EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC006366; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 166458 BP.
AC   AC006366;
DT   13-JAN-1999 (Rel. 58, Created)
DT   20-JUN-2004 (Rel. 80, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-86G22 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-166458
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-JAN-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [2]
RP   1-166458
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-MAR-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-166458
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-MAY-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-166458
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-166458
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-MAR-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-166458
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-JUN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 064db4a217913825a5dcf91acdda5017.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000187.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC006366.4:1-166458; homo_sapiens.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:13508; BPY2.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:18225; BPY2C.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:25449; BPY2B.
CC   On Mar 27, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:7684534.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..166458
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-86G22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   856..920
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   misc_feature    1266..1632
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST R61290 (NID:g831985)
FT                   yh07a01.s1"
FT   misc_feature    1266..1554
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST H14374 (NID:g879194)
FT                   ym18g03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    1270..1868
FT                   /note="similar to EST BU739760 (NID:g23678471)"
FT   misc_feature    1312..1876
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG505805
FT                   (NID:g13467322)"
FT   misc_feature    1666..2324
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BQ213298
FT                   (NID:g20394347)"
FT   misc_feature    1837..2207
FT                   /note="similar to EST BX114353 (NID:g27838742)"
FT   repeat_region   2218..2512
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    2516..2772
FT                   /note="similar to EST BX114353 (NID:g27838742)"
FT   misc_feature    3141..3740
FT                   /note="similar to EST BU689132 (NID:g23546586)"
FT   misc_feature    3170..3216
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA100558 (NID:g1646897)
FT                   zn59f08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    3279..4141
FT                   /note="similar to EST BU175862 (NID:g22689846)"
FT   misc_feature    3288..3584
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA100558 (NID:g1646897)
FT                   zn59f08.s1"
FT   misc_feature    3323..3831
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AI339332 (NID:g4076259)
FT                   qt01h01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    3328..3884
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA769099 (NID:g2820337)
FT                   oa74f12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    3442..4031
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BM994204
FT                   (NID:g19719105)"
FT   misc_feature    3459..3794
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA015757 (NID:g1476787)
FT                   ze30e06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    3475..4050
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AI701149 (NID:g4989049)
FT                   we10e10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    3484..3745
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST D81417 (NID:g1179294)"
FT   misc_feature    3503..4141
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF696327
FT                   (NID:g11981735)"
FT   misc_feature    3624..4117
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AW051928 (NID:g5914287)
FT                   wx24c04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    3781..4071
FT                   /note="similar to EST CB143582 (NID:g28121076)"
FT   misc_feature    3900..3910
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI457664
FT                   (NID:g15248320)"
FT   misc_feature    3923..4094
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST D20390 (NID:g501486)"
FT   misc_feature    3944..4133
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV682211
FT                   (NID:g10284074)"
FT   repeat_region   4144..4486
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    4252..4276
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BQ213298
FT                   (NID:g20394347)"
FT   misc_feature    4491..4712
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV682211
FT                   (NID:g10284074)"
FT   repeat_region   4733..5033
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5073..6799
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    5360..5364
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BM994204
FT                   (NID:g19719105)"
FT   repeat_region   6798..8752
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8753..9846
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   9847..10001
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10002..10045
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   10046..10489
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    10496..11100
FT                   /note="similar to EST BU507408 (NID:g22813641)"
FT   misc_feature    10607..10753
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG721813
FT                   (NID:g14001000)"
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI560594
FT                   (NID:g15447908)"
FT   misc_feature    10615..10945
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG982037
FT                   (NID:g14384772)"
FT   misc_feature    10667..10956
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AI566486 (NID:g4524938)
FT                   tr60d09.x2"
FT   misc_feature    10670..10763
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST N98899 (NID:g1270324)
FT                   za68f06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    10671..10948
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF056061
FT                   (NID:g10809957)"
FT   misc_feature    10676..10948
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BE082082 (NID:g8472378)"
FT   misc_feature    10676..10945
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF830423
FT                   (NID:g12177257)"
FT   misc_feature    10847..10956
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST N98899 (NID:g1270324)
FT                   za68f06.r1"
FT   misc_feature    10921..11274
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI560594
FT                   (NID:g15447908)"
FT   misc_feature    10921..10945
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG721813
FT                   (NID:g14001000)"
FT   misc_feature    11090..11274
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG721813
FT                   (NID:g14001000)"
FT   repeat_region   11858..11963
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12113..12192
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   12259..12543
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12569..13203
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13205..13370
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    13205..13219
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AI675297 (NID:g4875777)
FT                   wc21f07.x1"
FT   repeat_region   13400..13698
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13708..14029
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   14063..15990
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   16094..16730
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   misc_feature    16380..16385
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AI339332 (NID:g4076259)
FT                   qt01h01.x1"
FT   repeat_region   16818..17606
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   17628..17686
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   17780..17904
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   17997..18763
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   18834..19437
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   19548..19641
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   19783..20902
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   20991..21288
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   misc_feature    21104..21109
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI035235
FT                   (NID:g14441861)"
FT   repeat_region   21336..21550
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   21627..21744
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   21890..22605
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   misc_feature    22222..22274
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI035235
FT                   (NID:g14441861)"
FT   repeat_region   22672..22813
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   22841..22882
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   22901..24495
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   24562..25655
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   25721..26479
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   26552..28439
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   28538..28874
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   28951..29210
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   29280..29367
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   29434..30043
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   30214..30431
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   30452..31275
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   31352..32149
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   32154..32198
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   32224..33064
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   33136..35043
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   misc_feature    34784..34789
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AW051928 (NID:g5914287)
FT                   wx24c04.x1"
FT   repeat_region   35151..35446
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   35510..35833
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   36030..36752
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   misc_feature    36420..36850
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI035235
FT                   (NID:g14441861)"
FT   repeat_region   36807..37510
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   37555..38479
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   38495..38783
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   39101..39798
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   39908..40064
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   40118..40531
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   40657..40981
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   41052..42674
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   42689..42780
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   42796..43117
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   43134..43593
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   43655..44246
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   44252..44563
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44587..45040
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   45138..45541
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   45553..45972
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   46040..46541
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   46617..46738
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   46840..46931
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   46932..47234
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47235..48924
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   48985..49985
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   50118..50821
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   51006..51644
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   51764..52016
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   52035..52088
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   52107..52625
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   52626..52807
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   52854..54060
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   54098..54356
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   54403..55071
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   misc_feature    55081..55536
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AI675297 (NID:g4875777)
FT                   wc21f07.x1"
FT   repeat_region   55175..56668
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   56706..56769
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   56818..57022
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   57117..57486
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   57546..57896
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   57968..58626
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   58639..58804
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   58820..59899
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   60018..60206
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   60207..60513
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60514..60638
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   60702..61103
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   61146..61844
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   misc_feature    61271..61275
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI035235
FT                   (NID:g14441861)"
FT   repeat_region   61930..62098
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   62172..63888
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   64008..65349
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   65584..65782
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   65796..67087
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   67104..67566
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   67584..67771
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   67785..68465
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   68501..68828
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   68887..69197
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   69259..70316
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   70412..70993
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   71049..71152
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   71184..71292
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   71310..71873
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   71932..72007
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   72082..72214
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   72249..72735
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   72749..72887
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   72788..73197
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   73212..73870
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   73887..74708
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   74720..75000
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   75091..75368
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   75371..77974
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   77977..78091
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTC)n"
FT   repeat_region   78094..78436
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   78437..78870
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   78878..79075
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79129..79400
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79428..79461
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   79557..80132
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   80135..80807
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   80808..81214
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81215..83014
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   83010..83148
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   83544..83936
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   83947..84047
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   84048..84137
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   84140..84516
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   84517..85405
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85411..85658
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   87997..88287
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90744..91553
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   91559..91846
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   91891..92445
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   92504..92723
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92772..93100
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93101..93260
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   misc_feature    93271..93276
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA309966 (NID:g1962295)"
FT   repeat_region   93674..93970
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   94435..94454
FT                   /rpt_family="(T)n"
FT   repeat_region   94834..95158
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   misc_feature    94970..95159
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA776755 (NID:g2836089)
FT                   ah49h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   95159..95338
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95343..95467
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    95492..95761
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA776755 (NID:g2836089)
FT                   ah49h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   96811..97025
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    97745..98447
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI457664
FT                   (NID:g15248320)"
FT   misc_feature    97756..98239
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AI383947 (NID:g4196728)
FT                   te35b12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    97908..98088
FT                   /note="similar to EST CB143582 (NID:g28121076)"
FT   misc_feature    98191..98219
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV682211
FT                   (NID:g10284074)"
FT   repeat_region   98196..98225
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   98243..99998
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99997..101651
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    101512..102154
FT                   /note="similar to EST CA392827 (NID:g24725910) cs29c09.y2"
FT   repeat_region   101768..101920
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   101944..102253
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102278..102380
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108565..108985
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108990..109030
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   109031..109354
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109481..109708
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109710..110271
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   110292..110316
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   110317..110624
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110635..110695
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   110746..111396
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   111410..112327
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   112427..113029
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   113264..113470
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   113482..114272
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   114274..115228
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   115250..115426
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   115522..116257
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   116384..116990
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   117156..117297
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   117413..118643
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   118657..118894
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   118963..119073
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   118982..119101
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   119222..120195
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   120318..120674
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   120698..120882
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   120895..121001
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121002..121139
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   121228..122027
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   122125..122270
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   122344..122770
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   122784..123065
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   123094..123138
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   123165..123255
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   123303..124045
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   misc_feature    123669..123674
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AW590588 (NID:g7277724)
FT                   hg46e03.x1"
FT   repeat_region   124160..124570
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   124597..126175
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   131341..131963
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132087..132674
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   132688..132834
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   132884..133783
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   133798..134244
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   134258..134354
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   134355..135322
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   135323..135643
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   135696..135914
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   135961..136668
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   136952..137567
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   137664..138703
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   138769..139434
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   139669..140684
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   140716..141225
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   141245..142458
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   142548..142688
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   142846..143238
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   143254..143536
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   143603..144015
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   144051..144337
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   144447..144647
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   144733..145246
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   145250..145279
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   145291..145520
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   145537..145680
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   145761..146064
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   146085..147095
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   147114..147316
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   147429..147517
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   147518..147791
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147792..148062
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   148076..148294
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   148478..149172
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   149364..151754
FT                   /rpt_family="BSR/Beta"
FT   repeat_region   151766..151900
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   151901..151936
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   156702..156829
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156938..157247
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   157264..157325
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   157354..157658
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   157671..158299
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   158383..158972
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   158978..159201
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    159263..159567
FT                   /note="similar to EST BX109867 (NID:g27836052)"
FT   misc_feature    159265..159567
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA574385 (NID:g2348900)
FT                   nf46d06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   159273..159331
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   159700..159748
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   159758..160023
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    160055..160105
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BQ429082
FT                   (NID:g21168158)"
FT   misc_feature    160129..160547
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BQ429082
FT                   (NID:g21168158)"
FT   misc_feature    160617..161198
FT                   /note="similar to EST BU173345 (NID:g22687329)"
FT                   /note="similar to EST BU186714 (NID:g22700698)"
FT   misc_feature    160809..161187
FT                   /note="similar to EST BQ938007 (NID:g22353485)"
FT   misc_feature    160823..161187
FT                   /note="similar to EST CA436327 (NID:g24800747)"
FT   misc_feature    160976..161114
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI093435
FT                   (NID:g14511765)"
FT   misc_feature    160985..161125
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG390090
FT                   (NID:g13283636)"
FT   misc_feature    160986..161085
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BQ423752
FT                   (NID:g21119067)"
FT   misc_feature    160988..161187
FT                   /note="similar to EST CB154257 (NID:g28139256)"
FT   misc_feature    160992..161129
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF749053
FT                   (NID:g12075729)"
FT   misc_feature    160993..161187
FT                   /note="similar to EST BQ879390 (NID:g22271398)"
FT   misc_feature    160994..161198
FT                   /note="similar to EST BX096072 (NID:g27842627)"
FT   misc_feature    161011..161198
FT                   /note="similar to EST BX090541 (NID:g27826161)"
FT   misc_feature    161012..161114
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG928976
FT                   (NID:g14323499)"
FT   misc_feature    161013..161129
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF699661
FT                   (NID:g11985069)"
FT   misc_feature    161024..161114
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF921029
FT                   (NID:g12316917)"
FT   misc_feature    161025..161114
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG617080
FT                   (NID:g13668451)"
FT   misc_feature    161032..161085
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV714960
FT                   (NID:g10796477)"
FT   misc_feature    161039..161138
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG285112
FT                   (NID:g13036723)"
FT   misc_feature    161039..161114
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA205471 (NID:g1803461)
FT                   zq66a11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    161040..161202
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AU123448
FT                   (NID:g10948164)"
FT   misc_feature    161050..161184
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AW859939 (NID:g7955632)"
FT   misc_feature    161050..161085
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA309966 (NID:g1962295)"
FT   misc_feature    161169..161202
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BQ423752
FT                   (NID:g21119067)"
FT   misc_feature    161169..161185
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA309966 (NID:g1962295)"
FT   misc_feature    161216..161732
FT                   /note="similar to EST CB154257 (NID:g28139256)"
FT   misc_feature    161216..161723
FT                   /note="similar to EST BQ879390 (NID:g22271398)"
FT   misc_feature    161216..161604
FT                   /note="similar to EST CA436327 (NID:g24800747)"
FT   misc_feature    161216..161384
FT                   /note="similar to EST BQ938007 (NID:g22353485)"
FT   misc_feature    161228..161734
FT                   /note="similar to EST BX096072 (NID:g27842627)"
FT   misc_feature    161228..161724
FT                   /note="similar to EST BX090541 (NID:g27826161)"
FT   misc_feature    161228..161449
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG617080
FT                   (NID:g13668451)"
FT   misc_feature    161228..161441
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AU123448
FT                   (NID:g10948164)"
FT   misc_feature    161228..161440
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI093435
FT                   (NID:g14511765)"
FT   misc_feature    161228..161322
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA205471 (NID:g1803461)
FT                   zq66a11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    161231..161514
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BQ423752
FT                   (NID:g21119067)"
FT   misc_feature    161238..161351
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG390090
FT                   (NID:g13283636)"
FT   misc_feature    161239..161782
FT                   /note="similar to EST BX107691 (NID:g27847514)"
FT   misc_feature    161241..161282
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF749053
FT                   (NID:g12075729)"
FT   misc_feature    161242..161422
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF699661
FT                   (NID:g11985069)"
FT   misc_feature    161252..161441
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA309966 (NID:g1962295)"
FT   misc_feature    161253..161349
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG285112
FT                   (NID:g13036723)"
FT   misc_feature    161267..161372
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AW859939 (NID:g7955632)"
FT   misc_feature    161314..161553
FT                   /note="similar to EST BU173345 (NID:g22687329)"
FT                   /note="similar to EST BU186714 (NID:g22700698)"
FT   misc_feature    161314..161441
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF921029
FT                   (NID:g12316917)"
FT   misc_feature    161314..161351
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG928976
FT                   (NID:g14323499)"
FT   misc_feature    161365..161441
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF749053
FT                   (NID:g12075729)"
FT   misc_feature    161369..161503
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV714960
FT                   (NID:g10796477)"
FT   misc_feature    161403..161806
FT                   /note="similar to EST BQ938007 (NID:g22353485)"
FT   misc_feature    161403..161441
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG285112
FT                   (NID:g13036723)"
FT   misc_feature    161494..161636
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA205471 (NID:g1803461)
FT                   zq66a11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    161500..161508
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI093435
FT                   (NID:g14511765)"
FT   misc_feature    161522..161739
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG928976
