgtgctcctc accagggtag agagaattag aacagtccat tccccagagc agaaactgtg     81360
     ggtaggcgcc aggagggcca cttgaagtgg cgtctgtcat tcaagaagga tcttgaagac     81420
     gactcacagc attatctgcc agggagaccg tgtccccaga aggatggaaa aaagacagct     81480
     ggcagccata aaccaacctt aaaacacaca cataggacct ggcaacaaaa tctgcagtgc     81540
     actgcgagtc actgtgtctt aaggggtata attacatgtt gctagcacaa gtacgtacac     81600
     atacattcat ctatttaaag tattaattta gagattgtaa gcatttgaaa tacacgacag     81660
     tttctgtaat cctatattag catttcgcca ttaaaaaaaa acccagctta tcaggtcaag     81720
     aaatagaatc atctgggcct tcacccacct ctgatggcct gatccatgag taagctgctg     81780
     atgctgggac ggaaattgca tgtaaatgat ggggacgttg gtgctgggga agtgcagtga     81840
     aactggacat gttcagcatt tgttcgtcca aatataattg cagatgtgta accacctaca     81900
     agcacaggag agtccatgca cagaagccca gatccccagc agcctcatct tcccttgagc     81960
     aaaacttttc ttctccatca tgagatgaag gaaccccaac ccctccatca ggtagagagg     82020
     atgctgggga agaaaggggc cctctgcctg cacaggtcat cgagcagcag ccgacaggga     82080
     gaggtcactg ggcaggcaga gtggccacac ccatatcccc agttcagcag cagtgtcctg     82140
     aagatcccac aatccaagtg gcaggtggag gtggagctgc ccagccctgt ggctcagaga     82200
     tggccggcag acacccgccc agggacacag ctcaagataa ccctcagact tgacagatag     82260
     tgctggtctc agccacacag ttattccatt gagcccttta atatctttca cttcaggaat     82320
     caaaacattt agtgcgctcc attttaatca gagatggggc tgtgcctcct atttggatgc     82380
     tatttcaaaa taaataaaat attgcccaca gcaggtttga cacatagttc aaaaattgac     82440
     tgctgaatgg tgatattgtt tttatgtgtt tttaaaagga tggtgttttt caggtttaaa     82500
     acattaattg gtcagagtgt atatcttagc ttctgaacat gaaacactgt ttgatgtagc     82560
     gattgaagcg ttaaagcaat ttctcctgaa actctataga tctcagttcc tgttcagtgt     82620
     ttctctaaac aaaatattag aaggcaaatg ttctatcttc taaggtggaa tattagtttt     82680
     agtgtcaggt attttctaaa tgaagtgttt gctactttct ctgaggttta agtaaatgct     82740
     ttttctttga tacgtaggta ctttgaagat gtttccactt cccttcgaag atgttcaatg     82800
     tccgtacata gaatgaaagg tgccaccttc tccagcatga gacatatccc catgtgatcc     82860
     cttaccacgc agactcctgg ctgagttagg aagaaagaat agaagtcaat gcattccatt     82920
     tgttttcaag gcacacccaa aaagtatgaa cttagatata tcacagagct tccaatttac     82980
     ctgcctgtat ttacaaaata agtgtatgat ttctcccgaa acattatttt ttgcaagtta     83040
     catgccaata accaccactg aacataagct gatatttttg ctgaatgaag gattgtgaat     83100
     tatccttgta gctttctttg acttcattac acatttcaat tacttctcta aacactgact     83160
     gccgccataa aatatcttta gttcttttcc cctatgaaat gtgctgccaa taataatatt     83220
     ttactagaaa ataatgcaat aaattagcat gatcacaacc tagaattata taaaataata     83280
     tttgctttgt attcaagtga acctttccat ggacagaaac aagcaccttg tcatatttta     83340
     agtaaacatt aattatgaaa aacaaattat ttgcaaggag gcaatacaaa agtggacgct     83400
     ggagttctat gttagagtaa atatctgaca gatttaatat ggaactttct tttaaagtct     83460
