ID   AC006986; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 173957 BP.
AC   AC006986;
DT   12-MAR-1999 (Rel. 59, Created)
DT   16-DEC-2008 (Rel. 98, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-155J5 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-173957
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Sulston J.E., Waterston R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-173957
RA   Joshu C., Wohldman P., Phillips A.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-155J5";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-173957
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-MAR-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-173957
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-MAY-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-173957
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-OCT-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-173957
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-DEC-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [7]
RP   1-173957
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 113074413305ba4003f5ac35bf566a10.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000183.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC006986.3:1-173957; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
CC   On Oct 14, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:4753246.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu/gsc
CC       Contact: sapiens@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH0155J05
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (http://bacpac.med.buffalo.edu)
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the right is RP11-160K17.  Actual start of
CC   this clone is at base position 1 of RP11-155J5; actual end is at
CC   base position 173957 of RP11-155J5.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..173957
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-155J5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   976..1007
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   1281..1435
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1438..1582
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   1621..2154
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   2160..7755
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7758..10708
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11258..11377
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   11934..12039
FT                   /rpt_family="(TATATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   12046..12950
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15316..15479
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   23465..23506
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   23633..23653
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   23961..23996
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   24034..24234
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27018..27131
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27132..27154
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   27155..27312
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27324..27617
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29398..29681
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29682..29720
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   29721..29736
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35566..35796
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   35775..36379
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   36749..36868
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   37699..37719
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   38833..38860
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   39860..40054
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   40141..40187
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   40832..41426
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   41431..41523
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41555..41587
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   41589..43483
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43510..43651
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43652..43952
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   44279..49197
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49198..49332
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49333..50487
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51792..52073
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52074..52105
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   52192..52482
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   52511..52829
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group?"
FT   repeat_region   53366..53426
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   54804..54834
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   55195..55566
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   55792..55940
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   56086..56299
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   STS             complement(56224..56702)
FT   repeat_region   56480..56604
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   57105..57136
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   57159..57244
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   57276..57309
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   57465..57643
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57647..57946
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57948..58136
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   58418..58722
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58764..58839
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   59135..59407
FT                   /rpt_family="Other"
FT   repeat_region   59408..59729
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59730..60102
FT                   /rpt_family="Other"
FT   repeat_region   60254..60729
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60744..60824
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   60826..61139
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61625..61977
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   62120..62382
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62423..62734
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63925..63966
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   66286..67161
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67162..67184
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   67185..68025
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68169..68201
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   68243..68346
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68347..68644
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68645..68839
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69380..69413
FT                   /rpt_family="(T)n"
FT   repeat_region   69625..69684
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   72208..72588
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76955..77231
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77285..77319
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   78944..79231
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79244..79526
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80790..81095
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83573..83775
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84289..84319
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   87617..88306
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   90831..91143
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91144..91223
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   91887..92002
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   92061..92097
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   92369..92421
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   92508..95930
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95943..96024
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   96048..96150
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   96670..96927
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   97862..98085
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98101..98383
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98748..99034
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100124..100141
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   100142..100444
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100445..100483
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   100708..101001
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101032..101147
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101165..101331
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTC)n"
FT   repeat_region   101479..101554
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101555..101839
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102829..103131
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103225..103267
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   103589..103613
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   103845..104156
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104171..104350
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104351..104377
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   104540..104831
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   105159..105186
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   105266..105434
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   105554..111567
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111586..111621
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114640..114744
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114757..114821
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   114968..115227
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   115337..115572
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   115634..115669
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   116090..116151
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   116213..116276
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   120127..120379
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120547..120843
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120951..120977
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   122018..122777
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123865..124007
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   124878..125155
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125673..125972
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   126012..126037
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   126041..132173
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132434..132564
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   132565..132854
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132855..133008
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   133009..133318
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   133416..133505
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   133506..133674
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   133675..133748
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   133762..134014
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134043..134471
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   134559..134892
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134954..135975
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   135990..136086
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   137313..137436
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137448..138256
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144999..145567
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR22"
FT   repeat_region   146159..146317
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   146471..146871
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   147257..147545
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147546..147590
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   147591..147718
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   148330..148383
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   148551..148879
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   149350..149705
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149708..149741
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   150225..150260
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   150261..150454
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150578..150878
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150881..153178
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   153515..153632
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   153649..153911
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   155395..155681
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   155974..156074
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   156346..156722
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   157058..157156
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   157216..157277
FT                   /rpt_family="(TATATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   157407..157437
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   157441..157789
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   157797..158061
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR19B"
FT   repeat_region   158376..158434
FT                   /rpt_family="(TC)n"
FT   repeat_region   159128..159524
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159657..159884
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral?"
FT   repeat_region   159885..160182
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   160895..160915
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   161249..161332
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   161548..161632
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   162511..162861
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   163146..163173
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   163703..163722
FT                   /rpt_family="(T)n"
FT   repeat_region   164150..164201
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   164734..164768
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   165699..166078
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   166079..166382
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   166383..166433
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   166772..166800
FT                   /rpt_family="(ATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   167081..167285
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   167342..167488
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   167506..167798
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   167964..168273
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   169011..169033
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   170000..170043
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   171241..171282
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   171443..171531
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   172089..172099
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   172100..172124
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   172125..172303
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   172334..172367
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   172368..172647
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   173235..173884
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR65"
SQ   Sequence 173957 BP; 54090 A; 33709 C; 33792 G; 52366 T; 0 other;
     gaattctcta gcaaacacag gattaaaagt aatgttggcc tcactctaat aacttatttc        60
     acctgcaatg agaagctcaa gtatttcttt accataaatc tgaaatgtag ttagtgatat       120
     ataaaccata ataaaaggta tcagtctgaa ttatgcccat gtatgtgtca ctcctctttc       180
     gttcgatgaa gttaaagtta agcattcaag taaaatagct tatttttagt catacgaaaa       240
     atactgtctt tctctctggt agcacttacc ttggcctccc atccaactac tgcttcttgc       300
     cacagcagga gcagattttg taggaggagg acctccactt cttgaaggtg gaccgctttt       360
     aactggaatg tgccccctag aagaactcat gttgagatca agagtttatc caccatcatc       420
     tgtatttcaa acaaaatctt tttagttgac taacatcact gtttcttaaa tagctaagtt       480
     ttagttgttt ataaagattt tctacatatt ataatcttac aaattcacat ttgtctaaac       540
     taataaaatt aacattttta tatgaaataa gtacaattca agcaataaaa gtccatttag       600
     aaaatctaga aagaaacaca agaatcataa tatgtttgcg tgagagagag atgtggaaaa       660
     agtggggagt gaacagggag cagaaaacta tcagtaaaat atctaagtat aatatatata       720
     aaaacattga aagaaaaatg ataaatgact gtttatatca ttctcttatg aggaaaaatt       780
     ttcaaagcat atcataaaga taaactaaat tccattcaaa gaaactcaga tatttacaat       840
     atcaaaaggt gacacatcag gaaaatatat tatctctaaa atttgttaac ataatattga       900
     attcttacaa ttcccttatg aaacactaat tttcaggtta gactatgcta aatattaata       960
     atctttaaga attccatatt aaataatatg aaaaaatatt tttatatgtc tacaaaaaat      1020
     gtagatatat gccaattgcc aggcagtgtt acaggttaga atatgcacat tcttatccac      1080
     ggcagaatat tattgaacct caccctcaag accaatggag acaaaataat catgaagctg      1140
     tgtttcttaa aatggagcaa acactgcaat ttcaacttta aaaaacatct cccattaatt      1200
     aaaaatctgg ttactaaact caaaattaaa tgatatatat ttgaaggttg attaatagat      1260
     aataaaagtt taaaaatgga tttattattt attgagatgg actcttgcca tatcccacag      1320
     gcttgagtgc aaagtcgtga ccttggctca ctgcagcttc cacctgccag ttttcagtga      1380
     ttctcctgcc tcagtctccc gagtacctgg gattagaggt ggaaatcacc acaccagata      1440
     tatctatatc aatatctatc tatatatata atatgtttat attatatata aatacatgaa      1500
     atatatttat ttctatatat aaatacatga aatatatata ttttcataca taaatacatg      1560
     aaatatatat attttcatat atgaatacat gaaatatatt ttcatatatg aatacatgaa      1620
     atatatttat tttcatatat gaatacatga aatatattta ttttcatata tgaatacatg      1680
     aaatatattt attttcatat atgaatacat gaaatatatt tattttcata tatgaataca      1740
     tgaaatatat ttgttttcat atatgaatac atgaaatata tttattttca tatatgaata      1800
     catgaaatat atttattttc atatataaat atatatttat tttcatatat aaatatataa      1860
     tatatttatt ttcatatata aatatataat atatttattt tcatatataa atatataata      1920
     tatttatttt tatacataaa tatatatttg tttttataca taaatatatt atatatttgt      1980
     ttttatatat aaatatatta tatatttgtt tttatatata aatatattat atatttgttt      2040
     ttatatataa atatataata tatttatttt tatacaaata tataatatat ttatttttat      2100
     ttaaatatat aatatattta tttttatata taaatacgtt atatatatat atattttcct      2160
     tttattatac tttaagtttt agggtacatg tgcacattgt gcaggttagt tacatatgta      2220
     tacatgtgcc atgctggtgc gctgcaccca ctaactcgtc atctagcatt agatatatct      2280
     cccaatgcta tccctccccc ctccccacac cccacaacag tccccagagt gtgatgttcc      2340
     ccttcctgtg tccatgtgat ctcattgttc aattcccacc tatgagtgag aatatgcgat      2400
     gtttgttttt tgttcttgtg atagtttact gagaatgatg atttccaatt tcacccatgt      2460
     ctctacaaag gacatgaact catcattttt tatggctgca tagtattcca tggtgtatat      2520
     gtgccacatt ttcttaatcc agtctatcat tgttggacat ttggcttggt tccaagtctt      2580
     tgctattgtg aatagtgccg aaataaatat atgtgtccat ctgtctttat agcagcatga      2640
     tttacagtcc tttgggtata tacccagtca tgggatggct gggtcaaatg gtatttctag      2700
     ttctagatcc ctgaggaatc gccacattga cttccacaat ggttgaacta gtttacagtc      2760
     ctaccaacag tgtacaagtg ttcctatttc tccacatcct ctccagcacc tgttgtttcc      2820
     tgacttttta atgatcgcca ttctaactgg tgtgagatgg tatctcattg tggttttgat      2880
     ttgcatttct ctgatggcca gtgatgatga gcattttttc atgtgttttt tggctgcata      2940
     aatgtcttct tttgggaagt gtctgttcat atcctttgcc gactttttga tggggttgtt      3000
     tgtttttttc ttgtaaattt gttggagttc attgtagatt ctggatatta gccctttgtc      3060
     agatgagtag gttgcaaaaa ttttctccca ttttgtaggt tgcctgttca ctctgatggt      3120
     agtttctttt gctgtacaga agctctttag tttaattgga tcccatttgt atattttgtc      3180
     ttttgttgcc attgcttttg gtgttttagc catgaagtcc ttgcccatgc ttatgtcctg      3240
     aatggtattg cctaggtttt cttctagggt ttttatggtt ttaggtctaa catttaagtc      3300
     tttaatccat cttgaattga tttttgtata aggtgtaagg aagggatcca gtttcagctt      3360
     tctacatatg gctagccagt tttcccagca ccatttatta aatagggaat cctttcccca      3420
     ttgtttgttt ttctcaggtt tgtcaaagat cagatagttg tagatatgtg gtgtaatttc      3480
     tgagggctct gttctgttcc actgatgtgt atctctgttt tggtaccagt accatgctgt      3540
     tttggctact gtagccttgt agcatagttt gaagtcaggt agtgtgatgc ctccagcttt      3600
     gttctttagg attgacttgg tgatgtgggc tctcttttgg ttccatatga actttaaagt      3660
     agttttttcc aattctgtga aaaaaggcat tggtagcttg atggggatgg cattgaatct      3720
     gtaaatgacc ttgggcagta tggccatttt cacgatattg attcttccta tccatgagca      3780
     tggaatgtcc ttccatttgt ttgtatcctc ttttatttcc ttgagcagtg gtttgtagtt      3840
     ctccttgaag aggtccttca catcccttgt aagttggatt cctaggtatt ttattctctt      3900
     tgaagcaatt gtgaatggga gttcactcat gatttcgctc tctgtttgtc tgttgttggt      3960
     gtataagaat gcttgtgact tttgtacatt gattttgtat cctgagactt tgctgaagtt      4020
     gcttatcagc ttaagaagat tttgggctga gacaatgggg ttttctagat atacaatcat      4080
     gtcatctgca aacagggaca atttgacttc ctcttttcct aattgaataa cctttatttc      4140
     cttctccttt ctaattgccc tggccagaaa ttccaacact atgttgaata ggagtggtga      4200
     gagaggacat ccctgtcttg tgcaagtttt caaagggaat gcttccagtt tttgcccatt      4260
     cagtatgata ttggctgtgg gtttgtcata gatagctctt attattttga aatatgtccc      4320
     atcaatacct aatttattga gagtttttag catgaagtgt tgttgaattt tgtcaaaggc      4380
     cttttctgca tctattgaga taatcatgtg gtttttgtct ttggctctgt ttatatgctg      4440
     gattacattt attgatttgt gtatattgaa ccagccttgc atcccaggga tgaaccccac      4500
     tggatcatgg tggataagct ttttgatatg ctgctggatt cgttttgcca gtattttatt      4560
     gaggattttt gcatcagtgt tcatcaagga tattggtcta aaattctctt ttttggttgt      4620
     gtctctgccc agctttggta tcagaatgat gcttgcctca taaaatgagt tagggaggat      4680
     tccctctttt tctattgatt ggaatagtgt cagaaggaat ggtatcaatt cctccttgta      4740
     cctcttgtag aattcggctg tgaatccatc tggtcctgga ctctttttgg ttggtaagct      4800
     attgattatt gccacaactt cagatcctgt tattggtcta ttcagagatt caacttcttc      4860
     ctggtttagt cttgggggag tgtacgtgtc aaggaattca tccatttctt ctagattttc      4920
     tagtttattt ttgtagaggt gtttgtagta ttctctgatg gtagtttgta tttctgtggg      4980
     atcggtcatg atatcccctt tatcattttt tattgcatct atttgattct tctctctttt      5040
     ttctttatta gtcttgctag cagtctattt ttatttattt ttatatataa atatataaca      5100
     tatttatttt tacatataag tatataaaat acatttattt ttatatataa gtatataaaa      5160
     tacatttatt tttatatata agtatataaa atacgtttat ctttatatag aaatgcataa      5220
     aatatgttta tctgtatata gaaatgaaaa aagtacattt atctgtatat agaaatgcat      5280
     aaaatacgtt catctgtata tagaaataca taaaatacgt ttatctgtat atagaaatac      5340
     acaaaatatg tttatctgaa tctagaaata cataaaatac atttatctgt atatagaaat      5400
     acataaaata tgttaatctg tatacagaaa tacataaaat acctttattt tataaagaaa      5460
     tatataaaat tataaatata tatacaatac atggtttgat tttctttttt atgtagaaat      5520
     aaccccttat ttcttttgtg taaatcactc atgaatatca ttttcagaga ctcatccttc      5580
     agcaaagaaa gatatataga tatgtgtgaa gcagtagttc ttagacattt ccagagtcac      5640
     agactgtttt cagaaattaa agttctacat ttcttcaatt gaaaacgctt tatggcaagc      5700
     caatgtacaa actctgttta tcaaaattac aaagcgattc atctgcatag atgtttgcac      5760
     aggtatacac acataaaaaa tgaaatattg aaaaatcaat cttaagtact gagttacttt      5820
     tttcccattt gaaaactgta aatattccat tgtattttga taataaaact gatttgaatt      5880
     tctgggccct ggagtagaaa actctaaagt ataataaata taaatgagtt atgcagaaaa      5940
     ccagttgagt acaggcaatc agcattcata aaatcaattc agtttgaaat ctgtgttatt      6000
     tcttgaaggg attttctgtc tctatttcct tcagttctgc tctgatttta gttatttctt      6060
     gccttctgat agctttcgaa tgtgtttgct cttgcttttc tagttatttt aattgtgatg      6120
     ttagggtgtc aattttgcat ctttcctgct ttctcttgtg ggcatttagt gctataaatt      6180
     tccctctaca cagtgctttg aatgtgtccc agagattctg gtatgttgtg tctttgttct      6240
     tgttggtttc aaagaacatc tttatttctg ccttcatttc gttatgtatc cagtagtcat      6300
     tcaggagcag gttgttcagt ttccatgtag ttgagcggtt tcgagtgagt ttcttaatca      6360
     tgatttctag tttgattgca ctgtggtctg agagacagtt tgttataatt tctgttcttt      6420
     tacatttgct gaggagagct ttacttccaa ctatgtggtc aattttggaa taggtgtggt      6480
     gtggtgctga aaaaaaagta tattctgttg acttggggtg gagagttctt tagatgtcta      6540
     ttaggtctgc ttagtgcaga gctgagttga attcctgggt atccttttta actttctgtc      6600
     ttgttgatct gtctaatgtt gacagtgggg tgttaaagtg tcccattatt attgtgtggg      6660
     agtctaagtc tctttgtagg tcactcagga cttgctttat gaatctgggt gctcctgtat      6720
     tgggtgcata tatatttagg atagttggct cttcttgttg agttgctccc tttaccatta      6780
     tataatggcc ttctttgtct cttttgatct ttgttggttt aatgtctgtt tgatcagaga      6840
     ctaggattgc aacctctgcc ttttttttat tttccatttg cttggtagct cttcctccat      6900
     ccttttattt tgagcctatg tgtgtctctg caggtgagat gggtttcctg aatacagcac      6960
     actgatgggt cttgactctt catccaattt gccagtctgt gtcttttaat tagagcattt      7020
     agtccattta catttaaagt taatattgtt atgtatgaat ttgatcctgt cattacgatg      7080
     ttagctggtt atttcactcg ttagttgatg cagtttcttc ctagcctcaa tggtctttac      7140
     aatttggtat gattttgcag tggctgctac tggttgttcc tttccacatt tagtgcttcc      7200
     ttcaggatct cttttagggc aggcctggtg gtgacaaaat ctctgagcat ttgcttgtgt      7260
     gtaaagtgtt ttatttcccc ttcacttagg aagcttagtt tggctgaata tgaaattctg      7320
     ggttgaaaat tattttcttt aagaatgttg aatattggct ccccctctct tctgacttgt      7380
     agagtttctg aggagagatc cactgttagt ctgatggctt ccctttgtgg gtaacctgtc      7440
     ctttctctct ggctgccctt aacatttttt ccttcatttc aactttggtg aatctgacaa      7500
     ttatgtgtct tggagttgct cttcttgagg agtatctttg tggcattctc tgtatttcct      7560
     gaatctgaat gttggcctgc cttgctaaaa tggagaagtt ctcctggata atatcctgca      7620
     gagtgttttc caacttggtt ccattctccc cgtcactttt aggtacacca gtcagatgca      7680
     gacttggtct tttcacatag tctcatattt cttggaggct ttgttcattt ctttttattc      7740
     ttttttctct aaactgcatg aatccaggag ctcatttttt gaaaggatca acaaaattga      7800
     cagaccacta gcaagactaa taaaggaaaa aaagagaaga atcaaataga tgcaataaaa      7860
     aatgataaag gggatatcac cactgatccc atagaaatac aaactaccat cagagaatac      7920
     tataaacacc tctacaaaaa taaactagaa aatctagaag aaatggaaaa attcctcgac      7980
     atatacactc tcccaagact aaaccagcga gaagttgaat ctctgaatag accaataaca      8040
     ggatctgaaa ttgtggcaat aatcaatagc ttaccaacca aaaagagtcc aggaccaggt      8100
     ggattcacag ccgaattcta ccagaagtac aacaagaaac tggtaccatt ccttctgaaa      8160
     ctattccaat caatagaaaa agagggaatc ctccctaact cattttatga ggcaagcatc      8220
     atccggatac gaaagccggc agagacacag ccaaaaaaga gaattttaga ccaatatcct      8280
     tgatgaacat tgatgcaaaa atcctcaata aaatactggc aaactgaatc cagcagcaca      8340
     tcaaaaagct tatccaccat gatcaagtgg gcttcattcc tgggatgcaa ggctggttca      8400
     atatatgcaa atcaataaat gtaatccagc atataaacag aaccaaagac aaaaacacat      8460
     gattttctca atagatgcag aaaaggcctt tgacaaaatt caacaaccct tcatgctaaa      8520
     aactctcaat aaattaggta ctgatgggat atatctcaaa ataataagag ttatctatga      8580
     caaacccaca gccaatatca tactgaatgg gcaaaaactg gaagcattcc ctttgaaaac      8640
     atgcacaaga cagggatgtc ctctctcacc actcctattc aacatagtgt tggaagtact      8700
     ggccagggca attaggcagg agaaggaaat aaacggtatt caattaggaa aagaggaagt      8760
     caaattgtcc ctgtttgcag atgacatgat tgtgtatcta gaaaacccca ttgtctcccc      8820
     ccaaaatctc cttaagctga taagcaattt cagcaaagtc tcaggataca aaatcaatgt      8880
     acaaaaatca caagcagtct tatacaccaa taacagacag agagcgaaat catgagtgaa      8940
     ctcccattca caattgcttc aaagagaata aaatacttag gaattcaact tacaagggac      9000
     gtgaaggacc tcttcaagga gaactacaaa ccactgctca atgaaataaa agaggataga      9060
     aacaaatgga agaacattcc atgctcatgg gtaggaagaa tcaatatcat gaaaatggtc      9120
     ataatgccca aggtaattta tagattcaat gccatcccca tcaagctacc aatgactttt      9180
     ttcacagaat aggaaagaac tactttaaag ttcatatgga accaaaagag agcctgcatc      9240
     tccaagtcaa tcctaagcca aaagaacaaa gctggaggca tcacactacc tgacttcaaa      9300
     ctatactaca aggctacagt aaccaaaaca gcatgctact cgtaccaaaa cagagatata      9360
     gatcaatgga acagaacaga gccctcagaa ataatgccac atatctacaa ctatctgaat      9420
     tttgacaaac ctgagaaaaa caagcaatgg ggaaaggatt ccctatttaa taaatggtgc      9480
     tgggaaaact ggctagccat atgtagaaag ctgaaattgg atccctccct tacaccttat      9540
     acaaaagtta attcaagatg gattaaagac ttacatgtta aatgtaaaac cataaaagct      9600
     ctagaagaga accgaggaaa tcccattaag gacattggca tgggcaagga cttcatgtct      9660
     aaaacaccaa aagcagtggc aacaaaagcc aaaattgaca aatgggatct aattaaacta      9720
     aagagcttct gcacaccaaa agaaactacc atcagagtgg agagcaacct acagaatggg      9780
     agaaaatttt tgcaacctac tcatctgaca aagggctaat atccagaatc tacaatgaac      9840
     tcaaacaaat ttacaagaaa aaaacaaaca accccatcaa caagtgggca aaggatatga      9900
     acagacactt ctcaaaagaa gacatttatg cagccaaagg acacatgaaa aaatgatcat      9960
     catcactggc catcagagaa atgcaaatca aaaccacaat gagataccat ctcacaccag     10020
     ttagaatggc aatcattaaa aagtcaggaa acaacaggtg ctggagagga tgtggagaaa     10080
     taggaacact tttacactgt tggtgggact gtaaactagt tcaaccattg tggaagtcgg     10140
     tgtggtgatt cctcaaggat ctagatctag aaataccatt tgacccagcc atcccattac     10200
     tgggtatata cccaaatgac tataaatcat gctgctataa agacacatgg acacatatgt     10260
     ttattgtggc actactcaca atagcaaaga cttgtaacca agccaaatgt cctacaatga     10320
     tagactggat taagaaaatg tggcacatat acaccatgga atactatgca gccacaaaaa     10380
     atgatgagtt catgtccttt gtagggacat gggtgaaact ggaaatcatc attctcagta     10440
     aactatcaca aggacaaaaa accaaacacc acatgttctc actcataact gggaattgaa     10500
     caatgagaac acatggacac aggaagggga acattacact ctggggactg ttgtggggtg     10560
     ggtggaggag gtagggatag cattaggaga tatacctaat gctaaatgat gagttaatgg     10620
     gtgcagcaca ccagcatggc acatgtatac atatgtaact aacctgcaca ttgtgcacat     10680
     gtaccctaaa actttaagta taataataat aataaaagaa atctgtgtta tttcaatgca     10740
     aagttgttac aattttaaaa tgaattttag atattaattc aatcattctt ataatacacc     10800
     tttagtaatt agagataatt gtgcttatca ataattaata ttctgctcat aaagataata     10860
     aataaaattg agaaattttg ataccttcaa acttgttttc tttcagtccc atggttccac     10920
     ctttatattt taaaacatta cccaagtgtt cttcatgtga gggcagccac gctctttttc     10980
     ctccactact tcctcttgca gatctcagat ttgctgacgg gcttctgttt cttgaagaag     11040
     gtggtggtct ccgcctacca ccactttgaa aagacggttt tttggcttat tctactttta     11100
     ttgcttttcg atccaaagac taaaagtact aagggtacca tcaataacat tggcacattt     11160
     aacataagca catttacaaa catttttaca tcaactacag ttcatagtta attaggtgac     11220
     aggaaaatgt tggaagaagt gttttgaagt cactttgtct ttaaaaatgc tttacttgag     11280
     caaggactaa accgttgagg aagtaatcta ggaatatatt tggaggaaga gaattccagg     11340
     cagagaaaat aaccattgaa ataattctga aactagaatt aagcaaatag tcatactgcc     11400
     atcatgtggc aagatgaact aaggaaaact cttaagtgag atcaaagaca aatccttttg     11460
