EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC007274; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 117309 BP.
AC   AC007274;
DT   12-APR-1999 (Rel. 59, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 7)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-105L10 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-117309
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-117309
RA   Mcpherson-Wagner C., Maupin R., Krasucki Peter.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-105L10";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-117309
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-APR-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-117309
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-DEC-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-117309
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; da051b77439b682af222a3a88ecf7238.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC007274.3:1-117309; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Oct 14, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:6624109.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0105L10
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-305H21; the clone sequenced
CC   to the right is RP11-109F19, 200 bp overlap.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 1 of RP11-105L10; actual end is at base
CC   position 24605 of RP11-109F19.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..117309
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-105L10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   733..1035
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1787..1857
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   1967..2286
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3460..3864
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   4654..4753
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   4917..5048
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   6100..6400
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6920..7254
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   7363..7578
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   7586..8065
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   8066..8419
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   8762..8877
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   8883..8945
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8961..9178
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   9185..10437
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   10455..10673
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   10676..10831
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    10829..11215
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW070186 (NID:g6025184) xa09a03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    10829..11250
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI806840 (NID:g5393406) wf15h08.x1"
FT   repeat_region   11262..11805
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    12808..13247
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI908793 (NID:g6499473)"
FT   misc_feature    12809..12925
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI908824 (NID:g6499504)"
FT   repeat_region   12952..13235
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   13237..13580
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14241..14593
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   16242..16534
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    17189..17450
FT                   /note="similar to  EST D62720 (NID:g966494)"
FT   repeat_region   18011..18146
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18705..18738
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18739..20933
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20934..21246
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21247..21557
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21740..21881
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21983..22295
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   23119..23239
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   23639..23934
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   24194..24335
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24452..24562
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24961..25528
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   25530..27490
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   27485..27807
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   27808..27914
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   27922..28018
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   27997..29043
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31133..31165
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   31172..31597
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   31598..32237
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   34473..35285
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35883..36498
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   38463..38929
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   39354..39609
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42594..42877
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43519..43817
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    45998..46226
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA909108 (NID:g3048513) om32d11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   47950..48034
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48869..48985
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50388..50461
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   50886..51067
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53657..54447
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    56577..56901
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA812808 (NID:g2882872) ai74d09.s1"
FT   repeat_region   56586..56704
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57097..57704
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57701..57829
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   59030..59113
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59106..59281
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    59270..59639
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA632785 (NID:g2556199) np86h11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    60188..60685
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI805309 (NID:g5391875) te32g02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    60251..60319
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW072454 (NID:g6027452) xa06b10.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA431552 (NID:g2115260) zw78d11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    60759..61170
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA644685 (NID:g2569903) ab87d10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    60937..61236
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA971069 (NID:g3146359) op69h07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   62741..63052
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63053..63152
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    65849..66301
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA758816 (NID:g2806679) ah76c06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   67685..67979
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68629..68754
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    69110..69268
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW072454 (NID:g6027452) xa06b10.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA431552 (NID:g2115260) zw78d11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   69218..69519
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69568..69873
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    70440..70496
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW072454 (NID:g6027452) xa06b10.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA431552 (NID:g2115260) zw78d11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    70547..70703
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW072454 (NID:g6027452) xa06b10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    70547..70659
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA431552 (NID:g2115260) zw78d11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   70722..70865
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71008..71083
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   71184..71232
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    71281..71377
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA789285 (NID:g2849405) aj28c06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    71892..72216
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA789285 (NID:g2849405) aj28c06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   72181..72601
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72738..73045
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73131..73239
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73247..73676
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   74003..74290
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74291..74585
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74591..74896
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75027..75180
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75464..75512
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75526..75697
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75698..76007
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76008..76042
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76074..76361
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76844..77128
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    77731..78128
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI220048 (NID:g3802251) qg84b02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    77999..78185
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA789285 (NID:g2849405) aj28c06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   79076..79208
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79209..79643
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   79724..79770
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   79771..79982
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80496..80792
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82685..82920
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83071..83139
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   83269..83351
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   83373..83471
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88009..88445
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88445..89309
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89026..89746
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90058..90351
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90399..90558
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    93055..93431
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA993340 (NID:g3179885) ot64a03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93062..93277
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA725833 (NID:g2743540) ai25c09.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA608988 (NID:g2457416) af05d09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93065..93277
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI005498 (NID:g3215008) ot59g11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93072..93277
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA401773 (NID:g2057257) zt57b09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    93970..94053
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI005498 (NID:g3215008) ot59g11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    93970..94051
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA401773 (NID:g2057257) zt57b09.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA725833 (NID:g2743540) ai25c09.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA608988 (NID:g2457416) af05d09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    94158..94452
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA401773 (NID:g2057257) zt57b09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    94158..94303
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA725833 (NID:g2743540) ai25c09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    94158..94240
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA608988 (NID:g2457416) af05d09.s1"
FT   repeat_region   100218..100502
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    100971..101353
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA910023 (NID:g3049313) ol40b10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   102247..102534
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102540..102818
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106037..106351
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106912..107111
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109894..110079
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    110760..111127
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA658471 (NID:g2594625) nu22g09.s1"
FT   repeat_region   111072..111392
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114004..114081
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 117309 BP; 34800 A; 23148 C; 23920 G; 35441 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaacc aactacaggg ttattaccaa ataattatta gaatgttgac actaattcct        60
     acaaaccaaa gcttctacta aaataaagaa agatgaggta gcaaggtaac aaatgtatta       120
     ctcaggtaaa ccaccaaatc tcaggacctg gaagcagtca tgagatttgg tagtttacct       180
     aagtaaataa ttccaaagaa attatctccc taaccacaat taagatggtt cttagattag       240
     gcatatcctg ctaatgttgt agctttgctt tgctattcac acttccggag ctgaaaatac       300
     cttaggggcc tcatccatta aggaaaacaa aaataaaagg ggcagtacat cagagttgtt       360
     ttcctacttc aaatgactgg attctgagct tccccgctat ctcaacgttc tctgaggtgg       420
     agtgcttagc atccaaacaa cgtgcaaatg catactggga aacactaagc ttctttctta       480
     ccagaaacac cactgagaag aaaacaaggg agtttctcta tgttggcaaa cgatttgcta       540
     cacaggatat gtgaaagcaa agagatgttg ctccactctc acagacttca gcactacaag       600
     tatgtgctga catgcagacc agctctcagt tctaaaacat agaaccctct agcagacagg       660
     ctatctagaa aaagtacaaa agttgaaagt cttttcacgt ggcctcttaa acacacatga       720
     gttttgttgt tgtttgtttc ttttgttttg ttttgagacg gagtctcgct ctgtcgccca       780
     ggctggagag cagtggctcc acctcggctc actgcaagct ccgcctcccg agttcgcgcc       840
     actgtcctgc cacagcctcc ccgagtagct gggactacag gcaccggcca ccatgccctg       900
     caaatttttt gtatttttag tagagacggg gtttcaccgc gttagccagg atggtcttgg       960
     tctaccgaac tcttgatccg cccacctcgg cctcccagag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga      1020
     gccaccctgc caggccctgt tgtttgttgc ttcaggccaa catgttttat taattttaca      1080
     acactctgtg caataatttt taaggacgta tgaatatgga gtttacttag tgtaatattt      1140
     gtgttacacc cacaaaaaat tccaaattgc agatgtttta taccttaaag ctctttgtca      1200
     cttttgataa tggttttcca actttatata taatatttta ttattgttaa aaaattcagc      1260
     ctgattaatt ttagggtcaa gaatctatta ttagaatttg aatcatttat ataaatatat      1320
     gacactatcc tgctgtattt ttctttacca cattctatgg actcacttta ttctcttcat      1380
     ttgcattact gtagtcttcc tctaaagcca agtaagttta caaatggatc aaaaattatt      1440
     tttgtttttt atttcctcac aggtgttttt agctccgtgc tttcatcatc agttcatttt      1500
     gccaacaagc attatcacaa actatgtaat tgtcacattc aactttatgc catttttcaa      1560
     ctgactcctc atcttctaat acacagaact gaaattcata tttgcttcaa actctgctac      1620
     tggtccccca atactcaccg ttatttaatt agttattaat atttttggtt tatgcatgtt      1680
     taccttccat tacagctact tgttttcata agtcctgttc agaacacatt tctcaacttc      1740
     tgaacctaaa aatgatagtt ccttcaaaat aattcctctg tttacaactt cgccttttct      1800
     atatggcctt tagtttcttc atctgtaaaa tgagtgatta gatcaatgct attcaagtct      1860
     actacatctt ttgtggcctt ttaaacttga cacaagccct ctttgctaag tgatactaga      1920
     aattaatatt acaaaaactc agcaagaaat tacatttgat gtaagtcccg gtgtggtggc      1980
     tcttgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggcggg cagatcacaa ggtcaggaga      2040
     tcgagaccag cctggtaaca ccatgaaagc ctctactaaa aacacatctc tactaaaaat      2100
     gcaaaaatat tagccaggca tggtggtggg cacccgtagt cccagctgct cgggaggctg      2160
     agacaggaga atggtggaac ctgggagaca gagcttgcag tgagacaaga tagcgccact      2220
     gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagcaagact ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa      2280
     aagaaattac ttttgatata ataatatact tatttaatca tatttgataa tgttactcaa      2340
     atatttcaag taaacagata atgtaaagat aaatttaata tgtaagaata cataatattc      2400
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaatctg aacaccttgg cttacaccgt ttgacctcac atgttgctgg      2460
     cctgcagcta agggtatagt atgcaatttg aatttcatgt taaaacaatt cagtaatttt      2520
     tgttagttgt aattgatgag tgatgggcaa ttttattttt agagccaaat ggaaaaataa      2580
     catctgatta gacagaatcc aggcaaaaat aaaaaataaa aaaataaaag gtcataatgt      2640
     gtaaagcaag aaaatctacg aactttgttg tctctcttct tctatttcct tctgttgcta      2700
     tgtgagcaaa gggagacagg ggatcttgga gcacaggagc aaaggggaaa ggcccagata      2760
     ttcaggttga tgagaatatg cataatgcta aaattacaat gaataaacat taaaaatatc      2820
     cattattagc ataacggtag caataaatac ttaaaataaa tatttataat gcagaaactt      2880
     tttcagcatc tgaactgaat acaatatatt gtattttatg ataatctgaa agcagagggt      2940
     cagtccaaaa ttgactctag tgtcagtgta ggaattaata gtaataaata tccaatccat      3000
     gtttaagtat atgaattagg tctgattaaa gctaatagag gagaaaaagt gagggaaaat      3060
     attcagttct acttatttac taaggagaga tctggctaaa taagatttat ctgcttaact      3120
     tgtaacattg cttaagttca attgcttaat taaaatacta atttttaaat aagaaagatg      3180
     gggttaatta atatcttgta tctcagacac atctctaacc cttaattttt gctattcaca      3240
     tagggtatga aggtgaccac tgatgatagt aaacaaattt attcattcat taaatgaatc      3300
     atatggaatc aacaaaaacg tattgcttat ctagatgttg tcagagttga atcttgaagc      3360
     ataaataaac aatacttatt tattaacatg catggtattc tgctggtcat tatagctgta      3420
     tctgcctatg tgacagctta caattttcca gactcatggt attatgggct gaagtcccaa      3480
     gccctccacc cattggtatt aaagtcctaa caccgttaca tcagaatgtt actgtatttg      3540
     gtgatagggg ctttaaaaag gtaattatgt taaactaaag cagttggata tggccttatt      3600
     ccaatctcac tggtgtcctt ataaaaggag gacattttga cacacaaggg tacatcagga      3660
     atgcatgagc acagagataa gaccatgtaa acacacaaag ggtggtcagc catttgcaag      3720
     ccaaagacag aggtctcaga aaaaaatcaa agctgatgat atcttgactt ggacttccag      3780
     cttccagaac tttgaaacaa taaatttctg tttttttgat aatgttacca agtgtcacca      3840
     actgtgtgat gttttgctat ggcactaacc cacatagctc aagggctgaa acaatctaaa      3900
     ggagtttctt caaaaatctt tctatttaca gcattatatt accggggctt ttagctccag      3960
     ggaatgactg aatgagtttt tgtttccgat ctttggtgac gcattatact ataataatat      4020
     agtaccaaga taggcatttc cattggcttt cctctactct gccttctgga cttcagcttt      4080
     attttcacca ggttgatttt ccaggcacta catagggtct ctctgggcag ccaaaggagt      4140
     gggcgtcaca gccaagaact aaggttgctg aacttcattc agactttctc agtgagctag      4200
     ccatccacca gctgctatgg gctgtctagg gccaggaacg agctgagctg acccagcact      4260
     ggtgaggtcc tgatagtgag acctcctgaa gttttgacag caggcacctt actctcttcg      4320
     cttgagttcc agccctattg ataccacacc cctcccaagc ctttcttgac attccttcag      4380
     agcatttgta gttttgttgg aaagaaacag gcgatagtta caagagatta gaaaaatgtg      4440
     ttagctttga aaataagtgc taaatgaatg atctaagtga gttcttcttg agttcaggac      4500
     atagattgct ttacctcaat gctataaaaa tagcttcaga gagaatgggg agcttgaatg      4560
     acgcataaga ttctcacatg cttggaagct gttatcttca aataaaacaa tgtaaaaaga      4620
     tggaaaataa gtattatcat atataattta gaaacttcag aaacaaaaac atgggttaaa      4680
     agtctggcta tgccagttac caactaggta gcatgcagca aattacaaac tctctgaatt      4740
     tctactttct catgaggttg tttagatgat tagaaatcac ctatataaaa tgactgactt      4800
     tgtgccaggc aagtggcctg gactcactaa acggttgtac acatattaac attgtttcat      4860
     gattaatgcc aatctaataa tgatcgtttc agcagtcctt attttagcac tcccatgaat      4920
     gaaagacttc agaaatcaaa atagacctca gcaataattt agtcgagtct cctcattttc      4980
     tggagaaaat ggatgcccag agatattaaa tgacttggca gaggttacag agccagttgg      5040
     cagcagagac agcatcagct acaaaacata aaatttttta ctctggatca gaatacattt      5100
     cattttagat tcctttattg aaagcagtac acatatctta agtatttatt tttaaaatca      5160
     taccaattac atatgaaggg tgaatgaact gaaatagatg gaaggacatt aaatctaagt      5220
     gttgtggtag tgctacagat ttacacatag aacaactgtg atgtagcagt acttgaaagt      5280
     ttttggttgt gtcttatcaa cctaatcttc cttacaagcc ctgaccctga ctaatttgtg      5340
     gtggtggttt taagtggcta attaatagta tctaacacta ttgtgtaatt tttttttcag      5400
     gtaagagctt tgttttacag ggtgccactt ataagtccca aagtaccaaa tgagaatgtg      5460
     aggaggggca caagtggaac acttgccctt gcaaaatgga aaagagatgg ggactcctgg      5520
     cgtgaccttt gggtccctgg tttcagccag atcttcactg taggatttct ggatcattct      5580
     gaggttctcg tgctctattc tgagtaacag cataaatttg tgacttgttg tactggataa      5640
     ttcaggagtt agttgtgctc ttctattttc aaaaatttga aagtaaataa ataaataaac      5700
     cctctattag atgcccaatg agactgttta tgtggtggct ttagcaccat gactacctta      5760