     taagttttca gtgctcttat tggcaaatga tgtattagac ctagtaacgt aaaacacaat     83520
     gaaatagatt gtatctactg gaaacattag tactcattag atctgataac tgtgagtcta     83580
     aatgtgaaat ctctacttta tgaattatca cagatggtat tgtagatgat gtcttcacgc     83640
     tcttttgcca aataaactcc ttattaaagg aggccctgag gatgattaaa acaaaattta     83700
     gggcaatggt tgcattagag gaaagcaaag gaggagaaaa ttagagaagt gcgcccagga     83760
     ggcatgagca gtattcgtaa tgttttattt ccaaattata ccttatgtgc accaccattt     83820
     gctatactat tcttgatatc tataacaaga tattatgtgc ggattctttc aggactcaga     83880
     aaacgatgga tggcaagtac tccccctttc caaagtgagg tgctgaccac tggtaatgca     83940
     gtaaatcttg agggtatcaa aggattgaaa tggaagagcc ctgaaaattg gacattaaaa     84000
     aggcattaat ttcaagagca ttttctctgt cctgtaattt cccctccagt atgagattgt     84060
     ggtgggaaga tgcacctctc cacttcacca ggtgtgagat gaattttgtt tcagtttgat     84120
     gtcactcaga aatagatccc gagacaaggt ttcaagttct cagggtttat gtggaagata     84180
     atccagaaag cactagtgga gaagtgggaa agtgatacag gaaagagaac caacaaagga     84240
     tgtgttaccc cactgatgtc aactggagta ggatcccact aggatacgca tggtcctggg     84300
     ttctcatctt gggcagaaca aaggtaagag gacaacctgg gcctttagat atgtgatatg     84360
     ggagagacat gacatctgaa atgcagatac caaagaaatc agggaaacgt aaatccctca     84420
     cgattttaca actaacttag ggagggcact ggccatcccc atcacaacca tatagtaatg     84480
     gcaaacacag tgacacaggt caagagatac atggtcaaca cattattatt attttatttt     84540
     ttaacattaa tatgtgatac ttgcagatat tcttttattt ggaatatctc catctcatta     84600
     attcaacatt atccagggtc aataattttt ttaattgcta aattcacagt gttgtaaaat     84660
     taccacctct atctagttcc aaaatatttt tatcacccag ctggacatgg tggctcacgc     84720
     ctgtaatccc agcaatttgg gaggccgagg tgagtgaatc acctgaggtc aggagtttga     84780
     gaccagcctg gccaaaatgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatgcaaaa attagctgtg     84840
     cgtggtgatg tgcacctgta atctcagata cttgggaggc tgaggcagaa gacttgcttg     84900
     aacctgggag gcaaaggttg cagtgagctg agatcatgcc actgcatttc aggctggatg     84960
     acagagcaag actctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaattcatc atccaaaagg aaaccctgat     85020
     aatagccatt ctccaacaag cagctactcc ctaatgacct ctccccatgg cccctgataa     85080
     ttaggaatct gccttttttt ctccacagat ctacctattc tggatgtttc atataaatag     85140
     aaccataaat attgtgacat ttggtgtctg ggttctgtat cttagcataa aaatatattt     85200
     taaggcaaac aaaaaattgt tactactcaa caagacaaat aacacaatta aaaagtgggc     85260
     aaaagacttg aacagatgtt tctccaaaca aaatggccaa tgagcacaga ataacgttca     85320
     atatctttag tccttaggga aatgcaaatc aagaccagtg attattggaa taaagtgaat     85380
     cattgtgctt aaaggtttga tttacaggcc gggtgcagtg gctcacgcct gtaattccag     85440
     cactttgggg gccgaggcag agggatcacg aagtcaggag atcgagacca tcctggctaa     85500
     catggtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat agccaggcgt     85560
