EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC006999; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 112878 BP.
AC   AC006999;
DT   12-MAR-1999 (Rel. 59, Created)
DT   16-DEC-2008 (Rel. 98, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-462A19 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-112878
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Sulston J.E., Waterston R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-112878
RA   Sun H., Wohldmann P., Yoakum M., Harris A.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-462A19";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-112878
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-MAR-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-112878
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-JUL-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-112878
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-MAY-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-112878
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 08d61cbe4dde8f29cea7503c64e63d82.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC006999.2:1-112878; homo_sapiens.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC114757; 11689652.
CC   On Jul 17, 1999 this sequence version replaced gi:4337235.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH0462A19
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-507E21, 200 bp overlap; the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-399H17.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 53153 of RP11-507E21; actual end is at
CC   base position 112878 of RP11-462A19.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..112878
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-462A19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1..220
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   802..858
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   907..2148
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2149..2171
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   3236..3287
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   3690..3798
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5196..5594
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   5850..5936
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   5937..6201
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6202..6263
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   6551..7289
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   7377..7782
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7841..7870
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   7883..8077
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   8078..8321
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   8352..8432
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   8452..8616
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9094..9418
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   9458..9785
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   9798..9826
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   9827..9856
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   10773..11067
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   11070..11235
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12087..12168
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   12328..12676
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   12670..12972
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   12973..13296
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13297..13586
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   13587..13888
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13889..13967
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   13968..14314
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   14315..14337
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   14341..14421
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   14422..14725
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   14726..14991
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   15366..15756
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   16163..16297
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   17347..17425
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   17497..17704
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   17711..17876
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   20185..20449
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22355..22450
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   23231..23592
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25148..25242
FT                   /rpt_family="MER115"
FT   repeat_region   25645..25863
FT                   /rpt_family="MER115"
FT   repeat_region   26137..26181
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   26203..26377
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   26416..26523
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   26530..26634
FT                   /rpt_family="(CTATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   26660..27433
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   27481..27577
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   27578..27605
FT                   /rpt_family="(CTATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   27606..27644
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   27660..27834
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   28717..28842
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28856..29144
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30667..30928
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30953..30979
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   31304..31487
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31623..32028
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32158..32189
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   32736..32774
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   32810..32918
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   32935..33109
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   33122..33176
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   33275..33568
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33575..33836
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   34382..34409
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   34521..34894
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   34931..35083
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   35572..35838
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   36056..36360
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36542..36711
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   36896..37293
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37446..37745
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37922..38203
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38204..38230
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   38297..38741
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   misc_feature    38986..48096
FT                   /note="pseudogene similar to CAA63428.1 (PID:g1514614)"
FT   repeat_region   39197..39856
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   39857..41466
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   41465..41692
FT                   /rpt_family="Harlequin"
FT   repeat_region   46809..47248
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   misc_feature    48194..48746
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA165692 (NID:g1741743) zo75e07.s1"
FT   misc_feature    48366..48916
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA523292 (NID:g2264004) ni40g11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    48448..48920
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI591164 (NID:g4600212) tw86c03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    48527..48917
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI610232 (NID:g4619399) tp15h05.x1"
FT   misc_feature    48527..48897
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA580299 (NID:g2355626) nn12d12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    48558..48920
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI498516 (NID:g4390498) tm64c02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    48597..48920
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI673654 (NID:g4853385) we77b04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    48806..49196
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA490553 (NID:g2219726) aa42e12.r1"
FT   repeat_region   49064..49322
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49398..49752
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49753..50062
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50063..50443
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51656..51735
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51768..51793
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTAGGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   51984..52022
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   52022..52044
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   52655..53890
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54027..54434
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   54449..54891
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54923..54977
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   55060..55487
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55497..55539
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   56242..56278
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   56413..56695
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56696..56737
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   57199..57414
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57594..57751
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58042..58528
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60343..60739
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60740..60966
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60967..61096
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61496..61848
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   62387..62442
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   62530..62762
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62769..62878
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62905..62946
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   64525..64675
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   64678..64902
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   64932..65649
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   65589..65695
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   65888..66373
FT                   /rpt_family="T2_type"
FT   repeat_region   66584..66690
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66691..66993
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67028..67063
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   67174..67204
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   67205..73283
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73292..74136
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74137..74202
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   74302..74472
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   74625..74673
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   74674..74957
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75652..75751
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75791..76091
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76382..76420
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   76425..76456
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAT)n"
FT   repeat_region   76667..76765
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   76992..77346
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   79676..79697
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   79835..80115
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80134..80179
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   80195..80413
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80591..80694
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   80695..80999
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81000..81061
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81324..81469
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81470..81750
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81751..82244
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82549..82859
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82860..83155
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83465..83500
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   83589..83994
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83995..84524
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   84525..84557
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   84558..84773
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   84774..84921
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   84934..85226
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85782..86155
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   87040..87257
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87687..87707
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   88880..89061
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTC)n"
FT   repeat_region   89070..89360
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   89380..89445
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89680..89934
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   89935..90303
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   90304..90392
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   90393..90868
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   90869..90941
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   90942..91326
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   91563..92152
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   92519..92823
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   92872..93170
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   93171..93674
FT                   /rpt_family="T2_type"
FT   repeat_region   93675..93837
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   93860..96327
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96328..96370
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   96371..99227
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99251..99552
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   STS             99781..100150
FT   repeat_region   100561..100585
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   100588..100880
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101050..101404
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101405..101453
FT                   /rpt_family="(TCTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   101454..101548
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101563..101834
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102302..102478
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   103098..103124
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   103502..103531
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   103574..103875
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103895..103976
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   103992..104365
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   105043..105345
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   106293..106416
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   106634..107097
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   107835..108109
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108603..108868
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110175..110498
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   111059..111540
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   111574..111720
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   111777..111813
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   111982..112132
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   112213..112341
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   112356..112433
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 112878 BP; 34663 A; 21369 C; 21949 G; 34897 T; 0 other;
     cctcagttcc agcaattgct caccactttc ccagaaaact gatgaataat ccacccctat        60
     ttagcataag atcaagaaat aaccctaagt atactcaatt gagcagccca ttctgctact       120
     ctgactacga agtagtcatt cttttattcc tttactttct taataaactt gttttcactt       180
     tttgaagtgg ccctgaattc tttcttgtgt ggtctaagaa agaatgttct ctttggggaa       240
     tgttgaattg aatgacatta ttcaagaact tgatgtatgt tcccatagct atcaatatca       300
     ccgtgtcctc ttctgacacc tgttattttc cactgtttta tttgaactat cctgtcttta       360
     tcccacaagt ttttttctcc tctatgtctg caaccacaat ctgttttaaa gcgcaagtca       420
     ggtattaacc cctcattgct gtttcaattt gtgagagaaa aaaagacata tgtttttatg       480
     caacgggata ctacttgaat aaattcatca acaatactcc agagtcacta gaaagttaca       540
     ttcaagaggt ccaaacaaca tgaaggtaat tagtcaaaat taagaagaag ggttattctg       600
     acatgcatag agatgaccca ggtaagtgga gaccaaaaga aggacaattg gcttcagatg       660
     tctttcctac cagaaatcaa ctacagaatt ctgattcttc acttctgaaa actggtgaag       720
     caaaatctac cagcctggta tatactagga ctaagctgag gtatccagtg gggggttgaa       780
     tttgtgtcca gttagaaata gattattata ctattattat tatagaaaca taactagtat       840
     tataaatttt ataaattaga tgtttagagc acagggtcag cagataaata aaaaaatcaa       900
     cttcacctcc aggacattgg atggggcaaa gatttcctga gttatacccc ataagcacag       960
     gcaactgaag caaaaataga caaacaggat tacatcaagt taaaaagctt ctgcacagca      1020
     aaagaaacaa tcaacgaagt gaagtgatga tgcacagaat aggagaatat atttgcaaat      1080
     tatccacctg gcaagagatt aaaagccaga atatataagg agttcaaaca atgcaatagg      1140
     aaataactct aataatccga ttaaaaatag ggaaaatatt tgaatgagtg tcttacaagt      1200
     ggcaaacatg catatgaaag ggtgttcaac aacattaatt attagagaaa tgcaaatcaa      1260
     aactacaatg taatatcatg tcactccagt taaaatggct tctacccaaa atacaggcaa      1320
     taatagatgc tgttgaggat gcagagaaaa cagaatcctg tatgctcttg gtggggatgt      1380
     aaattagtac aaccactatg gaggacagtt tggaggttcc tcaaaaaact aaaaacagag      1440
     ctaatacatg gcccagcaat cccacagctg ggtatatacc ccctgacaaa ggaaattcat      1500
     atattgaaga gatatctgca ctctcatgtt tactccagcg ctactcaata tagccaagat      1560
     ttggaagcaa cctaggtatc tattaccagg tgtatggata aagaaaatgt ggtacatata      1620
     aacaatggag tacttactat tcagctgtaa aaaccactaa gagtttatta tttgaaacaa      1680
     catggaggaa actgcagatc attatgttaa gcaaaataag ccaggcacag aagacaaata      1740
     tcatatgttt ttacttatat gtggtagcta aaaattaaaa caattgaact catttagaca      1800
     gagagtagaa gaacaattac cagaggctga aaaggttact taggaagtgg gggatgggga      1860
     atgttaatgg gtacaaaaac acagttagaa aaagtgaata agacctagta tttcatagca      1920
     cctcagggtg actatagtca accatacttt atatattttt aaataacctt tgtacaaata      1980
     aaaataacta aaggagtata attagcctgt ttttaacaca aaaaataaaa aataaatgct      2040
     ttaggtggtg gataccccat ataccctcat gtgattattg tacattatat gcctgcatca      2100
     aaatatctca tttattccag aaatatgtac acctacctac aaaaattata aataaattta      2160
     aaaaataaaa acagccttat cttggtcata ccatatttat atgagtgaca aagagaaact      2220
     gataaaatag taagaaaata aatgtacttt caatatttgt atcagtggtg aacttattcc      2280
     tgtaataata acactaaagt tacatatgct ttttaacact gcaaaacaaa taactgctga      2340
     gttacaaagt aaatatttga caacaatgtt agtcttcgac caaaacagca aacagcttgt      2400
     aaaaaatatt tcatttcata gttattgtgt accaatttaa ctactaaaaa tgccacttgt      2460
     ttatgcttcc tggctgtttt tcttttcttt ctgtatatca atcatgtgtt acacatcctg      2520
     tacattttcc attccatgct tgatgtgtaa aaaagagtgg atttttatct aaatcatgaa      2580
     agcataaaac tttgaggtgt gttttaatgt ttttgatatc ccatttttat atttgccttt      2640
     tacatgtgag tagatatctg atctggcgat catagtcaag tttcgttagg agcacattga      2700
     taataataga agaaaaattt atactgggat ttctctacat ttcaggtcct tgaaaatgat      2760
     gctttctagt tgaggtcata tttgttcatt tctgtgttta tctcttaccc actaatacaa      2820
     tttattggtc attatcaatc ttattttagt tttgaacttt aaatttttat ctatttatac      2880
     aggctaggaa ttacactctt cttcaccctt cttaatttac atggtctcat tatccgtata      2940
     atgcatagat taaaaatgac aagatcgata agctagaaaa tttccataca gaatgcaaat      3000
     tataactaac tgttcactat gtattttctt tatcttcaat ggaatggaat tttcatataa      3060
     ataaaaataa aatcaacgta taagcatata atactcccga gcattctctt tatgaaccag      3120
     agatgaaaat gactctggtt aattggtgaa agaaatgcag attatgagaa aaagcatagg      3180
     actcaaaatc aagaaaacac agtctgtata gctgctctgt attagaaaga atcaccattc      3240
     gaccaacatt aattgagcat ctactatgtg caatgcactg tgctaagatt tagaatctct      3300
     atgccttacc ccaagccttt gcctagaact ttcagaaaca cttttctcca acttttaggt      3360
