EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC007275; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 169904 BP.
AC   AC007275;
DT   12-APR-1999 (Rel. 59, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-109F19 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-169904
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-169904
RA   Cordum H., Elliott G., Maupin R.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-109F19";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-169904
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-APR-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-169904
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-JUL-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-169904
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-MAY-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-169904
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 1253489f496e20f7dafc2a6b46fe0cfc.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC007275.4:1-169904; homo_sapiens.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC114757; 11689652.
DR   RFAM; RF02002; mir-720.
CC   On Oct 14, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:5649380.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0109F19
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-105L10, 200 bp overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 195 of RP11-109F19;
CC   actual end is at base position 169904 of RP11-109F19.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..169904
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-109F19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..419
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   490..1456
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   1629..1751
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    2137..2249
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI342505 (NID:g4079432) qt28f04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   2936..3247
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3538..3958
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   4402..4691
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    4576..4719
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA687305 (NID:g2675496) nv61c06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   4726..5137
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5189..5270
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5358..5509
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   5544..5780
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   5974..6269
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    8687..8762
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA687305 (NID:g2675496) nv61c06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   8871..8969
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   9388..9625
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9656..9866
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    10896..11325
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA639850 (NID:g2563629) nq85c08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    11008..11210
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI342505 (NID:g4079432) qt28f04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    11060..11210
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA281402 (NID:g1924081) zs95b05.r1"
FT   repeat_region   12281..12400
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type?"
FT   repeat_region   12985..13240
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   16275..16369
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   17062..17179
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   18108..18209
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    18607..18929
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA281402 (NID:g1924081) zs95b05.r1"
FT   misc_feature    18607..18745
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI342505 (NID:g4079432) qt28f04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    18738..18992
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA256116 (NID:g1891674) zs29f11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    18798..18992
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA210870 (NID:g1809488) zr88d04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    18829..18992
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW842551 (NID:g7936534)"
FT   misc_feature    18846..18992
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW502992 (NID:g7117980)"
FT   repeat_region   20294..20525
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   21184..21298
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   21559..21741
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   21751..21863
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   22605..22732
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   23118..23226
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    23505..23756
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H20117 (NID:g888812) yn55h07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    23781..24111
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H20036 (NID:g888731) yn55h07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   24470..24861
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   25256..25435
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   25994..26118
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   26122..26224
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   26966..27180
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   28261..28500
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   28913..28979
FT                   /rpt_family="MER94"
FT   repeat_region   30282..30413
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   31755..32257
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   33751..33853
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    33820..34203
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W87738 (NID:g1401792) zh65h11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    34884..34933
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W87737 (NID:g1401791) zh65h11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   34986..35286
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    35269..35463
FT                   /note="similar to  EST W87737 (NID:g1401791) zh65h11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   35998..36298
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36392..36629
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37282..37346
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    37463..37704
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA687305 (NID:g2675496) nv61c06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38512..38611
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW610681 (NID:g7315497) up35h11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    38515..38609
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA256116 (NID:g1891674) zs29f11.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW842551 (NID:g7936534)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW502992 (NID:g7117980)"
FT   misc_feature    38515..38560
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA210870 (NID:g1809488) zr88d04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    38515..38611
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE044293 (NID:g8361346) ho42g07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    38563..38611
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R23925 (NID:g778813) yh28g10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   38674..38951
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    38964..39176
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA760890 (NID:g2809820) nz18d10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    38975..39517
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW976838 (NID:g8168074)"
FT   repeat_region   39496..39554
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41587..42063
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   42064..42254
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42255..42317
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   42319..43353
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   44100..44281
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   44363..44578
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   44608..44916
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44917..46064
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   46648..46900
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47154..47290
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47291..47593
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47594..47622
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48128..48248
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   48393..48462
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   48774..49061
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    49738..50024
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA487889 (NID:g2215320) ab12b04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    49961..50305
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA488001 (NID:g2215432) ab12b04.r1"
FT   repeat_region   50726..52112
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55428..55603
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   55613..55761
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   55885..55976
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   55990..56370
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   56427..56538
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   56848..57136
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57159..57399
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57406..57608
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   57683..57785
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   57993..58034
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   61972..62303
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62821..62979
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   63083..63236
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   63649..63868
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   63988..64276
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64288..64408
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    65658..65872
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW502992 (NID:g7117980)"
FT   misc_feature    65658..65768
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA256116 (NID:g1891674) zs29f11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    65658..65857
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW842551 (NID:g7936534)"
FT   misc_feature    65662..65872
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE044293 (NID:g8361346) ho42g07.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R23925 (NID:g778813) yh28g10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    65666..65904
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW610681 (NID:g7315497) up35h11.x1"
FT   repeat_region   66064..66307
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66308..66611
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66612..66677
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67117..67206
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67410..67711
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67811..67927
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67936..68011
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68213..68408
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68484..68585
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69359..69557
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69619..69732
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70011..70269
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70278..70566
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71171..71584
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   71622..71661
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   71662..71960
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71961..72053
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   72212..72394
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type?"
FT   repeat_region   72395..72658
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72680..72768
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type?"
FT   repeat_region   73305..73596
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73658..73776
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   74382..74470
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   75269..75433
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75585..75798
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   77196..77416
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77461..78478
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79402..80152
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   80930..81040
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   81411..81527
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   83180..83300
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   83289..83482
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   83852..84072
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   84363..84785
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85629..85951
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    85873..86304
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA713986 (NID:g2726260) nw18b03.s1"
FT   repeat_region   86164..86320
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    86955..87304
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE008008 (NID:g8268150)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE007946 (NID:g8268088)"
FT   misc_feature    86964..87304
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE008012 (NID:g8268154)"
FT   repeat_region   87302..87356
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    87350..87614
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE008008 (NID:g8268150)"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE008012 (NID:g8268154)"
FT   misc_feature    87673..88135
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H38230 (NID:g907729) yp58e05.s1"
FT   repeat_region   88794..89015
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   89067..89531
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   89877..90490
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91301..91595
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91643..91864
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    92407..92453
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA760890 (NID:g2809820) nz18d10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   92953..93142
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   93379..93542
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   94047..94255
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   94812..94926
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   94950..95072
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   95900..96027
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    96145..96269
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW119123 (NID:g6087707) xd89c09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   96256..96356
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   96833..96957
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   97446..97582
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   98401..98519
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   98799..98941
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   99047..99248
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    99299..99833
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI633807 (NID:g4685137) tt28g03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    99345..99833
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI656731 (NID:g4740710) tt53g04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    99407..99835
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI217939 (NID:g3797754) qf52a11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    100020..100587
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI984806 (NID:g5812083) wr85e08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   100134..100299
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   100564..100842
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   100887..101073
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    101001..101255
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW664746 (NID:g7457289) hj08a02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    101053..101255
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA459858 (NID:g2184765) zx51g11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    101282..101531
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI954743 (NID:g5747053) wq32f11.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW291215 (NID:g6697851)"
FT   repeat_region   102175..102332
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   102750..103049
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    103463..103922
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R17571 (NID:g771181) yg13h09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103463..103886
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R24807 (NID:g779695) yg43e12.r1"
FT   misc_feature    103534..103922
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R24734 (NID:g779622) yg43e01.r1"
FT   repeat_region   103852..104337
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    104404..104509
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW664746 (NID:g7457289) hj08a02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    104404..104479
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA459858 (NID:g2184765) zx51g11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   104423..104621
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   105208..105333
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    105607..105689
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA459858 (NID:g2184765) zx51g11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   105667..106070
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    105716..105828
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI954743 (NID:g5747053) wq32f11.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW291215 (NID:g6697851)"
FT   misc_feature    106025..106353
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA412219 (NID:g2070843) zu10d07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    106025..106345
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA905547 (NID:g3040670) oj86h09.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW592527 (NID:g7279711) hf43h06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    106152..106353
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA470002 (NID:g2197311) zu10d07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    106236..106353
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA459858 (NID:g2184765) zx51g11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    106272..106353
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460409 (NID:g2185622) zx51g11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   106907..107035
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    107093..107188
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA905547 (NID:g3040670) oj86h09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    107093..107218
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW592527 (NID:g7279711) hf43h06.x1"
FT   misc_feature    107110..107225
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460409 (NID:g2185622) zx51g11.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA470002 (NID:g2197311) zu10d07.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA412219 (NID:g2070843) zu10d07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   107415..107547
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    107803..108205
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI026871 (NID:g3246359) ov92a08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   108221..108403
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    108427..108463
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI026871 (NID:g3246359) ov92a08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   109111..109270
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   110534..110733
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   110967..111088
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   111379..111490
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   111888..112034
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   112070..112181
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   112289..112422
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   113530..113655
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   114646..114801
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   114864..114971
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   115520..115721
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   115744..115825
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   115918..116037
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   116759..116833
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   116834..117110
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   117113..117228
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   misc_feature    117113..117471
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA776755 (NID:g2836089) ah49h04.s1"
FT   misc_feature    119385..119790
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H14374 (NID:g879194) ym18g03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    119385..119758
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R61290 (NID:g831985) yh07a01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    119385..119736
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R52024 (NID:g813926) yg84h10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    119552..119933
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA908904 (NID:g3048309) om51h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   119952..119992
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120071..120720
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   129582..130231
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    134635..134933
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA908904 (NID:g3048309) om51h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   135035..135318
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    135520..135932
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H14749 (NID:g879569) ym24f04.r1"
FT   misc_feature    135536..135932
FT                   /note="similar to  EST R52023 (NID:g813925) yg84h10.r1"
FT   misc_feature    135677..136093
FT                   /note="similar to  EST H14423 (NID:g879243) ym18g03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    135849..136079
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW590588 (NID:g7277724) hg46e03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    136039..136096
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW166012 (NID:g6397537) xf43g01.x1"
FT   repeat_region   136110..136421
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    136416..136755
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW590588 (NID:g7277724) hg46e03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    136446..136869
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW166012 (NID:g6397537) xf43g01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    136546..136977
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA972142 (NID:g3147432) op87h05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    136546..137113
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA769099 (NID:g2820337) oa74f12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    136683..137279
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI701149 (NID:g4989049) we10e10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    136683..137053
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA015757 (NID:g1476787) ze30e06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    136688..136969
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D81417 (NID:g1179294)"
FT   misc_feature    136710..136937
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI025219 (NID:g3240832) ov40g10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    136846..137343
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW051928 (NID:g5914287) wx24c04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    137151..137668
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI383947 (NID:g4196728) te35b12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    137193..137469
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA347768 (NID:g2000024)"
FT   repeat_region   137646..138682
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138916..139207
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139208..139907
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139915..140398
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140772..141101
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141106..142181
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142182..142500
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142501..142719
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    142822..143069
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI025219 (NID:g3240832) ov40g10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    142831..143437
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI554749 (NID:g4487112) tn27h04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    142840..143538
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI733621 (NID:g5054734) an30d02.x5"
FT   misc_feature    142881..143208
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE082118 (NID:g8472414)"
FT   misc_feature    142903..143582
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI792344 (NID:g5340060) an30d02.y5"
FT   misc_feature    142904..143310
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW502863 (NID:g7117736)"
FT   misc_feature    142912..143613
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA209235 (NID:g1807250) zq85f02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    142917..143646
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI566486 (NID:g4524938) tr60d09.x2"
FT   misc_feature    142920..143499
FT                   /note="similar to  EST BE177809 (NID:g8656961)"
FT   misc_feature    142985..143501
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW503073 (NID:g7118135)"
FT   misc_feature    142999..143527
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW291262 (NID:g6697898)"
FT   misc_feature    143003..143437
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA309966 (NID:g1962295)"
FT   misc_feature    143068..143557
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW859939 (NID:g7955632)"
FT   misc_feature    143222..143657
FT                   /note="similar to  EST N98899 (NID:g1270324) za68f06.r1"
FT   repeat_region   144620..144922
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   145055..145322
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    145454..145770
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA574385 (NID:g2348900) nf46d06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   145850..146117
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   146142..146773
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   146794..147078
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    147371..147641
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI373221 (NID:g4153087) qz48a09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   148077..148219
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   148377..148474
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   148527..148779
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   149506..149588
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   149981..150139
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   150191..150326
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   151215..151340
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   151403..151528
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   151648..151813
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152078..152209
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   152709..152800
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   152928..153321
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   153322..153732
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   153730..154340
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   154339..154414
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   154442..154653
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   154655..155080
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   155081..155558
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   155554..156305
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   156306..156382
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   156566..156920
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   misc_feature    157014..157090
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460409 (NID:g2185622) zx51g11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   157149..157235
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   157549..157682
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   158418..158547
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    158597..158763
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI373221 (NID:g4153087) qz48a09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   158923..159014
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   159146..159273
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    159268..159482
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW119123 (NID:g6087707) xd89c09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   159465..159625
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   160207..160332
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    160624..160708
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA460409 (NID:g2185622) zx51g11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    160624..160705
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA470002 (NID:g2197311) zu10d07.r1"
FT   misc_feature    160624..160668
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA412219 (NID:g2070843) zu10d07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   160964..161087
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   162016..162143
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   162512..162640
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   163367..163493
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    163689..163976
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA812975 (NID:g2883039) ai77b12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   163840..163976
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   164143..164250
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   164682..164793
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   164880..165002
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    165435..165885
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI675297 (NID:g4875777) wc21f07.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165443..165734
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA848111 (NID:g2934629) od65f05.s1"
FT   repeat_region   166012..166143
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   misc_feature    166349..166429
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW119123 (NID:g6087707) xd89c09.x1"
FT   repeat_region   166630..166837
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   168221..168528
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
FT   repeat_region   168583..168685
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/beta"