     ggttgtgggt gcctgcctgt agtcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaatggtgt     85620
     gaacccagga ggcggagctt gcagtgagcc gatttcgagc cactgcactc cagccttggc     85680
     gaagagcgag actctgtctc aaagaaaaaa aaaaaagttt ggattacaaa tctgggtaaa     85740
     taatgaccct ttgtttctgg atagttgtgt catgattgct tgggcagagt tgagagacag     85800
     atctccaaga cgtggtccag tagaatgcag agagtttgga aatgaattaa tagggtttca     85860
     ttgtgtaaga actccccctc cttacccagt cattttcaca cactctcaga gtggctacca     85920
     ctaggccata ctcccccatt caaaaatgat gtaatttagg aaaccagcta agtacaactc     85980
     atcccagtta ttgaaaaagc ttttttcaaa ctgtgaaatt gcaagcaagg aggaagtcaa     86040
     acatgaaaga tgatgcatca cagaacaaaa gaagcagctg caaacgttct aagccctggc     86100
     tcccatgtga ctttcctgtc aactctgctt tcttaaatgg ccagaaaagc tacttcgtgg     86160
     ggaaaaattt attttctgca aataatttca tgcttctatg tgatttgtat tactttttat     86220
     tttcattatc aatgcaacat ttgttttttc catattatta atacttatgt ctctaaatta     86280
     agaaaaatga ttttgaaaat tagaggcaat atccagtgca atatagcacc atttaaatga     86340
     gcatgaaatc attcttgtaa acaaaaatat ctgtcactag gtaactgaat tgttcatcta     86400
     tcacccacat gtgatgcagg ctctgtttat gcctattgtg cccgctaatt atagcattct     86460
     cctgtcactc ttagaaatgc cctaatgtgg ataatacatt attttaccat tctaattaga     86520
     agcttctttc aggtccttta cttatttggt gtattaataa atcacttaat ttaagatgct     86580
     tttcagagtc ctgttggctg aagatgataa ggactgcatc tctggccaca tgcccatgtt     86640
     ctcatggatt tgtgcttggg tgtagaaggg agatggggtg aggctgggat ggtggtgcag     86700
     ggggggcagc accctttagg tctgcgattc acacatgggg ctaagtgctg gggtgacttc     86760
     aagctggcca gaccactgtg cttagagtcc tggaaacacg aaccttatgt ttatgtttgt     86820
     gtcactgtac gtgcatagag tttcccattt ttcttaaaga aaacaaacaa tagcaacaaa     86880
     aatgaatact tttgttcttt aaaacctggg catgctgttt gctacccctg caaagtaata     86940
     tatatcttcg aggatttagt gttgagattc tactacctcc tttgccacaa aatgaaggaa     87000
     atctcctggg cattacaatt gaagcctgtt tagagcagtt aaactgcttc ctgaaagccc     87060
     agggtccccc atctccacct gtctttaagg cagaggaagc ccctgtaaga gttaaagaaa     87120
     aatgaaatta acatgaaacg cggcctggca gttaaagaca ggtttacttt agataaaacc     87180
     tgagaggggc ctctggctga tttcagtcag gagtgctttg tcttacagac tacatattgg     87240
     ttttaggatg aggggcttat tacaagcttg gaatgttcct gtgcaaggga gaagttttat     87300
     ggcagagttg aaatgtctct gggaggaggc gagtttgtct agggcagaca tctttctggc     87360
     aggagggggc ttattttggg gctggcatct tcctggtcag agaggactta tcttggggct     87420
     agcatgtctt tgtttgcggg gggcatttgg aatgtttctg gtcagagatg ttatttgtgg     87480
     tttatggtca tgctgaccgt agccattagg ctgatgcctt ttggatttag gtgttttttt     87540
     attaaggtga actttagaat gaggggcttg tccaagatgg cgatgctccc actctgtcag     87600
     cccctaaccc tgcagaggcc ccagaagaag cagatctgcc tctgttgcct ctgagagtgg     87660
     aatgccctgc ctcgagcacc actcacctgg gcaggtcaca tcagagccac ttccctctag     87720