     tctcttgtca gtgtagcccc gcgaatgcct cctagcactg tgctgagtta tcttccatct      5820
     cttccaggag acacgggggc acatcagagt cctatccttg gccccctaca taagggcatc      5880
     tctgaaactt ctctcagcat tcgctctctc cttaacaatg ccgtatcttc attttacttt      5940
     ttctgtgcca taggtgacct atgttgccac aaacacgaca tagtgaagtt ctttttcaga      6000
     gatcaaatca caagtgggca aaatttccct ttaactccac acctctgact ctgggatttc      6060
     agaagagcag gaaaaaccta tgctccttat gttttactat tttttacttt ttctttcttt      6120
     ttgtgtgttt tgctcttgtt gcccaggctg gagtacaatg gggcaatctc ggctcaccgc      6180
     aacctctgct tcctgggttc aagtgattct cctgcctcag tctctggagt tatctaggat      6240
     tacaggcatg caccacaaag cctggctaat tttgtgtttt tagtagatat ggggtttctc      6300
     catgttggac aggctggtct cgaactccca accttaggtg ctccacccac ctcagcgtca      6360
     tattatgttg ggattatagg catgagccac tgcacctggc ctactttttg ctttcttctc      6420
     caccgtggtt tccttcttcc cagacctcac ttgtccataa aaattttcat ttaatttctt      6480
     ctctgtctac ccaaaatccc ttcccttttt gtgccttctc tgcactttgg ctaatgttaa      6540
     ttatctacaa tttgtgtcag ataggctagg atcttcatag tacaagctca ggcttctaca      6600
     aactagtgtt tgtagaaact agggcaaata atatattggt ttactagtcc acagatattt      6660
     tttctcatac aatacctagt tttatgtaga cctaagtggg gctatgtcaa aaatttcttg      6720
     aaactattaa aaaatgtttc cttttcactt agaataaaat acaaacttcc tacccaaact      6780
     tgaagggtct ggcttcccct cctcctctat ctttcaacgt cacctcaacc tgcttctccc      6840
     aggttcactg taccctaaaa agacatatta aatcaatgct cctcccttta gggtcttttt      6900
     tctaattcta tttttctgaa tctgcacacc cggtttcttc ccatccttta ggtctagact      6960
     gtagagttac ccccaaagag gaatttccta agcttctggt tgaaggactt aggagatgac      7020
     cttccactct ctcaagcaaa ttatttctca cacagcacct tggttacttt tctcacagtg      7080
     cttaagaaaa tctgaaatta ttttgtgcat taatgtgctt gttcattgtt ttctgatagt      7140
     atagaaaaca cagagatcaa aggttattct taccttattc accattttat gcttggaact      7200
     attaaggtat agtgcctgaa taaccagtgc ttaataaata actactagat aaatagtcta      7260
     atgaatggaa gtatgtggat ctaccagaag ttttcatgac atgcacattt ctttatgtcc      7320
     ctaaattatt tacacttttg acaatactgt gaagaccata attgtaagaa ctaaagaaag      7380
     aggagagaaa cacaaagggt agcttgagag tcaataagga gagatttgtt ttagaaaaca      7440
     aacctgatag gggcttctgg cctagttgag tctgagccac actctcttat aggttaagac      7500
     tttttaagga ttcaggacag gagagtttgt cagaggcttg gactgcttct gtgtctcttt      7560
     gttgtgctta tctgtgagtg cagcaggata atttaggaat cagagagaca gagaggttga      7620
     ggagaatact tattatttag gtgcatccac ccagtcagat taacatccaa aaggacagag      7680
     ccccaaacaa agagttcagt tgccttttaa gcattttgtg gggtgggggt agatctgtgc      7740
     aggggggaag catattacag aagtgagaaa caaaggcagt tattcagttg agacatgcat      7800
     gacatcgttt cttacgtttc aaggaaaaac atgttttatg ccttgagttt atctgccttg      7860
     tgaccttgca gctgcacagc tagaaaaaca ggttcttcac aatgcctggg aaagggagag      7920
     ataaggctca ctagccacca gaaaaacagg cagttaaatt ttgaaggact tcagctcttt      7980
     ctcttcctca gggagaattg ggttatctta cctacaactg agtttttgcc tacacattct      8040
     ttaatttctt ttaattcctg tttcaggggg tagggttgtg tgtctgtttc cagatatatt      8100
     cctgaagctg cagacatacc ccccgcgact gcttttagct tccctatgtt agtgcatctg      8160
     aagggaaagc aatgtgctta ttaaggccca ctgttttact gacgtcttct ttatgaaggt      8220
     gaagtttggc aattacccaa gagacttcct ctccatctcc ctctgtaccc cagctgtctt      8280
     ttctgtgttt tagtgtctgc tctttctggc tgctagttgt cagaagacaa gtgatttctt      8340
     tgaaatgcat gaggttagaa aggaagctga tcttcagttg gcagtgtttg tccaagatga      8400
     tggtgccctt gttctgtcat tccagaccct ttagttacaa aagaacaaga ggcaacatgt      8460
     tccttctggc tacttcctgc tgatgcgggg ttgggtgcgg aaagtttttt tgatcttgga      8520
     tggactgcag gagcaatact gtccatagat atttttgggt agctgtctgt gaaatggcca      8580
     tgattctgtc ggttaaaagg ttttggaaaa ggttactgag gcagggtaag aacattagtc      8640
     ctaggttttt cagcagtgtt tcatattagg cctgattggt tgagacaaaa gcaacatttc      8700
     tttcccaatg acacgcagag gaacatgttt ggaaagaccc atgtgttatt gttttattag      8760
     taactgttag atttgctatg atgataataa ttaaacaaaa tgctacagta attgagattc      8820
     tttgtttgat atttcaccct tagggtacta cagtatatat tcctactgca catagtacaa      8880
     catgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagcgag gctccttctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      8940
     aaaaagttaa tatctggctt aaaggatagg taggattgat aaaaagtacc tggtaaagta      9000
     gcgttgggac taagatgagt aattttcact taattactta tattttatta ttttcagctt      9060
     aaaatttctt ttttttacgt tgatatttag gatgttttta atgggctgct aggagctgct      9120
     ttctcagctc tttcagcttt gacttgagtg tgtagtatct aggagttgat ttctgtaatg      9180
     aatataattt aaactgtaga aaataataaa aattgaaaaa cattaggcag actagaattt      9240
     agcaacaggt gcgctatagt ttttgaaaca taattttctc tcttcaattt cccattttta      9300
     ttaaaagaaa aatcatggta ggacagcttt cctttattat acttggctta attagtttta      9360
     tacagtgcag caaaaataag tatttgctac acatgacttt taagtcagct ttgatggaat      9420
     tttgtgttat agaaggaatt tgagatgaga ctttttaagg cccagcccag ccatggattt      9480
     ctatcattaa atacctatga gttgggtgaa ttcctctcct cttgaggttt taagataaca      9540
     tgcatttcct ggcctgtcag aaagtgacat tctatactta ccacagatca gaaaccttat      9600
     acaaggactg tgtacacaaa atatgagacc agttttccaa gggctttatt ggcttcataa      9660
     gttaagtttt attcactaaa ggagagcata ccattcctgt caaagccttg gtaaaataac      9720
     catcttttcc aactgtgttt tcttacaaaa gaaaatacat tcttattgca ctgatgcaaa      9780
     caactatatt gctgtagttt aagaatactt ataactagtt ttcaaattat agaggaacta      9840
     gggagagaga agcaaaccaa ttttaatttc catttacaga aatatgcttt acttagctgt      9900
     taaaggctgt agctagctta aggcaagttt tcttaactct gaaacataag acacagatta      9960
     gcagtgttct aagcaaaagg ataaaaactt gtttgtgttt tttgttaatt taatccattt     10020
     tgttttggtt gatatttata accattttag cttttcatgt cttctgtagt tctgttgttg     10080
     tttgttgttg ttgttgtgaa aaccctcctt tgagagcaac tgttaaagtt ttacagcttg     10140
     gtaataaacc atcttttgaa gagaatttaa acaaagtaac cattgtctgt aaataccaaa     10200
     atgtccagtt tggatacagt cagaaacata gttgacaaag aaatttggtc attgtggttc     10260
     acaataaccc agcataacaa ctttaattgt gattaatagc acatatttag acactagaac     10320
     cttagacatg gcatacagct ttggaacatg ttataatatt attccctaaa atataaccta     10380
     tcagacacta ttttggcaat tttatgtacc taaacatgtt aaataatcat gcttaccata     10440
     ttttccagac gttctaccct ttcgagatta gttaatatgt ttacacacag agttttcttt     10500
     ataggattat aatttacaat gttttcacaa ttttcttaaa cagtccactt tattttattt     10560
     aactttaaga caactttttt attcttaagc aaaatacata gttatgcctt ataattttta     10620
     actaaaacca ctttttacca tttttataca cttttatgca aatccatgtt tagcagtagt     10680
     gggcgcctgt attcccagct actccagagg ctgaggcagg agaatggcat gaaccaaggg     10740
     agcggagctt gcagtgagct gagatcgagc cactgcactc cagcctaggc gacagagcca     10800
     gactccgtct taaaaaaaaa acaacaaaaa acttattttg ataaacatgg cttatgatac     10860
     ttgataataa aattaataaa gatgttgttt ttataaacat caaatgtgaa tagctgttgt     10920
     catggtttaa aatgtcaaag aacagccttt gaaaattaag atactgataa cagacatgtc     10980
     ctgtgtttgc tattcaattt aagaccaaga acaatgccta gatggatccc ttaagtaacg     11040
     aaattttgaa ctgtgcaata cagcttagtg tattttggaa tacaatggta ggagaaaata     11100
     cttaagaatt taaacttaca ccataaacag tactggtaca tctcagcaca gccaactggg     11160
     acatctagca aaagcacacg cacataatga gacctcacaa ttttgcttca acagaagaat     11220
     aaagtaaaat ggcagtatac acagtgttac tttgcttagc attttcctta aaaatatttg     11280
     atttaagcgc tttcttttct taggacaatt aattcattag agttcttttt aatagacata     11340
     acttacgtaa gacatatata gcctcacagg caaccagaag aagattcaat agtcatacaa     11400
     tttccatttg ctaatttcca gattagatta ttggcctctg ggtgaggccc tttaagagca     11460
     gggctaggta aacaaatttt agggcctaat aaacaagcat agctggaaga caaataaaga     11520
     tttttgagag gtacttcttc acctttaatt ccaggggttc cataaggaaa agagttattt     11580
     ttttcaagat ggatttctgg caagttttct atctttctag ggagttctag gccaccagac     11640
     tggggtcttt tatgcatgca gcaagagttg caagacagag tgaagagaag taattttgac     11700
     tgagataaaa cttttttcag gaaaacaaga tttatgaaga gaaaaacata aaaccctttt     11760
     gaatatactt atagctttga tatccatttt aattaagctg agcactgttt tttattaaag     11820
     gtaagggtgg agattagaat tatgtaaatg ttctgccaag ttaagagact gggttatgtg     11880
     caggaatttc ctgcaataat gagagtgatt tttcgagaaa agttccagaa gctgttcaat     11940
     ttgccacaaa ttagacatgg agaagggggc atgaatgcaa ggactgcctt taaccctagc     12000
     cactttccag aaagggagaa tggcagagaa ggtttaacca gttagagtag tttttgaaca     12060
     ggtagaggag gaggaggggt gggattgatg atagaagaaa gcctgaatat ggggacatct     12120
     cttgtcattt gccatttctg gtagtaaagt tgttaaggcc atgttgcagg agaaaattaa     12180
     atgctttggc attaaggtct gccataagcc aagtttgcct tggttgctaa tactgcagtc     12240
     cagtgggaag gatgtaggga cgtgaaattg tttggcaccc atgtggactg ctaagaggaa     12300
     gctggtggtg tctgttttgt tctaggcatc cccagacaaa agacagagac ccagaatcct     12360
     ctttccaaaa gaggaccgtt aacctgagaa ggagctgtgt accaatattt cctctagccc     12420
     agccccatta gtccgattgg acctcccagg acctggacag caggccagac tttctccggt     12480
     acagagagaa agccaggaga aggcagatct cactggtcat ctgaaatagt atctgatgtt     12540
     ggatgttctg gctggaattg gcaaagggcc tcccatactg tagccatttg aggaagagag     12600
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaga tggagaaaga gggggcaagg     12660
     gagggttagc gagcaaaata cccaatgcag gtggtcagag gtggattccc gagacctgag     12720
     tgttttagag cccatgggga gtagcctcag cctgagcctc acagcccctt caagttagtt     12780
     gtcctgctca cacaaattac ttgaaaagtg aagtgagaga taagattggg cgtgtggcca     12840
     gaggctttta ggatacagga gttaactcag gatgagctgc cattgcccac tgcttcctgg     12900
     gttgcaagac agcctcttct cccaacacca gtcacaggtt ttggcaccaa atgtaagaaa     12960
     tgaaggaaga ggaaagaaaa acaaaaggtg gcttggcagt caaggacagg ctgattttaa     13020
     agaaaacaaa cctgagagtg ttttctggcc gagttagttc aagagacagt ctcttacaca     13080
     ctaagagttt ctcaggattc agggtggaag agtataccag agacttggac tgtttctgtg     13140
     tctctttgtt gtgcttatct gggagagaga gttgtgtgtc tgttcccata tatcttcctg     13200
     cagctgcagg cataccccct gagactgctc tcctgtatca tctctctcaa gttcaaagtt     13260
     tcacacatct gccgggcagg ggcaaaatga taccattctc tttgctcaag catagcaaga     13320
     gtcacctttg gtgcagttcc caacaagttt ctcctctcca tctgagacca cctgagcctg     13380
     gacctattgt tcatatcact atcagtattt ttgttgaagc cattcaacaa gtctctagga     13440
     agttccaaac tttcccaaat tttctctctt tttctgagcc ctccaaactg ttccaatatc     13500
     tgcctgttac ccagtttcaa agtctcttcc acattttcag gtatcttttc agcagctccc     13560
     cactccttgt aacaatttac tgtattagac tcttttcatg ctgctgataa agaccaatgc     13620
     tcattgaaaa gtttaattaa tacatgagta tataataaaa aataaaagtt attcacctat     13680
     catctttatt tgctctccta gagggcgtaa ctgagaagtc cttatgtaag cttccatgag     13740
     ttttctttga tatacattga cacatttata ccaatatgca tgaatacata aatgtatatt     13800
     tctaagcaaa aactatatca tagaatacat atttttgtta aaccaaagtt ttaaagttaa     13860
     taattttata aatatgcatg ttcttaaatt attttaaaat taaattatta gaataagtaa     13920
     tatagataat aaattgtata ataattattg aaatattccc ttttctttca ctgctgaatg     13980
     gagaattaaa gcaaaaacca aaacctaggc atggttcaga tgaaactgtg ttaaatttta     14040
     atttgagatt tattttaaat tctagtattt atctgtttgt catccaagtt gacaaatatg     14100
     agatggggat ggcaagatac tgattcagct ggtttctgat aacctgtcat gataacttta     14160
     tttgattctg tagtaaaggt tgcccacaca atagtgttat ggatagtagc aacagtggaa     14220
     tcaatgagtt gtgttttatt aaaatatcat tgtagtttta aatgagacag atgttaattt     14280
     ttctcttcta tgcaattcta agctgatgtg gtaactcaaa ccctcaaagt tttcagaaac     14340
     ctacattccc tctattttgt tgttctgtta tcctcaacag gcatcttatg gtgcaagaag     14400
     gctgttccaa ctcctgcagt catgaccgca ttctggttag ccagatgatt tataaggaca     14460
     atggaatgac cgtttcctcc tttgaaaggg acagcccaga agtggcacaa acattttctg     14520
     atatattgca ccagacaaaa atttaccaca tggttatatc tgacttcagg caaagctggt     14580
     atataatgta gccaaaaatt ttgaataatt cttatgaagt gtatgatttt atgaaaaaaa     14640
     atagtgtcta aaagatttga ggattaaaaa ggagttgcgg aacctgaggc tcaatagtaa     14700
     ttaaatgatt taccccccat gccagttcca ccatgctcag gctttggtat ttcaggtttt     14760
     ttggagtttt ccagtcttta cacttttaag gaaaagacta gcatatctac ctgacttgtt     14820
     ttactgcagt gagaagctat gtaaaattac atcagatatt catggaaact aaatcaggat     14880
     atttttctaa gatgggtgat gtcaaaatca aatactttgg ttctgtctac tggaggttgt     14940
     ccttgtcaca ctattttctg atcttatgat tgacaagtta cattgcttaa tgtccaccgc     15000
     actcatcttt aacttgaatt gttatttctc tcagtccact ggtttgctaa gtcagcattg     15060
     aaacccaagg atagtttggt atgtgcttga tgtggttgag tgagttttgg gaactataaa     15120
     gacatggaag tggaactgtc atttctcagg attattacat tctcaggtgg gcaatatgcc     15180
     ctgacattaa aacccagaca cattttcatc atggctaata atggtgtacc tagctggtgg     15240
     gtaattgcag gctttcaacc tccagttcat cttcatgaga tcaatgttga ttcagaacaa     15300
     taagtgtcag gtctatgaca cctttaaagt tatgcttaaa tgtgagtctg tgaccactaa     15360
     tgaatgacta cagttgtttc atgacttgct aaacatacct ggtttttcac aagcaataga     15420
     tttttgaagg agaggtattc acagtgggtg ctaggaagat acacacatta attctgtaga     15480
     atttagctaa aatgtgttca gcctaaggga tgacattaac agagacttgt gatcctgctt     15540
     tgcatctcat gagtgctgag cagttggtag agatggatgg tattttccat atatcagcat     15600
     ctgctgtatg ctcaggcttt gctcctgtta agggaactag ggctctctag ccttttcaga     15660
     gattctgtga gattatgtac tttattatta ttattttgtc taatctaatc agactagatt     15720
     cttgtatttc gaactaagaa ctcagaatat atccatgacc tttggttaaa aagcttaaag     15780
     ggaaagtaaa attcatttat tcgttgaaca atttatttag tatttcttat ttattagtgt     15840
     tctgtctcct gaataaataa ctcattttaa gtgtttattg agcaccaatt gcacataaac     15900
     tattgtatta gttttgtggg agaaaaaaat aaataaacta aatatccctc cctcaaggaa     15960
     tgtttgtaaa gttgattaac tatgctagaa aatagaaagt gaatggtgct atgagataca     16020
     gaggtatagt agtattatga aggttgaatg gagaaagaga ttaaatacag cagaagacaa     16080
     ttatttctat cagagaagag atgacatagg agatgaagaa gaaagattta aaatgatttt     16140
     tacagaaaga tgaagagata cataactctt gagtagagaa ggcaagaaga agagaaactg     16200
     tatggacagt atgagctaaa tgtgaaaaca gaattttttt tggctgggtg cggtggctca     16260
     tgcctgtaat cctagcactt tgggaggccg aggcaggtgg atcacctgag gtcaggagtt     16320
     tgagaaaagc atggccaaaa tggggaaacc ccatctctac tacaaataga aaaattagcc     16380
     gggtgtggtg gcacatgcct gtaatcccaa ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagagttgc     16440
     ttgaacctgg gaggtggagg ttgtggtgag ccgagattgt accagtgcac tccagcctgc     16500
     accatgggat cgaaactcca tttaaaaaaa aaaatctgtg cacaaagaaa tgggcaatgc     16560
     attgactcgg tgcaaaatat catagatgag gtagtgaaca tgtttaggaa tatattcaca     16620
     ttttcaagaa gacagctagt ttccctattg aaatccctgg catacaggag caaacagcat     16680
     gaaataaaga aaagttctat gtttttagaa ataggtatcc aactaataca cataaaaatt     16740
     gtctttatgg agtaaaatgc atatttaatc aatctaatca aacacaacct cagctaaatt     16800
     cttctctaag atatagacac acctgctaag caaaagggat aagatatctt gtctctagga     16860
     aacaacagaa gttaattagc ttcaaaaata ctttatattt gcaattaaaa ataattttaa     16920
     atccacagta gctatggttc tcattagaac atagaatatt gtgatgcctt ggactatttt     16980
     attaaaaatg gcaatatttg gtccttatct caaactttgt gttcaggtat atagctgatt     17040
     aataatgtag tttattaaga aatatttttt gcatattact gtgaaatcac agtgtatgaa     17100
     atggactaat aaagcctata atgaccagga aaatattact tactgcaaag ataatataaa     17160
     gttcagttct tttatctata gttttattgt taagttacat atatagataa atgatagaca     17220
     gacatcaaca cacacatgac tgtttacaaa ttacggaggt tacaaatcta aaacacgtga     17280
     tttttatctc aaaataataa agattaaaat gttagcaatg ttcatccatt ggtcaaaact     17340
     ttgcattctt gtcttggatt cttgcttata ttcatcaatt ttaatctgga tctaaacact     17400
     taaataaatg aaaataacat attaaataaa tttgtttatg cactgcactt catttctaac     17460
     gatttctcat gagatagtgg aatgcatgat gacatataat ttatgatatt gttctagtgt     17520
     ttccatgccc aaattaaagt caataaaatt ttataataga aatacccaaa atgaagaatg     17580
     atgatgaatt gagcactgat attaaaaaga ttaaaaatgg tgcaactttt tataagcaaa     17640
     ttagatctat gttttaagaa ctttatatga agtcttacat gtatctgcat tatactcaga     17700
     ggtataaata aatcgttaac ttctttatta tgtcttcaag ttacctgatg ttcctcctga     17760
     gcatctcgaa cctcaagata gggaaaaatt gtattcaata aatcaagtaa atacataaca     17820
     atgactgtgt attaacaaaa aattaaaaat aaaaaagaaa tcaagttgtc ttagttcaat     17880
     gcaataacaa aaatagtcac ttaagcacaa cactcaaatg ctgagttttc tcatttcact     17940
     tctttctttt cttatccaag atggtatctc atgtatgaga tgaactttac taataataca     18000
     ggcaaatggg gagatgttgg ttgagagtgt attgaatcta taggtaaatt taggaaaatt     18060
     ttaaatctta aaaatattgc ttttaatctg tgaacatgtt atatttctcc tattattaaa     18120
     taatttttaa tttatctcaa taatgtagtt ttggtaaaac atcttgtaat tacatttaaa     18180
     tctatatatt acacaatttg cataagaata taaattccat atttttagaa atttattttt     18240
     gaaattttct ttactgttat agagaaatga aatgggggat gacctccact tttcccattt     18300
     tactgtaagt ctttgagtaa aggagtgact cctcaacctt attgtatcca caacactaaa     18360
     caggatatgt aagccaaata aaattttgtt gaataaaaga cataacactt tatgggtcca     18420
     catatacata tgcatccaga aaactcactt ctgcattttg tgtctgctcc ttcttgtgac     18480
     tttaaacagt aagtcctcag caacagcgtc ttctcatcct aaaatggata tgatatgtcc     18540
     caaatgcata atgctaaatt atttgatcat aaattgggag tctccactct caatcctaaa     18600
     gacaagcatt atctccaata ccaaacactt gaaaaaagtg taatgagatt acatttagat     18660
     attgttcaga agccaaaacc acaaataagg caacaattct caaagtttaa ttttctcaaa     18720
     aaggttcttt ttaaaaaatt attattatac tttaagttct ggggcacatg tgcaaaacat     18780
     gcaggtttgt tacataggta tacacctgtc atgatggctt gctgcaccca tcatcccatc     18840
     atctacatta ggcatttttc ctaatgctat ccctccccta taccctgcca ccaacaggcc     18900
     ccagtatgta atgttcccct ccctgtatcc gtatgttctc attgttcaac tcccacttat     18960
     gagtgagaac atgtggtgtt tggttttctg ttcttgtgtt attttgctga gaatgttggt     19020
     ttccagcttc atccatgtcc ctgcaaagga cataaactca tcatttttat gactgcacag     19080
     tattccatgg tgtatatatg ccatattttc ttcatccagt ctaaaattga tgggcatttt     19140
     tgttggttgc aagtctttgc tattgtgaac agtgccataa taaaatacat gtgcatgtgt     19200
     ctttataata gaatgattta taatcctttg ggtatctacc cagtaatggg attgctgggt     19260
     caaatggtat ttccacttct acatcattga ggaattgaca cactgtcttc cacaatggtt     19320
     gaactaattt acactcctat caacagtgaa aaagcattcc tatttctcca catcctttcc     19380
     agcatctgtt gtttcctgac tttttagtga tcaccattct aactggcatg agatggtatc     19440
     tcattgtggt tttgatttgc attactctaa tgatcagtga tgattagctt ttcttcccat     19500
     gattgttggc tgcataagtg tcttcttttg actagcgtct gttcatatcc ttccctcact     19560
     ttttgatgag tttttttttt ttctcacaaa tttgtttaag ttttttgtag atcctgggta     19620
     ttagttcttt gtcagatgga tatattgcaa aaatgttctc ccattctgca ggttgcctgt     19680
     tcaatctgat gatagttgct tttgctgtgc agaagatctt ttatttaatt agatctcatt     19740
     tgtcaaattt gtcttttgtt gccattgctt ttggtgatct agtaataaag tttttgccca     19800
     tgcctgtgtc ctgaatggta ttgccttgat tttcttcggg ggtttttatg gttttaggtc     19860
     ttacgtttaa gtctaatcca tcttgagtta atttttgtat aaggtgtaag gaaggggttg     19920
     ttacaatttt ctgcatatgg ctagccagtt ttcccacatt tattaaatag ggaatcctct     19980
     ccacattgat ttgtttcatc aggtttgtcg aagatcagat atttgtagat attagatatt     20040
     tgtggtgtta tttccgaggt ctctgatctg ttgcattggt atatatgtat atgtttggta     20100
     cgagtaccat gctgttttgg ttactgcagc cttgtagtat agtttaaatt gagttaccat     20160
     gatgcctcca gctttgttct ttttgcttag gattgtcatg gctatgtggg ctcttttttg     20220
     gttccatggg aaatttaaag tagtttttct aattctgtga agaaagccaa cagtagcttg     20280
     atggggatag ctttgaatct ataaattact atggcagtat ggacattttg acaatattga     20340
     ttcttcctat ccatgagcat ggaatgtttt tccatgtgtg tgtgttctct cttatttctt     20400
     ggagtggtgg tttgtagtcc ttcttgaaga ggtccttcac atcccttgta agttgtattt     20460
     gtagggattt tcttctcttg gtggcaattg tgaatgggag ttcactcacc atttggccct     20520
     ctattatttg ggtataggaa tgtttgtgat ttttgcacat tgattttgta ctctgagagt     20580
     ttgttgacgt tgcttctcag cttaaggaga ttgtgggctt agacgatggg gttttctaaa     20640
     tacgcaatca tgttatctgc aaacagagat aatttgactt cctctcttac tgttagaatg     20700
     cgctttattt ctttcctctg attgccctca ccagaacttc caatactatg ttgaataaga     20760
     gtggtgagag ggggcttcct tttcttttgc aggttgtaaa atggaatgct tccagtattt     20820
     gcctattcag tatgatattg gctgtgggtt tgtgataaat agctcttact atttggagat     20880
     actttccatc aagacctagt ttactgagaa tttttagcat gaagacgtgt tgagtctatt     20940
     gacatattta tgtggttttt gtcattgctt ctgttgattt gatgaattat gtttattcat     21000
     ttgcctatat tgaaccagcc ttgcatccca gggatgaagc tgacttgatt gtggtggata     21060
     agctttttga tgtgctgctg gattcgtttt gtcagtattt tattgagaat ttttgcatcg     21120
     atattcatct gggatattgg cctgaacttt tcttttttct tgtgtctctg ccaggttttg     21180
     gtatcagggt ggtgctgacc tcatgaagta aattagggag gagtccctct ttttctattg     21240
     tttggatttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgagat tgagtttcac tctgttgccc     21300
     agtctggact gcaggggcat gattttggct cactacaacc actgcctccc aggttcaagt     21360
     gattctcctc cctcagcctc cagagcaact agaaatccag gttcatgcca ccacattcag     21420
     ctaatttttg tatttttggt agagatggtt ttttgccacg ttggccacga gggggctgga     21480
     actccttacc tcaggtgatc cacacacctt gacctcccaa atttctgaga ttacaggcat     21540
     aagccatcgc gccaggccgg tactcttgtt tcaactgaaa gaaagaaatg tgctgtcata     21600
     ctttactcct gtgagaaagt ccaacagaga aggaatctaa taacatccca atttccaact     21660
