ID   AC006518; SV 17; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 173735 BP.
AC   AC006518;
DT   08-FEB-1999 (Rel. 58, Created)
DT   16-JAN-2006 (Rel. 86, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Homo sapiens 12 BAC RPCI11-144O23 (Roswell Park Cancer Institute Human BAC
DE   Library) complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-173735
RA   Muzny D., Arenson A.D., Bouck J., Bunac C., Chen Z., Ding Y., Dugan S.,
RA   Durbin J., Forcum J., Garcia C., Gorrell J.H., Gorrell L.L., Hernandez J.,
RA   Issar A., Jackson L., Kneitz S., Kondejewski N., Lau S., Leal B., Lee E.,
RA   Lichtarge O., Liu W., Logan O., Lu J., Marondel I., Martinez C.,
RA   Merscher S., Miller A., Montgomery K., Oswal G., Pampell L.R., Parish B.J.,
RA   Perez L., Rashid N.D., Rives C., Scherer S.E., Shen H., Shim C., Simon M.,
RA   Vo Q., Williamson A., Worley K.C., Xhang A.M., Yang R., Yu W., Zhou X.,
RA   Kucherlapati R., Nelson D., Gibbs R.A.;
RT   "Direct Submission";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-173735
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-FEB-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza,
RL   Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-173735
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-APR-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-173735
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-MAY-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-173735
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (16-MAY-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-173735
RA   Worley K.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-AUG-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics,
RL   Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA
DR   MD5; e4d7c8c1361879b893b909a4018f8d45.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000106.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270904.
DR   ENA-CON; GL877876.
DR   EPD; EP73264; HS_PROL4.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000111215; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000231887; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000263247; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000272805; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000275778; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC006518.17:1-173735; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000428168; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000535024; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000536668; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000538332; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000539853; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000540107; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000543626; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000574424; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000576159; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; Q16378.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:14918; TAS2R10.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:18020; PRR4.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:9366; PRH1.
DR   InterPro; IPR007960; T2R.
DR   InterPro; IPR026086; Pro-rich.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q16378; PROL4_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9NYW0; T2R10_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WV42; A0A087WV42_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WY73; A0A087WY73_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WYF5; A0A087WYF5_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WYT0; A0A087WYT0_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WZY1; A0A087WZY1_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0A0MT31; A0A0A0MT31_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F5H178; F5H178_HUMAN.
CC   On Apr 29, 1999 this sequence version replaced gi:4589934.
CC   INFORMATION: http://www.hgsc.bcm.tmc.edu/ or email
CC   gc-help@bcm.tmc.edu
CC   CLONE LENGTH: This sequence does not necessarily represent the
CC   entire insert of this clone. Overlapping regions of clones are only
CC   sequenced and submitted once, so the sequence for the remainder of
CC   the insert may be found in the record for the adjacent clones.
CC   Overlapping clones are noted at the beginning and end of the
CC   Features listing.
CC      STSs are identified using ePCR (Genome Res. 7:541-550) searches
CC   of a local database that includes entries from dbSTS, GDB, and
CC   local mapping efforts.
CC      Repeats are identified using RepeatMasker (A. Smit and P. Green,
CC   unpublished.) for Human and Mouse sequences.
CC      Genes and Region of sequence similarity are identified by BLAST
CC   (Nuc. Acids Res. 25:3389-3402) similarity (expect < 1e-34) to the
CC   EST and cDNA sequences. Genes demonstrate at least two exons
CC   flanked by consensus splice sites that maintained sequence
CC   continuity across the splice junctions. Sequences that are not
CC   identical matches are annotated as similar.
CC   SEQUENCING READ COVERAGE:Sequencing is completed to a minimum
CC   standard of double strand coverage with a minimum of 2 clones and 2
CC   reads with no ambiguities or 2 chemistries with a minimum of 2
CC   clones and 3 reads with no ambiguities. If the sequence quality for
CC   a region does not meet this standard, it will be indicated in the
CC   annotation as Low Coverage.
CC   QUALITY OF INDIVIDUAL BASES:This sequence meets stringent quality
CC   standards - estimated error rate less than 1 per 10,000 bases.
CC   Reports of lowest quality individual bases and measures of base
CC   quality are listed below. Description of the metrics can be found
CC   at URL: http://gc.bcm.tmc.edu:8088/quality.info/genbank.annotation.
CC   html.
CC   ---------------- Summary Statistics ------------------------------
CC   Contig length:                                    173735
CC   Phrap values in estimate:                         167393
CC   Average error rate (BCM-Phrap estimate):          0.000263256
CC   Fraction of Phrap values less than 40 :           0.0395058
CC   Number of consensus changing edits:               3
CC   Number of N's in consensus :                      0
CC   ---------------- Consensus changing edits ------------------------
CC   Position      Original+Context            Edited+Context
CC   31176        gtggggtggg(n)agagggggag     gtggggtggg(g)ggagggggag
CC   31177        tggggtgggn(a)gagggggagg     tggggtgggg(g)gagggggagg
CC   104155       gagtttcact(n)tgttgtcctc     gagtttcact(c)tgttgtcctc
CC   --------- Distribution of Quality < 40 Bases ---------------------
CC           1000|                                *    *
CC            900|                                *    *
CC            800|                                *    *
CC     #      700|                                *    *
CC     bases  600|                                *    *
CC            500|                                *    *
CC            400|                      *    *    *    *
CC            300|                      *    *    *    *
CC            200|            *    *    *    *    *    *
CC            100|       *    *    *    *    *    *    *
CC              0|  *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
CC                -----------------------------------------
CC                    5    10   15   20   25   30   35   40
CC                            Phrap Value Range
CC   -------------------------------------------------------------------
CC   Version: 1.01  qxfo.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..173735
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="12"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP11-144O23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1873..1957
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   complement(2985..3277)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSp"
FT   repeat_region   6833..6962
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg/x"
FT   repeat_region   complement(10209..10241)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   11652..11865
FT                   /rpt_family="MER80"
FT   repeat_region   complement(12233..12365)
FT                   /rpt_family="FLAM_C"
FT   repeat_region   complement(12644..12693)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA4"
FT   repeat_region   12968..13198
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   13335..13697
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(13954..13975)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   14232..14649
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   14652..14742
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   15287..15421
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   16053..16237
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB5"
FT   repeat_region   16238..16272
FT                   /rpt_family="U2"
FT   repeat_region   16273..17683
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB5"
FT   repeat_region   18072..18210
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA4A"
FT   repeat_region   18679..18844
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   18895..19193
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA16"
FT   repeat_region   complement(19194..19232)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(19658..20023)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PB2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20437..20931)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA5A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25697..25720)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   26549..26960
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   27024..27268
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   27269..27511
FT                   /rpt_family="MER46"
FT   repeat_region   27793..28087
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(28088..28123)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(28124..28214)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   28277..28381
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   28368..28912
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   28925..29052
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   repeat_region   29201..29267
FT                   /rpt_family="AluS"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29508..29559)
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29560..29858)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(30369..30398)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   31146..31316
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA2"
FT   repeat_region   31857..32070
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(32384..33480)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA5"
FT   repeat_region   complement(34772..35058)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR16B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(35103..35556)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER67C"
FT   repeat_region   35798..36078
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1G"
FT   repeat_region   36278..36352
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   repeat_region   36353..36502
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA10"
FT   repeat_region   36521..36543
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   36656..37142
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(37708..37809)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA5"
FT   repeat_region   38240..38273
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(38570..38617)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   38772..39071
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39079..39326)
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTB"
FT   repeat_region   39327..39539
FT                   /rpt_family="MER30"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39542..39662)
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTB"
FT   repeat_region   39728..39842
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39923..40827)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   40831..41223
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41321..42599)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MD"
FT   repeat_region   complement(43237..43383)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(43443..43651)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(43652..43783)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1-internal"
FT   repeat_region   45466..45506
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   47895..48099
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50761..51165)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1B"
FT   repeat_region   51167..51481
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   51485..51995
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   52907..53780
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   53787..54195
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTA"
FT   repeat_region   54196..55812
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTA-internal"
FT   repeat_region   55813..56229
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTA"
FT   repeat_region   56230..56965
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   56975..58511
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   58525..59705
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59784..60428
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60770..60883
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60893..61423
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   61426..61954
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   61897..64376
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(64502..64627)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1D"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66061..66411)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   67278..68512
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   68493..68526
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA4"
FT   repeat_region   68549..69243
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   69163..70266
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70385..71372
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71347..71555
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA13"
FT   repeat_region   71575..71765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(71985..72251)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72362..72532)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1D"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72698..73175)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(73234..73635)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   74101..74401
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(75107..76190)
FT                   /rpt_family="HSMAR2"
FT   repeat_region   77556..78331
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA4A"
FT   repeat_region   78483..78782
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg"
FT   repeat_region   78783..78804
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   78841..78903
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(79216..79340)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   80241..80375
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   STS             80938..81147
FT                   /standard_name="G26735"
FT   repeat_region   complement(85573..85622)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1B"
FT   repeat_region   85714..85999
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(86433..86605)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg/x"
FT   repeat_region   complement(86983..87270)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1D"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87765..87883)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1D"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87949..89007)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   complement(89296..89330)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   89505..89700
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92012..92108)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER20"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92114..92176)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92280..92375)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92380..92481)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER20"
FT   STS             93829..93978
FT                   /standard_name="G23507"
FT   repeat_region   95391..95691
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   95707..95938
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1G"
FT   repeat_region   96050..96089
FT                   /rpt_family="MER3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(96059..96233)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(96415..96812)
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTA"
FT   repeat_region   96819..96882
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(97400..97833)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   97868..98240
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTB-internal"
FT   repeat_region   98262..98696
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTB"
FT   repeat_region   98942..102392
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   102394..104090
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(104126..104163)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104176..104292
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA10"
FT   repeat_region   104296..104589
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   104590..104773
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA10"
FT   repeat_region   105404..105764
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1B"
FT   repeat_region   105766..106685
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME2"
FT   repeat_region   109039..109251
FT                   /rpt_family="MER44A"
FT   repeat_region   109252..109381
FT                   /rpt_family="FLAM_C"
FT   repeat_region   109407..109519
FT                   /rpt_family="MER44A"
FT   repeat_region   109722..109748
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(110900..111195)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(111281..111338)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(111546..111704)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(111727..112094)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P"
FT   repeat_region   112098..112377
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(113185..113619)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER65A"
FT   repeat_region   113758..114056
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(114880..115248)
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1B"
FT   repeat_region   115678..115978
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   repeat_region   116781..116966
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTC"
FT   repeat_region   116967..117292
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA10"
FT   repeat_region   117342..117396
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTC"
FT   repeat_region   complement(117737..117791)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   118794..118816
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(118817..119093)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(119704..119890)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   120509..120556
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(120675..120976)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(121731..122038)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluYb8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(122040..122339)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSq"
FT   repeat_region   complement(122905..123197)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(123218..123435)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(123436..123969)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P"
FT   repeat_region   123976..124132
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR20"
FT   misc_feature    124133..124220
FT                   /note="Region: Unigene cluster containing zj69g06.s1 Homo
FT                   sapiens cDNA, AA676941."
FT   repeat_region   complement(125384..125680)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   125752..125801
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1B"
FT   STS             130041..130254
FT                   /standard_name="G26737"
FT   misc_feature    130843..131235
FT                   /note="Region: Similar to yw73e09.s1 Homo sapiens cDNA,
FT                   N27021."
FT   misc_feature    132364..132704
FT                   /note="Region: Similar to Homo sapiens cDNA, AA376675."
FT   repeat_region   complement(135312..135593)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(135595..135794)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(136114..136144)
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   misc_feature    136316..137017
FT                   /note="Region: Unigene cluster containing AA830804 and
FT                   AI458566."
FT   STS             136355..136530
FT                   /standard_name="G29919"
FT   repeat_region   138597..138776
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(140444..140486)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(140487..141076)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   complement(141100..142141)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA"
FT   repeat_region   complement(142153..144194)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(144195..144814)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER11B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(144806..145133)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER11A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(145131..145279)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER11A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(145280..148358)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P4"
FT   STS             147277..147402
FT                   /standard_name="G23777"
FT   repeat_region   complement(149001..149140)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   complement(150708..150746)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   151286..151664
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   151656..153375
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA15"
FT   repeat_region   complement(153377..153687)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluJb"
FT   repeat_region   153696..157477
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA15"
FT   repeat_region   complement(157590..158379)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(158719..159026)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   159133..159219
FT                   /rpt_family="HERVL"
FT   misc_feature    159244..159590
FT                   /note="Region: Similar to yg35f03.s1 Homo sapiens cDNA,
FT                   R44265."
FT   repeat_region   161129..161152
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(161679..161980)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(161984..162078)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    162715..163087
FT                   /note="Region: Similar to yc91h08.s1 Homo sapiens cDNA,
FT                   R39258."
FT   repeat_region   165745..166045
FT                   /rpt_family="AluY"
FT   repeat_region   166236..166265
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166536..166564)
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   166833..167009
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSg/x"
FT   repeat_region   complement(167711..168407)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(168710..169012)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(169437..169473)
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(169475..169776)
FT                   /rpt_family="AluSq"
FT   repeat_region   170667..170732
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    complement(171731..173735)
FT                   /function="clone overlap"
FT                   /note="overlaps bases 165864..167868 of clone AC018630"
FT   repeat_region   172054..172086
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   172163..172199
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   172757..173148
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   173128..173735
FT                   /rpt_family="L1P4"
SQ   Sequence 173735 BP; 56590 A; 32128 C; 31722 G; 53295 T; 0 other;
     gaattccaca gcatttatta agaactgtca ctttattgag tctttcccaa aagtagagct        60
     ttgttggatg atccaagagg aaccatctaa cgcggactat gagaaggaac tagttgcttt       120
     tcataaagat gcaaataaca gcaagatgct gttacagttg ttttgaatta gtcacacaac       180
     tttgcatctg gaaacacggt ttagaactat gaaaatgccc tctactcttg atagttgata       240
     ttaggatatt aatttctatt tgctctgaaa catgttttaa aaaacagcaa ctctaaagaa       300
     aggaagagtt acagaagaga gaaacaggga tacacagaca gagtcagaaa cagagacaga       360
     gataaagaga tccagccagc tgtacataag attccctaca ttacaattac agatacacta       420
     attaagtttt aggagtaatt aatcacataa aacattaatg caagaactga agttaattta       480
     gaaacatctt atctttgttt gtcctagaaa agcatagttt ctcttcagat ttgtttatgt       540
     tgttggaatt ttcttccttt tagaatagac attactttcc aaatcacctt tagagatgca       600
     tgtcttaatt tattgttccc cagtattagg ataaatgaat gacttgaggg gtagattaga       660
     gctatggact caccaaaaat cacagctaat tccgtctctg gcataaagta gctggaggtg       720
     gcaatgagaa aggacaaata gtaggcaata aagaggagaa ggaaggaaat gacagctttc       780
     agggctctca catgggcttc tgtgctgggg tctctgcacc ctgtggcact gagctgcatt       840
     cgcctgatat gtctccgcag ggagaggatc aagaggaaaa aggacattag gcacacacaa       900
     aaggggagca gcgttgccag gttgagaaat aacttggtag aagcatgttg agttttattt       960
     actctgcaac tccaagttaa gtttgttttc ctctttgcct tcacacaaaa cctgaaatca      1020
     gcgttcaaat tctcagtggc tggaaggcta ataaacacag agagaaccac gcaccccagt      1080
     agaatccagg aaatcaccct gtcaattctc cacttcatcc agaggaaaag tgggtgaaag      1140
     aaattaccta tcttgaagaa atagtaaatg ctgaggcagg ttgcaaacca gatacttaaa      1200
     tgattggtta gtgtccagaa gaagtcaatg attctcattt ctttaccagt ggcatagaca      1260
     tctggatata gcaccaatat aaaacaatct aatagtatta cgcacaatag acaaattctg      1320
     gatatggcca gacttgtgag gattaaatca atggaggcaa ttttcctctt cttgacccag      1380
     tccatgcagt ttaccaatcc aatgaatgca ttccctaaga tccccactga aaactctcca      1440
     actgctaaga acaataaagt agtctgcact ttatctgcca tgtttaaata tgcaattagt      1500
     ttctagttga cctgatggag tttgacatcc acacctgctt cttagatttt gatgtagttt      1560
     tctttacctc tttgttgtag tctgttttgt gatggagact ggaatgataa atgaagactg      1620
     gagctatctt cattaaatcc taattagtct tgacaaacaa tgtgtttggc gatccttggc      1680
     ctggccactg tatgcccatt tacctactca gcaggttgta attttccaca tacggttaat      1740
     ttaggctgag ctactgttta ctaagatgca aattgggcca attccctttc atggtcctgc      1800
     attgtctttc tgaggctaag gtgtacgcat tttggattca ttaatttgtg atgtatgcta      1860
     gtaacctcaa tagggttgct agatttagcg actaaaaatt caggacactc agttaaactt      1920
     gaattacagg taaaaaaatc aataattttt tagtgtatgt ccctgattac ttaagatcag      1980
     tgctttcagg aagtactgaa gttcaaatta gattgagtgt tccattctgg caacctgaac      2040
     atcaagaatt tggtagcaag tataaaactg gtaaaattgg aaagttcttg aagaattttt      2100
     attttgctga atgttaatat tgataattag taaagaatcc aaagtttggt tccatagtga      2160
     gagttatata ttttcaggaa ctttaaaaag ttaacactaa atgtaggtta tttgattcca      2220
     aagaaacttt aggtcattat tttggctgtt cagatgaaca attacatggc atagtgtctc      2280
     ttaatacaac acattgtctt actgactaaa tgacttttaa tggttattta gcaatgttat      2340
     atataataag gtagaggacc tgtaataaaa aaagactatt gattacctta aatttttcat      2400
     tttcacttaa aatgttctca aggaaacttt gagaggtatt agatatgtcc attaccttgt      2460
     ttgtggtgaa gatatcatgg gtgtttgaaa ttttatacat taaatatatg cggttctttt      2520
     tataccaatt atactttcat aaagatttca aaaatttaaa aaatgttctc aagggtagtt      2580
     gtatgcatga gagaggagat agtaaaattc tgtatttcat tctctccact gtcctccata      2640
     caaattgcat gagtatctag atcctcaacc cttctagcag gagactgaag attaaacttt      2700
     ccacatctct agagatgaat ttttagtttg aaatagcttc tctaatttag agttactgag      2760
     aagcgcttta ctacatgggg ttccatagaa tagttcttgg gtattcacac cttcctggga      2820
     atgcatgtct tctcttatcc ttccttaaag gacaaaccat cattccggag atgtagcctt      2880
     aacttttgga caatctgtat gattatgtag ccatgttcac aggcaactgg aacatcacct      2940
     atgataggac gatcttggat atgatccctg acctagactt atcatttctt ttgttttttt      3000
     tttgagatgg aatttcgttc ttgttgctca ggctggagtg ctattttggc tcaccgcaac      3060
     ctccatctcc caggttcaag tgattctcct gcctgagcct gccaagtagc tgggattaca      3120
     ggcaggtgca accatgcctg gctaattttg tatttttagt agattccggg tttctccatg      3180
     ttggtcaggc tggtcttgaa ctcccgacct caggcgatcc gtgtgccttg gcctcccaaa      3240
     gttctgggat tacaggtgtg agccactgtg cctggcctag actcatcatt tttaccctac      3300
     agtttatcct ggtaaatgaa gtgctcatgg gaactatgat gatgtatttt ctcaaataat      3360
     ttttagactt gtttttgttt agttttggaa ataaatgtag attttatgaa taccaatgtt      3420
     gtatagcgtg aagttatgtg aatatatagt taaaaaaaaa gttctatgag agagcatttt      3480
     gtcaaaagct tactactttg aaccccagtc actgtggtca ctagagatgc ttgaaacatt      3540
     agagaggcag gaaacaaaat atggaagaaa aaaacttaac cctaatgggg taaaaccttc      3600
     ccaaaagtac taattcaata aaacgtttat ttcacttaaa ccttaggaaa aatataaagt      3660
     tcatcctagt ataaaatcta cctgtatttt gtagaataca ttaatatatt tcatcaagag      3720
     aacatgaatt cttgtgtctt gtaaaacaaa gagtaacata tacagctagc atattagaaa      3780
     tatagttcat aaaatttata tacttggggc tataaatatt agtactttac agagtgagtt      3840
     ttacataata ataagacaaa caactgataa ttttccggta attagtattt tagttataat      3900
     aaaaggaaat tagtagattg aaatacatca gaattaaaca gaaagtaatg ggagtaaaag      3960
     caataatgta cagccatatt agtacataca caacctgaga tatgccagac caaacgtttc      4020
     aataatatta tagtgaggat ggatttcatg ttcacagaaa aattaaaaat tttagtgact      4080
     tattttcctt ttttttttaa taaaaattta tctgtatttt ttgtaaacat tcgtttcttc      4140
     ttccagggac agtatgtgct tattccatgg tatacgctat tttcttccca atttatttct      4200
     tttgttaagt cctgagtgaa aacctttgca gggtctggtt agagaaaaga acctgattga      4260
     gcagtctgac taatatttgt tatccccatt cttttatcca gattgtgaag agggcttagg      4320
     aacacccctt ggtgggtggc acttgaatgg gttcgattcc cacctaggtg ctgcatgaaa      4380
     agcaagttgt ttgagaggaa atttaattcc aaggaaaatc aatagaaatc atcagaataa      4440
     ggtcaaccag aaaatattac ctaggagacc atggaaatca tcattcggga aaaccaaaga      4500
     cagaccagag aacatctgag ttcctaatca ataagccaaa tgggggtgac tcagcagagc      4560
     catgaaagga gcacaattaa ggagcggcaa taaaaatgta tgacaaagaa aaatgagaaa      4620
     ccagttactg tagctcaggt ccactttacc atgagccaaa gtaaaatcta aaaagacttt      4680
     aactaggcaa tacaggccta acacttgcgt tgaggagaca agaagagaag catgagctct      4740
     gaaattcttc gaggaaaggg agtgtaaaga tgagcatttc tgagttgtaa agggatagaa      4800
     aagatgtatt cagtagtttg ctactaggtc ctaataatat ttaaagatat gcatccaaaa      4860
     taaatgagat aactggggaa aaatgagaat agactattaa gaaaactata ttttttgtta      4920
     gagaagattt ggttttaaat tccatttata cagctaagat ttcatatcat gcaggcaatt      4980
     tttctacatg tcagcattct gacaaatgtc tgcctcagtt tattatttaa aacaattaaa      5040
     ataagtgagt gacccaaggg gtagagaatt gctgcaatct ctccaaactc cacagctaac      5100
     ttgtattttg tcataagata gctaaaggtc atcaaaatag aagaaatata gtataggaaa      5160
     aaaaagaaga taaatgaagt catagtttta atggctctca catgaacttc tgtgctgggg      5220
     tctctactgc cggtagcata gagttttatt tgcttggtat gtctccataa agatcttact      5280
     aaaaggaaaa atgatatcag tgacacaata aatgggacaa ttgcaaacag gttaaagaga      5340
     gtcaagggtt caaagtatgg tattttactc acatggaaca tttcagtaat gtttctttta      5400
     tgtttggcaa ttgcatgaaa cctataatca caactcagta ctattgctgc tataaggctg      5460
     accaacaagg aaatggcaaa gcatcccagc aggatccagt gcaccaccat atcaattttc      5520
     cacttcagcc agagaaaaag tggatgagag gaactggcta tcttcagaaa atagaagaca      5580
