EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC006336; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 95956 BP.
AC   AC006336;
DT   11-JAN-1999 (Rel. 58, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-508K5 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-95956
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-95956
RA   Hou S., Wohldmann P., Merry B.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-508K5";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-95956
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-95956
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-MAY-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-95956
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-OCT-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-95956
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-DEC-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [7]
RP   1-95956
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 4b4247e210a3d82cfa9ec0391a93c487.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000186.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC006336.4:1-95956; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Oct 14, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:4827307.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0508K05
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-389B19, 200 bp overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 71339 of
CC   RP11-389B19; actual end is at base position 95956 of RP11-508K5.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..95956
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-508K5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   221..321
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1621..2092
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   4696..4766
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   4940..5047
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   5059..5170
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   5171..5545
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   5546..5632
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   6002..6271
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   7174..7622
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   8065..8251
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   8252..8678
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   8679..8799
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   8836..9115
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10514..10820
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   11010..11338
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11339..11702
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11703..12064
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12065..12315
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12317..12449
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12538..12686
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   13606..13791
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   13872..14741
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16231..16541
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17421..17628
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   17888..18242
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   18535..18839
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18889..19199
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19950..19998
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV"
FT   repeat_region   20011..20129
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   20146..20541
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20780..21078
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21378..21452
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   21619..21706
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   21827..22134
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22857..22929
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22934..22979
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22983..23182
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   23289..26510
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28767..29785
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30591..30977
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31078..31310
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   32217..32516
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33791..33889
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   34241..34400
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   35091..35287
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   35550..35828
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36054..36365
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37675..37986
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40120..40468
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40682..40803
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40953..41097
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   41456..41674
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42486..42794
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43066..43484
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44641..44709
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44821..45351
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   45352..45638
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45639..45659
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   46104..46380
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46414..46463
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   47174..47870
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48109..48162
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   48189..48500
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49058..50142
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51627..51893
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51955..52063
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52500..53034
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   53375..53491
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   53651..53836
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   53807..53899
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   53883..54142
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   54224..54321
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   54410..54475
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   55238..55336
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   55322..55544
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55647..55825
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   55826..56243
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   56537..56825
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56971..57165
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   58835..59247
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59259..60799
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64847..64995
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   65014..65435
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   65514..65835
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   66769..67222
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68179..68320
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68325..68429
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68435..68545
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68546..68648
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68654..68760
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68776..68866
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68868..68971
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69435..69508
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   69567..69849
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71032..71399
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71400..71467
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   72044..72141
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   72156..72896
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   72902..73163
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   73264..73697
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   74232..74870
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   75097..75176
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   77369..77500
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77502..77646
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77642..77733
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78698..78879
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   79243..79523
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79903..80023
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   80066..80334
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   80547..81091
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   81100..81173
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81456..81839
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   82193..82275
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   82346..82487
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   84859..85287
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86428..86629
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88425..88789
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88807..89193
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89191..89503
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89892..90068
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90142..90451
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90892..91254
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91362..91467
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   91465..91670
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   91767..92161
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92341..92619
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 95956 BP; 31361 A; 17970 C; 18559 G; 28066 T; 0 other;
     cagaatcttg tgctcacact attgcggtaa attctgaatt ggctttcctg gccctgaatt        60
     cattcctaaa atttgtccta aagtcttcct tcaattaaaa cgtgttcatt tctagaccct       120
     tcttaaaacc ctttgttttc tctctctgtt gagcaccatc ttaattctga agctcagaat       180
     accagcctct ttaggaattc aacagtctct agctggccct tatgttgccc aggctggtca       240
     gcaactcctg gcctcaagca attctcctgc ctcagtctcc caaagtggtg agattgtagg       300
     cataagccat tgttcacagc tctatttggc ccttctttta tctttactct cctctccttg       360
     cccatcttct cctcttttct tctttgttct catccacctc ctcctgtttc tctccctctc       420
     ccctttttat tatttaatct tctcttcttt ctcctctgtt ttattcatct tttttcttct       480
     ctcccctctt tctttctctt tctctgtctt ctcctttacc cagtctttct caatttctac       540
     ctggtatgaa gcattcaacc atgcttcttg ctatgccata ctactacttt gctttgaaaa       600
     atgcatcttt tttcacctgt aatatcttcg tatttctaga aaatataagc tgcctttttt       660
     tggaaccctt gcttaactat ctcaggcata cttaggtcta ccgcagtgaa caaaaacaaa       720
     cccgctgtcc tgggaaatgc cacttgtatt tccctggtac tatagatcac ttcaggacct       780
     caggaataaa actcagttaa actgcatttt ttttttaaat gattgttatc tttattacac       840
     tgggagcccc ttgaggacat aaacaaaatt tttgtgtgga ttcacctgtg tattttgaac       900
     acagtagttt ctgaataact atctagtaga taaatgaata gatcagttgg ttgaaatgat       960
     cttccaaagc aggtttttga taggaaaaga gatcagaata tgtggaccat tagttgaatt      1020
     taggttgttg tcttggcatc attttgctgg agaataaaag acagatttta ctacttttag      1080
     gagatcagtg agtcaggttg atggtccaac ccgaggagta tccaaatcat agacaggcct      1140
     tccaacagag cttctgcaac caaaagataa tacactattc tctaagtgac aaagaccacc      1200
     ttgttatgca agtagtctgc actggataaa acatgaacca ggaagtagaa aaaatatggg      1260
     caaatgtgac ccagctagaa ggcaatagct cttctggagg tgaaaacaga atgaatgctt      1320
     catagtgaaa attgcattga gtgattgagt gtatcgtctc atattgtttg ataattggct      1380
     ctgaaatgcc ttcttataaa ctgcacagtg tatgtgtgta tgaacattaa ctttacttgc      1440
     agtctactct agagctttag cattttaagt atcttaatca caaatccaaa catatttaaa      1500
     aagtttatat tccaaatatc ctttttggaa tcaacaacag agtctcctta tttatcataa      1560
     ggtgtattag aaatatgttt tttatggtga tagacagtga ttatatatgt ggtaatacag      1620
     tgtggcagat ggaataaagc tgccaccaaa gatgttcaca tatgaattcc ctggaactgt      1680
     gaaatatctg ggatattcag gtcccagatg gaattaaaat agggagattt ttaaaatagg      1740
     gagatctctt gcataatcca ggtgggttca tttgaatcac agaatcttta aaagtgaaag      1800
     agaaagacaa ataggtcaga gagatatggc aagaaacctt ctattgctgg ctttgaagat      1860
     ggaaattggg gccatgcatc aaggaatata ggtggtctct agatactaga aagaacaagg      1920
     aaatattttc tcccttagaa cttccagaag gaatgaagtg ctgacagcac cttgaaactc      1980
     atgcattgag atacatgctg gacttcttca gaacatatga taataacttt gtgttgtctt      2040
     aaaccgccaa gtgtgtgatg ctctgttaca ctgggcataa gaaactaata cataaaactt      2100
     gtgtatgtct gagaatgtga gcactccagc acctagcagc ttcaggccaa tgcttagttc      2160
     tataatccaa tgagccttgt gtacctcagc cctttgtcaa cccctacatt tccaagagag      2220
     acttttgcca aaagcaactt gaaacatgtc taattctgac tttggagtgt cattctttct      2280
     atctcgatga gtatcttttg tgaaaagatc ctgtatacaa agacaattct tgaggttatc      2340
     acagtgtgtc tgtaggctaa taaatatttg ttctgtttgt agggttaatc tccacagtaa      2400
     atcattccct gggaagccaa gttctgtggc tggtcttata tcgagagcct cctgataagg      2460
     tctaagtcac ctgggaactc atgagcagct aaattggctt aggtcaggtg agaaaattta      2520
     aaacaaaata aaggaaaggc tatggatttg attataatta attcaataat tataaatgag      2580
     tatgttttgt tcattatagt cagcagtatg gacaaatctt ttaagcattt aatttttcaa      2640
     ttgagcatct tagaaattca ttcttttcac taattcagac tgagcttttc catcagttag      2700
     cgctaattat taatattata ttgtcattaa tttgctacac ttcaatcagc ctagggtcaa      2760
     ttctgaacat tgtaaattag catggacttt taactcatta ctgaaaaaca ctcttctttg      2820
     ttgagtgata aatagccaca atgtgcacat taattgggaa aagctaccat gagataaaag      2880
     gacgggcatt aaatttatca tttaattaga aagcaatctc tattttattt tctagattta      2940
     aacttcttga ctgcaggggc tagatatact tgcctgggtc tctcccaaaa tgcctgttac      3000
     aggactttaa tcagtgatga atatatttaa attgcactca tcaaaagctt acgtagtaat      3060
     cgctgagaga attagagtga aaaaatcgag aaaataggct atttttttgt ggaggtggca      3120
     gatgaatggg gaattttcgg tgctaaagaa tagaaatgaa taagaaaggt gtgttctggg      3180
     tcaacactgg ttccagtcaa cataggaata aagaaaaatt tgtgttttgc tcattatgga      3240
     gcttatattt tagtaacaaa tatgtccctg agatgttttg tccagtgtga caatttgagg      3300
     attagaagaa gtctgcatac acttagtgtc ttgctgaatc atccttgcag cctctagatt      3360
     tgatttatgt ctaatgttaa actccctttc tatgtttgag cagccaagat aatttaattt      3420
     taatgttttc aaaagaaata gctttgattc tgagaggtaa agataaataa ataagcaaaa      3480
     ggattttaaa aaatatacaa agcattgaaa tctcaattat tagatttaat tttatgtaat      3540
     gagaatatta gatactatat atttaattgt gtgaaatgaa catagaaagc caaatttgaa      3600
     agcaaataag ccaataaata tttaacattc atgtccaaaa attcttaagt cataggtgat      3660
     tgcattttct gcttttgtga tcttttcaat atctctatag agagtttaca ttgtcagaga      3720
     aaaaaattat acagcttaaa attattttaa aatggtaaac acacaattta aattaccaat      3780
     ttcattatat aaagaactaa tagaacctat gttgtttgct gggattttac attttccaca      3840
     gcttttcatg acacatataa aactttgata ttgatctgaa tatcagtctt taatttgata      3900
     aatacatgct ttctctcaaa tacctgtggt ttatgatttt accaatcagc agggtaatat      3960
     ggtgttctag gaaattgttc atgacttggt tttatgttca cacagaaaaa atgaaattca      4020
     gataatcaca ggtatggaaa ataaacactt tgcaagtgct tggatgagct gaattcaatt      4080
     taaacagaaa actaacactt ttcctaaaca catatagttg gacatattta aatcattata      4140
     tactaatttg gattgaatgg tgtcagaagt tcaaattcaa tgtgaagata atggcatatt      4200
     ataagaattc actgtctctg tgggtctttt agcccttggt tttctctccc agaagaaact      4260
     cgggcaataa tctgggaaat cttaccttgt aaacacacat cacacacatc caaataacta      4320
     gtcttaaagg aaaaaggaat cttgcacata ttacatgttc ttcttaaatg tttggtaaat      4380
     aaatagatgg gacaatcttt tcaataataa acttgacagt tattcagata tctaagatat      4440
     agatattttg ttcatagagt gacttgctct gaaatgtatc ctgtcatttc tagagcctgt      4500
     cctatcattc tatcattctc tatcattcta tcattctctg gagcctgtcc aatgaagaga      4560
     ataggtaatt gattctctca cttcctaact gtgacatttc atctctcgag ctctataatt      4620
     ctgtttccct ataaacaagg tggagaagga gatgactcaa aaagaagaat ttatgatcaa      4680
     acacagatgc ttttattagg ttagtgcaaa agtcattgtg attttgccac tgaaagtaaa      4740
     tgcaaaaact gctgtggctt ttgcacgagg tgaggtatct cgctcaggga ttataaagat      4800
     gagtattggc tcctttagtt gtgttcagga ttcactgttt gttttcaaac ctacatatat      4860
     aaatgaactc tgtactgaat ctgagaggtg gaggcactat gcaacaagac tttaccgccc      4920
     cctggttttg tgtagatctc gctagaatat aaatggcttc agggcaagaa tttctctctg      4980
     ttttgtgttc ctttgtatcc acaatgacag aagtgcttgg aatacagttc aagaaaagtt      5040
     tgctgaacag caaatggcca atggtttcca acggaatttt ttgcaatcat agaaatcagt      5100
     gttgcccaat atggtagtca tgaaccacat atggctattg agtgatttta ttgtggcgga      5160
     cataaacaag tgtattagtt cattcctaca ctggtatgaa gagataccca agactgggta      5220
     atttataaat gaaaaagact gaattgactc agttgtgcaa ggctggaggg gcatcaggga      5280
     acttacaata attgtagaag gggaagcaaa tacgtccttc tttacatggc agcagcaagg      5340
     agaagaatga gagcgcagtg aaggggaagc cccttataaa accataagag cttgtgagaa      5400
     cttactcact accatgagaa taacaggaga aaaaccatcc ccctgattca aatacatccc      5460