FT                   (NID:g14323499)"
FT   misc_feature    161527..161547
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF921029
FT                   (NID:g12316917)"
FT   misc_feature    161588..161636
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV714960
FT                   (NID:g10796477)"
FT   misc_feature    161593..161638
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BI093435
FT                   (NID:g14511765)"
FT   misc_feature    161595..161631
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF699661
FT                   (NID:g11985069)"
FT   misc_feature    161600..161772
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AI025219 (NID:g3240832)
FT                   ov40g10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    161600..161636
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BQ423752
FT                   (NID:g21119067)"
FT   misc_feature    161606..161635
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF921029
FT                   (NID:g12316917)"
FT   misc_feature    161607..161625
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG390090
FT                   (NID:g13283636)"
FT   misc_feature    161611..161733
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG285112
FT                   (NID:g13036723)"
FT   misc_feature    161611..161640
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF749053
FT                   (NID:g12075729)"
FT   misc_feature    161611..161631
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AA309966 (NID:g1962295)"
FT   misc_feature    161611..161627
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AU123448
FT                   (NID:g10948164)"
FT   misc_feature    161705..161733
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AU123448
FT                   (NID:g10948164)"
FT   repeat_region   161880..162402
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162420..162802
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162802..164514
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    163824..163827
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV750792
FT                   (NID:g10908640)"
FT   repeat_region   164554..164869
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    164836
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV702602
FT                   (NID:g10718932)"
FT   misc_feature    164924..165682
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV702602
FT                   (NID:g10718932)"
FT   misc_feature    164962..165531
FT                   /note="similar to EST CB267344 (NID:g28441929)"
FT   misc_feature    165002..165430
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV748762
FT                   (NID:g10906610)"
FT   misc_feature    165014..165409
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AV750792
FT                   (NID:g10908640)"
FT   misc_feature    165434..166026
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG255308
FT                   (NID:g12765124)"
FT   misc_feature    165509..166020
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BF002402
FT                   (NID:g10702677)"
FT   misc_feature    165534..165658
FT                   /note="similar to EST BX107691 (NID:g27847514)"
FT   misc_feature    165589..165747
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AI025219 (NID:g3240832)
FT                   ov40g10.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165604..166026
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AW166012 (NID:g6397537)
FT                   xf43g01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165722..166281
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AW590588 (NID:g7277724)
FT                   hg46e03.x1"
FT   misc_feature    165985..166012
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST H14423 (NID:g879243)
FT                   ym18g03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    166028..166376
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST H14423 (NID:g879243)
FT                   ym18g03.r1"
FT   misc_feature    166039..166131
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST BG255308
FT                   (NID:g12765124)"
FT   misc_feature    166039..166097
FT                   /note="similar to Homo sapiens EST AW166012 (NID:g6397537)
FT                   xf43g01.x1"
SQ   Sequence 166458 BP; 48934 A; 33923 C; 34723 G; 48878 T; 0 other;
     gaattccagt tgggtttcac aggccggtgg attaaggagg cccacatgag cccataaatt        60
     gggctgtggg tggctttgcc acacatgact ggctgctttt gtgcctagac tctcaaggaa       120
     gaggcatctt cttcctcaag gcaagcccag ggaggtctga aacttatggc tgccagtgaa       180
     gaaaaatggt aatgcctctg gccagtgctt ttgcccctcc tgccttgtgg ctttggggat       240
     tcaatttgct catcaaaaaa tgggcaatga aatcccctca gtgactggct gctcacccca       300
     catttgcctg gccactgcac agagcccact caccacctcc agttacatcc tgtgcttcca       360
     ctgattggct aggggaacat gctcactgaa gcccaggtga cctatccttt ctccaatgca       420
     cagcctcatg cagatgccac ccagctttcc ttttagattg taatcttagg gagttagaga       480
     gcactaactc attgacgaat taatctgctc taacttactg actaataaat caataagtca       540
     cttaatgtta caagatgggt gtgggacttg atactcttga tttctttcct caggtgggac       600
     tgcactgggc attgccatcc tgatttcgtt gtgaaaaaag ctagcaggtg aggcaggatt       660
     caaggtccag gaacagatca cagcacccag gctggcctgc acaggggcct ctgaggccct       720
     tgcaggcagg agggctcact ggaagtccag gccccttttc taggatggtg accatagccc       780
     ctccctggac ctctgaggac agcctacttg ttctgcaact tgcaaccact ggattctaag       840
     gggtgagcat ccaattgtgt gtgcgtgagt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt       900
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt acatggcctt ctgcttcatt tccatgggat gttctcctag       960
     aagaaattcc tagggaatcc tgggactgtg ctggagattc tcaaactgcc aaattcagta      1020
     agagttgtct caagaatata attagtagta ttttctgcag attactatgt cagggtttcc      1080
     tttgccaaaa aaaaatgtgt aaaaaacaaa gttgttagtc ctttacatta ttttaattag      1140
     gtcatcaaat aaacctttta ttttcttcaa acttattttt atgacaatca ttgaattttt      1200
     gttttcttct ttgttccaac tgttacctgt tttagagaaa aatatttaaa aaatgtgata      1260
     cacaattact aacaagtgac agcaatttat ttaaaatgca attagatttc ttaaatgagt      1320
     aaacaatttc agtaaactta gtttgtgtta cttgtataaa ttatttttca tcttatcctc      1380
     aatcttaaaa aaatttagct aggtatgcaa ttcaaaattg atagatgttt tatatagaca      1440
     acttaaaaac attttattgg tcatgttggg tagtataatt ctcacatatt ttatcttaga      1500
     aatcaacaca tttgacaatt gatatttata gtatctataa aagtgacttt ataaacatgc      1560
     ttttatagtt gctaaaattt ttggagaaaa aaatctattc tggccttcat tagtaaaact      1620
     taaagatgat agaaatgaga ctatatttac tggctaaatt aacgacaaaa actgaaagag      1680
     attcatttac ttattcttta tctttcagta tctgataatg aacagaatta aagatgctca      1740
     gaatctgcat cagtatagaa ataaagcaaa cagctcttgt gaaagaatta ttgaaaatat      1800
     acagaacaaa cctatcaatt atatttaaaa atttacccaa ttcatagtcc aaaaaatacc      1860
     actcttacag aggtttacta ctggcagaat ccagcgtttc ttatgacctg atacaacata      1920
     accactcttt atatatcatc tgattgccca aaatctaccc agaactgaag gctaatcctg      1980
     ccagttccta aaaagacagt cttcacacac aacccatttt catttaagct tgtttcccac      2040
     atcaaccttt cagtaatgtc tgccagaact acacttctga aagtccagga cagcagggca      2100
     gaagggaaga ctacttaggt tataataaat gttttgtttt gtttttccat atcacacagt      2160
     atttctgtcc tcagagacat taagttgagg atgagctgtt tcaaaaccta gaaataaggc      2220
     tgggtgtggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccta gcattttggc atgcccaggt gggtggatca      2280
     caaggtcagg agatcaagac catccagcct aacatggtga atcactgtct ctgctaaaaa      2340
     tacaacaaat tagccaggct tggtggaggg cacctgtatt ctcagctact tggtatactg      2400
     aggcaaaaga atagatttaa cccaggagac agaggtagca gtgagccgag attgtgcaac      2460
     tacactacag cctgggcaac agagtgagat tccatctcaa agaaagaaaa aatacctaaa      2520
     atcaaatgta aaaaagtggc atgataattc tgtctatgcc agaatataga ggaggaagac      2580
     taaaaccata ttttgttaat ctaaatgaaa agagttcagg gcattttagg tttcaatacc      2640
     tgtggtgaat acccttaaca tgtgtcagcc attccaggtt tgactgcata ggctagcgct      2700
     ctgccttcct ccatagatgt ttaaatgtag caccataatc caataatttt acaaggtttt      2760
     catacaatta tgatctcttt ttgagaacaa ttaatgtcat ttattataga tgttttcaat      2820
     ttttcactag agacagtagg ctaattttaa aaagactatt ttttaatcat gtagcttcta      2880
     ttacatagct agttttgtct tttttacttc gtgtatatgc caaaaagacc tcatgactta      2940
     ttaaacattc aactatttac ttgaataaat tggccctatg catttaatca gctcaattat      3000
     atcaatttta tgaagtaaaa tgaacaataa ctaaacaaaa attggattaa tcgcattttc      3060
     taattgaaac aaaatataaa atatactaaa taaataacat tcaataatgc acacactgtg      3120
     aaattactca catgtgaaag ttattttggg aacaccatta tattttacca aagccacttt      3180
     cataatctgt gaggaaatta tacaaataat gttttacaaa attggacaaa aacaaaattg      3240
     tgtattatgt ttacagttag ccacaaatga acagatataa aaaaagtaat ttgcataaga      3300
     tatttcaaag ccaggagcaa tgacatatta gataaatacg tttaatacaa agcagagaaa      3360
     ataaatttgc tttcaaattc tttgaagatt ctggtttgct ggtgacttat caatgcttgt      3420
     ataactacct atttcattct aatatttttc ttttcttctc aaagtaggta catgaccgta      3480
     aacaaatacg attattctct ataaatctgt tacacctaaa gtttatttta cagtgatata      3540
     tctgtatatt taaaaccatg taaaccaaaa ctgaaagtct gtatatgttt agcagaccag      3600
     agaagtcata tttttaaaaa aaagttggat aaaatgtttt aaatagttgt tcagaattct      3660
     gaaacatgta gttccattat actcaaagtc ttcattgcaa ccatcataat aatctgtagt      3720
     tacaagaaaa acaaaaatgt aagtgctaga aaccatattc tcaaaattat tttcagttaa      3780
     agaccactaa caaagtaacc actagagatg ttatttcact gtcaccagat agtatattgt      3840
     taccatctgt tacctacaac cttgagtaag atgggaaaag ttaacatcag tggcaaaata      3900
     cacattcaat gtaaaatagc cataacacaa aaacaacaat tttggcttat taaaacaaat      3960
     taagttcaca cattgccatt aaaaaggcat ttttaaattc actgtatttt aattacatta      4020
     atttgcaaat ggtaaaggaa ttttcttcta aaattcatat ggtttctctt actgtgcaga      4080
     atgctatcct gatcacttaa aacactccta tcatcctgtc acatataata ctgctgttaa      4140
     catggccaga tgcagtggct catgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc tgaagcgggc      4200
     agatcacctg aggtcgggag tttgagacca gcctgaccaa cgtggagaaa ccccgtgtct      4260
     actaaaaata caaaattagc caggcgtggt ggtgcatgcc tgtaatccca gatactcgag      4320
     aggctgaggc aggagaagta cttgaacctg gttgaacctg ggaattggag gttgcaatga      4380
     gcagagattg ggccattgca ctgcagcctg ggcaacaaga gtgaaactcc aactccaaaa      4440
     aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaagacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaatac tgctgtaaac      4500
     caaccattaa gtagcctttc tactaagatt ttcttcattt acattagatt tcagttttct      4560
     taaccttcca tgaaaaagaa tataaatctg tctatctaat ttagaagaac ctctcataac      4620
     tctggtacag caacaattga ccatgttctt tcacataaac actagaaatg aagagagcat      4680
     caaatgtaag agttaaatta cgtcaatatt cgcttttgaa aacaacacta cattttattt      4740
     tttgtttttg tttgggatgg agtctcactc tgttgccagg ctagagtgca gtggtgcgat      4800
     ctcagctaac tgcaaccttc acctcccagg ttcaagccgt cttcctgtct cagcctcaca      4860
     tgtagctgag agcacaggcg ctcaccacta cagccagcta atttttttgt atttttagta      4920
     gagatggggt tttgccatgt tggagaagat ggtcttgatc ccttgacctc ttgatctgat      4980
     cccctcagtg tcccaaagca ctgggatcac aggcttgaga cactggcctg gcctaatttc      5040
     ttttaaaata aaaaggtagg tttcttttag aggaaagtag tcaagattgc cagctagaat      5100
     ctgctggact gcgtagttct cacagagaga aatgcaaaat atgcataaat acagcacctt      5160
     aaactgaaac atccaggtac tagcattggg aacaatcaaa gaaacgactt atctaatgga      5220
     gaatggagta aaggaaggta gaataatggg ccatccggga aaaacaagaa gccaagggaa      5280
     actttccacc cagtaaatca gtaattgcat gtgtgaccct ggcaacccac aattctgtca      5340
     ctgattttgc aaccctcagg taaggagata ccctcgttaa cccacttcat tatggccttc      5400
     cgtttaacaa acagagctac atggagtcac agcagagcag tcacccaggc cagtgcagag      5460
     attcaagagc cttagataat ctggctctcc aggcttccaa gaaaaattag ctgcaactcc      5520
     agcaaagcag gaggttacat ccttgtacac tcccatagga aacaggcaga atccaggggc      5580
     ctgagcagcg atggtctgta ggactcattt ccacaattcc tcacagggta agatctactg      5640
     gcttacaatt ccagccaacc attgataaca gcatttcacc tccacgtgat ggagctacca      5700
     gaaagagggg tggcccaccc tctttgctgc tttggcaagt tagccattcc agccttcagg      5760
     ctttgaagag ctcaagccga ctggggacag aaagaatctc ctagcacagt acaggtgctg      5820
     taaaaagaca tgtccagatt gcctgttaaa gcaggtctgc aatctcattc ctcctcactg      5880
     ggaaatactt tccaaccagg gtgtccatct accaccactg gtgctatttg atcgatggaa      5940
     tttggaaatg tctttgggat acagttcctg gagggaagag tgagctgccc tttttgctgt      6000
     ttgtgtgact tagctgttcc agccttctgg cttttgagaa tccaaataaa ctgagggtgg      6060
     aagtggtacc tctgcccagc agagctgtcc tacagaaatg tggctagatt gcttttcaag      6120
     tgggtcccca attatgtcac cctcactggg taagatcttt caactgagat ttttagctac      6180
     ctcctatatg tgcttttgtg ctggaaacag gtctaacctc cctgggacag ggctcccaga      6240
     gaaaagggca tgttgccatt gttgttgttt tgcagcattt actggtgata acttcagata      6300
     ctggaaaatt ggagatgact agaaactgca atggacactc aggataatcc aacagccctt      6360
     cagaaagtgg ccagattgtt acgtaagggc ctgttctcct atattctctt tgggaaggtt      6420
     ctccaggact ggcccactag ccaatcattc ccagagttat tgagccagta gcaagttagc      6480
     aattccctgg acagagactc cagcagcaat tgaaaatact tctgccactg cccctgcagt      6540
     agaactgtcc ttgcttccct caggctaatg aacagtccaa aaacttaagt gcgttattca      6600
     caccttaaac aagctgcagt ttacccaagg agaagaggcc agtccatcct ccttgggttt      6660
     cacacactcc tcactgctcc tcaccagaca gtgaacctct acttggccaa aagcagagct      6720
     cctccatcct gggctgactg cactgaggga ttgctgacct acatctctct gagatgcagc      6780
     cccccagaag agaagcaaag aggtgggcca gcaagccagc ttatgtggtg tccagtgggt      6840
     ttggcacaaa agcatctgta ggaaagtgtg gccagtgatg gccatttctc taggctaaac      6900
     tttctctcat aagagacttt agccctagag aacctgttgg acctaatttc tgcaggatag      6960
     tcttgcaaat gagaagaagc gtctccaact gagcactcct tggtctgctg gtctctccca      7020
     gggtcccagt ctggctgcag ccacttacag ggcagtctca gctcctctgg aagagtagtt      7080
     taccatacca tggcatctgc attggtggac gatgcctgag ccctaactgc tccagcaaag      7140
     cagcccctgt ggctgcacca gcacacaggt atgttcccca tactgcagct tctccagaga      7200
     ccatggcaac tcctgatatt actttggtgg cacatgtctg caaaggtggg ttggactttg      7260
     cttgatccat cagcaaataa gaatgcagta ttcccctgcc acccacagca gcttctactg      7320
     tagatgaagc tttggtgggc agagagccag aaaggcacaa ctctgccttt gtgttaacac      7380
     tgtgcagaga actgtgtatt ctcccacact ctgaacaatc acttctttat tggtggggca      7440
     caaagaaggc atcaaacatt cactggccag cttcctgcac caagctaaca caaccaacca      7500
     ttattagcgc aacagcacac acagtgtcca gcagttacgt cctcagtcac ctcccaactt      7560
     ctttgctcct gccactaagg taaatgccca gaggcaggca gaaaacccat atccactacc      7620
     actttgctgc agctgcggca tgctagtcct acaaagtgat ggacttgaaa tatcaaggag      7680
     ccagagaaga tggttggaaa caaatacaac tgccccagag tatgcagcct ctgagttgtg      7740
     agctgagcat tgtctccctg ccaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattccc      7800
     aggaacaaag cccgtaggct caatctactt tataccacaa ttggatatta caggccattg      7860
     aataggatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaactc cattcaaatg tcagcaacct caaagatatg      7920
     cccacaaaga tttgacaaaa tccgtgcaaa aatgttgaaa acacaaaaaa ccacagtgac      7980
     ttctttcatc caaatgacca aattatgtaa tttggtcatt tcagcaaggc ctaagatgac      8040
     agaagtagaa ttcagaatat ggatagaaat aaacttcatt gagctacaaa tgtaagttgc      8100
     aacccaatgc aataaaagga aaaaattgca ggaattaatg gaaaaaacag ccaatcagga      8160
     ggaaaatgtg gtcaacctga tagagctgaa aaacacaata caaaacttta taatgtaatc      8220
     aaaagtctta acaacagaat aggccaagca gaggaaagaa tctcagaact tcaagactgg      8280
     ctttctgaaa taagacagac aagaatagtg aaaaaagaat acagagaaat gaaccaaagt      8340
     ctctaagaaa tacaggatta tgtaatgaaa ccaaatctat gattaaaaag aacatctgaa      8400
     attgatggga agaatgaaaa caacttgaaa tacctatttc cagatatcat ccatgagaat      8460
     ttttccagcc tagacagaga ggtcaacatt caaatgaagg aaatgtggag aaccccagta      8520
     agatacccta caagaaggtc accctcaaga cacgaaatcg tgagattctc caaggtcaaa      8580
     atgaaagaaa aaaatgtgtt aaaggcagtt agagtgaaag gccaggccac ctgtaaaaga      8640
     agaccatcag acaaacaaca aacctttcag ctgaaatcct acaactcaaa agagactagg      8700
     ggccaatatt ctacattctt taaaaaaaaa gaattccaaa caagaatttt cagaggaacc      8760
     ggccccgaat atttcaacat aggttctttt ctattttccc taagtgttgg ctggtctgag      8820
     aaataaaggg aaagagtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ggaaatttta cagctgggcc      8880
     tctcggagtg acatcacatg tcagcaggtt ctgtgatgtc cacctgagcc acaaaaccag      8940
     gaagttttta ttagggatct caaaaaggga ggggtgtatg aatagggagt gggtcacagg      9000
     gttcacatgc ttcatagggc aataaaagat cacaaggcaa gggggcagag caagatcaca      9060
     aggcaaaggt gaaattagaa ttactgatga aggtccatgt cccaatgggc atgcactatc      9120
     attgataaac atcttaacag gaaacagggt ttgagagcag acaacggatc tgactagaat      9180
     ttgccaggct ggaatttcct aatcctagca agcctgaggg cactgcagga gaccaggaag      9240
     tatttcatcc cttatcttca actgcataag acagacactc ccagagcagc catgttagag      9300
     aactccccct gggaatgcct ttttttccca gggctattcc ttgctgagaa aagaattcaa      9360
     ggatatttct cctattcact tcctgcaaga agagaagtat gattctgttc tgcctggccc      9420
     cgtaggcagt cagacctcat ggctgtgtcc cttgttccct gaacatcgct gttatcctgt      9480
     tctttttcag ggtgcccaga tgtcatattg ttcaaacaca catgctttac aaacaatttg      9540
     tgcagataac gcaatcatca cagggtcctg aggcgacgta catcctcagc ttatgaagat      9600
     gaaaggatta agagattaaa gtaaagacag gcattggaaa ttatgagagt attgattgag      9660
     gaagtgataa atgtccatga aatcttccca atttatgttc agagattgca gtaaagacag      9720
     gcataagaaa ttataaaagt attcatttgg agaactgaca aatgtccatg aaatcttcac      9780
     aatttatgtt cttctgccat ggcttcagca ggtgccttca ttcagagtcc ctgacttctc      9840
     acaacaagaa ttctatatct taccaaagca agctacagaa gtaaaaaata aatataatcc      9900
     tattcagata agccaacgct gaggaactct gttaccacaa gaccggcctt acaagagctt      9960
     ctgaagaaag cagtaaataa gagactatta caagtcacta caaacaaaat aaaaacaaaa     10020
     caaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaccccc aaaaaaccca ctaaagtaca taaacagctg     10080
     gcactataaa gcaactacat aaatgtgaaa attagccagc taagatcaca gggacagaat     10140
     caaatccacg cataaaaatg ctaactttaa atgtaaatgg gctaaatatc ccagttaaaa     10200
     aacagagtgg caaattgcat gcagagttaa tatccaaggg tatgctgtaa ctgagacacc     10260
     catctaaaat aagataacaa taaattgaaa aagaaaaatc taccaagcaa atagaaaaca     10320
     ggaaaaaagc agccgttgag attatagttt ctagcaaaac agacttttaa gtcaacatag     10380
     atttttttaa aaagacaaaa aagaacatta cataagagta aagtgctata tatgcaccca     10440
     atacagacac atacagatta taaaccaagt tcttagagac cctccaagat gttaagtaaa     10500
     tggtcttcat cagtcgttac ccttatattg cattcattca gtattaaatc tctgatgtgg     10560
     aacacgacat gaggatttgt taaaggcttt tccacatttt tatcacttgt ggactttctc     10620
     tgtagtatga attttcttat gtctaatgag gtgtgagaat gagctcaatg tttggccgca     10680
     tttttcacat ttgtagggtt tctctccagt gtgaattctc ttatgattag taaggtctga     10740
     gaagcactta aaggctttgc cacgttccac gcgtttttag gatgtgtctc cagcatgatt     10800
     tatcttgtgt ttaatgaagg tttaggagca ggtgaaggtt tgccacattc tttatatttg     10860
     taagatttct ctccaggata aactttctta tgttcagtaa gacttgataa ctttttaaag     10920
     gctttgccac attcttcaca tttgtgtcat ctctctgcaa taggaatttc cttttttata     10980
     gtaaaatgtg agaacaatgt acagtctttg ccacgttctt catacttgta gcatttctcc     11040
     cactaatttt ttttttatgt tcactgaagt ttgagcacaa ctcaaaaggt ttgccacatt     11100
     tgttttgcta tgagtagatg acagacattg aggaaagcca ttaaaactgc ttttctgccc     11160
     ttgcaataac ccacactttg gtagtgtttc tttaaaagta agttattaaa gtcacagctt     11220
     tcatatttta tcagtcactt tttggaatga atcttttatt ttgtgctcca tccatatctc     11280
     tgtagtaaaa tgaaaacagc ccagctgaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaagaca aaatttctcc     11340
     ctcattcgac tcaggtgaat acacttgaca aatgtgtaat tatacaaagc acattaacaa     11400
     ggtgacaata aaataccaca gggcctaatt cctttataaa catataagtt taacataata     11460
     tacttaccaa aatgcctttg tgagaagtcc aagactcagt taagcatttg cagcaccaag     11520
     tgagcaaaat gccaagaacc acataggagt gtaataaaag tatttcatat ttacccacta     11580
     cacacatatt ttatcctatg aaaagtgtag agactgacaa ctcctgtctt accccttcaa     11640
     aaataaataa aacagtgaca tgtccatgct tctggctttt tgagttttta ccaaagacaa     11700
     attcctacat tccaagacag tgttgaaagg aaagatggta tactttgact gagactaaag     11760
     acaaataact gttacaaaaa aagaaagact tcagtatcat aggcagacta tgggtatcca     11820
     gctgactgca ggatctcagt gagaaatatg gggaacggct gggagtattg gatcacacct     11880
     gtaattctag ctatttggga ggctgaggtg ggtggatcag ctgaggtaag aagttcaaga     11940
     ccagccaggt caacatggtg aaatatccag aaatcagtta taaaaaatgg agatataaat     12000
     ggtaatataa aaattaccag aggcgatttg ggttagttta gatctatttt taaaaagaaa     12060
     aaaaaaaagt gctaaaaagt gaaaatcacc gtgtcaatga tgcttaatca gtaaaataga     12120
     aataaagaaa aaaacataaa aataaataaa tgaaaccaac aaaagataaa agtcacaaaa     12180
     aggaatgaaa attgtgcagt agaagcacaa aaaaagacta atatgcagtt caacatcagt     12240
     aaaaaatttt aagaaactca agaagctcag acaatttcaa ctaaggttaa cacaaagaga     12300
     tttctaacaa gacaaaacat aagcaatgtt ttgaaagtca gagaaaagaa gagaatctgg     12360
     aattcagaaa taaaaaatag atgtgttatt catatgtatg cttctgcaag attaccagta     12420
     aatttatgaa tgtcaatctt ttgggcatga agggaataag atgacatagt taaaacactg     12480
     aaataaatag cctaataaag aatactatag cctgcaaaat tatctttcca aatgaaaaaa     12540
     aaaaatgtgg ctatgttgta gtctatatca ggatgtaact atgtcatgcc tttaagagac     12600
     tcatttcaga tctaataaaa attagactga aaatggcagt ataaaaatac attccatgca     12660
     agtgttaatc aaatgagagg agaagaggta acaatttatt aagttgaaaa ctgttatatt     12720
     tatataattt attttatgtt aaaattcaca agggacaaag taggacattc aaatgcagta     12780
     agagggttca ttcactgaga acctataaat gcaggacagt tattccaaac acataaatca     12840
     aacattgaca gaattgaatc aaaaataggc aggcagcaat gagatagtgg aagtatatat     12900
     caatacccca ctttcagtaa taaataaagc aagacagaat atcaatgagg gaacaaaaac     12960
     ttgaatgtac tgtacaacaa ctacacctaa gaaatgtata gagacaacag aatagacttt     13020
     cttttcaata gcacataaaa cattttccta gatggaccac atgtgacacc acaaaagaag     13080
     tcttaattat ttttcagttg aaattttaca gaaaattatt tatagcccag acggaatgga     13140
     actagaattt agtaacaaaa gaaaagcaga aaaactccaa aaatataaaa attaagcaac     13200
     acagtttttt tttttttttc ttttgagatg gactctcact ctggcactcc ggagctaggt     13260
     tggagtccag tggcacaatc tcagctccac tgcaatctcc acctccttgg ttcaagccct     13320
     acttggcctc caaaagttct gggattagag gtatgagcta ccatgcccag aaaacaacgc     13380
     acttttaagc atgctgtttt tcaagggttg gaagataaaa tattatgaag atgtccatac     13440
     tgcttaaagt gaagcacacc ggcaacacac tccttttcaa tttttaattt tacttttcca     13500
     aaaatagaca aaactccaca aaattacttg agattccaat aaaccgtgaa aagcctgaca     13560
     atcttaaaaa tatatatagg aagcattaca cataacaatt tccaaacaca aagcaaacct     13620
     acattaatca aaggattgtg ctgccggtat aatggtagaa caccaaagtc atgaaacaaa     13680
     attcagcaca gatataaact cttgaataga caggagagac atcacctagg ttttgcattc     13740
     agccatatgt cgcaattcct tcaataagca agacccaggc aagagagcgg agttacattt     13800
     caataagcaa gacccaggca ggagagcaga gtgatatttc aaaatgtcct ctgggtgcgg     13860
     gacacaggct ggagagacac atcacctagc cgaaaagacc agaaatatgt aataatatcc     13920
     cctgttgaca gggcccaggc agaagagtca agttattatg attctgtccc attgacatgt     13980
     aacaataaac ccatggaaag gaatatgagc caaaaagtct caacacctgc atactatgtc     14040
     cagtcgtatg acacaatctc ctcatctttg agagtgacag ttttaacttt tacctgaata     14100
     tgtatattag cgtcacaatt tcacatgtgt gctgggccaa tatacaacac tgtctacagg     14160
     agctgagggt tttataaacc tgcataagaa ttgcaaagct ctctgaggac tacatgctcc     14220
     tatggactca caatcttaca tatggcccta aactcaggtt tgatagtcat catctcccta     14280
     taggcagggt tagggaggaa gacccattat tatgccagtg ggctgggtcc agaaatgagt     14340
     caccatccca acttttgtca gattaacata taaaagtcaa acctccaact ttgtgctgta     14400
     ttccctgtta gactcaggac ctcaaccttg gacattgtaa acgttggatg atgacaactt     14460
     ttgatttcac ctgggtgtgt aaccaggagt ctcaatctga actttttgct gggccctgtt     14520
     atgaaacatt ctaccaccaa agagtttgaa aaaatataac tcagtgttaa gcttctatga     14580
     ccttggtaga aatatgtaac ccaggaactt acctattgcc ctaagcctaa tgatgagagg     14640
     taaaatatct cctattggct gaatcccaaa ataagtttga tcatcatgcc tgtgaactaa     14700
     aagcaagata tatgtcataa tcccatatgt ggccaaataa gtatgcagga gggaaacatc     14760
     acttatatgg tgtgccaggc aatatgtcaa attgccttct tcaggcaggg tataggggat     14820
     attaggtcac aataaccggg tgttggagcc agcaatatga caacatctca catgtagaaa     14880
     atacccagcc aagttaggag agccaaaaca tctgcattat gggctgaaga tatgtcaaaa     14940
     taccttcagt ggctccaaca caggccggag agtcacatca taaggatgct gggcttatca     15000
     atatgcaata tgccatagtt tcttctttgt gcaaaaccca ggcaggtgag taacatcatc     15060
     gggatgctgg gccctgcaat aggtccaaat tctttttttg tgggcatggc tcgggaacaa     15120
     gaggagagtc acatattctg cgtgctggga tcagcaatgt gccaaaatcc tcttaatgtg     15180
     aagccccagg cagaaaaata gagtcacatt tttagatcat gggctcagaa atatgtccaa     15240
     atgtttccag taggcagggc tcattgagac gaggaaagtc atatcacctg ggtgcttccc     15300
     ttcaaatatg cataatgtaa catgtaagca gaaacaaggt agaggagcca cgtcccttgg     15360
     gtgctgggtc ctgagatatg tcacaaggct gtcttaggat atcatccagg aaagggagtt     15420
     acataaatga ggtacaaatt ctctgcttat tccacaatgc tccatgtgag tagatcccag     15480
     agagggagtc acttcaacca ggtgatagct gaagagacgt gtcacagtgt cctctatgaa     15540
     gcacagccct ggctaaagag taccctcacc tgtgtgcctg gcctagaaat atgtcactct     15600
     ccaggttggc agggcccaag ccggagagcc acataactta ggtgacaggc ctagagatat     15660
     gtcacagtgc cctactttca gcatggctct ggcaaaagaa taccctcacc tgtgtgactg     15720
     gcattgcaat atgtcactat ccttccttcg ggcagggccc attccaaaga agagagttac     15780
     atcacctatg aggtggacac aggaatatgt cacagtaatt tttgtggaca tggcacaggc     15840
     aagaatgtaa catcacctgg ctgctagatc cagtgatctg tcacaacact tactgagaga     15900
     agagcccagg catggcagtc atatcccctt gaggctgacc cagctagata tcacaatttc     15960
     atatataaac tgggaccatt ctggaaagtc caactacaca ggtgcttggc aaatatgtat     16020
     atcacaatca cactgtcaga aaatgtcaaa ggtgagtttt atgataccac acatgtcctg     16080
     tttttacgtg tgacagttgg ctgcaaccat gtgggatgat gacagttatt tctgtcagct     16140
     gggtttgcat acaggactca caatttcacc tgtgtgctga gtgctacatt ggttctgctt     16200
     gtataaccca aagactctat aaaagtatgt gtcaatgttg taatcttttg tgatgtttgt     16260
     acaagaatgt gatccatgat atcacacatg tccctacacc tagttataag agcctaaata     16320
     ttctctattt gctgagttca catctaagag tcgttatcat tcctgcgagc cttgcgtagg     16380
     tatatgttac aattccatga gtggttatga agcaggcaga acagcctcat cacctaaatt     16440
     ctgggcctga aatatttcaa tattatcttt gtagacaggg tcctgtcaga aatgccacat     16500
     gacttgtgtg ctgggtccag ctctgtggca caatgtccct tgtgggtagt gtccaggaag     16560
     aagaggagag taatatcacc taaatgatag gccccaaaat atgtcaaaat gcctcctgtt     16620
     gacagggccc aggaaagaga gtcgtatcat ttagatgcag tgtttagaaa tgctacaatt     16680
     accaaagtaa gcagggtaca ggcaggagag gagaatcatg taacctagat gatgtgttca     16740
     gaaatatgat acaatccctc ctgaggccat tgttaaaata gcacggtaaa atcatcaagt     16800
     tacttggcca ggtatttgtc aaaatctgat ttgtgggcta tacctaggaa gaattattaa     16860
     atctctctgg agctggacaa aggtatgtgt cacaatttca cttgtggaaa gatttaggaa     16920
     ttacagtcac catcctgcac atgtcctggc tccaaacata tgagttgtta ttaggctttt     16980
     gttttggtct caggtatatg acacaatatc acctgtggcc agaaagaagg caagaaactc     17040
     acatcaccta catgggtgca ggtccagtga gatgttgcaa tccacctggt gggcaaaacg     17100
     cttgcagaat tgtcagatca cttggatgct ggtttcagtg atatattttt aaaaagccct     17160
     ctgtgggaag gactttggca tgagagaaga ctcacttcat ctaggaaatt ggcctagatt     17220
     atgtcacaat gaccattaac tgcagtaaga aggctaaaga gtgccctcac cttggtgctg     17280
     tacccaggaa tatgtcccaa gctccctgtg gtcaggacac aatgaaaagt gaagaaacat     17340
     cacccaggtg ctgagccaag tggtatgtta ctatgttggc agaacccccc aaaaaatcac     17400
     atctcctggg tgcagtagcc tgttatgtgt cacagtgctc tgtaactgca gggccaagac     17460
     agtagaagag agtgacatca cttatgtgat ggacctaaat gtaagacaca attctctttt     17520
     taggcagttt tcaggcaggt aaatcacatc acctgggtga cggtcccagt gatatataaa     17580
     agtgcccctt ataggcagag acaaggatga tgttatatat tgattagggg cttgttccgc     17640
     atatggcaaa atttcatctg tggtctgggc ctagaaatgt gcatcaaatt actcatatgc     17700
     tgggaagggt tgcatgaccc aatcatactt tcaagaaggt tcagaaataa ttttcagttc     17760
     actcaagtcc gagctttgag tatgcgaatc aacacattct acgagttggg ttgtagtaca     17820
     ggagtcacaa tctcagcaat gggaagatcc atgtgtaaga gccccaatcc cacccgaaga     17880
     ctgtgttcta ataagagaga cacagcacca cagttctact taatcatggt tccaatgcca     17940
     tcaaacacct gtggatcaga ttcacgtaca agtgtaacag tttcaagtct tatgtgtgtg     18000
     agatttagca ctgcattggt aggctctgtt catgtgtgag aataacaatt gtgtcagctt     18060
     ggtgtgcatt caagagtcac aataccacct ggttttgggt gcctgttatg acactctttg     18120
     taccactcag gctttatacg atatgcctga gtgggatact tttctgtgta ttcttagagg     18180
     tgggtaatat agaactctac ccatggccat agagttatta ttgtgcatgt gagctgaatc     18240
     caggtatatg tcccaaattc acctttggac agagacaaga cagaagagtc tcatcatctg     18300
     gattctgatc cagggataca ttttattctg cactgtaggc aggactcagt cagaagaatc     18360
     atatcacctg ggtacactct caaataatat gtcatcatgc ctactgaata cagggattaa     18420
     aaaaagtgga tagtcaaatt ctctaaggac tgggctcagc acatcttctc ggactctctt     18480
     ggcagagccc aggacaaagg ggagagtcac atcacctagg tttttcactc agtggtatgt     18540
     cacaatttct tcagtgggca ggattcagca ggagaggaga ttcacattac ctagatgctt     18600
     tatctagtga tatgtcacag tgtcctttgt gggcagggca ctggcaggag agacacacca     18660
     cttagctgat aggcctaaag acatgtgatc atatcccctg ttgtcagggt ccaagcagag     18720
     ggttaaacta ttatgattct aagcaaggga tgttttacaa tgcaaccatg gaaaagaatt     18780
     taagcctaaa attctcaaca cctagaggta ctaggcctcg tgatatggca caatctcttc     18840
     atctattagg gtgacaactt tgactgtttg gtgagtatat aggagtcaca atctcatgtg     18900
     tattctgggt gatcctatga cacaatctac aacatacaaa ggctttaagc aacatgcatg     18960
     agagttgcaa tccattctga ggcctacatg ctcctattga ctcacaatct tacatactgc     19020
     tttaaactca gttatgatag gcaacattcc tcttataggc tagattcaga cagaagacac     19080
     attattatgc ccctgatgtg ggtccagaag tgagttacca tctcacctgt agcaagatcc     19140
     atatatgaaa gtcacaattc catctttgta ctttatttac ttgttagact caggacttca     19200
     acagtgggct ttgtaaatgt gggattttga caactttttc tctcacctgc atgtgtaatc     19260
     aagagtcaaa accttaactt ttactgggcc ctgttataaa actctgtgta ccaaccaagg     19320
     agtttataga ttatgtgtta ctgttgtaac cttctgtgaa ctttgtacaa atttgcaact     19380
     cataacctta cctattgttc taagtgtagc catgaaaggc aaaacatcta ctattggtga     19440
     aatttcaatt tcagcttgat cataatgcgt ctgaattgaa ggaatgtaaa tttcatacca     19500
     tttgtagaaa aaaaaaaaaa cttttcagaa aggtagcata cttaggtgct gtgccaagca     19560
     atatatcaca aggccctctc aatgcaggtc tagaaattgg ggttatgata actgggtgct     19620
     ggactcagca ataagacata aacccaaatg tagaatatgt aggaaaaaga aatgcatact     19680
     aatgatgaga acaagattac ctacagaata ggcccatggt atgtaaaaat actttgttat     19740
     tctagcacag gcaaaagagt tacatcatca gggtgggggc cccagcaata tgccataatt     19800
     ctctctttat gctggaccta gtaacaagag aactgtcatc ttcatgctgg gatcagtgat     19860
     acatcaaagt tccttttcat gggcatagtt caggaaaaaa ggagtcaatt tacctaagta     19920
     ttgggcctag cagtatatca catcacccca ttctaaaggc tcttgcagaa aaaaagattc     19980
     acatcactta agacacaggc tcagatatat ggcccaatgt cccaagtagg caggactcat     20040
     gcagaagaga agagtcatat cacctaggtg cttcctaggt atatgacaca atctaacatg     20100
     tgaggtgaag ccaggcagaa gagtcacatc accttgatgc tgggtcctaa gatatgtcac     20160
     aagacttcct taagacagga cacagaaaag agagttacaa aaaataagta caaaaaaata     20220
     tcacaatgct ccatgtgggc aagacagaag cagggagtca catcacctag gggactggcc     20280
     gagagatatg tcacaatgtc ctccttgagt catggccctg gtgaaagagt accatcaccc     20340
     atgtgcgtag cctagcaata tgtccactat ccaggtaagc aggacccaag caggagagca     20400
     acatcatcta gctgataggc ccagagattt gtcacagtga cctctttagg acatggccct     20460
     agcaagaaag taccatcacc tctgtgcatt atgttgttat ccaggtaagc agtacccaag     20520
     caggagtgca gtatcaccta ggataggcca agagatttgt cacaatgccc tctttaggac     20580
     atggtactag caaaatagtc ctgtcacctc tgtgcctggc ccagccacat gtcactatca     20640
     cccactgagt gctgtgccca ttctaataag gagagttgtg ttgcctaagt tgttgacaca     20700
     gtggtatggc ccagtgattt ctctatgcat ggcttaggca aaaatgtaac atgacctggg     20760
     tgctggatct agtgatatgt catgattctt aatgacagca gggccgaggc aggagcatca     20820