     ttaaggcagg tggtaatcca catatttaag tagttggcaa atgtccagaa ggtaaaaatg      5640
     actatctgtt gtttattttt tgtataaaca tctgggttca gtactattac aatgccattt      5700
     acaaccatta cactgatcaa acaaattctg gcgataacta aattggtaag gatgtagtca      5760
     actgtggaaa tctttttctt cttaatccag tcaatccagt tgactagtgc aatgtatcca      5820
     ttccccaata ttcctagtat gaattctcca gttattagga ttataaagat gttatctgca      5880
     ggactgaaca tgtttgtaga gagaacaatc tgatttcaaa tatcactgta gatgagctaa      5940
     tttacaggtg acctgttaaa gcatgataga tcaattcttc gaatcatgca ataatgtttt      6000
     catctgctgt tatttcgacg ttgttattct tccggaagtg ttcagctctc ctctgaaata      6060
     ggattgtctc tacactcctg aagatgaaac caactaatga gcagcttgac tagttattta      6120
     tagcctggaa aaattataat tattatcctt tagtgagtga tacctgaaat gtttggctga      6180
     aattgctccc atgcaaattc aaagagattt tatatcatga atttgcaaca ggcttcttgc      6240
     tgtagctcta tatttggatc ttcaaattga gttttgaata gggagtcata aaaaaagaga      6300
     taaatgttta ataaaaaccc aactgtgtaa ataaaacttc attttcatca tgtaagttat      6360
     aaataagcca caaatcagtt ctcccagatg caaagaaatt ttcactttgg aagtaattag      6420
     tacaattaga ttgtagatat ttaacattta gtcagaggat aataattctt gtcttcattt      6480
     aaacggctaa ttagggaagg atataataca aatctaatta gaaatgactt ttttttaggc      6540
     aggcacatga taatatttac taagaatttg ctttcttttc aattgttcct cagaagtgaa      6600
     atatgccagg taaagatttg ttatctttag ttttttttta atgtgacaaa tacccttgaa      6660
     gacaattcat ttcctgaatc actgtctctt gtataataag cattgtaatc taaaattaag      6720
     aaaatttaaa ttttacatta ttctagttcc aatcaactcc ttttataaga tttgtaatct      6780
     cacagtgcat attatagtca tatttctaga tagggcaaac acataaaaaa gtaactactt      6840
     gggagactga ggcaggggga tcatttgaac cgggaggcag aggttgcagt gagccaagat      6900
     cgtgccactg cactccaacc tgggcgatac agtgagactc tgtctcaaaa taataataat      6960
     aatttttttt ttttacatac cagtatttcc aaggaatagg actaattcta ctattaaatt      7020
     agatttattt gttttggggt aagggaaagt acaacttagc ccaaaataca tttgaatgta      7080
     ggtaatacaa atcacaatac cctagggctt cttgtattta aatagttcta caatgtatac      7140
     aacacatgca ggattttttc tatttcttac atgtgtgtaa tgtgtaacag gaaagcataa      7200
     acttaataac ttaaagaaac ctagttatct ataaactact gctggaaaca aaatagaaaa      7260
     gaaaatgatg cagagggaaa aaaatatgtc agagatttct gagttagaag gctagagaga      7320
     acattccagg gaatctttgg gaaatgactt ctaaaattgc catcaccagc tagagtactc      7380
     atgaacacgc tgactactgg gaccctcaac cttctttctc aaggtggttc tgctatacat      7440
     aactgtgcct cctctctctg tcaaactttc attcttgaga ttatactcct tttcccacat      7500
     catatatcat cttagataga atctcattaa agattgtttt tctcccttct tgatcaagac      7560
     aaacccttcc agaaatggag aggaaagggc ggtgaagata aggaccggcc ttcatttcaa      7620
     agtagagagt tgttttgcat gattgatttt atagcaaggg ttgatgagtt ctaaaatctt      7680
     ttccccaaag cctgtttgcc tgacattctt ctactcattg agttcaaggc ctttgccagt      7740
     atttgtcaga aaagaagtag aacctctttg tatttagtca atgacataaa atgatgaaat      7800
     gttagtgtgg gatttagatg catttttttt ttctgcaacg acaaagaata tacggtgcaa      7860
     tgataacatt agattatcca ttaaacaaga caaaagtgtg aaggaacaca aaacaaatct      7920
     tcagaatcat gacagatatt aatgacttcc aatagcatat aagagaaaat gaatgcaaac      7980
     aagagaaggg agaatgcctt ttgttgattt ctttcatcct tgtagtcagg atactcttta      8040
     ggggtctcta tggaacaaaa ggctttcttc ttctaaggaa acacttcaca aatcttaaca      8100
     tcttcagaaa agcttccctc aacttgctat ttcccataat tagaatgaat gaatggcttg      8160
     atgggaaaat gacagttact atgtcaccaa tcatcaacac taattttccc tgaggaatca      8220
     gagcgctaga ggtcataaca agaaagactg ggtagtacac gatgaggagg agcagaaaga      8280
     tgatcactgc ctttatggcc ctcatgtggg cctctgtact ggggtctctg aaccctgtag      8340
     catgcagtcg aatctgcttg gtgtgtctaa ctagggagaa aagtaacaag aaaaatgaga      8400
     tcaggcaaag gataaaggga accatcaccc ccaggttcag ggttaactgt ttgaaagtac      8460
     ctggaatttt actcactttg aatttccaag taatgttttc ttcatgactg actttgaaaa      8520
     ggtgatacca catatcatca ttctttggaa cactaataat taaagagata agaaaggacc      8580
     ccagaagaat cgcaagcatg accttgttga tctttagctt cagccagaag aaaaatgggt      8640
     gcgatatatt ggctatcttg agtaaataga agatactgag gcaagaagta aaccagagac      8700
     ttgaattatt ggcaaatgtc cagacaacat tcacaatgct tactagcacg ctattgccat      8760
     atgtacctgg aaagagcagc ataaagaagc catctaatga tattacacac agcagacaga      8820
     ttctggagat ggccaagctg atcaggatga tgtcaatcaa ggaaatatct cttcttttga      8880
     gccagtcaat gcagttaact agtacaatga atccatttcc ccaaatccct atggtcaatt      8940
     caccagcaat taaaataata tatattgcct ctattgcact tggcatgcca gcaaagactt      9000
     gtgatttttg aatatcactg atgatgaatt gactttcagc tgaccagtga agaacaatgt      9060
     atctgtctgc ctcttagacc atgatatagt tgtctttatc tctccttttt gttagctgtg      9120
     atgcagatga agaagatagc cagtcctgct ctgggctaga gctgcctaaa gacttcaatg      9180
     attggggcca gtaatttcct ttggtgcagt gatgactgaa agcctctagg atgcaaatgg      9240
     gaatggatct gatttcttaa atttgcacac tctttcttat tttaagctct gtatattttg      9300
     gatttatcaa tctgagctgt tgaccaggaa cttcaagaag gtatcaatta cttggaaaat      9360
     atggctagaa tttaatttgc tggatgacta tccatccttg ttagtatatt gacatagtta      9420
     ttgctattac agattctagg tttactgtgt tagcttgtgt ggccagtttg cttgcttggt      9480
     tgactaaagc tttaaacaaa ttattattaa cattaaatga ggcttaaatg gcataactgg      9540
     tggaatgtag aggaaagaat ctaaaggtgt aggaagatag gagtattaag gtgaatttat      9600
     catatgcgaa cttcaccttc tccccattat atgacttaag agggccaaaa ggacactcca      9660
     ttcactaggg cattgagaaa tacattaatt aggtaattcc caatatcctc aaaaagctct      9720
     gcagtgtttg tcttctcaac tgaagataca atgagggaaa taaacatgac attgtagtgt      9780
     tgtcagcaaa tgagacacgg aaaattctgg tttagatgtt agggtttctt agagtgttct      9840
     tgctttgtac ctgaatgtag cttccataca tagaaaaaat agtcaaaata ctggtcactt      9900
     atctttagaa tggaaacaga tcagcctgaa cagtgaggag gacaaagagc aagaaagtga      9960
     tatttttgga actaaaaagc gtgatagata tacaagactc ttcagtctga actgagtgat     10020
     aagaatacat gctctgaatt ttcttagctc tattttttgg cagcaggtgt attataaata     10080
     ttagtatgct aattatacac acattggaaa cacactgttt cattgggaca tattgaaaca     10140
     tgtcattggg catagtagaa catatttgaa ataatagaaa aaggcacaca gcaatacaca     10200
     gttcccagaa atattatttt gaaactaata ttaaatttta aggcaatatt aaatattgct     10260
     tatcaaacaa acacaacaat acaaagtatt taatgagata atgtgtcata tgttcagggt     10320
     tttagacaaa ataaagagat aaaaattaat cttgcagatt tttatgagaa agtaaatagc     10380
     tattgttatt ctattcagtg aaatttgggg tttctttcat gcttctctgt gaattttgtt     10440
     tctgaagaaa tatcagatta tacaactcaa aaatacacac tgtgcttgtc atgaccaaag     10500
     ccataaaaca ggtaatattc tgagaaggac ttcactagag taaagaaatt gatttgcatg     10560
     caactgacag acaaggtcgc accatgttca catctcaggg aatgcaatat ttcattattt     10620
     taattaaact ttttgaaaga taaaattttg tggaggggaa taaagtaggt tcaaggttat     10680
     tatttggaaa tggaactact ctgggatcaa tttgtaatgt ccagaaaaga tgaagatgaa     10740
     aatatatcat gtaggagggt gattaataac tgacatatta aaaattcctg gtaaatccag     10800
     atatagaatc caagcttgcc ttctgaatca tggtctttcc cactacctca cttcttttcc     10860
     ttagccgtgt ggaatactga tcaatttaag aaagttatgc ctatattcaa atgtaaacga     10920
     aaatatgcta taggatatga ccagagttac ctaagggcct atacttacta aaatgccacc     10980
     ctcttttatc tttccttgct ataaataaaa cccaaatgat ctcaatttat ttgacaccgt     11040
     tgaatatgtt ttttttgtgt gtattgtgtg tgtgtgtgag tttatgtgtt atttgccctt     11100
     tggattttat cttagcattg agaagttaaa gagggatcct agctgacaga ctttaacatc     11160
     tattttcatt gcagaaacac tttaatctag aatgttagtt tattgattat ttctgtctct     11220
     actagaaaac agatgaaata ctgggaaact tatgacatca tttcctgtat gtctttctat     11280
     gagaagtgag caaacacaaa cctacttagg cagatatttc ttaaatttca ttttctttcc     11340
     tttgtttaaa tactttttac cattctttag aaccttacat cttttacagg catttgtcct     11400
     tgagttatgc cactgattat tactgatcaa gagaaatgac tatactcttc agatttataa     11460
     atcaagaaca ggatactgcg atactgtcct attttctgac aacttatatt ttgaatagtt     11520
     gctgacttta tctcctaccc cattctaaac tcttcactat atccattggg atccctagta     11580
     aaccattagc agaagccata tattctcatt tgtttctcta acagttcact ttattttctt     11640
     catttgaact cgaggttctg gaactttttt gttcaatgga ctactttgcc agtctggtgc     11700
     atgctataat ttcagaataa tgtttttaag tgcatgaaat aaaaatattt gaaatgtata     11760
     aggaatccat atatatatgc ctttttcttg cagtatgaaa tatattgtta atataatata     11820
     ggaatttatg tgctttttaa ttgacataac aaaaatatct ggcagataaa gactagtggt     11880
     gaaagtaaat gacaatagga ggtacctgta acgacaaaaa tttttggctt cctgaagtga     11940
     aaaaattaca gatactgctg gtatggtatg tgcttgttac ttacattcaa gacagaagaa     12000
     atactagact taagctaagg attaataaaa ataagtatat aatttggtgc ccctcccagt     12060
     tcattcatca ctcatgtcca tgaatctttt cattttaata ctctacaatt aaatcctgtg     12120
     gcagctgttt tctctctcac accctcatag aagtgggtct aaagctggga tgggtgtttt     12180
     tctttccctc tcgtaacttt cagattactc tactctcttt cctttttcct tttttttttt     12240
     tttttttttg agacaaagtt tcactgtgtt gcttaggctg ttcttgaact cctggcctct     12300
     agtgatcctc ctgccttggc ctcccaaaat gttaagatta caagtgtgag tcactgtgcc     12360
     tggccagatt attctccgtc taattcctca caagacatac agcagttcat tatctcctgt     12420
     catcactcta tacaaaatat tacctttcct tgtcacaatc ataagccagt cttccttcct     12480
     tgatttttgc tttctacctg aaattaagta gttaaatata ctaaatttca ccaccattct     12540
     ttttgctaaa gttcccctat ctttttgttg gatgaaataa tcttctattt tttaaaaaaa     12600
     ttcattcagt aatcttgttt gttgtatttt tcttttttta aaatttaatt atggacatat     12660
     aatagttgta cagatgtatg ggggtacatg tgaacctcat gaaaacagag caatataaag     12720
     acccctgttg agaagggata acatgaatga gaaatatgca tgtctcttta agaagaggaa     12780
     cagtcttaat taatggataa ctatatagag tcaataattc aagcataaaa cactttatta     12840
     taatagcata ttgggaatag tcttgtctat ttgtataaaa atggtgaaga aatagaatat     12900
     ttgggatcca tggagacaaa taatttattt gctaaataac aaaatttgga caaggcttga     12960
     aatatatata acagttaaga gcttcagctc tggtgccaga cagctggagt tgaagcttat     13020
     tctcagtttt aatgattgtg tgatttaaat tgtgctgaat cttttctttc tccaatgtgt     13080
     aaaacattga tcatagtgct atctatctca tagaaatatt atacttaaat aaagtcttgc     13140
     atttaaaata cttagaatag ttcttaccat atatactcaa aaaattttag gtactattat     13200
     tattgaattt tttggcattc cattcaataa atcacgattc tcttatctag ttgttttgct     13260
     atagagcctt tattaatgtg tcttaattac aatttcctat ccataatatt tggccaaatt     13320
     tcacatttta tgattgccat agtttgaatg tttgtatttt cttcaaaatt catgtggaaa     13380
     tgtaatccct aatgcaacaa tattaagagg tggggccttt taggagatga ttatgatggg     13440
     tttgccatta tgatgggatt aaaaggcctg aagggaacta aataggtctt ttaacctttc     13500
     ccctcttctg ccatgaaaag atacagcatt caaggttcca tgttggaagc agtgacgaag     13560
     ccctcaccag acaccaaacc tgccactgcc ttagtcttgg actttctagc cttcagcact     13620
     atgaaaaaat aaatttctgt tatttataaa ctacctcatc tcagatactt tttatagcag     13680
     caaaatggac taagacaatg ccagtcacat gaaatcataa aatatggcaa cataatagtt     13740
     atggtttaac aatttgtttt gttttccatt actcactgaa aatgtaaaca aacttaaatg     13800
     gacttagttg tttttttcct tcatatgtag ttcttttctt tattcaatat taatgcccag     13860
     tgcatctcat aatattaatg gacaggtgac tattttgttt ctctctgcaa tggcataaat     13920
     aaaatgattt taacagcatt tcaacttaaa cacaataaat tatttattta tatttgacaa     13980
     cacatctaaa tgttcaggtt aagtaaaaat attctcagat atataggttt cagacgttta     14040
     ctaaacatag aacttttttc aacattttgg aggctacatt aacaaaaact ataatggggt     14100
     gaggagatac ctatatgaat atgtggagta aagtttataa gaaattttgt aaggcttagg     14160
     atgtcaaaaa attttttaaa aataagaaaa gaacatttgt atactataaa aatcttaaaa     14220
     ctccagttgt aggtagaaga tcaacacata aaactgtgtt gtgtttctac acaccagcaa     14280
     tctgaacagt gaatataaaa ggtaaattaa gaaaacaatt ccaaaataat gaaataacta     14340
     ggaataaatt tcaccaaaga agcaaaatac ttatatacaa aaattgatga aacattgctg     14400
     aaagacatta aggaagacac aagtaagtag aaagacatcc catgttcatg gataagatga     14460
     cttgatactg ttaagatatc aatactaccc aaagcaatct aaagattcat taaaattcct     14520
     atcaaaaatt tctacagact tcgtttcaga aagaggaaaa ctaatgctca aattcaggtg     14580
     aaattacaag ggaatccgaa tacccaaaac aatctttaaa aaggagaaca aagttggaaa     14640
     actcacattt aatattttta ttttatatat atatatatac atatatatat atacatatat     14700
     atatatatac acatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attttttttt ttttttccct     14760
     gtatgcctca ttaagtcttc cctgagccct gggctggctt cttccatgga agatagcaga     14820
     agaagcaagg cttgtccctg ttcacagaag atgctagcca gatcaggagc tgaagatagc     14880
     aaaagaggga gaagtccaac ccacagtccc aggccctggt gagtaaggtc tggtgcgagg     14940
     agaaggctga tgatatggaa gggtgctcca gtcctgcttc ttctgcttgg aaatggagaa     15000
     tccggagaac ctgggggatg caagatggac aggctgctcc ttgagaacat ccagtctcct     15060
     agaaaaaatg ggtgctctca aggtgactga atgaactcaa ctatgccttg ttattttaaa     15120
     acccactgtc tgctttctga attgacaatc aagaatccat gtgtgtctta aacaacaatt     15180
     gttcattgta gtagaaccca ctgggagaag ccttttggct caggaactcc atctagccac     15240
     agctgattga attaggggtg gatacctaac ccaagtggag ccaatcttat tctgtgccca     15300
     ctgcaatgta agatgtaaaa taggtatttt tgtctccttg gatcagtgct gtatctttag     15360
     tgtctagaat tctgcctacc acacagtagg ggctacatga atatttaatg aacaaatgaa     15420
     tgaataaata agtctctgtg aggaatttgg aattttgacc ttggaaacac agagaatggc     15480
     agttgtggaa actgagtcac attggctgca taagctagaa agaacaccca ctccttccca     15540
     tgtctgaggt cttcgggtct atctcagtca tgactgagtc ctgactcttt ctaaagatga     15600
     ttggactcct cttaacttta ggacagatgg ctcaacatcc taactataaa actccttcct     15660
     cctttcctgc ttacattcat ttctgttgca accaaaaacc tttaatgaca tgctgagaaa     15720
     ttttgcacct tgacatattc tgttccccac cttaggagct tctctaggag tcataatcac     15780
     tcctggctgt accttgggct gcatccagat ctgccccaat gccaccaccc ccagctctgt     15840
     gggctctggc tctaagacta cagggaccca gaagcaggaa agagtggcat catggaattc     15900
     catgtccttt agggcaggtg ggaggtacta tgcctcttct ccatccaaga ccgctcacta     15960
     catcctgtcc tcagatatgg ctcttgggac cctcaagtca gatactccta atttttcatc     16020
     tgcttttgct ctacagacag aaagaggagg tgccaaagaa atctacagat tcattcaaat     16080
     ccttattaaa aattctcaca gacttttttt ttcagaaaca gaaaaattga tcctcaaatc     16140
     cataagaaat tacaagaaac cttgaatttc caaaacaatc ttaaaaatgg agaacaaagt     16200
     tggaaggctc acacttaata ttttaaaaat tcactacatt acttctcagc cttttggcta     16260
     agatcaagta taaaacttac tacaaagcta tggtaatcaa gactgtgttt tattggcata     16320
     aggatagaca tatagatcaa tgtaatggaa ttgagagtct tgaagtaagc ccatatatct     16380
     atgactaatt gattttgaca agtgtgtaaa aattcattag ggcataaaga gtctttttga     16440
     caaatgatgc taggacaatt agatatccac atgcaagaga atgaagttgg acccctaact     16500
     cacgtcatat acaaaactta gctcaatatg gatcaatgac ctaaatataa caactaaaac     16560
     taaatacacc tagaagaaaa tttagtggta atctttatga ccttggattt ggcaatggat     16620
     tcttacatat gacatgaaaa aagtaagcca caaaagaaaa aatacttaaa ttggacttca     16680
     cgcaaaataa aacttttgtg tatcacaagc cactccaaga aagtgaaaag acgatgtata     16740
     gactgggaga aaatatttgc agatcatata tctgcgaagg gcttaaaatt cagaatatgt     16800
     aaagaacctc tacaacccaa caaaaaatcc aattttaaat tgggcaaaag atctcaacgg     16860
     acatttctcc attgatttac aaatgtctag taaacacata aaaagacgct aagcatcatt     16920
     agtcattggg gaaatgcaaa ccaaaaccac agtcacgtat tacttcacat ccactagaat     16980
     ggctatagta aaaatcctgg aaaataacaa gggtgggcaa ggatgtggaa aatttggaac     17040
     tctcgtacat tcttggtggg aatgtacaac gataaatcta ctgtggaaaa cagtttggtg     17100
     actccacaag aagctaagca taggaattgc tgtattatcc agtaatttca ctcctagtat     17160
     acattgaaaa caggaactca aacagatact tatgtgccag tgtatattgc agcataattc     17220
     acaatagccc aaaggtagaa atcacccaag tgtttttcaa ctgatgaata tctaaacaaa     17280
     ttgtggtgta tacatacaat aaaatattat tcagtcatac aaaagaatga tggtctgata     17340
     catgttaaaa tattggtgag ccttaaaaac atgcttagta aactaaacca gacataaaat     17400
     gagaaaatct gtgtgattct actcatatga attgcctaga ctaggccaat tcataaagcc     17460
     aaagaggaga tcagaggtca ccaggaactg tgggaaagga aaaataggga gttactgcct     17520
     aatgagtcca gagtttctat ctgtggtaat gtaaaagttt tggacacaga ggtgatgctt     17580
     gcacaacatt gtgaatgtag ttagtgccac agaattgtac acttaaaatg gttaaaatga     17640
     caaatttgtt atataaatgt tatcacaata aaattaaaac aaaataaatg tgtaaattaa     17700
     aaaattaata ttccagacca taaaaacatg cagcatggaa atgactgtca ttagataaga     17760
     acaggttaaa cttttaattt tatatgaaat gaacataaag ataccaattt taaacccagc     17820
     acatgaaaat ttgatatcaa tagaaacagg aaaggaaaaa gatctgcaat aaagcattaa     17880
     aatagagtaa aaagaagaaa tgagaagata gaaaacaatg caatcacaat tgtattgagt     17940
     gtaaaaatgt ttctcaatag taattttgag attacattat taaataaagt gtcaaaaatg     18000
     aaatatttgt tttctacaag agacatttaa aaataaaatg cagaagtgtt gaaaatgcag     18060
     aggtggaaaa cacacaattt agaaatgata aatgcttgaa gtgatggatc ctaaatatct     18120
     tgacttttat tacacattat atacatgaaa caaaatatca catatacctt acaaagttga     18180
     acaaatatta tgtatcaaaa taaaataaaa taaaatgtaa caaaattagg gaatttacca     18240
     agggtgaaat aaaatttaaa gcaaaaattt tcatggcaaa cttttttaat atcagtaaaa     18300
     ataaccataa aaaagtaatg accatgaata aaaatgcaat tatcaacatt gcttcaaatt     18360
     aaatgcaact acaaataaaa taattatgag cataaagaaa taaatcagta attgtaagtg     18420
     taggtttact aatttaacta ttggaaattg tcatatatta aagacgtaaa caagtaatat     18480
     cattaatatt gttcatctaa tgcatataca tttaacttta acacatcaaa ctcatttaaa     18540
     gaaaatcatt cacaaaaatg gatcatgtat tgggccaaat gaatcttatc ctaggccaaa     18600
     tatcatacac atatgctgtc tgactcaaat aaaataagat atcaatacaa aagttacctt     18660
     taaaaatctc attattgtta aatatctctt gcattaaaag gaaagtgtaa agaatatttt     18720
     gaaattattt gaattgaata caatataaga accatgtgcc aacatttgtg gaatacatat     18780
     aagttgatat ttgggcagaa aacatacaat tttgaatacc tttactaaaa aaaaaaagaa     18840
     agattggaca aagctagtga aacaaacaac ttttgccttc aaaagtatgg caaaccatta     18900
     tcctaagcaa attaacacag aaaccgaaaa ccaactatca cgtgctcttg cttataagcg     18960
     ggagctaaac attggttcac acagacgtaa aaatgggaac aatagacact ggcgactaag     19020
     tggagaggga gggatggcag gggtcagggg gcaaggactg tcaaactacc tattgagtac     19080
     catgctcact acctgggtga tgggttcaat tataccccaa acctcagcat caaggaatat     19140
     aacctactaa caaacctgca cctgtacccc ttaatctaaa atagaagtta aaattatttt     19200
     tataaattaa aaaaatctgt ataaaaatat atgaaaaacc agatgtctgg aaaaatcctt     19260
     ccagtcagga aaacataaag atactgaaaa agaagccttc agaaatattt ttaaagtgta     19320
     tggtccagct gtcaagagag ttaaaaaaga atcctcagat gccaaaaata gtaggaaagt     19380
     gcaaatcatg agaggaaaca gtgctgaaga tagagttagt ccctaactaa ctatcttgga     19440
     gttggataga ggagtttatc gaggagacgg cattgtcact ctcctttaaa ccagtgtgta     19500
     agtatttttt aattttgtta tgtttttaaa ttgatgttcc gcagtgaaaa ggtatatgca     19560
     aaactatccc taaaggctga gggagctgag aggccaaaga aagagtctaa caattccagt     19620
     ttctcaaaaa gaaatattta ttgatttatt tataattttt acttcaacaa ctttttgggt     19680
     acaagtgttt ttttgtcacg tggatgagtt atatagtggt gaattctgag attttagtgc     19740
     acccatcacc tgagtagtgt aaattgtacc taatatgtag cttttttatc cctatcctcc     19800
     cttccagcct cccccttttg agtctctaaa gaccatgata tcactctgta tgtctttgta     19860
     cactcatagc ttagctcccg cttataactg aaacatacag ttttggtttt ccagccatgt     19920
     gtgttacttc acttagaata atggcctcca ggtctatcca agttgctgca aaagatatat     19980
     atatcttata catatatata tctatcttat acatatatat atcttataca tatatatatc     20040
     ttatacatat atatcttata catatatata cacacacaat cttttttaaa agaaagcaat     20100
     atttaatagg aacttataaa cagaggcaat gtcttgggtg gccgcaagat attggatccc     20160
     cacagccgcc ctccagaaaa tatcctttat atattaagct ttttgggtaa aacatgtgca     20220
     gctcttcata cctcaggctc tcttgctaaa acttatgacc attaagaagg ttagataagc     20280
     atctttatga ggggctctct atgtcacagg aattatttaa agaacttgct gcagaacaca     20340
     ttggcatgca ggagttaaac atcagtcgtt gtggtagttt cgcttcagga tggcatcact     20400
     ctttctacgc aataggctat tttcctacgt tatataataa ttactgtaca catttatcag     20460
     gtacatagtg atgttttgaa acatacaatg tatagtgatt caataggtta ataagaagat     20520
     ctatcatctt aaacgtttat catttctttg ttgggaatat taaaatcctc cttcctggta     20580
     tttaaaacta tgtattattg ttagctatag tcatcctata gtcctataaa acactagaac     20640
     gtattcctcc tatctagctg tattttgtat acttttacaa acccctatcc ttcccagcct     20700
     ctggtatact ctgctcttct ttttacttct atgagatctt ctttttttag tttccttata     20760
     tgagcgagaa tatgtggcgc ttaacttttt gtttctggct tatttcaggt accataatgt     20820
     cttcctttcc atccatgttg tagcaaatga catttcattt tttaaaaaaa actgttatgg     20880
     ctaaacagta ttccattgtg tacatataca gcattttctt catccattca taaaccagtg     20940
     cttatgtttt aaaagaccat atgcatgttg gataagatac ctggtttgga cttctccaaa     21000
     gttagaagtg agattggata ctatcaacaa gccaagatcc ctgaaaggca aacccttaat     21060
     aggcaaatga gaaaataata tacgtccaac aaaaggctaa agtaggaata cttaacactc     21120
     agccagggca gtgaattgaa aggggaatgt aaaggggaat gaaagaggaa tgttgctcta     21180
     agaatttgtt ataatagcct ttcactcatg tatatttggg gctagaagtt gaattctaca     21240
     tagcctaaat cattacaaac tgaaaagttt agcttaaaga agttgatact ggaagtgatc     21300
     ccagtcagcc tttacaaagt caaacttttt ctggcagacg tcactgtaaa cctgatctca     21360
     aagaattccc acagataata ttctaataaa actgagttca aaataaaatc ataaaacatg     21420
     tgaggaccaa accaatataa ttgaaagtta gtacaaacaa caaagttagt aatcagagct     21480
     acaaaggcag cagatatcag aattagagct tctgcagtct gtgcaaatgc taaggaaggt     21540
     tctttctctt tcccttgttt ctcaaagcaa gtatgactaa acagatattt tttcacaggc     21600
     ctcatctttt atttaattat atttttcata tgacataaat tattgcatag aaaattacat     21660
     aatactacaa gaaaataaaa attatctata atcccaatat ctacaggtaa agaacctaga     21720
     catccagttt atgtataaat ctaatcaaaa cagatttttt aagtaacatg cttattatct     21780
     gtcatctatc tatgttgaga tctattttac aacgtatgta gaaacatgtt aacaatggtt     21840
     agttgagtac tgcaaatgtg cataatcaat ttcttcttta tatatttttg tgtttgctaa     21900
     ttttagatga aactgtattt tatagtacaa aatggagctt ttgatgaaag gaacaggtat     21960
     cagtaaaaat aagctaatat tggcaaaaat agcagaagaa aacataaatc aatatgagat     22020
     catgtaaatt acccacctat tgccccaaac attacaaact agttacttac taaacagcaa     22080
     attaagaaaa aatcataaca catatatggc atagtgttaa tgtataaact agtcacaaaa     22140
     ttggtaagaa aaactataag acatgaaaaa ataaggagaa aacaaatgaa caattcccaa     22200
     aaagtatatg ctattggtta atcccgtagt aatgcttaac ttcactagta atcaaatata     22260
     tgtgaagtaa agatattttt gcaatcaaag tagtgacatt aaaaataata acctgtttga     22320
     ttttgagact gcaacaggac ggatattttt tcactattaa catataggtt tattatatct     22380
     acagagcaat ttatcaattc tgcaaggaat ttatcaagtt tctccccatt ggaattttcc     22440
     ttaaaaataa tttacatact gctgtctcta tatattagtc acactggacc tttagtttct     22500
     ggactaccct ctactccttc ttgcttcaag gccttgacat gatggtttcc caccccaaat     22560
     ttctcctctt ttgtccacca tactcctaca cattattaag atatcaaatt aaaccatctt     22620
     aaccacagtg acatcttgtc cattctcatg accaggtcag gtcagcatcc tatagttttt     22680
     ctctcccaat atcataaata tcattgttta agttagctag ctattcattt gttttctatt     22740
     agaatatatt atccattata ttggtatgtt gttcactact atatcctcaa tacctagcca     22800
     agttagcatt caaatagtat tcatatgaat gaatagtatt cactctctat aatactcata     22860
     ttatgtttat ttctaaaagt ggaaaactga agacaactta aacgtaaacg atatgataaa     22920
     cactaagtat attattgtat atttgcaagg ggagttatta tgtacccctt aaaaagatta     22980
     ttacaaataa tttttgaaaa catgggaaaa tgaataaatt ctacataatc aacataatct     23040
     atacagagaa catagttctt tatacaatat aatttcaaat gagccaacct ggtatatttg     23100
     gttgaaatag gcagcagcat taggtttttt tttctgttat ctcttaacta tctgtacatt     23160
     ctaaacacaa tagtttaaaa atataaaaat attgatttgg aaacctgaca tagaaaatta     23220
     attaagtcct tatatttgga aatattccac tcattaggcc ataagtatga gatcaaggca     23280
     ctttcggaag ttgccaaaat aagtcactga gtttataacc tgggttggac ataaaagtta     23340
     actttaaaac tcaaaatttg aaacgtttct gtgagtgcaa gtttgtgtat atgaatgtgt     23400
     gtgtgtgcat gtttatgtgt gtgtgtgtat gaagcctgaa gacagaacat ttcatatttc     23460
     acccagattc tatcctgtgt tcatcttgtg tcctttggtc agggactgtg ttgaatcttg     23520
     cagcctttgg atcgatgctt ctagaaaaat ctttactcaa ctttaattgg ttcataacct     23580
     gccttatctc aaatcactga ttttgaagag catatttatt tcatcagtgt tttgatccca     23640
     tatccctcaa ctagaccctt gtttccctaa ctatatttca cagaactaca tctactcctc     23700
     tgactacttg ctacacatcg tacaccagta aaaaaggatg ttagattcta aaaaatgaaa     23760
     aaaaaacctt taaataatta aaatagcatt ctgtaaagaa gtaccaccat ctatcctcac     23820
     ttccatgttc taaatgtcaa gattgatcta attttctttc tttctttttt ttcctttggg     23880
     ttttctggga gaatgggtgt ccttgcttca gaaaagtcag gtaaagcaca acaagaagtt     23940
     ttattttaga gcttattctc accgttataa tctttacagc gaatagtctc caggctgatg     24000
     gtcttcctct aggaagtttg taggaagaag ttgcagggtg gggaagctga ctaagccact     24060
     gaatttgcat gtgagattaa aatctcctca aagactgaga ttccctgaaa catagtcaaa     24120
     acaattatgg aagatttcag tgatctttaa tgacacagtt aaaaagacaa tgcaagaatg     24180
     cagtgcaatg aaacagatct tcaaggattt attcactgga ttcctttcgt ggaacatcca     24240
     tctcttccca aggtgtctat gtgactctga gatttttcct tttctcacag cacttcaatt     24300
     gctgcagtac cctcaaagag gcttgcttta gcttgctgtt tcctagaatt aagataaatg     24360
     agtgacccca gggatagatg gctgtggttg tcattccaaa cataagcagc agtttgtttt     24420
     ctcgcacagt aaaacatgat atttctatgg ccatgcctat aaaatacaag ataaagagga     24480
     tgatgaaaga tatcaaaact ttcattgcct tcacatgagc ttctgtgttg gagtctctca     24540
     atcctgtcac attcgattgc atctgcctgt tgtgtctcca aagggaaatg attaaaaaaa     24600
     tacatgtaat tagggatagt gtaaagaaga aaatgactcc cagatttagc aaaatctgtt     24660
     taataaagta ttcactttta tacatgttga gatcccagac tgtgtcattc ttcgttttat     24720
     aatcattaag aatcttcgca atgtatgcaa aattaagtaa cgatgaaata agtaagaata     24780
     ctatcatgaa gggaagaacc atatttgttc tgctcttcaa ccagagaaat atgtagttgg     24840
     aaaaatttgc tatcttcagg aaatagaaga tgctgaggct ggtggcaaac cacatacttg     24900
     attgattacc aattacccaa aagtaactaa tatattcaat taggttaccg gaggcatata     24960
     tatttggaga gaatatctgt ataaatccat ctgtaattat tatccatatc agaaaaattc     25020
     ttgaaatagc taagccggtg agaataaagc caatcgtaga taacttattc ttggcacagt     25080
     caatgcagtt tacaagtcca ataaatccat tccccaaaac cccaaacact gactcactaa     25140
     ctacaacaaa aatgaagatg ccttccacta cacgtagcat atctgctaat tcttaatatt     25200
     gcttctgtta catctatctt agattacctg ctgcagaatg aggcatatat tggctgctcg     25260
     acggaagtgt gactttcttc tctttcatta tataaagact tgaaattgcc ccagtaatgg     25320
     cttgagatgg aatcagaaat ttcttaatga agacctttcc aaatatgtct acaaaacata     25380
     gctagtctgg agaatgtatg ttcagactga atgcctatct ataatttgtt aaaatgcaaa     25440
     tgaaagtttc tgtttcatgg attttacatg tcctcctgag actattttgc atttaataaa     25500
     ttgaattgtg gaggaggagt gccaaacata tacctataga atgtaatgca aaacagaaac     25560
     aaaaattttg actttatctt ttaaaatatc aaatcattat ttatgtcatt tataatcaat     25620
     ttatatatgt acagaaaata ctatatagaa atgaaaaaca aatttagcca ctgtagatac     25680
     ttactctaaa tgatcgattt aatttttaat taaaatttaa gctcaactct aggtatgaca     25740
     agtttcacaa atatgtcaca aatctgttgc tgttgtttta tacttatggt tattacaccc     25800
     ttgaatgcag aagattatgt tgactaccct tgacatgaaa ggctcttagg aataatctct     25860
     tcatttaaca cattactgtt tgctggcacc cattcattta tccaacaagt atttactgaa     25920
     tgtctagata caacaagctc tcttttgatc tttgagggaa tatagtggta gacagaattt     25980
     caaaacttgt gtgatttatg gagtgtatat tctaatgagg gaggtgggaa acaattaagt     26040
     aaatcaacat actgatctaa gaattaaaag tgaaattaaa agtgaaatct aacatttatt     26100
     gagcttttat tatattccta gcgctatgtt aagtatcttt ttctcatctt aatttcacaa     26160
     gccttcaatc ctttaaaaga ggggctattt ttgtatttac attaaatatg aataaactaa     26220
     gctttggaga aaagaagacc ttctctcact tatcctggca tgactaccat aaataaaatt     26280
     gcacaatgat ttcaaaatga agttaaatta agcttaggaa tagactacaa atgatagcaa     26340
     aacaaaacaa accaaccaaa agcaagtaga aaacttaaat tctcatgggc tgcacatact     26400
     gaaattgaca gataagaata tgtatagata aattagctaa tgtatacact gtttacaaaa     26460
     aacaagatgc aatttcagag aagagcagca agagactgtt agaaagaaat tggaacattt     26520
     ggggaaaaaa cttctagaaa tggagaatat aattatataa aatgtaaatg aactaaatac     26580
     tccaagtaaa aaattaatag taacaaagaa gaatttaaaa ctctgactgt atactgctta     26640
     caagaaacac aatttaaata tagaaaagga aaactttaaa gtaaaattat ggaaaaataa     26700
     gccatgcaaa catcatccaa aagaaatctg gcataattat aacaatattc tataaagcag     26760
     actttaaggt aagaagcagc attagagaag aaatggggag tgtactttat agtgataaaa     26820
     atgctcaaat ctacagaaag gtagggtaat cccaaaaatt tatgaaccaa ataatctacc     26880
     aaacatttac agaaaaggaa aaataagaca aatctacaat cacaatgaaa gactgtaaaa     26940
     tacataactc aataactcat cttagaaaca ccaaaaatca atagatggaa aatacatgaa     27000
     aaaacaattg acaaacttgt gttcaacggt aaaataattc atattctttt caagtgcaca     27060
     tagactattt ttaccaagac tgatcatgaa tccaaaagaa tatctcacaa gtgttgaatg     27120
     ttctctgaat tcaaaggaat aaaatgaagt tcaataataa aaagataact agagaaagaa     27180
     acaatttact aagacaaaaa acctgtaaat actcttgagt caaagaagaa ataacaaaaa     27240
     ttacaaaaat atttttaagt aaataataca ggttgtgtat cccttatctg aaatgtgtga     27300
     gaccagagag ctttggattt cggatttttt tttctttttt tttaagtttt ggaacatttg     27360
     catcatactg attaagcatc tcgaattcaa aaatttgaaa tccaaaatgt tccaatgagc     27420
     atatcctttg agcgtcatgt cagcgctcaa agagtttcag attttggagc atttcaaatt     27480
     tcagattttt ggattaggga tactcaacgt gtaataaaga aatgacctat taaaatttac     27540
     ataatccaat taaagccatt ctttgaagga aatttgtagc cttgaatgca tcttttagaa     27600
     aggcagggta aaaacagatg aattttgttt tcatctcaag aagctagaaa gctaagagtg     27660
     aaagaaaata gaagtcaaga aattatagta acagcagaaa tcaccgatag aaaagaatta     27720
     ggtacagtaa tatactaatg ttggtcaaaa gaaaatacaa attactacag tccttagaga     27780
     tatcagaaat atggcctggg tgtggtagct aatgcctgtc atttcagcac tttgggaggc     27840
     ccaggtgtga gaatcacttg agtccaggag tttgagacca gcctgggaaa catagcaaga     27900
     ccttatctct actaaaaaaa ataaataaat aaaaataatt tagcagggca tggtggtgtg     27960
     cacctgtagt cccagctact tgggaggccg agcaggagga ttgcctgagc ccaggagttt     28020
     gaacttgcag tgagctataa ttgggccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagtgagacc     28080
     tcatctctct ctctctcttt ctctgtctct ctctctctct ctctatacat acatatatat     28140
     acatatatat atatacatat acatatatat atatatataa tactatataa tatagttaca     28200
     tatccttgta tataatcttt tattataaga caatactgtg aacaacttta tacaaaattt     28260
     catcaagaat acttataaga ctattacagg ctaatatagc ctgaacatag atgcaaaaat     28320
     tccaaacaaa atagagtcca gcgatatata aaagaataat tcattataac aaatggagtt     28380
     ttaaaagcca attgtgagat taaaatgaaa taattgaaga tacagtcaat taacacaaaa     28440
     gaaagccaga aaaaggacag agggacaaaa ataagtgaga taaatgaaaa acattgagca     28500
     aaatgcaaga cttacagcca accatactga taattacatt aaacatgatt tgactaaaca     28560
     ctctgatgaa aagatagaga tcatcagaat gaataaatga aagcacaatt aaatgttatg     28620
     cctagaagat aaaacattaa acataaaggc acagatagat tgaatgtaaa ggaaagaaaa     28680
     agctatacta tggaatttgt aaccatagaa agcaggactg gttctattct caaagtggct     28740
     atattatcaa gacaagtagt agaaaaatag agggaagttg tataatgata aaatattcaa     28800
     tttatcaaaa atacttaaca atcctgaagg tgtatcagac taataattgt gactcaaaat     28860
     aaataaagca aaattaacag aactaaagca agtgataggc atagcaaaga tttaaaaacc     28920
     cctttgctgt gatctgcatg tgtctcctcc aaagtctata tgttgaaact taattgccag     28980
     tgtgccagta ttaagagatg gttcctttag gaggtaatga gggcagacct ctcatgaatg     29040
     agattaatga ccattttgat gtgcattcta ggtatgttaa ctctacatgc cttagattgt     29100
     gcaatagtaa ctgggctctt atgaaagggt tttaacaact tccacaagtt ctagactaat     29160
     ttctgcagtt acatcagcag caaaaatatt cacaaaaaca atggtgccac tgcatttcag     29220
     cctgggcgac agagtgagac tccatctcaa aacaaacaaa caacaaacaa aaaacataaa     29280
     gtaactggct aaatccatat tattacagag acaagattgt tacctagagg aaataagtgg     29340
     ttttcattct attttgctta cttctgttaa atttctaaca tccaccttct gtagatctga     29400
     atgagtggat tacaacttat tcacacctct tttttatata taggtgatta ttttctcttt     29460
     aaaatatttt aaaaactatt ttagaggtca gtcctggccc aggaagaatt tatttatttt     29520
     attttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttttg     29580
     agacagagtc tctctctgtc gcccaggctg gaatgcagtg gcgcgatctc ggctcactgc     29640
     aagctacacc tcctgagttc acgccattct cctgcctcag cctccccagt agctggaact     29700