     actgggcctt tcccgtgaca tgtggggatt atgggaacta caattcaaga tgagatttgg      5520
     gcggggacac agccaaacca tatcaacaag taagcagttt caaatttaat cgaagaaaat      5580
     ttcaatttaa atggccccag gaaactgttg gttacctttc tggacagcac agggttcaca      5640
     tttgcatttg gagttttcca tagaggaatg aaatactagt tttatttttg gtagctcgtc      5700
     taggtgcact tcattttctc ttacgaactc acaaaataac aaagctagga aagggatagc      5760
     tccaagtttg ctttaatatt ctccatttat ggggtatttt ttatgtagaa attttgatta      5820
     gtagtttctt tttgacttat ttatattgtc attgttagaa agaccttccc actgcaagat      5880
     tataaattat cccatccttt cttctagtag atttaataca aacatagctt cattgtttat      5940
     attcaaatca ttgatctatt cagaatttat ttgtgaatac attgtgggac atggatctag      6000
     atttttcttt ttctttcatt tttttaaaga gatggggtct tgttctgttg ctcaggctgg      6060
     agtggagtgg tgtgatcaca tctcactgta gcctcaaact cctggggtca agtgttcctc      6120
     ccacatcagc cttccaagca gctatgtcca tgggaatatg ccatcatgat ctgttaatta      6180
     ttattatttt tttgtagagg tgagatcttg cattgttgcc caggttggta ttgaacttct      6240
     ggcttcaaat gatcctgcca cctaagcgtc ctcagattta aatttttcca taggctaatc      6300
     aagtgtccca ctcttttctt gaaactgatg ttttcccaca gattgcgatg tcagctattc      6360
     atgtccagaa ttcatacata cattttacct accctggacc ctttgatctg ttccattggt      6420
     tagtctctgt ctatttagca atgccatgtt gtattcatca ttgaggattt ataatatgct      6480
     acaagaatat ttcaatggct tctaaccatg cttttcattg tttttatttt gcaaagactt      6540
     tctagttaat cttcttcgtt catttttcca atatgggctt ccaattagtg gttgtttatt      6600
     atatatgtga ccatcatttg tttttatata ttattttata tggaaaaaaa ggaattccaa      6660
     tggctgttgc aaaaaggaag agatgcatgt taaaataata ccattattat ataagcaaat      6720
     tacaatttca ctgagataat ttttaaattt attacatgag gaggaggaag agctaggcaa      6780
     gaaaagagaa gatgtggaag aggaggagga aggggaaaat aatgagtaaa tattggctat      6840
     agccaaatta taacccagag taccctagtc ccttctggtg tccattcaga gggacagctt      6900
     tctccatttc ttcacctgtg tcctgcttcc cagtgcaaaa taaatgcctg tgattaggtt      6960
     caagttgcat actctgagtg tgtttgcaag agcctgagtc tagcttcaca gctgcaaaca      7020
     ctgcagtccc ccaagaggca attcctgaca agaccaagtc actttgagac ccctttttct      7080
     ggctgacttc ccatactctg aatcacttgt tggtgctctc tctcactttg atggagaaag      7140
     agaatccagc ctattttatt tgggaagttt gtttcatttg tgtccatgtg aagagaccac      7200
     caaacaggct ttgtgtgagc aataaagctt ttaatcacct gggtgcaggc aggctcagtc      7260
     caaaaagaga gtccgtgaag ggagataagg gtggggctgt tttataggat tttggtagat      7320
     aaaggaaaaa ttacagtcaa aggggattta ttctctggca gacaggagtg aggatcgtaa      7380
     ggtgctcagt gggggagatt tttgagccag gatgagccag gaaaaggact tcacaagata      7440
     atgtcatcac ttaagacaag gaccggccat tttcacttct tttgtggtgg aatgtcatcc      7500
     gttaaggcag ggcagggcat tttcacttct tttgtgattc ttcagttact tcaggccacc      7560
     tgggcatata catgcaagtc acaggggatg cgatggcttg gcttgggctc agaggcctga      7620
     cagttcccat gcctcttaac aacttctcac tctcgagttt actgtgagtc attttcctgt      7680
     ttgtctcatc tcagccagtg gacagagctc acaagagcag ctaaagcaag ggaaatagtg      7740
     agagaacaca ctggcaggaa agagacaatt tgggaatatt tcaccatagc agggaagcta      7800
     agacttggga aaaaacaggt tgatgaatac aaggaagacc tgactttgcc cccaccaagg      7860
     gttttcagaa aaacaaatag taattaataa taataataat aataataaca ataataataa      7920
     tagcagataa gataaaattg tgtgggaaac atcattctga taccctcaac atctttctgt      7980
     gggtgactga gacttttatt tgagagagaa aggacactaa aacatcacat tcccaagcca      8040
     tgggagcagg cttattctag gcctgctgtt caatatggtg gccagtcaac taggtggtca      8100
     ctgaattctt caaatgggtc aagtctaaat atagatagat tacaaatacc acatatgcac      8160
     cttattgcaa aatatattaa tagtcaaaat atttcctaga tattttaaaa tattgattac      8220
     ctatgctgaa atagtaatat tttagatata aaattgagtc tcaaacaaca tagggtttaa      8280
     gagggcccac ccctgtgcca ttgaaaatat gcatgtaact ctggactcac tcagaaatta      8340
     acaactaatt gcctactatt aggcttatca ataacataaa tggtagatta acacatatat      8400
     ggtatgttgt atgtattata tactgtattc ctacagtaaa gtaagctaga gtaaagaaaa      8460
     tgttgttaag aaaatcataa ggaattgaaa atatatttgc tattaagtgg aagtggatca      8520
     ctgtaaaggt ctttatcctc ctggtctcca cgttgagtag gctgaggagg aggaagagga      8580
     ggggctggcc ttgctgtctc aagggtagca gagaaagaat aacctctata tgtaagtgaa      8640
     cccacacaat tcagacctgt gttgttcaag ggacaattct actgagttaa ggaaaatatg      8700
     ttattcaagt caatttcacc tatcccatct atgttgtttt aatgcatgct actagaaaat      8760
     tcaaaatgac acatgtgatt tgcacatatt tttattggat taagctattg taaattgtcc      8820
     acatcaataa acttaggctg ggtgcagtgg ctcacaccta taatctccgc agtttgggag      8880
     gctgaggcac gagaatcgca tgagcccagg atttggggac cagcctggac aacacggtgg      8940
     aacctcatct gcacaaatat atctaaaaaa aattagtcag ccttgggggt gtgcacctgt      9000
     agccccacct acttgagagg ctgaggtggg aggattcctt gagcccaggt attcgaggcc      9060
     tcagtgagtt atggacaaca gagttagacc ctatctttta aaaagaaaaa aaaaattaat      9120
     acaagagcaa agacatggaa agagctgagc tctctcttta gctaagtttc tgtggacttt      9180
     gcctaggcag gtgacatgtg cctcacatgt tgcaggacat ggcttgcatc tccttgggcc      9240
     ttcattaacc catccctaac tctatccctt aagcattgcc tatccatctc ttatctcctt      9300
     cttaaccccc tttctgtgtt ttctcataat gtaaacattg tcctgtattc attagatgta      9360
     aaccttctta caaaatcact tgcagttttt ttttttccct ttccatacaa aacagtcccc      9420
     tttctccttg atattgtgtc tgggacatgc tttcgtccac tacagcattg ttccatctta      9480
     gagtggcaga agggatattc caacatcact cctcccttct ctattcagaa gacttaatct      9540
     caacacaaac tctcccctct ccaaaaacat attccttaga aagacctctg gccatggaga      9600
     gaactacagg accatagaag tgaggaaaca ttgccagctt gtttccttta ttatggttgg      9660
     tcccagttca acaaggtctt ctttccccaa ataaaattat gcctgaaaca cagaagccgc      9720
     ttatttaata ctttggtaga cttgtcatgg cactatgtca ataagactta aatatatgtg      9780
     tgtgcgtgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatt tgtgtgtgta tataagtata      9840
     tatatgttta tatatgtttt tatatatgtt tatatatgtt ttatatataa attacccttt      9900
     tcaaaaccat tgttttaaag cacttctaac tttactagat ctactatata tacttatatt      9960
     attaaatgtc cattgttata aaattaataa tataaatatc taatataaat atatatttat     10020
     aaatacataa taaatatatt catatattta ttatttatgt caataatata ataatatatt     10080
     atataatata tgatatatta taatatagta ttatataatt atataatata tgatatatta     10140
     taatacagta ttatataatt atataatata tgatttatta taatatacaa atatatataa     10200
     ttaaatttat attatatata ttagatccag taaatttaga agtggttcaa aacagtggtt     10260
     tacaacattt cccctttctt cccttccatt taaacttcta ccttgccagg tcagaccttg     10320
     cataaatgca tgtcttttaa aagagtacct tcaaagacat tttattttgc acacttcatc     10380
     aatgacagtg ttttaatcgg ttgaaacaca ggtcataatt taagtttccc atctagaaaa     10440
     tgccttttgg catagaaagt tatcttgaga tattggttgc taaacaccat tttttaaaac     10500
     ataattaact tgcccagatg tggtggctca cacctgtaat cctagcactt tgggaggaca     10560
     aggtgggtgg gttgcctgag gtcaggagtt tgagatgagc ctgttcaatg tggtgaaacc     10620
     caatctctac ttaaaataca aaaaatttgc tgagcatggt ggcaggcccc tgtaatccta     10680
     gctcagtagc tgaggcaaaa gaatcccttg aacccagaag ggggaggttg cagtgagctg     10740
     agatcgtgcc actttcctcc agcatgggca acagaatgag actctgtctc ccaaaaacaa     10800
     aaaatgaaaa aacaaacaaa cataattaac ttaaacaaat gtctgagccg ggagaaagag     10860
     gccacttgca aaggatgtca gaagggtatc agactgcaga ttctaaaact ttgtaaatca     10920
     cagcagttga tactatcaac caaagtttgt ctcctccttg ccaaggaaag atgaaaagga     10980
     catagtatgt cttactttag gattccctct ggggtaggct gaataatggc ccccaaaggt     11040
     ctccatgttc taatgtccag aatctgcaaa tatgtggcct tgtgtggcaa aatagatttt     11100
     gcagatgtgg ttaggttaag gatattgaga tggggagatt gtcctggatt atgcaggtgg     11160
     gttgttataa aagggatgca gtggggtcag atacagaaaa aaagatgaga caacaacaat     11220
     gacaacagat gctaggtgac acaggaccat gagctagggg atgtgaacac cttctagaag     11280
     ctagagaagg caaagagctg actgcttcct agagcctcca taagaaatca gcctgctggt     11340
     ggaaaagcaa attagttcag ccagcagttt agagatttct ttaagaactt acatcagaac     11400
     taccattcga cccagcaaac caattaccag gtatagaccc aaaggaaaat aaatcattct     11460
     accaaaaaga cacaagcatt tgcatgttca gcacagcagt attcacaata gcaaagacat     11520
     gcaatcaacc tatgtgccca tcaatggtga actgcacaaa gaaaatgtgg tacatataca     11580
     ccatgaagta ctaggcagcc atataaaagt aacaaaatta tgtcctttac agcaacatgg     11640
     atgcagttga agacaattat gctaagtgaa ctaattcaga aacagaaaaa caaataccat     11700
     gttgatatgg tttggctgtg tctccaacca aatcacatgc tgaattgtag ctctcataat     11760
     ccacacatat aatgggagag acctggtggg aggtaaattg atcatggggg tgggtttttt     11820
     cttatgctat tctcatgaca gtgaataagg tttacgagat ctgatggctt tataaaggcc     11880
     agaacccctg cacactctct tgcctgccac catgtgagac atgcctttgc tccttcttta     11940
     ccttccacca taattgtgag gcctcccagt aatgtagaac tgcgagtcca tgaaaccact     12000
     ttttctttat aaattactca gtctcaggta tttctttata gcagtatgaa aatgaacaaa     12060
     tgcaaatttt ctcatttata agtgggacct aaacaacaga tacacatgga cataaagatt     12120
     gggacaatag acactgggat tttgaaaggt aggaggaaca ggaggcaagt gttgaaaaac     12180
     ttcctgttgg gtacaatatt cactaactga gcaaggggat cattagaagg ccaaacctca     12240
     gcatcataca atatatccta gttacaaacc tgcacatgtg ttctctaaat ccaaaataaa     12300
     attggaaaag aaaaagaaaa agaaatcagt catgccaaca tcttgatttt aggacttctg     12360
     acctccaatt atataaggga ataagtttat ctcaccttta gtcactatgt atgtaataat     12420
     ttttatagca gcaaaagaaa actaatatac cttcccacat ccagaacatt tgttaactct     12480
     tcattttctc tcatctaata gactatcacc ttttcttatt tttcctttct gtaaggatgg     12540
     taggctgaac ctagcttgta ctggctcatg aaagtcagcg gaggtcatct cctcccatct     12600
     ccatattcag taacaatatt ttgcagccta gaatcagaca tgataggagt atcttcacca     12660
     tggaaattca aaaatgctat aaattatcac ctcatgacac tccttcttga gacttcaatt     12720
     ttatttaaaa ttcaccagtc attcccactt tcttggataa tgggtttgga aaaagtcatg     12780
     aaattttgtc ttggagtcct tgacctaggt tcagtgattt tcatcaaaat gtagatatat     12840
     ctggttgaat attgacttag tataaaacct aaaatgtacc taataataac agacatgtgt     12900
     aaagtatttt aaatcattga cataagctag aattagagta atcttaggga gtgtttatgg     12960
     atagaatata tgtgaagaaa agaatacaaa gcagacctta agaaataagg cagacttggt     13020
     tgtagattaa ttgacagttt aaatgtgcag aaagataccg aatacaggga atataactgt     13080
     tattaagcaa tttggaaaga agaattagta gtagatgata ccacatcttt ccatttcagt     13140
     gtaagccttc tatatgcatt aaatataggc atgacacata caaacaatat actaccttgt     13200
     taatataatt caaaataact gattttgctt gcatgaaaaa gaaatggccc tacttataca     13260
     aatctatgca atgatactga cattcgagac tccaggaaaa ctgggtcatt aaaggatact     13320
     tttgaaccaa atctgattag tggtacataa atttttttgc cttgaaggct tcccttgggt     13380
     gtgttcttga atacctcttc tctctttttt gtagtgattg atatatcctc tttggaactt     13440
     ggtatgtcat tacacttttc catctttcca attttacaca ttggcagtga ggatttctgc     13500
     tgtttgtgtc atcagcagca tctcaatctt tttgtatttc caagcaaggc tatttttact     13560
     ttcagtctta tttttaatca ctcttgcttt ggtcagaaac ataggcaata gagggcaagt     13620
     aaatactcag tgactgcctg tttagaggag ttgggggtag agctttgatg tgcaatgttt     13680
     gttgactctt gtgtaaatac tccaactggg actgatttca agtgatcacc ataatgtcat     13740
     tgagtgcaga gttaggagga gatgcaccca gttgaatgtt tgggagccag ttcccctaag     13800
     atttagtgtt gaatgtaaag caactctggg caccattgac caaagtcaaa ccacatagac     13860
     aaagcctgtt cataaagcca actaaaacca ctcaacaaca acaaataaaa aaattactcc     13920
     atgaaaaagt gggcaaaagg catgagtaga cacttttcaa aagaagacat acaaatgcca     13980
     gtgagtctat gaaaaatcct catcatctca aattatcagg gaccacagtc attactactg     14040
     tggtccaagt caaaacaaca atgagatatc atttttgcca gtcagaatgg ctataattaa     14100
     aaaatcagaa aacagcagat gttgatgagg atgtggtgaa aaggaaatgt ttatacactg     14160
     ttagtaggaa tgcaaattag taaaacctca gtggaaaact gtggagattt ctcagtgaac     14220
     taaaaacaga actaccattg atttatcaat gccactactg gaggcctatc caaaggaaaa     14280
     gaaattatta tataaaaaaa tcatacctga acttgtgtat tcatatacag cactattcac     14340
     aatagcaaag ctataaaatt aacacagttt cccatcaatg gtgtactggg taaagaaaat     14400
     gtggtctaaa tacactgtgg aatattacac agccataaaa aagaataaaa tcagtctttt     14460
     gcagcaacat agatacaatg gaggccatta tcttaagtaa actaactcag aaaggaaaat     14520
     taaatactgt atattgtcac tcacaattgg gagctaaata atgtacacat ggacaaaaag     14580
     agtggaataa tagactttgt tggcttatga aggtattagg ggatgagaaa ttacttaatt     14640
     gacataaagt actcgattca gttgatggct acactaaaag cccagacttc attactgtgc     14700
     attgtatcta tgtaagagaa ctgcacatgt accctctaaa tatgtacttt taaaaaagga     14760
     ataaaacagt cttaaaaaaa gagaaatcta ggaagcttcc ataatccata ttgtaactcc     14820
     gggaaagtta tcattgtgag gtcctccatt gggtgtccca gtacaaaatc tgttaaaaga     14880
     aaaaattaca taaagtgaag ttgacaagaa cagaagtatg catgtgggaa agttactagc     14940
     tttcaaatct ggagtacaca tccaccagca ttgtctcatg aaatgtatag cttcctcatg     15000
     caaagaagtc attggtgctt gcaatcatac aaatgagaag aatgaaagta ttgtcgaaat     15060
     accgacagcc ttatagctgt ctactaaaca tagagctaag cagaagcaaa gaagagataa     15120
     ttcatgagtt agagtaaatt caaccaaact ttctttgaac agatcagggc atccatggaa     15180
     atcaacagga ttgaaaaagt tgcagctctt ctcttttagg gaaaaatttg gcctcagata     15240
     aacatttatg tttgttgtca aagggggggg aaatgttata ttatattaaa gaatagaatt     15300
     ttttttgtaa taccacacca cagatagaat agtactgttc agtgaaagtt catatctccc     15360
     aaaacacaac cattaaggca gaaaagccac tatctcagag agatgcttct atctgggaaa     15420
     aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cagaaaaaga tgcaaaaggc taaagacagt     15480
     atcctgagac agcatgtttt tatcccaaga ttttattttt gaaggatgcg ctaacctacc     15540
     tctttttctc atctattttt cagagagaaa cactggcatt aggagaacag ccatgtaaca     15600
     gattcaaaga agcacctgtc ctgtaggatt taatttctgg aagatcaaaa ccatcatcaa     15660
     caatatgctt ggtatttcca ttgaaggaat ttcctcaggg aattaaaaat tagaaggaaa     15720
     tgaatagaaa gtcagaggac attcaatacc agcaaaagga cttggtcttg ctctctgctt     15780
     ttggggcaaa gaaaacctag ggagatgaca tgatcctaga tgggtttatc tgcatggtgt     15840
     gcctacgtga tgagggctgt ggatggcctc tcattttctg acatccggca cagatcggaa     15900
     ctggaaacca cagtaggaca aagcaaatct catctcctta tgtcaaccaa agtcaaagtc     15960
     cagattcact gccactgaag ctaaagacca gaaggtacca ccacctctct gcagaagcca     16020
     ttgcagtttg caagcacttc agggaaaact gctctgtggt tggtttgcaa aatgaactga     16080
     gatggtattt tctccatttc agtttaacca gaagattaga gtctaaaaag tatagttgta     16140
     tttcttagat gccagagttt aaaggctgat cttcacacta atgagtttca gagttggccg     16200
     tgaagtaagt gatctaagaa accctgggtg ggccaggtgc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc     16260
     ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggcggacgga tcacgaggtc aggagatcga gaccatgttg     16320
     gctaacgtag tggaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aattagctgt gcgtggtggc     16380
     gggcgcctgt agtcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatggcgt gaacccggga     16440
     ggtggagctt gcagtgagcc gagattgtgc cactgcactc cagcctgggc gacagagcga     16500
     gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa     16560
     gaaaccctgg ttggaagctc atgcataata gaattttaca ctaatttgca tgcagatttt     16620
     tattaatgca accaaaaagt caagtctata acctctattc aatattaagg tgatcacatc     16680
     caaaggaggg aaacagtatt aaagggaaac aggtggaact ggaactaaat taacaaagaa     16740
     gggggctgat ggaaagttac ttcacttacc agataagtca gggtctgtaa tatatacaaa     16800
     agttcaacct gaagaaaagc tttgctccaa aggaactgtg tcttaggtag tacccccatt     16860
     attctctact ttgtactttt ttctcttttc ttggttagat aaatgatttc ccatttaaaa     16920
     gcatccaaaa acccaatttt gtctgtgagc catgcaggat tccacactag ggcatcaggg     16980
     gttggctagt ttccaggctg taacctgctt ttgatctttc aacacatggt cttagtgttc     17040
     taaactcttc tacatgaaca cccaaataaa caagattcga gagagcatca ttcttgttgg     17100
     ttttagtttc tagaccacat tcattaagga cagtgtgttt agtgtttctg aggtgggtat     17160
     ttcctcagga ggctaaaagt gtgtgatgga aactcagtag aggggcagag gatattcatg     17220
     aagatgctgt ctatcaattt ctatgcctgt tcctagggtt ctagccgttt gtcggtcttg     17280
     tgccccaaat gccaagaata aatggtttaa aacactgatt ctatctttcc tgcaacacag     17340
     ttaatgagta acaactgatg actgggacta atttacagaa aatactaact tgcaaacaga     17400
     cacctcaaat gctttaaact aggattactg aactctagta ccagtgataa tggctgtagg     17460
     tgattcttgg gaagagaagg cacagtcttg ttgatcacag aatgcttatc agcctctcta     17520
     gcttctatcc actagattcc agtagaattc accacattgc aaggctccaa ccaccaaaaa     17580
     ttatctttaa actctgctaa atgtcatctt gacagcaaaa ttgctgccat ggagagacat     17640
     ggatttattt aattttgaag ctactgacag taggctgggt tgaaatcagg gttatgccga     17700
     atgagagaaa atattgtcac aacaaaagaa aaccaagcaa aaacaaaagt taccaacata     17760
     gatataccta aggtcaactt ttctgtgaat ttctgcaagg tatgttggca ctacattttg     17820
     gggactagta gccaaaggaa cttcttaaga aatgcagccc tcaaatgaac cctaccaata     17880
     acacatctga tatggtttgg ctctgtgccc caaccaaatc tcaccttgaa ttgtaataat     17940
     caccaaatgt caagggtggg gccaggtgga gataattgaa ttatgggact ggttccccca     18000
     tactgtcctc ctgatagtga atgagttcta atgagatatg atggttttaa aagcatccag     18060
     catttcccct gctggtacac tctctcttgc ctgctgtgat gtaagacatg ccttctgact     18120
     tctgccatga ttgtgaggcc tccccagcca cgtggaactg aaattccatt aaacctcttt     18180
     cttttgtaaa ctgccatggc ttgagtatgt cttcatcagc agtgtgaaaa tggactaata     18240
     caacattaat gtgaatggat gttacaatga cccccacccc attgaataga ccttctgtga     18300
     ggctcaggta tgttttcagg tgagttaaaa attctgtaag aaaaatatca tctcactgat     18360