     gatttcaata aacattttac ataatctaag aaatagaaag tgcgaacaaa tttgtcatga     21720
     gcattaaagt gagccagcct cccagctact caggaggctg aggcaggaga gtggcatgaa     21780
     cccgggaggt ggagcttaca gtgagcccag attgtgccaa taccctccag cctgggtaac     21840
     agagcgagaa tccgtcttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtgagctag tttctatgtg     21900
     ctaattcaaa tcaaagattt ggcctcactg gcctaactcc ttggaatgaa gtatctgcca     21960
     actgtcaaaa gtcaggctac atgagcttca gaggcctgca gagacctctg aatgactttg     22020
     ctatggagaa gagtcacact ctccagggcc tcctctctgc taagagctga acactcaact     22080
     ggaaagcctg cctacagaga ggagcaaacc gttcctttga actgtactaa cactgaacaa     22140
     aatgtttctt cttgttcaac attcacttct ctgctacctc attctacctc attcttcctg     22200
     acactggaca agatcttgga caaaggagtc acagccacag acgtttctgg ctagaaaaaa     22260
     aaaaacaaca accaacactc tagagatcgg taacaataaa acagaatttc tagttctcaa     22320
     attaaaaaaa atgaagttaa gataatagat aatacattca ttagtttaca aaaataaaaa     22380
     ctaatagtag catccactgt tgatgaaatt gtaggttcta gaaggaatgt gattactaca     22440
     aggttttcgg aaagtaattt ggtatttaaa tagttataat tttatttaat attacataaa     22500
     tttagtattt aaataatttc aatacatggt acttacagca cttggcccag ttttcacatt     22560
     ttgtaccact tattaaatac aaataaaatt accaggatta aaagataaat atgccatcat     22620
     gtttattgta tcattgttat taatactaaa gatttggaat tatagaattt ttctcaaaat     22680
     tagaaagatt aaatggtaca tccattgaaa ccttggtata aatataatat tgattattat     22740
     gtaactatta atgcaaataa gattgatata tgtgttcctt tggaagaaaa tctaaaatat     22800
     atattttagc aaaagcgaat tatacaatat gcatgtattg tgtgtgtaca tggatgtatg     22860
     tatagcagtt tcactttcat aaacatgaac ataatctttg caaatgtttt atatgcaaaa     22920
     ttaacttcgt gaaaattatt gccaaactgc tgttggtgct tatatttgaa actggaagaa     22980
     gaaaagaagt ttattaattt attttccaca catctactta ttttcaaatg ttacaatgat     23040
     taattttttg taagagcact gagaaaccaa caagcacttc tagtttttaa ttttacagta     23100
     aaatgtaatt tcattggtat gcttacaaca atattgtgag tattaatata tgtttttact     23160
     tataaaaaat tgagtttcat aaaggttaaa tgacatatat aatgacacat atcagaaagt     23220
     gctagtgcca cgactcaaaa actattctat ttgtggttcc aattcatata ctttccaatt     23280
     tatctcatta tttcttgact gtgtgtatgt aaatgtgtgt gtaaatgttg aatttttcag     23340
     atgaataaat ttgtgtaaca aattggatat agattaattc agttcatgtt ttttgatgtg     23400
     cagaccaagg aattgagtaa aagccatata tctcagagaa tcacaaaggt gagagaaatc     23460
     gtaccagttt cacaactttt tttttttttt tttttttttg tagagaaaac ctgggaccaa     23520
     gtagggatga tttttcagct tactgtagta aaaaacaaga gctttgcatt caggcagtag     23580
     cagcatctgt ttccaactga gtcttttact aatagtggca tgcactgcta aatatccaaa     23640
     cgccactatc aaccactcaa gacaaaacac caaagattta tcctcaattt cttccttcct     23700
     taaaacttta catcaaatcc ataattaagt ctgctaaact tagtttcaga atattcccag     23760
     tcagactata ttctgctctc aatatccact gtaaatccaa gccaccatta tattttgctt     23820
     catctactgc aatagcttcc ctaaaattaa cactttctta cttttgcctt cttatattta     23880
     ttctctgtaa tattcccttt taaaaatata tatcttatat taagtcattc ttcttaaggg     23940
     atgtttgtgg aggatatgtc gcagaaagaa actactcgct ttaccagcat ccaagatgag     24000
     gctcatgtcc agtgctctag cctcatatct caggcccacc ccttattcca gagtaaatag     24060
     tattttattc aagttgccca tattttcaag ttctgtcttg gttcagagct ttctcccttt     24120
     gctttttccc atactgtttt ctgttagtct tctcagagct gacactttct tcttttcagg     24180
     tcttagatta cgctttattt tctcacagct ctggacatca gaattgtgaa atgggttcag     24240
     caaactataa tcaaagtgta ggcatggctg catttcttct agagtctcta cgagagagtc     24300
     cattcccttt tttttttttc tagcatctag aagtcatact gcccaccaca ttcttgaaca     24360
     ctgaccttat tgccttctcc aagtcttact aaaaacatct acttttgaaa tttctcagat     24420
     attgaattat ctctgctgat acagcctttt tatcttttct tttaagtcct tgaacacaat     24480
     tttaagaaat gttttaaggc ccttgtgtgt gaattccaac atttgggtca tgcaagagtc     24540
     tgatttctta tttatctctc ctatgtcaat atgctcctgt ttctttatac atgtaataac     24600
     atttttctgt gaactgcagt tgcatgttta gataagggat ttgttttctt tctctgaaga     24660
     aggttggcat ttgctctatc agaaattgtt ggctagtgat attgatgttg tagaaccttt     24720
     gtcttattct ttactgggat gagactgttt ggattttatc cttattctca ttgtgaactc     24780
     tttattctta gcatccagat tttcttccta aagtgtatcc tttctgcaat ttcaatagga     24840
     agccaaaggt ttttgtctac tctctctatc ttagtaggac tcaaactcca ctaccctgac     24900
     tagaactacc agtagtttga gttttctaac aggtgttgcc tctcacaaga gggcattagc     24960
     tgtgggcgtc tgcctgcaga ccctggccca aacaacagat gaataaaatg tacactgaca     25020
     cacaggtatt ctgttttgct agtcctgctg tgtctgactg cctgcacacc aagacaggtt     25080
     tgtcactgca gcagaccctg agcagctagc actccaggca tttatttagt atacaattac     25140
     caacagaagc tttgagtaat tacacttgag gataatgaac ttggttaaga cagtagttct     25200
     atgaatgatt aaagctcagg tactgtagtc taagtgaata ccattagggg acaatatcct     25260
     tggtccacct ccccctgaga gggccatttg gtacaaaggt tagttaatgg aggtaggata     25320
     aacagactta actggggaag cctcaattgt cccttgtatt taccctatga cataatgttc     25380
     caaggtaaga actagctgcc ttcaatctgt tcaattatta caagctaggt aaccttttgg     25440
     ccttacgaaa ggtttgtgac tattccctag aacttcccct aatatttccc tttactattt     25500
     ctgccaccat cctgagtgaa tcccaacatt tccccatttt tgttttcttt attagggttt     25560
     tttgattgca gagcacagat atgtgcagcc acaggatttt cagatgaggc agtcactgct     25620
     cttatttaga ctttgcatcc taggattagc aaataacata agacaaacat gagcataatt     25680
     agcaaaaatc ttttccagtc aaagagtatc ccccaggagt tagggtccaa gtaggagaga     25740
     tgatcttgta ctcccttcca catggctgtt gggtgtgcag atctgtggtg tgaacagatt     25800
     ttaaaatttt agttttaact tgcttcatgt ctgcagttaa actgttataa aaggttcccc     25860
     agaggtgttg tttcacctca ccctagctat acattaattg gttccatggt agagaagtga     25920
     cacaggtatg tttatgttgc cattcacatt ttcactgttg acagaatgct agtgcatctt     25980
     gtggctctcc cgcatactct ttccttactg taggagaagt tcatcacata tatttttggc     26040
     cagattatct acaaaagcag ttgtttgtac tgattcagta atagatacaa cagcaatgct     26100
     aacagttgcc ataatgtcta tggctgagcc tgtaaagacc ataagtgtaa atgtgaatct     26160
     tttgtgtctg acctgggaca gggcactttc taaggtggca agggcagaag aatcttgcca     26220
     attgcatgtc aaattggctg gtagaagtgc ctcagattgt ctccttaata ccacgacact     26280
     ggaagttttt aaactagaca tatcatgacc agtgatacat gaggcaaacc aagcctgtcc     26340
     ctgcacccgg gtcacaaatg tggcatttcc aggtgtaatg gaaatgttag ttcctgtaag     26400
     gaaaacatat ggatgggtag tgcaaaccag gcactgatca gtgtgagtat gaataaaggc     26460
     tatagtgtag ttgagcctgg aattatgata tctcccatag caggtgttaa gagaggtgct     26520
     aagatgtccc aggtgccata aggtgccttg ggttggtatg gggtttactc agggtctggg     26580
     gatatcccat ccctccatcg gcccaaatta caggggaacg agacatggct ataaaatatt     26640
     gtggttaatg ctacgatgca gaaagacatt tgtaagcgtg ccctgcagtt ggccatggag     26700
     actccactct aagatgtttt aattgcccaa ccagagacta tgagacttcc cagctaaagt     26760
     gaaatccatt attttcttgg ctctgttctt tagtacggga aggaatattt gggaaagcag     26820
     catggattgc attgcccagt ttgaggttat ctgtagctaa aactgttaag gcactttttt     26880
     tgccatgatg tacccatact tgtcttggag cagttacaca gtaagggtta gagcctttat     26940
     aacttagaag cggtgagagg atagtgtagt gctatatagt gttatctggc accttaggga     27000
     aatgtgtgtt attattgagg gaccctactt ggtgtaaatc tatccgtcct agccaagcag     27060
     tcatgttgtt acagagtggg aagggagtta tctgcccagg tgacagggtg aaagaaaagt     27120
     gggccatttt aggctcatat ttagggctca tattttaatg agcccaatag agtgtagcag     27180
     gtacagtttg caggcaaagc gagagtataa aaatgatcaa taccctatgt gagtcgcatt     27240
     gtacaataga tagcatagaa agaaacaaaa taactggagt aaatggtgcc tgtgtctgga     27300
     gcaggatttg ttcagcctcc tctggaactg tgggtcttac tgggttaact ctttcaattc     27360
     cggtactaga ttggacccta gccatgccat gttatggttg gtgcctcgtg ctggaatcca     27420
     aagaggactt gagggggtgt aaacacaagc ctaccctctc ccccatgtta ataattcatt     27480
     aagaccacac tgtgtccaga attggtgggt tcttggtctc actgacttca agaatgaagc     27540
     cacggaccct cgcggtgagt gttgcagctc ttaaggtggc gcgtctggag tctgtccctt     27600
     ctgatgttca gatgtgttcg gagtttcttc cttctggtgg gttcgtgatc ttgctggatc     27660
     aggcgtgaag ctgcagacct tcacggtgag tgttacagct cttaaggtag cgcgtctgga     27720
     gttgttggtt cctcccggtg ggctcgtggt cttgccaggc tcaggagtga agctgtagat     27780
     cttcgcagtg agtgttacag ctcataaaag cagcgtggac acaaagagtg agcagtaaca     27840
     agatttattg caaagagcga aagaacaaag cttccacagt gtggaagggg acccgagcag     27900
     gttgccaatg ctggctccgg aggcagcctg cttttattct cttatctggc cccacccaca     27960
     tcctgctgat tggtagagcc gagtggcctg ttttgtcagg gtgctgattg gtgcatttac     28020
     aatccctgag ctagatacaa aggttctcca cgtccccatc agattagtta gatacagagt     28080
     tttgtcacac aggttctcca aggccccacc agagcagcta gatacagagt gttgactggt     28140
     gcactcacaa accttgagct aaacacagag tgctgactgg tgtatttaca atcctagagc     28200
     tagatacaga gtgccgattg gtgtatttac aatccctgag ctagacataa aggttctcca     28260
     cgtcctcacc agagcagcta gatacagagt gttgattggt gcactcacaa accttgagct     28320
     aaacacaggg tgctgattgg tgtatttaca atccctgagc tagatataaa ggctctccat     28380
     gtccccacca gactcaggag cccagctggc ttcacctagt ggatcccaca ccggggctgc     28440
     aggtggagct gcctgccagt cctgtgccgt gcgctcacat tcctcagccc ttgggtggtc     28500
     gatgggactg ggtgccgtgg agcagggggt ggtgctcatc ggggaggctc gggccgcaca     28560
     ggagcccatg gagtgggtgg gaggctcagg catggcaggc tgcaggtccc gagccctgcc     28620
     ccatgggaag gcaggtaagg cccggcgaga aatcaagcgc agtgccggtg ggccagcccg     28680
     gctggggcac tcagtacacc ctccgcagcc actggctcgg gtgctaagtc ccccattgcc     28740
     tggggccagc agggctggcc ggctgctccg agtgtggggc ccaccaagcc cacgcccacc     28800
     cggaacccca gctggcccgc aagcacggca cacagccccg gttcccgctc gtgcgtctcc     28860
     ctccacacct ccctgcaagc tgaggtagtg ggctccggcc ttggccagcc tggaaaggga     28920
     ctcccacagt gaagtggggg actgaagggc tcctcaaatg ccaccaaagt gggagcccag     28980
     gcaggggagg tgccgagagc aagcgagggc tctgaggact gccagcacgc tctcacctct     29040
     caacaccatt cattactgtt tacatctttc cataaaactg caggttttat gccttgagag     29100
     gttttagcaa agtgcttttc tacaactgat tgaaatttgt catctgaatt taaaacatta     29160
     agggtaaata aggcctgtgc cagtagtgtt gcagcgtgct tacttatatt accctgtctc     29220
     tgttattagt gcacattttt aagggtgaag tgtctgtgtt ctactattgc ctatccttgg     29280
     gggttatatg ggatgcctgt ggaatgttgg agtttccacc tgtgacaaaa ttgttgaaat     29340
     cgtgagctgg tataagctgg accattaaaa gtgttcattt ttgtgggtca tcccataaat     29400
     gcaaaagtta aaagaagatg tttaatgaca tattgagtag gctctccagg caaagcatgt     29460
     gcactgatta aatgactgtt ggtatcaatg gatatatgca catatcttag tttcccaaat     29520
     tcagggatgt ctgtaacatc tgtttgccac aactgattag gttcgaatcc tgtagggttc     29580
     acacctgtag aaggaggggg cgtgcctgtg cgctggaaat ctgggcattg taggataatt     29640
     tgtttagcta gcctctgggt aagttgaaaa tggtttagat aaatttctcc aattttggtg     29700
     gaaaaattga tgtgattggg tggcttggtc tagcagtgat gtcataacct gaaggtctgc     29760
     ttgttcgttg ccataagcca atgggccagg gagtgggctg tgggctcgaa tgtgtgtagt     29820
     aaaaatagga tgtgaacatt agtctagaat tgtttaagtc agagaaaaag agtaaacaga     29880
     gctggctcca gagtggactt aatcagtgct gtttcaaagt tttgtaacaa ataaacagag     29940
     tatgcagaat cacctaacta tatttatggg ctgagtggaa aaagtttcta aggccaacca     30000
     aactcagagc cccagttgca gctctctgca tgctagtaaa cccagttcaa gtgattgaat     30060
     agtgtggtct cctccagact gccacttttc catgtttagc agacccctca gtaaacagtg     30120
     ttaaaggatt aggcatgggg gtgtaaatta tttttatagg cattattatc agagtgtgag     30180
     ataagaaatg aaggacttca tcagtaggga ggatgtgctc tatttgccct gtgtaatcag     30240
     agaaagctat ttgcaggtct attgccaaag gtaatactgc ttcaaattgc tttttactta     30300
     aaggaatcct gatgacatca gggtcataac ctagtaactg actgcaatgt ttgcaacctg     30360
     aatagatgac tttagtaatt aagtgaatat agagagacag tgttttactt ccagtatgtg     30420
     aacaaaaaac ccattttagg aaatgtagcc caggggtcat ttgtcctagt aaccctgtag     30480
     gggagtgttt gttgggaaat acaaacaact gaattgaata tcatagatca atatgatcta     30540
     gctgcctctg agagatggct agctccattt cctcaatttc tcttgttgct gcagggatta     30600
     aatatctgga agaatcaaga gctggattgc cttttaagat agaaaaaagg ttttgtagtt     30660
     tattagtaag aattcctaaa atgggatgga gccaggtaat atcacccagt aatttctgat     30720
     aattacttaa tgtgtgtaat ttgctagtat ttagtttaac cttttgaggt cttactgact     30780
     gggaggttaa cagatatcca atttatttcc aaggagagag cattggacat ttgtactttt     30840
     ccaggtgcaa tgactaaact tctcagctgt gcattcttta tgacagaagt aaacaaattt     30900
     aaaagtgttg gcccatttgg agctactagt agaatatcat ccataggatg aataatttta     30960
     tagtcaggaa attcttttct actagagagc aaagattgat ttacatgaaa ctgacacatg     31020
     gtaggactat ttagcatcct ttgaggaagc attttctaat aaaattgaca agctggattt     31080
     tcattattga tagctggttt tgtaaatgga aatttttctc tctcctgttc tgttttactg     31140
     gcttattgga cacaggggtg gacatcggat aaatggtata gaagcaatct tttaagtcaa     31200
     taacaattat aggtcaatct tgagggattg ctgctgggga ggggaggccc tttgaaggag     31260
     tcccaggggc tgtaaattag cattaatagc acatcagtca tgtaaaagcc tccatttcac     31320
     agactttttg gcaatgatga aaataggcaa attcctgggg ctggtagaat gttcaagatg     31380
     tccagccttt aactgctcct caactaacac atgaatcctc tgtagtttct ctaccttcag     31440
     aggccactct tctaagcaga ccggatcttg agagagccaa gtcagaggta gcggaggaat     31500
     aaccacagtg gtcattgtta gaaaggggtt tgcagtgtgc cccgcccccc aacaattgcg     31560
     ctaataattc ccatccccag agattaacag ggataggtgt agtgcctaac cttgttttta     31620
     ctctaatgcg ttacttttaa attttccttg cttgtctcct tagttaccca gccttgtttt     31680
     tcccatacaa gtaagacttc ctcttgtctg ggaaagccag acaaactcca tgtggcttcc     31740
     tgatttacca gacattaagg ggtccttacc caaccccttc ctcaaggagt taacctgtgt     31800
     aagcagatcc tcagcatatg gaaggagccc aattaactga taaggtactg aaacaaacaa     31860
     tgtaagaagt tcccaggatt ttactcaaag aaataacaac ataaagcctt gagaccatgc     31920
     ctggcataac atctatatct aactctaatg aaggatttag agccccacac ctggttacac     31980
     tgcttttttt gtaaccattt gtcttttaaa ttgtttgtct ctctgtaacc atttgtttct     32040
     ttgattcttg catgttttta cttctgtaga attattgcat ttgagttccc ctccccttcc     32100
     taaaccaaag tataaaagtt aatcaagccc attcctcggg gctgagagaa ttttgagcat     32160
     tagccatctc tttggccgct ggcttaaata attcatctca aagtgcggcg ttttctctca     32220
     ctcatctggg tataacaatg ggcgtgatca gaggttgtat aactgccttt cttccttctg     32280
     aatcatagca tgttcagggg tgtgtgctct gtttggctgt gtgtgcttcc ccgatgctga     32340
     caattttcta tttctcagtg atccaagtcc aaatttctgg ccagttctga tcactaatga     32400
     ctgaaatgtc aacccctgtg tccaataagc cagtaaaatt attattacca agttttaagg     32460
     taatcatggg tctccgatca gtgattaatt gattccaata tattcctgta gctcctgtgc     32520
     ttccaaaact tccctttccc ctttccttcc catgggtatt agggtctcac tatggtaaag     32580
     tctttcacta agctattttt gatccagggg gaagaatatg cagaccttta tattccatta     32640
     taaccaatat ctgatcttgg tcatcactat caattacccc agagagcata ttaattcctt     32700
     tactggatag gctaggctgc ccaaggacta atcctgctgt tcctagaggc agcgggccac     32760
     agatcccagt ctcaaccatt ttagggcttt ctccctcttt tagcactaat ttggcagggc     32820
     agagaaagtc cagtcatgca ctcccagtag tggctgctct aagagagaga actgtgggct     32880
     ttccagctga ccaaggaaag ctgtcggcat tgtcccagtt gggatcaggg cttggggctg     32940
     gcccctcatg aagtttctcg actgatttcc tatgagattg ccatttttat caaatttaga     33000
     cctgcattga tttgcctaat gtttccattt cctacattcg gaacatatag aagagggttc     33060
     tttccctgag ttagctcggt tatcactagg ggggcattgc ctcttcacat gacctttcac     33120
     tccacataga aaacaatttt ggtttctctc ccttttcact ttcggagggc ttaatgacat     33180
     agctaatatt ctggccttgt ttgtctcagt tcctaccagg tgaggcactt atatgagctc     33240
     ctggatggtg cttgcctttc ctttgattgc ctgccattgc ctgctggcaa tccacattag     33300
     cgttttcaaa agccagttgc agcaataaga taggagtggc ctgggtgtga ctaatttgcc     33360
     tcttaattgc ctgagttaac ggatccataa actcaacaaa tggctcctaa gtcccttgtc     33420
     aaacatttac aaaagacctc tgctgaactc tggtcttggg aatttggtcc caagctctga     33480
     gagcacacag acacttcagc aaaggcctgg ggatcaaaat ttagttgttt ttatacatca     33540
     gcatgaggac acctcccttg gagcttatca gctattatat tttgcccggc tgcctgattc     33600
     tggttggctt gttgtttgca caagccgtcc atatcctgcc ttccagagga ggaatgggct     33660
     aggctccaga gttgctttag ctagcattga ccagtcccat gggcccacac agaattggtc     33720
     tgctaaggcc ccaatcattc cttttgtaaa tggtctagtg gctccatttt ctttaatgct     33780
     ttttcttcat tgtttataag agtgaaagga aatgggttca tgtacttgat taccatgttg     33840
     gtcttgcatt actggacagg ctaagagctc tccttctaat gccacttgtt taagacaagg     33900
     tcccatagct gaagtatgtt tcttgccttt ttttctactt acagtaagac ggggctcagg     33960
     caaaccctcc atttactctt tgttattttg gcccggtgat agtgggactg agggaaaagg     34020
     aggtgataag gcaggtgatg tttctccctc cttctcattt ttaggctctt ctgtgtataa     34080
     tgggactaaa ccatccttag taaagcccgc catgttaaag ctgatgctgg gacctgacga     34140
     ccctgtgcat aacattgttt aagatttctc cctacttgtt cccagagttc tacgtctagc     34200
     attccttctt ctgggaacca tggattatat gaccaaagtt tatattaatt tcattaattg     34260
     aacctgggaa actgaagccc cgctagccgt aagcaactgt tttaatactt ttatatactg     34320
     tttctgaggt gctgataact gttgtcttat aatgaaaact cagcttgaac caacttcccc     34380
     cagagctttg tgacctcaag tgcggaccaa tgacttactg attactcagt gagttaacca     34440
     tgcggttcct ttcttcacct tttttttggg agtccaagtc tttctattgt gaatagtgcc     34500
     acaataaaca tacatgtctt tatcatagaa tgatttataa tcctttggta tatgcccagt     34560
     aatggggttg ctgggtcaaa tgatatttcc agttctagat ctttgaggaa ttgccacact     34620
     gtcttcgaca atggttggac taatttacgc ttccactgac ggcgtaaaag cattcctatt     34680
     tttccacaag ctctccagga tctgttgttt cctgacattt taatgattgc cattctaact     34740
     ggagagagat gatatctcat tgtggattga tttgcatttt tctagtgacc agtgataatg     34800
     agcatttttt catatatctg ctggctgcat aaatgtcttc ttttgagtag tgtctgttca     34860
     tatcctttgc ccactttttg atggggttat ttgttttatt cttgtacatt ggtgtaagtt     34920
     ctttgtagat tctggatatc ggccctttgt cagatgaata gattgcaaaa ttttctccca     34980
     ttctgtaggt tggctgttca ctccgatgac agtttctttg gctgtgcagt agctctttag     35040
     tttaattaga tcccgtttgt caattctgtc ttttgttgct gttgctttca gtgttttgga     35100
     catgaattct ttgcccatgc ctttgtcctg aatagtattg cccaggtttt cttctaggat     35160
     tttaaaggtc ctagttgtaa catttaagtc tttgatctat cttgagtgga cttttgtaag     35220
     tggtgcaagg aagaagtcca gtttcagttt tctgcatatg gctagccagt tttcccaaac     35280
     catttttgta cttcttaaga gtatatttga aaattattcc tcatgattaa gatttatgtc     35340
     ttttagaagg agaagcaagc tagtagcatt ttagatataa tatacactga gctgttttct     35400
     tttttcacag gaagtgtctt tattcaaaat ttccactagt tttaaaattg atcaatgtaa     35460
     acaaattata attaaaaaaa cttttcctac aattacaaag tagtatttgc taaacaaatt     35520
     ctcctttaaa atgatttgca tcaggtaaac ttaattttgt ctaaactaaa ggctataaaa     35580
     accttggaag aaaatattta gtaccatgta attaagggaa ttagtatcac attttcaggt     35640
     acccaacaat tactacgttt ttacaaacat gaaagtaaaa gaaaacaact atgactctta     35700
     ttatatcact acagtctgtg atttttcttc tttttctcat ttatttatat tcatcatagg     35760
     tttaattgca tgcctctgca tttctctgta tacctctgaa agattaatat atggttctgc     35820
     aattatatat ttattttacc tttgaaaagg tatacagcat atcatgatac attttccatt     35880
     agtgttgtac ccaagcgagt tagaggaatg tcacactttg aaatgaattt aagggtcctt     35940
     tatttagccg gcagccgaga ggcggataac gctcagaatt ctctcggccc cgaggaaggg     36000
     gcttgatttt cctttatacc ttggtttagg aaggggaagg gggctcagtt gcaacaattc     36060
     tacagaagta aaaacatgca aaaaattaaa aagacaaatg gttacagaga aataaacagt     36120
     tccaggtgca ggggctctaa atatattata agatgtcagg tatggtggct ctgctgaaca     36180
     caaactcaag gctttatggt gttatctctt gagtgaaatc ctgggaactt tgtacattgc     36240
     ttgcttcagt accttgcttt gtgcattgct tgcttcagtt aattggactc tttgatgcgt     36300
     agacaatcag cttacacaag ttaactcctt gaggaaaggg ggtgggtaag gagtccttga     36360
     tatcttgtaa atgaaggagc caaatggagt tcgtctggct ttcatagcta agggagagca     36420
     tattcacatg gaaacaaggc taggtgatta agggagaaag ggagagtcta aaaacaaggt     36480
     tagtaaaagc aaggttagta aaaacaagtt taggtattgc attagtatac ctatctcaga     36540
     atgcacataa ctttagaacc tataaaactt ctgcatgggt tagaaactag gcaatgttaa     36600
     gcagtattta tttacaaaac atgtctaatt tataatggga ataggatgag aaaagatgct     36660
     ttctttttgg tttgacaaca ttatgggctc tgagggttac tcagagaaga cagatttcat     36720
     cttagaagtg ggtatttgct tactagggtt gaaagcgtta tggtggtggc atgctcccag     36780
     attaccactt gagatgcatc gctggttgat ctacagagca gctttgatgc ggttttaccc     36840
     agccagattc ctgctatcct ggctgcaagg tttgttttct tttgcttgta gtcagagggg     36900
     aagtgatgct tgattttcta cttgcctctg aactttagag cttaattttg ctccaggaaa     36960
     gaggagaatt tcttaaatct gaagtgtttc acttagcttt atgaaagtag gaaaaaataa     37020
     aataaaacaa aataaaaaca atccttgctg gtttcttatt catattccat ctattaactg     37080
     ctggattgaa actcttttta aaaatttttt gatgacttct gaatcaaagt aacaatgcag     37140
     gcaaagctcc cacacctgga aactaagaaa ggacttgcac aaaagaaagt aagacagaaa     37200
     gagaaaatat gaaggttctg aggttaccat gaaattgatt ctaagttcct ttgcctgaga     37260
     gtcgaatcct ttctacaatt ggttggagtt ccattctcct ttcagggctc agctcgtgtt     37320
     acactttctc tccaatctct tgtagctttt ccttacatta ctttattttc tctggcatga     37380
     agaaacggtg cagaggaaaa tacaatattg agtagatttt gcagtgaaat attttaattg     37440
     cagaatggta tggaaaacaa tggatgctag gataaaaatt gtgtgtgtaa gcttattgag     37500
     aaatttgaat gaatgtcagt ttcaggagag tttagacttg aaagtgtcgt taaacgtatg     37560
     ctttcatatc atgcttgtgt ttgacataaa aatgcgtaat attttttatg tcagagaagg     37620
     tagttttcat atattgtgca tcaacctatg gatctccaat ttccaaatgt gcagtacatg     37680