     catcacctaa agtttggccc aggtaggtat cacaataaca tatgtggact ggaacaagtc     20880
     tggagaacaa aatcacacag gtgcttggcg aagatttata tcactcacac tggcagaaaa     20940
     ttctgaggat gagatttata ataccacaca tgtcctgttt tcatgattga cagttggcat     21000
     catatatgtg agacggtgac agtacttgct gtcagctgag tgcacatata agactcacag     21060
     tttcaccttt ctcttgggtt ctgttataaa actctctgta tgggccaagg tgtttataaa     21120
     acatctgagg ctcttataac cttccttgtc ttctttttta ccagaaagtg atttaatctc     21180
     tcatgtttct gaagcaagtt atgagactca gaattaaccg tatttacggg gtccacatat     21240
     gagggtcatt atcatgtctc taagttgtac ctaggtatat gtaacaattt atattgtggc     21300
     ttatgaaata ggcacgacag ccaagtacac taaatgctga gccagaaatg ttctaatatt     21360
     ctccttgtag gcatactcct ggcagtaaag ttgcataaac tgggggttac acccagatat     21420
     atggcacaat gctcctgtgg gcagtttcca gacagaagaa gagactcata tcacctaaat     21480
     gctaggacca gagatatgcc gcaatgtctc gtgttgaagg gaccaggaaa tggagtcata     21540
     tcatttggat ggcatgatta gagatgctgg aatccccagt ggaaggaggg ttcagacagc     21600
     agaggagagt aagacaacta gacgaggggt ccaaagccat gttacaatcc ttcctgagga     21660
     tattcttaag acaggagagt caaattgcca aggtgctcag ctgagtaata tgtccaaatc     21720
     tcatttgtgg gcaacattta ggcaagatga ttaagtcact caagagatgg gaaatagact     21780
     atgtcacaat aacactggtg gaaagtttca gcaatgggag tcaccatctt tgatgtgacc     21840
     tggcttcagg tctaacagtc atgattagtc ctcttgtttg ctctcaagta tatggcatga     21900
     tatcgtctat ggacagagag caagcagaaa tgtcacatca cttgtgaggg tgctggtcca     21960
     gtgagatgtc acaatctttc ttgtggccag gaccctggaa gaagaggcat atcacctgga     22020
     agctggtttc agtgatatgt caaaatttct tctgttgggc agggcttaag aaggtgagga     22080
     gaatcacttt acctacatct aggcaattgg cctagatata tgtcacaatg gccactaggt     22140
     gcaaaaccaa agtatgaaaa tgacctcacc ttggaggtgg gtttatcaat atgtcacaat     22200
     ctcccctgtg gtcagggtga ggtaggagag tagaaacatc acctaagtgc taagccaagt     22260
     gatatgttac aaagctttct gtttgtagaa cccagaatgg agtgtcacat tttctgagtg     22320
     tactatccag ttatgtgtca caatgcacca taattacagg gcaaaggcag tggaagtgag     22380
     tcacgtcact tacatgatgg acctagataa aagccacaat gctttatata ggcaggaatc     22440
     aagcaaataa tacacatctc ctggctgctc atcccagtga tatgtaaaag tgacatttgt     22500
     aggcaggccc aggcaccttt gcttaggttt ttggtccaca tatgtcacaa tttcatctcg     22560
     ggttatggcc taaaaaggag agtcaaatta ctcaggacct gggctaactt ttaagtccta     22620
     atcatacacc aggaaatatt ctgaagtaag tttcacagcc ccacacaagt cctggcttta     22680
     tgtatgaaag tcaacacctt ctgtgagttg ggtcgaaaca gaggagacac aatctaaaca     22740
     atgggcataa tccatgtaga agatggcaat cccacttgat aactgcattc cagggggaga     22800
     gtcccagcct cacagatgtg ctgaaccatg caaccccaaa ccacctgtga gtcagatcca     22860
     catatgagag gaacaatttc aatcttttac tgctcttttg gtgagattta gtactttatt     22920
     tgcaggttct gttcttgtga gagaatgata gtcgcgtcag ctgggtgtga atccaataat     22980
     cacaatagca ttggtttgct gttccctgtt ataacactca ttgtactact cacattttct     23040
     atgatacgct gggagtgtca taatactgtg tgaactttat accactatga gaaccattac     23100
     tttgcttgtg gccataagaa tggcaatgag aatcaaaata tctctcctct ttgggtccag     23160
     gtatgatagt tgtattattg catggtatct gaagctgggt atatgacaaa attttacctg     23220
     cgggcagaaa cagagcagga gagtctcatc acctggatgg tgagctcagg atacattata     23280
     atcttagaga aacagagaag actcacatca cctgggtgct ggactccgca atatgtgata     23340
     atcccttgtt ttggcagact ccagaataaa gaggagagtt gcattaccca gtttttgcag     23400
     tcagcgttat gtcacaattc ttttagtggg caggacctag gcaggagaga agaatcacat     23460
     ttcctagatg ttatcaccga tgatgtcaca atgttctttg gtgaaaaagc agaagcaaaa     23520
     tagacaaatc acccaagaaa taggctcaga tatatgtgac aatatcccta cttggcagga     23580
     tcaagtagta aaaagtcaca ttattgtgat tctgacccaa cgatatgtca caatgcacac     23640
     atgggaaaca aagcagtttt tacacctggg tactaggccc aatgatatga caatatctcc     23700
     tcatctttta gggtgacacc tttaactgtt aactcatatg tatgtaagtc acattgtcac     23760
     gtgtgtgctg ggccattgta tgatatcctc tagaacatct gagagtttta tacaacatgc     23820
     gtgagattca caaactactc tgaggtccac atgctcattt tgactctgaa tattatatat     23880
     tgccttaaac ccagatatga gagtcagtat ctctcattta tgcttagttc aggaatgagg     23940
     cttattttta tgcctgtgag ctgggtctaa aaatgagtga tggttgcacc tgtggcaaaa     24000
     tccacaaatg agagtcacaa ttccatcttt gtactgtttt acttgttaga ctcagtatct     24060
     cagcaatggg ctttcttaat gaggggtggt gacaagtttt actttcaatt gtgtgtgtaa     24120
     ttcagaatca caatcttaac tttttgctgg gctttgttag gaaacgctgt accacccaag     24180
     gagtttatac aatattaatt attgttctgt gagctttcct caaatacgca acccaggatt     24240
     ttacctattg ccctaagcct tgcgatgaga ggcaaaatat cttctatttg ctgaatcaca     24300
     atgtaagttt gaccatcata cctgtaaact gaagcaaggt atattttata atcccatttg     24360
     tgggcaaaaa attaccaaaa agagtaatgt cacttaggtg ctgtggcacg cagcatgtca     24420
     cagtgctgtc tctaggcaga atacagaaag cagggtcatg ttatctggat gctggaccta     24480
     gcaatatgac acaattttac ttgttaaaaa aagaaactca accaagggat gaaagccaaa     24540
     acacttacag atttggctga agatatgtca aaatgccctc tgtggctctg gcactggtgg     24600
     gactgaagca tcattagagt gttgggccta ccattatgca atcactccct cattattcag     24660
     gactgcagca gaagagtaac atcatctgag tgcaataggt gaaattttcc ctttgtgggc     24720
     atggttcaga aaaaaggaaa tagtcacata acctaaatcc tggtctcaga aatacatcac     24780
     aatttcagca ttttaaaggc tgaggcaagg gaagagagtc atatcactta ggtcatgggc     24840
     ttagaaacat gtcccaatgt ccccagtagg cagaagtcag gcagaattca ggcagaagag     24900
     gagagtggtg tctcattggt gcttctttag gtgtatgtct caatctaaca catgggcaga     24960
     accagacaga agagccatat aacctgggta ctgggtccta aggtatgttg caaatcccga     25020
     ttagttcaga accaaggtga aagagttaca tcaccttggt tcaggtttca ctttcatgtc     25080
     acaatgctct atgtgtgtga ggccaaagca tttagtccca taaactagtt tattggccca     25140
     agagataggt cacaaagtcc cctgtgaagc atagtcttgg caaaagagta tcatcacctg     25200
     tgtgcctggc ctagaaatat gtcattctcc aggttgtcag ggcccaagca ggagagccgc     25260
     ttaacctagg taataggtgc agagatatgt cacaatgccc tactttgggc atggctgtgg     25320
     caaaaagtac ccacagctgt atgcctggct tcacaatatg tcaccatcct tcctttgtgc     25380
     aaggcccatt ccagagatca gagtttcatc cctatgaggt gcacacacaa atatgttcac     25440
     aataattttg gttggcgtgg cacaggcaag aatgtgaaca tcacctggat gctagatcca     25500
     gtgatatgta caatccttac tgagagaagg gcccaggcag gagagtcaca tctccttgag     25560
     gttggcctag gtagatatca caatcccaca tatgggctgg aacaagtctg gagagtcaaa     25620
     ttacactggt gcttagcaaa gatttatatc acaatcacac tgtcagaaaa ttccaaagat     25680
     gtgatttaca ataccacaca tgtcctgttt tcatgtgtga cagttgactt catccatgag     25740
     agatgatgac agtccttact gtcaggcggg tgtgcataca agactcacaa tttcacctga     25800
     gttgaaccct gctttgactc tttctgtata aaccaaagac tctgtaaaat gtgtgtgttg     25860
     taatcttttg tgatgtttgt acaagaaagt gattcaggac atcacgcatg tccctaaact     25920
     gaattataag agtaaaaata ttctctgttg gatgagtcca catataagag tcattattat     25980
     tcctgcaagc cctgcctagg tatttgttat aatttgttct gttgttatga atcaggccta     26040
     acagccacat cacctaaatg ctgggccaga aatattccag tattcttttt gcaggagggg     26100
     tcttgtccaa aatatcacat aacttgtgtg ctaaatccaa ctctgttgca caatgttcat     26160
     tttgggctgt gtctaggcag gagaggagag tcacaggacc taaaagctgg gctcaagcat     26220
     gtgtcaaaat gcctctcaac aggagagttt ctccaaaaaa agagagccat gtcatttgaa     26280
     tgcagtgttt agaaaaggta caattactat aggaagcagg gtacaggtca aagaggagag     26340
     tcatataccc taaataatgg gtccagaaac atgtgactat tttgcctgag gacacttttt     26400
     agatagcaca gtcaaatcac caaggtgctt gatgaagata tttgtcaaaa tcgcttttgt     26460
     aggctatatc taggcagaat tattaaatca ctcaggaact gaaatacaat atatgtcaca     26520
     attacacttg cggaaaggtt taggtataag actcaactgt gggctttgta aatgtgggat     26580
     ggtggcaact tttaattcca cctgggtgtg taatcgagag tcccaatttg aactttttgc     26640
     tggcccctgc tataaaaatt tctaccacaa aggagtttat aaaatgtaag ttagttgtgt     26700
     aagtttctgt gagcttggta caaatatgca gcccaggacc ttatctattg ccccaagcct     26760
     aacaatgaaa ggcaaatatt ttctattggc tgaatcccag tataagtttg atcatcatgg     26820
     ctgtgagctt aaactgggta tatgttataa tgacatatgt gggcaaaaca ctacgcagaa     26880
     gggtaacatc actcagatgc tgtgcccagc aatatgtcac aatgccttct gtatgcaggg     26940
     tgtaggaaat tgggtcacgt taactgggtg ctggacccag aaatacgaca caatttcaca     27000
     tgtgtaagaa acccagccca gttatgagag ccaaaacacc tacataatgg gcataatata     27060
     tgtcaaaata ctttcggtat cagcagcaca ggcaggagca tcacatctta agggtgctgg     27120
     gcccagcaat atacaatatg ccataattat ctctttatgc agatcccatg cagaagagta     27180
     acatgatctg catgctgggc aataatatgt gtcaaatttc ttttttgtag gcatggttca     27240
     ggagaaagag aagagaaaca gatcctgagt cctgggctca gcaatgtaac aaaatcctcc     27300
     ttttatgaag gcccaggaag aaaaacagag tcacatcact taggtcatgg gctcagagac     27360
     atgtcctaat attccaacta ggcagagctc aggcaggtga ggacagccga gagtcacata     27420
     tcctgagtcc tgggctcagc aatgtgacaa aatcctcctt ttatgaaggc ccaggaagaa     27480
     aaagagtcac atcacttagg tcatgggctc agagacatgt cctaatactc caactaggca     27540
     gagctcaggc aggtgaggac agccgagagt cacatatcct gagtcctggg ctcagcaatg     27600
     tgacaaaatc ctccttttat gaaggcccag gaaggaaaag agagtcacat cacttaggtc     27660
     atgggctcag agatatgtcc taatactcca acgaggcaga gctcaggcag atgaggacag     27720
     ccatatcacc tatgtgcttc catcaaaata tgtcacaatt taacatgggg gcagaaacta     27780
     tgcagaagag ccacatcact tgggtgctgg gtcctgtgat atgtcacaaa gtgctcttaa     27840
     cacagcacct agctaagaga aatacatcat actaggtgaa gggtctctgc ttatgacaca     27900
     atgcttcatc tggttaggac ccagggagag agtcacttca tttaggtgat aggcccagag     27960
     atatgtcaca atgtactgtg tgaagcatag ccctggaaaa gggtaccatc acctgtgtgc     28020
     ctggcctaga agcgtgtcac tttcgaggtt ggaaggaccc tagcaggaga gccacataat     28080
     gtaggtgata gacccagaga tatgtcacat tgccctcctc caggcatcca caggataagg     28140
     aggaaccttg cctgtgcgcc ggtccttgcg ctatgtcact atcattctgt tgtgcagtgc     28200
     ccattccaga gaggagactc acatcaacta tgaggtaaac acagaaatat gtcacaataa     28260
     ttttggtggg cagggtgcaa gtaaggatgt aacgttacct gggagctagg tccagtgata     28320
     tgtcacaatc attactgaga gataggacaa ggcaggaaag tcatgtcacc tcgaggttgg     28380
     cctaggtaga tttcataacc ccacctatga gctggaacaa gtccggagcc tcagattaca     28440
     caagtgctta gcaaaaattt atatcatact cacactgtca gaaaattcca aagatgagat     28500
     ttaccatctt accacacatg ccctgtttca tgtgtgacag ttacctttat ccatgtgaga     28560
     taatgagttc ttactttcag ctgggtgtgc aaacaagact catgatttca tctgtgtgct     28620
     gagccctgct ttgactttgt gtgtatgacc caaagacttt gtaaaatatg tatgagtgtt     28680
     gtaatatttt gtgacctttg tacaagaagg agatccagga catcatgcat gtccctaaac     28740
     tgagttataa gatgcaaaat atcctctatt ggctgagtcc acacatgaga gtcattatca     28800
     tggctgtgag ccatgcatag gtatatgtta caattcactc tgtggttaag aaggaggcct     28860
     gacagccata tcacataaat gctgggtcag aaatattcca atattctttt tgtagtcaga     28920
     gccctctcag aaatatcaca taacttatgt gctatgtcca gctctatggc tcaatatccc     28980
     ttgtggacag tgtctaggca ggagaggaga gtaatatcac ctaaatgatg ggcccaaaat     29040
     tttgtcacaa ttcttcctgt tgacaggtcc caggcaagag tgtcatatca tttggatgca     29100
     gggattataa atactacaat ccaccaaaga agcagggtac aggcaggaga gaagagtcac     29160
     gtaacctaga tgaagggcac agaaatatgt tacaagagcc cctgaggaca tttcaagata     29220
     catcagccag atcaccaagg tgcttgacca atgtatctgt caaaatctca tttgctatac     29280
     ctaggcagaa ttattaaatc actcaggagt tgagcaaagg tatatgtcac aatcagactt     29340
     gtggaaaggc ttaagtctaa gagtcaccat cctgcacaag tcgtatgctc tagtcatatg     29400
     agttgttact aggcttttgt tttggtctct ggcacatggc agaatatcac ctgtggccag     29460
     agagaacaca agaaagtccc atcacctatg tgggtctggg ccactaagac atcactattc     29520
     accttgtggg taggaacctg gtggaagagc cacagcacct ggatttcagt gacatatcaa     29580
     aagcctctct tctgggcagg gctttggcaa gagaggagac tcacttcaca aaggcagttg     29640
     gcctagatgt ttgccacaat gtctattccg tgcagtaacc aaactgtaga gtggcctcac     29700
     ataggtgttt gtcccaggaa atatgtcaca atctgcctgt ggtctgggcc aaggcgaaag     29760
     tgaagaaaca tcacctaggt actgagccaa gtgatatgtt caatgcttcc tgttggcaga     29820
     acccaaaaag aagaatcaca tcacttgaat gcagtaccca gttctttgtc acaatgccct     29880
     gtaagtgcat ggccaaggaa gtagaagaga gtcacatcac ttacaggatg gacctagata     29940
     tataacaaaa ttccttttgt agaaaggttt caggcagata actcacatca tctgggtgat     30000
     ggtcccagtg acatatgtaa aatttccctt tgaaggcaga gccacgatgg atgttatcta     30060
     ttgcttagct gcttgttcca catatggcac aattacttct gtgatctggg cctagaaaat     30120
     gagtcaaatt attcatttgc tggacaaagt gacctatccc aatatgacac tctcatatat     30180
     gttcggaaat aagtttcaca tcccacacaa gtcctggttt tgtgtatgtg agtcaattct     30240
     ttctgtaagt tggatcaaaa tggaggagtc aaaatctcaa caatgggcaa gattcatgta     30300
     taagagccgc aatccccctt gaacattgtg gtccaggagg ggagtcacgg caccacaggt     30360
     gtgctgaatc ctggttcaaa tgttaacaaa ccacctgtgg atcaggtcca tgtaggtgag     30420
     taattatttc aaacatcgac tgctttttat gtgtgagatt tagtccctca ttcctagacc     30480
     ctgttaatat gcgagaatga caatcatttc agtgaagtgt gcatacaaga gtcatattct     30540
     tacctggttg ctggtctctg ttatgacact ctttgcacca ttaatgcttt atatgatata     30600
     cctgagtatt ataatccttc gtgactttta tacaagtgaa aaacacaggg ctttacccat     30660
     ggccgtgaga ctggctatga gagtcaaaat attcctacag gctgggccca ggtatgagag     30720
     ttatttttgt ccatgcgtgc ttaacccagg tacgtgtcaa aatttcacct gtaagcagag     30780
     acaaggaaag ggagtcaact cacctcgaca ctgagccagt gatacagcat aatctcattt     30840
     gtatgctggg cctagtcaga agagtcactt cacccgggta cagtttcaca taatatgtca     30900
     gcaagcccac tatggacagg gaagaaaaaa gagaggacag tcagtccacc tatgtgctgg     30960
     actccgcaat atgtaacaac cctctctctt ggtagagtct agaatatgaa ggagagtcac     31020
     atcatgtagg tttttcaatc agcggtatgt cacaatttgt ttgctgagca aggctcaggc     31080
     aggaggtgag agtcacatta cctagatgtt aagccaaaca atatttcaca atgtcttctg     31140
     ggtgcaggac actgtcagaa gagacaaatc ctctagctta tagacccata gatatgtgat     31200
     aatatcccct tttggcaggg tccagacaga agagacacat tatgattcta acacagtgat     31260
     atgttacaat ccacccaagg aaaggaattt aagccaaata gtctcaacac ctaagcacta     31320
     tgcctattaa taggccaaat ccccttgtct ttgagagtga cattataaac tctgagctgg     31380
     gtgtgtatat gagagtaaca atttcactag tatcctgggc cgttgcatga ctctcaacaa     31440
     ttttcaaaag ctttatacat cacgcatgag agtttcaaac cactctaagg cctacatatt     31500
     cacatggatt catgacctta catattcccc taaacccagg tataatagtc agcatctcct     31560
     ctataggctg ggttagaaat gagactcatt tttatgcctg tgagctggat ctagaaataa     31620
     gtcacaatcc cacctgtgcc agatccacat acgaaagtca caattccaac tttgcactgc     31680
     attcatttgt aaaactcagg ttcttaacaa tggcctttgg acatgtagaa tgatgacagc     31740
     acttgctttt acctgggtgt gtaatcaaga atctcaaact gaactcttca ctggtcccta     31800
     tcaccaaact ctctatacca acaaagaagt tcatacatta tgagttagtg ttgtaaagct     31860
     ctgtgagctt ggtacaaata tgcaacccag actttatgta ttgcccaaag cctagcaatg     31920
     aaaggtaaaa tatctcctat tggctgaatc tcagtataaa tttgaccatc atgcctgtga     31980
     actgaagtca tagtcccatt tgtgagcaaa aaaagtaggc ccgagggtaa catcacttag     32040
     gtgttgtgcc aagcaacatg ccacagtgcc ctctctaggt aacatagagg aattagagtc     32100
     atgttaactg agttctggac tcagcaatat gaaacaatcc attatgtgga aacaaacaaa     32160
     aacaaaagtg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac agcaaaaaga taagagccaa aacacctaca     32220
     taatgggccc aggatctgtg aaaatacctt ctctgcctcc agcaaagtca tgagttttat     32280
     attttcagga tgctgggccc agcagtatgt tataatattc tctacataca ggacccacgt     32340
     aaaggcgtaa cattatctgg gtgctgggcc ctgcaatagg ccaaaatttc tgttagtggg     32400
     catgatttga gattaaaaaa aaaaaaggtg aatcaaataa cctgattgct aggttgagca     32460
     atatttcaca atctctccat tgtaaagacc cagcagaaaa agagagtcac ttcccttagt     32520
     tcatgggctc agagatatag tccagtgtac ccagtgaaca gggcccaggc agaaagggag     32580
     actcatatca cctaaatgtt tccctagtta tatgccaaaa accttaccca cgggcagaaa     32640
     ccaggcagaa gagccacatc acctgggtac aactgcaagt aatatgtcac catccccagc     32700
     atagataggt ttcttataaa attagataat gacaccacgt gggtgctctg ctcaccaata     32760
     tgtaacaatt ccctctcttg acagagtcca ggaaaaaaag gggacttctg tcacctaggc     32820
     tctgcactca atggtatatg acaatttttt cagtgaggag gatccaggca gtaaagatgg     32880
     gtcaaatttc ctagattcta aatccagcaa tatgtcagtg tctcctctgg gcaaagtact     32940
     ggcaggagag acatattaca tagccaatag gcctggagat atgggaaaat atcctctgtt     33000
     tgcagggccc tggaagaaga gtcacattat tttgattctg acccagtgat atgtaacaat     33060
     gccctaatgg aatgaaattt aaactaaaag ttctcaacac cagctagtag ggcaagatat     33120
     atgacaaaat ctcctcatct ttaagggtga caccattaaa tgttagctat ctgtgtataa     33180
     gagagtcaca atctcatgtg tgtgcttgcc attgtatgac actctctata atacctgaga     33240
     acgttatgca acatgcatga gagttgcaat cctctctgag gcctacaggc atttacagaa     33300
     ttatgattat gcatattgcc ctaaacccag gtatgacagt cagcatctct cctatagact     33360
     ggtgttaggg atgagatcat tattatgact gagagttggc tccaaaaatg agtcaccatc     33420
     ccacctgcgg ccatattcat ttatgaaagt cacaactcca tctttgtggt gtatttgctt     33480
     agactcagga tctcaacaat gggctttgta gatgtaggat ggtaaaaact tactttcatc     33540
     tgagtgtgca gtcaagaatc ataatcttaa ctgtttgctg ggcactgtta agaaaccctt     33600
     tgtatcaccc aggaaatttt tattacatga gttagtgttg taaactactg tgagctttgt     33660
     agaaatgtgc aatgagtaac ctgactcttt gacctaaacc tggtggtgag aggaaaaatc     33720
     tctcctattg gctgaatccc aacataagct tgatcatcat acctttggac tgaagcaagg     33780
     tatttctcac attcccattt tttagcaacc tatgcagaat attaacatca cttaggttct     33840
     ttgtcaagca atatgtcatg atgccctctg taagcagcac ctaggaaaga gggccacatt     33900
     aactgcaggc tggagtcagc aatataatac aaccacacgt ggaagaaatt cagcaaagtg     33960
     gtaagagtga aaacacctag aaaatgggcc aaagatatgt cgaaatacct tctgcggtcc     34020
     tggcacaagc aggagagtca catcattagg gttctaggcc aagaaatatg ccacaatttt     34080
     ctctttatgc acaacctagg cagaagagca gcttcatctg ggtactgggc cctgaaatac     34140
     ggcaaaagat ctgttcctgg gcgttgttca gttacaagat gagagtcaca ttacctaaat     34200
     gctgagctca tcaatatctc ataatcttac cattgtaaag ccctagacaa aaatagagtc     34260
     acatcactta ggtcacaggc ttagaaatat ggcccaatat caccagtagg ctgggttcag     34320
     acagaagaag agtcatatta cctagatgct tctttagcta tatgtcacaa tttaatatgt     34380
     gggtgaaaac caggttgaag agccacatca tgtggtcctg ggtactgagg tattcacaag     34440
     tccctcttag aaaaggaccc aggcaagaga gttatgtcac ctaggtgcag attccacgct     34500
     tatgtctcaa tacttcatgt gggcaggacc aagcaggaag tcacatcacc ttggtgatag     34560
     gaccaggtat atatgacaag gcatttttga aagcatggcc ctggcaaaag agttccatca     34620
     ccattgtgcc tggcctagca gtatgtcact attcaattgg gcaagtttca agcagaagag     34680
     ccgtatcacc tacacgatag gtcctgtgat atgtcaaatg cccttttttg ggcatagccc     34740
     tgggaaaaga gcatcatcac ctgtgtgcct ggcctagaaa caggtcacta ttttgcccag     34800
     tgttcaaggc cctttccaga gaggagagtg acatcttcta actgatggac actgcaatat     34860
     gtcacaatga tatctgcgag catggcgcaa gcaagaatgt aacgtcacct gtgtgctgga     34920
     tccaatgatg ttataattct gagtggaggg cccaggcaaa agagtcacgt cacttcaagg     34980
     ttggcttagg tagataccaa aatcccatag gtaggctgga accaatctga agggtgaact     35040
     cacacaggca cttggcaaag atttatatca gtcatgatgg aataaaattc tagggattag     35100
     atttacaata tcaggcgtgt tctattttta tgtgggacaa ttgccttcat catctgtaat     35160
     ggtgaaagcc gttactgtca gctgaatgta catatgagaa tcccaatttt ctccatgtgc     35220
     taggccctgt tatgactctc tctatacgac acaaggatgt tataaaatat gtgtgaatgt     35280
     tgtaatcttc tgtgaccttt ttaccagaag gagatgctgg atatcactta tctccctaag     35340
     cctagttata agagtcaaaa tgtttcctat tggctgggtt cacatatgag agtccttatc     35400
     atgtatttta gatgtgtcta cagatacggc gccatctcat ctgtggtaat taaacaggca     35460
     gaaaacgaca tcacctaaat cctaagccag aaatacccca actttatttt gtagagaggg     35520
     ccctaacaga aatatgacaa aacttaggtg ctagactcag ctctatggca taatgccctt     35580
     tgtggagtgt gtccaggcag tagaggagag tcatatcacc taaatgaagg gcccagagag     35640
     atatcacaaa gccccccctt taaaaagccc agacaagaga ctcatgtcat ttgggtgcag     35700
     tgcttagaaa tgctactctt cactggaagc agggttcatg cagaagagga gagtcatgta     35760
     acctagacaa tggctccaga gatatgttat gatcacttcc gagaacctgt taggacacaa     35820
     gagtaaaatc acaaaggttc ctgggaaagg tgtaggtcca aatgtcatct gcgggctata     35880
     acaaggcagg attattaaat cactcaggag ctgggtaaag gtgtatgtca caatagtacc     35940
     tgtgaaaatc tggggcaggg atgagagtaa tgatcctgtc ctgcacgtgt cctggctctg     36000
     gggacaagcg tcatcattag gctttttatc tggtctcagg taaatggaac aatatcacct     36060
     gtgggcagag agaaaaagga aagttccatc accttagtgg atgctggtcc agtgaaatgt     36120
     ctcaattgtc cttgtggcta ggactctgat agaagagtca catcatccgg atgctggttt     36180
     cagtgacata taagatcccc cctgtgagca gaacttaggc aggagagaag acaaacttca     36240
     cttaggcaat tggcctgaat atacgtcaca atggccccta tgtgtaggat caaggcaggg     36300
     gagtaaccct cgctttggtg ctaggttcag caacatgtca caatctctct ggcggtcagg     36360
     gcacaggcaa gagaaaagaa atatcaccta gtcgctgagc caagtaatac gttacaaagc     36420
     ttcctactgg cagaaacttc attctccaaa aaagtcacat cacctgggtg cagtacctag     36480
     ttacgtgtca caatccacca ccagaagtgc agggccaaga cagtagaagg aagtcatgtc     36540
     acttaagtaa tcaacttata taaaaaccac agtgctctct gtaggcaggc ctcaggccaa     36600
     gattttacat cagccaagtg ctgatctcag tgatatgtaa aagtgcccta tgtttcatta     36660
     ccaaaaaaga tgttacttat tgcttaggtg cttggtgcat gtaagtcaca atttcaactg     36720
     tgctctgggc ctagaaagga gagtcaaaac actcagattc tgtgcaaagt tatacttctc     36780
     agttacacac tcaaaaatgt tcagaaataa gtttcacagt cccacacaag tcctggattt     36840
     gggtatgaga gtcaacacct cctataagtt gggttgaagt acaggtgtca caatctcaaa     36900
     aataggaaag atccacatag aagagtctca atcccacttg aagattgtgt tccagtagga     36960
     aagtcaaagt accacagttt gactaaatca tagttcaaac atcaccaaat cacctatgga     37020
     tcagattcgt gtatgagagt aacaatttca agcttcaact gcttatgtgt gtgagattta     37080
     ctacctcatt tgtaggctct gtacatgtgt gaagatgaaa atcatgtcag ttgtctatgc     37140
     atccaagagt cacaatggaa cctggttgca ggtacctgtt atgaaactct ttgtaacatt     37200
     caggctttat atgatatgcc tgagtagtat aatttcccgt aaattattac aggtgggaga     37260
     tctaggactt tacccatggc cttaagactg cctgtgaaag tcaaatatct cccactggct     37320
     aggtctaggt atgagagtta ttattgtgct gaatccagtt attatatgag ctgaatccag     37380
     gtatacatca caatttcacc tttggacaga gacaagagag aagagttaca ttatctggtt     37440
     gctgagcaag ggatacgtta taatttcctt tttagtcagg acccagtcag aacagtcata     37500
     tcacctggat acagtctcag ataatattat catgaccact aaaccctgga ttgaaaaata     37560
     gaggattgtc acgcccctag gtgatgggct cagcaatatt ttattatttc ctcattagca     37620
     gagttcaaga caaagctcac tggcagagtc caagacaaag aagagagtca catcacctag     37680
     gttttgcact cagtggtatg tcaaaatttc ttcagtggcc agaatccagg caggagtgga     37740
     gagtcacatt acctagatac tatagtgata tgtcccagtg tccactgtgg cagggcactg     37800
     gcatgagaga caccacatca cctagctgat aggcccagag atacgtgata atatcccctg     37860
     ttggctgggt ccaagaagaa gtttcacatt attaggattc tgacccagtg ataattcaca     37920
     atgcacctat gggcaaaatt taagccctaa ttctcaacac ttggttacca ggcctagtga     37980
     taagacacac tctcctcatc ttttagggtg acacctttaa ctttcagcta aggttgaata     38040
     ttagaatcac aatctcacat gtatgctggg ccaatgtatg acactcttta catccgaggg     38100
     ctttataaaa cctgcatgag agttgtaaac ctctcagcga cctgcatgct catatgggtt     38160
     cacaatttta cacattgccc tcaattcaga tttgatagtc agcatctctt ttatatgtag     38220
     ggttaaagga gaagacccat tattatccca cctccagaca gatccacata taaattcaca     38280
     attgcaactt tgtgccgtat tccacagtgg gcattgtata tgtaggatgg tgacaacttt     38340
     taattttact ggggtgtata atcagtactc caaatctgaa ctttctactg ggccctgtta     38400
     tgaaagtttt taccaccaat gagtttatac aatataagtt agtgttgtaa tctttggact     38460
     ttgtacaaat atgcaactct ctgtgtacaa atattactct ctgtggttat gaagcaggca     38520
     gaacaatcac atcacctaaa ttcttggcca gaaatattcc aatattctct ttgtaggcag     38580
     gatcctgtag aaatgccaca taaattgtgt gctagatcca gcttggtggc acagtgtccc     38640
     ttattggcag tgtccaagca ggagaggaga gctgccatat caggtaaatg atggaaccca     38700
     aaatatgtca ctatgcctcc tcttgacagg gcccaggcaa gagagtcata tcatttggat     38760
     acagtgttta gaaatgatac agttaccaaa gaaaatcatg tacaggtggg agagaacagt     38820
     catgtaacct atgtgatggg ccagaaatac gttacagtca cgcctgtgga tattattaag     38880
     ataacacagt caaatcatga agatgcttat accaaggatt tgtcaaaatc tcattttgat     38940
     gctataccta tgcagaatta ttaaatcact aaggagctgg gtaaaggtat atgtcacagt     39000
     tacacttgtg tatcgcttta agactaagag tcaccatgct gcacatgtcc tggctccaga     39060
     tatatgtgtt gttattaggc ttttatttat ggtctcttgt ataaggcaca atatcggcag     39120
     tggccagaga gaagagaaga aaatctcatc agctacatgg gtgtggattc agtgagaagt     39180
     cacagtctac cttgtggaca ggaccctggc agaagagtca aatcacctgg atgctggtgt     39240
     cagtgaaata tcaaaacctc ttctctgggc aggatttttg ctagagagga cactcacttc     39300
     acttgggcaa ttggcctagc tatttgtcac aatgcttctt atgtgcatta ccaaggctgg     39360
     agagtgacct cacaagggtg ctggacccag aaatatgtca caatctccct gtggtcaggg     39420
     cgaggacaat gcgaggaaac atcacctaca ttctgagcta agtgatatgt taccatgttc     39480
     cagttggcag aacgcaaaaa ggacaatgat ctcctggaca cagtttctgc ttatgtgtca     39540
     aaatgcactg taagggcagg gccaaggcag tagaagggag tcacttcaat tcatggtgga     39600
     tgtagatata aaacacaatt cctcttgtag gcaggtttta ggcagataat tcacatcacc     39660
     tgggtgatgg tcccagtgat atatgaaagt gccctttgca gacaaggcca aagaaggtat     39720
     tacatatttc ttaggtgctt gttcaacata gggcactatt tcatccgagt tctgggccta     39780
     gaaaagagag tcagattatt catgtgctgg acatggttac ctgtccaaat cacactctca     39840
     gatatgcttg gaaataagtt tcacatgcca cacaacacct agtttcctgt acctgagcca     39900
     actctttcta tgaggtagat cttagtagag gagtcacaat ctcaacaatg gtcaagattc     39960
     atgtatagga gccccaatcc cccttgaaga ctgtgttcca gtagggaaga cacaacacca     40020
     caggtgtgct gaatcatggt tcaaacttta ccaaaccacc tgtgaatcag atctatgtgt     40080
     aagagtaatt atttaaacat ttgactgttt ttttatgtgt gagattagta tctcattcct     40140
     acgccctgtt catgtgtgag aatgacaatc atgtcagctg ggtgtgcatt taaaagtccc     40200
     attctcactt catttctggc ctctcttatg acactcattg tacaattaag gctgtatatg     40260
     atatacccga gtgttataat cctttgtgaa ctttatacag ttgaaaaact caggacataa     40320
     cccattgtcg tgagactgcc tatgagagtc aattatctct actggctggg tccaggtatg     40380
     agagttatta ttctgcatgt gtgcttaacc cagatatatg tcaaaacttg gcctgtgagc     40440
     agggacaaga aaggaaagtc acattacctg ggtgttgagc caattataca gtgtagtatt     40500
     atttgaaggc tgggcatagt cagaagtgtc agctttatgc tggtccagtg atacaatata     40560
     atcttggtga tgtgacagcc tcaaagatta tgtcaccaag cacactattg ccaggaaaaa     40620
     aagaaaaaga ggagtgtcac tctactctac ctcagtgctg ggctttgcaa actgtaataa     40680
     tctgctggct tggaagagtc tagaatatga aggaaagcca catcacatag attttgcaat     40740
     cagtgctatg tcacaacttc tttggtgagc cacacccagg caggagagta gaatcacgtg     40800
     acccagatgt taagttaata ttttccaatg ccttctgggg gcagggaaca tgcaggagag     40860
     aaaaattccc ctacttatag gtccagagat atgtgataat atcccctgtt ggcagggtcc     40920
     agacagaaga gtcacattac aatgatatga acccagtgat acgtcacagt gcacctgtgg     40980
     gaaagaattt atgccaaaat gtctcaacag gtgggtacat ggcctagtaa tataccaaat     41040
     tttgttgcct ttgagggtga caccattaac tgtgaactga ctgtctacat gaatataaca     41100
     atttcatgtg tttcctgggc tgttgattga cactctgtga catttgaagg ctttatacag     41160
     catgcgtgag agttgcaaac cactctgagg cctacatgtt tgtatggatt catgatctta     41220
     catattaccc taaactcagg tataatagtc aacatctctt ctgcagtttg ggttcaggga     41280
     tgagacagtt tattatgcct gtaagctgga tccagaaatg agtcaccatc ccacccgtgg     41340
     ccagatccac atatgaaggt cacaattctg atgttgtact gtattcactt gttagactca     41400
     agaccttaac agtgaggttt ggacatatgg aatagtgaca acgtttgctt ttacttggtt     41460
     gtgtaatcga gagtcccaat ctgaattttt gctactccct gtcatgaaac tctctgtact     41520
     ccacacattt atacattatg agttagtgtt gtaaaggtct ttgagtttgg tacaaatatg     41580
     caacccacaa cctcacctat ttcccttgtt ctagtgataa aaggcaaaat atctcctttg     41640
     gctgattccc agtgtaattt agaccatcat gcctgtgaac tgaagtaagg tatatgtcat     41700
     aatcctattt gtgggccaaa actaggcagg ggtgtaacat cactgtgctg tgccaagcat     41760
     catgccacaa tgccatctct aggcagcgta taggaattaa gtcatattaa ctgggtactg     41820
     gacacagcaa tatgacacaa tcccatatgt agaaaaagaa caggcaaaaa atcagagcca     41880
     agacatctac agaataagct cagtatatgt caaaatgcct tctgtagctg caggaaagca     41940
     tgacagtcac atttttagtg tgctattatt atatattagt atatgccata attctccgtg     42000
     tacgcaaaat ccaggcaaaa gagtaacatt atatgtgtgc tgagccctgc aataggtcaa     42060
     catttctgtt tgtttgcatg gttcaagaga aatagctgtc aataaatctg agtgctgggc     42120
     tcagcaatat gtcacaatgc cgtcactgca aagaccagac tgaagaagag agtcacttca     42180
     cttaggtctt gggctcagag atagatccca ctctcccagt agggcagggc atgggctgaa     42240
     aaggagagtc atatacctag gtgctttcct agttgtatgt cacaatctaa catgtgagca     42300
     gaaatcaggc tgaagagcca catcacctgg gtagaccctc aggtaatatg tcaccatgcc     42360
     caatgtagac agatttgatg aaaaataaaa gtaaaaaaag aatcacaaca cctgggtgct     42420
     gggctcagca atatgtagaa attccctgtc ttggcagagt ccaggacaaa taggagagtc     42480
     atgtcaccta ggttttgcac tcagttgtat gtcacaattt atttggtgga caggttccag     42540
     gcaggagtat tacctagatg ctgtatctag tgatatatca caatgtcccc tgtgggcaat     42600
     gcactagcag gagagacata tcacctggcc aataggcttg ggggtgtgtg aaaatatccc     42660
     ctgttttcaa ggccattatc attattctga cccagtgata tgtgacaatg cccttttgga     42720
     aaggaattta aacaaaaatg tctcaacact ggggtatgac gccaagtgat atgacacaat     42780
     ctcttcacct ttaacggtga cacaattaat ggttagctag ttgtttatat gacagtcaca     42840
     atctcatgtg tgtgctgacc cttgtatgac attctctgca atatctgaga acactataca     42900
     acatgcctga gagttgaaaa cctctctgag gcccacatgc ttatatgaac tcatgatctt     42960
     acatattgcc ctaaaccaag gtatgactct caacatctct tctctaggct ggcttcagag     43020
     atgagactgt ttttaagcct gtgacctggg accagatatg tatgagtcac catcccaccc     43080
     gtgacaagat tagcttttga aaatcacaac tccaacttgg tcctgtattc acttgttaga     43140
     ctcaggacct taacaatgag atttgtaaat gtgagaagat aacaactttt acttgcattt     43200
     gaatgtgtag tggagattca caatctcaat tttttgttgg gatccgtcat aaatatctct     43260
     gtaccaccca ggaaggtttt atgatatgaa tcagtgttgt aagtttctct gagctctgta     43320
     taaatatgca atgaagggac taacttattg atgtaaacct agcaatgcaa ggcaaaatat     43380
     ctcctgttgg ctgaatcccg atataagctt gatcatcatg tttttgaact gaatcaaggt     43440
     atctgtcata accccatttg tgggcaaaat ctaggcagaa ggttaacatc acttaggtgc     43500
     tgttccaagc aatatgtcac aatactctac ctaggcaggg cctaggaaag agggtcacat     43560
     taactggggg ctggaaccag caatatgcta caacaacacg tggaagaata ccagcaaagt     43620
     tatgagagcc aaaacacgta cagaaaggga acaagatata tcaaaatacc ttctgtggct     43680
     ctggcacaag caggagagtc atatcattac gggactgggc caagcaatat gccctaattc     43740
     cctctttacg catgacctag gcagaagagt aacatcatcc aggtgttggg ccctgaaata     43800
     cagcaaaagt cttgtttgtg ggggttgttc agcaaccaga caagacttac gttacctaag     43860
     tgctgggctc attaacattt cacagtcttc ttattgtcaa agcgcagaca gaataagaga     43920
     gtcacatcat ataggttatg tgctcagaga tatggccgaa tgtcaccagt aggcagggat     43980
     caggcagaaa aagagaatca tatcacctag gtgcttcttt aggtatatgt cacactttaa     44040
     tatgtgggaa aaaacaaggc tgaataccat atcacatggt cctgggtcct gagatattca     44100
     caagcccccc ttagaaaagg acccagtcaa gagagttaca tcacctaagt gcaggttcca     44160
     cacatatgtc acaatgctcc atgtgggcag ggtcaagcag gaagtcacat cacctaggtg     44220
     ataggcatag agatatgtca caaagctttt cttttctttc ttcctttttt cttttttttt     44280
     tgagatggag cctcgctctg ttgcccagac tggagtgcag tggcacgatc tcggctcact     44340
     gcaagctccg actcctgggt tcacgccatt ctcccacctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga     44400
     cttcaggcac ctgccatggc acctgcctta tttttttgta tttttagtag aaatggggtt     44460
     tcaccgtgtt agccaggatg gtctcgatct cctcacctcg tgatccaccc gcctcggcct     44520
     cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggtgtgagcc accatgccca gccataaaac ttttcttaaa     44580
     gcctgtccct ggctgaacag taccatcacc tttgtgtctg gcctagcaat gtgtcactat     44640
     gcaggtgggc agatcccaag cagaagagtc atattacctg catgataggc cctttgatat     44700
     gtcaaaatgc cttcttttgg gcatggccct ggcaaaaaaa aaaagtatca tcacctgtgt     44760
     gcctggccta tgaatatgtg actatcctat cctatgtgca gtgcccattc cagagaggag     44820
     agttacatct tttaagtgac ggacacagta atatgtcaca atgatgtctg tgtcatggtg     44880
     cagtcaagaa tataacatta cctggttact gcatccagtg atgtcaaaat tcttactgag     44940
     agcagggccc agggagaaga gtcaaaccac ttcaaggttg gccctgggag atctcaaaat     45000
     tttatatgta ggcttcaacc agtcttaaga atgaaatcac aatggtgcat gacaaagatt     45060
     tgtatcagag tcatgatgga ataaaattct agaaattaga tttacaatac cacacatgcc     45120