     tgccaacttc cagaaaatga atatctgtaa aaccacaagc agaaatttga aaatattgtt      3420
     agatttattt ctgtatgcct ttgcacctca gtctcttaga taatttccaa tcttcaaatt      3480
     tccaacaatt tcaatgttta aattctcagt gctaatatgc aaacttcaaa cactatttca      3540
     ttagtccttc acttatgaaa acagcaatgc tggaaggaag tttctttttg ttttgcagac      3600
     tagaaacttc caaggtctgc tcaaatattg gggacagcag gtgaggctgg tgatttagcc      3660
     tctaattcac taaatttact gtgtcctact tttttttttt tttttttttt ctgagacagg      3720
     gtctcaccat gctgcccagg ctggtttcaa actcctgagc tcaagtgatg ccccagactc      3780
     agcctcctga gaaggtggtg tgtcccactt ttgaaagcac cttctgcttt tattacatac      3840
     ttttattatg tacttcttct attaatacat atatatgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga      3900
     gagagagaga gaataaagca aaatgtaatt atgactttcc tttctaaact aagcagtgat      3960
     accagaaaga ttcaccaata aaagcaaaaa agtaactctg tctcattatt tgcaactatt      4020
     tttctgctac aggagctgtg tactatttat tttatatcct ctatatgtag cattccactt      4080
     ggcaattcat gcatttttaa agaaaaaaaa agaatactga aacatagcca cattgtggtt      4140
     gggtatttga aacaaaaatc accaactgga tttttatttt gcaatacaat ctattatgga      4200
     aaccttttga aatataaaat gcttatattt gaaaataaat tcctctgtca aacaaaggct      4260
     tcagtttata ctctgcgttg aaggtggtta cagatctgag tacttcctat tcagccaact      4320
     tttaaattaa gaagggaaat ctgagtcccc acagaactct aaacatcatg tggtttcatt      4380
     ccctgcaact tagggaatac caaatagaaa cagttagtca ataaattttt tattgtggct      4440
     ggttattaat gagaattttc agcaccaatt ttagaatttt catttatttt ctagattttt      4500
     gcattaaaaa tgctggtgga acccagtgtt caatgtcctt tctaaccaca catatgcatc      4560
     cgtgtcagtg aactttgaag tggcctatgc atcctttatt gtggctggtt actagtgagc      4620
     actttctgca cccaatttta gaattcatga gtattttcta gtatttgcat tttaaaaatg      4680
     tggatagaac acactgttca atgtcccttc tacctacacc tagacatcct gtgtcagtga      4740
     actttgaggt gctctataca ttctttattt tggctggtaa ttaatgagta ctttcagaat      4800
     cctattttaa catttgtgtg tattttccag tttttgcatt tagaaacatt ctggtggaac      4860
     ccactggtca atattccttc tatgcacata tagacaacct gtgtcagtga acttcaatgc      4920
     tgctgattag tttttttttc cagcataata tttgaccttt gtcattgcta ctgtaactcc      4980
     atttttttca tcttctttga ctaactgaag aataaagtat tgtgagaatt ttgaagctaa      5040
     catttctata agactacatt tatgtcgctg tgccctttag gaaatgcttt gaagaaaatt      5100
     gcagcatggg gtcataggat tcaaggacta aatgtgacaa tcatgccatc ttcaaacttt      5160
     aggtaaaccc agatccatct ttatgtatca cttacgttaa atcaaattta gcctaaagct      5220
     gcctccttac atattttaag ttcagcctaa agtcttctct ttatatcttg aactataaca      5280
     cctaaagaaa gttgtaagca gactgtagtc tactcttgtg ccaatcactg agttttggcc      5340
     aatcaaaggt ggccaactgt tcaaattgtg ttgaaataac acagacactg agctgtaatc      5400
     aatccagctg tttctgtacc tcacttccat tcccatacat cactttcttt ttttctgtcc      5460
     ataaatcttc taacacgtgg ctgtgctaga gtctctaagc ccagtctggc tcaggaagca      5520
     acctgattgg caaatcattc tttgctcagc taaactctgt taaatttaat tcagctaaag      5580
     tttttctttg aacacttgat atatactata tttattactg agtaaacatc ctatgtattt      5640
     cttcagagaa tattcccaat catttctgtc taatgggagc atactagcta actctgtcta      5700
     ttccctaatg atctcatttt tacaaaaaca ctttaatatt tctcacagca aatattgcat      5760
     taaacagaaa ttatatgaag attatgaaca aattaggaca atgaagagat attctcttca      5820
     tcagcatgat accctttaaa atttattggc aaaactggct gtaatagttg cagagcatgg      5880
     tgaaaaacga aaatggaaaa tgaagattat tcatgaatta taaagaattt caagaaggcc      5940
     aagcatggtg acatatgcct gtaatctcag tattttgaga agccaagaca ggtggatcac      6000
     ttgaggtctg gagttcaaga ccagcctggc cagcatgatg aaatcccgtc tctactgaaa      6060
     aaaaaaaaaa atacaaaaaa acaaaaatta gctgggtgtg gtggtgaatg cctatagtct      6120
     gcagtgagat gagatcatgc cactgcactc cagcctggtc aatagacagg cactctatct      6180
     aaaaaataaa aaataaaaaa attcaaaaag cagtgagcct taaaccaagc acagtgtcct      6240
     tctaagtgtg ggctcctgtg agatctctga aatctgaccc tgtttcaaac aatttgagat      6300
     agacttcata gcagagaagg acacttgaca tagacatagt aataaacaaa tatgataata      6360
     gaaattggta aatttgaata cattgagcca ttggttggca tcaaggaggc tcctcattga      6420
     tgtgggggac aactagcttc atgaaattca tatagagaca gattccacag aggcaagaga      6480
     tccttatgag tcccagaact tgagttagtc ccactgtttc ccatggttta agattatgct      6540
     tcattggtat tgaaacagta gagtaccctg agccccctca catgacatgc aacagggatg      6600
     tggcttgtct gttaggctgc tgtgtacagg aaaacccctt tcagaaggag gggcaccccg      6660
     atgggcaggt gcaggagctg gggtaagcac ttttgggctt tggccccaca atagcatcca      6720
     ggggtgagtg cctgtgactc cagaagctac atttctcttt tagctctgct gtctgcagat      6780
     ggcttaagtg ttaagaagct cagtgatctc ttcgtacctg ggttcttgtc tagcgtccag      6840
     gaagaatcca ggtcacatgg acaaatcgaa tgatggtaaa tgtgggggac ttcattgccc      6900
     aatggaggtg gctctcagtg ggatgatggg gagctagaga gggcaagaag tggaaagatg      6960
     atcttcccct agagttcaac catcctgcag ttgttttcct ctctgaccat ccccagccaa      7020
     acttctttca atgttcagac actccttctc ttctacacca ttcttctgct cctctgcaat      7080
     tctgctcatg gagcccgggg tttggggtgt atatgggttc aggatagggg ggtacggtgg      7140
     gcaaaaaggc aacatttggg agagaaaaca ggaatgcctg ttcccattta gtcccacaaa      7200
     tttccaggct tgagggtggg gcttttgcca gtaaatcact gtataatact gccaggaggc      7260
     cagtatttct ttgcctcctg tctgtatcag tatctaacct gctagctaat tgatccagaa      7320
     caaagcctga tctccacata gtccctaaaa gtattttgtc atcaatattg atattgagct      7380
     atagttgcca aacagcccag tattggtata aaagtagaca cataggccaa tggaacagaa      7440
     taaagaatca agaaatagtg caaactacaa ccaactgatc ctttgacaaa gcacataaaa      7500
     aaacaaattg cgaaaagaac accctgttta ataaatggtg ctgggaaaac tggatagcca      7560
     cgtgtgtaag tatgaaactg ggtccctatc tcccactgta tacaaaaaat aaactcaaga      7620
     tggatcaaag acttaaatct aagacctgaa accgtaaaaa atcttagaat aatacctagg      7680
     aaaacccttc tagacattgg cttaggcaaa gacttcatga aaaagatcga cagtgcaaca      7740
     aaaacaaaga taaataggtg ggacttaaac taaagacact tcagacttca gtgttataaa      7800
     gttcatccat gaactgtaaa tatacttgta cccccaaagc tattaaaata aaataaaaaa      7860
     agtaaaaatt gtccctgagt gttgtactag tccgttcagg ctgctataac agaatgccat      7920
     agactgattg actcaaacaa tgggaattta tttctcaagg tttacacagc tggaatgtcc      7980
     ataatcaagt agtccattga tttggttact ggtgagaagt ctcttcttga cttgcagatg      8040
     gctgactttt tgctgtaccc tccaatggca aagggggaga aaggaagaga gggtgggcag      8100
     gaagagacag agacaaagac acacagagag aaaagagaga cagatacaca cagagagaga      8160
     gagagagagg gagaagaaag agaaccaggg agacagagga gagagagaga aagagacaaa      8220
     gagaagggag aaagagacag agaagagaaa gaccgagaga aaggaggagg ggaagagaga      8280
     agaggggaaa gagagaacag aaagagagaa gacagagaga gtagcggaaa aagaggagag      8340
     ttaaaaacag aagagaggag agagacagag acagagagga gagggaatgg agatgcagag      8400
     agtagatgga gagagagata gagagagaga gaaacactct tatgtttttt cctcttctca      8460
     taaggacaca tcccattatg ggggccccat cctcatgacc ttatgcaaac ttaatcacct      8520
     tccaaaggcc ccacttccaa acagcatcct atcaggggtt agggtttcaa cataggaatt      8580
     tggggtgggg ccagcacaaa cattcagtct gtaacacgag ttcatgtggg aatcacagta      8640
     ccttccaaaa gagagatgcg aggtaataaa ggtaattgga taaaatgaga tcattaacag      8700
     atcaaaaggt tcagaaaaga aaggcccaac tgcaccacac gtgccacccc gattcaggac      8760
     ctacatttaa tcccagtgga ttaacacaca gaagaatctc tgatctgctt cggttcagaa      8820
     aaaaaaaaaa aactcttgag tttttttttc ttatgtttct ctgagtggag catagaattg      8880
     tagacactca ggttgaggtg aatatggaat ggtcacatcc tcctgctaaa aatctcttct      8940
     tggtatctcc cctccctcca gcacaagcca atgttcctgc ctcaggcaat attagcacac      9000
     aagacaatgt gcaccttcat ttaggcagcc aaatgcccaa ggcaggaact tgttgctcta      9060
     taagaagcaa gaaagaggtt ggggccatag aagtgtgaat caaaagtatc tgagacaggc      9120
     ctcaatcaat ttagaaagtt tattttgcca aggttaatga cactcccaag acactgcctc      9180
     aggaagtcct gacgatgtgt gcccagggtg gttggggcac agcttggttt catacattta      9240
     agggagacat gagatatcaa tcaatatgtg taagatgtac attggttcag accagaaaga      9300
     ctggcccact caaagtgggg agggaagatg agggggcttc caggccatgg gtagataaga      9360
     gacaaaaggt tgtattcttt tgagtctttg atcagccttt cactgactat aaaatttaca      9420
     tgtgggagtg acgtagatga atagtcactt ataccatagt ctggctcaga taatctgcat      9480
     ttctgcataa acaattgagc aggagaagca accagatatg tatttttctc aattaaccag      9540
     agtgatgact ttctgtcctg aaattatgat gataggctat ccatttacat tgccagtgtg      9600
     aaattcaaca gaactctgtt tttagggtaa acatcttgag gcccacaagg actttccttg      9660
     caggcaaatt gtgagggaga tatgtagctt tttatatctt tgtggctatc ttatttggga      9720
     ataaaatgtg aggcaggttt gtctgatgca gttcccagat tgatttttcc ttttgactta      9780
     ctgatatcac tattttatat ttatttattt atttattttt atatttttat aatttttatt      9840
     ttttaaattt atttttcttt cacagaagcc tttgtcaaag atgccgttat tggtggaaga      9900
     aatgaatttt agaggtgtct ctttgctttg gaaaatggta acagggaaac taaggtcaac      9960
     caaagccctt tagtaaaatt tggcaacctt ctaagaatga ggccaggttg agcttggaac     10020
     cctcattcca gggaaactag tggaggacca agtttaatgg ccataatcac ttcagttcag     10080
     gaaaaccagt tggttagaga gatgttctgc catgatcacc tctgtccagg gaaaccagtc     10140
     catgttacag atgttagtcc ctgatccctt cggtcctgga aaagcaatcc atgatcaaga     10200
     aggcaggctg tgcctgcttt ggtccagtga acacaattat gacggaccta gaatatttat     10260
     ttctagttaa gaataagtgc acatagttac ttgagttatt cattttcaga taggtttatg     10320
     actgcttaga aaaaaaatcc catgtttaag aaaacatagg atcagtagta tgtgagtggg     10380
     ctttctgttg ttgggtcgct ataattttca acttttgcat ttgatcaggg aggtttacta     10440
     caggccaaaa gtcatgtgaa ggctggtttt gtgtttttcc attgcattaa gtgtgatctt     10500
     atttttcttg ctatttagaa gaatttattc tctggggttt taattgagga tctactgaca     10560
     tacctggttc attcttgtca tgaaaattgt ttgataacca tagtttttca tagtatttta     10620
     aatcagagac tttgtatttg gctatatgaa accttttttt atttttaaaa gaaagttgat     10680
     aatgccattc ttttattttt actgcaatct cctttaaatg gactacaagt gcaggtgcaa     10740
     tttttttgtg agtctttttc ccccccccca ccttttttgt ttttttgaga tggaatctca     10800
     ttctgtcacc ccagctggag tacagtagca tgatcttggc ttactgcaac ctctgcctgc     10860
     tgggttcaag agattctcct gtctcagcct cccaagtagc tggaactaca ggcatgcact     10920
     atcatgccca actaattttt gtatttttag tagagatggg gtttcggcat gttgaccaga     10980
     atggtcttga tctcttaaac ctcatgatct gcctgcctta gcctcccaaa gtcccaggat     11040
     agcaggcata atccacctcg cctggccaat tttttgttgt tgtttttaag agatgatgtc     11100
     tcattctgtt gcccgggctg gggtgcagtg gcatgatcat agctcactgt cacctcagtc     11160
     tcctgggtta aagtgagttt cccaccttca cctccggagt cactgatatt acagacttga     11220
     gacactgtgc ctggcacaca ggtgtgattc ttaaggaatc ctcatacact tgctcaagac     11280
     atgttatcag gatctagacg ttgtctgata attgtattct cctggaatca tggtcacagt     11340
     tgcacaggca ttcacaggtg ctttcttctc tgatcataat caaagagtca ggacataata     11400
     gaggatccaa tttagaaagg ctcagcttta aacagtaatg gaaaaattta tgggtgacag     11460
     gaaaaacaca aaagggtcaa cttgctactg gaatacttgc ttcaagttga gtaagtttaa     11520
     aggaaagaaa aaatgaaaaa aaaacctgaa taatttctgt tgcaaaaatt ggaagcattt     11580
     atttgaagac agatgttaga aattttaaat tccaagatat ccatttctta ttcagtttag     11640
     atatgaacct ctctctaaac gcagcccaaa atgaaagacc aaaaacaaca atggcaacta     11700
     caccagtaat aacttctact gagctctgag ccacctaccc cagaacccat ctcttacata     11760
     aataggaaga tatttttgca tataattttc ctcaattaaa aataatattt cctggagatt     11820
     tccaaagaaa tatttggcag cataaactaa acagtgatta ggaatcctct ggtgatctat     11880
     gaaaatgtct ttgaggacta tgtggccatg gattaacccg caggaatagc ttgcttgcat     11940
     gtcagaatgt aaattctaac tttccaccca gtaacaagcg tattcccttc caacacgagc     12000
     atgctgcacg gttttcctac tagtaagtac catctttatt taaagaaata cctgctcatt     12060
     atcagaaacc accaatttct ctcagttgtc ttgtttacct gctgaacaac cccagaagac     12120
     atgcctaaac catgtgcttg gcactgaata aatactcgtt gggtcaatag gtgaatttat     12180
     ctatgagaca actaattcaa aaaatgtaca tttttcctgt tgactaagtc ttcattaaat     12240
     caccaagata ttttcttatt acctatgttc attttagcta aaaaatttca agttatgttt     12300
     tttacctaaa taggctttcc tgcaggacag tggttctgaa catgtgattg gtatgtaaag     12360
     cccagagtgt catggagacc cgctcaggga aactggcagg tcagaagtat tttcataata     12420
     atatgaagac attattttcc tttctcactg gattgacatt tacctgatgc tgcaaaagct     12480
     agtgacttag catggatgaa agcagtggca ctaagcctta ttgggtgtca tttcattctt     12540
     ttatttctgg cactgacagt aaaacaaata aacaaacaaa aaagaaaaca aaatttacct     12600
     aaggacatcc tttgtgaaat cagtgcattc aattattaca tacgtattga cacaccactg     12660
     agtactcatc tttttacaat ggaacatgga ttttaccaga atatgagaat gataacctaa     12720
     gttacttctg attttcagtc ttgggtagat attttctcta aaattaagtg agttcctcac     12780
     ttcaagaaaa acaactaaca gcatttgttg gcagtgatgc atttggactt gcaagagaac     12840
     catagtattt tgggaaaatt gcattcaata ctataagcta gacaattttc caatacataa     12900
     aggctatttc tgactacatc aatggtgcct agcacatgtg atttttttta tattgcataa     12960
     taaaaatttg tcagcagagc gcagttgctt atgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc     13020
     gaggcgggca gattatgagg tcaggagatc aagaccatcc tggctaacat ggtgaaaccc     13080
     tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat ttgctgggca gtagggcggg     13140
     tgcctgtagt cccagaactc gggaggctga ggcagcagaa tagcgtgaac ctgagaggtg     13200
     gagcttgcag taagccgaga tcgcgccact gcgttccagc ctgggtgaca gagcaagact     13260
     ccgtctcaaa caaaaaaaaa aaattaataa aaaaaagttg tcaaaatctg caagattggc     13320
     aaaacatagg aaaggaatat tttccaggtg actattgtat gatgttacat aatcatgcgt     13380
     ggttaaaaca gccccttgaa aatgcaatag gtaattaata tagttattta tattactgta     13440
     acagaataag aaaagttcat tgataatgat atcagagtcc atatggcaat ctaaaatttc     13500
     tttaagaaac taccatttgt tgcgttttgg tatagtatca aaccccgact acctgcaaag     13560
     actattaaaa tatttctcca ttttgtctga gcgcggtggc tcccgcctgt aatcccagca     13620
     cttcgggagg ctgaggaggg aggatgacga ggtcagaaga tcgagaccac ggtgaaaccc     13680
     tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aatattagcc gggcgcggtg gtgggcgcct ctagtcccag     13740
     ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc atgaagccgg gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag     13800
     ccgagatcgt gccactgcac tccagcctgg acgacggagc tagactccgt ctcaaaatta     13860
     ataataataa taaaataaaa aataaaaata aaatttatcc attttataat tatcatctgt     13920
     gaaaggccag attttctaca tatatcagac aaaacaatat attgcaagcc aggagcagtg     13980
     gttcatgcct gtaagcccag cactttggga agccaaggta tgtggatagc ttaagctgtg     14040
     gagtttgaga ccagtctggt tgaaacccca tctctaaaaa acaaactaaa ataaaacaaa     14100
     tccatctctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaagacaaa aattagctgg tcgtgatggc atgcacctat     14160
     agttctagct acttggaagg ctaaggtatg aggattactt gagcctggga ggatcacttg     14220
     agcacggaag gcagaggctg ccatgagcaa tgatggctcc attgcactcc agcctggatg     14280
     acagaataac accctttctc aaagcaaaca aacaaacaac aacaacaaca acaacaaaaa     14340
     tcatttcaac agactgaaca cagaagataa gggagttcat ctgtccttta ttaaaccaga     14400
     catttaaaaa atttgcaaac aggccgtgca cactggctca tgcctgcaat cccagcaatt     14460
     tgagaggcca aggcgggagg atcagctgag gtcaggaata gaagaccagt ctggccagca     14520
     tggagaaacc ccatctctac taaaaataca aaaattagct gggtgtgatg gtgcacacct     14580
     gtaatcccat gtactcagga ggctgaggca gaagaatcaa ttgaacctgg gaggcagatg     14640
     ttgcagtgac ctgagatcat gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcgtcagagc aggactctat     14700
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaatcttg caaacatgta aaagaatgcc atacttctca     14760
     gtattttttt tttatttttt gccttgaaac atgtagttat tttcaccaaa atatggtgtt     14820
     tattaatttg taatatttat tattgccatt ttaaaattag tttatatata tttttaattc     14880
     tcagttttaa catacacagt ggtacatatt ggacaggtaa atctacatca actaatctct     14940
     ctcaaaaagt ttgaagaatg taaagagatt ttagggagtt tgataaatgc tactcaggaa     15000
     tatacttgac ctgttagaag cttttataaa tttattttgt tctcaatttc tgccactctg     15060
     cttgagtctt aaatgtgtct tgggagggtc agatttgctt taaaggatac tccaatccta     15120
     aaactcacat gggattccta ctatctgatg gtttaatcta ctttttcatt cagtaacttc     15180
     taactgatac caaaaactac agtgaaccag tttctgtgtt gttttgactc cactgatcct     15240
     tctgcttgtt tccatcattt gttcttcaca attgcccacc gaggtaagcg gtagcaagat     15300
     tttgataaaa attcaagtca ggctaagaaa ctgtgaagac aaattcaagt caggctaaga     15360
     atgactacga agtgagtcat tcttgccata tccaatgaaa acaagagtca agagaccagg     15420
     aggaaaaagc actcagggca cagaggattg ctccaaaaag tggaattctt tgcaggtcca     15480
     gcagctaaaa ctacctgctg tgatctaaaa caggttttat ctaccggttg ctgaaacaac     15540
     caactatggc tgccttcact gacaaatcga aacttgcccc ctccccaaaa ccttactagt     15600
     gctaatgaac tttctcaaag aggaatacat aacatttctc cttttcctaa gacttctaac     15660
     tttctctttg ttcattagat accatgaaga gaagcaggtc tatgtatctg ccctgaactg     15720
     caagtatgtc ttcccaaaga aatgttttaa ttttagatat atacatctgt atttatttgg     15780
     ctttacaaaa caaaggctta ggggtccgat agcctgtaca cagccactta actcagaaga     15840
     gatttgcttt atccaaagtc agaattctga atctcaatag cagtatccct tttcagcagt     15900
     ggaatgaaaa ttttgaggcc atatctattt gtaataggca gaaccatttc cattagtgat     15960
     cagtgatggt tgggctaatt caaaatatat taagaaacag taattctaat tgaagcatac     16020
     acacatgtat tattcttatg tggtataaaa atgtcagact tttctgaggt atgaatatca     16080
     aatatataag agaagaaaca tgttttatat gtactttaaa tacattctca gataaaagaa     16140
     tgtttgatcc aaaaagaagg aaatttaatg caatgtgtgt taagtacctc caacctgctc     16200
     tgaattatct aaaaactgtc agaaatgaaa tgatgagtaa aaatagtcat tgttctctgg     16260
     aattcattgt taggtagggg acaatgatat gcccacaagt aggtctattc taaggcatat     16320
     tgagttaagt gtcatttttc atttttctgg ttaaaagaca ataggtataa tgtgttagga     16380
     ataattctat caaaatggat aagaagacag ctttacctag ttctttgcat ttataattaa     16440
     cagagtcctt ttagatagag tttaatgtta aaagaaaaaa gagtaggaaa ggataacttt     16500
     tagctgggga atggggaaag aaaacaatat aatccatgaa agaaatagca tttcagcatt     16560
     cacttgaaga tggctagaat gttgaaagct gtagctggag aaagatattc taggaaagtg     16620
     gaacaatatc agcaattatt tgctgttcac tgagtttgaa aattaagtga atcagagagc     16680
     ttagcaagtg caattactat gcctggacca tgtgaaatcc agattaaatt gggtgaagaa     16740
     atgacttggg agtgaataaa tagcaacaga gtaaagaaag agaatagctg taaaaagata     16800
     gagccactgg gttgagagat tattattgtt attgtagttt ttggacaaaa ctcaagagct     16860
     tcaactcttt ctcatagcag taaaaccaaa agccttgcct gattttcaat atgtatgatt     16920
     tagagtatgt atttaatata agattccagg aatgtaatga caggtggcaa aaatacttga     16980
     acaaaaagga aagatgtgtg atgcctctgg tccttgaaag tatatttctt acacaccctc     17040
     tttgacaggg aagaagagtg aaaaattttt agtttcataa gcactcagaa gtattcaaat     17100
     cctgattttg cttcaacatg ttaaactgaa tagtggtttg taaagaattt ttgaagttat     17160
     ttgtacttca atacttaaca gaaagtcagg gctaagtcct ctaatcttgt ttagacataa     17220
     aatctggggg ttgaaatgtt gcaaaccaaa gatgataatg tctttggtga atgtataaca     17280
     actcaatatt gtatatgtct ctaatttcta atttcagatg gacacaaaaa gattttatgt     17340
     acacattata tatatatgta ttatatgtgc atatataagt acacgtaccc ttacatatat     17400
     aaaatatatg tatatagata tatatgaaaa tttatttgaa tagatacaca taaatgcatt     17460
     ttatatatct taggaaagta aacttgtatt tatacacaat cagtcttcac ttaatgttgt     17520
     agacagattc ttggaaactg caaatttaag agaaatgaca taatgaaata tttttttcct     17580
     catagacatt gtaatgtaac aaatttgaaa gaaaataata ttaatcaaga atctgctatg     17640
     tgttgttttt cttaaagttg caagttccaa gaaccaattg atgatattgt gtgaggactt     17700
     actgtgcgtg tatatatata tatatatgta tatatataca tatatatact tactctgttt     17760
     gtatatatac acacacacac atactgtata tatatataca taacatgtat atatacacat     17820
     atacatatac tgtgtgtgta tatatatgca catatatata cacatacaca catatacgca     17880
     cacacacgat gttactgagg acttactatg tatgtgtgtg tgcacatgct actcccacat     17940
     tgtatatttg aataaatcaa ctaattgtgt aaattatgtt agtgtattcc ctttggagta     18000
     aaggtattcc aggagattga tctagaatcc ctattaaata acaagaatag aactagctac     18060
     aaaaacacat ttaatgcatt tgtaaattta caaaagtaaa ttattcacta tttttgtatt     18120
     tttgagaaaa aaaatttgcc attagcaaca taaaacaatt caaagctaga cagcctgaaa     18180
     agatataggg aagctaaatg agagatattc acctacttta atggaaatga catcatgccc     18240
     aggtctacta agtactagtt ttaatgtata gcacatttta caagatccaa aactccttac     18300
     actttagagg cacaattaca ttttagggga agaggattgc tgaatacaca atattctttc     18360
     ctcctgctga atgaaatgta gagtgataat accctttctg gacctgctgc cttggatgta     18420
     tgtagtccat taatgaagga cttgttttga actgatcaag tcctcctgat ttttaagcca     18480
     ttgtaagttt tcctgttaga aagatttggc ataacataac catgctgaag ttttccctct     18540
     gacaacttta catatcatgt aggcttttta tgtcatttaa gtgttcaatg actcattaaa     18600
     agcatttctt caaacaaatt gctgatattc tttcccttct gtttcataga tcttactata     18660
     aaatgtgttt acatagcatt agttgaatga tgcaaaatgt gcaatgtagc aacattgccc     18720
     tggaaaatgt atacggcacc aaccaagatt gaccttagta aagttgcaat attaagcata     18780
     agccaccata aaatggaaat aaaaacttag gctgagcgct gctgttcttg tccacttaat     18840
     gctgactata tcaaaaaaga agggatggaa ttcctaagtt tatttttaca tggatttctt     18900
     gattattaat caaaacaata tttatcaagg tatatattat ggtggttgta taattatggt     18960