     atgggcaccc gccaccacgc ctggctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca     29760
     ccgtgctagc caggatggtc tcgatcttct gacctcgtta tccgcccacc tcggcctccc     29820
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc ctgagcccgc acccggccag gcccaggaag aatttaaatg     29880
     gtacttactc agtgacacag gacatataca aaaaaagagt acgatgaagc aagaaagatt     29940
     acaccaagac ttcttgttga cttctctctg aggcctacct gtgtagctaa gagtgcccgt     30000
     cctttcaggc cacatttcag gtgccagaga atccccaaga aagttttctt catttggccg     30060
     tatccaaaaa tcacaacata tgagtgaccc aaagaatact gacttcatat cataaaccag     30120
     atatcacaac cagtttgttc tgtagcaaaa aatacccctg taaatgtcaa gaaaagggca     30180
     aatttttata gagcaacaag acaaaaaagg aaaaccgttt tcttggctct gaaatgggcc     30240
     cgtatactgg ggttctgcaa tccctgaaat tgaacctaat gtgtttcatg tgtcttcacg     30300
     aagaaaggag taacaacaaa aagaaaatcg aagaaataga gaaagaagag agagatccaa     30360
     taaagaagat tattatatta ttaacatttt tattattact tacattgagt aatccagtca     30420
     tatgtctttc atattttttt ggacacgata ccagaagaca tcaaaagtgt acgtcaaagg     30480
     aaagttggta aacagaaaag gcagatacca gtggaagtat gaaagctacc ttgttaattc     30540
     tccattttag ccaaaagtaa aagagatagg agaaattgac gatctttagg aaataaaaga     30600
     cagcaagaca agtagcaaat caagtgcaca agtggttggc cagtctccgg acaatggtaa     30660
     ggatatggtt tctttcccta gcatcaggga ttttctaata gaagaatatt gattctggct     30720
     aaggccaaac tagtaagaat gaagccaacc atgcataact tctgatttct catccaggca     30780
     atgcaatctg tgagtccaat gaattaattt cctacattcc ttttataaat cccctaccta     30840
     ttacagtcat gaaaacctcc aatatattca acatggctac aaagcgaaaa ttctgatctg     30900
     cagtttgttg tgtgactaat tttcagatga cttactggat aataacatag atcttatgtt     30960
     tgattgtgca gtgtttttat tttatcatgg cttttctttt tagctataaa gtttagcaaa     31020
     ctgcagtaag acagtgaaat cactctctgt aacattcatt gaaaatttct aactacctct     31080
     gctaagaatt tccagtcttg gtccagctgt cagctacaaa ctgtaaattt ctttatagaa     31140
     agatgatcac actctgggga ctgttgtggg gtggggggag ggggagggat agcatcggga     31200
     gatataccta atgctagatg acgagttagt gggtgcagtg caccagcatg gcacatgtat     31260
     acatatgtaa ctaacctgca caatgtgcac atgtacccta aaacttaaag tataatttaa     31320
     aaaattaaat aaaaataaaa aaataaaaac aaaattaaaa aaaaagaaag atgattgaca     31380
     aaccaaatta tcatttgcta acatgtaaat aaagacacag actaattttc attgttttga     31440
     ataaaattag ttctcctctt ccaatgaagt gtttcatttg atttacaaat ctgaagtttg     31500
     aaacagaaac ctttcaccac attaaaatta ttcaacatgt agggaaaacc agcaatcctt     31560
     atgctaatta attataatgc agtcacagtg tagattgcta cattacaaag taaaatacag     31620
     agcttgaaat tttcaagaaa cttggtgggc aatatatgaa tctaatatga gtatcataat     31680
     tatcaggaaa acttccccca ccgctcccca ccccccacta taaagatgca ggcctttcaa     31740
     ataatctgtc agtagcattt taaacacatt tttaaaaatg atgtctttca gtgaaacata     31800
     agcaccccaa actaaacatg gaaaaagtga acttcttttg tttcctcaaa aacaagattc     31860
     tagcactttg ggaggctgag gcaggcggat tgcttgggcc caggagtttg agaccagctt     31920
     gggcaacgta gcaaaacccc gactctacca aaaatacaaa aattagctag gttaggtgtg     31980
     ttggcacacg cctctgatcc cagatacaca ggaggtggag gtgggaggat cacctgagcc     32040
     cagggaggtt gaggctgtag tgagccacga aaaaaaaaat gttttttttg agatataaga     32100
     gtcttcaaat atttccacag aactttgtta aggttacatt gtcttgaggg gaaaatgctt     32160
     aaaaagtcat gaatatactt aggatgatct gttatgtgta tatccatata cacagatata     32220
     ggtacatata tggctacata tacataaaca tatacatgta tacaaataca cacagacaca     32280
     tctatttata cacacattgt actgtgtttt gtcctctact tctctgtatt ttagcttgtc     32340
     tggtttttgt tacttggatt gcttcttttt ttgcattatt ttattatttt taataaacgc     32400
     aataattgta catatttatg tgatacagtg tgatatgtga atacatttat acaatgtgta     32460
     atgatcaaat caaggcaatt agcatatccg tttctcaaat atttaacatt tcttcgtgtt     32520
     gggcacattc aaaatttgtt tttctagctc ttgtaaaata tacaataaat tgttgtaatt     32580
     gtagtcaccc tactgtgcta tagaacacta gaacttgttc cttctacctg gctatacttt     32640
     tgtattcatt aaccaacctt tggctatctc cctctccctt ctcccctatc acatctctag     32700
     gaaccattat tctgcttcct acttctacgg aatcaacttt attagcttcc acatatgtgt     32760
     gaacatgtca tgtttgtctt tctgtatctg gcttatttca cttaacagat gttctccagt     32820
     ctcatggatg cttccataaa tgaccaaatt tccttctttt aatggctaaa tagtattcca     32880
     ttcattatgt gtatatatca tgttttctaa tccattcaaa tgttaatgga cacttaggtt     32940
     gatttcatgt ctcggctatt atgaatggtg ttgcaaaaca catgggagtg cagatatcac     33000
     ttcgacatat tgatttcctt tcctttggat acatacccag tggtgggatt gctgaatcat     33060
     atggtagtta tatttttagt ttttaagaac ttccattctg ttctccataa tgactaaact     33120
     aatttatatt tgtaccaaca gtgtgtaaaa cttcctcctc cacatcctca caagcatttg     33180
     tgtttttttg tctttttgaa aatagccatt ataactagaa taaaataata tctcattgag     33240
     gtttttattt gcatttctct gatgattagt tatattgagc acctttttat atacctattg     33300
     gccatttgta tgtcttcttt tgagagatat ctatacagtt aatttgccca tgttttaatc     33360
     taattatttg tgtttttgac tgagttcctt ctatagtctg gatatgaatt ccttgataaa     33420
     tgaatagttt tcaaatattt tctcttattc tagaggttgt atcgtcagtc tgtcgattgt     33480
     atatttgtgt atgcttttat caaatcaaca taatgtaaac taaatgagat aaagctaaaa     33540
     tggtcatcgc ttgcttaaca taaaatgcat tattcatcta attttattgt tactattata     33600
     taatactata attttaattt tgccattgat tatatagttg caattctgat ggaaacagtg     33660
     aaatcacttt cttttaactt atttcaggca gataatttca tcaatgaggc tcaatgatct     33720
     atcaccaaac ataataaaag aagttggatt aaatgaaagg gatgtgtgct gagttatttg     33780
     ttgtcttcat ttttgagaga attaccaatc aattcaggtg tgtttatgag gatttagatt     33840
     tccttatatt catgtaacac cgaaggttcc tcaggacaca gagagaagcc tgtttcagtt     33900
     tgctgttcca taaaatcaga aaaaaatgaa tgactgaata gatagaaaaa tgctaactca     33960
     agagcaaaaa tctgtgccac aatgctatct agattaaaat aatttcgctt tataatcgta     34020
     ttgctcaaat agtatataat aaagaggagc aggaatgaaa ttatagatat taggggatgt     34080
     caaacttatc cttgcattct tattgtacaa aatttcctca gtttacattt aagcccacat     34140
     gtaaaattac agcagaatat tctggaaatt gcccaacagg tgagaataaa atctatcagg     34200
     gagagtttcc agcgcctgat ccaatcaatg cagtgaacca gcaccataac tctacttctc     34260
     tgaatcccca ttatgaaatc tatagcagaa atcattgtaa gcatattctt caacatgttt     34320
     gccatgcttg attatgggat ctctgctttc tgtacaccac tgatttataa ataagatgtt     34380
     ataaatttgt gtatccaaag ctttagtgtt caatatgttt ctttatcctg tgctgttgat     34440
     tgacactgga aaagaatgga atgcctccag tgtgctccca gacaaagtcc tagttgtctt     34500
     tgaaaaacga aaactacctt tatttttctc agaatttcag ctagtgattt tcaaggcaga     34560
     tattatatta cctgctgttg tgacactgtt tataatttcc ttgtaaagct atcaactagg     34620
     atttgaattc tgatttgtta aaatacaaaa tagagatttt aaaatatttt ttgcatcttt     34680
     ttttccttaa gatttaaatg ttttttattc attcacctta gttataagct agaaacatta     34740
     aaatatggtg tcttcatgga tctcctgaga agcaaggcag tcattgggat aaatgcctat     34800
     atgagaaagc aaggagagag cgaaaggtga acagagctat tgtactagga tataactttg     34860
     acccctgtga aggagagaga gagggaaaga aggaaggtct taggcagcag tgcagtcctg     34920
     agaacatttc aagatgtcca gtagggagtt atcaagccca aggtgcaaat tagaggagtc     34980
     ctgagtctcc caggagcagg cctgaccatt gaatctgccc ccttctctgt ctttggctga     35040
     aagcggctca tggaagtgaa tggggtgata gatttcatag cataggtgcc atgcttgtta     35100
     gctgttgggg aaatacgatt aaaaacaaag tctcctccca acccagaaag tctctccaca     35160
     aatgtaatag agaaagaaaa tagttttctt attaaataaa tattaaacca gaatctgata     35220
     tacattacag gcaacctact aagagactgc aaagacagaa agagatctca cccgttttta     35280
     tatagccaat atatgcatat gacccaatat atacattttc tcaagttaag tgataactaa     35340
     tccccaagag agaggacttg gcagcattat ttattacgca tagtttatct taaatttacc     35400
     tggaaattgg ggtggccatc tgtgttagtt aacagacttt aaacaaagga caaataaaca     35460
     cagatcttta tgtaggagat agtcttgcca tttggagcct ggtggccatt gaagttaggc     35520
     tcctgctccc agcagaaact gagagataag ggtgcttatt tgtaaaagag atgattaagc     35580
     ttctttattt ttagtgtgta tttgcccttc tgcagctaat tgtgctccct caggacagag     35640
     atttcagagg cacattccta tcacatgcca caaatgtcta aaatgacagt ttatcttctt     35700
     actcacctcg ccaatacata ttatgtataa agtacccaag gtttaagtaa atacacaaaa     35760
     tctgctttct gatactatat caggatcgct tagagtctgt ggcagttttg aaacatggct     35820
     gcaaactctt tgatcctctt ccttttgagg cctagggtct gcagaccttc ctcttaaaac     35880
     tgagtgggct tgtaactgct ttaaacaatg acgtgtggtg gaaacgacat catatacttt     35940
     ctaaggctat caagaaaaac tgtatggctt ttccgttact cactggaaag tttcctctta     36000
     caatcctgaa ccacttcata agaagtctga caaagttgag accagcatgc tgtgaggaag     36060
     ctcaagccac acgaggaggc cacatgtagg caatatagtc aaccatttca aatgagcccg     36120
     tacttctgat catccaagtc cagtgataga catgagagta aaggtctgct tggttattgc     36180
     agcccctgcc acttgagtca tagtccgctg tctacatatt ctaaggtgaa ggtctagaca     36240
     ttttgaagaa gagacaagcc ttctcatagt gccctgtctg aattactgac ccacagaatc     36300
     tggaagcata ataaagtact gttgttttac acccactagg gcctattggg gtgggggttg     36360
     ggggaggagg aacatcagga agaatagcta gtagatgttg ggcttaatac ctaggtgatg     36420
     ggctgatctg tgcatcagac caccatggca catgtttacc aatgtaaccg cacattctgc     36480
     acatgtactt cagaacttaa aagttgaaga aaaaatacac aaaataaaat aaaataaaat     36540
     attgttgttt tgtatctctg agttttggac tcagggtgtt ttaaagatca atgcataact     36600
     aaaatagaat tatttagcac atacataagg aaagtctttt actagcttag tttttatttt     36660
     cttagcatca ttatttatag tagccaaaag atagaaaaaa acccaaatgt tcatcaatga     36720
     ataaataaat agacaaaagg tggtttagtc atgtaatcaa atattattta actattaaag     36780
     ggaataaagt actgatacgt acaacatgta tgagtcttga aattatgcta agtaaaagaa     36840
     accaatcaca aaagatccca tattatataa tgccattcag tcgaaagtcc agaataggaa     36900
     aatatacaga tgcaggaaga agattaatag atgcttaggc tggggtgggg agaaaggtgg     36960
     gatgatgggg gaatagggag gtgatatcta atggatatgg ggtttctttt tgaagtgata     37020
     aaatgttcta caattgacag tggtgatggt tgcacatgtc tgtggaatat attaaaaatc     37080
     atttaattga acactaaatg agtgaattgt atattatgtg aactatatct caattaaagc     37140
     atttaaggca aaaacaagtt acatatgaca tttttcctta tagaatatgt aacatctgtg     37200
     tatatttttc ataattttat tataccttgt agtaacacta ttagctcagt catctttaat     37260
     tctggtgagg tataaataaa ataccaaaag ctttacatca tttcactttt gttgactatt     37320
     acttattgag aaacttttta ctctttggat gagacatgat aggataggct atgctgtagc     37380
     atctacaatg taagtttcat gaaaggttca tttctcggtt cacattacat gactaattga     37440
     atttaaaaat gcagagtgag gtgaggatag ttttcatgta gtctctcagg aatacaagct     37500
     agtggagtat ctaacactaa acatgtgtct ttcaagtccc tcacttagga agaaaagaga     37560
     cacgaagagc cttcttttac atatgaatat tcaactgttc caaaatgatt agttgaaaag     37620
     ataatcctaa tctttttttt tcagtcttta agtgctcttt tcttttattc tcagccccct     37680
     ttattgttat tattattttc atttcattat tattatactt taagttctag ggtacatgtg     37740
     cacaacgtgc aggtttgtta catatgtata catgtgccat gttggtgtgc tgcacccatt     37800
     aactcgtcag attttatgtt tctttatcct ggcttgataa aacccattgt ctcaggactt     37860
     ttcttctaaa tagaaaagta gtctgaaggc tcgtcctgat tcattttaag actgtagtat     37920
     ttctcttctg ccagttaata tgttttcact ttttctattt tctttttata tccaatacat     37980
     ttcagtatga aattttgtga tggtccacta gtctgatgtg cacaatttag ccaggaataa     38040
     atattagtgg attcaaaata ggcactcaaa ctatctgtcc agatttttta agtgttgttg     38100
     gtttttttct ttcttttttt ttttttttca aatttcaact gatgaatgaa agtagctgcc     38160
     tagagaataa tgaggtgggt gccaaacctg ggttcattga aggcgttata gcacctgtgc     38220
     catgctataa cttagataag tgaccttatc taagcccatg gcttcaaatg ccactgaaac     38280
     tggtgaattt atcttttagg aatggaaggg ctatagagat atttgatgaa agaaaactaa     38340
     gaggatttgt caccagaaca tctacctttt aaaagggggc taaagaaaat tctctagcca     38400
     agaaaaataa aaaagaaagt ttcaaacaaa aagattaaag aaaacacaat ggaaaggaag     38460
     aatgaataaa ttcatcttcc ttttcttctt cagtttggta aatgtatttg acagttgaag     38520
     ttacaattat gacattatca gctgtgattg taaacttgat ttcagtaaca tttgaagcca     38580
     tgggcttaga caaggtcact taggaatagt gtagatatca ggacaagtaa gacctctgag     38640
     acagccatgt gggaactcga catagcaagc aagcgatggg gagccccacc cagtgactgt     38700
     cttcactcta gcagctctca gtgaaggctt ctgtattagg ccattcttgt gttgccataa     38760
     agaaatagag gggccctgca tggtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt tgagaggcag     38820
     aggcgggcgg atcacgaagt caggagattg agaccatcct ggccaacacg gtgaaaccct     38880
     gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aaattagccg ggcgtggtgg cgggtgcctg tagtcccacc     38940
     tactcagcag gcagaggcag gagaatcact tgaagccggg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc     39000
     caagatcgcg ccactgcact ccagcctgat gacagagcga gactccatct caaaaaaaat     39060
     aaaaaaataa aaaataaagg taattaataa aagagattta attagctcat agttctgcag     39120
     ggtgtacagg catggcacta gtatctgatt agcttctgat gaggcctctg gaagcttaca     39180
     atcatggcaa gaggcaaagg gggaggaggc gtgtcacatg gtgagagtgg gagcaagtag     39240
     aggaggcgcc acacacattc aaacaaccag atcttgcatg aactcagagc aagaactcac     39300
     taatcaccga gagaatggtg ttaaaccagg agtgtccaat cttttggctt ccctaggcca     39360
     cgccggaaga aaaagaattg tcttgggcca tacaaaaaaa tatactaacg atgggtgatg     39420
     agctaaaaca aattgccaaa aaactcaatg ttttaagaaa gtttatgaat ttgtattggg     39480
     tcatattcaa agccattctg ggctgcatgc agaatgctgg ccatgtgttg gacaagcttc     39540
     tgctacacca ttcatgagga atctgcccca tgatccaatc acctcctacc aggtgctatc     39600
     acaacatcga gaatcacatt tcaacatgag gttttcaggg gacaaacatc caaaccatat     39660
     cagcttccct gtgccaagca tggatggagc tgagagcttt atatgggtta cttacaaaat     39720
     atacatgttt tatacaataa tattaatagt acaaaataat tactttgtac caaaaattaa     39780
     ttgtacaaaa tattaaaata tttaacataa catttgtaca atgtatataa aaatataaat     39840
     atcccataaa atttgataat agcatatgct attttatttc tataatatag acactcttca     39900
     atactcagca actttgttca cattagacca cttttatttg taattattga tatgttgggt     39960
     cacaaacctg ccattttact ttatgatttc tgcttatccg tttttttttc tttttttgta     40020
     attgttgttt tgtacgcctt gctttcatgt gtgttacttt aattttcttt ttttagaatt     40080
     ccattgaggt ttatctgtgg tatttttgag tatatctctg tgtgcagaca tcttagtgga     40140
     tgctgtaggt tttacagcac atgtaataac ttatcatggt ttaatagggt caaaatttta     40200
     gtactttgaa agatgtacgg aaaccttatt ccttgattcc ctatatgtct ctttaccctc     40260
     ctctgttcct tatatagttg tcttaaatat ttacctatat acacttaaaa tcgcatctga     40320
     taatgtcata attttaactt cagctgtcaa ataaatttac caaactgaag aggaaaagga     40380
     agatgaagtt attcattttt tccctttcca ttgtgttttc tttaattttg gtgttttaaa     40440
     gtttcttttt taatcttttt tctttttttt tttcctggat agagaatttt cttgagcccc     40500
     tttttaaaag gtagaccttc tggtgacaaa tcctctcagc tttctttcat caaatgtctt     40560
     tatagccctt ccattcctaa aagacaaata taccagatat aaaaaccaga attgaaagtt     40620
     attttatttc atcacataga cagtgttgtg ccacttttct atggctttca tctatttctg     40680
     atgtttcctg cttccatttg tattgttttc tctcctatag atgagctatt tcctctagct     40740
     gctttcaaaa tttgttcttt cttttaattt tcagatattt taccatggta taccttagtt     40800
     tggattcttt gtgtttgtct tggttagttt tatgcactga aagtttgtgt cccctcaaaa     40860
     ttcatatgta gacatcctaa attcaatgtg atgttatttg gaggttaggc ctttgggagg     40920
     taattagggt tagattaagt catgagggtg gggccctcat gttgagatca gaggccttat     40980
     aaaaaaaaaa aagagagaga gagagggaga aggagacaag agatatcttt ttcttttctc     41040
     caacatgtga ggatacaatg agatgatgtc catctatagc caaaaaatgt cttcagcaga     41100
     actcatctgt gctggcattc tgatcacggt cttccagcct ccagtattgt gagcaacaca     41160
     tttttgtttt tataaaccac ccattctatg gtattctgat acagtagcct aaaatggcta     41220
     agagattttg ggtttgcttg aatttaggaa tctgtgggtt tttgcctatt gccaaattaa     41280
     ggaagttttc agtctttgag acctttctca aagttgccca tttcttctct ccttctggga     41340
     ctctgataac acaaaaatta ggccttcagt tataatacta caggtccctg aggctgtgtt     41400
     tatagttttt tcctgcttac cttcatgaat tttttatgtg gttattgtaa gtttcagttc     41460
     taaaatgtcc attcagttct ttcatatatt ttaatttttt ggctgagata atttttaaat     41520
     ttgtttcata tatgtttgta agcaatatac tggaagcatt tttatgatga ctgctttaaa     41580
     atattttctg aataattcca acatctttgt catttttgtt ctggaatctt ctaattacct     41640
     tttacattca agttgagatt tttcctggtt ctttgtatac caaatgattt ctaaatgaac     41700
     caggacattt taggcattat gagactctag aacttattta ccttttctgt cttagctagc     41760
     ttcctcagac actactccag caaggcaagg gagtgaggga gggacactgc attactgcca     41820
     ggtgatgata gaaataaagg tttcctctca atctctgttg acacctaggc aggcggaggt     41880
     tcctcattac tgctggctgg agggtggatt ctgggtcacc actgggcctc cactgatagc     41940
     ctgtctcgga ggaagaagtg acttgttact gtttcccaca tggcctccac aagcaccacc     42000
     tggtatggaa aggagggtgc ttcttcattg ctgcttttag agtagatcca gctccccatt     42060
     tgctctccag tcatatcaag gtgtggaagg agagtgaggg gcttattacc acaagttggg     42120
     gatgaaagtt ccaacttctg ctattctgag atactattct ggaggagggt tgggacacct     42180
     tgtcacagcc tggctggtat gaagatctaa agatctaagc tcttcacttg aggtaatagt     42240
     gttttctgtg gtacttgact acagtagagt ggttattgtc gaaatgtttt ctgccttggt     42300
     agactatttc cttgaccttt gcctaaaata ataggctttt gttgggaaat tctcatatgt     42360
     gcctgttagt atttctatgt tgatggcatt ttcagctaaa agtctgcaaa ttataaagca     42420
     gaaaagaaaa cttagaggat tcatcactat acaatttatt aagtccctac cacatctgcc     42480
     ttggtctctc caggtctgag ttttcatata ttttatatat aatgttcagg gtttatagtt     42540
     tttcttagta gaaggaatag ggcaaaatac atttactcca tttttctgga agcagaaatt     42600
     ggtttacttt ctgtaagaaa gcagttggtg aatttctgtc taaattctct gccttttcaa     42660
     gaggaactgg gctttacttc tcagataaca actgagcaac gatagaccta caggtggcat     42720
     tactctctgt ataggtagag aataggctga atattaaatg ttaaggagca gaatcattgg     42780
     aatttaaatg aggaaggaga cttagttttt attcacgtta accagccacc tgatgacatg     42840
     caacagtgcg tttgttcatc aacatacctt ttagatggcc tttctgcttc ttttttgaat     42900
     ggctttaatg ctaaagaaag caagtgttta tcaaataatc tattttttag ataattcatt     42960
     attagaagtt aattcattat tagaaagata atttattatt agaaggtaat tcattattag     43020
     aaagaacaaa acgagtcttt tttaataaaa gaataaataa atttaaatgt attgaacttt     43080
     tattgttgta tgtcatgtag ggtaattttg tatacatgtt gcattttaca agacttaaat     43140
     cgtgtaattt tatatacatc ttgtagggta attttatata cattttataa ggtaatttta     43200
     tatatattat gcatttaatt cttgtaagta gccctctgcc ttagccagtt cgagctgcta     43260
     ttaacaaaat atcttatctt gggtaattta taaataatat aaatggattt gtcatagctc     43320
     tggaggctgg aaagttgaag attgagatgg taccagattt ggggttgagt gagagcccat     43380
     tccaaacaga caatttctcc tggcttctct ctcatgaggc agaagtatga aagaaacatg     43440
     aacattgagt ccctacatgt caaaagagat ggaacagctc agcagccttt gggagcttct     43500
     ttttgtaggg aaattgatcc cattcatgaa agcagagtcc acacgactta gtcacttccc     43560
     ccaaagactc catctcttaa tactattgca tagggaatta agtttcaaca taaatttatt     43620
     ttgtagagac ataaacattc aaactatagc attctgtccc tggtcatccc ccgaaatata     43680
     tggtcttctc acatactaag tacatttatt tcatctccca aatcccaaag tcttaactca     43740
     ttccagcatc cactttaaaa tctaaatcca aagtcttatc taaatatcat caaaatcaga     43800
     tatggtgtgg ccaattttct aatattgaac catctttaac atcctcatcc tctttcaacg     43860
     tggtttatta ttcttttagc atactgttcg tttgtttatg tactattgaa tagtttccct     43920
     aacagagtat ccttgctgtc ctatatattt tgtttaatga aactcagaat gaattcagaa     43980
     acttgttgtt tcctgtactt aaaaaatcta aaaaagaatt atgtgctttt taatgataaa     44040
     gattagatat taaaattttc tgtattcagc gacattggag gtgataatga gaggtagctg     44100
     gagacagtta catatcaaat tcttttgctt cttagggtta ttttctattc aactttgcct     44160
     cagcaacttg agttaaattt ggtagtctat attatctgac aataatactg atattgctgg     44220
     aatttttaca atcagaacag agttttactc aaatttcttg ccctttaaag tacattatgc     44280
     tgcacccttt atgaaatcca ctcaagtttt taaaaagaat ggtgaacgac ttagggagga     44340
     agagagctga gcaatgaaaa aagaggagaa aagagcatag tgagttttat agagaagaga     44400
     tctagaacta catttatgcc cctagaaacc aggattaata gttttggaaa ttttaagaat     44460
     tccccagcac ttgcaactcc ctctcatttg ttatatattc cttgttttcc tagagttaca     44520
     agaatatcaa tgaaagatgt aaaaataatt ttaagaattt gcatttgtgc tatgcaatct     44580
     aggacagaag gggaacaatg gaactctttc tccttggcag ctggctttat taagataaag     44640
     gaggagggaa gcctgctgga agcatcaatg agcaagagtc ccagatattc ttagattgta     44700
     ttaatggccc tcaaattcta gactcagaaa cacccacaaa gagaagcaac aatcagaaat     44760
     tgcatgctat taatatttta ttggtatact gaagaaagag ttatgaccac attatttcaa     44820
     tgtcatggct ttctgaagga agttatcttc ttatttattt tctgaaacaa aaaaaaaaac     44880
     caaggaaatt tatacacaac atacaacatg gcaaaactta tctaattcct tgatgatatt     44940
     actgaagtaa attattgctt tcaagattaa gaaaacagat ttttttatgg tgtttatgtt     45000
     ttggttactg ttcaaaacat tcaaggttat atttatgaaa atgactgcaa cttgaacctg     45060
     tagtagtgaa aaactaatac aagcctacat atcaattaac agtggttgac tgaggaaatc     45120
     atggtacagt cacacaagag aatagtatac aattgtaaca acaaaagaaa aatgtacaaa     45180
     taaatcacca agaagatcta taggtctccg tgaaatgata aagttgtcta agacatgtat     45240
     tatttgaaat aagcaaatac agatctgcat ataaaataat atgtcatttg tgggaaaaat     45300
     aatgacgtat gcttatatac atataaatat ttccaggagg atgttcaaaa aattaagggt     45360
     ggtgactttt ggtgaagggt gtgggtaagt aggataaggc gtcactttaa gatttagctt     45420
     cataccattc tgttcagtta gatttttttt tccttgagca tgtactaatt tcaaaataag     45480
     tattttaaaa attaaataag atataagagc atcaagttca agtatcattt agcagggaca     45540
     ctggacctga gaggctagtg tgaggcagga ctgagcaaag agtcctctgg cggaaacctg     45600
     agagaaacct gagatggaga gtccttgggt ttgagaaggc agactcaaag acaggaggca     45660
     gagcaccaaa gggagagcac accccacttc ctcattacca actcatttta atgagacaag     45720
     tcatcttaag aaaaaagttg gggaggtcag tatttcaaaa gataagaatt ctttgaacca     45780
     cttgttaaaa atacaaggac ttgcaacctt atccaagaat atctgaatac aaatctttag     45840
     aaatggggtc caggattatg taatttcaac atatttccaa ttgatttgtg aacacgataa     45900
     agtttgggaa tggtagcagt ttgggcattt aatggagaat gaactggaat catacctgcc     45960
     actgaattct agattaccag agtggttgct cctggggatg tcttgctggt ctgtccctct     46020
     ggaagaatga tgatgcttcc tgcaggctga cagaaggaaa tcggggtaga gagagttgac     46080
     ggtgtcctcg tcggggtggt cgttgctgat tttgaaaagg aggtggggga ggatggcggt     46140
     gatggcctcc tggttttggt ggtctctgct gaggaccatc atcttggtta ccactatcac     46200
     cagggggtct aggtaggagt ccttcaggag gaggtctctg gggtccctga tctggtctct     46260
     gacttgagtc ctctacatct gtgtgagtaa ttaatggaca agaatgcatg agctcagtga     46320
     agaaaaactc tcctctcttt atacttctct caccttacca cacagccctg ttctccccaa     46380
     acctgctgct tgactgtcaa cttcttttgt gcccactgtt ttttttttct ttttatgcag     46440
     ctctcaactt aatccatgta agagtgatat ggaaagtctc atttatttgc tcctgtgaca     46500
     agtatgtttc cttaaatgaa aagaggggtt cttgcatatc ttagagttgc cagaggatgt     46560
     ctccaaggac agaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcaa aagcattata gctttcagtt atgttactgg     46620
     ttatttttta tttttatttt ttggttgctg taatgactta caaactgtga ctccatctct     46680
     gggcacctaa gccctatgtg gaaactagag ctgatttccc aggctcctgg aaccaagtag     46740
     agaaatacta agagacagaa gagaaagaca atgtgaaagc ctgcacatga tcactaaaca     46800
     gctgtggcaa ctatttatca tctgtagtga cacagctgag tgggtcaaca cagagaaaag     46860
     acattcatgc agtgattttt ttgttttgtt ttgtgttact ccctgaagcc acataaccgt     46920
     gcgggggaac actgggggaa gaaagaagca gttaaggatg gaggagtcag aatgagaaca     46980
     cttctcattt gttcatcatc tctcagcagt cattccagcc tgggaaaaaa gcctgcccac     47040
     tcctattgtc ctcaaagcca ggcatctctg tattcaagtt ggtggcctgg ctcatggtcc     47100
     ccagaatcaa agatgggtaa gaattgccta tatatttagg ggcactaata ttaatcaatg     47160
     cctgacccct cttaccacct cctcccaaaa aaatgatgag aagaagacac tgaaggaaac     47220
     taaaaagaaa ttctagtgga aaaagaaaga aaagaattgg attgaggatc attgggattt     47280
     acctggtatg gtgaaagtaa agtcttcata gttcacatct aggaaaagaa gcacaggatg     47340
     aagtgaacat tacctcataa atctttcagg gctcatagtg gtctataggg aaaggggtct     47400
     tctggccaca ccctgtgcat cccctaagtt acctcatcaa ccatgttctg tgaagctgct     47460
     ggaaggggag gaagatgtta ggggaggcag gattgttact atcgctgagc atcaaccacg     47520
     aattcaatag aagagtccct ttttgtcatc cttaggatcc ctcaaaccct aatgctaatt     47580
     taggcacact tctctgggta ttttcatgtc atattttaga tctttacctt cttccttctt     47640
     taaatatttt gatcatattc acaagcttgc ccaagaggag caaccaggag taaatatttg     47700
     gatataatct tacacatgct gcctgcaaca tattgaaatt ttaaatgtga ttggaagaaa     47760
     aatgggaatt tggggacctg atatttctat accactatgt agaaagacac aaatgtatta     47820
     tccagtcctc tatgtctgac agtactctga tgtttgttta tctctttcat tgattctgca     47880
     tcccctgtac agcaaggaca ccatcatcgc tgtccactga gattactgta gcatcttcat     47940
     agctggactt ccctggatca gtcttgcatt ctccactgca tccttcacag cacagccagg     48000
     tctttctaaa aatacaaatc ttactttgtc attcctctaa ttgaaattct ctattgggtt     48060
     ccaagtgtat atcaaataaa gtataaggcc ttggcatgga atgagggcac aacagatgtc     48120
     atccttggaa tgagagctcc aaagccctac ccttcttctc aacctccttc ctcccctcct     48180
     gctcttccgc tgcagtggtg tagggtgaac ccctgaggcc ctagaagagt catggcccct     48240
     catcccactc cccatctcct tttttaaaaa aataattttt ttaccattat ctgtgctctg     48300
     agctgagctc agagccagaa ggaccactga gagcaggacc agcagcatct tgaaggaggc     48360
     tctggagttg ctcccaactc tgcgttgaga gaaacatggc agctcccttt ataaacatga     48420
     gcagaacaat ggcacctttg agctccatac tgggtggacc tcaccacctg aaagattagg     48480
     ttttgctttc ctctcataaa gttgaatgcg tctcttatta ctttttggga ttttagccca     48540
     gcaggatgtg gtggtaggat gtggttaggt acaaactgtg acttgagcat agtttctgaa     48600
     gaaacagtat ccaagcaatc agcacaaata ctacaattga agtttggtca tcatttgatt     48660
     ttcaattggg ttagacagtt agtctttccc cttcattggt tgtctgtgtg cacacgtgct     48720
     tacgtttgta tatgtttgtc agcagtgatc ttatagccag aagtgaaaat gattaatatc     48780
     tctagctatt agtgtagcat aaattccatt tttatagcat atatacctat atggatgata     48840
     tgtagcttaa tttcataata atatagagat catttctgtt taatgttgag ttgtgtgagg     48900
     acaacacaca cttgggcaca cgtggatgac agaagtttta ccctcaggct actctggccc     48960
     aaagagatta agattctcct aatctagcat taaccagaga tactttattg ttgtagaaca     49020
     caggtattaa aacattctat ctttattaat accctggagg ttagtaaggc aaaattggcc     49080
     acagaaagca ccattagatt tctgcatcag aacagtgtga atacacagtt ccttgaacaa     49140
     gccatgctat tttatgtccc taagacttct tccatgatct ttctcttttc tagaatgttc     49200
     tatatgattc agtttaggtc ttacttcttg taccaaatat tttaatcaca ctggttattg     49260
     agtggacaca ataatacaat ctaattagat agtatgatag cctgttgaaa gcctcaagta     49320
     ttacattgat tttctatttt ttaattagtt tccattctat ttgcttctca gattgccttt     49380
     accaaagatt attttctctg caatattctt atactcattc ttcttcactc ttgtgctgaa     49440
     ccttacttgt tgatatgtta tattgtgaat caatcctccc tatgtctatg ttttatatct     49500
     tactgctttc ttcatgcgtt ctgggagaaa tctttatttg attttctaaa caaggttctg     49560
     tacttctctt tgcttgcttt cttctttttt gtttttaaaa tttggcacca aggttttgtg     49620
     tttctgaaaa gtttggtagg gtcctgagtt ggtagcttaa tcttcacctg ctgatttttc     49680
     tgtcctatct agtagttttc tgcttatatt ttcatggaac ccctagatca atcagtatca     49740
     ccagctgcca cttttcatta caggcattgt ataggtctcg tattattgtt acatttttgt     49800
     acagggctgg tgataatttg aggatagctt ggttggaagt atgacagggt cgggggaatg     49860
     tgactggaaa tcttaaagac aggcctcttg accattgtgg ataagtggat cctgtgctgt     49920
     gcagatgaag gtctggtctg gcaattctga agggttggag gtaatattac aggaagattt     49980
     tctaatcaat ggtgtttgtt atggataact ttactttggc aaagtgacca aaaaataaat     50040
     attttctctg gcataattat ggacatattt tgaaggtgaa atatattatg agttagcaat     50100
     tcttctctat gtgggaagca gaagagttct agctgtgctt tagggtttta tgggtgagag     50160
     agagtagttg tttgggccta cagacccagc tgtgttacta ggattgctgc ctctgatttc     50220
     accagacact gtttaacatg ggaagtggag ataagtagtt ctgcctaggt ggcttatggt     50280
     agaccatcag gtaggaaagg aaggtcagcg agaaggagca gaggggcgtg ccatgcagac     50340
     atgattcact gtgtgggtgg ctgaggaaac tgcagtcctg gtggaaggca ggcttctcct     50400
     tggctggtga gtgcaggaag acaacaggtg atgcctgcaa atatcactca gctcagaccc     50460
     ttaccctgac attctccagt gtaagcaatg agagaaagag attaatgtat caggaaataa     50520
     taaacatcag ctatgatctc accacacaca accacaacag aggtgacgga ggagctgaaa     50580
     cagacactgt cagtgagtga gggtggggtc aaatcgagaa gcaggactgc agcaggagct     50640
     taggcacttg taggtgagtg gacactctca gcaatccact tgccttttac aacagatgaa     50700
     aacttaacat acccctaata taattcttga tttctacttc ctaaaacctg ctctccttca     50760
     tactaatttg ttatggctac cctaaaaaaa tgccccacaa gtggcttaaa caacagaaat     50820
     ttactttctc atagttctgg agcttgaagt acaagattaa ggtgtcaaca ggtttggtgt     50880
     cttctgaggc cctgtctcct tcacttctag atggccggtt cttgctgtat cttcacatgg     50940
     ggttttatct gtagacgtgc atccctggta cccctctgtg gtctgtgcta atgttctttt     51000
     cttatgagga caggtgtcag atgggattag caccaaccct atcagcttca ttttaaccta     51060
     atcacctctt taaaggccat gctgcaaata gagtcacatt cagtggtatc gggggtaagg     51120
     gattcaacat gagagtttgg agggaacaca atttagctga taacacctca caatcttttc     51180
     tcagttcatg acatttgttt cactcaacca ttcaaaaaca taagtgtcac tcttgattgt     51240
     ttagtctcct ccgtgtactg cccttagcaa atccaattgg ttctaccttc aaaagatatc     51300
     ccatatatga tcagtttcat aatctctatc agaaggtcct gagtcaagcc atgattctcc     51360
     ctcctggagg actttcaaca gtctccagct gatcttggtg acattcctgc ccctcaccac     51420
     atcccaagca gttctcctta caacagccag agtgatcttt taaaaataga atttagaaca     51480
     tcagcaagat ggctgactag agttccctgg cactcatttc cccacaaaaa gaaatcaaga     51540
     aaacaaacaa ttttatgtca gccagtgtga tttaaaaagt atgctggaga ccaccagggg     51600
     aacagaaaca cctctgtgaa gtacagaaac tcaatatagc atcctgcctc tgacatactc     51660
     tctcttcagt caaggttggc tcagggtcat cagtaactcc attctacagg aaaaagtaag     51720
     ctgtagttcc ccagtggtcc acattgccat aaaaaatgtc aacaatcttt gccccactgt     51780
     tctcactggc acaaaaacca gtctggagag cagttgggat ttccaaactg cattgcctta     51840
     catagtaaga gaccaccttg agcaccctct gcccctgcaa tgtaaggtgc tatggctcag     51900
     tgccatctcc aaactgaacc tacatagaga gtgtgtcttg ctttgagcat cagtagcacc     51960
     tggctctcta tcacttgagg ccccaccatc attccaacac attcatacag gtatctgcag     52020
     caccatgacc ctagcttccc agagcctagc cagataaact aatcaagacc ccggcatccg     52080
     aacccatgtg gtgcaccacc aatccaggga agaagtgaac agcagggaag ccacccatct     52140
     gcctactagc cacgacaccc acatgcaccc acacctcaca accagctagt ctgctgagcc     52200
     tgtgcatgct ggtgcccagc ctgaaaactg gtcctgtggt gggcccaccc ccaggactac     52260
     agcctgcttg ggccacaaca actctgagtt tgtgcatggt ctaataattg gtcctgcagt     52320
     gaccctgcct cctcagatgg gactctgcag agatggatgg ccctgctaca cctgtgagca     52380
     ctgacagcaa cccgcccacc cagcaggaag acagcagtgc atgtaagtgc acacaccttg     52440
     agaaaaggct cttcccactg ctgctggtgg cacagttgct gctgtcacca ccgggggctg     52500
     cagcagtgaa atgccagttg gacccagcaa agtggcagga tcctcagcat tctagcatat     52560
     gcagtgttct gcacctcagg cactggaaag gctgtgaacc agacataggg agccaaagca     52620
     catgctttcc agaaccagag agctgcctcc ctgtggctgc tgacacagac agcaatgtca     52680
     cccccgcaac acagcagcag agatgctgca cacttgcatg caacctgggg acaggccctc     52740
     tccatctgct gctgagtctg ctgatgcagc tgggggccag agcatgtgcc actggcagtg     52800
     acctgacttc caccagcagc agagccactg tgaacttgca cgtaccctga ggactggctt     52860
     atgctgctgc cagaagccaa agtgtgctcc acattgccag agagctgcct gctagtggct     52920
     gctgccactg acaataacca caccctgccc tagcagcaca gctgcagcaa atttgcatgt     52980
     gcctcgagga caggctttct tcaggtattg ctcctgctat tgggagatcc aaggattacc     53040
     ccatccaact taccacagcc aacatccatg tacataacta gggggactga ggacaggcct     53100
     gccaagcctg gttccatcat cccagtgccc aggcacacta cccaggggtg tggcaatcat     53160
     cctgctttgt ccaccaccac tggcatttgc acattccttt aggaggactg agaatgggcc     53220
     caaccagcct gacagtagca ctgtagccag aaacaatatg catgcaacat ctgaaggtct     53280
     ggagactggc ccccagccca tcacaaccac ctctaacacc agagcttgca acttgagaat     53340
     ctgagggttg tccaaccaag ctacagaaat tgcccatggc aagcacattc ccagaggcct     53400
     aaaggcccac ccaccctttc agcctaccat tgcaactgct agtacccagg taagctactt     53460
     aaagccccca gaattgttct gcttaaagct gctaaaactg gtacaaacat atgttgccta     53520
     ggtgccaaat ataggcactc tcagcccact gttaccccta ctggggccca agaactggcc     53580
     cacctaaaat ctctgtcccc aggaaaacct cactacagcc tccaatcaca actacagcct     53640
     aagccactga ggaagtcaca gacaccactt atgctgttaa tagctgaagg aataatataa     53700