     tccttcattt tgtttaaaag gttagtgcaa aatgtattta tgtatcaaag ttagttgcct     18420
     ggataaataa gtatctatct gaagacatta aaataaacaa acaacaaaaa cctggttagc     18480
     atagttaact tggtaagagc cagggaaatc atacctttaa aaatattata ttttggccag     18540
     gcgcagtggc tcatgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ttaagggggg ccgatcactc     18600
     aaggtcagga gttgagacag cctgggcaac atgacaaaac tcagtctcta cgaaagatac     18660
     aaaaattagc caggggcggt ggcatgcacc tgtaatcaca gcaactgggg aggctgaggc     18720
     acaagcatac cttgaaccca ggaggcagaa gttgcagtga gctgagatta tgccattgca     18780
     ctctagcctg agcaatagag tcagatgctg tctcaaataa aaaaagaaaa aaaagaaaag     18840
     ttaatatttg gagtggggaa caatgaattc gttctgaaag tagattgtgg ccaggcgcgg     18900
     tggctcacgc ctataacccc agaactttgg gaggcagagg tgggcagatc acaaggtcag     18960
     gagattgaga ccatcctggc taacacggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaga     19020
     agttagccag gcgtggtggt ggatgcctgt agtcccagct actccggagg ctgaggcagg     19080
     agaatggagt gaacccagga ggtggagctt gcagtgagtg gagatcgcgg cactgcactc     19140
     ctacctgggc aacagaacaa cactccatca aaaagaaaga aggaaaggaa agaaagaaag     19200
     agagagagag agagggaggg agggagggaa agaaaaagaa aagaaagaaa gagagaaaga     19260
     aagaaagaga gagagagaaa agaaagaaag agaaagaaag aaagagaaag aaggaaaaag     19320
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaggaaagaa agaaggaaag     19380
     aaagaaagag aaaggaagaa agaaaaaaga agattgcatt ctgtctggga tacagtatgt     19440
     agacagtttt tttttttttt ttttaactgt ggggaaaaaa atgtggtttt tcttgcttca     19500
     catgattcta acattctttg tatcctgtac tgaagattga gaattaagca tttcactttt     19560
     atgtttctcc catggggtaa ttttaaatta agctggtctc cggctattat atttatttta     19620
     ctcttttgag tttgcttttt ttccaaaaat aaagcctgca gttcactaat gtactgtcag     19680
     atgatgttga atacacagga gacacagcca ttatctgtct cagtaaacac atttttctca     19740
     aaccaaaagc tagagattat gccaataagc ttttatggca acttgttaga tctttcttag     19800
     gatatgataa tgatttttct ctctagcttg ctttcaaatt ctatgaaatg atgagaatta     19860
     aaaataagaa ttttagaact aatattttgt aaaaatagga tcataaaacc aagacccaaa     19920
     tcaaatttta aaaatgtata tacccagagt gtcttaggtc aagttttcta gaagagcctg     19980
     gagaaggatt cttgtgcatt agtttttagt aataataata atttttatta ttagtgaagc     20040
     ctttgtatgt gctagaaata atgccaaaca ccttacctaa attattttat ttaattttca     20100
     aaggaatcct atgaaacaga ttttatcata acaataatat ttatttttta gatatatggg     20160
     gtacatctgc ttgtttttta tatgagtatg ttgcatgctg gtggggattc agcttataga     20220
     atactcatta tgcaaatagt gaacattata ctcaataggt aatttttcaa ccctcatgcc     20280
     cctcactttt ccattttgga gtctccagtg tttgttatct cctttctgat gtccatgtct     20340
     gcccattgtt tagctccttc ttataaggga gaacatatag tatttgagtt tctgtttctg     20400
     agttactaga cttaggacac tggcttccaa cttcatccat gttgcagtta aagacttgat     20460
     ttcatttttt ttatggctgt gtaattttct attgtgtata tgcatcacat tttgtttatc     20520
     cagtaaacca ccaatggaca tgattttctg aagaagacct ctcaggagaa gggcaggaca     20580
     gcaggctggg gttcaggggc tggagagcta gagtggatat ggtcccacct ggagatgtat     20640
     ttcaacttgc acttcaaact tagtcctatc ttgaggcaag ataactcatc tgtgctctct     20700
     aggggatgca aaattgccac atcaatatga tgtccactaa ggattttaat gataaggaaa     20760
     agtggttatg acttttatat ttttttttga gatggagttt cactcttgtt gcccagtctg     20820
     gagtgcaatg actcgatctc ggctcacccc aacctccgcc tcccaggttc aagtgattct     20880
     tctgcctcag ccttcctaat agctggaatt acaggtatgt gccaccacac ccggctaatt     20940
     ttctattatt ttttttttta gtagagacag ggtttcttca tgttggtcag gctcgtttca     21000
     aactcctgac ctcaggtgat ccacccacct cagcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca     21060
     cgagccactg cacctggcca acatgtgtta agtgaatcag agactacaca ggaatctacc     21120
     actaacacaa tcttaaccat gcaccaaagt ctactgaacc aagactaaag acagttatac     21180
     caaagtatta ttaatggtta tctctggaag tttcaagata tcagaagatg aaaggtagtc     21240
     attttcttta attttttaaa ataaattggt tttcacagtg gacatagtgt agtgaacaag     21300
     aacacatacc tagtatgtgt gcaaaacctt attcagcaac ccaagtaagg tatgactgag     21360
     caatttacat cctttaaaag ggttttgata aattattgtc catgattctc caactgacca     21420
     tatgttttgt aaataaagtt ttattggaac accgtaccta tggctgcttt tgtaaaatag     21480
     cagagtggaa tagtctccac tttaaaagat ttaaaagaga gcatgtgagt gaagaaatca     21540
     ctcaactttt acaatgctat tgtcacttcc atgactcatt ttattttcca tcagaagcac     21600
     aactctagtc cttgcaggct cttattacaa aggaagaaaa tgagactcag taattaaagt     21660
     gaactgccta agtccccata actatctcaa agcatgtgga accagacatg tgtgtgattc     21720
     tcaacacaca atcaattcat tgcttccaag aaatcagaaa ttatctattt tcaggtttat     21780
     tccaggtttc cagactgcaa cgaggcagta gaaaatgttg catataggcc aggtgtggtg     21840
     gctcatgtct gtaatcccag cacttgggga gccgaggcgg gtgaatcact aggtcaggat     21900
     atggtgacca ctctgactaa catggtgaaa ccctatcttt aacaaataca caaaaaatta     21960
     gccaggcatg gtgtcacaca cctatagtcc cagctacttg ggaggccgag gcaggagaat     22020
     agcttgaacc gaggtgccgg aggttgcagt gagccaagat tgcatcagtg cactccagcc     22080
     tgggtgacag agtgagactc tgtcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaagaaaag     22140
     aaaacaagag aaaataagga aggaaggaag gaagaaaaag ttgcatgtaa agtttcatta     22200
     ggttttagta gtataatatc tttcatacag gaattgtttg ctcaagtact tttgatcatt     22260
     tgtggacaat gcggttaaga taaatcctgc cagggtacta tgcaaattta atgtttgaat     22320
     gcatttcttt tgagtattgg aagctcatat aactttttgt gtagcatatt tggcagggat     22380
     tcttttacta gaagtaagat cgtaaagctt atcagaattt attatttgca ctcctcaaga     22440
     tgagaaatgt tgtgcttttg gattctatta cataattctg tgctatggag aaaaggcaat     22500
     ctgtaacaga cattttattc cacatttttt tttactatac ttgctgtagt cctatagatg     22560
     taggctagag aaaaaatagt aaagtagtgg aatacaatat actttctatg tctttttttg     22620
     ggaggaatcc ttaagaatta gatgcaagta gttttgtaag tatgtgaaat gcaacctctc     22680
     agttctattt ctgttttctt tccaacagtt attatatttt caaatacctg agcatgaatg     22740
     atggaactca ggaatgataa acatggtggc ttaggctgca tcaaaagaag gacagaacag     22800
     agtcatcacc cattctgaaa tggatggtgg gtgatatcta gaaataggct gcctggggcc     22860
     aggtgcagtg actcacacct gtaattctag catttgggga ggtcaaggca ggaagactcc     22920
     ttgagcccaa caggctagct gcccaggcta ttcttaaact ccagggctca agcaatcttt     22980
     tttaacaaga cctcatgtct acaaaaaata ataataatta aataaaatag ccagacatgg     23040
     tggcctacac ctctattcct tgctactcag gaagttgagg aaagcggatc ccttgagccg     23100
     tggagtctga ggctacagtg agctatcatt acaccattgc actccagctt gggtgacaga     23160
     gtgacacctt gtctttaaaa aatgttttaa aattaagaaa tagaaataag ctatctgttt     23220
     gcaaattctt aatgagttat tacgtatgta aagtgccctg ctaagaaacg tgtaaatagt     23280
     attttctggg caagatggca gaataggaac agctcttgtc tgtgtcttcc agcaagacca     23340
     atgcagaagg tgggtgattt ctgtatttcc aactgaagta ccctgttcat ctcattggga     23400
     ctggttaggc aatggatgta gctcatggaa agtaagcaga agcaggctga ggcatcacct     23460
     cacccagaaa gtgcaagcag tgtggggcct ccctttccca gccaagagaa gccttgaggg     23520
     actgtgctat ctggctgaga tactacactt ttcccaaggt tttggaatag tcagaccagg     23580
     agattccctc atgtgcctat atcaacaggg acctggattt caagcacaaa actggctggc     23640
     tgtttgggca cacaccaagc tagctaaagg agtttttttt tgttcatacc ccagtggcac     23700
     cggcaactcc agtgagacag aaccattcac ttgaaagggg gctgaagcca gggagccaag     23760
     tggtctcact cagtgggtcc tactcccatg gagcccagca agctaagaac cactggctag     23820
     aaattcttgc cgccagcatt gcagtctgaa tatgacctgg gatgatagag cttgatgggg     23880
     agaggggcat ccacaattac tgaggcttga gttagcagtt ttcctgtcac agacagctaa     23940
     ggactgggca gaattcaaca cagcacagcg aagtgtctgt ggccagactg cctttctgta     24000
     ttcctcctca ctggtcagga catccctgaa agaaaggcag catctccagt taggggctta     24060
     tagataaaac tcccatctcc cttggacaga gttcctggag gaaagggcaa ctgtgggtgc     24120
     agcttcagca gacttaaaca tccctgcctg tctgctctga agagagcagc atattatcac     24180
     agggagggtt ctcccagcac agtgcttagg ctctgctaag ggacagactg cccttagcag     24240
     tcttcaagtg ggtccctgac tttaatgtct cttgactggg tgagatgtac caacaggggt     24300
     tgacagacac ctcatatagg agagctccga ctggcatcag gctggtgtcc ctcttggatg     24360
     aagattccag aggaaggagc aggcagcaat ttttgctatt ctgtagccac tgctggtgat     24420
     actctggcaa acagggtctg gagtggacct ccagcaaact gcagcagacc agccgaagag     24480
     aaacctgact attagaagaa aaactaacaa acagaaaaca ataacgtcaa cttcaacaaa     24540
     aagtaccccc aaacagaagc cccagccaaa ggttttcagc ctcaaacatc aaaggtagat     24600
     aaatccatta aaatgagaat taaccatagg aaaaatgctg aaaattccaa gaaaacagga     24660
     cgactattct ccttcaaatg attgcaactc ctctccaaca agggaacaaa actgaataga     24720
     gaatgaattt gacaaactga cagaagtagg cttcagaagg tgggtaataa caaactcatc     24780
     tgagctaaag gagcatgttc taacccaatg taagggagct aagaacctta ataaaaagtt     24840
     acaggaattg ataactagaa tgaccatttt aaaaaagaac ataaatgacc tgatggaact     24900
     gaaaaacaca gcacgagaac ttcgtgaagc atacacaaga ttcaatagcc aaactgatca     24960
     agcagaagat aggatataac agattgaaga tcaacttaat gaaataaagc atgaagacaa     25020
     tattagagaa aaaagaatga aaaggaatga acaaagtctc caagaaatat gggcttatgt     25080
     gaaaaaacca aacctacaat tgatgagggt tcctgaaagt gacaaggaga atggaaccaa     25140
     attagaaaac acttcagaat agtatccagg agaacttcac caacctagca agatataaca     25200
     acatttaaat tcaggaaata cagagaatat aagaaaggta gtcttcgaga agagcaacca     25260
     caagacaaat atttgtcaga ttcttcaagt ttgaaacaga gggtaaaatg taaaagggag     25320
     ccagaaagaa agatcaggtt acctgcaaag ggaatcacat cagactaaca gtagttcttt     25380
     ctgcagaaac cccacaagcc aaaaaaagtg gggccaatat tcagcatgct taaagaaaag     25440
     aattttcaac ccagaatgtc ataaccagac aaactaagtt tcataagtaa aggagaaata     25500
     aaatccttta cagacaagga aatgctgagg gattttctca ccaccaggcc taccagaaaa     25560
     gagctcctga aggaaccatt aaatatggaa aggaaaaagc agtactagcc actgcaaaaa     25620
     cacaccaaaa tgtaaagatc aatgacaact gtgaggaaac tgcatcaaat gatgtgcaaa     25680
     ataactagct agcatcatga taatgtgatc aaattcacac acaacaatat tatccttaaa     25740
     tgtaaatggg ctatgtgccc caaataaata acacagactg gaaaattgaa tagagtcaag     25800
     acccatcaat gtgctatatt tagaagaacc atctcatgtg cgaagacata cataggctca     25860
     aaataaatga atggaggaat atttaccaag cctcccccaa aaaacagggc ttgcacttct     25920
     ggtctctgat aaaacagaca ttaaactaac aaagatcaca aaaggaaaag aaaggaatta     25980
     taaaatgata aaggaatcaa tgcaacaaaa atagctaact atcctaaata tatatgcacc     26040
     ccatacagga ccctcagatt catgtaacaa cttcttggtg acctacaaag aggcttagac     26100
     tcccatgcca taatagtgga agactttaat attcaggact tgaactcagc tctagaccaa     26160
     gtgaagctaa tagatatcta cagcactctc caccccaaat caagagaata tacattcttc     26220
     tcagcgtcac atcgcactta ttctaaaatc aaccacataa ctggaaataa aacactcctc     26280
     agcaaacaca aaagaatgga aatcataata aacagtctct cagtccacag tgccatcaaa     26340
     ttagaactaa ggattaagag actcactcaa aactacgcaa ctacatggaa actgaagaac     26400
     ctgctcctga atgactactg ggtaaacaag caaataaagg cataaataat ggcattcttc     26460
     aaaatgtacc ataatctctg ggacatagct aaagcagtgt gtacagggaa gacaatgtac     26520
     cataatctct aggacatagc taaagcagtg tgtacgggga aatttatagc actaaatgcc     26580
     catattagaa ggcagtaaat atgtaaaatt gatatcataa catcacaatt aatagaacta     26640
     aagaagcaag ggcaagcaaa ttcagaagct agcagaagac aaaaaaataa ctaagattag     26700
     agcagaatgg aagaagagac aagaaaaact cttgaaaaaa ttaataaatc tagaagcagt     26760
     tgtttttaaa gattaacata gtagatagac cactagccag actaaaaaag aagaagagag     26820
     aagaatcaaa tagacaaaat aaaaaacggt aaatgataaa gggaatatca ccactattcc     26880
     tagagaaata caaactacca tcagagaata ttataaaaac ctcttagcta agaaactaga     26940
     aaacccataa gaaatgaata aattactgga catatactcc ctctcaagac taaatcagga     27000
     agaagttgaa tccctgaata gagcaataac aagttctgaa attaaagctg taattaatag     27060
     ccaatcaacc aaaaaaagcc caggatgagt tgaactcaca tccaaattca accagaggta     27120
     gaattccttt tgaaactgcc atttcagaag gaagacacca ttccttatga aactattcca     27180
     aatgatagaa aaaggggcaa tcctccctaa ctcattttat gaggccagca taatcctgat     27240
     tccaaaacct gggagacaca caagaaacaa aatttcaggc cagtatccct gataaacatc     27300
     aatgtaaaaa tcctcaatga aatactggaa aaccaaattc agcagcacat caaaaagttt     27360
     attcagcacg atcaagtcag cttcatacct gggatgcaag gctggttcaa cacatgaaaa     27420
     tcaataaatg taatccatca cataaacaga accaaggaca aaaaccacat gataacatta     27480
     atagacacag aaaaggcctt cgatataatt caacaccacc tcattctaaa aactctcagt     27540
     aaactaggta ttgatggaac atgtctcaaa ataacaagag ctatttatga caaacccata     27600
     accaatatca tactgaatgg ggaaaagctg gaagcattgc cttcgaaaat aggcacaaga     27660
     cgaagatgcc ctctctcacc actcctattc aacacagtat gaagttctgg ctgggacaat     27720
     cgggcaagag aaagaaataa agagtattca aataggaaga gaggaagtca aattgtctct     27780
     ctttgcagat gacatgattg tatcttcaga taacgtgatt gtatatttaa aaaacctcat     27840
     catctcagcc ccaaaactcc ttaagctgat aagaaacttc agcaaactct caggatacag     27900
     aaaaacattc ttatacacca acagtagaca aagagagagc caaattatac gtgaactccc     27960
     attcacaact gctacaaaaa aaaaaaaagg cctaggaaga caacttacaa gggagatcaa     28020
     ctacctcttc aaggagaact acaaaccact tgtcagggaa agaagagagg atacaaacaa     28080
     atggaaaaat attccaagct tatggatagg aagaatcaat gtcatgaaaa tggccatact     28140
     ttccaaagta atgtatagat tcaatgctat tcccatcaag ctaccagtga atttcctcac     28200
     agaactggaa aaaaaaatac tttaaatttc atatggaaaa aaacaaagcc tatatagcca     28260
     agacaatcct cagcaaaaag aacaaagctg gaagtatcgt gctaccagac ttcaaactat     28320
     actacaaggc aatagtaacc aaaacagcat gatactgtta tgaaaacaga tacatatatg     28380
     taacaataga acacagcaga ggcctcagaa ataacaccac acatctacaa ccatctgatc     28440
     ttcaacaaac tgacaaaaac aagtaataag gaaaagattc cctatttaat aaatggtgct     28500
     gggtaactgg ctagccatac acagaaatca gaaactggac ccttgcttta caccatatat     28560
     aaaaattcat tcaagatgga ttaaagactt aaatgtaaaa cctaaaaaac ataaaaaccc     28620
     tagaagaaaa cctagacaat accattcagg acataggcat gggcaaatgc ttcatgacta     28680
     aaatatcaga agcaattgga acaaaagcca aaatggacaa atatcatcta aataaactaa     28740
     agagcttctg ctcagcaaca taaactacaa atgtgatcta attaaactaa agagctcctg     28800
     ctgagcaaat taaactatca tcagagtgaa caggcaacct acagaatgga agacaatttt     28860
     tgcaatctat ccatctgaca aagggctaag gtccataatc tacaagaact taaacaaatt     28920
     tacaggaaac aagcaaaccg tcccatcaaa aagtgggtga aggatatgaa cagacactcc     28980
     tcaaaagaag acatttatgt ggccatcaaa tttatgaaaa aaagctcatc atcactggtc     29040
     attatagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccacaatg aggtatcatc tcacaccagt tataatggtg     29100
     atcattgaaa agtctggaaa caacagatgc tggcaaggat gcggagaaat agaaacactt     29160
     ttacactgtt ggtgtgggtg taaattagtt caaccattgt ggaagatggt gtggtgattc     29220
     ctcaaggatc tcaaactaga aataccattt gacctagcaa tcccattact gagcatatat     29280
     cgaaaggact acaaatcatt ctgctataaa gacacatgca cacttatgtt tatacagcac     29340
     tgtttacaat atcagagaca tggaatcatg ctcatcagtg atagggtgga taaagaaaat     29400
     gtggcatata tacatcatgg aatagtatgc aacataaaaa agaatgagtt catgcccttt     29460
     tcagggacac ggatgaagat gaaaaccatc attctcagca aactaacaca gcagaaaacc     29520
     aaactctgct tattctcact cataagcagg agccaaagaa tgagaacaca tggacaaagg     29580
     gagggaaaca tcacatactg aggctggtca ggggcttgtg gggaagggaa aggagagcat     29640
     taggagaaat gcctaatgca tgcaggactt aaaacctagt gttgaaaggt gccgcaaacc     29700
     accaaggtac atgtatacct atgtaataaa cctgtacttt cagcacatgt atcccagtat     29760
     ataaagtaaa attaaaaaaa aaaaaaggaa agaaaagcaa acaactgcta ctggcttagt     29820
     cccaacaggc taaaaagaaa acaagcaaaa tgtgtaaata agacacagtc tctgtattaa     29880
     ctgtcctgaa catctttgta gaagatataa atgttttcag caaacactta tagtacagga     29940
     aaaaggcaat atacctaatg cattcaacaa catatgatcc attatttcct attttccagg     30000
     tgttttgcta aaagcagact tcactctctg ctgcttcata ttacaacata attgaaggat     30060
     tttttttcct tggcaatggg aaggtcaatg gttgggatca atcaaccatt tgccagtatc     30120
     atattgaatt ctactttatc ctccagttgt tgatgttaga ggtgaaaaaa atattgagga     30180
     ccacacacca taccgatgag ctaggtgaat gtgctaccac agaccactgt ccacacgttc     30240
     acaatatctt ggaattttcc aatccttgcc tccacctttc gctgggtgag tgatgggcat     30300
     aggtagctag gctaatgatg gtaaagatgt gtacctgcca caatcacagg cagcaaaatg     30360
     cctgccatgc aatgagcctg tctttgggat gatacccatg gttgagaagc ttcttcttca     30420
     cattggccat tttacccata taaatagttt tgcttggggg tacctgaatt ctaccgtgcc     30480
     actgtcattt agggctaaca gtgaggcagc atatttccct gacaccttca tgagcaagaa     30540
     ctggagtgca tgggcgctgg catgggtgat ttccactcac tcacttctcc acccctcatg     30600
     ggagtgggag taccaggtga gggagtgcag gagcaagatg ggcaattttg cttgccagca     30660
     agagcaaact ccatactggc ctcacagcag cctctaggga agggtgcctg tgactcctaa     30720
     agccccagcg gaagtggtac agtgcctttt tagctttgcc atctgcagat ggtttaagca     30780
     ttaacagctc agtggagggt cagtatgaca gttttttgta ccaacacttg tggcacccaa     30840
     gttcttgtcc agcatccaag aggaatgaga ttgcactaac aaattgaagg tggtaaatgt     30900
     gagggatttt tttattgctg ttgaaagtgg ctctaagtgt gaagaggagc tgaaaaatgg     30960
     atggggtgtg aaggtaagtc agtccagctg tttctggcca gactcctttc ggatactaca     31020
     ctgtcaagcg tccctctgca atcaagccac ttttctccaa tgtccaacca tagtctctga     31080
     catccagctg cttctcctgt ctgccggctg agcctggggt tcctacaggc acagaatggg     31140
     gaggtgggat gggccctgag tgctttcgga aaaggcaaca tatgagcagg aaaacagaga     31200
     tgtaagttct cacttcaggt atggttccag gttttttggt ttgagggtgg ggtcttcacc     31260