     aacttcctaa aaattagctg gaacatctgt attaggacta tatttggttg tttttgtgat     19020
     tatgtaccat taatgtaaaa tgagtcaaac ctcaagccct tgagatcata ccaaagaata     19080
     ttgcacaatt agaggttaga caatttttaa accagagatt tattcataat ttctaaacac     19140
     tgattctgtt tatggctttc aaatggcatt tgttaacatg ataaatacat gtgctatgtg     19200
     tgtttagggg aacatgtatc cacacacatg cacatatatt tatgtagagt gttaagtgaa     19260
     ctcaatagtt ttatgttaat ttaatgaaac ttacactctt tcacacacac acatatatat     19320
     aaattgtcca cttaattaga tgcctgcaat tcaactttct gtctccagac ctaagtgtca     19380
     agtaaattaa gcatgaaggt agcatattca cattctccaa atccctcttc attttttaat     19440
     atctctttaa gctctgttct taatgttcct cctagaattt tccaggctaa gtaagcaaaa     19500
     tattaattat cacagaaacc tttgaaggtt cctaggaccc attttagttt ctcggatttg     19560
     aggcattctc aaagcctcac ttgcttgtat gaggtagaca agatacctca ctgagctctg     19620
     gggatcaatc gtatttcttc cttctgagat tctctgctga aaaatggaat gttctactga     19680
     ccagatcaat attttcttca agagatgtct tgagacttgg cttctccctg aaaataaaat     19740
     gtttaaacta caaaatactt aataatgtag accgttctac ctaaagtaaa ttaagcggat     19800
     tctattgtct gccaatgaaa agtcgttgtc tattggttcc tgtaacagat gcggataaaa     19860
     cagcctcaag gtaatgggaa ttttaggtgg gtccttttta tttgaactga cacttggatg     19920
     ttatggtaaa agtcacctaa attgttaatt tcaaagcaat gcatagtgaa agaactggtt     19980
     tgattgtgta catgactgtt gcaatgaatc attttaatag gatctaggaa taccgggaca     20040
     gtggaatatg ctggctactt cttactgcgc tctagaatgt taaggaacaa aagtcactgg     20100
     ttcaaaatgt taatttctca gctcatggaa tagctaggat attaataact ttattatcac     20160
     ggactttaaa gaaaagatct gatttctgtc accctggctg cagcgcagtt gtccctcccg     20220
     gtttactgca acctcggcct ctcagattca agcaattctc ctgcatcagc ctcccatgta     20280
     actgggatta caggcaggca ctatcacgcc cggctaactt tttatgtttt tagtagacag     20340
     gttttcacca tgttggccaa actggtctca tactcctgag ctcaggtaat ctgcttgtct     20400
     caacctccca aagccctggg attacaggca tgagccaatg agcccagcca aaagatcaaa     20460
     tttcttatag gcccagaatt ggtgtatctg aaattccaaa gaggagtatt atactgtgat     20520
     ttcaacaaaa gattaattat ggattttcta agtctcttgt gaagttgatg aggaaagtat     20580
     gtgactccaa gaagtgtatt gcaaaccttt cagactaccc taatgtatcg ttgctcagga     20640
     aactcaagaa actttgatga ggctgtctct gccttgtttg aagaacttgt aatatcctca     20700
     cctgatctat tacatcacct gaagtatatt acctgagatg ttacctgata aggaagtgca     20760
     aattttcttc ataccctacc cttgtgactt cttgtggtct ccagacctat aatgagagtc     20820
     agatcctagc aggctctgtg tttacttgca tagatgaatc caggaagaaa agaaatttac     20880
     accataaaca aatccaggag gaagagaagt ctacaccata gatgaatcca aagagaagag     20940
     aagtctgcac cacagatgaa accaggagga agagaagtct acaccacaga tgaatccagg     21000
     aagaagagaa gcctacaccg taggtgaatc ctggaacaag agaagtacac caaaataggg     21060
     cactattttg cagggttttt tttttttttt aaatctgcaa gcccagggaa tatgtgtgga     21120
     aataggaata tattctaatc atgctagcca aggtaaaaag aaaaaagttg taaatcaata     21180
     agaatttatt tccatagttg catctacgag aggatctgag agggttttta actgtttgat     21240
     ctgttggtga ttgaatgtta aataaacata gatgtcagaa agcccctgca gcaataggaa     21300
     aggaggaatc agaagacttt tggtgaaagt ttgggtggat ctagcatatg ggatccacat     21360
     atctgacatc tttgttcccc aggagggctt gatgctttct ctctttataa aagcatcaag     21420
     aaatttatga agaagggaaa aacctgctcc tggcaaatgg gttcccttat ctgcccttgt     21480
     gaatgcagga aatgaaggtt ttgtttgtga gtcatttgaa acaggttcac taagtcatgg     21540
     gaagtaggaa acaggcaaga ccaagggaga ttgtttaacc attagacatt aatagcagaa     21600
     gaggcactgg gcagtctgta gaccagaatg ttttattcgc agagatcttt gttgcaggtt     21660
     aatttatcgt ggcatcccta ggaacccaat atatggagag agcctacgtt gttgtccacc     21720
     acggggaaat aaaatagggg taagtgggtg tttctcttgg acaccgtgat cctgagtcat     21780
     ggaccctcaa ccatatccag acctcagtta tttcatgact aaaaatcttt tgaatggtgt     21840
     ccttaaagag agagaccttg ataacatcca aagcacttta tccaagtgat tggaagccat     21900
     taacagaagt tcacatgaga aaaaaaaaat ttaggctctt tcaggattta tagatcattg     21960
     gctcagagtt aagcacatgt ccctggtgac ttggaatgct tctagggtag ctgagtcaga     22020
     atgaggactc attgggctgg ctgttagggg ggtcacttaa atagaattgt aatgtgattg     22080
     tatctcacag tgagcaaaat aggttcaaac catcctgcca ttgtatctta tgtttcagaa     22140
     tatatattat gagtgtatat acttatcacc ttctagggac ccccaacatt ggctttctaa     22200
     tcttcaagtg atgattatgg caggagatat gacaggtgcc ttccttttac caaaatgaca     22260
     aacccaacca agaagacatc cctgaaaaat gaaatattgg ggccatcatc agagatctaa     22320
     catacagaaa tctttgatct ataccttttg tatagaattg tattctactc aaaattcata     22380
     tgctgaaatt ctaacccaca gtactgcaga agttgacagt atttggagac agtttcttta     22440
     aggaggtaat cttgccatgg atataatttc aaggagacct cttggggctc atttgctaag     22500
     agcaaatcac tatcatgatg gatctaccaa ttttacttac tatttgcttt tcatttcccc     22560
     tctaagtttg cataggacgt tggtagagta atctcaccat ttagttctta gcttctaaga     22620
     agtcgatgtg agattgtgat ttacctacag gaggaacaaa caaaacccag gggaaggaga     22680
     gtatgcaaag tagagtagcc aaagaaaggt tctgagacag atattgatca tcagcttatt     22740
     tttcaccagc cttaatctct ttctagaggc cttacttcat cttctatatg gaatggaaat     22800
     cttgattccc ttgtggctgg gtttccttat tttccccatt ttgcacccag tagatgcaac     22860
     cgcatgacat ttgggaactg gaattgagga acatgaaata gaggaagcat tgaaggacat     22920
     aagctattgg ggttgaggta tttgtttcct cttaggaagt taaagcagag gttctttgtg     22980
     gttaaaaaat atcttagtgt gaatttttca aagatcaatt tccttggact gattcttttc     23040
     tagagaacct tatagttggt tcttccacaa cgtcagatat tcaggtactt atttctatgt     23100
     gagtgtcatt cttgactcac atagtcaatg caacatgcaa cataggacaa agaagaatgt     23160
     ggatacactc atttttagtg gcttgtccaa cacttttttt aaagtgttat gaatagttat     23220
     tctttttttg tattattata ctttaagttc tgggatacat gtgcagaatg tgcaggtttg     23280
     ttacgtaagc atgcacatgc catggtggtt tgctgcaccc atcaacccat catttgcatt     23340
     aggcatttct cccagtgcta gccatctgct agtcctccac cccctgacag tccccagtgt     23400
     gtgacaggcc tccctgtgtc catgtgtttt cactggtcaa ctcccaatta tgagtgagaa     23460
     catgcagtgt ttggttttct gttcttgtgt tagtttgctg agaatgatgc cttccagctt     23520
     catccatgtc cctgcaaaga cataaactca tccttttttt ggctgcatag tattccatgg     23580
     tgtatatgtg cctctgatgt taatgggtcc ataagattct gtgttcacaa agccagttca     23640
     cttaaaatgc tgctcatgtg atatgccaaa gggaaaggag agtccaagac aaatgcatat     23700
     tgatttctac tgattttata aaatgcactg aagggcaaga aatgtctaga tgagcattct     23760
     acccttgccc ttgccttaga aatatctcaa agaagaataa aaaagataaa atggagggaa     23820
     gatgtcaaac caaaggggac catggtgaat aatgctacaa agaagtagca cataaggaga     23880
     aatctgcttg aatcataagt ccttccactg agagtctcaa tagttagtat gtaactatga     23940
     gttcaaagat aatcactaaa gaagtgttaa atagtaccaa ggtctctttc agccttgaag     24000
     gaggaaagtt agacataata cccccacagg aactcagact atgtacatga agaattagaa     24060
     agaactgaag ttaatgcttc agaatacctg gatttatgca acagaaaaga taaaataaac     24120
     ctctatgaac aaagcgaagt gccatgaggc ttttagtaag aaaggagata agcatttttt     24180
     tccttctcca tagatatcaa atgccagagt ttgcttatga gaacagggag gagacaagtc     24240
     aagtaaacaa tctattttat gaaaattcat atgatggaaa aaaggagtgg gcctgtggaa     24300
     agagaattat ggtccagatg gatcctcatg tttacagaga tgataaggga agatactcaa     24360
     accaaaaaag agccatccct aaataaacta ttgaagtaca acatatttga tagaaaagag     24420
     tttacattct atgtatctgg ctcagtgaat cgtggttgaa agccaaagct aatctatgca     24480
     ataatagata cccgacttgt gtagcaactt atgctgaact tgaagatgac catgtgagag     24540
     ggaagtccca gggatagagg attgcagagc cagtggtcat atgtgatttt ctcggtctac     24600
     cagcaggaca atgaactttc tgccgctacc ctctcttccc agatcccaag tgtgcctggc     24660
     aacgtctgag caccaaaggg aatacttggc attcagaaag aaacttaatg tccttggtgg     24720
     cctcccaagg gattggttag ggtgcctgta cctaacatag tctgtccaaa cctagttttg     24780
     gacccaaatt caggggtaga ctcctagtca ttgaggagca tgtagaacag attttgttcc     24840
     ttttatcatt gttttgtttg caagtggttt ctggcattgg gtaattttca tcctggtgat     24900
     tggtaatcaa acaatgtcat agcaggactg gaatagacca agatatatgc catgagatga     24960
     actggttaca cgataaccct tgggaccaat cactgatggc acaaaaagca taagaaaagt     25020
     atgaccctta aatctaggtt agaagagctc ctgtgctgat acttgctttc aaggactgaa     25080
     ttctgaactt cttccagcca cattcatctg tgcaaggact ccaagatgtc aaagctctat     25140
     acctcagttt agaacccact ctgggtatct aggaccatgg ataatccagt ccaaatgact     25200
     ctccacccac ttccagaatt agcatggctt gttccctacg tcgtgcctgt aaaggattct     25260
     tctattcaga ggaggggcca tgtggtggct gctgggaggt cagaataagg acttgtgttg     25320
     tggttgggtg agcagaacat agatgacctt gtgggaggaa agatggaata tggacccaag     25380
     attgcatatg ggttcataat aatgaggtga atcaaatatg gatgtgcatg ggcgggatgg     25440
     atggagcaca aatacccatg aagaatgagt ggaatataat ggccattgtt gggagggatt     25500
     gatggaaaat agacatgaat tgggagagtg gatggaaaca gatatgcatt aggggttgaa     25560
     tgcctatgga tgtgttttag gaggcagatg aaataataca gacgtacagg ctggggtctc     25620
     tacccatgag tgctggagga gcttaggaga tagcctggag gttggaagag aaagggacag     25680
     gtctcaggct tgaccagttc cccagacccc ctctctggtt cacagccccc attgcccacc     25740
     cagtttgtac ctatccttcc aggttgttat aaaaatgttt tgttaacatt gaaatatgga     25800
     atatacatta ttttaccgat ttgcttggtt ataactttga aatatgtaga caaatattag     25860
     gtgaattgcc ttagggttgt taccatggac atgtaaaata aaaagccaaa tctggtcagg     25920
     atccaagtcc aggacttcca aatccaagtt ctctgtgtgc ccactcactt gcctctcaga     25980
     atgtgtggga agagagaaga aagggtatca acaatagata aaagaaagga gaagatattg     26040
     gacttaaaaa ggaatggaaa taatgtcttc attatgtatt gttatggcat ggcatgttac     26100
     atgttgtttt ctgttgtggt attgcatgct ctaatatatg ctatgctatg ttatgtcata     26160
     tcaggttatg ttatgtgatg tgctgcacta tggtaggttc tgtgttattc tgtgctatgt     26220
     tatgacttat gctatgcttt tctttgctat gctatgttag gttataagtt atgttatgtt     26280
     atattttatg ttatgctgtt ttatatgcta tgttgttatg ctgtgttaca gactatgtta     26340
     tactgtgata tgtaatgtga tgttatgcta tgttatgatt tatgctgtgt ttttctaggc     26400
     tttaatgtga gattatatgt tatactatat taggttgtgt tacatgttat gctgtgctat     26460
     attttgttta gtctatgttt tatgctatga tgttatgtga tatattttgg tatattatac     26520
     tattattttc tatgctatgg tatgctatgg tatggtatgg tatggtatgg tatggtatgg     26580
     tatgctatgc tatgctatgc tatgctatgc tatgctatgc tatgctatgc tatgttttat     26640
     gccatgatgt atgtgttagt gaaatgggaa aggatccctt gtctccttca cagggtgtgt     26700
     gatgggagta tggcttactt cttccatgcc ccgctgctca aacctctaca gggcacaagg     26760
     caggcaggct gtagggctcc taccccatgg cagcatctac accccagtgg gcctgtgtta     26820
     gagggtgctc ttttaatttg cctataggca gtttttgtta accagcttaa ttagaccctc     26880
     taccttgttg caaggacaga gggctttctg tatcctgggt tcttaccttg gtgtaccaga     26940
     agaatcagat cacaaatggg cttggaaaat gagtgcaaag ttttattgag tggaaataca     27000
     tctcagctta tttgggagcc agaagggaga tggttttccc ctggaattgg gtcactcagc     27060
     agccctagct ctccttgaac tgccccagcc aaacttacct tttcccactg gtcaatggcc     27120
     tgcccatgag ctggtgcctg tccttgtgct cttctgccag tatgctcctc tcaacatcct     27180
     cttgatgacc agctgcttaa atcttcttct cccaatgtgc tcctcaagac acctgatcac     27240
     ctatgtattg aataggatct tgggctttta taggctcagg atagggatgt ggcaggccag     27300
     agtggccttg gaaaatgcaa catttgtgtg ggaaagcagg agtgcctgtc ctcacctagg     27360
     tctgtggggg tgaagcccta gccagggacc tgcctttctc tacccagctc ttcccttccc     27420
     tacttctgta tcatttaaag tgatatgctc tttccttctc atcattcttg tacatttggt     27480
     ttatgtttaa tgctatgtta catgttatgg taggctctgc tataatatgt tatatgccac     27540
     ctatgctgtg ctatctatca ttctgttttg tgttttccta tgctatgcta tgctatgcta     27600
     tgctacattt atgccatgtc atgtcctctt atgtcacatt atatgtcact ctctgctagg     27660
     ttatgctgtg ttatatgtta tgctaggcta ggctatatta ttttatatgc catgtgatgt     27720
     tatgttatat gttatgttat gctatcctat gctttgttag gtgctgtgct acattatgct     27780
     atgccatgtt atgtaatact tgttatatat gttatgtgat gcatgttagg ttatacacat     27840
     tatgttttca tatacaatgt atgttatatg atccacatta tatagtgcat attctggtac     27900
     acatgtaaaa atgcagtatt taaaggactt tgaagtaatc aagggcaagt aaaaattgct     27960
     ccagagaagg aagaacaaga cttacgacca gtacagattc agggaatcct atagatttga     28020
     ggccaagaag tagggagcta agaaagtttc atttatgaca ttacaggaaa acacagttat     28080
     tttgtcacaa tggttgagga aatctaaggc tgcctgcaag agataacttt atatctaaca     28140
     ggagacagac agaattggga aaagatgccc aggtattgaa gaataaaaat aaacaagttc     28200
     agaacagaaa atagcaaatt aacaataatg gaagagtttt tcctttcaat gtattcaggg     28260
     aagggaaaat tgacactgta aaagaaggct tagaacaatg aaatatgaag acacatctat     28320
     taagtaaaaa gataaccttt tccacaacat tatgtgaaat cacattagga tcatcagata     28380
     aactggcaag ggtagtcaag gatacatttt gccaattatt tatgctacaa taggaatagt     28440
     acagtttaga aaagttactt cccagatggg ctggataccc aacatgtgct gggaacaccc     28500
     tcttatgtgt ggttgaaaga acaatggtaa aacctcccat gtggaacatc tttttatttg     28560
     cttttaaaac tgggatttta catctaaaga agcagatatt ccaccgagat caatgaggag     28620
     gtagcacagt gaatgcaaga tggtaatagg aaagcctagt tattcttaaa tagtttaaag     28680
     actgtgttaa aattatgatg taaaaaataa agttgtggct gggcacaatg gctcatgcct     28740
     ataatcccag tactttgaaa ggctgaggca ggagaatctc ttgaggccag gagttcaaga     28800
     ccatattggg caacagtgag acaccatctc taaaagtaaa aatacaaata aattagccag     28860
     gcataatggt gtgcacctga agtcccagtt atttggaaga ctgagacagg aagattgcct     28920
     cagaccagcc tgggaagcat ggtgaaaacc tatatctaca aaaaacaaaa aaaaaaatta     28980
     ggtaggcatg ctggtgcaag cctgtacttc cagctacttg gaaggctgag ggtgggagga     29040
     ttgcttcagt cctgaggtgt cagggctgca gtgagctatg gttgcaccac tgtaccccag     29100
     cttgggtgaa acagtgagac tctgtctcaa aataaataga gaaagacaga aagaaaagaa     29160
     aagaaaggaa agttgtgaat ataaattatt ttgctggggt tcttgggaaa ataaaatacc     29220
     atgtatacat tctcactcag catagcagtg gaaactaaat aaatcacatg ataatccaaa     29280
     tacagaaaca catgcactag gttgattata ttgtttttgt taatttaata caatggatga     29340
     ctttttatta gtgaataaca tagtaagtag caggaattac ttttctattg acttccatga     29400
     tatttcctga aatcattggc tgtaactcct ttagaaaaga tagccagtaa cagactcaga     29460
     gacagttctt tttcaacatt taataaagaa tatcaggcat tggatacaga atttataaag     29520
     aatggtaatg cttgtttaaa tcacaattgt tggtgccttt ctgtttatca gaaacccaaa     29580
     ccattctgag gcctttatat attttggaga tgaaagagtg aaaaacatga acacaccaga     29640
     actgagacta tattaaaatc agagtactga atattataat ttctttctca gccaaagaaa     29700
     atggttcttt gaagccatcc agccttgtaa acaaattgtg ctaatgtgct agggtttagt     29760
     ggagaaggga catcattaaa tggttttcta tgacctaaac gactgtcaag gaaagctccc     29820
     atttctttct cagctcagtg atttctcatc caatttcctt tatttttacc ttggcagaat     29880
     gacagcttgg tacattattt tctctctcat catctttatc tcttgataag caaatgaatt     29940
     tatttttaaa caaaagtcaa atgaatgaca aactttggat atctggtcag gcagaaaagt     30000
     gtatgtagat aaatagatca gttgcacgac aattcttagg caaatatttg gggaacctta     30060
     aaatggcaac aacagtggaa atgagaataa tcttttaaca tttgctgaat agcctttaaa     30120
     tgatgagagt ctgtggtgtc ctaaagccca catatgcaaa tagggcaaac atccaaagtt     30180
     gtttttccac taaagagcat gccttcccta ataaggctgc ctggggcatc ttattattct     30240
     tgattttggg caaagcatgg ctttcaaaga caccaagaat cacacatcat ttctggggaa     30300
     attgagggtg gaggaagctt aagggtgact cagtcatgca aagcatcctt gtctcctgag     30360
     gaaaaaattg tgtggtccat ttttctttca tttaccaagc aacttgggaa caaataattg     30420
     tatctgcatg atgggagaaa actctttttt tgaaaatgtt tttgatatga aatatgtctg     30480
     aaacacagta atacctagtg gctagtacaa tatttcatat gtaaacacct tatgaatact     30540
     ccacacagcc ctgaaatgtc tgaatgtttt gaaatggttt tgtaatcatc ttcttcattc     30600
     atttcttaac tttaaaattg ttgtatcttc atctttcaga gagtttttgt caggtcaaaa     30660
     gaattttttt tagtttactg gaagtttgtc ttccagttaa ttatcattaa catttgttga     30720
     atgctttatt aaattatgac ttgtgttctt tattctgtgg atgcaatagt tcatactcat     30780
     atatttttca ataatcaaat attcttgggt ttctagaata aacctaaatt gattgtgatt     30840
     gatttttgta acctagctga attcactttt ctattttcat ttaggatatt tacaatcata     30900
     tccatatgta cattgttata gttttcttac aagactctgg tttttcatca cgtattttat     30960
     tttattaaaa aaatatattc agtgaaggtt ataatgttct cataaacgta gatggaaagt     31020
     gtatgtgtgt gggtttgtgt gtaagtgtgt ttgcatgaaa ttctgatttg aacatgcatc     31080
     tctgaaataa acctcagcat ccttcttggt tgactgatgg ggaatgaaat acaaaagtac     31140
     cagtgagcat cagcgaatgt agagaagttg agtgagggtg aagctgaagg atatgaaaag     31200
     gaagtttttc aagatctatc aagagattat ctcaaagcct gattttgtat ttaaaatgaa     31260
     gacctgctta tgaacacgta gtggtgttcc tccgcctaaa acattcttgc tttttgaaaa     31320
     catatgatag attattgtta acactactca tcttacagtg ctttagagcg ttaaaattta     31380
     ttcctcttat ctagccataa ttttgtatcc gttaaccaac cagtccctat cttccttccc     31440
     ttccccttcc cagcctctaa taactgaaat actccctact tctatgacat ggttgttatt     31500
     atcagcatat gtatacatgt tattataaag aatattcatg ttttcttcag tttcaaagtc     31560
     ctccctcatt tcttgatatt tgtagggact gttattttaa caatagaata tgatctcaca     31620
     agtgttatgg gctaaattgc atgtccttaa aatgtataca ttgaagtcct accaagtcct     31680
     aatcccaaaa cttcagaatg tgactctctg tgaaaatggg ttctttgaag aggtaattaa     31740
     agtaaaatga ggttactaaa ctgggccctg attcagttgg actggtatcc ttataagaat     31800
     aagagatgag gacacagcca catgcagagg catgaccctg tgaggacaca aggagaagaa     31860
     gaagacagca tctacaagcc aagaagagac gactcaggag aaatcagccc tgctcacacc     31920
     ttgatctcag gctaccagcc ttcagaatca tgagaaaata aaatcctttt gtttaagcct     31980
     gccagtctct ggtatttttg ttattggcag ccttgggaca ttaacacaag acattgcata     32040
     atacactgaa gagaatatag actatatttt aactattcac ttgaattttt aaataatttt     32100
     tctattgatg caaccattaa ctatattcag taatatataa aatttctgtc ataaatgata     32160
     ttaagtatta aattaattaa aaatatattc cactactagc attattcatt taataaaaat     32220
     gattattaag agaaaaataa gacattttat gtaaattgta ttacaaatgg aatatttttg     32280
     tgtttttaaa agctcagtgt ccaggaaaga ctccagctcc atttctgagt ctaattccaa     32340
     ctgtggtgag ctctgcagtt tctatttagc tgcagttgaa ttttctgaac tcaaccggtc     32400
     tacttaaatt gtcacatttt ccatcttggg ctgacctcag ggttaaagtc tgcccttgga     32460
     tttgtaaaat cctccttcta gcaagttacc agtgaaaaca aataactaaa tatcaccact     32520
     gaaatattgt tctgtgagtt ttacgatttt aactgtcctc ctaaaagttt aggataactt     32580
     tataaaaaat cccaaatgac attctttcta cacagttacc attggatcat caccgtcaaa     32640
     attcatctaa gatgataaga cctgcttttg agggcatata cacagaaaag ttaaacatta     32700
     tatgaaatgt catgaatcca aggttggcac tcaggtattt aattttattt attctaagta     32760
     atttaatatt tattctaagc atacacatta ttctaagtca ctttagtagt ataaatatat     32820
     actatatact ggatattata tatccaatat tatatgtata tattagtata tagtatgtac     32880
     actaggtaca ttatatttat atatacatag tatatatagt tggtatttgt attgtatata     32940
     tgtgtagtgt atatattata tatgatgtac tctataatat tgtatatata ctatatgtaa     33000
     tatgtagtgt gtatatacac taatgtgtat atatacacac atatactata tgtaatatag     33060
     tatatatact atatataagg tatatataat atagtatgta tatgatataa aatgtgtgtg     33120
     tatatacaca cacactcccc aatacacaca ggcacacaca tgcacacatg tacacattac     33180
     agtaactccc aattacacat tgttgataca ttcttgggag ctctgacttc aagtaaagca     33240
     ttgtactgta ctgtattgaa aaaaacacat ttatccaggt gcagtggttc acatctgtaa     33300
     tcctagcact ttgagaggct gaggcaggtg agtcacttga gctcgggagt ttgagaccca     33360
     tatgggcaat atggcaaaac tctgtctctt aaaataatac aaacaaaaat tggcttggtg     33420
     tggtggcatg gacctgtagt ctcagctact cagtaggctg aggtgagaga ctctcttgag     33480
     cccaggaact tgaggctgct ctgagctagg actacaccac tacactccag cctgggcaag     33540
     acagtgagac acagtcttga aaataaaatt agatgttcac tctaaaataa caattaaaag     33600
     tatagaatag caaatgcata aaccattaac acagtagttt gttattatga ggtattatgt     33660
     agtgaccata actgtatgtg ctagacttta atatgactgg cactgcagta gttttgttta     33720
     cacaaggatc accataagta catgagaaat gcaagacttt aggacaatta caaactcagt     33780
     aagcaatagg aatttttcag ttttattata acctcatggg accactgtca tctatgacca     33840
     cgatgttatg aggtgtgtgg ctgtagatag gtttgtaatc acaaattgtt ttgccataat     33900
     ttcagtaagc ggtccatttc aatacaatag atattaaaat atttgaatat ctcaagtatg     33960
     gcatgcaccc ataggcattt tagacaggca gccctttatg ggggttgagc gctgaacctt     34020
     gggcactggg ctggtcaggc tgagttctta tctgagatgt ccctcttacc tatggcagga     34080
     gacataactc actgggtctc aatgtcttca tctataaacg tgggatggaa tttttttttt     34140
     ctccagaggg tgttggcttg aagtaattaa ataataatac tctaccgtta gagtgtgcca     34200
     gcaggtagta aaagttcaat gcatgtttat tactttcatc agtaatttgg gggaaaaata     34260
     catttttacc cagccatccc tgaaaaataa cttcaatgcc attcaatatt ttaaatattc     34320
     aattgttagc tgtatgccag aaagtgtgat agcatcaggt acataattgt aaactgtggt     34380
     agtttttttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttc ccttatcaag aaattttaag ggagtgtttc     34440
     tgaactgcag gacttctgat atttggggct gatttgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgcagggc     34500
     cacgatatat attgcagggg tgatatgatt tggatctgtg tccctgccta aatctcatgt     34560
     aaaattttag tacccagtgt tggagttggg gcctggtggg aggtgtctgg atcatggagg     34620