     ctattttcat gtagaagagt tgccttcatc cgtctatgat ggtgaaagtt cttgctgtca     45180
     gctgggtttg catatgagac tgacaatttt ctcggtgtgc taggccctgt tatggcattc     45240
     tttatacaac acaagggtgt aacaaaacat gtgtgagtgt tatagtcttc tgtgacattt     45300
     ttaccgggaa gagatcattg acatcactta tgttcctaaa cctagttata aaagtcaaaa     45360
     tttctcctat tggctgggtt cacatatgac agtcactatc atggccgtta gttgcgccta     45420
     ggtatatgct accatgctct ctgtggttat taaatgggca gaaaaaccac atcacctaaa     45480
     ccatgagcca aaaatgttcc aatattttat ttgcaggaag ggccataaca gaaaagccac     45540
     aaaatttggt cataggccca ggtcgttggc ataatgtcct tgctggagag tgtccacaca     45600
     ggagaggaga gtcatataac ctaaatgatg ggcccagaga aatgtaacaa tgcctcctat     45660
     tgaaagggcc caggcaagag ggtcatgtca tttaaatgca gtgcttagaa atgctacact     45720
     cttcactgga agcagggttc atgcaggaga gaaaagtcaa ataccctaga tgatgggtcc     45780
     agagatttgt tacgatccct tctgaggaca ctgctaagac agggaagtca aatcaccaag     45840
     gtttttggcc aatgtatata tcaaactgtt atctctgggc tataaatagg caggattatt     45900
     aaatcactca ggagcttggc aaaggtgtat gtcacaacaa cacctgtgga aaggttcagg     45960
     gatgagagtc accatcctgc aaatgttctg gctctaggta caggagttgt tgttataatt     46020
     tttttatctt ctctcaagta tatggcacaa tatcacctgt gggcagggag aagaaaggaa     46080
     agtcacatca tcagagtcgg tgctggtcca gtgaaatgtc acaatccttc ttgtggggag     46140
     gactctggaa gaagattcac atcgcctgga tgctgatttc agtgatatat ctaaattcct     46200
     tctgtggaca aggcaggcgt aggaaggaga ggagaaaaac tgctcctagg caattcgcct     46260
     ggatatatgt cacaactgtc cctatgggca ggaaaatgca ggagaatgac ctcacctttg     46320
     tgctgagttc agcaatatgt tacaatctct ctggtggtca gggctcaggc aagagagaaa     46380
     aaacatcacc taggtgctga gctaagtgat atgttacaaa tctttctatt ggcagaactc     46440
     cacccaaaaa tgagtcacat cacctgggtg cagtatcctg ttatgtgtca ctaggcacca     46500
     taagtgcagg accaaggcag tagaaagaaa tgacatcact tacatgacag agctagataa     46560
     aagccataat gctctttgta gccgtgtttc aggccaagat tttacatcgg ctgggcgctg     46620
     gtcccagaga tatgtaaaag tgccctctgt cgcattccca aaaaggtgtt atacgttgct     46680
     taggtgcttg gcgaatgtat gtcacaattt caactgtcct ctgggcctag ataagagatg     46740
     caaaacactc ataggctggg caaagccata tttctcaatc acactctcaa aaatggtcag     46800
     aagtaagttt cacagtccca tactagtcct gccctcaggt atgagagtta acatctccta     46860
     tcagtttggt cgaagtacag gagtcacagt ctcaacaatg ggcaagatcc atgtataaga     46920
     gccccaactc tggccaggca ctgtggttca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg     46980
     aggtgggtgg atcacctgag gtcaggagtg gccaacatgg tgaaaccccg cctctactaa     47040
     acacagaaaa aattagccgg gcatggtggc aggtgcctgt agtcccaggt actcaggagg     47100
     ctgaggcaga agtatcactt gaacccagga agtggaggat gcagtgagct gagatggcac     47160
     cactgcacac cagtctgggc aataagagaa aaactctgtc tcaaaacaac aacaacaaca     47220
     acaataacaa aaaacccact cccacttgaa gatttcgttc cagtaggaga gtcaaagcac     47280
     cacaggtctg ctgagtcatg cttcaaatgt caccaaacca cctgtggatc agattcatgt     47340
     atgagagtaa gaaaaatttc tactgcttat gtgtgtgaga tttaatatct gatttgtagg     47400
     ctttgttcat gtgtgagaat gacaactgtg tcagctgggt gggtgtccaa gactcccaat     47460
     agcacctggt cactggtgcc tgttatgaca tcctttgtac cactcagact ttatgtgata     47520
     tgacagagta gcgtactttt ctatgaattc ttacatatgt gagattgagg aatttaacca     47580
     tggtagtcag actgtctaag ggaatcaaaa taaatcccct ggctgggtcc aggcatgaga     47640
     gttattattg tgcatatgag ctgaatccag gtctatgtca cagtttcacc tttggacaga     47700
     ggcaagagaa gagtcacatc acctgggtcc tgaatcaggg aaacagtata atctccttgt     47760
     aggcaggacc cagtcataag agtcatatca ggtgggtaca gtctcaaata atatgtcaat     47820
     atgcccaccg tatacaggat tgaataaata gtggacagtc acatccccta ggtgctgggc     47880
     tcaatagcat gttacatttc cctcttttgg cagagtccat aacaaagagg agagtcatat     47940
     cacctaggtt ttgcactcag tgttctgcaa cagcttcttc aatgggaagg atccagtcag     48000
     gagggtagag tcatattaca tagatgctat atctagcaat atgtcaaaat gttccctgtg     48060
     gacaagacat tggcaggaga gacatattcc ttagctgaaa gacacagaga tgtttgataa     48120
     catccactgt ttgcagggct caggagaaga attacattat gatgattctg tcccagtgat     48180
     atgtaacaag gcattcatga aaaggaattt gacgcaaaaa gtatcaaaac ctgggcacta     48240
     ggcctagtga tacgacacaa tatcttcatc tttgagggta acacctgtaa attttggctg     48300
     accatgtata ttagtgtcac aatctcatgt gtatgctggg ccaatatatt acactctgta     48360
     aaatacccgt ggggtttatg aaacctgcgt gagaattgca aacctctctg aggcctacat     48420
     gctcataggg actcacagtc atacatatta tcctaaacct aggtttggta gtcaacatct     48480
     ctcccgcaga cagggttaag ggggaagacc tatgattaag cctgtgagct gggtccagaa     48540
     atgaatcacc attttccctg tggccagatc cacatataaa agtcacagtt cacactttgc     48600
     gctgtattcc cttgttagac tcaagatctc aacagtgggc actgtaaatg tggaatggtg     48660
     acaactttta ttttcaactg gttgtgtaag cgagagtcat aatctgaact ttttgctggg     48720
     ccctgttatg caactctcta ccaacaaaga gtttatacaa tgcaagttat tgttgaaaga     48780
     ttctatgagc ttggtacaaa tatgcaaccc aggatttaac ctattgcact aagcctaatg     48840
     atgaaaggca aaatatcttt tattgggtga atcccaatat aaagttcgtc ataatgcctg     48900
     tgaagtggac ctaagtatat gtcatacatg agagccaaag cacctaccta atgggcacaa     48960
     gagacatcaa aatatttgac tccagcacag gcagggagtc aaattttaaa aatactgggt     49020
     tcaacaatgt gcaatatgcc ataattttct ttttatgcag aacccaggca gaagagtaat     49080
     atcacctggg tgctggaccc tgcaataggt caaaattcct ttctgtgggc atcattcggg     49140
     aaaaagagga gagtcacata tcctgagtgc tctgcccaac aatgagtcaa tatccttatt     49200
     ttgaaggccc aggcagaaaa aaagagtcac atcacttcag tcttggtctc agacatgtgt     49260
     cccaatagcc cctctaggca tggcacaggc agattaggag agtcatatca cctaggtgct     49320
     tccctaggaa tacgtcacag cataacataa ggacgcacac cgggcagaag aaccacataa     49380
     tttgggtgct gtgtcctgag atatgtcatg aggctctctt aggacgtcag ctaggcaaga     49440
     ggcttacgtc acctcagagt aggttctctg cttatgccac aatgcttcat aggggtaggg     49500
     cccaaggagc aagtcgcttc acctaggtaa taggcctaga gatatgtgac aatgtcctct     49560
     atgaagtatg gcccaggcaa aagagtaaca tcacctgtgt gcttggccta gaaatatatc     49620
     agtctccaga ttggcagggc ccaagtggga gagcagcata acctagatga taggctcaga     49680
     gatatgtcac aatgcccttt ttgggcatgg cgctggcaaa aggcacctat gcctttgtgc     49740
     ctggccttgc aatatgtcgc tattctttct ctgtgcagag aacattccag agaagagact     49800
     tacatcatct gtcaggtgga cacaggcata tgtcacaata attgtggtgg ccatggtgca     49860
     ggcaacaatg taacatcacc cggaggcaag atccagtgat atactacaat ccttacttag     49920
     agaatggccc aggcagaaga gtcacatcac cttgagattg gggcctaggt agatatcaga     49980
     atcccatata catgctggaa caagcctgga gaggcaaact acacaggtgc atggcaaaga     50040
     ttgatatcac aatcacactg tccaactatt ccaaatatga gatttacaat accccacaca     50100
     tcctttttcg agtgtgacag ttggcttcat ccacgtgaga tgataacagt cctactgtca     50160
     gctggatgtg cacacaagac tcacaatttt acctgcattc cgagacctgc tttgactcct     50220
     tctgtataac ccaaggactt tgtaaagtat gtgtgaatgt tgtaatcttt tgtgaccttt     50280
     gtgcaagaag gtgattcagg acaccatgta tttccctaaa cctagtcata agagtcaaaa     50340
     tatcctctat tggctgaatc cacatataag agtcattgtc attcctgata ggcatgccta     50400
     ggtatatctt aaaattccct ctgtggttat gaagcaggca gaagagcaat gtcacctaaa     50460
     ggctgggcaa aaaacattcc aatattctct ttgtaggcaa ggtcttttca gaaatgtctc     50520
     aaaacttgtg tgctagattt atctctgtgg cacaatgtat ttgtgggcag tgaccaggca     50580
     gtagaggaga gagatactac ctaaaacctg tgcccagaaa tatgtcacaa tgcctcctgt     50640
     tgacaggatc cggaaaagac cgtcatctca tttagatgca gtgtttacaa atgctacaat     50700
     tactaaagga agctgggtac aggccaaaca agagagtcat gtaacctaga tgatgagtcc     50760
     agaaatatgt gacattccct ctgaggagac tgttaagata gcacagtcaa atcaccaagg     50820
     tggctggcac agatatttgt caaaatctca ttttggggct atacctaggc aaaattatta     50880
     aatcactcag gagctgggca aaagtatatg tcacagttaa acttgtggaa aggtttagga     50940
     ataagactta tcatactgca catattctgg ctccagatag atgagttgat attaggcttt     51000
     tgttatgacc tcagttatag agcacaatat cacctgtggc cagagagaag gaaagaaagt     51060
     tacatcactt atgtgggtgg gggtccagtg agatgtcaca gtcccccttg caggcaggat     51120
     cctggcagaa gtgttacatc acctggatgc tcacatcagt gacattagaa aactccctat     51180
     gtgggcagga ctttggcaga agaggatgct catttcacct gggcaattgt cctggatgtt     51240
     tatcacaatg gccctcacgt gcagtaccca agctggagag tgacctcaca ttggtgctgg     51300
     gcccagcgat atgtcacaat ctccctttgg tcagggccca ggcaaaagca aagaaacatt     51360
     acctagctgg taaaacaagt aatatgtcac ataaatcctg ttgacagaac cgtaatagaa     51420
     gaatcacttc acctgcgtgc agtacccgtt atgtgtcaca atgcactgta aatgcaggga     51480
     caaaggagta gaagggagtc acatcaatta cataatggac ctacatataa gacacaattc     51540
     tcttggtagg cagttttcag gcagataatt cgcatcatct gggtaatggt cccagtgata     51600
     tgtaatagtg cccttcatag aaagagccaa gggatgtgtt acatattgct cagatgcttg     51660
     ttcgacatat ggcacaattt cttctgtgat ctgggtgtat aaaagagatc caaattattc     51720
     atgtgctgtg caaagttacc tgtcccaatc acactctcaa aaaggtttga aaataagttt     51780
     cacgtctcac caaagtcctg gtttcctgta tgtgagtaaa cactatctat gtgccgggtc     51840
     aaagcagagg agtcacaatc tcaacaatca gccagattca tatatgacag cccattctca     51900
     cttgcagatt gtgtttcagt tggtgagtca catcaccgca gtgtgctgaa tcatggttca     51960
     tatgttacca aaccacctgt gaatcagatt cctttatgag agtaattatt tcagcttttg     52020
     agtgcttctt tatgtgtgag attcaagggc tacattagta ggccctgtgc atgtgtgaga     52080
     atgacaattg tgcatgtgtg agaatgacac agatattttg ctttgccagt ccagctgagg     52140
     ctcccaggcc actcagactc tgaggagagt cctgtgaaga atgacaaact tggcactaag     52200
     cagcttgcaa tccaggcatt tcttcaatat agaattaaca acagaagctt tgagtaaaca     52260
     caattgtgga taattaacat ggttaagaaa gtagttctac aaatgattaa ggtcaggtac     52320
     catggtctaa aataaatact attagggggc aactttcctg gtcgagctcc ccactgagag     52380
     agctatctgg ttcaaagact ggttaatgga ggtaaaataa acagacttaa ctggggaagc     52440
     ctatattgtc cctcatttta ccctatgacc taatattctc aagtaagaac tggccacctt     52500
     aagcctgtcc aattattaca agctatgtaa cttttcagcc ttccaaagct ttgtgactct     52560
     tccttattac gttccccagt atttcctttt aatatttctg ccacaaacct gagtgaatca     52620
     caacatactg gctctgtcca ggtatgagag ttattattgt gcaggattgc ttaacccagg     52680
     catttgtcac aattccacct atgagcagga agaagccaga agagtcacat cacctggatg     52740
     cttagccaat tacacagtat aatcacattt gtaggctggg catagtctga agtcacatca     52800
     gctggataca gactgaaata gtatgtcatt aatccggaga ttgacagaaa aagagaagag     52860
     tcactcaacc taggtgctgc actctgcaat atgtaataat cccctctctt aacaaggaat     52920
     atgaaggaga gtcatattcc ctaggttttg taatcagcag tatgttacaa tttacttggt     52980
     gagcagaacc cagacaggag aggtaggtag tatgacctag atgttaagcc aaatgatatt     53040
     ttacaatgtc ctctgggggc agggcacagg cagaagagac aaatcaccaa gattataggt     53100
     ccagagatat gtgatactat cctcttttgg cagggtccaa gcaaaagagt cacattttta     53160
     tgaattctaa cccagcgata tgtcacaatg aacccatggg aagaaattta agccaaaatg     53220
     tctcaacacc ttggtactct gcctagcaat atgccaaatc tctttgtctt tgagggtgac     53280
     accattaact gtgagctggt tgtgtatctg atagtcacaa tctcacatgt ttcctgggcc     53340
     actgtatgac cctctacaac atttgaaggc cttaaacagc atgcatgagc attgcaaacc     53400
     actctgaggc ctacatgctt ctatggactc acaatattag atattttcct aaaccaaggt     53460
     atgacagtcc acatctgtct tatatgctgg cttcaggaat gagaccatta ttatgcctgt     53520
     gagctggctc cagaaatgag tcaccatccc acctgtggcc agattcactt acgaaaatta     53580
     caattccaat tttgtactgt attcacttgt tagactgagg acctcaacaa tgagttttgt     53640
     aaatatagca tggtcacaac ttttactttc acctcaatgt gtagttgaga gtcacaatct     53700
     taatattttg atgagccctg ttatgaaact ccctgtacca cacaagaagt atttatgata     53760
     cgagttaata ctgtaaactt ctgtgagctt tgtacaaata tccaatgaaa gaacttacct     53820
     attgacctaa acctagtgat gagaggaaaa atatgtccta ttggctgaat ataagcttga     53880
     tcatcatgcc tttgaactga agcaaggtat atgtcataat ccaatttttg tgggggcaaa     53940
     acctaggcag aagtttaaca tcacctaggt tctgtgtgaa gtaatatatc atgacgccct     54000
     cattaggcag gggctagtaa agagggtcac attaactggg ggatggagct ttgtaatatg     54060
     ataaaaccac acatggaaga aagcaagcaa agtgatgaga gccagaatac ctacagattt     54120
     ggccaaagat atgtcaacat actttctgtg gctctggcac agggaggaga gtcacatcat     54180
     tacggtgctg ggccaaacag tatgccataa ttccctcttt atgcacgacc taggcagaag     54240
     agtaacatca tctgggtgct gagccctaaa atatggcaaa aggcctgttc atgggcgttg     54300
     ttcggcaacc agtcgagagt cacattacct aagtggtggg ctcaatatgt cacaatatgt     54360
     caattgttta ggtatatttc acatacctag acaatttaat aggtgggcag aatccaggct     54420
     gaagtgccac atcacacggt cctgggtcct gagacatttg caagccctcc ttagaaaagg     54480
     tcccagtcaa gagagttaca tcacctgggt gcaggtccca catatatgtc acaatgttcc     54540
     atgtgggcag ggccaagcag gaagtcacat cacctaggtg ataggcatag aaatatgtca     54600
     caaagctttc cttaaagcat gtccctggca aaagagtacc atcacctttg tgtgtggcct     54660
     agcaatatgt cactattcaa gtgtgcaggt cccaagcaga agagacatat tatctctatg     54720
     ataggccctg caatatttca aaatgccctc tttggggcgt ggccctgtca aaatagtatc     54780
     atcacctctg tgccactcct aggagtacgt cactatcctg ccctgtgtgc agggcccatt     54840
     ctagagagga gagttacttc ttttaagtga tggacacagt aatatgtcac aataacgtgt     54900
     gtgtcatggt acaggcaaga atgtaacatc acctggatgc tggatccagt gatgttacaa     54960
     ttcttactga gagcagggcc caggcagaag tgtaacatca tgtcaaggtt ggcccaggta     55020
     aatatcaaaa tgccatatgt aggcttgaac cagtctgaag agtgaaatca caccggtaac     55080
     tggcaaagat ttatatcaca gtcttgaaga aataaaattc tggggattag atttagaata     55140
     ccacacatgt cctgttttca tgtaggacag atgccttcat ccacctgtga tggtgaaatt     55200
     ccttgctgtc agctgggtgt gcatacaata ctcacaattt attctgtgtg ctaggtgctt     55260
     tgtgacaccc tctattcaac acaagggtgt taaaaaatat gtgtgagtgt tgcaatcttc     55320
     tgtgaccttt ttaccagaag gagattctac atcactcatg tccctaaacc tagttataag     55380
     aggcaacatt tcttctattg gctgggtcca cataagagag tcattatcat gcctattagc     55440
     tgtgcctagt tatatgtcac catcccgtct ttggttataa aagagataga acaaacacat     55500
     cacctacatt ctaagccaga agtattacaa cgttctcttt gtcagcaggg cactaaccga     55560
     aaagtcagaa aactttggtg ccagtcccag ctctatcgca taatgcctct tgtggacaat     55620
     gtccaggcag gtgaggagag tcatatcacc aaaatgatgg gctcagagat atgtcacaag     55680
     gcctcctgtt gaaatggccc aggcaagaga gtcatgtcat ttggatgcag tgtttagaaa     55740
     tgccacactc ttcactgaaa ggaggttcag acaaatgggg aacatcacat tacctagatg     55800
     atgggcccat agatatgtta tagttttttc tgaggaccct ctacaacagg agagtcaaat     55860
     caccaaggtt ctaggtccag gtatatgtca aaatgtcata tgcaggctat aattaggcag     55920
     gattattaaa tcactgagga gctggaccaa ggtgtatgtc acaatagcac tggtggaaat     55980
     gttcaggaat gagagtcacc attctgcaca tcctggctcc aggtataaag ttgttattat     56040
     tcctttgatc tgtctcaggt atatggcata atttcacctg tgggcaagga gaagaaagga     56100
     aagtcacatc acttcagtgg gtgctggtcc agtgaaatgt cacaatcctc cttgtgggca     56160
     agactcctgg aaaagagtca catcacctgg atgctggttt aagtgatata tgaaaatcca     56220
     ccctaaggac agagcttagg ctggaaagga gacaaaattc acctaagcaa ttggcctgga     56280
     gatatgtcac aatagcccct atgtgcagga ccaaggcagg agcgtgtcct cactttggtg     56340
     ctgggttcag caacatttca taatctctct agtggttaga gctcaggcaa gagagaagaa     56400
     acatcactga ggtgctgaac caagtgttat gttacaaagc ttcctattgg cagagcgcca     56460
     caggaaaatg agtcacatta cctgagtgca gtacccagtt atgtgtcaca atgcaccata     56520
     agtgcagtgc caaggcagta gaaagaagtc atatcactta tgtgatggac ctagaaaaaa     56580
     gccacagtgc tgtctgcagg cagggctcag gccaagattt tacatcagct gaatgctggt     56640
     ttcagtgtca tgtaaaagtg ccccctgtca cgttgctaaa ggtgttatat gttgcttgtt     56700
     gcatgtatgt cacaatttca actctgctct gggcctagaa agcagagtca aaacactcag     56760
     atgctgggca aagtcacact tctcattcac acactaaaaa gtgttcagaa atcagtttca     56820
     cagtcccaca caagtctgag cttcatgcat gagactcaac atctcctatg actgggtcaa     56880
     agtacaggag tcacaatatc aacaatgggc aagatgcatg tataagagcc ccaatcccac     56940
     ttgaagattg tgtgtcagga taagagtcaa atcaccaaag gtctgctgag ttgtggttca     57000
     aacatcgcca aaccacctat ggatctgatt catatataag gtaacaattt ctagcttcag     57060
     ctgcttatgg gagggagatt tagtaaatca ttcataggcc ctgtttataa caaacatgcc     57120
     agctgggtgt gcgtccaaga gtcacaatag cacgtggtca ctggtgcctg ttatgacacc     57180
     ctttgtacca ctcaggattt atatgatatg cctgactagg ctacttttct gtgatttctt     57240
     ataggtggga gatttggaat ttatccgtgg ctgtaagaca gactatgaga gttaaaatat     57300
     tccccctggc tgggttcatg tatgagagtt attattgtgc aagtgtgctg atttctggta     57360
     tgtatcacaa ttttcccttt ggacagaaac aaggcataag agtcacatca tttgcatact     57420
     gagccatgga tacactataa tctcctctgt ggtaaggagc cagtgacatg ggtcatatca     57480
     ctgggtacaa tctcaaataa tatgtcatct tgacaactgc atacagggtt gaaaaaatag     57540
     tggatagtta catcctctac gtgctgggct cagcaatatg atataatcgc tgctcttaac     57600
     agagtccagg acaaagggga gagtcacatc acctgtgttt tgcactcagg ggtatgtcac     57660
     aatttcatca gtgggcagga tccaggcaga agaggtgagt cacattacct tgatgctata     57720
     tctagtggta tgtcatagtg ttccctgtgg gcaagacact ggcaggagag acacatcacc     57780
     tagcaaacag gactagagat atgtgataat atttcctgtt tgctaggtcc aagaacaaga     57840
     gtacacatta ttatgatcct aacccggcga tatttcaaaa tccacctatg gtcaagaatt     57900
     taagccacta atctcaacac ctagggttac caggcatagt gatatgacac aatctcctta     57960
     tctttttggg tgacactttt tactggtatg tatgtaagtg tcacaatgta acgtgttctg     58020
     ggtcattgtg tgacacattc tacaatattc aaaggcttta tgtaacatgc atgagatttg     58080
     caatccattc tgaggcctac atgctcctgt tgactcacaa tcttatgtat tgctttaaat     58140
     tcagttatga tagacaacat ctctcttata ggctgggttc agacaggaga cccattatta     58200
     tgtctgtgat ctgagtccag aactgaatca ccatctcaac tgtagcaaca cacacatatg     58260
     aaagtcccaa ttccatcttt gtactttatt tacttgttag actgaggact tcaacagtgg     58320
     tctttttaaa tgtgggataa tgaaatcttc atctctctcc tgcatgacat gtgtaatcaa     58380
     gagtcacgat cttaaccttt tgctaggccc tgttataaaa ctctgtgtac cagccaaaaa     58440
     gtttacagaa tttgaattag tgttgtcata tgtgagcttt atgcaaatat gcaacttata     58500
     accttaccta ttgccctaag tgtagcaatg agaggcaaag tgtctactat tggtgcaatc     58560
     ccaatataag tttgattatt atgcctttga aatgaagcaa ggtaaatttc aaaatcccat     58620
     ttgtagaaaa aaaaacttgg caggagggta gcacaattta ggtgctgtgt caagcaatat     58680
     gtcacaatgc cctctctagg catgatatag aagtgaggga tccattaaat gggggctgga     58740
     cccagcaata tgacacaatc ccaaatgtgg aaaaaaaaaa gaacccagac aaatgatgac     58800
     accaaaaact cctactgaat gggtctataa tatgtaaaaa tactttatgt tgctctggca     58860
     caggaaggag cgttacatca tcagggtgag gggcccagca atatgccata attatctctt     58920
     tatgcagaac ccaggtagaa ttgaaagatt atctgggtgc tgggccctgc aatacctcaa     58980
     aaatcttttt cttgggcatg gttggggaaa aaagagtcat agtacctaag tattgggctt     59040
     agcagtatgt caaatcaccc cattgcaaag actcaggcag aagaaaagat tcacatcact     59100
     taagacacag gctcagatat atgacccaat gtctcaagta aggagggctc aggcagaagg     59160
     gtagagtcat atcacatagg ggcttcccta ggtatataac acaatctaac atatgaggtg     59220
     aaagctggca aaagagccac atcgccttga tgtgggctct tgagatatat cacacaagcc     59280
     tcccttaaga cagcacccat gcaagagtgt tataacaaat aggtgcgggt tgtaccatta     59340
     tgtcacaatg ctccacgtgg gcagggctca aaaagatagt cagatcacct aggtaatagg     59400
     ccagagatat gttacgatat ccttcttaag gcatggctcg ggcaaaagag taccatcacc     59460
     tgtttgccta gcctagtaat gtgtcactat caaggtaagc agggcccagg caggagagca     59520
     aaatcaccta agtgatagta ccagagattt gtcacaatgc cctcattagg acacggctct     59580
     aataaaagat tactgtcatc tacgtgcctg acccagccat atgatactat cccccactgt     59640
     gtgcagggcc cattgtcatg aggagagtta catcacctaa gtggttgtat gacatacgag     59700
     acagtgatat gtcacaatga tgtctgtggg aatggcacag gcaaaaattt aacatgactt     59760
     gggtggtgga cctagtgata tgtcatgacc cttaccgaga gcaggaccca ggcaggagag     59820
     tcacatcacc tagatgttgg accaggtaga aatcacaata acaacctcag gctggaacca     59880
     gtctggagag tcaagtcaca cagatggtca gcaaggatgt tttttcaaaa tgacactggg     59940
     agaaaattcc tgaaatgaga tttacactac cacacatgtc ttgttttcat gagtgagagc     60000
     tggcttcaca tatttcagac agtgacagta tttactgtca gctgggtgtg tatatgagac     60060
     tcacaatttc acctttctgc tgaatagtgt ttttacactc tctgtacaag ccaagggcat     60120
     tataaaatat ctgagggtgt tataatcttc tttgaccttt tttttttctt ttttaccaga     60180
     aagagattta tgagatttat tcactcttgt ttttgttgtt gtttttgttg ttgttgagac     60240
     agagtctggc tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagtgctgc aatctctgct cactgcaacc     60300
     tccacctcct gggttcaagc aattcatctg cctcagcctc ctgactaatt tggactccag     60360
     tcgcacacca ccacacccag ctactgtttg tagttttagc agagatggtg tttcaccatg     60420
     ttggtcagca tggtctcgat cttttgacct tgtgatccac ctgaatcacc ctcccaaagt     60480
     gctggaatta caggcctgag ccaccacgac cagataattt actcgtgttt ctaaagtaag     60540
     ttagaaatgt caaagttatt tttatttgtg gggtctacat aaaagagtca ttatacctgt     60600
     aagttgtgcc tatgtatagg tcacaattta ctctgtggta atgaaatagg catgacagct     60660
     aagtcatcta aatgctgaac cagaaatttt ccattatttt tcttgtagac aagttccttg     60720
     cagaaaagtt ttgtaacgtg ggtgttacac ccagatgtat ggcataatgc cccttgtggg     60780
     cagtgtctag acagaagagg agtctcatac cacctaaata ataggcccag agatatttca     60840
     caatgtgtcc cattgaaagg accaggcaag agagtcatat catttagatg cagtgcttag     60900
     aaaagctata atccccagtg gaagcagggt ccaggcagga gaggagagtc aggtaactag     60960
     atggtgggtc cagagacatg ttacaatctt tccttaggat attgttaaga caggagagtc     61020
     aaatcaccaa ggtgatcacc cgaggtatat ttccaaatct catttgtggg ctacacctag     61080
     gcaggattat taaatcactc aggagctagg caaaagtata tataacaata acactggttg     61140
     aaagttccag gaatgggaat aaccatcttg catatgacct gggtccagat ttaagagtcg     61200
     tgattagtcc ttttgtctgg tctcaggtat atggcacaat atcacctgta aacagagagc     61260
     aaggaggaag gtcacatcac ctgggtgggt gctggtccag tgagatgtag tcatctttct     61320
     tgtaagcagg gccttggaaa gagtgtcaca tcacttggat gctggttgca gtgatatatc     61380
     aaaatccccc atgtgggcag ggcttaggta agtgaggaga ccctctttac ctaggcaatt     61440
     ggcttagaca tatgtcacac tggccgctat gtgcaaaacc aaggtataaa agtgatctca     61500
     cctggtgctg ggtttagcaa tgttacaatc tccccttcgg tcagggtgat acaagaaagg     61560
     agaaacatca cctaggtgct gaattaagtg atatgttaca aagctttctg ttggcagaac     61620
     ccaaaatgca gagtcacatc acctgggtgc agtatccagt tatgtgtcac aatgcactat     61680
     aagtgcaggg ccaaggcagt agaaagcagt cacatcactt acatgatgaa cttagatata     61740
     agccacaaag tcttttatag gcagggataa ggcaaatatt tcacatcaca tgggtgctga     61800
     tccctgtaat atgtaaaatt gccctttgta tgcacaccca ggcatctata cttaggtgtt     61860
     tggtcgtcaa attgttcagg ggatcagcta acttttatgt cctgaccaca tgatagtaaa     61920
     tatttagaaa taagtttcac agtcccacac aagttctgga tttttgtatg tgagtcaaca     61980
     cttcctgtga gttgggtcaa agcagaggag tcacagtctc aacagtgggc aagcttcatg     62040
     tataagatgc ccaattccac ttgaagaatg tgttccagca gaggagtcac agcctcacag     62100
     atgtgctcaa tcgtgcatca ccaaactacc catatagaag aggagcaatt ttaacttttg     62160
     actgctctct ttgtgaggtt taatgcctta tttgcaggcc ctgttcttgt gagagaatga     62220
     ctaccgggtc agctggctgt gcattcaaga gtcacaatga tacttccttc ctgttccctg     62280
     ttataacact gtttttacca ctcaggcttt atataatatg ccagagtgtc ataatcctct     62340
     gtgaacttta taccattagg agacccagta ctttacttgt ggccataaga ctggctatag     62400
     gagtcaaaaa atctctcctt tctggttcta ggtatgacaa ttttatttgt gcatgtgagc     62460
     tgaacccagt tatatgtcac aatttaacct gtgagcagaa gcaaggtggg agagtctcat     62520
     cacctggatt ctgagctcag gatacattat aaactccttc aaaggcaggg ccaagtcaga     62580
     agagtcacat cacctgggta ccgtatcaag tactacggca tcatgtccac tgtagacagg     62640
     tttgaagaaa aaaaggagag tcacaccacc taggtgctga gctcagcaat atgtagtaat     62700
     tacctctttt ggctgactct ggaacaagga ggagagttgc attacctagg ttttgtactc     62760
     cgtcgtatgt cacaattcat tctgcggtca ggacccaggt aggagacgag cgtcacactt     62820
     ccagatgtta cttcaagata tgtcataatg ttccttgagg gtaaagcatg ggcaaaatag     62880
     acaaattacc tagctgatag gctcagagat ctgtgataat atacattttt ggcagggccc     62940
     aggtagagca gtcacattat tatgattctg aacccaggat atatcacaat gcaaacaagg     63000
     gaaacaattt atgcaaaggt tttaacacct gggtactagg accagcgata agacacaatc     63060
     tcctcatctt tgagagtgac acctttaact gttagcttgg tgtgtatatg agtcacaatg     63120
     tcacgtgtgt gctgggccat gctatgacac cctctgtaat gtctgagggc tttatatagc     63180
     atgcgtgaga gttgcaaact actctgaggc ccacatgctt atatgaaatc acagtcttat     63240
     atattgcctt aagcacaggt atgatagcca acatctctta tttaggctga tgtcaggaat     63300
     gtctgtgagc ttggtcaaaa atgagtcaca atcgcacatg tggccagatc catatatgag     63360
     agccacaatt ttatctttat attcttttca cttgttagac tcagtacatc aacggtgggc     63420
     tttgtaaatg tgggatagtg acgactttta ctttcaccta ggtgtgtaat tgacagtcac     63480
     aatcttaact ctttgctggg ccttgttatg aaaccctgta tcacccaagt agtttataca     63540
     agacaaattt gtgttgtaaa cttctgtgag ctttgaagaa atttccaacc cagaatttta     63600
     tatgttgccc taagcctagc gatgagaggc aaaatatctt ctattgcctg aatcctaata     63660
     taagagacca tcatacctgt aagctgtagc aaggtatatg tcataatacc atttgtgggc     63720
     aaaaaattag gaaaaagagt aacatcacat aggcgatatg gcaatcgaca tgtcacaatg     63780
     ccctctctag gcagaaccta ggaaggagtg ttacattaac tgggtgctgc gcccagcaat     63840
     attacagaat tccacatgtg aaaaatatta gccaagggat aagagccaaa actcctacag     63900
     aaaaagccga agacatgtca aaaatactct ctgtggctct ggcacagata ggacagtacc     63960
     atcatcaggg tgctcagctg accatctgca ataattttat ctttattcag gactctggca     64020
     gaaaaataac atcatctgag tgcaataggt caaaatttct ttgcggtcac ggttcagaaa     64080
     aaagagtaga gtcacatgat gtaaatgttg ggctcagaaa catgtcacaa tcccaccatt     64140
     ttaaaggccc tggtacaaga gagccatatg actttggtca tgggctcaga gatatatccc     64200
     aatgacccca gtaggcaggg ctcaggcagt caaggagatt catatcacct aggtgcttcc     64260
     tgaggaatat atcacaatgt tacatgtggg cagaaaacag acaggagagc cacatagctt     64320
     gggttctgca tgctgagata tttcacaagg ctctcttaga acagctgcca gacaatggag     64380
     ttacgtcacc tacatgcagg ttctctgcct atgccacaat gctccatgtg ggtagtgcct     64440
     aaggaggaat ggactacacc taggtgatag ggccagagat atgtcacaaa gtcctctatg     64500
     aggcatggcc ctggcaaaag agtaccatca cctgtgtgcc tggcctagaa acatgtcacg     64560
     ctccaggttg gcaataccca agcaggagag ccacataacc agagatacat cagaatcctc     64620
     tcctttgggc atggctttgg caaaagagta gcctcacctg tgttctcagt cttgaatcat     64680
     gtcactacct tttctttgag cagggcccat tccagagagg aaagttacat cacctatgag     64740
     gtggacacag aaatatgtca caataatttt tgtgggcatg ctgcagacaa gaatgtaacc     64800
     tgtggccaga gagtagccaa gaaagtcaca tcagctatgt gtgtgcgggt ccagtaaaat     64860
     gtcacaatac actttgcggg caggaccctg gcagaaaagc cacatcacct gcatgctgct     64920
     tgcagtgaca tatcaaaact cactatgtgg gcagaacttt ggcaagagag gagaaccact     64980
     tagcctaggc aactggtgca gatatatgtc acaatgaccc tcatgtgcaa gaccaaggct     65040
     gtagagtgac cacaacttag tgctgggtgc agcaatatgt cacaatttcc ccatggtcag     65100
     ggcccagaga aaatatgaag aaacatcacc taggtgctga gccaagtgat atgttccaat     65160
     gcttcctgtt agcagagctc aaaaaggaga atcatgtcac atgggtgcag cacccagtta     65220
     tgtgtcacat ttcagtgtaa gtgcagggcc aagacagtag aagggactca ctacacttat     65280
     gtgatgtacc tagatttaag acacaattct tgtaggcagt tttcagcaga taatttacat     65340
     cacttaggtg attgtcccag tgatatataa aagtgacctt tgcagtggga gttctggaaa     65400
     ctattatatg tttcttaggt gcttgtttca catatggcaa aatctagtct gggattagaa     65460
     aagagagtca gacgattcat gtgctaggca aagttacctc tcccttttat attctcagaa     65520
     agatttggaa ataagttcca catcccacac aagtatttct tttgtgtaag tgattcaatt     65580
     attctgtgag ttgggttgaa gcagaggagt tacaatctca gcaacgagca agattcatgt     65640
     ataagagccc caatctcact tgaagatggt tttccagtag gggagtcagc actacaggtg     65700
     tgttgaatca tggttcgtat gttaccaaac cacctgtgaa tcagatccat gtataagagt     65760
     aattatttca atctttgact gctttttatg tgcatgattt attacctcat tcctaggccc     65820
     tgttcatgtg ggagaatgtc aatcgtgtca gctaggtgta catacaagtg ttctcacctc     65880
     attgctgctt tctgttatta cactctttgt atcattaagg ctttatgtga tatacctgag     65940
     tgttataatc cttcgtgaaa tttatacaag tgaaaagccc aggactttac caatggctgt     66000
     gagactggct gtgagagtca gttatctcta ctggatgggt ccaggtatga gaattattat     66060
     tgtgcatgtg tgcttaaaca aggtacatgt cacagctgga tctgtgagca gaaaaaatgc     66120
     caggagagtc acatcagttg ggtgctgagc cagttatata gtataatctt gtttgtagtc     66180
     tggggctaat cagaagggta acatcacatc acctgagtgc tgagccagtg atacagtata     66240
     tactcatttt ttggctgggc ctagtcagaa gagtcacatc acctgggtac agcctcaaac     66300
     agtatgtcac caagcccact aaagacagga aagaagaaaa agaggagtgt tccaccacct     66360
     agatgctgag ctcggcaata tgtaataatc cttcttttgg aagagtctag aatatgaagg     66420
     agagctacat ctcctagatt ttgcaatcag cggtatgtca caacttctat ggtgagcagg     66480
     gcccaggcag gagaggatag tcacattttc taaatattat gtaaaccgat atttcacaat     66540
     gtcccctggg gacagggcac aaaaagaaga gacaaatcac ctagcttata gacccagaga     66600
     tatgtgataa tattccctct tggcagcgtc aaggcagaag agtcacatta ttatgattct     66660
     aacccagtga tatgtcacag tgaatccatg ggaaggaatt taagccaaaa agtctcaaca     66720
     tcttggtaac aggcttcgta atatgccaga actccttgtc tttcagagtg acatgattca     66780
     ctgtgagctg ggtgtgaata tgagaaacac aatctcatgt gtttcctgga tcattgtatc     66840
     acactctaca actttcaaag gctttataca gcattcgtga gagttgcaaa ccactctgag     66900
     gccaacatgc ttgtatggat tcattatctt atatactgcc ataaacccag atacgatagt     66960
     caacatatct tctgtaggct aggttcaggg atgagacccc ttattttgcc tgtaagctgg     67020
     atccagaagt gagtcaccct cccatttgag gccagatcaa catatgaaga tcacaactcc     67080
     aattttgttc tctattcact tttagactta ggaacttaat agtgggcttt gtacatgtgg     67140
     gatggtgacg acatttgctt tcacctgggt gtctaacgga gagtcctaat ctaaactttt     67200
     gatgatctct ttcataaaac tctctttaca acccaagaaa tgtatacatt atgagttagt     67260
     gtaaagtttt tgagtttgat gcaaatatga aacccaggac ctcatctatt tccctaagcc     67320
     tagtaatgaa tggcaaaatg tatcctactg gctgaatccc agcatgagtt tgaccatcat     67380
     gcctgtgaac tgaagtaagg tgtaggacat agtcccattt gtggtcaaaa agtgagtcag     67440
     gaaggtaaca tcacttgggt gctgtgacaa gcatcatgtc acaatgtcct ctctaagaag     67500
     ggtataggga ttagagtaac attaactggg tgttggaact gcaatatgac aaaatcccat     67560
     atgtggaaaa agacaaccta gaaatgaaag ccaaaattcc aacagaatgg gcccaggata     67620
     tatcacaata ccttctgtgg ctttgggtca gccatgagag tcacattatt agggtgctgg     67680
     gcccagaaat atgccataat ccctcatatg tgcaggaccc aggcaaaaga gtaatgttat     67740
     ctgcatgctt ggccctgcaa taggtcaaaa tctttgtttg tctaataacc cgagtgctgg     67800
     gctcagccat atgtcaccaa tgtcaccatc ctctcattgt aaagaccagg caggagaaga     67860
     gagtcacttc acttaggtca tgggctcaga gaaacatccc ggtgcccctg tatgcagggc     67920
     tcaggtagaa aagaagagtt atatcactta tattcttctc tagttatatg tcacaatcta     67980
     acatgtgggc agaaaccagg aagaagagcc acatcacctg ggtatagcct caagtaatat     68040
     gtcaccatgc ccaatgtaga catcttcaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga attagaccac     68100
     gagcatgctg ggctcaataa tatgtaataa ttccctcttt tggcagagta cacaacaaag     68160
     aagagagcca tgtcacctag actttgtgct cagtggtatg tcacaatttc ttcagtcaac     68220
     aggatccatc caggagagga gggtcacatt acctagatgc tatatgtagc aatatgtcac     68280
     agtgtcccct gtgggcaggg cactggcagg agggaaatgt cacttagcca atagatgcag     68340
     agatatgtga aaatatctgc tctttgcagg gccaagatag aagagtcaca ttgtcatggt     68400
     tctgatccag tgatatgtaa caatgacctc atggaaaaga atttaaacca aaaagtctca     68460
     ataccggtat actaagccaa gggatgtggc ataatctcct catctttaag catgacatca     68520
     taaactgtta tctagttgtg tatatgacag tcacaatctc ccaagtgtgc ttgccattgt     68580
     atgatactct ctacaacatc tgaaaacttt acgcaacagg catgagtgtt gcaaaacttt     68640
     ctgtgggcta catgtttata tggactcata atcttacata ttgccctaaa ctgaggtatg     68700
     tcaggcaaca tgtctcctac aggctggcat cagggttgag accattatta ggcctgtgag     68760
     atgggtgtag aaatgatcca ccatttcacc tgtagtcaga ttcacttatg agagtcacaa     68820
     ttcaaacttt cggttctatt gacttgatca attcaggact tcagcaataa gctttgtgaa     68880
     tgtaggatat gagttaatgt tgtaaaattc tgtgatcttt gaacaaatat gaaatgaagg     68940
     tccttaacta ttgacctaaa cctaggggta aaaggtaaaa tgtcccctat tggcttaatc     69000
     ccacaataag cttgatcatc atgccttgga gctgaagcaa agtgtatgtc ataatcccat     69060
     ttgtgggcaa aaaactaggc agaaggttaa caccatttag gtgttgtgcc aagcaatata     69120
     tcatagtgcc ctccctaggc agagcctaag aaatggggtc acattaaccg ggggctggaa     69180
     cccacaatgt gacacaaaaa tacgtggaag aaacccagca aactggttag tgccaaagta     69240
     cctacagaat gagcaaaaga catgtcaaaa taccttctgt ggccctggca tggacagaag     69300
     agtcatattc ttagggtcct gggccaagca atatgccaca attccctctt tatccatgag     69360