SQ   Sequence 169904 BP; 52793 A; 35190 C; 34261 G; 47660 T; 0 other;
     ccttgcagtt cgatctcaga ctgctgtgct agcaatgact gaggctccgt gggtgtagca        60
     ccctccaagc cgtgcatggg atataatctc ctggtgtgcc atttactaag actgtcagaa       120
     aagtgcagta ttagggtggg agtgacccaa ttttccaggt gccgtccatc acccctttcc       180
     ttggctagga aagggaattc cccaacccct tgcacttcct gggtgaggtg atgcctcacc       240
     ctgcttcagc tcaggctggg ttcactgcac ccactgtcct gcacccactg tctgacaatc       300
     cccagtgaga tgcacccagt acctcagttg gaaatgcaga aatcattcgt cttctgcatc       360
     actcatgctg ggagctgtag actggatctg ttgctattct tccatcttgg ctccacccca       420
     agaaattact tttcaatgtc caaatagctt ctcccttgtg tgtacaagag actaggccaa       480
     aaagtccatt gtggagaaaa gaaagagaga tcagactgtt actgtgtcta tgtagaaaga       540
     agtagacata agagactcca ttttgttctg tactaagaaa aattcttctg ccttgacatg       600
     ctgttaatct gtaaccctag tcccaaccct gtgcttgcag agacatgtgc tgtgttaact       660
     caagatttaa tggatttagg gctgtgcagg atgcgctttg ttaaaaaagt gcttgaaggc       720
     agtatgcttg ttaaaagtca ttggcattct ctaatctcaa gtaaccaggg acacaataca       780
     ctgcggaagg ccacagggac ctctccctag gaaagtcagg tattgtccaa ggcttctccc       840
     catgtgacag cctgagatat ggcctcatgg gaagggaaag acctgaccat cccctagccc       900
     gacacctgta aaggctctgt gctgaggagc gttagtaaaa gaggaaggct tctttgcagt       960
     tgagacaaga ggaaggcatc tgtctcctgc tcatcccttg gaataaaatg tctcagtgta      1020
     aaacctgatt gtatgttctg tttactgagg taggagaaaa ccaccttagt gatggaggtg      1080
     agacatgctg gcagcaatac tgctctttat tgcactgaga tgtttgtgtg tgtgcacatc      1140
     aaggcacagc acatttcctc aaacttattt atgacacaga gacctttgtt cacatgtttt      1200
     ccttctgacc ctgtccccac tattacccta ttgtcctgcc agatccccct ttccgagatg      1260
     gtagagacag tgatcaataa atactgaggg aactcagaga ccagtgcctg tgcgggtcct      1320
     ccttatgctg agcaccggtc ccctggaccc acttttcttt ctttatactt tgtctctgtc      1380
     tcttatttct tttctcagtc tctcgaccca cctgacaaga aacacccaca ggttgtggag      1440
     gtgctagccc ccttcagtcc atgcttccat agttagaaaa ctgcccttca ggtataaact      1500
     agtgaatctt agaagtaaat tagctcctcc aaagcccagc agaacatggt ttgagaaatt      1560
     cccctgccca cagcaatttg gtggcatcat gagtcaacat ttctcaaata cattcttcag      1620
     cacttaacgt gcaatcttgg accagggagc taacctctct gtgcctcatt ttcctcatct      1680
     aaaaaacaga ggcagtaaga atatttactt aaaagcctta ctgtgaagat taagtgagct      1740
     catgtgcata agtctgaaga tagctggcag agagagccac agggtctggc tccgataacg      1800
     atgctgctct gattattaca gaggccataa attatgtggc ctcatttata tcacttagaa      1860
     ctgtcagtta tatgcaaatt aatgaaagac aactctcctt ccaccaaatg gctaggtacg      1920
     tgcaaggtgt ttttcccaca gaaagggaag aggagggcca acccctatgc ggggctggga      1980
     aaagaggaga ataaaaggac taagggagtt taggacctac caggtcaact ccgtctcaga      2040
     agaaagccac aactgagcaa caacccgaag gtcagattga ggagggggat acaacaattg      2100
     tctaaacaaa agcagggctg ccaaccccac acttagttcc aggactgtcc attgttcaac      2160
     caaatagcat tgaagccctg tatgcttttg ctatcttctg tggaaacagc ttcaagatgg      2220
     cttacgagct gtcaagccat gtaagaaatc tgtggaaaaa gaaaaaggcc agggtggggt      2280
     ttgtaaacca tctgtggcag aagtcttcta agcagcaaac atttccactg tattcattaa      2340
     taatgccaat cagaacatct tttctgcatg ttaattaaag aaggcacaca cagccataga      2400
     acctatctag ccctatcaga atgaatgagg ctaatttttc tcacagtttt gaataatatc      2460
     cttgagttcg tgagctcaaa tttcattgtt agccatcacc atttgatttc aagtgtttat      2520
     cttcctttta atgctgcagt gtcgggatgc attggtgaga acttatccag ggtaaaacac      2580
     agtcatttag agacagtttt tagaagaaac tatttaggtg acaatttttt ttttaattaa      2640
     agggaagaga cacaacacac cagatctgag cttgtcagat gcattctaga tgtgttaatt      2700
     cttggaagtt ctcatgatga gggcactgtc cagacaacat tttaggtagc tcttttcaag      2760
     aggtggaatc tggggaaggg tggattttcc caaatctttt accactggaa atgcttccct      2820
     gggcattgct ctagtcaatg gtcccaagct ttgtacaatt tgagaagtat acatgaaatg      2880
     tatagcatga tcaagaactg tcttaggaaa tgagggtaaa aagaaatata gaacaggcca      2940
     ggctcagtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagc agtttgggag gccgaggcag gtggattact      3000
     tgagttcagg aatttgagac cagcctgggc aaaacagtga aaccctgtct ctactaaaat      3060
     ataaaaaaat agccaggcat gtccaggtgt gcctgttatt ccagctattt gggagcctga      3120
     ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaac tgggttggcg gaggttgcag tgagcagaga ttgcaccact      3180
     gtacttcagc ctgggtgaca gagcgagact ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaagaa      3240
     aagaaaaagg aaagaaagaa atacagaaca gagtccctgc ccctgcagaa tacactaagg      3300
     atagcacctt ttgccccttt gtttggtgca tggctcctaa aggtccaggt tcactttggt      3360
     aagggatttg gggaaagaag actggcttag aagcaagtgg tttggggcta ggctttacca      3420
     tgaaaggtga tgtgactctt tcaagggctt ggtctctcat ctgtaaaatg ggatgatgga      3480
     cagacaatgt ctcttggttc ccagattcta tgctataaac aatgctcaat cataacatta      3540
     tggactcaat tgtgtccttc caaaattcat atggtaaagc cctaaccccc aatgtgacta      3600
     tatttggaga cagaaccttt aggaaggtaa ttaaggttaa atgaagtcct agttctcctt      3660
     taaattagtg tgggatgggg ccttagtcta ataggactgg tgtccttatt ataagaggaa      3720
     gagaaatcag agccctctct ctccctctcc tggagtgtgt aaagatgaaa agccacatga      3780
     ggaaacagca ggaatgtggc tgtctgcaag ccaggaagag agccctagcc ggaaactgaa      3840
     gttgccagaa cattgactat ggacgtctag cctccagaac tgagagaaaa taaatgtctg      3900
     ttgtttaagc cacccagtgt gtggtatttt gttatgacag tcctagcaaa ctaacacaca      3960
     tacaaagcac atttcaatga catgcttttc taaagggaca attttcaata gaacaaatcc      4020
     ataataatgt gacctttttt tttttttttc cacagagagg gaagtgagac aaattcagaa      4080
     agtcttctga atcatgttgg agttcctgga actgccagta tctagaagtc ataaagaaaa      4140
     agactgacaa atgtgaacat ataacaattt ttcgcttttg tctcccaaaa gactccataa      4200
     gcaaaaggtc atcaacatga gaaaattatt tgcaacaaca ataacaaaaa taaaggccaa      4260
     gcttaatata tttatatatg aaaagtttta cacatagtta aaaatactaa aacaccatta      4320
     gaaacaaagg acttaaacta ggaattaatt atttctcttt ctctttccat ggccaacaaa      4380
     cattgaaaaa aaattgccat cttttttttt atttgtttgt tagagatggg gatctcactc      4440
     tgtttcttag attgtagtgc catggcacaa taatggctca ctgcagcctc aaactcctgg      4500
     gctcaagtga tcacccccat acagactccc gagtagctgg gaacacaggc acatgccacc      4560
     acccctagct aattttttat tatttgtaga gatgggggtc actatgttgc tcaggctagt      4620
     cttggactgc tggactcaag tgatccttgg tctcccagtg tgctgggatt acagccatga      4680
     gccactgctc cagtcctcaa cttctttttt atttagcaag ttgacaaatt ttgaaaacaa      4740
     aattgtcact gctggtaaag gtacagtgat atgggaaagt ttacagtgct taagggaatt      4800
     ttaactgtac aaactttcta gaaagcaatt taacaatctt gcagtagctt gccacaaaaa      4860
     gtctaccctc tttcacccag aaaacttacc tttcttttct gtcctgaggt aataacctcc      4920
     aatgctatca aatatccatc tacaagcctt acttataaaa ttgcttaaaa acttaatgtt      4980
     caacaatcca aatatttaac cacagaaaaa cagttaaatt tagagatttc tgtacaatta      5040
     ataccaggct gcccctaaaa atatcatggg aatttagtga ttcagaaaaa tacttttgat      5100
     ataatattat ggagaaaaaa actatgatat gaaactgcca tatgagctca atatagattt      5160
     ttatgttaaa acggtttaga caaaccttaa ggaaatacac aaaatactag cagcagttat      5220
     aagtggtgga attacacaca atttgagttt tcttttatat ccttttctgt gatgttatta      5280
     acaagttaga atgggtgtaa cagaagtaaa tggacaacac agatgacaaa gaatttcctt      5340
     ttttctctcc tctccaaggt tcttgaaggc ataactagaa tcaaatagtt ttttaaaact      5400
     atggggagac aattttagta taatcttaat ggaaaaactt tccttagagg agtctaaaaa      5460
     tgtaagatag ggcctcagaa gcatgagtga catgttactg gagttcaagt ttactctgaa      5520
     taaacttcca gccgttcatt atgatacctg ctgggaacct attatgtacc aagtactctt      5580
     gtaagtcact agaggcctca caagcagtaa gacaaagtcc ccaccaccca ttaagcttac      5640
     cttgcagtgg aggaggaaga aagtaacata atgtcagatg tgataaatgc tataaaatgc      5700
     caagtgggcc aaggggagag tgtgaaggtg gacacagtgg tggtagctat ttttgaaaga      5760
     tgcatcagtg tagggctccc caatttcagt gaactaagca agcaagggat acggatctga      5820
     ggtttgagag ttccaggagg aagggacaga cagcctgaca tgcatagtga atgagggaca      5880
     gacaaggatc aggtgagcag cagaatcagg aaagaaggtg attaagacta aactgagtat      5940
     tggggaggtc agcgacttag ggctctgttc atctgacttg tttggccaat gggatattat      6000
     caggtgtaat gcaaacagag gcctaaaaag catgtgtgtg gttgagcttg gcctcttttg      6060
     actttgctat tatgttgaga gggcatgccc cagctagcca gttggttcta gagggatgaa      6120
     agacaaatgg atcagagctg ccccagtgga gcccagctga gaccaggtct gcctcaacag      6180
     agctgctcca gccaaccccc aaatctgcca gaataaattg ttacctttgt aagccaatca      6240
     gttctgaagt ggtttgttac tcagcattat tggagcaata gctgatagac acaatgctca      6300
     acctagacct aaaaaacaag accactgtaa tttgcttagc ctgggtcctt attgagaata      6360
     acagtgtggc ctaaccagtt caacaaacca tgattgtaag agtaacaagc acaggagcct      6420
     tatcctaata ttatccgaat gtaagataat tctacatttc aagtaagata actatgggta      6480
     aaccaataac atgctccagt ttcttgttta ctatactgac agtctgttat caaatagcct      6540
     tggcaggttc taagtttgct tctctcatct gttttgccga aaaatttgtc ccaagtgctt      6600
     attccatggc ctcctaaaaa gacatatttc ataggtgatc agggaaaaac agctgctgta      6660
     cagctaaatc acgtcaaaag tattttgggg ttgaaggcaa gcatgaacca caatccagct      6720
     cactttttaa cttctgagta atattccagg agtccatctg gagccccatc acagtaggga      6780
     tgccgtaaga gacctttttg agtatagccc tcccaaatcc tgacctaagc atgcttgaga      6840
     ccagaagaca ctcaatgagc ccctcagggt tatatcaaga tggcacacat ttcctcaaga      6900
     cttctaccaa aatatgttac atcaaatttc caaagcctct acctacatat attctcagtg      6960
     gaaaacctcc aggcccttta aatgtgcctg ccatgtgctt taagtactta tgggcctaat      7020
     tcaacacaaa ttatatggtg atgtttagcc tgaccatggt gagcatggca gaactgaggt      7080
     ccagaagagg gaaggggaca ctcacagccc atccagactt cttctctttc ccctgacagg      7140
     cttcctttct ttccccctga gtcacaggcc tgggaagcag gttgtgcagt cagcaggaaa      7200
     agctatggct agcttggggg tatgaagaag gaacacacag agatccttat tttccaccca      7260
     cctcaaccac tgcctgcctc ccagcctccc cacctcagca taatgctcca gtattctgaa      7320
     tcccatccag actttttctc cattccctgc tgagcttcct ctccttcctc ctaagtcaca      7380
     ggcctgggag aggggctgtg tagtcagcag ggaaagctac agctagcttg gtggtatgaa      7440
     ggaggaacac acacggatcg ttattcacca cccacctcat ccactgcctg cttcccagcc      7500
     tccccacctc agcataatgt gccagtattc tgaatccaga gcactgattc acctacttaa      7560
     ccatgaggct gaagttcaga atggctgtca aaatctggtc acctaacagc aaaaaaatca      7620
     atgaactaca gagagcagat agctaggctt ttaaagattc acttgttttg atggccttgt      7680
     cactgcttgt ctcctcatta ccttcatggc tcagcctcac tgtaatgtgc actgacttgg      7740
     gcataaatag gtctatctta gagttaatgc tctgatgtaa aaagggtaaa ccaccctcca      7800
     tctatggaaa acattccatt atcacagcat tttttatgaa agccaagatg cttccctact      7860
     gtccacaaaa agctatttgc cttcatactg tataaatatt tgatgctggc cttttggcaa      7920
     aaggccacct aaatattcca agcttatgat ttacaagaag gatgtgggaa aggagatttg      7980
     tcatagtatt tcaagaggta aattctatga ggcaaccatt cttctcctgc ggactctgag      8040
     atactaagac tgtctatcaa gcaaaccttc aggctcagcc ctaggctgct gtgcttcgcc      8100
     aaagtctagc ctgaatgtgc atgccatgac aagcggtcaa tgcatttggt ctatttttgc      8160
     agggttaaaa acaaaatatt actgttgtcc tttaaacaaa ctagactgga ctagattgac      8220
     tacgctggaa tagctggcct aacagatgct cttggctctc tgagagtgcc ttctctccat      8280
     cagaggctgc acagtcctct tggcaccacc ttgattccaa gattggcact ggccaagtgc      8340
     ataagtgcaa ttgcacatgt ggtcaatggc atgtgatccc acggcaaata taatcactgt      8400
     tcaaccaatt ccagataaag gtgccatgtt gctccacaat cacactgaag ctaatttgct      8460
     ctatttacca aagaataagc aaggctgctg ccgtttcttg tttcttgaac actctctgct      8520
     gctctaggcc tggctaccgt cctacattct tagtttgatg caatgagtca tctagaaaag      8580
     ctattactcc tctttagcta gaaaaagatt agcttgcaag ttgcagtgcc aattaaatga      8640
     acagataggg aagaaacatt ctgattcatt ggttgatgga tgtgaggcac tctgccaggt      8700
     gcagttcaag gcttttcatt gaatcctccc ccaaattctg taagagtcat cattcccttt      8760
     tagtggatag acatctgagt tacatgattt gtccatgttc atatggaata caaaggccaa      8820
     atcagatatg aaatatgatt tgtttgacac taaaacttac cccctttcaa caacagacat      8880
     ttattgagct actgctatga tgaggcagac cctgtttgag gaactggggg taggtgctaa      8940
     acaggctaag tttctacact tgcagagctg gtgttttctg accaatgcac catattctct      9000
     ctgccttggt ggttaggata agattttagt cgggtcacaa tgagacttag gacttctgtt      9060
     tggggccaca tctgtgcaga tgccatgctc tcctatatag ggcagaaaaa aaaaagaata      9120
     aaaatatgat tgtaaatggc tgacttatgc atatagctgt gtattttgac acaatgggtt      9180
     agcatacagt gatgaaagaa aatggtctgc aattacatgt aaaaatgtag acgaacccca      9240
     caacaacaag tgtgtgtata aagtttgtat acagttcaaa actcatcaat ggtgtttcaa      9300
     gtagggactg tgattacccc agggggatag aaacagtgca attacatgta aaaatgtgga      9360
     agaatcccac aatgacaagt gtataaaatt tgtataaagt tttgtataaa gttcaaaact      9420
     catccatagt gtttcaagta gagactgtga ttaccccagg ggaagagaaa cagtgtgggg      9480
     catgcagggg cttctagggt tttgatatgt tctatttctt gatctatgtg ctggtgatgt      9540
     gtgtgctcac tttgtgaaaa gccactgagg tatatatcct tgtgatctgt actatttttt      9600
     acatgtgtgc taaactgcaa taaaagtttt ttaaagatgt cccatggaca tctgccactg      9660
     accagagaca ctagccacta gccacatacg gttatttaaa cttaagttaa tgaaagttaa      9720
     attaatttta aaattcaatt cctcagtagc agtatccaca tttcaagtgc tcagtagcca      9780
     tagtcagctg gtggccgcca taccggacaa cccagataca gaacaaacac ctccatcatc      9840
     acaggcactt ctattggaca gccctgctct ggatagctct ctgaatgtat ttgtaacaag      9900
     ccaatcactt tcttgtgtca ctcatgcatt caacaaatgg ttatggacca atacactata      9960
     caacgcctgc tgctactatg gtaagatgtc aatattagac aatggtgaga ctttcatcca     10020
     aaattaagac ctgtctgtgc tgtatcatgt tctaaggctt tggatgattt aaagtacatt     10080
     catttagaat tcagaatggt ctctattctc aggatgcttg ctggcatttc aaggattgca     10140
     aacaatgtag aatccaaact ctgttcatga ctttgctaat tcttgagaga aaatggctca     10200
     acaacaacac acaatactgt ttatgctccc tgccaggttt tgctgggatt gataaatttg     10260
     gtgttatgtt tcacttaggg atcctatgac tggcagccct caggatatgt acgtgtttgc     10320
     acattggtcc cattccccaa attgcctctt agatttgaca caccctggtg actcaacttg     10380
     ccttcccatt aacctaaagc cctttctttg ttttacacat tttccaacta tacatagacc     10440
     ttctgcctta ggagagctga cattaatagt gctattccat gcagcaaacc actagagaca     10500
     atacattact ggggaggggg tactgggtgc tgggagacct gggaacagtg agtgtctcag     10560
     tggagcttac agaaaccagt ctgttcaact tatttctctg ctgctaattt caaggtgctg     10620
     ccactgctac ttcaaactgt aatagtgtct acaaacaatt tgcactttgg aatggcacac     10680
     ttccaacagg taattaacaa atccagggga caatcttttt aaaaggcttt aaaagcaaca     10740
     gagactgagg ccaccatcaa tgatatagaa tcattccgct ttctctgtca tttcagaaga     10800
     tacctggttg actgctagag aggtttagag actacaggcc ctgggcttta tggaaagttc     10860
     ctcaagatgt gttaattaga aataaaattc agcatggtta ttggctgcag tgttttctca     10920
     atgaaatagg ctatgaagag ggactaagat ttcaatagtt aggagcagag ttcacaaagg     10980
     gccacccaag gacagtgaat tccataccat tcaccattcc aaggcagaac actgcattca     11040
     ccagcctgcc tcctttctgg aagtggtcgc tcgtgtgccc taaccggttg gtgtccaagc     11100
     tctcactgtc tggccatttt tggagacatg gagaggaatg gtgagaggga agtattgctg     11160
     gcccttctga tggctattcg gtttgttgaa aagggctgag atctacattt ctgctgagat     11220
     ttgtaaaggt agtggagaga gaagaagtca accaaagata aaaagctgct tcgtcgggtt     11280
     tagtggaatc tctcaggagc ctgaataaat gatatgatga atgctgaaat ctctgtgagg     11340
     ctgtattgtt gtcaaataat aaagcctcat tccaagtagt aaggtgaggc tgccttaaag     11400
     taacatggac ctcaaaggtt gggcttctaa tgggggactt aggtttttaa tctggaatat     11460
     aatgaatact tgttatctgg gattaatgtg tacagttagg tggttgagaa aagaacacag     11520
     cagatggttc tagaaattca tacaaatatg tgttttggaa acaaaagcag aatgtatttg     11580
     ggtcagagtg gtcttttaaa aagtaaaggt acagagacac ataaaaacaa aaatactgct     11640
     ctaatgtcag aaatattata tactcctgaa ctcactattt ataaactgga atagtgtttc     11700
     ctggggctga acccatatta cttaatcaag tacatcaaaa atacatcatt gatatgtaaa     11760
     aataaatatg ttcctgtaaa tgagagttcc tgcctggagt ggcaggtcag cccaaacagc     11820
     caagaaggca ctgggggtga ggtgctgagc tttcagttcc ttcatttata gctcagttct     11880
     taagcaatca ataatcacca ccacccatca gctgagccaa gcctgcctat gtgcagctgg     11940
     gcatgggtta gcagtagcag cctccagaag caaatatctg gaatttcaat ctaagtctga     12000
     aagtctattt ttatgctcct catttagtca agcaatcagt tgacccagct taaaaagtct     12060
     tgcttacaca ggcttgtcag gaatatgctt tggtttccaa aaatatcttt ttaaatcata     12120
     agaaaatccc caccttgtgt gaaacaagaa tttaaaggtc ataaacaatg gttgacatta     12180
     gcaagaagga caaagcaaat tcatgctccc tgcataagca ctctttgatg ctgtttccca     12240
     aatttcagta cctcacaatg ttttgtggta tccaagtact agttgacttt ttcctttatt     12300
     taaataaata tattattttt ttttttaaaa aaagaaactt tctttcatga gtatgaaggc     12360
     aatccactac cacttgccaa aaacaagggg tgatgatgaa gtacattaac accaaatatg     12420
     ttcatctgtc taacacctaa aattatctca cataggtcac aaagtcttct ctcagcccca     12480
     tctgagtgag caccagcaga gatcactagg tagcagcgct gggccatgtt acttcgtcat     12540
     cagcaacacc tgaatgagca gaagccattt caggctttcc atccaacaga acaattatga     12600
     aaggaaggtg cctatctttg gaagtggcca cttggatttt aaacaccaac tctagcctgt     12660
     tcattatccc catccaaagc tgcttttctc agccctcctc cttactcaga agccatctcc     12720
     agctaggaga tactttcata ccagaaatta ggtcttggtg tatagagctc gcaatcacta     12780
     gactagttca tgactggaaa atacaaactt tagaaatgga gcaacatgta atggagtgaa     12840
     tccagccata aattggggct ggggtgggca ggaggtaaac tagacagttg ggtgttttcc     12900
     agtcctggcg gccaggggtt caaataaagc tgcagctacc gagggcaaga ggataaacaa     12960
     ggttttagtt agttcttggg tttatttggt ttcctttata agcagaccct gcaagctttc     13020
     ctgtagaagt agtttatttg ggaagtgatc ccaggaaaca gagggaagga gtaggaatgg     13080
     aaaacacgga ggagatggag atgatgccag tgaataagtg cattgaagag catattacca     13140
     atggggcaag tagggctcag tcccaccagg gacccacaga cactgtgtaa aacacaccca     13200
     gattcttaca ccaagagcaa ggattgtggg acatttttcc tcatgaattg aaagttactc     13260
     ctgagtcatt catttcccag ggcccactcc ctagaatatc tgcaggcaga gaggctaagg     13320
     aagctgtggg cttagccaga gctaaccaca ggtgacccca acataggcta cagcaccact     13380
     cactacagcc tgctacagtc aagcacaaat ataaatgaat tagagagaaa aaggaaatca     13440
     caacctctgc atagaagtag gtggggaatt tggaagtggc caaagtccaa aactacatgg     13500
     taacacttga tcacacagag ggaactccca ctcaatggca agacaaaaac acaactttcc     13560
     cgaatgcata atgaaccaga aaaaggggaa ggccaaagga gaagtgagag tgctggtggt     13620
     gtaatagagg aagacagaaa ccctcagaaa aggcagatgg tgtggacagc tttcctggct     13680
     tgatcctcct cagggggcta gactgatgcc agagacagaa ataaatttct caggaaggaa     13740
     aaggagagag cattggaaaa aagagcctcc aaagaatcag cagcaatgaa atattgggag     13800
     aaatctgatt gcagatgcgt aacccttgta cactcactcc tctgtcccat catcttcttg     13860
     gctctggtcc tttctttctt cacatgaaaa tcagtcaaga gaaactgtac aaaagtgata     13920
     ccctttgatg ttttaatatt ctgattctcc aatattgatt ctccaataca catcctcaca     13980
     tgagcaagca ccaaagattg caaaaagagc cccatgttta tttaaatttt ctcagctgct     14040
     ctgtgactct cagctggaag atttttctag acatgggaca gtaagtccca aaggggtacg     14100
     gaaggcattg gttctgatca tgttctggga attgctgaag gactgcactg gcagagcacc     14160
     cattgggact ctcttctcat ctctcccttt tccccacctt gtctcattta gatccctcct     14220
     attgcacatg tgtttgttgt attgacctaa gccaaccaga ggagaatgtg agggcaggct     14280
     aagggggtgt ggggcccaag ggtgggggta gttgaatcct gccagcctgg gaaactggtc     14340
     cattcaggct ttgccaggct actagggagt ggggaggaaa gaggcaggtg tccagccttg     14400
     aggtctatgc ctgggtctgg ggactcagac acaggatgga aggctgcagt ttgcctgcag     14460
     gtggggcccc agagagccca ggtcttgagg gtaagcaggt gactggctgg gcctctggac     14520
     ctctggtcag gtgagaagaa agagtttaga ggctggctga aaatctgggg ctccaagggc     14580
     tagatgtggg aggaggaggc agctggctat tacctgcact ggaaagaaca agtgggcatc     14640
     acacttggtg gggactgcag gctgctgagg tcatgggcag aagggactaa gcagaaatgt     14700
     ttgtattggg aaggcaggca gtgggcacca tggtggcaag gcagggcaag agggcagaag     14760
     ggccgtaggc tattccagat gcctaaatct gggcaaggct gctcaagctt cagtcaggat     14820
     tgggtactaa tagcagggca cctctgggcc agcacgaggc ctgcttgcca gggcagcagg     14880
     gaaaggcaaa gtgcagggac tgctgcatga acaacaatcc aagggaatcc acttgtaagg     14940
     atgacaacaa ccacaggcat gtgtccctta tttacaaggg cctttcacct tcaccatcgc     15000
     atgtgactct cccaaccttg atgggagggg gcggcactga ttatgtgccc agaagcatta     15060
     attggatccc ccagaaatca caagcctata tgtggcacaa ccaagggcct ttcacacccc     15120
     aaactctggg ctctttccca aatataacaa gaggctaatt catcaggaca cagaaggcag     15180
     gggccaatga ctatgcatgg gaactcaata gctgtttgtt aatgaactga gtaaaagatg     15240
     agaaagatgg ctgcagtgtc agatctggga gggggccata tcatggggtc caactgtccc     15300
     gagagtgtag ggagggaagg agccctaccc ctacatcagg aaagccctac ccctgggttt     15360
     tggccattca caataagctg gcagccaggg agtgctactg aataaaatcg tctcagccag     15420
     aaacatgatt ggcatcatat gctcaggttt caggctgaca tttctaagcc ttttaagtga     15480
     ggaggtgcag cataggaagg gcagtgcttg gaagacttat tattttgtgt cagtgagaat     15540
     gattagaatt ttgttgaacc tgtctagcct ccttgtttct ctgatggaag ttgtggcagc     15600
     agagatggtg aggctgtccc tgcacaggct caggtgatca ctgcacagca tggacctcca     15660
     accaaaagga aattccccca gaccaggaaa taagcgagca ggaagaggaa cacatagtgg     15720
     gcctccccta gaacctgcag aggcaaggac atgacggctg catggagccc gcagacatgg     15780
     ggagggacga cctgcccctg cttccacatg cagaatccac tggaaagtcc tgtctgagaa     15840
     gtcactgcct agattcctct ccccaaggcc tgctgtaaag aaaataagtt aacagaggag     15900
     aaggtgggaa gaggagggag actctctcca gatttttttt aattgtcttg ttgtgattgc     15960
     ctgtttaagc ccacctggca gaagaggagt aaaaacactt ccctccttaa agggctcgga     16020
     gagaagacaa gctgggagct gagcaggcag ccgggagggg tgcctggggg cagcggtggg     16080
     gggtagctct ttgtgactgt tggggagtga tggtgagtgg atttcccagg agaaagatta     16140
     agagagaggc tgggggtcag atgagggtca caaccaaggg ggacagggtc cctggacatt     16200
     cagccttcaa gaaggccaaa tgctcaagct gtgataaaga aatttaactg aatggggcca     16260
     caaaaggtga caccccctac ttgtgaaacg gacatgataa tagcatcttc tgccataaag     16320
     ctgttgtgag gagtaactga gatgacacga gaaggacata gaatagtgca cttggagggt     16380
     gactgccatc atgaccactg aaaggcttat atgtgaaatg atcaaaccca aaggcttatt     16440
     tattccacca aaggaggaaa aaaggacaac agtgagctgc ctaaatttca gagatttgca     16500
     gcctgagcag agagataaag gggctgcttt atgcatagag acaggcagtg tttacctgcc     16560
     tagggagaat gggctcgaag gaggatttaa tccctccccc tggcctatac ttgcagagct     16620
     gaaattctca tctactggtg ggctgaccgc ctccagaaac acatgcattc acccattcct     16680
     ccctagcggg gtctgttttt ccaggagaga atggggactt gggtgacggg atagtggcca     16740
     agatgctgtg ggtgtcaatt tttctgtgtg ttcagccatt gggagagatt ctgggtgagg     16800
     gaagtgagtg gccacaggat agcataaagg tcctgggcac ctgggaaggt tcctaggaca     16860
     agtctcccca gtgaataatg ctctcacaga aggcaggagg tctggaagga gtctcagagg     16920
     aagatgggct ctagaacaca gtaaaaatct gaaaaatcct gaggaaacct cagtagtcac     16980
     tgcctccttt ctcaaagcca ggattccatg agaggtcgat gtcgagtgtc aggactactg     17040
     agcctgtacc ccaatagtag cagctcatac tcatgagtca agcattgcca agtgctttaa     17100
     atatgtcttc tttaaccttt ccatgagaaa ccatcattct atccccattt cacagggtga     17160
     gaaattgagg catggaaggc aggttggaat gtaaacagag gctagatttt tgagcactat     17220
     gttccccacc actctgtcac tccctccttt tctcctgggg gcctctgctt ggcctgaccc     17280
     ttgccctcct acagtcctgg actgcagaga agggctccaa tgaggcccat cttcttgctc     17340
     aagattcaga gtacacacat caagcccaat ctcctgagaa gctggaggtt tctggattaa     17400
     ggcctgagca ttcatgagga ggacacaccg ggcttaaatg catgctcagc tactccatga     17460
     ggtgcagcag gcacctgctt caaacagtga aaaatcacac aaatgaatgg ctctatttct     17520
     gcgcatactt aagaaggctc aaggccttga ttaaacagta gtcttactat atcacacagc     17580
     tgaggcagct ccaatatctc cctctaaatc aattttgcaa ataggcccct ggaattaacc     17640
     atcccataat tttcttctca agaagtttgg aagtaacaaa acatactgtt tctccttgtt     17700
     ttcccttctt gaagcactac ctgttcatta tcacttgtaa gaggctaatt tcaagaatta     17760
     gtaaataaat gataataaca atattaacct gagagaacat ccagaaaggc ctaaagagaa     17820
     agccctccta acctctgggt gtcttctgtc agtcttcata cttgttcacc tttcaaaggc     17880
     tagaaggggt catatggctc gtctacatac cttactcgca ggaaatgact ggatgctaga     17940
     tttcctggag aaaggggaaa tatggatggt agatttcctg aagaaagtag agaaaaaggc     18000
     aatacagaga aacagaggga aactttgttc cctataaatc ttgttgagga cctcagtaaa     18060
     ttattttagt ctatcacaca ggaaagaaca agtagaaagg cgtgaaggga tgttgggtaa     18120
     gtccacctgg gttcatatgc cggatcttcc tatttccaga ctgggcaaca aatttcctct     18180
     ctaaatccca gtttgcacag ctgtaaaata tcttacttta ggcaggtatt ttaacaagct     18240
     gtgtgtaggt tgtcattggt gcctggcagg ctgccacttt ctgtgtgaaa gctggatgat     18300
     tcaagggaaa ttttgagagc acaggaggta aaagaactca agagtctaga atccacttca     18360
     aacatgacat tttggagcac actgcaagtc aatttcatgt ggttctgttc tctccataaa     18420
     tcataacttc agtaagtaaa cagtcaggtg gcccagataa ctgcttgata aaatttctcc     18480
     tatttgatgg actgctatct ctacactcta attccattcc tttttctctg agataccatg     18540
     gggattaatg aaaagctgtt agtcactctt taagtgggtc aaaactccca gtgctgacat     18600
     acttactccc tgagagtggc tcttcatgta cctccaatga gtcgccatct gggtcaacca     18660
     gtgtcttgct caccccacgt ggtgaaagtt gtccaccatc tccctctcca gggggtgagc     18720
     tgggcttctg ggcaatgggt acctcccctc tggggcctga gcagtttctg ggatttggtt     18780
     tctcccagcc agggcaccac acatgttcct agtccctggt ttctcattct ccagtgacac     18840
     atgatcccca tgtgcatttt ttttacatcc ctggcatttt ccatgctgtt ggcagtagac     18900
     accggagcac tgctgcctgc caaatccaca ggggaatggt actgaggcat aacaccaatg     18960
     aatttcaggc cctggcttgc agcctcctgg atctgtgcgg caaacaaaag gaagggaacc     19020
     aagtgaatgg aatcgtctat caaaagggca tgtgcagagt gcaaagagcc tccctgaggc     19080
     ctgcgaaact atttcaggtg cacatgaaga atttcaagct ggcaggagcc ccgtgtcctc     19140
     agggacacct gccgccacat cctggtctga agaggatagg ctttttttgt tttgtttttg     19200
     tttttgtttt gtttgttttt tgttttttta atatgttgtc tgatggaaaa ataaagcatt     19260
     gggtttgaag ggttgaaatc accattttga aacactgcag tagtccttat tagccatttt     19320
     ttttaaagag gctggaaaag ttctaaacaa agagtttgaa agaggaagtt cattttggta     19380
     gagtgttttt ttgttgttgt tacttttttt cagaggaatc actgacttcc tgcccatcag     19440
     gctattgtgt aactacagct tgtctatata atcatataca aagaccagat ggcattttag     19500
     acccaaagag ctcccttttt gggcaatagt tttggccaag aggggcagaa gtggagaaaa     19560
     tcacccccgt gccaaggctg tggccacatc ctccacgaga tgcaccatct gatggacacc     19620
     ttgctccctg gtgttgttag gcttagggaa ggtcaaagga gcccacagat catgcctagc     19680
     ccacagctac agactgactc ttggccctca aagtcctagt ccacaccatc cagcagccag     19740
     gtgatggtac cttctcattc cctgtaccaa caggatagga gatgaacacc cacctggaat     19800
     gctgaggcat ttgaactctc cctctcccta aaaaataccc ctatgcaatt agattgagtg     19860
     taattcataa gtttgaaagg aaaattgaaa ggaataaaat ctaataaaat caagcaagaa     19920
     ccagaccaaa tcagaaggta ggatttaggg gactttccag gcacgaatgc ttaagtcact     19980
     ttacacataa ataaggcggt gcagacctca gagctgtcta agtctttgtc accaacccat     20040
     aagcagatga attcagaaaa tcttgaggcc tctgcagtgt taatctatca tcattagaga     20100
     gtcagtttca ccaggatgga gctattctct ctaaaggaga agcagccctg acagctcttc     20160
     tcagaagaac caccctgaca ttaaacagaa agtcattttt gttccacact gcacatcttg     20220
     gaaaactgaa gctgcaaatg tgcagtccag tctttcttta aatcctagcc tgtgctagac     20280
     ataaaataac aatagtagta attactgtct agtgtagacc tactatatct aggcattgag     20340
     ttaggcattt tacgtaagtt aaaacaacaa aatctttcat ccttcaatga ctctgcatgg     20400
     tatcactatc tccatttcag atgaagacat tgaggcccag agacattaat gtcacaaagc     20460
     aagcagtgag tagccagagt acaaaaccag gtcaggcctg ggccaaagtt cattctttta     20520
     atcacaagac ttattggata catctcaagg catcaaccac atatatgtct ttgggcatgt     20580
     ttgcgtccac tcatacaccc agagttggct caattcatgc ttcaaaagtt aaaaaaacaa     20640
     caaaacaaag cacacaaaaa acttacaacc atctattcca ttcagaaatt ttattttttc     20700
     tctcattaat ctatgatatc caccaatttc aaaagggttt catataaaaa gaaaatatat     20760
     atatgctcat atattccata tagcttatat attctataaa gctcctaaaa gaaggcacag     20820
     caacacaaat tttaaaataa aatagcaggg agataattat accaaagaac tctggagact     20880
     gaggaaatcc accacctgca aagcatactt ctgagcttcc tggcaacata tgccaaaaga     20940
     gcaaggcaat gggttttaca gccctaaatg aagtaaggag acacctgcac tagcttctgc     21000
     tactactatc ttaatgcaga tgaaacagct gtgactactg aagcatttta ataactgctt     21060
     ccactgagga ctcaaccgta ggccaggctc aactagactc atggaaatag catgaagttt     21120
     aaaggctttt gaaaaggcct gatgtggagc cccagatgtg taactcaaca tcttggggaa     21180
     gcagagtaga ttatataaac tttctgtgcc tcagttttct catgtacaaa atgagtgaaa     21240
     acacacttat tttgcagttg cactgaagct tagtttagat attacatatg gcaagtgcac     21300
     caaagaatgg gtcataaaga cggcatctta acttctctct ttatcagtcc tgggcttctg     21360
     caaccctgca gagactgctg agtcatctag actgaagaga caaggactcc agaaacaggg     21420
     cattatccta gctctcccct tcctcactgg gactggaaga attggaaagg cttggacaca     21480
     gacatcttct cttcccccac aacataccag acaaccatat tcccttgcca ttttgtactg     21540
     caaatttatc ctctaggcca ggggttctaa agttttgtcc ccagaccaca gcatcagcat     21600
     cccctgggaa cctgttagaa atgcaaattc tcaggcccta acacagacct attgggtcag     21660
     gaacgctgag agtgggatct agcaataggt gttttaacaa gcctccaagt gactccaatg     21720
     cagcctgatg tttgagaatc atcaatgtgt ctagaataca catctcatga gggcttgggt     21780
     attttacact gctgcatcct cagtaataga atgatgtctg acatatagca ggtcctcaat     21840
     aaatatccgt tgaatgaatg aatacattaa ataatggatg aataagtatg tcttctctcc     21900
     cagaatgagc ttcttgaagg tagggatgga gacatcattt ttctgctcta gaattcaaca     21960
     gttaataagc cccatacact ggcccagacc aacacagtgg ttaggtatca gaaatataaa     22020
     ataggatccc taaccctcaa gaagatttga tgaattattg tgaacagact ttaaaaatat     22080
     ttacactatc ttggaacaat aatgctcata atgacatgta tgtaaaaagt caagattcta     22140
     aacttcattg actttattat gacaactatg taatatacat acataaacta tgcataaaaa     22200
     gagtcaccaa aacaaaaaca gcactgtatt tagggagttg ggctatgatt gatttttttt     22260
     cttttactgt gtaattttca aaatttacct aaggggcatg gatgttattt tagtagtgaa     22320
     aaagtaaata ttgtaaaaat tactcataga ggaaaatata gtaatggata tgaaggtata     22380
     taaatgacag tgacaatggt gatcatttct gcctgaaggg gaggttgaga aaatttctca     22440
     gagtagatca gggatgtaac aaatgacacg gtgtaacaca aaaggaagag tgagaaatgt     22500
     ggcagaactg gagtgtgtat gcctcacctt aaagcattca aatccatttt ttttttcaaa     22560
     atgtcacgct aggtaaaaca tatttgggat ctactctgca gaaggctttg aggaacgaat     22620
     aacagttcac taggtatgta aaggaaaagg agagggcaat ccatgtaaag gcaaggatgg     22680
     atcatgacag gcaaaagctt gacagtatgc aacagcctga tgtgttgagg aaatttctag     22740
     acatatctca ggaacatgac gtgagaagcc aacagaagcc cagaaataag gcttgactag     22800
     acattacaag gactgacaca catgtggact tgtattcatg cccacaaaaa ctctgacttc     22860
     accatgtagg ccagcatatc caactgtccc accagagtca taacttcaag aacagaggag     22920
     agcgggagtc tgagggaaaa ctaagatttc ttcgaatgct catctttaac cttcaacttc     22980
     agtgcaaata ttgtatctta caccatagtg ctgcctagga tcaaaacctt tcaaacgatg     23040
     tcagagttaa atgctgccct tatcccatgt gttccaggga aattcacacc cccaagaaga     23100
     ggaagcatat ttgtagctct gcttatttcc ttcaaataga ttcctggaag tggaattaat     23160
     gagtgaaggg atattaactt ttcaaaggct tggtagaggc tgccaaattg ttaaacagaa     23220
     aggatgagta gtctttttaa ctagaagacc acatttagat tatatgaaga tcaatatttg     23280
     gctagaccta ggagacacga ctcttgtggt tctgtcttac catagtatag acactttcct     23340
     ctttttcaga aagtgatttg actgtgtatt gatggctaaa ttaaatcctg cttctcattc     23400
     atgcatttat aaccttcact gagccagtct gatgtttatc atggtgctgg gcctgtgatg     23460
     tattcatgag agttccccag ccaccagctc tcctccactg tatacttggt gacctcctgc     23520
     actcacatgg gttccacaaa tccgatgtta attatttcca agtgtgaact cctagccctg     23580
     gctttccttg gaagttcaga cctacaaagt agatgatcac agttgacggg cccgctgtca     23640
     atctggtctc tccaactgga atcacagtat cttctttcct ttctctaatc ctgtgtatct     23700
     gttcaccaca ccctgtcacg tttatccccc aatgtttgtg gaattacttc ttcattgaag     23760
     aggcatcagg ttggatgggc tggatatctg tttaaactga aatacaccct cacccacctt     23820
     cttctcattt ctgctgtctg taagaaacgt tctgccccaa atacttaaag gagtaactat     23880
     ttgtggttta ggcactgaaa attaaatatg gctgttttga ctgatgcaca acttcagtta     23940
     gttgctctat aatgaataag gataagctcc actgtaactg tattcaggaa tcataatgtg     24000
     aaaaatattt cttttttaaa aaatttagtt atataaaaag tctcaactca ttgtacaaaa     24060
     atctttggtt atatatttga ggaatcactt ttatttttaa taaaattaat tttttaatta     24120
     aaaataacaa tatgacatta gatttcaagg ctgaattatc tgtttctaca tctaaaatga     24180
     ataccatgtt actaatgatg actgcaatat atactctatg tgcatgtaaa tatacatatt     24240
     tgtactttag aggatgcgta tcaatcaggg tgagaaatca gttagaagga agtgagacac     24300