     attttattct gagtataatt ccggctactg ggagaacaaa ctaagctaca cgtgagtgtc     11520
     cgaatcaagc agagagacca aacaaatgat gatgcttcaa caaatgtaat ggcagaggag     11580
     gtgatacaca cagtcgtttc atgtgactgt ataaaccgta tacttggctg agggcataag     11640
     taatagtcag ataatgatgt tgaatatgta ggtgattttt tattgttaca actttcctct     11700
     aaattccctc tagtatttgg ttttactctt ttaaccagag tttcaattat ttatgcctaa     11760
     gtgttatatg gaactcatta ggtatgtacc atgtaaaatt tcttactgtc catccagtaa     11820
     tataaaattt gcatgtgata gaaaagtata atttatatgt ttaagttaat attttataat     11880
     gtatgtataa accccttgtt atatagctaa tttataaata taagtgttcc aaaacatata     11940
     tatgtatctg tatactttat aatatatatg aattgcatat agatgaaatg tatgcattat     12000
     atatatttta attcatgtat agtatatgtc tatatgtatt ttttatatac tttaagttct     12060
     ggggtacatg tatcgaacgt gcggttttgt tacactggta taaacctgcc atggtggttt     12120
     gctgcaccca tcaacttgtc acacacatta ggtatttctc ctactgctat acctcctcta     12180
     gccctccacc cctggcaggc cctggtgtat gatattcccc tccctgtgtc catgtgttct     12240
     cattgttcaa ctgcaactta tgagtgagaa tatgtggtga ttggcttccg gtgctggtgt     12300
     tagtttcctg agaatggtgc tttctagctt cacccatgtc cgtgcaaatg acataaacta     12360
     atcttatttt atggctgctt agtattccat ggtgtatatg tgccacattt tctttatcca     12420
     atctatcatt gatggacatt tgagttggtt ccatgtcttt gctattgtga acaatgtgtc     12480
     aataaacgta agtgtgcacg tgtctttata gtagaattat ttataatcct ttgagtacat     12540
     aacccataat gacattgctg ggtcaaatgg tatttctagt tttagagcct tgaggagtca     12600
     ccagactgta ttccacagtg gttgaactaa gttacactcc caccaacagt gtaacagcgt     12660
     tcctacttat ccacatcctc tccagcatct gttgtttcct gactttttaa tgatagccat     12720
     tctaactgtc atgagatagt atctcattgt ggttttgatt tgcgtttctc taatgaccag     12780
     ggatgatgaa cttttttcat gtttgttgac tgcataaatg tcctcttttg ggaagtatct     12840
     cttcataccc ttcactcagt ttttgatggg ttggtttagt ttttttcttg taaatttgtt     12900
     taagttcttt gtagattgtg gatattggtc tgttgtcaga ttaatatgtt atcccttgtc     12960
     agatggcaac tttatggtga tagcattgaa tctataaatt actttgcact gtagggccat     13020
     tttcatgata ttgattcttc ctataatgag catggaatgc ttttccacgt atttgtgtcc     13080
     tctcttatac cttgagctgt ggattgtagt tctccttgaa aaggtccttc acatcccttg     13140
     tgagttactt tcctaggtat tttattctct tagtaacaac tgtgtgtgtg agatgactgt     13200
     gatttggctc tctgcttgtc tgctattgga gtataggaat gcttgtgatg tatgcacatt     13260
     gattttgtat cttgagactt tcctgaagtt gcttataagc ttaaggagat tttgaggtga     13320
     gacagtgcaa ttttctaaat atacaatctt gtgatctgca aacagagaca atttgatttc     13380
     ttctctttct ctttgaatac actttctttc tcttgtctga tcgcccttgt cagaacttcc     13440
     aaaactgtgg tgaataggaa tggtgagaga gggggtaacc ttgtcttggg caggttttta     13500
     aatggaaagc ttccaggttc tgccattcag tattatattg gctatggttt tgtcatgagt     13560
     agctttatta ttctgaaatg cattccatca atacctagtt cactgacagt ttttatcatg     13620
     aagtatgttg aattttatcg aggggctttt ctggatctgt tgagataatc atgtggtttt     13680
     tgtcattgat tctctttatg tgatggatta ggtttattga tttgtgcatg ttgaatcagc     13740
     cttgcatccc aagcatgaac gtgacttctt catggtggat acactttttg atattctgct     13800
     ggatttggtt tgccagtgtt tcattgagga tttttgcatc aatgttcatc agagacattg     13860
     gcctgaaatt ttcttatttt gctgtgtctc tgtcagatgt tgatatcagg atgattctgg     13920
     cctcataaaa tgagttaggg tggatttcct gtttttctat tgtttggaat agtttcagaa     13980
     ggaatggtac cagctcctct ttgtgcctct ggtagaattc ttctgtgaac aacctactct     14040
     tcgacctttt gttgttgttg ttgttgatag gctcctaatt actgcctcaa tttcagaact     14100
     tgttagtggt ctattcagag attcgatttc ttcctggttt agattttgga gggtgtatgc     14160
     atccaggaat ttatccattt cttctaaatt ttctagttta tttgcataga ggtgtttaca     14220
     gtattctctg atggtagttt gtatttctgt gggatcaatg gtgatatccc ctttatcatt     14280
     ttttattacg tctgattctt ctctcttttc ttcattagtc tggctagtgg tctatctatt     14340
     ttgttgatct tttcaaaaaa ccagctcctg gattcattga tttttttgaa gtgttttcat     14400
     gtctctgttt ccttcagttc tgttctgatc ttatttattt ttgtcttctc ctagcttttg     14460
     aatttgttgc ttttgctttt cttgttctct agttctttta atgttgatgt tagtgtgcca     14520
     atttaagatg tttcctactt tctcttctgg acattaaaag tgctatatat ttccctcaaa     14580
     acactgcttt aaatgtttcc cagagattct ggtatgctgt gtctttgtcc ttattggttt     14640
     caaataacat ctttatttct gccttcattt cattatgtac ccagcagtca ttgaggagca     14700
     gtttgttcag tttccacata gttgtgcagt tttgagtgaa tttttaaata ctgagttcta     14760
     gtttgattgc actgtggcct gagagactgt ttgttatgat ttctatcctt tcgcatttgc     14820
     tgaggattgt tttacttcca actatgtagt cgattttaca ataagtgttt actctgagta     14880
     taattctggc tactaggaga acaaactgca agctgcaagt gggcatcaga attaaacaga     14940
     gagactaaac aaataatgat ggcatcaaca aatgtaatgg cagaggaggt gacacaaaca     15000
     gtcatttcac atgatcgtat aagttgtgct ttgcctaaga ctgcttggct aaaggcataa     15060
     gtaatattca gataatgatg ttgagtatgt aggtaatttg tattgtttag aaccttcctc     15120
     taatttcctt ctagtgcttg attttactgt tttaaccaca gttagaatta tttatgccta     15180
     agtgttatat ggaactcttg aagtatgtac aatatattat ttattactgc ccatcaagta     15240
     atatgaaatg tacatgagat agaaaagtaa aatttatact tatagtttag tatcttttaa     15300
     tttaatatat aagccatata aactatataa tttattgata taagtattca taaacatata     15360
     caagatatgt atctgtatat tttataatta atatatatgt attgcatgta tatgtaattt     15420
     atgcattaca tattgtaata catgtatact acacatctat gtgtatttct aacatatatg     15480
     gttaactttg tttccaacca ttcaggtaca gcaaggtcat cctgttcttt gcctctttgg     15540
     cagtcactgc ctggtcagtg atacctcagt agtaggcctg gtcagtgata cctcagtagt     15600
     aggcctggtt agtgatacct cagaagcctg ttatgacccc gttcttgtca tcaggacagc     15660
     ccaatacata tcttgaatga gatggcttat caaggcatcc cagaaaccac tgggggtatt     15720
     tttttctcta ccctgcaatt tttctcctgg agtagaagat agtccacaaa atacagttac     15780
     ctctaataca ggctctgaca atttgatctt tcatggattc tcagaacaaa taaggaggag     15840
     aagattaagc acttccccag tgtacagaaa gcaccggaac ccccactgaa tgtttttttt     15900
     tttttttggt tagaataata gagatttttt catgccaata gactattaca ctttcaaagt     15960
     ggtcacctct cctcagctag caaattccca atggtacaat cccggatttc tcctgctgcc     16020
     aaaccacggg atcatcctgg tacagctgaa tgctggagta ccccagaaat ggaaacttct     16080
     caatatttct ttttttttct ggactccaga actcccaaac agatattaaa cctatagcct     16140
     ggaattttcc tgagaaaaat acaatggatt ataaatatta agctgtgact gattcagcaa     16200
     gattctggat taatacatta gctagtacaa ttaggcttca tactctacca ttagttaatg     16260
     ctggtacatc ctggtttctc ttttcaagtg ggataggtga atctcaagtt cctgttaaga     16320
     tggatactgg tcaatctcaa gttcaattta ttaatgttcc atctcatgga caacttgtag     16380
     ctaaaccttg gctagaaatt actcctgaag ttgaaactta gaaacaattg ttagcttata     16440
     aaacaggaac agtgatgcag attaaatcca gtgaagagag tactagaaac caaaagtatc     16500
     atgtagctca tagagttaac cctggtgcaa aaccagcaac ttacaactag attccaccag     16560
     tacttttcat agttaataaa attgaaatat ggactcattg atcactcaat gaagatggat     16620
     ctcagcatcc tacagtaacc catacctttg aaccatggtg tcagctagtg ttgaatatat     16680
     ttgtatcccc aagaaattat agaaaggaca gatggatact agattctcac tgaacctgag     16740
     tcaactcagt tctggatttc ttctatactg catactcttc atgtgcaaag ttaaaaggtg     16800
     acaatattag ggcttggaca caacagaaaa ccagtataat gaggccctca aatcaaatag     16860
     atagattgag tccattgagt aaacatgtgg ctattattac tgaaacccct gatgcagaca     16920
     tgaatcttaa tacatcctat tatgaatgca attgagccct caattcactc caaagttgag     16980
     atgatcaaac cctgaagtca gcctaaaaca gtcatagtcc taacgtgaat ctagtcagaa     17040
     actcaatcag gaagactctt gactcacctg aaagctgata caattaaaca acagttacaa     17100
     attgaaatgg aaacaatgag accttggatt cagcataaat ttaaaatact gaggcccaga     17160
     acccagactc aagaatggaa agaaaaacac tggacccaac cagaagcaga tccagttagg     17220
     tactggtccc aaactgggat ggaaacagtg gtacccaggc cccaaactgg aggtgataga     17280
     tccagacccc gaaatcacac tgaagctgat atcatcaaac ttttgttttg atctcaagca     17340
     gagacagtca cacagtggag agaaccagta actctgacaa atcagcattg gatacagtct     17400
     gaaactgaaa tattgaggtt ttggaaccaa cctgtgactg ataagttaag agactggata     17460
     caacatgaag cttatgcatt tagactctgg ggcaagtttg aaagtgttaa agttagatcg     17520
     tggacccaag ctgaagatga cactttgaga ccctggaatc agaaagacat tggtgtaatt     17580
     gacccctggg tacaaagtaa agctaccgta ctaacacaat ggatgcaggg agagtctcaa     17640
     gaattaaatc cctggacaca atctaaaact cacacagtcc cactgtggac ccagactgaa     17700
     actccaatag taaactcttg gaccaagatg ttagcagata cagtcacaac atggacaaag     17760
     gctgaatttc aaaaattaac atcctgaaga cagtctgaaa ctgatccaat catactgtga     17820
     actattgcca aatctccagc agtgaatctc tggacacatt ctgtatctga taaagtcaca     17880
     tgttggaacc aagaagaatt tccagcctta tttcccttga catattcgta tagctaagac     17940
     agtcacacca tggatccagg atagatttac aacagtgaat ctctgggcaa aaactgtagc     18000
     tgaaactgtc ataccattga cccttgatga aatgccacca ataaatccat ggaaaaattg     18060
     cagcctgaat atctagaagg aaataactta ctcccatctg aatttaatcc agtctcattg     18120
     tggaccatgg cttatttgcc agcagtaaat tactggatac agtttgatac tgaggcaata     18180
     acactgtgaa cccagattga ggttccagca atacattcct ggaaacagta ggtaactgat     18240
     ataatcacac tagggaccaa tgatgaatca ctagtgatga attcatgaat atattctcct     18300
     atatctgata cagtcataat aatgtgtatc caggctgaat cgctattatt acatcattgg     18360
     aaacagtctg aaactgatat actcacaaca tggattctgg ctgaaactct aggagtaagt     18420
     ccctggacac atgatatatt cctatcatgg acccaccctg aacatccacc agtatcttgg     18480
     actcaaacat ggattctggg tgaaactcca gcaatgaatg cctggagaga ggctacagct     18540
     gatatggtcc taccaaggaa ttaggctgaa cttaaagagg gaaatgcatg gacaaagtct     18600
     gaaatgtata cagtcacaga gtggatcctg gttaattctc tagcagtaaa ttcatggaca     18660
     cagacaacag ctgatgcaga caagctgtgg accaagcctg aattttcagc tgtaaatccc     18720
     tgggcagtct ctgggtgata gtactatact gtggattcag gatgactctc cagcaatgaa     18780
     tccttttaca cagtatctat cttatagaat caaaccatgg gaccaagatg aatcttcagc     18840
     agtaaagcat ttgacacagg caatagctta tacaatcaaa ctctggaacc aagtcaaatt     18900
     acctgccata aatctctgga aacaatatga aactgatacc ttcatacagt agaccaagac     18960
     tgaatctcca aaagtaaatg actggacaca gcctatacct gctgcagtta taccacagaa     19020
     ccaagatgaa cctgtaggag taaatccctc cacaaagctt gaaacagaaa ttgtcttact     19080
     gtggacccag gctcattcta aaatcaataa tctctgtaca tatacttatt gatagagtga     19140
     aaccattggc taagaatgtt tatgtagtag taaatctatg gagacagtct aaaactgaga     19200
     aagtcacatc atggacccag gatctgttgc cagcaataag tcacttagca ttggctgtaa     19260
     ctcatataga cacactgcag tacacggatg tatttctaat aataattctc aggagagagg     19320
     ctctagctga tatattcata acatggacac agacaaaatc accagcaatc aatttctggt     19380
     tacaacctgt acctgataca gtcacactat ggacctaaac aaaatatcta taagtaaaca     19440
     cttggaatga ggctgaattt ccagctgtaa atcccatgat gcagtctaag tctctaattg     19500
     taaatatctg gacagagtct gaatgttcag tcccaagtcc tctgttacag gatgagactg     19560
     acacagtcat accatggaca cagactgaat ttttggcagt aaatccatgg accaagtctg     19620
     ttgctgatac attcacagtg tgtacacagc ctgtaactcc atcattaatc ttcttttcat     19680
     aaagtttaca tggtacactt aaagcagggc atcaaactga atgtctacca gtaaatatct     19740
     ggacagaggc tgtagcttcc aaagttatac cctggaccca ggctgaattt ccagcaataa     19800
     atccctggac acagcctgtt ttttatacag ctacaacttg ggcacaggct gtatctgcaa     19860
     cagtaaaggc ctgggcacag ccttcatcta atacaatcag attatggtcc caaactgaat     19920
     ctgcagcatt aattacatgg atcctgcctg tatctgagac atacatagga ttgatccaat     19980
     ttgaattttc agcagtaaat ccttggatac tgcctatatc taatacatta tcactgtgga     20040
     cccagcctgt atctctagca gtcaatccat ggatagaggc aatagctacc aagtcacccc     20100
     atggatcaaa gctttacttc tagcaacaaa tccctggata cattctgtat ctgatatagt     20160
     tgcactgtgg gtgcaggctg aatcttctgc agtcattacc tccacacagc cagtatctga     20220
     caaaattata ctgtgacttc tggcccagtc tccagtagga attacctgga cacagactgt     20280
     atctgatata cttatatcat ggaactatga tgaaacttca gcagaaaatc cagaggcatg     20340
     catgggctga gaaactgcat gggctgcagt ttcctcagtg ttaccatgga cccagggtat     20400
     cccttcagca ggaaaaacct ggacactacc tgtgtccaaa tcaatcaccc catgatctca     20460
     gtctgagtct ccagtggtaa acacatggac agaggccaca gcttccacag acacaaagtg     20520
     gactcatgat gattttccag atgcaaattc ttatacacag agtgatatgg gctcattttg     20580
     gatgatggtt aaaactgaag ctaagaaact ctaggcactg cctgaagcta aaatatttat     20640
     agagtttcct tgctgcctta accttatact acgcaacttt tgatccaaga tgaaaatcaa     20700
     gcatctattt tatggacaca tcatgaaatt gaaaatatcg atgaatggac cttgcctgag     20760
     tttggaacac ttatatcctg gatactggct gtgcctcaag cagcaaaacc atggtcccaa     20820
     cctgaagctc aagttaaaga acttcgttta aaactggaac agaaaaaata aaaccttggg     20880
     ctcagtcaga atttcaaaca ttgagcacgt ttactccctt tggacctggt aaaatagaat     20940
     cctgggccaa acagagaact acaacattta taacatggat ccagtctgaa attgatggct     21000
     tcttcctgtg tacccaatct gaagtaggta caatgagatc ccagaccatt tctgaagctc     21060
     atacagtaaa actatggatc cggtctgaag caggcacaat ccacccctgg actcaaggca     21120
     acattaatac aatcattgtc tgacacacta ttatatctgg ctgaaatgca ggcagcaaaa     21180
     tgcttgacca tgcctgacat taatactctg agtgcttggt ttcagaccca aaacaatgta     21240
     agaagaagtg gtactcaact ttcttctcaa agagttacta cctggatgaa gccagaatgg     21300
     caaataatcc gcccattgaa ccaatctgaa aagaatgcag tcataccctg gacccagtct     21360
     gaaggtgatg ttctgaaacc ttggatctat gctgaaacca atacagtcag acacgagaca     21420
     cattctgcaa ctgataaaat agagcaatgg actgagcctg aatctcaagc aattaggatg     21480
     tggcatgagg taggtatggt gacatgttgg tccccaactc ataacgcttc tgtttggccc     21540
     tggacccaac ttggatctca aatgacacac tcctagatcc agaatcaagt tagcataaat     21600
     tattcctgga ctcagcatgt acgtgctaca atcagaccat ggacttactc tgaaattcat     21660
     ccctggaccc accctgaaga caatatagtg ataagatacc tgttccagac tcaaatgaat     21720
     tcagtaagat cctggaacca acctgaaact gaagttttcc aaatttggac tgtaagccaa     21780
     ggaataaagc cctgaaacat gactgaaatt gatacagtca catcttgctt atagacttaa     21840
     tgtgatacag ttagaccctg gattcatcct gaaagtcagc tgctctttcc ctggccactg     21900
     actgaagttg gtacattttg gacctggact cagccaagag ctgctacata tcaaacctgg     21960
     acccaccttg aaacccaagc agtgagaccc tcgatcgagc aggaaactaa tatagtcaga     22020
     tcttcatttt acattcaaat gaataaaggc agatcatggg tttattcaaa atctcaaaca     22080
     gtcagtccct ggatccagct ggaagttgac ataattcacc attttatcca gtctgaaacc     22140
     ttcttactaa gattctgacc caagattcta cctccagtag tcaaaacacg gaccttgctt     22200
     ataggaagaa cactcgtatg ttggatactg cctgtaaccc aagcagacag acactgtatc     22260
     cagtctgaag ctgatattat tgaatccttt gctattttta aagcgggaaa agtaagaaca     22320
     tggatccagc ctgaaacaga aatactaaga cccataaacc attttaaggc tgatataatt     22380
     gcatcatttt ctcctcctga aattgagcct aatggagaaa cactattaac gagtcatttt     22440
     ggctccttgt ctaaacatgt gctctttttg ccagtaaaaa ctgtttctta cccagatcag     22500
     tattttatct ttgttaactg agataactgc caccgaaagc caggataaaa tcaattctct     22560
     ccagttgagc cagcgtacaa gtacttggtt tcctggaaga gtgtttacca gcactacggc     22620
     aggaaattaa aaattatcca gataaaagaa agccctgatg tccaggtacc tctcttatct     22680
     ctctttcttc ctccattttc cttcctcttt cttattctct tccatctcca tgtacactgt     22740
     gcccttcttg ttcagtcttt tcttcttgta cattcccttc attcttcatt ttcccatctt     22800
     gctcagttat ttatcctctg gtctcctctc ttgttctcct atccatagcc tcttctacta     22860
     atgttcttca gaaaatatct tcctcaacat ttcctgaaga gtccattatt tctcattctt     22920
     tttcatcctt gcatgctgct gcagccacac tttcaacaaa acaacttctc ctgatgcctg     22980
     gatttcaatc tggacccaat cctggacaaa aacctcttaa gcaatcagaa ctcaatgttt     23040
     cccggttgag tgtcaactag ctgtaatctg gaagtttcca ggctttctgg ctcttcaaga     23100
     cagctgttat ttctcatgaa accacaggca cctttagact agtcatatgt gtgagttaat     23160
     atacttgcta cgaagactct tgttgaaccc taaaaccaca gtttgtaaga tcagaggtta     23220
     tgtcctcaaa cctttgcaaa accaaaattt agattattgt atgaatcagc agagatgtct     23280
     aaatattgag agaatatctt acttttgcca aacaggattt atgggctatg ttttataaac     23340
     acaattctat tcagagaaga gtatttttaa gatagtctta cttcttagaa atggtttatt     23400
     attccacttg aagtatatga atatatacac ccacaactgg ataatactat aatatcttgg     23460
     atacaataat aagatatatt atatatttat atatacatta aattatcatt tgaagggaaa     23520
     gtatccaaat aacctctgta gcatatctaa aattgtagca tgaataatgt atatttccaa     23580
     gtattttctc agaattgaag atactgaatt tccaagaaca ttcctaaaaa cctaaaatta     23640
     tattttataa ataggatagt agtaacacta atctcactct attccacatg tgtattcctt     23700
     ctgcagagtg tggattatgc cctggccata tcacccactg tcacaaccgc tgggagtcag     23760
     aaattggtga attctcttga atagtttctg tacaacgttc tgtctcccat ttctgtgctg     23820
     gctccatact aaatgaacac tatttcctta ctacagctag atgtgtcaat tttatgtaag     23880
     tctaagaaat ttatcttaag attaagatat cattataaag caataataac attgagattc     23940
     taaaggaata tatttacctt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgccta     24000
     tgtgacagaa agagacagag agaaagagag atagagacag ggtcttgctc tattgcccag     24060
     gctggagtgc agtggcgtga ttcagagtag cctcaaacta ccaagattaa ggagttctcc     24120
     cacctctgcc tcctgagttc atgggaccac aggcacatac cattgcatct ggctaatttt     24180
     ttttcagcag aaataaagtc ttatcatgtt gcctacctgg tctcaaatga tccttgaaaa     24240
     tagtttctaa aggagtattt gtactttagt gcttacctgg acttcatctg attcacgtga     24300
     cctccagggc tttattcaaa ttgaaatgta gaaataataa gactttttct tgactttttt     24360
     ttcccctgaa aaaactcagc agccctggcc ctggtccaag tggagcttaa tcatcttcta     24420
     gattctgccc aagctcagac tgtcagcatt gactgtgcca taccctacct aggttccaag     24480
     tgattctgtg acctgggttg atcttcctga agcagccacc atattttcaa cccctggtcc     24540
     ttcctatatg cctgaaggaa agtctggaac aggagaaatt tatacaacta tatgactgtt     24600
     ggctatctag ttggtccctt atgtgggctg agtaatgaag aagacagtgg gatgaaagag     24660
     aagcatgttt ggaaagagaa tattattctc tcttgaataa taaagtattt gtctttctct     24720
     tcaccatatt ctctctctaa tctaggctaa gtatgaaaac aaacaaaaaa acctcttctc     24780
     tgttttctat caaggagtcc tggaattatg cagaaacagc acctgagcat cctacaagtc     24840
     agcacttgta accaattttg cccaaaacta aatgaattca ctttttgtgt ggaggccaag     24900
     aaagctacgt gggagcctgg ctgtaagttg acaaattcat ggggtgtgaa tgccagggag     24960
     aagaaggaat atcttgaaca ccaaaagtta cttccggcca tccttcaaaa tattatttcc     25020
     ttggaaattg agggatctct tttggtctca tgaattaaat gtgcatttaa ccacagctat     25080
     tttatagcta cccctatttc tatagctaca gtgaataata tatttaaaac ataaaggagg     25140
     ccataattat ttgctcacat cctccaagtc taattcaaag aaaactacat gtaagatatt     25200
     agttatgctt ctaatttcat ctctacttgc ttaccctttc tatagacagg ttatctctct     25260
     atatatattc aggagcattg cttcaactca attttctgag gaactctaaa atcatttcaa     25320
     aaatataagc tcttttctga aactcaaact tgaattttct atttaaacta ttggattggt     25380
     atctcacgaa cactatacgt ttatgaagat aagccctctc taatttagag acaggtgctt     25440
     tatctccaga tttttcacta tttatctaat agcttcaaat cattgcattt tttgttgcct     25500
     atctacttca atgacttcta agtagctaaa atcatagata aataaatgtt gcaatggggg     25560
     agaaagctgg aatgactccc agtattttga ctaaagaaac ttaagctagg acataaagaa     25620
     actatgatct tggaaagata ataagaacac ttattttcaa gaaaaatgca taaacacaaa     25680
     agaggtagaa gtttgtcctt gctagtcata tttctcaatg ctgacttggt tagcagaaat     25740
     aggagggatt taaaacttta aataatggtc tacagatggc aattctattc aaattagcac     25800
     attagcttat ttttctcctc agcttcagca gatcagattt ctctgcaata tgccatgcct     25860
     tggtaggctg ggatcatcag ctgtggcagt caggtctgca gtggttccgt agttagtagc     25920
     tcttgggttc tcacagctgc ccactatgtc aggaacatgt aagattgtgc ctgcctcttc     25980
     caataccctg taattcatta tcctataatt acattgctga aggtttctgt gtccaaattc     26040
     acttcaataa tgcatgacca tctcacttct acagatatca tttttgtttt aggctgaaaa     26100
     gaaattgctt tactgtggct tactagtacc tctgttagtt aattcctctg caatcccatt     26160
     gtctgtggga tttattcata tatttctgat ttctctgaag atgagctagg gaccttgtgt     26220
     atcatgacta aaaaatatgc tagaaagcct gatgtacgtg taaggttcag gttttctaat     26280
     gaatgtacca caataaatct ttgcctatgc acacaggaat cctgaagaca ccgctgtgat     26340
     tctgggcctg aggcaccgtg gggcattatt gagagttgtg aaggtgtcta gtattctatt     26400
     gcatgagagg ttccagttgg tcagtggggc agaaggaatg acctggcatt actactcctc     26460
     caagatgtcc agactcccat ttggctctta gcccccttgg gctatctgaa gaacctgaat     26520
     agttcagcat gccggctctc tgggccacaa attattacac caggtcagtg gttagttttc     26580
     ttatttgggt agcagttcta aaaaatgagg ttcatatttt taatattatg gttcaaggaa     26640
     gaagtacaat cacaattgta tatattacta agtgtaagat atttaatcca cataagagac     26700
     ccaataggag atttgttttc attttataag atgatggctc tgatgataac ttcataggat     26760
     tttagatccg aaaacaatta catgaggatc tttccctgta cagtcaattt tgtaaactaa     26820
     agtagagatg atttgctttc caactctttg ctgacttcaa aacaaaggaa aaaggagttt     26880
     ttttgtttgt tttgtttttc cctctttatg aaaattaaac tgaacttgac ttggcgttta     26940
     gaatttcata agtaaaattt acttgttact tttgaagagt ggcatttaga aagtgattaa     27000
     agagtgatga tgctgtccgc agtggctcac tcctataatt ctagcacttt gggagcttga     27060
     actaggagaa tcctttgggc ccaggaattt gatacccact tgggcaatat agcaaggctt     27120
     catcactaaa gaacaacaac aacaacaaca acaaatagcc tggtgtggtg ttgcacacat     27180
     gtagtcccag ctacgtggga ggttgagaca ggaagatagc ttgagactga gagtttgagg     27240
     ctgcagcatg tgaaggtggt gccaatgcac tccagcctgt gtgaccacac aataacttgt     27300
     ctcagaaaaa aagagagggg gctggtgtcg tcgctcatgc ctgtactccc agcattttgg     27360
     gaggttgagg ccagcgaata acctgaagtc aggagtttga gaccagtctg accaacatgg     27420
     ggaaaaccca tctctaccaa aaatatgaaa ttaggcagga gtggtggtgt gtgcctgtaa     27480
     tcccagctac ttagaaggct gagtcaggaa aattgcttga aaccaagagg tggaagttgc     27540
     agtgagatca ggccactgca ttccaggctg agtgacagag tgaaacacca tctcaaaaaa     27600
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatga agtcactaga aagagaatga aattattggc tataaactga     27660
     atttctttct ataagttata catacaagtt taaagtaata atgatacagt gatagacaat     27720
     tcatggtttt atctcaatac ttagtgttta attgtaaaat atgttctata ggatagctat     27780
     actccatttt tctttctagg ggagacttat gagaatccag aaatgttaaa gacgcaacta     27840
     atgcaagctt ccatctgtgc ccacctggat tctgacatag gcagctccat tgtttgcttt     27900
     gttactgagg ccaaagactc taatgcaaat gtggtacaca gtcaaaaatt ttttttctag     27960
     ctactataaa actatagtaa ctagttttat agtagttcta tagtgataga aactataact     28020
     ttgttcctat atacaagggt atacagcata tgcctaaatg ataaatttaa gtgaatcatt     28080
     gattaacagg aaaccatttt aaaagtcttc aattgcagaa aaaatctctg aaaacacttt     28140
     gttgttaatc tctgagtttt cttacatggg tcactaatct ctagccatgc taaattgctg     28200
     gcatgctgcc cttgaaacaa attagacatt ttatataatt ctcatattct aataatagta     28260
     tctttacacc tcagagttta aaatgagtct aaccttttcc tatttcccta attaaataac     28320
     ttttttaaag tttaatcttc agtgattttt tgtagtaata cttttgaatg tatttcatca     28380
     ggatgattta cttatgtagt tacctgatgt ctcactttct tctgaatgca tattttttat     28440
     ccatttatta gatctaagtt taagaagttg gaatagggat ttaaatccaa attctacgtt     28500
     tgaatttaca ggagtcagtg agtctaggaa gtgccgttat ttgtagacca atatctggca     28560
     atggcagttg gagacaaata agcttcaata gtctcaaagc cctagctact acagtgagtt     28620
     cacacctctc ctgggtcata tctacttcag caaaagaagg ccacccacta aactaggcct     28680
     ttatgccttg ggtgtaaact cctaagtcct ctagtctcct taagcagcca accacagtgc     28740
     cacttacttc aataataatt actgcacctc tgagactttc gtagccttgt gactataact     28800
     agtgatgcta gagtctggtc atagtatgat aaaacaccag agcaataaaa acaaaatatt     28860
     gacttaagcc tcctaaaatc tctctaaata taccttcaat aaatatgctt tttctacata     28920
     acaactgctt tctacttact tcctgaacta atgcttggcc ttggattatt ttcattcttg     28980
     aaattgattc aaaagtgtat atttaacatg agggcgaata cagaatttca tatgtcagca     29040
     aataaaattt tcaaagtgat gcaaaataca aatgtgaact tgtgtttgtg aactttacta     29100
     ttccttcaaa ttaaatgctc atacctaccc actcacacaa ttttttataa ctatctgcat     29160
     gttcttctca ggtgggagaa aacagtatca gagttcttga ataatttatg gaagtcagaa     29220
     tgacaatact atacaaggtt taacctattc acaatactgt atttagtgaa tgaagacatg     29280
     acttttaaaa tcctactaaa gtattaagta agtaaaatat atgatttcaa taactctaaa     29340
     atatgtgtac atgaagaaaa tagatcaagg attaaaatac gtaaacaaca aatgagtccg     29400
     ggtgtggtgg cacacatctg gaagaccagc attttgaaaa ggcttatgtg gtcagatcac     29460
     ttgaggtcag gagtacaaga ccagcctggc aaatatggtg aaacccagtc tcgactaaaa     29520
     gtacaaaagt tagctggacc tggtgtcatg cacctgaaat cccagctcct cagaaggctg     29580
     aggcagggga attgcttgga cctgggaggc agaggtttca gtgaaccgag atcatgccac     29640
     ttcactccag cctgggtgac agagtgagac tccatttcaa aacacacaca cacacacaca     29700
     cacacacaca cacacacaca aacgaataaa aaaaaatctg ttttagaaaa agtgctcaca     29760
     ggaaactcac atatctaaca gaaaaaaaaa aattcttgaa aacaaaagtt ccagaatggg     29820
     cagataagaa aacaaattta acactttgca tataaagtac aaatagtaaa ctgaaaagaa     29880
     ccacagggga aaaccattca aaatttacaa ctaagtactc taaaagaagc tgaaagtccc     29940
     tcaaaaactt tctagagccc atgttcctgt attgcaaaaa tgatcataaa atttgccaag     30000
     agtagaacaa taaaaatgta tcttaaacct tgataaatac ttcaagtctc acataagatt     30060
     tgtaatggaa aatggatcct tccgcaggtt ttgcatacaa ttatgaacaa accatttttc     30120
     tttgtattta aattggcttt ttcaatattc taagaaatta acttttatat taatagtagg     30180
     tgatgtaaca aagcaggtct ttatcaagat aactgacact ggatatccac accattactc     30240
     aggtgggcct taattcccag tcaggttccc tccctggaca cacactgaag gtccacatct     30300
     attttgtaat ctcttcacat ttacagccct ggaggaagct ctaaaataca tgtacattca     30360
     gaaaatagaa catttcctca cactggagcc cagtgtggtc ctccagattc cctgtacagt     30420
     ggcctgtctt atctgggaag gaagggcagt gggagtgcaa gtgaggatgg cagagaggag     30480
     aatgcatgtc aggggtgcct ggggtcatta aaacagaaca tgacaggcct gggagaaaca     30540
     ttttgaaagg gtgtagacct agattggcct caggtgcaca tctgcttgga gagggagagg     30600
     gccctggttg agctcaatct gagccccagg tggcagcagg cctcaaggca ggggagggag     30660
     ctggtgagtg atgatgagac agctatccct taagccctgc ttctcactga cattagacac     30720
     atatgcattg tcgatggctt agggttcccc aatcctaaaa tgtgggtgtt acagttccct     30780
     gatgggcctt tcttcccaaa ccgatggttg gcctgggatt gctcactgca gtcttctcca     30840
     tgatccttga gttctccatg cagggtacag atccatgact cgaaggcctc tcagttccca     30900
     gacctaggct gctcacctgg cctcctcttt gttccctctc taatgctgtc cctcactccc     30960
     tggggtagaa ctccaatgga ttgagccata ggccctggct aatgatctgg ggaactgcag     31020
     aaggggtcca caacaggtca ggtcacagtt caaagcccat tcccaagagg ccaaggaatg     31080
     agcagcaagg tcctttccca tgatgcccca ccacggaccc cacctcagca atcctgccaa     31140
     aacccaggca gtcatattca gccaaacagc tgaacaagct caggtaggca atgttctgcc     31200
     tacagctgga ggcttgacct tcatgatccc actggactgc agtggaatga gacaccctgt     31260
     accctgcagg gagaggagtc agggaggttc atgacaggct taccctctca cacaccagct     31320
     cccttaccat gctgagaggc acttcttacc caggatgcca aagaagtatt ccttaatgat     31380
     aacttcattg tggaagtaaa ggttgtgatg aaaggaaatt tcatccagcc gccggtaacc     31440
     aggatgactg agttcctcca cctgtctgat caagaagaag aaagaggatg gactcaacgg     31500
     gaccatttca tctagctggg ctgaagtggg ctgccatctg gagtaaagga tgagtttccc     31560
     ctttccagct ctgccactga gacagcccca ggccccaggg gaacctcaaa ctgactcaga     31620
     aactggacca ctcccacaga cccaggctcc ccaccctgac ctgcaaatcc atcatgtagc     31680
     aaagcaggac ttcatcatgg tttctgacct aggccgacat ctgggcttgc caagcaatct     31740
     acctctggtc aaggagcctc cagatgattg gttgggcaag cgtggtgaca ccctgcaatt     31800
     ttgcaagatc acagagaatg tggagcaggg ctatcttcca gacatttggc ctgtcaccct     31860
     ctcttgttga tcccctgtct ttggcaagaa ggcaacacca cgactgtggt ggtttttggt     31920
     tgggtggagc caggccaagc tggcctgcac tgaccaggga caggaagcag aatgagtggg     31980
     caggtggttt tggctgaggg agggatgggg gaaggcaggg tggtatgagg tgtctgcttc     32040
     ctcagggttc atgagctgca ggaggccctt gtgtgctggg ttctggacat gctctgctga     32100
     tatctgggtg tgtggtgtcc tcttatcctg gactccctga gggtgtgcct gtccacttga     32160
     gggaagcctt gtaggtagaa ggagcttgca ggattttgcc tggtgctccc catgggaatt     32220
     gtgtgggtgc aaaggagttt atatatgctc ggggcctaca cctcttttgg tgcagcgccc     32280
     gcaggggaaa gaaagcgtta tctggggagc tggtacctgc cttgaggagg tcagcagccc     32340
     catgcaccac aaactcgagt ctttagcacc ttgtgtttct ggggtgagcc tggtggaaac     32400
     aggcactaaa agcgggggtg gttcattagc tggcccgagc ttgcagactc cccttcctcc     32460
     agggcatttc ccagggaaac gtgcccctta actttgtgct gtgagtgaag gacccttggc     32520
     gccgagattc ctccttgtga gtactgtgct tggcttccct tccctaccac gtgctcccgg     32580
     ggctcccaca agcaagctag cctcctatct gcaggaacct ggcctccgct cccaacctgt     32640
     gccccatccc ctgcctcctg gctcacccca tacgcctccc tcctggctcc tcccccaacc     32700
     cagcccccat gccccccacc ccgaagcctg atgcccatcc cctgctgcca gcaataccga     32760
     atggacagct gcaaggatat ggctctgtcc cagaagccgg agacgccctg tggcctggcc     32820
     cattcacagc ccagctgcaa gtgaaggacc tccagagagt ccattcacgg cccggttctg     32880
     ctgggtccag ggccaggctg tgcccgctgg tcctccttct gccactacac attggtctcc     32940
     tccttaacca ccacctcctt ctcagccatt atgtcttcca ccatcagcac cgcctcctct     33000
     ttcaaggccg cctccttgct ctgtacccgg gccgtcctct ccagcagagc ctcccgcctg     33060
     aacactgtgc cctcctgggt actcccgcag accccggtct gtgcagccca gcccatcccc     33120
     ggcaccacta ggctctgggg ccgctcccca ggaggcccgc tccccggaag gcccacagac     33180
     ctcgccctgc tgagaaccta gtcccacagg tacgtagacg caggtttcct gaaaagcccg     33240
     gctgggcccg cagatcgccg cacttgacct ggggctcagg tccccagcag ggtcaactgc     33300
     gcacaggagc tcaggagcca cagcccaagg ccttgggctt gcagagcccc accagcaggc     33360
     accgcagccg ctgctgcacg tgcgggagcc tctaggtctg caaggcagcg tacaattgtg     33420
     tgcacgcagg atatcgacgg ccaacctggc ggctggtctc cggtgtgcct agggcatagg     33480
     acgagaggca ctttggaatg ctccccggag tacagcatcc tcacggagga agcatggtac     33540
     gcggagcctg tatttgcctc gacctgcgag agcgcttgcc ggggttctgg cctctagagg     33600
     cgacgacttc cacccaagca taacccggct actttcctcc ctagcgtcgg ccccgaccca     33660
     ctttccccag gccaccccca ctgccctcgc cccagcagcc agagagagtt ctcctctgga     33720
     tctgcaatat tccgtatcat ctacctggct tgcctaatga aatgagatgt ttcatgtgct     33780
     ccttgtgggt caatgatttg ccacattcag gatgtcagtt agggcacagg tctcccatgc     33840
     ccgcaattcc aaaggccacg cagcccacgt gtgcctggac gcagcgctac ctggcacaag     33900
     ctccaagggc ttttcagagg agggttaccc caggaggctg ggactgcagg ccaacctggg     33960
     ttggtgccgc ccagggagac gcccaccgcc ctccgactga ttgaccgcgg ggggaggcgg     34020
     gtggtgttgg cgcggctcct ggcgccgttt gcctgaagtc tgttggggga gcctggagcc     34080
     cagtgcatgc gccctgaggg ccctccgacc cacaggctcc agtaagggca gcggcagggt     34140
     tcctgtggtg tgggtcaggc agcacaggcg gtggtctgtg ggagtccgga gaagggcact     34200
     gtcttcagga tggaggctgt acaggagggg gctcccggtg cgcagagcgg ggaggcagcc     34260
     ttggaggagg agttgtgctg ctgttagaca acataatggc ggagacgaag gtggtggccc     34320
     aggaggaggc cgacgtggag ctgcaggagg aggaccaacg ggcacagcct ggccctgggc     34380
     ccatgacccc agagtctgca ctggtggagc tgctggtcgt tcaggtgggg ctggagctgg     34440
     ttaatgcccg agccaggaat accttttctc aggagaggag aaagatggag cagaggcgca     34500
     agccccagct ggaccgcaga ggcgccatca tccagagcat ccctggcttc tgggccagtg     34560
     ttgcatcatt ttcagtgttt cttctgccta tctagttgag aggtgctctt ggggaagtgt     34620
     aagtaactga tgggcagctc ggcgtcgatg tgaccatttg gggaggaaac gtgggttgcc     34680
     acggacacat gtggctgtaa aaagccggag cagaggcggg tactatcttc ctgcatgcag     34740