     ctaggcagaa gagtaatatt atctgggtgt tgggtcctga tatacagcaa aagccctgtt     69420
     catgggcact ctttagcaag aacatgagag tcacacaacc taagtacggg gcttctcaat     69480
     acatcacaat tctcccactg taaaactaca gacagaagaa gtgagtcaaa ttacttaggt     69540
     catgggctca atgatatgac ccaaagtcat ttgtaggcag ggctcaggca aaaaaagtga     69600
     gtcgtatcac ctaggtgctt ctttaggtat aggtcacaat ttagtatgtg ggaagaagcc     69660
     aggctgaaga atcacatcac ctggtcctgg gtcctgagat attcacaaat cccccttaga     69720
     aaaggaccta ggcaagagag ttacatcacc taggaacagg ttccaccctt atgttacaat     69780
     gctccatgtg ggcagcctat gaaggaattc acatcaccta ggtgataggc ccagatatat     69840
     gtcacataac cttcctgaaa ccatggtctt ggcaaaagag tacaatcacc tttgtcacct     69900
     ggtctagcaa tatgtcacta ttccagtggg cagttttcaa gcaggagagc catatcacct     69960
     atacaatagg ccctgtaaca tgtcataatc ttatcttttg tgcatggccc tggcaaagaa     70020
     aagtatcatt acctgtgtgc ctggcttatg aatatgtcac tctcctgccc tgtgtgcagg     70080
     gcccgtttca gagaggaaag ttatatcacc tcagtgatgg acaacataat atgtcacaag     70140
     gatgtgtgtg ggcatggggc aagcatgaat gtaacgtcac ctaagtactg gatccaatga     70200
     tgtcacaatt cttcctgaga gcaggccagg cagaagaatc acaagacttc aatgttggcc     70260
     caggtagata tcaaaattcc atgtgtaggc tggaaccagt ccaaagagtg aaatcaaaaa     70320
     agcgcatgga agagttttag atcacagtca tgataaaata aatttctagg gattagactt     70380
     ataatgccac atgtgtcttg ttttcatgta gaacagtagc ttttatacat ctgtgattgt     70440
     gaaaatcctt ccagtcagct gggtgtccaa acgagactca cgatttcctc tttatcctag     70500
     gccctgctat gacactctct atactactta caggtgttat aagaaggtgt gagtgttgta     70560
     atcttctgtg acattgttaa cagtaggaga tgcttcatgt cactcatgtc tctaaaccta     70620
     gttgtaagag tcaaaatttc tcctattggc tgtgtccaca tatgagagtc attatcatgc     70680
     ctgttagctg tgcctaggta tatgtcacca tgccctctgt ggttactaaa taggcaggac     70740
     actacatcac ctaaatccta agccagaaat attccaatat tctctttgta tgcaaggccc     70800
     taacggagaa gtaacagaac ttaggtgtta tgccaagctc tatgctgtaa tgttacttgt     70860
     gaagagtgtc cgggcaggag aggagagtca tatcacctag atgatgggtg cagagatata     70920
     tcataatgcc ttctgttgta atggcccagg aaaaagggtc atatcatttg gatgcgtgct     70980
     tagaaatgcc acactctttg ctttaatcag cgtgcagtca ggagaggaaa gtcgcataac     71040
     ctagatcata ggtccagaga tatgttatga tcccttcgga gaacactgtt aagacaaaag     71100
     tcaaatcccc aaggttttgg cccaattgta tgtaaaaatg tcacatctgg actctaaata     71160
     ggcaggatta ttaagtgact caagagctgg gcaaaaataa acgtcagaat aacacctgtg     71220
     aaaaggttca gtgttgagag tcacaatcct gcacgtgacc tggttcctgg tacaagagtc     71280
     attattagac cttttatttg ttctcaagta tatggcacat taccacttgt ggggaaggag     71340
     aagaaagtaa ggaaagtcac atcatttaag tgtgtgcacg tccagtgaaa tttcacaatt     71400
     ctccttgtgg gtgggactct tggagaagag tcaatcacct ggatgctggc ttcagtgaca     71460
     tatctaaatc ctctctgttg gcaaggctta ggcaagagag gagacaaact gcacatgggc     71520
     aattggcctt gatatatgtc acaatggcca ttgtgtgcag gatcaagaca ggagagtgaa     71580
     ctcaccttgg tgctgggcta agcaatatgt caaagtctct ctggtggtca gggtcaaggc     71640
     aagagaggag aaacagcacc taggggctga gccaagtgat ttgttacata gctttctatt     71700
     ggcagaactc ccctcaaaaa ctctcacatc acctgaatgc agtgtgtcac aatacagcat     71760
     aattgcaggg ccaaggcagt agaaggaact cacattattt acatgatgga tctggataaa     71820
     atccataatg ctctttgtag gcagggttta ggccaacatt tcacaccagc tggttgctgg     71880
     taccagtaac atgtaaaagg gcccctagtt gcattgacaa aaagttgtta tacattgctt     71940
     aggtgctggt gcatgtatgt cacaatttct aggcttggcc tagaaaggag agtcaaaata     72000
     ctcagatgct ggacaaagtc aaacttcaca atcacacact tgaaaatgtt cagaaataaa     72060
     ttttacaggc ccacacaact tctggcttcg ggtatgagag tcaacacctc ctatgagttg     72120
     ggtcgaagta aagaagtcat aatctcaaca atgggcaaga tacatgtgta acagccccaa     72180
     tcacattgaa ggttgtgttc cagtaggaca gtcaaagcac cactggtctg gagaatcgtg     72240
     ggtaaatttc accacagcat ctgtggatca gattcatata tgacggtaac aaattccagc     72300
     ttcaactgct tatgtgtgtg agatttttta actcattcat aggctctgtt catgtgtgaa     72360
     aatgacaact gtgacaactc gatgtgtgta acacctggtt gctggtgcct gttatgacac     72420
     actttgtacc acacagacct taaatgatac acctgagtag gatacatttg tctgaatttt     72480
     tacagacatc taattttaca gagatctgag actttactca tggccataaa ctggctctga     72540
     gattcacaat atctcccttg gatgggtcat gcatgagtta ttattgtgca tatcagctga     72600
     atccaggtat atgttagaat ttcatctttg gacatagaca agatagaaaa gtcacatcat     72660
     ctgtgtcctt agccagaaat acattatatc ttctttttag gcaggatcca gtcagaaggc     72720
     tcatatctcc tgggtacagt ctcaaataat atatcatctt gaccattgta tacagggttg     72780
     aaaaaataga gggtagtcac attccctagg tgctgggctc tgcaatatgt tataattccc     72840
     tcttatagca gattccagca caaagaggag agtcacacca cctaggtttt gcactcagtg     72900
     gtatgtcaca atttcctagg taggtgagat ccaggcagga gaggagagca cattacctag     72960
     atactatatc cagcaaaatg tcggtgtccc ctgtgagaga acactgtgag aggagagaca     73020
     tatcacctag ctgataggcc cagagatatg ttacaatatc ccctgttggc tggatccgtg     73080
     aagaagagtc acctttttat gattctaacc cagcaatatt tcacaataca cccatgggaa     73140
     agaatctaag ccaagactct caacaccggg gtgctgggct ttgtcatatg acactatcaa     73200
     tttatccttt aggtgacaca tttaactgtt agtttgttat gtatgtaaga gtcacaatct     73260
     caagtgtgtt ctcagtcatc ttatgagaca ctctacaaca tctgaaggct ttatgcaaaa     73320
     taccttagtg ttacaaacca ctctgaagcc tacatgctcg tttgacccaa aacatacata     73380
     ttgatgtaaa ccctgttatg ataatcaaca gttctcttat aggctgggtt cagacagaaa     73440
     acccattatg gtgcctataa tctgggtcca gaaatgagtc accatctcat ctgtagcaag     73500
     atccacatat gagagtcaca attccatcgt tgtactttat ttacttctta gagtcagaac     73560
     ttcaacagtg ggctttataa atatgagatg ctaaaaactt tttctctcac ctgcatttgt     73620
     aatcaagggt cacaatttta atcttttgct gagctctatt ataaaactct gtgtaccacc     73680
     caagtttata gactatgagt tagtgttgta aatttctgtg agctttgtgc aaatatgcat     73740
     ctcataactg taactattgc cctaagcaca gctatgagag ggaaaagtct actattggtg     73800
     gaatgccaat tatgtttgat catgatgcca ctgagttgaa gcaatgtaag tatcataatc     73860
     tcatttgtag aaaaaaaaac ttagtggaaa agtagcacaa cttacatgct gtggcaagca     73920
     atatgtcaca ataccctctc taggcagggt ctagaaatga gggttacatt aactgggtgc     73980
     tggagtgctg gacccagcaa tatgacacaa tctcaaatgt ggaaaaacaa gcccaaacaa     74040
     ataaggacag caaaaacacc tacaggatgg gcccaagata tataaaaata ctttcagttg     74100
     ctctggtaca agcaggagag ttatatcttc agggtgatgg gcccagcaat gtgccataat     74160
     tatctctttc tgcaggactc aggcagaaaa ggtacatcat ctgggtgctg taccctgcaa     74220
     tacagcaaaa tttattttat tggcatgatt tggaaaaaga acagtcattt aatctaagta     74280
     ttgggcttag caatatgtca cagcatccca cggtaagggc tcaggcagaa gaaaacagac     74340
     acatcactta gaacacaggc tcagatatat gacccaatgt ctcaagtagg cagggctgag     74400
     gcagaagaga agagtcatat cacctaggtg cttccctagg tttataacac aatctaacat     74460
     atcaggagaa gtcaggcaaa agagtcactt cacctttatg ctggttcctg agatatgtca     74520
     caatgctccc ttaggacagg acatgggtga gagagttaca acaaacagtt acagttttca     74580
     cacttatgtc acaatgctcc atgtggcagg actcaagcag caagttatat cacctagagg     74640
     ataggccaag agatttgtca caataccctt tttaggataa ggtcccagca aaggagttcc     74700
     atcatctgtg accctagtgc agccatatgt gagtatacca tactctgtgc acagcccaat     74760
     ctaatgagga gagttgcatc acctacaggg ctgacacagt gatatgtcac aataatttct     74820
     gtgggcatag cttaggcaaa aatataacat gacctgtgtg ctggaggtag tgatttttcg     74880
     tgatttttac tgggagtagg tcccagatgg gagagtcaca tcacctcaag gttggcccag     74940
     gtagatacca caataacata tgtgggctga aacccttcca gagagtcaaa tcatatgggt     75000
     gattcacaaa atattaaatc acaagcacac tggcggaaaa ctcccagggt aagatttaca     75060
     ataccacaca ttagttgttt ttatgagtga cagttggctt catatattta agatggtgac     75120
     attccttact gtcagatcag tgtgcatatg agactcagaa ttatgccttt ctgctgcatt     75180
     ccatcataac aatttctgta caagctgagg acattataaa atacttgagg ctgctatagt     75240
     cttctttgaa cttttttatt accagaaaga gatttaatca ttcatgtttc aaaagcaatt     75300
     tatggaagtt gaaaatactt ctatgtgtga ggcccacata tgacagtcat taccatgtct     75360
     gtgagatgct tgtaaattga acattgaaat aaaagcccaa caaggtactc ttaaggcact     75420
     aatctgttcc ttaccaacat ttgtaaagaa ttataaaata atttataaaa attatatctt     75480
     ttccatttct aagtcatcat ttttgttaaa taagtaattt aggaaaatct ggaattttat     75540
     ttcaggattt ttaaacctct aagttgtaac atccttctca aaaccacact gtagttacaa     75600
     aattatcttt ctttatttct agcttttgga tgctacagag ggcccataga gtatcaacaa     75660
     gagagataaa caggattata tggcatgatt agttacacgg aattgccaaa tggtgttcaa     75720
     tatttttagg tgatattttg gtgactaata ctaatacatg ttctaaaatt atatgggatt     75780
     tctaaaattc taatgtctga agtatatgct atcatccaca attaaggttg ttaggttaat     75840
     ttattgcaaa ccatatagat aacgaaaatt tttgtcatat ttctgactgt aactaccttg     75900
     cacactttgt aatacacaga taattattcc ttttttgatt tttttatgaa gtgcttttta     75960
     atcagctata gatctttaat aggtgctctc aattgcaggc ttccgataac tttggagctt     76020
     gtgacattga aatacaggaa aaacttacag gactctcaaa gagctaaaat atgtatgaat     76080
     atcaaacaaa agaagagttg actgaatgga ccggactaat agaaaattga agtagccctt     76140
     ctgacttttg tttgagacat tactcattct tgtattattt accagagtca aggaaacatc     76200
     ttgagatact tacagccttt aatatgtgag caaggtgtac tcatgtgtgc acaatttgga     76260
     tcacgtttgc ctttctcggc aggacttctc ctgaattcga aaaatagttg tgagtgttct     76320
     taacttgtgg caatataggt gtttgtatca gtgcaataac agtccaattt ctcttccaac     76380
     agaacacaac tggagaaact ggttgtttga acaaggcctt gactaaaaaa taagcttccc     76440
     tttaaggagt caagatcaac ttgcagaacc aagaaaatcc cagtggaaaa attggcttta     76500
     tacctcatct aaacagtcct ttagcagggt tcctgatctg tggtaactaa ataatgacac     76560
     tttctgacag gcccaggagc tccaagttta tcttgggacc ataagagcag agaatcaccc     76620
     aactaaaaat tatctgattg tacaaacccg tggctgggct tgactttaga aagtcccatc     76680
     tgaaatttct tgtggaacag agttccatca aagccaatgt aaaagaccta tctagaaata     76740
     attattcttg ctgcatttta tgcaaataat caggcccagt atcagaataa agtttatttt     76800
     acaaacaact cagtcctatc atgatttatt ttttaataga agaggactgg ataaagttta     76860
     tgtttcacaa cttattatat atttgtcatt aaattctaaa ctcacaagtt ttgcattgtt     76920
     gcctactttt tagaacaatc ttgcttattt ctgtgacccc actaatgatc ttcaactgca     76980
     gcccacaata aacaaaaatg aattggtaca catgaaaatc tggattaaca ttataattct     77040
     ggacaattat cctgcaaatt ctgcagagtg atgggaatat atagggtgcc cacctaaatt     77100
     ttatgaagca caactatagc cactagtttc ctcagtatgt cacagtcatt cttttctcac     77160
     ccttgtagaa gaagaactca attccacagc ttcatcttag cattcagctc atgataaaga     77220
     gtccatgcaa tgccctgaga cacatttttg ccccagcctc aattctaagc ttctgtttga     77280
     caccatagaa aaaagtaaaa aatttgagaa atccagaggc aggtgataat ggaggtaaaa     77340
     aagcacaatg ctggtgagca taactaattc ccagggatta agccaagccc ccgatttcat     77400
     ggataaagat tatgctacta tccatgccat aaatgaggtc cagtgaactc cagagctact     77460
     gacagcaggg aagaaagggt acacatgtgt aagagcagat atatccaccc ccttaggcct     77520
     ccctgttaac attggtgaaa gctgcctcga cacccatggg aggcaccctg ttacaatcag     77580
     tgggacttgg ggatacaagg attgaagtgg gaaaaagaat attctttctc ctatagctca     77640
     acacaccctg ggaaattgct aggaagagaa aggagccagg gactcctgct cctctatctc     77700
     tttcaagata agtaaccatt catttttagt ctagacccat tttgaatgca tcctgaaccc     77760
     ttggaactcc tttgaaaaaa tgctaacttt tcattttttc tcctccgttt gctgtttaga     77820
     gataggtaat cacatctcca tgttttggga cattcctctt caatgcatcc tccaagtttg     77880
     gaagagttaa tttcccaaac attaaactgg acagcttagg attggaccca ggagaaaaga     77940
     acccagaagt ctcatatgct gtcaaaaggg taaaagtttt ttctttcttt ctttctttct     78000
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttcc     78060
     ttttcttttt ctttctttct tttatttttt cctgttgggc ttttggcctc cctctaccta     78120
     tgcaaactgg tgaaaaccct ggattttttt tgagctgtct cttccacatt tcccttggtt     78180
     cattttaata cgtgcttttt agtaacacag tttgattctc ctcaccttca ggctatcaaa     78240
     cttcaaacag tcacactacc ataggctgag acaatggccc ctttcactgg agacacttag     78300
     gcctctaagg aataactgac tgccatttat ttcacaacag tgccccctgt catcaggaag     78360
     cacttaaaag tggtttttgt cctcatcttt atccttattc taacagcagt tagatatact     78420
     tattgacagt ggaaaataac agagttagaa aacagccaag tgtcttggac aaaaccccat     78480
     cttcaagcct aaaacagcct gaaggctgaa aaatcgagtg cttgtgctag atgaagcctg     78540
     cctttttcca acagattctc tttgaataat ttccatctga aaactggggg aagggagtgg     78600
     aggcttggaa ggccatggaa actttacccc ttgtgcaggg aggaggagcc tggcttcatc     78660
     agttcctgtg tgatggtctg gtgttcagca atccgtgaag tgggggcctg gtaaacacga     78720
     ctcccactca cttcgttgag agtttttctt tttttctttt cttttaccca atcagctcta     78780
     ctctttatcc ttcaggagtg tccctgagcc taatctttcc tagtcatgtg acaagaaccc     78840
     aattttgctg aaggagaacg ttctgcaaca tgaggaatta gaacgtttgt ttaagataag     78900
     ctgaatttta tgcatgtggg tttcattctg gcctctgtta tttgccttaa cattgattta     78960
     actgtcttta tgccagcacc acactatttt gattactgta acttggcaat atgttttgaa     79020
     ataaaaagta tttatctaag tatattcttt ttttccaaag ttgttttgct actttttttg     79080
     ttttgtttgt ttttgagtgt ttacataaat tatagtgcaa tatttgaggg cttactcctg     79140
     tgatcccaat acattgggaa gccaaggaag gtggattgca ggaccccagt agtttgacac     79200
     cagcctgggc aatatggtga aaccctgtat ctacaaaaaa tacaagaact tgctgagcat     79260
     ggtggcatgc acctgcagtc tcagctactt ctggagctga ggtgggagga tcaattgagc     79320
     ttgatgtgtc aaggctatgg tgagccatga ttatagcatt gcactccagc ctgggtgaca     79380
     cagctaaata ttgactcaaa cattttagaa tattttacta cttctgcaaa acaaaaacaa     79440
     aaacaacaac aacaacaaaa aactattggc tctttgaaag agttctcatt gacctgtaga     79500
     tcatttctaa taccattaac tgaggcacca ctcttttcat gagggcatta gctgcaggga     79560
     gtctgtccct tgcagacccc tgaccgagcg acagatgaat aaagtaccct gtcacacaga     79620
     tattctgctt ttcaagtcca gctgagggtc tggggccact aacagtctcc aaagggagtc     79680
     ctgtaaagag tggcagctgt gccctgagca acttgcactc caggcattta tttagtatag     79740
     aattattaac agaagctttg agtagacaca cttgtggata attaacctgg ttaagagaat     79800
     agttctgtga ataacgaaac ctcaggcacc acggtctaaa gtaaatgcca gtgggggcaa     79860
     tttccctggt tgacattccc cagaaaggac catctggctt aaaggttagt taatggaggt     79920
     ggggtaaaaa aacttaattg gggaagcctc tattgtcctt agcatttacc ctatgaccaa     79980
     atgctttaag gttaaaaccg actaccttca gccccttgaa ttattacaag ctatgcaacc     80040
     tttcagcctt ccaaaagtct gtgactattc cctataactt tccctaatta ttttctttta     80100
     atatttctgc catcctcctg agtgaatctc aaaatcctcc tctctgttct tttctgcatc     80160
     aggtttttga ttgcagagca cagatatgtg cagtcatagg tttgtcaggt gaggtggtca     80220
     ctgatcttat tccagctttg catcatataa atagcaaata acacaaaaca atcatgagta     80280
     taattaacaa cacttcttcc agtcagagtg acttgcagag ttacttgcca tctgagttca     80340
     ctctgtgcta ttaatgagga acctcactgg gggaatgttg atttcctttt atttaagcag     80400
     tgatgttgtt agaagctgga aagggggtgt tagtctaagt actagggtag aacaaaggag     80460
     gttacaagat gggcttaata gagcttggca gatacaggta gtagacaaag tgagagaata     80520
     aaaaagaagc aggatttgca tagccttctg agtcatcttt ctctgataaa gctgcatcat     80580
     cttgcagggt ctctcctagg ctggctcgag ttttttcttc ttttaatcct ttgatgagga     80640
     tgcagtgtct tggctggtgc ttgtgtattg gaaattgtag agattgtgtc tgtgctaaga     80700
     tatctctcat aatctttgtt aaagagcagg ttagtgcttt aagaaaaact tgtgctttta     80760
     atgtcttgtt tacagaaaaa ctggatgaca catctttttt aaattaattt atttttatta     80820
     ttgtacttta agttttgggg tacatgtgca caatgtgccg gttagttaca tatgtataca     80880
     tgtgccatgc tggtgtgctg cacccactaa ctcatcatct agcattaggc atatctccca     80940
     atgctatccc tcccgcctcc ccccacccca caacaggccc cagagtgtga tgttcccctt     81000
     cctgtgtcca tgtgctctca ttgttcaatt cccacctatg agtgagaata tgcggtgttt     81060
     ggttttttgt tcttgcgata gtttactgag aatgatgatt tccaatttca tccatgtccc     81120
     tacaaaggac atgaactcat cattttttat ggctgcatag tattccatgg tgtgtatgtg     81180
     ccacattttc ttaatccagt ctatgattgt tggatgacac atctttaact ttagtcaata     81240
     tgtttactca gagaattttg ttaacaatta acattttaaa acttgcttag actttcaaaa     81300
     caaaattata caacatgtcc tgaatagttt tctttttata atgtttttat gacttccaca     81360
     gacaattttc aacatgcctt aactttattt ctttcataac cttccttaat aaaggtgcag     81420
     tctaatggtt ataactttct taacatttct ttctctttat gtcttttctt tgtcttactt     81480
     tttgtgactt tgacctctgg tttttctagt ctttcttttt tttcccctct atttctctct     81540
     ttaacctttc tgtttctctc tgatcttgga cagcaattaa atgagtgttg gtatcaatag     81600
     atacttgtac atatctaagt tttccaaatt caagtatggg tgtaacatct gtttgctata     81660
     gcaggttaag ttctgtttcc ctagggttaa cacctgttga aggaggggac ttacctgtga     81720
     gctggcaatc tgggcattgt aggataattt atttagccag tctctgagta agttgataag     81780
     tttcttcaat ttggatggaa aaattcatgc gattgggtgg cttggtctag cagtgatggc     81840
     ttaacctgta ggtttgcttg atcactgctc ataagccaat gggctaggaa gtaagctgtg     81900
     ggctcaaata tgtgtaataa aaatgggact tgtatgttga tctagccaat tgctgaagtt     81960
     ggagaaagag taaaccgtcc tggctccaga atagagttaa ggctgtaaaa cttctttaat     82020
     aaataaacag agtaacctta gctttctgtt tgctagtaaa ctcagattgc atgattgaat     82080
     tatatggtct ctaccagact gctgcttttc catgtttgcg gacccatcag taaaccgtgt     82140
     taaagcatta gttacagggg agtaaactct ttttgtaggc attattaccg gagtatgaga     82200
     taagaaatga aagactttat cagcagggag gatgtgcttt atttgctctg tgtaatgaga     82260
     taaaactatt tgtgggtgta ttgacaaaga taatgaagct ttgaattgct ctttacttaa     82320
     aggaatcatg atgatatcgg ttatgtcgca actgattttt aacgtttgtg acctgaatag     82380
     atgactttag taattaactg agtataagga gacagtgttt tagtcccggt atgggggcaa     82440
     aaaacccatt ctaggaaaca tagcctggga gtcatttgtc ctagtaaccc tgtaggggag     82500
     tgttaggtgg aaaaaataaa tagctgattg gaatacggtg gatcaatgcg atctagcttc     82560
     ctttgaaaga cggcttgctc aatttccttg atttcccttt ttgctgcaag ggttaaatat     82620
     ctgggagaat tgagggctgg gttgcccttt aagatagaga acaggttttg tagtttattg     82680
     gtaggaattc caacaatggg agaaatccag gtaacattgt ccaataattt ctgctaatca     82740
     tttaatgtgt gtaagttgtt agtacttagg ttaaactttt gaggtcttac tgaccaggag     82800
     attaacagat atccaagata ttttcaagga gggaacatgg gtactttttc aggtgcagtg     82860
     actaaacttt tcagttgtgt attccttatg acagaggtaa acaaatttaa aggtattggc     82920
     tccgttgggg ctgctagtaa aatatcatcc ataaaatgaa taatcatgta atcaggaatt     82980
     ttttttctac tagttaaaaa acaaagtttg cttttaacta cttctaaact aactcatggg     83040
     ttgtttgtaa tgtctcaacc tttaaacgtt actgttttac ttgaatttgg tgagcttcat     83100
     cagggtggaa gagagatgac aacagtggag gttattagaa agaggttttc taattcttac     83160
     attttactta aattttagct gagaactata atctgtgatg ttgcttgtaa acaagcagca     83220
     catgagattt tgtcttggat agcctgtgga gttagagaaa ggagcaggca ggtcccggcg     83280
     ctgtgactgc tttacattta taaagtcgcc atttttgcct gtgccatttt ttgcctgtgc     83340
     tggctccctt ccccagctgt gggacacatg tggcctgggt ggaatttgtc acgtgtgctt     83400
     ctgttccact cgcagcaggc tagctctggc tgcagcttgg ctctttgttg cttctgtcac     83460
     agtgtgggtg gagtttttct ttctacttac tgcttccttg tcctggccct gtggctctgg     83520
     cttttagtga ttattcttaa ccctttatgt acctgattac ttggctgatt ttgcattacc     83580
     gggcaggcta ataactctcc ttttattgct gccagctgaa gacagggact aataactgga     83640
     gggtattcct ggtccttttt cttacgtatt gaagaaaaag gctcaggtaa aatatctgtt     83700
     tcttctttgt tattttggct cagtaatatt agggctgacg gaagaggagg tgataaggca     83760
     ggtgacattt cctcctcgtt cccctttata gtctgttctg tgtataatgg agacagggct     83820
     gctgtaatga aagcccataa cagctgggac ctgttgcctt tgtgtctgat gttgaagatt     83880
     tatccccact tgttctcaga gtactacatc cagtgttcct ttttctggga accatgatct     83940
     tgggattgtg tccagaattg attccttcca gtgggttatt ggtcttgctg tcttcaagaa     84000
     gaagatgcag accttcacag tgagtgttat agctcctaaa ggtagtgcgg acccaaagag     84060
     cgagaagcag caagatttat tgcaaagagt gaaagagcag agcttccaca gcatggaagg     84120
     gaaccaaagc aggttgctgc tgctggctcg ggtggcctgc ttttattctc ttatctggtg     84180
     tcacccacat ccttctgagt ggtccatttc acagagtgct gattggtctg ttttacggag     84240
     tgctgattga tccattttta tccagtgctg attggtgtgt ttacaaacct ttagctagac     84300
     acagagcgtg attggtgcat ttacaatcct ttagctagac agaaaagttc accaagtctc     84360
     ctacccaatt agctagacac agagcactaa ttggtgcatt tacaaacctt tagctagaca     84420
     cagagtgctg attggtgcat ttacaatcct ttatctaaac aaagtagttc tccaagtccc     84480
     catctgactg agaagcccag ccagcttcac ctctcaatcc cttctctaaa caggacatct     84540
     caactgctgt tgggaattgg ccaatgacct ctctagctac ttcctgctag ataggggcaa     84600
     agaattatgc tgcagttgta gtgtcctcca gaggggaact ctttaggcca cggaaagggc     84660
     caggaggttg gtccaggggt cctcagtaga agctgttagt tgagctcatt tggggttcca     84720
     tttgtaagac catctctagg ttgatagcct caattctaga agaaagaaat ttgacaagaa     84780
     ggttaacaat acagggcccg aaggcaagta atggcaagat ggctgccatg ggagctagaa     84840
     aggggaggag ccatgttgcc caactccaga ggttggtata agggtttgaa agatgtctga     84900
     tttcagaagc cttttcctgt aaacaccagg cagcatctcg tactatgcct cactggttag     84960
     tgtaaaaaca actctcttcc cctaagaagg tgcagagtcc tcctttctca gcagtgaggt     85020
     ggtctagtcc tctgcagttt tggagtgtca ctgctggtaa agaatctagc tgggattgta     85080
     gagtaaggat agattttgtt atttctcaca aactatctga gaaatccttt gagagtgtgt     85140
     gatggtaaga aaatgaagta gataaacctg ctattctggt tcttgtagca gtggccattt     85200
     ctaaccctat aagtaggggt attagttgta tggccctgca atgatggact tgagctttga     85260
     ggggcactga tagggcctga tttcctgggg caatgttaat gttgggactt agaaagacta     85320
     aggtgcaggt gcctgtccag ttagtgggga ggcagatata gtttgacatt ccacaggaga     85380
     agaatatgcc ttggctgggt agatatttag aaatttaccc tggcttttaa aggaataggg     85440
     tatactgttt tttctttact atttccatat ctctttcatt ctctttgact tctccttcat     85500
     ctctctcttt ctgtctttct gactccctct ttgtctgtct gtctcttcct ctctctctct     85560
     ccctctgact ttctgtctct tcctcttttt cctttctgct ggtctttccc tgcctctgcc     85620
     agctgcttat gctactgttc tcccctctcc ttcccctttt gatggctttg gcagtgtaag     85680
     agtgccatgc cacctccgtg ggtttttaca ctgtgtgcaa taactccatg atttccttgt     85740
     ggcatttaat gggggtttcc ccagaggtta ggaactccct ttctttccat attgcagcat     85800
     gggcatgtag gatcagatga gcatacttgc tatctgtata cacatttatt ctttttccct     85860
     ttcccagttc taaggcttgg gtaagtgcca gtatttctgc ttactgggct ctggtctcta     85920
     ggggaaaaca cttactttta agtatagtta catcactaac tatggcataa cctgcccttt     85980
     gtatcccatt cttcacaaat gaacttccat cagtatatag gctaaggtca ggattaccta     86040
     aggggacttc taagagatta tcttgtgtgg cataagtctg gacgataatt tgttggcagt     86100
     catgcttgat tggatcccca tcctctggga gaaaagcggc agggttgagg gccatgcatg     86160
     tacatatttg aagcaccagt gcctcaagga gtagcacctg gtatctaagc aagtggttgt     86220
     ctgatagcca taaacttcct ttggcaccta gtatgccatt tacatcatga gtagtccaga     86280
     cagtgagatc ctttccttgt attattttga tagcctctga cactaagaca gccactgcta     86340
     cagctaccca taaacagtga ggccagcctt ttgctactac atccatttcc ttacttaggt     86400
     atgccactgg ttgggggatt attccacaaa tctaagtaag aactccaaga gctatccctg     86460
     ctctcttggt gacatataaa gagaagtttt gtcctgtggg aaggcttaaa ccgggagcct     86520
     gtactagcgc ctgctttaag gttttaaagg gtacttttgc ccctagttcc cattctacta     86580
     gatgagtatt taccctttgg gtctccttga ttaccgtaca gagtggtctg gccatcttgc     86640
     tgtatctggg gatccatagt cggcaaaagt gggtggttct aaggaacccc cgcaactgtt     86700
     ttaatgtctt ggggtgagga taagccagta ttggctgttt tcattccttg ctgagggccc     86760
     tggcccctct ggctaagatt aggcctaaat atttgacctg ctgtaggcaa agtttggcct     86820
     ttgacctaga caccttgtac ccttgattag ctagaaagtt caagagattt agactagcct     86880
     gctggcatga ggcttccaaa ccagtagcca aaagtaaatc atccacaagc tgaaggacca     86940
     gagtccctgg acatgacaag tggcctagat cttgggccag tgcctgacca aacagatgag     87000
     ggctatccct aaacacttga ggcaagacgt tccatgtaag ttgggacgtg tgatctgtgg     87060
     aatcctcaaa ggcaaagaga aagtgggagt cagaggcaga ggaatacaga agaaggcatc     87120
     cttgaggtcc ggagctgtga accattctgc ttcctctggt atttgagaga gcagggtata     87180
     ggggttgggt acaactggat atagaggaat tactgcctca ctgatgagtc taagatcttg     87240
     cactagtctc cactgactgg gttttggtct cctagaattg gagtgctgca gggactgctg     87300
     catttcctta ctgaggctca agattttaaa tgtttaacag tatcctgtaa tcctctatga     87360
     gcttcaggcc ttaagggaaa ttgcctttga taaggaaaag tggtgggatc ttttagcctg     87420
     atttggactg ggcaggcatt ttgcccttcc aaattgtcct tccaatgccc aaacttcagg     87480
     gttaattccc tcctcaagcc acagacaaca aatgggtaac ttgctcccca tattcatgta     87540
     gataatagct ccagctttga ctaatatatc cctccctaat aagggtgtgg gactttcagg     87600
     catattaaga aaggcatgtg aaaagagcaa agtctcccaa ttacaactga ggagttggga     87660
     gaaatacctg gttacaggct gtcccagcat tcttcagatg gtaacggatc ttgaggacag     87720
     tcgtccagga caggagatta acaccgagaa gaccgcatca gtgtccagga agaagccaat     87780
     ttcctggcca ttaatggata agcataccca tggctcagtg agggtgacga catgagctag     87840
     cacttgctcc aggcaccctc agtcctgttg ttggatcctc tggttggggt cttctggccc     87900
     agagaaccat tgtactctgg ggcagtgcac cttccagtga ttgccttgac atagtggacg     87960
     tggacaaggg ggcagcttgt ttcttattgg atgatctttt ttttttgaga cggagtctcg     88020
     ctctgtcgcc caggctggag tgcagtggcg ggatctcggc tcactgcaag ctctgcctcc     88080
     cgggttcacg ccattctcct gcctcagcct cccaagtagc tgggactaca ggcgcccgcc     88140
     actacgcccg gctaattttt tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggtttcaccg ttttagccgc     88200
     gatggtctcg atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc gcccgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat     88260
     tacaggcgtg agccaccgcg cccggcctgg atgatctttt tttttaagtg tcctcgtaaa     88320
     ccacactgat aacaagccct accgggtgat tgccctgctc ccttttctgt cctctctgaa     88380
     acaccaaggt ttgtttgtct gagggccatg actaaggcag cagcatttct ctgatctcat     88440
     ttttcctttt gggcctgttc ctcttggtcc ctattataga acaccaaggt tgccaggttt     88500
     agtaatgcct ccagattttg ttcagggccc agggcttgct tttggagttt ctcctgatgt     88560
     ctgtggctga ttgggtaata aacttatctt ttagaatcaa ttgacccttg agtgatttgg     88620
     gtgacagggc agtatatttt cttaaggcct cccttagcca cacaaggaag gcagaaggat     88680
     tttcttcctt tccctgagtt atggtggata tcactgaata attcatgtgc tttttcctaa     88740
     ttttccttag tccttctaga acacaggtga acagatgttt atgactcttg tccccatgat     88800
     ctgagtcaag gtcccaatag ggatccacac tgagaatggc ttgccaaccc gtagggaatt     88860
     tttccctttc ttcagctgtc attctatcat ttacttgact aagatacaag gtatctccaa     88920
     actctcaggc taaaactaaa gccacattct tttcattaaa ggtcagggtt tgatctacca     88980
     atagcatgac atctctccaa gtgagatcga ggctttgccc tagatcctgt gggacatcta     89040
     tgtacctatc aggatcatct gaaagctttc ccaggtctac cttgatctgc tttaaatcag     89100
     agagggagaa ggggacatgt accaaggttg ggccaaattc ccctctccct agagcttgaa     89160
     ggggatgtaa tcgatagccc ggggaagggt tgtgttcctt tggagatttc tttgcttgtt     89220
     tccttctggg caggggagat tagaggaggc ttatcattaa taggaagggg agctataggg     89280
     aggctaggat atgcaggtaa gctgagtgtt cctcctgtgg gatgtaaatt gcaagctttg     89340
     catagttttg tattctcctt caatgaaaag aaaacttgga cttaaggtat tgcactcctt     89400
     ttgccttacc tcttacagaa aaggtcaagc tacagtatag tattgtaagt tatatttctc     89460
     tcaggtggcc atttttccac atcagagaga gaatattggg tcctggccat agtgcagaaa     89520
     aaaataagcc accacttttt cagggtttgt gggtaaaatt ggtcccaatg gcttaggatg     89580
     cattgcaaga gtgggtctgt taatgcctga gtgtttccca tccgaaagag aaaacggccc     89640
     actctttttg tttgtttgtt tctccacctg cccaagaacc cacaatggat cctggaccct     89700
     gctgatcaga atagttgtgc tcactgatgc agcagcagaa acactggttt tcctcctgga     89760
     ccacaacaaa acctgcagcc ttgcctgtcc acccagacca caaagaggac tgagaaaaat     89820
     cggatttagt ggcccttact gacatattct caaaaacctg ttagagtcct aagcattatc     89880
     ctgttaatat tgggaattta tccttgtcct ataaagatgt tatgccccaa aaatgaagtg     89940
     gagggccata ccctgaggga gggaagagat caccagagtc agaagagtga tgccttttgt     90000
     cctcacttat atgaataaga aagatacaat ttctgaggcg tcccatatcc tagcttcagg     90060
     aataggtttt gttaagcctg tttgtctgag gagggatcct aaaattccag atagtccccc     90120
     ttaaaatggg gctttgggca aaaattctct ctttctgatt gctgagcctg agtgccagga     90180
     gaagggaata gagtcctgga gtttatacca gaaatagttc ttacaggaga aactagaaaa     90240
     gcaccagaga cagggagtgg tttttagaag caggactagc ctcagagaac agaagcaaga     90300
     ggaagattgt ctgacaggct ttaggaccca ggaggcaagg ctcaggatag ataggataga     90360
     tgggagagtc tcgcttgggc gacatgacta agagttccgc catggctgca gggtcaacca     90420
     atttgttgtt gggaccatgg agctgaatgg ttttcctatc aaccctcatc tcagcccaga     90480
     agtacaggga aagtggaagc tagttccatg caaaccaaca ctcccaactc cgaagagttg     90540
     gggttgctag agagcccttt cccagaaagc ctggcaccca tgtctttagt tcagtgacca     90600
     agctagttgc ttttaactgg ctgacaggtg cctgctattt agccctagaa ttctaaggaa     90660
     aaataggaca gaatagcaag cacaaggggt cgatggtact cactgcttgg caataggcaa     90720
     tagtcccttt gtggtcacca aagtgtgtct ggaattgatt ccttcccatg ggttcttggt     90780
     ctcactgaca tcaagaatga agccatggac tctcacggtg actgttacag ttcttaaaga     90840
     cagtgtgtcc agagtttgtt ccttcaggtg ttcatggtct cgctgacttc aggagtgaag     90900
     ttgcagaccc tcacagtgag tgttacagct cttaaagttg gtgtttctgg agttgtttgt     90960
     tcctctcagt gggttcatgg tctcgctgac ttcgggagtg aagctgcaga gcttcacagt     91020
     gagtgttaca gctcttaaag gtggtgcatc cagtgttgtt tgttcctccc ggtgggtttg     91080
     tggtcttgct ggtttcagga gtgaagctgc aggccttcat ggtgagtgtt acagctcata     91140
     aaggtagtgt ggacccaaag actgagtagc agcaagattt attgcaaaga gcaaaagaac     91200
     aggtcttcca cagtgtggaa ggggacctga gtgggttgcc actgctggct gaggtggcct     91260
     gcttttattc ccttatttgt ccccaccctc atcctgccga ttgttccatt ttacagagtg     91320
     ctgatcggtc tgtttttagc aagtgcagat tggtgcattt ataaacattt agctagacac     91380
     agagcaccaa ttggtgcatt tacaatcctt tagctagaca gaaaagctct ccaagtccct     91440
     tacctgatta gctctacaca gagcactgag tggtgcattt acaatcattt agctagatag     91500
     aaaagttctc caagtcccca ccccacccaa agcccagcca gttttacctc tcaggattac     91560
     aacagtttgc attatgtccc ctaattgagc ctgcaaaact gatgctccac tagccttaag     91620
     caactgtttc aacactttta tatactgttt ctgttgagct gataaatgtt gtcccatgag     91680
     aatacctcag cttgacccaa cttctcccag aacttggtaa cctcgagtgg gcaccaatga     91740
     cttactgatt agtcactgac ttcaccacgt gaattctttt tccacctttg ctttcaggga     91800
     gtctgtcgca ttcctcactc ttcctctaca gctttcctca tgagggtggt tctcacactt     91860
     ccttcacaga ctgcctcaca caatgggctc caactgcaga cctggcgatg ggtgaataaa     91920
     ctacctgaca cacagatatc ctgctttgcc agcagcagag ggtccgaggc cactcccaga     91980
     ctccacggag agtcctgtaa agaatggagg cccaccctga gcaactcacc ctccaggcat     92040
     ttatttagta tagaattaat cacagaagct ttgagtaaac acacttgtgg ataattaaca     92100
     ttgttaagag aatagttctg tgaatgatta aacctcagtt accacagtct aaagtaaata     92160
     ccattggggg caatttctct ggtcgaactc cctggagaga gccatcttag ttagtggagg     92220
     tagagtaaac agacttaact ggagaagcct cagttgtccc tagtatttac cctatgacct     92280
     aatgctttaa ggtaagaaga ggttgccttc agcctgttca attattacaa gctatataat     92340
     aattttagcc ttttagcctg ccaaaaaggt ttgttactat tccttataac ttttcctaat     92400
     acttccctgt aatatttctg ccagcggcct gagtgaatcc aaacaattaa catctaaaga     92460
     aacttgccta ttctaactct tgaaaaatag tatgctcaag aatttgtcta ggtttcatgt     92520
     atatgcagat atactagttt tcttttggtt tttacttcca gttatatttt attgtagtca     92580
     gaaataatat tttttgtgat taccgtcagt ttaaatatgc taaaacttgc attctagctt     92640
     aaaagtttgc ctatctaaga aaacatgcca aatgtatata gaaatatgta ctatgcaatt     92700
     gttgggtgaa acattttgta gattatcccc aggtcttatt ttgctcttta acttttattt     92760
     ttctatatat ttttcttttt cttttttatt ttttatttac tttcattttt tctatgcatt     92820
     taaatttgtt tctatctttt attttttata ttattgtctc ttcatttcaa atgttctcca     92880
     atttgtgtct tgtttgaaac attttattta atttcttttt tatcttattt actcccattc     92940
     ttatcccttt atattatttt attttatttc tccatattta tctttatttt tacttttatt     93000
     ttttctcctg attcataaag ttttatttta ttctattgca aattgtttca tttctgttta     93060
     tttctcttaa ttttattgta tttattttct tcatcttcat tttatttact ttccctgatc     93120
     ttaattacat ttctctttat ttttctctat tttgtttcag tttatttgtc tttactattt     93180
     ttaattactt taaacttatt ttttaatttt tttctcttga ttttactttt ttcactttat     93240
     ttttctatat tttgtattgt aaatcagaag agataagcta ttttagattg acccagccat     93300
     agtggtcaaa actggtgttt gctcaggctc tctggcagcc actctacctc aggtatctcc     93360
     aatccagggt atagtcaggg ccttctagca ggattgctaa gatccctggg cagatgtttc     93420
     attgttacag agccatctag cattaagtcc acgggctatt tatcctgctt tccgaagcca     93480
     cctgtaagct tcagtgttgc taggccaagg gcctggctgc ccctttattt gtgtgccaat     93540
     tcatccttca cacataatcc tgggtactgg cccttcttcc ttctttacaa agacaggctc     93600
     cacacccact ccactccacc agggcatatc tagaacacat gtgtgtcttt ttgttgtaag     93660