     agggaccttt ccttttctgc ccagaatttc cctgcctcct gtttctatca agatatggga     31320
     aagaactata ctacttggat tgtggttctc cagtaagttc tgcaccaggg attggagttg     31380
     atagctgaaa atgttcaaga tgagagaaag gctgtctagc ctgggttgag ctaaatcatg     31440
     caaatttagt aaagccttaa tcccccaggc ttcaggcttc attcttaagg ctctgaacct     31500
     gatttggaag aaaggctctt ccctcaccct gaggtcatca ttcccagaaa gcctaggaca     31560
     ttgtgactga ctgaacctaa cactctaata attagtgact accagtttgg tcattcttgt     31620
     agtctcatta ccctaagttg aaacaaaagt atctcaacaa tgaaaagaag aggaccttat     31680
     tttcaggaac ttaatggtaa aataggaagg gccatgagga caccacaaca tgtacttcat     31740
     ggaagcttgg agaaaagcag tctgtattct gactagtaaa gtcaattggg atgagaagac     31800
     ttttgatcag gtctccaaga cgaggcacaa gttcagtaac tagattgcgg gaaacaaggt     31860
     ttccaggaga aggtcatatt gaaggtcaaa gatacagggc attttatagc ttattctcca     31920
     aagcttaagg tgtattgttc atctgaaact tagaataaat gatagaaagt aatggaatca     31980
     aagcctagta ggataatcag attatagctc tgctaacgag tgcagagaaa gcatcgctgg     32040
     ttaatggctg ctatgtattt attttttttg gaatccttaa gaatgaaatg cagttctgta     32100
     agaacatgaa aggcagtctc tcgatgttgt ttctatgtat tctttcaaac agctatagga     32160
     aaaaccaaaa cataaaaatg gtgaaatgtg acatagtttt tgaaaaggcc tgtagactgg     32220
     gcacagtggc tgatgcctgc aatttcagca ttttgggaga ctgaagttgg tggattgctt     32280
     gagcccagga atttgagacc agactgggta acatagtgtg accctgtatc tacaaaaaca     32340
     aaaaacaaaa aacaaacctg agtatggtgg tacatgactg tagtcacaga tacccaagag     32400
     gctgaggtag tagtatcacc agagactggg aggtggaagc tgcattgagc tgtgattatg     32460
     ccactgaact ccagtcttgg taacatagtg agactctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaatggc     32520
     ctgtaactaa aattcacata aaattattga ggttttcgga gcttacctat aactagattt     32580
     agtaaggaaa aagaatatca atattggttt gacaattttt ggtggcatgg actctgataa     32640
     tgtacttaat ggatagttta ctcttccttc aagaaaatgc cccacataca gagaggagac     32700
     acatcacagg gactctaatt acattaagga cccaggttaa aaatctaatt ttatttttta     32760
     ggatgaggaa agtaattttg cggggatagt tccttctgga atgtgcccca tttgccatag     32820
     acaaaaaaaa agaaagagtt gaagcaaaaa aaatgtgtct ttcttggtgg tggatctcag     32880
     caggtggtgg gtctggctac ccagaaatga ttgtattcta tgcagagtaa ggtcagcata     32940
     tgccagtgtc ctctgtggaa ctcatatgtg aaatcctgtg ctgtaagttt tcatgtgtgt     33000
     catctccttt caatcccagt acactatcta atatagtttc caccatactc cctctaagaa     33060
     tgaagatacc acacttgagt acttccctga agatcaaaga tctagctgat ggtggagata     33120
     ggattcaaac tttactatct acaagcagtg ttttttttaa ctggactgct ttaactcata     33180
     tcctcttctg atactttaag aaagcagtga taatattgta cacataagcc caattaaaga     33240
     agccccaata ttagtgttgc tcagagaaat gaatggggtc aactcaaatt gtgatggctc     33300
     caagtaccaa tttttcctta taaataaaga aaatatgtct tgtttaacta gactgggaga     33360
     ctttttcaat gtagccatga aatacaaagc aaaaggtcaa atttataggt aattcaataa     33420
     aagaaatttt ctgagctagt atcagttgcc taatatagaa tataagagaa agatgtacat     33480
     cacataatta cctaacaaaa caagtgtctt cctatgcttg cattaggaat tgtgcactga     33540
     aatattacat agaaatattt atcagtttct gatggctgtg tgagatgaat ctccaatggg     33600
     gtttctcagt ccatcaaact cttggtttct cagtttagct gtgattcctt cttcatccaa     33660
     taagtgcagc atacatttgc agaatgctgg ttgtttcaac cagctcacac tttagaaaat     33720
     aatactgctg gtaagacagt gagtcatatt atccccttaa gtttggacca tagtgagaat     33780
     ttcaaccaaa attaattcaa gaaataatga ttgcacagct acaatgtgct gagctgtgtt     33840
     ctagatactg gggaatacac aaagatggcc aattacagat taaatcctta agatggttgt     33900
     aaaggagaga aaccaggatt aataaatgca cccaaatgac tatcataaaa gcaaactgat     33960
     atatcagtta ggagccaacc aggaacagag ggaattgtac caagagggaa ttgaatagag     34020
     tggattgtac cacagagaga actgaataga ggggacttgt aacacatgtg ctgtcaatat     34080
     ggacagagtg agggaactca gaagctagta agagtggaaa gctgacacca accctatact     34140
     ggatcatgaa aatgagaagc tgatgttaat aagctcactg aaggctgcaa tggtgaagag     34200
     ggcaggattt tgagccatgc atagagaagg tacattataa gaggggtgag aaatattctg     34260
     gatttcccct tttacccctc agcgaatttc ctgctggtgc attctagcag gaagcctggt     34320
     gacatgaatc ttggaaaata gtatctgcat agcttaggat ccctatgatg caaaacagag     34380
     ttggagaatg gggaggacgg taattggggt gaggcactcc aaggcatgca aagacacgaa     34440
     gtgataaact aatccaacat tatggagatt caaagaatct aggagtttgg gcaaaatgag     34500
     aaaaaggatt ccaggatcct agattgtgga gggctttgtg tacttgagga agtcaattta     34560
     gaaatattta atatatttta aggaaattaa aggcatctag aaatatgctg catttttatc     34620
     ctttactccc tgctcagtaa ataggacagc aaacatcttg tgcatgtatc cttgggataa     34680
     ttttcaatca gagatatatt taccatctga agtgtttatc cactgcttgc tttccctgct     34740
     tttgtcttta ggcttaggct gttgtcacat gtttttcatc ctgatacaga gaaacaatga     34800
     aaacaaagat aaagtagaca aatgagcttc ccaattggtt ttactgactt ttatttgagc     34860
     cttctctctg aagatctcca gttatttagg cactaggctg aatctgcatc atggcatttt     34920
     ggtctctata atttttccac ctgggagaga tctatttcaa gtaacaatca caataatctg     34980
     gcttggtttt gtgtttaatt tttcctatct ggacaaccca gaaggttttg gatgatttcc     35040
     atcaagtgga aaacttctca agaagaaaag catgtctgaa ctctggatca gggttggcaa     35100
     actttctctg caaagggctg ggtagcaaat atttttggtt ttctgggaga gacaatgtct     35160
     gccacaacta ctgcactatg ctgttgtagt atgaacgtgc cataaatgat gcataaacaa     35220
     ttggacctgg ctgtgtccca ataaaacttt atttacaaaa aagcaggtgg agggccacag     35280
     tttgaccaca actgctctag attctagatg ttattcatga aatgcacata tacggtatat     35340
     ctatctgcaa atatccatgg tcaaacttct ttctaataaa aaggttttgt gttcttttgt     35400
     tgttgttatt gttgttgttg gctgtggata aaatcaatag tgtgaaaaaa agatattttc     35460
     cctggcaacc ctttaaagtt aaaattcaaa tgggccatcc tttagttgac tttgcttgat     35520
     tataatgtta atacttattc atttacttat ttatttatta agatggagtc tcactctgtc     35580
     acccaggctg gagtgcagtg ttggaatcgc agctcactgc aacttccatc tccctggttc     35640
     aagtgattct cctgcctcag ctccccaagt agctgggatt tacaggcatc ggttaacttt     35700
     ttgtatttag agtagagaga gttttgccat tttggctagt cttatctaga actcctgacc     35760
     ctgaggtgat ctgtctgtct cagtcttata aagtgctggg attccaggca tgacccgcta     35820
     tgactggcct ttttattctt tattttaaag aaatacaatt tattatgaca ctagtatgta     35880
     ataataatgg atattactat gcccacatta caaattgaaa agctaaggct cagaggaaat     35940
     aagtgattca ctttaagtta aagacccact gttattaagg gaaggaattt aaagagactg     36000
     agatccatgg accaaatgtt tcaaaatcta ctacaaaaat actattaagt gttgggcaca     36060
     gtggcacttg cctggaatga cagaagttgg gaggcatagg caccaggatc acttgagtcc     36120
     agtagtttga gaccagcctg ggcaacataa tgagaactgg tctctacaaa aagaaatcat     36180
     aaattagctg tgtatgatgg taagtacctg cagttccagc tactcgagag gctgaggcag     36240
     gaggatcgct tgagcccaga aagttgaggc tgtgttgagc tacaatatga tcatgccagt     36300
     gcactccagc ttggggaaca gagcaagacc ctgtgtaaaa gtaaataaat aaataaacaa     36360
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataagt ctacattttt tgtgaagcat attatgcatt     36420
     tgatgcattt ggtaagaaaa gcaacttatt tatttactta ttattagtct tttgaaatgc     36480
     agtctcagtc tgaggtactg agcccagaaa agaaaagcaa tgtaaaatgc ccttattgaa     36540
     tttaaaagaa taatgaaaga gtatagtgaa gcagatgtcg ttctatttac aagagtgata     36600
     gataatgaga ctctctcctt tccatttgtc ctttcctctc agtcaggttt gctatcatgg     36660
     aggctgccct taacataaac agcagggccc caaatgccaa gaaggatacc taggaaagtg     36720
     atcattcatg cagtgtccac tttggaagaa atttagtaga cacttgaact ccggcagtgc     36780
     cgctttgata ccccatcggt gccaactcaa ttacctgctg tttctgcaga ggaggtattt     36840
     gttcagaaat gctggtgggg taagctgtgc ttccagatcc aatactcaat tcaatgagct     36900
     gaaattaact gcctctctgc agctagagaa aaaacaagcc tcccttgcca tttccacaat     36960
     ggtaaagcaa attaatttat ttgcacacac tctggagaac ctcagatttt ctctacaacc     37020
     ccaggaattc cttggcacaa aagaaagatt ccttcccatc tcttgactag cttttgccca     37080
     aaagagaaat gtaacctatg gggaaatggt gggtggatac agggtttatc tagggaagag     37140
     actgaaacag gaatcatctc aagcattgta agaattactg agtaacttga ggtctggcta     37200
     tggaagaaga gagatgatat atttttggct tcaaatgatt taagagtttc tttaaaggaa     37260
     attgtcaaaa tttcctttat tttgtattgt atattgtaaa tgctctaatc tgttcttcta     37320
     taagaacctg ggtatcacaa atgataaatg agatggcaga ttggcatttc attttatgca     37380
     atttgaaaat tgatgagtca taatttactg ggttgatgtt taatcaattc ttaaaatcaa     37440
     ttgttgcaac aatgtgtaat tattgagttc cttctagcta catagcattt taaggtgcaa     37500
     tttatacact taaagaggtg gaacaagaac aatattccgt acacaatagt ttctttacaa     37560
     atatctgtat ctgttacaga tacagacttg tatctgtaac agatacagac ttgtatctgt     37620
     aacagataca gacttgtatc tgtaacagat acagacttgt atctgtaaca atcttttttt     37680
     ttttgctttt cttttctttt ttctgaggca gaatttcact cttgttgccc aggctggagt     37740
     tcaatggcat aatcttagct cactgcaacc tctgcctcca gggttcaggt gattttcctg     37800
     ccttagcctc ccgagtagct gggattacag gcgtgcacca ccatgccagg ctaatttttg     37860
     catttttttg taaagacggg tttcaccatg ttggtcaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctgacct     37920
     caggtgatcc acccacccca gactcccaaa gttctgggat tacaggcatg agccaccatg     37980
     cccagccaac aatcttacat ggttggtaga gtaacccact tttttacttt tgtacaaaac     38040
     cattccctat taataccatg aagaaaacaa aagccatgtt gtaaactcta aaccttagaa     38100
     tccacagatg aaaacttttt atttcagata gtggagtaga ctgtttgatg acaaagtctt     38160
     agcgagacac atatggagcc tgaaattaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcagtatga atccattgaa     38220
     acacttccaa agtggaaact aattttggaa tttaaaggct tagagaaaga aaaagaagtt     38280
     attttcccaa gagcaaaata tgggtttttg ccttaggaca attctaactt agaatgataa     38340
     cttcatcttc catcagcacc ttgttatagt tgatgtaaga tgaagactta tggtttagag     38400
     atcaaacaca aattctaatc ttgcaactta aaaaaaatga tgctctttat gaaaacataa     38460
     atgtactgaa aactgctttg gctattcaat tcttaaatga aggtgacctc caacaaggaa     38520
     taagaaatac cagtaccaca ggtacattag aaaatctagt taagcagaaa aatgaattga     38580
     agacatcata gcctgaagaa taggtaaggt ttaataagga tagttgagcc tgtggtggtc     38640
     aacctttcta tatttttatt gggaggaaat cataaaggaa aaaagaagac ttaaagcatt     38700
     acatgctcca ggttgtggca ctagaaaaag ctttagaaat aatatatttt cttttaaaat     38760
     aattcagcca atgctatctt ctgtctagag gatattttaa tgtgtgactt aaataatgct     38820
     tagtgaactc tctgggtcaa gaattggtca tggaaataaa tacacaatga taagtattta     38880
     gaaggaataa atcactgcat acacattttt ataagtttaa atttgaagga attttggcat     38940
     ttttagtatg catttagggg tatgtctaga ccaaatgcat atgagacacg tctatttttc     39000
     cctcaaatat ggaaacacca agatatggaa tttgtccttg taattattta aatttaacat     39060
     agccacttta gtaataaagc tgcaatatag attgttggca aaaaatactt tatttagctg     39120
     ctacatagtt aggtttcctg aggctggagg ctgcctttct ttactatgtg aacattgtga     39180
     atgaaccaca ggattttgca tgtctaatgt ttgagttttt gatgaatttg tgacatgtta     39240
     ttgtttattt tttatgaaat ccttacagca atcttcaaaa aaaggtgcct ggatttcagg     39300
     ttgatctaaa agtacagttc agttctgcct tacattttga gttttggaaa cttcttagag     39360
     atgtgtccag gtgacattta ggtcttaaaa gaaatcacag caaattgggg cagtgagagt     39420
     cacctggaga ccttgagatt tctaatactg agcaacaagt tgagtgtatc tttagattac     39480
     aacaactaca tccatgttct tttttttctc tatagatttt gatgagaaaa tattgaaacc     39540
     tgtttcagag tctgtcaatt ttttacctag actcggtcaa tgtgttattt aataaaatta     39600
     ttctggtatt tcttttcttt tcttttttat gcatgacatg aacattttta aaagtaattg     39660
     tatcagaacc taaattctcc agcatctttt ttcaatatca gccatataca tacataggta     39720
     tgtatacaca cacatataaa cacatataca catgtttata tgcaaatatg tatatacaca     39780
     tacaaacata aatatatgta cacacatgaa taaacatgta tgtacagatg tgtatacaca     39840
     catatataga catgtataca tatatacaca tgtatgcaca catatataca catgtgccaa     39900
     cacatatgta ttacaacata tcttaaatga aagagaatcc tttagaacaa atgcagaaat     39960
     gaacattatt tgactccaca tgtgatttac tctagatacc taagttgtgg tcttaccaaa     40020
     gagcttcacc tgaatgtaat catgaggaag caataaggca aatactgaat agaatacaaa     40080
     tcgcaataag gcaaataatg aaaagaatac aaatccagta ttttatgaaa caactagcct     40140
     ggactgttaa aaatgtcaat actgtgagat gatgaaccag aaacttggag ggccaattct     40200
     agattaaaag agttttgttt tttttttaat caaaaacaaa agcctattgc aataaatacc     40260
     aagcatgatc attaattgat gcctgaattt aaatatacag aaaagagatt tttgtgacaa     40320
     cagacacttt tgaatataga atgttacaat agataatacc attgtatgaa tcttaaatat     40380
     cttcagtgta atatttatag tacagttaca tagacttatg tctccgttct taggagatac     40440
     atactaaagc atcagtaaag tgtcatcaac ttcaagtaat tcagaaggtt gtgactatat     40500
     atattataaa tatatatagt attatatata ttataaatat tatatactat atattatata     40560
     tagtatataa atataaatgt attatattta tatgttctgt attatttgca tatgaattat     40620
     atatgtattt gttgatacat atataatatc aaatacagac tgcataagca aaaatagtag     40680
     agagagagca aatgtgagaa aatggtaaaa taataattag taaatcttaa tgaaaggtat     40740
     agaagtattt attgaattat tatttcaact tttctgtaga tttgacactt ttcaaaataa     40800
     aaacaaggaa aggggatcaa acgcaaatcc actctcaaag agctatggaa tagtggaaac     40860
     ttatgagtac ttcctatagt accgcttccc tgcctagcta taccctacga ttttgttgca     40920
     ccatattgtc tatatattat aatacaattc tcattgtttt cagacatagc aactgatttt     40980
     ttttttaatc ctcaataatg attttttttt tctagtctcc gacagtggct ttcattctgg     41040
     gaaataacca aataactcaa agccaaccct ggtgaatatg gtgagttatc aaaatggcag     41100
     catgacacag taggaagcga atagaaagag agttggaaaa tttgacaaac actgtgggct     41160
     cagtagtagc tcagagattc atgttcatgg gacagggagc aggtaagcaa atctccctgc     41220
     ctaagttttc ttatgtgcct gttcatgagc taacacaaca catgtgaagg tgctatgcat     41280
     tagtgaaggt caacacaaat gatgggactt acaaatgtga tacaggaacc taacataaca     41340
     aacaccagca aacagggaag tactgtcatt gttaaaattc aggtattctt gaagcaagaa     41400
     ggtgggtggt ttttggtatg tcatgttttc tttttatttt ttcatttgaa ttttctaatt     41460
     gacaaattta tgaagtccat agtgatgttt ccataagtgt aatatatagc gataagatca     41520
     acatcattaa cataatcagc ttcccaaata tttatcattt cattgtgttg gaaatgttca     41580
     atattcttga tccacctatt tgaaatgata ttgtatatta tcattaacta cagtcatcct     41640
     acaatcgtgt agaacaaaag aagttattcc tcctcaggaa cttcaaaaat agttgagaca     41700
     caacattcac aaataacact tggatgcata gtttgggtcc attcgtttaa aagtgctgca     41760
     ttaagaaata cagcatgcat ttatgtagat tatatttgta tgtacataag cactcatgta     41820
     tacagaaatt aaagtgtcaa gtgatttctt agaagttgct aaaatgtggg aagctcatga     41880
     agtggaatga aattaaataa gagcaaacag taattcatta tatctggaat aaatgacaaa     41940
     tattaattca ttatatgtgg aataaatgtg caattttcag tggataagtt tggacagatg     42000
     atggcgtgtt caacagaaaa ccaatacaag gaaaagattt tgagatttgg caggctaaac     42060
     aagtaagaat cctgcagaaa aggtcaccct ttaggtaata ctatattgtt tctattattt     42120
     aatgagttgc ttctcaagga ttattttttc ctgtaatcgt ccttcatact tctatgtttg     42180
     agtcacagga atcttatcaa ttaacttttt tttttttttt tttttactag gagaaggagg     42240
     aaaaatttgg ccacattttt tctgacttca agtttatttt cttcttgtaa aatcatcatt     42300
     ccacttttgc ctgatggcca ccaatatcta tgaaatagta gcagcatatt ttactacctt     42360
     tccttttctg taattttttt ttcacctaga ccctgattca tgtaagccac attctccatg     42420
     ttcttccctc agagtctgat tcgtttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttttgctt ttgttttttt     42480
     ttttgtttgt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacgg agtctcgctc tgtcgccccg     42540
     gctggaatgc agtggcacaa caacggctca ctgcaagctc tgcctcccgg gttcacacca     42600
     ttctcctgcc tcagtctccc gagtagctag gactacagga gcctgccacc acgcccagct     42660
     cattttttta tttttagtag agacggagtt tcaccctgtt aggcaggaga tggtttcaat     42720
     ctcctgacct ggtgatcctc ccgcctccgc ttcccaaagt gttgagatta caggagtgag     42780
     ccatggcgcc tagccctgat tctgttttaa ctgcccatct ccaaagagtt cagttgttcc     42840
     catgtgatgt tacctttatt tagtaagaac acatgcacca gttatgaaaa gatgaccaat     42900
     ggaaatctga cctcatactc tgtagcatgc aagcccttca tccctcacac ccttctgagt     42960
     tcacttgggt attgcctatt gggacgatga cagtgaaaca aggaatggct ggttcacatc     43020
     agaaggagaa atttgtcctg tataaaaatg ccctgtgaag acggcaaaca acccagatgt     43080
     tcattgactt ataaatggat aaacaaaatt gctatataca tacaatggta tattatttgg     43140
     ccatgaaaag gaatgaagaa gtaaatacaa gctacaatat agacagaccc tgatgatggt     43200
     gtggtaaggg aaatcccatt gtaaaaaagg aaaaatattg tatgatttca ttcatgaaat     43260
     gtctactata gacaaatcta tatagtcaca gaattagatt agtagttgcc tagtgttgtg     43320
     gggatggatg gaggaactta gggagggatg accaagggat ggataaaaat gttctaaaat     43380
     tgattgtagt gatgattaca cagaatatga atattctgaa aaccctgata ttatacattt     43440
     ctggggtgaa ttataggatt tatgaatttt actttaataa agttgttact ctacgaaaaa     43500
     tattgttgaa ggcagacttt gagacaatgt tctgccaggc agaacactgg gcattggaat     43560
     gggtgacatt ccttagttcc tgatttcttt tttcagccaa agactttttg tgctaacacc     43620
     tgcaagacat acacctgcaa ggcttataaa agatgtttat ggtgtggcgt aaatgcccac     43680
     tgctctatgg gcacaaaggg taatgcctac tctaactaac gccccaagca gggctcaaca     43740
     ttattccagt ttgttgtttt ggataactgt atacacaaga accagaagca ttgctactca     43800
     gggaaagaca cataactcca agattgagtg tctctcttgg ttcttcacca gccacaaaaa     43860
     tgaatccatt tgcatatgat caacatataa aatagcaaat acagtatttc atgaagacat     43920
     tgttttttta gttaacattt ataactgttt cttaataaag tcagtcagta aaaacaatac     43980
     agtttcttta acaaatttat catttagaag acattttatg gtgggttcat tcttacttca     44040
     acttttgttt tcatataact atatcaaatg ctttcaggac acttgaaata actcactaaa     44100
     tcaagaattc ttgggaataa gttggaagaa cactgttcta attgattcat tgacccttta     44160
