EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC007359; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 100627 BP.
AC   AC007359;
DT   26-APR-1999 (Rel. 59, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-66M18 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-100627
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-100627
RA   Ali J., Stoneking T., Hotic M.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-66M18";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-100627
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-APR-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-100627
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-JUL-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-100627
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-MAY-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-100627
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JUN-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [7]
RP   1-100627
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 495650ad8dff4fee2cff48edd8585334.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000187.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC007359.3:1-100627; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Jun 12, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:5649382.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0066M18
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-553C13; the clone sequenced
CC   to the right is RP11-95B23.  Actual start of this clone is at base
CC   position 141805 of P11-553C13 ; actual end is at base position
CC   100627 of RP11-66M18.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..100627
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-66M18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..299
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   313..372
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   373..1042
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   1034..2815
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   2844..3193
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   3194..3672
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   3874..4218
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4322..4615
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4956..5200
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5209..5760
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5765..5972
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   6009..6325
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   6343..6455
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   6456..6617
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   6641..6919
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6900..7411
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7980..8257
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16061..16346
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    16696..17165
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI469188 (NID:g4331278) ti70e12.x1"
FT   repeat_region   17912..18105
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   18379..18458
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   18464..18675
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19580..19679
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19693..20174
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   20776..20977
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21378..21471
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26464..26740
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27066..27230
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27292..27419
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27542..27670
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   27765..27852
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28048..28631
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   28633..28711
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   29107..29426
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    29332..29407
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW139108 (NID:g6143426)"
FT   misc_feature    29382..29440
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA488141 (NID:g2215572) ad07f10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   29680..29736
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   29768..29984
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   30071..30143
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31302..31488
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31590..31644
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31645..31908
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31909..32600
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    32601..32947
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA292905 (NID:g1941886) zt66d08.r1"
FT   misc_feature    33093..33492
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA080272 (NID:g1619172) mm34h12.r1"
FT   repeat_region   33636..33998
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   34104..34401
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35980..36551
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    36613..37046
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI207475 (NID:g6361483)"
FT   misc_feature    36641..37084
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W24357 (NID:g1301205) zb82g12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    36641..37069
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA393660 (NID:g2046630) zt76e05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    36648..37069
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA277655 (NID:g1917501) va80e05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    36657..37038
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA488141 (NID:g2215572) ad07f10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    36673..37005
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW263599 (NID:g6640415) xq46e10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    36673..37069
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA631224 (NID:g2553835) nq80h05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    36674..37098
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI576666 (NID:g4561042)"
FT   misc_feature    36674..37053
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU035808 (NID:g3718816)"
FT   misc_feature    36675..37089
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW139108 (NID:g6143426)"
FT   misc_feature    36680..37089
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI149864 (NID:g3678333) qf32h11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    36699..37089
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI716870 (NID:g5034126)"
FT   misc_feature    36724..37053
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI075173 (NID:g3401764) oy96a07.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI188222 (NID:g3739431) qd66h06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    36777..37053
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI248008 (NID:g3843405) qh63d04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    36778..37053
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    36866..37053
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    37066..37137
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI207475 (NID:g6361483)"
FT   misc_feature    37079..37177
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI188222 (NID:g3739431) qd66h06.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI248008 (NID:g3843405) qh63d04.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI075173 (NID:g3401764) oy96a07.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    37079..37168
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU035808 (NID:g3718816)"
FT   repeat_region   37200..37932
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    37914..38091
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AU035808 (NID:g3718816)"
FT   misc_feature    37919..38050
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI075173 (NID:g3401764) oy96a07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    37919..38048
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460930 (NID:g2186050) zx61c04.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI188222 (NID:g3739431) qd66h06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    37919..38052
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI248008 (NID:g3843405) qh63d04.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA100084 (NID:g1647473) zk60a09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    37931..38183
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N89607 (NID:g1442934) zb08h02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38133..38200
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI564291 (NID:g4522748) tq75h09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   38210..38476
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    38490..38670
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI564291 (NID:g4522748) tq75h09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   38750..38845
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   38881..39467
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   40518..40723
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40726..40993
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41131..41383
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41552..41834
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41835..41969
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41972..42144
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42665..43975
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43991..44338
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44339..44572
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44573..44901
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   45100..45230
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45357..45660
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45763..45876
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45877..46058
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46071..46989
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47163..47897
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48683..49091
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50352..50433
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51885..52080
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   52972..53557
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   53805..53871
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60022..60257
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60261..60995
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61473..62000
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    63980..64104
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI334928 (NID:g4071855) tb33e09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   65109..65629
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    65485..65929
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA461577 (NID:g2185441) zx51b02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    65898..66348
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW181908 (NID:g6450368) xj68c06.x1"
FT   repeat_region   67674..68182
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    68704..68990
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW103851 (NID:g6074586) xd76d05.x1"
FT   repeat_region   69417..69457
FT                   /rpt_family="telomeric"
FT   misc_feature    69877..69970
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI024985 (NID:g3240598) ov39d12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    69884..69970
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW514248 (NID:g7152254) hd24d04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   70633..70926
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73588..73907
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   74392..74924
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   76807..77098
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   78242..79135
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   79268..79660
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    81973..82085
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI024985 (NID:g3240598) ov39d12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW514248 (NID:g7152254) hd24d04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   82028..82119
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   82567..83027
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    83226..83465
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI016094 (NID:g3230430) ov26h11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    84275..84813
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AL079772 (NID:g5435348)"
FT   misc_feature    86299..86437
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW103851 (NID:g6074586) xd76d05.x1"
FT   repeat_region   87448..87963
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    88446..88857
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI147341 (NID:g3675023) qg63g10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    88914..89401
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI142349 (NID:g3658708) qg63g10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   89076..89222
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    92697..92940
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI024985 (NID:g3240598) ov39d12.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW514248 (NID:g7152254) hd24d04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   94504..94718
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   95233..95281
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   96621..97150
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    97902..98154
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA936316 (NID:g3094234) on70d04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   98500..98561
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    99318..99705
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA969211 (NID:g3144391) op51d12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    100268..100488
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA936316 (NID:g3094234) on70d04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   100310..100454
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
SQ   Sequence 100627 BP; 32405 A; 21195 C; 20450 G; 26577 T; 0 other;
     gaattcagca acctagacga gagggtgata tagaggcttg gcagctccct gttaggatac        60
     atgccccagg tcaacaggga aatattatca ctacttttga gccttttcct tttaaattac       120
     tcaaagaatt taaaccagct attaatcaat atggaccagg ttcttctttg gtaatggtac       180
     cgttaaagaa tgttgctgtc cccagtcaga tgattcctac tgaatgggat gctcttacgt       240
     gagcttgcct gactctcgct cactttttac agtttaaaac ttggtgagga gaagaagctt       300
     ttttcagcct tctcacaatg cgcaggccca acctcaaatt aatataacta cagaccatct       360
     tttgggggta ggcagctgcg ttggtttgga tgcacaagtg gtcatgctgg gtgatgccat       420
     agaacagctt agaggagtat gcattagagt ttggaaaaat aacttcagga ggagaacaat       480
     atctttcctt tagtgctata aaacagggac caaaagaacc atatgcagat tttatagctt       540
     ggttatagga gtctcttaaa aaatgactgc agatttagct gctgaggata taatgttgca       600
     gttatgagct ttcgacaatg aaaatccata tttccaggtg gctctgtgac ctattagagg       660
     gaaagcacat ttaattgact atatcaaggc ctgtgatggt atcagaggta atctgcataa       720
     agctactttg gtggtgcaag ccatgacagg actgaaagtg ggtaaaggaa atactccatt       780
     tcctggagct tgttttaact gtgggaagca tggtcacact ggaaaagaat gtgaaaaaaa       840
     tcagtgagtc aggccacaag ttgagggata aaaggaaaac tgctgagcct ggaatatgtc       900
     caaaatgcaa aaagaaaatt actcggataa tcagtgtcac tctaagtttg ataaagatgg       960
     aaacctgatt ttgggaaatg ccaggagggg ccgtcccagt ccgctttcta aaccagggca      1020
     tttccagctc aggaaatgcc ctatatttca tctcaaaagg tggagtttgc agctgtaatt      1080
     gaggtatgga cttgttttag tatgcctata aatgtgattt ctgattcttc atatgtggtt      1140
     cattctacac agttacttga aaatgctcag ctatgattcc acacagatga gcaactgatg      1200
     actttattta cccaattaca cacagcagct agaagtagaa tgaacccttt ttgcattact      1260
     catattagag ctcataaacc tcctccagga catttgactg cagggaatca aatggctgat      1320
     ccgccagttg ctactacaat atctaatgcc agacactttc acaattcaac ccatgttaat      1380
     gtttttggtc tcaaacacag tacagcatta tctggaaaga agtgaaagct attatccagc      1440
     gatacccaac ttgccaaatg gtgcattcct catcttttac aggaggagtt aatcctcgag      1500
     gattaggacc taattctctt tggcaaatga atgtcacaca ttttcccttg tttgggagac      1560
     tagcttatat acatgtatgt gtggacacat tttctcactt tgtctgagct acttgccaat      1620
     caagagagtc ttctgcctgt gttaaatgtc accttttgca gtgttttgtg gtgatgggca      1680
     ttccagcttc tttaaaaagg acagtgaccc aggctatagt agccaagttc tagctacatt      1740
     tttctctata tggaatatta aacacattac tggtatctca tataattttc aaggacaagc      1800
     catagtggaa agaatgaatc tcttccttaa acaacagttg caaaagcaaa aggtggaaac      1860
     agggactgtg ggatgccaca tatgaaattg aatctagcat gatttactct aaattttttg      1920
     agcttgtcta ggaccagatg ctatctgcag ccaaacagca tctacagaag ccagctgcaa      1980
     agatagaagc agaaaaactg gtttggtgga gagatccaat aatggaaagt tgggaaatag      2040
     gtaaaataat aacatcgagt ggaggttatg cttgtgtttc tccagtacca aatcaactgc      2100
     caatgtgcat gccattgaga catctaaagc cctgctatga gccagatacc aagaaagtgg      2160
     ttttgagagg attccaaaga cacatcggtg gcagtcttgt ctaagttgac cctgaggagg      2220
     accccaaata tcatgagcaa cacccatcaa aagcagccac ccacctgagg acagatcaag      2280
     aagctgtcac agatggtgag agaaaatctg aggtgggaca accagtccca gtgagtaatt      2340
     taatgatagc tatcaaagcg gtgatcacca ttgccatgag tatttcttta acagaactga      2400
     cacagtcctg tccatgctga cacacatgct ttctggtctc agtatatttc ataataaatc      2460
     tgctcctata attgaggcat accaccctta aaaacctatt tgtaaacaga gctggacgtg      2520
     gccagagaaa atgaatgtac ttgtttggga aaattgcatt gcagaacaga ctgaggtgct      2580
     gtgtaacaat tcctagggaa tccttattgt ttggccccct aaggggatgt ttaccttaaa      2640
     ttgcaactct cagtctatgt gccacagcca cattatgttc agctggtctg aacaaagcca      2700
     tcagatggta aaaatggtaa gaagtaccgc aagagttcct ctggaaacat ggcggtataa      2760
     tggcacctca acctcaaatg atatggctcg ctctaggagc taaaaataag gatttgtgga      2820
     acctattaat ggctcttcgt agtataaaca tttgggaaag aataaaaaag catctagaag      2880
     gacactctat gaacatgtct ttggatattg taaattaaaa taacaattat ttgaagtatc      2940
     ccaggcacac ttaaccttaa tgccaggaac aggggtactt gaaggagctg cagatggatt      3000