     gcctcttgag ggtcacggag tctgtgttcc atgcctgctg ctcataggag gtggaggact     87780
     caacatagct gatgttctgg agggtcaacc atggaggaac atgagcaaga agggaaagaa     87840
     cagcatctga aagtgggcca gtctatctgc tctgactttt gtcccttcct attcattcca     87900
     gaggcctctt agaaagaacc acgcagaccc tgaagctccc agcttaaaat cttttagtgg     87960
     tctccatcac cttcactctg tgcaccagcc ctgcccacct ttccagccac atgcccacct     88020
     tctgcccctc atccctcacc caccacactg gcctttctcc tcttccttaa acacatcagg     88080
     cttttaccta acccataccc cgcaacatgc ccttctcttt gcttggagaa cccttcaatc     88140
     ctctgtcctg tctaacttct ttcacctggc taacccctat tcatctttct agtctcagct     88200
     taagtgtttc ttccttagag atccccgcct tgaccattct taccctaaaa agtgatcgac     88260
     ttggttggga gagcacagag ggtgtttagg ccagtgaaac cataatgtgt ggcactatca     88320
     tgctatagac atggcactct acatttgtcc caacctagaa tgtacaacac caagagtgaa     88380
     ccctaatata taaactgtgg actttgggtg acagtgatct cttactacag gttcattcat     88440
     tgtaacaagc gtaccaccct ggtgtggatg ttgatagtgg gggaggctgt gcatgtgtgg     88500
     gggcagggag tattaaagaa atctctgtac cttcatctaa attttgctgt gagcctaaaa     88560
     ccactgttaa aaaagtttct attacaatga aatgtaaaac caaagcacca acagcaaaaa     88620
     aataaacaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa accactacca ccaacaacaa aaactggtcc     88680
     agtctgctgt tactttgttt tgttggggcg ggatgctttg ttatcaaatc acccattgct     88740
     gggcatagag tagaaaccca tggagttagg cttcaaaagt ggccacaaaa ttttaccctc     88800
     acttagtcac actcctttgc aaatgatttt ccccttcctt ctaaccaaag aggaaatcta     88860
     ttctttcaca tctccaatct gaagttggaa cggggaattg ctttaatcaa tagtaattta     88920
     gtaaatatca cttaaatggg gttaaaaaag tgcttccttt ttgaagcctg tcctctcttg     88980
     ctgctcttgg gaagcctgta atggtcaccc ctgaacaggc ttcagctagc ctgttgggtg     89040
     aaggacacat gccctgtgat cccctatcac ctctgcccag agccggcacc cactgcctga     89100
     cacataacta cactgctgaa cccccagtta ctgtaaacac gtgagtgaac ccatctcagc     89160
     tgaagctaga ccaaattccc aacctacaaa attgtgagca atcaaataat tctatttaaa     89220
     gctactttgt ttgcaaacag tctattatgc aggagaacct gactgacata cacaataaat     89280
     atttgtggaa tgaacgactg aatgaataat ggtctctgaa cttacaaaaa acaagacatc     89340
     tgtgtctgtg tatttatttt tacacataga aggcaacata gatattatac atatgcattc     89400
     ccttctgcta aaaattaaga aagtacaact gtctctgtta aaatactcat tttgtcagta     89460
     ggtttctatg gctattgact tactaaaatt attagcatgg gtatttccag ttggaaagaa     89520
     cctgaaatat tgccaattcc agcattcaga attcactggt gaagaaactg aggccaagaa     89580
     aggattgagg acatgtgtta ggtcatgcag tcatcagcag tcactggagc ttaaatgtgg     89640
     agcctggaac atgcagtcag caagactcca agagttgagg atctgggtag cttcccagag     89700
     ttccatagga tacaatgtta gcacaactca ctcttgggga aatgcatttc tgggtgactt     89760
     caggaagcct tggaggaagt ttgcgtatta aaagggtgaa tatggtggaa ataatggtgg     89820