     aaagaaaaaa tatttttctg tttgtctgtt tttgagacag aatcttgcgg tgtcactcca     93720
     cctgcagtgt ggtgacacaa tctgggatca ctgcagcctc cacatctcag attcaagaac     93780
     ttgtctggct tcagcctccc aagtagcatt acaggcatgt accaccatcc ccagaaaaat     93840
     tttttttttt ttggattttt agtggagaca tagtttcacc aggctggttt gaaacccctg     93900
     acctcaagtg atccatccac ctcaggatcc tgaagtacta gggttacagg tgtgagccac     93960
     cacgactgac tgaaaaatat tttttgaatt taaacttgac atataacaga tttattatga     94020
     aaatttcagc tttatgggta gatatacatg caattatgtg tgtgtgaaaa tggtaataat     94080
     atgagaagat aaacatttct acaccttgtt taataaattt atggagttgt tattttatct     94140
     tttcctgttt atctctacat gttcaatgga aaaatactca gtgaaggctc ctcagtatga     94200
     taaaaaaaag ctgtgcaatc agacattaat agatgtacag tgaagtaact tctggttttc     94260
     atctggagct ctcatagtta ggactgaaaa ctcttggttg taaactcatg tgatgaggaa     94320
     ttatactatg ctgtcctctt ctgcacatct gtctaccatc aaaattgttt gaatttgcca     94380
     aaagaaaaaa gtggaaagtt gtttccctaa cacctactca tctctctttc atagtttttt     94440
     tttttttttt ttttggtttg ggcattgtcc agattgctta gaagctcgtg atcacagagg     94500
     acatatttgt caaaagaaag cttttttgca ccaggattaa gtgaagatgt ttattaccca     94560
     gggccaatgg ttcctccaga gccaggatgt aaccattact gaaaccagaa aatgatgaca     94620
     gaagttgaga gctgctcatg gggaaagaaa aatgctccct tttgctttga aagtggtcac     94680
     tgcctattct ggcatcaatc ttacatctga ccacgatgtg tttcatgttc atctttcttg     94740
     gtattccact gaaagttcat ctgaaaaaag aggcttgaat gagagtagta aagagaacaa     94800
     ttgcatctat agctgatgct ttggtgagtt ttgaggttca agatgtcaaa gaatagactc     94860
     agaaccagtg aatgagatat ggagttttac tttggactta cataaagtgg agaaagtcca     94920
     gtgtcagtgg gcttagtagg ataacaacag ccacttgcaa aaagcctata gttagtatag     94980
     tatttttatt taacacattt gtctgaacaa cctttcatct gtcagccttt atttaacaaa     95040
     aaatgaaagg gcttcaatcc tctgtgtggc ccgtgttcca tgccacagga taggacagac     95100
     cagggtctca gacgttcctc ataggtaaag aataacttct aggttggcca ctactagatt     95160
     ttttttttct ttgagacaaa atctcactct gttgaccagg ctggggtgca atggcatgat     95220
     cttctcctgt ctcagcctcc catgtagctg ggattacagg caagttccac aatctctggc     95280
     tgatgtatat ttagtagaga agaggtttct ccatgttggt caggcttatc ttgaactctg     95340
     tatttttagt agagaagagg tttctccatg ttggtcaggc tgatcttgaa ctcctgacct     95400
     ctgatgatcc acctggcttg gactaactaa gttctgggat tacaggcatt agccactgct     95460
     cccagccagg ccacaatttg atttttgtca cttggaagtt ttaacactca gaagcacttt     95520
     taatgtaagg ttaatgtcca gctatcccca agtaaagtta acactgtcag ttgcatccat     95580
     catatattct gattcagaca acagaggttc ttcttcctga gactctagat aaacaaattt     95640
     ttgcttttac ctgaatcact ccattgacag gattttattt aaggggctga tgtgtgtgca     95700
     cgttgctggt atggatatct aagttaatga gatggcttct tagctggtag gatctgttcc     95760
     tattataggt tcattcaggc tgctgaggtg ctccttctcc agaatttcac tcaatcatat     95820
     cattctgggg ctccagtact attttacaag gtgggacatg ctgaaataaa ccctaaaatt     95880
     gtggttcaga atgaccaggc tgaggctgcc ctttaaaagg gagaactgcc agggttgtgt     95940
     attattatcc ttgccattct gacatatctt ttgttatgga gaccagaaaa ggatctgagt     96000
     atgtgacagt cctcctccta gagttgctac tatttgtaca tgactcttaa gtgtcaaggt     96060
     aggttgtgag ctctcccttc ctggcacagc ctgagtaggc tagagctctg tgacccttga     96120
     tgtttggctc aggcagtctt cagaggaatt tcaaaaatta tagggtgtgg agggtagaga     96180
     aacagctgat acagatggca agttacggga ggctggaaga gaatgggacc tgtttgaaac     96240
     agtacaaacc ctgcctgggt gtagctgagg aggcaggaag agaatgggac caacttgaaa     96300
     cagtacaaac cctgcctggg tgtagctgga cagtcaagcc agttctctga tttgggattt     96360
     gtgccacgga attaacaggc ccacttttgc tctggcctgg gtgcttaact cttgttctag     96420
     aacaaaatgt gaattctgga ctctagaatt tctgttttac agtccagtag agtgtagagg     96480
     cccaggttgg cccacaaaag aagctgtggg tgggcttacc acaactgact ggttgcttct     96540
     ctgcctacaa tcagaaggaa gaagaatctt ttttctaaag gcaagcccag agaggattca     96600
     ggcaagccca gggaagtctg aaacttaagg gagcctgtaa agaaaaaggt tcttgcctca     96660
     gatgagtgct tttgcccctc ttggcttgtg gctttggggg ctcaatttgc ccatcagaat     96720
     aaggggcaat gaaatcccct cagtgagagg ctgctcaccc tccttttacc aagccactgc     96780
     gcagtgccca ccctgcagct ccagaaggtg cattgccacc tctctttccc agtttcaagt     96840
     gattcttctg cctcagcctc ctgtgtagct gggattacac gcacccaccc agataatttt     96900
     tgtattttta gtacagatgg gctttcagta tgttggcctg gctggtgttg aacccctggt     96960
     ctctggtgat ccacctgtct cagcctcaca aagtgctgag atttcagatg tcagccactg     97020
     cacccacacc aaagaatgtt ttgcggaatt ttctgaaaag agaattatac attatgtcta     97080
     cagttagcaa caggcaaagg gacaaacata aaaagcagaa tttgcccaag atttttctaa     97140
     gccaggagca ataatatttt aaataaatga gtttaacaca aagctgagaa aatagatttg     97200
     ctttcaaaat tgttgaagtt ttttatttgg tgataagtta tcaacacttg taaaattatc     97260
     tgttgcattc taacattttt ctttccttct caaagtagat acacagccat aaataactct     97320
     cattacttgc tatagatctg ttacacacct aaagtttatt ttacagtaat atatctctta     97380
     tatttaaatt catgtaaact aaagctaaag gtctttatgt gtttagcaga ccagagaagt     97440
     catatgttta atagaaaaaa gtaggataaa attttgtaaa cacttgttca gaattcagaa     97500
     gactgtagct ccattatact catataatct ccattagagc catcataatc acctttagtt     97560
     acaagaaaaa cataaatgta agttgtaaaa accatatttt ccaaattatt ttaagttaaa     97620
     gaccactgac aaaagaatga ctacagacgt tatttcactg tgaccctata gcaaattgtc     97680
     accatctgtt acttacagct ttgagtaaga tacgataaca tcagtggcaa gacacacatt     97740
     caatataaaa tagccttaac acaataacaa caattctggt taatttgaaa aaaattaagt     97800
     ccacacattg tcattaaaaa ggtattttta aattcactgt attttaatta ccttaatttg     97860
     caaatggtaa agcaattttt gtttaaaatt caaattgttc ctattactat gcataatatt     97920
     atcctgagca cttaccacac tcctatcatc ctgtcactat gatactgtta taaaccaacc     97980
     agtacttgcc cttttcactt agaaattttt catgtatatt agatttcagt tttcttagtc     98040
     ttccattgca aaatagataa atctgtccat ctaatatgga agaacctctc ataactctgg     98100
     tggagcaaca attgtccatg ttctttccca tatattttag atatgaagac atagcaacaa     98160
     atgtaagagt taaattacat caatatttgc ttttgaaaaa tattaaatta ttttaatatt     98220
     aaaaactagg tccctgttat aggaaagtga tcaagactgc tgatgagaag cagctagtct     98280
     gtgtagttct catagagagg aatgcaagtt gtgcataaat acatcacctt caactgaaac     98340
     acccaggtgc ttgcattggg aaaaatcaaa caacttaagt tatggagaat ggaataaagc     98400
     aaggcaggac agtgaaccac ctgggaacaa catggaacca agaaaacatt cccactcaat     98460
     aaagcagtgg gtataagtgt gaccctggga acccacgatt ctcccacaga tctttgcaac     98520
     cctcaggtga ggagatctat tcatgaacct gcttcatcaa ggccttcagt tgaacacaca     98580
     gagctacgtg gagtctcaga gatcagctgc tgaggcctgt gcagagattc aagaacttta     98640
     ggtactcagt ttttccaggc ttcccagaaa aagtagttgc aactccagta aagcaggaat     98700
     ctgtacttct gtaagtattc atagaaaaga gacagaatcc atgaggctga ccagtcatgg     98760
     tcttaggtct taggacccat gcccacagtg ccccacaggg taagacttat tggcttagca     98820
     ttctggtcag cccattggta gcagcactgg acctccctgg catggagcta tcagaaagtc     98880
     gagtgggaca ccaccttagc tgcttgggca acttaggcat tccagccttc aggctttaaa     98940
     aagcccaagc taacgtgggg aataaagaat ctcctagcac agtataggtg ctctaaaaag     99000
     acatggccag aatgcctgtt aaatcaggta cccaatctca tttcttgcaa ctggaaagga     99060
     cttcctaacc agagtgagca gctaccacca ctggtagtag ctgtgatcaa agaccacgat     99120
     ctttggtcga tggaattttg aaacctcttt gtgatataat tgctagaggg aagagtgagc     99180
     agcaattttt cctatgtgtg tgacttggct gttccagcct tctggctttg gagaatccaa     99240
     ataaactgtg gatggaagtg gtacctctgc acagcagaga cgtactatga aaatgttgct     99300
     agactgcttt cttaagtggc tccccaatta cgttctcttt actgagtaag aaatttcaac     99360
     aagggattcc agctacctct tataggtgct attgggttgg aaagaggtct atacctccct     99420
     gggattgagc acccagaaaa aaaaaggcac gctgcaatta tttagtttag caacattcag     99480
     tggtggtaac ttcaagtact ggaaaatctt aggtgactag gaatggcaat ggacacctcg     99540
     catactgagg cagcccttca gaaaagtggc catactgtta tgtgagtgcc tgttctcata     99600
     tattctcact ggacaggttc tccaggcctg ggccactagc caatcactgc cagaggtatt     99660
     gagatagtag caacttagcg actccctgga cagggacccc agtaacgact gaaaatattt     99720
     ctgccactgc ctctatagta gaactttcct tgctaccctt agactagtga aaaatccaaa     99780
     accctgagtg tcttattcaa acatcaaaca agctgcagtt tacccaagga gaggaggcca     99840
     gttcattcac catgggtccc acaaactacc cactgctcct caccagacag ttgaccccta     99900
     acttgaccaa aatcacagat ctttcatcat gggctgactg tactgaggga ttgctgacct     99960
     acatctctct tagatgcagc cttcagaaaa ccagcaaaga ggtagggcag caagccagct    100020
     tatgtggtga ccagagggtt tggtgcaagg gcatctgtag taaggtgtgg ccagtgatgg    100080
     ccatttctct accagcaact ttttcacata agagagtttt gccctaggga agtgttggac    100140
     ctaattactg taatatagct ttgaaaatca gaagcttgtc taactgagca ctccgtggtt    100200
     taccgcctct cccaggcacc cagatcctta caggccagtc tcaggcacac tgagagccca    100260
     taccatacca tctgcactgg taggtcacat ataactcctg aagagcaaca gctaggcagc    100320
     ccctatgact gcagcagccc acatgtttct ttcccacact gcactttccc tcgaaaacat    100380
     ggcaactcct catattactt tactggcaca tgtcttcaaa ggcagatttg gctttgcttg    100440
     gcccactagc aaacgggaat gcagtatgct cctgccaacc cagcagctgc cattgtagat    100500
     aaagctttgg tgggcagaga gccaaaaaga ctcactgcta cctttatgct aacactgtgc    100560
     agagaacagt gtatcctccc acattctgaa caatcacttc ttctttaggg ggcaaaaaga    100620
     aggcttcaaa ccttcattgg tcagcatcct accacatgct aacaccacat ttattgcaac    100680
     agcacacagt ctccagcagg tgcacctact cccatcccag ctacattgct cctgctactg    100740
     agatgaataa gtgaagacag gcagaaactc catatccact agcactctgc tgaagctgca    100800
     gaaacttagt ccaacagggt ggcagactcc aaatatcaaa gagacaggga agagagttgg    100860
     ggctcaatac aattcccgct gagtatgaag cctctgagtt gtgagctgag cacttccccc    100920
     aacccctcca caaaaaatat aaaaaataaa aataaaaaaa taaaaacttc tcccaagaac    100980
     aaagcctgtt ggatgaaagc accttatgcc acaatcagat actcaagaac atcaaaatat    101040
     gattaaaaaa tcttcattca aagttcagca acctcaaata tatgcctaca aagatgagac    101100
     aaaatcaatg caaaactgct ggggaaaaaa aaaaaaagct agagtgactt atttaatcca    101160
     aataaccaac ctacatttcc agcaagacct aagaagacag aaatagaatt cagaatgtga    101220
     atagaaataa gcttcattga gctacaaaag taagttgcaa accaatgcaa ggaagggaaa    101280
     attgcagaaa ctgacagata aaacaaacaa tctggaggaa aatgtggcca gtgtgataaa    101340
     gctgaaaaac agaatacaaa actttataat ttattcacac atattactgc agaattggct    101400
     aagcagaaga aagaatttca gagtttcaag actggctttc tgaaataata gagacaagaa    101460
     tagtaaaaaa agaataaata gaaatgaaca aaacctctga gaaatattta attatgtaaa    101520
     gtaaccaaat acatgattaa agagagtgcc tgaaagtgat ggggggaatg aaaacaactt    101580
     gaaatacata ttttggaata tcatccatga taacttcccc acctagacag tgaggcaaac    101640
     attgaaatac atcaagataa tatggatcaa tcaaacataa aaaggaatat acagaaaaca    101700
     attatttaaa gatggagttt taaaaattag ctgtgataat ttgaattgaa gtctagatct    101760
     atatttaaaa gaaaaaaatt accctaaaaa tcaatattac catctgaaag agaaaatgag    101820
     aataaagata aaaaatgaaa taacaaaaag gaattcacca aagataaaga tcacaaaaag    101880
     aaataaaaat tgtagagtag aagtaccaaa aaaaaactaa catggacttc aacattagta    101940
     aaaaatataa gaaatcaaga agctcagcaa ataacaatga agattaacac aaaaatattt    102000
     ctaataagac acaacataaa caatattttg aaattcacag acaagaagag aatctggaat    102060
     gcaagaagat aaaagagatg tgttatttgt atgcatgctt ctgcaagatt acaagtaaat    102120
     ttatgaacat aaattttttg ggcaagatgg gagcaggatg acatagttaa aacactgaaa    102180
     aaaagagtct aagcaagaat accacaccca gcaaaagtaa ccttcaaaac gaaaaaaaaa    102240
     aaaaaaattc tcactatatc atgatgtata ttaagatcaa ctatgtcatg tcttcaagag    102300
     aatcacttca gatctaattt aaaaaaagac agaaaatgac aggatgagaa atacattcca    102360
     tgtaagtgtt aacccaatga gtggaaaaga ggaaacaagt tattaagttg aaaactctga    102420
     tatttcataa aatttacttt ttttaatacc tgaagttcta gggtacatgt gcgcaacgtg    102480
     caagtttggt aggtatgtat acatgtgcca tgttggtgtg ctgcacccat taactcatca    102540
     tttacattag gaatatctcc caattctatc cctcccccta tctccaatcc cacgacaggc    102600
     cctggtgtgt gatgttcccc atcctgtgtc caagtgttct cattgttcaa ttcccaccta    102660
     tgagtgagag catgtggtgt ttgttttttt tgtccttgca atagtttgct gagaataatg    102720
     gtttccagct tcatccatgt ccctacaaag gacacgaatg catccttttt tatggctgca    102780
     tagtattcca tggtgtatat gtgccacatt ttcttaatcc agtctatcat tgttggacat    102840
     ttgggttggt tccaagtctt tgctattgtg aatagttcca caataaacat acgtgtgcat    102900
     gtgtctttat agcagcatga tttatacttc tttgggtata tacccggtaa tggcatggct    102960
     gggtcaaatg atatttctag ttctagatcc ttgaggaatc accacactgt cttccgcaat    103020
     ggttgaacga gtttacagtc ccatcaagag tgtaaaagtg ttcctatttc tccacatcct    103080
     ctccaacaca tgcagtttcc tgacttttta atgatcacca ttctaactgg tgtgacatgg    103140
     tatctcattg tggttttgat ttgcatttct tttttggcca tgatgatgag cattttttca    103200
     tgtgtctgtt ggctgcataa atgtcttctt ttgagaagtg tctgttcata tacttcaccc    103260
     actttttgat gaggtcgttt gtttttgctt ttacctttgt ttgagttctt tgtagagtct    103320
     ggatattagc cctttgtcag atgagtagat tgcaaaaaat ttctcccctt ctgtaggttg    103380
     cccgttcact gtgatggtag tttcttttgc tgtgtagagg ctctttagtt tgattagatc    103440
     ccatgtgtca attttggctt ttgttgccat tgcttttggt gttttagaca tgaagtcctt    103500
     acccatgtct gtgtcctgaa tggtactgcc taggttttct tctagggttt ttatggtgtt    103560
     aggtagaaca tttaagtctt taatccatct tgaattgatt tttgtataag ctgtaatgaa    103620
     gagatccagt ttcagctttc tacatatggc tagccagttt tcccagcacc atttattaaa    103680
     tagagaatgc tttccccatt tcttgttttt gtcaggtttg tcaaagatca attggctgta    103740
     gttgtgtggt atcatttctg aaggctctgt tccattccat tggtctatat ctctatttag    103800
     gtaccagtac catgctgttt tggtgactgt agccttgtag tatagtttga agtcaggtag    103860
     tgtgatgccc ccagctctgt tcttttggct taggatcgtt tggcaatgca gtctcttttt    103920
     tggttccata tgatctttaa agtaattttt tccaattctg tgaagaaagc cattggtagc    103980
     ttgatggcga tggcattgaa tctataaatt accttgggca gtatggtcat tttcacgata    104040
     ttgattcttc ctatccatga gcatggaatg ttcttccatt tgtttgtgtc ctcttttatt    104100
     ttaatgagca gtgatttgag ctccttgaag aggtccttca catctcttgt aagttggatt    104160
     cctaggtatt ttcttctttt tcaagcaatt gcgaatggga gttcactctt gatttggctc    104220
     tctgtttgtc tgttattggt gtataagaat gcttgtgatt tttgtacatt gattttgcat    104280
     cctgagactt tgtggaagtt gcttatcagc ttaaggagat tttgggctga gacaatgggg    104340
     ttttctgaat atagaatcat atcatctgca aacagggaca atttgacttc ctcttttact    104400
     aattgaattc cattaatttc tttctcctgc ctgattgccc tggccagaac ttccaacact    104460
     atgttgaaca ggagtggtga gagagaccat ccctgacttg tgccagtttt caaagggaat    104520
     gcttccagtt tttgcacatt cagtatgata ttggctgtgg gttggtcata aatagctctt    104580
     attattttga ggtacgtccc atcaatacct aatttattga gagtttttag catgaagggc    104640
     tgctgaattt tgtcaaaggc cttttctgca cctattgaga taatcatgtg gtttttgtct    104700
     ttggttctgt ttatatgttg tattacgttt attggtttgc atatgttgaa caagacttgc    104760
     atcccctgga tgaagccaac ttgatcgtgg tggataagct ttctgatgtg ctgctaaact    104820
     cggttcacca gtattttact gaggattttt ccattgatgt tcatcaggga tattggtcta    104880
     aaattctctt ttttgttctg tctctggctg gctttggtat caggatgttg ttggcttcat    104940
     aaaatgaatt agggaggatt ccctcttttt ctaatgattg gagtagtttc agaaggaatg    105000
     gtgccagctc ctccttgtac ctctggcaga attcggctgt gaatctgtct cgtccttgac    105060
     ttttttttgt tcatagggat taattattgt ctcaaattca gagtctgtta ttggtctatt    105120
     cagggattca acttcttctt ggtttagtct tgggagggtg tatttgtcaa ggaatttatc    105180
     catttcttct agatttccta atttatttgc atagaggtgt ttctagtatt ctctgagggt    105240
     agttaccatt tctgtgggat cggttgtgat atcccctata taacttttta ttgtgtctct    105300
     ttgattcttc tctcttttct tctttagtag tcttgcttag cagtctatca attttggtga    105360
     tattttcaaa gaaccagctc ccagattcac tgattttttg aagtgttttt tgtgtctctg    105420
     tctccttcag ttctgctctg atcttaggta tttcttgcct tctgctagct tttaaatgtg    105480
     tttgctcttg tttctctagt tctgttaata gtgatgttag ggtgtcagct ttagatcttt    105540
     catgatttct tatgggcatt tagtgctata aatttccctc tacacactgc tttaaatgta    105600
     tcccagagat tctgatatgt tgtgtctttg ttctcattgg tttcaaagaa catctttatt    105660
     tctgccttca ttttcttatg tacacagtag tcattcagga gcaggttgtt cagttcccat    105720
     gtagttgagc agttttgagt gagtttctta atccggagtt ttagtttgat cgccctatgg    105780
     tctgagagac agttttttat aatttctgct cttctacatt tgccgaggtg tgctttactt    105840
     ccaactatgt ggtcaattat ggaataagtg tgatgtggtg ctgaaaagaa catatatctg    105900
     ttgatttggg gtggagagtt ctgtagatgt ctattaggtc cgcttggtgc agagctgagt    105960
     tctattactg gatatccttt ttaactttct gtctcattaa tctgtctaat gttgatggtg    106020
     gggtgttaaa aagtctccca ttattattgt gtagtagttt aagcctctgt gtaggtctct    106080
     aacgccttgc tttataaatc tgggtgctcc tgtattgggt gcatatatat ttaggatagt    106140
     taattcttct cattgaattc atccctttgc cattatgcaa cagccttctt tgtctctttt    106200
     gatctttgtt gttttaaggt ctgtgttatc agaaatcagg attgcaaccc ttccaccccc    106260
     ctttttttct atttgcttgg tagatcttct tccatccatc tatgttgagt ctacgtgtgt    106320
     ctctgcacgt gagatgagtc tcctaaatac agcacactga tgggtcttga ctctttatcc    106380
     aatttgccag tctctgtctt taattcgagc atttaaccca tttgtactta aggttgatat    106440
     tgttatgctc gaatttgatc ccgtcattat gatgttagct ggttattttg ctcattagtt    106500
     gatgcagttt cttcctatca tcgaaggtct ttaaaatttg gcatgttttt gcagtggctg    106560
     gtaccagttg ttcctttcca tgtttagtgc ttccttcaag agctcttgta aggcaggcct    106620
     ggtggtgaca aaatctctca gcatttgctt gtctctaaag gattttattt ctctttcact    106680
     tatgaagctt aatttgactg gatatgaaat tctgggttga aaattctttt ctttaagaat    106740
     gttgaatatt ggctcccact gtcttctggc ttatagagtt tctgctgaga gatcagctgt    106800
     tagcttgatg ggcttccctt tgtgggtaac ccgacatttg tctctggctg cccttaatat    106860
     tttttccttc atttcaactt tggcgaatct gacaattatg tgtcttggag ttggtcttct    106920
     caaggtgtat ctttgtggcg ttctctgtat ttcctgaatt tgaatgttgg cctgccttgc    106980
     taggttgggg aagttctcct ggataatatc ctgcagagtg ttttccaact tggttccctt    107040
     ctccccaatc agacgtagat ttggtctttt cacatagtcc catccttctt ggaggctttg    107100
     ttcatttctt cttactcttt tttctctaaa cttttctttg cacttcattt cattcatctg    107160
     atcttcaatc actgataccc tgtcttccag ttgattgaac cagttactga agcttctgca    107220
     ttcattgtgt agttcttgtg ctatggtttt cagctccatc aggtcatttg aggacttctc    107280
     tacactggtt attctagtta gccatttgtc ttatcttttt tcaaggtttt ttagtttctt    107340
     tgtggagggt tcaaacatcc tcctttagct tggagaagtc tgaagccttc ttctctcaac    107400
     tcaccaaagt cattctccat ccagctttgt tccattgctg gtgaggagct gcattccttt    107460
     gtagggggag aggtgctctg atttttagaa ttttcagctt ttctgctctg ttttttcccc    107520
     atctttgtgg ttttatctac ctttggtctt tgatcatggt gacgtacaga tggggttttt    107580
     gtgtggatgt tctttctgtt tgttagtttt ccttctaaca gtcaggatcc tcaagtctgt    107640
     tggtatttgc tggaggtcca ttccagaccg tgttttcctg ggtatcagca gtggaggtga    107700
     cagaacagca aatattgctg aacagcaaat attgttgcct gatcgttcct ctggaagctt    107760
     catttcaaag ggatacccgg ccatgtgagg tgtcagtctg tccctgctgc agtctgtccc    107820
     tgctgggggg tacctccctg ttgggctagt tgggggtcag ggcctcactt gaggaggcag    107880
     tctgtccttt ctcagatctc aaactctttg ttgggagagc cactactctc ttcaaagctg    107940
     tcagatggga acttttaagt ctgcagaggt ttctgctgcc tgttgttcag ctatgccctg    108000
     cacccagagg tggagtctac acaggcaggc aggcctcctt gagctgtggt gggcttcacc    108060
     cagttcaacc ttctgtgcca ctttgtttac ctactcaagc ctcagcaatg gcggatcccc    108120
     ctcccccagc cttgctgcca ccttgcagtt tgatcttaga ctgctgtgct agcaacgagt    108180
     gaggcttcat gggtgtggaa ccctccaagc catgcgtggg atataatctc ctggtgtgcc    108240
     atttgctaag accattggaa aagtgcagta ttaggctggg agtgacccga ttttccaggt    108300
     gatgtctgtc atagcttccc ttggctagga aagggaattc cctgatccct tgcacttcct    108360
     gggtgaggta atgcctcgcc ctgctttggc tcatgctcag tgacctgtgc ccactgtcct    108420
     gcacccactg tctgacaagc cccagtgaga tgaacctggt acctcagttg gaaatgcaga    108480
     aatcagccat ctttgtcatc actcatgtga gagctgtaga ctggagctgt tcctattcgg    108540
     ccacttggaa ccgccccaaa ttttctttaa gacaatttac aagagaccaa gtaggacatt    108600
     caattctagt aagagagatc attcactgag aatctataaa tatatgaaag ttttctcaaa    108660
     cacattaagt aaacattgac aaaattgaag ccaaaattga cagcaatata ataatggaag    108720
     ggtacatcaa tatcccgctt ttaggaataa ataaaacaag acagaatatc aataagggaa    108780
     ggaacaagtt gaatgcacta tgcaataatt acacctaaca aatatatata gaaaactgaa    108840
     cacacattct tttcaatagc taacaaatca ttttgtgagg tggaccacgt gtgacaccac    108900
     aaaagacttc ataatttttt aaattaaaat tttacaagta tttatagtgc aaatgcaata    108960
     aaactagaaa ttcgtaacag agaaaagttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    109020
     gtgtgtttgt ttttgagatg gagtatcact ctgtccctag gctggagggc attgacacaa    109080
     tctcagctaa ctgcaacctc taactcccgg gttcagtcag ttccccagcc tcaccctttt    109140
     gagtagctgg gattaaaggc atgcaaacca ccgtgtttcc tgagtagctg agaatacagt    109200
     cacacaacca taaagtacaa atatttttta tagtttagta gagacagggt ttcaccatgt    109260
     tgtccaggat ggtctcaata tcctgaagtc tccatacacc ctcctcagca tcccaaagtg    109320
     ctgagagtac aggcatgagt caccacacct ggccaacaac acattttgag catgctcttc    109380
     ttaagagttg gaagacataa tattgtgatg tgtccatgct tcttcgtggc ttaatgtaac    109440
     ccacatataa aacatgaccc ttttcagttt taaatttgag ttttccaaaa atagaaaaaa    109500
     attcacaaaa ttatgtaaga tcttaaggga ccacggaaag cctgacaaac tttaaaaaga    109560
     agaaaaatat tagaagcatt acacataata atttccaaac acacacatac aaaaatctag    109620
     agtaatcaaa gcactttggc actggtagaa taaaggtaga atacgaagta atgaaataga    109680
     atgcagcaca aacatatact cttgcataga gaggagagat atgtcaccta gcttttacat    109740
     tcagccgtat gtcacaattc ttttgggctg aggatgcagg caagagagga gggttacatt    109800
     acttggacat tagtttcagt ggtatttcaa aatgttctct gggggcaggg cacaggcagg    109860
     agagacaaac cacgcatctg atagacccag atagttgtga ttatatcccc tgttaccagg    109920
     gcccaggcag aagaggcaca ttattatgat tctgacctag cgatatgtaa caatgcaccc    109980
     atggaaagta atttgaggca aaaagtctca ataccacgat actaggccag tgatatgaca    110040
     ccatcccttc atctttgagg atgactttaa cctttagctg agcatgtata ttagagtcac    110100
     aatctcacgt gtgtgctgga ccaatgtatt acactctcaa aaacatctaa gggctttata    110160
     aaacccgtgt gagagtttca aacctctctg aggcctattt gctcatatgg actcacggtc    110220
     ttacctatca tcctaaactg agttatgatg ctcaacatct ctcctatagg cagtgttaaa    110280
     agagaagatc cattttattt tatttatttt aatttatttt ttattattta tttatttttt    110340
     tctgagatgg attctcactc tgtcaccaag gctggagtgc agtggtgcca tctcagttca    110400
     ctgcaacctc tgccttctgg gatcaaggga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc agatggctgg    110460
     gactaggggt gtgtgccacg atgcccagct aattttttgt atttttagta gaaatggggt    110520
     ttcaccgtat tagacaggat ggtttcgatc tcctcacctc atgatccacc tgcctcagcc    110580
     tcccaaagtg ctggggttac agtcatgagt caccgcaccc agccaggaac acctattatt    110640
     atgcctgtgg gctcggttca gaaataagtc accatcccat ctgtgtccag atccaaataa    110700
     aaaaaaaaaa ggtccaattt caaatttgtg atgtattccc tcattagact cagaacttct    110760
     acagtgggca ttataaatgt gggatggtga caacttttaa tttcatctgg gtgtgtaaat    110820
     gagagtccca ttctgaactt tttgccaggc cctgttataa agctctctac cagcagagtt    110880
     tatacaatat aagttagtgt tgtagacttc tgtgagcttg gaaaaatatg caacccagga    110940
     ccttacttat tgccctaagc ctaacactga gaggcaaaag attttttaat tggctgaatc    111000
     caaatataag tttaatcatt atgcctgtga actgaagaaa ggcatatgtc ataatcccat    111060
     atatgagcaa aaaactaggc agaagggtaa catcacttag acgctttgcc aggcaatatg    111120
     taacaatgct ttttccatgt ctggtataag aaattgggtc aaattaactg ggtgctggac    111180
     ccatcattat gacaccatcc cacatgcaga aaaaacccag tcaagttatg agagccaaaa    111240
     cacctagata atggacttaa gatatgtcaa aataccttca ttggctcaag aacgggcagg    111300
     agagtcacat cataagggtg cttggcccag caatatgcca tatgtcataa ttttctctct    111360
     atgcagaacc aaggttgtag agtgacatca tctgggctat ggaccctgga ataggtcaaa    111420
     atttcattta ttgtggcata attcaggaaa aaagggagag tcacatattg tgagtgctgg    111480
     gcttagtaat gtgcccaaat cctcctactg tgaatgccca ggcagaaaaa gagtcacatc    111540
     acttaggtca tgggctcaga gatatgtcac aatgtcccca ggatgcagga ctcaggcaga    111600
     tgacaagagc cgtatcactt atgttctttc catggaatat gtcacaggta atatgtggtc    111660
     agaaagcagg cagaatagcc acatcacttg ggtgctgggt cctgagatat agcacaaggc    111720
     tctcttaaaa cagcccccag cagagagagc tacatcacct aggtgcagtt tctctgctta    111780
     tgccacaatg ttccatgtgg gtagggccca aaaaaggagt cacttcacct aggagatagg    111840
     tccagagata tatcacaatg tcctctatga agcatagccc tggcaaaaga gtactactac    111900
     ttatgtgcat ggccaagaaa tatttcacct cgaggttggc aggtcccaag caggagagcc    111960
     acatctccta ggtgataggt ccagagttat gtcaaaatgc cctcctttgg gcaaggctct    112020
     gccaaaagag tatccttgcc tgtgggcctg gccttgcaat atgtcactat ccttcctttg    112080
     tgcacggccc attccagaga aaggagttac atcacctatg aggtggacac agaaatatgt    112140
     cactataatt tgggtgggca tggcacaggc aagaatgtaa cattacttgg gtgctagatc    112200
     cagtgatata tcacaatcct tactgagaga ggggcctatg aaggagagtc atataactta    112260
     gagtttggcc taagtagata tcagaatccc atatatggac taggaccacc ctggagactc    112320
     aaattacaca ggagcttggc aaaaatttat atcaaaatca cattttcaga aaattccaaa    112380
     ggtgagattt acaataccac acatcttgct tttatgtgtg acaactggct taatccttgt    112440
     gaaataatga cagtccttac acacggctcg gtgtgtatac aggactcaca atttcacctg    112500
     tgtgccaagc cctgctttga tgctgtctgt ataaactaaa gaccttgtaa aatatgtgga    112560
     gtgttgtaat ctcttgtgat ctttgcagaa aaaggagatc caagacatca cgcatgtccc    112620
     taaagttagt tatgagtcaa aatattttct attggctgag cccacatatg agagtcataa    112680
     ttcctgtgag ccatgcctag tatatgctac aattccctct gtggttatga agcaggcaga    112740
     acagccacat cacctaaata ctgggctaga aatatttcaa tattctctta ataggcaggg    112800
     tactgtcaga aattttacat aacttgtgtt ctaggttcag ctatgtggta caatgtcatt    112860
     tgtagcagta tcgaggcagg aggggagagt tatatgacct aaatcatggg cccaaatata    112920
     tgtcacagtg cctcattttg gcagggccca agcaagaaat tcatatcatt tggatacagt    112980
     gtttagaaaa gctacaatta ccaaaggaag cagggtccag gcaggaaagg agaggcatgt    113040
     aagctataat atgtgtccag aaatatgtta acaattcccc cctgcggaca ctgttaagat    113100
     aacacaagca atcattaata tgtgcggcac agttatttgt caaaatctca tttatgggct    113160
     atacagaggc agaaatacta agtcagtcag cagctgggca aaagtacttg tcacaattac    113220
     caggcatatg agttgttatt agacttttgt aattttctct ggtatattgc ataatatcaa    113280
     ctgtggccat agagaaggca agaaagtcac gtcacctatg tggaggtggc accagtgaga    113340
     tgtcacaatc caccttctgg gcaggaccct ggcagaaaag ccacatcacc tttatgctga    113400
     ctgcagtgac atatccaaat cccgtctgtg ggcaggactg tagcaagaga ggacactcat    113460
     ttgacctaag gaatttatct agatatgtct cacaatgtct ttgatgtgca gtaccaatgt    113520
     tagagagtgc cttcacattg tttctgggtc cagcaacagg ccacaatctc cgtgtggtca    113580
     gggcctaagc aaaagtgaag aaacatcacc tacatgctga gccaagtgat gtgttacatc    113640
     acttcctgtt ggcagaaccc aaaaaggaga atcacatcac ctgtgtgcag tacccacttc    113700
     tgtgtcacag tgcactgtaa atgaaggacc caggcagcag aagggattca catcacttcc    113760
     atgatgggct cagatatggc ccaatgtcac aagtagccaa ggctcaggca gaaagagaga    113820
     gtcatattac ataggtgctt ctttttgcat atatcacaaa ttaatatgtg ggcagaaacc    113880
     aggctaaaga gccacatcat ctggtcctgg gccctgacat gttcataagt cccccttaga    113940
     acaggaccca gacaagagag ttatatcacc taggtgcaga ttccaccctt atatcacaaa    114000
     gatccatgtg gacaaggcaa agcaagaagt catataatct aggtgatagg ctcagagata    114060
     tgtcataaag ccttctttaa agcatggccc tggcaaaaga gtacaatcac ttttgtgcct    114120
     ggcctggcaa tgtgtcacta ttcaagtggg caggtcccaa gcagaagagc catatcacct    114180
     acatgatagg cctatgatat gtcaaaatgc cctcttgtta catgaccctg gcatcctctt    114240
     ctaagtgatg gacacagtga aatgtcacaa tgatgttgag ggaaatcagg gaccccgaac    114300
     agagggactg gctgaagcca tggcagaaga acataaattg tgaagatttc atggacattt    114360
     attacttccc caatcaatac ttttacaatt tcctatgcct gcctttactt taatctctta    114420
     atcccatcat cttcataagc tgaggatgta tgtcacctta ggaccctgtg atgattgcat    114480
     tacctgcaca aaatgtttgt agggcaggtg tgtttgaaca atatgaaatc tgggcacctt    114540
     aagaacaggg taacagcgat tttcagggaa caagggagat aaccttaaag tctggcggcc    114600
     tgtgggctgg gcaggacaga gccatatttc tcttattact gaaaacgggt aagataaata    114660
     ccgctgaatt ctttccccag taaggaatat taataattaa cagccctggg aaaagaatgc    114720
     attcccaggg gggaacatct aaaatggaca ccctaggagt gtctgcctta tgcagatata    114780
     gatagggatg aaatacaccc tagtctccag cagcatcccc aggcgtgcta ggattaggac    114840
     atgccagcct ggcaaaatct agtcagaccg gttctctgcc cttgaaccct gttaagatga    114900
     caatgcgtgc acagctggac atggacgttc attagtgatt ctaatgttgc cctgatctca    114960
     tgatctcacc ccgaccttct gccttgtgat cttttgttga ccttgaagca tgtgatctct    115020
     gtgacccaca ccctattcat acactccctc ccctttgaaa attgctaata aaaccttgct    115080
     ggttttatgg ctcagggggc atcagggaac ctgccaacgt ctgatgtctc ccccggatac    115140
     ccagctttaa aatttgtctc ttttgtactc tttcccttta tttctcagac cagccaacac    115200
     ttagggaaat agaaaagaac ctacgtgaaa taacattgaa ttatcggggg tgggcatagt    115260
     gcagcaagaa tgtaacatca cctgggtgct ggatccagtg atgtcacaat tcttattgag    115320
     agcacagccc aggcggaagt gtcacatcac ttgaaaattg gcccaggtag atatcaaaat    115380
     tccatatata ggctggaccc aatctgaaga gtgaaattac acaggtgctt gggaaagatt    115440
     tatatcacat tcacaatgga attaaattct aggaattaga tttacaatgc cacacatgtc    115500
     ctctttttat gtaggatagt tgctttcatt catctttgat gttgaaagcc cttactgtta    115560
     tttgggtgtg catatgagac tcatagtttt ctctgtctgc taggcattat tatgacactc    115620
     tatataaccc aaggttgtta taaattatgt gtgtttgtta tgattttctg tgagcttttt    115680
     accagatgaa ggtccttaac atcactcatg tctcaaaatc ttgtgacaaa agtcaaaatt    115740
     taccttattg cctgggttcc catattagag tcattatcat gcctgttagc tgtacctagg    115800
     taaatgtcat cattacctct gtggttatta aacagacagg acagtcacat cacctaaatt    115860
     ttaagtcaga attattccaa tattctcttt gaaggcaaga cactaacaga aaattcacaa    115920
     aacttgggtt ttaagcaaag ccctatggca taatacccct gtggagaatg cccaggaagg    115980
     agagtagagt catgtcacct aaatcatggc cccagagata tgtcacaatg cctcctgttg    116040
     aaaagggccc atgcaataga attgtgtcat ttggatccag tgcatagaaa tgctaaaatc    116100
     ttcactagaa tcaggattca ggcaggagag gagagacaca caacctagag gatgaatcca    116160
     gcaatatgtt atgatccctt ctgaggacac tgttaaaaca tgagagtcaa atcatcacgc    116220
     ttttgtccag gtatatgtca aaatgtcatc tgttagctat aactgagtag gattattaaa    116280
     tcactcagga gattggcaaa ggaaagtgtc acaataacac ctataaaaag tttcaggctc    116340
     caggtgcaat ggtcgttatt aggcctttga tctgctctca catatatgac acaatataac    116400
     ctgtgaacat ggagaaaaaa ggaaattctc atcacctgag tggatgcttg tctagttgaa    116460
     tgtcacaatc cttgctgtgt acaggcctct agaagaagag tcacttaacc cggatgttgg    116520
     tttcagtgat atatctaaaa ccccctgtgg gcagggctta ggcaggagag gacacaaacc    116580
     tcacctaggc aattggcttg ggtatatgtc acaatggccc ctatgtttat gaccaaggca    116640
     ggagagtgaa ctcaccttgt gctggtttca cctatatgtc accatctctc tggtggtcag    116700
     ggctcagtca agagagaaga aacatcacct aggtgctgag ccaagtgata tattatacag    116760
     tttttatatt ggtagaatct accccctcca aacaaagggt cccatcacat gggtgcagta    116820
     cccagttatg tgtaacaatg cactagaagt gcaaggccaa ggcagtagaa ggaagtcaca    116880
     tcacttatat gatggacctt gatgaaagcc acagtgctct ttgtaggcaa gcttccggcc    116940
     aaggttttgc atcagctggg tgcttctttc agggatatgt aaagatgtcc ttggtccctc    117000
     tgccaaagaa gatatcatat attgcttagg tgcttagcac acatatgtca caatccgaac    117060
     tgtgctgtgg gcctagaaag gagattcaaa acagtcagat actgggcaaa gtcatacttc    117120
     taaagcacac actcgaaaat gttcagaaat acatttcata gtcccacaca agtcctgcct    117180
     tcgggtgtaa gagtcaacat ctcctgtgag ttgggtcgaa gtacagacat cagagtctca    117240
     acaatgggca agatgcatgt ataagagccc caatcccact tgaagattgt gctccactag    117300
     tagattcaaa gcaccacagg cttgctgaat catcgttcaa atgccaccaa accaactgcg    117360
     gatcagattc atgtatgaga gttacaattt taagatttca actgcttatg tgtgtgaaat    117420
     ttagtacctc atttgtaggc tctgtttatg tatgagaatg aaaatcgtgt cagctgggtg    117480
     tgcatccaag actcaaaata gcacctggtt gttggtgcct gttatgaaac tctttgtacc    117540
     actcatgatt tatgtgatat acctgagtag cacagttttc tgtgaattgt tacaggtggg    117600
     aggtctcaga atttatccat ggccataaga ctggcaacga gaaccaaaat atctcccttg    117660
     gctgcgtcaa cgtttgaaag tttttgttac acatatgaac tgatttcatg agtaagtccc    117720
     aattttatgt ttgggcagag acaagacagt agaatcacat catctgggtc cttagccagg    117780
     cataccttat aatctcctct gtaggcacaa cccagaccgg aggcttatat cacttgggta    117840
     caatctcaaa taatatgtca tcatgcccac tgtatacatg gttgaaaaaa tagtggatag    117900
     tcacacctcc aggtgccatg ttcaacaaca tattaaaatt ccctctcttg acagagtaca    117960