     agcagctact aatccaataa aatggataag aactcttgga ggttctgtga ttttaatgat      3060
     gattgtgctt ttagcctctg ttgtttgtct ttgtatagtc tgcagatgca gatcccgact      3120
     cctgcgagaa gtagctcaga gtagtaaagc tgcatttgct tttattgtct tagaaaaaca      3180
     aaaaaagaag acatgttggg aaaaggcccc caaatttggc catcgacagg ccccaaaact      3240
     ggccataagc aaaatctctg aagcactatg acatgctcaa aatagatatg acgtctacac      3300
     tgaaggttgt gggtttacca gaatgtgggc aaggaacacc tggcccaccc agggcagaaa      3360
     accacttaag gcgttcttga accacaaata atatcatggg tgatctgtgc ctcaacgaca      3420
     tgttcctgct gcagataact aacgagaacc cctccctttg tcttccattt tactgaatct      3480
     ataatctata gaaacaacgc tgatctctgg cttgctgtca agaaatatgt gggtaaaact      3540
     ctgttcatgg ctgtcagctc tgaaggctgt cagcccactg atcccactct gcactttaga      3600
     tttctgtgtg tgtgtcttta attcctctag tgccactggg ttaaggtctt cacgacctag      3660
     ctgatctcag cagacttctc taagaatatt taattttggt gaagacttta ttttataaaa      3720
     ccactttatt gtaggtaaat catatcatgt cattctctat aatcatatct tcccatgttt      3780
     tgcgttatga gatttggttt gcatggaact ttcaaagccg ttctcaacca ttcacttcct      3840
     aggatttcca gttacgatgc aacagcccag tgtttcctct aaacaactaa aacaccatgg      3900
     atataacgag aaaaaaacaa ggacaggctc tgaaaggcag aaagaggaag gcagtttgtc      3960
     tagggacttt aggacttaaa gattgataac attgtcactt ttctgggttt tcctattttc      4020
     ttccatatat cacagatgat ggactgtaga agcttccaac acagaatctc caataggcac      4080
     agataaaaag gacttcaagc aaatcctgtt ctctctcagc caaaggacca ggagaggatg      4140
     gcctaaccat acacaatcac acaaaacatt tctaggggta ataaccaagc tattccagac      4200
     aaacgctacg agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagct agtattgcca tttgtgtgga gccatataca      4260
     aagacaatct tctcacgggg cagtaatgct tgattctcca taaagtcaaa gtaggcagca      4320
     attttttttt ttttttgagc tggagtttct tttttgttga ccaggctgga gtgcgatggt      4380
     atgcaatctc agttcactgc aagcttcacc tcctgggttg aagcaattct cctgcctcag      4440
     ctccctgact agctgagata acaggaatgt gcctccacac tgagctaatt ttccattttt      4500
     tgtagagtcg gggtttctcc atgttagcct ggttttgaac tcctgacctc aggtgatcca      4560
     cctgcctcgt cctcccagaa tgctgagatt acaggcgtga gccaccacat ctggccagag      4620
     ggaatcttct atcaccctcc cggagaaagc agaggagagc attccaattc ccttatgtca      4680
     ggagtctctg gtagcaagct gatcatctag gttgactcaa caacaacaat ttttaaaggg      4740
     ctagagctga ttaggactga ttgcactgtg tggtttgact gcctccgcac caccctcctc      4800
     tattctatcc tgtcagtggg ctttagtgga gagttaacca tctaccacca cccaccctcc      4860
     taggaactga acaactgaag taaatccaaa ctaattagca ctctgctatt ttcccacact      4920
     gcaggtcaac aggaccccaa attagcaact gtatgatcta caactgctcc aaagaacatc      4980
     aaatgttttg atatgcattt aaacaaaaga aaacatgtat gagatctatg tgctgaaaca      5040
     tgtaaaacac tggtgaaaga aatcaaatag agataatgag agatacactg tgttcatgga      5100
     tatgaagaca atatatcctg ttaattttcc ccagcttgat ctatatattt ggtgaaattc      5160
     ctatcagtat ctcagcaaga atttttgcag acaaagcaaa cttactcacc atgatagcta      5220
     agacaattat gagtatacaa gtatatagtg ggagaaattc atcaacattt ctaagactta      5280
     ttacacagct aaaatgaaca taacagtttg gtattggcat agaaatagat tcatataaaa      5340
     atggagcaga agagaaggcc caggaataga gccacactag tgtggatatg accaagtgat      5400
     atgacacaaa tctggcaagc agaaatcagt ggaggaaaaa cagcctttaa acaaatggtg      5460
     ccagggcacg tggatattta taaatttaag aaataaagcc ataacataaa tcttatacta      5520
     cagaaattaa ctcaaaatgt ctcatgaatt tcaatgtaat ataaaattac aacacatttt      5580
     ataaaacgtt ttcagaaaaa aagaacgtaa aaaaattcaa gcttcttagt tgtagcaaaa      5640
     tgttattata tttgatacca aatgcataag ccataaaagt aaaaaaaaag attaactgta      5700
     tcaaatcaaa attaaaaact gctgctctgt gaaggatctt atgaagacat tcaaaagcca      5760
     gtctgctaaa gaaaggagta cccttcttgc tgattgctgt agacaacggg aggagagcag      5820
     taccctctcc gctgagagca gcagctgcaa cagagagctt cacagacctg cagagacatc      5880
     taaatgactt gccgacagag aggagcctct ctctctagag tgaacacacc ataggaagac      5940
     ctgcctatag aggagagcta cccactcctt tgtgaggtat tgctcctcac aagagggcac      6000
     tagcttcagg ggtctgcccg cagaccctga cccaaattgc agatggataa accacacact      6060
     agcacataga tactctgttt tgccagtcta gctgaatgtc tgagcacctg catgacaaga      6120
     aaagtttgtt actgaggccg gccctgagca gctcgcactc caggcattta tttagtatac      6180
     aattaacaac agaagctttg agtcagcaca cttgtggata attaacctgg ctgagagagt      6240
     agacctatga atgattaaag ctcaggtacc gtggtctaaa gtaaattaca gtatggggca      6300
     atatccttgg tcgacctccc tccaattgaa taattgttca attattacaa gctatgtaat      6360
     ctttcggcct tccaaaaagt ttgtgactat tccctatacc tttccataat atttccattt      6420
     catatttctg cgaccgtact gaaggaatcc caacactttg aaccgtttta atgccaaata      6480
     gaactctgct tcttctttac ccttcacctg tctgtgtacc tcattcttcc tgcaaacagg      6540
     acaagaagtc aagcaaaggc atcatggcca cagaagtttc tggcaagaaa aactgacacc      6600
     atagtgatcc tttaacagta gcactaacat ttctgtgtga gatttttatt tgaaagttaa      6660
     acatttgggg aaatgttagg aaactctgaa ccatattatg acatcctatt tgttcatttg      6720
     tagctggctt tgtctgatac caccataaca aaggaaagtg tatgcttgta aaggaagggc      6780
     acaattccaa attctcttct tcacttcctt tgacatccaa ggcagccctt ctagctactg      6840
     ataaaaaaat atgcagattc cagcttcaac ctgggtgtta cttgtacctc cctggctaga      6900
     agcagaaggg tgtccccata tggcagcatt gaaaactcta actctctact ttcccttatg      6960
     tgattccact ccagcagagg gttggggtgc ctcattactg cctggtgctc tctatgtttc      7020
     aacttaaaca ttgttgtcct ggctagcttt tttggtttgc tttgttttct gttgtaatgt      7080
     ttgactaaag taggaaggct attgtaaaaa tatttttctc tttgtaaggt gtccctttcc      7140
     tagccatgtg gctatagaag ttgggttttg ggagaacttt ttgcctgtac ttatttacat      7200
     ttttgggtac cagctccatt aggatcaagt ctgtgataac accaggcaaa aagaatccag      7260
     gaaactcaac catcttatca cttgttgcat cttaaatttc ctcacccgtt tatcttcttg      7320
     ctccatcctt cagtcttatg tttgctttat atacattatg tggtgctatt aattgtattt      7380
     atgtaagggg gaaagtacat ttgctccatc tacttcatta ctcaagtgat gacccaagat      7440
     gaagaacgtc cgtgatgttc cttttgggca gaaaattcaa agtagttttt gttgttgaaa      7500
     cagtttagtt taacctagat ggagagagaa tacctaagaa ggtacaaggt ctttgaatcc      7560
     tagaggaagc taggatattt tctgggttag actactctgt gattgattac attaaaatct      7620
     tgtcaggatg ttcctcaaaa tacaaagaat ttgcagagag tgggaatgaa cagatattct      7680
     aatcatgctg attactttac attttgcatt tgctttctct ttttcctcat tcaccctctc      7740
     tctacccctc cctgtgcttg ttttattgtt gcttttgttg tttttttgac acttgcatta      7800
     ttctggcctt aaatttacaa taatgtattc cacattttaa tctgtctcag tccatctttc      7860
     attactttat ccttactttc taaaatatca ttttcttttt tctttgttgt cttggggttc      7920
     acccaagtta atcttttcac tttttattta tttggcatta tccattttat tgttgtccat      7980
     tcttttgaga tgaagtctta ctctatcaca caggctggag tgcaaaggca ggatctcagc      8040
     tcactgcaac ctccacctcc caggctcaag tgattctcct gcctcagcct cctaactagc      8100
     ttggattaca ggcacacatc accaggcttc acaattgttg attttttaga aaagatatgg      8160
     ttgcaccatg ttggccttga accactgacc tcaggtgttc tacccatctt agcctcccaa      8220
     aatgctgaga ttacaggcct gagccatcac cactggccta atttttttaa acattcttca      8280
     tattaactat ttaaccatgt ccatcgcact accctctgaa aatccagcgt gagaactaaa      8340
     aagttaatag tatgtggaca taggtgaaat gatctttgtc ttgtgtcatg gtctgccagg      8400
     aaaggaaatc aggattccct ttttatagca ttgattctaa atttcttcta cttatgcaca      8460
     atctgaaaat ataggcatag ggtaagatgg caccactagg tttccatact gaggaatctg      8520
     tctgaccaaa tccatactcc attccaattt cagttgtccc agaaaactga gtgatgaatc      8580
     ttgtcaggcc ttagctggtg acaccaaatg ttgcataata taccaaatcc acagtgaatg      8640
     ctccttctga acaattgtgc agctggatcc ccagtgtaag ccatttcagc acaacaactg      8700
     ggaatctcta cagcaaataa aggaaggagt ggcaaagata aagctattct ttcaggcaag      8760
     gacctgccag tcaaagcaga agatgaaaaa taatttttag aagaagctgg gaaaaatcac      8820
     aaccagacct ttttttccaa aatggtggaa taggaacagc tccaatctac atctcccagt      8880
     aagactgatg cagacgatgg gtaatttctg catttcccac tgaggtacgg ggttcacatc      8940
     actgggactt gtcagacagt gggtgcagga cagtgggttc agcgcactga gcatgagcca      9000
     aagcagggca aggcatcacc tcacccagga agcacaaggg gtcagggaat tccctttcct      9060
     agccaaggaa agctgtgaca gatggcacct ggaaaatcag gtcactctca ccctaatact      9120
     gcacttttcc aatggtctta gcaaacagga caccaggaga ttagatccca cacatggctc      9180
     ggaggatccc atgcccacag agcctcactc attgctagca cagcagttgg agatccacct      9240
     gcaaggtggc agtgaggctg ggggaatggc acccaccatt gctgaggcct gagtaggtaa      9300
     acagagtgga caggaagctc gaactgggtg gagcccaccc cagctcaagg aggcctgcct      9360
     gcttctacag actccacatc tggaggcagg acatagccaa acaaaaggca gcagaaacct      9420
     ctgcagactt aaatgtccct gtcagacagc tttcaagaga gtagtggttc tcccagcacg      9480
     aagtttcaga tctgacaaca gacagagtgc ctcctcacat gggtccctga cccccaagta      9540
     acctaactgg gaggcatgcc ccagtagggg cagactgaca cctcacatgg ctgggtacct      9600
     atctgagatg aaactttcag aggaatgatc aggcagcaac atttgctgtt cagcaatatt      9660
     cactgttttg cagcctccac tgctgataac caggcaaaca gggtctggag tggacctcca      9720
     gcaaactcca gcagatgtgc agctgagggt cctgattgtt agaaggaaaa ctaacaaaca      9780
     gaaaggacat ccataccaaa accccatttg tacatcacca tcatgaaaga ccaaaggaag      9840
     atgaaaccac aaagatgggg aaaaaacaga gcagaaaacc tgaaaattct aaaaatcagg      9900
     gcacctctca ctcgccaaag gaacacaact cctcagcagc aatggaacaa agctggacgg      9960
     acaatgactt tgatgagttg agagaagaag gcttcagaca atcaaacttc tccaagataa     10020
     aggaggaagt tcaaacccat cacaaagaag ctaaaaacct tgaaaaaagt ttagctgaat     10080
     ggctaattag aataaccaat gtgcagaagt ccttaaataa cctgagggag gtgaaaacca     10140
     tggcacgaga actacatgat gaatgcacaa gcttcattaa ctaatccaat caactggaag     10200
     aaagggtatc agagattgaa gataaaatga atgaaatgaa gtgagaagag aagtttagag     10260
     aaaaaatgaa taaaaagaaa tgaacaaagc ctccaagaaa tatgggacta tgtgaaaaga     10320
     ccaaatctac gtctgattgg tgtacctgaa agtgaagttg agaatggaac caaattggaa     10380
     aacactctgc aggatattat ccaggagaac ttccccaacc tagaaaggca ggccaacttt     10440
     caaattcatt aaatacagat aatgcaacaa agatattcct cgagaagagc aactgcaaga     10500
     cacaaaattt tcagattcac caaagttgaa aagaaggaaa aaatgttaag ggcagccagg     10560
     gagaaaggtc aggttaccca caaagggaag cccgttagac taacagtgga tctctcaaaa     10620
     gaaactctga aagccagaag agagtggggg ccaatattta acattcataa agaaaatatt     10680
     tttcaaccca gaatttcata tcgagccaca ctaagcttca taagtgaaga agaaaaaaaa     10740
     atcctttaca gacaagcaaa tgctgagaga ttttgtcaca acaaggcctg ccctacaaga     10800
     gctcctgaag gaagcactaa acatggaaag gaaaaactgg taccagccac tgtaaaaatg     10860
     tgccaaattt taaagaccat caatgctagg aagaaactgc atcaactaac gagcaaaata     10920
     accagctaat atcataatga caggatcaaa ttcacacata acaccattaa ccttaaatat     10980
     aaatgggcca aatgctccaa ttaaaagatg cagactggca aatcggataa agaatcaaga     11040
     tccatcagtg tgctgtattc aggaaaccca tctcacatgc agagacacac ataggcttaa     11100
     aataaaggga tggaggaaga tctaccaagc aaatggaaaa caaaaagagg cagcggttgc     11160
     aatcctagtc tctgataaaa caggctttaa accaacaaga acaaaagaga aaaagaaggc     11220
     cattacataa tggtaaaggg ataaatacaa caaaaagagc taactatcct aaatatatat     11280
     gcgcccaata caggagcacc caaattcata aagcaagttc ttagagacct acaaagagac     11340
     ttggactccc acagaataat aatgggaggc tttaacaccc cactgtctac attagacaga     11400
     tcaatgagac agaaagttaa caatgacatc caggaattga actcagctct gcaccaagca     11460
     gacctaatag acatctacag aactctccac cacaaatcaa cataatatac attcctctca     11520
     gcaccacatc tcacttattc caaaattgac cacatagttg gaagtaaagc actcctcagc     11580
     aaatgtagaa gaacagacat tatagcaaac tgtctgtcag accatggtgc aatcaaacta     11640
     gaacttagga ttaagaaact cactcaaaac cactcaacta catggaaact gaacatcatg     11700
     ctcctgaatg actacttggg tacataacaa aatgaaggca caaataaaga tgttctttga     11760
     aaccaatgag aagaaagaca caacatacca gaatctctgc gacacattta aaacagtgtg     11820
     tagagggaaa tttatagcat taaatgccca caagagaaag caggaaagat ccaaaattca     11880
     caccctaaca tcacaattaa aagaactaga gaagcatgag gaaacatatt caaaagctag     11940
     cagaaggcaa gaaataacta atatcagagc agaactgaag gaaattgaga cccaaaaacc     12000
     cttcaaaaaa tcaatgaatc caggagctgg tttttggaaa agatcaacaa aattgataga     12060
     ccgctagcaa gactaacaaa gaagaaaaga gagaagaatc aaataaacgc aataaagaat     12120
     gataaagggg atatcaccac tgatctcaca gaagtacaaa ctaccatcat agaatactat     12180
     aaacacctct atgcaaataa actagaaaat ctagaagaaa tggataaatt ccttgacaca     12240
     cacatcctcc caagactaaa ccaggaagaa gttgaacctc tgaatagacc aatagcaggc     12300
     tctgaaattg aggcaataat tagtagctta ccaaccaaaa aaagtgcagg accagatgga     12360
     ttcacgactg aattctacaa gaggtacaag gaggagctgg taccattcca tctgaaactg     12420
     ttccaatcca cagaaaaaga gggaatcctc tctagctcat tgtatgcagc cagcatcatc     12480
     ctgataccaa agcctggcaa agacacacaa aaaaagagaa ttttagacca atatcccaca     12540
     tgaacattga tgcaaaaatc ctcaataaaa tactgacaaa ctaaatccag aaacacatca     12600
     aaaaccttat ccaccatgac caagttggtt tcatccctgg gatgcaaggc tggttcaatg     12660
     tacacaaatc aataaatgca atccagcata taaacagaaa aaaagacaaa aaccacacga     12720
     ttgtctcaat agatgcagaa aaggcctttg acaaaattca acagccttca tgctaaaaac     12780
     tctcaataaa ttaggtgttc atgggatgta tctcaaaata ataagagcta tgtatgacaa     12840
     acccactgcc aatatcatac tgaatgggca aaaactggaa gcattccctt tgaaaactgg     12900
     cacaagacag ggatgccctc tctcaccact cctattcaac atactgttgg aagttctgac     12960
     cagggctatc aggcaagaga aagaaagaaa tggtattcaa ttaggaaaag ctgaagtcaa     13020
     attgtccctg ttcgcaaatg acatgattgc atatctagaa aaccccatca tctcagccca     13080
     aaatctcctt aagctgataa gcaacttcag caaagtctca ggatacaaag tcaatgtgca     13140
     aaaatcacaa gcattcttat acaccaataa cagacaaaca gagagccaca tcatgagtga     13200
     actcccatgt aaaattgctt caaagagaat aaaataccta ggaatccaac ttacaaggga     13260
     tgtgaaggac ctcttcaagg agaactacaa accactgctc aataaaataa aagaggaaac     13320
     atacaaatgg aagtttattc catgctcatg gataggaaga atcaatattg tgaaaatggc     13380
     catactgctc aaggtaattt atagattcaa tgccatcccc atcaagctac caatgacttt     13440
     cttcacagca ttggaaaaaa ctactttaaa gttcatatgg aaccaaaaaa gagctctcat     13500
     tgccaagtca atcctaagct aaaagaacaa agatggaggc attgcgctat ctgacttcaa     13560
     actatactac aaagttacag taatcaaaac agcatggtac tggtaccaaa acagagatat     13620
     agaccaatgg agcagaacag agccctcaga aatgatacga catatctaca accatctgat     13680
     ctttgccaaa cctgacaaaa acaagaaatg aggaaaggat tccctattta ataaatggtg     13740
     ctgggaaaac tggatagcca tatgcagaaa gctgaaactg gatcccttcc ttacacctta     13800
     cacaaaaatt aattcaagat gtattaaaga cttaaatgtt agacctaaaa ccataaaaac     13860
     cctggaagaa atcctaggca ataccattag gatgtaggca tgggcaagga cttcatgtca     13920
     aaaacaaaaa aagcatggca acaaaagcca aaatacaaat gagacctaat taaactaaag     13980
     agcttctgca gaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtac cagcaaagcg aataggcaac     14040
     ctacacgact ggcagaacat ttttgcaatc tactcatctg acaaagggct aatacccaaa     14100
     atctacaaag aactcaaaca aatttacaag gaaaaaacaa acaaccccat ccaaaagtgg     14160
     gtgaaggata tgaacagaga ctttctcaaa acaagacatt tatgcagcca acagacacat     14220
     gaaaaaatgc ttgtcatcac tagccatcat agaaatgcaa atcaaaacca caatgaggta     14280
     ccatctcaca ccagctataa tagcaatcat gaaaaagtca ggaaacaact ggtgctcaag     14340
     agaatgtgga gaaataggaa cagttttaca taattgatgg gagtgtaaac tacttcaacc     14400
     atgtggaaga cagtgtggtg attcctcaag gatctagaac tagaaatatc atttcaccca     14460
     gccatcccat tactgggtat atacccaaag gattataaat catgctttta taaaaacaca     14520
     cacacgtgtg tattcactgt ggcactgttc acaatagcaa agacttcgaa ccaacccaaa     14580
     atgtccatga atgacagact ggattaagaa aatgtggcac atacacacca tggaatacta     14640
     tgcagctata aaaagtgatg agttcatgtc ctttgtaggg acatggatga agctggaaat     14700
     catccttctc agggaactat tgcaaggaca aaaaaaccaa acacctcatg ttgtcactca     14760
     taggtgggaa ttgaacattg agaacacttg gacacaggaa agggaacatc acacactggg     14820
     gcctgttgtg gaatggtggg ggaggtatag cattaggaga tatatctaat gtaaatgacg     14880
     agttaacagg tgcaacacac caacatggca catgtataca tatgtaacag aactgaacgt     14940
     tgtgcacatg taacctagaa cttaaagtat aataaaatat acaaatatat ataaaaatat     15000
     atacaatata tttagaaaaa tatgcaaata aatatacaaa aaatatacaa atataaaaat     15060
     atacaaatat aaaaaaataa aatatacaaa tatgtaaata atatatacac attatacaaa     15120
     tatataatat atgaataata taatatataa atatataaat attttttaca atatatataa     15180
     atataaatat ataaataaat tttttacaaa aatgtaaaat ataacaaaca tatacaaata     15240
     aatatacaaa aatatacaaa caaaaatata caaatataaa acatatacaa atataaaaaa     15300
     tacatataca aaaaatatac aaatatatac atatataaaa aaacatacct ataccgaaaa     15360
     agaaagcgtg atagttgaaa tgataaccag ggatgttaat ctcagtaagt caaaattatt     15420
     gcacctctag tgaacaaaac tctgacctac ccttttatga aaagttgtgg tgagtaatga     15480
     agaataacaa gtaataccac aacaccaata atgttcattt ttgacaatga aaatagattt     15540
     tatggttgta tgtccacagt caacattcac aaattcacat acatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     15600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat aaatacaaaa atgtacatat atgtattagg tactgtgtga     15660
     catcagtgct gggtgtccag gagacacaga cagacagaca agaaaactaa tgtgacagat     15720
     aagaagcacc ttctggaagg agtgatgtct gtgttgtagg agtcttaagt aggcaaatcg     15780
     ggagagagca tttatctcca agaaaaaatg gggcccaagt tacaagatag gaaagggcat     15840
     ggctgaaagt ggagttgtcc agatgttgct ccaactggac tgtggtgaaa cagaaagaca     15900
     tgaagctgac aggaaaataa atattaggtc tggaagggat ttgttcagcc atgctgagga     15960
     tatggattca gaatctaaaa ggtatcaaat cctgacaaaa gccatgaaat ctgactttgt     16020
     atagatgaaa ccaatgtgat gaacatctgt attagaggag gggtttggtg gctcaacctt     16080
     gtaattccag cacttttagg ggccagggtg ggtggatcac gtgaggccag gaattcaaga     16140
     ccatcctggc caatttggtg aaactccgtt tctacgaaaa atacaaaaat tagcccagct     16200
     tggtgggcat atataatttt acctactcaa aagtttgagg cacagtaatt acttgaaccc     16260
     agaggctgag gttgcagtga gctgaaataa tgccactgct ctccagccag ggtaacacag     16320
     taagactatc tcaaagaaaa aaagaagcaa ggaaatgtgc attagaaaac atgaaacatg     16380
     gactctaaca ggaggtaatg aaaggcacaa acatgttgga atcctttaat gtaagatcaa     16440
     aagtgtgtac tgttaatgtt agctcctgat ctaaaatgct tcttgttgaa atcttcattg     16500
     aataaagtag gtataagtga agcattttta acaccaattc ttcttttcac ccttactaaa     16560
     tgctggggac agccacgttt gaaatttgga ttataataaa actttaacta aaaccaaaga     16620
     aaaaggtaat tcagtgccat tttaaaccgg gagacaagtg acaataacaa acataacaca     16680
     taaaatatca gatttctctt tcgtcacaca aacttaatga catcaaataa ttcatgaaca     16740
     ttatttgcta tttttaagaa agtgcttgtt gggaaaaaaa agcactcaaa ttgttaagcc     16800
     ctcaggtgaa aacatgttat atattaatag caacattaca ttaagtggct ttgatacatt     16860
     tatttggagt tcactggtaa gattcaaagt tttagcaaca tttctgaaaa ctctgaaagg     16920