     gaccacctta ctgtacacac acagaatcaa agccaaagtg tcctactgaa tcaacaccac     53760
     agatacatct tcagaaagaa aagttaatgt tttggatcta tgtcactgcc caaatctcat     53820
     gttgaattat aatctccaat gttgggggag gggcttcatt ggaggtaatt ggatcatggg     53880
     ggtggatcct tcatgaatgg tttagcacca tcccctgcgt actattctta tgacaatgag     53940
     tgagttctca tgagatttgc ttgtttaaaa gtgtgtgtca cctccccccc acccagtcct     54000
     tctcctgcta tgtaagatgc ctgctcctgc tttgccattt gccatgagca aaagctccct     54060
     gaggcctccc cagaagcaga tgtcactatg cttcctgtac aacctatgaa actgtgagcc     54120
     aattaaacct cttttcttca taaattaccc actctcaggt acttctttat agcaatgtga     54180
     gaatgaactg atacagaaaa ttggtaccga agagtagggc attgctataa agatactaaa     54240
     aatgtggaag cgattttgga gatgggtaat gagcagaggt tagaagagtt tggaggactc     54300
     agaagacagg aagataaggg aaaatttgga acttcctaaa aacttgtaaa ttgtgaccaa     54360
     aatgctaata ctgatatgga aaatgaagtc tgggctgagg agatctcaga taaaaataag     54420
     gaacttattg ggaacaactg gagcagtcac ttttgttatg ctttagcaca gagcctgggt     54480
     gcattgttcc cctcctttag ggacttgtgg aactttgaac ttgtgagtga tgatttaggg     54540
     tatctggtgg aagaaatttc taagcagcaa agtgttcaaa atatgacctg gctgcttcta     54600
     acaacctaag ctcatatgcc taagcaaaga aatgagctaa aactcaaatt tgtattaaaa     54660
     agggaagcag agtgtaaaag tttggaaaac ttgcagcctg gccatgtggt agaaaaaaaa     54720
     ttcccatttt ctagagaaga atttacccta gctgcagaaa tttgcatgag taaagaataa     54780
     ccaaatgtta acagccaaga caatgggaga aagacattga aggcatttca gagactttcg     54840
     tagccacacc cacatcacag gcctggagtc ctaggagggc agaatggttt cctggtccag     54900
     gcgcagggcc ccactgacct gcacagcctc caaacactgt ttcctgcatc ccagctgctc     54960
     cagctccagc tgtggctcaa aggggtccag ctgcaacttg ggctgctgct tcagaggatg     55020
     ccagccataa gctttggcag cttccatgtg gtgttaagtc tgtgagtgtg cagagtgcaa     55080
     gagttgaggt ttgggagcct ctcttttgat ttcagaggat ctacagaaaa gcctaaatgt     55140
     ccaggcagaa gcctgctgca gaggcagtgc cctcacagag aacctctact agggcagtgc     55200
     aaagggaaaa tgtggagttg gaacccctac acagagtccc cactggggca ctgcctagtg     55260
     gagctgtgag aagagagctg tcatcatgca gaccccagaa tgacagatcc tctggcagct     55320
     tgcaccatgc acctggaaaa gctgcaggca ctcaatgtca gcccttgaga gaagctgtgg     55380
     gaaatgaacc ctgcaaagct acaggggtgg aactgaaaag gccttgggaa cccacccctt     55440
     ccatcagtat gcctggttgt gaaacataga aagtcaaatg aggttatttt gcagctttaa     55500
     gatttaatga cttccctgct ggtttcagat ttgcatgggg tctgtagccc ctttcttttt     55560
     acagctttct cttttttgga acaggagtgt ttacccaatg cttgtactcc ccttgtatct     55620
     tggaagtaac tgttttttga atttacaggc tcataggtga aagagactag ccttgtctga     55680
     gatcagcctt tggactttcg acttttgagc taatgctgaa atgatttaag actttggggg     55740
     actcttggga aggcatgatt gtattttgaa atgtgagaag gacatgagat ttgggagtag     55800
     tgatgggctg aatgacatgg tttggatctg tgtccccacc caaatctcat gttgaattgt     55860
     aatccccagt gttggggaag actggcatgt tgggaggtga ctggatcatg agggcagatt     55920
     cttcataact ggtttagtac tattctctca ctgctgttct catgatggtg agtaagttct     55980
     catgagatct tgttgtttaa aagtgtgttg catctcgccc ccacttggtc ctgatcctgc     56040
     catgtaagac tcctgctcca gctttgcctt ttgccacaag taaaagctcc ttaaggtttc     56100
     cccagaagca tatgcttcta tgcttcctgt acagcctgcg gaaccatgag ccaattaaac     56160
     ctttttttga aaaataaatt actcactctc aggtatttct ttatagcaat gtgagaatgg     56220
     actgatacaa aaatcttccc ctatgaaagc caatttaaaa aacagaagaa gcaactattt     56280
     caccagatgc gcagacatca atgtaaggac acaggaaaca tgaaaaagca agaaaatatg     56340
     acacctccaa atcaacacaa tactcctcca gcagtagatt ccaatgaaaa agaaatttat     56400
     gtaatgttgg ggaaaatatt taaaaaatga tactaatgga gctcagtgag atagaagaga     56460
     acacaggtaa aaaatagaaa gaaaccagaa aaccatttca ggatattaaa gagaaattca     56520
     acaatgaaat ggatatcata aaaaagaatc aaacagaaac gctggagata aataaatcaa     56580
     taaatgaaag aaaaatacat ctgaaagctt caaaaataga ataggtcagt gagaagaaag     56640
     aatatcagaa cttgaaaaca aatattttaa ataacccagt cagacaaaaa aagagggata     56700
     aaatgtgaaa aagatgaaca aatcctacat gacatatggg atgccataaa gcaaccaaat     56760
     ttttgaattt gggtttttcc caaaggcaaa atgaaaggca aaaacataaa aaacctatat     56820
     aatgaaataa tagaagaaaa cctctcaagt ctagcaagag agttaaacac ctagatacag     56880
     gaagcttaga tagatacaac ccaaaaatat tttcttcatg tcacattata ctcaaactgt     56940
     caaaagtcaa agagaaaaac actatagaag tggcagagca atatggtgga atagaaggct     57000
     ccaccaatca tcccacccac aggaacacca aatttaacaa ctgcctacat aatcaaagca     57060
     cttccataag aaccaaaaat caggtgatca ctcaaagtac ctgcttttaa cttcatatta     57120
     ctgaaagagg tactgaagag ggtaggaaag acagtcttga attgccatcg ccacccttgt     57180
     cttaacccag cagcaactac atagaatgga gaatctgtag acttggggag ggaaagtgtg     57240
     gtgattttga aacttcgcat tgaaatcagt gctgccttgt gacaatggaa ggcaaaaccg     57300
     gggtgaactc agctgatgtc cacccacaga gggagcatat agaccagccc tagccagaag     57360
     agaactgtac attccagcag ccagaacttg agttctggca agccttgtca ctgtaggcta     57420
     aagtagtctg ggtctctaaa taaatttgaa aggcagtcta ggccacaagg actacaaatc     57480
     ctaggtgagt cctagtgctc agctgggctc agggcaagta gactggtggg ggcggtgggt     57540
     acatgaccta ctgaaacatc agctggggtg gctaaagcag tacttgggcc atccctccct     57600
     caacccccag ctacacagct tatggctcca aaagagacca cttccttcca catgaggaga     57660
     ggagaaggaa gagtgaggag gactttgtct ggcatcttgg ataccagctt agcctcagta     57720
     ggatagagct ctggtcagag tcatgaagcc ctgatttcag actctagctc ccagatgaca     57780
     tttctagaca cacactgggc tggaaggaaa cctactgcat tgaaaggaag agccaagtaa     57840
     tgaaagaacc aatcacctgc tgattaaaga gcacttgggc cttgaataac aagcggtgat     57900
     atccaggtag tatgctgtgg gccttgagtg agactctgag atgtgctggt ttccagtgag     57960
     acccaacaca ttcctagctg tggtgggtat ggtcagagat tcctcctgcc tgagaaaagc     58020
     agagagaaaa agtaaagggg actttgtctt gaaccttagg taccaggtca gccacagaga     58080
     agtataacac caagtgggct cttgaggtcc ccaattccag gccctggctc ttggacagca     58140
     tttatggacc tgctctggtc cagacgggga gcccaccact ataaaaggtg agtcctagat     58200
     ctggcagcat tattcaccac aggctgaatg aagagccctt ggtccttaag tgagcatcag     58260
     tggtagcctg agaatattcc cataggcttg tggtgatggt ggccaggggg caaggtgcct     58320
     gcatatgaaa agggaagatt agaatgggaa gaattgcatc tactggtttg agtgccagct     58380
     taacagcagt acaatagaac acaaggtaaa tttccaaagt tttggactct ggtccgtggc     58440
     tcctggacag catttttgga cctgcctgga gctaagggat cttgctgcta tgaagagaag     58500
     cacataagcc tatccgtaag ccccaaagca gtactaagaa ggaagattat tgctatatgt     58560
     gcctacatca aaaaataaaa aaacttcaca taaacaatct aatgatgcat cttaaagaac     58620
     tagaaaagca agagcaaacc aaacccgaaa ttagtagaaa aaagaaataa agactagagc     58680
     ataaataaat gaaattaaaa ttaaaaaata caacagaaga atgaaacaaa aagtttgttt     58740
     tttgagaaga tgaacaaaat tgacaaacct tttgacagac taaccaggaa aacaagagag     58800
     aaaacccaaa taaataaaat tagagatgaa aaaggagata ttacaaccta caccacagaa     58860
     attcagggga ttattagaga ctactgtgag caactatatg ctaataaatt gaagaaactg     58920
     ataaattcct agacaaatgt aacctgccaa gattgaacta tacagaaatc caaaaacctg     58980
     aatagacaaa taacaagtga tgagatcaaa gccataataa aaactgtcct agcaaacaaa     59040
     agaccaggac ctgatgactt caatgctaaa ttttaccaaa tatctaaaga agaactaata     59100
     ctgatccttc tcaaactatt ctgaaaaata gaaagggaag gaatactttc aaactcattt     59160
     ggtgaggtga atattaccct aatatgaaaa ctagacaaag acacattaaa aaaaatacag     59220
     gccaatattt tggatgaaca ttgatacaaa aattctcaac aaaatgctag caaacagaat     59280
     gcaacagccc attaaaaata caattcatca ttactatgtg gcatttatcc catggatgca     59340
     agaataattc aacatgtgca aaccaatgaa tgttgataaa tcatataaac agaaggaagg     59400
     acaaaactaa tatgcattgc aatagataat gaaaatcatt tgataaaatt caacattcca     59460
     tcatgataaa aatcatcaaa aactgggcat agaaggaaaa tgcatcaaca ttattaaaac     59520
     catatatgac agacccacac ctaatatcat actgaatggg gaaaaactga aagctttcct     59580
     ctaagatctg gaacatgaca aggatgctca ctgtcatcat tgttattcag catagtactg     59640
     gaagttctaa ctacagcaat cagatgaaag aaaagagaac ggaagggaag ggaagggaag     59700
     ggaagggaaa gggagggaag gggagggaag gggaggggag ggcaggggag ggcaggggag     59760
     gggaggggag gggaggggag gggaggggag ggaaaagaaa agagagcatc caaaatggaa     59820
     aggaaggagt caaattatct ttgtttgcag atgatgaaac tttatgtttg gaaaaaaata     59880
     aagactccac aaaaatgtat tagaactgat agaaacattc agtaaaattt caggatacaa     59940
     aatcaacata caaaattcag taacattttt atatgcccac agggaacagt ctgaaaaaga     60000
     tcaagaaagt attcttattt acaatagcta caagtaagat aaaataccta ggaattaacc     60060
     aaagaagtga aagatgaaaa gtataaaagt ataaaacatt ggtgcaagaa attgaagata     60120
     acacactaaa atggaaagac attctatgtt cacggattgg aagaatcagt tttgttaaaa     60180
     tgtccatact acccaaagca ctctgcagat tcaatgcaat ccctatcaaa gtatcaatga     60240
     cattcttcac agaaacagaa aatacaattc taaaattcat atggtaccac aaaagactca     60300
     gaatagccaa agctgtccta agcaaaaaga acaaatttgg aggaatcaca ttacctgact     60360
     ttaaattgtc ttaaatacta cagaactatg gtaaccaaaa tggcatgaca ctggcataga     60420
     aacagacatg tttggactgt gagcctggcc tctatgaacc atcgtttcag ctcctgattg     60480
     gtccagagcc aaggccctgg gccaagctga gtcacaagtt ctccaagaca gcccatggac     60540
     taagtgcatt ccttcccctt cccagtccat aaacaccctg gaccccagcc tcatagaggg     60600
     caatccattt gggtccctct ttccgctggc agagagcttt cttcttttgt ttgttaaact     60660
     tatgctttaa cctcacattg tgtctgtgct tctcaatcat cttggacgta ggacaaagaa     60720
     cttcagatat tatctcagac aataagagac tgctatctgg gtccgttggc aaaactacaa     60780
     cattacaaca agaaaacttt ggggaaactc tccagaacac catagtgggc aaagatttct     60840
     tgagtaatac ctcacaagca ctggcaacta aagcaaaatt aaaattaaaa aaaaacttca     60900
     aagataaaaa ttattaaaaa gagaaaagca tccagtcata tgtaagggaa ctatcaccag     60960
     atcaaaagag aatttatcaa cagaaagttt ataggctagg agagaatagt atggaatatt     61020
     caaagttctg gaagaaacac tttcagtcat acatactata ctcagaaatg ttatccttca     61080
     taaataaaga ggaaataaaa tctttcacag ataagcaaaa gctttagact aaccttacaa     61140
     caagtgctca agggagttct acatctagaa gcaaacagat gataatcact attttgaaaa     61200
     tacataaata ctcactgtta gagaagacac acaaagaata aagagaatca agccttatta     61260
     tttcagaaaa ctaaaagaaa tgataaacaa taagagagga agaaaggaag aaagggacat     61320
     ataaaacaac caggaaacaa tgagcaatat agaaaaacca aaacctcaca tgtgaataat     61380
     aaccctgagg taaacaaatt aaattcccca tttaaaagat atataagtca tataaaaggg     61440
     aacctccatt agattaacaa cgaatttgtc agaagaaacc ttacaggcca ggagagaatg     61500
     agatgacata ttcaaagtat tgaaacaaaa aaaatcttat cagccaagaa tactatttcc     61560
     agcaaagcta ttcttcaaaa atgaagtaga aataatggcg ttcctaaaca agaaaaactg     61620
     gaaattcatc actactacac tggtcctaca agaaatcctg aaggaaattc tatactttaa     61680
     agcaaaaaga caatatggtc catcacaaaa acacacacaa gtataaaact cactggtaaa     61740
     ccaaatacac aaatgaaaaa gagaaaggat tcaaatttta ccactacata aaatcaacaa     61800
     atgacaatta taaacaataa aaaatataga aaggtaaaag gacatatgaa ataaccagaa     61860
     aacaattaat aaaatgacaa gaataaatcc tccggtagta ataagcttga tggtaaatga     61920
     actaaaattt tcagtttaaa gatatagact ggcttaatgg attttaaaaa gcgtgacaca     61980
     agtatatgct gccaataata aagtaaattt ctctgtaaag acacatggac ttaaagtgaa     62040
     gggatgaaaa atgatattct atgcaaatag aaacaaaaag tgagaagtac tatacttgta     62100
     tcagataaaa cagattttaa tttttaattt gcaaacagca aaaagacaca aaaaaggtca     62160
     tcatgtaaga taaagggatc aattcagcaa gagggataat acaattctaa atattcaaac     62220
     aacactggag cacccagata tataaggcaa atattattag acataaaggg ggagatagat     62280
     tccaacagaa taatagtgag ggacttcaat gccccattct cagccttaga cacataatcc     62340
     agagtgaaaa ttaagaaata aacattggat tttaactgca ctttagacat gtctcaaaaa     62400
     aaagtatacg aatgtccagt aggtatataa aaaatgctca acatcactca tcatcaggga     62460
     aatgcaaatt aaaaacacaa tatcatcctt ctccagttag aatgggtatt attaaaaaga     62520
     aaaaaaaaac agatgctggt gaggattcaa ggaaaaactc ttacataccg ttggtgggaa     62580
     tgtaaattag tacagtcact atggaaacaa tatggagatt tctcaaaata actaaaaatg     62640
     gaatgaccat atgatccagc aatttcactt ctggctattt atccaaagaa acagaaatga     62700
     ggacatcaaa gggataccta tattcaaatg ttgactgcag cactattcac catagcaaag     62760
     atatggaatc aacctaagtg tccgtcagtg gacaaatgga ttaaaaaaaa acagtggtat     62820
     atatacacaa tgtaatacta ttcagccata aaaaaagaat aaaatcatgt aatttgtagc     62880
     aacatggatg gaactggagg gcattatgtt aagggaaata agccaggcac agaaaaacaa     62940
     acagtgcatg ttctcactta tgttgatcac acagaggtag agaatagaat aatggctaca     63000
     agagatggac cagtgtttgt gaggcaggag gacaagtatg aagagaggtt cattaatggg     63060
     ttcaaacata cagttagaag gaataaattc aaatatttga taacagatta gggtgactat     63120
     gtttaacaat atttcaaaat agctagaaga aaggacttga acagttcccc aaacatagaa     63180
     atgataaata ctcaagatga cagataccct aacttgatca ttatacattc tatatgctta     63240
     taacaaaata tcatgtgtcc cataaatatg tacaaacatt atgtatcaat ttttaaaaat     63300
     caggattgat agctttactg ctgaattcta ccagacattt aaagaggaat tgatactaat     63360
     tatcctgaaa caattccaga tattgcagag gaagtaatac ttccaaacgc attttacaaa     63420
     gccagcatta ccctgattcc aaaaccaaag atacaacaaa taaaaaagcc acaagccaac     63480
     atccctgatg aatatcaatg caaaaattca acaagatttt agcaaagtga acgcagcagc     63540
     acatgaaaac gatcattcac tatgatcaag tgggttttat tcaacatata caaatcaata     63600
     aatgtgatgc accctattaa caaaatgaag gacaaaggcc atatgatcat ctctatagac     63660
     acagagaaag tattttataa aattcaatat ccctgcataa gaaaagctca caagaaatta     63720
     gacacacaag atatgtacct caacacaaaa aggccatata tgacaaaccc acaagtaaca     63780
     tcatgcagaa taaggaaagg tgaaagattt cctctaagat taggataaag ataaggatgt     63840
     tcactttcat cactcctatt caacatagta ttaaaagtat tagctagata tactaggcaa     63900
     gagatagaaa ctaaacaaat tgaaattgaa tagaaggaag tcaattgttc atcttttcgg     63960
     atgacatgat cttatttata gaaaactcta aagacttcaa caaaaaactg ttagaataaa     64020
     tctggtaaag ttgcagaata gaaaatcaat gtacaaaaat tagtagcatt tctgtatgct     64080
     aatggtgaac tatatgaaaa ataattcaga aaacaatttc atttacaata accaaaaaag     64140
     aataaaatac ttaggaataa acttaaccaa ggagataaaa gatctctaat actgcaaact     64200
     atgaaacatt gataaaagaa attgaaaaag atgcaaataa atgaaaagat actctatgtt     64260
     tatggattgg aacaattaat attgtggaag tggccatact aatcaaaatg atcttcagat     64320
     ttaatgcaat cccaaacaaa ataccaatca gcatacttca cagaaataaa aaaagcacac     64380
     acatattttc cgtctttgag taatgtatgc tctgaaaggg gaaaaaggca ttgagataca     64440
     aaagcacatt ataagataga aagctctatg tgccatttcc tgtcatttac cttgatatta     64500
     gatccaggaa actctctcta tttttaggcc aaattattag caaacttaat tgcccttcgc     64560
     catgtaattt aacataaaac acaggttctg ggaattaaga tgtaaacatc tttgtgaggc     64620
     ctatattttc ctcctgcaga gagaacaggt aatcttacat ctctcaaatt tgtttcagtt     64680
     gtgtatggag acagctatcc ctgatttggt aatgtttaaa ctagactttt gcaaaaggat     64740
     atgtatgagt ttatataaaa tttgatagta ttgcatgtat ttatactgtg caatatgtat     64800
     atgcaatagt ttaagtgaca aaactaagtg gtacaaattt accttgaggt tggctgcatt     64860
     tgtaagttgg ggcagtcact tctttggagt gttgtgcaga cttgggaatg agaagctgta     64920
     gatttcattc taactctgcc acttacagca ggacaaccac ttgcaaagcc cagctttctc     64980
     tattaaaata agaccctaaa tcttcccaac accaataatg aagatgacat tctcagatca     65040
     ggaaaatgaa gggttcttca gaaggatcat cactgtgtca ggggcagcaa ctggagatct     65100
     gaacaaaata gctacctggg catccaatcc ctctactgtg aaatgcatga ttctccagac     65160
     cttttccaac acgcatagag ctttctgatc gttttagtgc ctactcttaa gtatgaattg     65220
     aatcaaaggt tgaccagaca attgaagaaa ttctccatca aatgagactc aaagaatcag     65280
     aacaaagtgt aattctgaag gaaaagaggt aagataaaca gcagaagaaa cgtttacaag     65340
     actataatta atatattctg atataaccat aaaacataaa aggatgctat caaatagaag     65400
     attgaccaga gaacacaaaa gaatatgagc aattgtaaat taaattgata agttcaataa     65460
     aatgtaaagt taaggaaatc ccctatgagg tagggcaaaa aggcaaagat atggtccata     65520
     atgtgaagac aattaaaaaa ttcacccaac atgaatttta gaaaaagaaa acagagtata     65580
     tattgggaaa gacattatca attaaatact gccatacatt acccagaact tatggataat     65640
     tctctccata atgaaaaaag ccattgatta tctaaaagac cagatttaac attttcaggc     65700
     cccagtgcag gaagacaaat ggaggctcac atactctatc tctgaataac catacattat     65760
     aaagtaaaat cgaccctagg ttcaggttag gtttccatcc aagtcctgaa gcctgtccct     65820
     tggagactgc ccttctaacc tggcctagag acagaagaat catgtgtttc cctgcaccaa     65880
     cactgactga tcctgcaagc tgagaggtgg gaaaatacgg agtggcaggg ctgtctgctg     65940
     gagcagtggg caggagctga gatgaggccc agcactgacc tggccaagag acagaagaat     66000
     catgtgtttc cctgcaccaa ccctgactga tcctgcaagc tgagaggtgg gaaagtatgg     66060
     agagcctcta atgagttttc agttcagcaa atctagttac cagtccccag atttctgttt     66120
     gatttttcaa aattatttca atctctgtta aaattctctg ataaatcaat aaattgcttt     66180
     cctatgctat cttgcagata tctgatttcc ttaaaattgt tattttgaat tcttgatcag     66240
     agagctaacc aactgtcatg tcattggggt cagtaactag tttggtacct ttgtcctttt     66300
     gggaaggcca tggctctttg cttgctgttg tttcctgtgg gtatacttct atgtctttcc     66360
     atagaagggt tattaattaa ttccagtttt tcaggtctgg gttgtgtttg ttgttattga     66420
     gtctatttgc ttggcaaatc ctcactgctg ggctgttgcc tcccttttga ctctaggtgg     66480
     tgtctcaacc tcacttttac cttgtcttta gtaaacggtt ggagtattaa ctgtccgaaa     66540
     tgggaaatgt cccaaaggaa ttaccctgga agtatgagaa acttggctag gggttatggt     66600
     ctggtgacct aaggaatgta cctcctaaag catggtgcta ttgaacatct accctgattt     66660
     ggcttctcct ttggccaagt tatgaacagt gtccagaact ggagatgatc ttccctcctc     66720
     cctattttgt ctcttgctct cttcaggaat attcctccct gaggacagag aatattcatc     66780
     ttccctaagg gagtcataat gcatctcatg ggctaaggaa gaacaagttt cttgccaggg     66840
     aatccaaggt ggtaaataat ctgtttgaga acatcaattt cactttattc actctaaaat     66900
     ccatgaattg ggggagattc tctgcatgtg tggtgccagg aagaatagga aggagggaca     66960
     tcatggaggt ggaagtccca tctcctactg tcttcttgat gattttccac ttctctttgg     67020
     ccctgagaac catctcattt tcatacttga gctatgtatt tttcctgaca tagatctcaa     67080
     agctctatat ttgtttttgg tattctgttt gttggggtag taagtcagct tgcctctaca     67140
     gcaacacttt ggaactagtg ggtagctatt ttgttgagac aaccatatgc tatctctgaa     67200
     accacactga cccttcagaa aattcctccc tcttcctgac ctgcaagaat aataatcact     67260
     gccgacactt tggagctggt ctgggttcat cccattccat ccagcactgc tggcacccat     67320
     gtacttctct gatgggtctg aggacaaacc tacacagcct gtgccaagac cattgccagt     67380
     acgtacctgc atgtgacacc ttggattctt aggactggcc tacataggcc attgccatca     67440
     ccattaccac cagcacattc aacctggaag cctgagggtt gtcttgctac tgctattgct     67500
     atcacccatg ccaggcacat tgcacaaagt ctcaagaacc actcactcac caggcccacc     67560
     actgcaactt ccagcaccac aggaaactcc ctggaggtac aataatttac ccaactgaaa     67620
     ctgtggatat tggtgtcaat gtttgttgtc tggaggctca aagaccggca tgctcattcc     67680
     actgctgcca ctaacatgtg ttgcagactg gcccatctag tacccctgtt cccatcaaaa     67740
     cctcacaaaa acttttacta acaacctcag tcttagcaac tgaggaaatc acagaccact     67800
     gatcccgact agagacaaag aaaccataca gatattatgc tagtgtatac acccagaatc     67860
     aaagctaaag tgctgtatgc aaccaacact acagatatat ctatagaaaa aatagtgttc     67920
     ccctatgaaa gccaatcaag aagaggctgt tactccagac gtgcatatac taatataggg     67980
     actcaataaa catgaagatg ctagaaaaca tgacacccct acaggaccac aattattctt     68040
     cagcaggaga ttgcaacaaa aataaaatct atgaacttct aaaaaattca taaatatgat     68100
     atcatagaag cttagttaaa tataatagag caaagataat caatacaaaa atctgaaaaa     68160
     aatcagaata tgaataagaa attcaccaga tacctagatg tcatgagaaa gaccaaacag     68220
     atatcttggt agtaaagaat tcaatgaata aagtaaaaaa aaaaaaatat tttcaaaagc     68280
     ttcaacgata gactaggtaa ggcagaagaa aaaaattcac cacttgagga ctagatttct     68340
     gaaataaacc agatagaaaa tataataaat catctaaata aagccagtat tcaatataac     68400
     ataccatgta gttaccaaag gtttgattct gagtattcca gaatactcaa gaagaagaga     68460
     tgggcagagg catgacaaaa attttaaact aagcacatgt accctaaaac ttaaagtata     68520
     ataataataa aataaaataa aaaaagaaaa aaaaataata gctgaaaatt tgtcaagtca     68580
     agtctagcaa gagatttaga cattcaaata gaggacctca atgatactca aattgacaca     68640
     accccagaag tccttctcca aggcatacag tggtcaaact gtcaaaagcc aaaagtcgtt     68700
     aattctaaaa acagtaagat aaaagcatcg agtcatgata atggaaccct catcagatta     68760
     acagtgattt tcactgtata aactgtgaaa gagagataaa atcatatatt taaagtgttc     68820
     aaagaaaaaa aatctgccag ccaagagcac tatcttcagc acaggcgaac ttcaaaatga     68880
     agtaacaata aagtttttcc ctgaaaagca aaaacagaga attcatcacc acaatgactg     68940
     ccccacaaga tatgcttaag ggaattctgc tcctgaaagc aaaagtacaa tatctaccgt     69000
     catgaaaaca caaaaaattt aaaatactcc ctagtacagc agacaaatga agacttgaaa     69060
     tgatttaaat tttactatta tagaaaaata ctaaaccaca ataataaaaa gtgagagaaa     69120
     aagaaacaaa gtatatgtaa aacaaacaaa aacaaataac aaaatgaagt aatttctcac     69180
     atatgaataa taatcttgat tgaaaattga ttaaattctc cacttgaaag acatagactg     69240
     gctgagtgaa tttttaaaaa atatcctaac tatatgctgc ttacaagaaa ctgacttcac     69300
     ctaataagac acatatagac tgaaaatgaa gggatagaag aaaatatccc atgtaaacag     69360
     aaacaaaaac aagtcgaaat aggtatatta acatcagata aaatagactc tatgtcaaaa     69420
     acagtaatga gagaaaaaga aggttattat ttaagaatag aaagatcaat ttagcatgag     69480
     gatataacaa aactaaatat attcccccaa cactagagta tacctagata cataaagcta     69540
     tcattatgac atctaaaagg ataaatagat tccaatacaa tagtagtgta aactttaaca     69600
     cctgactctc agcattaaac agattattta gacagaaaat ctacaaagaa atattggact     69660
     taatcttaag aataagggga cccaatatac attatagaca tttttattta acagtggcaa     69720
     aacataccat ttttcttatt agcctgtgga agattttcta atacagaccg tatgttaggc     69780
     cacaaaacaa gtctcagtac attttgaaaa agcagtatac tttattttca tataccacaa     69840
     tggataaaac taaaaatcaa tattaagagg aactttggaa attgtaagaa tacatggaaa     69900
     ttaaacaaca tgctcctgag caaccactgg ttcaatgaag aaatttagaa gaaaattaaa     69960
     atgtttttga aatatgacaa tgtaaacaca acatacagca caaatagtgc taagagggga     70020
     gatgctctga ataaattctt tcatccaaaa gtagagagat ttcaattaaa caacccagtg     70080
     atccacctga gggaactaga aaactaaaaa caaactgaac cccaaattag tgaaaggaaa     70140
     aatatagtaa aaataagagc agaaccaaac aactagaaac taaaaaaaaa caaacccaaa     70200
     ctcaatgtaa tgaaaagttg gtttattgaa acaataaata aaattcctaa gtgtctagct     70260
     aggctatact atatatgtgt gtgtatatat atatatacac acacacacac gtatatatat     70320
     atatgctata ctatatatat agtatagata ttgtgtatct atacatatat aaaaatatat     70380
     atatagacag aaaaaactga atgaaacaaa atcagaaact aaaaagaaga tattacaact     70440
     tatatcatag aaatacaact gtatattttg gacaataata cactaatgaa accgtatgtt     70500
     ttgaacaagt atacactata attgaacacc atggaaaaag attaattccc tgacatatac     70560
     aactcacaca aaatgagcca ggaaagaagg gtaaacctga acagactaat aatgagtaaa     70620
     gaaatagaat cagtaataaa aacgaaatct cccaacaaag caaagtccag gcctagatgg     70680
     tttcactgat gaattctacc aaacttataa ggaaaaagga aaagcattcc tcatcaaaca     70740
     attccaacaa attcagagaa gagaatactt cctaactaat tttacaatgc caggaatacc     70800
     ccaatgctaa aaacatacac gaacacaaca acaataacta taacaaaaat tagaggtcag     70860
     tatttctgat gaacacagac acaaaaatcc tcaagaaaat gttagcaaac caaatctaag     70920
     aacacatcag aaagataatt agcaataatc aagtggtatt tatcccaggg atgcaagaat     70980
     ggttcagcat acatgaatcg ataaatgtgg tacatcacat taacagaata aagacaaaac     71040
     caaataagca tatgaataga tgtaggaaaa agcatttgat aaaagttagc atccatttat     71100
     gataaaagtt cccaacgaac tacacaaaga aggaatatac ctctatataa tgtaaccaca     71160
     tgtgacgaac tcacacctaa catacagaat ggggaaaact gaaagccatt tctctaaaaa     71220
     ctgaaataag acaccactca gtcaacattt tactttatgt catgtcctag cgagaagaat     71280
     caggcaagca aaaaaaataa aagccatcca aattggaaaa gaggaagtta aattgttcct     71340
     gtttgcagac gacatagtct tatattagga aaaacacact ggggcctttc agagggtaga     71400
     gggtggaagg agaaagagga tcaagaaaaa taactaatgg tactaggctt gatacctggg     71460
     tgatgaaata atctgtacga caaaccccca tgacacaagt ttacctatgt gacaaacata     71520
     cagttgtacg tctgaactta gaataaaagt taaaaaaatt gttaacataa aaaaagaaaa     71580
     atctaaactc caccaaaaaa atttaggact attcaataac attgcaggat aaaatatcaa     71640
     tatgcaaaaa ttagtagcat ttctatatac tagcaataac ccagcaggaa tgaaaaatca     71700
     gctatgaaat tccctttaca aagctataaa aaattaatta ctcagtaata catttaagca     71760
     agcagactga tgtttaccag ctatatgact gaaaatgtca ggcaatcata ttgagctttt     71820
     gttttttcat ctgaagagta aacataatgc aaggaattat taaagggcta ccataggaat     71880
     aaaagagcta atggtataaa acattattag tattattagt attgcatagt atctatgcaa     71940
     tagtgtaagt cagaaactga aatggcagaa atctactttt aataaccatt tacatttaat     72000
     gtaattattg gtatttttga gccatttttg tttttcatat ttatactact tttgattgtt     72060
     tttctttttc ctgatctatg gattccttga aaatgttttt tgattccatt ttagttgatc     72120
     tgtaaatttt ttgcgtgact ctctgtacag cattgttagt ggttgctccg tgttacatta     72180
     tgcatacata gcttttcaca gcctagtgct gtgcacattt taccctattc agtaaaatat     72240
     ggaaaccttg ctttcctgtc tttttaactg ctcccccttt cccactgttt gtaacagaat     72300
     catattaaat atatgtctat gtgcatttag tgccacagta aattttgtca tttttgcttt     72360
     gacataaatt tattgtcttc caggtttgca gctcagaaat ctgaactggg tctcactgcg     72420
     ttaaatccat gtctcaaggc tgagttcctt cctggagtct ctagaagaaa agctcattat     72480
     cttgccacat tccttggccc tcttccatct ttaaagctag caatggccag ttgagccatt     72540
     tgaaactcat gcagaaaacg tgagaagaaa gatattttgt gtttacctac tttgtatttc     72600
     caatttttgt ttttggcttg ttgtcattgt tgttgttgtt gctcattctt gttgttgttg     72660
     ctcattcttg atgttccaga aaaatcctat tctatttttt cctttatgat tagtgacctt     72720
     catagaacca ttttataaga taggtctgtt ggaaagaaat tctcttagat ttttttttct     72780
     gtcttctaag aatgcctgta ttttctcttt attgatgagt agttatattg gacataaaca     72840
     tctggttgac attttttttc tttcagcact ttgaatattt tagctacatc ctattggtta     72900
     ttctgctctc tggtaataac accactgtta ctcacattgt gttttcccta tagctatggt     72960
     gtcatttgtt tcttgctgct ttcaaaacat tttttttagt ttttagaaat ttgactacag     73020
     tgttgcttgc atggattttc ttgggtatat tctggttggc agttgctcat cttcttgcat     73080
     ctgtaggttt atgcccattg caagtttgga gaattttcag ccattatgtc tttgagttct     73140
     ctctcaatag catcctcatt gttcttccct tctgaagctc agattttatc attatcacat     73200
     tatttgttat aacctttctt gttcataaca gtatttaaaa ttttaccctg tgttcgagta     73260
     tacagtttct attaatccag cctcaagaat actgactctt tcctccatca tttcctttct     73320
     gttagtgatc acaccaaata atattttatt taatttttta cactacatat ctcagtatca     73380
     aaatttctat gtcattatat tatatagttt cttttttctg ctgggaattt tttttccatt     73440
     taaattgaga gtgtacacat tgacctcata atggatgttt gtaacacctg cttcagtgag     73500
     attgaaaatc tcaccgtttt aatatccaga ttgtttcaag gttatcatct cttgattatt     73560
     taactccttg agaattggtc gattgtttct gattttataa agtatgttga gtaattttct     73620
     attttatccc acacacagga ctttctctgt ttacagtaca caataagttc aatgaaggaa     73680
     gttttggaca ttggagggta gaggccttct tgcttaattg agatccactc actggttcag     73740
     atagcagggg attttgtccc actaacattt ttctacttgg agcttctgcc tggatgatcc     73800
     tttatggctc ttacgagata aaactataag tatatttaac atcatagcat acatagtgtg     73860
     cactgaaggg gtcccaaaaa attcctattc acaaagtctt ttttagtttt cttttgtgca     73920
     tcatttgctc aaatctcaat tgaatttgag gacttcattt tcctttcttc cctacagtaa     73980
     caacacagtt taacacctgc ttaattagag tctattacag tacccgggta ggcctgctgt     74040
     cttctgactg gggatttata gaaagtggat aatacggctg aggtaaaatc aacgactaca     74100
     ggcctggcga aatggctcat gcctgtaatc caactacttt caagggcaga agtgggagaa     74160
     ttccttgaca caaggaattt gagatatgct tgggcaacat agtaagaccc agtctttata     74220
     aaaaaattac aaaaggatcc tggctcggtg gtttgcacct gtagactcag ctatttggga     74280
     gggtgagctg ggagtataga ttgagcctgg gagagcaagg ctactgtgag ccatgattac     74340
     gccactgcac tccagcctaa gagagagagc aagtcaaagt ctgaaaaaac aacaatgaaa     74400
     accacccaaa aaacaaaaaa gactagggcc accaaaaagg ctttcttttt cacttgactt     74460
     cttgctccag ggtttacctt tttaaagtgc acctcccagt gtctagggag tctacagact     74520
     tggagtctct tcctttcttg cctcggtatc acaagtggct ccatcctata tccttcagca     74580
     ctccttcccc atttcccaca gagccaagta gaatagtgat ttgaacacat ataagcaatt     74640
     ttaatcccta ccctccttga tgctttacaa aattttggga tggatctgtt aagcttttgt     74700
     ctcatttgag tcagggatat ctcaggccca gctcaaatcc ttaaaggaac tgagatcaga     74760
     gtagaggaat agaagtgata agggagatat gtataaagtg tcttcatgca agtaaacaag     74820
     acacatttaa tttcaaattc aagcagtgca gacattgctc aaaaccaatt gaataaacat     74880
     ttgaatttta ggtctcccca aaggtctaca acagtgatgg agtatcttta attcttctac     74940
     ctcttgttct ctatggaaaa aagcaaatgt aaaggtgtca tttggtaagt ttgtttcaat     75000
     tctaccatca gatactcagt tttcaaccat ttccctatcc tactcattaa tgaacagcat     75060
     aagggaaatt ttcatacatt ttggtcaaca taccagctat tggtgtgtcc tttttacatt     75120
     aactgaagaa taataaatag tctttacaga tgttacgaga ttacaaaaca aaaagcatcc     75180
     aaaggatcta aattagggtg taatgtggat gcctaatggt tttctatcag aactctcacc     75240
     aattgccctg tctgatgaga gaaatgagca ggagctctgt cgtggtgaag gactctgctg     75300
     aagctccccc aggcatttct ctactagagt tctggctttc tcaaaatatt ctcagaataa     75360
     gcatatattg tccttctctg gcccttcaga aagtcaataa gcaaaatgcc ttgagcttcc     75420
     caataaactc ttacaattac ctttgcactt tcctcatcca ctcttctttg actggaccac     75480
     ttccacctct tggtagccat tgctttgatt gtgctttgtt tcatgattgt actgataaag     75540
     ccatgttata tctgctgtca caattctttg atgaaatgct tcaggatctt tatcccctta     75600
     tttaaatttt cagggaagct tcttctcttg tctgtagctg ctctggttgc catagttttg     75660
     gcatccacag agtgaaaaat ttgctcaaca ttaatttttc agttagaatc atgtaagatg     75720
     aaccaattaa aaaacatgaa gggttggcta ttgtttgtac tcttaatctt cattcctctt     75780
     ctatcatggt atcaacaaga tacatttgat atgaatactc tgtcaccgta gacttgaggt     75840
     tcagcaccat ttcatccctt cttgaaataa catatctact tgtgaactgc tgatttcttc     75900
     agccattatc catatgaact tttcagaaag catcagtggt tttaccttct ttcatgcaag     75960
     cttaaccata aattttctct ttgttttcac tttaatttta gaaaaatgta ttttgctctt     76020
     ataggggatg ttttgaaact cctgtcttat ttttcattat tccttgaaat agctcctatt     76080
     cagacatctt acagcatatc agtttaggtt cattttgatg ccaaaaaatg tggaatcctt     76140
     ttatggtatt tcttaatata acatacattt tcatgaactt tttaaagacc tactacatta     76200
     caggaaggcc tttcaataat ataagaattg ctacaggtaa cattgaattt tctagttgat     76260
     taggcagatt aactttctgt ttttctgctg acataaatag tgatgtgggt tgagaaggaa     76320
     tataatacca gtggtcaaat attctgcagc tatgtggaaa gtcaaacagt tgcaactaag     76380
     tgtcacatgc tttaagggag tcatagagta gctgcttggg cctagcaggt accctgatgt     76440
     taacaggatg attgtctctg gtttcaccaa acattacttc aaaagagtta ctggacatga     76500
     gcagttttgc ctaggtagct tacagtagac cttcaagtag gtaaggaagg tcagagagaa     76560
     tgagcagagg tgaatgccag tcagatgtgc ctctttgagt gggtagctga ggaagttcca     76620
     gtcctggtgg gaggcaggct tctccttgtc tcctgagtcc aggaagagaa caggtgatgc     76680
     ttccatatat cactcaactc acaccctatt cctgaccctc tctaatgtca gaaatgagtg     76740
     agagagattt gtgtttcagg caagaataaa tattgggtat caacctacca gacaaccaaa     76800
     acagagatta ccaaagagct gaaggagaca ctgtgactga cttagaatgg agtcaaagcc     76860
     aggagcagga ctgcagcagg cgcttaggca tctgtacagg agtcaaggac ctcagcaatc     76920
     cacctgtcat ttaaaatgaa tgtaaacata ccgtgtacca agtagaatct tgatttccac     76980
     cttctataac ctgttctctt taatatcaac aatcattaat ttcagaccaa gaaaccagaa     77040
     tatattgaga aacacatcaa tgaaacaata catttcccag aactaaaggt taattctcca     77100
     tatcgaaagg gcccaatgat tatccaaaag cccaaattta acattttcag ggctcagtgc     77160
     aagaagacaa ttagtggcta acatactcca actcttaata atcacacatt ataaagcaag     77220
     ctagactcta ggtttagatc acatttccat gtaagtcctt cagcctgttg cttggagatt     77280
     gctcatataa gctggcatag agactaaagg tgtctgtgtt tccctgtaac aatcctgacc     77340
     ccgcaatctg agaggtggga ggaggggggc acagggctgt ctgctagaga agcacactag     77400
     acgttgggct ggagcccagg actgatctgc ccaagcttcg agagcccctg ccaggcatgt     77460
     tatgctcccc tatgcctcac ttctgagttt ggactagtgg caatgtctac acagctccca     77520
     atgataaccc tactgagcat aggactggca gagaataata accagaatat acaaacaaac     77580
     aactcaaaaa caacaaaata gtccattaaa aagtgaacaa gagatagaaa tggacatctt     77640
     ttcaaataag acatacaaat aatcaacagt atgtgaaaaa tactctatat cactaatcat     77700
     cagagaaata aaaatcaaaa ccacactatc accttaccct attcagaatg gctatgatta     77760
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa cagatgttgg gatggatgtg gagaaaggag agctcttata     77820