     agattggatt tagtaaaaat gaaagctata tggaacatag gaaaaggaag agagaagccc     24360
     aatgctcaca ggtcaattag agtgcccata gcctgtagta catagcatgg gtaaagagac     24420
     agacacttcc aagactgttt tgtctgactc taaggaggga ggtatcacag ttaatttttt     24480
     gtccacttga ctgaactatg gtgaccagat gtttggtaaa acactagtct agatgttgct     24540
     gtaaaggtat tttttaaatg tgtcattaac atttacaatc agctgacttt cggtaaactg     24600
     aattcctcta ttattaggtc tcatctaatc aggtgaagtc ttcaagagca aagactgaga     24660
     tttcccaaag gaaaaagaat tctgcctctg gactgcaaca cagaagttct ccctgagttt     24720
     tcccccttca aacttaagac tgcaacatca atccttacct gaatctccag tctgctggac     24780
     tgccctgcag atgtcagact ttttggaccc cacaatcaca tgagccaatt ccttaaaata     24840
     atcaactttc tctctctcca ccaggaggta gggggaataa tatagcacag gacaagctga     24900
     tggaggtctc taaatgtaaa cctgactggg cctgaaataa aagatgggta caggctccca     24960
     aatgacagtg agccccaaac agaaacaaga caactaggac ctcatcaggt attgattcca     25020
     gttcctacgt gagaggctga agtgtggcag gaaggctttt agccatcact gttgcccagg     25080
     taaaggaaat ttcccccatt gtgttttgag gagaactgct acataccagg taagggaggt     25140
     tatatctata actgatggat ttattttcta caagttatat aataaagtta atgaaatgcc     25200
     tgtaattagg aattaatcct gggaaacagg aacttactgc tacaaaaata gagagctggg     25260
     ctgtccaata tggcagccac tagccacatg tggctattta aatttaaatt aatttaaata     25320
     aaataaaatt taaatattcc actccttaga cacatgagtc acatttcaag tgcccaccag     25380
     ccacttgtgg ctgatgtaga atattccatc atctcagaaa gttgtcttgg gtagctcagc     25440
     tatagagcat aataaattac ataaaatgct gaaaaataga gtttttgcca gtgatttcag     25500
     aggcatataa tatagtataa agtccaagac tcacatccac atagtcatat accctagatc     25560
     agaccactgc ccactctggc cctccctcat aacgcatgca ccactgatag gtgacaacat     25620
     acacagcaca tgcagggagc acacagcaca ggcatgccct agatgtcaag aacagacaca     25680
     aaaatgccat tctgggttgc agttacatgt gagtctttat agtgaatatt ttatcagaca     25740
     cacacaaccc ttcccatctt gtcacctaca ctcttttaca gctttctgaa aagggaggct     25800
     caaaaataac acaggtttga gctcacatct gaagttgcct ttagttttga catgataaca     25860
     cttagccgca ggaattgaaa gctttgccag gcattgctgg atgtttacct ccatttaggt     25920
     gccacgagga aagatcatgt aaacttcctg ctgtttctct tttagcaaca gagagttctt     25980
     agaatccgcg ctgggacaaa gaatttgaag acttaaagct ttggacctgg ctctgttact     26040
     cggtagttat attattggtc aaactagttg atttatatta gcttcagctt cttcatctat     26100
     aaaatggaga tacttatatt catttattca ttctgtaact acttactgaa taccaattgt     26160
     atgctgggca ctagcttctg ggcaaacagc aatgagtcac acaggcacta tcccttcctt     26220
     cttgcattta atgtgcattg gttttactca agggataact gaggtactct gaagagtttg     26280
     ttctaccctt ctcaaactgt ttatactcag tttgaggaac cacagcttgt cctaagatcc     26340
     ctggcagggc tgagttgagg ggaagaggta tttgtttatt ctcctctgct attaggggtg     26400
     ataagagggg agcttgagaa atactgtaag aactcagcaa attgtaacct aaaaaaaaat     26460
     gaaagaaaga ggtgggaccc agcattctag tagaagcaga gaacagattc atcctttggt     26520
     agatctgttc aggacaggga tttctgatca aaggagttcc atttgcctgc attatctgtg     26580
     ttaatggact cagttctttc actgagactg tgcctataat ttcaccattc agggaacata     26640
     aagtgcatgg gagttaggaa ttggtaaagt gcatgggagt taggaattac tgagagaggt     26700
     cagtaaagcc acatccccca cagatcttta gctggctttt agtgctccct gaaacccaac     26760
     ctaccaggac actccaatcc agcgtcaaaa ctttaaatca cagatataca tgggaagtga     26820
     acaaggaagg gtctgcctgt gaggaacaac tcaatggtct ctccaagaac agtcaagtgg     26880
     tcagtacggt ggggccagag ctggacttaa gaagacctgg aactgtgtct cagcactgtc     26940
     agcacacttg ctccaagttt cattcctact ttcatctttt ggcatcattc ttttttctta     27000
     tctggggcta attttttcca tgtagcagaa aatatggcca ttgccacctt ctgagttttc     27060
     ctgctaatag cttaatcact ggaggtacaa tgtctaaact ttctgattat ccaaagcaat     27120
     atatcccagg gaagggctct gattggccca gcttatgtca gatgtccact tctgggccaa     27180
     ctggctttga ctatggtaca tgatggctcc ttggaaatca tccagtagga ttgcaggaac     27240
     aaagaatctc tcaacagaag aatttcaagg caggcacaat aaatatttaa atatctatca     27300
     cgtacattca tcaactagta tgaaaatctg aaatttgctc atgattcaca catactaaaa     27360
     tgaagaaggg gatataaggc aaatgttata taaggcaact ggtatttatg ccaaacaaaa     27420
     ctacccaagt aagtccacat ctattttcat caaaatggtt tcagtgtctg tgttctagtt     27480
     tatttgtctg catagataca gcattcctct actttacaga ggatatctgt gcatatctcc     27540
     ttcaggtctg ctcaacattg ttcattaaga gcactttttg gaatcaccaa gcaactccca     27600
     actattccac tacacagagt agtttgtcac agtagatgca tgtccagacc aggagggcac     27660
     agtacaaaga ttcaacatgc tggagcagtc aggagtcacc tctggcagat tttccttgcc     27720
     ccagaacatc ccaatgtctc ccagtgtatg cccatcagca gaattcaaca tatgtgtggt     27780
     tgtctgtgct gagaacagga ttctggagca aagaagacct tggctcatga gaactaccat     27840
     cattcaaata ggaccactta ggaagagaat tggcaggaga atctgccacc cccgtccaag     27900
     gttgcaagac acccaggctt ccattaaata ctgctgcaca tctacaagga tatggattaa     27960
     tcaaacatca aaacattatg ttagcaaagc atttaaagag agttttgtca ctgtcctatg     28020
     ggagtcaaag aatgtgtgcc agtcttccca gtctgttagt tctgtggctg ccaaaatcca     28080
     tgattggtaa ccatgaattt aaccttatcc acaggtaaaa tctgtgcata cggaaatgtt     28140
     ttgggagaag gattcctatg agaaacaggg ctagcaaaag tgaaaaaatg aaaaagactc     28200
     agaagttact cagggaagag caaatgttca gtgtgctttc actgaaaatc tgcagttata     28260
     atttactgag agtttattgt atgcccaaca ctgttttaaa ggatgttcat ggattaactc     28320
     acttaatcct tataataaca ataacaataa gtattaattt ttatccctat tttccagatt     28380
     aaagaactga ggcacagagg tgttggacaa cttctccaaa gtcagacaac tagtaaaggg     28440
     caagtaggat tcaaacctag gcagctggct ccagagtctg tgttactacc tgttacacta     28500
     ctcagtgctg tattcacaat attcctacac cataagctgt actgggaaat accagggcta     28560
     gatggcagag tcttgcatct ttagagtatg aacttttaat tctgaaggtg atgagatgcc     28620
     atcatgactt ctgagcaaag tgacataatt aagcctgtcc taaggaaaat gaatctgccc     28680
     acaggatgtg gtatggattg aagttagggt tggtaagaca gtgaggagac aggaggcaag     28740
     gggcatggct ggggcctgga agtcagtgca gagctcacgg gaaaggtcag aagagcctac     28800
     atttcctatg ggaagggatg tgagaagtcc atgggagacc aaaagtagag gcagcagtct     28860
     gtgatatacc atggcacact gatttgccaa acaattgaac caaagggtga aataataatc     28920
     atgctcagat gacaggcatg aacagggact gtctgagcaa gctgggatat atgatcacct     28980
     ggttcaacat gatcagcagc aaagacccag aaagctgctt taagaggcac tcagaggact     29040
     gttccttctc ctctttcctg tccagcacat gacccactgc ttccatcact ctcctgctat     29100
     taaatccttc gctttctctg tctgacaccc cctacaaatg tcgcatccat ccaatccacc     29160
     taggatcaca agaaagaaga ctcaaggtct cccattgagg ctgaggccac atggccatcc     29220
     tgcagtggct tgcttcatcc ctgaccagct gtcttgtgct tcgccagctt tcttgtgtct     29280
     ttctcccttc tcctggaccc caccctctcc ccactttcct accattctcc agagatgact     29340
     taaagaaaaa atcaaggtca gaagctgaga agcccatccc catgtcctct tctggccctc     29400
     cactctttgt ccccatcatc agtgggatct ggttaagtca aaacctaggc catggggctc     29460
     acgttttctg ccaccctgga agacccaact ctacttagga tcagatcatt tctcttttct     29520
     atatccttgg tctgtctgtc tctctccctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctttc     29580
     tccctctctc tttctctctc tctctttcct ggctccttcc actcagcata caactaaatt     29640
     caagctatct taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaagaggaa agaatccaac caacaacaga     29700
     agaaagtaag ccttggccac ccacctctgc cccactgact ctacctccac tcaatctctg     29760
     gcttctgtac tgcctcccac aggcagctcc ccacagccct cctgtgacct ccatgaagcc     29820
     aaatctcaca ggatcttcag ccctcactac cccatcctct gtggcacccc atgcattctc     29880
     tccccctgga gatgctcttc cctggcctca ccactaccct cctgctcctg gttttcttcc     29940
     tgctggtttt ctccctgcct gctggcctac atacagccct cacagcagcc aggttggtct     30000
     ctgaaagatg tgagccagtt aaggctgctt gttttaactc ttcaatagtg tcccatttag     30060
     aataacattc ccaaactgaa gttggcccac agagtccaac aatacttgcc cctgaactgg     30120
     gccttgccca cctctcaggc cacatcccaa actcctgaca ccttcacaag cctttgtctt     30180
     attttttttt ttttaaccaa agtttgttcc catcaggggg cctcagcact ttgaagatcc     30240
     ctgtttgggg tgctgttccc ccttccatct ccctacaact ggttttccta gctagatgag     30300
     agctctatga gaacagaaat tttgtcaatt ttgcctccta cttggtcctc agcatctaga     30360
     actgttcctg gtaaacagta agtacttagt gggcatttat taaaggaatg aataggtatg     30420
     agattaaatt ggcagtatct gaggttaccg ccaagtggaa acatctatga gtctacaatt     30480
     tcaagaaaca gccatctggg gggaataatg ttttgaaatt atattcatct gagatgcaga     30540
     aaacttgcac ttcatttgct actcctatca tcttaacagt gaagaaaact gaggcctaga     30600
     gacattaaca gggttgcagc ttcagagaca tgtctcaaga aagcattgct gttaaaatgt     30660
     gaggttcttg ggttttcagt ccacttctta ggaaaccaag tcagtcttcc cctcaggaga     30720
     aagaaagagg cagcaataag caatttgtta acatcagtgt ttcttatcag gtaaaaaatc     30780
     cctcataatc aggcataccc acaggccttc tttcacaaag gcacgaagat gaggcaatat     30840
     aggtcccaaa aaacaaaaca aagcaaaaca aaacagcatt ttggagttgc tgagattgac     30900
     aacccttgtt ttatactttg gtaataccag tgaacttgga attacaagcc tgtcattaag     30960
     aactcaaagg ttcattaaga ctcccaggaa cattctggaa aaccagcatt agagtctcca     31020
     ttgaaatcaa agctcagcac aacagttaaa tgagtgaatc aatgagttta aagaatttaa     31080
     ccaggagcag acgtttctct tcacaccaca ctgctttaac atccagtatt catgactttt     31140
     ttacccccac cattccctga tatacacagg cttccaaagc attaatgaaa tgcactataa     31200
     caaaatgttg acatggtgcc attgggtatt gtcatcctag ttttaaccct ttgttaaaaa     31260
     aaaacttttc aattcccatg actccagagt aacaaaaata taacagggtc ctaacgacat     31320
     ttgaaactcc catggtaaat gagtacttag gaatggtttt cattaccatg tgctaaaaaa     31380
     aataaaataa tgttttattg ttcttttgga gcaataaaac attctctacc ctggagaacc     31440
     atgggatggt tttttttttt tggaaaatgg aaatgatttg agagagtttc agagcacatg     31500
     aagatatgtg atcccactga gtaacaaata ggaggtgggg tttttttgga gcaggaggga     31560
     aggagcagct ttacattaac aactactgag aattataaat ttaaagatta tcttcaatgg     31620
     ccaataactc ttatattcaa tactgaactt gtttccactt cttgccttca tttttatttt     31680
     ttacatattc tccaagtttt ctcctagcag aagaatgaac cagaaatgaa cataagcatg     31740
     tcggaattca tgtatgtggc agactttatt ttccaaagat ggccacaaca atatctcttg     31800
     ttccacatgg tctgctagaa ctttgccatt cctccatcaa gagttggaac ccatgtcccc     31860
     tctacttgaa ccactatagg tctttatgat ggcctcaacc aatgagtagc tgaaaaagac     31920
     cattatgtga cttccacagg atagtcatca acattccatg aacttttccc ttcttctctt     31980
     gtgatgtttg ctcttagaac tcagttgcca tgttttgagg aatagcagtc tgtggagagg     32040
     cctacagtaa acaccaactt gccagccatg tgagtgtttc atcttgaaag cagatcccct     32100
     agctaccacc aaactaccag ttgataccat gagaaatgga gattaggtgc ctctgccaag     32160
     tcctgcccaa gttgcagatc tgtgagcaaa ataaataact gttattgttt taagccaaaa     32220
     tgttttgggg tgatttttta cacagcaata gacatcttct aaaataaagt aatcatcact     32280
     aatctgtaac cataggaaat accagactgc aataattttg taaaatgtaa aatctataat     32340
     cctttataaa agatgcagtt agcagcactc tcaaatacac agaaatgtaa acaaggttaa     32400
     cacaaaaact ctcaagaagt gagccttcag agatctgctt taattaagtc gtaaaacaat     32460
     ttgtaattag cctctcagtt tgtgatggtt catacaaact gctggaacaa gcaggtaccc     32520
     ttgaggtaaa taaacagtgc ccctgcagaa tggcttacat tattaattgg cttagcaaac     32580
     ctgtaggcaa acttaggctt aattattgtt tatcacgagt tacaaatgtg cagagcataa     32640
     attaataatg atgctttact attcaaaagt gacacagaaa gatgtccaca ttcccaggca     32700
     ctatcagagt cagaaagggt cacagagact cctgtgcttt taacttaaaa tacacacaca     32760
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatatata tatgaaacaa ttttggaaac gaaatgatga     32820
     atagttccat caaaaatcta actttatttc cactaggaat atatttaaac attttctttt     32880
     aaagtttttc catctcttca ggtgttttcc atctgacttc tattccctgt atcctccatg     32940
     tgacaacctt tttctttctg aagactcttt ctttctaaaa gctcctttga ctgctgttgc     33000
     acaataacat ccctactgtc ccaccaatat caccactatc acacttaaca agaccatcac     33060
     tagtacccca atgaataacg cctctatctc cctcatccct aacatccaca ctacccaact     33120
     ccccccagct accttttcaa aattaggaat gctaccatca ggctaacaga atgaagatcc     33180
     agattggaaa gtaatgattt agacgggaaa cctcagttta tactattttc tcatatttct     33240
     tatgctaaaa ttataataat gaattattaa aatgcttgaa tcttttgtcc aacttacata     33300
     tcctgggtta tttgtacaga atacagtacc acccctgtaa tggtaatgtg ccttttttct     33360
     cattctttta aacaataaga agtcaaaagt catccaacaa atgaatcatt taaagtttag     33420
     atttttatca caactttttt ccatggagtg aaagaaggca atgtttattt ttaatcttaa     33480
     aaggaaaaca aatgttgtaa aaatagttgc cattattctg agctcccatt aaagttgtta     33540
     gttaaatggg aggacaagaa tagttaccaa tcaatcaaca aacattgcca tattggatga     33600
     agaacagagg gaatactaag agacatgccc agttaaattc acaaaatgat ggtatatggc     33660
     accaaaactc agcacaccat taacgtaaac ctgaattaat caaataagtc tctttgacaa     33720
     tgaaagggaa gtcatttaaa agctgaactg accataaact cacagaatat cagagctaca     33780
     ggcaatctta gagattatca ttctagtgca aaggttttgt tttatggaaa agaaagttaa     33840
     gaatttcaga aagagaaaca tcccacctaa atggctaagt tattaggtag tgggtttctt     33900
     tcactggaat caggagaata ctctggaatt gggtttaaaa ttccatattt cttcttgagg     33960
     aggcaagtca gtttcagtaa ttgagtatct aatgtccaag tgctttctcc cattcctgca     34020
     gtgccctcta gccaacttca gcccactgac tctgatccta gtgtaatctg gttctttgag     34080
     tgggaattct cccaaaggca gaaaagggaa aaccttatgt gggttgtaat tctgcacact     34140
     gattctcaac accctcaaaa aatattctac atcaccacaa gcaataaaaa tgaaaccttc     34200
     cagtgtcagg gaaagataca gcaggcagct taactgcctg acaagataca ttccatttct     34260
     cagatgagac acccaccctc acatgccacg aggttagttc agattcccac actcattatc     34320
     tgtgctggat cccagacagg aggcgtcaat gatgggggat attcagcact tctaaacaca     34380
     cagatgggaa agttcaacct gtgctataaa ccaatcagct gccacatctg tttactgatg     34440
     gtgcctaatt aacttaaaac atgttccagc tcataaacct ttacatatat ttaagtatat     34500
     attacataca tacataaaag ttatatgtgc atataaatat atgtacatga atacatatat     34560
     atgtatatgt atgcatcata cataaaaatc tggaaatttt ccttgtgatg acagcaaatt     34620
     ccatatttgt aaatgtgtct gcagggagta tgaagcatta acagttgata tcccaccctc     34680
     acaagtcact tccatggaaa gtttttcaac aagtctcaaa cacctaaaac actgaaaaaa     34740
     atctacttgg agttgcaaaa aaagaaaatg ttaagagtct cctagtcctc tgtacttcat     34800
     cttcattgca tcaccattca aagcatctgt tcccatataa ttctgagtcc ctgcaagcct     34860
     tggacactca caggttcttg ctctttcatt ctataaacat gcactgagca catgctaaat     34920
     aacccattct gagctcagca tcagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagggtt     34980
     gcagcgctgg gtgtggtggc tcatgcctgt aatcccatca ctttgagagg ccaaagtggg     35040
     tggatcacta ggtcaggaga tccagaccat cctggccaac acggtgaaac ccagtctcta     35100
     ctaaaaatac aataaattag ctggacatgg gggcaggcac ctgtagtcgc agctacttgg     35160
     gaggctgagg caggagaatg gtgtgaaccc aggaggtgga gcttgcagtg agcagagatc     35220
     ctgccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga gcaagactct gtctcaacaa caacaacaaa     35280
     acaaaagaca agacaagaca agaaacatat acacaataac taagtaaaac caataacgtg     35340
     tcttaagaga tgaaagaact ttaggtaaaa gaaaaataga ggatactaaa gggaatccaa     35400
     aataccaagg taagaagtgg caggaggcaa gttgctcttt taaagatagg tgggaaggta     35460
     ggtacactga agtaacctgg aatgaagatt tgaaggggat gaaggagtca gccaagcaga     35520
     tatctaggga tagatgcacc catagacatt atgttcactg ccaagagtga gaccaatatt     35580
     cagtaactac accatgaaac tccagtgcac ataagctgga aagtgaaaaa gaccatttat     35640
     aaacagtcat acactataca gcctacatat aacctggtga tctcctggat tttagcccct     35700
     aaaatgttat ttctaaaaaa tgagggaatt gctctagaca tgtatacact ttcaagatct     35760
     ctcacaattt aaggactctc ttggttactt tattttaaat aacaagatgc ttattgggga     35820
     aaagatatta atcagaggta gtttggcaca tttgttgaag taagctgatg gacttcattt     35880
     ttttaaggag taaattaaat ctaagaacaa tttaaaataa ttcctacaac atgggaaaca     35940
     atttgaagtg ctatagtagg caatcttcct aatgatggtt ttaaaaaagc aatgcagggc     36000
     cgggcgtggt ggctcatacc tctaatccca gcactttggg agcctgggat aggaggatct     36060
     ttgaggccag gaaaggcatt tgagtccagt cttggtaaca cagcatgact tcatctctat     36120
     aaaaaaaatc tttagaaaat tacctgggtg tggtgctgca tgctcgtagt cctaactatt     36180
     tgggaggttg agcggggaga atggcttgag gtcagggttt gaggctattg tgaggtatga     36240
     ctgcaccact gcctccagct tgggcaacac agtgagaccc tgtcccttaa aaaaaaaagc     36300
     aagcaggaat tctacacaca aatgaacaca aaggaaccac tgtgacatga atgaatctca     36360
     cagacacagt gctgagcaaa agatatcatt tatacaaaca ggcgaaacca ccctttggtg     36420
     ttagaagtta gatagaggtt tcctttggaa ggggaatggg gaattgcagg cgtggctaca     36480
     ggaagggttc aagctgttgc tcctgctcta ttaatatttg ttgacttgag tgttagctac     36540
     ccaggtgtgt tcattttgtg ctaactcact gagcagtaca cttatgattt atgcactctc     36600
     ctgtattgat gttatcttca ataaaaagag ctgttttctt tctttttttt ttttcagagc     36660
     aatgtgaagt gtttccatta cggagatttc ttattgacat gagctggaca agaaaaaaaa     36720
     taactatcct aatgttatgt gaatgagcac ttttgactca ggacagagtt tccacagatg     36780
     catgatttat gaacatttga agtgctgaat cccaaacaat ttggatgata gtaaatagaa     36840
     tgagcttgaa actgtgttag atggccccaa aaatcatgct ggtgatgata aaaccaacca     36900
     agtgcaacaa tgcgtgaaaa aaaagtacag aaataaaatt attccatgag atataaacaa     36960
     gggaacagca ccatttccaa gtttatacaa tttatataat ttaaaatatg catgtgcaac     37020
     taaattaata atattataag cagaaattaa ttatttcaaa tatattccta aaatgctata     37080
     tgccaaagct ggcctcaaac tttttaagat tttttcatgg gaaaaatagg agattgtctt     37140
     ttagatcttg gcaaacatgt catatgttgt tctgtgctct gcatcccctt ataactgaga     37200
     agactcaatc aaaaatgctt tctgtcaact tagaaaacat gaaaaactga aaattgttta     37260
     agtgaataaa ttctgcaaaa atatgctgtc caagatagta gccattagcc atatgtggct     37320
     atcaagcact taaaatattg gagtgcctca aagctgttcc ctcggtgaag gattagctcc     37380
     aggcctcgcc gcccaggtcc tgctgttgga aattgcctca tcctgcctgt gggagaaagc     37440
     cacactccct gctgttgccc aggcaagaca tttctacaat gattttttcc cagaattcag     37500
     atcatagggt aaattccacc tctaggatgt ccctatacag gttgattatt tgcagcattc     37560
     cagagatggc tctatttcta cagaaagctg catgagttat aaaaacactt gtgttctcat     37620
     gcttatgcac aggtgaacaa aagctaatcc ccgccgccac cagtttctta aataataatc     37680
     tgaattctac cagattagaa agagcctccc tcatcctagt aaaattacca gcaattctgt     37740
     cctcagagat catctggctc ccggtctatg ggccttagat cctttataca tgagcgactg     37800
     ctcctagagg ccccagagcc tgaacactca atacatcttg aagggagggt ggcaggaaag     37860
     aaacaaatct ccattaaagg gacaacccaa tcacttcgct gttctacaaa attcttctca     37920
     acagcttccc gctgctttta cagcccagtc ccagctgtct ctggcctctt ctcctgacct     37980
     tcactctccc tctgacgttc ttttgattcc tgtcactgct tcctgcctca ggccctcttg     38040
     tatgctgttc cctgtttaga ggactcccca aactgcccaa gcacagccac atcgccaaag     38100
     acacccattc atccttccca tctcagctcc aggtaacttc ctgatcccac actaggaagg     38160
     gaaggggact ggcagtaatg aagattcgca gataagacat agataagagg aaggtgggat     38220
     ctgggaagtc acaccacctt gagggtttga aaggagtcct ggcacgagcc tgcaggtctc     38280
     tcagttgtta accccactcc agcttgaaaa gacaggaccc aggctcctac atgcctgggg     38340
     aacaggggct agccaccttg ctctagagtc agttctggag tgggccactc cccagtgggg     38400
     ctgccaaaga tttaggtcat ggctcctgca tggcctctcg agtgtggctg atttgcccta     38460
     aaccagctcc ccgaccattc actcaggtgg ccaccatgcc cggccagtga tcaccttctt     38520
     aatgaactct ggtaagagct tctggtctgt caggtggtct aaggaggaac agcaatctaa     38580
     ttccaagatg tagccttcat tgtgaagatc tgttttctga gacatgaagt gaaagaaaag     38640
     catgcacaca cacagattaa tattttgcat aaatttgaga ccgagtctcg ctcttgtcac     38700
     ccaggctgga gtgcaatgac gtgatctcaa ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc ctgggttcaa     38760
     gcaattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccgaagaa ctgggattac aggtgcccgc taccatgcct     38820
     ggctaacttt gtatttttag tagagacagg gtttcaccac attggacagg ctggtcctta     38880
     actcctgacc tcaggtgatc tgcctgcctt ggcctcctaa agtgctgggg ttataggtgt     38940
     caggcaccgt gacaagttgg atattttttt tttcaaagaa tcactgggtc tttaatgaag     39000
     acccaaattc tttcctgaaa gtaatgtcaa aaaggcactg aagaaaaagt gtttctagaa     39060
     acaactcaag taatatatac agatatgcat catagaaaga tctccaagat gtagcatcat     39120
     gtataacata tcattataga atgatgggtt tggtactata tagcttatat gttatcctct     39180
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgtct ctccagtaat     39240
     gcctatttcc cattggttta tatctgccag gccacacaaa aagaaatagc aagacatata     39300
     tcaaaccaat aatagcaggt acccctgggg aacagggagg gcttatgtgg gaacgggggc     39360
     tgggtggtga cggtaggtgt gtggggtggt gatcgaaagt gactttagtt ataatctctt     39420
     tcttttcatt tttaaatgaa aatgacatat ttgtatatca cttagaaaat taaaaaataa     39480
     tttttaaaag actttaaaag gattcaaccc gttcagaggg caatctggca aaatctatca     39540
     aaattaaaga tgcattaaat aaacactacc aagcaactaa aagaaattct gggaaaacag     39600
     tgtaggtgta aagggctgtt tgaggtgaag gcctgtgatc ctgctgtcaa cagagagact     39660
     tctcagcaca ccctgccatc tctgcacaaa ggggctgctt tccaaagcaa caccacatag     39720
     acatccctgt gatatagcac agttcaaaac tgtgcgcatt caggagagcc agcagcaggt     39780
     ggtcaccaag aggaaattcc agcacttcac agccattcac aggcagggct cctgtatgac     39840
     actatagtgg aaggcgtgtg gttgtcacaa attgaagggg attccttggc ccagacaggt     39900
     ataaggcaac aagactggta ctgcagctaa aggctggttg aatgcaccgt ctctcctggg     39960
     ttgctggtgg ttactgggga gtgggaatta gagacaaaga ctccgggctt cttatccacg     40020
     gctcatctac acagctaatc tgccctggtg gaggagggag cagagccctc ctggaccact     40080
     tatgaggctg ctctaccaaa gaggcacccc tgcagcccct gtgagagcag gactgtccag     40140
     aaaatctgta aagcaggcac ttccacactg aactcctgag atacatgcat ctcaccagtt     40200
     tctaattgtt tatttgctac aacatttttc aatgaacttc taagattctc atacagcttt     40260
     taaatgaact tctaagattc tcctatagca ttaaaagcaa tttaagatac cattaacaat     40320
     ttgtgtatga tttaccttaa atttaaaagt gaaaaaaatt acagaggatt tgattttccc     40380
     caggtgtgca cctgtgattt ggtaagcaaa cttcaatagc ttgtttttgt tttttcttct     40440
     aacataccct ctgaacagtt gggtactatg gtgcacacat tcaaaatgta aaagaataaa     40500
     ctgatttcaa ctggtacaaa ctaatccaaa agaataaatc aattctgaac cctaaacttt     40560
     ttgcgttaat actttattag ggactagact catgttctca tctcctcccc aaacaaaaga     40620
     catattaaga ggaactaagg caggtgattc cagacttttg aaaaagaaga cttggtcaag     40680
     acacactgtc ataagtatca tgcgaggtct caaacaacaa aaaacaggat gagggagggg     40740
     ggttctgaaa tctaaaatct ggctgctctg ttacatggaa actaatgtca gaggttattt     40800
     agaggttata tagatatgag atcagttaga aatatccatt gagatttcaa acgaataggc     40860
     taaaaaactg taatcatttt aaataagtta atgctgtatc aattaagtac aacattcaca     40920
     ggatgaacaa aagggagaca agtctgtctg taagcaactc gcagcccaga tcaattctag     40980
     ggaataatat ttagcacaga atctaataag taccatcttt ggttctggaa caagaagttc     41040
     tataacaaga aaggaagctc tggttcattt catcaaataa ttaactcagt aacatctgaa     41100
     cagaaatgag cacaaacaat gaagaaaaat aggcattaca atttttttag atgaaccatg     41160
     gaaaattaca tctcagccta tggtttcctg gaaaagaaaa tctaatccat attggaggaa     41220
     taagtgagca agtaatagac attctcctgt ctttgggaat tagctcctca tttgcaatga     41280
     aaggattata acactgaaga atgactgaaa gggagacgaa gaggcaagga tccctaaaca     41340
     ccttgaggac agatgctggc tgccaagcca tgaagtcagc actctgtgat ggtgcagctg     41400
     tggcctcata gaagaagagc tgaaggcaga aggagcagtc aaagagaaac tctctcctta     41460
     tcactaaccc tatgaaaaac agcattaaat ccaccagtaa acacaaatgg ggctgccaga     41520
     gggagattct ggaattccca gcatgggagg ttgggggtga ggtggtgttg gggggaccat     41580
     ggttgctgtg gcaaacacac cctgagatgg ccccctccca acaatcccta cctcctggtg     41640
     ttcacacttt tgtgcaatct agccccttga gtgggggcag ggcctgtgac ttgaacctac     41700
     tcaataaaac atgctaaagg tgatggatgt tgctcctggg atggcattat gttatatgac     41760
     tccctctgag ctggagatgc ctttactggt tttgaagaag aaagctgtca ggaagaaaga     41820
     gagagccata tggcaaggaa ctctgggtag cccctggcca acagctgcaa gaaaacagag     41880
     attccagtcc cacaactaca aggagatgaa tcctgccaac aaactgaagg aggctggaag     41940
     tggggctttc ctcagttgag cctctgagga gactgcaacc caagtcaaca gtgatactac     42000
     ctgataaatc ctgaagcaaa gaaccccgat gagctacaga aactgtatga taatgaatat     42060
     gtattttttt attatacttt aagttttagg gtagatgtgc acaacgttca ggttagttac     42120
     ataatgtaga catgtgccat gttgatgtgc tgcacccatc aactcgtcat ttaacatcag     42180
     gtatatctcc taatgctatc cctcccctct tcccttaccc cacaacaggc cccggtatgt     42240
     gatgttcccc ttccatacgt attgttttga accatgaaat gtgttataat ttattacaga     42300
     gcatagaaaa ttaatacctg ttatgggaag tcagggaccc tgaacggagg gactggctgg     42360
     agttgtggca gaggaacata aattgtgaat atttcatttt aatatggaca tttatcagtt     42420
     ctcaaataat acttttataa tttctgatgc ctgtctttaa tatcttaatc ctgttatctt     42480
     cgtaagctga ggatgtacat cacctcagaa ccactgtggt aattgtgtta actgtagaaa     42540
     ttgattgtaa aatatgtggg tctgaactac atgaaatcag tgcaccttga aaaagaacag     42600
     aataatagcg atttttatgg aacaagggaa gacaaccata aggtctgaca gcctcagggt     42660
     cgggcaaaaa gagccatatt tttcttcttg cagagggcct ataaatggac gtgcaagtag     42720
     gaaacatatt gctaaattct tttcctagca aggaatatta ctattaatac cctgggaaaa     42780
     caatgcatcc cttgggggag gtctatgaag ggcctctctg ggaatgtctg tcttgtgtgg     42840
     ttgagataag gactgagata atcactggtc tcctgcagaa ccctcaggct tactagggtt     42900
     gggaaaactc agccctagta aatttgttgt cagactggtt ctctgctctt gaaccctgtt     42960
     ttctgttgtt tcagatgttt atcaagacaa taggcgcact actgaacata gaccctcatc     43020
     agcggttttg cttttgccct ttgccctgtt tcctcagaag catgtgatct ttgttagacc     43080
     cttatcagtg gttctgcttt ttgcactttg aagcatgtga tctttgtacc tactctctgt     43140
     tcttacaacc cctccccttt tgaaaccctt aaaaactttc tggtctgaga ctcaggcagg     43200
     catcatggtc ctcctgatat gtgatgtcaa ccctggaagc ccagctgtaa aagtcctctc     43260
     tttgtagtgt ctctctttat ttctcagcca gctaacactt atggaaaata gaaagaacct     43320
     acgttgaaat gttaggggtg ggttctccca ataaatacca aaaagaaaaa agaaaactaa     43380
     tacagtccct gaggaggaaa acatggcagg ttcattctca gaacaggcca cccactgttg     43440
     gccaggccta ggcccaaacc cacaaaatcc agccagacat ctgacagcag cttccctcaa     43500
     gtgaggaatg ttctgtgtca ctgagggcag ggaccatcct gcgagacaga agtggacatg     43560
     acctagaatt gacctccagg ggccatggcc tgcttgtccg agataccaca ggacaaagga     43620
     ataagtattc cgctctcaat ctagtttcta tggaagatgc attaacctga aactcccagc     43680
     tgagcaggca ttgccacctt cctgtgtggg atgggaaata ctaggtatgc tccccaaagg     43740
     gccatatcat tttatcatcc tggaaaagaa tatgggaaac caccaaactt ctcctggaca     43800
     gaaggccaaa tggcttccaa ttttggaaga tctgggttta aataataggg aaaagaaacc     43860
     atagaatgca tttctggaga cacacatagg gttaactaac agcaaaagcc tcccaaccta     43920
     ctttatctgg aaattaacat taagcactat ccagttaaat aaaggcactc tgagaagagc     43980
     ctggctaatc ataaaatatg cttccgcatc acactccatc gccaacatgg taaattccaa     44040
     taaatttatt agttagaggc tacaggtgtt agagctaact acaccataca ccaaaaatca     44100
     gctgtgaacc tttggacaat ttacttaaac tttctgttct tcagtttatt tcactattga     44160
     atgggatatt acatggagct atctctgaac attgctatct cttaacattg ctgtaaggat     44220
     taaatgggac aaaaagatgc aaagccccca gctcagaagc acaacatgag gctcaacaaa     44280
     tcctacctgc agctgatcta ttactatcat ctaaaattct gttcttactt ttcctttcta     44340
     gcacttttca ccattcataa ttactcatag attcattaaa tatataccac actactatgt     44400
     atcaggtact ataatttagc attcatcaat agacagaagt gacaaaatct ctgcctttgc     44460
     agagctaata atctaacagg aggaaaaaga caacaaacaa tacacatgca tgagcaccta     44520
     acgtggaatt atgcccaacc gtggaaagtt aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaat aagagaaaga     44580
     aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaaggtctg ggcatggtag ctcacaccta taatcctagc     44640
     actttgggag gctgaggtgg gaggatcacc tgaagtcagg ggttcaaaac cagcctggcc     44700
     aacatggaca aaacccatct ctactaataa tacaaaaatt agcacacatg gcggtgcatg     44760
     cctgtaattc cagctacttg ggaggctgag ataggagaat cacttgaacc cagaaggcgg     44820
     aggttgcagt gagctgagat catgccacag tactccagcc tggaggacaa agtgagactt     44880
     tgtctaaaaa aaaaaagaaa aaagaaaaaa aagaaacaga gcagggtaag gagaatggca     44940
     ggggctgcag ggagacagtt gtagatctaa taagggtggt caggatagca gcactgagga     45000
     gatgaaattt agaataaaga tttccaggag gtaagggact gggacacggt aatatccagg     45060
     gcatgagctc tctatgcaga gggaacaaca gttcatgcaa aggccctaag ctgaggtcat     45120
     gaaaagaagc cctgttgctg gggcccagtg cagaagggcg caggaaggaa aacacagttg     45180
     gagagcctaa ggggagctgg atagtataga ccttcaggcc acagtgaaga caatggcttt     45240
     tattcagaat gacagaggaa gtctgcgtag ggtgtgggac agagaaatgt catgatctcc     45300
     tgagtgttaa aaaggatcct tctggctata gggggaagcc gggaccccat ctaagtggtc     45360
     caggcaggag atgatgtagc tcagagtggg ttggcaaaag tgtcctagaa gcagtgagaa     45420
     gtgctgggtt ccagttacat tttcagggtg aaaccttcaa aatttgcaaa caaacaggtt     45480
     gcgtggtgtg gaaggaggaa agaggatgaa gatgactcca ggatcctgtc cctagcaact     45540
     gagagaatcg gtgactttgc cagaactatg atggggaagg gttgggtggc acaggcctag     45600
     gggggaagaa agataattca aatttcagat atgttgaata tgacatatcc agaagatatc     45660
     caagttgaga tgtctggtag atatttgaat atctatatat atacatacac acacatacac     45720
     acaaacatgc acatgcatac atacttgaat atatgtactg aagtctggac tgcaggagag     45780
     gcagctggag atataaattt gggagtcatg gagtcatcag ccccaggtat tacttaaagc     45840
     atgaggctac atgagatctc cattaatgta gagagagaag agttaagaat ttaattctgg     45900
     gaccctccac catgaagagg gtagggagaa aagcggataa atcacccaaa agataagaaa     45960
     gaataaccag ggaagaagga agaaaaccaa gagaacttgt ttgttttccc agaagtcaaa     46020
     tcaagggagt aagacaagga gaagggtatg agacaccctg tcaatttctt cagttaagaa     46080
     acttataatc ttctctggaa tttacttatc ttcttgaaat cacaagaggg aaactggatt     46140
     taatccaccc tatgcaaata ggtgtgaaga aatctgtcaa tctgtttatg tgattatctg     46200
     gcagataatc atctaaattt ggcaaactgt caaatttaaa tgttgatttg gaatcagaat     46260
     tgcttggctc cttgaaaaac aaaaaacaac aacaacaaaa aacacatcat ttgctgccga     46320
     gtcatttttc agaaacagtc ttggaaaaaa ttaactaaaa agagctctga cacatctcat     46380
     atcttgggac tcccacttat atagggcact ggagagttga gaggctctac ttcaccattc     46440
     caaaggaatt ttctaaaaga agtgataata aaaggatact actggcagat gtgatttcct     46500
     ggaaatcaag aatgaacagg acaaaatgaa ctcaaatcct tggagtatag caaaatagtt     46560
     tgaacaatgc acataaacag tggttctgac tgttggaggc aatggagaag caacgaagac     46620
     atccaaaccc tgttaaaaag ccacggcaac atgacaacta aatgcagttt agtaccctgg     46680
     attggatcct ggaactgaga aatgacattc atagaaaaat ggtaaaatcc aaataaaatc     46740
     tacagtttaa ttaatagtga agtaccactg tcaatttctt agtttgacaa atatagtatg     46800
     gcagtgtaag atactaattg tagtgggaaa ctaggtgaaa cacatatgag agttctctgg     46860
     aatacctttg caacttttct gtgaaatctc aagttattcc taggcagggt acattgtatc     46920
     tgccactccc ctagagatta tctttgggtg ataactgaac aagtccatgg aaaagggaaa     46980
     aatagaaaga atgacttaca tagatgagta atataaactc ttgtattcta agaggaaaat     47040
     gaaccttaaa ggaaaaaaac cagggataat gaaatagaag actggggtct gtgccttctc     47100
     tggtcagaaa aacacaaaac ttcttccaac ttcttacttt cctcactttt taattttttt     47160
     tattatggta aaatatacat cacataatat taaccatttt aatcattttt taagtctaca     47220
     attcagtgtc attaagtaca ttcgcaatgt acttaatagc agtcaccatc actatccatt     47280
     accagaactg tttgtttgtt tttttttttg agatagtgtc ttactctgtt gcccaggctg     47340
     gggtgcagtg gcatgatgaa gggctcactg cagtctcaac ttcctgggcc caagcaatcc     47400
     tcccaccttg gcccccgaag tagtcagtac tacaggaaca tgtcaccatg cctggctaat     47460
     gtttttggaa tttttgtaaa gatgaattct ccctatctta cccaggctgc tctcaaactc     47520
     ctgagctcaa gaaatcctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaatgtg ctgggacgac aggcatcagc     47580
     cacctcaact ggcctccaga acttctttgt cattacaaac agtcctcatt tctttaacat     47640
     cttatatgta gaacttgaga caaagttgaa tatagcaagt aaaaaaccac acacacatta     47700
     aataagtgac atcatatgtc aaacatatga aagtagattt aaacactgag cacttgtaca     47760
     caagcctttc ctatctgcaa ggaaggagag agcaaagagc ccatgtgccc atgtgccaga     47820
     gaaattcaaa tgtcaacaca actggtcaca gatgtcagtg ttgtttctaa acatgataaa     47880
     ataccaccta ttctgtgtcg ggttgacctc attactcaca cataaacatc aactgtaatg     47940
     caaactgtgt gcaaactcag agacacactt ggagatcttc actcaccacc accctagtgt     48000
     ctgccaaggg ttgtgtagtt attctccaag caggggaagg gttggaggga aaagcaaggg     48060
     cctcaaactc aaaggcctat gggcaatcta taaaagattc tttttaaaac caaagtacat     48120
     aatctagaca tttttttctc atataaaaga tagaggaatg tccaccaaga aatatgttct     48180
     cctctaattt tcttcaaata cagagtgctg tcagattccc tttcacagtc tcactactga     48240
     gagcaatgtg gttgcagaga gacttgtctc tgccgtgaga aaatcacgca agcagataat     48300
     acatggtgag tgctatgttg ctaccatgct gaggacacaa tgagatacgt ggaaaccatg     48360
     gtaaactagg cagtttatat cccaaacatt actagaaatt ccaggccaga gttgccaaat     48420