     ttgatgctca agctgaactc aataatttca aaaaaataaa taatttctac cttaatattt     16980
     tatataattt tcaacatctg gtcttgttgc atgtattaac atatttactg atgttcaaag     17040
     taaaattaca tacatacttt acatagagtg gtaactgaaa tatgttaaat gctttgctta     17100
     aggcatcgga ttctttctct tctgccagaa aggtggctag aaaggcagat ctttgaaaat     17160
     tctgtcgcaa cggagaccta ctggaggctt ctgaaccagt taactaatct ttgggagaaa     17220
     catcttgaat ttctgaagaa acatgtgcca tctcaaataa acatttcttt agctactctt     17280
     ccagcctgca tggttttcaa gactgtggct tcaaatgctg cttcagaagg cctaggcagg     17340
     taaagaaatc tagaccatca cgatgttccc aaggtgagta gcaatgacat cacaagagga     17400
     ttttggtctc ctagcaacca acaaaaaatc tgaccaaaag tgcttccttc ccagtctgag     17460
     aaatgtatcc attgaaaatc aaatatacac tgctaactta cacagtgtca gctgcaaaaa     17520
     tctcatccct tcagcatgat ttaaataaac aagaaaataa tgtcctcaat cccagaaata     17580
     aatgtaattt tctccctgac acacacactt actagattgg tgacaggagc ataggtaatt     17640
     gcaaaacaaa acaaaaaaag gaaattattt aaatagcaag tgcttaattg tgttaccata     17700
     ccataaacag agaatgtgtc cccatgtaca aatgttctca tttccccagc aaatatcaaa     17760
     aacaatgtaa tgataatttt aaagcttata atctttttaa tttatttata aaaaggtaag     17820
     taaataatca ttaacatcat catggtaatt atgccataac taacttaagc aatactttct     17880
     tatcaaagct taacatattt atatatagca atcctttggt atctgtaggg gattggctcc     17940
     agaaacatct caaataccaa aatgtatgtc tgctcaagct tctgctttat aatgatgcag     18000
     taggtaagta taatgcacac ccatcctcct gtgtagttta ctttatctct acataaataa     18060
     ttaataaaat gtaaatgcta tgtagacaga tattttactc taatgacttt aaatttgtta     18120
     cattttacca tagtattgat ttttttgttt ttgttttcaa acactttaat atatgtctag     18180
     ggaaatctgt ttgcagaacc tttatatgca aaaggtctct tatttgttgc aaatcagaaa     18240
     acattactga cacagagagt gatggctatg tggttccata tagccactac tatctgtgtt     18300
     acttctctaa tattttcttt tatgcaatta agcagaattt ggtgtgagca aactgaagat     18360
     acaaagtaag caataatgat agcagttaat acttatagtg cttaaagtca aggtaataca     18420
     ctaagagctg cacacatatt aataaattta atcctcactg tcctttcttt ttgtgtgaca     18480
     gtttcactct cttcacctag aatgcagtgc aatggcagga tctaggctca ctgcaaccta     18540
     gacctcccag attcaagcga ttcacctgtc ccagcctccc cagtagctag tattacaggc     18600
     atctgccgcc acacctggct aattttcata tttttagtag agatggggct tcaccctgtt     18660
     ggcaaagctg gactctctgt cttataaaaa ggtaaaacct atacataata ctttaaacgg     18720
     tgtgaattaa gagtggcagg cagggtgaaa agaaattgtt ccaagtctca gaggtgaaaa     18780
     tagcaggcag tatgctgtta aaaataaacc acaatttaaa tggcagctaa gtgcaagata     18840
     atgcagacag cttggaggtg agatgttatg aaggtcaaga aagacatacc tgtcatttaa     18900
     tatataatat cttcaaagac attttaccat tatatatcct agtcaaattg cgaagaaata     18960
     aaattagctg gttaggccta aagaaagaga cctgtttgtg aaactacaag tggtcgttaa     19020
     aatctgttgg aagcccataa aatgaaggaa catttttgct tcaagagatt tttatagtag     19080
     aaaaagaata atgctttctt ctaccaactc ttcaagattc aatcattaaa atgcaattta     19140
     ttttagagta gagatgaaaa caatctggga gattatttta catctcaaat tattcaccta     19200
     atgagaataa cttttttttt cctagtcagt cattcgattt tgtcaataac attctccttt     19260
     aagccagtta tcatcttgac tacctctctg ataccgtgca aatactaaag agaaagcaga     19320
     agttaatttt gtggatgagc acaaacactt ctaattgtct tctggttgtt ttcaatgaga     19380
     taattatttt tttcaaaact gaacaaaaca aactttttat cacattttac aatgatgtgc     19440
     atttgcacat tcaatttgat acactgttcc aaagaatgaa gaagattttg aagactgttc     19500
     atgtccacat ttaaagttgt aaaagatttc tcacatttgt atcaaaagat attatttaaa     19560
     atacaaatta taaaatgtat tttttacttt tatttgtgaa gacaggttct ttgtcactga     19620
     agctaaaatg cagtggcaca attccagttc actgtggtct caaactcttt ggcttgagct     19680
     ggggtttccc taatcagtat ccatctgcgt cttgttatga actggggcta cacatcaaca     19740
     ggtgagtggt ggccaagcat ggaaacctta tctctattta aaacactaag tatggttcac     19800
     agtactgcct gagatccgct ttctgaagat cagtggcagc atccgatttt tatagaagcg     19860
     agggaactac tatttactgc acttgagaga aatttacgtt ttgcactctt tataagaatc     19920
     aaaacaactg atcacctgca acagtctccc atcacccaca gatagaacca tctagctaca     19980
     ggaaaataag tttagggctc ccactgagtc tacattatgg tgagatgtat aattattttg     20040
     ttaaatatta taatgtaata ataagacaaa taaagcgcaa aatcaatgga gggtactcaa     20100
     atcttccaaa aactgtctcc acaaccccag ttgatgaaaa tcttgtcttt cacaaaaaca     20160
     ggccctggtg ccaagtgata gcagatgatc acatatagat gcatgcacac ataaattatt     20220
     gagtgaaagt tttgaagaca gaagctcaaa gagttataat aatttgagag aacaagaaca     20280
     gaaatgttga ctagattgca gaaaaagaaa tgttttgagt agagaaagct aatgaaaata     20340
     aattgttgac acaagaaaaa atgagagtga gggacgtgtg cagataaaga attgaaatat     20400
     gtaaattaga attatatatg caaatcatat ttataaccta ggtttacagt ttagctatga     20460
     aatttggaaa cttttactga aagctataat gggcagtcag ttaattacac gtgcactaaa     20520
     gacttttaaa ggaaatctaa gtgatatgct aatacataga aagggaacta ctgtgagtaa     20580
     aacagaagac agcccagaaa tcagaagatc cctttttctt cctacctctg agctatctaa     20640
     gaaatacctt cttgaaagaa cactaaactc tttctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg gttttgtgtg     20700
     catgtgtggt tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtggcac agcttctctt cattactcag tctgcaatgc     20760
     agcaacacgg ttacagctca ggtgatgttt tcgccttagt gtcccgggta gatgggacta     20820
     gtgcagacaa ttacactcag ctaatttatt gcatcttagt agagatggga tatcaccatg     20880
     ttgcacaggc tggttttgaa ctcctgaaat caagtaatct gactcccttg gcttcccaaa     20940
     gtgctaaggc tatccatgtg agtgacaggg cctggcctag ttgagatttt tcaaatctaa     21000
     acacggacca agtgttattg gtcacttttg taagaggctc aaaatctatg agattacatt     21060
     caggcttgca aaaattatgt gtatattaca tgaagttata gattatatat ttatataaaa     21120
     gtatatcata tatattttat cttgcaggac taggaagcag tacttttttg tcagtgatta     21180
     aaaggtttat ttgataataa aaatgcttat ttgatgatga gtaatatgga tttctgaggt     21240
     gattattata cataatctca ggcataaaca ttactctaga aactaaaaga catcattgat     21300
     gtgctagtct aaattgaaca gtataatgag gaaagtgtaa tcaaatatca aagttagtca     21360
     aataaatggt attttatctt tccaagtagc tgatactaca ggctcatata tccacacctg     21420
     aataattttt gttttgtttt catagaggca gggttttcta cgttgcccaa ggttgtaaaa     21480
     taatttgtat tatgtgtgat aacagtaccc tggtcatata tttttgaaaa aactttaggg     21540
     atgtattaaa atatctgtac acttaaaaaa tgtacttgac atttgcttca tttgagaact     21600
     gttaaatcaa ggagatgact tcattttaat attttgatta tatagattac aaatcttcct     21660
     ataagaagtc aattatacct taagagatga aagaatacag tggcctgtct ttgctgtgac     21720
     aattttaacc tttttctatt agtatgacaa taataaaaat gatcaagaaa tgcagctagg     21780
     atattactat tttttaaata ttacatgcca aataaactat gtattttaaa gatctattta     21840
     aaaaatttaa tgtacagacg attttatcaa aattaaattg ataaatcacc cataatttac     21900
     ctgaagtgtt tccaaaaaat tttcagtaca tagtatttta gtcagaaggc aactaaatgt     21960
     aaaagaggct tgaaggtgtc tttggacacg aatattgttc tctttcctat cttctatctt     22020
     gtttaatgtg ggctcatctt taaatttatg acgttaacta cgtacatcat tttggagatg     22080
     agcattgcta tagaaaccaa aatacattgg tgatgcacta atctaacgtt aaaatataat     22140
     aaaagaagtt gaaataaata ccaaaactta gttaataaga tgatatgcat gttttaatat     22200
     tattttcaaa gaacttattg tttttaatgt ttaggattag tgattatttc acagggggac     22260
     catcagaaag agatcacaga aaaattatcc ttagcaataa taaaacaata gcatatattg     22320
     caggtaataa aatatactac agtgttgttg agtagacaga ttaaaaacaa atcagtgctc     22380
     tgccatatga ggaataagat actttgttct cctagaattc agtgtcttct tgtgatttta     22440
     atgcattttt acagatttca tgatataatt tatgtgatgt atttggaatt attactgcac     22500
     aataagtaca gctattaaga gtagttgtgg aaggaatgag agcacacaca ggaacgccaa     22560
     aggtcataat ttccttatag ctacagagca aaatacagtt gttttacaca tatctctcat     22620
     gtttctgtat gtttttctct acatctgagg tttttgatac aataatgaac aatatccagt     22680
     ttgtgccctg atgaagttca ttgtatagaa aaagcagcta ggcagacatg cagccacagt     22740
     aaagcgctaa gacatcataa agcacaagca atgaagcaca aaggtgggga tttaatttga     22800
     attttatatt ctgtctgcct cattcacttc ttgccagtgt aattaaccat ctctatctgt     22860
     tttaaattca aaaccctagg ggtaaaactg attacagtac aaggaactaa attttacttt     22920
     ttgttgttgt tgttgtttat tagtgactat taaccaagtg ttagcgaacg tcccatatgg     22980
     acattctact aaaagaaatg ctaccaaggt tttaatgcct gcgtggtgtg atctatcaga     23040
     tctagaaagg gagaggcaag tgtgttttta atctccataa atgataaatg ctgagatgct     23100
     atttgaaaac caaactattt ctgatcactg aggaagagaa atgtagaaat ttaagattta     23160
     ttacaattaa aatattctaa tttctttatt tagtttctat caatacctat gcaaaaagta     23220
     aaggaactac ttgagtacaa acatttccaa aattcaagtt tttggtattc acttatttaa     23280
     tagctatatc ttaaatatgt aatctgccac taaaacctaa tatttttgct gctttatttt     23340
     caaccagata ctttttattt tcaaccagat gatttatacc cttagcagcc tgattgtaat     23400
     agttacgtca tgttgctaac aggtccatgt agcattatct gaaaatcaat ttttttcctt     23460
     agcagaaaaa accctaattt gagaaaaata tttagagaat cctaaaaata agcacaactt     23520
     atataacaca gatagaacag taaaaaagcc tactttataa aacaagatga aaatataatt     23580
     attaaaaaca aaaatttctc attatccaaa gaatgaattg catttaccat gttgtgcaaa     23640
     tgtgattata tcaaccatgc tttgaaaaca acaaaaaaca ttgataaata ttattaacta     23700
     aaatttcaac ttactagata gtgatcacaa taaatatgcc agtcatagta tctcagatat     23760
     tatagccata tcatcaaaat gcagtcctga taaaacctca tgaaactata ctaatttgag     23820
     gaagaacaac agtatctact atgagaatat tcaaaaaatg ataattaaaa cttacttcac     23880
     aattttgttt ctcatctttg aacgatcatc gagttcatca ctaactgtgt tttcaattgt     23940
     agaaatactg tttctgatga ctgggattat gtatagttgc tggatcacag aattattaac     24000
     cacagacttc ttaagtccac atttttaatg acattgcttc tgtaacaatt ttcttagaaa     24060
     aggtcatgca tgatggtata atattaaatt ctaatgtgtt acacagactt agcattaatc     24120
     attacaaatt tacatattaa aaaacttttg cacttaaatg tattcaatac attttaatca     24180
     gatctttaca taaatagaac tttagagttt tctcagtttt aattgagcac tacatttaca     24240
     ttattgttct gactcataaa aactataatc ttcacataaa tatcactttc ttcctcagct     24300
     aatagtgata attgttttat ctatgttcat agttttattg tgagaagaag tcaattagaa     24360
     gttgtcttta aaatacctgt gaaaattgta aatgctactt tttgtaaaac tgaatatgac     24420
     ttacacataa atccaactta gagatggatt acataaatta gagcacattg aactgcaagt     24480
     tatgtagcta caaaacagaa ttaaatagat cttgttgtat tgacaggcgt gtgactaagt     24540
     acaaaacaag gttaaccata ttgtatataa actcattact taaaaagtca gatcattctg     24600
     tgtcctgtgg gatctatgta gagagaagag tttccttttt gaaaacactt ttttttgtta     24660
     atttgtttaa ctattgtatt agaatagtaa atatatattt tcaaaagatt tttttacttt     24720
     gatcagaaat atgatcattt ctgtaagaaa aaaaaatagc taattgtatg aagatgtgca     24780
     tatatctcaa agaaaatctc tgtaccagaa atataatatt ggtggcaaga taatagtttt     24840
     tagtgcatgt cctcttgtat atttgaaaat atatattaat cacaagaaaa cattggctag     24900
     tttaacaaca atactgttta ttttaaaaaa tctcttttga aaatacaaat ttactattcc     24960
     aatacaatag ttaaacaaat taacaaaaaa aaaaaagtgt tttcaaaaag gaaactcttc     25020
     tctctacata gatcccacag gacacagaat gatctgacct tttaagtaat gagtttagct     25080
     agaaactcct acaatgtact aaaaaatata ctcacacaga gaaaaacata aatataattt     25140
     cacattttcc aattaaatat ctgtacagaa tgctgttgtt aattatgtac ttaaccctca     25200
     gatttctctt gaaatcaact aaatttcatg ttattacttg ttaatttact tacattggct     25260
     cccagtctga gtttcagttt tgtgtaagat ttcaacattg ctacctattt tgcttaacta     25320
     atatggacat ttaaaagtaa taaaatgcac tcaaatgttc tcttctcaca ttatgatttt     25380
     taaaacaata cctctcttat aatataacta aaataccatg aaacaacttc aaagtttggg     25440
     ttatgaaaat ctttttaatg catacagttt aaatataaag tttttgtagc attaaatttg     25500
     gcttcttgtt attctaaagg gttagtattt ttttttcaca tacaactaaa taaaacccac     25560
     tgtggtaaat taccaaaacc agctatagga gagaagttaa gaaatacatg cttattttga     25620
     aaaataatgt tctcttactt acatggtttt aattatatac ctgatggcta caaaatggta     25680
     aactagttaa tcaaaaagaa aaaacccata agttaatttt tgcaaatgaa ataatagaat     25740
     tttaaactaa agtgtgatta atgaacaaaa actgctttat aatttaaaat attcactagt     25800
     tattgctttg tctttgtaat atgtttcagt caaacagtct agcatcattg tgagattttt     25860
     tacacagcca atagctggtg ctgcaagcag ctcaaaacca gggttgatgg tagtgggtca     25920
     gttacagaca agaacagcct tctctgctag cagttattca cttcttatgt attgcaggtg     25980
     aactttagat gaaggcaaga tgaaaacgaa ttaatttcta gtaagttaga agaagtaatc     26040
     acatattatt agtagaaaag acaggttata aaaactttat tttcaaagaa aataccttta     26100
     agtctatttc acataattaa acatctcaat gtatcttgaa acaattttga attttcttac     26160
     aaaagaaaat cctgaggaaa aaaaactgag tgcaatcaac taatgtaact aattatccaa     26220
     attagatttt tacagaaatt tctaaaactt cagaacttta caccaaagca aaataacatt     26280
     ctaaatatac ctactatttt agttacatat taataaaaat aaattaattt ccaagtataa     26340
     tacattaaaa ttatattatt tttcttgaat tatgagacat ataaagaaac tcatcaaaaa     26400
     tatgatgtag aaaataaggt tttgcaagat ggactttttt attcaattag aaattcaatc     26460
     aggggccagg catggcgatt cacacatgta attccagtac ttttggaagc caaggcaggc     26520
     agagtacttg aggtctgaat attgagacaa gcatgaccaa tatggtaaaa acacatgagg     26580
     tgtggtggtg cacacctgta atctcagcta ttcaagaagc cgaggaagaa taaatacttg     26640
     aagctgggaa gcagggtgct gcagtgtgct aagattgcac cagtgcactc cagccaaaga     26700
     ggcaatgtga gatatcattc taaaaataaa agaaaacaaa ttcaatcaat taaaaattga     26760
     gatgtactac ttatttaact tttcaatgca gtttgtgaca actctgattt ttaattacaa     26820
     aatgttttaa ataaagtgtg cacacatttc aaagttacta caaccccaca tccagaaaaa     26880
     aaagttttat ttttatttaa ttaatttaat tttgttttat attaagttcc acagtacatg     26940
     caggacatcc tggtttattt cacaaatgac agaatgttag aacagcagca agttagagaa     27000
     aatgtcagga tggcagaata gccaaaagtt agagaaaaat gagatctcat ataaaatttc     27060
     agcaattttt tttttaagac agagctttgc tcttgtcata caggctgcag tgcaatggtg     27120
     tgatctcagc tcactgcaac ctccacctcc tggatttaag caattttcct gcctcaatat     27180
     cccaagtagc cgggattcca gctgtccacc accatgccca cctaattttt ctttctctat     27240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcgcgcgcgc gcgtgcgtgt gtgtaatttt     27300
     agtgaaaaag aggtttcacc ctattgacca ggctggtcta gaactcctaa cgtcaggtga     27360
     tcctactgcc tcagcctccc aaggtgctgg gattacaggt gtgaaccacc cctcctggca     27420
     tctgcaacat tttaaaaagt ggtttttaat ttattcttca gaactctcta gaatagtaaa     27480
     tgtcaacaat ttagattcca tgagacacaa acgtattagg gtatttcaac cacagaaaaa     27540
     tgatgttact attgcattta acagaaaatg ccagaaatgc gctcatcatc ttacaatgcc     27600
     cagcaaaagt gcctcccaaa cagaaactac ataagtacaa aatgtcaaag tccaggaatt     27660
     agaaatactg tttcataagc aagcttcata atctactaaa agaatgctaa tctgaagccc     27720
     aatgccatgc taggcaccat ggtgggtgcc tgtaatccca gctgcttggg aggcagaggt     27780
     gcactgagct gagaccatgc cattgcactc cagcatggac tacaaaagtg aaagtccgtc     27840
     tttaaaaaaa aatgcagtat acataagatg gatcaggtgg ttcaatgcaa ataataatct     27900
     ttcaaatttg attttgtaaa aattttgaaa tataatcatt tccaaataag gttaaaaaaa     27960
     tccaaaatgt aggacactga attttcagta tttcaagaac taaaagaagt aagtcattta     28020
     aacacaacca gctatgctgc ttttgcaatg ggattttagg ggagtcactt tgtcagatga     28080
     aatcctctgt ggccagtggg gcctttccct gagctttaat caagcctgct aaatttgttc     28140
     tacccacact acctggcagg ctacacccag ctggagttac tggagttatc acctgccaag     28200
     ggcaaacatg gatgagtggt gagaggtgta tgagcaagtg tggcttccag cctctagaca     28260
     tggtcagtca tgccagctgt gtcaggtcag gaagttttag gtgccaacag aactgctaga     28320
     tcactgaaaa gctgcaactg ggccaggcct actgcaagca gcctccacag ctgatactgg     28380
     ggaatgtagt gatgcccaga agcttgcaga tgccagaaaa ggcaaagccc caaggaaggt     28440
     gtgacagccc tccctggctt tgagagctcc ctggtctgtg cgccctgaag ggccacagct     28500
     ctcgttttat ttttgtctac cacaatgtga taagcaaggg gaatgttttc tacccgtttg     28560
     tgttccaggt cattcagccc tgccattcag gtgatctcat attattttcc tgcatccagg     28620
     aaaaatgaag ttcatgctgc catgagccct tccacctgtg tctgtagaga taatccctgc     28680
     gctggttatg gcaacagtga tggcctcccc tagaagatgc ttgagtattc attctactca     28740
     acacctagaa ttatctagcc ctggctataa tccttgaaat cttggttttc atttggcttg     28800
     gttattgtaa aatcttcaca acttttctgt cataagagac atttaatatt tgtcttatgg     28860
     caatcattac gctcgatggg tatgcataat gtagtgtacc aatgcacatg tgtgcatctg     28920
     tattctgtat gccttccagt cgtattccgg attagctcta tcccaaaagg ctttgattca     28980
     gttttctcca tggtatctca aaaatagagt gtgcctaggg ttttattttg ctatattagc     29040
     gttttacata aatatttaaa aataatggaa aagaaaaggg gagaaaaagg aaatatttag     29100
     tttacctttt tgtttttatt tgtttttttg gaaacggagt ctcgctctgt tgcccaggct     29160
     ggagtgcagt ggcgcgatct cagcttgctg caaactctgc ctcccgggtg ttcccgccat     29220
     tctgcctcag cttccggagg agctgggact actggctccc gccaccatgt ccagctaatt     29280
     ttttttcttt tttttttttt tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggtttcacca agttagcctg     29340
     gatggtcccc atctcctgac ctggtgattg gacagccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat     29400
     tacaggcgtg agccaccgca cccggcctat agtttaattt ctaattattg attaactgaa     29460
     ctgactttac tttactaacg cttaccctaa cttgaatcaa ctgaacttta aaagagcttc     29520
     ttaaaatcct tccgatttac agaaaccagg gattttgagt taagtgactg tgaatatata     29580
     aaatcaaatt gttctaaaag tgtgctccta tttttttgtt tacaattttc tggagagatg     29640
     gttcaatact gttaattgct caaaggtgcc tgacactaga ttttaagata ttcaacagca     29700
     tttctagcct cttggcacta gatgctagta acaaccttac caattccact tccagtcatg     29760
     aacttggctt agagtaaaac tcaagtaaaa tctactgacc tgtagaaacc ctagacaatc     29820
     acatggactt tgtgttaccc ccatgagctc attgtctgca atcgttttcc ttccacagtc     29880
     tgctccttcc acagtctgct ccatccacag tgacctggtc gtttttcaaa ctgtttatac     29940
     aggcttctgc cagagatcat cacacttgta gatcttgctg catgcttaca taattattcc     30000
     cttattgttt tatttagata tgtacttgaa agtcactttg gaaacaaatt attttatact     30060
     ttttgtttgt ttttattttt tattatactt taagttttcg ggtacatgtg cacaacgtgc     30120
     aggtttgtta catatataca tgttttacat aaaaccaaga tgtactacat aagagaatat     30180
     tgccccttgc cctttatact aaattgataa tatcaattaa tagaaagcaa acaacaaact     30240
     tcataccgta accactaaaa caaaaaccta acaactggaa acataaatta aaagtgtaac     30300
     tttcaattta agtgttttaa acaacatttt catgggacaa aaacatagat ctcctaaata     30360
     aaaataaact ctgagattac aaaacaatca gtgcttccca aataaaaacg caggcaaaac     30420
     tgcaggcctg gcagctttga accattcaaa gaaacatcac accaatcaaa cactgtctga     30480
     accctgtaaa tcaattgttt gtatcaacca aggaatccat ccaaagagac aattttaaag     30540
     tagtaaattt tttttagatt gccatactgc ctcccaggca cagatgaagc cttcaaaatt     30600
     gaaatccaca ttttccattt taaaccctgg ttcctaattc tgggaggagt gaagaagcac     30660
     ttgtgtgtta atttattgtg tttgttctag tctttctaga agataaataa acaattgatg     30720
     aaacatattt attactgttt tgccaaactc agaagtcact cttggttgaa aatgccagga     30780
     attggtcaca aacaaaattt taagttgttg aaagcaaaga atacagttat ttcctacaat     30840