     tgtttgtcct aaacgctttc acaccatccc cttggtgttg attttatgat cctgaatgag     34680
     ttgctgtgaa ggctgattgt tttaaagtgt gtggcatctc ccccttctct ttcttgctcc     34740
     tgctctggcc ctgtaagatg tgactgcttc tgcttttctt tccgccatga ttgtaagctt     34800
     cctgaggcct cctcagaagc agaacccacc atccatgttt cctctacagc cttacagcct     34860
     gcagaactct gatccaatta aacctctttt tttttcgtaa agaagaatag tatttctatg     34920
     tagctaatac aggagattta accacatctc tgatctccac gggatagaag acagtagcct     34980
     cttctcagtt ctcatttcac agctgtgaca actaaaaatg tctccaaaca ctgccagatg     35040
     tcctgttccc aggggcaaac ttgcctccgt ttggaaactg ctgccttaaa gaattagtag     35100
     cttagcaact gcacaggaag atgtgtaaag cacttacaaa aaagttacaa gtgaaaccat     35160
     cttggtatac actgggagac cctgcctggg caaagctgat caggaaaggt ttctgcagga     35220
     gtatgtcttt aaaatggacc tgaaggttgg atatagttaa gccacaaagt gtgaacaggg     35280
     tggaagaaaa tctgtgaata aacctaatat ggaagaataa gttgcatttc aggaagtgaa     35340
     agttcagtgt ggccagaata catagaataa gcaaaaagaa gtatgttgag ggatacttcc     35400
     agaaagagaa gtaggagaca gattgtaatg tttcttatat accctttatc ctgaaagcaa     35460
     taaaaatcca ttcaagaatt atgcagtgag gtagtatatt aattatagta gtatataaat     35520
     tagggttgac tgtaagtgaa aagataacct caataaaaca agaaaaaaga gttctttcat     35580
     cttgtttctc cactactctc aatacataac ttctacccat gtagtccaaa gtggcttctg     35640
     aacttccagc cattaggtct gcatcacact ggcagtaaga ataatttctc taaggaatta     35700
     gaaatccctc ctttttagga ttatttcttg aagttcaaat atcacttctt acatcctatg     35760
     ggttgaaaat taatcactaa tgcaagcaaa gtaaaagaat aaggattttt ttctgagtgg     35820
     ccatgatatc agataaaagt aataagatct gaaaattact ggaattgatt gacatatgaa     35880
     ggcacacaac tagaagtttt ataactataa tagaaccatt tcattagatc cagtcctgga     35940
     aattacagcc atcattccta cctctaatat acattagcat cttaacctaa atacctgatg     36000
     cgtgaagata tgattgagga gcgattagtt tttcagtctt atattaagaa atatatggct     36060
     cacgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc cgaggcgggt ggatcatgag gtcaggagat     36120
     cgagaccatc ctggctaaca aggtgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca aaaaattagc     36180
     cgggcgcggt ggcgggcgcc tgtagtccca gctactcggg aggctgaggc aggagaatgg     36240
     cgtgaacccg ggaagcggag cttgcagtga gccgagattg cgccactgca gtccgcagtc     36300
     cgacctgggc gacagagcga gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     36360
     gaaatatagt ttggcactag agaacatttt tactttccaa tctgtccaat actttataaa     36420
     gttgaaaata tttggaagaa aacaagtaaa atattagtaa ctcacaccct atgtccctgt     36480
     ttctctgtaa taactaaaca catgaatctg atcaattttc ttcctttctc cctccttcct     36540
     ttttctttcc tatctttttt ctttctctat tctttctttt ctttccttct ttcttttcta     36600
     tttctttcct tcctttcttt tttcctactt ccttcctttg tttctccctt ccttccttta     36660
     cttctctttt tccttccctc ctttccttcc ttgttttctt ccttccttct tcccctcccc     36720
     tcctcctcta ccctcccttt cctttcatgc attgcatacc caggtagatg taggaaattg     36780
     tcccacaaat tgtaagttga tattatctag caactacagt attatctatg caggtaaaat     36840
     ttaaatttat cttcacacag tgtttatagt ggacttatta acacttgaat tcacctcaac     36900
     aggagaataa ataaacaaat ggtggtacat tcacacagtg taagataact caataataaa     36960
     aaagaaaaaa actgtacaca agcaaaacct tgaagaattt ccaagcataa aaatctaaga     37020
     ggaagatgtc agatgcaaaa atctatatac tgaaacagct atgtatataa gattccaaaa     37080
     cagacacaac tacaggaaga gccttaaatc aggggttgcc aagactagga gttaggggag     37140
     actctgactg caaaagatta ggatgaaagt acagagatgt tctttatctt gattgtggtg     37200
     gtggtcctgt gactatacaa ctttgtcaaa agttgcagaa cttcacatac accaaaagta     37260
     tacattttac agttgaaaat tatatcttaa aaatctgaaa aatgtttata ggaaacattg     37320
     ttttcatttg atgaatgact caaaatacag gaataggtga cctatcagga aaacctgctt     37380
     taaaatatct caaatattga aatttctaga tttctgtaga atgtttcatc agaatggcat     37440
     ttactggcca gacacggtgg ctcactcctg taatcccaac attttgggag gtcgaggcag     37500
     atcacaaagt cagaagtttg agaccatctt ggccaatatg gtgaaaccct gtctctacta     37560
     aacatacaaa aattatccgg gtctggtgtt gttcacctta gtcccagata ctcaggaggc     37620
     tgaggcaaga gaatcactta aacccgggag gtggaggttt caatgagctg agattgtgcc     37680
     actgactcca gcctgggcaa ctgagcaaga ctccatctca taaaacaaaa caaaataaaa     37740
     acaaacaagc aaccccccca aaaaaaacaa acacagacac acactaaaga atggcactcc     37800
     ctgaattgtt gacataacca ttgagaggga atcagtgatg cctttgtgaa aggggaaaca     37860
     gattagaggg aagtcaaggt gaatttagga gaagcagtaa gcagtattat aagaaaaaat     37920
     aggccgggtg ccatggctca ctcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcca aggtgggtgg     37980
     atcacaaggt caggagtttg agagcatcct ggctaacacg gtgaaacccc atctctacta     38040
     aaaatacaaa aatttagctg ggtgtggtgg tgggtgcctg tagtcccagc tcctcgggag     38100
     gcggaggtag gagaatggct tgaacccggg aggcagagct cgcagtgagc caagattgtg     38160
     tcactgcact ccagcctggg cgatagagtg agaatccatc tcaaaacaaa caaacaaaca     38220
     aacaaacaaa atatatatat gtaattagag cctgaagcaa tagaggggac ttttcttgtg     38280
     agtgcttttc agccactgaa atcaaccaaa tcgtcacata cacagttttt ttcctggata     38340
     aacatggaca tggacggctc tggccttgaa gcttgaaact tactttgttt tatctgtgtt     38400
     tcttcttcag aaaaggacca ctaggcatct taaaatgtat caaagaactg aaaatcatga     38460
     gatcatagca tcaagacaag gtccctcatt catcacaatt gcttccttac ccctcctgag     38520
     ttcctgtttc ctcacacaca attgcatttc ttccctgcta tataaacccc tgattttaat     38580
     cagtcaggga gatggatttg agtctgattg atcttccatc tcattggctg cagcatctga     38640
     tttaaagcct tttcccaggg gcaatgctgg ttgtcttagt gattggcttt ccctgtggtg     38700
     agtagcaaga cctagaccga actccttata tttcagtaac atcatgattc agctcaagtg     38760
     ttttcactcc agaagttaca gacttaaaac aatatatgct atggagaaag ttatgaatgt     38820
     gtatcctatt tagaaattgg tggaaccagg cctgactaat cacccttggg ctggcagctg     38880
     gatgccagtc tggtggccct tgctcatgca gtgatttctg gcagagatgg tgagggtcac     38940
     acccactgct ggacagtgtg agtcaggggc agcctggact gatgccatgg catttctgct     39000
     tgctaaagat gccagcctgc agagcctggc caggaagatc tcctcccagc cagcccagag     39060
     tcagaggtgg gtatgtgggc tggcaaaact caaggctcag aaactgtagg gccccaaaaa     39120
     aagaaaagga agaaaataca cataaaattt ccagaaggga gaagataagg ctgctgagca     39180
     caaggcctag tcccactgtg tccagaattg gtgggttctt ggtcttgctg acttcaagaa     39240
     tgaagccaca ggccctcgtg gtgagtgtta cagttcttaa ggatagtgtg tctggagttt     39300
     gtgtcttcag atgttcagat gtgtttggaa tttcttcctt ctggttggtt catgttctcg     39360
     ttgacttcag gagtgaagct gcagaccttg gcggtgagtg ttacagctct taaaggcagc     39420
     atttctggag ttgttcattc ctcccatcca gagttgtttg tccctcccag tgggttcatg     39480
     gtctcgctgg cttcagcagt gagtaaagct gcagaaattg gagtgagtgt tacagctcat     39540
     aaaggtggcg cagacctaaa gagtgagcag cagcaagatt tattgtgaag agtgaaagaa     39600
     caaagcttcc acagcgtgga aggggacctg actgggttgc cactgctggc tcaggcagcc     39660
     tgcttttatt cccttatcag accccacatc ctactgattg gcccattgta cagagagctg     39720
     attggtctgt tttgacacgg tgctgattgg tgtgcttaca atccctcagc aagacacaga     39780
     atgctgattt ctgtatttac aatcctctag ttagacatta aagttctcca agtccccact     39840
     agattagcta gacacagagc actgattgtt gcttttacaa accttgagct agaaacaggg     39900
     tgctgattgg tgcatttaca atcctatagc tagtcataaa agttctacaa gttcccacct     39960
     gacataggag cccaggtggc tttgcctagt ggatcccatg ccagggctgt gggtggagct     40020
     gcctgccagt cccacaccaa gcgcttgcac tcctcagccc ttgggcagtt gatgggacag     40080
     ggtgctgtgg agcagggggc ggtgcccagc agggaagccc aggatgcaca ggagcccact     40140
     gtggggggct caggcatgct gggctgcaag tcccaagccc tgcccatggg gaggtggctg     40200
     aggcctggtg ataattcaag tgtggtgcag gtgggccagc tgtgctgggg gacccagcac     40260
     accctccaca gccactggcc tgggtgttaa gcccctcact gcctgggcca gaggcaccag     40320
     ctggctgctt caagtgcagg tcccactgag tctgcaccca cccagaactc gcactggtgc     40380
     atgaggggtg tgcacagcct cggttcccac ccacacctct ccctccacac ctccccacag     40440
     agggagccag ttctggcctt ggccagtcca gagaggagct cccacagtgc agcagtgggc     40500
     tgaaaccctc ctcaaacatg gccagagtgg atgccaaggc caacgagatg ctgagatcaa     40560
     gtgagaactg caagcatgct gtcacctctc aatcccctct ctaaacatga caccccaact     40620
     gttgttggta atttggcgat gaccgttcta gctacttcct gttggatagg ggtgatgaag     40680
     gggccctgca gttgtagtgt cctacagagg ggagctccct aggctagtgg aagtgccagt     40740
     gggtcactcc aggggtcctc ggtagaagtt gttagttgaa ctcgtttggg gttccatttg     40800
     taagaccatc tgcaccttga tggcctcaat tctagagtaa acaaatttaa caaggaggtt     40860
     aaaaatacac ggtccaaagg caagtaatag ccagatggct gacacgggac ctagaaaggg     40920
     gagaagccat gttgcttaac tctagaggtt ggtataagaa tttgaaaggc attgtctgat     40980
     ttcagaagtc ttttcctgta aacaccaggc agcatctcgc acaatccctg actggttagt     41040
     gtaaaaacaa cactcttctc ctaagaaggt acagagtcct cctttctcag cagtgaggat     41100
     gtctaggcct cagtggtttt ggagagtcac tgctgccaaa gagtctgttt gggattgtag     41160
     agtaaggata gatttagtta tttcttgcaa actgtctgaa aaatcctttg agtgtgtggt     41220
     aataggataa tgaagtagat aaactggcta ttccagttcc tgtagtggca gccattccta     41280
     accctataag taggggtact agttttatgg ctctgcactg acagacttga gctttgaggg     41340
     gtactgatag ggtctgattt cctggggcaa tgttaaagac taacgtgcag atgccgttcc     41400
     agttagtggg gagatatagg tcaacattcc acataagaag aatatacctt ggctgggtag     41460
     gcagaacttt accttgactt ttaaaggaat agggtacatt gttttttttc tctactagtt     41520
     ccatctctct ttctttctct ttgacttctt ctttgtctct tcctctcttt ctgactctct     41580
     ctttgacttt ctgtgtctgt ctcttcctct ctctttctct gactttctct ttctctttcc     41640
     ttcttgctga tctttccctg gctctgccag ccacttatgc tgctattctc tcctctcctt     41700
     cccatttcga tggctttggc agtggaagac tgccacctcc ttggactttt cattaagtgc     41760
     aataaatcca taatttcctt gttgtattta atgggggttc cctcagaggt taggaactcc     41820
     ctttctttcc atattgcagt atggccaggt aggattagat aagcatactt gctatctgta     41880
     tatgcattta ttctttttcc cttttctagt tctaaggctc tggtaagtgc cactagttct     41940
     gctccctggg aaccggtccc caggggaaga ggcttacttt caagtgtggt tacctcaata     42000
     gctatggcat aacctgccct tcatatccaa ttgttcaaaa atgagcttcc attgacatat     42060
     aggttaaggt caggattagc taaggggagt tccaatagat catcttgggc agcataagtc     42120
     tggactataa tctgttggca ctcatgctcc attggttccc tatcctctgg gagaaaagtg     42180
     gcagggttga cggtcatgca catgtgtatt tgaaacactg gtccctcaag gaatagtgcc     42240
     tggtatctaa gtaggcagtt gtctgatagc cataaacttc ctttggcacc tagtgtgaca     42300
     tttacatcat gagtagtcca gacagtgaga tcctttcctt gtattatctt gatagcctct     42360
     gacactaaga cagccactgt cacaactaca cttaaatagt gaggccagcc ttttgctact     42420
     acattatttt ccttatttag gtatgccact ggttgtgggg ttgtcccatg agtctgagga     42480
     gaaatccaag agctatccct actctctctg tgatatataa agagaagttt tgtgctgtgg     42540
     gaaagcttaa agctggagct tgtactaggg cctgctttaa ggttttgaag gttgtttctg     42600
     cctctggttc ctattctact agatgagtat ttgccttctg agtttccttg attagagtat     42660
     agaggggcct ggatatcttg ctgttccctg ggatacataa tcggcaaaag ccagtgattc     42720
     caaggaaccc ctacaactgt tttaatgtct tagggtgacg ataagccaga atgggctgtt     42780
     ttcattcctt gctgagggcc ttggtccctc tggctatgat taagcctaga tatttggcct     42840
     gctgtaggca aagctgggcc tttgacctaa acagcttgta cccttgatta gctagaaagt     42900
     tcaagagatc tagagtagcc tgctggcatg aggcttgaga actggtagcc aaaagtaaat     42960
     catccacata ctgaaggacc agagtggctg gatttgagaa gtggcctaga tcttgggcca     43020
     gtgcctgacc aaacaggtga agcctatccc taaacccttg gggcaagact gtccacgtaa     43080
     tttgggacat gtggtctgtg ggatcctcaa aggcaaagag aaattgggag tcagagtgca     43140
     ggggaataaa gaagaagtta ttcttgaggt ccagaaccat gaaccattct gattcctctg     43200
     gtatttgaga gagcagggta taggtgttgg gtgcaactgg atatagagaa attactgcct     43260
     cagtgatgag tctaagatct tgtcctagtc tcccctgact gttcaatttt tctactcata     43320
     gaattggggt gttgcaggta ttgctgcatt tccttactca ggcttgagct tttaaatgtt     43380
     taacaatatc ctgtaatcct ttatgagctt caagccttaa ggaatattgt ctttgataag     43440
     gaaaagtggt ggggtctttg agcttgactt ggagtgggtg ggcatttttt gcccttccaa     43500
     attgtccttc caatgcccag acttcagggt cgattccctc ctcaagtagg agacaaaata     43560
     tgggtaactt gttccccata ttcatgtaga taatagctcc agccttggca tatatatatc     43620
     cctccctaat aagggtgtgg gactttcaag cataacaaga aaaacatgtg aaaagagtaa     43680
     agtctcccta ttacaactga ggagatggga gaaatacctg gttacaggct gtcccaggag     43740
     ccctcagatg gtaatggacc ttgaggacag tcatccagga caggagatta acactgagaa     43800
     agccatgcca gtgtccagca ggaagtcaat ttcctggccc tcaatggtta aacatacctg     43860
     gggctcactg agggtgatga catgagctgg tgcttgcccc aggcaccctc attcctgttg     43920
     ttggatcatc tggttggggg cttctgaccc agagaacctt tatcctctgg ggcagtgcac     43980
     cttccagtga ttgccttggc atactggaca tggacatggg ggcagcttgt ttctcaatgg     44040
     acaatctttt ttaaagtgcc cttgcaaatc acactggtaa caagccctac taggtgattg     44100
     gcctgctcca ttttctgtcc tctctgaacc accaaggtgt gtttgtctga ggaccatgac     44160
     taaggctgcg gcctttctct gatcttgctt ttccttttgg tcctgttctt cttggtccct     44220
     attatagaac gctgaggttg ccaggtataa taatgcctcc aaattttgtt cagggcccag     44280
     ggcttccttt tggagctttc tcttgatatc tgcagctgat tgggtaataa atttatcttt     44340
     tagaatcaat tgaccctcac tgaagtgatt cgggtgacag ggaagtatat tttcttaagg     44400
     tctcccatag ccattcgagg aaggcagaag gattttcttc ctttccatga gctatggtgg     44460
     acatcattga ataattcatg ggctttttcg tagttctctt tagtccttct agaacacagg     44520
     tgaacagata tttactactc cagtccctat gatctgagtc aaggtcccag tggggataca     44580
     tactgggggt agcttgctga ctactaggga atttgtccct ttcttcagct ggcattctat     44640
     cttttacttg actaagatac catgtatctc caaactctca ggctgcagct aaagcttcat     44700
     tcttttcatt aaaggccagg gtttgatcta acagtagcat gacatctctc caagcgaggc     44760
     caaaggtttg tcctagaccc tttaggacat atatgtactt atcagcatca tctgaaaact     44820
     tccctaggtc tgccttgatc tgttttaaat catagaggga gaaagagaca tgtatacagc     44880
     tttggtcaaa ttctcttcct ccaacagctt gaaggagaca taactgatag cctgggcagg     44940
     gggcgttgtg gtcccttgga gatttctttg cttatttcct tctgggtggg ggagattaga     45000
     ggaggctgat cattaatagg aaggggagct atagggaggc taggatatgg gggtaagctg     45060
     agaggtcctc tagtgggatg taagttgcaa actttgcata attttgtatt ctccttcaat     45120
     gaaaataaag cttgcatata aggtatttca ctccagttgc cttccctctt acagaaaagg     45180
     tcatgctgca ggatagtatt gtaatttgta cttccctcag gtggccattt ttccccatca     45240
     cagagagaat attggggcca ggccatagtg cagaaaaaaa tgagccacct gtttttcagg     45300
     gtttgtgggt caaatttgtc tcaatggctt aggatgcatt tcaagggtga gcctgttgat     45360
     gactgagtgt ttccaaactg aaagacaaaa ctacccatgg tttcaatttg ttttgtttct     45420
     ccccctgccc aagaacccac aacgatccct ggactctgct tatcagaata gttaagctca     45480
     ctgatgcagc agcagaaaca ctagttttcc tcccagaaca caaggaggac caagggaggt     45540
     cagacttagt ggcccttacc gacacattct tgaaaacctg caaccttgcc tgtcctccta     45600
     gacccaaaga ggacaaagaa aaattggatt tagtggccct taccaatgca ttctcaaaaa     45660
     cctgttagcg tcttaagcat tctcctgtta ggatccctaa gggagggaag ggatgtccag     45720
     ggttggaaga gtgacacttt tgtgttcact tatacgaata ggaaggatag aatttctaag     45780
     gctcccccta tcctggcttc aagaatagct tttgttaggc ctgttagtct gaggagggat     45840
     cctaacattc cagatagtcc cccatgatag ggctttgggc aaagattatg tctttctgat     45900
     cagtgagcca gggtgcctaa agaaataaca gagtcctgta gtttatacta gaagtcattc     45960
     ttataggaga aactagaaaa tcaccagaga cagggagtga tttttagaag taggattagc     46020
     ctcagagaag agaggcaaga tgaagtttgt ctggcaaact tcattaggac ccaggaggca     46080
     agggtcagga tagattggat agatgtgtga gtctcacttg ggtgacatgc ctttcagaga     46140
     tctgctcatg gctgcagggt taactaactt gttgtcggga ccccagagct gaatggcttt     46200
     cctctctgtt gatcctgggc tcagcctaga agtacaggaa aagtggaagc tgattccagg     46260
     caaaccaatg ctcccaactc caaagagtca gggtttgtta gagagccttt tccaagaaag     46320
     cgtgacaccc acttctttag tctggtggcc acactagttg cttttaactg gctgacaggt     46380
     gcccggtatt tagccccaaa attctaagga aaaataggac agaatagcaa gagaaagggg     46440
     tctgacgata ctcactgctt ggtgataggt gatagtctca ccacttggtg ataggtgatg     46500
     gtctcactac ttggcaatag tctcaccgct tggtgatagt ctctttgtgg ttgccaaaat     46560
     gtgtctagaa ttggtgagtt cttggtctca cttacttaaa gaatgaagac acggacactt     46620
     gcagtgagtg ttacagttct taaagatggt gtgtccagag tttttgcctt cagatattca     46680
     gatgtgtcca gagtttcttc cttttgttgg gttcctggtc tccctgactt caggagtgaa     46740
     gctgcagacc ttggcggtgt tacagctctt aaagacagcg tgtctggagt tgttcattcc     46800
     tcccaaccag gctcaagcat ggtgggctgc aggacccaag ccctgcccta cagggcagcg     46860
     gctgaggccc agagagaatt tgaccactgg gagggcaggc cggcggtgct gggagatggg     46920
     tgtaccctct gcagctgcta gcctgggtgc taagaccctc actgcctgag cagaggcacc     46980
     ggccagccct tccgagtgtg gcatgccaag atggcccacc cagaactctg gctggcccag     47040
     gacagcctcc tgcagcctca gttcccaccc acgcatctcc atccacacct ccctgcagag     47100
     ggagccagct ccagcctcag ccagtccaga gaggggctcc cacagtgcag cagcaggatc     47160
     aagggctcct caagtgtggc cagagtggac ccaaggcaga gaaggtgccc aaagcaagca     47220
     agggctgcca gcacactgtc acctctcacc aagtctccag cagccatctt gggccaggaa     47280
     gcctgaggca gacaaaaagg aggcagattc agcatccagc tgcacaggga tccctacaga     47340
     tgtcctggcc acagaccttg agtctctctt tggcctggat gttctgcgac tgcaacttca     47400
     tgagaagatc caggaggcct ggggccaggg cagtgccaag gagctgtccc ctgctgccct     47460
     ggagtaaagg cggtggagaa agagggaacg ggactggcaa aagaagaagc gagaggagct     47520
     gtgggcaaaa tagaagacca agaaggctga ggaggttaca aaggccctgt aggcagtcaa     47580
     gccaacccct gaaggggcct gcaggaagct gcaggagcct ccaggactga tcttcaacaa     47640
     ggtgtaggtg agcaaagagg agtcagccag caagtagcag tgcagaaaga agaagcagag     47700
     tgtgaaggga aaggaaactt acaccactga cagggaggaa ctacctgcag ctgctgaagc     47760
     atctggatga gctgagtggc cagggtgagg ggaaggcaca gcagctgtag gccaagatga     47820
     agtggaccaa tctcctgtac aagacagagg atgtgatgat ccaccacgat gattgcctgc     47880
     tgcaggaggc cctgaagccc aaggagaatc acagcgccca gcagcacagc gagtgggaga     47940
     agcgcaactc aggcgtggta gagaagatgc atcagtgcca agacctgctg gcagcagaac     48000
     ctgcacaaga agaaggtggc ccacatccag caccgaatgc tcagagccca caagaactgt     48060
     atcctgctgc aggacctgga gcttgcaggc ctagcaggag ggcctggcct ggcccagcct     48120
     gggcctttcc catgttgggc tgccatcttc catcttgtga ggctccaggg gaccctctca     48180
     atccttgatg ctggctattc ccaggatctc cacggacctc ggtcactccc tgtgaagggg     48240
     acccagtcgt tctctgctga gtagtgaggt ctcagatcac gcatatgaaa gagaatattt     48300
     cagcatcatc cttgaaaatg cagcctgggt ccatcagacc cagggaaagg atgagccaga     48360
     ctgctgggct tgaaagcttc ccggaggtct gcagagtcag gaaggaggaa caacggtcac     48420
     tgccccttct cctcctgcct gtgttctcag gggccacagg actgaagagg gtggcctttg     48480
     ttgccaggcc acgttagtcc acagctcgcc agaaaggagg acaaccctga ggtgtggtga     48540
     gtgggcatgt ccaggcatgg tgcctactgg ggcagaatgc ctggctcctc ccccatctct     48600
     tgactttggc ctatggaggt ctcattcctt tctgttcctc aatgaccaga ggcgtttcac     48660
     ctcagaattc agagggagca agggaactgt accttcccag ggtcaacacc tgtgaattgg     48720
     gccacgtgca ttggaccaag ggaaaagaga aagaaagaat aaaacctaga gagagagtga     48780
     agcaaatgga agataaaaag tgagatggaa gattatatcc aaagcttcag gcaattaaaa     48840
     tgaatgcagg ttgactaaac tcaggtgaat tgtagtgata tatggatgat aaagctgtaa     48900
     ataaaattcc gttgatgaaa ctttctggtt aggagacaaa gattgtaacc gaaagggagc     48960
     tggtctgtta ttagagtaga ctgagatgaa aaggcactgt gaaagttcaa atgtcctatg     49020
     gttatcagct tgatctaagg gacagacaca acagtatatg aaaagagtac atagtctttt     49080
     caagcatata tggaaaattg atggaaattg accacttact ttgtccagaa aagaagtctt     49140
     aagatatttc aaggtatcag tgaagttatc tgaccatatc ccaacctagt taaaaatttt     49200
     tgagctaatt atcaaaattt cttatttgga atttttaaaa cacacttaca aattacctat     49260
     gagttgaaga attcctaatg ggtgttagaa atatttgaga ctaaaagata atggaaatgc     49320
     aagaaaaaaa agaaattgga ggaagatgga tttaaacaac tcttactaag ttgaaaattt     49380
     acttctttcc ttttgtattt tatattgcta tatcataatt gtacataatt tggggtgcat     49440
     atggtaattt gatacaggta cacaatgtgc agtactgatc aaatcagggt gattaggaca     49500
     tccattacct taaacctttg cttttaatat ttgtgttggg aacattgcaa ttcttctaga     49560
     tatgttgaag tacattttat tgttaacttt aattttttta ctgtactata aaatactaaa     49620
     acataattat atcttctaac catatttttg tactcattaa ccaccttctc ttcattctct     49680
     caaccccccc acccttccca gcctttggta accatcattc tactctctct agctccatga     49740
     aatgaaattc catttgtttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttttt gagacagagt catgctctgt     49800
     tgccaagctg tactgcagtg gcgcgatctt ggctcaccac aacctctgcc tcctggcttc     49860
     aagtgatttc cttgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggact acaggcacgt gctaccatgt     49920
     ctggctaagt tttttttgta ttttaataga gatggggttt caccatgtta gccaggatgg     49980
     actcaattta ctgacctcat gatctgccca gctagacgtt ccaaagtgct gggattacag     50040
     gcatgagcca ccgtggccag ctgaaatcca cttgtaagct ccacatgtag tgagagcatg     50100
     caatgtctgt ctttctcttc atggctaatt tcagctaatg ctctcttatt ccatgtatgt     50160
     tgctgcaaaa gacaagattt cattattttt tttatggctg actagtcttc cattttgaat     50220
     atataccaca ttttctttat tcgtttgtcc gttgagggcc atttaggcag attccatatt     50280