     taacaaaggg tactgtcaca tcatctaggt tttatactca gtggtatgtc acaatttctt    118020
     cagtgggcag gatccaggca gcagaggaga ttcgctttat ctagatgttg tatctagcaa    118080
     tatgtcacag tgtcccctgt gggcagggca ctgggaggag agacacatca cctacctgat    118140
     agacccagag atatgtgata atatcccctg gtgccagggt ccaagcggaa gagtcacctt    118200
     ttcatcattt taacccagtg atgtgtcaca atgcacccat ggtaaagaat ttaagccgaa    118260
     aattctcaac acctaggagt actgggccta gagatatgac acaatctctt catcttttag    118320
     ggtgacacct ttaagggcta gcttggtgtg tatgtgagag tcacaatctc atgtgttttc    118380
     tagatcatcg tatgacacat tctgcagcat ccgaaggctt tatgcaacat gcataagagt    118440
     agcaacctac tctaaggcat acatgctcgt attgactcat aatcttatat actgctttaa    118500
     acccagttat gatagtcagc atctctctta tagactgggt tcagatggga gactgattat    118560
     tatgcctgtg atctgggtcc agaaatgagc caccatctca tctgtagcaa gatccatata    118620
     tgaaagtcaa aattccatct ttgttcttta tttacttgtt atactcagta ctttgacagt    118680
     ggcctctgta aatgtgggat ggtgataact tttgctctca cctgcatgtg aaaccaagaa    118740
     tcatgatctt aaccttttgc tgggccctgt cctaataagt ttatagaata tgagttagtg    118800
     ttgtaacatt ctgtgagttt tgtacaaata tgcaactcat aaccttacct attgccataa    118860
     gcatagtgat gagaggcaac atatctatta ttggtgtaat cccaattaaa atttgaccat    118920
     catccctctg aatagaagga atgtaaattt aataatccaa tttgtaggaa aaaacttgac    118980
     aagaaggtag cacaatttag gtattgtgcc aagcaatgtg tcacaatgcc ctctctaggc    119040
     agggtgtaga aatgggggtt acattaactg ggtgctagac ccagcaatat aacacaatcc    119100
     cgaatatgga agaaaaacag ataaatcatg agagcaaaca cacctacaac atgggaccaa    119160
     gatatgctaa aatactttct gttgctgtgg cacaggcagg aacttacatc atcggggttg    119220
     ggggcccaac tgtatgccat aattctctgt gaaggaccaa ggcagcagag gaacatcatc    119280
     tgggtgctgg gcccagcaat atgtcagaat tccttttcac gggcacagtt tgggaaaaaa    119340
     ggaagagtca tatctcctaa gtatcaagct tagcaatatt tcacattacc tcatcgtaaa    119400
     gtctctggca gaaaagcagg gtcacatcac ctaggacagg agctcagata tatggccaaa    119460
     tattccaagt aggcagggct caagcagaag agaagagtca taacacatat catataggtg    119520
     cttccctagg tatatgacac agtcttacat gtggggtgaa agcaggcaaa agagctacat    119580
     cacgttgatg ctggattctg agctatctca caaggtcccc ttaggacagg acccaggcaa    119640
     gagagttaga gcaaataggt gcagtttttg cccctatgtt tcaatgctct atgttggcag    119700
     gacccaggca gggagtcaca tcacctaagt gatagggcca gagatatttc acaatatccc    119760
     cctgagactt ggccctggtg aaagaataac aatacatttg tgcctagcct agcaacatgt    119820
     cactatacag gtaagcatga cccaagcggt agagcaaaat cccctatgtg aagacccaga    119880
     aatttgtcat aatgcccttt ttaggacatg gccctagcaa aagagtatca tcagctttgt    119940
     gcctggccca actgtatgtt actgcccctg acagtgcaca gggaccattc taatgaggag    120000
     atttatgtga cctaagttgt tgacacagtg atatgtcaca gtgatttctg taggcagggc    120060
     tcaggcaaaa atgtaacatg accagggtgc tggatctagt ggtatgtcat gattcttact    120120
     gacagcaagg ctcaggcagg acagtcacat cacctggagg ttattcaagg tacatatcac    120180
     aattacatat gtgggatgaa aaaagtttgg agagtccaat cacaaggtac tcggcaaata    120240
     tttatctcac acttacagaa aattcccagg atgagattta caatcccaca catatcctgt    120300
     tttcaggagt gacatgtggc ttcatatata tgagatggtg acagtcttta ctgccagctg    120360
     agtgtgtgta tgagactcac catgcactct ctgtattctg ttatcacact ctctgttgta    120420
     ttctgttatt gcactctctg tacaagccaa gggctttata aaatttctga ggctattata    120480
     atcttctgtg gccttttttt aaagcagaga gattcaatca ctcatgtttc taaagcaagt    120540
     agtgagagtc aaaattactc ctatttgtgg ggtatgagag tcattattat gcctgtgagt    120600
     tgtgcctagt tatatatcac aatttactct gtggtaatga agcaggtgtg actgccaagt    120660
     cacctaacta ttgaacaaga atttttcaaa tattctactt gtagaaaagt tcctggacga    120720
     aaagttgcat aacttggggg tgtcaaccag atgtatgaca caatgcccct tttaagcagt    120780
     gtctaggcag aagaggagag tcatataact taaattattg gccgagagat gtgcaacaat    120840
     gccttctgtt gaaggaacca gtcaggagag tcatgtcatt tgcatgcagt gcttagaaat    120900
     gctacaatcc ccaaggcaga ggttgcaatg agctaagatc acaccactgc actccagcct    120960
     aggtaacaaa aaaagaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaaa atgctacaat ccctgtggaa    121020
     gcagagtcca ggcagaggag gcaaggcagg gagacaggta acctagaaga tggattcaga    121080
     gacatgttac aattcttcct ggggatattg ttaagacagg agagtcaaat caccaaggtg    121140
     agcagctgaa atatataggt gaatctcact tgtggactac accttggcag gattattaaa    121200
     tcactcagga gctggacaat tgtgtatgtc gcaataacat tagtgaaatg cttcaggaat    121260
     gggagtcacc atatagcata tgacctggct ccatatttaa gagtcatgat tagtcagtcc    121320
     tcttatctca tctcaggtat atgtcacaac atcggctgtg agtggagagc aagtgggaag    121380
     gtcacatcac ctgggtgggt gctggtcctg tgagatgtca caatccatct tgtgggcagg    121440
     actctgaaag aagaatcaca tcaactggat actgtttttg gtgatatatc aaaatcccac    121500
     ctgtgggaag ggcttaagaa agagaggagg ctcacttaac caaggcagtt ggcataggta    121560
     tatgtcacaa tggctgctgt gtgcaaaacc aaggtaagaa agtgactaca ccttggtgct    121620
     gagtttatca atatgtcaca atctcccctg tgatcaggtc gagagaagag aggagaaaca    121680
     tgacctaggt gatgagcaaa gtgatatgtt acaaagcttc tcattggcag aacccaaaag    121740
     ggagagtcac atcacttggg tgcagaaccc agttgtgtgt tgcaatgctc cataagtgca    121800
     gggccaaggc aggagaaggg agtcacatca cttacctgat ggacctagat atcagccaca    121860
     gtgctcttct tgggcagcac tcaggcagat aattcaaatc accttggtgc tggtcccagt    121920
     gatatgtaaa agtgtaattt gtaggcaggc ccaggcacct atgcttaggg gcatggtcca    121980
     ggcatgtcac aattttatct gtggttatgg cctaaaaatg agagtcaagt tattcagaag    122040
     ctgggctaac ttttatgtcc taatcacaca ctaggatata ttcagatata agtttcacag    122100
     tcccacacaa atcccagctt tgtgtatgtg agtcaacacc ccctatgact tgggccaaag    122160
     tagaggagtc acagtctcaa cagtgagcat gatccatgca taagatgccc aattccactt    122220
     taagattgtg ttccaggagg ggagtcacag cttcacaggt gtgctgaatc atgcatcacc    122280
     aaaagacccg tggaccagac acatgtatga gaggaacagt ttcaaccagg gacagctgtt    122340
     ttgtgtgaga tttagtacct tatttgtagg ggctattctt gtgagagaat gacagtagga    122400
     tcagctgatc gtatgtacat gagtcacaat agcactgggt tactgtccct gttaggacat    122460
     cctttgtacc attcaggctg tatatcatat gcctgagtgt catagtcctc tgtgaacttt    122520
     atacaattag tagacccatt gctttactta tggccataag actggttaag aatgtcaaaa    122580
     tatctcttct ttctgggtct agatataaca gctgtatttg tgcatgtgag ctgaacccag    122640
     gtatatgtca ctatttctcc tgtgggcaga accaaggtag gagactctca tcaccaggat    122700
     tctgagctga gaatacatta taatctcttc tgcaggtagt gccaagtcag aagagtcata    122760
     tcatctgggt gcagcttcaa ggtgttagac tcaacaatat ttaaaaatgt cctctgttgg    122820
     cagactccag aataaagagc agagttgcat tatttaaatt ttgcattcag cactatgtac    122880
     ctatttcttt agagcacagg acctaggcag gagagagaag tcacatttcc taaatgatac    122940
     attaaaagat gtcataatgt tctttgggag caaagcacag gtaaaattga caaatcacct    123000
     agtggatagg ctcatagata tgtgacaata tctcctttag gcagtgccct ggcagaagag    123060
     tctcacaatg cacacacggg aaacaattta agcaaaagtt ttaacacctg gttactaggt    123120
     ccagtgatat gacacaatct cattgacata atatgttatc ggagctctta tacatggatc    123180
     ctgtccactg ttgagattgt gagtcctcta gtttagccta acataaatag gattgattca    123240
     catatgtgaa accaggactt gtgtgtgatg tgaaattatt tccaaacctt tcttagcatg    123300
     tgattgggac aggtaacttt gcccagcaca taaatagcgg gactctcttt tctaggctca    123360
     gaccacagat gaaattgtgc catatgtgga acaaacatga aagcaatata tgatatcttc    123420
     cttgactctg cctacaaagg tcactttaat atattactga gaccatcacc caggtcatgt    123480
     gaattatctg cctgaagcct gcttacaaag acaattgtgt tctatatcta ggtccatcag    123540
     gtaagtgatg tgactccctt gtactgcctt ggccctgcag ttacagtgca ttgtgtcaca    123600
     taactgggaa cttcatccag gggatgggat tctccttttt gcattctgtc aacaggaaac    123660
     cttgtaacgt atcacttggc tcagaaccta aggtgatgtt tcttcacttt tgcctgtgcc    123720
     ccagccacag ggagattgtg acatattgcc aaacccactg accaacgtaa ggtaactctc    123780
     cagccttggc actgtacata agggccattg tgacatatgt ctaggccaat tgcctaggtt    123840
     aattgagtct cctctatttc caaagtcatg tttacaagga ggtttttgtc actgaaacca    123900
     gcatccaggt gatgtgactc ttctgcaaag gtcctgtcca caaggtggat tgtgatatct    123960
     cactggagcc acagccactt atgtgatgtg actttcttgc attctctctg accagaggtg    124020
     atattgtgcc atatacctga aaccataaca aaagcctagt aacagcttat atacctgaag    124080
     ccaggatatg ttcaggagag ttattcttat tcttaaacgt ttccgcaagt gtaatcatga    124140
     cataaacctt tgcactgctc ctgagtgatt taataattct gcctaggtat cacccacaaa    124200
     tgaggttttg tcaaatgcct gggccaagca ccttggtgat ttgactcttg ctgtcttaac    124260
     aatgtcctca ggggatattg taacatattt ctggacacat cacctaggtt acatgactcc    124320
     cctctcctgc ctgtacccag ctcgctttgg taattgtagc atttctaaac actatatcca    124380
     aatgatatga ctcgtttttc tgggccctgt caacattagt cattgtgaca tatttttggg    124440
     gccaacattt aggtgatatg actctcctct tctgtctgga cactacccac aagggacatt    124500
     gtgccacaga gctggattta gcacagaaat tatgtgagat ttctgacagg accctgccta    124560
     caaagagaat attggaatat gtacagtcca gcatttaggt gatatgacta ttcttcctgc    124620
     tttataacca cagagaatat tgtaacagat acctaggcat gactcacagg agtgataatg    124680
     actctcatat gtgtactcag cctatagaga atattttgac acttataact agatttaggg    124740
     acatgcatga tgtcctgtat cgccttcttc tacaaaggtc acaaaagatt acaacattca    124800
     catgtatttt ccaaagtctt tgggttatac agacagagtc aaagcagggc tcagcacaca    124860
     gctgaaattg tgagtcttgt atgcacaccc agctgacaga aaggactgga tggaaggact    124920
     ggacacaggt gaaattgtga catatacctg aaaaagcatc taggtgttat gactctttat    124980
     ttctgcctga gtattgccta cttgtggcat tgggccatat ctttgagccc atgacctaag    125040
     tgatgtgagt ctcttattct gtctaagcct ttacaatgag aagattgtga tgtgttgatg    125100
     agcccagcaa ttaggtaatg tgactctcat catgttgcca aaaattgcct acaaacagga    125160
     cttttgctgt agttcagggc cccacacctg gattctgtta cacttattcc taggtcgtgc    125220
     ataaagaggg aatttcagca tatttctggg cctagcacac taatgatgtg actctccagc    125280
     ctgtgccaga gccagagcag gtattttgat atacctttgg cccatttcca taggtgtttt    125340
     gagtctcctt attttgctgg gtttcttcta tgtgaagttg tgttatattg ctggctccag    125400
     agcccaatta ttgtgaccct ctttcctaag acctgcatag acaaggcatt gtgtcatact    125460
     tcttgccaca acacctaagt gatatcaacc tcctgccgat tttttttgcc cacaaatttg    125520
     attataacat atacctttct tcagttcaaa agcatgatga tcatgcttct attgggattc    125580
     agccagtacg agacgttttg cctttcatga ctaggtttaa gtcagtaggt aaagccttta    125640
     attgcatatg tgaacaagct cacagaattt tacaacaata actcatctca caaaaacttt    125700
     ttaggtggta gagaatttta taacagggtc cagaaaaatg ttagtatcat gattttacac    125760
     aacacgttca tgtgaaagta aaagttatta ccatcctgcg tttacaacgt tcattgttga    125820
     ggtcctcaat ctaataagta aacacagcac aaagatgaaa ttgtaatttt tatcaaagaa    125880
     tctggccaca ggtgggatgg tcactcagtt ctggacccag ctcacaaacc caataatgct    125940
     gtcatccttg aagccagcat ataagagaga tgttgactgt catatctgag tttagtgcaa    126000
     tatgtaagat cgtgagtcca tataagcatg taggcctcag tgaggtttca actctcatgc    126060
     atgttatata aagttctcag atgttgtata gagtgtcata ctatggccag cacccatgtg    126120
     agtttgtgac tgacatatac acaactaggt aatagttaat ggtgtcaccc ttatagttga    126180
     ggagactgtg tcatatcctt cacctggcac cccagtgttg agactttttg gtttaaattc    126240
     ttttccaggg aggagcttcc aagatggcag aataggaaca gctccagtct gcagctacca    126300
     gtgtgaggaa tgcagaaggt gggtgacttc tgcatttcca actgaggtac taagttcatc    126360
     tcactggggc ttgtcagaca gtgggtgcag cccacagagc agggaggggc attgcctcac    126420
     ctgggaaatg caagggattg gggaattccc tttcccagca aagggaagcc gtgactgatg    126480
     gtacccagaa aattgggtca tgcccaccct aaaactacat ttttccactg gccttagcaa    126540
     atggcacacc aggggattac atcccgtgcc tggctcagag ggtcccctgc ccatggagcc    126600
     tcactcactg ctagcatagc agtctgagat tgagctgcaa ggtggtaaca atgctggggg    126660
     agggtgatct gccattactg aggattcact aggtaaacaa agtggcaagg aagcttggac    126720
     tgggtggatc ccacctcacc tcaaggaggc ctgcctgcct atgtagactc cacccctggg    126780
     ggcagggcat agatgaacaa aaggtagcag aaacttctgc agacttaaac attgttgtct    126840
     gacagctttg aagagagtag tggttctccc agcacagagt ttgagatttg agaatggaca    126900
     gactggtacc tgaaccccga gtagcctaag tggaagacac ctcccagtag gggccacctg    126960
     acacctcaca caactgggtg cccctctgag ttgaagcttc cagaggaatg atcaggcagc    127020
     aatacttgct gttcggcaat atttgctgtt ctgcagcttc tgctggtgat accaaggcaa    127080
     acagggtgtg gagtgggcct ccagaaaact ccaacagtcc tgcaactgag ggtcctaatt    127140
     gttagaagga aaattaacaa acagaaagga catccacaca aaaaccccat ctatacatca    127200
     gcatcgaaga acaaaagtag ataaaaccac aaagatgggg agacaccaga gcagaatagc    127260
     tgaaaattct agaaatcaga gtgcctgttc tcctccaaag gaatgcagtt cctcaccagc    127320
     aatggaacaa agcaggatgg agaatgactt tgacgagtca agagaagaag gcttcagatg    127380
     attggtaata acaaatttct ctgagctaaa ggaggatgtt cgaacccatc gcaaagaagc    127440
     taaaaacttt gaaaaaaaga ttagatgtat gtctactaaa ataaacagtg tagagacgtc    127500
     cctaaatgac ctgatggagc tgaaaaccat gacatgaaaa ctatgtgatg catgtacaag    127560
     cttcagtagc caattctgtc aagtggaaga aaggatatca gtgattgaag atcaaatgaa    127620
     tgaaataaag caagaagaga tgtttagaga aaaaagagta aaaagaaatg aacaaagcct    127680
     ccaagaaata tggcactaca tgaaaagacc aaatatacat ctgattggtg tacctgaaag    127740
     agatggggag aatggagcca agttggaaaa cactctgcag gatattatcc aggagaattt    127800
     ccccaatgta gtgaggcaga ccaacattaa aattcaaaaa catacagaga atgcctaaaa    127860
     gatactcctc gaggagagca acaacaagac aaataattgt cagattcacc agagttgaaa    127920
     tgaaggaaaa aatgttaagg gagccaaagg aaaggtcagg ttacccagaa aggcaagccc    127980
     atccgactaa cagtggatct attggcagaa actctacaag ccagaagata gtgggggcta    128040
     atattcaaca tccttaagga aaataatatt caacccagaa tttcatatcc agccaaataa    128100
     agcttcataa gtgaaggaga aatgaaatcc tttacagaca aacaaatgct gagaaatttt    128160
     gtcaccacca ggtctgcctt acaagagttc ctgaaggaag cactaaacat ggaaaggaac    128220
     aactggtaca agccactgca aaaacatgtc aaattgtaaa gaccatcaat gctacaaaga    128280
     aactgcatca actaatgagc aaaataacaa gctaacatca taatgacagg atcaaattca    128340
     cacataacaa tattaacctt aagtgtaaat ggggtaaatg ttccaattaa aagacacaga    128400
     ctggcaaatt ggataaagag tcaagaccca tcagtgtgct gtattcagga gacccatctg    128460
     acgtgcagtg acacacatag gctcaaaata aagggatgga gaaagattta ccaagcaaat    128520
     gaaaaaaaaa gaaaaagaaa acaaaaacaa aaacaggggt tgcaatccta gtttctgata    128580
     aaacagactt taaaccaaca aagatcaaaa gagacaaaga cgaccaatac ataacggtaa    128640
     agggatcaat tcaataagaa gagctaactt tactaaatat atatgcatca aatacaggag    128700
     cagtcggatt cataaagcaa gtccttagaa acctacaaac atacttagac tcccacacag    128760
     taataatggg agaccttaac accccactat caacattaaa cagatcgaga cagaaagtta    128820
     aaaggatatc taggaataga acttagctct gcaccaagtg gacctaatag acatctacag    128880
     aactctccac tccaaatcaa cagatatata ttcttctcag caccacatca aacttaatcc    128940
     aaaattgacc acacagtttt aagtaaagca ctcctcagca aatgtaaaag aacacaaatt    129000
     ataaccaact gtctctcaga ccacagtgca atcaagcaag aagtcaagat taagaaactc    129060
     actcaaaacc gctcaactac atggaaactg aacaacctgc ttatgaatga ctactgggta    129120
     cataacgaaa tgaaggcaga aatgaaatgt tctttgaaac cagtgagaac aaagacacaa    129180
     cataccagaa tcttggggat acatttaagg cagtgtgtag agggaaattt atagcactaa    129240
     atgcccacaa gagaaagcag aaaagatcaa aaatcgacag cctaacatca cagttaaaag    129300
     aactagagaa gcaaaagcaa acacattcaa aagttagcag taggtaagaa ataactaaga    129360
     tcagagcaga actgaaggag ttagagacac aaaaaaaccc ttcaaaaaat cagtgaatcc    129420
     aggagctggt tctttggaaa gatcaacaaa attgatagac tgctagcaag actaataacg    129480
     aagaaaagag agaagaatca aagagacaca ataaaaatga caaaggggag atcatgactg    129540
     atcccacaga aatagaaact accatcagag actactagaa acacctctag gcaaataaac    129600
     tagaaaatct agaaaaaatg gataaattcc ttgacacaca ctccctccca agactaaacc    129660
     aggaaggagt tgaatctctg aatagaacaa taacagactc tgaaattgag gcagcaatca    129720
     atagcctatc aaccaaaaaa agtccaggac cagatggatt cacagccaaa ttctaccata    129780
     ggtacaaaga aaagctgata caattccttc tgaaactatt ccaatcaaca gaaaaagagg    129840
     gaatcctccc taattcattt tatgaggcca acaacatact gatatcaaag cctggcaaag    129900
     acagaaaaac aaaaaataat tttagaccaa tatccctgat aaacatcgat gcaaaaatcc    129960
     tcaataaaat actgcagcac atcaaaaagt ttatccatca tgatcaaatc ggcttcatcc    130020
     tttggaagta aggctggttc aatatacacc aataaataaa cattatccat catataaaca    130080
     gaacagcact tcatgctaaa aactctcaat aaattaggta ttgatgggac atatctcaaa    130140
     ataataagag ctatttatga caaacccaca gctaatatca tactgaatgg gcaaaaaatg    130200
     gatgcattcc ctttgaaaac tggcacaaga cagggatggc ctctctcacc actcccattc    130260
     aacataatgt tggaagttct ggccagggca atcaggcaag agaaataaat aaaggtattc    130320
     aattagtaaa agaggaactc aaattgtccc tgtttgcaaa tgacatgatt gtatatttag    130380
     aaaaccccat cgtctcagcc caaaatctcc ttaagctgat aagcaacttc agcaaagtct    130440
     caggatacaa aagcaatgtg caaaaatcac aagcagacct atacaccaat aacaaacaga    130500
     gagccaaatc atgagtgaac tcccattcac aattgcttca aagagaataa aatgcctagg    130560
     aatccaactt acaagggatg tgaaggacct cttcaaggag aactacaaac cactgctaaa    130620
     caaaatgaaa gaggacatga acaaatggaa gaatattcca tgctcatgga taggaagaat    130680
     caatattgtg gaaaatggcc atactgccca aggtgactca tagattcaat gccatctcca    130740
     tcaagctacc aatgactttc ttcacagaac tggaaaaacc tactttaaag ttcatatgga    130800
     accaaaaaag atcctgcatt gccaagacaa ttctaagcca aaagaacaaa gctggaagca    130860
     tcatgctacc tgacttcaaa ttacactaca aggctacagc aaccaaaaca gcttggtatt    130920
     ggtacaaaaa cagagatata gaccaatgga acagaatagg gccctcaaaa ataatgccac    130980
     acatcaacaa ccatctgatc tgtgacaaac ctaacaaaaa caagaaatgg ggaaaggatt    131040
     acctatttaa taaatggtgc tgggaaaact ggctaaccat atgtagaaag ctgaaactgg    131100
     atctcttctt tacaccttat acaaaaatta attcaagatg gattaaagac ttaaatgtta    131160
     gacctaaaac cataaaaacc ctagaagaaa acttaggcaa taccattcaa gccataggca    131220
     tgggcaagga ttcatgacta aaacaccaac agtaatggca acaaaagcca aaattgacaa    131280
     ataggagcta attaaatgaa agagcttctg cacagcaaaa gaagctgtca tcagagtttc    131340
     ttacactgtt ggtgggacat aaactagttc agccattgtg gaagacagtt tggcagtacc    131400
     tcaaggatgt agaacaagaa atgccatgtg actcagccat tccgttactg ggcatatacc    131460
     caaaggacta taaatcatgc tgctataaag acacatgcac agatatgttt agtgtggcac    131520
     taccgataat agcaaagact tggaaccaac caaatgtcca tcaatgacag gctggattaa    131580
     gaaaatgtag cacatatatg ccatggaata ctatgctgac attaaaaagg atgagttcat    131640
     gtcctttgta gggacatgga tgaagctgga aaccatcatt ctcagcaaac tatcacaagg    131700
     acagaaaagc agacacagca tattttcact cataggtggg aattgaacaa tgagaacact    131760
     tggacacagg gtggggaaca tcacacactg gggcctgtca tagagtaggg ggagagggga    131820
     gggatagcat taggagatat acctaatgca aatgatgagt taatgggtgc agcacaccaa    131880
     catggcacat gtagacatat gtaactaacc tgcacattgt gcacatgtac cctagaactt    131940
     aaagtataat aataaaaata aaaacaataa aaataaattc ttttccagaa gggcattctt    132000
     acacggttca gaaatggttc agaatcataa taatgttaca tggttcagaa atggttcaga    132060
     gccataatgc tacatggttc agaaatggtt cagaatcata ataatgtgac ttttctgcct    132120
     gggaactgca aacagtggat attttcacat atctctgggc ctattgacta ggtaatatat    132180
     ctctcttgcc aatggccttc ccatatccag ctgtgtcata ttgttagata cagcatctag    132240
     gtaatgtgtc tctgctctcc tggccagatc ctgcccactg aagaaattgt gacataccac    132300
     tgagtgcaaa acctaggtga cattaatgtt ctctttgtcc tgaactctac caagaaagga    132360
     aattattaca tattgctgag cccagcaccc aggtggtgtg attttctttt tttactgtaa    132420
     actgtctaca ttgggcatag tgacatatta cttgaggctg tacccaggtg gtgtggctct    132480
     gctgcctggt ttctgcccac atgttagatt gtgacatata actagggaag cacctagttg    132540
     atatgacttt tctttgtggg cccttcataa tgaggacact gggatgtatc tctgagccca    132600
     agactgaagt gaagtgactt tcagcttctg cctggtcttt acaagaaggg attgtgacat    132660
     atcgtagagg tcagaagtca ggttatttgt cactccttat tttctggaac cattcccacc    132720
     acccgaattt ttggcctatt gcaaggtcca gcacccaggc gatgtttctc ttttgcctgg    132780
     gtcctgcata cagatagaag tatggcatat tgctggggcc aaaactctga taatttcctg    132840
     ttgagagcag gacattatct catgactcat gactgtcctg gagccacaga aggtattttg    132900
     acacatcctg ggcccatcat gtgggtgttc tgatatcttt tgcctgggtt tcttccacag    132960
     gtaggatggt tttgttttgc tcagtccagc accaatttaa tatgactcta attcctatac    133020
     cctgccaagc aagggaggac atagtgacaa gttgcttggc acagcaccaa agagatgtta    133080
     ccctcctgca tacattttgc ccacaaatgg gactctgaca tataccttga tctcaacata    133140
     tgccttagtt gagatcacag gcctggtgat cagacttata ttggagtcag ccaataggag    133200
     atattttgcc tctcatcact aggctttggg caatgggtaa ggccctgggt tgcatatttg    133260
     tatgaagctc acagagcttt acagcactaa ctcatagtgt ataacctcct tgggtggtac    133320
     agagagtttc aagacaagaa ccagcaaaat gttcagattg ggattcttgg ttatgcaccc    133380
     aagtgaaagt aaatgtttcc atcccacatg gccaaagccc actgttaagg tcctgagtct    133440
     aaaaagtaaa tacagtagaa agttggaatt ttgaccttcc tatgtggatc tgaccacaga    133500
     tgggatagcg actcattttt acatctagct cacaggcatg acaatggatc tcattcctta    133560
     acccagcctg cagaagagat gttgactata aaacttgggt ttagggcaat atgttaagat    133620
     cgtgaatcta tactaccatg taggggtcag agtggtttgc cactctcaca cgtgctgtat    133680
     aaacccttaa aatgttgtag agtgtcatac aacagcccag gaaacatgga aaattgtgac    133740
     tctcatatac aaacccagct cacattcaat ggtgtcaaca tcaaagacaa aaagatttgg    133800
     catattacta ggcctagtaa ccaggtgttg tgagtttttg gattacattt tttttctgtt    133860
     gggtgcattg tgacatatca ctgggttaga attataataa tgtgactgtt ctgcctgagc    133920
     cctgccaaca gggcaaatta tctcatatct ctgggcctat aagctaggtg atttttctcc    133980
     cctccctgtg cactgccatc agaacacatt gtgaaatatt gtttggctta acatctaggt    134040
     tatgtgattt cctcccctgc ctgtgtcctg ctcaccaaaa aagttttgat gtactgctta    134100
     ttgcagaaac tatgtgatgt gactcttctt catatgctag gccctgccaa gaaagtggat    134160
     tattacacac tgcagagcac agcacctatg tggagtaact cctctttttc ttattccctt    134220
     tctatagtgg gcttggggac atattatttg aggctatatc caggtgatgt gactcttcta    134280
     aataggccca ccctattaat gagattataa tgtatcagca gctcagcacc caggtgatgt    134340
     ctctcctgcc tttttgtggg gaaaagcaag agagatcaga ttgttactgt gtctgtgtag    134400
     aaagaagtag acataggaga ctccattttg ttatgtacta agaaaaattc ttctgccttg    134460
     agattctgtt aatctatgac cttaccccca accccatgct ctctgaaaca tgtgctgtgt    134520
     caactcagag ttgaatggat taagggcggt gcaggatgtg ctttgttaaa cagatgcttg    134580
     aaggcagcat gctccttaag agtcatcacc actccctaat ctcaagtacc cagggacaca    134640
     aaaactgcgg aaggccgcag ggacctctgc ctaggaaagc caggtattgt ccaaggtttc    134700
     tccccatgtg atagtctgaa atatggcctc gtgggaaggg aaagacctga ccgtccccca    134760
     gcccgacacc cgtaaagggt ctgtgctgag gaggattagt aaaagaggaa ggaatgcctc    134820
     ttgcagttga gacaagagga aggcatctgt ctcctgcctg tccctgggca atggaatgtc    134880
     tcggtataaa acccgattgt atgctccatc tactgagata gggaaaaacc gccttagggc    134940
     tggaggtggg acctgcgggc agcaatactg ctttgtaaag cactgagatg tttatgtgta    135000
     tgcatatcta aaagcacagc acttaatcct ttacattgtc tatgatgcca agacctttgt    135060
     tcacgtgttt gtctgctgac cctctcccca caattgtctt gtgaccctga cacatccccc    135120
     tctttgagaa acacccacag atgatcaata aatactaagg gaactcagag gctggcggga    135180
     tcctccatat gctgaacgct ggttccccgg gtccccttat ttctttctct atactttgtc    135240
     tctgtgtctt tttcttttcc aaatctctcg tcccacctta cgagaaacac ccacaggtgt    135300
     gtaggggcaa cccaccccta caccttttcc ctgctctcag gtgaaatttt aacatatatc    135360
     ttagttaagc acacgtgcac aaaataataa ccctcatact tggactcaca cagtagaaat    135420
     attttgactc tcagagccat gggtaaagtc ctggattttt cacttttata aacttcatga    135480
     aggattataa cactcagata tatcatatga agtcttaatg acaaaaagtg tcaaacagag    135540
     aacagaaaca aggggcagat gggactcttg tatgcacatc tagctggcat gattgtcatt    135600
     ctcacacaga acagggccta ggaatgaggc actaaatctc acacataaaa agcagttgaa    135660
     ggttgaaata attactctaa ttcaggaatc tgattcactg gtggttttgt aacatttgaa    135720
     ccatgattca gcacactgtg gtgctctgac tcccctgctg gaacacagtg ttcaagtggg    135780
     attggggatc ttatacatgg atctggttcc aggctgagac tgtgactctt ctacttcaac    135840
     ccaatgcata ggaacagttg actcacataa acaaaaccag gacttgtgtg ggatgtgaaa    135900
     tttatttctg aacctttctg atagtgtgat tggaacaaga taactttccc aacacatgac    135960
     taatatgact cttttctagg cccagaccat ggaagaaatt gggccatatg tggaacaagc    136020
     gactaagcaa tagatccctt gtttcatggc tctgcctaca atgggaactg ttatatatca    136080
     ttgggaccat cacccaggtg atgtgcatta tctgcataaa actcataaaa ctacctacaa    136140
     aaaaattgtg ttttatatct agatccatca cataagtgtt gtggctccct gctactgttt    136200
     tggcccttca cttacagtgc attgtgacac ataaccatgt actgtaccca gttgatgtaa    136260
     ttcttctttt tgggttctgc taacaggaag cattgtaaca tgtcacttgg atcagaacct    136320
     aggtggtgtt tcttggcttt tgcctgtacc ttgaccacag ggagattgtg acataaagct    136380
     gggcccagca ctaatgtgag gccactctct ggcttctgta ctgcactgaa cagacattgt    136440
     gacatatatc taggccaatg gccttggtga agtgaggctc ctctcttacc aaagtcctgc    136500
     caagagaggg ggttttgata tgtccgtgaa attagcatcc aggtgatgtg actcttccac    136560
     caggtccttc ccacaaggtg gattgtgaca tctcactgga actgcaccca cgtaggtgat    136620
     gaagcttgct tttttttttt ctcttgccac aagtggtatt gtgtcataaa gcaatgatta    136680
     taacagaaac ctaataacaa ttaatatgcc tggagcctag gacttgtgca ggatggtggc    136740
     tgttactatt aagcctttcc acaggtgtaa ttgtgacata tacctttgcc caactactga    136800
     cttatttaat aattctgcca aagtatagcc cataaatggg attttgacaa acacattggc    136860
     caagcacttt ggtagtttga ctgaggtacc ttagaaatgt cctcagggga gattgtaact    136920
     gattcttgga tgcttcatct acatgactct cctcttttgc ctgtaccctg cttcctttgg    136980
     taattgtagc tcttctaaac actgcatcca aatgatatga ccccttgcct gggccctgtc    137040
     aacaataggc attttgacat atttttgtgc ccatcattta ggtgatatta ctctcctctc    137100
     ctgcctggac actgcccaca aggcacattg tgccacacag ctggatctat cacacaagtt    137160
     ttgtgagatt tctgataggg cacagaatac aaaaaaaatt tttgaaataa ttctagccca    137220
     gcatttaggt gatgtggttg ttctgcctgc ttcataacca cagagggaat tgtaacatat    137280
     acctaggcat ggctcacagg catgataatg actctcatat gtggactcag aaaatagaga    137340
     atattttcac ccttataact aagtttaggg acacgtttga tgtcctggat ctcctccttg    137400
     tacaaaggtc acaaaatatt acaacactca catacatttt acaaagtctt tggactatac    137460
     agtcagagtc aaattggagc taagcaccca ggtgaaattt tgagtcttgt atacccaccc    137520
     agctgaaggt aaggactgtt atcatctcac atggatgaag gcaactgtca cacatgaaaa    137580
     caggacatgt gtggtattgt aaatctcatc tttggaattt tatgacagtg tgattgtgat    137640
     ataaatgttt gccaagcact tgtgtaattt gactcaccag acttgttcca gcccatatat    137700
     gggattatga ttcctaccga ggccaacatc gaggtgatat gactctccta cctggtcata    137760
     tctctcagta aagattgtga gatatcactg gatctagcac cctggtgatg ttacatagtt    137820
     gcctgtgcca ggctcactaa aattattgtg acatatttct ctgtgcactt catagttgat    137880
     gtaagtcttc tctctgaaat gggcactgta caacagaagg atagtgacac actgcaagaa    137940
     caggcacaca ggcaaggata ttcctttgca gaggatcccc aaaggagggc attgtgacat    138000
     atctctgggc ctatcatcta ggttatgtgg ctttactgct tgggcccttc caaacttgag    138060
     agttacatat ttctaggcaa ggcacacagg tgatggtatt cttttgccag ggctctgcct    138120
     catagtggac atggtgacct atctctgggc ctatcaccta ggtgaaatga tcccctcctt    138180
     gagccctaca cgtatggagc attgtggtat aatcagaaaa catacaccta gtatgatgtt    138240
     tctctcttgg ctgggtgctg cattaagaga gcctttgatg tatctcggga cccaccaccc    138300
     aagtgatgtg gctattctgc ctggtttttg cccacaagtc acaaagtgac atattcctag    138360
     ggaagcacgt aggtgatggg cctctcctct tctacatgag ccctgcctac tggggacatt    138420
     aggacatatc tctgaaccca tgacctaagt gatgtgactc tccttttctg cccgatcatt    138480
     cacaatagga ggattttggc acatggctga gcccagtact taggatatgt gactctctcc    138540
     ttttacccaa accatgccca caggaaagaa agtttgactt attgcattgc ccagcaccca    138600
     gatgatgtta accatctacc tggaatctgc ataaagagct aattatgata tattacatat    138660
     tgctggtccc agtaccctta tgatgtgact ttcctgcttg tgctggagct actaagatat    138720
     gttgatgtat cttgggcata ctgtgctggt attttggctc tcataacttg gctgagtctt    138780
     ttcccatatg caggattgta tcatattgct gggtccagca ttcagctaat gtgactcaat    138840
     ttcctatacc ctgcctagag aagacattgt gaagtatttc ctggcacagc atcaaaatgt    138900
     cattaccctc ctgcctagtg tttttcacac gtatgtaatt ataatatata actgcttcag    138960
     ttcacagcca tgatgatcaa acttatattg ggattcagcc aatagaaaat attttgcctt    139020
     tcattgttag gcttgtggaa ataggtaagg tcctgggttg catgtttata ccaagctcaa    139080
     ggaagcttac accactaaat tacattgtat aaactctttt gtggtagaaa ttttcataac    139140
     atgagccagc aaaaagttca gattggaagt ctctactaca cccccgggtg aaattagaag    139200
     ttgcaaccat cccacattta gaaaacccac tgttgaggtt ctgagtttaa aaccctcaca    139260
     ggcgggtttt tcatatgtca ctaaaaggaa cttccaggtg atgtgactct tcttccaggg    139320
     tcctgaccac caggtggatt gtcacatctc actggaactg cacccacata ggtggtgtga    139380
     ctttcttgcc ttctctctta ctacaggaga tatggtgtca tatacctgag accataataa    139440
     aagactaata aaaactcata tgtctggagc caggacatgt ataggatggt gagccttatt    139500
     ttcaaacctt tccacaagtg taattgtatg tacacctttg tctagtgcct gtgaaattta    139560
     acacttccac ctaggtacgt cccacaaatg agattttgac aaaacttggg tcacggacat    139620
     tggtgatttg acggtgctac cttaccaatg ttttcagggg gactagccac atatttctgg    139680
     acccattatc tggggtatat gactctcctt tttggcatgt acccagctta ctttagtaat    139740
     tgtagcattt ctaaacattg catccaaatg acatgacact ctcttctgaa ccttctcaac    139800
     aagaggaatt ttgacatatt tttgggttta gcttttaggt caaccacatt gggtgatgta    139860
     actctccttt ctggtatagg tcttgcacaa aggaaggata gtgacatatt gcaaagccag    139920
     gcacacaggt ggggatattt ttttgccaga gccatgccca aaggagggta ttgtgacata    139980
     tctctggtag tatcacttag gttatgccgc tcttctactt ggtccctgcc aacctggaga    140040
     gtgacatatt tctaggccag gcacacagat gatggtactc tttccccagg gctatgcttc    140100
     aaaaaggaca ttgtgacata tctctggccc tatcacctag ttgatatgac tcaatgtttg    140160
     ggcctcaccc acagagagca ttgtgatacg aaagtgaaac ctgcaccaag gtgatgtaac    140220
     tctttcactt tgtttctctt ctaaggggga cctgtgacac atcttagcac ccagcaccta    140280
     ggtaatgtgg ctcttctgcc tggtttctgc ccatgtgtta gattgtgact tatacataaa    140340
     gaagcacata ggagatacta ctctcctttt ctttcttagt tctgcctact gaggactttg    140400
     ggacctatct ctgaccccat gacctaagtg atatgactct cttctcctgt cacccttcaa    140460
     aatggtgggg gtggtggtgg ttgtgaacat attgctgaga ccagcattta ggtcatatga    140520
     ttctactctt tattctgaac catgcacaca aagagcaatt ttgacctatt gcactcaggt    140580
     gatgttactc ttctgctact gtcctgaata aaatgagaat tattgcagaa tggtggcccc    140640
     agaaccctga tgatgctact gtcctgctgg ttccagagcc acagacacaa tttttacagg    140700
     tcttcagctt attctctagg tgttttggct ctcatccctt ggttaatctt tttctcaaga    140760
     aaaattgtgt aatattgttg ggcccagctc ccagttaata tgaccctccc cctatattct    140820
     tcctagggaa ggcattgtga caagttgctt accacataac ctaagtgatg ttattatttt    140880
     tcctaatttt tttgtccaca aatgagatta tgacatatac tttgctccac ttcgcaggca    140940
     tgatggtcaa acttatattg ggattcaacc aatagaagat attttgcctc taatcacaag    141000
     gcttagagca ataggtaaaa tcctggtttg catatttgta ccaaactcag agtagtttac    141060
     aacactaatt agtattgtac aaactccttt ggtggtacag agagtttcat aacaaggcct    141120
     agcaaaaagt taagattgta actctcaatt agacacccag gtgaaagtaa aagttgtcac    141180
     catcccactt ttacaaagcc cattgttgag gaactgagtt caacaggtaa aaacacttca    141240
     aatatggaat tgtgactctt atttgtggat ctggccacag gttcgatcgt gtctcatttt    141300
     cagagccagc tcaaagcata aaaataagtc tcattcctga gctcagccta aatgagagat    141360
     gttgactatc acacctgagt ttaaggcact atataagttt gagagtctat atgagtgtgt    141420
     gggcctcagt gtagtttgca actctcatgc atactatgta aggccctccg atgttgtaga    141480
     gggcatcata aaatgatgca gcacacacat gacaatgtga ctcatataca caccaagatc    141540
     actgttcaag gtgtcaccct aaaatatgag gagattttgt catatcatta ggcctagtac    141600
     ccaggtgtta aaactttggc tccaattgtt ttccatgtgt gcattgtgac atatcattgg    141660
     gacagaatca taataatgtg actcttctgc tggggtcctg ccaagtaggg ataatatcac    141720
     atatctctga gcctatctga taggtgattt ttctattttg cctctgattt gcccccaggg    141780
     aacattgtga catcatcggg gtaacatcta ggaaatgtca ctcttctctc ctgcctacgt    141840
     cctacccact aaaggaattg tgacataccg atgagtggaa aacctaggca gtgcaactct    141900
     tctctgtatt ctgaagttgg ccaaaacagg ggattgttac atattgctga gcccagcacc    141960
     aagatggtgt tactatcctc tttttcttca accctgtcta cagtggacat gggaccatat    142020
     tacttgtggc tgtacccagg tgatgtgact tttctgactt ggccctgctt gcaaaggaga    142080
     ttataatgtt tcctgagctt ggcatccatg tgttgagact ctcctgtgat atttctgccc    142140
     acaggtgaaa ttgtgacata tagctgcatt cagctaccat gcacaaatat aactatcata    142200
     cctcgaccca gaaagggaga cattttgatt ctcatagcca gtcttatggc cataagtaaa    142260
     gtaatcagtc tcctaattgt gtacatttca cagaggatta tgacactcag gcatatcatg    142320