     acttggagta actcaatttg tttccttgtc tttaaaatgt acctgcttct agtgggctga     44220
     cctagttttt ttgaattcat ttttcaatct gtatgcatgt gtgtgtacat atatgcacat     44280
     atatacatac atatgttgtc aattatgtgt taagaagaca agaaatggat gtaagagtga     44340
     gaaataatgt atcctttaat gtcaaaacca cctgttaagg atggagattg ggaaagagaa     44400
     gacctggctg gatccaaact ccaagaaaat tttcaggtgc aaaattttag caggagctat     44460
     ggaaagttaa ttatatgtgt aagaaaacaa tatttttgag aacttcctga tcaatcctgg     44520
     tgttgagaaa tgatggaaag agatgagaat agagaaatct ttgagaaaca tgaagctagg     44580
     aaatccttgg ggtttgggta aattaaggac gtgttttctt aaatatgagt catgagaagg     44640
     ttttcttttc aaattgtatt ttagatttag cgggtacaca tgaagatttg ttagctggga     44700
     aaattgcatt atgtaaagct ggcttagaag ttgttaatgt gccttctctg tgattgtcta     44760
     cctctctaac ctccccaagt caaatcttag tagagccaca gattgcttgc aagagtggag     44820
     tgtcatagcc aactttggaa gtgacactca atgatccaca cctcctgatc ttcatgccat     44880
     tgtgtattga gtgtgggcta gactggtttc tactgaatag aagtgtggga taggacacct     44940
     attctgaggt taaattataa aatagcaagt gccatgcctt ctatctcacc actgtatact     45000
     ttcttgccct ctcacttagt cattctggtg aagccagctg ccatgtagca ctacacaaac     45060
     tagcaaataa taaggacaat ctccagctaa caccagggag aacttgaggc tctcagtcct     45120
     ctatcctgca agaaaatgtg tccttccaac cacccattat gtgagtctga aagatttcca     45180
     ggggagattt gagatgacca tggagctggc tgatacttct aagagatttt gaaccagaag     45240
     acccagcaaa gctgtgcctg gatttctgaa ctacagaaac tgtgagataa ttaatgctgt     45300
     tgttctaagc cgatgaattt ggggataatt aggttatgta gcaatagatt cctgggtgtg     45360
     gtggctcatg cttgtggtcc cagcactttg agaagccaag gcaagaagat tgtcgaggag     45420
     tccaagatca gtcttggcaa catagtggaa ctgcatctct gtaaattttt ttttttttaa     45480
     atgtctaggc atggtggcac atgcctgtag tcccagctac ttagacgaca aaggtgagag     45540
     aattgcttca gctcaggaga ctgacgctgc agtgagctat gattgtgcca tcacactcca     45600
     ccctgagtga cagagtaaaa ccctggttct taaaaaaaga gcaatagatg actaatacat     45660
     ggtaattcag tgaaaataaa taaattatag gcataaaccc aggatgctgt gtgtcagata     45720
     gcacatgtta cctggaacaa aaaaattgaa ttaactcatt actattcagg taaaggcatt     45780
     tgaagtcaaa ttggaatata aaacataagt atctttaaac aatttaaaaa tgccataaac     45840
     atttcaaata tcatttaatt tgcagtggag aatctgagga tctcttagtt agacctaaag     45900
     cacagaaata taaacactgg aaataatgaa ctaaaatttt aagtcagcct tttcttatat     45960
     attttaaagc aattataata tttggtaaat atgccttagg aaggaaaaag tcttgtatct     46020
     tgagaaagta gcatcttcta cagaagaatc ctcttttaat cgaggtgagt aaaggatgtt     46080
     aaaaaaatac agtatgttct cttggccagg catgtggctc atgcctataa ttccagcact     46140
     ttgggaggcc aaggtttgca tatcacttga gcccaggaga tggacaccag actgagcaac     46200
     atagcaacac cccatctctt caaaaaaata caaaaattag tgtgacatgg tggcatgcac     46260
     ctgtagtctc agatactctg gaggctgagg tgggaagatt gattgaggcc aggagattga     46320
     agctgcagtg acccctgatt gtgccagcct aggtgacaga gtaagatcct gttgcaaaaa     46380
     tatatatttt ttcaaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     46440
     tatatatatc tagcaccaca agaacacaag gaacaaggaa gtcttctaga gaaactggtg     46500
     aggtgggggc tgaatttcct tttaaaattt aagttgtgca agatatgctt atctattagt     46560
     atctaattct ttcttctgtt caatgaaaga aataaacaaa gaaagagata aagaaagaaa     46620
     gaacgaaaga aagaaagaga aaaagaaaga aagagaaaga aggaaagaag cagggaagga     46680
     gggaaagaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaaa agaaagaagg gaaagaagga agggaaagaa     46740
     agaaaaaaaa aggaaagaaa gaaaagtgtc tcctatatct ttaactgtta actgcaattt     46800
     aaaaaatttc atctctaagg aaagtatcct gtaaccctga agtatatgat aacagaaaat     46860
     cttgttgaat tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgctgta ggtaattggg ctttccttga     46920
     ttttagcggt aaaattttgc tataggaaat tgaatattct tacttagaat ggactcacca     46980
     atcacgctta atttcaccac caatgattac ctatctctct ctctctctct ctctctcaca     47040
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caccatattg aagcaggaaa ttttcccaga cccctttgtg     47100
     ggtgggaact ggaatgcatg ggtgctggca tgggcaaact ccactcactg gaacccactg     47160
     ctttcaatca ctccagggag ggagcacaca ggtgagcagg tgcagaaggt ggagtgcttt     47220
     tgggtatgcc tttgggtgcc agtagggagg aacatcgtgc tggccttgca gctgcatcta     47280
     ggggggtgcc caccacccct gaagcctgag aaggagtgtt acagtggtgt tcctttagct     47340
     ttgctatcct attgatggct taaatatgaa tagttcagtg gaggatgagt atgacaatct     47400
     tttgcaacca tacttgtggc atctgagttc ttctctggca tccaggagga atgaggttgc     47460
     acgaacacat tggagatgat aagtatgggg tgtgggagat tttattgcag atgaaagtgg     47520
     ctcttagcgg gaaagggagc tgagaaaggg aagaaagttg gaaggtaatc ttcaaacgct     47580
     gcaccatcaa gccatccttc tcaagttaag ctgctcctcc ctaatgtcca acagtagact     47640
     ctaatgttca gctgcttcta ctcttcttct ctctctaaca gtggagcctg gggttatgtg     47700
     gccacaggat ggggatgggg caggccatgg gtggttttag aaagggcaac attcaaatgt     47760
     gaaaacagga atgcaggttc tcactttggg tggttttagg cttcggggtg gggacatcac     47820
     agcagacccc actcttctgc ccagaatttc cctgcctcct gtctctgtca ataccaaatt     47880
     tatctcgtgg tcagcatgtt tcaaaaatct tgaaattgtg ccatccctct gcagataact     47940
     tgaaatacaa catgatttta gtagattcaa aaccaaacac aatacaaatt ctcattcttt     48000
     ccttgatctt aaagaaggcc atatatggat aatcaaccct ttgtaatttt ctttcttcag     48060
     caccaagcct tcccttttcc accacattca gtcagtcttt cttgttgtag aggaaggagt     48120
     tgaggtcagg aggacccacg ttctaaccgt actctgtcac taggaatggc caggtcactt     48180
     ccaatacttt ttcttttttt tttttttttc ttttttttga aacagagtct cactctgttg     48240
     cccagggtgg agtgcagtgg tgcaatctca cctcactgca agctccacct cctgggttca     48300
     tgccattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggacta caggcgcccg ccaccatacc     48360
     cagctaattt tttgtatttt tagtagagat ggggtttcac catattagga tggtctcagt     48420
     ctcgatctcc tgacctcgtg atctgcccac ctcggccttc caaagtgcct ggattacagg     48480
     catgagccac agtgcccgac cccgatcctc tttctaagaa tgatgagtga gtttaaattt     48540
     ctttccattt atgttcctaa ctaatatata ttttcaatgc aaattttcac tcatacaagt     48600
     ttttttctgc gtttaaatct catgtccatt aacccagttg tcttccttta gtttcgtttc     48660
     tagggtaata cagtatcctc cacaaagatc ttgctctcat ttctgcccca taccctacct     48720
     cttacatttt aggaccacac caagtaatta ttttaaacca tgggtttgac taatcacttg     48780
     ttagttgaaa gacactcctc agtttcctgt ttttcatcct ccagggacct ttccaatcct     48840
     actacagtta tattttcagc cctagtatcc ctactagctg gtttacaata tctttaatta     48900
     tcgagagctt ttcatcagtt tcatactatt ttccctctta gtgatattgt ttccatttct     48960
     gtttggaagt aaaattcaca taagcaaatt ttcacacaaa gaaatataac aaaaatttaa     49020
     catatcataa aattttcacc taacaaacat tttcaacttt ttttttctta ctatacttta     49080
     agttttaggg tacatgtgca caatgtgcag gttagttaca tatgtataca tttgccattc     49140
     tggtgtgctg cacccattaa ctcgtcattt agcattaggt atatttccta atgctatccc     49200
     tccccgcttc ccccacccca caacagtccc cagagtgtga tgttcccctt cctgtgtcca     49260
     tgcgttctca ctgttcaatt cccacctatg agtgagaaca tgtggtgttt gtttttttct     49320
     ccttgcaata gtttactgag aatgatgatt tccaatttca tccatgtccc tacaaaggac     49380
     attaacttat catttttcat ggctgcatag tattccatgg tgtatatgtg ccacattttc     49440
     ttaatctagt ctatcattgt tggatatttg ggttggttcc aagtgtttgc tattgtgaat     49500
     agtgctgcaa taaacataca tgttcatgtg tctttctaga agcatgattt atagtccttt     49560
     gggcatatac ccagtaatgg gatggctggg tcaaatggtg tttccggttc tagatccctg     49620
     aggaatcacc acactgactt tcacattggt tgaactagct tacagtccca ccaacagtgt     49680
     aaaagtgttc ctatttctcc acatcctctc caacacctgt tgtttcctga ctttttaatg     49740
     attgccattc taattggtgt gagatgatat ctcattgtgg ttttgatttg catttctctg     49800
     atggccagtg atgatgacca ttttttcacg tgttttttgg ctgcacaaat gtcttctttt     49860
     gagaagtgtc tgttcatgtc cttcacccag tttttgatgg agctgtttgt ttttttcttg     49920
     taaatttgtt tgagttcatt gtagattctg gatattagcc atttgtcaga tgagtaggtt     49980
     gtgaaaattt tctcccactt tgtaggttgc ctgttcactc tgatggtagt ttcttttgct     50040
     gtgcagaagc tctttagttt aattagatcc catttgtcaa ttttggcttt tgttgtcatt     50100
     gcttttggtg tttttatgaa gtcattgtcc atgcctattc cttctgaaac tattccaatc     50160
     aatagaaaaa gaaggaatcc tccctaactc attttatgag gccagcatca tcctgatacc     50220
     aaagcctggc agagacacaa ccaaaaaaga taattttaga ccaacaccct tgatgaacat     50280
     tgatgcaaaa atcctgaata aaattctggc aaactgagtc cagaagcaca tcaaagagct     50340
     tatccaccat gatcaagtgg gcttcatccc tgggatgcaa gactggttca atatacacaa     50400
     atcaataaat gtaatccagc atataaacac aaccaaagac aaaaaccaca tgattatctc     50460
     aatagatgca gaaaaggcct ttgacaaaat tcaactacac ttcatgctaa aaactctcaa     50520
     taaattaggc attgatggga catacctcaa aataataaga gctatctatg acaaagccac     50580
     agccaatatc atactgaatg ggcaaaaact ggaagcattc cctttgaaaa ctggcacaag     50640
     acagggatga cctctctcac cactcctatt caacatagtg ttggaagttc tggccagggc     50700
     aattaggcag gagaaggaaa taaagggcat tcaattagga aaagaggaag tcaaattgtc     50760
     cctatttgca gatgacatga ttatatatct agaaaacccc ttgtctcagc ccaaaatctc     50820
     cttaagatga taagcaactt cagcaaagtc tcaggataca aaatcaatgt gcaaaaatca     50880
     caagcattct tatacaccaa taacagacaa acagagagtc aaatcatgag tgaactccca     50940
     ttcacaattg cttcaaagag aataaaatac ttaggaattt aacttacaag ggatgtgaag     51000
     gacctcttca aggagagctg caaaccactg ctcaaggaaa taaaagagga tacaaacaaa     51060
     tggaagaaca ttccatgctc acgggcagga agaatcaata tcgtgaaaat ggccatactg     51120
     tccaaggtaa tttatagatt caatgccatc cccatcaagc taccaatgac tttcttcaca     51180
     gaattggaaa aaactacttt aaagttcata tggaaccaaa aaacagccca cattgccaag     51240
     tcaatcctaa gccaaaagaa taaagctgga ggcatcatgc tgcctgactt caaactatac     51300
     tacaaggcta cagtaaccaa aacagcatgg tacttgtacc aaaacagaga tatagatcaa     51360
     tggaacagaa cagagccctc agaaacagtt ccacatatct acaactatct gatcattgac     51420
     aaacctgaga aaaacaagca atggggaaag gattccctat ttaataaatg gtgctgggaa     51480
     aactggctag tcatatgtag aaagctgaaa ctaaatccct ttcttacacc ttatacaaaa     51540
     attaattcaa ggtggattaa atacttaaac gttagaccta aagccataaa aaaccctaga     51600
     agaaaaccta ggcattacca ttcaactttt tttttttttg acatggtctt gttctgttgc     51660
     ccaggctaga ttgcagtggc attcatagtt cactgcagcc ttgaccttcc aagctaaagt     51720
     gatcctccca tttcaacctc ctgagtagct gggagtacag actcccacca gaagcctggc     51780
     taattttcat tttttaacct ttcttagaga caaaatctct ctaggttgcc cagtctgatc     51840
     ttgaactcct gggtttaagt gatcaccctg gctcaggctt gcaaaatgct gagcttttgg     51900
     atatgattca caaagcctag ataacttaag attttttaac ctaacaaagt taacttaaca     51960
     aattggtatg tgtgcaatac aattttgttg actctaggta caatgtggca tagcagatct     52020
     ctacaagttg ttcgtattgc taaactaaag cttcatgccc attcattatt tggttgtctt     52080
     ttaaattgac cttctgtaaa ggtaaattta catcccatta tatgggaaag ccccatgttc     52140
     atgaccttga aggtttactt ttatgatttg catcctcttt cttggtgcac aggggataca     52200
     ctccatccat acctgtcaat atattgctaa acatagaatg ctatctcaga gctgagtaag     52260
     tggtaaggct gacattattt tggtggagtt gtgatggaat agtgtaggta catgtctagt     52320
     agagtgttca gtgaggtgta attcttatga catccctcat ggtacaaaaa gagatcaaac     52380
     atcaaaacat tggttttgcc tggtgtttcc ccctagtgtt cagctactat ttgtaatcac     52440
     ttttatttta tgttgccagg gattcctgga agatgagatt tcctttttct atgtgaatgt     52500
     aacaaatcaa tataaatttg gcatcttaaa acaataccca cttatgagct catggtttct     52560
     gtggattgga cctcctagca tagtatggct cagttggttc tctcctttga gtcacaagaa     52620
     gaaaataaaa ttggaggcag tgctctcttc cttcctggga gcttgaccag ggaattgttt     52680
     ccaaaatcat gcaggtggtt tgggagaagg cagtcgtaga acagcttgtt tattgacaag     52740
     cttccagggg gtccttgttg ttttctggtt tatggctccc ttttaagcca gcaactatag     52800
     gtcaagtcct gctcatgctc agaagctttc tgcctcattc ttcctctgcc tacctctttc     52860
     acacatctct tttatggccc catcattttt taagggctca tgtgatgaca ctgggctatc     52920
     tgcatactcc aggatattct agtttatggt ccaccaatga gttaccttaa ctccatctgc     52980
     aaggtccctt cacagcagac tcgagtcatg tttgagtgaa taacccgggg aaaggacact     53040
     tgggaggatg tcttttgaag tgaactacca agatgaataa cagccaaccc catgtatacg     53100
     gaaatatcta gagccaaaat caaaccaaca atggaatgat aggagaagcc agaggcaagg     53160
     tgggggtaaa tcaatgccag gtgttaaagc atgtgatcct cagattcaga ttattcttgt     53220
     gattcagagc agaggaagaa atgcagatac ctctcttttg aagtagcagg taaatgtagc     53280
     aaatgggttg agaaagtagc tgtacctaca cttgtgctct gttgtactgt tctttagcgc     53340
     tattgaacct catgtcatac tatgtgttta cctctgtgaa agacaatata atctcgagac     53400
     cccaaactta gcataccaaa gggaaaaatg aagcttggaa gctgattcat gcaaaaactg     53460
     cttttctttt tttcctaaat tgatagctgc aatttcacat ccctgtgtca tagtctcatc     53520
     cataagccag tttcccacaa tgacagaaag ccatgatctc ctcagatggc ctctctcaca     53580
     aattgcaaac aggtaaattc cttgtgagcc cccaaatttt tcaggattca tatccccagt     53640
     atgacgtatc cctaaaacca aactctgttg aatctcttcc tagcaatgtc aattactggc     53700
     ttattttccc aggtacagga gaaggacaag actagaaatc attcatgcat ccatcccaag     53760
     ataaatgtgg gacagacttt ttcttctatt ccctctttct gcatgtttat cctatattaa     53820
     gtgtagattt actgagtgtg ggatgaatgg atgattgact tttcccctac ccccttttca     53880
     actgtaaaat gtagattcac tgagcactaa ccaaagcctc acaagaatgc aacccacttg     53940
     tctcattgct tgcccatctt tcttttcttt cccccttccc ctatgttttc cttttcacct     54000
     ttaaatactg aagttctcta aaccccttta gaataagtac aggtcaagat gttcccatga     54060
     tatgtttttt gcagggtgtg tcctcaaacc agacaaaata aacctctcat ggatccagat     54120
     ctgcctcagc cgttttttgt ttttggtcta cacatcctag tattttcttt caatattctt     54180
     tctactggag attttttttt cccttggaat gtttttgaag ttgtccaact cattcttcaa     54240
     gagaagacat gtgtttcctc ttccaggaaa cctttgctgg tcctctctgg ccacgtttgc     54300
     tgcatctgcc tcagtgtttc cataaaagga gctgccctct tctattccct gcatcacaca     54360
     ttgcagtttt tgcctggcta tctctaactg tagatgctaa ctccttcatc tgtattctgt     54420
     acagcctctc aaaggtacct gagatacagt cagcactaaa tcaatatttg cagaaaaaaa     54480
     gtgcattatg attaaacagc aggttgttga tcagttgtgt tgttgaacgt tgctagtgaa     54540
     aagtgcacat aattattatg cacagtttta gtggttacat agtgaactca agagtttaga     54600
     ggatttcttt agagctaaat gatttttttt ttgtggataa caaaagtaga aaaacaacta     54660
     aatttaaata tttatggtac gttaatttgc taagcatagc tagccagaag aagaatgcct     54720
     gagaaagcag caaatcaacc ccagggagaa aaaaaaatgt ctgcagagtt gaagctaatt     54780
     tgccataact aatactataa cttccatgga aaatgttagt aacaaaagat tgccactgga     54840
     ttcttggtcc tttgagaact tagatttatc acacactcta ccattaaggt tgtgtgggta     54900
     aatgaggttt tgaaaactct ctgcaatcat ccttggttgc tttgagttga gtctttgtca     54960
     aaagtaatat tttacccaga agagtaattt gcaatttgca caaaatcatt taagatacct     55020
     ttgtgtatgc tttgcatctt ggcatttggt caacttccta agtgcctaaa gtatgaaaag     55080
     gcagcctcat tgattttagc agtaagacag agaatctcag tgctttcagt agtttgcctt     55140
     caaaatagtt attttaaatg ctccataaat taactggcat ggatggtgcc aggaattatt     55200
     attatttaat agtaacaatg atctagctgt ctgtttattt tctattgcag atataaccag     55260
     tgaccataca ctaagcagct tgaagtgaat ctcatgtgtt atctgtcagt attatagata     55320
     agaagtcagc ctgggcaaca tagtgagaac ttgcctctac aaaaaaaata aatacataca     55380
     tacataagga aaagaaaaag aaacaaaaag aaaggccaag catggtggta tgtaactatg     55440
     gtcctagcta cttgtacttg ggaggctgag gtgggaagat ctcttaagct caggagatct     55500
     agcctacagt gagccatgac aacagtactg cacttcagtc ttggagtgtt tcactgcttc     55560
     ttataaagaa ggagagggag ttatctaggt ggcacgtggc tcaacagggt tctctgcact     55620
     gggtttagct acagctgacc tactttttct catgcttcaa attgttcctg cctcctcttc     55680
     tgctgcattt ctctgaacac agccaggaat gcttctctgc ctttgaaggc tcatgtgatt     55740
     agattgagcc tacccagata attcaggata atctttttat tttaacggcc atggtataga     55800
     tgtctacaaa gagcctttgg tcatggtatg aatttgcatt ggctaccata acaaagtacc     55860
     acagatgggg tgacctatgc aacagatgtt tattctccca cagtcctggg ggctggaagt     55920
     ccaagatcaa ggtgtggact gggctggttc ttctgaaggc ctctctcctt ggcttgtaga     55980
     ccccatctac tccttgtgtc ttcacataac ctcctctgtg tgtgtctgtt gcctaatcca     56040
     ctctccttat gcctaatcca ctctccttaa tcctactgga ttaaggccca ctcttgtaac     56100
     ctcatttaaa attttaaatt ctcattttga acctcatttt aaattcctct gtcaaggacc     56160
     tatccaaata caatcatatt ctgaggttcc aggggttagg actccagcaa gtaaatttgg     56220
     aggacacatg atttagctta taaaagccat aaaacatagc ataatcaaag gttcagggaa     56280
     ttaaaacatg gatactgcga ggaggagatg ttctttagcc taccacaaat ttaaactctt     56340
     gaaaaacagc aaataattgg gtgtatcatg agaactaaca ccccaaaatt cttgacattt     56400
     tttgtatcaa tgataaatgt tttcatgaac agctactgga ttatacctgg gacaatctgg     56460
     cttcctgaac ccccagtaaa agggctccct catatttatg tgggataata tgcaaactaa     56520
     gctataattc ataatctttt tttttttttt ttttgagatg aaatctcact gtcatccagg     56580
     ctggagagca gtggcacaat ctcagctcac tgaaacctcc acctcctggg ttcaagggat     56640
     tatcctgtct cagacttccc tgggactaca ggcatgtgct accacatttg agtaaatttt     56700
     gtatttttag tagagatgat gtttcaccat gttggccagg ctggtcttga actcctggct     56760
     taagatgatc catccatctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga ttatgggcat gggcagtgtg     56820
     cccaggccaa tgagtcataa tctaaccatc actgactttt cgtatcttga tataaaaaaa     56880
     agtcttctaa atttaattat ttttagtgtt aaataattta cattttatct tattattgag     56940
     gttcttggta cctggtaaag agattttgtt ctgtccagtt gagtagcctt tagccaatat     57000
     ggctatttaa gctaaaatta ggatttaaaa aaattaagca aaatttaaaa ttcattctca     57060
     gatgtatcag ccactttaag atatcaagat ccttgtatga ctgatggttt tgatccttca     57120