     ttggctattg tgaatagtgc tgattaacat gaatgtgtag atgtccttca atatacttat     50340
     ttcctttctt catgacatat tcagtagttg aattgctgga tcaaatggca gctttatttt     50400
     tagttttttt gggaaactct aagtgtagag gttttccata ctgagaaaat ttataaactg     50460
     aaaggaaata tacatgggta tttctatcaa aagtcttcct caagtgtaac ttccatgaaa     50520
     catttattaa ttagcaaact ggatcaaaag gcagacttca tgtataggtt gatattagtg     50580
     catcgaaaga gaagggttaa attgacaatt caaaagcttt ggagaattaa tgaatatttt     50640
     ttatgaattg ttgcataaga aattgtacca aagttaagta agaagaaagg tttattggta     50700
     tcttgtgatt ctagtggtta agaccaataa tacaaaatat tagatactct aaacacctga     50760
     caaaatagca attggataga agacaggtat tcagcatgtt atcatcacct tttttctttt     50820
     ttgtctgtat cctttccatg cattaaggca aaaagtccat caacatatcc ctaaccacac     50880
     tctaaaaaaa aaaaatcatt aatcacaatg caataaaatt atatattttc aacataagac     50940
     aaaaaattaa aaacataaac cctctgtatt aggaatttaa taacattctt ccaaataaat     51000
     gtttaggctg ataattaaat aaaaactttt attagaactt taatcaatta gaaacagtca     51060
     ttaaaggcaa atccatatag aaacctttaa ggaatggctg aagtagtata ctgagtaaaa     51120
     gttgcataat agaaacattt attatgcatc aagaaaataa aaatccaatg aattatgcat     51180
     tgaacttggg aaagtagaaa taactaaagc caaaaggaag ccaaataaaa taaaaaggtg     51240
     gactaataaa aacataaaaa gaaaaggaga acatagctat taaaatattt ggcaaaagaa     51300
     tttaatttgt ccctcaaagc aacaccaatt agtcctgcta gaattgcatt ttcattctgc     51360
     cataatacct tgatctgcct gaattgcagt gaaaatattc ttcttgttga tgtagaatgg     51420
     aaatcagatc acatttaggc tacatcaaaa ggagaagaaa ggtttattat tatacaactg     51480
     atacaaaata ctcaattctc caaagctttt gaattctcag tttcaccctt ctccttttga     51540
     tgcacctaaa tttgactgaa gtgcactctt gtttctgctg tctggttctc cagcatcctc     51600
     agctgtgctt tggtctgcag ctctctgctg tctctgagtt ctacaacact gccatgaggc     51660
     ttccatgagc tgtgattata ccacccaccg cactccagcc tgggtagcag agctagactg     51720
     tttttcacaa acaaactaaa actcaaatcc tggaagggcc agtgcttggt tagtgttagg     51780
     gttagggtta gggaaggttt ttttgtgctt aaattctggc ttcaccaatc atgagatatg     51840
     gagattattt actattcctg gtctttgttc acaaacagaa agtttaggtg tattgtgtcc     51900
     ataggtcacc ttatgcataa aagagtttga tgatgttgaa atactagtct atcaagatta     51960
     agaaaataat attctttaat atcatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     52020
     tacacacaca cacacacaca cacattttaa tgaggtcctc agggtattaa ccacccaaat     52080
     aaaggtgatt tccatcaagg gctagatatc tctctgactg catggcatgt aataaatcaa     52140
     atatcatgga taggaaaaaa tggaatttag gaatttttac agcctgggaa agggaactta     52200
     gctgcaattt gaaggggaac ataaagtgtg tggtgaatgc tgctctgtgt ttttactgtg     52260
     ggaattcata aaaggaatca ggcttaaaat attacctccc tgaggctata acctccaact     52320
     cagatgttaa ggaaaagatc attttctctc ctcccatgtg tccagaagtg gtgccgacac     52380
     acatgtcaag cttgtaggtg gccataagtt gtgaatcaaa tagtttcttc ctgatgtttc     52440
     cctttggtgt ggtcacatga acatgatatc ttggaaaaca agtaccataa ataagccatg     52500
     tttgggttag ggccagggta ggattttgtg cttaaatttt gccttcacca ttttgttcat     52560
     atacttcaaa tatttcacta ttttgttcat atccttccaa aaagatttga agtaaattat     52620
     tacaaattac aaattagaaa tggacatata cataatttta aattctgggg tacatgtgca     52680
     gaacgtgcag ttttgttaca tagatataca tgtgccatgg tggctagctg cacctgtcaa     52740
     cgcatcacct accttgggta tttttcctaa tgttgtccct cccctagctc ccctcctcct     52800
     gacaggccct agtgtgggat gttcccctcc ctgtgtccat gtgttctcat tgttcaactc     52860
     tcacttatga gtgagaacat gcagtgtttg gttttctgtt cttacgttag tttgctgaga     52920
     atgattgttt ccagcttcat ccatttccct gaaaaggaca tgaacttatc cttttttatg     52980
     gctgcatagt atttcatggt gtatatgtgc cacattttct ttatccagtc tatcatttat     53040
     gaacatttgg gttggttcca agtctttgct attgtgaata gtgccacaat aaacccacgt     53100
     gtgcatgtgt ctttatagtg gaatgattta taatccttcg ggtatatacc cagtaatggg     53160
     attcctgggt caaatggtat ttctagttct acatccttga ggaaacacta cactgtcttc     53220
     cacaaaggtt gaactaattt acactcccac aaacagtgta aaagtgttcc tgtttctctg     53280
     catcctctcc agcatctgtt gtttcctgac tttttaatga tcgccattct aactggtgta     53340
     gatggtctca ttgtggtttt gatttgcatc tcttatgacc agtgttgagc attttttcat     53400
     atgtcttttg cctgcataaa tgtcttcttt ggagaagtgt ctgttcatat cctttggcta     53460
     ctttttgatg gggttgtttt tttctggtaa atttgtttaa gttctttgtg gattctggat     53520
     attagccctt tgtcagatgg atagactact aaaattttct cctgttctgt aggttgcctg     53580
     ttcctttcgc tgtgcagaag ctctttagtt taattagatc ttatttttca attttagctt     53640
     ggttgccatt gctttttctg ttttagacat gaaatctttg ctcatgccta catcctgagt     53700
     ggtattgcac agggtttctt ccaggatttt tatggtttca ggtcatatat ttaagtcttt     53760
     gatccatctt gagttgattt ttgtatgagg tgtaaagaag gggtccagtt tcagttttct     53820
     gcatatggct ggccagtttt cccgacattt aattaagaac ggaatctttt ctccactgcc     53880
     tgtttgtttc ttgactgata tcattaaatg cgaatggaag aatgaaatat ggtctaaatt     53940
     gttaaatacg gtctaactaa aatatgtact atgttaaata cggtctaact aaaatatgta     54000
     ctatgtacat atgtactatg atgtactatg atggttgact gtatatgtca acttgactag     54060
     atcaagggat gcccaactag ctggggaaac ataatttctg ggtgattctg agaggatgtt     54120
     tctgaaagag attaacattt caatcagtag actaagtgac gatctgccct ctccacttgg     54180
     gaaggtaggt attgtccaat caaccaaaag cccaaataga ataaaaaggt ggagaaaggg     54240
     aaaatttact cctagcttga gctgagacat ccatcttctc ctgctctttg acgtaaagcc     54300
     cctctgtttt caggtcttca gacttgaact agaactacac cacctgcttt cctgggtcct     54360
     ggcttacaga cagcagactg tgggacattt cagtctctca aatccatgag tgaatctccc     54420
     ataatgaata tctttccttt taaaatcatt tacttacatg aatttaaggg gtacaagtgc     54480
     aatttgttac aggcatagat ctcacagtga tcaagtcagg gcttttagga tattcatcac     54540
     ccacataatg tagattctac ccactaagta atttctcatc ttctactgtt tttgtaccat     54600
     cccacccttc caaatctaca gtatctatta tagtactctc tacatccatg tgtacagata     54660
     ttttaacacc tacttgtgag aacatgtagt atttatgttt ctgtgtctga ctcattttac     54720
     ttaacagccc ccagttccat ccatgttgct gcaaaataca tggtttcatc atttttttat     54780
     ggctgaatag gattccattg tgtatacata ccacattttc cttattccat cctctattga     54840
     tggtaactga ggtggattcc atttctttgc tattgtgaat ggtactgcga ttagctgtta     54900
     agttcaggta ttgtatgata tatttatctg tatatattct gttggttcta ttgccctaga     54960
     gatccctgac caatacatgt atctaagtca tttggggata ctcctttttt taaaagaaaa     55020
     agttgcattt ttatcaaaac aaagtttaca aacccatcca tagcaaagac ttggaaccat     55080
     cctaaatgtc caacaacaat agactggatt aagaaaatat ggcacatata caccatggaa     55140
     tactatgcag ctataaaaaa tgatgagttc atgtcctttg tagggacatg gatgaagctg     55200
     gaaaccatca ttcccagcaa actgtcgcaa ggacaaaaaa ccaaacactg catgttctca     55260
     ctcataggtg ggaattgaac aatgagaaca catggacaca ggagggggaa catcacacac     55320
     cggggactgt tgtggggtgg ggggaggggg gaaggatagc attaggagat atacctaatg     55380
     ctaaatgacg agttaatggg tgcagcatac cagcatgtca catgtataca tatgtaacaa     55440
     acctgcacat catgcacatg taccctaaaa cttaaagtat aataataata aaatttaaaa     55500
     aaaattaaaa aataaaaata aaataaaaca ataaaaaaac atgaacaatg atcacagttg     55560
     gaaacctttt agtagacttt tcctgggatg atatagcagg catatggtct acctcaagac     55620
     agttgaccac agtgggagcc gtgtccattg aaaaattgtc tttgcaaaat gatgcttatg     55680
     tttgcacact gaagtgcact ctggcttcta ctctctgttt ctcaggtacc ctcagctgca     55740
     cctcggtctg cagctctctg ctgtttctga gtcatacaag gcttctgggc cagtttggtg     55800
     cccacagtgg gtctaggagg ctgctgtgta ccaaagacca agtgggaggg agtctcagct     55860
     ttagggctca ctggtccttt attgcaggaa ctgcactgaa gaattctgaa gtgttaaggg     55920
     ctgatgctcc ttgaggataa ttttgaaaat atgtaagctt ctgacaataa taacatattc     55980
     tctgcttttc cctttgcaag agtctttggt agccagggtt ccatgaagtc tctgttaaga     56040
     gactgaggtc tcagcttgtc ctgaagattt ggccagtcag gtaatttgca cactgagatt     56100
     cacctttctc tccccattgt acttcatttg cccctcattt ttcttccgtg gaattttatt     56160
     tgctgaaaat gtgttcatga acaagtttta ttgtttcaaa ttttgtttct tataagcctg     56220
     ggcaaataca aagttctttt gtaatttatt aataaaaatg taaaatgtta ataataaacc     56280
     tataaaacat aagtaaattg gagaagaatg attatatata cacatatgca cacctacata     56340
     actttatatt tatatatatg gaatgcacac aaacctcttg tccaacaaaa cagactaaaa     56400
     tagaagaatc taggttggac acagtagctc atgcatgtaa tcacaacaat ttgagaggct     56460
     gaagcaggag gatcacttga gctcagttcc agaccactgt gggcaacaaa agaagaacct     56520
     atttctacaa ataattttag aacatagcca aacatggtgt gcacaccggt ggttccagct     56580
     actacacagg aggctgaggc aggaggatca cctgaactga ggaggttgag gctgcagtga     56640
     gttgtgatca cataactgct ccccagcctc agcaacaaag agaaaccctg ttccaaaata     56700
     aataaataaa taaacaaaca aacaaataaa taaataacac aagaatcctt atgtccagat     56760
     tggtcaagag aagatacagt caattaagta aactttcaca tgaaaattta ggttcttcca     56820
     gaagtcaaag accaagcttt attttttttt ctttgcacat ggattaatct gtgatcctga     56880
     gtgggaaaga ttaagggttc caacatcaaa tgtttttatt tgtcctctga aacttcctct     56940
     ttacttagaa aggaagagga caaaacgtca taaccatttg atgagaaaca aaagacaatc     57000
     actaattatt ctttatctac tttctgttaa gtcagctatt ttcctagcct tgtgaaggat     57060
     aatttttatt tatgaataac attcccatgg ctttgtatca aaagccccta cattatgcaa     57120
     acgcttgtgt ttcttggctt catattatgt aaactattag aaaactattg gaaagagatg     57180
     gccatttctt cttcttctgg ttcatgccat tctcctgcct cggtctccca agtagttggg     57240
     tctacaggtg cccaccacta cgcctggcta tttttttttt tttttttgta ttttattaga     57300
     gatggggatt gaccatgtta gccaggtgat ggtctcgatc tactgacctc gtcaccttcc     57360
     cactttggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcctgagc caccacgccc agccggccac     57420
     ttctaaaact agttggggca tatcatttaa ggctattggt ttactggggt tttaagacat     57480
     aaaactcaag aaaaatgtaa agattctaaa tctggtatat taagacacaa ctagttttat     57540
     attaaagtta ttatcggtaa ttaaatttaa atggtttcaa ttaaaatgga actatactta     57600
     ttagaatgac tataatcaat aaaagagaaa atgagtgttg acaagtatgt gtagaaattg     57660
     gaatactcat atgtttatga aatggttcaa tggctacaga agacagcata gaagttcctc     57720
     aaaaagtgga atattacatg accatatgat caactcaggt aatcctgagc catctacaag     57780
     tagcataaaa aaagaaaagc aaacacaaga aagtctcagt gaataataaa gttgctgctt     57840
     ttaagttggc aagatcttcc taagagaagt tagtagaata ttatttgggg acaaaatcac     57900
     agatagaaat aaatgtttcc cagttcttag ttcctactcc cagggagaca tgggattggc     57960
     tgtcagccat gatgaaagag aatcctagat tttactttta gagctggaat ttaaatgaat     58020
     agccagtgat ggcccaataa gtgattaaac aatactactc atatgtatac acccagaata     58080
     actaaaacaa ggactcaaag atctccctgg acatatatgc tcaaggcatc tttgttcata     58140
     atagtcaaga gatgcaatca acccaaagtc catcaacaga tgagtggata agcaaaatgt     58200
     tgcatatgca taaaataaaa tagtatgcag ccctaaatag gcatgaagta attgacacat     58260
     gttgaatgtg gacaaacctc aaatacatca tgccaagtga aagaaaccag acacaaaagg     58320
     cctcataatg tataattctg tctgtagaaa gtattcaaaa ttagtcaata catagagata     58380
     aaaagtagat tataattgtc agggatgggg aggaggagaa aggtctggga attgaatgct     58440
     aatggctatg aaattcattc tggaatgctg aaaatgctgt ggcactagag agaggtgatt     58500
     gttgcacaac actgggaatg tattaaaaga tagttctaaa attttgcata taatgaaaaa     58560
     ctcctttcat tattttctac tctgtttccc ttttcccagt agggctatgt aagtaaagaa     58620
     tgcacaagac agacatgtaa actcagaaaa tattaaaaca tctataagca gcacaaaaat     58680
     aaatggaaaa gcaaatacaa gaaagtgttg gtgaataata aagttgctgc ttttcagtta     58740
     acaggatttc cctgatagag ttcagtaaaa tattatctgg ggataaaatt gcatacggct     58800
     cacaaagaaa tgtttcctag ttctcccagg aaggtgtggg tgtggttatc agatatgatg     58860
     aaagagaatc ccagattgca ccttcagagc tgaaacataa atagccggtg atggccatac     58920
     aaagaagaag ccaatacctc cagagaaaca tgcactcaga tagaccaata caattcaccc     58980
     caccattctc attttgctgt ttgcagagtg tctttacatg gaagtcttgt gtaaaaagct     59040
     attgatgttg ccaccatggc atggcagccc acctgcccat tttgtcttat gcattaccac     59100
     cgtgaggatt ctgaaatgaa ttccaatcaa attcatgttg ggaaatcact caggtctggg     59160
     gacttttccc atgcttgaca ttaacccaat aacaccataa cctgtcactg caatgaatca     59220
     ttggcaaatt acctgacatg tgctattggt ttcttccaaa cttgttttat aaatagcaga     59280
     tggaaatgat tagggagttc acactggcta tgttgtctct gtgcagtcga ctacgtctaa     59340
     actctttaca tagagggttg tgctctgaga aactggtaac ccgacgtgat cccagagggg     59400
     aaaatgaagg tacagcagcc ctaaaattac agatacagtt caaagaaaga gatttatttt     59460
     cctttagaaa atggttgctt tcagagcctg ctcccatttg caatctaacc caattcatca     59520
     gaaaaatagt ttgctgaata tgtttctgac tatttcaatg tggatttctt ctatcgttaa     59580
     ggacatataa gtttgtttta tattaatata ttaagttttt caaaaagcat gaaaaagatg     59640
     aacaggttga aacatacaaa atatctttgc tcttacagaa atattaccta ggaattggaa     59700
     aaaaaagtat tttcttttat ccattgtatt ttctgttctc acaagtgccg catacgtaga     59760
     atgtggtggt gatggtggtg gtttggtttt catctctaga cagacttcac aatgtcctgt     59820
     taagctccca gaggctatgg ttacctgatt ggaaatgaaa atgaaagatg agagtaaaat     59880
     ttccctctaa tccagttttg taaacaacct aattgaggaa acgatgataa caggtgaagt     59940
     ttgtttttct ggttctgagt ttctctctac gtgaaggttc gaagctaatg ttcttaacat     60000
     aataaattga gcaaaattgg gaaaaacttt gccatagtgt ggcatgggtt gatgctttaa     60060
     ttagctgata acttgattca aatatgtaag catgttaaaa gtctgttttc cacataataa     60120
     ctgaactttt catataacct ggatgaaatg agatatacta tgtcaataaa aacatcagca     60180
     gcttacttac ttatgaaaca gtattcagag tcagctgcag cagcaattcc tttctttaag     60240
     attaattttc ttctgctctc tttccaatct cctttcttgg tgacttatgt cttccactgt     60300
     gtttctgaaa agatttttat gtatgtatgt atttatttat tttttcaact tttattttac     60360
     tttcaggaaa tgtatgtgca ggtttgttac agaggtatat tgcataatac tgaggtatga     60420
     agtatggatt caggtagtaa acatggcact ctataggtaa tttttgagtc attgccccca     60480
     tccctcccac caccctctaa tattccacag taactattgt ttccatgttt atgaccatga     60540
     gtacataatt ttttagctcc tatttataaa caagaacatt ctattttgtt tgttttttta     60600
     taagtgagaa catttggttt tctgtccctg aattaactta cttgggataa tggcctccag     60660
     caccatccat gttactacaa aacatatgtt tttattcttt ttcttggctg cataatattc     60720
     catggggggt ataagtatct tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag aaggagcttc     60780
     actcttgtca cccagactgg actgcagtgg catgatcttg gctcactgca actttcgcct     60840
     cccagattca agcaattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgagatta catgcacctg     60900
     ccaccagcta attgtttgta tttttagtag aggcagggtt tctccatgtt gggtaggctg     60960
     gttttgtatc acattttctt catccagttc actgctgatg ggtatctagg ttgattccat     61020
     gtctttgcta ttttgaataa tgtcataatt gccatacact tgcatgcgtc tttttggaag     61080
     aatgatttgt tttcttgaaa aggtttttaa tgatgaaaat ggacccagta cacttctgga     61140
     aattcagagc tttgtaaatt acttcattca tcccacctgt cttataaaac cttcaaagtt     61200
     gctaaaagaa aacaaaagag aaggctttac tgcttctgtt ttagaatcag gaatggaaaa     61260
     gaaagtttgt aagtatccca gagcactgga actcagagtg gcagcatgat aatagcccaa     61320
     aacttttgta gagatctaat aaatttgatc aatgttattg gtctattgca tatattcttg     61380
     ccattggaaa agcaaaagcc tgcagtcaga tccttacaat gtattattgg ataacttgaa     61440
     gccaatattc atgattacct acctcatgta gctggctggg tggagaacat tttaattttt     61500
     ctgccacatt cagctgtcag gggcagtttg agagccagca gggagttcac tgtgagctct     61560
     gcaaggtttt tccaggttag tgacaaggag agggagccaa gtgagacaga gattgaaata     61620
     aatgactatg gagcttacac cggggatttg caaagtgaga aaatgaggca agtgtgggaa     61680
     ttatgaaaag attgagaagg tagtgcagtg acccaggttg gaatatacca ttcaaatggt     61740
     ggattcttgt tgctagaagg aagatgagct agaaagagaa acaggtgatg gccagagaac     61800
     tggtggtaaa atggaaatga tgaacaagtg aaaatgactt aaggacaatt tttaaaaata     61860
     agttgcagaa tcttctttct gttcctttga gaatgggaag ccactttctg aggaagagcc     61920
     actgtggact tcactgactt gtttccatct ggtgtcttct tatactagaa aaatttccta     61980
     actatctgcc acctttggac agctgtctag gttgaagcag tgatgcatgt ttttttccta     62040
     tttcaaatct ctttggtggt ttggggggta gactgaagaa catgccttct agaggctgtt     62100
     tcgcaaaagt aacaaccatc atttctgcaa taactccaga tggacatgat gcttcaagca     62160
     tgccagaaat gtttgaggac tctcagataa atcatactta ctttctacaa aaacatacag     62220
     aattggcctt taaggtgatc tttttattca gctgggaatt agctgcctgt tcattgagat     62280
     aaatggagaa acaacagaac acttctttct tcttcactac atgcatttgt tctcttggag     62340
     tggtagtcgg taatcaagtc tgaaatccaa aaggcagaaa gcagaaatat atgtgtatat     62400
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atctgaaatt ataattctgt     62460
     acttaaaata ttacatctat atattttaca taactatttt tacatattac aaaataatta     62520
     cataattact tttatgaatt aaaaatatta cctctatttt ttatagggta tcctgtggca     62580
     tttaaacata tgtatacaag gtggaaggat aaatcaaact aattactgta tgtatcacct     62640
     tacacccttc tcatttttgc agtgagatta tttaaaatgt actctcttag caactttgaa     62700
     gcataaaata cattattatt aattatcact actatgccat gcaataagtt ttaaaaactc     62760
     atgatagtaa atacatgtag cctaaaattt agcattttaa acatgttaga gtatgcaatc     62820
     caatgacatt aaatacattt tcaatattat ggagccctca acactgtgta gatctagaga     62880
     aatattttga attaatagaa aaccttaaaa taaaaatttg taaaggtttt aaaataaaaa     62940
     ttattagagt agtaaaacaa ttaaaatgaa ataatacaaa agaaaaagtt taataaaaat     63000
     gtgtattcag tagtcagtag tgatcagata ttaccttcac tatcttttta ttattgagat     63060
     attttacaat atctcagtgg cagcagtgac cagttttgaa gctggcctct cccagcccct     63120
     aatttaggag tagagacaaa gattcactgc tatgggtcat cagtgaccag gggtcatctt     63180
     gggtggtcag tggcctctca ctgtgaacag agtgtgatat ggaatgaggt ggcctgactc     63240
     ccagctttat acctgagctg actgatcatg agagcagttt caatttttct tatttgcagc     63300
     accaaaagct gtagttggat ttgtctacca atataaataa gaaatgttga aatgcataac     63360
     tttttaggac caagatgtct gcatgctgaa ggatatatca tgctcccttt ggatctcaag     63420
     ttgcaatttg tcaaaaatag tctttcagga atagaatggt tgctatgaaa cccactggag     63480
     ggatttctat gcaatttttg aagccataca tgcacagata catgaagaat cacccatggc     63540
     aaaaggccag ggaccttact ggtatgtgga attctcaaat gtctcctgac ccaccagggg     63600
     ttttatgcaa acaagataca gaatgagcaa tgaaaaaatt tatttagaaa aataacgttc     63660
     cactcagaac actagcatac tttcacaaaa agagcttcca ttcttcagtt ttcattaaca     63720
     gagacccgta ggtgtgtttc tcattcttat attagacact gttctgtgtg cctcattttg     63780
     ttttgtatat agtaagaagt caaacataac ctggaattag caaaaaagtt aaaaataaaa     63840
     tcatacaaat gcttaaaatt tgaagagtga aattgtaaga gtattcattt taagagttaa     63900
     atgttgattc catgaaattt aatattattt gaaatttatc aggggtcttc aacataaata     63960
     atatatttta ttgtgaactg aaggctacta tgcaaatagc aaaatctgtc atcaagaata     64020
     ttgagaaact aatgtttatt ctcctaaaaa ctctgagaac agatttatat aatatgcagt     64080
     catttttttt ttcaaatttc aaatgtcctc ttttcagaag cactgtttgt cagaaatttg     64140
     aatctgaata gcttccagat atccatttac atttccaaaa aataacatat gttccaaata     64200
     tgtagatttg gaataaggaa catttcttat atggcaagtt taaggaatac taccaaaaaa     64260
     tgcattagat gtttttaggt tttgatcgta atgttgttca aaaggtcata tgaaggacac     64320
     ttttacagat agagctatga aaaatactgt gctaaaattg gagaagaaat cagagtttca     64380
     agatacatgt tcctttagaa aactagcaaa gagaatcaac ccttagaaaa attatcctct     64440
     tcaactcctc attagttaga agccccatag gcactgcatc cacatttaag agttgaatag     64500
     tatttgctgc gtatctaaac ccttaggaaa actccccctc acagacctca taaggaatta     64560
     gctcttctaa aatttatatt ggactttcag ccttgaaata tataacagaa tacattcttt     64620
     ttgttcaact taccctgtct gtgaggtttc attactgtag ctatagggaa ctcatggaca     64680
     ggtgatatta atctaaataa aataactttt atttaaccca atccaaaata ttgttatttc     64740
     aacatgttat caaaataaaa tatgaatgag gtatttaatg cacttctatc atatgaagag     64800
     ttaaaagttt gttgtgtatt ttgaacttac agcatatcat ggctgagact gcacacattt     64860
     caagtgtgtg aaagtcccat gtagctaggg gctctcatat tgttgggggt tggggggcgg     64920
     ctagctctaa ttgatatgga gaggaggcag ggaaataata gttagaaaag ggtgggttac     64980
     ctggcaagag ttccaccctt aagcctggat ccagggccct aaatgagaac ttcacatccc     65040
     tattttgctt cccaaatgtt gccttttcca aaaccacctg gcccacccca ttcccaaccc     65100
     tgtacccata aaaaccccaa gctccactgg catggtagca gaggggagtg acagagaaga     65160
     atagaagaaa agaggtagcc agacatcgga gagaagcagc ttgacctcag agggatagct     65220
     tgatggcagg gcttcggaga agagtttggc tggtgatggc tgaattccaa gggaagatga     65280
     tcttcccact ccatccccct tccagctcct ttgcctgctg aaagccactt tcatcactca     65340
     ataaaatcct acatgttcac caccctccag ttttttcatg caacctcatt cctcctggag     65400
     actagacaag aatctgtgtg tgggtgcaag atgctatcac actgattctc cactgagcta     65460
     tttaaccctt aagccatgca tgaatggcaa agctaaagta gtgcactgca acacatgccc     65520
     tctgtggctc caggggtcac aggcaacctc tagatgctgc tatggggcca gtatgggatg     65580
     tgtttgcccc agctcctgca actactcacc tgtgtactcc ccctcctgca aggggtttga     65640
     gagctgtggt ttgattaagc aagccatctc ttcctgagtc ccacaaaagg atcaatggaa     65700
     ctgttttgtc tcctaataag ggtttctatt caacagtttc tcccacacaa taggcaagcc     65760
     ataaatcatc cttgttagaa cacacaaagg aaaaacacct accaggcagc cacaggaatc     65820
     acacgcaatg atcatgcagg aaaacaaaaa atacatattt ttactttttc ccttttattc     65880
     tttttttaaa aagtgcagcc cactgccagt gtgcatgtaa ttttaaataa gcatactctt     65940