     cggagaaacc cttcctgatg ctgagcatca gacgtttggg gcatcttttt gaagagcaga     34800
     agcgagttct caccagaaca ggtttttctg tgaatcaaga tattgttaag ggtgtgtgat     34860
     tgctccccct tactagtctg atctgagact gggagtcttt gggtataagc agattctgcc     34920
     actccttaga caccaggaac tctctgcaaa tttcccctcc caatatcagt gcagtcagcc     34980
     tcagaattac atactctccg tgaacccaag agtccttaat tcagggggag ggagagggga     35040
     aagggaggtc atacatggaa gcagatctga taaattccat acccctgcct ttgggtgctc     35100
     ttaggccttc ttccctgttg tttctagctt ttccttccat ggcatctaaa gcctctttga     35160
     cctaaatcaa gattgcgaac cacccccaga tgtcagcctt gattatgggt ttatatgccc     35220
     acagatacat caatcacatc tcctggcact gctctgtaat agagaggcct ggcctctgtg     35280
     agtcatggtt cctaggctcc cataaaaatt acttcctgtt tcaattcagt tgaggggtga     35340
     cagtgaagag actagagaac aagaagacta gagaagccag tgtgtgtccc tctccttctc     35400
     agcaggggat atgtttctgc agtgattcca tggcctgcag gacatgctct ctgttttcat     35460
     tttctattta gtgaccctaa tcctagaata ttctaatgct atttcctcca attgtcttct     35520
     ctaaagaatt tgggtatcat ttttggagac ttaaataaaa actattgata tggaaggggg     35580
     tagagaagtg ctgggtaggg gagggcatgg tccttggtta gggctccacc ctcagacctg     35640
     tgttcactca cataggtgag gacaaacact tctgttttct tgtccaaatg ttgcatttcc     35700
     caagaacacc ctggcctgcc acacctccat cctgtgatat aagaaactcc gataccctag     35760
     caggcagtga catacccgca gatgttgaga ggaacatttc ccaagaccac cctggcctgc     35820
     tacacctcca tcctgtgata taagaaacct ggagacccta gcaggcagtg acatagccgc     35880
     agatgtcgag aggaaccatc agcagaaaaa gacgcagcaa ctggaccttg agaagacacc     35940
     agaggaagga aagcacaagg acagaggtgg caggccatcc acctcagaag aacatggagt     36000
     cccatggggc tgtgggaaga gagtccagag ctgccccatt ccaagggaaa ccgaccttcc     36060
     tgctccatct cccttgtggg tccccatcta tctgctgaga gcatccactc aatgaaacct     36120
     ggcacttatt cttcaagccc acgtgggagc caattcttca ggtacaccaa ggcaagaaac     36180
     cccgggattc agatagccct ctgtgtttgc agtaaggcag ggtgtctgat ggagctgact     36240
     aactcaagcc acctacggat ggataaacta aaataacacc atgtaacaca tgacctctgg     36300
     caattccaga tctgtgaaca ttcatcccta gacactgcct gggagcagag ccccacaacc     36360
     tgtcctcatt gcaagctcca ttgggaaggg taaaagcgat gttttcccgt ttcaatataa     36420
     gtctgttttc aatgcagtgt gctttctata atactgccgt gttacctcat ttcatatatt     36480
     tgacaaaata agttacaaat tataagtaat gtgagaagaa aataaatggt gaagagtaag     36540
     atagaaaatg aaacatgttg tcattaagga atgtgtttta cttcatatag cagaaaaaag     36600
     taagcatgaa ttaaacaaaa agggatttct gtttttcaca tgtgaaccag ccatagttag     36660
     gcagttgctg cctttgatta gttgctctgc tacatggtag tagcagagct gcatggtagt     36720
     agcagtgaat ttttggctat tttctctaag gcgaaaccta gatgaaattc cacaccatgt     36780
     tgaatttcaa ccagctgttc ctagccagat ttgcccacac cctggttttc cacagtctta     36840
     tcatctccta ctttatgtgg ctattttaac agtgtatatt tgctagtcat gtgaaacacc     36900
     tgtctgagat tttctatgct cctgcaatca cctactattt ttcctatctc aaattatgtg     36960
     ccttgctcac ttttctcctc aggacactat aggatgttct ttagctgatt tttttaaaag     37020
     agcattggta aaccagtttc atttccctca gatacttgtg agagtttctg agaaacttat     37080
     acaagtctca gctaaacacc tggcactgga ccactaccct ttcagctgcc tgttgctgac     37140
     ttctttcatt agataagatc ccccaggcag cacctgcttg tgttgccctg cctccacttg     37200
     gtgtcctaaa gacaatatct aatgtttaaa acaccttaag tcttagatat agcataaagt     37260
     gtttatggga tacaaaacaa caatcagaca caacagattg agtcattctt ttttaaactc     37320
     ttatatgaaa ttattttgta gtttgtctta ttggaagtga gagacccaga gagtagaaac     37380
     agtgcttccg cttcatccac cctaatgcat ctcaaacatc tgtctcatca cttgctttct     37440
     atgagatgtc catgtatgag ctcccataaa atgttgcata atttatacaa gcaaatggtc     37500
     ctatggaaca atattaattt ttaaagacaa atcctcattc aaaagtaaag attttcaaaa     37560
     ccagaaataa tttacagaaa tgctacaaaa tgtggcataa taatcatagt gtggaaatag     37620
     aaattcagac aaactttcat attgttactg agagtatttt tccttgaaga gctatagtac     37680
     tggctatctg catcccagta atatttttat tattttttac cgtctcataa ccaaatggcc     37740
     cacaaggtta gattttctgt gatagagtgt ttgactaaag agtcaataac tcttgcaact     37800
     gagatcatcc ttagaaatta gcttagaaat tagttgacca aaatctcaaa gttcccaagg     37860
     ccaatcctta gggttcaatc tcagactgta atagtgtttt cttcagaaca gtggctttaa     37920
     gtaggcagat attttcacat ttataatcta ttggtggaaa gtctggtctt aaagtaagag     37980
     cagcagatgc atctctcctt tcatgacaag tttgacactc aagagatgat aaacttatag     38040
     gaaaaaatgg ttttctccat ttttctttag ctatctattc ccagaagaaa ttagaataaa     38100
     tatatgaatg acattttgaa acattctgga aaaaattaaa gaagagcata ttaagaaaca     38160
     aaacttttgc cagtatcagt ctttgacgac aaagttaacc acttcaacta tacagtataa     38220
     atgtatttac aaataaagtg aatgcatagg gaaatgtttc ttgcattgca cccactttct     38280
     ccagtgatgt cctagccact catttaaaat gggtcattga ttgaattaca actataacct     38340
     taatgcaaat agtacagtag aaattttttt aaaacagaac acatgcacac attggttatt     38400
     cttccagttg tactgtttct tttgtatggg tgtgtgtatg tctatgtaat tttagaaagt     38460
     tatagagaat agatttcggg caagtaatta gaaagtaacc agattttatt tgcaataaaa     38520
     atgaaaatgg ttaactttaa ttgaaatttt agtagaacag taaaactgta taagaattta     38580
     tcctgctcag ggaaaagata tgtagtgttt tgcagactga aagagttatt tcctgagtaa     38640
     ccaagtgttg gtatttactg cagaaataga tttgttttgg tagatccctg tagccagcta     38700
     cctgcagaga aggaaatcct actagagaga attctaaata gaataaataa atattctttc     38760
     atttgggtga agtgttcaca tacgatattc ttttatattc atctataaac atttactttt     38820
     aatacacttt ccaaaaaatt aaagtaatta taaaaattaa caagagaatt gtatattcct     38880
     tatttaaaat ttttagcctt ttcaaatcta agaaggccac tgtgaaatac ctgaaaatga     38940
     gatataaaat ggaaaagaaa agaaaatcca gcagaatgta ccagattttt ttaatgtgtt     39000
     ggatgtacat atatctgtta gcttttagtg gcagacagag tgcagtctac ataattttgt     39060
     tcataatagt tgcctatgca tcatacattc acacataaat attatttctc tgaagattga     39120
     aatagaaagc tagtagaaca caacatgaca catatgctga attacattta agcaagagtg     39180
     aattatgtag ttaaatgatc tcttcaaggg gcttcttacc actctctcac taggtagtct     39240
     agggattaat taagttccta agctctttca agctaagaaa cactatgtag tgctatacgt     39300
     tatcttggta acacaagagg gaggcataag tgatttgcaa cttcataggc tctgtgaaat     39360
     gtgtctaacc tgatagacag tttttttctg acagtgtttt atggattgga aagtgcttat     39420
     cagatttgaa ggtcgaattt gctctattaa aatcatgcta atctgcaaaa tcaatctttg     39480
     ttctatgtgt atgtagagtg atgtttctca aaatagaaga aaacttggga tatgatttgg     39540
     aaggtaatat aatgaggtag aattttgaca tcaattataa cttatctatt atcgtttgac     39600
     tcagctaatg ctctcttaat tagtgcaact gaagtctagt taatctgcgt aaaggtagag     39660
     gaaattttgt aactaataca atattatgta accatgaatc tgttgccaaa ataccagaaa     39720
     atgtaaaatc tgtgaaaggg aaaaaaaaaa tgcaaaacag aggaggcttt ggaggtattt     39780
     ttactgtaag gacattgaaa cttaagaatt taaatgatgt tcccaggatc accagctggt     39840
     aaatactaga gtttcaaaca tcaactcatt taattctttc aacaactttt tattttaagt     39900
     actactatta tttgtatgca acaaataagg tgactgaggt ccagggaagg taagtaactt     39960
     ggccagggcc atgtggctaa taagtgtcag agccaggatt caggccaaga aatttgactc     40020
     cagagcccat gcttttaatt ttacaccatt ctgtctctcc aggaatagct gtactcagtt     40080
     tccagacttc gctttcctca acccctccca cttttctttt cattatattg tgttgccaag     40140
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca gacacacgcc tgctaaaaaa     40200
     catatataac cccataaaac atttaacaaa aacatgtata tgtgtataca ttctttgctt     40260
     ctcagtgtgt ctgcagaatg atgattgata aatgactcaa atcagagagc aaaagagact     40320
     gattctgttt tatcatcagc cagaaaaagg aagattcctt taggcattct aagcataagg     40380
     caagatgaat agtgtgctaa ttagctctaa cactatcagc ctgctgtcct ttgtttgggg     40440
     ccaagaatga aagcggttac attgtgccta acaacatggt ccactggcct tattacaagg     40500
     ctccaagaag gattttgcaa cataagcata tggatatttt gcaatattta cagggagtga     40560
     aatatatgct gattagcata caagctacaa atgtttcatg ttgtaagcct tttcaatttc     40620
     tttccaaagg tattgctgct tatcctccac ttggatatat attttttaat ttgaagaaaa     40680
     tattttactc agttacaacc tgagctatga cttttgtagt gaatttaaaa gaaaatacca     40740
     ttaatatagt atagtccaaa gaatattgta gagtcagaaa tcatgaagtt aagtcccatt     40800
     tttgctctgc acattagtta tcctttcttc atagctggag aaaatcaaat catcagccac     40860
     cctagtttaa ctttaattgt tctcaaaact caaattaagt ctcaatactt cctggaattt     40920
     ccactgtttt tctatagcaa gttcactttt tcactatctc taaactcatt ttcatatctt     40980
     ccctttcctt aaattttata tacccacctg tcccaatctc attgtttcca attgtatacc     41040
     tcactgagaa aatgggagga agccatgaaa agaagcttgc tccatatttt gactgtgaca     41100
     tctccaagcc tgatgttaat ataccccttt tctttatttc aaaccaagaa agtgtcccca     41160
     tttctaagag atgggacagt cgttccacaa ttgtactggg tcccattctt cttcactccc     41220
     caaggatttt actctttcag gtgcaccata tttctcttgc aacatcagtt tctcctgtat     41280
     tgtatcatat ctgttaacat tcaaacatgt taaaaaaatg ccatcttcaa aataatatga     41340
     taaaatactt atttacccta aatccctatc tacagtctaa tttatctgct ttcctcactg     41400
     caaaacctgt tataagaatt gttgatgtgg gcggtggctc acgtctgtaa tcccagcact     41460
     ttgggaggcc aaggtgggtg gatcacgaga tgcagtccat cctggcagac acggtgaaac     41520
     ccccctcttc tttttttttt tttggagaga ttaatatttt attttatttt ttattttctt     41580
     ttactttttt attatacttt aagttttagg gtacatgtgc acaacgtcca cgtttgttcc     41640
     atatgtatgc atgtaccatg ttggtgtgct gcacccatta actcatcatt tagcattagg     41700
     tatatctcct aatgctatcc ctccacctcc ccctacccca caacaggccc cagtgtgtga     41760
     tgttcccctt cctgtgtcca tgtgttctca ctgttcagtt cccacctatg agtaagaaca     41820
     tgcagtgttt tgttttttgt ccttgagata gtttgctgag aatgatagtt tccagcttca     41880
     tccatgtccc tacaaaggac atgaactcat catttttcat ggctgcatag tattccatgg     41940
     tgtatatgtg ccacattttc ttaatccagt ctgtcattgt tggacatttg gcttggttcc     42000
     aagtctttgc tattatgaat agtgcctcaa taaacatacg tgtgcatgtg tctttataga     42060
     agcatgattt ataatccttt gggtatatac ccagtaatgg gatagctggg tcaaatggta     42120
     tttctagttc tagatccctg aggaatcacc acactgactt ccacaactgt tgaactagtt     42180
     tacagtccca ccaacagtgt aaaagtgttc ctatttctcc acatcctctc cagcacctgt     42240
     tgtttcctga ctttttaatg atcgccattc taattggtgt gtgatgctat ctcattgtgg     42300
     ttttgatttg catttctctg atggccagtg atcatgagca ttttttcatg tgtcttttgg     42360
     ctgcataaat gtcttctttt gagaagtgtc tgttcatatc cttcgcccac ttgttgatgg     42420
     ggtgtttgtt tttttcttgt aaatttgttg gagttcattg tagattctgg atattagccc     42480
     tttgtcagat gagtagatta gaaaaatttt ctcccattcc gtaggttgcc tgttcactct     42540
     gatggtagtt tcttttggtg tgcagaagct ctttagttta attagatccc atttgtcaat     42600
     tttggctttt gttgccattg cttttggtgt tttagacatg aactccttgc ccatgtctat     42660
     atcctgaatg gtatggccta ggttttcttc tagggttttt atggttttat gtctaacatt     42720
     taagtcttta atccatatta aattaatttt ttataaggtg taaggaagtg atgcagtttc     42780
     agctttctac atatggctag ccagttttcc cagcaccatt tattaagtag ggaatccttt     42840
     ccccattttt tgtttttgta aagtttgtca aagaacaaat agttgtagat atgcagcatt     42900
     atttctgagg gctctgatct gttccattgg tctatatctc tgattggtac cagtaccatg     42960
     cttttttggt tactgtagat tgtagtatag tttgaagtca ggtagcatgt tgcctccagc     43020
     tttgttcttt tggtttagga ttgacttggc aatgcgggct cttttttgtt tccgtatgaa     43080
     ctttaaagta gtattttcca attctcttaa gaaatcattg gtagcttgat ggggatggca     43140
     ttgaatctat aaattacctt gggcagtatg gccattttca tgatattgat tcttcctacc     43200
     catgaacatg ggattttctt ccatttgttt gtatcctgtt ttatttcatt gagcagtggt     43260
     ttgtagttct ccttgaagag gcccttcata tcacttgtga gttggattcc taggtatttt     43320
     attctttttg aagcaattgc gaatgggagt tcactaatga tttggctctc tgtttgtctg     43380
     ttattggtgt ataagaatgc ttgtgatttc tgcacattga ttttgtatgc tgagactttg     43440
     gtgaagctgc ctatcagctt aaggagattt tggactgaga caaaaataca acaaaaatta     43500
     gccagacgtg gagggttaca caggagaatt gctttaacct gggaggtaga ggttgcagtg     43560
     ggatgagatc gcaccactgt acttcagcct gggtgatata ataagactcc atcccccctc     43620
     caaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaag agaaaaaaaa agagttgttg atactcactt tttttctcaa     43680
     aattctgatc actccttaaa ccatccagat ttcagtctgt ccactccact gatcttgctt     43740
     ttgtcaaggt catcagtgac ttctatattt ccaatttaat ggtcacctat cactcttaaa     43800
     gagttggaca tccgttcttt gtttgaacat cttcttccct tgtcttttgt aaagtcaagt     43860
     ttaattttgt tttcttccta cctcactgac ttctctcatt ctccttgact ggctcctact     43920
     taattcagcc cctaaatgtt tgtcctaggc tctctactta tttgtgacat tcactagatt     43980
     ccaccaaacc tctgcttcca atatgctgtt tctttaacta tatatgcact atttttattt     44040
     ccttcatact tagaatttaa catggctgat tagacatagt tcgtggaaaa aatatagttc     44100
     tggattagat tggaagttgg cttctgatca gatttattca ccttgaatac tcaggtttac     44160
     agtgtctatc ttatagtcat taagtaccaa atataatttt taaagcaggt tgaatttata     44220
     tgaacaggaa cagaatatgg aagacaatgg acatcaagtc tatcagttaa gagtttgagg     44280
     gggtggagcc aaggtggccg aataggaaca gctccagtct acagctccca gcatgagaga     44340
     tgcagaagaa gagtgatttc tgcatttcca actgaggtac caggtccatc tcactggaga     44400
     gtgtcggaca gtgggtgcag gaagtgggtg cagcgcaaca agcatgaggc atagcagggc     44460
     gagtcatctc ctcacccggg aagaacaagg ggtcagggaa ttccctttcc tactcaaaga     44520
     aaggggtgac agatggcacc tggaaaattg ggtcactcct gccctaatac tgtgcttttc     44580
     caatgctctt agcaaatggc acaccaggag attatatcct gtgcctggct tggagggtcc     44640
     tatgcccaca gagcctcact cattgctagc acagcatgct gagatcaaat tgcaaggcag     44700
     cagcgaggct ggaggaggct tgagtaggta aacaaagcag ccaggaagct tgaactgggt     44760
     ggagctcacc aaagctcaag gaggccttcc tgcctctata gactccacct ctggggccag     44820
     agcatagcca aacaaaaggc agcagaacac tctgcagact taaatgtccc tgtctgacag     44880
     ctttgaagag agtagtggtt ctcccatcac gcagctggag gtctgagaac agtaaggctg     44940
     cctcctcaag tgggtccctg acccccgagt agcctatctg ggaggcaccc cccagtaggg     45000
     gcagactgac acctcacacg gccgggtact cctctgagac aaaacttcca gaggaaccat     45060
     caggcagcaa catttgctgc tcaccaatgt ctgctgttct gcagcctgca ctgctgacac     45120
     gcaggaaaac agggtctgca gaggacctcc agcaaactcc aacagacctg cagctgaggg     45180
     tcctgactgt tagaaggaaa actaacaaac agaaaggaca tccacaccaa aaccccatct     45240
     gtacgtcacc atcatcaaag accaaaggta gataaaatca caaagatggg gaaaaaacag     45300
     agcagaaaaa ttggaaactc taaaaatcag agcacctctc ctcctccaaa ggaatgcagc     45360
     tccttaccag cagcggaaca aagctggatg cagaatgact ttgacaagtg gagagaagaa     45420
     ggcttcaaac catcaaagaa ctctgagcta aaggaggaag ttcaaaccca tggcaaagaa     45480
     gtcaaaaacc ttgaaaaaaa attagacaaa tggctaacta gaataaccaa tgcagacaac     45540
     accttaaagg acctgaggga gctgaaaacc atggcatgag aactatgtga cgaatacaca     45600
     agcctcagta gctgattcga tcaactggaa gaaagggtat cagtgatgga gatcaaatga     45660
     atgaaatgaa gtgagaagag aaatttagag aaaaaagaat aaaaagaaat gaacaaagcc     45720
     tccaagaaat atgggactat gtgaaaagac caaatctacg tctaattggt gtacctaaaa     45780
     gtgacgtaga gaatggaacc aggttggaaa acactctgca gggtattatc caggagaact     45840
     tccccaatat ggcaaggcag gcccacattc aaattcaaga aatacagaga atgccacaaa     45900
     gatactcctc aagaagagca actccaagac acataattgt cagattcacc aaagttgaaa     45960
     tgaaggaaaa aatgttaagt gcagccagag agaaaggttg ggttacccac aaagggaagc     46020
     ccatcagact aaaagatgat tgctcaccag caactctaca agccagaaga gagtgggagc     46080
     caatattcaa cattcttaaa gaaaagaatt ttcaacccag aatttcatat ccagccaact     46140
     aagcttcata agtgaaggag aaataaaatc ctttacagac aagcaaacgc tgagagattt     46200
     tgtcaccacc aggcctgctc taaaagagcc cctgaaggaa gcactaaaca cggaaaggaa     46260
     caaccagtac cagccactgc aaaaacatgc caaattataa agaccatcaa ggctaggaag     46320
     aaactgcatc aactaatgag caaaataacc agctaacgtc ataatgacag gatcaaattc     46380
     acacataaca atattaacct taaatgtaaa tgggctaaat gttccaatta aaagacacag     46440
     actggcaaat tggataaaga gtgaagaccc atcagtgtgc tgtattcggg aaacccatct     46500
     cacatgcaga gacacacata ggctcaaaat aaagggatgg aggtagatct accaagcaaa     46560
     tggaaaacaa aaaaggcagg gattgcaatc ctagtctctg ataaaacagg ctttaaacca     46620
     acaaagatcg aaagagacaa agaaggccat tacataatgg taaagggatc aattcaataa     46680
     gaggagctaa ctatcctaaa tatatgtaca ccctatacag gagcacctag gaagtaatta     46740
     gagactacaa agagacttag actcccacat aacaataatg ggagacttaa atatgccact     46800
     gtcaacatta gacagatcaa cgagacagaa agttaacaag gatatccgga actgaactca     46860
     gctccgcacc aagtggacct aataggcatc tacagaaatt tccaccccaa atcaacagaa     46920
     tatacattct tttcagcacc acaccacacc tattccaaaa ttgaccacat agttggaagt     46980
     aaagcactcc tgagcaaatg taaaagaaca gaaattataa caaactgtct ctcaaaccac     47040
     agtgcaatca aactagaact caggattaag aacaccactc aaaaccactc aactacatgg     47100
     aaactgaaaa acctgctctt aaatgactac tgagtacata acggaatgaa agtagaaata     47160
     aagatgttct ttgaaaccaa caagaacaca ggcacaacat accagaatct ctgggacaca     47220
     ttcaaagcag tgtgtagagg gaaatttata gcactaaatg cccacaagag aaagcaggaa     47280
     agatgtaaaa ttgacaccct aacatcgcaa ctaaaagaac tagagaagca agaacaaaca     47340
     cattcaaaag ctatcagaag gcaagaaata agatcagagc agaactgaag gaaacagaga     47400
     cacaaaaagc ccttcaaaaa aatcaatgaa tccaggagct ggttttttga aaagatcaag     47460
     aaaattgata gaccgctagc aggattaata agggagaaaa tagagaagaa tcaaatagac     47520
     acaataaaaa ttgataaagg ggatatcacc accaatccca cagaattaca aactaccatc     47580
     agagaatact ataaactcct gtatgcaaat aagctagaaa atctagaaga aatggatgaa     47640
     ttcctcgaca catacaccct cccaagacta aaccaggaag aagttgaatc tctgaataga     47700
     ccaataacag gctctgaaat tgaggaaatc attaatagct taccaaccaa aaaaagtaca     47760
     ggaccagatg gattcacagc tgaattctac cagaggtata aggaggagct ggtaccattc     47820
     cttctgaaat tattccactc aatagaaaaa gagggaatcc tccctaactc attttatgag     47880
     gccagcagag acacaagaaa aaagagaatt ttagaccaat atccttgatg aacattgata     47940
     caaacatcct caataaaata ctggcaaccc aaatccagca gcacatcaaa aagcttatcc     48000
     accatgatca agtgggcttt atccctggga tgcaagtctt gttcaacata cacatatcaa     48060
     taaccataat ccagcatata aacagaacca acaacaaaaa ccatgattat ctcaatagat     48120
     gtagaaaagg tctttgacaa aattcaacaa tgcttcatgc taaaaactct cagtaaatta     48180
     ggtatatatt cgatgtatct caaaataata agagctgtct atgacaaacc cacagccaat     48240
     atcacactga atggacaaaa actggaagca ttccctttga aagctggcac aagacaggga     48300
     tgccttctat caccactctt attcacatag tgttcaaagt tctggccagg gcaatcaggc     48360
     aggagaagga aataaaaggg tattcaatta ggaaaagagg aagtcaaatg tccctgtttg     48420
     cagatgacgt gattgtatat ctagaaaacc ccatcatctc agcccaaaat ctcattaaac     48480
     tgaaggcaac ttcagcgaag tctcaggata taaaatcaat gtacaaaaat cacaagcatt     48540
     cttatacacc agtaacagac aaagagagag ccaaatcctg agtgaactcc cattcacaat     48600
     tgcttcaaag agaataaaat atctaggaat ccaacttata agcaacgtga aggacctctt     48660
     caaggagaac tacagaacac tgctcaatga tataaaagag gatacaaaca aatggaagaa     48720
     cattccatgc tcatgggtag gaagaatcaa tatcatgaaa atggccatac tgcccaaggt     48780
     aatttataga ctcaatgcca tccccatcaa gctaccaatg cctttcttca cagaattgga     48840
     aaaaactact ttaaagttca catggaacca aaaaagagcc cgaattgcca agtcaatcct     48900
     aagccaaaag aacaaagctg gaggcatcac actacctgac ttcaaactat actacacact     48960
     acagtaacaa aaacaacatg gtactggtac caaaacagag atatagaaca atggagcaga     49020
     tcagagccct cagagataat gtcgcatacc tacaactacc tgatctttga caaaccttac     49080
     agaaacaaga aatggggaaa ggattcccta tttaataaat ggtgctggga aaattggcag     49140
     ccatatgtag aaagctgaaa ctggatccct tccttacacc ttatacaaaa attaattcaa     49200
     ctacttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc gtgaacccgg gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag     49260
     ctgagatccc gccactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacagagc aagactccgt ctcgaaaaaa     49320
     aaaaaaaaaa aattaattca agagggatta aagacttaaa cattagatgt aaaaccataa     49380
     aaaccctaga agaaaaccta ggcaatacca ttcaggacat aggcatgggc aaggacttca     49440
     tgtctaaaac accaaaagca atggcaacaa aagccaaagt tgactaatgg gatctaatta     49500
     aactaaagaa cttctgcaca ccaaaagaaa ccaccatcag agtgaacagg caacctacgg     49560
     aatgggagaa aatttttgca atctactcat ctgacatagg gctaatatcc agaatctaca     49620
     atgaactcca acaaatttac aagagaaaaa caaacacccc atcaacaaat gggcgaagga     49680
     tatgaacaga cacttctcaa aagaagacat ttatgcagcc aaaagacaca tgaaaaaatg     49740
     ctcatgatca ctggccatca gagaaatgca aatcaaaacc acaatgagat accatctcac     49800
     accagttaga atggcgatca ttaaaaagtc aggaaacaac aggtgctgga gaggatgtgg     49860
     agaaatagga acacttttac actgttggtg ggactgtaaa ctagttcaac cattgtggaa     49920
     gtcagtgtgg caattcctca gggatctaga actagaagta ccatttgacc cagccatccc     49980
     attactgggt atatacccaa aggattataa atcatgctgc tataaagaca catgcacacg     50040
     tatgtttact gtggcactat tcacaatagc aaagacttgg aaccaagcca aatgtccaac     50100
     aatgatagac tggattaaga aaatgtggca catatacacc atggaatact atgcagccat     50160
     gaaaaatgag ttcatgtcct ttgtagggac atggacgaag ctggaaacta tcattctcag     50220
     caaactatct caaggacaaa aagcaaaaca ctgcatgttc ttactcatag gtgggaactg     50280
     aacaatgaga acacatggac acaggaagtg gaacatcaca cactggggcc tgttgtgggg     50340
     tagggggaag tggagggata gcattaggag atattcctaa tgctagatga cgagttaatg     50400
     ggtgcagcac accaacatgg cacatgtata cgtatggaac aaacgtggac attgtgcaca     50460
     tgtaccctaa aacttaaagt acaataaaaa aaagtttgag tgttgtaaca tcttaatgta     50520
     agtgaacatg tcctgaatta ggtatttcgt ggaagtgcaa acgtaacaaa cagcaaaagg     50580
     cattcaaaaa tacttgaaag agtaggcaaa agactgaata tgaggtttat aaaacagaga     50640
     attgtacctc cccatgattt gtgacccaaa tgacttggag gataaaatgc tgctaatcct     50700
     ggtaatgaac acatttctct ctagagactg actgactcca aatttgaagc caaatttact     50760
     tttatggtca tgcttaaact aacataataa tatattggtc taatttcttc tatgaaatca     50820
     gatcgaaaaa taaataatct tgtattcaga ctttctgtgt gttctgtttt catcttagta     50880
     ctgtagctta agatcacttt gtgacttttt cttgtatttt cccaaaggct attgcaaaag     50940
     caaggaagtt gtgatctagt tttgtggcag aacaagtatg gtctagaggg aaaactgact     51000
     tggagcaaca gatgtggttt tagacatgtt gagtttaagg tggtgtcaag atattccatt     51060
     gaaaatggaa gttacagaac tatgactgaa ggtcagggaa cactctgaat ggtgaacgca     51120
     ggctggaaag tcattcaacc atgacatact gacctggaga cacatagcta gtggtatcct     51180
     aaatatttag gcttgggttt acattttaca actagcagat gacataataa agccaatcaa     51240
     agatgcgagc agaaagggaa agaaaacaag ggagtgaata gccaagggac acattttgca     51300
     aggctcagtc aagttgacta tactgaatgt tgtggagagc tgtcaaagaa agtaaagaca     51360
     gaagattttg taatggtaag gttgaccttg aagagtatat tttcagtgga gtagtagggg     51420
     caggattctt ttggaaaatg aaatgagtga ataatgatga aaaggagata agcaaacaag     51480
     aaaaaagatt aatagcttta gggaggtgtt ttcaagggaa agtatttttt aataacttta     51540
     atagcttatt gctttattca gtgaaaaatg agcctactgt aagatttgaa aatacaaaaa     51600
     gtacaaagaa ggacgcaaaa aaaaccatgt gaaatgcaac aataaaaaaa aaactaccct     51660
     tattgttttg aaaaacatac ttgcaggttt caattaatag agcatacaat tcattgaaaa     51720
     gagtatgtta aatttttttg gaaaatactt gttaaacata caatgttaat attgattaaa     51780
     atacatttct tggccaggca cagtggctcg tgcctgtaat ctcagcattt tgggaggcca     51840
     aggtaggtgg atcacctgcg gtcaggagtt cgagaccagt gtgaccaaca tggagaaagc     51900
     ccatctctac ttaaaataca aaattagctg ggcatggtgg cacatgcttg taatcccagc     51960
     tactgaggag gctgaggcag gagaattgct tgaacccagg aaggggaggt tgcagtgagc     52020
     cgagattgcg ccattgcact ctagcctggg aacaagagca aaactccatc tctcacacac     52080
     acacacacac acacgcacac acacaaagaa aatatatttc ttagtgagat gcatgatatt     52140
     gttcctgccc ccttctcatt tactctcatt ctctcttgta gactagaaaa ctattgctaa     52200
     atgccagagt gagacagcat tcattattaa ttcaattttt acttttttct ctctatggat     52260
     ggaagtgtca aaaagagact ttgttcccgt gaatatgtat ataggaatgg aagaatgaat     52320
     ttttaaagca atttcactca attctttgaa ttcttcatgt attaaatacc gaaaactata     52380
     tacatgacaa ctgcaagtca ttcaattttg ttgaaacaag cattgaaaat tgcttgactt     52440
     agaagaggag ttactattta gcctttagaa attgttcacc ttgtgaagcc aatgccttac     52500
     atttctaatc ttaaaaggta aactgaggca catttttaaa gagtttgagc aagaaatatt     52560
     ccatgaattg tgcagctcca aagtagaagc cattcaggag ctccatcaag ggaaaacaat     52620
     ggggagaatt ttataaaaca cacacagaac taaagcagat ggtatttgat tggttacaat     52680
     tacacagttg cctcatttga tcagtcccat cgggaagtcc taatcatata agtttgttaa     52740
     ctgcttctaa ttggttgagt ttacattctt ttttttagat ataaacattt acaagaaaga     52800
     gctgaagtta agttttgctt atgtttgcga atcaagtaag gttgaagtca cttctgaggc     52860
     ctgttgtttt cttctaagag attcttcagg tctggtctct atgttaagtt gtatcagcct     52920
     taaggaacct cttgtcctcg atgtgtttct ttttttgctt gtttttattt ttgccttttt     52980
     attttaagat aaaactcaga tatggaaagc acacaagtgt atggttttat ttccaccaca     53040
     cagatataaa gcaacagcat attgcctacc aaactagtat tccaatgcag ataccttgtc     53100
     caaatcacca ttccctttag gcctttcaca aaactgagaa atttgtctgt gttattagga     53160
     agccacacag tggccaatga agaaatgaat accaaagaca gttagactta gaagaaatac     53220
     atgatgaatc aaggtcttga agaaggcctg agtggaaaga atcagataaa ttctacatca     53280
     ctgacaaagg ttagtcttgg aaaaatgaaa tttcttttac tgcaagtcag agaaaagaga     53340
     agagaggaca agttcattca acctgtcatt taataaagat ttattaaggc cctattactt     53400
     gacaatagtg tagaaagcac tggagagaga ttttaaagag gaaaataaac tgtacttggg     53460
     ctctccagtt agatggactt aattgcttca aaaaaggagg agatgaggtt gtggttttca     53520
     ataaaagctg tttaggggat tgtggatttg gacatgtgaa gagtggggac aaaatttcaa     53580
     aaagctacag tagagaaaac cctacagaat caatacattt tatttgcagg actctggaaa     53640
     gagccaagtc taccattttg ttttaaaagc taagcttgga atgcttatat cagtcaccac     53700
     agtgaatcta attgtttcta tttttataat tggacctact gctggagtga tgccaaaaca     53760
     aacataccaa attaaagtac aaacactaat aaaacataac aggagcagaa tgctgcaaac     53820
     tcaactgctt atttaaaaaa aaatgattag ctttaaaatg ttagcatgtc agaaaacaat     53880
     ttccttttac taacatcagt tttgaaggtc cactaatcaa aaatatatag aattaggaca     53940
     ggcagtgaat tcaataaagt agaccttgca gtaaaataaa atttgctgca ggcccatgct     54000
     attggaatta gaaaggcgtc gtcaatcata tgcctgcaga tcagaggtct cagtgagcca     54060
     gtgataattc tcatgtttag agtccccctg ttataacatg tcatcttttt aaatatccta     54120
     tttgatgcaa tatttaattg tctctttaag ggtgatgaaa aaaatactag gatgcttgaa     54180
     cactttaaaa ataaaaatat ccaaatgagg caggcagtgg gacttctttt gtgttttcct     54240
     ttctttgagc aagacagcat ttttctttca attctttcct tctgttctca tgaattaatc     54300
     tgcattttgt gattttagat ctgtgcaggg tggagtgtga ttactgaggt cttaatcaac     54360
     atttaggctg acagataacg tagaaccagc tattatcttc tgtgcagaga gatatgttta     54420
     ttgtaaatgc tgtgggctct gaaaagttgg gagacgagac ttttgaaatg gatgagagtg     54480
     tcaaagtgtt gctttagatc cctatatagg tgaaagaact gcaaagatga cttggaaaga     54540
     aagagttatt tgtgatatat ttgaatggaa gataaaaaag gaaattattt tacttcaaat     54600
     atgatatgtt ttgtaattat taactgaatt atagaatttg aataggaagt gatttcataa     54660
     agcaatcact ctagtgattt cccaatactg atttccagac agacacaaga ctgggataat     54720
     attttcacta ctccacggca gaatttaaaa aaaataagat atcattatag acagattttc     54780
     aatgaagcta gatttgttac ttgattttaa tttaatatta cattattttt atttgtagtc     54840
     ttaaaatact ctttcctctt tgagatgaca gatgtatatg gtaggatgtg taaaatgctc     54900
     ttggttagat taaatgaaac aatcattgtt cttttggaaa ttggagtagg gctaatgtga     54960
     agctagatga gaaagtaggc agcatgtggt ttgaggaaca agatcttctt gtgcctgagc     55020
     tcttcctcta tgtactcaat atccttattt tgctatccag tttacaatgt cattttgttc     55080
     cctactccct tctttcccaa attgaaatca actttgaaaa agaatcagct ttcagccatt     55140
     tatccaactc acaggcaagg tgagagtgca ctgtaggtgc tagaaacaaa aatccactgc     55200
     tctcaatttt attttctcat gtacgttaat ccctctatct ctaccagctc agtatacata     55260
     tacaactgtg atctaaattc ttatattgct tttataaatt agaatttttc ccattgttta     55320
     agcccctgcc gcctacccct tcattacttt tctccactaa gcatgctgta cccacttctc     55380
     tcatttcttc ccactggctt ttcagttcag ttcaatttgg ttttggtctc attccactgg     55440
     aactactttt atcaaggaca gcattcccat ctgtattatt aaaaccactg gttactttac     55500
     cattttcctc ttactcaaat tctcagcatt attctgcaca ttagcaactc tcttttcttc     55560
     aaacacagaa ctatgccaaa attgtcctat tctagagagt tggcagctgt tttctcactc     55620
     ttttgcaatg gttgctcttt ctgatatatc aaataggaat tccttggaga aagcttcact     55680
     tagttcccaa aatccaatag ttctgtctgt tataccaacc atcactaccg tctgttactc     55740
     tctttcagca tcccaaagtt tccttcacag catttacaat tgcttgtgac ttttatttat     55800
     tatctgtctc tccctgtaca taaagcttaa agaagtcagg gaccattaac cccatattca     55860
     ttgctgtacc tccagaaccc agcacagtgc ttgttgcata gtattaaata ttcattgaat     55920
     atttattatt cagtgaataa taaatttaat aatctcaaat aataatgaag atcaataata     55980
     atcttgaatc ttaataaaga ttcattgaat aatttgatgg atagatgaat gccaagaatc     56040
     ccacaatatt ttttactagc ctcaacttga aaactcattc caagactttt gcattttatc     56100
     tttgcaatga ttcttgcatc tgcctctttc ttccagtcct ttcttccact ttccttgccc     56160
     aggccaccat cagctattag ttgaaccact taataaaact cataactcac cttctgtttc     56220
     tcttgctgat cttcaaccca tcctatatat tgcagttagt cttataacct tcgtgaaact     56280
     cagatcttat tttcctatga aaaaacaata acaaaaaaaa cttgccttta tgtagacagt     56340
     ttgttctaaa ctttctttcc tggcatttat gctccttgaa gatctgtctt taactgacac     56400
     cagctctaag ttgtcataat gtatttgcct agctcttttt ttgtgtgtac ttctcttttg     56460
     acacttttag gactcaatgt tgtgttatta caacatttaa tagaatgaga acatgttgaa     56520
     agcagataca tggtatgttt tctaatctca gcacttacca cagtttttga tacacacaac     56580
     tctataaata tttgctgaat aaatcattgt gtgaccctct tcttgaagtt ctatgttcaa     56640
     tatcaaagag aatatagaat ataaaaatga ttaactgcaa accctatata gtgtttggtg     56700
     taactaaaaa tactgaattc tgtacatttt gtttaaggca atggatatga cttaatagct     56760
     gtgttacagt taaatattgg tgtgcaactg atgcctgcag tttcctgagc caaaagagaa     56820
     aaaatcttgt ccttagatat ttttcaactg aaaagtcctc caattaatta gaagaccctt     56880
     agcaaaaaac ctgttgatgc atgttgcctt ttccccagaa agatctgcaa gatatgaaga     56940
     gaacaatagc ctcaggcagt acactcagaa gatgaaagtg tataatgtga aaaaacacac     57000
     tgagtatttc tagcacaggc tgactgcctg caggtcctga tatttaccct caagcatgct     57060
     gctcagaatt ccattataga ggaattaaag tggccaagca tatatgtatg tgtgtgtgtc     57120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgagcg atggagtttc actctttcat atatatatat acacacacac     57180
     ccacatatat acatttatgt atacacacac atatatacat atatgtgtgt atgtatatat     57240
     atatgagtga aactccatct ctctcacaca cacacgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     57300
     tatatatgta taactgttcc agttatattt gttaacattt agaagagggt tgacatgatg     57360
     tgcataattt taatcaatcc tggtgttgtc tctgagtaaa caaagtgcat gactgatatt     57420
     tgagatactt catgccttat ctctggatat ctacttatgt tctattttca tttgtttgtt     57480
     tttgaagtgg agtttcactc tcgttgccca ggctggagtg ccatggcatg atctcagctc     57540
     accataacct ccacctcccg ggttcaagca attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgaggagctg     57600
     ggattacagg catccaacac cacgcccggc ttattttata tttatatttt ttttttttga     57660
     gatggagttt caatctttct tcctgtctgg agttcaatgg ttcaatggtg caatctcggc     57720
     tcactgcaac ctccaccctt ctggttcaac tgattctcct gcatatgcct cctgagtagc     57780
     aggattacag gcacccacca ccatgcctgg ctaatttttg tacttttagt agagatgggg     57840
     ttttgccatt ttggtcacag tggtatcaaa cttctgactt caggtgatct gcccacctgg     57900