     agacaatata acagatttgt taatacagat ccagtattta aaaaataata gtttatatat     30900
     cactcttatt cataatgcta atggaatgta ttcaatgtat ggttaacctt tctctaaaaa     30960
     aaaaagaaat gctattacta ttacaattct ggcaaagtta gctattacta ttacagctct     31020
     ggtaggcagc tattacataa aaaattacaa atttacttta atggacactc agtgtgtgca     31080
     gataaaatct gagacaataa tataaactga gaaagaaaag tacaagagca gcatatattt     31140
     atattgttga aattaaaatt tagattattc aaataagtta atattattca aagaaggctc     31200
     tattaagttt agaatacaat taaagtccca aatataatga attataacat aaaaatacag     31260
     aaaaaagttt taaaaagtta acatttttta atggacaaag gagaaattga ggatccaata     31320
     aaataaagaa catatagaaa aaaagtaaaa tgtcagagta attttttact tgtaataact     31380
     ttaaatgtga gctcttacat aaaaacacac agactggcac aaatgcacct ttaaaagaac     31440
     aattcactcg tgatttctat gcaagtctta ctttaggttc aaagaaacga gattgaaact     31500
     aaaataatac agtttcttgg aaaagcatga caacttattt tcaaacataa aaaaaaaaaa     31560
     ttctgggcca gttccagtgg ctctcagaaa aaaaaaaatt ctggagatga aaaataaaac     31620
     aattgacatt aaaattgact agaggcctgc aattccagca ctttgggatg ccaaggtaca     31680
     gatcataagg tcaagaagtt gtgactatcc aagccaacat gatgaaaccc catctttact     31740
     aaaaacacac aaattagctg ggtgtggtga cacgtatcta tagttccagc tactcaagag     31800
     actgaggcag gagaatcagt tgaacccgag aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc caagattgtg     31860
     cactgtactc cagcctggtg acaaagcaag actccatctc aaaaaaaatt gtataaataa     31920
     ctaactaaat aagtactaca gacatttaaa aggagacttg agcatacaga agaaaatgtc     31980
     accaaatcga ataaaagggg caattgaaat tattaagtca ggaagagaaa aaataaataa     32040
     ataaatgtga aaacagtcta gaaaccagtg tgacaccatc aagcagaccc acttatccat     32100
     tttggaagtt caaggaaaag aaacaaagaa atagggagac taaaaaaatg tggtcaaacc     32160
     tgtcacaaat ttaagataat aaataccgaa gaaactgaac aaactccaag taaaataaac     32220
     tcaaagaggc acattcaaac atacatgata gttaaactgt ctaaaataaa gacaaagaga     32280
     atcttgaaag cagccaaaga aattttgacc agtaatgtat gaaagaaccc ctcataaata     32340
     atcaaggaat ttcttatctg aaaactcagg gtagactcat atattccaaa tgcagtaaga     32400
     aaaaaaaatt caaacaaatg ttatgtttaa acaaagtgtc catcaaaaat gagggagaaa     32460
     ttatgaaatt cctaaataaa agccacattc ttttgccagt agacaaccat ttaataaatg     32520
     ccttatgtat tattccaggg taaaatgaaa ggacatcgaa cagcagtaca aataaacaaa     32580
     gattaaggta aagataaata tcctgatgca gaacagactg gagaagagaa caggtgcaag     32640
     atacacccac taatgtctca ggggtctggc tcggttactg cttccatggt tacgggctca     32700
     gctaacaagg aaggtacact ggtattagca attccataaa cagccaatgg aagaaaaaaa     32760
     catccataca tttgttccaa gcatgagagg ggggaaaaga gagattattg atgatgaaaa     32820
     agaccagcct tttatcaaaa ggatgtattt aaccataagg ctaatagaaa gtgccagtag     32880
     actcagaaac attttggtga gggaaaatga tggctttacc cagaaagtgc tatcaatgag     32940
     attgacagag aacaactcac taaatattga agtaatgaaa aaaaatcaag aatgctctgt     33000
     atagggctgc tgcagatgac aggaagctta tgctgcctag tgcagatggc tgcgtccctt     33060
     gctgaggtct tgattttgtt tgcatttaag aaatgacaga aacagagaaa gcattgaaag     33120
     agtggatact gtaaagaaca ttgtgaatag tttcattcag tttaagaagc ctattgttgt     33180
     atcagccaat agcccagcca tttgactaga tgcatccata cttcctcttt gtgatttggt     33240
     ttaggctaac aaaaaggctt ggttttaaac tgcttctatg acctttggac agagtccagg     33300
     ttgctgtttt accattaaat ttcccaagat gatgggtgaa gcataggcca atgtaatgtt     33360
     gattggtggg agaaagctga aagcatggga ggcatgtgcc agagacctgg tctctcaggt     33420
     gtcttggact gcaacttttc ccccaagtgg ttatgactca aattaaggac tttgcctcat     33480
     ataattcagt tgtgctagag aaaagtaatg cccttattta ctgtaaagtt aaagatgaag     33540
     ttaaaacagg tcaatgagag agtgtggtgt gccgaaaaaa atctgagtct cagcacaagg     33600
     aatagaatct gtgttgatgt taagtgtggg tttctgtgtt tcagccttgt ttctgttact     33660
     aatcttcagg ttctccatta agtgggtctt gaattcttga tgcatatcca gggagaatta     33720
     tgtatgtgga aaacaggaga ataattaggg taaatagatg ctttattgag tgatggcgca     33780
     gctttcagga gacagaaagt gggtaagtcc atttcaaaaa caggaaatac ctgcatctct     33840
     gcaacactca gtgaagacag ggccaagaga gacaagatga agaagcaggt tgttaaaaca     33900
     tcactgaagg cttcagtgga gagaagtttc agagtgggta gcgtctatct gcaggaaggt     33960
     tgttgagatg tatctgcagc tttaagtttg gagaagacat atccatttgc agccgtgcaa     34020
     tcccaagaag tgtacaactc acagtgaaga ggtggcacat tgttggtaga tccactttaa     34080
     gtcaggttat ttcaaagtct gatgcagggc atggtggctt ttgtctataa taccagcaat     34140
     tcaggagacc aaggcagatg gatcacttgc agttgaaagt ttgagaccag cctgacaaac     34200
     atggagaaac cgtgtctcta ataaaaatac aaaattagtt aggtgtgatg gtggatgcct     34260
     ttaatctcag ctactcagga gctgaggtag gataatcgct tcaacctggg aggcggaggt     34320
     tgtgtgagtt gaggtcaaac catactactc cagtcacgtc aacaagagtg aaactccgtc     34380
     tccaataaat aaataaacaa acatatataa acaaacaaac aaataaacaa ataatctaaa     34440
     tacgtatgga atgcatatga acctcagaag tcagaaagag agtgctgatt agtcgggtga     34500
     agatgggtga aaaagatgtc taaccctaaa tataacccct attactaaca ctaaaacact     34560
     aacaataacc ctcaagccct aaccctaatc tccacataaa cccaacctga accattaaca     34620
     aaacatatcc ctatccataa atataaccct accgcaaccc ataaccctaa acatacacct     34680
     acacctaccc ctaaccctaa atctacccca aaccctaaat ctacccttaa acataacact     34740
     cagaaaaaca ctaacagaaa tactaaacca aaccctaact ctaacactac ctctaaacac     34800
     tgaaccctaa cccctaactc taactctgac ccctaaagct ccttcaaacc taaccctaaa     34860
     agcaccctta actctaacct gaaaattaaa attctaacct taaaaacata agcataacac     34920
     ataaccaaca tccctaatcc aaattcctac cccaacccta attctaaaaa tatgctgacc     34980
     atatccctaa acttaatcct gacactaacc ctaaccctaa ctctaaccca caacctcaaa     35040
     tgcaactgca accatagctc taacactaaa acttaaatgc taactataat cacatataat     35100
     aaacccaatc ccaactgtaa ccctgaactc taaccctaaa actaaaccca ccctaacgct     35160
     aaccctaaag cttaacacta ggccaaacac taacccctca tcctaaccct aaagtgaccc     35220
     taaccctaac ctaaatgcta aacaataacc ctaaaaataa cactgcaccc taaacactaa     35280
     ccctaatgct aacctgaaac cctaaaccga atccttattc ttatcctaac acaaacccta     35340
     aacccaaacc ctaacgctaa tgcactaacc ctcttaccct aaccctcacc gtcaccttaa     35400
     ctctcaccct aagcactaac tctaaccctc accatgaagt taagccagaa cctaacccta     35460
     cactaacaac aacctctaac tgtaggccta tttcttaccc taaacctaaa cataacctga     35520
     ccctaaaact aacatctaat cttgattcta actgtagccc taaacataac actaaacttt     35580
     aaccctgtcc ctaatcctaa tcctaatcat aaccctaatc ctaccacaac actgacctct     35640
     aacccaaccc cagatctaac cctcaatcta aacttttttc tgcaattgta aacccctatt     35700
     cctaatccca aacttctatc ccattcttaa tattatcata tcacccttca aagaatttta     35760
     aatatatcat ctatgactct aacccctaat gcccataaga gtacacttaa ccttacctct     35820
     taactccaat tgaaaattga attaaacaga tgatgtcact gggacaaaac actaaatgtt     35880
     aacaaatatg ataattagag acattagatt atgtaaccaa ataatagtac atggaattaa     35940
     ctacacgagg aagacattat gcacctatgt gattacgttt tttttctaga aaattgaggc     36000
     ttgttttaac attctgaagc catccctctt caatatacca tgtaaattaa atgctgggaa     36060
     aacagtacat gtatatctca actgttacag aaaatactta aagttagtca acatgtttac     36120
     tgataacaac atccaataaa ctgtgattaa aatgtctttc acatgataac acgtctttat     36180
     acaaaaccca taacaatcag cgtctgaatt gttgggaaca aaagctttaa gatgaagaac     36240
     acagcactga tgctcacttt catcattgca tttgatactg tattagaagt tccatccgaa     36300
     ataattggaa aagaaaaata tatatgaagc cattcatatg tcaaaaaata aaataaaact     36360
     acctactcat ggatctcatg atctcatata cagaaaatca taagaaatca acaagaaata     36420
     ataaaatcta ataaacaaat taaacaaaca tacagtatat atatcaatac actaaaatct     36480
     atttgtatac actagcaata aatgatatga aaatgaaatt aacacaacaa ttttatttgt     36540
     aaaaacaaca agctgcatgt tctccaactt cccttgaaca cacaggagca ggcagctggg     36600
     gttgggggtg gccttggagt ggggtctgtg ctgctttatt gggacctggg ctgcactgtc     36660
     catgggctaa gcagaaacta ctcaagttcc tggggagtca aagtagaaat acttaagtac     36720
     ataatggatg aagagtagaa aatctacagt ggttttgaaa gccctcatgc cacgatgtca     36780
     aatggatatc ttcagagtca taaattaatg ataaaaagag aacatgcatg aacatcagca     36840
     acagtgaaag ccagggagag tggcccaggt cattttgctg agaagaaatg cattgagttt     36900
     aatttgagag acgtcccttc acaagtgctg ctaaaggcat acacatattt tacctaaatg     36960
     tttcactgcg cctacagttc cacagaaatt cctaaattcc catttcacct gaaactgcag     37020
     tagaactgtt gatggctgtg aactttctat attgtatata aatacaattg atttatagga     37080
     taaaataaat tagaataaac tcttaaattt tttttagtgt ttaaggcctg tggttcagtt     37140
     catatttttt ataggtagca cattccctgt atgcaaggta actataaaat taatcgcaga     37200
     aatcaaaacc acaatgagat accatctcac accagttaga atggcaatca ttgaaaagtc     37260
     aggaaacaac aggtgctgga gaggatgtgg agaaatagga acacttttac actgttggtg     37320
     ggactgtaaa ctagttcaac cattgtggaa gtcagcgtgg cgattcctca gggatctaga     37380
     actagaaata ccatttgacc cagccatccc attactgggt atatacccaa aagactataa     37440
     atcatgctgc tataaagaca catgcacaca tatgtttatt gcggcattat tcacaatagc     37500
     aaagacttgg aaccaaccca aatatccaac aatgatagac tggattaagg aaatgtggca     37560
     catatacacc atggaatact atacagccat aagaaatgat gagttcatgt cctttgtagg     37620
     gacatggatg aaattggaaa tcattgttct cagtaaacta tcgcaagaac aaaaaaccca     37680
     acaccgcata ttctcactca taggtcggaa ttgaacaatg agatcacatg gacacaggaa     37740
     ggggaacatc acactctggg gactgttgtg gggtgggggg aggggggagg gatagcactg     37800
     ggagatatat ctaatgctag atgatgagtt agtgggtgca gcgcaccagc atggcacatg     37860
     tatacatatg taactaacct gcacaatgtg cacatgtacc ctaaaactta aagtatagta     37920
     ataaaagaaa aaaattaatt gcaaagaaga ttctattctg tttttttgca taacagagtt     37980
     gaaatttatt tgtattctga aaaaactatg gacattttca caaacagaga aataaacaaa     38040
     tatgccaatt cataggcggt tttgccttac cccttgaata tgactttaaa atgagtaatg     38100
     ttgacataga aaatgatgaa aattagacat atataattgc ataatatgca tgttcataac     38160
     ttagccaaaa gattgatttt tatctaaccc taacataaat gttatattaa tgcctgtaat     38220
     ctcagcactt ttggaggcca aggcaggcag ataatgtgag tccaggcatt taagacaggt     38280
     ccaggcaaca tggcaagtct ttgtctctct caaaaaatac aaaaagttag ccagatatga     38340
     taactgaagc taaggcagaa gatcagttga gctcagcagt tagaggctgc agtgagccat     38400
     catagcactt ctgcactcca ggctgggaaa aagaatgaga ccctgtctca aaataaaaat     38460
     aaaaggagaa gaagaaggaa aggaataaga gttgaaattt tgtatgtcct ttgataaacc     38520
     tcagtaatgt ttaatattgt cttttcattt tgtttattgc tacaatttaa gaaatttact     38580
     taaaaacact tttggaaggt tgctgggtac aatttttgaa gaagcaacag aactataccc     38640
     agatggtcaa caggtcaaat atatgactta caagcaaagc atccttggca actttaaaaa     38700
     cagaaagaaa aaaaaatcca taaggtttga tgggttaggt tattttctat gtttttagat     38760
     ttaagaaatc ccttttttct cttagataat tataatttat aacactttaa taggttatac     38820
     ttttgtaaac agaaatgaaa cacttgttaa aaaaaattaa ctctcctgtc cccccaccaa     38880
     ccacagccat ctgaatggac ccctcctttt gatcaagagc attccaaaat tgcttcactt     38940
     cctgacaaga aagagggaca cacatgcttc attacatact attccctttt gaactttaga     39000
     aaaagttgac caccactaac agcaacacat accttaaatc tgataaggaa tatttaccac     39060
     ctattttctc gagcctgcta catggaggct tcatcatcat aataaaactt tggtctctac     39120
     agcccttatt atttattgta acccagtcat tcctgtctat tgattttatg tttttagata     39180
     ataatttaac tctttcagcc aactgccaat taaaacatat ttatatctac ctgtaacttg     39240
     aaagcccagc cccacaccat cactattttc aagttgtcca tccttcctgg accaaaccaa     39300
     tgtacatctt acatgtgttt gattgatgtc tcaggtctct ctaaaatgca taaatgtagg     39360
     ctgtgaacat accacctggg gcacatgttc tcaggatctc ctgagtaggg atgtgtcatg     39420
     gaccatttgt cactcatatc tggatcagaa ttcttcaact aattttatgg cataatatca     39480
     aagtttgata ttgttagtat atctcagcta atgtaggatg tcaatatgta taaagcagac     39540
     atttacatta ccattacaaa tgcactctca gttaaactgt gactgtctca ggaaaagaaa     39600
     aaatgttgct aaccaggcat atatcatata tttaaactta cataataatt caagttctaa     39660
     tatgcctact taaaaaatgt ttctatattg tttcaactac tttagttctc taagaaaaat     39720
     gagttattaa agcatgaaaa aaagtgttgt tggaggttgc gatgtctccc ctggcctcag     39780
     cccatcgtgg ttccactcag cgcctctcct ttctctgtac cagaatctct gccagaaaca     39840
     agcccagatc atctgcaaac cacactttgg tagctgtgac aatgcgtggt cactgcctca     39900
     ctcaagggac acttttgtaa ggtcagaatt ggaggccagg gctgggaagt aaggcccagg     39960
     gcagtgcccc tcctcagttc tgggtgctgc agacagggtg tcttttcctc acttggccgc     40020
     cagatgtctc aatgccatgt actctcctgg gagggtcctg aggagacgtc tttattctca     40080
     ccctggtcgt agcaccaggt gacttgtagc aacggccact cctggacatg tccagaagag     40140
     aaggaggttt tatcctcatg gtggacccga ccccaggtgt cccaaagccg cggccactct     40200
     tgggcgggtc ctgagatgaa gtaggcttag tcttcttcat gaacgtggcc acagatgtcc     40260
     ccaagtgccc tgaaaccacg gcctctctcg agtgtcctga gaaggaagct ctgtccgagg     40320
     cactgtgaag ataacctgct tctcagagag ttggtttgca ggctcagtgc atcagctccg     40380
     tgcaccctct ggtggtagcc ttggaaaatc tctgaaattt ggggtgggtt aatccaggcg     40440
     gtcatctcac gaagtggaag tgagatacag ccaaccttcc catatctaga atggagataa     40500
     aaggaagcaa agaagacggt caatatacaa aactcaattg attttctcta tatcagcaat     40560
     aatgaatata aataattgga ttttgaaata ttaaaacacc atttacaata ctacccgcaa     40620
     aattgaatcc attaagtata actgtaacaa aatatgcaga attcattcag aaaacaatga     40680
     gtcaccattg ggagaaatca aaggaaatgt tagcaaatgc agacaggcta ggcacgttgt     40740
     cacacgcctg taatcccagc acctcgggag tctgcagcag gcagatacct tgagcccatg     40800
     aattggagac caccctgggg aacatggtga aagcccatct ctgcccaaaa tacaaaaaaa     40860
     ataagctgag cttggtggtg catgcctgtg gtcccagcta cttgggtcgt tgaagtggga     40920
     gaatctgtga gctgagatca tgccaccgca caccaacctg ggtgacacaa ctccttctca     40980
     caaagtaaat aaatagatgt ttcttgttct ggagaagcac atttattatt atttcagcta     41040
     tattccaatc aaattccagg taaatatatc aacaactctt cctaaaccta gaatagatga     41100
     aataagactg aagaagtgca atgccagatg tgatatgaat acttacacta aagctaatgt     41160
     aataaacaag agtgtgtcat tcatgattta atagacaagc agataagtgg aacagaatag     41220
     tcagccccaa aacaggccca agtcaaatga ttttgtcgaa aatgcaaaga atgtcctttg     41280
     gaaacaataa gtctctttca caagtggcaa gaaaacagct ggaaactata cggaaacaaa     41340
     tgaacataga cacaaatttt acagttaaaa aaattagtca aaaataccca cacattaaat     41400
     tttttcagtg caaagttgta attggaaaat atcttcatga gcttgggttt agtgatgagt     41460
     tattatcaag tccatgaaag aaaaaaaaac ggataatatg aactttattg aaagttgaaa     41520
     tgtctactct gtaaaacact ctgttaccat tgggcatggc agttcaagct tgtaatctca     41580
     gcacttttgg aggtcgaagc ggccagatca cctgaggaca gggattccag atcagcatgg     41640
     taaacacggt gaaaccccgt ctctaggaaa aattcaaaaa tttaactgtg agttctggcg     41700
     tgcacctgta atcctagctg ctcaggagtc tgagccagga gtttgaatcc cttgaacttg     41760
     ggcggtgggg attgcggtaa ggccatatag ggtcattgca ccccagcctg ggtgacaaaa     41820
     tgagactcca cctccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacccgggag     41880
     gcggagcttg caatgagcca ggatcgcgcc actgcactcc agcctaggtg acagagtgag     41940
     accccgtttc agaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaac caaagaacca gccacagcca tagatagaaa     42000
     aatttagcaa acttatctga aaagtgactt gtatgcacaa catatgcaga aactctaaaa     42060
     ctcaaaaaga taagcaaccc aattccaagg taaaaacctg agtagataca tcactaagga     42120
     agatacagag atggaaaaca ggcagacaca ccaaacactg cttgcggaaa gcctgctgct     42180
     tctgctgaag gctgactcta agccgtccca tggggagcag cagtggctgc cagagcggca     42240
     agtggctcca gagaccgccc ccacctaccc cacctccgct cttcctccaa ggtccaaggg     42300
     tcctgaaggc actaggcata ctctcctaga aagagccgga agctggatac tttatttctc     42360
     ggctttcctt aaagttctgg aagctgccaa gtatccttaa gttggaagtt ttattttttt     42420
     cctaagcacc ttgaggcact gagaagcatt aggagagttg gtttttaact cacacttgtc     42480
     ttcataaaga gataaaagaa tttgctccaa cccctttgta ttaagttgtt ttaaaatgtt     42540
     tgggtcaata tgttgttatt ttgctttcct ccagacacga aacacagaaa aagcattaag     42600
     taaaaaccga atagggagtc atcataaatt catggatact atttagtttt tcattaaacc     42660
     tgcctttttt tattgtaatt taaattctag gatacatgtg cagaacaggc agttttgtta     42720
     cataggtgta catgtgccac ggtggtttgc tgcacccatc aacccatcat gtaagtttta     42780
     agccctgaat gcattaggta tttgtcctaa tgatctcctt ccacttaccc cctactccct     42840
     gacaggcccc attgtgtcct cattgttcca ttcccactta tgcatgagaa taggtagtgt     42900
     ttgcttttct gttcctgtgt tagcttgctg agaatgacgg tttccacttc attcatgtct     42960
     ctgaaaagga catgaactta ttcatttttg tggctgcata gtattccatc gtgtatatgt     43020
     gccacatttt ctttatccag tctataattg atgggcatct gggtttgtgc catgtctttt     43080
     ttgtgtgtaa atagtgctgc aataagcagc actagcagca ataagcagtt tccttagagt     43140
     agaatgattt acaatactct gggtgtatac cacataatgg gattgctggg tcaaatggta     43200
     tttctggtta tagatccttg aggaatcacc acactgtctt ccacagtgat tgaactaatt     43260
     tatactccca ccagcagcat agagcattcc tttttctcca catcttcgcc agcatctgtg     43320
     gtttcctgac tttttaatgg tcaccattct gaccgatgtg agacagtatc tcattgtggt     43380
     tttgatgtgc atttctctaa tgctcagtga tgctgagctt tttttatata tatttgttgg     43440
     ctgattaaat gtcttctttt gagaagtgtc tgttgatatc ctttaccact ttttgttggg     43500
     gtttgttttt tattttctta taaaattttt taagttcctt gtagcttttg gatattagac     43560
     ctttgtcaga tagataggat gaaaaaatgt tttcacattc tgtatgttgc ctgttcactc     43620
     tgacgatatt ttcttttgct gtggagaagc tccttagatt aattaggtcc catttgtcaa     43680
     tttcggattt tgttgcaatt gttttttggt ctttttgtca tgaagttttt gcccatgcct     43740
     atatcctgaa tggtattgcc tagattttct tctagggttt ttagggtttt aggttttaca     43800
     tttaagtctt ttaattcatc ttgagttaag ttttgtatgt gatgtaagaa agggattcag     43860
     tttcaggttt ctgcatatgg ctcgccagtt ttcccagacc agggaatcct tccctagttg     43920
     cttgtttttg tcaggcttgt caaagatcag atcactgtag atgtgtgaat tactttaagc     43980
     agtatggtca ttttaggata gagcaggatt tcaatcccag cttttttttt ttttttactt     44040
     tccatttgct ttgtaaatat tcctccatcc ttttattttg agcctatgtg tgtcttcacc     44100
     catgatatca gtctcctgaa tacagcacac caaagggtct tgattctatc caatttgtca     44160
     gtctgtgcac tttaattggc aaatttagtt cacttacatt taaggttaat atttgtacgg     44220
     gtcaatttga tcctggcatg gcaatactag ctggttattt tgcatattaa ttgatccact     44280
     ttcttcatag tgttgttggt ctttatattt tgctactttt tttagtgatg aatactggtt     44340
     ttgttttgtg ttgttttgtt ttctgagaca gagtctcgct ttattggcca gtatggagtg     44400
     cagtgctgcg atgtcagctc actgcaagct ccaactccca ggttcctgcc attctcctgc     44460
     ctcagcctcc tgagtccaag tacctttgac tacaggcacc cgccaccatg cccagctaat     44520
     tttttgtatt tttagtagaa atggggtttc accatattag acaggatggc cttttacctt     44580
     tagttaaata agttagagta gaaacaaagg aatgcggggt gtttacctaa gtagcttgct     44640
     tagtcatgtg gtcctaagac taatatttga cttagcacag tgctaaattg ctttctaact     44700
     gggaagtcca cactgtcaat taccctttag tggtgttaac tagagccttg gtcaattaat     44760
     ccttactgaa taaatgcaag tctcactagc tggctggggc cacagtcaaa actgtttgca     44820