     cttacaattt ttcaaaagaa gcctttaaat tgtgtttata tgtagctcat aactgtcagg     48480
     tttttgctcc aaacaatatt ttcttcatgt tatgtgggcc aacagctttc agattgaact     48540
     tgacctctca accaccagtc tgtggtctct gagttacata cacaagctcc aatgtgagtg     48600
     acagaaggct gaacaccagg ccgtaagtaa cagtgaacag attatctaat tgtatcatga     48660
     tcaaaataat gaacccataa gcccaatgca atatgcattc attgtaatga ctcagtagat     48720
     tgctaccttc ggaggtcctc actaccctta aagacgatgt ctgacccgca ccattttttt     48780
     tcttttgaga cagaatgtca ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcaacggca tgatctcagc     48840
     tgactgcagc cttccaggct caagcaatcc tcccatctca ccctcctgag tagctgggac     48900
     tataggtgtg caccaccaca cctggctaat atttatattt tttgtagaga tggggttttg     48960
     acatgttgcc caggctggtc tcaaattccc aggctcaagt gatcctctag ccttgtcttc     49020
     ccaatgttct aggattacag gtgtgagcca ccatgcccag ccttgtctga cacatttaaa     49080
     cagcccctca ctccactgtc acagtggtga gacttaatcc tttcctaaaa cattaaaata     49140
     acatttttgt aacaagtact gctaatgctt atgagtgctt taagtattga taattatcat     49200
     tggcaaaaga gataaccctc aagatattga caagtgccaa gcagcaagtt ggatatgtat     49260
     tttggcctca tgggaagatc taaaatgagg ccaccaaaaa acaactgcct gtcagaaaac     49320
     tttcataaag tatacttcta aaaagtaaat atgtgactaa aaactatcat atacatcaca     49380
     gtttaaataa taaacaccta ataaatccca tttcggctca taaatccctg agacaccttc     49440
     aaagaccatg agtttaaaca atgttttctt tttcccagga cattagggag ttatgaaaag     49500
     gaaagagaat gtgcagttca tcaatagggt tatttttgct tcatttagaa ataatcaaaa     49560
     gaaatggtga caaacaaaaa cagattacta ggcacttctc caaccaggca aaaaaatcct     49620
     acatgtcagt tgacagaaac aaattctcta tctctgggaa acaggaagga attttaagat     49680
     tttttttttc ccaaagcaat accaagctcg aatagaataa tcagaacagc tatttttaaa     49740
     aaagtattag ggggagaaat tagcaataga tctgaaaaag atttgtcaat gaaagaaaaa     49800
     gaaggctatg cctagtttca ttagcttatg tataacaatg acaataaaga tctcccttat     49860
     tcattcatct gcgtgaatgc tgaccacata tgagggattc aaggtgctgc cctcaagtct     49920
     agatcctgcc ctcaagtctt gacagactgt atataaacag aagtgctata agaattcaat     49980
     tgtttccagt gttaaggatc aggggaaaat ataaggagca aggcacatgt gagcttaatc     50040
     tttgaggcta tatggaagtt agtcatgaga caatggataa aaggacattt taggcatgag     50100
     aacagaaatt actgaagatc tggattgaga aatgcatgag ttatatgata gaaataataa     50160
     atagatcagt taggcaaaag gtgtgtgaag atgcatgttg cctgtaactc agcaggggct     50220
     gtaatgatga gcgtagggaa tgtgtgggtg aatccactgt tagaatgagt gtgtgcttgt     50280
     gggctctgca gtgaccaggg cagaattgtg ggaaacacag ttagtgagaa aggatgggag     50340
     tcgccttaac tgtgaagaaa gaagagtcac aggtggcctt agagtgaaag attctgggaa     50400
     gcttaagcag gcagcattgt gtatgatgta ggaagaaaga aagaatatta gaacagcagg     50460
     tgtgagaact gtgctgagat ttttgtctaa tggagtgggt gggtagaaga gaggtatttc     50520
     ttgttcctgc aattggtggt agttgtgggc agggtaataa cctgcacctc cccaaagatg     50580
     gtcccagaac aatagggaaa gatttcccac aattttatga accctctttg caaaatgaac     50640
     aaaatctaca caaatacaat gagactgcgg gagttaaacg tttcccctat aacgaaactt     50700
     aagaaatact taaggaggtc catctcaaga tggccaaata ggacagctcc agtctgcagg     50760
     tcccagtgtg atcagtgcag aagatggatg atttctgcat ttccaactct gaggtacctg     50820
     gttcatatca ctgggactag ttggacagtg ggtgcagccc ctggagggtg agttgaagca     50880
     gggcagggag tcacctcgcc caaaaagcaa taggggatag gggatttccc tttcctagac     50940
     aagggaagcc ataacagact gtacttagaa aaacaggaca ctcctaccca aatactgcac     51000
     tttttccatg gtcttagcaa gaggcagacc aggagattct ctcctgtgtc tggcttggtg     51060
     gtcccacaca catggagcca tgctcactgc tagggcagca gtctgagatc tacctgcgag     51120
     gctgcagcct ggcaagggga ggggtgtcca ctattcctga ggcttgagta ggtaaacaaa     51180
     gcagcaggga agcttgaact gggtggagcc catagcaaat cagcaaggca tactgcctct     51240
     atagacccca catctgtagg cagggcatag ctgaacaaaa ggcagcagaa acttctgcag     51300
     acttaaatgt ccctgtctgc tagctctgaa gagggcagtg gttctcccag cagggcgttt     51360
     gaactctgag aatggacaga ctgcctcctt aactgggacc ctaaccccca tctagcctga     51420
     ctgggagaca cctcccagta ggggccaaca gacatctcgt acaggcaagt tcccctctgg     51480
     gacaaagctt tcagaagaaa gaacaggcgg caatatttgc tgttctgcaa tatttgctgt     51540
     tctgcagcct ctgctggtga tacccaagct aacagcattt ggagaggacc tccagcaaac     51600
     tccaactgac cagcagctga gaggcctcac tgctaaaagg aaaactaaca aacagaaagg     51660
     aataacttca acaacaaaaa tgacatccac acaaaaaccc catctgtagg tcaccaacat     51720
     caaagaccaa agctagataa aaccacaaag atggggagaa tccagagtag aaaagccgaa     51780
     aattctaaaa atcaaagtgc ctcatctcct ccaaatgatc gcagctcctc accagcaatg     51840
     gaacaatgct ggatggagaa ggactttgac aagttgatag aagtaggctt cagaaggtca     51900
     gtaataacaa gcttctccga gtgaaaggag catgttctaa cccattgcaa ggagctaaaa     51960
     accttaaaaa aggtgagatg aatggttaac tagaataaac agtgtagaga agaccttaaa     52020
     taacctgatg gagctgaaaa gcatttcaca agaacttcac gacacatgca caagcttcaa     52080
     tatccgattc gatcaagtgg aagaaaggat atcagcagca caacaaaaag cttatccacc     52140
     acaatcaagt tggctgggat gcaaagctgg ctcaacataa acaaatcaat aaacataatc     52200
     catcacaaaa acagaaccaa tgatagaaaa cacatgatta tctcaataga ttcagaaaag     52260
     ggtttcaaaa aactcaatag cccttcatgt tcaaaactct caataaacta ggtattgatg     52320
     gaacatatct caaaatatta agagttattt atgacaaacc cacagccaaa atcatactga     52380
     atggccaaaa attggaagca ttccctttga aaaccagcac aagccaatga tgccctctgt     52440
     caccactcct atgcatcata gtgttggaag ttctagccag gaaaaccaag caagagaaag     52500
     aaataaaggg cattcaatta ggaaaagagg aagtcgaatt gtccctgttg cagatgacat     52560
     gatagtatat ttagaaaacc ccattgtttc agccccaaat gtccttaagc tgataagcaa     52620
     cttcagcaaa atctcaggat acaaaatcaa tgttcaaaaa tcataagcat tcctacaaac     52680
     caataacaga caaacagagc caaatcatca gtgaactccc actcacaatt gctataaaga     52740
     gaataaaata cctaggaatc caacttacaa gggatgtgaa ggacctcttc aaggagaact     52800
     acaaaccact gttcaatgaa ataaaagagg atacaaacaa atggaaaaac attccatgct     52860
     catgggtagg aagaatcaat attgtgaaaa tggccatact gcccaaggta atttatagat     52920
     tcaatgccat ccccatcaag ctatcaatga ctttcttcac agaattggaa aaaaaactac     52980
     tatgaagttc atatagaacc aaaaagtgcc tgcctaggca agacaatcct aagaaaaaag     53040
     aacaaggctg gaggcatcat gctatccggc ctcaaactgt attacaaggc tacagtaacc     53100
     aaaacagcat gatacttata ccaaaacaga tatatagacc aatgaaacag aacagagtcc     53160
     ttagaaataa catgacacat ctacaaccat cttatctttg acaaacctca tgaaacaaga     53220
     aatggtgaaa tggttcccta ttcaataaat ggtgctggga aaactggcta gccatatgta     53280
     gaaagctgaa actggatctc tttcttacgc cttatacaaa aattaattca agatggatta     53340
     aagacttaaa tgttagacct aaaacgataa aaaccctaaa ggaaacgtag gcaatatcat     53400
     tcgggacata ggcatgggca aagggttcat gactaaaaca ccaaaagcaa tggcaacaaa     53460
     agccaaaatt gacaaatggg atctaattaa actaaagagc atctgcatag caaaagaaac     53520
     taccatctga gagaacaggc aacctacaga atgggagaaa agttttgcaa tctacctatc     53580
     tgataaaggg ctaatatcca gaatctacaa agaacttata catatttaca agaaaaaaac     53640
     aagtgggcaa aggatatgaa cagacacttc tgaaaagaag acatttacac agccaacaga     53700
     cacatgaaaa aatgctcatc attgctggcc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccccagtg     53760
     agatacaatt tcatgccagt tagaataggg atcagtaaaa actcaggaaa caacagatgc     53820
     tggagaggat gtggagtaac aggaatgctt ttatacagtt ggtgggagtg taaactagtt     53880
     caaccattgt ggaagacagc gtggcgattc ctcagggatc tagaactaga aataccattt     53940
     gacccagcca tcccattact gggtatatac ccaaaggact ataaatcatg ccacaataaa     54000
     gacacatgca cacgtatgtt tattgtggca ctattcacaa tagcaaagac ttggaaccaa     54060
     cccaaatgtc catcaatgat agactggatt aagaagatgt ggcacatata caccatggaa     54120
     tactatgcag tcataaaaaa tgatgagttc atgtctttgc agggacatag atgaagctgg     54180
     aaaccatcat tctcagaaaa ctatcacaag gacataaaac caaacactgc atgttctcac     54240
     tcataggtgg gaattgaaca atgagaactc tgggacacag agcagggaac atcacatacc     54300
     agggcctgtc aaggtgtgag ggctggggag ggatagcatt aggagaaata cctaatgtaa     54360
     atgatgaggt gatgtgtgta gcaaaccaac atggcacatg tgtacctgtg taacaaacct     54420
     gcaggtggtg catctgtacc ctagaactta aagtataata aataaataaa tattaaattt     54480
     cttgatctca aaaaaagaaa gaaatactta aggaaaaata ggcaagtatg caaatcctag     54540
     tgagtcttta aatgaatttc aagcacctca ctatagggtc ctccaaggga gttgtaaatt     54600
     aggaagcaca aaaaggagaa gaatttacac actgctgatt cattgtcctt tcttctgatg     54660
     ttcccttccc cttccaccag aaaacactca gcacttctgt ggaaaaggtt tggtatctct     54720
     gagaacattc tgaacatgtc aggggagatg tgcaaatgat aaccccatca cacactccct     54780
     cagggagctg tacatgccta ctggggacat gttaccaggg acatcactat ctgatcctac     54840
     tatttattct agagaaatca tcctggctcc ctgcttatgg tcagggccag ctctctggga     54900
     gacaaaccac ctgccactgt gcactacaag gagtgcactg ttaaccttaa aggccaaggg     54960
     gaaaacaggc aaactttgcc tcagtgctcc ctgtatattg gagctgtgaa ggaatttcaa     55020
     tccccagaga gctgggatac agaaaagaag agagcagcca catggaatgg gagctgcgta     55080
     agggtcctgc tttctctgga atcgtgcaag gctctccttt acattgacag atgtagaaag     55140
     atctagtatt agtagtgatg cataattaat aatattttat tgcaaatata acactgaata     55200
     aaagcagtct gcctgatatt tactggttca gaaaagtcac acatctccaa acaaaaatag     55260
     caataatagc tacataggaa tggtcttcat aagactctca tggggcctgt ccagttaggt     55320
     tacaaaaagt ctcttctctg tgcatgtaat gcacatgtta catgttaaaa tttgctgatt     55380
     gttttcttct tttccaaatc atcccaccta tgcccccaac tgagttaggt gatagacatg     55440
     ttctgtatct gtacagtcca gtaaaatagc cactacacac attttgctac tgagcacctg     55500
     aaacgcagcc actgcaactg aagaactgaa tttttaaact tatttaattt taacaattta     55560
     aatggcttta cgtcgctaat ggctgtctta caggaaaata cagcttaact cagttctcaa     55620
     actttaatgt gtgtacaaat catctggaac cttgttaacg tgtagactct gatttgacag     55680
     gtctgtgtgg gcctgagagt ctgcaactct aagagctccc aggagatgct gatgatgctg     55740
     gtccatggac cacactttga gtagcaagat tctgactctt tcaggagcca ccagttccag     55800
     tgtgtctcaa atactgagtg gataaattgt ctccaaattt ttctggtcac acagcctgcc     55860
     agaaaaaaaa ttcctgaata gcactgtact aacatcttac atgtgttata aaacaaaaca     55920
     caaaacagaa tactgtaaat atcagaaata atgaaataag caatatttta taatgacgat     55980
     cacagtaaat tcatactatt aatagctaat acctcaaagc aaaatacaca cttgaaatga     56040
     gattcattgt taaaataatg gaattatgat ccactctaca aaaagtctcc ttgataattc     56100
     caaatttctt taaatcggat ctgaataggt aggcattggt gttttaatgt cccactgtgt     56160
     cccacaaagc tcttacagat gggtcagtgt agccatttct acatgtgtgt acaagagaca     56220
     gagaaggatt ttacatttac atttctggta ttccctgcta tctgcaatca ctttatagaa     56280
     attttttaaa gccatgtgta tatctcatga gagttaattt agctaaaact acaaaaagcg     56340
     atccaccaat tcacctcact gagatcacat tcgaaagtgc ttccttgaac ccagctcttt     56400
     tgcaggccct cctgctccat atagcccagg tcacctctga tgtacacatc aagccagaac     56460
     accaccttca acctaaatgt taaatattac gacagttcat ctgtctccta atttttcaat     56520
     aaaatatgta aaaattgaca cctcagtttt ccttcaacac taaatatgtc tacccaactt     56580
     tggtaaccac tgtctagata gtacatagaa catccagaat tattatgaac atctcagata     56640
     aaatttaccc tcaaccataa tattgaacat tatgttctca aaaacacaag gtggaaattc     56700
     ttcttaaatt agtatgttaa tctaacaaca atttcaacaa agtttaccag gaactgaagc     56760
     aaattactgc aggctttata tggaaaaatc aatgtacaaa agttatcaag atcctgaaaa     56820
     agaatagtgc cctggccagg tgcagtaggt gcagtggctc atgcctgtaa tcccagcatt     56880
     ttaggaggct gcggcaggca gatcatgagg tcaggagatc gagaccatcc tggccaatat     56940
     ggtgaaaccc tgtgtctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagct gggcatggtg acagatgtct     57000
     ctaatcccag ctactcggga gactgaggca ggacaatctc ttaaaccagg gagtcagggg     57060
     ttacagtgag ccgagatcgt gccactgcac tccagcctga agacagagca agactccatc     57120
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtgc cctactagat gttaatataa tatacattac aaatttatta     57180
     tcatcaagac aacatgatag tggcataaaa tcaataagta gatcaaagga acagtaaaga     57240
     atcaggagta ggttgggaca tacatataga aatcctaact ctaataaagg tggcatttca     57300
     tttaatggca aagatgggtc aaggtagtaa gcactcttgg caaaggtggc tacctagaag     57360
     aaaattaaag tcagactcac tgtctcactc cctaacaaac ccaccggctc tcgaatgggg     57420
     gcagttttgc ccattagcag acattagaca atgtctggaa cctgtcacaa ctgcagggat     57480
     aggggctttg ctcataaaat cttgtcagta gatgccaggg agtctgctaa atatcctaca     57540
     atgcacagga cagtcccaca tacagttgtc tggcccaaaa tgtcaatagt accaaggctg     57600
     agaaattcca cccctttccc taccttaacc ctcatagcta aacaattaaa gaggaatgct     57660
     attagaagaa aggtgccaat gtgaaacctg gtttctctac tcatgaaatg tgtggacaat     57720
     ggcttggaca agtaccactc tgagactcat ttctttcatc ttggttttca ggaataagga     57780
     taatatatat catgaagcaa tgaacaagga ctctggccaa gcgcagcagc aaataaatgg     57840
     tagctatgac ggctattata aaaaatgaga aatcacatga agaagtaact gcaaacacat     57900
     aaatgttctt tacaagaaaa ggggacattt tgttcctaag agatccaggt tgcttgatgg     57960
     agcaattttg gagacttaaa ctaaagcaat atattacaaa ttccccaaga gcaggaattg     58020
     tgtccatctc attctctcta acaaagactg ctacattaga gaacccaaca gacatgtaat     58080
     gaatacattt ttattttgtt tttagggagc agagagaaaa taacatactg atagccctag     58140
     aaccattctt tacatataat catttggtgc acaaattgac aagacccagc cagcctgctg     58200
     aatggagcca tctggagagc tctaagtgtt tggcagtggt agccctatat tctgaaacca     58260
     gctggggaat tagccaagcc tctggtccca cagcatagcc gtggggactg gggatgctac     58320
     aaagcctaga agagtctcag aattctctga agatgttcct ataagctctg ggatctctga     58380
     gcttaaagat gatgtatttc tgtgccatga gtctcaagat ggaacttgag ttctacattc     58440
     accacacact cccactaccc acttcaaact tcagaactga gaagtcatta ataacttctt     58500
     cagcctcatt ttcctagaca taaaatgaga agtggggaat gagggaagta cctttcagtt     58560
     acaaaggagt gtatgtctaa tacctctgct gaaaacagag taatgttttt gacaaatatt     58620
     aacaacaaaa acaattatca tgaggacata gtgagagtta attataacac ttaaaacata     58680
     caggaatgaa gcaaagtgct ctcagactct gaggaacaga tgttatgtga acacaagtta     58740
     ctaatttagt ttataaaacc tttgcagcca ttttaagttc caactcatgg ttgatgaata     58800
     ggaagtgaat gaaatgatgt actcatattt atagcatatt tatcatattt tcacatactt     58860
     acagcatttt atagcattta catctttgta aatggttcca tctttcaatc atttaaaata     58920
     taaaatttgg atagatttta gagacaatca ttttatcaaa atctcaagaa cctttaaatc     58980
     actaataatg tacttatata catctgaatg ttatatctca cctactgctg cattcacatc     59040
     tagaagacaa gtggctaaga caagaaggct aagacattga ctcaccactt cccaagagtc     59100
     cccattcaat gagccaggcc ctgtaggcat ctgcgcttgc aagccctgtc ttagaataaa     59160
     gacattgtct tcaggatttt agattcaggt cctcaggagg agaaacaaag ggtacattct     59220
     cagcattctc tgagatttac tttcccagaa atgaaacagc aaaggccaaa agaattgttt     59280
     ttcttgcatc acttgaccct gaattatcag ggctgattca ttcagtcacc tgtgctgctc     59340
     ataagtactt gggagtacag cttgctgata tggcctaaga ggaaactttt ctcagactcc     59400
     aagcatatgg tcaatttgga atgaagcagc tgactgtagc tctcatcaac ctatggcatc     59460
     tcttctaaga ttcactagag gcacctgttc tagaacaagg actgaaatag tcttgggtaa     59520
     gtcagcagct agagaagtgg gctgtggcct gagaggctca ccacagctcc acaaacaccc     59580
     tctcccaggc gtgtctctgg tgtcaggccc caaggcttct cgtgcctgcc ctcccactgt     59640
     ttccctttgg acactgcgtt ccagttgttc cacaatgtca gtagtgggga gttccttccc     59700
     cctgtttttc tgcctcttcc aatctaccca tcatgcccaa cccagagcaa atgagagcca     59760
     cagagcctcc ttttctgaag tacttttatt aacaatttcc aggttagaga tacaaaccaa     59820
     gacctgtaga cttagctggg caattatata atttgcatat acatttttca gctccctagc     59880
     agatagataa gtttcttgag atctaggagc tccttacagt catctttgca tggtgaaatt     59940
     acatacacat gtttatctta aaaaatccaa ctaaaaggga taaatgttta ccacttaaaa     60000
     cagcgccagc tattctattc aataggcaga tgtgccccag aacgaacttg agaagggaga     60060
     cgtggagttc ctgttctctc actgtcaatt accacaaaag cctccctaga tgcaaacatt     60120
     tcaccaccct aggtgtgatt acaatgaata ttcactataa acccaaacca acttaccttc     60180
     ccaatgggtt cactgttaga aacagcaatc tgatctagtc ctgaagcaag acatgcattg     60240
     gtcaggtaga gagatgccat agtattagat tttatgggca cttcaaaaga ttttcaaggg     60300
     taactttgac tgtagacatt ttccaccttc cacaagaatt ttagaattgc agcctctgtg     60360
     ttaactacag cttctccatg agcccacacc ccaatcctcg gccaaaaggt gcctgataca     60420
     tgtccacaga gtcccctagt ttcctggtcc ctgtaccatg taacgcatta ctctatggaa     60480
     gctgtagcca aatgacttca acttattctt gacgaaaaac acaccagtga cactctagct     60540
     ccatgtgtga aaaatgacaa ttcaacagct gaaaaatggc aagcactatg cattttggta     60600
     ctgcacttac atctaaaacc atagaacatc ctagtattaa actacgctca ggaaacatca     60660
     gaaaagatgt tttgataact gacttctctt agccatcaag tttcaagatc tttagcaact     60720
     cattctaaga aaaactactt gaaaaaaaat gaaggatcac ttaactatac tttgaattca     60780
     gagtgattgc aactatattg tctgttaaaa atcattaagt gttccaaaga aagagttcag     60840
     aaaatggagt acaaactctc tttctactta ttcactaagt atttcatatt cagctattca     60900
     ttcttgagtc aaagtaactt gactcaaagt aactgacttc aataaattca atacacttag     60960
     aataaagaac aatttatagt tagatgtgtg gcttggcctg ccatggtaaa atgaaatggc     61020
     agttgttaga attttcaaaa gaaaagatca ggtgattttt catggatgta agtgaaatct     61080
     gtcaacatgg cagtgagctc aaaggaatgt tactgcactt gataactact tttggagtga     61140
     ctcattaata atttagttag attggcaaca atgctctcca attactcaaa caccactaga     61200
     aaacattttt cattaggaga cttaaataaa cttttcctgc ctcattctca ttactcccca     61260
     tgtttgccca aaagaaatca ggcccaattt aaaagttgct cctccagaaa catttccttt     61320
     gtttctcttc cgttgagata tggcatcacc ttttcccaaa ctcacatggc ataagacaca     61380
     tatctgattt aattacttag actgcaagta cctggaatcc aggctgcatg ttcaattgaa     61440
     ccatgtactt gcaccctcta acttcccacc acatagagct cctagcacaa taccctgaaa     61500
     agagtacacc ttcagcaagg tgtgagtgaa tgagtgaggg aataaatgtg ggcttgaggg     61560
     gttctgtttg gtggttctgg catatcccaa ggcacagtca tttgctaaaa acttaatgtg     61620
     aacccttcaa acacaattag gttgatactg aagttccaca cagtcatctc atggtgattc     61680
     gtggtaatga acttcatttg gaccagtggt aatctagaaa gtgtgtctac atctctttga     61740
     atgcgctcca cttgaaaaat attaaccaag catttctttc ccttttagaa gctaagtcat     61800
     ttcatttaac agcatctata gctgtcagaa ctttggcaga ctttgtgaaa agtgtcactt     61860
     taactgtccg atttaaaaat taatcacaaa agtcttcctt tgttttgttt ttactactta     61920
     aactccctat tgataaagaa aaagtactgg tttttgttgt tgtttgtttc cttctttgtt     61980
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttagacaagg tatcattctg ttgcccagcc tggagtgcaa     62040
     taacacactc atattgcact gcagcctcca cctcttgagc tcaaacaatc ctcccacctc     62100
     agcctcctag gcccaagcaa tcctccatcc tcagctgtga ctacaggtgt gcaccactat     62160
     acccagctaa ttttgtaaat ttttagtaga tactaggtct cactatgttg tccaagctgg     62220
     tctggaacat ctgagctcaa gaaaatcttc tgccttggtc tcccagattg ctgggattac     62280
     aggtgtgagc cactgcacct ggccatgttg ttttttcgtt tgcttatttt taagattgtt     62340
     ggggtctttt tctcataata caaaaaaaat gcagttattg tatttgctaa gagagaaaat     62400
     tcctgtactt taaaatcaca ttttacaacg actctgctta caaaattacc gaaggaatct     62460
     ctttctctgg atctgcttgt ccaggagtga aatgttcatt aaggtcatca ggcaggcagt     62520
     tcaggaactc tggactaaag tgagatcaaa cccaaggaga ccgccaactt ctatttcttg     62580
     aaaatcctcc tgcatacaat gtctcattcc tttcaatagt ttgctcattt ttgtcttctg     62640
     gaaagtaagt tcatttgttc atgctatcta agtggaagta aagaacctct attgagcccc     62700
     cagcttcact tctggcttgt aatgcactat tcctgaaagt ggtggttctt atttctgaag     62760
     aggggctgcc tcacccatct tgtcccatca gataacttaa gagttcagcg caagccaggc     62820
     aaatcatgta gtaacagccc ctcattgtag cagctagaaa acggaggccc agaaaaatcc     62880
     actgatttgc cccttgcaca acactactta ccagtagcct catgcagcct agaacacagg     62940
     cctgctggcc acgagtcctg tgttctttct tacctagcct gatgcttaca gctctcctgg     63000
     gagtaaagtg gcaagcccca gtagtgttgc tgagtgtcag gcatgaagcc aggcaagaat     63060
     taggtcctcc aaacccttgc tactcaaagt gcatgccatg gaccatcagc atctgcccca     63120
     tctggaaatg agttagaaat gcggagtccc aggcctcatc cagacctatg tcagactctg     63180
     ctctttaacc atatccccag gagactcaca ggcacattaa agttttaaaa gcattgctac     63240
     atagcagggg ggaaaaaagg acacatcttc gcctttttga gttaagctca ggccaaatcc     63300
     tgagctcaca tcaccaccta tggcagatca cactgaagga ttcaccggtg atctgaccca     63360
     aatggaatcg tctcctttaa acactaaggg taattaaata atctgcagaa tagaatcact     63420
     ggagcccagt ggatgcctta tataatccat ataatgcatt tgtcagtttt gtttccttgc     63480
     tgatattctg acctacttac agactactga ggggtaaaat gcaggaaagg ttgagtaata     63540
     gaagtgcttc ttgatggaat gtcaaagata tcctcaccca ctttttttcc taaagtgatt     63600
     atccacaaga attgtgggta aagggacaca acatgtgctt catgccagga ttaagaatgc     63660
     aggtatggga gtcagccttc ctgggagcaa ggcagagctc tacttgctgc ctctgtgtga     63720
     tcgtgacaac tcaacatttg tgtctcagtt ttctcacctt taaaatggga acagaaatga     63780
     cacttatttc ataggtgtat gataccaatg aaatgataat gatcaagcct ggcatacagt     63840
     gagtgctcac taaatatgag ctactgttat tatacatatc ctatgtgtca gtgttgctta     63900
     aaaccactga agcccccaaa atagtttctt cttgtgattg acccagataa tgatcaacag     63960
     ccaatcgaca taaagaaatc aataatgggc tgggcatggt ggcttactcc tgtaatccca     64020
     gcactttggg aggctgaggc aagagactct tttgagctca gaagttccag accagtctgg     64080
     gaaacatgat gaaacccatt ctctaccaca aatacaaaaa taagccagca tggtggcatg     64140
     cacctgtagt cccagttgct tgggaggctg aggtgggagg atggcttgag cccagaaggc     64200
     aagagttgca gtgagctgag cctgggtgac agagtgagac cccatctcaa aggaagaaaa     64260
     aacaaaacaa aagaaaccaa tgcacatcca ggctcagtgg ctgtaacctg taatcgcagt     64320
     ggtttgggag gccaaggtgg gaggatcgct tgaggccagg atttcaagac catcctaggc     64380
     aacatagcaa gacctcattt ctacagaaga gagagagaga gagacagaga gagagagaag     64440
     gagagagaga gagagagaaa ctaatacaca taaaaggcag acattgagaa aagtctcgcc     64500
     ttaccaaaaa atgtgtgaat tctaggtttg agcaaagaca tgtaccacct ttcacagcaa     64560
     attctaattt acactgatgt agactaagag ccacagagct tgatcaacca tgaagaaaga     64620
     aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga     64680
     agggaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga aggaaaggaa     64740
     aagaggagtc agtcaagtca cacaacctca tgcctcacag ctgtcccttg tgagcacacc     64800
     agccaaatgc tttgtctacc tgcaaagcga ctttaaaaag agagaaagag gaggagctgc     64860
     tctgcattct ctctttaaac tgtagcacgt tatcattcct tctatgatag ttggccaaaa     64920
     gacaaatctg attccctttc ttagacttca ttttaatttt aatttttatg aaagcagcaa     64980
     aaacaaactg ctctctccat tccattctca tttttttaat taatattgtt ccttttgaaa     65040
     gactaccccc atttctcttt tcttaattag gcccaatcta aatgtaggca taaacattga     65100
     acttggcaag gaaaaatgaa aactatcccc aagccctgaa aatctaaatc aagaccaaac     65160
     caattacagc attttattta ggtggggttt atatttcgta tttttttaac tgttaagtga     65220
     ttgacagaat ttatggtagg ctcaaaatgt taaagtattt ccagactttg ggggaagaca     65280
     ttaagtttgt atatagcctt taaacaaaag cattgcattt tccagccatg cctttcagtt     65340
     caaaagtatt acacttttaa tagctgcata attccggaca tatccttctt ctgaggagac     65400
     atttttctag ctaagcttaa tgcagtgagt taaaagagag aaagaatgtt aaacggaacc     65460
     ctctacttgc agttagacat atgtttgctt ttcattgcag gacgctagga aacctctctg     65520
     attgtctaac tttttgcctc acctgtctga gggcagaggc cctgaggact gcatgcaaat     65580
     ttcaaccccc caaccccaaa ctctcacttc ttctctgttg agcatagctt agccacagca     65640
     ggatgctacc tatttactca gggaggcctt acctgtcggt tttcttgatg aggatggccc     65700
     taaagatatg ctccaggggt gtcttctcct gtccatgggt gggctgcaca aaggggtgca     65760
     tggctgccag agagaagccc tgttggtaca gctccaggag ttgggtgggc aggtcacaca     65820
     gggaggtcag ccttactgtt gaggatccag ggagctctgc tggagtggag agaggagagg     65880
     ctcatcacag acccactagg acacccaccc agccctgccc aagtccctct ccccttgccc     65940
     tcagggagga tcctctaggt tactgctaaa atgagtttgt ctcacttttt gctgtcttca     66000
     aacgtacttc ataagcagac tgtcattttc caaatcaccc aaagacacta atgattggat     66060
     tctggccagg cgtggtggct catgcctata atcccagcac tttgggaggc ctaggaagac     66120
     gcatcgcttg agcccagaag tttgagacca gcctaggcac catggtgaaa cccggtctct     66180
     ctaaaaaaag agaaaaccct caaaattagt tggtgcttgt ggtcttggct actcacaagg     66240
     ctgaggtggg aggactgctt gagccgcaaa tggggaggtt gcaatcagcc atgattgggc     66300
     cactgcattt ttattttttt tttttttttt gagacggagt ctcgctgtcg cccaggctgg     66360
     agtgcagtgg cgtgatctcg gctcactgca agctcctcct cccgggttca cgccattctc     66420
     ctgcctccgc cttcagagta gctgggacta caagagcctg ccaccgcgcc cggctaattt     66480
     tattttgtat ttttaataga gacggggtgt cactgtgtta gccaggatgt tctctgtctc     66540
     ctgacttcgt gatccgccct cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacaa gcgtgagcta     66600
     tggcgcctgg ccagggccac tgcattctat ctagcctggg tagcagagca agactctgtc     66660
     tcaaaaataa aataaaataa taatggaatg tcttagatcc agagtcatct tctcagtgat     66720
     cacaatgaaa aagtcatttc caccttctaa aaaaagaaaa aaaagaaaaa aagaaaaaga     66780
     aaacagaaat gaagaaggga agggaaaaga aggaaaatac actgaacaaa tataaaaatt     66840
     ctaggaggca ataagtagca taaacaaagt caaaagacaa acttaaacaa aatttctgtg     66900
     acccttaaga taaagggcta atttccttaa tttgcgaaac cctccttacc ccaaaataaa     66960
     ttctacatag gcaaaatata tgaagaggca attgcttaca aaatgtaaaa cgctaaccaa     67020
     tatttgaaaa aacattctat ctcagcatta gaattacaca aatcaaaacc aggaatattt     67080
     ttacctattg aattatttta aaatttggac ttctaattta cttatttttg agaaggggaa     67140
     acaaagttca aaattcaaaa ggtacaaatg tgtattcagt gaaaagtcta catcctagcc     67200
     ctatccttta cctcctagac atttatttcc atagaggaaa tacattatta tctttttgtg     67260
     tgtatatgca ttaacaatca aagtattcat acaaaagtca ataggtctat atatttccct     67320
     cctcttctac acaaatgtca gcataacatt acacacctgg ctttttaaaa tcagttttta     67380
     tcaattaaca ggacactttt caggcagctg tggtggctca tgcctgtaat ccctatactt     67440
     tttggaggcc gaggtgggat tatcccttga ggtcaagagt ataaactagc ctggccaaca     67500
     tgatgaaacc ccatctctac caaaaataaa aaaaaaaaaa attagccagg tgtggtgacg     67560
     catgcctgta atcccagcta cacaggaggc taaggtggaa gaagctctgg aacccgggag     67620
     gcagtggctg cagtgagccg agatagcagc actgcactac agcctgggca acaagagcta     67680
     aactccgtct caaaaacaac aacaacaaaa acagtatact tttcttagac accatttcat     67740
     agcagtacac agagtgtttt ctcagtcttt tctacagatc cattgtgtga tataccatgg     67800
     tctatgaaaa cttttgcttt tataagtaat cgtttagtga aaaatatcat tcctatatga     67860
     ttttgcacat gtgcgcttgt agtacatata aaaaataaat tcatagatgt tgaattgctg     67920
     ggttaaaaat acatgcattg cgtgcatgta tcaaaacatc tcatgtaccc tataaatata     67980
     tacacctact atgtacccac aaaaattaaa aataaaatca aaaatcagag gtgtaaaaaa     68040
     tatatatata tatatatata tacacacata tatatgtcat acatatgtct gcattgtaat     68100
     tttttcagat agtgctagat ttcttctata cagtactatg gatttatctg gcatcagtga     68160
     tgtataaagt tgtttgtttt cccatactgt ggctattgtc agtggaaaaa aaaaaaatga     68220
     tccctgtgag atgttaactt atatttctct tattgtgtaa tttgtatttt tttcttatta     68280
     aacatttcac atttaaatgc tgtttctcct tctctgtgaa ctgtctgtcc attatctttg     68340
     cctggcatcc ttttgggtca ttggaccttt tttctattgg tttgtaagaa ctgtttacat     68400
     attaggaaat ttggtttcta tttatctgtc cccgatttgt tgcttgcctt ttgactttgt     68460
     atatggtagg ttttgctatg aaattttttt ttttttggac aaagtctctc tctggtgccc     68520
     aagctggagt gcagtgacac tatctcagtt cactgcaaac tccacctcct gggttcaagt     68580
     gattccatgg aaaacttttt aaataaagct aaatttacca atcttgcttt caatggcttc     68640
     tgagttttat gtcataggag aaagacctgg aattgtaaaa cagttatctt gtgaattctc     68700
     ataaaactta tttcattttt ttgcataaaa atctttgatt gatttgggat ttatcccagg     68760
     taaactatgc aatatgaatt taactccccc acacacccac acacaggggt ttatctattt     68820
     ttcctcattg atttcagatg ccatatatta tatgccattt atcattcatt atattcccag     68880
     atatgagttt atgactgtga tccatcaatc tatttgtata aaacactact tcaaacaatt     68940
     ttaatttcac attatgtttt aatatctggt taaaccattt ctcaaatttt cctatattcc     69000
     tgtttatgtt ttgtatcctc ctaatttgtt tttctaaatg atctttaaaa aatctgctca     69060
     gtaaattccc tttcctccac cagaaaaaaa cttgtgggta tttttactag gtcatgttca     69120
     aatcatagct aactgaaaat gaatattttc accaagctgc aagttcccat gcaagaaact     69180
     ggcaaaattt tgatttgttc aagtcttcct ttgggttcct ctggagcata ctaaagtttt     69240
     cttcacacag atagtacata tttatcaagt taatttctag ttatcctgta ttttattcct     69300
     attggaatac tatattttcc tttttcactt ctgtaatatt cattgtgtgt aaaggtgttg     69360
     gggaaacagg cacgcccctt gtcatggtgg gagtgaacct ttcttgaggg cagggtgata     69420
     ttggccttca tacctaaaaa tgcacacact gtttgtccag caaccccact attggcagta     69480
     cttctatggc tggaatcata aatgcctttc aagatatatg gacaaagata tttactactg     69540
     ggttgctcta gtagcaatct taattgcagg aatagttata tactggaata tcccagtgat     69600
     taatcctata aaccattcag aagattaaag taaatctgtt atgtgctgat atagaaacaa     69660
     gtccaagata cattgctaag tttaaaaaaa aaaggtaact acagtgttaa tggtatggcc     69720
     actcttgtgt aaataatatt agaaggatgg acagatataa ataaaaatat tttttttcct     69780
     ggaagaaatc acaaaaacat caacattgaa gagaaggatt ggagtaggga ggaaagcata     69840
     gaaagtggtt tttgctttat tttatacttt tgatcccatt accaccaaca ggagtcattt     69900
     aagtggaagg tttatgagtc atttttattt tcctctttat atataaaaac aatattattg     69960
     ttaaaatgtt tttaatgtac tttaaaaaat gtgcttttca aattttctaa tttttcttat     70020
     ttattttgag actgaacctc gctctgccac ccaggctgga ctgcagtggt gcgatcacag     70080
     ctcactgcag ccttgatccc ctgggctcaa gtgatcctct tattgcttca gcctccagag     70140
     tttctgggac tgtaggcaca tgccagcatg tccagctaat ttttaaattt cttgtggaga     70200
     cagtgtcttg ccatgttgcc caggctagtc ccaaactcct ggttttaaat gatcttcctg     70260
     cctgggcctt aatgtacttt tttttctttt ttttttgaga cagagtctcc ctccttcgcc     70320
     caggctggag tgcagtggtg caatttcagc tcactgcaac ctccacctcc ctgattaaag     70380
     tgattctcct gcctcagctt cctgaatagc tgggactaca ggcacatgcc accatgcctg     70440
     gctaattttt gtatttttag tagatacggg tttcaccatg ttggccagga tggtctcgat     70500
     ctcctgacct tgtgatccat ctgcctctgc ctctccctaa agttctggga ttacaggcgt     70560
     gagccaatgt actattttaa gaaacaaatt ttaaaacaaa acctaggggt acttaagaac     70620
     cacctgacat cagatactgt agctgtcatt tccatatatc atgcaagaaa ttgacaggac     70680
     aaaaaaatct gcagcaatga ttcactctaa aacaagcatt cagcatcctg gagaagtctc     70740
     cattaataag agtgacaaat gtaggactca tcaggtaagc agaaaagtat gcaatctttc     70800
     ccctgaaggt acattcagga tatgctgcta gataaacaaa tccaaaggta agtctcgtaa     70860
     agaatgctaa gcctctctgt ataccccatg catggaaacc tgtcaaggta ggactggcca     70920
     ggtaagcaga aaagtatgca atctttcccc tgaagggtat attcaagata ggctgctaga     70980
     caaacaaatc caaaggtaag tctggtaaag aatcctgagc ctctccatac tcgccatgca     71040
     tggagtcaag gtgtctcata agcagcttct tggatgcagg cgagagggac tactgctcta     71100
     aagcttgttc tgaacaccag ggtttacatc aagggtcccc aaacctgggg ccacagactg     71160
     gtatgggggt gctgcacagc aggagttgag tgaacattac tacctaagct ctgcctcctg     71220
     tcagatcaat agcagtatta gattctctta ggagcatgaa ccctaatgtg aactgtgcat     71280
     gcaagggacc tatgttgcat gctccttatg agaatctaat gcctgatgat ctgtcattgt     71340
     cctccataac ccctagatgg gaccatcttg ttgcaggaaa acaagctcag ggctctcact     71400
     gattccacat tatggtgagt tgtataatta tttcaataca tatataatgt aataataata     71460
     taaataaagt gtacagtaaa cgtaatgcac ttgaatcgtc ccaaaatcac ccccacaacc     71520
     ccatctgtag aaaaactgcc ttccataaac cagtccctag tgccaaaaag gttggggacc     71580
     actggtttag agcaagtgtc ctcaaaatcc acacccttgt ccagcaacac ctgagaactt     71640
     gttagaaatg acaaaccttg tctgggagtt gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg     71700
     ggaggctgag gtgagcatat catcaggtca ggagttcaag atcatcctga ctaacacagt     71760
     gaaacccagt ctctactaaa aatacaagaa attaggcagg tgtggtggca cacacccata     71820
     gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaagcagga gaattgcttg aacctaggat gcagaggttg     71880
     cagtgagaca agatcatgcc actgaactcc agcctgggca acagagccag actctgtctc     71940
     aaaaagacaa aaaaaaaaaa ccagaatatt tggttcctac cttagactta cagaatcaga     72000
     atctgagcca tttgtgtctc acaacctccc cagggagttt gactgcgcca aagagtttca     72060
     ctcctgcaat ggccctcctc cacacactct cctctccaca ggcaaggaaa cctttgcagc     72120
     cataggccca atctggaggc catgcagact tcttcctcag tctgcagtga ggccggatgg     72180
     tgcctatttg tgtgcactcc taggcccaag gcagggaaaa aactaagagg aggaaagtga     72240
     ggatataact taccacaagt gcaaatttta agggagcacc aaaagctcaa tgatcaagat     72300
     gaataaatat tcaatgtaat attttaaaaa ataaaaatca atgtaaaact taatgatgaa     72360
     caaagtatca atacttttca taaagataag atcaggctgg gtgccagtgg ctcaggactg     72420
     taatcccagc acttgtgggt gtcccagaca ggaggattgc ttgagcacag gagtttgaga     72480
     ccaacctggg gaatatggca aaactccatc tgtaccaaaa aacacaaaaa ttagctgggc     72540
     atagtggcat gtgcctgaag tcccagctac tagggaggct gagatgggag gatcgcttga     72600
     gcctggggag accaaggatg cagtgacctg agattgcacc actgcactcc agcctggggt     72660