     gcctcccaaa gcgtaggatt acaggcataa gcgaacatgc ttggccttct gttttcatct     57960
     tataccatga ctggttcatc ttccagctat gctccagtca ccctgaatta tcttatagtc     58020
     accttgattc caataatgca caagcttttt tgtctccagg ctctgacaca ggctgtttcc     58080
     tctgtttgga ctccccttcc cttcttttct gcctaaaata tttctactca ttctcctata     58140
     tccagagctc ttgatgcaca ttctgagtta gtaagcaaaa tatatatgta tgttctataa     58200
     atgtttattg aaagaattat cataaatttc atcattttta aaaagggtct gtgaccccat     58260
     aaatattaag attcatttat ttctgcctgt aatcaaatgt gacacagtga aggcatacac     58320
     agacctcctc atttcccact gcccgaaaca agttatctgt cacagatatt ctgtcccttt     58380
     tctcagtttt tatagcacac tttacatatt actctccttt tttttgtttg tttttttttt     58440
     tttttttgag acagagtctt gttcttttgc ctaggccaga gtgcagtggc gtgttcttgg     58500
     ctcactgcaa actctgcctc ctgagttcaa gcagttctcc tgcctcagcc tccctggtag     58560
     ctgggaggct cccaagtatt ctcccaagta ctcccaccat gcctggctaa ttttttgtag     58620
     agatggggtt ttaccatgtt agccaggatt gccccaatct cctgacctca tgaccctccc     58680
     gccttgccct cccaaagtgc tggggttata ggcgtgagcc actacatgca gactagtatc     58740
     gctcgtttta taccatttct acttgtctcc ctttggactg agctatcact gaaggcagga     58800
     acaatgtctt attcaccttt gatcacagaa attagcacaa atggattcat tttagctggc     58860
     agaatgttga agcttaagtc aacttgcctg gaatttaaag gtttgcatat gctaaaattc     58920
     tggaggatac agtgcttgca tcttctaact attacccata catttaaatt tttgacagtc     58980
     attgcccttc ttcaggttac aatgtgaata ccaagaaata caacatttct ccttaataaa     59040
     atatgacaac cttgagctgt gatagtctga cacaaacaca atcagtgtgg tgctatcttc     59100
     ttctccaata taatttcttc caattatttt aattatatga gttatagaaa taaaataaat     59160
     aagtaaaaca caggggaata aattgttggc aaaataatta aaaagtctca gaacttcagg     59220
     atgcttattt atagattaaa aggtgaacac ctagcaaaat agatgaaaat agactcatgt     59280
     caagatatat caatgtaaaa tttgagaaca ctgagaacaa agagaaaatt gcataagttt     59340
     ccagagaggt aaaaataggt caggtacaaa ggatgaggaa tcagatgatt taaaaattgt     59400
     caacattggc cagccatggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccaaggt     59460
     gcactttggg aggctaaggc aggtgaatca cctgatgtca ggagtttgag accagcctga     59520
     ccaacatgga gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaat tatccaggca tggtggtgcc     59580
     tgcctgtaat gccagctact ctacagcctg agacaggaga attgcttgaa cccaggaggc     59640
     ggagtgtgtg atgagctgag attgtgccat cgcactccaa cctgggcaac aagagcgaaa     59700
     ctccatctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat caacaccatc actataaacc tgaaggcaat     59760
     ggattacagt tatgctttaa aaattctaaa agaaaataat ttctgacata tgtttttgtt     59820
     tccacataga ctaaaatcaa atatacaagt agaaaacata catttttcag acatatgaca     59880
     actgtaaaat tttgtctccc tgtgaagctt ttctcaggaa actgctagag atttttttcc     59940
     taccaaaagg aagaagtaaa ccaagacaga caaatatgtg aaatgcagaa aataagagac     60000
     agaacaaaag agagagataa attcgtaaaa gggtaatgaa tgaaattcct aggatgagac     60060
     aattgaatga ggcctagagg gcaaccagtc agactgttgc agcagcctac aagagagtgt     60120
     tcttcaaggt gggagcattt atagaacaat tcatgtgaat aaaagtcttg atatgagatt     60180
     taaaaaaatt agtaaagaat tttcaattga attagcacaa gttaaaataa aattaagtgg     60240
     aaattgagca acaaaattat aaccactatt tctcagcaat tcatggttat cataatagaa     60300
     atttaagcgt actgagaact taatgatact gaaattatta cagattaaat ttgtgaatag     60360
     caggaaaagt gatattacaa taggagttta tagacaaatg tttctatgac aacttgaaaa     60420
     ttaatgtact agatatttaa ataaagtatt agaaaagaaa cagcagcatc aattctgaaa     60480
     aactaaagtg aggggataat gatgcaggga aaattagtaa aacatacaaa gctaactttt     60540
     ggttgttgga gaaatatagt aaatggtaca aacctcaggc aagtttagat aaaaagggag     60600
     aaagcacaaa taaaactaag aatttaaaag atacataact atagatacag tatagattaa     60660
     gaagctaata aggaaatatg attaacactt catcctacaa atttgaaaac ttagatcaaa     60720
     tagacagata tttataatct gtctatatat atagacatat atatagcttt ctatatatat     60780
     tttcatattt aattttttat atttacatct tatatttata tataatatat aaagataaat     60840
     ataatctatg tatatagctt ggtaaaattg atataagaag acatatataa tctgaatagt     60900
     ctcataaatg ttcaaggaaa taaaggattg ttcctagaga caaaacaata ggctcagatt     60960
     ttttccccag gcagagcatt tcaatatata tgaagaattc tataaaataa aaaagggaaa     61020
     atcctaaact tattctgtga ggcaagcagg actttgaagc caacaagaca taaactgagt     61080
     agataaaaag atatgaaaac taaagtccat tctcattcgt gaaacaaatg gtaaaatccc     61140
     aaatgtaaca agatttatgt gggttctttg agagttagaa ggaaatttgc ttctgcccga     61200
     tcctgctact ctaggacaac ccacacacaa atttatgttt tgagattttc tataataccc     61260
     atgcaatatg gaactggctt gacaatctgt gtgatagcca gcctgtggcc atgacttctc     61320
     agggacacaa attgtttctg tttgcctcct tcttctgctc agctccaaga gaactttgac     61380
     caaagttcct tgagcttgga aataggaatg ggtttacttc tgtttcacca ttactgtgaa     61440
     gatacggtct ggtggaatcc agatccactg ggagagagtt ggctattaaa ctcttttcct     61500
     gagtagtccc taggccttga ctagagcctt tcttgagata tgaggctaat agttccttct     61560
     tggtccacca ctttttgata taattaatgt ttcttccact gggaattttt aatggtttgg     61620
     gaagtgacat ggtttggtgt gtctccattc aaatctcaac ttcaattgta tctcccagaa     61680
     ttcccacgtg ttgcaggtgg gacccagggg gaggtaattg aatcatgggg gctggtcttt     61740
     ctcatgctat tcttgtgata gtgaataagt ctcaagagat ctgatgggtt tttcagagat     61800
     ttccgctttt ggttctttct cattctctct tggcattgcc atgtaagaag tgcctttatt     61860
     cctataccat gattctcaga cctccccagc catgtggaag tgtaagtcca attaaacgtc     61920
     cttttcttcc cagtctcagg tatgtcttta tcagcagcgt gaaaattaac taagacagga     61980
     gggttggtcc aaataacttt ggcttccatt acagaagata gaagttggtg aaatgtttaa     62040
     tcttttctgt ggcaaacttt agcagtgggt attatttttc taattgtttt ttgttctatt     62100
     cacctttctc atagggtact cttgctctgt agcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcaggatct     62160
     tggctcaaca catccttcgc ctcccaggtt caggctctcg agtagctcgg attacaagca     62220
     tgcatcacca cgcccaacta attttttgta tttttagtag aggctgggct tcaccatgtt     62280
     ggccaggctg gtctccaact cctgacctca ggtgatccac ctgtctcagc cttccaaagc     62340
     ccaaagtgct gggaatgcaa gcttgagcca ctgtgcccag ccaactccag tattttttac     62400
     ctaagcgagt ggagttctgt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttc ctgagacagg     62460
     gtcttattgt gtcatccagg ctggagtgta gtaatgtgat cttggctaac tgcaacctct     62520
     gcctcccagg ttcaggtagt tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtaggtggg actacaggaa     62580
     tgtgccatta ggcctggtta atttttgcgt ttttggtaga gacatgtttt tgccatattg     62640
     cccaggctgg tctcgaactc ctgacctcaa gtgacccacc aacctcagcc tccgaaaatg     62700
     tggaaattac aggcaagagc cagcaggccc agcctggagt tgcttttttt tttttgacat     62760
     aaaaagaaat ctgtggagga aaaagcttgg tttgtgggag cacctgagct cagtttggct     62820
     cacctattat ttactggcag tgaaggtatg ttgttaatgt acaatatgtt catgtacata     62880
     gcatatgtat atgctcatca ggtattttca ggtaaaaaat agtcattccc atagtttgag     62940
     ccattacaga aattgccacc aggggatttc acagttgaat tccagttctg ggcaacagtg     63000
     attaacataa tggttattaa caagaagaga ttttgagaca tccagccatg tttagatgtc     63060
     agggccttga agggataggt ttggcatatt agtaagaaag agtgcattgg actggatact     63120
     aagaaacacg ttgaattatt tttcttgcct ctataacatg aaaggacact tagagataca     63180
     gaaataatgg aacatttcac agcatggctt gacatttcac tgaactttta tccatttaac     63240
     catgtacaaa gtttattaaa tatgcaaagg taggactgct ctaggaagaa agaggtggag     63300
     tcagaggtca caatccatag caagataaca ctgtcttctg gattgcaccc tgagagctga     63360
     attagagtga gaattaactt tcaggttgcc aaaagagaac aaggagaatg aagctatcag     63420
     cagttaacag tattggatta attgaaatga atgttgacag agattttttt gtctttccat     63480
     caaattgagt atagaaaagg taaccgctta tcaaatttca cacatataca attgtggatt     63540
     aattaaaaga ttacacaacc cacatattat aggtatctct tgtaaatgta tatgtacatg     63600
     ggcaaactca cagtgtgcaa atatgtgtct atatctaaat atacacaaat ccattgatca     63660
     acagttagaa agttagaaat tattctccca ttttaccatt ccctttccta gaattttgtc     63720
     acaaatataa tttttccata tgtttgaagc ctactctctg gaggcatgta gtgtatatgt     63780
     acagtaaagc tgtgagatat cacaatgttg ttgtcagaga aaacaataac actggtgtta     63840
     tgaaagatta attgtgagga gaaagttata cttcacatta ctacaaatac acaagcatga     63900
     tttcatccaa agctgaaatc agtcaatata atttgttttt aatattttat ttaaaatact     63960
     taatttcaac agtattactc aaggaaaata atggtatttg taataaataa tgttgaagaa     64020
     ttccctttgt taattattta aaatgtaagt aaaatactaa aaagtactgt ataatatagt     64080
     tgcatgaagc attctttgtg gttttcataa aattaatagt ctcaatggaa tattttgaga     64140
     ctgagaaagt tccatatatc attgtaatgt actttcactt tattacttgc ttgcatgtca     64200
     taactgatgg aaataaaaac atttatattt acaaatatgc aaaacatgga ttttcgttta     64260
     tgttttctag tgatacaaag ttaccaataa ttttatctat ataggaaaat ttttacaaac     64320
     ccaaagttct taactttctt ttcttttgaa gtttcatatt tcagtctagg tatgaaatgg     64380
     aatttgctgt tatcattctt tgatttcatg ttattggtga gtttctgata cagtgttagg     64440
     aatgtataga ctttaaagct tgctttcttc ttcttcttct tcatttccct ttggacctgt     64500
     atctgtgatg tctgcagtaa tgtgcatcat tatctcacat atggttgctg aaagatacaa     64560
     gcataaatag aattcttagt ttcagtgaat ctttaggaac agacaataac actgaaagat     64620
     aattatggta tggatgtaag taagcagttt atcacagagg tacaataagg gcgaaaataa     64680
     atttaaaaat acatgcctca tccaaaacat gaggtagtac aaatgaaaaa tttaatttgg     64740
     cataaagaac agtttaaaag ttctgattat ttctggtgag aggaagtatc tctgaaacca     64800
     tgagaaagtc cttcaaagct gcatgttgga tttgcaggtc aggatggaaa gcctggttct     64860
     aggggagggt gctaaggtcc tggtcagttt gaggtcctcc tgggactcag gggtgtctca     64920
     gtgggagagc tgggaagggg aaacacatgc ttcaccccag ctagcaggcc acctcagccc     64980
     acctagatga aattgtccct tgaccatctc tttctccttc tcagacaggc aggtggaaga     65040
     actcagccat cctgagaaca agtggtagga agaaatttgc ctttcatcac aacatttact     65100
     tctgcattga agtgatcact aaggagtatt gcattggcat ctgcaatgag gagcgcctcc     65160
     ccgcatggta gagggagtgg tatgtgggaa gctgggcctg gcatgagcct ttctgaattc     65220
     tctccctcca ggatacaggg caactggctc cactgcagtc cagtggttct agggtcatgc     65280
     aggtgaaggc cccagtttca ggcagagcac tgcctaactg agcttcttca gttggttgat     65340
     ttactgtgac tgtccagggt atggcaggat tgctgaggtg aggtggctat ggggggtcat     65400
     gagaaatgac cctgttggtc attctttggc atcggaagaa ctggctttga accagaacct     65460
     gacctgtgat gaacactttg cccagtcccc cagatcatca gccagggcct gtggctcaat     65520
     attctgcagc actatgcaag ggagttaggc cctcagagag ggaacagaga agaggccagg     65580
     gaagcagccc agggctgggg gttgacaggc ctgtgggtcc tggagttagg acacacatag     65640
     agaagccaag gctcagggag gagactgcag taagcaaact caggccatca tgggctggtg     65700
     gagaaaggcc catcagggaa ctgtagtacc cacatttcat gatgggggaa ccctaatcca     65760
     cttaataggc ataagtagct aaggtcaatg ggtgggaagc caggatgaag agatagctgc     65820
     ctcatcatcc cttgctagct ccttccctgt cctgaggctt gctactacct ggggttcagt     65880
     ttgggatcaa ccagggctct ctcaccctcc acacagatgc ctacctgagg cctctctagg     65940
     tctgcgtcct cccagaatgg ctctcccagg cctgctacgt cccgtttgga tgacaccacg     66000
     ctcccctgac atgcttggtc ccctccgcca tcctcattca cccagcaact ccccaccccc     66060
     caaataggca ggccactgca cagggaatct ggaggaccac acagggctca caggggagga     66120
     aatgtgaaga gatggcaaaa tggaacggga ccttctgtgt gtttccagaa ggcaatctgg     66180
     ctggacattc aggcccacct cagtattggt gaggacaccc agtgtctctt ggccctgagc     66240
     atgtgcacac aaacacacac attgtctaaa cggcattgac atcactacta cctgagtcat     66300
     cctcagattc tatacaaccc ctgtaaaaat atcaatgacc cattcttctt agaaaaacca     66360
     tctgagaatc ctaaatttgc tatgaaatgg cagaagatcc tgaaaaccca gagcaatccg     66420
     gtaaaaagca caaagctgga gccaccacac tacctaactt catgatatac tactacaaag     66480
     ctttgtgtat caaaatacaa tagcactggc agaaaagcag agactagagc ttaggaaaaa     66540
     caataaaagc ccacaactaa gtcactccat ttgcagctca cagccttttc ccaaagaagc     66600
     aagaacgtcc agtgcaaaat caagtatctt ctataaacta ggttggggaa atctgaagag     66660
     ccacataaag gattttacag gtggattatt tatcaccaaa ctccagtgtc gcatctgaaa     66720
     caataaaatt accagaagaa atcacaagga agaagctcca tggccatctg tgtgggccgt     66780
     gatggtctca aagtgactgc aagagcacag taaacaccat caaaaacaga gaatggggtt     66840
     atatcaaact aaagtgcttt ggcacaccac agaaaactaa acagatggaa gggacatcct     66900
     acaggatggg agaaattatt ggatcactat acatctgtta atgggtgaat attcacagta     66960
     cataaggaac tcccaacaat caatagcatg aaaagaaatg gattaaggat gtgaatattc     67020
     atctgtgaaa ctaagacata cagttgccca gaagacacac taaaaagcac tcatcatccc     67080
     taatccatca ggaaaatgca aatcaaaaac acaatgagat ttcttctcac ttcagtcaga     67140
     atacctatta tccaaaagac aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaaaccc tcatttctgg     67200
     tgaggatgag gagaaaagga aatccttgtg cacttttggt gagaatgtaa tttagtgcag     67260
     gcattacaag aagctttatg gcttttattt aagtatagag ccttcagaac tctacaagta     67320
     gaaccaccca tcatgtgatc cagcaaatca gaatactggg gcacacccac aagtacacaa     67380
     atcagtatgt tgaagcagtg tatgcaccca tgcaattatt gctgcactct ttacattttt     67440
     gctgtagcca aaacacggaa gcaacctgag tgtccctcaa ttgataagtg gattaaaaaa     67500
     atggggcaaa aacacatatg cacaatggaa aaatgcactg cagtaataaa taaggaaatc     67560
     ctgccacttg tgacaatacg tgtgaatccg ctgaatgcgt ccatgccatt ttctttagtg     67620
     acataggcca ggtatcagaa aggcaaatag cacgtgacct cattcttata tgaaatctga     67680
     aaagcagacc ccacagaggt aatgactcca atggttgggg tggtgtttag tgaagagggt     67740
     gcactgagga gatgctggat caagaataca tatttctagt tagaaaggag gaataggtta     67800
     aaaacatttt ctacagcatg ctgattataa ctagtgataa catattcttt ctctaaaaaa     67860
     ttctaagaca gtgtctttca tgttttatca tcacaaaaat gctaagtatg tgaggtcatg     67920
     cataggttga ttagctggat gtatccaatg cataatgtat gtgatctttt gaacatcacc     67980
     ctgtaagtta taaatatgta tcatttcata tgactattta aaaaataaac atacaatttt     68040
     taaaatgcct taagagaata aatgtcaata aagtatttta ttataaagca gtgcttttct     68100
     tttctatcaa agtctttttc atgacacatg aaagaatgca acatcatttg gtaagttaaa     68160
     atatatatac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atatgaacat cccagtgaat     68220
     gcagatgatc aactgaaaga ttgaaattac aggtgcagaa tatagtccat aaattgaaac     68280
     cttcactgca tgtttgaaaa gaagacatga ggaggcagaa gaaaaaagca aaaaactcaa     68340
     agccatgcca gggccctggg tcacacctgt aatcccagca ctttgagagg ccgaggtggg     68400
     aggattgcct gcactcagga gttccagatg agcccggggc aacatgcgcc cacgtgtaaa     68460
     aagtaattaa ttaattaata cgtagctggg aggggtgaca tgcacctgta gtgccagcta     68520
     tgtgagtctg acttgagagg atcacatggg tgtgcggtgt ccaggctgca gtgggctgag     68580
     atcctgaggc tcctctccaa cctaggagac agagtaagac ctattctcag gaaacaaaca     68640
     aaaatgagtc accttaggta aattaaaact acgcagtgta aggagaatca aaataaacga     68700
     aacatcatta cagcctacat gatccgatga aagaaacaag ctttcacata ataacagccc     68760
     cagatgggga gaacaatgag aaagggcaga gagataacac accaaactcc ccaaatgagt     68820
     taaaagacat aaatgtagaa agagtgcttc ttttgaactc aaagccctta atgacaagtg     68880
     caagtgtctt tttctgaatc cctgacatgc attcagctca cctgaacctc ttggtgaagt     68940
     tctcagacca cagtttgccc tttctatatg ctctcatttt gtaatttcct atcacttatc     69000
     tgtagcaggt cacaacaaat catgattctt tgacattgtt tgacacaatg aagaactcag     69060
     atatgagttc attaaacaat agtttatgac atgtcatgaa taaattctgt ttgcatgatg     69120
     tttgttaaaa tgataataca aaataaaaac ggagggaaaa gaacattttc tttgtttcat     69180
     cattgcgctt gtgtttatgc agcatgtatc tatgaactat agctgcctcc tggaaaatga     69240
     tccaacagaa tcccttgaaa tttctccttc cgctttggag accacaggca taacccgctt     69300
     tttcacattt ccaccttttg gatacaatga gtgggatgag tgggatccgt gtgacctttg     69360
     cctttgctgt aatgtctagt tttttgtttt ttgttttttc tttttttttt tttaactctg     69420
     tcattgctag atcagcctaa aataaacagt tcattatggc tcacaaaaag aactcatctc     69480
     cttcagcgga tattctttat aagaggaatt tcatccagac atgaaaacga taatctgatg     69540
     ccactgccaa cagattgaga attacaaact aaattcagat cgagaatagg aagacagatg     69600
     atacagatgg agagacggtg gtggggaagg aagggaagga agaaaggaag ggtgtgaagg     69660
     aaggaaagca atgaagaaag ggagagagag tgatagatgt tcaaagacag agatacaaag     69720
     tcgagcatgg ttgtagagat aggcgtgtac aaattaccat gggcagtgtg gaaacatatc     69780
     agacagagtg acataggtgg agtcagagaa tagagacaaa cccatacaga gaaataaata     69840
     tacgcaaata cagacacacg gttggtagtt taaacctgtc tgattttctg tgactggatc     69900
     tgtttttcct ttagttcttg ggcataagac catgttgagt actgacgtcc tgcatactat     69960
     agtaactatg taggagttct gctgtattag gtaaagtgtg atgctccatc atattccact     70020
     caccatctgg gagtccccta gagaaacaca aacacgtgtc aaaatgtatt tcctctgagc     70080
     catacttcaa aatgttttaa ttttagggcc tgctgagaaa agactacccc ttccccattt     70140
     gtgatctctt aaacttcctc ctaccatgtg ctacaaactg ttccctgcaa tattttcccc     70200
     attcccagta ttcactgtga caggagtcag ctaacaagat tcattgtata ctaaaagcac     70260
     acagaaatct gatggggcaa tagcttaaca aaatgcaatg acctaaacag tcctctgtgg     70320
     tttgtggcaa ggacaacaag gaggcacatt cagggagccc catcttaagg agttggtagg     70380
     atggctgctg gtggggttga tggccatgga atcaagtgcc acaaattgaa gtgaatgatt     70440
     caactttact tctcagtgag tctggacata gactatgctt ccctgggctt aagactccac     70500
     agctataacc tgctttgcag tgtggtatct aatgtgcctt tttcagccca atgccgttaa     70560
     tgtcctggat tctgtcactc tctgtctttc tctcaaggaa tttctacatg tatgaaagga     70620
     gcctcaattt ctacatttct gaaatgagca tccaggctcc ctgaacaggc aggtatgtca     70680
     acccccttac cctgggcacc aaatagctcc agttccaact taacggctca tctgaaatct     70740
     ctgttccctc ttcaggtggc ttcatcttca tgtagtattg caggggtttg tgccacagtt     70800
     ccgtacataa gctctatcag gggaatcaat tgggaaaggc ctcatcaggg ctcagactgg     70860
     tgacccaagc agctgggaac acaccagggt cattcctaat gtttcccagt gaggactctc     70920
     ctcagcaatc ctgttagatc ctgtgaagtt gcggtcagca aaccagttga agaagttaag     70980
     gctgctgttg tggtgtcccc agcgataggg ctcaacatca taatcctgat actgctgaat     71040
     tggagtggaa taagccctgt atgctacaaa gagagggttt tgtgggaagg ggcctggatc     71100
     atgttggcaa tgacccacac atcatcttcc ttccactacc catctggggt gccacctctc     71160
     acctgtgatg ttcacgagat attccttggt aatcacttta ttctgaagta ggggttactc     71220
     caaaagaaca acatgatctt gcagagatga atgggatgct tcacttcttt catctgtcag     71280
     gacaaggtgg agaaagctta aatacctttt cgggtgaggt gcccactgtt gcttacagga     71340
     atgaattatt tcctttaccc tcccctacta aaccctctag cctcagtctt cccagcctca     71400
     cctccaggct gaccatgtag ctcagcatgt cttcatcttg gtcagtgatc agggctgaca     71460
     tctgggggtg gtttgcaatc tgatttaggt caaagaggct ttacatgtga tggaaggaga     71520
     agctaggagc aacagggaag aaggcctaag agcgcccaga gtctggggta ggggatttct     71580
     cagaactgct tccatgtatg acctcctttt gcctccccct ccccctaaat taaggtcttt     71640
     tgggctcgca gagagtgtat aattctgagg ctgactgcac tgacatgggg aggtgcgatt     71700
     tgcagagagt tgctggtgtc tgcggagtgg cagaatcagc ttataggcga agacgcccag     71760
     tcccagatct gactagcaag ggggagtaat cacactccct taacaatacc ttcattcaca     71820
     gaaaaacgta ttctggtctg aactcgcttc tgctcttcaa atgatgcccc aaacgtctgc     71880
     tgctcggcat caccaagggt ttctctgccg catgcaggaa aacagtaccc acgcctgctc     71940
     cggctttcta cagcctcatt tgtccgtggc aactcccctt tgttctccaa agagtcatat     72000
     cgacgatgag ctgcccatcg gtcacttaca cttccccgag agcacctctc aactggaaag     72060
     gcagaaaaaa cactgagaag gatacaacat gggcccagaa gccagggacg ctctggatga     72120
     cggcgcctct gcggtctagg tggggcttgt gcctccattc catcttttcc ctctggcgag     72180
     aaaaggcctt cctggcttgg gcattaaccg gctccagctc cacctgaacg gccaccagct     72240
     cctccagggc ggactctggg attatgggcc cagggccagg ctgtggcttc tgggcctcct     72300
     cctgcccctc cacgagggcc tcctcctggg ccaccacctc cacctctgcc attatgtcat     72360
     ccaacagctg caccgcctcc tcccgcaaag ccgcctgctc actctccacc ccggccgccc     72420
     cctcctgtac agcctccatc ctgaaggcgg tgccctcctc ggcactcgca cacaccaagg     72480
     cctgtgctgc ccgacccaag ccacaggaac cctgccgcag cctctatggc acccggtagg     72540
     tcagcgagcc ctcagggcgc atgcgccgga cttccaggcg ccccctaagg gactgcgcgc     72600
     gaagggccgg ggggccgcac ccaggccgac ttcctcccgt cgtggccaat caatgggagg     72660
     gcggtgggcg tctccctggg cggcacagcc actggcgggc ctgcatctcc agccccccca     72720
     ccccccgcct tccctgccca agcctcctcc gagaagccct tggaacttgt gccgggtagc     72780
     taggcgtccg ggcacacgcg ggctgcgtgg cctttggaat tgtgggcatg gcagccctgt     72840
     gccctgacat cctcagtgtg gcaagccatg aacatctcta tgtgtcatga acacaggaaa     72900
     catctctctt cattaggcag gccaggtaga tggtacataa ggaatattgc agatccagag     72960
     gagaactttc tctggttgct ggggcgaggg cggcgggggt ggcctagcag aagtgagtcg     73020
     gggcgggtat gtgggaggaa agtcacctgc ttgtgcagag gtggaattcg tctgcactgt     73080
     aggctagaac cctggcatgt actctcgcag gtcgaggcaa atacaggctc cgagtaccat     73140
     gcttcctccc tgaggatgct gtactccaag gagcattcca aagggcctct agtcctgtgc     73200
     cctgggcaca ccagaggcca gccgccaggg ttggccattg tcggcctgcg cgcacgctgt     73260
     tgtgcactgc cttgacgacc cagaggctcc cgcacccgca gcagccgctg cggtgcctgc     73320
     tggtggggct ctgcaagcac agggcctcgg cctctggctt ctgagctcct atgcgcagtt     73380
     gaccctgctg tggtcctgag ccccacggcg agtgcggcca tctgcgggcc cagcggggct     73440
     cctcaggaaa cctgggtcca tgtaggtgtg ggactaggtt ttcagcaggg agaggcccgt     73500
     gggtctttca cggagcgggc ctcttgggga gcagccccca gagcataggg ataccgggga     73560
     tgggctgggc tgtgcaggcc agggtctgtg ggagcaccca ggagggcacc gtgttcaggc     73620
     tggaggctct gctggagagg acggccgggg tacagagcaa ggaggcagcc ttggaagagg     73680
     aggcggtgct gaaggtggaa gacataatgg ctgaggtgga ggtggtggtt gaggaggaga     73740
     ctgacgtggg gtggcagaag gagggccagc gggcacagct tggccctgga cccagcacac     73800
     ccaggccatc aatggactcg ctggaggtcc ttcacttgga ggtagactcc gtgaatgccc     73860
     ctgtggcctg ggcttctggg acagagccat atccttgcag ctgccgattc cagatggctg     73920
     gcagcagggg atgggcatcg ggcttcgtgg gggcatgggg gctgttgggg gaggagccag     73980
     gaggaggcac atggggtgag ccaggaggca ggggatgggg gacaggatgg gagccgaggt     74040
     cacgttcctg cagctgtgag ggcagcttgc ttgtagcagc actgggagca ctgggagcac     74100
     gtggtaggga aggggagccg agcacagcac tcacaaggga gaatcgcggc gccagagtcc     74160
     cttcacgcac agcacaatgt caaagggcat gtttccctgg gaatgtcctg gaggaagggg     74220
     agtctgcatg acattgccag ccattgaatc acccccgctc tcagtgcccg tttccagaag     74280
     gctcgcccca gaaacacaag gtgcttaaga ctcgggttag cggtacatgg ggctgccgac     74340
     ctccacaagg caggtactag ctccccagat atgctttctt ctgcctgccg gcgctgcacc     74400
     caaagggtta tagcccctga gcgtatataa cctcctttgc acccacccag tccccatggg     74460
     gagcgccagg aactaccctg cagccccttc taactacagg gcttcctcag gcagacaggt     74520
     ccacccctca gggagactag gataagaaga caccacacac ccggacatca gcagagcatg     74580
     tccagcaccc agcacgcaaa ggcctcctgc agctcatgaa cccagagaag cagccgcctc     74640
     acaccaccct gcccccgccc ctgcccctca gctgcaacca cctgcccact ttttctgcct     74700
     cccgtctctg gtcagcccag gccgtcttgg ccggggtcca gccaccccaa aaaccaccac     74760
     agttgtggca ttgcctcctc accagacaga aacagaggat caacatcgga gcgtgacagg     74820
     ccaaatgtct gggagatatc cctgctccac attctctgtg ctcttgcaga attgcaggcg     74880
     tcaggaggct tgcccactga atcatctgga gactccttga ccagatgtag attgtttggc     74940
     acaccagatg ttgacctggg ttggaaacca tgatgaagtg atggatttgc aggtcaggct     75000
     ggggagcctg ggtctgtggg aggggtccag tgtctgagtc agtttgaggt ccccctgggg     75060
     tccagggttg tctcagttgc aaagctggga atgggaaatt catgcttcac tccagctagc     75120
     aggccacctc agcccagcta gatgaaatgg tcccattgaa tccatactct ttctccttct     75180
     tggttaggca ggtggaggaa ctcaggcatc cctgttaccg gcagcaagat gaagatttcc     75240
     ttttgtcaca gcctttattt ccacaatgaa gtgatcagta agtagtactg cattggcatc     75300
     ctcggtaagg agtgcctcct agcatggtag gggagccggt atgtgggagg gtaggtctag     75360
     gatgaacctt cctgactcct ctccctccag ggtacagggt atctcattcc actgcagtcc     75420
     agttgttctg ggatcatgaa ggtcaagcct ccagctgcag gcagtacacc tcctacctga     75480
     gctttttcac ctgtttggct gaacatgact gcccgggttt tggtaggatt gctgaggtga     75540
     ggttcaccat ggggcatcat gggaaaggac ctcgctgggc attccttggt ctctggggaa     75600
     ttggcattaa actgtgacat gaactgtcct ggacccactt ctgcagtccc ctagatcatc     75660
     agccagggcc tatggctcaa tccattgcag ttctattcca tggtgggagg gacagcattt     75720
     tagagggaac agaggccagg gaacagccta gggctgggaa ctgagaggtc tttcagtcct     75780
     ggatctgtgc cccacaggga gaacccaagg atcatgcagg aaactgcaat gagcaatccc     75840
     aggccatcca ttggttgggg gagaaaggcc catcggtgaa ctgcaacacc cacatttcag     75900
     gattggggaa ccttaagcca ctacaatgca tatgtgacta agatcagtgg gtgagaagca     75960
     gagcttaagg gatagctgtc tcatcatcac ttgccagctc cctcccttgc cctgagacct     76020
     cctaccacct gagactcagt ttgagctcat ccaggaccct ctccctctct acacagatat     76080
     ccacctgagg cccatctaag tctacattcc ttcagaatgt ttctcccagg tctgtcatgt     76140
     tctgttttga tgaccccggg ctgccctgat atgttatcct ctctgctatc ctcactccaa     76200
     ctgccctgcc ttcccatata agacagtcca cttcacaggg aatctggagg aatgcactgg     76260
     gttccagtgt gatgaaatgt tctattatct ccatgtacat gtattttaga gcttcctcca     76320
     ggactggaaa tgtgaagaga ttgcaaaatg gctggggacc ttcagtatgt gtccagggag     76380
     ggaacctggc tgggaattaa ggcccacctg agtaatggta tggacatcca gtgtcagtta     76440
     tcttgataaa gacctgcttt gttacatcac ctactattaa tataaaagtt aatttcttag     76500
     aatattgaaa aaacaaattt aagtgcaaag aaaaataatt tcttcataat tgtatggaaa     76560
     aactgcagaa ggatccattt tccattataa atattatgag agacttgaag tgtttatcaa     76620
     gttttaagat atatttttat tgttctactc ctggcaattg ttatgatcat ttttgcaata     76680
     cagggacatg gactctggaa agtttttgag ggactttcag cttcttttag agtacttagt     76740
     cgtaaatttt gaattttttt cccctgtggt tcttttcact ttactatttg tactttatat     76800
     gcaaggtgtt aattgtgttt tcttatttgc ctcttctgga acttttgttt tcaaggattt     76860
     tctttttcag ttagatatgt gagtttgcct ctgagcactt tttctagcat agattttttt     76920
     tttaaattca ttagtttttg ggggggtgtg tgtgtttgtt tgttttcaga tgaagtctcg     76980
     atctgtcatc caggctgaag ttaagtggca aaatctcgtc tcactgcaac atctgcctcc     77040
     cagcttcaaa cgattcccct gccttagcct tctgaggagc tgggattaca ggcacatgtc     77100
     ctgctaattt ttctattttt agtagagact ggtttcaccg tatttgccag actggtctca     77160
     tactgctgtg atctgcctgc actggcctcc caaaatgctg ggcttccagg tgtgagccac     77220
     cacgcccagc ctcatttgtt tgttaatgta ttttaatcat tattatattt tcttcatgta     77280
     catgtatttt ataattattg aaataatgta ttatatttac ttaatacttt tgtaggattt     77340
     tatatgtaat attttcgctc accaaataca gtattgtgta taggttaacc ttgtatagta     77400
     ttgtcattct gtctttcata aattattcaa gaactccaat actgtttttc cccaacctga     77460
     ggagaacatg cagatagtta taaaaaattg tgcgaggggg taagtatgaa aatataatct     77520
     gaaagaataa tcaaattcac aaataaattt cacatttgta ttttgcatca ttttgaaaat     77580
     tttatttgct gacacatgaa attctgtatt caccttcatg ttaaatatac acttttgaat     77640
     caatttcaag aatgaaagca atccaaggcc atgcattagt tcaggaagta gaaagcagtt     77700
     gttatgtaga aaaagatcat atttaatgaa ggtatattta gagagatctt agaaggctta     77760
     agtcaatatt tttgtttttg ttgttttggt gttttatcat actgtgacca gactgtagca     77820
     tcaatagtta tagtcactag gctaccaaag tctcagagct gcagtaatta ttattgagga     77880
     aagtggcagt gtggttggct ctttaaggag agtagaggac ttaggagttt ccacccaagc     77940
     cacaacggcc tgatttagtg gtggccttct tttgctgaag cagataagat acaggagaag     78000
     tgtggactca ctgtagtagc tagggctttg agactggtaa agcatatttg tcccctagtg     78060
     ccattgccag atattggtct gcgcataatg acattttctg gactcactga ctcctgtaaa     78120
     ttcaaacgta gaatttggat ttaaatccct attccaactt cttaaactta gaattaataa     78180
     gtgggtgata aaatatgtat tcagaagaaa ggcagacatc agataagtac ataagtaaat     78240
     cttcctggta aaataccttc aaaagtgtta ctacaaaaaa atcactgaag agcatacctt     78300
     aaacaagtta ttttacttgg agaaatagaa aaatgttgga gtcgttttat atacaatgtc     78360
     taatttgttt gaagaacagc atactatctc tttagtatgg ctagagatta ataactcatg     78420
     taagaaaact cagattgaca ataaaatttt tcagagattt tgttctgtaa ttaaagactt     78480
     ttaaaatggt ttcctactga tcaatgattc acttatattt atcatttagg catatgctgt     78540
     atacccttct atacagggac aaagttatag tttctatcat gtagatagaa aagaatttga     78600
     ctgtgtacca catttgcatt aatgtctttg acctgagtaa tgaagcaaac aatggaactg     78660
     tctatgtcag gttacaggtg ggcacagctg gaagcttcca tcacttgtgc tttaacattt     78720
     ctgcattctc atcagtctct cctggaaaga aaatggacta taactatcct aaagaacata     78780
     tgttacatgt agacactaag tattgagata aaaccttgat ttgtcttatc actgtctcgt     78840
     cattacattt gtatgtgtaa cttacacaga gaaattcagt ttattttatc accattaaat     78900
     tttacatcac acatttatat attttattat ctttctattg acctttattt ttcttgagat     78960
     gcagttccac tttgtcactc agtctggaat gcagtggcct gctcacagct cactgcaact     79020
     tcagcctctt gggttcaagc aattctcctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct gggattacag     79080
     gcacacacca cccctcctgg ctaattttgt atttttagta gagatgggtt ttccccatgt     79140
     tggtcagact ggtcttaaac tcctgacttc aggtgattta ctggcctcag cctcccaaag     79200
     tgctgggatt acaggcatga gccaccatgc cagctcccaa accttttttt ggacaagttc     79260
     ttgcttggtc acccaggctg gagtgcattg gcaccatctt cacacactgc agcctcaacc     79320
     tcctgggctc aagctatctt cctctctcag cctcccaggt agctgggact acatgtgtgc     79380
     aacaccacat caagctattt gttgttgttg ttgtttagtg atgaagtctt gctctattgc     79440
     ccaactgggt atcaaattcc tgggcctaaa acattctcct ggttgaagct cccaaagtgc     79500
     tggaaatata ggattgagcc actgtggaca acattgtcat tctttaatca ctttttaaat     79560
     gccactcttc aaaagtaaca agtaaatttt acttaagaaa ttccaaatgc caagtcaagt     79620
     tcagcttcat tttcataaag aggtaaaaag aaaacaaatc aaaaaacctt ctttttcctt     79680
     tgttttgaag ttagcaaaga gttggaaaac caatcatgtc tactttggtt tataaaattg     79740
     actgtacaga gaaagatcct catataaatg ttttcagatc taaaatcttg tgaagttatc     79800
     atcagaacca tcatcttata aaacaaaaac acatttccta gtgggtctct tgtgtggatt     79860
     aaacatctta ttattagtaa tgtatacaat tgtgattaca gttactcctt gaaacataat     79920
     attaaaaata caaatctcat ttatttttta caactgctac cccagtgaga aaaagtaaca     79980
     ctgacctggt gtaataattt gtgccccaga gagccagcct tctggactat tcagattctt     80040
     cagacagccg gagtgctgag agccgaatgg gagtctggac atcttggagg agtagcaatg     80100
     ccaggatatt tcttgctgct ccactcacca accagaatct ctcatgcagc agaatggtag     80160
     acaccttcac aactctcagt tgtgccccag gatgcctcag gcccagtatc acagcagtgt     80220
     cttcaggact cctgtgtgca taggcaaaga tttattacaa tacattcatt agaaaacctg     80280
     aaccttaaac ctacatcagg ctttctagca tatttcttta tttatgatac ataaggtccc     80340
     tagctcatct tcagagaaat cagaaatcta tggataaaga gttcatagac aaggggattg     80400
     cagaggaatt gactaacaga ggtactaata agccaaacac tgtgacaaaa tttcttttta     80460
     gcctaaaaca aaaatgttat ccatataagt gagatgctca tgtattatag aagtgaatta     80520
     ggacagagaa accttcagca atgtacttat gggatcataa atcataggat atgggaagag     80580
     gcaggcacaa acttacatgt tcctgacaca gtgggcagct atgagaaccc atgagctgct     80640
     aactatggac ccgctgtaga cctgactgcc acagctgatg atcccagcct gccaaggcat     80700
     ggcatattgc agagaaatct gatctgctga agctgaggag aaaaataagc taattgtgct     80760
     aatttgaata gaattgccat ctgtagatct tttttttttt tttttttttg tgagacggag     80820
     cctcactctg tttcccagcc tggagtgcag tggcgtgctc tctgctcagt gcaaactccg     80880
     cctcctgggt tcctgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcctga gtagctggga tcacagatgt     80940
     ccatcactgt gcctggctaa ttttttttgt attttttagt agagacgggg tttcaccatg     81000
     ttagccagga tggtctcgat ctcctgacct cgggatccgc ccgcctcagc ctcccaaagt     81060