     ctcaacaaac tgtggaacag aatgatgaat gagtaacatt aaccgaactc tttagaaaat     37740
     tggcatacta aagttcatac taaaacatga atgcattctc tttattcaag taattaattt     37800
     ctaataatcc cattcatctt agatacaaaa cttaattagc ttagtaataa aattactgat     37860
     gatagcatat tattttacta aatatatgct ttagaatgta ctaacagttt ctgtccaagt     37920
     ttatccttat ggaaaccata gtagtaaaag cattcttatg tccagctttc tttttatcag     37980
     gttctaaaga gaggacatat taatagtaca catgtaaaca gtagctgact gaatttttaa     38040
     aagattaaat aaagaagcac taagacaagt attaaaattt tataaacaat tattgcttat     38100
     ccttcattag acagcaacaa cattggtaag ttaacaggca gcatttttac cagttcagag     38160
     ggtgtctgag tactcagtgg gatttattat gtgaaacaat actcacataa acctgaagaa     38220
     agtgtactta ttttatatac ataaaaggta gcaggtaacc tacttagaga ttacttgaaa     38280
     tttctacttg gatgggccct ttcatctctg tgagaatgta gagcaggtca agttctcctg     38340
     ggaggctgtg gtagtagtct tttgtgcaga ttgttttgtg tttttagaat ttttagtttc     38400
     tcaggtcgct gatatggctc agtcattata ttttctctgg agtggttggt ctggagcaga     38460
     cattcccaaa cttcctggta ccagggactg gtttcatgga agacaatttt tccacagatc     38520
     atgggtgggg aggtgatggt tttgggatga ttcaagaaca ttacatttat tctgtaccgg     38580
     tatttctatt attacaactc tgcaatatat aattaaataa ttatataact caccataatg     38640
     tagaatcagt gggaggcctg aacttgcttt ctgtcccagg gtgatggcag acagtgacag     38700
     atcatcaggc attagataat cataagagtg cacaatctag atccctcgca tagacagttc     38760
     accacggggt atgataatct aatgtcactt ctgatctgac aggaggtggg gctaaggcag     38820
     taatgcaagc aatgaggagt ggctgtaaat acggatgaag ctttgctggc ctgccagcca     38880
     ctcacctctt gctgtgcagc cagttcctaa cagatcatgc actggtacct gaatgagtgt     38940
     ttagaatcat caacgtcttt aaagtggtta gcatatccag aacaaacagt agtgtccagg     39000
     taagaaaggc ctacctatgg ggagtgatta gtcactcctg tagagtcagt ctattaaggc     39060
     tgattgacat atcttacagt ttttatcaag acagtgcttg gtgaataaat atgcaataaa     39120
     tgataaccat atattcaaaa ttagtgtttc ccgcatgttt cagctgggtt tgtttttagg     39180
     tgatcatatt gtttcttcat ggactagtca taagaatact cagttgaatg ctcagttgaa     39240
     ccttggagga aacatgcatc actgtttaca cagcaaaaat aactgaagta aattgtttgt     39300
     ttagagtctc ctggctctgc taaagtcacc agaataatca ccgcttaaaa gttaccaaac     39360
     actgcatgtt ctcactcata ggtgggaatt gaacaatgag aacacatgga aacaggaagc     39420
     ggaacatcac acaccagggc ctgttgtggg gtggggggag gggggaggga tagcattagg     39480
     agacacacgt aatgttaaat gatgagttaa tgggtgcagc acgccaacat ggcacatgta     39540
     tacatatgta actaacctgc acattgtgca catgtaccct agtacttaaa gtataataaa     39600
     aaaagaaaag tttatcatag atagtacata tttgaatcta tgcatattta tgaactatga     39660
     aaatgactgc catgttcata acaatggtaa tataaaacag tttatgggca cttactggaa     39720
     atcaaatgtc aaagactcag agactaagtc atttagaaaa gaaaataaat tcatttgcag     39780
     aaaattatta attggagtac aggttttaac agaacttgct gtaaaattaa aaaaaaatga     39840
     ttagatattt aatttatcaa agctgtaatg ttcatgatgg acaattaata acttctttga     39900
     attattgtca aattagatga tattctccca tttttatata tcaacatttc aaaggccaag     39960
     ataaaattat ttttgttagg gagtcagtaa cttacagaaa agctcaagat ttgatttaat     40020
     ttttggaacc agacagaatg agtctgtttt acttgttgtt gttgttgtca ttgtggttta     40080
     ccttagggaa aatgaagcat ttaaaaatgt tttccttgtg tggaatatga tgtaaaccct     40140
     cattccttta atggagcagg gcaaggtgat acagtatttc cttatagaca ctgtgcaagg     40200
     cactctattc acttatgtct aacaacaagc ccatgatgat cacagggcac tgcttactca     40260
     ctgaatttta cagttacact agaggtggag ttaaacctgc attggtaata cattaggctt     40320
     agtaaataat ttagtgagcc ccttgagaat gatctaagat atgagcacct aattgtacca     40380
     aatgtatggt caatattatt tcctgttaga gactcatgat gagattacag agaaattaga     40440
     aactaattaa acatatagaa ccaaagtttt cattccctag ttcaagctca tcagtacatt     40500
     ttactttctt tcagatgcag acataattta ttgtttttga agaatctctt tatctcttta     40560
     tctctctctg tttctctctc tctctctctg tttccctctg tttctttgtt tccctctctc     40620
     tgtttctcta tttgcttctc tctgtatgtt tctctctctc actctctctc tctctcctgc     40680
     tttatattat atgctagcaa aggattaggc aaggatagat gttctctaaa gacagatatt     40740
     gcctgtttga aaagctaagg acaggccaac caaaaaataa agaaactaac actgattttt     40800
     ttaaaaagcc atacgtagcg tcagtgatga ggacctctca tttttgttat tactgctgtt     40860
     tcattcaaga aactgaaaac taggacaaga tttgttccca catacacagg taagagcagc     40920
     tcagccacaa taaagagatg tctcactgat ttgagtgaaa aatgcaggac cccatttaca     40980
     tggaaatata gtattttaaa ataaaaaaag ctgaagtttt aagcattcca attcacaatg     41040
     taaattttgt cttttttatg taaaatgaga taatgtaagt aagacacttc tgttgtaatt     41100
     gttattgcta ttgaggttat catccctgtt cttgttaata ttacttactt ttaattttct     41160
     gttttaattg ttattgctac tgaggttatc atcactgttc ttgttaatat tacttacttt     41220
     gaattttcct gtataggcct taatctaaca ctttctgtac caatgcttgt ttggcaaaac     41280
     tattttttta ggtaaagagt atacaattta gtgtctcaat aatgttgcat aattacccat     41340
     accaaaactt ggtggtattt tatagtaagc atgtattttt gcctttgtaa ctgcagaaaa     41400
     agagggattt tttactcttc taagcttagt tggaattggt tttgtctcag tcgattctaa     41460
     tgtgttctct ttaaacctac agctaagtta ttttcttctt gtaaagaaaa gcaggaaagc     41520
     aagacggtaa gttcaattgc caaacacatt tcaagacctt ccctgttttt catgtctggg     41580
     catcccatta acccctaaca ggaagcaaag gaacgggaaa cacagttctg ccatggaaat     41640
     tatgaatatg tgctaagcaa caggactatt aattttaaat aataagctgt taggtggttt     41700
     ttattccatg aacaattaga ttgcaagtga cttgtacatg ttacctttct actagaaatc     41760
     catacccaga aagctttatc catcactcct gattttagag gtgttcagtt gtcagatttt     41820
     tttctcactt ccactggctg cattgctcca ctcttctaac catcctccta ttcattttaa     41880
     agtcaaagtg aattatgtct tgcttgtcag agtttattaa tgttggatcc tgaaattata     41940
     aagattgtta tgtatctttc caattcttat ggtattatta ttatgggaaa atgtataccc     42000
     ttttgaaaat aactaatttg aaataatttt gtaacataat ccattttaca ataagaaatc     42060
     tcctctctca aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cagtctccat     42120
     ggcaaattta ttataattca aataaacatg aaatattaaa tatttaaacg ttaaatattt     42180
     aatttaatat aatataaata tgtttatatc atataatgaa gggatttttt tgttaaatac     42240
     agggtaagtt gatatgtttt ttctttttgt cacaaaattg ccaaacacat gtgtcaaagt     42300
     attaatacac agtatcatat gtatgacatt ccatctgaca cattttgaca ttaattcatc     42360
     ttttgatcca aaaatttctt cctattttaa taaagataca catttgaatt ttatccgttc     42420
     tgcacctttt taaggctccc tttaataatg aacttcaaaa ttaaactttt atatttaata     42480
     ttattgttgg tatagtctca tttttataaa tatttgtcct gttctttaaa tgatgatgta     42540
     tgatacatag gcaaaaggat atcctggagc ttttatattt tattttatat atatttttga     42600
     gacagagtct cactgcctca cccaggcagg agtgcagtgg tgtgatcctg cctcactgca     42660
     atctccaact ttgggttcaa gtgattcttc tgtctcagcc tcctgagtag ctggaccaaa     42720
     ggcattcacc accatgcctg gctaattttt tatttgtagt agagatgggt gttctgccat     42780
     ataacccagg ctggtcttga actgctgacc tcaagtgatt cacccgactt agcctcacaa     42840
     agtgctggga ttacagatgg aagccatcgc acctgacatt ttgctaattt tatgtcgatc     42900
     tcatggatag ttgcttgtag tgaaagagcc aagaattaat caacacatca tagatacaca     42960
     caactaaatt tccgagagga atatattgcc cagatcaagt aagtttccat ggaaaattat     43020
     taacaaagac ctcattcaag aggattgcag aaagtgagct atgctcagcg ggattggtat     43080
     cataatgtgg tacaaagaaa gtgaataaaa ttatatgatt aatttttttt tgcggttgca     43140
     ggtcagcatc cattgcttat accacgtaca gtgccccact caaacttgaa tggcagtgag     43200
     gcagtcagga tttggaggaa ggcccagcaa ggacaatcag ggcccaagga tagaatgctg     43260
     gatttgcctg tggtgctttg tgatctttca caaagtaact gcgaaatgat gagtgtagac     43320
     agcatatctt ctgtcataaa ttagacattt caaccaatat tattacctta aatatatctg     43380
     ttcttactct aaatagttaa atccactgta tttcaagatt taaagttgaa tccaaagact     43440
     ctttaatgtt acaaagaagt atgaagttac cttaagttaa aattgttcag tggacattga     43500
     aataactacg gctgtcaaca gtggctgacg cctgtaatct caacactttg gtagaccgag     43560
     gctggtggat catgaggtca ggagatcgag gccatcttgg ctatggtgaa accccatctc     43620
     gactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcat ggtggcaggc acctgtagtc ccagctactg     43680
     aggaggctgg agcagagaat ggcatgaacc tgggaggtgc agcttgcagt gagttgagat     43740
     catgccacta cactgtagcc tgggcacaca gcatgagact ctgtctcaaa aaaagaaaaa     43800
     aagaaaaaga aagaaaaaag aaagaactac aaacacctcc caaaattatt cttcatgttg     43860
     acataaataa tgttctatca ggagtatatt ttaatatgtg cttcaataat gatctctctc     43920
     cattagaagc ctctaggaga gaaggaatca ttgagtttca atcacacaac tattaccaga     43980
     gacagactta catttgcttt gaaaaacgtg ctcttttaca gttttcattg gaggaaatga     44040
     atatctgaca atagagaaca aattttgtaa ttcctaaata cctgactagt agtatcattt     44100
     gtatatatat ttattttcat ttatcaggaa ttattcatgc acctacctta actgtaatta     44160
     ccaactcagc aacgtaaaat cacactgtac ctaaaaatac aaacagtatc ctactgaagt     44220
     taaacatgct atcatgctga ggttgggttg ccatcttttc ctctgaaacc acaaagagct     44280
     tctgcatgtt actgccttca acatatgcac ttgctagttt ctgtttccat tgttaaaaat     44340
     agactccttt gacaatcatt tttaaatact ttccatccta caaagcttat tagctttact     44400
     ttacacaacc attcagcaca tattgctact aaatagttga tttgtcacca aataatgaaa     44460
     cctgtaattt gtaggaagaa cggaaaccta ggctccagga atcccaaagt agaaatcctc     44520
     ctaggagtta tagtaatttg aaactctgcc atagattatt agtgatgaag tgatccataa     44580
     aactttgtga gaggtactgc gtccgtgaca ttgtgtctag caagaataag ggatactcaa     44640
     gatacatact agttttcact tatttcacat ttatacccat gaatctgtga cacaactctt     44700
     caaaatgttg tggatcagct acccacaaga cagggagaat aagatacgac tgtacactgt     44760
     gttccagaca ttaagaattt aatcctcaaa ctcacccaaa tgaatacagt tggaataatg     44820
     gctacccact tctgggtaaa ataaaatgca ttgtaaacct taactttttc gttaaaatgt     44880
     aagtatagta ttaaccgtca ttgttcatgc tatcttttaa cctcattgca gtgaagagaa     44940
     tagtggatga tatgcagacc atcactctcc tgccttttca gtaaaattat aaaggatgat     45000
     ttattgaatg ttcttggaga agcaaattaa ttttcacaac ttttccaggt ttctcattac     45060
     caagtgatca cttcttataa agaaatagaa gacagttctg ctgaattaaa acatgatgta     45120
     tcaattggtc tcaaatttct gtcttctgtt ttaactgagg ccttttttga gaatactcaa     45180
     gatatgtatt gtctgttttt gttttgtttt gtttaagtag gaactatgga gccagaaaaa     45240
     ggtgccttgc tgctgagtta aagttaacag aggctatact ggtcttacag aagatccagg     45300
     gggcagattg gccaggaaag aagggccatg gtcaagagcc attaaagtgt tcccctcagg     45360
     gtgccttaat aacagccgag gcattagagg gattccctct agagtcatca gttttgatta     45420
     tttaagtctt ttttccccct gttgacatat agagagacac aaagctaggg aaccaataat     45480
     tctactctag ttactgtaag tgctggtata aaatcaccag tctcaaaagc cacttgtaaa     45540
     tacaggaccc atctgactaa agagtgttcc tcttgggaaa tatggtgtat tatcaaaagg     45600
     gggaattttg tgaactgata ctatagttta aactcaggtt accggttctt ccgaagttct     45660
     tataattata gattgaagtg ataatggttt gttttattcc aactcattga atgtccagtt     45720
     atattccgtt ctaccactcc caaaaatgta ttctaaaaac tgaaacaaac tgatggtact     45780
     ctttttgaaa agtccatccc cacatctctg cccatctcca cacaaagatt tattttgaca     45840
     agaatagttt tagtggtacc tcactgatgg caatcagtgt attgagttgt aattttgtaa     45900
     agatttatga agttccgatt agctccatca ctgcagttag aaaagcagtc tcatccacac     45960
     tgttgaaaaa gaaagttctt cctagaaagg ggaggtggct ggcaaagtcc agttggtgaa     46020
     gcattcagaa gacaagaagg tgaattagca aagtggaaag agatgttgaa tgaaaatgta     46080
     cacaactttt tatgacaaac tgggtgtaag tcatagttta tgtataattc taaagacaga     46140
     ggattgatgg ccctacatca accttagtga cagagtaaaa caaaaggaca cacgtgccac     46200
     tggggtcttt cctaaaatac aaagttccaa aaaaaaaata aacatagaaa taataaactg     46260
     agggtgaata agggactgat ggtcaataag actatctaga agtcaccaaa gaaataaagc     46320
     cataaacaga aaaaatgaac catgtttaaa gagctgcagg aagatgatca ggtcatgcca     46380
     tacagtgtaa gttgggtttg actggttcag ttgaagccag aacctacaaa taatatatgg     46440
     ataacattga tccgcttcca tttacacttc ctgtgtagca caaattttgg ctttcttatt     46500
     taatgaaata atacagtaac agagttcatg ctgatgacaa gctataagtt atctttagct     46560
     ttttgcagcc cctctttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct     46620
     tccttccctt cttctttcct tattttaaat tagaagtcca attgaactat gccttgagct     46680
     ttttttgatg taacatacag gctttaaaat gttactgatt ggaccgtaat gtcaggtggc     46740
     caatgaaaag cactgaataa ttcaatctga tttagtatgt ctttgatttg aaacttaaaa     46800
     ccatgaagtg gtatcatctc tagcaccctg agtaggagta gttcacagaa ataggtgata     46860
     agtaatttgt ttaaccactc agttttgaaa tctttgagaa cttagttgaa ataaagacgg     46920
     tgtagtctac aaataaaatg agctaagact ttaagatcaa gcagaggtaa ggccctgaaa     46980
     attttgaatt gataaagctg atgttgtgtt actaattttt tctgagaaaa atgacatgga     47040
     acaagatttg agaccatcaa aaaacaaaca aaaaaaggta cttaattgaa tttaagagaa     47100
     gttagattac tttaaattta tttaaagata ttttaacatc tatgtctgat ttcacaaaat     47160
     taaacgtttt ataataaaat aaacttgttt tgagttttaa agtcagacaa gcatacccac     47220
     acattatttt tgttaattag gggaaaagaa cacaagttct acttattgac atagtggcaa     47280
     aataataaaa aggaacatac aactcaaatt tttctacaca cacacaggca ttctaagtga     47340
     catagagggt taatgctatg tagagtgcat aaaatatttc agtcttgcat cttgttcttc     47400
     tctttaaaaa taaagaataa atacaagcag aataaaaact aaccaaaatg aaataaacat     47460
     ttttttaaca gaagtagaga ataagtctgg atgatgtcat tgggaaatcc acgagggcta     47520
     aacttgaatg aatataccta agatactaag agatatgtct taaagcagta tttgcaaagt     47580
     aaacacactg ttttcagtta ctttacatgt gatacattcg gctgggagtg taaggagggc     47640
     cactgcttgt ccctgcactg atcctcagtc acagggtatg acggtgataa tgaaaattag     47700
     ataataggtc tgatatagaa cattcagatt gatgcaaggt aatacacatc tgcagacatc     47760
     aggcagagtg caaaggttcc acatttgcag aaaaactatt gtttttttgg aaaaaaaagg     47820
     ggggtgttaa atgctgggag aagtaagcta taccattaca gatctgagac atctggagag     47880
     ggaaactcat tatacaccgc aagtcttgac agctggaact tcactgatag ctcatgcaaa     47940
     cactgtcttt ggtgactaca gttaccaata ctgtactgta tacttgaaaa acttgctcag     48000
     agactggagc tttattgttc tcccccaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaac accctaaacg     48060
     gataccaaac acaatgaaat tatcttaaag ggtattagaa ataatgacaa atttcctata     48120
     aatgaatggc atttacacta gcaagaagtt tctaaaaagc aatattaaaa taaagaagca     48180
     gggttttttc aagccatgat ctaaaataat atatttttta aaaaaactat tgttaaagtg     48240
     tgagggtgaa ataaagacac tttatgttat acaaaacttg caaggatgta ttacagacag     48300
     tttgtttgct gaaataattt cttaaggtta agttttagga aagaggaaat ttcacacaaa     48360
     agggaaaatt caagaagcaa ggtaagtaaa gaaattaata aagaagaacg tatccctaag     48420
     ctagcaataa cattgtaaac aataacacta acaatgagta tttaagcata taggtaaggt     48480
     gcacctaaaa ttctaaacaa taggattaga tttaattaca gttgatagag tttatgggaa     48540
     caaacaaaat tatgagccat atacaaataa acatttaaaa aacacaacaa ttttcaagga     48600
     aaagtactaa attttattga aggtcataac aaatgaaagc caaaatatac ataaaaaggc     48660
     aaaatggact aaacacattt gttaaacaca tataaaaata aatctttata tcacagtata     48720
     cacaagagta aatggacgat gattttaaaa atacatgtaa aaaccaaagc tgccacatta     48780
     ccagaagaaa atattagaga ataatttata atatcagaaa aatactgtta ataaggttta     48840
     aaaggctttc ataaaaaagt aaaattttag ccgggtgtgg aggctcacgc ctgtaatccc     48900
     aggactttgg gaggccaagg tgggcggatc acgaggtcaa gagattgaga ccatcctggg     48960
     caacatggtg aaacccatct ctactggtta gtagggatta ttttaattat gttctctttc     49020
     atcctccaaa catgtttccc cctacagcat tccactattc agaaatcaca gcactatata     49080
     ccttgtattt ccagctagaa acatagagga tgatccttga ggcagcctct tctcttcaca     49140
     tccaacagtt cataggttgt gtgtcctctc tgaaaatttt acagtcttag taaataaagg     49200
     ctggccccta aacaaccttc aatcatccac tttttttttt tttgcaattc tcgtcagttt     49260
     cttaccgaac agcaggagct ctgcaaagtc aacgttgaag taagtaccat tctctgccag     49320
     tattactatt ttctttatca caatataaat gttccttaaa aatgcccaca tgaagctata     49380
     ctaagtaata cagttaaatg atgtctttgt tttacagaaa agtacaaggc aaacagaatc     49440
     aattgttatt atatgatctt tataactgca cacacaggta ctagatattt tagaatccag     49500
     ttcatacatc tgaaatttgg gcctcaaaat atttagcata tgttaaagac taatgtcaga     49560
     ttatagaact gcctgtttcc acagtattgt gctatctcgc tttaagaacc agctggggaa     49620
     tcattaaaaa tataaaatgt ccttttcttg aacctctccc aggtgagcca aaaaacgaaa     49680
     ttttctgtgg agatgttgtc atgtgcaatt tcatgaaaac ttttacaatt ttaaccacag     49740
     ctatgcttca gtggcatacc tgtttattca atacctgcac acctgcttta atacagaaaa     49800
     atttggaagt taatacaagt attaactgtt accatcattg gtgctgacaa ctgaagatgc     49860
     tttccaatct tccatgaata tgtgaaattc aaaatgtcag tacagtctcc agaatgtcaa     49920
     tgtaatctta gtagcagtgg atcatttaca gaaggtaatt ttgccacagt ggtcaaatat     49980
     ttgttaaata ctgctatttt atagctatcc ataacattaa ctgacacaca gtgtatagct     50040
     agaaccatgt tgctaaagaa aatgttcaca aatagatttc tcatttttgc taaattgcaa     50100
     actaacaggt taattacccc tgtgaagtac gagatagatg gagtagtatt taccaagaat     50160
     gagaaagaag agaggggcat atgacttgag aaggtgggag tgagtaaaag ataaggtatt     50220
     tattcctgac tcctgacttg atgttctttg cttgattctt ttctttttgt tgttgttgtt     50280
     gttgttgtta ttttacttta tcttatgtgt tagaccagag tttcacaaac acccccaaat     50340
     aattacatgg ggcataacaa atatatccag ataattctca ttattttcct tcaaaatcct     50400
     ggttcaataa tttgaaatga gacctggaga accagtaatt ctaacaagta tgataagtga     50460
     ttgttaccaa aatgactatt atgaaatatt tagacaacca ggcaggagct aggtaatcaa     50520
     tatttaatag ttggttctta cagtaagggc aaaggatttt attgaaaaga ctatttaaat     50580
     gcaagtttta tgaaaaaggt tgaagtgagc actttagtac tttctaatta gtgtctttaa     50640
     aatatgtttt gctaaagtgg caaaattatt tttttcatta gaagttagca ttatagtcac     50700
     aaatgtcttc tgagttagct ttttgaaaat cttcagatta taaattgtaa aaattatctt     50760
     tggtgtttat aaaactccag aaaatcacta agaaaaatat acataaaaat accagtatct     50820
     aaaaagatca aaataactct tacaaacaga caacaatcta gcctaggaga agaaagcagg     50880
     acaggtaaat agatccattt tggcaaagag gaaagtcaaa tgaccaatga aaaatggcta     50940
     gatgattgaa ctcattagta atctgggaat ataaatcaaa accacattac gttccaactt     51000
     ttgttcatta gcttggcaac aattaacata ataacataat aacccttgta gtcaagggtg     51060
     taaagaatgg taatttggtt ccatcaatca caggactctc taatgatatt tagtaaaatt     51120
     agggtgacta aaactttcat tgttccaaca gaaacttttt tagaataaag agtactaaca     51180
     tacacaaaat tatttaatat ttaatatatt atttcctttc aggcaaattt ttattgtatt     51240
     gatggatcta tgaaatagtt atcttccagc tatttttaaa aatgaaatcc cttcaaaaat     51300
     ttaaaaccac aattacatat cttgaggcaa aatagaaaaa taatttacat tatttaaata     51360
     ttaaaaatag ggagaataat tatatagaac atatttatat gaattaatct gtttcttaat     51420
     aattatctgt agttcttttc tggaaaatgc atttatttta atattatatt gatttttaaa     51480
     taatgttact tgcaagcttt tccaaagttg cctcttcctg tcaccaataa aagttatcaa     51540
     caaagtttag ctttttaaat gaactttaaa caaccattta tcatattgtt caattttttt     51600
     tctggcacaa taatatttcc acagctttat tttggtgccg atgattgatt aaaaattcaa     51660
     accatgtttt aatcaaattt tctgtttgaa acatctaaat ggcattattc aactcttttt     51720
     gaatttcctc tgtagctaat ggagctaaca tactaacaat tactgatgaa tattcctaag     51780
     tgcagaaaaa atagaattaa aaatgtacac agttgatttt aaaaaatagc aatttgatgc     51840
     aaataaaaag ccaagcatct cggaattata tgcttaattt ttccaaattc acatattaaa     51900
     cctgtgaaaa tgtcatcttc aggcatagtt ttcttaatgt aactaagtat taccttttga     51960
     aatagcagtt gcttttcccc ctcagcgctc tatattttgg atttcaggat atcactttta     52020
     gcctgtggtc ccaacatgga ctacaaggct ttatgactac accatgtgtt tactggcact     52080
     tttcaaccca taatttgatt gaaagggaaa tcaagtagtt attaattaaa tatctacttg     52140
     cattttcagg tcattgctgc tgaaacagat tttttaaaaa tagtcattag caagcaacct     52200
     ataaataaat agttgtaggt atatgagaga tgacaaaacc actgtggcca gacgagttaa     52260
     ctactctctg tgtgctaagc ttctatttcc agcacataat ttacgtatgt ctagcctatt     52320
     atttccttca ttttccccaa acccaccatg atgatctggc aatgtcgtgt aagtgagcca     52380
     cacggtaaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaactatgtc aaatactttt tccaacacaa     52440
     ggcaagactg gaagaagcta gccattccta gccaatactg actcagtgca tattgattta     52500
     ttgtcactct gccgcatgct gtccttgaaa aagaaggaca gcatgttatc tatgtttggt     52560
     gtaaactgtt aggaaaataa agttgatttt cagacttatc tcccaactca agtcatcatt     52620
     ctgttaatat tttattttcc tcacatactg atagaatact gacaatagct gcaattatta     52680
     aacaaaatga acatttaaca aacatgtttg ttctaatcaa tgtaacttat aataatactt     52740
     cattaaaaat gaaaaatcta agacatatgc taagccaatt agcatggatg aacaatagta     52800
     ataaagtcat agtcttgggg gccaatgaga atattttaac ccctcagagt taaaactgta     52860
     cacacactgc agtccagcca ttcttctaat acattcatta taaactctca cacatgtgta     52920
     cccagaggcc tgggcaagat ttttcattgc aggatttcaa aaaacacatc atggaacatg     52980
     atagtattca gtagactaag aactatgcca tcaataattg cagctttcca caagaatgtt     53040
     aacaaaaaaa tgtgaaataa tacacacctt ataatattca cataaatatt aaaaattcac     53100
     aaaacaccag tattgtttag aaataaatat tttaataaat ttataaaaat atgaaggtaa     53160
     taccaggttc atgataatgg tgcctctgga aatggaaaaa agcaaatgaa tctgatgggg     53220
     tgtatcccaa ttacaaccag aggtaatgta aatagaacaa ggaatgtatt aatggaggtt     53280
     atttttaagt tagattaaaa tggtatttat tatgttattt agtatttgta tacatttttt     53340
     aatcttcctc aaaaaaattt tatatgaaca atattctgta taaattggaa ttaccttgtg     53400
     aagtaattgc tttaaaattt ccctgtcccc attgccactt tcagcgaata aaaaaaatta     53460
     aaaattgaag aatgtgttac ctttcaaaaa aaaattttac atttataagt atgaaacaaa     53520
     atgcattacc agcacatcac attttttgac tcattatcca tgtaaaatca tgtagcaaaa     53580
     aatgagagaa ggacataggc agaatttgac atatgaatag aggaaataat tgcatgttta     53640