     ccttattaat atggaacatt tccatcatca cagggagctc tttggttaac accagtctag     57180
     acagtaatat tgtgattttt taatgatgag attctctcaa gctcatttaa cctgataaga     57240
     acattacagt gtggatacag atttattaca gcaatattta tgtcgattaa tttatttaaa     57300
     ggataattat ctattaaata caaagctaaa gaaattaata ctgccattta tattgagcat     57360
     gtcaacccat gagaaaccat aatttacaga agataaatct gtctgttttg tgtgcttggt     57420
     tcaatgtttt aatgggtttc caggcaagta atgctggttt tcatccaata ttggtggatt     57480
     acatgaagtt gactcccaaa cacttggctt ccagttgaac attcttattc atgatctttc     57540
     tctaaaacaa agttcaagta aaaattgctg aactgtgaaa attacctcct gatgtagaca     57600
     cagtcatcac tttatataaa gataaaaaaa tcctttaatt tggagtgtat taatgcaacc     57660
     ttgggctttt gtgtattttc taggtgttaa agaggtgcac agcctcataa aagcccttta     57720
     ggtttgtcta tttatggata ctaccaaatg cttacctaac tttaatttga attcacctaa     57780
     cccattgatg tcatctaaat ttaattattt ttagtgttaa ataaacattg atgttttagc     57840
     acaaatttta aagctgaaca gatctttgaa acaagtgatg attttgtata tcccctgatg     57900
     ataatttaca atgataatgt gtggtttctt catgaatttc tagaaatgag tgttattgga     57960
     atagaaacag aggaatggat ctgtgaagga tagcctgttt ttggcttctc tatcagaaag     58020
     aacagaatct ctttatcagg tgatattaac ctaaataata aggtaaaatt tagattattt     58080
     aacactaaaa cataggtttg gatgactttt tctgtattcc aaggtattta agattagtga     58140
     tgattagatt aaaaatcata gctaagtgtg cacagtatcc tgaataaata tgaaggagcc     58200
     cttcttttga ggtttcaaga tgcaagactg tctcaagtat aacgtagtgg ctgtctaaat     58260
     aatattggca gctcatggcc tgatcaatat ctgtgtacct ggaatttggt gaatatactc     58320
     ttggtattta taaggccagt actgcccaca tgtaatgggc aatggctaag cctgtaccta     58380
     tctccctggt tgtgtgactc catgtgtata aaactggtat agaaagattt tctctgcatg     58440
     tgaatgagaa atcccacatc attggtatct tgtcatctcc atctattaga catcaataac     58500
     atggacacat tttaccacct acaatttttc tctagcccaa aatacatcca gcatgggagg     58560
     attcctgcct ctacatgatg aaacctactt ttttgttctc agaggtgtag aagaaagctc     58620
     tagaattaaa atgtcaggac ctcatatcat gacacaccca cccccatttt tttttggtgt     58680
     tgggtgggtc attaaactat tctgagcatc tgattaaaac aacagacaaa aacaactatc     58740
     aattcaggtt ggtggaaata ctaaatttaa tgcacataag acagcaaggc catatgcact     58800
     tttcctgtaa aacatcaaac tctgaggatt cttgggcaag atggccaaat agcaatatct     58860
     ccagtttgca gctgcaagaa agaccaatgc agaaggcagg tgatttctgc atttccaact     58920
     gaggtacccg gtttatctca ttggaacttg ttagacagtg ggtgcagcac actgaaagtg     58980
     agcagaagca gagtgggtca ttgccttacc caggaagcac aggggtcagg gaactccctc     59040
     ccctagccaa atgaaacaat gacacactgt gccatgaggg acagagctat gcagcccaga     59100
     taccatgctt ttcccatggt cttcacaacc cacagaccag gagattccct tgagtgccta     59160
     caccacaagg atcctggatt tcaagcacaa aactggacag ccatttgggc aaacactgat     59220
     ctagctgcag aagttttttt ttgttgttgt tgttattttt ttttttttta atgtatccca     59280
     gtggtgcctg gaatacacca gtgagacaga accattcact ctcctgctct cctggaaagg     59340
     ggactgaagc cagggagcca agtggtcttg cttagcagat cccacccgca aggagaccag     59400
     aaagctaaga tccactggct tgaaattctc actggcagca cagcagtctg aagttgacct     59460
     gggatgctca agcttaatgt ggggagggga gtccgccata ctgaggcttg agtagcctgt     59520
     tttcccttca cagtgtaaac aaagcctcta ggaagttcag tctcagcgga tcccactgcc     59580
     ctgcctgaaa gtccctgtag ctagactgac tctagattcc tcttctctgg gcaggtcatc     59640
     tctgaaagaa aggcagcagc ccatcagagg cttatagata aaactcccat ctcccttgga     59700
     cagagcacct aggggaaggg gcagctgtgg gggcagcttc agcagactta aatgtttctg     59760
     ttgccaactc tgaagagaga agtggatctc ccagcacact gcttaagctc cactaaggga     59820
     cagactgcct cttcaagtgg gtgcctgacc cctgtgcccc ctgacaggga gacatctccc     59880
     agcagggttt gacagatacc tcacaaaaaa aacctccggc tggcatctac caggtaccct     59940
     tcaggtagga aacttccaga cgaaggagca ggcaacaatc tttgctgttc tgcagcctct     60000
     gctggtgata ctcaggcaaa cagagtctga aatggacatc cagtacactc cagcagacct     60060
     gcagaagaag agcctgactg ttggaaagaa aactaacaaa cagaaagcaa tagcattgac     60120
     atcaacaaaa aggacaacca catataaact ccattgaaag gtcaccagta actaagacca     60180
     aagttaaata aatccaataa gatgagggaa aaacagtgca agaaggctga aaattccaaa     60240
     aaccagaatt cctcctctcc tccaaagtgt cgcaactcct caccaatgag ggaacaaaac     60300
     tggatggaga ataatttgat gcattgacag aagtagagtt cagaaggtgg gtaaaaacaa     60360
     actcctctga gataaaagag catgttctaa cccaatgcaa agaagcaaag aaccttgata     60420
     aaaggttaga ggaattgcta actagattaa tcagttgaaa gaaggacata aatgacctga     60480
     tggagctgga aaacacagca agagaacttc atacaacata cacaagtatc aatacctgaa     60540
     tcaatcaagc agaagaaagg atatcagaga ttgaagatca acttaatgaa atagtgtgaa     60600
     gacaagattg gagaaaaaag aatgaaaaga actaacaaag cctccaagaa atatgggact     60660
     atgtaaaaag accaaacgta tgtgtgattg gtgtacatga aagtgataag gagaatggaa     60720
     ccaagttgga aaatacttca ggatgttatc cagaacttcc ccaacctagc ataataggcc     60780
     aacatcatat tcaggaaatt gcatcaacta atgggcaaaa taaccagcta gcatcataat     60840
     gacaggatta aattcacata taacaatatg aaatttaaat gtaaataggc tatatgcccc     60900
     aattaaaagg cacagactgg caaattggat aaagtgtcaa gaaccatata tgtgctatat     60960
     tcaggagatc catctcatgg acaaagacac acataggctc aaaataaatg aatggaggaa     61020
     aacttaccaa gcagattgaa agaaaaaaaa aatcagggtt gcaatcctag tttccaataa     61080
     aacagatttt aaaacaacaa agatcaaaaa agaaaaagaa ggtcattaca taatggtaaa     61140
     gaggtcaatt caacaagcag agctaactat cttaaatata tgggcaccca atacaggagc     61200
     attcagattc atgaagcaag tacttagaga cctgcaaaga gacttagagt cccacataat     61260
     aatagtggaa gactttaaca ccccactgtc gatattagac agatcaatga gacagaaaat     61320
     tacaagaata ttcagtattt gaactcaact gtggaccaag tggacctaat agacatctac     61380
     ataactctcc accccaaatc aacagaatat acattctttt caggaccaca taccacttat     61440
     tctaaaatca accacataat tggaagtaaa acattcctta gcaaatgcaa aagaacagaa     61500
     ataataacag cctctcagac cacagtgcat caaattagaa ctcaggatta agaaactcac     61560
     tcaaaactgc ccaactatgt ggaaactgaa caacctgccc ctgaatgact attgggtaaa     61620
     tattgaaatt aaggcagaaa taagtaagtt ctttgaaaca aatgagaaaa aagtcacaat     61680
     gtaccagaat ctctgggaga cagataaagc attgtttaga ggttaactta tagcactgaa     61740
     tgttcacaag agaaagcagg aaagatctaa aatcagcacc ctaacatcac aactaaaaga     61800
     actagagaag cgagagcaaa caaactcaaa agctagcagg cgacaagcaa tgactaagat     61860
     caaagaagaa atgaaggaaa tggagacatg aaaaaccctt caaaaaatca atgaatccag     61920
     actggttttt tgaaaagatt aacaaaacag atagaccact agccagacta acaaagaaga     61980
     ataaaagtaa gaataaccaa acagacacaa taaaaaatgt taaagggata tcactgctga     62040
     tctcacaaga atacaaacta ccatcagaga atagtataaa cacctctatg taaataaact     62100
     agaaaatcta gaagaaatgg ataaattccc atgagtagac taggaagaag ccaaatccct     62160
     gaatagacca ataacaagtt cggcaattga ggcagtaatt aatagtctac aaaccaaaaa     62220
     aagtacagga ccagacagat tcacagccaa attccaaccg aggtaacaag cggagctggt     62280
     accattcctt ctgaaagtat ttcaaataat ataaaaagag ggactcctcc ctaactcatt     62340
     ttatgaggcc agcatcattc tgataacaaa acctgtcaga gacacaacaa aaacaaaatt     62400
     ccaggcaaat atccttgatg aacattgaag caaatatcct caataaaata ctggcaaacc     62460
     gaatccaaga gcaatttaaa aaacatatgg accacgagca agtgagctta tccctgggat     62520
     ggaaggctgg tccaacatat gcaaatcaat aaatgtaatc catcacataa acaaatccaa     62580
     tggcaaagac cacgtgatta tctcaaaaga ggcagaaaag gccttcaata aaatttaaca     62640
     aactttcatg ctaaaagcac tcaataagtt aggtattgat ggaacatttg ttaaactaat     62700
     aagagctatt tatgaaaaac ccacaggcaa tatcatagta aatggacaaa agctggaagc     62760
     attccttttg aaaactgaca taagacaagg atgccctctc tcaccactcc tattcaacat     62820
     agtattggaa gttctggcca gggcaatcag gcaagagaaa taaataaagg tattcaaata     62880
     ggaagagagg aaatcaaatt gtctctgttc gcagatgaca taatcggata tttagaaaac     62940
     cccatcgtct cagcccaaaa tcttctttag ctgataagca atgtcagcga agtctcacga     63000
     tacaaaatca atgtgcaaaa atcacaagca ttcctataca catatattag acaaacagag     63060
     agccaaatca tgagtgaact cccattcaca atagctacaa agagaataaa atgcctagga     63120
     atacaactta caagggatgt gaaggacctc ttcaaggaga actacaaacc actgtttgag     63180
     gaaataacag aggacacaaa caaatggaaa aacatgtcac actcatggat aggaagaatt     63240
     aatattgtga aaatggccat actgcccaaa gtaatttaca gactcaatgc tatccccatc     63300
     aagctaccat tgaatttctt cacagaatta gaaaaaagct actttaaatt tcctatggaa     63360
     ccagcaaagt tcctgtgtag ccaagatggt cctaaacgaa aagaacaaag ctggaggcat     63420
     catgctacct gacttcatgc tatgctattg ggctacagta accaatacag catggttgtg     63480
     gtaccaaaac agatatatag accaacggga tagaaaagag gcctcagaaa taacaccaca     63540
     cgtctacagc catctgtctt tgacagacct gacaaaaaac caagcaatgg gaaaaggatt     63600
     cgctatttaa caaatggtgt tggaaaaact gtctagtcat cccctggacc cctgccctac     63660
     accttataca aaaattaact caagatggat taaaaattta aatgtaagtc ctaaaaccat     63720
     aaaaacccta gaagaaaacc taggctatac cattcaggac ataggcatgg gcaaagactt     63780
     cataactaaa acaccaaaag caatgccaac aaaagccaga attgacaaat gttatacaat     63840
     taaattaaag agcttctgca cagcaaaata aaatatcatc atggataaca ggaaatcttc     63900
     agaatgggag aaaatttttc aatctatcca tctgacaaag ggctaacatc gagaatctac     63960
     aaagaactta aacaacctta caggaataaa acaaacaacc catcaaaacg tgagtgaagg     64020
     atatgaacag acacttctca aaagaagaca tttatgtgac caacaaacat atgaaaaaag     64080
     aagctcataa tcactggtca ttagagaaat gcaaatcaaa accacaatga gatatcatct     64140
     cacaccagtt agaatggtga tcattaaaaa gtctggaaac aactgatgct ggagaaaatg     64200
     tagagaaata agaacacttt tacatggttg gtgggagtgt caattagttc aatcattgtg     64260
     aagactatgt ggtgattcct caaggatcta gaagcattta accagcaatc ccattactgc     64320
     atatatacca gaagagttaa aaatcatttt actttaaaga caggtgcaca catatgttta     64380
     ttgcagaact gttcccaata gcaaagactt ggaaccaacc caaatgccca tcaatgttag     64440
     actggataaa gaaaatgtgg cacatgtata ataaggaata ctatgcagcc acaaaaagaa     64500
     tgagttcatg tcttttccat catcatggat gaagctggaa accatcattt tcagcaaact     64560
     tacacaggaa cagcaaacca aacactgcat gttctcactc ataagtagga gttgaacaat     64620
     gagaacatat ggccacaaag agaggaacat cacacactgt gacctgtgag ggggtgggga     64680
     gagagatagg ggatagcatt aggagaaata cctagtgtag atgacgggtt gatgggtgca     64740
     gcaagccagc atggcacatg tttacctacg caacaaacct gcatattctg cacatgtatc     64800
     ccagaactta caatataatt tttaaaaagt gtagaaaaaa cactttaaat tgtaaatatt     64860
     ttcggctttg caggccatct ggttgtctta tagctatgta actctgctgc tgtggcttga     64920
     aagcagctgt agataatatc tcaacaaatg ggcacatctg tgttccaata aagctttatt     64980
     tacacaaagc aggtgtctgt tggtatgtag gtaaaaattc tgtcactatg tttttcctct     65040
     actttcatac gacaacaatc atcagcacag aagaagactt ctgtgaccaa atgtgtaggg     65100
     tttttaccca cacaaaacag tgtacaccat ctggttgtcc tctaattcag ttccaacagt     65160
     ctctacacac agatagcatg aaatcctgca agttaaggac tcagtcccac agaccacact     65220
     cttctttccc ccagtcacaa gtacaggcct ctgcaacttc tgaccaagca acttctagtt     65280
     ggggttccca caatctcctc tttgggtttg attaatttgc taggtggctc acataactca     65340
     ggaaaaccct tacatttagt ggtttattag gaatgatatt ttaaagtgta cagataaaca     65400
     gccagatgaa gacacatagg gcaaagtctg gggaagttac tcaagcgaag agttctgtcc     65460
     ccgaggagtt ggggtgtgac actgtcccaa tgctggataa gcttttcatc ccgcttctgt     65520
     tgaactacat ttgttcagct ctacaggggc cctctgaacc ctgtcctttg gatttttaag     65580
     gaggcttcag gacataggat gattaactag accattaggc attggtgatc aacttaatct     65640
     ttgtcccatc ttccctctct ggaggtaggg catgcagcta aaagtcccta ccctctaatc     65700
     ctgccttggt ctttttggtg accagtgcta ctctgaacct atcagacaaa agacacataa     65760
     aagacagcac ttaggagatc ccaagggctt taggagttat aagccagaaa ctgtgcatga     65820
     aaaccaatat gtataaaata tgtataaatg ccctaacacc atagccagat ttgccctggg     65880
     atgtagattg tagactcctg gtttatagca tctaatattg tttggccaaa aatatcatag     65940
     ttcaccaggg gacactgcca tctaacattt tatgtccttc tctcccctta agtctcctta     66000
     attttaacac tcatgtttat aaagtaacat tttcctactt taccaatcat attatttact     66060
     tttttcactt atattttttg cttaggataa aggaaaaccc tatatttctt atttacacag     66120
     tttccaaagt cacatggaaa atgaaccata gttgtccaca actttaagaa ctggaaatag     66180
     tctagaaata attatcaaat ttattctacc ttccaggtgt ttattatcta tccatgttgg     66240
     atttggaagc tttaaagtat ttaggaaagc attgtcatta aaagatgaag ttattatcag     66300
     aaggctgtca caataagctt ctcaaatatt gaagaagaaa gtctataatt tctgagagcc     66360
     aacacaatga acagtttgct gagacttcat cctttgaaat gtggtggctt atttcttaaa     66420
     tcatgcctgt gctgttacga tcgagtgaaa ataaaagtgg gatgtctaga tcccaacttg     66480
     tacctgctat aaaatttaca gtattatttt tttgtgtcta attttctgac aaggtctaag     66540
     gatgtgtcca tctgaagaag tttaaacatt agctgcttct atgtggtgag gcaaaacacc     66600
     agcacacagc taccaacttc cagctcaata ttattactaa cgaaatgctg ctaatagtta     66660
     taagatacac acagagatga ttatagagtc ctccccacag gacaagaaca tgctattgtg     66720
     aatagtgctg tgtaatgaac aaattgtgaa taaacaacgt actgtgaata tgctcatggc     66780
     agctgtgttc acaataacaa agatgtgggt tcaaccctaa tgcccatcaa tgatagattg     66840
     gattaaaaga aatggtacat atataccatg gaattctatg cagccataaa aaggaataag     66900
     attatgtcct ttgcagggac atggatggag ttgaaagctg ttatcctcag caaactaatg     66960
     caggaacaga aaaccaaata ccgcatgttc tcatttataa gtgggagctg aatgatgaga     67020
     ccacatggag gggaacattg tatactgggg tctgtcagaa ggtggaggac aggggaaggg     67080
     agagcatggg gaataactaa tggatgctgg ggttaatacc taggcaatgg gatgatatgt     67140
     gaagcaaacc accactgcac acatttacct gagtaacaaa catgtacatg tacccctgaa     67200
     cttaaaaggt ggaaattaaa aacaacaaca acaacaacaa caacacaaca acaggataag     67260
     atttgctaat atcttctatc tgtgactcct cacagtaaac ctagatgcct attgtgtgac     67320
     agatgaaatg gagatttagg acagtcagta atttgtgtta cttttaaggg agagccagaa     67380
     tccaaatatt tgtataaatg atgtaggttt tgggctacaa atggaccaat ctatcacctg     67440
     cgattccttg ataaggatag tgcccaggaa tgaaatgagg agctgctggt gtatgacaca     67500
     ggatatggtg agactctgcg gtgagtgagg tatgctctag aagccttgtg aggactctgt     67560
     tgcaagcagt gacaactgct ctgagaatct gtgactatcc tgaggttgac ctgatagggc     67620
     caggagattg catcccttct taggaaacaa tctggtagcc attcataatc catttatctt     67680
     gatgatatac tgattgttgt gtctaattga ggaagaaaat ggaataaaaa tgaataagaa     67740
     aagcctgggt tgaaaagtta ttggcaagct aatttgaatg gagtataatt aaaaatatgt     67800
     aaggaagttc ccctataaga caagagcatg ctattgtaaa tagtgctgca taatgaatat     67860
     attgtaaata aggcatatat tgtatttctg tctcattgct gcaggggttc ctgaaatcag     67920
     tcttctttaa tcctagatat cgaaactccc tgtactcatg gtgggcaacc ccacactcta     67980
     tgccggtttt gtgtttcact atgtagatgc agctgatgtt taaagttcta cagttgcaga     68040
     tatccctaga tcttgttgga aaattcagca caaaaaccta atattgtaac tttcatagca     68100
     cctacaaggt ggggtctaga cctactaggg accttacaga ggcaggttct tattaccatg     68160
     gtttctcctg gtgtggtctt ttctttttta attttagaga cagtgtctca ctcagagttc     68220
     agtagtgtaa ttatacatca tggcaacctt gaactccttg gctcaagtaa tcctcccacc     68280
     tcagccccct gagaagctgg gattaaaggt gcttgccacc ttgaagagag ggggacttgc     68340
     tacgttggcc aggctggcct caaagtcttg ggctcaaatg atcctcccac ctcagcctct     68400
     tgagtagctg gaacttaagt tgcctgccag cttgtagata ctaagtctgg ctatgttgct     68460
     catggtggcc ttgaactctg tgtttaagtc atcctcccac ttcagctccc tgtgtagctg     68520
     gaactgaagg tgcctgccac cctgcagaga gggggtctcc ctacgttact caggctggcc     68580
     tcaaactttt gggctcaagt gatcctccaa ccttatatga gtagctggaa atgaaagtac     68640
     atgccacctt gtggagaagg gatctttcta tgtcacacag gctgggctca aactcttagg     68700
     ctcaagtgat caccccacct tagcgttctg catagctgga actaaaagca ccatgccacc     68760
     ttatagagat gttgcctatg ttgccgaggc tggcttcaga ctcctgggct caagcaatcc     68820
     tttcacctca gcctcctgag tagctggaac taaaggtgct tgccacattt taaagatggg     68880
     gtcttgttac ccaggctagc cttgaaatct tgggcccaag tgatcctcct tttcagcctc     68940
     ccaaagcaca gggaatacag gggtgagcca ctccctggcc atgttcttta tttaatatct     69000
     aattcaaggc tatcctttca ggaacctttt gggctgtctt ctaagactgg acctcagtgc     69060
     tgattctgtg tggttctcag ctccctttct ctctgcagac ccctcccctt tgactctttc     69120
     atgataaacc ccctgcttca acaataggaa gagggtggaa atcagtttgt cttgttgtcc     69180
     acagcaaagt gctgtgattg ctattatgaa tcaagactac accctggaat gttttttgtc     69240
     ctttgaaggt aatgaacatt ccctgtacac atcacacaca aaaaaaatcc atagaatgta     69300
     taattgttaa tcacaattat tgtggtatat aatcacaatt gttatgatat tatcactctt     69360
     agcactgagt gaagtcctcc aaatgataat agcagccatg ataacactta ttatgctgtt     69420
     gatgcatgcc agatatttaa tcttcaaggc aacattatga ggtgagtata acgagtagct     69480
     ctacttcata taaatggaga attgggacct ctgtactaag tatggaaagc tgagcaacag     69540
     aaatgttaag ttgtcagcca agtgcagtgg tggctcatgc atgtaatctc agagattcag     69600
     gaggatgaag caggaggatc atttgagtac aggagttgga gaccaacctg gaaacatagc     69660
     aataccccat ttctacaaaa ataaagaaaa taattagatg gacatggtgg tgcatgtctc     69720
     tagtcctagc tactcaaaag gctgaggcag aaggatggct tgagcccagg aggtcaaggc     69780
     tacagtgagc catgattgca ccactgcact ccagactgga tgacacagtg agatcctcat     69840
     ctccgaaaat tttttttaaa aaatgaaatg ttgagttatt gagtcaaaag tccaagggct     69900
     aagccataac acaactctgc tgtttagcta attttaatta aattaaataa attaatattg     69960
     aaccatgttt gtctggtgca ggtacaggga gcatgagtaa catccatctt gcatcgaatt     70020
     cactttctga tacttcactt actgctgtat gaacttggac aagaacgtaa ccattctgta     70080
     cctctgtttc tctatctgga aggtgggaat gaagtaacaa tgtgcaactc taagggcagg     70140