     tctgggatta caggtgtgag ccaccgcacc tggcccattt ttttaagttt taaatccctc     81120
     ctatttgtgc taaccaaatt agcattgtta aatatgacca gcaaagacaa acttctacgt     81180
     cttttgtgtt catgcatttt tcttgaaaag aagtgttcct cttactatct ttctgagttc     81240
     atagtttctt tatgtcatag cttaaatttc tttaatcaaa atattgggag tcatcccagc     81300
     tttctccccc attgcaacat ttatatatct atgattgtag ctacccagaa atcactgaag     81360
     tagataggca acaaaaaaat gtaatgattt gaatgtatta ataaataatg aaaaatttgg     81420
     agataaagca cctgtctcta aaatggaggg ggcttttctt cctaaactta taattttagt     81480
     gagatatcaa accaatagtt taaatagaaa attcaagatt gaggttcagg aaagagctca     81540
     tatttttaaa attattttag cgttcctcag aaaactgagt tgaagcaatg ctcgtttata     81600
     tatatagaga gagagataaa aatgttgaag ataacctgtc tgtagaaggg gtaaggaagt     81660
     atagatgaaa ttagaagcat aactaagatg ttaagtgtag ttgtctttga gttagacttt     81720
     ggaggatgtg agcaaataat tatggcctct tttatgtttt aagtgtatta ttcactgtaa     81780
     ctatggcgat aggtggtagc tataaaatag ctgtggctaa gtgcacattt aactcatgag     81840
     accaaaagag atccctcaat ttctaaggaa acaagtagaa gtacagtaat gtgaaatagc     81900
     cattgctaat attgtgatag gttttctgat agccaaagga agggggaaac tgataatagc     81960
     aacgtaaccc aatctagtac accagcacct aaaactcatt acttaccaac tattacactg     82020
     tttccaaaca tcaaaatatc tttaacttaa aatatactta atttaaaata actctattac     82080
     aaatgcaagc tactgtgtgg tagtaaagaa atgtctttgt gttagaagag tgtgtcttaa     82140
     tattagccct attcatcttt tgccatgaga aatcgatcaa tccattctac ttatctagta     82200
     tcagaataca catttaagat aactataata atcacgttaa atgatctcta tcatgatcta     82260
     tagggatact atggaaattg aataatatat caagtatgaa atgcctttgt aagccataag     82320
     gaaataactt ccatgatttg ggagataaaa tattgtgcat ttttcaggaa gagctttctc     82380
     tcctctctcc ttccatctac tcttttctat ttcaattacc ttcttctttg gctttgccta     82440
     ccaaggtttt gagccttact ctgaggctgt ggcagagaga tgaagtgtgg ccaaatggaa     82500
     gtgggagcgg agataaaagt caaggcatct ttagaagcag agactgaaag ggacatggaa     82560
     gcagaggtag tcatgggccc ctggtggtgc cagggtgcat ggctaggcca tggcactccc     82620
     aggagccaga aagaaaaggg tgcacttggc tgaagacaca gggctttgtg caatgctcct     82680
     caaagtgact caagattccc acttgcaccc aagtgtcctt ttgctgtaga tggcatacga     82740
     aaggtgctcc caagtcacgc tgcaagaaac aaagatacaa gatatgaatc aatattttga     82800
     aggagggcca gaagtaactt ttagtgtgca agatattcct ctttcttcct ggcattcata     82860
     ccccatgaat ttgtcccctt acagccagcc tccccaacag ctgtcttggc ctctacacaa     82920
     aaagtgaatt cattcagctt ggggcacaat tgggcacaag ggctgacttg ttggttgctc     82980
     aggtgccctt tttgcagaat tccagaactt cctgatagaa aacacagaag aggtgtttgt     83040
     gtttgtttgt tttcaaattt agcctagatt agagggggaa gtatggtgaa gagaaataca     83100
     ttttttttta ttattcaaga gaggatacta ttctctttcc aaacatgctt ctcttccatc     83160
     ccagggtctt cttcattact cagccctcat aagggaccag ctagatagcc aatagtcata     83220
     tagttgtgta aatttctcct gttccagact ttcctccaag catagaggaa acaccagggg     83280
     ttgaaaatgt agtggctgct tcaggaagat caacccaggt cctagaggtc ccttgggagc     83340
     taggtagggt atggcatggt caatgctcac agtcagcttg ggcagattcc agaagatgac     83400
     taagccccac tggactaggg ccagggctcc tgagcttttt ctggggaaaa aaaatcaaga     83460
     aaaatcttat tatttccaca tttcaatttg aatgaagccc tggaggtcac atgaatccag     83520
     atgaagtcca ggtaagcact aaagtagaaa tacttcttta gaaactattt tcgaggatca     83580
     tttgagacca ggtgcacaac atgataagag cttatttatg ccaaaataaa aatagccaga     83640
     tgcagtggtg tgtgcctgtg gtcccatgta ctcaggaggc agaggtggga taatctctta     83700
     atattgggag tttgaggcta cttgtgaatc acgccactgc actccagcct gggcaacaga     83760
     gtaagacctt gtttctatct ctgtttctct ctgtctctct cacacacaca gacacacaca     83820
     aataaaggga aagatattca ttaacaatct ccagttgtaa ttgctttata atgatatctt     83880
     aatcttgaaa tgaattactt agatttacat aaaataggca catctagctg tggtaaggat     83940
     acactgttca tttagtatgg agccagcaca gaaatgggag aaagacagtt gtagagaaac     84000
     tgtcaaggga attcaccaat tcctgcctcc cagcagctgg gacagagggt tacatggcca     84060
     gggcataatc cacactccgc agaaggaata cacatgtgga atagagtgag attagtgtta     84120
     ccactctcct atttctaaaa tctaatttta ggtttttagg aatatgcttg agaaattcag     84180
     tatcttcaat tctgagacaa tgcttcgaaa tatgcattat tcaccctaaa atttcagata     84240
     tactacagag gttatctgca tactttccct ttaaataata atgtaaagta tatatatata     84300
     tacacacata tatatatatc ttatttatat ccaagatatt atactattat ccaatagtgt     84360
     gtgtatatat tcatatacct caagtggaat aataaaccat ttctaagaag taagactatc     84420
     tttaaaatac tgctctctga atagaattgt gcttataaaa catagcccat aaatcctgtt     84480
     tggcaaaaat aagatatctc tcaatattta aacatctctc ctgagtcata caataaccta     84540
     aattttggta ttgcaaagat ctgcggacat aacctcttat cttacaaact gtggttttag     84600
     agttcaacaa gggtcttcgt accaagtata ttaacccaaa cctatgacta gactaaaggt     84660
     gcctgtgttt tcatgagaaa taacagctgt cttgaagagc cagaaagtct ggaaactttc     84720
     tttccatatc acagctagtt gacactcaac cagggaaaca ttgagttcta aatgcctaag     84780
     aggttgttgt ctaggcttgg gtccagattg agatccaggc atcaggagaa gttaaaagtg     84840
     tggctggagc agcatgcaag gatgagaaag aatgggaaag aatgcactat tcagtaaatg     84900
     ttaagaaaga tattttctga agaggattag cagaagaggc tatggatagg agaacaggag     84960
     aagagaccag aggaaaaata actgagaaag atgggaaaat gcaaaatgaa gggaatgcac     85020
     aagaagaaaa gattgaacaa gaagaacaca gtgtatgtgg agatggaaga gaacaagaca     85080
     gaaaaaagaa aaaggaggaa caaagagaga taagagaggt acctaggaca tcagggcttt     85140
     cttttatctt gataattttt aatttcctgc cgtagtgctg gtaaacaaat cttctaggaa     85200
     gcaaatgctt ataagctcgc ttggttggag agaaatgatt tatcttggct ttctgtgaca     85260
     ggtatctcag ttaacaaagt gataaaatag tgatctggga aagaaacagt ttttactgcc     85320
     aaaaagggta cacgtttaga caaggagcca aagtgactcg ttaatagtgt ttcttcattc     85380
     agctcaattt caggaggaga aaatgataca attatatcag ccttataatg ggttctgggt     85440
     cttagcattt ctgtttcagg ttggatccag gttctcactt taccagcttt aaaaacagca     85500
     aagcattcaa taatatcagc ttcagactgg atccagtgca tgtctgcttt ggctacaggt     85560
     agtatccaag atatgagtgt tcttcctata agcaaggtcc acggtttgac tactggagat     85620
     agaaccttgg gccagaaact tagtaggaag ctttcagacc ggattaaagc gtgaattata     85680
     tcaacttcag gctggatcca gggaatgaga ttttaaataa gcccatgatc tgcctttatt     85740
     catttgaata ttaaatgaag atctgactat atcagtttct tgcttgatcc agggtctcac     85800
     tgcttggttc tcagcattgg ttcggtatgt agcagctctt tgctgagtcc agggccaaaa     85860
     tataccaact tcagtttgga ccagggagag actttcagga tgaatccagg gtctaactgt     85920
     atcacattga gtctgtaagt gagatgtgac tgtatcaatt tcagtcatgt ttcagggctt     85980
     tattccttgg cttacagtcc aaatttggaa tacttcagtt tcagattggt tccaggatct     86040
     tattgaattc atttgagtct ggaaccagta tcttatcact ggattggctt cagggtgggt     86100
     ccagggatga atttcagagt ataagtccat gatctgatag tagcaggtac atgctgagtc     86160
     caggagtaat tatgctaact tgattctggg tccaggagtg tgccatttga gattcaagtt     86220
     gggtccaggg ccaaactgca tagttttgag ttggggacca acatgtcaac attccgcctc     86280
     aggccaggtc ctaatttctt gagattcagg ctcagtccat tgttctattt tatcaaattc     86340
     agaatgtgtc cagtgtctga ctgtattgat ttcagcatag gtccacggtt gaataacatc     86400
     acattcagac tgtgtccagg gtctaactgc attcttttca gattggttcc atgggtgggt     86460
     tatttaccat tctctctggc ttcatccagg tagtaactgt ttgagaataa ggttgagtac     86520
     catttcttct tacatgcttt tgggtctgaa accaattact cagagtatta atgtcagaca     86580
     tggtcaagcc tgattcaata gtgtaccaga ctcatacatg taacagtgta tcagacaagg     86640
     ccagggtcca gagtctgact gcttgaaatt caccatgagt caaaggtctg atagtattag     86700
     ttttagctct agtccagggc tggatggtgc ctgcttcagt ctggatccat agttttactg     86760
     tatcagcttc agaaatgttc tgggatctca ttgtacctac ttcagactgg gtacacagga     86820
     agaagacatc agtttcagat tggatccatg ttataaatgt tgtagttctg tgtttagcca     86880
     ggattctatt ttaccaggtc caaagggagt aaatgtgctc agtgtttgaa attctggctg     86940
     agcccaaggt ttaatttttt ttctgttgcc gttttaaaca aacttctgct agttagagct     87000
     tcaggttggg agcatagttt tgctgcttga tagtgcagag gcactaccaa ggatataagg     87060
     gttccaaatt caggcaaggc ccattcattg atgttttcaa tttcatgatg tgtccacaaa     87120
     atagtgcttg attttcatat tggattaagg gttgtgtagt atcacctata ggttctgtcc     87180
     aacaaactac tgctggagat tcagcctgag gccatggtgt gtctgtgtca ttcgtaggct     87240
     ttgtccaaag atttcctgct ggagattgag aatgtgccca tagtgtgaca gtagcagccc     87300
     agggcagtat ttatggatat tctgttgtta attcagcctc tttccatagt gtgatggtat     87360
     cagctatgga tgttgtccag gtatttaccg atggacattc aacccgggtc caaggtatga     87420
     ctatggaaga tataggctgt gtccatggaa ttactactgg agatacagcc taggcccatg     87480
     ttgtgacttt ggaatttaca gcatctgtgc acgaatttac tgttggagac tcagcttgtg     87540
     tccacaggat aacgttatca gattcaggta gtgtacagag atttactgct gaagattcat     87600
     gttggaccca aggttttgtg tctagaattt attccctctg gtgggtttgt ggtctcacta     87660
     actttgagac tgaatccacg gaacctcacc gtgagtgtta cagctgttaa acatggtgtg     87720
     tccagaggtt gtttcttcag atgttcagat gtgtccagag tttcttcctt ctgatgggtt     87780
     tgtggtctcg ctgacttcaa gagtgaagct gcagaccttc ccagtgaatg ttacagctct     87840
     taaaggtgta acagctccag agttgtttgt tcctcctgct gggttcttgg tctcactgac     87900
     ttcaggaatg aagccacaga ccctgaggtg agtgttacag ctcataaaag tagtgcagac     87960
     tcaaaaagtg agcatcagca agctttattg tgaagagcaa aagaccaaag ctttcacagc     88020
     atggaaggcg acccaaccag gttgctgctg tgagctaggg tagctagctt ttattccctt     88080
     atttggcccc atgcacatcc tttgattggt ccattttaca gagcactgat tggcccattt     88140
     tatagagtgc tgattggtcc attttacaga gtgctgattg gtgcatttac aatcctttgg     88200
     ctagatacag agcactgact ggtgcatata caatccttta gctggacggg aaagttctcc     88260
     aagtccccac cccatcctca aactgaggta aagctcagct ggtttcacct ttcagtttga     88320
     ttgtataaga ttgatcctgt gtaaatggat ttattggtgg agactcactc tgaatccatg     88380
     gtatagtact aaacccacta gtttgtccag ggatttatgg ctggaaattc aggcttggtc     88440
     cacagcctgt ctccatcagc tattgtctgt gtccatgaaa ttagtgtcgg agagtcattc     88500
     aggattccct gtgtgactat gtaagtttca gactgtgtcc aggcatttcc ttctataaat     88560
     tcaccctcat tccatggtag gaccatatca gtgatagcct ttcttcaggg attaattgct     88620
     ggagatttac ctggaatcca tgttgactac aagatactgg tggatgttca gcatgggtct     88680
     gtgatagtaa tataccatgt gcccagggac ctactcctag agtttcagcc agaatccacg     88740
     ttgtgagtat atcagtttca gactgtgtcc aatgatgtag taatagtgat tcagcctgga     88800
     tacacattat tatgaccata tcagatatag gagaatatat ccatgaattc atcactagtg     88860
     attcagcatg ggtccctagt gtgattatat cagcttccaa ctgtttccag gaatgtactg     88920
     ctggagactc aacctggttt cacagtgtta ttgtttcagt atcaaattgt atctggtagt     88980
     ttactgctgg aaaataagct gtggtccaca atgagactga attaaattca gatgggagcc     89040
     agttgtttcc ttctagatat tcaggctgca attttgtcca aggatttatt gttggcattt     89100
     catcaagggt caattgtatg acagtttcag ctatagcttt tgcccaggga ttcattgctg     89160
     ggaatctatc ctgggtccat ggtgtgactg tcttagctat aggctctgtc aagggaatta     89220
     aggctggaaa ttcaccttga ttccaacgtg tgactttatc agatacaaaa cgtgtccaga     89280
     gatccactgc tggagattca gcaatagtcc acagtatgac cggatcagtt tcagactgtc     89340
     tccagcatgt taatccttga aattcagcct ttgtccatgt tgtgactata tctgctgaca     89400
     tatttgtcca atagtttact gttggagttt cacacagtgg gactgtgtga gtttcagatt     89460
     gtgtccaggg atttaattct tgagactctc cctgcatcca tggtgtttac ataatagctt     89520
     cattttgtat ccaggagttg attacaccaa ggtctttctg aatccagggt ctcagaatgt     89580
     catcttcagc ctgggtccat gatctaactt taccactttc aaccttgccc cagtgtctaa     89640
     atgcataagt ttcatgaagt atccagtctc ttaccttttt agccacaggc tggttccaaa     89700
     acctcactat ttcagtgtca gactgtatcc agtggtgatc catcagagtt actggttctc     89760
     tccactatgt gactggctct gcttgagact gaaacaaaag tttgatgata tcagcttcag     89820
     tgtgattcag ggtctgcatt tatcagcttc aggttgggac ccgggtacca ctgtttccat     89880
     tccagtttgg gcccaatacc taattggatc tgtttctggt cgggtccaat gtttttcttt     89940
     ccattcttca gtctgcgttc tgggccacaa tatctaatat ttatgccgaa tccagggtct     90000
     cactctttca gtttcagttt gtaaccatgg tttaattgta tcagctttca agtgagtcaa     90060
     gagtcttcct gattgagttt ctggctggga ccacgtttgg aatatggttg tttcaggctg     90120
     attccagggt ctgatcatgt caactttaga gtgaattaag ggctcaatta tgttcataat     90180
     aggatttatt aagatccatg tctgcattgg gggtttcagt ataacagcct catgtttatt     90240
     caatgtacta aatctattca tttgatataa aggcctgata atacttgttt tctgttgcat     90300
     acagtaccta atattggcat cttttgactt agcacatgac tatggagtat gcagtatgga     90360
     agaaatccag aactgattga ctcagcttcc gtcagaatcc agtatccatc tgtcctttct     90420
     atagtttctt gggatcgaaa tatatttaag actggctgac accatggttc aaagttatgg     90480
     attactgtag gatactgaga tccatcttca ttgagggaag aatgagccca tagttcaatt     90540
     ttattaactc tgaaaggtac cagtggaatc cagttgtaag ttactggttt aacaccaggt     90600
     ttaactctat gagctgcatg atacgtttgg tgtttgaatc tgcatcactg tttctgtttt     90660
     ataagacaca aactgtttcc aagtttcaac ttcaggagta atttctagcc aaggtatagc     90720
     tacaagttgt cgatgagatg gaacattaat agattgaacc tgagactgac caatatccat     90780
     cttagaagaa actggagatc catctatccc acttgaaaag agaaaccaga ggcagggcat     90840
     ggtggctcac acctgtaatc caagcacttt gggtggccaa gttgggcaga tcactaggtc     90900
     agcagatcga gaccatcctg gctaacacgg tgaaactctg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa     90960
     taaattagcc gggcttggtg gcaggcgcct gtagtcccag ctactcagga ggctgaggca     91020
     ggagaatggc gtgaacccag gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag ccgagatcat gccaccgcac     91080
     tccagcctgg gcaacagagt gagactctgt caaagaaaaa aaaaaaagag agaaagaaag     91140
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag     91200
     aaaagaaaga aagaaagaag aaaccggtag agtatgaagc ctaattataa tagctaatgt     91260
     attaatccaa gatcttgctg aatcagtcac agtttgatac ttataattca ttgcattttt     91320
     ctgaggaaga ttccaggata tagctataat aacaggggta ctccagtgtt cagctgtatt     91380
     gggatgattc cgtagttcag caacaggaga aatccaggat cataccattg ggaatttgct     91440
     agcagaggag aggtgaccac tttgaaagtg taataatcta ttggcatgaa aaaagtctct     91500
     attatttgaa ccaaaaaaca ttgattgagg attccagtgc tttctgttta ctgggaaagt     91560
     gcttaatctt ctcccctatg tttgtactga gaatccatgg aacaccaaag tggcagagcc     91620
     tgtgttagag caaagtgtgt tttgtggact gtcttttact ccaggaggaa agttgcaggg     91680
     tagagaaaaa gtaggaccca gtggcttctg ggatgccttg gtaagccatc tcatccatat     91740
     gtatgggact gtcctgatga caagaacagg gtcataacag gcttctgagg ttatcactga     91800
     ccaggcctac cagttcccag tgacttccaa agaggcaaag aacaggaata ccttgctgta     91860
     cctgaaaggt tagaaacaaa gataaccaaa tatattagaa atacatacag acatgtagta     91920
     tacactatta aaatacataa tgcataaatt acatatatat gcaatacatg tatattaatt     91980
     ataaaataca cagatacata tattttatgt tcatcaatac ttatatttat aaattagtta     92040
     aatagttatg tggtttatac atatattaaa ttataagata ttaaattgta aatataagtt     92100
     atacttttgt atcacatgta aatttcatat tacttgatgg gcaataataa atattacatg     92160
     gtccatactt caagagttcc atatgatact taggaataaa taattctaac tgtggttaaa     92220
     atagtaaaat taaatactag agggaaatta gaggaaagtt ctataccata aaaaatcacc     92280
     ttcatactca aaatcattat ctgaatatta cttatgcctt tagccaagta atcttaggca     92340
     aagcaaaact tatacagtca tatgaaatga ctgtttgtat catctcctct gccactacat     92400
     ttgttgaagc catcaccatt tgtttggtct ctctgcttga ttctgatagc tacttgcctc     92460
     tcacagtttg ttctcccagt agccagaact acactcagag taaaagtact tattctaaaa     92520
     ctgactacgt aattggaagt aaaacactcc tcagcaaatg caaaagaaca gaaatcataa     92580
     caaacagtct ctcaggacac agtgcagtcc tcaggattaa aaaagtcact aaaagctgca     92640
     caactacatg gaaactgaac aacctgctgc tgaaggtcta ctgggtaaat aatgaaatga     92700
     ataaagaaat tctttgaaac cgatgagaac aaagacacaa cataccagaa tctctgagaa     92760
     acatttaaag cagggttttg agggaaattt ataccactta atatccacaa gagaaagtag     92820
     gaaagatcta aaattagcac actaacatca aaactgaaag aactagagaa caagaaaagc     92880
     aagagcaaac aaattcaaaa gctagcagaa gacaagaaat aactaagata agagaagaac     92940
     tgaaggagac agagacacaa aaaacccttc aagaaaatca atgaatccag gagctggttt     93000
     ttcagaaaca tcaacaaaat agatagacca ctggccagag taataaagaa gaaaagagag     93060
     aagaatcaaa tagacacaat aaaaaatgat aaaggagaga tcacctctga tcccatagaa     93120
     atacaaacaa ccatcagaga atactataaa cacctctacc aaaatacagt agaaaatcta     93180
     gaagaaatgg ataaattcct ggatgcacac acccgcccaa ttttaaacca ggaagaagtc     93240
     gaatccctga atagaccaat aacaagttct gaaattgagg cagtaattca taacctataa     93300
     aacaaataaa caaaaaaatc caggactaga tggattcata gacaaattcc agcagacata     93360
     caaagagtag ctggtagcat tccttctgaa attattccaa acaatagaaa aagagagaat     93420
     cctcctgaac tcgttttatg aggccagaat catcctgata tccaaacctg gcagagacac     93480
     agcaaaaaaa gagaaaattt caggccaata tccctgatga acattgatgc aaaaatcctc     93540
     aatgaaatac tggcaaacca aatccagcag cacatcaaaa aatgtatcca ccacgatcaa     93600
     gtcaggttca tacctggatg caaggctgat tcaacatgtg caaatcaata aatgcaatcc     93660
     atcacataga cagaaccaat gacaaaaacc acatgattat ctcaatagat ccagaaaacc     93720
     ccttcaacaa aattcaacat cccttcatga taaaaactca ataaagtagg tattgataga     93780
     acatatttca aaataataag acctacttat gacaaaccca cagtcaatgt catactgaat     93840
     ggctgaacct ggaagctttc tttccctctg aaaatctgca caagacaatg atgccccctc     93900
     tctcaccact cctattcacc atagtattgg aagttctgac cagggcaatc aggcaattga     93960
     aagaaataaa gggtattgaa gtaggaaaag aggaagtcaa attgtctctg tttgcagatt     94020
     acaagattgt atatttagaa aaccccactg tctcagctca aaatctcctt aagctgataa     94080
     gcaacttcag caaagtctca agatacaaaa tcaatgtgca aaaatcacaa gcattcctat     94140
     acaccaatag caaacagcga gccaaatcat gagtgaactc acatacacaa ttgctacaaa     94200
     gagaataaaa tacctaggaa tataacttac aagggatgta aaggaccttt tcaaggagaa     94260
     ctacaaaaca ctgctgaagg aaatcagaga ggacacaaat acatggaaaa acattccatg     94320
     ttcattatag gaagaatcaa tattttgaaa atggccatcc tgcccaaagt aatttataga     94380
     ttcaatgcta tccccattaa aggtatgatt gactttcttc acagaattgt taaaaactat     94440
     attaaacttc atatggagcc aaaaaagagc tggcatagcc aagacaatcc taaacaaaaa     94500
     gaagaaagct gtaggcatca tgctacctgt cttcaaactg taacaacaca aggctacaat     94560
     aagcaaaaca gcatggtact ggtaccaaaa cagatatata gaccaatgaa acagaacata     94620
     agtctctgac ataataccac gcctctacaa ccatgtgatc tttggcaaat ctaacagaaa     94680
     caagcaatgg ggaaaggatt tcctatttaa taaatggtat ttggagaact ggctagccat     94740
     atgcagaaaa ctgaaactgg accccttcct tacaccttat acaaaaatta actcaagatg     94800
     gattaaagac ttaaacataa cacctaaaac cataaaaacc ctagaagaaa acctagatga     94860
     taccattcag cacgtaggca tcaacaaaca cttcatgtct aaaacaccaa aagcaatggc     94920
     aacaaaagcc aaaattgaca aatgggacct aagtaaacta aagagcttct gacagcaaaa     94980
     gaaactatca ttagagtgaa caggcaacct acagaatggg agaacatttt tgtaatctat     95040
     ccatctaaca aaggaccaat atccacaatc tacaaggaac ttaatcaaat ttacgagaaa     95100
     aaaataaaac cacccatcaa aaagtgagcc aatgatatga acagacactt ctcaaaagga     95160
     gacatttatg cagccaacaa acatgaaaaa aagttcatca tccctgatca ttagataaat     95220
     gcaaatcaaa accacaatga gataccatct catgccattt agaatggtga tcattaaaaa     95280
     gtcaggaaac aacagatgct ggagacgact ggagaaataa gaatgctttt acactgttgg     95340
     tggtagtgta aattagttca accattgcgg aatacagtct ggtgattcct caaggatcta     95400
     aaactagaaa taccatttga ccaggcaatc cctttacggg ttatataccc aaaggattat     95460
     aaatcattcc actataaaga cacatgcaaa cttatgttta ttgagggatt gttcacaata     95520
     gcaaagactt ggaaccaacc caaatgtcca tcaatgatag acgtgataaa gaaaatgtga     95580
     cacatataca ctatggaata ctaagcagcc atagaaaagg atgagtttat gtcctttgca     95640
     gggacatggg tgaagctgga aagcatcatt ctcagcaaac taacacaagg acaggaagcc     95700
     aaacatggca tgttcttatt cataagttgg agttgaacaa tgagaacaca tggaggggaa     95760
     catcatacac cggggcttgt cggtgggtgg agggttagag gaggtatagt attagaagaa     95820
     atacctaata tatgtgatgg gttgatgggt gcagcaaacc accataacac atgtatacct     95880
     atgtaacaaa actgcacgtt ctgcacatgt accccagaac ttaaagtata tacaaaaaag     95940
     aaatacatat ttatatatag acatatacta tacatatatt aaaatatata taatgcacaa     96000
     tatacatgta ttaaatacat atattgcaca aagttcatct ataggtaata catatataat     96060
     tataaaatat gtggatgcat atattgtata tgtttaggaa tacttatatt tataaattag     96120
     ttatatagct tatatgattt atacatatat taaattataa gatattaact taaaagtata     96180
     aattatagtt ttctatcaca tgtaaattcc atattacttg atagacagta ataaatttta     96240
     cattttatat acttcatgag ttccatatta acacttaggc ataaataatt gtaactctgg     96300
     ttaaaagagt gaaataagat actagaggga atttagagga aagttctaaa caaagatcac     96360
     ttacataccc aacatcgtta tctgaatatt atttatgccc tcagccaagt aactttaggc     96420
     aaagcacaac ttatacagtc acatgaaatg actgggagta tcactttctc tgccgttacg     96480
     tttgttgaag catcatcatt tgtttggtct ctctgcttga acctgatact cacttgcagc     96540
     ttacagtttg ttctccctgt agccagaatt atactctgcg taaaaccaaa aggatttgtc     96600
     tttgatctca attaagtgtt ttattttgtt catcttgcca catgatggga gtatgactac     96660
     ttgcttaatt ctagtctcag aattatttca gtggttattt tctctgcctg gaattctctt     96720
     ccttcaaata tctgcctaga ttactgcccc aaaggtttag tctttgctta agtaaagcat     96780
     ttttaaagtc atgccactcc aaaagacatt tgccaacatc tttctatcac ttattaattt     96840
     atcaaaatat gttttaccac tgaacatttt actttacttt tttcttgctt gtagattgac     96900
     aaaaaatgta agcttcatga tagtaagcct aattacatga ttttataacc aataaccctt     96960
     agcccacacg aaaataaatg attaagcact tcatatttta caaatgaatg actgctcatt     97020
     gtttttgttc tatattcaat atcattacgt tgaaatgtaa agaatattaa tttatttaac     97080
     atattaacag attcttaaat atgatttaat ttttaaagac catcttgcct attgctttcc     97140
     agaacagaaa atgttttatt cctctaaaat gtgctacttt tgctttaaaa tatttctgta     97200
     ggaaattttt ttctgtggct cctactgatt aaataatcaa gtctaaatat cataacttca     97260
     aattatgaat tcagcttatt tttctgttct catgtcttct ctatctcttt ttaccaactt     97320
     ttttcagaaa aaaaaacaca ttttcctatc caaatataat ctatgtatta aatattcttc     97380
     ctacatctgt atatcttatt tctataataa agagctgctt ttctttcaaa gcccattcta     97440
     aaaacctaat gaatgtgtac atataatgaa ccatatattc tatatattcc tactgtttgc     97500
     aatacaaatt cctgcatgaa catggaccat tatatcttgt aaagttattg cactatcctt     97560
     tacacttgat ttatttcata ttaggcagta agctctctaa ctacagggct caggattgga     97620
     ttttctgaga agtgggatga ggcctgtttc ctgtatgtgc cccattaggt tagaattctt     97680
     tgtctgtact ggtatcctgc ctgtcttaat tgcaagtttt ttaagtacaa attttatgat     97740
     tttttatggt agtcttttgg acttcgaaaa tgttccaata atgtttgtta gcaaagaata     97800
     ttgaaatgat ttagtaacct ttctccatca taaattccat tcatatttca aatagtttaa     97860
     cttttctatt tttttttttt ttttgagaga atgactcttc tctgtcccct agggtggagt     97920
     gcagtggcac aatctcagct cactgcaaac tctgccttct gggctcaagc gagtctcatg     97980
     cctcagcctc ctcagtggct ggtattacag gcacacataa ccacgacagg ccagtttttg     98040
     tatttttagt agagaaaagg gtttcaccat gttggtcagc ctggttaagt ttccttctaa     98100
     ggccaagcgt ggtggcacat gacagttatc caatgtaatt tgggaggttg aggtgggcag     98160
     atcacttgat cccaggagtt caagattagc ctgggcaaca gtaagactcc aacactagag     98220
     aaaaataatt aactaggtgt tgtggtgcat gcctatggtt ccagctactg ggaagtctga     98280
     gatgggagta tcacttgagc ctgggatgtc aaggctgcag tgagcactga ttatgtcatt     98340
     gtactccagc ctggatgaca gagtgagacc ctgtgtaaaa aaataataat aataataatt     98400
     ctggccattt ttgtcttatt aattgtggct atttatacac taaatattac ccccttcaga     98460
     aggtactaca tgatatccta cattaggctt taagaaaaag accatgatat tctttcaaaa     98520
     gtagctattt gtagacgtgt gtttttcaga actaattttg ctgtgtcatt ttggattttc     98580
     ataattgata atgacctttc atgacttcag attttcattt tttataaatt ctcagtttat     98640
     atttgtttaa ttggattata gattttttct aacaactgag ttcaggaatc aaactataac     98700
     tctgtcggtt tttccctttg tttctaaata ccttttcatt tattctattt gttctttttt     98760
     tttttttttt ttagaaacat agtctcccag gctggagtga agtgacaaga tcataggtta     98820
     ctgcaacctc aaactccctg gctcaagcaa ttctttccca acagacttca aagtagctag     98880
     ggctacaggc acagtccaaa acacccagct attttttttt ttctagagac agcatctcac     98940
     tatgttcacc aagctagtct ggaactcttg gcctcaagtg atcctcctgc ctcagtttcc     99000
     caaagtattg aaattatagg catgagcccc tgtggcttca aagactttct atgtaagttc     99060
     cctatttctc aattttttaa aatcactaaa aatgcttctg ctttatttat ttgtgattaa     99120
     agaaaataca ttccttcatg aacctttata gaattggtaa ggtgtttcta caaccccctc     99180
     acaatgctaa ctttgccttt atataggaag ttcccagcag tcttcttgtg gctgactcca     99240
     gatacataaa ttattattcc tagtcttgtg agtatgttga tggtggcaga agaaggggtc     99300
     tagaagcttg actgacaact tcttgatact gctgccaaag ttattgtgag ctgaagaaac     99360
     agagatgaga aggatatgag acatgcatta ttccattagg caatttatag catggctttc     99420
     ctataagatt ttatattata gctttcattc attacaaata tccctgagac agttcaaatt     99480
     ctccttttct ccatcttatc tcatatatac ttacttcata gactcttgga ttttggcaaa     99540
     tcaccttaca ccaggtaaca taattcagag taatttcaat gcctgacatt gtgattttac     99600
     ttccattgtt acccatataa agaggaataa tatggattca attgtatgct agttttttat     99660
     acacttctga ttttattttt ccattaattt tgtttttatt gtcaacctct gaattatatt     99720
     aatgatatag agaatatgac tcttgtggct tagtctgata ttgctatacc ctgcagtgtc     99780
     tgtacaagca gttataacag ctcttccaaa agatgttgta agtgtgggaa tctggcattt     99840
     cttcacttct gatagggtat tggagaagga ccactcctat atcccccatt cctggatctg     99900
     ttccgatttg tggattaaat cttgggtgca ggcagatttt ggggcccagt aaaacactgg     99960
     tgaatgactc cagaaatggt tagtgtgcac tgcattctgg tcaatgactc ctgaaatggt    100020
     tagggtgcaa atagttccta atggaatgga aacataaaga atacaataaa gattaaagtg    100080
     agaaaacatt taattttact tcaatttaaa cttaaatgtt tgctaaaata taatttttgt    100140
     tggctgggca tggtaggtca gacctgtaat ccctgcattt tgagaggcct gtaatcccat    100200
     gactgcccaa cacaggcaga caacttcagg tcaggagttt cagaccagcc tggataatac    100260
     cgtgaaaccc atcactacta aaaatacaag aaaaaaatgg gtaggtattg tggcacgcac    100320
     ctttagtcca agctactcag gaggctcagg caagagaatc acttgtatcg ggaatggagg    100380
     ttatagtgac tgagattgtg ccactgcact gcagcctgga tgacaaagcg agactccatc    100440
     tcaataataa taataataca ataaaatata aaataaaata aatccttatt tagcaattta    100500
     agcacttgat attttacaaa tgaatgatcc ctcattttta ttctatatgc tatatcatta    100560
     cagtgaaatg taaacagtat aaatttattt aatagactgc attgttgcta gatgctgaca    100620
     atggggcaac cattggggtc aacgagtata accactgctt ctgagaatta ggaactaaat    100680
     gcctttatat tgtacttcat tttgtacttt ttgttaattt gtttttggga caggttctca    100740
     ctcggttacc cagactggag tgtagtcgct tgatcatggc taactgcagc cttgacctct    100800
     ccactcaagc aatcctccta ccttagactt ctgagtagat catactacag gcatatacca    100860
     ccgaaagtag ctaatttttg aaacaaatat tcttagagat aaggtctttc tatgttgttc    100920
     aggttggtct tgaactcttg gacttaagtg atcctcccag ttcagcctcc caagcagctg    100980
     gcaccatagg cgtgcaccac caagcatagc taattaaaaa aaattcatat attagagatg    101040
     ggatatccct gtgttgccca agatgatcat gaactcctgg gatcaagcga ttctttcact    101100
     gcagcctccc aaaatgctga gattactggt gtgagccaca gcacctgttc agtattttct    101160
     ccccctttct ttccttcctt ctctttcttt ctctttcttt ttctttcttt ctttctttct    101220
     tttctttctt tcttttttct ttctttcttt ctttcttttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    101280
     tttctttctt tctttctctc tctctttctt tctctctttc tctctttctt ttcttttgtt    101340
     tatttcttac agggtctcac tcccagcaac atgtcatggc tagtgtccat ggctgaatcc    101400
     tgccagggta ttattctcag ttggtggtag atcctgtcta cagccagctg tctgactaaa    101460
     ctgtaattat gtagaacaag gctaaagagc agtggctcaa tacagccaag ttatcaggct    101520
     taggtgatcc taccacctca gcctcccaag gagctaagat ggggtctcac tccagttgcc    101580
     caggctggag tgtagtggaa caatcttggc tgactgccac ctctgcgtct caggttcaag    101640
     ccatcttcct gccttagcct cttgagtatc tgcaagtacg ggtatgcacc accatgccca    101700
     gctaattttt gtatttttgg tacagatgat gtttcagcat gttgcccagg ctggtctcaa    101760
     actcctgggc tgaagcaatt ttcatgcatt gatctcccaa agtgctgggg gttacaggaa    101820
     tgagccacca tacctggcct attattttct aaagaagatt aaagtccctt tcatgtatca    101880
     aaatccaagg caaatatagt taataatgat gaaatagatc taaaaactaa atgtaagcat    101940
     aattccattc tcatggttct aaatacttac agtttagtca gacagctggc tgtagacagg    102000
     atccaccacc aactcagaat aataccctgg caggattcag ccatggacac tagccaggat    102060
     gtgttgctgg atgctgataa tggggccatc aatggggtca acatgtataa ccacagattc    102120
     tgagaattag gtactataaa tgggggggaa tggtaaatat aacatgaaaa acagtatctt    102180
     ttcaaatgat cagtgagata tgtcatccta tatatttact tgtttgatga agaggaaatt    102240
     aaggaaatac agagaagaat gagaaggagt aaagaaaagc atcttcaaaa tgtagaatta    102300
     agggaaaggg acccattaaa tatagtaaat gagataaata atgtagagaa gaaagaagtg    102360
     ataatatttt aaagactaaa aacaaaaccg taagtactca gaacaacaag tcttagtcag    102420
     gagatttact tgagaaaaaa aattccatgt tctgtaactt accagcagaa cagtgaagaa    102480
     acaatcccca agaagaaaag tagaactccc atgttggctt aagtgtgtgc gaatagaaga    102540
     tagggtttat ggttatctat gaagataggg ttttaggaaa ctattttgga gattaaaatg    102600
     gcaggatata gaatgtctga catcataaga ggtccttgtg agataactgc cttcctttag    102660
     gattaactaa gcgttatatg caagaaatgt agccaaatta aatgagatat taaaatttta    102720
     actcttccat tagttcagtg ttaaccatta attttggagt agggacagat aatattccag    102780
     tcccacacct tttaaaaatt tagtgtctat tctgtgttac tatgtagctt tttttttcat    102840
     tatttttttg agatgcagtc ttactctgtc acccatgctg gagggcagtg gtagaatctt    102900
     ggctcactgc cacttctgcc tccagagttc aagacattct actgtctcag cctcctgagt    102960
     agctgggaca acaggtacac actagcacgc ctggctaatt tttgtatttt cagtagagac    103020
     agggtttcac catgttgccc aggctggtct tgaactcctg tgcttaaatg atcgcaccgt    103080
     ctcagcctcc caaagtgccg ggattgtagg tatgagccaa catgccctgc caatatgtag    103140
     catctatcta tcaaatatta cttagtaatt aaaaacaaat agataatcta tattatctga    103200
     catattttct gcaacaagtt aaggaaatat tgataattat ttaaaataac caataaataa    103260
     atataaagaa caatagcaca tttcattcat atatctattg acatacccac atctactcat    103320
     tattatatct ctactcagaa acactgatat tgtaaattta cagaaaatat ctcaagacaa    103380
     attatctggc tttcctttaa tggcaatctg aagcaaagag ctacaattca gtaaattttt    103440
     atcaaatctc tcaattggaa tgggctataa gtcagacaca tatatgagga agaccagtct    103500
     ttgctctcag ggagttttca aggcagggga gaacaattaa tacatagtat gggtagttgc    103560
     tactaaacaa aatagaaaag ctgaagtcaa ttatatataa ataaatttat attccatact    103620
     atataagtca tgagataaca gagaaggcag attacgcaga ttaatgattt tattctagat    103680
     ccaaatatat tttatcattc cacttagcaa ttatagtaca ttactttcag cttcaagatg    103740
     actgtaagac agcctcactg tacccatctc tatgtccttg ttcaaaatac caaaaaagag    103800
     gaaagaaaat agggggaaac ctttcttttt tctttctttt ttgctttttt tttgtttgtt    103860
     tgtttggttt tttttgagac gtagtcttac tctgtagctc aggctggagt gcagagctgt    103920
     gatttcagct cactgcaact tctgcctccc aggttcaatg gattctcctg cctcagcctg    103980
     ccgagtagct gggattacag gtgcccacca tcatgcctgg ttaatttttc tctttttagt    104040
     agagatgtgg tttcaccgtg ttggccaggt tagtcatgaa cactgacctc aggtgatccg    104100
     ctcaccttgg cctcccaaag tgctatgatt acaggcctga gccatcacgc ccagccaata    104160
     aatgattaaa aaaaaataat tagccaggga tagtggtgca ttcccctagt cttaactact    104220
     ggggaagcga aggaagagga tatgtgagac ttggaattgg aggctgcagc gagctataat    104280
     ggcaccactg cactacaggc tggggagaga gaccctgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga    104340