     ataatttgcc tgtagtctgt aagcagcttg atgttcagct ggactggcaa agcataatat     44880
     ctgtgtgctt tattcatcca tttattcatt gtagaaatca tgaattaaaa aaataacagg     44940
     ataaatgcga caatatgtac tagcatattt ttttctttct ttttttttag tttttactaa     45000
     gtagagctta gaatatgatc ggttttctgt ggcacagcac atgcctgctt cttttggcag     45060
     caattataga ataatgagaa aacaataata acaaaaagtg ccagtctgaa gagatcatgt     45120
     attttatgat catatttcta tgacattata gaaatgtcta cagagaaggt aagcagacct     45180
     gtgatgtaca gtggtttgta ggggaaagag agtgagttga ataggggaat aggatgttgg     45240
     aaagggggta caaatgggcc agttagactt agactgcctc tggttcgtga ggtcatgctt     45300
     ggtgtgtgga agagccagga gtgtgtagta caagcatgat aagaaggttt ctactcagcc     45360
     agatgtggtg gctcaccaca tctgcagtcc caccactttg ggaggctgag ttgggtggat     45420
     cactaggtca cgaggttgag accatcatgg ctaacacggt gacaccctac ctctactaaa     45480
     aatacaaaaa ttagccaggc atggtggtgg gcacctttag tcccagctac tcaggaggct     45540
     gatgaaggag aatggcatga atatgggagt tggagcttgc agtgagcaga gaccacacca     45600
     ctgcacacca acctaggcca caaaggaaga ctctgtttca aaacaaaaac aaacacaaaa     45660
     caacaacagc aacaaaaaac aaaggcttct actcactcta ggagagagaa gggtcctctt     45720
     ctttccacat ggaactatct caggactagt tctcaggaag cctttttggt atgtggtaaa     45780
     agaaacgtaa cataaattta ccaatctaaa catttgtagg tgtacaggta agtggcatta     45840
     tgtatgttca tgttactgtg caaccatcac caccatttca cattctcacc agcaatgcac     45900
     aagggttcca ttttctccac atactcccca actctccctt tttcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     45960
     acattctagt gggtttaagg tgataatctc attgtgattt agatatccat ttacctaatg     46020
     gctaatgatg tcgaacatat ctttctgcgc ttattggcac tgaacttgtt aatggtttcc     46080
     tgggtatgac agagaatgca cagaaaacaa aagaaaaaat agataaattg aacttcatta     46140
     aaactaaaat ctttcatgct tcaaagggca ctatcaggat ggtcaataga aaaccaacag     46200
     cataggacaa aatattttca agtcatatat aagggtaagg gcctagtatc caggatatag     46260
     gagaaattct tacaactcaa gaacaaaaag acaatcaacc caattaaaaa aatgatagag     46320
     aaattgaaaa tacttttctc caaagataca cacacacaca aaaacacata aaaattagct     46380
     caacatcact tatttcaggg aaatgcagat caaaaccaca agaagacacc acttttcacc     46440
     cattgtaatt attattattt aaaaaccatg aacgaacaag ggttgacgtg gaagtggaga     46500
     aaaacaaaag taaaatagtt catctgctgt ggaaaatagt ttggtgtttc tgcaaaaagc     46560
     taaacatgga accatcatag aaaccagcaa atccccccca cctcaggtat atacacaaaa     46620
     aatataaagc aggtattcaa acaaaactgt gtgtgcacat atactcatgg aagaattatt     46680
     cacaataact aaaatgtgga aacaaaccaa atgtccacaa acaaataata ggaaaacaaa     46740
     atgtagtata cctatacaat ggcataatat ctagccataa aaagattgag acactcatac     46800
     tacaatgtga agatactgca aaaccattgt gtttaaagaa gctaagcaca aaagtcacat     46860
     agtgtatgat tttatgtata taaatgtcca gaataagtaa tttcatagag aaagaaagca     46920
     gatttgctaa ttgtcagggg tcagaaagag gacagattgg gtagtagttc cttaataggt     46980
     aggggattta cttcagtaaa aaatatccta tccccagtat tccaacagca ggctgagctc     47040
     tcattccatg gtgtcccctt aacctggggt tcaagtcccc ccacagtccg gaagtgcctg     47100
     gggcctgagc aggcacattc tggacacata ctccagccat tgtgtccacc agctcctaga     47160
     cctgttacca gtgaaaagta tctgagttac tggcagcaaa tccgtccggg tctttagcaa     47220
     tatcaattct tgcctcctca ggtgaaagaa ttcaactggt gggcataaag aaggaagaag     47280
     gaagaaaatg ccatggcaag tttcacagca ggagtggacg tttattaaaa agctttagag     47340
     caggaaagaa tgaaaattgc actcgaaaga gatccaaatg ggtgacttga agaagtgtgg     47400
     ccattaacct tccttctggg acattttagg ctggcctacc gccagcatct ggtgcaccct     47460
     ttcccatgat tcttccccta gcatgggctg cccacaggca cagtgccctc gttacccttg     47520
     ggaagtaagt atagacagtg tgtttaagca gttatatgta tgcccatctg aggcttcctc     47580
     ccttttattg gtggggtgac cccagaaagt catactccac cattttgtct cttaatgtgc     47640
     actcctgggt tcagtcatcc aatgtctgag attttatggg acgccctttt tcctcctctc     47700
     tggcatgtga gtttaattaa cactttaatg ttaccagctg tgtatcaggc tatccctggc     47760
     cccagccgct aaattattat ttttagagaa gcaatatgat aactgtccaa ccatcacccg     47820
     atggcctgac attcctggta tgcggatgtg gagaacccgc tcttgcccca ctcatgactg     47880
     tttaaccaac tgtaacaaac ccacgggcca atttcacttc caggtcagtt tttctctgct     47940
     gcctttccgg acacccagtg atcagtgatg cctcctcagg gtttacaagg tcttcagtat     48000
     catgctctat tttgatccag acctcagcac ataatatcca tgggttgttc catttcaata     48060
     aagggaaatt aacattttct gatcacaagt gcatgcaggt gtcttactca ggtgaactca     48120
     cagcaactct gcaaagtatg ggtagtccca catgtagaga aaaatgccag gatccagtga     48180
     ctgagtgact cactttcaat cacacagctt ccaagtaact tcatactcac attccagccc     48240
     atggcctggt ctccagttgt catttagaaa aggtttgcga gtacttgaac atatgcccag     48300
     gccacaccca gacttatttg taacaacaaa gatgagctcc agggacaatg gttgacaaga     48360
     cccacccagt catctttctt ccattcagag ccattgtagt actcgatact catcagaaac     48420
     agtctcttat cccaaagccc tctcatacat agggtgtatc aatgggaatg ggtcacacat     48480
     ggggcacaaa gggcaaattt agtgagggaa tcagagccag cacataaaga aggagctggt     48540
     gattccaagt gtaaagaaag gcggtatgct aagaagttat tgccctggag ggtgaaggat     48600
     acaagaggtt tgtatgacta aatcagaggg agcaagagag aaagcaggca atggaccaaa     48660
     cacttagcac aagggacagt gattccttaa caaggtcgat gcagacctac catgacatga     48720
     tgtggccact gcactcctag gaatgaacca tgagaaatga aggcaagctc acaggctaca     48780
     tacataaata aatattcatg acatccttac acataatggt cccaaaccag gagcccaaat     48840
     gcccatacac agaagaaggg tgaacaagct gtggcacatc tatacaatgg catgtggctc     48900
     agcatgaaaa ggaatggact gttgatgcac tcagaacaga gtgactctga aagtagttct     48960
     gctgaataaa agaagccaga tcagaacgac gcacaaagac ccaagtacat actgtattta     49020
     cctgtaattc tataaaatac ccacaagttt ttagtgaaag aagcagatct gtggtcctag     49080
     ggtggccagg gagtgatcgt tattgatggg aggaagatgt gttttcatga ccttcatcac     49140
     acttctggcc ttgcggtgaa tgaaatactc acatggagaa accatcagtt cttccatcta     49200
     cacaggtgca gtttaccata tgccaatcac atgccaacaa agctgttttt aaataagcaa     49260
     tcatgatcca gagcaaggaa taaggttggg caggagacct gatgaggcag attgttttct     49320
     tttcctaatc tataaggctg cacactgaaa ttaagttggc cctgagctca gacactgaac     49380
     aggcctttgg gaaaggctca cacagtcctt cctcctgaac agaagagtga ccacctaaca     49440
     caatacccag ctgcccctca ggaactttat atgtcaatgt gaccttccca tccttgtgtc     49500
     tgttttctgc aatttcctct ttcaggcaga agccaatgtg gcctctgatg tagaggaaat     49560
     aatgttaaag ttctaatatg gacattctgg ttccatcata gtagagaaac gggttgcatc     49620
     ttctctcttc acgacaaaga gaagggaaaa gccatgagaa caatgtccac agttgtgtga     49680
     tcaggttgca agtggaggaa gaacatcgcc atgccaagga agcagcaggg caactgaagg     49740
     tgaaggtttc tgcagaggaa agaaggaagc ttagggattc ccagaggaaa tcatccttcc     49800
     catttgtagg cccctggttt gaaggccagt tcctcttgtc ccaatgtgaa atgagcgtgt     49860
     gacaatcccc atttcagcct taatgctaat tacagaggca aacgtgagag accaacagtt     49920
     tttaaaaaat gcaaacaaac aaaaaaaaca aacaaaggca aatatgatca acagacaact     49980
     cacctccaga gaaatgagtc tttaagatcc ttcttccttc tggcctcaag acctctgttc     50040
     aaggaaagtt cagaacacat gctccccgta gtctcagaga agtataaaat attgcatccc     50100
     tgaaaaataa caaaatttag gaagataata ggaaaattca gagattagga acaacagctt     50160
     gaaattctct taaaatgtgt aactctcaaa aattggaaga cagaatctaa aaaatatttc     50220
     aaaaccacat acaattaaca aaataaacct aagaaaagtg gttagctctc tgggagattt     50280
     gtcccatagt tgcagtagcg aaatagcatt tgacatgtaa aaacccaggg aggcagttat     50340
     aaaagctctg ggaatgacag ctccacccca ggcctagaga gatgttggtg ggataggaac     50400
     aggaaaacgg aaggtgtcca ccagtgattt ttcaggtggg aggttagaaa tgagggaaga     50460
     tgataaggat gtgataaaag gagatttaat ttgaatttta atttagttcc aacttaattt     50520
     aatttaattt taaatttaat ttaattttaa tttaatttaa ttttaaatag aaagaaagaa     50580
     gaaaaggcaa ttagaaactc caagaaaaga gaaagctaaa gaaaaaatat gtatatacct     50640
     atagaatacc aagaaatgta ggtgaattca aagtgccaat atacttccta caagaagaaa     50700
     gtcacaagat tctattgcat tggattgaaa aaatatatac ataaatatac atatactcta     50760
     cagttacttt caacatcaat gataactaag aaagaaacta aaatcatgat atttctatca     50820
     ttgggtgagg gtggaggaaa ggtcagaagt ctaagaaact cagccttcct ctgttgtacc     50880
     aggtgttaac aggtaattca ggggactagg gttaggtgca catggtggca gttccttctg     50940
     agttaccctt gcctcatctc tgtatttttc agtcatgtgc atatattttt attttcaaaa     51000
     taaaatatat gggaagtaat ttgtggtgtc agagactcta ggaagattct ctgttccagg     51060
     gtacgggttc cacatctaat taaacaccac agattccagc agaaaatcct agctctaccc     51120
     acacttccac tccctcaaac aagactcaag taatcaccac atccagctca aaaactcaag     51180
     atctgtccaa agcagatcca cgtgtagcca tcagcaaggg tatcaataga cacagccaca     51240
     gaggtgtctg cagtgcatca tgaagtccag ccgctagcag tagaccaact gcacagtctg     51300
     gaaggaaatt ttcttggagg atgccaatgc tagaggaacc agccatgatg caggtgcagc     51360
     catagagggg tccatcatgt tactgcaagc agccagaggg cagaggtaat gagcaggaaa     51420
     gatgaggggg agggtggcga catcatggtt gggcccctac tggtacatgt tgccaccctg     51480
     cagtggcctg tgggaaacag agaacaccgt attttggtgg gcagaggctc tctcaggcca     51540
     gagcagtagg acctggaaag aaactgaagc caagctcagg aatgtgggtt cctgtttcaa     51600
     tttggctact ggtggctgtg gaccccagga tataacaaat tacatgcctt taccgttttc     51660
     cctgtggctg caaagacttg ggtcaggctc tgaattacct ggcccccttg aggcgcttaa     51720
     taaagcttat tactggaaac tgataatata ttagcacttt atttacaatg accttcaatg     51780
     aagtgttgtt ctccagtatt gaaaatagga aaacaattat caagagctta atagttatgg     51840
     gattaaatga tggttgatcc tcaagaacta ttaggcagca cttgataata aagcattggt     51900
     atttcatgaa tgctcactgt gtctcaattg tactcttagg cttttgacaa ccagcctgac     51960
     ttaagctttg caaaaatccc catggcagat cctggcacca tctctatttt acaggtgaaa     52020
     ggtcacatga acctgcttag ggacacatac ctgggcaggg caggatctaa atggaagcag     52080
     gcccaagagg tgtcaagaaa gatgctaata tcctaatggt atgtggaaag gaggagcaaa     52140
     tgtgcacatg gtgtgaaggc cagacaagat ttaggacagc cctaaatgta gaacagatcc     52200
     acagcaggcc agcctccagt tttcttattc ttaaatgatc ctcctcatca agtaaagatc     52260
     acagagtgca gggaggctgc tcaaaaaagt actgatatgt agcagaaaca tgagaaaagc     52320
     aaaagaaaca aaatactaaa aataaacaca ccacaatgac agctgagttt gtctttaggt     52380
     ggccggccta caagtgtctt tttctaagtc tgttttcacc attctccaaa atagacataa     52440
     atttaggtaa tgtgtccagc tgcaggaaca agtgttgggt cagaggaaac tgcttcccaa     52500
     acctggcccc tgacccaggc tccttgctgg cagcttcccc ttccctgtgg tctgtcctga     52560
     tcccagtgac agggcactat catccctaca catattccat gtcctagtcc ccactaaaat     52620
     gtagaggggt actgaacagg tgagatgttc tcatggccca tatgatgaca gtacctggca     52680
     gtcagtgcca ttcaaattgt cttgtctcca ggaaagtaga aagccaagcc cagtggctcc     52740
     cattgtcctt gagtggtctc ttgggattgt tgaggcccat tttattcatg tctctctaaa     52800
     agagataaga tgggagaaga ggttttgtgg gactctgagg tacatccttc ttcccagcag     52860
     gtaaagcaag cctgctggct ggaaaatgct gttaccacag gggcacccca atattctttg     52920
     ttcatctctg gccctatctt tggtctaaac caacaaccca taattactaa ctgtgggaaa     52980
     caaagtttct ggggtgccaa ttaagttggt ctcccctgta tgagacaccc atggggagcc     53040
     atgggcagcc tctgagaaga aaaatctcct tattaccttc atgtatttat gcccccagag     53100
     cataaccact cagcggcatt ccactggttg ctcaggaaga taacgttccc ttgaagcagt     53160
     ggaatataat aaaacatctt ggctcctcct gaaacccact cccacccatt tcagtcatga     53220
     taagttgaag atcttaagta gtttagacac atgcctttgc tcaaggaaat tcacagaaac     53280
     caccagtgct atacatctta ttgaatggct gatgagttct ccttcactgc ttaatccttt     53340
     tccttattcc ttcctccccc tcccatctcc ttaaggacaa agaatttgta aaccaataaa     53400
     ttgggtggag cctgagagct ccaggccatg agcaagtctc caatgctctg gtgccctgga     53460
     cctacctttt aagtgcttat tctgtctctt tctaacacct ttgtctcctc cagattcggg     53520
     gtacccactg ggtcttatgt ggctggtttc cccaacacta acctgggaca ttccaaatct     53580
     tggtgcttgt gttgtctctc aaatcaactc accaagccct cctcagaaaa cgcaatgccc     53640
     ttttctgcag ccaaagacct cattatgcca cacagtgacc ttgaaatgca gaggggcagc     53700
     cacaacccca cttgggcctg ttctgaacct gagatctctg gtttcagtga tctcacagcc     53760
     agttgattga aagggacagg gaagtgtgtg gaggaagcac tctccacacc actgcactgc     53820
     agcctggaca acagaatgag accccatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acctttaaaa     53880
     atgcatccta tttttttctg agggtgttcc aagatggcca aataggaaca gctccagtct     53940
     gcagctccca gcatgatcaa tgcagaagat cagtgatttc tgcatttccc actgaggtat     54000
     ctggttcatc tcattgggaa tggcagggca gtgggtgcag cccacagtga atgagctgaa     54060
     gcagggcagg gcatcacccc tcctgtgaag tgcaagcagt cggggaattt ccctttccta     54120
     gccaagggaa gctgtgacag actacctgga aaaacggagc actcctgccc aaatactgca     54180
     ctttacccaa ggtcttagca tccagcagac aaagtaattc tctcccatgc ctagcttggt     54240
     gggtcccatg cctggcttgg tgggtcccat gcccacagag ccttgctcac tgctagcgca     54300
     gcagtctgag atcaagctct gatgtggcag cctggctggt agaaaggcgt tcacaattgc     54360
     taagtcttga gcaggtaaac aaagcaccca ggaagctaaa actgggtgga gcccaccaca     54420
     gctcaacaag gcctactgcc tgtagactac acctctgtgg gcagggcaca gttgaactaa     54480
     aggcagcaga caactttggc agacttaaat gtccctgtct gacagctctg aagagagcag     54540
     tggttctcct agcatgccat ttgaagtctg agaatggaca ggctgcctcc tctcatctgt     54600
     ccctgacccc tgtgtaacct atctgggaga cagctcccag taggggctga cagacacctc     54660
     atataggcag ctgcccctct gggatgaagt ttccagagga aggatcaggc agcaatattt     54720
     gctgttctga aatatttgct gttctgcatc ctctgctggt gacacccagg caaacacaat     54780
     ctgcagtgga ctacaccaaa tcccaaaagt cctgcagctg agggacctaa gtgttagaag     54840
     gaaaactaac aaatagaaag gaagagcatc aacataagca aaaagttcat ctacaccaaa     54900
     actccatctg taggtcaaca acatcaaaga cacaaggtag ataaaaccac aaagatggag     54960
     agaaactaca gcagaaaagc tgaaagtttt aaaaattgag tgcttcttct gcaatggatc     55020
     acaattcctc acaagcaatg caacaaaact ggacagagaa tgaatctgat gagctgacag     55080
     aagtaggctt caggaggttg gtaataacaa aactatttga gctaaagttt catgttccaa     55140
     tctatcacaa ggaagctaaa aaccttggaa aaagatgaga tgaatggcta actagaataa     55200
     atagtgtaga gaggatttta aatgacctga cggagctgaa aactgtggca caagaacttt     55260
     gtcatgcatg cacaagcttc agtagctgat tcaatcaagt ggaagaaagg gtatcagtga     55320
     ttgaagatct cattaataaa ataaactgag aagacaaggt tagagaaaaa agagtaaaaa     55380
     gaaacaaaat ctctgagaaa tatgggacta agtgaaaaga ccaaatctaa gtttaattgg     55440
     tgtatctgaa agtgatggaa agaatggaac caacttagaa aacactcttc aggatattat     55500
     ccaggagaac ttccccaacc taacaaggca ggccaacatt caaattcagg aaatacagag     55560
     aatgccacaa agatactcct tgagaaaagc aaccacaaga catacaattg tcaggttcac     55620
     caaggttgac atgatggaaa aagtgttaag gtcagacaga gagaaaggtt gagttaccca     55680
     caaagggaag cccatcagac taacattgga tctcttagca gaaaccctac aagccagaag     55740
     agagtggggg cgaatattca acattcttaa agaaaagaat tttcagcaca gaatttcata     55800
     tccagccaaa ctaagcttta taagtgaagc agaaataaaa tcctttaaaa ataaggaaat     55860
     tctgagagat tctgtcacga ccaggcctgc cttacaagag ttcctgaagg aaacactaaa     55920
     catggaaaaa aacaaccagt atcagcaact gcaaaagcaa attttaaaga ccatcgatgc     55980
     tatcaagaga ctgtatcaat taacaggcaa actacacagc caacgtcata atgacaggac     56040
     caaatttaca cataacaata ttaaccttaa gtgtaaagag gctacatgcc ccagttcaaa     56100
     gacacagatg ggtaaattgg ataaagagtc aagatccatc agtgtgctgt attcaggaga     56160
     cccatctcac atgcaaagat gcacataagc tcacaataaa tgaatggaag aagatatacc     56220
     aagcaaatgg aaagcagaaa aaaatataag taggagttgc aatcctagcc tctgataaaa     56280
     cagactttta acgaacaaag atcaaaagag acaaagaagg ccattaccta atgataaagg     56340
     gatcaattca tgaagaagag ctaagaattc taaatatata ttcacccaat acacaaccca     56400
     gattcagaaa gtaagtcctt agagacctac aaagagactt agacacccac acaataataa     56460
     tgggagactt caacacccca cagtcaatgt tgtctcatta atcaacagat caatgagaca     56520
     gaaggttaac aaggatatcc agcacttaaa ctcagctctg taacaaactg gcctaataga     56580
     cacctacaga actctccacc ctaaatcaag agcatataca ttcttctcag caccacatca     56640
     cacttattct aaaattgacc acataacctg aagtaaagca ctcctcagca attgtaaaag     56700
     aacagaaatc acaacaaagt gtctctcaga ccacagtgta atcaaattag aactcagcat     56760
     taagaaactc actcaaaact gcacaactac aggggaactt aacaacttgc tcctgaatga     56820
     ttgctgggta aataacaaaa tgaaggcaga tatacagaca ttccttgaaa ccaatgagaa     56880
     caaagacaca acatgccaca atctctgaaa cacatttaaa gcagtgggca gagggaaatg     56940
     tatagcagta aatgtcacaa aagatagcag gaaagatata aaattgacaa cctaacatca     57000
     gaactaaaag aaatagagag gcaagagcaa acaaattcga aaggtagcag aaggcaagaa     57060
     ataactaaga tcagagcaga gcagaacgga aagagataga gacacaaaaa acccttcaaa     57120
     aaatcaatga atccaggaac tgggtttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgaaaaga     57180
     tcaacaaaat tgaaagaccc ctagcaaggc taataaagaa gcaaagagag aagaataaaa     57240
     tagaagctat aaaaaatgat aaaggggata tcaccatcga tcccacagaa gtacaaacta     57300
     ccctcagaga atactataaa cacctctaac aaaataaact agaaaatcta gaagaaatgg     57360
     ataaattcct ggacacatac acccttcaaa aactaaacca ggaagaagtt gaatctctga     57420
     atagactagc aacagcctct gaaattgagt aaataattaa tagcttacca accaaaaaaa     57480
     agcccaggac caggtggatt cacacccaaa ttctaccaga ggtacaaaga gggactggta     57540
     ccattccttc tgaaactatt ccaatcaata aaaaaaagag agaatcctcc ccaactcatt     57600
     ttatgaggac aacttcatcc tgataccaag gcctggcaga gacacacaag caaaaagaga     57660
     agtttagacc aatagcccag ataaacatcc atgcgaacat cctcaataaa atactggcaa     57720
     actgaatcca tcagcacaac aaaaagctta tctactacta tcacatcagc ttcatccctg     57780
     ggatgcaaat gtggttcaat ttatgtaaat caatatacct aatccatcat ataaactgaa     57840
     ccaatgacaa aaatcacatg attatctcaa tagatgcagg aaaggccttt gacaaaattc     57900
     aacaaccctt catgctaaaa actctcaata aactaggtat tgatggaaca tatctcaaaa     57960
     taataaaagc tactgacaaa cccacagaca atatccgaca gagtggacaa atactggagg     58020
     cattcctttg gaaaaccggc acaagacaag gatgccctct ctcaccattc ctattcaaca     58080
     tagtgttgga agttctgtcc agggcaatca ggcaagagaa agaaataaag ggtattcaat     58140
     aaggaaaaga ggaagtcaaa ttgtccctgt tttcggataa catgattgta tattgagaaa     58200
     acccattgtc tcagcccaaa atctacttaa gctgataagc aacttcagca aagtctcagc     58260
     atacaaaatc agtgtgcaaa aatcacaaac actcctgtac accattaaca gacaaacaga     58320
     gagccaaatc acaagtgaac tcccattcac aagtgcttca aagagtataa aatacctagg     58380
     aatccagctt acaaggaatg tgaaggacct cttcaggaaa aactacaaaa cactgctcaa     58440
     cgaaatcaaa aaggacagaa acaaatggaa ggatattcta cgataatgag tatgaagaat     58500
     gaataccttg aaaatggcca tagtgtccaa agtaatttat acaagcaatg ccattcccat     58560
     caagccacca gtgactttct tcagagattt ggaaaaaaaa aggtacagtt catatggagc     58620
     ccaaaaatag gccatattgc taagataatc ctaagaagaa gaagaaaaaa aaagctggag     58680
     acatcatgct acctgacttc aaactatact acaagcctac agtaaacaaa acagtatggt     58740