     tttaaaatat cttcataaga cataaaagtg tccaagaaac ataaaaaaag tgctcaacat     53700
     cactgatcat cagagaaatg caaacaaaaa tcacaacaag ttaccatttc ataccagtca     53760
     gaatgactat tattattatt aaataaccaa aataaaaaaa taacgaaggt aggcaaggct     53820
     acgtaggaaa agaaatactt atacagtggt ggagagaatg ttcagccact gtggaaagca     53880
     gtttggggat ttctaaaaca ctaacaatag aactaccatt tcacccagca atcctattgc     53940
     tcggtatatg ctcaaacgaa aataaatcat gaaagctacc aaaaagacac aagaattctc     54000
     atactcatca ccatgttaaa gagatggaat caacctagga gcacatccat gtgctcctaa     54060
     agaaaatatg gtacatatga acagtggaat agtacacagc tgtaaaaaga acaaaatcat     54120
     gtcctttgca gcaacatgga tgcatctgga ggtaattaac ctgagcaaat taatgctgaa     54180
     aaagaaaatc aaatattgaa tattctcata aataggagct aaaacgtggg tgcacacaga     54240
     aataaagatg agaacaatag acactggaga cttcaaaaga gggacagagg gagaggggca     54300
     ggggctgaaa accttcctat taggtagtag gttcactctc tgggtgatag gatcaataga     54360
     agactaaaca tcagcatcac gcaataacct ttgtaacaag cctgcacatg tactctctga     54420
     atatataata aatgtggaaa tacaaaataa aataaaaata ttattaatgg aaataaatta     54480
     ttattaatat tatcatataa acattattaa agggaataaa ttacatttta gaattgacat     54540
     tattgcagtc atacatgatt gaaacatgct gataaaatct atataagctt tatggaaaca     54600
     gtgaatagtc tcctgactgc ctttaaaagt ataaaagatg ggatagcaac ctttatgcac     54660
     attaactaga ctttagttgc actaattaag acagcaagag ctgagtaaat caaatgataa     54720
     tagacaagtt gtaattgatg tcaaaattct accttattat atatcaactt cgaaatcata     54780
     gcccaagttt ttttctattt tgagaaacat cactctacta atatatagaa caaagataga     54840
     tttttgcatg atttcaataa agcacatttc ttcttcaaat atgataagca ctttccaatc     54900
     cataaaacac tgttagagaa aactgacaat caggctagac acacatttca aagagcctat     54960
     gatgttacaa atcacttatg cctcactctt gcgtcaccat gataatgcaa agcacttaga     55020
     tggtgtttct tagcttgaaa gagcctagga actttaacta attaatcctt agactaacca     55080
     gtgagaaagt gataagaagc cctgtgaaga gatcatttaa ctatataatt cacacttgct     55140
     taaatgtaat tcagcatatg tgccatgttg tgttttccta gctttctatt tcagtcttca     55200
     gagaaataat atttatctgt gaatatatga tgcataggca tctattatga ataaaattat     55260
     gtcgactgca ctctctctgc cactaaaagg taacagatgt acatacagcc aatacataaa     55320
     aaaatctggt acattctgct gtattttctt ttcttattca tttcatatat tattttcagg     55380
     tatttcagag tggacttgtt agatttgaat aggctaaagc tttttgaaag aggaatatac     55440
     aattctcttg ttaattttta taattttttt tggaaagtga ataaaaatta aacttttatg     55500
     attatgctga atgtaaaaga atatcatatg tgaatgcttc acccaaatga aagaatattt     55560
     aatattcaac ttagaattct ctctagtagg atttccttct ctgcaggtag ctggctacag     55620
     agatctacca aaacaaatgt atttctgcgg taaataccag cactggctta ctccagaaag     55680
     aactctttta gtctgtaaag aacagtacat cttttccctg agcagaataa atacttaccc     55740
     agttttgctg ttccactaaa aaatcaatta aagtaagtca gttccttttt tattacaaag     55800
     aaaatctggt taatttctaa ttacttgtac taaatctatt ctctataact atctaaaatt     55860
     acatagacat acacacaggc atagaaaaga aagagtacaa ttggaagacc aaataatgtg     55920
     tacatgtgat ctgttaaaaa aaaaactttc tactctacta ttttcattat aggttatagt     55980
     gtaattcaat aaatgaccta ttttaaatta gtgcctaaaa catcacttga aaaagtgtgt     56040
     acaatgcaag aaacatttcc ctatgcatac actttatttg taaatacatt tatactgtag     56100
     agttaaaatg gttaactttg ttgtcaaaga ctgataccgg ctaaaatttt gtttcttaat     56160
     atatgtatcc catttgttgt tttgtatcct ataaaccctt tatgctatat ctaagactta     56220
     aaatgtttta aacattggat gttggtcttt agtgggagtg ggggtgggag ggccccatgc     56280
     agttgctgtc tgggagatct tatctaaaga aagaagttag taacaggcag ctgcatgggc     56340
     agtggtccag tgccaggttt tcagctaaca catgtgtaag tttctcagga attctcagaa     56400
     gtatttgagg gaaatgaaac tggtttacca atgctctttt aaaaaaccag gtaaagaaca     56460
     tcctgcagtg tcctgaggag aaaaatgagc aaggcacatg ctttcagatg agaaacatac     56520
     taggtgattg caggataata gaaatctcaa gcagcagttt cacctgagga gcaaaaatac     56580
     acccttaaag tagctgcata aactagaatc tggtaagact ccaaaaaacc aaagcgtggg     56640
     caaagctggc tagaaacaac tggactcaac atggtgttgg atttaagcta ggtttcacct     56700
     tggagaaaat agcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagtcactgt tattaccatg ctgctctgct     56760
     actaccatgc aacagagcaa ctgatcaaag gcagcaactg cgtaactatg gctggttcac     56820
     atgtgaaaac tagaaatccc tgtttattta attcatgttt actttttcta ttcatataga     56880
     agccaaaagc attccttact gacacagtgt ttcatttttc ttccttattc tccaccggtt     56940
     attttcttac cacattagtt atagtttata acttattttg tcaaatatat gcaatgaggt     57000
     aacactgcag tattgcagaa agcacactgc tttggaaaca gactcgtact gaaacgggaa     57060
     aatgtccctc acctcccatc accgagcgag cagttaggac aggttgtggg gctccgatcc     57120
     caagcagcat ctaggggtga atgtttacag ctcctgaatc cccagcgggc atgtgttaca     57180
     cactgataat ttagtttctc catgtgtagg tggcttgtgt tagctcaatt aggtaggctg     57240
     ccttactgaa aagacagagg gctttctgga tcccggggct tcctgctttg gtgtacctga     57300
     aggattgtct cacacgtggg cttggagaat gagtgcaagg tttaattgag tggtagttct     57360
     cagcagatgg atggagagcc agaagggaga tgaagtgaga aggtggtttt cccttggaat     57420
     gtggcaggtc agcactctcc tcccacagcc ccaaggaact ctgtgttctt ctgcgatgga     57480
     tgttgtgccg cctcagtcct tgtgctcttc attctctggt atcttctcaa ggtccagttg     57540
     ctgtgacttc ttctgctgat ggttccactc gatgtccagc tgctgttgac tctccctgct     57600
     agagtctcag agtttcttat agcacaggat gggggtatgg caggccaggg tggtcttgga     57660
     aaatgcaaca cttgggcaaa aaaacagaag cgcatgtact caccatttgg gcaagaaaac     57720
     agaagtgcat gtcctcacct aggtcagtaa gcataggcat aagggtggag ccctaaccaa     57780
     gaaccacacc ctccactacc aggcacttcc ctgtccccca tccatatcag tattttttaa     57840
     atttaaaact ccaaaaatag tacccaaatc ctttaaagaa gataattgga gaaaatggca     57900
     ttagaagagc cagtctggga ttagggtcac tatatggaaa atgaaagcac agagagcatg     57960
     tcctgcaggc cacggaatca ctgcggaaac atatccccta ctgagaagga gagggaaact     58020
     aactggcttc tctcatcttg ttctctaatc tctgcagtgt taccccttga ctgagctgaa     58080
     acaggaagaa atttttatgg gagcctagga accctgcttc ccagagacca ggcatctctg     58140
     ttacagaaca gtactagcaa gaggtgagtg atgtatctgt gcacgtacaa acccagtacc     58200
     tcacacaaag gagtatcaga gacaagtata ttatcaaggg atcaagagag aagtagtctc     58260
     aggaatgatt catgcatatt tgtgaaaaga ccaaaaagta aaatagagct catgaggtaa     58320
     taaacaacaa gaacgtaaag aaaaacaggc aaaattgtaa agtccagggt atttaccttt     58380
     cctttatagg attctgaaaa tcctttccag aatccttttt ccaatatctt ccattcatgg     58440
     attcattcaa gaaatatgta ttgagctagt atggtataag aattgggcaa atggcatcat     58500
     atacactgtt agtacttcta ttactgatag aaagaatgtt tctttttttt ctacaatgtt     58560
     tttctcccag acattcttct tacagattgg tatccttaca gatgcagtca atcgttcctg     58620
     ccctaagaag gttccccaaa cccctgtaaa cccggttaag aacttacttc ctctccaatt     58680
     aagttactaa attgtttcta ttgtaacact tgtcagagta cattgcaatt tttgctcttc     58740
     tctcatcgtc caattaaact atgaatattt tgaaggaaaa gtctataaac acaatggctt     58800
     gacatttgtc aatatttatt gtataaaagg ttattagata tttatatata atagtctaac     58860
     atatttatcc taatttttgg aaaacaatgt aaacaatgtt aattgaccat tccccatgaa     58920
     ttgctcaact taaacaatgt ctatgctttt gaagcaatta tacaaacttc caaaagacat     58980
     ctgaaagagt ttttatttca attttttttg ttgttgttat attgaattat tttgtagaga     59040
     caaagtctta cgccttggcc caggctgaag tgcagtgtgt gatcacagct cactacaacc     59100
     ttgaactcct gagtaaacag aacaacagat gtgtgtcatc atgcccaatt catttaatta     59160
     attaattaca tttgtagaga taggtcttgt tatgtagtct gtgctggtct tgaactctgg     59220
     gcttgaagca atcctccctt ctcagccttc caaagggctg tgattccagg catgaaccac     59280
     cagaactcaa tgaaaaaaat ttagatttta gaatattaca atatggtaga cttaatttct     59340
     tctttcaatt ttgcattttt agtggcactt gagaataatt atttcttagg gggagagtgt     59400
     gacttctcat atttggtcca aattttgaaa tctttattct gtttacttaa accctaataa     59460
     ctggtagtca agtcagttga cagtcaagta catgggtgtt tttgtgttga ggttatgaag     59520
     acaaatgtag agagatatta agaaccaaag acatttattt ttatatatgc taaagcttta     59580
     cctcaccggc gaggcatcat acatggcaca gatagtttta taaaataccc tgaaatacat     59640
     actttagtaa ccagttctgc acttgcaatt tcccaacttt gttttcatca ggagttaatt     59700
     acgtatggca cttcaagtaa gtgaacaaat gtttgaattg ctgtgagtta ttttagtcat     59760
     tgctcagcta accatttaag ttatcaaaga tatttacttg tacagtatca taaatgctgg     59820
     acattaaaaa ttaatcaaca ggcttagctg ccatctaata tgatattttt cgtaaaataa     59880
     cagcagtaat tatgccaaaa gatagtcatt cctgtagttt tagccattat agcagtttcc     59940
     acctgaggat ttcacagagt ccagatatgg gcaacagtga ttaacataat agttattagt     60000
     gagaagatat tttgatacat ctaggcatgt ttacatgtca gtgcctatac gggacgggtt     60060
     tggcatatta ataagaaagg gtgcattgga ctgaatacta agaaatgtat tgaggttttt     60120
     tttgcccttt ataacatgaa aggtcaattg gagatataga aacaatggaa catttcgcag     60180
     catggcctga catttcactg cactttttta aaccacgtac cttaaatatg caaaggtagg     60240
     actgttataa gacgaaagtg ttggagtcag aggtcacaat ccacagcaag gtgatagtct     60300
     cttgtggatg gccccctgag tgctgaatta gagtgagaat caactttcag gctgccagca     60360
     gtggacaagg agaatgaagc tatcagcagt taattcaatt caattattgg attaattgaa     60420
     atgaatgttg acagagattt tgttggcttt acatcaaatt gagtgtagta cttcaaattg     60480
     agtatttgat aagagtaaac tcttaccaca tttcccacat gtaaaattga ggattaatga     60540
     aaagattaca taacccatac attatgagta gctcatataa atttgtatgc acatgtgcaa     60600
     acttacagcg tgcaaatatt tgtctatatc taaatatatc caaatccatt gatgaacgtt     60660
     agaaattttg aaattattct cccattttac cattcctttt cctagaattt tgtcataaat     60720
     acaatttttc catctgtttg aaacttactt tctggaggca tgtaatgtat ggatacagta     60780
     aagctgtgag atattacagg gtttgtatca gagaaaataa taaaactggt gttataaaaa     60840
     agccattttg aggagaaatt tatacttcac aggactacaa atacagaagt attgtttcat     60900
     cgaaagttga tgtcagtcaa tacaatttat ttttatgttt tatttcaaat atgtaatctc     60960
     agaaggattg cttgagaaga ataatgttat tgataataaa taatgattaa gaatttcctt     61020
     taatttgttt attatttaaa atttaagtaa aatactaaaa agtagtgtat aatgtagttt     61080
     catgaagcat tctctatggt ttttgtaaaa ttaatagtct caatggaatt ttttacacag     61140
     agaaatttcc ttatatcatt ttattattgt actttcactt tattacttgc ttgcatgttg     61200
     taactcatag aaataaaaat atttttattt atacatggat ttttgtttat gttttctagt     61260
     gagagaaaga caccaataat tttatctata taggaaaatt tggacaagcc caaagttctt     61320
     aactttcttt tctttggaag tttcatactt aagtgtaggt atgagatgga cttgactgtg     61380
     atcatttttt gatttcacta tgactactga gtttcagata tagtgttaca aatgtataga     61440
     cttaaaagct tgctttattc ttcttcttct ccttttggac ctgtacatgt gatacctgca     61500
     gtaatgtgca ccattatctg aaatgaggtt gctgaaagat gcaagcataa atggaattct     61560
     ttatttctgt gaacctttag gaacagacaa gtaaaactga aagataatta taagattaat     61620
     ttaagtctgt agtttctcac agaagtacag taagggtgaa aacatattta aaaatacttg     61680
     cctaatccaa aacatgttgt agggaagtga aaaatttaat ttgacataag gaacagttta     61740
     aaagttatga ttatttttgg tgacagtaag ttgcactaaa aatcctattt tccctgtttt     61800
     aatacatgaa actattaatg tatcttcacg ctccaaaaag agttaactct aacttaagca     61860
     acaactttat ggccatttca aacagtgggt gcatcatctt agaatttctc caagaatctt     61920
     ttgggagaaa tctaatctaa tctagctcta taaacaatta aattaataaa attattatga     61980
     ctgtagcttc acaatttcat tgtccttctc ttttcagttt ttacatatta tttttaaaat     62040
     tcaaaagccc ctaggaagca tatgataaat aacaatgact gaaacagctg aaaaatgaaa     62100
     actaagcagc agacacattt caagatttcc tttatgagaa tgctatgtta accatgtgat     62160
     atacacatgg tgtaaatcac cgtgagaaaa taatattcgg gtagcacttg acagtttatc     62220
     caataacagc aaatattctc atttgacctt caaaagattt ttaaactcgt gtttcataaa     62280
     tgatgaaaat gtgattgagt aatacaaatc agagctgtta catctcatta ggaacatgtc     62340
     ggagccaata aagcaaaggc atgagttttc ttctggaggg aagaaggcaa catttattaa     62400
     gaccatgagt cttatttttt tacatttcat catttatcaa tgttttatca aaattgtttc     62460
     ccttatttcc agttatattt cctttatttg cctattacag cagttacaac acttattatt     62520
     catttatctc tgtgcctgtt actgctgcac actcagaaga gcaaggacta tatttttctg     62580
     agcttcttgc agactgccag gcttattgtg gcatttagac actatctgct gaatgtttgt     62640
     gacattttca tttaagttac attgtaggcc acttgatact aattttctat ttcgtatttg     62700
     ggtttggaga gttatttttc ctttttaagt ttttttttct ttttttgttt tattatactt     62760
     taagttcaag ggtacatgtg cacaacgtgc aggtttgtaa catagggata catgtgcatg     62820
     ttggtttgct gcccccatca acttgtcatt gacattaggt atttctccta atgctatccc     62880
     tcccccaaac ccccacccca caaccggccc cagtgtgtga tgttccccac cctgtgtcca     62940
     tgtgttctca tttttgaact cctacttatg aataagaaca tgcggtgttt ggttttctgt     63000
     ccttgtgata atttgcttag tatggtttcc agcttcatcc atgaccgtgc aaccacaatg     63060
     agataccatc tcatccagtt agaatgatga tcattaaaat gtcaagaaac aacagatgtt     63120
     ggagaggatg tggagaaata ggaatgcttt taagtttttt aaagtatatt ttaaggatat     63180
     acttatctga acgtggagtg gacagtgaaa gtcgtggtca gtgggacctc caaaagaggc     63240
     accccattca aattggaggc tcctgcagga gagggcagcc agggcatgca gcgcggaggc     63300
     gcccttgtgg gaggagaagg tgctggtggt ggacgacatc atggcggtgg tccacgtcgt     63360
     ggttgaggag aaggctgaca tggagaggca ggaggaggac cagcagacag agcctgtccg     63420
     cggccccagc acaccctagc cggcaacaga ctcgctggag gtccttcact tggagctgca     63480
     ctctgtggat gccccaggcc gcatggtctg cccgcggctg agacggaagc tttggcagaa     63540
     gcacctgccc ggcctggagg gcacaggggc cattagccag ggcatctccg gcttctgggc     63600
     cagagccata tccttgcagc tgcccattcg ggatgactgg cagcaggggg tgcgcgacgg     63660
     gctacagggg gcggggaaca ggggatccag tccaggggca cacggggtca gccaggaggc     63720
     agggcatggg ggacagcgag gggagcagag gccaggctcc tgcagatagg agggcagcct     63780
     gcttgcaggt gccctgagag catgtggtac ggactgggag ccaagcttag cactcacaaa     63840
     ggagaaaact ggcgccaagg acccttcatg cacaaccgta agttgaaggg tacgtttccc     63900
     tgggaaagtc cttggaggaa ggagagtctg caaggccata ccagtcatgg aaccaccccc     63960
     actccccatt tcagtgtcca gcatcctcac cccagaaaca caaggtgctc aagactcggg     64020
     ttcacagtgc atgtggctgc tgtcctctgc aaggcagcca ccagctcccc agaaaggctt     64080
     tcttccctct acctgcattg cacccaaaga gctgtaggcc ctgagcatac ataacctcca     64140
     ttgcacacaa gccttcattg catacacgcg agccccatga tgaacgccag gcacagcact     64200
     gtagtccctt ctactcactg aggttccctc aagtggacac gcccacccaa cagggagacc     64260
     aggagaagag gggaaagcac acctagatac cctcagcaga gcctgtccag caactggaac     64320
     gcaagggcca cgtgcagctc aggaactctg aagaaacggc ctcacaccac agcaccctgt     64380
     ctacttgtga tccccgcttg ttgttggcag aggctttctg ggcctctctc cacccaccca     64440
     caagaccacc acacccacta ccatgccccc catgccagac agagacagga ccaccagtgc     64500
     agggtgccag gccaaaggtc tgggggaaag ccctacccaa cactctccca gctcttgaaa     64560
     agtagcaggg tgtttcctgg catgcccacc caatcatctg gaggttcctt gaccagaggc     64620
     agatagtgcc gcacacccag aggtcggcca ggttcagaaa ccatgaggaa gtcctgctaa     64680
     gtaagctaca ggatggattt gcagatcagg ctggggagca tgggtctggg gtaagggtca     64740
     aaggtcctgg tcagtttgag gtcctccctg ggtccgggag tgtctcagca ggagagctgg     64800
     aaaggggaaa cacatgcttc acccaggcca tcaggcccta agcctagcta gatgaaatgg     64860
     tctctttgag tctttcctct tcttggcctg gcaggtggaa gaactcagcc attcctggta     64920
     ccagcggcag gaggctaggc ctcgcatgag tcttccagac tcctcttgcc ccaggataca     64980
     tagcttctgg ctctactgta gtccagtcat tttagagtca tgcaggagaa gccccagctt     65040
     caggcagtac acagactaac tgagcttctt cagtgggttg actgaccatg accactcagg     65100
     gtcagccagg attgctgagg tgtagggtgc tgtggggcat catggctaag gtcctttcta     65160
     gtctttcctt gacgtctggg gaactggctt tgaactatga cctggccagt cacagacccc     65220
     tttccgcagc cccccacgtc atcagtcagg gcttctgtct caatccctgc agcactacgg     65280
     gaaggagtta ggccctcaga gagggaacag agaggaaacc aggtaagcag cccagggctg     65340
     gggactcaga ggcctgtggg tcctggagct ggggcacaca tggagaactc aaggttcagg     65400
     gaggagcctg cagtgggaaa tctcaggcca tccctgggct ggggtataaa ggcccatcag     65460
     ggaactgaaa cactcatatt tcagaattgg ggaacctgaa gttgcctaag aggcagaagt     65520
     ggcgaagatc aatgggtgag aagcaaggct caatggatag ctgcctcatc atccttctcc     65580
     gggtcccttc cgtgccttga ggcctgctag cacctggggc tcagtttggg ctgaactagg     65640
     gccctcttac cctccacaga gaggtgcaca cgaggcgcac ctaggtctat gtccttctag     65700
     aatggccagc cctatcatga tctgtttcaa tgaccccagg ctcccctgac attctttctc     65760
     ccctctgcca tcctcactca tgctgcccga gccccgagac attacctatg acattaaaaa     65820
     aagacataaa atttgtaaaa tgccttaata gtagagatgc agataaagta ttttattatt     65880
     aaaaaatgct cttcctcctt acctgtatca aagtcttttt catgatgggg gaagtatgca     65940
     acatactttg ataagttaga aaagtataaa agtaaaaata aatcccacta ttgaggatca     66000
     attaaatggc aggggaactt ctgtgtgtgt ccagagaggg aatgtggctg agcattaagg     66060
     ctcacctgag tattggtgta gacacccagt ttccctcatg ccagtgtgag tgtaggcatg     66120
     ttccagcctg tgtgtctgag ctggtgcacg tgtgtgcaca cctgtgcctg tgtacctttg     66180
     tgtaccttgg tttggggagg acccacactc ccgccacagg tgtatctcaa attcagcttt     66240
     tgagctggca agcagggtgc tgccaggttt ggcaatccaa cttcaggacc atgaagcctg     66300
     cacactaggg agacgtgaag agtccttgtg gttctcaaaa atggcagaag gaggaggaaa     66360
     aggttggctg gcgcaagcta cctagaggag atatcatgga cctgaaatga caaccggagg     66420
     gaaataaaac ctaatagctc cttgtgtctc cctgtgtgtt tggtcgggga aggcgggcat     66480
     tcagggaaga agcaatggaa tctgtggggc tttgggattc gctgtccagg aatccctgtg     66540
     caccaaagag tgtccagccc atgagacagg aggacagcaa gtgggtccag cagggcctga     66600
     gtctccagag aggctagcat tctccccacg agggcgtggg tcagtaggtg aaggagaaac     66660
     ccgggctgca gggtgaggta gatgagacac ttatcactta gccaggtggg agcacagggg     66720
     agggcctggt gagcagcggc ctaattggcc ggtgacaccc tgttccagtg ctgcatgtgc     66780
     acacacaagc ttcgccccgc acatcctctc cagggtgcct cagctgggca gataggaagc     66840
     aaggcacaca agatcctaag cttatggtca tgagtggacc cagagcaggt tccccaggat     66900
     cactggttcc aggagaggct ggcatgcagg gtctcttcag gacagggata aaaatgcata     66960
     agcccagctc tccacctggc gggtgtcttg ccctgatgat gtcagccatg gcagatacag     67020
     ctcttccacg tagattgcag atccacaggc ttacaacttc cccctggcat tctccaggat     67080
     gggtccctgg accctggacg agccagtgcc ccaccggtgt ttcctcccag ccttcaaact     67140
     cacagaaggc tcattgataa ctctccttct agtacatgga cacccacagg aactttcaac     67200
     aactcaggac tgttgtatgt tgcggggtcc tgccacctta cccagcagtg ggaaaatggg     67260
     aagagaaaga gctggaatgg acagagcaga ggccacaatc ctaaccctcc ctcatggcaa     67320
     gggaatggtg ggatccttcc cagcccagga agctgcttcc caagcatccc tggaagccca     67380
     gcacaagccg agggattcac tcagccacag ctgggcatgg gggatttcaa tgtgtgccag     67440
     agacctggat cctagtcgcc ctactaggtg tacttctcct ccaggtcaca ttatgctgac     67500
     accctcctta acccagatgg actcctcatc ctcaccacat ggtgttggct ggaagagtta     67560
     ctcctggtgg cccagccact gtttcaaggt acagagagtg accagcagtc ccctgattcc     67620
     tggtcctcct gtccaagtaa tatccataga aatagtaaaa gagtggcaca ttagacatca     67680
     tgactttttt ttttttttga gacggagtct cggtttgtcg tccaggctgg agtgcagtgg     67740
     agcaatctcg actcactgca agttctgcct cccatgttca tgccattctc ctgcctcaga     67800
     ctcccaagta gctgggacta caggtgcacg ccactgtgcc tggctaattt tttgtatttt     67860
     tagtagagat ggggtttcac tgtgttagcc aggatggtct cgatgtcctg atctcgtgat     67920
     ccacctgcct tggcctccca aagtgctggg attacacagg catgagcccc cacacccggt     67980
     gacctcatga cgtttttaag gttgacctct ttataagcat ttcatccaga tatttatgag     68040
     tttatctcat ttatttattt atggctctca tttcaaaatc tatttttgct tgagagttgt     68100
     ttcaacagat aaccaaatgg ttggcgctat gacacatagg tttcaagctt aaaagtctgt     68160
     atctgctatt atgttgggta aaacccatcc agtacttaca aaaataagta attattaggc     68220
     atggccactg tagtggtcta aaacacactt tgaaattctc tgcaaaccca tttgaaaaaa     68280
     cattcctgat gtgactgaac acagtacttg cttgtaatga atagaaaaca gtgcaagcat     68340
     tttctggata ctggtccacc tctggcctag gttagaaaag gtgacatagc tctgcctaag     68400
     tctcctgctc tcagggggac aaacccctca ggagcccctg accagtacat catgaagtct     68460
     aacaccctga taacactatg cagaagggac atcccatgga gagactcaca gaaatagaag     68520
     gagatgcctg aggatctcag cggtccagcc cctgctattt gagttatgct agccatggca     68580
     ccagggagat gagaagacat ctgtcaatgt ccccatcctt tgccatcact agattgcatt     68640
     ctcctgagtg cccctgaacc acaatcgttt ggctgagaga ctgtaggaga ctgcagagac     68700
     tgacagttag taagttataa ttatagtttt cagccactaa gttttagata attttaaaaa     68760
     gcactttcaa ctcctagaaa aactgagttg tctactgagt aattctggag aactttaaag     68820
     gccaacatca tatatgttaa taacctggaa aagtcaaacc atcaaggctc ttctaaatac     68880
     aacagatctt taatgtccct ttgctgtggc tggagaataa tctaacatgt atctgagaga     68940
     gtattttgaa ggcctctgtt cacatctctt ggctgggtat gggtcaactc tggtctgctt     69000
     taattctaga caactgcagc aactcatctt tcattttagg tcctggccta cactgatctt     69060
     ttgatcactg actgtgtctg tgtctgtgtg tgtatgtttt gtgtgctagc atattttatc     69120
     tgaaggcact aaataatagt actatagttg tttcataaac aaaaagcatt ccaggaagac     69180
     aatattgctt atcaactgag ctttaacaca gatatgaggc aggtcaggga gactcacacc     69240
     tgcactccca gaagtttggc aggctgaggt gggtggatct cttgacgtca ggagtttgag     69300
     acaagcctgg ccaacccggc aagatcccat gtctaatatc atgccaaagc tatccgggct     69360
     tggtggccca tggatgtaac cccatctact cagcaggctg atgcaggaga atccatagaa     69420
     ccccggggat ggagtttgca gtgaagtgag atcacatctc tgtgctccag cctggacacc     69480
     agagtgagac tctgtctcaa aaataaaaat aaaataaaat attaaactag ataggagaga     69540
     ttactgacga gagaaatgca taaaactggg tgggcatttt ggttcacacc tggaatccca     69600
     gcattttgag aggctgaggg gggtgaatca cttgaggaca ggaattcgag cccagtctga     69660