     catgagttaa tttattaaat acttataaga atcatgatat acattcactc ctcataaaca     70200
     aagaagttag ctaaggtttg caaatgcaag gtcttgataa gactgcaaga gattgggaac     70260
     tgacatggtt ggcaagacct catttgatta tcaaagtctt tggaaaagaa ttttgggggc     70320
     ttttctgacg acccgtgtaa gaggcagact tacatgaact gtccctcacc ttgggcccaa     70380
     aaatatcaag atcctgatgt caacctgaat attagcacag attattaggt cattgaataa     70440
     attcttgaaa gcaaggctct aaaaataaaa tgaaatggaa actcatgttt taaatattga     70500
     tgattctggc acctctgcag gcctttgaca tagatgttgc tgctgtaggc tgaattaatt     70560
     aattaatttg catcaggcct ccaaaactca atgtgcttct ttctaaacta aagtgcatat     70620
     tcataaacaa gtctgtaaga cagatggcaa agtagaacat cccaccccac ctcagtttcc     70680
     atcaattcag tggcttcagt ttcaaaacac ttacggaatc tttttgtgct ctggcatttt     70740
     caatgcataa tggaaagaca tttagggaaa tttatttgtc actgggagac ttctaaaagt     70800
     caatacaaaa tatcccttta agctattggc attacagtat aggcatatgt ggcttatggt     70860
     ggtgcagaaa tctctttcca acattgttgt agaaaaaatt tgtggaattt ttttgagtca     70920
     aggtcttttt ttagtggtta tcactgatga gagtgcagat ttttcatttt atactttaat     70980
     ctttctattg gtaattaagt tgtcactatg ttaactgttc gtgggtaaag atggaaaagc     71040
     caaaatcttg gagacaaaga tcagtgctca tgtttaccaa gtatttggag gagagagaaa     71100
     tagggtagag ctcagaagaa ttttagggca gtgtagccac tttgtatgat actgaagtag     71160
     tcattatata tttgtccaaa cccacaggat gtaaacacag agtgaaccct aatgtgaact     71220
     atggactttg ggggataatg atgtgtcctt gtaggttcac tgacaacaaa tgcaccactc     71280
     tggtggaaga cgttggtagt ggaggagact gtttgtggag gggtaggggg tagatgtgaa     71340
     ctctctgtat cttcttctca attttcctat gaactgatat taagaaaata aagtctatta     71400
     aaattatata aaactcaaac atcagtgtct acaaataaaa ttttgttgca acacagccac     71460
     atccatttct gcaaagacag aaatttgtag tacttggtcc ttcatagaga aaatttggtg     71520
     atttcttctg gtgatcccct gggttatcct ataattctga gaaagacatc aacatgatca     71580
     aagcaagagt agtcagttta gcttttctgc attattcaga gagctttttg agctggatct     71640
     tgaagaatcc agctctaaat taaggaagga agccaatagt gcctggttga ggttttcagg     71700
     atctttctgt tgtcttccct cattgttatt atattctgta gcatttacta ggaccaacac     71760
     acatcccaga aggcaccttg gtcaattact taaaaaaagt agacgtagga cactaatttc     71820
     tcatgttgcc attgaaaaga gacagcctca cttgcataac tgagtttttg acaatgtaat     71880
     ttgtttgttt taattaatgt ccagtataga attttcactg ttgttcccca taatggcata     71940
     aatatataaa gtcaatatat aatgtcaatt gcccaaaaag acactttttc aaatacattg     72000
     cctaatgcca aattactcat ataaggataa gatttcagcc ttatgatttt gtaatgtgtc     72060
     aacctgccta gactaaatta cttttcctag aatcctccca cctgtgtgtt tctatcttct     72120
     gtgtcccaca aaagccattt ttatcctggt tttatgatga agcagggacc ccctcttaaa     72180
     ggccttatca aagtcaagaa aaatctcgag ttccttcaag ggaaattcca ggtagttggc     72240
     tagccttgaa aagtaattaa gcagcttgat atccaagaag gtaatggtac tttaacaaca     72300
     aaggaagcta gagccaggag atactaggtt acctatagga actaaagata atatcttaac     72360
     ataagtcctt gagttgtttt tcagaaaccc agaaccccag aaaatgcatt cactggcatg     72420
     cagacctcag ttaaggggca accacttaac tggttaagaa tgtaaccacc attctttatt     72480
     ttaaatgtct ttctgagggg gctggaggaa gtcatgtcca tgagccagag ctatctttct     72540
     tttctgccca acccaatttt taaacaaagc ttcttttcct tagccaagag gcaatctttg     72600
     aatcagcctg tgagtcccct gcttcaggat atcctgcctt ttagggcaaa aacaatgtgt     72660
     aacgttcttg aattgattta aaattgtact tgtagcttct gctttcctga aattttcccc     72720
     tgcatttaca aatccttacc tgtaagccgc tggcaggtgg ggtcttgggc atgaatcacc     72780
     caattttcct tgcttggtgc ttgcaaataa atgcttgact tcctctcgct gccatcctaa     72840
     tgttagtgtt tggcttgctg tgccaggcaa gcagaccgcc attcagttct gtaacaatat     72900
     tagagcaaaa gtgaaactgc agccatgttg ctttttgaag tcaagattgg ggaaacaaat     72960
     gagagctgtg gtagctcatg catgttggct cttacctgtg gtctcacctc ctttgcatag     73020
     gagtagccat gggacatgaa gctgctctaa ctttttgtgg acactttttc aggtgtgcat     73080
     tcagctctac ggaaaacggg gcaagctttt cctgcaagat gtcctggcat tcaagttgac     73140
     ggcagagaaa tacagacatg gatcatagat agccctgttt ctagatcatg cctgtggctc     73200
     caagctcatt ctcattctcc aattttatag gcagtttcca cttcaggaat caaggatttc     73260
     ccttgtgaaa ggaaaataaa aacttggtac cccaatttgc tatgccaaaa aaaattaagc     73320
     taaaagctga gtcacgcaag aagtggcctt ttcctttgct cctaagaaga tagctatgga     73380
     taaaagccac aggtgtctgc tctgtgttca ccagatctta cgtaaagtgc ccatttactg     73440
     agtccaagag gaatacacag ttacctgctc attttccctt gcaaacccca gactaatgtg     73500
     accataccct ccctcctgtc tctccagccc acatttctcc tttaaatatt gaagcccttc     73560
     aaatcatctt tggagaaagg cacagaccac agacagtttc tgtgattcgt gttgatctct     73620
     tctggacatt tccttcatct tggcaaaata aacttctgag ttgattgaga cctgtgtcag     73680
     atactttttg gtttataccc acaaggagaa tccagcctgc ctcattgccc aactgcactg     73740
     ggagttgctt gtggtctttt gtgagctgat tggtcatgtt aatcactttc ttcttagttg     73800
     gaagatagag ttaagagctc agtgatgtgg tttttatatt gtttcctgtc cttccatgca     73860
     ggtgggtcac caccacttcc ctatatggac aataacctcc tcaaaacagg aacatcacag     73920
     tctactttca tgtccttatt ccttttctga tgccctgaaa tatataaatg cagggtagca     73980
     tggttactca aggtgcaaac acatgcttcc ttttgagtca ggtgaactaa cacttgaaca     74040
     atcaaaagca atggtcacca tgacatacag agtagtgcaa acagactcac tcaaaatgca     74100
     gtatgtggat ggcaggcagg gctttaaatt gcatatctca tgtacttgat tgcaaatgag     74160
     gaaaactgta atagccaaag ctatctatca tacaggttct ggtactaaac acctaagcac     74220
     tcattgtgtt gtgtcaagta aaaacacatc tagatgtagg gaaggaaaac tttattcaaa     74280
     atgattattg caataaagag ggacactatt ctaataatgg gaaggggagt attggtatgc     74340
     agcattacac agagagtaag atcttcaagc atgtcaaagg ttaggcagaa aggagtttag     74400
     agacaaacta ctagaaagga ccagacatgg gcgagtgggt ggtggcataa ttggactaga     74460
     caatatcttc cttgtggtaa tgtcagttaa ttctctggaa aggcccttaa gaagggtcta     74520
     tgccctggct ccaactgaga ttgggtcaaa gttcaggatt ctctgagtga tgcaaagaag     74580
     cttacatgaa ctaggtccag tcctgtgaat aagcattgca atccaatgca tctgtggagc     74640
     cacagtttag ctaaactttt atgagacaaa aaataggaat taaaagattg atgtgtgtct     74700
     ttgttgaaag tgacaataaa agtggaagga catccatgaa tcttctctaa ggcataagag     74760
     aatggtgttt tttgcagtaa ctgctttctc agaacacaca aaacaggtag agggggtatt     74820
     tctttactgt tactgttttc ctggagcaca agtaaaattt aacattgtca attgcattca     74880
     ttaattctgg ttccttcaat agccttctaa gtcagggcta cccatgttta acatgtattg     74940
     ttgtgtgtac acacacacac acaaaatcac acacacagag gtagcggaag agagagaaag     75000
     agcgagggag agctcatatt tacactgtgc actggaatac atgagtgacg ttattgagcc     75060
     aagtctctct acactggtgt acgattagga agatgtcctc taaaataggt actattatac     75120
     ccatttttca gaagttcaga atgaatctca aagtggtcat atgaacttct ctaaggaaga     75180
     tctacatttt taacttttct aactttccta cttaatagaa agacaagtgt caaattttac     75240
     tggcactgga ttccaggctt tctgtcttct atatttttac ccaaaataac cacaataaaa     75300
     agaatggttc ttagtttctg aggcggtgtg cttcatggat gtcaaagcaa aaaaacttga     75360
     ggacaagaag acagaaatct agaaaagtag gatgagcatt cactcccatc atctcgatgt     75420
     aaaactgcaa cctgtcatgt tttccctaac agaaggtaga gattcagttg tgggtgttgg     75480
     ctggagtaag acataaaaaa cttgagacgc aaagggagct ttatgtttga ggcaaggttg     75540
     caaaatatca aataaaagtc aaaatgacat ccttccattt tctctcaggt tgctgttttt     75600
     ggcatttttc tgcaatcaca gtatgatgag aaggaaggta cgtctgtatc aaactccacg     75660
     cataagtaaa agtaattgcc cctgtgatag atcagcctga tagggaagat tcatttcata     75720
     agcaaacaaa aacctgagaa agttctgcat gccgactggc aataaaaatt tttaaaaagg     75780
     gctaacaagc actgtttccc atgccttccc ctttctgtct tacctgtcat taaaatgcat     75840
     ccaactgaga tgtcaaatac tttgcagaat ctcctcatcc acaaagcaag accaacactt     75900
     aaaccaaatt acaaaggttt ctagatggtc tgatttagaa agaatatatt gaaccacaaa     75960
     taatggattc atggattttc cacgcttgtc aggaatatca ataattatgg tttaattctg     76020
     caatgggaat tacttatggg tgccagctaa tcagggccag aggagctggt cctgactggc     76080
     tttttcttgt gtgtgctcgg atgtggccaa atatctttct agatgacaaa tgggtcatgc     76140
     cagggggtgt aaactgtaca ggttttaaat gtgccatgct atgttggctg ttgttaagaa     76200
     aagcttcaga aggggcaggc tgaattatcc tgcatctttg tcctgggaag ctaaaggtca     76260
     gatcactctg tggtcatggg ctggcagtga aatgaaggag gaggagtttg cttctgggac     76320
     attgacagaa aaaatgactt taatctgata ttcataaacc atagcaactg gcagttgaaa     76380
     aaaatgattt agtaacagat accaacatgg tagaagtgaa caaaaaggaa caccccaagg     76440
     tggacacgtt acaaaagcaa gggtgaaact ggtttaccga aactctttgt atccttactt     76500
     ctaggatgtg attgtatctt ttccaaagca gtggcatctt ttagaacaaa atatgaggag     76560
     gtatttattg tggttggctg tgagggaaat gcaaagaaca tctctgaagc agatgttttc     76620
     tatttaaaaa aatacattat tgcctcggca aaattcctct tttcctttcc taagactagg     76680
     cgaaattcat attttatgtg actgctctcc caaatgggat gatgttgtca gctatgagtt     76740
     accgaagatg cctcttttgt ctccttccca gaatacacaa agcaaaggtc taaatgtgat     76800
     ttttggtgaa tatgtacttt tttttgttgt tgttttcaaa tgaaagatgc caagtgggga     76860
     aaatgaatgt cttaatccta tattcccctc ctggagaatc tgtgccacag ggaaatggaa     76920
     atgacagtgg agctcagtga tcatgtggtt cagctctctg cctcttcctc taccaaccac     76980
     cttcccttgc tcttccatca atctccactt tcctactttt gtgctgttgt tcctctccct     77040
     tcaggttctc ccagaggtgc acaccctcat ttatttattc agcaggcaca caaacagatt     77100
     accttgagtt tgcagcaaag caattatatt cttaatcaag tcaagttgaa tgaactcagg     77160
     aaatagatta catagttttt tgttaagagt gagcatctct ttgaaaaaga ccataatatg     77220
     tctccagttg tgtatgacca gtgggtcttg ggatgactca aactcattta gctgttttct     77280
     aaaagtcaca gacaatgctt ttccaaataa ttcaaattat tggggtaaaa aaaacttttc     77340
     tcttctaaga tatttaaatt gctttaaatt ttattttaaa attatacttt aagttctgtg     77400
     gtacctgcac agaacaggca ggtttgttac ataggtatac ataagccatg gtggcttgct     77460
     gcatccattg actcatcacc tacattaggt atttctccta ggcatccata aaaatgtatg     77520
     agtttatgtc attggcaggg acatggataa agctggaaac catcattctc agcaaagtaa     77580
     cacaagaaca gaaaaccaga cacagcatgt tctcactcat aagtgggagt agaaaaatga     77640
     gaacactatc tctcccctag ccccaaaccc accaacaggc tccagtgtgt gatgatcccc     77700
     tccctgtgtc caagtgttct cattattgac tccaggatat aaaggttatt tctttttgga     77760
     aagatacttg gagatttaag taactcatcc agtaattttt aacattgttc atttccaaca     77820
     ttgaaatcaa tttttcaccc tttgaataac ttggactaag tttcccctca tgatgttttt     77880
     caatgagccc tttacattga aataatgatt cacatacatc ctctcttcta aaaggaggaa     77940
     tttggagttt atctcccctt cacttgaaga tttgtaggtt atctgcatta aagatgagtt     78000
     attctaaatc atatccaggt aattaatcaa ttgctattaa accacagtaa attgtgctgt     78060
     gctgggtttt aatggcaaac atttttctac caaaaaacaa atgctgccag acctactcta     78120
     aaggtccctg atgcagtatc tcttcatcag catgcagagc acttatattt tcaatatgat     78180
     aattaaaggt aaaatgtttt ttattaatag tactgagaat attttagtct taatgccaca     78240
     gagagggaat taagataaca cgaaagatcc acctctaaga gcacacactg ctgaaagaat     78300
     aatacctaat ttctacattg aacatttgga ttgctttctt tggggattat gttttattta     78360
     ctggtgagga aatgtctctt taactatatt taaactgatg ttgcatgaat atttaaaatg     78420
     atggtttcaa ccagagaaag attttcattg tggaatgaac aacagaagaa aattccactc     78480
     gactttctct gaaagattgc aaagctttaa aaccattctc ttcaacattg gtattcacca     78540
     ccttacttat taaaataagt agagtgggaa taaatagcct agcactggtc ctttatatcc     78600
     ttgcattaaa aatgaaatga gataagccct tcaagtatgt aaagcaataa cctaaaggct     78660
     gaaatgtatt agtataatgg ccacagtgat accttgcctg tttttagaat tttatataca     78720
     ctgaatcctc aaaacccctc agcaaattga ttgttatggc aactttgcaa agaaggaaac     78780
     tgaggtgaga gacattaaat aattgcctgg aattcaaatt aaataaggca aggaaatgga     78840
     ttaggaatcc aggtgggtct actgagtgtg agtttgtaat gatacaccca atcatagagg     78900
     aattctctct tcttcaggag gaagaaaatt catacccact aatccacagg atcagtggat     78960
     cagggactta gtaaaaataa ttgtaaaaac atttattaag cacttgcata taaaaacaca     79020
     gagtaccatg agaagaaaat tgtacagagc taggcaaggc aggactcctt tcaaaagcaa     79080
     ataatacatg ggagagaaac aaactctaat aattatagaa aaaacttttt gttaataaga     79140
     aaaaaaattt aatcaggata ctacatactc taaggatgag ttttaatttt taatttaatt     79200
     gtttttattt tatttatttt ttattttatt ttattttatt tatttgtttt attttatttt     79260
     tggaggtgag gtctcacttt cattcaggct gaattacagt ggtgcaatca caactcactg     79320
     cactgtccat ctcctgggct cagtcagtct tcccacctta acctccagag tatttgggac     79380
     taaaggtggg tgccaccata actattttta gaactttttg tagagatggg gtcttgctgt     79440
     gttgctcagg ctgcctcaag tcatcctccc accttggcct tctaaaatac cgagattaca     79500
     gatatgagtc accatgctca gccttctaag tatgactttt aactattttg tttatttgtt     79560
     tgttttgcaa gagaacatca taatcctgtc aacacaatgt tgtttaaaat ttatactctt     79620
     atttctttaa atataaagtt taatttttaa gggctcctta aattcaggtg tgacaaatct     79680
     ttggtattcc aacttacagc tactgtttct ggtatagggt tggggttttt ccaaaaataa     79740
     ataaataaag tccatatgta agactgtcta aaaattggtt agtgtctttc tttggcattt     79800
     ttctaaaatt tagcatcact gccaatcaac tctagaaatg gctatcttaa ggtctaaaac     79860
     aacactgcat agagattcac aagatgaggg agaaaataca atcatataac cacattttgg     79920
     tgaatgacag atcatatata caatggtggt actataagat tttggtattg tattttaact     79980
     gtacttttgc tgtatttaaa tatgtttgat cacagaaata atttaatccc atattttttc     80040
     ctgtacatat tctttgttta aaaatgattc taatactgaa tttttacggt actgtttcat     80100
     gtttaaatat gcttgaatac ataaacgctg accattgtgt tacaattgcc tgtaatattc     80160
     attatggtaa cacactgtac aggttgtagc caaggagcaa taggcaacat cacactggtg     80220
     catcacaggc tatgctgcct aggcttgtgt aagcacaagc tatgacattt aagcaatgaa     80280
     atcacctcat gaccctttct cagaatgtat ccctctagtt aagcaatgcg tgacaatcag     80340
     attccctttt agcctttgac attaaggcat ttatactcta gtaggcaagc caaatttcac     80400
     tgaaataaaa gggaccaata taagaaagta tattttcaac ttccaagcgt cttctaagtg     80460
     ataatttctg gagggaacac aagaagggag tgagtgatga gaactgtagg tttggttccc     80520
     atgctatggt tggcacaata atgcagaaaa taaaatacaa tttcaagatc ctctaaattt     80580
     atgatgtcaa ggagggactt aacccctgga aagtgagtca tgtagcatgc ttgcaattct     80640
     gcttcttaga taatagctta actatcttct ttactgctct tgttctgtaa atgactagga     80700
     gagaccagag actaggcctt ccccttccag ttactgatct ttgttataga ttaactgtct     80760
     cctttattgt cctgtaccta actcagacca gatggtctaa cccaaaaccc cttcccagtc     80820
     acatcctcag tgtgcaatgt taaatacacc tttcctcaaa gaataagtct acctcaacta     80880
     atcagatcac tgtaactgca tcaaatatca tattgaaaga tgttgaagtt ctgttaaaat     80940
     tctctgaaca ttgtctatat aagcaatcac aaacttccac attttgaaac actgacctcc     81000
     attatttgga atctgtgatt cccaggacag cctgtcttta actttgtgcc tgaataaacc     81060
     ctctttaact agtttctgac ctttttaatt agagatggca ataatgacct cccaaagatg     81120
     tccaggtcct aatcctcaga agatacaatt atgctgttac atggtaaagg gaaaaaattg     81180
     ttgcttattt gatgttaggt ttatttaatg ttaggttgat gttatttgat gttgcacatc     81240
     tagttagatg tgtaactttg tgttcatggg caaacagcaa gcctatgatg taattacttg     81300
     tttctgtgat gattgaggta tataggaaat atagtttata tttttcccct gtttaattcc     81360
     aaactttagt gtttaacact tacttaacca acatcaaata aaaaccaatt tttttttggt     81420
     tgtagttacc attggggctg ttaatctgct gactgtgagg tggggagatc ctcttgaatt     81480
     ataaggtggg accaatgtaa tcacaggatc ctgtgtgatg gaagaaggaa acagaagagg     81540
     tcagagtcag aaaaaaagat gtgaggactg caccagagtc agagagaggc cacattgctg     81600
     ggtttgcaga agaagggaag ggaccatgag acaaacaaac ttggcggtcc ttagaatttg     81660
     gaaaaagcaa gaaactacca tttccataaa catctgcagt tatacaatcc tgccaacagc     81720
     ttgattttac tccagtgaga ccagttttgc ctcccagtct ccagaactgt aaggtaatac     81780
     atatctattg ttttaagcca ttctgctttt ggtcgttttt tacagcagcc acaaaaaaca     81840
     caaatacaca tggaaatacc tgttccaaaa acactgctct tagacattgc aagtggactc     81900
     atgcttcttt ccttcaaaag gagtcaacct tacctttctg atgctgcagt ggagagctgc     81960
     agtctggtgt ggataagcgt atcctgggca ccatgccatg gtgtagacaa cccttcacac     82020
     ttagtctcca cctagaaagc aggggtcatg acttgccatg ttggtgttct gttgaatgct     82080
     ctgtgaataa ttaataaaga taaaaagagg acacatataa acacatactg aagcacttaa     82140
     aaatcgagtt gtgtgagtaa tctcaatgtt gccaaaactc aaccacacta ctccaggact     82200
     ggtcagcttt gtcctccaag gaggttgtta gaaatgcaga atttcaagtc ttcaccacag     82260
     actgagttaa ttagacccta catgttaaca agataagaag gaagttccca tgcagattta     82320
     agattgagaa gatctcctct aggcaagtgg ctctcaacta tagctgcaca ttgtaaatca     82380
     aggtcagcat cggttttatt gctttaagga ggtgtccttt acatcagcat tttacacaaa     82440
     gagctccttg ggtcattcta atgtggagcc aagaatagga atcactgttg aagcatcaac     82500
     actgtttttc acagaagttg gctttgtata gacctacggg gccagccatc attcaccgaa     82560
     tatcaatcct caatccaaga tgtaccatat tcacggaata accactttct cttgtcagtc     82620
     ctttcttcct tcctttttgg agaatgtatt tcaggtgcta ccttcctaca aaatgtagaa     82680
     catatttctc cctgcaagat aatcttatat tatttaaaga catgtttctg agttgaaata     82740
     taaaggtgat gttttaagaa gtaaagaata cttatcttag aaaacactaa aaattctcac     82800
     ttcagtgttg tgaaactcaa attattattt aaaaatgtat ataaaacttc actgcgaaac     82860
     tcaaattata ttttatttaa gaattggtat gaaacgttgt aagggcatat gtcacagatt     82920
     tgcttatttt gaaagtaaac tgtagagtac acaaacaaaa tgaatggtta atttcataac     82980
     attccaattc ttagaaagct agagaaaata ttcttatctt agagaattag tagttattgt     83040
     gtggtcacct gtcaaggcaa aatgaaacta aatttcaaaa tttattaaat aaatgtgaga     83100
     gttatttgct ctatcaaagc atatacattt gttttagatt ttgctattat tagggtatgg     83160