     caccctgatt ggaaagtaaa tagtataaac tctatggaaa acagtatgat ttctcaaaga     77880
     actaaaactc gattactatt caatctagca atcttactac tgtatctatg cagaggaaat     77940
     gaaatcagta tatgaaaaat aaatctgcac ttctatgttt attgaaacac catacacaac     78000
     agcaaagata tggcatcaac ctaagtaacc atcaatggat actaatgggt ttgtaggtaa     78060
     agaaatcgtg atatatacac aatgcaatac tactctgcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     78120
     aagaaggaac gaaatcactc cttttgtagc aatacgaatg gaactggatg tgacagataa     78180
     tatgctatgt gacaaaggcc agatacagaa agtcaagtat aacatgttgt cactaataag     78240
     taggtgctaa aatgtgttta catagatata gaggggagaa ctatagacac tgaagccttg     78300
     gaagagtgag tgggtgggag ggaattaaga gttagacatt aattagtaaa tgcaatattt     78360
     gttattcttg ttatggaaac cctaaggcca tgatttaacc attatgcaat gtatacatgt     78420
     aacaaaatta tctttgaacc acatatattt ataaaaataa agtttaaaaa taaattgagg     78480
     gtgaccgggt gcggtggctc acgcctgtaa tcacagcact ttgggatgcc gaggcggatg     78540
     gaacacgagg tcaggagttc gataccagcc tgaccaacat ggtgaaaccc cgtcttaact     78600
     aaaaatacaa aaattagcca ggcatggtgg tgcatgcttg taatcccagc tactcaggag     78660
     gctgaggcag gagaatcgct tgaacctggg aggcggaggt tgcagtgagc cgatatcttg     78720
     ccactgcagg ccagcctggg tgacagaatg agactccatc tcaaaataaa taaataaata     78780
     aataaataaa taaataaata aatataattg aaggcaaatt taagcatatt ttttcaaaaa     78840
     agaaaaagag ggagatggag taggagaaat aaaaaagaag gaagaggagg aggaggagga     78900
     agaaagagcc tgcatttcta attgtcataa ttaaatttcc ataagcagat actatttttt     78960
     ttaaaaaaaa cctaattaga attttacggg tctgataaga aagaaaatgc taaaaaaaat     79020
     atgaatactc agtgtgttcc tattttgttt gaaagcctag aaaaaaacaa tatcagagac     79080
     tattctactt agattttttg gacaaagaaa tcttaagatt tttaactcgg gaacatttaa     79140
     ttcctcacaa tttcatgtct gctgttcttt cctaaaatca ttattgtgaa gcagacatga     79200
     ctatatccac tagtgtttca tgtatgtgat ctgcttagtc ttcatccttt aggggagcca     79260
     ttttgattat tcaaaaattt agaagaggaa acttaggctc tgagacttaa gtagcttcct     79320
     atgagtccag agttagcaag acatagttct taaactgcaa tctgagagat tccaaattct     79380
     ttgcccattc aagtcaggct gcctctgatg aaatccattt aggttttctt aagaatagta     79440
     agactcatag gcagggacag aactgatcag tgataaaata tgggaaaata ggtctagtgg     79500
     cttctgggga atagaggcat agaaccatac tcatttccct agaaaacaaa atcggttact     79560
     tttgaacttg ttaaaatttc tctcagcttc tgggattttc tttcattggt attgttttgc     79620
     ttacattcat aagctgacta gaatatcaag aaatgacctg aaaataattg tacaacttaa     79680
     attcgagcta tagaagacag agaaggaaag aaacagtgga actccttccc caggtggatg     79740
     acttaataag gataaggagg agagaagctt gctggaaaca tcaaggagaa ggggtcctgg     79800
     atattcttac aatgtgaaca tgggtctcag attctagagt cccaaacact cagaaagaga     79860
     caccaccagc agaaattgca agctgattgt tttattggta tactgaagtt agagcatgat     79920
     gccatgtttc acggcatttg aaacactgtt atcttcttat tcacttcctg aaaaagacaa     79980
     gcaaacaagg aagattacag acaacacttg acatggcagg aaatgtctaa tccctcactg     80040
     ggggttactg cagtgatgga gatgcaagcc cctactcttg ccctctatcc cttctacagc     80100
     ccccttctcc ttagtaatat tttctttgtt cactctttaa gccattgcac ataatgtgat     80160
     ttaaagtgtt gcttagatga gaaagagaaa caattattgt tatgtgttca tgctttgctg     80220
     ctgttggtta tgtaagggct atttttacaa agatgggcac tgcaacatat catataatag     80280
     tgagaatgtg aatccagcct taatatccag tgacagggat tggttaaata gattacggaa     80340
     caaccaaaca atagaatagt atacaattgt aaaaacaaac taaccaataa acactgaaga     80400
     gatctaaatg aactcatgag aaagttttct aaacaataaa tttttccagt gagtaagaca     80460
     caaatctgaa tatacagtat ggtataagtg cttgtaataa aagcattata tatatttatg     80520
     tagcaatata tatttcaaaa agtagattcc aaagagtaaa aggtgggggt tttgagaagg     80580
     atagaaggga ggaaagatga gttaggctct tactatttag ctctgtacat ttcggttcag     80640
     tgagattagt ttttgttagc ttaagcatgt atgactttaa atgtaagtat actaaaaatg     80700
     agataccatt ttacaactga aagttcaagg accacttagc aggaatactg gacctgaaag     80760
     cctgatgtga ggcaggactg agcaaagcat gttcaggtga aaactttaaa tgggagtctg     80820
     agtttgagga aagaaaatag agagagccaa agggggaaca tggttctatg tcctcattgt     80880
     caaccctact taagacatgt aatttgaaga tagtgattct caaaatcaga attgccttca     80940
     agagcttctg taaaacacag ggtcacaggg tcttgatact ctatacaaga atatctgaat     81000
     aacaattttt agaaatgtgt tccaggacag ggcaatatta acaggttttc agaggattca     81060
     ttggcacaat gaagttggag aactgtagca gttggagcct ttgatggata ataaactgga     81120
     atcgtacctg tcattgaatc ctagattact gaggagactg cccctgtgga ggtccttgtg     81180
     ggcggccccc ttggggaggt ggtccctggg gctttccagg aggaggtggg ggaggacctt     81240
     gctgatggcc tccctgttgg ggtggtcctt gtggccttcc tcgaggagga cggggatggc     81300
     ctccctgttg gggtggtcct tgtggccttc cttgaggagg agggggatgg cctccctgtt     81360
     ggggtggtcc ttgtggcttt ccctgaggag gtggtggacc ttgttgctgc tggcctcctt     81420
     gttggggtgg tccttgtggc tttccctgag gaggtggtgg accttgttgc tgctggcctc     81480
     cttgttgggg tggtccctgc tgagggccat catcctggtt cccatcacca gcagagggtt     81540
     gagattgctg tcctcccaaa ggtggtccct gacgctcctc atctaggaac tgctcagagt     81600
     ctcctccatc tgtgtgagtt gaaacaagaa gagctgagct catgctggaa aaccctcctg     81660
     tcttcatacc tctctgtctt caccacacgg ccggcccctc tctgcctgac ctgcctctca     81720
     actcccaacc tccccccttc ccaaggcttc ctaattagaa ctcctcttaa tccacataag     81780
     ggtgatgaaa aattgaattt ctttactcat ggtccccaga atcaaggttg ggagaaaact     81840
     gtttgtatct ttggggcatt ggtattagcc aattcctgac aagaaaatgg tgataagaag     81900
     acactggaga actcatcaat ttttcaggga aaaatggaga cagagtttac tgagaattta     81960
     ttgggattta cctgatatta cgaggggaac atcttcctgg ctgacatcta gaaaagaagt     82020
     acaggatgat gggaaaagtt acttcctgaa tcattcaagg ctcatagtgt tctacgagga     82080
     taaaggacct ctgatcacac cctgtgcatc ccctttgtga tctcatcagc cactctctga     82140
     tgctactgga agtggaagaa gatgtaaggg aaagcagtat tgttactaca ctgagcgtca     82200
     accaggaact caacatagaa gggcccctgt ttgtcctctt ttgattcccc aagccttgat     82260
     gaggaatgaa gatacaatag gtcttctgat cctcggcatg aaaattctgc agtcccatct     82320
     gttttctcat cctcctctct tccctccact ttcctcctct atagcatttg cctgtaaacc     82380
     cttagcgctt atttagttaa actgctctga gtatttcaat gacatatttg gggattcttc     82440
     tgccctcttt catctgtaaa tatgttgttt atgtttgcaa gccttctcaa caggagccac     82500
     cagacatagc cacttggata taatcttacg catgccattc ccagcacatt gaaatactac     82560
     attcaggaga cagaaaaatg acaatgtttc actctggtta ttctctaact ctatgtagac     82620
     agagacaagt gtttacccaa ttctctgcct cggcagtagc tctgacatgt gtttatctcc     82680
     ttcattaatg ctcatccact gtacagcaag gccaccatca tccctgtcta ctgggatcag     82740
     tacaggatct tcacagctgt acttccctga atctgtcttg cattctccac atccttcaca     82800
     gcagtcccat gtctctatat aatgcaaatc tcactctctc acacccctag tacgaattct     82860
     ttattggatt ctatttgtgc aacaaataaa ctatgaggcc ttgatgagga atggaggtac     82920
     aatagatctt ctgatcctca gcatgagaac tctgcagtcc catctgtttt ctcatcctcc     82980
     tctcttccct ccactttcct cctctatagc atttgcctgt aaaccccaat cagagtcaca     83040
     atatcttccc ccaattcatc ttaccttcat ttaaatcctg agctgagctg aaggccagca     83100
     gggccactga cagcagaatc agaagcatct tgcaggaggc tctggtgtca ctcccaactt     83160
     tgtgctggga gaaacgtgtc agctcccttt ataaagacaa gcaggacaat ggtgcatttg     83220
     agctccctac caggtgggcc tcctcgcctc agagactggc ttctgctttg cttacttcag     83280
     gtcaagtgta tccctcattt cttttgggac tctagctcag caggaagggt tgggtaggat     83340
     attgtttgtg tctaattcct aaaaggcaca actatgactt ggacaaatgt tttgacggaa     83400
     ctgtgtccaa gcagtcggca cagtgtcagg attgaacttt agacatcttt tggttttcaa     83460
     tctgtttgga aagactgcta ttctgctttt cactgtgctt ttcatttctg tgtatgtgag     83520
     tttgtgtggg tgtgtcgggg ggtggacact gatcctacag ctaacagtga agatggtcaa     83580
     tatctctgac tgttttgata gcctctttcc atctctcatg atgtgtgtgc gtggatattt     83640
     tcacatttag ctaaattttt catgtaacag agatggtctt gcttatctgt gagatgtgtg     83700
     aggacagcac actcccaggc acacatatat gagagaaagg tgctggcagc ctgctcaggc     83760
     tacaagaatt gtccaaactt ctgtgaatct cactacactc aggcaagcct tggtgctata     83820
     caacacaggc aagctaaaat atttgtattt taaaaatatc tttagggttt attaaagcaa     83880
     aactgaactc agaaaccacc aaggaatttc tagacctgaa caaactgaat atatggttcc     83940
     ctaagtgagc cacacgatgt catatagcta agacctccac tttctccaga atattccata     84000
     gaattcatcc tctactttat ttcttctaat aaatattgta attgtcatca ctgataatta     84060
     aatggccaca attatacatt catctaagat aatttgtaat acctgtccaa gcctcaattg     84120
     ccttgattgg tcttctgctt ttactcagta attatgtcac ctgtttcatc agagtgttct     84180
     ttctcaccaa ggatttttat ctgtaatatt ccaatactca ttctttctca ttctttttct     84240
     cgcacttatt tgttgaaatt ttgtattctg agtctacctt gccatgttta cttttcgtcc     84300
     tatatctttt tttttctccc tacaaaggtg tcctttattt atccttctaa gtaaaggtgt     84360
     gtggtactcc tcactacctt tactttcatt tttgtctgta taatttgaca ataaaaaatt     84420
     aagtttccaa aaagccctgt cagggtcctg gtttggtagc tctctcctca gctgctgatt     84480
     gctccaaaaa ttaagtttcc aaaaagccct gtcagagtcc tggttttgtc gctctctcct     84540
     cagctgctga ttgctctgtg atacctagaa attccctgct catcaattca taaaatatac     84600
     tactcagaat caccagctgc actttccatt tcagaccttg agtaggtctt gtgtaatttt     84660
     tcactttttg tgcatggtta gtctttattt gaggatagct tggttggagg catggctgag     84720
     aagccaggtg acagaaaatc ataaagacaa ggccctagac aggtgtgcat gagtggatcc     84780
     tgtgctgggc atatgagggt ctggtatggc tcttctgaaa agttgcagat aataatacaa     84840
     gaaggcttcc tagtagatta gattttgcta cagacgacat tgttcttgta agggacccag     84900
     gcagattggt attttccctg gaataaatat agacctattt caggggggaa tgcattctta     84960
     attggcaatt cttctctggc cctgtgggaa gtagatcagc tctagctggg ccgtatgagt     85020
     tgtatctcag gcacagagta gttgcttgag cccagcagct cccaatgcgt tatggagatt     85080
     attgtctctg gtttcaccag gtactgtttc ccataggacc tggagatgag cagtcctgcc     85140
     tcggtgactt caggtcaacc atcatgtcaa aaaggaaggt cagagaaaag gaacaaagag     85200
     gagtgccagg cagatattgc ctgatgatgt gggggactga ggaagctgca ggcctggtgc     85260
     aagacaggtt tctccttggc agcagagtac aggaaaagaa caggaaatcc tcctaaaggt     85320
     cactcagctc aggcctgctc cctaacctgc tccaatgtca gcaatcagcg agagactagt     85380
     gtatcaggaa agcataaata tcagctatgc tctcactaga cacatcaaaa acagaggtaa     85440
     tggaagagct gaaagggaca ctgtctgtga gtgaaggtgg gtgaaaggga gacgcaggac     85500
     tgctgcagga gcttgggtac ctagaggtgg gtggcagccc tcagcaccac acttgccttc     85560
     tactatagat gttcatattc tgaggccctg aagggccagt cttcaacata tgaaatttta     85620
     ggattcatct ctcataacac atcccaacat tttctcggtc actgacaggt gtttacctag     85680
     tggttcaaaa atcctcgctc cctccaggaa cttatgcatt agccgatcta attgcctcca     85740
     ctttcaaaat acgtcccaaa tatgaccact tgcctgatct ttactagaag gtgattgttc     85800
     agccatgatg ctctctcctg gaggacttta ccagcctcca gctggtcttg gtaatgttct     85860
     tcccccagct catcccatat cagttccctc acaacaatca gagtgatcat ttaaaagtag     85920
     aaattaggtt atatcacatt tgtgcttcaa atctcctgtt ttttcttctg cacttgtgat     85980
     aagatccaaa tttcatgcct cagctctttc acacccacat gcctcactct tttttgaaaa     86040
     ccaggaagct ctctgaatgg aacagaaagt agaatcttct tcgacttcac catgctctag     86100
     tttgcctgga acactaaaga tggtttgcca ggaaagatga acattgacag agggaataaa     86160
     cttctctgag agtcagtgag tttcattggg tcgctgtggt ctggcagtgt tatgaattgg     86220
     cagaattatt ctattaattg caccaactaa gcattctgat aatacagtta gcaaataaac     86280
     acaatagtct ctgagacttc aacttgcttt gacttgtcta aaaagtttgg tgacactatt     86340
     atggccaatt aactattaaa aatatcttct atatttttaa atttgatgtt agtggtccat     86400
     aaatatatat atttcacaat taatttagca tatttctttt tttttttttt gagatggtgt     86460
     cttgctctgt cacccaggtt ggggtgcagt ggcatgatct cagctcactg caacttccac     86520
     ctcccgggtt caagcaattc tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggat tacaggtccc     86580
     tcgccaccat gactgactaa ttttttccca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aaaaaattat     86640
     atctaaagaa attaagtcac atggctaggg tcactgtagt aaatgaggaa aaattaagtt     86700
     gattttctct tctctttgta attccagttt aaccggatgt tgtcgatgtt gttttcaatt     86760
     tagaaaatat agcaaattgt tcattagcca tgagtatcac tctgctatcc accactttct     86820
     aagaaggcgc ttattttaga acaaggctaa cactaaatta caggaaatta agtaattgtg     86880
     gcaaactaga gaagcatagt atgtataata ggtcttactc agttagatcc acctgtcaag     86940
     gctgagtccc tttctggagt ctctagagaa gcacccattt tttgtccaca ttccttggcc     87000
     ttcttccatc ttcaatgcca gcaatagcca cttgagcctc ccatcacata gcatcacgtc     87060
     gcccttgcac tgactcttct gcctccctct tctgcagtta atgaccttat ggttacattg     87120
     agtccaccta gataatccag gataaccttt ctaaattcag gtcaattgat tcgcaaatgt     87180
     aatttccctt tgtcatgtaa gttaatatat tcacttgtct gagaattagg aagtgtgtga     87240
     ctttgggaga ctgttaatct tcatagaaca cacaggatgg acaccttacc catctagacc     87300
     tggtttggct cagtgagagt tggagagact cacccaggct tcttccagat atttgcatga     87360
     gaatatgaat gagtttatgt ataattagtt gttatacaaa tatttgtgac ttaaagtata     87420
     tatctatgca aaagcgtaaa tcacaaactg agatggcaaa aatttacttt caataaccat     87480
     tgacacttaa tgcatttttt gatattttag agctgtcata ttttttgttt tttatttata     87540
     ctacttttga ttgttttctt tttcctgatc tcctatgggg ccactgaaag tgttttataa     87600
     ttctatttta gttgatccgt ataatttttg agtgtatctc tctgaacagt gtttttagtg     87660
     attcttctat gttttacttt acatgtacat agcttataat ctagtggtgt acacttttta     87720
     ccagttttag tgaagtatgg aaaccttaca tccctttata atttttaggt caaaatgaat     87780
     ttattatttt tcagttttgt aggtcagaaa tctgaactga ggttcactga gttaaatcca     87840
     tgtgtcaagg ctgagtttcc tcctagaggc tctagagaag aatgtcattt ttccacattt     87900
     cctgtctctc ttccatcttc aatgctagca atggctggtt aaaacatatg aagaaaactc     87960
     aagtgaaaaa ggaagatata ttgtgtttgc ccactttccc cctttctctt atttttactt     88020
     cattcttgat gttccacaaa tttctcttct attctttcct ttatgtttag agaacttcat     88080
     ttggctatta tttaaagata ggtttgttgg aaagaaattc tcctaggttt ctagcttttc     88140
     tttttttctt agaatgcctg gatttccttt acattaatga aggatatttt tattgaacat     88200
     aaacatctgg tagaccattt ctacttttga gcactttaaa tatttgtgct cctttctact     88260
     gttatttctg gtttctggtg ataataacca ctattattta tattgcattt tccctataac     88320
     tatgatgtca tttccttctt tctgctttca atattttgtc tttaattttc agaaattgga     88380
     caatgaattt tcctggaatg gatttcattg gttgtattct ggttgggatt tgctcagctt     88440
     cttgaatctg taggtttatg ctctttgctg tgtttggaaa atttttgatc attatttctc     88500
     tgagtccttt ttcaacatca acctcttctg cttttctgaa actcagaatg catgaatagt     88560
     acatcatttg ttatagcctt tcatattcat gatatgatgt ataatttttt caattatttt     88620
     accctgtatt gtttagagta tataatttct attgatccaa cctcaagaac actgtctttc     88680
     ctccatcatt ttctttatgc tatttatcat gcccaataaa ggttttttaa gacattatat     88740
     ttttcatttc taaaatatct gttttcttaa tttataattt ataattccta tttttctgct     88800
     gacaagtttt tcctttccat tcattttgag tgtctacctt gacctcatga aggatgggta     88860
     caacagctcc tgtaaagtct ttggtcattt taatatctaa gtaatttcaa ggttgtaatt     88920
     tcttgattgt ttcattcctt gagaaatggt cgattttttg tgagttgttt tgagtacatt     88980
     gagtaatttt ctgttttatc ttgcacagag ggattttctc tttttgcaat acacaaaaag     89040
     cccaataagg gtaggttcgg acattggagg gtgaaggcac tcatggtaaa ttatgctcca     89100
     ccaactggct caaatggcca gggagtttgt cccactaaca tttttggtgg ttttccctgg     89160
     gtcaatctct ctggcactta tgagataata ttttaagtat ttaatatcac accatacata     89220
     cagatataaa gacaataaaa agcagtgcat cgaatgggtc caaagggccc tatccacaaa     89280
     gtcttcctaa ctttggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cactgtttgt     89340
     tcaatcctca tcagttgaac tcaggcactt ctttttcctt tttctttcta aacctgcttg     89400
     ttagaggctg tcacagtagc cagaaggccc tgctatcttc tatttgagta tttatagaat     89460
     gcaggaaaaa agagggtaaa ctataaagaa cgactgtagg cctccccggt gcagtggctc     89520
     atgcctgtaa tatcagtact tggagaggca gaggtgggag gactgcttaa ggccaggagt     89580
     tctagaccag cctgggtgac atagtgagac tcctctgtct ttacaaaaca ctaaaaaatt     89640
     atccaggcat gatggtgtgt gcctgttgtc ctagtcattt gggtggctga ggtgggagga     89700
     aaagaaggga aggaaagagg aggggatggg aggggagggg agggttggct tttttttttt     89760
     cctcttggct tcttgccctt ctttctagtg cacctcccag tagggtctct tttgtatttc     89820
     ctcacatgct attgtcctcc atccctcagc accccttccc ccaaccccca gaaccaagta     89880
     gaatggtgat ttgtgcacat atatccaaca gggctatact aatttgagtc cctactctcc     89940
     ttgaagcttt gcaatatgtt gggatggttc tgtagggtct ttggtgtccc ttgggtcagg     90000
     aagatctcag gcccagcccg aatccctaaa gcaattgaca tcagaataga ggtaaagaag     90060
     ttatcaggga aatatagaga aagtgtcttc aggccagtat gcaagacaca tttactttca     90120
     aataagcatt attgccacta ctcggtggtt aactgaataa gcatctgaat gtaacaactt     90180
     tgggagatcc ttaatctttt cacctttcca ccaaaggcct gtaacaactt tgggagatct     90240
     ttaatctgtc tacctaatgt tatctggaga agacagctaa atctaaaagt gtcatttgga     90300
     agtctgtttc agttctacca gtggtactca attttcaacc acttcccaat cctcctcatt     90360
     aatgagcaac ataatagaag aatatttatt taccaattac aaacatttta gtcaacatgt     90420
     tagctaccag ttcccatgga ctttcagcaa atcctattaa tcagcttgta ggatccttca     90480
     ctttctcctc agaaggccag gtctttgggc tgtgttccat cctcgttgcc aaaattatta     90540
     taagctaaca acttagcttg tcacttgttg tacttgcaga aggcaaaaga tggtttatta     90600
     ttcactgaag tactagcagt agtcagagga atatcatcgt actatttctt caagcttcag     90660
     tcccctcaca gggataagat gagaaactga tgttacatgt gcaagtagtg gtgtctatca     90720
     aaagagaaat ctcaaaatta ggaaactcca gtcttaaaaa ctttgatcac tgtgagtaac     90780
     ctgtccatct tgccttctga agaagaagct ttacactgga atgtaagcaa atatctctgg     90840
     agagaagaag aagaagagaa gagtctttat ctttaaacaa atctgccttc tgaccaagag     90900
     ggatacccta tttctaaatc ccaaggctct ttgccatgac ctggtcttgg gcaaagtgaa     90960
     cgagactcct agggcacaaa acgtaaaaag gcattcaata ggttgcaggg ccctaaaacc     91020
     aagtggctcc tcaaactttg caccctgcat gccttgctca cctgatccta gttgaggccc     91080
     ttctgtttgc tcatcaaaca tactgtttgc tcacaagata agagctagac catgcagaag     91140
     tgcaatacat tcatggagaa tttttttccc aacatccatt cccaagatca aggttacaca     91200
     gttgccaaag attgtagagt attctgaata tatcatctat tttcttcctg gacagaacta     91260
     aatccatcag aagtaacttt tttaaaaaat gtttctttct tttgcataca atttgttttt     91320
     attttagatt aagagatgag tccagaggta agggggacag gagaactgtg acatcaggga     91380
     tgacactacc ctttgagagc actggagcag ttagaaagga ttgaaagtga ataatcttat     91440
     ttcataaggg gtatgtcatt ttatgattca aattaagtct gtgattatca cttagcaaaa     91500
     ttgctaaaat cattatcaga atatcccata tcatgatagg aggaagaaaa agaagtaaaa     91560
     tctaaaattg ttatggaggt aaatagaaga ctgccataaa caagctatct acagaattat     91620
     ggggcttagg aattcacagt accctataaa caagaacaca gctttgagaa tttctatact     91680
     ctaattttta aaaatgaagt atattttgtg aatttttcac ccacaaatta ttttaactgg     91740
     aagccatcac agctcattaa tcagcaattg gtgaaggact aaagcagccc aaatcattcc     91800
     tgtctcaaag taaggcctgc ttgtaagcaa gtgtgaactg gggatgtatg tgcagaaatc     91860
     agagcctaag tatggtaagc tggacatttc agagataagg aaggcagctg gtgtgtgtga     91920
     aatcttatat caataactga ttttattttt tcagtcctaa ttgctattat ggaatttgtg     91980
     cttttcatta ttacatcttc acaaagcatg atttttaact ttagaacaat ttacatttta     92040
     tgctggataa ttctgttgtg agggactgtc atgtgcattg tgagatattg agcagcatcc     92100
     ttgtcctcgt acagttatca ggtaaaatac agagtgtgtc agttcaattt gaatttcaaa     92160
     taagcaacaa ataattgtca ttgtctgtgt atccaattat caatgctgca ggtctgtaat     92220
     tggtcctcca tagcacactt acattatgat gtaaactcat attatggtta tcacaagtaa     92280
     tacttattta taaatttatt cttgttgttt tttcttttgt ctgaaatgta aatttaacta     92340
     ggcctcctat atttttattt gcttaatctg ttaacattac aatagatgcc agcagcatcc     92400
     gtccaatttt aactgaaatg tctccaggca ttattaaatg tcccctaggg gggcaaaatt     92460
     gccctgtgtg gagaaccact gtcctaaagg gatttcatcc tttgcacatg gaaatctcgt     92520
     ggtctattct ctggatattt taattttatt cacacattta aaatttcgtt ttaggcctgc     92580
     aatgtccagg ttatttttct agggtttact ttttgttcta tcgattacca tataattaac     92640
     tttttaaaat actttctgca atgttgaaaa tttgtctttt gtctttactg ctgaaaatta     92700
     tattatttgc ttgcaatatg ttcttttttt tcttagagag aacgtaattg ttcttcaaaa     92760
     tctgcttcca attatttcat tttaaatatt tattactgtt accttaaact tgcgattgtg     92820
     ttcttttatt taacctgcta tttttacatg ctttctcatt acatttttaa gaggagacgt     92880
     tcttattaaa ttcaattctg taaactgatt ggttatccct gatttgtttt tcttttcaaa     92940
     actttattta tttttctttc tttacacagt gactttcatc aaatgagatc ctgtatttgt     93000
     tactatcgtc ttggtcttct atatttttat ttactaaacc tggtaactct acactagatg     93060
     ccagcagcag tcctccaatt ttgcttactt aaaatcttac tgatttttta atacgtgtcc     93120
     ttgccttcct tacacagtta accaattgag taaaatttta ttgttagtcc aaagattcag     93180
     attctacagt acaagtctgt tgtagatggt caagattgta acatttttga tggtcaaagt     93240
     tgcttagtgt ttttaactga aaatgactga aaatattaac agaatagggc ttatatttgg     93300
     aaataactct tagtgatgta catttcaatt gactttgttt catatcctca aagttttcac     93360
     taagctgtag actctactaa ctattttcat ttgagttttc ctttctagtt ttaaattatc     93420
     aattgatcat catttttagg ataggaacta aatccctatg tgtttgtaca tataaatctg     93480
     attttatata cactctatac acatacatag atattataat tcttgatgta tttctattct     93540
     attctaatgc ttatgcaaca tattaataaa atttaaagat agagtaatct attatattga     93600
     tcacagtgcc taatgaaaaa tgcattttca atatattaga attttactat taaatacata     93660
     atctccatat atggtgcaaa caaggtagca atctgttctg cttaatttaa atcagcaagt     93720
     attttcaata atgctcaata tatcatagaa cataatgaga aaataagagg taggtgaaag     93780
     aaacaaatgt gtagccctcc tgttcttctt cctttttttc tttctgagaa tatcatcact     93840
     catatcaggc atgtttataa aaatgagaga ttatgtcctt tttggcatac ttcatcttct     93900
     tcaggacaca gagagaagct tgcttcagtt tgctgtcccg taaaattaga agaaatgaat     93960
     ggccagatgg atggaaaaat accagcacac tactaaaagt ccttgccgca acgaagtcta     94020
     gaagaggaca ggccaatgtt agtatgatac tgatgaaata atgcacaata aagaggagta     94080
     gaaatgaaat tatagctttt ataggtttta catgggcttc tgtgctggga tccctggaat     94140
     aaataccatg tagcttcatc tgcctggtgt ggctccataa ggagaggatt aagagaagaa     94200
     tggaagccag tgtttccaca aaaggaagga tgaacatcat ctgaaggaga aacagagaag     94260
     tgaaatcatg catggtatcc atataattaa atgtcaagtt gccttttatt gttacccgtt     94320
     cttagattaa actattaatt attatttcct tcagaatgga agttgtgcag aaagagatcg     94380
     ttgcctctag tacaataaag agaagcacct tgtgaatttt ccatttcatc cagaggaaaa     94440
     tgggattgga gaagttggct accttgagga aatagaagac actgaggcaa gtggtacagg     94500
     acaggcagaa atagctggat cctgtccaga gaatgtcaaa acttactgca agattcttag     94560
     aatcaggcat tttctcatag cctatattga aagaggtagc taaaattgtt atctacagga     94620
     aacatatcct ggagatggcc aagcagttga gaataaaatc aatcagggag acctttcagt     94680
     tcctgattca gtcaatgata ttaaccaata caatgaatca atttcccaca gtccccatta     94740
     tgaattacac tacaagaatt cttataaaca gtgtctccca aatgcttgac atgcctctac     94800
     atagtgaatc tctgccttca atacaccatt ggctgattga tcctagctgc actgttatag     94860
     atttatatat ccaaaggagt gacttctttc tgttttattg atggccattg gtgtagtctg     94920
     gagagatcca aggtgtgttc taaaattaga tttcaactaa attgtaaaat atacaagttt     94980
     ttttcccttg agggtatcag ctagtgattt tcaaggcaaa tattatattc cctgctacta     95040
     ttgactctgg ttgtatttta catggaaagt tctgcattca aatttgaacc ctcatttgtt     95100
     aacatgcaaa attgaagtag attctccttt atagttttac aatgccatct tttgcttaaa     95160
     ggttattcat ttgtatgatg tatccctttg attcatctac caccctgggc tagaaattct     95220
     aagcccccat atagaaaaat gcagtatata tttagagttt atgatcagca tatttcttca     95280
     ttatcaacct cactaatgca gattatttat aaaatatgca aagtttaaga aaatggagaa     95340
     aactgctctc tgatataata ccaaatcttt tagagagtat ggaagttttt ggccaggcac     95400
     ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt ggaaggccaa ggcaggtgga tcacctgagg     95460
     tcaggagttc gagaccagcc tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa     95520
     aaattagctg ggcttggtgg catgctcctg taatcccagt tactcgggag gctgaggcag     95580
     gagaatcgct tgaacccagg aggcagatgt tgcagtgagc cgagatcaca ctactgcact     95640
     ccagcctggg tgacagagtg agatccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag agagagagta     95700
     tgcaagtttt aaaacatacg atacatactt tggcacttct tctattgata tcttaggagt     95760
     ctgtgtactc tgtccttaaa tctagaatgg tttgtgacta attcaactaa taaaaatgct     95820
     ataataattc taaagctaaa tcatgaaaag ccatgcagtt ttttcttaat cactgcaata     95880
     tttactcttg gagtcctaag ccacatgtaa gtagtccaac tactctgagg tcacaatgtc     95940
     caaacccaca tgcagaggcc atgtgcaggc cctctggctc attatcccac gtgagcccag     96000
     cttttacgtc cttttacccc aggtactaaa cctatgagcc aagaaagcga tatttgacct     96060
     gtctgatacg gtagatacta gccacatgtc acacgtggct ttttaaattc acattaataa     96120
     aaattaaata agattaaaag tacagagcct cagtattact aaccatattt caaatgctca     96180
     ctagccacgt gtgactattt tatagccaac atacataggg gatatttcta tcattgccta     96240
     tcattgacat ttctatgtat ttctcagctc cgccttagat aagttcagcc cctggtcact     96300
     tgaattgccc ccagttgttc ataactttct ggctaaaggc ttagacattc tggaacaaaa     96360
     agaagccatc cctgctatgt cttgaacaaa accctaacct acagaatctt taagtgaatt     96420
     agtctattct tgcattgcta taaagaaaca cctgaaactg ggtttctgta agaggtttaa     96480
     ttggctcatg gcttcacagg ctgtacagga agcatggcgg catctgtttc tggggaggcc     96540
     tcaggaaatg tataaagatg gcggaaggca atggggaaat cagatacatc ttcacatggt     96600
     tggagcagga ggaagagaaa gatgggggag gtgccttaca ctttcaaaca accaaatctt     96660
     gtgataactc actcactcac tattgccaca ccaccaccaa gggggaaact gccccccata     96720
     atccaatcac ctcccaccag gccccacctc caacattagg ggttacaatt caatatgaga     96780
     tttgggcgag gacagaaatt caaaccatat caacaagcac aataaaatgg ctgttatttt     96840
     acaccatgaa gtttctgggt gattttatta tgcagcaata gagcatcaga atagaattat     96900
     ttagcatatg aatggtatca atattttgtc atttctaatt tccatgtctg tttttctctt     96960
     ctatcccaaa taaaggtatc catagcatct ttattttcct cagtgtaagg ggaacttgta     97020
     taaattttct ataatttttt catacgttga gctgaactta atcttaattc tgatgaggtc     97080
     aaaccaggaa aggccaatta gtcatgttct ttgtgtaatg caactgctgc atttccctcc     97140
     caaagtagct agtccaaaat ttagtgacat tcaaaaccaa tggagatata atataggcct     97200
     aagaggagtc aaagaaatga atgagttgga cagcccacca aaagatacac cctaggtaaa     97260
     ttcacaaaga aaactccatg actaaaagaa aggctaattg tgataggcaa acatgaaatg     97320
     caaacaaaac tgaaactgaa ataaacaaag ggaaattcag gaaaatatta tatgctgaaa     97380
     aagggttatt ttatttgtct tattgaatat cttctttgtt ccagccctct aggaggtggg     97440
     atgaagcatt aaatacaact atttttaaat gcccttaata agttgacatt ctgaaaagat     97500
     gaactctaaa catataacta ataaaatata tatcatacag atataaaata tagtttataa     97560
     gaagttgcaa atataagtag agagggtcaa tagaaagcat gtcagaagag gggttgaaat     97620
     tttaaataag gtgcttaggg aaggactcat tgagaaggtg atgtctgaac aaagacctaa     97680
     agtaggtaaa gaaattatcc atgttttgtc tgggtaaagt acattccaga cacacggaac     97740
     agcattatca gtgtgctaac attggatgta cctagtgtgt ctgaggaaga acaaggaaag     97800
     cagtgtgact gttgcggaga tgagagagtg agaccactaa gagtgaagtc tcagaaagaa     97860
     gaggcatgtg cccagaaggc agcacataca gtcaaaagag attattttag aacgttaata     97920
     tttaacgcct gccctgctgt gttttgtact tgcgtggtgc ctactgctcc tctcttgtgg     97980
     ctgatttctc ccttttggaa tgagaatgtc tatccaatgc ctgtacaaca actgtatctt     98040
     ggaaggaaat aaattgtttt ttatttcaca ggctcatagc tggaaggaac ttgacttcca     98100
     gtctcaaatg agactttgga cttcagacat ttgaattgat gcagcaacgt gttaagaatt     98160
     gggggactat tgttgggatg gaaagattac attttttttt atgtgagaag gacacgagtt     98220
     ttcaggggac caagtcagaa tgctatggtt tgtacacggt ttgtttgtcc ccatcagaac     98280
     tcatattggg atttgatccc caaagtagtg gtgttgggag gttgagctta gtgagaagtg     98340
     tttgagtcat agggttggtt ccctcatgaa tgccttggta ccattttcaa tgtagtgagt     98400
     gagttctcac tctcacaaga ctgaatttgt tctaggggaa tgagttgttt ttcatgagag     98460
     tgaattgtta taaagccagg atgccccttt ggtttattct ctcttcacat gtgcccgctt     98520
     ctgctttgac cttctccacc atggtttgac ccagcacaaa agctctcagc agaaactaag     98580
     cagatgctaa tgccatgctt cttgtacagc ctgcggaacc atgaactaaa taaacctctt     98640
     ttatttataa attactcagc ttcaggtatt cctttatacc aacacaaaca gaccaagaaa     98700
     ttgaggaata atatttataa aattatttca gtgaattaaa ttagataaaa tggacaaatt     98760
     ccctgaaaga aattactgaa tcaggcacac aaagaaatag aaaatcttag tgtctatttt     98820
     taaaaattga attcttaatt taaaactttc acacaaagca agggatgacc tgaatgttta     98880
     ttttcatcac atatttaaga agaaaaaaat accaacctac ataaattttt caacaaagtc     98940
     tcataaaggt taactctgtg agctttattt caagaaggaa agtgggaatc taccagaatc     99000
     ataaggacac acagatccca gggaggggaa catgggcaaa cagcccccat gatggcaccc     99060
     agttaaaaaa gtgaatgaag ctccagtagg tgagagaggc agagagcctc cctctgtgac     99120
     tcacctttcc actggggatc tgagcaaccc agtgctcaga gggaagagta ccttgtttct     99180
     ccaaagccct ggagataact tggagaaagg cttagagaca ttgtaaggga aagacactgg     99240
     gaaaaggttc aggccttttc tcagacccag gactgagagc aggataccat ttttaattca     99300
     gatgccacaa agtcaatcat tctttggtaa ctaagcagcg tagctgtgca ggcattttag     99360
     tcttgggcca gatattggag cacctgcttt agagcagggt ggggacctcc atggccagaa     99420
     ttgtggggaa aaaaaacctt agcagcaaac actgaaactg tgctatcccc catcacaggc     99480
     ctggggcagg aggggagctg ctacagccag tttatcctat gtgatgagac ttgcaaccag     99540
     gcagcttagc tacttggaac tagtctgtgt gtgtcattgc tgggtacccc accctgttcc     99600
     cctgtgattg tggtgcagca gactctcctc cactctacct ctaggcagaa atctgggcat     99660
     ttggatcact cattcacctg gttcagcagc ttcatctgct ccacccttct tgtgcagaga     99720
     tcctagaata gggaggccct ctctgcttca tgcctaggca gatcccagga ttttggagca     99780
     cctgctagca aggttcagca ccctgaacca cctaaccttc cttgacgtag gtcatggtgc     99840
     aatggggccc tctctgctcc acagccaggc agaactctag atatctgaag cacccattca     99900
     cctggctcag cagcctatcc tcccctaccc ttcctgtgca gagattttga tgcagggagg     99960
     tcctctctgc tgcataccct agcattcaaa gcacctgctc acacagactg gcaacctgtg    100020
     ctgcctcacc cttcccgttc acagatccat gtactgggct gatcctctct gttttatgcc    100080
     caggcaaata tccaagcatt aagagcacct gcctgcctag ttaagaagcc tgagtcaccc    100140
     catttaccct gtgcagaaat cttggttggt gggggtgggt tctgctccac aagcaggcag    100200
     atttccaggt attcagagcc cccactctcc tggattaaga gtttaggcca atctctccaa    100260
     tatccctgtg caaagaactt ggagccgagg gggttaccta gctccacccc tagacagaac    100320
     tctggtcact tggtagccac tcagtagatt ctccctcagt gttggtgctt gtgtctgcca    100380
     ttggaagacc tataggtgga cctgccttgt ctggccccac ccaccttgct ccccacaacc    100440
     cccaaggctg agcagggagt tcacaccact gtgtactcca tgagtcagac cattatctgc    100500
     agcaacagag agtttcttcc agtaaacaag gatcaaatat ataaccatca cattgtccaa    100560
     aactggctct tacctataag tgccatctac tggcttgtag gttgaaccgc acagtctaat    100620
     ataaaacctg caacctgtaa gtgcataagg ctatagaagc tgggcaaaag acctacccag    100680
     aattctctaa agtcatacct cctaaggagg gagggggaat ggaaagggaa agaaaaaaga    100740
     acaataatat tatagggaaa taaagaaaaa aatcctacct tatggaaata attacaaaaa    100800
     ttagaagtgc cagtattgcc agaggaggag gaaagagaac aagaattcta ccaccataaa    100860
     aaaagtgaat gtaatgaaat caacaccatc aaaggagcac agtacctctc cagcaatggt    100920
     ccctaaccaa aacaaaagct cagatatgac agataaaaaa ttcaaagtat agattgcaag    100980
     gaagctcaat gagatgcaag acaaggctga aaatgaatac agagagattt ctaaagcaat    101040
     ccaggaaatg aaggaagaca taaacatctt acaaagaaat caatcagagc ttctggaatt    101100
     gagaaactta cttaaggaat tataaagtac aattgaattc atataaagta caatctctca    101160
     tagactggac caagcagaag agtttcagac cttgaaaact ggtcttttga actaacccag    101220
     aaaaaaaaat taaaaataat ttaaaaatat gaatacagtc ttagagcaat atgggattat    101280
     gtgaagcaac caaactcata aactgctggc attcctgaga aagaaggaga aatagttaat    101340
     aacctggaaa acatatttga ggaaataatt taagaaaatt tccctaatct tgctagagag    101400
     gtagacatac agatacaaga aatcaagagg acacctgact gatgctatag gaaatgaaca    101460
     tcaccaaagc atatagtcgc cagactatcc aaggtctaca ctaaagaaaa aaatcttaaa    101520
     ggcagctaga gaaaaagatc agatcacata caaagggaac cccataaggc caagtatata    101580
     gctcagcaga aaccttacaa gccaggagag attggaggcc tactttcagc attcttaaag    101640
     gaaagaaaat tttccaacca ataattgtat attccatcaa actaaccttt ataactgaag    101700
     gagaaataaa atcttttata gacaagcaaa gggtaaagga atttattacc actggaccag    101760
     tcttacaaga gatccttaag ggagttctaa acatgaaaat ctgctaccaa aatagcacac    101820
     ctaagcacat agcccaagac cctataaaga aaccacacaa tagaaactac aaagcaccca    101880