     aagagattta ctaaataaat aaataattaa aagataggat cactgttttt tcctttcact     72720
     tcaagctcca atatgactct cacgctactg tcactgatct tgtctttatt gtaaaacgtt     72780
     gccttattcc cctcacccta atcctggccc atcccaagat ctcctttcgt cctctagttc     72840
     cagatcctcc aaatgctggg tgtggacctt atggaaacca ggggcatgtt tcatctgctg     72900
     tcaacagatt acaaggctgc tgaaccaaaa gggcaaaacc acatgtagcg gagacactgt     72960
     tttatttgaa aaactgaatg gactttaggt aggagtgtaa gccttgatgg agggcaactg     73020
     catgttgtca atcaaaccta aaaatactac ccagcaccaa gatcccctct tctttgataa     73080
     aactatatac aaacagcatc tgtgagtcat caaacatgag ccctcaaact cagccagtct     73140
     ctacagttca atattcttta aatgtttcaa atctttcaag ctcttcaagc tataataaaa     73200
     tgaaccttta ttgagagatc gataatttat atacatgttt cctcttatgc accacactaa     73260
     aataaaaaat aaaagtagtt aatatgttta gaaggcaggg ttctggctgg ggacggtggc     73320
     tcacgcttgt aattgcagca ctttgggagg ccaaggcagg tggatcactt gagagtggga     73380
     gtttgagacc agcctggccc acatggtgaa accctgtctc taccaaaaat tcaaaaatta     73440
     gctgggcatg ttggtgtgcg cgtacagtcc tagttactca gggggatgaa gtgggatgat     73500
     cacttgagtc caggaggttg aggttgcagt gagccgagat catgccactg caatccagcc     73560
     tggcagacag agtaagacct gtgtctcaag aagaaagcag acagagttct gtaccagttg     73620
     ctctcctcac tgcctggtaa ccccaggtat gtgaacactc aatttctttg tataaaatgg     73680
     tgataataac atcaacgtgt cttccatcat agagtggttg tgaggatcaa gtgggatgac     73740
     gtgtgtaata tacagagcac aaaacaatca cgggcagtgg cgctggccat ggtgaattgg     73800
     gggactaccc acccggggat ggtgatgaca acaaggtgtg ggaccatgaa atccttcccc     73860
     attcccaccc acacctctta acctccatgc tcccaagtca gtgcactaga aatattttag     73920
     tggtcaatca accactttat atttaaatgc tccctgaata aaacataaag ctttaaaatt     73980
     tttatcttat aatctaaaaa tgaatctctt gtcaaaacta agcagttttg tggctttaat     74040
     ctttggtaag catgctgtca aagtaagttt agcttcatgg ttaaaagaaa aaaataaaaa     74100
     tgttctcaat gatcttaaag caattaaaaa aaaggctcct actgcaaata tgattaaagg     74160
     ccttaatgtc ttgtttctat ttgaacccta accttaaaat acaaaagaaa acatagttct     74220
     cataaagtga ccaatccctc agtgttactc ctaggcaaat aaacaaagga atgatttctc     74280
     tatttggata gacataccaa ttgcagcctg ttggtctgtt tctcaacctg cttatcagag     74340
     taacctctcc actattttgt tttctaatag ttgcctgatt tcgtttacaa attatgtaac     74400
     catgggcaag ctatatatct ccctctccat ctcttgggac cctcatttac aaaatgaaga     74460
     ctaaatggtc aattgcaaaa ggatatttca accttaaagg agctttcaac tttaaaatgc     74520
     aataatttta atgtttcaat ttggaggcta aggtaccagt ttctaactaa aaagtaacat     74580
     tggataatat aacaaatgtt ttcaatgtta actgaaagag ttccccaaaa tcagagctaa     74640
     agttggaata aggaacaccc acatggcatg tgtaggttgc tggagcaagg aacaaaaggc     74700
     tagaagatat ccgcttccag tgggcaggag aaacaccact gctgcctgag ggttccagcc     74760
     ttctgcctgc ccaggcacta gggattctgg gctaagtgtt ccccaaggga gtgtggagag     74820
     ctgttctggg gagttctagg gaagagatgc ctgtccagtg gtgggagaga aaactaatgt     74880
     tttaactatt gctgaggata atgggtcccc ttcatcctag aggagagcta caaggaaaag     74940
     gcatgagtta ttctgaagtt actttggctt cctggccttt gaccaggacc tgactctaag     75000
     gctgaaccac atgaactgtc tcatcataag ttaaaatttc taattataac ttcatagtgt     75060
     gaagatgagg tacactggtg aggctgtctt atccaccttt acccttcaga aagagaaaac     75120
     accagcctat tcagagtggg cagacgctgt gagggctgat cacacttttt tctccacttt     75180
     ctactctgtc atgttctgta ctcttaattt acagtgacca cactcacctc atctgggaag     75240
     gacacccacg tgctcccaca ataccataat cttggctcac tgcaacctct gcctcctgga     75300
     ttccagtgat cctcccacct cagcctcctg agcagctggg actacaggtg tgcaccaaca     75360
     tgcttagcta attcttgtac ttttagtaga gatcaggttt catcacattg gccaggctgg     75420
     tcttgaactc ctgctcatct tcatcccgaa ccagggcttt gtcgtgctgc agtgcaaagg     75480
     tcagctctct cttggcttct ccctgacttg ggcaggggca gagtctcatc tccttatgag     75540
     acagagggct tgatgtggat cccaaggcca gtaacagaga catccatggg ccagggaaat     75600
     aaagtaaaca agagatacga gccaggggaa aagcaatgaa catcgcggcc tcatcttgcc     75660
     caagggggca gcattttgcc cttcttgcct ggttactgct aaaggggaag tgggcccaat     75720
     ggtgccagag cttctaactc ttactttcaa taagtcagaa atcttaatcc tcctaatctt     75780
     taaatgtggc aagtaattat aattttattt tcaatcccat atggccaaag ccaagacctg     75840
     tcaggttgca gagtatggat ggggcatttg ataaaagtag ggcacggatg tctgccctcc     75900
     ttcctatctc tgaccctggc actgtccagg cgcagtgtga ccatcagtca tgcagggtgg     75960
     aggatgacat tctgttcatt cccacaccaa cacaaggtac atcaaaggct tcaaggacaa     76020
     atctgcaggt atttgatact ggcctctatt tcctaattct tttttttttt ctatattggc     76080
     attgagacaa acacaaagtt tagaaccaca tgattacatt ttgaatcttt tggaattttt     76140
     tgttgttgtt gttctggaca gtattaccaa taatcagctt ttctaaaatc aaaatacaga     76200
     aactactgct gaaaagctgt tttgggtggt atgagagtcc aaacatcttt ttaaataagt     76260
     gttttgtttt cctttcagaa aataactcca tataaataaa taaaccatta ttccaagagg     76320
     taaaaaaaag gaaaagaaag gaatgaaaat agagaaaaaa aaatccacaa aaccacacat     76380
     ttcttaacac tcctgggata aaggaaattt tgtttttgct atggctatgt tttgtttagg     76440
     aaaaacattc tgcagcccta tttattccct tgaaataaag cccttcagac atttgcaaag     76500
     ggccaaagtg aggtctttgc tatttcagac tttattattg ggaaagtatc agcctccaac     76560
     acaagaaaga aaccactgca tacagcaact acatatttca ctcggctcta taaagcagga     76620
     aacagcaggc tgaaatgcaa aagttactat tattttgcct ggaaataatt tctgacttta     76680
     acttaatcat tcaacgtctg actttgcttt tctaattaca tcagctgatg gatctgtcaa     76740
     tatcaaggag cgcaatgtga gaaagacacc atctccctca ggtaagttcg ctcacaggtg     76800
     aagctaataa tgacactgct caaccaaatc tctttctttt tttaaaaaaa gttacttcaa     76860
     gactgctagt gctataacat caatgtgcct gggctttgca gtagatccaa tttagcaaaa     76920
     cattaaaatc aatcactttt caatgcagga ctttttattg tataggtaag aaatgggagt     76980
     ccaattttta aaacaatgct tgcagaagac aaagcctatt tcttccacat gtgtcatttc     77040
     taaatctgtg gaataagtga gaatgtttat tctaggcctc taaaaattta gacttctgtc     77100
     atcttttcat taaacaaatt catgtttctg aaacttaaaa aaaaaataaa acacatacat     77160
     atccaggctt aggagaccac accattaaaa cactattttt aaaatttgaa gtaaagtttc     77220
     cataatataa aattaatcat tttaaagtga acaatttggt ggcatttagt acactcatga     77280
     tgttgcaaaa ccatcaactc catgtgtagg ttctagaaca ttttcatcaa cccaaaagga     77340
     aaccccacat ccattaagca attactcttt ccattcccct ctctccccca gccctagcaa     77400
     ccaccaatat gctttcacaa aaaactattc tttttaaaaa ttctatttta attgattttt     77460
     tgtgtacatt taaggtgtac aacctgatgc tttgatgtac acatacttag tcaaatgatt     77520
     actacactca agaaagccaa cataacaatc acatcacaaa gttagttttc ttttttgtgt     77580
     gtgggaagag tacctaaaat ctattctctt agcagatttc cagtatataa tattattagc     77640
     tatattcccc atgttgtaca ttagatcagt ccccatgatg tgtattagat ctctagattg     77700
     acttatcata cataactgca actttgtacc tttcacctac atctccccat ctccctgacc     77760
     accgcccccc aaactacagt tctactctct gtttctgtgt atttgatttt tagtttgatt     77820
     gcacataata tgtgagatta tgtagtattt ttccttctgt gtctggctta tttcacttag     77880
     cagaatgtcc tctaggttca cccatgctat tgaaaatgga ggatcacctt cttttttaaa     77940
     gctgaataat attccattgt gtatatatac cacagtttat ttatccaatc atctattgat     78000
     ggacatgtag attgtttcca tatactggct attatgaata atgctgcaaa taagatggag     78060
     tgcagatatc cctttaacat actgatttca tttcctttgg agaaataccc agtaatgggg     78120
     ttgctagatc atatggtatt tctatttttc ctttttgatg aatctccata ttgtcttcca     78180
     taatgactgt actagtttac attcccacca accatgtgca aggtttctct tattctccac     78240
     attctcacca gcacttgtta tctcttgtat tttttatagt agccatccta atacatgtta     78300
     actcatatct cactatggtt ttgatttgca tttccctgat aatcagttag ttaataagca     78360
     ttctttccta catgtgtggg ccactcttat atctcctttg gtgatatgtc tattcaggcc     78420
     atctgcccat ttttcaagtt gtgttatttg tggttttcct attgagctga atgagttctg     78480
     aaacactgtt cttaataatt taattaaacc atggatgaac acacagtgga atctcagtaa     78540
     gattaaaata atttctttaa gcttatataa acctaagatt ctgcaggtca gtcagagagt     78600
     aactggcaaa gcaacagatg cctgatcaaa tgaattaagt tgcaggctgt cggaccacaa     78660
     atgactgtta aacatcagac tgccatgaca atgggagagg gggaaaggta aattgttatt     78720
     gctttgcttg tcatttcaga gaatcacaca tagtcagtaa attacacaca cacacacatg     78780
     cacacacaca cacaccccac tgtgctgtaa aaattcagtg tccaggtatt tgtaatgaga     78840
     ctgcctcaat aatttctatt gactgtatct attaataaaa ctcagaagat ggcattattg     78900
     ctcacctcac cagtccattt tgtcagagaa gacacagatt aagatatatc aagaaccctt     78960
     tttaagaaac accaagtgcc ctgatgctta gatttagtag tgggtactca aatattaaaa     79020
     gcaaccagct agaaatggaa cctggagtat taataaagta tttcatacat ttaaaagtac     79080
     ttctgtcaga gaagacacaa aggatcacca gttattcaga actggtaacc aaactcaccc     79140
     ataccaaatc caagaggagc tttttgtgac tcagaagaaa ggatattgtg aatgttttaa     79200
     gccattttcc taaggagtat gatagctgac attcttggta gttcttctca ttttgagagt     79260
     acattgcact gatggcatca aagacagcca ttaatgaata tgtacaaata atataaaaat     79320
     taaactactg tatttacaat gcaaaatgat ttgtcatata aatcctgtcc ggattttcaa     79380
     ttataaagtc tcaagactta atttcttcat gtccttatgg gttttttcca ggcactccag     79440
     cttcctgcca catcccaaag gtgtccacgt taggttaaca ggcatgtcta cattgtccca     79500
     gtctgaggga gtgtgagagt gtgtgagaga ctactcctgc aattgaatga catcctgtcc     79560
     agggctggtg cctgccttgc atcctaacct tctggcacag cctccagcca tccaagaagc     79620
     tgaactggaa tacatcagtt ggaaaatgaa tgaaggaatg aatacaaata attgtaaaat     79680
     aaaaatgtgt acagtccatg ataatcacac agatgcgcaa ccattaacaa tgtgggatga     79740
     aagcacctgg tgagcccacc ggatttgtta ttgtttttta acttcctggt ggggggaagt     79800
     gcttcttacg aatttcactt tgtaaacatt tattccctga tttcacccac taccgctaca     79860
     accactatca ctcactgttt tacaaaaaat tgggcaagtc attatcttat ttgtttttat     79920
     taatctttct ttactgtatg tacagctcac atttatttcc atgtttagta ttagaaatat     79980
     tttggccttt atggagaagt ttggtaatgt ttttgtgaac agaaatatgc cataggaatt     80040
     taagtcttga ttttctcaat tagcctatgg taaaattggt ttcatgatac attgtttcat     80100
     ttacagttgc agtttccaag aacctactga caatgttaag tgaggactta ctatgcagaa     80160
     ataaacagta ccaaaaacaa tgctgctgca gccaagctct tagagaaaac atataagaaa     80220
     aataatgcgt ctttaaaggc acttttgagg agtctcagtt tcaactaaga gtatgattgc     80280
     tctgatatct tctcagaaaa gtgtcttgaa ggcacaggat cccactaaag gagaaccttt     80340
     gatgggtatc aggtgctgag tctgcaaaca ctctctgacc cacagtgatt ataaatatcc     80400
     agtataagcc agacatgctt aatttcaggg tacgatgaaa gaaaataacc aaagtaaata     80460
     tttgaaaagc aaattcaact tttcagttta aattttaaaa atgttattca aagacattta     80520
     taaagagaga gtgacataat taaggaaagc aaaatgcaaa taacatgtta ctgaccttct     80580
     ccatgtccca ggacttcctg cccacagtgc agaaatagaa ggcagaggac agaagtctaa     80640
     ggtagaggtg aacaaggcat tatgccagaa ctctctgagg aatatgagct ccatctgatc     80700
     tgtgcttcct tggatgaaaa ggctgccact gtaaccaggt ctccttagtc acctctctgc     80760
     tttcctaatg agaatcattt ccatagttcc taatagtttc tatcacgatg cttttctaaa     80820
     atcccactct tatatatctt tacaggggca attgccaaat tgccccacat tgctcttatc     80880
     aattcataat ccatctatgg aatgagacca tgccatattg acttctcagc aaagtggcag     80940
     ctgctgagca caactgcatc aggatcacct gggggtggga agaatgtgtt cacattagga     81000
     atgagcatcc caggctgtac cacagaccta ctcaatcaga ccagcatttc aacaaccatg     81060
     cttattgact tgtttgctca ctcaagtctg aagatgattc tgtgagaggc agtctagagc     81120
     catgtttaaa aaaaaaaaaa acactgtgaa gccaagggtg agctcactga gaaacagttc     81180
     ccaatcaatt cataaggtct gcaaggtggc aggagtggga gaatcagggt agatggatat     81240
     ttaagacacc aatctttcct tctcctcccc tcctcattcc cagactgcct agagaactcc     81300
     tactcatcct tcataactct ttctagaaga gacttcttca acccacaagc caaggcctcc     81360
     ctccttgtgt caaggcacta tctagatcta gtactcacta tcacagtttt ctagaatgtc     81420
     tttcagtgaa gccagggact ttttcttgtt cattttgttc tcctcacaac tagttttttg     81480
     cctagtacat aactagaagt caataaatcc ttatcaaatt aatacatgat tgagaaaaca     81540
     aaaacaaagg atagagcaaa tacagaacca gttactaaga aggacaagac agcaaaaccc     81600
     agcctcctac tctccaccat gctgtctccc ataaagatct caggtcttcc aagggtaagg     81660
     aaaaaaaagc tgataaatga ggactggtgg ccagcaacct cctcactgca gccaggcttt     81720
     atatctaggc cataaacacc tccttgctca caggagctag accctgtgat cagcaaacag     81780
     ctgcaacaac agcagcgtgt ggcctgccca gcttgtttag gtggtgtgtg tttgttagaa     81840
     aaacttgctc tgtggtgttt ctttataacg actacttgga gaaatgatgt tatttttagg     81900
     gggtggggaa tatcaaagag gcttatttgg caaaagccac aatctgctca cttccacttt     81960
     gtgtgagtat gtgaaaatcc tcactctagt agccaggagt tttcaaatcc actgggaaga     82020
     gactccaaaa acaggttggt ggcaggaaaa cacaacccta ggatgacaag tgtgcaaatt     82080
     aacactgaaa ccatgcaaat gaccagtgct gacagatgaa aacactgagg tcagctatat     82140
     gtaaggatta agaaaattct aaatagggaa gcattctgcc cacaaatgtc attatgagag     82200
     gacattaaca ccagtctttt atggttctca aagcccagta tattggtgtt gggggtgtag     82260
     ttgtctgcag tgttcaaagg acagtggcac tgaaaactta ggactcagag ccgctctcct     82320
     cttaactctt aaagctctca gataatcaac tagtagagtc aaaataaact aattgcggac     82380
     tactaatgca catggcaaaa actcaacgga tatgctagtc aacaaattct tcatctgctg     82440
     ttctgtcaag atgataatga aacatcagac aatctgtgag aacatgatgc caagaggaag     82500
     aaatacaaat tgggctccta tattccttat gaaaattaga agattctaaa ctaatcaatt     82560
     agctttacat cccccaccac ctcccccaat ctctgcataa tcatttcact tcatgaaatt     82620
     tcttaggaat ccacttacta ttctgtgatc atagacagca aatgaaaatt aagttctctg     82680
     tagaacagga gaaactttgc attgtaatgt aaaacgagct gattaagggc acttaatcca     82740
     agaacagcta attcttaaga cctcaaagca gagtggatta aacataagga aggacgtatg     82800
     cagcccgctt ctgatcacac agaagaatgg attctgagac ttgacaggct gccttattaa     82860
     caattacagt aactaggact gttcttttca aaagaatgcc ttgcaagtta gaataaatac     82920
     cccatctttg gatatctgag gtagaaagaa taccccttct tttagaaaat aagttactct     82980
     gggctttggg agcatcctga aagaagagag gaagctcaag gagaatggtt tatctttctg     83040
     aatggtttgt ctttctaatt tcatctcact caactcctta catattggaa ggtgattgca     83100
     aactctggta tgttaggaat aaatttctat taaaaagcaa taaacaccct ccactgacca     83160
     aactcttaga aaaggattac agaaccactt tccactttga aaaattcctg aggtcgcccc     83220
     taagaacttt tgtttatgtg ggttacatct atttatattc atcaaattag aacacttaaa     83280
     actaagacat tttaaaaata agaatatcca agcacacatg ttaattagtg atgatgccat     83340
     tatgtgtcat gtaaccaatg gaaaactcca ttgcacactt gtcagaggag aagagtgaaa     83400
     aaggcgaaca aagatcttag tatcattttg aaaatatttg ggacctccca ggggtcccca     83460
     gatcacactc tgagaaccac tggactagag tcatgtctgg ttgacacaga agtgtgttag     83520
     agttctagag atgtaactct ttcaagaact acttctgtca taaaaagaaa cattctgttt     83580
     attacatgtc agtaaaaagt ttttttttaa ataatagatg ccagcactat aagaacttta     83640
     ataagtatat gtaaagcttt ctggtagctg gcaggaaaac tggctcttta atcttttaca     83700
     gttcaccaca tttgttttac agcctctgca agtacagatg agtcactgct tctacaccga     83760
     gctgtgcagt gtttctacca agggccaggc ctgtctgggt aaatccattc ccttcagcaa     83820
     acactgcagg caggcaagtc accttaagaa gcagtttaac tcagtggtta agggcccagg     83880
     ctctggattt agacttcctg ggttcaaatc ctggcttgtg ttcttgccaa atgaccttgg     83940
     gtgagttctt aatcttcctc caagtataaa aagggacaat aacaatattt acctggtagg     84000
     atcttcacag gaaacctatg aaggcttaca tttctaggac atagtagtat tcaataaatg     84060
     ccagttatca ttataccttc ttttacgata tacaaagcat cccaaaagtc tcaatacagt     84120
     tttatgctga aatttcagaa ctataagcat tacaaactta cctaaaatac cattcatgta     84180
     gatctataaa ttttaagtaa taaaattttt attttttgtt tcagtcctgc tgattcaaag     84240
     tggctactgc tgactgaaac aaaaattaca ttattaatct tatgggggtg tggggaataa     84300
     ttgtacacac aactgttaga caaagaagat attttaccat taagacttaa ttcgatagac     84360
     attgctgtgg tctgagtatg tctccccaaa attcatgtgt tggaaactaa atcctcaatg     84420
     caacagtgtt gggtggtggg tccttttcag aggtgcttag gtcaggaggg ctcagccttt     84480
     atatgtggat taatatcatt ataaatggtt tcacagacag agtttggtcc cttttgcctt     84540
     ctgccttcca ccatgtgagg acacagcatt cctctcctct ggaggacaca gaaacaaggc     84600
     accatcttgg aagtggagat cagcccttac cagacaacaa acctgtcagc aacttgatct     84660
     ttgacttctt agcctccaga actgcaagca agcaagcaaa caaacaaact aacaaaaaac     84720
     tctgttcttt ataaattacc cagtcttggg tattttgttt caacaacaga cagtggacta     84780
     agacagacat ttactgagca cctactatgt gccatgcttg tgctaggtac caggaagata     84840
     aaaggaaaca agacaagatg attaaccaat ggaggtttac aaagccagca ggggaaagtg     84900
     tggaaacaca ttgatataga atgtgttctg ctgtattact caggtcctgg tatgctcagc     84960
     atgctggggt ttcaggtaat gggtgatatt cccaggatac agcctaaagg aaaaggaata     85020
     gtgttcccct cactgacatc tggaagacat tttccctctt tgtgatgtga atttttcctt     85080
     cacttgtcat taattctgtt caccttcaag aagcccatct atctatagct ttgcctttgc     85140
     agtatctttt ctatagtaga tctttattga gcttttccat ctttgtaaat tgtaaattgt     85200
     cctttcaaca tgcataatga cacactctat ttacatatca tagcaacagc ctcttattta     85260
     gatgtcaaat tccagcaact aaaaactcag atccacaaaa catcaagaag ccaaataatt     85320
     ctcaaaacca tgatactttc aataaacttc agtccccttt gtgcagtcct tcaggccata     85380
     tagctgttct ttttaaatac acatttataa tgagtctgct catctgtttt tctagcagat     85440
     tagaagtaca aaaatcaggg gaggcatttg aaaacatggt gctcagcttg atgaattccc     85500
     taaaagttac aacccagcac tagtagattt tcctcccttt ccctttccct ttccctttcc     85560
     ctttcccttt ccctttccct ttccctttcc ctttcccttt ccctcccctc ccctcccctc     85620
     ccctctcctt tcctttcctt ttcttttctt tctaacaggg tctcactctg tcaccaggct     85680
     ggagtgcagt gatgccatca cagatcactg cggccttcat ctcccaggct caggtgattc     85740
     cccctctcta gcctcctgag tagctgggac cacaggtgtg caccaccaca tccagctgtt     85800
     ttttttgttt tgttttgttt ttttgtattt attgtagaga tgaggtttcg ccatgttgct     85860
     tcggctagtc ttgaaccctt gggctcagac aatccacttt ccttagcatc acaaagtgct     85920
     ggaattacag gtatgagcca ctgtgcctag ccactgctgt gttttctgaa ggaaattagt     85980
     tttaacaaaa ccagaaagga ctaagtaata tccacaaagt atatcagaca cctaaactct     86040
     tacatgaaga gttacatgac ctagtgaaaa actattttta attttctcct atctcaaaac     86100
     attgaaaatt acaaatccta gcactttagg aggctgaagc agtagcttct cctttaaaca     86160
     tttaaaattt agtcagatac ggacgtgtgt gcctgtatcc cagctgcttg ggaggcttag     86220
     gtgggggcat tgcttaagct caagggttca aggctacagt gagctgtgat tgtgccactg     86280
     cactcagtct gggtgacaga gcgacaccct gtttctaaaa taataataag taaataaata     86340
     aatgtttaaa atgaaactca actctacatt aaaaattttt aatttttctt aaaaattcta     86400
     gtccatgtgc aaaactcact ggctttaaat aagctgtcac ttatatctag tcaatatcat     86460
     tatgctatag aaaaaaagtt gaaaaaggaa catatagaat tattatccat tgttgtttat     86520
     ttaaatgcta gaaaaaaaac tctaagattt atgtacaata agttttgaga gaagtttatc     86580
     atttttggtt cctgtaactt ttagttattt gacatttgta aactaaacta gaaaactaag     86640
     aaaattaaat gtgataactg aagccaaggc atttttaaga acatgaattt tccatattat     86700
     tgacttattt caacactttg agtggacata gctttattgc aaatttttat gaattttaga     86760
     gttgattcag aaattacaat gtaagtatta tgtgaaatca gataataagg taatatgtaa     86820
     aatatgcctg gtggaaggag taaattgtgt ggattattct ggccctgcaa aatacagaag     86880
     tgtctcaatt tctctttttc cactgtgatt tttatctgtt gtgttatttt gatatttgta     86940
     catttattgg gagctggcag ggtgagttgc acattggtag catttatatt aactaaattt     87000
     tgttttcatt ttagaaacaa atttctcctc tcttcatttt ttctgctgcc caagcccagc     87060
     aggcttataa ataaatacac agcccacagg gaagacttga ggaggttcaa gtagacattt     87120
     catttgaatt tcctgagcct ggttttatct taacagccct atactctttg gaccacatct     87180
     gggcaagcga agtgaagtgg gagataaaat aattggatca atgatgtcaa caatgaatgc     87240
     tgctgtccca aaccaaaacc acacatttca gacagaggct aggtggggaa tatatatata     87300
     tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta cctaaatctt     87360
     ctcattttct ccttttttgt taagggtaga aatatcatgt aagaggcctg ttacacatac     87420
     aattaatgtg agagacacat gagcagatgt cacttgagcc tcattttcca tgcaaaaatt     87480
     caggatttat ggtctaaaac catagaggat attttaaagc cagatgattc cagaaaatct     87540
     gagacatgtg tccatcagct gtgatgtggc ccactctctc ccacctaccc accgcagaat     87600
     ttcttgccct tcataatgta atctccctac ttgaggctag ccagacttct tcaacaaacg     87660
     gcagacaaag caggcttggt cccaatgtaa aatggagtct cagaatgcac tactcagcca     87720
     ttttggagag tgaattgaaa aggccatgcc acagacaccc ttgggcagca cagcttctgt     87780
     gacaatatgg gccagtgcca ggaataggaa ggatcaagtt aaatgtttgt gatccaataa     87840
     caaaactaca acatgggccc ctttaagtaa gacttaggta gaagctaata aactgaatct     87900
     aattttctgt tgaccatctt tgacaaggaa taagctctgc tataataagt ttcctaggca     87960
     attcaaatat agacattaca gtggagctta attaaaaata aaaataaaaa aacttttcac     88020
     aaaggagtct gtctcctcaa atagactctg aggtggttta agttggaagc acatagttct     88080
     ttaaaactct tacatgaata atcaagaata atcatacatt aaaaatactt tttataattc     88140
     catttttaat taaaatatat gcacatacat aaatacacac acatatatgt atgaattttc     88200
     cgctaggaaa cccacaccaa gaacttaggg tttgtctgta acaactgaac acactatcac     88260
     actacaaccc aatggcctgg ccacagacaa tagtagatgc ttcaagggaa agaatagagc     88320
     cctttcagcc aattatacaa ttacatgata tgaccatgtt cacattatca aagggaggta     88380
     gaccaaatga cctagctact tcaaatcaat aaccccattt acctcaatta tatggtagac     88440
     agagtccaaa taatctgagt aattatttca attcattcag atgctgtagt tttggcctgt     88500
     gtgtgcacaa ctaatttttc cttctggtat acacaccctt aaaccatcag caaataccaa     88560
     aatgcacaac agcaaactcc tatcagtttt atctattagc agtgtaaaca aattctctcc     88620
     actatctggc agattaaaat ttgttatact cttaataatc caggttgaga ttttcttttg     88680
     tgacaacaac tcactggacc atggaacttt agagctagga agtaccatcc agggccaaca     88740
     gtctaaaagc cagctcctgg aagcagtcca accagaaatc cagcctgctc actcatagca     88800
     cgtaaggcaa ggaggtctga agctcagatg cttgggttcc aatcctggct ctgccactta     88860
     ctagttgagc gaccttggca agtccctaaa cctcaccaag cctcacagcc ctcttctgta     88920
     caactgtggt aataagggaa tctgatttat agagacagta caaggattaa atgagacaat     88980
     taacagaatg aacttagcat gcttcttggc acataactac tgttgttaag tccttactat     89040
     tattatttta acagcagcat cacctttaat aggttccccc aaaggatgtg tccatgtcct     89100
     aatccctaga tcctgtgaat attaccttat ataacaaagg atgtgattaa gttaaagacc     89160
     ttgggaagag gtgcttatcc tgttttatac aagtggtccc taaatgcagt cacagggatc     89220
     cttataacag agaggcacag agagttttga gacagacaca caggagacga cataggcata     89280
     tggagcagaa ggtgatatga agacagagca gagagctgag gctatgagcc aatgaatgca     89340
     gatggttatc agatgctgga agaagcaagg aatatatttt ccctttagag cctcgagatg     89400
     gggtgagact gtgttgacac cttgatttca gacttctggc ctcaaatgct cccaaagact     89460
     acatatctat tgctttaaac caccacatgt gtgatatttg ttacagacag cagcctcagg     89520
     aaatgaatat actacctcaa tgggtgaagc tcttgtttga cctttaaact gcaacttgca     89580
     gatgttaaca gtaacatgat aaggccaaag ataaaggtga ctaaaaaacg agaaacacca     89640
     aggtctggtg ttatgaattg agcttaacaa aagtaaagaa gcagaagaat gcaagagaca     89700
     gcgagcaaag agttacggtt gaagtataca caagggttca gggaaggaaa cccaagaagc     89760
     atgaagctag agcctcacac tgtaatgggt cttatccact agagacagaa atctacaatg     89820
     ccagtgcatt gtttgtttct gaataacatg tttacccatt cactactctg tgcattttct     89880
     ttttctttta tttattatgc ttggagtatg tacaacttct tgaatctatg ggttgatctc     89940
     tcttacaaat ctggggaaat tcttagccta aaacattgct tttgtctcac tccctcccac     90000
     tctgctcctt ctgagactcc aattacacat attttagact tttcattgtg tcccacttgt     90060
     ctcttatgct ttttctatat gttcaatttt tctctctgtg cacttcagca taaatcattt     90120
     ctattaacct ttcttccagg tcactatgct tgtttcctgc ttatatgatc tgttaaaacc     90180
     gtatccattg agttcttaat tgcagatata ttttccaagt aatagaaagc ctatttgatt     90240
     aactatagat tccaattctc tgtttaaatt tttcatattt tcatctaatt cctccattaa     90300
     aaatttattt tcttgaacat attaattcat tattttaaaa tccccctttt ttttgctaaa     90360
     tttaattcta ttcactctgg atcatctgtg gatctgtttc tatcatttgt ttttctctca     90420
     tttttggggg atggtcacat tgacacactg agtaattttt tttttattga ataccagaca     90480
     tcatgtattt ctaatcatgt attagaaagt tgaaaagatt ttgatgaagt tttcttcctc     90540
     aaaagtttgc tctcctttct tctgccagga agatagagtt ggggatgggg gtgctggcta     90600
     atgatctaaa ccaatcagga actcttacaa gactcaggct gctcctagct tatgtccttg     90660
     gctaggactt agctgtcctg gccttcattg agagcctggt gtgtctgtga tgaccccacc     90720
     ccttgcaacc tccaaaagca agtcctaaac tgtaatcctt attttctcag caccagaaga     90780
     ttactgaaca ccacttctgc tttccagagg gattctggtt atcttttgaa cttctcatcc     90840
     catgcagtcc agaattgggc aactgtcttg aagggaaagc caactgtgaa tttcaggttc     90900
     ctcgagtctc caattttgtc tctcaacccc agtcccaaga gaatactagg tttatttttc     90960
     tcagagctgc aacactccat ctaaacaaag cccaggtcca cattattttg tcaccaccca     91020
     gaattagaaa tcccccataa ataaagtagc tacagaccat cagctcatct ctcctcagct     91080
     ctcttctttt tgatatttta gcccccctac tcctcatgtt ccaacatgtc tttaaacaga     91140
     atggtgcttt ctgtatttta tatggtactt cttgggatcg ttagtttgcc tcagactacc     91200
     caatcctagc tagaaacaaa tctctgcttt atatttttca aagtgctttc attgtcataa     91260
     ttaatttctg ccatataaac tgataagaaa aagatggcag ggccaggcac agtggctcat     91320
     gcctgtaatc ctagtacttt gggaggccaa ggcaggtgga tcacgaggta aggagatgga     91380
     gaccatcctg gctaacatgg taaaacccca tctctactaa aaatacaaag aaattagcca     91440
     gatatggtgg cagacacctg tagtaccagc tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaatggag     91500
     tgaacttggg aggtggagct tgtagtgaga tgagatcgtg cctctgcact ccagcctggg     91560
     caatgcagca agactctgtc tcaagaaaaa aaaaagcaat atgttttact ctgatctttt     91620
     agaacacagt ttgtcagcat tggacaaact atgggccaca ggccaagtcc agcccagtgc     91680
     ctggttttgt aaataaagtt ttattggaat atagccatgc ccactatatt gtgcatattg     91740
     tccatggctg ctttggcact acaaaagctt ttgcagattt gagtagttat aacagagacc     91800
     acatcaccag caaagcccaa aatattcacc atctttccct ttacagaaag tttgtcagcc     91860
     cctgcttcat ttgaaggaaa ctgaagctca gacacattca gtgactgaca agttaacttt     91920
     ggagagaaga ctgtgtgtca gtccccacga ttcttattcc agccatctcc ccactcttct     91980
     aatttgcttc ccatcacaat gattcattac aataaaacaa caaggagaga gacagagcgg     92040
     aatgaatttg aagcagacag tcccagtaag gaaaagggag gtctctcagt gaacacaatt     92100
     aagggtcttt ctcttttttg aaacacttgg ggaattttgg cagtcacctt tgaaatctgc     92160
     taaaacaaat aatgtaaggc aactattcaa ggatgccact tcaaggtttt aaaaaaagcc     92220
     ttaatatttc atagggtttt tttgttgttg ttgttcagaa aatgaacatg taaggaagaa     92280
     caatgaaaaa tatcctgaag tatgtgttca attcttatcc attcgattgc tgagtgcttt     92340
     catcaaggcc attctctaag cagaggaaaa aaatattccc aacagatgat ggcagctaag     92400
     agggacacac acacacttac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaacatgca     92460
     tgattaaaca aaataatttt taaaaatcca atacagttcc aaactcaaca ataactgaaa     92520
     agaaaggcca cttgtttcat cttccttttc ccccatcttc tgcttagtag aagtatatgg     92580
     taatttgctt ctttttaata atttgtaaaa tctgatgagt ggtgaaattt agccatgccc     92640
     acatgtcaat aacagatgtt aaaaatttca gaattataag atcaccaaaa taatcacatc     92700
     caccaaaaaa acctgctggg gacagctcat ctttttcttt tcaacctacc ttatgcagaa     92760
     gggtgagcag ggcatgccca catgttgaca accctggagc ccctttttcc cagggaggac     92820
     ttgagcagga aaagcaagat gtaggacaga gaaagactaa ttcataaagg taagggagtc     92880
     atgcccttaa aaaagaaaca caaactcttc taaaaggtga gggaaacact catgtgaggt     92940
     ggtaccatgc agaagagtca cattaccttg aggctgggtc caggcatatg tcacaacctt     93000
     cccttaggac aagacccagg caagagagtt tcaacaaata ggtacatgtt ccacctttat     93060
     gttgtaatgc ttcatatggg caaggctcaa gcaggtagtc atatcaccta ggtaacaggc     93120
     ccagatatat gtcacaatat cctccttgag acatgattct ggggaaactc taccaccatc     93180
     tgtgtgcctt gcctagcaat atgtcactat ccaggtaagc cagacccaag caggagagca     93240
     gaaatacgaa cctgataggc caaggtattt gtcacaatcc ccttttttgg acattaccct     93300
     agaaaaagag taccatcaac agtgtgccag tcccagccat gtgctactat cccctagtgt     93360
     gagtacagcc cattctaaag aggagatttg tacaacctaa ctggttgata cagtgatatg     93420
     tcacaatgac ttctgtgggc atggcttagg caaaaatgta acatgacctc cgtgctggat     93480
     ctagtgatat atcactcttc ttactgagag caggatccag gcaggaaagt cacattacct     93540
     agaggttggc caaggtagat ataacagtaa catatgtggg ctggaaccag tctggagagt     93600
     cagatcacac aggtgtttgg cagagattta tatcacaatc acactggcaa aaaattccct     93660
     ggatgagatt tacaatacca cacatgtcct tttatcatga gcaacagttg gcttcatata     93720
     tgtaagacag tgacagcgct tactgtcatc tggtgtgaat atgagataat ttcacctttc     93780
     tgctgggttc tgctatgaca ctctctgtcc aagccaagtg ctacataaaa tatctgaggc     93840
     tgttataatc ttctttgagc tttttttacc agaaagatat ttaatcactc ctttttctaa     93900
     aacaagttat aagagtcaaa attacaccta tttgtgggat gcacatgtaa gagtcattat     93960
     catgcctgtg aactgtgcct atatatgtaa gaatttactc tgtgttgatg aaatagacat     94020
     gacagtgaag taacctaaat tctgagagag aaatgtgcca atattctcct tgtaggtatg     94080
     ttcctggcag aaaagttgca taacttgggg gttaaagaca ggaatatggc acaatgccca     94140
     ttgtgggcag tgtccagaca gaagaagaga ctcatatcac ctaaatgaca aacccagaat     94200
     atgtcacaat gtatcctgtt gaaaggacca ggtaagagag tcacatcatt tagatgcagt     94260
     gcttaggaat gtgacaatcc ccattggaag gagggtcagg gcaggagagg acagtcaggt     94320
     aactagatca tgggtccaga gacatgcaac aatccttcct gaggttattg ttaagacagg     94380
     agtgtcaaat cactgtggtg atcagctatg atatacgtcc aaatctcatt tgtggactat     94440
     acctaagcag gattattaaa taactcagga gatgggcaaa ggtatatgtt acaataatac     94500
     agggtgaaaa ttacaggaat gggagtcacc gtcttgcata tgacatgtct ccaggtttaa     94560
     gagtcataat tagtcctcat atctggtctc agttatatgg cacagtatta cttgtgggca     94620
     gagggcaagc aggaaggtga ctttacctag gtgggtgctg gtccagtaag atgtcacaat     94680
     ccttcttgtg ggcaggacaa tggaagaaga gtcaaatcac caggatgccg attttagtga     94740
     tttatcaaga ttccccctgt taacagggat taggaaggtg agaagactca tgttactttt     94800
     gcaattggcc tagatatgtg tctcaatggc tgctatgtgc taaaccaagg tatgaaagtt     94860
     gcctcacctt ggccatgggt ttagcaatat gtcacaatct cctctgtggt cagggcaaga     94920
     catgagagaa aaaatattta gattctgaga caagtgtttc tgttggcaga gcccaaaaaa     94980
     gagagtcaca tcacctgctt gcggtgccca gttatgtgtc ataatgcatg ataagtgcag     95040
     ggccaaagca gtagaaggga gtcacatcac ttacacaatg gacctggata taagccacat     95100
     atatctagat atattgcctt ttataggcaa gaatcaggca aagaattcac atcacctggg     95160
     agctgatccc agtgatactt aaaagtgccc tttataggcc tgcccagaca tcttcactta     95220
     ggtgtatgat ccatgtatat cacaatttca tcactagtca taacctaaaa aggaaagtca     95280
     agttattcag gagctgtgct acctttttgt cctaatcaca cactagacaa tattcagaag     95340
     taagattcat agtcctgcag aagtcctggc ttcttgcatg tgagtcaaca cctcctgtga     95400
     gttaggttaa agcagagaag tcacaatctc aacaataaca atgggtaaca tccatgtata     95460
     agatgcccaa tctcacttga agattgtgtt ccactagagg agtcacatcg tcacaggtgt     95520
     gtagaatcat gcatcagcaa atgacacatg aataagatcc atgtatgagg ggaacatttg     95580
     caacctttga ctgcttttat gtgtgagatt tagtaactta attttaggcc ctgttcttgt     95640
     gagagaatga aaattggatc agcttggtgt gcatccaaga gtcacaaacg cacctggttg     95700
     cttttccctg ttatgacact ctttgtacca ctcaggcttt acataatatg cctgagtgtc     95760
     ataatcttct gtgaacttta tacaattagg agacccatta ctttacttat tgccatgact     95820
     ggctttgaga gtcaaaatag ctctaatttc tgagtccagt tatgatggtt atatttctgc     95880
     atgtgagctg aaaccaagta tatgtcacaa gttcaactgt tggcagaacc aaggcagaag     95940
     agtttcattg cctggattct gagctcagga tatattacaa tctcctctgc aggcagggcc     96000
     aagtcagaag agtcacataa cctggataca gacacaagta atatggcacc atgtccactc     96060
     taacaggatt gaggaaagag agaagagtcg caacacatag gtgtttggct cagcaatatg     96120
     tagtaaacct ctcttttgac agaataaaga ggagagtttc cttacctagg ttttgaactc     96180
     agcggtatga cagaatttgt ttagtgggta ggatctttgc agaagagcca catttcttag     96240
     atgctacttg caacaatgtc acaatattcc ttgagagaaa agtgcaggca aagtagacaa     96300
     attacctctg acaggctcag agatatgtga caatatccct tgtttgcaga gctcagggag     96360
     aatggtcata ttattatgat tctaacccag taatttgtca aaaatgcatg ctttgaaaac     96420
     aatgtaacca aaagttttag cacatgggta ctaagcccag tgatatgaca caatattctc     96480
     atttttgagg gtgacatctt taactgctag cttggtatgc acatgagtca caatgccacg     96540
     tgtgtgtgct gggccattgt atgacaccct ctaccacatc caagtgtttt acacagtagg     96600
     aaatgctctt tactacccag gagtttatat tatataaact agtgttctaa acttctgtga     96660
     gctttgtaga gacatgcaat ccaggatttt acctactcct ctaaacctag taaagagagc     96720
     caaaatatct tttattggct gaatcccaat ataagtttca ccaccatgcc tgtgaattga     96780
     agcaagttat aagtcatctt cctgtttgtt ggccaaaaaa agaggggcag ggagagtaac     96840
     atcacttagg tgatgtggcc agcaacatgt cacaatgctc tctctaggca gaacctagga     96900
     aggagtgtca cattaactgg ttgctgagct cagcaatatg acacaactac acatgtaaaa     96960
     atttagtgaa gggatgagag ccaaaacacc tacagaatgg gccaaaggta tgtcaaaata     97020