     gcaaacattg tgaaacctgg tctctaataa aaatacagaa acaaaaaggt agccaggatt     69720
     gatcaggatt gatgtcatat gcctacagtt gcagctactc aggagggtgt gactggagaa     69780
     ttgcttgaac ctggcatggg gaggttgcag tgagccaaga tcatgccact gaactccacc     69840
     ctagatgaca gagcaggatt ccatctaaaa aaatatcaaa gagagaaaca gagatagaga     69900
     aaaaagaaag gcgggcgagg ggaaagatag agggagtggg gatggagtgg ggagggatgg     69960
     gggagagagt gagagaaaat ggaagaaaag aaggaaggaa ggatggaagg aaggaaggat     70020
     ggaaggaagg aaggaagggg agaaaagaaa aacagaatga atggcataaa acccaaagga     70080
     aataaataaa aataaaaact tgccattttg ccccttatcc acatgaattt tgaactatgt     70140
     ttaaaatagt atttaggtct ctaatggact aattgaaact ttaaaataag ctggtgtata     70200
     ttgtcaaaat tactcacata actatggtgt taactaagat tcttgtagtt ttcaacaacg     70260
     aaatctaatt gacatttgtc atcaaatcac aaactaccaa ggtcagggta gtctctgtta     70320
     tgctgcctaa actattctaa attaaaaatg aaatcaaatc tgcaagagat tttatagtta     70380
     cctttaccag taaagactct tttaagtttc ctgacttgcg gaggatttta tttccacagt     70440
     tttgatggct ctggcagaaa gccttcttga tccaaactca ccccttatca tcacagtata     70500
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgttcagg     70560
     gattaagggg aaagagcatc aaaacccatt gctttcctgc actggttccc atgtacaagc     70620
     aaatgtgctg tgttactatc aaatattcaa atatttgatg aaggaaattt gtgtttccaa     70680
     actgtaaaac aaaaatatta ctatcagttg tattttcact atttatttac ttagaggcgg     70740
     ggtcttgctc tgccaccagg ctgaatcaca catcactgta atatcagact tttgggctca     70800
     taggctcctc caacatcagc ctcccaaagt actgagatta cagacttggg ccattttacc     70860
     cagcctcaag tttagagata aaggctaagg aatatattgt aaaccatata aataaacata     70920
     attgcaggtt ctctagagag ctgtaagaaa ccactgaaaa attgccattg tggacaaggc     70980
     tgctggcgac aatgtaatga aagcaaagga gtgggtcctt ccccagtgag cctttagatg     71040
     ataccagagg ccgacttggc atttccactg cagctttttg agagacatga aacctagatg     71100
     tatgcagttt ttttttgttt gcttgtgttt gttttttatt ttgtgtgtgt gtgcatgtgt     71160
     gtgtgtgtaa gcatgcatac ataaccagtt gaacaaacta gggtcaccca cacaatggaa     71220
     tatgatgcag ctttttgtag atcttgtaga attcatcctg aatctatcag ttcttgtttt     71280
     tttatttttt ttggctggta ggttacttat tagtaataat tccatgtcag aaattgaaat     71340
     tggacaggct ggagctgaga ctgggtccac ttagattctg ttgtggaaca gagaatggca     71400
     tgcttgtaat tttggttgtg atggttactg gaaggtctct gaacagatgg gctagttctg     71460
     cctgcagcaa gagagcctgg ggctgacaat cagctccctt gacatctgct gttgaacaga     71520
     tcatttagag cctggtctct gctaagaaag ttgcatattg cccagaaagt ttctcaaaga     71580
     tatggttcct tgactaaagt ggaagggcca gagctgagag tgggtcttcc ccatagtggg     71640
     cagaggctgg agagtctaga ttcattttct gccggacaga gcatggatag actacattca     71700
     ttggctcagg taggcatgtt ccccagcacc atagttgctt cccagtagca ctgggggggt     71760
     ctggagatga gactgggatt ctctgtttct caataagtca catgctctag agattctaat     71820
     ccagtgattt ccattagata tatcagaagt gatcttcctt ccaggggtac caagccttat     71880
     tataaaacta cttgcccact gggtccaggt ggggccagaa acttcatcct taaccactaa     71940
     gttacctctg cttttcagcc tggggatggg tggagcacac agggctagga tggtcaaaag     72000
     tatggaacct gggattgggt ggggtaacat gccccttcca atgtttaatc accaagctac     72060
     caagctacct gtttgtcaca gctttggaag ttttgcaaat aaaaccagga tgggattggg     72120
     caattggcca gtgatttgag cctggtagac ccatcaacca tgtttggtta ctgcagaatg     72180
     atactgttgc ctagtttgtc tgatggtgca cgtctgctgg ctggaatgca aagctacaag     72240
     taagattact gttacagtca ctgtgagccc catccatgta ctttgtttct aactgaaccc     72300
     agttgtctga taaccccaat atttcccaca gggtaagact agagagaaaa tcatgtgaag     72360
     aattgcaaaa tggaaaagaa aagtcacctt caactctctc ctctgtgaag aaactgtgag     72420
     tccagggaaa ttttttgtat gcaacactgt gctggcctgg ggaggagaaa aagcatcaaa     72480
     ttaaaactgt tcttttatcc tgtgtgtgtg gctattctca gatccacagt tgaaaaatgt     72540
     gtcatatatt caatcccaag ttatagaatt attcactaag gtgtccttat ctaacaatag     72600
     tgtttttttt tgtttttttt tttttgtttt tttttttttt tttttgtgga gagggtggga     72660
     attggcagaa tcacagaatg cctattctgg cacatcggac cctagaaaca gacaagttaa     72720
     aatagaagac tggtataggc tgagcacagt ggctcacgcc tgtaacccca gcagtttggg     72780
     aggccaaggc aggcatatcc cgtggtcagg aggtcgagac catcctggct aacatggtga     72840
     aatcccctct ctgttaaaca cacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaatagtca ggcctggtgg     72900
     cacgtgccta tagtcccagc tactctgaag gttcaggcag gagtatcacc taaacctggg     72960
     aggtggaagt caaagtgagc tgagatcaca ccactgcaca ccaacctggg tgacagagtg     73020
     agactcgatc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaatactg gtcctaatgg aggagtttaa aaggttagag     73080
     tgcttccatg gagaagctaa aagctagagg aagccaaggg ctggatttaa ggaagagctc     73140
     acgggaccat tgaaaaccac ctctttgttc tctatggaat gcaggaaata gtgaatgctg     73200
     atctccactg cttactgata taggcaagtt atcagccaga gaaacatagt ctgtttgtgt     73260
     tcctataaaa gaatatgaga ctggaaaatt tataaagaaa agagctttca ttgtctcctg     73320
     gttcttcagg ctgtaaaaga tatgtggtgc cagcatccac atctggtgag aggtttctga     73380
     ggcttccact cagtacagaa ggaaaaagga aaacaggcat gtcacatgta gagagagcaa     73440
     gagagagaag gggagaaggt atcagccttt tttcaacaac ctgtttggat gtaagctcca     73500
     ctgtgggaat caatacagtg gaagactcaa ttattaacca tggcaagggc gccaagccat     73560
     ttatgaggga tccagcccca tgacacaaac aaacaccccc cactatgcgc catttacagt     73620
     gtggaggacc acatttcagc ctaaggcttg gagggacaaa tgtccaaact atatcaatag     73680
     gcaagtttaa aaatcatgca gagttattgt aaaacaatct cttttttttt ctttttagaa     73740
     tcctgggact acaaaaaact gtgcttcatt agcttccaga gaagtcaggg ccataattgg     73800
     gtagttttgg tactaccaaa atttggtaat tttacttctt ggaagtaaaa tttagaagct     73860
     ctgtttattg ctagagtgag tgatgatgaa gactgaagag aaatgcatat gtgcatgctc     73920
     tcagaggacc ttgacagatc caaaagtcag gaggattaga agcaagatac ctgggcagaa     73980
     gctataaaag tcaagatatg gccctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcgggcgg     74040
     atcacgaggt caggagatca agaccatccc ggctaaaacg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta     74100
     aaaatacaaa aaattagccg ggcgtagtgg cgggcgcctg tagtcccagc tacttgggag     74160
     gctgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaatccggg aggcggagct tgcagtgagc cgagatcccg     74220
     ccactgcact ccagcctggg cgacagagcg agactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     74280
     aaaaaaaaaa gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggcg ggcggatcac     74340
     gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcccggcta taacggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat     74400
     acaaaaaatt agccgggcgt agtggcgggc acctgtagtc ccagctactt gggaggctga     74460
     ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac ccgggaggcg gagcttgcag tgagccgaga tcgcgccact     74520
     gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagcgagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     74580
     aaaaagatat ggctgggtgc agtggctcag gcctgtaaac cctgcacttt gggaggctga     74640
     gacagatgga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tgactaacat ggtaaaacct     74700
     tgtctctact aaaaagtaca aaagctagcc tggcgtgatg gcttgtgcct gtaatcccac     74760
     ctgctcagga ggctgaggca ggggaatcac ttgagcctgg agaggcggag gttgcagtga     74820
     gctgagatca tgccattgct ctccagcctg ggtgacagag caagactcta tcttaaaaga     74880
     aaaaaagaat aaagaagtca aggcgttaga tgtacaatct aagttcttca aggtacaaag     74940
     tgggaactga gctttcttga ctgcttgaga tccagtaagt gaggaggaaa cagtttcaga     75000
     agtgtttgaa tgtatattta aatccctctt ttattttgga ggtcctaaga gagttatgaa     75060
     tgccaatctg tgttagaatt cagagatagg caagttagga atcatttcgt tgagaagcag     75120
     ctgttaacag atggggcatt acataggtgg tttagtactt cagtcctctg agagaagctg     75180
     tgaaataaca gttccctgct gattctaggg cactgggtca gacataaacc ctagaacaag     75240
     atcagaattc agtttttctt acctctttta aagtgagtat tttcataatt gtatgtgcaa     75300
     gagtatccca acttctttct gagtttatct catagggaat tgatgtgggt gtggcttttt     75360
     atttgttgca tttgtggatg aaggaacaaa ttagagcctc ctattttatc accttgttgg     75420
     agataccctt tttatttact ttttacttat ttaaaaaaat gtgtacataa caattgcaga     75480
     tacttttggc atacatgcta tattttgata caagtaacgt aaactggtaa ggaagggatc     75540
     aaagaggggt tggggtgggt tcaattatgg ttgcttagaa ggaataagat ctagtgttca     75600
     gtggcacagg atgagaatac ttagtaacga tttattgtat atctcaaaac aattaaaaga     75660
     gcaaaggtgg aatggcgcta acaccaagaa atgacatgcc agactcagag gctcacagct     75720
     ataatcacaa cactttggga ggccaaggaa ggaggatcag ttaaacctgg aagtttgaga     75780
     ccagcctgaa caacatatcc aaagcattgt ccctaccaca cacacacaaa cacaaaagct     75840
     gggcacggtg gttggtgtgt gtctgtaatt ccagctactt gggaggctga aatggaaggc     75900
     ttgcacattt gaaccccgtg ttcaaggctg cagtgagcta tgatggtgcc actgcagtct     75960
     aggctggaca acagtgtgag accttgtctc taaaaaagaa aaaagaatcg acaagtgctt     76020
     caactgaagg ataccctatt tattatttat atatttgttg attgatataa ttatttttga     76080
     gatggagtct ctctctgtca cccaggctaa cgtgcatggt gcaacattgg ctcactacag     76140
     cttcaggttc ccaagttcaa acaattctcc tgcctgaacc tcccaattaa ctgtaacata     76200
     ctacaggtat gcaccaccac acctggctaa tttttgtatt tttggtaaaa atagggtttc     76260
     atggtgttgg ccagcctggt tttcaactcc tgatctaaag tgatctgcaa gccttggcct     76320
     ccccaagtgt tggcattaaa gacctgagcc atcacacctg gacagtaaga tagccaagac     76380
     cagggagttt tatcttttca cttcatcctc acaatcctat gttacaggta aatgaaaaca     76440
     caacttcata aatgaataac tcacttgaaa atcaacgttt gtaactttcc ctttaaaatt     76500
     atttacaccc ttaccctaaa aaagtgatga tcttctctaa attttctcaa gaaaatactt     76560
     ccttcttgta gattagtctg ttaattataa gaatcataga ctgtgaaact tctggaacta     76620
     catgtatttc tggaacttca tgaaaacaca tgaattaacc aggacaatta attagtttag     76680
     ttatttaggt ccaaatcttt ttatttttat catttgatga tttcttatac ctttaagcaa     76740
     tctcatctga aactttatgc tgttgtttat gttttataca cttcactttc ccaaaagtac     76800
     gaggtttaag tgtttccatt catatcatca attaaatctg ataggctgag agtggtggct     76860
     cacgcctgta atcttagcac tttgggagtc caactagggt ggattaggat tttaagacca     76920
     gcctggcaaa catggtgaaa cactgtctgt actaaaaata cacaaaatta gccagctgtg     76980
     gttgcacaca tatctaatac cagttactca ggatgctgat gcaggagaat agcttagact     77040
     tagaaggcgg aggttgcagt aagccaagat ggagccactg caccctagct tgggcaacaa     77100
     agctacgctc catctaaaaa aaaaaaaata ggtaaaatcc caaccattct agatttttcc     77160
     catttgtaag aacttattac taaaccatta cttacaacaa ccattgtcaa aactttcatg     77220
     aaaaaattaa catgagtacc tcccaagaca aaacacttac tttccactat ttaaactagg     77280
     aacatttaat ttcattatgc tatgcacttg agaaacttag ctggttcact tttgatttag     77340
     gtaaaaaaga attttcatta ctattatcct ccttcagtca cagaatgctg caagtagaat     77400
     gttccagata tcttaaactt tagtatcaac cgcatctaat tatttccttt cacctacact     77460
     attcctctaa aaataaacgt tttattgtga gacagatagt tttgtagtct ttctgaaaac     77520
     ttctcaaaca ttttaagctt gtacgttttt aaagagaaac agcctaatta gaaaacttgt     77580
     gcagcttgca agaagacata acatatgcct aattttgtat ctattcatgt taaaagaaac     77640
     aaaggaaaat attcaacaac acaatttact ctcctactga atttgttttt aagcatgtgc     77700
     agctaagcaa taacaccagc cattttgcat tgtaaaattt tattctgaaa attttaatgt     77760
     agatattaca tctaaacaga tagttttcaa atagcattaa caagtaggaa attaatttga     77820
     aaaaaaaatc cttttccttt gaatacttca aaaaattcat gggggaagtt agtatctacc     77880
     tctctccaca aaaccaacat gtttctttta gtaacacgca ggtaacaatg cagaaataac     77940
     atgtcaattt ttgatttgca aacaaggttt ggtatgcaat aactattatt ttgaatactt     78000
     gctttaatat ctgcttcggt ctcctttttc agatcaactt tccccatcat ctcctataga     78060
     tgccacataa cttgagctcc atatgcttca cgaggagcag ggtgcaaccc atccagagaa     78120
     gatggattcc tttggtcttt tctaccaaca tgctcatgac cacaagaatc aaaatcacca     78180
     cagctccttg agtaactctc tgacttttgc catatctatc tcgtgtatta ttataatcat     78240
     ggcgggtgct tccaccataa gacatccgaa gccctcgtgc aggtggtgca ccatgagagg     78300
     tccctgcagg gttgataaaa taatatgttc gactacattt aaacattttt actgctatca     78360
     ctaaagcatg aattagttaa agtactattt ggaaatgtgt gctttcctct gcctttgttg     78420
     ataggatatt aattaagcct gcaatagtag gtcttattta aaagaagtgt aagtatagta     78480
     ttttgaagct ggacaagttt aattctaaag taaaggttga gtcacatttt ctaaacttga     78540
     aatgaagttc tcaccttcat atcgttccct atgttttata ttgttaagaa tactcaatat     78600
     ttaaacacgt tatatttgtc cttcctaact ttccttagaa tttcattaaa ataacaatct     78660
     ggtctattaa atataattct ataatttaca aatccatcca ggatccttac catatctctg     78720
     aaatgcatct ctataagaac ttccacttag atgttcagaa tgatctctac catagccctc     78780
     accgtagcca ccacaatcac taaactaaaa aaaatagaaa agttttctta atgtcagaat     78840
     gaacaattta agaaatctat ttattaaagc cagatgacgt tatagtacct acatcctcta     78900
     gaggaatgtt catcccgact agagcgacca taatcacgat atgcatagtc tcaaggtggt     78960
     ggagcataat ccctggtttc tcaggaactt ggatgatttc tgtgtgcata agtttaagca     79020
     accaattttg aaatttcaac ttctagtatc caaaacatca ctaagttaca attaaaacca     79080
     aattaaaggg ccaaacatct aaataaattt cactccaaat aaaataggca aatgccccaa     79140
     aatcacatgg aacagatact cataatcagt gatgcagaaa aatccatttc aaatccagaa     79200
     tgagatactg agaggtgaca gcgtactggc agcccttgca gccttcgctg gctctcggtg     79260
     cctcctcggc cttggtgccc actctggcgg cgcttgagga gcccttcaga ctgccgctgc     79320
     actgtgggag ctcctttctg gctggccaag gctggagccg gctccctcag cttgcgggga     79380
     ggtgtggagg agggagagac gccgacggga accagggctg tgctcggtgc ttgtgggcca     79440
     gagcgagttc cgggtgggcg tgggatcggt ggacaccgca ctggagcggc aggatggccc     79500
     acaagcccca ggcagtgagg ggcttaccac ctgggccagc agctgctgtg ctccatttct     79560
     cgcggggcct tagctgcctc cccgcagagc agggctcggg acctgcagcc ggccatgcct     79620
     gagcccacac cccggccccg ctgccctccc cctgccaccc cgggatcccc tccccccgcc     79680
     agccccggct cccctccccc tgccccccct ccgccctccc cctgccagag accacgaacc     79740
     caccagaagg aagaaactcc gaatacatcc tcacgaggtg aggagataga gaagatcgtg     79800
     gccaacaggg tgaaaacctg tctctactca aagtacaaaa attagctgga cctggtggcg     79860
     tgtgcctgta gtccctgcta cttggaagct gaggcaggag aatcacttga acacaggagg     79920
     tggaggttgc agtgagccaa gatcgaccca cggcaatcca gcctggtgac acagtgagac     79980
     tcaacaataa aaaacaaata agcatccaaa caagaactct acaccaatta cctgctcttt     80040
     tgcttgaaaa ctaggggaaa aaagaaatta tcatagatta gtatacataa gtcaacatta     80100
     tctccatacg taccgcaaag ccatgaacca aaagctattc ttggtttcta ccacagctta     80160
     aaacactaat ttataagagt gactacaaat gtactttctg ctatgtgcca gaaagtgagc     80220
     tagatgtaac agaaagagaa gcaactagca agacttaaat atgcactata tacaacttca     80280
     caatcaatag attaatacat ggtacagtga gtacaaaata cctatgttat gcaatgagga     80340
     agaaaatatg aaatctaagt ggtttttgaa gcataaattt tatttatgag acacacacag     80400
     ggaaggataa ttctcaagaa gtctaaaaaa gcactttggg gatagcgtga agactaacag     80460
     gacctaaaaa cagattggga tgttatttat tattattttt atttgttatt ttttttagat     80520
     ggcgtcttgc tctgtcccta gcctgaagtg tagtggcatg atcttggcca ctgcaacctc     80580
     cgcctcccag tttcaaatga ttcccctgcc tcagcctact gagtagctgg aactacagac     80640
     acacaccacc atgcatggct attttttttt gtattttagg agacgggttt tcaccatgtt     80700
     ggccatgatg gttttgttct cctgacctca tgatctgccc gcctcagcct ctcaaagtgc     80760
     tgggattaca ggcatgagcc accacgcctg gcctgattgg gataatgtta cacagcaaaa     80820
     aagctctaaa gggcccataa tggaatgatc ttgactaaag tgtaaaggaa ttcaatagtt     80880
     acttgaatta catgaaagtt taaagcttta gtaaacacac aatcccagat ttaagactca     80940
     gtaggacaag agaccatttg ctggatcaaa caagtcctca acacacaggg gaaatgagta     81000
     attaggtatt catgttacat aaatcactct ggtgacagga aaaaaaaaat gtccttagga     81060
     gaaaagagca aggatggggc aaaaatgcca gttacttctg ttatacaact tcaaagttct     81120
     catattattt tctattttca agtacttaac acttccttaa atgtaaaggt cttattgaaa     81180
     tatactttct taagaatgtg ttttcagaaa atgggagaca atctttcttt cttgtgagtc     81240
     tgtctagata tctatccaca gtttgactat gctatagaag tatttccatg agttggaagt     81300
     aattacatta atggcattta ataaatgttg acttatctct ttcatttaca tgagggttcc     81360
     ttataagttt taaagctctt tgaaacctgt gaaaatctat ttacactcat attggaatac     81420
     aaacatagaa aaatgttacc atatattaat ttatgtaatg ttaattccaa tacccttcca     81480
     actacactcg catgtatata gcacaaagaa gaggatggct tcatatggca ttctactatc     81540
     ttcaaaattt agtaacatta aaaagaccta gaaatactgt taattgaaga acagagttag     81600
     aatattatta ataagggaca cttaaccttt ccattcatat ctttgtcagc attcttagca     81660
     tctgcagcgt tctcaaaagt aacaaatgca aagggtctgg agatttgctg cttcaatcct     81720
     ttatgaaaag aactaaaata tataaaaaca ttttacattc atataatgga ctcaccaagg     81780
     tagtaaccat ctgaaagtta catgaaacca aaaaataatt gcatttcaca tcactactat     81840
     gattcttaat actaagtcac ccctatagtc agcctatttt ttccaatttg ttccctaact     81900
     ccataacaca tttacttttt ctcattttcc tttctaagta gtaggtgatc cttaccacat     81960
     acccttcacc tgctgctatg agaattttcc aaaaatcaaa tagatacttc aagagtttaa     82020
     atttgataag gcattttaat gtatgtataa aatgaacttt aaaatatata tatattttca     82080
     aaatatatgt aacatacata ttttaaatat acatattgaa atatatatat atatgaaaat     82140
     acaaacacac acacacagtt ttaagagtta ccgtctgata ccagaccatg tttcacatct     82200
     tttcattcgt tttaagtatc ttttcattgg tttttctatg taggccacca atgaaaagct     82260
     tgccaagatg atctgctttt accactgttg tgtaaaaggt aaaaaaatta tctatactta     82320
     gataaaaata aataagctaa aaagataaaa ttttattaca cactgtgttg aaaactcaag     82380
     taaaattccc tttcaaaggc tgacatcttt ttaatatttc ttattttcaa tatgtaaaat     82440
     ttgtaacaca cagagcaaaa ggagcactga cttcgtgaac aaatgctgca ttttaatatg     82500
     tacctgacaa aatcttgttt ctaaaaattg gataagaaaa gctattgtaa ttttcctaag     82560
     ttacaatatg aacgatgccc tcatttaaac aattttattt gaaaactaca tatttatgag     82620
     gtacagtttg atgttttgtg tattttcttt cttgagatgt ttatcacctg ttgccaaagt     82680
     gcgtggctca ctgcagcctc ctccacccag cctcaactga tctttccacg tctcattttc     82740
     ccaagtagct ggtactacag ggactttctc ccagagctgg gcaatatttt tgtctttttt     82800
     aaaatagaca tgagtttcct catattgccc aagctggtct ccaaatcctg cgctcaagtg     82860
     atctgccggc ttaggactac caaagtgatg ggatttcaag ggtgaaccac catgaccagc     82920
     ataatatttt gataaaagat taaatcaagc taattaaaat attcttgggg aagagcattt     82980
     taaatatttt accatatttt agtgttctga aatatacaat aagtcaagga tcgctaaacc     83040
     tggccttcaa cccgtaccta tctgtggcct gaatgtaatg cctgaggatg acctaaggtg     83100
     gtacattttc atctggaaaa catcctctct attcccccgc tgccccaccc tgcccctgtg     83160
     gcagccccgc agccccacct gtcccctgtc acactgctcc caccagaagc cccgtcccac     83220
     cagttgcccc tcgggccctg ccaccagccc cccactgcca aacgtgtcca tctctacacc     83280
     ttcttcccct gcacaaccct tgtctgagga aaaattgtct tctactaaac cagtccctga     83340
     tgctaaaatg gcaatagatt aaaggagtca attatgttac caaggctggt ctccaactcc     83400
     tgacctcaag ccatactcct acctccactt cacaaaatgc tagaattaca agagtaagtc     83460
     agtgtgccag gttaatggat agttaagcgc atctattttg ttcccattgt aggctatcta     83520
     actccattta tctcgattat gcccacttat tcactttacg ttatttaccg tgctagagac     83580
     atatgaaaca tgtttcaaat actgtcatac aaggaaggag acaattacag gctttacaga     83640
     ggcaaattta aactgagatt atttatggcc ccagacttct atatacactg aagtaacaca     83700
     atttatgtca aaatttgata attcctgcca agcaaatcag acatgtgaca tgtgctgact     83760
     aaaagtataa gtttttaatc acagtggtta agtatattgc ctgtattttg aattatgacc     83820
     acacttacag agaaaaactg ctttaataaa aagtgcatat gaaaacaatg gcgccttagc     83880
     accatcttcc acaacttgcc cacatgtcgt acatgtccga cagctaaagg tagaatcctc     83940
     aagaaaaatc aatgagttta acaaaaatga gtttcttaat agcacttaag tgttctctcc     84000
     ccactgtctc ctctcataat tcgacactca cacatagaaa acccatcccc ttttacagat     84060
     aaaatcccaa acctttgctt tctattcttg ccgaaagcaa acctgtccag agaaaaagaa     84120
     attacaggtg cttttcagta agacaaacaa cctgagggtt gcccggccct caggtcacat     84180
     gcatctggct ttgggtcacc acaaggccaa ctgcgggaag gacacctgga gctggcctga     84240
     gctggaagga cactagaagc catgcccgga aatcccacct acttctagcg gccaatcatt     84300
     gccacggcgg tgggcttcag ccaattattg tgagggtggt aggtgtctcc cgaggtgccc     84360
     cacccctggc tggcctgcag ctccatcctt ccgtggttat aagcatcaat acagcttgtg     84420
     cagggcggcg gtggattcag gcacacgcgg actgtgagcc ctttggaaat gtgggcatgg     84480
     aagacgtaca ccctaactgg catcctgagt gtggcgaagc attgacccac acggaacaca     84540
     tgaaacatct cactacatta gacgggctag gcagatagta ctgaatattg cgatccacag     84600
     gggagaaaga gggaccagct ctgcctgctt gggagagggc attggcgatg gcttggagag     84660
     agtggggcag ggcggatcct tgggaggaaa gtcgactggt acgttgctgg ggtggaattc     84720
     gtctgcacca gaagatgaaa accgcaacga ctctttaata tctaggcaaa tacaggctcc     84780
     gagttccatg cttcctcctt gaggatggtg tactcacagg ggcattgcaa aggacctctt     84840
     atcctctgcc ctgggcacac gggagtccag ccaacatact cgccaatcca atgacccttt     84900
     gcagtgcctt ctggcgcaga gggtccctca agtgcagcag tggccgtggt gcctactagc     84960
     agggctctgg aagcacaggg cctcggcttc cgactccagg gctgctgtgc acagctaata     85020
     ctgctgggta tctgggcccc atggcgagtg tgtggcaggc tgcaggactg cggggctccc     85080
     caggaaccct gcattcacgt aggtgttctc agtagggcaa gccccgtggg cctctctggg     85140
     agctgaccca agtgtctagg ggtgctgggg tgtggggtgg gtggcacagg ccttagtctg     85200
     tgggaggctc aaggagggca ctgtgttaag gcggaggctc tgcaggagaa actgtgcaca     85260
     aagcagggag gcaaccctgg gggaagaggc atgctacttg gggctgacat cagagatgga     85320
     ggtggtggcc aaggaggagg ccaatgtgga gtggtagcag gaggacgagc agacatatcc     85380
     tggccctggc cctggtacac cccggccggc aacggaattg ctggacgtcc ttcacctgga     85440