     gagaacaaaa gaagaaaaga aggaaggaag gaaggaaaag aaagatgaga gtagggaagt    104400
     gaaagggaaa agaaaaagaa atacagggaa aggaagaagg aagaatttgt cagcaaaata    104460
     gtggcactta aacagatttt tcagatttat gccctagaat tcattacata ttaatttgtt    104520
     ttctgtgtgt gtttactagt tttgttttgt ttttgttttt gacacagggt catgctgtat    104580
     cacccagtcc agagtgcagc ggcgtgatct tgttttagtg caaattccac ctcccgggtt    104640
     taagggattc tcccagctca ccacctgtag ctggcaccac aggcccatgc cactactccc    104700
     aggtaatctt ttgtattttt ggtagagaca gggtttcacc attttggcca ggctggcctt    104760
     gaactcctgg cctcaagcta tgtgccccac cttggcctcc caatgtgcta gaattacaga    104820
     cttgagccac caagctgtgc ctacatacag ggtttttctt tctttccaaa caattcttga    104880
     taaatcatgt tttttcttga aattatctgt catcttattt ttcacatgac tatgataata    104940
     gtgcaacgat ttcttacaat tcttttattt ttctttctct tgttaaatta tcttgttatt    105000
     tattcttcca ctgtgtgtat gtgagtttgt gtgtgtactc atacatgtgt atttcttcat    105060
     ttctttacct tccttgtatg catgtataag tgtaagtata cattaatata aataaactat    105120
     tggatatttt acttgatgca caacatccaa agcaactcaa tttttaaagt atattttata    105180
     tattttgacc agtcactaag gaaagcagga ttgcaagtat acctctaggt gtcactgaat    105240
     ataaatgtaa ttatgacaat tctatacatt ttttagccct aaactatgtt gtatgtactg    105300
     tgcacaatac attattaatc ttatgataat aatatctagt agatactgtt attatattct    105360
     ctgtgttgat tgggtaaatt tcaaagatta agcagtctaa cttcacacag ctattaagtg    105420
     gtgaaggtta gatttttctt ggtttgctta actttatatt gtacaaatca ccactgcatt    105480
     atactatctt atagatatta agcttttagt caaatgattt ttaactgctg ccctaaaaaa    105540
     aagtagccta ttagggagga gccaagatgg ccaaatagga acagctccgg tctacagctc    105600
     ccagcgtgag cgatgcagaa gacgggtgat ttctgcattt ccatctgagg taccgggttc    105660
     atctcactag ggagtgccag acagtgggcg caggccagtg tgtgtgcgca ccgtgcgcga    105720
     gccgaagcag ggcgaggcat tgcctcacct gggaagcgca aggggtcagg gagttccctt    105780
     tccgagtcaa agaaaggggt gatggacgca cctggaaaat cgggtcactc ccaccccaat    105840
     attgcgcttt tcagaccggc ttaagaaacg gcgcaccacg agactatatc ccacacctgg    105900
     ctcagagggt cctacgccca cggaatctcg ctgattgcta gcacagcagt ctgagatcaa    105960
     actgcaaggc ggcaacgagg ctgggagagg ggcgcccgcc attgcccagg cttgcttagg    106020
     taaacaaagc agcagggaag ctcgaactag gtggagccca ccacagctca aggaggcctg    106080
     cctgcctctg taggctccac ctctggggga agggcacaga caaacaaaaa gacagcagta    106140
     acctctgcag acttaagtgt ccctgtctga cagctttgaa gagagcagtg gttctcccag    106200
     catgcagctg gagatctgag aatgggcaga ttgcctcctc aagtgggtcc ctgactcctg    106260
     acccccgagc agcctaactg ggaggcaccc cccagcagga gcacactgac acctcacatt    106320
     gcagggtatt ccaacagacc tgcagctgag ggtcctgtct gttagaagga aaactaacaa    106380
     ccagaaagga catctacacc gaaaacccat ctgtacatca ccatcatcaa agaccaaaag    106440
     tagataaaac cacaaagatg gggaaaaaac agaacagaaa aactggaaac tctaaaacgc    106500
     agagcgcctc tcctcctcca aaggaacgca gttcctcacc agcaacagaa caaagctgga    106560
     tggagaatga ttttgacgag ctgagagaag aaggcttcag acgatcaaat tactctgagc    106620
     tatgggagga cattcaaacc aaaggcaaag aagttgaaaa ctttgaaaaa aatttagaag    106680
     aatgtataac tagaataacc aatacagaga agtgcttaaa ggagctgatg gagctgaaaa    106740
     ccaaggctcg agaactacat gaagaatgca gaagcctcag gagccgatgc gatcaactgg    106800
     aagaaagggt atcagcaatg gaagatgaaa tgaatgaaat gaagcgagaa gggaagttta    106860
     gagaaaaaag aataaaaaga aatgagcaaa gcctccaaga aatatgggac tatgtgaaaa    106920
     gaccaaatct acgtctgatt ggtgtacctg aaagtgatgt ggagaatgga accaagttgg    106980
     aaaacactct gcaggatatt atccaggaga acttccccaa tctagcaagg caggccaacg    107040
     ttcagattca ggaaatacag agaatgccac aaagatactc ctcgagaaga gcaactccaa    107100
     gacacataat tgtcagattc accaaagttg aaatgaagga aaaaatgtta agggcagcca    107160
     gacagaaagg tcgggttacc ctcaaaggaa agcccatcag actaacagcg gatctctcgg    107220
     cagaaaccct acaagccaga agagagtggg ggccaatatt caacattctt aaagaaaaga    107280
     attttcaacc cagaatttca tatccagcca aactaagctt cataagtgaa ggagaaataa    107340
     aatactttat agacaagcaa atgctgagag attttgtcac caccaggcct gccctaaaag    107400
     agctcctgaa ggaagtgcta aacatgcaaa ggaacaaccg gtaccagcca ctgcaaaatc    107460
     atgccaaaat gtaaagacca tcgagactag gaagaaactg catcaactaa tgagcaaaat    107520
     caccagctaa catcataatg acaggatcaa attcacacat aataatatta actttaaata    107580
     taaatggact aaattctgca attaaaagac acagactggc aagttggata aagagtcaag    107640
     acccatcaga gtgctgtatt caggaaaccc atctcacgtg cagagacaca cataggctca    107700
     aaataaaagg atggaggaag atctaccaag ccaatggaaa acaaaaaaag gcaggggttg    107760
     caatcctaat aaaacagact ttaaaccaac aaagatcaaa agagacaaag aaggccatta    107820
     cataatggta aagggatcaa ttcaacaaga ggagctaact atcctaaata tttatgcacc    107880
     caatacagga gcacccagat tcataaagca agtcctgagt gacctacaaa gagacttaga    107940
     ctcccacaca ttaataatgg gagactttaa caccccactg tcaacattag acagatcaac    108000
     gagacagaaa gtcaacaagg atacccagga attgaactca gctctgcacc aagcagacct    108060
     aatagacatc tacagaactc tgcaccccaa atgaacagaa tgtacatttt tttcagcacc    108120
     acaccacacc tattccaaaa ttgaccacat agttggaagt aaagctctcc tcagcaaatg    108180
     taaaagaaca gaaattataa caaactatct ctcagaccac agtgcaatca aactagaact    108240
     caggattaag aatctcactc aaagccgctc aactacatgg aaactgaaca acctgctcct    108300
     gaatgactac tgggtacata acgaaatgaa ggcagaaata aagatgttct ttgaaaccaa    108360
     cgagaacaaa gacaccacat accagaatct ctgggacaca ttcaaagcag tgtgtagagg    108420
     gaaatttata gcactaaatg cctacaagag aaagcaggaa acatccaaaa ttgacaccat    108480
     aacatcacaa ttaaaagaac tagaaaagca agagcaaaca cattcaaaag ctagcagaag    108540
     gcaagaaata actaaaatca gagcagaact gaaggaaata gagacacaaa aaacccttca    108600
     aaaaatcaat gaatccagga gctggttttt tgaaaggatc aacaaaattg atagaccgct    108660
     agcaagacta ataaagaaaa aaagagagaa gaatcaaata gacacaataa aaaatgataa    108720
     aggggatatc accaccgatc ccacagaaat acaaactacc atcagagaat actacaaaca    108780
     cctctacgca aataaactag aaaatctaga agaaatggat acattcctcg acacatacac    108840
     tctcccaaga ctaaaccagg aagaagttga atctctgaat agaccaataa caggctctga    108900
     aattgtggca ataatcaata gtttaccaac caaaaagagt ccaggaccag atggattcac    108960
     agccgaattc taccagaggt acaaggagga actggtacca ttccttctgc aactattcca    109020
     atcaatagaa aaagagggaa tcctccctaa ctcattttat gaggccagca tcattctgat    109080
     accaaagccg ggcagagaca caaccaaaaa agagaatttt agaccaatat ccttgatgaa    109140
     cattgatgca aaaatcctca ataaaatact ggcaaaccga atccagcagc acatcaaaaa    109200
     gcttatccac catgatcaag tgggcttcat ccctgggacg caaggctggt tcaatatacg    109260
     caaatcaata aatgtaatcc agcatataaa cagagccaaa gacaaaaacc acatgattat    109320
     ctcaatagat gcagaaaaag cctttgacaa aattcaacaa cccttcatgc taaaaactct    109380
     caataaatta ggtattgatg ggacatattt caaaataata agagctatct atgacaaacc    109440
     cacagccaat atcatactga atgggcaaaa actggaagca ttccctttga aaactggcac    109500
     aagacaggga tgccctctct caccgctcct attcaacata gtgttggaag ttctggccag    109560
     ggcaatcagg caggagaagg aaataaaggg tattcaatta ggaaaagagg aagtcaaatt    109620
     gtccctgttt gcagacgaca tgattgttta tctagaaaac cccatcgtct cagcccaaaa    109680
     tctccttaag ctgataagca acttcagcaa agtctcagga tacaaaatca atgtacaaaa    109740
     atcacaagca ttcttataca ccaataacag acaaacagag agccaaatca tgagtgaact    109800
     cccattcaca attgcttcaa agagaataaa atacctagga atccaactta caagggatgt    109860
     gaaggacctc ttcaaggaga actacaaacc actgctcaag gaaataaaag aggacacaaa    109920
     caaatggaag aacattccat gctcatgggt aggaagaatc aatatcgtga aaatggccat    109980
     actgcccaag gtaatttaca gattcaatgc catccccatc aagctaccaa tgactttctt    110040
     cacagaattg gaaaaaacta ctttaaagtt catatggaac caaaaaagag cctgcatctc    110100
     caagtcaatc ctaagccaaa agaacaaagc tggaggcatc acactacctg acttcaaact    110160
     atactacaag gctacagtaa ccaaaacagc atggtactgg taccaaaaca gagatataga    110220
     tcaatggaac agaacagagc cctcagaaat aatgccacat atctacaact atctgatctt    110280
     tgacaaacct gagaaaaaca agcaatgggg aaaggattcc ctatttaata aatggtgctg    110340
     ggaaaactgg ctagccatat gtagaaagct gaaactggat cccttcctta caccttatac    110400
     aaaaatcaat tcaagatgga ttaaagattt aaacgttaga cctaaaacca taaaaaccct    110460
     agaagaaaac ctaggcatta ccattcagga cataggcgtg ggcaaggact tcatgtccaa    110520
     aacaccaaaa gcaatggcaa caaaagccaa aattgacaaa tgggatctaa ttaaactaaa    110580
     gagcttctgc acagcaaaag aaactaccat cagagtgaac aggcaaccta caacatggga    110640
     gaaaattttc acaacctact catctgacaa agggctaata tccagaatct acaatgaact    110700
     caaacaaatt tacaagaaaa aaacaaacaa ccccatcaaa aagtgggcga aggacatgaa    110760
     cagacacttc tcaaaagaag acatttatgc agccaaaaaa cacatgaaga aatgctcatc    110820
     atcactggcc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccactatg agatatcatc tcgcaccagt    110880
     tagaatggca atcattaaaa agtcaggaaa caacaggtgc tgaagaggat gtggagaaat    110940
     aggaacactt ttacactgtt ggtgggactg taaactaggt caaccattgt ggaagtcagt    111000
     gtggcgattc ctcagggatc tagaactaga aataccattt gacccagaca tcccattact    111060
     gggtatatac ccaaaggact ataaatcatg ctgctataaa gacacatgca cacgtatgtt    111120
     tattgcggca ctattcacaa tagcaaagac ttggaaccaa cccaaatgtc caacaatgat    111180
     agactggatt aagaaaatgt ggcacatata caccatggaa tactatgcag ccataaaaaa    111240
     tgatgagttc atgtcctttg tagggacatg gatgaaattg gaaaccatca ttctcagtaa    111300
     actatcccaa gaacaaaaaa ccaaacaccg catattctca ctcataggtg ggaattgaac    111360
     aatgagatca cttggacaca ggaaggggaa tatcacactc tggggactgt ggtggggtcg    111420
     ggggaggggg gagggatagc attgggagat atacctaatg ctagatgaca cattagtggg    111480
     tgcagtgcac cagcatggca catgtataca tatgtaacta acctgcacaa tgtgcacatg    111540
     taccctaaaa cttagagtat aataaaaaaa aaaattaaaa aaaaaaacaa tattaggtct    111600
     tccaatctat gaacatggga tgaaaaaaaa aaagtagcct atttgcatgg caagcaaaat    111660
     gtttcatgat cttgccctcc ctccctgtgt ccgctactga cattccctga tctttgtgta    111720
     tttagtcttg tttcactgac cacaagaaaa tgtaggttat tccatcaagt tgatttttac    111780
     ttataacact gcatgtttcc gcacattctc ctagcaaatc tcattctata tttgtgtttt    111840
     tgcttctcct tccaccacac agattttaaa aacactgttt atctgcatgt tttatctctg    111900
     cctagaaaat atttcttagt actatgtaat atattaaaaa tcattttcag tcttgttttt    111960
     ttccatttct ttataacaga tagttttctt taagagcaaa atatttctgg aggaaagatt    112020
     tgttggttta aatcctaatt tttttagtaa tatcctctta aaactgtgta gctttcaaac    112080
     gcttgtaact taagtttcct gttttgcaaa ttaggcctag taaaaatttt acaaatgtta    112140
     tgggacttct aaaaatgaag ttggtataaa atgtatgtag atattttatc aaagcagttg    112200
     atccttatca ttatttagaa aatgacatta tgtgtatcct ctttaaaaaa aaaaacactg    112260
     aagcattttc tcatacatct tatggcatca atcattatgt attatttaca aatctgtttt    112320
     tcctgtggtg taggctcact atctaactta ttaattcatt tttgtattag ttatcaattt    112380
     agtataatat actactcaat tacatataac attagtaaat gcattccctc aagtaaatat    112440
     aaattgaaac aaagggaaat attttctctt caaaatggaa aaagagtaat ctataatgta    112500
     gacagagcca tggtcaaatt aatgtttttc tggtaagaat gtgacaaaaa gaatgtgaga    112560
     atagaatgct acagtgggtt ttgtagcaaa aaaaactaat aatagaaata gatttgtaac    112620
     cataatttaa gaaacttttt ctaaaatata cataaacata taaaatatct ttccttcaga    112680
     gcatgatttt actgttagaa tattcatcaa aaaaggaagt gttaaaaaga taaattaaaa    112740
     tatttatgca gacacaaaca gctctatatt ggtatggtat agtttatgaa ctaagtagtt    112800
     cataagtggg agtatagaat gtatagactt taatttgttt aaattaatat aaagcactta    112860
     aaatgtggct tataataagc ctttttaaaa gtactgttct ttaaaattct gatatgcaca    112920
     atttatagac aaactcagaa aaataagttt gggttgcatt gtgtagatat ttaaatgtat    112980
     tttttatgtt acattttatt ttgcaacaaa attcgtaaaa tgaaataggt agggggagaa    113040
     taacttaacg gacaatatag tctgtcagct aataaaatat ttttctcagg catataaata    113100
     gtatttattt tactagagct ctgttaatta aggatgttac ttattatata caaattgagg    113160
     acagagaaat tgcctatttg tgtacattgt ttttgttaat tttggaattt tgggtcaaat    113220
     cactacattt atctactaag caaataaaat aaagtgttca aatatttata ttacaaccca    113280
     agagagaaga tacaagatta agatgtagaa actttacatt cctaattgac ttatttttct    113340
     tgctttcttt taatgttact tattattgct tgtttcttat ggagttcttt aaattttagt    113400
     tattactttc ccctttatgc attattttat gaaataagct tattgctaat atttgagagg    113460
     gggatgaaac atggatgact atttcaaaat aaaaatactt ctttaaggtt gatcacacta    113520
     ccacagttga aaaaagtaaa taatgaaaat aatatagaac acattttggc attttaattt    113580
     tctttccttc tctttttgtt tttaattcaa aagtttcttg ggccacgctt tcttttattt    113640
     ctgttacact tgtctttccc tacttccttt gtggctctcg cagggatggt atatccgggt    113700
     ttctaagctt tttagctggg tacgccacta gcctcgactt ttccttcagc tcatggtgac    113760
     agaaggtcgt gcacaggcag tttctcagaa aatcagggaa attaggcaaa taaattctta    113820
     attttaagca gagaggacat gtttgtatct caggtgacag agataatgtc taaatcatct    113880
     gcgaatagag gaaatgtggt aattcaatcc atgtctctca ggcttatttt ggcaaatgtt    113940
     aagaaatttt ataattgtta ttatgtgtgg atttatgtat ataactggtt tcttgtatac    114000
     cacggagttt tttcagaccc ctaagatttt ggattttttt cttttttctt tttgctttga    114060
     tgggttttca atgtgtgggt gttgaattat gggaggaaac agtagggaga gaactcttta    114120
     ctgctattaa gaaactcact ttcgttaaac tcgctgattt ttcttgagta ttcttccctt    114180
     tactgtcaga catgtccgac atgcgggcaa gttgtgggag atggagctag ggcgccattt    114240
     ttttcatgtg cactttttgt taaagtggtt ttcctctgtg aatgtggtca taattcaaat    114300
     atataggcaa tatacttaac cactgtgatt aaaaacttgt atttttactc ataacatgtc    114360
     aaatttgtga tttgcttgac agaaattatg aaattttgac ataaattgca ttactttagt    114420
     gtatgaggaa gtctggggcc ataaattatc tcagtttaaa tttgtctccg caaaaccttt    114480
     aatcgtctcc ttccttgtat gacaatattt gaaacatgtt tcaagtacct ctggcaccgt    114540
     aaataattta aatcgaataa gtgggtgtaa tcgagataaa tggtgaaaga tagcttaaaa    114600
     cagagacaaa ataatacgtt taagtttctc tgttaacttg gcacacggac ttatttttgt    114660
     aatcctacca ttttgggaag aggaggtgtg aggatggctt gaagtcacga gttagagacc    114720
     agcctgcgta atataatgag ctcctttaat ctactgccat tttggcacca gggaccggtt    114780
     tagtggaagg catttttcca cagacaagag gtgggtagtg ggagaaggtg gtgaggtgga    114840
     caccttggga aggtgggggg cggccgttcc aggaggagta cagggtaggg aggggttttg    114900
     ggccagagca gtgtgacggg gggcagcgat gggacagcgg ggttgccagg ggaacagggc    114960
     aggccagcgg ggaataggga gaagggattc tgaatgaaac tgttccacct caggtcacac    115020
     tcaggggtta cattcttcta aggagagcgc cacatagatc ctcacatgcg aggttcacag    115080
     tagggatctt aactcctgtg agaatccagt gccttcgcca ggaggcggga ctcaggcggt    115140
     gccagtggtt caccacctgt tctgcagccg ggttcctaac aggccacaga cagatactgg    115200
     ttggagacca gggtttgggg atccgtgatc tattgtatat ttcaaatcac gaaaatattg    115260
     taaaatactt aaaacattct cccccaagaa agcatgtatt ttagttagct tggtttaatc    115320
     atttattaaa atttcaagct ggtcgtggtt gttcaccctt gaaatatcaa caccttggta    115380
     gcaccaggcc agaagagcgc ttgagtccag gagttcgaga ccagcttggg taccatggag    115440
     aatcccacat ctattaaaga aacacaaaaa aattgcctac tagctctgat agcgagagcc    115500
     tgtagcttcc caagtagctg agaagtggga ggatcacttg aggctccgta ggggacactg    115560
     cagtgagcag tgcacgttgg caacaggaaa tttccatctc aaaaaaaaat acacaaaaca    115620
     tcacattgta cagtataaat atatagtttt caaataaaat tatttaaatg ggacatcctg    115680
     catattgcag cttaagaaaa ttacaatagc ttttctcgtc tcattttgac aaacaagttt    115740
     ttgccaggta cgtattaaaa tgcagcattt gtccatgaag tcagtgcccc tttcgctctg    115800
     catgttacaa attttacata tttaaagtaa gaaatactaa aagtatgtca gcctttttaa    115860
     gggaagggaa tttcacttga gttttcaaca gagtatgtaa taaaatttta tcctttgggc    115920
     ttatttactg ttatctaaat atggattatt attttttttt accattttca gcaaaatggt    115980
     ggaagcagat gggcctggca atcttttcac tggtgtcctc catttagaaa ccaatgaaaa    116040
     gtcgcttaaa gcagtatttg ggaaatatgg tcccatattg gaagacaacg tgtgtgtgtg    116100
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtatg tgtatgtgtg ttggatatat    116160
     atatacacac atatgtatgt tggatatata tatgttggtt ttatattttt ccaaaataaa    116220
     tatatactta atatatttac tgaatacata aagtaaaata tttatttgtt tttaaactgt    116280
     tattttcaag tttttatttg atattgggaa aattctcatg gcagcagtta agggtctgtg    116340
     gaaagggtca cctactagtg agaaaggaaa atgagcaaaa gtaaatgtgt tgtggaggta    116400
     gggaacaaat tggaatacaa taggctgact atagaggtga cttagtatta agaatcatac    116460
     taatgatgtg aaatgtattt tttttcattt gttagtacta tggtgtgtcc actatataaa    116520
     tgtaaaatgt tttcatgtat tttacttttt ctgataaatg attgggaaac cagcaatttc    116580
     agatgctttg catttattct gagaatgttg cagatgagtc ccttattaat aatatcctaa    116640
     ctgttcttca cttaacagca tgtcaaggtc tttttggtat tactaaactt ttgaagatat    116700
     cataatgtca tatgatctga aatactgtat ccatcatctt ctttttgcca tataagtgca    116760
     aatgtaggtg gaaggatatt ggaataaatg ttacataaat taatacatgg taatcctatt    116820
     tgtatgttag tatctcaata caagtgtaaa tagattttca aagctttcaa gcagctttaa    116880
     aacttagaag gaactctcac aaaaatgaga gaagtaagtt agtatttatt aaatactatt    116940
     aatggaatta cttccaattc atggaaacac ttctatagcg tagacaaact gcatagtcag    117000
     ctagaaagac ctacaagatg gaaatcttct atagagacac atctagacag actcataaga    117060
     aggaaagatt atttcacatt ttctgaaaat acattcttga gaaagtatat ttgaacaaga    117120
     tctttacatt taaggaagtg ttaagcactt gaaagtagaa aataatatga gaacattgaa    117180
     gctgggtaac agaactacta actggcattt ttgccccatc attgctcttt ttctcctaaa    117240
     aacattttta ttctgtcacc agagtgattt atgtaacatg aataccaatt acccattttc    117300
     ccagtgtgtt tgagcactta ttggatccaa ccaatggtct ctgtcttatt gaatctgaaa    117360
     ttctaggaat tgtgtgttta ttacagcttt aaacttttgt gtcattctat tgcctactga    117420
     aattgtttat attaccatca aaatcattgc attctggata ctttggagcc tttttgtttt    117480
     ataatatcat cccaatctgt ttttagttcc cattactctt tatgctatca cccatatgct    117540
     tttttggact tcttgagagt tattcttccc agcgtacatc tcacaaatag gaatttatgc    117600
     tccaaaaaca gcttagattt tacattttct tctttattgc atattttggg tattttggcc    117660
     tcactgaaca gagtactaat ctgttgattg ttaaattgtc tttagtgcat atttaaattt    117720
     tcctagttgc ctttgtttct gttacatctg gcacacttcc tggtacatag cagaagtaca    117780
     tttttattca ggttatactt tcatatttta agttttggta gacactgaca gttgcttttg    117840
     gctcatggtt ttgtaggtat ggaaataatt ttgacttatg tatagtaatc tatgataatt    117900
     tctttttccc tgtagttttc aagcacaaga acaggtgatt tctgtagatg ttatttctaa    117960
     attacttcat ccaacatatc ttactgtgta agaataaata taaatgtaat atgcacacaa    118020
     aagttaagga gggaaataaa ggaggtactt agaggtttca ggcggaatgg acagcttcag    118080
     aaagtttgac tgacttctga aaagtgggaa ggaagcagtc aggcataaat ctgaggaaca    118140
     tattttgggc ctagaaataa caaaagaagt cccaaggttg gaaagacaga ctatgtgact    118200
     gcaagaggtc ttggaatgga tttaagttct tccccaaaat aacaaagcaa tgtaattttt    118260
     aaatacatta tttgctgaca ttttttctaa aaccacgttt gcctatagaa aagattaaac    118320
     tgaagaaagt tattatgaaa ttaattagca cacttaagca tttctgagaa ataacatgaa    118380
     gtactatatt aagagtcact tattagtgac acttctaagg caagataaga aatgagtaag    118440
     gcaaaaaacc tgaatgagac caaagaagga tcacgtttac agaaacagaa ctagagtaaa    118500
     tatagaattg taaatcatat tgagacattt tatgtaagtg ttaggagaac aaacaagaaa    118560
     cagttcgtaa ccaataatgt ggttaatcac tttgaataaa taatattttt taagatgaca    118620
     cattcattca tatacccttg ggacactgaa acaattaaat gatatgaata caaagattat    118680
     agattgtaaa aaagaaatgt gctacattat ccaatagaat gtgtgatggg ttaatttttt    118740
     ttgaggtgtt atttttcaat actagaaaac ttttcaagga atttgaataa cagaattcgt    118800
     gtttggtccc ttcatgtagg gcatgtgctc agtaaatgtc tcaaatctgg cattgtgaaa    118860
     gagatggtcg tttcaggaaa aaaaaatata tttgctttgg gagaaaacat ctagaactga    118920
     aatatagtgg atgcaaaaat gtttgtaaaa tgtgtttagg ttaaatgtga caactttatt    118980
     gataggatac ttaatacttt tagtttttgg atggaaaagc aatgaaagta gaacaagtta    119040
     acaaaccgtc ttttcaaagt ggtggtaatg tggagatcac catcttcttg gagaaacagg    119100
     agcccttcag gaagtctgag acaggaaaaa agtaagtgag tattttatgg ttgatcttgc    119160
     aatatttgtt gtttgtgtat acacatggaa atatctatac aaatatattt ctttgccatt    119220
     ttgatatgca taatttgaac attagcctgc cataaagcgt tttgcatttg agaaatctgt    119280
     aacttcagtt attgaaaaga gtctgtgact caggaaaagt ctaaaaacca ctgcttcaca    119340
     tatatgttag tatctttctt tgctggagga tgagtcactg aaaatggtat ttattaatga    119400
     tttactcaat aggaatgagg ggtcaatttt tacttaaaaa agtccatgca ttaaaaaaaa    119460
     ttcattcaat tatctattaa ccaaccttca aaaatctaac atttgagttt taataaccag    119520
     atgtgtaatt cattggatat attttctcaa gttgaaattg caatgtttgc tccattttga    119580
     ggtacatagc ttcattttat tttttttctc aattgatctt gagggtgaag attaatacta    119640
     ctcttccatg tatgagaata tgcattttct tacctgtgac accaccaggg tggtgtcata    119700
     ttttttgtag atatatgaaa atattttatt acttaatata caattcttaa agattattaa    119760
     aattgagcat agcctgagct aaaaattaat atttcataat ggatttttaa gaattgtata    119820
     ttatgataca aattttacag ataatgtatt tttctgaggt gtcatttttt gattttgtaa    119880
     ataactgagt ttctttgaac gggatttggt gtaagcttat gatatgtttt gaaaaagctt    119940
     tactcatacc agaattatat gaacagtaat ttatcatttc tctcctaata tattttttct    120000
     ttatgtagat tgtatttatg tatttaactg atgatagatt tttgctctct cttcactctg    120060
     catttatccc aaatctctct gtcacaccaa tataaaatga ttcttgtgtc attttttaaa    120120
     ttttcttctg tcaccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgtgatct cagctcactg caacctctgc    120180
     ctcccgggtc ctaacgattc tcctgcctca acctcccata taccagggac tacagttgct    120240
     caccacgagg cctagttaat ttttttttta aatttttagt agagatgggg tttcaccatg    120300
     ttgctcagga tggtcttgat ctcaacctca tcatctgccc acctcagcct cccaaagtgc    120360
     tgggattcac actgtgagca aacattagtt ttaatcctgt gtttgctaga gaattccttt    120420
     taatttttct tgaagttcct ggcagtattc tttgatggta ggcttcttaa tctaatgaat    120480
     tattccattt cctaggtccc atggtagtgg tccctcagtg tgccaatcta aaaattgttt    120540
     gttcagtttc tttgttgggt tggagtcttg ctctcaccag gccagagtgc attgatgaga    120600
     tgatagctca ctacggcctt aaattcctgg gctcaagtaa ttgtcctgtt ttagcctcct    120660
     gcattgctgt gactacaggc atgcaccatc acacatagat caatttattt ttcttttttc    120720
     tgtatctttg tagacacagg atctcattac attgtcatag cggacattaa agccttgggc    120780
     tcaagcagtc cagctgcctc agccttccac actggctcac agtgtgagtc actgcgcctg    120840
     gccatccagg ttctgagacc tcaataatac ttaggtgcaa ggcattctta ctggttatgt    120900
     gaggatacta agaactaaaa gagcattttg cagataagca atcactgggc ttaaataata    120960
     attaataata aaattaaggc ttgataggta gacttgaagg agtccagcat ttttaagtta    121020
     agagcttacc acaaatgtgc agagttgtga aatatatggg gggtttaaat taagatatgg    121080
     tgtaaattaa tatatggagg gtgtaaatat atggggggcg cacaaatatt aagattgtac    121140
     agggatgttg aaaccttaac acaagatcct tagtgtagga tttgaaatta tttgaggaga    121200
     gaatttaatt ctaagctgca tgaggtgaac agtagaattg aagtaatatt tttgagaaga    121260
     agtgtgagat ttcagactaa acagaagaaa acaagaccat aaagtagtag atcttagcaa    121320
     agacatttaa gcagaacaaa ttaaaatcct tacctagccc tccatcataa catggaggaa    121380
     attgaaaact gttattttca attttggcat gcagtagttc aaaggtagca atattggttt    121440
     gtgagatgaa ttaagcaaca tgggaagact taccttcttc agctgagaaa ggacaacata    121500
     tgtaaacttt atattcagtg aagtgtttga tggttttaca tgttttctgt gtgtcattag    121560
     tagtcatcag taattcatat gaaaagaaaa ataataacta actggttatt aacaattaaa    121620
     agtgaacttt tacctaagaa ttaatgtctg tcttcagctt tgttagaaga tctggccttg    121680
     tggacccatg ggattatcca cagccagaag aaatatttaa gttgtcacga atgtctagta    121740
     atttagcgaa agaagaatgg agtcaaacaa taaataactt taaaaagttg tttcagagaa    121800
     gaaaaaatta tgtttcagat tttgtgttct ttacataata tttaatcatt ttaacattaa    121860
     atgtcccatg tcacatggat gagggaatta tggaggtcct ctatgcagag agccagtctc    121920
     ttaccagaga aatgaccatg tatcaccaag agatgagagt tatgcaacta aggatacgca    121980
     aaggaaaaat gaaaaaatag ttgacttttg ttgtggtgat gaaattcaca taataaaatt    122040
     aaacatttta agataaatag ttaattggcg tttaatatat tgttttgtgc aacaactacc    122100
     tccatctagt tccaaaacat tttcatcact ccaaactaca actccactag cagttaagca    122160
     gttcctttca ttttctccct tctgtcagcc actagcaaac accaatctgt cttctgcctc    122220
     tcagcttacc tgttctgggc atttcatgtt aatgggccca gacattacat gacttttcat    122280
     aagtgtcacc tttcatttgc gtgatgcaat gaagtttcat ttacgttgta gcacttctct    122340
     ccttacataa gctgccaacc cattattttg tttgggttgt ttctaccaca gtatttctat    122400
     atatacatat ttgtttgggt acacttattc aattctcagt atatatgagt ggaattgctt    122460
     gtcctatgat aactgtgttg attttttttg aggaacaact gcatttctcc atagtagctg    122520
     catcattttc cattccagct agtattgtac catagttcca aattatctac aactgctcaa    122580
     acacttgata tttcctgctt tttaaaattt atttccattc cagtatgtgt gaagtatggt    122640
     atgtcatttt ggttttgaaa tgcattttct gaataactaa ttatgtttct ttgttccatg    122700
     tgctttttga gcatttgcat attttatttg gggaaataac tattcaggtg tttggccctt    122760
     tattttgttt aagttgtaag ttacgttttg gatattagaa gttgataatt taaaatttgt    122820
     tcctttaact tatgtaagca gaattcatac aaattcctga gacaccagag attatgctcc    122880
     atcatctaga gattatggat accgtgatta tggtcgttct agtcaggatg agcattcctc    122940
     tagaggatat agataccata atattttctg gttttgtcaa atagattttt taagttgttc    123000
     ctgctgacat tagcaaactt ttttaaattt agtgaccatg atgactatag tgggggcctt    123060
     ggtagagatc attctgaaca tccaaatggg agttcttaca gagatgcata tcagagttat    123120
     ggtaagtgtc cgggtttgat ttgtaaatta cagtattata tttagtagac tagatcattg    123180
     ttttaataat cgtttaagga aaatcataaa ggaaaaatac aacatgttta aacactgaga    123240
     attgttaaca gtataatgca tagtgaacat gtaggtgaga acttcagttc attttcagaa    123300
     aatgtgacaa tgtttaagtt taaaataaac tttcttatgc tttgaaatac tattcttata    123360
     cttcttttaa ataaaacctt ttgactattt caggcataat taatatggtg tcaacaaaga    123420
     cagaagaaag cagagttttc aaaatagtgc tttaactgag acatgcatta gaaatactat    123480
     taaaaatgtt taaatgtagt tcattataag ttctatattt taccaacttt gcagggacct    123540
     tctatggtgc accacctgca tgatggcctt ggatgagtta cggtggaagt agtcgctatg    123600
     attataacag cacatgagat agatatgtag gagctgggag agttactcat ggagctgtgg    123660
     tgatttatat tcctgtggtc atgagcactg tggcagaaaa gaatgaagga atctaccttc    123720
     tctggatagg gtacaccctg ctcctcatga aggatatggt agctcaagtt atggggcatc    123780
     tacaggaagc ggtgggggaa gccaatatga aaaaggagac tgaagcgata ttaaaggaga    123840
     tattaaaaat aagagttacc ttggtactca ggaggctgag gcaggagaat tgcttgaacc    123900
     caggaggcag agattgcagt gagccaagat ctcatcactg cactccagcc cgggcaacaa    123960
     agcaaatggt ctctcaaaat aaaaagaaaa aaagtaaaga aaagaaaaat aatagttatt    124020
     gcatacaatc tttgctcgca aatcaaaatt taaaatgtca tttctgcatc attatgtgag    124080
     taccactaaa acgaaatgtt gattttgggg ggagaggtag agcttaattt ccttcatgaa    124140
     ttttttgagg tatgaagatg aagaggaact tttttcagag taatttcata attgttaatg    124200
     ctttttgaaa actatctgtt tagatgatat ggctatatta caatattcag aataaaatta    124260
     cacatgtaat gcgtaatgcc tgattttatt gctacacatg cttaaaagca aataaaatag    124320
     gagattaaac tgtggtgttt gttgaatatt ttcttttgta gctttgaatg taaatagata    124380
     caaaagtagg cataggttag gtctcccttg caagctgcac acattctcta attaggctgt    124440
     gtttctcttt aaaaacttaa caagttttaa aagtttgaga attcttcaga aagactacaa    124500
     aactgtctgc cttatcatta actgtttatc attcagagga atcatgtaag tcaaaggaaa    124560
     taattagata tggttgatat taaagtttaa gacattcaga acattcttct tgacgcattc    124620
     tgtgaccgaa gggggataat ggtgatgaaa catttttttc aacctaaata aaaactgaac    124680
     cagctacatt tcctaagtac atatagctta atgaaattaa gtattcctag ttttaaatag    124740
     tggaaaataa gtgttttacg tgggaggtac tcaagtcaat tatttcctat aatatttgac    124800
     aatggttgtt gtaagtaatg gtttagcaat aagttcttga aaacagaaac tatctagaag    124860
     gcttgggatt gtatcagttt tttttttttt ttttcaggac ggagtctaat tttgtcaccc    124920
     aagctggggt gcagtgtctg gatcgtggct cactgtgact gcaaccttcc gggttcaagc    124980
     tattctcctg cctcagcgtc gtgagtaagt gggtttacag ctgtgtgcca ccacagctgg    125040
     ctattttttt tgtattttta gtacaaacag catttcacta tgttggtcag actggtctta    125100
     aaatcctcat tcaccctcct cagcctccca aagagctagg attacaggca tgagcactag    125160
     gctcagacta tcaaacttaa gtgaagatat gaataggaat gctttaaacc ttatgttttt    125220
     tggaaagtga agtgtataaa acatgaaaca acatcataaa gtttcagata ggtgattgct    125280
     tagcggttta aaatttcatc taatgataaa actgaagatt tggacccaaa tgagtaaacc    125340
     aattaatttt cctgaccata caagctaaag aattgaagta tatgaagatc cagaacttta    125400
     ctgtccataa ttcttaaaat taacagagta atctgtaaga aggacatatt tttatgagaa    125460
     aattttgaca agatcgtaat tttttatagg gtaaggtgac aaataatttt aaagggagaa    125520
     gttaccaact ttgatttttg aagtgagtta tttatgttat gaaatatagg ttttcattca    125580
     cctataatgt aggattgtga ggattaagtg aaatgataca actccctggt cttgtgcatc    125640
     ttcactgtag caacagaaga aacagtgtct gtccaggtgt gatgtctcag gactttaatc    125700
     ccagcatttt gggtggctga ggtgggcata tcgcttcaac tcaggagtct gcggccagcc    125760
     tgggcaacat gaagaaatct tgcctgtata aaatagataa agtattgctg gatgtggtag    125820
     tgcgtcagtg tagtcccaga tccttggggg atgaggcatg aggatcgctt gagcccatga    125880
     ggtccaggca gcagtgagcc tgtttgctcc actgcatttc agcctgcgtg acaaactgag    125940
     actctgtcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagtaaggac aaggtgtcta tgatactctc    126000
     tgtccctaga cttatttatt tatttattta tttattttat tactattata ctttaagttt    126060
     tagggtacct gtgcacaatg ggcaggttag ttacatatgt atacttgtgt catgctggtg    126120
     tgctgcaccc attaactcat catgtagcat taggtatatc tcctaatact atccctcccc    126180
     catgccccca ccccacaaca gtccccagag tgtgatattc cccttcctgt gtccatgtgt    126240
     tcttattgtt caattcccac catgagtgag aacatgcagt gttgggtttt tttttcttgt    126300
     gatagtttac ggagaattat ggtctcaaat ttcatccatg tccctacaaa ggacatgaac    126360
     tcatcatttt ttatggctgc atagtattcc atggtgtata tgtgccacat tttcttaatc    126420
     cagtctatca ttgtaggaca tttggcttgg ttccaagtct ttgctattgt gaatagtgcc    126480
     acaataaaca tacgtgtgca tgtgtcctta tagtagcatg atttatagtc ctctgggtat    126540
     atacccagta ataggatggc tgggtcaaat ggtatttcta gttctagatc cctgaggaat    126600
     cgccacactg acttccacac tgattgacct agtttacagt cccaccaaca gtgtaaaagt    126660
     gttcctattt ctccacatcc tcttcagcac ctgttgtttc ctgacttttt aatgattgcc    126720
     attctaacta atgtgagatg gtatctcact gtggttttga ttttcatttc tctgatggcc    126780
     agtgatggtg agcatttttc atgtgttttt tggctgcata aatgtcttct tttgagaagt    126840
     gtctgttcat gtccttcgcc cactttttga tggggttgtt tgtttttttc ttgtacattt    126900
     gtttgagttc attgtagatt ctggatatta gccctttgtc agatgagtag gttgcgaaaa    126960
     ttttctccca ttttgtaggt tgcctgttca ctctgatggt agtgtctttt ggtgtgcaga    127020
     agctctttag tttaattaga tcccacttat caattttgtc ttttgttgcc attgcttttg    127080
     gtgttttaga catgaagtcc ttgcccgtgc ctatgtcctg aatggcaatg cctaggtttt    127140
     cttctagggt ttttatggtt ttaggtctaa cgtttaagtc tttaatccat cttgaattaa    127200
     tttttgtata agatgtaagg aagggatcca gtttcagctt tctacacatg cctagccagt    127260
     tttcccagca caatttatta aatagggaat cctttcccca ttgcttgttt ttctcaggtt    127320
     tgtcaaagat cagatagttg tagatatgca gtgttatttt tgagggctct attctgttcc    127380
     attgatctat atctctgttt tgatagcagt accatgctgt tttggttact gtagccttgt    127440
     agtatagttt gaagtcagga agcgaaatgc cttcagcttt gttcttttgg cttaggattg    127500
     acatggtgat gtgggctctt ttttggtttc ataagaactt taaagtagtt tttttccaat    127560
     tctgtgaaga aagtcattgg tatcttgatg gggatggcat tgaatatata aattaccttg    127620