     aaggaagact tttgtagagt tgttgtattg acatctttta tgttcctcaa tatcctttct     83220
     tctccaacac ttacactgtc acttctgtgt ggtgctttat ccgagtataa ctggacaaca     83280
     gtcttccatg ctgcttggct tagggtttct ctgacatagc ataagacatc cacaaagccc     83340
     accactcacg ggcagccaca gatcatagcg ccaatggcgc cacccttggc cactgcctat     83400
     caggagctgt aaaataagtg gtttacccct ttgatgtctc agatagacaa ttttaaggtg     83460
     tatttcagag gcttttcaga aggtccctga caggattgaa catgtgctat tctggaggtg     83520
     gatgagtcaa tgaagcatca ttgtactggg tgttctctat tttatttcct ttgttctaga     83580
     cgccttcttt ctggaactac attcttacct aaattatcca cccacaagct tttcccacca     83640
     ctgttaaggg aagcctgggt aagactataa tcacattatt tgcttatctt tcttcctcat     83700
     tagcttgcat gtttctcttg tagatgaagc tttttactca cgtatctttg cagcccctca     83760
     caactactgc acaaaataaa acaggcactc aaaaattatt ttctggatcg gtgaatggat     83820
     ctcagggtct acttctccaa gaagtttact tctgatagct ctagcttttt tttccaatgc     83880
     taacatgctt catctgccct ttccagcatt tttctgtagc atatcaagga cttaagtact     83940
     gtttactgca agatatttaa gcacttaact cttgttcatg gcttgtgttt cagtttcaac     84000
     ttgtctattc attttgcaga cgatttcctg aagacagaaa ttcataaaat tcatttcaag     84060
     taagaaaaca taggaaagta cttggtcaac agtaaaagat acacaagtgg taatgatgat     84120
     tgtgatgtag atggtgatga tggtgatggt gatgaagatg attgtgatga tgacggtgat     84180
     gatgattgtg gtggtgatca tggtgatggt ggtgatgatg atggtaatgg caatgatgat     84240
     gataatggtg atgataatga tggtgatgat tttggtgatg gtgatgattg tgatgataat     84300
     ggtgatggtg aagttggtga cagggatgat aatgatgaag acgacggtaa tgatgttggt     84360
     gatgatggtg atggcaatga gggtaatgat gtttctgatg gtgatggcaa tgttggtaat     84420
     gatgattgtg atgatgacga tagtgatggt gatgatgatg atgatgggga tgatggtaat     84480
     atgatggcaa tagggggagt gatgatgaca ataatgatag tgtaatgacc aataggcaga     84540
     catcctatat tcagtataaa agcagagttc agatattagc agacttccat ggttaacttt     84600
     tttacctgag ggtgggtcac ataggaaggt ctgtctctat gcaaggcaaa gggaagtcat     84660
     catgttcaat tccaatttcc ttaatttcta tagcaataat agctctattg tttcaccatc     84720
     atcacatatt atcccagttg gaatccatgt gtctcatagg aaggcaatcg acacattttc     84780
     atttacacct caaactggct tatcaaagga gattctagca cttttagtaa aaatcctgtc     84840
     atttacaact aggcgttagc taatctaaat aagtcaggca gaggaagata aatactgcat     84900
     gatctcactg atgtgttgaa ttttaaaagt tgaccacata aaagcagaag gtaggacaat     84960
     ggttaccagg actgaggtgt ggaaaaattg gggagatgat tgtcaaacag tacaaacttt     85020
     tagttatgat gaaagataaa caggttctgg agaaccagtg tacagtatgg tgatgatagt     85080
     tatcaatact gtattgtatg cttgaaatgc actaaaacag taggtcttaa gtgtcctcac     85140
     tacccataca cacatacaca cacacacaca cacatgctaa ctatgtgagg tgatagatgt     85200
     gtcaagtaaa tttattgtgg taatatttca caatatatac acataggaaa gcatcaaatt     85260
     gtgcaactca aaggtatatg atttgtaaag atctatttat aatactgtct ccttattttg     85320
     ctgtactctg tattctaaat atttatatta ttttttgtta acgctacttt ctcactattc     85380
     attgggaaat aggttagata tattcatatg gtcctgtaat tgttatttta aagtatggat     85440
     attataattt aaattgcttt tttgcttcta atatgtcact aaatcttgta gctacatatt     85500
     taaccattaa ctagtatacg gaagttcaat gattatacaa tggcaagacc ctacctcctc     85560
     ttccaccaat atatgttaaa catagaatta aaggaacaaa attaaaatga ctatccattg     85620
     aaggataaaa taattggtca aaacaggtta acttgaatgt cattaggaaa aaatggtact     85680
     aaattcaaaa tcattagtga tgaaaaagta attttagaaa aaagtacagt attattttct     85740
     tataagaagc ttaacttaaa tatatgaatt ggcatgtgtg gagaaaatgc ccaatatcgg     85800
     ttcactatta cagatttaca ggaggttatc tgtaccttac agaaaagtaa ttgcacggtt     85860
     aggtgtgaat tatgggaaca acataattat tagacattct aaaaagcatg atgtctcttc     85920
     aaataaaata tcatgttact tatgttccac ttttagcaca cacataactg cttttgctaa     85980
     ttgataatca ttatttgtta ttactgaaag tttgcttgag tttggcttat tgatttttcc     86040
     cccatttctt cctgatctac ctttttgtcc tccgtctctt tatttcctgc cttcatgcat     86100
     ctgaaaagag atgactattt ggagggttaa attattatga ggtggtcatg atatgagaaa     86160
     ggttacaaca cagagggtta ctccacattt gtactcagaa aattcgtcag ttggaaaaac     86220
     aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aaatgtttct tctgttttcc aagaaagtaa gcaatttctg     86280
     gacatttccc tgggtaagat aatgcctgaa gcttcttgat aaaaagctaa aagaagaaat     86340
     tttagaaact acgaaataga ggcatttgca atgtgctatg gtgttcactc aggaataaca     86400
     ttttgctctt catttaatag cagggcccca tcctgcctaa cagattgaca ccccgtctct     86460
     actaaaaaca ccaaaaattt gttgggtttg atgacacaca tctgtagtcc cagctactcg     86520
     agaggctgag gcaggagaat ctcttgaacc tgggaggctg aggttgcagt gagctgagat     86580
     cctgccactg cactcctgcc tgggtgacag agcgagactc cgtctcaaat atatatatat     86640
     atatattata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tattttatat atatattata     86700
     tatatatatt atatatatgg aatatatata tattttatat atatatggaa tatatatatg     86760
     tggaatatat atatggtata tatatggaat atatatggaa tatatatgga atatatatat     86820
     ggaatatata tatggaatat atatatggaa tataaataca tacatatata tatatggaat     86880
     tgctattgga aggcaaattg tttatattca tgacatctgt gttgttttta aaaatggaat     86940
     tctaaaactt atgaaatatg tgagatttga ccttattttg gaaaaaaaaa aattgatcat     87000
     tgtctggtag ctataatgat ctggcaaagt catgataatg tttcttagac tacatggcaa     87060
     ataaagccta atgccaaaga cacacaattg atcagatggc attgcttctt gggtcttgaa     87120
     taaaaaatat tttataatgt aaatgattct taaggttatc atacgaaaaa catgtttttg     87180
     ccatttagtt tttggttcca tatgaaaaaa tggctctata ttatgaaagc acattttgga     87240
     atctttcagc tgacagagac tttgggatta aagatatcat tatctataac ccacaaaaga     87300
     atactcgttt ctaatatata tgcccacaaa accaacaaca ctggtttata aaaaaagaga     87360
     gagtgtctca ttatgagctc aattttctat aatctgacac tgtgtgaata tagttcaaga     87420
     tggaaatttc tttcattata attttttaaa actgctatga ccttgtcagc cacattgaaa     87480
     taactagaag caaaatttat gcttaaaaca cactgaatat gtacatttat tagagaagtt     87540
     aatagtattt gaaatgagcc atatttcact ctatgatgat cacaaaaact ttgagccaca     87600
     cagcatagtc attataggga ttgatccaat gtattttatt tcataaagga gtacaggtac     87660
     gttttactgt acaaccacat tctcctgaat ctaggtacta ggaatatagg agctggaggt     87720
     aaattatcta atatagttag cagaagttac atttccttaa cactattcat ggattaccta     87780
     gggcaaatta tgattcattc tttattgcaa aaaaaattca ttttatgtag caaattatgt     87840
     ctacgactag tattttagtt attatttccc ctaatgtaga tttccaaggg tactacatgc     87900
     ccactaatat ttggaaaata ttgactagaa ttgcaatagc aatttggttc ctaattttcc     87960
     tgttactgca tttgtggcat tcctaaaaga tatcacccac ttagaatgca tgtcttattt     88020
     tattaagcta ttctctccat gagaaaagag gagtagcgaa gctgatatag tacacttcat     88080
     gtttcactct caaatcacat taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggccttaag tggtttaagc     88140
     agccacacac acaaagagtg gcatataatg agaagcattg cagtatctgc agaggccact     88200
     aactgagaat gacacaaagg acataaaaat agagagcata ccttgaatct gaatttttag     88260
     ggggtataca gtgatgtata gagagagaca gttggctctg aaattaatca gatattataa     88320
     tttgctgttt ttgtcataat tttaaatttt taactattat aggcattgta tatattgtat     88380
     ggacattgta tatgtttatg aagtacatgt gatattttcc tgattctact cttttagtta     88440
     ttttgaaata tacaacagtg attaactata gtcaccatac tgtgctactg aacactagat     88500
     tttattcctt ctatctaact gctatttttg cacccgtcaa ccacccccat tttatcctcc     88560
     cttctgcatc actccctttc tcagcctctg gcaaccatga ttctactctc tatttccatg     88620
     agttcaattt aaaaaaaata gctcccacat atgagtgaga acatgcaaaa tttgtctttc     88680
     tgtgcctggc ttatttcact ttacataatg tcctccagtt ccatccatgt tcttgtcaat     88740
     gagaggattt ttttcttttt tatggctgga taaatttcat tgagtatatg tggtgccaag     88800
     caagaatggg ctgcttgggg acccagcaag ctcccaggac ctttccgctg cttcctctag     88860
     ccctgtattt cacttggctc cctaacttga ctcaacacca ggtgaagtca gaaacctctc     88920
     ctgcaaagag acattcagct tctccagggg aggtgtgtgt tcaggagagg aggatctacc     88980
     tttgccactt ccacagttgg ggcactcaca gtatttgagt tgtctcccca gtcctgcaaa     89040
     agcagtccac ttccttcaga aggtgtgtag gtcctctcag gattgctggt ttcttcttgc     89100
     agttgatctg cagctaaaac tcacaatgca agcctctgca tgctgctctg ttgagagctg     89160
     caatccagtc ctgcttcctg tcagccatta tccattgtgt ataggtacct cattttcttt     89220
     agccattcat ctcttaatga tcacttatgc tgaatccatg ccttggttat tgtgagtagt     89280
     gctgcagtaa acacgggact gttgatgtct cttccatata ctgattccct ttcttttggg     89340
     tgtatacctg gtggtaagat tactagatca tacggtagtt ctctttttag tcttttgaga     89400
     agcctcctga ctactctcca ttgtggccca actaatttac tttcccacta acagtgtaca     89460
     agtggtcccc cccctttttt ttccacatcc tcaccagcat ttgggtaatt tcatctcatg     89520
     caacttcatc tgactgtgtt ctttcattta ttctttccac aatttttaag catcagtgct     89580
     gtgtcacgta gcatagtagg cttgaagaat aagaaaatgt ttctggtttc aaagatcttg     89640
     caatcaaata agaaagacag ataaataaat gaagggtgaa ggcatagtgc catggcacct     89700
     ggaggaagaa actgccatga gatgctgcta tgaaaacttc aagatggttg gatggattct     89760
     taccctatct catgttccat gagaagcaga ggtcaagaca agagtaaaca tgcggggatt     89820
     ttcttctgca aaatgccagt gtaagagaaa atgaagagaa agctatttgc ctcttcttct     89880
     gtctcttcca tttttatata aatggatttg ttcaatgggt gcctgtattg actgtctttt     89940
     tcagttggcg tgatgttttc aacatgtatc tgtgacgtaa catgcattgg tacatctttc     90000
     tttttgttgc caaataaaat ttcactatat aaattatcac attatattca tccattcatc     90060
     agtttatgct ctctcacttc attttacaat ctcaatatac aacctcctga ttcttatgct     90120
     agttaaaaaa gatctgtcct gggccgggcg cggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt     90180
     tgggaggccg aggcgggcgg atcacgaggt caggagatcg agaccatcct ggctaacacg     90240
     gtgaaaccct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aaattagcca ggcgaggtgg cgggcgcctg     90300
     tagtcccagc tactccggag gctgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaaccccag ggggcggagc     90360
     ctgcagtgag ccgagattgc gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagcga gactccgtct     90420
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca aaacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     90480
     aaagatctgt cctcaagttt tcctatctct atcattgtga tctctttcct ctgacacaat     90540
     tcttggtgtt tgttctccag gaccataata ggtactgtga agattcacag ttagctcctc     90600
     tgacctccca gctctaattt tcagctgttg gacaagaccc agtctagcca cttacccctg     90660
     acaattataa gggcatgatt ttcttccagc cttcccactt gtattaaacc aaagtgggcc     90720
     accatatttc tttcactgca catggagcac actcgaatgt gccccagaat ctctgatagg     90780
     catatttatc ttgcatgtag ttcatcactc tctgattttt gcttaattaa gtatcaaatt     90840
     ctgtagaagt tcagttcagg aatttcactt ctgtgtgtcc agtgaagcca atactgcacc     90900
     aacaaatgct caggtaataa gaataaaatc tggggaagag acgcaaatca actatctgaa     90960
     gtcagaagaa agtaaataca agcgggctga ttttggaggg aagttggtac ctggataaaa     91020
     caaaccacaa ttttgaagtt tccattctta cagattttag ccagaatata catctcaatt     91080
     aacacttcag ctaaaattca tatagaaagc ctatggcttt tctagccaga agaaattaaa     91140
     gaattggggg caactatatg cttggaaagt gaaggggtac atcccaaaat gaatatactc     91200
     acacacaaag aaccctaaat tctgtgtata catttgtctc aactctctag atgagacgta     91260
     tacaacatag tcaaataatc tcaaacaaaa aataactaat ttgaaattgt atcttccatc     91320
     cagaaactgt gtaggtattt ggtgtctaat gaaagtattt tccagaaaaa gggatctcaa     91380
     tacagatctc aagagagggt tcttttatct cactcaggaa ggaatttaag gcaagtcact     91440
     tgtggtaaaa gaagcaagtt tattaaacat atattgttat gggtattggg acatctggac     91500
     ttccttttgt tgtagaagtg tttcctggta ggtgtcttta ggttgtttct tcaactataa     91560
     acatcttccg accatagtca tgactgacca gaaatatgcc ttgctagttt taagatggag     91620
     ttgattttta aatggtgtca ctctgactct actagaagcc tgcttcctta caaaagcaat     91680
     tatctggtta aatgcataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgtt     91740
     atacaaatta atagggccct cagtaacctc aaaataacat ttccaatatt cacaaaaaag     91800
     tcaaaagtta ctcaaaatac aatgaatggg gaatatggga tacatcctca agaaaaaaga     91860
     ccatcaacag aaatcagccc acctttccat caagaggaac cagatgttgg aaatacagga     91920
     caaggtagtt gtctgtgaca gccattataa tatacttcag atggataagg aatatattcc     91980
     aagatgactg agaaaataga gaatctcagt agaaaagaag gaacgatgga aaagaaaatc     92040
     caagtggaaa tactgaaagt gaaaaatata atacctgaaa taaataatta actgaatgga     92100
     tttagcacaa gaatggatag aaaagaataa gttatcctaa agacagattt ctagaaagta     92160
     ttgagaatga cagaggaaga caagagacat tgcaggaaat aatcatacca cctgaatcag     92220
     tatcacaatg taggaacgat ttagctaatg tgtagttgga atctcgggag gagaaagggg     92280
     tggggaaatg ctacactaaa tatgattgaa taaaatttcc ccaatgcagt ggtttatacc     92340
     cacattcaaa agtttaataa acatcaacag aataaacagt aagaaaagca tatgtaaaca     92400
     cagtggagtc aaactgctgc aacacaatgg taaaaagaaa atcttgaaag ctgccagagg     92460
     aaaatgatga attatttatg ctttagataa ttgcccagtc tgcttcacaa atatggagac     92520
     aaaaagacta tggagccaca tttttgacat gctagttaaa aattattgag ttttatatta     92580
     agcaaaagta ttctttaaga ctgaaggtaa caaaaattac ttttagggaa aggaaaacta     92640
     gaactgcatc acttgcaaaa ctgaatgata tgaaaatcta agaattgaag gtaaaactta     92700
     gatcttagaa tgagtaatat cagaagtggt aaatatctaa gtaaacgtaa aagcctgtgt     92760
     aatgtacagt aagctggggg ggggagttag taaatgaacc tgaatatttg tgagttttcc     92820
     acattttatg tgtggtggta caatattaac tttaggctat gaaaacctaa gaatgtgtgt     92880
     attcccggta ttagcaagcc aagatggccg aataggaaca gctccagtct acagctccca     92940
     gcgtgagcga cgcagaagat gggtctgcat ttccatctga ggtaccgggt tcatctcact     93000
     agggagtgcc agacagtggg cgcaggtcag tgggtgcaca caccatgcgt gagctgaagc     93060
     atggtgaggc aatgcctccc ttgggaagtg caagagatca gggagatccc tttctgagtc     93120
     aaagaaaggg gtgatggacg gcacctggaa aatcgggtca ctcccacccg aatactgtgc     93180
     ttttccgacg ggcttaaaaa acggctcacc atgagattat atcccgcacc tggcttggag     93240
     ggtcctacgc ccacagagtc tcgctgattg ctagcacagc agtctgagat caaactgcaa     93300
     ggggcagcca ggctggggga ggggcgccca ccattgccca ggcttgctta ggtaaacaaa     93360
     gcagccagga agctcgaact gggtggagcc caccacagcc caaggaggcc tgcctgcctc     93420
     tgtaggctcc acctctgggg gaagggcaca gacaaacaaa aagacagcag taacttctgc     93480
     agacttaagt gtccctgtct gacagctttg aagagagcag tggttctccc agcatgcagc     93540
     tggagatctg agaatgggca gactgcctcc tcaagtgggt ccctgatctc tgacccccat     93600
     gcagcctaac tgggaggcac cccccagcag ggcacaatga caactcacac ggcagcgtac     93660
     tccaacagac ctgcagctga gggtcctctt tgttagaagg aaaactacca aacagaaagg     93720
     acatccacac caaaaaccca tctgtacatc accatcatca aagaccaaaa gtagataaag     93780
     ccacaaagat ggggaaaaaa cagaacagaa aaactggaaa ctctaaaaag aagagcccct     93840
     ctcctcctcc aaaggaacgc agttcctcac cagcaatgga acaaagttgg atggagaatg     93900
     actttgacga gctgagagaa gaaggcttca gatgatcaaa ttactctgag ctatgggagg     93960
     acattcaaac caaaggcaaa gaagttgaaa actttgaaaa aaatttagaa aaatatataa     94020
     ctagaataac caatacagag aagtgcttaa aggagctgat ggagctgaaa accaaggctc     94080
     cagaactacg tgaagaatgc agaagcctca ggagctgatg caatcaactg gaagaaaggg     94140
     tatgagcgat ggaagatgaa atgaatgaaa tgaagtgaga agggaagttt agagaaaaaa     94200
     aataaaaaga aatgagcaaa gcctccaaga aatatgggac tatgtgaaaa gaccaaatct     94260
     atgtctgatt ggtgtacctg aaagtgacaa ggagaatgga accaaattgg aaaacactct     94320
     gcaggatatt gtccaggaga actcccccaa tctagcaagg caggccaaag ttcagattca     94380
     ggaaatacag agaacgccac aaagatattc ctcgagaaga gcaactccaa gacacataat     94440
     tgtcagattc accaaagttg aaatgaagga aaaaatgtta agggcagcca gagagaaagg     94500
     ttgggttacc ctcaaaggga agcccatcag actaacagcg gatctctcgg cagaaaccct     94560
     acaagccaga agagagtggg ggccaatatt caacattctt aaagaaaaga attttcaacc     94620
     cagaatttca tatccagcca aactaagctt cataagtgag ggagaaataa aatactttac     94680
     agacaagcaa atgctgagag attttgtcac caccaggcct gccctaaaag agctcctgaa     94740
     ggaagcacta aacatggaaa ggaacaactg gtaccagccg ctgcaaaatc atgccaaaat     94800
     gtaaagacca tcgagactag gaagaaactg catcaactaa tgagaaaaat aaccagctaa     94860
     catcataatg acaggatcaa attcacacat aacaatatca actttaaatg taaatggact     94920
     aaatgctcca attaaaagaa acagactggc aaattggata aagagtcaag acccatcagt     94980
     gtgtgctgta ttcaggaaac ccatctcaaa tgcagagaca cacataggct taaaataaaa     95040
     ggatggagga aggtctacca agcaaatgga aaacaaaaaa aggcaggggt tggaatccta     95100
     gtctctgata aaacagattt taaaccaaga aagatcaaaa gagacaaaga aggccattat     95160
     ataatggtaa agggatcaat tcaacaagaa gaactaacta tcctaaatat atatgcaccc     95220
     aaaacaggag cacccagatt cataaagcaa gtcctgaatg acctacaaag agacatagac     95280
     tcccacacat taataatggg agactttaac atcccactgt caacattaga cagatcaatg     95340
     agacagaaag tcaacaagga tacccaggaa ttgaactcag ctctgcacca agtggaccta     95400
     atagacatct agagaactct ccaccccaaa tcaacagaat atacattttt tttcagcacc     95460
     acaccaaacc tattccaaaa ttgaccacaa acttggaagt aaagctctcc tcagcaaatg     95520
     taaaagaaca gaaattataa caaactatct ctcagaacac agtgcaatca aactagaact     95580
     caggattaag aatctcactc aaaaccgctc aactacatgg aaactgaaca acctgctcct     95640
     gaatgactac tgggtacata acgaaatgaa ggcagaaata aagatgttct ttgaaaccaa     95700
     tgagaacaaa gacacaacat accagaatct ctgggaagca ttcgaagcag tgtgtagagg     95760
     gaaatttata gcactaaatg cccccaagag aaagcaggaa agatccaaag ttgacaccct     95820
     aaaatcgcaa ttaaaagaac tagagaagca agagcaaaca cattcaaaag ctagcagaag     95880
     gcaagaaata actaaaatca gagcagaaat gaaggaaata gagacacaag aaacccttca     95940
     aaaaattaat gaattc                                                     95956