     cccactgagg ctctggcaca agcagaacag tagcatcatg aaggtgccag agacaccagt     97080
     atgcaataat tttcccttta tttaggaaaa tggcagaaaa gtaatatcat ttgagtgcaa     97140
     taggtcaaaa tttctctttg tgggtatggt tcagaaaaaa attgtatagt tccaggacct     97200
     aaacactggg gtcagcaata tttcaccatc ccaccttttc aaaggcccag acagaaaaag     97260
     aagagagtca tatcatatag gtcatgagct ctaagatatg tcccaatgtt cccagtatga     97320
     agggataagg cagacattga taacatatca cctaggtagc tccctagaaa tatgtcacag     97380
     tgtaacattt ggcaggagag taagctcacc ttggtgctgg cttcagcaat atgtgacata     97440
     ccactcagtg gtatgtcaca attttttcag tgagcaggat ccagacagga caggagagtc     97500
     acattaccta gatgctatat ctttcaatat gtcacagtgt accctgttgg cagggcactg     97560
     gcagaaaaga catatcatct agttaaaagg cctgaagata tgtgaaaata tcccctattt     97620
     gcagggtcca ggcagaagag tcacactgca cgattctgac ccattgatag gtaacgatgc     97680
     ttttatggaa aggaacttaa accagaaagt ttcaacacca gggtagtagg ccaagggaat     97740
     tgacacaagc tcctcatctt taaaggtgac accattaact cttagctatg gtatatatga     97800
     cagtcacaat ctaacatgtg tcctggttat aatatgaaac tccctaccac atctgaaaat     97860
     tttgtatgag atgcataagt gttgcaaacc tctctgaggc ctacatgcat atatgtactc     97920
     acgatcttac atattaccct aaacacagac atgacaaccg acatttctcc tataggtttg     97980
     ctttagaaat gagacaatga ttatgcctgt gatatggttc tggaaatggg tcaccttccc     98040
     atctgtggcc agattcactt gtgaaattta caattccaag tttattcttt atttacctga     98100
     tagactcatg accttaacaa tgggctttgt aaatgtagga tggtaacaat atttactttc     98160
     acctgcatat gtagtcaaga gtcaatctta aatttttcct gggccctgta ataaaattcc     98220
     ctgtaccgcc cacaatattt tatgatatga gttaatattg taaacttctg tgatctctgt     98280
     acaaatatga aatgaaggac attacctttt gatgtaaaca aagtggtgac aggtgaaata     98340
     tctcctattc actgtatccc aatataagct tgatcagcat gctttgatcc gaaactaggt     98400
     acatgtcata atcccatttg tgagcaaaaa accaaagaga atgttaacat cacttttgag     98460
     ttagtccaaa caatatatca caatacctcc tttaggcagg gcctagcaaa gagcatcaca     98520
     taaagcaagg gctgcagcca acaatatgat acaaccacat gtggaagaaa cccagggaaa     98580
     tgatgagagc caaaacacgt acagaatggg ccaaagatat gtcaatatac cttctgtggc     98640
     tctggtacag gcaggagagt cacatgatta tggtgctggc ccgagaaata tgccataatt     98700
     ttctctttat gcatgaggta gaaagaagag taacatcatc caggtgcagg gccaggaaat     98760
     acagcaaaag tcctctttgt gcacattgtt cagttacaag acaagagtca cattacctaa     98820
     gtgttgggct catcaatttg tcacaatctt ctcactgaaa agtcccaggc tgaaataggg     98880
     agtcacatca cttgggtcat aggctcagaa atatggccca atgtcaccag taggctggcc     98940
     tcaggcagaa aaagagggtc gtcttactta ggtgcttctt taggtgtatg tcacaatttt     99000
     atatttttac agaaacgagg atgaattgcc acatcatctg gttctgagtt ctgagatatt     99060
     cacaagtccc cttagaaaac aactcaggca agagagttac atcacctagg agcccgttcc     99120
     acccttatgt cacagtgctt catgtgtaca ggactaagaa gaaagtcaca tcacctagat     99180
     gatagaccca gagacacgtc acaaagcctt cctgaaagca tggccctggc aaaatagtac     99240
     aatcaccttt gtacctggtc tagcaatatg tcattattca agtgtgcagg taccaaggag     99300
     aggagccata ctacctatgt tatatgccct gtgctatgtc aaaatgcctt cttttcagca     99360
     tggccctgga agaatgtatc atctcatatg tgactggcct aggaagatgt cactatcctg     99420
     ccatgtgtgc agggcccatt ttagagatta gagttatgtc ttcttctaag tcatggaccc     99480
     agtgatatat cactatgatg tctgtgagaa tgggcaggca ggaatgtaat gtcacttgca     99540
     ttctagatcc agtgatgtca caattcttac tgagggcaga gcccagtcag aagagtcata     99600
     tcttttacag gttggcccaa gtagatgtca aaaaccccta tggattagat ttacaatacc     99660
     acacatctct tgttttcatg taggagagtt gcctgcattc atctgtgatg atgaaagtcc     99720
     ttactgtcag ccaagtgtgc atatgagact cacaatttcc tctgtttgct aaccactatt     99780
     atgacactct ctattcaacc caacggtttt ataaaacatt tgtcattgtt ataaactttg     99840
     gtgccttttt ttttaccaga aggtaatcat ggacatctct catgtcccta aacctagttt     99900
     atatgtggct gggtccacat atattagtca ttatcatgtc tgtgagctgt gcctaggtat     99960
     gtgtaccatc ctctctgtgg ttattaaaca ggcaggacaa ccacgttagc taaatcctaa    100020
     gccagaaata tttcaatatt ttctttgcag gtagggccct aacaaaagtc acaaacttga    100080
     gtctaggctc aggtctgtgg cataatcatc cttgtggaga ttgtcctgac aggagaggag    100140
     agtcatataa cctaaataat tggcccagag atatgtcaca atgcctcctg ttaaaaaggc    100200
     caggcaagag aggcatgcca cctggatgtc atgctaagaa atgctacact cttcactgaa    100260
     agcagggttc aggcagcaga agagagacac ataacatgga ggatgggtcc aaatatatgt    100320
     tatgatccat tttgaggacg ttgataggac acaagagtca aatcaccaca gttcttgacc    100380
     caggtatatg tcaaaatgtc atctgtgggc tataactaga aaaaggttat taaatcactg    100440
     tggagctggg ctaaggtaaa tatcccaata acacctgtga gaaggttaat agatgagagt    100500
     caaaatcctg agtatgtcct ggctccaggt acaagagtca ttattatgcc tttgttgtgg    100560
     tctcaggtat atggtaaaat atcacctgtg ggcagggaga agtaaggaaa gtcacattaa    100620
     ctgagtgggt ttctggtcca gagaaatgtc acaatcctcc tcgtggacag gactctggag    100680
     ccaaattaac tggatgctag tttctgttat atattggaat acctcctatg gtcagggctt    100740
     agacaggact ggagacaatc ttcacctagg caatcggcct ggatgtatgt cacaatggcc    100800
     cctgtgtgca ggacgaaggc aggagagtaa gctcaccttg gtgctggctt ctgcaatatg    100860
     tctgatttag caatctctgt gctggtcaga gccgaggcaa gagagaagaa acatcaccta    100920
     ggtgctgaac caagtgatat gttacaaatc ttcctattgg cagaatatcc ctaccccaga    100980
     aaatagtcac atcacccagg tgcagtagcc agttatgtct cacgatgcac cataagtgca    101040
     gggccaggga ggtagaagga agtcacagca cttacatgat tgacctagat aaaagccatg    101100
     gtgccttttg taggcaggtt tcaggccaag attttacatc agctgggtgc tggtcaaagt    101160
     gatatgcaaa agttcccttt gaaaattgcc aaagaagttg ttatatattg tttaggtgct    101220
     ggtgcacacg tcacaatttc aactgtgctc cgagtctaga aagcagaggc aaaaactcgg    101280
     atgctggtca aagttatact tgtccatcag acacccaaaa atattcagaa ataagtttca    101340
     caatcccaca caagtcctgg attcgggtat gagagtcaac acctcctatg gattgtgtca    101400
     aaatacatga gtcacattct taacaatgca caggatccat gtaaaaaccc caatcccact    101460
     tgaagattgt gttccagcag aagagtggaa gaaccatggg tctgctgaat catggttgaa    101520
     atgtcaccaa agtgtccatg gatcagactc atgtatgaga gtaacaaaat caagcttatg    101580
     ttgcttatgt gtgtgagatt tagtacctca ttcataggct ctgttcatat gtgagaatga    101640
     cagtcatgtc agcttgttgt gcatccaaca gtcacagtaa cacctggtta ctggtgcctg    101700
     ttatgagatt ctttgtgcca ctcaggcttt gtagagtatg acagagtcac atacttttct    101760
     gtgaattctt acaagtggga gatctaggac tttactcatg accataggac tggctatgag    101820
     agtggaaata tttcccttgg ctgggcccat gtattagtta ttattgtgta tatgcgctga    101880
     atccatgtat atggcacaat ttcacttttg gacagagaca atacagaaga atcacatcat    101940
     ctcgttctta gccaaggata ctttgtaatc ccctttttaa tcaggaccct gtcagaagag    102000
     tcatatgccc tggttacagt ctcaaaaaat atgtcatcct tcccacaata cacagggttg    102060
     aaaaattata gatagtcaca ttttctactt gctgggatca gcaatatgtt ataattccct    102120
     gtcttggcac agtccagaac aaagggaaca gtcacattgc ttagcttttg cactcagtgt    102180
     tatgtcataa ttttttcagt gggcagtatc ctggacggaa aggagattca cattacctag    102240
     gtgctatatc tagtgatatg tcacaatgtt acctgtggga agggcactgg caggagaaac    102300
     acatcaccta gctcataggc acagaaatat gtgattatat tctttgttgt ctgggtacaa    102360
     gcagaaaagt caaattatta ttattctgac ccagcaatat gtaacaagtc acctatggga    102420
     aagaatgcag gccaaaaagc ctcaacaccc aggtaatagc accagtgata tgacacaaac    102480
     tcctcatctt tgaaggcgac acctttaact tttagctgag catgtatagt agagtcacaa    102540
     tctcatgtgt gtcctgggcc aatgtatgaa actctctaca atatccaagg ggtttgtaaa    102600
     atctgcatga gagttacaaa tctttcagag gcctacaaac tcatataaaa ttacaatctt    102660
     atatattact ctaaacccag gtttgatagt aaacatgtct cctataggca gggttaaggg    102720
     aaaagagcca ttattatgcc tatgatctgg gccagtcgtg gtggctcacg cctgaaatcc    102780
     cagtactttg ggaggctgag gcaggcagat cacgatgtca ggagatcgag accatcctgg    102840
     ttaacaccat gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacatata gaaaaaatta gacgggtatg    102900
     gtagtgggag cctgtaatcc cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat ggtgtgaacc    102960
     caggaggcgg aacttgcagt gagctgagat ggtgccactg cactctagcc cgggtgacac    103020
     agcaagactc catttaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tcacaattcc aactttgtgc tgtattccat    103080
     tgttagactc aggacctcaa cagtggatat tgtaaatgta ggatggtaac aacttttaat    103140
     ttcacctgaa tgtgtagtca agaatcacaa tctgaacttt tgttgggccc tgatacctct    103200
     aaaggccctc cctaccacca gagagtttat accgtacaag ttagtgatgt aaatttctgt    103260
     gagattggta caagtatgca aaccaggacc ttaactattg cccttagctc aatgataaaa    103320
     agcaaaatat ctcctgttgg ctgtaaccca atataagttt gatcatcata catgtgaact    103380
     gtgaactgaa gcaaggtata tgtcttaatc ccatttacgg gcaaactttg ggcaggagca    103440
     taatatctac ctaggtattg tgccaagcaa tatgtcccta tgtcttctct aggcagggtg    103500
     cataaaattg ggtcacatta actgggttct ggacccagca atatgacagc attccatatg    103560
     tgaaaaaaaa aaagcagcca tgttaaggga gccaaatcac atacatagtg agtccaggat    103620
     atgtcacaat atcttggctg gctcctgcac aggcaggaaa gtctcatcat aaatgtacat    103680
     gacacagcaa tatgcagtat gctacatgcc ataatttctc ctttctgcag aacccaggaa    103740
     gaagagtaac atcatctgga tgttgggccc tgcaataggt caaaatttct ttgtgtgggc    103800
     ttggttgcag aaaaagagaa gagtcacatg tcctgagtgc tggtctcaac aatgtgtcaa    103860
     aatcctccta ttgtgaaggc ttggcagaaa aagagagtca caacacttag gtcatgggtt    103920
     cagagatatg ttcaaatgtc cccagaaggc aaagctcaga aacaggagga gagccatatc    103980
     acctagatgt ttccctagga aagtcatagt gtaacatgtg ggcagaaacc aggcaggaga    104040
     gccacagcac ttgaatgctg gatcctgaga tatatcacaa ggctctctta ggacaacacc    104100
     caagcaaaag aattacatca ccttggtgca ggttctctgc ttatgccaca atgctccatg    104160
     tcaggagggc ctaaggaggg actcacttca tctaggtgat aggcccagat atatgtcaaa    104220
     atgtcctctg tgaagcatag tcttggcaaa ggagcaccat cgcctgtgtg cctagcccag    104280
     aattatgtca ctctccaagt tggctgggcc aaagtagaaa agccacataa cctaggtaat    104340
     agacccagag gtatatcaca gtaccctctt ttgggcatgg ctctggccaa agaataccct    104400
     tacccatgtg cctggccttg caatatgtta ctatacttcc tttgtgcagg gtccattcta    104460
     cagaggagag ttacagcaac tgtgaggtgg gcacagaaat atgtcacaat aattttggtg    104520
     ggcattgggc agaccagcat gtaacatcac ataggtgcta gatccagtga tatgtcacaa    104580
     tcctaagaga aatgcccagg catgagagtc acatcacctg gaggttagcc tacataaata    104640
     tcacactccc atatatggac tgaaaacagt ctggagagtc aaattacaca ggtgcttcac    104700
     aaatatttat atcacaatca cactgtcaga aaattctaaa taagaatacc acacatgtcc    104760
     tgttttcatg cgtgatagtt ggctttatcc atttgagatg atgacagtgc tcactgtgag    104820
     ctgggtgtgc ccatacaaga ttcacaattt caccagttat gaaccctgct ttgactcttt    104880
     ctgtataacc caaatacttt gtaaaatatg tgtgaatgtt gtaatctttt gtgggctttg    104940
     tatgacaagg tgacccagga catcatgcat gtccctaaac ctagtgacga gtcaaaatat    105000
     cttttattgg ctgagtctat atattacagc catgatgatg gctgtgagcc atgcctaggg    105060
     atatgttaca atttcttctg tgtttatgaa ggaggcagag cagccatgtc acctaaatgc    105120
     tggaccagaa atattccaaa tatctctttg taggcactgt tctgtcaaga atgtcacata    105180
     acatctaaga taggtccagc taaggggcac aatgtccatt gttggcagtg tttagtcagg    105240
     agaggtgagt catatcacat aaatgatggg agcaaaaata tgttacaatg ccttctgttg    105300
     acagagtcca ggcaagagag tcatatcata tggtaccagt tcttataaat gatgaaatta    105360
     gcaaaggaag cagggtacag gcagaaaagg agagtcatgt aacctagatg atgggtccag    105420
     aaatatgttg cattccccct tgaggacatt gttaagatag cacagtcaaa tcaccaaagt    105480
     ttctggccca agtatttgtc aaaatctcat ttgtggtcta tacctagaca gacattaaat    105540
     tatccagggg ctgagcatag gtatatgtca aaatttcact gtgtaaaagt ttaaaataag    105600
     agtcaccatc ctgcacgtgt cctggctcca ggtacatgag ttgttattat gcttttatta    105660
     tggtctcagg tatatggaca caatatcacc tgtggccaga aagaaggcaa gaaagtcaca    105720
     tcacatatgt gggtgcaggt ctagagagat atcacaatcc accttgtggg caggaccctg    105780
     gctaaacagt cacatcacct agatgctgat ttcagtgtca tatcaaaact gattcggtgg    105840
     gtagaatttt gcagaaatga gacacacatc acctaggcaa ttgtcctaga tatatgtcaa    105900
     aatgcacctt atgtatagta tcaaggctgg agagtcacct catattggtg ctggtctcag    105960
     caatatgtca taatctccct gtggtcaggg cccagaccaa agtgaagaaa catcacctag    106020
     gtgttgagcc aagtgatatg ttataatgct tcctcttggc agaactcaaa gaggggaatc    106080
     actttaacta gaaggagtac ccacttatat gtcacaatgg cactgcaagt gcagggccaa    106140
     ggcagtggaa gggattcaca tcacttacat gatggaccca ggtgtaaaac ataattctct    106200
     ttgtacacag atttcaggga gataattcac atcacttagg aaatggcccc tgttatattt    106260
     aaaaagtgcc attttaggca gagccaggga agttgttaca cattgcttag ttgcttgtta    106320
     cacatatggc ccaattttat ctatggtctg ggcctagaaa agagggtcaa attatccatg    106380
     tgctaagcaa agttaccagt cccaatcaca ctctcagaaa gtttcagaaa tatcctacag    106440
     aagtcctggt ttcatgtatg taatttcact ctctatgagt tgggtcgaga tagaacagtc    106500
     acaatctaaa aaatgggcaa gatccatgta tatgagcccc aattccactt taagactgtt    106560
     ccagtaggga agtcacagca ccacagttgt gctgaatcgt agttcaaatg tttccaaacc    106620
     acctgtgaat cagatccatg tatgagagta attttcacag ccttcaaccc ttttttatgt    106680
     gtttcattta gcacctcatt tctagactct cttcatgtgt gagaatgata attgtatcat    106740
     ctaggtgtgc atacaagaat cacattccta cttggttgct ggtctctgtt atgacactct    106800
     ttgtatcatt aaggcttcat atgatatatc tgagtgttat aattcttttt gaattttata    106860
     caagtgaaaa atttaagact tcacccatga cagtgagact gaatatgata gtcagaatat    106920
     ctctagtggc taggtgtagg tatgagagtt atttttgcac atgtgtgctt aactcagcta    106980
     tatgtcacaa tttccactgt gagcagaaac aagggaggag agtctcatta cttggaagct    107040
     gagccagtaa tacagtataa tctcagtcat acgttggacc tattcagaag agccgcattg    107100
     cctgggtact gtctcaaata gtatatcatc aagcacacta tatacagggt agaagaaaag    107160
     gggagagtca ctccatctaa gtgctgggat ctgcaatatg taattagccc ctctcttggc    107220
     agactctaga atataaaaga gagtcatatc atacagattt caaaatgact gctatgttac    107280
     aatttcttgg gtgagcagga aacagacagg agaagagagt catattgcgt agatgttaag    107340
     tcaaacgata ttttacaatg tcctgtggga gcagagcaga ggcaggagaa aaaaaatcat    107400
     ctaccttata ggcccagaga tatgtgataa tatcccttgt tggcagggcc caagcagaag    107460
     ggtcatatta ttaatattct atcccactga tatgtcacaa tgcagccatg ggaaggaatt    107520
     taagccgaga tgtctcaaca actgggtact agccctagta atacgccaaa tctccttgta    107580
     ttggagggtg acatattgta ctgtgagctg catgtgtata tgaccatcac aatctcactt    107640
     gttttccggc catggtatga caatccacaa tatttaaagt ctttaaacag catgctagag    107700
     agttgcaagc cactctgagg cctacttgtt caaatggatt cacaatgtta catattgcct    107760
     taaactcagt tataagagtc aacatctctc atgtaggctg aattcaggaa tgagactcat    107820
     tattatgcct gtgacctgga tccagaaatg agtcaccatc ccacctatag ccagatccac    107880
     atatgaagtt cacaattcca actttgtact gtatccactt gttaaactca ggaacttaac    107940
     attgggcttt ggacatgtgt gatggtgaca atattttctt tcacctcaat gtgtaatcga    108000
     gaatcccaat ctggtctttt cgctggtcga tctcttgaaa ctctccatat cactcaggag    108060
     tatacacatt atgagatagt gttgtaaatt tctgtgagct ttgtacaatt ttgctatgca    108120
     agacctaacc tattgcccta agcataacaa tgaaagacaa tatatcttct attggctgac    108180
     tcccagtaca agttttacca tcatgcttgt gaactgaagt caggtatatg tcatagtccc    108240
     atttgtggga aaatctagga agaagggtaa tgtcacttag gtgctgtgcc aagcactata    108300
     tcacattgcc ctcttcaggc agactatagg aattggagtc acattacctg ggtgctgaac    108360
     tcagtaattg acaccatccc acatgtggaa aaaacccaga caacttatga ggaccaaaaa    108420
     acctacacaa tgggctcaga atatgtcaaa ataccttctg tggctctggc acattcctga    108480
     gagtaacatt atcagggtgg tgggcccagc atgattcttt ctatatgcat taatttgcac    108540
     tatatgcagg acccaggcaa aagaataaca ttatctgcat gttgggcctt gcaataggtg    108600
     aaaatttctg tttgggggta tggtttgaaa aagaaaggag tatcaaataa ctcaataatt    108660
     cagcaatagg tcacaatccc ctcattttaa agaccaagta gaaaaataga gtcacttcac    108720
     ttagatcatg ggctcataga tacatcccag tgtccccagt aggcagggac catgcagaaa    108780
     atgagagtaa tataaactag gagcttcctt aattacatgt aactatctaa catgtggaca    108840
     gaaaccaggc aggagagcca tatcatctgg tacagactca agtaatatgt taccgtgccc    108900
     aatgtagacc ggtttataag gaaaaaagat atttaccaaa tgtgggtgtt gggctcaaca    108960
     atatgcagta acttcctttc ttggaagatt ccaggacaaa gaggacagta atgacatcta    109020
     ggttttgcac ttagttgtat gtcaacattt catcagtgga cagcaccaag caggagagga    109080
     gagtctaatt accctgatgc tatatttatt gatatgtcac agtgtaccct gtggacaggg    109140
     cactggcagg agagccatat cacctagcct atagacccag agatatggga aaatatcacc    109200
     tgttggcagg gcccagggag aagagtcatt atcatgattc tgacccagtg atatttaaca    109260
     atgcccttat gaaaaggaat ttataccaaa aagtctcaac accagcaaac taggcaaaga    109320
     catatgacat aatattttca tctttaaggt tgacaccagt aagtgttaaa tagttgtgta    109380
     tatgacagtc acaatcccac gtttactgac cattgcgtga cactctctac aacatccgag    109440
     tactttatac aacatgtgta agagttgtaa agctccgtga agtgtatgca ctgatgtgga    109500
     gtcacgatct tacatatttc cctaaaccca ggtattacaa ttaacatctc tcctataggc    109560
     tggcttcagg gatgagacca ttattattcc tgctagctgg gtcaagaaat gagtcaccta    109620
     cccacctgtg ggccagaatc acttacaaaa ttcacaattt caagttggtg ttgtattcac    109680
     ttgatagact caggacttca acaataggct ttgtaaatgt aggatggtaa caacttttac    109740
     tttgacctga gtgtgtagtc aacagccaca actataactt ttgctgggct ctgttatgaa    109800
     actttctgta acactcaaga agttttcatg atatgagtta gtgttgtaaa cttctgtgaa    109860
     ctttgtatca aaatgcaatg aataacctta cctattgacc taaaccaagc agtgagaaga    109920
     aaaatatctc ctattgtatg aattttaaaa tagggttgat cattatgcct ttgaaatgaa    109980
     tcacagtata tgttctaatc ccatttatgc acaaaaaaaa tctaggcaga atttttacat    110040
     cacttaggtg ctttactaag caatatgtca cacttttaag cagcaactag gagacaggat    110100
     cacattaact aaaggctgga gccagcaata tgatacaacc acagatggaa gaaacccagc    110160
     aaagttatga gagccaaaac acttacaaaa tgaaccaaag taaagtcaaa gtattttctg    110220
     tggctctgtc acaagcagaa gagtcacatt attaggttgc tgggataagc aatatgccac    110280
     aatttccaat ttgtgcacaa cctagggaga aaagtaacat gtcacaatct tccaattcga    110340
     aaagcccaga cagaagagaa gagtcacatc acaaacgtct ttgactcaga gatatggccc    110400
     aatgtcacca gtagacaagg ctctggaagg aaaagagagt catatcacaa atgtacttct    110460
     ttaagtatat gtcacaattt catatgtttg cagaaaccag gttgaagagc catatcacct    110520
     agtcctgggt cctgaaatat tcacatgacc cctctttaca aaaaggatcc aggcaagaga    110580
     gttacatcac ccaggtgcag gtttcactct tatgtcacca tgctccatgt gggcagggcc    110640
     aaatcataac tcacatcacc taggtgatag acccagagat atgtcacaaa gccttgctta    110700
     aagcatgacc ctagcataag agaaccatca cttttgtgcc tgacctagca ttatttcact    110760
     attcaagtgg gcaggtccca aacagaagag ccatatcacg tatgagatag gccctgtgat    110820
     atgtaaaaat cctctctttt gggcatggaa ctggcaaaag agtatcatca tcattgtgcc    110880
     tgacctaaga acatgtgact atcctgcttt tacttcaggg cttattccag ggaggagagt    110940
     tgaaatttct aactagtgga aaaactgata tgtcgcaatg atgtctgtga tcaggtttca    111000
     ggcaagaatg tgttttcaca tgggtgctag atccagtgat gtcacaatac ttactgagag    111060
     cagggcccag gcagaagtgt cacatcactc caagtttggt ccaagtagat atcaaagtct    111120
     catatacagc agcatccagt ctgaagagtg aaatcacaca ggtgcttggc aaaggcaaaa    111180
     tttctattgg cttgatccac atatgacagt cattatcatg cctgttagct gtgcataggt    111240
     atatgtcaac ttcacctctg tggttcttaa acaagcagga caaacacatc acataaattc    111300
     taagccagaa atattccaat attttcttta cagacgtgta atagaaaagt cacaaaactt    111360
     gggcactggg cccagctgta tgacataatg cttcttgtgg agactgtcca ggcaggagaa    111420
     gagagtcata tcacctaaat gatggtgcca gacgtatgtc acattgcctc ctgttgaaag    111480
     gcctagacaa taaaatcagg ccatttggat tcagtgctta caaactctac actcttcatt    111540
     ggaagcagtg ttcatgcagg agaggagagt cacataacct agatgatggg tccaaagata    111600
     tgttagaatc ctatttgagg acactgttaa gacacaagag taaaataagt gaggtttttg    111660
     acccaggtat aatttaaaat gtcatctgtg ggctattact aggaaaaatt atcaaatcac    111720
     tcaacaggtg ggcaaaggta aatgtcacaa taacacccat ggaaataatc agggatgaga    111780
     gtcaccagcc tgctcctcct ggctccaggt acaagagtca tcataaggcc tttgatttgg    111840
     tctcaggtat ttggcaccac atcacctgtt gtcaaggaga agaaagcaaa gtcacttcac    111900
     ctgagtgggt tcaggaccag tgaaatgtca caatcttcct tgtgggaagg actctagaag    111960
     agtcgtcaca tcaactggat gttggtttct gtgatatatc caaatcctcc ctgtggggag    112020
     ggtttaggca agagacaaga taaacttcac ctcttcattt gtcctgaata tatgtcacaa    112080
     tgacccctgt gtgaaggatc aaagcaggag agtaacctca ccttgatgct gagtttagca    112140
     atatgtcaca atctgtgtgc tggacaggtc tcaggcaaga gaaaagaaag attacatagt    112200
     tgctgaacca agtggtaagt tacaaagctt ttcattggga gaacccccct caaaaaacca    112260
     ccaaacaact tgggtgcaat aaccagttat gtgtcacaat gcaccagaac tacagggcca    112320
     aggcagtata agtaagtcac agcacttaca tgattgacct agataaaagc caaaatgcta    112380
     gctgtaggca gtgttcaggc taagatttca catcagctgg gtgcttgtcc aagtgacttg    112440
     taaatgtgtc ttttggcaca tggccataga aggtgttata cattgcttag atacttgatg    112500
     ttcatgtgtc acaatttcaa ctgtgctctg ggccttggta ggagactgaa aacactcaga    112560
     tggtaggcaa gtcataattg tcaatcacaa actcaaaaat attcagaaat aagtttcaca    112620
     gtaccacaaa agtcctggct ttgtgtttga gagcgaacac cttctatgag ttggattgaa    112680
     gttcaggagt cacaatctca acaatagcca agattcagtc agaagatccc cagtcccact    112740
     tgaagattgt attccagtag gagaatcaaa gcactacagg acttgtgaat catggttcaa    112800
     atatcaccaa accacctgtg ggtcagattc atatatgaga acaatttcaa tcttcgactg    112860
     cttatgtgtg agagatttag tacctcattt gtaggctctg tttatgtgtg agaatgacaa    112920
     tggtgtctgc tggggcagca tccaagagtc acaatatcac ctggttgttg gtgtctatta    112980
     tgacacagtt tgtaccactc aggcttggta taatatgcct gagcagcata cttttctgtg    113040
     aattcttact ggtgagggat ctaggatttt ttccatggcc gtaagactgg ctatgagagt    113100
     caaaatatca cccctggctg ggtctaggta tgagagttat tactatgcat atgagctgaa    113160
     tccagttata tatcacaatc tcacctttgg acaaagacaa gacagaagag tcacatcatc    113220
     tgcatgctta gtgaggggta cattataatc tcctctgtag tcaggaccca gtcagatagt    113280
     cttttcatct gtgtacaatc tcaaataata tgtcatcatg cccactgtat acagcattga    113340
     aaaaaatgtt gggtagtcac acttactagg tgctgtgctc agcaatatgt tattattccc    113400
     tctttttgta gagtccagga caaaggggag agtcaattca cctaggtttt gcacacaatt    113460
     gtatctcaca atgtcttcag tggtgaggat ccaggcaaga gcaaagagtc acattaccta    113520
     gttgctacat atagtgatat atcacagtgt aacctgtggg cagggcactg ggaggagaga    113580
     tacatcatcc agctgatagg cccagaaata tatgataata tcccctgttg cctgagtcca    113640
     aacagaagag tcacagtatt atgaatccaa cctaacaata atttaaattg cacccatgga    113700
     aaagaattta agctaaaaat tctcaactcc tagggatatt ggccttgtga aataaaataa    113760
     ttttatcatc tttcaagtga cacctttaac tgttagcttg gtgtgtatat aaaagtcaca    113820
     atctcatgtg tgttctgagt cattgtatga cacactacaa catccgaagg ctttatgcaa    113880
     catgcaggag agttgcaaac cactctgagg cctacatgct tatattgact cacaatctta    113940
     aatatttatt taaagccaga taggacggtc aacatgtctc ttataggcta agttcagata    114000
     tgagacccac tattacacct gtgatttggg tccagaaatg agttaccatc tcacctatag    114060
     caagatccac atatgaaagt cacaattcca tctgtgttct ttatttacat gttagactca    114120
     ggacttcaac actgggtttg ctaaatgtgg gagggtgaca cattttgcta tcacctggct    114180
     aggtaatcaa ggtcagaatc ctcacctttt cctgggccct gttatcaaac tgtgtaccac    114240
     ccaaggagtt tttagaatat gagttaatgt tgtaactttc tgtgagcttt attccaatat    114300
     gcaactcata acagtaccta ttgccctaag tgtagcgatg agaggcaaaa tatctactat    114360
     atgtggcata ccaatttaag tttgatcagc atgcttctga attcaaacaa tgtaaatttc    114420
     acaatcgcat ttgtaagaaa aaagcttgtc aggagggcag gacaactttg ttgttctgcc    114480
     aagcaatatg tcacaatgcc attttttttt gtttctctgg cacagtccag agagttatat    114540
     catcagggtt ggggtcccag caacatgcca taaaagtata tcacaatggc cactatgtgc    114600
     aaaacaaaag tatgaaagtg acatcacctt accaatggtt taacaatatg ccacaatctt    114660
     ctctgtgatc agggtgaggc aacagtggag aaacatcacc taggttctga gccaagtgat    114720
     atgttaacaa agctttctgt tggcaggacc caaaacagag tcacattacc tgggtacagt    114780
     acccagttat gtgtcacaat gaactataag tgcagtctca aggcagtaaa atggagtcat    114840
     gtcactacaa aatgaaccta aatataagcc agaatgcttt ttatatgcag gggtaaggca    114900
     aataattcac atcacctggg tgctggtcac agtgatatgt aaaagtgctc tttttaggca    114960
     gtctcagaca actttgctta tgtgcatggc ccacgtatgt cacaattgca tctgtcatca    115020
     tggcctaaaa tggaaagcca aattattcag aagctggaat aacttttata ttctaatcaa    115080
     accaaattga atatttagaa atgtgcttcc agttccacaa atgtcctggc tttttgtacg    115140
     tgagttgaca cctcctgtga gttgggttga agcagaggag tcacaatctc aacagtcagc    115200
     caagagatta aagccaaaac acctacagaa tgagccaaag atatgtcaaa aatactctct    115260
     gttcctctgg cacagacagg acagtatcat catcagggtg atatgcctcc cagtatgcaa    115320
     taattctcac tttattgagg tctctggcag aagagtaaca tcatctgtgt gcaataggtc    115380
     aaaatttccc tttctgggca tggttcatag aaaagagtag agtcaaaaga ccaaaatgct    115440
     gagctcacca atatgccact atcccaccat attaaaggcc caggcagcat aaaagagtca    115500
     tatcacttag gtcatggctc agagacatgt accaatatcc ccagtaggca ggactcaggc    115560
     agaaaataag agtcgtatca cctaggtgct tctttaatta tatgtcacaa tataacacat    115620
     aggcagaaat caggcagagg agccagagca cctgggtgct gggtcccgat atatgttgca    115680
     agttccctta ggatgaacca agttgaaaga gttcattgcc ttgatgcaag tataacattc    115740
     gtttcacaat gtcctatgtg gaagaggcca aagcattgag ctacatcact tacttgatag    115800
     gaccagaaat atgtcacaat ctcctccctg aaatataacc ctggcaaaag agtgctacaa    115860
     tcttagtgcc agcctagcaa tatgtcatta ccacccgctg ttttcaggac ccattccaga    115920
     gatgtcataa ttatttctgt gggtgtggcc caggcaagaa tgtatcatca cttgggtttt    115980
     agatgcaggg atatgtcaca atccttactg agagaacagc caagacagga gtatcacata    116040
     tgttcaatgg gaaaatcctc atagaatact cctcagtatg attgaaagaa tgttgttcaa    116100
     tcaatcattg ataggtgcac agtgaagtaa cttctggttt taattgggtg ctctcaaagc    116160
     taggattgaa aactcttggt tctaaactca catgatgagg agttatatta tgctatcctt    116220
     ttctgcacat ttgtttatag tcagagttgt ttcaacttgc caatgaatag agtagaaaat    116280
     tgtttccctg agacctacgc atctcccatt cataggtttt taggttgtgc atttttcata    116340
     tttcttataa gatcatgatc acagagatca tatttgtcaa gataaagctc tgttgcacaa    116400
     ggattatgtg aaggcgttta ctacccatgg ctcagggttc ctttagaagc aggatgaagc    116460
     tcaaaaacta ttactgaagc cagaaaatga agagagaagt taagggctac ccacaggaaa    116520
     aagcaaagtg cttcctttca ctttacaagt ggtcactgct tatcctgaca ttaaacttgc    116580
     atctgatcat gatgtgtttc ttgttcatct ctcttggtat tccactaaat ctgcgtccaa    116640
     tgaaaagaga cctggatgag agtagtaaag acagtaacag catttttcta tatattatgc    116700
     cttagtgagc tttgaagcac attgagcaga gcctgaattc ttcctcactt ttggataagt    116760
     tgtgtcaaat ttgacactga tgtaaatggt accaggttta atatgtcaaa agaagaaact    116820
     cagaaccagt gaatgagaca gagtttcatt cttgttgccc aggctggagt tcaatggccc    116880
     aatctcaact caccacaaac cctgcccacc atgttcaatt gattctcttg cctcagcctt    116940
     ccaagtagct ggaattaaaa gcatgtgcca ccacacccgg ctaattttgt attattaaga    117000
     gaggcagcat taccatgttg gtcaggctgg tgaaacccca gcctcaggtg atccacccac    117060
     cctggcctcc caaagttctg ggattacagg catgagccac tgcacatggc caggccactg    117120
     ccagattttt taggttggaa cttgaacact aagatgaatt ttttatatag tatcagtctt    117180
     cagctatgct aaagtcaagt taacactgtc agttgcatcc accacacagg ccggttcagg    117240
     caatggagat tcttctttct gagactctag attcaaaaaa gtttttgctg tttcttgaat    117300
     agttggtttg acaggagttt atctaaaagg tcttatgtgt gtgcacattg ctgtatggtt    117360
     gtctaagtta atgagatggc ttcttagttg gcagcgtctc tttcagctgc aagtgtatac    117420
     aggctgctga ggtgcccctt taccagattt ttactggggc atgacattct ggggccccag    117480
     ttcaactatt ttccatggtg ggacatgctc aacgagaccc ttaaattgtg gttcaggtga    117540
     accggctgat gttgcccttt aaaaaacaga actgcttggt ttatttctta ttttacttgt    117600
     cattctaaca tatcttttgg tatggagaac agaaaagaat gtgaatatgt gacagaattc    117660
     ttcctagagt tggggctatt tatacatgat acttaagtgt caaggtaggt tgacagatct    117720
     atcttcctgg tgcagcctgt gtaggataga gcactgtgac ccctatagct cagctcctgc    117780
     aacacttcag aggaatttca aaaaccatag gatgtggggg ttagagaaag agctggtata    117840
     aatggcaagt tgcaagtgaa ataattggag gcaggaagat aacagaacct gtttggaaca    117900
     gtatacatac tatttgcatg cagctgaaca gccaagccag ttctctgatt tgggctgtgt    117960
     accaaggaat taacaggccc acttctgctc tggccacggt gctgaactct ttggttctag    118020
     aaccaaatgt aagttctggc ctgttcggtt tcacaggcca atagagtgag gaggcccagg    118080
     taggccaaca aatgtggctg tgggtgggct taccacacgt gactggttgt gtctgtgcct    118140
     acactcacaa ggaagaggga tcttcttcct caaggcaatc ctagggaatt ttaatacaag    118200
     cccaggcagg tgtcaggctt atgggagcca gtgaagaaaa tagttcatgc ctcagcccag    118260
     tgcttttgcc tatcctggct tgtggctttg ggggctcaat ataatcatca gaaaaatgaa    118320
     caatgaaagc ccctcagtga ctggctgttc accccacttt taccaggcca ccacacagta    118380
     cccaccctac agctccaggt atagcctgtg cttcaaaatg ctgggggatt tctgggatga    118440
     gttcagggcc ctgagagggt tctcccccac agggatcact catgccaaca cctctgtgtg    118500
     cactggatag ctcagcatgt ctgctatatg ccacccttat tacctgctct tgtcaagccc    118560
     atgtcttcct gggttggcaa ggggcacatg ctcactgaag tccatgtggc ctgtccatct    118620
     ttcctcccat gcacagcctc agggagctgt catccagatt tcctcctaga ttatgatctc    118680
     agggggtaac aacagcacat tcttctccaa cttattgact agtaaatcta tagttcactt    118740
     aatgtgccaa ggtgggtgtg ggccttgata ctcttgatct ctttcctcta gtgggacttt    118800
     attgggggtt gccatcctga tttctttgtg gaaatagcca gcaggtgagg cagaacacaa    118860
     gggcctgggg cagacaggac agagcaccta ggtaggaggt ctcagtgtat ttccaggccc    118920
     gttttctaag tcagtgccca tatccctttt ctgggcctct aagaatggtt tactctatct    118980
     gcaacctgca cccactgctc tgtaggtggt gagcatccat ttatcttttt ggatttgatc    119040
     ttgtccttca tttccattgg atgttctcct ggaagaaatg cacagggaat cctgagcctg    119100
     tgctgaaggt tacctaacag ccaaagtcag taagaagttt tcaaaaatat aattactagc    119160
     attttctgca cattgttatc tcatagttga ttttgccaca gaatgtgaaa aaggaaatat    119220
     tacaactttt atcctttccc ttattttaat tagatcatca tacaaaactt ttatttttct    119280
     gaaatttatt ttttatgcca atcattgaat ttttgtttcc tcctttgttc aaattgttac    119340
     ctgttttaga ggcaaaatct taaaaatata tgctacaaaa atactaacag gtgatagcaa    119400
     tttatttaga atgtaattaa gtttcttaaa taagtaaata atttcagtga acttagtttg    119460
     cagtatttgt ataaattatt ttctatctta tcctcaatct taaaaaaaag ttatcttggt    119520
     aagcaaatca aaattaacag attttgtaaa cagacaactt aaaaacattt tttggacatg    119580
     ttgggtaatg taattctcaa atattttatc ttagaaatca acacacttga caattgatat    119640
     tcttagtgtc tataaaagtg acattatgaa tatgctttta tacttgacaa aaattaaaaa    119700
     aagtattcta gtcttcctca gtaaaactta aagattatac aaataagatt aaatatacca    119760
     gaaaaactga attaaccaga aaaactgaaa cacattcatt cactttatct ttcagtatct    119820
     gataattagc tgatgttatg acattaagaa tctgcttgag taaagaaata aggccaacca    119880
     gctcttgtga aagaatcatt aaaaatatac ggaacaaaca tatcatgtat attgttttta    119940
     aatatcacaa aatttgcata gaggtgttta tagtattctc tgatggtagt ttaattaacc    120000
     agaaaagctg aaacagattc attcacttta tctttcagta tctgataatg agcagatttt    120060
     ttgatattaa tgaaatgcct aaccttgttt ttactctaac tcattacttt gaattttgtc    120120
     ctgcttgtct ctttaatcac ctatccttgc ttctcatgta aataagactc tctgtagctg    120180
     ggaaggccag acaaactcca actgacccct taatttacaa gacactaagg gctcctttcc    120240
     caaccccctt ttgtaaggag ttggcctggg taaacagatc ctcagcattt caaaggagtc    120300
     caattaactg ataaggtact aacaccaaca atgtatgaag ttcccaggat ttttctcaaa    120360
     gagataacaa cataaaacct tgagttcatg tcttctatag actctatatc taattataat    120420
     gaaagattta gaaccttgca cctggtacct ttgctcttct tgtaaccatt tgtcttttaa    120480
     gtggtttatc tctctgtaac cattttgctt cttttgattc ttgcatgttt ttacttctgt    120540
     agaattattg catttgagtc cccctcccct tcctaaacct aggtataaaa gttaatcaag    120600
     ccccttcctc ggggccgaga gaattttcag cattagccat ctctttggcc gccagcttaa    120660
     taaaggactc ttaattcgtc tcaaagtgtg gcatattttt taactcgctt ggatacaaca    120720
     taatggaggt cccagtgaga aattaactcc actgggtgag agccggtctc actctgggct    120780
     cccccggaag gacggctggc ttggatgggg ggcgccacct gaggaaataa tttttaaggt    120840
     cccagaagag taactgcctt ccggaggaga gcggatcgac caccgtgtca ttgccctaaa    120900
     attcaacatc tgagtcctca gcttctgacc ccggggtcag gtaagtcaga tttgacttcg    120960
     tttctggtaa gaggggagtg gccctgatga gggcgtccct cttttgactc agcctgttac    121020
     tctaggacac tagtgggttg agccttggtt ttctggtagg tgcttttgta tcttggtttg    121080
     ggtaggaagt ggtcctgaca aggaccctcc actgacttag ctcagggccc aggaggcggg    121140
     agctaagcct tggtttccgg aagaccggac tctcgatctc tctctctctt tctctcttgt    121200
     ctatcttaca tccttctgtt gttcaggttt cttggacaat ctctgggaaa gaaaaggaag    121260
     aaaaaaagag aaaaaaattg ttataaactc tgtgtaaatg gtgtgtgact gtgggaggac    121320