     ggcagtatgg ccattttcac gatattgatt cttcctacct atgaacatgg aatgttcttc    127680
     catttgtttg tatcctcttt tatttcattg agcagtggtt tgtagttctc cttgaagagg    127740
     tccttcacat ccctggtaag ttggattcct aggtatttta ttctctttga agcaattgtg    127800
     aatgggagtt cactcacgat ttggctctct gtttgtctgt tattggtgta taagaatgct    127860
     tgtgattttt gtacattgat tttgtatcct gagactttgc tgaagttgct tatcaggtta    127920
     aggagatttt gggctgagac aatgtggttt tctagatata caatcatgtc atctgcaaac    127980
     agggacaatt tgacttcctc ttttcctaat tgaatatcat tttttccttc tcctgcctaa    128040
     ttgccctggc cagtacttcc aacactatgt tgaataggag tggtgagaga gggcatccct    128100
     gtcttgtgca agttttcaaa gggaatgctt ccagtttttg cccattcagt atgatattgg    128160
     ctgtggtttt gtcatagata actcttatta ttttgagata catcccatca atacctaatt    128220
     tattgagagt ttttagcatg aagtgttgtt gaattttgtc aaaggccttt tctgcatcta    128280
     ttgagataat catgtggttt ttgtctttgg ttctgtttat atgctggatt acatttattg    128340
     atttgcgtat attgaaccag ccttgcatcc cagggatgaa gcccacttga tcatggtgga    128400
     taagcttttt gatatgatgc tggattcagt ttgccagtat tttattgagg atttttgcat    128460
     caatgttcat caaggatatt ggtctaaaat tctctttttt ggttgtgtct ctgcccggct    128520
     ttggtatcag gatgatgctg gcctcataaa atgagttagg gaggattccc tctttttctg    128580
     ttgattggaa tagtttcaga aggaatggta ccagttcctt cttgtacctc tggtagaatt    128640
     cagctgtgaa tccatctggt cctggactct ttttggttgg taagctattg attattgcca    128700
     caatttcaga gcctgttatt gatctattca gagattcaac ttcttcctgg tttagtcttg    128760
     ggagggtgta tgtgtccagg aatttatcca tttcttctag aatttctagt ttatttgcgt    128820
     agaggtgttt gtagtattct ctgatggtag tttgtatttc tgtgggatca gtggtgatat    128880
     cccttttatc attttttatt gtgtcaattt gattcttctc tctgttcttc tttattactc    128940
     ttgctagcag tctatcaatt gtgttgatcc tttcaaaaaa ccagctcctg gattcataaa    129000
     ttttttgaag ggttttctgt atttccttca tttctgctct gattttagtt atttcttgcc    129060
     ttctgatagc ttttgaatgt gtttgctctt gcttttctag ttcttttaat tgtgatgtta    129120
     ggatgtcaat tttggatcct tcctgctttc tcttgtgggc atttagtgct ataaatatcc    129180
     ctctacacac tgctttgaat gtgtcccaga gattctggta tgttgtgtct ttgtccttgt    129240
     tggtttcaaa gaacatcttt atttctgcct tcatttcgtt atgtacccag tagtcattca    129300
     ggagcaggtt gttcagtttc catgtagttg agcagttctg agtgagtttc ttaatcctga    129360
     gttctagttt gattgcactg tggtctgaga gacagtttgt tattatttct gttctttcac    129420
     atttgctgag gagagcttta cttccaacta tgtggtcaat tttggaatag gtgtggtgtg    129480
     gtgctgaaaa aaatgtacat tctgttgatt tggggtgcag agttctgtag atgtctatta    129540
     ggtctgcttg gtgcagagct gagttcaatt cctgggtatc cttgttaact ttctgtctca    129600
     ttgatctgtc taatgttgac agtgggtgtt aaagtctccc attataattg tgtgggtgtc    129660
     tgagtctctt tgtaggtcac tcaggacttg ctttatgaat ctgggtgctc atgtattggg    129720
     tgcatatata tttaggatag ttagctcttc ttgttgaatt gatcccttta ccattatgta    129780
     atggccttct ttgtctcttt tgatctttgt tggtttaaag tctgttttat cagagactag    129840
     gattgcaacc cctgcctttt tttcttttcc atttgcttgg tagatcttcc tccatccttt    129900
     tattttgagc ctatgtgtgt ctctgcacgt gagatgggtt tcctgaatac agcacactga    129960
     tgggtcgtga ctctttatcc aatttgccag tctgtgtctt ttaattggag catttagtcc    130020
     atttacattt aaagttaata ttgttatgtg tgagtttgat cctgtcatta tgatgttagc    130080
     tggttatttc cctcgttagt tgatgcagtt tcatccctag cctcaatagt ctttacaatt    130140
     tggcatgatt ttgcagtggc tggtaccggt tgttcctttc cacatttagt gcttccttca    130200
     ggagctcttt tagggcaggc ctggaggtga caaaatctct cagcatttgc ttgtgtgtaa    130260
     agtattttat ttctccttca cttatgaagg ttaatttggc tggatatgaa attctgggtt    130320
     gaaaattctt ttctttaaga atgttgaata ttgtctctcc ctctcttctg gcttgtagtg    130380
     tttctgcaga gagatccgct gttagtctga tgggcttccc tttgtgggta acccgacttt    130440
     tctctctggc tgcccttaac attttttcct tcatttcaac tttggtgaat ctgacaatta    130500
     ggtatcttgg agttgctctt ctcgaggagt atctttgtgg ccttctctgt atttcctgaa    130560
     tctgaatgtt ggcctgcctt gctacattag ggaagttctc ctggataata tcctgcagag    130620
     tgttttccaa cttggttcca ttctccccgt cacttttagg tacaccaatc agacacagat    130680
     ttggtctttt cacatagtct catatttctt ggaggctttg ttcatttctt tttattcttt    130740
     tttctctaaa cttcccttct cacttcattt cattcatttc atcttccatc actgataccc    130800
     tttcttccag ttgatcgctt tggctcctga ggcttctgca ttcttcacgt agttcttgaa    130860
     ccttggcttt cagctccatc atctccttta agcacttctc tgtattggtt attctagtta    130920
     tatattcatc tatttttttt tcaaagtttt taacttcttt gcctttggtt tgaatttcct    130980
     cctgtagctc agagtagttt gatcgtctga agccttcttc tctcaactca tcaaagtcat    131040
     tctccatcca gctttgttct gttgctggtg aggaactgcg ttcctttgga ggaggagagg    131100
     ccctctgctt tttagagttt ccagtttttc tgctctgttt tttccccatc ttttggtttt    131160
     atctactttt agtctttgat gatggtgatg tacagatggg tttttggtgt ggatatcctt    131220
     tgtgtttgtt agttttcctt ctaacagaca ggaccctcag ctgcaggtct gttggagttt    131280
     gctagaggtc cacttcagac cctgtttgcc tgggtatcag cagcggtggc tgcagaatag    131340
     tggattttcg tgaaccgcga atgctgctgt ctgatcgttc ctctggaagt tttgtctcag    131400
     aggagtaccc agcattgtga ggtgtcagtc tgcccctact gggaggtgcc tcccaattag    131460
     gctgcttggg ggtcaggggt cagggaccca cttgaggagg cagtctgcct gttctcagat    131520
     ctccagctgc atgctgggag aaccactgct ctcttcaaag ctctcagaca gggacattta    131580
     agtctgcaga agttactgct gtctttttgt ttgtctgtgc cctgccccca gaagtgaagc    131640
     ctacagaggc aggcaggcat ccttgacctg tggtgggctc cacccagttc gagcttcctg    131700
     gatgctttgt ttacctaagc aagcctgggc aatggcgggc acccctcccc cagcctcgct    131760
     gctgccttgc agtttgatct cagactgctg tgctagcaat cagtgagact ccatgggtgt    131820
     aggaccctct gagccaggtg tgggatataa tctggtgtgc tgttttttaa gcctgttaga    131880
     aaagcgcagt attagggtgg gagtcactcg attttccagg tgccctctgt cacccctttc    131940
     tttgactagg aaagggaact ccctgacccc ttgcgcttcc tgagtgaggc aatgtgtcgc    132000
     cctgcttcgg ctcgtgcacg gtgcgctgca cccactgtcc tgtgcccact gtctggcact    132060
     ccctagtgag atgaacctgg tacctcagat ggaaatgcag aaatcagccg tcttctgcgt    132120
     cgctcacgct gggagctgta gaccggagct gttcctattt ggccatcttg gctgccaaaa    132180
     aggccctagg cttttttaac tctaattatc tccatgaggc attctgtcat aatgattaaa    132240
     aggtatggaa aacagaagag taaccagtaa gatacaattt gtcaaccttg gaatagggat    132300
     tctgtttcag caagatggaa taaatgctaa aaactcttta tataacaaga gcaaaagcct    132360
     tattgcatca tttttcaaag gaatataatg cttttgaatg agtaatagat taacttttta    132420
     tcatttttgt ccacaggcat tactatgaga agatacctgg acttggtggt atataacaaa    132480
     catttcttgt aatcccagag gctgagaagc ccaaggtaaa ggcatcagct aataaagtgt    132540
     tcaggtaagg ggtcatttcc tggattttat ttttattgat ttatttttga gacagagtcg    132600
     ctctgtcgcc aggctggagt gcagtggcat gatctcggct cactgcaacc tctgcttcca    132660
     gggttcaagt gattctcatg tatcagcctc acaagtagct gggatgacag atgtgcacca    132720
     tcatgcccgg ctaatttctt atattttagt agagacaagt ttcaccattt tggccaggat    132780
     agtcttgatc tcctgacctc gtgatttgcc tgccaaagtg ccaggactac aggcatgagc    132840
     caccttgccc agccacttcc tggattttaa acacgcctcc ttctgaggct acaccttata    132900
     gaagtgagtt gggaactcta tagtctttta ggagggtgct aataacattt acgaaggtgc    132960
     tgccttcctg acctgattac ttcccatcaa agtccctttt ccacctccag agggcagcca    133020
     attgacacta ccacatgttg atcataaagt attttttaga tggtagagtg aggatggcag    133080
     tgatgattta atgaattctt tggtttccag tttttaatga cttcagtgtt ggcatcaggt    133140
     attaaaggca tgaagatgat tttttaaatt gttcatatgt agtcatccac tttcagctta    133200
     caaggtttgg ggacaattgg gcagttttgg ttttcagtga tgctaaatca tgaaagtggg    133260
     acccaggggt gaaattttag tttagagaag ggtagctgta taatggataa aaggagaatt    133320
     gaaattgtag actaataaaa tatgtaaggc aactcagatg ggggtgtgtt ttaattttcc    133380
     attgaaacaa aattctctct gaagttactt ctcttgactc tcattcacaa aataagtctg    133440
     gtctgactaa atttgtcctc attttttacc taactgcggt aagaattgtc actgatcaca    133500
     aagacatata tatatacata tatatatatg tgtgtatata tataaattat atatgtatat    133560
     ataatttata tatatacaca cacatataaa ttatataaat ttttaaagat ataaatttat    133620
     atttattttt attttataaa tttgtattta tttatttata tttaaattta tataaattat    133680
     aaatatacat tttatattat atcatatata atataaaata aattatttat ataatttatt    133740
     tttaaaatca gagacaatat gcagctccat gccatctcaa actcatgggc gcaagtgatc    133800
     ctcccacctc agacgcctga gtagctgaga ccgtaggtgc aaaccatcat gcttggctaa    133860
     ttttgtatgt tgtttgtttg tctgtttgct tgattttaga gatggggttt taccatgttg    133920
     cctaggctag tcttgaactt ctgagctcaa gtgattctcc cacctctgtc tctgaatatg    133980
     ctggtattac aggtgtgagc caccatgcct ggccacagac gccttggcag tatacgtggt    134040
     gagaacttta tataattagt ttcagattat aatttttaat gccttgcgac taggacctaa    134100
     gccaggaact tgccaccagg cttccctttc agaacctata cacttggtgg aatatctttc    134160
     ctttcaaagt ctccaaatat catgaggttt tccagagctt gcccagaagt gacctgtctt    134220
     tctcacctct tagactagga actctaacca attaccaggt tggtttttcc aagagggctg    134280
     tataagtatt ttctccacag tcaactttac ttcttaaagc tgcctggtta tctctgattc    134340
     tctgaaaatc attcttaaat gtatttgata tttcagacaa agctttgtta taaaaccagg    134400
     ttctaattag gttatgttga aaggataata cattcttact acttcataaa tgactctatt    134460
     gccatacaaa tgtttataaa atcttaaatg tccagtgaac ataacacagc ttaactagta    134520
     aattagtaat tctaagaagg atacaaacga caaatgtatt ctctttctct tttttttttt    134580
     cagactggat ctcgccccct cacccatgct ggactgcagt ggcatgatct tggctgactg    134640
     cagtggcatg atcttggctc actgcaaccc ctgcctccca ggttcaagca gttctcctga    134700
     tttggcctac tgagtagctg ggattacagc tgtgtatcac cattcgtggc taatttttgt    134760
     atttgtattt ctagtagaga tggggtttcg taattttggc cagactggtc tgaaactctg    134820
     gaccccatat gatccacctg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattaaag gcatgagcca    134880
     tcatgcctgg cccacaaatg tctttttata cttaataata accacaattt gtaatatgta    134940
     gctgtctgta ttaaacaatt ttaaagtaat cttagttatt aaatatttgc atgagtcatg    135000
     tgaacctgaa tacatatttc taggaagatt aggagtatgt aattcacaat agtgctcatt    135060
     tatctctaag ccagtttgaa tagcaccttt ttaagtgata ttagaaatta acttggtaat    135120
     aatatccaga ggtagaaata catcacacac acagcatatt tgcataaaac tatagaggca    135180
     aacatatttt atagatgtcc taaaatttag ttatgaatga ggcaatagac taatataaaa    135240
     ctcactagtt tatatccatt tcatattgta tctgaattgt tctggcaaat gagacaaggt    135300
     cgcctattca atagcaggtc taatatcttt tgtctgtatt gatgaagaag aattttatga    135360
     tattattttg ccctaatatt ttatctgtgg agccagagga ctacatttta ggcatagaat    135420
     acatctagtt gcagtctgga tgtctccaaa ggctgggtgg ataaaatact caatctcttc    135480
     taatgaatta gccatttttt catttcaact ttaggccagt aattttttga agggtgggga    135540
     agatactcaa gtccctcaag agcctctgat ttagtgggcc taaatttctg ttgactatag    135600
     agagttgaaa ggctgaaata ggaagggaaa tgtttgttta ggggtagaca gaataatgga    135660
     tgatgagatg tttgaaggag gatatgtcaa aggattcaag gaaggtaaag ggaggatcaa    135720
     aggtggtgag aggagaaaca agaaacatga gtaataagaa ggaagatgtc aaagagcacc    135780
     agtgtaggga gatgttaagt ttctcaaagg tcattgaagt tccaaattat ccttgaaaaa    135840
     tgcattcaaa caacaaggat atagagttac caaagcccaa agtccacaag ggttcaagaa    135900
     ggtgagtttt agttggctag gagacttcca ctggacaggg aagaatccaa ataagaacag    135960
     agaggggtca aagagcttca atggagatga gagatagaga tagttagaca gaaagataga    136020
     tagagctaga gctagagcta gagatagaga taaagagaga tagagctaga taaagataga    136080
     gacaaacttc ctaacctgcc agaaagatgg gaaaattcac attaaggaaa aaaggtctcc    136140
     aacataggga atcaggaaat aatcttcact caggaaagag actagaaaaa gggaacccag    136200
     ccaatggagt cacggaaaac cccactcagg gagtagctag gaaaaaagat atttagcata    136260
     gagaatcagg gaaaaaatct tacttgagaa tagacatcca agaggaaaat tcaagccaaa    136320
     aatgtcagag aataagccac tcttgggcag aagggtatac aacacagaac ctaaagggat    136380
     aatctcaaac atgaagaaaa gctgacaaaa aaagagttgc agacttggaa atcaagaaac    136440
     aatttccagt cagattagag agcaaggcaa gagagactta caaccccagg gagtcaggga    136500
     ataatcataa gaaaagtgat aacctgggaa aagaaaatgt catgctagga gacagggaat    136560
     aatacccaat aaagaaaaag agccaggaag atgagatttc caactaacgt atcaggaaat    136620
     aatcctcaga aaattggaat aatctgtaat aagggaaaaa aagttaagaa aaacaaaaca    136680
     aaacaagaaa atgtccatct cctggagtca gacagtaatc actagtaagg gaaacatcag    136740
     gaggaaaata ctttctgcac attaggaata aataccactt gggaaagaga gagccataag    136800
     aaggacttct acctaagaaa gttagaataa tccttatttt tttaaaaaaa gagagaaaga    136860
     cagctttaaa agaaaagtca gagtataatc ccaatcagga aattagagtc agaaagaaga    136920
     attttgagcc caaatgtcag agaaaaattt caaatcagga aaaagagaga gccagggaat    136980
     aatcttcaat catgaaaaga agtagaaaaa cagtctttca tcacagagat catttaatat    137040
     ttacctcaga gaaaagaaca aagggaaaaa aagaggttca gtccaaggat tcagagaata    137100
     ataccagttt aggacaggga gccaagaagt gactttgagc tcagaatcac atgagaattg    137160
     ttctcattta ggagagcgag agacaatcag gtagtcagaa aattttaccc attaacaaag    137220
     agaccagaaa gaagagatac ctagccagag agtcagaaaa gagaactaat aagaagtgac    137280
     ttacataata aaataacaac aacaaaagga caaagatggc tgctagagtc actcaagact    137340
     cacctcctcc acaaagaagg tccaaatagc aaatagatga ctatgcactg aattgaacat    137400
     ctttgggaga atgctggaat tcagcaggga agtgactgtg actctcttgg gaaaactggc    137460
     tagccatatg cagaaaactg aaactggatc cctttcttac accgtttaca aaaatcaact    137520
     caagatggat caaagactta aatgtaagac ctaggaccat taaaatccta gaagaaaacc    137580
     tgggcaatgc caatgaagac acaggcacag gcaaagactt tatgtccaaa acacaaaaag    137640
     caatggcaac aaaagacaaa attgacagat gggatctaac taaactaaag agcaaaataa    137700
     actatcctca gagtgaacag ccaacttatg gaatgggaga aaatttttgc aatctctcca    137760
     tctgacaaag ggctaatatc tggaatctac aaagaactta aaccatttta caagaataaa    137820
     acaagcaacc ccataaaaaa agagcaaatg atattaacag acactactca aaagaagaca    137880
     tttatgcagc caacagactt ataaaaaatg ctcctcatca gtggtcatta gtgaaatgca    137940
     aatcaaaacc aaagtgagag accatctcac tctggttaga atggcaatca ttaaaagtca    138000
     ggaaacaaca gatgctggag agcttgtgga aaaacaggaa tgcttttaca ctgtcggtga    138060
     gagtgtaaat tagttcaacc attgtggaag acagtgtggc aattactcaa agatctagaa    138120
     ctggaaatac catttgacac agcaacccca ttactgggaa tataccaaag gattataaat    138180
     cattctccat aaagacacgt gcacacgtat gtttattgca gcactattca caatagcaaa    138240
     cacttggacc cccaaaaaat aagatgaaga aaggcaccat gcggtcaagt tagtgagtaa    138300
     tcactaagtc attggtctgc actcgaggtc accacgttct ggcggaagtt cattcaagct    138360
     gagttttcat tatgggacaa cagttatcag caccacagaa acagtatata aaactattga    138420
     agcagctgct taggtctagg agagtttcag tttcacaggt tcaattaagg aaattataaa    138480
     ctgtggtcac atataatccg tgacttccag aagaaggaac cctacacgta gaactgtggc    138540
     aacaagtagg gagaaatctt aaacaatatt atgcacaggg gcatcaggtc ccagcatcag    138600
     ctttaacacg atgggcttta ctaaggatgg ctttagtccc attatacaca gaagagccta    138660
     aaaaggagaa ggagggagaa aggtgacctg ccttatcacc tccttttccc tcagtcccac    138720
     tatcaccggg ataaaataac aaaaagtaaa tggagggttt gcctgacccc ctcttactat    138780
     aagtagaaaa aaagacaaga aacgtacttc agctatggga ccttgtctta aacaagcagc    138840
     attagaagga gagttcttag cctgtccagt aatgcaagac cgacatggta atcaagtata    138900
     tgaacccgtt tcctttcaca cttacaaata actaagaaaa agcattaaag aaaacgctcc    138960
     cactagacca tttacaaaag gaatgattga ggccttagca gaccacttct gtatggccca    139020
     atggaactgg tcaattctgg ctaaagcaac tctggagcct agcccatacc tcctctggaa    139080
     ggcagaatat gatgagctgt gtgaacaaga agccaaccag aatcaggcgg cggggcaaaa    139140
     tataactgct gataagctcc aagggaaaag tcctcatgct gatgtacaac aacaactaaa    139200
     ttttgatccc caggcctatg atcaagtgtc tttgtgtgct ctcagagctt gggactgaat    139260
     tcccaagagc tgactgagtt cagcaggtgt ctttcgtaaa tatttgacaa gggcctcagg    139320
     agcaatttgt tgagtttatg gatcacttaa ttcaggcaat taagaggcaa atcagtcaca    139380
     cccagtccac tcctatctta ttgttgcagt tggctttcaa aaacattaat gtggattgcc    139440
     agcaggcaat gcaggcaatc aaaggaaagg caggcaccgt cagggagctg atataagcat    139500
     gtcacctggt aggaactgag acaaacgagg ccagaatatt agctatggca ttaaggcctc    139560
     ctaaagtgag aagggagaga aagcaaaatc attttctatg tggagtgaaa ggtcatgtga    139620
     agaggaaatg cccccatagt aaaaagcaag ctaactcagg gaaaggaccc ttttctatat    139680
     gtcctggatg taggaaaggg agacgttagg aaaatcaatg caggtctaaa tttgataaaa    139740
     atagccatct cataggaaat cagttgggaa acttcatgag gggacggccc caggccccac    139800
     tcccaactgg ggcaatgcca acagctttcc tcggttggct agaaagccca cagtcctctc    139860
     tctcagagca gtcactactg ggagtgcatg actggactta ctctgctctg ccaaattagt    139920
     gctacaagag gaagaaggcc ctgcaagggt tgagactggg atctgtggcc cgctgcctcc    139980
     aggaacagca ggattatgcc tggggcagtc tagcctatct gtaaaggaat taatgtgctc    140040
     cttggggtag ttgatagtga tgaccaaggt gagatattgg ttatgatgga atgtaaaggt    140100
     ctgcatgttc ttccccctgg atcaaaaaat agcttagtta aagattttac catgctgggt    140160
     ccctaatgcc catgagaagg aaaggggaaa gtgaagtttt ggaagcacag gagcatattg    140220
     gaatcaatta atcactgatc agagatgcat gattacctta aaaattggta ataagaattt    140280
     tactggctta ttgggcacag gggtggacat ttcaatcatt agtgatcaga actggtcaaa    140340
     aatctgtcct tgggtcactc agaaacagaa aactgtcagc aacaggaaag catacacagc    140400
     caaacagagc acatgcccct gaacctgctg tgattcagaa ggaaaaaagg cattatacaa    140460
     cctctgattg tgcccatccc tgctaatctt tcaggatggg acctattagc ccaatggtgg    140520
     ggcggggggg cactctgcag acccctttct aacaatggcc actcttgtta ttcctccact    140580
     acctctgact tggatgtctc aacacctggt ctgggtagca cagtggcctc tgaagggaga    140640
     gaaattacag ggaactcatg agtttgttga ggagccatta aaggctggac atcttgaaca    140700
     ttctaccagc ccctggaatt cgcctatttt tgtcattccc aaaaagtctt ggaaacagag    140760
     gtttttaaat gacttacatg atattaatgc taatttacag cccatgggac cccttcaaaa    140820
     ggcctcccct cccccacagt gattactcaa gattggccta taattgttat tgacttaaaa    140880
     gattgcttct ataccattcc tccagcagaa caggagagag agaactttgt gtttacaata    140940
     ccagctgtca ataatgaaaa gtcagcttgt caatttcact ggcaagtgct tcctcaagga    141000
     atgctaaata gtcctaccat gagtcagtat catgttaatc aagctctgct ccctagtaga    141060
     aaagaatttc ctgactgtaa aattattcat cctatagatg atattgtact agcagcctga    141120
     acagatcaat acttttacat ttgtttacct ctgtcctaaa gaatacacag ctgagaagtt    141180
     tagtcattgc acctggaaaa ctacaagtgt ccaatgtcct ctccttggaa ataccttgga    141240
     tatctgttaa cctcctggtc agtaagacct caaaaggtta aactaagtac tagcaactta    141300
     tacaccctaa atgattatca gaaattactg ggtgatatta cctggctcca tcccattttg    141360
     ggaattccta aaaataaact acaaaacctg ttttctatct taaagggcaa tccagctctt    141420
     gattctccca gatatttaat ccctgcagca aaaagagaaa tcgaggaaat tgagcaagcc    141480
     atctctgaga gacggctaga tcgcattgat ccatggtatt caattcagtt gtatatcttt    141540
     cccagcaaac actcccatgc agggttacta ggacaaatga cccctgggct acgtttccta    141600
     caatggtttt ttgctcacat aaccgagact aaaatactgt ctcccgatat tcagttaatt    141660
     actagagtca tctattcagg ttgcaaacgt tgcaatcatt tactaagtta tgaccctgat    141720
     gtcatcagga tccctttaaa aagcaattag aagcaggatt acctttgtca atacacctgc    141780
     aaatagcttt ctctgattac acagggcaaa tagagcacat cctctctgct gataaactcc    141840
     ttcatttctt atctcacact ccgacaatat tgcctataaa aataatttac tcccccatgc    141900
     ataatccttt aacactgttt atcaatgggt cggctaaaca tggaaaagca gcagcctgga    141960
     gaccccagaa ttcaatcact caatctgggt taactagcac tcggagagct gcaattgggg    142020
     ctctgatttt ggccttagaa actttttcca ctcagcccat aaatatagtt agtgattctg    142080
     catactcact tcatttatta caaaagtttg aaacagcact gattaagtcc actctggagc    142140
     cagccctgtt tactcttttt ctctgacttc agcaattgct agatcaatgt gcacatccta    142200
     ttgttattac ccacatgcga actcacagct cactgcctga tccgttggtt tatggcaatg    142260
     aacaagctga ccttcaggtt atgacatcac tgctagacca agccactcaa tcacatccat    142320
     ttttccacca aatattggag aaacttatct aaacaatttc aagtagccca gagactggct    142380
     aaacaaatta tcctacaatg cccagattgt caactcacag gcacgtcccc tccttctaga    142440
     gatgtgcacc ctagagaatt ggaaactaat cagttgtggc aaacagatgt tacagacatc    142500
     cctgaatttg ggaagctaag atatggcatg tatcccttga taccaacact catttaatta    142560
     gtgcagatgc tttgcctgga gagcctactc gaaatgtcat taaacatctt cttttaactt    142620
     ttgcatttat ggggtgaccc acaaaaatta agatggataa tggcccagct tataccagct    142680
     caaaatttaa aaaaaattgt gacacatgca atattcaaca ttccacaggc atcccataaa    142740
     acccccaagg acaggcaata gtagaacatg cacacttcac ccttaaaaat atggacaaag    142800
     aacagaaaaa ggggaatata ggtaaggctc ctgcaacact actggcacaa gccttattta    142860
     cccttaatgt ttaaaatttg gtgtcaaatt gcaatcagct atagaaaagc actttgctaa    142920
     aacctctcaa ggcataaaac ctgcagtttt atagaaagat gtaaacagta atgaatggtg    142980
     tggtcctagc aaattattaa cactggggag acggtatgct tgtgtttaca ttccatcagg    143040
     tcctctttgg attccagcat gaggcatcaa accataccat ggtgtagcta ggatccaacc    143100
     cagtaccaga attgaaagag ttaaccctgc aagacccaca gttctagagg atgcggcttc    143160
     cacagacaac acagccctgg acattagctg gggatgctga agaggacaac tcaggagact    143220
     gaacaaatcc tgctctggac acagacacca tttactccag ataatttttt tcttgctatg    143280
     ctttctattg tacattggga ttcatatagg gtattgatcc tttttatcct cttgctttgt    143340
     ctgcaacctg tacctgctac actctattgg gctcatatat taggcccact tttctttcac    143400
     cctgtcacct gggcagacac tcccttccca gtctacaata atgtgaccgc ttggcaagga    143460
     aggatagaat taccccccag cagggtccct caataatggc aaacattgga ctaaggtgcc    143520
     agataacact acatatcact ccactatcct cccactgcat gtaagttata aaggctctaa    143580
     cccttactgc gtacctggcc aaagacaagt atggctacat catggcaaag aaaatgcctt    143640
     aacattttta gctataggta gcctcaaact gggcaatgca atccatgctt ctttcccaag    143700
     tagtccttcc tgtgccaaag agcagagctg agagagtaat gaatttcact ttagctgtga    143760
     agtcggtcat gggaaacaag cctatagcct ccagtttagc aattaaaaca ttttagactg    143820
     gagtccccat ggccaattgc agggcagcct tacaaatgtc tttgaccatc atagcattaa    143880
     tcactgtttc atagccactt ctcgttcccc tctaatttgg gctgatgggg agatgggata    143940
     tccccagatc ccaagtaaag tccatgccaa tccaaggcat gttatggtgc ctgggacatc    144000
     ttagtaccta ccttaacacc tgccatggga gataaaataa ttccagctgc aactacacta    144060
     tagtctttat tcatattcac actgatcagt ggctggtttg cactacccat ccatatgttt    144120
     tgcttatggg aactaacatt tccattacca ctggaaactc cacatttatg acctgggtgc    144180
     agggacaggc ttggtttgcc tcatgtatca ctagtcacaa tgtatctaaa ttaaaaactt    144240
     ctagtgtcat ggtattaagg agacaatctg aggcatttct accagtcaat ctgacaactg    144300
     attgacaagc tgcctctgcc cttgttacct tagaatgtgc cctgtcccag gtcagacaca    144360
     aaagattcac atttacactt acggccttta tagtctcagc cataggcgtt ctggcaatgg    144420
     ctagtgttgc tgttgcatct ataactgaat cagtacaaac agctgctttt gtagataatc    144480
     tggccagaaa tgtaagtaat gaacttctct tacagtaagg gaagaatgtg tgagagagtg    144540
     acaagatgca ctagcattct gtcaacagtt aaactgtgac tgggaacata aacacacttg    144600
     tgtcacttct ctaccattga atcaatcaat gcatagttgg gatgaggtga aacaacacct    144660
     ctggggcaac tttcataaca atttaacagc agatatgaag caacttaaaa ctaaaatttt    144720
     ggaatctgtt cacaccttag atctgcagac ccaacaaaca gccatgtgga agggtgtaca    144780
     agatcatctc tcctagttcc atgctcactc ctgggggaca ctctttgact ggaaaaaaat    144840
     tttgctaatt atgctcatgt ttgtcttatg ttatttgcta atcctaggat gcaaagtcta    144900
     aataagagca gtgactgcct catctgaaaa tcctgtggct gcacatatct gtgctctgca    144960
     atcaaaaaac cctaataaag aaaacaaaaa tggagaaatg ttgggattca ttcaggatgg    145020
     tcgcagaaat attaaaggga aatattagga aaagttctag ggaatagtca caaaactttt    145080
     ggatggccaa aaggtcacat agcttgtaat aattgagcag gctgaaggca gccagttctt    145140
     accttagaat attaggtcat agggtaaata tgagggacaa tagaggcttc cctagataag    145200
     tctgtttatc ctacctccat caactaactt ttgagccaga cagccctctc agaaggaggt    145260
     caaccaaggg tattgccccc taatggtatt tactttagac cagggtacct gagctttaat    145320
     tattcataga actgctgtct taaccatgtt tattatcctc aagtgtattt actcaaggct    145380
     tctgttggtc gttgtatact aaatcaatgc ctggagtgcc agctgctcag ggctggctgc    145440
     agtgacaaac ctttcttggt gtgcaggcgg tcagatacag caggactggc agaacagaat    145500
     atctttgtat cagtgtacat tttattcatc catcgtttgg gtcaggaccc gcaggcagac    145560
     ccccacagct aatgcccttt tgtgaggagg aataactcag ttaggaaact caaactactg    145620
     gtagttcaac tcagggtagt tgagtttgag tcccactaat ttagagagag tagacaaaaa    145680
     cctttggctt cctattgaaa ttgcagaagg gatacacttc aggaagaaaa tctataagcc    145740
     aggaataaag aattcaaaat gagaataagg ataagatccc aacaatctca tcctaataaa    145800
     gtataagaca aaggttctac aacatctgta tgactagcca acaatttctg ctagaacaaa    145860
     tgccagcctt tttcagagaa agaaaataaa tccattctct aaacatgcaa ctgcaattca    145920
     cagaaaaatg ttgttacgta tacaaagaaa caagagcata ttgagatagg agagataaat    145980
     aagaagtcag actgctccat gacccagata ttggaattaa cacacaatta aaaccgtgtg    146040
     ttcaaggact taaaagataa aaaggctgta ttagcagaga gaattcaata tctgagaaat    146100
     tttaaaagtg gatgctttta gcaagacttg gagaagaaaa taagtaaggt caatgttcaa    146160
     gaatgtggta agcagtatgg cttctagatg ctagaaaaaa taaagggaat gactctctgg    146220
     tagagactct agaagaaatg cagccttgcc tacactttgg ttatagttta ctggccccgt    146280
     ttcagacttc tgacatccat agctgtgaga aaataaagtg taatctaaga tctgaagaaa    146340
     atgaaagtgt cagtctgaga agactaacag aaaacagtat gggaaaaaag caaaggggaa    146400
     aagctgtgaa ccaagacaga acttgaaaac atgggcaact tgaatcaaat attattgact    146460
     ctggaataag gggtgggcct gagatatgag gttagagcat tggagagcag gcacaccatg    146520
     agggccttgt ggatgctggt aaagcaagta gttactttct gagacatatc ctccacaaac    146580
     acattcctta agaagagtga cttaatataa tttatatttt taaaaaaggg agtattacag    146640
     agaataaatt tgagaaggca agagtgagaa ggtgttaaat tttaggaaag ctatttcagt    146700
     agatgaagca aaatataatc gtggcttgga tttacggtgg atatttagag cagagcatac    146760
     tttgattggg gatattccga aactaagttt agcaggactg aattatggat ttgatgtaaa    146820
     gctttaagga agaaagaaat tgaggataac actttggtgt tttgtcttga gtgttcgata    146880
     gtggcttaca ggtttttagc agtgaatgcc actgttaata aaagactcag ttggaaactg    146940
     atgatgggac tgcctgaatg caaagctcct gttttttaca agctgaaaaa tcatccctac    147000
     ttggtcccag gatttctata tataaaaaat aaaaaaggaa aaaagttgtg aaaccaatat    147060
     gatttatctc agttttgtaa ttctctgaga cttttactca attccttggt ctgcaaatca    147120
     aaaaacaaga actgaattaa tgtatatcca atttgttacc caaatgtgtt catctaacaa    147180
     attcaacact cacacacaca ttgacataca catagccaag aaataatgaa atatattgta    147240
     aagtacaaga acttggggct gggcatggtg gctgatgcct gtaatcctag cattttggga    147300
     ggctgaggtg ggtggatcac gaggtcagga gttcaagacc agcttggcca aaatggtgaa    147360
     accttgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gctgggagtg gtggcgggtg cctgtaatcc    147420
     cagctactcg ggaggcttat gcagagaatt acttgaaccc tggaggtgga ggaggatgca    147480
     gtgagctgag attgcaccac tgcactccag cctgggagag agagtgagac tccatctcaa    147540
     aagaaaaaac aaaaccaaac cacaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaaaaac ttgaaaccac    147600
     aaatacactt gtttttgagt ctcggcacta gcactttctg acatgtgtca ttatatatgt    147660
     catttaacct ttatgaaact cagtttttta ataaataaaa gcatatatta atactcacaa    147720
     cattgtaagc atattaacca aattatattt gaccgtaaaa ttaaaaacta gaagtacatg    147780
     ttggtttttc agtgctctta caaaaaatta atcattataa catttgaaaa taagaagatg    147840
     tggaagataa attaatactt ttcttttctt cttccaattt caaatataag cactcatagc    147900
     aatttgacaa taattttcat gaagttaatt ttgcatataa aacatctgca aagattatgt    147960
     tcacatttac aaaactgaaa ctgctataca cacatccatg tacacacata atacatgcac    148020
     attctataat ttgcctttgc taaaatacac attttagatt ttcttccaaa gcaacacatg    148080
     tatcaatctt atttgcatta atagctacat aataatcaat attatattta taccaaggtt    148140
     tcaattgatg caccatttaa tctttctgat tttgaggaca gttctaacat tccaaatctt    148200
     ttatattaat aacaatgcta taataaacat ggtggtatat ttatctttta ttcttggtga    148260
     tgttatttgt atttaataag tggtacaaaa tgtgaaaact tggccaagtg ctgtaagtac    148320
     tgtgcattga aattatttaa atactaaatt tatgtaatat taaataaaat tataactatt    148380
     tatgtatcaa attactttcc aaaacccttg tagtaatcac atttcttcta gcacttacaa    148440
     tttcatcaac aatggatgct actattagtt tttatttttg taaactaatg aatgttttat    148500
     ctattatctt aacttcactt tttttttgag aactggaaat tttgttttat tgttactgat    148560
     ctctaggatg ttgattgttt ttctagccag aaacgtctgt ggctgtgaca cctttgcctg    148620
     agatcttgtc ctgtgtcagg aagaatgagg tagaatgagg tatgcagaca agtgaatggt    148680
     gaacaagaag aaacattcta cttagtgtta gtacagctca gaggaatggt ttgctcctct    148740
     ctgtaggcag gttttccagt cgagtgttca gctcttagca gagaggaggc cctggagagc    148800
     gtggctcttc tccatggcaa agtcattcaa gtctctgcag acctctgaaa ctgtcagcag    148860
     agacagtagc tcctctctgt ttgtgtccta tatgtaatgc taagaaaata ctgatgttga    148920
     gctttaaagc aacatttcac tatctttctc cactggcaat gctcttatta aaatataagt    148980
     aatcatttgg cttatacagt atcatattat gaaatgtaat gagaggcacc tacttacaat    149040
     ttttagattt caattttggt aatgaatatt ggctttgcca gacactcatg taagatgtac    149100
     atctaaagtt taatttatgt tatttggata ttatttcatt aaatatctaa atattggaaa    149160
     gcattaatca atgtgtttca cttcagaaat gcctgccata tatctttcat atttgttaat    149220
     caaatgaagt cttggcaaat tcaaattttt acagcttaga aattttcaag gaaaatgcaa    149280
     tgcacaaaat cataaatggt gatattatcc caaatcttaa gtcaagtaac atgtcattaa    149340
     gaaacacata aattggcaca tatacaccat ggaatactat gcagccataa aatatgatga    149400
     gggacatgga tgaaactgga aaccatcatt ctcagtcaac tattgcaagg acaaaaaacc    149460
     aaacaccgca tattctcact cacaggtggg aactgaacaa tgagaacaca tggacacggg    149520
     aaggggaaca tcacacactg gggactgttg tggggtgggg ggagtgggga gggatagcat    149580
     taggagatat acctaatgct aaatgacaag ttaatgggtg cagcacacca acatgacaca    149640
     tgtatacata tgtaacaaac ctgcatgttg tgcacatgta ccctaaaact taaagtataa    149700
     taataactaa ctaaataaat aaataaataa aaagaaaaat atttaatgaa atgtcgaaag    149760
     atatcttaga aagcaagttg actattgtgt actaattgtg tagaaatcca gaatagcaga    149820
     aataagagta acaactactc actatttcat cagacaaaat atgggaaatc atctttaaat    149880
     acaaaaacat acttataatg aaaaacactg ggtttttatt tggtagaagt gtattcaacc    149940
     ttcccgatgg caggactggg ctgaatatta tatcaaagac actgatagct aattaaaagc    150000
     atgtatggat gctgtgaaat gtgagaacat aagcagaagg aatctctttc ccaatctgct    150060
     cttccacttc tctccctcaa cctcatgtag cctgacatgg gacagttggc agatacttca    150120
     ttccaaggag tgagactagc aaggccaaat ctttgatttg aattagcaca tagaaacggt    150180
     ctcactttaa tgcccatgac aaatttgttt gcactgtcta tttcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    150240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgt tttttgagac agagtctcac tctgtcaccc aggctgcagt    150300
     gcagtggtgc aatctcagct cactgcaacc tccacctcct gggttgaggc aattctcctg    150360
     cctcagcctc ccaagtagcc aggactacag gtgcatgcca ccacgcccgg ctaatttttt    150420
     ttggattttt agtacagatg gggtttcacc atgtgaaaat gtttattttt aaaaaaatgg    150480
     aaatttggat gttattagat tctttcttgt gtaggacttt cttgcaggag taaagtataa    150540
     cagtatgttt ctttctttag gttgaaaaaa aagtaccagt ctggcatggt gactcatgcc    150600
     tgtaatccca gaactttggg aggctgacga gagtggatca cctgaggtca ggagttccag    150660
     accctcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccccat ctctatcaaa aatacaaaaa ttagttggat    150720
     gtggtggcat gcacctggat ttccagttac tctggaggct gagggaggag aatcacttga    150780
     acctgggagg cagttgtagt cagctgaaat catgccactg cagtccagac tgggcaacag    150840