     gctgggctcc gtgaatgcca caggccacag ggcatccccc gtttctgggc cagagccata     85500
     tccttgaagc tgccaattca ggatggctgg cagcagtggg tgggcaccga gctcccggga     85560
     gcagggttgg gggaaacatg gtggtcggca ctgggggtca gccaggattc aggacatggg     85620
     ggacaatgag gggaacagag gacaggctca tgcagataga agggcagctt aattgcaggt     85680
     gccttcaggg cacatggtag ggacaggaag ccaagcacag cactcacaaa ggtgaagagc     85740
     agcgcaaagg acggttcata aacggcagaa agttgaagga catgtttcac tgggaaagtt     85800
     cctggaggaa agggagtctt catgcccatg acagccatgg aactaccccc gcaccctgtg     85860
     cctatgtcca gcagactcac cccagaaaca caaggtgctc aagactgggg ttcacaatgt     85920
     actgggctgc catgtcttct tcaaggcagt caccagctcc ccagacatga tttcttccct     85980
     atgccagcac tgctcccgaa gatgtttagg ccctgagcat atataacctc tgttgaaaac     86040
     acttgagccc catggggaga gccaggcaca gctctgcagc cacttctaca tacagctgtt     86100
     ccatcacgtg gacgcgccca tccctcaggg agaccaggag aagggcagac cacacaccca     86160
     gacagcagca gagcctgtcc agcacccagc acaagagggc ctcctgcagc tcaggagccc     86220
     tgagcaagta gccatctcac cccacaacac cctacccctg accccctgcc cacttcttct     86280
     gtgcccaccc ttggtaagag caggctgttt gggcctgcct ccattcgcca ataagaccac     86340
     catagccgtg acagtgccgc gcacaccaga cagaaacaga ggacctggaa gtgaaggtgc     86400
     caggccaaag gcctggggaa taccctgccc cacactctcc atgctcttgc aaagttgcag     86460
     cgtgtctcct tacacaccca ctcaatcatc tagtggctcc ttgaccagag gcagattgtg     86520
     tggcacaccc aagctggccg ggatcacaaa tgatgatgaa gtccttctaa gctacatgat     86580
     ggatttgcag gtcaggttaa ggaaactggg tctgtgggag ggttccaatg tctgggtcat     86640
     gttgaggttc ccttggggcc tggaggtgtc tcagcaggat tgctgggaag gggaaatgca     86700
     tgctttaccc cagctagcag gtcacctcag cctggctaca tgaaatggtc ctttaagtcc     86760
     atcctttttc tccttcttgg ccaggtaggg gaaggaagtc acccatccca ggtaccggca     86820
     gcaggatgaa gttttctttt catcacaaac tatatttcca caatgacgtg atcattcagg     86880
     agttggcatc ttcagtaagg agtgtctccc agtgtggtag aggaggttgt gtgtgggtgg     86940
     gtaggtctgg catgagcctt cctgactcct ctctctccag gacacaggat gtctcattcc     87000
     ctgcagtcta gtggtcgtgg gatcatgaag gtcaagcctc cagctgtagg cagtacagct     87060
     cctacctgag cttcttcagc tggttggctg accatgactg cccaggttct agcaggatta     87120
     ctgaggtggg agccgaggta gggcatcacg ggaaaggatc ttgctgctca ttccttggcc     87180
     tctggggaat tggctttgag ccatgacctg aactaacctg tacccacttc tgcagtccgg     87240
     cagatcatca gccagggcct gtggctcaat ctcttgcagt acttccggag agagggaggc     87300
     tattagagag cgaacagaga gcaggcccgg tgagaagtct agggctgggg attgagagag     87360
     gcctttgatt cctgaagttg taccccacag ggagaacctg agcctcagga aggcgactgc     87420
     agtgagcaat cccaggccat ccatgggctg gcagagaaat ggccatcagg aaactataac     87480
     accacatttc aggattaggg atccttaagc tgcctaagag gcataagtgt ctaagatcag     87540
     tgggtgagaa gcgaggctca aggagtagct gtctcatcat cccttgatgg ctcccctccc     87600
     tgtcctgagg ctagctacca cttagggctc agtttgggct cagcaagggc cctctcagcc     87660
     tccaagcaga tgtcctgcag aggcctgcgt ctacgtcctc cgagaatggc tctcccaggc     87720
     ccatcatttt ctgttacgat gaccctgggt ttccctgaca tgctttctcc cctctgccat     87780
     cctcattcac tcaggccctg cctaccccca gaaaagacat gccaatgcac agggaatctg     87840
     gatgaccaca cagggcttac aggggaggaa atgtgaacag atggtaaaat ggaaggggac     87900
     cttctgtgtg tgtccaggaa ggcaatctgg ctgggcatta aggcacacct cactattggt     87960
     gaggacaccc agtgtctctt tgtccagaga atgtgcacac aaacacacat attgtctaaa     88020
     tgggattgac atcagtacta cctagtgatc tacagattcc atacaatgcc tgtaaaaata     88080
     tcaatgaccc actcttcaca gaaaaccaat ctgagaatcc taaatttgct atgaaatggc     88140
     agaagatcct gaagacccag ggcaatccag taaaaagcac aaagctggag gcatcacact     88200
     acctaacttc acaatctact acaaagtttt atgtaccaaa atagaacagc actggcagaa     88260
     aaacagagac ctgagctaat gaaaaacaac agaggcccag aactaagtca ctgcattagt     88320
     agctcatgac cttttcccaa agaagcaaga acacacaatg caaaatcaag tatcttctat     88380
     aaactaggtt ggggaaaacc taaatatcca catgaaggat cttaaaagta gattatttct     88440
     caccaaactc cattatcaga cctgaaacaa tagaaatacc aaaagaaatc acaaagaaga     88500
     agctccatga catcagtgtg ggcaatgatg gtatcaaagt gactgcaaga gcacagtaaa     88560
     taccatcaaa aatagagaat gtcattatat caaactaaag tgcttcagca caccacagga     88620
     aactaaacag agggaaggga catcctacaa gatgggtgaa attattggat caccatagag     88680
     ctgttaatgg gtgaatattt actgtacatg aggaattcca acaactcaat agcatgaaaa     88740
     caaatgggct aaagatgtga atactttttg tgaaacaaag acatacagct gcccagaaga     88800
     cacattaaaa agcactcatc atccttaata cattaggaga atgcaaatca aaaccacaat     88860
     gagatttcat ctcacttcag tcagaatgcc tattatccaa aagattttaa aaaagctcat     88920
     ttctggtaag catgcagaga aaaggaaatt cttgcacact tttggtgaga atgtaaatta     88980
     tggcaggcat ggcaagaagc tttaaggctt ttatttaagt agaaagaggc ttcacaaatc     89040
     tacaagtaga accacccacc atatgatcca gcaaatcgga ataccgagga atacccacaa     89100
     atacacaaaa cagtatgttg aagcggtgca tgcaccgatg caatttttgc tgcactattt     89160
     acatttttgc tgtagccaaa atacagaagc aatctgagta tccctcagtt gatgagtgga     89220
     taacaaatgg ggcacatatg cccaatggaa aaatgggctg ctataacaaa gaaggaaatc     89280
     ctgccagttg tgacaatgct tgtgaatctg gtgaatgtgt gcatgccatt ttgttaagtg     89340
     acataagcca ggtatcagaa aggcaaatag cacatgacct cattcctata tgaaatctaa     89400
     aaagcagacc tcacagaggt agtgactcca acggctgggg tggtgtttag tgaagagggt     89460
     gctgaggaga tgtcggatca agaattcata tttctagtta gaatggagga ataggttaaa     89520
     aaccttttct aaagcatgct gactataact agtgataaca cattctttct ctaaaaaatt     89580
     ctaagagagt tcatgtgaag ttttatcacc acaaaaataa caagtatatg aggtcatgca     89640
     tgtgttgatt agctggatgt atccagtgca taacatacat gaccttttga acatcaccct     89700
     ataagttata catatgtatc atttcatatg tcaatttaaa aaataaacat acaattttta     89760
     aaattcctta agagaatcaa tgttgataaa ctattttatt ataaagaagt gcttttcttt     89820
     tctacctgta tcaatgtctt tttcatgaca caggacagaa tgcaacgtag tttggtaagt     89880
     taaaaaatat atataaaaat aaaaataaat cccaatgtag atgatcaatg aaagatagaa     89940
     atcacaggtc catagactat atagtacatg aacggaaacc ttcactgcat gtttcaaaag     90000
     aagacgtgag caggcagaag gaaaaagcaa aaaactcaaa aagccattcc agggccctgg     90060
     gtcacacctg taatcccaac actttcagag gctgaggtgg gaggattgcc tacactcagg     90120
     agttccaacc cagcctgggg caacaagggc ccacgtctaa aaagtaatta attagttaat     90180
     taatatgtcg ctgggagggg tggcatgcat ctgtagtgcc agctatgtga gagtctgagt     90240
     tgagaggatc acatgggagt ggggtgtcca ggctgcagtg ggctgagatc ctggtgctgc     90300
     tctccaacct aggagacaga gtaagaccca ttctcagaaa acaaacaaaa ataagagtca     90360
     cattatgcaa attaaaacaa tgtagtgtga ggagaatcaa aataaacaaa gcatcatcaa     90420
     aggctatatg atccaatgaa agaaaccagc tttcacataa taacagccaa agatggggag     90480
     aacaatgaga aagggcagag agaacatgta aataataatt caccaaactc cccaaatgag     90540
     ttaaaagaca tgaatgtaca aagagtactt cctttggctt ccaaaccctt aataataatt     90600
     gtcttttcct gaatccctga catgcattca gctcacctga acctcttggt gaggttctga     90660
     gaccatgatc tgcccttttt tctgtacact ctcactttgt tatttcacat cacttatctg     90720
     tagcaggtca taacgaatca tgattctttg acattgttga cacaatgaag aactcagata     90780
     tgagttcaat aaacaatagt ttatgacatg tcatgaaaaa atgctgtata catgatgctt     90840
     gttaaaagaa taataccaaa taaaaatgta ggaagaagta cattttcttc atttcatcat     90900
     tgagcttgtg tttacgaaac actttatctg tgatctatag ctgcctcctg gaaaatgatc     90960
     tgacagagtc ttttgaaagt tcccattcca ctttggagac cacaggcata acccactttt     91020
     tcacttttcc acctattgga tatacttagt gggatgagta ggatccatgt gacttttcgc     91080
     tttgctgtaa tgcccagtta tttttttttt aacactgtct ttgctagata aggctgaaat     91140
     aaatggttca ttatggctca caaaaagaat tcatctcctt cagctgacat tctttataag     91200
     aggaatttca tccagccatg aaaacaataa tctgatgcca ctgctgacag attcagaatt     91260
     acaaactaaa ttcagataga ggattggaag atagatgatg cagatggaga gagggggttg     91320
     gggaaggaag ggaaggatga aaggaggggt gtaagggaag gaaaggaaat aaggaaggga     91380
     gagagagtga taggttttca aagacacaga tacaaagtct agcatggttg tagagatagg     91440
     cgtgtacaaa ttaacacagg cagtgtggaa acatatcgga cagacagaga cataggtgga     91500
     gtcagagaaa agatacaaac ccacacagag aaataaacat acacaaatac agagacacac     91560
     ttggcagttt aaacattaaa aaacaccaag accctgaaac tagaaatgac agaggtgttt     91620
     cagagttact gagacagaat gcaagttcgt cagtgacctt agcatctgtg ccccatgtgc     91680
     atggatattc agtggaagaa gcattggaca gactgtacga ttcagcacga tctctgataa     91740
     tacctaaaca atggagctta tgttaaatca ctagactgaa ctgcatgtag gattcgagga     91800
     agaagcccag tcagccatgt tcgctcggtg gggttgacaa tatggctgag ccaccagccc     91860
     atggcatgtc catccactgt ggacagttgc tggtttgctg cctgccttgg gaaaagctct     91920
     tcctgtacca ccattttaaa acagcctagc tccaaaacta gccctggcat tgacttacag     91980
     tcttttcctt atcatttatc tcctagaaaa attattgcaa gatcctttcc tcaacttttt     92040
     cctatgcatt aaatttgggg caagacgttt tcacatgacc tgattacagg caagtgccca     92100
     gacatttccc aatctgagta gccctgagtg cagacaccaa tctgcttctc cactcagact     92160
     ctttacatta ttaaccttat gcaaagtatg ctgaaaaggc cacagaaagt aaaagggccc     92220
     tgggctccag aaacagtctg cagttgcaat cattggggag actagatcct catgatggtt     92280
     tacatgagca caaaatgcat ttctaatgct gttagctaca tacattattg aactaaagat     92340
     gtaaacatca acaacagtgt ccatatcctg ggttatcatg tgacagagag tccatgcgtc     92400
     gatccccctg caatcttaaa ttccacaaat ccaccccctt tcccctgact tctgtatgtc     92460
     tgtgttttcc cttagtcacc tatgacagaa aaaaagaggt gtatcctgaa cgccttccca     92520
     catgcctctg taaccttttc cacagtccct ccataaacct tacatgccca tttcttctca     92580
     cattgatggg acccctcgta ctgagagact gattgtccca gaaaaggatt atgcattcac     92640
     ctttaaaaag agaacatgtg agaaagtgaa ctttaagatt tgcatcatct tgtgctatct     92700
     tagtgtgtct gatgatgccc aaaatgaagg attttggagg taccttatcc cagcaaactg     92760
     ggccctggat atcttagtgc ccattaaccc ctttccttga aatacctctg cttccataag     92820
     aagtagccta tcttctcttt cttttacctc cccaactctg tcttgtagga agaataccaa     92880
     aacattccac actcattcac tctacaactt tagaggccca gctccaacat agactggtca     92940
     tttccatgaa gagaatgaaa catatggatt gacctattca ttatgacacc tgaatccagg     93000
     ggatgaacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac agagtcacat     93060
     atctttaata gtgtttattt ttcattccat acaatccaag tttatcccct tttcctgtct     93120
     gcattttttg tgactgggtc tgtttttcct ttagttcctg tgcataagac catgctgagt     93180
     actgaaatcc tgcataccat agtaacttat taggagttgt gctgttttag ttaaagtctg     93240
     atgctccatc acattcaact caaaatctgg atgtccccta gagaaaaaca accatatgtc     93300
     aaaatgcact tcttctgagc catactttaa aatgttttaa ttttagggcc tgcctagaaa     93360
     agactatccc ttccccattt gtgatctctt aaacttcctc ctaccatgtg ttacaaactg     93420
     ttatctgcaa tatctgccac attcccagta ttctctgtga tgggagtcag ctaacaagat     93480
     gcattgtaca ctaaaagcag acagaaatat gttgaggcaa tagcttaaga aaatccatta     93540
     atctaaacag tcttgtggtt tgcggcaagg atgacaagga ggcacattca gggagcccaa     93600
     tcttaagggg ttggtaggat gactgccagt ggggttgatg gccacggaat caagtgccac     93660
     acattgaagt taattattca gctttacttc tcagtgagtc tggacatgta ctatgcttcc     93720
     ccgggcttta gactccacag ctataacctg ctttgcagtc cagtgtctaa tgtggctttt     93780
     tcagcccaat ggcctgaatg ttctggattt tgtcactctc tgtcttccta tcaaggaatt     93840
     tctacttgta tgaagggagc ctcaacttct acatttctga aatgagcccc caggctccct     93900
     aaatagggag gtgtgtcaga cccctcatag tggcaatcaa acagctccaa ttacaactga     93960
     atggctcacc tgaaatctct cttccctctt cagatggctt tatccttatg tagtattgca     94020
     ggggattgca ccacagttcc ttacatagga tctatcaggg gaatcaatag ggaaaggcct     94080
     catcagggct cagaatggtg acccaagcaa ctgggaacac accggggtca tcctgatgtt     94140
     tcccagcgag gacccacctc agcaatccta ttagatcctg tgaagttgtg gtcagaaaac     94200
     cagttgaata agttaaggcc gctgttgtag tgtctgtggc cacaggcctc cacttcataa     94260
     tcctcatacc actgaattgg agtggaatga gaagccctgt attttacaaa gacatgattt     94320
     tgtgggaagg gggctggatc acattggcaa tgatccaccc accatcttcc ttccactacc     94380
     tatcttggga gccacctgta cctgtgacgt tcacgagata ttcctcggta atcactttat     94440
     tctggaagta gggggcgtca gaaagaacaa catgatcttg cagagatgaa caggatgctt     94500
     cacttcttcc acctgtcagg acaatgtgga ggaagcttaa ataccttttt gggtgaggtg     94560
     cccactgttg cttacaggaa tgaattattt cccttgccct tcccactcta ctctctaacc     94620
     tcagtcttcc cggcctcaac tacaagttga tcatgtagct cagcctgtct tcatcttagt     94680
     cagtgatcag tgatgacatc tgggggtggt tcgcaatctg acttaggtca aagagacttt     94740
     agatgtgatg ggaggtaaag ctagaagcaa cagggaagaa ggcctaagag tacccagagg     94800
     cggaggtagg aggtagggga tttctcagat ttgcttccac atatgacctc cgtttctcct     94860
     ctccctcccc ctgaattaag tcctgctggg ttcacggagg gtgtgtaatt ctgaggctaa     94920
     ctgcattgac atggagaggg gcgatttgca gagaggtgct ggtgtctgag gagtggtaga     94980
     atctgcttat acctgaagac gcccagtccc agattggatt ggcaaggggg agcaatcaca     95040
     tttccttaaa aatagcttga ttcacagaaa aacctattct ggtctgaact cgcttctgct     95100
     cttcaaaaag atgccgcaaa tatctgctgc taggcatcac gaagggtttc attgccacat     95160
     gcaggaaaac agtacccacg tctgctctgg ctttccatgg tcacatttgt ccatggcaac     95220
     tcaccgttgg tccccaaata gtcacgtcga cacagagctg cctgtatgtt acttacactt     95280
     ccccaagagc acctctcaac tagaaaggca gaagaaacac tgaaaaggaa tcaccattgg     95340
     cccagaagcc agggatgctc tgaatgatgt cgcctctccg gcccaggtgg gacttgcacc     95400
     tctcctccat cttttccctc tgctgagaaa acgccttctt agctcgggca ttaaccggct     95460
     ccagctccac ctgaacagcc agcagctcct ccagtgtaga ttctggagtc ataggcccag     95520
     ggccaggctg tgcctactgg tcctcctcct accactccac gtcggcctcc tcctgggcca     95580
     ccaccttcac ctccgccatt atgtcatccg ccacctgcac cacctcctcc tccaaggcag     95640
     cctcctcgct cagcgccccg ggcgccccct cctgtagagc ctccatcctg aagacggtac     95700
     ccttcttcga actcccacag accaacacct atgctgcccg acccacgcga caagaaccct     95760
     gcagctacct ttattgaacc ccttgggtca gcaggccctc agggggcatg cgccgggctt     95820
     ccaggcgccc cctaacagat tgcatgcaaa gggcaccggg agccactcca agactgcctg     95880
     tctccgcagc acggccaatc agtgccaggg cggtgggtgt ctccctgggt ggcctcactc     95940
     gaggctggcc tgcagtccca gtctcccggg gtaagcctcc tccgagaagc tctcagagct     96000
     tgtgccaggt agcgctgcat ccaggcacat gcgggctgag tggcctttgg aattgtgggc     96060
     atggaagcca tgtgccctaa atgacatcct gggcgtggca agccattgac ccacagggaa     96120
     cacatgaaac ctctcacttc attaggcagg ccaggtagat agtatggaat agtgcacatc     96180
     cagagaactc tctctggctg ctggggcaag ggcaggggga gtggccggag gaaagtgggt     96240
     cagggcgggc gcgtgggagg aaagttgcct gcttgtgctg aggttgaatt cgtctgctcc     96300
     agaggccaga acccgggcaa acactctcgc aggtctaggc aaatacaggc tccgcataca     96360
     atgcttcctc cctgaggatg ctgtattcca agaagcattc caaagggcct ctcatcctat     96420
     gccctgggca taccagaggc cagccagcag ggttggccat agacggcctg cgtgcacgct     96480
     attgtgcact gccttgccaa cccataggct cctgcaagtg cagcagcggc tgtggtgcct     96540
     gttggtgggg ctctacaagc ccagggcctc tgcctccagc tcctgatctc ctgtgtggag     96600
     ttgacactgc tggggacctg agtcccaggg tgagtgaggc gatctgcggg ggcaagcagg     96660
     ggctcatcag gaaacctggg tccacatggg tgtgggaata tgttcttagc agcttgaggc     96720
     ctgtgggtct tttggggagc gggcctcctg gggaacggcc cccagggcct aggggtgctg     96780
     aggatgggct gggctgcaca ggccggggtc tgtgggagca tccaggaggg caccatgttc     96840
     aggctggagg ctctgctgga caggacagac ggggcacaga gcaaggaagt agccttggaa     96900
     gaggaggcgg tgctgacggt ggaagtcata atgattgatg tggaggtggt ggttgaggag     96960
     gagaccgaca tggagtggca gaagatagac gagtgggcac agcctggccc tggacccagc     97020
     acaactgggc cgtcaatgga ctcactggag gtccatcact tggagctggg ctccttgaat     97080
     accctatgcc acagggcatc tccagcttct gggccagagc catatccttg aggctgcccc     97140
     tttgggatgg ctggcagctg cggatgggca tcaggcttca gggggggaat gggggctgag     97200
     tcgggggaga aaccaggagg gaggcacatg gggtcagcca ggaggcaggg gataggggac     97260
     agggtgggag ctgaggccag gttcctgcag atatgaggcc agcttgcttg tgggaaccct     97320
     gggaccgcat agtaaggacg gggagccagg cacagcactc acaagggaga atcacggtgc     97380
     caaggtccct tcaggcacag cacaaagttg aagggcaagt ttccctggga aattccctgg     97440
     aggatgagga gtctgcatgc cattgccagc cattgaacca cccctgctct cagtgcctgt     97500
     ttccaacagc ctcaccccag aaacaaggtg cttaagacgg cttcgcggtg catggggctg     97560
     ctgacctcca caaggcaggc accagctacc cagatacact ttcttcccct tgaggtgctg     97620
     cacccaaagg ggtgtaggcc ctgagcatat ataacctcct ttgcacccat gcaattccca     97680
     tgggaagcac caggcaaaac cctacagacc cttctatcta caaggcttcc cttaagtgga     97740
     cagaaccacc cctcagggag accaggataa gaggacacca cacacctgga catctgcaga     97800
     gcgtgtccag cacccagcac acaagggcct cctgcagctc atgaacccag aggaatcagc     97860
     tgcctcacac cacactgccc cccgcccctt cagctgcaac cacctgtcca ctttttctgc     97920
     ctcctgtctc tggtcagccc aggacatctt ggccggggtc caccccccga aaaaaccacc     97980
     acagttgtgg cattgcctcc ttgccagaca gagacagagg accaaaaaag gacgatggca     98040
     ggccaaatgt ctgggagata accctgctcc acattctctg tgctctttca aagtttcagg     98100
     gtgtcatgag gcttgcccac ccaatcaact ggaggctctt tgaccaaagg tatattgttt     98160
     ggcacaccca gatcctgtgt gagaaaccat gatgaagtcc tgttttggta catgatggat     98220
     ttttaagtca ggctggggag cttgggtctg tgggaggggt ctggtatctg aagcagtttg     98280
     aggtcccctg gggcccgggg atgtctcagt ggcagagcta cgaaggggaa actcatgctt     98340
     cactccagct agcaggccac ctcagcccag ctagatgaaa tggtgccatt gagtctgtct     98400
     actttatcct tcttggtcag gcaggtgagg gaactcagcc atcccagtta ctggcagcag     98460
     gatgaagatt tcctttcgtc acaaccttta ctttcataat gaagtgataa ttaaggagta     98520
     ctaccattgg tatcctcggt aaggagtacc tcccagcatg gtaggggagc tggtgtgtga     98580
     gagggtcagc ctggcatgaa ccttcctgac tcctctccct ccagggtaca gggtgtctca     98640
     ttccactgca gtccagtggt tctgggatca tgagggtcaa gcctccagct gcaggcagaa     98700
     catcacctac ctgagcttgt tcagctgttt ggctgaacat gagtgcctgg gttttcgcag     98760
     gattgctgag gtgggagtcg cggtgagggc tgcggtgggg catcatggga aaggacctca     98820
     ctggtcattc cttggcttct ggggaattgg ctttgagcca tgacctgacc tttcctggac     98880
     gaccttctgc agtcccccag atcatcagcc agggcctatg tctcaatccg ttgcagtact     98940
     gccccaggga gagagggatg gtattagaga gggaaacaga gaggagggca ggtgagcagc     99000
     ctagggctag gatctgagag tcctttgagt cctggatctg tgccccacac agagaatcca     99060
     aagatcatgg aggagactgc agtgagcaat cccaggccat ttatggtttg agagagaaag     99120
     gcccattagg gaactgcaac acccacattt caggattggg gaaccctaat ccacctacaa     99180
     tgcatatgtg gctaaggtca gtgggtgaga agcaaggctt aagggatagc tgtcttatca     99240
     tcacttgcca gctccttccc ctgccctgag gcttgctacc acctgggtct cagattgagc     99300
     tcaaccaggg tgctctctct ctccacacag atgtccacag gaggcccgtc taggtctaca     99360
     tcctttcaga atgtttctcc caggcctgtc atgttgtgtt ttgatgaagc cgggctcccc     99420
     tgacatgcat tctcatctct gccatcctca tccccactgc cctgccttcc cagatgagac     99480
     aggccactgc acagggaatc tggaggacca cactaagctc cagtgtgagg aaatgttcta     99540
     ttttcttcat gcacatgtat tttagagttt cctccagggg aggaaatgtg aagagattgc     99600
     aaaatggctg gggaccttca gtgtgtgtcc agggagggaa cctggctggg aattaaggcc     99660
     cacctgagta atggtatgga catccagtgt cagttatctt gatgaagacc tgctttctta     99720
     catcacctac tattagtata aaagttaatt ccttagaata ttgaaaaaac aaatctgtgt     99780
     atgaggaaat ataatttgtt cataattgta tggaaaaaac tgctgactga tccattttcc     99840
     attacaattc ttatgtgaga cttgaagagt ttatcaagtt ttaaaaagca tttttattgt     99900
     tctactcctg gcaattttta tgatcatttt ttcaatacag ggacatagat tctagaaagt     99960
     ttttgaggga ctttcagctt ctttagagta cttacttgta aattttgatt ttttttcctt    100020
     gtggttcttt tcaatttact atttatattt tatatgtgag gttttaaatt tgttttctta    100080
     tttgcccctt ctggaacttt taaaggattt tttttttctg ttagatatgt gcatttggct    100140
     gtgagtactt tctctactac agattttttt tgttgctgtt tgttagtttt tggggtgtgt    100200
     gattgtttgt ttactggttt tgagatgcaa tcttgctctg tcacccaggc tgacatgaaa    100260
     tggcacgatc ttagctcact gccacctcta tcttcgagct tcaagcaatt cccctgcctc    100320
     agacttccga ggaactggga atacaggcac atgccaccat gtccagctaa tttttgtatt    100380
     tttaattgag actaggtttc actgtatttg cccagctcat ctcacactcc tgacctcaac    100440
     tggtctgctc tcattggcct cccagaatgc tgggattaca ggtatgagcc accacagccg    100500
     gcctcatttg tttgtttatg tattttaatc attgttctat tttcttcatg tacacatctt    100560
     ttagaattat tgaaataaaa tgttttattt gcttactcaa tactttagta ggtttttaaa    100620
     actaattttt cattcactaa atacggtatt gtgtataagt taaacttgca tagtattgtc    100680
     attctatctt ttactcaaga actctgatac tgtttttctc ccatctgagg agaacatgca    100740
     catagttata aaaaattgtg tgaatgggta agtatgaaaa tataatttga aagaatagta    100800
     aagttcacaa atacaatttc acatttgtat tttgcatcat tttgaaaatt ttagttgctg    100860
     acacatgaaa ttctataatc accttcatgt taaatgtata cttttgaatc aatttcaaca    100920
     atgagaaaaa tccaaggcca aacgttagtt caggaagtag aaagcagttg ttctgtagaa    100980
     aaaaacatat ttattgaagg tatatttaga gagattttag aaggcttaag tcaatatttt    101040
     tgtttttgtt gctctggtgt tttatcatac tgtgaccaga ctgtagcatc agtagttata    101100
     gttactaggc taccaaagtc tcagggctgc agtaattatt gaggaaagtg gcagtgtggt    101160
     tggctgttta aggagactat aggacttagg agtttccacc caaagcacaa tggcctggtt    101220
     tggtgggtgg ccttcttttg ctgaagtaga taaaatccag gagaagtgtg gactcattgt    101280
     agtaggtagg gctttgagac tggtgaagcc tatttgtctc caactgccat tgccagtatt    101340
     ggtctgcaga taatgtcact tcctggacac actgactcct gtaaattaaa atatataatt    101400
     tggatttaaa tccctgttcc aacttcttaa acttagatct aataagtgtg taataaaata    101460