     acttgtacca aaagagatgt attgaccaat ggaacagaaa agaggcctct gaaataatac     58800
     cacacatctg caatcatctt atctctgatg aatctgacaa aaagaagaaa tggggaattg     58860
     actccctatg tcgtaaatgg tgctgggaaa aggggctggc catttttaga aggctgaaac     58920
     tggatctctt ccttacacct tacataaaag ctaattcaat atgaattaaa gacttaaata     58980
     ttaaatataa aaccgtaaaa accctagaag aaaacataga caataccatt caggacatag     59040
     gcatgggcaa gtacttcatg actaaaacac caaaattaat ggcaacagag gccaaaatag     59100
     acaaataaga tctaattaaa ctaaagaact tctgaatggc aaaagaaact accatcagag     59160
     tgaacaggca acgtacagaa tgggagaaaa tttttgcaat ctacccatct tacaaatggc     59220
     taatatcaga atctacaaag aacacaaaca aattttcatt aaaaaaaaaa aacacctcat     59280
     caaaaggagg gcaaaggata tgaacagaca cttctcaaaa gaagacattt atgcagccaa     59340
     cagacacatg aagaaatgct catcatcact ggtcaacagg gaaatgcaaa tcaaaaccaa     59400
     aatgagatat catctcaagc cacttggaac ggcaatcatt aaaaagtcag gaaacgacag     59460
     acgctggtgt ggatgtggag aaataggaat gcttttacac tgtttgggag agtgtaaatt     59520
     agttcaacca ttgtggaaga cagtgtggta attccgcaag gatttaaaat tagaattacc     59580
     atttgaccca gcaatcccat tactgagtat atacccaaag ggttataaat catgctgcta     59640
     taaagataca tgcacacgta tgtttattat cgcactattc accatagcaa agacttgaaa     59700
     ccaaccaaat tgtccatcaa tgatagactg gattaagaaa atatggcaca tataaaccgt     59760
     ggaatactat gcagccataa aaaggacaag ttattaatgg tattataatt aatatcttga     59820
     attaataata atatagtgtg aattataaca actgagcatt gacattatac aaaaatcatt     59880
     ttcccatact gttttcccca actttctatt tttttgtcaa aaatagtttg ttatgcaaca     59940
     tttgctaaca acccagatgt gtaattattg ctttattttt tgtcatttct ttattttatt     60000
     attgtattgt attttaattc attgagacag ggtttcagtc acacaggcta aacatggttc     60060
     actacagcct cgagctcctg ggctcaaggg acccttccaa ctcagtgccc tatgttctgg     60120
     ggacagaagt ccatgccacc acagctggct aattttgttt attttctcaa aagacggtca     60180
     cattttgttg ccctggctgg tctcaaactc ccagactcaa ggaaatcccc ctactttgtt     60240
     gggattacag ttgtgagata cttttaaatc cagtagaaaa ataaagtcac agaaaaccca     60300
     aatataataa tattggcttt tctatttcgt gacgtaatta ttttattgat gttcttattt     60360
     ctttatttgc acatggggca ctatttttct ttcattcctt gcttgttttc atcatgtttt     60420
     gtaaggctga tctagtagta atgtactctc tttaattatg tttgcttgga aatgccttat     60480
     ttgctcataa agttaaattt ttgtttggcc agatattgag tttatgattg actttatctt     60540
     cttattccag cactttaaag atctcatcac agtgacttct ttccactata atttttaatg     60600
     agaaattggc tgttaatgtt atgaaggata acttgcatgt gatgagttac ttctgtcttg     60660
     attcttttaa agttctctat ttatttgtct tctgtcaatt tcagtgcatg tgtttcagtg     60720
     tggatatctt ggattttatt ctccctggag tattgtgttc tttagagata cttggatcag     60780
     tagatttgca tctatcgaca cttttgggaa gtttcagcca ctattcattt aaatattctt     60840
     tttttcccca tctcacctat tccagtggga ctcccattat gaatatgttg atattcttga     60900
     tggtgtccca tggaaacctt agttttgatc attattcttg tttctcttcc ttacactgaa     60960
     caatatcaaa caatccatct tcaagttgcc tcattaggca ttcctgaggc aggctaaggc     61020
     acccttcaga gctgtcagtc tgcctaagca gaggaaaatg gtacaggcag agccttcctg     61080
     gtatagggaa aaatgctgcc tgtaataagc caccactgga cacaaaaata tagatgatag     61140
     ggcccttttg ggcagtctct aaggttgggt tccacagaag aagtcatttt gagactgtga     61200
     aggggtcact gcaatctgca cctctgcctc tattcccaat agaggatgtg tgcaagagtt     61260
     aattcccatg gggattgaaa taccatttgg tgagtttttg aagcatctct gggtgatgga     61320
     atcatcactg agacccaaga gagtggtgtc agtgaaagat ggctgggccg ttgacatcac     61380
     tgactccctt catcctgggc ctcacagggg aaatacaggg aagcacaaca aaagcaagta     61440
     tttgttcctc tctgggaaat acaggaacca caacaaaagc aagtcccaga taaagcattg     61500
     ttttcacacc tcaaactggc ctttctcgga tgcagatgtg gttgagagag tatctctgag     61560
     gtggtccatg gcaattgcaa gacagaaaag ggtgtccagt agtgctgatg aggggcaatg     61620
     tggactcccc atgaaagcaa agaaaaatga aagctcgcct gaacgaacaa gctgacttgt     61680
     gcaggagtac aagcaaagtt caaagattcc tgtcagagga cccaaaagcc tcctgcaaag     61740
     tgcaaacaac atcagcccct acaaggacac catgatccac aacctggtgc atagccaccg     61800
     tatgcaaagt ccttttggct tcctgaaatt cctggcactg aaaagatcta tagcaagagg     61860
     cagtcccatc tagcaagagc caatgataga cccactccac agcaaggaag gacatgcaga     61920
     tgaagtgaaa cagagccaag attagcagga aaatgcagaa catggctgcc tgcctctcat     61980
     cctacaggaa tcatgcaacc cttcaataaa agagggataa taaaagtttc catatggatg     62040
     gttgtaatgg gaatttatgc ctttaaaagt ctcatattgc ctagtcatta aaacgtgaca     62100
     gaattaagaa agaaacaatg atgcaatgga ttcacataag agtggtcctc catgaactgg     62160
     gaaacttcta gtgtggaaga tatggaacca gacccagaaa accctaggcc aaagaggaac     62220
     atggaagtca ggaaaagaag acgcaagtgt gatggctaca ctcacccagc atcaatccat     62280
     cacactctca tttggctccg gttatgaaag ccctcacatt gagagttctc cagatggccc     62340
     cagtttgttc tcaaaatatt ctcttcatgt ccacctgaaa accaggctat ttacttggaa     62400
     gcagattctg tgtcatctat cttcattttt tttttgcaag tgatgttgca aaaccttata     62460
     cacccctcac gagattttgt ccttaaagct atctgacttt attcctgctc atactctatg     62520
     tcccaggatg aaatcaaaag atgatggaga gtgccccccc accacaagat gtgaatcacc     62580
     tgctcagctg ggaaccaaat tcaaggttaa ttcaaagtgc ccagtggaca ggactgctag     62640
     tgtctatgcc tgggttggcc tcacgacaat gaaacactag gagatgtctc ttttgggcat     62700
     ggtgtgctcc tcttcttttt agaagagtgg ctttttttga acacacaatg ccacacacac     62760
     attcagacat cctacactca ctatactccc acagaaatac acagcccagc agctaccgag     62820
     gctgcacgaa gcactacctg gagagagtcc cacagcccaa gcagagaaac acaggccacc     62880
     aaaatgttgg aagactcaaa aacagaaagc actggagtgc ataagtaata tgcttttaag     62940
     cagacttcac ttacagtcac acacacacac acacacacaa taccacacaa acatgcagac     63000
     atccaacact tgaaatgctc cgccagaaat gttgggagac taaaaaaaaa aagaagggaa     63060
     aagggctgaa gcgggttagc catgtaattt ccagcacact ctactgtcag gcgcacatgt     63120
     gcacacccaa tgccacacac acacgcagac atccaacact cacaacactc ccacaggaaa     63180
     acagagctca gcactcctga ggctatgtga ttctgcaaga atcccaacct gggagacagc     63240
     aaccacaaga aaccccagtt ggctatacct agaaatcaca gttggacaag tttcaaaaga     63300
     ctcatgccta caatgtctag gctggcctga gaagtcctgc agatgttttt ccctgtgttt     63360
     aagcaagctg acatcctaag cagagaaaaa taatacaggc agagtaggcc tgttgttgat     63420
     aaaaaaggct gtgtttgaaa accctctgtg tgaccctaaa tgtctcaacc tcagggcccc     63480
     ttcaggagga ggtattttta gatagtaacc tgttcactgg aaactgccct tctgtctcca     63540
     tttttgaaac aggctgtgtg caataatctg gtcccataag aattggaata tgatctgttg     63600
     tgttgttgag ggttctttgg gtgatacaat catacctgag tccttagagg tgggtgtcag     63660
     tgaaagaagg ttgggctctt gacctcactg catcccttca tcctgggtct ctcagaagct     63720
     ctctgggaaa ggtagaaacc acgacaatgg caagtccgag gtggaggagt gttctcatac     63780
     ctcagactgg tctttcacta tgcagttgtg gttattctct tacctcagac tgacctcgga     63840
     ctgtgcagat aaggttgaga cagtgaaaca ctgcaagatg tctgtttctg gtgtggtgtg     63900
     ctcctcttct ttctagaaga gtggctcttt tttgttttat ttctttcagg aggagttgat     63960
     tttgacacct gcatgtcttg gcccacctcc cgattcactg cagattcatg atccacagaa     64020
     aaataaagaa cacggagccc cacagcacaa acaaagcaac agagaggcca acaaagattg     64080
     aaacattcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaggca ctgaagtgca ttagacacat tatttaagca     64140
     gactccactt acagcaacaa acacattctt aaacacacaa tgaaaaacac acacacacac     64200
     acacacatcc aacagttgca acactcccac agaaaaacat agctcagcag tgcatgagga     64260
     tgcatggctc tgcaggaatt cccacctagg agagagcaac cccaaggaac ataggcaggc     64320
     tgtacctaga aaccacagta gggcaagttt caaaaagatt cacccgtaca atgtctaggc     64380
     aggcctacca aatcttgcag atgtttctgg atgcttaagg attttgtggt ttattcctgt     64440
     agctatgctt gtttcttcac gctggctaac gtctaccctc tcctaggatc atgagactat     64500
     ccgtggattt cacagagaag acagacgaga agacacagct gacgctcctc cacggaggtc     64560
     cccttttcca agatgcagat acttcttgct aggcaacggt gacatttata gcgatgctag     64620
     acagagctca caatcggatc aggtaccctg agactagcgc atgcgcattt gtgaggcaga     64680
     ctcaagtcag gttgtcagag ctgtcagtct gcctcagcag gggataatgg aacaggcaga     64740
     gcccgcctgg tatcgggaaa aaggctgact ataaaaaccc actgcaggac cctgaaaatc     64800
     tcgacctcag ggaccctgct ggccatttcc ttgttcaggt cccgctggag gaagaggtgt     64860
     ttcgcgactg cgatgtggtc gctggaaact gctcttctaa ctccattagc gaaagagggt     64920
     gtgtgcaata attgggtccc aagggggttg gaatataatc tggtgtgtcg ttgagtgttc     64980
     tttgggcgac agaaacatac ctgagacacc agaagtggat gtcagcaaaa gatgattggg     65040
     cttttgaact gaatgcctcc cttcattctg agccttgcag gggctatcta tgaaaggcaa     65100
     gaaccataac aaaggcaagt ctaatgtgga gcagtgttct cacatctcgg aatggcctct     65160
     cacttgtgca gatgtagttg agacagtgtc tcagaggcca tctgtggtga tggcaagctt     65220
     gaaaatggtg tgcagtgctg ctgttggggg gcactatgga ttccccaaga aaacaaagaa     65280
     aaaccaaggt tcacctaaga atgagctgcc tttgctggag tccaggcaat gttcaagatt     65340
     cctgtcagaa accaaaagcc tcctgcaaag tgcaaacaac tgcagcctct acgatgagac     65400
     aatgatccac aatatggagt gcagccagtt tatcaaagtc ccttttactc tctgaaatcc     65460
     ctggcagcaa aataatctgt ggcaagtggc agtcctagcc agcaacagcc cagtgaaagg     65520
     gcccctccac aatgagaagt ccatgcagat gagatgaaac aggggctaga ttatcaggct     65580
     aaagccagac atggctgcct ccttctcatc ctagaggaaa catgcaaccc tgtgatagaa     65640
     gtgggaaaaa aaacagattc cttgttggtg ggtgtaacaa gaatttaccg ttttaaaact     65700
     atcaaagctt cccagtcttt aaaaggtgac aatgtttaga aggaaacact catgcaatgg     65760
     attcccagga gggtcgttct ctgtgaacta ggaaacatgt agtgtggaag tcattgagcc     65820
     agaaacagga aaccctaggt tgacgagaaa cgtagaagtc aggggaaaag aggcaagtac     65880
     ggaggccaca tccaatacag aatcaatcaa ttctgctccc atttggctca tgtatgaagg     65940
     ctcttaaatg gagagtttgc aaaaatggcc ccaatttgcc ctccaaatat tccttgcagg     66000
     ttaaagtact cccaccagaa cactgggcca tggtgtgtac tgcttgtgca attaagggga     66060
     tgcagagata aagttggaag aaccttctgt gttttctgcc tttatgtttt gcaggtgaag     66120
     ttgggggatt acttccaccc ctcaccagat tgtatcttca ccccatctga cctcatttct     66180
     gctcacaatc tatgtcccag aatgaattcc aagatgatga aggagatctt cctcatgaca     66240
     tgaagcatct gctcagctgg agactgaatc caagctaaat tcaaggggcc atgcacacag     66300
     atctgtgagg gtcactttct ggtttggact ctggacaata aaacactggg agatgtcttt     66360
     tttttttttt ttttttggta tggtgtgctc atctttatag acgagtggct tttgttgcag     66420
     gggaggtgat ttcgatgcct gcgtgtctca gcccacctcc caattcactg cagattcatg     66480
     atccacagac aaataacagg aagccccaca acccaagctg agccacacag acaggccacc     66540
     ataagtataa gagactcaaa aataaaagaa gtgctgcagt gcattagcca cattccttta     66600
     agcagactcc acctacaggc acacaaacac acacacaaac acacaatgcc acacgtaccc     66660
     acaaagacat ccaacacttg caacattccc atggaaacac actgcctggc agctactgag     66720
     gctgcatggt tcatcagaaa tccccacctg ggagagagca accctgagga acacaggcag     66780
     gttttaccta taaatcacgt tgggacaggt ttctaaaaga ctcacacctg caacttctag     66840
     gcaggcctga ggaatcctgc aaatcctttt ggatccttag gcagttcacc atttattcct     66900
     cttcttgatg tttcctcagt ctgtctcacg tctgcccttt tctaggacta tcctgtgaat     66960
     cccacagaga agacaggtgt ggttccaccg ccgatggacc tccacagaat tctccttctc     67020
     taccaagccc caggccttct cccaggatca tgagactatt tgtggatttc acagagaaga     67080
     taggtgacag tataccactg acacacctcc ccagtggtct ccttctctgg caagaggcag     67140
     ggacttgtca ctaggcaatg gtgacccttt ttgtaacttt tgccaaagct cacaatcagg     67200
     cctgctacct tgagactagc acatgtgcat tcgtgagggt ggctcaggca cctgactgtc     67260
     acagctgtca gcctgcctca gcagaggaaa atagtacaag cagagatggc ctggtatcag     67320
     gacaaagtct gcctgtgaaa accaactgcg ggactttaaa attcacaaac tcagggcccc     67380
     ttccattcat ctccgtgaca ggttcccgct ggaggagaag gtgtttcaag atggtgactt     67440
     ggtttctgga aactgctctt cagactccat ttatgaaaaa gtctatgtgc aagtatcagg     67500
     tcccatgagg attggagtat tgtctggtga gttgttgagg attttttggg tgatagaatc     67560
     atatctgaga ccccaaaggt gggtgtcaga gaaagatggc cggtctcttg tcctcactgc     67620
     ctccctttat tttggacctc gcaggggctg tctgggaaag gcagcaacct caaaaaggca     67680
     agtccaagat ggagcagtgt tctcacaccg cggactgtct tctcacaggt gcagatgaga     67740
     ttgagacagt gtctccaagg ctgtctgtgg ccatgcaaac ctgaaaagtg tgtcaagtac     67800
     tgctgttgat gggcactatg cataccttat gaaagcaaag aaaaatcaat gctcgcctga     67860
     aagaatgatc tgacttgggc tgcagtccaa gcaatgttca aagattcctg tcagaggacc     67920
     caaaagcctc ctgtaaagtg caaacaacct cagcccctat gatgacacca tggcttacaa     67980
     cctggatttc agccagcata accaaagttt cttttgctcc ctgaaatccc tggcatccaa     68040
     aagatctgtg atgagaggta gtaccatcca gcaacagtcc agtgaaaggt cccttccaca     68100
     atgagaaagg atgtgcagat gaaatggaat agtgcctaga atgccaggca aaagtgagat     68160
     atggcttcct gcttctcacc ctacagaaat cttgcatccc ccgatagaag tggtagaaca     68220
     agagtttcct tgatggcagc tgtaacagga aatcttggtt ttaaaagtat cacagctgcc     68280
     aagtaattaa aatgttaaaa tgtgacattg ttaatatgaa atactcacaa tggattctca     68340
     taagggtcat aatcactgta tggggaaatg tttagtgtgg aagatattga gccaaaccca     68400
     gaaaacccta ggctggtgag gatcatggaa gtcaggaaaa aaagaggcaa gtgtggatgc     68460
     cacatcctac ctaggataaa ttcatcgtac tcccatttgg ctctagtatg aaagccctca     68520
     aattgacagt ttgcaagatg gcttcagttt gcactccaaa tgttccctgc accttgtagt     68580
     actaccacct caacatcagg ccatggcgtg gactgctgtg caattaaggg aatgcaggga     68640
     tgcagtgtga agcaccttct gtcttctgtc ttcatctttt ttacatgtga aggtgcaggt     68700
     tctcatccac ccctcaccac attatatctt catctctctg tgaccttatt gctgctgaca     68760
     ttctctgttc tagaatgaaa tctcacgatg atagaggaat tctccttcac gacgtgaagc     68820
     agttgcttgg ctgggaactg aatttgagct acatttaaaa agccctgcag acaggactgc     68880
     tgctgtctct ccctgggttg gctgaaggac gataaaacac tgggagatgt ctgttcttgg     68940
     gagtggtgtg gtcttctttc taggaaagtg gtttttgttg ggagaaggag gtggtttgtt     69000
     acctggcagg tctcatcctg ccttagactt cattacagag tcataatcca tagaaaaaga     69060
     aagaatacaa agccccgcag cctgagacaa tccactaaaa agttggaaga cttgaaaaag     69120
     ggggggctgc agttctttag caaaattgtt ttaagcagac tccccttaca cacacacaca     69180
     cacacacaca cagccacaca tacatgcaaa catccaacac tcacaacact ctcaacagaa     69240
     aaacaaagct tggcagattc tcaggctttg tgattcttca ggaagccccc cctgggagac     69300
     agccacccca ggaacagagg tatgctttac ctacaaatca cagtggggca agtttcaaaa     69360
     tgactcaccc ctgcaacatc taggcaggca ttagaaatac tgcatgtctt ttaaatcatt     69420
     aggaatgctg cagtttattc ctgaggctgc ccttgaagtt tcttgaggct ggcttctgtc     69480
     tgccctctcc tagcctcata ggactatccc atgcaattta catagaagac aggtgagagt     69540
     ccactaccta tgcccctaca tagaggtttc ctccctcaat ccacattgac ttgtcactag     69600
     gcaatggcgg catttattgt gacactagcc agaactccca aacaggcctt ttgcactgag     69660
     actagagcat gaacatttgc caggtagatt caagtgcctg gctgtcagag ctgtcagcct     69720
     gcctaagcag aggaaaatga tatagacaga gatgatctgc tatcatgaaa aagtctgtct     69780
     gtgataatca actgtcagac cctaaaatta ttgaccttag agccccttcg ggatgactct     69840
     gtggctgaga cccactgaag gaggaggctt ttccaaactg agatggtcac tgaaaactgc     69900
     tcttctggct ccattcgtga aagaggctgt gtgcaagaat caggtcccac ggagattgga     69960
     atatagtctg gtgagttgtt gaggggattt tatgtgatgg aatcatacct gagatcccag     70020
     aggcagcttt cagtgaatgg ggctgggccc ttgacttcct tgcctcctat catccttgtc     70080
     ctggcaggag atctatgaga aaggcaggaa ccatgacaaa ggcaagtcca aagtcaagca     70140
     gtattcttac acatcaaact ggcctctcac tgctgcagat gatgttgaaa aatgttcaca     70200
     gagggtgtct gtggaaattg ctagtctgac aaaggtgtcc agtaatgctg ttgaggggca     70260
     aagtggaccc agcctggaaa gaaagaaaaa tcaaggcttg ccagagagaa ggagctgacc     70320
     tgagctggaa tataagaaac tttcaaagat tcctctcaga ggaaccaaaa gcctcccaag     70380
     aactgcaaac aacctcagct ctcacaaaca gaccacagac ctttctgaaa tcagtggcag     70440
     gaaatctgta tatagaggca gccctatcca gcaacaatca atgctataca ccctccacaa     70500
     tgagaaagga tttgcagatg aaataaaaca gagtgtaaat taccagaaaa aagccagaca     70560
     tggctgtctg cttctcatca tactggaatt atgcagcctt ttgacagaag tggggaacaa     70620
     gtgtttccca agggccggac acggtggttt attccagtaa tcctagaact ttgggaggct     70680
     aaggtgggag gatcatgagg tcaggagatt gagaccatcc tggctaaaat ggtgaaaccc     70740
     catctctact aaaagaacaa aaaattagcc aggcattgtg gcaggtacct gtagtcccag     70800
     ctactcagga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc atgaacccgg gaggcagagc ttgcagtgac     70860
     tggagatcat gacgctgcac tccagcccag gcaacggagt gcaactctgt ctaagaaaaa     70920
     aaaaaaggaa tttatctgtt ggtgcctgta aagggaattt atggttttaa aagtatcaca     70980
     gcagctctgt cattaaaatg tgacagtgtt tagaaggaaa cactgatgaa atacattccc     71040
     atgagggtca tcctctgtga actgggaaac atttagtgtg aaagacattt agcaagaccc     71100
     aggaaattct aggccaatga agaatatgaa agtgaggaaa agaaaaggca agtgtggagg     71160
     ccatatccca cacagcatca ttccattcca ctcccccttg gctccatgta ctgaagccct     71220
     ccaataggga acttgccagc attgccaaag ttcacactaa cactgtttcc tgaaacttgg     71280
     agtactcaca ccagaaaact gggccatggt gtggaatcct tttgcaatta agggaatgct     71340
     taaatgcagt tggaagcacc ttctgtgtca tctgttttta ccatttctac aggggaaggc     71400
     atgggacccc atctaccctt caccagattg tatcctcacc catatctgac cttattgctg     71460
     ctcacactct gtgtcccaga atgaaattct aggatgatgg aggagggccc cttcacaaca     71520
     tgaagcacct gctcatctgg aaacctaatt cgaggttaat tcaaggggcc ctgcaacatg     71580
     actggtagtg ccgtttttgg gttggctgta ggacaataaa ccatcctcca gcaatcatgc     71640
     agcttttctg tagaagtggg agaacaagag tttccttgtt tgtggctgtt gcagggattt     71700
     acagttttaa aagtatcgct gctgcccagt cattaaaata caacagtgtt taggaggaaa     71760
     tactcacaca agggaatccc atgagggtca ttttccatga actgggaatg gttgagtttg     71820
     gaagacattg agccagacca aggaaactct aggctgacga ggaacataga agtcaggaaa     71880
     agaagaggca agtgtggaag ctacatccca cccagtatca atccatccca ctcgcatttg     71940
     gctccgtgtt tgaaagccct caaattgaga gtttgccagg atggccccag tttgcactcc     72000
     aaatattccc tgtgtgttag agtactccca tctgaaaatg gggccatggt ctggactgct     72060
     tgtgatatta agggaataga aggctgcagt tggaaataac ttctttgtca tttgtgttca     72120
     cctttttttc aggtgaaggc gtgggacccc atcaacccct caacagattg tatcctcaac     72180
     cctatctgac ctcattgctg ctcacactct ctgacccaaa gtgaaacccc aagatgatgg     72240
     attagtgcct ccgtacaagg tgaagcaccc gctcagaacc gaattcgagg taaattcaag     72300
     gagccctgtg gacaatacta gtgtctatca ctgggttggc cgcaggatta aaaaacactg     72360
     ggagatgtct gttgttgaat gtggtgtgct cctcttcttt ctaaaagaga gactgttttt     72420
     ccagggaaag gtgatttgga cctctgccag cctcccaaat cacaatggat tcattatcca     72480
     cagaaaaaca gagaacatag agccctgcaa ccaaagcata acgacaccga caggccacca     72540
     aaatgttggg agacttgaaa aatgaagcac cacagtgcgt tagccatatt tttttaagca     72600
     gactccactt acaggtacac acacacacaa atacacagac acaggaagcc acacacacac     72660
     acgcacacac acagatatcc agcattctca gtgctcccac agcaacaccc agcccagcag     72720