     tgaggctgaa gcaaatctga cagattttca atgtgaaaat aaaatataaa aactgttctt     66000
     ggagttattt atcaagcaaa ctaacatcag aatagtctga atcattagaa tcatctattt     66060
     gagaaaaata ggattcacca aatgagcctt tgtctaacaa ctgttggaga atgatgttaa     66120
     tatcacatat agtaatgcta cattttctag gatttgacac tttcagttgt tgagaatcac     66180
     tgtattttgt aaatggaaat atgactacta caaacagaat gctataaata gaactatgtc     66240
     ttttgtttcc aaagtcaata cactagggtg atgcaaaagt aataataaaa gcaagatatt     66300
     tcatggcaaa gttatctcag gataaatgct acaacagcaa gtgccaccag caagtattat     66360
     cagcagaaaa gggtttaagg acagaatatt ctttgaacaa tcacaattca gtcacaacaa     66420
     aacttcccac aagacaacct gggaattatt ttatagctct tttggctgtg ggtgactctt     66480
     cttcaattgg tggatttttg tcctcttttg tggagaatac catgcagata cctacactgg     66540
     ctgatgccat ccaaggtcaa tcttcatgcc tacaatttta tgccacttga acccaggagg     66600
     cagagtttgc agtgggctaa gtttgccaca ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa caagacggaa     66660
     actctgtcta aaaaacaaac aaaaaaaaaa ctgggcatgg tggctcacac ctgtaattcc     66720
     agcattttag gaggcagagg cgggcagatc acaaggtcag gagatcaaga caatcctagc     66780
     taacatggtg aaaccccatc tccactaaac atacaaaaaa gtagctgggt gtggaggcag     66840
     gcacctgtag acccagctat tcaggaggct gaagcaggag aatggcatga acctgggagg     66900
     cagagctttc agtgagctga gatcacacca ctgcactcca gcctgggaga cagagtgaga     66960
     ctccatctca aaataataat aataaaataa aaacagcaat agattggatt tggtactatt     67020
     ttgaatgatt aaaaattata tgtaattgta aaaaaattaa aaacccatgt aaattaaagc     67080
     acataaaaat atcacattat aaataaattt ttcatatttc taaaagttgg gttttgctta     67140
     agtatctaaa tatctaataa aaagtaagag atcataaaat tataattaat aaatactaaa     67200
     ttttgagagt ggagccaaga tggctgaata ggaacagctc cagtctacag ctcccagtgc     67260
     gagcaatgca gaagactggt gatttctgca tttccaactg aggcacctgg ttcatctcac     67320
     tggggagcat cataaagtgg gtgcaggaca ccgagcatga gcagaagcag ggcaaggcct     67380
     catctcacct ggaaagcaca tggggtcagg gaataccctt tcctagtcaa agaaaggggt     67440
     gatggacagc acctagaaaa tcacatcact cccaccctaa tactgcattt ttccaacggc     67500
     cttagcaaat gacacaccag gagattatat cccacacatg gctcagaggg tcctatgccc     67560
     acggagcctc actcattgct agcacagcag tctgagatca aactgcaagg cagcagcaag     67620
     gctgggggag ggacgcctgc cattgctgag gcttgagtag gtaaacaaag aagccaggaa     67680
     gctcgaactg gatggagccc actgcagctg aaggaggcct gcctgtctct gtagactcca     67740
     tttctggggg cacagcttag ccaaacaaaa ggtagcagaa tccactgcag acttaaatat     67800
     ccctatctga caggttttaa gagagtagta gttctcccaa cacatagctg gagatctgag     67860
     aacggacaga ctgcctcctc aagtaggtgg ctgacccccg agtagcctaa ctgggaggca     67920
     cccccaagca ggggcagact gacacttcaa acagcagggt actcctctga gacaaaactt     67980
     ccagaggaac aatcagacag caacatttgc tgctcaccat catctgctgt tccacagcct     68040
     ccactgctga tacccaggca aacagggtct ggagtagacc tccaacaaac accaacagac     68100
     ctgcagctga gggtcctgac tgttataagg aaaactaaca aacagaaaga catccacatc     68160
     aaaaccccat ctgtctgtca ccatcatcaa agaccaaagg tagataaaac cacaaagatg     68220
     ggggaaaaaa acagagcaga aaaactggaa actctaaaaa tcagagcaac tctcctcctc     68280
     caaaggaatg cagctcctca ccagcaaagg aacaaagctg gatggagaat tacttagaca     68340
     agttgagaga agaaggcttc agacaatcaa actactccaa gctaaaggaa gaacttcaaa     68400
     cccatggcaa agaagttaaa aaccttgaaa aacacattag acaaagggct aacaagaata     68460
     accaatgcag agaagtcctt aaaggacctg aaggagctga aaaccaaggc acaagaacta     68520
     catgacgaat gcacaagcct cagtagctga tttgatcaac tggaagaaag ggtatcattg     68580
     atggaagatc aaatgaatga aataaagcaa gaagagaagt ttagagaaaa aagaataaaa     68640
     ataaaggaat aaagcctccc agaaatatgg gactatgtga aaagaccaaa tctatgtctg     68700
     actggtgtac ctgaaagtga ctaggagaat ggaaccaagt tggaaaacac tctgcaggat     68760
     attatccagg agaacttccc caatctagca aggcaggcca acattcaaat tcaggaaata     68820
     cagagaatgc cacaaagata ctgctcgaga agagcaatac caagacacgt aattgtcaga     68880
     ttcactaaat tgaaatgaag gaaaaaatgg caaggcagcc agagagaaag gtcgggttac     68940
     ccacaaaggg aaggtcataa cactaacagc tggtctctca gcagtaattc aacaagccag     69000
     aagagagtgg gggccaatat tcaacattct taaaaaaaag aattttcaac ccagaatttc     69060
     atatccagcc aaactaagct tcataagtga aggagaaata acatccttta cagacaagca     69120
     aatgctgaga gattttgtca tcaccaggcc tgctataaag gagttcctga agaaagcact     69180
     gatcatgcaa aggaacaacc ggtaccagcc actgcaaaaa tacaccaaat tgtaaagact     69240
     attgaggcta ggaggaaact gcatccacta atgtgcaaaa taatcagcta acatcataat     69300
     gacaggatca aattcacaca taacaatatt aaccttaaat gtaaatgggc taaatgctcc     69360
     aattaaaaga cacagactgg caaattggat aaagagccaa gacccatcag tgtgctgtat     69420
     tcaggaaacc catctcacgt gcagagacac acaggctcaa aataaaggga tggaggaaga     69480
     tctaccaagc aaatggaaaa caaaggaaga caggggttgc aatcctagtc tctgataaaa     69540
     cagcctttaa gccaacaaag atcaaaagag acaaagaagg ccattacata acggtaaagg     69600
     gatcaattca acaagaagag ctaactaacc taaatatata tgcacccaat acaggagcac     69660
     ccagattcat aaagcaagtc ctgagtgacc tacaaagaaa cttagactcc cacacattat     69720
     taatgggaga ctttaacgcc ccactgtcaa cattagacag atcaatgaga cagaaagtta     69780
     acaaggatat ccaggaattg aactaagctc tgcgccaagc agacataata gacacctaca     69840
     gaactctcca ccccaaatca agagaatata cattcttctc agcaccacac tgcccttatt     69900
     ccaaaattga ccacatagtt ggaagtaaag cactcctcaa aaaatgtaaa acaacagaaa     69960
     ttataagaaa ctgtctctca gaccagagtg caaacaagct agaactcagg attaagaaac     70020
     tcactcaaaa ctgctcaagt acatggaaac tgaacaacct gctcctaaat gactactggg     70080
     tacataacaa aatgaaggca gaaataaaga tgttctttga aaccaatgag aacaaagaca     70140
     caacatacca gaatctctgg aacacattca aagcagtgtg tagagggaaa tttatagcac     70200
     taaatgccca caagagaaag caggaaagat ccaaaattga caccctaaca tcacaactaa     70260
     aagaactaga gaagcaagag caaatacatt caaaagctag cagaaggcaa gaaataacta     70320
     aaatcagagc agaactgaag gaaatagaga cacaaaaaac ccttcaaaaa atcagtgaat     70380
     ccaggagctg gttttttgaa aagatcaaca aaattgatag actactagca agactaataa     70440
     agaagaaaag agaagaatca aatagacaaa ttaaaaatga taaagagcat atcaccacca     70500
     atcccacaga aatacaaact accatcagag aatactataa acacctctac acaaataaac     70560
     tagaaaatct agaagaaatg aataaattcc tcaacacata caccctccca agactaaacc     70620
     aggaagaagt tgaatatctg aatagaccaa taacaggttc tgaaattgag gcaaaaatta     70680
     atagcttacc aaccaaaaaa gtccaggacc agatggattc acagccgaat tctaccagag     70740
     gtacaaggag gagctggtac ctttccttct gaaactattc caatcaatag aacaagaggg     70800
     aatcctccct aactcatttt atgaggccag cgtcatcctg ataccaaagc ctgtcagaga     70860
     cacaacaaaa aaagataatt ttagaccaat atccctgatg aacatcgatg caaaaatcct     70920
     cattaaaata ccagcaaacc aaatccagca gcacatcaga aagcttatcc accatgatca     70980
     aggaggcttc atccctggga tgcaaggctg gttcaacata tgcaaatcaa taaacataaa     71040
     cataatccag catataaaca gaaccaacaa caaaaacaat atgattatct caatagatgc     71100
     agaaaaggcc tttgacaaaa ttcaacaact cttcatgcta agaactctca ataaattagg     71160
     tattgatggg acgtatctca caataataag agctatctat gacaaaccca cagacaatat     71220
     catactgaat gggcaataac tggaagcatt ccctttgaaa actggcacaa gacagggatg     71280
     ccctctctca ccactcctat tcaacatagt gttggaagtt ctagccaggg caatcaagca     71340
     ggagaaggaa ataaagggta tttaattggg aaaagaagaa gtcaaattgt ccctgtttgc     71400
     agacgacatg attttatatc tagagaaacc cattgtctca gcccaaaatt tccttaagct     71460
     gattagcaac ttcagcaaag tctcaggata caaaatcaat gtgcaaaaat cacaagcatt     71520
     cttatacacc aataacagac agagagcaaa atcatgagtg aactcccatt cacaattgct     71580
     tcaaagagaa taaaatgcct aggaatccaa cttacaaggg acatgaagga cctcttcaag     71640
     gagaactaca aaccactgct cagtgaaata agagaggata taaacaaatg gaagaacatt     71700
     ccattctcat gggtaggaag aatcaatatt gtgaaaatgg ccatactgcc caaggtaatt     71760
     tatagattca atgctatccc catcaaacta ccaatgactt tcttcacaga attggaaaaa     71820
     actactttaa agttcatatg gaaccaaaaa agagcccaca ttgccaagtc aatcctaagc     71880
     caaaagaaca aagccagagg catcatgctg acttcaaact atactacaag gctacggtaa     71940
     ccaaaacagc atggtacttg taccaaaaca gagatgtaga ccaatggaac agaacagagc     72000
     cctcagaaat aatgctgcat atctacaacc atctgatctt tgacaaacct gacaaaaaca     72060
     agaaatgggg aaatgatttc ctgtttaata aatggtgctg ggaaaactgg ctagccatag     72120
     gtggaaagct gaaactggat cccttcttta caccttatac aaaaattaat tcaagatgga     72180
     ttaaagactt atatgttaga cctaaaacca taaaaacccc agaagaaaac ctaggcaata     72240
     ccattcagga cataggcatg ggcaaggact tcatgtctaa aacaccaaaa gcaatggcaa     72300
     aaaacccaaa attgacaaat ggcatctaat taaactaaag atcttctgca cagcaaaaaa     72360
     aaagtaccct cagagtgaac aggcaaccta cagaatggga gaaaaatttt gcaacgtact     72420
     catttgacaa agggctaata tccagaatct acaatgaaca ccaacaaatg tacaagaaaa     72480
     aaacaacgcc atcaaaaagt gggtgaacga tatgaactaa cccttctcaa aggaagacat     72540
     ttatgcaatc aaaagataca tgaaaaaatg ctcatcatca ctggccatct gagaaatgca     72600
     aatcaaaacc acagtgagat cattaaaaag tcaggaaaca acaggtgctg gagaggatgt     72660
     ggagaaatag gaacaccttt acaccgttgg tgggactgta aactagttca aactttgtgg     72720
     aagtcagtgt ggccattcct caaggatcta gaactagaaa taccatttga cccagcaatc     72780
     ccattactgg gtagataccc aaagtgttat aaatcatgct gctataaaga cacacccaca     72840
     catatgttta ttgcagcatt attcacaata tcaaagactt ggaaccaagc caaatgtcca     72900
     acaatggata aagaaaatgt ggcacatata caccatggaa tactatgcag acataaaaaa     72960
     tgataagttc atgtcctttg tagggacatg gatgaaactg gaaaccatca ttctcagcaa     73020
     actgttgcag ggacaaaaaa ccaaacactg catgttctca ctcataggtg ggaattgatc     73080
     aatgagaaca catggacaca ggaaggggaa catcacacac ccggtcctgt tgtggggtcg     73140
     ggggagggga aagagatagc attaggagat atacctaatg ttaaatgatg agttaatggg     73200
     tgcagcacac caagatggca catgtataca tatgtaacta acctgcacat tgtgcacgtg     73260
     taccctaaaa cttaaagtat aatttaaaaa aaagaaaaaa tcaaacaacc tcatcaaaaa     73320
     gtgggtgaag gatatgaaca gacacttctc aaaagaagac atttatgcag ccaacagacg     73380
     aatgaaagaa tgcgcatcat caatggccat cagagaaatg caaatcagaa ccacaatgag     73440
     ataccatctt acaccagtta gaatggcaat cattaaaaag tcaggaaaca acaggtgctg     73500
     gagaggatgt ggagaaatag ggacactttt acactgttgg tgggactgta aactagtaca     73560
     accattgcgg aagacagtgt ggcgattcct caaggatcta gaactagaaa taccatttga     73620
     cccagcaatc ccattactgg gtatataccc aaatgattat aaatcatgct gctataagga     73680
     cacattcaca cgtatgttta ttgcggcact attcacaaga gcaaagtctt ggaaccaacc     73740
     caaatgtcca tcaacgatag actggattaa gcaaatgggg cacatataca ccatggaaca     73800
     ctatgcagcc atgagaaagg atgagtgcat gtcctttcta gggacatgga tgaagctgga     73860
     aaccatcatt ctgagcaaac tatcacaagg acagaaaacc aaacaccgca tgttctcact     73920
     cacaggtggg aattgaacaa tcaaaacact tggacacagg gtggggaaca tcacacacca     73980
     gggcttcttg tagggtcagg ggaggaggga gagcattagg agatatacct aatgtaaatg     74040
     aggagttaat gggtgcagca caccaacatg gcacatatat acatatgtaa caaacctgca     74100
     cattgtgcac ttgtacccta gaagttaaag tataattaaa aaaaaagaaa aaataaataa     74160
     ataaataaaa actgaatttt atgaagttat ttaaataaaa ttggagcttt caaattatgt     74220
     tttatacatg aactttagtc taaaatttaa tattttaaca ttcacttggt agctaaaatg     74280
     aggaattatg atcacaattt ctatgtaata tccatgtaat atatagaact ccatatatat     74340
     gtatatggaa cacaggtata catgtacaca tatatgtgta tacgtgttct atatatttct     74400
     atttttcaca tatatagaac acatatctat atttctgaac atattataca caaatatcca     74460
     tctatgttta tacctgcaat ataatttttt aatattgcaa catgtttctc agtgaccttg     74520
     tgcagctttt tggagacaac atgctaattt gtgagtacat ctagaaccac aatatagaaa     74580
     acaaagagaa gcaagtaaaa tttactgggt ggtgctggga aatattttgt tttgttttgt     74640
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttttgaggt ggaatcttgc tctgtcaccc     74700
     aggctggagt gcagtgggtg caatcttggc ttactgcaac ctccacatcc cgagtttaag     74760
     tgattctctt gcttagcctc ccaagtagct gggattacag gtgtgcacca ccactcctgg     74820
     ctaatttttg tatttttggt agacacaaag tttcatcatg ttgtccagtc tagtctcaaa     74880
     ctcctgactt caagtgatct gcctgctttg gcctcccaac gtactgggat tatagacatg     74940
     aaccactgca cctggcttga aataatactt tttattcaac catcccctgc atatgaggtt     75000
     tctaggtttt tctagaaagt gagtgattgc ttaacagtct aggtggtcaa acctaggata     75060
     ttatgtggat gcttatataa atatttataa tgtaactact tttcaagaga aatgtcattc     75120
     ttagccagag cttacattat agaattctat tctgcatttt cactctgaga tcaagtgttt     75180
     gacaaataag cacttttttt ttttttgcca ttcacctaaa catctctgca actcagatct     75240
     ttccacatac caaagcagta aagcaatgtc catctcagaa atgcctaaga taaaacacac     75300
     agatcttagg agcattgaaa caagtcacct ctggtttcag gaacgtttgt tggtcaagac     75360
     ttggaaacgt ttttggagac atgaaaggtg ttagtcatga gaacatatgc tcagggctgc     75420
     agttacacga tatttgagtt gagccctggc tcccaagtga cagattcctg ttgtccatca     75480
     ttaatcccat atgcatttaa ttgttgactt gtgtttgtga ttcacagtgt gttctaaggc     75540
     atgggccctg ggttagggac attttctgtg caggtgtatg aaccatattg cattatgggt     75600
     tttgggattt agaagcataa accatagttt aaaatattct tttaaaaaat gtattgatat     75660
     ataatatttg tacacattta tgagataagt gtcatatttt gttacatgca tagaattgtg     75720
     ttaatgatta agtcaagata tttagaatat ctttaagctc tgtaattgga tctaattttc     75780
     atagtcagta tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagatggag tcttgctctg ttgcccaggt     75840
     tggagtgcag tggcacaatc tcggctcact gtaagctcta tctcccaggt tcatgccatt     75900
     ctcccacctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga ctacaggcac ccgccaccat gtgcagctaa     75960
     ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gacaggtttc accatgttag gcaggatgat ctcgatctac     76020
     tgaccttgtg atccacctgc cttggcctca caaagtgctg ggattacagg catgagccac     76080
     catgcctggc ctcattttta aaaatagtat ctaaaataag gtaggctttc cctcttagaa     76140
     ttgctctgag aaataagata agtacacctt cctagtctct gaggaataaa agatgacttc     76200
     acaggaaaga tgtgacttca actaaatctt agagattaag attatcaggg tttgaagcaa     76260
     agaaaatagc acaaaggaaa cagtgagaaa agtagaactt taaattctgc aatgactttt     76320
     aaggaaatat cctaaaatgt ggagaggtat ttcttggcta atttgagcac agggtctcat     76380
     acgcagttcc tgacatctag taagcattca gtgaatgctt cctacaatca gttattcaat     76440
     caatcagtca atcaatgctt gaatagataa caggcttcaa tttaatctcc ccagtaaacc     76500
     tgtggtcata tgagcaactg aaggagggaa atatgttcac atgcatattt taggtgtcca     76560
     attttggttt aggggtctgg aaagagattg catttaatga aagctctttt tcagtgtttg     76620
     ggagctggag aggaaagagc aaatagtaag gagatttagg gacatctaat atcctagtac     76680
     ttccattacg aagaaccaga aattgggaag tttaaaacag cagaaatgtg tggtcttgca     76740
     attctggaag ccacaattcc aaaattctgg ggagaggtcc atttctggat ttagcattca     76800
     gcagcacaaa ataagaaaga tggtaaagat taacatatat tgggaataat gttgcttgtg     76860
     caggcaacaa tggtataagt tgccagcagt tctttattta atggtacaag ttgccttaga     76920
     catgcaagaa taaaaggaaa ttaccatgcc ccattgggaa gatgaaatcc gttgacttcc     76980
     aattttataa aaagatgttg ccagggttgg ttccatctgg aggttctgag gaaggaatcc     77040
     ttcttagatt ccctcctagc tttgtggtag ccagcaatct gtggcattcc ctgccttgag     77100
     tgtgggtcac tccaatctct aactcttcat cacgtggtgt tatgtctatg gatctctgtt     77160
     ttcacattgc agtctactca ctggaacatt ggtcatattg gatttaaaat ctaccctatt     77220
     ccaatatgac ctcatcctaa actaattgca tctgtaatga ccctattttc aaataaggtc     77280
     acatattgaa gtactaggag tcagtacttc aacatatttt ggtaagtggg ggatacaatt     77340
     tgatccttga aaaggaggat acaatccaca tatcttggta aataacatgg catgaaaaat     77400
     gtcaatttgt ggaaaattat aaatagtgcc caggtctcta agtggccatg tagatgaatt     77460
     cgatattaat ggaaatagag atcatcagag aaaccatatg tgtggcatcc actgggttta     77520
     ggaagcctag aatcctttaa gaaccattag caacagggag ttgaacttag aagatgccaa     77580
     agctctttgt gatccactta atataattgt cttatttctt caatcaagca attattgcac     77640
     tgtgcaagtg cacaaagaga aaatggtgtt accttatgta ctaatatgaa aaagtgtcca     77700
     agatttattg atgtatgaca aatgtatggt acataataca ttatacataa agtgcattgt     77760
     acattcaaat gcaatgtaca caatggattg tgcatacaag acattctaca tacaaatgca     77820
     ttgtacatca tgcattgtac atacatacaa tgatacatat ggtacattca catatatgca     77880
     aaataataat gtaagtggaa tatgaatata tacttttgtt ttatatttat acaatatctt     77940
     ggtgtgggaa aaataggtgt tggaaacttt gacaggagaa gtgggaggag tactgaatat     78000
     cattttgagc ctcagaactt ggtactgttt tatagctttc attatgttta attaacagtt     78060
     ggcttgaaat aactattgac cctgtatgtg ttttgttgaa atactactga atcatcaccc     78120
     tgaggctatg tgcatgtcgt tgcaccatga tttgtagaaa gaagctgaga ttgaataatt     78180
     ctgtggctgc atgagtggag aacaccttcc ctatcctgac atacactctt taagcctgtg     78240
     aagctcactt aaagtctaaa cttacagcac cataatgtct caaataaaag gtgaagtaac     78300
     aggtgcattt ttggatttag aatccagcag tgaaaagtaa tgaaaacagt aaagataaaa     78360
     atacattaaa atgtaatatt gcttgtgcat gcaacaacat gcaagttgcc agtagttctt     78420
     tcctaacttc tttatttaat gatccaagtt gtcctggata tgcaagaggg gaaggagata     78480
     accatgaccc tttgggaagc agagatccca tgccttacac ttgtacatta cactggttta     78540
     cagccaggac tgtctgtgtc atactgggct ttgaacaaat catttatctc tgaagttcct     78600
     ccctttgcac aggtccatca ttggatggag taagttttac cacacagcca aggctctgct     78660
     gtcttgcctc cctctgtctt ccctctggaa gaccacttta tgttaaatga aatggaagat     78720
     atttgctaaa ttcccaagca aatgtacagt tgaaatgtga aggtgaaagc agcaaaatag     78780
     gactttaaat atgaactctg caccttcact ctcatgagtg gagagaagga tgggagaaat     78840
     aatttgaatt caggttggtg aattggtgct acattaaatt ataattctgt aaaatgccta     78900
     cattttaaaa cactgttgac ttcagtaatg ttcttccacc atcagagact tatgttccta     78960
     aagttagggt ttctcactgt gattttaata ttaatgtgta cttaaaatat gcagttttac     79020
     atagtaggaa aataaggcac attaaagatt tataccatat taataggatc atagccaaat     79080
     tcccccactc actcattgat atgaattaca gcttcacgtg aagtttcaga gttatacaca     79140
     atatgaactg aactacttca aaatggtgac tgttactcca attggaaggc aaaggggtga     79200
     gaggacattg caaagatgta aaaaaaaaaa aaagtagggt acatttcaaa tccaagtgaa     79260
     aattaaggtt atacatgtta acaagtttcc attggaattt agagataact ccttggctct     79320
     ccaaaacaca aattagataa attgccagtt ctcctggcat tcatatcatg atctagtttg     79380
     taagtcatca ttttaaatcc attttgaccc tgttttattg ctttcattaa ataaatctca     79440
     aaattaatcc aaaaggcaaa ctaataaaac aaactcacat aaaccaacat gcagaataaa     79500
     caagtgtgag tagatttatt ctcttatctt cacatttgta tgtgttttgt gattgctgta     79560
     gttaatatta attcatttaa gcccccttag ttttcagtcc tggtcttcca tttccttcat     79620
     attcaaaggc agctactttg gtgagattgg tattcatcat tcccattgtc atctctttat     79680
     aattttaatt aaaaaatgta tatcaatttg tacactgtta caattagctc tataaggatt     79740
     tgtttattta atgtttttca agctctaacc acattgatga gtattttaag aagccattaa     79800
     ttggtaagat tattatgtcc ggccaggtag cattgctcac atctgtagcc tcagtacttt     79860
     gggaggctac tttgggagga tcgcttgagc ccaggagttt gagaccagcc agggcagcat     79920
     aacaagatcc tccctctaca attaatcaaa aaaaattatc tgggcatggt ggcacaagcc     79980
     tgtgctccca accacatgag aggctgaggt gggaggactg tttgaatcca ggaggttgag     80040
     actacagtga gctatgattg caccgttgta ctccagtctg agtgacacag tgataccatg     80100
     tttcaaaaac aaaaatagtt aaagattccc accaaaaata atttagaaat gataatttta     80160
     aaaattaaaa gattattatg tctaagtcac ttgctttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaga     80220
     tagagtcttg ctctgtcaca caggttgtag tgcagtggtg tgacctcatc tcaatgcaag     80280
     cttcgcctcc caggttcaag caattcttct gcctcagcct cacgagtagc tgggattaca     80340
     ggcctgcacc accatgcttg gctaattttt ctatttttag tagtgataga gtttcaccat     80400
     attggccagg ctgaagactg gtcaccatat tggccacagg ccaaagaaca cctatggcta     80460
     ccagaatcta gaaagccaaa gaaaaatcct tccctagacg ctcagcggag agcatgatgt     80520
     ctagtgatgt gttgatttta tacttctggt ctccagaatc ataaaaataa aaccataaaa     80580
     atccttctct agaggctcag tggagagcaa ggtgtctgat aacaccttga ttttataatt     80640
     caggtctcca gaaccattaa aaaaaaaatg tggtgttcta taccacccag tttggaccag     80700
     gcacagtggc tcatgtgtgt aatttcagta ctttgggagg ctgaggtagg aggattactt     80760
     gagcccagga atttaagacc agcctgggca acacagaaaa acctaatttt tgcaaaacat     80820
     taaaaaagtt ggccaggctt gatggtatgc acctgtagtc ccagctactt gggaggctga     80880
     agaagaatag ctcaagcttg cgaggttgag gctgcagtga gccatgatca caccactgca     80940
     cttcagcctg agagacaaag caagattctg tctctaaaat aaccaaacaa ataaacaaac     81000
     aacaacaaaa attcccaccc agtttatggt agtttgctgt agcagcccta gcaaactaat     81060
     aacattgatc tacatgtctt cttatgcata gggtagaaac acctctaagg agggaagcta     81120
     gaggtccaac ttctgagcca gagcatataa gtcattgttt ttcaacttta gtaaataatc     81180
     gtatatatct ctccctattg cttgtagcaa tggttatttc aaaaaaaaaa caaaaaacaa     81240
     aaaaaggacg gaatcactat tctcatgtaa tcttacactt cacagagtta gactttacct     81300
     ttttttattt ctttatatac acatttttta aatttacaaa taactattta tttataatgt     81360
     acaaaatgat atgttgatat atgaatgcat tctgaaatgg ctgaatcaag ctttttaaca     81420
     catcagacat ctcacctact tatcattttg ttgtagcaag aactttgtgt tttgttttgt     81480
     ttttgagaca gggtcttgct ctgtcctcca ggctggagtg cagtggcatc ctcataactt     81540