     tggtggtgag ggtagtgatg gtgacttcgt gtatgttcat gcttttacct cgaaacttgt     89880
     ggaacccagt ggagaatgta gtattattca ggagagagga aatggacatt tctgctgctg     89940
     cgggattgca ggcaaagcca cttattccat ttccctgtat tcttatcacc ttctacaaat     90000
     gcagagttga tgtcaggtgc agatgaatca atatcattgc aagagaataa aaagtattat     90060
     gacaaaaaga aaaacaagtg gtcgctagaa cacagttgat ttcataaggt ttttgcatac     90120
     atgcaatatt atcaagtcat gtaatgtctt gttaacttct ttcatctgcc ttcatctcat     90180
     tctctagaag ttttaccttt gatctccact ttctttcagg agaaagaatt ctgataactc     90240
     atgtcctgaa aaataaaatt acggaagcct acagtgtgaa attggaattt gtccatgtgc     90300
     ataatttcca caagttctct acttagatat atattctgtt aataaaaaag attttttctg     90360
     ctctttaccc tcttggtaga cttttacatt tctaatttta atgttttaca taaaaagcat     90420
     aagagaatat ggacatggaa aagtcaaact atgactactc aaatatcgac aagtttgttt     90480
     ataagttatc atgatttaaa aataaagatt aaaaactttt acaataaacc aaacatttaa     90540
     ttaatataaa ctgcagccaa ctgcttattt gattcccatc cctccagaaa tagagagaga     90600
     ggagggagtg ggagagaaag ggtgagtgag agatttaaac ttgtcttttc aaaaacatta     90660
     tcataatttt tatttcaata gtttttgggg aacaggtggt gtttggttac atggataagt     90720
     tctttagtgg tgattgctga gattttggta cacccatcac ctgagcagtg aacactggct     90780
     agaatgtgta gtcctttatc tctcacctcc ccccaccctt tccccaagtt cccaaagtcc     90840
     attgtatcat tcttacacct ttgcatcctc atagcttaga tgctacttaa gagtgagaac     90900
     acacaatatt tggtcttcca ttcctgagtt acttcactta gaataatggt ctccaactcc     90960
     atccaggttg ctgcaaatac cattattttg ttgatttaaa aaatttccac aagacaatta     91020
     ctttgggggg aaaggttgct ttatatcctt agttattaaa cattttactc tcaatccagc     91080
     ctgcctggcc caccttttgt ttagtcagca taaggtcatc ttaaattagc catctgggcg     91140
     gggcgtggtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag aactttggga gactgaggca ggcatatcac     91200
     aaggtcaggg gatcaagacc atcctggctt acatggtgaa actccgtctc taataaaaat     91260
     acaaaaaatt agctgggtgt ggtggcaggc acctgtaatc ccagctactc ggaaggctga     91320
     ggcaggagaa tcacttgaac ctgggaggca gaggttgcag tgagctgaga tcacactact     91380
     gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagcgagact ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatg     91440
     ccatctgtag gagtcaggag gcattgaatc ctaaataaca atgcagtgtc cagattgaaa     91500
     gcaatgcaga ctccatggac taatggatta ctggtctcaa tggaagagtc agatttagaa     91560
     gataaaggtt tggcccgtag aaaattttaa agtggcttct aaggctatat tagagagaaa     91620
     gagcgccaga aacagctata tgctgactaa tgctttcact gggacatggc agagtgcagg     91680
     cacaaaaggt attaacaggt ggctacagag gcaagtctat aatacagaac aatgccttaa     91740
     actccatcag gagtgaatca gagaaatctt gtctgactca ttacttttgc atgttatagt     91800
     tgggctgaaa ttctacattt ctgtacctgg caaatgttct ttgaaattaa ttttacattt     91860
     ttgtaaaata cagaacaatg ccttaaactc catcaggagt gaatcagaga aatcttgtct     91920