     tgtatacaga acaaagggag acatcagata agtacataag taaagcatcc tgatcaaata    101520
     ccttcaaaaa tattactaca aaaatcactg aaggttaaac cttaaaaagt tattttaatt    101580
     ggggaagtag aaaaaggttg gacttgttta aaactctgag gtgtaaagat actattatta    101640
     gaatatggaa attatataaa atatctgatt tgtttgaaga gcagcatact agctatttag    101700
     tatgactaga gattaattac ccatgtaaga aaactcagag attaacaaca atttttttca    101760
     gagattttgt tctgtagtta aagactttta aaatggtttc ttactgatca gtgattcacg    101820
     tatatttatc atttagtcat acgctgtata cccttttata tagggatgaa gttatagttt    101880
     ctatcatgta gatagaaaaa catgtgactg tgtaccacat ttgcattaga gtctttggcc    101940
     tgagtaatga agcaaacaat ggaactatgt caggttacag gtgggcacag ctggaagctt    102000
     ccatcacttg catctttaac atttctggat tctcatcagt ctctcctaga aagacaaatg    102060
     gactataact atcctaaaga acatatgtta catttaaaca ccaagtattg agataagatc    102120
     atgatgtctt atcaatgcct catcattact ttaaatttat atgtataact tatacaaaga    102180
     aattcagttt atcaccatta acattttaca cgacacattt atctatttca ttctctttct    102240
     agtgactttt ttttgagatg gattttcact ctgtcactca gtctggaatg cagtggcctg    102300
     atctcagctc actgcaacct ctgcctcttg ggttcaagca attctcctgc ctcagcctcc    102360
     tgagtagctg ggattacagg cacacaccac cactcctggt taattttgta tttttagtag    102420
     agatggggtt tccctatgtt ggtcagactg ttctcaaact tctgacttca ggtgattcac    102480
     cagcctcagc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcgttag ccaccatgcc tggcccctct    102540
     tttttttgag gcaagttctt gcttggtcac ccagactgga gtgcattggc acaatcttca    102600
     cacactgtag cctcaacctc ccaggctcaa gctattttcc tgtctcagcc tcccatatat    102660
     ctgggactac atgtgtgcaa caccacacca ggctatttgt tgttgttgtt tagtcatgaa    102720
     atcttgctat attgccaagt gggtatcaca ttcctgggcc caaagggttc tcctagttca    102780
     agctcccaaa gtgctggaag tacaggagtg agccactgag gacagcatca ccactcttta    102840
     atcatttttt aaatgccact cttcaaaatt aacaagtaaa gttttactta tgaaattcca    102900
     aattccaagt caagttcagc ctcactttta taaagaggta aaaatacaac aaaacaaaaa    102960
     aaccttcttt ttcttttgtt ttgaagttag caaacagtta gaaagcaact catctctact    103020
     ttggattaca aaattgactg tacagagaaa tatcctcatc taattgtttt cagatcaaaa    103080
     atcccgtgaa gttatcatca gaaccatcat cttatgaaac aaaaacaaat ctcctactgg    103140
     gtcttttatg tagattaaat atgttataat tagtcatgta tacaattgtg attacagtta    103200
     ttccttaaac cataatatta aaaatatgaa cctcattttt ttttaactgc taccccaata    103260
     agaaaactaa ctgctgatgt ggtataataa tttgtggccc agagagccag cattctgaat    103320
     tattcaggtt cttcacatac cctaagggta ctaagagccg aatggtagtc tggacatctt    103380
     ggaggagtag caatgtcagg tcatttcttg ctgcccctct caccagccag gggttctact    103440
     gcaactcatg cagtagaatg gtagacaact tcacaactct cagtggtacc acagggtgcg    103500
     tcaggccaat aatcacagca gtgtcttcag gattcctgtg tacataggca aaggtttatt    103560
     atagtacatt cattagaaaa cctgaacctt aaacctacat caggctttcc agcatatttc    103620
     tttagtcatg atacacaagg tccctagctc atcttcagag aaatcagaaa tctatgaata    103680
     aagagtccac agacaacggg attgtagagg aattaactaa cagcggtaat aataagccaa    103740
     acacagtgag acaatttctt attagtctaa aacaaaaatg ttatctgtat aagggagata    103800
     gtcatggatt acagaagcga atttggacag agaaaccttc agcaatgtaa ttatgggata    103860
     atgcatcaca gggtaaggga agaggcactc acaagtgtac atgttcctga cacagtgggc    103920
     agctgtgaga acccacaagc tgctaactat ggaaccactg cagatctgtc tgccacagct    103980
     gatgatccca gcctgccatg gcatggcata tcacagagaa atctgatctg ctaaatctga    104040
     ggagaaaaat cagctaactg tgttaatttg aacagaattg ccatctgtag accatttttt    104100
     taagttttaa atcactccta tttgtgctaa ccaagtcagc attgttaaat atgactagca    104160
     aagacaaact tctacctcta ctgtgtttat gcatttttct tgaaaaaaag tgttcctctt    104220
     aatacctttt gaagttcata gtttcttttt gttctagctt aagttgcttt aatcaaaata    104280
     ttgggaggca ttccagcttt ctcccccatt gaaacattta tatagctatt attttagctc    104340
     cttagaagtc attgaagtag ataggcaaca aaaaatacaa tgatttgaag atattaggta    104400
     aataatgtaa aatttggaga taaggcacct gtctctaaat tggaggggct tatcttccta    104460
     aacttataat cttagtgaga tatcaaacaa atagtttaaa tagaaaattc aaatttgagg    104520
     ttcaggaaag agctcatact tttaaaatta ttttagagtt cctcagaaaa ctgagttgaa    104580
     gcaatgttca ttaatatata cagagagata aaaatgatga agataacctg tctatagaag    104640
     aggtaaggaa atatagataa aattagaagc ataactaaga tattaagttt agttgtattt    104700
     gaattagtct ttggaggatg tgagcaaata attatggcct cctttatatt ctaaatgtag    104760
     ctatggcaat aggtggtagc tacaaaaata gctgtggtta agtgcacatt taatagatga    104820
     gaccaaaaga gatccctcaa ttttcaagga aataagtgga agtacagcaa tatgaaacaa    104880
     ccattgctaa tatcgtaata ggttttctga tagccaaggg aagggggaaa ctgataatct    104940
     caatgtaatg cagtctaata caccagcacc taaaactcat tacttaccaa ctactatgct    105000
     gtttccaaac atcataatat atttaactta aaatatactt aatttaaaat aactctatta    105060
     caaatataag gtactgtgtg gtagtaaaga aatgtttttg tgttaggaga atgtgtctta    105120
     atgttagccc tattcatctt ctgccacggg aacttgatca atccattcta cataactagt    105180
     gtcagaatac gcatttaaga taactataat aatcatgtta cataatctac atcatagagt    105240
     aatctatagg gatactatgg aaattgaatc atatatcaag tatgaaatgc ctttgtaagc    105300
     cataaggaaa ataatttcta tgatttggta gataaaaaac tcacgcattt ctcaggaaga    105360
     gctttctctc ccctctcctt ccctctattc ttttctattt ccattctctt cttcctttac    105420
     ttctcctacc aagtttttga gacttactct gaggctgtgg cagagagatg tagtgtggcc    105480
     gaatggaatt gggagtggag gtaaaagctg aggcatttgt agaggtagag actgaaaggg    105540
     acatggaagc agaggcagtc acgggccctt ggtggtgcca ggatgcatgg ctaggccatg    105600
     tcacttcctg gagccagaaa aggaaagggt gcacttggct gaagacatag ggctttgtgc    105660
     aatgctcctc aaagtgactc aagattccca cttgcaccca agtgtctttt tgctatagat    105720
     ggcacaacaa aggtgctccc aggtcactct gcaagaaaca agagacaaga tataatcagt    105780
     attttgaagg agggccagaa gtaacttttg gtgttcaaga tattcttttt ctccctggca    105840
     ttcacattcc atgaatttgt taccttacag ccaggctccc acatagcttt cttgacctcc    105900
     ataaaaaaag tgagttcact cagcttgggg ccaaattggg cacaagagct gactagtagt    105960
     atgctcagtt gccttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgc agaattccag gacttcctga    106020
     tggaaaacag agaagaagcc gggcgcggta tctcacgcct tgtaatccca gcactttgga    106080
     aggctgaggc gggcggatca cgaggtcagg agatcgagac catcctgact aacacggtga    106140
     aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaaa attagccggg cgtggtggcg ggcgcctgta    106200
     gtcccagcta ctggagaggc tgaggcagga gaatggtgtg aacccggcag gtggagcttg    106260
     tagtgagcgg agggcggagg ttgcgccacc ccactcacac ctgcacgaca gagcgacaaa    106320
     acaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aacaaaaaaa aaacaaaaac aaaagaagtg tttgtgtttg    106380
     ttttcaaatc aaatttagcc tagattagag gaagaagtat ggtgaagaga aagacaattt    106440
     ttttattatt caagagagga tactattctc tttccaaata tgcttctctt ccatcccagt    106500
     gtcttcttct ttactccccc ctcataaggg accaaatagg tagccaacag tcatatagtt    106560
     gtataaattt ctcctgttcg agactttcct aagggcatag aggaaggacc agggtttgaa    106620
     aatgtagtgg ctgcttcagg aagatcaacc caggtcctag aggtgccttc ggacctaggt    106680
     agggtatgac atgttcaatg ctgacagtct gagcttgggc agaatctaga agatgattat    106740
     gccccagttg gaccagggac agggctcctg aaatttttct ggggaaccaa aatcagggaa    106800
     aattctatta tttccacatt tcaatttgaa taaaacctgg aggtgaatca gatgaagacc    106860
     aggtaagcac taaagtacaa atactacttt agaaactatt ttcgaggatc atttgagacc    106920
     aggtgggcaa catggtaaga ctttatttct gtggaaaata ataaaaaagt tagccagatg    106980
     cagtgatgca tgcctgtggt cccatgtact caggaggcag aggtggaaga atcccttatc    107040
     ttggtagttt gaggctactg tgaatcatgc cactgcactc cagcttgggc aaaagagcaa    107100
     gaccctgtct ctatcactct ctctctgtct ctctctcaca cacagacaca cagacacaca    107160
     tacacacaca cacaaagaga aagatattca ttaaccatat caatgttgtg attgctctat    107220
     aatgatatct taatcttgaa atgaattatt tagacttatg taaaattggc acatctaact    107280
     gtggtaatga tccactgttc atttagtatg gagccagcac agaaatggga gaaagacagt    107340
     tgaaactggc acatctagct gtggtaagga tccactgttc atttagtatg gagccaccat    107400
     agaaatggag aaagacagct gcacagtaac tatccaacag aattcaccaa tttctgactc    107460
     ccagccgttg ggaaacatga ggacatggcc agggcataat ccacactctg cagaaggaat    107520
     aaacctgtgg aatagagtga gattagtatt actactctcc catttctgaa atctaatttt    107580
     aggtttttag aaatatgctt ggaaattcag tatcttcaat tctgagaaaa tacatggaaa    107640
     tatacatcat cctacaattt tagatatact acagttgtta tctacatact tacccttcaa    107700
     ataatatata tatgtatata tgcagttatg atatatatat atatcttatt atttatatcc    107760
     aagataatat actattatcc aatagtgtgt gtatatattc atatacgtca agtggaataa    107820
     taaactattt ctaagaagta agactatctt taaaatactg ttctctgaat agaattgtgt    107880
     ttataaaaca tagctcataa atcctatttg gcaaaaataa gatattcttc aatatttaga    107940
     catctctgct gattcataca ataacctaaa tttcagtctt ccgaacttct gagaacataa    108000
     cctctgatgt tacaaattct ggttttaggg ttcaacaaga gtcttcgtag caagtatatt    108060
     aactcaaaca tatgactaga gtaaaggtgc ctgtggtttc atgagaaata acagctgtct    108120
     cgaagagcca gaaagcctgg aaactttctt tccagatcac agatagttga cactcaatca    108180
     gggaaacgtt gagttctgca tgcctaagag gttgttgtcc aggcttgggt ccagattgag    108240
     atccaggcat caggagaggt tgttttgtta aaagtgtggc tggagcagca tgcaaggatg    108300
     aaaaagaagg agaaagaatg gactcttcag taaatgttga ggaagatatt ttctgaagag    108360
     aattagcaga agaggctatg gataggacaa tagaagagga gaccagagga gaggagaaaa    108420
     aaatggagca aggtgggaaa atgcagaatg aagggaatgt acaaaaataa aagactgaac    108480
     aagaagggca cagtgttcac ggagattgaa gtgaacaaga aagaaaaagg agaaagaaaa    108540
     agagataaga gaggtacatg ggacatcagg gttttctttt atctggataa tttttaattt    108600
     cctgccatag tgctggtaaa caactcttcc aggaagccaa atgcttgtaa gctggcttgg    108660
     gtggacagaa ttgattttta tcttggcttt ctgtggcagt tatctcagtt aacaaaacta    108720
     taatatacta atctgggaaa ggcacagttt ttactggcaa aaaagggtac atgtttggac    108780
     aatgagccaa aatgactgat taatagtgtt tctccattag gctcaatttc aggaggagaa    108840
     aatgatgcaa ttatatcagc cttatagtgg gttctgggac ttagtatttc tgtttcaggc    108900
     tggatgcagg ttctcacttt gccagcttca aaaacagcaa aggattcaat aatatcagct    108960
     tcagactgga tccagtgtgt gtctgctttg gttacaggca gtatccaaga tatgagtgtt    109020
     cttcctgtaa gcaaggtcca tctttttact actggagata gaaccttggg ccagaaactt    109080
     agtaggaagg tttcagactg cataaaaggg tgaattatgt caacttctgt ctgcatccag    109140
     ggactgacta tttgagattt tgaataagct catgatctgc ctttatttat tgtaatgtaa    109200
     aacaaagatc tgactacatc agttttctgc ttgatccagg atctcactgc ttgggtttca    109260
     ggtgggtcca ggtttgaaat gtagcagctc tttgctgagt ccagggccaa aatataccaa    109320
     cttcagtctg gggccaggga gagagtggct gattttcagg atgaatccag ggtctaactg    109380
     tatcacattg agtctgtaag caagatgtga ctgtatcaat ttcactcatg tttcagggtt    109440
     ttattccttg gcttacagtc caagtttgga atacttcagt ttcaggttgg ttccaaacta    109500
     acatcatcaa ataggttaaa gcataaaaat aacaggccaa gaggaaaaag gtttaaatct    109560
     ctgagaaata aataaaactc acaaacctac tggaaaccaa tctgcatatt gaggaaaagt    109620
     ttctgaataa atgttcatct ttcctgtact agcttgttaa ctcataaatt tgaccttttt    109680
     tgaattaaag agagaactgt gtccctattt tagtttgtaa cattgtcttc ccctgcaaac    109740
     acttcatata gtatccattc acttcatttc cacatcaaga tcacagttag cttcaaaggc    109800
     tgaagaagga cacatcattg gggtagtttg ccttcaccca tgtcattcaa tcacacatga    109860
     ccacagacat ctggtgagag tggcatctgt actgtggttc ttaaaatgga gtaagcctca    109920
     gaatctccca cagggtttgc taaaatgcag actgccaggc ctcaccctca gagggttcag    109980
     cagatctgga gcaggcccca agaatctgca tttctaacaa cttcccacat gatggtgatg    110040
     ctaccggtcc tggagtcata ctaattttca agaaccattc tataaatgat tttggatcac    110100
     tgccatcatg tcatctgttt tgacaaacca cagagcccta acttaacagc tattttaata    110160
     tacagacagc aggaatttta cacacatccc gatggcctgc caatcactca gcacgggcac    110220
     atgttttggg tgcagccatg catcgctgca gttaaagcca aatgttacag agcaaactga    110280
     atgctggctg ctcagtcctt cagatcctca actcttggca tttcatattt caccaccatc    110340
     tggagccttc actctaccac acatgatggg gcacgtgact tgctaggctt acagttgagg    110400
     aagggcaggg tcctaagaaa tgacaggacc tgcccatgct tgcttggcat cttgctctga    110460
     gccttatttc ctctgcatcc catatctagt taggagcatg gacgctggag agaccagggg    110520
     caccatggtg acacaggagt aactggtgga gctgacctca caccaggttg tcacctcgtt    110580
     ccttacttcc ctcaggactt ctagccccta tgctaaccag ccctggatgc tgtgattttc    110640
     catctcctgc ttctgactcc tccagctctt ctgggtactc cattgctaac acacttgcaa    110700
     tcagttattt cccatccctg ttcagattca ggcatgcccc aaacagcctt gctccccaat    110760
     tcacgcatgc taggaaccac tgcagcttca aagctgagta taagtgtcct atgggcgcat    110820
     ccaacttact cctaacctca tcttcacctc aaaaaacagg caagggactg cctcaaggct    110880
     gcagatctag caggcacaaa ggtgtggcaa gcactgactg tctagaggat cccagtgccc    110940
     cacactcctc acaaggttgt atccacctct gtcttgcctt ggcctggaga gcccggtatg    111000
     gcagaggccc tcacagcaat gccaatcctg tgttcttccc aggtgttcag aaatcagttg    111060
     tccatatcca tggcagggtg cagtggctca cgcctataat cccagcactt cgagaggcca    111120
     aggcaggcag ataacttgag gtcaggagtt tgagaccagc ttggccaaca tgatgaaacc    111180
     ctgtctttat aaaaatacaa aaattagcca ggtgtggtgg tgggtgcctg tagtcccagc    111240
     tactctggag gctgaggcag aagaatccct tgaacctggg attgaacctg ggaggcagag    111300
     tttgcactaa gccgagaatg caccactgct cttcagcctg ggcaacagag tgagacaaga    111360
     tctccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaaaag aaaaagaaat tacatttaac    111420
     attaggtata tttcctaatg ctatccctcc cccctccccc caccccacaa caggccccag    111480
     ggtgtgatgt tccccttctt gtgtccatgt gttctcatta ttcaattccc acctatgtgt    111540
     gagaacatgc agtgtttggt ttcttgtcct tgcgacagtt tgctgagaat gatggtttcc    111600
     agcttcatcc atgtccctac aaaggacatg aactcatcat tttttatggc tgcacagttt    111660
     tccatggtat atatgtgcca cattttctta atccagtcta tcattgttgg acatttgggt    111720
     tgattgcaag tctttgctat tgtgactagt gcagcaataa acatatgtgt gcatgtgtct    111780
     ttatagtagc atgatttata atcccttggg tatataccca gtaatgggat ggctgggcca    111840
     aatggtattt ctagttctag atccctgagg aatcaccaca ctgacttcca caatggttga    111900
     actagtctac agtcccacct acactgaaaa gtgttcatat ttctccacat cccttccagc    111960
     acctgttgtt tcctgacttt ttaatgattg ccattctaac tggtgtgaga tggtatgaca    112020
     ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt tctctgatgg ccagtgatga tgagcatttt ttcatgtgtc    112080
     ttttggctgc ataaatgtct tcttttgaga agtgtctatt catacccttt gcccacttgt    112140
     tgatggggtt gtttgttttt ttcttgtaaa ttcatctgag ttcattgtag attctgggta    112200
     ttagcccttt gtcagataag tagattgcaa catttttctc ccattctata ggttgcctgt    112260
     tcactctgat ggtagtttct tttgctgtgc agaagctctt tagtttaatt ggatcccatt    112320
     tgtcaatttt ggcttttgtt gccattcctt tttgtgtttt agacatgaag ttcttgccca    112380
     tgcctatgtc ctgaatggta ttgcctaggt tttcttctag gtttttttat ggtttcaggt    112440
     ctaaccttta aatctttaat ccatcttgaa ttaattttag tataaggtgt aaggaaggaa    112500
     tccagtttca gcttcctaca tatggctagc cagttttccc agcaccattt attaaatagg    112560
     gaatcgtttc cccatttctt gtttttttca ggtttgtcaa agatcagatg cttgcagata    112620
     tgtggcatta tttctgaggg ctctgttcta ttccattggt ctatatccct tttttggtac    112680
     cagtaacatg ctgttttggt tactgtagcc ttgtagtata gtttgaagtc aggtagcatg    112740
     acgcttccag ctttgttctt ttggcttagg attgacttgg caatgtgggc tcttttttgg    112800
     ttccatatga actttaaagt agctttttcc aattctgtga agaaagtcat tggtagcttg    112860
     acggggatag cattgaatct ataaattacc ttgggtagta tggccatttt cacgatattg    112920
     attcttccta cccatgagca tggaatgtat ttccatttgt ttgtatcctc ttttatttca    112980
     ttgagtagtg gtttataggt ctccttgaag aggtccttca catcccttgt aagtggaatc    113040
     ctaggtattt tattctcttt gaagcaattg tgaatgggag ttcactcctg atttggctct    113100
     ctgtctgtta ttggtgtata agaatgcttg tgatttttgc acgttgattt tgtatcctga    113160
     gacttcgctg aagttgacta tcagcttaag gagattttgg gctgagacaa tggggttttc    113220
     tagatataca atcatgtcat ctgcaaacag ggataatttg acttcctctt ttcctaattg    113280
     aatacccttt atttctttct cctgcctgat tgccctggcc agaacttcca acactatgtt    113340
     gaataggagt ggtgagagag ggcatccctg tcttgtgcca gttttcaaag gtaatgctac    113400
     cagtatttgc ccattcagta tgatattggc tgtgggtttg tcataaataa gtcttattat    113460
     tttgagatac atcccatcaa tacctaattt attgagagtt tttagcatga aggttgttga    113520
     atttcgtcaa aggccttttc tgcatctatt gagataatca tgtggttttt gtctttggtt    113580
     ctgtttatat gctggattaa atttgttgat ttgcatatgt tgaactggcc ttgcatcgca    113640
     gggatgaagc ccacttgatc atggtggata agctttttga tgtgctgctg gattcggttt    113700
     gccagtattt tactgaggat ttttgcatcg ctgttcatca gggatattgg tctaaaattc    113760
     tctttttttt tgttgtgtct ctgccaggct tgggtatcag gatgatgctg gcctcataaa    113820
     gtaagttagg gaggattccc tctttttcta ttgactggaa tagtttcaga aggaacggta    113880
     ccagctccta cttgtacctc tggtagaatt tggctttgca tccatctggt cctggacttt    113940
     tttggttggt aagccattaa ttatttcctt aatttcagag cctgttattg gtctattcag    114000
     agattcaggt ctaacatgta aatctttaat ccatcttgaa ttaattttag tataaggtgt    114060
     aaggaaggga tccagtttca gagattcaac ttcttcctgg tttaatcttg ggaaagtgta    114120
     tgtttcaagg aatttatcca tttcttccag attttctagt tatttgcata gagatgttta    114180
     taatattctc tgatggtagt ttgtatttct gtgggattgg tggtgatatc ccctttatca    114240
     ttttgtattg catatatttg atttcttctc tcttttcttc taaattagtg ttactagcag    114300
     tctaccaatt ttgttgatct tttcaaaaaa caaactcctg gattcattga ttttttgaag    114360
     ggtgttttgt gtctatattt ccttcaattc tgctctgatc ttagttattt cttgccttct    114420
     gctagctttt gaatgtgttt gctcttgctt ctctagttct tttaattgtg atgttagggt    114480
     gtcaatttta gatgtttcct gctttctctt gtcggcattt agtgctatca atttccctgt    114540
     acacactgct ttgaatgtgt cccagacatt ctggtatgtt gtgtgtttgt tctcgtcggt    114600
     ttcaaagaac atctttattt ctgtatttgt ttcgttatgt acccagtagt cattcaggaa    114660
     caggttgttc agtttccatg tagttgagcg gttttgagtg agtttcttaa tcctgagttc    114720
     tagtttgatt gcactgtcat ctgagagaca gtttgttata atttctgttc tgttacatat    114780
     tctgaggagt gttttacttc caacaatgtg gtcagttttg gaataggtgt ggtgtggtgc    114840
     tgaaaagaat gtatattctg ttgatttggt ttggttagtt ctgcagatgt ctattaggtc    114900
     tgcctggtgc agagctgagt tcaattcctg gatatccttg ttaactttct gtcttgttga    114960
     tctgtctaat gttgagagtg gggtgttaaa gtctcccatt attattgtgt gggagtctaa    115020
     gtttcttcgt aggtctctaa ggacttgctt tatgaatctg ggtgctcctg tattgtgtgc    115080
     atatatattt agggtagtta gctcttcttg ttgaattgat ccctttacca ttatgtaatg    115140
     gccttctttg tctcttttga tctttgttgg cttaaagtct gttttatcag agactaggat    115200
     tgcaacccct gccttttttt tattttccat tttcttggta gatcttcctc catcccttta    115260
     ttttgagcct atgtatatct ttgcatgtga gatgggtttc ctaaagacag cacactgatg    115320
     gatcttgact ttttatccaa tttgccagtc tgtgtctttt aattggagca tttagcccct    115380
     ttacatttaa ggttaatatt gttatgtgtg aatttgatcc tgtcattatg atattagctg    115440
     gttattttgc tcattagttg atgcggtttc ttcctagcca tgacggtctc tacaatttgg    115500
     catgtatttg cagtggctgt tactggttgt tcctttccat gtttagcgct tccttcagga    115560
     gctcttttag agcaggtctg gtggtgagaa aatctctcag catttgcttt tctgtaaagt    115620
     gttttatttc tccttcactt atgaagctta gtttggctgg atatgaaatt ctgggttgaa    115680
     aatacttttc tttaagaatg ttgtatattg gcccccactc tcttctggct tgtagagttt    115740
     atgctgagag atcagctgtt agtctgatgg gcttcccttt gtgggtaacc tgacctttct    115800
     ctctagctgc ccttaatatt ttttccttca tttcaacttt ggtgaatctg acaactatgt    115860
     gtcttggagt tgctcttctc aggagtatct ttgtggcatt ctctgtattt cctgaatttg    115920
     aatgtagtcc tgccttgcta gattggggaa gttctcctgg ataatatcct gcagagtatt    115980
     ttctaacttg gttccattct ccctgtcact ttcaggtaca ccaatcagat gcagatttag    116040
     tcttttcaca tagtcccata tttcttggag gctttgttca tttcttttta ttctttttcc    116100
     tctaaacttc tcttcttgct tcatttcatt catttgatat tccatcactg ataccctttc    116160
     ttccagttga tcgaatcagc tactgaacct tgtgcatctg tcaagtagtt ctcgtgccat    116220
     ggttttcagc tccatcaggt catttaagga cttctctgca ttggttattc tagttagcca    116280
     ttcgtctaat cttttttcaa ggtttttaac ttctttgcca tggaggtttc aaacttcctc    116340
     ctttagctta gagtagcttg atcatctgaa gccttcttct ctcaactcat caaagtcatt    116400
     ctctgtccaa ctttgttcca ttgttggtga ggagctgcat tcctttggag gaggagaggt    116460
     gctccgattt ttaggttttt cggttgttct actctttttt tcccatcttt gtggttttat    116520
     ctacctttgg tctttgatga tagtgacgta cagatggggt tttggtgtgg atgtcccttc    116580
     tgttagtttt ccttctaaca gtcaggaccc gcagctgcag gtctgttgga gtttgtcgta    116640
     ggtccattcc aaaccctgtt tacctgggta tcagcagtgt aggctggaga acagtggatg    116700
     ttggtgaaca gcaaatgttg ctgcctgatc gttcctctgg aagttttgtc tcagaggagt    116760
     acccagccat gtgaggtgtc agtctgcccc cactgggggt gcctcccagt taggctactt    116820
     ggggtcaggg aaccacttga ggaggcagtc tgtctgttct cagatctcaa gctgtgtgct    116880
     ggaagaacca atactttctt caaagctgtc aggcagggac atttaagtct gcagaggttt    116940
     ctgctgtctt ttgtttggct atgccctgcc cccagaggtg gagtctacag agggagacag    117000
     gccttcttga gctgtggtgg gctccaccca gtttgagctt cccagccact ttgtttacct    117060
     actcaagcct cagcaatggc aggcgcccct ccccactgcc tcactgccac cttgcagttc    117120
     gatctcagac tgctgtgcta gcaatgactg aggctccgtg ggtgtagcac cctccaagcc    117180
     gtgcatggga tataatctcc tggtgtgcca tttactaaga ctgtcagaaa agtgcagtat    117240
     tagggtggga gtgacccaat tttccaggtg ccgtccatca cccctttcct tggctaggaa    117300
     agggaattc                                                            117309