     gctgcagcct tgacctccag ggttcaagtg attcttccac ctcagtctcc tgagtagctg     81600
     ggaatgcagg catacacaac cacacgtgga taattttgtt tatttttggt agagttattg     81660
     tcttcctatg tttcccaggt tgaattcaag attctgagct caagcaatac tctcacttca     81720
     tcttcccaag aggcatgagc tatcatgacc atcgtgagaa catttaaaaa tctattattt     81780
     tagcaatttt atggtagacg atacattgtt attaactata atcaccgtga gtacaataga     81840
     gctcttgaaa ttattcctct catttaacta aagttttgtg tcttttgacc aaccactatt     81900
     ctactctctg cttctgagtt caactgtttt agatttcaca tataagtgag aacatgcagt     81960
     atttatctct ctgtgcctgg cttatttcac ttagcataac gtcctccagg atcatccatg     82020
     ttgtagtgaa tgacagaatt tcatttatta aggcagaata gtattccatt gtgtttaggt     82080
     accacttttt cttttccatt cctctattga tagacactta gtttgattat ccttcttatc     82140
     tattgtagac agtgttgtga tgcatatggg agtgttgatt gaaattcctt tcgatgtata     82200
     ctgagtagtg agattgaagg atcatatggt agtcctattt ttaaagactt tacattttgt     82260
     taattatatg tatgtaatta tagtatgtct ttctttcatt agagagatgc acaacatctt     82320
     tccatatgtt tattggatgt ttcaatgtcc tgttaagtaa tttgcttatt ctcatttatg     82380
     tcctattatc attttgtcta atgttttaaa ttctctttta aaaactattt acatatcact     82440
     ggttttattc ttttgccttt tatatccatt gtaaatttat ttgcacattt cttgttttcc     82500
     agatgtgttt aggtagactt tgaccggaat tttttttttt ttctttcttt tttttttttt     82560
     tttttttttt ttttttttga gacggagtct cgctctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg     82620
     cgggatctcg gctcactgca agctctgcct cccaggttca cgccattctc ctgcctcagc     82680
     ctcccaagta gctgggacta caggcgcccg ccactacgcc cggctaattt tttgtatttt     82740
     tagtagagac ggggtttcac cgttttagcc gggatggtct cgatctcctg acctcgtgat     82800
     ccgcccgcct cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccaccg cgcccggcct     82860
     ttttttcttt tttttgagac aagtctcact ctgttgccca agcggtggtg tagtgacacc     82920
     atcttggctc actgcaacct ctgcctcctg ggatcaatca attcttgtgc ctccacctcc     82980
     caagtagctg ggattacaga tgcatgccac catgcccagc taatttttgt atttttagta     83040
     gagatggggt ttcaccatgt taagcagaat gttcttgaac tcttgacttc aagtgatcca     83100
     ctcactttgg cctcccaagt gctgggataa cagatgtggg tccccacacg tggctgacca     83160
     caagatttta tttcaaaatc cattttgcca ttctttactt taagatttgc acattttatc     83220
     ttctattata aaaattattc aagtcataca ttaaaatttt ttttcaagtt ttagttactt     83280
     aatgtatatt tactttattg tggtatcaca tttgagtagc tgttttgttt tccatatgga     83340
     aaccaatttc cccacattta tggaaattgc ataatttcat cttttattta taacaccatg     83400
     tctctataat gcatatgcat atatctcaat gacagtctgt gtatgcatct cattctacgc     83460
     tctcaaattt ttaattatct ttatattctt aaaataattt gcactgtatc aatttgctag     83520
     agcttcataa taaatttatt tatgattacc tagtctagtc caaagaaaaa tttgcatgat     83580
     gaattctgtt tccaaagatg ccccattctc ccaacccata aattctttag caatgttgcc     83640
     ttcacattaa atgctgcagt cttttcttga aactgagctg gttctaggct ctgttttgat     83700
     cagtaaaatg tgatgaaagt gaaactatgt catttcctaa gatgggattc cagagatctg     83760
     cagacctcac ctttgttgct gtgaacactc cttcttggaa ctcagctgcc attctgtaag     83820
     gacgctcaag ctatcattag gatagagtca cacggagaag aaccatagcc tctgaccagc     83880
     agcctcagct ttgctgtcta ccaccaatct ctcagctgga cacatgagtg aagtcttttt     83940
     aaaccctgta ccccagacaa gccatcattt gaagcagcta aataaatgcc ccaatgtaac     84000
     cacccaacgg gttcaccttg ccctcttact agacagagcc aatttatcga cagggcaatt     84060
     gcagtggaga aagagtaatt cacacagagc tggttgtgtg gaagaccaga gttttaatat     84120
     tactcatatc agtctcccag agcattcaga gattgaagtt tttagggata attgggtgag     84180
     taggggctca ggaagaaggg agtgctgatt ggttgggttg gagatataat caaagagggt     84240
     cgaagtaagg ttttctttct gtcttctatt cctgggtggg attgcagaac tggttgaatg     84300
     agattactgg tatgggaggt atcagctggt aaatccacta caaggtctgc aaaatacctt     84360
     aagtactaat cttaggcttt ataatagtga tgtgcccagg agcaatttgg ggaggttcag     84420
     acacttgaag ccagagactg catggcccct aaactgttat ttctaatttt gcagctaatc     84480
     cttaagtact gcaaaggcag attggttctc aggcaaggga ggtttttgtt tgtttgtttg     84540
     ttttttgttt tttgttttta tttttggcgg gggtgaaggg gaaaggaaag aactatgatc     84600
     aattttgtgt gggacttaca ctataaacta aattccttct caaagttagt tcagcctatg     84660
     cctagaaatg agcatggaca agttaaatgc tagaaacaag atggagtcag ttaggtctta     84720
     tctctttcac tgtcataatt tcctcagtta caatttttgc aaaggcagtt tcagcaacca     84780
     tcatcatgaa aagtagaacc tcctccccca ctgtagctga tctcaaaccc tgatctatac     84840
     aggttcatga agaaatagag tggttgtctt cagtcactaa tttttaggct catgtattac     84900
     ataccaattg gtaactgaaa ctattctatt tgattttttt tttttaaatg acatctccat     84960
     ctttagccct ggctggagtg cagcgggacg atctcagttc actgcaactt ctgtctcccg     85020
     gtttcaagca attctcctgc ctcagccttc agagtagctg gggttacagg tgcctgccac     85080
     cacatccagc taatttttgt atttttagta gagactgggt ttcatcatgt tggccaggct     85140
     gttctcaaac tctccacctg aagtgatctg cccatctcag cctcccaaaa tgctgggatt     85200
     acaggtgtga gccaccatgc ctggcctcta tttgaaattt atctggagtt gcatctcatg     85260
     aatagatgta agatcaagac tgatttgcct ctaaaacatt gaatatccct atctctgctt     85320
     atggtaccat tttcctgaaa gaaaaattag ttttcagtgc cttggccttg gattacagac     85380
     ttatttactc attggcaaac ttcatcaacc cttttactat tctaatgatg acattattta     85440
     tactaatttc ttgtatgtta ttttgtatta ttctgcagct atataatgat aatattttct     85500
     ttatctttat aaacaaataa cccttcctat ttctcttaca ttttgaatgt caggaatcct     85560
     aatagagcac tgagtaataa aaggtgatta taagaatcag tgtctttttt actttgaagc     85620
     atagaaatgt atgcacattt atatgagtgt ttgaagcttt cagtatcaga ttttttaatg     85680
     gtttgataga acacatttat gatttttaga tttactagat ttttgatgag agattctatt     85740
     tttctaatgg aaacttgtct tttgagagtt ttgtgtcatt gttcataaat tcaaaacatt     85800
     tagggtggtc tattacattc taaggtgttg taatagattg gtgaagaaaa ccaaataaag     85860
     tttctacttt catgaacttt tttttcttcc tggagtgaac aaaggaaaag aatgtgtaaa     85920
     gtaagtaact tgtgtggcat tttgggaatt gatgcttgct attgaaacat agaaaagtgc     85980
     attggcttaa gtgggtggaa agcactgcag aggggagcca gacattgcat tgaagagtgg     86040
     ccagggtccc tttccttggg gaggtggtgt tggagcaatg atttgaaagt ggtggtgaga     86100
     aagttggtaa agcaggtatc tgggggacta ggtcactagg gagtgaaaat accaaaatta     86160
     atatccccaa attgttccag gaagatccaa ggatccagga gagatgaaac ttattgaaca     86220
     aaaacataca taggatacca gattcaatac agaaccaaga gtaagccttt gggtgatgct     86280
     gaaaatcatg catggtcaaa cttctttcat tagcaattca tgggtctatc attcccacac     86340
     ctgctgctta aaaaaaatgc attgtacttt aagccagcca taactttatg ggataattat     86400
     tccaattaga acatttttct ctgcctagca taaaattttc accatttttt ctattacatt     86460
     taatcaaaca agtaataact aagtgcatct gtagtttgga aaataaaatg aaacaaaagg     86520
     agaaggagta aaagtaaaaa ttctaaccgt ccctttcccc acaataataa ccccatgcct     86580
     gatacatata ttaggaattt gaagaatctc cctgagtcct gctacatcag cacttttggg     86640
     attaatccat gggtgttgaa aggaatgaat tgtatgtttg gggaaatgat tcagattacc     86700
     tttgctaatt gtttctttga aatcctgagt atttcaaata tgttcgaatt aacatgaaat     86760
     accggtttct gaggaaatat gattaaagtc tctaaatata aataggcctt ttcaatttgt     86820
     tttttaattt ctacagtgat tgctccatgg ttattgaagt ttcttaaaga atcatactac     86880
     atatagttat aaaataactc tcttttctca gttacatttt catcctgggt tttatattaa     86940
     tttaatagtt acactatttt cctgaaagaa aaatcagttt tctgtgcctt ggtcttggat     87000
     tacagactta tttactcatt ggcaaacttc atcagccatt ttactattct aatgataata     87060
     ttatttacac tttatttgtc actgtttacc tgggataata tttctattgc tttattttca     87120
     actttttctt tgttatttat gttttaagta tttttaaatt aaaccatata gctggatggt     87180
     gcttttctta tccaatataa gaatgtttta attttgatga gtatcttatt tagtttgcat     87240
     ttgttaatgt atccatttta tctcatgttt tcttttatat tccaactggc atatgagtgt     87300
     ttcttttgtc attcctttta ttatttttcc atctgttgtt cttgctagac tgagtatgag     87360
     taaagtggtc ttcttgtgcc agatggctat gtgtgaactt atttacattc acatctgttg     87420
     tagacctaaa atcaataaag ctgtaaatat tctttaaaaa acatatttag ggcttaggtc     87480
     aatattagaa gtaattatca catattcttc aatttgtgga gtttttggaa taagccaaaa     87540
     tcctttaaca cctaaaaaag gatagcatac taatgtattg ataattaaca ctcagagtca     87600
     aatttctaag taattttcat ttctgtcagt attcattaga attaaatttt actgtgtgca     87660
     caagccttaa tctaatcaga aaatccatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaactt ctctgatcag     87720
     tcatgggaag aaaaaatttg gcatcattac ccaaaaggca gcaaactgta tgaaatctaa     87780
     gacattgttt acactaaact tattttcata ttccctggca ctgcataatt caaacccccc     87840
     ctgtgctaaa tgggatattt tcatctttaa catgaagagg aaaaaatata accttttaaa     87900
     agcaaatatt caggtgggaa tgttaggtgt ttgcctgaaa agccattcat ttttgcttca     87960
     gcaaagcaat ttgcagtaga gaatgatttc catctcagct agaagactgg aaaatgagac     88020
     tgtaagtggg agtgttttac cgggcctctt agctttggat cccagtcttg ccaagctacg     88080
     tgatgatatt ttagcacttt ttgtaatctt gccctgattt tcagaggatg tgtttgggtt     88140
     ttctgccatt tagtgctctg gttggaattt gaatctggat ggatctttag gcaaatttaa     88200
     attttggttt atgaatgaag agcagacctt tttataatga ttcccaaatt aaacaaaatt     88260
     cttcaaatac aaatggtaat tggcttattt caatctcaaa ggagttggca ttcacaggaa     88320
     acattcccaa ctttcttgtg tggggcagtc cgtagaatac aaacattagc caagcagagg     88380
     cctcaaaggc ctgtgtattt ctacagtcac agtgaactca acaaaattga attctgcaag     88440
     ttctttctta aaagtatgca ttagcataga tataaataga ataactactt tcccttggag     88500
     gtgaaagtaa cttgctgtag gaaaaaaaat attttctcta acatcatatt agaaatctct     88560
     tctctctctt tgactaaaac tatctgcctt actaattaaa aatttgaagg atgctgagaa     88620
     acgtggagct ttgagtaaga ataaaagaac attctagtat tgaaagaaga cagctttcag     88680
     agtttgaaag aacaacattc ttagaacttg catatatata cttaggaaaa ttaaaaatga     88740
     ccatctgtgc aaatggtcat aaactcaggt agcagtagaa tcctggcaca ggggtgtgaa     88800
     gaatttactc tgaattcctg agctattttc cctttgctaa atcatttaca tctctaagac     88860
     acaagtttct ttctttacct ttctttcttt ccttccttcc tctctttctt tctctctttc     88920
     tttttctttc tttctttttc tttttctttc ttcctctctt tcttcccctt ccttccttcc     88980
     tttctttctt cttcctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     89040
     ttctttcttt ctttccttct tctctcctct ttttttttga gaaggagtgt cactctattc     89100
     cccaggatgt actgcagtag catgatcttg gctcactgca atatccatct ccaggtttta     89160
     agcaattctc ctgcctcaga ctcctgagta gctaggatta taggcaccca caaccacacc     89220
     tggctaattt ctatattttt agtagagact gggttgcacc atgttgacca ggctggtctt     89280
     gagctcctga cctcaagtaa tccacccacc tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg gattatatgt     89340
     gtgagccact gagtctggcc tcaactttct ttttttatat tttattttat gttctggagt     89400
     acaggtgcag gatgtgcagg tctattgcac aggcacacat ttacctaggt tcaactttct     89460
     cagttgtaaa aagccaataa attataagac agtgtttgtg cactttagac agttacagaa     89520
     ttattcatta ctttgaatgt tgttctgaat ttgtggagga actagatttg gattactaaa     89580
     agttactggt gagaacattt attcaagagt aacattttgg aaacccattg ccttccaaga     89640
     ctgaagtcaa gtttcaagtg cagcactgca gagaggtaat gaaaccactt ttgcaaaatt     89700
     tataacacta agaaaattat gactgtgaaa gagatctgtc ctaactccat ctttccttta     89760
     gtctccaaac tgccctggtc attcctcggc atgtgccaaa ctaactttgg gagaacttca     89820
     gtttgtactt taaatgataa tagcccttcc caaaattaaa ctgcctttgt aaaactaatg     89880
     aaaggccacc agcttaggag aatgacagct gcctgaagtg tgctaatata taggtgacat     89940
     ggtttgtctg tgtccccacc caaatctcat cttgaattaa agctcccaaa attttcatgt     90000
     gtcatgggaa ggacctggtt ggagataatt gaatcatggg ggtgggtttt tcccatgtta     90060
     ttctcgtgat aggaaataag tcttataggt ctgacggttt tataagagag agttcttctg     90120
     cacctattct ctcttgactg ccaccatgta aaatgcacct ttgcttctcc tttgccttct     90180
     gccatgattg tgaggcctcc ctagacatgt ggaactgtga gtccattaaa tctctttcct     90240
     ttataaagag acataccagt ctcagatacg tttttattaa cagcatgaaa acacactaat     90300
     acaataggtg aagttaaacc attaccatta ccaaccatta ttctgaaggt cacaagattt     90360
     gcaaattcct gaaattctcc tgtaaataac attgctgggc caggtgtcag agccccagct     90420
     tcaggaattg gtcaccttca ggttgataag aattcaccaa caacagtgta ggtttgtaaa     90480
     aggaagttct acaagataga aagaacaccg tagcagggtg cagggggaga ggagtacctt     90540
     agtgagagag gactgagagc actgcagtag atttttctgt agaggtgttt atgaaactta     90600
     aaggggtagg tgaagggtaa ttttcatgat aaatgattac atttgtagac attttggtgc     90660
     ctttatgtgg gcaaatgtta tacaatgagt ttcagtttgc atgcatttgg agatgtgtag     90720
     aaattctaat tacttatgaa aattgagagt cctggaaaca gatgctacct ttagatacca     90780
     gggaagttta attacttcta aattccccag atgaagtttg tctctggatg tcctgtttga     90840
     tggtcatcag gtggtctttg ttttcttcta aattcctcag agagggagtt tttgtcacaa     90900
     ggacctgttc aatggtccct aggtgatatt cactcttctt aaacatcact attgtagaac     90960
     ctaagactgg ccttttttga tgtcttttca gatttttaca tttctgatga ccagatggct     91020
     ccagactcaa gattcatgac tcagtgatcc tgtggtccca gctagaaggg aactcagcac     91080
     acaaggacca tcttccacac ccctctgatt gcatacacaa ccaattggca gcattcattc     91140
     tctagcccac tggctgtcaa actgtctcca catttttgat gaggctgatt tggacaataa     91200
     taaaactctg gtctcccatt tagctggctc tatgtgaatt aaactctttc tctattgcaa     91260
     ttcccctgtc ttgatagatc agctctatct gggcagtggg caagatgaac ccattgggca     91320
     gttacaggaa ggcagcagga atctttagat taagaccaga tgtgagggct gcatcatcat     91380
     gacatgaggc atgaaaccaa atcagtctct tttgaccctg aagaatttac cagggctttt     91440
     atgctcctgc caaatagagt tgagccaact ggcagggcat agaactgtga attctgcaaa     91500
     atggatatgg cttagagaaa aatgggatga ctatgcaatg atcagtgatt cctagataag     91560
     cttgtaatca taatagattc actgtgtgat gtacacagca atatggagag acattggatt     91620
     gcaacacaga aagatagcct ccaaacaaag agagaagaga aaacctcaaa ttcatctttc     91680
     aaggaatttg gtgccagggt ttttaagagt tttagagtgg gctgaagtgt ggagatggtt     91740
     gattggtggg agactgcagg atagagtcac gagtcagaga gaggaagaag ctgtgttctc     91800
     atgctgatcg cattcctctg tggacatctt caaattgttg ccagaattca gggcctgaaa     91860
     aacattttaa gaaattctta aacaaatgtc ttatgattct aatgtcagag atattgccta     91920
     taggagcaat gaggatataa aacagtatta acaattctta aacagtatta tgatgctaat     91980
     gtcagatatc ctatctgtag gagcattatg gatacagatt agtttctagt gctacagggc     92040
     ttttagcaac agggatgtgg gccaaagtac agcctgattc atacttaatt acaagtgtgt     92100
     ttatgtccag aacctgacat gcaattcttg ttaaccctgt gaggatggtt tctatagttc     92160
     acaggaccat gtattttgca acatggatac agatgagaaa aaaattgaat gactatgcaa     92220
     tgatcagaga tttcctgata tatttagaaa ttgttgtatt atagaccgag agcaagctag     92280
     ccatggttaa tgagcagccc ccaaagacag tttcagtgtc tgcttcattg cttctgcaaa     92340
     atttcacctt tagattgcac tcatgtcctt gaccctagga ggaacaacag gtaaataatg     92400
     cacctggata gcccctgagt gatacctcct gcatctgtat cagctcattc taagagcaga     92460
     ttctgacctt gaagctactc tgtgtcctat cagttggctt gctctgcaag cctatttttg     92520
     aaactgcatt tgtaaaaatt atgacagtga gagaaagcta atataactga ctccatattg     92580
     cttttaatct tacaagtgaa ctgccttcat taactttaaa aacttcataa actttgaaaa     92640
     ctttatttta aagttaaaac aaagatgaca tgattccttc tcaaaactaa ccccttcctt     92700
     tcttagggag agaaataacc tttataatac taatggaaag ccacaaggtt aggattatgg     92760
     ggatggggga cctgatttct gataagatgt aggtgtattt aaatcttaac cagccattgt     92820
     tccctggttt gcctttctgt agcatcttac tgcccaagag tcatttagct ggaggtcaaa     92880
     agatttttaa cttccccatt tgcttctaga gatagcaaca ttactgtgaa aacctaagat     92940
     tggtctttga gatatttttc agacgtctgc tttctggcta aatgactgac ctgacatcag     93000
     ccaaatctac ccagacccat gagtcatgac tcatgactca actagtcttg tggccctcac     93060
     ccagaggtgg aattggcata cgaggactgt ttcccacacc cctgtgattt catccccaac     93120
     ccatcaggag tacctattcc ctagcctctt gttcaccaaa ttatccttaa cctttctccc     93180
     atttaggaaa aaaaatatta cagctttctg ccagcaatca tttaatttta catgaacaca     93240
     ctctttgagg ttgaagctgg catgactgat tttcaacgtg aaaataaaag gtaaaactgt     93300
     tgtagttatt actaaagaaa aataatatca aagttgtcta aatcatcaga attgtctatt     93360
     ttgggaaaac gggattcatc aaatgaacct ttggtcaata aatgttggag atcaatgtta     93420
     acatcacaca tagcaaagat atgtcttcta ggatttgata ttttcagcta tcaagaatta     93480
     ctgtacttag taaatggaaa taccattact atgaacggaa tgctaaaaat agaatgatgt     93540
     cttttgtttc cgaagtcaat atactacagc gaagcaataa taataataaa agcgagatat     93600
     ttcatggcaa agttatctcg gggtaaatgt tggcagaact gccagtgact attctcacca     93660
     caaacaggaa aaggttaaaa accctagctt ctgagctgcc agagaggcag atttgagaaa     93720
     tgtctcccat tcttccactg ggcttccttg caataattta actctttctg tactacatca     93780
     cttttttagt gaattgattt tgcgaagcag acaagaaaaa ccaattgagt agttacattt     93840
     tctcttttct ttttttaaaa ttacactcta agttctgggg tacatgtaca gaatgtgtag     93900
     atttgttaca taggtataca tgtgtcatgg cggtctgctg tacccatcaa tccgtcatct     93960
     acattagata tttctcctag tgctattcct tccctaacct cccaccccct gacaggccct     94020
     ggtgtgtgat gttcacctcc ctgtgcccat gtgttctcat tgttcgcctc tcacttatga     94080
     gtgagaacat ggagtgtttg gttttatgtt ctcgtgttag tttgctgaga atgatggttt     94140
     ccagtgtcat gcatgtccct gcaaaggaca tgaactcatc ctttttaatg gctgcatagt     94200
     attctatggc gtttatgtgc cacattttct ttatccagtc tatatcactg attggcattt     94260
     ggattggttc caagtctttc ccattgtgaa cagtgccata ataaacatac atgtgcatgt     94320
     ttctttatag tagaatgatt tataatcctt tgggtatatt atatacccag taataggact     94380
     gggtcctata ccacttggtc aagtggtata tctagttcta gatcctttag gaatcaccac     94440
     actgtcttcc acaatggttg agctaattta cactcccatc aacagggtaa aacattccta     94500
     tttctccaca accttttcag catctgttgt ttcctgactt taataattgt cattctaaca     94560
     gttgtgagat cgtatcttat tgtacttttg atttgcattt ctctaatgac cagtgatgat     94620
     aagctttttt catatgtctg ttggctgcaa aaatgtcttc ttttgagact tcttttgaaa     94680
     ctacttattc tacttagcaa ttcatctaac ctttcatatc ctttgcccaa tttttgatgg     94740
     agttgtttgt tttcttctgg taaatgtgtt taagttcttt gtagattctg gatatttgcc     94800
     ctttgtcaga tggatcgact gcaaacattt tctctcattc tgtaggctgc ctgttcactc     94860
     tgatgatagt ttcttttgat gtgcagaagt tctctagttt gattagatta catctgtcaa     94920
     ttttaacttt tattaccatt gcttttggtg ttttagtcat gaagtatttg cccaagccct     94980
     tgtcctgaat ggtattgccc aggttttctt ctagggtttt tatggtttta ggttttacat     95040
     ttaattattt aatccacctt gaggtaattt ttgtacaagg tatcaggaag gggtccagtt     95100
     ttaattttct gcatatgcta gccagttttc ccaacaacat ttattaaata gaaaaacatt     95160
     tcctcattgc ttgtttttgt caggtttgtc aaagatcaga tgattgtaga tgtgtagtgt     95220
     tatttttgag gcctctgttc tgttccattg gtctatacat ctgttttggt accagtacca     95280
     tttgttttgt ttattgtaga cttgtagtat acttgaaagt caggtagcat gatgcctcca     95340
     gctttgttct ttttgcttag gattgtcttg gttatgcagg ctcttttttg gttccacatg     95400
     aaatttaagt ttttttttct aattctgtga agaaagtcaa tggtagcttg atgagcagag     95460
     catcaaatca taaattactt tgggcactat ggccattttt gcaatattga ttcttcctat     95520
     ccatgagcat ggaatatttt tccatttttt gtatcctctc ttatttcctt aagtagtggt     95580
     ttgtagctct ccttgaggag atccttcaca tcccttgtaa gttgtattct taggaatttt     95640
     aatctctttc tagcaattgt aaatgggagt tcactcatga tttggctctc tgtctgttat     95700
     tggtgtatag gaatgtttat gatttttgca cattgaagtt gtatcctgag actttggtaa     95760
     agttctttat tagcttaagg agattttggg ctgagacaat gatgttttct aaatgtacaa     95820
     tcatgtcatc tgcaaacaga gacaatgtac ttcctctttt cctatttgaa taccttttat     95880
     ttctttatct tacctgattg ccctggccag aacttctaat actatgttta ataggagtgg     95940
     tgagagaggg catccttatc atgtgccggt tttcaaaggg aatgctttca gtttttcctc     96000
     atccagtatg atattggcta tggaactgtc ataaatagct gatattattt tgagatatgt     96060
     tccaccaata cctagattat tgagagattt tagcatgaag gggtgttaaa ttttgtcgga     96120
     tgcctttctg catctattga tttaatcata tggtttctgt cattgattct ggttatgtga     96180
     tgaattatgt ttattgattt gcaccctagg tatgaagctg acttaacctt ggtagataag     96240
     ctttttgatg tgctgccgga ttcagtttgc cagtatttta ttgaggattt ttgcattgaa     96300
     gttcatcaga gatattgacc tataattttg ttgttggtgg tgatgttgtt gttgttgttg     96360
     ttgttgttgt gcctctgcca ggttttggta tcaggataat gctggcctca taaaatgagt     96420
     tacggaggat ctcctctttt tctatttttt ggaatagttt cagaaggaat agtaccaact     96480
     cttgtttgta cctctggtag aattcggctg tgaatccatc tggtcctgaa ctgtaattga     96540
     tggttaatta ctgcctcaat ttcagaactt gttattgttc tatttagggg attgactttt     96600
     tcccagttta gacttgggag ggtgtatatg tccaagaatt cgtctatttc ttcttgattt     96660
     tctagtttat gtgtgtaaag gtatttatag tatcctctta tggtagtttg tatttctgtg     96720
     gaatcagtgg tgatatcccc tttatcattt tttattgcat ctatcggaat cttctgtctt     96780
     ttcttcatta gtcttgcttg cagactattt tgttggtctt ttcaaaaaac agctcctgga     96840
     ttcattgtct ttgttttttt tttttttatg gtttttcatg tctctatctc cctccattct     96900
     gctctgatct tagttatttc ttactcctgc taggttttga atgtgtttgg tcttgcttct     96960
     ctagttcttt taattgtgat gttagagtgt caattttaga tctttcctgc tttctttgtg     97020
     ggcatttagt gctataaatc tccatctaaa tactgcttta actatttccc agagattctg     97080
     gtacattgtg tatttctttt catttgtttc aaagaacatc tttattctgc cttaattttg     97140
     ttatttattg agtagtcatt caggagcagg ttgttcagtt tccttgtagt tgtgtggttt     97200