     gctaacaact tcaaaataga atcaaaacct cacatagcaa tattagcctt gaatgtaaat    101940
     ggtctaaata ccctcactta aaagtcacag agtgacaaat tcaataaaaa acaaaagtca    102000
     tcggtctgct gtcttcaaga gacccatctc acatgtaatg ttactgttag gctcaaagta    102060
     aagggttgta gaaggatctg taacacaaat agaaaagaaa aaaagaaaga atcactattc    102120
     ctatataaga taaaacagat tttaaaccaa caacagtaaa aaaatgacac agaaaggcac    102180
     tacataataa taaagtgttc aattcaacaa gaagacttaa ctgccccaaa tatacatgca    102240
     ctcagcattg gagcaccaag attcatgaaa caagtacctc caaacctata aaaagattta    102300
     gatacccact caataatatt gggggacttc aacaccccac tgagaagatt ggacagatca    102360
     ttgaggcaga aaactaacaa ggaaattctg gactcttgaa aaaacgctca aataattagg    102420
     cattgaagga acatacctca aaataataag agccatctat gacaaaacta cagctaacat    102480
     tacactgaac atgcaaaaac tgaaagcatt ccccttgaga actggaacaa gaaaagggtc    102540
     cccactccca tcactcctat tcaacatagt attgaaagtc ctagccagga caatcaggca    102600
     agaaaaaaaa aggcatccaa atagaaaaat aaaagccata gtcaaactat atctctttgc    102660
     tgatgtgaat ccatacatac aaaaccctaa agactctgcc aaaaggctcc tggcacagat    102720
     aaaggacttc tgtaaagttt caggatacaa atcaattcac aaaaatcagt agcatttcta    102780
     tacaataaaa atcttcaagc tgagagccaa atcaagaatg caatcccatt tacaatagcc    102840
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacaact aggactacag ctaaccaagg aggtgaaaga    102900
     gaactgtgaa acactgctga aagaaatcat agatgacaca aacaaatgga aaagtattcc    102960
     atgctcatgg ataggaagaa tgaatattgt taaaatggtt gtacggccca aagcaattta    103020
     cagattcaac tctattccta tcaagctacc aatgtcattt tgcacagaac tagaaaaaaa    103080
     aaactatttt aaaattcata taaaaccaaa aaaagagccc aaatagcaaa agcaacccta    103140
     agcaaaaaga aaaaagccag aggaatcaca ttacctgact tcaaactata ctataaagct    103200
     acagtaacca aaacagcatg gtaatattat aaaaacagac acatagacca atggaacaga    103260
     atagagaacc cagaaataaa gacacacaac tacagccatc tgatgtttga caaaactgac    103320
     aaaaataaac aatggggaaa ggactctgta ttcagtaaat ggtgctggga tatctggcta    103380
     gccataagca aaataattaa actgaacctt tacctttcac catatacaaa aattaactca    103440
     ggatgggtca aaaatttaaa tgtaagactt tatactacaa taatcctgga agaaaactta    103500
     ggaaacacca ttctaaacat tggccttggg aaagaattta tgactaagtc cccaaaagca    103560
     attgcaacaa aaaacaaaaa ttgacaagtg ggacctaatt aaactaaaga atttctgcac    103620
     acattgtata aactatcaac agagtaaaca gacaacctat agaatgtaag atttgcaaac    103680
     tatgcatgca acaagggtct aatatcccaa atctataagg aatggaaaca attgaacaag    103740
     cagaaaacaa ataacccctt taaaaacgag caaaagacat gaacaggcac ttttcaaaag    103800
     aagacatacg agcagccaac aaatatttta aaaggctcaa catcactaat cattagagac    103860
     acgcaaatca aaaccacaaa gagataccat ctcacaccag tcagaatagc tactatcaaa    103920
     aagttaaaaa aaaaaaaaca gatgctagtg aagctgtgga gcaatgggaa cgcttgtacc    103980
     ctgttggtgg gcatgcaaat tacgtcagcc actgtagaaa gcagtttgga gatttctcaa    104040
     agaacttaaa ataaactacc attcaaccta gtcatcccat tactcagtat ggtgtatgca    104100
     cgccacactt ttttggtcta atccattttt ttttttttga gacagagttt cactctgttg    104160
     tcctctcact ctgttcacaa gaaaataaat cattctacca gaaagacaca tgtactctca    104220
     caatttcatt ggaacactat tcacaatagc aaaggcatgg gaatcaacct acgtgcccat    104280
     caacaatgga ttacaggcca ggcacagtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag    104340
     gtcaaggtgg gcagatacct gtggtcagca gttcaagacc agcctggcca acatggtgaa    104400
     actctgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gccgggcgtc ctggcacctg cctgtaatcc    104460
     cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcagaagaat cgcttgaacc tgggaggtgg aggcagcagt    104520
     gagctgagat catgtcactg cacttcagcc tgagaaacag agtaagattc tgtctcaaag    104580
     aaaaaaaaat ggattagacc aaaaaagtgt ggtatatata gaccatagaa tactatgtag    104640
     ccattaaaaa aaaatgaaat catgtccttt gcagcagcac ggatgcagct aaaggccatt    104700
     gtcctgagtg aattaatgca gaaacagaaa accaaatact gcatgtttca cttataaata    104760
     ggaactatac aattttaact aacactacta agtgatagaa ttgagaattg tacctctgac    104820
     tccagactca gtccttaact attatagtgt tttttgtggg gaccatatga gtgcagaggt    104880
     gaaaatactg acagatattg aaagatgcta ttgggtaaat aaactacaag agagttcaga    104940
     gaaattaatg ataaaaatga tcatactact cctctcactt acctaacttt taagcaaacc    105000
     catttgggag gtcctttcta aaaagaaaat aaaagagaga aaatgagaat gctcaagtag    105060
     atagtactat tgaaacaggt tactaaaaat gcatgtggta tcaccaaaga acctgttctg    105120
     acagcagaga aaatgaaatt aggctttctg tccttatact caaggataac tgtgccttat    105180
     tgcaaatatt tattccaact gttccataaa atatctttga gttttgaaag caaaaaaagt    105240
     taaaaataat tttcttacag gaaaatagtt gattattgaa cttcattaaa agtttttaat    105300
     gtcctctctt tgaaagacac tgtaaagaaa atgaaatgac aagcctctgg ctggcagaaa    105360
     atatttataa aacatatgtc tgataaagaa cttatattca gaatgatatg gtctggctgt    105420
     gtccccaccc aaatctcatc ttgaattgta gctcccataa ttcccatgtg ttatgggagg    105480
     gactcagtgg gagataattg aatgatgggg gtggtttccc ccatactgtt ctcatggtag    105540
     tgaataagtc tcatgaaact tgatgttttt ataaggggtt tcccctttcg cttggctgtc    105600
     attctctctt cactgccacc atgtaagacg tgacttttgt ctctgccatt attgtgaggc    105660
     ctttccagcc atgtggaact gtcagtcaat taaacctctt tttctttata agttacccag    105720
     tcttgagtat gtctttatca gcagcatgaa aatggactaa tacagagact atataaagaa    105780
     catttacaac tcagtaataa aaacagaaag caatgaatca agctaagtag ttggcaaaag    105840
     gtttaaacaa acatttcata aaaagaggtt gtatgaatga cccaaagcat atgaaaaaat    105900
     catcagcctc actagccatt aggaaaatgt gaattaaaac tatgatgaga tgccattaca    105960
     ttctgactag aatggccaaa atagaaaaca aaacagagta cctaccaact gttggccaga    106020
     atgtgaaata actgaaacac tcgtatattg ctggcaatag tatgaaatgg tgcaaccact    106080
     ctatagaact ctggcagttt tttcttaagt taaacataca cttatcatat gatttgacat    106140
     ttttactcat aggtatttac tcaagagtga ggaaattgta tatccagaag aagagaaata    106200
     catgaatgtt gatatcagtt ttatttataa tggccaataa ttgaaaacca tttgaatgtt    106260
     cattaacagg aaagagaaat tttttaatgt ggtatatcca acactactca ggaacactgc    106320
     tcaggaacaa actactgatt aatacaacaa aacagaagaa cttcaaaaac attatgctga    106380
     gttaaagaag cctcacatat aacaatacac actctataac tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    106440
     tgtatatatg gcatctatat atctatatct atagatatat agatgcataa aattctagaa    106500
     atcaaaaact ctcttattgt taccaaaagc agataagtag ttgcttggga aaaagggctg    106560
     gaggggagag ggtaaactgc aaagggcact gacattgtgg tcacacaagt gtatacattg    106620
     tcaaaactct aactgaaatg tggactaaca tgttgcattt tattatatgt aaattatacc    106680
     tcaataatat ttactttaaa aggcataatg taaaatatgt atgtacacat acatacaata    106740
     taattactaa aaaaccgtta tctttttatg tggcagttac tcatattaaa ctttttaacc    106800
     ctctcaattc tctcaacaca tcagtatagt aatagtggca agtccaaact tccctaattc    106860
     tattccaaat aactgttcta attatctgta gctcaccatt taaataggag tacttgagat    106920
     aataaaataa ttacctaaat cacccatctc aatgaatgat ttagaattga agagccattg    106980
     ccaaacaaaa gattgtagat ttacaattaa catctaagta tgctgtagta tatgttttta    107040
     atttacaata gaatctgcca ataatttcct caaataagtt tcaaattcct aataatgtag    107100
     aaatacatgt cataaataca taatattctt aggtaagatg ctattataga gaagaattta    107160
     aaacatttac agtgaccttc acaataaaag aaaccagggg aagcataaaa tatcttttaa    107220
     actccttgta gactcctgtt tctgtctgca atattcaata atctgtggtc tgaatggctt    107280
     atgaaattgt gagtttctca tcgtttagcc cataccttag ctgccaccaa aagaaaggcc    107340
     tgtcttaact tagcgtttcc tagaatcaga agaaaggagt ggcttgaagg agagaagact    107400
     ccaatcgtct cacaaagcat gtagatcact gtgttctgat acagctcaga aatccatgat    107460
     atgagaacac atagaaagaa actagcatag aataaaagga atgagatcac aattttcaag    107520
     gcatttgtat ggaccttggt cctggggtct ctgtgtcctt tgtaattgag ttgcattttc    107580
     tggagatgtt tctgcaggga gaaaattaac aggagaaaag agatgaaggc cacagtaaat    107640
     ggtgttagac tgaacatagt catagtgaat ttgaccgaca ctgaaaatgt ttcaaagtca    107700
     ctcatactga aattccaagt tgtgtttctt tcatatcggt ccagccagtc ttttatatgc    107760
     atgtttattt gtatcagatt taaaaataag aagaccaagg ttcctagcag tatcatcaga    107820
     atcactttgt ttactctcca cttcaaatag agaaaagcag ggctagagaa actcgctatt    107880
     ttgagcaaat aaaagatgct gaagattgta gcaagccaga gattgaagtg attagaaact    107940
     atccagctaa aaatcataat tcttaatcct gttccagaca caaatatggc tagataatgc    108000
     agagctaaaa accaacttac taatatttcc cagatcagcc caattctgga gattgccaag    108060
     ataatgagga gtttatcgac tgaggacagc tctcttttac tgacccagtc aatgcagttg    108120
     atcagtacta taaatccatt gctcaaattc ccaattatga attctgcaat tattacaaga    108180
     gtgaagatac tcggcagggc actttccatg tcagaacaga gaaagttcaa tgtctaatgt    108240
     cactgctggt tattcactga tctaaaatgc tattcacatc cttgagtgtc cagtggagtt    108300
     cttcttcctt ctcctttttc tgctccttct ttcattgttg gctcaacgtc aaagcagaaa    108360
     tctctaaagt ttgctgatcg atcttcacat aactgttctg gtgatatctt tatttttctt    108420
     caatttctct gctgagccct agctaagata tttatgtctt caccatgggc agaaatattt    108480
     catagatgat tatgcagcaa agttaaactc acatttgcaa ccatgcaaat aaagatatat    108540
     tctctttcat tgttttgtac ttttttgcct tgtctgagca tagaaaatta gattcaacca    108600
     gcttgagttc tgaggtacaa atattataaa aatctgattc atagaatatg tagctaaatg    108660
     aagcttttat ggctaatagc atagccaatg aagctttata aaatatgcaa agacttacct    108720
     atgctatttc aaaagagtgc tcaatttctt gtggagctaa agctggatct ggtcaatact    108780
     gtgactaaag agaaactcgt ttacaaagca tccatctttc tcattccctg cctcatcact    108840
     acttagcagt gctcaccacc atccctccat aggcaccaaa tgccttcaca ttttatccgc    108900
     ttttcccctc atatttcttt tttaaactta aaagtgataa aaaaacaaat tttacaaaat    108960
     cagcaacagc taccaaagaa agcagtacta tattacatca taacttgcaa aactgaaaac    109020
     caagcaaaga aatagataca ctagttcccc ttatccatga ggcctatgtc ccaagacccc    109080
     cagtggatgc ctaaaacagc agatagtacc aaactctata tacaatatat ttttttcctg    109140
     tattcaccta cctatgataa agtttaattt gtaaatcaag cacagtaaaa gattacaaaa    109200
     ataactaata ataaaataga acaattaaaa caatatacta taataaaagt tgccaggggt    109260
     tgtggctcat ccctgtaatc ctagcaattt gggagattga ggcgggagga ccgctcgagc    109320
     ccaaaagttt gagaccggcc tgggcaacat agggagaccc tgtatctaaa ataaataaaa    109380
     attaaaaaaa taaaaagtaa aaaaatgtgt taaaatatat agtgtggtgt ctctcactct    109440
     ctcaagatac cttactgtac tgtacacacc tatttttgga ctgtggttga ccttgggtca    109500
     ctgaaactgc agataagcgg ggactaatgt gttcattgtg aagagtcaag gttcctcacc    109560
     ccgccccact ctttcaaaaa ctaccgaaaa aaagtggatt accaaaattc tgaaaacgtg    109620
     gagactcaag aaagattgtc taattcaaaa ttaatataaa taaaacactt tatcttgatt    109680
     ataagataat aagtagccat ttagctagat gaatacaaag ctatttttat ttaataaaga    109740
     tataatttgt gaattatgaa tgtttgtatt ttattactca tgcaatcttt attgggtgat    109800
     ctacagagta ctaaaaaatt tacaaaataa ttgcatcatc tttaatgatt tgcaagtttc    109860
     aattataact taaaataggt agatattttc tattttgttg ttataatggt atatttgtca    109920
     agatagaata gaaaatgtct cctttaacag tttgttaggt ttgtatattt atgaccttta    109980
     aatatgtagc tatgtggcat gtggtcttcc atttgcattc ttgacccagg gctgaagaga    110040
     tcttttatac tttttcattt tagggtgttc ttcctaccta tctagagaaa agggtttggg    110100
     gatgccggtc acaacttgat aataccccaa atctgtacaa ataggcctga ggaatggtac    110160
     tgtacttgct ggtatatgaa aaaataccac agtttttaga acttgtgata taacacatga    110220
     caaagacata gagaatggat aacaggcttg cggttctgag ctgcattttc ctggtgtgtt    110280
     tccataagag aaaacattta aaaatataaa tttaatcaaa gagatgtagt ctctcacttc    110340
     tataagagaa agagaataga tgctagggag catcacagaa aaactttttc agcagtctga    110400
     actgaaaagg aaaatgaggc aaagggcagg aagaggaaac aatgaaaggt ttgagtatgt    110460
     aaagtatttt ttaagtcact gatggatgca gtttgccaac gttgtgttag gatatttgca    110520
     gctatgtttt taaggaatat tgacatttaa ttttcatttc tcatattgtg cctatgagaa    110580
     tttggtatta agatttagct aacctcatat catttgttta gaaatatttc ttttctcttt    110640
     ttcatttttg ctgcctatta ttgttacata taacaaatat agaacattta atgaagttta    110700
     aatgctatag tataaagtgc acactaattt aaaagcctcc catggcaaga aagagaactt    110760
     tgtaaacccc ataacacctt atttgctcct ttctaatcac aacccctatc ttcattccag    110820
     aagtaacaac tatctgcaat tcaaatcacg ttattgttta actttgtata ttttaatttg    110880
     aatatgtatc cctaagcact agcttggttt tgcctggttt tggattgcac atgaatggaa    110940
     taatactgta cacaatattt ttgaatttaa ctatttttga tcaatattat gtttctaaaa    111000
     ttaatcatgt tgcatataga gatagatcat ttattcaatt gctgtatagt attaatggaa    111060
     tgacaattca aaatttatct agtctagtgg aaacacaaag ttggtttatt ttgagtttgg    111120
     agactatgat gatgatgatg ctacgaacat tctttaacat gtaacttatt attgagtaca    111180
     tgagcataca tttctatgat cttgatctgg aaccattccg ttgcctattt cttctggtct    111240
     tgttttggca gttacgactt tctagatatt tgtcagtttc aattatttat gttttcatgt    111300
     aattttgatt ataatatcat cttattaaat ttttaatacc aacagaatat atcctttaaa    111360
     ttcttcatat tatttgcttt tcttttcatg atttatctta ccagaagttt gcctattttg    111420
     ttagtctatt caagtctgtc ttggtcgatc ttttcagatg tattattttt cattaatttc    111480
     atctcttata ttgttattta attattttta cttccgttga gtatgtttgc tgttatattc    111540
     ctggcatacg ttttcctctt agaatttttc agcatttctc acaaggtttt actatatttt    111600
     attatactta attttaaata ttttctaaat ttattgtgat ttttcttcca ccatagacta    111660
     tttttaaaat atatgttcga gtttccattt acataaaatt ttctctgcta aaatttatgt    111720
     tatgcatata tggtcaattt tgataaatgt tttgtgtttg ctgaaaataa tgtgtatcct    111780
     gtagctttgg ggtgcagtgt ttcatacatc cactagatct atttgtaatc atgttattta    111840
     aatcctattt accttttctg agttttgtct ttttattcta ttatttcttg agatttaatg    111900
     ttaaactatc ctgctatgag tataggttta tctatgtctt ttagaagtcc tgtcaacttt    111960
     tactttacat attttgatgc catgctgatg agtgcataga gcgttagaat tgtagtatct    112020
     tcatggcaaa tataacctct actcacatga ggtgacatta tctattctaa tgtctttttc    112080
     cttaaaatct atttagcctc acgcctgaaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcgggtg    112140
     gatcatgagg tcaggagatc gagaccagca tggctaacac atggtgaaac caagtctcta    112200
     ctaaaactac aaaaaattag ccgggcatgg tggcaggcac ctgtagtccc agctactcgg    112260
     gaggcagagg caagagaatg gcaggaacct gggaggtgga gcttgcagtg agccaagatc    112320
     acaccactgc actccagtgt gggtgacaaa gcgagactcc gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaatct    112380
     atttagtata tattaaaatg attacattag cttatttttg ttagtgtttt atggtgtgat    112440
     ttttctaaat tttactttta acttctcttt gttattagga tttagatata tatcttgtac    112500
     atagcataga ggtcgtaaaa tgggacctag agctatatgc taacatttta ttccttgtag    112560
     gataagaaat gtagtcttgt aggagtcccc tctccccctt gaagttgtat attatgtaaa    112620
     tttttggtca ataaaatatt gtggaaatga catgttgctt cagagtgaga gcatttactc    112680
     accactataa gactgcaaat ttctcatctt cttgccttga cactcaaaca agggtcaata    112740
     aaccatctat cagcctggat tcttttgtga ccactatgag cacaggacat gtaacagaaa    112800
     tcaaaaacaa aaacaaacaa caaaaacttc tcctacgtgg agtccctgag ctttggggat    112860
     cttgttagta cagcatagac taagctatct tggcaagtat gagactggcc tcttgaactg    112920
     gtatgttact aaaacaaaac acctaactta tgtgacactg gcttaatact tgattcattg    112980
     gcagtgagtg gcaagaaaaa acattactgt ttactgtaaa acaagatagg gagtggcaaa    113040
     acattcgata gcagtcacct gtggttatgt gggaggtaaa tcacatattt gaaagttttg    113100
     taactctaga aaaaaaatat aattgaatat attaatggtt catttgacaa ttaaaaaaat    113160
     tgactttaga aaataattgc ctactgtcta gctaaatagc aaacagaggg agatgctcta    113220
     aaagaaaatg atatttattt gggagtaata ttgcaatgag aatacatgtg ccatagtaaa    113280
     ttatgtgtgt attcagggac attagaaaag acaaggattt ctaaaagagg aagattacat    113340
     aattgttttg agataattaa ccttggatcc aaggatcagg aacaagggtg acacctgtct    113400
     aaggttagac aaggaggttc tgagcagatg tccttgcaga agtatctttt tgtgtagggt    113460
     tgcagtggcc tttgtgcaat gttgttgttt tgtagagtct tttctggtag ctcttgttat    113520
     aagtcgtatt tacattaaga actctcccct catggccttc tccagctcca tttgtcagag    113580
     ttttaacaca agtgacttca ttttgattct gacaatttta tactactttg caagcaggaa    113640
     aaaaatatat cagaaagaag agtctagaaa cttgagattt tgcagagctg gaagaggcaa    113700
     ctgcttctca acactgaata gtatttgagt ttctaagcct ggttaaaact cagccatggc    113760
     tgggcacggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctaaggc aggtgcatca    113820
     caaggtcagg agatcgagac caccctggct aacacggtga aaccccatct ctactattaa    113880
     tacaaacaat tagcctggca tggtggcggg cacctgtagt cccagctact tgggaggctg    113940
     aggcaggaga atggtgtgaa cccaggaggc agagcttgca gtgagccaag atcatgccac    114000
     tgcactccag cctgggccac agagtgagac tccgtctcaa aaaaacaaaa aacaaacaaa    114060
     caaaaaaact cagccttaag actaggatta tctcaagggt atggttgtta catccatgtt    114120
     aaaaattctg actagattat atttacagaa aaaggttcaa ctgacagtta ctgctctttc    114180
     agtttgacaa ggtaatatca aggcagagtg attaaatatc tggtttcctg aatgaagcct    114240
     tacaatgctc aaagtatctg atattaaatc cagagagaaa agcagagggg tgaaaaagca    114300
     acaaaacaca gcaaatataa gaagcagcag actagacaaa aactgtgact tgtttgcttg    114360
     tatgtgaagc tgacaggaat taagtagact aaaaaattga gtttcttaaa aaattgtgct    114420
     tctgaaagaa atgccaaccc aaactaggtc acacgtgtca aagtatatta aaatggaggc    114480
     caggtctgaa gaatccctag gcagacaaag ccagttaggt ctcatatgac cttaaaactg    114540
     attgatttac aaaagtaagc aaaaattaac ttgagctatt ttttataaat gcctatagta    114600
     aagaaaaaca gaacttaaac tcaaccaatc aaagacagcc aacaggatag ccaaacattt    114660
     gattggttag ctataaagtt accttatttc atctgtcctg tctttgcttt tcttctttgt    114720
     ctgtcctata aaagcatccc catcgcgttc cctcggtaga gctccggaac cacctcagtt    114780
     tggagctttc caatttatga accatcattt gcaaataaac ttttaaaaaa ctttagtgtg    114840
     ccttagttga ccttattaac acatgttgag ctaaaaccct gtattagtct gttctcatgt    114900
     tgctaataaa gacatacaca agactaagta atttataaag gaaagaggtt taatgaactc    114960
     acagttctac atggctgagg aggcctcaca atcatggtgg aagacaaaga aagaggaaag    115020
     ggacatctta cgtggcagca gacaagagag agtttgcaag gcaactcccc tttataaaac    115080
     catcagatct catgagaatt acttattcat tatcataaga acaacatggg aaagacccgc    115140
     ccacgattca gttgcctccc actgagttcc tccccatgac acatgggaat tactcgggag    115200
     ccacaattca agatgagatt tggatgggga cacagaaaaa ccatatcaaa ccctgttcca    115260
     gagatgcagt ttaacatatt atgagacaaa tgggagctca cagacaatat gagaatctct    115320
     tgaagattac actttttttc ctagttctaa aattacatct tttttaatga gacttatatt    115380
     cttcccccaa ctcagaacat ttccttgtct ttaagggaga cctgccacag atagagaacc    115440
     atagaaaata acagtaacaa ccacataaac tgtcatgtta gctatgaaaa gagttggtgg    115500
     aaggaatggg ctctcaccaa gacagtgaaa aatagaggta ggtggtaaac aaatatgcaa    115560
     aaggaccatt cagaaaccca agcaaactat cattctcccc attttactgg tgctataaat    115620
     acctgaaaaa aagtgccaca gaaatggatt agtgttatca tcaacaaata tatttgagcc    115680
     gggcacagtg gctcacacct ctaatcccag cattttggga ggccaaaatg ggaagatatc    115740
     ttgagcccag gagtttgaga ccagcctgaa caacataaaa agaccacctc tctataaaat    115800
     aagataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaaaaaata gctgggcatg gtggtgcaca    115860
     tctgtagtcc cagctactta gaaggctgag atggaaggat tgcttgagcc cggaaggccc    115920
     aggctgcagt gagccatgct tatgccactg ccagtcagcc tgggtgacag tgagactcat    115980
     atatatgtat acatttaaat atatgtatac atgggtgaga ctcatatata cagatatgta    116040
     tatatttgta cgtatgagat aagctggtga gaatgaggtc attgaagcag atatcctgtt    116100
     ccttgccaat taagtcagtg atgaattcca tagttaatac caccatgaaa atgtcctcct    116160
     ctatacctgg cttctcttca gagagaaaaa ttcctaattt tataattttt tttattttca    116220
     actaagggat taatacaata attaagggat taaatattta atatttattg tttcagtact    116280
     tctctcttgc tatgtccatt aattccattg ctcattgtta atttgttgtt aattacatta    116340
     aaatcagttc ttctgtagga tcatgtcata ttgatcttta tgaaatcaga gcaatcattt    116400
     ttcaaatgat tcagctggca attttcatac taacaaatat tttagttttt tataagagcc    116460
     acaggtgata actttccata ttcaaaagaa tacccagtga agtctagtgt tctcagatgc    116520
     agttacggac agttttcctt tcactgtttt cacttgttgc ttcaccctaa acttcaattt    116580
     atgtacacat tacagtcccc aattaggaga ctaacaggat gttgaagaat ggcattggca    116640
     ggacatttct gaattcagta gcaggaatga actcaaaacc agcagtactg agtcagttct    116700
     tgttctcttc tgactgaatt cgtgttcatg gaaatgtttc tgcaagactg agtggtcaca    116760
     gtgtcagaag gctcctcagg ttttgcctct tcacacatgt ccatttcccc tttgaccttc    116820
     tgccatgtca agatacagct ggaaagccct caccagaagc tgagcagata tcagtgcctg    116880
     cttttggaac ttcccagcct gcagaaacat taggtcttta tagattgtcc agcttcaata    116940
     ttatgcagcc ttaaaaagga acaagatcat gtcctttgca gggacatgga tgaagctgga    117000
     agccattatc ctcagcaaac taatgcagga acagaaaacc aaacaccacg tgttctcgct    117060
     tataattggg aggtgaacaa tgagatcaca tggacacagg gaggggaaca acacttagcg    117120
     ggcatgttgg ggcaggacgg gggtgggaga gcattagaga aaagagttga tgcatgctgg    117180
     gcttaatatc taggtgatag gttgataggt gcagcaaacc accatggcac acattaacct    117240
     atgtaacaaa cctgcatatc ctgcacatgt accccagaac ttaataaata aataaataat    117300
     acatttttaa aagatccaca tgatcaaaaa tgcaaaaaaa aataaattat ccaacttcag    117360
     gtattctttt atagcaacat aaaatggact aagacaaaac tctgtggtga aatctccaat    117420
     tatttgtaag atgaagtcgt agaaatgggt gaagtccaaa aagcaggtta taatctatat    117480
     aaacatttaa gacttttatt aatattgaca aagtccccta caaaatgcat gcaccaatgt    117540
     aagctctcac tagcattaaa cgagactgct cgtaactttg cacacattat aattctatgt    117600
     aacaatttac aaaagcaaaa tgtggccaat ttgaaatgca aaatagagca cttgttattc    117660
     attttaccat agtactatac taaacttacg tttttgttta aatgtgaggc tgaatttttt    117720
     atatatgata atctggtttt taaaattatt tttatctttt ttataaaaca gtaaaagtat    117780
     taaatttttt tctactgttt atattgcaaa tagactttaa agtttttaat ctattattta    117840
     cctttctata tttattttct tgaggcattc agaaattctt ccagtcatgc tattaaatgc    117900
     attcatttta aatgtactct gcctttaata tcatgtttaa acatgtcttc ccaactttca    117960
     agattacaaa acaattcttg gtattttctc tgtttgattg tttacttttt caattctata    118020
     tttaatcctc ttatttactt tggaagaaga agtatgttac acatttgtct tatttcaaat    118080
     tgcaatattg ttgttacaat actaattatt gcagggttaa tttttcttca catatttaag    118140
     atggaaaaat ctatctcaca caatatattt gtaaacaaaa aaagatattt ataaactcta    118200
     taattttttt gttgcactgg agtttcctca ttctttcatg atgttattct atgccactct    118260
     ttaaagagaa gtgttggagg acatgaaagg tgagaggata gacatgtaac tatttgttgg    118320
     acacctaact taggatggac agattatatt atttttatca gcaaatgtga actcatcagt    118380
     cttttcctta atgacatgtg cttcctcaaa ttaaaggcag tagagtctta ttttgatttt    118440
     cttgtaaaag ttttaaagaa ttgttttcaa atctaaagtg atagtacatc taatgtagtt    118500
     tttctgtttg ttgtgagtta gaaatacaat tttgtcccaa tattaaatga cagaggtctc    118560
     aatatcatta gttgaacagt ctacgttttt tttttgttga tttctaatgc caaatctatc    118620
     acgtacggag gttcctatgt gataagaata aacaatctgg tctcaccaga cctgtcttta    118680
     gtttgatctg ctgacctatt acttattata tacattttat ttctgtgtca caaccttcat    118740
     tgttttgatt tttttaataa tttttttgag acacggtctt gctctgtctc aaaaaatatt    118800
     aaaaaaattt ttttaatctt tttttttttt ttcctgacag agtcttgctc tgtagcccag    118860
     gctggagtgg ctcaattaag gctcacttca gccttgacct cctgggctca aacaatcctc    118920
     ctgtttgatt ctctgtgtag ctaagactac agttgccact atacccagct acttttttga    118980
     tgcttttaga gacaaggtct cactgtgttg ctcaagtggg tcttgaatgc cttaactcaa    119040
     gtgatcttcc catctcagcc tcccaacatg ctgggattac aagtatgagc cactaaataa    119100
     ataatttaaa taagtcttgc tatctactgg atacccctac cttaattttc tttttcaaga    119160
     attgtctgaa ttatttttga atacttaatt catgtgtaat ttaggactgt tttgtcaatt    119220
     tgaaaataaa tttctttaag attctggtta gaattatatt gaatatgtga attaatttga    119280
     gcataatcaa tgtctttgaa aattaatttt tgcatatcta tatagttcaa atccttcact    119340
     aaagtattat agttatgtaa tttcacaata tataacatca tgaaacactt ttctgagact    119400
     tagtcataat caaaatatag ttcttatttg taataagaaa gggaattttt ttaattccac    119460
     attttaatgg accagtgctg gtgaataggt gtaattttag cccatatata ttgatattgt    119520
     actcagcaag cttatcaaat ttgtgttatt tcaaaagttt tcctgttgat ttttaaatta    119580
     tctaggtgga attactacta ttagtatata atttctttaa atttccatcc aaatttctat    119640
     gtaacaatat ttttgtcaaa gtgtattagt taaatgacct aacgaaattg tcaataaaca    119700
     agtatctttg tcttaatctt gattaaatga aaagctctat gttacactaa taactatgct    119760
     tctgtatttg tttagtagac atacaagtta ttaaatgttg cttctattta aacttggttt    119820
     gggtatttat cttgattagg agttaaatta gattaaacat ttttgcaaca tctgttgaga    119880
     taattttatg taaattaaaa ttatttactt tctagtttta aattatcttc aaattcttag    119940
     aatgaatctt ttcatttgta atatatttta agtatatatt atgagactaa tttactttta    120000
     cacttttttt tagcagtttt gtgcctgtat ctaattgcct accttctcat tatttgctgt    120060
     cctctactgt ttttactcac tttgagaata attttttaac ttcttaaaat aaatgagaat    120120
     aaaacattta ggttcactga agtagtttgg agaaggtaaa aattatgaca tttttaaact    120180
     tagtaaaagt tttttataaa tccatctgaa tttgatatct tgtgtatatt ttgatagtcc    120240
     attcaaaatc tttgaaattg ttgatttatt aaagtttttt actactaata taaatttttg    120300
     ttaacctatg ctttttaaaa acttggcaat ttcaactgag tttttaaatt ttggaataaa    120360
     attatttaga actttgatta tataaagctc tgctatttag tattttctac atttcatcaa    120420
     tttttctgct tctcgtattt cttgatcagt accatcagac ttttgaattt cctaatcttt    120480
     aaaagatttt ggttgtacta ccattgtcta ttatattttg attttctatt tatttattca    120540
     ttcatttatt tatttactac tttgattttg gttgacatcc aaaagcataa ttactgccct    120600
     tcagacaaat tctaactttt ccttttgctg agtctatgac ttgggaaatt tacttaacct    120660
     tgctatccct tggatttttg tttgtttagt ttttgagaca aggtctcacg ctgtcacccg    120720
     gggctggagt gcagtggtgc gatcttggct cactgtagtt ttgacctcgc aggctcaagt    120780
     gatccttcca cctcagcctc cctagtagct gggactacaa aggtgcacca ccatacccgg    120840
     ctaatttttg tattgtttgt agagggcagt ggggtctcac catattgccc aggcttgtct    120900
     cgaactcctg aactcaagca tccacctgtc ttgacctccc aatgttcggg gattacaggc    120960
     aggtgccaca gcaccctgtc atgcctctga ttctttaaaa accaaaggga atgagactgt    121020
     ttttaggaat aaatataaaa taaatagcac acctaaacca cctagaacag taccatgtac    121080
     taagtaagcg caaggtacat attagctcct tcttaactta ttcacccttc tttaaatttt    121140
     tctgttgttc atttttctta actgaaggtg aatatgtgcc tcattcatct ggaaaacttt    121200
     tttataaaac atgtactaat ggatatggat tcttagcttt agccggtttt ttcattttga    121260
     ttgtgaaaag ctttttcgtt gctgagttct aaacatttat cttttatgta gaaatgttca    121320
     tctttttctc agttatagag aatagttcaa ttttcaaact tttttgattg atttaacatt    121380
     ttactacttt acattctacg taatacttat tccatggaat ctgttctttg ttatagtgta    121440
     catggtttag gtgtgtaaat gtttcatgtg tatttgaatg tttgtgtcca gatttctgtc    121500
     aagtacagat ttctacataa aagtattgaa ttaatttttg ctaattgcat tcttaaaata    121560
     ttccatatca ttctttcttc tgcttgatat ggcagtttat taagtgtgtc ttacattctt    121620
     attatttgtg gattcttcag tttctgtttg tgaggcttct gctttatcta tttacgtaat    121680
     gcattgttag gtatgtccaa attcatgatt attgcatctt ttccatgaat tttttctttt    121740
     tctttttttt gagacggagt ctcgctctgt cgcccaggcc ggactgcgga ctgcagtggc    121800
     gcaatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctccgcttc ccgggttcac gccattctcc tgcctcagcc    121860
     tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggcgcccgc caccgcgccc ggctaatttt ttgtattttt    121920
     agtagaaacg gggtttcacc ttgttagcca ggatggtctc gatctcctga cctcatgatc    121980
     cacccgcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccgc gcccggccct    122040
     tttttttttt tttgagacag agttttgctc ttgttgccca ggctggagtt caatggtgtg    122100
     atcttggctc agtgccacct ctgcctccca ggttcaagta attctccttc ctcagtctcc    122160
     tgagtagctg ggattacagg cacacgccac catgcacagc taattttttt gtatttttag    122220
     tagagatggg ggtttcacca cattggccag gctggtcttg aactcctgac ctcaggtgat    122280
     ctgcccgcct tggcctccca aagtgctgga attacaggcg tgagccaaca tgcccagcct    122340
     tcgatgaatt gttttattct tactactctg taatcacctg tctttaactg ttactgttgt    122400
     ttactttaaa tgttatgtga ttattagtta taattcagtt aaatatgaca aatataaaca    122460
     agcaattgaa tatatgcatg tggaagagca tctatctttc acataactaa aaaatacata    122520
     ggaaagtttt tgtggcacaa attgtccaag ggaatagtgt gattctatca ccaacaaatg    122580
     ataggataat agacattagg cataagtagc agttactgtg ctcattagtt agtggtagat    122640
     tctacccatt tattttctgt cactgtggtt ttctgcttta ggtatgcctc ttgaaagcag    122700
     aacatagtcg tgttttgttt tcttatttat tctctgtctt ttgatagatc aagcaaattt    122760
     atttaaattc atgaacattt ctgataacat tgaacttgct tttactgtct tattaaaatt    122820
     ttgctagtta tcactctctt ttcactcttt ttttgctttg agattaaagt gataagttct    122880
     ttttattcat ttctccatct gttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagacg gagtctcgct    122940
     ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg cgatctcagc tcacggcaag ctccgcctcc tgggttcacg    123000
     ccattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggactaca ggcgcctgcc accacgccca    123060
     gctaattttt tgtattttta atagagacgg ggtttcaccg tgttagccag gatggtctcc    123120
     atctcctgac ctcatgatcc acccgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg    123180
     agacacggag cccagcctca tttctccatc tattctaagt ttctattttt atataacaaa    123240
     tcattcccca aattgcaggc ttaaaacagc agtttattac ttttttcctc acgattctgt    123300
     gaattgcctg gacttagtgg atagtctctc attgtggtat ttcatgtagt tgccatcaga    123360
     taagggatgg gaccacagtc atctgaaggc tcaaatggga tgaacatcta caatgatcca    123420
     actcaatggc tgacataggg aggattccct ctttttctac tgattggaat agtttcagaa    123480
     ggaatggtac cagctcctcc ttgtaactct ggtagaattc ggctgtgatt ccgtctggtc    123540
     ctggactttt tttggttggt aggctattaa ttattgcctc aatttcagag cctgttagtg    123600
     gtatactcag ggattcaaat tcttcctggt ttagtcttgg gagggtgtat gtgtcgagga    123660
     atgtatccat ttcttctaga ttttctagtt tatttgcata gaggtgttta tagttttctc    123720
     tgatggtagt ttgtatttct gtggaatcag tggtgatatc ccctttatca ttttttgggg    123780
     ggtctatttg atttttctct cttttcttct ttattagtct tgctactggt ctatcaattt    123840
     tgttgatctt ttcaaaaaaa ccaactcctg gattcatgga tttcttgaag ggtgttttgt    123900
     gtctctatct ccttcaattc tgctctgatc ttagttgttt cttgctgtct gctagctttt    123960
     gaatgtgttg gagagcagtt tctcataaaa gcttgtggat tcaactgtaa aagtggcaat    124020
     ccactctgac tcccctctcc actgcagaga gctttcttct ttcacttatt aaacttttgc    124080
     tccaacctca cccttttgtg tccacactcc ttaattttct tggtcatgag accatgagct    124140
     cagataacac cttagtaata atatcaatga cccggacctg ttttggtaac accagctctg    124200
     gggccaggac acaggggcac tctcaggcag aagactgaaa tctgtgcaag tggtatacaa    124260
     atttatccct tcatacacaa atctcaggcc agtctctctc ttggacttct aaaattttac    124320
     attcattgtg atgagaatca acatttttgg ttcatttcaa aggacaggct caagttttgc    124380
     caatgctaat atggctcagc agaaaaatgc atgtggcttg tattaagaaa gcacataaag    124440
     gatctacatt gactgggttt tcataatcac aaaaaacgaa taaatttgta tgagtatctt    124500
     tatatgaagg caaggaggaa aacaggtgaa tggaagccta cgtaaatgtg cttatgattt    124560
     aaaacaaact tatttcctca ggaaaaatat atttttcacc tcacctgtta aagtcttagg    124620
     aaagcttaac cttgataatc tcctaataac agaacttatg tttcttttct gaacctcatt    124680
     ccttctcata ttgtaataat gaaatgaata aatgaatagc aagtgagtag tggtgcacac    124740
     taaactctga gtactgactg ccttctattc cacttaatac ctttataaga acattgttat    124800
     gtacctaagt catgtcatct ataaaactaa ggtaatgata acaatcatat gtccctaata    124860
     taatggtttt gatgattaag tggaacatag taaatgttta aaaatgtttt ctattataac    124920
     caatttggct aggataggtg gaaagaatag aaatatgata attaattgtg aaatgtataa    124980
     tatatattaa taggtcatca acatcaaatt aaaaaatata gatgattacc atgatagtga    125040
     aaccaaagtt tttagacaag tcaaagcaaa gttgaagtct cagagaccat tgtgtttatt    125100
     tgctaactgt attatcagac tgcttagttg atacagtgaa tacaataatt cttccaatgt    125160
     acataaactg ccagacaagc aactcaatgc aattcactca ctctcggaga agtttatccc    125220
     ctctgccaat gttcatcttt cctggcaaac catccttcag tattccaggc aaactagagc    125280
     aaggtgaagt tgaagaagat cctactttat attccattca gagagcttcc gggtcttcaa    125340
     aaaagattta gtcatgtggg tgtgaaagag ctgagtcatg aaatttggac cttattgtaa    125400
     gtccagaagg aaaaacaagg ggtttgaagc acaagggtga tatgatctaa tttctacttt    125460
     taaatgatca ctctgattgt cgtgagggaa ctgatatggg atgtactggg ggaagaatgt    125520
     taccaggacc aggtcgaggc tgttaaagac ctccaggaga gagcattgtg ggccgaacaa    125580
     caagcttcta gtaaagatca tgcaagtgga cacatttgag atgtattttg aaggtggaag    125640
     aaattagata agctaatggg tagtgcctgg agggagtgag gatttttgaa ccactaggta    125700