     aaggggttgc atttgtcttc cagtttgtag ctctatggtg aaagctacag agttcaagtg    121380
     ggccctcacc tgcggttccg tggcgacctc ctaaggctta aggcagcacc gggcatagct    121440
     cgatctgagc caggggttta taccagcctg tcgatgctaa gaggagccca agtcccctct    121500
     gggggatcag ccaggcgggc atctgaatga cagcatcacg ggaactcctt cccttgtctg    121560
     tctaataaag aaggtaaaaa agggaaaact gtcataattg tttacatgcc ctagggtcaa    121620
     ttgtttgttt tatgtttatt gtttttttca gtgtctattg tcttgtttaa tagttgtcaa    121680
     ggtgttatat gtcaggacat cgatattgtc catgaggtct gggtaaaaat ttcttcaagg    121740
     accttagtgc tgcttttttg tcacaagagg ttaaatttct catcaatcat ttaggctggc    121800
     caccacagtc ttgtcttttc tgtcataaac aagtaaggtg ttgttatgga aaagagtgtg    121860
     gagaacattc acctgatcgg aatttctggc accattaagg ttgcaggtat ttagattgtc    121920
     ataccccacg tcctagtgat tggtcctctt gtaaactgaa ctggtggtgg attcaaaaca    121980
     gccaccttgc agaccttctt gctgatctct tttgttattt tgtaactttt cctgtgccct    122040
     tgaataagac cttgtgtagg gaaacctacg accgtcatgc tttacttcgt ttagactcct    122100
     attctgttcc cctgtggcta cgctctcacc ttaaggatga tctgagtggt ccttttcccc    122160
     ctcatccttg ccccctaccc catgcatctt gttttccagt gtgacagcaa gttcagcatc    122220
     tccaagactt ggctctgctc tcactccttg aacccttaag ggaaaaagct gaatttgaac    122280
     tgtttgcttt tgaatcgtgg agacatcaaa aatatctagg atataggtct agaggaagag    122340
     gaagagggag aatgcctagc tcgaaccgtc ccaggagacc ttgggttgac ccctaatccc    122400
     cctccctcaa tctaaaagct acagaaattt ggcaagtagt attagttttt gtggtttttc    122460
     tgttgttctt cctggtcatg ttaattctgt ttttccgaca ctccagcccc ccagggaaag    122520
     aatttctctg cccgtgttgg atctgatatc cctgcttgag actttgctaa attgccttta    122580
     aataataaaa ataataataa aatgggaaac acttcctccc agccctataa agtttggagc    122640
     cctctccagg gtatgctgaa aaaattttct cttggtttct cagaggacta tggagtccgc    122700
     cttagaaaag gcaagctcca gacactctgt gaactagaat ggccaaagtt tggatttgga    122760
     tggccctctg aagggtcatt aaatcctatc attgttcaag gcatgtggcg agttgttacc    122820
     agaactccca gccaccctga tcagtttcca tatatagatc aatggttaag tttggttaaa    122880
     aatcctcctc catggctctg ttcatgtgcc tttcacaact ccacctccaa aatcctcctg    122940
     agccaggacg catttttgcc tcgaccctca gctgattcag ctccccctgt tttgcctccc    123000
     tatgaagaag aggagagtct ccctcaccca gttccaccac cttacaacca acctgcccct    123060
     ctagcatctt cccatgtctc ttccacgaca tcccctgtgg gctcaccacc ctttgcctct    123120
     cagctgtgac tgcagcagga ggaagcagcc cctctactgc cactgagaga ggcacaagtc    123180
     cctccagggg atgaacactc agccccctcc ctggtttatg ccccttttcc tacttctgac    123240
     ttgtataatt agaaaaatca taatcctccc ttctccgaaa agcctcaggc tttgacctca    123300
     ctgaaggagt ccatactgca gacccattga cccacctagg ttgactgcca acagctcctt    123360
     ttaactctct ttatctctga ggagagggag catatccaaa gaaagaccag aaagcacttc    123420
     cttgcatcag ccggcaggcc tgaggaggaa gctagagacc tcctggagga ggtctttccc    123480
     tccacccagc ctaattggga cacacattcc tcaggtggaa ggagagcttt ggacgatttt    123540
     cactggtatc tccttgcagg tattaaaaga gccacttgga agcccataaa cttgtctaag    123600
     acaactgaag ctgtccaggg gcctgatgag tcaccaggag tgtttttaga atgtctccag    123660
     gaggcttatt gaatttatac cccttttgac cccatggctc ccgagaatag ctgtgctctt    123720
     aatttggcat ttgtggctca ggcagcccca gatattagga gaaaactcca aaaactggaa    123780
     ggatttgcta ggatgaacat cagtcagctt ttagaaatag cccagaaagt tattgaaaac    123840
     cgagaatttg aaaaacaaaa acaagcaaca caggcaactg aaaaagccgc tgataagcca    123900
     tgtaaaagac aagcaaaaat cttggaaacc gctatccaag agggcaaaaa ggaaaggctc    123960
     ctattccaga agattgacca aggaccctcg ggttcccacc agaaaaataa aagaggtgaa    124020
     caggcccctc taggaaaaga ccaatatgcc tattgcaagc agactgggca ttggaaaaag    124080
     gagatccccc tgctgccaaa agaaaagtca gaaaacaaaa agattctcac cctgcctgca    124140
     acagaggagc ctgataattg atggggccag ggctccctca ctcttggccc ccaggatccc    124200
     atagtaactg ctacagtgga ggaccagcct gtacgtttcc tagtagacac tgaggcagaa    124260
     cactcagtac tgcagactcc cttgggcagt gtctcaaata aaaaaaataa ctgtacaaag    124320
     gcaactggag ctattcaaga gtaccctgtc acacgctccc gagaagtaaa cttgggacag    124380
     aaaagagtga cacactcttt tctggtggtt ccagagtgtc cttttccttt atccttggac    124440
     gagacctgct ccataagtta caggcctcaa tctccttttc agctcagcat gctcatctca    124500
     cactaggaaa tgaaacttcc ccaactgccc aactcttgct aactacctat ctgtcagaag    124560
     aataccttct ggttttacca tcacaatcac cggaggaaaa tactaatact cttttgttgg    124620
     acatacagac attttttccc caagtttggg ccgagtcaaa ccctcccaga ctggctaaac    124680
     accatctgcc agaggttgta gaattcttgg ctactgccat actggtccag gtaaagcaat    124740
     accccatgag tcagcaggct agagaggtga ttaatcccca cattcaatga ctgttacaag    124800
     ctggcatact tacaccatgt cagtcggcct gtaacacacc atttttgccg gtccagaaac    124860
     ctgggacaaa tgattaccag ccagtacaat acgtgaggga agttaataaa tggactgtta    124920
     ttgtccatcc aaccatccct aatccttata ctctactcag cctgctccca ccagaacata    124980
     cagtatgtac tgttcttgac ctgaaagatg ctttctttgc ttttcctctg gcccccaaaa    125040
     gccagcctat ttttgcaatt gaatggacag atccaagatc aggagacact acccagctga    125100
     cttggactga gttacctcac cctttttggg gaggctcttc ggcaagatct tatacccttc    125160
     cgagctagtc accctaactg tactcttctt cagtatgtag atgatatttt aatagctact    125220
     gaaactatgg acagttgtct acaacacaca agggacctgc tctacctcct tcaggagctc    125280
     aggtatggag tctcagccaa aaaggcccaa ctttgtcttg ccagagtgtc ctacctgggg    125340
     tacgagataa accaaggaaa cagggcactc accagtgccc ggaaagaagc catcctgcga    125400
     atccccactc ccaccaccaa gagaagggta cgcgaattac tgggagccat gggatactgt    125460
     catctctgga tattgaggtt tgcagagttt gcaaagcctt tgtatactgc tacaagaggt    125520
     aatggcccac tgatttggac agacactgag gaacagggtt ttcaaaatct gaaaaaggct    125580
     ttaactgcag cccctgcttt agccctccca aatatctcaa agccttttca tctgtttgtc    125640
     catgagagcc agggagttgc taaggggttg cttactcaga ctttaggacc ttggagacgc    125700
     ccagtggctt atttatctaa gaagctggat cctgtggcct caggatggcc aagttgcttg    125760
     caagacatag tggctacagc aagcctagtc caagaaactg ataagttaac tctaggccag    125820
     aatttaaccc ttatggctcc tcatgctgta gagattttac tacaaagtgc ttcaggtaaa    125880
     tgtatgtcaa atactcgcat tttacaatat cagagtttac tgttggatca gcctcacttg    125940
     actttctctc ccacaaggtg tttaaatcct gctacactac tctcagatcc agattctaat    126000
     attcctgtcc atgactgtca ggagctgtta gaaactatca aaactggcag gccagatctt    126060
     caagatgtgc ccctgaaaaa ggcggacgcc accgtgttca tggacagcag aagttccctc    126120
     gagcagggga tacaaaaagc cagtgcagct gttaccacag cgaacacctc agcgcagaaa    126180
     gctgaattaa tcacccttac tcaggctctc cgatggggta agaataaacg tattaacatt    126240
     tacactgaca gcaggcatgc tgttgctact gtgcatgtac ctggagccat ctaccaagaa    126300
     cgggggttac tcacttcagc cggaaaaatt atcaagaaca aagaggaaat tctagccctg    126360
     cttgaagcca tgtggttccc tcagcaggtg gctgtaatcc attgtaaagg acatcacaaa    126420
     gaaaacacgg ccattgcctg cggtaaccaa aaagctgatt cagcacctca ggaagtggca    126480
     cggtcttcag tttggcccat aaacctgctg ccagcagttt cttttccaca gccagatctg    126540
     cctgacaacc ctgcatactc agcagaagaa gaaaaattgg cttcacatct tagagcaaat    126600
     aaaaatcaga aaggttggtg gattcttcct gactctagaa tcttcatacc ccaagctctt    126660
     ggagaaactt tagtcagtca tctacattat accacccatt taggtgggac aaaattagcc    126720
     cacctcctcc agagctgttt taagatccct catctacaaa gcctaacaaa tcaaccagtt    126780
     ctctggtgca cagcctgtgc ccaggtaaat gccaagcaag gtcctaaacc cagcccaggt    126840
     caccatctcc aaggaaactc accaggagaa aagtgggaaa ttgactttac tgaagtaaat    126900
     ccacacgggg ctgagtacaa atacctttta gtattaatag acaccttctc tggatggact    126960
     gaggcattcg ctaccaagaa tgagactgct aacacagtag ttaagttctt agtcaatgaa    127020
     atcatccccc aatatgggct gcctgctgcc atagggtctg ataatggacc tgctttcacc    127080
     tcatccatag ctcagtgagt cagtaaggca ttgaacattc agtggaagct ccatggtgcc    127140
     tatcgacccc agagctctag acaggtagaa agcatgaacc gcaccctaaa aaacattctt    127200
     acaaaattaa ttctagagac cggtgaaaat tgggtaagtc tcttccttta gccctattta    127260
     gagtaaggtg caccctttat caggctgggt tctcatcttt tgaaattatg tatgggcagg    127320
     caccacgtat cctgcctgag ctaaaagatg cccatttagc agaaatatca caagctaatt    127380
     tattgcagta catacagtct ctccaacagg tacaagagat cttctgccac ttgttcaaga    127440
     agcccatccc agtccagttc ctcaccagaa gggctctgcc gttcgttcca gcccagtgac    127500
     ctagtgtttg ttaaaaagtt ccagagagaa ggactaactc ctgcttggaa gggacctcac    127560
     actgtcatcc tcatgacgcc aacagctctg aaggtggatg gaattcctgc ttggattcat    127620
     cagtcccaca tcaaaaagga caacaaagcc caaacagaaa catgggtccc caagcctggg    127680
     tcagagccct taaaactgca cctgagtggg gtgaaactgt tagattaatt ctttttattt    127740
     acttcttctg tttatccttg cctgtaatgt cttctgtgcc ttcctactcc ttcctcctca    127800
     cctctttcac aacaggacgt gttttcacca atgctacttg gaagtctggt acctccaagg    127860
     aagtcatctt tgcaaatgac ttatgtatac tgttcccaca actggctcat acccacaaag    127920
     agcataacaa cctgccagtc atgggagcag gaagtgtcga ccttgcagca ggattttgac    127980
     actctgggag ccaagccgga tgtggaagct gcaaagctgc tgaaaaagga ctccaaaatt    128040
     tgacttttac ctctgtcctc gaaatcaccc tgatgctagc tgtcgagata cttaacagtt    128100
     cttctgccca gattggacat gtgtaacttt agccacctac tctgtgggat caactagatc    128160
     tccaactctt tcaataagtc gtgcttctca tcccaaatca tgttctaaaa ataactgtaa    128220
     tcctcttaac ataattgtcc atgaacctaa ttcagctcaa tgatattatg gtatgtcatg    128280
     gggattaaga ctttacatcc caggattcga tgttggaact atgttcacca tccaaaagaa    128340
     aattttggtt tcctgaagcc cacctaagcc actcgggcct ttcactgatc taggtgaccc    128400
     tacgttccaa aaatgccctg acaaagttga tttaattgtt cctccaccat tctcagttcc    128460
     taagacccag ctgcaaagac aataactcca acccagtcgg atgtctatac ttggtagagt    128520
     acataatttc cttaacctca cccagactaa actagcccag gattgttgac tatgtttaaa    128580
     agcaaaaccc ccttattctg taggattagg agtagaggtg acacttaaaa gtggtccttt    128640
     atcctgtcac acatgacctc gtgctttcac attaggagat gtgtctggaa atgcttcttg    128700
     tctaattagt actgggcatg acttatctat ttctcctttt caggatgttt gtaattagtc    128760
     tctgcttact cccatgagga tctcagtctc ttaccaagca cctaacaaaa cctggctggc    128820
     ctgcacctca ggtctcactc gccgcattaa tggaactgaa ccaggacctc tcttgtgtgt    128880
     tctggttcat gttcttcccc aggtatacgt gtacagtgga tcagaaggac aactcctcat    128940
     cgcttccctg gaattatatc ccaggctaca ccaagctgcc ccactactgt ttcctctatt    129000
     agctgttctc agcatagctg gatcagcaga cattggcatg gctgccctgg ttcagggaga    129060
     aactggacta atgtccttgt ctcaacaggt agatgctgat ttaaataacc ttcagtctgc    129120
     catagatata ctacattctc aggtagagtc tctagctgaa gtagtgcttc aaaaccgccg    129180
     aggtctagat ctgctgttcc tctctcaagg aggattatgt gcagctctag gagaaagctc    129240
     ttgtttttac accaatgaat ctggactcat aaaagataaa ctccaaaaag ttcaagaaaa    129300
     tctagatagg tgacaacaag aatgagaaaa taacacaccc tggtatcaaa gcttgttcaa    129360
     ctggaaccct tggctaacta ctttaatcac tgggtaagct ggacccatca tcatcatatt    129420
     attgagtttg atttttgggc cttgtatatt aaactggttc cttaattttg taaagcaatg    129480
     catagactct gtcaaactta tgtttctaag aactcaatat aacccccttg ctgtaactga    129540
     agaatcaacg atttgattcc cctaaaacac aagtggggaa atgaaatgcc taaccttgtt    129600
     tttactctaa ctcattactt tgaattttgt cctgcttgtc tctttaatca cctatccttg    129660
     cttctcatgt aaataagact ctctgtagct gagaaggtcg gaccaactcc aattgacccc    129720
     ttaatttata agacactaag ggctccttac ccaaccccct tttgtaagga gttggcctgg    129780
     gtaaacagat cctcagcatt tcaaaagagc ccaagtaact gacaaggtac taacaccaac    129840
     aatgtatgaa gttcccagga tttttctcaa agagatgaca acataaaacc tggagttcat    129900
     gtctggcata gaccctatat ctaattataa tgaaagattt agaaccttgc acctactacc    129960
     attgctcttc ttgtaaccat ttgtctttta agttgtttat ttctctgtaa ccagtttgct    130020
     tcttttgatt cttgcatgtt tttacttctg tagaattatt gcatttgagt ccccctcctc    130080
     ttcctaaacc taggtataaa agttaatcaa gccccttcct cggggccgag agaattttga    130140
     gcattagcca tctctttggc gcccagctta ataaaggact cttaattcat ctcaaagtgt    130200
     ggtgtatttt ttaacttgct tgggtacaac aattaagaat ctgcttgagt aaagaaataa    130260
     ggccaaccag ctcttgtgaa agaatcatta aaaatataca gaaaaaccta tcatgtatat    130320
     tatttttaaa tatcaccaaa ttcacataga ggtctttata gtgttctctg atggtagttt    130380
     gtatttctgt gggatcggtt gtgatatccc ctttatcatt ttttattgca tcaatttgat    130440
     tcttatctct cttcttgttt attagtcttg ctaccagtct atcaattttg ttgatctttt    130500
     caaaaaacaa gcccgtggat tcattgattt tttgaaggga tttttgtgtc tctgtctcct    130560
     tcagttctgc tctgatctta gtcattactt gccttctgct agctttggaa tgtgtttgct    130620
     cttcattctc tagttctttt aattatgatg ctagggtgtc aattttagat ctttcctgtt    130680
     ttctcttgtg ggcattgagt gctataaatt tccctctaca cactacttta aatgtgtccc    130740
     agatattctg gtgtattttt tctttgttct cattggtttc atagaacatc tttattttgg    130800
     ccttcatttc attatgtacc cagcagtcat tcaggagcag gctgatcagt ttccatatag    130860
     ttgagcagtt ttgagtgaat ttcttaatcc tgagttctag ttttatttct ctgtggtctg    130920
     agaaagagtt tgttataatt tctgttcttt tacattgctg aagagtgctt tacttccaac    130980
     tatgtggtca attttggaat aggtgtggtg tggtgccgag aagaatgtat attctgttca    131040
     tttggggtgg agagttctgt agatgtctat taggtccgtt tggggcagag ctgagttcaa    131100
     ttcctggata tcctttttaa ctttatgtct cgttgatctg tctaacgttg acagtggggt    131160
     gttaaaatct cccattatta ttatgtggga gtctaagtct cttagtaggt ctctagggac    131220
     ttgcttcatg aatctgggtg gtcctgtatt gggtgcatat atatttagaa tagttagctc    131280
     ttcttgttga attgattcct ttaccattat gtaatgacct tctttgtctc ttttgatctt    131340
     tgttggttta gagtctgttt tatcagagac taggattgca accctgccat ttttgttttc    131400
     catttgtttg gtagatattc cttcatctct ttattttgag cccatgtgtg tctctgcaca    131460
     tgagatgggt ctcctgaata cagcacattg atgggtcttg actctttatc caatttgcca    131520
     gtctgtgtct tttagttgga gcatttagcc catttacatt taaggataat attgttatgt    131580
     gtgaatatga tcctttcatt atgacattag ctggttattt tgttcattag ttgatgcagt    131640
     ttcttcccag catcaatggt ctttacaatt tggcatgttt ttgcagtggc tggtaccagt    131700
     tgttcctttc catgattagt acttccttaa ggagatcctg taggtaggcc tggtggtaac    131760
     aaaatctctc agcatttgct tctctttaaa ggattttatt tctctttcac ttgcgaagct    131820
     tagtttggct ggatatgaaa ttctggtttg atgcaagtaa actagaaaat ctggaagaaa    131880
     tcgataaatt cctggacaca tacaccctct caagactaaa acaggaagaa gttgaatccc    131940
     tgaatagacc accaacaggg tctgaaattg aggcaataat taattgccta acaacctaaa    132000
     aaagtccagg accagatgga ttcacagcca aattctatgc gacatacaag gaggagctag    132060
     taccattctt tctgaaacta ttaccatcaa tggaaaagga aagaatcctc cctaactcag    132120
     tttatgaggc cagcgtcatc ctgataccaa agccaggcag agacacaaca aagaaagaat    132180
     tttagaccaa tatccctgat gaaaattgat gcgaaaatcc tcaattaagt acaggcaagc    132240
     tgaatccagc agcacatcaa aaagcttatc catgatgatc aagtgggctt catccctggg    132300
     atgcaaggct gcttcaacat atgcaaataa ataaacataa tacaacatat aaacagaacc    132360
     aaagacaaaa accacaatgt ctcaatagat gcagaaaaga cctttgacaa aattcaacag    132420
     cccttcatgc taaaatctct caattaatta gatattgatg ggatgtatct caaaataata    132480
     agagctattt ataacaaaca cacagccaat atcatactga atgagcaaaa actggaagca    132540
     ttccctttga aaactggcac acgacaggga tgccctatct ccccactcct attcaacgta    132600
     gtgttggaag ttctggccag ggcaataagg caggagaaag aaataaaggg tattcaatta    132660
     gaaaaagaag aagtcaaatt ttccctgttt gcagatgaca tgattgaata tttagaaaaa    132720
     ccctttgtct cagcccaaaa tctctttaag ctgataagca acttgagcaa catctcagga    132780
     tacaaagtca atatgcaaaa atcacaagca ttcttataca tcaagaacag acaaacagag    132840
     agccaaatca tgagtgaaat cccagtcacg attgcttcaa agagaagaaa atacctagga    132900
     atccaactta caaaggatat ggaggacctc tttaaggaga actacaaacc actgcccaat    132960
     gaaatagaag aggacacaaa aagtggtcga acgttccatg ctcatggata ggaagaatca    133020
     atatcatgaa aatgtccata ctgcccaagg taatttatag attcaattcc atccccatca    133080
     acctactaag gactttcttc acagaattgg aaaaaactac tttaaagttc atatggtacc    133140
     aaaaaggagc ccatattgcc aagataatcc taagcaaaag gaacaaagct ggaggcatca    133200
     cgctacctga catcaaacta tactacaagg ctacagtaac caaaacagct tggtaccagt    133260
     accaaaacag agatatagac caatggaaca gaacagagcc ctcagaaata ataccacaca    133320
     tctacaacca tctgatctta gacaaacctg acataaacaa gaaatgggga aaagattccc    133380
     catttaataa atgtgctgag aaaactggct agccatatgt agaaagctga aactgtgtcc    133440
     cttccttaca tcttgtaaaa aactagttca agatgtatta aggacttaaa tgttagacct    133500
     aaaaccatga aaaccctgga ggaaaaccta ggcaataaca ttcacgacat aggcatggga    133560
     aaggacttca tgtctaaaac accaaaagca atggcaacaa aagccaaaat tgacaaatgg    133620
     gatctcatta aactaaagtg cttctgcaca gcaaaagaaa ctaccatcag agtgaacagg    133680
     cagcataaag aatggaagaa aaattttgca ttctactcat ctgacaaagg gcaatatcca    133740
     gaatctacaa agaacacaaa caaatttata agaaaaaaaa agaaccccat aaaaaagtgg    133800
     gtgaaggata tgaacagaca cttctcaaaa gaagacattt atgcagccaa cagacacatg    133860
     aaaaaatgct catcatcatt ggccatcaga gaaatgcaaa tcaaaaccac aatgagatac    133920
     catctcacac cagttagaat ggttattatt gaaaagtcag gaaacaacat gtgctggaga    133980
     ggatgtggaa aaataggaac agttttacac cgttggtgag actagaaact ggttcaacca    134040
     ttgtggaaga cagtgtggtg attcctcaag gatctagaac taggaatacc atttgaccca    134100
     gccatcccat tactgggtat atacacaaag gattataaat catgctgcta caaagacata    134160
     tgcacactta acgtttattg tgacactatt cacaatagca aagacttgga accaatcaaa    134220
     atgtccatca atgatagtct ggattaagaa aatgtgtcac atatacacca tggaatacta    134280
     ttcagcctaa aaaatgatga gtgtgtgtct tttgtaggga cgtggatgaa gctggaaacc    134340
     atcattctca gcaaactatt gcaaggacaa aaaaccaaac accagatatt ctcactcata    134400
     ggtgggaatt gaaaaaatga gaacatctgg acacaggaag ggaaacatca caactggggc    134460
     ctgttgtggg atgaggggaa gggggaggga tagcattagg agatatacct aatgtaaatg    134520
     atgagttatt gggtgcagca gaccaaaatt gcacatgtat acatacgtac caaacctgca    134580
     cgttgtgcac aagtacccta gaacttaaaa tataacaata aataaataat aaaaataaaa    134640
     ataaaaatca caaaattcat acttcaaaca aacactagtc ttactgagtt ttactacttg    134700
     cagaaggtgg gttggcatag aacatgatgg accatagcca ctttttatat atcacccaat    134760
     tgcccataat aaacccagaa tttaaggctg atcctgtcag ttcctaagaa gacaatcttg    134820
     acacgcacac aattttccat taagattgtt tcccacttct accttctagt aatgtctgtc    134880
     agccctacac ttctgagaat ccaggacagc agggcacaag taaaatctcc ttgaattata    134940
     acaaatgttt ggtttgttct tccatataac acagcttttc tatcctcaga aacaataagt    135000
     tgaaaatgtg ttgtgtcaag atatagaatc aagtctggga atggtggctc atgcctgtaa    135060
     tgccagcatt ttgtgaggtc aaggcaggaa gatcacaagg tcaatatatc caaaacatgc    135120
     tgactcacat ggtaaaaccc catctctact aaacatacaa aaatgtagtc aggcatgaaa    135180
     accccttcct gtagtcccag ctacttggga ggctgaccca ggggagtcac ttgaacccag    135240
     gaggtggagg tttcagtgag ccaagatcat gccattgtgc tccagcctgg gtgacatagt    135300
     gagattctat atcaaaaagt aagtaaataa ataaatctag aatcaagtct acatgaaaag    135360
     gattgataat tccgtctaag ccagaattta gagaaggaag acaaaaactg tactttgtta    135420
     atcaaaatga atagaattct gaccatgcat gtggtaaata atattaacat gtgtcagcca    135480
     tttcaagttt gactggatag acttgtgcac tacctctctc catagatgtt taaatgtaga    135540
     aacataatct gaaaatttta ggatgatttc atttagtttt gctaaaatgt ccatctctta    135600
     atcttgtttc aactttgaga tgtggtcttg cagcattggt acaattatgc tctcttcata    135660
     tgcaaaatta atgtcatttt ttactataga tattttaaat gtttcacttg agaccacagt    135720
     ctaattttaa aaagaatact tatttataat tatgtagctt cctttacata gttagtatta    135780
     tctttgttta cttcatgtac atgtcaaaaa aacctcatga cttattaaga attctattgt    135840
     ttacttgaat atattgggcc aataaaatta ataaactcaa ttatgtcatt tttatagagt    135900
     aaaatagaca acaactaaac aaatattggc ttattggatt aaatagaatt ctataattga    135960
     aaaatgtaaa atgtacaaaa taaataacat atacacacta taaaattact cacatgtgaa    136020
     aattattttc tgaaaagcat taaattttat ctaagtcact ttcataattt ctgaggggag    136080
     tgtagaaaga atgcctgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttttg    136140
     agatgaagtt tcacttcatt gcccaggctg gagtgcaatg gcaccatctt ggatcacttt    136200
     aatgtttgtc ccctgagtta aagtgattct ccattactca gccccctgag tagctgggat    136260
     tacaggagcc caacatcatg gccagataat ttttgtaatt ttagtagaga caacgtttca    136320
     ccatgttggc caggctggtc tcaaactcct gatctctgga gatctacctg gcttggctgc    136380
     ccaaagtgct ggaatttcag gcatgagcca ccaagtccag cccaaagagt gttttatgaa    136440
     attagatgaa aaaattatat attatattta gggtgagcaa caggcaaaca tacaaaaaaa    136500
     gagaaaaatt tgcagaagat tattctaagc cactagcaat aacactttac atcatggagt    136560
     ttaatacaaa gcagagaaaa tagatttgct ttgaaaatct ttgaagtttc tggtttgttg    136620
     gtaagatatg aacacttgta aaattatctg ttttattcta atatttttct tttcttctca    136680
     atgtaagcaa tgataaacaa atatgattat tttctatcaa tttattacat gcctaaagtt    136740
     tattttacag taatatgctt cttatattta aattcatgta aatcaaaact aaagttctgt    136800
     atgtgtttat cagagcagag atgtcatata tttaatagaa caaaagtagg ataaaagttg    136860
     taaatagttg tttagtattc agaaacatat agctccatta tactaattta tatcttcatt    136920
     accaccatca taataagctg tagttacaaa gaaaacaaaa atataagttt taagaaatat    136980
     actttccaaa ttattttaag ttaaaaaaca ctgacaacac aaaaacatta ctagagatgt    137040
     tattcccctg tccccaagta gcatattgtt accatctgtt acctatagcc ttggttaata    137100
     tgggataact taacatcggt ggcaagatac acattcaatg tacaatagct ttaacatgat    137160
     aacaacaata ttggtttatt aaaacaaata gagtccacac attgtcatta aaaaggcatt    137220
     ttagaattca ctttattttg attaccttaa tttgcaaatg gtaaatcaat ttccaactaa    137280
     aaatcaaatt gtttctttta ctatgcagaa tgttgccctt accacactct tatcatactg    137340
     tcatttatga tacccaatta aaccatccac taagttgcct ctgcacatat aaattcttca    137400
     agtatattag atttggtttt cctcatcttc catggaaaag tatataaatc tgtccttcta    137460
     atatagaaga atctctcata actctggtgc agcaactatt gaccatgttc tttcacatac    137520
     attccagaaa taaagatata acatcaaagt aagagataaa ttacatcaat atttgttttt    137580
     gaaaatactt attattttca aaaaatatta aattatttta atataaatat agattccctt    137640
     taggggaaag tgatctagat tgctgactag aaagaggcag ctagactgcg gagttcccat    137700
     agacaggaat gcaaggtgtg cataaataca taactttcag tggaaacttc cagttatttc    137760
     catcaggact aatcaaagaa gcaacttaac ataagaagaa tggagtaaag caagacagga    137820
     cactgggact cttgaaaaca acatggaggc agggaaactg tcacacccag taaggcagaa    137880
     tgtgaatgtg agatcctggg aacccatgat tcttccacag atctttgcaa ccctctggtg    137940
     aggtgatccc ctcataaacc cacttcacca aagccttctg tataggacac atagctacat    138000
     ggagtctcag cagagcagcc gctcaggatt gtgcagtgat tcaaaagcct tagatagata    138060
     tgtttctagg cttcccagaa aaagtagctg caattccaga aaagaaggat gctacaaccc    138120
     tgtacatact cataggaaaa aggcagaatc cagggggctt agcagtgatg gtctgtagga    138180
     aacattttct cagtgcctca cagatgtact ggctttgaat tccagccaat gattggtaga    138240
     agcactgcac ctccctggga tcaagcaatc agaaaaagga gttggccaca atctttgctg    138300
     cttgataaac ttagccattc cagccttcag acttcgagga gcccaagctt actagaagca    138360
     caaaggatct cttagcacag tacaggtgct ctaaaaagac atggccagac tgcctgttaa    138420
     agcaggtccc caatctcctt cttcctcact gaaaagtact tcccaatgag tatctccagc    138480
     taacatcact ggccctgttt cgtagatgga attttgaaat cttttttggc tatagttcct    138540
     agagcaaaga gtgagctgcc attttttcct gtttgtgtga ctaagctgtt cctgcctcct    138600
     ggctttggag gatccaaata aactgtggat ggaagtggta cctctgcaaa gcagagctgt    138660
     tctacaaaaa tgtggctaga ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc    138720
     ctttcctttc ctttcctttc cttccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc ttctttctct    138780
     ttctttcttt ctttctttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    138840
     ttccttcctt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    138900
     tccttccttc cttccttctt tctttcgaga cagagtattc cccctgttgc ccaggctgga    138960
     gtgcactggg gcaatctcag attaccacaa cctctgcctg ctgggttcaa gaaattctcc    139020
     tacctcagcc ttccgactag ctgggattac aggcatgtgc caccacgcct ggataattgt    139080
     gtatttttag tagagattca gtttcactat gttggtcacg ctggtctcta actcccgact    139140
     ctggttgatc tgcccacctc agcctcccaa agtgttgaga ttacaagcat gagctgctgc    139200
     acccagcaga ctgctttctt aagtggatcc ccaatcactt tcttttcact ggggaatacc    139260
     tttcaagagg catttccagc tacatcctac aggtgctttt gggctgaaaa caggtttata    139320
     catccctggg atggaggtcc cagagaaaag ggcatgctgc cattgttact tttttgcaca    139380
     ttcactggtg ataacttcag atgctggaaa ttctgaggtg actagatact gcagtggaca    139440
     cccagcctat tgcagttgca gcagctcttc acagaagtgg acagactgtt acatgtgttt    139500
     ctgttcttat atattttcac tgggtaggtt cttcaggcct gggccactag ccaatcattg    139560
     ccacagctat tgagcaagta acaacataag aactccatgg acagagcttc tgggggcaac    139620
     tgcatatatt tattcactgt ctctgcagtg gaattgtcct tgctgtcctg aaactaatga    139680
     aaaatccaaa accctaagtt ccttattcac acctcaaaca agctgcagca taccaaagga    139740
     aaggaggtca gtccatcctc catgggtccc acagactccc cagtgctcct caccagacag    139800
     tgagccccta acttggccaa aagcacagat tttccatcca gggctgactg cactgaggga    139860
     ttgatcacct acatctctct tagttgcagc ccttcagaag actggcatac aggtggggca    139920
     gcaagccagc ttgttgattt ctaagggttt ggtgcaagag catctatagc aaaatatggc    139980
     cagtgatggc gagttctcta ggctgaactt tctcctataa gagattttag cctgagggga    140040
     accattggaa ctaatttcta caggatgatg ttgcaaatca gaagggggtg gtccaactga    140100
     ggactctttt gccacctggc ctctcccagg gtcgcagtct agctaaagct tcttacaggg    140160
     cagtctcagg taccctagaa gcccatacca tagcatcagc ctggtaatca atgcttggcc    140220
     cctgaagagc tccaggaagg cagacactat cattgcagct tacatgtatc ttccccattc    140280
     tgcagcctac atgtatcttt cccatactgc agcttcccct gacaccatgg caattcccca    140340
     tgttactttg ctggcacatg tctgcaaagg tgggtttgac tttgcttgcc ccaccagcaa    140400
     atgggaatgc agtatgcttc tactaccctc aggaacttct acagtagata aaactttggt    140460
     aggcagaaag ccagagagcc tcatccctgc ttttctgcta acactgtgta acaaagagtg    140520
     tattctccca ctctctgaac aattattact tcatgggcgg ggggggcaaa aataaggcat    140580
     cataaccttc actggcccgc atcctgccca agccaacacc acctttagtg caacagacca    140640
     cacagtctcc agcaggtaca ggtgactcac tctcagctgc tttgtctttg ccactgaggt    140700
     gaatgcccaa agacagggag aaaccccata tccactaact ctcttctaaa gctgtgacac    140760
     cttagtcaca aagagtggtg gactccaaat atcaaggagc cagaaaagac agttggagct    140820
     cgatacaatt tccccagagt atgcagcctc tgaattgtga gctgagcata gcccctccac    140880
     caccaagaaa aaaatctccc aggaacaaag cttgttggtt gcaaacacct tattccacat    140940
     caaatactcc agaccattaa acggaataaa aaaattcaaa ggtcaaccac ctcaaagata    141000
     tacatggaaa cattagacaa aatcagtaca aaaattttga aaacacaaaa agccgtagtg    141060
     agttctttca tccaaatgat gaaattacat ttccagtgag gcctaaaaat ctcccaggaa    141120
     caaagcttgt tggttgcaaa caccttattc cacatcaaat actccagacc attaaatggg    141180
     ataaaaaaat tcaaaggtca gcagcctcaa agatatacat ggaaacatta gacaaaatca    141240
     gtacaaaaat tttgaaaaca caaaaagtca tagtgacttc tttcatccaa atgatgaaat    141300
     tacatttcca gtgaggccta agatgacaga agtagaattc agaataagga acttcattga    141360
     gctacaaatt taactttcaa cccattgcaa tgaaggggaa aaaatgcagg aatggataga    141420
     aaaaaacagc catttaggag gaaaatatga ccaatctgat agagctgaaa aaacacaata    141480
     caaaaacttt ataatttaat cacaagtata aacagtagaa taggccaagc agaggaaaga    141540
     atctcagagc ttcaacactg gctttcttaa attagacaag aagagtaaaa acaataacaa    141600
     taataataat aataaggagg aatgaacaaa acatctaaga tataagattt atgtaatgaa    141660
     tccaaatctg tggtcaaaaa gagtacctga aggggatgga gagaatgaaa accacttgaa    141720
     atacatattt ctagatatca tccatggaaa gccaagtcac ctctaaatga aggacatcaa    141780
     acaaataata aatctttcag ttgaaattct acttgtcaaa gagatgaggg gccaatattc    141840
     aacattctta agcaagaatt ttaaaccaaa atttatatcc gataaaagta aggttcagaa    141900
     ataaaaaaat atatatgatc ctattcagtt aagcaaatgc tgaggaaatc ttttaccaca    141960
     agacctgcct tttaagagct tctaaagaaa acattaaata agaaagagac tataaccagt    142020
     cactacaaaa acacactaaa atacataaat tgctgacact ataaagcaac cacataaatt    142080
     tgaaaatagc aaagatcata gtgacaaaat gaaatccata cacatgaata ctaaacttga    142140
     atgaaaatgg gctaaattcc ccaattaaaa aacaaagtgg tgccaggcac ggtggctcac    142200
     acctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa gatgggcaga tcacagggtc aggagatcaa    142260
     gaccactctg gctaacacgg agaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aattagccat    142320
     gaaaattagc caggtgtggc agtgtgtgcc tgtagtccca gctactcagg aggctgatgg    142380
     aggaggatgg catgaaccca gaaggaggag cttccagtga gctgagattg caccactgca    142440
     ctccagtctg ggcaacagag caagactctg tctcaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaaataaaa    142500
     cagagtgaca agctgaacaa acagacaaga tctaatggta tgctgtaatc aagacaccca    142560
     tctcaaataa cctcaaatga aaagagaaaa aaaaatcttc taagcaaata gaaaacagaa    142620
     taaaagcaga ggttgcaatc ctagtttctg gcaaaacaga ctttacataa atataggttt    142680
     taaaaaaaga caaagaagga cattacataa tagtaaaggt ctatatatac acacacaccc    142740
     ccaaaaaagc actcagatta taaagcaact tcttagagac cctcgtagat cataagttaa    142800
     atgttcttca acagccatta cctttatgtt acattggttc agtataaagt ctctgatgtt    142860
     gaacacaaaa tgaggacttg ttgaagactt ttccacactt tgaacacttg tggagcttct    142920
     ctctagtatg aattatctta tgtctaatga aatgtgagaa tgagctcaat gctttgccac    142980
     attctccaca attgtagggt ttctctccag tgtgaattat cttatgattg gtatggtctg    143040
     ataagcactt aagggttttg ccacattctt catatttgta aggtctgtct tccatgtgaa    143100
     ttattttgtg gctagtaagg gttaaggagt aggtaaaggc tttgccacat tcttcacaga    143160
     tatagggttt ctctccagaa tgaattattt tatgtttata aggagagata actacataat    143220
     ggctcttcca tgttcattgt atttgtagag tttctctcta gtatgaatta tcttatgttt    143280
     agtaaggtct gagaaccact tataggcttt attacattct tcacctttgt agagtttctc    143340
     ttcagtatga gttgtcttat gttcatgaag ttctgagaac tatcgattgg ctttgttaca    143400
     ttcttcactc ttgtagggtt tctcagtagt atgaattcta ttataattag taaggtttca    143460
     gaagcactta aaggcttttc cactttcttt gcatctgtag gttctgtctc cagtataatt    143520
     tctcttgtgt ttaataagag ttgaggagca ggaaaaggtt ttatcacatc cttttcattt    143580
     gtagggttta tctcctgttt aaactcttat gttcagaaag ttttgaaaac ttttaaagtc    143640
     tttgccacat tcttcacatt tacaccatct gtgtatgaat tttttatagt aaaatctgag    143700
     aacagcctac agtttttgcc acattcttca catttgcagc atttctgtct gctaaggctt    143760
     ttttatgttc agtgaaggtt gagcaaaact caaaagcttt gccatattta ttaggttggc    143820
     aggttttgct gtgggtagtt gacaaacatt gatgagggcc attataactg cttttctgca    143880
     ccttggaatt acccacactt tggtagtctt tctttaagtt taaactatga aggtcatatc    143940
     ttccatattt tatcaggatc agtttttgaa atgattcttt tatgtcatac tccagcaata    144000
     tatctacagt aagataaaaa gacccagcta aaaaaaaaaa gaactacaaa tttctccctc    144060
     attagaccca ggtgaataca ctttgcaaat atataattaa ccaaagcaca ttaataaggt    144120
     gacaataaaa tattacaggc tctaattctt ttatataatt tatataaatt tatataaatt    144180
     tatataaatt tatacttaac agtaatatac tcacaaaatg cctttgtgag aactctaaga    144240
     atcaggtata agtttgcagc accgtaagtg agcaaaatgc aaaaaaccac atagtagttt    144300
     taaaaaagtg ttttgtatgt acccacaaca accattcttc atcctatgat gactttaaat    144360
     atagactccc agcttccatc tcccccatcc agcaataaag tattggcacc tctgtccatg    144420
     cttctgggtt tctgagacct taccataggc taatttctat attccatggt agcgttgaaa    144480
     ggaaagttgg taactgacag ttttggatat ctaagatcaa agataaatga ctgttacaag    144540
     tgaagaaaga ctttagtatc aaagacagac aatgggtata gcaactgaca acaggatttc    144600
     aataagaaac atggggaatg ctgggagtgg ttgcccacac ctgtaatatt ggcactttgg    144660
     gaggctgagg caggcagatc accagaggtg aaaagttcaa gaccagcaag gtaaacatgg    144720
     ttaaaccttg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attagatggg cgtggtggca ggtttctgta    144780
     attcctgcta ctcaggaggc tgaggcaggc aaaccgcttt aaccaaggag ttggaggttg    144840
     cagtgagccc agactgtgcc attacactcc agcctgtgta acaggagtga agctcccact    144900
     caaaaataaa gaaagaaaga aagagagaga gagagagagg aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa    144960
     aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa atgaaacgaa atgaaacgaa    145020
     acgaaaagaa aagaagaaaa aacatggaaa acttttttct tttttttttt tttttttttt    145080
     ttttgagatg gagccttgct cttattgccc aggctggaag gcagcttggc tcactgcaac    145140
     ttctgcctcc caggttcaag tgattctcct gcctcagtct ccccagtagc tgggattaca    145200
     ggagctcacc cccacacttg gctcattttt gtatttttag tagagatggg gttttgccat    145260
     attggccatg ctggtctcga acccctgacc tcagatgatt cactcacctc agcctcccaa    145320
     gggaaaattt tttaaactga aaaacacaca aactcagaca aagcatccat agaataggct    145380
     tcagagaccc aagaatatct agcctaaaaa atttgtatta tattccccca gacaataaaa    145440
     aacttaataa agattttgat gccacttttt attatacaaa ttgcaaccta agattacaac    145500
     atattcaaaa catcaagata atatggttaa tttaaatata aaaatatata tccagaaatc    145560