     tgagtgtgtt tcttaatcct gaattctaat ttgattgcac tgtggtctga gatactgttt     97260
     gttatgattt ccactatttt gcatttgcta aggagtgttt tacttccaat tataagatca     97320
     attttgtcac aagggcaatg tagtgctgag aagagtgtat attctgttca tttggggtgg     97380
     agagttctgt agatttctac taggtctgct tggtccagag ctgagtttaa gtcctgaata     97440
     tccttgttaa ttttctgtcc cattgatctg tctaatattg acaatgaggt gttaaattct     97500
     ctcactatta ttgtgtggga gtataagtct ctttgtaggt ctctatgagc ttgctttatg     97560
     aatctgggtg ctcctatatt gagggcatat atgtatagga tagttagctc ttcttgctgc     97620
     attaatccct ttataattat ggaatgccct tttttttatc ttttttgatc tttgttggtt     97680
     taaagtctgt tttatcagag actaaattgc aacccctgct cttttttttc tttccattta     97740
     cttggtaaat attcctccat ccctctattt tgagtctatg tgtgtctttg ctcatgagat     97800
     gggtctcctg aatacagcac accgatggtt gttgactgtt tatccaattt gccagtctgt     97860
     gtcttttaat tgtggcattt agctcaatta catttatggt taatattgtt atgtgtgaat     97920
     ttgatcctgt cattattatg ctagctggta atttttccca ttagttgatg aagtttcttc     97980
     atagtgtcga tgaagtttac catttggtat gtttttggaa tggctggtat cgattgttcc     98040
     tttccttgtt tagtgtgtcc ttcaggagca taagacacac ctggtgatga caaaatctct     98100
     cagcatttgg ttgtctgtaa aggattttat ttctcctttg cttatgaagc agatatgaaa     98160
     tactgggttg gaaactcttt tctttaagaa tgttgaaaat tggctcccac tctcttcttg     98220
     ctttgtaggg tttctacaga gaggtctgct gttattctga tgggcttccc tttgtaggta     98280
     acctgacctt tctctctggc tgcacttaac actttttctt tcatttcagc cttgtagaat     98340
     ctgatgattt tgggtcttgg ggttgctctt ctcaaggagt atctttgtga tgttctctgt     98400
     atttcctgaa tttgaatgtt ggcctgcctt gctaggttgg ggaagttttc ctggataata     98460
     tcctgaagag tgttttctaa ttttgttcca ttctccccat cactttcagg tgcacccata     98520
     atatgtagat tgggtcattt cacatagtcc catatttctt caagatgttt tttgttcctt     98580
     tcattctttt ttctctaatc ttgtcttctc actttatttc attaagtcga tcttcagtct     98640
     ctgatatcct ttcttccact tgattgattc ggatattgat acttgtgtat gcttcacaaa     98700
     gttctcgtgc tgtgttttcc agctccatta ggtcacttat gttcttctct aaattggcta     98760
     ttctaattag cagttcatct aacctttctt caaggttctt agcttccttg cattggttta     98820
     gaacctgctc cttttgctca ggggaggttg ttattaccca cctctgaagc ctacttctgt     98880
     caattcttca aactcattct gtatccagtt ttgttccctt gctggtgagg gtttgtaatc     98940
     ctttggcaga gaagaggcac tctggttttt ggaattttca atcttttgcg ctgttttctc     99000
     cccatcttca tggttttaac tacctttggt ctttgatggg atctctgagt ggacgtcctt     99060
     tttgttgatg ttgatgagat tgctttacct ttgttagttt tccttctaac aagctcctct     99120
     gctgcaggag tttgctgggg gtccactcca gaccctgttt gcctgggtat caccagagga     99180
     ggctgcagaa cagaaagatt actgctgttt ctttcttctg gaagcttctt atagaatcct     99240
     tctcagcctg ggctgggcac tgtggtttaa gcctgtaaca ccagcacttt gggaggccga     99300
     gacagcagat cactaggtaa ggagttcaag accaaatcag cctgaccaag atggtgaaac     99360
     cccatctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattaga tgggcatggt ggcatatgcc tgtagtccca     99420
     gctactcagg aggctgaggc agaagaatca cttgaacctg ggaggtggag gttgcagtga     99480
     gccaagattg cagcagcctg ggtgaaaaag taaaactctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga     99540
     aaaagaaaaa aaggaattct cctaagcctg tgagtgaaag cctggaatgt cttgctcttt     99600
     tggcaaaatg ttttcctgat ttttgacctc taatccagcc attgactaca ccttctcctg     99660
     agattgtatg tgactcaaat tctttctgcc tctcatttat cttctggaat ttctggctac     99720
     cttgcctgcc cactgtttaa gcttctagac attgatgttt ccattacctg atgtaagctt     99780
     gggacacctg gttggaccag ctagagatga cagctagctg gtttgttcca gcctgtgttc     99840
     tgtatcataa gggcttcttc tcttgctttg gttttgtttc tctttttttg ctgttggtgt     99900
     tgttggtacg agcataagac tactactctt gtaaaagaag agctataata aaggggaaac     99960
     attgaacccc agagagatca acccaccaag agatgacttt cacatcactt gcaatatcca    100020
     tcttatttat tggctccaat aatagccttc tcactacctt acaggctcaa aatggtaaga    100080
     gatctcctcc tttgatgcaa aaagggttct gttcctggac tgagttcaga cggtgagttt    100140
     aagctccctc tgtcaaggtc atataacttg tgttagaata actaacttgt gtccatctca    100200
     taaactgatt aaaattttca atatgtttaa tgagggagag ctaccactgt acctgcgaaa    100260
     catatgtttt gtcatatgtt tttcccttta tctgagacag ccaacaattt tgatcacttt    100320
     caattatatt ttgtgtgcta gctcagacaa tcacgggggg ctacaaacaa ttcaggcata    100380
     gagtgcatat gtctgtgaaa tgcttatttt gatctcactg gatgctctca tttcctgtct    100440
     taagtcaaat gattctatgc cacggaggtc caatttgaat attgagaaca tatttcagaa    100500
     aaataaagga cagtatttct accagatcat tggccagtat atactgccat acaaagagtg    100560
     ttttttaaaa aaatatttat ttattcattt atttttgaaa cagaaccttg ctctgttccc    100620
     aaggctggaa tatactgttg tcatctcagt tcactgcagc tttgacttcc caggctcaag    100680
     ttatcctacc acctcagact cttcattagc tgggactaca gggcaccaca cccagctaat    100740
     tttttaaatt attatttata gcagagatgg gggtctcact atgttgccta ggctggtctg    100800
     gaactcctga actcaaacag ttctcctacc tcggcctctc aaagtattgg gatttcagag    100860
     atgagacatt gcacccagcc agagattgtt gtttataaat ataaaggaag aagcatttct    100920
     gagagaatgt ttaatgaaaa ctcatttttt gactttctaa ggatggtcaa atctccataa    100980
     gcaatgtggt acacatctgc aggtgtctga ttgttgatat tattgattat agaaaaagta    101040
     tcaattttgt ttatctcaat agcttttggg ggaacaggtc atgatcagta acatgaataa    101100
     gttctttagt ggtgatttct gagattttgg tgtacctgtc accaagcagt gtacactata    101160
     cccaatgttt agtcttttat ccctcacccc cctcccaccc atacatctta ctccccaaag    101220
     tcaattgcat cattcttgtg cttttgcatc ctcatagctt agctcccact tataagtgag    101280
     aatatatgat gtttgggttt cctttccaga gttacttcat tgagaataaa ggtctccaat    101340
     tccatccaga tagctgaaaa tgctattatt tcattccttt ttatcactga gtagtatttt    101400
     atggtatctt tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tcttcacagt    101460
     ttctttatcc acttgttgat taatgggcat gttccatatt tttgcagttg tgtattttgc    101520
     tactataaac atgggtgggt aaggatctgg aaaaaaaatt aattcattgt agtagaaaga    101580
     aacacagcat aattcaccat attaaccttt ttttaagtat acagtttagt agtgttcagt    101640
     aaatttacac tgctgttcaa cagatctcca gaatattttc atcttgcaga actaaaactc    101700
     tgtatctatt aaacacagct cctctcagtc ctctgtatct attaaacaca actcccctgg    101760
     gtcttcttcc catgtggcct gataaacacc attctgtttt ctgtatctat gactactatt    101820
     tgtttctttc tatacacaca tgattttaag gtcctttcat gttactatgg ggatttttca    101880
     tgatttgcaa cttctctcag ttctttacac ataaggtaaa atcaatatta actacttaat    101940
     gtactgttgc tacaaaatta tgctctggga cacattaaat aatatatttg aaagtactct    102000
     ggataccaga aagttactta gaaatataac tagacattaa ttctatagag aaaatgaaat    102060
     aagttttgtc tgtcccaaat gtgtcaaatt gattagaaat agcaacagat tagtagtaga    102120
     gccttgcaaa tttataactg attcttactt aaggtattta tacttctgct ttgtcccata    102180
     cggatgtcat taaatgacaa catacagatt ttctgttgca taaatatact cttgattctt    102240
     cagagtttat gacactgtaa aaaatacttt ttttacaaaa agatatctgt atacacacac    102300
     gtatatacat atatatacac acatacatag atacacacat acatagatac acatatacac    102360
     aatacttata tatgtatata tacacacata catatataca tatatataca tatataatat    102420
     acatatatac gtatatatac atacacatac acacgtatac atataggtgt atgtatatca    102480
     caatgtatat aggtatacgt gtgtatgtat atcagcaaca acataagaga aatgcccttt    102540
     taatatggtt gcaaatgctg ctatgtcaaa aaatatttaa atattttcaa gttgaaaaat    102600
     agagttcaaa tctttgggag aatagtcacc agattctatc atgctgtaaa atgggttatt    102660
     gatacagttc catatgatgc ctatatcatg aatctatttc tctctgtctc ttctcttttg    102720
     ctcttttaat aatcttaaca tgaaataact tacaaaaaga tgcagtccta tgcattcctg    102780
     tcatcttcct gtgtatgctt ccataatgtt cttctaaatt atttttctaa cagttttgtg    102840
     ctaaaatctg ctacagagat gagcgaggga tgctggccac ccatggagaa aaatgagacc    102900
     tgtgttccag gctgtcagca gactcctgga ggttttgccc atggctgtag ttcaacctgt    102960
     gttccacaaa catttgcaat tgtctgcact gctttggaga catgggccaa atgggtttcc    103020
     ctcctgaata accagctttc atctatttat atactagaca tccacagcat ttcacttgca    103080
     aagggttcta ctgctaaaaa taggtaagta aataaataaa taaaccttct cctgtataat    103140
     atgtgaactt tacataaaat ataatacaga ttagcaatgc aaagcatccc ttgcactttt    103200
     tgtggccatt taatgaacac acatcaattc aaggtacctc gttttatcac ccttggagag    103260
     ggtgaacatc cctgactatg gtaatctcaa tttattctgc caacaaatat ggattgatga    103320
     acttcgtatt agaaatggag cagcatttaa ccacacagag gcccctgccc ttatgttcac    103380
     ccattacctc atttctctgc tatagtccaa gtaagattct aattcctttc cattaaaatc    103440
     aaaacctctt cctagtattt gtgatacatc acaagcaact tatttattaa gagttgccat    103500
     catttattat ttttttttta ctaaatttat acaatgaact tgtcttttta tgctcctaat    103560
     taaaaagaga gaaggccagg cttgtaatcc caacattttg ggaagccaag atggaagagt    103620
     cacttgagcc caggagttca agactagcct gggcaacatg gtgaaaccac atatgtacaa    103680
     aaaataaaaa ttaaaaaatt agccagtcat agtggtgcac acctgtagtc ccagctgctc    103740
     cagaggctga ggtggaaaat tgtttgagcc tgggaggcac tggtggaagt gagctgtgat    103800
     catgtcactg aactctagcc tgggtgacag agcgagaccc tatctcaaat aaataaataa    103860
     ataaaaagag agaaagaaga atgaaataac aatataggat cagtaaatgc ctgaggccag    103920
     gcatttttaa aaatatgttt ttatatcttc agtgcttagt gcaatatctg gcatatttaa    103980
     gatatgtaac acagatgctt cttcacttac aatggagtta catcctaaca aacccatcat    104040
     aagttgaaca tgccgtaagt caaaaatgtc ataagttaaa aatgcattga atacagctaa    104100
     tgtaccaagc atcatagccc atctggccta cttttaatgt gctgagaaga ctcagattac    104160
     cctgtagatg agcaaaatca cataacaaaa gcttatttta taataaagtg ttgcatacct    104220
     ctcgtaattt atttgacatt acactgtaag tgtaaaaaat actgtgttgg tactcaaact    104280
     atggttttta ctgaatgcat atttcatttt caccatcata agtctaaaat tgtaagtcaa    104340
     actatcacaa actgaggacc atctgtgtct gcatgtgaat gataaatatt tagacagcta    104400
     aatggtatat gaattggaag atattccaaa attttataca tttacaaaaa tgtatgcaat    104460
     attatagcag atctatccaa cctgtttcag cagaacttcc attctttttg aggtgaaaaa    104520
     ttaaatattt tggaacaggt cactaaaatg cattagaaga tccttttgca atgggctgtc    104580
     caacttgagt ttctcatttg ttggatcact tatctcctga atatcacaga tactatattt    104640
     ttattaacat ttttgtagag atgtatcaat taatgcatta cttagcttaa gtcactaaag    104700
     tgaatgactt aacgcttgat cattcttctc tgggatgagc agtcaattta gcatttgatc    104760
     atgggttttc acagttacct ccgccacttt taaaaccact ttatacttca gagctatctc    104820
     ctccctcact gttgcctagt gccaaggatg caggatttca atctaagtta ctacaaagtg    104880
     agaagtgatt ctgattgacc agaaaatgtt tatacacaac cccatcctgg gaaacaatta    104940
     gacatctttg agcttaatca gttcatcatt cttccaagtt atggttttag acttttctct    105000
     aaactccaaa aataaaatta caaatgatat ttaattagac attgtattag tctgttgtca    105060
     tgctgccaat aaagacatac ccaagactgg ctaatttata aatgaaagtg atttaattta    105120
     cacagttcca catggctggg gaagcctcac aaccatggca gaagagcaag gtacatctta    105180
     catgctggca ggaaagagag tgcttgttca ggggaactcc tctttttata aaaccatcag    105240
     atcttgtgaa acttactatc acaagaacaa cacaggaaag acccacctcc atgattcaat    105300
     tgcctcccac cagtacccac ccatgacatg tgggaattgt gagaggcaaa actgacaact    105360
     tatcatctaa tgtgataggt aaaagccatt caattctttt aaccagtaac caataacctc    105420
     agctcaatta ttttaaccaa taaccttgaa tatttatttt cttattttgt actaaaaaat    105480
     acatgcacta caataatcca agcacattca ccaacacagg atgataccac agcttaaatg    105540
     acaagcaaca gagacttctc ataatcatac taaaattgct attgggactt cctcccagcc    105600
     acatttattt tgtctttaca gagaagctca ataaaatgga ggctgcaaac tgaaccctaa    105660
     agtagcactg gtctctcaca tcagggcttt tcctaattaa caacattaca caaaggatgt    105720
     ttcaaattgc agcagcacat ccaaaattaa atgttaactt gtcagtgaag atggcttagg    105780
     catctcaaca aagtacagtg catataaaag aagtgccctc tgttcaccca gagcccctca    105840
     agcaaaggac tgtgtccatc aaagtcactc ttcaaactgc atttgagaaa agcaacagca    105900
     gagcatgcag agattgtcat gtgccacatg ctgcctgtct atatctctct tcttcagaaa    105960
     tgggcagagc ctggtgggag ttggggtcta gaacactgag ctctgtgaac attctctgtg    106020
     agggagaagc cccaatccca aaagccaaca agaagcagaa aaatcacagc ttccatttaa    106080
     gtggccaaat gcacagacaa gtccaagggt tgtacacacc atgaaaataa aaatggccca    106140
     tgtgtttgtg ttagttgtgc agtattgagc atttcttcac tgaaagagtc attttttaca    106200
     ccattgcctc atctacattt tgtttgcttg cacatgaaat tcattgcttt ttacctgttt    106260
     accagattct gagacttcca tctttgtagt tagcacttcc tccattttta ttctctgata    106320
     actaatactc attctgcaag attcacttaa acatgacctt ctcaggtaag ccttttataa    106380
     aattctgtcc tccagagtca gtaaaatggc cttcccaaat catgattttg tagctcgcta    106440
     ttttacttgc attataggta ttatatacct tacaactgta ttatcattgg gttgtgtctt    106500
     gtgtcctgac agttacacaa taggttaata tgtgtcttct tcttttcact cacatcttat    106560
     ttcttggcat ttgtgtttca caggattgtt ttgtacaatg ggacctgaga atacaactac    106620
     ttagagatta tcctgggtta agcggggtcc ccttgaaagt ttacatgttg aagtcctaag    106680
     cctagtcctt gagaatgtga ccgcatttgt aaacagggtg actgtagatg gaattagtta    106740
     aaatgaggtc gtataggagt agaatgggcc actatattcc aatatgactg gcattcttat    106800
     agaagacaga aatttagtca cagacatgca cacaagaata tcatgtgaag atgaatgcaa    106860
     agatcagaat gatacattta ctagtcaaca gacactaaag acttccagct aactatcaaa    106920
     atctaaggga gaggcatgga atagatgtgt ctctaatagc cttgagaaag aatcaaccct    106980
     gcagatacct tgacctcaaa tttctccaga acagtgacgg aagaaatttc tattgaccaa    107040
     gtgacctagt ttgcagtttg taatactttg tttcagcagc accatggagg taatacagac    107100
     gcttagttat attggaaaat cgagtcaagg agaatgtcca tgtcatactc cttatctttg    107160
     aaataaaatt attacattct ttattttttc tttttgtgat tttgctggtt taaaatcaga    107220
     agagcaaaga atccattagg gtctaaaact gggaagccaa gcacaggtct ttagtctgtc    107280
     tcttgctcca aagtgtgagg aagttctcta accaagtagg agatgacagg aggttaaatg    107340
     gccatgccaa gtcatgattt gggatgaatc actgaaaagg aataacatct gatatggttc    107400
     cccagactgg tgattcaaga aacatatacg attccaccca cacctcactt taaaagaggt    107460
     cacacagttt tcttcagaat tttcagcttt taatgcttta cctaagaaca aatctattga    107520
     caacagatcc tgaactacat ggtgttagat ttgaaggaaa actttttctc actttctcat    107580
     tttcaagatt caagaaataa caataaaaga atggaggaag ttaaatctac taggattatc    107640
     attgaagagc aaaatcccag ctttcgagaa gcagtttcca aagatttaat gaagatttca    107700
     ttggctgtgg ttagatcttt caatatggta ggaaggaaat accaaaaaaa agtgttttgt    107760
     agatgtttaa gttaactttc aacattttgg ttcttttttt tttgacaaca gaatcttgtt    107820
     gtttggcaac aacagtcttg ctctgttgcc caggctggag tacagtggtg tgatgatcac    107880
     agctcattac agactcaaac tcctagtttc aagcagtatt cccactcagc ctccaagtag    107940
     ctggaaacac agctgtgcac cactatgcca gctaattttt ttattttttt gcagacatag    108000
     ggtcttgctg tgttacccag actgttcttg aactcctgga ttcaagaaat tctcccatct    108060
     cagcctccta atatgctggt attacaggag cacaccactg cacccagcct aaaactttat    108120
     taatcatgga ctcaacaaac atccatatgt tgattttaga gatcacagca aacatcattt    108180
     taggaattca aacgttgaac atccacaaat acactggctg attgactgtc tgagttagcc    108240
     caggaacacc caatctggac atgtccacca tgggcttgct tatcccacaa tggctaaggc    108300
     gacctccttt tgtactgtag cattgctctg tgttgcagtt ctccatgaga tgcagagaca    108360
     ggcacttcct ggtttcacta ggaatatctc tttcttccaa agcccagcta agtacaggag    108420
     aatccctttc tcttgcagca actatgtttc tttccaaact tcaaatctgt cctggaactt    108480
     tatcagtaaa ccaaaagctt ccattggtgc aggtcttggg catcttcatc ttggggtcat    108540
     gagcttctta tctgatcctt atacaactgg ttgcctcaaa acatgtgacg tggcaacata    108600
     gttttttgtt attgtagtaa aatccacata acataaaagt cactctttaa agtctgcaac    108660
     tcagtgggat ttagtacatt cacaatggca tgcaactatc acctgtatct agtgcaagaa    108720
     tattttcatt gctccaaaag agacctctga agcagtcact tctcatttcc cctctccagc    108780
     tcttggcaat tgctaaccta ctctctgtca ctatgtgttt gcctattctg gatattttat    108840
     atagataaaa tcatgtatgt gtgttttgat atgacacttg tgaagtacca aggaaataaa    108900
     gccaccatgc ctaggactgc attccacagt gaaatcgatg gatgatacag tttctactat    108960
     tgtggataga aataaaagaa atgccatggg atagatgaaa attgcctgtg ttttgagatt    109020
     tatatccatt aactgattat acatcatcag tcacctgtcc agttaaattt ttgtcagtct    109080
     aaataatcca aatactatca ttgtctgtac tatctgacaa ttattaatgt cccagtgtca    109140
     gtgcaggaaa actgacttat ccaactcttc ctttgctttc cagttctcac tttgctagat    109200
     gtctctgtca tttctttttc ctattgatct gcaattctct cacagatcaa gatcttcttt    109260
     ctttggtttg ctttaaatca taaacgctga aaaaaggaca tcatctctaa agaaagtaat    109320
     ttgttggaag ggaagttgta ttatgtcttg tcacaccagt aacattctgt tgctcactga    109380
     cctgatcttc caagtgtctc aagttctgct tgtacttgac aggcttgaaa agtgggaata    109440
     aacagcactg atgatgttga aaatacaaac tacacaaaat aaatattatt taaatggaca    109500
     acaaccacac tggcactatt ttgcaaatgt aaacctttct ttagaaactg attgtataga    109560
     atgttatatt ttatgtatgg ggggcggggt ggggggaata acatcgaatc aagcttatct    109620
     gtcttttatt tctatttcac caagcacacc aagagagaca agtaaaaagg ctaaaagaag    109680
     aaaaattatc aaattgagca tttgctaagc actaatctgt taaactaaaa taagcaagct    109740
     cagttgagtt aaaattcatt aactgagttt gttgtctcat gtgtaatggt tactttaaaa    109800
     ttcttttaat gtttttatgg tattcttcct ttccaagttt acaaaatatc agctgcaagg    109860
     gtaaaaagta ttcaaaattt taaaataaag caatgagtgg atagaatttg ttgtttacac    109920
     agattgtcca agtgccaggt tgtatttaca gaggaaactg aagttatatt tacaagtgaa    109980
     ctaattattt cttagccact aaaggttctt aaagtaatga ttctcatacc attttcatag    110040
     attgcctcca atactttctg ctatataggt gagaagacag atacctttaa ctccctttta    110100
     aacaataaat gaactgagtt tccatatgag aggatttgcc aaaagtcctg agttataaat    110160
     actggatcta aatatgtatg tcaggagagg cttcctgcta taggaacaac ccccaaatcc    110220
     cagtggcttc attcaacaaa agttcatttc ttgctaagat tgaagtccac cataggtttt    110280
     ctcccatggt ggggagagat aggtgtcctg tccactttct ccttcaaaga cagggctgaa    110340
     aagagctttg cctgttcaaa gcacattgag atcagcctgg ctgtcaacat ttagctgcca    110400
     aacaagacag tacagagagc taagtttgga gaagtctagg tatacataat aggtatgtgc    110460
     catatatcac tcttgcctca attccactga agagaactag gaatagtccc taaaagcaag    110520
     ccataggact cattgatcat gtctccaatt acaccctcag ttttcaccat cctattgatt    110580
     atctcagctc aatttctctc tctccatatt gtagccccac actcacggtg gtattagtat    110640
     ttcctaggta gtattaggaa atattagtat ttccttgaga tacagcctaa atattagcat    110700
     ttctttgaga tacagatgca catctatgag gacttctttg tattccgaaa ctgctgttta    110760
     tataatcgta agtgagagag aagaagcagg agatacaaga gaaaatgttt ttaataaaga    110820
     tcgttttaca aattgagcag taaaatgcct ttgagtgctg taaatatctg tgtgtgccta    110880
     tagcaataaa acaaggcact caaatgatag tgttggccct gaaaaaaaaa gaagcagcta    110940
     ggatactggg aacctggagg ctaaacgatg tggaattgaa agtttatacc ttcagggtgc    111000
     tgtaacctca gtcctggggg ttccctgtgc ctccactcta ggcctctgct caccctactg    111060
     atagccacag gaggcagcca aatggctagg cagataggcc tgggtccctg gtgaaacctg    111120
     atcttcaagc caaaaacagc ctgaaggctg aaagaccata ctgctggtcc tggattaaac    111180
     ccatgaccca gggtgagatc ttctgttcct atttgtcctc ctttccctaa ttgatttctt    111240
     tctgaataat gccttttaac caattgaatg ttgccttttg caatactacc tacagcctgc    111300
     ccctccccta ttctgagccc ataaaaagcc cagacccagc cacaaaggga ggagagcacc    111360
     acttgactcc tggtgcagga gaccactcct tgtgtcccct gtccactgag atctgatctg    111420
     tcactcaata aaattattct ccaccctcct aatcctttaa tatccagcgt atcctcattc    111480
     tccttggctg tggtacagga gctaaggagc cacaaaggca actacaagct ataacacagg    111540
     tgagctggac catgcacttc ccagccatgg gctgagccag tgcacaagcc agactctgct    111600
     tgaggggaca attgagtggc tatctcctac agcagcttag tgtggccaag caaggcctgg    111660
     tggggtgttg ccgactagag atccctggct tgcaaaatga ccaagaagaa aaatcctgta    111720
     tcactaaatc cttggatgct actgagattc tactgaacgc tgagatgttt aagatgttta    111780
     ataaaaaaaa aaatttctta aaagaaaaaa attgccttta tatataccat gttaaataca    111840
     aacagcaact aaatagaact taataacaga aagatctaat tacaatacta acaaaaaatg    111900
     aaaatagcag ttatttaata ttcctctaat atcagcagca tattaaataa ttgctatttt    111960
     cattttttgt tagtattgta agagacagca tctcactctg tcacccaggc tggagtgcag    112020
     tgatatgatc atagatcact gcagcctcaa acttgtgggc tcaagcaatc ctcccacttc    112080
     agcctcccta ataacttgta ttaaacgtct gaaccaccac acccagctaa ttaaaaataa    112140
     attttgtttt agcgacagaa ttttgctcgc agtttgcaga gattaaagaa atgagctgct    112200
     atgcctggac aattttttac ttttagagac aatgttctca atattttgcc caggctggtc    112260
     tcaaactcct gacctcaagc attcctcctg cttcagcctc ctgagtaact ggtattaaag    112320
     gcctgcacca ccacatccag ctaattaaaa agaaattttg ttttagagac agaattttgc    112380
     tatgtttccc cagctcgtct caaactccca ggcttaaatg atcctcctgc ctctggagag    112440
     gtaaaatatg tttgtgcata ataaaatact aatttgtagt tagaaatttt attgattagt    112500
     ttcactatga ttgaaagaaa ttttttccaa tagttataac gttttcattt atgcaataca    112560
     tatgtgtata attatccatt tttcatctgc tttccaattt tctactctta tgtttcttgt    112620
     gtcaaataat tgctttgact acaccttctg taacactatt catggtgtgg tggggaacat    112680
     ctttcaaaaa gtgtgatgtt gcaagaattt ccatgttttt actaataaat aaatttcttt    112740
     ctcatttcta tttctacaaa catgcacata gaacattaaa atatgttttt ccaatgtgtt    112800
     ttctatttga aaataacaaa ttgataagtg tcttttcagg ttctatgatg atgtttataa    112860
     ttttttctct atgaattc                                                  112878