     aacacctgtg agtaacagag aaaaagttgg gatgtgttat gaaagatgaa tcctaaaatt    125760
     tcatatgttg aagactgatg cttcaggacc tcagaatgtg aacatccata gtagaaggga    125820
     attgtgttgt tgacggctgc cacccactct aggtgcccaa gctcctgcag cagtcctact    125880
     tctccctttc acccacactc actcccagac agtgtccctt tcagctcttc catcacccct    125940
     tcttttgatt tggctggtga gagcatagct ggtatttata ctttcttgat atgctagtct    126000
     cttttgctga ttgttgacat tggagaaggt catggaaggg acctgagctg agcgaccttt    126060
     aggagcattt cctgttcttt tcctgtactc tgctgccaag gagaaatctg tctttcacca    126120
     ggcttgcagc tttctccgtt acccacatca tcaggcaata tctgtctggc acccctcttt    126180
     gttccctttc tctggccttc ctttttgaca tgatggttga cctgaaatca ccaaggcagg    126240
     actgctcatc tccaggtcta atggaaaaca gtatctggtg aaaccaaaga aaataatccc    126300
     agtaacccac tgggagctgc ttggcttaag cacctaccct gtgcctaaga tacaacccat    126360
     caagcccagc taaaactgat ccagtttcca cagggccaga gaagaattgc caattaagaa    126420
     tgcattccca cttcaaatat gtctatattt atttcaggga aaatatcagt ctgcctgggt    126480
     cccttatgag aacattgttg tctgtagaaa aatctaatct attaggaagc cttcttgttt    126540
     tgttatctgc aactcttcag aagggccaga ccagaccctc gtatgcacag tacaggatcc    126600
     acccatgcac atctgtctag ggccttgtct ttatgatttt ctgtcacatg gcctctcagc    126660
     catgcctcca accaagctat cctcaaataa acactagccg tgcacaaaaa gtgaaaaatt    126720
     acacaaggcc tacacaaggt ctgaaatgga aagtgcagct ggtgataccg agtagtatat    126780
     tttatgaatt gaggaacagg gaatttctag gtatcacaga gcaatcagca gctgagaaga    126840
     ggagtaccaa tccaggaccc tggaaggatt tttcagaaac ttaatagttt attgtccaat    126900
     tgtagagaca aaaatgaaaa taaagatagt gaggagtacc atacaccatt gcttagaaga    126960
     ttaaataaat gtcatctccc acaagtcatg tggggagaaa aaaactatat aggaagaaaa    127020
     ttacaaacga caaggtagtc tcagcatata aaatatcaac aaatgaatgt aagaaagaga    127080
     atgagaaaga attagtatta gaatatcata gaaaaaatca tctttgtgaa agaaaactct    127140
     gatgaaactg gtgacataaa tactgagtaa aaaacagaag accaatcaag gcatttgagg    127200
     cttgaacagg cattacaaat catcaagttg aatatataag tatggccact tagttattag    127260
     tggtgaagac tacggtattt gttagaagaa ataaagtaga tgatgaattc tatagaatat    127320
     tctggagaaa gtggaggtct tagctacatg acatcgtgtg gctcactttg ggaaccatgt    127380
     ttcagtttgt ttaggtctag aaattccttg gtggtttctg tgttcagttt tgctttaata    127440
     atccctaaag atatttttta aaatacaaat tttttagctt tcctgtattg tacagcacca    127500
     acgcttgcct gagtgtagtg agattcacag agtttggaaa tttcctgtag catgaggagg    127560
     ctgcggggca gccttctgtc atctatgtgt acccagcagt gtgctgtcct cacacaactc    127620
     acggataagc agaaagcatc tctattacat gaaaaattta gctaaatata caaatatcca    127680
     tgcacacaca tcatgagaga tggaaatagg ctatcaaaag agtcagacat attgaccgtc    127740
     ttcactgtta gctgtaggat tgctgcccaa ccccctgaca cacccacaca aactcacata    127800
     cacacaaatg aaaagcacag tggaaagcag aatagcagtc tttccaaaca gattgaaaaa    127860
     caaatgatgt ctaaagttca atcctgacac tgtgctgatt gcttggacac agttccgtca    127920
     aaacatttgt ccaagtcata gttgtacctt ttagaaatta gccacaaaca acatcctccc    127980
     caacccttcc tgctaggcta gagtcccaga agaaatgagg gatacacttg acctgaagta    128040
     agcaaagcag aacccagtct ctgaggcgag gaggcccacc tggtagggag ctcaaatgcg    128100
     ccattgtcct gcttgtcttt ataaagggag ctgacacgtt tctcccagca taaagttggg    128160
     agtgacacca gagccttctg caagatgctt ctgattctgc tgtcagtggc cctgctggcc    128220
     ttcagctcag ctcaggactt agatgaaggt aagccgaatt gggggaagat attgtgactc    128280
     tgattggggt ttacgggcga atgctataga gggggaaagt ggagggaaga gaggaggatg    128340
     agaaaacaga taggactgaa gagttctcat gccaaggatc agaagacctg ttgtgccttc    128400
     attcctcatc aagacctcat aatttattga ttgcacaaat agaacccaat aaagaatttg    128460
     taccggggga gtgagagagt gagatttgca tttatagaga catgggactg ctgggaagga    128520
     tatggagaat gcaagacaga ttcagggaag tgcagctgtg aagatcctat actgatccca    128580
     gtagacaggg atgatggtgg ccttgctgga cagtggatga gtatccatga aggagataaa    128640
     cacatgtcag agctattgct gaggcagaga attgggtaaa cacttgcctc tgtctacata    128700
     gagttagaga atcaccagag tgaaatattg tcattttttt ctctcctgca tgtagtattt    128760
     taatgtgctg ggacgggcat ttgtaagatt gtatctaagt ggctatgtct ggtggctcct    128820
     gttgagaaag cttgcaaaca taaacaacat atttacagat gaaagagggc agaaggatcc    128880
     ccaaatattt cattgaaata ctcaagagcc ctttaactaa ataagcacta aggcttaagg    128940
     aatcatgaga ggacaaacag gggcccttct atgttgagtt cctggttgac gctcagtgta    129000
     gtaacaatcc tgctttccct tacatcttct tccacttccg gtagcatcag agagtggctg    129060
     atgagatctc aaaggggatg cacagggtgt gatcagaggt cctttatcct cgtagaacac    129120
     tatgagctct gaatgattca tgcagtaact tttcccatca tcctgtactt cttttctaga    129180
     tgtcagccaa gaagacgttc ccttggtaat atcaggtaaa tcccaataaa ttctcagtaa    129240
     actctgtctc catttttccc tgaaaaattg atcagttctc cagtgtcttc ttatcatcct    129300
     tgtcaggaat tggctaatat cagtgcccca gagatataaa cagttttctc ccaaccttga    129360
     ttctggggac catgagtaaa gaaatttgat ttttcaccac cctaatgtgg attaagagga    129420
     gttctaatta ggaagccttg ggaagggggg aggttgggag ttgagaggca ggtcagggag    129480
     agaggggccg gccgtgtggt gaagacagag agatatgaag acaggagggt tttccagcat    129540
     gagctcagct cttcttgttt caactcacac agatggagga gactctgagc agttcataga    129600
     tgaggagcgt cagggaccac ctttgggagg acagcaatct caaccctctg ctggtgatgg    129660
     gaaccagaat gatggccctc agcagggacc accccaacaa ggaggccagc agcaacaagg    129720
     tccaccacct cctcagggaa agccacaagg accaccccaa cagggaggcc atccccctcc    129780
     tcctcaagga aggccacaag gaccacccca acagggaggc catccccgtc ctcctcgagg    129840
     aaggccacaa ggaccacccc aacagggagg ccatcagcaa ggtcctcccc cacctcctcc    129900
     tggaaagccc cagggaccac ctccccaagg gggccgccca caaggacctc cacaggggca    129960
     gtctcctcag taatctagga ttcaatgata ggtatgattc cagtttatta tccatcaaag    130020
     gctccaactg ctacagttct ccaacttcat tgtgccagtg aatctattga aaagctgtta    130080
     atatttccgt gtcctggaac acatttctca tgagttttgt tcaaatattc tgggataagg    130140
     tagcaagatc ttgtttttaa acaatctctt gaaggcaatt ccaattttga gaatcactat    130200
     cttcaaatta cctctcttaa atagggttgg gaatgaggac atagaatcat gttctccctt    130260
     tggcactctg tttcctttcc tcaaactcaa agactcccat ttatttaaag ttttacctga    130320
     acactccttg ttcaggacag gctcagtcct gcctcacact agcatttcaa gtccagtatt    130380
     cctgctaaat ggtccttgga cttttagctg ttaaatggta tctcattttt taaaacacat    130440
     ttcacattta aagtcataca tgcttaagct aacaaaaact aatctcactg aatagacatg    130500
     taccaagcta aatagcaatt catttctcct cccctctacc cttaccaaaa ctcccacttt    130560
     ttactgtttg gaaactcctc tttgaaatat ttattgctac ataactatat ataattttcc    130620
     caccactaat accacacttt atattcagtt ctgtgtctta cttattggaa aaatttattt    130680
     cttagctttc acatgagttt atttagatct cttcagtgtt tattggttag tttttttttt    130740
     tacaattata tatgatgcta ttgtttggtt tttccataat ttacttaacc aatccttgtc    130800
     actgaacatt aaggctgctt tcacactgtc cctattacag gatatgttgc agtccccatc    130860
     tttctgaaaa taacccttaa cgtatccaac agccacaaag catgaacaac ctaacaataa    130920
     tcgtttttcg tcctcatcta agcaacagtt taaagcacat tacgtgcaat ggcatagaaa    130980
     gtgtgaacaa agaaaatgat attaaggagg ggggctgtag aagggataga gggcaaaagg    131040
     atggttttgc atcttcctca ccgcagtaaa ccaatgaggt attagacatt tcctgccatg    131100
     tcaagtcttg cctataatct tccttgtctt tttcaggaag tgaataagaa gatgacagtg    131160
     tttcaaatgc cttgaaacat aatgtgatca tgctctaact tcaatatacc aataaaataa    131220
     tcagcttgca atttctgatt atagcatctc cttctgagtg tttgggactc tggaatctga    131280
     gacccatgtt cacattgtaa gaacatccag gaccccttct ccttgatgtt tccagcaagc    131340
     ttctttcctc cttatcctta ttaagtcatc tgcctgggga aggagttcca ctgtttcttt    131400
     ccttctctgt cttcttagct cgaatttaaa ttgcacaatt attttcaggt catttcctga    131460
     tagtctagtc agcttatgaa tgtaagcaaa acaggaccaa tgaaagaaag tcccagaagc    131520
     tgagagaaac tttaacaagt ttgagagtaa cttattttgt tttctaggaa agtgagtatg    131580
     gttctatgcc tgtattcccc agaagccact agacctattt tcccctattt tatcactgat    131640
     cagttctgtc cctgcctatg attcttacca ttcttaagaa aacctgaatg gatttcatca    131700
     aggcggcagc ataatttgaa gggcaattgc gtgtgaaaat tgatgtgact tgatttacac    131760
     aatagtcaga aaacatttta gaaattgatg actttataat gcaaccagga gtattgaaaa    131820
     aaaagtaagc aatgagctca aataattaaa aaagagagac aaaatacact tgggagaaca    131880
     gaaataagaa ttaatgaaaa tttaaaagat taaatgaatg agaagaaatg attcataaat    131940
     tttgaactaa cagtaataac ttcttgaaaa tccaataaaa ttggcaaaag attgtgaaaa    132000
     ttctggaaga ataagggaaa cagataatct tcagagtaat caggtaaagc ttaaacaagt    132060
     gttttaaaag atgagttttt cctacattct gaaaagcaaa catgaaaaac tgaacacagt    132120
     ttttacagat atacaatatg gagtgactta tatacaaaat gaccttaaaa atatattaaa    132180
     ctcattatag tagttaatat ctaagtaaaa tatgatgaaa tttaatagag aattcactcc    132240
     tcccaaaagc accttcatgg aagattcctc attaacaggc agtcctttag tatgctgatt    132300
     tatacaaaat gctgaaaaga agagaaatac cccaagttct tgaaaaaaaa ttttttgata    132360
     tgactactct aacagtaata actataaatc tcactttaaa taatttaaaa caaattaaag    132420
     tgatatatga gttaaatgac caagcagact tgattccagg aatgttaagg aatgttcatt    132480
     atttgttttg gataatgaag tcagcagagg aaaaaaaaat atgaccatct caaaagatgc    132540
     caacgttgtc tttgataata tttaatatat tttttaaaaa acaattcttg taaaatactt    132600
     ttttgattag ccttctgacc atgattaaaa tggtgtacct caaagtagct gctaacctta    132660
     tgtgtatctg caacaccctg aaaaattatc taataaaaag gcacaaagaa aaagcttgtc    132720
     aatgttgtgg ataattagaa agtgaataat tttatttaat attagataaa caagcacata    132780
     acagagatac atatattcaa atggaaggag taaaattacc accacatgca gatctgtttt    132840
     tctgtccaga aaataacaag agattctact caggtaaaaa aggaaaggaa ggaaaaccat    132900
     tgtaattaaa ataaaattta atacaatagc cgtttattaa ttcaacttct aaagaatctt    132960
     tgtgattaca caatgaccag ctagtaaata taataagaaa atgattattc acaaaggaac    133020
     caaaaggcct agtcttcgaa tttttaatgc cattgtgata gcaagcatct gattatttta    133080
     ctctaagtta tttccacttc tgattttaag aacagcttct ttcccaggga tgggttcccc    133140
     ctagtgatgt attctcttca ccacaagagt ttgcagctct ggctttcttt ctgctcatct    133200
     gtaaagataa ctacagctcc tctataaacc atctcaccat tattaccgaa atcagacaaa    133260
     ttctggagat agtcaaagct gtgaggattc gaagatctct ttcacatctt gacccagtca    133320
     attccgttca ccagtgttat gaatccattc cccaaaattc caattaggaa ttatatattt    133380
     attattataa tgaggatact atacaaggca tttagcatgg ctgcaaagag agagctccaa    133440
     tgtctaaatg caacgctgac aatttcttca tctatcacat gtacctgtta tacatactta    133500
     ttaattggat gtgcagttaa tttcttcctt taaaaaaaaa actataggct caatatgaaa    133560
     gtagaaagca ctaaggtgta ctaatgaatg ggcacatagc ttttttcaca aaaagattat    133620
     tttgccccag acagctatct gcattctgat ccagatactg tatgttctta acataaagtg    133680
     aaatttctca tacttcatga tgaaagaaaa aactgaattc tcattgttaa taaacaaata    133740
     aagacaattc tctgcatcat tgtgcatgtt tgctttatct aatctcttca caatttgctt    133800
     attaatttta attgttatca attgcattaa aattcaatgg atagaagtat aacatatagc    133860
     aaatatgtaa attagtagat ggagtatatt gagcactaaa atcatctcca ctgaggaatg    133920
     ctgagggaag actgagggga tattttcata gtttatccaa agctcttata attcaaagca    133980
     ttgaaattta ctgaatgaat ccagaggagc cataactcct gaatgctgag tgctgataat    134040
     ttacatttat ttatcaatta attgtttgca agttcccgta tacacacact ttgcagaata    134100
     accttatagg attattgtcc aggaatgact gctgtctttt tggcaataag aatatagggc    134160
     tcaggaaatc acatggattc aaaatcttcg attttctaat aattaattct tgcttccttc    134220
     attaatattt attaagctta tcctgacatt aaaaaatatt atatatcaaa atattttaaa    134280
     aacataatta cccttgatat tctctaatac ttaactgaaa atatccagga acatttgaga    134340
     accatttaca gggcttatga aaactgatag aactctatat taatcccaca cagcagcctc    134400
     tttgttaaag ccagataggg acaatattga gaatgcagag gaacatctgc agagcatgaa    134460
     ttgtcctcat tttgtacttc tcctctactc agtaataccc actcccctag agttatcaaa    134520
     ggttgggttt tattcagctt ccccacacct ctgctgagca acatctgttc tatggctgtt    134580
     aaatcttact ccaaagtaag taagtatagg tttgctaaac aacacggtgg agttaaatcc    134640
     caatatattc ttatttcttc aagaaaattt ttaaatcaat agagagcaat aaactacatc    134700
     agcaaagatc tgtaatgttg tctatatgat cctcgaattt ggagggatcc agattgagga    134760
     gttaagcagg caaaaatggg aaattttaag aaaaaacttt caaggatagg agcgccaaca    134820
     catgacccag gcagaggtag gatggacatt acaggcttgg catcttccag gatattgagc    134880
     tgaatctgag gaacacacca attcctacaa gaatgaaaat ggggtaatgg agtaggctct    134940
     gaaactgaat tttcatgggg cattcgatga tgaagcagaa cctaggctcc aggaaagcta    135000
     gaactcactt cagaggagct ctctgctatt gctctcctat ccctcccacc accccgcccc    135060
     cacacacata cacacacccc tgcagctttc ttcccttaaa aacttactac tggggaagac    135120
     aaaccagtaa ggtagataag acaacaagaa ttcctacata ttttattcca gtaaacataa    135180
     ggcccaggct aagatcaaaa aataagaata ggaaataata atatttgatt cttccaaagt    135240
     tgcaaagaga agctttctaa gaatgcatac ttatgtgcag ttttcctcct gagttgtttc    135300
     taatatgcca cttgaggtat acttgacatg caataagttg tacagatata aagtgtacaa    135360
     tttcatgagt gtctcaccat gtgatactca tcacatgtga aaccatcact ataatcaggt    135420
     aacaaacata tatagtaccc ccaaaacttt cctttatgtt cctgtgttat tcctccaact    135480
     taccactgcc cattctttat caaaccccca gttaccaggc aaccatggat ctgctttcag    135540
     tcactataga ttactttcca tattctagaa tggtatataa atggaatcat acatcattgt    135600
     gttttctctg tgcccacaga tgcctgtttc ttcctctttt tataaagaca ccagtcctat    135660
     tgtactacgg cctcactgta tggcctaatt taaccttaac tacctactta aaagccttat    135720
     atccaaatac agtcacattg agagtgtggg cttcaacaca tggattttgg agacaaacaa    135780
     gtcagtccat aacagtcttt ctgaagcaga ttggttatta gcattttcag taaggacgta    135840
     tgtttagtaa acagccctca tcttttttta aggggagagg ggaatgttat tatttaattc    135900
     aaaccccaga acaaattttt agcaaagaat tcaggattac ggttacattc cttagccctt    135960
     gaaaaaatga atcaactgtc ttctggcata cagttctttg acacaatttt tcatgttatt    136020
     caaactggga ttatcttccc cttttggaga ttacctctca ctaccttgca gctgctttct    136080
     gaattcccat ttgcctctaa ggttgcaatt ttatttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    136140
     ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgt gcgtgtgtat gaatatgtat attgtatttt attaaatcta    136200
     gaatgcatag actagaagac atgtcattgt tttatgtacc accattaaca agtatcatta    136260
     ttttaattgg tcagaggaga gggaaaatat gatcatctta ataaacagca aaaaatttga    136320
     tagtttttaa cagagatttt attacaatac tatacacagg aagataggaa acaaatattc    136380
     tccctgaaga atatttttaa aagaatttat ctcaaagcta gagtcagtat tacgtttatt    136440
     gttaaaacac tagaaaacac tccatttgca aagacagcag ttacgatcag gattacttaa    136500
     cactttgaat gttcaaacca tttcattata caactgatac caaaaaagaa ttacaagtag    136560
     taaaatggag aagtaaaata atcattataa gtcactatat gcagatgata taattttcta    136620
     tctgcaaagc caagagaatg agcaaagcaa atgtggtagt ttagtaaggc agctggcttc    136680
     taattcaaca aacgaagcaa attacttttt tgcatacacg ctaatcaggt actaaatatt    136740
     atacaaaaat taaaaacact taatataggt actaaaattc catattcttt tatgtacttt    136800
     atctaccaga ttgagatgta agtttaagaa gcctattttt agtaactgtg tcacatacat    136860
     acatacacac atgtatttta tacattatag gttttctcat ttaaaaatct caaaaaaggt    136920
     gaatgattga tacaaaatct atattatctg tttgtataag aactctttat agtattcgca    136980
     ttcttctctg tatggtaata tacatacttt catatatcct aatttgtgat atgtttggat    137040
     ggtgttgatt ccaagcatat ctttgtaaaa ttcacaaagt tatacacaat gaaagaatct    137100
     taaggaagta taaatttata taacatacaa gaatttctta ggagctattt tttttctaat    137160
     atattcaaga tgattctcta aattctttgt gacctgaggg ctccccatct ttgaacatgt    137220
     acctcagcca cagtagcact gacagagagg cctgtctcag cttcttgttt ccaagaatca    137280
     gaacacatga gtgacatgaa ggataagcca ttcccatcac ctgggaaaga ataattagat    137340
     tttcctccaa cctttcagag gtccaaactg atatgaaaaa agacagagag aaaatggcat    137400
     agagtaggaa gaaagtgatc acacttttaa ctcctctgtg ggctttggtg ctggcgtctc    137460
     cggatatttt gacagtgtgc tgcatcttct tgcgatgttt ccacatggag aagatgagga    137520
     gaagaaacat tgccagggac aaagtaaagg gtatgaaaat gaacacagtg ctggttaata    137580
     caataagact ggaaaatcgt gtaaagttac ttgaatcaga actgcaagtc ttgtttcttc    137640
     tgtatccatt gatactggca tttatatgga tgtttatcag tgcaatattt aaaaacaaga    137700
     agaccgaagt cacaagaagc agcaccaaaa ccaccttttt aaccctccac tttaggtaga    137760
     gaaaaataga gttagaaaaa ttggctatct tgagaaaata aaaagtaccg aggcctgtag    137820
     ctaaccagac actaaaatga ttgatcactg tccagatatt agtaagcatt ctgaacattt    137880
     tttcagtggc aaataaagct gggaaaaaca cagacacaca ccagcttccg aatattaacc    137940
     aaaccaggct aattcgagag attgccaaag cagtgaggat ccgatcaacc gaagagatct    138000
     ttcttccctt gacccagtca atacagttca ccagtgctat gaaactattt cctaaatttc    138060
     caattataaa ttccacaatt aaaacgaatg taaatatgct ctttatgaca ccacccattg    138120
     cctgtaagag catgccccaa tgtctaatat cactgctgaa gacttcttaa tgcattcatc    138180
     taaaatgcta tgtatatctg attcttgaaa attcaataat atattccctt taaaaaggga    138240
     atgttaaacc agcaaccatc cagatttgct aatggctggg tttaaagctc tcttcataaa    138300
     aatctctgta tttccccaga cagctcagct gagcttcatc cagatgctgt gtgccttata    138360
     cacagtaggc tgaagtcttt tgtagctggt gagaaaggaa acactgaatt ctcatttgta    138420
     aacatgcaaa taaggacata tttattttca ttggtttgtg tgtttttttt tttttttttt    138480
     gtcttatcta catacttcag tctgtcaaat tgagttctgg ggaagtatca ttacaaaaat    138540
     tggtatatga aactttgtaa gcactgagaa tttttacata cttccgtgtt tgggtggaga    138600
     aaaatgggga gatgatggtg aaagtttaca gaacctcagt tagacaagag gaataagttt    138660
     tgttctgctt ttctgagatc tattgaacag cattgtgaat atggttaata atagtgtatt    138720
     gtacattaca aaattgctga aaaagtaact ttcaaatatt ctcaccataa aaaaatattt    138780
     gttacctgtt atctgttata tttattatca tttgaatacg ttaattagtt tcatttaatt    138840
     attccacata gtagtcataa atcataacaa cacctgatac ctcataaatg tatgcaagta    138900
     aaatatgtca atttacaata aaaataaaga aaataaagaa aaatcagatg gttttttaaa    138960
     gttaagtctg taaagggact tattcatagt tatccaaagc tcctcctaca aagtagcaga    139020
     gttttctaat aatcttgtgg aagacattat tcctagaatg ctgggtacca agaataatac    139080
     ttttctatta ttttactttt tacaagtaca tgcccagcaa acatgcgcgc acacacacaa    139140
     acacacaaac gcatacattt atttgggatc taaatctttt tctcttttca cttaaataat    139200
     tcaggctttt tactttcagc atttattatg catctagttc atgtttagta ctgtgatagt    139260
     tttaaacaca tttaaaaaga cttgcaagtt tatattaaat agtaatacat gtaaatattc    139320
     cggagacttt ggaaatattt tctctgtaca tgtgagaaga ggtagaaatc tatctattgt    139380
     ctcataaagc agtcattgtg tttgaatgag ttcatccaca tggcaagaat tcttattctg    139440
     tgcctctccc ctgcccagta gggcatattg cttcatcagc accaaatacc ttcacatttt    139500
     tttcacatat actcactctc ccagcaacat ctactccatg atcctcacta cagggaccaa    139560
     tgtagataaa ggatgacata ctgtctagcc aagacgggga aatcagcagc atgatacagt    139620
     cattcttctt caatagctaa aaaagtaagt aaagtgagca aagcaccaat gaaacaaatt    139680
     cagcaacagc taccaaacaa agtagaaaaa tatgcctcat aaacgtcaaa gatggcagag    139740
     aaagatgtaa ggtgttccac tatgaagaac tgatccctca ccttcagtcc cctgaagcaa    139800
     agctaagcaa aaataaaata aaataaaacc aaaatatctt ggaaattacc gtatatttag    139860
     tcaagagagc tattgaaaag gcaaactcag ctagcatgga caaatattaa ggaaaaatcc    139920
     caaggctaga agtacaaacg tactatccac atagagacaa gaaggttacc ctggcctcgc    139980
     tatatccagg caataaagat gaggttggga aagaagacaa agagaaagac aaactaccat    140040
     ggtgggtggg gggttgtgtg gtgggttctg ttgagacttc atggatactt tgaaaagaga    140100
     gcagagctca cgtctccagt gagagctaca ataaccccag agggtctcgc ccaaaggacc    140160
     tcagcacttg catcattcat gctgggttga aaacactagg ttttcattgg aacaacagct    140220
     cttagggaaa ggcaatcttt ttcagaaaaa gagcagcaaa aataataatt cccacacact    140280
     acatccagaa attagaataa aaactcagtt cctcagagaa gagcagtgtc ttaatccatt    140340
     tcagtgtcaa agttacattt aggtgtatac agaacagatt agtgtgtttc attttaactt    140400
     ttttatgcat caaaatttat gtactaactg tatcaaatgt ttgaatttat ttattattaa    140460
     aatttattat ttatttatta ttaaaattta ttatttatta ttaaaattta tttgaatatt    140520
     tctcccttca cttcttgtat catatttttg gatttccttg cattgggctt cacttttctc    140580
     tggtgccttt ctgattagct taataactaa cctcctgaat tttttttcag gtaaatcagg    140640
     gatttcttct tggtttggat ccattgctgg tgagctagtg tgatgtttgg ggagtgttaa    140700
     agagccttgt tttgtcatat taccagagtt ggttttctgg ctcctcctca tttgggtagg    140760
     ctctatcaga gaaaagatct agggctgaag gctgttgttt agactttttt gttccagagg    140820
     gtgtttcttt gatgtagtat tctccctttt ttcctatgga tgtggcttcc tgacagctga    140880
     gctgtagtaa ttgttatctc tcttctggat ctagtcacca agaaagtcca ccaggctcca    140940
     ggctgatatt ggggttgtct gcacagagtc ctgtgatgta aaccatctgt tggtctctca    141000
     actgtggata ccagcacctg ttctggtgga ggtggcaggg gggtgaaatg gactctgtga    141060
     gggttcttag ctttgggagt ttaatgctct atttttgtgt ggttggcctc ctaccaggag    141120
     gtagttcttt ctagagagca tcagctgtga tagtatgaag aggcaccggc agtgggtaag    141180
     tcactagaac tctcaagagt ttatgccctt tgtgctcaga ataccagggt gggtagggaa    141240
     gtaccatcag gtggggcaga gctaagcatg tctgagctca gactcactct ctcctgctgt    141300
     ggctgctagg ggggatgggg ctgaggtttc caggttaatg gagttatgca cctagaagga    141360
     agctgcctct gctgagtcat gcaggttgtc gtggaagtga gagaacgctg gcagtcacag    141420
     gcctgaccca gctcccatgc aatccaaagg gctggtctca ctcccaccat gcctccccaa    141480
     tggcaccctg tctgtttcca gacagtcggc aagcagggct gagaacttgc cacaggctac    141540
     ccacctccta gctgtgaaag aaagtaggac tttagttctt cccctgccta tttagtctgc    141600
     acaatggatt tgaactcttc cctcagttct ggccaggagg cttcttgatg acttcaaatt    141660
     gttccaaaat tcagctggtg atttccttct ctctgtggca tttccctctt gtcaccctcc    141720
     caaaggatct ttgtgatgcc acacaggaat agcctgcttg aggacccagc gagctcacag    141780
     ggccttttct actgctccct ctattcctgt attttgctca gctctctaaa ttaactcagc    141840
     tccaggtaag gttgtaatct tttcccataa aatagacctt cagttttccc aggggaggtt    141900
     gtgtttgggg gcagaggatc tccctttccc acttctgcaa tttgggcctt cacagtattt    141960
     ggggtgtctc ccaggttctg caggagcagc ccactttctt cagaaaacct gtgggtcctc    142020
     tcgcatttcc tgattttttt ctgcagtctt tctggagcta aaattcatga tgcaagcctt    142080
     cacaagctcc tctgtctttc caagtcagaa ctgcaattta gtcctgcctc ccatccacca    142140
     tgatggagct gattgttttt cacattttag taatagccat tctgactggt gtgagatggt    142200
     acctcattgt ggttttgatt tggatttctc taatgatcag tgatgttaag tttttattca    142260
     catgcttctt ggtcacatgt acgtcttctt ttgagaagtg tctgttcagg tcttttgccc    142320
     actttttaat gtggttgttt ttctcttgta aattcaagtt ccttatagat gttggatata    142380
     aggcctttgt cagatgcatt gtttgcaaat attttctttc attctgtagg ttgtcgattt    142440
     actctgttga tattttcttt tcttgtgcag gggctcttaa gtttaatagg atcccatttg    142500
     tcaatttttg tttttgtttg attgcttttg atgtctttgc catgaaatct ttgctcattc    142560
     ctaggtccag gatggtattg cctaggttgt cttccagggc ttttacaggt ttctttttac    142620
     atttaggtct ttaatccatt ttgacttgat ttttttatat ggtacaggga agaatttcag    142680
     atttgatctt ctgcagatag ctagccagtt atcccagtgc tatttattaa atacgaagtc    142740
     ttgttcccat agcttgtttt tgtcagtttt gtcaaagatt agatagtcat aaatgtgtgg    142800
     ccttatttct gggatctcta ttctgttcca ttggtgtatg tacctgtttt tatgccagta    142860
     ccatgctata ttggtcactg tagctctgta acatagtttg aagttgggta atgtgattcc    142920
     tctagctttg ttagctctgt tgttttcact tagtattact ttaactatta gggctctttt    142980
     ttggttccat ataaattgta aaataaattt ttccagttct gtgaagaatc tcattggtag    143040
     tttgatagga ataacattga atctgtacat tcctttgggc agtacagcca ttttaataat    143100
     tgattctttg tatccatgaa catgggatgt tttcccattt gtttgtgtct tctctgatct    143160
     ttttgggaag tttttttata attcttattg tgtaaatttt tcacttccct cgtttgctgt    143220
     attcctaggt attttttgtg tgtgtggcaa ttgtgaatgg gattgccttc ctgatttgat    143280
     tgttgttggt ttataggaat acaagtgatt tttgtacatt gattttgtat cctgcaactt    143340
     ttctgaagtt gtttatcaga tgaaggagct tttgagccaa gactatgggg ttttgtagat    143400
     agagaatatg tcaactgcaa acagtttgac atactctatg gttttttggg cgtcctttat    143460
     ttctttctct tacctgattg ctctggccag gacttccaat actatgttga aaagaaatgg    143520
     tgacagaggg aatcgtttcc tgttgctggt tttcaagagg aatgcttcca gcttttgccc    143580
     attcagtatg atgttgggtg tgggtttatc atagatggct cttattattt ttagtatgtt    143640
     ccttcaatat ctaatttttt gaaatagttt aacatgaagg gatgttgaat ttttatcaaa    143700
     agccttttct gcatttattg agacagtcat gtggtttttg tctttagttc tgtttatgtg    143760
     atgaatcata tttattgatt tttgtatgtt gaactaactt tgcatgccag gatgaggcct    143820
     atttgatcat ggtggattag ctttttgatg ggcttgtgga ttcagtttgc aaaggttttg    143880
     ttgaggattt ttgcatcgat gtccatcaag gattttggtc tgtaattttc tgttgctgtt    143940
     gtgtctctgc caggttttgg tatcaagatg atgctggcct catacaatga attaaagaga    144000
     agtcctccta aactttttgg attagtttct gtaaaaatgg taacagctct tctttgtaca    144060
     cctggtagaa tttggctgtg aatccagcag gtcttgggct tttttgggtt cataggctat    144120
     ttattactga ttcaattttg gagttcatta ttggtctgtg cagggaacaa atttcttcct    144180
     ggttcagtct tgggagtatc gggtgaaatt cacccccgat atttcactta ggttcttttc    144240
     tattttccct aagtgtcagc cagtctgaga aataaaaaga cagagtacaa aagagagaaa    144300
     ttttaaagct ggtgtctggg ggagacatca catgttggca ggttcagtga tgccccctaa    144360
     gccataaaac cagcaagttc ttattagtga ttttcaaaag gggagggagt gtacaaatag    144420
     ggtgtgggtc acagagatca catgcttcac taggtaataa aatatcaaaa ggcaaatgga    144480
     ggcagggcga gatcacagga ccacaagacc ggggcaaaat taaaattgct aatgaagttt    144540
     cgggcatgaa ttgtcatgga taacatctta tcaggagaca gggtttgaga gcagacaacc    144600
     ggtttgacca aaatttatta ggcaggaatt tcctcatcct aataagcctg ggagtgctac    144660
     gggagaccag agcttatttc atccctcagc taagactgta aaagacagcc gtccccaaag    144720
     cggccatttc agaggcctcc cctcagggac acattctctt tctcagggat gttccttgct    144780
     gagaaaaaga attcagtgat atttctccat ttgcttttga aagaagagaa atatggctct    144840
     gttccaccta gctaaccagc agtcagaggt taaggttatc tccctttttc cctaaacatt    144900
     gctgttatcc tgttcttttt tcaaggtgcc cagatttcat attgttcaaa cacacaggct    144960
     ctacaatttg tgcagttaat gcaatcatca cagggtcctg aggcaacata catcctcctc    145020
     agcttatgaa gatgatggga ttaagagatt aacgtaaaga caggcatagg aaatcacaaa    145080
     ggtattgatt ggggaagtga taagtgtcca tgaaatcttc acaatttatg ttcagagatt    145140
     gcagtaaaga caggcataag aaattataaa agtattaatt tggggaacta ataaatgtcc    145200
     atgaaatctt cacaatttat gttcttctgc catggcttca gctggtccct ccgtttgggg    145260
     tctctgactt ccagcagcag ggagggtgta tgtgtccagg aatttatcta tctcttctag    145320
     gttttctagt ttgtctgcac agaggtgttt acagtggttc tgatggctgt ttccatttct    145380
     gtagggtaag taataacatt cctttaaatc atttctaatt gtgtttattt ggatcttctc    145440
     tcttttcttc ttaattagtc tacctagtgg cctattttat aattattttt aattccaact    145500
     cccaaattca ttgatctttt gaatggtttt ttgtgtctta atttccttca gttcagctct    145560
     gatttgtgtt attccttatc ttctgctagc ttcggggttg atttgttctt ttttctctaa    145620
     ttctttcaat tttgaattta gattgttaat ttgaggcctt acaaactttt tgatgtgggc    145680
     atttagtgct atgaatttcc ctcttactac tgccttagtt gtgtctcaga gattctggtt    145740
     tgttgtatct ttgttcttat tatttttata gaacttcttg atttcagact taaatttatc    145800
     taaaagtcat ccaggagcat gatgtttaat ttccatgtaa ttgtatgctt taataatttt    145860
     cattgtgttg acttttattt ttattgcact gtggcctgag agtgtgtttg gtatgatttt    145920
     ggttatttta catttgttga ggattgtttt atatccaatt atgtggttga ttatagagta    145980
     tgtgccatgt ggctatgaaa agaatgtata ttctcttatt tggggatgga cacttctgta    146040
     aaggtctacc agatccattt ggtccaatgc taagtttagg tcctaaatat cttcattaat    146100
     tttctgcctg tatgatctaa tactgtcagt ggagtgttga tgtcactcac tattattggg    146160
     tgggagtgta tgtctatttg taggtctcta agaacttgcc tcatgaatcc agacattcct    146220
     gtattgggtg catatctatt tgggattgtt aggtcttctt gttaaattga atactttacc    146280
     attatgttat atccttgctt gtcttttttt taaaaaactt tcatttgttt gaaacttgtt    146340
     ttgtctgaaa ttaggattgc aacccccctt ttttctgttt tccatttgct tggtagattt    146400
     ttctccattt atttattttg agcctatgag tgtcattaaa tttgagacgg gtctcttgaa    146460
     gacagaatac cattgggtct tgctttttta tcctgcttgc cattctgtgc catttaattg    146520
     tgtcatttag cccatttaca ttcaagatta atattgatat gtgtggattt gatcctgtca    146580
     ttgtgctgtt agcttgttat tatgttgtct tgtttgtgtt gttgctttac agtgacactg    146640
     gtctctgtgt ttcagggttt tttttattag ctggtagtgg tgttcttttc tatactaagt    146700
     gccgctttca agatctcttg taaggcagtt ctggtgataa taaattccct caacatttgc    146760
     ttacctgaaa aaaatcttcc ttctccttca cttaaaaagc ttaatttggt tggatatgaa    146820
     attcttggct gaagattttt ttctttaaga atgttgaata taggcctcca atctcttcta    146880
     atttgtaaga actcagctga cagatctgct gttaccgtga tagaaatccc tttgtacgtg    146940
     acctgccctt tctctctggc tgcctttaac attctttctt ttatttcaat cttgggaaat    147000
     ctgatgatta tatatcttgg agatgatctt gtgtagaatc ttgcatgagt tctctgtatt    147060
     tcctgaatat gtctgttggc ctctctagca aggttgggaa agagttcatg aatgatattc    147120
     tgaaatatac tttccaagtt gtttgctttc tggctctccc tttcagggat tccagtgatt    147180
     tacagattta acctcttttt ataatcccat acttctcagg ggttttgttc atttcttttt    147240
     atgctttttc tttatttttg tctgactgta ttatttcaga aaaccagtct tcaagttctg    147300
     aaactcttcc ctcagactag tatattctgc tgataatcct tgtgattgca ttgtgagatt    147360
     cttgtattgc gttattcagc tctgtcagac ccattaaatt ctttctaata ctggttattt    147420
     catccttcag ctcctgtatc acattattgt gattcttatt ttccttggat tgggttttgt    147480
     cttcctccca aatctcaata atctttgttt ctgccatata ctgtattctg tcattctagc    147540
     cagttcaacc ttgttaagaa ctcttgttgg aaaactgctg tagtcttttg gaggaaatat    147600
     gatattctgg ccatttgagt tattgcattt gttctttctc atctctgtat gtgggtgttt    147660
     ctttaactgc agtgtatatt aggcacagta aatagacttc ctttctggat gttttcacca    147720
     gggagagcct ttgtgtaggg tatttatttg aagctgactt tgtgtctctg gcttcaaagg    147780
     gggttatgtt agtgaggcat ttttggtgtt gaagttttgg ggtgtaatcc agcaggtgac    147840
     acttatgctt attggtcagt tgatagactg ttgctcaatt atatgtttcc cctatgtttc    147900
     ctcacagttg cagccatgtt ccctctcagt gttctgaaga tgtaggttcc ttgtgccctt    147960
     cagtcctggc tacagttcaa aacttggcat tcctgagctg ccaactgcag ccctggtgga    148020
     atctcagtgt ttatattcct ttcccagttt agaggtagca ctgaagagat cttagtagtg    148080
     gttgtggcca agagtcaacc tctgggggtt ccatcccaga gagatgcagg tcagcaaaca    148140
     ctcagtgcag tcagcccaag atggagggtt tgtgcatttg tgggacccat ggaagtctaa    148200
     ctgggtttct ctccttgggt tgactgcatc ttgttggagg tatggataag gcacttagga    148260
     tctttgctcc ttcattagtc caagagtggc aagggcagtt ctactgcaga ggccagtggc    148320
     agagaggttt tcagttgctc ctggaggctt tgtccaagat tagcattaag aatttaaatt    148380
     tacatttcta gattatacct tcttttaaaa attaatttaa agaaaagctt ataattttaa    148440
     cttgtatttc ttactaccat aatgcactat gcttctttgt taagaaaaac atgataatta    148500
     taataccatt gtatctatgc acatatgtag ttttggctta attttttatt attttacttt    148560
     attttctgat ttttaaatat ttttactatt gtcgaacata acatagttat gaaaagtaac    148620
     aaaacttaaa tacacagtta gggaaaaaat tataagttta tctcccatgt ttactacatc    148680
     ttggccaaaa aataaaattt gccaaaaatc cagacactcc ccatatatac cttcttgttg    148740
     atattgtttc tctttagttt tcttcctccc acatatccca gttgttatga taatcactta    148800
     tatgtttcgt tttagagttt tgccaccaat gtaataaatt acaatgtatt aaaatatatt    148860
     tttgcaaact tcatataaat tgaattatat tgaatatttt ttcaatattg ataattcctc    148920
     tcacatctgt attagctatt tagctcaaat ttgttcattt tctttgttat ataaattctt    148980
     tgtaaacatg tcactctggt ttgcttttta attgctgtat agtactctac cgcataagta    149040
     tgccataatt tatttatcat tttatcactg atggacattt gggagacttc tcaacttgag    149100
     ctattaaaac acagtgatac acactttttt catatgtatt ccagtaggag tacaaatatt    149160
     gggtcttatg aggtgatcct ccatcataat cagattatgt catactcagc caaaggaatt    149220
     ctttcaattg ataatcctag gagaagtgtc tgaaaattgt cagtgcctca tgcccttttc    149280
     aaaattagaa acatcaaaga ataatttttg cacttttata tttatataaa atattattaa    149340
     acttaacatt ttacaattta aattcacatt tgaaatgtaa ctgtagttta aaaattacat    149400
     attactcttt tttcattcta cgactctgat ttcatataca tttcttaaga ataaattata    149460
     tatttaatat acttatttgt attatgttgt taacttttct aatctttttt cttgaagttt    149520
     caaattctct tttgttatca gcaagtagag tcataccaga gatattttct tcaatcaaac    149580
     attatgtcaa atgactttga gaaaatatga ttagctatca gcatattgta agggaaaatt    149640
     agattgttta gattgtttaa caacccttga aagaactcat taaaaaagtg ttaaaatatt    149700
     aaaatgatta tacatttaat ataggcatca taggaaaata caaattctat cattactagt    149760
     ttggaaaaaa aaaagattgg tagtaaactt cccatgtctg aacaaacaca cattaaaaaa    149820