     aactaaaaaa aggtgatgta aaaattacca gagacaattt gagttaaagt ccagatacat    145620
     ttttaaaaag aaaaaaaaat aaattaccct taaaagttag cattaccatc tcactgatgc    145680
     tcaatgaata aaatggaaat aaagaaatta agaaaatgga aataagtgaa ataacataaa    145740
     ttaaaccaac aaaaaatata aagctcaaaa agaaataaaa atcgtagagt ggaagtacaa    145800
     aaaagattaa tattcccttc aacattagaa aaaatatgag aaaatcagta agctcagcaa    145860
     atttcaaata aaattaatgt aagagagatt tacaagacac aagttttgaa agtcacagaa    145920
     aagagaatga gaaatgcagg aagaaaaaaa acagatgtat tatttatatt catgcttctg    145980
     caagattacc agtaaatgta tgaacataaa tctttcaagc aagaaggggg tcggatgaca    146040
     tagttaaaac cctgaaagaa aaaggtgtaa gcaaaaatac tatattttgc aacagtatcc    146100
     ttcaaaatga aaaaaaagct ctaaatataa tatgatctat attaacagct aactatgtca    146160
     tgtcttcgaa aagactcact catatctaat aaaaaaagac taaaaatggc aggataaaaa    146220
     tacatttcac gcaagtgtta accaaatgag aggtgaagag gcaacaattt attaaggtga    146280
     aaacttccat aattcatata atttacttta agtcataatt tacaagagac aaagtaggac    146340
     attcaattat aataagaggg ttcattcact aagaacttat aaatatctga caattttccc    146400
     aaacacataa agcaaacatt gacagaattg aaaccaaaat agacagcaat ataataatgg    146460
     aataatacat caatatttca ctctaagtaa taaatgaagc atgacagaat atcaatgaag    146520
     gaatggaaaa tttgaatgca ttatacaata attacaccta acaaatgtat acagacaaca    146580
     gaatacacat tcttttcaat agcttataaa acattgttct agatggacca catgtgacac    146640
     gacataagaa gccttaataa ttttttaact aaaattttac aattatttgt agcccaagag    146700
     gaaagaaact agtacacagt aacagcagaa aagctgaaaa attcaaaact tataaagatt    146760
     aaacaacaca gtttcctgtt ttgtttagtt tagttttgtt gagaaggagt atcactcttt    146820
     cactaggctg aagtgcagtg gagcaatatc agctcactgc aagtttcact tcttaggttc    146880
     aagtgattct tctgcctcag cctcctaagt agctgggatt acaggcatgc accatcttgc    146940
     ccagccaatt ttatgtattt tagtagagac agtgttgcat catgttggcc aggattgtct    147000
     cgatctcctg aactagccct gtgccctccc tggccttcca aagtgctggg ttagaggcat    147060
     gagcctctac acccagctac agcgcccttt ttgtcatgtt gttttacaat gattggaaga    147120
     cctaatgttg tgaatatgtc catgctgttt aaagtgacca acacgttatt atatattgct    147180
     ctaaaccagg ttgtattgtc aacatctata ggcaggttta agggagaaga tccattattg    147240
     tgcctgtggg ctgggtccag aatgagtcac catcgcccct gtggccaaat ccacataaaa    147300
     atgtcacaat tttaactgtg tgctgtattc ttttgtcagg ctcaggacct caagagtggg    147360
     cactgcaaat gtggaatggt gacaactctt aatttcacta tggtgtgtaa ccaagagttc    147420
     cattctgaac ctttttctgg accctgttat gaaactcttt accaccaaac agtttataca    147480
     atataagtta gtgttgtaag ctaatgtgag tttggtacaa atatgcaacc caggacctta    147540
     catattgcct taagacaaat aatgagagga aaaatatctc ctattggctg tatcccaatg    147600
     taagtttcat cttcatgcct gggaactgaa gcaaggtata tgtcataatt ccatatgtga    147660
     gcaaaaaaca agacagtagg ttaacattac atagatggtg tactaagcaa tatgtcacaa    147720
     tgcctcctct aggtagggta taaaaaaatt ggatcacagt aacttgatgc tagactcagc    147780
     attgaacaac atcccacatg tggaaaatat caagccaagt tataagacac aaaacactta    147840
     cataatgggc caaagatatg tcgatgtata ttcggtggct ctgtcatggg cagaagagtc    147900
     acatcataag ggtgctgggc ccagcaatat gcaatatgcc ataatttctc tttatgcacg    147960
     atctaggaag aagagaaaaa aattacatgg tattgggcca cacaataggt cagaattcct    148020
     tctttctggt tataattcca gaaaaacagg agggtcaatg tcctgactgc tgggctcagc    148080
     aatatgtcaa aattctccta ttttgaaggc ccaggttgaa aaagacagtc acatcactta    148140
     ggtcaagggc tcagagatat ttcaaagtgt ccgaagtagg cagggctcag gcagatgagg    148200
     agaatcatat cacctaggtg ctgccctagg aatgtgttac agtgcaatat gagggcagca    148260
     tccaggcaga agggccacat cactcaagtg ctagttcctg aggtatttca caaggatctc    148320
     ttaacaaaac acagaacaaa gagagttaca tcacctagct gaaggttctc ttcttgtgcc    148380
     agactgcccc atgtgggtag gacccaagaa gggactcaca tctcctaggg gatatgcaca    148440
     gagatgtgtc acaatgtctt ctgtgaagca tagcactgga aactaggcct gtgtacctgg    148500
     cctagaaatg tcactctcca ggttcacagg acccaagcaa gagtcccaca taacctaggt    148560
     gacaggccca gagatatgtc acaatgcatt tctttgggaa tgactctggc aaaataattc    148620
     tctcatctgt gtgtttggcc ttgcaatatg tcactctact tcctttgtgc agggcccatt    148680
     tcagagagaa gagttatatc acctgtgggg tgaatagaaa gatatatcac aataattttt    148740
     gtgggcatgg cagagggaaa aatataacat cacctgggtg ctaaaagcag tgataagaca    148800
     caatccttac cgagagatgg acccaggcaa gaaagtcaca aaactttgag gttggcctag    148860
     gtagatatca caatcacata tatggactga aagaagtcta gagagtcaaa ttacacaagt    148920
     gcttggcaat aatttatatc aaaatcacac tgccagaata ttccaaaggt gagatttaca    148980
     ataccaaaca tgtcctgttt tcatctttga cagttgactt catccatgtg aggtaatgac    149040
     agttcttact gtgagatgga tgtgcataca agactaacaa tatcacctgt gtgctgatcc    149100
     cagctttgac tccttctgta taacccaaaa actttgtaaa atatgtatga gtgttataat    149160
     cttttgtgac ctttctataa aaggtgatcc agggcatcag gcatgtccct aaaactagat    149220
     atagaagtca aaattgcatc tttgcctgag tccacatatg acagtcatta tcatccctct    149280
     tagccatgcc taggtataga tttcaattcc ctctgcgttt atgaaacagg cagaacaggc    149340
     acatcatcta agttctgggc cagaagtatt ccatattcta tttgtagtca gggttctgtc    149400
     agaaatatca tacttgtgtg ctaggtccag ctctgtgtcc taatgtttct tttgggcact    149460
     gtccaggcag gagaggagag tctatcatca aaaagatggg ccccaaaata tgtcacaatg    149520
     cctactgttg gcagggccca ggcaagagag tcgtatcatt tagacacagt gtttagaaat    149580
     gctacaatta ctaaaggaag caagttacag gcaggagagg agagttgtgt aacctagatg    149640
     atgggtccag aaatatgtta caaatcccct tgaggacatt gttaagatag cacagtcaaa    149700
     tcaccaagtt acttggctca ggttcttgtg aaaaatctca tttgtaggct acacttatgc    149760
     agaattatta aatcacttaa gagctgggta aatgtataag tcacaattac acttctgtaa    149820
     aggtttaaga ataaaggtca ccaacctgta tacgtcctgg ctccactcct ataagctgtt    149880
     attaggcttt tgctgtggtc tctggtatat ggcacaatgt cacgtggcca gagagaaggc    149940
     aagaaattca cattacctat gtgggtatgg ctccagtgtg atgtcacaat ttaccttttg    150000
     gacaggacac aggcagaaaa gtcacatcac ctgaatgctg atttcagtga catatgaaaa    150060
     caccatctgt gggcaagact ttggcaagaa agagacttac ttcacctggg caattggcct    150120
     agatatatgt cacaatgtct gttctgtgca gtaccaaagc tgcagagtga cctcacattt    150180
     gtgctgggac cagcaatatg tcacaaactc cctgtggtca gcgtacaggt taaagtgggc    150240
     aaacatcagc taggtgctca gccaagcgat atgttacaat gttttctgtt tgcagagccc    150300
     ttgagaaaga atcacatcac ctgggtacag tgttatgtgt cacaatgcac tgtaagtgca    150360
     gggccaaggc aatagaagag agtcacatta cttatgtgat ggatctagat ataaaacata    150420
     aattctcttt gtaatcaggt tttgggcaga taatttacat aacctgggta acaatatgag    150480
     taatatataa aaattccctt tgtaggcaga accatgataa atgctatata ttgcataggt    150540
     gtttgttata cttatggcat aatttcatct gcggtctggg cctagaaaaa gagtcatatc    150600
     attcatgtgc tggtaaaagt tgcctgtccc agtcacactt tcagaaaagt tcacaaataa    150660
     gtttcacatt ccacataagt tctggtttcc tgtatgtggg tcaatacttt ttatgagttt    150720
     ggtggaacta tgggtcacaa tctcaacaat gggcaagatg caggcacagg agttgcaatc    150780
     ccatttcaag attgtgttcc agtaggggac tcacagcacc agagacaggc tgaatcatgg    150840
     ttcaaatatg accaaaacac ctgtgaattt aatccatgta taagagtaat tatttcaatc    150900
     tttgacagct tttatgtgtg aggtttagtg cctcattact aggccctgtt aatatgtaag    150960
     aatcacaatt gtatcagtta ggtgtgcata caagtcacat tcttacctga ttgctgctct    151020
     ctgttatgac actgtttgta ccatacaggg tttagatgac atacctgact gttataatcc    151080
     tttgtgaact ttatacaagt taaaaaccca ggactttttc tttatcaata agaatggcta    151140
     taagagccaa aatatctcta ttggctgggt ccagagacga aatttaatgt agtgcatctg    151200
     tgcttaacca aggcatacgt cacaatttca cctgtgagca gagacaaggc aagggagtca    151260
     catcaactcg gtgctgagtc agtgatacac tataatctca ttactaagct gggcctaata    151320
     acaagagtca cattacctgg ttacagcctc aaatagtatt tcaccaagcc cgctatagac    151380
     agtgaagaag aaaagaagag tcagccaggt gtggtggctc atgcctgtaa tcccagcact    151440
     atgggaggcc aaagtgggga gatcatgagc tcaggagtta gagaacagcc tgcccaacat    151500
     agtgaaacct catctctact aaaaacacta tatagataga tgatagatag atagatagat    151560
     agatagatag atagatagat agatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat    151620
     acatagatac atagatacag caatattgca gggcatgatg gtggtgcctg taatctcagc    151680
     tacatgggag gttgaggaaa gcaaattgct ttaacctgtg gtgcagaggt tgcagtatgc    151740
     tgagattgca ccactgcact ccaggccagg caagagtgag agactttgtc ttaaaaaaat    151800
     aaataaataa aaagagagag agagagagaa tcactccacc tagatgctgg ggtcagcagt    151860
     atgtaataaa ctttcctctt ggcaaagtat agaatatgaa ggaaagtaac atcacttagg    151920
     ttttgcaatc agaggtatgt cacaatttat ttggtaagtg ggacccaggc aggaggggag    151980
     agtcacttta ccaagttttt aagtcaaatc atatttcaca gtttcctctg ggggcaggac    152040
     acaggcagga gagacaaata acctaactta ttgtccaaga gatatgtgac aatataccct    152100
     gttggcaggt tccacacaga agagtcacat tattatgatt ctaacccaga gatatgccac    152160
     aatgcaccca agagaagaaa tttaaaccaa aaattctcaa cacctgggta ctaggcctag    152220
     ttatatgcca aatcttcttg tctttgaggg tgacaccatt aactctgagc tgaatgtgta    152280
     tatgagagtc acaatctcat gtgtttcctg ggttgttgta tgaaccttaa tatgtactac    152340
     atattaagtc tttatacagc atgcatgaga tttgaaaacc atttggagaa cttcatactc    152400
     ctatggattc acgatcttac atactgccct aaaaccacaa ataatagtca gtatctctgc    152460
     tgtaggctgg gtccaggtat gaaaaccatt attatgccta tgagctggat ccagaaatga    152520
     gccaccatct gacctgtggc cagatccata tatgggcaca ataccaactt gtactgaatt    152580
     cacttgttag aatcaggacc ttaacagtgt gttttggaca catgggatgg tgtcaacatc    152640
     tgcttttacc tggatgtgta atcaatagtc ccaatctgag ctttatgcag gtctttttca    152700
     taaaaccctg ccaagtctgc cccacagaaa cagcccaagt gatggatgaa agaatatcac    152760
     tgacacatgt atttttcctg agagtgtggt tagctgactg tatgtttaac actgtcgatg    152820
     agagtgcagc aacagcatca ggagaaggag tagctgagac tgtagccact atgaagagag    152880
     tgcaagaccc accaaaagga ttcagcagct gctgagagag tataattgca acagcagcaa    152940
     agtgtgtaga gcagcagtag ctgagagtgc agcggtgaac atccggtgac gctcaaattt    153000
     atttagtaga gatttaataa caaaggcttg gagcaaaccc agtttgtgtt taataaacat    153060
     tttccacttc tcgattagag agcagtcctg catgcaaatg atcaaaggtt ggtttctgga    153120
     gacatatgta aaccaatgta tgtagataag cccctttgca ttccctcatt atcttccctt    153180
     tactctcagg ctctgagtaa gagagtttgg atgccttcag agaaaattct tttccaaagt    153240
     tttgcaagaa gtcctggtgt tccaggaaaa tttgcatatt tcctatcatt ttttccatca    153300
     caccctgact gatgtcctac atctccctct tttctttctt tttttttcat caagttttgt    153360
     ttactgaaga ctacagatgt ctgcagcaac aggattgtca gataccgtgc ttataagtgg    153420
     tattctggct ttgcatccta gaattactaa ataacagaag acaaacatga atataatcat    153480
     aaacattcta ttccaatcaa ggagtggcat gtagtgttaa ttggcacctc agttcaatgt    153540
     gtgctgttac taacgaatcc cactgcgggt attttaacac tttctatcca agcagttgca    153600
     ttgttagaag ctgggaaggg ggtttctgtc taagtaacag gacagtagaa aggctgattt    153660
     aaaagatgtg cctaatagag tgtaggagat atgggatgca ggcaaagtaa gaaaataaga    153720
     aaggttaata aaacataaca aggaacaaat tttctggagt gaatcgtgtc tgtgtccaga    153780
     gcaggattca ctcagccttc tgaattgtct tcttcagcct ccctctggta atgtctgggg    153840
     gcatgagttg tataaataag ccacattctg ggggactgtg gggtttgcat ggttatttcc    153900
     tttatttctg gtaccgggtt gcattttagc tatgctatgt ttaggtttga tatattgtat    153960
     tggaattcaa agagggcctg aggaggtgtg aacataagca taccctctta cccatgttag    154020
     caaattattt ggaccatacc atacatgact aaccaaatct ttctataaaa ctgtggggtt    154080
     tatgtcttga gaggttttag caaagttctt ttatatagct gaaatttgtc atttaaattt    154140
     aagaaattaa gggtaaagaa aacttgtact agtagtgttg cagggtcttt actcatattc    154200
     cttcttcttt gttttctgag gcaatattta agagagcaat ggacatattg tgtccttggg    154260
     gtttatatgg gatgcctgtg gaatgtagga cactccatat atgaaaaaat tgtgtcaatt    154320
     gtgagatgac atatgccaga ataattttgc aattaggcaa tcctttttta ctgaggatca    154380
     aagcctgctt tacgtgataa ctgtcacaca gtagtgttac tggtgggtct ttgttctcag    154440
     agctgccaag atggtggcag gcaacttcca agatggtggc aagtcttttg ttctctgacc    154500
     aagtgttctt ggcctcatgg tttcaaagga ttgaaatttt tttaccatgt ggtggatgtt    154560
     atagctctat tttctaatag agctattaga tgtaggtcat ggaagagaat ggtggaaccc    154620
     agcaactagt gttcagctct attaggatga atctgaagtc agtggcgagt ctgtgatggt    154680
     ggtgaccagc actggtggat ggcaaacaaa agctcagctc aagctggaac aaacatggac    154740
     cagaagagtg tgcagtttta agatttaata gagtgaaaac agaggtccca tacaatgaga    154800
     ggggacacaa agtgggttgc ctctgctggg acaaatgcct gggtatatat atcccaataa    154860
     ttgtcccttc cattgtgctg tcaggtgata tatgatttga ttatttcttt acctcctgct    154920
     ttcagcctaa ttggtacttt agggagctct ctttcctacc tgatttgttg ggtgtgagct    154980
     gagttacaag ccccgggatt aaaggtgggt gtggtcacgt tccccagcca ggcttagaat    155040
     tcctagttgg tctaggaaat ccagctagcc ttttctctca gtaggactgc tgagcatccc    155100
     ttgaggaagt actttctaat taaatctgtg agctgacctt tcattattgc tagctgctat    155160
     ggtaaatgca aattattatg ttctgttctt caatgggaat agtataaaag cagcctttta    155220
     agtcaataat gaccatagac caatcttgag gaatagccat gggtgaaaag aatctcctgt    155280
     tgaaggggtg tgcaaattag cattgatagg ccataaatca tgcacaatct ccatttgtga    155340
     gacatttttt gaatgaagaa aaagggcaaa ttccgagggc tgtttgatgt ctttatatag    155400
     ccagcttctg attgctcctc agcttattca tgggcttgtt gtaacttctc tccctttaaa    155460
     agcttctgtt ctccccaaat cgcattttaa gagagccatg tccagggaag gggaggaata    155520
     acagtgccca ttatcagaaa gaagtctgta aagtgacctt gattaaccct ctcataaatg    155580
     ggctagtggt tacatttttt ctaatgcttt ttcttatttc tttatgtaca tgattgcctt    155640
     gttgattttt gggcaggaca agatttcccc ttctaatgcc acttgcctaa gacagggtcc    155700
     catatctgta gcatattcct tgtcctttct ctaatttatt ggaggaggga gctcagggga    155760
     aaacctccat tttctctgtg gcacttttac tctcaaatag tggaactgag ggaggaggag    155820
     gaggttgtaa ggtaggtgat gattcttcct cccttctctt cttattctct tctgtgtaga    155880
     gtgagacaaa atcagtccta actaaggctc ataacattaa agatgttact ggaaacttac    155940
     tcttgtgcct gatgttattt aagatttctg cccactcatt cccagaggtc tatgtttagt    156000
     gtgccttctg ggaacaattg gttatgaaaa aacaacaaaa aaaacccagt ttgcattagg    156060
     ttccttaatt aagactttga aactgaggct ccactagctt taagcagctg tttcactatt    156120
     tttatatact gttgctgttg agctaataac tgatgtccca tgatgaaacc ctagcctgaa    156180
     caattccctc aaatttggaa atcccaagca ggtatcaatg acttactcac tgcacagtct    156240
     tttcaccttc atttttgagg gtttcatcat gatttgttgc agcattcctc acacaggaca    156300
     ccacctgctg cgtctgtctc atggactctg gctgagcaat ggatgaaaga agtttgctga    156360
     cacaggtatt ttgcctgaga gctccacaaa aggactgcat gctcagcatc actggcaagc    156420
     atgcagcagc agcagcagca acaacaacaa caacgactgc agcagcagca ggagccaaga    156480
     gtgcagccac cacaaagaga atgcagtagc cactgataca gtgtagcagc tgccaagagt    156540
     gcatcataac aacagcaaga gtgcagcccc cagaagccag tgacacttgc atttaggtag    156600
     tacagaatta atgacaaagg cttgacacaa acaaaatttt tgggtagtaa gatttttgac    156660
     tccctgacta gacagcattc tttgttcatt catgtgaatg aaaaaaagat tggtttctgg    156720
     aaacataaat acaccaaatt atctagataa ctttctttat atttccttgt tatctaatat    156780
     ttgctttcag gttctgggta agagaatttg tctgctttca gcccaaatta ttttctgaag    156840
     agtttggaat atctcccagc cttccaagaa ggtttgcgtt tttcctataa tttttccacc    156900
     accctgatac atctcctaca aaactctcag taccacccaa ggagttgaca ctttgtgagt    156960
     aagtgttgta aatttcagtg agtttggtat aaatatgaat tactggacct tacctattga    157020
     cctaagccta gaaatgaaag gcaaaatatc tcttatttgc tgaatcccag tataagttta    157080
     accatcatga cttaaaactg aagtaaggta tttgttatag tctcatttgt gggcaaaaaa    157140
     attgaccaaa gaataacatc acctaggtga tgtgccaagc aacatgtcac aatgccctct    157200
     ctagttagga tatagaaatt agagtcacat taacttgata ctagatgcac taatatgaca    157260
     caatcccata tgtgggggaa aaaaaaacag ccaaaagatg agagctaaaa cacctacata    157320
     gtgggccaag gatatgtcaa aatgcctcat gtgcctctcg tacagtaatg aaagtaacat    157380
     tatcagagaa tgggcctaga atatgccata attttctgta tatacaggac tcaggtgaaa    157440
     gagtaacatt atatgggtgc tgggccctgt gatagaccaa aatttctgat tgtcagcatg    157500
     gtttaggaca aaaaggagtg tcaaataacc tgaatgctgg gctccgcaat atgccacaat    157560
     ctctccattg taaagaccag gcagaagaag agtcactaca cttaggtcat gggctcagcg    157620
     atttatctca gtgtccccag tagacaggcc caggcaggaa aacagagtca tatcacctgg    157680
     gtgcttcttt agtaaaaatg cacctgtggg aaagtatttg agttaaaaag tctcaatacc    157740
     tgggtactag gcccagtgat atgacacagt ctcttcattt tgtagattga cacctttaac    157800
     ttatagctga gcatgtacat tagagttaaa atctcacttg tgtgctgggt aaatgtatgg    157860
     tactctgtac aacatctgag tggtttataa aacatgcatg agacttccaa acatttctga    157920
     ggccttcatg ctggtatgga cccacaatct tacatgttgc cctaaaccca ggttttatag    157980
     taaaaatatc tcccaatatc aaggttaagg aagaataccc attattttgt atgtgggctg    158040
     ggcaccaaaa tgagtcagca tccaccttgt tgcccaatcc gggcataaaa gtcacaattt    158100
     caactctgtg ctgtattccc ttgctggatt taggacctca acagtgctca ttgtaaatgg    158160
     gggatggtgg acaattttaa cttgactttt aactgagagt cccaatctga acattttgct    158220
     gggcactgtt aagaaactct ctaccaccaa agagtttaca cactaagtta gtgttgtaag    158280
     cttctatgat cttggtacaa atatgcaatg caggacttta tctattgccc taaacttaac    158340
     tatgcaaggc aaaatacctc ctattcattg catcccaata gaagtttgat cgttatgcct    158400
     gtgaactgaa gcaaggtata tgtcataatc ccatttgtgg gcaaaaaagt aggcaggaag    158460
     gtaacatcac ttaggtgctg tgccaagcaa tatgtcacaa tgccttctct aggcaaggta    158520
     taagaaattg agtcacatta actagatgtt ggacccagca atatgaaacc aatcccacat    158580
     gtggaaaaaa aaccagccaa tttatgtgag ccaaaacacc tacataatga gcacaagata    158640
     tatcagaata ccttcagtgg ctccagcaca gccaggaggg tcatattaag gtagctgtgt    158700
     gcagcaatag gcaatatgcc ataattttgt atttatgcag aacccaggca gaagagtaac    158760
     atctggatta tgcaccttgc aataggtcaa aatacctttt tagtggacat gatttgaaaa    158820
     caggagagcc acatattcta agagctgagc tcagtaaggt gtcaaaatcc ttctaccatg    158880
     aatacacaga gagaaaaagg gagtcaaaac atgtcaagga ctcagagata tgtcccaata    158940
     tcaccagtag gcagagttca gccacatgag gagagtcata tcacatacgt gcttccctag    159000
     gaatatgtca caatttaaca tgtttacaga aaccaggcag aaaagccata tctcttggga    159060
     acttggttct gagatatttc ataagacttt cttatgacat cacccaggcc agagggttac    159120
     ataacctatg tgcaggttct ttgcttatat cacaatgctc cttgtgagta gggcacaagg    159180
     agggagccag tttaccaagg tgataggtct acagatatgt caaaatgttc tctatgaagc    159240
     ataggccagg caaacgacta ccataacctg tgtgcatggc atagaaatat gtcactttct    159300
     aggttgacag ggcccaaact gtagagccac ataatctagg tagtaggccc agagtatgtc    159360
     acagagcctg ccattgtgca tggctctggc aaaagagtat cctcatctgt gtgcctggcc    159420
     ttgcaatatg tcactatcat tccttagtgt gggccccatt ccagagagaa gagttacatc    159480
     acctatgaag tggaaacaga aatatgtcac aataattgtg gtggaaatgg agcaggcaag    159540
     aatgtaacat cacctgggtg ctagatccag tgacatatca caattcctac tgagagaagt    159600
     gcccatccag gagagtcaca ccaccccacg gttggcctag gtagctatca caagccatat    159660
     atggcctgaa acaagtctgg acagtcaagt tacagaggtg cttggcaaag atttatatca    159720
     caattacact gtcagaaaat tcaaaagata agatttacaa taccatgcat gtcctgtttt    159780
     caaatgtgac tattaatttt atccatgtga gatcatgacc attcttactg tcaactgggt    159840
     atgcatacaa gactcacaat tttaactgtt tactgagccc tgctttgact ctatctgtat    159900
     aacccaaagg ctgtaaaata tgtgtgagtc ttgtaatatt ttgtaacctt ggaacaagaa    159960
     ggtgatccac gacatcacgc atgttcctaa acctagttat aagagtcaaa atatccctta    160020
     ttgtttgagt ccatatatga aagtcattat catgcctatg agctgtgcct aggtatatgt    160080
     tacaattcca tctgtgatta tgaagcaggc agaactgcca cattacctaa atgctgggcc    160140
     ataaatattc caatattctc tttgtaagca aggtctcttc agaaagtcac ataacttgtg    160200
     ttctaggtcc agctatgtgg caaaatgtcc cctgtgggca gtgtctaggc agaagagggg    160260
     agtcatataa cctaaaatct gggtccaaaa atgtgtcaaa atgcttcttg ttgacagggc    160320
     ccaggcaaga gtgtcataac atttagatgc agtgtttata aatgctacca tttccaaaga    160380
     aagcagggtg caggcaagag aggagagcca tgtaacctaa acgattggtc cagaagtatg    160440
     ttaaaatccc acctaggcac ctttttataa taacacagtt aaatcaccaa tatgcttgtc    160500
     ccaggtattt gtcaaaatct catttgtggg ctacacctag gcagtattat taaatcattc    160560
     aagaactggg caaaggtgta tggcacaatt acacttgtgg aaaggtttca gaataagagt    160620
     caccattctg cacttattct ggctccaggc atatgagttg tttctaggct tgtcttatgg    160680
     tctcagatat acagcataat atcacttgtg accagagaga aggcaagaaa gttacatcat    160740
     ctatgtggca aatcaaaacg ctttctctgg gcagaaattt gacacaaaag gagactaact    160800
     tcacctaggg aattggccta gatataagtg acaatgactt ttatgtgcag taccaagcct    160860
     ggagcgtgac ctcacattgg tgctgggcac agcaataaat caaaatcttc ctgttgtcac    160920
     aatacaggca aaagggaaga aacatcttgt aaaagctgag tcaagtgata tattatataa    160980
     tgcttcctgt tggcagaacg taaaagaaga atcatatcac ctgggtgctt tgcccagtta    161040
     tatttcacaa tgcactgtaa gtgcatggaa ccaaggcaat agtcacaatt ccaactttgt    161100
     gctgtatccc cttgttagac tcaggacctc aacagtgggc atggtaaatg tcagatgatg    161160
     acaaccttta atttcgcatg tgtgtgtaac taagtgtccc aatctaaact tgttgctggg    161220
     ccctgctttc tctaaaggcc ctttctacca ccaaagggct tatacaatgt aaattaatgt    161280
     agaaagattc tgtgaacttg ttacaaatat gcaacccagg atcttatcaa atgccctaag    161340
     cctaacaatg agaggcaaaa tatcttttat tggttgaatc ccaatacaag tttgattatc    161400
     atgcctgtga actgaagaca ggtatatgtc ataatcccat ttgtgggtag aaatattagg    161460
     aaggagcgta acatcattta gatgttttgc caagcaatac atcacaatgc cttctctagg    161520
     cagtgtatag gacattgggt tacattaact tgattcttaa cacactaata taacatcatt    161580
     ccacgtgtgg aaaatattca agccaagtta tgagagccaa aacacctaca taatgggccc    161640
     aagatatgtc aaaatatgtt tcctggctcc agcataaaca gggcagtcac atccaaaata    161700
     tgctgcaccc agcaatatgc aatatgccat aatttcctct ttatgcagaa tccaggtgga    161760
     agagtaacat aatctgggtg tttggccctg taatgcatca aaattacttt tttgtggtca    161820
     tcattaggga gaaagatgag actcacatac cctgaatgct gggttcaaca atgtgtcaaa    161880
     atccttctat tgtgaaggcc cagacagaaa aagagagtca cttctcttag gttatgtact    161940
     cagagttata tatcagcgtc cccagtagga aagaatcagg tcaacaagga gagtcatgtc    162000
     acctaggtgc ttcctagaaa tatgtcacag tgtaatatga gggcagaatc caggcagaag    162060
     acccacatca cttgggtgct gggtcctgag atatgtcaca agccactctt aggaaaagcc    162120
     cagacaagag aattacatta cctcagtgca ggttctctgc ttaagcctca ataatacatg    162180
     tgggtagagt ccaaggaggg agtcccttca cctaggtgat aggcccagat atatgtcaaa    162240
     atgttttcta tgaagcacag tactggcaaa ttagtaccat cacctctgcc ccggcccaga    162300
     attatgccac tcttcaggtt ggcgaggctg aagcaggaaa gtgaaaaacc tacgtgatag    162360
     gcccagagat atgttttaat gtcctccttt gggtatggct ctggtgaaag aatactatca    162420
     tctgtttgcc tgaccttgta atatgtcatt atcctttatc tgtgtagggc ccattccaga    162480
     gaggagagta acaacaccta tgaggggaac acagaaataa gtctcaataa tttttgaaga    162540
     cacggaacag caagaatgta acatcaattg gatgttagat ccagggttat gtcacaatac    162600
     ttactgttag aaaagcccag gtaggaaagt cacatcacct caaggttggc aaaggtagat    162660
     atcacaatcc catatatgag ctggaataaa tctggagagt taaattacac aggctcttgg    162720
     caaagattta tatcacaatc acattgtcag aaaattccaa agatgagatt tacagtacca    162780
     catgtatcct gtttgtatgt gtgacagttg gttttatgca tgtgaaatga tgactgtact    162840
     tactgtcagc tgggtttaca tacaagactc aaaattttaa atgtgtgctg agccttgctt    162900
     tgactctgtc tgtataaacc aaagactttg taaaatatgt atgaatgtta tattatttca    162960
     tgactttgta catgaaggtg atgaaggaca tcacatatgt ccctaaactt agttgtaaga    163020
     gtcaaaatat cctctattgg ttaaccccac gtatgagagt cattatcatg cttgtgagcc    163080
     atgcctatat atatgttacc ttatatgtta tattaatatg ttatattttg ctggtccctg    163140
     tcatgaaact gtctgtacca ccaaaagagg ttataaatta tgagttagtg ctgtaaagtc    163200
     ctgtgagctt tgtagcaata tgcaaatcag gacattaact attgtgctaa gtctaatgat    163260
     gaaaggcaaa aatgtcccct gctggctgaa tcccaggtta agtttgacca tcattactgt    163320
     gaacagaagt caagtatagg taatagtccc atatgtgggg aaaaaactag gcaggagggt    163380
     actatcactt gggtggtgta ccaagcagtg tgtcacaatg ccctcttgag gcagagtata    163440
     ggaattagag tcacattaac tgggtgatgg actcagcaat atgacaccat cccacatgtg    163500
     gaaaaaaact gctaagttat cagagccaaa atactatgta atgggcctaa gatataacaa    163560
     aataccatct gtggctcctg cacaggcatg agcatcacat tttcaggttg ctgagcccag    163620
     taatatgccc taattttctc tatatgcagg atgcagataa aagagtaaca ctgcatgctg    163680
     agccctccaa taaatgaaaa cttgtgtttg tgggcatggt ttgagaaaaa aaaaaaggtg    163740
     aatcaaataa actgagtgct aggctcagca atatgtcaca atcctcccat tgtaaagacc    163800
     aggtaggaga aaagagtaac ttcactaata tcatgggctc atagatatat cccagtgtcc    163860
     cctataggaa ggttccaggc agaaaaggaa agtcatattg cctaggtgct tccctagata    163920
     catgtcacaa tctcatgagt gggtagaaac agacagaaaa gctacatcac ctgggtgcat    163980
     cctgatgtaa tgtgtcacca cacccaatgt aaacagattt taagattaaa aaaaaaaaca    164040
     gaatcacaac acctgggtgt tgggctcagc agtatgtaat agttctcttt ctgggcagcg    164100
     tcaaggaaaa agagtagagt catgtcacct aggatttgca ctcagtggca tgtcacaatt    164160
     tcttcagcag gcagaatcca ggcaggagag gagagtcaca ttacctagat gctacatcta    164220
     tcgatatgtc atagtgttcc ctgtgggtag tacactggca ggagagacac tggggtcttc    164280
     agccaacaat gcaataaaaa ccacacgagg aagaaaccca acaaattgat gacagccaaa    164340
     aaacctacag aatgggccaa agatatttca aaataccttt tgtggctctg gcacaagcca    164400
     aagagtcaca tcattaggga gcagggtgaa gcaatatgcc ataattccct ctttattaat    164460
     gaccaaggca gaaaagaaac agcatctggg ttctgggcgc tgaaatatac agcaaaagtc    164520
     ctgtttgtgg gcattgttca gcaacaagac aggtgtcagt ttacctaagt gctgcagctg    164580
     gactcctcag tgtattacag tcctgccatt gttaaggcta agatagaaga agagagtctt    164640
     atcacttagg tcatgggctc agacataagg ccaagctagc agtaagcagg gctcaggcag    164700
     aaaaaacaag ttatatcacc taggtgctta tttaggtata tgccacaatt ttatatgtgg    164760
     gtagaaacca ggctgaagag ctacatcacc tggcccaggt acctgagata ttcacaagtc    164820
     cctcttaaaa aaattaccca ggcaagagag ttatgtcacc aaagtgcagg attcatcctt    164880
     atatcgcaat gcttcatgta ggcaaggcca agccgtaagt cacgtcacca aggagatagt    164940
     cccagagata agtcacaaag ccttccttaa agcatgaccc tgtcagaaga gtaccatcat    165000
     ctcaatgcct ggcctagaat tatgccacta ttcaagtagg aaattcccaa acagaacagc    165060
     catataactt acatgatatg ccctgtgata tgtcaaaatg tcatatcttg gaaatggctc    165120
     ttgcaaaaga atatcatcac ctgtgtgtat ggcctaggaa tatgtcacta ttttgcactg    165180
     tgtgcagggc ccattccaga gaagagtttt gtctcataac tgagggacac agtggtatgt    165240
     cacaatcatg tctgtgggaa tggtgcagcc aagaatgtaa catcacctgt gtgctggatc    165300
     cagtgatgtc acaatactta ctgagagcag ggcccaagaa gaacaatcac atcacttcaa    165360
     ggttgaccaa gttaaatatc aaaattccat ttgtaggctc gcacctgtct gaagagtgaa    165420
     atcacacagg tgtttgacaa agatatatat cacagtcaca atggaagata attctagggc    165480
     ttagatgtat aataccatat aagtcctata ttcatgtagg agaattgcct tcatccatct    165540
     gtgatggaga aagcctttag tgtcagctgg gtgtgcataa gagacttaca atttcctctg    165600
     tgtgctagac cctgttatga cactctctat acaatgcaag ggtgttataa aatatgtgtg    165660
     agtgttttaa tcttctttga catttttacc agaaggagat cctggacatc actcatgtcc    165720
     ctcaaccttg ttataaaagt ggccttattg gctgggtcaa catatgggag tcattatcat    165780
     gcctcttaac tgtgcctagg aatatgtcac atccccactg tgattataaa acaggcagga    165840
     caaacacatc acctaagtcc taagccacaa atatttcaat attctctttg ttggcacggc    165900
     cataagagaa atatcacaaa atttgtgggc tatgcacagc tttaaggtgt aatgtccctt    165960
     gtggaaagtg tccaggcagg agaggagaga cataccacat aaaggatgga ccacagatat    166020
     atgacaatgc ctcctgttga aaaggcttag gcaagaggat catgtaattt gtatgtagtg    166080
     cttagaaatg gtacattatt cactggaagc agggtttacg caggagagaa gagtcacata    166140
     accaagatta ttgattcaga gatatgttaa aatcccatct gaggacagtg ttaaaacatg    166200
     agaatcaaat cactgaggtt ttttgtccag gtttatgtca aaatgacatg tggaggctga    166260
     aactaggaag ggttattaaa tcactcagga tatggggatg gtaaaactca caataacccc    166320
     tgtggaaaga ttcagagatg agtgtcacca tcctgcgtat cctggctcca ggtacaagag    166380
     tcattattag gctttttatc tggtctcagc tatatggcac tatataaccc atgggttgga    166440
     agaagaaagg aaagcctcat catctgagtg ggtactggta cagtgaaatg ttacaattct    166500
     ccttgtgagc aggatattgg tagaagattc acatcacctg gatgcaggtt tcagtaatat    166560
     atctaaatcc tgcctgtgag taggactcag gcagtgaagg agacaaactc tacctaggct    166620
     gttggtcagg atatgttgca gagtggcccc tatgtgcagg accaaggcag gagaacgatc    166680
     tcacctgggt gcttggttct gcaatatgtc gcaatctctg tgctggtcag ggcccagaaa    166740
     aaatagaaga cacatcacca aggtgctaag ccaagtgata tgttacaaag ctttctgttg    166800
     ggagaatcct ctccaaaaag agtcacatca cctgtgttga ataaccagtt atgagtcaca    166860
     gtgcacccta agtgcagggc caaggcagta gaaaaaagtc acataattta tgtaatggac    166920
     ctagataaaa gccatagtgc tttttggaat cagtgttaag gccaagattt tacatcagct    166980
     gggtgctggt ttaagtggtc tgtaaaagtg ccctttgtca cattgccaaa gaaagtgtta    167040
     ttttttgctt aggtgcttgg tgcacctatg tcacaatttc aactgtgttc tgggcctaga    167100
     aatgatagtc aaagtactca gatgctgggt aagctcatac ttttcaattg tatccttgaa    167160
     aacgttcaga aataagtttc acagtcccac acaagtcctg gtttttggta tgagagttaa    167220
     cacgtcctat gagttggctt gaagggtaac agaagtcaca gtctcaacaa tgagcaagat    167280
     ccatgtatcg tagcccaaat cctgcttgaa gattgtgttc cagtagaaga gtcaaatgac    167340
     caaacctctg atgaatcacg gttgaaatgt cacaaaacca cctgtggatc agatttatgt    167400
     atgagagtca caacttcaat atttgactgc ttatgtgtgt aagatttagt acctcactgg    167460
     taggctctgt tcatgtgtaa gaaatacaat tgtgtcagct aggtgtacat ccaaaagtca    167520
     caatactacc tggttgcagg tgcctctaat gatactcttt gtatccctca ggctttatat    167580
     gatatgcctg gtagcatact tttctgtcag ttcctacagg tgggaaatct aggacttggc    167640
     aagcaatatg taacaatgca ttctctagaa atgagggtta ccttaactgg gtactggccc    167700
     agcaatatga caaaatccca aatatagaaa aagtaaaccc acccaaataa tgagagcaca    167760
     atcacttaca gagtgtgcac aaggtatata aaaatgcttt ctgtttctct gacacatgca    167820
     agacagttac atcatcagga ttggggtgtg ggcagcaata ggacataatt atctctttat    167880
     gcctgaccta ggcagaaaag gaatatcatc tgagtgctgg gccctgcaat gcatcaaaat    167940
     tcattttctt gggcattgct tgggacaaaa aacagtgtca tattacctaa gcattgggct    168000
     tagcaatatg tcacataacc ccatttcaaa ggctggcaga agaagagtca catcacttat    168060
     gagtcagact cacatatatg gcttaatgtc ccaagtaggt agggctcagg cagaaaataa    168120
     gagtcatatc acctaagtcc ttctctcctt atatgaaaaa atctaacatg tgaggtgaag    168180
     ccaggcagaa gagtcacatc aacttgatgg tggaacctac gatatgtctc aaggctccct    168240
     taggacagta cccaggcaag agtgttacag caaataagtg catgttctgc ccttatgtaa    168300
     caatgccaca tgtggatagg gcctaagcag ggagtcacat cacctaggtg ataagcccag    168360
     agatatgtca caatgtcatc cttgaggcat ggcctcaagg aagtgctgaa agactatcac    168420
     tacctgtttg cttagcctag caatatgtca caatctaggt aagcaggacc caagcaggag    168480
     agcaatatca cctatgtgat aggcccacag atttttcaca ttgccctttt tatgacatgg    168540
     ccctagccaa agagtactgt catctgtgtg cctggcccag ccatatgtca ctattcccca    168600
     ctgtgtgcaa ggtccattct aatgaggaga gttacatcac ctaggtggtt gacacagcga    168660
     tatgtcacaa tgatttctgt gggcatggtt caggcgattc ttactgagag tagggcccat    168720
     gcaggagggt caaatcacct aaagattgtc ccacattgat ttcgaaataa cgtaactggg    168780
     ctggaaacag tcagagagtc aaatcagaca aatgctcaga aaatatttac atcacaatca    168840
     cactggcaga aaattcccag gataagatta acaataccac acatgttctg ttttcattag    168900
     tgacaattgg ctttatatat gtgaggtggt gacagtcctt actgtcagtt gggtgttcat    168960
     atgagactca caattttacc tttctgacag gttctgttat gacactttct atacaagaca    169020
     aagccttttc catatcactt atactgttat aatcttccat gaccttttta ccataaagag    169080
     atttaatcac ttgtgtttct aaaacaagtt aagagagtca aaattactcc tatttggtgg    169140
     agggagtcta catatgacag tcattatcat gcctgtgagc ttttcttagg tatatgtccc    169200
     aacttactct gtggtaatga aacaggcatg agatccatat aatctaaatg ctgtggcaga    169260
     aatcttccaa tattcttttt tggcaaattt ctagaagaaa aatcacataa ctttggggct    169320
     acgcccgact gtatgggaca acaccccttg tgggcagtgt ttgacagaag aggagagaaa    169380
     tattaaataa atggtaggtt cagagataag ttatagtggt aacttgttga aaggaccagg    169440
     caagaaaatc atatcattta aatgcagtcc ttagaaatac tacaatctcc agtggaagta    169500
     gaatccaggc gggacatgac agtgaggcac ctagattgag ggtccagaga catgttacaa    169560
     agcttcctaa agatactgtt aagccaggag agtcaaatca ccaaagtgct cagctgagat    169620
     atatgtccaa atctcaattg tgtgctgcac ctaggcagga ttactaaatc actcaggggc    169680
     tgggcaaaag tatatgtcac tataacacta gtggaaaatt ccaggaatag gagtcaccat    169740
     catgcctatg acctggctct aggtttaaga gtcatgatta gtcctcttat ctggtctcag    169800
     ttatatggga caatatccct tgtgagcgca gaggaagcaa aatatcacat cacctgggtg    169860
     gatgttggtc cagtgagatg tcacaatcat cgtgggcaga attc                     169904