     ttcctgggtt gtgtgggtct gcagggagcc ccacctggga gagagcaact atatggaaaa     72780
     caggctgtac ctaggaatca cagtaggaca attttccaaa agactcaccc ctacaatatc     72840
     taagcagacc taaggcattc tgcagatctt tttagatcct tatggatttc agggcttatt     72900
     cctggctctg cttgatgtta tttcagcctg gctcacatct gccctctcct gggatcacgg     72960
     gactatccca tgaatcctac agagatgata ggtgagagtc caatgccaat gcccctccat     73020
     gaaattctcc ttttccgcca agccatagag acttgttgct agtcaatgtc agcattgatt     73080
     gtaatgctag ccatagttca catctcatgc ctgttgccct gatactagca catgtccatt     73140
     tgtgaggcag gtggttgtgc ccagctctag gagatgtcag cctgcctaaa caggaaaatg     73200
     gtacagacac agccgaccag gtgtcagaaa taatgttgcc tgcgataatt cactgtagaa     73260
     ctctaaaatt ttgagcttag ggcacctttg ggccatctcc gggtaatttc ctctggagga     73320
     ggaggcgttt tgatactgtg aggtggttgc tggaaagtgc tcttctgact ccactcctaa     73380
     aagaggctgt gtgcaggaat caggtcccat gggtattgga aaatagtctg gcgattgttg     73440
     agacgtcttt gcgtgatgga atcatacctg agaccccaca agtgcatatc agtgacagat     73500
     taccagggcc ttggccctga agatgaaagt gtggaggcca catgccacca gcatcaatcc     73560
     ctcccaatcc caaactggcc ctgtctttga aagagcaacc ccggggaata caggcagcct     73620
     gtacctgcaa atcacagttt taaaaagact caccctgaca aagtccggga ggccttaggc     73680
     atcctccagg tccttttgga tctgtaggag ttttgcggct tattcctggg gctgtgcttg     73740
     acttttcttc aggctggctc acctcctccc tctcctagcc tcatgggact atcacgggaa     73800
     tcccacagag aaatgaggcg agagtccacc actgactaac ctccacagag ttcttctccg     73860
     caaagccgca gagacttatg cctaggcaat ggtggccttc gttgtgatgc taacccgagc     73920
     ccatagctca gtccttgtgc ctaagagtat gcagacttgg gcgacgggct gtcagaactg     73980
     tcagccagcc taagcgaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaatacat gaagagacgg catggtattg     74040
     aaaaaaatgc tgcctgcaat aacccagagt gggaccataa aagtctcgac catagtgtcc     74100
     ctttgggtca tccctctgct caggtcctgc tggagaagga ggtgatttga gactataagg     74160
     tggtctttgg aaatgctact ctgactccat tcccaaaaga ggctgtgtgc aacagtcggg     74220
     tcagatggag attagactat agtctggtga gttgttgagg gctctttggg tggtggaatc     74280
     atacatgaga gaccagaggt gggtgtcagc aaaagatggc tgggctcttg acctcactgc     74340
     ctcccttcat gctgggcctt gcaggggatc tctgggaaag gaagggacca tgaaaaaagc     74400
     aagtccaagg cagagcagtg ttctctcacc tccagctgac ccctaaagga ttcagatgag     74460
     gttgagacag tgtttcagag cccgtctgtg atgattgcaa gcctaaaagg ggtttccagt     74520
     agtgctgttg aggggcaatg tggacccatg atgaaagtaa agaaaaatca aggccctctt     74580
     gagagaacca catgacttgt gctggagtcc aagcaacatt caaagatttc tgtcacagga     74640
     cggtaaagcc tcctgcaaat tgcaaacagc atcagctgca acaacgagac catgacccac     74700
     aagctggagc acagccagcc tacccaaatt cccttttgct ttcagaaatc cctggcagcc     74760
     aaaagatttg tgctgagagg cactcccatc cagaaacagg ccaatgaaag atcccctcca     74820
     caatgagaaa ggacatatag atgaaatgaa acagagtcta gtttaccagg caaaagacag     74880
     aaatggctgc ctgcttctca tcctagagga actgtgcagc cctctgatag aagtgggaga     74940
     acaacagttt ccttgctggc ttctgcaatg ggagtttaca gttctaaaat tattacaact     75000
     ctccagtcat taaaacttga tattgtttag aaggaaatat tcactcagtg gattcccgtg     75060
     agtgtcgtcc tccatgaact cggaagtgtt tagtttggaa gacattgacc cagaccaagg     75120
     aaaccctatg ctgaccagga acacggaagt caagaaaaca agaggcaagt gtggaggcca     75180
     catcccaccc agcatctatc cgtcgccctc ccattacgct tcagatataa aagccctcaa     75240
     atcaggactt tgtcagaatg gccccagttt gcactccaaa tattccctga atattggagt     75300
     actcccacct gaacaacagg gatggtgtgg actgcttgtg caattaaggg aattcgggga     75360
     tgtagttgga aacaccttct gtgtcatctg tcttcaactt ttttgtaggc taaggtgtgg     75420
     gaccccatcc acccctcagc agattgtatc ctcacctgta tctgtcctta ttgctgttca     75480
     cactctctgt tccagaaaaa aaatcctgaa atgatggagg agttgccctt catgacatgt     75540
     agaacctgct ctcctgggaa acaaattcga ggtaaatcca aagggccttg tgaacagcac     75600
     tgcaactgtc tcttcctgag atggccgcat aacaatgaaa aactttgtga tgtctgttct     75660
     taggtgtggt ttcctcctat tctgtcttga aaagtgacat tttttcagcg ggaggggact     75720
     tggaccctgg tgtgtcacag ccagcatctc aattaactgc agattaatga cccacagaaa     75780
     aataaagaac atgcatccca agtaaagcag cagagacaga ccaccgaaag ttctggagac     75840
     tcaaaaaaaa aaatgctaca gtgtgatagc cacattcctt taagaagact ccacttacag     75900
     acacacacac acacacacac aaacacacaa tgctacacac atgcagactt ccaacatttg     75960
     caacactgcc acagaaacat acatcctggc aactcctgaa gctgcatggt tctgtaggaa     76020
     gccccacatg gtatagagca accatggaca acacagctgg gctctaacta gaaatcatag     76080
     tggggcaagt ttcaaaaaga cacccctaca attcttaggt aggcctgagg aatccacttc     76140
     tgccctatcc taggatcatg ggactatgtc gtagatccca cagagaaaaa tagcaggagt     76200
     ccactttgca tgcatcccca tgaatgtctc ctttttctgc caagtcacag ggccttgtcg     76260
     ctaggcaatg ataacattca ttgtgatgct caaaaaagct cacaatcagg cctggtgccc     76320
     tgaaactagt gcatgcacat tctggaggta agctcaggca cctggctgtc agatcagtca     76380
     gcctgcctaa ccaaggaaaa tggtacaggc agaatctgcc tggtatcagg aaaaaagcag     76440
     cctgtgaaaa accattgctg gacccaaaaa gcctccatct cagggcccct ttgtctgtct     76500
     ctgtggttgg gtctcactgg aggagaaggc gttttgagac tgtgaggtgg tttctggaaa     76560
     ctactcttct tactccattc ccaaaagagg atgtgtgcca gaattgggtc ccatggaaat     76620
     cgttttatag tctggtgtgc tgttgagggg tttttgggtg atagaatctg acttcgttga     76680
     gggatttttg ggtaaaagaa tcatacttga gaccccagag gcagttgtca gcaaaagatg     76740
     gccgggcact tgacctgttc ttacacatca gacaggcctc tcactgctgc agatgacgtt     76800
     gagacagtgt ctcaaatgcc atctgtagcg atgacaagtc cgaatagtat gtgcagtagt     76860
     gctgttgagg ggcactgtgg attccccatg aaagcaaaga aaaatctagg ctcaaatgag     76920
     agaacaagct gccttgtgct ggagtacaag caatgttcag tgattcctgt ctgaggaccc     76980
     aaaatcctcc tgcaaattgc aaacaacctc agccttgcca acgagacaac aaccacaatg     77040
     cggaacccat ccagcctaca tgaattccct ttcactctct aaaatccctg gcagctaatt     77100
     caactgtagt gagagggatt cccatccagg aagagcccac tgaaagagcg cctccacaat     77160
     gagaaggcca tgcagatgaa ataaaacaag ctagattatc aggcaaaatc tagacatgtt     77220
     tgcctgcttc tcatccttca gaaatcatgc agctttctga tacaagtggg agaacaggag     77280
     tttctgtttt ggtggctata acacaaattt acagttttaa aaatattaaa gctgtgcaat     77340
     cattaaaatg tgacagtgtt tagaaagaac cactcacgca atggattcta atgagggtcg     77400
     ttcttcatga gctgggaaat gtttactgtg gaatttgtta agccagaccc aggaaaccct     77460
     aggctgacaa gggacatgga agtcaggaaa agaagaggca aatgtggaga ccacatccca     77520
     cccaacatca gaacattcca ctcccttttg gctccgtgta ggaaaggcct caaatcaaga     77580
     gcttgccagc atggtcccaa ttggcactcc caatactcct tgcacattgc agaacttcca     77640
     cctgaacatt gggccatggt gtggattgct tgtgcaatta atgaaacgtg agcatggggt     77700
     tagaagcacc tcctgtgtca tttgtcttca tttttattgc aggtgaagtt gtgggatccc     77760
     ttccacttct catcaaatca tatcctcact ccaatctcac cttattcctt cttatactca     77820
     gtgtcccagg atgaaaaccc aagatgatgg agaagtgccc cttcataaca caaaacacct     77880
     gcatagctgg aaactgaatt catggtcaac tcaaggggac ctgcagacag gactgctagt     77940
     tcctctccct gggttggatg caggacaatg aaacggtagc aggtgtccat tttttgggtg     78000
     tggtgtgctc ttcttctttc tagcagagtg gatttttatt tttattttat gtttattaat     78060
     taatttattt atttattttt gcagggggag ggatttggac accagcaggt ctcagcctgc     78120
     ctcccaattc actgtggatt catgataacc agaaaattca aaaacatgga gccccacagg     78180
     ccaagcagag cacacataaa ggtcaaacaa aaggtttgga ggcacaaaaa aagaagcgtt     78240
     gtattgcagg atctggccag aagcccacaa tgcaatggag ttctctcttt gttcctaggt     78300
     ggattggcag gttgagaaat aatagacaca cacaagatag tgaaagctgg gtccaggggg     78360
     gtcaccgctt tctggtcctg tggtgccaac aatgcactgg atataccagc atttattatt     78420
     aagtgtagtg agggcaggtg taggttagtg agggatttag ggtcatttca ttataaggtg     78480
     agatggtcac atggggatga agtaattctt taacatagca tttgtatgta caagtacagt     78540
     acatttttta tgtagaagta cagtatacag agagataaga atttacaata tagtgtgtgc     78600
     atcagtaatt tctaacagag ccttagaaca gaaacacagt ctttccataa cctatgatta     78660
     gcaagatatt aatcagcagt aacaattgca acaaagctgg ttacaaacaa tccatggaaa     78720
     caagatgtga agctagacaa ccagttagac cagaaattct cagaaaggag tatgccttaa     78780
     ccctaaagag gcctagaaga gccgtggcaa gatgagggca tttatagcct tatcttatcc     78840
     atatggacag gcgcccccca tgtgtccatt tataggctct ctatgaggat tgcattccat     78900
     tcccagagct acggacatct gcttttctgg gacaggagtc ttggtgatgt gaaacctgac     78960
     tgcatgtcca ttcatagggt ctctgcaggg ggaagcacat cacgtgctgt tggctcattc     79020
     tggcagtcca atctggcatt gtctttacac aatcctgcat gcaactttgt atttacaata     79080
     atcaggtcat ttcatctttt attctgtagt aatagtttca tggggtctcc ctacagtggt     79140
     gaagtgtggt agccacattt ctttaagaag cctgcactta caagagcaca cacacacaca     79200
     aaatcacgat gtgacacaca cgtagacttc caacactccc aacattccca cagaaacaca     79260
     cagtctggca gctcctgagg ctgtgtggtt ctgcaggaag ccacatctgg catagagcaa     79320
     gcctggggaa cacaggcggg ctgtaactag aaatcacagt ggggcaagtt tcaagaagac     79380
     tcactcacac ctacaaggtc taggcagccc taaggtatcc tgcagatccc tttggattcc     79440
     taaacatttt gtggtttatt cctggggctg tgcttatgtt tcctgactct ggctctcatc     79500
     tgaaatctcc taggatcatg ggactatcct gcggattcca cagagaagac aggcaacagt     79560
     ccaccattga cgaacctcta caaaggtctc cttctctgcc aagaggaagg tacttgtctc     79620
     taggcaatgg tgacattctt tgtgatgcta gctagagctc acaatctggc ctggagacta     79680
     gtgtatgtgc atttgtgaag taggctcagg cacccagctc tcagaactgt cagccttcct     79740
     aagcagagaa aaatggtaga ggcagagctg gcctaccatc aggaaaaatg ttgcttgtca     79800
     aaaaccactt caggactcca aaactctcag cctcagggcc ccttcaggca tcttctgtgg     79860
     tcaggtcctg ctggaggagg aggtgtttca aaactgtgag gttgtcactg gaaactgctc     79920
     ttccagcttc attcccatag aaggctgtgt gccagaatcg aataccatgg ggaatggaat     79980
     ctagtccagt gtgttgtcag tgtgttgttg agggttgttt gggtgataga atcatactta     80040
     aaccccagag gcagctatca atgaaagatg gccggattct tgacctcact gtctcccttc     80100
     atcctgggtc ttttaatagt tctttgggaa atgaaggaac cataacaaag ccaagtccaa     80160
     tgtggagcag tactttgggc tggcctctca tggatgcaga taaaattgag accgtgtctc     80220
     agaggttgcc tgtggtgatg gcaagcctga caaaactgtc cagtggtgct attgagggaa     80280
     actatggatt caaaatgaaa gcaaatgaaa atcaatactg gcctgagaga atgggctgcc     80340
     ttgtgctgga gcccaagaaa tgttcaatat ttcctgtcag aggacccaaa accctgctgc     80400
     aaagtgcaaa caacctcagt caccacaatg agataacgac ccaaacctgc agcgcagcca     80460
     gcctgcccaa agaccttttt gctttatgaa atccctggca gctaaataat ttgtgatgag     80520
     aggcagccca atacagcagc agcccaataa aaaaacactt ccacaatgag aaggtggtgc     80580
     agatgagacg aaacaaaggc tagattacca gacaaaagcc agacatggct gcctgatttt     80640
     cattcttcag aaatcatgca gccctccaat ggaagaggga gaacaagagt tttcttgttg     80700
     gtggctgtaa tgagaattta tagttttaaa agtgtctaag attcccagtc attaaaatgt     80760
     gactgtgaga aggaaacact cctgcaatgg attcccatga gggttgctct ctttgaactg     80820
     ggtaatgttt agtgtggaaa ttcttgagcc agtcatagaa aatgctaggc caatgatgaa     80880
     catggaagtc aggaaaagaa gaggcaaatc taggggccac atcacacaga gcaccaatgc     80940
     attccgctcc catttggctc tggatatgaa agccctcata taaggagttt gtcagaatgg     81000
     ccctaattta cataccaaaa gttcctggta ggttggagta cttgcaccag aaaccaggtc     81060
     atggtgtgga cagctggtgc aattaaggga atgcggggat ggtgttggaa gcaccttctg     81120
     tgtcatctgt cttccttttt atttttgcag gttaagttgt gggactccat ccacccctca     81180
     gcaggtttta tactcaccgc atctgacctt atttctgctc acattctatg tcacaggata     81240
     aaatcccaag acaatggaag tggacccctt catgacatga agcacgtgat cgaattcaag     81300
     gtaaattcaa ggtgccctgc agacaggact gctagtgtct cccccttggt tggccacagg     81360
     atgataaaac actgggatat gttcgttttt tgtgtgtgtg gtgtgctcct catctttcta     81420
     gagagggcct tttttttcag ggggaggtaa tttggatgct ggggggtctc aggccacctc     81480
     ccaattcact aaggattcat gatcaacaga aaaataaaga acatggagcc ctgcagctcc     81540
     agcagagcca catagacagg ccaagaaaag ataggaatct aaaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaag     81600
     aagcactgaa gtgtgttagc cccattcctt taaggtggct ccacttatgg gcacacacac     81660
     acacaaacac acacagacac acacacccac acatccaaca tttgcaacac tcccacagaa     81720
     acacacagcc tggcagctct agaggctgca tggttcttca tgaagcccta cctgggagac     81780
     tgcaatcctg gggaaaaaat gggggctgta ctagttatca cagtggggca gtttctagga     81840
     gactcatttc tacaacaatt tcatggacct gataaatcct gcaaatgctt ttggatcttt     81900
     ggggatttca cagtttattc cttgggctgt gcttgaagtt tttcagactg gctcatgcct     81960
     gtcctctctt aggatcttgg gactatccca tggatcccac agtgaagaca ggcaagagta     82020
     caccactgat gcaccttcac agaggcctct ttctcagcca agcagcaggg acttgtcact     82080
     aggcaacgat gacatttaat gtgacactag ccaaagctca caatcaggcc tggtgccctg     82140
     agacaagtgt atgcatattt gtgaggtcag tttgggaact cttctgtcag agctgtcagc     82200
     ctgccttagc agaaaaaggg tacaggcaga gccagtttgg tatcatgaaa aaggctgctt     82260
     gagaaaatcc actctgggac attaagagtc tcaacctcag ggcccctttt ggccatcccc     82320
     attttcaggt ttctctggag ggggaggtgt ttcaagactg tgagttagtt ctgtaaactg     82380
     cccttctgaa tccattttca aaagaggttg tgtgcaagaa tcagctcaca tggggattgg     82440
     aatattgtgt ggcgtgttgt tgagaactca gatgcaggtg tcagtgaaag atggctgttt     82500
     tcttgacctc acggcctccc ttcatcctgg tctttgcagg ggctctctgt gaaaggcagg     82560
     aaccacgaca aaggcaagtc caaagtaaag cagtgttctg acacctggga ctggcctctc     82620
     acgggtgcag atgacgttga gacagagtct cagaggctgt ttctggttat ggcaaatctg     82680
     aaaagggtgt ccagtactat tgttgaggag cactgtggat tccgcatgaa agcaaagaaa     82740
     aatcaactct cacctgaaag aatgagctgc cttgtgctgg agtccaagca gtgttcaatg     82800
     actcatttca gaggacccaa aagcctccga caaagtgcaa acaacctcaa cacccacagc     82860
     aagacaacga cacataacct ggatctcagc caacccacct gaagtccctt tggctctcag     82920
     aaatctctgg cagctaaata atctgtggca agaagccatt ccatccagca acagcccaat     82980
     gaattagccc ctccataatg ggacagccat gcagaagaaa taaaacagaa gctagattac     83040
     caggcaaaag ccagaaatgg ctgcctgctt ctcatcctac aggaatcctg tagccctcga     83100
     tagaagtggg agaacaagag tttccttact gttggcagta atgggcattt atgtttttaa     83160
     aagtatcaaa tctccccagt atttaaaaca tgatagtgta tagaaggaaa cattcacgca     83220
     atggattctt atggggcttg ttcttagtta actgggaaat gtttagtatg gaagtcattg     83280
     agccagaccc aggaaaccat atgccaatga gaaacatgaa agtcatgaaa agaagaggca     83340
     agtctggagg ccacatccca cccagcatca atccattcca ttcccatttg actccaggta     83400
     agaaagccct caaatcagga gttttccagg atggcccaaa tttgcactcc aaatagttct     83460
     tttgctttgg aatactccca cctgaatact gggccatggt gaggactgct tgtgcaatta     83520
     aagtgacgga aatggaattg aaagctcctt ttgtgtcgcc tgtattcata gttttttgca     83580
     gatggagttg cagaacccca tccaaacctt accagattgt gtcctcaccc gtatctgact     83640
     ttattgctgt cacactctct gttccagcat gaaatctcaa gttgatggag gagtgcaccc     83700
     acaggacatg aagcaccttc ttggctggaa actgaattct gggtaaattc aagaggttat     83760
     ggggaccaga gtgctactgt ctctgggttg gctgcattat agtgaaacat tgggagctat     83820
     ctgttcttgg gtgtgatgct ctcctcttct ttctagagga gtgccttttt ttttcagggg     83880
     cagataatgg ggaacccagc ttgtcacaga ctgcttaact agtcattgct gattcatgat     83940
     ccacagaaaa ataaagaaca gggagcacca cagtccaagc agagacacac agacaggcca     84000
     ccaaaaggtt gggagaataa aaaataaaaa agcactgcag tgtgttagtt acattccttt     84060
     aagccgaatt cacttacatg cacacacaca gacacacaca cataaacaca taaagccaca     84120
     cacacatgca gacatccaac acttgcaata ctcccgcagt aacacacagc ccagtagctt     84180
     ctgaggctgc ttcattctgc aggaagcccc tcctgggaga gagaaagctt ggaaaacaaa     84240
     ggaaggctaa acttagaaat tacagtggga cacatttcaa taagacaaac tgctacaatg     84300
     tctaggcagg cctgaagaat tctgcagatc cttttggatc tgtacggatt ttgtgcttta     84360
     ttcctggggc tctgcttgac atttcttcag gcaggctcac atctgccctc tcctaggatc     84420
     atgggactag cccatggatc ccacggagaa gacaggtgag agtctactgc cgatgcacct     84480
     ccacagagat ctccttctcc atcaagccaa agagaattgt cactaggcaa aggtggcatt     84540
     cattgtaatg ctagccagag ctcgcagctc aggcccattg ccctaagact agcacatcca     84600
     cattagtgac tcaaattaga gcaccagggt gtcagggctg tcagcctgcc taagcagagg     84660
     aaaatggtac acacagagtt ggcctggtat caggaaaaag gctgcctgtg ataacccatt     84720
     gcaggatcct aaaagtctca accttagggc ccttatacgc tgtctccatg gtcaggtcac     84780
     actggaggca gagccatttc aagactgtga ggttgtcact ggaaactact cttctgactc     84840
     cattcctgaa agaggctttg tgcaagaatc ctgtcccatg gggattggaa tatattacgg     84900
     tgagatgttg agggttcttt gggtgatggg ctcttacttg aaataccaga aaaaagttgt     84960
     cagtgaaaga tggcctggcc ttgacctcac tgcattcctt cattctgggt tgctcaggtg     85020
     ctatctggga aaagcaggaa ccatgacaaa ggcacgtcca aattgaagca atgttctcag     85080
     acctcgaact ggtctctcac aggtgcagat gaggttcaga cagtgtctca gaggccacct     85140
     gtggagattg caatcctgaa aagtgtatcc agtagtgtgg ttgaggggca atgtgaatcc     85200
     cccatgaaag ccaagaaaca tcaagcatca cctgaaagaa agagctgact tgtgctgggg     85260
     tccaagcaac atttccatat tcctgtcaca gaaagaagaa gcctctttca aaatgcaaac     85320
     aacctcagct cccacaagat aatgattgaa aacccaacgt gcagccagtc tactctacaa     85380
     cgatttttct tcctgaaatt cctggcaacg aaaatatctg tggcaagagg cagtcccatc     85440
     cagcaacagg ccaatgaaag agcccatcca caaagagaag gatgagcaga tgaaatgaag     85500
     cagaggctat attaccaggc taaatctaga cacggctgcc tgcttctcat catacaggaa     85560
     tcattcagcc ctctgataac agagggaaaa gaagagtttc cttgttggtg gctgtaatgg     85620
     gaatttaccg tttaaaggta tcaaagctgc ccagtcatta aaatgtgaaa gtgtttagaa     85680
     gaaaacactc actcaatgga tttccatgaa ggttgttctc catgaactag gaaacattta     85740
     gtgtaacagt tgttgaggca aacccaggaa accacaggtc aatgaggaac atgcaagtca     85800
     ggaaaagaag aggcaagttt ggaagccaca tcccacccaa catcaattca ttccagtcgc     85860
     atttggctct cagattgaaa tccttcaaat cagaagtttg ccaggatgtc cccaatttgc     85920
     actcaaaatg ttccttgcac gttgctgtgc tccaatctga agctgagtta tggtgtggac     85980
     tacttccgca attaagggaa tgaggggatg gagttggaat caccttctgt gtcatctgtc     86040
     ttcatttttt ttttcagatg aagttctggg gctccctcca cccatcacca gattgtatcc     86100
     tcactcctat ctgaccttat tcctgctcat actgtatgtc ctgggatgaa tgcccagatg     86160
     atggaggagt gccctctcat gacctgaaga acctgctcag cagtgaaact gaattcgtgg     86220
     tatgcccgtt ttttggtgtg gtgtgctcct cttcattcta gaagggtggc tttttttttt     86280
     ttttttttgc agtggcaggt gacttggaca ctggcaggtc tcagcccacc tctcagttca     86340
     ctgcggattc atgatccaca gaaaaataaa taacatggag ccccacagcc caagcagagc     86400
     cacacagaca ggccaccaaa agtttgcaag actcaaaaaa aaccaagcgc tgaagtgtag     86460
     tagccacatt ctttaagcaa actccactta caaacacaca cacacacaca caaaacaatg     86520
     tcacacaccc atgccaacat ccaactctca caacactctt tcagaaacac agtttgtcag     86580
     ctcctgtggt tttgtggttc tgcaagaagc taacctggga taggcaaccc cagggaatac     86640
     aggtgggctg ttcctagaaa tcacagtgct gcaactttca aaaagactca cacctacaaa     86700