     gggcaagccc agtatcactg gtcatgatcc cctttaaggt cttgatctta aactctctgc    149880
     gatcctgatt tctgaatgtg cagtaaaatt cttggttctt ctaaattcaa ttctgggacc    149940
     aatgtcaaat aggaaagcgc tagggcatac taatggatga gttcaatgct gcctttatgg    150000
     aaaaaatgta attttcaaaa cggctcaaat tacctactat ttaaacaacg tctcttcttg    150060
     ctataggctt ttttcataat aatttggaag taaaagctga tttctcattt gcaagcatgc    150120
     aaatgaagac atattctctt tcactgtttt gcaatatttt cctcgtgtag tcataatttg    150180
     tgttcagcaa catcacttgc tatggaaatt tttaaaccca atacatagat catatattgg    150240
     atgtctaaat ttctgaagga agcttgatca taacttgtat catgactgct gttaatttat    150300
     ttttctcaat accagataca tgtaaacaga atctaaattt ttcctatcaa aagcattcaa    150360
     gattttcttg ggaagacata tacacccata cacatataca tataccccac atgaatggga    150420
     atagtttttg tcctacagtt tccaaaatgg aaaataaatt ttagggatgt cacatgcagg    150480
     ttgaaatggc cctattttcc tactcataat tttcagccca ttttcaatat ttatcgaact    150540
     gatctcgcat ccttaggctt ttaaggaagt cattctctta agtcaatttg atatacaaat    150600
     atgaattatt taattaaata ttcagcattt ttgtaaatat tccttgagca cttaaaaaat    150660
     gtgttttcga ttgaagaata ttgacttctc tgtatatgaa tatttggata tttttctttc    150720
     attttaactt atttttatta tttaatggtt taagattaac agatgttaaa atcagtctcc    150780
     aatgttgggt tttattcatt ctcagttttt acagtataat tgtttctaag aaaggatctt    150840
     ggagtcagac tgccaggaaa ggaaatccag ttctctgctt catataggta tgatccgaga    150900
     atctatttta caacagcctt aggatagcta tctattaaat gcagatgata ataataccct    150960
     ctttggatag tctttatgaa gagttagtac acatttgtat aactgatttc aatatcacct    151020
     gtctggttca ggcacgaaac aaggattgct cgtgttttat ttgatcttgt gttacttgat    151080
     acagagaggt tacctgtgaa aacttccact tttgaataga tgtaataggt tcaagaaagc    151140
     aagatgtcct tctgcaacaa ctagcataag ataaataaag gggccaaaat tatgtttgta    151200
     ttcatcaaag agcttgcaag caataaggac cacctgaaat gaaatccagc acaaggcgag    151260
     tctttacgtg tgaagagcaa tttataatgc aaccctcatc acgtcacaga aagctttttc    151320
     tgcagaaaat gtaaaactac tccaaaaata tgcctggaaa tgccaagtga ttaggccaat    151380
     aaaataattt ttttttaaat acaaagttgg aggattagtt tctcatttca aagtttactg    151440
     caagtttact ggactaaatc aagacactgt ggtaattgca ctatgagaga caaaaagaac    151500
     aatgaaacac aattgactgt ccagaaatta gtaatgacat tcatggtcag ctgattttta    151560
     aaatcataca attgcaattc aataggaatt aatcattttt ctcaacaaat gattctggga    151620
     aaattaaata tccacatgca taaagatgaa tttaggctac tgccaatgcc cgcatggaag    151680
     ctggcagcct tgggccagcc tgcaccccat cccggtccaa gagcctatac cctgccacac    151740
     tgctgctgct ggcatgtgtt aacaagcttg cgttacactg tcactattca atgaagagct    151800
     ttggctggta ccatccttca gagtgttgtg gccagcaatt caggaacaca atgtcccttc    151860
     cagcacagca gattcccaat gttgaggtgc cagagaacaa agtccggtgt ccaaaactag    151920
     accccagact tagagttaga aatcttttcc cccctaaaat ctaccagaaa caaactcatt    151980
     tgatggaatc cacagtgaaa ccccaaagtg tgtcaaagaa gataaaaaca gaaaaaaaaa    152040
     aatccaaaga atggcaactt cgaagactga agaatatcag cccacagaga tgagaaagaa    152100
     tcagcacaat aactgtggca actcaaaaag ccagagtatc ttcttacctc caaatgacca    152160
     cgctagttcc ctcccatgct gaaaaggcag aaatatgatt cagaccatgg ataggaacaa    152220
     agatcaatga aattcaggag aaagtcaaaa cacaatccaa agattctgag gaacgccata    152280
     aaatgataca gaagacacaa acaaaatggt cattttaaga aaaaatccaa ctgatctgat    152340
     agagctgaaa acatcacttc acgaattttg gaatactaat gcaagtgtta acaacagaat    152400
     caacaaagct ggggaaagaa tctcagagct caagagtagt cctctgaaat tactcagtca    152460
     ggcaaaaata aagaaaaata atgaagaaga atgcacaaaa cctccaagaa atataatatt    152520
     ttgttaacag actaaatata tgactcattg gcatccatga aatacaggaa tagaaggcaa    152580
     acaacttgga aaacctattt caggatatag tccataaaaa tttcctcaac cttgttagag    152640
     aggccagcat tcaaattcag gaaatgcaga gaacccctac gaaatactac acaagaagaa    152700
     tatacccaag acacatagtc atcagattct ccaaggcgaa aatgaaagaa aaagtgccat    152760
     aggcatctag agagaaaggg caggtcacct acaaagggaa cagcattgag ctaacagtgg    152820
     acctgttagc agaaactcta caaccaggaa gagatggggg ctcatattca gaaatttttt    152880
     gaaaaagaat gtccgaccaa gaatttcata tccagccaaa ctaaacttca taagtgaagg    152940
     agaaatagga tctttttcag acaaacaaat gctaagggat ttgattacca ccagacccac    153000
     ctcacaagag gtcctgaatg gattgctaat catagaaaag aaagatcatt atcagccata    153060
     acaaaatcac acttaaggcc atagaccagt atactataaa gtaaccacag aaaccagtct    153120
     gcatgataag cagctaacaa cataatgaaa ggatcaaatt cccacatatc aatactaacc    153180
     tcgaatgtaa acaggttaaa caccccaact aaaaggcaca tagaggcaat ttggataaag    153240
     aagcaagacg caatggtata gtgtcttcaa gagactcact tacatgcagt gatacccata    153300
     agctcaaatt taaaagatgg agaaaaatct accaagcaaa tggaaaatag aagcagggtt    153360
     gctattctaa cttctttttg tttgtttgtt tgttttgagt cagggtctca ctctgttgcc    153420
     caggccatag tgcagtggcg caatctcagc ctaccacaac ctctacctcc tggtctcaag    153480
     aaatcctccc aactcagcct tgcaagtacc tgggaccaca tgtgtgcacc accatgactg    153540
     gctaattttt gtatttgttt ttttcttgat agagacagga ttttgccatg ttgctcaggc    153600
     tggtctcaaa ctcctggggt caagtgatcc acccacctca gcctcctgaa gtgctggtat    153660
     tacaagtctg agccatggca cctgaccttg ataatctact ttcatacaaa actgtcttta    153720
     accagcaaag atcaagaaga aacagaaggg cattgcataa ttgaaaaagg ctcaattcac    153780
     caggaagaca ttactattct aaatgtatat gcacctgaca aaagaacacc cagattcaga    153840
     aagcaagttc tcagagacct attaaaagat ttagaaaatc acacaataat agcaagagat    153900
     ttcaacaccc caccaacagc actagacaga acatcaaggc agaaaactaa caaagttatt    153960
     caggacctga aatagacact taaccaaatg aacctaatag acatccacaa aacagttcac    154020
     cccaaaacaa cagaatacac attcttctca tctgcacatg gcatataatc taaaatcagc    154080
     cacacaacct aacataaaac aattcctagc aaatatgaaa aaaagaaaac cataccaacc    154140
     acattcttgg accacagcac aataaaaata taaataaata ctaagaaaat accttaaaac    154200
     catataatta catagaaatt aaacaaccct ctcctgaatg acttttgggt acatattgaa    154260
     attaaggcag aaatcaagaa attttttgaa cataatgaga acaaagatac aacataccag    154320
     aatctctggg atatggataa ggcagtgtta agaggaaagt tcgtagcaat aaacactcac    154380
     atcaaaaagt tagaatgatc tcaaattaat aacataactt cacaagagaa actaaacaaa    154440
     caagagcaaa ccaatgccaa agctagcaaa agacaataaa taaccaaaat cagagctgaa    154500
     ctgaaggaaa ttgtgattaa aaaaaacata caaaaggtca gtgaatccag gatttgatgt    154560
     ttttaaaaaa ttaatatgat agacccctaa ccagactaat aaagaaaaaa aagagagaag    154620
     atccaaataa acccaatcaa aaatgaccaa gtggatatta ccactgaccc cactgaaata    154680
     caaacaatcc tcccaaacta ctgtcaacac ctctatgccc acaagctaga aaacctagaa    154740
     gaaatggata aactgctgga tatgtacaac ctttcaagac tgaatcagta agaaattgaa    154800
     tccctgagca aaccaataac aagttccaaa ttgaaagagt aataaaaagc ctaccagaca    154860
     aacaaacaaa aaaagcctag gacctgatag attctcagca gaattccacc atgtgtataa    154920
     agaactggta ctattcacac taaacctact ctaaaaaact gaggaaaaga aactccacgc    154980
     taactcattc tacaaggcta atatcaccct gataccaaaa ccaggcagag acacaacaat    155040
     aaaagaaaac aacctcaata aacatagatt taaaaaaaac actccacaaa atgccagcaa    155100
     gttgaatcca gcagcacatc aaaaagctaa tccaccataa tcaagcaggc tttatcactg    155160
     ggatacaagt ttggttaaac acatgtaaat caatatatgt gattcatcac ataagtgaaa    155220
     ctaacaaaaa ccacattact atctcaatag atgcagaaaa ggctttcaat aaaattcaat    155280
     gtctcttcat attaaaaact ctcaacaaac tagacattga agatatatac ttcacaataa    155340
     taagagccac ccatgacaaa cccacagcca atatcatact aaatgggcaa aactggaagc    155400
     attacccctt gaaaacagga acaagacaag ggtgtcctct ctcaccactc ttattcaaca    155460
     gtactggaag tcctggtcaa agcaatcagg aagagaaata aataaaaggc atcccaatag    155520
     aagagaagaa gtcaaattat ccctgttcgc agataatgtg actttatacc tagaaatccc    155580
     cacagtttct ggccaaaatc tccttggtct gataaacaaa ctcagcaaat tcccaggata    155640
     caaaatcaat gtacaaaaat tagtagcatt cctatagcaa caaaattcaa gcaaagacaa    155700
     atcaagaagg caatcccttt cacaatagtc ccaaaaaata aaatacatag gaatacagct    155760
     gaccagggag gtgaaatatc tctacaaaga gtattacaag agactgttca attaaatcca    155820
     ataagacatg gacaaacggg aaaacgttcc aggtgcatgg atgggaagaa tcaatattgt    155880
     ttaaatgccc atactgccca aaccaattta tagattcaat gctattcctg tcaaattatc    155940
     attgatattc ttcacaaaat tagaaacaaa ctattttaaa attcactggg aatgaaaaaa    156000
     aaaaagccca aatagccaag gcaataccaa acaaaaagaa caaagcagga agtataacat    156060
     tacctgactg aaccatacta caaggataca gagactaaaa cagcatggta gtggtacaaa    156120
     aacaggcacg tagaccaagg gaacagaata gagacccgag aaataatgcc acccacctac    156180
     aaccatctaa tcttcaacaa agttaacaaa aacaagccat gaggagagac tccctgctct    156240
     ataaatggtg ctgggataac tggatagcca tgtgcagaag atggaaactg gacacctttc    156300
     ttatacatac acaaaactca atgcaagctg ggttaaataa taaaatgtaa aacctaaaac    156360
     tattttttta aaaaacggaa aaataaccta gtaaacacca ttcctgcata ggacctggca    156420
     aagatttcat ggcaaagaca ccaaaatcaa ttgcaacaga aacaaaaatt gaaaagtgga    156480
     acctcattaa actgaagagc ttctgcacaa gaaaagaaac tatcaacaga gtaaacagac    156540
     aacctgcaga atgggagaaa atatttcgta aactatgcaa atgacaaagg cgtaatatcc    156600
     ggaacatata aggaatttac atttacaagc aaaaaacaaa taccaccatt aaaaatttga    156660
     taaaggacat gaacaatttt caagtgaaga catacactca gccaacaaac atatgaaaaa    156720
     atgctcaata taactaatca ttaaagaaat gtgattcaaa accacaatga gatactatct    156780
     cataccagtc agaatagcta ttactaaaac ccccaaaaaa caacagattc tggcaagatt    156840
     gtggtgaaag ggaatgcttt cacactgctg gtggggaggt aaattagtcc agccattgtg    156900
     gaaatcagca tggcaatttt ccaaagaact taacacagaa ttaccattca aaccagcaat    156960
     tccattattg gatatatatc cagagaaata taaattgttc taccataaag acacatgcat    157020
     gaaaatattc atgacagaac tattcataat agcaaagaca tggaataaac ctaactgccc    157080
     ataaatagta gactggataa agaaaatatg gtacatacac accatggaat actatgcagt    157140
     cattagaaaa aaacaagatg atgtagcaat atgggtggag ctggaggcca ttatcctaag    157200
     ccaataaaca tggaaacaga aaacaaatac cacatgttct cacttataag tgggtgctaa    157260
     acattgagta cagatggaca caaagaaggg aacgacagac accacggtct atgtgaacag    157320
     agagaaggag gagagtgaag ataaaagaga tacctatcag gtactctgct tcccacccga    157380
     gtgacaaaat aatctgtaca caaagtgcct gagacatgca atttagttac ataacaaacc    157440
     tgcacatgta ccccagaatc taaaataaaa gctaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa ctgcaaagtg    157500
     aaatgagatt tatctttaaa taaggtagta ttggaggcct caatgattca atgatatctg    157560
     aggagtgata acgttcagtg ttgatatctg agaaagagca atccaagaag aagggacaca    157620
     agtatgaagt ccctgaggca atgcttggca tattcaagaa gtgacacaaa ggccagtgtt    157680
     gttagcatgg gatgagccag gtgttttagg gcacacaggc agacaaaatc agatcattca    157740
     aatgattata agacttcgta aggatttggc ctttactctg aattagatga aagccactga    157800
     aaaatctgga ggagaagaat ggcatgatca aatttgcgtt tttacaggtt ctctctggct    157860
     gccaccttga gaatacatca ggataaaagg atgtgcagaa ctagaaagaa taattagaaa    157920
     ctcatggcaa atatcctggc aagatatgca gcagtttaga ctagtatggc agagtgatga    157980
     caagggattg gattctgtag gtttttgagg gtagagtcaa caaaatttgc tgatgcctta    158040
     aagataggtt ctgaaagaga gaaaatattg actccatttt tttttagtct aagcatctga    158100
     aagtctgaag tggtcattag cagaagaggg aaagactgta gaagaaacaa atctgacaat    158160
     tgggggaaga gcagtatttt gatttggaca tgttagttca agttcctgtt aggcatccaa    158220
     atgaagatgt caaatagtct attagagaaa ggattcggag accagcgttg agatctcagc    158280
     tgaaagatta aatgttggca tcatcagcac acagaaaata agtaaggcca tgagtagatg    158340
     aacttaccta agaagtggga gttaaaagag aaggaaaaaa acgtaaattt agacccttat    158400
     tttatactgt acacaaaaat taactcataa gtaattgatc atagagaaaa aaacttaaga    158460
     aataagatac taacagatac tgagacattg tacaaaacgc aagaaatcaa aaatgggtta    158520
     gtaaaccata attctatcta tgtatttctt cacttatatc attatctaat tatatataga    158580
     tcatcatata attaaaattc cccacatatc aatctgccaa tatctgcaat gctatattaa    158640
     aatgatatat atgaatatat agatgaataa tcagccttat tcctctctat tgaaccattt    158700
     ggctacatta tcagtaagga gactgcatga gatcaccaac aaaacaagtc tgattgatta    158760
     aagattgaag aattgagacc ttcggcagtg tgacattttc agtttagagg caagagaaag    158820
     aactagcaaa ggagattgag aagaggtgcc cagtgaacaa caataaaatc agaagagggc    158880
     agcatccccc cagtaaacca tgtccaatgt tgctaataga gcatgcaaca tgaagactaa    158940
     ccattggcaa cacgcactca ctggtgatct taacaaatgt cagatttaat gaagtggtga    159000
     cagcaacagc ctcattggat tgggctgata ggccaatagt tgaagaggct tcatactttg    159060
     ctaaataact ataaatcaag aggaaaacag agttgaaaaa gctgagtcct gaggtcaggc    159120
     actgatatga caaatcaaag accctcagcc agttctcagg actgagccaa ttcacagaag    159180
     cagagataaa cgactgaaag gaagcttaag tcctcttgat aatgaacact gggggtggta    159240
     gtacatttta tatccctatt cagttaacct atctggcctc tgccaaaacc agatggatta    159300
     tcagatgaat gcacattagc ataaacttaa atcgcacttg cagatgctct ctaggatgtg    159360
     gtaccttcac tgagcagaac gtggtttctg gtactttgta tgtggctttt gatttggcga    159420
     atgtttttaa atctacaccc tttgtgagag aaaatcaaaa caatttgttt gttggggtaa    159480
     gaacaaaagc actgcttcac tgttttatgt cagagctgtg tcacttctgt tttcagttta    159540
     attggcattt tgcaaaacat catgctaact caatatatta ataatattac tttaattggt    159600
     attcataagc aggaagtggc aagttcctta aatatagtaa aatagtatta ctttgaacag    159660
     aagtaaaata tcagaagaag agagacataa acctcagcag attcaggaac ttataacata    159720
     gatggtgttt ttacaggtcc atgctcctgg tccttgtgtc aaaacatcct ttttaaagta    159780
     aacggcatgt ttcctgatac ataattcttc tcactaaaaa agaggcacag tgttttttgg    159840
     gcctattggg attttggagt caacatattc ctcatttgag gatattgctc tgactcacta    159900
     atggagtttc caaaggccat tggtctcaag tggaaaccag aacaaaaaag ggttccataa    159960
     cagctatagg gtctggccta agctgctctg cccgttgtgc cagatgatcc agcagaattc    160020
     aaacatgcta gaggcatgca tagtgggcat tacaggactc tgtccaagtc tctgacaaat    160080
     ccacaggaga ggggagagaa aactcctagg gaattagtgc aagaccattc cctcttcagc    160140
     agaggagtgc cctctgtctc aaaaacaaaa cagcagttgc agaagattag agacaagaga    160200
     aagaaccagc aaaggagatt gagaagaggt gcccagcgaa caatgataaa atcagaagat    160260
     ggcagcatcc cccaaataaa ccaggttcat tgctgctaat acagcatgca acaggaagac    160320
     taatgattgc ccctctaagc atgagcgcct ctaagcacaa gaccctgtgc aacagtggaa    160380
     atcatatgcc cataaagcca gccatgattg gaagacatga gcaaatctga gtggtacaag    160440
     gagtagacag tattggactt aaacatgtgc ttcctcagat tcccttaact gtcacttatt    160500
     ctctaggcca gcaccttgcc tgatccagat catcctacca tccttccttg aatggaacac    160560
     cacactgtgg gcctgaggtc tgtctttcat aacagccacc aacggactgg atgatggaaa    160620
     gcagaacagc agagatggta gttccgcctc agggaaaccc tggccaatgg aaaatggaag    160680
     acagaagaca gctgaacaga tacattctcc ctcctctctc gcttccatgg actaatgctg    160740
     gctgtggtat tccccttgta gcctttccgg aaaagtactg gggtccaagt gcatgcatct    160800
     gatgaccacc atgctgtctc tctcacctta taatgaagtt gccacaacag agtcacatac    160860
     acacaacaca ttgttacaat acatcccaac acgttctttc acatctgctc ttgcctcact    160920
     ttccacgtgc tcttgcctca atttccacgc gtccctgcca ttgctgccct ggacttacct    160980
     tccaaagaaa tgttatcact ttaatatcag acactggctc tagttctaga cctccaaagc    161040
     taagatattc attcagtggt ataatttatt tttcactcac ttttctgtga ttttataata    161100
     tggcaattaa aatgttcatt tagaaaggat attaaaaata ttatataaaa atcacatttt    161160
     agtaaggtaa ttcataacta actcaatttt taaaattgaa atgcattttt tacataataa    161220
     ccagctagaa atatcagaat acaaatatat cattcacaat cgagaaaata tatacaaata    161280
     tccaaaagtc ttttatatgc tgttttgaag gtattgtagt gggtgccatg tgattttgat    161340
     gttccacctt atctccatgt ttttagtctg atatagctgc atcaaggcta tatatagcga    161400
     tatttcccct gcaagtatgg aataaccaca cttttactct gaaaaatgct tcttcttaga    161460
     taattctgtc atctcaacca gaaaccagaa taggcaaatt catgcaactg tagattttgt    161520
     gatgcttcat tttcactggt tcaccacccc aagacatgta atttattact ctattcacta    161580
     actcatttgt tcttcaaaat atttttggct atctattttt tatgtgatct tttaggtcct    161640
     ggcagtcaac aataagcaag gtctgcagga tctctgtttt ttgttgttgt tgttttttga    161700
     gacggagtct cgctctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cgcgatctcg gctcactgca    161760
     agctccgcct cctgggttca tgccattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggacta    161820
     caggctcccg ccaccacgcc ctgctaattt ttttgtattt ttagcagaga ccgggtttca    161880
     cagcgttagc caggacggtc ttgatctcct gacctcgtga tccgcccacc tcggcctctc    161940
     aaagtgctgg gattataggc gtgagccacc gaccccgacc agggtctctg cttttatggt    162000
     gcttacgttg taccaggaaa gatatataat aaacaaacaa ataactaaat caaatgattt    162060
     atctcaaggt ttagataaca ttgttaaaat ttcataactc cgagaattga tacagtctgt    162120
     agaatttact tgtttaatga cgttatacat tttttcctat aatagaactt gctatcactg    162180
     aatatgtcaa cacactttct ctcactgcat tatttgcaac tagattataa taaaacatat    162240
     atttaagtca tttcctatca tcaatacata gatgtcatag acgtcatttt agaatttgca    162300
     gaaagtataa ttcaaatgat tttcataatt tctatactat ttttacatgg agtatttttt    162360
     caagtaataa agatttgagt tcatttatgt gatttttaaa aagattttta aatgtggaag    162420
     atagtggaga gaatcggcaa tttaggggct ctgaagcagt ttaggaaaga aacggaaata    162480
     tttggtatcc gatctcaatt tcaaaaaagg ttttctttac ctcaaaaact ggaagaaatg    162540
     acttttctac ctgtatatgg agacttatga cagcagttaa gaggtcagca ttgtgtttct    162600
     ttcttcatcc ctattacaga tatgactttt ttctcagttg ttcacatatt tgtataaaat    162660
     ctaatattcc tcagtactga tgatggtaga catatacaaa atgtattcca aatatatttt    162720
     tcatccttga attttatttt gtgcatagtt ttctaacaat aattgtttgc tttaaattaa    162780
     acataaaatt agaattcatt atgcaacaaa aactacccca aagataaaac ttcattattg    162840
     atttagatta gaatgcgcat accatccaaa aaactagacg ttcaaataat cacgtttaag    162900
     cacactatgg tacatacgta tggtacaaat aacagtggaa aagagcaatg attttgtgaa    162960
     ataagctgta agttcttaac aattataaat agagatcata aatttttcaa atgaaacatg    163020
     ataatatgaa ctgtattgtg aatacacatg gcttcatgat tctgaaaaat ttcttacaat    163080
     attttctata atttggcagt ttgtaaaaaa tgattatgtt attgccactc tctcttaagt    163140
     gtttcatata cacatacaca tgcatatata gatacttttt agactaactt taggtaaaag    163200
     acttttctag atatactttt ggaaattact caaaaacata caatacagaa aaaccagtgg    163260
     aaagtataaa atgttccaga caacatcagt ttgttttctc ttggagacac acgatgtccc    163320
     acttgtgaat ctagaaattt gagagtttca ggtcttttac tcagcactta atctgacaca    163380
     aaatcaaaag aaaggtctgt ttcagcttct tgcttcccca aattaggatg aatgaatgaa    163440
     atgaagggta tataattgca gtagtttggc tgagcatgag gacaggttcg ttctacagcc    163500
     tcctcctaaa attccaaatc gatgtgatta gggacagaaa gtaaacagca aataacaaga    163560
     ggaaggaggt caccgtttgc aaagctttta tgtggacctt ggtgttggaa tctggagatc    163620
     ctttgccatg gaactgcatc ttcttgagat gtttacacaa agaacagatt aagagcagaa    163680
     aagataacag ggacagagta aagggtatta agtttgcaag cgtggttaca gtcatatctg    163740
     aaaggtgcgt cggatcactc aatttgatct cccaactcac gtttccttca tattcttttg    163800
     tccacatact ctcatccatg tttaccacaa caagatgaca aaccaaaaat aacaaagacc    163860
     ccaatagtat cactggaatg acactcttaa ttctcctttt taagtgaaga aaaataaagt    163920
     tggagaaatt ggcaatcttg aggaaataaa atatgctgag gctagtagca acccagatgc    163980
     tgaaatggtt ggttacagcc caggcattaa tagtagtaat tcttactcct aaactatatg    164040
     aacctggatt caaaacagtt gcataccaat gtaataatat tacccagagc aaaccaactc    164100
     tggagactgc cagagcagtg agaatttggt cagcaaagga gatcttttgt ctcttgaccc    164160
     actcaatgga atttaccaac actatgaagc cattagcaaa attcccaaga acaaatgtaa    164220
     ccactactag aatggaaaaa atgatgggta gaaaagttat catgtctgaa cagacaaaaa    164280
     gatagaataa atgaaggcct aacagcactg gctgtgatcc tttaatatcc tgaccttaaa    164340
     ttttatgtgg acctgatttc tgaatgtgca gtaacattct ttttactttc aaatactgtg    164400
     accagtgtca aacaagaaag tagcagttta tgctaattga tagttcaata atgtatttat    164460
     ggaaaacatt ctaattttca aacagctcaa cttaattcat tcattcaatg tctgttcttg    164520
     ttagagactt gttagatact gaagtagaag tgaaaccgga attttcattt gccagcatgc    164580
     aaataaagac atattctctt tcagtgtttt gcaatgtttt cctcatttca cctttccata    164640
     atttgtgttc agtaacttta gctgtttgtt atggaaaatg tgccacatat ttcacacagt    164700
     aaatgcctaa atcttaaagg gagattagtt ataactagga tcatcaccat gaccaatttt    164760
     tatgctagat ttaaatagac aaaatccaaa ctttttaatc aaagtcatcg aaaattttct    164820
     tgggaaccat gggaatgcca atacacctta aaatcttatt cctgctaacc agtacttttg    164880
     tatgacatta gtgttaacaa gctcataaaa catacacaca tagacagaca cacacacata    164940
     cacataccca tccagaaaaa atgaactttt aaaataattt ccaaaatgga aaatgcattt    165000
     ccaggaggtc atcctggtga aattagtcct attttcccac tcagggtttt cagcccataa    165060
     aaatatatta aacatatctc tcatacttag acccttggta aagttactct caagtctatt    165120
     gaatgtctaa atatttgtta tttcattaaa atattcaaca tttttgtaaa tattcctgag    165180
     tatcccatta tttgacatat aatcttgcag tattttccca ccacacacag ggtgactacc    165240
     ttgcccctgg actctgagta cactcacata gcttgctttg attaacagaa aattggtaga    165300
     cttcacacag aggtttgaga tggtttccac attggagttt cttttccttt tctgtttatt    165360
     atgagaacat tgcctggcta ctactctgtt cccagaagga gaatgagaaa ataatggagt    165420
     cagtttgtcc ttgcctgatc cagcctactt tgtccaaact ctaactaatt ccaagatgca    165480
     gaacttggcc catctcatat caccagagcc atccagcaaa cccagcttag aaaaactgaa    165540
     tccaaagaca tgtgagatat caatatgtaa tgtagtgttg gagaggtttc tctggcagaa    165600
     aaacctaact gatataggta ctctgcaaaa ccaagcgtgt gggaaatatg tccacccttg    165660
     ttgtgtcagg aatagaggag ccaaaagaaa aatagataag gaatggcaaa gttttgtcat    165720
     gcaaggtaga taattaaagg tagaggctgg gcgcggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca    165780
     ctttgggagg ctgaggtggg cagatcaaga gatcagggga tcgagaccat cctggctaac    165840
     acggtgaaac cccgtctcta caaaaaatac aaaaaattag ccaggcctgg tggcgggcac    165900
     ctgtagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatg gtgtgaaccc cggaggcgga    165960
     gcttgcagtg agcggagatg gcgccaccgc actccagcct gggcgacaga gcaagactcc    166020
     gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtag aaaaaaacct ttggaaagat ctgggtactt    166080
     caggtagcgt cttctcttat ttctacatgt tgtaactaaa ataaagttcc cacttcaact    166140
     ctcttagagt tgtatgtaaa gatatataaa tggtgaattt tttcctaggt atataatgag    166200
     cagagtaatc aataattttt atggtgcact tctcctaata aataattttc aaataaaatt    166260
     ataatgcaca cttagaaatg agtcaaaata aaaatggtaa acacagcaat gtattataaa    166320
     cactcatgta accatcaaat aaggcaagac gtggaacatt gcaaagagcc taggtccacc    166380
     tccatgctgc ttttcaagcc cctaaatgtt tcttcacatc tggtaacaat tttctacttt    166440
     tcccaacact tgggtcacac aatacaataa aagcttcgtc taggccttat cctgcaagtt    166500
     ggaagaaaca ggaaattgat ttcatgtgat tagctttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg    166560
     tttttggcat agcagcttga tgagtccaaa ccacaaactc tccttacagg gaaattcaat    166620
     gaacagcact ggatctcaaa atgccattcc aataaataaa atatagtacc tcaattacaa    166680
     atacaccatt gtattccatg aattaacttt tattttgctt ataatgtaga aatggggctc    166740
     tttgccttca aactgcatca ttactcaagt gagagatcaa agaggtgagg ggaaacttac    166800
     atttgatttg tttagtccta aaatcctctt tttaaaaata agagattagg gtgtggtggc    166860
     acgtgcctgt catctcagct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgttt gaacccaaga    166920
     ggcggaggtt gcaatgagct gagatggagc cactgcactc cagcctgggc tagagagcga    166980
     gactccgtct caaaagaaaa ataaataaat aataaaaata ataaacaaaa ataatagatt    167040
     gatcatgaaa tggtttatct ctctgattga agaattgtat ttacgttaaa aactaaatgt    167100
     ttattatagt gttccttgga ttagtttaag gtcatccata aataactatt ttcttaagca    167160
     atgtatttta aactaaacta aacttaattt ctaaatctaa atgtatttag cttgacttga    167220
     actttaccgt ttactaatgt aacttgccca taatgatatt ctttatttaa attacgtagg    167280
     cattatccaa tttatgaatg tacatatttc aaaaagtaaa ttatttaatg ggatagatgt    167340
     agatagagat gatgatgata gctacaaggt agactgctag ctaataaatg tgaccattca    167400
     tttttctaag tgctacaatt cagggtaatg ggataacaca attattcttt ctcctggctt    167460
     tatgattctc atattattct cagcatcagg gcttagactg aaataatacc tttgatggag    167520
     gacatttccc ttaccccttc atgggaggga actggggctc actgacgcta gaaccagcca    167580
     gctgctttag ggctggcagg ggtgaaatcc actcgctggg acccactgcg cccagccctc    167640
     atgggaggga gcacacaggt gaacaggtgc aggagcactt ttggatgcca gcaggaacaa    167700
     attctgtgca ggccccgcag cagcatctgg gggggtgccc gcacccctga aacctcgagg    167760
     gggagggtgt tacagtgctc ttttagctct gctatctgca gacgtcttaa gtgttagtag    167820
     ctcagtgggc cctttgcctt ttcgcttgag gcggctgcct cttgccagca agggcagagg    167880
     ttcagtgtaa caacttttcg tatctgcatt cctggctcct gagctcttgt ccagcttcca    167940
     agaaaaatga ggttgcacaa ccgaattgga gaatggtaaa tgagggagat tttattttga    168000
     tggaagtgac tctcagcagg aaggggagct ggaaagggaa tgtgaagcag gaaggtaatc    168060
     ttcccctgaa gtccggctgt ctccagccag actcttctcg aaagtcacgc cttcaacctg    168120
     tccctctgaa gtcaagccac ttctctccaa cgtcccacca tagtctacaa cattgagctg    168180
     cttctcctct cgatcttcag ccacttctca ctaccggtgg agcctggggt tttatgggca    168240
     taggatgagg ggtggggcag gccaaaaaag gcaacatttg agtgggaaaa cagggataga    168300
     agtactccct ttgggccaca gtctcagtct atttggcttg agagtggggc tttagctgag    168360
     gacccgccct tttctgtcta gaatttccca gcctcctgct cctatcacct tcacatagta    168420
     tttcatcaat gacaacttta aaccaacata tttccaaaag tttgctagct attttttttc    168480
     ttttattaaa ttctaaaaat catagcaaac atgtcttcca gcaaatagca cctgctcttt    168540
     ggtttttctg tttttttgtt tttttgcatt ttcatatgaa catgtacaaa tactctgtgc    168600
     aattatacag tacgtaaaat ttatcatatg tatcaatagc atcattagca agccaaattc    168660
     tttcaaatgg ttatttgcat tctcagctac tgtgatgaaa tatggagtat tttattttat    168720
     tttattttga gatggagtct cactctgttg ctcaggctag agtgccatgg tacaatctcg    168780
     gctcactgca acctctgact cccaggttca agcaattctc cttgcatcag cctcctgagt    168840
     agctgggatt aaaggcatcc accaccacac ccggctaatt tttgtatttt taagcagaga    168900
     tggggttttg ccatgttggc caggctagtc ttgaactcct gacctcaggt gatctgcctg    168960
     tatcggcctc ccaaagtgtt gggattacag acgtgagcca ctgcacctgg tcccttggag    169020
     tattttatta tagcaagcaa tgcagcacta cacatacaaa aacataccca aagattatac    169080
     taagtaagtt ttacacttta acacatttaa ctttctggtt ttttctctaa tagagagcca    169140
     aaaaattata gcaacaaaat attttttcca acatatatgt gtgcacatac tatgattttt    169200
     gaatggtaac aatatgactg aaattatttt atttaaggat aaatttaggg ataatcatcc    169260
     gtataattta atatctacag taccataatt tattgaaaat tcagtaattt ctgtcacttt    169320
     gtgcattgta aataaattgg aaataagaac aaaaggtgtc cagcaatgta tcaatattca    169380
     aaatttgatg tttcaaatta agattagcat taagaatttg aatttatagt tcttgcttat    169440
     atattatttt taaaattaaa gaaaagtttt tttgtttttt tttttcgttt ttgagatgga    169500
     gtttcattct tgttgcccag gctggagtgc aatggcacaa tctcagccca ctacaacctc    169560
     cgcctcccag gttgaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc tagtagttgg gattacagga    169620
     gcccgccacc acaatcagct aattttttgt attttctagt agatacgggc tttcaccatg    169680
     ttggccaggc tggtcttgaa cacctgacct caggtgatcc acccgctcag ccacccaaag    169740
     tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccactttgc ccggccctaa aattttaact tgtgtttata    169800
     actactataa tagtctattt gactttattc agcaaaaact ctaataatta cagttctatc    169860
     tatgagaata tgtagtttca gtgtaatttt atattcatta ttttactttt tttgcctttt    169920
     aaatattttt attattgtgg aacatagcat acagacagaa agcaacaaaa cctaaaagca    169980
     cagtaagaga aaaagttata actttactcc ccgtgtttac cacatcttgg tcaaaaaata    170040
     gaattttcca gccatccaga cactccccat atatgccttc tgttgatccc attctcctct    170100
     tgttttcctc ctccctacta tccatattgt tgtaatagtc actcatatgt ttcactttag    170160
     agttttgtca ccaatgtaat aaattgcaat gtattaaaga tatatttttg aaaactttat    170220
     ataaatggaa ttaaaatgaa tgtttttcac tatggataga tcctcttaca cttgtgagta    170280
     ttatctaatc agctcaaatt tgtttatttt ctttgttata tacatttctt gtaaacatgt    170340
     ctctctagtt ggttcatttt gattactgta tagtactata ctattatata ggtatgccat    170400
     aatttattta tctattttat cactgataga catttgagaa acttctcaac tttagctatg    170460
     aaaacacagt gatattcatg tgtgtgtata cattttctgg taagagtacc tgtactgagt    170520
     cttaagatgt gctccttcat cttcatcaga taatgccata ctaagccaaa gaattatatt    170580
     aatttatact tctaggagca gtgtttgaaa attctcatta cttcttgttc ttttcaaaat    170640
     gagtaatatc agaataattt tcacactttt atatttatat aaaaattatt aaacttaaca    170700
     ttttataatt ctttttctat tcaattttaa aacgtaactt tagttcaaaa attacatatt    170760
     actcttttat cattctatga ttgtgatttt atacacattt ctcaagaatg aattgtatat    170820
     tttatgcact tattcgtatt ctattattaa attttctaat catttttcat gaagtttcaa    170880
     attctcattt gatatcagca aatagaatta taccagagat atgccttcag tcaaacatta    170940
     tgtcagatca ttttgagaaa atatgattag ttattggcat gttgcaaggg aaatttggag    171000
     tgtttaacag gccctgaaag gactcataca aagtgttgaa atataaaaat gtttatacat    171060
     ttaatatagg tgtcatggga aaatacaaat tccaccatta ctagtatgga aaaaaatgat    171120
     tggtagtaaa cttcccatga actgaacaaa cacaccttaa aaaaaggcaa gtctaatatc    171180
     actgggcatg atccccctta aggtcctgac cttaaactct atgtgtacct gaattctgaa    171240
     tgtgcactaa tatttttgat gcttttaaat tcagttgtgt gaccaatgtc aagcagtaaa    171300
     gcaccagcac atgcttatag atgagttcaa tgctgtcttt atggaaaata tgttattctc    171360
     agaacagctc aagttaacta ctattcatac actgttcttt ctattttttc ttttgaaaaa    171420
     atttgaataa aatttttcat aatgacgttg aagtaaaagc tgatttttca cttgcaagca    171480
     tgcaaatgaa gacatattct ctttcattgt tttgcaattt tttccctctt taacttctcc    171540
     ataatttttg ttcagcaaca tcagttgtta ggaaaatttt aaaacccaat acatagatta    171600
     tatattggat atctacattt ttgaagggag tttggtcgta actagaatca tggccaaagt    171660
     gaatttgttt tcctcagtac cagatttatg tagacagaat ccaacttttc ctatcaaatg    171720
     cattcaagat ttttttggga accccaggaa ggccagtact ctttaaaatc tggttgctgc    171780
     taatacctct gtataacctt attggtaaca agccaattaa cacgtacaaa gcaccacaac    171840
     ccaccccccc cgcccgccca cacacacacc acatggatgg gagaaattat tgtcctataa    171900
     ttttcaaaat gaagaataaa tttcagggag gtcatgtagg ttgaaaagtc cttattttcc    171960
     cactcatgct ttttagccca ttttcaatat ttatcaaact gatctctcat gcttaggtct    172020
     ataagtaagt tatccttttg ggtctattaa gtctttaaat attaattatt taattaaaaa    172080
     tattaagcaa ttttgtaaat attccttgag cacttaaaaa acatgtgttt tccactgaag    172140
     aaactagact tctctacatg tgatatttga atatattttt ttctttttaa tttatttttg    172200
     attacttaat ggcttaagat taatagatgc taaaataaga ctccaacctt ggattgtatt    172260
     tcttttcagt tttgataata taattgtttc taagaaatga tcttcaagtc tgatggccag    172320
     gacagaaacc cagatactct gtttcatata gatatgaact tagactatat tttacaacta    172380
     ctatcagcct taggatagcc atctgtaaaa cgcacacaat aacaataccc tccttgagta    172440
     ggctttatga gaagttagta cactacttgt ataactgctt gcaatttcac ctgtctgata    172500
     caggcagaaa ccaagtgttg ctaggttttc atttgatcct gtgttacttg atatgtagaa    172560
     gttacctgtg aaaacttcca ctcttgagta gatacagcag gttccagcag gcaaaatatt    172620
     cttctgcagc agctaggata agataaataa aaggccaaaa ttatattttc aattcatcgg    172680
     agagctgtgc aaacaaggag ggccagctaa actaaaatcc agcacaagga gagtctttat    172740
     aggtgaagag tcaacttata tatttaatgc aatctctatc aaattctggc gggctttttt    172800
     ggtagaccat aaaaaactac tcctaaaatg tatctggaaa tgccaagtga caagagcacc    172860
     tagagaaata atttaaaaag aacaaagtgg ggggattaca gtttctcatt tcaaagtttg    172920
     ctaaaagctg gactaatcat caggacactg gcatttttaa tactatagac aagaataatg    172980
     aaacacaatt aagagtccac aaattagtaa caacatttat tatcagctaa tttcaaaaac    173040
     cataccattt caattaaata agaatcattt ttatcaataa atgatgctag acaaaatgaa    173100
     tattctcatg cataaagatg aatttaggct actgccaatg tccatataga ggctagcagc    173160
     cttggatcca cctgcacccc accccagtct acgagtgtgt actctgccac actactgatg    173220
     ctgctggcat gtgtgaacaa ggatgagcca caatgccact gcccaacaaa gtgcttaggc    173280
     tggcaccatc cttcagagta tcgtaaccag caatccagga acacaatagc ccttccagca    173340
     tagcagattc ccaaccttaa ggggaaagag agcaaagcca ggggcccaat actagcctcc    173400
     cagagttacg gcattcagcg cgggagtgct gagctgatcc ttggcacccc caaaatctac    173460
     cataaacaaa gctagtaaat gaaacccacc ttattccgaa atcaaacccc caagggtatc    173520
     aaagaagata aaagaaaaaa aaagaaccca tccaaagtac agcaatttca aagattcaag    173580
     gaacatcagc ccacacagat gagaaagaat tagcacaaga actctggcaa cacgaaaagc    173640
     cagagaatgt cttcttacct ccaaacaacc acactagttc agcagcaatg gttcttgacc    173700
     aggctgaaaa ggcagaaatg acagaaatag aattc                               173735