     gactcattac ttttgcatgt tatagttggg ctgaaattct acatttctgt acctggcaaa     91980
     tgttctttga aattaatttt acatttttgt aaaatacaga acaatgcctt aaactccatc     92040
     aggagtgaat cagagaaagc ttgtgtgact cattgctttt gcatgctata gttaggctga     92100
     aattttacct ttctgtatct ggcaaatatt ctttgaaatt aattttacat ttttgaaatt     92160
     ttgcatactt gtatctggca aatattcctt gaaatttcac atttcctaga aactaaaggc     92220
     attgctgttg ttggagaaaa tactatataa ctctgcattt ttaggtttat atttatttga     92280
     gaaatgttac tgaaatgtaa actgtttttg tctcttgatg gtaggggata tgggtgactg     92340
     tattaggctg ctcttgtgtt gctgtgaggg aatgcctaag gctgggtaat tatttataaa     92400
     gcaaagaggt ttaattggct catggttctt caggctgtac aagcacggcg ccaacatctg     92460
     ttcagcttct ggggaggcat caggaagctt acgatcatgg tggaaggtga agcaggagca     92520
     ggcacgttgt atggtaagag cagaaacgag agtgaggggt ggggatgtcc cagactttta     92580
     aacaaccaga cctcgtgtga accaatggag tgcaaactca cttatcacca aggggatggt     92640
     ggtaaactat tcatgaggga ttgggcctcc atgattcagt caccttcaaa tccatgattt     92700
     gggcatccat gattcaatca cctccaaatc tcatgctgaa atgccattcc cagggttgca     92760
     ggttcaacat gagatctgga ggggacaaac atccaaacca taacagtgag tttaattttt     92820
     ctttaagttt ttaaaaataa tctgtatgtt ctgattattc taaagtgatt gtgtgattgt     92880
     atttcacgta atcaaataca tctataagaa aaatggaatg gttttaaaat gaaaaatgtc     92940
     attagctgca aaatgaggct gcagggttgt cctctggcag gggaatgttc tcacacatat     93000
     cttgttattg tcttgttatc atgattcagt ctgatgggaa aatgtcacct ttcactactg     93060
     tgattagctc atgtcatttt atcctcaccc tggctcagac tcgtaactca cagagaggtg     93120
     cctttttttc cccttaaaat cactgaaggc atgaatcata gctatgtacc ttcctgattt     93180
     agggcatatt tgtggcagaa acgcatgaat gaatatgatg attatttact tatgaaccta     93240
     atcagagatt caggcatcag tcttcccagg atgaactcag atggacttgg ttcagaagga     93300
     ataaattaca gggcgtgtcc atttgtgatg cacctgcata atatgtggat gttgttttca     93360
     cacgattatg actgccatga tacatgaatt ttgcatggtt ctactttaaa ggatatagtt     93420
     gttaagttgc caaatttata actttagata ttattccaat ttgtttttgt tttcagatag     93480
     aatttccgtc tgtctcccag gctggagtgc agtggcacga tctcgactca ctgcaacctc     93540
     cacctcctgg attcaagtga ttctcctgcc tcagccccct gcgtagctgg gattacaggt     93600
     gcccaccacc atgcctggct aatttttgta tttttagtag aaacggggtt tcaccatatt     93660
     gaccaggctg gtctccaacc cctgacctca agtgatccaa cgacctcggc ctcccaaaat     93720
     gttgggatga caggcatgag ccacagtgcc cagccagttt tccaattgga aacggccacc     93780
     tgaaactttt tttaatgact gtgaaatatg acttgtcatt aaatgatcag attttaaaag     93840
     acctagaaaa ctcaaaagag gtaacaatga agtaactatt tctaacataa aataatttcc     93900
     tcctcaccca ccttgctcag atttcctagg tcaccttgaa aggatccgtg ctttagaagc     93960
     aaaccttaac aacgatgttc ctgtcattta acacttaaaa aagcctacct tttgattcta     94020
     atga                                                                  94024