     gtctaggcag gcctaagtta tccttcagat ttttttggat ccttagggat tttgaggttt     86760
     attcctcgtg ctgtggttga cgtttcttca ggacggctct catttgccct ctcataggct     86820
     catgggacta tcctgtggat tccacagaga agacagatga gagttcacca accacgcagc     86880
     tccatgtatg tctttttctc tgccaagatg aagggacttg tcactagcca gcaatgacaa     86940
     tcattgggat gctcactaaa gctcagtaac agtcttggtg ccctgagact tgtgcatgca     87000
     cattcatgag gcaggcaggc ttgggcacct ggctgtcaga cctgtcagcc taccaaagca     87060
     gaggaaaata atacaggcag agctggccgg tattgagaaa aatgctgcct gtgaaaaccc     87120
     actgcaggac cctaaaactc tcaatctaaa gaccctttct ggccatctct ctggtcaggt     87180
     cctactggag gaggaggtgt ttccagactg tgaggtggtc actggaaacc ttctgaatcc     87240
     attcccaaaa gaggctgtgt gccagaaatg ggtcccatgg tgattggaat attgtctggt     87300
     gtgttgttga gggttcttta agtgatagat tcatacctga gaccccagtg gtggatgtga     87360
     gcaaaagata gcctggcact tgacctcatt gcctcccttt attttgggcc tttcaggggc     87420
     cctctttgaa aagcaggaac cacggcaagg caagtcaaag gtaaagcagt gttctcacac     87480
     ctcatactgg cctctcaggg gtgctgatga gattcagatg gtgtctcaga ggatatatgt     87540
     ggtgatggca actctgaaga agggtgtcca gtagtgctgt tgaggggcac tgttgaatcc     87600
     ccatgaaagc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattca ctgctcacct gagagaacaa gcttccctgt     87660
     gctggagtcc aagtaatgtt caataattcc tgtcagagga cccaaaatcc tcctggaaaa     87720
     tgtaaacaac ctcagctccc acaatgagaa aagcaccaca agctagagtg cagccagcct     87780
     acccaaagtc ccttttgctc tctcaaatcc ctggcagcca aaagatgtgt ggtgaggggc     87840
     agttccattc agcaacagcc cagtgaaaga gaccctcccc aattagaagg ccatgcagac     87900
     aaggtgaaac agaggctaga ttacaaggtc aaagcagaca tggctgtctt cttctcactt     87960
     ttcgggaatc attcagccct ctgatagaaa tgggtgaaca acagtttcct tatgatggct     88020
     gtaatgagaa tttatggttt taaaaaattc aaagctgcac agtcattgac acatgacagt     88080
     gtttagaaag aggcagtaag acagtgaatt ttcataaggc ccattctctg tgaattctga     88140
     aatgtttagt gtggaagtcg ttgagtcaga ccctaggctc agcctaggaa atcctaggct     88200
     gatgaggaac atggaagtca gaaaagaaga ggccagtgtg gaggccacat cccacacagc     88260
     atcaacccat tccactccca tttgcctctg ggtgtaaaag gcctcaaatc cagggtttac     88320
     caagatggct tcaatttgca gtccaaatgt tttttgcaca ttagagtact cccacctgaa     88380
     cactgggcca aggtatggac agcttgtgta attaaggaaa tgcagggatg gagtttaaag     88440
     aaggatcttt gtcatttgta tttatttttt ttttgcagat gaatttgcag agccccatcc     88500
     actcctcacc agattgtatc ctcacccata tctgaatttc tccctgctca tattctatgt     88560
     cccaggatga tatcccaaga caaaggagga gtgccccatc atgacatgaa gaaccgctca     88620
     gctgggagcc aaattcgatg taaattcagg ggtttctgca gaggactgct agtgtttctt     88680
     tctgggtggg acacaggaca atgaaacact gggagatgtc tgttttttgg tgtggtgtgc     88740
     ttctcttctt tacagaagtg tggttttctt tgcaggggca ggtgatttgg acattggcag     88800
     gtctctgccc acctctcaat ttgctgcaga ctcatgatcc acacaaaaat aaataacaca     88860
     aagcctcaca actgaagcag agccacacag acaggccaac aaatgattgg gagactcaaa     88920
     aaagatgaag ccctggagtg tgtttgccac attcctttaa gcagaagtga cttacaggcg     88980
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca aaataccaca cacacaggca gacatccaac     89040
     acttgcaaga atcctgaaga aacacactgc ttgttagctt ctgacgctgc atggttttgc     89100
     tagatcccct tttgggagac agcaacccag gggaacatgc aggctgtaac tagaaatcac     89160
     aatggaacaa gtttgaaaaa gactcacccc tacaacatct aggcaggcct gaggaatcct     89220
     gcagatcttt tggatcctta gggattttgc aatttattcc tgggcctctg tttgatgttt     89280
     cttttggctg gctcacatct actctctcgt aggatcatgg gactatctct tggatcccac     89340
     agagaagaca ggcaagagtc cacagccgac atacctacag ggaggtctcc ttcctcaaga     89400
     ggcaggaact tgtctctagg caatgatgac attcattgtg atgctagcca gagctcacaa     89460
     tgaggactgg tgtcctgaga ctagtgcata tgcattcctg aggcaggtac aggcacctag     89520
     ctgtcagagc tatcagtctg cctaagaaga gaaaaattgt gcaggtaaag tcagtctggt     89580
     cttgggaaaa aggtttccca tgagaaacca ctgtcagacc ccaaggtctc gacctcaggg     89640
     ccccttctgg ccatctccat ggtcgagtct tgctggagga ggaggcattt tgagactctg     89700
     aggtggcgac tagaaactgc tcttcctact ccattccgaa aggatgcttt ttgcaagaat     89760
     cccatcccat gagaatcaga atttggtctg gtgtgttgtt gagggttctt tgggtgacag     89820
     aattatacct gagatcccag agatgggtgt cagtgaaaga tggctgggct ctttacctca     89880
     ctgtctctct ccaccctggg ccttgctggg gccctccaca aaaggcagga accatgacaa     89940
     agggaattcc aaagagggcc agtgttctca cctcgatctg gtctctcatg ggtgcagatg     90000
     aggttcagac aatatctcag atgccctctg tggtgatggc aagcctgaaa ctggtgaaca     90060
     gtagtgcagt tgaggggcac tgtggattcc ctatgaaagc aaagaaacat caaagctcac     90120
     ttcagaaaat gacttgcctt gagcttgcat ccaagcaatg ttcaatgatt ccagtcagag     90180
     tatccaaaaa ccttctgcag actgcaaaca actttagcac tcacaatgac accacaaact     90240
     acaacctgga tgaagtcagc ctacccaaag tcccttttca tccttgaaat ccctgacagc     90300
     caattggtct gtggtgagag gcaaccccat ccagcaacag cccaatgaaa gacctcattc     90360
     gcattgagaa aggactggca gatgcaatga aacaggggct agattaccag gcaaaagccc     90420
     aacacagctg cctgcttttc atgctagagg aatcatgcag ccctctgata aaagtgggag     90480
     aacaagagtt tctttattgg tggctgtaac gaaaacttac agtgttaaaa ttatcacatc     90540
     tttccagtct ttaaaatgtg acagtgttta gaagaaaaca ctcatgcatt ggattcccat     90600
     gaaggtcatc ccccatgaac tgtgaattgc ttagtgtgga agatgtggag ccagacccag     90660
     gaagccctag gccgatgagg aacatggaag tcaggaaaag aagagacaag tgtgcagggc     90720
     acatcccacc cagcatcaac acatcccact ctcatttggc tcagggtatg agagctctca     90780
     aatcgggagc ttgttagaac cgccccagct tgcactccaa atgttccctc aacattgtat     90840
     tactcccacc tcaacaccag gacataatat gaactgcctg tgtaattaag ggaatgtggg     90900
     catgcagttg gaagtacctt ctgtgtcatc tgtcttcacc gtttttgcag gagaatgtgc     90960
     tgaactctat ttacccctca ccagattgta tcctcacccc tattttacct tgttacttct     91020
     cacactctct gtcccagaat gaaatcacaa gatgatggag gagtgccata tgaggacatg     91080
     aagcacctac tcagctgaga acagaattca aagtaaattc aaaggtccct tcacatagga     91140
     ctgctagttt ctcacactgg gttggctgca gaacaatgaa acacagaatg aaacacattg     91200
     ttttggggtg tgatgtgctc ctcttctttc tagaagaatg gctttttttg cagggggagg     91260
     taacttgaac ctatgcctct ctcagacagt ctcctaattc actgcaaatt catagtccac     91320
     agaaaaataa gggacacaga gccctgcaac tcaagcagag ccacaccaac aggccaccaa     91380
     aaggtgtgga gtttcaaaaa aaggaagcga tgcagtgtgt tatccacatt ccattaagca     91440
     gactccactt agccacacac taacacataa acacacacac acaaagccac acaaacacgg     91500
     agatatctaa cacttgcaac acttccacag aagaacacag catggcaggt tctgagtttg     91560
     cgtggtcctg caggaagcct taattgaaag acaggaactt tggggaacac aggtgggctg     91620
     tagttagaaa tcaaagtggg gtaggtttca aaagactcac tgctacaaca tctaggcatg     91680
     cctgagacat cccgcagatc ttttagatcc ttatgaattt tgtggtttat tcctgaagct     91740
     ctgcttgatg tttcttcagg cttgttcata tctgccttct tctaggatca tggaactatc     91800
     ttgaggatcc acaactccac agaggtcccc ttctctgcca agatgtgtag acttaggcca     91860
     ctgtggcatt cattgtgatg ctagccagag ctcaaaacta aggcctcgtg ccctgagact     91920
     agcaaacgtg catttgtgtg gatggctcat gtactggctg tcagccttcc taggcagagg     91980
     aagatggtac aagtagagcc gccttcatac tgagaaaaag tttgcctggg gtaatatcct     92040
     gtggtactct aaatgtctcg accttagggc tacttcttat cgtctccgtg gttgggttcc     92100
     gctggagtat gaggcatttc aagactgtga agtggtgggt ggaaactgtt cttctgactt     92160
     catttccgga ataggctgtg tgcaagaatc tggtcccaag gggataggaa tgtagtaccg     92220
     tgactttcct tgttggcagc ggtagtggta atttatgatt ttaaaagtat caaagctgcc     92280
     cagtcattta aacataacag tgcttagaaa gaaacactca ctcaatggat tcccatgagg     92340
     gtcgttctcc gtgcaggggg aaacctttag cgtgcaagtg attaagccag actcaggaaa     92400
     ccataggctg acaaggaaca tggaagtcag ggaaagaaga ggcaaacatg aaggccacat     92460
     ccccattcag catcagtcct ttccagtccc atttggctcc aggtatgaaa aaccccaaat     92520
     ctggagtttg tcagaatggc cccaatttgc actccaactt ttcctggcac gttgcaggac     92580
     tccacttgaa caccaggcca ttgcgtggac tgcttgtgca attaaaagaa tgtggggatg     92640
     gagtgggaaa ccacttctgt gtcatctgcc ttcatttttt tttttttttt tttggcaggt     92700
     gaagttgcag gacaccattt actcttcacc aaattgtatc ttcactccta tctgacttgt     92760
     tcacaatcta tttcacagaa ggaaatccca aaatgatgga ggagtgtttc ctcatgacgt     92820
     gaagcacctg ctgggctggg aaccgaattc aaggtacatt caaggggacc tgcagacagg     92880
     actgctattg tctctctgtg ggttggccac aggaaaataa aacactgaga gatgcctctt     92940
     ttttggtgtg gtgtgcccct tttctttcta aaggagtcaa ttttcttgca gggtgaggtg     93000
     acttggatgc ccacatgtat cagctcacct tcaaattcac tgcggattaa tagtccacag     93060
     aaatataaag aacatggacc tctggagccc aagcagaccc acacagagag gccaccaaaa     93120
     gtttctgaga ctcaaaaaaa aaaaagtgct gaaattcgtt agccacattc ctttaaggag     93180
     attccactta caggcacaca cataaaaacg cgcgtgcaca cacacacaca cacacactct     93240
     aagccacaaa cacgtgaaga catccaacac ttgcaaaaca cttccacaga aacacagcct     93300
     ggctgcttct gaggctgcct ggttctgcag gaagctccac ctggaggaat aaacctaggg     93360
     aaaacagctc ggctgtacct agaaatcaca gtggggtaag tttcaaaaag attcatccta     93420
     caacctctag gcaagcctgc ggcattgtgc agatcttttt gtatgtgtag ggatttctca     93480
     gtctatttct aggactctcc ttgacatttc ttcaggctgg ctcactgtac catctcttag     93540
     gatcatggga ctgttccttg gatcccacaa agaaaacaag ggaaagtcca acaccaaagc     93600
     acctccatgg aggtctcctt ttctgtgaag ctgcaggagt tgtcactagg caaaggtggc     93660
     attcattgtg actctagcca gagaccacag ctcaggcctt gtgccctgag acaagcacat     93720
     ggatattcat gaagccaact ctggcatctg gatgtcagag ctgtcagact gcctaagcag     93780
     aggaaaatgg tacaggcaga gaatgtttgg gagcaggaaa aaggcagcct gcaataagct     93840
     aaggcgggac cctaaaagtc tccacctgag aacatcttca ggacacctct gtggctgggt     93900
     cacacagtaa ggtgaggtgt ttcgagatgc tgaggtggtt actgaaaaat tctcttctga     93960
     ctccatttat gaaagaggtt gtgtgcaaga atcaagtccc ctggggattg gaatataggc     94020
     tagtgtgttg ttgagggatc tttagttaat ggaatcatag ctgagacacc agaggtggtt     94080
     gtcagtgaaa gatgactggg tccttaacct cactgtctcc ctccacactg ggcctcactg     94140
     ccactctctg ggaaagccag gaacaccaac aaaggaaagt ccaaagtgga gctccattct     94200
     cacacctcca aaaggcctat catgcatgca gatgatgttg agacaatgtc tcacatgccc     94260
     tctgtggtga ttgccagcct ggaaaaagta tccagtagtg cttttgaggg acacagtgga     94320
     ccacacatga aaggagtgaa aaatgaaggc tctcctgaga gaatgagctg atttgtgctg     94380
     gaggcctagc aacgttccaa gatttccatc agaggaccca aaatcctcct gcaaaattca     94440
     aacaacctca gcccccagat ggagaccatg acccaccacc tggagcacag caatcctatt     94500
     caaagtctct tttggtccct gaaatccctg gcagccaaaa gatctgtggc aagaggcagt     94560
     cctgtccagc aacaccctcc atgatgagaa aggacgtgca actgaaatga aacagagtct     94620
     agtttaccag ttaaaagcca ggcacgatgg cctgcttctc atcctacagg aatcatgcag     94680
     ccctctgata taagtgggag aaaaacagtt tccttgtcag tggctgtaat gggaatttat     94740
     catgttaaag gtatcacagc tgcccactca ttaaaatgtc acagtgttta gaaggaaaca     94800
     ctcaagcaat ggattcccat gagggtcgtc ctccgcaaaa tgggaaacat ttagtgtgaa     94860
     agacttagag ccagacccag gaaaccctag gcccacaaga aataaggaag tcagaaaaag     94920
     aataggcaag tgtgaaggcc acatcctacc catcatcaat ccatctcact cccatttggc     94980
     tgcgggtatg aaagccctca aatccggagt ttgccaggat atccccagtt tgcaattcaa     95040
     atgttccctg cccgttggag tacttccaac tgaacactac gcgatgaggc tgaaagcacc     95100
     ttctgtgtca tctgtcttca tttttcttgc aggtaaagtt ttgtcacccc atgcacccct     95160
     cacaagattg tatctttacc tctgtctgaa cttaatgcta tccacactct atgtcctagg     95220
     gtgaaatccc aaaatgattt ttaaaatgtg ccccccaccc cagcaagatg tgaatcacct     95280
     gttcagctgg gaagggaatt cgaggttaat tcaagagacc ctgtggacag gactgctaat     95340
     gtctctcctg ggtttgccaa aggacaataa aacactgaaa gatatctatt ttttggtgtt     95400
     gtgtgctcct cttctttcta gaatggtggt ttttatggca cacacaatgc cacacacaca     95460
     cagacatcca acatttgcga cactcctaca gaaataccca acccagaaac tactcaggat     95520
     gcattgttgt gcaggaaaca ccacctggga aagagcccca cagcccaagc agagccacac     95580
     agacaagcca acagaagttg ggtagacaca aaaaaaggaa gcactgaagt gcgttagcaa     95640
     cattccttta agcagactgc acatacaatc acacacacgc atatacacaa acactcaatg     95700
     ccacacacgc attcagacat ccaacacttg caacactcca ccagaaaggt ttggagacaa     95760
     aaaaaaaaat gaagcactga agtgcattag ccacattatt ttaagcagtc tccacttaca     95820
     ggcacacaaa cacacacaaa caaatacaca atgccacaca cacaggcaga catccaagat     95880
     tcacaacact cccacacaca aaaaaaagtt ggatagctcc tgtggctgcg tgattctgca     95940
     ggaatcccaa cttgggagag agcaacacca agaaacacag gagaactgta cctagaaatt     96000
     tcagtggggc aagtttcaaa aagactcact cctacaatgc ctcggcaggc ctgaggattc     96060
     cagcatatcc ttttgcatcc ttagggattt tgcagtgtat tcctggagct gtggttgatg     96120
     tttctccagg ctaggatcat gggacaatcc cgtggatacc acagagacag gtgactgtgc     96180
     attcttgagg aaggatcagg cacctggctc tcagagctgt cagcctgctt aagcagagga     96240
     aattggtaca ggcagagctg gcctggcatg gccaaaaata ctacctgtga taacccactg     96300
     ccagatcgaa aaagtctaga ccatagggcc attttggcag tctctgaggt caggttccac     96360
     tgaaggagga gtcgctttga gactgaactg gcctttgtaa tctgcatctc tgccttcatt     96420
     ccccagagag gctgtgtgca agattccatt cccatgggga ttggaatgcc ctttggtgag     96480
     tttttgatgg gtcctttggt gatggaatca ttgctgagac ccaagaggca ggtgtgagca     96540
     aaagatggct ggccccttga cctcactgtc tcccatcatc ctggacctat cagggactct     96600
     ccgggagagg cagaaaccac gacaaaagca agtccaagat aaagtattgt tcccacacct     96660
     caaactggcc tctcatgggt gcagatgagg ttgtgacagt gtatcagagg catctgtggt     96720
     gatagcaagc cagaaaaggc tatccagtag tgctgatgag gtgcaaagtg gaccccccat     96780
     aaaagcaaag aagaatctag gttcatctgg gagaacaagc tgacttgtgt gggagttcaa     96840
     gcaatgttca aagatttttg tcagaggacc caaaagcctc ctgaaaagtg tgaacaacat     96900
     cagcctccac aaggagactg atgacacaaa acctggggca tagccagtct acacaaagtt     96960
     ctttatgctt cctgaaattc ctggtagcca aaagatctgt agtgagaggc agtccaatcc     97020
     ggcaagatcc aatgaaagat ccactccaca gcgaagaagg acgtgcagat gaagtgaaac     97080
     aaagccaaga ttaccaggca aatgcagaac gactgcctgc atatcctcct acaggaatca     97140
     tgcagccctc tgataaaagt gggagaacaa gaatttccat gttggtggct gtaagaggaa     97200
     tttaagtttt tacaagtatc acagctgccc agtcattaaa acttgacagt ttagaaagaa     97260
     acactcacgc agtggatttc catgagggtc ttcctctgtg aactcagaaa gttttagttt     97320
     ggaagacgtg gattcagacc cagaaaaccc taggctgaag agcaacatga aaggcagaaa     97380
     aagaagaggt aagtatatag gccacatcct atccagcatc aatccaatac actctccttt     97440
     ggctccggat ataaaagccc acatagtggg agtttacaag gatggcccca gtttgctctt     97500
     gaaatgttcc ctgctcgttg gagtactgcc aactgaacaa ctagctatgg agttggaagc     97560
     accttctggg tcatctgtct tcatttactt atctatttat ttttttgcag agatattgtg     97620
     ggaccccatg aaccactcac cagattgtat cctcaaccct acctgaactt attgctgctc     97680
     accctctatg ttccaggatg aaatctcaag gcgatgttgg agtgcccact cacgacatga     97740
     aacacgtgct cagctgtgac ccatatacga ggtaaagtca agcggctttg cagacagtac     97800
     tgctatattt tctccctggg ttcaccacag gacaacaaaa cactggaaga tgtcttattt     97860
     ttgctgtggt gtgttcctct tctttctaga agagtggcat ttttttgcag ggggaggtaa     97920
     cttgaatgcc catgtgtttc aacttgcttc ccaattcact gcagattcat gatccacaga     97980
     aaaataaaga acatggagcc ccacagccca agcagagcca cactgaccac ccaacagaat     98040
     gttgggatac tcaaaaaaag aagcgctgaa gtgcattagc cacattattt taagcatact     98100
     ccacttacag gcacatacac acacacacaa tgccacacac acacacaaac aacactcaca     98160
     acactcccac agataaacac acactggcag ctcctgaggc tgcatggttc tgtgggaatc     98220
     cccatcttgg agacagcaac ccaaaaaaac atttgggctg tacctagaaa tcactatgag     98280
     gcaagtttca aaaagactca cccctacaac atctaggctg tcctgaggaa tcctgaagat     98340
     cttttgcatc cttagggata ttatggttta ttcctggggc tgtgcttgat gtctcttcaa     98400
     gctggctcac gtctgccccc tcctaggaat gtgggttatg tcatggattc cacagagaag     98460
     acaggtgaga gatcaaaacc aacacacttt catggaaatc ttctccacca agtagcaggg     98520
     acttgttgct aggcaacggt ggcatgcact gtgatgctag ccagaactca aaaatcaggc     98580
     ctggtgccct aagactagca catgcacatt cgtgagggag gctcgggtgc agtgctgtca     98640
     gagctgtcac cctacctaag cagaggaaaa tggtaaaggc agagccgtgc tggtgtaaaa     98700
     aaaaaaacgc tgcctgcaaa cactcacttc aggaccctaa aactgtcaaa ctggtgaaca     98760
     ctccaggctg tctcggtggt cgggtcctgc tggaggcaga agcattttgt tactgtgagg     98820
     tggtcacagg aaactgctct tctgactcca ttcaagaaag atctatatgc aagaatccgt     98880
     tccagcaggg attggaatat agtctgctgt gttgttgaca gctctttcag tgatagaata     98940
     atacctgaga ccccagaggt gggtgtcagt gaaagatggc caggctcttg atctcaattc     99000
     ctcccttcat cctgagcctc gcagggctct ctgggaaaag ccagaaccaa gacaaaggca     99060
     aatcaaagtt ggagtaatgt tctcacacta tggcctggcc tctcacaagt gcaaatgagt     99120
     tgagacagtg tctcagagtc cagctgtggt gatggcaagc cttgaaaggg tgtccagtat     99180
     tgctgttgat gggcactgtg gattccccat gaaagcaaac aaaaatcaag gctcactaca     99240
     gaacaaactg tcttgtgctg gagcccaagc aatgttcaat gattcctgtc acagggcgca     99300
     aaaccatcct gcaaagtgca tacatcctca gcccccgcaa agaggcaaca gcccaaaacc     99360
     tggagagcag ccagaatacc tgtcattttt tatgatctct gaaatccctg gccactaaat     99420
     aatctgtggt gaaaggcagt ccaatccagc aacatcccaa tgaaagagcc cctccacaat     99480
     gagaaggcca tgcagatgac attaaacaga ggctagatta ccaggaaaag caagacactg     99540
     ttgcctgtat ctcatcctgc aggaatcatg caggcctctg atagaagtga gaggacaaga     99600
     gttttcttgt tggtgtctgt gacaggaatt tatggtttta aacctatcaa aatgtcccac     99660
     tcattaaatt gtgacagtgt ttagaagaaa acactaaaca atggattccc atgatgatca     99720
     ttctccacaa actgggaaac ctttagtatt tgtgctcctt ttctgtctag aagagtggca     99780
     tttttttttt ttttttgcag gcggatgtta tttggatgcc agcacatgtt ggcatgcctc     99840
     ccagtccact gcaggctcat gattcacaga aaaataaaga acacagagcg atgcagccca     99900
     aggtaagcca catagacagg ccatcaacgg gttgggagac aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     99960
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    100020
     aagaaagaga aagaaagaga gacagagaga gagagagagg gagggaggga gggagggagg    100080
     gagggaggga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaagaagga aggaaagaag    100140
     taagggagag agagagatgc tgtagtgtgt tagccacatt gttataagca gactgcactt    100200
     acagtcacac acacagaaac acacacacac acccaatgcc acacagacac acagacatca    100260
     aacacacaga tattcaacac tcacaacact cccacagaaa cacacagtcc aggagctcct    100320
     gaggctgtgt ggttctacaa gaagccccac ctggagagag ccaccctggt gaacacaggg    100380
     ggcctgtact taaaaatcac agtggggcaa gtttcaagag gactcacccc tacaatgtct    100440
     aggcaggctg gaggaatcct gtagatcctt ttggatcctt agggattttg tggtttattc    100500
     ctggagctgt atttgatgtt tcttcaggct ggctcacata tgccctctcc taagatcatg    100560
     ggactatcta tggatcccac agagaagaca gttgagagtt caccactgag acacctccac    100620
     agaattc                                                              100627