     agtgaaactc cacctcaaaa ataaataaat aaataaaata caataataga aaaagaggga    150900
     atggattcct ccctaattta ttttatgagg ccatcatcac cctgataaca aaacctgaca    150960
     aagacacaac agaaaagaaa atttcaggcc agtattcctg ctgaatatca atgcaaaaat    151020
     cctcaataaa gtcctggcaa aatgaatcca gaagcacatc aaaaggctta accactacaa    151080
     taaagtcagc ttcatccctg ggatgcaagc ctggttcaac ataggcaaat gaataaacat    151140
     aattcatcaa ataaagagaa gtaatgacaa aaaccacatg attatatcaa tagattcaac    151200
     accccttcat tctaaaacct ctcagcaaac taggtcttga tggtatgtat ctccaagtaa    151260
     tgagctattt gttataaact cacagtcaat atcatactga ataggcaaaa actggaagca    151320
     atccctatgg caactggcac aagaccaggg cagggcaatc aggcaaggga aagaaataaa    151380
     gagtattcta ataagaagag aggaagtcaa attgtctctg tttgcagata acatgattgt    151440
     atatttagaa aatcgcatca tctcagcctg gaatctcctt aagcggagaa gcaacttcac    151500
     caaagtctca gagtacaaaa tcaatgtgca aaaatcacaa gcattcctat accccaataa    151560
     tagagagcca aatagtgagt gaactcctat tcacaatggc taccaagaga ataaaatccc    151620
     ttcaagtaca tcttacaagg gatgtgaagg acctcttcaa agagaactac aaaccaccac    151680
     ttaaggaaat aaaagaggac acacgcaaat ggaaaaatat tccatgttca tggataggaa    151740
     gaatcaatat ggtgagaatg gccatactgc ccaaagtaat ttataaattt atatatatac    151800
     acacacacac acacacatat atatatatac acacacacac acacgcaaca gatcagaggc    151860
     ctcagaaata acaccacaca cctacaacca tctgatctta gacaaaacta acaaaacaaa    151920
     gcaatgcaga gaggattccc tatttaataa acgttgttgg gaaaactggc tagccatatg    151980
     cagaaaattg taatgggacc ccttctttag actttataca aaaattaact caagatgcat    152040
     taaagactta aatgttaaga cctaaaccca taaaaaacta gaagaaaacc taggcaatac    152100
     cgttcaggtc acaggcatgg acaaagactt tattactaaa acaccaaaaa caatggcaaa    152160
     aaagccaaat ttgacaactg agatctaatt gaatgaaata acttttgcac agcaaaagaa    152220
     agtatcataa tattgaagag gtgacctgca gaatgggaga aaaattttgc aatgtatcca    152280
     ccttacaaag ggctaatacc caggatctac aataaactta aacaaatgta caagaaaaca    152340
     aacaacctca acaaaaagtg ggcgaaggat atgacaagac acttctcaaa agaagacact    152400
     tatgcagcca acaaccataa gaagaaaagt ttatcatcac tgatcatcag agtaatgcaa    152460
     atcgaaacca caaagagata ccatctcatg cctgttagaa tgatgatcac tgtaaagtca    152520
     agaaacaaca cacgctggag agaatgtgga gaaataggaa tgcttttaca ctgttggtag    152580
     gagtgtaaaa ttagttcaac cattgtggaa gaccatgtgg tgattcctca aggatctaca    152640
     actagaaata ccatttgacc cagcaatccc attactaggt atataaccaa aggattataa    152700
     atcattcggc tataaaggca catgtgcaca tatgtttatt atggcactgt tcacaatagc    152760
     agagacttgg aaccaatccg aatgcccatg gatgttagac tggataaaga aaatatggca    152820
     tatatttgcc atggaatact atgcagccat aacaacgatg agtttatgtc ctttgcaggg    152880
     acatggatga agctggaaac catcattctc agcaaactaa cacaagaaca gaaaaccaaa    152940
     caccatatgt tctcactcat aattgagagt tgaataatga caacacatgc ttacagggag    153000
     gggaacatta gacacagggg cctgtcggtg gcaggggata gggagggata gcattaggaa    153060
     aaatacctaa tgtagatgac gagttaattg gtgcagcaag ccaccatgtc aagtgtatac    153120
     ctatgtaaca aacctgactg tttcgcacat gtaccacaga acttaaagta taataataat    153180
     ttttttaaaa ggaccttatt gagaaaatta aactgagaat ctttgcctta tttgtggttt    153240
     tggcttctga acaatctcta aatgtaatct ccttacactt tttgcatatg gttagtattg    153300
     gagataatgc ttttctttag tactgagagt ggagactccc aatttatgat caaataattt    153360
     agcagaatgc acttgggcca tatcatatcc attttgggat gagaggacac tgttgctaag    153420
     tacttactgt ctgaagtcac gagaaggagc aaacataaaa tgcagaagtg agttttctgg    153480
     atgcatacgt acatgtggtc ctacaaaatt ttctttcttt tgttcaacaa attttatttg    153540
     gtatacgtat actgttcagt gttgtggata caataaggat tgaggagtca gtccttcact    153600
     caaaagactt accgtacaat gggaaaaatg gaggccatct cccatgtcat ttctctatat    153660
     cactaaagaa aatttcaaaa acaaaattct taaaataagg aatttatatt attatacaaa    153720
     ttatgtaata cctagatgta aatggaatta caagctgttt taccaaaact acatgttatt    153780
     attgagataa attagaaaat gtttaataat aggataaata taacatattc acagattaaa    153840
     aacaatgttt ttaagattta taatttttct aaatttattt atggattcaa tacactctca    153900
     atcaacgtct cctcatttgc ctgtgttatt agtaaagtcc atctcataca tgagatacaa    153960
     tcttggataa gaaaaggaag agagaagtga aatgagaaaa ctgagcatat gagcattgtt    154020
     cttaagggac tatttttatt attgcattga gctaagacta cttgatttcc ttttttaatt    154080
     ttttttttgt gaatacacag tcactgtatg tatttacttg gttttttgaa tacaattttt    154140
     cctgatcctg aggtttgaga tgctcaagag gaacatcagg taacttgaat acataataaa    154200
     gaagttataa tttatttatt cctcggagta taatgcagat acatgtaagt cttcctataa    154260
     agttcttaaa atatatatct aatttgctta taaaaagttg aaccattttt agtcttttta    154320
     atatcagtgc tcaattcatc atcattcttc attttcagta tttctgttat agaattttat    154380
     taactttaat ttgggcattg aaacactcga acagtatcat aaattctatt gcatcatgca    154440
     ttccactgct gcatgtgata ccattagaaa agaagtgcag tgcataaaca aatttattta    154500
     atatgttatt ttcatttatt taagtgtttt gatccagatt aaaattgatg aatatgagca    154560
     agaagccaag acaaggatgc aaaattttga ccaattgatg aacactgcta acattttaat    154620
     ctttgttatt ttgagataaa aattatgggt tttaaatttg taaactcagt aatttgtaaa    154680
     aattcatgtg tgtgttgatg tctacctatc tatcatctat ctatatatac aacttaacaa    154740
     taaaactata gataaaagaa ctgaacttta tattatattt gcagtatgca atattttcct    154800
     gggcattata ggcttcattt agtccattta atacactatg atttcatagt aatatgaaaa    154860
     tatatttctt aatgaactac tttacattat taatcagcta tatataggaa gacaaagttg    154920
     agataaggac caaatatagc catttttaat aaaatagtcc aaggcatcac catgttctat    154980
     gttctaatga ggtgctacta taaatttaaa atcactttta atggcaaata taaagtatta    155040
     ttgaagctaa ttaacttccg tagattccca gagataagac gtcttattcc tttcacttag    155100
     agggtgtgtg tatgtctcag ggaagaattt agctgaggtt gtatttgatt agattgatta    155160
     aatatgcatt ttactccata aatataattt ttatgtgtat tacttgaata tctatttcta    155220
     aaaacgtaga gcttttcttt atttcatgct gtttgccccg gtctactagg ggtttgaata    155280
     gggaaatcag ctgtgttcct gaaaatgtga atatattcct aaacatgttc tctatctcat    155340
     ctgtaatctt gtgcaccaag aaagtcaacg cattgcccat tccattgtga atactttgtt    155400
     tttgagatgg agtttggatc ccatcatgca ggagtgcagt ggtacaatct cagcccactc    155460
     caatctctac ctcctgtgtt caagtgattc tcctgcctca gcctcctgag tagctggcat    155520
     tacaggtatg tgccaccatg ctcagctaat ttttctattt ttagtagaga tgggatttcc    155580
     ccattttggc caggctcatc tcaaactcct gacctcaggt gatccagctg ccttgcctcc    155640
     caaagtgcta ggattacagg tgtgagccac catgcctggc cagaaaaaaa aaaaaatctg    155700
     ttttcacttt ttgctcatag tgtccataca gtttctcttc ttcttgcctt ctctaatcaa    155760
     gagatatgta tctctccatc tttctgtgta aatcttttta aatctttctt cctcatttcc    155820
     tatgccatct cttctctgaa agaaatgatt atcttctgct gtactcaatc tccctctcca    155880
     ttcagccttc ataatactaa tatacctctg tatctctctc acagcaccat tcacttttta    155940
     ttttctatca tggttaatca gctttacaaa cattccttga gggaggggtt tttatctaat    156000
     ttatttactt tttcctccca caaaactaat acaacagttt gagggccatt ggtgctcaac    156060
     aaacacttta aatggtttat ttattcaaga cggtaaatca agtcaggtag atattacccg    156120
     tcttttcctt taaagtgtaa agactggaaa actccaaaaa tccagaaata ccaaagcctg    156180
     atcatgatgg aactggcata gagtgtaaat cattatttac aattgagcct caggttcctc    156240
     aactcatttt taatccctga atcttttaga caccactttt cttcatcaaa tcatacactg    156300
     tataagaatt aattattctt aacttttggc taaccatgat atcccttttc ccccatgtcc    156360
     attcttattt ttttatacaa cagaattttt ggcttattgt ataactgcac agatcaatac    156420
     attatattcc tgctttgcct gaggtcagac ataaccatgt tataaatttc tgtgtggtgc    156480
     aatacatcag aataggtttg tgcaacttct gggctgtgcc tttcaaagga gggaactgtc    156540
     attccattgt ccttataaat catctggctg gctggctaga atgtggtcat gactacagga    156600
     gttggaacag ccttcttgca ccataagatg ttgtctgttg aggagagcag aacaacaaaa    156660
     tagagggaac ataggtctct aaaaacgttg aggattacag caaccacatc agcttagaat    156720
     tgtatataag agaaaagtta acttctgtct catttgaaac tacaattata ttttaatgaa    156780
     gcagaactca ctgattccac tgttgctatt atccctacca ctattgtacc ggcaaccttt    156840
     actacagaat caaataaagt tatcatgaca ggttatcaga aaccaactgg attggtatct    156900
     tgccatcccc atctcatatt tgtcaactta gatgacaaac ggataaatgc tagaatataa    156960
     aataaatctc aaattaaaac ttaacacaat ttcctctgaa ccatgcctag gttttggttt    157020
     ttgcttttat tctccattca gcagtgaaag aaaagagaat atttcaataa ttattatata    157080
     atataatata tatgttactt attctaataa tttaatttta aaataattta agaataaaca    157140
     tatttataaa attattgact ttaaaacttt catttaacaa taatatgtat tctatgatac    157200
     agtttttgct tagaaatata tatttatata ttcatgtaca tttgtatgaa tgtgtcaatg    157260
     tatattcaaa taaatatcat gaaagtttac ataatgactt ctcagttatg ccctctggga    157320
     gagcaattaa aaatggtaag tgaataactt tggctgtttt attatatact catgtattaa    157380
     ttaaagtttt caataagcat tggtctttta tcagcagcat gaaaacagac taatacaatg    157440
     aattgttatg aggagtgggg tgctgccgaa aagatacctg caaatgtgga agcgactttg    157500
     aaactgggta acaggcagat actggaacag tttggaaagc tcagaaaaag aaagaaaata    157560
     tggaagagtt tggaacttcc tagagatttg ttgaatggct ttgacaaaaa tactgatagt    157620
     gatatgaaca atatgtccag gctgaggtgg tctgagatgg agaggaaaaa cttgttggga    157680
     gctgcaggaa aggtgactct tgttatattt tagcaaagag actggcagca tattgcccct    157740
     gccctgcaga tttgtgaaac tttgaacttg agagagatga tatcaggtag cagtctcagg    157800
     gcatatgctg cagctgcagg aagatgtatg ggaacacaca caactctcac tcccagataa    157860
     gcacaacaaa gagacagaga cgtagtccaa gcctctgaca tactcttcca ccctgaatcc    157920
     ttagaaactg ttagtgtgta agaaactgtc cctttaactc actcagccag aaaaacctct    157980
     catatttgtt ttctttaaaa taaacctgtc cttcaccgtc aagccacctt tcttgtttct    158040
     ttcctctttc ttcagttcct aggtttgatg ccaaaacctt tgactggtgt tgggagcaga    158100
     ggctttcttg caacccagga agcagtgagc aatggtagct catcctgagt taactcctgt    158160
     atcctaaagg tctctggcca catgccccat cttttctctc acttcacttt tcaagtgatt    158220
     tgtgtgagga ggacaactaa cttgaaggga ctgtgagggc caggctgagg ctactcccca    158280
     gtgggctctc aaaacactca ggtctcagga atccacttct gaccacctgc aatgagtatt    158340
     ttgttcccta accctccctc gcaacctctt cgtcttcttt ctctctgtct ttctctctct    158400
     ctctctctcc atctctctct ctctctctct ctcttcctga aatggctaca atctgggagg    158460
     gcctttgcca attccatcca gaaaatccaa tatcagatac taattcggat gactggtgac    158520
     atctgccttc tcctggcttt ctgcccttgc tggagaaagt cgggcctgcc gtccaggtct    158580
     tgggaggtcc aatgggacta atggggctga gctagaggaa atcttggcac ccagttcctt    158640
     ctcagcttaa ggatactatt ttggaaggag gactctcggt ctctgtcttt tgtctgggga    158700
     tgcctagaac aaaacagaca cacctagctt ccacttacca gtccacatgg gtgccaaaca    158760
     atctcatatc cctacatcct ccccactgga ctgctgtatt cacaacctag ccaagcttgg    158820
     cttatggcag accttaaagc cgaagtattt aattttctac ttcaacagag atttaacaac    158880
     tttattacta gaaatgacaa atgacaagag gtttcctcag attcaggctt tctgctacag    158940
     tcaacctcac ccctcctcct tttctacctg ttcaaaaact actccaacca gttaaatctt    159000
     ctctgccatt ctccctctcc aggaagtggc tagggttaaa ggcagtcctt gcattcatgc    159060
     ccccttctcc atgtctaatt tgtggcaaat cgaacggctt ctgggatttt tctctaaaaa    159120
     tccctctcaa caatgataga ctggattaag aaaatgtggc acatatacac catggaatac    159180
     tatgcagcca caaaaaatga tgagttcatg tcctttgtag ggacatggat gaaatcggaa    159240
     atcatcattc tcagtaaact atcgcaagga caaaaaacca aacaccgcat gttctcactc    159300
     ataggtgtga attgaacaat gagaacacat ggacacagga aggggaacat cacactctgg    159360
     ggactgttgt ggggtgggag gaggggggag ggatagcatt aggagatata cctaatgcta    159420
     aatgacgagt taatgggtgc agcacaccaa catggcacat gtatacatat gtaactaacc    159480
     tgcacattgt gcacatgtac cctacaactt aaagtataat aataataata atagtaaaat    159540
     tcctcaaaag aaaaaaaaaa ccctctcatt agcacaggaa attcctgcac ataacccagg    159600
     cctttaactt ggcataccat atatataatt ctatctccac ccttaccctt aaaaaaaaag    159660
     agtgctcagc ttaattaaaa tggatatcta agctataagt atattcaaaa gtcatttatc    159720
     attttctctt cataaatctt gttttcctaa aaaaggcttt tttctcagtc aaaatttctt    159780
     ttcttcactc tgtcttgcca ctcttggtgc atgcataaaa gaccccagaa taacttgatg    159840
     gcctaggaat ccgtaggaag atagaaaatt ttccacaaat cccaggccag gtgcagtggc    159900
     tcatgcctgt aatcccagca cattgcgagt ctaggtgggt ggagtacctg agttctggag    159960
     ttcgagacca gcctatccaa catggagaaa caccatctct acggaaaata caaaattacc    160020
     tgggcattgt ggtgcatgtc tgtaatcgca gataactcca tagactgagg caggagaatc    160080
     tcttgaaccc aggaagcaga ggttgtggtg aactgagatt gtcccattgt actccagcct    160140
     gggcaaatga gtgaaacatg caaaaataaa ggaaaaaaaa aagagtaaaa cataaggagc    160200
     ataggttttt cctgcccttc tgaaatccca gaggcagagg tatggagtta aaggaaagtt    160260
     ttgccccctt gcgatttgat cgctaaaaaa gaacttcacc atgtggtgtt tgtggcaaca    160320
     taggtcacct atggcacaga aaaagtaaaa taagggtatg gcattgttaa gcagagagag    160380
     aatgctgaga taagtttcag agatgctctt atgtgggggg ccaaagatag gactccactg    160440
     tgctcccgtg tctcctggaa gagatggaag agaactcagc gcagtgctag gaggcattcc    160500
     cagggctacc ctgacaagag ataaggtagt catggtgctg aagccacagt ataaacagcc    160560
     tcgttgggca tctaatagaa ggtttattta tttatgtatt tattttcaaa cttttgaaaa    160620
     taaaagaaga gcacaactaa ctcctgaatc atccaataca acaagtcaca aatttatgct    160680
     gtcactcaga acagagcatg agaatttcag aaatgatcca gaaatcctac agtaaagatc    160740
     tgggtgaaat caggtgcaca aaggtcacgc caggagcctc ccatctcttt tccacttttt    160800
     aaagggcaag tgttccattt gtgaccctcc tgacattctc atttgctact ttggaactta    160860
     taaggggcac tctgtaaaac aaagctcttt cctgaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaataaac    160920
     aacagtgtta gatactatta attagccact tcaaacctcc accataaatt tgtcagggtc    160980
     agggcttgtg aggaagatta ggttgataaa tcacacccaa caactttcaa gtactgctac    161040
     atcacagttg ttctatgcgt aaatttgtag cactaccaca acacttagat ttaatgtctt    161100
     tccatctact tcagttcatt cacatttcat atgtaattcg tacggtttta aaaatacata    161160
     cttaagatat gtgtactgct ttcagtaaag gaatctaaaa tgaaaagtat tctgatccag    161220
     agtaaaaaaa ttgtatgttt tgtggctgat gctgtctctg ctgccaactg gctctgtatc    161280
     ctaggccaag tcctttaatt tctctgggca ttcattttct ccagaaaatg agcagactgg    161340
     actaaatcat tgctgaggtc tattttgatt tctgacatcc ttcactcata ggagtgataa    161400
     aataaggatg gctgagatga tcatggttag actggcatta atcattaaac aatgttaaca    161460
     agtgtacaac catttagtga gttcaggcca tctgcctggc aaaaagtaag tcattttata    161520
     caggttattt ctaatcattt aaacaaccac atgaggaaat agaagttgag agagtttgta    161580
     atttgctcca tgctacacag ttggtaactg gcatagccag acttctcact catgttttct    161640
     ctgaagcttc taaattatat ataatactta ttttctgtcc ttttaaattg tttgatttga    161700
     agataacagc ttccagtcat tgtgaaaatt ttatacatca tccaagcttc ccattctctc    161760
     tgaagctcta tttatagcat tgaggcaaag caatctatgt cctgaactca tgaagaattc    161820
     acttcgatca tgcatttagt acttattttc aaagctaata catttttcta atctcctgta    161880
     actatctcct gtgtccttcc cacaaaacta taaatgctct gaagcaatgt caagaaatgc    161940
     ttgggaggag cgtggcatca atagggctgg aactcgagtg aagagactaa ggtgtctgcc    162000
     atcaaaacct caggaggtct cattgtctgg acttcaccag tgctgggtca gcttagctgg    162060
     ttcctggccc cggacagccc atagcagctg gtggatggct aactcactga aacggtctga    162120
     atgaagttca acaaacttag ttctcgactc tgataaccac tgatttggct gcccgaagag    162180
     atcctatgta gtgcctggaa aatcaatctg gtgaaaacaa aactgaagtc cagaaggcag    162240
     agtagaggaa agccagtgga aatgccttcc ttggtagcat attactgtag tataatgagt    162300
     caccaaatat ctgaaacaca aactcattct gttattccct agagctaaaa gccccagcaa    162360
     tataatgttg taaatggaaa gatttttgaa gaaattcctt tagctttctt cagcccttga    162420
     cctatgtggg ttagtgccat agcaaaacat cacacacttc ttggtgacac ttggtaacat    162480
     tatcaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaccacacac acagaaattt attgtctcat atttctggag    162540
     actggaagtc caagtcaaga tgtcatcacc tttgattttt ttctgagacc tctgtccttg    162600
     gcttacagat gggggcccac ccttttcgtg tttacatggt cttttctctg tgctcaggca    162660
     ttcctggtgt acccttgcgt gtcaaaatgt cctcctctta taaggccacc agcgagactg    162720
     gaataatgcc atatccaatt gctttcgttt aacataatta catttttaaa gcccttatag    162780
     ccaaatacag taacattctg atgtaatggt tttaggactt taatatgaat gggttggggc    162840
     ttgggaaatc agcccataat accataagtc tggaaaattg taagctgtca cataggcaga    162900
     tacagtcata atgaccagta gaataccatg catgttaata aataaacatt gtttatttat    162960
     gcttcaagat ttaactctga caacacctag ataaacaata catttttgtt gattcaataa    163020
     gattgattta atgaatgaat aaacttgctt actttcaaca gtggtcacat cacactatgt    163080
     gaatagcaaa acttaagggt tagagatgtg tctgacatac aagatattag ttacccccgt    163140
     ctttcttatt taaaaattag tattttaatt aaacaatcaa acttaagcaa tattacaagt    163200
     taagcaggta aatcttattt aggaagatct ctctttagta aataagtaga attgaatatt    163260
     ttccctcact ttttctcctc tgttagcttg aatcagacct aattcatata cttaagcatg    163320
     gattggatat ttattactat taatttctac actgacacta gagtcacctt tgggctgacc    163380
     ctctggtctc agattatcat aagatacaat atattgtatt tagttcagat gctgaaaaag    163440
     tttctgcatt atgaatactt attttaagta tttattgcaa caattatgct aataatggat    163500
     attttcaatg tttatttgtt cattgtattt ttagcattac acatattctt atcaacccaa    163560
     atatctggac ctttcccctt tgctcctctg ctccaagatc ctctgattcc ctttgttcac    163620
     atagcaatag aaggaaagag aaggaaaaag aaaacacatt ttgtagattt tcttctttta    163680
     cacattagaa cttttgtgtg tgtttttttt tttttttttt ttggtctgga ttctgtctaa    163740
     ccagatgctg tttttccatt tggctctaaa aataatattg cccatcactc atcaattaca    163800
     aacaataaaa attattgagt tgtttttaca ttgaaattca aattgaataa cataccctta    163860
     gctgctggcc agcaacatac gaggtcaaag ggtgtaagca aatgtcttca aatgtatttt    163920
     tttggaaaaa ttatgtattc ttacttatta agtttatctt cacattatct tttcacttgg    163980
     attacttaag taacattatc aaatatgatt aagtatatta ttatatcata tgtaatttct    164040
     aactgatttt tgcaatatta atttatagta gcacttagca aatagggctt gtgtcaacct    164100
     taagaggcca caaaatatgt agtagactcg aatagtaaag atctaatcac tcattttaca    164160
     gatgaagaaa ctaaagctca tacagaaaag gcaaacttgt caacaggaat tattttgaag    164220
     gaactttcgt atttaggttc agaaattatt tgagaaatgt gctctgaacg gggtctttga    164280
     aaacaagtcg gtgtaacgga aggtaaacat gcataaacca aaagtattaa taactaattc    164340
     aataatggtg agtactgggg ggacaagtag caggttttaa agcaaatata aatttcaggt    164400
     ttgtgtatta gaagatgggg agtcagttga aaaatggcat aaagtacaat gtgacaatta    164460
     catagtttgt gacaatgaat gttgacaaaa tgaactaatg aagaaagaat ggaactaaaa    164520
     acacctgtga ggaaataaaa accaaaaaca atttttgatc catttgtaaa cttacttggt    164580
     tttggaggaa gactacagta atgcaaatga agagaataaa gtgagtccgt aggatggggt    164640
     aaagaaaaat acaaaaggat tgtgtcatat attcatataa atgattcaaa ttctaataat    164700
     agatttcatt cttggcccta aaattaatca ggcttaattt tttaacaata ataaatatta    164760
     tatataaagt gggaaaacca ttatcaaagg tgacaaagag ctttaaggtg taaaatatct    164820
     gcaatttgga attttttgtg ggtgtaacat aaatattaaa ctaagagaac tccatattca    164880
     tatttccttg aaaattattg ctcagaatgg tataaaatta ataaaacacg gtggccttaa    164940
     gaaacaaaca acaacaacaa atctaatgtg tgtttaaaga ggccatgtaa aaagacttac    165000
     aacttttgta ctttctgtag atagccagtc tcctagagcg tcctgtgttt tagaactgag    165060
     agctggtctg catgatagca cttatttgca gtgctgaagg ctgtgagagt ggagcaaaat    165120
     ctctttgctt tcacgtatcc tttgtagcaa aatatagaga aactctcttt tgttcttccc    165180
     tgtggtgttt ccagtaagaa agaagcttag tgtttcccag tatgcatttg cacgttgttt    165240
     ggatgctaag cactccacct cagagaaccc tgagatagtg gggaagctca aaatccagtc    165300
     actggaagta ggaaaacaac tctgatatac tgtccccttt atttttgttt tccttaatgg    165360
     ataaggcccc taaggtattc tcaactccag taattgggaa gagcaaagca aagctacaac    165420
     atcagcagga ctaaggatat gcctaatcta agaactatct taattgtggt tagggatata    165480
     atttctttgg aattatttac ttaggtaaac tgccaaatct catgactgct tccaggtcct    165540
     gagatttggc ggtttacctg agtaatgtat ttgttacctt gctaactcat ctttatttac    165600
     ttgttttagt agaagctttg gtttctggaa ttagcgtcaa aattccaata cttattttat    165660
     aataaccctt ttggttggtt gacttttcta gaaaaaaaat gttgaaatga taaccacggg    165720
     acatgtgact gtaaatttat ttgcaaatat aaatttttca aatataatca agttaaggta    165780
     aggtcacact agattagggt atgccctaaa ttcaatatct tgtatcatta taaagaaaga    165840
     gagatttaga gacacagaga cacacactga gggaagacag ccatgtgaag acaggtagat    165900
     gctgaagcga tgtagctaca agctgatgaa tatcaaggat tactggcaac aaccagaagc    165960
     tgggaatggc aaggaagaat tctcctccag aaatctcaga ggtccggcaa catattgact    166020
     tcagattctt agtttccaga atgcaggaaa aaaaattatg tttttaaaag ccattcgagg    166080
     ccacatgtgg tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggcagagg tgggcacatc    166140
     accaggtcag gagatcaaga ccatcctggc taacatggtg aaaccacgtc tctactaaaa    166200
     acacaaaaaa ttagccgggc acggtcgcag gtgcctatag tcccagctac tctggaggct    166260
     gaggcaggag aatggcttga acccgggagg cagagcttgc agtgagccca gatagcacga    166320
     ctgctgtcag gcctgggcta cagagcaaga ctccccctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    166380
     aagccactcg aaatgtggta atttttttat ggtagctcta ggaatctaat acattctcag    166440
     aactgtaatt ttctcctgat tataaattat ctactcattg ttatcttttt caacattttc    166500
     tcattgctaa taaaaacata taattatcaa ctttttgtat agaaggtcat tgctatatct    166560
     ttgaaaactt ctagtaatct taaggatttc tgaacagaat atgtaaattt aaagggaaaa    166620
     acacatttag tcttcttaat aaaatcagtg ttaattgtgt aaagaaaaac atcctgcttc    166680
     tctcctgcaa tctggcctgg gcctcctcct ctaagcattc cagaataaat catatggctt    166740
     gtcaccctgc agtgaattta agagagcaac aatgatgatg gtgatgataa tgatggtgat    166800
     tactagaaat acaataattc atatcttaat ttttgtttga ttataatttt ctaacattct    166860
     ctggtgtaca tcatgtatat tacatgtgca cacacaaacc cctttgaata aacagtatca    166920
     cgtttgcctt tccctttgtc ctagcttgag ttcccccaga aaacaagcct gaaataaaag    166980
     aggggggtat atgagataca ggacaagtga tatatagaag gaagaagatt tactataaca    167040
     ttttatcaag taggccagtt taaaagggag tttgggcaat tctagagtta atactttatg    167100
     ataaagaaac ttgtctgtat gcacaacaac ctcaattaat aaccttcaac ctttgtgcct    167160
     gaaataacac aggttctcca tagaggtcac tacttctctt gcagcccacc caagcagagg    167220
     ccacttattc cctcacactc catatactgc aaggcctgag tgaggtcaca gattcttctt    167280
     cctccctttc taatatcata tcaagtacac tttcctaaat ttacaaccca ttcccattgt    167340
     tctcacaatc ttcctgtcca ttccaattcc tgacaatgat tacagagact ttaacattca    167400
     cacaaaggcc cactaaataa tagcagttcc tgaaattcct agtttccaaa gaccttctct    167460
     tacactttag ttcagccatc atctttcact gttttctctt aactattttg tttcctgata    167520
     tagggtctca ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcagtggca tggttatagc tccatgcagt    167580
     cctgaaatcc tgggctcaag tagtcctccc acctcagcct cccatgtggc tggaacaaca    167640
     gatgcacgct accatgcaaa gtgaatattt tatttatgta cttattgtag agatgggtct    167700
     tgctatgttg cccaggctac tctcagactc ctggtctcaa gcaatctttc tgctttgacc    167760
     tctcaaagtg ctggaattat aggaataagc caccatgcag ggtcccctta atgatttatt    167820
     ttactaatat gttgaagtac cttgcctata catgtcacct atggaagccc aaacgtggac    167880
     cacctcaccc atcccctgtc caagctgttt cctagacagc tggctcatgt ttgagtttca    167940
     taatgagcac actcatgtgt caatacagtg gagaccacct ttacttaata gccagttagg    168000
     aactgaagtc cttagcccaa cagcccatga agaactaaat cctgccaaca gtcaggtgaa    168060
     caagcttgga agcacatctt tccccacgtg ttttaaaatg actgaaatcc tcgctaacac    168120
     cttgagtgta atttcgtgag aagccttgag ccagacatac cctgataact gtgcccagtt    168180
     ttcagaccca cagaaactgt gaaataatta atggtgtttt ttaaagccac taagttttgc    168240
     tataatttgt tactcagtga tagatcacaa ataaactagc tatgccccct taccagagtc    168300
     atctctcctt ctggcagcta aagtgcatgc tagaaactaa tgttacatga ttaggtaatt    168360
     ggtaggggag caatattaaa atcgctaaaa aagtcatcat aaaaaaacag agagagagat    168420
     cgagtagtga agggtagtcg catataaccc ataacacact ctgtaaatgc atctaaattt    168480
     ctgctttccc cacaaaagta ttgttagtgc cctccctact taaggttagc tcttaaggac    168540
     atgttgttct agtcaaagag tatattatgt gtagaattac tctgaagcat tatttgagct    168600
     ctttctgcag tatgtgtgca atttggtgat acttctttgt attcccatct ttcctctgct    168660
     cattttaatt tagtaacatt ttcatttcat catcttgctc tcaccaatag gatgtatcat    168720
     atctcaaata cttctttgcc acatttttaa ttctgctttt gtttacaagt actatgataa    168780
     tgatactaac aaagaacaat cgaagggccc aaacttacac agttaacggc tgttcaagag    168840
     gaggtcacta tcactatcct ttgttcctcc atggccaaag tccattgttt ccactgagac    168900
     aatttagata ttttgatttc tgtcttcttt ctttgacagt gtagtcttac gtttttatga    168960
     agagaaagaa aatgtctaat ctcaccattt gataaaatat aacaaaaccc ataaaataaa    169020
     taataatata aatctcatat ttttaatggt acttgaatag tgtttctgat tttaacataa    169080
     gctaacacaa tgtacataat tttgcacaac acattttgta cagtgcatgt tgtccaatgc    169140
     aataacacaa ttttcttttg cgttattgct ttgtacaaaa atgcaataac acaaaagaaa    169200
     gtgtacatac taatggaagt aagccttgta ttattcagtc tatctagggg gttaagtctc    169260
     tttgttttca ctcacactga atgaaacatt gccaagagaa atagatataa ctgttacaaa    169320
     atatcagaaa actacaattt ttaatatcca atgaactgtt tttaatgtct gaatttcatg    169380
     tcttttatac tttaggtttt tttttttttt aatggaaaca ctctgtcagc ggagaactat    169440
     caggtcctag tgttttatcc atagcactgg tgaaagttcc acctgactat caggacctac    169500
     tgttctatct gtagcactgg tgaaagctcc acctgcttac ttcagacttg tgagagcttc    169560
     tttcctttga gagtactggc tggtgccaga agaagaaaca tcatgccctg gaagagtaga    169620
     gagcagctgg tgtagttgtc ctggtgttta tgggatataa taggtctaaa ggcacatttg    169680
     gaactggttg gggatataac ataatgcttc ttacatttat ctttataatc tactttccta    169740
     tcaagttcat actatattca gcaaatgcag atgaaaaaaa aaaaagctct gttaccacag    169800
     cggctgagag tatggaatcc atgtcctagt tagttaaact atttttttaa tcaaatgcaa    169860
     aataaataca ctgagaaatc tgttctattt tttaatttga aaaatgaaag acatttttgt    169920
     aagaattagc cagggggagc atgtctggaa agcaatcaac acaaagttcc tatttgggag    169980
     aaaactaaca taattgccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa    170040
     aactcatctg tagtatgatc caaattttca agccaggggt attacagaaa ggaatttgct    170100
     accagaaatt tgcattagat ggtatttcca ctattccaaa ctgtttattt ttgatgacat    170160
     cttcctttgt ttgggcagaa gttttatagc acgtatttag tgaagagcta cagaacctta    170220
     ataaaatgaa ataagtaaag tatcagcatg gcaaaactaa ggtcattatg gtgactttaa    170280
     aaatactttc ctacagaaat caggtctcag gcagcatttg caagtcacag aaattattcc    170340
     ttagttttag attgcctact gttttatact ctcccctttc ccattatttc ttattatttt    170400
     tcctgaaatg ttttggggtc cattgtccac cctctcagtg aacatcagca ttgtgactct    170460
     cataggatat tcacatctgc tttattcatt tattaagtgg ttaattcagg agacacaacc    170520
     atggcccatg gatttgggaa gaccctggaa atataaagac atccagttga catggcagag    170580
     tgaacttttc ctccaaaaac acaggaattc cgtgtaaatg aaaactatta aatattaaca    170640
     atggaactca aaaaaatcac atgtgggata cgaagcaaga tcagaaagct catgcagtaa    170700
     gctagagctg aagccaaggt gggcttactg ttttccaaca cagatttata ctgtgcaggg    170760
     tgagatcatt agttctgatt cccaactaag ggtgcaagat gaggctctca taacttgaaa    170820
     ggtacaaaac ctccatataa actcagaaac tgtgagacat gatctggtta ttctcctgga    170880
     gaatggcatt ggcaacattc cttctgcata tcactcaggg gtggtggggg agggagtggc    170940
     ctgtcagcaa ttggaacaca agctcaccca catgcaaatt agaattttta ctttatagat    171000
     gggcatctac ttcattgaca gtaaattttg cctcctctca gaggtaaatt gaaatgcgtg    171060
     tctgtactag catccaaaat gcagagtgct cccagaaaag acagtgccca ctagaaataa    171120
     tcacagcatc agaagtcact aaaagttacc ataatgaagt aaacctccat gaaaaagcca    171180
     atagatgcac taaagataag ccgacttgaa ttcattaata gtatttgaaa atgtgttatc    171240
     aaatattatt aaataacatt atcaaataat gtttttaatt ttcataccaa tattttaatc    171300
     ttccctcaat tttctatcta aaaatatata gactcttaat tctcattcct aaacatgtct    171360
     atcccatgga ttgcattcaa cttcacttac aggaatggtg tcaaattctg gaattttatg    171420
     aaaggtttat atttgctggc ttactcattt cctcaacaga tatttattga gagttatgct    171480
     ttatcaagta ctgtgcaaca tgctaaagat acagcattta aaaagccaac attaatgtgg    171540
     ctaaagaggt aagtggagtc tatgaggagg caaggaggca ggcaggtcaa caggtagtga    171600
     tcattcagca aggtaaatta atggcataaa caaacagcac agtacacaat gttcttgtgt    171660
     taacctcact tatataaact gggagaggca ctgagcttat cctggtcaaa tttttgaagt    171720
     taatgtgtta aaaaatctta taacaaaaaa aaattaagaa ttttcctgaa tagaagtcac    171780
     tggtcaaatt ggcctctaat gtctgttcta taaacaaaac tccagaatag ttggcaatgt    171840
     ctaaagaatt cttggtaaaa aatatggcat gacccaaaat ttcttacacc taaattttca    171900
     aactcatgga aaattagtgg aaagacaact ttacatatac cagagcttgt aaagtgtaaa    171960
     ccatgctacc ccatgaaaaa aaaaagttaa tataaaagca cactgcagtt gaaccagaga    172020
     ttaactgaaa taatgaatag aaaggttgtg ttataaaaag atgtgattca aaagaaaata    172080
     tagttcacaa acaaaaagaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatgctgc acatggttgt    172140
     gggtgcctgt aattccagct actcaggaag ctgaaatggg atgcatgagc atttgaaccc    172200
     aggagttcaa gcctgcagtg agctatgatg ataccaatgc aatccagtgt ggacaacaga    172260
     gtgagacact gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaagag agagagagag aaatgataac tgcctgaagt    172320
     gaaggatgcc ctattattta tttatttgtt tattttcata tttatttttg agttgaagac    172380
     tcactctgtc acccaggcta gggtacatgg tgcagtctca gctcactgta gactcagcct    172440
     cctgggttca aacaattgtc acgcctcagc ctcccaagtt aaggtactac aggcatgcac    172500
     caccatgtct gggtaatttt ctatttttgg tagagacagg gtttcctggt gttggccagg    172560
     ctggtcttga agtcctagcc taaagtgatc tgactttctc ggcctccaaa agtgctgggt    172620
     tacaagcttg aaccacagct accgaccttt gtttattttg tagagtggca aatgacttca    172680
     tactaaagat tttgccatga agactggttt cttcatttga gaactgggca atatgtactt    172740
     gttttatttt gcaatttata ttatctaact ggtctgttta tattaaacat gtacaagtgt    172800
     acatgtgtgt tgctgcatga ctatcaatat aaaatcccta ctgacaaatt tccttgtaca    172860
     ttaggaaagt agggacgcag aagaaagtta tctgaaacag tatttaatac caaaatgtaa    172920
     gaaatcacct aagtgtgcac aaaaaagggc caatagaaaa aagggcaccc atagtcaaga    172980
     ccattaatac taatgttaaa tttaaactac ttacattaaa ttacatacaa atgcagtaaa    173040
     agtatacgga cactcacggt agtaaaaatg accaaatttt acttaatttt actttgaaac    173100
     gtagaagcta atgtagtagt tttctttact tcaaattgta tatagtataa acaagcaagt    173160
     tcagctttgt tactggaaat aggaataatg ctgagataag taaattctaa acaggtcaga    173220
     aaataaaaca aagctgagaa ggttaaaatc taccaactta atccatcctg ctgaggggag    173280
     aagaactcaa aagccatctc ctgacttcat ggaaatcaat atttctgccg aagtctggtt    173340
     gcagctataa agggtcacaa aaattatcat ctctgaatga tttctgcttt cttactcaat    173400
     gagaaacttt atgttctaaa cttgtaaaca gagtatttgc tatttgaaat gttatcagtg    173460
     aagagaaaac ttagcacttt tgtccggctg atttatgtca ctttccacag aagaaaaact    173520
     gatttccagc ctaggtgcat agcttcaagt aacaggcatt tgcactcaaa tttccacaca    173580
     aatgtcaact tgtgatctac aaggaataaa gacactgtat tctctcacag tataaacacg    173640
     atgttttggc ctttcataca tcggtgtact ttaccttgaa cctatttagg taaatatcta    173700
     ttcaccacct aaaacctgct gtgtttaaat atctattcac cacctttccc ataaatccta    173760
     cagtacctag ttttattact ttagttgcca cacaggtatg gtctacctta ctctaccaag    173820
     tcaatgcaat tttatcaggc tataggtttg tcctatgcag ccatagccta gctggattaa    173880
     gtcaaagaat ttctctgtct agttcttttc cccacattaa atgcaaccag caaaaacatc    173940
     taatatgcct agaattc                                                   173957