     taaagcgtga gtggtacaaa gagtgtcata acagggaaca acaatcagat gctattgtca    142380
     ctattggatg cacacccaga tgacctgatt gtcattctct cacaagaata gggcctacaa    142440
     ataacgtact agatctcatg aaaaaaagca gtcgaagttt gaaatttttt ctctcataaa    142500
     taaatctgac ccaaggatcc ttttgtgatg catgaatcag cagacctgtg aagctgtgac    142560
     tctcctctta gaacacaatc ttcaagtgga attggcatct tatacatgga tcttgtgcat    142620
     tgttgagatt gtgactcctc tgttttgatc caagccactg gatgtgttga ctcacacacg    142680
     caaagccaag acttgtgtgg gactgggaaa tgtatttctg aatatttcct agtgtgtgat    142740
     taggacataa aagttatccc cactcctgaa taatttaact ctcctttttt ggccatgagg    142800
     acggatgaac ttgtgacata tgtggaacat acaactaagc aaaggtgcct ggacctgcct    142860
     acaaattgca catttactta tcactgggac cagcacccag gtgaggtaaa ttatttgcct    142920
     tatctctgcc tataaaaggc attgtggctc atatctaggt ctatcatgta agtgatgtca    142980
     cttctacttc cttggccctc cacttatggt gcattgtgac acaaaactgg gtactgtacc    143040
     caggtgatgt gactctccat tttgggttct gtcaacagga agctttgtaa agtatcactt    143100
     ggctcagcac ataggtcatg tttctcctct cttgcctcac cctgacagca ggggagattg    143160
     tgacatatta ataaacccag caccaaagtg aggtcagttt cataccttgg ttttgcacca    143220
     gcagccattg agacacatat atatagccaa ttgcctaggt gaaataagtc tcctcaactt    143280
     cttaaggcct gctcacacaa ggaattttga tatatcacta aaaccagtag ccaggtgaag    143340
     tgactcttct tccagagtcc tggacacaag aaagattgtg acatctcact ggatcagcac    143400
     ccatccaggt gatgcgatat ttttgcttgc tctctgccca cagatgatac tgtgccatat    143460
     acctgaggcc aaataagagt actaatcatg actcttaaac cttaagccag gtcatataca    143520
     agagggtgat tctcattcct gaaactttcc acctgtgtca ttgtgacata aactatttcc    143580
     cagttcccaa gagactaaat aatcctgcct acgtgtggcc cacaaattag atttggatat    143640
     ataccttggc tgagcacctt ggtgatttga ctctcctata tttacggtat cctcaagaag    143700
     gattgtaaca tggctctgga cccatcatct agttatctaa ttctcctttc ctgcctggat    143760
     actgcttcca atggggattg taccatttct aagcactgca tccaagtgat ctgactcttt    143820
     tgcctggtcc tttcaacatg cgacattgtg tcatatctct gggcctagca tttaagtgat    143880
     atgagtctct ttttgtgtct ggacactgcc aacaaggggc attgtgccat acatctgggt    143940
     gtaactccca agttatgcaa ctttgctgac agaaacttgc caacaaggag aatattggaa    144000
     tatttctggc tcagcatttg ttgtacttga ctgttgtgcc tatttcattg ccactgatta    144060
     aattgttaca catacctagg cacaactcac aggcatgata ataaccctca tatgtggacc    144120
     ccagaaattg gagtaatttt aagtttcata acttcgttca gaaacaggag tgaataaatc    144180
     actttctttt aaaaaaggac aaagaagact ttaacagccc ttggcttgta ctgagagtgt    144240
     atatataatg gaacccagta ggaaggtgaa agtgtgagtc tcatatgcac acccagctga    144300
     cagtaaggac tgtcactgtc tcacatatct gaagtcaaat gtcactcatg aaaataggac    144360
     atgtgtggta ttttaaatct catcctggta attttctgcc actgtgtctg tgatataaat    144420
     cttgtgcttg ctggccaagc acttgtgtga tttgactctt cagacttgct ccagatcaat    144480
     atgttattgt gaaatctacc tgggccaacc tctaggtgat gcgatgtttt tgctcaatac    144540
     ctgctctcag taagaattgt gacgtatcac tggatccagc actcaggtca tgttacattt    144600
     ttgcctgagt catgtgcaca gatatcactg gcacttatca ctgtgtcaac cacttaggtg    144660
     acataactct acacactaga atggaccctg cacacagtgg gggatagtaa catatggctg    144720
     tgtcaggcaa agaggtgaca gcactctttt gcgagggccc tgtccttaag atgacatttg    144780
     acaaatctct ggacctatca cctaggtgaa tttgctctcc tgcttgggtc ctgcttactc    144840
     aaatagtgac atattgctag gccagtcaca caggtgatgg tgccctttca ctaggaccat    144900
     aacttaagga ggacattgtg acatagctct gcacctatca gctagataat gtgactccct    144960
     gcttgggttc tgcccacatt gaacataagg gtagaacctg aactcatttg ttgtaattct    145020
     ctagctaggg tcctgtctta agggaggctt gtgacatatc tctagaccag catcaaagtg    145080
     atgtgactct tctgcatggt ttcacctaac acgttagatt atttcataaa cctagggaag    145140
     catctacgtg atatgactct tctcttatgc ctgagtccta cctacctggg acattggacc    145200
     atatatctga gcctgtgtct tatgtaatgt gactcttttc ttctgcaggt tttatttttt    145260
     ttatttttat ttttttttac aattggtcaa tgtgacctat tgctaagccc aataattatg    145320
     taatatgact cttctttttt ttcccgaacc atgaccgtaa aaaggaattt tgacctattg    145380
     ctgggcccag cactgagatg gtgttccttt tctgactggg ttctgcataa agatataatt    145440
     atggcatatt gctaggacac acactctgat gatgtaactc tcctgcctct gctggagcaa    145500
     cagaaagtat ttttacatat cttgggccaa ttctgtaggt gatttgctct catcatttgt    145560
     ctgggtttga tttatccacg tttgggattg tgtcatgttg ctgggttcag cacccagata    145620
     ttgtaacccg catttcagac cctgtgtaga gagggcaatg tgacttattg cttggcacag    145680
     aatgtaagtt gtgctactct gctgctaatt tttttctaca aatgagatta tgaaatttac    145740
     attgcttcaa ttcagaagtg tgactatcaa actgaaattg gaattccacc aatagcagat    145800
     attttgcctc tcatttctac acttagagta ataggtaaat tactatttac ctattaaatt    145860
     acaattaaga gttgcaaatc tgaacaaagc taacagaagt gtaaaacact gactcatatt    145920
     ctataaaatc cttgcgtggt acacagagct ttataaaagg gcccaggaga tggttaaaat    145980
     catgattctt gattacacat gcaggtggag ccaatgttgt ccccatctca tgtttacaaa    146040
     tcccactgct gaagccctga gtttaaaatg taaataaagt aaaaagatgg aatcgtgagt    146100
     ttcatatgtg gatgttgtta caggtgagat ggtgacttat ttctggaccc agatcagggg    146160
     cataataatg ggtcccctgt ctaaatccag ctaataagag agatgtggac tatcataact    146220
     ggatttaaag caatatgtaa aattgtgagt taatatcagc atgtagttct catagtagat    146280
     tgcaagtctc atgcatacca agccttcaga tatgatagag tgtgtcatat gatgacccgg    146340
     aacacacgtg acattgtgac tcttatatac acacacctag ctaacagtca aaggtgtcac    146400
     cctaacacat gaagagattg tgtcatatca ctaggcctag tacctctagg tgttgagaac    146460
     ttttggctta cattcttttc catgggtgca ttgtgaaata tctctgggtt agatttataa    146520
     taatgtcact cttctgcttg gaccctgcca aacagcagat attgtcacat atctttagtt    146580
     ctatcagcta ggtcatgtgt ctctcctgcc agttccctgt ccactgggaa tactgggaca    146640
     tagctcttga tattgcatta ggtaatgtga atctcctctc ctgtctggat cctgctctct    146700
     gaagaaattg tgacgtacca ctgagtccct ggatcagaac ccagatgatg agactcttct    146760
     gtcttgtctc tgtccaaagg tgaaattggg acatacacct ggattcagct catatgccca    146820
     ataataactc ttataactag acacagccat gggaggtgtt tcaactctca tagccagtct    146880
     tatcaacaaa ggtaaagtcc aagatcaccc acctgtaata attcacagga aagtatgtta    146940
     tttaggcata tcacataaag cctgagtggt acaaagggtg tgataacagt ccccagaaac    147000
     caggtgttac tgtgactctt ggattcacac ccagctgaca tgattgttat tctcacacat    147060
     taacagcatc tacatatgag gtactaaatc tcacagatat aatcaatgga agcttgaaat    147120
     tgttacttcc atacatgaat ctgatccaca ggttgtttgg tgacttttga accatgattc    147180
     agtgaactgt ggtgctgtga gtctcctact ggaacaccat cttcaagtgg gactggggct    147240
     cttatacatg gatcttgctc attgttgaga ttatgactct tgtacttaga cccaactgat    147300
     aagaagggtg gacttttgtc aatatctgag tgttctgact ttctacatcc agggcacggt    147360
     tgaaattgtg acacacatgc agcacacact tatgcaatgg atgacacttt ctttggccat    147420
     gtgacaaagg cacttttaca tgtcactgcg accatcacac agctgatgtg agatcttatc    147480
     ctgacccctg cctaagaaga gtactgtggc ttttttgttt tcttttatgt tttgcttatt    147540
     tttttttgag atggagtctc actctgctgc ccaggctgga gcacggtgga gcgatctcag    147600
     ctcactgaaa gctctgcctc ccaggttcac gtcattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag    147660
     ctgggactac aggtgcccac aaccacacct ggctattttt ttgttttgtt ttgtatttta    147720
     atggagatgg ggtttcactg tgttagccag gatggcctcg atttcctgac ctcgtgatct    147780
     gcctgcctag gtgcattgca taagtgatgt aacttccttc tactaccttg gccctgaact    147840
     cgcaatgcat tgtgaaacat aactgggcac tgcacccagg tgatgtgact cttttttgtg    147900
     ggggcttttt aacatatccc atggctcagc acctgggtaa tgtttcttct ctcttgcctg    147960
     ggccctgaac accaaagaga ttgtgacata ttgctgaatg cagcaccaag attaggtgac    148020
     acttctgcct tggttcttca catagtggcc actgtgacac atattcatgc caattaccaa    148080
     ggtgaagttt gtctactgtt cttcctaagc cttgcccaca agggggattt gcatatatca    148140
     ctgaaaccag catccaggtg aagagactct tctcccacag tcctgcccac aggtaggatt    148200
     gtgacatttc actggaccag cacccacaca aatgatgtga ctttcctttc ttctccctgc    148260
     cagaggtgat actgttccat atacctgaga ccagaccgaa accctaataa tgacaattgt    148320
     acctggagcc aggacacatg caaggtggtg actttcattt cttaaccttt ccacagttgt    148380
     ttttgtgaca tatgccattg tccagctcct atgtgattta ataaccatgc ctacttatag    148440
     cccacagatt acattttgac gtaaacctat gccaagaacc ttggtgattt gattcccctg    148500
     tctaaaagtg acctcagagg ggattgtaac atatatctgt acccatcatc caggttatgt    148560
     gactctcctc tcctgcctga accctgcatc cagtgaagac tgtagaattt ctaaacatgg    148620
     catccaaatg acatgactct ctggcctggg cctttcaaca ggaggcattg tgacatatca    148680
     ttgggtcaat catttgttat atgactctcc tctcctgcct ggactttttc ctcaagggcc    148740
     attttgccat agaactttgc ctagcaccca agttttgtga agtttctgtt agggtcttac    148800
     ctttaaagaa aatattgaaa tatttctggc tcaggattta ggtgaggtgt ttgtcctgcc    148860
     agtttaataa ccagagagag gattgtgacc tatacctagg cacagctaac aggcatgata    148920
     atgactctca tatgtgaatg gaaacaatag gagaaatttt gactctaata actatttttg    148980
     ggacatgagt gttgttcagg tttaccttct ggtaaaaagg tcacagatca tgacaacacc    149040
     cacacatgat atcccacctt tggtttgtat aaagagtgtc ataacaggtc ctagcccaca    149100
     gagaaaattg tgaatcttgt atgcaccctc agttgacagt aaggactatc atcataacag    149160
     atggatgaaa gcagctctcc tacaggtaaa caggacacgt gtgttatttt acatctcatc    149220
     cctagaattt aattccatcg ttattctggc atataatctt gccaagcacc tgtgtgattt    149280
     cactcttcag acagtttcca gcctacatat ggaattttaa tatctacctg agtcaaactt    149340
     gaagtaatgt gactattgta cacactattg tactgaggcc ctgctctcag taagattgtg    149400
     acatcactga atccccaccc aggtgatgtc atattcttgt gacatatctc tgtgcctatc    149460
     acttagaaga caatactctc ctctttttta tggaccctgc acacagggca gaatagtgac    149520
     ttattcctag gccaggcaca gaagtgatga gtttttttcc agggccatgc ccaaaagagg    149580
     gaattttgac ataccataaa ggcctattat ggagatgata tggctcctct cccgggatcc    149640
     gcccacttga ataataacat attgtaacat atttctgtgt ccatctcata agttatgtaa    149700
     ctctcttctc taaaatgagc cctgaacaaa ggaaagatag tgacacattg caaggccacg    149760
     gacacaggga agggtactct tttgtctgag acatgtccac aaaaggatat tgtgacatgt    149820
     ctctgggtct atctttgggt tatgtggctt ttctgcttgg gccctgccaa ccttgacaat    149880
     gatatatttt aggccataca cacaggtgat ggtacacttt tgccagggct atgcttcata    149940
     gaggtcattg tgacatatct ctgggcctat catctaggtg aagtgactcc ctccttgggc    150000
     cctgtgtaca tggaggccac acggagcatt gtggcataaa cagagaaccc gcacctaaca    150060
     atctttgctg ggtgctgccc taagagaacc ttgtgaaata tctcagaacc cagcactctg    150120
     gggttgtggc tcttctgcat aagttctgcc catattttac cctgtgacat atttctaggg    150180
     aagcacatag gtgatatgac tctccttgtt tgcctaagcc ctgactactg gggacattgg    150240
     gacgtatctc tgagcccatg acctaaatga tgtgactctc tttttcagcc tggaccttca    150300
     caataggagg attttggcac attactgagc ccagcactca ggttatgtga ctctcctcat    150360
     tttcccaagc cattcctgca aaacaggaat tttggcctac agcagggccc ggcacccaga    150420
     tgatgttact cttctgcctt gcttctgcat atagaggaac ttatggaata ttgcatattg    150480
     ctcggcccag gaccattgtt atgtgacttt cctcctgtgc tgcagccacc taacgtattt    150540
     tgacatatct tggtctcttc atgcaggtgt tttggttctc ataacttggc tgggtttttt    150600
     ccacatgtgg gatgttgtca tattgctggg tccagcatgc agttaatatg accaaattcc    150660
     ctatgccctg cctagagaag acattgtgaa atattgcttg gcacaacatc taagtgatgt    150720
     taccctcctg cctagctttt tgtccacata tgggattata acatataccc tgcttcagtt    150780
     cacagacatg atgttcaaac ttatattggg attcagccaa tagaagatat tttgcctttc    150840
     actgttaggc ttggggcaat agacaatgtc ctcggttgca aatatgtaac aacctcacag    150900
     aagcttccaa cactaacctg tagtatataa actctttgtt gatataaaat ttcataacag    150960
     ggcccagcca aaccttcaga ttgggactct atgttacata cccaggtgaa attaaaagtt    151020
     atcaccatcc cacatttaca atgccactgt cgagatcatg agtctaataa gggaatgcag    151080
     cacaaagttg gaattgtgac atttatatgt ggtcctggcc acaagtggga tggtcactca    151140
     tttctagacc cagcccacag gaataataat gggtcttctt ccttaaccct gcctaaagga    151200
     gagatcttga ctatcaaacc tgggtttagg ttaatatgta agattgtgag cccataccac    151260
     cacataggcc tcacacagct ttgcaactct tatgcaggtt ttataaatca cttggatgtt    151320
     gcagagggtc atgcattgtc ccagcaaaca tgtgagattg tcactctaat atacaagttt    151380
     agctaaaagt taaagttgtc accctcaaag atgatgagat tgtgtcgtat ccctgggtct    151440
     agtacccagg tgttgagact ttttggctca aatttctttc catgggtgca ttgctactta    151500
     tcactgggtt agaatcaaaa taatgtgatt tttctgcttg agctctatca agagggtata    151560
     atatcacata tctcttggcc tatcagctag gttatgtgtc tctccagatt gttctctgca    151620
     tccagaaaaa atttgaaata tcacagaaat tagcatctaa atggtgtaac tctcctctcc    151680
     tgcgtgggtc ctgcttacca aaggaattat gacatatagt tgaatgaaaa atctaggtgg    151740
     tatgtctctc ctctctattc aaaagtttat ttctgtgctg cattcagctt cattaatttc    151800
     tttttctact tttatactgg taccaaagtg ctttgattac tttaggttta ttttgtattt    151860
     ggaaattgtt aagtgtaatg cttccaaaat ttttcttttt tttattattt atttttttct    151920
     cttttttttc ttttttccct cccccctccc gcctcccccc aacccacaac agtctcaaga    151980
     gtgtgatgtt ccccttcctg cgtccatgtg ttctcattgt tcaattccca cctatgagtg    152040
     agaacatgtg gtgtttgttt ttttgtcctt gtgatagttt gctgagactg atggtttcca    152100
     gtttcatcca tgtccccaca acggacatga actcatcatt ttttatggct gcatagtatt    152160
     ccatggtgta tatgcgccac attttcttaa tccagtctat cattgttgga catttgggtt    152220
     ggttccaagt ctgtgctatt gtgaatagtg cctgaataaa catacgtgtg catgaatctt    152280
     tatagcagca tgattcataa tcctttgggt atatacccag taatgggatg gctgggtcaa    152340
     atggtatttc cagttctaga tccctgagga atcaccacac tgacttccac aatggttgaa    152400
     ctagtttaca gtcccgccaa cagtgtaaaa gtgtgcctat ttctccacat cctctccagc    152460
     acctgttgtt tcctgacttt ttaatgatcg ccattctaat tggtgtgaga tggtgtctca    152520
     ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt tctctgatgg ccagtgatga tgagcatttt ttcatgtgtt    152580
     ttttggctgc gtaaatgtct tcttttgaga agtgtctgtt catatccttt gcccactttt    152640
     tgattcaggt tgtttgtttt tttcttgtaa attttgtttg agttcattat agattctgga    152700
     tattagccct ttgtcagatg agtaggttgt gaacatttgc ttccattttg taggttgcct    152760
     gttcactctg acggtagttt cttttgctgt gcagaagctc tttagtttaa tgagatccca    152820
     tttgtcaatt ttggctttta ttgtcattgc ttttggtgtt ttagacatga tgtccttgcc    152880
     catgcctatg ttctgatggt attgcctagg ttttcttgta ggatttttat ggttctaggt    152940
     ctaacgttta agtctttaat ccatcttgaa ttaatttttg tataaagtgt aaagaagtga    153000
     tccagtttca gctgtctaca tatggctagc cagttttccc agcaccattt attaaatagg    153060
     gaacccttta ctcattgctt gtttttgtca gatttgtcaa agatcagatg gttgtagata    153120
     tgatgcatta tttctgaggg ctctgttctg ttccattgat ctatgtctct gttttggtac    153180
     cggtaccatg cttttttgta gtatagtttg aagtcaggta gcacgatgcc tctggctttg    153240
     ttcttttggc ttaggattga cttggcgatg caggctcttt tttggttctg tatgaacttt    153300
     aaagtcgttt ttttccaatt ctgtgaagaa agtcattggt ggcttgatgg ggatagcatt    153360
     gaatctataa attacctttg gcagtatgac cattttcatg atattgattc ttcctaccca    153420
     tgagcatgga aggtttttct atttgtttgt gtcctctttt cattcattga acagtggttt    153480
     gtggttctac ttgaagaggt ccttcacatc ccttgtaagt tggattccta ggtattttat    153540
     tctctttgaa gcaattgtga atgggagttc actcatgatt tggctgtctg tttgtctgtt    153600
     attggtgtat aagaatgctt gtgatttttg tacactgatt ttgtgtcctg agactttgct    153660
     gaagttgctt atcagcttaa ggagattttg ggctcagaca atgggttttc taaatataca    153720
     atcatgtcat ctgcaaacag ggacaatttg acttcgtttt gtcctaattg aatacccttt    153780
     atttccttct cctgcctaat tgccctggcc agaacttcca acactatgtt gaataggagt    153840
     ggtgatagag ggcatccctt tcttgtgcca gttttcaaag ggaatgcttc cagtttttgc    153900
     ccattcagta tgatattggc tgtgggtttg tcatagatag ctattattat tttgagatac    153960
     atcccatcaa tacctaatgt attgagaatt tttagcatga agggttgttg aattttgtca    154020
     aaggcctttt cttcatctat tgagataatc aggtggtttt tgtctttggt tctgtttata    154080
     tgctggatta cattcattca tttacatatg ttcaaccagg cttgcatccc agggatgaag    154140
     cccacttgat catggtggat aagctttttg atgtactgct ggattcgttt tgccattatt    154200
     ttattgagga tttttgcatc agtgttcatc tagggtattg gtctaaaatt ctcttttttg    154260
     ttgtatctct accaggcttt ggtatcagga tgatgctggc ctcataaaat gagttaggga    154320
     ggattccctc tttttctatt gattggaata gtttcagatg gaatggtact agcttatcct    154380
     tgtacctctg gtagaattca gctgtgaatc catctggtcc tggaattttt ttggtcagta    154440
     agctactgat tattgccaca atttcagatc ctgttattgg tctattcaga gattcaattt    154500
     cttcctggtt tagtcttggg agagtgtatg tgtcaaggaa tttatccatt tcttctaggt    154560
     tttctagttt atttgcatag aggtgtttgt agtcttctct gatggtagtt tgtatttctg    154620
     tgggatcggt gttgataacc cctttatcat ttttttattg cgtctatttg attcgtctct    154680
     cttttcttct ttattagtct tgctagcagt ctatcaattt tgttgatcat ttcaaaaaac    154740
     cagctcctgg attcattaat tttttgaagg gtttttttgt gtctctattt ccttcagttc    154800
     cgctcagatt ttagttattt cttgccttct gctagctttt gaatgtgttt gctcttgctt    154860
     ttctagttct tttaattgtg atgttagggt gtcaatttca gatctttcca gctttctcct    154920
     gtgggcattt agtgctataa atttccctct acacactgct ttgaatgtgt cccagagatt    154980
     atggtgtgtt gtgtctttat tcccattggt ttcaaagaac atctttatat ctgccttcat    155040
     tttgttatgt actgagtagt cattcaggac caggttgtcc agtttccatg tagttgagag    155100
     gttttgagtg agtttctcaa tcctgagttc tagtgtgacc gcactgtggt ctgagagaca    155160
     gtttgttgta atttcttttc ttttacactt gctgaggagt gctttacttc caactatgtg    155220
     gtcaattttg gaataggtgt ggtgtggtgc tgaaaaaaat gtatatcctg ttgatttggg    155280
     gtggagagtt ctgtagatgt ctattaggtc cgcttggtgc agagctgagt tcaattcctg    155340
     ggtatccttt ttaactttct gtcttgttga tctgtctaat gttgacagtg cggtgttaaa    155400
     gtgtcccatt attattgtgt gggagtctaa gtctctttgt aggtcactca ggacttgctt    155460
     tatgaatctt ggtgctcctg tattgggtgc atatatattt aggatagtta gctcttcttg    155520
     ttgaattgat ccctttacca ttatgtaatg ccattctttg tgtcttttga tctttgttgg    155580
     tttaacgtct gttttatcag agactaggat tgcaaccctt gccttttttt ggtgttctat    155640
     ttgcttggta gatcttcctc catcccttta ttttgagcct atgtgtgtct ctgcacttga    155700
     gatgggtttc ctgaatacag cacactgatg ggtcttgact ctttatccaa tttgccagtc    155760
     tgtgtctgtt aattggagca tttagcccgt ttacatttaa agttaatatt gttatttgtg    155820
     aatttggtcc tgtcatcatg atgttagctg gttattttgc tcgttagttg atgcagtttc    155880
     tttctaggct tgatggtctt tacattttgg cgtgtttttg gagtggctgg tactggttgt    155940
     tcctctccat gtttagtgct tccttcggga gctcttttac ggcaggcctg gtggtgacaa    156000
     aatctctcag catttgcttg tctgtaaagt attttatttc tccttcactt atggatatga    156060
     aattctgagt tgaaaattct tttctttaag aacattgaat attggccccc aatgtcttct    156120
     gacttgcaga gtttctgcca agaggtctgc tgttagttag tctgatgagc ttccctttgt    156180
     gggtaacccg aactttctct ggctgccctt aacaattttc ccttcatttc aactttggtg    156240
     aatctgacaa ttaagtgtct tggagttgct cttctcgagg agtatctttg tgaagttctc    156300
     tgtattttct gaatctgaat gttggcctgc cttactagat tggggaagtt ctcctgaata    156360
     atatcctgca gagtgttttc caacttggtt ccattctctc tgtcactttc aggtacacca    156420
     atcagacgta gattttgtct tttcacaaag tcccatattt cttggaggct ttgttcattt    156480
     ctttttattc ttttttctct aaacttccct tctcacttca tttcattcat ttcattttcc    156540
     atcactgata ccctttcttc cagttgattg cgttggctcc tgaggcttct gcattcttca    156600
     cgttgttctc gagccttggc tttcagctcc atcagctcct ttaaggactt ctctgcattg    156660
     tttattctaa ttatccattc atctaatttt tttcaaagtt tccagcaatg gaacaaactg    156720
     gaccaagaat gactttgacg agttgagaga agacttcaga tgatcaaact actctgagct    156780
     acaggaggaa attcaaacca atgggaaaga agttaaaaac ttggaaaaat gcttctaata    156840
     tttttcttgt ttttaaagat tgccaggatt ttcatgtaat ttgtgggttt tgtaatttct    156900
     atttttggga aagtttaatt taaaattgaa aattggtggc tgggcacggt ggttcaagcc    156960
     tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggc aggtggatca cgaggccagg tgattgagac    157020
     caacctagct aacacggtga aaccccatct cttcaaaaat acaaaaaaat tagcctggca    157080
     ttgtggtggg cgcctgtagt cccagctact cgggatgctg aggcaggaga atggcatgaa    157140
     cctgggaggt agagcttgca gtgagccaag attgtgccac tgcattccag cctgggtgac    157200
     acagcgatac tccatctcaa gaaataataa taataataaa agagaaataa aattggtttg    157260
     tcaaatgtgt ggatcacttc aagcagcatg gacaacttta caatactatg tcttccaacc    157320
     cttgataaac agcatgctca aaagtgtgtt actggccagg catggtgact catacctgta    157380
     atcccagcac tttggaaggc tgaggagggt acatagccag atcaggagat caagaccatt    157440
     ttggccaaca tgatgaaatc ccatctctac taaaatgcac aaaattagct aagtgtggtt    157500
     gggcatgcct gtaatgccag ctactggaga agctgagtca ggggaattgc ttgtacgtgg    157560
     aagttaaggt tacagtgagc cgagattgtg ccactgtatt tcctcctagt gacagagtga    157620
     ggctgtatct aaaaaaaaag gaaagaaaaa aagtaaaact atgttaacag ttaattttca    157680
     tatatttttt cagcttttct cccattactg atttctagtt tcatttcatt tgtgctataa    157740
     aaaattgtct gctaaatttc aattaaaaaa actattaaga cttctttcat ggcatcacag    157800
     gtaatccacc taggaaaatg ttttatgagc tattgcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagtgtattc    157860
     ttttaccggt atacatttgt taggtaaata tattgtatag tgtattcaaa ctttttgttc    157920
     ccttgttgat attctgtctt tatttattac tgaaagtggg atacaaatgt atccttccat    157980
     tattgtattg ctatctattt ttgcttcaat tctgtcaatg tttgttttat gtgtttggga    158040
     aaactctcac atattcacgg aatttcagtg aatgaactct cttaatataa ttgaatgtcc    158100
     tactttgtct cttgtgaatt ttgacttaaa gcaaacttca taaaatatga cagttttcaa    158160
     cttaataaat tgttgccttt tctcttatga tttggttaac acttgcatgg catgtatttt    158220
     ttatcctgcc attttcagtc tattttttta aattaggtct gaagtgagtc tcttgaagac    158280
     atgacatcga tacatcttga tacaggtcat aatatagtta gttttattct ttttcctgtt    158340
     gaaggatact tttgctggat attgtattct cacttagact ttgtaaaatg tttctcatca    158400
     agtttccctt cttttaaaga aaaatactaa atgttagaaa taagattttc ttttaaagat    158460
     aaaatttctt caaagccttc ttgttttgtg ctaataactc tttgttaagc cctactctat    158520
     gtagctgtta tacataaggg aataagtaca ttctatggcc ttgtactttc accagaacat    158580
     ttcttctgta catgctcagg catgtcccag gttgcagctt atgtcccctt tcttatttgg    158640
     aaatcttatt acttctctaa gtatttttgc aaaaactttc cctttttctt tgttctccat    158700
     tgcctttacc tatttaggga agtttcaggt tgttagccaa tcaggtttag cttagactgt    158760
     gatgcctagt tccaactaat ggagatagga cacagaagta aggactcaat gcatacgggt    158820
     aaatattcct gcctttcttt ttcattgtgc tctcagggta ggattgctga tgagcagcac    158880
     cctttctgca gaaagtaaaa ttgccttgct gagaagattc cttgtctgag tattagttct    158940
     attttttggc tctgaggaat aggattttct aacataattt ttttttcggt gttttaagta    159000
     tgttatccta ctcctttttt cctgaaaggt ttatgttcat aaacttactg gtaatcttac    159060
     agaagcatgc atataaataa cataactctt ttttcttcct gcattccaga ttctcttttt    159120
     gtgtgtgact ttcaaaacat tgcttatttg gggtcttgtt agaaatttat ttgtgttagt    159180
     tgaaatttac tgagcttctt gattttctca tatttttaaa taatattgaa gtgcgtatga    159240
     gacttttttg tacttctaca cttttttgtg ctttttatcg ttttcttaat ttcatttttg    159300
     ttatttcatt ttgttttatt tatttccatt taactcatta agcatcattc agatggtaag    159360
     ttaatttctc aggtcaattt attttttctt tcaaaaataa atgcagactt taattgaaat    159420
     tttcttaggt aagttttaca tctctgtttt gtatcattga tttctgaata tttattttta    159480
     tctttgagtg agacatatta tcttaatgtt ttgtatatgt tgtagtctta tgttgcaatt    159540
     tgtataataa atcaccacat gtgaaaatgc ttattaagtg attttttctt gggaaatatg    159600
     aaccaacttt tgggctagag attcttgacg tctctcactt ctgttctata caagttttat    159660
     ctgggcttgt gttttttcat taaaaaatat ttccaattat ttattatatt ttattttatt    159720
     ttatatttat tttattttat tttattttga gtgaacattt tactcttgtt gtccatgctg    159780
     caatgtgatg gcatggtctt ggctcactgc aagaatcaac tcctactttc cagtgattct    159840
     cctggctcag tcaccagagt agctgagatt agaggtgccc gccaccatgc ctgtgtaatt    159900
     gttgtatttt tagtagagat ggggtttcac catgttgacc cggctggtgt tgaacttttg    159960
     accacaggtg aacagcctgc ctcagactcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg tgtgggccac    160020
     cactcatgga cattccctat gtttcctatt gagattctga ctacagtcaa ttgctatacc    160080
     cattttctgt ctatgacact gaagtctttt tttgtaacag tcatttacct ttggtctcac    160140
     cagccccaaa ctgtcaaaga ataccacttt tcctttaaac actgtcatat aatatagaaa    160200
     ttagtcttta gtaaggtctc acaaaacaag aagcctgaac acaggtgcca ctattttatt    160260
     tatttttgaa gggggaagac atgagttggg agtctatatt tgaagtcatc ataggatgaa    160320
     gaatggctgc ggtgggtaaa tataaaacac ttttattaca cttctatgta gttcttgaca    160380
     ttttgctccc ttgaagtgct ataaattctt aactgattct tagtcttctc acacaggaat    160440
     tttgttcatt ataattgtgt taagtttaca tgtctataaa ggaattacag cctgtggtat    160500
     tttattgtca ccttgttaat gtgctttgtg taactaatat ttgtaaaatg tattcacatg    160560
     agcctaatgt gggagaaatt ttgttgttcc ttttgttttt gtttttcagc tggctctttt    160620
     catattactg cagacatatg gtgggaacat attataaaac attcatttca aaaagtgatt    160680
     ctgagaaaat atggaacctg tgaccttaac catttacatt taaaaaagac tagcaaagtg    160740
     tgaattacta caagggacag aaagaaaagc agttataatt tctttcttca atgtttatca    160800
     actacccaga gaaaaacttg tcaatgttat aaatttggaa agctttccag gtgtacccaa    160860
     tcttcagtga acagaagaaa acctttagca gagagaaata ctacaaatgc aaagaatatg    160920
     gcagaaactg taggtagttc tcagatttta ctataaaaaa tggaatactt actgcagaga    160980
     gatgctacag atatgaagaa tgcggcaaag cctttaaaaa gttctcaaac cttactgaac    161040
     ataagagagt tcatactgga ggaaaaacct acaaatgtga agaatgtgac aaaattttaa    161100
     cctgctcctc aacccttatt aaacacaaga taaatcattt tggaaataga tcctacaatt    161160
     gcaaagaatg tgtaaaagcc tttaaatgtt tctcagacct tactaattct aagagaattc    161220
     tcagaacttg ctaaaaataa aataatttat actggagaga aaccatcata caaatgtgaa    161280
     gaatgtcaca gagcctatgg ggggttctca gaccttaata aacataagat aactcatact    161340
     gaagagaaac cctacatata taactaatgt ggagaagctt ttaagtggtt ctcagccgtt    161400
     agtaaacata agagaattta tactggaggg aaaccctaca cctgtagaaa aaaaaaagtc    161460
     aaagccttta cctgcttttc aatccttatt aaccacaaga taattcatat agaagacagc    161520
     ccttacaaat ctgaagcatg tggcaaaacc tttaagtgct tttcagactt tgctaatcat    161580
     aagagaattc acactgcagg aaaagcctac aaatgtgaag aatgtggtga aacattaagt    161640
     tcattctcac acttcattag aaataataga actcatagta gagagaagct tcacaagtgt    161700
     taaaaatgtg gaaaagcttt taaagcatcc tcattttatg tccaacatca gagacttaat    161760
     actgaacaaa tgccacataa aggtaatgac tgttgaagaa gatttaactt aacatcttgc    161820
     agcatcacta agaactcgct ttatactcag tgcttttggg ttgggtttgt ctattgcatt    161880
     ttactattat ggaatgcctt ctttctctta aaaaaaaact acgtggattt taagtttgct    161940
     ttgctagaaa ctaggattgc atcacctcct tttttctgtt ttccatctat ttggtagatt    162000
     tctctttttt ctttatattt agcttaattg agatgagtgt ctagattaca gaataccatt    162060
     agatcttgat tctttactca acttgccaca ctgtttttta attggggcat ttagcccatt    162120
     tacagttatg gttagtattc atatgtgttg atttgattct gccaccacga ttttagctgg    162180
     ctattttgca catttgtttt gtggtcgctt tagagtgtca gcagtttatt tactttggtg    162240
     tgtttttgaa gtgactaatt acagggtttt tttttattta gtgttttctt cagaagccct    162300
     tgtaagacag gtcttgggta acagatttct tcagcgtttg cttatgtgaa taggatcata    162360
     ttaatttttt tcacttctga agctcccttt ggttggatat aagcttactt tggtctcgtg    162420
     ggaagctgca gtatggggaa gaaacatgtg gactggtgga gtcatagggg ctgtattgct    162480
     gaagctcttc agggatcagg catggcccac cagtaccgat gctatggtat gggatcccag    162540
     ggtaactgag actgccctgt aagaacctgt ggccagaata ggtccctata agaggccagg    162600
     agaccaaggg gtattcaatt ggaacaattt cttctgattt gcaagaccat cctgcaaaaa    162660
     ttaggtccaa caatttttct agggctaaag cctcttatgg gagaaagttg aacctagaga    162720
     agtggccatc actggcaaca tattactaca gatgctcttg caccaacact cttgacacca    162780
     catgaggtgg cttgctgccc cttctttgct tggcttctag gggctgcatc tcagagagat    162840
     gtaggtcagc aatcccttac tacagacagc ccaggatgga ggatctctgc ttttggccaa    162900
     gtttggtgtt tactgtcttg tgaggagcaa taggtagctt gtggaaccca tggagggtgg    162960
     actggccctc actctttggg taaaatgcag cttgtttgag gtgtaaataa ggtacctggg    163020
     ttttgaattt ttcattagtc tgagaagcat agcaaggaca gttctaacac agagatagtg    163080
     gcagaaatat tttcagttac tcctagaggc tgtgtccagg aagttgctag gttgctgcag    163140
     gctcaatatc cctgccaatg attggctaat ggccgagacc tggagagtct gcacagtgag    163200
     aatgtgtgag aacaggtgct catgtaacag tatggccact tttctaaagg gctgctgcag    163260
     tatgttttgt gtccactgca gtttctggtc acctcaggtt ttacagaatc tgaagctgtc    163320
     ccactgaatg ctgaaaaaca gcaacaaagg cagtatgccc cattctctgg aagctccatc    163380
     ccaggcaggt atagacctgt ttccagccca aaagcacctg aaggagatag ctggaacccc    163440
     tcttcaaatg tcttacccag tgaggaaaac ataattcggg acccacttaa gatagcagtc    163500
     tagccacatt tttgtaggag agctctgctg tgcagaggta tcactttcat cccttgttta    163560
     tttggattct ccaaagccag aaagctggaa cagctaagtc acaaaaacag caaaagtggc    163620
     agctcactct tcactctagg aactataccc cgaagaggtt tcaaaattcc ataaatcaaa    163680
     taacactggt ggtggtagct ggacaccctg tttgggaagt tcttttcagt gaggaggaag    163740
     agtttgggga cgtgctttac caggcagact ggtggtgtca ttttagagca cctgtacggt    163800
     gctatagatc cttgctgccc cagtcagctt aggcttttca aagcctgaag gctgggatgg    163860
     ctatgttgtt gaaacagcaa agatggaggt ccactcctgt ttctggtagc tccaattcag    163920
     agagatacag cgctgctgcc aatgattggc tggaattcta agccagtaga tcttactcta    163980
     tgaggcactg tggaagtggg tcctacagac tgtcactgct caggtccctg gattctgcct    164040
     atttcctata ggtatgtata tgggtataac ctcctgcttt gctggcgttg cagctacttt    164100
     ttctgggaat cctggaaagc cagagtatct gtggctctgc aacacgccag tgcagttgct    164160
     atgctgagac tccaagtagc tctatgtgtt agactaaagg ccttggtaaa gtaggttcct    164220
     cagggagtct ccccatctga ggattaaaaa gatgtgtggg agaattgtag gttcccaggg    164280
     tcacacatgc acttactgct ttactggatg gggaggttct cttggctcta tgtcttttct    164340
     gggtggccca ttgttcggcc ttgctctact ctccacaagt tgtttatttg attattctga    164400
     aggcaaatac ctggatattt catttgaagg tgctgtattt atgcacgcct tgcatttttc    164460
     tctgtgagaa ctacagggtc tagctgctcc taatctgcaa tgttggtctc tttcctctaa    164520
     aagaaaccta cttttttata tgaaaataat ttaagctggg cacagaggct catgtgtgta    164580
     atcccaggat ttggggaggt caaggtggat agatcatgag gtcaagaaat caaaaccatt    164640
     ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ccatatctac aaaaaacaaa caaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa    164700
     aaaaactttt gagcatggtg gtgcacacct gtagttccag gtactcagga gtctaaggca    164760
     ggaggattgc ttgaatgcag gaagtggagg ttgcagtgag ccaagatcac acactgcagt    164820
     ccagcatggc aacagggtga aactttctct cataacaaac aaataaaaat ttaatatttt    164880
     ttcaaaagca actattgatg gaatttaagt cttatatttg aagctgtgtg ttcatttcta    164940
     gaatttatgt gaaagagcat ggtcaatggt ccctgcacta gatttaagag aggttcttct    165000
     atattagatt gacagattta tatactttca tatggaagat taagaaaact gaaatctaag    165060
     atacatgaag aaattctaag tggaaagtct acttagtggt tgggtatcat aagtgcagta    165120
     tcataagtga caggatgata ggagtgtgaa aagtaaccag aataatattc tgcatagtaa    165180
     gagaaacaat ttggatttta gaaggaaatt gctttaccat ttgcagatta agataattaa    165240
     aatacagtga atttcaaaat gcctttttaa tggcaatgtg taaacttaat ttttttaatt    165300
     gaagaaaata tttgtgaatg taataatgct actttacatt gaatttttat cttgccactg    165360
     atgttactta tcccatttta cccatggttg taggtaacag atggtaacta tattctatag    165420
     aattacactg aaataatatc tctcatgatt cctttgtcag tggtctttaa cttaaaataa    165480
     tttgaagaat atggttccta caatttatat ttttgttttt cttgtaacta cagattattg    165540
     tgatggttgt tatgaagatt tggaatataa tagacctata tgctttaatt ctgaattctg    165600
     aacaactatt tgcaaaattt tatcctactt ctttttttta actgatgact tctctggtct    165660
     gctaaacata ttcatacctt tattttttat ttaaatggat gtaaatatac agacaaatca    165720
     ctgtaaaata aactttgtat gtaacagctc tatagagaat actcatattt gtttgtgatt    165780
     gtgtacctac tttgagaagc aaagaaaaat attagaataa aacacataat tttacatgtc    165840
     ttgataactt accagcaaac cggaaacttc aaagattttg aaagcaaatc tattttctct    165900
     gccttgtatt aatcccgttt accaaaaatg ttattgctct tgtcttagaa acatcttgtg    165960
     cacattctcc tttttttgtc tgtttgcttg ttgctcacta tagacataat atatacattt    166020
     attttagtct aatttcataa agcattcctt gtataatttt ctcagagatg atgaatgtga    166080
     ctttgataaa atttaatgat cttcacaaaa taatttttac atgtaatttc atggtgtgtg    166140
     tattattgta tgctatttat ttagtacatt ttttatttta tttcaatttg agaatgctat    166200
     ttaatccaat ttttatttat tgttcatttt acattatgaa cttgatataa ttgagtttat    166260
     taaacttatt aggccaattt attcaaatta atagttgaac atttattaag tcatgaggtc    166320
     cttttggcat atacatgaag taaacaagat aatactagct atataataga agctacataa    166380
     ttagaaataa atattcttct tgaaattagc cagtagactc agatgaaaat aaaaatgtct    166440
     atagtatgac atgaattc                                                  166458